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v 'il 1 1 1 J 1 1 1' 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 'MQ I-if Wifwi' W f ffl-f?"'7.l-an ' ' 1 3.5 1 .3i'Efzf'e'L 'l ' 155: f W':,'vl, 4 +Sy-fix, f . :ifgfgf-,,:iU .M QW- N7 " 75' , Wi' iWeb? ' ' 'vj"'y:-QW Jo:-IN Tyson 1 ,W-1m,v1. WWW 4 w.. w ,M -3'--..x.xa,..e, - -:gg-mesw2f':f t EN. ff' iam , , . V A' ,h1.-Aff . Q . Nw- , f ww - K wg, MW, ' r W , B ' ,,., A-W... ,L X, ,, - A h .L W ' 1 ' ' QW, .,. ,, m I 4. - Ai, ,lsqght ,,. . hff 'uv' -J Mm, Fw my an 3 x 555- ,wi fs 3 KN -v 17 E E Q, Q 'f' ,. :"' -is Fe w U .UU K, . 1 ' W -f ,.---Hf.q.fu:f:1'i-'-M. is Mr:-'fa . Y H : . .- , f rp., 11- ,W yg K- - 2 W my :gk . 'Q .. , M gy, fu ,' , , Mia' . - , ' . . f:--.fax-1.f?"i - , - - -yn-Q V , iltqqe. W. - wfa m'f,f.4PE9' wwf .ffwg ea Q- - , V my ,. Agn-Q fx .. ff f v P E A 1 We linger in the shade by the Iowa Union on a summery clay. ln the field house and armory we work, play, drill, watch. if T L ' Q' ,VA 'si' A Q: x R -- . 'A if 1 1 .Q V ' .Q NL' . 'Q an U' , 4, . .5 yy' ,ur wx. -b., -,AJ ,W f-,ty ' ik, , . J.. :M -M, . - -- .- . Q ' , H, -, ,- ' 41431, ' :KU t' . , 1.x ' ' rf: -xg K 'Q ' Xa! ,Qi 1 , V. 3.49 3- at . .dn . A . w ' AXA, kv . Q Q 5 4 -"- 1' " 1. 4 Q ". ' 4 f gf 'M -' few Q -+ Q ' -I ' . A Q . x X Q Q A K 4 ' ' ' Q . r 4- .ms qfN,5 fyi 4gw,,5I.,,m R gg' I., P K di? .X M .93 x V . -7, iv X . QM...-. Q- l ' xix .',v..,y. K' 1. ' 4- 1:55, N . long., . 1 7 Q.. . 'M ' ,,, . , ' .4 , s ' ai f,. F, , , . po, Q ' ,r ,T,lX3':3ih. ' AX. aff ,Vi 'W ' g. 'wr fi . 'R ,, . A Wa 31 f .. ' A ,, f , 5 , A - W V7 ., Q J X 3 vii ' ,ww , " gf ,..1 f QQ'-' if : X , ,riff ' .5 L! ' ' , gif I 3' . , gg. . ,Q , " ' ,K w +. 1. -,vm Q. ,pr 'W -A ns, B' 'tw ,I , f Q Q, ll A ,,, n 5 -9 V' ',L Al Qngifggfgy A a ,., . lv ,de , 'x -Q v Q? 'Q i . Q Q ,v X X5 " f x , , ".fg,S1!3,,,, 5' ,L 'F ' ,fy -- . .' vs . 'A x ,,q, V 'X 5 A. fm" W - ff' 1' L 1 f - 5. 1 I l'mgQ' 2. 'A' ,d"""'. 8' .4 'P 1' 1 if ' Xxx!! ' 'Q 'Qi' fm, 'QA . I 6 sr' we an xx' : 45 4 ' K k :- L .f - V' -. K, vg- . K f 1 . V-N. . .3 a s , ' 5, . K ' -,a- ' ' 1, ',.2. - '- . V , W X Ng,-52 x ASL' " "' '."' , V -1 .'- ' . . 4. . .F HW L xl, :SVV v th.: ti. . .-AJ, At I k:YiYf'4r,., ,, Q If K af , Q , gm i A k . 1 ' . . ' 4 ' . -f - 1' . I K - " , . ' . 1 "+2"!3+fQ,w mm 4 Nr . -.M Y - we X . . " -ffl! ' X ,S g,ms.,'r,, Qi , -4 sim., V inxfdxb Q irx,,x,, i , N Y A Sq ,M 3 K. X A . N Y, 'swf 5. 4 Y 'f H1 ' Q, Q L K x .. K, . ' I ' K x 'N f . , N . WAY? .nf , A.. 31 1 ,.f' -J ' , QHQW " g ml X . I aff: ...J .- ' :fl - N! fi'-K Lg I 3-f"' , . " -' ,Q fig, 2, 7-'. Af-'tw at . , ' 5 ..?-13-gm. ' " 1 f 'N N gg, .-' - H , ' i , 1 S wiktw. 1 i ' pa , . x ,- r 1, 0 A, -9' ,Q ,- ' . A - . 1,1 -2 .- 4 ' M ,3Qp.k,'-:Agn 4 Af gm, W 2,5 , M , ,f , JV X' qw-.A 417 f , ' ' "2fiiM- Q .. 's . J 4 fl M " fa- A L -'X , L1xQ"'vg1'.1"".1,3-X!-'r 2. 9 XJR 3 -V 1 ' gl, iff N 'Q mia 5 f ' I-1 8 4 ,X gf,-, ad - ' - i - 4 ' 5 . . 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A.. hi The University hospital may look like this through the snow-blue hazes of winter. XWQ would need hands to properly describe the pleasing, busy-dizzy lines of the spiral staircase in Old Capitol. E Xe fl A 'v42rf.f,, EJ fn. sm W W M3235 in 4, 1 K 5-bi: Qiigigfig V k, as.,4zgA?z1sxg 555 5:3 .. f i .-1 ,min WH' Vikki? . 1, fl , 4 - w :fig QQQZFEE H' ugiegg -' ', K f?f3if'1 k lug, A , ,- Q .A lima A ws? 355352 111.15 K .E pigs, 575 4: Y 2 pm F5422 Q- T ' A ' F1 2? I k 52 'gf , .igifggiii ' fi M W, f, :wi The Scottish Highlanders and the University band start their pre-game maneu vers before a typically packed lowa stadium. P fg ,I ,ff 5 ,V :V ,xi 1 11 1 f vt ft :gg Qi X: ' ,Raw :gf pl ..g:.Ax.-ucnrnxaaoz-sax: . rizianosvwr-Lua-weauvnrrknunnl ,,,w,..,. N- ..,.,.1,,....:,-w.1v,.1.,-u,-pfa .,wv...,,m1 v v ,N 4-,. .w,-Qr,rf.- k Q f'w've'f,'r'f"' , A 5, Q 'fxiff' 48 4 .. .X A n..k 5m,,,f. , 'K- , my ,E .P 1.- :il 1 I-E 4 . ,- fi f ' kvlij , HHN, ? x . ,nr uf ' 'L mg, m1gh.gimffv3.f, . W m--, I ,W my ,,.f aff-'+,,g4 f A ,'V fx " H E A wglrjv' 4gQ?T?w VL K I M 1 t ,..N N a .xr gf- vfwyu wi:-U , wr ,, 'Km,QEA?f,L?N,,xg,nJfjQ54,u M. , '5mAg w.,.- ff ummm aff fig Giffzfs nu. X Q 4 5 3 Steps up: three SUI men approach the terrace west of Old Capitol. i From somewhere amon State University of lo vision-a conceptual cl directions of this great who are faced with s guiders of learning-the the liaison between the learned youth. The re broader than their duti respect we honor them. the complexities of the ust come a clarity of of the purposes and anism. These, the men a responsibility-these eputies of wisdom form erience of ages and un- sibility of these ,men is It is with the greatest . If 1 XR ffm 'YW xx K :I Q I I wg if I , H ai 5' I s 1.-4,4 1 I Y, a 'fav if g ,f ww ADMINISTRATION NJ igx xv ,,,I WMM I X if ' 0 , 0 , Y I M V -' is 5 ' I R, , 1 W- Q 4, :fu-fl' ' 4- 2 Ewa :,5-flaw K 3, Qiggrfg , 'TQ :LA 1 K Af' if X ,, . . ,iw , ,g K F W , t w Axz5:erg,. A 'Fly ' , 'fi I H mm M :V vga., A ref! ..,-'t 145 ' -Naam, WfX25,31jL,.'2p f, 14 ,iw f -wi 1 LW - A W I 31 J ' I lffl If-464. 11 -ijijjiiliiijggi . 7' 'fl'- RSI v - A ws. HERB f f'7O gm Q f ff f f TU YU O ,fit t SEZ :D 0 i 4, 5. 1' 6 cor N ife, the HAWKEYE has mir- , l f ook are a his orical record ' at Fi' 5 l s a atterns as e day through more than 4 Vi' I e rtra f Stat iversity of Iowa. Here are as ' ' , . If f If who lf ese Q ay at the University. Here 4 re the I .i tom Here s as I e making. Here is the record 9 ,asa dem R le ic social in the years to come, as other e N Q ff ty years u t y e HAWKEY demonstrate that we live in a world a e o d e of change is the trademark of our 4 u 1 l .D ec A re IS wonderful and fearful-for you and for r a to a world of change if we are to be the masters Tl" "1 v . I 5 . ' T ' ' r - 1" W s'. 2 0 Ll' LU-- tdv .' -I "4 r Q 1 1' 'O ' X., n' , Q , rn E. W 1' ' ' 0 W. " ' J - 15 ' K' n' 0 . 1' P Z, vt Ss . q v ,l ,- v . . ' ,I-A if," Q I na s. 4' ' " 'f 'U-W 'l' "Hn " " :. .ifffflf 3, If L . a4:",.,qQ 0' .0 S1 , I- I'O.'J,5 '5-ftfulv wet -lap, ij, :af 5 of Q .at A I I . " n I f , If' ' ' - of -.9 . re. 'd f '-- s O .h V' :fs . 'U .W by V i i I K Q Q M, ' tv , ' h o, , . 7,4 0 ' , 4 nf 1 N. ' 'N ' ' w 4 ' 'if Ent I' r kno :Q- sx 5 ff I 1' - "' ' L"cl" ' .n 0 r I " 6 I1 I ' .5 0 I V ' ' 1 -.V ,I ' .X ., nuff .r', 5 U - 1 . e ,.9: a ' .3 lah o n ,1-tif, I, E sr 6 , , . ' , t. , . 0 V ri .': . -5 s sf- . v ' 05 , , v . 0 .TQ 'qu d 1 ', ls., . A n .",- s ce sl. a , ' '. '4 ' si eh vi i 11 'SHO I ' ng is L U ' . e au . v Cl . . . 'Q-pt I ' . x " ' 1? : of O 'i'll4 . - 4 .' tlll N. a :1?- . 7 3 9 org? . -' d i' " l rf. ,'-- , I ' i an nott vt V, ufyrffff The good old days will never return. We shall never live again without the potentiality of the atomic bomb. We must recognize that the world is what it is, and adapt to it or perish. The University seeks to understand and teach the nature and characteristics of social change. But it seeks more than this. It is my earnest hope that you will take with you at graduation time an under- standing of the fundamental values and aspirations which give meaning and purpose to the life of man even in the midst of change. If, in the deepest recesses of your being you have achieved an acquaintance with the noblest aspirations of the human spirit, if you believe that you are free to make choices and that those choices are real, if you believe that every right thing done under the sun makes the universe a better place for all mankind for all time, then the assurance of change will stimulate and not deter you, and this Uni- versity will have contributed richly to the fulfillment of its deepest obligations to this State and to mankind. UaL,Lf 444. ffwaea Henry C. Shull, Sioux City, president rs... David A. Dancer, Des Moines, secretary MEMBERS Henry C. Shull, Sioux City W, Earl Hall, Mason City Richard H. Plock, Burlington Lester S. Ctillette, Fostoria Mrs. Hiram C. Houghton, jr., Red Oak Roy Louden, Fairfield Mrs. George Kyseth, Clarion W. S. Rupe, Ames Halstead M. Carpenter, Monticello FINANCE COMMITTEE Wfilliam R. Boyd, Cedar Rapids, chair- man David A. Dancer, Des Moines, secretary William G. Noth, Des Moines Richard H. Pluck, David A. Dancer, Mrs. Hiram C. Houghton, Miss Helen Lenihan, W. S. Rupe, Henry C. Shull, Halsted M. Carpenter, Roy Louden, William C. Noth, Mrs. George Kyseth, W. Earl Hall STATE BOARD OF EDUCATIO The State University of Iowa is one of the state-main- tained schools which is governed by the State Board of Education. Iowa State College, the Iowa School for the Deaf, the Iowa School for the Blind, and the State Sana- torium are also under jurisdiction of the board. Mem- bers are appointed by the governor of Iowa and approved by the state senate. The finance committee members are appointed by the board from outside its membership and serve with the nine board members as administrators. Administrative heads at the State University of Iowa are responsible to the president, who is in turn the represen- tative of SUI to the State Board of Education. President of the board is Henry C. Shull. David A. Dancer is sec- retary of the finance committee. Page 25 NFRSI13, . is I fmuwm QS ' Q5 rg I . .. 6' QD . DEANS The administration of the State University of Iowa includes the president, administrative dean, and many other deans, directors, com- mittees and councils. The College of Commerce, organized in 1921, provides vocational education for commercial, industrial, and financial fields. The bureau of business and economic research provides ser- vices to business interests in Iowa with infor- mation on business problems. The College of Dentistry since 1882 has trained men and women for general practice and specialized work in dentistry. Four lab- oratories offer different types of technical in- struction. Clinical care is offered to students and the public as an extensive part of the training program. The College of Education maintains experi- mental elementary and secondary schools as important elements in its program of instruc- tion. A reading clinic and curriculum labora- tory are special functions in the college. ELMER T. PETERSON Dean of Education Director of Summer Schools ALLEN WINSTON DAKIN Administrative Dean CHESTER A. PHILLIPS Dean of Commerce ALVIN W. BRYAN Dean of Dentistry FRANCIS M. DAWSON Dean of Engineering HARVEY I-I. DAVIS Executive Dean Dean of Graduate College CARLYLE F, JACOBSEN Executive Dean of Health, Science a Page 28 nd Service DEANS Chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic engineering are the general fields which the College of Engineering offers. Non-technical and specialized curricula are designed to give thorough training in er- gineering and a basic liberal arts background. The Graduate College combines regular uni- versity courses and research in programs lead- ing to advanced degrees. Appointments to scholarships, fellowships, and research assist- antships are offered to graduates. The division of health sciences and services includes all the medical, dental, and pharma- ceutical facilities and colleges at SUI. Re- search in bacteriology and other fields of sanitation and hygiene is maintained by the division. The extension division offers its services to the public, SUI students, and schools through- out Iowa. Audio-visual services, correspon- dence courses, surveys and testing programs for Iowa high schools, and informative bulle- tins are available. BRUCE E. MAHAN Executive Dean of Health, Science and Services -r-M-W 1 mQn DEANS Since 1868, the College of Law has been a department of the State University of Iowa. Its primary objectives are to prepare students for the practice of law in any state and to promote scholarship and research in law. The College of Medicine, established in 1870, meets requirements of all state licensing boards. Medical facilities for study are rated among the finest in the United States. Student personnel services at SUI offer men and women the advantages of professional counseling and guidance services with voca- tional and educational problems as well a personal and social adjustment. Since 1885, pharmacy has been an important professional school at SUI. The College of Pharmacy is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education and is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. A department in phar- macy buys and distributes all drugs and medi- cines to the hospital pharmacy and to depart- ments in the university. R. A. KUEVER Dean of Pharmacy MASON LADD Dean of Law MAYO SOLEY Dean of Medicine DEWEY STUIT Dean of Student Personnel Page 29 TED H. MCCARRELL Director of Admissions and Registrar LOREN HICKERSON Director of Alumni Affairs ROBERT R. SEARS Director of Child Welfare pw-fm F""? mvnq 0 jiri if.: ""'i""'N-N., """"'l"mm .-... . ,ri, , . DR. EARL E. HARPER Director of the School of Fine Arts DIRECTGRS The office of the registrar supervises registration, admissions, records of student grades, and filing of applications for degrees. It is a central agency for student records of course credit and gradua- tion requirements. The office of alumni affairs maintains contact between the university and its graduates through programs of class reunions and informal social gatherings during the year. The office publishes an alumni bulletin and keeps records of mem- bership in the alumni association. Child welfare, a department in the Graduate Col- lege, offers courses leading to advanced degrees in child psychology, pre-school education, parent education, physical growth, and other research areas of child development. The school of fine arts includes the departments of art, music and dramatic arts. It centers its work around the Iowa Memorial Union, where the office of the director is located. Art shows, concerts and recitals are held by the departments at the Iowa Memorial Union during the year. Page 30 1 . A .. -. ...W .,..,. LOLA LINDSEY Acting Director of Nursing DIRECTURS Established in 1924, the school of journalism offers training in many specialized areas of news- paper, magazine, radio, and pictorial journalism. Work on student publications and radio station WSUI gives students practical experience. The State University of Iowa provides general and special library collections in its several lib- raries. A new central library will be built in the immediate future to extend the facilities. MacBride hall museum with its varied exhibits brings many visitors to Iowa City. Students in pre-medical school, pre-dental, and art fields find practical taxidermy training useful experience in modern museum methods. The school of nursing will officially become the College of Nursing in the fall of 1949 to reach new heights in its status. The University hospi- tals serve as a practice field for the student nurses and are highly rated in their teaching facilities. Page 31 LESLIE G. MOELLER Director of the School of journalism RALPH E. ELLSWORTH Director of Libraries HOMER R. DILL Museum Director ,L .3-M w-:aaa fi-.,-- ,K PAUL BRECHLER Director of Physical Education FRED M. POWNALL Director of Publications CARL MENTZER Director of Radio WSUI-KSUI WILLARD LAMPE Director of the School of Religion DIRECTGRS Intercollegiate athletics, physical education for men and women, and the intramural activities at the State University of Iowa are under the direc- tion of the division of physical education, estab- lished in l924. Publications at SUI include HAWKEYE, campus yearbook, Trivol, monthly humor magazine, and the Daily lowtm, a full-sized newspaper publish- ed six days each week. All publications are staffed by students and governed by the student board of publications. Radio stations WSUI and KSLII CFMJ are prac- tical laboratories for students in radio broadcast- ing, production, and engineering. An experi- mental television station, W9XUI, will offer further experience when technical facilities in the new field are extended into this region. The school of religion is not a theological seminary, nor a training school for services in churches. Rather, it attempts to provide prepara- tory courses for a good background in religion. The school works with campus organizations to bring the fullest meaning and substance for reli- gions of all denominations. Page 32 WALTER R. GOETSCH Director of Student Affairs DIRECTORS The veterans service office aids student veterans with enrollment problems, GI benefits and re- quisitions, and helps transfer course credits from other schools or the armed forces. It supple- ments established agencies which function out- side the university. The student health department takes care of new students' physical and health examinations and maintains the outpatient clinic at the University hospitals. Sanitary inspections under the student health program are another function of the department. University hospitals consist of the General hospital, Childrenis hospital, and Psychopathic hospital. All are teaching hospitals under the control of the state board of education and are among the finest in the nation. The office of student affairs is a general counsel- ing agency to aid students in problems of social or extra-curricular nature. Staff members are advisors to men's and womenis campus organiza- tions. Disciplinary counseling on matters con- cerning university rules and regulations is another function of the office. Page 33 WILLIAM D. CODER Director of Veterans Service MILFORD E. BARNES Director of University Department of Health GERHARD HARTMAN Superintendent of the University Hospitals CGNTENTS ffsl Wf ff i n . QQ' iw 255' f KS l 'twf g . k x W! 355 M , 1 ' 9 2' 5 A , A n gg t X1 S b is f SMS J i! ' 'ff Y 'A' -wi' WWW fs? mgx, .. , 1 4 f v,,,, , ., 1 .-....... il lizmwl 5, 3 W,, I ' M ! .. .-wt -Q - ,ln l .Z itlhlll ll!! a aazrw' - wx seniors organizations activities athletics if 3 F ---- ,,,,ff-'- V, .4 Liberal Arfs Commerce Engineering Law Pharmacy Medicine Denfisfry Nursing LIBERAL ARTS ALBERT W. ADAMS, JR. . Eldora BRuCE ALLYN ADAMS . . Solon MARJORIE M. ADAMS . lowa City BEVERLY JEAN ADCOCK . Waterloo JOHN M. ALEXANDER . . Carson HENRY C. ALLAN, JR. . Iowa City BARBARA RuTH ALLEN . Ottumwa RICHARD LEE ALLEN . Bloomfield DONALD M. ALVARADO Wilmington, Del. WAYNE E. AMDOR . . Leroy, Ill. MYRNA M. AMENT . . Marcus JOHN R. ANDERSON . Quincy, Ill. OTTO GORDON ANDERSON Sioux Rapids ARLENE R. ANFINSON . Nevada HARRY G. ANRODE . Davenport LEONARD APPLEBALIM . Iowa City KATHRYNE ARGO . . . Moravia HAROLD B. ARKOFF . Fort Dodge DAVID F. ARNOLD . Manchester LOu1S C. ARP, JR. . . Moline, Ill. FRANCES J. ARTLEY . . Hampton ROBERT E. ARZBERGER . Davenport WALLACE H. ASH . Des Moines HARLEY H. ASHBAUCH . Sac City PHILLIP B. BABCOCK . . Lehigh JOYCE C. BAHR . Princeton, Ill. Page 40 RAYMOND P. BECKETT . Sioux City JEAN E. BECKWITH . Davenport NORMA JEAN BEDELL Cedar Rapids MARY A. BEEBE .... Sibley BARBARA J. BEECHLER Rock Island, Ill. ROBERT S. BEECROFT . Iowa City RICHARD O. BECK . . . Kalona JACK W. BEILBY . Shreveport, La. VINCENT A. BELL . Morrison, Ill. LESTER R. BELLWOOD . . Akron MARVIN A. BENDORE .High Amana PATRICIA BENESH . Cedar Rapids ROBERT W. BENSON . Iowa City ROBERT J. BERENS . . . Neola LLOYD E. BERG . . Council Bluffs CARL BERGER . . . Sioux City SHIRLEY A. BERGES . Burlington MICHAEL C. BEVINS . Belle Plaine ROBERT M. BERKEMEIR . Manilla JACKIE A. BIDDLE . . Morris, Ill. Page 41 ' "WI FRANK BAILEY .... Fenton GEORGE B. BALKE . . Iowa City DONNA B. BANKS . . Iowa City MARY M. BALKEMA . Sioux City GARNET E. BARBER . Iowa City SEYMORE B. BARCHAT New York, N. Y. CAROL JO BARNES . Council Bluffs JOSEPH J. BARON, JR. West Warren, Mass. BARBARA G. BARRETT Belmar, N. J. WALTER R. BARRETT . . Newton EDWARD R. BARTELS . . Dubuque LYNETTE G. BAuMANN Storm Lake MARY A. BAYLEY . Evanston, III. MARGARET A. BEARDSLEY . Algona CHARLES E. BECKER Sheridan, Wyo. E i I I 1 1 I I I I I CATHERINE BILLINGS . Red Oak ELIZABETH BINKERD . . Colfax FRED E. BISSELL . . . Ottumwa NEAL F. BLACK .... Preston BEVERLEE BLACKBURN . Earlham JEROME R. BLACKSTONE Oak Park, Ill. ROBERT L. BLAIR Rock Island, Ill. DONALD M. BLOOM . . . Logan HOWARD L. BOCK . . . Baldwin LOIS S. BOEKE .... Hubbard HARRIET K. BOEKENHOEE Quincy, Ill. JAMES F. BOLTMAN . . Atlantic LOREN H. BONATH . . Primghar ANNE M. BON SIGNOR Buffalo, N. Y. RALPH W. BORCK . Detroit, Mich. JAMES R. BOWMAN . Cedar Rapids JOHN H. BRADKE . Cedar Rapids ROY E. BRADSHAW . . Gary, Ind. BEVERLY D. BRAGG . . Ottumwa ALFRED V. BRAuCH . . Le Mars RICHARD P. BRAuER . . Keystone LENORE J. BREAW . . Davenport CECELIA BREEN . . Des Moines EDITH V. BRENNECKE Marshalltown ELEANOR R. BRENNECKE Marshalltown CAROLYN R. BRENTON Des Moines FRANK L. BRENTON . Davenport JOHN D. BRESSLER . . . Carson RUTH G. BRIDGELAND Winnebago, Ill. JOAN F. BRIERLY . . . Waverly OLIVER E. BRIGGS . . . Newton RICHARD E. BRIGHT . West Branch KERMIT K. BRINKMEYER . Hubbard DAVID L. BROCKWAY Marshalltown JACK E. BRODERICK Rock Island, Ill. Page 42 JEAN E. BROWN . . Cedar Rapids MAHLON N. BROWN . What Cheer MARIAN E. BROWN . Denver, Colo. SHIRLEY M. BROWN . Washington WILFRED D. BRUGGER . Lake City ARTHUR E. BRYAN . Council Bluffs HELEN B. BRYAN . . Oskaloosa JAMES A. BUCK .... Ames MATTHEW BUCKSBAUM Marshalltown ROBERT D. BUCKLES . Waterloo IVIARTIIA M. BUDDE . Iowa City RUTH ANN BURGCHARDT La Crosse, Wis. THEODORE C. BURGDORG . Clinton DONALD L. BURGOYNE . Iowa City WILLIAM F. BURKE . Mason City WILLIAM W. BURKE Council Bluffs JAMES H. BURKE . Independence WILLIAM A. BURNEY . Iowa City WILLIAM D. BUZARD Bogard, Mo. EDWARD B. BUXTON . . Waterloo Page 43 FORREST M. BRODERS . Iowa City PEG L. BRODRICK . . . Villisca MARLYN E. BROTMAN Rock Island ,lll. PATRICIA S. BROWER . Iowa City DONALD W. BROWN . Oskaloosa DOROTHY J. BROWN Rockford, Ill. 0 CATHERINE Y. BYRAM . . Toledo DOROTHY M. BYRNES . Riceville JUNE A, CADLE . Denver, Colo. PHILIP D. CADY . . Des Moines SHIRLEY E. CAGLEY . Mason City WILLIAM S. CAHILL West Branch JOHN P. CALLAGHAN North Platte, Nebr. DONALD E. CALLAHAN Cedar Rapids JACK CALVERT . . . Iowa City WILLIAM E. CAMPBELL Des Moines ANN M. CANEDY . Lewistown, Pa. LAVERNE CAPEL . Council Bluffs JOEL B. CAPLAN Washington, D. C. JAMES L. CAPPER .... Elgin DENE A. CARNEY .... Ames DENE A. CARNEY .... Ames Cedar Rapids CREGOIR D. CARPENTIER East Moline, Ill. HELEN L. CARROL . . Atlantic FRANK M. CARTER . . Clarksville HUETTA M. CASADY Fort Madison DALE W. CASPERS . . Swaledale MARY T. CASTLE . . Sioux City RUSSELL K. CATRON, JR. . Toledo FRANCIS T. CAVARRETTA ' Lawrence, Mass. Louls I. CEPIKOFF Brooklyn, N. Y. LOREE CHAPMAN . Cedar Rapids Page 44 FRANK B. COMFORT . Des Moines MARILYN R. CONDON Cedar Rapids JAMES F. CONNELL . . Iowa City JOHN T. CONNER . . . Glidden JOHN F. CONNOR . . Dubuque MARTHABELLE COOLEY . Knoxville IAN H. CRABB . . . Joliet, Ill. DEAN A. CRAWFORD . Iowa City REX G. CRAYNE . . Iowa City ELEANOR J. CREWSE . Iowa City JOHN H. CRIss . . . Sac City PHILIP S. CROM . . Ida Grove LETTY J. CRUMLEY . . Ottumwa JOHN E. CRusE . . . Spencer ROBERT P. CLINNINGHAM Oskaloosa WILLIAM L. CLIPP . . Iowa City CHARLES R. CuRRELL . Estherville RICHARD C. DADE Henderson, Ky. MARY F. DAHL . . Cedar Falls MILTON J. DAKOVICH Des Moines Page 45 BLANCHE C. CHARLSON Lake Mills MARIE CI-IRISTEN . Hammond, Ind. JEANNE M. CHRISTENSEN . Harlan RAYMOND C. CHRISTENSEN Castana BEVERLY M. CHRISTENSON West Branch MARJORIE A. CLARK . . Victor ROBERT J. CLARK .... Ames LYLE L. COCHRAN Correctionville MARGARET A. COCHRAN . Sheldon FRITZ G. COHEN . . . Reinbeck MIRIAM J. COHEN . Chicago, Ill. JANIS O. COLBY . . Hanlontown CORNELIA M. COLDREN La Crosse, Wis. NORMA JEAN COLE . . Spencer VIRGINIA M. COLEMAN . Iowa City JOHN B. DALLEN . . Pierson HELEN E. DANNER . Iowa City CHARLES J. DARKINS Iowa City LYLE R. DARNALIER . Lakota GERALD D. DAVIS . Fontanelle ROYCE E. DAVIS . . Muscatine MARTHA J. DAWSON Sigourney LLICILLE R. DEAN . Valparaiso, Ind. RICHARD E. DEARMONT, JR. Shenandoah G. JOSE DEAYALA San Juan, Puerto Rico HAROLD D. DEBBAN . Mason City AUDREY E. DECOu . Woodbine DONALD S. DEEDRICK . Waterloo WILLIAM D. DEHART . Keosauqua GOLDIE DEMB . . . Iowa City GEORGE M. DEMBO Cleveland, O. J. COLLEEN DENNIS . . Red Oak JEAN E. DENTON . Cedar Rapids HERBERT L. DEPRENGER Leighton DAVID DERLIYTER . Sioux Center ROGER H. DESMARAIS . Iowa City MARILYN V. DEuBEN . Des Moines JOAN M. DEVEREAIIX . Chicago, Ill. DOROTHY A. DICKEY . Lake City VALORIE J. DIERKS . Iowa City SAM W. DISTLER . Louisville, Ky. MARION E. DOEMLAND Chicago, Ill. VIOLA M. DONNELSON . Iowa City JAMES R. DONACI-IIE Brooklyn, N. Y. RICHARD J. DONAHUE Freeport, Ill. LEON A. DOROSIN . Marshalltown THOMAS J. DORSEY . Fort Dodge JAMES F. DOUGHERTY . Waukon CLAIR J. DOYLE . Cedar Rapids DORIS A. DOYLE . . Gary, Ind. Page 46 ROBERT F. DuNRIN . . . Albia MARY E. DuNLAP . . Iowa City JACQLIELINE A. DuRR . McGregor DONALD D. DUVEN . . Cherokee HENRIETTA DYKSTRA . . Alton RAYMOND M. EASTMAN Des Moines DARYL W. EBERT . Mason City GUY E. ECCLES .... Rolfe EDWARD S. ECKHARDT State Center DORREE H. ECRHOEE . Iowa City BETTY Lou EHLKE . Des Moines ZONA G. EHRET . . . Grinnell ROY W. EHRLE . . Homestead JULIA ELDER . . Arcadia, Mo. MAX Q. ELDER . . . Webster GENEVIEVE ELLIOTT . New London F. JEAN ELLIS .... Marengo PAuLINE L. ELLIS Park Ridge, N. J. RICHARD D. ELSBERRY . Lehigh HARRY D. ELY . Johnstown, Pa. Page 47 HELEN A. DREES . . . Carroll LARRY N. DRIscoI.L . Iowa City Huon A. DROWN. . . Kellogg MARGARET L. DROWN . Kellogg ELWIN A. DLII-IM . . . Sterling MAX J. DLILL . . . Des Moines DAVID D. EMDE . West Chester HARRISON A. EMRICH . Iowa City E. DALE ERICKSON . Bangor, Wis. EDWIN L. ESSEX . . . Iowa City FREDERICK G. EYRES . Shenandoah JACK M. FAI-IRNER . Keosauqua GEORGANA FALB .... Elgin MARY JEAN FALK . . Red Oak MARILYN J. FANTER Crystal Lake, Ill. THLIRSTON P. FARMER Tulsa, Okla. ROSEMARY F. FARRELL . Iowa City WENDELL M. FARRDW . Creston ROBERT F. FEENEY . . Joliet, Ill. MARILYN FENTON . Des Moines CLAIRE FERGUSON . Des Moines JLILIA JEAN FERGLISON Shenandoah MARIAN L. FERGUSON Washington CAROLINE M. FICKES Russelville, Ark. JOHN P. FIESELER . Fort Dodge LUIS CARLOS FILOS-DIAZ Panama City, Panama PHYLLIS E. FINKELSTEIN University Heights, Ohio GLENNYS A. FISHER . Cedar Rapids EVERETTE A. FLANDERS Iowa City RUSSELL E. FLASKERUD Cedar Falls WILMA K. FLECK Elkins Park, Pa. ELLSWORTH I. FLEMING . Marion Page 48 BURT J. FULTON . . Iowa City 'LAVONNE JEAN FUNK . . Osage ROBERT W. GADBOIS Kankakee, Ill. GEORGE GAEKLE . . Des Moines ,WILLIAM L. GAFFEY . Iowa City JEAN S. GALLAHER . Appleton, Wis. JAMES GANNON . . . Spencer RUTH A. GARBER . Cedar Rapids F. WM. GARDNER . . Waterloo CHARLES O. GARRETSON . Salem KEITH I-I. GARRETSON Mt. Pleasant EUGENE I. GARRETT St. Louis, Mo. PRISCILLA GARRETT . Des Moines DOROTHY J. GARTZKE . Iowa City PAUL C. GARTZKE Madison, Wis. LEON W. GASSMANN Valley City, N. D. JEAN GAVRONSKY . . Centerville ELAINE GEHRING . Whiting, Ind. ROBERT F. GEIGEL . . . Algona MARY JUSTINE GEORGE Washington Page 49 BARBARA B. FLOOD Crystal Lake, Ill. ELMER M. FLOOD . . Iowa City JOANN POLEY . . . Fort Dodge PATRICIA ANN FORTUNE Cedar Rapids DERROLD M. FOSTER West Branch PATRICIA M. Fox . Charles City ROBERT HANS FRANK . Waterloo DOROTHY E. FRANKE Grand Rapids, Mich. ROSEMARY FRAZIER Missouri Valley RAY F. FREDERICK . . . Marion WILLIAM C. FREESE . Hubbard JAMES A. FRIEND . . Iowa City LYNN E. FRINK .... Tama LOLITA R. FRITZ . Allentown, Pa. LYLE ROBERT FULLER . . Jesup STEPHEN C. GERALD . Sigourney DONALD L. GERWIG . Omaha, Nebr. MARSHALL F. CETCHELL Iowa City VIRGINIA C. GIBLIN . Iowa City BRLINO B. GIERNOT Duluth, Minn. DOROTHY E. GILL . Manchester ROBERT C. GILL . . . Clinton LUTHER H. GILLETT . . Atlantic ZELLA M. GILLHAM . Rockford XVAYNE V. GILLIAM . Iowa City AGNES M. CILMORE . Iowa City ERWIN L. CILMORE . Iowa City BARBARA CINTER . Marshalltown Louls PHILIP GINTZ . Iowa City DOLORES A. GIRALDI . Davenport I I JEANNINE M. GLASS . . Sac City PHYLLIS J. GLENDENING Springfield, Ill. DONALD M. GLENNIE Missouri Valley ISOBEL F. CLICK . . Chicago, Ill. JEROME GOLDMAN . i. Davenport ELIGENIA B. GOODMAN Council Bluffs JAMES P. GOODWIN . Ft. Madison GEORGE GORDIN . Allentown, Pa. ETHEL GORDON . Council Bluffs MALCOLM A. GORE . Mason City JOHN E. GORMAN . . Iowa City RAWSON E. GORSCH Cedar Rapids HELEN L. GOWER . . Iowa City ALFRED D. GRADY . . . Kalona JANE A. GRAYSTONE Cedar Rapids NORMAN GREENBERG . Des Moines MARY J. GRIEBELING . . Newton KEITH C. CRIMES , . Iowa City JOAN M. GROTEWOHL . Hartley CARL R. GusTAEsON Rockford, Ill. Page 50 LEWIS D. HAHN . . . Rose Hill DEXTER H. HAKE . . Reinbeck EUGENE D. HALL . . Moline, Ill. HOWARD E. HALLENBECK Good Hope, Ill. ARMOND W. HALWEG . . . Alta JACK W. HANEMANN Des Moines HELEN A. HANSEN Glen Ellyn, Ill. JANET L. HANSEN . . Burlington JOSEPH L. HANSON . Estherville NORMAN E. HANSON Cedar Rapids MARTIN N. HANZLIK . Des Moines THEODORE M. HARBOUR . Exline DON B. HARDING . Lexington, Ky. JAMES F. HARDING . . . Clinton THOMAS K. HARDY . Bloomfield KEITH D. HARRIS . . Jefferson MARILYN E. HARRIS . Muscatine ROBERT W. HARRISON . Toledo NANCY L. HARTMAN . . Vinton MARCELLE K. HARVEY Cedar Rapids Page 51 CAROLYN M. GUSTAFSON Chicago, Ill. MIRIAM E. GLISTAESON Burlington TONY J. GUZOWSKI Iron River, Mich. THOMAS G. HABIB . Cedar Rapids NORMA L. HAEGG . Cedar Rapids WARREN H. HAFFNER Ft. Madison RICHARD L. HASBROLICK Guthrie Center WILLIAM B. I'lASELTON University Park REYA J. HATCH Edgewood RICHARD C. HAW Davenport FRANK A. HAUGHTON Waterloo SYLVA A. HAWORTH Des Moines DONNA J. HAYES Montour MARVIN C. HAYWARD Independence VIRGINIA L. HAZEN . . Ottumwa RICHARD C. HAZLETT West Liberty MIRIAM L. HEASTY Mount Vernon DONALD G. I-IELGREN . Thompson E. BARBARA HENCKEL . Sioux City . Waterloo . Iowa City MARY J. HENNESSY . PATRICIA HENNESSY RAYMOND C. HENRY . . Sheldon SALLY M. HENRY . Cedar Rapids MARY J. HENSLEIGH . Iowa City MARJORIE R. HERRALD . Eldora JANE K. HERRICK . Des Moines DOROTHY K. HERTEL . . Amana JOHN L. HESTON . . . Fairfield LOYAL R. HIBBS . Omaha, Nebr. JAMES R. HICKEY . . . Keokuk LEE HILFMAN . . Chicago, Ill. ETHEL C. HILL . . . Nodaway Page 52 ROSEMARY M. HOLuB . Coggon NINON V. HOMES New York, N. Y. JOAN C. HOOD . . . Des Moines ROBERT J. HOOVER . . Waterloo CARSON C. HOPKINS . . Clinton DONALD C. HouTs . Cedar Rapids ROBERT S. HOVEY . . . Fairfield CLIFFORD E. HOWE . . Creston MARGARET A. HRLISKA Cedar Rapids WARREN L. HUDSON . Waterloo VIRGINIA S. HUFFMAN Santa Fe, N. M. ROBERT L. HULL . Ft. Madison BETTY A. HuLTMAN . Waterloo EVAN L. HuLTMAN . . Waterloo DONALD G. HUMPHREY . Remsen WILLIAM G. HuNT . . Fairfield CAROLYN C. HUNTER . Des Moines WILLIAM D. HUNTINGTON ' Waterloo ANNICE C. HuRLEY . Ft. Dodge RLITH A. HusA . . . Iowa City Page 53 ROBERT B. HILL . . . Winfield WALTER R. HILL . New London MABEL E. HINDERAKER Astoria, S. D. KATHLEEN F. HINDT . Oakland NANCY H. HINKLE . Atlas, Mich. RICHARD D. HOBBET . Iowa City HARLAN D. HOCKENBERG Des Moines PHILLIPS W. HODGE Cedar Rapids VIRGINIA HOFER . Reynolds, Ill. HOWARD H. HOFFMAN . Sioux City YVONNE HOFFMAN . Des Moines MARY J. HOLBERT . Washington ELIZABETH HOLDEN . Des Moines DONNA M. HOLLAND . . Boone ALICE I. HOLLCROFT . Iowa City IVOR W. l-IYNDMAN Anderson, Ind. DONALD J. IBELING . . Ackley CHARLES INOERSOLL, JR. Forest City WILBER C. INGERSOLL . Waverly CONSTANCE L. INNIS Cedar Rapids DORIS J. IRISH .... Toledo ROBERT G. IRWIN . . Iowa City CAROL ISEBRANDS . Little Rock WILMA E. lSENBERGER . Clarion RENE C. JACOBS . . . Iowa City ROBERT W. JAHNS Burlington, Wis. DONALD R. JAMES Columbus Junction EVELYN A. JANAK Crystal Lake, Ill. ELLEN E. JEANES . Cedar Rapids ROBERT C. JEFFREY . Iowa City DONNA J. JENSEN . Council Bluffs ROBERT E. JENSEN . . Oskaloosa MARY B. JENSON . Council Bluffs HAROLD G. JEPSEN . . . Dysart LESTER F. JIPP .... Paullina BARBARA J. JIPSON . . . Elkader JEANNE JIRICEK . . Cedar Rapids EUGENE B. JOHNSON . . Clinton ISAIAH J. JOHNSON Coffeyville, Kan. JOHN J. JOHNSON . Sonora, Calif. PHYLLIS R. JOHNSON . . Clinton THEODORE A. JOHNSON . Fayette WORTH R. JOHNSON . Marengo RICHARD E. JOHNSTON . Ft. Dodge CARL R. JOLLIFF .... Boone HARRY JOLLIFF . . . Chariton CAROLINE E. JONES . Independence JOHN PAUL JONES . Des Moines FRANK R. JORDAN, JR. . Ottumwa SHARON L. JUDY International Falls, Minn. Page 54 ALLEN I-I. KAPLAN . CHARLES I-I. KARR . ROBERT A. KARR . . WILLIAM A. KAY . ROBERT E. KEENE . Chicago, Ill. . . Fonda . Fonda . Walnut . Remsen LESTER C. KELLER . North Liberty ROBERT C. KELLY . . Davenport VICTOR JOHN KELLY Bloomfield, N. J. JOHN H. KELSO . . Cedar Rapids ROBERT R. KEMP . . Mapleton ELEANOR M. KENNEDY . Onslow WAYNE D. KENNEY . . Maxwell CALVIN B. KENTITIIELD . Keokuk JOY KENWORTHY . . Des Moines GWEN R. KEREIINIER . Clear Lake PAUL F. KETTENRING EUGENE I-I. KIEFFER RICHARD C. KING . KEITH A. KINNER . PATRICIA A. KINNEY Page 55 . lowa City . . Remsen lowa City Davenport lowa City JOHN C. KACERE . Cedar Rapids NORMA E. KACEROVSKY Cedar Rapids MELVIN C. KADESKY . Dubuque KENNETH W. KAISER . Clemons STANLEY S. KALENDER Brooklyn, N. Y. HARRY I. KALISH New York, N. Y. I RIIEYE NOW I SHERWOOD R. KIPP . . . Grant ORVAL H. KIRKEBY . . Waukon JUDITH S. KISTLER Baton Rouge, La. KATHRYN A. KITZMAN . Conrad PAuLINE B. KLASSIE . . Renwick ANN L. KLINGNER . Chanute, Kan. ELIZABETH MAE KLOPPENBURG Davenport KATHARINE KLOTZBACH Independence BYRON C. KLuss . . . Luzerne WILLIAM E. KNOX . Amelia, Va. STANLEY J. KOCH . . Waterloo ROBERT G. KOONS . . . Clinton ELMER JOHN KOTTMAN . Sheffield XVILFRED D. KRACHT . Sigourney GENE W. KRAUSE . . . Spencer SHIRLEY L. KRALISE Council Bluffs ARDIS M. KRESIENSKY . . Algona CAROL L. KRICHIEI. . . Keokuk RICHARD KRITZIER Brooklyn, N. Y. GLEN M. KROGII . . Iowa City SUE KROPPACH . . . Davenport JOANNE M. KRuSE . . Iowa City PAUL A. KRusE . . . Iowa City GAYLON L. KUCHEL . . Kingsley GERALD E. KusLER . . Marion DONALD KusTERER . Chicago, Ill. Page 56 ANTHONY B. LAUREA Dallas, Tex. CARL G. LAuTERBAcH . Sac City HERBERT B. LAVINE . Sioux City WILLIAM D. LAWLER St. Louis, Mo. JOSEPH P. LAWLOR . . . Ames PETER B. LEAVY Long Island, N. Y. HARRIET S. LEENEY . lowa City CHARLES F. LEHP . . Aplington RALPH L. LEMAR . . Camanche ROBERT TOM LENAGHAN . Clinton HELEN JEAN LENNON . Decorah SYLVIA LERNER . El Paso, Texas ARTHUR M. LEVINE . Chicago, Ill. GEORGE S. LEVINE . Everett, Mass. HARRY D. LEVY .... Kalona Louis LEVY . . Brooklyn, N. Y. R. A. LIEBENDORFER . Hampton ESTHER LINDENMEYER West Chester WENDELL D. LINDSTROM . Kiron ELAINE L. LINC-E . . Iowa City Page 57 MARCIA G. KuYPER . . . Pella ANNA B. LADD . . . Brooklyn CAROLYN J. LADD . . Iowa City WILLIAM W. LAMB . Des Moines KENNETH F. LAMPE . Dubuque ELIZABETH A. LANE . . . Ames SHIRLEY A. LANGNER Storm Lake PATRICIA M. LANNERT Skokie, lll. JACK R. LARSEN . Elmhurst, lll. KENNETH E. LARSEN . . Spencer VIOLET M. LARSEN . . Spencer EARL K. LARSON . . Davenport EUGENE G. LARSON . Ft. Dodge KENNETH D. LATHAM . Sioux City I. JANET LALIDERDALE . . Toledo CHARLES E. LINKE . Davenport LLICILLE LIVENGOOD . Des Moines DuANE E. LODGE . . . Downey ELIZABETH E. LONG . Iowa City SHIRLEY E. LONG . Cedar Rapids MARY E. LONGFELLOW . Waterloo JOHN D. LOLIGHLIN . . Cherokee GORDON W. LOuNSBuRY Iowa City RICHARD A. LOWIENBERG Iowa City DAVID T. LLICK Washington, D. C. PAUL M. LLICKINBILL - Guthrie Center ROBERT W. LuNDY . . Marion LEONARD D. LYBBERT . . Cresco DAVID B. LYNN . . . Iowa City JOSHLIA C. MACDONALD Graettinger DOLORES E. MADDEN . . Tiffin WAYNE H. MADDOCKS . Malvern FLOYD A. MAGNLISSON . Ft. Dodge THOMAS P. MAHAN . Iowa City THOMAS J. MAHONEY . . Boone ELIQANOR E. MAIDEN . Iowa City I-IARLAN D. MALCOLM Belle Plaine BETTY J. MALICK . Glendale, Mo. FRANCIS R. MALONEY Schenectady, N. Y. MARY J. MALONY . Council Bluffs MILES B. MANCHESTER . Iowa City JANE A. MANGOLD . . Brighton ELDON A. MANKLE . New Market RICHARD C. MANSON . Delaware LEONARD MARGID . Bronx, N. Y. MARILYN A. MARINER . Oelwein KENNETH E. IVIARSII Cedar Rapids ROY K. MARSH . . . Iowa City CLAIR W. MARSHALL . .Iowa City DALE L. MARSHALL . Iowa City Page 58 THOMAS H. MCBRIDE, JR. Sioux City WILLIAM D. MCBRIDE . Iowa City WILLIAM J. MCCABE Green Bay, Wis. DONALD W. MCCAFFREY Muscatine JOHN G. MCCALLUM West Union EARL J. MCCART Sioux Falls, S. D. PHYLLIS M. MCCARTHY Iowa City MARGARET A. MCCASLIN Ft. Madison PATRICIA J. MCCAY . . Keswick DICK MCCLANAHAN . Des Moines ROBERT J. MCCOLLISTER Iowa City ROBERT L. MCCONKIE . Carroll DON MCCONNELL Big Stone City, S. D. KATHLEEN MCCORMAC . . Letts ROBERT L. MCCORNACK Moline, Ill. RAYMOND L. MCCREERY . Fremont EDXWARD A. MCDANIEL Bloomington, Ill. PATRICIA A. MCDERMOTT Des Moines JAMES L. MCDONALD . Cherokee JEANNE A. MCDONALD . Lima, O. Page 59 JOHN W. MARSHAIJL Morrison, Ill. LLOYD F. MARTIN . Centralia, Ill. RICHARD C. iVlAR'I'IN . Iowa City ROBERT D. MARTIN . . Hamburg CHARLIE M. MASON . Muscatine MARCIA J. MASSON . Washington JEANNE M. MCDONNELL . Coggon MARILYN R. MCFADDEN Mt. Vernon, N. Y. JOHN D. fVlCFERREN . Davenport CHARLOTTE W. MCGUIRE Iowa City EMMET A. MCC-u1RE . Waterloo JAMES L. MCGUIRE, JR. Des Moines JOHN C. MCINTOSH . Des Moines KENNETH I-I. MCKAY . Knoxville CHARLES W. MCKINLEY . Clinton WILLIAM W. MCKINLEY Des Moines M. CLAIRE MCKINZIE . Iowa City PHILIP A. MCLAUGHLIN Iowa City HELEN M. McMAHoN Menomonie, Wis. ALBERT J. lVlCNEII-L, JR. Monticello DONALD L. lVlCQl.IEEN . Red Oak JOHN V. MEADOR . . Burlington JOHN P. MCPARTLAND Cedar Rapids STARLING MEAHL, JR. . Iowa City ANN MEDLIN . . Evanston, Ill. HOWARD L. MEFFERD . Pocahontas MARY J. MEGGERS . . McGregor DONALD E. MEISTER . . Oelwein LEAI-I MENDELsoN . Omaha, Nebr. WAYNE C. MERCER . Charles City MARIANNA MERNER . Cedar Falls CYRIL J. MESSENGER . . Newton Page 50 BOYD J. MILROY . . Manchester WILLIAM H. MINSHALL Cedar Rapids ANNE M. MITCHELL . Ft. Dodge BLYTHE MITCHELL . . . Adel EARL N. MITCHELL . Centerville DAVID E. MITCHELL . Greenfield JAMES W. MITCHELL . . Adel fVlILO A. MOCHAL . . . Traer DONALD W. MOELLER . Davenport MARILYN R. MOELLRING . Keokuk RICHARD H. MOHR . Davenport BARBARA H. MOLDENHAuER Charles City CARL H. MOLINE . Des Moines FRANK I. MOLSBERRY . Grinnell WILLIAM C. MOLYNELIX Chicago, Ill. DONALD J. MONTGOMERY . Oelwein JOHN A. MONTGOMERY . Corydon JACK D. MOORE . Monticello, Ind. LEE W. MOORE . . Des Moines ROBERT L. MOORE . . . Keokuk Page 61 LLOYD R. MESSERLI . Manchester ROBERT D. MICHAEL . Ft. Dodge MERLIN P. MICHEL . . Dubuque NORMA J. MICK . . Pocahontas ROBERT L. MIGHELL . Lake City WILLIAM H. MILES . . Corydon DONALD Y. MILLER . Gladbrook DORIS P. MILLER . . Montrose ELMER E. MILLER, JR. . Iowa City JAMES B. MILLER . . . Anita MAHLON S. MILLER, JR. Iowa City MARGARET A. MILLER . Elgin, Ill. MARVIN L. MILLER . Marshalltown SHIRLEY J. MILLER . . Atalissa JAMES C. MILLIMAN Council Bluffs AuDREY I. MORELAND . . Tipton GERALD M. MORGAN . Iowa City JAMES W. MORRIS . . Le Mars JAMES M. MORTENSEN . Harlan JAMES EDMOND MORTIMORE Lamoni G. DARLENE MOSER Dallas Center PHILIP W. Mouw . Orange City ROBERT L. MOWERY . Carlisle, Pa. DOROTHY ANN MLIELLER Davenport ROBERT C. MuLLALEY . Marion LEON L. MLINSON . Carthage, Ill. MARY E. MLIRDOCK . Marshalltown CHARLES W. MuRRY . Iowa City CHARLES E. MYERS . . Sheldon DOROTHY JEAN MYERS Quincy, Ill. I h JOHN WILLIAM MYERS Onida, S. D. CHARLES W. NAUMAN Gettysburg, S. D. ROBERT C. NELSON . Cedar Rapids FRANCES I. NESHIEM . Jefferson ROBERT W. NEWBLIRGH Sioux City SIDNEY D. NEWNAM Columbus Junction DAVID W. NICOLETTE Grand Rapids, Mich. MARY JANE NIELSON . Quincy, Ill. MYRA J. NIEMANN . Quincy, Ill. ROBERT C. NIEMANN . . Sumner MARY E. NILES . . . Iowa City BEVERLY D. NIXON . . Indianola GORDON E. NIXSON . Shenandoah HONORAH F. NOONAN Marshalltown PATRICIA A. NORRIS . . Marcus ROBERT L. NORTH . . Denison JOHN D. NYBERG . Omaha, Nebr. PERCY L. NYMANN .I Cedar Falls OTTO G. OCVIRK . Detroit, Mich. JAY C. OEHLER . . . Iowa City Page 62 DONALD W. ORTMEYER Charles City RODGER C. ORVIS . . Burlington RICHARD OSTRANDER . Muscatine CARL T. OSTREM, JR. . Des Moines WILLIAM OTTERMAN . . Traer DOROTHY V. PAGE Oakland, Calif. JOI-IN A. PAGIN . . Fort Madison LADONNA PANNKuK . . Laurens ROBERT PARKIN . . . Fairfield ROBERT B. PARSONS . . Kellogg ROBERT PAScuzz1 . Des Moines JACK T. PATTERSON . . . Rolfe JULIE A. PAUL . . . Waterloo KERMIT PEARSON . Harpers Ferry CHARLES PEART . . Davenport JAMES A. PECR . . . Iowa City LOWELL J. PECK . . . Kalona MILDRED C. PELL . Des Moines CLAUDE A. PERRY San Francisco, Calif. MABLE B. PERRY . . Iowa City Page 63 CAROL J. OLSON . . . Mapleton DONNA RAE OLSON . Fort Dodge LLOYD E. OLSON . Council Bluffs LORNA P. OLSON . . Iowa City IVAN L. ONNEN . Rockwell City ROBERT E. OPFEL . . Iowa City , F . heroes DOROTHY PETERSCHMIDT Iowa City JEANNE PETERSON . . Primghar JEROME D. PETERSON . Cherokee MARIJEAN PETERSON. . Nevada GREN A. PETERSON Williamsburg RICHARD W. PETERSON Council Bluffs . ROBERT D. PETERSON . . Ames RICHARD L. PFIFITNER Cedar Rapids KATHERINE PHILLIPS . Des Moines JOAN B. PIERCE . . . Iowa City PATRICIA PINNEY . . Clinton RICHARD D. PINNEY Cedar Rapids FRANCIS M. PIPKIN . Sioux City RICHARD L. PODOL . Chicago, Ill. JACK POISNICK . . . Ft. Dodge JOHN H. POLLOCK . . . Peosta IDA T. POLLOCK .... Peosta PHILIP N. POLLOCK . Iowa City ALVIN E. POOCK .... Atkins HAROLD K. POORE . Beaconsfield DuANE H. POPP . . . Keystone ROBERT A. POPPEN . . . Pella GEORGE R. PORTER . . Iowa City KENNETH L. POTTER . . Hardy MARY K. POWELL . . Iowa City KENNETH R. PRESNALL Marshalltown Page 64 WILLIAM RANSOM . . Waterloo FRANCES RASMLISSEN . Rock Rapids ELLEN RAWSON . . Des Moines DALE F. RECTOR . . . Tabor ANNE REED . . . Waterloo DON L. REED . . . Cherokee MAEOLA REED . . Hopkinton MAR JORIE REED . . Iowa City DONALD REESE . . . Iowa City GRACE REHNBLOM . . Packwood ALICE ANN REININGA Western Springs, Ill. WALTER RENO . . Des Moines L. L. QLEVERND REYNOLDS . Lenox MAR JORIE RHODES . Greenfield MARY RICHARDS . Webster City DONALD RICHARDSON . Sioux City FERDINAND RIECHMANN Centralia, Ill. WALTER RIECR . . . Walnut DAVID RIEDE . . Ottumwa RICHARD RILEY . . Iowa City Page 65 ROBERT D. PRICHARD . . Onawa HARRY W. PRICE . . . Eldora GLADYS PROTTSMAN . Chicago, Ill. EVELYN PROTZ . . . Iowa City DONALD K. PLIMROY . Ottumwa KENNETH M. QUAIEE . . Ames CHARLES QuANDAHL . Decorah THOMAS E. QuIRK . . . Lawler SALLY ANN QuIST . Des Moines DALLAS R. QLIECK . . Fontanelle VERNON RADEKE . Mitchellville ELEANOR D. RALSTON Macomb, Ill. LEONARD RALSTON . Des Moines JOAN RAMSEY . . . Springville ROBERTA RANKIN . . Manson DWAYNE RIPPERGER ROMA RISS .... RICHARD P. RITTER . LouIs A. ROBERT Chicopee ADELE ROBINSON . . KATHERINE A. ROBISON . . Afton Streator, Ill. Davenport Falls, Mass. Des Moines Long Island, N. Y. DOROTHY ROMAN . . Moline, Ill. RICHARD ROMPOT . Cedar Rapids KATHRYN ROONEY . Helena, Mont. JOAN Ross .... Des Moines SARAH Lou Ross . . Iowa City WALLACE ROSS . . Des Moines RUTH RouDABusH . . Brooklyn JOSEPH ROWDEN . . . Clemons ROBERT RLIIGH . . Meservey MYRNA RUSSELL . . Newsharon RICHARD RusT . . Cedar Rapids MARIAN RUTHERFORD . Clarinda ANN RLITLEDGE West Des Moines WILLIAM H. RYAN . Cedar Rapids RODERICK D. SAGE . . Iowa City JENS SAHL, JR. . . Battle Creek JOSEPHINE SALSTROM . . Britt W. F. SAMPSON . . Cedar Rapids DONALD J. SANDHERST . Atlantic LAUREN SATTERTHWAITE Muscatine RICHARD K. SAWVEL . . Moravia MARY SAYRE .... Iowa City VIRGINIA L. SCARCLIFF . Iowa City COEY J. SCHACHT . . Iowa City MELVIN SCHINKEL La Jolla, Calif. DICK R. SCHLEGEL . Bloomfield EVA SCHLEIN . . . Iowa City ALLEN F. SCHMAHL . . Alvord JOHN A. SCHMERLER Des Moines Page 66 ISRAEL R. SCHREIBER Rochester, N. Y. ASHER E. SCHROEDER . Maquoketa DONALD SCI-IuMACHER . Waterloo HERBERT SCHWARTZ New York, N. Y. CLETus R. SCHWEITZER Muscatine MARILYN SCOTT . . Des Moines RUBY SCOTT .... Waterloo MILROY S. SEACAT Logansport, Ind. LA UNA SENNISH Cleveland Heights, Ohio ROBERT SENNISH Cleveland Heights, Ohio WILLIAM B. SEWARD . Iowa City DAVID O. SHAFE . . Camanche WILLIAM SHAEFER . Cedar Rapids BARBARA SHAW Minneapolis, Minn. DONALD SHAXV .... Boone MARY SHIRLEY . . . Perry JAMES SHOWERS . . Iowa City ROBERT SHuLER . . Pekin, Ill. JOHN SHUMATE I-Iunnewell, Miss. WILLIAM SIEVERS . . Iowa City Page 67 DOROTHY SCHNEIDER . Bellevue ELEANOR SCHNEIDER . Stanwood ROBERT SCHNEIDER . Eagle Grove JOHN O. SCHOCK . . Donnellson RLITH SCHOENEMAN . Parkersburg NORMAND SCHRADER . . Rudd ROGER A. SIMPSON . Des Moines DORIS SINDT . LeCompton, Kan. JOHN A. SIREVAAG Stavanger, Norway NANCY J. SITTIG . . Fort Dodge EDWARD J. SITZ . . Davenport NORMA J. SJULIN . . Hamburg JAMES G. SROPHAMMER Albert Lea, Minn. HOWARD Q. SKOWBO . Emmetsburg ROBERT T. SKYLES . Mason City WARREN A. SLATON DeQueen, Ark. CLARK J. SLOAN . . Manchester LIIGILLE SLOCLIM . Cedar Rapids ALONZO SMITH, JR. Kingston, N. Y. ANDREW C. SMITH . Charles City ANGELA E. SMITH . . Iowa City CAMILLA SMITII . St. Louis, Mo. CHARLES L. SMITH . Chicago, Ill. GERTRLIDE E. SMITH . . . Hills JEAN C. SMITH .... Clarion JOSEPH C.. SMITH . Brooklyn, N. Y. KATHLEEN A. SMITII Independence KENNETII L. SMITH . . Chariton MARGARET E. SMITH . Iowa City MYRA J. SMITH . . . Newton PAUL C. SMITH . . . Waterloo PHILLIP M. SMITH Jackson, Miss. Page 68 SEYMOUR E. SPILRA . Ft. Dodge EVELYN L. SPIVACK Roxbury, Mass. ROBERT A. SPORRE Faribault, Minn. W. L. SPRINGER . Marshalltown JEAN SPROTT Grand I-Iaven, Mich. PHILLIP A. STASKuS . Iowa City BLANDINA STEINBRINK . Manson RAYMOND G. STEVENS Miami, Fla. RALPH I-I. STITT . . Chicago, Ill. JACK E. STIVERSON . Centerville ROSE ST. JOIIN . . . Davenport LAVONNE STOCK . . Storm Lake ROY STODDARD, JR. . . Iowa City THOMAS E. STONEBROOK . Eldora JEAN A. STONER . . . Hamburg STANLEY E. STRAATSMA Sioux Center MARY W. STROuP . . Burlington JAMES R. SULENTIC . . Waterloo DONALD L. SLILHOEE Council Bluffs EDWARD L. SULLIVAN . Iowa City Page 69 WILLIAM W. SMITH . Emmetsburg SHIRLEE J. SMOLIN . Muscatine ALBINA M. SNIDER Cleveland, Ohio CHARLES E. SNODGRASS Sigourney WILLIAM D. SNODGRASS Iowa City BARBARA J. SNOVER Knoxville MARILYN J. SNYDER Iowa City GREGG M. SNYDER Fulton, Ill. JAMES R. SOKOL . Maquoketa MARILYN E. SONES . . Iowa City JERRE J. SONNEBORN . Des Moines HAROLD D. SORENSON Omaha, Nebr. LARS H. SOUDER . . Davenport WILLIAM D. SPEAR . . Oakdale SHIRLEY ANN SPENCE . Iowa City TIM J. SULLIVAN . New Hampton JOHN A. SHNDBERG . Cedar Rapids F. R. SLITHERLAND . Monticello FRED C. SUTTON . Minerva, Ohio HAROLD J. SWAILES . Keosauqua F. WARREN SWAN . . . Keokuk CARROLL E. SWANGER . Clarion HAROLD S. SWENSON . . Lawler JAMES F. SWIFT . . Des Moines CAROL P. SYXVASSINK . Muscatine GEORGE SZLIKOVATHY Budapest, Hungary WILLARD A. TABER . Marshalltown EUGENE E. TALMADGE . Hopkinton JOHN TEDORE .... Waterloo HELEN TEEGARDEN Chillicothe, Mo. OLGER E. TENOLD . Northwood ELIZABETH 'THOMAS Fort Madison HOWARD K. THOMASSON Davenport C. WAYNE THOMPSON . . Orient DONALD O. THOMPSON Clear Lake GEORGE D. THOMPSON Webster City PEGGY THOMPSON . . Oakland ROBERT G. THOMPSON . Oskaloosa GREGORY J. THORTON . Iowa City ROBERT C. TILDEN . . . Ames MARTIN TONN . . . Davenport A. HLIGH TRASK Black River Falls, Wis. DONALD L. TREFZ . . . Coggon ALAN W. TRICK . . Des Moines RICHARD TLICKERMAN Plainfield, N. J. BILLIE J. TLILCHIN . . Iowa City L. PARK TUTTLE . . Reno, Nev. ROBERT F. TYSON . . Iowa City VERNON H. UECKER Milwaukee, Wis. LOIS ULLMAN . Brookings, S. D. MARIE K. UNZETIG . Cedar Rapids MARION D. URBAN . . Iowa City MARILYN VAN ANTWERP Iowa City ETHAN VAN BENSCHOTEN Neodesha, Kan. R. B. VAN DYKE . North English MORRIS J. WARD . . Iowa City ARLEY J. WASSOM . . . Laurens GEORGE M. WATSON Council Bluffs EDRA H. WEAR ..... Hills JAMES W. WEAVER . Galesburg, Ill. JOHN P. WEBER . . . Dubuque ROLAND A. WEDIG Springfield, Ill. ROBERTA WEINBERG . Chicago, Ill. HERMAN WEINSTEIN . Sioux City CHARLES B. WEISER . . . Ames DOLIGLAS E. WELLS, JR. Little Rock, Ark. MARY K. WELLS . . Ottumwa PATRICIA WELLS . . Sioux City JANICE WHEELER Stonington, Conn. OSCAR E. WIIEELER . Iowa Falls FRANCES WHISLER . Washington JOANNE WHITBECK . Lombard, Ill. H. BLAIR WHITE . . Burlington HELEN WHITE .... Clinton KENNETH WHITE . . Iowa City PHYLLIS WHITE Forest Hills, N. Y. MARY F. WHITLEY . . . Ames BEN G. WHITTINGTON West Liberty DONALD C. WHITTLESEY Iowa City JOYCE E. WHITTLESEY Iowa City Page 71 VIRGINIA V. VEGA BEVERLY VEST . MARY VICKERY ELAINE VIFQUAIN YVONNE C. VINES Mason City Iowa City . Corning . . Ames Chicago, Ill. MARY M. VOORHEES . Washington WALTER P. VoTROuBEK Cedar Rapids JAMES P. WACPITER . Chicago, Ill. GERALD C. WAGNER . Fort Madison WILLIAM R. WAGNER . Iowa City GORDON WAHLS . . . St. Olaf MERLE WALKER . Kirksville, Mo. DAVID G. WALTON . . . Boone SARA WALTON .... Alden HSIAO Tsu WANG Shanghai, China wi wi! sg, A. 5 V If M V 1 -N . 4 A gm ' f K 'lgs ,ffl . 'K .I , .,A.. hu- ? A , v nk 'f -v21 5 L : 5 .sg W Wi! W --1 L, i W.: . , Q ex w if 4-551 'HIS xi., N 1 if W M- K wp Y .2 3 i1?521'91Q5Y9 Y E 511 5 , Hmm?--q,a.'wf'.'v . ' ' vo mimi A ,A,1 li as Q 9 COMMERCE ,V J P4 RICHARD E. ABELQ. . Monticello JOHN Q. ADAMS . . . Manly WALTER F. EDWARD K. MELVIN L. ROBERT L. ADRIAN . Iowa City ALLEN . Denver, Colo. ALLISON . Springville ALSAGER . Story City CONRAD A. AMEND GUY L. AMES, JR. . JOHN R. AMIES . . EARL W. ANDERSEN BETTY M. ANDERSON DALE I-I. ANDERSON JOHN J. ANDREWS . Des Moines Charles City . York, Pa. Mason City Cedar Rapids . Sioux City . . Rippey RICHARD KENT ANGERER West Liberty PHILIP J. ANGOTT . Cedar Rapids ROBERT C. ARNOLD San Francisco, Calif. WAYNE P. ASPHOLM I-IARRY W. BALDWIN JOHN l-I. BALLARD . RICHARD M. BARKER FRANK C. BARRETT . JACK W. BASFORD . GLEN E. BASSETT . . LouIs H. BAuMAN . BASIL B. BEAL . . THEODORE BEARD . . Manson . . Fairfield . . Odebolt . . Osage . Boone . Waterloo . . Casey . Waterloo . Dubuque Kansas City, Kan. Page 74 LEON K. BOYSEN . . . DeWitt KENNETH M. BRAYMEN Shenandoah WM. V. BREWER . . Quincy, Ill. WM. H. BRICE . . Boise, Idaho JANE I. BRISBEN . Council Bluffs LOIS I. BRISBEN . Council Bluffs HARLAN W. BROBERG Storm Lake CARLTON F. BROCKMAN Clarksville ARLINGTON F. BROCKWAY Mediapolis WM. D. BROOKS . . . Shellrock ARTHUR E. BROWN Council Bluffs ORSON S. BROWN . . Iowa City NORMAN W. BRucH . Iowa City ROBERT D. BLIELOXW Mitchell, S. D. J. ROBERT BuNN . . . Waterloo DOROTHY BuNSE . . . Baxter VIRGINIA E. BUNSE . . . Baxter WILLIAM L. BURGER . Des Moines THOMAS J. BuRKE . . . Lansing JAMES L. BURNS . Independence Page 75 WARREN W. BEENCK . Davenport HOWARD E. BELL . . . Colfax ROLAND E. BELLEEEuILLE Biddeford, Me. JAMES L. BENISH . Cedar Rapids JOAN F. BENSELL . . Siletz, Ore. L. C. BENSON . . Sioux City R. H. BENTON . . . Iowa City PHILIP S. BERG . . Cedar Falls JACK BERNSTEIN . Newark, N. J. LOuIS A. BERTRAND . . . Salix RAYMOND J. BIGGINS . Joliet, Ill. MAR JORY M. BLANSHAN . . Britt JOHN G. BLIETZ . . . Monona BETTY MAE BLOOD . Des Moines NEVILLE C. BOWMAN . Davenport I-I. ARLENE BUSHWELL . Marengo BERNARD L. BUTLER . . Amana CLADE I-I. BUTTEREIELD McGregor OWEN G. CAI-IILL . Maywood, Ill. LEONARD O. CAMPBELL Fort Dodge RAYMOND I-I. CARLSON Fort Dodge EDWARD T. CARROLL Omaha, Nebr. JOSIAH F. K. CARROLL Cedar Rapids ARTHUR E. CARTY . . . Ames PAUL F. CASEY . . Cedar Falls ESMOND I-I. CASSAIDY . Bonaparte PAUL F. CAVANAGH . . . Neola MARION CEDERSTROM Rockford, Ill. HARLAN B. CHAMBERLAIN Postville EUGENE C. CHASE . . Spencer MAURO A. CHECCHIO Scotch Plains, N. 1. O. H. CHRISTENSEN . Cedar Falls ANGELA A. CISAR . Cedar Rapids JAMES W. CLARKE . . Corydon ARTHUR F. CLAUSS . Cedar Rapids ROBERT C-. CLEM . . Iowa City CHESTER L. CLINE . Centerville JEANNE P. CONE . . Waterloo CHARLES j. CONNELL Cedar Falls KEITH L. COOK . . Washington J. STUART COON . . Iowa City JOHN G. COOPER . . Iowa City LAWRENCE G. COPELAND Des Moines CLAUDE L. CORZATT . . Carlisle HELEN P. COSTAS . Cedar Rapids PAUL D. COTE . . . Waukon ANGUS L. COTTON . Lone Rock FORREST A. COULTER Washington, MO. DAVID C-. COUPLAND . Shellsburg RICHARD L. COUSIN . . . Alden Page 76 MICHAEL I-I. CRYDER St. Louis, Mo. EMANuEL CRYSTAL . Jackson, Miss. MURRAY CuBERT New York, N. Y. JOE A. CUPPINI . Rockford, Ill. DON R. CLIRL . . Guthrie Center ROBERT W. DAASCH . Davenport GERALD A. DALEY . . . Cresco RICHARD E. DALTON . Davenport ROBERT I-I. DANEKE Great Falls, Mont. WILLARD M. DANNACHER Davenport G. WARREN DARE . Washington WAYNE T. DARLAND . . Fremont JOHN F. DAVIE .... Villisca WILLIAM S. DAVIS . . Murray LESLIE I-I. DAVISSON . Rock Valley E. B. DEIHL .... Wapello CHARLES E. DEVENS . Independence CLAIRE E. DEVINE . . . Clinton MADELYN DIEDRICH Owatonna, Minn. STEVEN J. DINNING . Des Moines Page 77 MERLIN J. Cox. . . Davenport ROBERT R. Cox . . . Iowa City DONALD F. CRANE . What Cheer GLENN F. CRAY, JR. . Burlington MARY E. CREAMER Louisiana, MO. ROBERT F. CRUMLEY . Iowa City ROBERT D. DOTSON Warrensburg, Mo. HENRY E. DOYLE . JAMES S. Du BOIS GEORGE R. DYKEMA KENNETH E. EASLEY KENNETH L. EATON Moline, Ill. . Waterloo . Manchester Marshalltown . Mason City JOHN G. EDGE .... Tipton EUGENE R. EDLEN . Ft. Madison CLINTON R. EDWARDS Cedar Rapids MARIAN F. EGERER . Chicago, Ill. LEON A. EGGERS . OTTO J. EICHAGRER DELMAR C. EMMEL JOHN G. EPPERHART FRANCIS ELILBERG . Jo ANN EVANS . . JOHN E. EVANS . RAE A. EVANS . . ROGER J. FALLON . JAMES D. PENCIL . ERVIN L. FICKEL . JAMES C. FISHER . JACLYN J. FITCH . WILLIAM J. FLYNN . Clinton Homestead . Keystone Ft. Madison Cvarnavillo Des Moines Des Moines Linn Grove Ft. Dodge Iowa City Ft. Madison Oskaloosa . Clinton Highland Park, Ill. HOWARD S. FORD Maplewood, N. J. JOHN I. FOSTER . . . Bloomfield Page 78 FRANK GIBSON . West Des Moines GLEN E. GIERKE . . Davenport GERALD A. GILBERT . Storm Lake BERT R. GILLETTE . Forest City E. KENNETH GINGERICH Reseda, Calif. BRUCE R. GLASGOW . Iowa City MALCOLM GLEASON . Cedar Falls MORRIS E. GODDARD . . Laurens SIDNEY J. GOLDBERG . Sioux City WAYNE H. GOLTZ . . Iowa City BUDD R. GRAHAM . . Sioux City ROBERT C. GRAHAM Kewanee, Ill. CARL W. GRANT . Omaha, Nebr. EDWARD T. GRAY . . Washington WAYNE A. GRAY . . Cedar Falls RICHARD C. GRENDA LaPorte, Ind. MARGARET R. GRIEBEL . Lone Tree DALE W. GRIFFIN . Mason City ELMORE CORTIS CRIPP Rock Island ARNE J. GRLINDSTAD . Iowa City Page 79 KEITH F. FRANCE . . Oskaloosa DEAN L. FREDERICKSON . Harlan ROBERT K. FREDRICKSON . Lansing ROBERT J. FRENCHICK . Sioux City RICHARD L. FROST . Emmetsburg HARLAN F. FuREY . Guttenburg WALTER G. FUNCK . Burlington EARL B. GABEL .... Keokuk JAMES H. GAFFNEY . Cedar Falls JOHN W. GEBERS . . . Lincoln GRANT H. CENSKE Montevideo, Minn. CARL E. GERDES . . . Marion WILLIAM W. GEuDER . Guttenberg NINO T. GIARRATANO Marshalltown WILLIAM J. GIBB . Kirkwood, Ill. CLEMENT H. GUILLALIME Sioux City BOYD L. GLINN .... Vinton ROBERT L. GLITHART . Iowa City RUSSELL C. GUTHART Charles City DALE L. HALSTROM . . Paullina DIANA S. HALUSKA . . Redfield WILLIAM E. HAMMER . Washington ROBERT H. HANRAIIAN Iowa City RUSSELL F. HANSEN Guthrie Center CHARLES A. HANSON . . Washta RICHARD D. HANsoN . Ft. Dodge VIRGIL E. HARDER . . Otis, Kan. BARRY P. HASKINS . Mason City WALTER O. HAUER . . Sheldon WENDELL T. HAUPERT Marshalltown ROGER HALISEN . . Clarinda THEODORE F. HAUT Davenport ROBERT M. HEATON . . Clutier JAMES E. HECKMAN . . Greene RUSSELL K. HEDGE . Hedrick HARRY R. HEDLuND . Moline, Ill. EDWARD I-IEIM, JR. Harpers Ferry MATHIAS A. HEIMERMAN Stacyville RONALD J. HEIN . . . Dubuque WILLIAM H. HELMS . Bettendorf JACK D. HERING . Iowa City CLEMENT j. HEss . Iowa City joIIN J. HIEBING . Davenport LESLIE F. HILL . . Sutherland STANLEY R. HILL . Bettendorf DEAN A. HISERODT . Des Moines ROBERT E. HODGES Mechanicsville RALPH E. HOBT .... Russell RuTH F. HOEMANN . . Newell WARREN F. HOFFMAN Mason City Page 80 LEWIS H. HOLTZMAN Bayonne, N. J. LESLIE E. HOPPENWORTH . Denver ROBERT J. HORN .... Tipton KATHRYN HORSLuND . Waterloo GEORGE L. HOWE . . Williams CONSTANCE A. HUDSON Pocahontas PATRICIA A. HUMPHREYS Iowa City ROBERT E. HUNSICKER Des Moines EARL N. HuRTO, JR. Marshalltown GENE R. HuRST . . . Iowa City JOHN W. HUSTON .... Olds THOMAS H. HLITCHINSON . Pisgah IRWIN R. IDSO ..... Ames HARRY A. IMuS . . Mason City DEMAREST I. INGRAHAM Davenport DONNA LEE IVERSON . Stanhope WILLIAM L. JACKSON . Earlham DEAN A. JAMES .... Hardy CLARENCE S. JANEBA Cedar Rapids VERNON D. JARVIS . Decatur, Ill. Page 81 CATHERINE A. HOGAN . Marengo HOWARD F. HOGAN . Gilmore City THOMAS P. HOGAN . Lowell, Mass. JIM HOLAHAN . . . Sioux City HERB E. HOLLAND . . Sioux City JOHN F. HOLM . . . Davenport 4 DELBERT V. JEBOuSEK . Iowa City JLIDSON B. JENKINS RONALD C. JENSEN GERALD A. JEWETT lRvINc. B. JOELS . MARY Lou JOELS . Sioux City Moline, Ill. Des Moines . Clarinda . Clarinda EARL L. JOHNSON . . . Schaller RICHARD K. JOHNSON . Iowa City HUBERT R. JONES Missouri Valley RICHARD N. JONES . Donnellson KEITH B. KAFER . . . Waterloo NORNIAN F. KALLAuS . Richmond ROBERT J. KALLEMEYN Little Rock ROBERT J. KALIFMANN Jacksonville, Ill. KENNETH L. KEITH . Iowa City JOHN Cv. KELLER . . Van Wert MARIE E. KELLER . . Iowa City JAMES A. KENWORTHY Des Moines PHILIP S. KERR . . . Iowa City CHARLES T. KING . . . Fairfield ROSS H. KING .... Le Mars FRED G. KINZLE . . Muscatine ARLO J. KLADSTRLIP . . Newell BERNARD A. KLEIN Philadelphia, Pa. ROBERT I-I. KNAPP . Mason City ARNO F. KNAPPER . . Jefferson Page 82 AARON LEVINE . . . Sioux City JOHN T. LILLEDAHL Cedar Rapids ROBERT I-I. LIPSHUTZ . Sioux City RALPH D. LITTLE . Des Moines MARILYN F. LOERS . Spirit Lake PHILIP G. LOGAN . Cedar Rapids GEORGE J. LOGSDON . . Newton ROBERT A. LONG . . Joliet, Ill. GERNA L. LOOKINGBILL Sulphur Springs ANDREW A. LORENCE South Bend, Ind. G. ROBERT LOTT . Julesburg, Colo. JOSEPH E. LucE . . Sioux City GEORGE R. LUDLOXV Cedar Rapids DuANE C. MABB . . Thornton RALPH W. MCADOO . Prairie City PAUL J. MCAREAVY . . Coggon LAWRENCE D. MCATEE West Burlington RICHARD D. MCCANN . . Derby DAYTON E. MCCONKEY . Iowa City JOHN I-I. MCGILL . Independence Page 83 PAuL F. KOCH . . Ft. Atkinson F. WAYNE KODER . . Iowa City OTTO A. KOHL . . Cedar Rapids PAUL F. KRATZER . Manchester WILLIAM E. KREKEL . Burlington DONALD M. KRuMM . Mt. Vernon GERALD J. LAGER . . New Albin PAUL R. LANGE . . Cedar Falls DONALD H. LAPEHN . Davenport GALEN C. LARSON . Charles City DICK A. LEABO . . . Walcott GEORGE E. LEMEN, JR. Council Bluffs WARNER M. LEWERS . . Ames CHARLES H. LEWIS . . Brooklyn MAXINE E. LEWIS . Des Moines RALPH E. MCINTIRE . Oskaloosa DONALD C. MCLEOD . Davenport HENRY MCMAHON . . . Villisca JOHN F. MCMAHON . Chicago, Ill. MARILYN J. MCMINN . Greeley LuELLA B. MCREYNOLDS . Floris ROBERT A. MAGNuSON Cedar Rapids VERNON P. MALEY . McCallsburg ROBERT C. MARSHALL . Wapello WAYNE P. MARTHINSEN Lake Mills JOHN MASSMAN, JR. . . Chariton DAVID J. MASSON . Washington JAMES E. MEEK . Cedar Rapids ROBERT G. MEER . . . Kalona GURLI EDITH MELLEN . Bonaparte ROBERT D. METCALF Cedar Rapids WILLIAM H. METIER . Spencer CARMINE J. MILLER . . Baxter EDWARD J. MILLER . Cedar Rapids MARY Lou MILLER . Burlington DuANE M. MILLS . . . Coggon GRACE B. MILROY . . . DeXWitt KENNETH H. MITCHELL North English C. K. MOORE . . Cedar Rapids JAMES J. MOORE . . Iowa City RITA O. MOORE . . Sioux City VICTOR A. MOORE Waukegan, Ill. KENNETH D. MORRISON . Keswick' KENNETH A. MOUNCE . Clinton STUART A. MOUREAU . Osceola ROBERT L. MUMERT . Sioux City RALPH E. MUMA . . Sioux City EVERETT W. MUNSELL . Boone JOSEPH H. NAGORNER Des Moines BEVERLY S. NEFZGER . . Spencer Page 84 EUGENE B. O,BRIEN . Belle Plaine VERNE E. OCHELTREE . . Solon DELORES A. OELKE . . Audubon WARREN H. OELMANN . Ackley LOWELL L. OESTERBORG . De Witt DELBERT D. OLDHAM . Elkport WILLIAM D. OLIVE . Cedar Rapids IRvINo E. OLSEN . . . Kensett ANNA Lou OLSON . . . Conroy CLIFFORD L. OLSON . Iowa City TATsuo OT1X . . Oahu, Hawaii CLETus J. OWENS . . . Cresco LEO L. PALMER . . . Springville LLOYD J. PALMER . . . Postville MAR JORIE M. PARKER . Bedford LOWELL B. PARKS . . . Marion BETTY PARMENTER . . Iowa City ARTHUR P. PALILSEN . . Hartley ROBERT L. PEARSON . . . Leon JOYCE M. PEDERSEN . . . Alta Page 85 CHARLES W. NELSON . Modala DON L. NELSON . . Hawarden WILLIAM B. NEWMAN Columbus Junction LEROY H. NOE . . . Garrison ANDREW NovosAD . . Iowa City ROBERT V. OAKES . . Davenport JULIUS N. PEET . CLAIR A. PENNEY JOHN S. PERCIVAL JOHN E. PERDOCK ELAINE PERSON . LESTER E. PERSON Iowa City Iowa City Ft. Madison Washington Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge HARVEY D. PETERSON . Iowa City WESLEY F. PETERSON JAMES M. PETREHN LEONARD Cv. PETTIT RICHARD E. PHILLIPS . . Ogden . . Clinton . . Logan Pleasant Valley ROBERT S. PHILLIPS Arlington, Va. OIXKLEY C. PICKLIIJ . . Indianola WAYNE R. PIETSCH . Iowa City ROBERT J. PLATENBERG . Harlan ARTHUR C. PLATT MARTIN L. POLAND JOHN R. PRINGLE . NED PROEHNOW . OTTO C. PROEHL . JEAN T. PLIMROY EUGENE L. RADIG . Chicago, Ill. Iowa City . Creston Davenport Iowa City . . Ottumwa Lone Rock GORDON P. RAMSEY Cedar Rapids DONALD V. RAPLINGER South English JAMES 'R. RASLEY . . Iowa City VERNLEY R. REHNSTROM Linn Grove Page 86 BURTON J. RuTz . . Manning THOMAS G. RYAN . . Brooklyn SHELDON SABATH . Rock Island KEITH SANDER . . . Waukon RETHA M. SANTI . . . Madrid DALE E. SATTERLY . Farmington EARL F. SCHEINOST Creighton, Nebr. PALIL C. SCHEINOST 4 Creighton, Nebr. ELMER C. SCHICR, JR. . Davenport PALIL H. SCHNEIDER . Stanwood KENNETH M. SCHORI . . Elgin JOHN S. SCHRADER . Monticello WALTER C. SCHLIBERT . Waterloo WILLIAM M. SCHULTZ . Liscomb WILLIAM H. SCHLIMANN, JR. Davenport DONALD R. SCHWEIZER . Burlington WILLIAM H. SEARS . Des Moines WALTER W. SESSLER . Lowden MARY JEANNE SHEARER . Ames CALVIN SHRADER . Louisville, Ky. Page 87 RUSSELL E. REINIER Garden Grove DoNALD W. REISETTER . Radcliffe JOHN I. REPP . ' . . .Mason City FRANK H. RIASSETTO Kincaid, Ill. MAX RICH .... Sioux City JOHN M. RIDER . . . Davenport GERALD L. RIEDEL .... Burt CECIL L. RoBY . . . Centerville HERBERT L. ROD . . Iowa City MAuRIcE L. RosE . Crawfordsville ROBERT G. ROSELAND . Clear Lake JACK N. ROSENBERG St. Louis, Mo. GERALD RovNER . Marshalltown JoHN G. RuHL . . . Davenport GAROLD L. RUTHERFORD . Eldora JAMES R. SHELLEDY . Spirit Lake BEN SHLAES . . Rock Island, Ill. JOHN C. SHORT, JR. . Davenport CHARLES L. SILLIMAN Quincy, Ill. JACK C. SIMPSON . Shenandoah VIRGIL V. SKELLENGER Lake Mills STANLEY B. SLOCLIM Cedar Rapids DEAN R. SMITH . . . Brayton DONALD E. SMITH . Des Moines JACK A. SMITH . . . Iowa City JOEL I-I. SMITH . Harrisonville, MO. JOHN M. SMITH . . Sioux City KENNETH A. SMITH . . Newton REBECCA A. SMITH Missouri Valley VIRGIL C. SMITH .. . Iowa City GERARD A. SMOROWKSI Chicago, Ill. JOHN G. SODERBERG . Sioux City RICHARD C. SODERGRIEDI . Wayland CHARLES W. SONES . Iowa City WALLACE E. SORNSON . . Harlan ROBERT S. SPENCER . . Red Oak ALFRED SPIZMAN . Des Moines LEO F. SRITE . . Clarinda CARL J. STACK . . . Iowa City ARLO A. STAHLE . . Iowa City RUSSELL W. STARK . . Hudson Page 88 Page 89 VICTOR STASZEWSRY, JR. Sioux City VERA H. STEELE Philadelphia, Mo. EDWARD H. STEINIIOFE Fort Dodge CLAYTON B. STEWART . Chariton THOMAS E. STEWARD New Sharon FRED J. STINES .... Newton FOREST F. STOCKDALE . Burlington MARVIN W. STOCKDALE Austinville AARON N. STODDARD Salmon, Idaho BENJAMIN T. STRATHMAN Manchester Monticello WILLIAM K. STLIHMER Goose Lake WILLIAM H. STLIHLER Storm Lake Davenport ROBERT L. SWEANEY . Mason City RICHARD C. TAYLOR . Fort Dodge JOHN H, STLIHR . . GENE E. SWANSON . . HARVEY H. TIZCKLENBLIRG Cedar Rapids PAUL D. TEEFY . . . Iowa City ROBERT D. TEETER La Porte City GORDON F. TENTINGER . Le Mars VREELAND E. TIIARP . Ottumwa MARY M. THOMAS . Cedar Rapids CARL A. THOMSEN . . Waterloo LEW W. THROSSEL . . Thornton HENRY B. TIPPIE . . Belle Plaine THOMAS B. TOOHEY . Iowa City LESTER E. TOSH . . . Clinton JOHN L. TouSSA1NT . Muscatine SAMUEL R. TREICIILER . Iowa City RICHARD M. TRIPP . . Iowa City HENRY R. TROST . . Fort Dodge CHARLES E. TUCKER . Winterset JEROME J. Tu JETSCH . Guttenberg JOHN TYSON .... Mt. Ayer ERNEST F. ULBRICII . Iowa City LESTER E. UMTHLIN . Iowa Citty ROBERT L. UNDERBRINK Morgan, Ill. DAVID E. UNDERWOOD . Peterson DALE E. UNGER W. Alexandria, O. FRANK C. URIELL . Evanston, Ill. Page 90 Page 91 CARROL V. VOELKERS . Wheatland MERLE J. VOLDING . . Iowa City DANIEL E. WAGNER . . Oelwein DENNIS L. WAGONER Rockford, Ill. TRUMAN J. WAHRER . Charlestown HAROLD L. WALTON Sheridan, Wyo. DON F. WANDEL . Cedar Rapids DARRELL F. WARNER . Sioux City BERNARD W. WEBSTER Cedar Rapids THOMAS H. WEPIMEYER Fort Madison RICHARD B. WEHRMAN . Eldora PHILIP S. WELLER . Sigourney PAY R. WELLS . . . Le Mars ROBERT J. WELTER . . Corwith MARTHA A. WHALEY Sterling, Ill. A. JOSEPH WHITE . . Iowa City PETER C. VAN DE WATER Omaha, Nebr. ALBERT W. VAN FOSSEN . Marion MARGLIERITE G. VAN CINKEL Des Moines PATRICE VAN LIEW . Des Moines DEAN F. VAN METRE . Clemons GERALD C. VAN STEENHLIYSE Williamsburg GLEN VAN VARK .... Pella ROBERT R. VAuGHN . Mason City ROBERT L. VIAL . . . Laurens JAMES B. VINCENT . Galena, Ill. HARRY C. WHITESELL . Iowa City FRANK R. WHITTERS Cedar Rapids OTTO F. WIEDERSBERG , Cedar Rapids ROBERT J. WILLIAMS . Dubuque LLOYD M. WILLIS . . . Eldora DONALD L. WILSON . Albert City ERIC C. WILSON . . Iowa City GEORGE S. WILSON Rockwell City LYLUS ILEAN WILSON Pocahontas GERALD Cv. WILTSE . Manchester PALIL D. WINTER . . . Dysart HOWARD G. WOMBACIIER Iowa City CARLYLE W. WOODBURY Corwith SAM Q. WOODKE . . . Schaller TRLIMAN K. WOODARD W. Des Moines NIEVIN D. WOODWARD Whittemore lVlI3RTON D. WYATT . . Corydon ROBERT C. YOUNG . . Iowa City EARL R. YOUNGSTROM . Dayton PALILINE E. YOuNT . Cedar Rapids MAX G. ZELLER .... Tama C. R. ZIEKE . . . Cedar Rapids Page 92 ? ,- ,A M41 :-.,..:5-5--55:5-..: MNZBS' ,few 4,1 ,A ' in-gv, ' fi L1 ww' Y' V. N .V ,LQ,, .f ,S -gm 51 2111 , saw ,L ,a fz1s,1g.3fgggf5i? N J w-'fliillfill : ,Mawr x, J: 'Q if 1.-1,5 f giifggwif 'Qz4Q9Qi?gf'i:5gv, if - gg 'nwuivr .1wff1+5+!W' 75 .,k.,, 1 P? Q W I Qwf . 