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I I 5 I f 2. ..::f.,.X-2, '- L,,,, ,W-V. 1 w. x , , A ., ,,: ra , 'VA gy , 1 , V X L I X . V W x LK,- . . ,- +:Q'..V..x, K' Q- 2 'iff .gm -4.4: 2 , k5,,,.f. ,.fk 3 X , ,,s,fz-Q ' ' , W , , 1 vm Q X J , x 1, ., M.: if-. ' V' x ,..x Ny L3 M, ,. xrvq 'Y 's -,fi "1 'i, ,.,,,,L,., x .,.-A N, , , 'A mama M' an liifm + VA -- -w -v:,'-'awe 3,.Jq,-5 Ml.-3 mtg v'?.,11mz1Ffe- 252: ,N - 413331 ig.g.:1 xitrw 1 m:?f.,?4u: 'GM V2 -3.33, ,,.--.,.n 9510. .my . A. ,..L L- QP.. 1-' '-'i": 1 xg v eg? v Ti? . ,v. XT ll E IM9 a ke If u N I VER Sir QWQA The 19.48 Volume Fzfly-Eight HAWKEYE yearbook is compiled by its editorial and business stalls at the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, and is published by Student Publications, Inc. CAROLYN ANDERSON Editor-in-Chief LEAH MENDELSON Business Manager Hawkeye 1 4, LK, l 1 2 I 1 fx 1 4 3 2 7 il w l 9 RQIZKCIZUH 0 S . . ., The State University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight, Anno Dominigfor most of you that time and place will take on significance. In- evitably, certain memories, certain sensations and emotions will become synonymous with that year, that place. Perhaps 1948 will count as a milestone in your life-or it may simply recall the nightmare that was your first speech in comm. skills. For some of you the university will always mean the excitement of new worlds to conquer. For others, it has been the focal point of that desire to know. What do you remember? A basketball game? A sentence from a final lecture? People? Saturday afternoons at Don's? Maybe for you Iowa is all of those things gfor you learned that knowledge, and truth, and even wisdom, pop up at the darndest times and in the darndest places. You see, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter whether you drove a red convertible to class, or walked a mile to see a play: it doesn't matter that you lived in a trailer and the fellow sitting next to you in History of Ideas roomed at the Quad. The physical aspects don't matterAbecause you shared an experi- ence. and yet that experience was. in another way, just your own and no one else's. That's why this book, the I-IAWKEYE of 1948, is only an image of the State University of Iowa with its 10,000 students and 400-some acres of campus. If you are one of the lucky ones, you have felt the heartbeat of the real university: you know its prejudices and ideals, the direction of its pattern. You realize that beneath the surface of routine and red tape and protocol, lies greatness. But, as we said, this book can show only that surface, only the image. It cannot reproduce, it can only reflect your univer- sity, for even though your life here forms a part of the image, yet the reality is deep within each of you. So all we can hope is that in looking through the 1948 HAWKEYE, you will feel the urge to reach back and beyond the reflection to touch that reality-the reality that is the University of Iowa. Places ana' People C Reszkfences C Aclivzlzks . ' Athlelzbs I Ozganzkaizbns C Q Soczkzl Lt? Q' ' - 51,1 . i FQ' v Q95 Senzbrs S f" sssaaiaw - - K QQQQQQQQQ'-'W' fl J ! gg , I WRYR flkople tx f 5 - --S Y: - X... 1. s -HT x , .- u - XG -- L 5 'i hw ..w-:- ,. ww ' A M3 : 1 ' "1 J- 'S x J I7 1 5? X, N 'xr i .-I' ,- 'x . -' .. , if '24- Q'-'iv - - ' I :fi -1- ...:' Ig ,...,.x.,.-.- -- -I non. Turf- WB?" Jlggpgafluuau H o 'Lk 'Qi -' uu::u-nw'-0'2" ' t sgix ."' lg :ff K .. 5 - --- .. -IT. N 1" s 3 X A 5 .,-i -1 v ss: f' 5 6,5 - A . A i iff , C i mi'-E E 'C7--4 .,vx., 5-QK M'74'+ oomehow you always thought the same thoughts every time you passed the same spot. You had nice words for the cooling breezes that blew across the river in wintertime. Old Capitol reminded you of the bald-headed prof who fought capitalism in every lecture. Once in a while you thought about how it would feel to be a full professor, but that wasn't very often because that grade point was a steady battle. The chem building stinks and that awful hill . . . You wanted a cup of coffee when you passed the Union. The pigeons roosting on East hall re- minded you of a joke that wasn't too polite. It was like you were seeing the same pictures with the same captions every time. ll . G19 ff! V! Hi if X N FW f R I W ' 4 F 'X M5 Wy - I Q' fn" x xx W . N X N ff ' X k The Camivus Personalzkzks f fx" gf af' ml JV: 7,5 if if fl Q J 'I fgif I '4- 1 'O u'W"1 'A Q L1 fl fig nf' '4 'nf SNIA 'nf J", J ix vpn IQFQ ruix 55724 74 sf 5 fl rf! 1715 :- -'UL 105' A' -11 f ' tl5V 1 ' hbi, xl 1, J L. A 'AL' 1 fl. Q 71 C n"A 'la rl' an llll 'A sf' AAAQ H , V E ii ,W A .kM,, G . A L!,, , We ab , - ff fi K 315325 f H ..v: 4. Ki wi-lgfk 21' , M ' 2 ' Jw: 'v ww ' ff uh, v Us K K I ' Q,-Y .63 h K K I J Q j"?lQf ixVQ it ' 2, , 1 Q X U i MVffWmi Q Mifw 5 .fi 5 f1e '54 ,'AN' , . r s a! 1 l'.Q1 Campus 1 has-M ' Maybe you've never seen the Union bridge from quite this angle before. But it'l1 remind some of you of lazy afternoons at Iowa, of sunlight on the river, soft Spring days .... Page 1 4 Page I5 . . . And most of you can't help but remember the winters at S. U. I. But long after you've forgotten the below- zero weather, those slippery hills, and that chill wind off the river, you'll re- member the special charm of the first snowfall on campus, the silent splendor of the Law Commons perched on a cliff overlooking the river from the west. And even the University hospital tow- ers looked less formidable in lowa's winter wonderland. N U51 'Ka I 7 s"""' 2:-57' -wfvi 'Wang J ig.. Nga an ,ia yytt , ,M ""' M'--Q-Mb "' W' E ? I 52: . 'Q . Then there was the New Look of 1947- 48 . . . But S. U. I. had it long before 1947. Trailers, quonset huts, baby car- riages were all indications that the uni- versity was growing up. Above is Hawkeye Village as seen from across the river with the Pentacrest in the background. To the left, an important part of lowa's New Look tries his luck across the river from the University theater. Page 16 Page' 17 Thousands of you jostled down this walk from basketball, football games. Some of you came this Way from the hospital or medical laboratories. If you lived at the Quadrangle or Hillcrest, the trek across the river to east campus was a familiar one. Remember how it all looked in the Spring? School, books, classes, a vital part of University life. Your favorite class sometimes met out on the lawn after the days grew warmer and the ground was no longer damp. You saw the women's physical education classes hurry down the hill to the playing fields. And across the street students turned into the Geology building while farther up the hill the Law students came out in the sun for a smoke. Page 18 Page I9 From almost any place on campus you could see it- the gold dome of Old Capitol, S. U. l.'s most famous landmark. Here is Old Capitol, flanked by University hall, and the Physics building, as seen from the west side of the river. xy ww-19 ,duff ia? . . , "Ripples from these quiet waters." The old quarry pool at the foot of the Law Com mons' cliff. W, L A -A M-Mm?-WM-W W www K mmf W Aawamisi ltr., are y "f"'- , ,,1,X .,,:, , """"'-N 4-MW M 'g"""-rv-mn.. .Q-, M W we-.N-mmm N I ', ,S ' . X uf .- K - f. . , 1 -Nfl. w X - - t K --wwe, - A Q tr . , A -we A -- t 1 - .-Q S fini 6, . ., ,.x, , -,, ..i.,.Vae:1wzxfw-if fn. Q he lf , W "H W ' J ' - -. KK . K ,Q - -,.,,.,.A..-,iss . i e,w.u...wu.wW..W -we ,L University Hall . . . Youve had at least one class here during your four years at Iowa. Youve made countless trips to the University treasurers office, to the office of the Registrar. And this year there was the office of student affairs to make it truly University hall. ...Milf W Q Page 29 . . . S. U. Ifs own theater and one of the best in the country. If you were majoring in dramatic arts, you received here some of the best training possible. If you were part of the great university audience, you every year enjoyed excellent experimental and current plays. Page 21 You've seen the Iowa river at flood crest--and you've seen it glassy enough to mirror the hydraulics lab, the smokestaclcs beyond. S. U. l.'s school of engi- neering is famous the world over for its work in hydraulics engineering. Page 22 Page 23 Its modernistic lines blending into the landscape, the beautiful art building sets on the west bank of the river. Home of an art department acclaimed through- out the United States, hundreds of art students have crossed the river daily to its studios. Hundreds of other Iowa students have viewed the art exhibits, attended art forums and lectures there. The west approach to Qld Cap itol . . . Almost any spring or fall afternoon you saw students gathered on the shady, rolling lawns to study, talk, loaf. And wherever you were, it seemed, you were never far from Qld Capitol. Even the familiar bul- letin boards outside Schaeffer and Macbride halls Cast a re- flection of the dome, Page 24 My .. f up r.i.,.,,, , 1 4 if i , i -I-4- wg -, get ,J,.. , 4 , Q45 , . - Qi .. L, afsggrfl 50915 :-' i Q X ,Jiffy Qi 3 F1 xt? Page 25 A Hawks-eye view of Hillcrest, newest of men's dormitories. Built shortly before the war, Hillcrest has had a variety of residents since. There are even a few S. U. I. coeds who can remember living for a year at Hillcrest. In 194748, however, Hillcrest was once more very much occupied by men students. 7 L Pr-A 3 :iii , '5,i?'l5: ,,. ig gil, L' Q ' la., .1 is rgtgsi "ff K 5 ,E I W' Bkwif' L .Wi Swirl. -,i ,.r- it :tiff .i.Yf,:r ,m 2325.59 .fl -wi fsi ew. fs,T5w: ,V - 35-A F ' 4 Ai F555 3 .mfr ,i , .,:. 1 f 1 K L S 4. G+ gr. Q, -I , .L 1 ,f rr A Q ,K rs X by 5 as 489' s Reflections at night . . . You ala ways felt a little thrill at coming back to Iowa City at dusk. As you came in from the west, it always seemed that the lights of the whole univer- sity were reflected in the Iowa river. A Pu., hh? W-. 'N we In 5' I -5 :H -fr You almost enjoyed those 7:30 classes when Spring came around, There was some- thing about coming up across the river on a fresh Spring morning that gave you a good feeling. It made you glad suddenly that You were You+and lucky enough to be here at the State University of Iowa. Page 46 I 4 5 5 1 x a D C I ,. 0 5. 5 rf K I i V Q IH fa Ss' f I . 1. 5 2 Q 7 . Q , 5. O f U Y 1 . a x k N w i, ! 1, 5 C s 1 A f i 5 E - , fm? gf iz' A f , ' -k 0 , Pmonalzlzks i1 1 r 9 s A 1' T A "':: v E KW gg? K A vi 5 ps 55735 1.41 hm Z 3 5, ,, ,W if 5 ff 1, xg w is 5 'Y f . : 'fu' , if ku X Q 4 if N 'Rai Lv? ' 5,1 x Q ,gl . ' if 4 ' ,z:gg,?f:y 5 H NU, K I AQ ,LN ,. ., ia E , I , x fwjgglv ka -51511 J,-,3. Q ygg? g 1. T" . , .1-if ikrff W l , A ew F5535--VF: Q. in 1, Qgiffiff 'M 1 ffiwv .2 A :'af.gQ K -'fklgikf K 32, ru Y' , .,f' , 'H' f. ik : ' Page 29 A MESSAGE TO From Preszkfent Hancher HE second century begins. The Univer- sity's first century has ended, and its sec- ond century opens before us. What of hope and promise does the second century bring? Foresight is among the most fallible of hu- man attributes, and the gift of prophecy is be- stowed but rarely on the sons of men. He would be rash indeed who would venture to prophesy the status of the University in the year 2047 or the developments which would take it there, It is permissible to hope, however, that cer- tain things will come to pass. And, among others, let us hope for at least three. Let us hope for a new sense of responsibility in the individual for all aspects of his daily life, in education, in morals, in citizenship, in family obligations. Let us hope especially that our students everywhere will come to believe that the primary responsibility for their education rests upon them. This will require a revision of thought and attitude upon the part of parents and students, and, in some instances, of faculty. It calls for a recognition of the fact that few institutions are so poor that the student cannot get an education if he is determined to have it, and that few institutions are so rich and persu- asive that they can force an education upon the student who does not want it. With a changed point of view, students and faculty become al- lies and not adversaries in the educational pro- cess, and all recognize that the final test of the educational procedure is what goes on within the student. Nothing would free our institu- tions to do their proper work so much as a recognition that responsibility for his education finally rests upon the student. That this may come to pass in the next century is my first hope. Let us also hope that our faith in education may lead us truly to provide a land of equal educational opportunity for all, so that no child shall be deprived of an education because of race, religion, color, or economic or social status. At the same time, let us reaffirm and renew our faith in the quality of excellence, and act ac- cordingly. Does democracy have the courage to select and develop her best? Can democracy survive if it does not? Let us hope that our university can contribute to the solution of these questions within the next century. And, finally, let us hope that we may achieve a more complete understanding of the fact that education is a lifelong process, that it goes on from birth to death, that the University, there- fore, is not concerned alone with a brief span of years-two, four, six, or eight'but that it is concerned with what goes on in the minds of men and women after they have left the Uni- versity. We have embarked upon a great ex- periment in democracy. lt can succeed and survive only if our citizens are prepared to con- tinue their education beyond their University days. The lawyer, the doctor, the dentist, and the engineer dare not practice his profession only with the knowledge he acquired in the University. The price of professional excellence is continuous study and advancement. How, then, can the citizen expect to practice his citi- zenship only on the knowledge acquired as a student? The price of good citizenship in a great democracy is continuous study and ad- vancement. Let us hope that this too will be the concern of our University. If these hopes are fulfilled, the University's next century will be truly great! VIRGIL M. HANCHER The Stale Board of Eduazlzbn OFFICERS HENRY C. SHLILL President Sioux City DAVID A. DANCER Secretary Lamoni FINANCE COMMITTEE WILLIAM R. BOYD Chairman Linn County W. G. NCTH Polk County The State Board of Education is composed of nine men and women who represent the people of Iowa in governing the five state educational institutions. Board members are appointed by the Governor of the state, and they meet four times every year to ap- point faculty and administrators, to approve finances and to formulate future plans for the Iowa schools. In addition to the University of Iowa, the Board also serves as a governing body for Iowa State College, Iowa State Teachers' College, the Iowa School for the Blind, and the Iowa School for the Deaf. Left to right: VV. Earl I-Iall, Mrs. Hiram Houghton, Richard Plock, I-I. C. Shull, Roy Loudon, Halstead Carpenter, Mrs. George Kyseth. Lester Gillette. not shown. ,,,...........a.. nun- Page 30 Research and Teaching Dam PHILOSOPHY: "There is good in every man. Everyone has something to contrib- ute to this world: find his interest and the door to his friendship is open." FAVORITE QUOTATIONI "The small pota- toes, few in a hillican be applied to many instances." PHILOSOPHY! 'iLet each man be trained to give and to gain good according to his talents." FAVORITE QUOTATION: Varies with the Occasion. E. T. PETERSON Executive Dean of DEWEY B. STUIT Dean of Student Personnel Services ALLIN W. DAKIN Administrative Dean CARLYLE IACOBSEN Executive Dean of Health Sciences and Services PHILOSOPHY: 'iOur country provides, by a wide margin, the finest educational opa portunities for the individual available on this earth. The acceptance of these oppor- tunities imposes a high sense of personal responsibility on the part of the individual to achieve maximum growth and develop- ment, to enrich and elevate the quality of group life, and to make positive, construc- tive contributions to the ever enlarging social pattern of life." FAVORITE QUOTATION: "Chance favors the prepared mind." PHILOSOPHY: "Among the greatest ree wards in life are those which come through the discovery of knowledge which can be used in the service of mankind." FAVORITE QUOTATION: From Qpportzznity HThey do me wrong who say I come no more When once I knock and fail to find you In: For every day I stand outside your door, And bid you wake, and rise to fight and win . . . Page 31 PHILOSOPHY: "I believe the good life to be the life of action guided by reason. I believe that the greatest satisfactions are derived from the realization of our poten- tialities through socially useful activities. I believe in the infinite perfectability of men through education. I believe that through mutual aid and respect for other men, peace and wellybeing for all mankind may yet be achieved on earth." QUOTATION: "Knowledge dwells in the heads replete with the thoughts of other men: Wisdom in minds attentive to their own!" EARL I. MCGRATli Dean of the College of Liberal Arts MASON LADD Dean of the College of Law PHILOSOPHY: "lt is not easy to-admit error, apologize, begin Over, take advice, be considerate, avoid mistakes, endure suc- cess, maintain a high standard, shoulder deserved blame, keep on tryingabutsit always pays." QuoTArION: "All the professors in the world would not make you a wise or good man without your cooperation: and, if such you are determined to be, the want of them PHILOSOPHY: "Capacity is demonstrated by the results from effort. Latent qualities are empty unless accompanied by the urge and energy which makes them produce. There is still opportunity in our complex and competitive society for people to rise above the clouds." QUOTATION: "Live a day at a time. Everything can not be done at once. Knowledge of law or any other subject is not required in omnibus, it emerges through continuous and persistent direca tion, step by step." A. W. BRYAN Dean of the College of Dentistry R. A. KHEVER Dean of the College of Pharmacy will not prevail." Page 32 PHILOSOPHY: "The aim of the college of Pharmacy is to train young men and women to be well qualified pharmacists, primarily to return pharmaceutical service to the people of Iowa, to prepare the bet- ter students at the graduate level for phar- maceutical research and investigation." QLIOTATION: "ln the scale of life's values good health is first, and compared with it all else drops into insignificanceg hence, there is no greater challenge anywhere to' day than the creating of more effective and more useful medicine with which to com- bat disease." PHILOSOPHY tFrom Faith of the Engi- neerl: "When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reserva- tion for the public good. From special capacity springs the obligation to use it well in the service of humanity: and I ac- cept the challenge that this implies." QUOTATIONZ Varies with the occasion. PHILOSOPHY! "Be tolerant of those views and acts of others which seem contradic- tory to your Owng suppress vanity, be hon- est, be generous and give to each task undertaken the best of your ability with- out counting cost in time and effort." QUOTATION: Varies with the occasion. C. A. PHILLIPS Dean of the College of Commerce Dean of the Extension f M:-ii, wa- , ,yn Qu.. BRUCE E. MAHAN Division P. M. DAWSON Dean of the College of Engineering PAUL I, BLOMMERS Acting Dean of the College of Education PHILOSOPHY: "The individuals happiness is variable, depending upon his contribu- tion to his group and to society. Happy is the man whose capacity for service rests upon such pillars as integrity, disciplined mind and body, tolerance, objectivity, and sincere respect for the personalities of others." QUOTATION: "The observable difference between success and failure is often ex- tremely narrow. Whether in business, at the polls, a legal battle, or the hundred- yard dash, success may turn on ever so slight a superiority of intelligence, person- PHILOSOPHY: "While busied with the affairs of this world, do not lose sight of the eternal hills," QUOTATION: "There is but a single vice: inertial And but one virtue . . . enthu- siaSml" ality, training, or determination." Page 33 X3 c D realm Photography and stamp collecting are Prof. Moeller's major hobbies. Profes- sional reading and the remodeling of his home keep him occupied throughout the year. Newspaper conventions and out- of-town lectures pertaining to news write ing take time, too. Director of the School Director of the School LESLIE G. MOELLER of lournalism M. WILLARD LAMPE of Religion ln the winter, both music and travel hold preference with Dr. Harper. Camping and fishing are his summer favorites. Mr. Hickerson is fond of gardening, is a sports enthusiast. He especially likes handball, Much of his time is spent writing and his work demands occasional traveling. Page 34 Dr. Lampels summers are spent on the north shore of Lake Superior. He was once active in tennis and hiking. Throughout the year, he attends Educa- tional board meetings in various parts of the country, EARL E. HARPER Director of the School of Fine Arts LOREN HICKERSON Director of the Alumni Service Not very surprising is Mr. Brechler's en- thusiasm lor all kinds of sports. Golf, handball, and fishing are his favorite summer activities. When he has research work to do, Dr. Sears leaves for his secluded New Hamp- shire cabin. He likes baseball, swimming reading Egyptian history and an occa- sional review of his stamp collection. PAUL BRECHLER Director of Athletics H. CLAY I-IARSHBARGER Director of the Summer Session ROBERT R. SEARS Director of Child Welfare RALPH E. ELLSWORTH Director of Libraries Gardening ranks first with Prof. Harsh- barger. He likes to read, is an ardent basketball fan, and indulges in occasional automobile trips throughout the year. Dr. Ellsworth does a good deal of travel- ing in the winter while giving lectures on library administration, The ever-popular trout fishing is popular with him, too. Page 3 5 I HOMER R. DILL Fishing, telling fish stories, and boating are favorite activities which Prof. Dill en- joys especially at his Minnesota cabin. Director of Nluscums CJERHARD HAR'l'Nl:NN Superintendent of University Hospitals Dr. Miller. too, spends much of his time traveling, lecturing and attending medi- cal conventions. His vacation in the North includes fishing and swimming and he finds time to add to his collection of pipes. 5 Traveling and lecturing on hospital main- tenance and administration are Dr. Hart- mans main activities. That summer va- cation, however, he spends at his Mon- tana ranch, skiing and fishing. XN7Il.HlIR R. Miiiiik Director of Psychopathic Hospital Fieiipmicix M. POWAJALL Director of lhiblications Vforlcing with the publications leaves Prof. Pownall little time in the Winter. Fishing and occasional golf are his pre- ferred summer activities. . +- sWv,M,....v--""""" ,,, 9--5137-.,Ii'fv.f,1,2 Dade 36 . ' A , I 0 W .. Page 37 Dr. Coder spends his summer vacation fishing in Wisconsin. During the fall he does a great deal of duck hunting in East- ern Iowa. He also enjoys golf and bridge, and collects theater programs. C. WOODY THOMPSON Director of the Bureau of Business Research WALTER R. GOETSCH Director of Students WILLIAM D. CODER Director of Veterans Service Another pipe collector, Mr. Thompson is also a great baseball fan: he even traveled South with a team last summer. He likes boating and hiking and travels a great deal. On the side, he buys Wristwatches and attempts to judge their accuracy. When summer rolls around, Dr, Goetsch likes to drive in the North Lake Region, plays an occasional game of golf. He is fond of detective stories and finds that they even provide some material with which to entertain his children. Left to right: V. M. Anderson, Iackson, Stichnoth, Dean Stuit, McFarland, Trick, Heckt, McNurlen, Rucker, Brose, Setteberg Houghton, Moershel, Glenn, Gutz, Lange OFFICERS MELVIN HECKT President HERB WILKINSON Vice-President KATHRYN McFARLAND Secretary KEITH MCNURLEN Treasurer IANET GUTZ AL TRICK Executive Council The Council on Student Affairs set a new rec- ord of action in reflecting student opinion and in broadening the scope of its program. The year's projects included the planning of stu- dent trips to out-of-town football games, the granting of a Thanksgiving vacation for next year, the instigation of student spouse cards for games, and a Christmas torchlight sing in front of Old Capitol. Council members have also carried on activities begun by their prede- cessors including the preparation of the Iowa handbook, the Campus Chest drive, work on the Panacea show and plans for an extended freshman orientation program, Page 38 Left fo right: Four Iowa Coeds proudly wear their campus chest buttons: McFarland, V. M. Anderson, Lenney look over the new constitution of the Student Organization Assembly: the Homecoming Pep rally: Ray Tierney, Campus chest chairman, presents Chest check: the Christmas torchlight sing. 1':"i'7' ,Q x My .L ga? KL' X .IV X, 7 Prof. George Robeson, Po- litical Science Prof. lack Iohnson, Political Science, and Mrs. Iohnson N o r i n e Schesselman and Frank Burge, Iowa Union Page 41 Eric Wilson, Sports Service Prof, Wendell Iohnson, Psy- chology Prof. Paul Qlson, Economics 'KES is . ' f gigz Q1 73 . XA: 4 w A . wQ2wEiQa.' ,:H.gWm1qwg'wv-Q ,wiiiwmaxcvvam 437, V kfg., if K V X fx 'XA J ,?!!7?!?JJ ' !7e!!3!J?IJ!f 7711735 5 ., f y vw - ffl: ,,.,..,, A....:..:. Nm A fa, zr:.'::.vww ?!I!!!I?!!??!I?F!' I '--1 kdpauw Gustav Bergmann, Philos- Charles Swanson, Iournal- ophy ism Loren Hiekerson, Bob No- B i l l Porter, Magazine ble, Alumni Service Writing Page 43 Students From Gther Lands Front Row: Mrs. Paule-Helene Aspel, lanine Freyens, lean Norrnand Row 2: Augustin Girard, Helen Gower, Roberte Monnarcl. Mrs. Lolly Hoyt, Professor Aspel Front Row: V. N. Bhatia, Hari Ghowdhary, Tze-Sun Wu, Fred T. G. Yu Row 2: Ana Marie Ugalde, ludith Iaen, Mina Minakshi, Rosa lgarzabel, Kwei-ling Wang Back Row: len-luan Chen, Abdullah Azar, K. K. Kandelwal, guest, Yan-Chang Shiu, Ianine Freyens, Alexander Popov, Georges Szukovathy Front Row: lacqueline Ragner, Andre Iassogne, Georgette Gregorie, Roberte Monnard Row 2: Ann Wilson, lohn Grunberg, lean Normand, Barbara Henderson, Helen Gower, Georges Maret Front Row: Iacqueline Ragner, Georgette Gregorie. Georges Maret, Barbara Henderson, guest, Hari Ghowdhary The International Club ITM, ff Re idelzces I xgxl j - 6 W0 1- E Z 2 2 Q15 ' Q Q .. V 6 g 1 -I: rw A' ' 9 Q? f '27 I I ., , ,f .IT 1,7 "gif ON If 5 03 ",-, ax.. ., - ,..