1 ' A 3' L", If v , .155 amigzii' ixygggwf . gr., ,Q Li my 35: W WN -H5 35, 349' ,Q fi e M, 'Sig if , if . - f A 3-ravi-x f. , , 7- -- 5 - Z .1 Lw2..k . fi W I ff? ,M .,,-Q.k -A .Y 7 ,QA 3,51 iw is-Q. gy c , 5 V L - ,sl A kg,-pf .: '-fmfm LQ Q wus- . ' 12:3 - f- -, gf is MA f Yr 1 9 ' K '52 ::2.:f: ., In 1 1" - Q ,gen :SV ,ly ' 5 5 L .1 mil GINEERING 'y , 4 1 L' W Kayla: " if 'A Ulf' X 4 , W 4,3 7-V Lzfzwfq. . J 1 'M M . tb e . ., ,f,,h:.,E ' A 'ki J Q3 11' x Ii 4. Q in Q: .gn -aj ROBERT M. ADAMS . . Iowa City JOSEPH F. ALBIN . West Liberty GEORGE W. ALEXANDER Ainsworth JOHN P. ALMON Minneapolis, Minn. RALPH W. ANDRES . . Waterloo JAMES H. ASHTON . . Lone Tree V GERALD C. BAILEY . . Iowa City WM. J. BAKER ...,. Exira JACDISH R. BAMMI . Jodhpur, India DuANE BARNHART . . . Marion RONALD E. BARRETT . . Newton LAuRENCE C. BARTLETT . Solon DONALD E. BENTLEY . Muscatine PETER L. BERNTSEN . Oslo, Norway WALTER H. BERNTSEN . Iowa City FREDERICK H. BIERE . . . Olin WM. C. BOLTE . . . Iowa City CLIFTON W. BooTS New Hampton LESLIE C. BOYSON . . . DeWitt DAVID W. BRUBAKER Cedar Rapids DAVID H. BRLINK Mansfield, Ohio STANLEY B. BRuSH . . Brooklyn EDWARD J. BRYAN . . Iowa City RICHARD F. BuKACEK Cedar Rapids RICHARD W. BURGER . Iowa City BURTON K. BLIRRHALTER . Lewis Page 94 DOUGLAS L. CODER . Coon Rapids GORDON R. COLEMAN . Iowa City MELVIN E. COOBS . . . Klemme MAX L. COPPOCK . . Springville JAMES B. COTTER . . . Corning DARRELL J. Cox . . Iowa City ROBERT W. CRAIN . . Iowa City ROBERT K. DAHLIN . Sioux City JOSEPH P. DAVIS . Cleveland, Ohio CLARK G. DE HAVEN . . Branch CLARENCE J. DEMPSEY Manitowoc, Wis. ARTHUR DENNIS . . Knoxville DAN F. DILLINOER . . . Avoca DOUGLAS C. DOWELL Ft. Madison JAMES J. DOYLE . . . Oxford LEON J. DUNN . New York, N. Y. ALVA A. EVANS Long Beach, Calif. WARREN G. EWEN . . Milford LOGAN G. FINERTY . . Keokuk WALTER FLATTAL1 Elmhurst, N. Y. Page 95 DWIGHT L. BLISBY . Cedar Rapids JOE H. BYRD .... Iowa City CLAIRE J. BYRNES . . Iowa City RICHARD K. CALDWELL Cedar Rapids CLYDE CAMMACK . . . Salem WHITNEY R. CAMPBELL . Sheldon R. L. CARMICHAEL Columbus, Ind. EARL W. CARSON . . Iowa City L. K. CARSON Salt Lake City, Utah B. R. CARTER . . . Iowa City WILLIAM A. CHANTRY . Marengo JOHN J. CLAASSEN . . Pomeroy GERALD M. CLANCY . . I-Iaroy ROBERT L. COATS . . . Victor ROBERT W. COCAYNE . Iowa City WESLEY J. GALLuP . . Walker JAMES F. GIBSON . . . Onawa WM. A. GIESE . . . Dubuque FLETCHER H. GLANCY, JR. Iowa City ORRIN J. CODE, JR. . . Marengo MARTIN P. GOLDEN . Lynn, Mass. CECIL L. GOODMAN North English WM. E. GRIFFITH . .' Pleasant HAROLD J. GRUNSKY . Iowa City GENE E. GLIETZKO . . Riverside FRANK J. GULSHEN . Kewanee, Ill. ASOKE K. GUPTA Bank Road, Patna, India RUSSELL C. HAGERMAN Toddville HARLAND W. HARTMANN Davenport EUGENE F. HENRY . Napa, Calif. KEITH A. HERTZ . . .Iowa City JACK K. HICKS . . . Brooklyn RICHARD W. HOUSTON . Red Oak RAYMOND J. HLIDACHEK I-Iot Springs, Ark. CHARLES F. HUDSON Omaha, Nebr. ORION M. I-ILIFFER . . Iowa City NORMAN A. HLINSTAD Jasper, Minn. DAVID W. HLIRPERT . Moline, Ill. LAWRENCE U. HLIRLEY . Riverside JOSEPH W. ISRAEL . Cedar Rapids FRANK J. JEKERLE EUGENE L. JESSE . GLEN F. JOHNSON WALTER B. JONES EUGENE H. KAISER AH LEONG KAM ROBERT G. KELLER WILLIAM R. KELSO JAMES J. KIBBING RICHARD KIDD, JR. Cedar Rapids St. Charles . Marengo Cedar Rapids . Iowa City . . Hawaii . Iowa City . . Atlantic . . Buffalo . Muscatine Page 96 REx C. KNAPP .... Hinton DALE L. KNuDsEN . Cedar Falls EDWARD H. KOLIBAB Rochester, N. Y. RAYMOND J. KREKEL . Burlington ROBERT E. KUDRLE . Sioux City JACK J. KUESEL . . . Newton EVERETT W. KuNTz . Ridgeway TUCK HOP LEE Honolulu, Hawaii ROBERT J. LE MONT . Cedar Rapids HANS H. LENSCHOW Oslo, Norway JOIIN T. LIESDO . Royal Oak, Mich. WILLIAM C.. LONG, JR. . . Solon HAROLID LORENZ Western Springs, Ill. HAROLD L. LOVE . . Iowa City A. P. MCCLOUD .... Ryan ROBERT H. MCINTIRIE . Iowa City DONALD L. MCMANIS . Keokuk DAYTON N. MCMILLAN Cedar Rapids JOHN F. MIEENAN Rock Island, Ill. RICIIARD J. MEERICINS Cedar Rapids Page 97 ROBERT C. KIMBALL . Cedar Rapids CHARLES KIN . Rangoon, Burma JAMES E. KING . . . Iowa City WARREN H. KINTZINGER Dubuque KAZLIO KIYONAGA Honolulu, Hawaii JAMES E. KLEIN . . . Muscatine night" JACK H. MEHRHOFF . Centerville MARK F. MEIER . . Iowa City WAYNE F. MEINHARDT Davenport JOHN A. MELICHAR Cedar Rapids LESLIE H. MILLER . . Iowa City DONALD R. MOELLER . . Everly WALTER G. MOLLMAN Cedar Rapids PHILLIP E. MOORHEAD West Branch WILLIAM H. MORROW . . Salem JOSEPH J. MOYER . Lebanon, Pa. KENNETH MLILEORD , Iowa City HARVEY G. NELSON . Coralville JESSE I. NELSON . Galesburg, Ill. MAuRIcE E. NELSON . Proctor, Vt. ROBERT C. NEWTON . Muscatine ALAN D. NICHOLS . West Liberty JOSEPH A. O,BRIEN Mineral Point, Wis. CECIL M. O,DAY . Shenandoah SEYMOUR A. OHSMAN Cedar Rapids GEORGE S. OVERBY . Iowa City ROBERT R. PALIK . . Iowa City WILLIAM H. PARMAN . Iowa City Page 98 Page 99 WILLIAM L. RONNEY Chicago, Ill. KENNETH W. RUBY . Oskaloosa ROBERT D. RULE . . . Bellevue ALLEN L. RLITENBECK . Clinton EUGENE W. RYAN . . . Milton ABE R. SAMEROFF Brooklyn, N. Y. HAROLD E. SCHMIDT Cedar Rapids DONALD K. ScHuLzE Younkers, N. Y. ROBERT C. SCHWARTZ . . Manly PAUL E. SHIPLEY . . Nodaway ROBERT C. SMITH . . Iowa City ALAN M. SOLIDER . . Davenport BINGHAM T. STALEY . Centerville EDWARD E. STEPANEK Cedar Rapids DALE S. STEVENS . . Iowa City ROBERT E. STEWART, JR. Waterloo DWIGHT E. PATTON . State Center ROBERT L. PAuL . . . Atlantic FRANK PESuTH . '. De Kalb, Ill. GORDON G. PETERMAN . Villisca VINCENT L. PETERS . . Boyden PAUL L. PETERSCHMIDT Fort Madison NORMAN V. PETERSON West Branch L. WILLARD PETERSON Monmouth, Ill. JOSEPH C. POuLTER Horicon, Wis. ROBERT L. RIDDLE . . . Rodney JAMES L. RIGGS . Council Bluffs ARTHUR L. ROBERTS . Iowa City WILLIAM J. STRATMAN Burlington WARREN E. STROuT . . Milton WILLIAM D. SWAIM . North Platt RUSSELL L. SWEARINGEN . Bunch JAMES A. TAINER Cleveland, Ohio RAY E. TALLEY . Amorita, Okla. HARVEY G. TALMADGE, JR. Hopkinton RICHARD E. TANNER . . Marion WILLIAM P. TOLBERT, JR. Fort Madison WILLIAM D. LIPMEYER . . Solon THOMAS G. VAN CAMP . . Breda DONALD N. VAN EPPS Grand Mound E. L. VANOLIS . . Cedar Rapids JOSEPH A. VANOus . Cedar Rapids WILLIAM W. VOELCKERS Iowa City EARL M. VOIEN . . . Sioux City DONALD C. WALTER . Iowa City HOWARD O. WEGER Strawberry Point WILLIAM C. WENGER Chicago, Ill. KENNETH V. WHITE Rockford, Ill. JOHN W. WICKENKANIP Sigourney FRANK H. WILLIAMS, JR. Grand Island, Nebr. HAROLD W. WOLF . . Iowa City RICHARD H. WOLTERS . Atalissa GEORGE E. WRIGHT . Iowa City Page 1 00 '- F' '-'Sl raft . ag - . B., Q T W. .gk 3, it ww' 5 ' f Mg-rf' Km M vm 9- ,yy f 3? -413, "K" 1 + . A . 9' 1 if E A V . wx, , ' ut? : , , ff ,gg aQ5 ,w, f W lx Er? Vi, fel i' li bull 1'-SQ f V, ,H , ww. LAW DONALD G. ALLBEE Marshalltown HERMAN T. BAILEY . . Ottumwa ROBERT F. BARCLAY , Iowa City CHESTER R. BENTZ . . Chariton WILLIAM A. BERGMAN Ft. Madison JAMES R. BOLTON. . . Atlantic RAYMOND F. BREEN . Winterset WALTER R. BROWN . . Dubuque GILBERT R. CALDwELL . Humeston JERRIELL CARPENTER . . . Pella JOI-IN R. CARROLL . Des Moines JAMES P. CASHMAN . . . Elma FREDERICK G. CLARK . Waterloo JAMES B. COLLIER . . Iowa City JOIIN T. COMSTOCK . Eagle C-rove ROBERT W. CONRAD . . Elkader WILLIAM J. DOUGLAS Mason City C. FRANCIS FITZGIBBONS Armstrong GEORGE E. FLAGG . Des Moines JOHN B. FOLEY . . . Ft. Dodge JOIIN F. CYALLAGIIER Rockaway Beach, N. Y. JOSEPII M. GANTZ . Sioux City FRANK A. GILLETT . Forest City GERARD J. GLAZA . Cedar Rapids DONALD L. GORANSON Clear Lake LYNN C. GRAY . . . Iowa City Page 102 l EUGENE V. KEIFER . . . Kalona JOHN W. KELLOGG Missouri Valley RICHARD B. KELLOGG Missouri Valley ROBERT E. KNOWLTON . Decorah EDWARD W. KORAB . Iowa City DARL C. KYLE . . Pleasant Plain ALFRED A. LAWTON . Iowa City GILBERT LEEE . . Bronx, N. Y. THOMAS C. LYNCH . . Decorah CHARLES R. MATHER . Laurens ALBERT K. MATHRE Cambridge, lll. JOHN R. MCCARTHY Webster City RAYMOND L. MCCONLOQLIE Mt. Vernon DANIEL W. MCNABB . Cedar Falls JACK C. MERRIMAN Baltimore, Md. ROBERT D. MERSHON . Cedar Falls JOHN R. MOODIE . . . Waverly JAMES B. MORRIS . . Des Moines DANIEL K. MURPHY . Sioux City DONALD L. NELSON . . Nevada Page 1 03 SERENEA H. GREEN . Sutherland ROBERT C. HAMBORG Des Moines CHARLES E. HARRIS Williamsburg PAUL L. HARRIS, JR. . Clarinda WALTER T. HART . Chicago, lll. RUTH A. HARTKOPP . Iowa Falls ADDISON R. HAYNE . Des Moines JACK D. HEYSINGER Kansas City, Kan. CARL M. HIGDON, JR. . Iowa City ROBERT D. HORNBAKER Mt. Sterling H. C. HouGHToN . . Red Oak JOHN F. HOYMAN . . Iowa City DuDLEY S. HUBBARD . Dixon, lll. LEO J. HuRLEY . . . Laurens WARREN C. JOHNSON . . Clinton KENNETH G. NELSON . Iowa City ROBERT NORDSTROM Sioux Falls, S. D. TALITIIA PASCAL . . . DeWitt MARK F. PAYTON . . Belle Plaine FRED R. PEFFERLE . Des Moines NORMAN M. PETERSON . Iowa City JOHN B. REILLY . Cedar Rapids EDWARD M. RODGERS . Burlington CLIFTON D. ROYAL, JR. Des Moines WILLIAM D. RYAN . Davenport LOuIS E. SCHuLER . . Griswold GEORGE A. ScHuLTE Hutchinson, Minn. HERBERT S. SELBY . Des Moines KIRBY J. SMITH .... Burt WILLIAM C. SMITH . . Oelwein .ans ,., . be . - .. fx 'wi RALPH E. STALEY . Council Bluffs MAuRIE E. STARK . Webster City JOHN H. STEVENS . . Waterloo KEITH J. STINSON . . Hampton THOMAS C. STRACK Grundy Center ALBERT D. SWANSON . Iowa City JOHN V. SYNHORST . Des Moines DONALD L. THOMPSON . Waterloo JOHN N. TOOMEY . . Iowa City HAROLD W. TREASE New York, N. Y. NATHAN B. UPDEGRAFF . Sigourney MARVIN E. VERBECK . Moline, Ill. G. DuANE VIETH . . Davenport HAROLD E. VITTITOE . Mondamin WILLIAM W. WAGNER La Porte City CHARLES F. WARDEN . Iowa City EUGENE WM. WARDMAN Brighton MAX R. WERLING . . . Tipton GEORGE A. WILLIAMS . Iowa City DONALD C. WILSON . Iowa City DONALD A. WINE . . Oelwein MELVIN H. WOLF . . Iowa City WARREN J. WOLF . . Iowa City Page 104 H . an A , L.,,A , L M V Q . NM gg , Q"7"w. 'U f, -,,q?,V 3, 9 1 5 Q U 'u Q .4 333 Q25 ' Q35 get ' .7 W ' - f ' ,gs W mf' ' , L fm , Q. in 1 , r 1 -1 gu y sg ' i Vg '34 X. 1 -. x o "mr J, ,.y PHARMACY me I 1 f CLINTON P. BERGGRENN Cedar Rapids LEO C. BRAu . . . Mt. Pleasant DONALD R. CARLSON . . . Alta FRANKLIN H. CARLSON Rockford, Ill. DALE H. CRONK . . Iowa City FRED M. DEARBORN . Iowa City MILO W. DELIEL . . Iowa City HERBERT F. DODEN Rock Island, Ill. DONALD M. DOuDNA . Spirit Lake CLARENCE P. FALKENHAINER Dubuque ROBERT M. GREGC. . . Iowa City IVAN B. GRIMES . . . Iowa City JOHN R. HOHMANN Richmond Heights, MO. CARROLL R. JOHNSON . Fairfield EUGENE T. KENNEDY Cedar Rapids ERNEST KYLE . . Iowa City LYNN A. LAFLIN . . Red Oak PAUL D. LEINER . Chillicothe, Ill. ALICE MARY LOTRIDGE Centerville LEO T. MASTERSON . . Iowa City GEORGE W. MCCARTHY Iowa City FAYETTE W. MCMEANS Longview, Tex. EDNA A. MELLICK . . . Albia GALER J. MILLER . . Hampton AKIRA D. MORIYASu Kahului, Maui, Hawaii KENNETH E. OELRICH . Iowa City DEAN M. OHLSON . . . Ogden GEORGE E. PETERSON . . Creston JAMES A. PETERSON Bandon, Ore. MARTHA M. SEITZ . Freeport, Ill. NORMAN V. SNIDER . . Grinnell PAUL SPINNER .... Lansing VERNON G. STAGNER . Riverside RICHARD SYKES East St. Louis, Ill. CHARLES R. TRIPP . . Spencer FRANK T. TuCKER . . Iowa City MARY E. WILKE . New London Page 1 U6 -4 22541 534 ', 7 . Q? jf fgQ?:lf'1SQ.m V , E 4 W., 4 af E, , Aw ' -V T52 - k k' f1.E?.:' . '.'L J I " KH . K .4 4 A lfyzw 2 -,t , V A ff I 2 rn 1 X: ' gi 1 -7 ix muff, V, M. -w.,Lfw- T ffm EQ -2q?jmJg, V , fins EI 72 51 Q -V - 25 WN N A rm y M 'mx K -Z Q ' . 'X ,V 2 gb sw , M Ak if .335 5-ff" ,f14""gV' MJGWR .Mk 'Q ' A MEDICINE 'M . f f iw Q -, .W-ms! fa, ,V M Sim T' ff?5!f?iars1 X f 4 N fr, A. if ig X . A X'ff'2?f553.f View L: fwz. v,.V AXZMST5 EVELYN M ANDERSON . Oskaloosa JULIUS E COOK Duluth, Minn. DAYRLE N CRABB . Kingsley FORREST G DANNERBRING Sioux Falls, S. D. DONALD W. DOHNALEK . Chelsea CARROLL M. DOLAN . Waterloo JAMES C. DONAHUE, JR. Centerville DONALD B. DOSE . . . Clinton WARD R. DUNSETH . Waverly, Ill. BRUCE C. EHMKE . . Humboldt MARGARET R. EMMONS . Clinton RICHARD O. EMMONS . . Clinton JOHN L. FATLAND . . . Colfax JOCK D. FICKEL . . Henderson DOROTHY J. CILDEA . Davenport ROY C. GLISE .... Decorah COLEMAN JACOBSON . Iowa City ROBERT M. JESSON Muskegon Heights, Mich. CALVIN J. JOHNSON Grand Junction JACK KRAMER . . Chicago, Ill. MARGARET R. LANE . Iowa City PAuL L. LOWINGER . . Gilbert ROBERT I. LuB1N . . Iowa City JOHN V. McCLuRG . Chicago, Ill. CLAUDE F. MERRIHEW Alhambra, Calif. STANLEY M. MESIROW Benton Harbor, Mich. CHARLES F. MEYER Sauk City, Wis. BERYL F. MICHAELSON . Humboldt MARVIN F. MILLER . . Iowa City DAVID R. NAGLE . Buffalo, N. Y. HARRIET M. OPFELL . Farragut RICHARD W. OPFELL . Iowa City Page 109 MORTON S. GOLDSTEIN Centerville MAuRIcE J. GONDER . Iowa City VIRGIL R. GRABER . . Iowa City BILLY GRIMMER . . . Winfield JEROME B. HATHORN Wichita Falls, Tex. CHARLES R. HENNESSY Council Bluffs GEORGE B. HOGENSON . Belmond ROBERT S. I-IOMES New York, N. Y. GEORGE N. I-IuTHSTEINER Bolton Landing, N. Y. DAVID C. IVIE . . . Iowa City 1 DONALD A. PAuI.sEN . Keystone LUMIR C. PROSHEK Minneapolis, Minn. ROBERT A. SAUTTI:R LeCenter, Minn. J. NED SMITH, JR. . . Iowa City JOSEPH R. TRAUB . Mason City JOSEPH P. TROTZIG Vermillion, S. D. ROSALIE C. TURNER . Cedar Rapids DARL E. VANDER PLOEG . Pella HOWARD L. VARNEY . Iowa City LUELLA B. VOOGD . . . Walker DONALD J. WERNER Scranton, Pa. ARTHUR P. WICKSTROM Tacoma, Wash. RICHARD G. WILSON West Liberty JOHN S. WOODARD . Des Moines DAVID ZAPPELLA Rochester, N. Y. Page 110 .r M? aff, X Q :Wi Si' A ,V Hwy uf Jima DENTISTRY -., Q ROBERT J. BOSVELD . . Iowa City GEORGE W. BREMNER . Iowa City JAMES W. CROSS . Denuba, Calif. FRANCIS J. FLEECE . . Iowa City ROBERT P. FLEECE Iowa City JOHN P. CUSTAFSON Des Moines HERMAN D. JOHN A. GEORGE K. HOLLAND MAXWELL WOODWORTH Boone Epworth Iowa City LEA LUBINSRI WILLIAM A. ROBERT B. Iowa City SCHLILZ YEAGER Seattle ,WaSh. Sioux City Page 112 1 LfEi.2" 1" 'H 5 ' ri, ,msg , 5? V V, k.Qf?w.4-A ,M V R5 5, J, , 25 Qi Q V AW X, i' .1 .2 ka .f ,pf NURSING 1 3'- qw ei? my OO v PEARL E. ALLEN . . . Pomeroy RUTH E. BARSTOW South Bay, Fla. LOIS M. BETTS . . Menlo GEORGIA M. BETZ . . Tama I I I X fn,Y,,Q,? I 1 I ' A , f f I lm :x 5 I If II I A I ffililill . . I il , -' .lfsiiiff SHIRLEY M. BLOOMBURO . Perry JOANNE C. BROWN . . Centerville ARLENE H. CAMMACK West Branch BETTY F. CHAN Ancon, Canal Zone ROSEMARY CHAPMAN Independence, Mo. BETTY L. CLOSEN . . Moline, Ill. JEAN CONWELL . Wichita, Kan. DOROTHY W. COOBS Freeport, Ill. MARILY R. DANNER . Iowa City DONNA MAE DIETZ . . Walcott LA RuE DIETZ . . . Manning EVELYN L. DOHRER . Iowa City BETTY J. ECKBERG . Maquoketa BEuNITA J. GILBERT Anakum, Calif. ILA I-IAUGEN ..... Cresco RUTH M. JACOBS . . Iowa City Page 1 14 VERA M. NELSON GLORIA J. OLSON RUTH A. OPFELL MARLYS PARKER ALLIE Lu PHELPS ANN E. PHILLIPS REGINA M. PLuM . Primghar Moline, Ill. . Iowa City . Belmond Fargo, N. D. . . Muscatine . Grinnell ESTHER PURKHISER . . Nevada MARION REYNOLDSON. . Madrid ROSEMARY T. SCIIAEEER . Breda JEANNE A. SMITH . Des Moines DELORES V. SuLINc . . . Galva ANN E. TAINER . . . Iowa City RUTH TENNERMAN . Deerfield, Ill. JEAN C. TYNDALL . . Iowa City ELAINE F. VOGEL . . Maquoketa CLARINE E. WALL . Hopkinton HELEN L. .WIEIJERRECIIT . Wapello SHIRLEY B. WILSON . . Denison Page 115 MARY M. JACOBSEN . . Walnut BETTE L. JACOBSON . Geneseo, Ill. DOROTHY J. KING . . Cherokee JOANNE M. LAIJSON Idaho Falls, Idaho AuDREY J. LENZ . Freeport, Ill. SONNA LOVRIEN . . JOY MARIANSRI . ELENA J. MITCHELL SHIRLEY J. MOYER SALLY M. NAGGS . Iowa City Des Moines . . Lacona . . Tama . . Keokuk 4,41 My 1 QQ: 1 1 L '12, .q::E'f3S'gg.'E::-:"r: "fi, H ,V ,iw , , -L,1L, ZL, - , 5'j:g,:-Ll? S' A ' . ' , '5 ,. :'ff'5 f sy Q . g!3?5fggu, A .:gZ?if?.1... , , tiff . 1 ,,,, wi Qigigig fil if iii ' pxwslwn' Honoraries Professional Frafernifies Sororifies Frafernifies Dormifories Beaufies ,S x'l,iA f X fafiixbiii , fy' 6 xyf. 4 'fQ'5f52:1-fff A . .,!,,fft5F1 2 VM A ,f tw 2 , 1' .mfw Y LV-"' 'ff aff S ' 1,615 yrffiv Oy .- . , 'RQ 'sa 6 f ' ,Wu f'vr! .gf :Q U R in 've V ngw' 5. f 'JA ,v gr -' 1 J' xx , W.. sl ' 1 ' Xxtlxi :t Q 1? x is 1 HoN oRARlEsl iw :Qf:ig:,c::5,ff:s,,f'1':i',+:, 5S:1f ,f5ifg:3?Q3:2f:teg:rQQ,+"i'p N, , f':fi'f' frqf -. 'H f "R-.f".Q'11"1g12' 2-12"-f "xp"-.,-ff """' 'H Q", ' i' K! 4 NXl'!s1f,.a'2'v'x.'ksQ"n1N fl -,vWx.:q' x g i !f"yv,.r:,,w.,l.f,.laf'6,,fv"'sN,pl"h.b.,i :f: .r.f.:.'-Q b-:Ny Y f ff "12f1H'1if'f2ff'-w"wQ,c+-""-N"" l'g-ii? "TF f'f2'2""f' 1 Xff:f'ii1sg-iii? """'X.f""'H.1f'5i 'A'lf'fTs,A.ffh'4 A-. Q i -fvfifw-ftifix. if ROBERT COLEMAN KENNETH EBLE DALE ERICKSON HARLAN EVAN I-IuLTMAN CARMICHAEL JACOBSON MARK METER GAIL MYERS HOCKENBERG RICHARD PETERSON BILL KAY MERRITT Lupwlo RICHARD RusT MALIRICE STARR JOHN JOE POLILTER OOSTENDORP OFFICERS RICHARD E. RUST President LEO ZIFFREN 'Vice President M. L. HUIT Secretary PETER' W. EVERETT Treasurer DLIANE VIETH UIVIICRO DELT K PP Omicron Delta Kappa is dedicated to the ideals of student leadership. It honors all-around participation in all phases of the complete campus life. It was established at SUI as a con- tinuation of the Century club and the All for Iowa club. In its second year of association with the national organization of O D K, it conducted parliamentary law forums with campus- wide participation. Along with Mortar Board and the student council, O D K co-sponsored the all-university carnival and the musical show, Panacea. It also continued the traditional Homecoming breakfast for alumni members. Page 120 Luc1LLE DEAN VALORIE DIERKS JACLYN FITCH JEAN GALLAHER JEAN GAVRONSKY CAROLYN LADD JANET LALIDERDALE JEANNE MCDONALD DOROTHY JEAN CLAIRE MCKENZIE MYERS IVIORT R B0 RD Women on Mortar Board at Iowa are selected on the basis of outstanding service, leadership, and scholarship. Each spring the junior women in liberal arts select 20 of their class as a slate for election by the retiring board. New members are "tapped" at a special recognition program during Mothers, day weekend. Mortar Board joins with other campus groups to help sponsor the all-campus carnival in April, Mothers' day weekend in May, and the May frolic dance. The annual Smarty Derby this year honored all women in the university who had first semester grades above 3.0. Mortar Board, the student council, and Omicron Delta Kappa sponsor the annual Panacea talent show. Page 121 OFFICERS JEANNE MCDONALD President LUCILLE DEAN 'Vice President JACLYN FITCH Secretary VALORIE DIERKS Treasurer prwldwt Row 31 J. Robinson, L. Gehrke, V. Mclchior, A. Seymour, j. -Icnscn. JQYCE KRAFT Row 2: R. Castleman, C, jewett, j. Kraft, E. Warren. 'Digg Pfwfdenf Bottom 'Rowf P. Morehead, M, Beatty, M, Anneberg, M. Foster, C. Schoenfeld MARGARET FOSTER Secrelary PATRICIA MOREHEAD Treasurer A I- P I I In 1945, a group of Iowa women who were above average in scholarship formed the 48th chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman honor fraternity. Since then they have welcomed to membership women who have made a 3.5 average in their first semester or as a cumulative grade during their first year of college at SUI. Alpha Lambda Delta members begin early in the year with their activ- ities. An informal tea honors women who ranked in the L MBD DELT first twentieth percentile of their freshman examinations. Pledging and initiation ceremonies are held each semester. Following initiation each year, a traditional banquet is held with new members of Phi Eta Sigma, menls scholas- tic honorary fraternity. Alpha Lambda Deltas have set up objectives of intelligent living and high standards of learning. Page 122 5th Row: A. McGiverin, J. Hirsch, L. Laughlin, R. Reimer, H. Moldenhauer, J. Roberts, M. Morris, L. Sayre, D. Krieg. 4th Row. G. Rogin, F. Renncr, M. Lunine, F. Murfin, j. Dinzole, L. Regelson, Wm, Leo, H. Bergman. 3rd Row: Wm. Hark, R, Widman, P. Zimmerman, E. Lorenc, Wm. Hamilton, L. Ferber, R. Wolford, R. Rottman, R. Scherf. 2nd Row: D. Hotchkin, C. Waaser, R. Griffith, I. Crivaro, N. C-arnatz, J. Connor, L. Noe, J. Marrs, E. Hultman. Bottom Row: I. Briggs, R. Farber, R. Emmert, P. Dandos, T. Burney, Wm. Eads, Page 123 PHI ET SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a scholastic honorary frater- nity for freshmen men. To become a member, a student must attain a grade average of 3.5, either during his first semester or as a cumulative aver- age for his first year at SUI. Encouraging as well as recognizing high scholastic standings are the objectives of the fraternity, which was estab- lished at SUI in the spring of 1945. Phi Eta OFFICERS PI-IILLIP S. DANDOS President WILLIAM EADS 'Vice Pfesid ent RICHARD EMMERT Secretary THOMAS BURNEY Treasurer Sigma takes an active part in the activities of the national fraternity. In November three represen- tatives, Bill Eads, George Waaser, and Harold Bergman, were sent to the national convention in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Banquets honoring new initiates are held twice each year by the fraternity. Prof. john Briggs was advisor of the group. Row 3: M. Qualley, P. Lounsbury, M. Condon, M. I-Iarrington, S. Elman. Row 2: j. jarnagin, C. Polasky, B Lindsay, J. Mcggers. Bottom Row: j. Barnes, E. Kolsch, K. McNamara, j. Strong, P. McDermott, J. Lord OFFICERS KATHERINE MCNAMARA TH ET JEAN STRONG 'Vice President PATRICIA MCDERMOTT S I G M Secretary ELEREDA KOLSCH Treasurer P H I One of the things that Theta Sigma Phis at SUI enjoy knowing is that some of tomorrowls famous women writ- ers may come from their Rho chapter. Theta Sigs at Iowa are juniors, seniors and graduates who are outstand- ing in journalism. They must maintain a B average in journalism and a C plus in all other courses, besides serving on campus publications. This year the Iowa chapter conducted a publicity course for women's clubs in Iowa City. Speakers from newspapers and radio stations told clubwomen how to prepare publicity for publication. Last year Rho chapter received an award from the national organization for the most activities successfully completed by a Theta Sigma Phi chapter. At Christmas time, the group sold greeting cards depicting campus scenes. Lighter moments for these women in journalism are the Pica ball, informal dance, and the Matrix table awards banquet in the spring. Rho joined three other Iowa chapters at State day convention in April at Des Moines. After graduation, members are aided in attaining professional positions by the national functional board. The fraternity was founded in 1909 and now has 44 chapters. Page 124 Page 125 OFFICERS LLOYD A. KN OWLER President RUBY C. GLOCKLER 'Vice President M. L. HUIT Secretary-Treasurer Phi Beta Kappa was founded December 5, 1776, at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. It was the first society to have a Greek letter name. The Alpha chapter of the University of Iowa was established in 1895. Election to membership in Phi Beta Kappa is a recognition of intellectual capacity well employed in the acquiring of an education in the liberal arts and sciences. 4 MEMBERS ELECTED IN 1948 jack Ashton Adams Bruce A. Adams john M. Alexander Carl Berger S. J. Brownlee Hollis Kathleen Burke William A. Burney Claude W. Burrill Catherine Yerkes Byram William E. Campbell Robert D. Carpenter Howard R. Carter Harold V. Caudle Edward I. Cherniss Rosemary loan Current William E. Danforth Dorothea Ann Davidson Goldie Demb Georgia jean Dentel William P. Dommermuth A. Norman Dorosin Raymond M. Eastman Kenneth Eugene Eble Roy William Ehrle Frances Elizabeth Falck Marion Lee Ferguson Michael J. Flach Gordon A. Flynn Mabel Fredericks George M. Fruehling Ferne E. Gater Yale Adolph Gerol Eldon D. Gimm George Dixon Greer, jr. Richard Lee Gross Christian C. Hansen Mary Elizabeth Harms Doris Mae Havercamp Donald F. Hetzler Arthur Henrichs Heusinkveld Richard L. Hills Delmar Charles Homan Ellen Grimm Irish Richard William Johnson Robert Leo Knetzger Shirley Marilyn Lindsay George E. Long Merritt Charles Ludwig Janan J. McQuillen Charlotte McGuire Priscilla Ann Mabie Patricia lane Malloy Elaine Willis Miller William lngrham Morgan john Merrell Peters Richard D. Pinney PHI BET KAPPA O0 I Q lxoionlx Z in N F' S 3 9 S 5 9 re I I ' N 8 S 8 8 9 Ni 5 Q Am xoxox meal Donese Waterman Putnam Iva Everesta Reed Robert C. Reimer Marvin D. Richards Paul F. Roach Virginia Frances Rosenberg Kelly Rucker Jack D. Russell Paul E. Sarnoff Byron A. Schottelius Nathan C. Shaw Robert G. Shuler Eloise Vernilion Simmons joseph G. Smith Walter Spieth Robert Lee Tannenbaum Lucile E. Townsend Robert Edward Tyndall Frank Voci Esther jean Walls Leland H. Watson Morris john Ward james Lansing Wellhouse Howard H. Wicke Merle E. Yordy Robin Leslie York Leora E. Zahorik joseph Alan Zulfer UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Wayne P. Aspholm Leon K. Boysen jane I. Brisben Harlan W. Broberg Arthur E. Brown Oreson H. Christensen Morris E. Goddard Harry Hedlund Stanley R. Hill Catherine A. Hogan Robert I. Horn Harry Allen Imus William L. Jackson Mary L. joels Robert C. jones Kenneth L. Keith Mary E. Keller William E. Krekel Ralph E. Mclntire john E. McTavish Robert D. Metcalf Grace E. Milroy Leroy H. Noe Oakley C. Pickup Edwin W. Prochnow jean T. Pumroy Gordon P. Ramsay Vernley Rehnstrom Thomas G. Ryan Walter C. Schubert Donald R. Schweizer Gerald Van Steenhuyse Gene E. Swanson Lester E. Umthum Glen Van Vark Merle J. Volding, Jr. Carlyle Woodbury Pauline Yount Beta Gamma Sigma is a na- tional scholastic fraternity for students graduating in com- merce. Election is limited to those ranking in the highest ten per cent in combined lib- eral arts and commerce work. OFFICERS HARRY H. WADE President JOHN E. PARTINGTON 'Vice President GEORGE W. HARTMAN Secretary-Treasurer BETA G MMA SIGMA FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION MEMBERS William J. Burney George R. Davies Walter L. Daykin George W. Hartman C. Addison Hickman Elmer W. Hills Robert H. johnson Elwin T. jolliffe Karl E. Leib Gilbert P. Maynard Harold H. McCarty Ward J. McDowell james F. McRaith Paul R. Olson John E. Partington Chester A. Phillips Wendell R. Smith C. Woody Thompson Guy W. Trump john H. Uthoff Harry H. Wade Sidney G. Winter Page 126 MEMBERS PI L IVIBDA THET Pi Lambda Theta, women's national honorary fraternity in education, is composed of outstanding junior, senior and graduate students. The theme for 1948-1949 was "Legislation for Educationfi which was stud- ied on the state, national, and international levels. Members reported and discussed current legislation in the state and national governments. Developments in UNESCO were also studied. The organization sent boxes of supplies and clothing to foreign undergraduates in education. Pi Lambda Theta gave its annual award to the outstanding senior wo- man in education. Page 127 Dudley Ashton Phyllis Bennett Doris Bernd Amy Brown jean Bontz Estella Boot Frances Camp Ruth Clore Martha Corry Mrs. C. E. Cousins Margaret Deane Mary Dunlap Margaret Fox Carolyn Franke Lillian Froyd Ann C-riffen Norma Hajek jean Hamilton Shirley Hammond Lillian Harbison Mrs. Ernest Hoon Alma Hovey Rosa lgarzabel Mrs. Marle Iverson Sylvella Jacobsen Alice Kemp Margaret Keyser Esther McKune Winifred Lewis Arthura Michael Anne Nugent Thelma Peterson Anne Pierce Helen Price Esther Reinking Sara Rhul Pearl Ritter Mary Sayre Margaret Schindhelm Gladys Scott Miriam Shupp - Gertrude Smith Mabel Snedekar Ruth Updegraff Zeneda von Densen Helen Wulf Mrs. Mae Youtz Eda Zwinggi OFFICERS LILLIAN FROYD President LILLIAN HARBISON 'Vice President MARY SAYRE Recording Secretary ANNE N UCEN T Treasurer Row 4: R. Hazlett, M. Dakovich, R. Simpson, W. Buhs, E. Maas. Row 3: B. Nefzger, K. Phillips, T. Watsen, D. Wilson, J. Sirevaag. Row 2. J. Morris, W. Morgan, T. Haack, L. Livengood, B. Vest, D. Popp. Bottom Row: j. Reeds, M. Hiscock, F. Fehling. Delta Phi Alpha, honorary society for stu- dents of German, held four meetings this year. Panel discussions on the cultural re- covery of Germany, faculty speakers, and a speech by Hans Unstaetter, a German stu- dent, on "Present Day Germanyf' were featured at these meetings. The society held a Christmas party and Maifest or spring parties. A German movie was shown to interested students and the proceeds went to a national fund for the rebuilding of the birthplace of Goethe, one of Germany's greatest authors. This worldwide campaign will be culminated on the bicentennial of Goethejs birth in 1749. Bill Morgan, past- president of Delta Phi Alpha, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Program chairman was Beverly Vest and Social Chairman was Terry I-Iaack. Dean Davis, who has studied in Switzerland, is also in the German depart- ment. DELTA PHI LPH OFFICERS President MARTHA HISCOCK Secretary Treasurer JAMES REEDS Page 128 Row 4: R. Dahlin, C. Goodman, G. Luecke, W, Berntsen, A. Pelley, J. Albin. Row 3. Row 2: W. Houston, R. Tinglefl, R. Riddle, M. Meier. W. Metz, T. Babcock, E. jesse, R. Carmichael, W. Streib, D. Bently. OFFICERS Bottom Row: G. Alexander, R. Krekel, D. McMillan, E. Carson, R. Kudrle, M. Coobs. ET KAPPA NU Eta Kappa Nu is the national honorary fraternity for electrical engineers at SUI. junior and senior electrical engineering students in the upper one-fourth of their class are eligible for admittance into the fraternity. At the present time the local chapter has twenty-three active members and nine graduate members on campus. The fraternity sponsored as one of its major activities this year the preliminary publicity for the MECCA week festivities. This consisted of extensive campus publicity and letters to all the high schools in Iowa inviting students to SUI for the week. The chapter also Page 129 EARL CARLSON President DAYTON MCMILLAN 'Vice President MELVIN COOBS Secretary ROBERT KUDRLE Treasurer awarded an annual prize to the junior electrical engin- eering student with the best scholastic record and invited several outstanding electrical engineers into membership. Beta-Iota chapter's tenth anniversary was observed at the formal May initiation. In addition to their other activities, Eta Kappa Nu offered the services of its nation wide employment service to the students and graduates of electrical engineering. Un- dergraduate students were offered seminars, discussions, and financial aid to assist them in finding a job. Order of Artus, national economic honor society, is composed of students and faculty members interested in economic issues. Members consist of representatives from many departments in the university. Outstanding students with a required grade point are asked to join the group. The organization is mainly a discussion group which holds luncheon meetings every two weeks. Guest speakers from many fields, who treated economic issues from their standpoint and tried to find common ground between their fields and economics, addressed the group at these meetings. Manford Kuhn, sociology, lsadore E. Farber, psychology, Everett W. Hall, philosophy, F. R. Kennedy and Robert S. Hunt, law, and Sidney Cv. Win- ter, accounting, were among them. Dean Howard Bowen from the commerce department of the University of llinois and Kenneth Balding, economist from Iowa State College, also addressed the society. Two initiation ban- quets were held during the year for the new initiates and old members. There are eight active chapters of the Or- der of Artus in the United States. Local member C. Woody Thompson is national secretary-treasurer. Local officers were james F. McRaith, president, and Carl Strand, secretary. Wayne G. Anderson Clark Bloom William F. Bristol W. J. Burney G. R. Davies B. N. Davis E. Davis David W. Day W. L. Daykin james B. Dumbauld David A. Freedman Robert Goostree john L. Gould Cveorge T. Harris George Hartman C. A. Hickman E. W. Hills F. R. Kennedy Alexander C. Kern William E. Knoke Manford H. Kuhn Karl E. Leib james B. Ludtke MEMBERS john J. Luther john H. MacKay Ramsey H. Madany E. L. Marietta William Masson C-. P. Maynard Harold H. McCarty Elzy V. McCollough Ward J. McDowell Bob McMorris james McRaith Robert D. Metcalf Cecil H. Meyers C. M. Mickey joseph F. Murphy Wallace B. Nelson Ali Noury-Esfandiary Paul R. Olson john Partington Charles E. Peck C. A. Phillips Alan N. Polasky ORDER UF ARTUS Q s Norman H. Ringstrom Paul F. Roach Robert L. Rouse Harold XV. Saunders Kurt Schaefer Alvin H. Schild C. Frank Smith Wendell R. Smith C. Miller Strack Carl B. Strand Robert H. Stroup John Swackhamer Daniel L. Sweeney Leo Sweeney C. Woody Thompson Kenneth M. Thompson Chi-Pei Tseng L. K. Tunks H. H. Wade Donald A. Watson David M. Willis S. C. Winter Mostafa Zoheir Page 130 Page 131 RUTH BARSTOW JEAN CONWELL ANN TAINER OFFICERS S I G M DORIS LEVSEN President TH ETA TAU MEMBERS Genevieve Cook Evelyn Crary Velma Flynn Kathryn Gay Loretta Iben Elsie Laughlin Lois Lee Doris Levsen Blanche McGurk Henrietta Moershel Gertrude Saar jo Sullivan Maxine Swann Lora Thomas Verve Vandecar 'Vice President KATI-IRYN GAY S ecrefary HENRIETTA IVIOERSHEI. Treasurer Gamma chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, national honorary society of nursing, was established at the State University of Iowa in 1929. Its pur- pose is to promote higher educational standards and sponsor educational research in the field of nursing. Activities of the year included the traditional Founder's day tea in October to ac- quaint new students in nursing with the organ- ization. Sigma Theta Tau held its annual Christmas party at the Iowa Memorial Union in December and a banquet in honor of new in- itiates in May. The new .initiates were jean Conwell, Ruth Barstow, and Ann Tainer. Row 3: J. Kimm, L. Petska, E. Simmons, H. Wolf, Cv. Cueteko, A. Rutenbcclc. Row 2: J. Riggs, M. Nelson, F. Evans, A. Dennis, j. Cotter, j. Klein. Bottom Row: N. Ashton, H. Schmidt, C. Dempsky, W. Croissant, A, Kam, D. Dowell. For the purpose of promoting a higher stan- dard of service in the engineering profession, Chi Epsilon fosters the development of tech- nical ability and sound character traits among engineering students. Membership in Chi Epsilon is open to upperclassmen who meet certain basic requirements including scholastic standing in the upper third of the class in civil engineering. In the fall and spring Chi Epsilon publishes the Cbi Epsilon Transit. To promote fellowship among its members, the organization held various in- formal parties, a steak supper, and an initia- tion banquet. CHI EPSILO OFFICERS CLARENCE DEMPSKY President HAROLD E. SCHMIDT 'Vice President WELTON CROISSANT Secretary-Treasurer Page 132 I Y if- ' rv 1 ,, vbfs,-' L ., fat, V., 1-ml f ix -' Q Wfimiph " Mah. V 3? 1 tis-rg-. , Q' L ' , Q v ' ,fZ ,g.sf,' M gg' ,. .. 4: , . "" - '?:Jz' 2? Ar' I 4 f' tiki 's m hh vim V skiing U. WKST, . . ,A we ,WM5 , . 1 . 32gv,M" 1. A, V-A , QQ 4-L, 'kg ' nxfflfzfw, PROFESSIO FRATERNITIES ' YY ..,:zX. V -V.. . OFFICERS .,i3.QLgj COLEMAN JACOBSON O E President G JOHN V. MCCLURO 'Vice President I -gm, . 1: ug: -f--:e ALBERT McKEE ' 3312: .X .,,::,5.. . , ,.,, Secretary-Treasurer Row 2: Dr. A. P. McKee, j. Kramer, C. Jacobson, J. Trotzig, R. Emmons. Bottom Rowr R. Lubin, L, Voogd, M. Emmons, J. McClurg. "Worthy to Serve the Sufferingn is the motto of Alpha Omega Alpha, honorary medical society. The Alpha chapter at SUI was granted its charter in 1920. Mem- bers are selected on the basis of scholarship, character and professional promise, and the purpose of the society is to encourage high ideals and to promote good practice in medicine. The organization was founded in 1902 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago and now has 50 active chapters. Eight students of medicine are members of the society at the State University of Iowa. Faculty advisor is Dr. H. Dabney Kerr. Page 134 Page 135 Row 3: C. Eicher, E. Certer, R. Saar. Row 2: B. Stewart, R. Lagoni, R. Statton, A. Hughes, J. Kohlhaas. Bottom Row. C. Johnson, J. Trotzig, J. Donahue, L. Proshek. EDICAL STUDE T COU CIL OFFICERS JOSEPH TROTZIG President ROY STATTON 'Vice' President DOROTHY FORSYTI-IE Secretary ROGER SIMPSON Treasurer The aim of the medical student council is to establish and maintain a closer relationship be- tween the student body, student council, and faculty. Plans were also inaugurated for an examination system that would more accurately reflect the student's ability. The Aesculapian committee included Roy Statton, Anson Hughes, John Kohlhaas and Ralph Lagoni. They or- ganized the Aesculapian Frolic in May. A ban- quet was held before the dance for all medical students and guests. Four members were elected by each class to serve a term of two years on the council. A OFFICERS DAVID G. WHITNEY President JOSEPH R. TRAUB 'Vice President CHARLES W. PLOWS Secretary CHARLES R. SCHOLL Treasurer WEP- I A , .. 5. .. ,HF - - . 4' 3 .null rig " 'E . -1:2225 S of ff - 1 - ffiiigga , 2555 . z " -41:3-ev-. g.f'i3:SfE g'1:.g.1gQ:'. :1f'Q2 z' , .":2E"-2 ' 1.'-'jfff' l : f:l'.:F. in ., H4 A. . zaaffir 1512: 1 Row Row Row Row Row Row W. Macy, J. Morrison, D. Morgan, D. Kirkegaard, A. Smith, R. Van Eldik, R. Christensen, W. Carter, R. Rust, D. Ring R. Reed, C. Moo1'e, N. Krueger, A. Brendel, T. Steinberg, R. Heilman, P. Herrmann, G. Ward, H. Kunstling. R. Simpson, R. McCollister, C, johnson, R. Soper, j. Merritt, G. Flynn, K. McKay, C. Spenler, J. Kohlhaas A. Hughes, V. Miller, J, Tupper, B. Berg, XV. Henelcs, K. Siegrist, K. Banks, K. Kerr, B. Byram, C. Bryan. D. Schumacher, R. Buckles, j. Lohnes, j. Quinn, K. Ryerson, R. Crabbs, V. Gardner, R. Powell, C. Weeber. R. Mandsager, T. Mahan, R. Kemp, E. Linder, R. Schaflner, P. Orcutt, W. Spear, G. Kinyon, P. Hasbrouck. Bottom Row: L. Proshek, C. Merrihew, W. Dunseth, J. Traub, D. Whitney, C. Scholl, D. Werner, F. Dannenbring, C. Plows. Page 136 LPHA K PP K PP T jones and B. Dodge talk the ie f Y ii Under the direction of President Dave Whitney, who was assisted by joseph Traub, Paul Orcutt, and Charles Scholl, Alpha Psi completed a memorable year. Lumir Proshek, john Kohlhaas, Charles Plows and Anson Hughes represented Alpha Kappa Kappa on the medical student council and Rome Schailner was on the student union board. Creighton Bryan coached the intramural teams. Wiiiter and spring formals along with the Aesculapian Frolic and numerous parties in the recrea- tion room made up their social whirl, Many alumni and staff members turned out for the Founder's day banquet. Dr. Mayo H. Soley was appointed dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Adolph Salas is the new head of the department of neurology. The dreamy dancers are S Cray situation over. Hot coffee, rolls, and a congenial atmosphere. and J. Merritt , OFFICERS I X JEROME B. HATHORN President 1 ROY C. CLISE ,X 'Vice President 1 RICHARD W. OPFELL Secretary JOHN FATLAN D Treasurer Row 4: C. Chapman, R. Opfell, B. Bridge, D. Kelly, J. Hastings, J. Gottsch, M. Safley, l-l. Drealsprail, W. Mercer. Row 3. J. Doran, J. Porto, D. Campbell, J. Barloon, H. Carter, N. Wilson, P. Osmunclson, R. Watson, P. Sassafrass. Row 21 L. Tenncy, D. Orelup, j. Nickless, j, Moeller, E. Sitz, C. Kiely, G. Mindrum, M. Green, C. Anderson. Bottom Row: M. Conder, D. lvie, C. Hogenson, R. Clise, J. Fatland, j. Donahue, j. Smith, J. Hathorn. Page 138 SIGIVI NU Nu Sigma Nu is a professional fraternity for students in medicine. This year the members engaged in intra- mural sports and won the professional basketball tourna- ment. Ceorge Anderson and Jerome Hathorn attended the international Nu Sigma Nu convention in Montreal in November. Howard Carter received the Henry J. Pren- tis memorial award in anatomy. Faculty banquet and homecoming parties along with numerous impromptu affairs filled the social calendar. Jean Callaher was queen at the fall costume party. The Wives' club was busy all year doing their part in arranging parties. M Anderson J. Gottsch, G. Anderson, , J. Doran, J. Bridge, B. Doran and B W Mercer and J MacLeod enjoy a game of cards M Hanlon J Smith, and M. Greene. ' ' " Bridge. OFFICERS aw 5-x-wg... . :gf-3-2 ME'-'f' JOHN E. TYRRELL A Presid en! 1 f To ' THORWALD KLUN DER ':'ffafgg: ""' ' 'Vice President ARTHUR M. CLARK gag: 41. QSEQIQC' l 1 l "'.f?.'-55? Secretary REX L. MORGAN lqu' Treasurer Row 7 Pow Row Row -1 Row Row 2 Bottom . D. Pates, C. Lindholm, C. Anderson, j. Dickens, A. Clark, T. Kluncler, J. Tyrrell, P. Warner, j. Sahl, W. Stamp, T. Albert. 6: V. Weikel, C. Eicluer, R. Gross, N. Dorosin, W. Lawrence, L. Peterson, R. Williams, D. Trefz, E. juel, J. Milliman. 5: j. Merritt, M. Williams, B. Augspurgcr, D. Helgren, L. Frink, M. jones, L. Baxter, B. French, J. jaquis, R. Jaggard. f j. Cillett, R. Augspurgcr, j. Martin, T. Dorsey, R. Lagoni, D. Ortmeyer, D. jack, J. Polich, H. Hallberg, R. Kruse, R. 3: P. Ferguson, W. Connor, V. Parson, L. Miller, D. Wilcox, D. McEleney, J. Poisnick, E. Balmer, D, Green, J. Dallen. Morgan. 1 D. Sinkey, R. joynt, C. Swanger, R. Hayes, J. Eckstein, W. McAllister, W. Burham, R. Manderscheid, R. Oertley, D. Dose. Row: W. Grimmer, D. Crabb, E. Cook, C. Hennessy, B. Warkins, C. Dolan, D. Dohnalek, D. Vanderploeg, B. Ehmke. Page 140 In its forty-fourth year of activity, Pi chapter accepted the largest pledge class in its history. The after dinner speeches by members of the medical faculty, a custom of years past, and stag bridge sessions helped fill in extra- curricular hours for these many new men and their older brothers. The year was filled with the many social events for which the "109" club is noted. An active wives, or- ganization aided the members in their social projects, ranging from the Christmas holly party to the spring flower ball. Bob jaggard guided the medics through the whirl that makes up a medical school year. Rex Mor- gan, treasurer for the fraternity, was on the student union board. A liberal sprinkling of Phi Betas were on the medical student council. J Poismck and A Clark sample the A Clark dreams of summer while relaxing under the W. Stamp, A. Clark J Poismck R contents rays of his sun lamp. joynt, and B. French. OFFICERS CALVIN JOHNSON President DANLEY FICKEL Vice President EVERETT NITZKE Secretary CARL E. VORHES Treasurer Row 4: E. Meyer, F. Forsythe, T. Ware, M. Mochal, S. McConkie, J. Moermond, A. Horst, E. Nitzke. Row 3: V. Hutchins, A. Clemens, R. Stewart, N. Schacht, J. Sear, R, Gillett, C. Clappison, R. Statton. Row 2: G. Caudill, G. Fett, L. McEnroe, S. Linge, M. Richards, E. Cherniss. Bottom Row: A. Wickstrom, R. Sautter, C. Meier, R. Wilson, C. johnson, C. Vorhes, C. Edvenson, I. Spratt. Page 142 The Phi Rho Sigma chapter at the State University of Iowa had 21 active members and 12 pledges this year. Cal johnson represented the fraternity on the medical student council. An annual formal dance, scheduled in- formal parties, and many impromptu Saturday night parties brought social life into the chapter activities. After-dinner smokers featured guest lecturers from the College of Medicine faculty, and Phi Rhos had the op- portunity to meet and talk informally with their pro- fessors. Clappison following the hablts of good C Doxee V Hutchins, M. Mochal, and T. Wave at students the piano B. Bloxon and J. Sear pause Q I S all s 1 I I. , sf ,Al z Row 4: C. Haberstroth, M. Loseke, J. Fisher, M. Emmons, H. Opfell, P. Philips, H. Andreasen, M. Edgren. Row 3: M. Lane, A. Collins, M. Hatfield, M. Vorthmann, D. Ackerman, M. Benjegerdes, E. Strathman, M. Llnderriner. Row 2: E. Anderson, J. Marshall, M. Croker, L. Cook, D. Forsythe, E. Coffin, D. Dodge. Bottom Row: M. Hopley, R. Turner, D. Cildea, H, Wheeler, J. Baumeister. U SIGMA PHI OFFICERS EVELYN ANDERSON President JACQUELIN BAUMEISTER Secretary MARGARET LOSEKE Treasurer COLLEEN HABERSTROH Social Chairman Nu Sigma Phi is a national women's medical frater- nity. Eta chapter was founded at the University of Iowa in 1919. Its aim is the intellectual improvement and social development of its members. The advisors of the organization are Mrs. Mayo Soley, Mrs. Mil- ford Barnes, Mrs. Sam Barker and Mrs. W. R. Ing- ram. President Evlyn Anderson attended the national convention in Chicago. Numerous dinners and parties were held in various homes of faculty members. Page 144 Row 3: D. Richey, S. Foulke, S. I-Iinds. Row 2: E. Muntz, H. Dcjong, A. Hussman, H. I.. Edwards. Bottom Row: Dr. Hugo B. Otopalik, Dean Alvin W. Bryan, K. McNurlen. ASSDCI TED STUDENTS DE DENTISTRY The Associated Students of Dentistry is an organization of all students in the college of dentistry at SUI. The association student council 'is composed of twelve mem- bers chosen by class vote, with the members of Psi Omega and Delta Sigma Delta, dental fraternities, and the independent group each sponsoring four. Main func- tions of the association are the provision and maintenance of a student lounge, sponsoring speakers at the semester association meetings and providing various social activi- ties. The student-faculty mixer in the fall is designed to acquaint the incoming freshman class with the faculty and upper classmen. The Appolonian Frolic in February in commemoration of the patron saint of dentistry brings all students, dental faculty and associated departmental faculty members, their wives and friends together in the lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union. Final event of the year is the student-faculty picnic held at city park. Page 145 OFFICERS KEITH A. MCNURLEN President JAMES A. O'BRIEN 'Vice President MARION KERCHEVAL Secretary HENRY DE IONG Treasurer V . ,n 2:5 -':?I'E35 .'.,.,,, ' 45.11 -V ..J hz, .A 1-ig 1, .. "-- Hai? '. ei J -2"3:f:fQl1?Qif13i -'fn - xy iff!! I- fri nm., lazinj OFFICERS ROBERT H. KNARR President NORMAN RUC-TIV fifq 5 'Vice President V Secretary MARION KERCHEVAL Treasurer 33 Cl B E Row Row Row Row Row K. Bowie, j. Thornley, C. Bickford, D. Hake, V. LaBahn, C. Teeter, R. Hansen, D. Hult. S. Kern, j. Weber, S. Hinds, T. Stonebrook, T. Anderson, R. Foster, R. Nelson, R. Sprott, P. Koch R. Oliver, D. Ostrus, j. Burke, R. Kennedy, P. Hippe, W. Kottemann, O. Langland, G, Bremner, D Frxsh 3' M, Minnick, B. Schuller, R. Ruth, O. Sulley, G. Mitchell, A. Hussman, J. Sommers, C. Fredericks, D Griffith D. Fliecler, C. Johnson, M, Vincent, G. Peterson, R. Warrington, H. Dejong, F. Heflin, B. Fenchez 'Bottom Row: R. Ervin, M. Kercheval, N. Rugtiv, R. Knarr, j. Cross, J. Frevert, H. Holland. DELT SIGIVI DELT Under the supervision of Dr. P. W. Herrick and Robert Knarr, Delta Sigma Delta commenced the year with the traditional freshman smoker and mixer. Sixteen men from the freshman dental class were pledged and twenty sophomores of last year's pledge class were formally in- itiated. A homecoming dinner was served at the house to alumni and friends after the game. The district con- clave of Delta Sigma Delta was held in early spring at the chapter house. Delegates from Lincoln, Kansas City, Omaha and Minneapolis were entertained for two days by meetings and social functions. Clare Teeter, Don Hult, jim Cross and Jim Van Antwerp won the profes- sional fraternity golf tournament and also captured the crown in the all-university golf meet. R Thornley V. Hinds, J. Burke, T. R. Knarr, R. Ervin, C. johnson, D. Hale, A. Hussman, Ward E. Weber. D. Flieder OFFICERS 'L P' LOY L. JULIUS President , ROBERT R. HUMPHREY H Vice President PHILIP S. HORTON '- 4, S e cfetury I. ROBERT ASHTON "" Treasurer Row Row Row Row B. Yeager, D. Parker, D. Folsom, F. Glade, C. Woodworth, J. Miller, D. Simplot, C. Singsank, H. Thomason. B. McDonough, R. Zemanclc, D. Kane, D. Geiger, R. Drebes, J. Maxwell, L. Strong, J. D. Whiscnand, J. Locker, B. Humphrey W. Schorg, C. Dittmer, D. Lynch, L. Cole, J. McConville, A. Bothell, P. Johnson, L. Edwards, W. Thompson, P. Horton. B. Norris, E. Muntz, D. Butts, B. Nelson, L. Bundt, M. Beane, N. Snyder, B. Higley, B. Ashton, Botiom Row: J. Christensen, Dr. L. B. Higley, Dr. P. J. Rashid, L. Julius, Dr. K. Raalc, Dr. J. Wick, Dr. K. Wfessels, Dr. Rampton. Page 148 D. Butts gives P. johnson a hot-foot Psi Omega was founded at the Baltimore College of Den- tal Surgery on june 8, 1892. Nearly three-fourths of the past-presidents of the American Dental association were members of Psi Omega. This year twenty-two fresh- men were pledged into the Gamma Mu chapter here on campus bringing the total membership to sixty-one. The social season began with a banquet and smoker held at Hotel jefferson in honor of the freshman class. At the Reverse Party, Joe McConville was chosen ubeauty queenn of the evening with Dr. Bill Olin and Bruce I-ligley serving as attendanats. Psi Omega Wives club, presided over by Mrs. El Drebes helped promote unity and organize social activities for the fraternity. R Zemanek and D. Geiger loo the next days assignments. kk. king over D. Butts, L. Strong, and D Simplot M. Nelson, M. Meier, H. Grunsky, C. Lazenby. ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF E GI EERI G The Associated Students of Engineering is composed of every student enrolled in the engineering college. The organization is the spokesman for the engineering stu- dents, and serves as a central organization for the plan- ning and execution of projects involving the whole college. Yearly the students in the College of Engineer- ing engage in a number of traditional and worthwhile activities coordinated and sponsored by the AS of E. Since 1914 they have built the corn monument for Homecoming. They sponsored the annual MECCA week celebration in which all departments of the college participated. lt was held during March and was climax- ed by the annual MECCA ball. The iowa Transit is a student magazine and the official publication of the AS of E. It also publishes a senior yearbook, copies of which are distributed throughout the industrial World to assist those graduating in obtaining positions. OFFICERS MARK E. MEIER President MALIRICE E. NELSON "Vice President ROBERT C. .NEWTON Secretary CHARLES W. LAZENBY Treasurer Page 150 Row 5: H. Wolf, C. Johnson, G. Cuetzko, A. Rutenbeck, F. Williams, E. Bannick, G. Peterman, L. Kraatz, Leslie Miller. Row 4. W. Croissant, E. Jeffrey, D. Mackenzie, L. Peterson, C. Lindberg, C. O'Day, E. Simmons, P. Matthes, R. Longfield. Row 3: C. Dempsky, R. Burger, R. Evans, J. Cotter, P. Zimmerman, J. Bammi, T. Lundesgaard, D. Brown, J. Maddox, W. Gallup Row 2: J. Klein, D. Dowell, N. Fisher, R. Hill, C. Byrnes, W. King, J. Riggs, M. Nelson. AMERICAN SOCIETY UF CIVIL E GI EERS OFFICERS JOE H. BYRD President CHARLES D. JOHNSON 'Vice President JAMES L. RIC-GS Secretary DON W. HALL Treasurer Page 151 A member of the American Society of Civil Engineers is given an opportunity to develop his individual status in civil engineering through association with members of the profession. New mem- bers are secured from student chapters throughout the United States. The society fosters the careful preparation and selection of young men entering the profession. Activities of the lowa chapter have included movies, guest speakers, banquets, stag par- ties, and field trips. The chapter prepared exhibits for the MECCA week open house. Maurice E. Nelson, chapter member, was elected vice-president of the fifth annual regional conference of midwestern student chapters, held at Northwestern University in April. . I. of E. E. and I. of R. E. The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers are student branches of na- tional organizations. These societies meet each Wednesday for the purpose of disseminating technical information by means of student talks, outside speakers, movies, group discussions and demonstrations. Outstanding per- sonalities in their field, among them Mr. C. N. I-Ioyler, engineer with RCA, and Dr. J. O. Perrin of the American Telephone 81 Telegraph Co., gave demonstrations and lectures. A contest is held each spring for the best technical paper presentation. The two groups engage in many recreational ac- tivities such as picnics and basketball and softball games. OFFICERS of A, I. of E. E, DARRELL COX President RAYMOND TINGLEFF 'Vice President TU CK I-IOP LEE Secretary-Treasurer Left to right: D. McMillan, E. Carson, M. Coobs and D. McManis. J. Moyer and E. Wilkinson inspect a radar display during annual MECCA week open house. OFFICERS of I. of R. E. ROBERT K. DAI-ILIN President WALTER BERNTSEN 'Vice President JOSEPH MOYER Secretary-Treasurer Page 152 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row W. Kollman, F. Ashton, A. Holets, J. Derderian, W. Freitag, P. Amidon, G. Ard. J. Bingham, W. Ronney, R. Lorenz, M. Swatosh, E. Vanous, H. Miller, R. Meyer, J. Richey, J. Poulter, W. Barth, J. Melichar, R. Meerians, W. Benson. J. Wickenkamp, R. Tanner, D. Miao, R. LeMont, C. Agar, D. Semelhack, R. Bees, L. Verket, W. Greene, P. Temple, R. Moeller, J. Kehlbeck, L. Gatzke. W. Smull, L. Sallen, W. Tolbert, D. Jacobs, R. Koll, R. Gallagher, F. Riedinger, A, Roberts, L. Carson, R. Caldwell, J. Nelson, S. Bryan, N. Smith. R. Schwartz, H. Bjork, J. Hotz, H. Price, O. Huffer, R. Keller, R. Swearingen, H. Love, E. Henry, R. Knapp, K. Lesko, F. Glancy, W. Ward. K. Finders, C. Crane, A. McCloud, S. Brush, K. White, P. Chalupsky, E. Brown, D. Jacobs, J. Johnston, J, Owens, D. Pape, N. Peterson. J. Almon, F. Pesuth, A. Sexton, F. Gulshen, C. Cammack, S. Ohsman, W. Parman, G. Flick, W, George, F. Jekerle, F. Nemec, W. Baker. R. Hudachek, W. Kelso, H. Hartmann, W. Morrow, A. Souder, R. Bireline, K. Synnestvedt F. Koerner, J. Holmquist, J. Munson, J. Better. H. Grunsky, R. Boyd, D. Wager, O. Podlaha, F. Rehberg, E. Voien, H. Lenschow, J. Doyle, W. Rogers, G. Lorenzen, D. Anderson. D. Courtney, P. Mutchler, M. Coppock, R. Rule, W. Upmeyer, G. Brown, C. Peterson, R. Kidd, D. Puttnam, T. Kauffman, N. Hunstad. Bottom Row: W. Stratman, R. Hagerman, R. Mclntire, J. Kuesel, D. Huppert, E. Julich, J. Kauzlarich, L. Smith, R. Palik. O HHS A S f M If FF Q Q G Q O EDWARD STEPANEK p,e5,,iem. The student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engi- HANS LENSCHOW neers promotes professional interest among students and acquaints 'Vice President WILLIAM KELSO them with various technical subjects related to mechanical engineer- ing. During the year, the student presenting the best technical paper Secretary had his expenses paid to the regional convention of midwestern col- RONALD BARRETT leges and universities. This year it was held in St. Louis. The Wmsufe' ASME also participated in MECCA week open house. Page 153 I in OFFICERS RUSSELL HAGERMAN President I ' RICHARD CALDWELL 'Vice President A"' WILLIAM KELSO V S I G Recording Secretary 5 HAROLD CRUNSKY - Treasurer Row 5 Row 4. Row 3: Row 2: Bottom C. Agar, E. Stepanek, L. Finerty, R. Barett, K. White, Wm. Stratman, D. Wagner. R. Stooker, W. Baker, H. Hartmann, S Brush, R. Kidd, L. Hurley, D. Putnam. R. Hudachek, M. Golden, C. Dotson, P. Chalupsky, F. jekerle, R. Palik, J. Almon Wm. Smull. L. Carson, R. Andres, j. Gibson, A. Roberts R. Bireline, M. Coppock, R. Keller. Row: N. Hunstad, W. Kelso, R. Hagerman, H. Crunsky, R. Caldwell. I 1 The Iowa Omicron chapter of Pi Tau Sigma, national honorary mechanical engineering fraternity, was charter- ed in 1935 to further high ideals in engineering. Mem- bers are chosen from engineering upperclassmen on the basis of scholarship, personality, and engineering apti- tude. Pi Tau Sigma sponsored the Grease Ball, an annual dance for engineering faculty and students. Members were prominent in organizing and coordinating activities during MECCA week, and pledges operated the tradi- tional steam whistle at pep rallies and football games. Mr. L. I. Fletcher and Norman Hunstad were honored at the bi-annual Pi Tau Sigma banquets. OFFICERS President EARL W. CARSON 'Vice President MARTIN P. GOLDEN Secretary P I WILLIAM A. CHANTRY Treasurer ROBERT L. CARMICHAEL I .2 , 2.5 .agzwizt .-f'. - -51575 ' ' ' b :.-Z '::11"a:2:,. , itjgfi 'rflf-Q-31.13 -. '.L kg 'vt Q- " , E551-' - ' .Elf -,-5-gf . :1'.1. H my ' 5.511 ,1 qi, ,-:iq bl 5:-: 5. , i 'xv-. ' rt, 5 .'.'5:1LI. ':.z".1- . - . ' 1.2:-1: ai-P:-'L .' 1111-'1 11' 3323? ' . gr- afaa- ,np Jzgfg.-f .'::-.-:- 1 ' Jgfvs' 'ull-1 ' . Ig'-,-if 1v2'i'!'1 .-115.115 ' ff- 'frigji ,sgspfzzzlll ,551 -its . I Vi? 1 I 'Q 1 21:2 '.'.5::n?5y'-'J' F ' Tau Beta Pi, national general engineering honorary so- ciety, has as its purpose the honoring of distinguished scholars in the field of engineering. It also fosters the spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Richard E. Emmert received the annual award as the highest ranking freshman. Tau Beta Pi edits a magazine called The Bent. Several faculty breakfasts were held throughout the year. Bob Carmichael was president of the Iowa Beta chapter. Page 155 Row 5: Row 4: Row 3. Row 2: Bottom D. Adams, C. Cuetzko, R. Dahlin, D. Mc- Millan, R. Stooker, C. Goodman, P. Fleming, M. Coobs. W. Voelckers, C. Alexander, W. Baker, K Kiyonaga, D. Bently, C. Del-Iaven, N. Hun- stad. R. Hudachek, P. Chalupsky, R. Kudrle, O Code, C. Dempsky, T. Babcock, Wm. Bolte F. Evans. R. Keller, j. Kimm, R. Talley, M. Meier, R Bukacek, R. Riddle, Tuck Hop Lee. Row: D. Dowell, R. Krekel, M. Golden, R Carmichael, E. Carson, W. Chantry, E. jesse .FP "::' ' -2 F52 . .3553 ' fi? -'fff 1 is OFFICERS NORMAN A. HUNSTAD President : T H ET 13-4.1 .i. 1 I: lr li f :Q of Q :vi , 1. 3 ill I 5 Q 1 WW A, . JERRY M. CLANCY Vice President CECIL M. OlDAY Secretary WILLIAM J. STRATMAN Treasurer Row Row Row Row 5: 4. 3. 2. R. Newton, D. Sanderson, G. Peterman, P. Moorhead, I-I. Lenschow, H. Grunsky, L. Kraatz, P. Berntscn. R. Larson, D. Putnam, XV. Olson, E. Sim- mons, R. Kidd, C. Goodman, XV. Baker, D. MacKenzie. R. Coats, G. Overby, C. Lazenby, A. Evans, R. Smith, A. Nichols. Prof. I. WX. Howe, M. Meier, J. Klein, J. Riggs, R, Caldwell, 1. Cotter, G. Coleman. Bottom Row: W. Stratman, L. Peterson, C. OJDay N. Hunstad, J. Clancy, W, Griffith, R. Huda- chek. The purpose of Theta Tau, national professional en- gineering fraternity, is 'Ito develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship." Some popular Theta Tau events this year were banquets featuring prominent speakers, informal parties, picnics, and sports programs. MECCA week found members busy helping with this yearls celebration. The chapter recently established the annual Theta Tau Achievement award to the outstanding student in the College of En- gineering. Professor J, W. Howe was chapter advisor. Row 2: Wm. Stanford, R. Gregg, M. Hartman, D. Winslow, D. johnson. Bottom Row: L. Gehrke, L. Laflin, M. Wilke, L. Feagin, B. Grossman. IVIERICAIXI PH RM CEUTICAL ASSIXI Page 157 OFFICERS MARY WILKE President LYNN LAFLIN 'Vice President LUCRETIA CEI-IRKE Secretary WILLIAM GROSSMAN Treasurer The American Pharmaceutical association includes all pharmacy students. Its main purpose is to promote pro- fessional interest among its members. Program chair- man Larry Feagin arranged various movies and a number of guest speakers for the monthly meetings. One of the talks was conducted by two member students from India who told about the development of pharmacy in their country. During the year, the association in conjunction with Kappa Epsilon, professional fraternity, held a wat- ermelon bust, picnic, parties, and the Prize Prom. Mary Wilke was chairman of the dance committee and john Shepherd was master of ceremonies. This association is a branch of the National Pharmaceutical organization. .3 .- .'Q.1 fatzfllip-,' '- 112513: M ... . .. - Ii 451: I 7iff:g'5f1zi '. 237 OFFICERS ' "A" 'I - EDNA MELLICK ll K P P President "regain: ,R 'f 4 LOIS EMANUEL 'Vice President ' CAROL JORDAN Secretary ' MARTHA SEITZ Q Treasurer O , I O 5. eff X .. Row 3: L. Emanuel, M. Vande Voort, L. Cehrke, P. DeVilbiss. Row 2: M. Wilke, A. Gardner, D. Wright. Bottom Row: C. jordan, E. Melli, M. Seitz, M. Kerns. Page 158 4 X 9 iw' 3 1 ,, Q ' W' I I" C The purpose of Kappa Epsilon is to strive for higher scholarship and to provide a bond of lasting friendship and interest between girls in pharmacy. Kappa Epsilon alumna held a Christmas party for activities in Decem- ber. Student and faculty wives of all pharmacy students were honored at an open house sponsored by Kappa Epsilon in the River room of the Iowa Memorial Union on March 9. The annual Founder's day banquet was held May 12. High on the social calendar was the an- nual pharmacy Prize Prom held at the Iowa. Memorial Union. All of the Kappa Epsilon's eight active members belong to the American Pharmaceutical association. Left to right. M. I-Ieckt, J. McCarthy, F. Pefferle, R. Knowlton, R. Huber, L. Ziffren, S. Green, R. Kohlhaas, R. Anderson, M. Smith. IOVV L VV SCHODL ASSGCI TIO OFFICERS LEC ZIFFREN President ROBERT KNOWLTON 'Vice President SEREN EA GREEN Secretary MILO SMITH Treasurer Page 159 First steps toward the revitalization of the Iowa Law School association took place through the adoption of a new constitution. Under its provisions the law school council, executive body of the association, now includes two representatives from each legal fraternity, three elected by the independent law students, and one wo- man representative. Through this council students were given a voice in the affairs of the law school. The as- sociation as a whole attempts to promote the interest and welfare of the College of Law and to foster a closer union among students engaged in the study of law. The council sponsored picnics, a freshman orientation pro- gram, the Barrister's Ball, a curriculum committee, an examination committee, and a lecture series of prominent members of the bar and bench. Supreme Court day, April 7, was the highlight of the season. This day climaxed the series of Law club arguments, and the four students rated highest argued cases before the Supreme Court of Iowa. Q-4342 I- Il 12-Hail . .,. -I .3.-QI? E .Q:i33,l,? .1-2.5-, 3, 3 ' 1':':':33lf I ll I 'MQ ,. Y. wig? 1:11. I V . I-21:23 ' '- 2.3 f.':.L 413, -. ., ggi ..,, 3 -.2756 4 .,.s -5.11 . 'iifiil' 5 I -'Hip' .,:2i 1' . -:1F:.n'e -fix? , A 'fix 5 - JY .4 I .2---1 1 - wr. . . .en Wm: 'P 35?-if OFFICERS LOUIS SCHULER Presidenl ROBERT ANDERSON 'Vice President NORMAN REA Secretary CLARK SLOAN Treasurer Row Row Row Row Row Wardman, D. Thornton, I. Reimer, J. Wasson, J. Atkinson. Wallace, A. Kenyon, R. Dunlap, K. Nelson, A. Gravelie, R. Duthie. . Kintzinger, R. McDonald, L. Moore, O. Anderson, L. Ufkes, D. Peskin, D. Wallace. . Crawford, D. Albee, C. Anderson, A. Bryan, XV. Brown, A. I-Ialley, I. Morrison. . Barker, K. Fillenworth, N. Rea, W. Douglas, C. Bentz, K. Stinson, H. Hindi. Bottom Row: B. Diehl, M. Smith, J. Sloan, L. Schuler, R. C-reen, J. Pritchard. G MM ET G MA A. Hayne, R. Diehl, A. Gravile, W. A. Hawley, C. Bentz, J. Sloan, M. Smith, N. Rea, D. 'Thomton B Barnard, j. Quigg. Twenty-six years of academic and social activity at Iowa is the record of Phi chapter of Gamma Eta Gamma, na- tional law fraternity. The organization was founded to promote scholarship, and this year they continued to capture top scholastic honors. Fourteen members wrote for the Uoiua Lam Review, and William Wallace, John Moodie and Carl l-ligdon were on the editorial board. Charles Kintzinger, Robert Reimer and Dean Wallace were three of the four participants in the Supreme Court day arguments, a high honor for students of law. Sev- enty actives and fifteen pledges attended social activities during the year, including informal dances, formal din- ner dances, initiation banquets and stag smokers, suppers and picnics. Outstanding speakers were guests of the chapter at bi-monthly luncheons. Douglas. Rest and Relaxation . . . J. McCarthy, W. Brown R Anderson -- H 1 ---Y-W - :fi ' ff --uyltggi. f..-in :::- -4. -:f-,H -nz: 1: . ,fiftf ' 1.32-1-H" 'ITU -S - w 1 I ' :pgs -. :. I. :1:5g':..l 3- .g'.3-if-... . PHI DELT OFFICERS MEL HECKT President CHARLES SCHORR V, 'Vice President WILLIAM RUTHER 1 P I Secretary .9"'I:,i1 wig Treasurer Row Row Row Row Row 6: 5. 4. 3. 2. B. White, H. Harsha, W. Fieselcr, W. Ryan D. Sitz, J. Stichnoth, F. Comfort, P. Sulhoff. R. Ackley, J. Williamson, R. Tilden, R. Mc- Cracken, J. Reagcn, J. Boye, R. Osborne, R Graham. J. McDonald, R. Peterson, R. lvie, K. Rich- ardson, L. Rhoades, F. Swift, W. Tucker, C Anderson. W. Ruther, D. Loy, R. Sundit, R. Adams, C Carretson, C. Schorr, B. Goranson, J. Nutty S. Brownlee, J. Broderick, J. Scheider, D Sticknoth, L. Kluever, V. Young, E. Hunter D. Sheff, E. Kemp. Bottom Row: W. Bergmann, J. Synhaist, J. McCarthy K. Smith, M. Heckt, C. Houghton, L. Gray J. Foley, J. Collier. I I 1 Phi Delta Phi, legal fraternity, had many members on the iowa Law Review staff. Bud Vieth was editor. Other members writing for the Law Review were Hiram Houghton, Bob Barclay, Don Sitz, Chuck Schorr, Lynn Rhodes, Jim Williamson, Bill Ruther, Roger Ivie, Vic Young, Freeman Swift, Bill Tucker, Jack Osborne, Bill Ryan, Dean Stichnoth and Don Lay. Will Cimprich was one of the four participants in the Supreme Court day argument before the Iowa Supreme Court. Social events included holiday dances, initiation dinners, and after- game parties and picnics. Phi Delta Phi also participated in many athletic activities. OFFICERS MALIRICE STARK D I President "Vice President JACK HEYSINGER T H JIM BRADLEY Secretary FRANCIS FITZGIBBONS I I Treasurer 5 -fz. 7.5 L E325 '..Qii19l?i ' 'fii'E3E2'1Il f 5 iff? -'fiilzifn V, :.-114211:-:t -1 'lffftf To promote fellowship and increase scholastic achieve- ment is the aim of this professional law fraternity. Char- les Harris, Don Wine, and Maurie Stark were editors of the iowa Law Review. Herman Bailey was president of the senior law class first semester and was succeeded by Maurie Stark, who was also president of Law Com- mons and vice-president of the student union board. Mark Payton was president of the Quadrangle. Dick Jordan represented Law Commomns on the student council. Ted Metier and Maurie Stark were members of ODK, and Don Wine, Charles Harris, and Herman Bailey were awarded the Order of the Coif. Row 7: Row 6: 'Row 5, Row 4: Row 3: Row 21 Bottom T. Rhomberg, D. Hubbard, T, Quirk, R. Has- brouck, H. Skowbo, H. Holmes, R. Mullaley D. Rogers. V. Powers, S. Beatty, R. Parkin, J. Hurst, R Kern, R. McConIogue, B. Shipton, R. Tierney D. Thompson, J. Stevens, R. Hamburg, L Lybbert, J. Heysinger, W, Springer, D. Mc- Ferren, M. Payton, A. Mathre. J. Carroll, J. Bolton, C. Royal, C. Harris, H Bailey, R. Wilson, J. Collins, S. Curtis, W Ansley. G. Green, R. Fraser, R. Mershon, J. Hallam, R. Schneider, J. Wagner, W. Smith, L. Bond, H. Hart. L. Starr, E. Wine, C. Peart, J. Dougherty, R Irwin, D. Wolff, T. Metier. Row: R. Breen, R. Kohlhaas, F. Pefferle, J Carpenter, J. Bradley, R. Jordan, R. Nord- strom. , QgEEjg1j', ' ' E:57fl5f5'1Zr'f.. . 1.. my ',VL ' fllllllrl ROBERT KNOWLTQN 4 Prasiii 011 t ifililll' i .lt h1ARVlN VERBECK ' Tlice President A DANIEL K. MURPHY 555 5 Sccreiary 1 THOMAS OLSON Treasuruv' Row Row Row Row Row Row J. Swift, T, Johnson, L. Ciassman, C. Murry, P, Mayer, P. Nymann, J. Adams, l. Onncn, H. Good. C. Thompson, J. Peters, D. Swanson, L. Turner, E. Hartman, T. Hughes, C-. Kiefer, G. Wfilliams, J. Laughlin. H, Knotts, H. Trcasc, P. Babcock, D. Paul, J. Ochlcr, J. Merriman, B. Willis, J. Pritchard, T. Berry, C. Schweitzer E. Shafer, D. Maycr, R. Walton, T. Lynch, L. Hurley, D. Dctlcfs, E. Wehr, N. Hamiel, B. Brown. J. Hogan, W. Loughran, C. Snodgrass, C, Bothmcr, V. Bell, W. McKinley, C. Mather, J. Hoyman, W. Smith. R. O'Kclly, R. Bycrs, A. Omer, D, Fcree, M. Hayward, C. Quandahl, J. Cashman. Bottom Raw. D. Murphy, T. Olson, M. Vcrbcck, R. Knowlton, R. Huber, J. Cvantz, O. Beasley, J. Hinklc. Page 164 Q' A. Hatter, Pres. Emeritus Gilmore, W. Morrison, Pres. Virgil Hancher, U. S. Supreme Court justice W. B. Rutledge Cformer dean of Iowa Law Schoolj, J. White, W. jackson, G. Bowen. PHI ALPH DELT Standing: L. Gossmann, J. Smith, J. Swift, B. Willie. To foster, under the influence of intimate friendships, those principles that tend to form a higher type of man- hood, is the purpose of the William G. Hammond chap- ter of Phi Alpha Delta, professional law fraternity. Scholastically the PAD's rated high. jack Merriman was chosen editor-in-chief of the Towel Law Review, and Richard Huber was selected as comments editor. Num- erous members of Hammond chapter submitted articles for publication. Under the leadership of Bill Trease, Phi Alpha Delta won the professional fraternity cham- pionship in volleyball, softball, and swimming. Tom Ol- son, social chairman, guided the fraternity,s active social program. In addition to these campus activities, Ham- mand chapter played host to the Phi Alpha Delta district convention. Seated: R. O'Kelly, B. Brown, T. Olson, Luncheons and dinners during the year provide the most convenient means of finding good V. Bell. fellowship. ,km .1 .3 0 W. w I i ..,....i b N, 1 ik f 1 S512 liffl ch' ' 22, 235.45 ' Qs f IE 553' , t fs'-. 5 p . 'Q ?s Q will-. if .sr OFFICERS - .zr zf 3, " -- ziizx A MARY ANN WILLETT President 12222 aes. TALITHA PASCAL up PI RUTH HORTKOPP L G, Treasurer C Row 2: I. Schultheis, C. Ferguson. Bottom Row: S. Green, M. A. Willett, R. Harthopp, T. Pascal. Kappa Beta Pi is an international legal sorority for women, founded at the Chicago Kent College of Law. The organization strives to encourage the study of law by women, to afford social fellowship for students of law, and to encourage a high standard of legal ethics among its members. The local chapter held bi-weekly luncheon meetings and sponsored dinner meetings at which members of the law faculty were invited to speak. Rho chapter was aided in achieving its aims during the year by its sponsor Mrs. Leon K. Tunks. Page 165 OFFICERS FRED STINES I President DENE CARNEY 'Vice President U E Ii- I HAROLD ARKOFF Secretary f I G GLEN CRAY Treasurer A . "'- 1 i5:!3L.iff A ,.c..r..,.. f:.' .V -:rf '-:.,-9' Advertising majors with a 2.0 academic average are eligible for membership in Alpha Delta Sigma, national professional advertising fraternity. This year its mem- bers were active on the staffs of the Daily Uowan, HAWKEYE, and Triuol. The fraternity publicized the Horace Heidt show, the Military ball, and handled the publicity and advertising for Panacea. Graduating mem- bers made a field trip to Des Moines as guests of the capital cityls Advertising club to meet professional men in the field and become acquainted with working con- ditions in advertising. Row 5: E. Munsell, D. Reed, R. Danekc, J. Holm, P. Kettenring, B. Klein. Row 4: W. Coltz, K. Chaney, H. Ely, W. Beenck, R. McClanahan. Row 3: H. Weinstein, G. Rovner, W. Miles, R. Keene, C. Hopkins, W. Ross. Row 2: H. Sorenson, H. Holland, G. Eccles, H. Sturtz, A. jones, W. Amdor, H. Gold. Bottom Row: R. Wedig, G. Cray, D. Carney, F Stines, jr., P. Burton, E. Harlan, H. Arkolf. Lug, Q - 1 :lf lflisxbiil 55,5 '-'-f., X'-.. G. H524 "-z, '-QL" 3. :Q I W . 11522 'iiizfl 5 1 . .151 ' f S 'i'E?Ii'7 f 1 Sfflfl 51135. 1?',?, -. E' 'f:. 1 1-.sszffi 'JT' l' -':-11121 me , zz . 4.1-.1 ---- g:L'l2?.'2," I I I "5 "1::i Ax.-a"'f ff' OFFICERS G M M A PRISCILLA GARRETT President MARILYN HARRIS f x I I 'Vice President MARY LOU MILLER Secretary MARGARET MCCASLIN Treasurer Row 3: P, Bowman, M. Cooley, A. Smith, M. Pell E. Thomas, P. Barnhouse, K. Liem, L. Fisher. Row 2: F. Franson, M. Barth, S. Judy, A. Buswell S. Eggleston, j. Biddle, E. Linge, N. j. Bcdell Bottom Row: A. Reinenga, M. Harris, M. L. Miller D. Giraldi, P. Garrett, A. DeCou, M. McCasI lin. Page 168 Lambda chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi, national adver- tising sorority, celebrated its third year on the Iowa campus. This year honorary members were chosen from the advertising profession. Regular members engineered the advertising for campus publications, shows, and ac- tivities. An advertising clinic was included in the com- merce departmenfs vocational program, featuring speak- ers from the advertising profession. The chapter' pub- lishes a monthly news bulletin, QJIX-ing. A founderis day and an awards banquet were held during the year. OFFICERS CVAIL MYERS President NORMAND SCHRADER 'Vice President JACK MCDONOUCH Secretary ERWIN CVILMORE ffreasurer SIGMA DELT CHI Tl' ffi .- -'-It T . 4. A-' 5 . ,-i. -.: x.. ' '-111' '-i ' 1 :am-1. . fifg 1,.'g:rl1 .- 1553 . ...ft ,-Q. . ian! . Q 1,-:,'.. '-7 - -1 .- , r.,-1: .- : V' '53-9 , IFILM' , . 1234! +51 silk, f fa .-at, T ill? . . 2 "4-,I:f:' Sigma Delta Chi published the 'lifhyzgoose Qazette, a lampooning newspaper distributed in November at the annual Wayzgoose banquet. In the spring, in conjunc- tion with women journalism students of Theta Sigma Phi, Sigma Delta Chi held the Matrix Table. At this banquet the new editors of the Daily Joimm, HAXYKEYE, and fFriuol were announced and journalism awards were presented. Again this year the group sponsored a press conference, at which interested high school students gathered. Prof. Leslie Cv. Moeller served as chapter advisor. Row 6: Row 5, ROW 4: R010 3: Row 2: Bottom H. Yeglin, C. Krouse, T. Mahoney, J. Maclntosla H. Jahnke, E. Thompson, P. Hackes, R. Finn, O Cox, L. Bailey, F. Yu, D. Nicoliette, R. Hertel, C. Berger, ,R. Gillespie, W. Johnson, B Weiser, M. Schinkel, P. Luckinbill, C. Wiley, W Minshall, E. Luker, S. Tripp. ' R. Henry, R. Widmark, D. Richardson, J. Gorman N. Black, P. McPartland, L. Woods, T. Habib, W Burke, A. Schmahl, C, Hanrahan. R, Hoover, G. Porter, D. Deedrich, D. Streib, M Ludwig, R. McCranahan, M. Elder, H. Rutenbeck, J. Magarrell, XV. Duke, B. Stern. VJ. Sewer, L. Mozer, P. Gurney, R. Spencer, Peterson, J. Wilt, D. Brown, R. Eastman, M. Rod- man, J. Holway, C. Carroll. Row: W. McBride, E. Cvilmore, G. Myers, J. Mc- Donaugh, N. Shrader, J. Dooley, H. Nipson. 1 I M -I. I 1.51 :S '-I1 H n - -.w ,El .:,,:. :irfgg -., .: .-:.i .1-xg - 1-Filip: w'E-53:34-, . ' ' ' OFFICERS ZE I SYLVIA LERNER ,mfff Ez ,gi P Presid ent JANE LEKBERG ' 'Vice President 1:35521 ,I I - CLAIRE MCKINZIE -::::3-uf ' E Secretary JUNE CADLE - -.l H, reusurer f Row 2: J. Sprott, F. Whisler, M. Stracks, j. Elder, M. Fenton, D. Myers, S. Smolin. Bottom Row: j. Lekberg, I. Cadle, S. Lerner, V. Dickison. Membership in Zeta Phi Eta, national honorary profes- sional speech fraternity for women, is based on scholar- ship and performance. Its purposes are to build a pro- fessional philosophy, to encourage worthy speech and dramatic enterprises, and to aid members after gradua- tion. Members Who have distinguished themselves in other groups are: Sylvia Lerner, The Purple Mask, june Cadle and Jane Lekberg, The Red Mask, Dorothy Jean Myers, Mortar Board and president of Currier hall, Virginia Dickison, Eta Sigma Phi, and Marianne Stracks, Alpha Lambda Delta. STUDE T FFILI TES OF IVIERICAN CHE IC LSGCIETY affords opportunities for students of chemistry and . . . . . OFFICERS chemical engineering to become better acquainted with their problems through professional association. They are given experience in preparing and presenting techni- ROBERT NEWBURCH cal material for examination. The group attended in- Pmgident spection tours of the DuPont plant and the Clinton LOU LEVY products plant, both at Clinton, during the year. Each year in May their annual picnic is held. Membership in the student affiliates is open to undergraduate majors in chemistry or chemical engineering. 'Vice President SARAH LOU ROSS Secretary-Treasurer Row 4: G. Bigelow, J, Fahrner, K. Lampe, C. Darkins, R. Pumper, P. Wilson, M. Ellis, J. Jessup. Row 3: G. Stephens, J. Ostdiek, J. Behn, W. Gafley, L. Hilfman, W. Techau, R. Chadima, D. Feat. Row 2: A. Evans, D. Zvacek, R. Bulcasek, N. Kinman, R. Frank, H. Jollifl, L. Livengood, E. Johnston, M. Downs Bottom Row. M. Falk, L. Levy, R. Newburgh, S. Ross, XV. Edgell, B. Wilson, M. Megchelsen. Page 171 IOVV FUTURE TEACHERS ASSUCIATIG OFFICERS XVALTER R. l'llLL President FRANKLIN STRONC- 'Vice 791 csident LOUISE SUCHY Secretary HELEN DANNER Treasurer Row iff W. Hill, F. Strong, L. jipp, D. Wright. Stimulating interest of future teachers in the educational professional organizations is the goal of the Future Teachers of America. The Forrest C. Ensign chapter of the state and national FTA features programs of outstanding speakers from the field of education. Informal meetings to discuss teaching problems and new ideas in education are regular programs of the group. 'cKnow and shown meetings gave members the chance to see and discuss the current films for teaching grades in elementary or secondary schools. This year the FTA chapter at Iowa received its national charter and honored Prof. F. C. Ensign, for whom the chapter is named, at a banquet in the spring. A picnic for members ended the year's activities. Row 21 I. Hyndman, R. Desmarais, R. Berkemeir, J. Boltman, G, Lounsbury, O. Wheeler, R, Haw, R, Davis. Bottom Row. C. Tedrow, L, Suchy, M. Roose, C. Lester. Page 172 OFFICERS JOE HOWARD K P P Ilrvsidcnt CHARLES WINDSOR I- P lil 'Vice President VICTOR MOORE Secretary P S I LUTHER SMITH Treasurer - .:f'. If -fig! '11'::., -, fiEi1?'E F- Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was established at the University of Iowa in 1915 and has been active on the campus throughout the intervening years. In addition to the usual social fraternity functions, it encourages and fosters achievement in all fields of human endeavor. Pledges are selected from undergraduate students who maintain at least average scholarship records, participate in extra-curricular activities, and exhibit the ability to achieve success in their vocations and become assets in their respective communities. Row 3: B. Core, V. Moore, I. Howard, W. Robinson W. Cummings. Row 21 j. Copeland, R. Wright, R. Jordon, I. john- son, F. Haughton. Bottom Row: P. Hubbard, C. Windsor, E. Brooks, E Allen, W. Evans. OFFICERS GUY AMES President FRANK BARRETT 'Vice President EARL SCHEINOST Secretary ARLO KLADSTRUP Treasurer Meggison. Haesemeyer, G. Wiltse. son, J. Bunn, W. jackson. Row 8: F. Whitters, J. Sondcrgard, J ney, E. Meeker, W. McMahon, R Hansen, K. Mounce. Row 7: J. Peterson, T. Moore, F. Hartle J. Hartle, R. Rinnan, L. Victorson, A Clauss, j. Percival, D. Griffin. rett, P. Kratzer, G. Ames, jr., P Scheinost, D. Hoffa, A. Allee, C Strand, Row 51 R. Gonzalez, W. Cochran, R Stark, J. Howes, K. Winborn, D Brinkman, R. Vose, jr., K. Easley, ler, E. Cathart, D. McDonald. Row 31 C. Corzatt, R. Holzhammer, j Moore, R. Biggins, D, Lapehn, H Walton, N. Woodward, W, Brooks. Row 2: W. Rehnblom, R. Daasch, M Goddard, T. Woodard, K. Mitchell ley. Bottom Row: W. Metcalfe, D. Myron , krog, S. johnson, P. Lange. Row 11: T. Hill, R. Stillc, J. Ruhl, G. Dykema, R, Haesemeyer, C. Wood, R. Hedlund, R. Long, G. Ruhl, J. Row 10: N. Pegram, V. Harder, G. Rob- erts, E. Scheinost, W, Hargcr, G. Ramsey, J. Smith, J. Crawford, F. Row 9: G, Voelkers, R. McCann, R. McNamara, L. Buescher, R. Blunck, W. Stock, G. Calhoon, R. Frederick- McGill, j. Benish, E. Deihl, J. Gaff- r Row 6. A. Kladstrup, E. Allen, F. Bar- Row 4: G. Beno, B. johnson, E. Zaho- rik, D. Kofron, E. Cassaidy, W. Sess- D. Chisman, W. Marthinson, D. Rip- J, Foster, J. Bell, D. Dice, D. Fahren- , W' DELT SIGIVI PI Delta Sigs and Phi Gamma Nus at their annual joint dinner. Iowais Delta Sigma Pi was organized as a chapter of the na- tion's largest commerce fraternity in 1920. The purpose of the fraternity is to develop in its members the capabilities they will need in the field of commerce upon graduation. The or- ganization sponsored a placement project in 1947. This was absorbed by the College of Commerce and developed into the industrial placement bureau. The fraternity participated in the careers conference. john Tyson, jack Smith, Frank Barrett, Paul Lange, Guy Ames, and Roland Bellefeuille were members of the board of directors of the collegiate chamber of com- merce. Industrial tours were conducted to Moline, Illinois, as guests of the john Deere company and to various manufactur- ing areas in Chicago. The annual Founderis day dinner was held May ll. jane Kallous, Ed Allen, Don Kofron, Doris Kofron, joy Schnoebelen, Donna Lee Iverson D Rawson and N. Pegram. Kay Ames, Guy Ames. CQueenD, jean Wilson. ,x ' If s FQ .L A :fig 1.25.2 - . ffblii Iii . - 255512: ' 1:5159 ' .ffieififfg 17ffff'fl elifliiu fa ' -'Eifgiifiz ' Z'-i5?.'i.i!3 ' -:limll V XII. ,-4iiif3?3?f'f' Q iii' QFFICERS PAT VAN LIEXV President MARGARET CRIEBEL 'Vice President MARY CREAMER Secretary MITZI DI MARCO Treasurer Row Row Row Row Row j. Larson, M. Casey, A. Avery, R. Lapchn, j. Pederson. M. Whaley, M. Van C-inkcl, D. Plctsch, B. Parmenter, D. Kamserick. C. Hudson, M. Ccderstrom, M. Diedrich, M. joels, P. Yount, D. Rizor. M. Thomas, D. Bunse, D. Dobson, H. Costas, B. Nefsger, C. Herbel, B, Anderson. M. Blanshan, V. Bunse, J. Evans, I. Mochal, B. Rehmke, M. Kringcl, L. Patch, K. I-Iorslund. Bottom Row: M. Di Marco, M, Creamer, P. Van Lieu, Alberta Rogers, M. Griebcl, I. Wilson, M. Lewis PHI G MM NU Standing: j. Evans, V. Bunse, D. Bunse, M. Lewis, M. Blaushaie, M. Creamer, M. Van Cinkel, M. Griebel, H. Wilson, P, Van Lieu, D. Kamerick, M. Di Marco. .At piano: M. Casey. Phi Gamma Nu, commerce fraternity, has as its purpose the promotion of fellowship among professional women in com- merce. It also promotes interest in civil and professional enter- prises and a higher standard of scholarship. Participation in campus extracurricular activities is encouraged. Dinners were held during the year for faculty members, all professional sororities on campus, and a Careers conference speaker. A joint luncheon was held with Delta Sigma Pi. Many of the members were active in other campus activities. jane Brisben headed UWA jobs Technique clinic. Pat Van Liew was sec- retary of the student union board, and Ann Avery was a member. The university award for the highest grade point for women in commerce was given to jane Brisben. Back Row M. Di Marco, P. Van Lieu, Trent Row: V. Bunse, M. Van Cvinkel, D. Bunse, M. M Criebel, A. Rogers. Griebel. Tacing Camera: L. Patch, M. joels, I. Tront Row M. Lewis, M. Creamer. Row 2: M. Blanshau, D. Kamerick. Wilson, D. Bunse. . kia in. mia at 4. Q 4 . Mil - Q Hill ,W , ,.5., ml.- D. Borgc :.-2-:Iwi 4411554 fiwjf 5 111:51 Dr. H. H. McCarty I 4. . . R. Svteany ' C. Cline . 5,1511 . --. A-fglgr B. Gunn , , . I Ml . ., ,,, 41,1 I fad. 11.-1221 'x-.2325 ' ' R. Ritland Q ' ,nav LPH KAPP PSI The newly reactivated Alpha Kappa Psi chapter aided its members in the College of Commerce. lts main func- tion is the promotion of various activities in commerce. This is accomplished by its special projects commimttee which investigates all aspects of business to aid the stu- dent in the selection of his field of activity. New Bialletiu, edited by Dick Dalton, was sent to all the alumni, other OFFICERS ROBERT SWEANEY President CHESTER CLINE Tice Pvcsideill chapters, and local members. Alpha Kappa Psi sponsors BOYD GUNN an annual scholastic award in commerce. Social life of 5ff"f'lf1"7' the fraternity was centered around the Christmas dance RQBERT METCALF and dinner, and the spring formal . Treasurer Below: man, S. Hill, D. Unger Robert D. Metcalf, treasurer. Hallam: Top: lnitiation banquet after our Bottom Row. B, Gunn, T. reactivation. Guests: Hal Gray, B. Sweany, K. Smith. Carlstad, Don Sparks, Rus Row 2: J. McMahn, B. Gibb, Lund. J. Bloomquist, W. Cope- I Below: land, K. Tyler. A 3' 5 Industrial tour of the Cedar Row 3: R. McAdoo, D. Boege, Q it .W 'i Rapids Light St Power Com- D. Mills, M. Cox, F. Tier pany. is C12 ri! ra W , It gn f Q Q W, Row Row Row Row 2 . Arnesen, A, Krebs, W. Gibb, D. Hoffmann, G. Asmus, F. Adams, K. Tyler, M. Cox. Dalton, Ringstrom, 1. McMahon, D. Willis, D. Mills, G. Bloomquist, R. Stupay, G. Zcmlicka. Nelson, W. Copeland, O, Christensen, F. Walcnsky, G. Howe, C. Edwards, L. McAtee, T. Hutchinson, D. Unger . Rowley, K, Smith, F. Stockdale, R. McAdoo, R, Barker, R. Ritlancl, W. Aspholm, 1. Fisher, R. Marshall. Bottom Row: R. Hodges, S. Hill, R. Metcalf, C. Cline, R. Swcany, Dr. H. H. McCarty, Dr. C. W. Thompson, B. Gunn, D. Bocgc. Page 1 79 OFFICERS .Zia f P H I DONALD EDEN star: ':'-': ram? E ,i E P S I JOHN SHUMATE l H 'Vibe President Q -'iii '--1323 ERNEST STECK '65 : 2754 ff s . 1 K P P .Secretary 'fi'.',I'S F. S. BEEBEE '-15 Treasurer if Row 4: W. Kay, A. C-uzowski, K. Marsh, D. Head, R. Manson, D. Casady, R. Palmer, J. Evers- man, C. Thompson, Row 31 R. McCreery, J. Tedore, W. McCabe, E. Erickson, R. Hoff, P. Kruse, A. Poock, R. Berens, P. Everett. Row 2: R. Riecks, D. Housel, R. Cristoph, C. Wright, W. Mikulick, R. Tucker, L. Keller, W. Hud- son, V. McCoy, J. Scarpello. Bottom Row: Dr. F. D, Sills, Dr. D. D. Klotz, 1. Shu- mate, D. Eden, E. Steck, Dr. F. S. Beebee Dr. A. J. Wendler. Phi Epsilon Kappa, a national fraternity for male stu- dents and teachers of physical education, was founded at the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union on April 12, 1913. Each year Iota chapter selects a project which it believes will be of value to the profes- sion, the university and the chapter. This year all- university play nights were sponsored in collaboration with the division of physical education. The organization sponsors the Phi Epsilon Kappa loan fund for students majoring in physical education. Ui M, 5 1,4 ,mf 4 , 3 5 Q , E 1' aifvv ,sw Q ,Q '41-Lada'-'U f '3af".,2g:fi5f, A K -sgimggiu ig,ga9,5fQf4gip,s2gf2p if, H ,gfvffm -, 1 i L- W , ik Nag, ' ' A .W ' im-fa. WI' ll ,v ' ., pw S ,1. Q.. .K Eil Q ..,:i:5S: ..,.,,,.. Q s 'inf Y ex -fy .R .. .Qin 'W 4 .. 5:aa:Es 'Q WEE-5 ? -B. -41 3- ,Zim Sfiiwfg s 1 M ss , 45' vi, Lava .f MW E-A wi, Q A in wiv ws, A v mv . .. V . . as Jw.. k 'wif .4 2-1 A A ' L, ,fi-If 5 if ' -Q Q 15 +- "?1 2-1 E 'Q' Y L? , 1 3 E , I ,,: :, A L , sr"f-If if AL , x ,M 4 1 A ' l, W .5341-5 my 2 '12, ., Wu K 1, K., A f' 5 V Cv' of W' ., V if ' 1 ' fl, f Q fy ' W fig' 1 al ef 2 am 1.,1.w4ig':s ' I 'Q' H. nf ,L va . ' M3351 -M ,J .,"..: af - geQ.mY33i?5s vm- , ' , 1 A V,::,--- A ' ., ,X . 1-. - - w:.Q"f ' atm , V. X imfm ws' A Taxa , Q ANHELLE IC ASSOCI TIO NORMA JEAN ANN CANEDY JEANNE CONE LUCILLE DEAN JULIA FERGUSON JACLYN FITCH BEDELL JEAN CVALLAHER PAULINE KLASSIE JEANNE LEAI-I MARY FRANCES PATRICIA FOX MCDONALD MENDELSON WHITELY OFFICERS Undergraduate members of the twelve womenls social fraternities make up i- the Women,s Panhellenic association. The governing council includes all LEAH MENDELSQN chapter presidents. This year's activities started with the fall rushing pro- pfesfdenf gram. At the annual scholarship dinner the Panhellenic scholarship cup JULIA FERGUSON 'Vice President JEAN NE MCDONALD Secretary JEANNE CONE Treasurer was awarded to the chapter maintaining the highest grade point during the preceding year. The chapters planned a series of open houses for new women on campus and for men students. The Panhellenic workshop brought representatives from other colleges in the state to SUI for study and discussion of common' interests and problems. Panhellenic association adopted a war orphan and maintained a loan fund. Page 182 UNIOR AIXIHELLIE IC CGUIXICIL OFFICERS MARY LOU BARTH President SHIRLEY SUMMERVILLE 'Vice President MARGARET MERKLEY Secretary KATHLEEN MCTIGUE Treasurer The presidents of the sorority pledge classes met twice a month to become acquainted with panhellenic activities. The council assisted in projects such as programs and decorations, and furnished hostesses for the Panhellenic dance in March. Once a month programs were held for all pledges to acquaint them with campus organ- izations, administration and regulations. From this training girls go on to hold positions in their respective houses and in other groups on campus. One of junior Panhellenic councills main projects was a supplement to the student directory written by the pledges. This included the home addresses and telephone numbers of all girls affiliated with sororities on campus. By giving skits dramatizing the life of a pledge, it was hoped that the girls would be better able to understand the mutual problems of fraternal life. Lucy Dean, Zeta Tau Alpha, was the ad- visor from Panhellenic council to the junior Panhellenic council. Row 2: J, Wykle, j. Foley, J. Fisher, E. Baumer, S. Wood, S. johnson, L. Brunsvold, C. Sutton Bottom Row: M. Barth, S. Summerville, M. Merkley, K. McTigue l jr? '-151135.29 gziglg' 1:::7ggQg:gcA , -,.-,- 53" -3 g:-"-j-:., fiif' U H5555 2' l "Uri 'fsfilllff' " 1 Q5:':?1-541 fifffif' . "-'PHL , 1512?-:5' 4125, .3 1 ag :: -- - 13 - 'tniif' ,jii-3:5-2 'Ji 'ifiii-' '-E311-E-vi: 7 Wifi: ' ' iii" "' 3514: 1' " :1i2E'9553 '55-'31 9 3 .nv -.v Ugg.. . ' glfhi?-if ' -z-1-1:--. .1 1:"" ' 2 '. . 3, 5 5' 3":3 . -' - x I 2 li ' l 'fx 5' I 5 ax 1 .-'ig 51 ri- 9 'x , lk x ffl 4 I - if X 'Blu 'alll 'll J ,323 .ig za . gi? J 'fag 1 t. 4 ,4 . I If JL.--b . -Gi: 5 4-119. l -i-15 ' .2523-' ' if W3 .s2se-5-s".,::s'-- . .. t ,T 12:1 . 'I :ily ,. . . ,.-.3 -: 5. --.zz 4 - Q. fx vf. ' f' uf' 59 331, 13 1:7 5 :E xg .scggxl 556. ALPHA CHI GMEGA PAULA KLASSIE President ,IACQUELINE ENGELBERT 'Vice President LAVERNE CAPEL Secretary MARGARET CRIEBEL The Alpha Chis: Tfeasuref Proudly wear their beautiful golden lyres . . . Are led by Paula Klassie, who is Panhell sentative to UWA council . . . Oh and ah over that "new look" at their house . . . jackie Raetz, Jjlrs. Trye, .Cauerne enic repre- Argue with Ruby Scott when she practices her de- bates for Forensics association . . . Agree that Clesna Witherow runs a close second to actress Katherine Cornell . . . Must be journalism counscious: Marge Herrington and jackie Biddle are on The Daily jowfm, Fran Ap- pleman is on the fFriuol staff, and Anne Eldred, Pat Hauser and Sue Samuels work on the l'lAW'KIEYli . . . Would like to watch joan Blair in action when she goes on those trips with the Iowa Mountaineers . . . Enjoy listening to joyce Bahr over WSUI . . . Maintain that the long walk to campus is a chal- lenge . . . SOCIALIZE . . . by making good use of that "open shelteru . . . Capel, Ruby Scott, Lois Tlloore. Rena U-latch, joycc Bahr. jolon Berg, jackie Biddle ACTIVE MEMBERS PLEDGES Class of '49 F. Appleman J' Bahr G. Ashton J- Biddle S. Beauchamp P. Broderick D- Bmdixon L. Capel J- Blair S. Grant S4 Doran M. Griebel B- DVC H. Hansen A- Eldfcd R' Hatch B, Grismore pl Kiassie D. Hamilton M. Maloney M' Handley J. Raetz M. Harrington R. Scott P. Hausen B, Snover M' JSQSQH Class of '50 J- Klllmgef G. Anderson C' Kmmm ph Dunn M. Lane J. Engelbert B- Leopold FA Fout P. McEwan C. Goodman Nieman SV Harvey J. Rowles S. Samuels L. Moore S. Schreiber S, Smith 1 C. Sutton C1055 Of 51 M. Wildman M. Jones A. Willis B. Morris G. Witherow B, Phillips B. Zurn TOP ROXV: Gretchen Anderson, Francine-Appleman, Carol Ashton, Joyce Bahr, Donna Bendixan, Sue Beauchamp. ROW 2. Jackie Biddle, Joan Blair, Peg Broderick, LaVern Gaple, Shirley Doran, Pat Dunn, ROW 3: Betty Dye, Ann Eldrcd, jackie Englebert, Flo Fant, Gene Goodman, Shirley Grant. ROW 4: Margaret Griebel, Barbara Grismore, Dawn Hamilton, Mary Lou Handley, Helen Ann Hansen, Marge Harrington. ROW 5: Shirley Harvey, Reva Hatch, Pat Hauser, Margaret Jensen, Marybelle Jones, Janice Killinger, ROW 6: Paula Klassie, Garol Krumm, Mary Jane Lane, Blanche Leopold, Mary Maloney, Lois Moore, ROW! 71 Priscilla McEwan. Barbara Morris, Nadine Nieman, Barbara Phillips, Jacqueline Raetz, Joan Rowles. ROW 8: Sue Samuels, Shirley Shrieber, Ruby Scott, Sally Smith, Barbara Snover, Carol page 185 Sutton. ROXV 91 Margo Wildman, Annabelle Willis, Glesna 'W'itherow, Barbara Zum. :gif Q-ezisga., Sin- Atsgssigi 'fin' .xlftfqs -2? '5?EE:'!:'i :.-,'.z-,-: ,.v '1.q"vmX,, . fpQ:?:33,:.f I 53" ,J . 1' .fgsisiu 6-.??af5f' ..i i Ji "' ,"' fi. ,:+ I ,- gm, 1 LPH DELTA PI OFFICERS ,IEANNE MCDONALD President JUDITI-I KISTLER 'Vice President MARY LOU OCDEN Secretary BETTY SCHUMAN Treasurer The A D Pis: Don't see how prexy Ginger McDonald has time to be secretary of Panhellenic and Tailfeathers and Mor- tar Board president, too . . . Gaze at beauties jean McCartt and joy Schnoe- belen . . . Attend the university plays to watch Nancy Adler perform . . . Enjoy their musical talent: Betty Peacock, jo Fran Kouba and Marjorie lrwin in the symphony orchestra, Penny Dykstra, joan Phipps, Sue Reid, Eleanor Thompson, and Mary Robinson in university chorus . . . Loaned Shirley Wfood to the HAWKIEYIE staff this year . . . Sing "Tiny Black Diamondl' while the pledges work to acquire one . . . Praise Ceorgianna Edwards for her work as chairman of UXVAls student-faculty relations project . . . SOCIALIZE . . . by sharing their driveway with the rest of Iowa City . . . Jllice Blake, Bob 'Vollmers Eleanor - A Thompson, Trunk 7Vallis, joan Norma Cope, Cordie Zook. Phipps, jack Stiles. flnnKlinge1', Carol Cbopek ACTIVE MEMBERS J. Perry K A . C. Rogers Class of 49 B. Schumann J' Agnew J. Shearer M' Dahl N, Wfarnock H. Dykstra C. Edwards Nl. Fantcl' PLEDCES J, Kistler A. Klingner N' Adler M. Longfellow A' Blake J. McDonald JA Brown M. Merner M' Doyle B, Wfilson C' Fisk L. Hoffmann M. Irwin , D. Kendall CIHSS of 50 Kouba C. Chopek M- Kflaff S, Combs A. Maffh M. Du Bois J. MCCartt D, McConigle M- pattb' M. Ogden J. Phipps B. Peacock S- RIC'-1 J. Schnoebelen M. Robinson M, Taylor L. Schnittjer C. Zook M. Sparks J. Stark A. Stowall ffm of 'ff gl liffpson S. Campbell P. Tucker N. Cope M. Walsh B. Fahrner S. Wood I TOP ROW: Nancy Adler, Jeanne Agnew, Alice Blake, Jane Brown, Suzanne Campbell, Carol Chopek. ROW 'lx Suzanne Combs, Norma Cope, Frances Dahl, Mary Doyle, Marilyn DuBois, Henrietta Dykstra. ROW 3: Ceorgianna Edwards, Betty Ann Fahrner, Marilyn Fanter, Kay Fisk, Lou Hoffman, Marjorie Irwin. ROW 41 Donna Kendall, Judy Kistler, Ann Klingner, Marjorie Knarr, Jo Fran Kouba, Mary Longfellow. ROW 5: Jeanne McDonald, Marianna Marner, Ann Marth, Jean McCartt, Darlene McConigle, Mary Lou Ogden. ROW 6: Margaret Patty, Betty Peacock, Joan Perry, Joan Phipps, Sue Reed, Mary Robinson. ROW 7: Charlotte Rogers, Lyell Schnittjer, Joy Schnoebelen, Betty Schumann, page 187 Jean Shearer, Mary Sparks. ROW 8: Joan Stark, Anne Stowell, Margaret Taylor, Eleanor Thompson, Barbara Tamm, Patricia Tucker. ROW 9: Rita XVaIsh, Nadine Xllfarnock, Beth Wilson, Shirley Wood, Cordie Lou Zggk, fa.. , ,l-.':3Ii:'i-., 5' .a-633' 55-21311. f "ir eElr32f.G:, 'F:':?.i? .- .. . ,fi . 4 . . . . '.-.34 1. ' . . s. . ' j , wc' fu: in We E?-F-Jlivw mlm -.3115-.,!. 1:55:53 if - 711355. : 5.1 ::1 WW" ALPH Xl DELTA OFFICERS NORMA JEAN BEDELI.. President KATHLEEN MCCORMAC 'Vice President MARY BETH JENSON Secretary CWEN KIRCHNER Treasurer The Alpha Xis: Cherish pink roses and quills set with pearls . . . Claim Carol Thurnau, editor of the Panhellenic hand- book and editor of Code for Coeds . . . Are proud of their winning intramural volley ball team . . . Beanied when Norma Dorn was appointed to UWA freshman council . . . Respect talented and charming Chapter president Nimmie Bedell . . . Are proud of Marguerite Van Cinkel who pledged Phi Gamma Nu, womenls commerce fraternity . . . Read Carol Thurnauls stories and Nimmie Bedellls ad- vertising work in The Daily lowmi . . . SCCIALIZE . . . by studying at hours from eleven to one-in the evening . . . Chauclrclne ffclmlelciml, Dick Bloom- floy 'Wilson Qloria Portlr, Put U-lotl M berg, joy 'Wilson gen, Bill Tlommermutb, Don 'Ward. Roger flugspurger, Betty Btn 'Q ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 N. Bedell B. Blood L. Breaw R. Husa M. Jenson C. Kirchner S. Long K. McCormac A. Medlin M. Miller R. Riss M. Scott M. Van Cinkel Class of '50 M. Auburn D. Dodds W, Edmondson M. Coodnow M. Hoye C. Porth J. Rimel L. Selzer J. Shacklett J. Stoltenberg C. Thurnau S. Winter Class of '51 S. Coltman C. Hills P. Hodgen M. Johnson E. King C-. Oliphant N. Wilding L. Wilimek J. Wilson PLEDGES P. Anderson B. Benz J. Bringle C. Carleton M. Cleary N. Dorn J. Enyart J. Fisher P. Clomp M. Hade J. Hellem C. Hess B. Junge N. Kmetz J, Marken B. Neumann D. Nunn D. Peacock B. Rosenbaum J. Scheyli J. Unger B. Wanamaker M. XVatts C. Wfeber J. Malloy u-vi 55 Auburn, Norma Jean Bedell, Betty Benz, Betty Blood, Lenore Breaw, Jean TOP ROW: Patricia Anderson, Maureen Bringle. ROW 2. Connie Carleton, Mary Joan Fisher. ROW 3: Peg Clomp, Susan Carmen Hills. ROW 4: Patricia Hodgen, Junge, Edith King. ROW 5. Nancy Kmetz Margaret Miller. ROW 6: Betty Neumann, Doris Nunn, Gloria Oliphant, Dorris Peacock, Cloria Porth, Joyce Rimel, Roma Risg, ROW 7: Betty Rosenbaum, Marilynn Scott, Lavelle Selzer, Janet Schaklett, Joan Scheyli, Jean Stoltenberg, Carol Thurnau, ROXV 8: Marguerite Van Cinkcl, Bonnie Wfanamaker, Mary Ellen XVatLs, Clare Weber, Norma Wilding, Louise Wilimek, Joy Wfilson. ROW 91 Sue Winter. Page 189 Kay Cleary, Dolores Dodds, Norma Dorn, Wfilma Edmondson, Joan Enyart, Coltman, Margaret Coodnow, Marjorie Hade, Joyce Hellem, Charlotte Hess, Mary Ann Hoye, Ruth Husa, Mary Beth Jenson, Marilynn Johnson, Barbara , Gwen Kirchner, Shirley Long, June Marken, Kathleen McCormac, Ann Medlin, F 1 1? '11-53: i:.11':f:. xi l 1 i 1 . 1' :stil l 7 El .12'5?:'552' .Q . .:ii.,.i 35 :ii L5 1 1 t 4-.WI I l n I ,itil I -3 1 z F gf, 1 g --' .-. i il' 'll , tt. t il f - N I I .1 ,zz gzl. .,N. If '-:.-::I : 5512, 1 -, 9 G :. -,-::.g 5 - 5f':li"x" - -" " 'Q :"'-I :I -'.'n- ft! . - . ' 'XI . ner '1.'-ss, A Zta-- ,Y-Z! ity. ,, ,QS I 1- - -f .1- ,ti . .I 3. e. v 'A-.. '--.-xl: 1,1' -4 li, " ' g. CHI OMEGA OFFICERS ANN CANEDY President MARY KAY MILLER 'Vitae President DIANE WITTE Secretary PEGGY FULLER fTfCHSHf6f The Chi Os: Cather oysters to get pearls for new active pins . . . Follow faithfully gavel holder Ann Canedy who is Diane 'Witte Donald 'Waltovr Lorrie Lclesa, Art 7llcQiueriu, Ernestine Pat Reilly, Bill Olson. Raslnirl, Tom Peddicord. also sorority editor of HAWKIEYE, cheerleader, and a member of Seals swimming club . . . Like to shine their two new trophies-the Lions club award for sorority homecoming decorations, and the intramurals cup . . . Take swimming lessons from Seals Sue Cole, Kae Lynch and Margie Lynch . . . Attend all the football games to see jo Stooker lead cheers, and Highlanders Fran Valentine and Pat De Villbiss parade in their kilts . . . Will long remember Marge Canedy singing in the university chorus concerts . . . Are famous for their wilted carnations on the piano after initiation . . . SOCIALIZE . . . by donating their lawn for foot- ball practice . . . Helen Pittas. Lillian Brunsvold, Clnallie Tlvomton Lorrie Eelesa, Betty fl-ledegarud ,...,, ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '51 0,755 of '49 P. Aschenbrcnncr B. Adcoclt L' Pros? k M. Anderson P' I-iernc PA Benesh P. Pierce E. Brennecke E Brennecke Pl-EDCES A. Canedy C, Allcn B. HEHCliQl Afinang J- S3lStT0m L. Brunsvold 1, Whitbeck M. Cancdy D. WittC S, Calc J- Ziflmff P. DeVilhiss D. Zvacek P4 Dgwng dl. Elgiin d B. He e aar CIHSS Of 450 R. jaclcsim A. Arganbright J- .IOUCS C. Briggs A. Lawson P. Fuller I-. I-C4453 E. Haack K- Lynch B. Haney M- I-Ynch S' Lewis M. McR0hcrts M. Miller N' Nmtal M, Palensky gggljfd P' Remy S. Schapanski M. Siedner M' Shaffer J' Smoker J. Stiekels 'il' F. Valentine C, Thornton N. Woodard M. Toline TOP ROXV. Beverly Adcock, Pat Alexander, Carol Allen, Ann Arganhright, Phyllis Ariens, Pat Aschenbrenner. ROW 2. Pat Benish, Edith Brennecke, Eleanor Brennecke, Lillian Brunsvold, Ann Canecly, Margaret Cancdy. ROW 3: Susan Cole, Pat Devilbiss, Margaret Downs, joan Elgin, Lois Frost, Margaret Fuller, ROW 4: Esther Haack, Delores Haney, Betty Hedegaard, Barbara Hcnckel, Pat Herrick, Rachel jackson. ROW 5: janet jones, Ann Lawson, Lorraine Leksa, Shirley Lewis, Kao Lynch, Margaret Lynch. ROW! 61 Mary McRoberts, Mary Kay Miller, Helen Pittas, Erncstine Rashid, Pat Reilly, jo Salstrom. ROW 7: Margaret Schaeffer, Sally Schapanski, Mary Lee Siedner, Helen Sharp, Nancy Starn, jean Stechels. ROXV S: jo Stookcr, Challie Thornton, Mary Toline, Fran Valentine, Ioanne Whitbeclc, Diane Witte, page lgl ROW 9: Norrine Vlfoodward, Janet Ziemer, Dorothy Zvazelt. 235, A . 'if '2ii.3QQiEi:. .z'P: "-ig "..fF-QQ: '5g"' E5-jug: 15:3 5-2 'iii-'IGI' .aaafi ' 'i'i?ii., .. iaiiiisi- " ,....'..g.g, .j.'-5.511 'f'Sf3f?! f5fiii3?,!.1 effssiziigi Ji-1.-I-3253-1. Ii:-.H '--1f's 3 i21.::sE15.s -Li-524 V :::ff.rffr5 iezff. - .H :ggri ,.3,g:.'..::. --: ws. -:-a-.:-':c-- 'fr '::E' QE, .... 1, DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS JEAN CONE President SUZANNE CRONNA 'Vice President JANE LORD Secretary ANN AVERY Treasurer The Tri Delts: Say modestly, "Don't try the others-Tri Deltl' . Believe that having President jean Cone as treasurer of Panhellenic is rather handy . . . Recognize the fame of Phyl jordan, who spends many hours at the piano-usually over WSUI . . . Were pleased at the efficiency of Kay Klotzbach, UWA chairman of "Profile Preview", and president of Omricon Nu . . . Claimed Sue C-ronna, Information First chairman . . . Realize that Frances Henderson, Mary jane Nielson, B. J. johnson, Sue Cvronna, Marilyn Koch and joan Tripp worked well in UWA orientation for new students . . . Agree Anne Smith has a flare for writing--a member of Gamma Alpha Chi and the HAWKEYIE staff, she can prove that stledirt spelled backwards is tridelts . . SOCIALIZE . . . by tri-ing all angles . . . jobn E. Peterson, Barbara Bishop, flo 3. J. johnson, Connie Unnxs Edrtb .flnn Cbipinan, Dean Crawford. Bill Sutter, 2TIargie ffelfer. Slauata. ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 E. Spangler J. Tripp B. Allen , J- Cone Class of 51 N4 Haegg M, Anderson M, Dcubcn B. Dunshee C. Innis M. Hanlon p, Jordan M. Kerns E, Kgnncdy S. Lachner K. Klotzbach Br Richafds 1. Lofd E. Slavata M. Nielson M- Smith M. Pitzenberger .l- SYW3S5ink S. Quist J. Thielen N. gjulin S. Watson J. Smith C. Sywassink PLEDCES R. Biddick Class of '50 G- Briggs D. Anderson P. Dillon M, Anderson M. Fclter A. Avery J, Freyder B. Baldridge I. Huffman B. Bishop J. Knox S. Buxton J. Larson J. Chipman M. McCormick S. Gronna M. Merkley J. Hansen M, Minor M. Koch J. Slavata E. McQuade S, Snodgrass A. Smith M, Thompson TOP ROW: Barbara Allen, Doris Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Mary Frances Anderson, Ann Avery, Barbara Bal- dridgc. ROW 2: Rita Biddick, Barbara Bishop, Shirley Buxton, JoAnn Chipman, Jean Cone, Marilyn Deuben. ROW S1 Patricia Dillon, Barbara Dunshee, Margaret Felter, Joan Freyder, Susan Gronna, Norma Lou Hacgg. ROW 4: Mary Lou Hanlon, Joelle Hansen, Frances Henderson, Imogene Huffman, Connie Innis, Betty Jane Johnson. ROW 5: Phyllis Jordan, Eleanor Kqnncdy, Margot Kearns, Kay Klotzbach, Joan Knox, Marilyn Koch. ROW 6: Sally Lachner, Jane Lord, Mona McCormick, Elizabeth McQuade, Peg Merkley, Mary Lou Minor. ROW 7: Mary Jane Nielson, Mary Pitzcnbcrgcr, Sally Quist, Beverly Richards, Norma Sjulin, Edith Slavata, ROXV 8: Jean Slavata, Anne Smith, Jean Smith, Marilyn Smith, Shirley Snodgrass, Eleanor Spangler. ROW 9. Carol Sywassink, Joan Sywassink, Joanne Thielen, Mary Lou Thompson, Page 193 Joan Tripp, Sally Watson. 55:1 iw.:- ., Q.,-,Il . ' "rg-145 9 -f3f4EiPl1 .1.z ,CF -::I3i:a'w 4:-.L HW. -3 fi: 5 QEE1-1' r- ' -212115.23 -9 - . .zz-1 -' aefstssffr , W 'jfjjl-I'E3E ". . "2 1,1-I-ZZ? iii? i ' Q " Ffif' 4 's DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS JACLYN FITCH President ELEANOR MAIDEN Tice President DOROTHY QPAC-E Secretary MARTHA FRY Treasurer The DCS: Are royally represented with Nancy Koerber, Dol- phin queen, june Maher, attendant to Newman queen, and Colleen Dennis, HAWKEYE beauty queen . . . Watch president jackie Fitch wheel from meeting to meeting-sheis UWA vice-president, a member of Mortar Board and Phi Gamma Nu . . . Know that Lynn Melrose is busy, too, as editor of Eine Ter, member of Seals, and YWCA cabinet . . . Praise the scholarship of Martha Fry and Mary Louise Anneberg, members of Alpha Lambda Delta , . . Contributed six highlanders: Martha Fry, Margaret McCaslin, Janne Tyler, Diane Horrabin, Bonnie Campbell, and Sally Finkbine . . . Listened to songbird jackie Fitzgerald over radio station WSUI . . . Crave joan Van Alstine and Liz Sackett to the HAWKIQYE staff . . . SOCIALIZE . . . although they live far from campus . . . Caroline Brenton, Barb Tlood, Donna joan Blanl, Pat Tortrane, "l my Gretchen Tetter, jackie Titcb. Jensen, Anne Reed. Bayley. ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 M. Bayley C. Billings C. Brenton M. Brown C. Dennis R. Farrell J. Fitch B. Flood P. Fortune J. Cvrayston J. Hansen J. Hood E. Jeanes D. Jensen E. Lane M. McCaslin M. Mahoney E. J. D. C. E. A. C. N. A. M B. D. Maiden Paul Page Rathe Rawson Reed Yetter Yuill Class of '50 Chadima . Fry Henderson Horrabin M. Melrose Page 1 95 J. O'Shaughnessy E. Saekett S. Tegen Class of '51 M. Anneberg J, Tyler J. Van Alstinc PLEDCES L. Bekman S. Birks J. Blaul B. Campbell D. Carson S. Corley J. Dancer P. Ferris S. Finkbine J. Fitzgerald J. Fouts C. Cordon C. Jackson N. Koerber N. Knudson J. Maher S. Mahoney J. Mitchelltree S. Orsborne J. Phillips S. Rook R. Swanson S. Summerville A. Woodard M. Young TOP ROW: Mary' Louise Anneherg Mary Bayley Louise Beckman Catherin Billings Joan Blaul Carolyn Brenton Sue Birks, ROW 21 Marian Brown Bonnie Campbell Diane Carson Alice Marv Chadima Sue Corley Jo Ann Dancer Colleen Dennis. ROW 3: Rosemary Farrell Joy Fauts Pat Ferris Sally Finkbine Jackie Fitch Jacqueline Fitzgerald Bar bara Flood, ROW 4: Pat Fortune Martha Fry Carolvn Gordon Jane C-rayston Janet Hansen Carole Hawkins Barbara Henderson. ROW 55 Marian Hollingsworth Joan Hood Diane Horrabin Carol Jackson Ellen Jeanes Donna Jensen Nancy Knudsen. ROW 6: Nancy Koerbcr Liz Lane Kay Liem June 'Vlaher Nflarian Mahoney Sally Mahoney Eleano Maiden. ROW 7: Margaret McCasl1n Lyn Nflrlrose Jonquil Nflicheltree Susan Orsborne Joan OSI-iaughnessy Dorothy Page, Julia Paul, ROW' 8 Barb Petree Jackie Phillips Kathy Rathe Ellen Rawson Ann Reed Shirley Rook Elizabeth Sackett, ROW 91 Shirley Summerville Ruth Swanson Shirley Tegen Jan Tyler Joan Van Alstine Ann Woodard Gretchen Yetter. ROW 101 Martha Young Nancy Yuill +Y-- -Y 555 I Tiffgezissiisr- u'l ,"i!'1, ':i"1 1 -:feat .LM-gtg '11-:Frrqm i ' .gsrgaagg za. V .- zizffiffif' - ."'f5if?,' . if lisa: :'fiW 19-H. 35555, Ze'-tY?'2z 5? iiigillfi' 5 QP 33551 -1f:,-1?:f :Q :Egg-,-. 1' ,jp3lif.,.,. -y,-'.':'gg14g! 1 Qifrfgf flew '- V I,":5:5g:I5i:- Sw ' Q Qifs QF. ygsfffifsg 1 -J fesaaiiiagftv th H ' mans. ,- fjfhgzifg V4 ' t .,',e . .:.'.11L2f' wg,-.M . ,-1.4.-..--gr, -1':w4'.'5 ,. GAIVIM PHI BETA OFFICERS PATRICIA FOX President ANN IRWIN 'Vice President LOIS UHLLMAN Secretary DELORES OELKE Treasurer The Gamma Phis: Commend President Pat Fox for her well done work . . . Tune in WSUI to hear Ginny Hazen over the air- waves . . . Had many highlanders in their chapter: Bev 'Mc- Namee, june Schmidt, Elmerine Krohn, Betty Kirby, Lois Martin, and Marilyn Nelson . . . Cheered the Hawkeyes along with Tailfeathers mem- bers Barb Harderson, Peg Cochran, Pat Smith, Donna Gow, Rhoda Huxsol and Margaret Baker . . . Knew Pat Van Liew was busy-she was secretary of the collegiate chamber of commerce and president of Phi Gamma Nu . . . Were proud of Donna Gow, art editor of the UWA calendar for 1949 . . . Beamed when Donna Klingbiel earned her pin for Alpha Lambda Delta, scholastic honorary . . . SOCIALIZE . . .by chatting via the windows with their Clinton place neighbors . . . Betsy Qregg, Barb fHenderson,5lf1ary iles 'Van Dyke, Wlargaret Baker Pat 'Van Liew, Corky Wlajor. Balkerna. Qinnie U-Iazen, 'Wally Ras ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 M. Balkema J. Christensen M. Cochran M. Diedrich G. Elliott P. Fox M. Gustafson S. Haworth V. Hazen A. Irwin C. Jones H, McMahon D. Oellce R, Paul B. Shaw S, Smith L. Ullman P. Van Liew M. Voorhees Class of '5O. A. Miller A. Pitz Class of '51 J. Patton G. Kersbergen H. Kinsey B. Kirby D. Klingbiel P. Smith PLEDGES A. Bacon M. Baker B. Bragdon P. Clausen E. DeReus R. Elliot D. Falkenhainer D. Gow E. Gregg R. Huxol B. McNamee V, Burt K. McTigue M, G,-egg D. Jessen B. Hardesson l- l0l1HSt0I16 B. Janssen C- Malol' B. Johnston M- Nelson J, Kelly J. Osborn P. Kersey M' Pyle? K h J. Schmidt E- fo " s. Smith M- I-Ong A. Sorenson L. Martin D. Stroy :af in aim TOP ROW: Ann Bacon, Margaret Baker, Mary Balkema, Betty Bragdon, Virginia Burt, Barbara Campbell, Jeanne Christianson, ROW 2: Pauline Clausen, Margaret Cochran, Elizabeth DeReus, Madalyn Dctrich, Genevieve Elliott, Roberta Elliott, Diana Falkenhainer. ROW 3: Patricia Fox, Donna Jeanne Gow, Elizabeth Gregg, Margaret Gregg, Miriam Gus- tofson, Barbara Hardersen, Sylva Haworth. ROW 4: Virginia Lee Hazen, Rhoda Huxsol, Anne Irwin, Betty Jean Janssen, Dickie Jessen, Betty Jane Johnston, Jane Johnstone. ROW 5: Carolyn Jones, Jackie Kelley, Phyllis Kersey, Helen Kinsey, Betty Kirby, Gloria Kersbergen, Donna Klingbeil. ROW 6: Elmerine Frohn, Linda Laird, Marilyn Long, Helen MacMahon, Corinne Major, Lois Martin, Beverly McNamee. ROW 7: Mary McTigue, Ava Miller, Marilyn Nelson, Dolores Oelke, page 197 Jane.Osborn, Joan Patton, Rosemary Paul. ROW 8: Marilyn Piles, Alice Pitts, June Schmidt, Barbara Shaw, Camilla Smith, Patricia Smith, Shirley Smith. ROW 9: Ardythe Sornson, Dona Lou Stroy, Lois Ulman, Mary Patrice Van Liew, Mary Voorhees. K al .Ze ,.,.,. , '7iE131'f',. me +22-:efseq-. 4 r--- --.:.g..z.. Q -I .'.-.-:wt '11f1'.'H. :,f.55-sim, , ' 'lzffisfin Q5 ' we ifesffssarp '5ffff?f3:5:5e 'rriikffirgg ,. fvlvkg-':,5 g 557:15 1- . .-1'.'--:- 1"'.'i2'Eh ' 25:3 ' ,ggi Ggxrt. KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS JEAN CALLAI-IER President PATRICIA LOUNSBURY 'Vice President ODETT STOERMER Secretary ROSEMARY TRUEBLOOD Treasurer The Thetas 1 Appreciate President jean Callaher, Mortar Board member, student council secretary and 3.8 stu- or Marilyn Fenton and Flo Robinson on their shows . . . Enjoy watching Glennie Clendinning, Shirley Beers, B. J. Miller, Marge Campbell and Mary Van de Steeg do the highland fling at football games , . . Are represented in UWA with Pat Lounsbury, sec- retary, Flo Robinson, publicity chairman for Infor- mation First, and Ann Cvilson, member of freshman council . . . Ranked second in the competition for the Panhellenic scholarship cup this year . . . See Betty Malick counting pennies, since sheis YWCA treasurer . . . Thank their housemother, Mrs. M, H. Anderson, for her fifteen years of helpful guidance . . . dent . . . SOCIALIZE . . . with their complicated new tele- Tune in WSUI to hear Fran Whistler on "Tea Timen phones . . . Sarah Jlirtla, Sally Pinkerton, Sheryl Qlen Qlendinning, Anne Qilson, fllarilyn fKiIIinger, Edna Karcher Cbelnalz. Ona Kirkland. joan Cramblit, Lu Ann Drmmn I Q., fa j!'1.,,....A-aw-ln.. ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 M. Fenton J. Gallaher J. Cerrick S. Kresensky B, Malick A. Rutledge P, Thompson F. Whistler Class of '50 N. Airth W. Allen C. Baker S. Beers B. Bender B. Burrell M. Campbell S. Cartwright J. Cramblit M. Dailey L. Finders M. Jackson D. Kading L. Leuchauer P. Lounsbury E. Meloy B. Miller B. Murray F. Robinson M. Swisher O. Stoermer P. Troutman R. Trueblood M Van de Steeg Page l99 Class of '51 J. Berquin B. Bootjer C. Covert L. Duman C. Flodin D. Hathorn J. Heaberlin M. Kane E. Karcher M. Killinger E. Leedham L. Lindquist B. Noland J. Ruby P. Sierp C. Waldecker PLEDGES S. Airth J. Bowers S. Chehak D. Danielson U. Dawson W. Dodd A. Fenton A. Cilson B. Cilendining M. Horner O. Kirkland S. Pinkerton M. West J. Wfykle TOP ROW: Nancy Airth, Sarah Airth, Winifred Allen, Corrine Baker, Shirley Beers, Barbara Bender, Jacqueline Berguin. ROW 2: Betty Boetjer, Jeanne Bowers, Barbara Burrell, Marjorie Campbell, Susan Cartwright, Sheryl Chehak, Caroline Covert. ROW 3: JoAnne Cramblit, Mary Dailey, Dorothy Danielson, Ursula Dawson, Wanda Dodd, LuAnn Duman, Ann Fenton. ROW 41 Marilyn Fenton, Lois Finders, Carolyn Flodin, Jean Gallaher, Ann Cilson, Elizabeth Glen- dinning, Diane Hawthorne. ROW 5: Jeanette Heaberlin, Jane Herrick, Mary Horner, Margaret Jackson, Dona Kading, Marilyn Kane, Edna Karcher. ROXV 6: Marilyn Killinger, Ona Kirkland, Ardis Kresensky, Eleanor Leedham, Louise Lind- quist, Patricia Lounsbury, Linda Leuchauer. ROW 7: Betty Malick, Patricia Meloy, Bonnie Miller, Barbara Murray, Betty Noland, Sally Pinkerton, Flora Robinson. ROW 81 JoAnn Ruby, Ruth Ann Rutledge, Phyllis Sierp, Odette Stoermer, Mary Ann Swisher, Peggy Thompson, Phyllis Troutman. ROW 9. Rosemary Trueblood, Mary Van de Steeg, Caryl Waldecker, Merry West, Francis Whisler, Jane Wykel. - if-2135: 5ZZ'.f'-'- nz I .5-'gimi . 234, ,gui , x.-5. ::: rqvaig --- .-.-buf' -...Lic-:5!'l': 'ff3:JlE51E: .2554 f2'f:?f55:Ef5, 'semis wfiiiiiif 1.'2eg:gg!5: :3ssse:ts3':'2l 'A'-rfrf-2: ':f19:if2:'. 'N' 'Tilfiffiifk 'v . ., ii1:55:?.v1-E 'ffiiiit-2F52 h"lMBX'tFllDv3il up 4' 4 9 T iw' -'lzzfifl -:f::.-.:i:.'EE 2 J.':::54t: l 11.3535 ' mggq.-.5 ,'3?r!r-21 f' Z9!2L1.'5: Qzzifiiflz -' 7559 . .iw KAPPA K PP OFFICERS i.. member of Mortar Board, and editor of the UWA MARY FRANCES WI-IITLEY President PATRICIA PINNEY 'Vice President DCROTHY BROWN Secretary NANCY SHUTTLEXVORTH Treasurer . GAMMA Point proudly to Carolyn Ladd, president of YWCA, Code for Coeds . . . Mention I-Ielen White, jean C-ordon, and Nancy Shuttleworth who serve on the "Y" cabinet . . . Seldom see Meg Auner and Pat Bennett since they spend much time at the I'IAXVKIIYI5 office . . . Are well represented in Seals club, with Meg Auner, as president and members Nina Larimore, Sue Funk, Marjory Cutfreund and Connie jewett . . . Spend their leisure hours explaining to people how The Kappas: they use their keys to success . , . Think President Mary Fran Whitley has led the chap- SOCIALIZE . . . by sharing their pogo sticks on ter admirably this year . . . trips between the annex and chapter house . . . floflnn Llioley, Doris Zlliller, 'l'ir'gi1:5a Pat Bennett, Carolyn Qnstafson, Bar- Priscilla Qarreit, Andrey Benfer, janet Thomason, lmra Dodge, Bill llfilleen. Kathryn Horslnnd DeCou ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 D. Brown C. Capen A. De Gou J. Devereaux D. Doyle J. Elder j. Foley P. Garrett J. Glendenning C. Gustafson E. Holden K. Horslund C. Ladd A. Mitchell D. Mueller P. Pinney H. White M. Whitley Class of '50 B. Aarons M. Auner S. Clearman B. Dodge T. Frank E. Fredericks J. Gordon A. Langland A. Miller R. Oswald E. Phillips B. Rath P. Ross N. Shuttleworth E. Thompson Class of '51 P. Bennett D. Brandenburg M. Cords S. Funk M. Gutfreund N. Larimore M. Mitchel P. Morehead E. Pratt J, Tewlcsbury B. Williams PLEDGES M. Arp N. Bevins N. Bristow M. Carroll M. Cornwall G. Flindt P. Green H. Hays D. Horslund C. jewett C. Miller D. Miller M. Miller N. Ross C. Spalding J. Thomason N. Wallace N. Wilson -gig! Page 201 Y a 2 to 5 . J X TOP ROW. Beverly Aarons, Mary Arp, Margaret Auner, Pat Bennett, Nancy Bevins, Donna Brandenburg, Nancy Bristow. ROW 2: Dorothy Brown, Charlotte Capen, Mary Carroll, Sally Clearman, Mary Lou Cords, Margaret Cornwall, joan Devereaux. ROW! 3: Barbara Dodge, Doris Doyle, julie Elder, Gretchen Flindt, jo Anne Foley, Terry Frank, Emilia Fredricks. ROW 4: Sue Funk, Priscilla Garrett, joan Glendening, jean Gordon, Polly Green, Carolyn Gustafson, Marjorie Gutfreund. ROW 5: Helen Hays, Doris Horslund, Katheryn Horslund, Connie jewett, Carolyn Ladd, Audry Langland, Nina Larrimore, ROW 6: Anne Miller, Carolyn Miller, Doris Miller, Marilyn Miller, Anne Mitchell, Martha Mitchell, Pat Morehead. ROW 7: Dorothy Anne Mueller, Ruth Oswals, Audrey Peterson, Emily Phillips, Pat Pinney, Emily Pratt, Betty jane Rath. ROW 8: Nancy Ross, Pat Ross, Nancy Shuttleworth, Cesilie Spaulding, jane Tewksbury, janet Thomason, Betty Thompson. ROW 9: Nancy Wallace, Mary Fran Whitley, Betty Wfilliams, Nancy Wilson. 5: :ef -: ::::::ggg,y-, --.-.. ii 'g2EE3:3!-11:31 255:55 F5 9513323-3:fr55 - 355553:-., '12 7-i WP-iii? 11115535- E: -?,fi1:11H ,-1S:g?sf::.'f' ,A .-.uid 4.12-'::?.J:f-" I- f?-3422 4:1-'fffpi'-' " JULIA FERGUSON President PATRICIA I-IEN N ESSY 'Vice President PATRICIA KAUFMAN Secretary LUCILE DURHAM Treasurer The Pi Phis: Rebuilt the mantel to hold the coveted Panhellenic scholarship cup and the university sing trophy . . . Are often serenaded with "Mary Margaret Tru- man" . . . PI BET PHI Encourage their talented artists. Lucy Durham is art editor of Code for Coeds and art layout editor for the I-IAWKEYI3, and Mary Ellen DeWitt is art editor of the Panhellenic handbook . . . Praise Kay Kimmel and Mary Sayre, cabinet mem- bers of YWCAg and Marlys Young, index editor of HAWKEYE . . . Are honored by having Margie Foster as secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Remind us that Sue Stevens was Miss Perfect Profile Of 1948 . . . Wish they all could swim as well as Seals Sue Stev- ens and Rusty Kelly . . . SOCIALIZE . . . by starting the weekend early and ending it with study . . . Margaret Qoodner, Dean Sticbnotb. Elaine Vifqiaain, Lois 7l'1CCord, Joyce Barb Ernst, Naxie Erickson Pat Bob fl-loff, Wlargi Toster. Skinner, julia Tergnson. Kaufman, Wlarian O'Conner ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 M. DeWitt B. Ernst J. Ferguson P. Hennessy M. Herrold C. Hudson P. Kauffman E. Vifquain G. Zech Class of '50 M. Burrill M. Erickson A. Erickson A, Ewers J. Fraseur M. Goodner K. Kimmell J. Larson L. McCord P. Penningroth R, Peterson C. Sibert F. Strate Class of '51 M. Eaton J. Frohwein L. Cehrke N. Hennessy M. O'Connor P. Ricketts J. Skinner M. Snider M. Young PLEDGES P. Baker K. Diddy E. Doolittle J. Doomick P. Eschbach S. Johnson M. Guy C. Kelly J. MacLeod J. Martin C. Newell C. Rich P. Schlampp S. Schneider J. Scott S. Stevens J. Sutherland M. Thomas E. Thomsen J. Throckmorton M. Tinley S. Webb J. Wengert K. Wildman TOP ROW: Louise Archie, Phyllis Baker, Maybell Burrill, Mary Ellen DeWitt, Killeen Diddy, Elizabeth Doolittle, Alma Jane Doornick. ROW 2: Lucilc Durham, Mary Eaton. Maxine Erickson, Barbara Emst, Phyllis Eschbach, Ann Ewers, Julia Ferguson. ROW 3: Jacklyn Fishbaugh, Margaret Foster, Joanne Fraseur, Joan Frohwein, Lucretia Gehrke, Margaret Goodner, Marian Guy. ROW 4: Natalie Hennessy, Patricia Hennessy, Marjorie Herrold, Constance Hudson, Yvonne Hoff- man, Sally Johnson, Patricia Kaulfman. ROW 5: Catherine Kelly, Kay Kimmel, Jeanne Larson, Jeanette MacLeod, Jane Martin, Lois McCord, Colleen Newell. ROW 6: Marian O'Connor, Peace Penningroth, Rozan Peterson, Carma Lou Rich, Patricia Ricketts, Mary Sayre, Peggy Schlomp. ROW 7: Sally Schneider, Joyce Scott, Louise Schwartz, Jeanne Shearer, Colleen Sibert, Joyce Skinner, Melanie Snider. ROW 8: Sue Stevens, Florence Strate, Justyn Sutherland, Mary Tinley, Page 203 Marjorie Thomas, Elizabeth Thompson, Jean Throckmorton. ROW 9: Elaine Vifquain, Sally Webb, Joan Wengert, Kay Wildman, Lorraine Young, Marlys Young, Gail Zech. -' 25:2 . .2 '-QQ?-EI, 21:2 . li' .ff :-::5:L , .. ,- 5 aggsgqf.. X -ua.-. 49, ' 41,1 '-:,:-,g,zE'E-iff. .ag .. ,. ue.. .13 . 5E!': .:f:E'E'5 ' 1 'gf :-r-s:s5r::E -I 51:E:E5ii'5 -.4 f 'I .,5i ,gss:1q::5'- ' is . -frfzzg --:u!5f.'.: ' -9- 1 - 'f 553255:-Tti S855 .F 2-fftiiffg' if? ' -Pf'l'113bi 11?-539:26 ..!:.2l 4- - --- "- ? ec.-.-,t.g .,.f.-.v:,-:7- ,,-.f:-'. 5-5 . Paxil: F15 .al -2 :f':: U. 1 1-.::'y::Q , .- ' 'sg1'5z11a5f. .5 it I -FT . ,H .. 1- ,131 .,:g:-g-'..- '-Z1'- ' " ,--Jr, -v:.-,- ,:.-Q,-' g:: .-515.1-.-.ya-. ' .- .igtifisilff L A . f.'.3.',g-- - - - rg 4 .1-.l:,f,5iif ' ' I :gf Y , SIGM OFFICERS LEAH MENDELSON President ANITA SCHILLER 'Vice President ETHEL CCRDON Secretary MARY LOU JOELS Treasurer The S D T's: Woiider what President Leah Mendelson does with all her spare time. She's president of Panhellenic as- sociation, chairman of orientation, and on the adver- tising staff of Triuol and The Daily Iowan . . . Bob Eipslmlz, fleanne Strauss, Rosa- lind Katz, Boll Kramer, Rena Silver- W 5--f'-,:t52n,ZZ'-' V L ,..., , ,. . DELT TAU Are quite talented at collecting pins and rings . . . Keep trim with advice from Riva Castleman who is on the college board of Mademoiselle . . . Point proudly to jean Cavronsky-Mortar Board, president of the senior class and president of UWA . . . Claim Mary Lou joels, secretary of the senior com- merce class . . . Love to watch "Babe" Falk lead cheers at the games . . . Gaze approvingly at Shirley Lou Krause, chairman of Major in Marriage . . . Keep their golden torches glowing brightly . . . SOCIALIZE . . . by gathering around their new lamp post on warm nights . . . ton, Seymour Ohsmann, fllaxine Qloria Qreen, Rena Silverton, Sally Pred, Owen Tlleyerson, Sol Nagorner Urdangen, Qloria Eisler. . . . and everyone had a good time -- frm-f ' f iwm-r . if age: ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 M. Brotman P. Finkelstein J. Gavronsky E. Gordon M. Krause L. Mendelson Class of '50 G. Eisler H, Falk S. Glass B. Redman B. Robinson A. Schiller A. Silverman R. Sugarman L. Wolf Class of '51 D. Abramsohn A. Braverman R. Castleman V. Friedeberg B, Friedman E. Gradinger N, Markowitz J. Robinson C. Schoenfeld R. Silverton E. Tucker PLEDGES E. Baumer R. Brody M. Blotky J. Bordy R. Castle C. Falk J. Fine E. Germansky J. Kabakofl R. Katz D. Kennard A. Kirsch B. Kraus S. Levin M. Pred S. Llrdangen E. Ravitz N. Rich M. Rubinson J. Schloss L. Spiwak J. Strauss L. Wagner B. Waldinger L. Woolf G. Green G. Grossman H. Homan Page 205 TOP ROW: Dorothy R. Abramsohn, Esther Baumer, Marian Blotky, Judith R. Bordy, Annette D. Braverman, Renee Brody, Marlyn E. Brotman. ROW 2. Aileen Bugenstein, Ruthanne Castle, E. Riva Castleman, Gloria J. Eisler, Clara A. Falk, Helen B. Falk, Judell Fine. ROW 3: Vera H. Friedeberg, Barbara J, Friedman, Jean Gavronsky, Eunice S. Gerrnansky, Phyllis M. Ginsberg, Sandra Glass, Ethel Gordon. ROW 4: Elaine S. Gradinger, Gloria E. Green, Greta A. Grossman, Harriet L. Homan, Mary Lou Joels, Rosalind M. Katz, Janet J. Kabakofl, ROW 5: Delores S. Kennard, Audrey E. Kirsch, Babsie L. Kraus, Shirley Lou Krause, Shclle E. Levin, Nan Markowitz, Leah Mendelson. ROW 6: Maxine Pred, Elaine G. Ravitz, Beverly E. Redman, Nancy E. Rich, Leonora B. Rich, Barbara P. Robinson, JoAnn C. Robinson. ROW 71 Mildred E. Rubinson, Anita Schiller, Joyce M. Schlass, Charlotte Schoenfeld, Joan N. Sidman, Arline Silverman, Reva Silverton. ROKV 8: Lea F. Spiwak, Jeanne M. Strauss, Elaine T, Tucker, Sally L. Urclangen, Lois H. Wagner, Beryl A. Waldinger, Lillian B. Wolf. ROW 9: Leah M. Woolf. v. I A '7 u ,eww 1 ' 11 1: Q,-Qtifisg-'ig -,essssssq - .5-' ".. f'ff??:2i5. 15::i:'.-4 Gif? - 31 fl f' . 7:2-Y. '::1:2:If5 '-Q:-' . - '-' Q , "F: 55515 -5551: i rg ' 1 ,1,:2?fii35515f z -113'--. . -'.':,-115-1.j.j.j.,-- I gpfii-' ZETA TAU LPH OFFICERS LUCILE DEAN President MARILYN MARINER 'Vice President MARY LOU KRINCEL Secretary ANN WILSON Treasurer The Zetas: Think that President Lucie Dean has too little to do- sheis only vice-president of YWCA and Mortar Board, and adviser to junior Panhellenic associa- tion . . . Admire their newly decorated chapter house . . . Like to listen to warblers Marion Pfeiffer, Claire In- gels, Mary Louise Hughes, Martha Jernigan and jane Fall who sing with the university chorus . . . Appreciate Ann Wilson, who belongs to Orchesis, the honorary modern dance club . . . Point proudly to Interfraternity beauty queen Mari- lyn Madson . . . Cheer the Hawks on to victory with Tailfeathers jo Ann Wicks, jo Prokop, Marjorie Day and Beverly Peterson . . . Keep their twenty-one pledges busy-and guess- ing . . . SOCIALIZE . . . by wearing an assortment of frat- ernity pins . . . marilyn Wlariner, jeanne jirecek, Jllice Arm Reininga, john Bradke, Wlary Thomas, Joanne Prokop. Lucy Dean, jim Skopbammer. Doris Pletscb. Page 207 ACTIVE MEMBERS Clafss of '49 H. Costas L. Dean J. Jiricek A. Lotridge M. Mariner B. Moldenhower R. Rankin A. Reininga P. Rinella M, Thomas Class of '50 M. Franson M. Hiscock M. Kringel M. Pfeiffer J. Prokop M. Roose J. Wicks A. Wilson Class of '51 D. Pletch PLEDGES M. Barth A. Cadwalader M. Carmichael B, Dahlberg M. Day E. Englebrecht J. Fall F. Fisher L. Frieclrickson J. Frymire M. Grimm R. Hassleman M. Hughes C. lngels M, Jernigan L. Kriz M. Madson B. Peterson J. Roberts B. Rogers A. Wall M. Neff G. Taylor TOP ROW: Mary Lou Barth, Ardith Cadwalader Mary Carmichael Helen Costas Barbara Dahlberg ROW 2 Maryory Day, Lucille Dean, Elaine Englebrecht Jane Fall Marv Ruth Fisher ROW 2 Doris Ann Franson Lucille Friedrichsen Joyce Frymire, Marita Grimm, Ruth Hasselmann ROW 4 Martha Hiscock Mary Louise Hughes Claire lngels Martha Jernigan, Jean Jiricek. ROW 5. Marv Lou Krmgle Lorraine Kriz Alice Lotridge Marilyn Nfiadson Marilyn Mariner ROW 6. Barbara Moldenhauer, Marian Neil Beverly Peterson Marion Pfeiffer Doris Pletsch ROW 7 Joanne Prokop Roberta Rankin, Alice Reininga, Eclrxs Rinella Jean Roberts ROW 8 Betty Rogers Mary Roose Mary Thomas Ann Wall, Jody Wiclfs. ROW 9. Barbara Ann Wilson PA HELLE IC ANCE March 12 brought an opportunity for Creek letter women to treat their men to an evening at the Pan- hellenic formal dance. Duke Elling- ton was in town to provide music for the couples who crowded the main lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union. Chairman of the formal was Pat Fox, who was aided by junior Panhellenic Council mem- hers in her planning and organiza- tion. Sorority housemothers served as Chaperones. C, 1NllllCI' F. Lisle The Dulce directs, Ben Webster blows, and the gang watches. Mrs. Rhea Dahl M. Nelson, J. Myers J. Heaherlin, C, Hamborg, D. Jensen, S. Mueller Page 203 xw 51-fg5gf15.h,. wfiff? 4 33 Q Ms M 4 Q92 .gn film ., Um' ff, , s:g.weSs,4'w?Q.- .. . I we nm 'V Cv wi 3,5 if: Gag ' asv, ' - . L'-sgg, ,,. ' , Eg V . as 7: me Qgflflifgigf 94- Fw- 3 :xy .ma-'4ffg,g, , ' H, -:news 5-A I ' ' , w 1 'sf 52 1 f , H . - A " If if ' ' l. Z fi'-,V F 141 ' A Q X , Y -age, f-Mgyg lf?" - 7 ' ,R ' QF, " Y , mai? 23 , 3 Q Q b me Q f Q Q , :Q 0 x W YL Zh Row 3: H. Hockenberg, 1, Bresslcr, I. McKenzie, 1. Kern, XV. Miles Row 2. C, jewctt, D. Moeller, l. Crabb, R. Chadima, D. Erickson Bottom Rout C. Marshall, XV. Munsell, J, Poultcr, E. Flood, C. XY"alters, A, Anderson I TERFR TER OFFICERS JOE POULTER llrcsirlenf BILL MUNSELL 'Vice President CJXIGE WALTERS Secretmy- TFVEHSIUCY ITY CUUNCIL lnterfraternity council membership is composed of presi- dents and delegates from the sixteen social fraternities on campus. This year the council helped to support a Polish student on campus. Through the council, members of the fraternities donated blood to help save the life of a young leukemia victim at the University hospital. Bud Flood, executive council member, served on the student council. Bud also traveled with joe Poulter to the Na- tional Interfraternity council meeting in New York City in November. Andy Anderson, another executive coun- cil member, has worked for the past two years on im- proving the menis rushing system. Social Chairmen Bill Munsell, jerry Jewett, and Bud Flood organized the lnterfraternity dance in january. Marilyn Madson was queen. Her attendants were Phyl Eschbach, Peg Thomp- son, and Doris Anderson. Pug 6 I TERER TER ITY PLEDGE COUNCIL The purpose of the pledge council is to strengthen the interfraternity system by promoting pledge scholarship, to make social contacts, and to inform prospective students of the interfraternity system. Gerald Schomers presided at the bi-monthly meetings. The pledges and last-year initiates from sixteen member fraternities are represented at council meetings by one man from each fraternity. A new scholarship cup was purchased by the council to be awarded to the pledge class with the highest grade point average for the semester. The cup is a traveling trophy and is a replace- ment for one lost during the war. A special projects committee collected money to aid foreign students. Highlight of their social calendar was the annual dance held February 25 in the main lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union. jean McCartt reigned as interfraternity queen at the ball. Cover- nor William S. Beardsley selected the queen. Miss McCartt's attendants were jane Doornink, Ann Fleischman, and Sonna Lou Lovrien. Row 3: B, Ford, W. Reed, T. Peddicord, J. Glaza, J. Tinley, S. Stover, D. Girard OFFICERS GERALD F. SCHOMERS President DAVE MCPHERREN 'Vice President ROBERT S. LEISEROWITZ Secretary ROBERT A. SEDLACEK Treasurer Row 2: R. Sedlacck, M. Luehrs, C. Cudworth, J. Roseland, H. Sohn, A. Clotfelty, D. McClellan Bottom Row: R. Leiserowitz, j. Schomcrs, D. McPherren Page 211 331' . -:SP 16- .2 zz-:E QQ '.,Qg5': . ng. - .:.z',-., ,-LLQI5: -H5 I 11117555712 fa rszfuirekl ' 1 Lf f ETS-fs: ji ' 2 :iilii :Ii-H ' ' ' Mv:?15.- N '2,::,'::I- ' ,:':.3,, C ,w 'lzgzgrzyii - .:.1gCf-Q Q' ij-5.1.-1:5 Q Q-71 ' 5- ,.t1if.:?.g:g ' wjfzg'-gr: ' r-', ' . ' -Haaiiigitmi , ' ' - ' if Y. Yeah? I ." '-3-5,:34.s1:' ' 'any- I .2 f.: f 31'--..1:Na W' .. -s K.-.. . ' 7515.295 " Ig N: 43-1--, -.-6:5 -uv ..g:-1:.y.,-f,. ,gm zu' L. ' +6r::Lf:-: f,.r.. .. . LPHA TAU GMEG OFFICERS RICHARD W. CHADIMA President ROBERT S. SPENCER 'Vice President JOHN P. ALMON Secretary CHARLES K. MOORE Treasurer The ATOS: Made a great success of their annual Homecoming dinner dance which featured the return of many alumns . . . Speak modestly of Dick Dice, on student board of publications, Forensics association, collegiate cham- ber of commerce and co-chairman of 11181135 orienta- tion . . . Find an extra assessment on their housebill each month to feed ATO II . . . Claim a man in the house who studies, C-ene Zem- poluch, Phi Eta Sigma . . . Love to listen to Malcolm XVestly's program L'Star- light Serenade' on WSUI . . . Think suave Wfalt Reno made a good master of cere- monies for the Dolphin show '... Retain fond memories of the club Tau party and spring sweetheart dance . . . Feel sure the band couldnlt function without Cliff Snyder, "DukeD Forsythe and Malcolm Westly . . . ECONOMIZE . . . By taking their dates to the Beta house . . . jane Doornick, Riclmrd Boque, Betty Bob Thompson, fllarilyn Smith, Dick Rosenlmmn, flobn flliller, Doris Fox- Boll Charles, fllerrill Turner Dice. ter, 'William Cummings. Stamp. Daryl SF' -xx ,-1' 444' if 15 Sfgqgfejg ,max , ,.::1 away-,:: zvmszrf: -'.-. f ive- '::.i iii? Class of '49 J. Almon H. Bell R. Chadima R. Coats D. Curl H. Doden R. Dunkin E. Eckhardt M. Gaudian R. Haley C. Hamburg R. King O. Kohl C. Moore J. Rasley ACTIVE MEMBERS W, Reno T. Riley V. Shepherd G, Snyder R, Spencer R. Vial N. Woodward Class of '50 R. Charles D. Cummings R. Dice J. Englund J. Fitzgerald R. Johnson C. Louis E. Meade E. Neppl C. Peterson V. Petri R. Reynolds L. Salem W. Shelton D. Stamp Page 213 Bottom row: R. Haley, C. Moore, R. Spencer, Mrs. Yetter, R. Chadima, J. Almon, V. Petri. Row Row Row Row Row Row 2: H. Louis, C. Louis, D. Clark, M. Turner, T. Riley, R. Dice, Wm. Quinlan, D. Stamp. 3: N. Woodward, D. Curl, J. Englund, C. Zempoluch, W. Tyler, E. Neppl, R. King, R. Coats. 4: E. Mead, Wm. Post, L. Salem, D. Mathiasen, C. Cudworth, Wm. Cummings, R. Hunsicker, D. Peterson, C. Snyder. 5: T. Olson, R. McDonald, R. Larson, E. Diekmann, G. Snyder, J. Miller, R. Bogue, R. Charles, T. Fitzgerald. 6: O. Kohl, Jr., V. Shepherd, M. Wfestly, G. Forsyth, H. Doden, J. Nelson, R, Johnson, XV. Reno. 7: W. Shelton, F. Engek, H. Bell, R. Petersen, C. Hamborg, R. Vial, R. Rasley, J. Rasley, Wm. Pitlik. M. Turner W. Tyler R. Rogue D. Clark C. Cudworth R. DeYoung Class of '51 D. Mathiasen F. Engels T. Fitzgerald G. Forsythe R. Larson J. Miller XV. Quinlan PLEDGES T. Leeper H. Louis R. McDonald R. Petersen D. Peterson J. Nelson T. Olson W, Pitlik W. Post Class of '52 E. Diekmann R. Rasley C. Snyder M. Westly C. Zempoluch ll 23- i xi 'ri ':1:1:-'-Air.. I ' ,.3gQ.I' ,.:1'.?' ' .a1:fs:4 g3'.,.'., .g. i 7'lCllE-itil -JK . ifzt'-53,5 A : - ,,.-1.9, 4 fn ' 1 Pfam'-524 . BC-DW was :J-3:15042 ' 'gA.2,:z1a2c'5, '-5931129 'fiflt' 1 f' '1v,.'z-:4 ' .'F.'.E1 . -'aft .'-Tit? ,-,X .,., 1.51- BETA THETA Pl OFFICERS EVERTT W. MUNSELL President FRANK M. KEEFE 'Vice President ROBERT T. LENACHEN Secretary ROBERT H. DANEKE Treasurer The Betas: Made Bill Munsell president-he holds the whip in the house . . . Are proud of Bob Longley, Dave Meltvedr and Ray Carlsonls performances on the gridiron . . . Claim an attendant to Most Eligible Bachelor-Al Meyer . . . Have their share of Delta Sigma Pis: Chuck and Don Ruhl, Tom Moore, Bob Roseland and Bill Munsell . . . Agree Charley Crane must be popular-he's president of Canterbury Club and Alpha Phi Omega . . . Campaigned successfully to elect Rex Crayne to the student union board . . . Loaned Bob Daueke, Don Chadima and Ken Quaife to The Daily Iowan, Bob Nichols to HAWKEYE . . . Sent joe Halback, jack Roseland and Don Pyles out for freshman football . . . Had to air out their house after the annual barn party, complete with chickens, ducks, pigs and a calf . . , Made a rollicking success out of the bowery brawl . . . ECONOMIZE . . . By taking their dates to ATO house . , . 7-lerb Sitz, Dean fKnulson Nome Bill Vllartm, Charles Rulal, Clark Col- flerry Bnrgett, flauef Oslmian, fllary Qould, Clmcle Beitierliecke olm by Bob Nichols, Don Roth. Hayley, Bill Fllimsel. Swanson, flim Treticriclesen Class of '49 L. Arp R. Carlson R. Crayne R. Daneke K. Eaton J. Evans J. Eieseler G. Gierke J, Gray C. Gripp T. Lenaghan W. Martin W, Munsell C. Ott R. Roseland J. Ruhl J. Stiverson ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '50 J. Baker W. Barron G. Beno C. Crane N. Gould D. Hintz E. Keefe R. Keefe R. Kruckman R. Longley T. McBride D. Meltvedt T. Moore R. Nichols D. Roth C. Ruhl E. Strause J. Thomason W. Vogel J. Wesenberg J. West J. Williams Page 215 Bottom row: Wm. Martin, R. Roseland, R. Daneke, F. Keefe, Mrs. Hammill, W'm. Munsell, T. Lenaghan, R. Keefe, C. Gripp. Row 2: R. Kirkberg, J. Senneff, J. Williams, T. Griffith, N. Gould, T. Ghrist, D. Chadima. Row 3. J. Craven, T. Moore, G. Beno, H. Sitz, D. Fritchen, C. Crane, M. Bergeson, C, Beiderbecke, J. Schulz. Row 41 T. McBride, Wm. Vogel, R. Longley, D. Knutson, K. Eaton, J. West, B. Barron, J. Evans, J. Roseland, D. Hintz. Row 51 R. Carlson, J. Fieseler, Wm. Bayley, C. Colby, J. Fredericksen, R. Goode, J. Wesenberg, J. Murray, Wm. Hittler, Callahan. Row 6: L. Arp, T. Beck, G. Gierke, R, Ogden, J. Patten, T. Ott, D. Meltvedt, D. Roth, J. Gray. Row 71 C. Crane, J. Thomason, J. Swanson, J. Twogood, C. Ruhl, J. Stiverson, R. Carlson, A. M Class of '51 T. Christ PLEDGES C. Colby M. Bergeson A. Meyer J. Bawden R. Goode R. Carlson J. Patten XV. Bayley T. Griffith C. Crane J. Schulz T. Beck J. Halbach J. Fredericksen J. Swanson C. Beidcrbecke C. Haroer D. Fritchen K. Burman W. Hittlcr J. Callahan R. Kirkbcrg D. Chadima D. Knutson eyer, J. Bawdcn, R, Crayne. R. Miller J. Murray R. Ogden D, Pyles J. Roseland J. Senneff H. Sitz J. Twogood I M-.4..... CHI Dorsey and jim Umland beaming the latest in news, weather and music over WSUI . . . Had the largest representation in Tailfeathers . . . Listened to the harrowing and exciting experiences of Iowa Mountaineers Bob Hill and Mickey Thomas . . . Were guided successfully through the year by Presif dent Don Cossard. Other officers: Wfillis Otto, Bob Hill, Gay Larson and Tom Dorsey . . . Loaned joe May and Mark Putney to The Daily Iowan and HAWKEYE respectively . . Trooped down to the University theater to watch thespians Dick Steckel and Willis Otto perform . . . Were kept busy socializing with their "A night in Parisu, "heart,s desiren, and " '49erU parties . . . ECONCMIZE . . .By using fewer lights at par- ties... Roger Bttkslmm 'lleue 7'Vratis1aw, 77116111110 7llelcb1o1 Jll Bfuce Treddxe A1 Glotfclly Bob 7-1111 Don Eggles- 'Frslvel Tom Dorsey ton Bob La Grange. 