- "4 "'-,,..f .1 n. y .4 Q.. - ..f f Qet's face it-living in a dormitory is not like living at home. Maybe to you it's merely a place to flop, a place to throw your books with a decent amount of assurance that they will be there next time you need them. And it may mean a hellish walk across a cold creek to get there! Those tin huts and trailers aren't paradise for two either. But look here -that roommate you razz the life out of is a pretty nice guy to have around when you stop to think of it. You come close to feeling comfortable there in your room with a picture of the big thrill on your desk and your personal trivia scattered about. Once in a while you may even forget yourself and say, "I guess I'll go back home," when you really mean you'll go back to the dorm. ff!- X gKgLZL.:.Z -':,,Aj xf VH U 9 vw U 2: ld .X fig: 'Q .f3a' f-X. ,fi x 5' f X A . ,, f . ' .. I I A XXX mau unl mr V1 X NN fl ny ,+L fs J Q ' r, A 1 4g'4il5fiE 55f!f5iilfxagf 1 fq5if'5h2"iliiEi5!!!:!! , Z ffee4.ffi:ifsm!Q-l.:::a:s as My lfaie!!gg1lwniu'iiiixii. 'fi1.Ill "'-a-!:!!!!i1lwm Q, , ik!!! !Hl.iQlui-N"1E!l!l' i.-vw XNN--7,1 :uni 4.1 is '1liax!!!!!!xmm 'gazeseii '-E!!1sunF-if--:missin Qlum- U! 'vie' !4eu:snm....- 32-nil iii .!. Uliliiiiiiillmi un ii!!! ssegasuilif, mlm if iiiuiia-WW !5g,ln!!. !e'w- ' -asv X., Q I , W, 'N se 'J ' , Uf7"!"f 4 fi? ?"IZ",5Y 1 ,- -3 Q ff f A' f 3 .f fiffmfzg Likmffffzig' ,fe-. +4 s. 1 Dormzlorzks ff' ff' sf 'Q mi'-A ' H1 ':., W' L -yn , , I A ' ' i v PF. . ' vig, Q ' ' 1 s my , -. -'. - po W Aw . Q K . , my . 45 0 WX, y-b,ygQ,3,g5Us.AM4 W, A 'fn x ' ,,"tK,1:f -M., , , . sw , Q. 4 A .. ' -an Q - N '.",, ' :NA Q? T' A A 1 ., F. V rv- "IIN 1 f .. 4 M ., T' -'Er-K .qi x 1 1 g A. vV,- ,QW fl M. 1 4. n ' Unidiff -63- -wa - ' .J Q V I 54, , h W, 5,.Q1vjg,Q,9554f3gfw 0. .gmgzg f K ' , A f "S 'K K K .., , . M-V ' Mn- Lw-, -mum l ' iw' ' MW. NW' ' 1 . bi' for ., - , ""' W A Mk' M. WW 1 , , ,giants ff 1' - .- , 'M' A-f ' ' - V ' X w,.,,,A W M , u......u-nf, ' 9 M HQ., vw . M. wanna-w w-...W Manny... M-wanna' ,tw , if M 1 Qnm., I K H ... A A . , Mm , 1' WM vnnnv"'U'nQ.,... WM Q-nu....' w mg .yi c 1 N I vt M, f QQ, T? f' ,!lffi5:f r .33 vw." , 47' Wx Jn. aggw .ww 'W' 'Q' Q 'Qs 4 . nm ..AS'wm- A f pq , , . , I ' P , X 5 Y , ' ' 'X l ' ' ' ' . 4f-' 4 ' , V' V V In-W., , 'WT ' M 7 fav H V 7 4 t . V " , ' Y W , ,Q , Q V , K ,, M M , ....,. . m -Y OFFICERS IAN ET G UTZ President ELIZABETH DICKINSON Viccaprcsidentf ALLIS STEVEN SON Secretary BARBARA WRIGHT Treasurer TTT Cumkr Half Life at Currier was a good one. Telephones in every room, the soda fountain, many friendships and midnight gabfests all contributed to a full year. Currier girls and their escorts danced in the "Tinsel Twilight" of a Decem- ber night. And lucky were those who had the honor of attending the traditional Sweetheart dance with a Currier lass. In December, Currier girls gathered together in the south dining room for a 'lTwismus Tweet," their 'AYou- bring-the-snow-and-we'll-sleigh-you" party. Wednesday night exchange dinners with the men's dorms became an institution. Currier artists caused a buzz in local art circles when they exhibited their work at the spring open house. Donna Lee Iverson and Isobel Glick caused a buzz, too, as attendants to the Dolphin queen. And all of Currier ap- plauded the good taste of the military department when Ianet Gutz, Iean Dawson and Betty Dickinson were elected honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonels and were pre- sented at the Military Ball. Six annexes and sixteen cottages are located within one block of Currier Hall. The annexes are Howard house, Currier house, Hutchinson house, East Lambert house and Currier annex. In spite of the confusion of names and places, life in the houses and cottages was much the same as life in Currier Hall proper. Separate informal parties were held throughout the year in each of the houses, but the girls also attended the big Currier parties. Each unit had a representative on the Currier Hall association council. Page 50 Pa ANDREWS V. M. ANDERSON V. N. ANDERSON BAGGE CASSON COOPER CUSACK DAVENPORT DICKINSON FALK FRENCH IOY GEORGE IuS'rINE GEORGE GUTFREUND GUTZ HARTMAN HERRICK HURST MUELLER NICHOLS PIERICK OLSON PELL SANDEEN SCHUMAN SIQHIILER STEVENSON STRONG ST. CLAIR WESTPHAL WINGATE WINGERD SEITZ TAMISIA WRIGHT YECK ge 51 Currzkfr Counczk' M..fLg. I twig R 'I 3 ft if 5 In E. , 1' ,J 'M -M1451 R f 1 I - as 4 , I k I .ii K 'ark ,Il .. ff R af- f kr WR gf .. . I , gh QSM ' we 'S 'L W I Ewa, M .ME S IT '49- -fl K. WR., , Sgr if 4 '55 I x X if W X-I X x ,gf 5 ARE 5 , gf 'ff .A b ,RL -A 5, ,- ,ya 7 ,.. Study, study, study . . Prexy Ian Gutz Conducts a Currier council meeting . . . North study room during exam week . . Dorm LQ? , . . Currier waitresses in cafeteria , . The weekly wash . . . Lets get the semesters ironing out of the way Board joh fellows at work in the dish room . . Q 3 : ' ' . . I fr , I Page 52 H 1 i Cam Be Gai Santa gets the lowdown . . VVhatta act? Christmas party again , . . 'APassion" McCrecry is her own charming self Mail timc . . , I I Itdith King Kay Cusack "gives" at Currier Christmas party . . Betty Banc tries to do two things at once . . Page 53 I N1 .K - .4 "'m'S xakmw bs, NJ 4+-5' 5?-sf?,fPiE52-sfqf D xml B tty d 1 hm Spcuking of log wrt. 'ikclctons in thc closct' f or sonuthiugl Nothing like food 'md clnttcr . . . C zy isxft it: Hunks 'irc so COIl'x'Lf1iL"I1f . . Page 54 W if 'fi' The employees' cafeteria . . Currier Soda Fountain . . . Listening to records in the smoker . . Lunchtime . . . Currfer dining room hostesses, Gladys Protzman, Iozmne Kirk, Opal Bane, Alice Woolever . . Page 55 ' OFFICERS i LORETTA GERDES President ' A CARCL GRANDFIELD Q ,ff Vice-President KATHRYN SHAFFER H . Secretary 'sf' VV? i ,Q HELEN GARRETT Treasurer HAZEL WESTERVELT Social Chairman mms . HENRIQTTA MOERSIiEL HELEN WIEDERRECHT Activities Chairman MARDELLE WRIGHT Iudiciary Chairman Sniffles and chills didn't have a chance at Westlawn. Student and graduate nurses-about 450 of them-lived there during the 1947-48 school year. A "big-little sister" orientation program introduced new nurses into the scheme of things. Small unit partiesftea dances in the "rec" roomfhelped the girls get acquainted, An in- LORETTA GERDE5 CAROL GRANDFIELD formal all-girl Christmas party, and the annual semi-for Kzvrniwx SHAFFFR Humax GAmzi1rr mal "Caps Caprice" were held in December. And without even a thought for germs, the VVestlawn girls licked their pencils and marked down a spring semi-formal dance in their date books. Credit for planning all Westlawn activ- ities goes to the Council of the Student Nurses' organiza- tion. This elected council governed the Vxfestlawn popu- lation throughout the year. Front Row fleft to riglzry: Moershel, Garrett, Grandficld. Gerdes, Shaffer, VVcstervelt. Chase Back Row: Horst, Gutz, Roberts, VVright, Yackey, Houy, Ziegler, Eggers Westlawn Rec room . . . Time out . , . Quite ai feat! . . . Madrene Hovy . . . Announcement party. Madrene Hovy, Iune Bird ignore the camera . . . Kathy Shaffer and Virginia Simmons . . . Ian George, Mary Wirkler. Henrietta Moershel . . . Mock wedding . . . Carol Grandfield, Fran McTigL1e . . . Helen Garrett, Lela Timson. we I bi .mf L A M ev fs 4. ,Q X 'r r, flyer ,.1imm2" ge, ,sig 'f ia wwmaemwa.--zwxzl. Earn. Senior banquet . . . Trientze Everts, Shirley Hall enjoy the sunshine . . . Io Fillenworth takes a sunbath Iunior nurses trek home from med labs . . . Loretta Gerdes writes home. "The girls" smile for the camera . . . Restful? Myrtle Greenlee . . , From Florida? . . . Eleanor Connell, lean Walle . . . HI-low does your garden grow?" Aw, come on, push! From' Row flcff fo rightj: Sonnkalb, Anderson, Patch, Rhinehart, Frost, Zook Back Row: Blackburn, Grossman, Christensen, Tewksbury, Berguin, Pilkington Front Row: Wzay, Coffin, Hincleraker, Iohnson, Haberman, Reichert, Cass, Anderson Back Row: Loseke, Bechtel, Dempsey, Wegman, Hummell, Hollcroft, Breen, Campbell, Brobeil, Monson, Craibbe OFFICERS BEVERLY BRANDAU President ELIZABETH IACOBSON Vice-President RUTH GARBER DOROTHY WALTERS Co-Social Chairmen MARY ALICE RUSSELL Iudiciary Chairman BEVERLY BRANDAU MARY ALICE RUSSELL sf ff' it .4 A- -if , ,. -- 2.2. , f ELIZABETH IACOBSON DOROTHY WALTER Front Row fleft to rightj: Herron, Russell, Iacobson, Brandau Row 2: Garber, Walter Easllawn Eastlawn residents proved that intelligent women can be good social bets, too. They couldn't miss with an informal buffet supper and dance in Ianuary, and a semi-formal dance later in the spring. The girls had time for monthly coffee hours and a Christmas Hcozyn between books, dates, and campus activities. Doris Cuthbertson played in the orchestra. Ianet Bliss and Kay Knight sang in the chorus. The Daily Iowan claimed the time of Connie Trevor, Phyll Smith and Mary Lou Moore, Iowan Society Editor. Marcia Kuyper and Cam Henderson broadcast over WSUI, and Cam was active in forensics. Ioy Wil- son swam with the Seals, and Io Hubbell played hockey on the club team. Dorothy Walter was president of Phi Gamma Nu and secretary of the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce. Roommate Marj Schmidt was vice-president of Gamma Alpha Chi. ' Page 60 Geneva McBride and Betty Hood . . . Helen Sampson, Rukmini Ramistion, Middy Detty . . . Mary Lou Moore relaxes . . . Eastlawn Christmas party . . . Ruth Schoeneman, Dorothy Clasen, Odette Powell . . . Homecoming decorations . . . It might bc a seance or may be it's a spread. Anyway everybody's sleepy. Front Row fleft to rightj: Punter, Cotter, Downey Back Row: Martin, Wendel, Iohansen, Sprott Cooprralzve Dormzlorzks Afsorzkzlzbn OFFICERS WINIFRED PUNTER President PHYLLIS MARTIN Social Chairman MARILYN DOWNEY Vice-President I. ROBERT COTTER S ecrctar y- Treasurer a nd Ad viser Dean House, Fairchild House and Russell House are the three cooperative dormitories. To the sixtyafive girls that lived in them, the dormitories were home-including wash- ing the dishes and sweeping the floors. The Cooperative Dormitory Association council, composed of the president and proctor of each house and adviser Robert Cotter, met periodically to plan activities and discuss problems. Big cooperative dorm parties were an informal dance, "The Turkey Trot," and a semi-formal dinner-dance in the spring. Smaller parties and open houses were held throughout the year. Page 52 Enjoying a quiet evening at home are Russell House girls Fairchild girls get together: lane Wellborn, lean Margaret Habhinga, Peggy Megchelson, Lorena Vaghts, Sprott, Pearl Baxter. Cynthia Iohnson, Edith Warren, Helen Eaton, Dorothy Michaelsen, Yvette Wright, Elaine Zoe Broberg, Grace Rasmussen. Willis. Shirlee Levin, Violet Larsen, Mary Fox, Luella McReynOlds A little music, a little relaxation. Compare notes at Dean House. Page 63 Clinton Plate Front Ron' llcff to rightj: Grant, Brisben, Wren, Kolsch, Blakeslec Row 2: Seifert, Siamis, Gchring, Chapman, Kroppach, Christen Row 3: Ehrle. Wilson, Cave, Donohue, Noe. Zurn. lane Brisben, Coon Row 4: Pitz, Falb, Backus, Fredcricks, Boll, Read, lVlcNamara Row 5: Woodaird. Showalter, Counsell. Stoup. Hinrichscn OFFICERS GWEN WREN President ELFREDA KOLSCH Vicc-President LO l S BRIS B EN Secretary- Treasurer ELEANOR BLAKESLEE Social Chairman ELEANOR KOLAR Activities Chairman 4 The forty-two girls living at Clinton Place found inde- pendent dormitory life informal. An open house in the fall and three dancesathe annual "Last Frontier" dance in November, a February formal, and an informal May dancevheadlined the social calendar. Clinton Place girls were active in chorus, speech, journalism, Y.W.C.A., and W.R.A. Katherine McNamara and Shirley lean Cave were members of Theta Sigma Phi. Shirley Elman and Frankie Schaatz belonged to Gamma Alpha Chi. lane Brisben became a member of Phi Gamma Nu and Alpha Lambda Delta, which also claimed Martha Dawson. A council of four ofiicers and Mrs. S. Smith, adviser, planned all Clinton Place activities. Page 64 I Town Women Cou 71617 Front Row fleft to rightj: Dierks, Reese, Spence, Hanson, Buhmann Back Row: McFarland, Ashmead, Lager, Hertel, Danner, Ecklund University women not living in dormitories or sororities dipped heartily into the social gravy bowl with the Inde- pendent Town Womens organization as chief contribu- tor to the extra-curricular life of its members. Because these women lived in private homes throughout Iowa City. they combined mainly as a social group. They staged the "Anniversary Whirl," their biggest event, in February. They may have been a small group, but they weren't light on university honors. Pat Weir starred in several univer- sity plays, Catherine McFarland was a member of the student council, and Marilyn Carstens reigned as queen of the Delta Sigma Pi Christmas party. Page 65 OFFICERS RUTH REESE President VALORIE DIERKS Vice-President SHIRLEY ANN SPENCE Secretary M ERNA AXM EAR Treasurer Quadrangle THOMAS NEENAN FRANK EICHER RICHARD SMITH ww,- IACK PEDERSEN PAUL LANGE -...........,.. . A unique system of government again pro- vided the eleven hundred Quadrangle men with a well planned calendar of activities, Disciplinary and judicial problems and so- cial events were the responsibility of the thirty-six man Council, composed of elected representatives, and proctors ap- pointed by the University. A new grill and barber shop, the music room and a re- decorated lounge offered Quad men addi- tional convenience and comfort. The out- door Harvest Moonlight Ball and the lAWoodchopper's Ball", with Woody Her- man's band, were two of the high points on the Quadrangle social schedule. Qpen House, chorus rehearsals, bridge games in the lounge, plus intramural sports tourna- ments and tea dances were functions that resulted in an active year for the residents of Quadrangle. Front Row flcft to riglztj: Lange, Eicher, Neenan, Upclegraff, Payton Row 2: Hattwich, Herud, Gregg, Dillinger, Lindstroin, England, Pedersen, Brown, Sullivan, Dccdrick, Hill Back Row: Erickson, Williains, Allen, Aspholm, Reno, Yackshaw, McArcavy, Showers, Goddard, lVlCDOn21lCl Page 56 I 1 SCHOLASTIC AWARDS-Paul I. Fleming, Harlan Iackson, Melvin Middents, William Morgan, Howard Moldenhauer, Neil Garnatz, Richard Luman, Iohn Roberts. SERVICE AWARDS-Iohn Craven, Donald Deedrick, Frank Deitch, Daniel Dillinger, Wendell Hill, Paul Lange, Paul Md-Xreavy, Thomas Neenan, William Palmer, Iack Pedersen, Vernley Rehnstrom, Richard Smith, Nathan Updegraif. Q.: f A gs. an f. Quad court scene Quad west entrance Five members of the Quad council do a little manual President Tom Neenan puzzles over modem art labor-M. Goddard. T. Neenan, W. Aspholm, P. Lange, T. Sullivan Aerial view of the Quadrangle "Through these portals . . " Page S8 The winning touch football team-upper C of Quad. Left to. Up the Quad walk to the lieldhouse right: T. Coles, Manager, H. Iackson, I. Schock, W. Hill. Second row: L. Hester, A. Innes, R. Kallemyne, Samuelson, Paul Lange Social Chairman of Quad B. Buhs ' North approach fo Quad in Winter Homecoming decorations at the Quad Listening to Brahms in the new music room at the Quad Page 69 Quad chorus-twice Winners of "All-university Sing," Iohn Craven directing "Mail call" Here to study student government at the Quad were Mr. and Mrs. Max Rains. from the University of Indiana Quad Camera Club The Quad walk Milo Brandt, B-72, in his "hunting uniform" Page 70 Page Hflcresl Scholastic and social phases of Hillcrest activities combined to make 1947-48 an active year for resi- dents. Mrs. Marie Swords and President George Kauffman guided Hillcrest through a successful ad- ministration, The Crest, dormitory newspaper, and the Hillcrest Chorus, served as two of the many group interests. The annual semi-formal winter dance was held December 5 at the Iowa Memorial Union, and Woody Herrnan's band made the occa- sion a well-remembered one for Hillcrest men. Ex- change dinners with Currier Hall, a spring dance and unit parties during the year were other social events, The additions of a new recreation room and lounge and a cafeteria dining hall contributed to make Hillcrest even more comfortable for its resi- dents. Front Row fleft to righfj: Shall, Swift, Shrader, lohnson, Brinkmeyer Bro Dick Henry Harris Trick Elgin Morris Montgomery Back Row: Kauffman, Snodgrass, Snyder, Heysinger, Tierney, Hanson Robbins Finders Cal Henry Katz Scheinost 71 Tom Kauffmann hits the books Hillcrest Camera Club: Sawyel, Mitchell, King, Davis, Malaika, Blankenbnrg Th HU t H H V D Davis, Fisher, Benson. Hiatt, Beinsten, Griffin, Hays, Graham Q 1 cms 3 OW can ance Conger, Nadkarni. Zelezny, Fenholt, Warner, Hotchkin R. Medici during Hnal Week S, Gibbons, C. l-lalseth, G. Boorhaugh, l-lans Lenschow explains the art of skiing in Norway to Grouse, Fernandez. and E, Meeker around the piano Fisher, Bell, Blankenburg, Meyer, Scheinost, Griffin. Meyer Page 72 Medici, Pahre, Smith, Iepson catch their favorite program The Hillcrest Chorus Behind the scenes of the Hillcrest paper: Huesbsch, Shapiro, Mankle, Frerichs, Finders Fletcher, Gregory, Bredfeldt, Gelatt, Robbins What a useful little gadget is the cameral Campbell, Henry, Fuffum, Hayes indulge in their favorite pastime Davis and Griffin decide whether to take it apart or put it Don Montgoinery catches Sumner Morris off-guardfn together Page 73 South Qmzdrangle As a preview of an active 1947-1948 year, South Quadrangle won the silver traveling trophy for dormitory competition in the homecoming decoration contest. The num- ber of residents was increased to over two hundred and fifty by the addition of new cottages to the South Quad unit. Remod- eling in the lounge and building improved facilities for the increased number of men. The Iowa River Room was the scene of the annual spring dance with Nat Wil- liams and his band helping to make the evening a successful one. Stuart Moureau was elected president and helped to draft the first constitution for the South Quad student governing system. Mrs. Vern Spencer served capably as housemother again this year, Front Row fleft to rzghtj Buckingham Donachie Donahey, Doyle, Wilder, Danese, Hogan Row 2 Oreson Christensen Fuller Lee Christensen Wood, Glenn, Taylor, Gray, Frish Shades of Gabriel? Buckmgham Hardmg Welch Vlxlhams Hutchmson Mahoney, Thompson, Ferber, Griy at the plano Paulsen, Humes, Lage discuss South Quad at Homecoming wg, il - ' n n, aowA FIGHTS The Law IOHN R. THORNELL IOHN C, YAVORSKY PAUL COREY RALEIGH Heowoou 0771771071 The studious residents of Law Commons again found an extensive study program brightened by the social and athletic activities of the year. Inter-dormitory tournaments in football, basket- ball and tennis were directed by Don Thomp- son and gave Commons residents an active sports program. The Annual Halloween party, with Nat Williams' band, and exchange din- ners with Currier Hall were two of the many social events that Commons sponsored. Presi- dent Iohn Thornell and house director Mrs. Ethel Miller guided Law Commons through a successful 1947-48 year. The Commons Law library and recreation bookshelves were a help and an attraction for residents who found them- selves in need of good books. Bridge games in the comfortable Commons lounge were again an enjoyable tradition. Front Row flcft to rightj: Stark, Thompson, Hegwood, Rhoades, Lewis, Thornell, Yavorsky, Corey, Burress, Carpenter Back Row: Werling, Morris, Cerney, Wagner, Donovan, Moody, McGinnis, Hogman, Finch Page 76 l 1 Phil Elgin waits up for Santa Claus . . . Corey, Carpenter, Carroll, Breen, Schott, Wagner, Harris, Royal and Waiters Berge, Swanson . . . Law Commons seniors . . . Scott, Bliss, Foley, Hudson, Finch, Gaffney, Beck, Gearhart and Waiter Eichhorn . . . Kellogg and Nelson concentrate . . . Burress, Johnson, Yavorsky, Eichhorn . . . Don't they do anything but eat! . . . Weichman, Margid, Iohnson, Sulhoff . . . The ever-popular bridge again. Front Row fleft to rightj: Devine, Kamerick, Stratman, Morrissey, Reide, Hooks, Knapp, Wilson, Ford Row 2: Mullaley, Wilson, Gossman, Wissins, Devine, Mrs. Lanard, O'Brien, Cooper, Riller, Bissell, Kohlhaas Row 3: Quird, M. Linnan, Broderick, Oostendorp, Thomas Walsh, Bradley, Feeney, Ryan, Hogan, Heimerman Back Row: McCallum, Gregg, Hartzell, McNally, F. Linnan, Meyer, Shimon, Wright, Kollasch, Brauch, Donahoe Loyola House OFFICERS T O M D EVI N E President TOM O'BRIEN Vice-President RICHARD WISSING Secretary- Treasurer Organizegl by eight Catholic men in the spring of 1946, Loyola House has taken an active part in campus activities at Iowa ever since. Officers direct the activities of Loyola House on a co- operative basis, with Tom Devine as President this year. Scholarship and social events in- cluding a formal dance in February combined to make 1947-48 a successful year for members. Dick Wissing served as Newman Club presi- dent, Iohn Oostendorp was president of Foren- sics, and Dick Ritter was circulation manager of Frivol. Cory Wright was Adjutant of Pershing Rifles and Paul McNally was New- man Club treasurer. Page 78 Page 79 Q l Hagan, Wright, Feeny, Bradley, Walsh, O'Brien, Linnan, Meyer . . . Homecoming decorations . . . Wissing and Bissell are oh, so busy . . . lust a friendly game with Knapp, l-leimerman, Donahoe, Shimon, Ford . . . Homecoming performance . . . Homecoming quartet, Peony, Devine, Reide, Linnan . . . lack Knapp at the piano . . . Reide plays the piano with Walsh, Wilson, Grossman, Ryan, McNally listening in . . . The crowd Swoons as Bob Thomas gives with "Shes Too Fat For Me" F Town Men Courzczi EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RAY HUDACHEK President MAURICE ROSE Vice-President RAY HOGAN Secretary RICHARD SWEITZER Advisor WALLACE TEAGARDEN Assistant Advisor Getting acquainted with approximately 2,500 SUI men who are not pledged to, or housed in, fraternities or dormi- tories is one of the goals of the Town Mens association. Reorganized since the war, the group this year drew up a new constitution and presented it for adoption at a mass meeting held in October. SUI Town Men also visited the Town IVIen's group at Iowa State college to study its con- stitution and to confer with officers and advisors. Social activities were launched by exchange dinners with wom- en's housing units, a Halloween party, a Christmas dance. and an after-thefgame dance following the Indiana-Iowa game. The group also participated in an independent mixer, entertained Town Men from Ames in February and sponsored an informal spring dance. Town Man Bob Crumley was a judge in the Frivol Freshman beauty con- test, and Robert Doty served as Student Council repre- sentative. Front Row fleft to rightj: Teagarden, Brewer, Gross, Cochran, Rose, Greazel Back Row: Hoag, Hentges, O'Brien, Hudachek, Tanner, Crumley, Everett, Devine Page 80 , ,,iQi-QQ' A W TQ 'LL',L ,fi,,. 