'Willis Otto, 'Virginia fHu Class of '49 C. Larson Class of '50 J. Beach T. Dorsey R. Hill R. Karr W. Otto R. Steckel ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '51 K. Bergman F. Blaser D. Broulik R. Cutler R. Duncan J. Ellis C. Hyde T. Hyde E. Jones J. May M. Putney A. Witwer R. Wood M. Wratislaw Class of '52 J. Smith Page 21 7 Bottom row: G. Larsen, R. Hill, D. Gossard, Mrs. Silver, S. Bishop, T. Dorsey, E. Jones. Row 2: M. Wratislaw, R. LaGrange, A. Glotfelty, R. Wood, D. Eggleston, J. Spear. Row 3, F. Blaser, J. Smith, J. Kruse, R. Duncan, G. Kienzle, D. Broulik, J. May, M. Putney. Row 4: R. Duncan, A. Bruce, C. Goetz, R. Karr, J. Beach, W. Otto, R. Steckel, J. Ellis, J. Harris. Row 5: A. Witwer, T. Hyde, C. Hyde, D. Percy, R. Beckstrom E. Bickley A. Bruce A. Cady XV. DuBois H. Deucker R. Duncan D. Eggleston R. Beckstrom, W. DuBois, R. Cutler, H. Dueckcr. PLEDGES A. Frost A. Glotfelty C. Goetz J. Harris M. Kjellberg J. Kruse R. LaC-range G. Nellos D. Percy J. Spear D. Strub J. Umland II: 'g5.,35FE:3--5: , sm f l All it z: .':I: :.:-,IEE . ul . .....F. 1- :".'.':i' F5 ATA , 'f G:g1zfEf:E .' :3biHf:,3- .3 ,194 A -I I .-1 2-:-151511: i .iz :pr I an ,.aza1:ffeg,g u e.-:':':!: , L., '., gf ri .fnrzf-: DELT OFFICERS JORDAN C. KERN President RICHARD E. PHILLIPS "Vice President WILLIAM L. RADER Secretary ROBERT G. CQNNER Treasurer The Delts: Were led by jordan Kern, president . . . Became politically minded with fifteen men in the Young Republican league . . . Recognize two top students: Bob Asprey, Rhodes scholarship candidate and jim Holbert, Phi Eta Sigma . . . 7-Iowxe Ford, Kenny Lane, Word Clark Larry Copeland, jerry T U DELTA Saluted jack Pederson, officer in Pershing Rifles and ROTC . . . Keep time to their own combo composed of Kay Smith, Al Devine, Wayiie McClow and Paul Good- land . . . Claimed athletes Bob Giegel and jack IVlcDonald, football, Bill Britton, swimming, Bob Shepard, track, and Bob Ciegel, wrestling . . . Argued with jack Thomas, jack Pederson and Bill Zoekler, members of Forensics association . . . Loaned Bob Daasch, Blake Johnson and Kenny Al- sager to Delta Sigma Pi and Phil Crom to Alpha Delta Sigma . . . Made hits with the women at their Christmas and spring formals . . . ECONOMIZE . . . by drinking milk occasion- ally . . . Sclaoltes. ' 71f'nyne Yllcffloin, Sarah Airtlo. Kay Smith, john Qornmn, B111 Rader Class of '49 D. Coder K. Cook L. Copeland R. Daasch J. Fencil R. Ceigel J. F. J. J. D. R. R. Gorman Kelly Kern Pagin Patton Phillips Wfehrman ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '50 K. Alsager M. Berg J. Boehm D. Brown R. Conner A. Cotton H. Ford J. Holbert B. Johnson K. Lane R. Leachman W. McClow XV. Rader L. Suiter J. Thomas Class of '51 C. Britton L. Divine L. Jackson A. Kern R. Shepherd Page 219 Bottom row. J. Holbert, R. Conner, J. Kern, Mrs. Foley, R. Phillips, W. Rader, A. Kern. Row 2. R, Daasch, J. Pagin, Cv. Scholtes, F. Clark, D. Patton, K. Smith, T. Frantz. Row 3. R. Leachman, L. Jackson, D. Bleakly, R. Wfehrman, J. Gorman, Wm. Britton, S. Betar, H, Ford, K. Lane. Row 41: J. Boehm, R. Moen, D. Kasner, P. Goodland, K. Cook, B, Johnson, L. Copeland, W. McClow, J, Glasman. Row 5. M. Berg, J, Amies, H. Mims, XV. Zoeekler, J. Peterson, D. Strouse, J. Thomas, H. Jaeger. R010 fir F. Kelly, J. Peterson, P. Crom, A, Devine, XV. Brenton, L. Suiter, K. Alsager, J, Tinley, R. Shepherd. J. Amies S. Batar D, Bleakly XV. Brenton O Clark R. Colville P. Crom T. Frantz PLEDCES J. Clasman P. Coodland H. Jaeger D. Kasner J. Pedersen J. Peterson C. Scholtes K. Smith D. Strouse J. Tinley XV. Zoeckler .'.'f::51gJ . -1fq'iff:Z?51E1,1. , 3- ' -t. 35213 S-:gf XYUH14, 552315 Y' 'ttf " 7 1151, 5' 1' X . .t. i':ff55?f'f- " ' '1f111f.:- ' 'i:E:S5i5:5:r'i'.- Zii'!gZ':5'f:j pg,-g,g:5g:aEa -- aE33::21Sr1TE Zz'-'-215-51552 Z1 :r::12::-:ll -.1-'z::::-1-:f. 1'-5:-1-.-PQ: ,".'5::,'.'.-5:3 :E-312315. -jziizgiriy ,P wiigiifk . i'rl'!!:Z'.1J 'irnzwf' 12555-1? jifiiii 'azeiila 4- :tu 4 - t.'.'A'. ' 5. Z-.11 fix. DELT UPSILO OFFICERS CVAICVE R. WALTERS President FLOYD A. MACNUSSON Vice President JOHN H. NICKELSON Secretary HENDRIX PICKARD Treasurer' The DUS1 Are led by Caige Walters who is also secretary of lnterfraternity council and secretary of central party committee . . . Speak modestly of Curly Hultman, president of stu- dent council, president of Forensics association, Omi- cron Delta Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma, and on the cross-country and track teams . . . Claim varsity men C-lenn Drahn, Ralph and Dick Woodard and john Tedore, football, Floyd Magnus- son, basketball, Dick iVlcClanahan, cross-country, john Tedore, baseball . . . Listen to Vern Harveyis "Rhythm Ramblesw, and Don Guthrie's and Hal Hart's programs over XVSUI . . . Have four men on l'lAWKI3YE: Dale Anderson, Larry Sjulin, jim Sandrock and Gus Marks . . . Congratulate Bob Sweaney, president of Alpha Kappa Psi . . . Claim C-ordon Peterman, editor of the Iowa Transit and Lowell Kraatz, staff member . . . ECONOMIZE . . . by not engraving all the trophies they win . . . Neal Casey, Dick 'wagonery Rozan Les jipp, Salli Durst, firm Beacon, flolm Tedore, U-lelen Carroll or Peterson. Lloyd King, Rozan Peterson. jackson, David Tboenseu ' 'W htq -3 V " Class of '49 D. Anderson R. Arzberger E. Bartels J. Connell T. Green L- liPP R. Knudson F. Magnusson D. McClanahan G. Peterman J. Tedore V. Uecker D. Underwood ACTIVE MEMBERS R. Woodard J. Hoveland Class of '50 L. King R. Blackman G. Marks W. Block J. Nickelson N. Casey H. Pickard D. Edwards R. Wagoner R. Fisher G. Walters D. Weis R. Woodard Class of '51 B. Bump J. Daine R. Dickinson G. Drahn Page 221 Bottom row: T. Green, H, Pickard, G. Walters, Mrs. M. Rowland, F. Magnusson, J. Nickelson, R. Fisher, J. Sandrock. Row 2. F. Stevenson, D. Krieg, D. Anderson, D. Underwood, W. Evenson, L. Sjulin, T. Huebsch, R. Robertson, J. Marrs, H. John. Row 3: Wm. Mason, J. Casey, Wm. Daine, M. Stark, J. Creel, K. Reeds, Wm. Sutter, D. Weis, G. Marks. Row 4: G. Peterman, R, Arzberger, D. Edwards, P. Pavley, R. McClanahan, V. Troyer, R. Dickinson, E. Bartels, J. Connell. Row 51 R. Blackman, Wm. Bump, L. King, Wim. Block, J. Daine, J. Hovland, L. Kraatz, B. Sayre. Row 61 D. DeProspero, D. Guthrie, L. Jipp, G. Clark, R. Wagoner, G. Ehrich, D. Thoensen, N. Casey. W. Evanson D. Guthrie J. Alexander L. Bronson J. Casey T. Huebsch R. Jackson J. Sandrock G. Clark W. Daine D. DeProspero L. Sayr L. Sjulin F. Stevenson PLEDGES H. Hartvigsen D. Krieg G. Mills Class of '52 J. Casey G. Ehrich P. Pauley R. Robertson H. Sohn J. Marrs K. Reeds W. Sutter D. Thoensen D. Troyer Ye-I ms: - .1 11? :Z ...-. I 135 g 5, ft!! .-' 'JJ-v - if--.', "ig 'fs .fgfclif '- Ba' fe!-merit " . . If , -,,,,,.::: fin 7.117532 we ,. g-:I -H3 ...n-:rin -- 1 .ucv . - .x. 3 15:12:1- .. .... . :H ,'.::.1 , .,g-.::m2::45' -gf: " -f PHI DELT THETA OFFICERS WILLIAM H. MILES President CHARLES A. HANSON 'Vice President ROBERT C. WOLFORD Secretary GERALD A. GILBERT Treasurer The Phi Delts: Have the largest pledge class on campus-twenty- nine... Whisper the fame of john Tyson, editor of l'IAW'KEYE, president of the student ,union board, and vice-presi- dent of collegiate chamber of commerce . . . Claim varsity athletes Don Hays, basketball, Dick Tupper and Clair jennett, track, Larry Larimore, swimming, Bob Graham and Skip Carlson, golf . . . Read Buck Turnbull's regular sports column in The Daily Iowan faithfully . . . Have two future uhuckstersv in the persons of Bill Miles and Bob Pearce, Alpha Delta Sigmas . . . Highlighted their social season with the traditional western buckaroo party . . . Wlill long remember the recorded be-bop conclaves of the Conrads, Paul and jim, Chuck Hansen and Jerry Church . . . ECONOMIZE . . . by piping water from the Iowa river for their showers . . . B. J. Ratio, Dan sf Dienne Rodawig, Qarry jlflartin, Nancy Bristow, Plflari- Don 'Wandei Qarry 7lIm'tin, Burt Al- lyn U-Iynek, jiin DuBois, Dick Qren- bertson Bob Pearce, Barry Bristow, da, Anne Urwin, Nartloa young, Bob Pete J-Iedlin, Chuck U-Ianson. Berquist, Barry Bristow. Pete Hedlin, Bill Ylletier D L., - r ' f- we ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 E. Luce J. Tyson L. Fryer J, McTavish N. Adamson B. Metier D. Wandel C. Hanson D, Overholser H. Bayer B. Miles Class of '50 D. Hays R. Pearce J. Bradke K. Potter R. Bergquist C. Jennett D. Roper H. Broborg J. Pringle J. Bristow J, Jowett D. Tupper J. DuBois C. Silliman J. Conrad T. Kass J. Turnbull G. Gilbert J. Stuhr P. Conrad O. Larrimore K. Williamson B. Graham J. Thornton J. Friend G. Martin B. Wurbs Page 223 Bottom row. K. Williamson, G. Gilbert, C. Silliman, Miss Hoult, W. Miles, C. Hanson, R. Wolford. Row 2. D. Peters, Wm. Cochran, G. Wittekind, J. Pringle, D. Bittner, J. Egertson, K. Patter, R. Overholser, J. McTavish, N Adamson, D. Roper. Row 3. R. Cornick, J. Friend, J. Du Bois, W. Ball, M. Brush, R. Poppen, N. Snider, B. Wfurbs, J. Bristow, T. Treynor, C. Jennett Row 4. J. Michel, J. Church, D. Girard, J, Jowett, K, Brcdensteiner, D. Henningsen, J. Towner, T. Williams, E. Luce, R. Tupper Row 5. L. Fryer, T. Kass, Wm. Metier, G. Martin, S. Bridges, G. Trevett, R. McNamara, J. Tyson, P. Hedlin, J. Lutgen, A Turner. Row 6. J. Stuhr, H, Bayer, H. Broberg, C. Weideman, F. Albertson, J. Fletcher, D. Wandel, R. Bergquist, L. Larimore, L. Nilsson Row 7. E. Aleshire, R. Graham, D. Hays, W. Freshour, G. Gettys, P. Conrad, R. Pearce, D. Carstenscn, R. Ryden, J. Conrad. Class of '51 M. Brush J. Church J. Michel D. Peters W. Ball J. Fletcher R. Wolford PLEDGES F. Albertson B. Cochran G. Gettys I.. Nilsson T. Treynor E. Aleshire D. Cornick D. Girard R. Ryden A. Turner D, Bittner G. Dixon P. Hedlin D. Rasmussen G. Trevett K. Bredensteiner J. Egi'1'tS0H D. Henningson N. Snider B. White S. Bridges W. Freshour J. Lutgen J. Towner T. Williams D. Carstensen D. McNamara G. Wittekind sfzffii '11 . .fi-:rf-g: A 1. --.-'f:1- '. .1201 g ,i,-.,v1- I -4 521 wht "-174: EE PHI EPSILG PI 12-15531:-52. -ills I'3'4z's'F" ",?5?5:'f5i555II 3325 ' 1. QL ,- tw U TH -'-- if X " fi: -' ' OFFICERS HARLAN D. HOCKENBERC- President RICHARD L. PODOL 'Vice President SHERXWIN I. MARKMAN Secretary LOUIS H. HOLTZMAN Treasurer The Phi Eps: Are led by President Harlan Hockenberg, Omicron Delta Kappa and co-chairman of Campus Chest drive . . . Have their share of Forensics association members: Shel Sitrick, Milt Cordon, Wilbur Friedman, Harlan Hockenberg, and Sherwin Markman . . . Put Howard Olansky and Julius Lasensky on The Daily Uoiuan staff . . . Heard Zan Faigen daily over WSUI . . . Take swimming lessons from Dolphins Leon Hilfman, Don Levy and Sam Silberman . . . Are proud of Ted Zilfern, Omicron Delta Kappa, Bob Lipshutz, treasurer of Hillel foundation, Norman Matulef, Alpha Phi Omega . . . Boast of Varsity "I" football men jerry Paske and Lou Ginsberg . . . Loaned Sherwin Brotman and Julian C-utterman to the marching band . . . Highlighted their social season with the annual pledge prom, spring weekend, and anything-goes party . . . ECONOMIZE . . . by using pledge labor . . . Earle Qrueslein, Hilda Qreenlyera, Lonisfl-loltzman, Pe1'ryNadler, Shel- Don Levy, Alene Sherman, A1 don Sitricle, fllrs. Sands, Charles Arlein. Sbulkin, Syd Abraham, Al Arlein. Ethel Qoraon, Bob Lab: Class of '49 M. Bucksbaum L. Cepikoff E. Crystal J. Goldman M. Goldstein H. Hockenberg L. Holtzman M. Kettleman B. Lipshutz B, Lubin S. Markman S. Ohsman R. Podol ACTIVE MEMBERS S, Raben M. Seldin Class of '50 S. Abraham A. Arkin S. Baumer C. Bernstein T. Cohen N. Dunitz Z. Faigen L. Ginsberg J. Greenberg E. Grueskin A. Grund L. Hilfman J. Lasensky R. Leiserowitz S. Levine D Levy J. Levy O Mcyerson Page 225 Bottom row: L. Cepikoff L. Holtzman, R. Podol, Mrs. S. Sands, H. Hockenberg, N. Matulef, M. Gordon, J. Lasensky. Row 2: j. Goldman, H. Olansky, J. Gutterman, H. Belkin, S. Ohsman, R. Stern, Wm. Myers, L. Hilfman, A. Epstein, J. Levy. Row 3: E. Ohsman, G. Sandler, O. Fried, R. Leiserowitz, S. Raben, K. Kartman, L. Gordon, D. Levy. Row 4. S. Brotman, L, Roffman, H. Rubinson, R. Rosenbaum, R. Turchen, L. Siegel, l. Gessner, R. Lipshutz, O. Meyerson M. Bucksbaum. Row 5: J. Greenberg, S. Silberman, H. Cutler, T. Cohen, S. Sitrick, E. Grueskin, E. Crystal, M. Seldin, R. Levitt, M. Solomon. Row 6: A. Arkin, C. Shulkin, L. Myers, M. Braverman, A. Shapiro, S. Abraham, W. Friedman, Z. Faigen, J. Shiloff, E. Sanford. B. Ohsman S. Sitriek Class of '51 L. Gordon N. Matulef S. Rabinow M. Whitebook B. Cohen M. Gordon B. Myers E. Sanford L. Zifiern J. Faske K. Kartman C Shulkin S. Silverman O. Fried S. Martin PLEDGES H. Belkin W. Friedman R. Levitt H Rubinson J. Shiloii M. Braverman I. Gessner L. Meyers G Sandler L. Siegel S. Brotman M. Goldstein P. Nadler D Schweitzer R. Stern A. Epstein J. Gutterman L. Roflman A. Shapiro M. Soloman R. Farber R. Rosenbaum R. Turchen n i 15. . JP: 'fE'I-.'g:52:.f ,':P: ' -, ,T-1 ,'.,2ff1!I"' f-'s ...,j.1g' -. .5- 'r E95 PHI GAMMA DELTA ,:':,'gIi-Z-gl , ::2'-'-3 ' 1 fiY?f5f'5l1'i" iifil---f X A lx tif- -PA. va OFFICERS IAN H. CRABB Presiilent ROBERT D. DOTSON 'Vice President ROBERT B. DIGKEY Secretary L. ROGER SMITH QTrcasurer The Phi Gams: Boast of Bob Schulz, year's Most Eligible Bache- lor . . . Were represented by Bob Hoff and Bill Green in football, jim Graham and 'Bob Schulz, basketball, john Dinzole, jack Carpenter and Bob Burton in baseball, Russ Merkel, track captain . . . Have their share of Dolphins: lan Grabh, treasurer, and Dick Bloomburg, Penfield Mower and Bowen Stassforth . . . Gan name three men who study: Bob Carpenter, Phi Beta Kappa, John Dinzole and john Miller, Phi Eta Sigmas . . . Have a lot of men in publications: Hal Sorenson, business manager of H,wc'K1EY15, Don Richardson, city editor of The Daily lonian, Herb Willianis, l-lAXY'Kf ISYE office manager and Bob Miller and Frank Wfallis on the sales staff . . . Mention Fred Stines as president of Alpha Delta Sigma, member of Alpha Kappa Psi and UMA . . . EGONOMIZE . . . by renting parking space to the SAES . . . Connie Jlntenrl, Charlie Try, ffoin 'lly and "Hrs, loc Keefe, Ona fKii'lzf lan Cfralvb, Ronald Peierseii, fl-lonvarrl jl'llllL'l.7iHSOH, jim Urice, Ralph land fbarles Try, 'Wayland Hicks, Alexander, 'Williani Davis, Teil Aniernl, Bill Swain, Reggie Alexan- Ployllis Sierp. Seela, ilaoinas fl-lntclnnson. der, Bill iNiclJolas. ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 R. Dotsow W. Jackson H. Sorenson C. Coulter H. Alexander J. Epperhart R. McTaggart F. Stines R. Dickey C. Amend W. Freitag H. Malcolm W. Swaim C. Dodd M. Bevins B. Fulton S. Malcolm F. Uriell J. Ducharme R. Carpenter J. Graham D. Richardson W. Wilken R. Graham C. Connell D. Hake J. Skophammer Class of '50 W. Greene I. Crabb W. Hauer S. Slocum R. Bloomburg W. Griffin J. Cruse J. Heston L. Smith G. Conn W. Jepson Page 227 Bottom row: W. Freitag, Wm. Wilken, R. Smith, I. Crabb, Mrs. Harker, R. Dotson, R. Dickey, C. Dodd. Row 21 D. Dierks, J. Christian, J. Gardner, R. Crum, J. Epperhart, Wm. Davis, H. Sorenson, T. Seela, G. Griffin. Row 3: F. Stines, E. Garrett, R. Hoff, C. Amend, H. Williams, J. Lliice, T. Hutchinson, H. Malcolm. Row 4: J. Dinzole, D. Bruntlett, F. Wallis, G. Conn, C. Connell, F. Uriell, J. Heston. Row 5: J. Carpenter, R. Alexander, C. Coulter, R. Graham, Wm. Swaim, J. Keefe, W. Hauer, D. McPherren, W. Thompson M. Bevins. Row ri: R. Mighcll, H. Williams, A. Bloomburg, T. Maine, W. Jackson, J. Ducharme, J. Larson, R. Burton, C. Fry. Row 7. W. Jepson, W. Hicks, Wm. Nicholas, R. Gilmer, R. Miller, P. Jepson, D. Seibel, J. Graham, R. Schulz, J. Miller, R. Amend. C, Lawrence P. Mower J. Gardner Class of '51 R. Hoff J. Larson D. Seibel E. Garrett J. Carpenter P. Jepson T. Maine H. Williams J. Keefe J. Christian J. Miller J. Merkel D. Bruntlett R. Schulz J. Dinzole W. Nicholas R. Merkel J. Urice PLEDGES R. Amend R. Crum W. Hicks B. Miller F. Snider A. Anneberg W. Davis T. Hutchinson R. Peterson B. Stassforth W. Bauer D. Dierks D. McPherren A. Pierce W. Thompson R. Burton C. Gilmer T. Seela F. Wallis ii fl il V . E. 'L S LT 2 S 4 I i '35, :..:1.gzi ,'- . -'-1' I-1931? 'EEE "-fi? ,f-we:-:A .Q::::::1 .vliqifigz I 3:-:?1'22ii5ifii: 3 ':':3f-::E57f:':': iliqlfl: ..- ' F :fS:5Q31 1 -11.23333 i:-215125 I --11'-zz?-: .. 'QPFSS ,, ,.::.3.i42'Z:7 ' '1 1231 .1 .ig- PHI KAPPA PSI OFFICERS ELMER M. FLOOD President XVALTER F. HUPPENBAUER 'Vice President GEORGE W. MCBURNEY Secretary WILLIAM H. SWANSON Treasurer The Phi Psis: Started out the year by winning the homecoming decoration trophy . . . Boast four Nile Kinnick scholarship winners: Dick Gibson, Max Sowers, Don Fryauf and john Bunce . . . Claim Bill Shuttleworth, president of United World Federalists, varsity debater and chairman of Forensics association speakers, bureau . . . Enjoyed watching varsity footballers jim Cozad, Dick Laster, Don Fryauf, Max Sowers and jerry Long perform . . . Brag about their pledges, placing first in scholarship for three straight years . . . Have varsity debaters George McBurney and Stu Charlton . . . Put Don Risk and Stu Charlton on student union board sub-committees, Dick Cverdes on Trivol and Dick McKay on I-IAWKEYE . . . Receive a guiding hand from Milt Hollingshead, pas- tor of Kalona Christian church . . . Claim john Boyd, Dolphin, and Bill Metz, varsity net crew member . . . ECONOMIZE . . . by riding to class in Bud Flood's fire truck . . . Eenavd Strasburg, 'William Charlton, Carol flackson, flames Pickens, David Richard Thompson, Robert Jltklm oseph Cilelz, 'William Netz, Bad Bullock, fllartha Try, Diane Carson, fllrs. Illarie Qrant, Stanley flood. Stephen Nasser. Cozzie. Class of '49 J. Callaghan J. Criss E. Flood G. Hope P. Kerr F. Koch R. Phinney J. Records D. Schmidt W. Shuttleworth R. Sorenson K. White J. McPartland Class of '50 C-. Alexander ACTIVE MEMBERS XV. Becker J. Cornwall J. Cozad R. Curtis J. Farrington R. Hemingway M. Hollingshead J. Howes XXV. Huppenbauer C. Larrabcc R. Lastcr C. Lenzen D. Linge G. McBurney P. McClain XV. Metz D. Risk C. Sheehy E. Smith XV. Swanson Class of '51 E. Anderson J. Bovd W. Charlton n na vi r.f. I-1 an Page 229 Bottom row: G. Alexander, J. Dow, G. McBurney, W. Huppenbauer, E. Flood, W. Swasun, J. McKinstry, R. Hemingway. Row 2: C. Schafer, R. Berry, S. Charlton, C. Larrabee, R. Sorensen, Wm. Shuttleworth, S. Nusser, L. Strasburg, L. Lipshitz. Row 3: Wm. Metz, C. Sheehy, D. Schocll, R. Ackley, L. Haker, J. Cilek, J. Pichen, R. Gibson, T. Joslyn, R. Phinney. Row 4: J. Bunce, S. Cozzi, R. Curtis, J, Farrington, P. Kerr, R. Thompson, D. Linge, R. McKay, Wm. Reichardt, R. Phinney. Row 5: D. Bullock, N. Vifquain, J. Brecunier, R. Vallmer, R. Cyerdes, J. Glaza, N. Anderson, D. Schoell, E. Smith, M. Smith. Row 6: F. Koch, Wm. Saathofl, G. Lenzen, D. Risk, J. Criss, J. Boyd, C. Lenthe, C. Phillips, J. Cornwall, P. McClain, J. Howes. J. Cilck J. Dow D. Fryauf L. Hakes R. Ackley R. Berry D. Bullock R. Busch J. Long J. McKinstry XV. Roth S, Cozzi R. Cerdcs J. Claza T. Joslyn M. Sowers N. Vifquain Class of '52 J. Brecunier PLEDGES C. Kromer R. Landon R. McKay S. Nusser J. Bunce R. Gibson C. Lenthe C. Phillips J. Pickens W. Reichardt C. Saathoff R. Moeller J. Sangstcr D. Schoell R. Schoell L. Strasburg R. Thompson R. Vollmar -, ,. . lil ... , 3. --- .--f,.z- ,..-.X --1:1z:1:-h- 1-::-'1::k": ,'1::::. ft!!! . " AQ. fahezw s:w:.zf:+1g .. ..,. ,... ,,., A . . T- ,. : 1 . :':::!: Y U s '-I 223: ' PHI KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS centerfield on the diamond squad . . . E. DALE ERICKSON President FOREST REHBERC- 'Vice President EDWARD B. BUXTON ' ' Secretary ROC-ER R. KOLKER Treasurer Claim big Dale Erickson, Omicron Delta Kappa and Stood out in engineering honoraries: Bob Stooker, Tau Beta Pi and Pi Tau Sigma, and Ray Tingleif, Eta Kappa Nu . . . Had jim Gaffney, Larry Buescher and jack Smith in Delta Sigma Pi, Bob Martiii and john Wfoodyard in Alpha Phi Omega . . . Took off with Vince Peters, secretary-treasurer of the Iowa flying club . . . Received their inspiration from Ed Buxton, president of Wesley foundation . . . The Phi Kaps: Topped social events with their Halloween skull dance, Officially returned to the campus in February 1948 . . . as well as the Christmas and spring formals . . . ECONOMIZE . . . by starving pledges . . Lorraine Staples, Donald Caito, Beth Roger Kolker, fllrs. Jlltaly Pfeiffer, john Thompson, Tllartba D'Oll1'lQ,-Bt1f'- Wittlake, john fFlyrm. Lawrence Buescloer. bam Petree. Gi? Q kr. 35 Class of '49 J. Blackstone E. Buxton D. Erickson J. Gaffney J. Smith Class of '50 J. Bauch L. Buescher H. Eishbaugh W. Hamilton ACTIVE MEMBERS K. Hauer F, Nordstrom R. Jackson F. Rehberg L. Larsen W. Sharp C. Latch R. Stooker C. Lindberg D. Taylor J. Thompson R. Tingleff Class of '51 E. Freerksen R. Kolker W. Rater Page Bottom row. R. Kolker, L. Buescher, L. Larsen, Wm. Hamilton, Mrs. A. Pfeiffer, E. Erickson, F. Rehbcrg, V. Peters, R. Tingleff Row 2: D. Rater, J. Bauch, F. Freerkson, K. Hauer, C. Duke, R. W'hitney, J. Woodyard, C. Woodard. Row 3. E. Noring, S. Kaiser, R. Fishbaugh, C. Blackstone, J. Huston, F. Camp, J. Gaffney, C. Latch, R. Jackson. Row 4. J. Smith, C. Lindberg, D. Caito, Wm. Sharp, D. Taylor, R. Stooker, T. Peddicord, Wm. Owen, F. Nordstrom. Row 5: E. Buxton, R. Martin, J. Blackstone, J. Thomson, R Martin, D. Stahlhut, R. Coleberg, J. Perdock. L, Ankrum F. Camp C. Blackstone R. Colberg D. Caito C. Duke J. Flynn PLEDCES J. Huston XV. Owen R. Whitney S. Kaisez T. Pedclicord G. Woodard R. Martir J. Perdock G. Wfoodyard E. Noring D. Stahlhut mrs' ' Wizijl' :EQ A .. Lfizf ' OFFICERS DONALD W. MOELLER President RONALD I. COYNE 'Vice President GERALD E. BURKE Secretary GORDON E. LANE Treasurer The PiKAs: Like to listen to the tall tales of Iowa Mountaineers Bob Van Dyke, jim Taylor and jack Fahrner . . . I-lad their share of members in the American Phar- maceutical association: Bob Larson, Bill Crewse, Ron ALPHA I-Iaas, Bob Farley and Roy Cannon, jr .... Put Bill Reed on HAWKEYE and Don McConnell in Tailfeathers . . . Wonder if the Music department could get along without jerry Shipton, Gene Hentzel, Don Sand- horst and john Beer, chamber orchestra and sym- pohny, and Cliff Mitchell and Bob Bawden, marching band . . . Have a future farmer in Ralph Bond, president of Iowa 4-H clubs . . . Had hugely successful parties, among them dream girl of PiKA, and golden nugget . . . Completed their twentieth year on the Iowa campus . . . ECONOMIZE . . .by coasting down the hill to highway 218 . . . Maxine fKirlzegaard, jim Kwka Plnyllxs ffaenzler, Dick U-larold, Bev- Qordon Lane, Qene Buflelier, Ron Tllarjorie 'Wood Dick Qaston erly Carlson, jack Talorner. Coyne, Qene Hentzel. jack fFalJr11er. 'i xl" ' ' 5 YW" i IWYJM- "f4lK4'-'f'9?fli'7iM1i12fr?l T-9wNHff543i?4JLi53'7?34eitV953l9l V - , Class of '49 J. Buckels J. Fahrner E. Johnson R. Little J. Massman D. McConnell D. Moeller R. Moore D. Sandhorst Class of '50 R. Bawclen J. Beer R. Bruemmer ACTIVE MEMBERS E. Budclier C. Burke R. Cannon R. Coyne J, Donahey J. Dunley D. Newbrough R. Farley W. Vandecar J. Clattley R. Van Dyke R. Haas Class of '51 J. Kurka B. Anson Cv. Lane R. Gatson T. Nelson R. Harold H. Hammerherg Page 233 Bottom row: J. Fahrner, W. Vandccar, D. Moeller, Mrs. A. Rich, R. Coyne, C. Burke, G. Lane. Row 2. R. Farley, R. Cannon, R. Bawden, R. Larson, B. Bartley, G, Budelier, J. Taylor. Row 3: C. Hett, L. Harold, J. Massman, Jr., D. McConnell, C, Stiles, R. Moore, J, Donahey, M. Carney, R. Gaston. Row 4: D. Newhrough, W. Swah, R. Bruemmer, J. Leinfelder, G. Veldboon, J, Glattly, M. Costas, J. Kersten. Row 5: R. Harold, D. Smith, R. Haas, J. Dunley, R. Bond, D. Wagner, W. Reed, J. Kurka, B. Anson. Row 6: R. Wilkinson, J. Buckels, R. Hogg, R. Van Dyke, E. Johnson, T. Nelson, L. Hentzel, H, Hammerberg. B. Bartley R. Gaston R. Bond J. Harold V. Carney L. Hentzell M. Costas C. Hett PLEDGES J. Kersten R, Larson J. Leinfelder C. Mitchell K. Mullenix W. Reed W. Swab J. Shipton J. Taylor D. Smith W. Tygret C. Stiles D. Wagner i ' 119574 5 ,, ..i ,1 2 :J-:zz 2-1'.--':-'nfl .,.,,55,-n., .- . l. Pi 213.-g. 1 . -. ..-.. A -'-1': '::.1 if - ,EE si 5?-?:l'll" "-,i:'.,-.g..,.i ,x V. . . 1 ' 'wi-F-3:r::r .3'f:I Q ::-gt:-"-'J,. F . it Q i Bari 5 an P:-254795357 ifii . ai:-:rim -E in il ' 'IFS SIGMA ALPH OFFICERS JOSEPH C. POULTER President WALLY S. RIS 'Vice President RICHARD V. WITTE Secretary CHARLES KLINE Treasurer The S A Es: Claim two Omicron Delta Kappas: Joe Poulter and Pete Everett . . . Boast two interfraternity presidents: joe Poulter, In- fraternity council and jerry Schomers, Pledge council . . . Have three men in the collegiate chamber of com- merce: john Porter, Ed Carty and Red Young- strom . . . Robert P eifer, Ricbard 'Witte Ro- EPSILO Boast a winner of two Olympic swimming crowns, Wally Ris . . . Won the interfraternity touch football and golf titles . . . Campaigned to elect Pete Glasgow to the student board of publications . . . See jim Doyle, Boyd Workhoveii and Dave Lodwick at WSUI . . . Congratulated Ed Kemp on his chairmanship of the National Interfraternity undergraduate conference in New York City . . . Applauded Kampus Kapers, written and directed by Jack Whitesell . . . Admired Bob McKenzie and jack Dittmer on the gridiron and Stan Straatsma and Buckey Harris on the basketball court . . . ECONOMIZE . . . by pawning some of Wally Risl medals . . . bert 7llcfKenzie, Leo Sllurolf, Qene Pbilip Berg, Lemon Klein, Robert Slack. jobn Qoodell, Robert Daylein. Primrose, Don Harding. --fi A. Sterling ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of '49 Jensen E. Miller D. Wagoner P. Bacon Kaiser F. Munson E, Wilson XV. Beenk Kelso W. Neary E. Youngstrom P. Berg Kenworthy R. Paulding Class of '50 W. Burney Klein J, Poulter T. Brooke E. Carty McConkie A. Schmahl R. Butler P. Grahl Madden H. Showers W. Coon F. Gruesel Meahl S. Straatsma L. Euken D. Harding Meek W. Toole K. Glasgow D. Hudson J. Giltner R. McKenzie J. Mathew J. Mitchell J, Nunn W. Pfeiffer J. Porter W. Ris J. Whitesell Page 235 Bottom row: E, Wilson, A. Schmahl, D. Wagoner, W. Ris, Mrs. Scholes, J, Poulter, L. Klein, J. Meek, C. Hess. Row 2. A. Carty, P. Berg, E. Proctor, Jr., E. Miller, Jr., J. Pursifull, Jr., A. Sterling, Jr., R. McDonald, H. Waugh, R. Griffith, J. Porter, D. Goranson, M. Trueblood. Row 3. J. Giltner, R. Madden, L. Van Dyke, B. McDonald, R. Pfeifer, T. Brooke, J. Muilenburg, R. Daykin, R. Watts. Row 4: W. Burney, R. Witte, W. Walker, R. Primrose, E. Youngstrum, L. Emery, G. Smith, R. Jensen, R. P. Grahl. Row 5: Wm. Pfeifer, L. Marolf, D. Harding, J, Nunn, J. Miller, J. Godell, G. Coon, K. Kaiser, E. Kemp, V. Row 6. J. Doan, N. Harris, J. Dittmer, R. McKenzie, R. MeConkie, F. Greusel, J. Ryan, R. Hade, G. Slack. Row 7. A. Hudson, B. Workhoven, T. Johnson, D. Lodwick, J. Doyle, R. Beck, R. Kaufman, R. Ford, J. Mathew, J. Schomers, Wm. Teeters. Class of '51 R, Daykin R, Johnson J. Muilenburg R. Beck Garst R. Madden V. Trueblood PLEDGES J. Cusack Goodell D. Lodwick R. Primrose J. Dittmer Grahl B. McDonald L, Proctor J. Doan Griffith R. McDonald W. Quinn L. Doan Hade L. Marolf J. Ryan J. Doyle Harris R. Melsha NV. Schmahl L. Emory Kaufman R. Pfeiffer G. Schomers R. Ford R. Grahl, L. Doan, Melsha, J. Cusack, Witte, F. Munson. Stith, R, Garst, J. L, Van Dyke R, Witte G. Slack J. Smith XV. Teeters XV. Walker H. Waugh V. Witte R. Wforlhoven . 'ii:55f5ffif5:. at 2 1 '-1: mv. -A .g.'.,'.-. wg: 1: 1 ..-,y,.11.:1.:: ,,'.':.-:-1:2503 E :YEJGEZYHY 5 I zalsmaaff Ke -'tfwfrsfffw - s53f:,::.':sa: ' . W ta. i :F1'I'fif.i. .f -EEC-E26-CFI 1 ' .-EEEIQQHQ .'Q55.ii,'.W1 '-:1'-z'::.1 1: :.':.m'. .' .. Ig -. .i-.'.zz:12-15 lg :.1Lg- h -.1::::591?-,-.-.-.-' 1 tp-:z -.:'!ff"p-gilt'-' VFEZEE4 'iii :aEw?5Z'55'?" SIGM OFFICERS JAMES B. MCKENZIE President LLOYD E. BERC, JR. 'Vice President RGBERT L. MUMERT Secretary RICHARD N. PUETZ, JR. Treasurer The Sigma Chis: Faced their social season with the sweetheart dance, Christmas formal and nationally famous Sigma Chi Derby . . . 14 Qrijfe , Bruce 7l'lCfKim. Russell Ned CHI Are proud of Don Winslow, tackle on the varsity gridiron squad . . . Sing "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi"-sometimes in tune . . . Think teetotaler Tom Collins is a good mixer . . . Are famous for their sizzling serenades to sorority sirens . . . Claim Dean Crawford, president of Tailfeathers, Dick Rust, president of Omicron Delta Kappa, jim Mc- Kenzie, on the student union board, and Glen Cray, business manager of Trivol . . . Never miss a play at the University theater which stars brother Thornton Klos . . . ECGNOMIZE . . . by receiving sample comic strips from fabulous Milt Caniff . . . rl Dorn. Roderick 7lICDormeZl. PLEDGES Class of '49 L. Berg R. Buchanan D. Crawford H. Debban S. Distler C. Doebele J. Easton M. Foster R. Hedge C. McCarty R. Mummert J. Rock J. Soderberg W. Stuhler D. Van Horn K. Young Class of '50 R. Batsron J. Carlson ACTIVE MEMBERS F. Carpenter G. Chaney T. Collins R. Cosgriff E. Cathcart C. Helseth R. Henkle C. Holloway R. Huglin R. Jahn J. Kampmeyer R. McHugh McKim McKenzie Munson Puetz Schmidt Singer W. Tandy . Thocn . Winslow Class of '51 J. Anundsen J. Barnes R. Bryan D. Hintz R. Meyer M. Staley R. Willhite Class of '52 J. Gabelman Page 237 Bottom row. J. Schmidt, J. Easton, R. Puetz, J. McKenzie, Mrs. Rhea Dahl, I.. Berg, R. Mumert, J, Barnes, R. Cvosgriff. Row 2: D. Crawford, R. Meyer, C. Hintz, F. Schlabach, S. Distler, R. Bryan, T. Collins, N. Thoen, M. Baker, E. Lisle, D McClellan. Row 3: J. Gableman, D. Van Horn, R. Davis, J. Murray, R. O'Neil, N. Hedge, R. Sidney, M. Foster, Jr., J. Rock, J. Munson 'Row 41 K. Young, R. Henkle, R. Huegland, E. Smith, J. Maroney, J. Stiles, E. Cathcart, J. Anundsen, G. Cray, R. Buchanan J. Carlson. Row 51 W. Barwick, C. Holloway, J. Zoeckler, D. Woodard, H. Debban, T. Kauffman, R. Willhite, C. Helseth, J. Soderberg P. Schick. Row 6: R. Jahn, K. Chaney, J. Kampmeyer, C. Doeble, B. McKim, T. Klos, A. Kupker, K. Schultz, J. Schick, W. Stuhler. Row 7. R. McDonnell, K, Harris, J. Crassweller, M. Staley, J. Hargrove, C. Cvriflen, F. Schlorholtz, D. Dorn, C, Hendrickson E. McLaughlin. M. Baker K. Harris J. Crassweller C. Hendrickson R. Davis R, Houston C. Griffin T. Kauffman J. Hargrove A. Kupker XV. Launspach E. Lisle D. McClellan R. McDonnell E. McLaughlin Murray Schick Schick Schlabach Schlorholtz K. Schultz G. Smith J, Stiles D. Woodard J. Zoeckler .ng 111:31-xii?-'f.. ini: '1:232qa:1.:.f... 25552 1 "-ir'9Fsii??ifg1 .-5:1fE1SE'? '1'ffi1Q4" -5 9:2'1s.15sf:: gZg5g2:3.33.a:33 -.,'.:'g:':.' - v.-:nfl-Bti: I .2115 11' .. .... ...,.. . .. -:PL1 :-.'-1 122175717 -f71':' f-1:-2311 :E nz-:'1'Z-LI' -lififff . nr. wtf. fl' v121z1f-saafsl ifinrrf 31:15:11-1' -4 rufgiziz, -zz: nz 1- 5 i :'f'-vj:-2"' .f','HL31:lgX ,'Hf::' . "if --.-3-qgaagir 251239, 'th 11:5-252.-A C'-E'.v 222215552 'fgzitiiih .i1pr??qE, ilfiflfl E: .-afsagg. . 0.1 'Cr '-:.f".11L:- f 1 5-'I ..-:fifif.fz:Ee+1" ci! iff , A SIGMA NU OFFICERS GERALD A. JEWETT President J CARROLL R. JOHNSON 'Vice Presideni CHARLES W. HICKLIN Secretary RICHARD F. AMICK Treasurer The Sig Nus: ' Were headed by President jerry jewett . . . Heard Bob Martin on the 910 spot on your radio dial . . . Observed Bob Laible's cheerleading antics at the stadium . . . 7-larolrl Stevens, Susan Provided their own jazz with a combo of Ding Dais- ley, jim Stephens and Bruce Marsh . . . Placed Dick Rost on the student union board sub- committee . . . Had a scholar in joe Stern, holder of a University Merit scholarship . . . Modestly claimed Ralph Doran, jim Halliburton, Bob Cohrs, Bob Anderson and Art O'Neill in football, Newell Pinch and Bruce Marsh in basketball, Don Krug, Fred Huebner, Bruce Marsh and Edward Trom in baseball . . . Have an All-American swimmer in Dick Maine . . . Socialized with the Christmas formal, hotel party and spring lilac party . . . ECONOMIZE . . . by riding in jerry jewettls black maria . . . Corley, Tad gs 5 DeRuyter, David DeRuyter, joseph Richard 'Wolfe David Daisley, Ed- Rohert Coffman, Richard Tllai1ie,Ro- Stern, Carol jackson, james fHalli- ward from, Charles fl-liclelin, fHar- hert Eaible. harton. old Stevens, james Coffman. 5 75 2 M Class of Y49 T. Burke J. Carroll J. Carroll R. Doran J. Coffman F. Gibson C. Johnson R. Paul J. Simpson Class of '50 R. Amick R. Anderson W. Burke ACTIVE MEMBERS T. Clithero R, Coffman E. Daisey W. Garten J. Halliburton J. Hornaclay Cv. Jewett R. Maine R. Martin N, Pinch T. Reger P. Sims J. Smith R. Wayland Class of l51 R. R. R. C. F. J. D. Bickert Cary Cohrs Charlton Darling Grissel Cough Page 239 Bottom row: C. Hicklin, R. Darling, R. Amick, C. Johnson, Mrs. Guernsey, G. Jewett, K. Richardson, T. Reger, J. Schmerler Row 2: L. Kluever, J. Stern, R. Laible, J. Coffman, T. Trammell, E. Trom, P. Sims, Jr., Wm. Garten. Row 3: R. Thompson, J. Grissel, R. Rost, D. Daisley, A. Nicol, J. Simpson, R. Paul, J. Dumbauld, Vlfm. Hunt, J. Stephens. Row 4. R, Wolfe, P. Weaver, J. Hornaday, J. Weaver, J. Halliburton, T. Clithero, R. Anderson. Row 5: R. Cary, J. Hudson, R. Maine, R. Coffman, H. Stevens, A. Kennelly, M, Cassady, Wm. Burke, F. Huebner, D. Krug D. Gough. Row 6: W. Rife, D. Hamel, R, Wayland, J. Hewitt, C, Charlton, J, Wilson, C. Stover, E. Daisley, K. Klein, T. Burke. Row 7. J. Carroll, J. Smith, C. Kelly, L. Dyke, W. Cimprich, R. Doran, J. Carroll, R. Cohrs, N. Pinch, B, Marsh, F. Comfort L. Rhoads. C. Hicklin C. Kelly D. Daisley J. Daley L. Dyke D. Krug R. Laible J. Hewitt F, Huebner R. Jensen O. Miller R. Rost PLEDCES K. Klein W. Rife J. Stern R. Thompson H. Stevens G. Stover T. Trammell J. P. E. J. R. Weaver Weaver Trom Wilson Wolfe .I .23-'9 ' :-E?Ev5i51: , J I- '."' "Jf'I-'2-'.-- ..-ng: r ,.:,:3rf5,:-.HA ' . 'Q'-1:13121-1: J 'ffssskyiig , rg. .- ii. -:,y..4.: :, 1 -' :IZ-gl It A521-.afaei n.. I' re' r 'PPBTK4 fs" 24 'xxarz .A. ., . .... ..,. . , Tliifff-'zff ' SIGMA PHI OFFICERS JOHN D. BRESSLER President DALE W. GRIFFIN 'Vice President LESLIE E. WEBER Secretary HAROLD E. CHITTENDEN Treasurer The Sig Eps: EPSILO Filled their house and annex to overflowing after for- mal rush week . . . Think Ben Bednasek makes a fine Santa Claus . . . Like to listen to their quintet, "The SuaVe-O-lVlellow- Cirooviesi' . . . Claim their share of athletes: Don Martin, Ray Mc- Creery and C-lenn Whittle, track, joe Grothus, foot- ball, and Rick Walker, baseball . . . Want more parties like the ballot bounce . . . Eagerly boast of Sig Eps Ed jochumsen, Walter Stock, Clyde Anderson and john McCarty, band, Bob Clark, WSUI, Don Kunz, central party committee . . . I-Iave fond memories of their exclusive candlelight serenades for pinnings . . . Are glad their First Sig Ep sweetheart, I-Iousemother ECQNQMIZE I . . by Siphoning l from the Mrs. Ralph Schermerhorn is back again this year . . . Sigma Nu house . . . Lee U-lansen, Donald martin, jane Richard Eillar1i,Richaral Pahre, Dale Buckley, john Knohhe. Qriffin. Leslie Weber, john Knohhe Class of '49 M. Bendorf J. Bressler R. Clark H. Chittenden O. Eichacher D. Griffin K. Hobson R. McCreery E. Naramore J. Percival R. Rasdal R. Sage W. Wagner Class of '50 R. Albright W. Armstrong R. Goaghagan ACTIVE MEMBERS W. George D. Hartsell R. Lillarcl D. Myron R. Pahre L. Phelps J. Sward J. Watkins L. Willimack Class of '51 D. Baughman R. Brown A. Doran W. Henrich E. Jochumsen J. Keppler R. Kitson J. Knobbe C. Koss D. Kunz L. Lenclt D. Martin D. Miller R. Paramore L. Weber W. Welsh 1 Page 241 Bottom row: R. Sage, L. Weber, J. Bressler, Mrs. Schermerhorn, D. Griflin, H. Chittenden, M. Bendorf. Row 2: G. Flick, J. Keppler, R. Pahre, C. Koss, R, Clark, R. Lillard, W'm. Welsh. Row 3: J. Kilby, Wm. George, D. Kunz, J. Foster, O. Eichacker, D. Baughman, G. Whittle, B. Phelps, R. Kitson, Row 4: D. Hartsell, D. Martin, E. Jochumsen, Jr., W. Armstrong, K. Cole, A. Doran, M. Schilling, D. D. Walton, D. G. Walton. Row 5: L. Lendt, E. Jones, W. Stock, J. Percival, R, McCreery, E. Naramore, Jr., R. Secllacek, R. Geiselman, R, Gaoghagan. Row 6. J. Knobbe, W. Henrich, D. Miller, R. Paramore, B. Bednasek, J. Schluter, B. Newman, D. Foster. Row 7: L. Willimark, J. Watkins, J. Smith, K. Hobson, W. Sward, R. Albright, J. Rhodes, J. Morrison, R. Walker. C. Anderson R. Bednasek W. Brarman K. Cole G. Flick D. Foster J. Foster T. Goodner J. Hess E J. J. J. J. PLEDGES Jones Kilby McCarty Morrison Rhodes M. Schilling W. Schluter R. Sedlacek J. Smith W. Stock R. Walker D. Walton G. Whittle I.- 312' ,N ml :PE fEG:ifu ..I1f'I" :'i1:ff22 ,saaf::Ei5dif' .-,,-,'12s:a::r. I-fguifsitafl -a:,gqq4::3n:: f -. -'ef-13533 ':1:2:A1'.2fl'1'2 ,. 32:-L'5.7.g.' ,' Z::c31:.'.j11i: f--:-:g,:,r.p, :..g.i: wifi inEF.?sf?i1 '-11t15fiEff fltligfsli: 'ugh-rfigaa ?fF55"i' 'f .ffl "il- ffvf 122. r mn. 'VL --iG'-:' I-I I-'l . .fE?if5Pr1'3f1'f' . 71. 1 ,194 THET Xl Agree Fritz Haesemeyer is a fine president . . . Wfere represented by Harvey Coontz on the student union board . . . Claim two Phi Epsilon Kappas, Don Eden, president, ar "gi 4 1 J :G 'J I. 1. OFFICERS FREDERICK HAESEMEYER President ANDREW B. ANDERSON 'Vice President DONALD K. DAVIDSON Secretary lVlERl..E J. CHALUPSKY Treasurer The Theta Xis: and jim Eversman . . . Boast the president of the Iowa flying club, Al Cvrier and vice-president of YMCA, Walt McMahon . . . Are represented in varsity sports by joe Zulfer, Don Eden, Don Wliite, jim Eversman and Tom Sang- ster . . . Claim Dayton MacMillan, vice-president of Eta Kap- pa Nu and member of Tau Beta Pi . . . Entertained interfraternity beauty queen candidates at an annual dinner . . . Have their share of leaders . . . joe Zulfer, George Long and William Dommermuth, Phi Beta Kap- pas... ECONOMIZE . . . by washing their laundry in the lowa river . . . Ridvflrd fT14"VlPf, Qvrnld l3O55l?l1Vl, Ker1nit1l0l9ry,5llr1ry Robinson Bert U-larold 7-larms, jack Sondergard, Richard Perkins, 'William Flynn. 7franicor, Clifford johnson Class of U19 T. Beard R. Bunn R. Bosshart H. DePrenger D. Eden W. Flynn A. Crier R. Gunther F. Haescmeyer D. Heitzman D. Hiserodt D. Krumm J. Kruse C. Layton N. Lopcman D. Mahh K. Mouncc ACTIVE MEMBERS J. Naber J. Nelson F. Pesuth M. Rose J. Suurballe H. Starr L. Throssel H. Trask XV. Wenger Class of '50 A. Anderson J. Alling M. Chalupslcy H. Coontz R. Corwin D. Davidson D. Dircks H. Fosse Haesemeycr Hammes Harms McCool . McMahon Murphy Peterson Smith Smith Page 243 Bottom row: D. Davidson, D. Krumm, A. Anderson, Mrs. Glen, F. Haesemeyer, M. Chalupsky, D. Haesemeycr. Row 2: D. Hiserodt, K. Mouncc, D. W'hite, R. Corwin, J. Edwards, M. Rose, C. McCool, R. Perkins, J. Brettman, H. Fosse. Row 3. D. Meade, D. Mahh, T. Beard, J. Basford, R. Kelloway, XVm. Shaffer, P. Smith, M. Luc-hrs, W. McMahon. Row 4. D. Eden, S. Smith, F. Carlson, H. Stewart, J. Kruse, R. Knowles, G. Flagg, H. Harms. Row 5. C. Bosshart, L. Throsse, R. Guenther, J. Peterson, H. Coontz, H. DcPrenger, J. Tolson, D. Bosshart, J. Naher, A. Crier Cv. Long. Row ng T. Sangster, D. McMillan, J. Suurballe, D. Dirclxs, H. Starr, Jr., A. Trask, J. Sondergard, Wfm. Wfcnger. Row 7. J. MacAllister, J. Alling, H. Lovrien, D. Turner, C. Johnson, F. Pesuth, R. Murphy, N. Lopeman, R. Turner J. Sondergard H. Stewart J. MacAllister J. Basford C. Bosshart J. Tolson D. XVhite J. Brcttman A. Bening D. Dcichmann Class of X51 XV. Jacobs PLEDCES J. Edwards C. Johnson R. Kelloway K. Lohry D. Meade XV. Shaffer H. Lovrien M. Luehrs J. Morgan . Turner Turner Perkins Sangster . Wfehrnhcrg Top Left: Refreshment time for the Queen. Lower Left: Checking coats. Top Right: The queens arc presented. Lower Right: Peg Thompson, Doris Anderson, Queen Marilyn Madson, Rosemary Frazier, Phyllis Eschbach, Music by Bill Meardon is as entertain- ing as Wfoody Herman for Peggy Inman and Bob Dickey. "Grecian Holiday' was the theme of the Interfraternity councilis an- nual formal dance, held on january 7th in the lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union. Against a back- drop of dark blue and silver de- picting the dance bid, Bill Mear- don's band played for the frater- nity men and their dates. The high point of the occasion was the crowning of Marilyn Madson as Interfraternity queen. Guests of honor included the sixteen frater- nity house mothers. The commit- tee responsible for arrangements consisted of Bill Munsell, Jerry Jewett, and Bud Flood. Bill Meardon obliges Helen Hays and Korky Kelly with his autograph. Page 244 Qw 1 i W ME e k ' S 5 " f:2Ef'f"' ' , ,,,, 5' 6 A T K , , ,..- :v.,: ' wg? Q I 5 s , ' F 1 1 - 2-' k 2 TQ: 1. f 5 mxv-Wm f E 1 A:.- , v,,.. , ,Q V. 4 3 I Q 1 li P ::-- 'N 4 ' 52 nuff' f ' ' . 25 . N J IE mtN"'xx 1' if-M' sf ,A K sr ' 4 fi V 9 , ' ik ., T Hula" X gl 1 5 R R yi X :jk E S tx Q 2 1 W 11 1 S- ...uw 11 2 2 g A 3 mnstim' gt 'UQ I E 'Q in " nf 55 Y s Q in fu umsuivx s . .5 .if ,x 4' . i? W W .l Ny W ' I - ii fu 'R S -, 1 ,Q J-Aaglq 1 . JI gf , 3 E ' ' , 019 Kg, , ' A .-:W X , ,K My ghux xx 1 Al X, y, ,. 2 2 P gs: I iii -.tiki X L 1 W- ,,, Q, 5 V 1 , A J , Q A Bw-NM-Mxfk 'g 5- if ' 1 'Q 3, xi' s i S K gi 'f 5 ff , 1 N ? x -Q 1A', Q A' 2 2 ,af , Q-w 1 g A if sxisniil'i'uxuAxx 3 'F il' u,,'.w",nlw " sf . ' Q E2-if fi 'fx' .Q M' ,.,..,,.,, ' msn, 5 .xxx gs xx K ' ,x -1 QQ. ..,,, . , 1 5' V X '30 h 1 ,3x,Qxx Q K2 'a me Y ' X m.m+,:,e, N. V- , ,iglfx N 'av ji . S S 9 cf N w xx HP? ' ' s.. ,L Lge, f DORMITORIIES N 33,5 in nam 48.385 N, ,.M,.,-.MW .W ,......w+-wA..4-Mlm--ww + -f f ,,, ,,,,.n-.Mn 4 gms . , W W. -7 ,,GMw.N,W..vm+y...v..X fi-vw-M A 3? . ' g 1 Q Q W 1 k 'XY' W ' ' ' ' ff' V x,,, 2 ,A Jjtfk' ggi R , 0 ...K 1 ei ,Q 55. Q-aw' -W ,iw-szax :"Q.': A f 2 x K af ' .M at vw k up FM 7 ' f vm . f i-vsi'4yam4sM.,....,... JN,,fk,'iAQ.' x -f The girls of Currier hall rule them- selves. To interest the girls in partici- pating in campus activities was the job of the activities board. The board consisted of six activities committee chairmen and the activities represent- atives from the twenty-one units of Currier. The board was contacted by organizations to select interested girls for committee work. The judiciary board was composed of six members including representatives from each class. These members worked with the twenty-one judiciary representa- tives to enforce the rules and regula- tions concerning womenis hours. CURRIER HALL 'ms .wan-. at ' i 4, S , Numerous diversified activities and friendships contributed to a full year at Currier hall. At the festive Christmas dance Currier girls and their dates danced to the music of Nat Wil- liams, orchestra. In February each lucky coed escorted the man of her choice to the annual Sweetheart dance. Mixers with South Quad and the Law Commons and exchange dinners every two weeks were included on the calendar. A school for Currier officers was instituted to train interested girls. The publicity board, also new, looked after the bulletin boards around Currier's halls. Dorm Story, printed bimonthly by journalistically inclined residents, contained the latest Currier news. Two recognition func- tions were held to honor three-point students and girls outstanding in activities. MISS MARGARET DEANE Head Counselor Page 246 D. J. MYERS President VIRGINIA ANDERSON PAT BARNHOLISE MARILYN BEATTY BARBARA BEECHLER MARJORIE DONNELSON JEAN FERGUSON BELLIE FLECK BARBARA GINTER GENEVIEVE HARTMAN PAT JOHNSON PAT KEY MARY LIVINGSTON BETTE MARXMILLER MARUS MCCLOXV KATHRYN MCCORD CHARLENE CORKEL VIRGINIA MELCHIOR ETTA MLIELLER DONNA OLSON JANE PAULS KATHERINE PEEBLES MARY QUALLER ELAINE REISLER DUSTY RHODES ELAINE SHERMAN BARBARA SLOBA MYRA JEAN SMITH SHIRLEY THOMPSON LUCILLE TOWNSEND NANCY ZADEK Page 247 CURRIER COUNCIL N. Row 2. B. Beechler, M, Falk, M. Niemann, S. Judy Bottom Row: R. Weinberg, M. Pell, R. Bridgeland, J. jarnagin nag' Hmm- thought the soap shortage was over. G0 ERNING Row 3: A. Kersten, L. Emanuel, H. Hewitt, A. Stowell, E. Briggs, S. Row 2. Bottom Above. Above Rook E. Peterson, M, Barth, E. Metcalf, S. Anderson, C. Stelcik, E. jensen, A. Flynn Row. G. Marken, A. Sevcnsen, R. Bridgeland, M. Poulter. Unit Social Chairmen Left: Social Board Below: judiciary Board Row 2. Bottom S. Thompson, G. Nelson. Row: P. Lannert, A. Stowell, P, Key, A. Seitz. ' f 'll iii' sv' Page 248 Page 249 BO RDS Row 3: V. Wingate, F. Artley, E. Stille, j. Pazdera Row 2: N. johnson, L. Bekman, A. Watson, P. Walter, B. Buck, M. Sheldon, A. Bullcrs Bottom Row: S. Durst, D. Davis, A. Howard, M. Roberts, D. Arnold. Above. Unit Activity Chairmen Above Right: Activity Board Below: Unit judiciary Chairmen Row 3. R. Staudt, E. Harris, M. Larrabee, P. Benzlcr, F. Rasmussen, J. Hulse, D. Kelly, A. johnson Row 2: M. Rebec, j. Robinson, D. Brooks, K. Phillips, D. Balster, C. Prottsman, E. Sideman Boifom Row. A. Anderson, R, Swanson, j. Scott, A. Cvilson, F. Collins Row 2: B. Estes, M. Kirkegaard. Bottom Row- E. Thomas, Y. Ncvers, M. Qualley, J. Hulse. D, V. Starr with a suitcase thats bitten off more than it can chew. .wif ' 'T V, A rare quiet moment shared by cottage-mates R. C RRIER A technical prohlem gets attention from Highlanders D. Col bornson and J. Pauls. Proctz, E. Carpcr, E. Hahn, P. Grady and F. Appleman, Interior decoration in comfy Currier House living room includes M. Blotky, M. Cates, J, Devilbiss, B, NValdingcr, H. Hewitt and J. Winick, .qv x..., NJ' ,,,, , .i Currier south dining room-a popular place for dances, mass meeting and oh, yes, meals. Page 250 I FORIVIALS These sunny Nelson and A. Meek, gals could charm any prof with such a collection of - dispositions: D. junlcins, S. Chehalc, N. Scurr, ,l. ' 2. .af .J ,,. A ......, s- Page 251 XR Currier executive board meets the grim with a grin. J. Pauls, secretary, E Mueller, treasurer, E. Reisler, publicity board, L. Townsend, vice president, B. C-inter, judiciary board, M. Qualley, activities hoard, B. Beechler, social board, D. Myers, president, Z' ,f""' ' "Bridging, the gap between dinner time and study time are: D. Achenbach, A. Achenbach, M. Colli- son, N. King, M. McMirm, K. McMinn Jacobson. and M. Soap? I havent seen your soap, but here, have a towelsand so goes life in a cottage with A. Briggs, M. Henneger and S. Eggleston. 2 .s ' V- N it 1 . ..,. A . li i Z Q l X-P Qiglsvgieisiw . -A ,... t:.M5:af.,a 1, ',.,,w1i K ' l President Vice-President ii 'W Secretary is Treasurer WESTL WN MARIAN REYNOLDSON CLARINE WALL MARY LOU KOCH Q JANE ANN NEIBERT Row 2: L. Betts, R. Chapman, M. Koch, J. Neibert, L. C-utz, M. Jacobsen, D. McGinnis Bottom Row: A. Phelps, R. Opfell, M. Reynolclson, M. Sandberg, C. Wall, R. Tenncrman Westlawn began the year with a "big sister, little sister" orien- tation program and a formal tea honoring freshmen. Then the nurses elected Marian Reynoldson president. The social event of the year was Caps Caprice, the semi-formal dance given by the nurses. Some outstanding girls were Lois Betts, student union board representative, and Ruth Ann Opfell, student council member. Toni Boes was elected Newman club queen, and Allie Lu Phelps was appointed honorary cadet colonel. Page 252 S. Lovrien, T. Boes, P. Sorenson Page 253 R. Tennerman, L. Betts, K. Jennings, M. Lowry, V. Keller Top. C. Jesina, D. Nicola, R Acker, L. Dietz Bottom: J. Hansen, 1. Law- rence, C. Wall, S. Bloomburg P. Rinella, E. Purkhiser, R Chapman, M, Reynoldson Mr. Miller, janet Miller, Clarine Wfall, jc-ycc Jansen, joy Lawrence, guest, Pat Rinella. VVESTLAVVIXI in D. Dietz and S. Moyer take time snack. B. Barry, E. Nitzke, A. Kanak an 5541, ,, ,,, gm , fnycl out for a d F. Mc- Tiguc enjoy a game of ping pong. L. Kapka, B. Closen, P. Schneider, J. Hem- Puge 254 I FORIVIALS D. King, II. Mitchell, C. Cronbaugh J. Galbraith, D. Powell j. I-lolmquist, B. Maas, J. Spicss, J. Kalsc-in, H. Stoakcs, V. Koerner V , 'Wsi r 'Q' 5, ,fy TX D. Princl, S. Bloomburg, V. Roth, L, Enri- qucz, j. Wygle Page 255 ASTL VV Eastlawn dormitory for women provided a non-boarding unit for graduates and women over 22. On the social calendar were mix- ers, coffee hours after games and in the eve- nings, and Sunday morning get togethers. The recreation room downstairs was busy with ping pong games, dancing, or students relaxing. With jackie C-all in charge of intramural games, Eastlawn coeds partici- pated in volleyball and basketball this year. Betty Hood, president, saw to it that there was always something, planned or unplanned, going on at Eastlawn. Row 4 Mitchell P Dietz F Hall Nfl Hungct A Salzu K Argo I XVagner VI Shipton, L. Sutton Rau 3 T Myers D Moser C Hyde NA Beardsley A Seymour M Underriner M Dechert, J. Allan, I. Cherhavy Row 2 B Shortlldge B Lewis D Pavlovec R Garber B Hood M Barbtr L Peterson, E. Lambertson, R. Sidhanta Bottom Ron H Harrison B Barnes A Zclaya V Hymans M Blanshan B CLIUICFTCZ S, Moe Page 256 R Sidkanta S Moe and H Kyte Santa visits . . . M. Beardsley and L. Sutton spend a quiet evening. Page 257 P. Dietz, J. Wagner, D. Moser and M. Hunger COUPERATIVE DGRIVIITQRY ASSUCI TIG OFFICERS BETTY REHMKE President YVETTE WRIGHT 'Vice President LUELLA MCREYNOLDS Secretary 1. ROBERT COTTER Treasurer and Jldvisor Row 2: M. Megchelsen, J, Cotter, D. Rastovac Bottom Row: B. Rehmlce, L. McReynolds, Y, Wfright, R. Roudabush To the girls who did their own cooking, dishwashing and Cleaning, the co-op dorm life was definitely the best. The association, Dean, Russell and Fairchild Houses, was headed by President Betty jane Rehmke. Social activities included the Turkey Trot at Fairchild House, Christmas parties, the semi-formal spring dinner dance, and informal date parties. Four physical education majors in the house and intramurals Chairman Sally Voss inspired Russell House to be espe- cially active in intramurals. Proctors elected by their respective houses were Yvette Wright, Russell House, Ruth Roudabush, Fairchild House, and Betty ,lane Rehmke, Dean House. Pcrge 258 J, Kumle, J, joan, A. Hurley, M. Hill, N. Woody, B. J. Rehmkc C. Caldren, V. Larsen, B. Lyman, A. Hurley Page 259 R. Vornholt, P. Ellis, M. Shirbroun A. Roisen, E. Snell, A. Eaton, S. Voss, A. Olson E. Henley, R. Santi MADISON COURT Row 2. R. Sugarman, S. Rosen, j. McDonnell, L. Patch, Z. Ehret, K. Olinger, J. Tillotson Bottom Row: C. Greenlee, B. Christensen, E. Coffin, D. Sweet, G. Davenport OFFICERS ROLLA SUGARMAN Pfesid ent SONYA ROSEN 'Vice President GWEN DAVENPORT Secretary-Treasurer To the 132 Coeds living in Madison court on the east bank of the lowa river eleven quonset huts were home. Catherine Conwell acted as manager and advisor of the court, and with the aid of an elected council and sub- committees a busy program was carried out. Officially scheduled activities started with the erection of Home- coming decorations and an open house for visitors. So- cial plans included a spring dance in the lowa Memorial Union and fall and spring picnics. In volleyball and other intramural sports, the Madison court teams were stiff competition. Page 260 CLI T0 PL CE Row 4: V. Dimich, J, Thompson, G. Falb, R. Liggett, J. Bloom, R. Ehrle, B. Hills, C. Becker Row 3: M. Meyers, C. Breen, M, Brogan, j. Casey, L. Russell, J. Seideman, J. Liggitt M Showalter Row 2: B. Morgan, B, Finkelstein, B. Sorenson, S. Stevens, M. Dawson, l. Seifert, C. Hoglm Bottom Row: N. Brown, L. Chapman, P. Baron, P. Norris, L. Hanson, E. Chapman Although Clinton place houses only 41 girls it is represented in many campus activities. Katherine McNamara, Betty Lou Ehlke, Marjorie Her- rington, and jo Barnes are members of Theta Sigma Phi, national journal- ism honorary. Phi Cvamma Nu, commerce fraternity, is represented by Mildred L. Casey. Jo Barnes and jean Hotle are on the staff at WSUI. Ceorgana Falb was vice-president of Independent Town Women, and Katherine McNamara was on the board of publications. In addition to their campus activities, the residents of Clinton place held several social functions during the year. A big western party in the fall was followed by two winter formals. General plans for Clinton place were directed by President Miriam Showalter, her council, and I-Iousemother Mrs. S. Smith, TGVV VVOIVIE Row 2: H. Gower, S. Spence, M. Moore, G. Falb, D. Heftel Bottom Row: C. Welter, D. Roman, J. Barvinek, R. Ehrle Independent Town Womenls organization is composed of all uni- versity women not residing in dormitories or sororities. Their program included a Halloween party, Christmas caroling at Mercy hospital, a sleigh ride and ice skating party, their Anniver- sary Whirl, a foreign student program, and picnics. Intramural competition found this group participating in swimming, volley- ball, basketball and tennis. Rose Ehrle edited the Town Crier, a monthly social paper, Valorie Diercks represented Town Women in the student council and Thelma Edis served in the National Student association. The ITW council met every Monday eve- ning under the direction of the advisor, Pat Hackett, to plan the yearly activities. Page 262 QUADRA GLE Page The thousand and more men in the Quadrangle proper and its cottages are members of the Quadrangle association. At the head of the association this year was President Marcus Payton and a council composed of 41 elected men. Living in the largest dormitory on campus, the men of the Quadrangle had high stand- ards to maintain. The first to show how it could be done was Ross Williams' committee who constructed the prize winning Homecoming display. With this beginning, the Quad continued and planned the Quadis Brawl held in the Iowa Union. Bob Nicol engineered a drive which made the Quad one of the top con- tributors to the campus chest. Events such as Homecoming, Dadis day and Mother's day were open house occasions. The annual Christmas dance was held at the Quad. An extensive intramural athletic program was set up as well as special interest clubs. The Quad had its share of campus leaders in Robert jahns, president of the United Student fellowship, james Goodwin, president of the Young Republican league of SUI, and Dan Dillinger who represented the Quad on the council of student affairs. MARK F. PAYTON RICHARD C. MANSON ROBERT R. YACKSHAW ROSS A. WILLIAMS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms ,f?K:"' V' ' X I '-: , 1 'X : '- 'I .. .fl '55 1. 253 y ' .f:s..f1Z,,:'g55.1 sf . fzafffii-?',z??' :gm L- ' Page 264 First-of-the-month line-up Breakfast in the cafeteria B. Hynd en, B. Baber, J. Barrett Talent gets a chance during Homecoming Arm, "'?v'6a.,'n A f . .A 3 1 - -ty wf.f:,,,L WMM N Wlinter scene by member of the Quad Camera Club B. Howard sneaks a bite to eat. L. Christensen sells supplies at the Quad Canteen, .we Left to right: C. Doyle, C. Crier, L. Deitchler Page 265 M. Clarke and J, Clarks have their hair Cut in thc Quad Barbcrship, M. Payton, presidcnt of the Quad, Chats with C. Lam- bert and H. Lawrence, Page 265 Left to right: M. Olsen, T, Riassetto, H. Molden- hauer, F. Hcrud, J. Gannon , W The Quad trail takes on a wintry look and the Quad grill is always busy. Looking over the Quad's trophies are J. Donachie, B, Berens and R. Williams. H. Miller and D. Hake catch up on their reading. Looking south toward the main ofHcc Page 267 GENE GLENN President RICHARD COLVILLE Vice-President ARTHUR KREBS Secretary S0 TH QUADRA GLE The three hundred residents of South Quadrangle spent an active year under the leadership of President Gene Glenn. Notable among the social events of the year were a combination picnic and hayride with Currier, various dances in the South Quadrangle lounge, and the spring dance held at the Iowa Memorial Union. South Quad participated in intramurals again this year with fine teams. Several individual scholarship awards and a group award for the section of Quad ranking highest scholastically were given. The Quad council was com- posed of these officers: proctors Dick Hirsch, Wayne Anderson, Jim Cooper, and Larry Bartlett, head proctor Oreson Christensen, and councilmen Chester Miller and Arthur Krebs. Also on the Council were student council representative Edward T. Gray, athletic proctor Gordon Taylor, and social chairman jack Beilby. The dormitory manager again this year was Mrs. Verne Spencer. Row 3: H. Thomasson, W. Andresen, A. Krebs, J. Reilly Row 2: G. Toland, B. Kramer, B. Alsager, B. Lyon Bottom Row: G. Taylor, C. Miller, G. Glenn, D. Colville, T. Gray, O. Christensen Operating the South Quad's radio station WCTU are B. Kramer and A. Brown. J. Cooper, G. Westfall and C. Adams pick out favorite records. Page 269 Top: H. Eschen and F. Walensky keep up on the studies. Wlidtile, at the piano: S. Watson, G. Taylor, R. Larson, D Bunsc. At the table: J. Beilby, H. Hew- itt, J. Cooper, A. Bullers. Bottom: South Quad displays its talent to im- press Homecomers. 5? 'si' MAURICE STARK LYNN RHOADS President Vice President RICHARD HLIBER MAX XVERLINC- Secretary Treasurer Tomorrow's lawyers live in the academic atmosphere of the Law Commons. But in spite of their rigid schedule, the lawyers found time to participate in extra-curricular activities. joe Cantz, john Morrison, and Ed Kim controlled the three athletic sections of the Law Commons. Sections A and B were top contenders in intra- mural football. The Commons held an experimental open house for all alumni at Homecoming which was so successful that it is on the future calendars. Bob Diehl, john Carroll, and Dick Peterson directed the four yearly parties held in the Commons lounge and the exchange dinner with Currier hall. Commons President Maurice Stark might head the list for individual ac- complishments. He is a member of Delta 'Iheta Phi, was vice- president of the student union board, on the board of editors of the Joram Law Review, and is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. john Moody and Chuck Harris were editors of the Law Review. Dick Peterson was on the Law Review staff and is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. Frank Kelso and Lenni Margun were on the baseball squad. Row 2: F. Wittmar, 1. Carroll, R. Hagerty, R. Peterson, R. jordan, E. Kim, D. Morrison Boltom Row: W. Trease, J. Grantz,'R. Huber, M. Stark, L. Rhoads, M. Werling, R. Diehl i ,SSW . f aww. if Us .im , new 5--:sag - 'V 'zfliiiiifw , W, .W , , W A 'wif .JW , Q .f,, H W 3: Q- , 1,4wm5s:1aa11ig X ki? "" f f WJ, I , , fmQ,A1g5 H .F 'L ,N ,J g I J 5 'Q ! 1,5542 ,f af VII? 4 sseifizfsy 1 57" S V W I Q We ,L ,. 2 , . Q ilfii Y L- . ,.f :.:1' ww jf, J M' 1 ' ' zkfmkf ' . . gf- , ,Q Ig A , ' ... If 4 ... 3473 - 'st K J 'H .Lin r if ,fa 0 1 , . , ..... 'rum 3 xx ' fy:-'ai - ,S LT' V1 ,f 1 1 3 Wig , M1 ,E . i K zwiisf , 5 . x - A 5 5 1 ' ff' ? fs X 35' P' X , 2 22 Q3 Ah wif? , ?f z'?if?G gf Q 5 X ,wg gg : S -exam: . ,.,V: ,LZ zig : f ,, ey : . ' Els? 5-:,'saa -- gsm? - 4 , 9 QM Q. . QE H W X 16 5 L "" , M. 6.5 H L- 4 , f -, 1, 91 2 ,Q E , gf 1, W Ki .. . ' 'Eff , ' L E .I'2E'fQ F I Af - 'Q ' wi, Row 4: J. Devine, L, Yanushka, R. Kohlhaas, J, Meyer, T. Hogan, J. Donahue, W. McGuinness, S. Shaughnessy, M. Dull, H. Matheis. Row 3. D. Dooley, K. Broderick, j. Oostendorp, H. Wilson, K. Allender, R. Mullaley, W. Stratman, R. Vandeveire, E. McCart, H. Hogan, T. Ryan Row 2: N. Grossman, C. Wright, R. Thomas, M. Lennon, R. Ritter, Mrs. Tighe, T. Quirk, D. Riede, R. Wilson, F. Bissell Bottom Row: F. Linnan, W. Thomas, F. Bradley, J. Hook, M, Heimerman, A. Mulligan, R. Cavanaugh, H. Shimon Ever since Loyola House was founded in 1945, its members have been working toward the materialization of their ultimate goal: to become a member of Phi Kappa, national Catholic fraternity. In the meantime they have captured many campus honors. Corey Wright is a colonel in Pershing Rifles and a member of the baseball squad. Fred Bissell is president of Newman Club. john Oostendorp is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, and Leonard Yanushka is a member of the foot- ball squad. "Coachb' Corey Wright and twelve men saw action in the finals of the intramural football contest. Dick Cavan- augh, jim Bradley, and Bob Wilson engineered the social func- tions Which included the Dog Patch party, the spring Frontier Frolic, a semi-formal dance, informal house parties, and a Christmas and Valentine's day party. Loyola House is gov- erned by an executive council led by Dick Ritter, house presi- dent. OFFICERS RICHARD RI'ITER President THOMAS QLIIRK 'Vice President MICHAEL LINNAN Secretary DAVID RIEDE Treasurer Page 272 Dj .5 fx! . If 35,5 ,,g,t.1ir,:?.:.f:2z v V, L,L, .. in fi n? 2 ' . . Nag . 5 k ' 5 4 - 4' -u f R , i, :vi . t 1 A .sf i 's u. . i ' fx Page 273 B. Mullaley, H. Mathcis, H. Wilson K. Broderick, J. Meyer, C. Wright, A. Mulligan H. Wilson, D. Ritter Row 4: M. Davis, D. Turney, B. Fogg, C. Myers, W. Engle, B. Faldet, j. Hollingsworth Row 31 H. Mitnick, D. Malliet, R. C-clatt, F. Cambony, R. Feldman, L. Fields, T. Kauffman Row 21 C. Cantelupe, B. Myers, R. Vander Hamm, C. Feblowitz, l. Schmeiderman, J. Hartle, T. DeBrito Bottom Row: J. Baron, H. Borrett, C, Kauffman, Mrs. Swords, M. Bro, R. Katter, A. Bodnar HILLCREST Under the leadership of re-elected President George Kauffman, the men of Hillcrest participated in a vari- ety of university activities. The Hillcrest chorus, di- rected by Cvene Thomson, participated in serenades, Christmas caroling, and the University Sing. The Crest, the dormitoryis newspaper, was edited by Bob Cunningham and Kenneth McCauley, while the cam- era club was headed by Bill King. Both helped to fill in the leisure moments. Social chairman Andy Lor- ence's calendar included the Saturday Night Reprieve with Nat Williams' orchestra, the annual Hillcrest Hobo party with the traditional Hobo king and queen, exchange dinners with the womenls housing units, and a variety of parties. Hillcrest also spon- sored, in conjunction with the other two men's dormi- tories, the Tri-Dorm dance featuring the orchestra of Woody Herman. Dale Bingham was elected the Hill- crest "man of the yearn for his outstanding work in various university organizations and for his high scholastic standing. ROBERT V. KATTER Head Proctor Page 274 Top Riqlvt, Row 2: M, Wchr, T. DeBrito, S. Kruse, B. Heff- ncr, C. Kauffman, J, Lawrcnce Bottom 'Rowf A. Lorence, R. Schocncman, B. Kattcr, M Schmidt, J. Blaul, H. Doty Lower Right, Row 2: L. Fields, E. Hutchings, B. Fraser, C Thomson, F. Hartle, jr Hartlc Bottom Pow: B. Faldct, L. Wolf, R. Gclatt B. Schlacks, C. Hugg B. Faldct, E. Hutchings, B. Henry, G. Cronbaugh Page 275 N L .ag M Q ,e w W ii km 5 1. fl 3 Q . Me .ff ' -0 ..-wg f if A ,, .3 A 5 , . W, A , .. X-4 5 I F ' Q ,Q-q ,fig Hillcrest at night Top, right: W. West, D. Crothc and W. Wilson prove that it can bc done. Boitom, right. O. Punhay and P. Edwards start the habit early. B. Frozcc, C. Thomson, F. Hartlc and j. Hartle pause from duties. Page 277 Page 278 Jllwovu, left W. Habcrmann works. Riqlil. Hillcrest Chorus performs at Saturday-nite Repricvc. P. Edwards printing pictures in the Hillcrest darkroom. Below, lofi: Spring baseball practice at Hillcrcst. Right: XV. Habcrmann rests, um, xg! 9 BEAUTIES an -Y, my 5 ,. . Q , 3 fi ' Q I ' ,Wk W ' " 19 , QL ?',zgfi'W 'rU ' A if 55. Q ' f .ggf..f1,5-,Q-3g,:'32f ,. ,435 ' ,' -. af ,f,',.f 3 affigk, . 7 A 5 . W . , Mi X "' ,. Sw-hffff., -'f - f , . . 42511 jim Q - , -- N,-Wuxi? -P ,,,, 'f S 3 2 R159 f A .fi ,,- A ,Q J Z3 S? ' -'22 '1 .--'if rvr.-3Ei35-5" +- ' by 'X ' af' Y K f 'iz Pflfa X-.iii PT?-ff :X VV Q QW Q-wfkiwjkfx Wa ,hi ,rail ig faq? W fm I", wi sy 'R , is -gf f Q-.?.f,ull1.1. . ,v 1"fQ'!f i--km "?5 s' ft: - f "ff Q' . ,uf W , .sb M.,:, .. ig, Q 1 ,, , +R. M f 1 , 3 Q. Q wgsfgn : W . - A wg? W " V J' A 7'N VX 'SWA :5 - -"- e' :."3F51 'ifif . 'Q S-:lla-.:1 :. 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'Mft fl 55565355 HUIXIORARY CADET NEW COLONEL ,Me OIL P4259 JJCQFL jfck Haan OZIQMJQPCJQIZ me mana!! Attendant IIXITERERATERNITY PLEDGE QUEEN Jean We Carff game ,i2s,,,,,,,w X .Attendant ' '.5.1.fEi:i..f. ' 2312: 1 . lv X M: - 1 :gms , OVLVLEL ogaurien Attendant .fgnne 'dlman Attendjfzi 1 f iii 1 .fw- l annie Jeweff C i 2,,,6,qW,5J,k , .,,,. 'fav AL 2 L,.- - M Q - Wane? .jcerger Q ueen DGLPHIN QUEENS Wdfgdfef jeftel' jean We Cara Warcia We Geary P 286 .JQQLIL .Mwiff Wargaref jeaer jedi? Jw gi,f,f4e,, FRIVOL BEAUTIES www, ga marifyn ywaoldon Q H C671 ww, .- . Iggy? .jfwmloaon INTERFRATERNITY QUEENS L15 .14 WJ Wa, acfw yedfl, yuan Ereman Q M 6614 W6ll'LCy JQZPABP IVIECCA QUEENS 55... Qiboromy gbtlftde Cnfien Sigerf pm! domt gfaane Jarman Attendant CU RRIER SWEETHEART Jan ollauclerclai Queen WIJMJ fi!! Cimen .gzigerlf Captain PERSHING RIFLES QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS J 59 4 gnnnie .Haney Lieutenant 47 fa ,g gi M 4 Q: 1, 3 5, ' 4' -3--'1Q'i ,, x ' A 1 S22 5? f 11 ll ' . A ..,M, Est fi f . i 2, Q f -V 3 S 'wb 'fi IX f r- L ,+ A w 1, , 3,4 I We F." , fm' rf' f - L, xx " ff Q 7 ' 3 . , , , Lgsfrfw ,W f-1 x - " X -1 . M A X f f -. , R-' 3. fj1pi5,?,fQgL K,af.,'kAZi5,f,f,,jg.FQ:,' if-,L 'H ay ' m y -W ' 1 X 11' -- 'bfi :Q-af f iiidrlftfff' YZ f A- A , p ' " X 5 jk, 136, L, . VX .. 'V ,. R' ,- X6 ,, vw S BEST W mp, Szanknnbkxw NDWUNSAU Dvgndgblf H999 wind' K5 liz Llnlzflfffzrfggd RWER ROOM 1QWA UN Publicafions Speech Fine Arfs inferesf Groups Religious Groups Parfies .,. , QN ' . af f, L, Qffrz M' Af, 'f ,Q aa: ,- WWW 4 'W' ' Q-sf. 4 , , Q fggfgg' ' 5 f" 'ax 310-"7 1 In an X PUBLICATIONS THE D l CAIL MYERS, Editor DENE CARNEY, Busine s Manage The Daily 101476111 is a unique college newspaper. This morning daily is one of two college-affiliated newspapers listed by the American Newspaper Publisher's association. There are more than eight hundred daily newspapers in this group. The 701111111 is the only college-affiliated paper carrying Associated Press Wire- photos and also the only paper with two news services-Associated Press and United Press. This makes it possible to olfer students the training provided by working regularly with two national wire services. The Daily 101111111 is printed from its own complete plant with an average circulation of 7,500 copies each day. The paper also has its own complete photo-engraving plant. MALCOLM RODMAN, Editor's Assistant DAVE NICOLETTE, News Editor JIM ROBINSON, Reporter GEORGE HANRAHAN, Night Managing Editor TOM MAHONEY, City Editor Bob Rossie, Photographer, jim Showers, Wire Photo Editor ELFREDA KOLSCH, Assistant City Editor Bill Rodgers, Photo Editor STAFF Cail E. Myers . . Fred M. Pownall . . Business Manager . Managing Editor . . City Editor Assistant City Editor . Editor . . Publisher Dene Carney jim Wilt . . Tom Mahoney . Neal Black . Bob Hoover . . . . Wire Editor Ceor e Porter . George Hanrahan ' News Edltofs Buck Turnbull . Sports Editor Jean Ellis . . . Society Editor Malcolm Rodman Editorial Assistant Jim Showers . . . Photo Editor Bill McBride . Feature Editor The Daily Iowan is completely staffed by students. Reporters cover the campus and furnish local news while student photog- raphers handle city news pictures.