1 .'gfe' ? 1 ,-5:1 V .yy Y yan-sauna!!!-f G .X zz Chl' Qmega Alpha Chi Omega took its place among the Greeks this year . . . President Rosemary Current, a member of Phi Sigma Iota, acted as chairman of the scholarship dinner and could be heard over the radio on the "Childrens Hour", edited and conducted by Helen Maley . . . Active members in forensics were Ruby Scott, Helen I-lanse, Carol Wright and Ruth Koch who was vice-presi- dent of Delta Sigma Rho . . . On the HAWKEYE Staffs were Ian Lind, Robbie Berdo, and Paula Klassie . . . Ian and Mary Maloney wrote for the Daily Iowan . . . Mary Budwig and Margaret Griebel were elected to Phi Gamma Nu. Margaret was on a Union Board subcommittee. Active in SUI dramatics were Ioyce Bahr and Reva Hatch . . . Tailfeathers was enthusiastically sup- ported by Lois Mclntosh, Iackie Englebert, and Peggy Broderick . . . Mar- garet Marsh played in the University orchestra, while Pat Dunn sang in chorus . . . Lona Brown belonged to the Seals Club . . . and serving as group leaders in Orientation were Gene Goodman and Marilyn lens. Page 82 cr.. 5. .G . .l 2 1 if Q -. SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1911 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 M. Budweg R. Current C. Doran E. Behr E. Hakes H. Huffman M. lens H. Maley L. Mclntosh M. Meister A. Peterson Class of 1949 I. Bahr R. Hatch I. Biddle Heeren L. Brown P. Klassie L. Capel Koerner B. Ellison Lind S. Grant M. Maloney M. Griebel R. Scott H. Hansen B. Snover C. Wright Class of 1950 P. Broderick F. Fout P. Dunn G. Goodman I. Englebert M. Iackson M. Marsh Graduate R. Koch PLEDGES M. Berdo L. Moore D. Hamilton B. Morris M. Iones B. Phillips B. Zurn Page 83 VB Bahr, Berdo, Biddle, Broderick, Brown, Budwig Current, Doran, Dunn, Ellison, Engclhert, llehr Font, Goodman, Grant. Griebel, Hamilton, Hakes Hansen, Hatch, Heeren, Huffman, lackson, lens Klassie, Koch. Koerner, Lind, Maley, Maloney Marsh, Mclntosh, Meister, Royal, Scott, Snover Zurn AI a Della Pz' President Pat Teasdale was treasurer of Mortar Board, while Ginger MacDon- ald held the same oflice for U. W. A .... Prana Dahl served as chairman of University Sing and with Georgianna Edwards also worked on Religion in Life Week committees . . . Georgianna and Ginny Rosenberg were members of the Womens debate team and Ginny was a member of Delta Sigma Rho and vice-president of Zeta Phi Eta . . . Ruth Danielson was a society reporter on the Iowan and a member of Theta Sigma Phi as was Virginia lessen . . . In YWCA Nancy Trammell was a Live-Y'er, Cary Nutt served on Major in Mar- riage central committee while Ginny Rosenberg was Major in Marriage chair- man and on Y cabinet , . . Donna Wilken was secretary of Central Party committee, Gamma Delta president and a member of Student Christian council. Donna was also in Tailfeathers, as were Cary Nutt, Eleanor Geppart, Ginger McDonald . . . Iudy Kistler was in Orchesis, Yvonne Franzke in the Tennis and Basketball clubs. Beth Wilson marched with the Highlanders While Bette Iohnson, Eleanor Parkhouse sang in University chorus . . . Ginny Rosenberg was a member of the freshman Orientation council . . , Mary Lou Ogden was attendant to the lnterfraternity queen. Page 84 - 14,1-.": . -1 Qsw" , "5s,g9'gl ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1915 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 I. Anderson Iacobson H. Carrier V. lessen R. Danielson B. Iohnson M. Dourte D. A. Iohnson Y. Franzke V. Rosenberg F. Gater A. Scanlon S. Gaines P. Teasdale E. Irish Waugh Class of 1949 M. F. Dahl C. Lynch M. Fanter McDonald D. Houser Ruehmann I. Kistler B. Wilson Class of 1950 B. Barry M. L. Ogden S. Combs Schnoebelen E. Geppert N. Trammel D. McGonigle D. Wilken PLEDGES G. Edwards M. Longfellow B. Fahrner C. Nutt A. Klinger E. Parkhouse I. Baker M. Patty Page 85 Anderson, Baker, Barry, Carrier, Combs, Dourte Danielson, Dahl, Edwards, Fahrner, Fanter, Franzke Gaines, Gater, Geppert, Houser, Nutt, Irish Iacobson, lessen, Iones, Iohnson, Iohnson, Kistler Klinger, Longfellow, Lynch, McDonald, McC1onigle, Ogden Patty, Popovitch, Parkhouse, Rosenberg, Ruehmann, Scanlon Schnoebelen, Teasdale, Trammell, Waugh, Wilken, Wilson ha X 1' Della I--11 Again the Alpha Xi women were leaders in campus activities. President Ianis Iamison was a fall orientation leader as was Dorothy Edmondson . . . Pat Seymour was elected vice-president of Mortar Board and was editor of Pan- hellenic handbook . . , an Alpha Xi Delta beauty, Coralie Grimm, was an at- tendant to the lnterfraternity queen . . . The peppiest girls, Claire Stoltenberg, Gwen Kirchner, Ianet Shacklett, Pat Seymour, Kathy lVlcCormac, were mem- bers of Tailfeathers . . . parading the field with the Highlanders were Patti Malloy, Iody Nissen, Margaret Goodnow . . . Union board member in charge of Wednesday afternoon tea dances was Kathy McCormac while Pam Mabie was secretary of campus Camera club . . . Rosemary Harmeier and Nimmie Bedell were W.R.A. cabinet members, Rosie as president of Orchesis and Nimmie as president of Archery club . . . The voices of Pat Seymour, Lennie Breaw and Claire Stoltenberg, radio chairman of Y.W.C.A., could be heard on WSUI . . . Eunice McLaughlin was vice-president of Iowa College Club Home Economics association . . . Virginia Boyle was a Campus Consultant and a member of the Friuol advertising staff , . . Nimmie Bedell was a member of Gamma Alpha Chi. Page 86 KFU --L".'Faf.1r ' lss 9 E B . SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1912 ACTIVE MEMBERS D, Bone V. Boyle D, Edmondson C, Grimm R. Harmier I. Iamison Class of 1948 P. Mabie P, Malloy M. Marshall E, McLaughlin E. Nissen E, Serschen V, Lampe P. Seymour Class of 1949 E. Bates S, Long N. Bedell K, McCormac B. Blood M. Miller L, Breaw R, Riss R. Husa C. Stoltenberg M. lunge Stoltenberg G. Kirchner M. Van Ginkel Class of 1950 W. Edmondson Nissen M, Goodnow Shacklett S. Nelson S. Winter PLEDGES V, Adams E. King P. Anderson G. Porth M. Auburn Rimel D, Dodds L. Selzer S. Goltman C. Thurnau B. Hanson B. Wanamaker C. Hills N. Wilding M. A. Hoye L. Wilimek M. lohnson Wilson Page 87 Bates, Bedell, Blood, Bone, Breaw Edmondson, Eclmundson, Gooclnow, l-larmicr, Heder Husa, lamison, lunge, Kirchner, Lanipe Long, Mahie, Malloy, Marshall, McCor1naC McLaughlin, Miller, Nelson, Nissen, Riss Serschen, Seymour, Shacklett, Stoltenberg, Stoltenberg Van Ginkle, Winter C ' Omega With activities ranging from beauty queens to engineers, the Chi O's had a busy year. lnterfraternity beauty queen Marjorie Lowry was an attendant to the Dolphin Queen as well, and served as a varsity cheerleader along with Ann Canedy. Ann was also a member of Seals club, president of Canterbury club, sororities editor for HAWKEYE . . . Mert Staley, Patte Benish and Ginny Huenger were members of Tailfeathers . . . The Chi Us were active in Y.W. CA. with Marian Pollitz serving as vice-president as well as holding the vice- presidency of Phi Gamma Nu in which Mert Staley, Isabel Shaelfer and Betty Iohnson were active . . . Chapter president Peggy Starn served as secretary of the associated students of Engineering and the senior civil engineering class . . . Frances Valentine, Ann Arganbright were members of the Basketball club of which Colleen Davis was president . . . Connie Carlson was on the U.W.A. freshman orientation council . . . Marian Pollitz was a member of Central Party committee . . . Marching with the Highlanders were lanet Leigh, Betty Albert, Frances Valentine, Connie Carlson. Page 88 PS1 BETA CHAPTER Established 1919 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of B. Albert V, Allen C. Carlson M. Ebeling I. Leigh 1948 M. Pollitz I. Shaeffer M. Staley P. Starn M. Stuart B. Walters Class of 1949 S Anderson E. Hage P. Benesh K. Henderson E Brennecke D. Witte A Canedy D. Zvacek L Goodpaster C. Briggs Class of 1950 A Argenbright S. Lewis B. Bagley M. C. Miller C Davis A. Mudge P. Fuller M. Palensky E. Haack M. L. Seidner B. Haney F. Valentine Class of 1951 M. Lowry PLEDGES P. Aschenbrenner Salstrom E. Brennecke H. Sharp I. Fischer Stooker L Frost Whitbeck B Henckel N. Woodard P. Herrick Zeimer Page 89 Albert, Allen, Bagley, Anderson, Argcnbright, Bcnesh Edith Brennccke, Eleanor Brennecke, Briggs, Canedy, Davidson, Carlson Eheling, Fuller, Fischer, Cvoodpaster, Haack, Hage Haney, Henderson, Henckel, Huenger, Iohnson, Leigh Lewis, Lowry, Miller, Mudge, Palensky, Pollitz Salstrom. Shaeffer, Staley, Starn, Stuart, Valentine Walters, Witte, Zvacek la Delta Della The Tri Delts began the year by winning a first place with their Homecoming decorations . . . Elaine Lenney wielded the gavel in U.W,A. and with Phyl Iordan was active in Forensics and on the staff of WSUI. Margie MacDonald was chosen Honorary Cadet Colonel, served on Orientation council and was secretary of Mortar Board . . . Chapter president Phyl Oltman was a member of Mortar Board, treasurer of Union Board and an orientation leader . . . Ioan Tripp was vice-president of Seals club . . . Mary Pitzenberger served in the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce . . . Nancy Noble was an orientation leader . . . Norma Lou Haegg and Barbara Henderson were on the Frivol staff and Barb was a member of the Mademoiselle college board . . . Anne Smith worked at the Iowan as a Campus Consultant . , . Performing with the High- landers were Barb Henderson, Kay Klotzbach, Margie McDonald, Sally Quist and Norma Lou Haegg, who was one of the l948 HAWKEYE beauty attendants. I 3 - L ', . x 1 v Pczg , PHI CHAPTER Established 1904 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 I. Carberry Lyon B. Henderson M, McDonald P, Hull N. Noble E. Lenney P. Qltman I. Prentis Class of 1949 B, Allen E. Kennedy B. Anderson K. Klotzbach I, Cone I. Lord M. Deuben M, Nielson N. L, Haegg S. A. Quist P. Holland N. Sjulin C. lnnis Smith P, Iordan C. Sywassink Class of 1950 D. Anderson M, F, Anderson A. Avery B. Bishop S. Buxton I, A. Chipman F, Henderson B. Iohnson M. Iohnson M. Koch N. McKee E, McQuade S. Gronna A. Smith I. Hansen Tripp PLEDGES M, Pitzenberger B. Baldridge E. Spangler M. Anderson M. L. Hanlon M. Kerns S, A. Lackner B. Richards E. Slavata M. Smith I. Sywassink I. A. Thielen S. Watson Page 91 Allen, B, Anderson, D. Anderson, M. F. Anderson, Baldridge Buxton, Bishop. Carberry, Chipman, Cone, Deuben Dunshee, Gronna, Haegg, Hansen, B. Henderson, F. Henderson Herrington, Holland, Hull, lnnis, B, Iohnson, M. Iohnson Iordan, Kennedy, Klotzbach, Koch, Lenney, Lord Lyon, Maloney, McDonald, McKee, McQuade, Nielson Noble, Oltman, Pitzenberger, Prentis, Quist, Sjulin A. Smith, Smith, Sywassink, Tripp , , X A Gamma Not to be overcome by 7:30 classes, the interests of the DG's were many this year. President Gwen Oppenheimer and lean Steuck served on the UWA council . . . Orientation leaders were Ian Tyler, Wynona Smutz, Patti Fortune, Margaret McCaslin, Iackie Fitch, Martha Fry . . . On the HAWKEYE staff were Margaret McCaslin and Marcia Ashland . . . Margaret was also Pho- tography Manager for Friuol and Ioan Law was on the editorial staff . . . Union Board claimed Iackie Fitch and Ele Maiden while Marian Brown and Catherine Billings served on the subcommittees . . . Madlin Melrose was a member of the Seals, and social chairman for YWCA . . . Donna Ienson sang with the University Chorus, and Barbara Henderson appeared in concerts with the Symphony Orchestra . . . lean Steuck served on the Information First Council and Highlanders Margaret McCaslin, Ian Tyler, Martha Fry and Dianne Horrabin helped provide colorful entertainment during football games . . . Ann Reid appeared in 'ATidings Brought to Mary". 'INN 5: l 2.5 ii il ft? Page 92 is AF Q' 14, ms' . TAU CHAPTER Established 1886 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of K. Hansen I. Lerch I. Larsen I. Law D. McCorkindale 1948 M. K. O'Brien W. Smutz S. Zuercher M. Ashland M. Casey G. Oppenheimer Class of K. Brenton M. Brown C. Dennis R. Farrell I. Fitch B. Flood P. Fortune 1949 I. Hood E. Ieanes D. Iensen Marian Kirk E. Lane E. Maiden M. McCaslin A. M. Chadirna G. Yetter I. Grayston S. Tegen I. Hansen X D. Page Class of 1950 M. Fry Martha Kirke B. Henderson M. Melrose I. Tyler PLEDGES I. Paul A. Reid M. Bayley N. Yuill C. Billings K. Rathe E. K. Rawson Page 93 D. Horrabin ,ul sv,- QW USN Ashland, Bayley, Brenton, Billings, Brown, Casey Cliadima, Dennis, Farrell, Fitch. Flood, Fortune Fry, Grayston, I. Hansen, K. Hansen, Henderson, Hood Horrabin, Ieanes, Iensen, Kirk, Kirke, Lane Lerch, Larson, Law, Maiden, MCCaslin, McCorkindale Melrose, O'Brien, Oppenheimer, Page, Paul, Rathe Rawson, Reed, Smutz, Steuck, Tyler, Tegen Yetter, Yuill, Zuercher '1- Y?-N. mfg. iii fe i amma Phi Bela The Gamma Phi's were especially active in athletics this year with Pat Sibbert as secretary of W.R.A. and Anne Irwin as treasurer, Anne was also secretary! treasurer of the Womens Physical Education council while Nan Romine conf ducted the W,R.A. carnival and Doris Havercamp was secretary-treasurer of Hockey club . . . Doris, Mary Louise Larson, Liz Weitz and Madelyn Died- rich worked on HAWKEYE business staff and Liz also worked in the Iowan ad- vertising department . . . Tailfeathers Caroline Iones, Barbara Hardersen, Marilyn Long, Peg Cochran, Rita Decker helped cheer the boys to victory . . . Carolyn Iones, Elmerine Krohn donned the kilts of the Highlanders . . . Eloise Simmons was illustrator for the League of Women Voters handbook, and Rita was art chairman for Y.W.C.A .... Pat Van Liew served on a Union Board subcommittee and Ginny Hazen, one of the Thespians, had the feminine lead in USnafu" . . . U.W.A. secretary Pat Fox was an attendant to the lnterfrater- nity queen and Camilla Smith was a HAWKEYE beauty attendant. "?'Ilvn.- Pczge 94 D. E. 'Es o- 'sn Kia Qv "Q ..g,f- 2 -q . 3 .11 'H- ' rfiwa'-gi -. Q. krwgf' .4 - RHO CHAPTER Established 1915 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class ol 1948 Havercamp N. Romine I-less E. Simmons M. I-Iumphry S. Umilandt M. L. Larsen IVI. Warnholtz A. E. Riordan E. Weitz Class of 1949 M. Balkema C. Iones I. Christensen S. Kirk M. Cochran Mohn R, Decker M. McGrane I. Denton D. Oelke M. Dieclrich B. Shaw G. Elliott C. Smith M. Gustafson M. E. Stratton S. Haworth L. Ullman V. Hazen V M. P. Van Liew A. Irwin M. Voorhees Class of 1950 V. Burt B. Ianssen B. Harclersen M. Kirby P. Sibbert Graduate E. Iacobson PLEDGES I. Colby '49 I'I, McMahon '49 P. Kersey '51 R. Paul '49 M. Long '50 R. Wallace '51 Page 95 'Q' Balkcma, Burt, Christensen, Cochran. Calla", Dcc"cr 7 Denton, Diedrich, Elliott, Gustafson, I-larclersen, Hawor Havercamp, Hazen, I-less, Humphry, Irwin, Iacobson Iansscn, Iones, Kersey, Kirby, Kirk, Krohn Larsen, Long, Mohn, McCrane, McMahon, Oolzc Raul, Riordan, Romine, Shaw, Sibbert, Simmons Smith, Stratton, Ullman, Umlandt, Van Liew, Voorhees Wallace, Wzirnholtz, Weitz Q K zz A4Z7l1ll Theta With Dorothea Davidson as president, the Theta's had another successful year . . . Dorothea was a member of Mortar Board, Student Board of Publications and served as Panhellenic president . . . Lois Finders and Rosemary True- blood were on Frivol staff, Pat Lounsbury was HAWKEYE assistant copy editor and assistant editor of the Panhellenic rushing manual . . . Barb Ellison was art editor of the Panhellenic board while lean Gallaher was senior picture editor of HAWKEYE . . . Flora Robinson, Marilyn Fenton, Ardyce Kresensky were heard over WSUI, and Betsy Blaise had her own program, "The Bookshelf." Mary Vande Steeg wore the Scotch plaid of the Highlanders and served on Central Party committee, Student Christian council . . . Betty Malick was active in Forensics, Y.W.C.A. and, along with Betty Blaise and Dorothy Reut- ner, served as orientation leader. Assistant leaders were Pat Lounsbury, Rose- mary Trueblood, Flora Robinson, Phyl Troutman. Page 96 I X . ,. fi? QA aww, I 1 BETA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1926 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 B. Bygrave M. Hall E. Blaise P. Holloway C. Burtis C. Laughlin D. Davidson Leeming D. Duling Luther N. Dunlap P. Nance B. Ellison D. Reutner Class of 1949 I. Bowers Herrick P. Bridge B. Malick C. Cook P. Northiugton M. Fenton A. Rutledge I. Gallaher S. Sears Class of 1950 N. Airth F. Robinson I. Cramblit A. Seaton L. Finders C. Shoquist E. Horner M. Swisher P, Lounsbury P. Tenney D. Lutz P. Troutrnan P. Meloy R. Truehlood M. Vande Steeg PLEDGES C. Baker O. Stoermer A. Kresensky F. Whisler Page 97 Airth, Atherton, Baker, Blaise, Bowers, Bridge Burtis, Bygrave, Cook, Craniblit, Davidson, Duling Dunlap, Ellison, Fenton, Finders, Cvallaher, Hall Herrick, Holloway, Hoerner, Kresensky, Laughlin, Leeminq Lounsbury, Luther. Lutz, Malick, Meloy, Nance Reutner, Robinson, Rutledge, Sears, Seaton, Shoquist Stoermer, Swisher, Tenney, Troutman, Trueblood, Vande Steeq Whisler a Kappa Gamma The Kappas were really busy this year with girls in activities all over campus. President Nancy Green was a member of Mortar Board and secretary of Pan- hellenic association . . . Carolyn Ladd was treasurer of Y.VV.C.A., and Meg Auner was on Y.W,C.A. cabinet and in Seals club. Tailfeathers Dorothy Brown, Helen White, Ioan Devereaux, Betty Morrissy and Betty Thompson lent their enthusiasm to the cheering section, while Polly Mutschler traveled with the Highlanders . . . Polly Barickman danced in Orchesis and Sally Clearman played in the University orchestra . . . Blending their voices in the University chorus were Ferne Krupp, Helen White, Libby Holden, Dorothy Ann Mueller . . . Priscilla Garrett served on the U.W.A. cabinet and was chairman of the Spinsters' Spree dance . . . Kathy Horslund was a Phi Gam- ma Nu member and Nancy Shuttleworth and Pat Rose were members of Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Barbara Brunelle was president of Phi Sigma Iota and wore the key of Phi Beta Kappa . . . Marilyn Arons was an attendant to the Interfraternity queen. 1998 A fo ,wi fi 4 'QE 5-T ii. BETA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1882 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 P. Barickman B. Brunelle C. Cannon I. Fisher K. Forester D. L. Green N. Green C. Hendrickson I. Henninger F. Iohnson F. Krupp V. Snyder E. Williams M. Wilson Class of 1949 M. Aarons D. Brown C. Capen I. Devereaux D. Doyle I. Elder M. L. Foulds P. Garrett I. Glendenning C. Gustafson K. Horslund C. Ladd A. Mitchell B. Morrissey P. Mutschler P. Pinney M. F. Whitley Class of 1950 M. Auner R. Oswald S. Clearman E. Phillips I. Gordon P. Ross P. Miebach N. Shuttleworth E. Thompson PLEDGES I. Frank A. Langland D. A. Mueller B. Lanphere B. Aarons A. Miller B. Dodge M. lvlitchell T. Frank A. Petersen E. Fredericks age 99 B. Rath pe.. fx i 2 QTL 9 Arons, Auner, Barickman, Brown, Brunelle, Cannon Capcn, Clcarinan, Devercaux, Doyle, Elder, Fisher Forester. Frank, Foulds. Garrett. Glendcning, Gordon D. L. Green, N. Green, Gustafson, Hendrickson, Henninger, Horslund Iohnson. Krupp, Ladd. Miebach. Mitchell, Morrissey Mueller, Mutschler, Oswald, Pinncy, Shuttleworth, Snyder Stewart, Thompson. VVhitley. VVilliams. VVilson pl Beta Phi For having the highest Panhellenic scholastic standing, the Pi Phis gained pos- session of the coveted scholarship cup, and the year was off to a fine start, In the field of activities, President Katie Hammer was the Panhellenic delegate to Student Council and was also elected to Zeta Phi Eta along with Eve Fisher . . , Orientation leaders included Iulia Ferguson, Hattie Hoegh, Pat Hennessy, and Mary Sayre with Kay Kimmel serving as an assistant . . . Hattie was on both YWCA Cabinet and Executive Council while Iulia and Peace Penning- roth also held places on Cabinet . . . Florie Strate demonstrated her musical talents in the annual Panacea show and served on the Frivol staff as did Iris Halverson and Hattie . . . Acting as art editor for HCode for Coeds" was Lucy Durham while Ann Ewers, Marnie Herrald and Ieanne Larson worked on HAWKEYE . . . Gamma Alpha Chi included Rosanna DeWitt and Martha Eaton in its membership and Connie Hudson was elected to Phi Gamma Nu . . . Connie and Peace also sang in the University Chorus. Elaine Vifquain was a member of Seals Club, while Colleen Sibert and Kay Kimmel belonged to Tailfeathers. vw: , .Q 856- X-N. I Page 100 F15 3-31,1 'ji-a-utv:::-luis-' IOWA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1882 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 S. Cramblit M. Hart A. Dehn H. Hoegh R. DeWitt M. lohnston D. Ducharme M. Lewis M. Eaton M. Lynch A. Folsom MCQuillan l. Halversen E. L. Mitten P. Ham E. Plass N. Hammer B, L. Schmidt M. A. Wood Class of 1949 M, E. DeWitt P. Kaufman I. Ferguson M. Sayre P. Hennessy M. Stoltz M. Herrald E. Vifquain G. Zech Class of 1950 L. Durham Larson A. Ewers S. Mattes M. Caoodner P. Penningroth K. Kimmel C. Sibert E, Strate PLEDGES B. Ernst C. Hudson C. Wilson Page 101 K i Cramblit, Dehn, De Witt, De Witt, Ducharme, Eaton Ernst, Ewers, Ferguson, Fisher, Folsom, Green Goodner, Halverson, Hammer, Hart, Hennessy, Herrald Hoc-gh, Horn, Hudson, Iohnston, Kaufman, Kimmel Larson, Lewis, Lynch. Mattes, Mitten, Penningroth Peterson, Plass, Sayre, Schmidt, Sibert, Stoltz Strate, Vifquain, Wilson, Wood, Zech l Q E 5 Sig zz Delta Tau Work in U.W.A,, Y.W.C.A. and W.R.A. occupied the SDT's time this year. President Eva Adel Schlossberg was not only on the U.W.A. council and the Central Iucliciary board, but also served as vice-president of Panhellenic assod ciation and as treasurer of Zeta Phi Eta . . . Active in U.W.A. as orientation leaders and assistants were Ethel Gordon, Phyllis Studna, Betty Barad, Shirley Lou Krause, Mary Lou Ioels, Louise Ginsberg, Carolyn Weinstock, Pauline Beechen and Louetta Petersberg . . . lean Gavronsky was on U.W.A. council and Y cabinet along with Polly Beechen . . . lean was also on the HAWKEYE staff as feature editor, and Leah Mendelson was HAWKEYE business manager . . . Leah was also secretary of Hillel Foundation, a member of Gamma Alpha Chi, and was a member of the Mademoiselle college board . . . Also writing for the yearbook were Ethel Gordon and Shirley Lou Krause . . . Helen Falk, Arlene Silverman were Hockey club members and Arlene was in Tennis club . . , Barbara Lutbeg was a Theta Sigma Phi pledge, Phyl Finkelstein was in Student Art Guild and Lou Milstein was student advisor for Hillel Foundation. Page IU Y' R' '..-a, fr E l ggi PI CHAPTER Established 1933 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 R. Berman L. Milstein S. Bernstein E. A. Schlossberg C, Holzman P. Studna E. Klein E. Whitebook Class of 1949 B. Barad M. L. Ioels M. Brotman S. L. Krause P. Finklestein L. Mendelson I. Gavronsky G. Sigel E. Gordon C. Weinstock Class of 1950 P. Beechen B. Redman G. Eisler Robin H. Falk B. Robinson L. Ginsberg A. Schiller E. Qmens A. Siverman L. Petersberger L. Wolf Page 103 j Mfg ef-5 X ' , ...'-' K y 2 af 1 Barad, Becchen, Berman, Bernstein, Brotman Davidson, Eislcr, Falk, Finklestein, Gavronsky Ginsberg, Gordon, Gotsdiner, Gradinger, Holzman Ioels, Klein, Krause, Luttbcg, Mendclson Milstein, Omens, Petcrsbcrger, Redman, Richards Robin, Robinson, Schiller, Schlossberg, Sigel Silverman, Studna, Weinstock, Whitebook, Wolf Ze! Tau A4Uf1a The Zeta's were unusually active in Y.W.C.A. this year with Lucie Dean as Finance chairman and on the executive cabinet, and Ioan Haenel, lean Dahl, Ann Wilson, Margaret Erb, Shirlee Ferrell, Mary Thomas, Ioanne Prokop, Alice Reiniga, Iody Wicks, Gloria Kilborn, Marilyn Mariner, Helen Costas, Fran Franson, Ann Koons and Evelyn Thurn all doing Y work. Members of Tailfeathers were Lucie Dean, Ioanne Prokop, and Dottie Moeller . . . and adding half-time color to the football games were Highlanders lean Dahl and Ann Wilson . , . Carol Clark and Gayle Everett were members of hockey and basketball clubs . . . Gayle also belonged to the Softball club and Hickhawks . . . Lenore Marford assisted on the Childrens Hour over WSUI and was active in Forensics . . . Barbara Embree spent her time at the Iowan . . . Pledges of Phi Gamma Nu were Helen Costas and Mary Thomas . . . Ann Koons was in University band. Page 104 ,aw 'A . If 'I' fe' 1-,fag-4.-f ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1922 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 C. Clark S. Ferrell I. Dahl R. Harter B. Embree A. Koons G. Everett L. Morforcl Class of 1949 D. Chance M. Mariner L. Dean B. Molclenhauer I. Iiricek R. Rankin A. Lotridge A. Reininga E. Rinella Class of 1950 M. Erb D. Moeller I. I-laehnel Prokop M. Hiscock E. Thurn G. Kilborn Wicks M. L. Kringel A. Wilson PLEDGES H. Costas M. Roose D. Franson M. Thomas M. Gwynne K. Voigt M. McFadden McNeight QCII., Page 105 Chance, Clark, Costas, Dahl, Dean Embree, Erb, Everett, Ferrell, Franson Gwynne, Haehnel, Harter, Hiscock, Iiricek Kilborn, Koons, Kringel, Lotridge, Mariner Moeller, Molderhauer, Marford, McFadden, Rankin, Reininga, Rinella, Roose, Thomas Thurn, Voigt, Wicks, Wilson Prokop Panhellenzk Counczf Panhellenic Council is composed of the presi- dents from the twelve social fraternities for women on the University of Iowa campus, Pri- marily interested in maintaining high social and academic standards among its members, Pan- hellenic sponsored such activities as the ex- change open houses with men's fraternities, and the annual scholarship dinner. This year the scholarship cup was presented to Pi Phi sorority. The deferred rushing system was con- tinued and the council, in addition, arranged for the house chairmen to carry out the biennial housing unit inspection followed by a report to the university. Panhellenic also arranged for the adoption of a war orphan. s . ,NN Left to r qlzf Miss Helen Reich ad isor Oppenhe mer Delta Gamma: Reininga, Zeta Tau Alpha: Current, Alpha Ch Om ga Have camp Ga ma Phi Beta Schlossberg, Sigma Delta Tau: Davidson, Kappa Alpha Theta, Oltman Delta Delta Delta Teasdale Alpha Delta P1 Green, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Hammer, Pi Beta Phi, lamison Intmfralernzbf Council' Front Row fleft to rightj: Mr. Marshall, Wentz, Stines, Schneider, McCoy, Leiserwitz Row 2: Manglesdorf, Finney, Munsell, Steckel, Kemp, Anderson Back Row: Erickson, Neilson, Stichnoth, l-Ieckt, Roth, Little The Iowa Men's Interfraternity Association is the governing body of the sixteen social fraternities on the University of Iowa campus. Through this group the fraternities maintain their relations with the University and other student organizations, During the year the council participated in many campus projects and sponsored a fall and spring dance for all fraternity men. Meetings are held every two weeks with Graham E. Marshall, manager of the Fraternity Business Service, as adviser. The president and alternate from each fraternity are Council members. Since Interfraternity Council was established in 1906 it has worked to raise the scholastic standing of fraternities and to further the cooperation of the Greeks and other University organizations. Page 107 OFFICERS FRED STINES President BOB MCCOY Vice-President IIM SCHNEIDER Secretary- Treasurer MEL LEISERWITZ WALLY WENTZ Executive Committee MEMBERS IACK MANGLESDORF BOB PINNEY BILL MUNSELL DICK STECKEL ED KEMP ANDREW ANDERSON DALE ERICKSON LOUIS NEILSON DEAN STICHNOTH MEL HECKT LARRY ROTI-I RALPH LITTLE A417 Tau 0I71Eg6Z Led by Presidents lim Schneider and Dick Chadima, and followed by their per- ennial Saint Bernard pledge, Ato Il, the Alpha Taus were among the leaders in almost every campus activity. Les Brooks was elected to ODK, senior men's honorary: Sigma Delta Chi, journalism honoraryg and the Student Board of Publications, as well as serving as a newscaster for WSUI, publicity chairman for the Central Party Committee, Student Council and Union Board . . . Vice- president Dean Stichnoth did double duty on both Student Council and Inter- fraternity Council along with his position as Assistant Director of Sports Infor- mation Service . . . Norm Schrader was a news announcer on WSUI and secretary-treasurer of Sigma Delta Chi . . . lim Schneider was secretary- treasurer of Interfraternity Council . . . Herb Doden saw service on a Union Board Committee, and Bob Charles was elected President of the Interfraternity Pledge Council. Bill Cummings, Bud Swab, Dick Dice, Bob Charles, Norm Ullestad and Paul Bender worked on HAWKEYE and Friuol. Varsity teams claimed lim Rasley in golf, Bob Reynolds and Chuck Schneider in football. Outstanding social events included the Homecoming Dinner Dance, "Club Tau" party and the Spring Sweetheart Dance. Page 108 y. fr..-K-5 mf "N wa. if Q. 'ff-1, S H 1 n 9? 5 .S ,gf . t p- um ,mmm ww ix. A . C - -, wa-5. ,. H 4 5' Fi. 5 A g Sf f.. 3 - . 'aa ,- ,' ,ff K f W -Els! "L 1392: I-gif, w ' ' , V, , ' . f,.l.-wk1aqf3Qzi'ff' - -Si ' . M g X, -.iAk VL..,, ,Q .Q , . X , , . V W B hem Pz' 1 Beta's again were among the leaders on the campus. President Bill Munsell served as the vice-president of the Iowa Union Board, and chairman of the Central Party Committee. The men representing Betas on the athletic field were Ray Carlson, guard, who captained two Iowa games and who also wore the black and gold of Iowa's wrestling squad, Will Shaw, Nile Kinnick scholar- ship holderg Bob Longley, Tom Pherson, Bid Barron, Grant Iennings, and Dave Meltvedt were doing their part for Iowa footballg Bob Roseland, Don Roth, and Iohn Swanson were out for trackg Glen Gierke and Bill Martin were active Iowa golfers, while Roger Carlson and lim Twogood were walking the links for the freshman squad. Socially, it was a full year for the Beta's beginning with a bang-up Barn Partyg followed by the North Dubuque St, Dance, engineered by Rex Crayneg the annual Christmas Dinner Formal Dance: the capricious Bow- ery Brawlg and winding up the year with a Spring Formal and the Triad week- end. HF c Page IIU Front Row fleft to righfj: Colby, Ott, Baker, Stiverson, Mrs, l-lammill, Carlson, Daneke, Keefe, Asehoff Page Ill Row 2: C. W. Crane, Schulz, Gripp, Cvhrist, Gould, Neumann, Martin, Hinta Row 3: Beno, Rennie, Barron, Mehrhoff, Gray, Peterson, West, Roseland Row 4: Knittel, Roth, Craven, Fredericksen, Wilson, Moore, Meltvedt, Sitz, Lardner Row 5: Swanson, Gierke, Keefe, Fieseler, Patten, Lundeen, Munsell, Vogel, Yodel Row 6: Strause, Nichols, Arp, Carlson, Shaw, Henrickson, Ehrke, C. T. Crane, Tilden Back Row: Ruhl, Lenaghan, Kruckman, Burgett, Leighton, Meyer, C. Ruhl, Thomason, lennings I ff 22, Q ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Estcxbllshed 1836 Iron! Ron' flcft to rightj: Ghrist, Crane, Carlson, Neumann, Schulz Row 2: Wilsoxu, Swanson, Frederickson, Kruckman, Patten, Vogel Row 3: G. Ruhl, Thomason, Burgett, Meyer, C. A, Ruhl s S 2 Y' 3 3 S fs 5 JS l. 5 SK ii YE 5 it ? Sf Del Chl' Delta Chi started off the 1947-48 school year under the leadership of Dick Steckel, At the turn of the semester, Dick Lawrence, who transferred to Iowa from the Wisconsin chapter, took over the presidency. E. K, Iones, Bill Schu- mann, T. G. Van Camp belonged to Tailfeathers, while Steckel and lack Fleming took an active part in university dramatic productions . . . Bob Hill was an Iowan reporter, Ed Smith a cheerleader . . . And it wasn't unusual to see Mark Putney wearing his University band uniform . . . Warren Smith was president of the Billy Mitchell squadron . . . Iohn Ellis was awarded the first place gold Chicago Tribune medal for his proficiency in ROTC . . . Glenn Atkinson was the only member to leave at mid-year graduation. The chapter played host to ex-governor Ellis Arnall of Georgia who was a University lec- ture series speaker, The social calendar for the year included a tea honoring Delta Chi's new housemother, Mrs. Silver, followed by the annual winter for- mal, the traditional Turnabout party and other informal parties. Climax of the season was the annual spring formal. "N-iw-M Page 112 Front Row lleft to rightj: Smith, Arkinson, Lieb, Silver, Steckel, McGuire, Nesheim Row 2: Reece, Hill, Iones, Bishop, Kuesel, Larson, Giarratano, Simpson Row 3: Smith, Putney, Cirks, Ellis, Wratislaw, Dahl, Kienzle, Thomas Row 4: Camp, McCreedley, May, Blaser, Hiltbrunner, Montgomery, Cutler, Schumann Back Row: Dorsey, Hogeland, Tripp, Buess, Witwer, Shillito, Lawrence ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 G. Atkinson R. Lawrence I. Hogeland G. Neishem Class of 1949 N. Giarratano Lieb G. Heiden E. McGuire R. Hill VV. Schumann I, Kuesel E. Smith G. Larsen C. Tripp T. Van Camp Class of 1950 D. Bauer D. Nau I. Beach W. Otto S. Bishop H. Shillito I. Cirks W. Smith Page 113 IOWA CHAPTER Established 1921 H. Dahl T. Dorsey M. Guess R. Steckel I. Turner A, Witwer PLEDGES K. Bergman '51 F. Blaser '51 W. Broulik 751 R. Cutler '51 R. Duncan '51 1. Ellis '51 E. Iones '51 I, Fleming '51 C. Hiltbrunner '51 C. Hyde '51 T. Hyde '51 R. Karr '51 G. Kiengle '51 I. May '51 C. Moody '51 M. Putney '51 M. Quacle '51 I. Roland '51 I. Rovane' '51 I. A. Smith '51 D. Thomas '51 D. Vfilson '51 R. VVood '51 M. VVratislow '51 i 1 I Tau Della By emphasizing scholastic concentration, the Delts once again upheld the high educational standards established by the fraternity 68 years ago on the Iowa campus . . . Bob Bunz was the first Delt of the year to accept the golden key of Beta Gamma Sigma, honorary commerce fraternity . . . lim I-Iolbert was initiated into Phi Eta Sigma, freshman scholastic fraternity . . . the Delts were prominent in extra-curricular activities , . . Delt President Iordan Kern served as a member of the Interfraternity council as did Louis Nielsen, popular staff announcer for WSUI . . . Iazz critic Chuck Sanders was an editor on both the Iowan and WSUI news staffs . . . McClow, Suiter, Berg, and Gorman were on the Iowan staff . . . Lloyd Iackson and Bob Asprey served as Army and Marine Corps Recruiting Officers, respectively, for the Iowa City area . . . With many outstanding alumni returning for Homecoming, past and present athletes held the spotlight with attention focused on Bob Giegel, varsity wres- tler, and probable Olympic wrestling team member . . . Freshman Bob Shep- herd showed promise as a future track star . . . Iowa coeds will testify as to the success of the Delt social season . . . Under the direction of Kenny Lane, the numerous informal parties were highlighted by the Christmas and Spring formals, both traditional at Iowa. f' Page 114 Front Row fleft to righfj: Conrad, Kern, Phillips, Mrs. Iarnes Foly, Nielsen, Dom, Patton Row 2: Conner, Kern, Frazier, Cannon, Wherman, Rader, Copeland, Witters, Daasch, Fredericks Row 3: Brown, Pagin, Thomas, Cotton, Gorman, Amies, Iackson, Iohnson, Strohm Row 4: Ford, Boehm, Ruliffson, Paarrnann, Divine, Shepherd, Mims, Sanders, lVlCClow Back Row: Thompson, Vaughn, Asprey, Holbert, Kelly, Chrystal, Fletcher, Berg ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 D. Cannon C. Frazier L. Copeland L. Nielsen G. Wirtcrs Class of 1949 R. Asprcy D. Patten R. Daasch Phillips I. Fletcher C. Sanders C. Fredcricks R. Vaughn I. Korn R. Vx7chr1nan H. Mins Fencil I. Pagin F. Cvrecn Class of 1950 D. Brown R. Conner Page 115 ATA ' .'.. .A W1 1 1 K :Z 115193 5, Bum .:-9 OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1880 B. Iohnson D. Paarman VV. Rader PLEDGES K. Lane I. Amics '50 M. Berg '50 1. Boehm '50 K. Cook '49 A. Devine '51 H. Ford '49 I. Gorman '49 L. Iackson '50 F. Kelly '49 A. Kern '51 R. Leachman '50 VV. McClow '50 R. Shepherd '51 Cv. Smorowski '49 F. Strohzn '50 I. Thomas 449 K. Alsager '50 I. Callahan '5l L. Suiter '50 D. Strouse '51 Dell 127517071 Delta Upsilon, under the leadership of Mel Heckt and Don Frank, continued to be active in campus affairs in 1947-48 . . , Mel Heckt was president of Stu- dent Council and a member of Inter-fraternity council . . . D. U. athletes were found on nearly every Iowa varsity sports team: Dick Woodard, Ralph Wood- ard, and Iohn Tedore in football: Floyd Magnusson in basketballg Dick Mc- Clanahan, Iim Sandrock and Bart Sayre on the track team: Iohn Tedore and Don Edwards in baseballg and in wrestling, big Dick Woodard held down the heavyweight spot . . . Vernon Uecker and Dick Setterberg were heard daily over WSUI . . . Ioe Sutter served on the Union board and Iohn Hovland on the Union Board sub-committee . . . Bob Iackson was in band, Bob Fisher in chorus . . . lack Goudy appeared in several University plays . . . lack Os- born was again active in Forensics and Bob Valett in Y.M.C.A .... High- light of the social season was the D. U. Hobo Convention, now an annual affair. Pictures of this year's convention appeared in Look magazine . . . Other social functions included informal parties, the Winter Formal, and the Spring formal as a grand finale. Page H5 Front Row fleft to righfj: Fillenworth, Underwood, Currie, Heckt, Rowland, Sutter, Kapo, Renfro, Frank Page 117 Row 2: Green, Anderson, Larson, McCracken, Lennarson, Hutcheon, Peters, Ienkinson, Druyer, Schmidt Row 3: Vx7iers, Vest, Woodard, Magnusson, Hovland, Marks, Bartels, Dickinson, Casey, Walters Row 4: Benger, Connell, Mcclanahan, Setterberg, Peterman, Edwards, Osborne, Blackman, Fisher Back Row: Block, Kraatz, Larson, Pickard, Mickelson, Wagoner, Lacina, Tedore QP"-If, 5070 ,Q QQ e '3 . IOWA CHAPTER Established 1925 Front Row flcft to rightj: Brattege, Siulin, Peterson, Sandrock, Sutter Row 2: Larson, Ostrem, Iackson, Stevenson, Evenson Row 3: Daine, Guthrie, Bump, Woodard Back Row: Hogan, Wheeler, Chase Phi Delta Theta If X A f" After winning the homecoming decoration trophy at the start of the year, Phi Delta Theta maintained its prominence on campus under presidents Bob McCoy and Bob Kass . . . McCoy was also vice-president of the Interfraternity Coun- cil . . . SUl's candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship was Roy Stoddard, a member of Eta Sigma Phi, classical languages honorary , . . Tom Murphy and Russ Hounshell were elected to Alpha Delta Sigma, advertising fraternity. Iohn Tyson, HAWKEYE Fraternities editor and member of a Union Board sub- committee, was in Delta Sigma Pi. Picture Editor of HAWKEYE was S. Brownlee, while Buck Turnbull was Iowan sports editor . . . Two Phi Delts were active in Y work: Buck Broberg as secretary and Dave Tosh as local treasurer and also as chairman of the Iowa area . . . In sports, Don Hays played center on the basketball team: Bob Graham was number one golfer for the Black and Gold . . . Chuck Rogler took national AAU honors on the rifle team . . . Dick Tupper participated in cross country . . . Larry Larimore and Danny Roper were on the swimming team . . . Claire Iennett, Bill Metier, and lim Michel were trackmen . . . Phil Cady was a member of the gymnastics team and Bill Ball, lack Fletcher and Iim DuBois were on the Tennis Team . . , Highlights of the active social life included the annual Buckaroo party, and the unforgetable midnight jam sessions by those three musicians, Paul and lim Conrad and Bob Pearce. Page IIS Front Row Neff to rightj: Williaiiison, Brownlee, Graham, McCoy, Corey, Weideinan, Murphy, Overholder Page 119 Row 2: North, Turnbull, Gilbert, Garretson, McTavish, Roper, Broderick, Grenda, Pringle, Tyson Row 3: Church, Stoddard, Temple, Wurbs, Hanson, Harden, David Row 4: Diehl, Puckett, Tupper, Miles, Howett, L. Luce Row 5: E. Luce, Hoffman, Wandel, Broherg, Metier, Fryer, Kass, Stuhr Back Row: Hays, Hounshell, Conrad, P, Conrad, Silliman, Rittler, Bradke, Thornton f mo 4:1 vita? 2 35391. XR Gif- . f ' E' IOWA BETA CHAPTER Established 1882 Front Row fleff to rightj: Pearce, Dacy, DuBois, Sprouls Row 2: Ball, Brush, Peters, Wolford, Rogler, Knowles Row 3: Iohnson, Michel, Burrett, Bristow, Frind Back Row: Hyink, Fletcher, Sayre, Scannell, Fitch, Bergquist, Larrimore 517071 Pz' Alpha Beta of Phi Epsilon Pi completed its twenty-sixth successful year on the lowa campus. The chapter finished second in scholarship, missing first place by fractions and received honorable mention in both the national activity and Sacher awards. Two alums, Robert Sandler, former S.U.l. tennis star, and Paul Spiwak received high national honorsg Sandler was named to the National Committee and Spiwak was appointed National Executive Secretary, Frater Superior Mel Leiserowitz served on the executive committee of the lnterfrater- nity Council, and Vice-Superior Burton Lipshutz was secretary of the Interfra- ternity Pledge Trainers' Council . . . Sherwin Markman was an outstanding debater and Harlan Hockenberg served on Union Board . . . Hockenberg was also President of the lowa chapter of United World Federalists . . . Leon Hillman was stage manager of many of the University's stage productions . . . Outstanding social functions were the "Phi Ep's a Poppinn party, Pledge Prom and Spring Formal. ln addition, parties were held after all of the home football games. vi ,X f A ja -" - : i m f" 7 J Page l2U Row Row Row Row Back Front Row fleft to righfj: Elgart, Bucksbaum, Friedman, Mrs. Sands, Lieserowitz, Havreby, B. Lipshutz 2: Gordon, Olansky, Goldman, Asarch, Cepikoff, Kadesky, Hilfman, Levy 3: R. Lipshutz, M. Greenberg, Nadel, Sitrick, Cohen, Coppel, Meyerson, Greenberg 4: Hennes, Ginsberg, Sandler, Matulef, Evidon, Seldin, Fried 5: Gordon, Baumer, Faigen, I. Greenberg, B. Cohen, Ohsman, Myers, Bernstein, Landauer Row: L. Ginsberg, Sanford, Robinson, Holtzman, Shulkin, Arkin, Lasensdy, Wolf ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 L. Asarch M. Leiserowitz L, Cepikoff B. Lipshutz VV, Friedman F. Nadel H. Ginsberg M. Raverby M. Greenberg E. Spilka Class of 1949 M. Bucksbaum R. Copple E. Elgard I. Goldman M. Goldstein H, Hockenberg L. Holtzman M, Kadesky R. Lipshutz S. Markman D. Podol K. Sandler D. Schweitzer Class of 1950 S. Abraham T, Cohen H. Cutler Page 121 I. Levy O. Myerson E. Ohsman "?.4a.zaf':"'. ', Z, KL 'f a- , il. gs' in 'ta 7 fb! ' ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1920 A, Grund H. Olansky I. Handman E. Sanford D. Hennes M. Seldin L. Hilfman S. Silberman D. Levy ' S. Sitrick PLEDGES A. Arkin '51 S. Baumer '51 C. Bernstein '51 W. Cohen '51 E. Crystal V19 N. Dunitz '50 H. Evidon '51 Z. Faigen '50 I. Faske '50 O. Fried '50 L. Gordon '51 M. Gordon '51 L. Ginsberg '50 I. Greenberg '50 I. Greenberg QGr K, Kartman '51 I. Lasensky '51 S. Levine '51 N, Matulef '51 W. Myers '51 S. Martin '50 S. Ohsrnan V19 D. Rapoport '51 I. Robinson '50 C. Shulkin '51 R. Wolf '51 ma Delta The Phi Gams were led through the year's activities by Fred Stines and lan Crabb , . . Stines was president of Interfraternity council and delegate to the national lnterfraternity convention in New York . . . Conrad Amend was elected Most Eligible Bachelor . . . The Fijis were represented in campus activities by lim Baker on Union Board, Bud Booton, Student Board of Publi- cations, Herb Williams, Central Party Committee . . . Dick Bloomburg, lan Crabb and Penfield Mower were Dolphin members . . , Bob Schultz starred on the varsity basketball and baseball teams . . . Bill Greene, Les Happ, Bob Hoff were on the football squad . . . Iohn and Russ Merkel were trackmen . . . Mal Coy on the tennis squad, Chuck Dodd in golf, and Iohn Dinzole on the baseball squad were other Fiji athletes. In publications the Fijis had Iohn Berg, photo editor, and Hal Sorenson, art editor, of Friuol . . . Alpha Delta Sigma had Bud Booton as president, Bob Lochrie, treasurer, Iohn Berg, pub- licity chairman . . . Don Richardson was Daily Iowan news editor . , . Bob Carpenter, Iohn Miller were members of Phi Eta Sigma . . . Ben Fischer, Bob Mercer were engineers in Pi Tau Sigma . . . The Phi Gains social season was highlighted by the Apache Brawl, the spring formal and the Fiji Grass Skirt party. iiiimh Page 122 Front Row fleft fo rightj: R. Carpenter, M. Paule, Stines, Mrs. Whipple, Ford, Maley, Burges Row 2: Dinzole, Conn, Bevins, Curtis, Coy, Wilken, Epperhart, R. Swain, Sorenson Row 3: MacTaggart, Hoff, Garnder, Slocum, Richardson, Skophammer, Uriell, Grillin, Coulter, Hauer, Greene Row 4: Dotson, Paschall, Christian, Urice, W. Swain, Booton, Duncan, Keefe, Garrett Row 5: Iackson, Alexander, I. Carpenter, Maine, I. Merkel, R. Merkel, R. Graham, Dodd, Stroy, Heston, Malcolm Row 6: Walk, Seibel, Iepson, Schulz, Williams, Ducharme, Bloomburg, Crabb, Mower, Woodow Back Row: Happ, Smith, Nicholas, Dickey, Iepson, Miller, Baker, P. Paule, Dallam, I. Graham ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 I. Baker I. Berg L. Booton I. Burgess M. Coy R. Lochrie D. Maley R. Paschal M. Paule D. Stroy I. Thompson E. Weaver I. Weber Class of 1949 H. Alexander C, Amend M. Bevins R. Carpenter I. Crabb R. Dallain R. Dotson I, Epperhart I. Ford W. Freitag I. Graham D. Hake W. Hauer I. Heston W. Iackson H. Malcolm S. Malcolm D. Richardson I. Skophammer L. Smith F. Stines W. Swaim F. Uriell W. Wilkin I-I. Page 123 Williams , ,.'Vii 'l ch ITA. 4113972 MU DEUTERON CHAPTER Established 1919 Class of 1950 W. Akeson G. Griffin R. Bloomburg W. Iepson G. Conn I. Larson C. Coulter C. Lawrence R, Dickey T. Maine C. Dodd I. Merkel I. Ducharme R. Merkel R. Graham P. Mower W. Greene D. Seibel PLEDGES D. Bruntlett R. Hoff R. Burton W. Iepson I. Carpenter Keele I. Christian Miller C, Connell W. Nicholas I, Cruse P. Philip I. Dinzole R. Schultz L. Duncan S. Slocum B. Fulton F. Snyder I. Gardner H. Sorenson E. Garrett R. Swaim L. Happ I. Urice G. Walker Phz Kappa Psi Under the leadership of presidents Bob Phinney and Bud Flood, 1947-1948 proved to be a satisfying year for Phi Psi. Tom Vaughns intramural proteges proved consistent by placing second in football, volleyball, swimming, golf, and by winning the heavyweight basketball championship. Varsity letterwinners in football, lim Cozad and Dick Laster, were joined on the squad by Iim McKin- stry . . . Bill Metz won a place on the tennis team and Bud Flood was a quarter-miler in track . . . Led by scholarship chairman Unk Huppenbauer, the chapter maintained a high grade point . . . Ioe Cropper was elected to Pi Tau Sigma and Ted Foster was vice-president of the Iowa Collegiate Chamber of Commerce . . . George McBurney was familiar on campus as a WSUI newscaster, chairman of the University student speakers bureau, varsity debater, and vice-president of United World Federalists' SUI chapter . . . Also a U.W.F. officer was Bill Shuttleworth, who with Stu Charlton participated in forensic debate and discussion . . . Milt Hollinshead preached every Sunday in a Kalona church . . . Grad student Russ King taught math skills classes . . . Dick Pinney played sax in Larry Barretts band . . . lim Sangster, Iohn Bunce, Don Fryauf, and Max Sowers were four of the twenty-two Nile Kinnick Scholarship winners , . . Bob Peterson was named to receive the annual Dorr award. Page 124 Front Row fleft to rightj: Larrabee, McBurney, Swanson, Phinney, Flood, McClain, Schafer Page 125 Ro w Ro tv 2: Foster, Madole, Charlton, Howes, Berg, Iaeger, Sorenson 3: Panther, Syverud, Haupert, Heggen, Ackley, Annis, Callaqhan, Glynn, Madigan, Hope Row 4: Sommers, Petersen, Waughan, Swinehart, Becker, McKay, Zeller, King, Thompson, Cropper Row 5: Metz, Lamb, Curtis, Smith, Farrington, Huppenbauer, Lichty, Sheehy, Kerr, Craiger, Fox Row 6: Driscoll, Ford, Stewart, Heminqway, Records, Hollingshead, Schmidt, McClain, Lenzen Back Row: Cozad, White, lVlcLaughlin, Criss, Koch, Burkett, Risk, McNeill iw' 'EKU f ,.f" IOWA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1867 Front Row Kleft to rightj: Cilek, Burke, Vifquain, Sangster Row 2: Schoell, Anderson, Roth, Fryauf, Moeller, Sowers Back Row: Cornwall, Alexander, Boyd, Sinks, Long, Dow, Lenthy P1 Kappa Afrika ,Em Gamma Nu chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity opened the year 19474948 with a Homecoming Party. A high spot in Homecoming weekend was the initi- ation into Pi KA of several alumni members of Phi Kappa Rho which was once a local fraternity on Iowa campus and merged with the National fraternity to form a Pi Kappa Alpha chapter at Iowa. Lou King, Bob Phillips, and Bob Smith played football on the varsity team . . . Gamma Nu men were active in the band, on the Daily Iowan, in Pershing Rifles and on the University Dance committee. Intramural sports found the Pi KA's capturing first place in the bowling tournament . . . A "Beach Party" was held by the pledges in the actives' honor and a Thanksgiving party was given in November. UStairway to the Stars," the fraternity winter formal dance, 'ACircus Party," given by the pledges in February, and the Spring Formal combined to make an active social calendar. "The Dream Girl of Pi KA," selected for the spring dance, was en- tered in national competition with all Pi Kappa Alpha chapters. Founders' Day, in March, was observed with a program for the chapter and its alumni. Page 125 S l Front Row fleft to riglitj: Moeller, Farley, Little, Mrs. Addison, H. Rich, Haas, Crewse, Speck Row 2: Redman, Budelier, Coyne, Campbell, Swatford, Gaston, Daedlow, Burke Row 3: Killian, Hall, Dickinson, Bruemmer, Fay, Bawden, Collister, Cannon Row 4: Tuey, Huston, Hixenbaugh, Anson, Newbrough, Mahan, Covington, Conley, Anderson Back Row: Collins, Timmins, Hogg, Mclntyre, Buckels, Harold, Honson, Van Dyke, Glattly ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 C. Cook R. Phillips I. Hixenbaugh I. Smith L. King W. Smith R. Meardon R. Timmins Class of 1949 A. Crawford R. Little W. Hall D. Moeller D. Sandhorst Class of 1950 E. Budelier G. Fay R. Cannon R. Farley W. Crewse I. Glattly H. Dickinson R. Haas I. Reindl Graduates VV. Ellsworth R. Hogg Dczge 127 GAMMA NU CHAPTER Established 1930 PLEDGES W. Anderson '50 W. Anson '51 R. Bawden '50 M. Bennett '50 R. Bruemmer '50 I. Buckles '49 G. Burke '50 I. Campbell '50 E. Collister '50 P. Covington '50 R. Coyne '50 I. Dunley '50 H, Ely '49 I. Fahrner '50 C. Hett '50 D. Huston '50 T. Killian '5l E. Iohnson '50 G. Lane '50 W. Mclntyre '50 I. Massman '49 D. Newbrough '50 W. Redman '50 C. Redman '50 I. Reid '50 R. Swafford '50 R. Tharp '5 l R. Tripp '50 I. Fitzsimmons '50 C. Tuey '50 R. Gaston '51 R. Harold '5l R. Van Dyke '50 W. Vandecar '50 Srg a AI ha Epszfon With Ed Kemp and Ioe Poulter as presidents, SAE's were prominent in many and varied activities. Kemp, captain of the wrestling team, won the Big Nine championship in the 145-pound class and was selected as chairman of the Na- tional lnterfraternity Graduate conference in New York . . . Wally Ris, swimming team captain, was on the all-American swimming team, held several national and world records and was considered a good prospect for the U. S. Olympic team . . . Don Holmwood and Bill McDonald were president and vice-president, respectively, of the Dolphins . . . catcher Lyle Ebner was cap- tain of the baseball team . . . Pete Everett, president of Phi Epsilon Kappa, was also an Omicron Delta Kappa member . . . Paul Van Order, president of Tailfeathers . . . Porter Burrets, president of the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce . . . Al Schmahl, assistant sports editor of the Iowan . . . Bill Thompson was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa . . . ln intramural sports, SAE won the interfraternity touch football and volleyball championships and the all-university light weight basketball and badminton doubles championship . . . Parties included the spring formal and the A'Casino des Violets" where a mock raid by Iowa City police had everyone worried for a while. Page 128 Front Row fleft to rightj: Trueblood, Erickson, Thompson. Burrets, Kemp, Mrs. Scholes, Dean Teeters, Iensen, Van Dyke, Grahl, Holmwood Row 2: Mitchell, I. T. Olson, Euken, Porter, Muilenburg, Neel, Munson, Sterling, Daykin, Carty, Ris Row 3: Berg, Goranson, R. Olson, Pursifull, Wilson, Glasgow, Waugh, E. Miller, Kelso, Daniels Row 4: Wagoner, Youngstrom, Cviltner, R. Madden, Witte, Meek, Hess, Burney, Boylan, Kaiser, McDonald Row 5: Ebner, Peterson, Kenworthy, Aurner, Klein, Wagner, I. Miller, Boswell Row 6: Stevens, Poulter, Cook, Nunn, Everett, Butler, Iohnson, McConkie, McDonald, Garst Back Row: Newton, Sathew, A. Madden, Straatsma, Marolf, Duster, Van Order, Smith ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1950 Class of 1948 I P. Berg P. Grahl R. Boylan W. Marolf A V A. Daniels R. McKenzie P. Burrets R. Meese A L- Eukefl l- Mathew W' Duster I. Mitchell Q W. Gillilland A. Sterling L. Ebner H. Pete,-Son K. Glasgow S. Straatsma M. Erickson I. Porter W- TOOIQ P. Everett R. Stevens E. Kemp C. Sturges Class of 1951 W. McDonald W. Thompson A. Madden R. van Def Zee I' Cook P. Van Order Undassined Class 0f19-19 IOWA BETA CHAPTER I, Pu,s,,,,,, R. Aurner Meek R. Butler S. Mehl A. Carty E. Miller PLEDGES M. Giltner W. Neary W. Burney '49 Nunn '50 A. Hudson Neel R. Daykin '51 T. Olson '51 K. Kaiser R. Newton E. Cvarst '51 H. Showers '50 I. Kelso R. Olson R. Iensen '49 D. Smith '51 I. Kenworthy I. Poulter T. Iohnson '51 V. Trueblood '51 C. Klein W. Ris I. McDonald '51 l.. Van Dyke '51 R. McConkie A. Schmahl R. Madden '51 1-1. Waugh '50 I. Madden D. Wagoner I. Muilenburg '51 R. Witte '51 E. Wilson F. Munson '49 E. Youngstrum '49 Page 129 Sz' zz Chl' "Tin 9' f,i . 199, T fi f-. .AQ lwggf 'WWF Under the capable leadership of presidents lack Manglesdorf and Dick Rust, Alpha Eta of Sigma Chi completed one of its most successful years in campus activities . . . Bruce Hughes left the presidency to become editor of The Daily Iowan . . . Bob Brooks broadcast all football and basketball games over WSUI . . . Harold Debban was a member of KSUl's staff . . . Don Lay was on the debate team and active in forensics, as was Dick Peterson . . . lim Barnes edited the Comm-Skills publication, Glenn Cray was Business Manager of Friuol . . . Carl Helseth sang in University chorus , . . A captain in the R.O.T.C. was Gordon Ramsey. Sigma Chi's shone in athletics too: Don Winslow and Dick Rust were on the Varsity Football Squad and Tom Lyons and Dave Olwin on the Freshman football squad . . . Don Ward played Freshman basketball . . . Lloyd Berg and Don Rodawig were on the Basket- ball "B" Squad . . . Bruce McKim was out for golf . . . Iim Cwableman was on the Freshman Swimming squad . . . Bill Tandy played tennis. The social season was highlighted by a Christmas Formal, and such parties as "A Night in Baghdad" and the Sigma Chi Derby in the spring. i ,..,, MM-- - W I V , Page 130 Front Row fleft fo righfj: Thoen, McCarty, Peart, Mangelsdorf, Mrs. Dahl, Lemen, Peterson, Ansley, Distler, Lay Row 2: Young, Crawford, Witosky, Bryan, Stuhler, Wood, Bastron, Collins, Schmidt, Hughes, Puetz Row 3: Row, Walling, Buchanan, Skinner, Ramsey, Hintz, Foster, Munson, Wilson, Bills, Kampmeyer Row 4: Cray, Berg, Cathcart, Henkle, Stonebrook, Willhite, Anundsen, Murphy, Schick, Holloway, McHugh Row 5: Easton, Mummert, VanHorn, Rust, Smith, Soderberg, Lyons, Barnes, Staley, Debban, Chappell Back Row: Iahn, Heath, Bornder, Mueller, Doebele, Rodawig, Heezen, Chaney, Ward, Barwick, Delzell ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 W. Barwick R. Bordner I. Mangelsdorf T. Sessions G. Cray R. Smith B. Heezen R. Wilson D. Lay C, Witosky I, Wood Class of 1949 R. Alderman C. McCarty E. Andresen S, Mueller W. Ansley C. Peart L. Berg R. Peterson R. Brooks G. Ramsey R. Buchanan R. Rust F. Carpenter E. Schick R. Chappel Schmidt D. Crawford F. Singer S, Distler Skinner C. Doebele W. Stuhler I, Easton N. Thoen M. Foster D. Van Horn G. Lemen D, VVinslow K. Young ge 131 F- 'vi Al 1-1 nc ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Established 1882 Class of 1950 R. Bastron I. McHugh E. Cathcart I. McKenzie S. Delzell R. Mummert G, Heath T. Murphy R. Henkle R. Puetz C. Holloway D. Rodawig R. Iahn Roe I. Kampmeyer C. Walling PLEDCES I. Anundsen '5l I. Barnes '51 R, Bills '5l R. Bryan '5l I. Carlson '50 K. Chaney '50 T. Collins '5l H. Debban '50 I. Cvablemun '5l C. Helseth '5l C. Hint: '5l B. Hughes '5l T, Lyons '51 R. McDonnell '51 B, McKim '50 R, Meyer '50 D. Olwin '5l I, Rock '49 I. Soderberg '51 M. Staley '5l T. Stonebrook '51 W. Tandy '50 D. Ward '50 R. Willhite '51 SQ u Headed by Commander Larry Roth, Sigma Nu returned once again to all phases of campus life . . . Qther officers were Herb Shoener, lim Nichols, and Dick Amick. Sigma Nu again starred in athletics . . . Newell Pinch and Tom Clithero in basketball . , . Herb and Hal Shoener, Bob Anderson, lack Kelso in football . . . Big Nine champion Rummy Macias in wrestling . . . All- American Dick Maine in swimming . . . Gerry Eckhardt, all-American rifle- man and captain of this year's rifle team . . . Newell Pinch in track . . . Rudy Bauer acted as varsity cheerleader. lim Nichols served on Union board and Bob Watson on a Union board sub-committee . . . Larry Roth was chairman of lnterfraternity council committee to organize co-operation with the Athletic department in obtaining athletes for the university from throughout the state . . . Garth Miller was elected to a national honorary Economics fraternity. Highlighting the social aspects of fraternity life were the Hotel party and the Spring Lilac party. .Ufumi Page l 32 Front Row fleft to rightj: Ioe Carroll, Martin, I. Coffman, Comfort, Schmerler, Mrs. Iamison, Roth, Iewett, Nichols, Sims Row 2: Petersen, Laubacher, Beezley, Thompson, Anderson, Miller, Bauer, Riggs, De Ruyter, Stern, Dumbaulcl, Gibson Row 3: Chamberlain, Cohrs, Doran, Amick, B. Coffman, Reger, Eckhardt, Albers, Simpson, Hichlin, H. Shoener, Row 4: Paul, Kelso, Herb Shoener, Iohnson, Hornaday, Watson, Ioel Riggs, Walker, Clithero, Stern, I. Weaver Row 5: Garner, Spiess, Dinning, Iohn Carroll, Foster, Pinch, Marsh, Goissel Back Row: Gough, Marshall, Ryan, Hunter, Clovis, Rost, Cary, Kelly, P. Weaver, Darling, Krug, Maine ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 D. Albers Iames Riggs I. Dumbauld Ioel Riggs G. Eckhardt L. Roth I. Kennelley Harold Shoener C. Reger Spiess I. Stern Class of 1949 D. Beezley R. Doran W. Burke Hornaday B. Burkhalter G. Iewett I. Carroll C. Iohnson I. P. Carroll W. Laubscher P. Clovis R. Maine I. Coffman VV. Marshall R. Coffman R. Smith E. Daisley R. Watson Class of 1950 R. Amick R. Martin R. Anderson H. Paul T. Clithero N. Pinch F. Comfort C. Regex' Page 133 J, uni' 'r,'1"N ' 4,,:g,.wN 1' " 'f BETA MU CHAPTER Established 1894 D, De Ruyter D. Foster R. Garner D. Gough I. Halliburton R. Iacobson R. Richardson Herb Shoener I. Simpson P. Sims R. Thompson I. Weaver P. Weaver Class of 1951 R. Bickert I. Hunter R. Cary Kelly I. Cohrs D. Krug F. Darling R. Marsh I. Grissell M. Rost C. Hicklin I. Stern PLEDGES W. Burlingame R. Doran W. Charlton R. Laible O. Miller Sz' a Phi Epszfon Sigma Phi Epsilon opened the year with a bang . . . Under the guidance of Wally Wentz, chapter president and social chairman of Interfraternity council, and Mother Schermerhorn, "Sig Eps Sweetheart," the chapter sailed through a successful year . . . Social functions, under Chairman Bob Rasdal, were highf lighted by the Winter Formal, HSnow Fall' '... First place in the lnterfrater- nity Relay meet was taken with ease by Ioe Grothus, Ed Naramore, Truman Smith, Dick Albright, Ben Whiteley, Chuck Koss. And left guard Ioe Grothus, who received honorable mention in the conference, and halfback Bud Kaiser- shot, played football all season . . . Iack Watkins was a member of the basket- ball squad . . . Ralph Brown, a member of Union Board, board of directors of Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, and vice-president of Delta Sigma Pi, repre- sented the chapter on the tennis team . . . Pete Dickinson was wirephoto editor for the Iowan . . . Dale Griffin, Duane McKinzie, Don Myron, and lack Percival were members of Delta Sigma Pi commerce fraternity . . . Fifteen Sig Eps belonged to Tailfeathers . . . new addition to the house was "Little Monster," a toy manchester. Pczqe 134 Front Row fleft to rightj: Smith, Walter, Naramore, Bressler, Shaw, Wentz, Mrs. Schermerhorn, Rasdal, Ames, Chittenden, Griflin Row 2: Koss, Weber, George, Erickson, Cooper, Kitson, Keppler, Bendorf, Taylor, Lillard, Beck Row 3: Walton, Martin, Kunz, Stinson, Welsh, Schluter. Neunam, Brown Row 4: Satterly, Armstrong, Phelps, Clark, McNeal, Bednasek, Lendt, Goaghagen, Myron Row 5: Baughman, Doran, Henrick, Knobbe, Dickinson, McCreery, Dentel, Miller, Beeh Row 6: lochumsen, Lewis, Oesterborg, Schneider, Peters, Wagner, Geiselman, Bloethe, Wood Back Row: Shackelford, lr., Moerks, Ir., Hobson, Whiteley, Goodale, Albright, Brown, Watkins, Page, McKinzie, Percival ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 R. Albright D. Walter W. Wentz K. Stinson Class of 1949 R. Brown G. Satterly C. Schneider I. Bressler I. Cooper D. Griffin K, Hobson I. Percival D. Satterly N. Shaw R. Sinnett T. Smith R. Taylor E, Naramore Class of 1950 T. Beck R. Brewer H. Chittenden R. Clark R. Erickson R. Lillard R. McCreery Page l35 D. McKenzie Myron Peters Phelps Rasdal W. Schackelford W. Wagner I. Watkins L. Weber Unclassified W. Funnell Ii.:f2f13,g,a 'lfiisslfqif' PLEDGES bit W. Armstrong '50 Q. Kaisershot '5 IOWA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1917 Baughman '5l Keppler '5l Bedmasek '50 R. Kitson '51 E. Beeh '50 Bendorf '49 R. Brown '51 R. Dental '50 Dickinson '50 Dickinson '51 . Doran 'Sl Goaghagen '50 Knobbe '51 Koss '50 Kunz '50 L. Lendt '49 L. Lewis '50 Martin '51 Moerke '50 Miller '51 Geiselman '51 Newman '49 W. George '50 R. Pahre '51 W. Goodale '50 W, Page '49 I. Grothus '49 D, Hartsell '50 R. Paramore '51 W. Schluter '49 W. Hendrick '51 E. Iochumsen '51 VV. Welch '51 B. Whiteley '51 W. Sword '50 O Theta Xi began a successful year under President Ken VVhite by pledging nineteen new men. Harvey Coontz was a member of a Union Board sub-com- mittee . . . Paul Smith was awarded the Chicago Tribune R.O.T.C. award for the second straight year . . . Bill Sindlinger was social chairman of the Inter- Fraternity Pledge Council . . . Ken Neilsen and Dan Krumm were members of the University Chorus . . . Don Davidson, Ken Mounce and Dean Hiserodt were Tailfeathers members . . . Fritz Carlson directed a fine social season, highlighted by the annual Winter Formal and the second annual dinner for the interfraternity queen candidates. The traveling scholastic trophy found a rest- ing place in the lounge . . , Ioe Zulfer was elected to Phi Beta Kappa . . . lack Osler and Bill Dommermuth worked in the Iowan advertising department . . . Sid Guthrie continued his command as Lt. Colonel of the R.O.T.C. unit. Doc. Beebee chose lim Eversman and Don Eden as his assistants in directing the University Intramural program . . . Andy Anderson was a member of the Inter-fraternity Council . . . Ex P-Sl pilot Al Grier was a member of the Iowa Flying Club and spent his free time at the airport or at points five thousand feet above. Page 135 Row Row Row Row Back Front Row fleft to rightj: Osler, Crumm, Wilcox, White, Anderson, Conry, Carlson 2: Dittmer, Gunther, Guthrie, Shaffer, Coontz, Sindlinger, Zulfer, Behounek, Smith, Davidson 3: Trask, Harbert, Hammes, Tolson, McMahan, Mounce, Beard, Dommermuth, Mabb, Champion 4: Starr, Throssel, Suurballe, Bunn, Flagg, Grier, Hiserodt, Smith, Peterson 5: Nielsen, Murphy, Dieterich, Flynn, Haesemeyer, Snyder, McMillan, McCloud, Burkhalter, Hale Row: Feragen, Haesemeyer, Jacobs, Chalupsky, Kjoss, Pesuth, Turner, Lopeman ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 H. Burkhalter W. Conry I. Champion A. Ditmer W. Dommermuth I. Eversman F. Haesmeyer G. Kintzinger C. Layton K. Neilson D. Northcott I. Osler G. Flagg Suurballe S. Guthrie H. Vanderwerf G. Hale Zulfer Class of 1949 T. Beard P. McCloud F. Cavaretta D. Mabb D. Davidson A. Grier D. Hiserodt N. Lopeman D. McMillan Page 137 K. Mounce W. Ranson L. Throssel W. Wenger K. White .2 ...Q ,,F"n ' ' "Pan 1- but-, K., 'Qu-.Q V . .,.5 ws N fi. - fx. 1 ,""fE'-11' XI . CHAPTER Established 1912 Class of 1950 A. Anderson D. Dirkes D. Behounek P. Smith H. Coontz S. Smith F. Carlson K. Snyder M. Chalupsky W. Starr R. Hammes H. Trask D. Krumm R. Wilcox I. Peterson C. Wilox PLEDGES R. Bunn '49 G. Long '48 R. Diterich '50 G. McCool '51 D. Eden '50 W. McMahon '50 W. Flynn '50 R. Murphy '50 H. Fossee '51 I. Naber '50 R. Gunther '51 F. Pesuth '50 W. Iacobs '51 W. Shaffer '51 D. Kjoss '51 R. Larson '50 W. Sindlinger '51 I. Tolson '50 R. Turner '50 P111 Kappa Sigma ? With the initiation of twelve Iowa men at the fraternity's Northwestern chap- ter in November, Alpha Phi of Phi Kappa Sigma oflicially returned to the cami pus after an absense of nearly five years . . . House ofhcers directing the reactivation were Dave Harris, Dale Erickson, Bob Stooker, Vince Peters, and Kurt Hauer . . . In February the Phi Kaps moved into their new home on North Dubuque and began to take a full part in campus activities . . . Bob Stooker and Forrest Rehberg were elected president and vice-president of the sophomore engineering class, and with Kurt Hauer share membership in Phi Eta Sigma . . . Bob Martin served as president of Alpha Phi Omega, honor- ary service fraternity . . . Vince Peters was viceapresident of the Iowa Flying Club . . . Ray Tingleff was on the Union Board sub-committee . . . Phi Kap representatives in Iowa athletics included Dale Erickson, varsity baseball and Phi Epsilon Kappa, honorary physical education fraternity, Marv Stephens in swimming and the Dolphin Show: Roger Kolker on the freshman wrestling team, and Danny Rater in freshman football . . . Highlighting the social schedule was the Housewarming Party in early April. Page 138 Page 139 I. Bauch H. Eishbaugh R, Martin '49 I. Smith '49 M. Stephens '49 E. Buxton '50 Front Row fleft to rightl: Tinglett, Stooker, Harris, Erickson, Hauer Row 2: Stephens, Bauch, Fishbaugh, Kolker, L. Larsen, Reynolds Row 3: Peters, Lindberg, Nordstrom, Blackstone ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1946 D. Harris Class of 1948 V. Peters Class of 1949 I. Blackstone E. Erickson Class of 1950 K. Hauer L. Larsen C, Lindberg F, Nordstrom R, Tingleif PLEDGES W. Hamilton '50 R. Iackson '50 G. Latch '50 E, Noring '50 D. Taylor '50 I. Thomson '50 F, Freerksen '51 S. Kaiser '51 F. Rehberg R. Stooker R. Kolker '51 D. Rater '51 W. Sharp '51 AI Kappa Kappa Greetings, civilization . . , Sweeping resume of an AKK year, directed by Dave Berger, assisted by Nielsen, Werner and Scholl. High-lite+AKK cre- ated senior day . . . Dr. Walter C. Alvarez, Mayo clinic, as guest lecturer gave Iowa its first student-directed lectureship . . . Annual Founder's Day banquet saw many alums and staff members at AKK , . . Socially, Alpha Psi hit tops . . . Winter Dinner dance, pre and post Aesculapian Brawls, Pre- cordial panic, climaxed by annual formal Senior Dinner dance . . . New skin from Psi chapter, Minnesota now hangs in the Temple of Aesculapiaus, com- memorating the gridiron victory of November 15 . . . AKK women's auxiliary with 23 AKK wives meeting monthly . . . Berens and Reed preside over fresh- man, sophomore medics . . . Proshek, Kohlhaas and Plows uphold AKK's interests in the Medical council . . . Proudly initiated 28 men, they having completed scholastic requirements . . . Had as our guest and advisor, Dr. Y. K. Wang, staff member . . . Not to be forgotten are those many informal Saturday night sessions improved by smiling mermaids, semi-monthly faculty lectures, and the inevitable bull sessions and midnight oil. l 1 Y .... .i..ii,...i ,. .s ,,.v, ..lW,N.,r,,,,,.uii..ii Page MO Page 141 Front Row fleft to rightj: Schwinn, Sedlacek, Howie, Seliuzelt, Bergen, Werner, Nielson, Martin, Dempewolf Row 2: Tupper, Dannenbring, Kinyon, Whitney, Yordy, Siegrist, Berg, Ring, Ryerson, Michaelson Row 3: Krueger, Powell, Kerr, Orcutt-, Heist, Weeber, Steinberg Row 4: Scholl, Spencer, Kohlhaas, Baker, Traub, Schaifner, Linder, Brendel Row 5: Lister, Foss, Kirkegaard, Gardner, Iohnson, Miller, Byram, Bryan, Kunstling Row 6: Hughes, Ackev, Heilman, Moore, Reed, Self, Morrison, Plows, Becens, Macy, Morgan, Proshek D. Berger D. Howie F. Dannenbring W. Dunseth R. Baker C. Bryan R. Heileman A. Hughes R. Acker K. Banks B. Berens B. Berg A. Brendel B. Byram I. Foss ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 R. Dempewolf W. Martin Class of I9 C. Merrihew D. Paulsen Class of I9 K. Kerr G. Kinyon D. Kirkegaarcl I. Kohlhaas V. Gardner E. Heist W. Henecks O. Iohnson H. Kunstling E. Linder E. Lister G. Nielsen I. Schietzelt PLEDGES 49 L. Proshek I. Traub 50 N. Krueger W. Macy C. Moore R. Powell D. Michaelson V. Miller D. Morgan I. Morrison P. Orcutt C. Plows R. Reed P. Schwinn R. Sedlacek I. Stuhler D Werner R. Scholl K Seigrist C Self C Spencer D Whitney D Ring K. Ryerson R. Schaffner T Steinberg I. Tupper C. Weeber M. Yordy u u Through the efforts of President Erling Larson, Steward Ioe Schupp and fac- ulty advisor Dr. E. W. Sheldrup the Nu Sigma Nu house was entirely reno- vated and presented a "like-new" appearance when the members arrived in the fall. Led by scholarship chairman Gordon Mindrum, who topped his freshman class, the Nu Sigs, like all medical students, gave first attention to scholarship . . . They had plenty of good times on the side, however . . . The fabulous Homecoming party, the Winter Formal, and Student-Faculty Stag headlined the first part of the year while the Aesculapian Frolic was one of the eagerly awaited later events . , . Dick Opfell was elected to membership on the Med- ical Student Council . . . Nu Sig athletic teams were active in basketball and football . . . Nu Sigma Nu was saddened by the death of Dr. Ewen M. Mac- Ewen, Dean of the Medical College and a member of the Chapters alumni board. In his memory an annual award was established for the senior medic having the best four-year record. This is the second Nu Sig sponsored award. The first was the Henry Prentis Memorial award announced earlier. 4 Page 143 Front Row fleft to rightj: Hegstrom, Rigler, Smith, McMahon, Larson, Alberti, Schupp, Householder, Rasmus Row 2: Anderson, Orelup, Glise, Hogenson, Mindrum, Fatland, Barloon, Donahue, Hathorn Row 3: Wilson, Mayo, Green, Campbell, Ruliffson, Hostetter, Doran, Smith Back Row: Carter, Bauer, Chapman, Hastings, Caudle, Bridge, Gottsch, Porto, Mulford, Snyder, Opfell ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 R. Alberti Housholder A. McMahon G. Hegstrom E. Larson R. Rasmus R. Smith Class of 1949 I. Donahue R. Glise Hathorn I. Fatland M. Gonder G. Hogenson N. Smith Class of 1950 I. Barloon K. Campbell G. Mindrum I. Bauer Doren S. O'Brien B. Bridge Hostetter D. Orelup PLEDGES G. Anderson '51 H. Caudle '51 Hastings '51 L. Buchanan '51 C. Chapman '51 D. Kelly '51 H. Carter '51 Gottsch '51 K. Mayo '51 M. Green '51 W. Nlulford '51 R. Rigler I. Schupp D. lvie R. Gpfel R. Payton H, Ruliffson R. Porto '51 I. Wilson '51 N. Snyder '51 Ph The Phi Bete's entered a new era in 1947-48 of accomplishments for scholastia cism, joviality, and social graces. The members devoted their efforts toward academic accomplishments, but were still able to appreciate social functions, athletics and concerts as has been the tradition throughout forty-three years of activity. This year's memorable events included after-dinner talks by members of the faculty, the Christmas formal, senior banquet, and spring costume party. The fraternity began an organization for the wives of the married members. This group sponsored social evenings of bridge and many of the house parties. Members of the fraternity that were active on the medical student council were Richard Day, Peter Goplerud, Ernie Zmolek, Darl Vander Ploeg, Iohn Tyrrell, Ioseph Trotzig, and Conrad Anderson . . . Bill Grimmer was on Union Board and was elected archon of the fraternity. 'ra Page 144 Front Row fleft' to rightll: Porter, Carson, Day, Zmolek, Watkins, Meyer, Coplerud, Oyerholt, Erickson Row 2: Hallberg, Cook, Dolan, Dohnalek, Ehmke, Trotzig, Grimmer, Zappella, Hennessy Row 3: Manderscheid, MCEleney, Brindley, Ferguson, Morgan, Iaggard, Orton, Iack, Miller Row 4: Ball, Clark, Dickens, Peterson, Iuel, Kruse, Polich, Crabb, Wilcox, Eckstein Row 5: Hammond. Hayes, Gross, Dorosin, Tyrrell, Eichen, Lawrence, Vanderploeg, Anderson, Albert, Pates, Lindholm R. Carson R. Day E. Cook D. Crabb D. Dohnalek R, Brindley W. Burham R. Ferguson T. Albert '51 C. Anderson '51 R, Ball '51 A. Clark '51 W. Connor '50 I. Dickens '51 Page 145 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 E. Erickson P. Meyer C. Goplerud E. Dverholt R. Horton G. Porter Class of 1949 C, Dolan V. Graber D. Dose B. Grimmer B. Ehmke C, Hennessy Class of 1950 I. Hammond R. Lagoni R. Iaggard W. McAllister R. Kruse R. Morgan I. LaRue L. Orton Class of 1951 D. Benge PLEDGES N. Dorosin '51 D. Iack '50 E, Iuel '51 I, Eckstein '50 C. Eicher '51 R. Gross '51 H. Hallberg '51 R, Hayes '50 W. Lawrence '51 C. Lindholm '51 D. McEleney '51 R. Manderscheid '51 R. Wilcox E, Zmolek I, Trotzig D. Vander Ploeg D. Zapella L. Peterson I. Polich I. Tyrrell L. Miller '51 R. Qertley '51 V. Parson '51 D. Pates '51 D, Wilcox '51 Phi Chi 5 r . " J.. M Z - V 4- A 1,4-' 5-Y ' an W 5 " :fe Q 1 Q- This has been a busy year for Phi Chi. Their social whirl included smokers and stag parties, special married couple get-togethers, dances, an Aesculapian ban- quet, and picnics at Lake Macbride . . . Phi Chi parties have been livened with returned alumni: Dr. l'Mike" Mirack, who is here for a residency, led the sing- ing . . . Dr. Ed Gann joined the staff at Oakdale . . . Phi Chi family life did not slip either . . . Une of our members took his nuptial vows while three sen- iors passed out cigars . . . In scholastic achievements, Dick Antes was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and Campbell, Spohnheimer and Willianis are honorary Alpha Omega Alphas this year . . . President Malcolm Campbell represented the local chapter at the 30th Phi Chi Grand National convention held in At- lanta, Georgia, during Christmas vacation . . . This spring the Grand Secre- tary visited the Phi Chis at Iowa . . . Mu Gamma welcomed the Phi Chi fifth department head. Dr. N. A. Womack, appointed chief of surgery here. Page 145 'S l -..w.....