- Other students are in charge of layout, make-up, and copyreading. The advertising department is a practice laboratory for the advertising majors. Since the students are given practical training in actual adver- tising layout, they have a chance to meet problems they will face in the field. Students are trained not only for reporting jobs, but for edi- torial writing. This training is apart from the school of jour- nalism and gives the students a wider knowledge of newspaper organization. As a result, graduates from the Daily Jowan enter jobs in every field of journalism. J. Fulton, W. Mason, C. Bassman, E. Thomas NEAL BLACK, Sports Editor BUCK TURNBULL, Sports Columnist SHIRLEY ELMAN, Copy Reader CARL BURNS, Reporter GEORGE BLACK, Reporter Page 297 JOHN TYSON, Editor THE 1949 H VVKEYE Row 4: I. Hess, T. Williams, M. Palmer, R. Chappell, A. Kilian, J. Morgan Row 3: G. Wittekind, P. Ginsberg, E. Lisle, R. McKay, K. Smith, Cv. Grossman Row 2: B. Dodge, M. Wiese, P. Hauser, K, Liem, L. Fisher Bottom Row: D. Terpstra, E. Sackett, J. Van Alstine, P. Bennett, I. Sywassink, C. Schoenfeld HAL SORENSON, Business Manager Row 3: K. Diddy, S. Birks, D. Peacock, J. Bruggenwirth, D. Horslund Row 2. M. Anderson, M. Campbell, S. Wood, C. Wamsley Bottom Row: H. Sorenson, S. Pinkerton, O. Kirkland, D, Hoffa The 1949 HAWKEYI5 demonstrates what can be done with design, lay- out, and photography in creating a modern yearbook. Editorial photo! graphs are used to review the events of the school year, with copy supplying the final thought. The all-student staff worked with a motif of modern art reflecting the interest in the creative arts at SUI. At weekly staff meetings, the editor presented lectures on such fields as photo-engraving, typography, and photo-editing. Current problems of both editorial and business staffs were discussed so that all members could gain a better understanding of yearbook production. These meet- ings served as a training ground for next year's staff. Exceeding by far all previous sales, 5,200 HAWKEYES were sold -this year. Work began on this edition last summer and continued through March. Dorris Peacock, Shirley Wood, Herb Williams, Doris Horslund, Hal Eugene Fleischer, Betty Lou Ehlke, Russ Zeleniak, Max Palmer Sorenson JOHN TYSON . . Editor-in-Chief HERB WILLIAMS . . Assistant Editor KEN SMITH . . . . . Copy Editor LUCY DURHAM . . Art and Layout Editor RUSS ZELENIAK . . Photography Editor KAY LIEM . . Activities Editor LAURA FISHER . . Organizations Editor ANN CANEDY . . Sorority Editor DALE ANDERSON ..... . Fraternity Editor BOB NICHOLS, PAT MCPARTLAND . . Sports Editors MARIAN OICONNER ......., Beauty Editor JOAN VAN ALSTINE, ELIZABETH SACKETT . Editorial Assistants ART AND LAYOUT STAFF: Yvette Wright, Joan Sywassink, Char- lotte Schoenfeld, Marian Hollingsworth, George Wittekind, Dolores Terpstra, Pat Bennett, Terry Williams PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Betty Lou Ehlke, Eugene Fleischer, Norma George, John Hess, Austin Kilian, John Morgan, Max Palmer, Russ Zel- eniak, Herb Nipson, Jack Orris, Herman NVQ-instein, Les Brower, George Black, Frank Swan XWRITERS: Balasie Kraus, Vernon Witte, Jim Sandrock, Larry Sjulin, Jack Fletcher, Pat Lounsbury, Marcia Healy, Merry West, Judy Bordy, Dick McKay, Pat Hauser, Phyllis Ginsberg, Marilyn Wiese, Greta Grossman, Eleanor Johnson, Meis HAROLD SORENSON . KILLEEN DIDDY . . MARJORIE CAMPBELL JOAN FROPIWEIN . . MARLYS YOUNG . SHIRLEY WOOD . . DAN HOFFA . . . KATHLEEN MCTIGLIE Ann Eldred, Ed Lisle, Rog Chappell, Tom . . . Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager . . . Contract Manager . Index Manager . Othce Manager . . Sales Manager Senior Pict re Editor . ...... u OFFICE WORKERS: Margaret Anderson, Margaret Auner, Sue Birks, Marilyn Blotky, Joann Bruggenwirth, JoAnn Dancer, Jane Fall, Judy Fein, Gretchen Flindt, Dean Fritchen, Joyce Hellem, Doris Horslund, Catherine Kelly, Ona Kirkland, Robert Miller, Dorris Peacock, Joan Phipps, Sally Pinkerton, Doris Pletsch, William Reed, Joyce Skinner, Sally Smith, Jeanne Strauss, Elizabeth Thomsen, Frank Wallis, Caryl Wamsley Page 299 Sally Pinkerton, Marge Campbell, Max Palmer, Killeen Diddy IEIIQQ ,,-M!" Kay Liem, Ken Smith, Gretchen Flindt, Don Hoila, John Tyson Pat Bennett, Margaret Anderson, Delores Terpstra, Bob Nichols, Terry Williams FRIVOL AGAZIIXIE LALKHHABLE VVPHDASHLAL HUVOLOUS Standing: E. Frcrichs, B. Bolster, C. Rogers, N. Thimmesch, I. Osgood Sealed: F. Essex, K. Eble, J. Read, L. johns Standing. C. Cray, F. Appleman, E. Waller Standing: C. McCarty, A. Smith, K. Gingcrich Seated- J. Rovner, S. Eggleston, D. Jarvis, R. Broctz, C. Hopkins Seated: L. Mandelson, H. Holland V. Fricdcbcrg Gerry Rovner, Dick Gerdes, Sue Eggleston Continuing its merry madcap ways, Trinolfs slender staff once again beat out nine monthly issues-a none-too-easy task considering the scarcity of help and complexity of problems. To lure talent and mate- rial from the university's reluctant literary student body, contests were held each month and new writers, artists and illustrators were given a chance to cash in EDITORIAL KEN EBLE . , ...... Editor JIM READ .... . . Editorial Editor ED ESSEX, BOB CADBOIS . . Art Editors Contributing Editors: Editorial: Don Mullin De Los Stevens Pat Pettit Lorraine johns Nick Thimmesch Art: Charles Rogers jim Osgood Kelso Robey BUSINESS Terry Willianis Seymour Barchat Ed Frerichs Carroll Cassill GLENN CRAY, HERB HOLLAND Business Managers JACK ORRIS, BILL CUMMINCS . Photographers EVERETT XVALLER . . . Circulation Manager VERA FRIEDEBERC, . , , . Exchanges Layout Staff: Francine Appleman Daryl James Carson Hopkins Sue Eggleston Ruth Proetz Kin Cingerich Dick C-erdes Sales Statl: Charles McCarty james McHugh Page 301 Leah Menclelgon Charlene Bassman Charles McCarty interviews advertiser on their offerings. Highlights during the year in- cluded selection of a freshman beauty queen and introduction of a new opening section by Editor Ken Eble. Modestly termed one of the nation's best col- lege humor magazines by its stag, fFriuol is published by Student Publications, lnc. Ci. Cray, C. Hopkins, H. Holland .xs--.-aw. ,. fix-L BO RD OF PL BLIC TIDNS Standing: Merritt Ludwig, Katherine McNamara, Steven Dinning, Richard Dice, Keith Glasgow Seated: Fred Pownall, Loie Randall, Leslie Moeller, George Easton The general policies of the three SUI student publications, the Daily Iowan, Triuol, and HAWKEYE, are decided by the board of trustees of Student Publi- cations, lnc. The board also appoints the editors and the business managers, approves the selection of departmental editors and other top staff members, and passes upon budgets for the publications. The board is made up of five student members, chosen by the student body, and four faculty members, appointed by the president of the university. Each year three students are elected to the board, the two receiving the most votes serving for two years, and the third serving for one year. ln its monthly meeting this group discussed all phases of the operation of the publications. The Daily Uowan, SUl's oldest student publication, dates back through its forerunner, the University Reporter, first published in 1868. HAWKEYE first came off the press in 1892, and ffriuol appeared in 1919. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Prof. Leslie G. Moeller Dean Mason Ladd Prof. George Easton Prof. Paul Olson Katherine McNamara Keith Glasgow Richard Dice Merritt Ludwig Steven Dinning Page 302 THE IUVVA STAFF lVlARK F. MEIER Qeneral Wlanager GORDON G. PETERMAN Editor-in-Chief CHARLES W. LAZENBY Business Manager R. E. KLIDRLE Assistant Editor Editorial Staff E. W. CARSON B. R. CARTER L. A. DlVlNE B. FRIEDMAN C. HUDSON L. KRAATZ E. W. KuN'rz R. A. PARAMORE K. ROGERS H. G. T,-.LMADGE Circulation D. EDNVARDS R. W. ANDRES M. STILLE2 fldvertising W. R. GEORGE R. LARsoN I. Cmxs G. FLICKS TRANSIT Row 4: Row 3: Row 2: Bottom G. Sodemann, G. Peterman, L. Kraatz, L. Divine, B. Carter W. Rogers, W. Campbell, E. Carson, C. Lazenby D. Paramore, M. Stiller, H. Talmadge, jr., W. George, E. Kuntz, D. Sanderson Row: R. Larson, G. Flick, B. Friedman, M. Meier, I. Cirks Page 303 The iowa Transit is the official publication of The Associated Students of Engineering. It is published and distributed to engineering students monthly dur- ing the regular academic year. Transit, published by a student staff, is supervised by the Transit board of control, consisting of three faculty representatives, an alumnus, and four student members. The board ap- points the general manager, editor, and business man- ager who in turn recommend for appointment addi- tional staff members as needed. Transit is published to aid engineering students in two ways. First, it gives future engineers the opportunity to try expres- sion in one of the most important fields in engineer- ing, that of publishing results of projects and investi- gations. Secondly, it gives students experience in working with other engineers on a project, and in selling ideas. Transits general manager this year is Standing: C. Lazenby, D. Sanderson, E. Carson Seated: G. Peterman, M. Mc-iers Mark Meier. r-fbkgm Q, Fred Wallis, joan Phipps, Doris Plctscln, joan Bruggcn' X-.'irtl1, Hob Miller Hal Arlcoff, Bill Munscll I FUR ALS UF P BLIC TIGIXIS . ..,g,,.- News editor-Dave Nicolcttcf Copyreadcrs-Roy Barron, Chuck Krousc V. Friedcbc-rg, E, Vffcllcr Page 334 SPEECH - -W Dick Yoakam "Spank" Broders Bob Brooks Hal Hart R DIO Under station director Carl Menzer, 125 students interested in announcing, news-compiling, continuity, drama, publicity, acting, producing, or engineering have found employment and recreation at WSUI and KS-UI this year. Practical experience in the field of radio journalism was offered the journalism major as preparation for a radio career. Six studios are available for program productions under the direction of john Highlander and Dick Setterberg. Some of the featured programs were sports, women's features, Rhythm Rambles, and Tea Time. The news room is served by the 24 hour radio wire of the Associated Press and by the AP night newspaper report. More than one hundred news broadcasts, interviews, forums and sports- casts originate here each week. WSUI broadcasts fourteen and one-quarter hours a day, and KSUI, the new PM station, is on the air for eight hours. These two stations can be heard in six adjoining states. This year WSUI celebrated thirty years of broadcasting. It was established in 1919 as the first station west of the Mississippi to broadcast regularly scheduled programs. BILL WOLF, Announcer JOHN WEISER, Controlman Stevens, Shrader and Pooley lis- ten as new announcers try out on wire recorder. Page 306 FGRENSICS ASSUCI TIO OFFICERS EVAN HULTMAN President GEORGE MCBURNEY 'Vice President SHERWIN MARKMAN Secretary BUD I-IOCKENBERC Treasurer at l l l Standing. B. Hockenberg, M. Kniffen, W. Shuttleworth Seated: G. McBurney, E. Hultman, S. Markman All students participating in any forensics activity are members of the Forensics association. This year Iowa sponsored two intercollegiate forensics conferences on world problems in conjunction with the speech depart- ment. Forty colleges and universities participated in de- bate, discussion, extemporaneous speaking, and a model congress composed of all discussion groups. The aim of Page 307 the student congress was to find the best solution to the problems discussed during the conferences. During the year some 150 students were active in intramural and intercollegiate forensics. Student orators and public speakers also engaged in the Hancher oratorical contest and the La Fevre public speaking contest for freshmen in the spring. OFFICERS I LEROY COWPERTHWAITE President DON LAY 'Vice President RICHARD PETERSON Secretary MERRILL BAKER Treasurer DELT SIGIVI RHO Row 2: R. Hughes, L. Zifiren, D. Comell, L. Cowperthwaite, R. Peterson Bottom Row: M. Baker, M. Wood, A. Baird, D. Lay, J. Oostendorp The Iowa chapter of Delta Sigma Rho, national honorary forensics association, continued its program of encouraging effective public speaking in the university and in the high schools of Iowa. Delta Sigma Rho sponsored Iowals twenty- Hrst international debate this year with a British team rep- resenting the universities of Birmingham and Bristol. Ken- neth Thompson and Herman Cohen debated for Iowa on the subject of modern society's benefits under a planned economy. Delta Sigma Rho also sponsored a reception for students participating in the Iowa State High School Foren- sics league which met here in April. Membership in the organization is restricted to advanced students who have been outstanding participants in intercollegiate forensics. Eight new members were elected to the fraternity early in the spring. Four delegates attended the national student congress in Chicago. Page 318 Row 3: C. Leedham, H, Hock- enberg, j. Fletcher, D. Cuth- rie, R. Roddewig, R. Digges Row 21 M. Baker, C. Mcliur- ney, j. Pickens, D. Feay, E. Waller, jr., C. Thodt Bottom Row: R, Stoddard, S. Markman, J. Elliott, S. Charlton, H. Clark, B. Rich- ards, D. Franke, D. Bendure Page 309 Row 4: L. Ridgeway, A. Lar- son, C-, Pappadachis, E. Hultman, R. Scott Row 3: J. Kahrs, P. Bigelow, 1. Peck, E. Diekmann, J. Hess Row 2: C. Edwards, R, Swan- son, R. Bell, D. Miller, 1. Becker, C. Pearlman Bottom Row: R. Fisher, M. Kniflen, XV. Shuttleworth R. Petrik, R. Dice 1 DISCUSSION A vital part of the lowa forensics program is intramural and intercollegiate discussion. The December intercollegiate conference centered on the problem of inflation. The March conference concentrated on the inter- collegiate discussion topic for 1948-1949: "How can civil liberties be guaranteed to those living in the United States?" For I9 years the University Student Forum of the Air has broadcast discussions on such sub- jects as Russo-American relations, labor problems, military preparedness, federal aid to education, and social security. E Slanding: L. Bekman, C. ECI- wards Seated: R. Scott, M, Wood, D. Myers VV IVIEIXVS A D IVIEN'S VARSITY DEB TE Coached by Miss Margaret Wood and LeRoy C. Cowperthwaite, Iowa debaters partici- pated in four major intercollegiate confer- ences. Two debates were held on the Iowa campus, and Iowa teams traveled to the University of Nebraska for a third. The 1948-49 debate season closed with the Western Conference league's menis and women's tournaments at the University of Chicago. The intercollegiate debate topic for this year concerned the proposed adoption by the Federal government of a policy of equalizing educational opportunity in tax supported schools by means of annual grants. Row 3: L. Cowperthwaite, B Hockenberg, R. Digges, I. Pike, P. Bigelow, R. Fisher Row 2: C. McBurney, D Swanson, S. Charlton, XV Friedman, S. Markman, B Shuttleworth, E, Walker Hollow Row: E. Hultman, H Clark, M. Kniffen, E. Dick- mann, C. Pearlman, C Thodt Page 310 7a I ,M ,Aa - :Rm ima? Q, ,S -' V ww. . ,gig '1 :,,. K . , X , nivfigzggiifm K I ,V f AL L 1 L 'fl an :FF is W R3 2 an , af , F vm. if Q W X kk 'G -Q .- A 1 FINE ART UNIVERSITY ORCHESTR PHILIP G. CLAPP Director During the 1948-1949 season, Prof. P. C. Clapp directed the university symphony orchestra in the usual series of six con- certs. ln addition to their regular appearances, the orchestra presented a concert in Des Moines, appeared at the Music Educators national conference, and accompanied the university chorus at its spring concert. Wliile the majority of the hun- dred members are the faculty and students of the music de- partment, the organization is an all-university group. William Gower served as assistant conductor. Page 312 UNIVERSITY AN CHARLES B. RIGHTER Director The university band was divided into three sections. The first of these was the fall concert band, which appeared at all the home football games. After the season was completed, the members were reassigned to the concert band and varsity band. The concert band prepared for three formal concerts. The varsity band appeared at all the home basketball games and presented its annual concert during the spring. Sixty members from the concert band were selected to make the annual spring tour, which traveled throughout the north central section of the state during the week of March 28. Page 313 n UNIVERSITY CHORUS HERALD I. STARK Director The university chorus, consisting of 185 voices under the direc- tion of Herald I, Stark, gave four concerts this year. The chorus was divided into two groups. The larger group, com- posed of 125 of the members, was under the direction of Charles Davis, assistant conductor. Director Stark managed the smaller chorus of sixty, In addition to the fall, Christmas and Easter concerts, the chorus combined with the orchestra to present a spring concert. Numerous campus composers were featured and modern part songs were sung. Accompanist for the chorus was Robert Chapman. Page 314 "Oh, Godddi-what if I haven't been baptized! They canit keep me out of heaven on a technicalitylu- This, one of Father's many explosive outbursts, pro- vides the thread of plot for "Life With Father," pre- sented as the first university production of the season. When Whitley and Harlan, two of his four red-headed sons, ask him if he is going to Hell, Father fumes and blusters, as usual, but remains firm on the subject. There is little chance for him, though, for mother with her feminine illogic and tears is too great a match for Mr. Day-unknown to him, of course. Annie Vinnie Clarence John . Whitney Harlan Father . Margaret Page 315 When Cousin Cora, one of Father's many- pet peeves, visits the Days, pretty Mary Skinner accompanies her. Clarence becomes infatuated with her and soon begins a shy courtship. He makes little progress, for while wearing Father's made-over suit, Clarence feels he can do nothing his father wouldnit. All his schemes to buy a new suit fail, and Clarence finds life difficult. Finally, through a little more of Mother's unexplain- able reasoning, Clarence gets his new suit and his girl, too. Furthermore, Mother gets her way and Father is baptized in all his glory. Clarence jrfs decision to go into partnership with Brother john selling patent medicine is Father's de- feat in the anti-baptismal cause, for the boys decide to try out the medicine first for mother's "woman's complaintv and she becomes desperately ill from the bottle's contents, Father weakens to mother's pleas and, for the moment, he promises to be baptized. LIFE VVITH F THER CAST . Nancy Adler . june Cadle . . John DufHn . Russell Swafford . ..... John Randall . Robert Galiher, Elmer Hakanson . . . . Harold Shiffler . . jean Sprott Cora . . Mary Skinner Rev. Dr. Lloyd Delia . . Nora . . Dr. Humphreys Dr. Somers . Maggie . Mickey Stracks Marianne Swisher . Robert Paulus Margaret Purath jane Wellborn Thornton Klos Douglas Wells Ann Thornberry In January, the satire, "Beggar on Horseback," by George Kaufman and Marc Connelly, opened at the University theatre. The play concerns Neil McRae, a struggling composer who is induced to propose to Gladys Cady, a spoiled young deb, in order that he may continue his composing. From the time Neil sits down to rest after a tea for the Cadys, the play becomes a series of dream sequences. Following a jazzed wedding, the newlyweds return to their "little" home to live with the Cadys and a dozen butlers. Life becomes continually more hectic for Neil as Gladys drags him out nightly to Ngo dancing." Dr. Albert Rice Cynthia Mason Neil McRae Mr. Cady Mrs. Cady Gladys Cady Homer Cady Jerry . Rodney Stewart Jacqueline Brooks Gwen Davenport Q Theodore Paul James Sprouls . Irving Brown Patricia Lannert Rosemary Wfilliams Virginia Hugman . Tom McBride Jerome Handman There is little privacy for the McRaes since Mrs. Cady does nothing but knit, rock, and sing hymns, and Mr. Cady practices golf in the front room. The final blow comes with the knowl- edge that the Gadys won't let him compose. Neil reaches the breaking point and commits mass-homicide. At Neil's mock trial for the knife murder of the Cady family, Mr. Cady re- appears as the judge and the rest of the family also make BEGGAR O HURSEBACK H.R.I-I. The Crown Princess of Xanadu . Judith Olenick A Lamplighter A Policeman Miss Hey Miss You . A Guide A Novelist . A Poet . An Artist . Cigarette Girl . . . . . . Robert Sporre Gordon Pollock Hilda Greenberg Glesna Witlieroxt' . Richard Shull Tom Heimann Emory Wiiidreni Lyman Elefson Diana Kershner Neil appeals for his actions in the form of a ballet, "A Kiss in Xandauf' but he is found guilty, nevertheless. He is sentenced to the Cady art factory, where compositions are mass produced. Just then, Neil is awakened by his real love, Cynthia Mason, and immediately calls off his engagement with Gladys. CA Stage Manager Dr. Gibbs . Mr. Webb . Joe Crowell . Howie Newsome Mrs. Gibbs Ray Hill Robert Paulus John Anderson Richard Houston . Don Fryauf . julia Elder Mrs. Webb . Kay Argo George . Milo Hamilton Rebecca . Florence Schuck Wally . . john Utley Emily Marcia Mary Healy h Diane Carson The play shows three periods in the career of one gen- eration of Grover's Corners folks. life, love and death. On one side of an imaginary street, Dr. Gibbs and his family are attending to their humdrum affairs with pro- bity. On the opposite side, Mr. Webb, the local editor, and his family are fulfilling their quiet destiny. Nothing happens in the play that isn't entirely normal, natural and ordinary. ST 0 RTGVV Our Town, by Thornton Wilder, reveals the daily life that existed in Groveris Corners, N. H., just after the turn of the century. The spokesman of the play is the stage manager who wanders on and off the stage experi- mentally setting it with bare necessities. He also intro- duces each act and character, fills in as an actor, and often comments with a bit of homey philosophy on the town. . Hal Tulchin Simon Stimson Professor Willard Si Crowell . . Mrs. Soames . . Sam Craig . joe Stoddard . Constable Warren lst Dead Woman 2nd Dead Woman lst Dead Man . 2nd Dead Man Jerome Handman Ronald McNamer . Lou Hoffman . Don Mullin Levern Reynolds . Carl Kohlhoff Mary R. Riggs Marilyn johnson . Don Van Atta . John Bezel: Dr. Gibbs' boy, Frank, falls in love with Mr. Webb's girl, Emily- , Q-f4t1'1.smsv!4:.e U neighbors since birth. They marry after graduation from high school and continue their quiet existence until Emily dies in childbirth. The last act shows cemetery hill, where the dead of Grover's Corners, sit- ting peacefully in their graves, re- ceive Emily, whom they love, into their company. Lewin Goff direct- ed the university production. A Sfssk-if l i RT GUILD Standing: M. Leniton, R. Shuler, L. Everett, C. Gassan, L. Decker, M. Walker, j. Linderman, G. Thornton, C. Livingston, j. Brierly, J, Kacere, M. Levy, E. Warren, R. Ginzel, E, Ginzel, R. Savage, C. Marks, R, Denigan, C. Cassill, F. Casa, E. Essex, A. Levine, H. Scott, D. Smith, E. Elgart, J. jordan Seated: N. Bachman, M. Little, J. Hobbs, B. Burford, M. Hollingsworth, R. Proetz, M. Donnelson, F. Apple- man, F. Valentine, E. Brennecke, A. Arganbright On Tioor: Y. Wright, R. Ropschutz, P. Green, P. Witwer, L. Fincher, C. Smith The Art Guild, social organization for art students, furnished both OFFICERS social and educational activities for its members. lt sponsored several art shows, among them the Art Guild show held in December, the Student Commercial Art show held in April, and the annual Student LEN EVERETT President MARJORIE DONNELSON 'Vice President Pl-IYLLIS FINKELSTEIN Secretary YVETTE WRIGHT Treasurer page 318 Art salon held in cooperation with the student union board in May. The University Film society presented old and foreign films every other Friday night. Guild members also assisted the art department by acting as guides during conferences. Social activities consisted of several dances during the year. Carefully selecting the winners of the Art Guild Fine Arts Competition are J. Bier, University of Louisville, M. Sokole, Kansas City Art Institute, and K. Morris, University of Minne- sota. Tickets for the university film series movie, Hlntolerancef' arc being sold by Y. Wfright. At the door are V. Hylbak and B. Burford. Most of the Cuild's work is accomplished through committees like this one consisting of P. Brach, C. Crosland, M. Leniton, C. Fumagalli, and L. Durham. Page 319 ART G ILD I FORMALS if Through the cooperation of professors and students the art department again brought recognition throughout the na- tion for itself and SUI. Three student works were selected by the Art Schools of the United States for the Addison Gallery of American Art in Andover, Mass. Here at SUI, several art exhibits featured works of students and famous artists. Page 320 5 I . 3 W F ' 4 H ms I Q K ? ny-57 W Y fg z klff.-QW g K .,,. .. ,- -I X4 WV.,-vw 2 INTEREST GROUPS 'va Row 41 Joyce Bahr, Robert Crumley, Valorie Dierks, Dan Dillinger Row 3: E. M. Flood, jean Gallaher, Thomas Cray, Evan Hultman Row 21 Rohert Kramer, George McBurney, Keith McNurlen, Donna Rae Olson Bottom Row: james Packer, Alice Reininga, Betty jane Rehmke STU DE EVAN I-ILILTMAN President E. M. FLOOD 'Vice President JEAN GALLAHER Secretary KEITH MCNURLEN Treasurer CIL T CGU The Student Council is the studentjs voice in the government of the uni- versity. It serves as a link between students and administration in solving problems. The council is composed of seventeen members elected each spring from the campus at large, the four doromitories, the women's co-ops, Panhellenic association and Interfraternity council, the professional col- leges, and town men and women. The Daily flowan and WSUI are also represented. The council continued its sponsorship of the Homecoming pep rally, the campus chest drive, the all-campus elections, forums and the Christmas sing. Page 322 IXIATIGIXIAL STUDE T ASSOCI TIO Row 5: D. Hudson, R. Ford, J. Reinemund, M. Luehrs, I. Bressler, P. Bigelow, T. Brooke, W. Pfeifer Row 4: D. Hcrtel, L. Wilimek, C. Thurnau, M. Qualley, J. Knobbe, J. Marrs, N. Matulef Row 3: D. Bingham, P. Cornwall, J, Van Alstine, J. Clendcning, J. Perry, M. Dahl, E. Sherman, D. Roman Row 2: C. Schoenfeld, G, Falb, C. Chopek, M. Baker, B. Hardersen, L. Lindquist, L. Luechauer, S. Harvey. Bottom Row: V. Dierks, R. Dice, R. Scott, L. Pike, M. Anneberg The NSA committee of the student council is responsible for all contacts with the National Student association. This group carries out national inter- collegiate programs which affect the University of Iowa in relation to other schools. Individual committees gather and tabulate information about pro- jects they have undertaken and send it to the national headquarters. There it is consolidated and sent to schools desiring a basic plan for conducting similar programs. SUI seniors will now have available an official university ring due to the combined efforts of the NSA and the student Council. The NSA committee's major project for this year was the all-Iowa student government conference held here in May. It brought together the colleges and junior colleges of Iowa to discuss problems of student government. Page 323 Chairmen VALORIE DIERKS TOM CRAY C0-chairmen DALE BINCHAM LARRY PIKE RUBY SCOTT DICK DICE , I. Alling ,fy Row 5 Row 11 Row 3 Row 2. M. Bottom Row: FRESH MAN ORIE TATIO 1 D. Davis, G. Ames, jr., F. Koch, D. Reed, B. Faldet : R. Curtis, P. Winter, S. Moureau, H. Gross, K. Lane : L. Everett, J. Fahrner, K. Bishop, W. Leiding, J. Cochran Rush, T. Gray, V. Petre, W. Croissart, R. Phillips R, Meyers, R. Nicol, L. Zinlin, 1. Carlson, R. jackson This year the orientation committee planned a get- acquainted program for new men on campus. The committee worked with the UWA to make new stu- dents feel at home. The committee also prepared the information booklet, 'flvian About Campusf' Row 2: R. Larson, D. Yoder, F. Stines, j. Friend swwas W. Hamilton, R, Pahre, R. Wolford, j. Brekler, H. Bell, D. Hudson, J. Nunn, H. Williams, Bottom Row: J. Beilby, E. Figge, R. Williams, Jr., R. Diel, L. Klein, 1. Gaffney, J. Grissel, T. Clithero Page 324 'Upper Right: S. U. I. goodwill group ar- rives at the University of Minnesota. 'Upper fefff S. U. I. gets its own ring, Left to right are R. Scott, E. Hultman, B. Faldet, R. Noble, alumni service executive assistant, K. McNurlen, and D. Roman. STUDE T COUNCIL Page 325 I FQRMALS Lower Right: Crowd gathers for Homecoming Pep Rally sponsored by the Student Council. Lower Left: M. Annebcrg, S. Harvey, P. Bigelow, R. Ford, J. Clendening Standing: F. Burge, R. Morgan, B. Stooker, J. Hovland, M. Stark, R. Coleman Seated: P. Van Liew, H. Coontz, C. McKinzie, R. Crayne, 1. McKenzie, V. LaBahn, N. Shuttleworth, J. Tyson, A. Avery, L. Betts UIXIIO BO RD OFFICERS JOHN TYSON President MAURICE STARK 'Vice President PAT VAN LIEW Secretary JOHN HOVLAND Treasurer The sixteen-member Iowa Student Union board serves as a connecting link between SUI students and their hub of campus activities, the Iowa Memorial Union. The Stu- dent Union board has as its purpose "to initiate, promote and control student activities of all types, which shall be held in or around the Iowa Union buildingf' Union Board is comprised of representatives from every college on the campus and the school of nursing. Any upperclassmen is eligible for membership, providing he has the required number of points earned through sub- committee work, a grade average necessary for gradua- tion, good character, and executive ability. Because the purpose of Union board is both social and educational, the group this year sponsored a variety of lectures and forums along with such parties as the Homecoming dance, Carnival of Bands, the Christmas party and open houses following basketball games. Page 323 To keep things running smoothly is the goal of the combined efforts of the student union board and seven union board subcommittees. Each committee is headed by a member of the union board, and subcommittee members become eligible for election to the board. The bridge committee sponsored two all university bridge tournaments, and the games committee promoted a bil- liard tournament and exhibition, and two all university ping pong tournaments. Library chats, coffee hours, and the Christmas program were planned by the house and library committee. Three art exhibits, including the spring student display, were directed by the fine arts committee. Sunday matinee and Wednesday tea dances were held in the River room, and occasionally evening movies were shown in the main lounge. Mary Anneberg Felicia Barrowcliff Lon Bond Dick Beck Stuart Charlton George R. Conn Mary Lou Cords Don Drilling Don Edwards Len Everett Greta Grossman Don Guthrie Chuck Hanson Don Hays Rog lvie Betty Jane Johnson Bob Keefe Margot Kerns Mary Koch Joyce Kraft U I0 BO RD SUB CGIVIMITTEES MEMBERS Art Krebs Jeanne Larson Ellie Leedham Lois Martin Keith McNurlen Warren Meyer Betty Miller Howard Moldenhauer Gordon Mindrum Jim Pritchard Row 4. L. Everett, D. Beck, B. Keefe, J. Tyrell, D. Hayes, D, Guthrie, D. Risk, W. Tandy, R. lvie Don Risk Rome Schafiner Joy Schnoebelen Harry Schott Bob Sprott Bill Tandy Carol Thurneau Mike Trueblood John Tyrrell Verna Mae Wfingatf. Row 3: A. Krebs, H. Moldenhauer, W. Myer, S. Charlton, D. Edwards, G. Conn, J. Pritchard, C. Hanson, H. Schott Row 21 R. Sprott, R. Schaffner, J. Larson, E. Leedham, L. Martin, B. Miller, M. Koch, L. Bond, M. Trueblood Bottom Row: G. Grossman, J. Kraft, B. Johnson, M. Kerns, M. Cords, V. Wingate, M. Anneberg, J. Schnoebelen CE TR L P RTY COMMITTEE OFFICERS AARON 1. JONES President FREDERICK KOCH "Vice President ELEANOR MAIDEN Secretary CAICE WALTERS Treasurer Formerly the Central Party committee, the Central Party and Entertainment committee supervises every all-university dance. This year the committee spon- sored Autumn Swirl, A Night to Remember, the All- university prom and the Christmas formal. Among the well-known bands presented were Hal Mclntyre and Tony Pastor. With the addition of the enter- tainment field to its functions, the committee spon- sored concerts by Horace Heidt, Stan Kenton, Duke Ellington and Spike jones. Each member of the com- mittee has a different job for each event so that ex- perience gained during the year is varied. These jobs include publicity and the selection of programs, decor- ations and the theme of the dance. Members are chosen by the executive council of the student union board and the student council for one year terms. Row 2: F. Burge, F. Koch, M. Falk, L. Cutz, B. Vogel, B. Crane, C. Walters Bottom Row: F. Henderson, D. Kunz, E. Vifquain, A. jones, E. Maiden Page 328 During the first week of each fall semester the regis- tration committee becomes one of the most active groups on campus. This committee helps the advisors by doing such work as making out schedules for stu- dents, passing out time slips denoting the hour when the registrant should see his advisor, and helping confused students straighten out their difficulties. Prof. I-l. Clay Harshbarger, secretary of the liberal arts advisory office, was in charge of this committee. Each year he appoints a chairman who in turn selects a number of girls from Currier hall and the sorority houses to work in the group. This year the registra- tion committee consisted of twenty-seven girls who worked under Chairman julie Ferguson. Since 1945, when this group was first organized, the work of the registration committee has proven very successful. REGISTRATIU CGMIVIITTEE Row 2: H. Greenberg, J. Glendening, M. Vande Steeg, J. Larson, J. Keeney, J. Hood Bottom Row: E, Mueller, j. Christensen, M. Coodner, J. Tripp, M. Miller, I. Mochal Page 329 Standing: J. Tyson, R. Swcaney, J. Smith, Mr. C. Bloom, R. Bcllefcuille, P. Lange, C. Ames Seated: M. Joels, P. Van Liew, F. Barrett, M. Lewis, I. Wlilson CGLLEGI TE CHAMBER of CG ERCE OFFICERS FRANK C. BARRETT President JOHN TYSON 'Vice President PAT VAN LIEW Secretary JACK SMITH Treasurer The Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, an active organization of 550 students interested in com- merce, served in every phase of commercial as- sistance during the past year. General meetings, held once a month, presented to the members prominent businessmen from Iowa City and near- by cities to address the group on commercial problems. "Coffee hours", a series of informal meetings for special interest groups, were speci- fically designed to allow the members to meet and discuss individual problems with reputable men of the profession. The Commerce Mart, annual Commerce dance, was presented October 23, with Lee Barron's orchestra playing. The outstanding event of the year was the spring careers conference. Sponsored by the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, the two-day conference brought together well-known business personnel from the midwest to speak on varied aspects of their profession. Page 330 CLLECIATE CHA BER of COMMERCE Four members inspect new equipment at Cherry Burrell Co. Collegiate chamber members on tour at Cherry Burrell Co. in Cedar Rapids. Members get together for a banquet at the Union. Page 331 Kay Ames, Guy Ames, Jane Kallous, Ed Allen, Mylct Stamp, Ron Stamp Row 4: C. Thurnow, H. Hays, B. Christensen, E. Leeclham, C. Wall, E. Lampras, M. Qual- ley, D. Kamerick Row 3: G. Edwards, M. Coodnow, M. Camp- bell, C. Ladd, J. Fra- seur, J. Bresben, A. Gronna, K. Klotzbach Row 2: B. johnson, M. Foster, A. Schiller, P. Klassie, J. Cordon, D. Gow Bottom Row: P. Louns- bury, H. Focht, J. Gavronsky, J. Fitch, M. Erickson l UWA SENIOR and FRESHIVIAN CGUNCILS Women who are undergraduates in the Colleges of Lib- eral Arts, Commerce and Pharmacy and the school of nursing are automaticaly members of the University Womenis association. UWA is the women's self-govern- ing organization at SUI and sponsors many campus activities during the year. Council members are the tive elected executive officers, housing unit representatives, and special projects chair- men. A freshman council is selected each year to honor outstanding women and provide the freshman class with a better introduction to UWA activities. A new program of interviews was inaugurated this year to familiarize new women students with the functions and purposes of all campus activities. Information cards for women interviewed were filed for the convenience of organizations which desired to contact potential members. Row 2: H. Hewitt, P Ginsberg, R. Hudtloff, F. Appleman, A. Gil- son, P. Dillon, E Sideman, J. Fitch, M Rees Bottom Row: B, Benesh S. Orsborn, J. Elgin H. Hays, N. Dorn, M Guy, J. Kouba, H Okamoto Page 332 M. Trueblood, M. Erickson, C. Hanson, H. Homan, H. Gow- er, F. Eyres, joan Fraseur, Chairman, E. Sackett, R. Hut- loff, H. White UWA The UWA central judiciary board makes decisions and policies governing all undergraduate women at SUI. The board members are representatives from housing units, faculty advisors, and a chairman who represents the board on the senior council. They meet weekly to deal with disciplinary problems arising from infringements of regulations. University Sing is an annual traditional Mother's day Page 333 U IVERSITY SING and JUDICI RY BO RD event sponsored by UWA. Menis and women's units enter the competition for trophies awarded to the top singing groups at the songfest finals held near the art building by the river. A water pageant has been part of the program for the past two years to make the oc- casion even more interesting for students, faculty and guests. B. Malick, J, Lauder- dale, N. Ecklund, I. Mochel L Page 334 ,. land, R. Husa, B johnson, M. Rees son Seatedf B, Janssen don, H. Okamoto UWA VGCATIONAL CO FERE CE A D STUDE T FACULTY RELATIONS Vocational conference is one of the most extensive UWA projects. Held in March each year, the confer- ence features guest speakers from many fields. Womer are offered opportunity to obtain helpful information on problems of choosing a vocation, training for it, and finding employment after college. This year senior high school girls were invited as guests of UWA to attend the two-day conference and visit the Iowa campus. Per- sonal interviews with speakers, a coHee hour, and in- formative literature on careers were planned for visitors and students. Student-faculty relations is a UWA committee for the purpose of bringing the faculty and students of SUI together at informal open house coffee hours. This year, the office of student affairs and the presidentjs office were hosts to students. A more extensive program is planned for next year by this comparatively new UWA com- mittee to acquaint interested students with administrative staffs and faculties of various departments and schools within the College of Liberal Arts. Row 2: J. Morris, W. Shuttleworth Bottom 'Rouw E. Leed- ham, G. Edwards, H. Creenherg Standing: R. Bridge- J. Strong, E. Leed- ham, S. Thomp- J. Buckley, J. Gor- I FORM TIO FIRST Information First is a series of lectures by well-known authorities on politics, government, labor and other fields. Men and women gathered in the Sen- ate Chamber of Old Capitol on Thurs- days this year to hear a varied and interesting program of speakers . PROFILE REVIEW Profile Preview is an annual UWA program of helpful lectures on fashion, beauty and grooming. Speakers from the dress designing and clothing in- dustries or beauty counseling vocations come to the Iowa campus to inform women of new trends in clothing and beauty care. Personal interviews and a fashion show are highlights of the program. Miss Perfect Profile is chos- en from among the models in the style show by a panel of known campus males. Standing: M. Foster, C. Sutton, M. Smith, M. Anneberg, S. Thompson, J. Elgin. Seated: S. Harvey, D. Myers, S. Cronna, F. Robinson, B. Christensen B. Christensen, K. Kimmel, A Schiller, K. Klotzbach, K. I-Iorslund CODE FOR COEDS Code for Coeds is one of the first publications received by women who enter SUI. The UWA booklet is informally written and contains help- ful hints on what every new woman student wishes to know about campus activities, the Iowa City climate, or a multitude of other topics. The staff is chosen each year from applicants. C. Grossman, C. Ladd, L. Dur- ham Page 335 Harlan Hockenberg, William Shuttleworth and Robert Krammer STUDE T FEDERALISTS OFFICERS BILL SHUTTLEWORTH C kairman BUD HOCKENBERG 'Vice Chairman BOB KRAMER Treasurer AN N ETTE BRAVERMAN Secretary The SUI chapter of the United World Federal- ists has functioned chiefly to acquaint students and citizens with the organization and to famil- iarize them with its ideals and objectives. The world federalists strived to present world prob- lems and to solve them realistically. During the past year the group presented such speakers as Harlan Miller, who discussed the functions of the national federalists group. Samuel Levering, a national officer and a mem- ber of the national executive council, talked on the campus and explained the United World Federalist's organization. Other chapters from nearby communities participated in this program. During the second semester a speakers' bureau was set up within the organization, its mem- bers speaking at various campus meetings and activities. Several polls were also taken by the local group to discover what the students knew of the group and how many were in favor of it. Page 336 Row 6: C. Coon, C. Campbell, R. Hassleman, M. Kuypers, R, Phillips, Member, j. Roland, L. Agnew, D. Lemke, R. Crandall Row 5: J. Dunley, G. Trevett, R. McNamara, j. Patterson, C. Thodt, R. Swanson, G. Sayles, j. Patten, K. Caton, J. Gilman Row 4: Member, M. Putney, J. Boehm, j. Thomas, C. Knutson, Member, M. Hays, T. Riley, L. Wheeler, W. Cochrane Row 3: J. Schneider, j. Ragin, R. Reeves, Mrs. R. Reeves, D. Pletsch, R. Rankin, Member, L. Capel, j. Englebert, W. Minshall Row 2: j. Hansen, K. Billings, j. Skinner, H. Eaton, L. johns, L. Eninger, Member, Member, E. Hultman, P. jordan, N. Yuill Row: R. Tyson, R. Van Nostrand, B. Phillips, J. Goodwin, J. Laughlin, G. Williams, 1. Elliot, W. johnson YDUNG REPUBLICANS Bottom J. Elliott, B. Phillips, 1. Loughlin, J. Good- win, R, Tyson, G. W'illiams Page 337 The Young Republican league of SUI is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the most active young Republican groups on any campus. The league offers its 200 members means of express- ing themselves politically. League members can- vassed students on current topics, particularly of a policital nature. Election year gave the Young Republican league opportunities to ob- serve campaign politics firsthand. The aim of the Young Republican league is."to provide a practical means whereby its members may ef- fectively contribute to the betterment of the Republican party--and the government of the State and nation." Row 4: R. Mohr, V. Skellenger, A. Olson, V. Hylbak, O, Tenold, 1. Adams, F. Maloney Row 3: E. McIntosh, R. Higges, 1. de Ayala, G. Frcdcricks, Y. Wright, A. Moreland, J. Brown Row 2: M. McMahon, W, Nelson, I. Schneiderman, M. Ruhinson, D. Wine, R. Santi, J. Shcrer Bottom Row: S, Markman, W. Eads, V. Schnoebclcn, H, Allan, P. Norland YGU G DEMOCRATS With the presidential election a hot issue, SLII's Young Demo- crats, under the leadership of Hank Allan, carried out an ex- tensive campaigning program. They sponsored political speakers and participated in county and state caucuses including the Iowa Young Democratic convention. The organization staged two stunts at Iowa football games, held several political rallies, and marched in a Democratic parade. By their continuous efforts to 'fget out the voten, the Young Democrats helped make possible the ensuing Democratic victory. Young Demos parade just before na- tional election. Page 338 Page 339 Row 2: S. Spillta, L. Dewey, B. Rose, L. Kaplan, R. Billings Bottom Row: L. Baum, T. Edis, C. Leavitt, L. Kaplan YOUNG PROGRESSIVES OFFICERS JOE HOWARD President LARRY KAPLAN 'Vice President SARAH RISTINE Secretary JAY MATLEY Treasurer In March 1948, after Henry Wallace announced his candidacy for president, a group of students founded the SUI Young Progressives. The one hundred members with their president, joe Howard, formulated a program of activities to acquaint the campus with their platform. Fol- lowing the presentation of several progressive meetings and forums, Henry Wallace's oif-cam- pus speech climaxed the group's first activities. During the summer, a delegation of students at- tended the founding convention of the Progres- sive party of Iowa. The progressives opened the fall term with a series of documentary films and a number of meetings presenting outstanding speakers. Participation in the campus straw vote campaign and rally, directed by the stu- dent council, highlighted the group's pre-election activities. Row 4: J. Hansen, M. Sayre, J. Jensen, C. McKinzie ' Row 3: A. Klingner, J. Perry, M. Melrose, K. Kimmel, S. Schreiber, M. Dunlap, J. Tripp Row 2: S. Krause, J. Gordon, F. Henderson, R. Trueblood, H. White, N. Shuttleworth, N. France Bottom Row: L. Dean, F. Robinson, J. Lauderdale, C. Ladd, Mrs, Wilson, B. Malick, V. Dierks YOU G VVUMENS CHRISTIA ASSDCIATIO This year YWCA members sold chrysanthemums for Homecom- ing, printed their own newspaper, sponsored all-membership teas, and made favors for parties at the Children's hospital. At Thanks- giving and Christmas, the social welfare committee packed boxes of food and clothing for needy families, and the religious em- phasis committee planned worship services. The girls entertained patients at University hospitals, Oakdale sanatorium, and the school for handicapped children. YWCA sponsored major in marriage, a bi-monthly lecture series. OFFICERS CAROLYN LADD President LUCY DEAN 'Vice Pfesidenf JANET LAUDERDALE Secretary BETTY MALICK Treasufef Page 340 Page 341 P. Green and M. Cords. M. Neff, N. Shuttleworth, C Ladd and J. Hansen U. Dawson and J. Martin Row 4: J. Morris, R. Hiatt, W. Kyle, E. Thompson, D. Davis, J. Miller Row 3: W. McGregor, J. DeRyke, G. Krause, R. Bell, N. Williams, R. Hoag Row 2: K. Carman, N. jackson, H. Ranshaw, W. Know, J. Thompson, G. Glenn. Bottom Row: W. Sharp, W. McMahon, G. Wahls, J. Good, H. Good. The YMCA divided its program into four major fields. Through N Christian heritage, the "YU conducted Bible study groups, faculty firesides, and religious holiday programs. Sixteen "Y" students traveled to Washington, D. C., and Lake Success to supplement Social Action day activities held in Des Moines. M World relatedness featured discussions on racial relations and foreign summer projects. Campus affairs and service included the major in marriage lecture series, a child guidance club, CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATIO President l WALTER MCMAHON 'Vice President GORDON WAHLS Secretary-Treasurer Bll..l.. SHARP Tinance Chairman Page 342 PHI Row Row Row Row Row 6: R. Hoag, O. Cohn, R. Levitt, C. Crane, R. Fountaine, J. Hansman 5: R. Beckstrom, D. Schiffman, R. Madison, D. Randall, B. Clayton, N. Mateluf, R, Martin 4: L. LaFlin, R, Kammerer, 1. Friend, S. Toverud, E. jockumsen, C. Ellingson, j. Arganbright 3: W. Hippika, R. Jurchin, R. Coffey, D. McConnell, C. Hancher, D. Croot, R. Hammer 2: I. Hess, L. Pesch, J. Gunerman, M. Gordon, P, Smith, R. Wright, R. Crews, E. Hastings, L. Porter, M. Huit Bottom Row: D. Von Berg, H. Moldenhaur, C. Feblowitz, D. Feay, D. Crawford, D. Hayworth, N. Garnetz. LPH OIVIEG Page 343 OFFICERS CHARLES CRANE President ROBERT MARTIN 'Vice President DARRELL FEAY Secretary Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, national ser- vice fraternity, continued its program of leadership, friendship, and service on the SUI campus. Putting emphasis on service to the campus, community, nation and world, they created goodwill in every phase of their work. The membership is composed of univer- sity men who are, or have been, Boy Scouts. Among their annual services were such projects as paper drives for the Boy Scouts, delivering the Daily 7owan to students in University hospital, and helping with the spring campus elections. The group also aided the Campus Chest drive by canvassing all married stu- dents. In December, the chapter was represented at a national convention of Alpha Phi Omega in Chicago. Interspersed with serious efforts was a number of social functions including the Founderis day banquet and initiation in December. The Alpha Phi Omegas received a certificate of commendation for their work during the year from the student council. Ez , Standing: M. Meirs, R. Peter- son, B. Flood, J. Gallagher, E. Hultman Ssafrci- D. Myers, J. Bahr D. Williams, C. Newell, B. Kracht, R. Hill, V. Brann, G. Daniels at the piano AIXIACEA COMMITTEE JOYCE BAHR Chairman BUD FLOOD DOROTHY JEAN MYERS .JEAN C-ALLAHER MARK MEIER RICHARD J. PETERSON W. Molyncux, D. Cohen, C. Dembo The Panacea committee, completing its third year at SUI, is producer of the an- nual original musical comedy presented by and for the student body. The com- mittee consists of six members: two each from the student council, ODK, and Mortar Board, with a rotating chairman- ship every year. The work of the group starts in September with a contest for the best scripts and musical scores sub- mitted by students. Following the selec- tion of a theme, the committee acts as a steering force for the complete pro- duction until it is presented in April. This year's show, Olympic 1949, was written by Vince Brann and Bill Kracht and directed by Ray Hill. The chairman of the committee was Joyce Bahr. Page 344 M UNTAINEERS lowa Mountaineers, Inc. was organized in 1940 to de- velop the sport of mountaineering. Today the club has a membership of well over 600 persons. This year's journal chronicled the club's activities for the past three years. Weekend trips and outdoor sports were regularly schedul- ed. The mountaineers, clubhouse was the scene of an informal social program. OFFICERS JOHN EBERT President ERICI-I FARBER 'Vice President JUNE KORAB Secretary GORDON L. KENT Tfeasurer Iowa Mountaineers climb Devil's Tower in Eastern Wyoming Mountaineers enjoy a week-end outing at Devil's Lake Park, Wisconsin. Page 345 Sl,lI's fourth annual Campus Chest drive was promoted in Octo- ber. Solicitations Chairman George McBurney and the Campus Chest committee headed by Harlan Hockenberg and Ruby Scott guided the drive to a total collection of S5,000, exceeding by a wide margin last year's total. The contributions to the Campus Chest were split between the American Cancer society, the World Student Service fund, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, the United Negro College fund, the Salvation Army, and CARE. C IVIPUS CHEST 1. McCartt, M, Wildman, K. Fisk OFFICERS HARLAN HOCKENBERG RUBY SCOTT Co-chairmen BILL SHUTTLEWORTH GEORGE MCBURNEY ROBERT F. TYSON MARY VAN DE STEEG MARGARET GRIEBEL Committee Chairmen l William Shuttleworth, Margaret Griebel, Harlan Hockenberg, Ruby Scott, Prof. jack T, John- son, john Lamb, Mary Van de Stecg, Robert F. Tyson, George McBurney The Campus Chest banquet. Page 346 HGIVIE ECG OMICS CLUB The Home Economics club, composed of girls with an interest in homemaking, offered lectures on fashions, food, and other topics of interest to both the future homemaker and the career girl. At regular monthly meetings speakers from foreign nations with outstanding information about home life, culinary arts, and customs of their particular countries were presented. The year's schedule featured a baked bean supper with the girls, dates as guests. Other events on the clubjs calendar included an autumn picnic OFFICERS SHARON JUDY President CAROL SYWASSINK 'Vice President ALICE PITZ Secretary PHYLLIS KERSEY Treasurer welcoming new members to the organization, a Christmas dinner in the Iowa Memorial Union, and a vocational con- ference. The Iowa Home Economics association held its annual statewide meeting in Iowa City as guest of the SUI club. The Home Economics club helped provide an opportunity for personal development, service to school and community, and active participation in improving home and family living. Row 3: M. Harvey, V. Silvers, J. McNeil, M. I-Iensleigh, M. Wood, B. Blackburn, H. Danncs, B. Rogers, J, Ramsey Row 2: K. Klotsbach, C. Floyd, S. Egenes, D. Tcrpstra, M. Talley, E. Erickson, P. Benesh, L. Brunsvald, M. Bruce Bottom Row: W. Zucchero, C. Sywassink, S. Judy, Miss Smith, J. Payne, B. Adcock, J. Stooker Page 347 Row 5: E. Ohlsen, D, Randall, 1. Barrett, E. Cassaidy, H. Broberg, XV. Berninghausen, J. Krause Row 4: J, I5ahrner, C. Hugg, C, Kaufman, K, Schori, R. Nolin, D. McRae, R. Cornick, R. Nordyke, XV. Podlich, jr. Row 3: XV, Hurdle, j, Altenburn, H. Hoffman, A. Hawley, XV. Davis, R. Davison, G. Vuicich Row 2: R. Nicol, R. Hill, R, Nefzger, J, Robinson, C.. Butterfield, J. Goodwin, V. Bell, R. .Xntes Bottom Row: j. Raissle, Dr. j. Wells, Dr. R. Smith, C, Balke, R. Ballantyne, K. McXlurlen, Dr. ,l. Figg, H. Brown TRESTLE BO RD OFFICERS KEITH A. MCNURLEN President ROCER NORDYKE 'Vice President ROBERT NICOL Secretary WILLIAM BERNINC-HALISEN Treasurer Trestle Board, student Masonic organization, was formed on the University of Iowa campus in 1947 under the sponsorship of the Iowa City Masonic Lodge. Members of the group must be Master Ma- sons enrolled in the University. Associate members of the group are found among Masonic faculty and Iowa City lodge members. Meetings of the group are held on the first Friday of every month with the aim and purpose of improving Masonic work and to afford better social contacts among the members who are affiliated with lodges in ten' states and two LI. S. territories. New officers were elected in May. Speakers during the year included Prof. Marcus Bach of the College of Religion, Prof. H. Nl. Thornton of the history department, Prof. E. E. Harper of the College of Fine Arts, Dr. J. D. Wfells and Dr. R. V. Smith of the College of Dentistry, and Robert Ballan- tyne of the office of student affairs. Page 348 w fz?'4'iH ibie 'TQ ff! Q 1 3 . 'N ' K. A ,X X A . Q, 4 wi XLT-jx, QM ' 5' 'fm-.V '-uri 4 Y , ,X 5:1 Q .1 ' X f X' -Y guj-..kQf'x".'m X . X .' -X.-5.2 ..g,.lQ,.:s.k , , --.kfll A-.V 1 'f -.1 YQ X W-.Wflgx A. "7M.'xI-' DMM, x 1-npr NYM ,Q s X X ,M - MM. . .Kp '-v.'v5'-Aw V. uf' y. A Q, ,, 4 4 4- 5 Qu- 'f f i hfszif .,. 3K5:, ' f is? 'fh".1:'N'A :?: - " K ' Q WJ ffiig , 7 1. M mm 2,4 .... .RELIGIOUS GRouP , 5 559.1 .ag s , --1 4, . - Siam fp-,. fi k V, - -5 f K gi A Hwy,-? 5 gm f, ., 13 ' ,E-f M ,bww ftxgkf . 'A V gg ,ff f m 4 . - H522 ,SU-si? l Him ' fx Lf 1- 4 ff 4 , .1 L gf 1 E .gf 75 sg .1 'N g i, "1i,:- J . ff , g was .Is 1' 5 K, ' 1 A Q K' A 4. ,. .i I ' - :,-e asy gg., gy Q- 423323 ff ' J Q if .ui . . K Q g. My X Lv -Mf LLV. v f :- V'.. Q-1 , QE 1,2 , si Q- ' , -' .a . ' 1-52' 3' 'zk V' P452 T? Qs .- iii' ikffvif iii?-595.2 ffi if Q" A f, girl, 3. V , 4 . .V I 1 . 41, J - Lfff L"' 'fi '- S -'12 ' L., - ,ff A ' 54 'ff"W5xa "kLi"Tff5f-iizi tif 5 fy, .Q Q 5 5332 A 3 H . i-12,55 wi: , Xrfgfp -X S H . . . -W v 'Egg me 5, aff S A A A ' W Q A i N 'X f , ' ' - 5 5 'ff .L'- ii if i? 1-"K 1? J KS A if f Vffiifig 2 L mf .- K 1 .L 1 ? 1 , .. L4 ? .Q va . ' f 1 f fi f 'Upper right: Dick Arnold conducts the worship program. Lower right: A Sunday evening get-together, where everyone has a good time. Upper left: Joyce Grauer, Charles Rearden, Gene Glenn Lower left: Marjorie Price, Larry Porter, and Mary Lou Sweeny enjoy a game of ping pong. DISCIPLES' STUDE T FELLGVVSHIP The Disciplesj Student fellowship provides religious as well as social functions for SUI members. A newly initiated project was the deputation teams which conducted services in nearby rural communities lacking pastors. During Reli- gion in Life week, the fellowship brought to SUI Rev. George Kelsey, executive secretary of field administration of the federal council of churches. Dearl Richardson, as student advisor, was in charge of the group's Sunday eve- ning suppers and discussions. OFFICERS JOHN MILLER President MERLE FREY Tice President JOAN PERRY Secretary ERNEST MILLER Treasurer Page 350 f F i ANTERB RY CLB The Canterbury association, national church organization for Episcopal students and fac- ulty, consists of three groups: Canterbury club, Ball and Chain club for married stu- dents, and Graduate Supper club. The Can- terbury club met every Sunday evening fol- lowing the Evensong service for supper, discussion, and recreation. The Ball and Chain club held pot-luck suppers on alter- nate Fridays, followed by speakers, discus- sion, and movies. The overseas relief project was continued, and a paper drive was con- ducted to furnish Bibles for the church school. janet Kedney correlated all activi- ties of the association. Page 351 . 'S -fi ji , . Row 3: J. Hobbs, H. Louis, C. Crane, L. Shaw, D. Bain- es, R, Holzham- mer, A. Fippingcr 72014121 C. Miller, R. Kidd, D. Edwards, E. Griffin, D. Mil- ler, O, Lccpcr, R. Drollinger, J. Cra- ven, Mrs. C, B. Righter Cdirectorb, Rev. H. F. McGee Bottom Row: A. Kidd, K. Phillips, M, Swisher, J. Kedney, M. Healy, C. Fippingcr, M. Drollinger, S. Timm Marion McGee, Rev. H. F. Mc- Gee, Betty Noland, Daniel L. Mil- ler, Marcia Mary Healy Simziiirzgf B. Moland, J. Kedney, D. Edwards Sc'aler1'- D. Criffin, D. Baines, Jl. Hobbes, L. Shaw on --- Row 2: Gloria Green, Mort Kaplan, Shirley Wolfson, Helen Goldberg Bottom Row: Shirley Elman, Dorothy Klawans, Marian Hon- eyman HILLEL FOUNDATIG Hillel's second forum series and presentations by the drama and choral groups followed Friday evening services in the foundation's chapel. lowais branch of the Inter-Collegiate Zion Federation of America presented speakers and movies on the Palestine subject. The foundation adopted and contributed to the support of a French child, and published the U-lillel Eye. Hillel's social program this year included dancing, the colorful Holiday Carnival and other parties. At the annual parents' banquet gold keys were awarded to students showing outstanding leadership in the foundationis activities. Herb Holland, Deborah Cohen, Bob Lipschutz, An- ita Schiller OFFICERS ROSALIE LASKER President HERBERT HOLLAND 'Vice President DEBORAH COHEN Recording Secretary ANITA SCI-HLLER Corresponding Secretary Page 352 G MMA DELT Row 2: H. Choitz, W. Leicling, Pastor Choitz Q Bottom Row: M. Wieman, M. Stoll, W. Andresen, R. Hutloff H Gerard Row 4: A. Tinderholt, L, Forde, H. johnke, O. Firnhaber, H. Choitz Row 3: A. Walz, C. Baak, G. Kruse, M. Wieman, R. Otteman, E. Sage, G. Oetting, V. Firnhaber, W. Techau, M. Stoll, Rev. J Choitz Row 2: A. Halweg, B. Snover, V. Fencil, J. Fencil, R. Brauer, R. Barstow, N. Rudi, R. Hutlofi, S. Grieme, R. Buelow, R, Hepp Bottom Row: M. Grimm, H. Gerard, B. Hudepohl, W. Andresen, C. Kallsen, J. Mundt Gamma Delta, an international organization of the Missouri Synod Lutheran church, promoted fellowship and trained its members for church leadership. Under the direction of Rev. john Choitz, meetings were held on Sunday evenings preceded by vespers and dinner. Gamma Delta members were active in European relief work. Picnics, Christmas caroling, discussions, the annual banquet, and movies formed the key- notes in the social program. Clarence Kallsen, local president, was elected to the presidency of the international organization. Page 353 OFFICERS WAYNE ANDERSEN President MARTIN STOLL 'Vice President RUTH HUDTLOFF Secretary HAROLD CHOITZ Treasurer Top: G. Rosenberger, E. Jacobson, D. Johnson, R. Ryan, H. Brom Middle, standing: M. Hemdry, W. Cochran, D. Blocker, N. Carson, E. Jacobson Scaled: E, Hottle, M. McLaughlin Bottom: R. Truesdell, B. Moon, A. Scnts, D. Rastovac, C. Krouse Row 5: C. Krouse, XV. Miller, XV. Mollman, L. Noe Row -If R. Truesdell, N. Carson, L. Mystrom, XV. Cochran Row fi: R. Wfilson, F. Darley, D. Johnson, J. Petro, D. Blocker, B. Jacobson Row 2: B. Moon, J. Mochal, D. Rastovac, E. Erickson, P. Santman, R. Ryan Bolton: Row: J. Palmer, L. Shields, L. Baumann, M. Holbert I TER - VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLGVVSHIP SUI students wishing to know more about all Christian religions have joined the international student group, Inter-varsity Christian fellowship. The local chapter, in its Tuesday night meetings held in the Iowa Memorial Union, offers opportunities to students to seek answers to such questions as "XVhat is unique about Christianity and why does it have to be unique? Prayer meetings, Bible studies, and monthly socials are held. OFFICERS IIREDERIC L. DARLEY Tjrcsirfrnf MARY HOLBERT Vice President LYNETTE BAUMANN Secretary WALTER C-. MOLLMAN Treasurer Page 354 M. Foster, N. Henry, P. Santman, P. Arnett KAPP PHI The purpose of Kappa Phi, national Methodist club, is to train young women on campus to become active in Chris- tian leadership in their own communities. The group em- phasized this theme in their bi-weekly meetings with a number of round table discussions, conferences, and spe- cialized projects. Contributions from the members helped foreign and home needs of the church. Kappa Phils social activities included the traditional spring banquet and the Degree of the Rose ceremony for senior members. OFFICERS FRANCES RASMUSSEN President ELLEN LOAN 'Vice President PATRICIA SHIRLEY Secretary BETTY CORWIN lfreasuref Page 355 -vi... YW, J 7.5.1 . -Ki . .. I .rw ,V ,Q . 'WSE' Top, seated: S. Fleming, M. Oflringa Standing: P. Santman, M. Seedorfl, P. Arnett, M. Foster, M. Fell Middle: M. Duros, R. Nielson, S. Fleming, M. Seedorfl Bottom: M, Duros, Mrs. Sample, F. Rasmussen, M. Shirley, M. Balcom, B. Corwit NL.. Q Tlpper: H. Umstaettcr, H. Ranshaw, F. Bohlkcn, B. Peter- Tlbper: M. Wfestly, K. Spurling, I-I. Holmes, E. Stephenson son, D. Miller, P. Bigelow Lower: E. Erickson, N. Ohrtman, P. Bigelow, D. Rizor, having a good sing. D. Mortensen LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOC! TID 122 East Church street was the scene of the activities of the Lutheran Student association. The association, com- posed of all Lutheran students on campus, completed a suc- cessful 27th year at SUI. Eighteen group chairmen repre- senting the students planned and led Sunday meetings and devotions. On the lighter side were a hay ride, a record party, a Christmas party, a scavenger hunt, and a winter sleigh ride. Football games were followed by buffet dinners with visiting university students as guests. Thanksgiving was celebrated with a dinner honoring foreign students. fower: Members enjoy getting around the piano and OFFICERS PI-IILLIP BIGELOW President DUANE MORTENSON 'Vice President RUTH ORTMAN Secretary DORIS RIZOR Treasurer Page 356 EVVMAIXI CLUB Newman club served its members through a three fold plan: religion, education, and so- cial activities. Religious activities included Communion breakfasts, a retreat, and cate- chism classes taught at the Childrenis hospi- tal. In educational interests the club held weekly meetings, directed by Father Beiser, club chaplain, at the student center. For the sixth year the Newman club sponsored Kampus Kapers, the all-school variety show directed by jack Whitesell. In May the group played host to Newman clubs from five midwest states at the annual Central States Province convention. Page 357 R010 2: j Carroll R. Geiselman A. Thimmcsch M. Blaskovich F. Bissell Bottom Row: F. Valentine M, Sewall S. Lachner C. Welter J. Bockenstedt J, Humphrey, T. Hogan, D. Rein- man, A. Reinman M. Hennessy, P. Sloan, J. Kremer, R. Wil- helm, C. Dreese T. Z. Koo leads discussion group at the house. jean Barvinek and L. Parsons play a fast game of ping-pong in the recreation room. ROGER WILLIAMS FELLOWSHIP "Mamma and Daddy ID",-Rev. and Mrs. Dierks-held a continual open house for students at the Roger Williams house. On Sunday mornings a Bible discussion group met. Evening vespers followed the weekly fellowship sup- pers. Special programs consisted of speeches by foreign students, readings in religious drama, and guest speakers. A fund was started for a new church to be located across from the student center. Spring brought the retreat at Lake Macbride and the spring banquet. Officers for the coming year were installed at this banquet. OFFICERS DELMAR C. I-IOMAN President ,IULIENNE JENSEN 'Vice President VERNA MAE WINCATE Secretary DARRELL FEAY Treasurer Page 358 STUDE T CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OFFICERS SUZANNE GRONNA President EDWARD BUXTON 'Vice President MARY VAN DE STEEC Secretary MILT POTEE Treasurer Row 4: J. Miller, M. Frey, D. Holman, W. Filhart Row 3: J, Olson, C. Kalleson, M. Harris, E. McQuade Row 2: L. Kluht, C. Ladd, H. Ranshaw, W. McMahon, J. Jensen Bottom Row: M, Potee, M. Van de Steeg, S. Cvronna, E. Buxton, Dr. Michaelson Helping various Protestant organizations on campus through group cooperation is the objective of the Stu- dent Christian council. Composed of nine church groups, as well as the YWCA and YMCA, the coun- cil meets twice a month to exchange ideas and plan activities. The presidents and one representative from each religious organization serve on the council. The Page 359 council conducted seminars during Religion in Life week and sponsored a drive for books and clothing for foreign students. Assisting the council is the advi- sory board, which is composed of counselors from each church group and the executive secretaries of YMCA and YWCA. In-,.., Top: R. Hiatt, D. Houts, C, Stelcik, R. Martin, J. Throckmorton, E. Tabler, W. Frohardt, F. Rasmussen, J, Rimel, W. Benson, F. Nordstrom Cat pianoj Middle: R. Sanks, E. Tabler Bottom: Married students gather for meeting. E. Buxton, R. Hiatt, W. Howard, E. Tablcr, W. Benson, J. Rimel, F. Rasmussen, W. Frohardt, R. Martin Through its enlarged program of activities, the Wesley foundation provided a recreational and spiritual outlet from the conventional pattern of college life. Picnics and parties dotted the Wesley calendar, with semi-formal dances high- lighting the fall and spring seasons. Special interest groups included the Wesley Players, who presented religious dramas, short story groups, and the 'WES.'U.7, Wesley's stu- dent newspaper. A number of outstanding speakers were also sponsored by the foundation. VVESLEY FUUNDATIO OFFICERS EDXVARD BUXTON President GEORCANA FALB 'Vice President DAVID TAYLOR Treasurer MARY L. ANNEBERC Social Chairman Page 360 R. Fields, J. Fields, D. Hastings, M. Hastings, H. Lyon, A. St. john, W. St. john. The Westminster foundation is a national organization for Presbyterian students. Among the organized activities of the foundation are the Westminster fellowship for single students, the Mr. and Mrs. club for married students, and the choir. A council of fifty students plans and operates a well-balanced program of social and religious activities, highlighted by twilight vespers and supper every Sunday evening. lts student center in the church is open daily. VVESTIVIINISTER FOUIXIDATIO OFFICERS lN4ARll..YN HARRIS President PEACE PENNINCROTH 'Vice President MARY VAN DE STEEC Secretary DON IXAONTCOMERY Treasurer Page 361 Top, Seated: R. Smith, B. Crone, V. Crone, E. Cupp, XV. Cupp, W, Smith. On floor. Sandra and Sharon Smith. Tlliddlef P. Penningroth, E. Wesselink, N. Carson, D. Dillinger, S. Hills, Dr. P. A. Pollock, M. Harris, M. Vande Stceg, M. Milligan, Mrs. B. N. Cove rt. Bottom: P. Mouw, E. Fox, M. McMahon, Cv. Clark. 