-.-.nuaovuuhvq Page 147 R.,-" -af Front Row fleft to righfj: R. S. Antes, G. VV. Hathsteiner, Campbell, Woodard, Zabloudil Row 2: E. S, Brown, Nagle, Schultz, lesson Row 3: E. Somers, Spohnheimer, L. Williams, Piburn Back Row: Burton. Kasel, Sawyer, Musgrave P. Musgrave M. Pilburn G. Huthsteiner L. P. R. ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 Spohnheimer H, Van De Pol W, Zabloudil Temple L. Williams Class of 1949 lesson D. Nagle Woodard Class of 1950 R. Antes E. Brown PLEDGES K, Burton F. Sawyer 0 Srgma 57Ul?"'QLF"f3. 4. r H Y ,r - gm Under presidents lim Maharry and Cal Iohnson, Phi Rho Sigma had an active year socially and scholastically . . . Warren Moore was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, honorary medical fraternity, and was awarded Baldridge-Beye Memorial Award by the Iowa State Medical Society . . . lt was announced that Don Wilkins, who graduated last spring, had achieved highest national honors in pathology in the national medical examinations . . . Representing the fraternity on the medical student council were Everett Nitzke, Roy Stratton, and Norm Schacht . . . lim Maharry, Cal Iohnson, Ed Iacobs, Dick Eckberg, Bob Sautter, and Dick Wilson were announced Advanced R.G.T.C. officers at the Military Ball . . . After-dinner smokers gave Phi Rhos a chance to meet faculty members and local physicians informally . , . An outstanding event on the social calendar was the Christmas Formal at the chapter house . . . The spring Water Front Party was one of the several occasions on which Phi Rho as host to the other medical fraternities maintained its reputation for giving the 'ltypicaln medical party. E 4. .:r.,,s.. , , . Page 148 Page 149 Front Row fleff to ri htj: Sautter, Montz, johnson, Maharry, Moore, Iacohs, Carroll Row 2: Clappison, Cgherniss, Richards, Schacht, Clemens, Robinson, Dennert, Nitzke Row 3: Statton, Stewart, Forsythe, E. Meyer, Vorhes, Fickel Row 4: Ware, Higgin, Fribourgh, Spratt, C. Meyer, Gudge, Edvenson R. Eckberg I. Fickel W. Dennert G. Edvenson E. Cherniss A. Clemens G. Clappison ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 K. Gudgel Maharry E. Iacobs C. Montz Class of 1949 C. Iohnson C. Meyer Class of 1950 F. Forsythe E. Nitzke E. Meyer I. Spratt PLEDGES I. Friborough Robinson R. Higgins N. Schacht M. Richards R. Stewart W. Moore R. Sautter A. Wickstrom R. Statton C. Vorhes T. Ware Delta Sigma Della Delta Sigma Delta bade farewell to nine seniors, Their names had been promi- nent in campus activities and in the classrooms of the College of Dentistry. Special tribute to Frank Dailey elected to Omicron Kappa Upsilon, honorary national dental fraternityg to Herb Wilkinson, All-American basketball star and Hmost eligible bachelorng to Brownie Otopolick, president of the Associated Students of Dentistry: to Robert Getman, past Grand Master of Delta Sigma Delta: and to Paul Greiwe, letterman in baseball. Present Grand Master Rob- ert Knarr earned recognition in golfg and Sophomore Clayton Wilkinson, bas- ketball star, coached Delta Sigma Delta intramural athletic teams to first place in volleyball and basketball, and to second place in football. Elected to office in '48 were Robert Knarr, Grand Master: Norman Rugtiv, Worthy Grand Mas- ter: Scribe, Iames Crossg Treasurer, Don Hultg Historian, Iohn Frevertg Tyler, Herm Hollandg Senior Page, Bruce Hollingsworthg Iunior Page, William Shor- tell. Twenty-five freshmen were pledged into the fraternity of Delta Sigma Delta. Delta Sigma Delta was particularly grateful to its alumni for their lively interest, special clinics, and support in making the year a great success, .qua Page 150 Page 151 Front Row fleft to rightj: Otopalik, Greiwe, Getman, Herrick, H. Wilkinson, Dailey, Meyer, Barry Row 2: Warrington, Shortell, Ruth, Richey, Sulley, Hussman, Kimball Row 3: Kercheval, Schuller, McCormick, Blackman, Craven ' Row 4: Langland, Grillith, Sprott, Wever, long, Kopecky, Mitchell, Newell Row 5: Kennedy, Nelson, Ervin, Cross, Antwerp, Foster, Schmidt, Kottlmann Back Row: Ostrus, Cahalan, C. Wilkinson, LaBahn, Anderson, Teeter, Hale, Kern ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 D. Barry R. Getman R. Howard F. Dailey P. Greiwe R. Meyer Class of 1949 W. Bremner Cross R. Ervin Class of 1950 K. Bowie R. Hansen P. Kock I. Cahalan D. Hult G Peterson H. De long B. Hollingsworth D Ostrus I. Frevert R. Knarr N Rugtiv PLEDGES T. Anderson R. Kennedy O Langland N. Blackman M. Kercheval G Mitchell G. Craven R. Kimball G McCormick R. Foster S. Kem R. Nelson D. Griffith P. Kopecky B. Newell D. Hale W. Kotteman D Richey A. Hussman W. Kratz R. Ruth H. Otopolick H. Park H. Wilkinson H. Holland W. Shortell R. Warrington C. Wilkinson V. La Bahn R. Qliver H. Schmidt B. Schuller R. Sprott O. Sulley C. Teeter I. Van Antwerp I. Weber P51 ega Psi Omega was founded at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery on june 8, 1892, and now has thirtyftwo active chapters throughout the United States. Dr. R, H. Volland was instrumental in bringing the Gamma Mu Chapter to the Iowa campus in 1906. Its primary objective was to "cultivate the social quali- ties of its members and exert an untiring influence for the advancement of the dental profession in methods of teaching, of practice, and jurisprudence." Psi Omega social activities were highlighted by the annual Christmas Party during which "personality gifts" were presented to the faculty and personnel of the dental school . . . The group was active in intramural sports, winning the 1947 all-university touch football championship . . . The PsiO's pooled their ideas and resources during homecoming week and produced a decoration which was judged second best in the fraternity class . . . The Psi Omega Wives Club had its inception during the past year and had thirty-five active members com- posed of pledges, active, and graduate wives. Page 152 L. Brooks I. Cook L. Cox I. Ashton H. Cole R. Folsom G. Fraseur I. Maxwell '49 R. Yeager '49 A. Bothel '50 D. Butts '50 R. Klauer '50 Page 1 53 Front row, left ro rzgnr: Moyer, Lviaris, 1-ugiey, vvick, Cook, juuus, Leig Row 2: Thoen, Fraseur, Strong, Cole, Hull, Rashid Llllil Row 3: Ostrem, Lundquist, Carstensen, Lynch, Drebes, Foulke, Weigel Row 4: Muntz, Horton, Whisenand, Vance, West, Cox, Nelson, Muschamp Back row: Sievers, Folsom, Tribe, Lester, Twiner, Iessen, Gilbertson, 'O'Brien ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of 1948 H. Hull R. Lester C. Hutchings P. Rashin V. Iessen B. Thoen Class of 1949 W. Schultz G. Woodworth Class of 1950 P. Horton R. Nelson R. Humphrey R. Norris C. Iohnson W. Rotton L. Iulius W. Schorg E. Muntz E. Sufferlein PLEDGES I. Miller '50 R D. Lundquist '50 D Sievers '50 Carstensen '50 R. Lynch '50 P. West '50 I. Gilbertson '50 R. Drebes '50 S. Foulke '50 O. Weigel '50 R. Tribe H. Turner E. Whitlock L. Strong I. Whisenand R. Geiger R. Geiger P. Hotz '50 I. O'Brian '50 B. Vance '50 R. Ostrum '50 H. Muschamp "" 155 w af: 45' i' Q e Q ,.A , .. srfufb A vm A Q Q J 'HK Q-ew wr, X 4 5.-Q55 X f 1 f 'F 'f all Q Q. .5 ga 5 , . 2 s ? I Nffk 4' M-f W"T" 4: I AWA if MTQP' Mum cf x ,,. .Eg an ' gi ggggzgil., an v-wma . U in gi? Q, FE i i ,x fleft fo riglzfj: Charlie Frceres, Nlaintenance me- chanic YV. Yakish. manager. Riverdale and Hawkeye R. Cotter. Mzinager, married students housing University Mzirrieci Students Ur- ganization Page IS6 un! 123' R. Ayers, Asst. xuanagcr, River- dale, Hawkeye Riverside and Rivcrdalc from the West Stadium Park from the west stands i Page l57 V 1 X 1 sy, , I 5 J 1 1 an qf X gre 5. is 2 """"-0--M Hwmwmhwmmwmmwm ra - fLcff to rightj: Checking the River- dale bulletin hoard The good old sum mer time" Helping Mother do dishes Home Again "Say Daddy" Playtime At the co op store Washday If ii i J "ifi4 i fggm Activities , s.. M' sf X, .- 5 xg ..- s, 5. 5 .. s.. L sg si is jx xqv-IAEK vhxxybk ,,.- .. ...f ,.,,.- ::.,,-f if. .,,.,..- "'.,.4....-"IZ, ,..- -ff--J, -, r .,,Y ,.,.,- AV 1 0 ,rv f If I ! 1 LA? i Q- F- if N ?',:A'l",:f'..':"f Q -- - i Q 4 Q '- i H39 'C - if-.-I 5 : Ag 1 .5 ,A W' 1 - 4 'F' ,I ' I - in K .17 ' 1 L , Jr 'x 2, , 4' at 1 Z iss! ff Q 1 ' 1 f 1 K 1 ff' Qwlrgs , stxx s p-rg'T,- N 4 l C -"' x Q Danny always seemed like a pretty normal guy to you. You often wondered why he decided to be a fine arts major. No money in it-at least not 'til you're dead, you said to yourself. Others you'd known too: D. A. majors-dramatic arts. How about them, were they crazy? You guessed they weren't-just impractical. Matter of fact, you wished you had time to take a couple of art courses, too. But you've got to work fast: this is the time to be out hittin' for a job. You'd heard it took a terrihc amount of your time for extra frills like working for the paper or writing a story for Friuol. You decided that you'd have to stick to your schedule. Still, you couldn't help envying them a little. s, fn X 715,50 q 51 if Qafgmw , .v xv JU" 'b '-4 9 iff X M- Q. 15: X -.Pb 1 Q V -M f f' 5 Y' . - f f Qu 1 V 1 'Q 1 V 1 1' J J 1777, XV X Af 1 I xc r Q1 1- X I 4 - ,,' i W I mf A 1 4 I , f .. , K A M , N 'Nfl-J K E?g . ,X 1 I ,., QlQ Q..,-.n. ' A' ' X5 , I '74 , If env U EDITOR U If X """"'-"""""" fl N .ti 1 4 1 1 ff, fjlff '! A , 1 1 fff X711 .... A ., , 41 FOX if , f Q 'x Publzealzbns Speech Hhe A r!5 The M zfzlary fs of I Wi' --V4-Q m,,,,s.: , '1g::s F lwfiwfga Q- , - WM ,Vx .w.w3'.. ., '53 H . t 'IF2"' M, f ,Jw K r :4 1 ff , ua , ,H ,nw , ,f 3 E? x t 1. Q H571 ga 5 ' Q' 'L' i1i'f'::?fg,f ., 'EQQmQ.'."'g'. s:,:s 'I M . , ai QQ , ,Y , 'lin .MQ . ... , i f ..-:: :ff- nic, Wm, W ,H A 2,13 I . A wk api ,iz Wsxxx wmv 'Rl.5f7YX , ,X W , A M g , 'H-. , Q , UQWA-1 ,,,, ,, -A.,-f"'4 R. BRUCE HUGHES Editor WALLY STRINGHAM Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF R. BRUCE HUGHES ..... Editor PHIL MILLER . . Managing and City Editor RAY HENRY .... Asst. City Editor IIM WILT, GAIL MYERS . . Wire Editors SAM GOTTESFELD, DON RICHARDSON News Editors BUCK TURNBULL . . . Sports Editor AL SCHMAHL . . . Asst, Sports Editor MARY LOU MOORE . , . Society Editor PHYL WHITE ..... Photo Editor GIL TERRELL . . Editorial Page Editor CARL BERGER . . . Wirephoto Editor CHUCK SMITH .... Morgue Editor BUSINESS STAFF NED HEDRICK Assistant Advertising Manager WAYNE AMDORE . . NANCY GREEN . . . PAUL PARKER . ANN sivnrn . FRED sT1NEs . . Classified Manager Layout Manager . Circulation Manager . Campus Consultants Campus Consultants In thc Slot: Phil Miller, Chad Brooks, Wayne Schakel On the Rim: Kate McNamara, Malcolm Rodman Page 166 The Daily Iowan was 80 years old this year, one of the oldest newspapers in Iowa. Its approach to good newspapering, however, retained the flavor of youth. For, as always, the Iowan was manned by students. This year the Iowan's leadership in an accuracy testing method, its experimentation with front page makeup, and its vigorous editorial stand were noted far and wide in most Iowa dailies, many Iowa weeklies and a host of magazines, including Time and the Saturday Review of Literature. Editor R. Bruce Hughes received a 31,000 award from a na- tional organization for his editorials on the beating of a Rabbi in Iowa City. Other edi- torials gained state-wide and national atten- tion. All was not easy sailing, for the Iowan had a habit of looking "sacred cows" straight in the eyes. It had kind words and harsh-asometimes praising, sometimes critia cizing. So it carried on the 80-year tradition of being vigorously independent. And the university administration proved this year, as before, that it believes in such an independent newspaper. The only student newspaper in the U, S. with both Associated Press leased wire service and Wirephoto, the Iowan is one of two accorded professional standing for its competence in presenting campus, city, na- Photographers "Speed" Engelby, Pete Dickinson, Dick Davis in the Iowan dark room tional and international news. Iim Becker, Gail Meyers The Iowan shop before press time Chad Brooks Page 167 CAROLYN ANDERSON Editor Putting out a yearbook is a sometimes grim, always exciting business as any of the 1948 I-IAWKEYE staff could testify, For the first time, I'IAWKEYE senior pic- tures were taken by special arrangement with the University photographer and with the use of the new Strobel lights. And through a busy, turbulent year, HAWKEYE sought to reflect life at the Uni- versity of Iowa. The 1948 EDITORIAL STAFF IOYCE COMPTON .... Copy Editor PAT LOLINSBURY . Assistant Copy Editor IEAN GAVRONSKY . . . Feature Editor BOB NICHOLS . . . Sports Editor ANNE CANEDY . Sororities Editor IOHN TYSON ..., Fraternities Editor S. BROWNLEE . . Identifications Editor IVIARY FRAN WI-IITLEY . Informal Layouts DIXIE DAVIS . . . Professionals Editor Dale Anderson, Rex Crayne, Ruth Celke, Richard Dice, Sam Distler, Laurie Fisher, Ethel Gordon, Ioan Grotewohl, Iohn Fletcher, Delmar I-Ioman, Paula Klassie, Shirley Lou Krause, Iohn Kennady, Carolyn Ladd. Ieanne Larson, Ianice Lind, Charlene Lester, Robert Mumert, G. K, Shaber . . . Writers Kenneth Smith, William Shackleforth Rewrite Men PHYLLIS WHITE . . Chief Photographer lst semester DORIS ENGLEBY . . Chief Photographer 2nd semester Les Brower, Paul Bender, Bob Charles, Bill Cum- mings, Rosemary Eastlack, Betty Lou Ehlke, Edwin Gilmore, Bob Kerns, Ioan Liffering, Iim Reade Photographers Front Row fleft to rightj: Whitley, Nichols, Gavronsky, Anderson, Compton, Tyson, Brownlee Row 2: Krause, Grotewohl, Celke, Lounsbury, Ladd, Gordon, Lind, Wells Row 3: Klassie, Canedy, Smith, Kennady, Distler, K. Smith, Dice, Trueblood, Sandrock Back Row: Larson, Patten, Fletcher, Shaber, Thomasen, Mumert, Anderson Page 168 Haw e BUSINESS STAFF MARCIA ASHLAND . . . Office Manager IEAN GALLAHER . . Senior Pictures Editor RODERICK BRIGGS . . . Sales Manager DORIS HAVERCAMP . . Index Manager MARGARET MCCASLIN . Contract Manager Robbie Berdo, Carolyn Kaplan, Marilyn Casady, Alyce M. Chadima, Suzanne Combs, Madelyn Died- rich, Ann Ewers, Kayo Flodin, Barbara Flood, Margaret Griebel, Greta Grossman, Kathryn Hors- lund, lean Iirecek, Arthur Krebs, Audrey Langland, Mary Louise Larson, Ele Maiden, Dottie McCork- indale, Delores Oelke, Dorothy Page, Mary Richa ards, Gloria Sigel, E. G. Spangler, Shirley Tegen, Liz Weitz, Pat Wells, Betty Williams, Marilyn Wilson, Mary Witmer . . . Ofiice Workers LEAH MENDELSON Business Manager An ambitious sales staff established a new sales record early in the year, and loyal office workers took care of the correspond ence, contracts and later the senior pic tures and index. Front Row flcft to rightj: Krebs, Larsen, Gallaher, Mandelson, Havercamp, McCaslir1, Briggs Ro2Olk R'hdI"kYtt S'lI-I ldE D' w : e e, ic ar s, irice , e er, ige, arra , wers, avis Back Row: Flood, Diedrich, Weitz, Troutman, Lester, Horslund, Berdo, Smith, Langland, Spangler P ge 169 Frzvo r GLEN CRAY, business manager, and SAM FuLKERsoN, editor . I , Friuol magazine this year was once more in the hands of an editor after being on an experimental Workshop basis for a year. Published by Stu- dent Publications, Inc,, IoWa's cam- pus humor magazine laughed its way through nine monthly issues, poking fun at everyone and everything. Neither the comics nor Old Capitol nor the faculty were spared, Front Row lleft to rightj: Sorenson, Berg, Fulkerson, Henderson, Ritter Back Row: Essex, Keefe, Iepson, Duncan, Urice Page l 70 Magazzhe EDITORIAL STAFF LAWRENCE IOHNS . Managing Editor KEN EBLE . . . Editorial Manager lim Read, Ed Essex, lack O'Brien, Ierry Mor- gan ' HAL SORENSON . . . Art Editor Bob Gadbois, Maxine Kierkegaard, Dick Spencer, Iackie Biddle . . . Art Staff IOHN BERG .... Photo Editor Bill Cummings, Norman Ullestad, Betty Erbe ..... Photographers Staff members get a good laugh from Cartoonist Cvadbois' Drawings . . . Business Manager Cray and advertising staff take a look at the goal for April . . . BUSINESS STAFF DICK RITTER . . Circulation Manager Harriet Hoegh, lris Ann Halverson, Florie Strate, Everett Waller, lr., Vera Friedeberg .... Circulation Staff HERB HOLLAND . Advertising Manager Harold Arkoff, Mary Lou Miller, Guy Eccles, Charlene Bassman, Gini Foster, Dave Yancey . . . Advertising Staff Charles McCarty, Shirley Elman, Virginia Boyle, Ken Gingerich, Carson Hopkins, Layout Editor Fulkerson has a little confab with editorial staff members . . . Page l7l WW Publztatzbns Left to riglzf--10111111 staff: Turnbull, Moore, Nliller. VVhite. Hughes, VVilt. Bark Row: Richardson, Schnmll. Henry, Gottsfeld, Berger, Smith. Nlyers Eble and Frivol Staff member Diedrich. HMYKLLNI-1: Holland and Arkoff, Frivol VVl1itley. Tyson, HAWIQEYE: C, Anderson, HAWKIQYH, Advisor Don Iackson 3' Informals Dicdrich, Gavronsky, Flood, HAWKEYE O'Brien, Eble, Gadbois, Cray, Fulkerson, Frivol l'lAXVKEYE staff members Ashland and Haver camp Gadbois and O'Bricn, Frivol Compton, Nichols, HAWKEYE asm? J?-.vf Front' Row fleft to rightj: Miss Randall, Porter, Moeller, Baird Back Row: O'Brien, Miller, Pownall. Brooks Board of Puhlzkalzbm BOARD OF TRUSTEES LESTER BROOKS DOROTHEA DAVIDSON STEVE DINNING BILL MILLER IACK O'BRIEN CRAIG BAIRD LES MOELLER PAUL OLSON KIRK PORTER LOIE RANDALL Secretary FRED POWNALL Publisher As the governing body of Student Publications, Inc., the Student Board of Publications decides the gen- eral policy of The Daily Iowan newspaper, HAWK- EYE yearbook and Friuol magazine. The board ap- points the editors of these three publications, ap- proves their staffs, and passes on the budgets. Organized in 1924, the board consists of nine mem- bers, four faculty who are appointed by the presi- dent of the university. The other five members are students, three of whom come up each year for campus-wide elections, The two receiving the high- est number of votes serve for two years and the third for one year. Oldest of the three publications is The Daily Iowan, which dates back through its predeces- sor, The University Reporter, to 1868. The HAWK- EYE was first published for the class of 1892 and Friuol came into being in 1919. Page 1 74 w 1 -,N w ,n- , G 2? b" :--M,.m..., zwwmvg :fm5 ' I Y aww: Q 1- ' so Af i 1 fx, ' 1' xx 5: R . X Q 4 Whether you're relaxing while Ierry Feneger spins the platters on "Rhythm Rambles" or sweating it out as Bob Brooks brings you a play-by-play description of a Hawkeye team in action, your dial is set at 910, university of Iowa's station WSUI. Station WSUI is the result of an experiment begun here in 1911. In 1919 it was the Hrst broadcasting transmitter west of the Mississippi and in 1925 it received Radzb Ray Guth, Iohn Highlander talk it over The News of the Day with Len Stevens, Phil Kaufman its present call letters. This year the experi- ment was developed further by the addition of PM station KSUI, first educational FM station in Iowa. New programs included in the lfla hour, six-day broadcasting week are 'Fiction Parade", A'Gilbert and Sullivan Playhouse" and A'Know Your University," This year WSUI recognition 'pins were awarded to outstanding students in the radio organization. Page 176 l Tea Time-Betsy Blaise, Bill Minchell Harold Showers spins ihe records Page 1 77 Bill Platt at the controls Marcia Kuyper, WSLII VVomen's Editor "Sports time, with your hosts Bob Brooks and Spank Brcdersm wp Ray Guth John Hughlander and secretary Page 178 Form zks A5 0 zkztzbn All students participating in any Forensics activity are members of the Forensic Asso- ciation. This year, Iowa sponsored two intercollegiate Forensic conferences on post-war problems. Thirty colleges and universities participated in debate, discus- sion, extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, after-dinner speaking and a model congress. In addition to six intercollegia ate home-and-home debates, Iowa women won first for the fourth consecutive time and the men won second place in the Western Conference League debate tour- nament at Purdue in April. During the year, some 150 students participated in Forensics. A. CRAIG BAIRD Director OFFICERS IOHN OOSTENDORP President RICHARD PETERSON Vice-President EVALINE FISHER Secretary CHARLES GUGGENI-IEIM Treasurer ,. ELAINE LENNEY Historian GEORGE IVICBURNEY Chairman, Speakers' Bureau Front Row: Markman, Edwards, Gordon, Kistle, Mr. Barton, McBurney, McGivern, Lay Row 2: Dr. Baird, Elliot, Thodt, Dickison, Morford, Rosenberg, Waller, Kniffen, Swanson, Woodbury Back Row: Buxton, Glenn, Guggenheim, Robbins, Oostendorp, Geral, Burney, Charlton, Shuttleworth, Peterson, Hocken- berg, Benz if I ,,,. N ..-Q-7-u Page 179 Delta Sigma Rho OFFICERS LEO ZIFFREN President RUTH KOCH Vice-President LEROY CQWPERTHWAITE Secretary MEL BAKER Treasurer MRS. RUTH CORNELL IUHN OOSTENDORP Social Co-Chairmen Iowa Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Rho, national honor- ary debate, discussion and oratory fraternity, this year launched a program designed to encourage outstanding high school speakers to enroll at the University of Iowa. High school students were invited to debates here and were contacted personally by members of Delta Sigma Rho. Delta Sigma Rho sponsored the annual Interna- tional Debate which was this year with Qxford Univer- sity. This year the question was "Resolved: that the dan- ger of war can best be averted by an all-purpose Anglo- American alliance," The purpose of Delta Sigma Rho is to encourage effective public speaking by giving recogni- tion to outstanding speakers. Cnly juniors, seniors and graduate students are eligible for membership. Iowa Alpha chapter was founded in 1906. Front Row flcft to rightj: Kanzell, Marstellar, Willhoite, Koch, Cornell Back Row: Hughes, Ziffren, Cowperthwaite, Dr, Baird, Cornell, Oostendorp, Baker Page 180 Page 181 Front Row: Ross, Edwards, Kistle, Koch, Levin, lVlcGivern, Lay Row 2: Guggenheim, Charlton, Burney, Grahl, McBurney, Shuttleworth, Kniffen, Markman Back Row: Gerol, Glenn, Iohnson, Robbins, Waller, Miller, Burney, Fletcher, Peterson, I-Iockenberg Dl:YCH55ZbH A vital part of the Iowa Forensics program is discussion. The December intercollegiate con- ference centered on problems of peace, the con- ference in February on inflation. The Student Forum of the Air continued to sponsor discus- sion and debates on various national and inter- national problems. The Forum featured guest speakers, panel discussion and audience particia pation. Speakers for the Campus Chest and Christmas Seals drives were furnished by the Student Speakers' Bureau. Womefzi KQIIZYZDI Debate Edwards, Dickison, Kistle, Miss Wood, McGiverr1, Rosenberg M en? Vdfilbf Debate Front Row: Back Row Gcrol, Peterson, Cowperthwaite, McBurney, Oostendorp Lay, Glenn, Thodt, Guggenheim, Markxnan, Hockenberg, Elliot - 24 X ,ig fl l 5 Y ' 5 Lf. sawn, Page 182 . ' 'fin W? wazilgfu ' 1 X R A X ,af ,r Q' 'RM A 'N 'w, sr , 'W xx E, 2. N if 34-fl fix x il ,A n 1, a In 4 'wg X Th? E216 Artis X ,f v,.i,.ir - UHl'V6f5Z23l Orchestra wp' QQ 1 . , sz 1 W PHILIP G. CLAPP Director The University Symphony Orchestra during 1947-1948 presented its usual series of six syma phony concerts under the direction of Professor Philip Greeley Clapp. The orchestra also ac- companied the University Chorus in two orato- rios, presented symphony concerts at three other Iowa colleges, and played at the mid-year Commencement in the Iowa Union. The ora chestra personnel this year included 15 faculty members and 100 students. While naturally a majority of the faculty and student personnel either taught or studied in the music depart- ment, the organization was nevertheless an all- University and community group with faculty and students of other departments well repre- sented. The work of the Symphony Orchestra was supplemented by that of the Chamber Or- chestra, an organization of 30 symphony orches- tra members which served as a laboratory for orchestral compositions and arrangements by advanced students, and provided opportunities in practice-conducting for qualified students. Page 184 UHZ'V6f5Zbf Chorus K'.- D ' 'iff We . L www 'A to 'WWW' Page 1 85 The 165 members of University Chorus, under the direction of Prof. Herald Stark, presented four concerts during the year. The series began in November with a part- song concert. The chorus, together with University Orchestra, presented Bach's Christmas Oratorio in December, Profes- sor Stark conducting. Heralding Easter. the chorus presented Mendelssohn's "Elija" for a university audience. A Spring concert of part-songs, including the singing of Brahms' Liebeslieder Waltzes, completed the season. Chorus ace companists were Iohn Simons and Nadine Knowlton. Charles Davis was assistant director. HERALD I. STARK Director i U r1z'ver5zQf Band CHARLES B. RIGHTER Director The University Band personnel became all-men again this year for the first time since before the war. Under the direction of C. B, Righter, the bands made innumerable public appearances. The football band performed for all home games and traveled to South Bend, Ind., for the Iowa- Notre Dame game. The Varsity band fur- nished music for all home basketball games while this Spring the 60 members of the concert band toured ll Iowa towns giving 13 concerts. In the spring, gold service award keys were presented to concert band members with six semesters of band membership and members of varsity band with eight semesters. Assistant band director was A, L. Celsen. .,wsu,:awwv,':saefawwwww::mwwwxwa aww,wzmmwswxwmefts:wx.'.sswns:s:zsms:r.w.x:aus.aac1:gswg .spasms -V ..:. . t 1 . A F- 9, 1 x 1 Q 9 QW-, H4 . -. M ny Kms I ' F z e if w id I Q 15 5 - .l 1 ,ia my i ' 1 9 5 K 5 ..: G7 .,.-,- B .M , W "-FEW' 1 ' ' Xp? 025 . My Wh vm- f wi? 2 Q TEM '25 if 9 A 3, X. A Q4 A uk in-V -1 fm fw Yi' I I l h Lizzie . . . D Miss Cornelia Van 7' 617714 Billy .... Brooks . . Miss Dale Ogden Doctor Wells . The Detective . Richard Fleming Reginald Beresford An Unknown Man The Bat CAST . . . DOROTHY FREDERICK . . IO WEAVER HERBERT KANZELL . . IAMES AMo . ARVELLA FREE HAROLD LEE HAYES TOM GREGORY and VINCENT WILLIAMS HOWARD HENRY RICHARD STECKEL . MERVIN APTAK Gorder . By act III the play has progressed from the ground floor to the attic but, as yet, everyone is still wondering who the Bat can be. They thought they'd find him behind the fireplace hut all that was there was an empty safe. I-Ie's really in the barrel at the right, but, fortunately, no one on stage realizes this Page 188 Someone happened along while the lights were out and, in the manner of most unwelcome guests, left his mark-The Bat. Mary Roberts Rinehart's adaptation for the stage of her own early mystery story was the first production of the season. It was directed hy Marian Galloway. lust about at this part of the play everyone is thinking everyone else is "The Bat." On stage at the moment are a maid, a wealthy, eccentric dow- ager, her lovely niece. a lawyer, a doctor, an oriental househoy, a dis- guised gardener and someone who has been either shot or hit in the head with a brick. Who knows? Any one of them might be 'iThe Bat." The Late George Alvley Margaret . George Apley . Catherine . . Iohn Apley I . Wilson . . Eleanor Apley . Amelia Newcombe Roger Newcombe . Horatio Willing . Iane Willing . Agnes Willing , Howard Boulder Lydia Leyton . Emily Southworth Iulian H. Dole . Henry . . CAST . IULIA ELDER , PAUL DAVEE . CECILIA ARMSTRONG . WILLIS OTTO RICHARD SHULL PATRICIA WEIR YVONNE CODY WILLIAM MORGAN GEORGE WILLIAMS VIRGINIA CRANDALL DOROTHY FRANKE IACK FLEMING MARY MARGARET O'BRIEN VIRGINIA HUFFMAN . HENRY LEE IAMES SPROULS Paul Davee, as a man of rigid Bostonian distinction, reacts with dis- comfort at being discovered by a servant with not one, but two glasses of something that looks suspiciously alcoholic in his hands. The servant, an ideal of his sort, reacts not at all. On the bookshelf to the rear are copies of both Freud and Emerson, co-stars who pro- V vide the conflict in the play. Amidst the heavy Victorian splendor that was turn- of-the-century Boston, a small segment of the Apley clan painfully scrutinize lack Fleming, Apley's suitor. He's a Yale man, you know. Not Harvard-but Yale. By the light of the Apley's private possession, the sun, George rereads one of his own minor classics in which he has solved the pressing problem of what to do with the remains of a member of the clan of dubious social back- ground who has committed the unpardonable aHrontery of getting herself buried in the Ap- ley cemetery plot. Cecelia Armstrong as Mrs. Apley listens patiently but wishes he'd forget the whole thing. Page 189 , The Glass Menacgerzk CAST The brother . . . . DON CARR Amanda, his mother . RUTH MORGAN Laura, his sister . . ANN CLARK The gentleman caller . IACK GOUDY The men and women behind the men and women on stage-the unheralded many supporting the applauded few. The stage crew realized Cvaupps idea of what is a miserable. stuffy, over-crowded apartment opening on a St. Louis alley: the prompter who reminded the per- formers of what VVilliams wrote: the lighting crew who provided a tone of dream-like unreality to the proceedings and saw that papa's picture lighted up. This is the small, not very happy. family created for the theater by Tennessee VVilliams in his "The Glass Men- agerie." Tom. the lonely everyman seeking freedom lDon Carrl: Amanda, the desperate mother searching security in an impossible present and an appealing but dead past flluth Morganl: Laura, the terrifyingly shy sister, needing affection but not knowing how to enl courage it lgAnn Clarkl, and in the picture on the rear wall-the father, who found his freedom long before the first act curtain. tion of animals which gives the play its titl sensitive story of unhappy people won its au duction won congratulations for everyone con cerned. Particularly Charles Cvaupp who di rected the play and designed its setting. Page l9U Tom examines one piece of the crystal collec- e and Laura her only happiness in life. The thor the Critics Circle award. The local pro- Page 1 91 The Yhizhgs Brough! I0 M0731 CAST Violaine . . . . . PATRICIA WEIR Pierre De Craon . HENRY G. LEE Mara . . . . ANNE REED The Mother . IULIA ELDER Iacques Hury . . . THEODORE PAUL Mayor of Chevoche . . . . RAYMOND HILL Apprentice . . . WILLIAM COUNTRYMAN When the Yuletide rolled around, the drama department took advantage of the season to present Paul Claudel's miracle- mystery play, 'iThe Tidings Brought to Mary." In this scene, Violaine lPatricia Weirj takes leave of her leperous lover lHenry G. Leej while her sister fAnne Reedj eavesdrops and neatly misinterprets the situation. It's Christmas and Violaine, now a leper herself, wanders from her cave in Search of a crust of bread. A group of revellers blaspheme the season of peace on earth and goodwill to man to taunt the lady who has been cursed by an innocent kiss. A little later, as a reward for her unjust suffering, Vio- laine is granted the power to restore life to her sisters child, thus accomplishing Claudel's miracle. ' In the third act, the tragedy reaches a Hnal climax with the death of Violaine, who, blinded by her disease, has fallen into a sand pit. Here, she takes final parting from the two men, Jacques fHenry G. Leej and Pierre fTheodore Pauli, whose love was neither strong nor unselfish enough to save her. The Lion Androcles Megaera Centurion Camptain Lavinia . Lentulus Metellus Ferrovius Spintho Androclzs and the Lzbn RAY HILL . . TOM GREGORY . . BEVERLY ERAGG . IOSEPI-I ROWDEN . , 1osEE ELEENEEIN . . . ILINE CADLE . . GEORGE WILLIAMS . . . IAMES AMOS . WAYNE BUNDY . A. SAYRE HARRIS Ox Driver ROBERT MORRISON Call Boy . IAMES SPROLIL Editor . . . LOUIS GARDEIVIAL Secutor . , RAYMOND WILDERMAN Retiarius .... IOSEPH BALDWIN Menagerie Keeper . . . DANEL ZOLL Caesar . . . . PETER LEAVY Beggar . RICHARD SHLILL The Whip . . PAUL WACK G. B. Shaw's personification of a satirical and bibli- cal Caspar Milqiietoaste, Androcles lTom Gregoryl, gives out with a few persuasive words on how to win over a friendly populace and influence lions to Caesar tlpeter Leavyl. The very Shayian lion with the dust mop mane is Ray Hill. Androcles, who loves all animals both human and quadruped, is try- ing to strike up a bond of friendship between his two buddies. But the more discriminating lion doesnt like anyone but Androcles. And the easte- conscious Caesar thinks lions are all right but-only in their place. Here before A. S. Gillettes roaring, old Roman arena, Shavfs motley crew of patricians and plebians, Christians and cast members gaze in unbelieying admiration upon Caesars newly revealed prowess as a lion tamer. The only one convinced is Androcles, who reasoned the lion into submission in the first place. The bored lion only reflects, 'iVVhat fools these mortals be." Page 192 Page 193 tan Art Museum A modern spirit, student achievement and outstanding profes- sors have won recognition throughout the nation for the Uni- versity of Iowa's art department, This year, 45,664 lowans came from all over the state to View the Qld Masters exhibition of 30 paintings, Loaned to the university by the Metropolitan museum, the paintings were on exhibit at the art building during january, February and March. The annual art conference was held in April and included such guest speakers as Philip Ever- good, American artist, An event in which students organized and sponsored their own professionally juried show was the Art Salon which opened in April. Entries of their work were made by the students and juried by outside judges. Prof. Uffert Wilke Dr Longman study a painting from the Metropoli Prof. james Lechay Mauricio La sanky, Humbert Albrizio Stuart Edie 25 m 'LEE as -Q Q, VY wig g , ' 'M , 'S 'wily K' , bffffx- 'V 'S , Q4 - 7 x w wf! . Q ' . A 3 :'H'Xw. We VE 1 -f W , J ' 4 ui .A 5, " L ' 3, a 'E Q9 ' F' .- 'sf Wg: xf . , Q Qi lik vis? L ,N ik 4 yt ., " ne 'W 1 sg K I W M ,I -. V ' 42 ' ' ' 3 V ' 'Q' .. "ff V ' X if ' V., if 'f I Wy W1 . + -2,- ' if 1 ,, 5' A' Y my 5 A 'W t if A wifi" ,M 5 AY 15 X, K Q3 W I 6-X, 1 5 V f QQ 2 5 , V , E ' sq ixgf, A rl K .. - k F' ' f' fx- ' what ii U? 1? ' ww ew , W, ,, ,. ,. . . mg av f ., Q I M Hwy , .V 3 AZ, V Q4 Q me ,XX , ,. M 2, ,Q 1. Je , 1 f X al pg, 5,4 5 ,T ur wx., Q CWD , Ji 1 '- Q 1- A! fl .0 3 A I' 'H k fi 5' , Q .-ms, ,.d,,Mp K gs 4 ' ' ' , fd ? 1 nb, 4' 3+ , -1 4 i 'X' 0 1 'vy- i Fi fre -,xy . ,5 ,, . Qi Meg' .wks S gl bg wwf. Q Q 5 ,V 'A in 'eff vi Q 5, . su' it ,, 5. M 155, 2:1-Q ! COELONEL WILLIAM w. IENNA Keeping in step with a stumbling world was the task of ROTC at the State University of lowa. To ac- complish this, the military education curriculum was modernized and the training staff increased. The en- rollment more than doubled that of the previous year. ROTC's job was to produce junior officers for a strong Officers' Reserve corps. Direct commissions in the regular army were offered to Honor graduates. At the Military Ball, Morris Ward was commis- sioned Cadet Colonel, regimental commander. Com- missions as Cadet Lieutenant Colonelsvwere awarded to William Day, regimental executive oflicerg Benja- min Davis, first battalion commanderg Sidney Guth- rie, second battalion commanderg and Phillip Moor- head, third battalion commander. l to YZ "4" ,E 4 Rl Q' x l s si x.,,,l1'f5 jf r Front Row: Parsons, Rate, Ienna, Wagner, Sturman Row Z: Moreland. McCaughey, Faimon, Felder, Slezak, Wendlandt Row 3: Anderson, Nelson, McCart, Mullen, Fleener Back Row: Van Horne, Dettman, Seidler, Taylor Page 196 MORRIS I. WARD Cadet Colonel MARGERY MCDONALD Honorary Cadet Colonel DAY DOWELL M e POLAND WRIGHT C ig fi .g li-5 'M li- 5 Fmt Ballalzbn 9 2 A GUTHRIE WICKENKAMP PETERSEN EICHER Tfmd Ballalzbn 4 l f. MOORHEAD TIMMINS FRYER NYMANN Second Batlalzkm DAVIS VVENNER IAMES ELILBERG Left fo right: Wright, Timmins, Thodt, Peder- sen Left to right: Iensen, Guthrie, Iacobs, Petena- kis, Ramsey, Wright, Waller 5 4 Front Row flefi fo righfj: Nymarm, Guthrie, Jacobs, Col. Ienna, Timmins Row 2: Krebs, Metcalf, Winborn, Brawner, Waller, Hanson, Spencer, Iensen Back Row: Farr, Scott, Moiiroe, Lawrence, Truxaw, Condon, Smith 'FIL- Pczge 199 Front Row fleft to rightj: Coder, Minear, W, Smith, Amidon Row 2: Captain Felder, Day, Montgomery, Poland, Captain Faimon Back Row: Gorss, Renk, Hodges, E. Smith, Lorch B175 M zlchell Squadron The Billy Mitchell Squadron, named in honor of the pioneer air tactician, carries on the standard of the Army Air Force. The group is composed of cadet officers and superior sophomore stu- dents from the Air Force unit of the ROTC. New members are indoctrinated into the history and practices of the air forces. The purpose of the squadron is to further and uphold the high standards and ideals set by General Billy Mitchell. Page 200 Ponlonzkrs The red-trousered Pontoniers concentrated on refilling their war-depleted ranks this year. The honorary Engineer ROTC unit was disbanded during the war. The tradition upon which the unit is based was set by 400 Pontoniers in Napoleon's army who died because they stuck to their job of building two bridges across an ice-filled river. Iowa Pontonier activities before the war included an SUI-Iowa State meet, drill competition with the Pershing Rifles for possession of the "Little Brown lug," Federal Inspection, Homecoming rallies, and Armistice Day parades. The Pontoniers were under the command of Cadet Capt. Phil Moorhead. Second-in-command was Cadet lst Lt, Harlan Bjork. Front Row fleft to rightj: Olson, Nicoclemus, Culhane, Wickenkamp, Souchek Crane Soukup Back Row: Slezack, Nelson, Riley, Moorhead, Bjork, Long, Wagner Page 201 M D ld, Honorary Cadet Colonel Gu Margery C ona 'Ttennsshhuuuuuuunl Over 1500 students put their best foot forward and attended the Military Ball on Ianuary 16. Harry Cool. baritone, and his 12-piece band pro- vided the music for the first formal dance of the season. tz, Dickinson, McDonald, Dawson . . . W1 NX President Hanqhgr d B 3U Grahl . , , rigadicr General VVard, Carter and dares - . Ov cY QQQQ 'K Page 202 Page 203 The main event of the evening Was the announcement of the Honorary Cadet Colonel, Margery McDonald, and the Lt Colonels, Ianet Gutz, Betty Dickinson, and lean Dawson, Chairman of the dance, which was sponsored by R.O.T.C., was Morris I. Ward. Committee members were Brian Carter, Richard Day, Robert Dunkin, Paul Long, Darrel Vander Ploeg, Edward McGuire, and Myron Petenakis. Timii out ' ' ' cl he , Hiqhlafldef an A Scottish Bri , Qad' find higer Gen 1' date S0 era! H' CIYGFIQSG F H just Fest' det Colonel Mc , W r Honoraw CE det Colonel a Donald and 3 55 - , . V- W Left to right: Riley, Bjork, Wickencainp, Moorhead, Long Front Row llcft to rightj: Hodges, E. Smith, Grahl, Day, Minear, W. Smith, Valentine, Barker, Lorch Row 2: Amidon, McKinley, Gross, Coder, Nlontgovery, Donaldson, Johnson, Davis Back Row: Mefferd, Smith, Rank, Kirkman, Ramsey, Ross, Poland Page 204 Front Row fleft to rightj: Thodt, Nieman, Wright, Strieb, Sturtz, Hophan Back Row: Kluss, lackson, Dunkin, Berens, Dippo, Timmins Front Row flcft to righfj: Iacobs, Dannenbring, Varvey, Nagle, Dose, Goplerud Row 2: Porter, Sedlacek, Tempeil, Cook, Iohnson, Erickson Row 3: Horton, Overholt, Dohnalek, Maharry, Dcmpewolf, Eckberg, Howie Back Row: Mullen, Sautter, Van de Pol, Wickstroud, DeBolt, Van der Ploeg, Wilson, Day, Gouder, Opfell, Montz, Proshek, Berger, Friedman, Rate ' l Front Row fleft to rightj: Voelckers, Eckhardt, Rogler Row 2: Rohner, Tailor, Olson, Condon Back Row: Wagner, Selby, Thodt, Block, Hophan, Wendlandt Season 1947 Competition: National Inter-collegiate matches Qndl, Western Conference flstl, Charles A. Rogler l3rdl, and Gerald Eckharclt llOthl on All-American Rifle Team won 31 medals and Russel Wiles trophy. Competition: 5th Army Inter-collegiate matches l3rdj, Hearst trophy l6thl, and Governors match Clstj. Won 16 medals. Front Row fleft to rightj: Black, I-lophan, Thoclt, Tailor, Rogler, Condon, W. Olson, T. Olson Back Row: Wagner, Coffey, Caba, Wilsoii, Leo, l-luscher, Kelly, Nicodemus, Lawrence, Lichtenstein, VVencllandt Dressed in kilts of Royal Stewart and Hunting Stewart tartan, Iowa's Scottish Highlanders marched through their tenth year as one of SUl's most colorful activities. The skirl of bag- pipes and the beat of drums have resounded from New York to San Francisco. The largest Scottish bagpipe band in the world and the only all-bagpipe band sponsored by an American Page 207 university, the Highlanders have travelled 30,000 miles through 23 states and Canada, and have drilled before 2,500,000 people since they were organized. They began in 1937 as a male unit, but they were reorganized in 1943 as an allegirl corps. The Highlanders are instructed and directed by Pipe Major William L. Adam- son. Front Row fleft to rightj: Carlson, Breckenridge, Nissen, Malloy, Ginter, McDonald, Goodnow, Neiman, Cooley, Henderson, Quist Mersch, Pell, Pauls, Gillen, Dobson Row 2: Hiserodt, Krohn, Wilson, Hurst, Barnes, lones, Rees, Taylor, Leigh, Col. Ienna, V. N. Anderson, Bill Adamson, Peters Valentine, Lotridge, Martin, Kremer, Peterson, Walker Rou 3: Wannamaker, Haegg, McCaslin, Nelson, Frohwein, Snider, Artley, Colbarnson, Horrabin, Achembach, Schmidt, Slavata Richards, Krabbenhoft, Fountain Back Row: Fry, Campbell, Paige, lVlcNabney, Vande Steeg, Smith, Anderson, Harrison, Sahs, Kirby, Reimers, Wheeler, Hodgin 9131 xg? .f i- 6, f 2 115:21 " ff . . f f if' if .4 '15 Y A ,y N, r 15-4' ' 33. ' ag? . if WNW. ,.11,- , K iFEigsweL.. sm. A -w.QQmf.Q,W,,..-ww X ?l 55? 2 Yf3 V '?7'1L,LwsiQ5?I5V35"fI'?Y73?PH'iM'14. tkleticS 'sk ii sv- ' :is 7. eww s - x 5..- , '1"'b ui' I f. . -wi, -.LN .,, They tell us that there was once a world's cham- pion runner who got sick after every race. He would win a race, then with the sound of the cheering crowd still in his ear he would go off to a secluded spot and be sick. It happened every time, but still he was a champion. You have known the thrill of the game and have cheered with the crowd. You have observed the scores and commented appropriately on them. But did you notice the athlete trying to con- ceal his limp as he left the Held? Did you see the injured player begging to be put back into the game? Have 'you witnessed the exhausted athlete, his sweaty body aching for a shower? ,- 31 ZJIX X X . ff! .5 VY s-..f Football Basketball Diller Sporty Women? Sportx K D 1 Q E 5 K S 'S Q, ii ,fi K , ,,,,mm1wmmfQwum:mffW -ummqgww 4:-:M-mfmw,mm-mnnmfww-Mmfm-------.g-zumxmnnn-nnaupfwmw m m1n MMnfw4wmz1'wmmmmwM-W-www-QWWMMM 'ww-M M WM--an-R -- yn-:mmf - - Cheerleadery is A Bauer, Smith Knodle, Myers, Lowry A 'i gf: 1' Young, McPherson, Squire, Bauer, Moore "Rah, Yeah Iowa!" The enthusiasm and spirit of the squad of twelve cheerleaders was echoed by SUI students as they backed their teams in victory and defeat, This year's cheering squad was one of the largest in the univer- sity's history. Under Captain lack Moore the cheerlead- ers distinguished themselves with their fine formations and tumbling stunts during time-out periods. During the foot- ball season, they traveled With the team to out-of-town games. And all winter they boosted a near-champion basketball team. With the cheerleaders, "Iowa Fights!" r CHEERLEADERS IACK MOORE VIC YOUNG DoN MCP1-1ERsoN DoN SQUIRE DoN BAUER MAGGIE KNoDLE IOYCE MYERS MARIORIE LCDWRY RUDY BAUER ED SMITH Page 214 Taiyealhers Tailfeathers is that white-sweatered group of people that falls all over itself at every athletic event competing with the team for attention. This group, also known as the pep club, has as- sumed the job of boosting school spirit at most of lowa's games, One of the pep club's outstand- ing achievements during its two years' existence was the sale of 32,000 Homecoming badges last fall. Besides providing entertainment before football games and during halftime at basket- ball contests, the Tailfeathers also constitute an organized cheering section. This year the pep clubbers honored and presented an award to former lowa athlete Herb Wilkinson as Hthe stu- dent who has done the most to further Iowa athletics." Front Row fleft to righlfj: Moore, Canedy, Smith, Lowry, McPherson, Meyers, Squire, Buckley, Young, Bauer Row 2: Row Row Kirchner, White, Wren, Van Order, Stevenson, McDonald, Dean, Kennady, Burrets, McCormac 3: Seymour, Morrissey, Shacklett, Nieman, George, Wilkin, Schiller, Ioels, Langland, Nutt 4: Stoltenberg, Roisen, Barnhouse, Iackson, Cochran, Polasky, Burke, Ohde, Anderson, Prokop, Brown Row 5: Dawkins, Iones, Long, Miller, Olson, Tornfeld, Sarrti, Ceccarelli, Brown Row 6: Lillard, Benesh, Creamer, Perry, Brunsvold, Van Camp, Iones, Whiteside Row 7: Welsh, Geiselman, Henry, Staly, McKee, Myron Back Row: Euken, Linderman, Whexry, Miller, Taylor, Cooper, Henrich, Griffin, Grady A :Q All ' E 'w if T UW K J Board of onlrol MEMBERS P. BLOMMERS Chairman PAUL ERECHLER MASON LADD I. W. IONES 1oHN E. BRIGGS CHESTER A. PHILLIPS FRED HIGEEE FRED AIvIERoSE BRUCE E. MAHAN R. A. FENTON STUART c. CULLEN WAYNE I. FOSTER WALTER L. STEWART Paul Brechler, Athletic Director To determine the policies of the Hawkeyes in Big Nine Conference competition is the purpose of the Iowa Ath- letic Board of Control. The Board controls the athletic budget, puts its stamp of approval on all athletic schedules and radio broadcasts, and establishes the price of tickets. Paul Blommers is president of the Board. Paul Brechler, who last luly replaced E, G. Schroeder as athletic director. acts as executive for the Board and carries out its deci- sions. A graduate of Drake University, former business manager of Iowa University, and long connected with the lowa athletic scene, Mr. Brechler has proven himself highly capable of handling the difficult duties which ac- company his position. Rollie Williams served as assistant director of athletics during the 1947-1948 sports year and Frank Havlicek was business manager. Page 2l5 1947 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa N. Dakota State U. C. L. A. . . Illinois . . Indiana . . . Ohio State . . Notre Dame . Purdue . . . Wisconsin . . Minnesota . . 0 22 35 14 13 21 21 46 7 EW fr The 1947 season was a difficult one for Coaches Eddie Anderson, Frank Carideo, and Iack Meagher. Only the Homecoming victory over Indiana and the defeat of Min- nesota on Dad's Day highlighted an otherwise dreary season. The night before the Minnesota game, Coach Anderson tendered his resignation to the Athletic Board of Control. However, several days later the board refused the resignation and gave Coach Eddie a vote of confi-- dence. The Hawks finished the season with three wins, five losses and one tie. Page 217 Coach Eddie Anderson Iowa Sulvcfues orth Dakota Slate Iowa ..,.. 59 North Dakota State 0 Bill Kay Iowa's Hawkeyes started their 1947 football season in a blaze of glory as they downed North Dakota, 59 to 0. The largest opening crowd in the history of the Iowa stadium, 31,050, saw the Hawks use mostly second, third, and fourth stringers, The 90 degree heat of this September 20 seemed to make no difference as Iowa superiority was shown in sheer line power and a bright new passing attack, The lopsided score was doubly indicative of the power of the whole Hawkeye squad that Saturday: first of the versatile offense which . produced nine touchdowns, and secondly of a stalwart defense which al- Bob Smlth lowed the Bison to invade Iowa territory only once all afternoon. If any stars of the game are to be cited, one might choose Bob Smith who scored two touchdowns and Iohnny Estes who manufactured three others. A newcomer to the ranks, Al DiMarco, added aerial perspective in com- pleting seven of 10 passes. But ahead of the Hawkeyes lay one of the toughest grid schedules in the country, including the two 1947 Rose Bowl teams and later the grueling grind of four consecutive road trips. Page 2l 8 owa Bemis to U .L A. Iowa . U.C.L.A. . . 22 2 Quentin Kaisershot Page 219 Ron Headington Doctor Eddie Anderson and his Hawkeyes, hoping for a successful sea- son, met their first major foe, U. C. L. A., in Los Angeles, California, and had their dreams smashed with a terrific second half surge by the Bruins which ended in a 22-7 score, Until the fateful last half, the Hawks had been holding their own against the powerful Pacific coast team, Emlen Tunnell's brilliant run in the last minute of the first half gave lowa a 7-O lead. But the Bruins came back strong and rolled up 22 points in the 90-degree heat. Q l . 4 s 1 fy.. w 6 as Illznoz Overwhelms Iowa xi Y 'gli' vi 'IAQ' uqzqg . .4335 w It 'gift-P6 ' at N. 