1i UNITED STUDE T FELLOWSHIP Students from the Congregational-Chris tian, Evangelical, and Reformed churches merged this year into one unified group -the United Student fellowship. Eol- lowing a wide variety of interests, the group included in their program Sunday night guest speakers, monthly parties, forums, and movies. The buddy banquet for all freshman and transfer students, the spring banquet, and the spring retreat for old and new officers were animal U.S.F. affairs. The fellowship was com- posed of sixty active members this year, with Robert jahns as president. Row 2: visor, Elizabeth McQuade. Bottom Row: Walt McMahon, lane Keeney, Bob jahns. Bhagwa-t P. Singh, Yutaka Naka- hata, jay Zawoduy. Ruel Bell conducts the Sunday evening meeting. OFFICERS ROBERT W, JAHNS President JANE KENNEY 'Vice President ELIZABETH MCQUADE Secretary WALTER MCMAHON Treasurer Page 362 Grace Hadley, ad- f' ,2,,,f:',f5' 4 'fr 1 4 IAS' Q" 1 fb I PARTIES UTUIVIIXI SVVIRL 1' fZ.f"ls Top: E. Vifquain, Mrs. R. W. lversen, Mr. R. W. Iversen, Dr. E. E. Harper, Mrs. Nell Alderman, Mrs. john M. Russ, Mr. john M. Russ, R. Nichols, W. Huppenbauer, Clara I.. Harper, Frank R. Burge. Bottom: Special entertainment by jack Cole. Students swirled to the music of jack Cole and his orchestra at the Autumn Swirl sponsored by the cen- tral party committee in the lowa Memorial Union. Given in October, the dance was designed to give new students an idea of all-university social life. The programs and the backdrop portrayed a typical au- tumn scene of a couple strolling through the leaves. The band played "Autumn Nocturnev to add to the effect. lt's rhumba time at the Autumn Swirl! Page 364 HORACE HEIDT Lea Spiwak is introduced by Horace Heidt. Milo Hamilton, jacquie Fitzgerald, Leo Cortimiglia, Lea Spiwak, David McAdams. Horace I-leidt presented his national talent show in the SUI fieldhouse on November 6. The program, sponsored by the central party committee, in- cluded talent from among SUI students. David McAdams won first prize in this group singing "Because" Other winners were Leo Cortimiglia, Lea Spiwak, and Milo Hamilton. A Lead the Band contest was also held, with Iowa City citizens participating. Heidtls show was built from young talent discovered on similar searches throughout the country. Halyard Patterson gives his autograph to two young admirers. Page 365 Pierce Knox entertains the audience STAN KE TG CO CERT Stan Kenton and his program of controversial "progressive jazzi' rocked the Iowa Memorial Union on October 8. Under the auspices of the central party and entertainment committee, Kenton presented a cross-section of our present modern music along with his self-interpreted jazz and his own compositions. Vocalist june Christy added to the program by singing several numbers, among them "How High the Ivloonf' Stan Kenton beats out a few bars. june Christy. Ray Weitzel. Stan Kenton. 'ws-M-WWMQ M1-Liar 4- ls 1111.211 Left: Gene Krupa and Sol Baumer, Middle: joan O'Sl'1anganessy and Bob Schulz. Right: Margery Irwin, Ray Geiselman. GE E KRUPA'S BAN Freddie Fisher and Glenn Alan bounce with Krupa. Page 367 It was definitely a womanls world the evening of November 12. The Spinster's Spree provided a chance for the boys to step aside while the girls paid the bills. The girls even provided their dates with corsages of their own design, everything from Christmas trees to model airplanes. Gene Krupa and his orchestra provided the music for the dance. High- lighting the evening was the presentation of the yearls most eligible bachelor, Bob Schulz, and his two attendants, jerry Long and Al Meyer. They were chosen by the girls from candidates submitted by each menis housing unit. Gene Krupa lets loose on the drums. llpper Left: Father McEllrey, Toni Bocs, Bob Knetzger, 1. Zaworlny. 'Upper Right: Toni Boes, Anne lrwin, Tom Ryan, and June Maher Lower Left: After the Coronation. Queen Toni Boes Lower Rirqbi: Don McQueen and Dcl Balstcr. 'KTwo can live Cheaper than onef' AUTUM SERE ADIZ Autumn Serenade is the annual dance sponsored by the New- man club. Held Friday, October 22, this year, the dance fea- tured the music of Nat Williams and his band. Presented before a seasonal backdrop were the Newman queen and her attendants. Toni Boes was selected queen, and her attendants were June Maher, Caryl Waldecker, Anne Irwin, and joy Schnoebelen. Tom Ryan was chairman of the dance. Page 368 HA My VCI-ogy FORMULA Top: Homecoming festivities terminate with all-student dance. Right: Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Gamma Phi Beta show Homecoming spirit in house displays, Bottom: Taking it easy between dances. H0 ECGMI . Q 100 Ol' ,2- Friday, October 15, found the Iowa Memorial Union lounge crowded to overflowing with old SUI grads and students at the traditional Home- coming dance. The music of Billy Bishop and his orchestra kept the celebrating Homecomers on the dance floor. This yearly dance is sponsored by the student union board. Hotsg To PLU , l ,K ., mf V W ' '-J' ' ': ' i.. M... X V- gi, W is ff k 'Wi , oy ir L ' f 1 J,-0 A ' ,kk fa . ,lg J' L 7 W ' 9 .L ,Q ' ,uf 51135 ft, J Aff-ies 1 ,iffw Q- U ' Liefzii 1 QA W :ws 5, 4 Q' m K '14 'wp L ,A.." ,Ei , ,.., PM , 1 K. i A 1351 le Qi gf, tg. , 1 2 fx . I rs Q . 9:3 Ae Q. ..' , N f . 4 , mf we W Q -,.,"5ig eg ' , Q f ' ' l ,wlwmuz ,hh 1 , E: I N K K. lar, W , fd, :gf 2 , ai, K 2 2 rf? A.. Top: Shirley Krause and Beverly Bragg entertain at Christ- mas Play. Wlitidlef jack Pedersen and Shirley Krause cavort in front of audience. Boltom: Coeds join crowd at Old Capitol Sing, Students gather in lounge for Christmas pro- gram. UNIO B0 RD CHRISTMAS PARTY Caroling in front of Old Capitol. The 1948 Christmas party, sponsored by the student union board, began with caroling around the Christmas tree in front of Old Capitol. Then frozen singers went down the hill to the Iowa Me- morial Union where the chorus led the group in more Christmas carols. A parody on an Elizabethan drama, performed in the main lounge, provided entertainment. Hot coffee helped thaw out cold fingers and toes. Page 372 UNIVERSITY PROM Joan Fraseur, Dick Ovcrholser, Kathy McCormac, Joe Poulter Music by Hal Mclntyre supplied the romantic mood for the crowning of the 1949 HAWKEYE queen, Colleen Dennis, at the All-university prom. Sponsored by the central party committee, the prom was held January 14 in the Iowa Memorial Union. On the balcony overlooking the dance floor, Wally Ris presented the queen with a crown of white roses. Bouquets of red roses were given to her attendants, Joyce Bloom, Joan Fraseur, Kathleen McCormac and Sally Watson. Marie and Jay Horning, Pete Hackes, and Sylvia Lerner Page 373 Top, Back Row: Joyce Bloom, Sally Watson Bottom Row: Kathy McCormac, Queen Colleen Dennis, Joan Fraseur Bottom: Kathy McCormac, Joyce Bloom, Wfally Ris, Colleen Dennis, Sally 'xWatson, Joan Fraseur Claw 1 A 4 La! 5? 5 L: A it Me, ii, .sa , ,. N --5-fp' 5,4 lf H - - fi J ff 1' ti 3- :I to 'ng f , . ' anti, N J? 'itil fl il it Ulf? X it sei it QE' S l QP ,if Y fn, . ,Je gf A J , 45553, CARIXIIV L OF BANDS Top Noel Thoen Paul Conrad, Bob Pearce, Keith Banks, Leo Cortimiglia. Bottom john Durham his band and his audience. Twelve bands made musical entertainment a certainty on October 9, when the Carnival of Bands staked out in the Iowa Memorial Union. Bill Meardon and Nat Williams provided music sweet and solid in the main lounge. Another popular place was the River room, where a new band took over every twenty minutes. The Criterions furnished smooth melodies, while in the YWCA lounge, jazz was the thing with Leo Cortimigliais band. It was Nat Williams and his band be- tween 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. in the main lounge of the Union. I TERFRATER ITY PLEDGE PROM Shirley Weindruch, "Ginger" Friedman, "Sardy Andich Left: Pledges dance to the music of Nat Williams' band. Right: Jane Doomink, Sonna Lou Lovrin, Queen jean McCartt, Ann Fleishman Out from under the dominance of their Ufathersf' pledges from the sixteen social fraternities "stepped out" at their annual interfraternity paddle prom, February 25. Music by Nat Williams provided the mood for the dance held in the main lounge of the Memorial Union. jean McCartt was presented as interfraternity pledge queen i and jane Doornink, Ann Fleischman, and Sonna Lou Lovrien were attendants. Governor Beardsley selected the queen and her attendants from the pictures of fifteen candidates submitted by the fraternities. Nat Williams and band, jack Davis on sax. Page 375 C RRIER SVVEETHE RT ANCE Q v , .. .ww I Februar ll was the date of this yearns Currier Sweetheart dance at Y. y t tit an r the Iowa Memorial Union. Bill Meardonis band furnished the music. il' C , Janet Lauderdale was elected by Currier residents as the Currier Sweet- "" ' heart. Elaine Jensen, Jane Pauls, and Mibsey Pell were her attendants. D. J, M ers resident of Currier resented the Sweetheart and her Y I P 1 P attendants as the band played the new Sweetheart song written espcially for the occasion by SUI students Richard Fleischer and Sol Baumer. Elaine Jensen, Jan Lauderdale, Jane Pauls, Mibsy Pell Left: Flick Fleischer, Sal Baumer, Jan Lauderdale, Jerry Hallam. Right: Currier enjoys the music of Bill Meardon. w- fUmfw..wu.:f lung-.r.eaw,1i-n1,f.f-Q. -we B Knowles j Snook and M Habbinga talk with Colleen Sibcrt, Nancy Koerber, Queen joan Boreman, Dorothy Bunse, jean XVils:on MECCA B LL The fun and frolic of the SUI engineers' annual MECCA week was climaxed by the MECCA Ball, held in the main lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union on March 18. Good natured attempts by law students to "abduct" the MECCA queen were foiled. The engineers and their dates saw the MECCA queen, Joan Boreman, and her attendants, Colleen Sibert, Nancy Koerber, ,lean Wfilson, and Dorothy Bunse, crowned in the traditional ceremony at the dance. Music for the MECCA Ball was provided by Chuck Fosterls orchestra. intermission. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Flanders chat with Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Hayes clurinb C0 CERT SERIES The university concert course brings to the campus outstanding musicians. The 1948- 1949 series brought to SUI such artists as Shura Cherkassky, pianist, Eleanor Steber, soprano, Georges Enesco, violinist, and Leo- pold Mannes, pianist. Three concerts were given by the Minneapolis Symphony orches- tra under the direction of Dimitri Mitro- poulos. The concert course committee con- sists of Prof. E. E. Harper, chairman, Prof. P. C. Clapp, and Prof. C. B. Righter, man- ager. ELEANOR STEBER, Soprano SI-IURA CHERKASSKY, Pianist Page 378 Pczqe 379 Top Left: Currier Hall Sweetheart Dance--Verna Mac Wingate, Julianne Jensen, Larry Pike, Ray Davenport Top Right: Panliellenic Dance-john Parsons, Mary Arp, Anne Reed, Geo. Ehrhardt DA CE I FURMALS L... t Bottom Left: Dr. Russell Meyers and audience Bottom Right: lnterfraternity Dance- Bill Meardon, john Tyson, Marlys Young, Elaine Vifquain, Dick Woodard wi v , 'Y 3 3 x 5 2 A A ' LQ?-5 A fg '?fi?f , s fm ZX , ff f ff 5 E W? 5 W ' I? A fi 4 , 2 mfg qi i Sf X f if ,ff E 5 F 1 aw 5 e 52 2 Q QQ is is Y ff -ff ' . I I j A. 'A :.:f:'Jf" g ,. -fxfggx , 1 5 E .AVR as 3,41 I V' .. , x' . A ..- 32: L V, ,A im W. V, 35655, if ,k,. i ,gk ff' , ' ,f ' P3 5 - . 2 -: , f 1? as 1 E551 K - , I .Am .,.. ,N H .1 ,Q , ' ' - 5 , . Q, K H L ?9:'.?7f3ff?-5'?f,f- 'H-ww.. 'f . ' 1 gg Y Wws2fm 1+ V . -K ... 2 '- ' 1 Ab. g Q 'V Vi 41" 3 J Win "Mfg-145, .W .,.,H ' if Q - . .hugs-.f,11-.5 ,av ---1 -' X H 2 . gg, f ixgpfdqii f NNE 5 - ,Ja Kay Davis thrills the audience with her unusual singing ability. Clarinetist jimmy Hamilton hits some hot notes. The "Duke" meets Milo Hamilton between con- certs at the Union. Capacity audiences heard Duke Ellington and his orchestra play swing and be-bop, old and new, at two concerts spon- sored by the central party committee in March. Vocalist Kay Davis was featured in an arrangement of "Creole Love Call" while A1 Killian played notes on a cornet which supposedly should come from a flute. Of course, the f'Duke', and his piano provided the background for all of the selections. ELLI GTG C0 CERT Ellington's fabulous trumpet section adds a few flourishes to "Blue Skies." Ray Nance and Al Killian hit the high notes, Top: F. McTigue, A. Kanak, Mrs. K. Mulford, K. Mulford, Mrs. R. Sullivan, R. Sullivan Middle: E. Wright, E. Edwards, L. Haeussler, B. McDonald Bottom: S. Hale, D. Dickson, J. Fisher, C. Mitchell, P. Hen- nett, L. Lange D. Stover, CAPS C PRICE Dr. Russell Meyers "Caps Capricef, SUI nurses' annual semi-formal dance, this year honored the Sofh year of the nursing school at the State Univer- sity of Iowa. Bill Meardon,s music and appropriately gilded dance programs added to the gaiety of the golden anniversary celebra- tion. At intermission time a tea was held for faculty and guests. Chairman Ruth Tennerman was in charge of arrangements for the dance. T. Joslyn, N. Lincoln, A. Frost Page 382 TEA AN IVIATINEE AIXICES "Be-bopv fans gather around to listen. Wednesday and Sunday afternoons found students attending the tea and matinee dances sponsored by the student union board. These were held in the River room of the Iowa Memorial Union. Occasionally guest orchestras replaced the music usually provided by a juke box. Sunday afternoon jam sessions by Leo Cortimiglia and Dr. Russell Meyers soon became a traditional part of the matinee dances. Page 383 Top: Couples go about the "serious" business of dancing. Botlom: "Doc" Meyers and Leo Cortimiglia play a duet. All styles of dancing are evident at the Union. Pb? 1 Foofball Baskefball Minor Sporfs Women's Sporfs Milifary FOOTBALL fiiftf 9 af? Q H Q- 'ggi A , Q , ,,,, i A ' i . 11,55 ' S - w:,L,3Q,i M521 ,, Ls V gif- FP L55 E 4 , K1 133135, if-if . - T '35e55Qk,f fe 2 'f ff g W: QF-, K. 1 1jE?35,1 T - . GK Q' s Q Nl!! Earl Banks Edward Berge David Brockway Keith Brown Robert Busch Frank Calsbeek Raymond Carlson jack Copeland james Cozad Glenn Dille Alfonso Di Marco john Dittmer Ralph Doran Glenn Drahn Duane Draves Jerold Faske Roger Finley Donald Fryauf Edward Garst Robert Geigel Louis Ginsberg Henry Greisback William Greene Joseph Grothus Anthony Guzowski james Halliburton William Hark Donald Hays Ronald Headington Robert Hoff Evan Hultman Paul Hutinger William Kay Richard Keith WINNERS Robert Korte Larry Larimore Richard Laster Herman Lehman Robert Longley Floyd Magnusson Richard Maine Kenneth Marsh Charles Mason Richard McClanahan john McDonnell Robert McKenzie Richard Meyer Mearl Naber Thomas Parker joseph Paulsen Robert Phillips Richard Reicks Walter Ris Robert Schulz james Shoaf Bruce Sidlinger Robert Snyder Bowen Stassforth Stanley Straatsma Ervin Straub john Tedore Richard Tupper Robert Vollers Albert Weiss Donald Winslow Ralph Woodard Richard Woodard Page 388 Row 7: D. Suchomel, W. Kessell, B. Reed, D. Croot, B. Wfertz, V. Murfin, D. Prosser, R. Linthacun, D. Mc- Connell, D. Petrik, L. Everett Row 6: J. Wittman, A. Evans, B. Kenry, H. Bush, J. Johnson, S. Reid, A. Kirsch, J. Robinson, F. Appleman, C. Olson, A. Clotfelty, D. Feay Row 5: L. Hibbs, P. Barnhouse, B. Henckel, M. Miller, J. Perry, J. Schlass, M. Foster, C. Porth, S. Schreiber, P. Smith, B. Hardersen, M. Auner Row 4: L. Dean, J. Prokop, B. Peterson, H. Costas, M. Joels, S. Spangler, J. Strauss, S. Airth, M. Doyle, M. Baker, D. Zvacek, L. Brunsvold Row 3: C. Polasky, R, Huxsol, A. Sehiller, L. Hahn, N, Adler, M. Irwin, M. Kahn, R. Silverton, S. Snodgrass, D. Cow, A. Willis, C. Sutton Row 2: M. Lee, S. Rasen, E. Doolittle Bottom Row: M. Creamer, K. Mounce, G. McDonald, D. Crawford, S. Henry, E. Jones, J. Wlherry, L. Everett Under all those white hats you saw around the campus and at various athletic events was a hard- working crew called Tailfeathers. This is the nick- name for the Iowa pep club, composed of spirited and interested students. The Tailfeathers put on skits and entertainment before football games and furnished half-time shows at basketball contests. One of the biggest jobs carried on by Tailfeathers each year is the Homecoming badge sale. Tailfeathers also sponsored and worked out pep Page 389 rallies before football games and organized torch- light parades. Tailfeathers' annual award of the Iowa key to the schoolis outstanding Sportsman went to all-American basketball star Murray Wier, named the student who did the most for Iowa ath- letics in 1948. Tailfeathers officers were: chair- man, Dean Crawford, vice-chairman, Sally Henry, secretary, Ginger McDonald, treasurer, E. K. Jones, Jr. CHEERLEADERS Ron 4 jack Moore Rt u 3 jane Buckley, Ann Cancdy Ron 2 Vic Young, Ed Smith, Bob Laible Bottom Row: jean Meggers, jo Stooker, Margaret Knodle, Clara Falk, Joyce Meyers IOVV EIGHTS ..... Much of the credit for better school spirit at Iowa goes to the 12 member cheerleader squad. Captained for the second year by jack Moore, the cheerleaders helped Hawkeye fans support Iowa teams in both victory and defeat. The squad made the trip to the Illinois foot- ball game and to the Wisconsin basketball contest at Madison. During the school year many new cheers were introduced by the cheerleaders and were well accepted by the students. Along with Tailfeathers pep club, the cheerleaders worked on organizing and carrying out the many pep rallies. But the fine job the cheerleaders did in improving the spirit of the Iowa fans was the yearis major accomplishment. The coaches agreed that the roaring Iowa crowd helped the teams. Page 390 BG RD of C0 TROL of ATHLETICS MEMBERS Paul J. Blommers Paul Brechler Fred W. Ambrose john E. Briggs Stuart C. Cullen R. A. Fenton F. C. Higbee j. W. jones Mason Ladd Bruce E. Mahali C. A. Phillips Wayne J. Foster, Cedar Rapids Walter L. Stewart, Des Moines PAUL J. BLOMMERS, Chairman The board of control of Iowa athletics is composed of thirteen members, eleven of them on the university faculty and staff. The board determines policy for all phases of athletics and sets budget policy. It also sets admission prices for sports functions and approves schedules and radio broadcasts of athletic events. Paul J. Blommers, professor in the University College of Education, took over the chair- manship of the board of control when Prof. Karl E. Leib resigned the position in 1947. The chairman acts as spokesman for the group. Paul Brechler, director of Iowa athletics, carried out the decisions of the board. He was also the leader in a new era of Iowa athletics which, in his Hrst two years as director, was greatly strengthened. Staff additions, improvements in physical plant and promotion of better interest in Hawkeye athletics were the results of Brechleris efforts. Rollie Williams, former Hawk basketball coach, served as assistant to the director and Frank Havlicek did a fine job as business manager of athletics. Dr. Wayne j. Foster of Cedar Rapids and Walter L, Stewart of Des Moines were the two board members not on the Iowa faculty or staff. 1948 SCHEDULE CQACHES Sept. 25 Marquette left to ,ight O . 2 I d' . Ct n ma Bob Fitch Oct. 9 Ohio State end Oct. 16 Purdue Oct. 23 Notre Dame Pat BOlaI1d Oct. 30 Wisconsin line N . 6 Ill' ' OV fnols Leonard Raffensperger Nov 13 Minnesota f h Nov. 20 Boston University res man Frank Carideo backfield Dr. Eddie Anderson head coach I COACH ES Three new faces were on the scene when Iowa started the 1948 footbali season. Head Coach Dr. Eddie Andersonis staff was increased by one man when Bob Fitch was appointed end coach. This made the varsity coaching staff number four instead of the three formerly employed Fitch, a former all-American end at Minnesota, was the youngest man on the staff, having played his last year of college football for the Gophers in 1945. Another staff member, not new to old time Iowa fans, was line coach Pat Boland. He was boss of the forwards under Irl Tubbs, who coached the Hawkeyes before Dr. Anderson took over in 1939. Much credit for the fine line play of the Iowans was given to Bolandis excellent instruction. He was also an ex-Minnesota great, starring as a tackle. Leonard Raffensperger spent his first year as head freshman coach and was assisted by frosh line coach Charles Forwald and back mentor jerry Niles, formerly quarterback on Iowais 1945 team. Raffensperger came to Iowa from East Waterloo high school where he enjoyed a reputation as one of the top high school coaches in the state. Varsity backfield coach was Frank Carideo, all-American quarterback from Notre Dame, who finished his seventh season under Dr. Anderson. Carideo and Anderson plotted the strategy for the Hawks, who had a season record of four victories and five defeats. But the 1948 seasonis story cannot be told in the won and lost columns. Under Dr. Eddie's fine guidance, the poorly rated Hawkeyes had one of their most successful seasons, and even in losing played some truly great football. The young Old Gold team played two of their best games against Minnesota and Notre Dame and lost, but never gave up. The 1948 Hawkeyes and Dr. Anderson gained the respect and admiration of Iowa fans everywhere, and made them proud of their team. Page 392 M RQ ETTIE12 Ralph Doran, halfback. Ron Hcadington, fullback Dittmer Cendj snags one from Faske Two passes from Al Dilvlarco and two important place-kicks by Ron Headington provided the victory margin for lowa in the 1948 opener with Marquette in Iowa stadium. The Hawkeyes went scoreless in the first half, but with only three min- utes gone in the third quarter Dilvlarco pitched a 27-yard pass to sophomore halfback jim Halliburton in the end zone. Headington added the first of his two extra points. With the I-lilltoppers leading 12-7 and but three minutes remaining in the game, DiMarco connected with another pass, this one to halfback jerry Faske who was stopped on the three-yard line. Faske then raced wide around his left end, eluded two would-be defenders, and scored the Hawks, second touchdown. Headington increased lowa's lead over the rugged Marquette eleven with a perfect kick from placement. Page 393 And Iowa recovers. jim Cozad, guard. IOWA I DIANA 7 Traveling to Bloomington for their first Big Nine engagement, the Hawkeyes gave everything they had for almost sixty minutes, but suffered one lapse and allowed Indi- ana's jagade to sprint 30 yards for a touchdown which proved to be the Hoosiers' margin of victory. Jagadeis freak gallop came late in the third period after the Hawks twice had penetrated deep into Indiana territory only to have their threats fizzle. With the exception of Iagade's run, the Hawkeyes were unbeatable on defense. Led by all- American tackle Bill Kay and game-captain Dick Woodard, the Hawks stopped speedy Hoosier backs. lowais passing attack was stymied by the Indiana defense and Old Gold backs couldnjt punch over a score, jerry Faske was the leading Hawk ground gainer with 89 yards in 15 attempts. Page 394 Al DiMarco, quarterback Bob Phillips, end. Iowa gained its first victory over Ohio State in 20 years in the second conference game of the season at Columbus. Striking twice in the second quarter to erase a seven-point Buckeye advantage, the Hawks gained their winning margin before the half-time inter- mission. After Ohio grabbed a seven-point lead with a touchdown in the first period, jerry Faske returned the kick-off 68 yards, finally being stopped deep in Buckeye terri- tory. A few plays later john Tedore plunged over the Buck goal. The alert Iowans grabbed another touchdown when Ohio State backs were slow handling the Iowa kick- off. Tedore recovered the ball for Iowa on the Buckeye 23, and five plays later the I-Iawks had the touchdown when end Bob McKenzie recovered Faske's fumble in the Ohio end zone. Headington made good on both place-kicks. Page 395 Ohio State defense crumples before the Hawkeyes IOWA 14 OHIO STATE f omg gf' 'fs Naber, halfback, collects the offense. Director Paul Brechler welcomes john Estes, 1947 gridiron star, to 1948 Home- coming game. V-----+..,i,.... A victory-starved Purdue team spoiled Iowa's thirty-seventh Home- coming before 47,000, handing the Hawkeyes their second Big Nine set-back. The first half was scoreless until, with only 35 seconds re- maining in the second quarter, a long Boilermaker pass was good for a touchdown. The visitors counted another in the third period. Then the Hawks caught fire and came roaring back. On the first play of the last quarter Ralph Doran, senior halfback playing his first season of college football, crossed the Purdue goal line from one yard out. Ron l-leadington added his fifth consecutive extra point for the sea- son, but Iowa still trailed, 13-7. The Riveters surged back for an- other touchdown, making the score 20-7. Page 396 oming Games captain, Dick Woodard 'urdue then kicked oif to Iowa with but one minute and 40 seconds emaining in the game. Sophomore halfback Don Fryauf grabbed he ball and took it to the Hawk 40-yard line. ln three plays, the lawks had another touchdown. First, A1 DiMarco passed 11 yards 0 Mearl Naber. Then Little Al heaved a long one to end Bob Aclienzie who took the ball on the Boilermaker 15 and carried to he one. On the next play Naber rammed the ball over with 50 sec- inds left to play. Center Dick Woodard, although seeing but limited ction, acted as captain for Iowa for the third consecutive game. 'he Hawkeye line, particularly Earl Banks, Lou Ginsberg, Don Winslow and Bill Kay, played an excellent game in the rugged ontest. Page 397 IGVVA 13 P RD E20 A Was it completed to Tedore? Jack Dlttmer, end. Hawkeyes around end. IGVVA 12 OTRE DAM 27 A sell-out crowd in Iowa stadium watched the Hawkeyes give Notre Dame a terrific battle for the full sixty minutes before falling to superior Irish fire-power. After Rambler fullback john Panelli raced for a touchdown only 26 seconds after the opening kick-off, the Hawkeyes fought back to tie the score 6-6. Iowais ace passing combination, Al DiMarco to Bob McKenzie, kept the Hawks in the ball game all the way. Diivlarco passed for a total of 201 yards against the Irish, and scored the Old Coldis final touchdown in the last quarter after center Dick Meyer intercepted a Notre Dame pass and went to the Rambler 24. Iowals defense held the vaunted Notre Dame passing attack to a minus seven yards, but the Irish line was too well manned for Hawkeye forwards. The spirit and determination shown by the Old Gold drew the praise of all who witnessed the contest. Bill Kay tackle. Page 398 Wisconsin off tackle for no gain. IOWA 19 VVISCGNSIN 13 Spotting Wisconsin 13 points in the first half, an apparently lethargic Iowa team fought back for three second-half touchdowns and scored the second conference victory of the season. Don Fryauf got Iowa started with a 15-yard jaunt around end with the Hawks, first marker. Ralph Doran sped 49 yards to another touch- down behind fine blocking from Bob Hoff, Jim Cozad and game-captain Dick Woodard. Jack Dittmer's sensational circus catch of an Al DiMarco pass brought Iowa its third and winning touchdown in the fourth quarter. The Badgers, trail- ing by a touchdown, came back in the last minutes of the game and marched to the Hawkeye six-yard line. But the I-Iawks' stalwart tackle, Don Winslow, knifed through the Badger defense and nailed the ball carrier far behind the line of scrimmage, sewing up the game for the Old Gold, and giving Iowa one of its most thrilling Dad's Days. Don Winslow, tackle. Page 399 Bob McKenzie, end. W Dick Woodard trips up Illini. Earl Banks, guard. Jerold Faske, halfback. IGVVA O ILLI GIS 14 Two second-period Illini thrusts proved too much for Iowa as the Hawks absorbed their third conference defeat to Illinois at Champaign. The visitors outplayed the Illini in the last half, but left their scoring punch at home. On two occasions the Hawkeyes managed to penetrate deep into Illinois territory, only to bog down and lose the ball on downs. Illini safety man Murney Lazier startled the 42,000 fans present when he took an Iowa punt and twisted 56 yards for a touchdown after he had apparently been stopped by several Iowans. Fullback Russ Steger plunged for the home team's second marker after two pass completions put the ball on Iowa's one-yard line. The Hawkeyes rated a chance in the game until midway in the fourth quarter when Dike Eddleman quick-kicked 88 yards to put the Hawks deep in their own territory where the Illini kept them the rest of the afternoon. Page 409 john Tedore, fullback. IOWA 21 MINNESGTA 2 lowa's under-dog Hawkeyes matched Minnesotais power-laden Gophers point for point for 56 minutes, but finally fell in one of the most thrilling games ever played in Iowa stadium. The never-say-die lowans tied the score three times during the contest before the Gophers managed to push across their final tally late in the game. No one expected the Hawks to give the Norsemen much of a battle, but they did, losing out in the fourth quarter when the Gophers recovered an lowa fumble deep in Minnesota territory. The Minnesota eleven then took over and ground out their last touchdown and victory. Hawkeye end jack Dittmer scored two touchdowns on passes, one from Al DiMarco and the other from jerry Faske. Ralph Doran counted lowajs third marker with a 50-yard sprint through tackle. Ron Headington made good on all three tries for extra points with perfect kicks from placement. Page 4U1 to stop Minnesota IGVVA 34 BUSTO U IVERSITY 14 Don Fryauf, halfback. It's muddy in Boston. Louis Ginsberg, guard. Overcoming a seven-point half-time deficit, Iowa scored four touchdowns in the last half to win the season's final game, played at Boston in Fenway Park. Again it was the passing of Al Dilvlarco and the receiving of jack Dittmer which high- lighted the Iowa attack. Trailing at the half, 14-7, the Iowans came back in the third quarter to tie the score when Ralph Doran raced over from seven yards out. Later in the same quarter Dittmer grabbed a DiMarco pass and scored. Dittmer notched his second touchdown in the fourth period, snatching Dilvlarcois pass from the arms of two Boston U. defenders. Ron Headington plunged for the final Iowa tally from three yards out, following a Hawk recovery of a Boston fumble. All-American Bill Kay made the first Old Cold touchdown when he blocked a Terrier punt, recovering in the end zone. Page 402 THE VARSITY SQUAD Row 4: Kaufmann, Wilson, Banks, Hoff, Wilkening, Doran, Bleelcer, Shoaf, Kay, Guzowski, Sanford, Bradley, Zeithamel, Cohrs, Long. Row 3: Head Coach Anderson, Backfield Coach Caricleo, Sowers, Geigel, McDonnell, Paulsen, Naber, Lage, Anderson, Colbert, Daub, Gins- berg, Ralph Woodard, Kersten, E. Wright, Dittmer, End Coach Fitch, Line Coach Boland. Row 2: Grothus, Meltvedt, Skophammer, Greene, Reynolds, O'Neill, Nordman, Fryauf, Headington, Martin, Tedore, Carlson, Dick Woodard Perrin, Cozad, Phillips, Laster. Bottom Row: Halliburton, Longley, Winslow, DiMarco, Snyder, Drahn, Faslce, Meyer, Boda, McKenzie, Dixon, R. Wright. THE FRESHIVIAN SQU D Row 3: Shoaf, Barnes, Mulligan, Casey, McGurk, McCarthy, Hougham, Brandt, DeProspero, Head, Grimmer, Towner, Saathoff, Lorenzen Vrame, Wegman, Riley, Hemsath, H. Jensen, Engels, Crapsen, Carstensen, Gregory, Scott, Caplan, Larson, Walker, Cozzi, Brecunier Bergman, Pyle, A. Lenski, L. Lenski, Turner, Yanushka, Reinstine, V. johnson, Turchen, Fiser, Curry, Shafer, McKercher. Row 2: George, Stcttsworth, Brattebo, Bristol, Reichow, Rohde, Engels, R. Peterson, Blenderman, Thompson, Pitts, Steffen, Hurt, Felter Horner, D. A. Woodhouse, Reichardt, Self, Krall, Christiansen, Rudi, D. E. Woodhouse, Kriebs, O'Boyle, Dieckmeyer, Commack. Bottom Row: Colloton, Davis, Fitzgerald, Reneau, Strub, Ruppert, P. johnson, Stefani, Buntz, Denning, R. Jensen, Kuehl, Randels, Bok. r r I .41 ' Ai. J f n ..- 'Q v I k , , 1, 4 5 "Iv . ff , 1 " ' Vw .xv f .wr 4 bf 'Ve-fb g ' ' . Q5 -5' J V 1 f V .-:Epi gimp fy 'Q Q.-e V' ,gf f ,- S W 'rx M w f ' V S 1,7 W 47 v Pls. 'mc A r f ' A 2-af: 2 , N, if? 1 ms y V ,V 5 Q , Q M , Q I4-. 2 DOWN 3 YDS YO GD PENALTY NUMBER ....,.A Q! 'll' , . -.. WV.. I A vs rv, 4 .. 'nA gl.. in 'U A ., I, 1 QS! 5 2 Q i , if raQgr g?-Q A W Saw: - f it fm, N A ' "'3!'mi2'Z'v-. f k 'Q 'J'.'..fg e Vm.. ' if , , 1 - i , V- W Q ' 51' 1 ' :A ii Bti'-6'+,a' - . Q Q IX- M, L fi , 2 If ff N fwf Q 1 F" """' - :, N , .,f, 7, it . Q F' ,X ' L -1 ,I ,GE X , 'x .. f"., ff' f'W'f F, - .2 3 F i J , 2, V MN W-ff . , . - 1 ,k" 'VIQ ff f ' w . N .-., A 3 fy - Q 'A ,W 'F' f :rd , uw ew ' 1- 1. 1 , 55. 'K KE xt , .. -V 'xml ,..LWf+wl. .mm .V nfs Qi! 1, on L1 I .x Xl X abil" viii 7-4 jgnabvfutf' L-K. " ' FLY fs WN S W Q 1. Wax dm VV W , , X .r-'!'U'?Q ' Qizt 1-wg+f,55lb457"g sv 4 Aw Qsenawff, 2' . .wg ,W Mgiifgzm BASKETBALL I I 1 THE IOWA CAGERS Iowa . . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . , Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Coach Pops Harrison Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . Iowa . . THE 1949 BASKETBALL SEASON Omaha . . Colorado College Creighton . . Ithaca . . . Michigan State Texas Christian St. Mary's . . Western Reserve Purdue . . Indiana . . Ohio State . . Minnesota . . Northwestern . Purdue . . Minnesota . . Wisconsin . . Illinois . Indiana . Wisconsin . . Michigan . . Row 2: Richard West, Robert Vollers, Tony Guzowski, Al Weiss, Don Hays, Frank Calsbeek, Glenn Dille, Roger Finley, Tom Parker, Norman Harris, Stan Straatsma, William Hall, Pops Harrison Bottom Row: H. Wilkinson, Newell Pinch, Floyd Magnusson, Robert Schulz, Charles Mason, Richard Riecks, Jack Wishmier, Robert Freeman, Ed Colbert Ckneelingl -,,r,,,,, Al Weiss, Don Hays, Glenn Dille Iowals Hawkeyes opened their 1948-1949 season with a 64 to 44 victory over Omaha University. No longer was the great Murray Weir around to grace the eyes of Iowa fans and perform his spectacular feats. Pops Harrison used all twenty of his cagers in an effort to replace the little showman. In their second game of the season the team came up with the combination of Don Hays, Cvlenn Dille, and A1 Weiss who were for many games to constitute what was known as the "tall front court triov. Using almost all of his men again Pops led the team to a 77 to 44 victory over Colorado College, Creighton was the next foe on Iowais schedule and fell before the Hawkeyes, 78 to 38. N N-CG FERE CE GAMES In their next game Iowa handed little Ithaca College a 78 to 26 pasting. On December 18 the Hawkeyes lost their first non-conference game since 1944. It was a good Michi- gan State team that handed Iowa their first non-conference defeat in 30 games. Final score was Michigan State 49, Iowa 43. Iowa was forced to use two overtime periods to defeat Texas Christian 47 to 46. St. Maryls of California visited our campus for the first time and represented their school well by holding Iowa to a 46 to 43 win. In their last game before starting conference competition the Hawk- eyes handed Western Reserve a 61 to 54 defeat. Al Weiss Iowa opened their conference campaign against Purdue in the Iowa fieldhouse. The outcome was never in doubt as Howie Wil- liams led the Purdue attack with 25 points. Tony C-uzowski paced Iowa with 14 points. Purdue 73, Iowa 53. Indianals Hurryini Hoosiers outran the Hawks and scored a 76 to 60 victory. Frank Calsbeek, Charlie Mason, and Bob Vollers kept Iowa in the game for the first three quarters but Calsbeek fouled out, and Iowa's hopes vanished. Robert Schulz Flovd Magnusson Charles Mason, Tony Guzowski, Don Hays, Robert Schulz, Floyd Magnusson. Before a crowd of 12,000 fans Iowals Hawk- eyes downed a stubborn Ohio State team. Dick Schnitker was missing from the Buck- eye lineup and the Hawks took full advan- tage of the situation by dropping the Buck- eyes 53 to 49. Tony Cuzowski paced the Iowa offensive by scoring 13 points. Bob Vollers, Don Hays, and Bob Schulz turned in good performances to make Iowals record of one win and two losses. Page 4 18 Iowa battled Minnesota for three quarters of the game before succumbing to their power. The defensive play was excellent, but lack of scoring power throttled Iowa,s hopes. Charlie Mason scored 13 points as Iowa lost 54 to 49. 17,000 fans saw Iowa battle Northwestern in Chicago Stadium for the consolation championship of the Big Nine. The Hawk- eyes hit only 19 per cent of their shots and lost 65 to 44. Bob Schulz scored 10 points for Iowals cause. DOD Hays. Floyd Magnusson Page 409 Don Rehfeldt scored 34 points and Wiscon- sin outscored Iowa 70 to 47. Scoring honors for Iowa went to Charlie Mason who buck- eted 11 points. It was the same old trouble Iowa had all season, they couldn,t score. Robert Schulz, Tony Cuzowski. Iowa's Hawkeyes gave the Purdue Boiler- makers a nine-point lead in the early min- utes of the game at Bloomington and were never able to regain it. Little Charlie Mason poured 14 points into the hoop to lead Iowa's offensive attack. Illinois, the Big Nine champions, really poured it on and dropped Iowa 80 to 49. Behind 41 to 19 at the half, Iowa found the basket in the second half and played the Illini on fairly even terms for the re- mainder of the game. Robert Schulz Roger Finley Charles Mason The Iowa players selected little Charlie lV1ason as the "most valuable playerlj on the team this year. Charlie scored 146 points throughout the season and averaged more than 10 points per game through conference play. During the season it was this little 5' 10" player from Muscatine who in- spired his teammates to better play. His experi- ence was also a valuable asset and aided to pull a comparatively green team through a hard season. Page 410 Stan Straatsma diana jumped to an early lead and never linquished it as they defeated the Hawk- fes 50 to 39. Charlie Mason led the Iowa tack with 10 points but the team average ' 19 per cent wasn't sufficient to make Iowa threat. Page 411 Robert Schulz Dr. Karl Leib was selected by the National Collegiate Athletic association as "man of the yearn. This honor came to Dr. Leib for his work with the "sanity code". The code as approved by the N.C.A.A. limits the de- gree of aid a college may offer prospective athletes to tuition and individual fees. Dr. Leib is a professor in the College of Com- merce and also president of the National Collegiate Athletic association. Al Weiss, Robert Schulz, Frank Calsbeek Tony Guzowski Al Weiss Charlie Mason thrilled 13,000 Iowa fans by calmly sinking a free throw in the closing seconds of the game to give Iowa a 61 to 60 victory over Wis- consin. Little Charlie paced the Iowa offense all evening and scored 19 points. It was a thrilling game all the way as Stan Straatsma, Bob Schulz, and Bob Vollers played sterling basketball. The victory left the Hawks with two wins in eight games. Iowa entertained the Golden Gophers of Minnesota before 14,000 fans in the Iowa Fieldhouse, and the Minnesotans respond- ed by outscoring Iowa, 61 to 45. Don Hays scored 16 points for Iowa. This year's team set two new university records when they scored a total of 1,102 points in twenty games to best the old record of 1,082. They also established a new free-throw record by sinking 294 charity tosses. Last yearjs record was 268. Robert Vollers, Tony Guzowski, Frank Calsbeek Page 412 lowa's Hawkeyes closed a dismal season with a sensational 63 to 62 victory over a good Michigan team. Again it was Charlie Mason who repeated his previous feat by dropping a free throw through the hoop in the closing seconds. Frank Calsbeek, a sophomore, gave a very convincing performance by dropping 29 points through the hoop. This was the last game for Stan Straatsma, Charlie Mason, Tony Guzowski, Floyd Magnusson, Bill Hall, and Jack Wishmier. Frank Calsbeek Charles Mason Page 413 L1 Coach "Bucky" O'Connor FRESH MA BASKETB LL Among the new faces at Iowa this year was that of Frank 'KBucky" O'Connor who has been given the task of molding future Iowa basketball players. Many fine and outstanding players graced Buckyls squad this year and gave warning to Iowa's foes that the Hawkeyes were not going to be pushovers in future years. Under the rules of the Big Nine conference, freshman athletes are not permitted to compete in any inter-school competition. However, they have had three intersquad games during the season and on numerous other occasions have had scrimmages with the varsity teams. Row 3: Ass't Coach Calvert, Ruck, Freismcier, Brandt, Wylder, Clifton, Miller, Hargrove, McCarthy, Coach O'Connor Row 2: Gettys, Cochrane, Darling, johnson, Bauer, Scroggs, Freshour Bottom Row: Stenger, Strotman, Greene, Slack, Chado, Ryan, Newman Page 414 1 1 4 1 f 1 f' , 1 rf' if v ,H MINOR SPORTS Coach D. A. Armbruster SWIMMING lowa's tankmen, led by Head Coach Dave Armbruster and Assistant Coach jim Counsilman, had a very successful season this year. In their first meet at Ames the Hawkeyes captured first place in the state amateur athletic association by scoring 68 points. After this warm-up the lowa tankmen took on Pur- due and defeated them 46 to 38. Ohio State, lowals rival for a number of years, dropped the Hawkeyes for their only dual meet loss 48 to 36. Row 3: H. Lehman, J Wilson, B. Bush, R. Carst, D. Keith, B. Hart, j. Counsilman Row 2: Coach Armbruster, B. Korte, D. Maine, W. Ris, D. Draves, E. Straub Bottom Row: P. Hutinger, B. C-riesbach, K, Marsh, B. Stassforth, 1. Wichman Page 416 Page Iowa battled Ohio State once again for the Big Nine conference championship with the Buckeyes coming out on top. The Hawkeyes, however, did capture second place with 51 points. 417 Following their loss to Ohio State, the Hawk- eyes overwhelmed Wisconsiii 57 to 27. ln their next meet the tankmen met Minnesota and soundly defeated the Gophers 60 to 24. Iowa's last dual meet was with Michigan, the Hawkeyes winning 46 to 34. Iowa won second place in the N.C.A.A. with 35 points as Wally Ris won the 100-yard freestyle and anchored the 440-yard relay. The swimming coaches of America selected Wally as the outstanding swim- mer of 1949. F33 if a .. t't2:1?i"'7 , WEP. , K A V jwwwmmg ij, I t jfs.-Qttfxw at ,,..o..,....if..s -p ' Row 4: W. Tesla, K. Marsh, D. I-Ioffnagle, H. Lehman, S. Silberman, H. Cricsbach, I. Wichman, R. Keith, W. I-Iark, K. McKenna, D. Brockway Row 3: W. Cady, C. Cole, O. Larimore, H. Cold, D. Cohoe, E. Barge, R. Bloomburg, B. Stassforth, P. Mower, W. Reno, E. Carst, B. Sidlingcr Row 2. j. Wilson, 1. McDonald, D. Roper, R. Busch, R. Maine, T. Moore, D. Myron, J. Gableman, D, Levy Bottom Row: Ass't Coach E. Schroeder, j. Counsilman, D. Draves, I. Crabb, E, Straub, P. Cady, W. Ris, P. Hutinger, Coach D, Armbruster, W. Teeters, N. Ashton DOLPHI CL B The Alpha chapter of the Dolphin club, national honorary swimming fraternity, gained national recognition for its annual aquatic show and its concerted efforts to promote swimming. Iowa City became national headquarters for the fraternity, and the Alpha chapter officers were designated as the national officers. The officers were President Phil Cady, Secretary Paul Hutinger, and Treasurer Ian Crabb. Coaches Dave Armbruster and jim Counsilman were faculty advisors. The outstanding event of the year was the Dolphin show. For the twenty-sixth year the Dolphins put on their annual swimming pageant. The show, "Dude Ranchf' carried through with western impressions of cowboys, Indians, chaps, spurs, starry nights, rough bars. Capacity crowds listened to the music of Nat Williams as the Dolphins dived, swam, and clowned their way through two hours of entertainment. Nancy Koerber was chosen to reign as queen of the show. Page 418 e annual Dolphin banquet was d immediately following the big W. Seventy-two members gath- d at the Iowa Memorial Union the annual party. The queen her attendants were presented h gifts from the fraternity. ally Ris, Iowa's Olympic cham- -n, recounted his experiences in rope during and after the Olym- s. It may well have been his ,orful speech that was the spark .t carried the Iowa swimmers on victory during 1949. Page 419 The final event of the year for the Dolphins is their annual picnic at which they initiate the pledges of the past year and elect the swimming captain for the coming year. Dolphin club members take this oppor- tunity to entertain prospective swimmers from throughout the state and acquaint them with the school. .af 2 f- T W3 17, at Ere DOLPHI f 'vi ,-., 2 HMT? Z 7, It 5 5 1 3 3 3. In the spring of the year the Dolphins in cooperatio with the athletic department sent the Iowa team to th National A.A.U. championships in Florida. This fol lowed by one week the National Collegiate Athletic as sociationls meet at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Upo' conclusion of the meets, the Dolphins found more tim for social life and proceeded to have several picnics, th last one of the year featuring the initiation of fiftee: pledges. Page 420 SHOW activity in the Dolphins' X year was the trip to Fort auderdale, Florida, which permit- ed twenty-two Iowa swimmers to articipate in the annual National follegiate Athletic associationls quatic forum. The trip allowed me for both performing and sight- zeing. Page 421 VVRESTLI G Iowa wrestlers won 3, lost 2, and tied 1. In the opening meet they tied with Wheaton college 15 to 15. The next opponent was Northwestern whom they defeated 19 to 9. joe Scarpello, Iowals Olympic entry, was ineligible for the first two meets, but returned to help his teammates defeat Michigan 15 to 9. Iowa's next meet was with Minnesota, the Gophers winning the last match to defeat the Hawkeyes 14 to 13. Coach Mike Howard led his team to a 22 to 6 victory over Wisconsiri. However, the Hawkeyes didnlt find their luck holding, and fell before a strong Illinois team 14 to 11 in their last dual meet. COACH MIKE HOWARD Row 2: R. Tharp, R. Thomas, J. Scarpello, D. Perrin, R, Lage, R. Geigcl Bottom Row: V. McCoy, R. Quinlan, Coach M. Howard, E. Steinhoff, G. Tesla Page 4 22 In the Big Nine meet Iowa captured only one championship. joe Scarpello won the 165-pound title. Bob Ceigel, Iowa's heavy- weight, placed third, Russel Tharp won fourth in the 155-pound class, and Ed Stein- hoff won a fourth in the 128-pound class. Iowa Iowa Wfheaton . Northwestern Page 423 Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Michigan . Minnesota . Wisconsin . Illinois . Fort Collins, Colorado, was the scene of this year's National Collegiate Athletic association wrestling meet. Coach Mike Iloward sent two representa- tives, joe Scarpello, lowa's 175-pound champion, who was also Olympic alternate last year, and Bob Cieigel, loWa's heavyweight. Bob won his first match over Donald Arnold of San Diego State, but in his second match lost to Qlympic alternate Verne Cagne of Minnesota. joe Scarpello, lowals other entry, went all the way before suffering defeat in the finals. joe deci- sioned his Hrst foe from lowa State Teachers. ln the second round he defeated a Boilermaker grap- pler. The final round found joe on the bottom of a 3 to 1 decision in favor of his Oklahoma opponent. Due to the fine work of two great wrestlers, Iowa came out sixth among the best in the nation. Page 424 Page 425 Francis Cretzmeyer, former North Des Moines track coach, was selected to fill the vacancy of the retiring George Bresnahan. Coach Cretzmeyer's record while at North was quite enviable. I-le coached many championship teams including the top record- setting team in the 440 relay. Coach Cretzmeyer found that a complete rebuilding program was needed at SUI. The results of this program probably won't show for several years. This yearis squad had nine returning lettermen: Russ Merkel, hurdles, Jack Simpson, sprint, Dick Erdenberger, high jump, Clair jennett, pole vault, Otis Finney, quarter mile, and Dick Washington, dash. Row 3: J. Michel, E. McDonald, R. Turner, K. Brown, B. Remmes, F. Cretzmeyer Row 2: B. Bye, B. Metier, L. Brower, D. Martin, j. Merkel, T. Sangster Bottom Row: R. Erdenberger, J. Copeland, C. Jennett, J. Simpson, M. Rosen, R. McCreery. The bright spot in the cinder situation was the promise shown by the freshman squad. In the telegraphic meet with the University of Missouri, Iowa's freshmen won a 651f3 to 48lf3 victory, losing only in the high jump, high hurdles and shot. Russ Merkel, Iowa's leading scorer last year, was selected as team captain for the 1948-1949 season. However, even Russ couldn't pull Iowa through this year. In the first indoor meet, Iowa lost the last relay and the meet 61 to 53. In their next meet Iowa edged out Northwestern by the slim margin of 5726 to 5616. Illinois took the Iowa trackmen in hand and handed them an 80 to 30 defeat. Iowa couldn't score a point in the Big Nine indoor meet. At the Illinois Tech relays Iowa captured six points. Captain Russ Merkel won third place in the hurdles and Jack Simpson won fourth place in the 100 yard dash, Page 426 CRGSS COU TRY Cross country running is one of the oldest sports known to man. Up until the 19th century we have few records or statis- tics, but Creek and Roman runners spent much time on long runs over hill and dale. Cross country running had its incep- tion with the founding of the crick run at Rugby school in England about 1837. The English national championship was first contested in 1876, but with poor results, since the entire field of runners became lost in Epping forest. Bottom Row: J. Copeland, R. McCIanahan CCapt.D, E. McDonald Top Row: R. Tupper, K. Brown, F. Cretzmeyer CCoachj, W. Bye, E. Hultman Page 427 Iowals cross country squad found tough competition among the Big Nine schools. Keith Brown, Dick McClanahan, and jack Copeland were the only runners able to place anywhere near the top of the scoring column. After being defeated by Minnesota, Iowajs harriers lost to Purdue 34 to 21. In the hands of Notre Dame, Iowa found they still couldn't enter the win column and lost again by the close score of 28 to 27. In the last meet before the conference, Iowa fell before Illinois 36 to 19. The conference meet found Iowa still near the bot- tom of the pile, ending up in sixth place. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa . 5 . 8 . O . I fn . 7 . 2 . 5 . 4 . 1 . I . 0 . 0 . 7 Won 6 TENNIS Coe . . St. Ambrose Northwestern Augustana Augustana Carleton . Minnesota Grinnell . Loras . Chicago . Beloit . Purdue Wisconsin Marquette -Lost 8 Row 3: Dr. D. Klotz, K, Boyle, C. Chapman, R. Dahlin, B. I-Iigley Row 2: S, Newman, E, Cathcart, A. Bickle, JI. Fletcher Bottom Row. W. Lewis, W. Crain, A. Pierce, D. Lewis, XV. Ball A. Pierce and M. Sinton ,,,. Page 428 NLIMERAL WINNERS MAJOR I WINNERS Mike Trueblood john Fletcher XV1ll11m Crain Paul Hasbrouch Donald Carr Donald Lewis Ralph Brown Earl C:ithc1rt Roger Kroth Alvin Pierce William Metz Marion Neely William Ball William Lewis Sidney Newman Iowa's Iletmell, led by Coach Don Klotz, hope to see a more successful season this spring when they return to the courts for active competition. Last year they won six dual meets while losing eight and had to content themselves with seventh place in the conference. However, the presence of several promising sophomores im- proves the possibility of finding Iowa in the upper division next year. Bud Newman, Ralph Brown, Bill Metz, Paul Hasbrouch, Bill Crain, and Earl Cathcart were the men who composed last year's singles and doubles teams. Page 429 -s- l l MENS IIXITRA URALS 'a R- f,,,,, T. .....,Mi,,. WY Q W XYZ. Metcalf, R. Manson, K. Preiss, F. Beebee, S. Goldberg, D. Morrison, C. Wilkinson All male students in the State University of Iowa are members of the Intramural associ- ation. The association is divided into seven leagues representing the various organiza- tions on the campus. The seven leagues are Hillcrest, married students, professional fra- ternities, Quadrangle, South Quadrangle- Cvables-Law Commons, social fraternities, and town leagues. Each organization is rep- resented on the intramural board by an ath- letic manager. League sports are quite inclusive provisions for participation in twenty-one different sports, both indoor and outdoor. All-univer- sity champions are decided in basketball, handball, bowling, squash, badminton, fenc- ing, table tennis, volleyball, and wrestling. Other sports sponsored by the intramural program are touch football, tennis, golf, swimming, softball, track, and canoeing. The goals of the program are better health and clean sportsmanship for university stu- dents. Page mere were many thrills in tramural sports both this 'ar and last. Last spring mul Sawyer won the hand- ,ll and badminton cham- onships and also was one of e doubles team that cap- red both of these sports. nother outstanding partici- int was jim Kenworthy. gma Alpha Epsilon was the nlleyball champion and elta Upsilon captured the inoeing title. Golf champions: j. Gross, G. Teeter, D. Hult, and J. Van Antwerp Howling: A. Young Heavyweight basketball champi- ons: Row 2: j. Casey, L. Sjulin, G. Wfaltcrs, and j. Al- exander. Bottom Row: V. Troycr, G. Drahn, R. Wood- ard, and J. Hovland Intramural football informal: J. israel, D. Griffith, D. Garrett and S. Goldberg r BASEBALL The baseball team this year had to forego its usual south- ern trip. Nevertheless, fol- lowing an opener here with Bradley, the Hawkeyes began an eight game trip through three midwestern states. The trip opener was with Bradley, followed by games with No- tre Dame, Western Michigan, Michigan State, and Mon- mouth. Coach Vogel hoped the trip would iron out a few of the kinks that the south- ern trip in past years has helped to dispel. Page 432 Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Page 433 Bradley . . Bradley . . Michigan . . Michigan . . Notre Dame . . Notre Dame . . Northwestern . . Northwestern . . Minnesota . . Minnesota . . Wisconsin . . . Western Michigan Western Michigan Ohio State . . . Ohio State . . . Louisiana Tech . Louisiana Tech . Purdue . . . Purdue . . Last year the Hawkeyes managed to survive the season with some of their dignity. They took ten of their sixteen non- conference games and won five of their eleven conference games for a season record of fifteen wins and twelve losses. This year Coach Vogel, who is starting his twenty-second sea- son at Iowa, led the Hawkeyes through a twelve game confer- ence schedule with double headers against Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Northwestern. Iowa teams had a good record in the conference, winning 1286 games while losing 183 and tying six. john Tedore and jack Dittmer were the co-captain of this yearls nine. john played rightfield and alsc upon various occasions, filled in the catching slow while Jack held down second base and led the Iow batters. Other outstanding performers were Dal Erickson and Bob Smith, Others who saw considerable action throughout th: year were Ken Kafer, Arnold Espe, Ed Browne, Clem Drahn, Wes Demro, Bob Primrose and Dick Hoek- sema. Shortly after the start of the season, jacl Bruner, veteran pitcher from last year's squad, re turned to the diamond to bolster Iowa's pitching staff. Page 434 1 :W xx f WOMEN' SPORTS I ' sf-5. J 'Y . fx, , H Q, z ws. OFFICERS BARBARA XWRICHT ., , C CAROL OLSON 5 . 1 E gd'l:EgE,L 5 2 1 ,nf Row 21 L. Stock, D jones, M. Auner, M. jartman, M. Beebe, L, Shields, H. Falk, -llIL'L' lresuit E. Cehring, L, Chapman, P. Barnhouse ,IOAN TRIPP Bottom Row: M, Megchclsen, XV. Isenberger, H, Carroll, V. Sterling, H. Wright, C. Set relarw' Olson, J, Tripp HELEN FALK 'Ti vasurer 3- T OIVIEIXVS RECREATION ASSOCI TIG The sponsoring of campus activities connected with women's sports and recreational activities is the purpose of the XWomenls Recreation associa- tion. Each woman on campus is an automatic member of the club. Active membership is re- quired for voting for officers. Officers, plus the presidents of individual clubs sponsored by XVRA and the publicity committee, comprise the execu- tive board, which meets twice a month at the XVomen's Gym. Clubs sponsored by XVRA are archery, badminton, basketball, crafts, Hick Hawks, hockey, intramurals, Orchesis, roller skating, Seals, social dancing, softball and tennis. Individual clubs sponsor activities and special shows. WRA held a carnival at the gym this fall and a tea after the spring vocational conferences. Virginia Dix Sterling was the faculty advisor. P age 436 CLUBS Row 2: M. Feaver, C. Clark, C. Thornton, S. Henry, M Tomfeld, W. lsenberger, A. Irwin, M. Thomas, P. Wal- ter, B. Marxmiller Bottom Row: M. Nolte, L. Stock, A. Bon Signor, A. Silver- man, L. Chapman, D. Madden, H. Falk, J. St. Clair, B. Burke, E. Gehring Row 3: A. Irwin, M. Thomas, S. Henry, G. Clark, E. Cehr- ing, L. Stock, W. Isenberger Row 2. S. Walton, P. Key, K. Olinger, D. Starr, M. La Fuse, L. Shields Bottom Row. L. Chapman, J. Korab, H. Falk, A. Silverman, D. Madden, A. Bon Signer ' Row 2: Charlotte Hess, Mary Lou Thomas, Gertrude Clark Clark, Marion Tomfeld, Carol Olson, Mary Ann Beebe M. Ashland, C. Lewis, M. Megchelsen, P. O'Brien, M. Ruten- Bottom Row: Anne Bon Signor, Carolyn Miller, Lonee Chapman beck, H. Baker, S. Ona Nancy Henry, Elaine Cehring ,K if . -1 i w if ,f The tip'ofl in the center jump circle starts the game rolling. Page 438 .R.. The Hick Hawks are a co-educational group which promotes folk and square dancing. The danecrs meet weekly for further instruction. Row 3: M. Miller, K. Lynch, E. Perley, S. Funk, S. Henry, S. Peters, U, Dawson, j. Berguin, N. Lar- rimore, B. Buck, Miss Fink Row 2: M. Cornwall, M. Pribhle, A. Graham, C. Flint, V. Savage, S. Long, M. Melrose, B. Linden, S. Cole, M. Lynch, M. Auner Bottom Row. A. Canedyf J. Boreman, J. Johnstone, B. Kenry, J. Ashton, C. jewett, V. Hoffman, E. Vif- quain, S. Voss, J. Macys, J. Tripp Standing: N. Laddsf C. Richardson, C. Pawley, H. Carroll Kneeling and Siiling: S. Long, M. Livingstone, C. jeweft, G. Davis, E. Moellering, P. Pierce, E, Sauer W .Q JL ,. fi ., 5, Q 4 1 A Q-912, ,,1 . : ' , I' win: 1 + W . .V.- fam w S 9, , fs 'H 35 L Q 'gf M A S ., . W ::,:??Z:a.1,-- ze , X fa 2 2 ' H ' + f. f-1 Jig, ,,-2 1 . X H. Q ", X as ll t--Wm. . w' ,, iy f 3 wwf H, 515 A: "Nikit- ., ,M I, . ,,fS1gsAf, :ia- N gy ef iiiiemi Wil --Z ff L? Q 'f Q. ei, Q1 iw X fg-53 R 2 . fi -vsp' av Q .wg , wr 2 2 V' X M ,, X f Si ww... ' 3 i w 'KSA w is-gi ' -1 we .Wa i- C 5 3 I so 3 a ' ,Q 3 A MSMAMWW. v..V, A i 4' :2f:m:1iflM5f' -?i , . Ma Wam- -Q- V K :Q Q 2 -iw QQ wa 'EQ .- 2 A 132 i d x fir 5 1 I J Q 1 wwf- .V 2 yin k .. ? ,V 1 if ,+ Q ', W Nfwmra f , fi WWF Q 3 5 i Q EAN, 2 ,E ,gk L . L l ,:-:kg -. f'3Lg, ,E ,X if 9.1 W. Isenberger, 1. Berguin, L. Stock, A. Silverman INTRAMURAL BOARD LA VONNE STOCK Chairman JACKIE BERCUIN WILMA ISENBERGER ARLINE SILVERMAN GIVIEIXIS INTR MURALS The opportunity for every woman on campus to participate in organized sports is offered by the Women's Intramurals club. The year around pro- gram of sports included volleyball, mixed volley- ball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, swim- ming and bowling. Each year a cup is awarded to the housing unit which has acquired the highest total number of points. This is given for active participation and placing in individual sports. The 1947-1948 cup was won by Chi Omega. The intramurals program was conducted by the Intra- murals board with LaVonne Stock, chairman, and members jackie Berguin, Wilma Isenberger, and Arline Silverman superintending the activities. Faculty advisor for the club was jean Stanicek. Page Those who responded to the request of the sports leaders in their individual housing units found added fun and relaxation in athletic activities. They also had the opportunity to broaden their range of ac- quaintanceships among other university women. Women's Intramurals again sponsored the mixed vol- leyball tournament. Teams, composed of four men and four women, battled it out this year with the Gamma Phi Beta team pulling top honors. Wilma Isenberger, Jo Hulse Volleyball Wednesday Currier IV Thursday . Alpha Xi Delta Basketball Tuesday . Currier I Wednesday Currier IV Thursday . Chi Omega Champion Currier I Ping Pong Sally Henry Currier Page 441 Row 2: 1. I-Iulse, M. Reese, E. Kamps, E. Stille, C. Taylor Bottom Row: L. Stock, M. Castle, B. Wright Winning team of Girls' intramural basketball Swim Meet lst . . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma 2nd . . Chi Omega 3rd ..... . Pi Beta Phi Badminton Doubles Mary Ellen Poulter . . Currier joe Poulter Badminton Wednesday . . Alpha Xi Delta Thursday . Gamma Phi Beta Terry Gillham, Russ Thomas, Bill Janss jump shot taken at the intramural play- off between Currier Reds and Ycllows. The womenis physical education depart- ment furthered interest and participation in sports in an inclusive program. Through its basic skills program, coeds were required to complete satisfactorily both a written and a practical test in each of five fields. These included a group sport, an individual sport, swimming, an efficiency test and body me- chanics. Members of the Seals Club display their talents. Extra-curricular recreation was offered to women through the physical education de- partmentls WRA activities and outside rec- reational facilities. Majors in the field of physical education and recreational leader- ship received training for future careers. Page 442 F., ,W Q , 2 . . ',f'Q5,.L K , gijif' , 445.5 w W, ' I K X x 9,317-'3.1f'f4, H I X ff'f2iw,,-QQ 1 f Q, -, , "' 'ffcwy - K K , ' , 'K ,A VA,. , A V.?g1jg,i..E7j.f.i'. in W f . . ,fra,:4,-'zg.:f, , 1 ff: T .pl-MisaQyf?f5ffi,'?aL - 1 bf,.f1A:,v-gi,--.gffxg ,Zgw 1 P " A ,1'1AiVh'V,.g5Agwsxf5'E-Mu'A . 5, .pf v, +,g,m'.,ww 4. fu fc: f ' 4- J 4 5 fn! , 1 t f'a1fff'-iif?-dim. ,.,gQf1f-24 by ' L Wfgliliilsff S ' J? W' , fL'ff?lf-'S gz- ,- , "iff R ' A- S, 5, 1 '-'HJ' "inn ' L Q. ,N ! f , ',,. wg -.f . fi if t ,., ,. V i'5i59k 5 . ,J - mf f QQ. 2. -7. 1. N. L 4 .gf 9' y .V - f L- H F -M . yfaw . 'vw lg, -if in aiu K S34 2 .J , K es. :,: 5-:M MILITARY 'fu 58' , ar rss 'neu S ik 5 , N ff P 17' A XX A ' S . f P , 5' X If 5 2 , if 5' Z K W 1. gf, M. J -+5 .2 I 5 Q' if 5 Ai 5 K ' 3 ,. mf af ff , ,, F . , K 1 ff WM ky xg , M, , , fi a x The Reserve Officers Training Corps tries to build within the student a firmer sense of re- sponsible and intelligent citizenship and to provide him with basic military training. A second mission is to produce junior officers who have outstanding traits of character. The curriculum of the Reserve Officers Training Corps is especially designed to teach leadership and self-discipline. Regard- less of the business profession for which the student is preparing, he will find this train- ing invaluable throughout his life. COLONEL W. W. JENNA . M. S. 84 T. AND STAFF Page 444 Row 3: Sgt. L. Moreland, Sgt. C. Van Horne, Sgt. G. Howard, Sgt. K. McCart Row 2: Capt. C. Feldcr, Sgt. R. Mullern, Sgt. F. Seidler, Sgt. -I. Anderson, Sgt. H. Flcener, Sgt. C. Taylor, Capt. J. Faimon Botiom Row. Capt. A. Brey, Maj. O. Culver, Maj, J, Christensen, Col. W. jenna, Maj. I. Parsons, Maj. K. Sturman, Capt. C. Birk, Capt. C. Hickman Warren A. Smith, Executive Officer Robert j. Berens, Regimental Commanding Officer Charles W' McKinley, Regimental Adjutant R. 0. T. C. REGIME T RIEGIIVIENTAL COMMANDER AN STAFF ff.: -K' . X 5 T H' ' f " 1: 9. ,it Vffr - TT ALLIE LU PHELPS Honorary Cadet Colonel Q Q A. V- ' 2" '. --:Zf 1'112f :fTlT"fg t , va K : ' " wives: . V fi fgaf flgr iiyff ' A ' 1 u H!-3' ' M ' ' A N Q ' 'S f Jmiissf if-i, ' ' ' f . -X Page 445 FIRST BATTALION STAFF Frederick J. Haesemeyer, jr., C Grant, Robert R. Crahl. B TT LIFO CO MA DERS AND STAFFS SECDND BATTALIDN STAFF THIRD BATTALIDN STAFF Hugh A. Drown, Harry Eckhoff, Jr., Corey David J. Kirkman, Adolph Nitsch, D. C J. Wright, jr. Thompson. Pg 446 PERSHI G RIFLES Row 2: J, Miller, H. Monroe, R. Truxaw, M. Sloan, H. Lawrence, F. Spencer, J. Berg Bottom Row: I. Farr, J. Burns, H. Jensen, Maj. K. Sturman, R. Jacobs, E. Waller, Jr., R. Brawner, P. Hanson Pershing Rifles, honorary military society, was instituted on the Uni- versity of Iowa campus in 1929. The purpose of the organization is to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession. Also, it provides ap- propriate recognition for military ability. Each year Iowa's company competes with others at the regi- mental drill meet. At the 1948 meet, Iowa was judged first in squad drill and second in platoon drill. The local company partici- pates in maneuvers, formal ceremo- nies, and other activities when called upon by the military depart- ment. Row 3: R. Corniclc, E. Lester, V. Reinstcin, F. Mathews, R. Stout, R. Bond, D. XViller, R. Christenson, F. Warner, Jr., R. Lines R010 2: H. Hopewell, Jr., W. Robison, R. Daniels, H. Monroe, H, Lawrence, M, Sloan, R. Truxaw, I. Farr, J. Miller, J. Berg, K. Dolan, W. Capp Bottom Row: F, Spencer, E. Waller, Jr., H. Jensen, Capt. C. Hickman, Col. W. Jenna, R. Jacobs, Maj. K. Sturman, Capt. Page 447 J. Faimon, J. Burns, R. Brawner, M-Sgt. K. McCart, P. Hanson BILLY MITCHELL SQU DRG Row 3: M. Broclcman, K. C-ray, C. Medhus, j. Dawkins, R. Primrose, L. Kupka, G. Staub, XV. Smith Row 2: M. jones, J. Strain, M. Minear, G. Mangold, R. Stokely, E. Moline, R. Williams, D. Rosenquist, B. Palmer Bottom Row: R, Renk, E. McMichael, W. Engel, G. Toland, H. Eckhofl, R. Richardson, H. Drown, E. Ohlsen, Capt. J. Faimon The members of the Billy Mitchell Squadron of the Air Cadets are organ- ized to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense. They also strive to create a closer and more efficient relationship among the Air Reserve Officers Training Corps cadets. The group is composed of cadet officers and supe- rior sophomore students from the Air Force unit of the ROTC. New members are indoctrinated into the history and practices of the air forces. Lectures are held for the group each week. Here they learn of life in the air corps. These lectures also attempt to create an incentive toward leader- ship among the squadron members. An outcome of the second world war, the Billy Mitchell Squadron was organized three years ago on the Univer- sity of Iowa campus. Page 448 Page 449 ADVANCED If GI EERI UNIT 1. Moyer, H. Riley, P. Long, A. Nitsch, G. Lane Row 2: Jacobs, Hote, Olson, Tolson, Reardon, Irwin Bottom Row: Crane, Soukup, HoIIec, Lorent, jcphrics, Forbes 6 J W Q ?JE1'3 ,S V YI ' .' 15,0 fi m- 1 - v '.. n I x3 wk iiilkzff :rg ,T f fa. . 5' '.. ,f Q, , ,xgh , xg, M fa 1 4 xii? My gp ij ' ti fig W ,Q L 6 Vw gig, 30 . : M Z A ,E H Q U K! img! L., i U A ' ,. f 3 W vu, V , A ,h 1 Y qw . , W . . W Q5 f W- 2fw w Q -1 r . , U f ' " ,,, Y M 9 Q , , mg - qw WW nf' UE? ff: W - 'S "1 ' H ' ' f' , ' ' 'y , .iii x'?'3 vig' vig, 3' S5 fy fa - w Q4 1 W LW 5 "' ,. ' r- "' ' . . . ,3 0 J E iv, , M AQ MQ Win. if -if -Ft --'.' A f lllllllllll , , ' Y If I' ' L N , rf: 'si' rm?" K , E' 'Y' -f , if Eu sal X ' ,Q ' ' K X61 W 5 Q V M' Q EJ "' Qi -1 If 0 I iw X , Xx kj Q wr Hg 1 ' , , . -X 'I ' '. , . 'W ' ' 1 t Haas 1 e f rg ii W 'Q Z , 1 X ' 4 n X . xi! A xQ'g' , ' W 5? HM Q' .WH . . . , . Q . v u w . ' X V 3 I J l -3 3 S f if , ia 4 1.15 s yr, ': -ww A Q M . f ,M ,m,' r .WAL Mjff' W 1-fm W, ,W g, L,,L Q, . 3 ' . ', X, g,,gg,Q,g W , K f .-1 H 1 M1 W W' "'."X" M , ,Q ' . U W W .. , . 'f - , ,, on ' "Q9uJ x mf 1Qr,.x ' R , " A 'en X U i' U un 1 .N .QM I 1 ' Q IA . x 1. "T 4, . g -'rf Q e 4 s . , . . Q I 1 " A , 5 5 Q ffl ' as an m , E Q H L , , L' ,' V , . ,I ,L f 5 fi ... P I f - , A g,f,.,,-121 2 S, V M wg: . .- , .:: . 2: ,, 'Q f, , f Mfg 1 .. 1, , ,.., SL. Q 5 ,wyww rw ,ME Hg L 1 ' Ill! - 11 , W fl wg W -. ----- 4 ' '- , ,gy get L . fl K 4,4 f','?i:fili'? ly" V ff' , 4? f,. .. M., . , , .. ,H ,.. A , , f, ,f 4, X , V , gy, 9 f .'.2X.w. - -'af was atv X sffvl- an-u. 4"' -- ' - X 'w' X, ,096-WS ,,,.1'sw,5.'fP'h'u-NIV nfl' A- A nw' f-I','5- , , -- . Wg .mm Mm, 2- .V -- 4 x f 1 NSR 5 1, M E, QE33 Ii 05, W K Ma X ' sa 9 'F r 1' 1 V , K H V. ,W KY, A X K . J aff, QE, . fa i , 7-Lrg' lg 5 N T ' A ,. Q V7 ti A Ez, W jg W I term gg: 'ET' E. W 'PPV' Q xfzgr Q 6, I xg' f .T , 7 . . V 3 ' '-aw' by . . ,Q 1 4 Y g 59' L XQ! t xiii' - W ' . f q .' f , .1 H . ' 'ga QQ.. il Q '- V . NW . we - Xia! f ' :HV . x' I . 'gf - 1 in X IL .i i K. I 1? . F, G 5 , 1 n 13" ss? , , , . , 9 , il K g fi 5 5 - A-f,.,2,i, .-,fm,x.:SW,,V, f fr. fx .W Mg, - A A W V 5 W 5 'ff':L:21QH4,:,, . iii . 3' K T427 "':li.':7E1..i? TV W M xlfiffiif 4 1 L'f.Q4jg9iW'q' If , . Mig, "?1,,N,.,WW fs M- 'J ' nf wk V- NH- M., .M .ww ..,.z - .g,,. YT ' U a f H S , 5 ' K W-, MW, W, ,, W ,, .. , 'Am gg lx , 1 igfgmsmam ,M-f as P Q A- wg S A 4 we Q 'wr-.mis as ,Ek 71 'W . y' lQ,L"'a.lmYH 1 ' . - . , L- , K 1 I . ' , 5 , , A A . , . . X, . 3 K 6, . -I x 5- F ' , -vm , , . . -U" ' ' 1 ' X ' " ' ' Q . - . 15 . ' . - . . n ' 3 U Q B v. U 0 1 ' ! E 4' 2 ,F .1 wi , w k , .L Zfskfzl,-:eww 3 H"iiY'Z5sfW iz-'K?1?1, ifiifiwrfff i ' , sw I " wif' 'nf my W km f Q, f, 7 H if s EDIC L UNIT Row 3: XV. Schorg H. Fifield, R. Oliver 1. Miller 'Row 2: J. Wfhiscn- and, B. Higley Bnfimn Row: R W i c k s , Major j E. Christensen, R Lynch 1 Row 3: Capt. C. Birk, K. Nicodemus, C. Fellows, C. Kelley, 1. Condon Row 2: J. Anderson, W. Olsen, 1. Culhane, C. Thodt, K. Gray Bottom Row: L. Selby, K. Black, J. Bristow VARSITY RIFLE TE IVI Page 453 R. O. T. C RIFLE TE IVI Row 3: Capt. C. Birk, K. Nicoclemus, C. Officer, C. Fellows, C. Kelley, J. Condon Row 2: Sgt. J. Anderson CCOZICITDI, W. Olson, J. Culhane, W. Eckhardt, C. Thodt, A. Kearney, K, Gray Bottom Row: I-. Selby, K. Block, J. Bristow, H. Bjork W9 Q , , ' ,Lap-L 5' ,J Honorary Cadet Col. Allie Lu Phelps Col. XV. VU. jenna Joyce Mendell, Flick Fleischer, Mary Long- fellow, Roh Hnvey MILITARY BALL Senator LeRoy Mercer, Brig, Cven. Charles H. Cvrahl, Dean Allin Dakin, Cadet Col, Rohert lierens, Honorary Cadet Col, Allie l.lI Phelps, Col. XY". XV. jenna Brig. Cen. Crahl, Carl XV. Cram, Harry Eckhofl, Adolph Nitsch Page 454 ada. They have performed before 3,000,000 Page 455 7 SCOTTISH HIC-HLANDERS f Y Q k F 1 . . g, .V v" , ji , , 9 "WM" ' . ' Row 4: M. Halverson, M. Reimers, D. Dobson, C. McComas, S. Finkbine, S. Harrison, G. Fountain, B Kirby, J. Sahs, V. Wheeler, J. Walker, M. Anderson, M. Van de Steeg, P. Hodgen, E. Krohn Row 3: M. Campbell, A. Lotridge, S. Cremer, L. Martin, B. Woods, J, Bringle, G. Taylor, B, Campbell S. Beers, E. Slavata, F. Valentine, P. Devilbiss, G. Nelson, H. Murchison Row 2: N. Haegg, M. Fry, C. Rodgers, D. Colbornson, M. Lane, M. Robinson, M. Barnes, M. Snider Col. W. Jenna, V. Ford, B. Adamson CPipe Majorj, D, Horrabin, D. Achenbach, F. Jensen, J Larson, M. McCarthy, M. Anderson, W. Krabbenhoft, M. Healy Bottom Row: M. McCaslin, J. Breckenridge, J. Schmidt, F. Artley, B, Cinter, S, Quist, J. Pederson, N Neiman, J. Adamson, M. Cooley, M. Smith, M. Goodnow, J. Pauls, J. Tyler, B. Miller, M. Pell R. Wee Garbed in their authentic Scottish costumes, ' 4 I r r lowa's Scottish Highlanders continued to be the universityis colorful ambassadors of good will. They have established a record of traveling to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts in successive summers. ln 1947 the group traveled to San Francisco, and last summer they appeared in New York. Plans have already been completed for another summer tour in July. During their eleven years on the campus, they have traveled over 33,000 miles through 28 states and Can- people. The largest Scottish bagpipe band in the world and the only all-bagpipe band spon- sored by an American university, the High- landers' marching and dancing routines at the football games have added color and novelty to the pageantry. They began in 1937 as a male unit, but they were reorganized in 1943 as an all-girl band. The Highlanders are instructed and directed by Pipe Major William L. Adam- son. 'N i. Summer camp bivouac at Chanute Field. Early morning preparation for day-long maneuvers. ,,.f,-""" -N-....,,,,, 'SN ROTC men receive instmv: tion during summer camp a Chanute Field, Illinois, Page 456 The Index Deans, 27 Alphabetized Topical Index A ACTIVITIES, 292 ALBUM OF PARTIES, 365 Alpha Chi Omega, 184 Alpha Delta Pi, 186 Alpha Delta Sigma, 167 Alpha Kappa Kappa, 136 Alpha Kappa Psi, 178 Alpha Lambda Delta, 122 Alpha Omega Alpha, 134 Alpha Phi Omega, 343 Alpha Tau Omega, 212 Alpha Xi Delta, 188 American Association of Mechan ical Engineers, 153 American Pharmacy Association, 157 American Society of Civil Engi- neers, 151 Art Guild, 318 Associated Students of Dentistry, 145 Associated Students of Engineer- ing, 150 ATHLETICS, 384 Autumn Swirl, 364 B Barrister's Ball, 370 BASEBALL, 432 BASKETBALL, 405 BEALITIES, 279 Beta Gamma Sigma, 126 Beta Theta Pi, 214 Bethany Fellowship, 350 Board of Publications, 302 C Campus Chest, 346 Canterbury Club, 351 Caps Caprice, 382 Carnival of Bands, 374 Central Party Committee, 328 Cheerleaders, 390 Chi Epsilon, 132 Chi Omega, 190 Christmas Formal, 371 Clinton Place, 261 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, 330 COMMERCE SENIORS, 74 Concert Series, 378 Co-operative Dormitory Associ- ation, 258 Cross Country, 427 Currier Hall, 246 Currier Sweetheart, 290 Currier Sweetheart Dance, 376 D Dance Informals, 379 Daily Iowan, 296 Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Chi, 216 Delta Delta, 192 Gamma, 194 Phi Alpha, 128 Sigma Delta, 146 Sigma Chi, 174 Sigma Rho, 308 Tau Delta, 218 Theta Pi, 163 Upsilon, 220 DENTISTRY SENIORS, 112 Discussion, 309 Directors, 30 Dolphin Queen, 286 Dolphin Club, 418 DORMITORIES, 245 E Eastlawn, 256 Electrical Engineering Department, 152 ' Ellington Concert, 381 ENGINEERING SENIORS, 94 Eta Kappa Nu, 129 F FINE ARTS, 311 FOOTBALL, 387 Forensics Association, FRATERNITIES, 209 Triuol, 300 Frivol Freshman Beauties, 287 307 G Gamma Alpha Chi, 168 Gamma Delta, 353 Gamma Eta Gamma, 160 Gamma Phi Beta, 196 H HAWKEYE, 298 Hawkeye Beauty Judges, 280 Hawkeye Queen, 281 Hillcrest, 274 Hillel Foundation, 352 Homecoming, 369 Home Economics Club, 347 HONORARIES, 119 Honorary Cadet Colonel, 284 Horace Heidt Concert, 365 I INTEREST GROUPS, 321 Interfraternity Council, 210 Interfraternity Dance, 244 Interfraternity Pledge Council, 211 Interfraternity Pledge Prom, 375 Interfraternity Pledge Queen, 285 Interfraternity Queen, 288 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, 354 Iowa Future Teachers' Association, 172 Iowa Law School Association, 159 junior Panhellenic Council, 183 K Kappa Alpha Psi, 173 Kappa Alpha Theta, 198 Kappa Beta Pi, 166 Kappa Epsilon, 158 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 200 Kappa Phi, 355 I. Law Commons, 270 LAW SENIORS, 102 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS, 40 Loyola House, 272 Lutheran Student Association, 356 Page 4218 M Madison Court Council, 260 Mecca Ball, 377 Mecca Queen, 289 Medical Student Council, 135 MEDICINE SENIORS, 108 Men's Intramurals, 430 MILITARY, 443 Military Ball, 454 MINOR SPORTS, 415 Mortar Board, 121 Mountaineers, 345 N Newman Club, 357 Newman Nocturne, 368 NURSING SENIORS, 114 Nu Sigma Nu, 138 Nu Sigma Phi, 144 O Omicron Delta Kappa, 120 Order of Artus, 130 P i Panacea Committee, 344 Panhellenic Council, 182 Panhellenic Dance, 208 Pershing Rifles Queen, 291 PHARMACY SENIORS, 106 Phi Alpha Delta, 164 Phi Beta Kappa, 125 Phi Beta Pi, 140 Phi Delta Phi, 162 Phi Delta Theta, 222 Phi Epsilon Kappa, 180 Phi Epsilon Pi, 224 Phi Eta Sigma, 123 Phi Gamma Delta, 226 Phi Gamma Nu, 176 Phi Kappa Psi, 228 Phi Kappa Sigma, 230 Phi Rho Sigma, 142 Pi Beta Phi, 202 Page 459 Pi Kappa Alpha, 232 Pi Lambda Theta, 127 Pi Tau Sigma, 154 Plays, 315 President I-Iancheris Message, 25 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES, 133 Psi Omega, 148 Publication Informals, 304 PUBLICATIONS, 295 Q Quadrangle, 263 R Radio, 306 Registration Committee, 329 RELIGIOUS GROUPS, 349 Roger Williams Fellowship, 358 S Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 234 Sigma Chi, 236 Sigma Delta Chi, 169 Sigma Delta Tau, 204 Sigma Nu, 238 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 240 Sigma Theta Tau, 131 SORORITIES, 181 South Quadrangle, 268 SPEECH, 305 Spinster's Spree, 367 Stan Kenton Concert, 366 State Board of Education, 26 Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society, 171 Student Christian Council, 359 Student Council, 322 Student Federalists, 336 Swimming, 416 T Tailfeathers, 389 Tau Beta Pi, 155 Tea and Matinee Dances, 383 Tennis, 428 Theta Sigma Phi, 124 Theta Tau, 156 Theta Xi, 242 Town Men's Party, 380 Town Womenis Council, 262 Track, 425 Transit, 303 Trestle Board, 348 U Union Board, 326 Union Board Christmas Party, 372 United Student Fellowship, 362 University Band, 313 University Chorus, 314 University Orchestra, 312 University Prom, 373 University Women's Association, 332 W Wesley Foundation, 360 Westlawn, 252 Westminster Foundation, 361 Women's and Menis Varsity De- bate, 310 WOMEN'S SPORTS, 435 Wrestling, 422 Y Young Democrats, 338 Young Men's Christian Association 342 Young Progressives, 339 Young Republicans, 337 Young Women's Christian Associ- ation, 340 Z Zeta Phi Eta, 170 Zeta Tau Alpha, 206 Balke, L i w X 4 A Aarons, Beverly A., 201 Abel, Richard E., 74 Abraham, Sidney C., 224, 225 Abrahamsohn, Dorothy R., 205 Achenbach, Alberta H., 251 Achenbach, Dorothy J., 251, 455 Ackerman, Dorothy A., 144 Ackley, Robert K., 162, 228, 229 Adams, Albert W., 40 Adams, Bruce A., 40 Adams, Clifton D., 269 Adams, Donald A., 155 Adams, Francis C., 179 Adams, James R., 164, 338 Adams, John Q., 74 Adams, Adams Marjorie M., 40 Robert M. 94 162 Adamson, Neil C.,'223, Adcock, Beverly J., 40, 191, 347 Adler, Nancy L., 187, 389 Adrian, Walter F., 74 Agar, Charles C., 153, 154 Agnew, M. Jeanne, 187 Airth, Nancy J., 199 Airth, Sarah A., 198, 199, 218, 389 Albert, Thomas J., 140 Albertson, Frank O., 222, 223 Albin, Joseph F., 94, 129 Albright, Richard C., 241 Aldridge, James C., 451 Aleshire, Edgar A., 223 Alexander, George W., 94, 129, 155, 229 Alexander, Howard R., 226, 227 Alexander, John M., 40 Alexander, Patricia A., 191 Allan, Henry C., 40, 338 Allan, Margaret J., 256 Allbee, Donald G., 102, 160 Allee, William A., 174 Allen, Barbara R., 40, 193 Allen, Carol J., 191 Allen, Edward K., 74, 173, 174, 175, 331 Allen, Glenn E., 367 Allen, Allen, Allen, Pearl E., 114 Richard L., 40 Winifred G., 199 Picture Inde Baines, William D., 351 Baker, Corrine M., 199 Baker, Hazel, 437 Baker, John M., 215 Baker, Margaret M., 196, 197, 323, 389 Baker, Melvin H., 308 Baker, Morton, 237, 309 Baker, Baker, 154, Phyllis A., 203 William J., 94, 153, 155, 156 Balcom, Mary M., 355 Baldridge, Barbara J., 193 Baldwin, Harry W., 74 George B., 41, 348 Allender, Kenneth W., 272 Alling, John W., 243, 323 Allison, Melvin L., 74 Almon, John P., 94, 153, 154, 213 Alsager, Kenneth H., 219 Alsager, Robert L., 74, 268 Altenbern, John E., 348 Alvarado, Don M., 40 Amdor, Wayne E., 40, 167 Amend, Conrad A., 74, 226, 227 Amend, Ralph K., 226, 227 Ament, Myrna M., 40 Ames, Guy L., Jr., 74, 174, 175, 324, 330, 331 Amick, Richard F., 239 Amidon, Perry E., 153, 450 Amies, John R., 74, 219 Andersen, Earl W., 74 Anderson, Alice M., 249, Anderson, Andrew B., 210, 243 Anderson, Betty M., 74, 176 Anderson, Carlton J., 160 Anderson, Charles R., 162 Anderson, Conrad E., 140 Anderson, Dale H., 74, 221 Anderso.n, Donald W., 153 Anderson, Doris M., 193, 244, 451 Anderson, Edward N., 229 Anderson, Evlyn M., 108, 144 Anderson, George S., 138, 139 Anderson, Gretchen A., 185 Anderson, John R., 40 Anderson, Marilyn B., 193, 298, 455 Anderson, Marilyn E., 370, 455 Anderson, Mary F., 139, 193 Anderson, Otto G., 40, 160 Anderson, Patricia M., 189 Anderson, Robert, 159, 239, 403 Anderson, Robert P., 161 Anderson, Shirley M., 248 Anderson, Truman J., 146, 147 - Anderson, Virginia, 247, 455 Andreasen, Helen I., 144 Andres, Ralph W., 94, 154 Andresen, Wayne C., 268, 353 Andrews, John J., 74 Anfinson, Arlene R., 40 Angerer, Richard K., 74 Angott, Phillip J., 74 Anneberg, Mary L., 122, 195 323, 325, 327, 335 Anrode, Harry G., 40 Ansley, William A., 163 Anson, Bill G., 233 Antes, Richard S., 348 Anundsen, John K., 237, 453 Applebaum, Leonard, 40 Appleman, Francine C., 185, 250, 300, 318, 332, 389 Archie, Louise A., 203 Ard, Gerald F., 153 Arganbright, Annabell E., 191, 318 Argo, Kathryne, 40, 256 Argubright, James L., 343 Ariens, Phyllis J., 191 Arkin, Alan A., 224, 225 Arkoff, Harold B., 40, 167, 304 Armstrong, Floyd W., 190, 241 Arnesen, Kenneth G., 179 Carole P., 355 1 Arnett, Arnold, David F., 40 Diane H., 249 Arnold, Arnold, Richard L., 350 Robert C., 74 Arnold, Arp, Louis C., 40, 215 Arp, Mary H., 201 Artley, Frances J., 40, 249, 455 Arzberger, Robert E., 40, 221 Aschenbrenner, Pat A., 191 Ash, Wallace H., 40 Ashbaugh, Harley H., 40 Ashland, Marcia, 437 Ashton, Carol V., 185 Ashton, James H., 94, 153 Ashton, John R., 148 Ashton, Joye A., 380, 438 Ashton, Ned, 132, 418 Glen H., 179 Asmus, Aspholm, Wayne P., 74, 179 Atkinson, Kenneth R., 160 Auburn, Maureen J., 189 Augspurger, Byron B., 140 Augspurger, Roger L., 140, 188 Auner, Margaret H., 201, 389, 436, 438 Avery, Harriett A., 176, 193, 326 B Baak, Clifford H., 353 Babcock, Phillip B., 40, 164 Babcock, Theodore R., 129, 155 Baber, William E., 264 Bachman, Neal, 318 Bacon, Barbara A., 197, 220 Bahr, Joyce C., 40, 184, 185, 322, 344 Bailey, Frank H., 41 Bailey, Gerald C., 94 Bailey, Herman T., 102, 163 Bailey, Lynn N., 169 Balkema, Mary M., 41, 196, 197 Ball, William C., 223, 428 Ballantyne, Robert L., 348 Ballard, John H., 74 Balmer, Edwin A., 140 Balster, Delphia L., 249, 368, 380 Bammi, Jagdish R., 94, 151 Banks, Donna B., 41 Banks, Earl C., 394, 395, 398, 400, 401, 402, 403 Banks, Keith D., 136, 374 Bannick, Elmer J., 151 Barber, Garnet E., 41 Barber, Mary A., 256 Barchat, Seymour B., 41 Barclay, Robert F., 102 Barker, Charles A., 160 Barker, Richard M., 74, 179, 450 Barloon, John W., 138 Barnard, B., 161 Barnes, Carol J., 41 Barnes, James B., 124, 237 Bar.nes, Margaret M., 455 Barnes, Robert G., 256 Barnhart, Duane, 94 Barnhouse, Patricia J., 168, 247, 389, 436 Baron, Joseph J., 41, 274 Barrett, Barbara G., 41 Barrett, Frank C., 74, 174, 330 Barrett, James T., 264, 348 Barrett, Ronald E., 94, 154 Barrett, Walter R., 41 Barron, Patricia I., 261 Barron, Roy N., 304 Barron, William J., 215 Barry, Elizabeth A., 254 Barstow, Ruth E., 114, 131, 353 Bartels, Edward R., 41, 221 Barth, Mary L., 168, 183, 207, 248 Barth, William J., 153 Bartlett, Laurence C., 94 Bartley, Bruce B., 233 Barvinek, Jean M., 262, 358 Barwick, William E., 237 Basford, Jack W., 74, 243 Bassett, Glen E., 74 Bassman, Charlene E., 297 Bauch, John S., 231, 451 Bauer, William G., 414 Baughman, Donald R., 241 Baum, Le.nore, 339 Bauman, Louis H., 74 Baumann, Lynette G., 41, 354 Baumeister, Jacquelin, 144 Baumer, Esther, 183, 205 Baumer, Sol, 367, 376 Bawden, James W., 215 Baxter, Lowell D., 140 Bayer, Henry F., 223 f Bayley, Mary A., 41, 194, 195, 214 Bayley, VVilliam S., 215 Beach, James D., 217 Beal, Basil B., 74 Bean, Merle D., 148 Beard, Theodore, 74, 243 Beardsley, Margaret A., 257 Beardsley, Mary Ann, 41, 256 Beasley, Oscar H., 164 Beatty, Marilyn, 122, 247 Beatty, Samuel T., 163 Beauchamp, Suzanne, 185 Beck, Richard Olin, 41, 235, 327 Beck, Tonlmy L., 215 Becker, Caroline, 261 Becker, Charles E., 41 Becker, James F., 309 Beckett, Raymond P., 41 Beckstrom, Roger B., 216, 217, 343 Beckwith, Jean E., 41 Bedell, Norma Jean, 41, 168, 182, 189 Beebe, Mary Ann, 41, 436, 437 Beebee, Fredrick, 430 Beechler, Barbara J., 41, 247, 248, 251 Beecroft, Robert S., 41 Beenck, Warren W., 75, 167 Beers, Shirley A., 199, 455 Bees, Robert M., 153 Behun, John David, 171 Beiderbecke, Charles H., 214, 215 Beilby, Jack w., 41, 269, 324 Bekman, N. Louise, 195, 249, 310 Belkin, Herbert L., 225 Bell, Howard E., 75, 213, 324 Bell, James W., 174, 450 Bell, Ruel S., 309, 342, 362 Bell, Vincent A., 41, 164, 165 1 348 Bellefeuille, Roland E., 75, 330 Bellwood, Lester R., 41 Bender, Barbara L., 199 Bendixan, Dona L., 185 Bendorf, Marvin A., 41, 241 Bendure, Doris J., 309 Be.nesh, Patricia, 41, 191, 332, 347 Benish, James Leo, 75, 174 Benjegerdes, Mildred, 144 Bennett, Patricia J., 200, 201, 298, 299 Bennett, Phyllis J., 382 Beno, George, 174, 215, 451 Bensell, Joan F., 75 Benson, LeRoy C., 75 Benson, Robert W., 41 Benson, Wesley E., 153, 360 Bentley, Donald E., 94, 129. 155 Benton, Ralph, 75 Be.ntz, Chester R., 102, 160, 161 Benz, Betty J., 188, 189 Berens, Robert J., 41, 180, 267, 445, 451, 454 Berg, Ben C., 136 Berg, John W., 184, 447 Berg, Lloyd E., 41, 237 Berg, Marshall, 219 Berg, Philip, 75, 234, 235 Berge, Edward G., 418 Berger, Carl, 41, 169 Berges, Shirley A., 41 Bergeson Milo S., 215 Berggren, Clifton P., 106 Bergman, Harold R., 123 Bergman, William A., 102, 162 Bergquist, Robert W., 222, 223 Berkemeir, Robert M., 41, 172 Berninghausen, William, 348 Bernstein, Jack, 75 Berntsen, Peter L., 94, 156 Berntsen, VValter H., 94, 129 Berquin, Jackie, 199, 438, 440 Berry, Robert C., 229 Berry, Thompson D., 164 Bertrand, Louis A., 75 Betar, Samuel J., 219 Page 460 Bowers, Better, James W., 153 Bowden, Robert, 233 Jeannine, 199 Betts, Lois M., 114, 252, 253, 326 Betz, Georgia M., 114 Bevins, Michael C., 41, 227 Bevins, Nancy J., 201 Bickel, Alan B., 428 Bickford, Carrol, 146 Biddick, Rita G., 193 Biddle, Jackie Anne, 41, 168 184, 185 Biere, Frederick H., 94 Bigelow, Gene L., 171 Bigelow, Phillip D., 309, 310, 323, 325, 356 Biggins, Raymond J., 75, 174 Bilbert, Gerald A., 223 Billing, Robert T., 339 Billings, Catherine, 42, 195, 337 Bingham, Dale S., 323 Bingham, James J., Binkerd, Elizabeth, Bireline, Robert J., Birks, Mary S., 195 153 42 153, 154 Bishop, Barbara F., 192, 193 Bishop, Kenneth D., 324 Bishop, Samuel M., 217 Bissell, Fred E., 42, 272, 357 Bittner, Donald L., 223 Bjork, Harlan L., 153, 453 Black, George W., 297 Black, Kay H., 453 Black, Neal F., 42, 169, 297 Blackburn, Beverlee, 42, 347 Blackman, Richard C., 221 Blackstone, Gregory L., 231 Blackstone, Jerome R., 42, 231 Blair, Callahan, James P., 215 Joan D., 185 Robert L., 42 Blair, Blake, Alice M., 186, 187 Blanshan, Marjory M., 75, Bowie, Kenneth S., 146 Bowman, James R., 42 Bowman, Neville C., 75 Bowman, Peggy G., 168 Boyd, John R., 153, 162, 229 Boyle, Charles K., 428 Boysen, Leon K., 75 Boysen, Leslie C., 94 Brach, Paul H., 319 Bradke, John H., 42, 206 Bradley, Francis J., 272 Bradley, Harold W., 403 Bradley, John C., 163 Bradshaw, Roy E., 42 Bragdon, Elizabeth, 197 Bragg, Beverly D., 42, 372, 380 Brande.nburg, Donna M., 201 Brandt, Duane M., 414 Brandt, June, 371 Brann, Vincent C., 344 Brau, Leo C., 106 Brauch, Alfred V., 42 Brawner, Richard R., 447, 451 Brauer, Richard P., 42, 353 Braverman, Annette D., 205 Braverman, Myles N., 225 Braymen, Kenneth M., 75 Breaw, Lenore J., 42, 189 Breckenridge, Jean L., 455 Brecunier, James G., 229 Bredensteiner, Kay L., 223 Breen, Cecilia, 42, 261 Breen, M., 370 Breen, Raymond F., 102, 163 Bremner, George W., 112, 146 Brendel, Alfred, 136 Brennecke, Edith V., 42, 191, 318 Brotman, Sherwin B., 225 Broulik, William D., 217 Brower , Lester M., 425 Brower, Patricia S., 43 Brown, Brown, Brown, 165 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, 161 Brownl Brubak Alvin R., 269 Arthur E., 75 Benjamin W., 164, Dean K., 169 Dean W., 151 Donald W., 43 Dorothy J., 43, 201 Ellsworth A., 153 Garrett J., 153 Harry W., 348 Jane W., 187 Jean E., 43, 338 Joanne C., 114 Keith L., 425, 427 Mahlon N., 43 Marian E., 43, 195 Norma J., 261 Orson S., 75 Shirley M., 43 VVa1ter R., 102, 160, ee, Shirley J., 162 er, David W., 94 Bruce, Albert W.. 216, 217 Bruce, Mary E., 347 Brunsv eld, Lillian A., 183, 190, 191, 347, 389 Bruch, Norman W., 75 Bruemmer, Rick, 233 Brugge Brunk, r. Wilfred D., 43 David H., 94 Bruntlett, Don E., 227 Brush, Milo O., 223 Burns, Jack W., 451 Burns, James L., 75, 447 Burrell, Barbara S., 199 Burrill, Maybelle M., 203 Burt, Virginia L., 197 Burton, Roberts H., 227 Busby, Dwight L., 95 Busch, Robert A., 418 Bush, Harriett A., 389 Bushwell, H. Arlene, 76, 168 Butler, Bernard L., 76 Butts, Donald W., 148, 149 Butterfield, Glade H., 76, 348 Buxton, Edward B., 43, 231, 359, 360 Buxton, Shirley E., 193 Buzard, William D., 43 Bye, VVilliam E., 425, 427 John R., 164 Byers, Byram, Burns M., 136 Byram, Catherine A., 44 Byrd, Joe H., 95 Byrnes, Claire J., 95, 151 Byrnes, Dorothy M., 44, 380 C Cadle, June, 44, 170 Cadwalader, Ardith W., 207 Cady, Philip D., 44, 418, 421 Cady, John T., 419, 420, Cady, Wayne R., 418 Cagley, Shirley E., 44 Cahill, Owen G., 76 Cahill, William S., 44 Caito, Donald L., 230, 231 Caldwell, Gilbert R., 102 Caldwell, Richard K., 95, 153, 154, 156 Calhoon, George N., 174 Callaghan, John P., 44, 229 421 Brush, Stanley B., 94, 153, 154 Bryan, Arthur E., 43, 160 Bryan, Creighton G., 136 Callahan, Donald E., 44 Calsbeek, Franklin J., 406, 411, 412, 413 176, 177, 256 Blaser, Frank J., 217 Blaskovich, Mary O., 357 Blaul, Joan M., 194, 195, 275 Blaushaie, Marjory, 177 Bleakly, Douglas, 219 Brennecke, Eleanor R., 42, 191 Brenton, Carolyn R., 42, 174 238 Brenton, Frank L., 42 Brenton, William H., 219 Bressler, John D., 42, 210, Bleeker, Doris M., 354 Bleeker, William C., 403 Blietz, John G., 75 Block, Kenneth, 450 Block, William L., 221 Blood, Betty Mae, 75, 189 Bloom, Barbara J., 261, 373 Bloom, Clark C., 330 Bloom, Donald M., 42 241, 323, 324 Brettman, James C., 243 Brewer, William V., 75 Brice, William H., 75 Bridge, Barton C., 138, 139 Bridge, Jane, 139 Bridgeland, Ruth G., 42, 248, Bloomburg, A. Richard, 188, 227, 418, 421 Bloomburg, Shirley M., 114, 255 Bloomquist, Gerald E., 179 Blotky, Marilyn, 205, 250 Bloxon, Barbara J., 143 Blunck, Ralph J., 174 Bock, Howard L., 42 Bockenstedt, Joan A., 357 Boda, Lou C., 403 Bodnar, A., 274 Boege, Donald A., 178, 179 Boehm, John R., 219, 337 Boeke, Lois S., 42 Boekenhoff, Harriet K., 42 Boes, Delores W., 253, 368 Bogue, Richard A., 212, 213 Bohlken, Fern, 356 Boland, Patricia, 392 Bolte, William C., 94, 155 Boltman, James F., 42, 172 Bolton, James R., 102, 163 Bonath, Loren H., 42 Bond, Lon S., 163, 271, 327 Bond, Ralph E., 233, 447 Bonsignor, Anne M., 42, 437 Bottjer, Betty L., 199 Boots, Clifton W., 94 Borck, Ralph W., 42 Bordy, Judith R., 205 Boreman, Joan, 377, 438 Borrett, Howard L., 274 Bosshart, Gerald C., 242, 243 Bosshart, Richard A., 243 Bosveld, Robert J., 112 Bothell, Alfred R., 148 Bothmer, Clyde B., 164 Page 461 334 Bridges, Stanley J., 223 Brierly, Joan F., 42, 318 Briggs, Alice P., 251 Briggs, Eleanor, 248 Briggs, John E., 123 Briggs, Oliver E., 42 Bright, Richard E., 42 Bringle, Jean R., 189, 455 Brinkman, Donald E., 174 Brinkmeyer, Kermit K., 42 Brisben, Jane I., 75, 332 Brisben, Lois I., 75 Bristow, John B., 222, 223, 451, 453 Bristow, Nancy A., 201, 222 Britton, Charles W., 219 Bro, Manville I., 274 Broberg, Harlan VV., 75, 223, 348 Brockman, Carlton F., 74 Brockman, 451 llelvin K., 448, Bryan, Edward J., Jr., 94, 153 - Bryan, Helen B., 43 Bryan, Robert E.. 237 Buchanan, Robert W., 237 Buck, Betty A., 249, 438 Buck, James A., 43 Buckels, James R., 233 Buckles, Robert D.. 43, 136 Buckley, Jane C., 240, 334, 390 ' Bucksbaum, Matthew, 43, 225 Budde, Martha M.. 43 Budelier, Eugene F.. 232. 233 Buelow, Robert D., 75. 353 Buescher. Lawrence M., 174, 230, 231 Bugenstein. Aileen. 205 Buhs, William P.. 128 Bukacek, Richard F., 94, 155, 171 Bullers, Anna M., 249. 269 Bullock, David J., 228, 229, 451 Bump, Wilbur N.. 221 Bunce, John L., 229 Bundt, Lyle D., 148 Bunn, James R., 75, 174 Bunse, Dorothy M., 74, 176, 177, 269. 377 Bunse, Virginia E., 75, 176, 177 Burgchardt, Carl. 451 Burgchardt. Ruth A.. 443 Burgdorf. Theodore C., 43 Burge. Frank. 326. 328. 364 Burger, Richard VV.. 94, 151 Calvert, Jack W., 44 Cammack, Arlene H., 114 Cammack, Clyde, 95, 153 Camp, Frank G., 231 Campbell, Barbara J., 197 Campbell, Bonnie A., 195, 455 Campbell, Donald K., 138 Campbell, Leonard, 76 Campbell, Marjorie G., 199, 298, 299, 332, 455 Campbell, Suzanne, 187 Campbell, Whitney R., 95, 303 Campbell, William E., 44 Canedy, Ann M., 44, 182, 191, 390, 404, 438 Canedy, Margaret B., 191 Cannon, Roy B., 233 Cantelupe, Eugene B., 274 Capel,, 44, 184, 185 Capen, Charlotte M., 201 Caplan, Joel, 44 Capp, W., 447 Capper, James L., 44 Carleton, Colleen P., 189 Carlson, Beverly, 232 Carlson, Donald R., 106 Carlson, Frederic A., 243 Carlson, Franklin H., 106 Carlson, Jack W., 237, 324 Carlson, Raymond, 76, 215, 401, 403 A Carlson, Roger R., 215 Carman, Kenneth W., 342 Carmichael, Mary A., 207 Carmichael, Robert L., 95, Brockway, Arlington F., 75 Brockway, Dave L., 42, 418, 421 Broders, Forrest M., 43, 306 Broderick, Jack L., 42, 162 Broderick, Keith, 272, 273, 451 Brodrick, Peggy, 43, 185 Brody, Renee, 205 Brogan, Maude E., 261 Brom, Hubert B., 354 Brooke, Thomas C., 235, 323 Brooks, Bob, 306 Brooks, Dorothy E., 249 Brooks, Edward J., 173 Brooks, William D., 75, 174 Burger, William L.. 75 Burgett, Kenneth G., 214 Burgoy ne. Donald L., 43 Burham. William A.. 140 Burke, Burke, Bettye L., 437 Gerald E., 233 Burke, James H., 43 Burke, Joseph L., 146. 147 Burke, Thomas A., 239 Burke Thomas J. 75 Burkej winiam Ff. 239 Burke. William W., 43, 169 Burkhalter. Burton K., 94 Burman, Keith R.. 215 Burney, Thomas G., 123 120, 129, 155 Carney, A., 44, 167. 216 Carney, Melvin V., 167, 233 Carpenter, Fred E., 186 Carpenter, Jack S., 227 Carpenter, Jerrell D., 102, 163, 271 Carpentier, Gregoir D., 44 Carpentier, Robert D., 44 Carper, Elizabeth L., 250 Charles F., 169 Carroll, Carroll, Edward T., 76 Carroll, Helen L., 44, 220, 436, 438, 439 Brotman, Marilyn E., 43, 205 Burney, William A., 43, 235 Burns, Carl R., 297 Carroll, John B., 239 Carson, Kirk, 3 80 l Carroll, John R., 102, 163, 270, 271 Carroll, Josiah F., 76, 357 Carroll, M., 201 Carroll, Joe, 239 Carson, Diane, 195, 228 Carson, Earl W., 95, 129, 152, 155, 303 Christian, J. Boyd, 227 Church, Richard J., 223 Cilek, Joseph F., 228, 229 Cimprich, Willmer G., 237 Cirks, Irvin L., 303 Cisar, Angela A., 76 Claassen, John J., 95 Clancy, Gerald M., 95, 156 Clappison, Gordon B., 142, 143 Carson, Leonard, 95, 153, 154 Carson, Norman M., 354, 361 Casey, Mildred L., 176 Carstensen, David N., 22-3 Carter, Brian R., 95, 303 Carter, Frank M., 44 Carter, Carter, Howard R., 138 William D., 136 Cartwright, Susan E., 199 Carty, Arthur E., 76, 235 Cary, Robert H., 239, 451 Casa, Frank J., 318 Casady, Donald R., 180, 450 Casady, Huetta M., 44 Casey, Jan, 261 Casey, John R., 221 Casey, Neal, 220, 221 Casey, Paul F., 76 Cashman, James P., 102, 164 Caspers, Dale W., 44 Cassady, Edward M., 239 Cassaidy, Esmond U., 76, 174, 348 Cassill, Herbert C., 318 Castle, Mary T., 44, 441 Castle, Ruth A., 205 Castleman, Esther R., 122, 205 Cathcart, Earl N., 174, 237, 428 Catron, Russell K., 44 Caudill, George G., 142 Cavanagh, Paul F., 76 Cavanaugh, Richard C., 272 Cavarretta, Francis J., 44 Cawelti, Donald D., 451 Cederstrom, Marion, 76, 176 Center, E., 135 Cepikoff, Louis I., 44, 225 Chadima, Donald B., 215 Chadima, Alyce M., 195 Chadima, Richard W., 171, Clark, A delbert T., 140, 141 Clark, David M., 213 Clark, Frederick G., 102, 218, 219 . Clark, George H., 221, 361, 437 Clark, Gertrude M., 437 Clark, Clark, Clark, Marjorie A., 45 Robert J., 45, 241 Henry F., 309, 310 Clarke, James W., 76, 266 Clarke, Merle, 266 Clausen, Pauline D., 197 Clauss, Arthur F., 76, 174 Clayton, Ben C., 343 Clearman, Sally B., 201 Cleary, Betty J., 404 Cleary, Mary K., 189 Clem, Robert G., 76 Clemens, Albert L., 142 Clifton, Robert L., 414 Cline, Chester L., 76, 178, 179 Clithero, Thomas W., 239, 324 Closen, Betty L., 114, 254 Coats, Robert L., 95, 151, 156 Coats, Ronald R., 213 Cocayne, Cochran Robert W., 95 , James P., 324, 380 Cochran, Lyle L., 45 Cochran Cochran Cochran , Margaret A., 45, 197 , Walter R., 354 , William E., 174, 223, 354 Cochrane, Everett, 414 Coder, Douglas L., '95 Coffey, R., 343 Coffin, Elizabeth, 144, 260 Coffman, Robert D., 238, 239 Coffman, James W., 238, 239 Cohen, Deborah G., 344, 352 Conrad, Robert W., 102 Conwell, Jean P., 114, 131 Coobs, Dorothy W., 114 Coobs, Melvin E., 95, 129, 152, 155 Cook, Julius E., 108, 140, 452 Cook, Keith L., 76, 219 Cook, Laura J., 144 Cooley, Marthabelle, 45, 168, 455 Coon, J. Stuart, 76 Coon, VVendell E., 235 Coontz, Harvey, 243, 326 Cooper, James H., 269 Cooper, John G., 76 Cope, Norma M., 186, 187 Copeland, Jack A., 173, 425, 427 Copeland, Lawrence G., 76, 218, 219 Copeland, Urith A., 380 Copeland, Walter R., 179, 450 Coppock, Max L., 95, 153, 154 Cords, Mary C., 201, 327, 341 Corkel, Charlene, 247 Corley, Susan T., 195, 238 Cornell, Corwin D., 308 Cornick, Richard W., 223, 348, 447 Cornwall, Jahn L., 228, 229 Cornwall, Margaret M., 201, 228, 323, 438 Corwin, Betty M., 355 Corwin, Robert D., 243 Corzatt, Claude L., 76, 174 Cosgriff, Robert P., 237 Costas, Helen P., 76, 176, 207, 389 Costas, Michael J., 233 Cote, Paul D., 76 Cotter, James B., 95, 132, 151, 156, 258 Cotton, Angus L., 76 Coulter, Chan L., 227, 451 Coulter, Forrest A., 76 Coupland, David G., 76, 380 Courtney, Darrel D., 153 Cousin, Richard L., 76 Covert, Carolyn I., 199 Cowperthwaite, Lowery, 308 Cronk, Dale H., 106 Croot, Darrell J., 343, 389 Cross, James W., 112, 146, 431 Crum, Robert R., 227 Crumley, Letty J., 45 Crumley, Robert F., 77, 322 Cruse, John E., 45 Cryder, Michel H., 77 Crystal, Emanuel, 77, 225 Cubert, Murray, 77, 369 Cudworth, Charles N., 211, 213 Culhane, James L., 453 Cummings, Dwain, 212, 213 Cummings, William R., 173 Cunningham, Robert P., 45, 276 Cupp, William L., 45, 361 Cuppini, Joe A., 77 Curl, Don R., 77, 213 Curley, Bertha, 226 Currell, Charles R., 45 Curtis, Robert D., 229, 324 Curtis, Sidney E., 163 Cusack, Jack J., 235 Cutler, Henry, 225 Cutler, Richard L., 217 ID Daasch, Robert W., 77, 219, 174 Dade, Richard C., 45 Dahl, Mary F., 45, 187, 323 Dahl, Robert A., 419, 421, 420 Dahlberg, Barbara A., 207 Dahlin, Robert K., 95, 129, 155, 428 Dailey, Mary T., 199 Daine, John M., 221 Daine, William D., 221 Daisley, David N., 238, 239 Daisley, Edwin T., 239 Dakin, Bob, 234 Dakin, D., 454 Dakovich, Milton J., 45, 128 Daley, Gerald A., 77 Dallen, Dalton, John B., 46, 140 Richard E., 77, 179 Daly, John B., 371 Dancer Dandos, , Jo Ann, 195 Phillip S., 123 210, 213 P Chado, Richard, 414 Chalpusky, Merle J., 155, 243 Chalupsky, Paul A., 153, 154 Chamberlain, Harlan B., 76 Chan, Betty F. Y., 114 Chaney, George K., 167, 237 Chantry, William A., 95, 155 Chapman, Chic, 138 Chapman, Gordon M., 428 Chapman, Maxine L., 44, 371, 261, 436, 437 Chapman, Rosemary, 114, 252 Chappell, Roger L., 298 Charles, Robert J., 212, 213 Charlson, Blanche C., 45 Charlton, Craig F., 239 Charlton, William S., 228, 229, 309, 310, 327, 450 Chase, Eugene, 76 Cohen, Fritz G., 45 Cohen, Miriam J., 45 Cohen, Theodore, 225 Cohn, O., 343 Cohoe, Dan P., 418, 421 Cohrs, Robert D., 239, 403 Colbe Colbo 455 rt, Clayton J., 403, 406 rnson, Doris E., 250, Colby, Clark A., 214, 215 Colby, Janis O., 45 Coldren, Cornelia M., 45, 259 Cole, Chester A., 418 Cole, Keith E., 241 Cole, L., 148 Cole, Norma J., 45 Cole, Susan L., 191, 438 Coleman, Coleberg, Jacobson, 120 Rollie, 231 Coleman, Richard P., 326 Coleman, Gordon R., 95, 156 Cox, Darrell J., 95 Cox, Merlin J., 77, 179 Cox, Ollie H., 169 Cox, Robert R., 77 Coyne, Ronald J., 232, 233 Cozad, James C., 394, 399, 402, 403 Cozzi, Stanley A., 228, 229 Crabb, Dayrle N., 108, 140 Crabb, Ian H., 45, 210, 226, 227, 418, 421 Crabbs, Robert O., 136 Crain, Robert W., 95 Crain, William B., 428 Cramblit, Joan, 198, 199 Crane, Crane, 351, Crane Crane Benjamin F., 328 Charles T., 153, 343, 449 , Charles W., 215 Donald, 77 Crassweller, James B., 237 Daneke, Robert H., 77, 167, 215 Daniels, Gerald R., 344 Robert K., 447 Daniels, Danielson, Dorothy M., 199 Dannacher, Willard M., 77 Dannenbring, Forrest G., 108, 136, 452 Danner, Helen E., 46 Danner, Marilyn R., 114 Dannes, H., 347 ' Dare, George W., 77 Darkins, Charles J., 46, 171 Darland, Wayne T., 77 Darley, Frederic L., 354 Darling, Frederick W., 239, 414 Darnauer, Lyle R., 46 Daub, Robert, 403 Davenport, Gwenllyn J., 260 Davidson, Donald K., 243 Checchio, Mauro A., 76 Chehak, Sheryl L., 198, 199, 251 Cherhavy, Irene E., 256 Cherniss, Edward I., 142 Chipman, JoAnn, 192, 193 Chisman, Duane W., 174 Chittenden, Harold E., 241 Choitz, Harold C., 353 Chopek, Carol A., 187, 323 Christen, Marie C., 45 Coleman, Virginia M., 45 Collier, James B., 102, 162 Collins, Alfred P., 144 Florence M., 249 Collins, Collins, John J., 163 Thomas M., 237 Collins, Collison, Marilyn J., 251 Colville, Richard R., 268 Combs, Suzanne, 187 Comfort, Frank B., 45, 162, 239 Comstock, John T., 102, 453 Condon, Marilyn R., 45, 124 Cone, Jeanne P., 76, 182, 193 Conn, George R., 227, 327 Christensen, Beverly, 335 Christensen John P., 148, 444 Christensen, Jeanne M., 44, 197 Christensen, Lee L., 265 Christensen, Oreson H., 76, 179 Christensen, Raymo.nd C., 45, 136 Christenson, Beverly M., 45, 260, 332 Christenson, Richard, 447 Connell, Charles J., 76, 227 Connell, James F., 45, 221 Conner, James R., 123 Conner, John F., 45 Conner, John T., 45 Conner, Robert G., 219 Connor, Conrad, Conrad, William E., 140 James E., 223 Paul J., 223, 374 Craven, George J., 215, 351 Crawford, Adrian, 160 Crawford, Dean A., 45, 192, 237, 343, 389 Crawford, John A., 174 Cray, Glenn F., Jr., 77, 167, 237, 300, 301 Crayne, Rex G., 45, 215, 326, 451 Creamer, Mary E., 77, 176, 177, 389 Creel, James A., 221 Cremer, S., 455 Crewse, Eleanor J., 45 Criss, John H., 45, 229 Cristoph, R., 180 Crivaro, John P., 123 Croissant, Welton A., 132, 151, 324 Croker, Mary, 144 Crom, Philip S., 45, 219 Cronbagh, Georgia C., 255, 275 Crone, Robert G., 361 Davie, John F., 77 Davis, Dean F., 324, 342, 451 Davis, Dorothy D., 249 Davis, Gerald D., 46 Davis, Gwendolyn M., 438 Davis, John A., 375 Davis, Joseph P., 95 Davis, Max S., 274, 276, 451 Davis, Robert L., 237 Davis, Royce E., 46, 172 Davis, William G., 77, .226, 227 Davis William S. 348 Davison, Robert C., 348 Davisson, Leslie H., 77 Dawkins, Jack H., 448 Dawkma, D., 450 Dawson, Martha J., 46, 261 Dawson, Ursula J., 199, 234, 341, 438 Day, Marjory L., 207 Daykin, Robert W., 235 Dean, Lucille R., 121, 182, 206, 207, 340, 389 Page 462 Dearborn, Frederick M., 106 Dearmount, Richard E., Jr., 46 De Ayala, Gallisa J., 46, 338 Debban, Harold D., 46, 237 DeBrito, Antonio J., 274, 275 Dechert, Mable A., 256 Decker, Lindsey, 318 De Cou, Audrey E., 46, 168, 200 Dedrick, Donald S., 46, 169 DeHart, William D., 46 De Haven, Clark G., 95, 155 Deihl, Everett B., 77, 174 Deitchler, Lee H., 265 DeJong, Henry, 145, 146 Demb, Goldie, 46 Dembo, George M., 46, 344 Dempsky, Clare.nce J., 95, 132, 151, 155 Denigan, Robert E., 318 Dennis, Arthur, 95, 132 Dennis, Jane C., 46, 195, 373 Denton, Jean E., 46 Depew, Robert J., 276 DePrenger, Herbert L., 46, 243 DeProspero, David R., 221 Derderian, John S., 153 DeReus, Elizabeth A., 197 De Ruyter, David, 46, 238 DeRuyter, Tad, 238 DeRyke, Jacob J., 342 Desmarais, Roger H., 46, 172 Detlefs, Dale R., 164 Detrick, M., 197 Deuben, Marilyn V., 46, 193 Deul, Milo W., 106 Devens, Charles E., 77 Devereaux, Joan M., 46, 201 DeVilbiss, Jean M., 250 DeVilbiss, Patricia, 158, 191, 455 Devine, A., 219 DeVine, Claire E., 77 Devine, John A., 272 Dewey, L., 339 Dewitt, Mary E., 203 Dice, Richard A., 174, 212, 213, 302, 309, 323, 324 Dickens, James H., 140 Dickey, Dorothy A., 46 Dickey, Robert B., 227, 244 Dickinson, Robert G., 221 Dickison, Virginia A., 170 Dickson, David I., 403 Dickson, Richard A., 382 Diddy, Killeen A., 203, 298, 299 Diedrich, Madelyn M., 77, 176 Diehl, Robert H., 160, 161, 270, 271 Diekmann, Edward F., 213, 309, 310 Dierks, Douglas F., 227 Dierks, Valorie J., 46, 121, 322, 323, 340 Dietz, Donna M., 114, 254 Dietz, Larue, 114 Dietz, Pauline G., 256, 257 Digges, Reid W., 309, 310 Dille, Glenn S., 406, 407 Dillinger, Daniel F., 95, 322, 361 Dillon, Patrica J., 193, 332 DiMarco, Alfonso, 394, 396, 403 Di Marco, Mitzi, 176, 177 Dimich, Violet, 261 Dinning, Steven J., 77, 302 Dinzole, John W., 123, 227 Dippo, Frank H., 451 Dircks, Durwood W., 243 Distler, Samuel W., 46, 237 Dittmer, Arthur G., 148 Dittmer, John D., 235, 393, 395, 398, 403 Divine Laurence A., 303 Doan, James C., 235 Doan, Larry E., 235 Dobson, Donna M., 176, 455 Dodd, Charles E., 227 Dodd, Wanda, 199 Dodds, Dolores A., 189 Doden, Herbert F., 106, 213 Page 463 Dodge, Barbara F., 200, 201, 298 Dodge, Dorothy A., 144 Doeble, Charles B., 237 Doemland, Marion E., 46 Dohnalek, Donald W., 108, 140, 452 Dohrer, Evelyn L., 114 Dolan, Carroll M., 108, 140 Dolan, Kenneth D., 447 Dommermuth, Bill, 188 Donache, James R., 46, 267 Donahey, James, 233 Donahue, James C., 108, 135, 138, 272 Donahue, Richard J., 46 Donnelson, Marjorie, 247, 318 Donnelson, Viola M., 46 Dooley, David J., 272 Dooley, John W., 169 Doolittle, Elizabeth, 203, 389 Doornink, Alma J., 203, 212, 375 Doran, Arthur D., 241 Doran, Betty, 139 Doran, John R., 138, 139 Doran, Ralph N., 234, 393 Dorn, Shirley A., 185 Dorn, Dan C., 236, 237 Dorn, Norma J., 189, 332 Dorosin, A. Norman, 140 Dorosin, Leon A., 46 Dorsey, Thomas B., 46, 140, 216, 217 Dose, Donald B., 108, 140, 452 Dotson, Carl L., 154 Dotson, Robert D., 78, 227 Doty, Hugh, 275 Doudna, Donald M., 106 Dougherty, James F., 46, 163 Douglas, William J., 102, 160, 161 Dow, James, 229 Dowell, Douglas C., 95, 132, 151, 155 Downs, Margaret J., 171, 191 Doxee, George C., 143 Doyle, Clair, 46, 265 Doyle, Doris A., 46. 201 Doyle, Elizabeth, 389 Doyle, Henry E., 78 Doyle, James H., 95 Doyle, James J., 153, 235 Doyle, Mary M., 187 Drahn, Glenn J., 403, 404 Draves, Duane L., 418 Drealsprail, H., 138 Drebs, Raymond G., 148 Drees, Helen A., 47 Drees, Charles J., 357 Driscoll, Larry N., 47 Drollinger, Ralph L., 351 Drown, Hugh A., 47, 446, 448, 450 Drown, Margaret L., 47 DuBois, James S., 78, 222, 223 DuBois, Marilyn, 187 Du Bois, William M.. 217 Ducharme, John E., 227 Duecker, Hollis W.. 217 Duhm, Elwin A., 47 Duke, Calvin P., 231 Duke, Ralph W., 169 Dull, Max J., 47, 272 Duman, LuAnn, 198, 199 Dumbauld, James B., 239 Duncan, Richard L., 217 Dunkin, Robert F., 47, 217, 451 Dunlap, Mary F., 47, 340 Dunlap, Richard J., 160 Dunley, James E., 233, 337, 451 Dunn, Leon J., 95 Dunn, Patrica M., 185 Dunseth, Ward R., 108, 136 Dunshee, Barbara M., 193 Durham, John H., 374 Durham, L., 203, 319, 335 Duros, Mary A., 355 Durr, Jacqueline, A., 47 Durst, Sarah A., 220, 249 Duthie, Richard E., 160 Dutts, Don, 149 Duven, Donald, 47 Dye, Elizabeth D., 185 Dyke, Lester M., 239 Dykema, George R., 78, 174 Dykstra, Henrietta, 47, 187 IE Eaton, Kenneth L., 78, 215 Eaton, Mary E., 203 Ebert, Daryl W., 47 Eble, Kenneth E., 120 Eccles, Guy E., Jr., 47, 167 Eckburg, Betty J., 114 Eckhardt, Edward S., 47 Eads, William R., 123, 338 Eaton, Alice, 259 Early, R., 261 Easley, Kenneth E., 78, 174 Eastman, 169 Raymond M., 47, Easton, James G., 237 Eckhardt,, Walter A., 453 Eckhoff, Dorree, 47 Eckoff, Harry J., 446, 448, 454 Ecklund, Norma I., 333 Eckstein, John W., 140 Eden, Donald F., 180, 243 Edge, John G., 78 Edgell, W., 171 Edgren, Marjorie, 144 Edis, Thelma, 339 Edlen, R., 78 Edmonds, J., 369 Edmondson, Wilma R., 189 Edvenson, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Gaylord M., 142 Cleo F., 179 Clinton R., 78 Donald A., 221, 327 Dwight W., 351 Evelyn J., 382 Edwards, Georgianna, 187, 309, 310, 332, 334 Edwards, Harold L., 145, 148 Edwards, John R., 243 Edwards, Paul E., 277, 278 Egenes, Sonja L., 347 Egerer, Marian F., 78 Egerston, Jack M., 223 Eggers, Leon A., 78 Eggleston, Donald W., 216, 217 Eggleston, Suzanne, 168, 251, 300 Ehlke, Betty Lou, 47, 299 Ehmke, Bruce C., 108, 140 Ehret, Zona G., 47, 260 Ehrich, Glen G., 221 Ehrle, Roy W., 47, 262 Eichacker, Otto J., 78, 241 Eichbach, Phyllis J., 203, 244 Eisler, Charles R., 135, 140 Eisler, Gloria J., 204, 205 Elder, Julia, K., 47, 170, 201 Elder, Max Q., 47, 169 Eldred, Anne C., 185 Elgart, Elliott J., 318 Elgin, Joan R., 191, 332, 335 Ellingson, Charles H., 343 Elliott, Genevieve, 47, 197 Elliott, John R., 309, 337 Elliott, Revelrie R., 197 Ellis, Frances J., 47 Ellis, John G., 217, 450 Ellis, Murray P., 171 Ellis Pauline L., 47 Elman, Shirley R., 124, 297, 304, 352 Elsberry, Richard D., 47 Ely, Harry D., 47, 167 Emanuel, Lois M., 158, 248 Emde, David D., 48 Emery, Lewis R., 235 Emmel, Delmar C., 78 Emmert, Richard E., 123 Emmo.ns, Margaret R., 108, 134, 144 Emmons, Richard O., 108, 134 Emrich. Harrison A., 48, 380 Engel, Wallace C., 274, 448 Engelbert, Jacqueline, 185, 337 Engelbrecht, Elaine E., 207 Engels, Frank J., 213 Engel, Wallace C., 450 Englund, John W., 213 Enriquez, Lourdes J., 255 Enyart, Jon F., 189 Epperhart, John G., 78, 227 Epstein, Arthur R., 225 Erdenberger, Richard, 425 Erickso.n, E. Dale, 48, 120, 180, 210, 231 Erickson, Evelyn O., 347, 354, 356 Erickson, Maxine J., 202, 203, 332, 333 Ernst, Barbara, 202, 203 Ervin, Robert H., 146, 147 Eschen, Harold M., 269 Essex, Edwin L., 48, 300, 318 Estes, Betty Jo, 249 Eulberg, Francis X., 78 Evans, Alva A., 95, 156, 171, 389 Evans, Frederick M., 132, 155 Evans, Jo Ann, 78, 176, 177, 371 Evans, John E., 78, 215 Evans, Robert, 151 Evans, Rae A., 78 Evans, W., 173 Eve.nson, Wayne R., 221 Everett, Len G., 318, 324, 327, 380, 389 Everett, Peter W., 180 Eversman, James J., 180 Ewen, Warren G., 95 Ewers, Ann, 203 Eyres, Frederick G., 48, 333 P Fahrenkrog, Donald H., 174 Fahrner, Betty A., 187 Fahrner, Jack M., 48, 171, 232, 233, 324, 348 Faigen, Zan D., 225 Falb, Georgana M., 48, 261, 262, 323 Faldet, Burton W., 274, 275, 275, 324, 325 Falk, Clara A., 205, 390 Falk, Helen B., 205, 436,, 437, Falk, Mary J., 48, 171, 248, 328 . Falkenhainer, Clarence P., 106, 451 Falkenhainer, Diane, 197 Fall, Jane E., 207 Fallon, Roger, J., 78 Fant, Flo, 185 Fanter, Marilyn J., 48, 187 Farley, Robert L., 233 Farmer, Thurston P., 48 Farr, Irving M., 447 Farrell, Rosemary F., 48, 195 Farrington, James M., 229 Farrow, Wendall M., 48 Faske, Jerold I., 393, 395, 398, 400, 403 Fatland, John L., 108, 138 Fouts, Joy, 195 Feagin, Lawrence E., 157 Feat, D., 171 ' Feaver, M., 437 Feay, Darrell, 309, 343, 380, 389 Feblowitz, Gerald S., 274, 343 Feeney, Robert F., 48 Fehling, Fred L., 128 Feldman, Ronald, 274 Fell, Margaret E., 355 Fellows, Charles D., 453 Felter, Margaret E., 192, 193, 421 Fenchel, Bruce D., 146 Fencil, James D., 78, 353 Fencil, V., 353 Fenton, Anne E., 199 Fenton, Marilyn E., 48, 170, 199 Ferber, Bob D., 123 Ferber, LeRoy G., 123 ' 164 Feree, D., Ferguson, Claire, 48, 166 Ferguson, Julia J., 48, 182, 202, 203, 247 Ferguson, Marion L., 48 Ferguson, P., 140, 452 Ferris, Patrica J., 195 Fett, Gordon F., 142 Fickel, Ervin L., 78 Fickel, Jack D., 108 Fickes,'Caroline M., 48 Fields, Joseph F., 361 Fields, Leo, 274, 275, 450 Fields, R., 361 Fieseler, John P., 48, 215 Fieseler, Walter F., 162 Fifield, Harvey C., 452 Figge, Erwin E., 324 Filhart, W., 359 Fille.nWorth, K., 160, 370 Filos-Diaz, Luis C., 48 Fincher, Lois E., 318 Fine, Judell, 205 Finders, Kenneth E., 153 Finders, Lois J., 199 Finerty, Logan G., 95, 154 Finkbine, Sally M., 195, 455 Finkelstein, Phyllis E., 48, 261 Finley, Roger M., 406, 410, Foster, Jack G., 174, 241 Foster, John I., 78 Foster, Margaret L., 122, 332, 335 Foster, Mary J., 335, 389 Foster, Melvon L., 237 Foster, Rex B., 146 Foulke, Stuart, 145 Fountain, G., 455 Fountaine, Richard, 343 Fox, E., 361 Gallowa Gambon Gannon, y, Robert D., 271 y, Frank' A., 274 James, 49, 266 Gantz, Joseph M., 102, 164 Gaoghagan, Ray F., 241 Garber, Gardner Ruth A., 49, 256 , Allegra, 158 Gardner, F. Wm., 49 Gardner Gardner , Jack K., 227 Victor H., 136 Garnatz, Neil K., 123, 343 Ginzel, Roland F., 318 Giraldi, Dolores A., 50, 168 Girard, Delmar W., 211, 223 Glade, Fred H., 148 Glancy, Fletcher H., Jr., 96, 153 Glasgow, Bruce R., 79 Glasgow, Keith A., 302 Glasman, John T., 219 Glass, Jeannie M., 50 Glass, Sandra, 205 413 Finn, Richard, 169 Fippinger, Arthur W., 351 Fippinger, Constance, 351 Firnhaber, Oscar E., 353 Firnhaber, V., 353 Fishbaugh, Herald R., 231, 450 Fishbaugh, Jac L., 203 Fisher, Glennys A., 48 Fisher, James C., 78, 179 Fisher, Jane A., 144, 382 Fisher Joan R., 183, 189 Fisher, Laura A., 168, 298 Fisher, Mary R., 207, 216, 367 Fisher, Neil B., 151 Fisher, Robert E., 221, 309, Fisk, Charlotte K., 187, 346 Fitch, Jaclyn J., 78, 121, 182, 194, 195, 332 Fitch, Robert B., 392 Fitzgerald, Jacqueline, 365 Fitzgerald, Thomas B., 213 Fitzgibbons, C. Francis, 102 Flagg, George E., 102, 243 Flanders, Bernard L., 377 Flanders, Everette A., 48 Flaskerud, Russell E., 48 Flattau, Walter, 95 Flech, Wilma K., 48, 247 Fleege, Francis J., 112 Fleege, Robert P., 112 Fleischer, F., 454 Fleischey, Eugene B., 376 Fleishman, Ann L., 375 Fleming, Ellsworth I., 48 Fleming, Paul J., 155 Fleming, Shirley M., 355 Fletcher, John G., 42, 223, 309 Flick, George C., 153, 241, 303 Flieder, Donald E., 146, 147 Flindt, Gretchen, 201, 299, 438 Flodin, Carolyn A., 199 Flood, B. Barbara., 48, 194, Fox, Patricia M., 49, 182, 197 France, Floyd K., 79 France, Nancy C., 340 Fra.nk, Robert H., 49, 171 Frank, Terrie M., 201 Franke, Dorothy E., 49, 309 Franson, Doris A., 207 Franson, F., 168 Frantz, Thomas E., 219 Fraser, Robert H., 163, 275 Fraseur, Joan E., 203, 332, 333, 373 Frazier, Rosemary, 49, 244 Frederick, Ray F., 49 Fredericks, Charles D., 146, Fredericks, Gene W., 338 Fredricks, Emilie J., 201 Fredericksen, James, 214, 215 Frederickson, Dean L., 79 Frederickson, Robert K., 79, 174 Freeman, Robert E., 406 Freerksen, Floyd, 231 Freese, William, 49 Freismeirer, Robert C., 414 Freitag, Walter H., 153, 227 French, Bayard T., 140, 141 Frenchick, Robert J., 79 Freshour, Wayne J., 223, 414 Frevert, John H., 146 Frey, Merle E., 359 Freyder, Joan M., 193 Fried, Orville D., 225 Friedeberg, Vera, 205, 300, 304 Friedman, Barbara J., 205, 303, 375 Friedman, Wilbur S., 225, 310 Friedrichsen, Lucille, 207 Friend, James A., 49, 343 Friend, James R., 223, 324, 450 Frink, Lynn E., 49, 140 Frish, Dean E., 146 Fritchen, Dean H., 215 Fritz, Lolita R., 49 Frohardt, VVesley F., 360, 451 Frost, Alan H., 382 Frost, Lois M., 191 Frost, Richard L., 79 Frohwein, Joan E., 203 Frozee, B., 277 Fry Charles H., 226, 227 Fry, Martha J., 195, 228, 455 Fryauf, Donald F., 400, 402, 403 Fryer, Laird F., 223 Garretson, Charles O., 49, 162 Garretson, Keith H., 49 Garrett, Dean, 431 Garrett, Eugene Irwin, Jr., 49, 227 Garrett, Priscilla, 49, 168, 200, 201 Garst, Edwin, 235, 418 Gassman, Leon W., 49, 164 Gassan, Carolyn, 318 Garten, William B., 239 Gartzke, Dorothy Joan, 49 Gartzke, Paul C., 49 Garver, Carl, 419, 420, 421 Gaston, Richard, 232, 233 Gates, Marilyn, 250 Gatzke, Larence, 153 Gavronsky, Jean, 49, 121, 205, 332 Gebers, John William, 79 Gehring, Elaine, 49, 371, 436, 437 Gehrke, Lucretia, 157, 158, 122, 203 Geigel, Robert F., 49, 403 Geiger, Richard, 148, 149 Geiger, Robert C., 149 Geiselman, Roy J., 241, 357, Glarrly, Joseph L., 233 Glaza, Gerard J., 102 Glaza, John R., 211, 229 Gleaso.n, Malcolm F., 79 Glendening, Phyllis J., 50, 201, 323, 325, 329 Glendinning, Elizabeth C., 198, 199 Glenn, Gene W., 268, 342, 350 Glennie, Donald M., 50 367 Gelatt, Rod G., 274, 275 Genske, Grant Herman, 79 George, Bill, 241 George, CMaryJ Justine, 49 George, Wilfred, 153, 303 Gerard, Howard L., 353 Gerard, Stephen C., 50 Gerdes, Carl E., 79 Gerdes, Richard, 229, 301 Germansky, Eunice S., 205 Gerwig, Donald Leo, 50 Gessner, Ira H., 225 Getchell , Marshall F., 50 Getty, Gene L., 223, 414 Glick, Isobel F., 50 Glise, Roy C., 108, 138 Glomp, Margaret E., 189 Glotfelty, Clarence A., 211, 216, 217, 389 Goddard, Morris E., 79, 174 Gode, Orin J., 96, 155 Goetz, Carl J., 217 Gold, Harold, 167, 418 Goldberg, Helen T., 352 Goldberg, Sidney J., 79, 430, 431 Golden, Martin P., 96, 154, 155 Goldman, Jerome, 50, 225 Goldstein, Morton S., 109 Goltman, Sue M., 189 Goltz, Wayne H., 79, 167 Gonder, Maurice J., 109, 138 Gonzales, Richard F., 174 Good, Henry K., 164, 342 Good, J., 342 Good, T., 342 Goode, Robert B., Jr., 215 Goodell, John E., 234, 235 Goodland, Fayette P., 219 Goodman, Cecil L., 96, 129, 155, 156 Goodman, Eugenia B., 50 Goodman, Gene E., 185 Goodman, M., 455 Goodner, Margaret J., 202, Fulton Frymire, Joyce E., 207 Fukey, Harlan F., 79 Fuller, Lyle R., 49 Fuller, Margaret G., 191 Fulton, Burt J., 49 John R. 297 Geuder, William W., 79 Ghrist, Tom D., 215 Giarrantano, Nino T., 79 Gibb, William John, 79, 179 Giblin, Virginia C., 50 Gibson, Richard C., 229 Gibson, Frank E., 79 Gibson, James F., 96, 154 Gierke, Glen Ervin, 79, 215 Giernot, Bruno B., 50 Giese, William A., 96 Gilbert, Beunita J., 114 Gilbert, Gerald A., 79 Gildea, Dorothy J., 108, 144 Gill, Dorothy E., 50 Gill, Robert Charles, 50 Gillespie, Robert S., 169 Gillet, Roy G., 142 Gillett, Frank A., 102 Gillett, John M., 140 203, 239 Goodnow, Margaret A., 189, 332 Goodwin, James Patrick, 50, 337, 348 Goranson, Donald L., 102, 162, 235 Gordin, George, Jr., 50 Gordon, Carolyn A., 195 Gordon, Ethel, 50, 205, 224 Gordon, Jack D., 201, 332, 334, 340 Gordon, Lawrence I., 225 Gordon, Milton, 225, 343,, 450 Gore, Blinzy L., 173 Gore, M alcolm Austin, 50 Gorman, John E., 50, 218, 195 Flood, Elmer M., 49, 210, 228, 229, 322, 344 Flores, Daniel T., 451 Floyd, Hazel C., 347 Flynn, Abigail P., 248 Flynn, Gordon A., 136 Flynn, John T., 230 Flynn, William J., 78 Fockt H. 332 Fogg,,Robert H., 274 Foley, Jo Ann, 48, 183, 200, 201 Foley, John B., 102, 162 Folsom, Richard D., 148 Forbes, Forrest S., 449 Ford, Howard S., 78, 218. 219 Ford, Robert E., 211, 235, 323, 325 Forde, L., 353 Forsyth, Gordon J., 213 Forsythe, Dorothy, 144 Forsythe, Frank E., 142 Fortune, Patrica A., 49, 194, 195 Fosse, Howard O., 243 Foster, Derrold M., 241 Foster, Doris, 212 Fumballi, Orazio, 319 Funck, Walter G., 79 Funk, Susan, 201. 328 Funke, Lavonne J., 49 G Gabel, Earl B., 79 Gabelman, James S., 237, 418, 421 A Gadbois, Robert W., 49 Gaekle, George W., Jr., 49 Gaffey, William L., 49, 191 Gaffney, James H., 79, 174, Gillett, Luther H., 50 Gillette, Bert Richard, 79 Gilliam, Wayne V., 50 Gillham, Terry, 442 Gillham, Zella Marie. 50 Gilmore, Agnes M., 50 Gilmore Erwin L., 50, 169 219, 169 Gorsch, Rawson E., 50 Gossard, Donald W., 217 Gossmann, Leon, 165 Gottsch, Joe C., 138, 139 Gough, Donald E., 239 Gould, Norris S., 214, 215 Gow, Donna J., 197, 332, 389 Gower, Helen Louise, 50, 262, 333 Graber, Virgil R., 109 231, 324 Galbraith, Judith A., 255 Gallagher, Jean S., 49, 121 199, 182, 271, 322, 344 Gallagher, John F., 102 Gallagher, Robert, 153 Gallup, VVesley J., 96, 151 Gilmer, Robert L., 227 Gilson, Anne S., 198, 199, 249, 332 Giltner, Joh.n M., 235 Gingerich, E. Kenneth, 70, 300 Ginsberg, Louis I., 399, 402, 403 Ginsberg, Phyllis M., 205, 298, 332 Ginter, Barbara, 50, 247, 251, 455 Gintz, Louis Philip, 50 Ginzel, Ellen G., 318 Gradinger, Elaine S., 205 Grady, Alfred Dean, 50 Grady, Patricia J., 250 Graham, A., 438 Graham, Budd R., 79 Graham, James D., 227 Graham 223 , Robert c., 79, 162, Graham, Robert J., 227 Grahl, Charles P., 450 Grahl Phil 235 Gharl, Robert L., 235, 446 Grant, Carl, 79, 446, 450, 454 Grant, Shirley M., 185 Page 464 Grantz, J., 270 Grauner, Joyce I., 350 Gravelie, Albert T., 160, 161 Gray, Edward Thomas, 79 Gray, 45 3 Gray, Gray, Kenneth W., 448, 450, Jack R., 215 Lynn C., 102, 162 Gray, Wayne Almas, 79 Gray, Thomas, 322, 324 Grayston, Jane Anne, 50, 195 Grebel, Margaret, 346 Green, Don C., 140 Green, Gene G., 163 Green, Gloria E., 204, 205, 352 Green, Polly, 201, 318, 341 Green, Richard C., 160 Green, Serena J., 103, 159, 166 Green, Thomas W., 221 Greenburg, Hilda, 224, 329, 334 Greenberg, Jack M., 225 Greenberg, Norman, 50 Greene, Harold T., 414 Greene, Marvin F., 138, 139 Greene, William F., 153, 403 Greenlee, Geraldine A., 260 Gregg, Elizabeth A., 196, 197 Gregg, Margaret J., 197 Greeg, Robert M., 106, 157 Greisbach, Henry, 418, 421 Grenda, Richard C., 79 Grews, Rogar, 343 Griebel, Margaret Ruth, 79, 176, 177, 185 Griebeling, Mary Jo., 50 Grieme, Shirley J., 353 Grier, Alfred C., 243 Grier, Charles M., 265 Griffen, Clyde C., 236, 237 Griffith, Robert G., 123 Griffeth, Dick, 431 Griffin, Dale W., 79, 240, 241 Griffin,, 351 Griffin, E., 351 Griffin, Gordon H., 227, 451 Grifhn, D., 174 Griffin, Donald E., 146, 431 Griffith, Richard M., 235 Haskins, Barry Phillip, 80 Griffith, Thomas K., 215 Griffith, William E., 96, 156 Grimes, Ivan B., 106 Grimes, Keith Craig, 50 Grimes Perry T., 452 Grimmf Mama J., 207, 353 Grimmer, Billy, 109, 140 Grissel, James M., 239, 324 Gripp, Elmore Curtis, 79, 215 Grismore, Barbara J., 185 Grohl, R. L., 450 Gronna, Amy S., 193, 335, 359 Gronna, Anna M., 322 Grosland, August J., 319 Gross, Harold C., 324 Gross, Richard L., 140 Grossman, William F., 157 Grossman, Greta A., 205, 298, 327, 335 Grotewohl, Joan M., 50 Grothe, Donald S., 277 Grothus, Joseph R., 395, 403 Gruesel, Fred, 235 Grueskin, Earl N., 224, 225 Grundstand, Arne Johan, 79 Grunsky, Harold J., 96, 150, 153, 154, 156 Guenther, Robert H., 243 Guetzko, Gene E., 96, 132, 151, 155 Guillaume, Clement A., 80 Gulshen, Frank J., 96, 153 Gunn, Boyd L., 80, 178, 179 Gupta, Asoke K., 96 Gurney, Philip, 169 Gustafson, Carl R., 50 Gustafson, Carolyn M., 51, 200, 201 Gustafson, John P., 112 Gustafson, Miriam E., 51, 197 Gutfreund, Marjory, 201 Guthart, Robert Lester, 815 Guthart, Russell C., 80 Page 455 Guthrie, Donald M., 221, 309, 327 Gutterman, Julian H., 225, 343 Guttierrez, Sanchez B., 256 Gutz, Lois M., 252, 328 Guy, Marian, 203, 332 Guzowski, Anthony J., 180, 399, 402, 403, 406, 408, 409, 412 H Haach, Esther A., 191 Haack, Terry E., 128 Haas, Ron F., 233 Habbinga, Margaret D., 377 Habbermann, William C., 276, 278 Haberstroth, Colleen E., 144 Habib, Thomas G., 51, 169 Hackes, Pete S., 169, 373 Hade, Bob E., 235 Hade, Marjorie A., 189 Haegg, Norma Lou, 51, 193, 455 Haesemeyer, Dick E., 174, 243 Haesemeyer, Fred J., 174, 243, 446, 451 Haeussler, Lois L., 382 Hadley, Grace B,, 362 Haffner, Warren H., 51 Hagerman, Russell C., 96, 153, 154 Hagerty, Richard K.-, 270 Hahn, Elizabeth A., 250 Hahn, Lewis D., 51 Hahn, Liz, 389 Hake, Dexter H., 51, 267 Hake, Marshall N., 450 Haker, Ledgard, 229 Halbach, Joe J., 215 Hale, Don A., 146, 147 Hale, Shirley, 382 Haley, Robert D., 213 Hall, Eugene Dolph, 51 Hall, Frankie, 256 Hall, Wm., 151, 406 Hallberg, Harold C., 140 Hallam, Jerrold K., 163, 373 Halley, A., 160 Hallenbeck, Howard E., 51 Halliburton, Jim L., 403, 404, 238, 239 Halstrom, Dale Loren, 80' Halverson, Marlys, 455 Haluska, Diana S., 80 Haleg, Armond Wayne, 51, 353 Hamborg, Con D., 213, 208 Hamborg, Robert C., 103, 163 Hamiel, Norman Jay, 164 Hamilton, Dawn D., 185 Hamilton, Milo J., 365, 381 Hamilton, -William A., 123, 231, 324 Hammer, Richard W., 343 Hammer, William E., 80 Hammerberg, Herb L., 233 Hancher, Charles W., 343 Handley, Mary Lou, 185 Hanel, Darrell E., 239 Hanemann, Jack W., 51 Haney, Delores L., 191 Hanlon, Mary L., 139, 193 Hanrahan, George A., 169, 296 Hanrahan, Robert H., 80 Hansen, Helen Ann, 51, 185 Hansman, John F., 343 Hansen, Janet Lee, 51, 195, 240 Hansen, Joelle L., 193, 340, 341 Hansen, Los A., 261 Hansen, Robert C., 146 Hansen, Russell F., 80, 174 Hanson, Charles A., 222, 223, 333 Hanson, Charles Allen, 80, 327 Hanson, Joseph Lyle, 51 Hanson, Norman Eugene, 51 Hanson, Paull R., 447 Hanson, Richard Dale, 80 Martin, 51. . Hanzlik, Harbour, Theodore M., 51 Harder, Virgil E., 80, 174 Hardersen, Barbara A., 196, 197, 323, 389 Harding, Don B., 51, 234, 235 Harding, James F., 51 Hardy, Thomas K., 51 Harger, Wayne E., 174 Hargrove, Jack, 237 Hargrove, John H., 414 Hark, William A., 123, 418 Harkkopp, R., 370 Harlan, Eugene H., 167 Harms, H. Henry, 242, 243 Harold, J. Lloyd, 233 Harold, M., 203 Harold, Richard, M., 232, 233 Harper, Clara L., 364 Harrington, Marge, 124, 185 Harris, Bucky, 235 Harris, Charles E., 103, 163, 261 Harris, Elaine, 249 Harris John D., 217 Harris: Keith David, 51, 237 Harris, Marilyn E., 51, 168, 359, 361 Harris, Norman K., 406 Harris, Paul L., 103 Harrison, Helen K., 256 Harrison, Lawrence, 406 Harrison, Robert Ward, 51 Harrison, S., 455 Harsha, Harold V., 162 Hart, Walter T., 103 Hart, Hal, 163, 306 Hartkopp, Ruth A,, 103, 166 Hartle, Frank K., 174, 275, Headington, Ronald E., 393, 395, 396, 399, 401, 403 , Healy, Marcia M., 351, 455 Heasty, Miriam L., 52 Heaton, Robert M., 80 Heckman, James Edward, 80 Heckt, Melvin D., 152, 159 Hedegaard, Betty Jane, 190, 191 Hedge, Newton, 236, 237 Hedge, Russell Knute, 80 Hedlin, John Peter, 222, 223 Hedlund, Harry R., 80 Hedland, R., 174 Heffner, Robert D., 275 Hefiin, Frank E., 146 Heilman, Robert D., 136 Heim, Edward, Jr., 80 Heimerman, Mathias A., 80, 272 Hein, Ronald J., 80 Helgren, Donald G., 52, 140 Hellem, Joyce G., 189 Helms, William He.nry, 80 Helseth, Carleton T., 237 Hemingway, R. M., 229 Hemmye, H., 254 Henckel, E. Barbara, 52, 191, 389 Henderson, Barbara H., 195 Henderson, Fran A., 193, 328, 340 Hendrickson, Carl W., 237 Hendry, Marjorie H., 354 Heneks, W. E., 136 Henkle, Robert F., 237 Henley, Mary Elaine, 259 Henneger, Marilyn A., 251 Hennessy, Charles R., 109, 277 Hartle, Jack, 174, 274, 275, 277 Hartman, Edward J., 164 Hartman, Genevieve H., 247 Hartman, Marybeth, 436 Hartman, M., 157 Hartman, Nancy L., 51 Hartman, Harland W., 96, 153, 154 Hartsell, Dale E., 241 140 Hennessy, Mary Juanita, 52, 357 Hennessy, Natalie A., 203 Hennessy, Patricia I., 52, 203 Henningsen, Don K., 223 Henrich, Walt J., 241 Henry, Eugene F., 96, 153 Henry Nancy R., 355, 437 Harvey, Marcelle Kathryn, 51, 347 Harvey, Shirley Ann, 185 323, 325, 335 Hasbrouck, Paul A., 136 Hasbrouck, Richard L., 52, 163 Haselton, VVilliam Borden, 52 Hasselmann, Ruth H., 207 Hasti.ngs, Don D., 361 Hastings, Eugene G., 343 Hastings, John E., 138 Hastings, M., 361 Hatch, Reva J., 52, 184, 185 Hatfield, Mary A., 144 Hathorn, Jerome B., 109, 138 Hauer, Kurt L., 231 Hauer, Walter O., 80, 227, 450 Haugen, Ila M., 114 Haughton, Frank Alvin, 52, 173 Haupert, Wendell E., 80 Hausen, Roger C., 80 Henryi Raymond C., 52, 169 Henry Robert J., 275 Henry, Sally M., 52, 389, 437, 438 Hensleight, Mary Jane, 52, 347 Hentzel, L. Glen, 232, 233 Hepp, Ralph A., 353 Herbel, Carol L., 176 Hering, Jack D., 80 Herrald, Marjojrie R., 52 Herrick, Jane Kathleen, 52 Herrick, Jane K., 199 Herrick, Patricia J., 191 Herrmann, Paul O., 136 Hertel, Dorothy K., 52, 262, 323 Hertel, Reynold F., 169, 450 Hertz, Keith A., 96 Herud, Frank R., 266 Hess, Charlotte J., 189, 437 Hess, Clement John, 80, 298, 309 Hess, Hess, C. J., 235, 343 John M., 343 Hauser, Pat Ann, 185, 298 Haut, Theodore F., 80 Haw, Richard C., 52, 172 Hawkins, Carole E., 195 Hawley, A. R., 161, 348 Haworth, Sylva A., 52, 197 Hawthorne, D., 199 Hayes, 407, Don C., 223, 377, 406, 408, 409 Hayes, Donna Jean, 52 Hayes, Lawrence W., 377 Hayes, Robert H., 140, 452 Hayne, Addison R., 103, 161 Hays, Helen M., 201, 244, 332 Hayward, Marvin Clyde, 52, 164 Hayworth, David H,, 343 Hazen, Virginia Lee, 52, 196, 197 Hazlett, Richard C., 52, 128 Heaberlin, Jeannette, 199, 208 Head, D., 180 Heston, John L., 52, 227 Hett, Clark T., 233 Hewitt, Helen R., 248, 250, 269, 332 Hewitt, John A., 239 Heysinger, Jack D., 103, 163 Hiatt, Richard S., 342, 360 Hibbs, Lilith M., 389 Hibbs, Loyal Robert, 52 Hickey, James Reed, 52 Hicklin, Charles W., 238, 239 Hicks, Jack K., 96 Hicks, W. K., Jr., 226, 227 Hiebing, John J., 80 Higdon, Carl M.,Jr., 103 Higgins, Edward L., 338 Higley, Bruce W., 148, 428, 452 Higley, Dr. L. B., 148 Hilfman, Lee W., 52, 171 Hilfman, Leon L., 225 Hill, Ethel Cora, 52 Hill, Leslie Frank, 80 Hoye, Mary A., 189 Irwin Jack, Darwin B., 140 Hudson, Ilia' Hill, Robert, 151 Hill, Madelon C., 259 Hill, Robert, 52, 216, 217, 344, 348 Hill, Stanley Richard, 80, 178, 179 Hill, Thomas E., 174 Hi1l,.Walter Raymond, 5 3, 172 Hills, B., 261 Hills, Carma A., 189 Hills, Seth T., 361 Hinderaker, Mabel E., 53 Hinds, Verner Strode, 145, 146, 147 Hindt, H., 160 Hindt, Kathleen F., 53 Hine, Shirley, 371 Hinkle, J., 164 Hinkle, Nancy Hufstader, 53 Hintz, Dan H., 215 Hintz, P. Charles, 237 Hippe, Paul G., 146 Hippika, William H., 343 Hirsch, Jack, 123 Hiscock, Martha, 128, 207 Hiserodt, Dean Allen, 80, 243 Hittler, Bill F., 215 Hobt, Ralph Eugene, 80 Hobbes, Jack A., 276, 351 Hobbet, Richard Duane, 53 Hobbs, J., 318 Hobson, Kenneth R., 241 Hoag, Robert T., 342, 343 Hockenberg, Harlan D., 53, 120, 210, 225, 307, 309, 310, 336, 346 Hodge, Phillips W., 53 Hodge.n, Pat C., 455 Hodges, Robert Ellis, 80, 178, 179 Hodgins, Patricia C., 188, 189 Hoemann, Ruth F., 80 Hofer, Virginia, 53 Hoffa, Daniel C., 174 Hoff, Robert Dean, 180, 202, 227, 403 Hoff, Robert D., 202 Hoffman, Hoffman, Hoffman, Hoffman, Dale W., 179 Howard H., 53, 348 L., 187 V., 438 Hoffman, Warren F., 80 Hoffman, Mary Yvonne, 53, 203 Hoffnagle, Denny C., 418, 421 Hogan, Catherine A., 81 Hogan , Howard F., 80, 272 Hogan, James F., 164 Hood, Betty J., 256 Hood, Joan C., 53, 195, 329 Hook, Joh.n J., 272 Hoover, Robert James, 53, 169 Hop, Tuck Lee, 155 Hopewell, Hughes C., 447 Hopkins, Carson C., 53, 167, 300, 301 Hopley, Mary S., 144 Hoppenworth, Leslie E., 81 Horn, Robert J., 81 Hornaday, John F., 239 Hornbaker, Robert D., 103. Horner, Mary L., 199 Horner, Harold E., 369 Horning, Jay I-I., 373 Horning, Marie, 373 Horrabin, Diane E., 195, 455 I-Iorslund, Doris A., 201, 298, 299 Horslund, Kathryn I., 81, 176, 200, 201, 335 Horst, Arthur W., 142 Hortman, Edward, 271 Horton, Philip S., 148 Hotchkin, David W., 123 Hottle, Florence S., 354 Hotz, John R., 153, 449 Houghton, Hiram C., 103, 162 Hoult, Naomi, 223 Housel, Dean R., 180 Houston, Richard W., 96, 129 Houts, Donald Charles, 53, 360 Hovey, Robert S., 53, 454 Hovland, John W., 221, 326 Howard, Shirley Anne, 249 Howard, B., 265 Howard, John L., 173, 221 Howard, William B., 360 Howe, Clifford Eugene, 53 Howe, George L., 81, 179 Howe, Joseph, 156 Howell, Sara Jane, 256 Howes, John R., 174, 229, 450 Hoyman, John F., 103, 164 Hruska, Margaret Alice, 53, Hubbard, Dudley S., 103, 163 Hubbard, Phillip G., 173 Huber, Richard G., 159, 164, 270 Hudachek, Raymond J., 96, 153, 154, 155,156.. Hudepohl, Bernice M., 353 Arch, 235 Hudson, Hudson, Duane Arch, 32, 324 Hudson, Charles F., 96 Huntington, William D., 53 Huppenbauer, Walter F., 229, 364 Huppert, David W., 96, 153 Hurdle, Wendell, 348, 371 Hurley, Annice Carrol, 53, 259 Hurley, Lawrence U., 96 Hurley, Leo J., 103, 154, 164 Hurst, John W., 163 Hurst, Gene R., 81 Hurt, Marion, 343 Hurto, Earl Nelson, Jr., 81 Husa, Ruth A., 53, 189, 334 Hussman, Arthur F., 145, 146, 147 Huston, Greg, 231 Huston, John W., 81 Hutchings, Edward A., 275 Hutchins, Vince L., 142, 143 Hutchinson, Thomas Hart- nell, 81, 179, 226, 227 Huthsteiner, George W., 109 Hutloff, R., 333, 353 Huxsol, Rhoda M., 197, 389 Hutinger, Paul, 418, 421 Hyde, Charles J., Jr., 217 256 Hyde, Thomas V., 217 Hylback, Vincent T., 319, 338 Hymans, Virginia R., 256 Hynden, Robert B., 264 Hyndman, Ivor W., 54, 172 Hynek, Marilyn, 222 I Ibeling, Donald J., 54 ldso, Irwin R., 81 Imus, Harry Allen, 81 Ingels, Claire E., 207 Ingersoll, Charles, Jr., 54 Ingersoll, Wlbur G., 54 Ingraham, Demarest I., 81 Inman, Peggy, 244 Jekerel, Frank J., 96, 153 Jenkins, Judson B., 82 Jennett, Clair W., 223, 425, 451 Jennings, Katheryne, A., 253 Jensen, Donna J., 54, 122, 194 195 Jensen, Donald W., 208 Jensen, Elaine J., 248, 376 Jensen, Faye, 455 Jensen, Harold I., 447, 450 Jensen, Margaret M., 185 Jensen Mary J. 340, 359 Jensenl Robert E., 54, 235 Jenson, Jenso.n, Jepsen Ronald C., 82 Mary B., 54, 189 Harold G., 54 Jephries, Edgar, 449 Jepson, Peter, 227 Jepson, William B., 227 Jernigan, Martha L., 207 Jesse, Eugene L., 96, 129, 155 Jessen, Dickie A., 197 Jessip, J., 171 Jesson, Robert M., 109 Jewett, Constance, 122, 201, 421, 438 Jewett, Gerald A., 82, 210, 239 Jewett, John, 223 Jipp, Lester F., 54, 172, 220, 221 - Jipson, Barbara J., 54 Jiricek, Jeanne, 54, 206, 207 Joan, Judith, 259 Jochumsen, Edward A., 241, 343 Joels, Irving B., 82 Joels, Mary L., 82, 176, 177, 205, 330, 389 Johnke, H., 353 Johnson, Anna S., 249 Johnson, Betty J., 192, 193, Innis, Constance L., 54, 192, 193 Irish, Irwin, , Marjorie E., 187, 367 Doris J., 54 A., 197, 222, 368, 437 389 Irwin, Robert G., 54, 163, 449 Isebrands, Carol R., 54 Isenberger, Wilma E., 54, 436, 437, 440, 441 Israel, Joseph W., 96, 431 Iverson, Robert W., 364 Iverson, Donna Lee, 81, 175 Ivie, David C., 109, 138 Ivie, Roger H., 162, 327 J' Hogan, Thomas Patrick, 81, 272, 357 Hogenson, George B., 109, 138 Hogg, Robert V., Jr., 233 Hoglan, Gwen E., 261 Hohmann, John R., 106 Holahan, James J., 81 Holbert, James A., 219 Holbert, Mary J., 53, 354 Holden, Elzabeth M., 53 Holets, Arnold K., 153 Holland, Donna M., 53 Holland, Herb Edward, 81, 167, 300, 301, 352 Holland, Herman D., 112, 146 Hollcroft, Alice Jane, 53 Hollic, Victor, 449 Hollingsworth, John A., 274 Hollingsworth, Marian, 195, 318 Holloway, Charles C., 237 Holman, D., 359 Holm, John Francis, 81, 167 Holmes, Harold Vincent, 163, 356 Holmquist, Jack W., 153, 255 Holtzman, Lewis H., 81, 224, 225 Holub, Rosemary M., 53 Holway, John B., 169, 451 Holzhammer, Robert E., 174, 351 Homan, Harriet L., 205, 333 Homes, Ninon Virginia, 53 Homes, Robert S., 109 Honeyman, Marian, 352 Hudson, Constance Anne, 81, 176, 203 Jim, 239 Hudson, Warren Lee, 53, 180 Hudtloff, Ruth E., 332 Huebner, Frederick J., 239 Huebsch, Tony L., 221 Huegland, Robert, 237 Huffer, Orion M., 96, 153 Huffman, Imogene M., 193 Huffman, Virginia H., 53, 216 Hugg, Charles R., 275, 348 Hughes, Anson F., 135, 136 Hughes, Mary L., 207 Hughes, Richard O., 308 Hughes, Thomas W., 164 Huil, Robert Lee, 53 Hult, Robert P., 146, 431 Hulse, Joanne F., 299, 441 Hultman, Betty A., 53 Hultman, Evan L., 53, 120, 123, 307, 309, 310, 322, 325, 344, 427 Humphrey, Robert R., 148 Humphrey, Donald G., 53 Humphrey, James T., 357 Humphreys, Patrica Anne, 81 Hunget, Margaret E., 256, 257 Hunsicker, Robert E., 81, 213 Hunstad, Norman A., 96, 153, 154, 155, 156 Hunt, Williani G., 53, 239 Hu.nter, Carolyn Cook, 53 Hunter, Edwin R., 162 Jackson , Carol J., 195, 228, 28 Jackson, Lloyd G., 219 Jackson, Margaret A., 199 Jackson, Norman W., 342 Jackson, Rachel E., 191, 324 Jackson, Ralph L., 321 Jackson, Robert H., 220 Jackso n, Wiliam L., 81, 165, 174, 227, 451 Jacobs, Donald L., 153, 449 Jacobs, Rene C., 54 Jacobs , Richard W., 447 Jacobs, Ruth M., 114 Jacobsen, Bette L., 115, 354 Jacobsen, Coleman, 109, 134 Jacobs Jacobson, on, Mary M., 115, 252 Monca M., 251 Jaeger, Henry, 219 Jaggard, Robert S., 140, 452 Jahn, John R., 237 . Jahnke, Harold A., 169 Jahns, Robert W., 54, 362 Jaquis, John R., 140 James, Dean A., 81 James, Donald R.,. 54 Janak, Evelyn A., 54 Janeba, Clarence S., 81 Janss, William B., 442 Janssen, Betty J., 197, 334 Jarnagin, Jean A., 124, 248 Jarvis, Vernon D., 81, 300 Jebousek, Delbert V., 82 Jeanes, Ellen E., 54, 195 Jeffrey, Edgar A., 151 Jeffrey, Robert C., 54 327, 332, 334 Joh.nson, Calvin J., 109, 142, 452 Johnson, Carroll R., 106, 239 Johnson, Charles D., 151 Johnson, Charles O., 135, 136 Johnson, Clifford H., 242, 243 Johnson, Charles M., 146, 147 Johnson, Luther B., 219, 380 Johnson, Byron P., 235 Johnson, Donald B., 157, 354 Johnson, E. Bart, 233 Johnson, Earl L., 82 Johnson, Eugene B., 54 Johnson, Glen R., 96 Johnson, Hubert L., 414 Johnson, Isaiah J., 54, 173 Johnson, Jane L., 389 Johnson, John J., 54 Johnson, Marilynn A., 189 Johnson, Neidra, 249 Johnson Patrica J., 247 Johnsoni Paul L., 149, 148 Johnson, Phyllis R., 54 Johnson, Richard K., 82 Joh.nson, Robert W., 174, 213 Johnson, Sally A., 174, 183, 203 Johnson, Theodore A., 54, 164, 370, 450 Johnson, Warren C., 103 Johnson, William H., 380 Johnson, Worth R., 54, 169 Johnston, Barbara A., 197 Johnston, Edward W., 171 Johnston Johnston? John Deloss, 153 Richard E., 54 Johnstone, Jane L., 197, 438 Joliff, Carl R., 54 Joliff, Harry, 54, 171 Jones, Aaron J., 167, 328 Jones, Caroline E., 54, 197 Jones, Donna Belle, 436 Jones, E. Jones, K., Jr., 217, 389 Everette, 241 Jones, Hubert Rex, 82 Jones, Janet E., 191 Jones, John Paul, 54 Jo.nes, Marybelle, 185 Jones, Marion F., 140, 448, 450 Jonas, Richard Nulton, 82 Jones, Walter B., 96 Page 466 Jordan, Carol E., 158 Jordan, Frank, Jr., 54 Jordan, Richard T., 163, 173, 270 Jordan, Phyllis C., 193 Jordan, Richard T., 270 Kelso, Kelso, William R., 96, 153, 154 Kemp, Kemp, Kendall, Donna J., 187 John, H., 55, 450 Edward W., 162, 235 Robert R., 55, 136 Koch Joslyn, Joynt, Robert J., 140, 141 Judy, Sharon L., 54, 168, 248, 347 Juel, Einer M., 140 Julich, Engelbert L., 153 Julius, Loy L., 148, 149 Junge, Barbara J., 189 Junkins, Doris I., 251 I Tom W., 229, 382 Kabakoff, Janet J., 205 Kacere, John C., 55, 318 Kacerovsky, Norma E., 55 Kadesky, Melvin C., 55 Kading, Do.nna L., 199 Kafer, Keith Bernard, 82 Kahn, Marion, 389 Kaiser, Eugene H., 96 Kaiser, Ken W., 55, 235, 431 Kaiser, Stan C., 231 Kakavas, John, 380 Kalender, Stanley S., 55 Kalish, Harry I., 55 Kallous, Jane, 175, 331 Kallaus, Norman Francis, 82 Kallemeyn, Robert Joseph, 82 Kallsen, Clarence E., 353, 359 Kalseim, Jo Ann, 255 Kam, Ah Leong, 96, 132 Kammerer, Richard D., 343 Kamerick, Dorothy C., 176, ' 177, 332 Kampmeyer, John P., Jr., 237 Kamps, Elizabeth Ann, 441 Kanak, Art L., 254 Kane, D., 148 Kane, Marilyn L., 199 Kaplan, Allen H., 55 Kaplan, Morton J., 352 Kapka, L., 254 Kaplan, Larence, 339 Karcher, Edna F., 198, 199 Karr, Charles H., 55 Karr, Robert S., 55, 217, 450 Kartman, Keith H., 225 Kasner, Dana B., 219 Kass, Tom C., 223 Katter, Robert V., 274, 275 Katz, Roselind M. 20,4, 205 Kauffman, George D., 274, 275 Kauffman, P., 202, 203 Kauffman, Thomas M., 153, 237, 274 Kaufman, Kaufmann, Robert John, 82, 235, 403 Kauzlarich, James J., 153 Kay, William A., 55, 120, 180, Charles P., 348 Kennard, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennelly, Dolores S., 205 Eleanor M., 55, Eugene T., 106 Richard C., 146 Robert A., 239 Kenney, D., 55 Kenry, Betty, 389, 438 Kentiield, Calvin B., 55 Kenworthy, Joy A., 55 Kenworthy, James A., 82, Kenyon, Arnold O., 160 Keppler, James E., 241 Kercheval, Marion L., 146 Kerehner, Gwen R., 55 193 4 Kern, Alan S., 219 , Kern, Jordan C., 210, 219 Ker.n, Richard A., 163 Kern, Stanley M., 146 Kerns, Margot L., 158, 193, Klein, James E., 97, 132, 151, 156 Klein, Kento.n M., 239 Klein, Lavon G., 234, 235, 324 Klingbiel, Donna R., 197 Klingner, Ann L., 56, 186, 187, 340 Kloppenburg, Elizabeth Mae, 56 Klos, Thornton A., 237 Klotz, Don Dr., 180, 428 Klotzbach, Katharine J., 56, 193, 332, 335 Kluever, Lester L., 156, 239 Kluht, Loretta P., 359 Klunder, Thorwald H., 140 Kluss, Byron C., 56, 451 Kmetz, Nancy Ann, 189 Knapp, Rex C., 97, 153 Knapp, Robert H., 82, 147 Knapper, Arno F., 82 Knarr, Marjorie R., 187 Knarr, Robert H., 146 Knetzger, Bob L., 368 Kniffen, Murray A., 309, 310 327 Kerr, Kriss M., 136 Kerr, Phil S., 229 - Kerr, Philip Stanley, 82 Kersbergen, Gloria G., 197 Kersey, Phyllis J., 197, 370 Kersten, F. A., 248 Kersten, William W., 403, 404 Kessell, Wally E., 389 Kettenring, Paul F., 55, 167 Key, Patrica. Ann, 247, 248, 437 Kibbing, James J., 96 Kidd, Richard, Jr., 96, 153, 154, 156, 351 Kidney, Janet, 351 Kieffer, Gene H., 55, 164 Kienzle, George C., 217 Kilby, Jack D., 241 Knobbe, John E., 240, 241, 323 Knodle, Margaret J., 390 Know, William, 342 Knowles, Bruce B.. 377 Knowles, Richard D., 243 . Knowlton, Robert E., 103, 159, 164 Knox, Elizabeth Joann, 193 Knox, William E., 56 Knudsen, Dale L., 97 Knudsen, Nancy L.. 195 Knutson, Dean L., 214, 215 Koch, Fred, 229, 324 Koch, Marilyn R., 193, 252, 327 Koch, Paul Frederick, 83, 146, 328 Stanley J. 56 Kilian, Austin F., 298 Killinger, Janice M., 185 Killinger, Marilyn J., 198, 199 Kimball, Robert C., 97 Kim, E. Y. N., 270 Kimm, J., 132,151,155 Kimmel, Kathryn A., 203, 335, 340 Kin, Charles, 97 Kinffen, M., 207, 307 King, King, Charles T., 82 Darlene I., 255 King, Dick H., 213 King, Dorothy Jean, 115 King, Evans, 189 King, James E., 97 King, Lloyd W., 220, 221 King, King, King, King, Nancy H., 251 Richard C., 55 Ross Heaton, 82 William, 151 Kinman, Nathan R., 171 Kinner, Keith A., 55 398, 399 Kearney, Alfred B., 453 Keefe, Robert J., 215, 327 Keefe, Frank M., 215 Keefe, Joe C., 226, 227 Keefe, Mrs. Joe, 226 Keene, Robert E., 55, 167 Keeney, Helen Jane, 329, 362 Kehlbeck, Joseph H., 153 Keifer, Eugene V., 103 Keith, Kenneth Lewis, 82 Keith, Richard E., 418 Keller, John G., 82 Keller, Lester C., 55, 180 Keller, Marie E., 82 Keller, Robert G., 96, 153, 154, 155 Keller, Velma J., 253 Kelley, J., 197 Kelley, C., 453 Kellogg, John W., 103 Kellog, Richard B., 103 Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, C., 203 Charles U., 239, 244 Dennis H., 138 Dorothy A., 249 Kelly, Frederick T., 219 Kelly, Kelly Robert C., 55 Victor John 55 451 Kelloway, Ranny W., 243 Page 467 Kinney, Patrica A., 55 Kinsey, Helen D., 197 Kintzinger, Charels A., 160 Kintzinger, Warren H., 97 Kinyon, Gilbert E., 136, 452 . Kinzle, Fred G., 82 Kipp, Sherwood R., 56 Kirby, Betty E., 197 455, Kirchner, G., 189 Kirkberg, Robert F., 215 Kirkeby, Orval H., 56 Kirkegaard, G., Maxine, 232, 249 Kirkegaard, Dale D., 136, 452 Kirkland, Onna L., 198, 199, 226, 298 Kirkman, David J., 446, 450 Kirsch, Audrey E., 205, 389 Kistler, Judith S., 56, 187 Kitson, Ray W., 241 Kitzman, Kathryn A., 56 Kiyonaga, Kazuo, 97, 155 Kladestrup, Arlo J., 82, 174 Klassie, Pauline B., 56, 182, 185, 332 Klatsbach, K., 347 Klawans, Dorothy Ann, 352 Klein, Bernard A., 82, 167 Kodelf, F. Wayne. sa Koerber, Nancy L., 195, 377 421 Koerner, Frederick V., 153, 255 . Kofron, Don J., 174, 175 Kofron, Doris, 175 Kohlhaas. Richard L., 163 Kohl, Otto, Jr., 93, 213 Kohlhaas, John K., 135. 136 Kohlhaas. R., 159, 163, 272 Kolker, Robert R.. 230, 231 Kolibab. Edward H.. 97 Koll, Richard L., 153 Kollman. William L.. 153 Kolsch, Elfreda I., 124, 296 Koons. Robert G., 56 Kopecky. Paul A.. 404 Korab, Edward W., 103 Korab, J., 437 Koss, Charles A., 241 Kotteman, William P., 146 Kottman. Elmer J.. 56 Kouba, Jo Fran. 332 Kraatz. Lowell D., 151, 156, 221, 303 Kracht, B.. 344 Kracht, Wilfred D., 56 Kraft, Joyce M., 122, 327 Kramer. Bob A., 204, 268, Krohn, Elmerine L., 197, 455 Kroppach, Sue, 56 Krouse, Chuck A., 169, 304, 354 Kruckman, Ray, 215 Krueger, Norman L., 136 Krug, Do.n T., 239 Krumm, Carol Mae, 185 Krumm, Dan J., 243 Krumm, Donald M., 83 G. 353 Kruse, , Kruse, James H., 217, 451 Kruse Joanne M., 56 Kruse, Paul A., 56, 180 Kruse, Robert G., 140 Kruse Sylva M., 275 Kuba, J., 187 Kuchel, Gaylon L., 56 Kudrle, Robert E., 97, 129, 155 Kuesel, Jack J., 97, 153 Kunstlng, Harry R., 136 Kumle, Phyllis June, 259 Kunz, Don R., 241, 328 Kuntz, Everett W., 97, 303 Kupka, Lesley J., 448, 450 Kupker, Arnold R., 237 Kurka, James A., 232, 233 Kurse, John D., 243 Kusler, Gerald E., 56 Kusterer, Donald, 56 Kuyper, Marcia G., 57, 380 Kyle, Darl C., 103 Kyle, Ernest, 106 Kyle, William T., 342 Kyte, Helen M., 257 In LaBahn, Vincent R., 146, 326 Lachner, Sally A., 193, 357 Ladd, Anna B., 57 Ladd, Carolyn J., 57, 121, 201 332, 335, 341, 359, 430 Ladds, N., 438 Ladson, Joanne M., 115 Lafiin, Lynn A., 106, 157, 343 Lafuze, Marion J., 437 Lage, Robert E., 403 Lager, Gerald J., 83 Lagone, Ralph P., 135, 140 LaGrange, Robert A., 216, 217 Laible, Robert G., 238, 239, 390 Laird, Linda A., 197 Lamb, John H., 346 Lamb, VVillia1'n W., 57 Lambert, Calvin V., 266 Lamberton, Ethel E., 256 Lampe, Kenneth F., 57, 171 Lampros, Hazel E., 332 Lane, Elizabeth A., 57, 195 Lane, Gordon E., 232, 233, 449 Lane, Kenneth E., 218, 219, 324 Lane, Margaret R., 109, 144 Lane, Lange, Paul R., 83, 174, 330 Langland, Audrey A., 201 Langland, Olaf E., 146 Langner, Shirley A., 57 Lannert, Patricia M., 57, 248 Lapehn, Donald H., 83, 174 Laphen, R., 176 Mary J., 185, 455 269, 322. 336 Kramer. Jack, 109, 134 Kraobenholt, W., 455 Kratzer. Paul F., 83, 174 Kraus, Babsie L., 205 Krause, Gene W., 56. 342 Krause, Joan D., 348 Krause, Shirley Lou, 56, 205, 372, 340 Krebs, Arthur M., 179, 268, 327, 450 Krekel, Raymond J., 97, 129, 155 Krekel, William E., 83 Kremer, J., 357 Kresensky. Ardis, 56. 199 Krichel. Carol Lou, 56 Krieg. Don L., 123, 221 Kringle, Mary L., 179, 207 Kritzer, Richard, 56 Kriz, Lorraine D., 207 Krogh, Glen M., 56 Larimore, Larimore Nina G., 201, 438 , Ogilvie M., 223 Larrabee, Charles B., 229 Larrabee, Maryanne, 249 Larsen, Kenneth E., 57 Larsen, , Larsen, Violet M., 57, 259 Larson, Lawrence C. 231 Alysia P., 309 Larson, Carl R., 213 Larson, Earl K., 57 Larson, Eugene G., 57 Larson, Galen C., 83, 217 Larson, James K., 455 Larson, Jack R., 57, 227 Larson, Jeanne L., 176, 203, 327, 329 Larson, Robert E., 233 Larson, Ronald P., 156, 269, 303, 324 Laseke, 'M., 144 Lasensky, Julius M., 225 Laster, Richard P., 403 Lough Love, Harold L., 97, 153 Latch, George K., 231 Latham, Kenneth D., 57 Lauderdale, Irma J., 57, 121, 333, 340, 376 Laughlin, Lawrence L.,, 123 164 Laurea, Anthony B., 57 Lauterbach, Carl G., 57 Lavine, Herbert B., 57 Lawler, William D., 57 Lawlor, Joseph P., 57 Lawrence, Harold L., 266, 447 Lawrence, Joy J., 275 Lawrence, William D., 140 Lawson, Ann, 191 Lawton, Alfred A., 103 Lay, Donald P., 308 Layton, Marjorie L., 439 Lazenby, Charles W., 150, 156, 303 Leabo, Dick A., 83 Leachman, Robert C., 219 Leavitt, Charlotte, 339 Leavy, Peter B., 57 Lee, Mary M., 389 Lee, Tuck Hop, 97 Leedham, A. Eleanor, 199, 309, 332, 334, 327 Leedham, Charles G., 309 Leeney, Harriet S., 47 Leeper, Oflie L., 451 Left, Gilbert, 103 Lehman, Herman W., 418, 421 Lehr, Charles F., 57 Leiding, Waldemar C., 324, 353 Leiner, Paul D., 106 Leinfelder, Joseph T., 233 Leiserowitz, Robert S., 211, 225 Lekberg, Jane H., 170 Leksa, Lorraine A., 190, 191 Lemar, Ralph L., 57 Lemen, George E., 83 Lemont, Robert J., 97, 153 Lenaghan, Robert T., 57, 215 Lendt, Lee A., 241 Leniton, Marcia L., 190, 318, 319 Lennon, Helen J., 57 Lenno.n, M., 272 Lenschow, Hans H., 97, 153, 156 Lenthe, Charles F., 229 Lenz, Audrey J., 115 Lenzen, George S., 229 Leo, Gerhard W., 123 Leopold, Blanche M., 185 Lerner, Sylvia, 57, 170, 373 Linderman, Jack L., 318 Lindquist, Louise J., 199, Lindsay, Beverly J., 124 Linstrom, Wendell D., 57 Lines, Robert G., 447 Linge, David E., 229 Linge, Elaine L., 57, 168 Scott, 142 323 Linge, Linke, Charles E., 58 Linnan, Francis C., 272 Linthacum, Donald, 389 Lipshutz, Robert H., 204, 225, 352 Lisle, Edwin S., 208, 237, 298 Little, Marjorie D., 318 Little, Ralph D., 83 Livengood, Lucille, 58, 128, 171 Livingston, Conrad B., 318 Livingston, Mary E., 247, 438 Locher, Joseph C., 148 Lodge, Duane E., 58 Lodwick, David I., 235 Loers, Marilyn F., 83 Logan, Philip G., 83 Logsdon, George J., 83 Lohnes, John H., 136 Long, Long, Long, Elizabeth G., 58 Elmer G., 451 George E., 243 Long, Jerry L., 403, 404 Long, Marilyn J., 197 Long, Paul E., 449 Long, Robert A., 83, 174 Long, Shirley E., 58, 189, 438, 439 Long, William G., 97 Longfellow, Mary E., 58, 187, 454 Longfield, Robert J., 151 Longley, Robert S., 215, 403 Lookingbill, Gerna L., 83 Lopeman, Noble G., 243 Lord, Jane, 124, 193 Lorenc, Ernest, 123 Lorence, Andrew A., 83, 275 Lorenz, Harold R., 97 Lorenz, Robert A., 153, 449 Lorenzen, George A., 153 Lotridge, Alice M., 106, 207, 455 Lott, Gerald R., 83 Loughlin, John D., 58, 337 ran, William A., 164 Lesko, Lester, Lester, Levin, Levine Levine Levine Levitt, John T., 97, 153 Charlene B., 172 Ernest L., 447 Shelle E., 205 , Aaron, 83, 318 , Arthur M., 57 , George S., 57 Richard S., 225, 343 Levy, Donald H., 224, 225, 418 Levy, Levy, Levy, Levy, Harry D., 57 Joseph, 225 Louis, 57, 171 M., 318 Lewers, War.ner M., 83 Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Caryl, 437 Charles H., 83 Donald 428 Maxine E., 83, 176, 177, Lewis, 330 Shirley A., 191 Lewis, William, 256, 428 Liebendorfer, Richard A., 57 Liem, Kathryn M., 168, 195, 298, 299 Liggitt, Ruth J., 261 Lillard, Richard D., 240, 241 Lilledahl, John T., 83 ' Lincoln, Norma N., 382 Lindberg, Charles A., 151, 231 Linden, Barbara J., 438 Lindenmeyer, Esther L., 57 Linder, Enfred E., 136 Lindholin, Claire V., 140 Louis, Norwood C., 213 Louis, Henry W, 213, 351 Lounsbury, Gordon W., 58, 172 Lounsbury, Patricia A., 124, 199, 332 Lovejoy, Mercedes, 253 Lovrien, Sonna L., 115, 253, 375 Lovrien, Howard T., 243 Lowenberg, Richard A., 58 Lowinger, Paul L., 109, 452 Lowrey, Kermie, 242 Lowry, Marjorie K., 253 Loy, William D., 162 Lubin, Robert I., 109, 134, 224 Lubinski, Lea, 112 Luce, Joseph E., 83, 223 Luck, David T., 58 Luckinbill, Paul M., 58, 169 Ludlow, George R., 83 Ludwig, Merritt C., 169, 302 Luechauer, Linda A., 199, 323 Luehrs, Marvin E., 211, 243, 323 Luecke, Gerald, 129 Luker, Henry E., 169 Lundesgaard, Torstein, 151 Lundy, Robert W., 58 Lunine, Myron J., 123 Lutgen, John J., 223 Betty, 259 Lyman, Lybbert, Leo.nard D., 58, 163 Lyncer, D., 148 Lynch, Katherine A., 191, 438 Lynch, Margaret J., 191, 438 Lynch, Richard J., 452 Lynch, Thomas C., 103, 164 Lynn, David B., 58 Lyon, Howard W., 361 Lyon, Robert H., 268 . H Maas, Betty A., 255 Edwin F., 128 Maas, Mabb, Duane C., 83, 243 Machula, Jack, 450 Macys, J., 438 Marshall, Jean, 144 MacAl1ister, Jack A., 243 MacDonald, Joshua C., 58 MacKenzie, Donald K., 151, 156 MacLeod, Jeanette Y., 139, 203 Macy, VVilliam W., 136 Madden, Dolores E., 58, 437. Madden, Robert E., 235, 431 Maddocks, Wayne H., 58 Maddox, John E., 151 Madison, James E., 343 Madson, Marilyn M., 207, 244 Magarrell, Jack S., 169 Magnuson, Robert A., 84 Magnusson, Floyd A., 58, 221, 406, 408, 409 Mahan, Thomas P., 58, 136 Maher, June M., 195, 368 Mahoney, Marion J., 195 Mahoney, Sally L., 195 Mahoney, Thomas J., 58, 169, 296 Maiden, Eleanor E., 58, 195, 328, 370 Maine, Richard J., 238, 239, 418, 421 Maine, Thomas S., 227 Major,, 196, 197 Malcolm, Harlan D., 58, 227 Maley, Vernon P., 84 Malick, Betty J., 58, 199, 333, 340 Malliet, Richard N., 274 Maloney, Francis R., 58, 338 Malony, Mary J., 58, 185 Manchester, Miles B., 58 Manderscheid, Robert A., 140 Mandsager, Robert L., 136 Mangels, Donald K., 450 Mangold, George K., 448, 450 Mangold, Jane A., 58 Mankle, Eldon A., 58 Manson,,Richard C., 58, 180, 263, 430 Margid, Leo.nard, 58 Marken, June C., 189 Mariner, Marilyn A., 58, 206, 207 Marjanski, Joy, 115 Marken, Grace A., 248 Markman, Sherwin J., 307, 309, 310, 338 Markowitz, Nan, 205 Marks, George B., 221, 318 Marolf, Leo A., 234, 235 Maroney, James, 237 Marrs, Jack W., 123, 221, 323 Marsh, Bruce R., 239 Marsh, Kenneth E., 58, 180, 418, 421 Marsh, Roy K., 58 Marshall, Clair W., 58 Marshall, Dale L., 58 Marshall, John W., 59 Marshall, Robert C., 84, 179 Marth, Ann K., 187 Marthinson, Wayne P., 84, 174 Martin, Jane P., 203 Martin John L., 140, 450 Martin, aJne P., 203 Martin Donald C., 240, 241, 425 Martin, Gery M., 222, 223 Martin Lloyd F., 59 Martin, Lois M., 197, 327 Martin, Richard A., 231 Martin, Richard C., 59, 360 Martin Robert D., 59, 231, 343 Martin S., 455 Martin Sanford P., 403 Martin, William T., 214, 215 MarxlNIiller, Elizabeth, 247, 437 Mason, Charles M., 59, 406, 408, 410, 413, 450 Maso.n, William R., 221, 297 Massman, John, Jr., 84, 233 Masson, David J., 84 Masson, Marcia J., 59 Masterson, Leo T., 106 Matelf, N., 343 Mather, Charles R., 103, 164 Matheis, Herman J., 272, 273 Mathew, Jim, 235 Mathews, Frederick A., 447 Mathiasen, Donald G., 213 Mathre, Albert K., 103, 163 Matthes, -Paul T., 151 Matulef, Norman J., 225, 323 Maxwell, John A., 112, 148 May, Joe R., 217 Mayer, David L., 164 Mayer, Philip H., 164 McAdams, David E., 365 McAd0o, Ralph W., 83, 179 McAreavy, Paul J., 83 McAtee, Lawrence D., 83, 179 McBride, Thomas H., Jr., 59, 215 McBride, William D., 59, 169 McBurneY,, George W., 229, 307, 309, 310, 322, 346 McCabe, William J., 59, 180 McCaffrey, Donald W., 59 McCallister, William, 140 McCallum, John G., 59 McCann, Richard D., 83, 174 McCarthy, Duane R., 414 McCart, Earl J., 59, 272 McCarthy, George W., 106 McCarthy, John R., 103, 159, 161, 162 McCarthy, M., 455 McCarthy, Phyllis M., 59 McCartt, M. Jean, 187, 346, 375, 421 McCarty, Charles F., 300, 301 McCa.slin, Margaret A., 59, 168, 195, 455 McCay, Patrica J., 59 McClain, Paul F., 229 McClanahan, Richard P., 59, 167, 221, 404, 427 McClellan, David L., 211, 237 McCloud, Austin P., 97, 153 McClow, Mavis J., 247 McClow, Wayne M., 218, 219 McClurg, John V., 109, 134 McComas, G., 455 McCollister, Robert J., 59, 136 McConkay, Dayton E., 83 McConkie, Robert L., 59, 235 McConkie, Stuart, B., 142 McConlogue, Raymond L., 103, 163 McConnell, Don, 59, 233, 343, 389 McConville, Joseph J., 148 McCool, George W., 243 McCord, Kathryn L., 247 McCord, Lois D., 202, 203 McCormac, Kathleen M., 59, 189, 373 McCormick, Mona M., 193 McCornack, Robert L., 59 McCracken, Thomas G., 162 McCoy, Vern Elmer, 180 McCreary, Marcia L., 421 McCreery, Raymond L., 59, 180, 241, 425 McDaniel, Edward A., 59 McDermott, Pat A., 59, 124 McDonald William, 382 McDonald, David G., 174 McDonald, Elliott R., 425, 427 McDonald, James L., 59, 162 McDonald, Jeanne A., 59, 121, 182, 187, 260, 389 McDonald, J. Bruce, 235, 418, 431 McDonald John F., 421 McDonald, Robert D., 160, 235 McDonald, Roger J., 213 McDo.nnell, John T., 403 McDonnell McDonnell , Jeanne M., 60 , Joyce M., 260 Page 468 Nagle, McDonnell, Roderick, 236, 237 McDonough, John J., 169 McDonough, Robert C., 148 McEleney, Donald E., 140 McEnroe, Charles L., 142 McEwan, Priscilla P., 185 McFadden, Marilyn R., 60 McFerren, John D., 60, 163 Mc Gee, Marion, 351 McGinnis, Darlene L., 252 McGill, John H., 83, 174 McGiverin, Arthur A., 123, 190 McGonigle, Darlene J., 187 McGranahan, Robert S., 169 McGregor, William R., 342 McGuinness, William V., 272 Charlotte W., 60 Emmet A., 60, 450 James L., Jr., 60 McGuire, McGuire, McGuire, Mclntire, Ralph E., 84 McIntire, Robert H., 97, 153 McIntosh, Edwin A., 338 Mclntosh, John C., 60, 169 McKay, Dick A., 229, 298 McKay, Kenneth H., 60, 136 McKenna, Kendall, 418 McKenzie, Robert D., 234, 235, 398, 399, 403 McKenzie, James B., 210, 237, 326 McKim, Bruce T., 236, 237 lWIcKinley, Charles W., 60 445, 450 McKinley, William W., 60, 164 McKinstry, James E., 229 450 McKinzie, M. Claire, 60, 121, 170, 326, 340 McLaughlin, Edward J., 237 McLaughlin, Mary, 354 McLaughlin, Philip A., 60 McLeod, Donald C., 84 Helen M., 60, 197 Henry, 84 McMahon, McMahon, McMahon, John F. 84, 179 McMahon, Mary A., 338, 361 McMahon, Walter W., 174, 243, 342, 359, 362, 451 McManis, Do.nald L., 97, 152 McMeans, Fayette W.. 106 McMichael, Elmer L., 448 McMillan, Dayton N., 97, 129, 152, 155, 243 McMinn, Karyl F., 251 McMinn, Marilyn J., 84, 251 McNabb, Daniel W., 103 McNamara, Katherine, 124, 302 McNamara, Richard V., 174, 223 McNeil, Jean F., 347 McNeill, Albert J., 60 McNomee, Beverly, 197 McNur1en, Keith A., 145, 322, 325, 348 McPartland, John P., 60, 169 McPherren, David L., 211, 227 McQuade, Elizabeth, 193, 359, 362 McQueen, Donald L., 60, 368 McRae, D., 348 McReynolds, Luella B., 84, 258 McRoberts, Margaret J., 191 McTavish, Joh.n 223 McTigue, Fran, 254, 382 McTigue, Mary K., 183, 197 Meade, Don H., 243 Meade, Eugene L., 213 Meador, John V., 60 Meahl, Starling, Jr., 60, 450 Medhus, Glenn, 354, 450 Medlin, Ann, 60, 189 Meek, Ann, 251 Meek, James E., 235 Meenan, John F., 97 Meer, Robert G., 84 Meerians, Richard J., 97, 153 Mefferd, Howard L., 60, 450 Megchelsen, Mary H., 171, 258, 436, 437 Mfbggers, Mary J., 60, 124, 390 Page 469 Meggison, Jack E., 174 Mehrhoff, Jack H., 97 Meier, Charles F., 142 Meier, Mark F., 97, 120, 129, 150, 155, 156, 303, 344 Meinhardt, Wayne F., 97 Meister, Donald E., 60 Melchior, Virginia M., 122, 216, 247 Melichar, John A., 97, 153 Mellen, Gurli E., 84 Melli, E., 158 Mellcik, Edna A., 106 Melrose, Madlin A., 195, 340, 438 Melsha, Robert D., 235 Meltvedt, David C., 215, 403 Mendell, Joyce, 454 Mendelson, Leah, 60, 182, 205, 300 Mercer, LeRoy, 454 Mercer, Wayne C., 60, 138, 139 Merkel, John E., 425 Merkley, Margaret A., 183, 193 Merner, Marianna, 60, 187 Merrihew, Claude F., 109, 136 Merriman, Jack C., 103, 164 Merritt, James W., 136, 140 Mershon, Robert D., 103, 163 Mesirow, Stanley M., 109 Messenger, Cyril J., 60 Messerli, Lloyd R., 61 Metcalf, Robert D., 84, 178, 179 Metcalf, VVilliam E., 174, 248, 430 Metier, Ardeth T., 163 lkletier, William H., 222, 223, 425 Metz, VVilliam T., 129, 228, 229 Mewnam, Sid, 428 Meyer, Albert J., 215 Meyer, Charles F., 109 Meyer, Edgar A., 142 Jim, 272, 273 Ralph J., 153 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Richard, 403 Donald, 170 Meyer, Meyers, Joyce W., 390 Meyers, Marsha, 261 Meyers, Robert, 324 Meyerson, Owen L., 204, 225 Miao, David Cheng, 153 Michael, Robert D., 61 Michaelson, Beryl F., 109 Michel, James P., 223, 425 Michel, Merlin P., 61 Mick, Norma J., 61 Miller, Richard H., 215 Miller, Robert S., 227, 304 Miller, Shirley J., 61 Miller, Verlyn, 136 Miller, Williain, 354 Milligan, M., 361 Milliman, James C., 61, 140 Mills, Dane M., 84, 179 Milroy, Boyd J., 61 Milroy, Grace B., 84 Mims, Hornsby, 219 Mindrum, Gordon M., 138 Minear, Max w., 448, 450 Minnick, Maynard, 146 Minor, Mary L., 193 Minor, R. Dwayne, 451 ivlinshall, VVill:am H., 61, 169 Mitchell, M., 61, 201 lVIitchel Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchel Mitchel l, Blythe, 61, 256 Clifford L., 382 David E., 61 l, Earl N., 61 l, Elena J., 115 Mitchell, Glenn L., 146 Mitchell, James W., 61 Mitchel Mitchel Mitchel Mitchel 1, Jean, 255 l, Kenneth H., 84, l, Martha M., 201 tree, Jonquil, 195 174 Mitnick, Harrison A., 274 Mochal, Joan M., 354 Mochal, Ima M., 179, 329, 333 Mochal, Milo A., 61, 142, 143 Moe, Shirley E., 256, 257 Moeller, Donald R., 97 Moeller, Donald W., 210, 233 Moeller, Jay, 1 3 8 Moeller, Richard K., 153 Moellering, Edith J., 438 Moellring, Marilyn R., 61 Moen, Robert W. Moermond, Jame Mohr, Richard H., Moldenhauer, Ba 207 , 219 s O., 142 61, 338 rbara H., Moldenhauer, Howard H., 123, 266, 327, 3 Moline, Carl H., 43 61 Moline, Everett E., 448, 450 Mollman, Walter G., 98, 354 Molsberry, Frank I., 61 Molyneux, William C., 61, 344 Monroe, Harry M., 447 Montgomery, Donald J., 61 Montgomery Everett M., 450 Montgomery, John A., 61 Moodie, John R., 103 Moon, Barbara C., 354 Moore, Carlyle C., 136 Mighell, Robert L., 61, 227 Mikulick, Walter M., 180 Miles, William H., 167, 210, 22.3 Miller, Ann, 201 Miller, Ava M., 197 Miller, Barbara J., 199, 327, 455 Miller, Carmine J., 84 Miller, Carolyn C., 201, 208, 437 Miller, Chester H., 268 Miller, Daniel, 241, 351 Miller, Donald Y., 61 Miller, Doris, 200, 201 Miller, Doris F., 61, 356 Ikliller Edward J., 84 Milleri Elmer E., Jr., 61, 235 Miller, Galer J., 106, 351 Miller, Herbert P., 153, 267 Miller, Jack, 414 Miller, Jack L., 235, 452 Miller, James B., 61 Miller, John M., 227 Miller, John R., 212, 213, 342 Miller, John S., 447 Miller, Larence A., 140 Miller, Leslie H., 97, 151 Miller, Mablon S., Jr., 61 Miller, Margaret A., 61, 189 Miller, Marilyn, 201, 438 Miller, Marvin F., 109 Miller, Marvin L., 61 Millti, Mary K., 191, 329, 389 Miller, Mary L., 84, 168 Moore, Carol K., 84, 213 Moore, Jack D., 61, 390 Moore, James J., 84, 174 Moore, Joh.n, 380 Moore, Lee W., 61, 160 Moore Lois 185 Moore, Marian, 262, 380 Moore, Rita O., 84 Moore, Robert L., 61 Moore, Robert R., 233 Moore, Tom B., 174, 215, Moore, Victor A., 84, 173 Moorhead, Phillip E., 98, 156 Morehead, Patricia N., 122, 201 418 Morrow, VVilliam H., 98, 153 356 M., 62 E., 62 Mortensen, Duane Mortensen, James Mortimore, James Moser, G. Darlene, 62, 256, 257 Mounce, Kenneth A., 84, 174, 243, 389 Moureau, Stuart A., 84, 324 Mouw, Philip W., 62, 361 Mower, Penneld H., 418 Mowery, Robert L., 62 Moyer, Joseph J., 98, 152, 449 Moyer, Shrley J., 115, 254 Mozer, Len, 169 Mueller, Dorothy A., 62, 201 Mueller, Etta M., 247, 251, 329 Mueller, S., 208 Muilenburg, James W., 235 Mulford, Kenneth A., 98, 382 Mullaley, Robert C., 62, 163, 272, 273 Mullen, R. L., 452 Mulligan, Arthur J., 272, 273 Muma, Ralph E., 84 Mumert, Robert L., 84, 237 Mundt, Joanne R., 353 Munsell, Everett W., 84, 167, 210, 214, 215, 304 Munson, Frank E., 234 Munson, James S., 153, 237 Munson, Leon L., 62 Muntz, Elwin C., 145, 148 Murchison, Helen A., 455 Murdock, Mary E., 62 Murtin, Vern F., 123, 389 Murphy, Daniel K., 103, 164 Murphy, Robert L., 243 Murray, Barbara, 199 Murray, James E., 237 Murray, Murry, Charles W., 62, 164 Mutchler, Paul A., 153 Myer, V., 215 Warren, 327 Myers, B., 274 Myers, Charles E., 62, 274 Myers, 247, Myers, Dorothy J., 62, 121, 251, 310, 335, 344 Gail E., 120, 169, 296 Myers, John W., 68, 208 Myers, Joyce, 404 Myers, Thelma, 256 Myron, Don D., 174, 241, 418 Myrtrom, Leonard, 354 N Naber, 403 Nadler, Perry I., 224 Naggs, Sally M., 115 David R., 109, 452 Mearl G., 396, 399, Nagorner, Joseph H., 84 Nagorner, Sol L., 209 Nakahata, Yutaka, 362 Naramore, Edward F., Jr., 241 Nauman, Charles W., 62 Neff, Marian L., 207, 341 Nefzger, Beverly A., 84, 128 176 Nefzger, Robert L., 348 Nebert, Jane A., 252 ' 1 Moreland, Audrey I., 62, 338 Morgan B. 261 Morganz Dale D., 136 Morgan, Gerald M., 62 Morgan, John R., 298 Morgan, Rex, 140, 326 Morgan, William, 128 Moriyasu, Akira D., 106 Morris, Barbara A., 185 Morris, James B., 103 Morris, James T., 334, 342 Morris, James W., 62, 128, 334 Morris, Martin L., 123 Morrison, Donald L., 270, 271, 430 Morrison, Ira F., 160 Morrison, Jackson E., 136 Morrison, James N., 241 Morrison, Kenneth D., 84 Morriso.n, VVilliam J., 165 Neiman, N., 455 Nelson, Nelson, Bruce K., 148 Charles W., 85 Nelson, Don L., 85, 103 Gladys J., 248, 455 Harvey G., 98 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Jane A., 251 Nelson, Jesse I., 98, 153 Nelson, John A., 213 Nelson, Kenneth G., 104, 160 Nelson, Maurice E., 98, 132, 150, 151 Nelson, Marilyn J., 197, 208 Nelson, Robert C., 62, 450 Nelson, Robert D., 146, 179 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson Theodore A., 233 William E., 338 , Vera M., 115 Nemec, Joseph F., 153 Neppl, Earl W., 213 Nesheim, Francis I., 62 Nemann, Bette D., 189 Nevers, Yvonne L., 249 Newbrough, Donald R., 233 Newburgh, Robert W., 62, 171 Newell, Colleen, 203, 344 Newman, Sidney D., 62, 241, 414, 428 Newman, William B., 85 Newton, Robert C., 98, 156. . Nicholas, William L., 226, 227 Nichols, Alan D., 98, 156 Nichols, Robert F., 214, 215 299, 364 Nickels, Owen J., 276 Nickelsen, John H., 221 Nickless, John C., 138 Nicodemus, Keith L., 453 Nicol, Albert J., Jr., 239 Nicol, Robert R., 324, 348 Nicolette, David W., 62, 169, 296, 304 Nielsen, Ruth I., 355 Nielson, Mary J., 62, 193 Nieman, Nadine, 185 Niemann, Myra J., 248 Niemann, Robert C., 62, 451 Niles, Mary E., 62 Nilsson, Laverne I., 223 Nipson, Herbert, 169 Nitsch, Adolph, 446, 449, 454 Nitzke, Everett A., 142, 254 Nixon, Beverly D., 62 Nixon, Gordon E., 62 Noe, Leroy H., 85, 123, 354 Noland, Betty L., 199, 351 Nolin, Robert E., 348 Nolte, Margaret, 437 Noonan, Honorah F., 62 Nordman, Gerald R., 403 Nordstrom, Fred C., 231, 360 Nordstrom, Robert D., 104, 163 Nordyke, Roger E., 348 Noring, Edmund A., 231 Norland, Phillip N., 338 Norris, Patrica A., 62, 261 Norris, Robert B., 148 North, Robert L., 62 Novosad, Andrew, 85 Nunn, Doris -J., 189, 235 Nunn, James F., 324 Nusser, Stephen L., 228, 229 Nutty, John E., 162 Nyberg, John D., 62 Nymann, Percy L., 62, 164 0 Oakes, Robert V., 85 O'Brien, Eugene B., 85 O'Brien, Joseph A., 98 O'Brien, Patrica, 436 O'Connor, Marian T., 202, 203 Ocheltree, Verne E., 85 Ocvirk, Otto G., 62 O'Day, Cecil M., 98, 151, 156 Oehler, Jay C., 62, 164 Oelke, Delores A., 85, 197 Oelmann. Warren H., 85 Oelrich, Kenneth E., 106 Oertley, Robert E., 140 Oesterborg, Lowell L., 85 Oetting, Gloria R., 353 Offringa, Mary R., 355 Ogden, Robert F., 215 Ogden, Mary L., 187 Ohlsen, Joh.n E., 348, 448 Ohlson, Dean M., 106 Ohrtman, Naomi R., 356 Ohsman, Eugene K., 225 Ohsman, Janet, 214 Ohsman, Seymour A., 98, 153, 204, 225 Okamoto, Helen E., 332, 334 O'Kelly, Ray L., 164, 165 Olansky, Howard L., 225 Oldham, Delbert D., 85 Olinger, Kathryn M., 260, 437 Oliphant, Gloria E., 189 Olive, William D., 85 Oliver, Richard T., 146, 452 156, Olson, Lloyd E., 63 Olson, Lorna P., 63 Olson, M., 164 Olson, Thomas F., 213 Olson, Thomas O., 165 Olson, William H., Jr., 190, 449, 453 Omer, Albert C., 164 Ona, Sue, 437 O'Neill, Arthur L., 403 O'Neill, Robert E., 237 Onnen, Ivan L., 63, 164 Oostendorp, John A., 120, 272, 308 Opfel, Robert E., 63, 450 Opfell, Harriet M., 109, 144 Opfell, Richard W., 109, 148, 452 Opfell, Ruth A., 115, 252, 450 Orcutt, Paul E., 136 Donald N., 138 Orelup, Orsborn, Mary S., 195, 332 Ortmeyer, Donald W., 63, 140 Orvis, Roger C., 63 Osborne, Jane H., 162, 197 Osborne, R., 162 O'Shaughnessy, Joan M., 195, 367 Osmundson, Philip J., 138 Ostdiek, James K., 171 Ostrander, Richard N., 63 Ostrem, Carl T., Jr., 63 Ostrus, Donald C., 146 Oswald, Ruth E., 201 Ota, Tatsuo, 85 Ott, Charles E., 214 Otteman, Ronona L., 353 Otterman, William D., 63 Otto, Willis A., 216, 217 Overby, George S., 98, 156 Overholser, Richard S., 223, 373 Owen, WVilliam J., 231 Owens, Cletus J., 85 Owens, John J., 153 P Packer, James E., 322 Page, Dorothy V., 63, 195 Pagin, John A., 63, 219 Pahre, Richard E., 240, 241, 324 Palik, Robert R., 98, 153, 154 Palmer, B., 448 Palmer, June, 354 Palmer, Leo L., 85 Palmer, Lloyd J., 85 Palmer, Max O., 298 Palmer, Raymond D., 180 Palmer, William R., 450 Pannkuk, Ladonna B., 63 Pape, David C., 153 Pappadackis, George D., 309 Paramore, Richard A., 241, 303 Parker, Dale G., 148 Parker, Marjorie M., 85 Parker, Marlys K., 115 Parker, Thomas F., 406 Parker, William A., 450 Parkin, Robert D., 63, 163 Parks, Lowell B., 85 Parks, Rex G., 380 Pavley, Paul A., 221 Pavlovec, Dorothy C., 256 Pawley, Gloria, 438 Payne, Janice M., 347 Payton, Marcus F., 104, 163, 263, 266 Pazdera, Jane R., 249 Peacock, Betty L., 187 Peacock, Dorris M., 189, 298, 299 Pearce, Robert C., 222, 223, 374 Pearlman, Gilbert D., 309, 310 Pearson, Kermit E., 63 Pearson, Robert L., 85 Peart, Charles K., 63, 163 Peck, James A., 63, 309 Peck, Lowell J., 63 Pedersen, Joyce M., 85 Peddicord, Thomas L., 190, 211, 231 Pederson, Jack H., 176, 219, 372, 451 Pederson, Jean, 455 Peebles, Katherine S., 247 Peet, Julius N., 86 Pefferle, Frederick R., 104, 159, 163 Pegram, Norman R., 174, 175 Pell, Mldred C., 63, 168, 248, 376, 455 Pelley, Arlo D., 129 Penny, Clair A., 86 Penningroth, Peace B., 203, 361 Percival, John S., 86, 174, 241 Percy, Dean E., 217 Perdock, John E., 86, 231 Perkins, Richard H., 242, 243 Perley, E., 438 Perrin, Delbert L., 403 Perry, Claude A., 63 Perry, Joan L., 187, 323, 340, 389 ' Perry, Mable B., 63 Person, Elaine E., 86 Person, Lester E., 86 Pesch, LeRoy A., 343 Peshkin, Samuel D., 160 Pesuth, Frank X., 98, 153, 243 Peterman, Gordon G., 98, 151, 156, 221, 303 Peters, Donald F., 223 John M., 164 Peters, Peters, S., 438 Peters, Vncent L., 98, 231 Peterschmidt, Dorothy A., 64 Peterschmidt, Paul L., 98 Pettit, Leonard G., 86 Pfeifer, Pfeifer, Robert B., 234, 235 William C., 235, 323 Pfeiffer, Marion E., 207 Pfiffner, Richard L., 64 Phelps, Allie Lu, 115, 252, 445, 454 Phelps, LeRoy L., 241 Phillips, Pauline, 144 Phillips, Ann E., 115 Phillips, Barbara J., 184, 337 Phillips, Clark B., 229 Phillips, Emily C., 201 Phillips, Jacqueline, 195 Phillips, Katherine G., 64, 128, 249, 351 Phillips, Richard E., 85, 324 Phillips, Robert F., 219 Phillips, Robert S., 395, 401, 403 Phinney, Robert W., 229 Phipps, Joan L., 186, 187, 304 Pickard, Hendrix, 221 Pickens, 30 9 ' James F., 228, 229, Pierce, Alvin F., 428 Pierce, Joan, 64 Pierce, P., 438 Pietsch, R., 86 Pike, Laurence B., 323 Piles, M., 197 Pinch, Newell O., 239, 406, 450 Pinkerton, Sally, 198, 199, 298, 299 Pinney, Patrica J., 64, 201 Pinney, Richard D., 64 Pipkin, Francis M., 64 Pitlik, William F., 213 Pitts, Allen, 197 Pittas, Helen, 190, 191 Pitzenberger, Mary A., 193 Platenberg, Robert J., 86 Platt, Arthur G., 86 Pletsch, Doris I., 176, 206, 207, 304 Plows, Charles W., 136 Plum, Regina M., 115 Podlaha, Otto C., 153 Podlich, William F., Jr., 348 Podol, Richard L., 64, 225 Poisnick, Jack, 64, 140, 141 Olsen Olsen Olson , Irving E., 85, 450 Maurice D. 266 ,Anna L., 83, 259, 338 Olson, Carol J., 63, 389 ,436, 437 Olson, Clifford L., 85 Olson, Donna R., 63, 247, 322 Olson , Gloria J., 115 Olson, Jerry, 359 Parman, William H., 98, 153 Parme.nter, Betty D., 85, 176 Parson, G., Victor, 140 Parsons, I., 444 Parsons, L., 358 Parsons, Robert B., 63 Pascal, Talitha, 104, 166 Pascuzzi, Robert D., 63 Patch, Loise D., 176, 177, 260 Pates, Donald C., 140 Patten, James B., 215 Patterson, Jack T., 63 Patton, Dwight E., 98, 219 Patton, Joan, 197 Patty, Margaret V., 187 Paul, Donald D., 164 Paul, Julie A., 63, 195 Paul, Robert L., 98, 239 Paul, Rosemarie, 197 Pauls, Jane, 455 Pauls, Nancy J., 247, 250, 251, 376 Paulsen, Arthur P., 85 Paulsen, Donald A., 110 Paulsen, John J., 403 Petersen, Peterson, 389 Audrey L., 201 Beverly J., 207, Peterson, Claude E., 153 Peterson, Donald A., 213 Peterson, Elizabeth M., 248 Peterson, George E., 106 Peterson, Glenn D., 146 Peterson, Harvey D., 86 Peterson, James A., 106, 219 Peterson, Jeanne M., 64, 174 Peterson, Peterson Jerome D., 64 John 192 Peterson: John,R., 243 Peterson, Loren G., 140 Peterson, L. Willard, 98, 151, 156 Peterson, Marijean S., 64 Peterson, Norman M., 104 Peterson, Norman V., 98, 153 Peterson, Oren A., 64 Peterson, Rand, 213 Peterson, Rchard W., 64, 120, 162, 270, 344 Peterson, Robert D., 64, 308 Peterson, Ron, 226 Peterson, Rozan, 203, 220 Peterson, Stanley G., 169 Peterson, Wesley F., 86 Peterson, William, 356 Petree, Barbara J., 195, 230 Petrehn, James M., 86 Petri, Ver Petrik, Ri le A., 213, 324 chard A., 309, 389 Petro, John W., 354 Petska, Leonard J., 132 Poland, Martin L., 86 Polasky, Cornelia A., 124, 389 Polich, John J., 140, 452 Pollock, Ida T., 64 Pollock, John H., 64 Pollock, Phillip H., 64 Poock, Alvin E., 64, 180 Pooley, Frank, 306 Poore, Harold K., 64 Popp, Duane H., 64, 128 Poppen, Robert A., 64, 223 Porter, John W., 235 Porter, George R., 64, 169 Porter, Lawrence W., 343, 350 Porth, Gloria J., 188, 189, 389 Porto, John R., 138 Post, William F., 213 Potee, Milton, 359 Potter, Kenneth L., 64, 223 Poulter, Joseph C., 98, 120 152, 210, 235, 373 Poulter, Mary, 248 Powell, Donna L., 255 Powell, Mary K., 64 Powell, Robert M., 136, 452 Powers, Vincent F., 163 Pratt, Emily J,, 201 Pred, Maxine E., 204, 205 Presnall, Kenneth R., 64 Preiss, Ken.neth R., 380, 430 Prichard, Robert D., 65 Pribble, M., 438 Price, Harry W., 65, 153 Price, Marjorie A., 350 Primrose, Robert L., 234, 235, 448, 450 Prind, D., 255 Pringle, John R., 86, 223 Pritchard, J., 160, 164, 327 Prochnow, Edwin W., 86 Proctor, Lester F., Jr., 235 Proehl, Otto C., 86 Proetz, Ruth A., 250, 318 Page 470 Prokop, Joanne M., 389, 206, 207 Proshek, Lumir C., 110, 135, 136, 452 Prosser, Dan E., 389 Prottsman, Gladys L., 65, 249 Protz, Evelyn M., 65 Puetz, Richard N., 237 Pumper, Robert W., 171 Pumroy, Donald K., 65 Punkay, Yui O., 277 Purkhiser, Esther, 115 Pursifull, James M., 235 Putnam, Duncan M., 153, 154, 156 Putney, Mark W., 217 Pyles, Donald J., 215 Q Quaife, Kenneth M., 65 Qualley, Mary A., 124, 247, 249, 251, 323, 332 Quandahl, Charles D., 65, 1 Quigg, Jack R., 161 Quinlan, William J., 213 Quinn, John E., 136 Quirk, Thomas E., 65, 163, 272 Quist, Sally A., 65, 193, 455 R Raben, Seymore M., 225 Radig, Eugene Louis, 86 Radeke, Vernon G., 65 64 Rader, William L., 218, 219 Raetz, Jacqueline J., 184, 185 Raffensperger, Leonard, 392 Raissle, J., 348 Ralston, Eleanor, 65 Ralston, Leanord F., 65 Ramsey, Gordon Paul, 86, 174 Ramsey, Joan M., 65, 346 Randall, Dale V., 343, 348 Randall, Loie, 302 Rankin, Roberta Ann, 65, 207, 337 Ranshaw, Harlan, 342, 356, 359 Ransom, William M., 65 Raplinger, Donald V., 86 Rasen, Sonya, 389 Rashid, Ernestine L., 190, 191 Rasley, James R., 86, 213 Rasley, Robert A., 213 Rasmussen, Frances M., 65, 249, 355, 360 Rastovac, Dorothy J., 258, 354 Rater, Wilford D., 231 Rath, Betty J., 201, 222 Ravitz, Elaine C., 205, 224 Rawson, Daleen, 175 Rawson, Ellen K., 65, 195 Rea, Norman H., 160, 161 Reagen, J., 162 Rearden, Charles R., 449, 350 Rebec, Mary Ann, 249 Rector, Dale F., 65 Redman, Beverly E., 205 Reed, Anne, 65, 194, 195 Reed, Bill S., 389 Reed, Don L., 65, 324 Reed, Donald, 167 Reed, Maeola, 65 Reed, Marjorie A., 65 Reed, Robert W., 136, 452 Reed, S., 187 Reed, William S., 211, 233 Reed, James A., 128 William D., 104 Reeds, Kenneth D., 221 Rees, Marion J., 332, 334, 441 Reese, Donald M., 65 Reeves, Robert A., 337, 380 Regelson, Leon, 123 Reger, Tom E., 239 Rehberg, Forrest G., 153, 231 Rehmke, Betty Jane, 176, 4 258, 259, 322 Rehnblom, Grace R., 65 Rehnstrom, Vernley Rae, 86 Reichardt, Bill J., 229 Reid, Sue J., 389 Reilly, John B., 104, 268 Reimer, Robert C., 123 Reimers, M. R., 455 Reinemund, John B., 276, 323 Reinier, Russell E., 87 Reininga, Alice A., 206, 207, 322 Reinman, A., 357 Reinman, D., 357 Reinstein, Vi.ncent P., 447 Reisler, Elaine B., 247, 251 Reisetter, Donald W., 87 Remmes, Bill H., 425 Rennella, John, 419, 421 Renk, Raymond R., 448, 450 Renner, Frank J,, 123 Reno, Walter B., 65, 213, 418 Repp, John I., 87 Reynolds, Levern L., 65 Reynolds, Robert L., 403 65, 168, Reynoldson, Marian E., 115, 252 Rhodes, Lynn E., 162, 239 270 Rhodes, John P., 241 Rhodes, Helen M., 65, 247 Rhomberg, Thomas W., 163 Riassetto, Frank H., 87 Riassetto, Tony V., 266 Rich, C. L., 203 Rich, Lenora B., 205 Rich, Nancy E., 205 Richards, Beverly J., 193, 309 Richards, Marvin D., 142 Richards, Mary F., 65 Richardson, Charmaine, 438 Richardson, Donald, 169 Richardson, Keith, 162, 239 Richardson, R., 448 Richey, Dalton W., 145 Richey, J., 153 Ricketts, Patrica A., 203 Riddle, R. H., 129 Riddle, Robert L., 98, 155 Rider, John Morris, 87 Ridgeway, Lyle G., 309 Rieck, Walter S., 65 Riechs, Richard C., 180, 406 Riede, David, 65, 272 Riede, Gerald Louis, 86 Riedinger, Frank H., 153 Rife, Wayne E., 239 Riggs, James L., 98, 132, 151, 156 Riley, Howard W., 449 Riley, Richard K., 65 Riley, Tom J., 213, 337 Rimel, Joyce M., 189, 360 Rinella, Edris J., 207 Rinella, John J., 419, 420, 321 Ring, Dean M., 136 Ringstrom, Norman H., 179 Rinnan, Robert D., 174 Ripley, Dwight W., 174 Ripperger, Dwayne M., 66 Ris, Wally, 196, 235, 373, 418, 421, 431 Risk, Donald, 229, 327 Riss, Roma J., 66, 189 Ritland, Raymond W., 179 Ritter, Richard P., 66, 272, 273 Rizor, Doris M., 176, 356 Robert, Lois A., Jr., 66 Roberts, Arthur L., 98, 153, 154 Roberts, Glenn E., 174 Roberts, Jean, 207 Roberts, John A., 123 Roberts, Mary K., 249 Robertson, Bob, 221 Robinson, Adele L., 66 Robinson, Barbara P., 205 Robinson, Flora M., 199, 335, 340 Robinson, Janet A., 122, 249 Robinson, Jim G., 296, 348 Robinson, Joann C., 205, 389 Roddewig, Robert F., 309 Rodgers, Bill J., 296 Rodgers, Charlotte, 455 Rodgers, Edward M., 104 Rodman, Malcolm, 169, 296 Roffman Larry E., 225 Rogers, Alberta, 176, 177 Rogers, Betty J., 207, 347 Rogers, C., 187, 300 Rogers, Daniel S., 163 Rogers, Warren K., Jr., 153, 303 Roggs, J., 156 Rogin, Gilbert L., 123 Roisen, Agnes E., 259 Roman, Dorothy A., 66, 262, 323, 325, 380 Rompot, Richard E., 66 Ronney, William L., 99, 153 Rook, Shirley, 195, 240 Rooney, Katherine C., 66 Roper, Dan P., 223, 418 Roose, Mary K., 172, 207 Roper, Dan, 421 Ropschutz, Rita E., 318 Rose, Barbara, 339 Rose, Maurice L., 87 Rose, Maurice T., 243 Roseland, John S., 211, 215 Roseland, Robert G., 87, 215 Rosen, Melvin, 425 Rosen, Sonya A., 260 Rosenbaum, Bertha, 189, 212 Rosenberger, G., 354 Rosenquist, Arthur R., 450 Rosenquist, D., 448 Ross, Joan M., 66 Ross, Nancy, 201 Ross, Pat R., 201 Ross, Sarah Lou, 66, 171 Ross, Wallace, 66, 167 Rossie, Bob A., 296 Rost, Richard C., 239 Roth, Don W., 214 Roth, V., 255 Rothe, Kathy, 195 Rottman, R. D., 123 Roudabush, Ruth Anne, 66, 258 Rovner, Gerald, 87, 167, 300, 301 Rowden, Joseph H., 66 Rowles, Joan E., 185 Rowley, Charles J., 179 Royal, Clifton D., 104, 163 Rubinson, Harry M., 225 Rubinson, Mildred E., 205, 338 Ruby, Joanne, 199 Ruby, Kenneth W., 99 Ruck, Fred A., 414 Rudi, Norman H., 353 Rugtiv, A. Norman, 146 Ruhl, Charles, 174, 214, 215 Ruhl, John G., 174, 215 Ruigh, Robert E., 66 Rule, Robert D., 99, 153 Rush, M., 324 Russell, Laura, 261 Russell, Myrna G., 66 Rust, Richard E., 66, 120, 136 Rutenbeck, Allen L., 99, 132, 151 Rutenbeck, Harry E., 169 Rutenbeck, Mary, 437 Ruth, Richard C., 146 Ruther, William R., 162, 370 Rutherford, Garold L., 87 Rutherford, Marion E., 66 Rutledge, Ruth Ann, 66, 199 Rutz, Burton John, 87 Ryan, Eugene W., 99 Ryan, Jack C., 235 Ryan, Richard J., 354 Ryan Thomas, 272 Ryan, Thomas G., 87, 368 Ryan, Wayne D., 414 Ryan, Robinson, Robinson, Mary, 187, 242, 455 William H., 173 Robison, Katherine Ann, 66 Robison, Wilmer J., 447 Roby, Cecil LeRoy, 87 Rock, James P., 237 Rod, Herbert L., 87 Reilly, Patrica A., 190, 181 Reimer, I., 160 Page 471 Rodawig, Donald F., 222 Rodawig, Mrs, Donald, 222 Ryden, Rex J., 223 Ryerson, Karl E., 136 S Saar, Richard E., 135 Saathoff, William C., 229 Sabath, Sheldon, 87 Sackett, Elizabeth R., 195, 298 Safley, Max W., 138 Frederick C., 353 Sage, Sage, Roderick D., 66, 241 Jens, Jr., 66, 140 Sahl, Sahs, Jean L., 455 Salem, Leroy J., 213 Sallen, Leroy H., 153 Salstrom, Josephine A., 66, 191 , Salzer, Audrey E., 256 Sameroff, Abe R., 99 Sampson, Walter F., 66 Samuels, Suzanne, 185 Sandberg, Mary L., 252 Sander, Kei-th W., 87 Sanderson, Dean, 156, 303 Sandherst, Donald J., 66 Sandler, Gerald B., 225 Sandrock, James P., 221 Sanford, Earl L., 225, 403 Sanks, Robert R., 360 Sangster, Thomas R., 243, 425 Santi, Retha M., 87, 259, 338 Santman, Phyllis P., 335, 354, 355 Sassafrass, P., 138 Satterly, Dale E., 87 Satterthwaite, Lauren, 66 Sauer, E., 438 Sautter, Robert A., 110, 142 Savage, Deane R., 438 Savage, Richard H., 318 Sawvel, Richard K., 66 Sayre, Bart, 123, 221 Sayre. Mary, 66, 203, 340 Scarcliff, Virginia L., 66 Scarpello, Joseph J., 180 Schacht, Coey J., 66 Schacht, Norman A., 142 Schaefer, Rosemary T., 115 Schafer, Charles M., 229 Schaffer, Daniel D., 450 Schaeffer, M., 191 Schaffner, Rome L., 136, 327 Schapanski, Sally J., 191 Scheider, J., 162 Scheinost, Earl F., 87, 174 Scheinost, Paul C., 87, 174 Scherf, Royce J., 123 Schelyi, Joan, 189 Schick, Elmer C., Jr., 87 Schick, James E., 236 Schick, Philip H., 237 Schiffman, Donald I., 343 Schiller, Anita, 205, 332, 335, 352, 389 Schlling, Maurice R., 241 Schinkel, Melvin E., 66, 169 Schlacks, Barbara H., 275 Schlass, Joyce S., 205, 389 Schluter, Walter E., 241 Schlegel, Richard R., 66 Schlein, Eva, 66 Schlomp, P., 203 Schlorhollz, Floyd J., 237 Schmahl, Allen F., 66, 169, 235, 431 Schmahl, Wayne R., 431 Schmeiderman, I., 274 Schmerler, John A., 66, 239 Schmidt, Harold E., 99, 132 Schmidt, Joh.n J., 197, 455 Schmidt, Jack A., 237 Schmidt, Marjorie J., 256, 275 Schneider, Dorothy A., 67 Schneider, Eleanor, 67 Schneider, James G., 162 Schneider, Paul H., 87, 254 Schneider, Robert F., 67, 163 Schneiderman, Ira P., 338 Schneider, Sally M., 203 Schnittjejr, Lyell V., 187 Schnoebelen, Joy A., 175, 187, 327 Schnoebelen, Vrginia, 338 Schoell, David A., 229 Schoell, Richard M., 229 Schoeneman, Ruth J., 67, 256, 275 Schoenfeld, Charlotte, 122, 205, 298, 323 Scholl, Charles R., Jr., 452 Scholtes, Garald J., 218, 219 Schomers, Gerald P., 211, 235 School, Charles R., 136 Schorg, Weldon W., 148, 452 Sideman, Fredda E., 249, 332 Stewart, Schori, Kenneth M., 87, 348 Schorr, Charles A., 162 Schott, Harry F., 327 Schrader, Normand C., 67, 1169 Schreiber, Irael R., 67 Schreiber, Shirley A., 340, 389 Schrock, John O., 67 Schroeder, Asher E., 67 Schroeder, E. G., 418 Schubert, Walter C., 87 Schuler, Louis E., 104, 160, 361 Schuller, Bernard F., 146 Schulte, George A., 104 Schultheis, Irene L., 166 Schultz, William M., 87 Schulz, Jerry M., 215 Schulz, Robert L., 227, 367, 406, 408, 409, 410, 411 Schulz, William A., 112 Schulze, Donald K., 99 Schumacher, Donald P., 67, 136 Schumann, Betty L., 187 Schumann, William H., Jr., 87 Schwartz, Herbert S., 67 Schwartz, Louise W., 203 Schwartz, Robert C., 99, 152 Schweitzer, Cletus R., 67, 164 Schweizer, Donald R., 87 Scott, H., 318 Scott, Joyce A., 203, 249 Scott, Marilyn L., 67, 189 Scott, Ruby L., 67, 184, 185, 309, 310, 323, 325, 346 Scroggs, John R., 414 Scurr, Nancy, 251 Seacat, Milroy S., 67 Sear, John, 142, 143 Sears, William H., 87 Sedlacek, Robert A., 211, 241 Seedorf, Mildred L., 355 Seela, Ted N., 226, 227 Seibel, David R., 227 Seideman, J., 261 Seidner, Mary L., 191 Seifert, Irene H., 261 Seitz, Alice A., 248 Seitz, Martha M., 106, 158 Selby, Herbert S., 104 Selby, Lawrence N., 451, 453 Seldin, Millard R., 225 Self, Cameron L., 452 Selzer, Lovelle M., 189 Semelhack, Donald E., 153 Senneff, John A., 215 Sennish, La. Una L., 67 Sennish, Robert B., 67 Sents, Aeilt E., 354 Sessler, Walter W., 87, 174 Sevensen, A., 248 Sewall, Margaret M., 357 Seward, William B., 67 Sewer, William, 169 Sexton, Arthur D., 153 Seymour, Anne, 122, 256 Shacklett, Janet E., 189 Shafer, E., 164 Shaff, David O., 67 Shaffer, Frank J., 452 Shaffer, William M., 67, 451 Shaffer, William, 243 Shapiro, Albert G., 225 Sharp, Helen M., 191 Sharp, William E., Jr., 231, 392 Shaughnessy, Stephen, 272 Shaw, Barbara E., 67, 197 Shaw, Donald L., 67 Shaw, Laurance, 351 Shearer, Jean A., 187 Shearer, Mary J., 87, 203 Sheehy, Charles H., 229 Sheets, John W., 451 Sheldon, Mary E., 249 Shelledy, James R., 88 Shelton, Warren C., 213, 450 Shepherd, Robert W., 219 Shepherd, Vance E., 213 Sherer, John W., 338 Sherman, Alene M., 224 Sherman, Elaine R., 247, 323 Shields, Laura L., 347, 354, 436 Shiloff, Jerome C., 225 Shimon, Shipley, Howard J., 272 Paul E., 99 Shipton, Alice M., 256 Shipto.n, Blake H., 163 Shirbroun, Margaret L., 259 Shirley, Mary H., 67, 355 Shlaes, Benjamin, 88 Shoaf, James M., 403 Shoener, Hal, 238 Shoff, D., 162 Short, John C., Jr., 88 Shortlidge, Elizabeth, 256 Showalter, Miriam L., 261 Showers, James A., 67, 296 Shrader, Calvin, 87 Shrader, John J., 306 Shrieber, Shirley, 185 Shuler, Robert G., 67, 190, 318 Shullz, Karl, 237 Shumate, John R., 67, 180 Shuttleworth, Nancy, 201, 326, 340, 341 Shuttleworth, Wlliam R., 229, 307, 309, 310, 334, 336, 346, Sibert, Colleen A., 203, 377 Sidhanta, R., 256, 257 Sidlinger, Bruce C., 418 Sidman, Joan N., 205 Sidney, Ross, 237 Siegrist, Kenneth J., 136 Siegel, Lawrence J., 225. Sierp, Phyllis J., 199, 226 Sievers, William E., 67 Silberman, Samuel, 225, 418, 421, 437 Silliman, Charles L., 88, 223 Silverman, Arline, 205, 437, 440 Silverton, Reva, 204, 205, 389 Simmons, Edwin D., 132, 151, 156 Simplot, D., 148, 149 Simpson, Jack C., 88, 239, 425 Simpson, Robert S., 128 Simpson, Roger A., 68, 136 Sims, Paul W,, Jr., 239 Sindt, Doris, 68, Singh, Bhagwat P., 362 Singsank, C., 148 Sinkey, Donald, 14 Sirevaag, John A., 68, 128 Sitrick, Shel, 224, 225 Sittig, Nancy J., 68 Sitz, Donald, 162 Sitz, Edward J., 68, 138 Sitz, Herb, 215 Sjulin, Larry, 221 Sjulin, Norma J., 68, 193 Skellenger, Virgil V., 88, 338 Skinner, J., 202, ,203 Shllogihammer, James, 68, 206 3 Skowbo, Howard Q., 68, 163 Skyles, Robert T., 68 ' Slack, Gene, 234, 235, 414 Slaton, Warren A., 68 Slavata, Edith, 192, 193, 455 Slavata, J., 193 Sloan, Clark J., 68, 160, 161 Sloan, M., 447 Sloan, Patricia, 357 Sloba, Barbara, 247 Smith, Jack, 231 Smith, Jack A., 88, 174, 330 Smith, Jack E., 239 Smith, James, 165 Smith, Jean C., 68, 139 Smith, Jeanne A., 115 Smith, Joel H., 88 Smith, John, 217 Smith, John M., 88 Smith, J. Ned, Jr., 110, 138 Smith, Smith, Joseph G., 68, 241 K.,.162, 218, 219 Smith, Kathleen A., 68 Smith, Kenneth A., 88, 179 Smith, Kenneth L., 68, 298, 299 Smith, Kirby J., 104, 162 Smith, Lulu E., 347 Smith, Marilyn, 335, 455 Smith, Marilyn, 193, 212 Smith, Margaret E., 68, 361 Smith, Max, 159, 160, 229 Smith, Milo W., 161 Smith, Myra J., 68, 247 Smith, Norton R., 153 Smith, Pat, 197, 389 Smith, Paul C., 68 Smith, P., 450 Smith, Paul N., 243 Smith, Phillip M., 68, 343 Smith, R., 361 Smith, Rebecca A., 88 Smith, Robert C., 99, 156 Smith, Roger, 227 Smith, S., 197 Smith, Sally. 185 Smith, Sid, 243 Smith, Virgil C., 88 Smith, W., 361 Smith, Warren A., 445, 448, 450 Smith, William C,, 104, 163, 164 S Smith, William W., 69 Spencer, Robert S., 88 Spencer, Robert, 213 Spenler, Collis M., 136 Spiess, J., 255 Spilka, Seymour E., 69, 339 Spinner, Paul, 106 Spivak, Evelyn, 69 Spiwak, Lea F., 205, 265 Spizman, Alfred, 88 Sporre, Robert A., 69 Spratt, Irving, 142 Springer, William L., 69, 163 Sprott, Jean, 69, 170 Sprott, Robert E., 146, 327 Spurling, Katherine, 356 Srite, Leo F., 88 St. Clair, Janet, 437 Stack, Carl J., 88 Stagner, Vernon G., 106 Stahle, Arlo A., 88 Stahlhut, Duane, 231 Staley Staley , Bingham T., 99 Staley, , Ralph E., 104 Merritt, 2 37 Stamp, Daryl, 212, 213 Stamp, Mylet, 331 Stamp , Ron, 331 Stamp, W., 140, 141 Stanford, William, 157 Staples, Lorraine, 230 Stara, Harold W., Jr., 243 Stark, Joanne, 187 Stark, Maurice E., 104, 120, 221, 270, 271, 326, 370 Stark, Russell W., 88, 174 Starn, Nancy, 191 Starr, Dorothy V., 249, 347 Starr, Lloyd, 163 Staskus, Phillip A., 69 Stassforth, Bowen, 418 Staszewsky, Vctor, Jr., 89 Statton, Roy F., 135, 142 Staub, George A., 448, 450 Staudt, Rose, 24 9 Smolin, Shirlee J., 69. 170 Smorowski, Gerald A.. 88 Smull, William, 153, 154 Snell, Evelyn, 259 Snider, Albina M., 69 Snider, M., 203, 455 Snider, Norman V., 106. 223 Snodgrass, Charles E., 69, 164 Snodgrass, Shirley, 193. 389 Snodgrass, William D., 69 Snook, Jane, 377 Snover, Barbara J., 69, 185, 353 Stechels, J., 191 Steck, Ernest, 180 Eteckel, Rchard, 217 Steele, Vera H., 89 Steinberg, Thomas, 136 Steinbrink, Blandia R., 69 Steinhoff, Edward H., 89 Stelcik, Charlotte, 360 Stepanek, Edward E., 99, 154 Stephens, George, 171 Stephens, James, 239 Stephenson, Eileen, 356 Sterling, Arthur, 235 Sterling, Virginia, 436 Snyder Clifton, 213 Snyderi Gregg M., 69. 213 Snyder, Marilyn J., 69 Snyder Snyder , Norman, 148 Robert, 403 Stern, Stern, Stern, Bernie, 169 Joe, 238, 239 Rich, 225 Steussy, Richard, 276 Stevens, Dale S., 99 Slocum, Lucile A., 68 Slocum, Stanley B., 88 Smith Smith Smith f Andrew c., ess, 136 smith, Smith, A., 168, 193, 300 Alonzo H., 68 Angela E., 68 Cam, 68, 197 Smith, Charles L., 68, 318 Smith, David T., 233, 318, 450 Smith, Dean R., 88 Smith, Donald E., 88 Smith E., 450 Smith Edward, Jr., 390 Smith, Eugene, 237 Smith, Evan, 229 Smith Gertrude E., 68 Smith Gordon, 235 Smith J., 193 Sodemann, G., 151, 303 Soderberg, John G., 88, 237 Sodergren, Richard C., 88 Sokol, James R., 69 Solomon, Marvin, 225 Sommer, Harold, 371 Sommers, James, 146 Sondergard, Jack L., 174, 242, 243 Sones, Charles W., 88 Sones, Marilynn E., 69 Sonneborn, Jerre J., 69 Soper, Robert T., 136 Sorensen, Robert E., 229 Sorenson, Bonnie, 261 Sorenson, Harold D., 69, 167 227, 298, 299 Sore.nson, Peggy, 253 Sornson, Ardythe, 197 Sornson, Wallace E., 88 Souder, Alan M., 99, 153 Souder, Lars H., 69, 450 Soutter, R. A., 452 Sovereign, Oakley G., 451 Sewers, Max, 403 Spangler, E., 193 Spangler, Sparke, 389 Sparks, Mary, 187 Spaulding, Laura C., 201 Spear, James, 217 Spear, William D., 69, 136 Spence, Shirley A., 69, 262 Spencer, Richard, 169 Spencer, Francis, 447 Stevens, Stevens, Harold, 238, 239 John H., 104, 163 Stevens, Leonard, 306 Stevens, Raymond G., 69 Stevens, Shirley, 261 Stevens, Sue, 203 Stevenson, Frank, 221 Steward, Thomas E., 89 Stewart, Harry M., 243 Stewart, Robert E., Jr., 99 Robert H., 135, 142 Stichnoth, Dean, 202 Stichnoth, John, 162 Stiles, Charles W., 233 Stiles, Jack, 186, 237 Stille, Eleanor, 249, 441 Stille, Robert, 174 Stiller, Milton, 303 Stines, Fred J., 89, 167, 227,. 324 Stinson, Keith J., 104, 160 Stith, James, 235 Stitt, Ralph H., 69 Stiverson, Jack E., 69, 215 St. John, A., 361 St. John, Rose M., 69 St, John, W., 361 Stoakes, H., 255 Stock, LaVonne, 69, 436, 437, 440, 441 Stock, Walter A., 174, 241 Stockdale, Forrest F., 89, 179 Stockdale, Marvin W., 89 Stoddard, Aaron N., 89 Page 472 Tucker Vifquain, Z. Elaine, 71, 202, Voci, Frank, 41 9 swdaard, Roy K., Jr., 69, 309 Stoermer, Odett, 199 Stokley, Robert A., 448 Stoll, M., 353 Stoltenberg, Jean, 189 Stonebrook, Thomas E., 69, 146 Stoner, Jean A., 69 ' Stooker, Josephine, 191, 347, 390 Stooker, Robert, 154, 155, 231, 326 Stout, Robert, 447 Stover,, 382 Stover, Glen, 211, 239 Stowell, Anne, 187, 248 Straatsma, Stanley E., 69, 406, 411 Strack, Thomas C., 104 Stracks, Marianne, 170 Strain, John, 448, 450 Strand, Carl, 174 Strasburg, Leonard, 228 Strate, Florence, 203 Strathman, Benjamin T., 89 Strathman, Eleanor, 144 Stratman, William J., 99, 153,154, 156, 272 Straub, Ervi.n, 418, 421 , Strause, Edgar, 215 Strauss, Jeanne M., 204, 205, 389 Streib, Daniel, 451 Streib, William J., 129 Strong, Franklin, 172 Strong, Jean, 124 Strong, Lowell, 148, 149 Strong, M., 334 Strouse, Dale, 219 Stroup, Mary W., 69 Strout, Warren E., 99 Stroy, Donna L., 197 Stuhler, William, 89, 237 Stuhr, John H., 89, 223 Sturtz, Horace, 167, 451 Stupay, Robert A., 179 Suchomel, Donald, 389 Suchy, Louise, 172 Sugarman, Rolla, 260 Suiter, Louis, 219 Sulentic, James R., 69 Sulhoff, Donald L., 69 Sulhoff, Paul, 162 Suling, Delores V., 115 Sulley, Oda F., Jr., 146 Sullivan, Edward L., 69 Sullivan, Tim Jr., 70 Summerville, Shirley, 195, 183 Sundberg, John A., 70 Sunet, Ray, 162 Sutherland, Frederick R., 70 Sutherland, Justyn, 203 Sutter, William, 192, 221 Sutton, Carol, 183, 185, 335, 389 Sutton, Fred C., 70 Sutton, Lois, 256, 257 Suurballe, John YV., 243 Swab, William H, 233 Swailes, Harold Jr., 70 Swaim, William, 99, 226, 227 Swaine, Howard, 276 Swan, Frank W., 70 Szukovathy, George, 7 0 T Taber, Willard A., 70 Tabler, Earl L., 360 Taenzler, Phyllis M., 232 Tainer, Ann E., 115, 131 Tainer, James A., 99 Talley, Mary E., 347 Talley, Ray E., 100, 155 Talmadge, Eugene E., 70 Talmadge, Harvey G., Jr., 100, 303 Tamm, Barbara C., 187 Tandy, William J., 327 Tanner, Richard E., 100, 153, 380 Taylor, Charles T., 441 Taylor, David, 231 Taylor, Gordon S., 268, 269, 455 ' Taylor, Margaret A., 187, 370 Taylor, James D., 233 Taylor, Richard C., 89 Taylor, Y., 369 Techau, VVallace D., 171, 353 Tecklenburg, Harvey I-I., 89 Tedore, John A., 70, 180,,220, 397, 401, 403 Tedrow, Cynthia K., 172 Teefy, Paul D., 89 . Teegarden, Helen M., 70 Teeter, Clare L., 146, 431 Teeter, Robert D., 89 Teeters, Wilbert J., 235, 418 Tegen, Shirley J., 195 Temple, Philip A., 153 ' Tennerman, Ruth M., 115, 252, 253 Tenney, Lloyd E., 138 Tenold, Olger E., 70, 338 Tentinger, Gordon F., 89 Terpstra, Delores A., 298, 299, 347 Tewksberry, J., 201 Tharp, Vreeland E., 90 Thielen, Jo Anne, 193 Thimmesch, Alphonse, 357 Thodt, C., 451, 453 Tholdt, Charles A., 309, 310 Thor.nton, C., 190, 191, 437 Thornton, Darwin E., 160, 161 Thorton, Gregory J., 70, 318 Throckmorton, Jean L., 203, 360 Throsse, Lew W., 90, 243 Thurnau, Carol, 189, 323, 332 Tierney, Raymond U., 163 Tilden, Robert C., 70, 162 Tillotson, Janet C., 260 Timm, Sylvia D., 251 Tinderholt, A., 353 Tingleff, Raymond W., 129, 231, 451 Tinley, John P., 211, 219 Tinley, Mary B., 203 Tippie, Henry B., 90 Toland, Gordon R., 268, 448, 450 Tolbert, William P., Jr., 100, 153 Ulbrich, Ernest F., 90 Ullman, Lois F., 70, 197 Umstaetter, Hans, 356 Umthun, Lester E., 90 Underbrink, Robert L., 90 Underriner, Margaret, 144, 256 Underwood, David E., 221 Unger, Dale E., 90, 179 Unzeitig, Marie K., 70 Updegraff, Nathan B., 104 Upmeyer, William D., 100, 153 Urban, Marion D., 70 Urdangen, Sarah L., 204, 205 Urice, James M., 226, 227 Uriell, Frank G., 227 V Valentine, Charles K., 450 Valentine, Frances, 191, 318, Toline, Mary L., 191 Tolson, James J., 243, 449 Tomlield, Marion E., 437 Tonn, Martin H., 70 Toohey, Thomas B., 90 Toomey, John N., 104 357, 455 Van Alstine, Joan, 195, 298, 323 Van Antwerp, James F., 431 Van Van Van Van Antwerp, Marilyn J., 70 Benschoten, Ethan, 70 Berg, Wilma J., 271 Camp, Thomas G., 100 Tosh, Lester E., 90 Toussaint, John L., 90 Toverud, S., 343 Towner, John G., 223 Townsend, Lucile E., 247, 251 Trammell, Ted L., 239 Trask, A. 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Anthony, 140, 327 Tyson, John F., 90, 223, 298, 299, 326, 330 Tyson, Robert F., 70, 337, 346 'U Uecker, Vernon H., 60 Ufkes, L., 160 Voelckers, William W., 100, 155 Voelkers, Carrol V., 91, 174 Vogel, Elaine F., 115 Vogel, William O., 215, 328 Voien, Earl M., 100, 153 Volding, Merle J., 91 Vollers, Robert C., 186, 406, Von Berg, Donald R., 343 Voogd, Luella B., 110, 134 Voorhees, Mary M., 71, 197 Vorhes, Carl E., 142 Vornholt, Ruth, 259 Vorthman, Margaret I., 144 Vose, Roy E., Jr., 174 Voss, Sally L., 259, 438 Votroubek, VValter P., 71 Vou, Frank, 421 Vuicich, George E., 348 W Waaser, George T., 123 Wachter, James P., 71 Weller, Philip S., 91 324 Woodworth, George K., 112, Wilso.n, Robert, 354 Ward, Morris J., 71 Youngstrom, Bette BQ, 72 Witte, Richard V., 234, 235 William W., 306 l l l L l r 'a P f MM, . ,,,,, iqlil. .,.,.,. U M .. .,,,,i-:.,-M " 'W' Marjorie B., 72, 232, 310, 347 Robert W., 217 Shirley J., 183, 187, Ann 195 I Donald E., 237 M N Mummy my V Vw. vuvlm WM,.g,,..,..,A,g.-,. v ,,. ..,,v....ggg. , V. ,:'....,,m 9,::g.,,..... WL.. .,. Wagner, Daniel E., 91 Weikel, Vernon E., 140 Williams, Frank H., 100, 151 Wood, Wagner, Donald R., 153, 233 Weindrich, Shirley, 375 Williams, ,George A., 104, 308, Wagner, Gerald C., 71 Weis, Donald R., 221 164, 337 Wood, Wagner, John E., 163, 256, Weinstein, Herman, 71, 167 Williams, Herbert E., 227, Wood, 257 1 Weiser, Charles B., 71, 169 299, 324 X , 298, 299 Wagner, Lois, 205 Weiser, John C., 306 Williams, Hollis WV., 227 Woodard Wagner, William R., 154 VVeiss, Albert P., 406, 407, Williams, Ina F., 72 Woodard Wagner, William W., 104 411, 412 VVil1iams, James R., 215 Woodard Wagoner, Dennis L., 235 . Wagoner, Richard S., 220, 221 Wahls, Gordon L., 71, 342 Wahrer, Truman J., 91 Waldecker, Caryl A., 199 Waldinger, Beryl A., 205, 250 Walensky, Francis N., 179, Wells, Douglas E., 71 Wells, Fay R., 91 Wells, Mary K., 71 Woodard , George B., 231 , John S., 110 Wells, Welsh, Welter 357 Patricia A., 71 William E., 241 , Catherine Az, 262, Williams, Marion N., 140 Williams, Nathaniel G., 342, ' 374, 375 Williams, Richard A., 140 Williams Robert A., 448 Williams: Robert J., 92, 450 Williams, Ross A., 263, 267, Woodard, Norine L., 191, 174 Woodard, Ralph E., 400, 403 Woodard, Richard E., 72, 395, 397, 400, 401, 403 Woodard, Truman K., 92, 174 Woodbury, Carlyle W., 92 Woodke, Sameul Q., 92 269 Walker, J., 455 Walker, Merle D., 71, 318 Walker Richard L. 241 Walker, Walter E., 235 Wall, Anne C., 207 Wall, Clarine E., 115, 252, 332 Wallace, Dean W., 160 Wallace, Nancy, 201 Wallace, William E., 160 Waller, Everett, 300, 309, 310, 447, 450 Wallis, Frank B., 186, 227 Walsh, Charles C., 276 Walsh, Mary R., 187 Walter, Donald C., 100 Walter, Patricia A., 249, 437 Walters, Gaige R., 210, 221, Welter, Robert J., 91 Wenger, VVi1liam C., 100, 243 Wengert, Joan E., 203 Werling, Max R., 104, 270 Werner, Donald J., 110, 136 Wertz, Burt A., 389 Wesenberg, John H., 215 Wesselink, Eleanor J., 361 West, James F., 215 VVest, Merry J., 198 West, Richard T., 406 West, William H., 277 Westfall, Gerald, 269 Westly, Malcolm K., 213, 356 Williams, Terrence J., 223, 298, 299 1' VVilliamson, James L., 162, Woods, LaVerne E., 169 Woods, Robert G., 455 NVoodward, Nevin D., 213 VVhaley, Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler Wherry, Martha A., 91, 176 , Helen E., 144 ' , Janice C., 71 Wheeler, , Virginia N., 455 John A., 389 Oscar E., 71, 172 328 Walton, David G., 71, 241 Walton, Donald D., 190, 241 Whisenand, J. D., 148, 452 Walton, Harold L., 91, 174 Walton, Raymond T., 164 Walton Sara L. 71 347 Waiz, Alvin E., '353' Wanamaker, Bonnie, 189 Wandel, Donald F., 91, 222, 223 Wang, Hsiao-Tsu, 71 " Ward, Donald A., 188 Ward, Gaylord D., 136 Whisler, Frances L., 71, 170, 199 Whitbeck, Joanne, 71, 191 White, A. Joseph, 91 White, Donald C., 243 White, Harold B., 71, 162 White, Helen A., 71, 333, 340 White, Kenneth Q., 71 White, 154 Kenneth V., 100, 153, White, Phyllis, 91 , 370 Williamson, Kenneth W., 223 Willie, Bennie V., 72, 164, 165 Willig, Lloyd M., 92 Willimack, Larry C., 241 Willis, Annabel, 185, 389 Willis, David M., 179 Wilson, Barbara A., 171, 207 Wilson, Beth L., 187 Wilson Donald C., 104 VVilson Donald L., 92 .Wilson Donald R., 72, 128 Wilson Eric C., 92, 235 Wilson George S., 92 Wilson, Harold A., 272, 273 Wilson, Howard L., 72 Wilson Ilean, 176, 177, 330 Wilson Jack, 421 Wilson Jean M., 377 Wilson Jeanne W., 72, 175 Wilson John R., 239, 418 Wilson Joy, 188, 189 Wilson Lylus, 92 Wilson, Nancy, 201 Wilson, Norris J., 138 Wilson, Philip L., 171, 272 Wilson, Richard G., 110, 142 271, 452 Ward, T., 147 Ward, William W., 153 Warden, Charles F., 104 Wardman, Eugene W., 104 Ware, Thomas A., 142 Warkins, B., 140 Warner, Darrel F., 91 Warner, Frank, 447, 451 Warner, Paul L., 140 Warnock, Myrtle N., 187 Warren,' Edith M., 122, 318 Warre.n, John W., 451 Warrington, Robert D., 146 Whitesell, Harry C., 92 Whitely, Mary F., 71, 182, 201 Whitney, Richard O., 231, 452 Whitney, David G., 136 Whitters, Frank R., 82, 174 Whittington, Ben G., 71 Whittle, Glenn A., 241 Whittlesey, Donald C., 71 Whittlesey, Joyce E., 71 Whittman, John 389 Wichman, Jack H., 418 Wickenkamp, John W., 100, Wilson, Robert F., 72, 163, 403 Wilson, William J., 277 Wilt, James F., 169 Wiltse, Gerald G., 92, 174 Winborn, Karl S., 174, 450 Winders, Marilyn J., 72 Windsor, Charles E., 173 Wine, Donald A., 104, 338 Wine, 163 Wingate, Verna M., 249, 327 VVinick, Janet E., 250 VVinslow, Donald E., 157, 395, 148 , Woody, Nancy L., 259 Woodyard, John C., 231 Woolf, Leah M., 205 Woosley, Cherie M., 72 Workhoven, Boyd W., 235 Wratislaw, Merle F., 216, 217 Wright, Barbara J., 72, 436, 441 Wright, Corey J., 180, 272, 272, 446, 451 Wright, D., 158, 172 Wright, Eugene C., 382, 403 Wright, George E., 100 Wright, Robert A., 72, 173, 343, 403 Wright, Yvette R., 258, 318, 319, 338 VVurbs, William L., 223 Wurtz, Betty L., 72 Wyatt, Merton D., 92 Wyer, Robert M., 451 Wygle, Evalyn G., 255 Wykel, F. Jane, 183, 199 Wylder, Earl S., 414 Y Yackshaw, Robert R., 263 Yadoff, Bernard, 72 Yanushka, Leonard J., 272 Yeager, Robert B., 148 Yeglin, Harold, 169 Yetter, Gretchen E., 72, 194, 195 Yoder, Edward D., 324, 380 Young, Kenneth L., 237 Young, Lorraine C., 72, 203 Young, Marlys, 203 Young, Martha J., 195, 222, 230 Young, Richard N., 215 Young, Robert C., 92, 431 Young, Victor K., 162, 390 Wassom, Arley J., 71, 160, 153 399, 401, 403 '451 Watkins, John P., 241 Watson, Alice J., 249 - Watson, Donald D., 419, 420 Watson, George M., 71 - Watson, Robert F., 138 Watson, Sally A., 193, 269, 373 Watson Thelma B. 128 Watts, Mary E., 189 . Watts, Richard M., 235 Waugh, Harold R., 234, 235 Wave, Tom, 143 Wayland, Robert L., 239 Wear, Edra H., 71 Weaver, James H., 239 Weaver, James W., 71 Weaver, Philip A., 239 Webb, Sally M., 203 Weber, Claire A., 189 Weber, Irving J., 146 Weber, John P., 71 Weber, Leslie E., 147, 240, 241 Webster, Bernard W., 91 Wedig, Roland A., 71, 167 Wee, Roberta R., 455 Weeber, Charles E., 136 i'Weger, Howard O., 100 Wehmeyer, Thomas H., 91 Wehr, Maxine E., 275 Wehrman, Richard B., 91, 219 Weinberg, R., 71, 248 Weideman, Donald C., 223 Wicks, Joann, 207 Wicks, Raymond L., 452 Wickstrom, Arthur P., 110, 142, 452 Widman, Richard A., 123 Widmark, Robert E., 169 Wiederrecht, Helen L., 115 Wiedersberg, Otto F., 92 Wieman, Muriel J., 353 Wiese, Marilyn M., 298 Wilcox, Calvin G., 72 Wilcox, Dwain E., 140 Wilding, Norma J., 189 VVildman, Kay R., 203 Wildman, Margaret E., 185, 346 VViley, Cletus M., 72, 169 Wilhelm, Robert A., 257 Vvilimek, Beth L., 189, 323 Wilke, Mary E., 106, 157, 158 Wilken, William J., 72, 200, 227 Wilkening, William H., 403 Wilkins, Leon R., 72 Wilkinson, Clayton F., 430 Wilkinson, Eugene W., 152 Wilkinson, Robert R., 233 Willer, David C., 447 Willett, Mary A., 166, 271 Willhite, Robert V., 237 Williams, Betty J., 201 Williams, Donald E., 344 Williams, Earle, 419, 420, 421 'Winslow, Robert B., 72 Winter, Mary J., 72 Winter, Paul D., 92, 324 Winter, S., 189 Wishmier, Jack C., 72, 406 Witherow, Glesna A., 185 Witte, Margaret D., 72, 190, 191 VVitte, Vernon E., 235, 419, 420, 421 ' Wittekind, George W., 223, 298 Wittlake, Beth, 230 Wittman, John D., 72, 389 Witwer, Alvin E., 217 Witwer, Peter G., 318 Wolbers, Marshall F., 72 Wolf Harold W., 100, 132, 151 Wolf, Lillian B., 205 Wolf, Lois H., 72 Wolf, Louis J., 274 Wolf, Melvin H., 104 Wolf, Warren J., 104 Wolf, Wolfe, Richard H., 238, 239 Wolff, Donald G., 163 Wolford, Robert C., 123, 223, 324 Wolfson, Shirley R., 352 Wolters, Richard H., 100 Wombacher, Howard G., 92 Wood, Carroll K., 72, 174 Youngstrom, Earl R., 93, 235 Youngstrom, Joseph F., 92 Yount, Pauline E., 92, 176 Yu, Frederick Teh7Chi, 169 Yuill, Nancy G., 72, 195 Z Zadek, Nancy J., 247 Zahorik, Edwin V., Jr., 174 Zakostelcky, Velma A., 72 Zappella, Anthony, Jr., 72 Zappella, David, 110 Zawodny, Janusz, 362, 368 Zech, Gail M., 203 Zeithamel, Leo R., 403 Zeleniak, Russell V., 72, 299 Zelaya, Rosa A., 256 Zeller, Max G., 92 Zeller, Phyllis, 72 Zemanek, Roger D., 148, 149 Zemlicka, George L., 179 Zempoluch, Eugene C., 213 Zieke, Charles R., 92 Ziemer, Janet, 72, 191 Ziffern, Leo G., 159 Zimmerman, Paul A., 123, 151 Zinlin, L., 324 Zoeckler, J0hniR., 237 Zoeckler, VVilliam R., 219 Zook, Cordie L., 186, 187 Zucchero, Wynne M., 347 Zuckerman, Ruth J., 72 Zurn, Barbara J., 185 Zvacek, Dorothy A., 72, 171, 191, 389 Page 474 .SEFLCZPZ 3101124 Mm 0 . . MR. FRED POWNALL and MR. BERNARD STERN, for their advice and cooperation. RUSSELL ZELENIAK, and the I'IAWKEYE photographers for their faithful cooperation in taking most of the pictures .... JACK ORRIS, for his excellent section page pictures .... JIM KENT, and the photographic service for pictures of the deans and directors, senior pictures, and many other pictures .... All Studio photographers for sorority pictures .... PONTIAC ENCRAVINC CO., represented by Owen Marsh, for layouts and engravings. ECONOMY ADVERTISING CO., for the printing and binding of the 1949 I-IAWKEYE. KINGSPORT PRESS, INC., for the covers. . . . CARROLL COLEMAN, University typographer, .for his assistance in planning the cover. And to each one on the EDITORIAL and BUSINESS staffs, a warm and sincere thank you for your loyal cooperation in helping to make the 1949 I-IAWKEYE a little better. JOHN TYSON Editor

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