'sgxuf ei 'Qs , Ralph Woodard 4? Iowa's football team opened its 1947 conference schedule by losing to a strong Illinois squad, 35 to 12. Over 52,000 spectators saw the 1946 Rose Bowl champions move into an early lead by turning a recovered fumble and a blocked kick into touchdowns. Ron Headington plunged over the line in the second quarter for Iowa's first touchdown. Illinois scored again and the visiting Illini left the Held at halftime with a 21 to 6 lead. Perry Moss and Russ Steger helped Illinois increase their lead by scoring four- teen points in the last half while holding Iowa to only six points. Ron Headington and A1 DiIVIarco provided the main punch for the team as the Hawkeyes absorbed their second setback of the season. Page 220 Iowa . Ohio Stare Iowa D5 Ohzb Stale The Ohio State game followed two losses and one win for the Iowa squad and the Hawks were out to even things up. But a fighting Buckeye eleven roared back in the final quarter for 13 points and a tie. The Hawks completely controlled the ball game for the first three periods, scoring twice while the Buck- eyes passed the Iowa 40-yard marker only once. The Iowa tallies were scored on short passes into the end zone by Al DiIVIarco, one to Bob Smith and the other to Herb Shoener. On both scores the ball was taken deep into Ohio territory by the ground gainers, Bob Smith and Emlen Tunnell. Bob Smiths sensational running game gave him an average of 5.2 Emlen Tunnell until the last quarter when a break set up an Ohio score. From then on it was an inspired Buckeye team that tied up the score and the game, Defensively, the Hawks were easily the best on the field. Hal Shoener, lim Shoaf, Dick Woodard, and Ron Headington were standouts and in the last trying quarter, Dick Laster defended the Iowa goal almost single-handed. Page 221 yards in 17 attempts and his punts averaged 40 yards. Under the captaincy of Herb and Hal Shoener the Hawks played well Al DiIVIarco '33 Iowa . Indiana Iowa Swprises Indzkzna l HAI DiMarco to Emlen Tunnellf' That phrase became a byword with the 51,000 fans who witnessed the Old Gold Homecoming of 1947, and saw the Hawks crush an Indi- A E45 Ioe Grothus ana football machine, 27-14. Iowa played with a pent-up fury partly due to two successive beatings at the hands of U. C. L. A. and Illinois. With a great line in front of him, Al DiMarco had little trouble finding his receivers, and completed ten of fourteen attempted passes. Em Tunnell snagged six of these heaves, and as a result scored three touchdowns and set up the fourth. Therein lies the story of the game. Doctor Eddie Anderson and his gridiron crew showed the dopesters that there was nothing fluky about their pre-season rating. Page 222 Herb Shoener ,Q L.,, A A Iowa Notre Dame . 21 The I rzkh Trzizm h P Zz ,iff iff f Hal Shoener A Lou King Saturday, October 25, meant invasion of the perennial football stronghold of the country-South Bend and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. To meet the number one team of the nation came the Hawkeyes, Notre Dames chief neme- sis. Except for a few momentary lapses or bad breaks, the Irish victory of 21 to O might have been different. Sports writers and Frank Leahy himself agreed that the Irish played their top game to date before an overflow crowd of 56,000. Even with Notre Dame evening the series at three games apiece, it remained for Iowa's Emlen Tunnell to provide the most outstanding play of the day as he galloped 65 yards only to be caught from behind before crossing the last white marker. It was the line play of the Hawkeyes which was especially notable. particularly that of a pair of twin ends, Herb and Hal Shoener, whom the Irish found all too often in their backfield. The Hawkeyes had lost, but they could hold their heads high in defeat. Page 224 Purdue Wh: The University of Iowa football squad, after holding a powerful Notre Dame to a score of 21 to 0, traveled to Lafayette, Indiana, only to succumb to Purdue by the same score of 21 to 0, Harry Szulborski was the star Boilermaker and the entire Purdue team was set upon proving that they rated their place among the top ten teams in the United States. Highlights of the game for Iowa centered on Duke Curran's interception of a pass which he returned for almost sixty yards, only to be stopped by the Purdue safety man, After a scoreless first . ' .- Q W -If ' a 'fi Ray Carlson Page 225 Iowa Purdue quarter, Purdue rolled across the line in each of the suc- ceeding quarters. lim Lawrence yi 4, 1 X Wzkcomzh Dqleab Iowa R Wisconsin added another page to lowa's list of 1947 gridiron defeats by smothering the Hawks, 46-14, before the Badgers' homecoming crowd of 45,000. The cold November weather had little effect on the swift Wisconsin backs as they darted past the Hawks. "lug" Girard highlighted the Badger play with touchdown runs of 85 and 65 yards in the first half. The touchdown parade continued unabated during the last half. The Hawks' Iohnny Estes was the outstanding Iowan on the field. His passes ig- nited a first quarter surge which brought Iowa its first touchdown. Duke Curran Iowa . Wisconsin Iohn Estes Page 226 lim Shoaf Iowa . Minnesota . Page 227 N 7 7' 'jf Rx If-' y if gf , sf if Y li i f I 2 as ,tt Earl Banks Ross Anderson Using only fifteen men, lowa's football team climaxed an otherwise rather dismal season by dumping the highly-favored Gophers from Minnesota, 13-7. Fifty thou- sand Dad's Day spectators saw Iowa's line fight off four Minnesota drives in the first half, only one of which resulted in a Gopher score. Early in the second half, led by Al DiMarco's passing, the Hawks tied the game at 7-7, and soon thereafter scored again to defeat the visitors. It was the determined Iowa line led by Bill Kay, Iim Shoaf, and Ross Anderson that insured this victory as time and again they out- charged and out-fought the Gopher forward wall. With Hawk backs DiMarco, Smith, and Headington carrying the offensive brunt, and Lou King and Iohn Estes playing strong defensive ball, this victory was truly a result of inspired team play. Front Row fleft to rightj: B. Smith, Kelso, Grothus, Geigel, Day, Estes, DiMarco, Benda, Smith, Legg, Longley, Reynolds Row 2: Dittmer, Van Eschen, Zender, Byrd, McKenzie, Shoener, Lawrence, Carlson, D. Woodard, Cozad, Shoener, Head- ington, Kay Row 3: Shoaf, Curran, Kauffman, Greene, Banks, Rust, Snyder, Phillips, R. Woodard, Bartells, Tedore, Kaisershot, Anderson, Guzowski Back Row: Meagher, Carideo, Anderson, Bleeker, lVlcKinstry, Laster, McDonnell, Zieke, King, Tunnell, Van Eschen, Nelson, Kersten, Finney Front Row fleft to rightj: Halliburton, Redman, Daub, Molzen, Kniffen, Helm Ron' 2: Meagher, Sangster, O'l-laviano, Miller, Faske, Fryauf. Howard, Stout. Latona, Hoff, Nlartin. Miltviedt, Nordman, Willening Row 3: Coach G. Skophammer, Nelson, Wright, Thodt, Bullock, Paulsen, Naher, Miller, Davis, Lyons, Wilson, Lage, Van Dyke, Wilson, Rossett, Wilson, Fischer, Sowers, Dick Podle. Trainer Row 4: Coach Boland, l-layes, Pherson, Enabnit, Happ, Reed, Bump, Long, Vjazdowski, Bradley, Drahn, Bradshaw, Cohrs, Zeithamel, Bickert. Green, Otto 5" 'gg Qu, ' lf if V ,. W , V T35 - - A .924 ,U 3, ,.., ,J X V L-'L 3 X Q 'f 4 1iE?4nf'?i?ffi'? ' ' Ba Mba!! Q-E J 15 I ' .55 "G, N 11 ,gf . . nf A ,wr hifi 9? ie-'f'i. 1 4 I W, xi.. , 'Q Rik ' fx 2 ! -f Q , , gf .Q J. Q 3 x fy W1 , fm ' ' 4 Ak L W jf" Q 41' 5 A gs ' 1 - My Q If Jw 5. " Y ,E I I ,m,. .Tw wif' Ei, qv Iii, W , ,K U in , v' f -s 4 ,gg LL,Y W V , E A,,,, .n-.' af .AA. I V, I, , vfww K-'L.N 'qv f 1 mf ".k' 1 W Q W E Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa . Iowa . Iowa Iowa . Iowa Iowa . Iowa . Iowa Iowa . 3 Iowa Iowa LAWRENCE "POPS" HARRISON Iowa ' Iowa . Iowa . Iowa . The I9 X Hardcourf Season SEASON'S SCORES Carleton , University of S. Dakota University of N. Dakota Washington Univ. . . Harvard . Princeton . Qhio State Purdue . . Wisconsin Indiana . Minnesota Regis . . Northwestern 1 Qvertimej Purdue . . Indiana . Wisconsin Minnesota Michigan . Front Row Kleft to riglzfj: VVishniie1', Nlason, Wier, Pops Harrison, Spencer, Shultz. Freeman, Harsha Back Row: Allsup, Hall, Magnusson, Vollers, Parker, Kay, I-lays, Finley, Guzowski, Metcalfe, Straatsnia, I-Iarris, Hill 43 30 47 41 41 40 41 49 60 52 72 48 54 33 49 40 50 51 ii? 1113! A 31 Aw fgyxgm, fgifii 5 14. H X f . A SQ . 35. 1 2 2 A ww .gt Ffa, fmfqff f ,, fi A . zfzsgi, 'M ,W sv JE J' A , ,M S, ,U .V 9, ,gin 'Af " , Wiifilffiigenv R lg- N .K W MQW 4. E454 V, . . ,mf was :A-fligv SRM 1 Q51 ,si ,gfm y . ff v gs if? 4 x +' f I if 'i XB H5 vs , X 4 3, X. Iowa? AIlfAmerzbzm The scoring sparkplug of the Iowa team throughout the year was the little giant from Muscatine, Murray Wier. Wier established two Big Nine individual records and helped lowa set two new team records. His teammates voted him the most valuable player for the second year and later he was selected as the Big Nine's most valuable player. Wier was an unanimous choice for all-Big Nine forward and placed on several All-American teams in- cluding the Associated Press first team. Climax of honors came in April, however, when Muscatine, his home town, sponsored a Murray Wier day with all the trimmings, T QW - x 2 + :Wx awww? ww f wif, , X I5rQ.,1', ,X .V wi, W I :ft 3 December 1, Iowa began its 1947-48 basketball season with an 82-43 win over little Carleton College, but the spectators came away shaking their heads. Iowa, they said, wouldn't win two conference games. The team, however, proceeded to win the next five non-conference games all in a row, 'flowa is a second division team this year," insisted the dopesters. Came the con- ference games, and Iowa won successive victories over Ohio State and Purdue but lost a heartbreaker to Wisconsin. They bounced back to defeat Indiana, then tasted defeat at the hands of lim Mclntyre and the Golden Gophers. Fans were packing the Iowa Fieldhouse by this time. With the end of the semester came the news of IVIetcalfe's ineligibility, and again lowa's hopes fell. But the team had plenty of spirit and hustle and defeated Northwestern, Purdue, and Illinois only to jeopardize their championship chance by a loss to Indiana. With the sea- son fast drawing to a close, the Hawkeyes rallied to defeat Wisconsin and Minnesota, but fell before Michigan in a battle for the Big Nine title. tex Cgnxmli, R LEoNARD METCALFE fix f'Metcalfe ineligible"-Those words stunned Hawk- fi Aen, eye fans all over the state early in February. "Red.' 'K c c fr' . . . I a junior from Kentucky, was one of the smoothest t - -ff,g:.:.fVg,.g:ii centers seen at Iowa in a long time. Though he was . tfpaf six feet, four, he played against opponents ranging J ' 7 ' ,. ., , A ws...--Nag from 6' 6" to 6' 9". Red not only handled re- . .1t.. '.g Q , A bounds, he also managed to dunk in over 13 points if' 'ff Per game. 'W Xsss ,f A f I , if ' g an fy , ff xx' 3'-X kkkk - , i:. BOB SCI-IULZ Bob Schulz, a sophomore from Davenport, started every game this year and was one of the best guards in the Big Nine. A good rebounder, he scored consistently. his set shots Catching opposing teams off guard. Page 234 ,Y 4 Nw, "Maggie," a junior from Ft. Dodge, was another member of the starting five who proved himself with his spirit and all-around floor play. His set shots Constantly Worried opposing teams and forced the defense out where Iowa could set up plays. i Si if d'A't p y l yr Rx e r jj was q i V . 5 '3" ,.. Z ,t , V ,Q f , g D DON HAYS Page 235 This was a good year for Don Hays, sophomore from Des Moines, as well as the Iowa basketball team. Don, who stands 6' 5", showed rapid improve- ment in the center spot, As an under- study to Rog Finley, Don scored con- sistently and did a good job of rebound- ing. When Metcalfe was ruled ineli- gible at mid-semester the job of hand- ling the center position fell largely to Finley and Hays. gggovff ig-'trim A N xii-L. K i .,. , X x N t 5 FLOYD MAGNUSSON BOB 'Q VOLLERS Bob Vollers, a sophomore from Keokuk, played his first year at Iowa and showed promise of becoming a great basketball player. His excellent re- bounding ability was a distinct asset to the team as he repeatedly cleared the backboard against taller and more ex- perienced players. A'Thin Man" lack Spencer, a senior from Davenport, captained the Iowa team throughout the year. A near-per- fect guard, lack led the team through an unexpectedly glorious season. Field general par excellence as well as a play maker, lack handled the team master- fully. His rebounding ability and gen- eral floor play were important factors in lowa's pennant march in the late part of the season, , it 32. rf IACK SPENCER Page 235 . .wif :u si bi iff S E iff f f if? 5 'ld QQ 3....,5.t . ' ,, X is H dz? X Q w ls .5 l af 1 W ,X Roger Finley took over the center slot when Met- calfe became ineligible. The 6' 5" sophomore from Franklin, Minnesota, had a lot to live up to. He not only did the job, but s h o w e d improvement throughout the year. Another little fellow from Mus- catine who proved that it's Kr- quality not quantity when it jf comes to basketball was Char- ROGER FINLEY lie Mason, a junior. No one would rather speed up the if game to a race--horse pace than ,gg V , Charlie who literally ran oppof J' Q kg nents off their feet. 9297431 "5 2:3 l .. Stan Straatsma, a sophomore jf ' , S from Sioux Center, started the , M4 I season as a forward, but with My the loss of Metcalfe moved to . .,.. Center to help Finley and Hays, xl' mf Stan already had two letters to g 5 Lgig zs. his credit and used his experi- ence to fill the rebounding gap 'i...,:'. s i t left by Metcalfe. Q S "i'. Nfxks it -..,, ,. ,f STANLEY STRAATSMA CHARLIE MASQN Page 237 Freshman Basketball A freshman squad of around fifty men worked out all winter in the hopes of playing on next year's var! sity basketball team. Cn the squad were such all-state players from last year as Dick Riecks from Danbury and Fred Ruck who led Davenport to the state championship in 1947. Vincent Harsha coached the fresh- man squad. NUMERAL WINNERS Charles Allee William Andrews Kenneth Arnesen Frank Calsbeek Edward Colbert Kenneth De Koster Glenn Dille Iames Gremmels Wayne Hopp Tracy LaTona Don Lewis Ierry Long Iames McKeone Dean Medin Orville Miller Howard Petersen Richard Riecks Iohn Roberts Murray Rost Fred Ruck Iames Sangster Thomas Sexton Ned Vifquain Donald Ward Albert Weiss Richard West Donald Wright Front Row fleft to rightj: Wright, Latona, Sexton, Medin, Louis, Riecks, Colbcrt Row 2: Buck, Robert, Allee, De Koster, Miller, Vifquain. Rost Back Row: Peterson, MCKC-one, Cvremmels, Dille, Calsbeck, Arnsen, Weiss, Andrews, Coach I-larsha A. f1f ' 552.1EH 5E Page 238 Other Sporiif Baseball LYLE EBNER DON MCCARTY JOHN TEDORE and JACK DITTMER JACK BRUNEI? BOB PRIMROSE BOB SMITH scores Page 240 BASEBALL SCORES IOWA Louisiana Tech . 0 Iowa Louisiana Tech . 2 Iowa Arkansas Teachers . 4 Iowa Arkansas Teachers . 11 Iowa Arkansas State . , 2 Iowa Washington Univ. . 1 Iowa Luther ,... O Iowa Luther . O Iowa Bradley . . 6 Iowa Bradley . . . 3 Iowa Michigan . 5 Iowa Michigan . , 9 OTTO VOGEL This year, Coach Qtto Vogel led his team in what promised to be the best diamond season in years, Iowa baseball, after several poor sea- sons, definitely came to the fore under Coach Vogel's leadership. Coach Vogel took the team south after several weeks of indoor prac- tice with hopes of ironing out some of the kinks before the Big Nine season began, The score- board in the early part of the season indicated that the team was shaping up well. The Hawks opened the season by splitting a pair with Louisiana Tech followed by a split pair with Arkansas Teachers. Arkansas State fell before the Hawks as did Washington U. Iowa blanked Luther twice, split a pair with a good Bradley team. DiMarco and Bruner were slated to carry the brunt of the pitching with Ebner behind the plate. Smith, Ericson, and Tedore played the backfield while Everett, Ditt- mer, Kafer and McCarty handled the infield. Front Row fleft to riglztj: Primrose, Dittmer, Germuska. Tedore, Browne, Kafer, McCarty Row 2: Rowland, Espe, Wright, Shultz, Nordstrom, Martin Row 3: Hoeksema, DiMarco, Shamberger, Edwards, Coach Vogel, Sperow, Smith Row 4: Peterson, Sullivan, Mikolajazak, Everett, Ebner, Kelso, Erickson, Wagner Back Row: Schnieder, Shock, Demro, Metus, McCabe, Chismen, Rogge, Wishxnier Page 241 Front Rou Latona Roper Mower, Reno, McDonald, Hutinger R011 2 Larimorc Brockway Draves, Ris, Maine, Lake, Straub Back Row Poulos Wilson Stevens, Cohoe, Berg, Griesbach, Holmwood, Hoofnagle, Armbruster Swzinmzhg Iowa swimmers, under the able leadership of coach David Armbruster, this year proved themselves no easy foe for any team. Led by Captain Wally Ris, who holds five national AAU titles and the U. S. record for the 100-meter dash, the tankmen opened the season with a 58 to 26 victory over the Minne- sota Gophers, Next came a dual meet with Ohio State which may have been the best meet of its kind in the United States this year. The efforts of Wally Ris and the great 4100-yard free style relay team however were not enough to overcome Qhio State's overall team strength and the final score was Ohio State 48, Iowa 36. The following week Iowa lost its second dual meet of the season to Michigan's cham- pionship team. However, the Hawk tankers bounced back to defeat Purdue, Illinois, and Wisconsin in successive meets. Iowa's hopes were built around Wally Ris in the 100-yard free style, and the 4100! yard free style relay team of Kenny Marsh, Duane Draves, Ervin Straub, and anchored by Wally Ris. On opposite page Ris, Brockway Straub, Marsh Wilson, Maine Page 242 r , , K, .pf ,Q EK 3,5 A A A. wmv bi ,A 5., 3325? 1 .- MQ 2 y Iiiiififdlwl Qs, Q . 2' I , 4 E- 5' -e 4 The Dogvhzh Club The Dolphin Club began activities this year with their annual Water Pageant. To a packed grandstand at the University pool, the swimming fraternity performed flawlessly in drills, diving acts, comedy, and record-breaking races. Again this year some of the Dolphin members made a Christmas trip to Ft. Lauder- dale, Florida, and returned with bleached hair and bronzed backs. Another annual affair en- joyed by the fraternity's actives and pledges was the glutton contest, a match to see who can eat the most ice cream. The winner was awarded a china pig, with his name and the amount of ice cream he ate on its side. The year was climaxed with the Dolphins' May picnic. Front Rou flefl to right Coach Arinbrustcr, Stevens, l-lutinger, Straub, Holmwood, McDonald, Ris, Garst, Craiger, Poulos Row 2 Stassforth Boyd Lehman, Busch, Hoffnaglc, Mower, Wilson, Brockway, Georges, Gableman, McKenna, Cohoe Back Row Marsh Lake Griesbach, l-lark, Larimore, Maine if in Page 244 igwmgv' - :fin fi-iii ,.gW.3,. g STL NL 1 LP' . :a p ft E E .iv-2 ,Y S Wgww .W ya. 5 X . ziw Q. MIKE HOWARD Wrestlzhg MAIOR I WINNERS 1oE sCARPELLo RAY cARLsoN RUMMY MACIAS BoB GEIGEL BICK wooDARD VERN Mccov DON RODENBORN DICK BARKER DON DLIVEN MINOR I WINNERS EARL LARSON SUBBY COLIANO Iowa's matmen, under the tutelage of Coach Mike I-Ioward, had a good season this year. Led by captain Ioe Scarpello, Iowa defeated Colorado State College, Bradley U., Wiscon- sin, Northwestern, and Michigan in successive meets. They lost two close dual meets: the first, 18-17 defeat in the hands of Illinois, the second a 15-141 defeat by Minnesota, How- ever, they proved themselves in the conference by tying for second place. Captain Scarpello became conference champion and Geigel and McCoy both pinned down a second place berth. Carlson, Macias, Woodard, and Duven all re- ceived third place in the conference. Coach Howard also sent three men to the National Collegiate Athletic Association meet in Phila- delphia where Macias and Geigel received sec- ond place and Scarpello received a third. Front Row: Colanino, Macias, Scarpello, Geppert, Barker, White, McCoy Back Row: Keith, Duvcn, Geigel, Woodzird, Carlson, Larsen, Rodenborn --- r-ff' mf- .-,qw -vgyzg -,.A f- ..,,m, - ,.. ,Q N Wk. ., I -M Wf,,.am..ii - 1 ,.., rwto, -em MH., if M., , ,. t .. : Wi! f KHQJJFQL., v?i?2lS?Y-"wXHK Page 246 5, 510 W I an W, Q 4 ...-Quan, 14Q"f K H532 A Q 5 I ,154-t ,l,,5,4 wa J l x A ' 'ff Front Row: Sangster, McPheron, Hultman, Simpson, McCreery Row 2: Merkel, Wilson, Nelson, McDonald, Keller, Iennett Back Row: Coach Bresnahan, Erdenberger, Coffey, VVeik, Mahoney, Thompson VHTSZU Track Track prospects were not particularly bright this year but Coach George Bresnahan laid the groundwork for Francis Cretzmeyer who will take over as track coach next year. This year's squad was built around such men as lack Weik, a high jumper who took first place in a dual meet with Notre Dame, lack Simpson, Dick Washington, and Rex Ploen were scheduled to run the dashes with Tom Sangster and Eric Wilson running the quarter-mile. lack Copeland, Curley Hultman, and Elliott McDonald were half-milers. Mile runners were lack Oxley and Ray McCreery. Hurdlers on the squad included Russ Merkel who captured fifth place in the Big Nine indoor track meet, Vern Coffey and Ike Iohnson. lim McKinstry and Bob Nelson were the shot putters and Charlie Mason and Clair Iennett handled the pole vault assignments. Page 248 Page 249 DICK WASHINGTON IOHN QXLEY VERNON COFFEY DICK WASHINGTON, IACK SIMPSON Freshman Track About twenty freshmen track aspirants worked out daily under Head Coach Bresnahan and Freshmen mentor, Clem Thompson. Although barred from varsity competition due to Big Nine Conference rules, several telegraphic meets with other Big Nine freshmen cindermen were planned. Meets with Purdue, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Indiana were also sched- uled. Running on the yearling outfit were such performers as Bob Brown of Fort Dodge, State Champion high hurdler in 19473 lim Burlin- game of Clinton who was a Drake Relays Champion and a state standout in the short Sprints during the 1945 season: Bill Bye of Cde- bolt, State Champion miler in 1946, and lim Sandrock, sprinter from Dubuque, who ran on the state championship record-breaking 440 re- lay team in the 1947 state meet. Front Row: Brown, Bye, Foantaine, Martin, Brower, Whittle Back Row: Collins, Remmes, Swails, Sayre, Sandrock Page 250 Cross Counhy Maior I Letter Winners EVAN HLILTMAN KEITH KELLER RICHARD MCCLANAHAN IOHN OXLEY Minor I Letter Winners IACK COPELAND ELLIOTT MCDONALD RICHARD TUPPER DICK TLIPPER TOM SANGSTER Left' to right: Coach Bresnahan, Copeland, McDonald, Tupper, Keller, Hultman Page 251 Iowa's crossfcountry track team found it tough sledding in the Big Nine conference this year. Dick McClanahan and Iohn Oxley were the only lettermen back from last year's squad. Dick Tupper, Tom Sangster, lack Cope- land, Elliott McDonald, Curly Hultman and Gene Shaver helped to round out the squad. This year, the team had four meets: the first a dual with Notre Dame which Iowa: flow score winsj Iowa 56, Notre Dame 20. Then Iowa won a meet over Minnesota-Iowa 25, Minnesota 31. In a triangular meet at Madison, Iowa lost to Wisconsin and Illinois, The conference meet was held November 14 with Iowa winning fifth place honors in the conference. , Men? Intramurals Dr. Frederic Beebe, with the help of his competent assistants, again this year organized and carried out an efficient intramurals program for University men. The intramurals program divided men students into seven leagues through which competition was carried on. From September to Dune, Iowa men participated in a variety of sports. Several tournaments were held to select All-University champions from the seven leagues. League winners in the fall and winter sports are listed below. HILLCREST LEAGUE MARRIED STUDENTS Swimming .,... Section K Fall Golf ...... Riverdale Fall Golf . , . . Section E Basketball QHD . . S. Hawkeye Touch Football . . Section C Basketball QLD .... Section G Basketball QHD .... Section C Q All-University Champions D PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES Fall Volleyball . . . . Delta Sigma Delta Touch Football . . Psi Omega Fall Golf . . Phi Delta Phi QAll-University ChampionsD Swimming . . Phi Delta Phi Basketball . . Delta Sigma Delta QUADRANGLE SOUTH QUADRANGLE. GABLES. Swimming ...... Upper B LAW COMMONS Fall Tennis QSD . . Upper C Swimming ...,. South Grand Fall Tennis QDD . . Upper A Fall Volleyball . . Law Commons B Touch Football . . Upper C Touch Football . . . South Grand Fall Golf . . . Lower A Fall Golf . . . South Quad QZD Relays . . , Lower D Relays . , . South Quad QZD Basketball QLD . Upper C Basketball QLD . . South Quad QlD Basketball Q H D .... Lower A SOCIAL FRATERNITIES Touch Football . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Swimming .... Beta Theta Pi Fall Golf ..... Sigma Nu Outdoor Volleyball Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tennis Doubles . . . Delta Upsilon Relays .... Sigma Phi Epsilon Basketball QLD . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Basketball QHD . . Phi Kappa Psi Basketball QHD . . South Quad Q1D TOWN Fall Golf .... . Totten Touch Football . . Thatcher Relays . . . Black Basketball QLD . . Loyola Basketball QHD . . Loyola Page 252 Women? Sports film al . .,,A K are f ' f I I s ,if , , Q- V ff: E' ig, ggj 5' .I ' 'f ir 1 .- 4 iii f 5 :xr 'F' E ' J 1 J' If ' ' 1' " 'S S-i5a?x1x5:,,fzt A ' 1 A ' F .., , in . .5 t ' . ,,-,, f Front Row fleft to rightj: Bane, Sibbert, Swenson, Wyant, Kirk, Miss Sterling, advisor Back Row: Falck, Harmeier, Stock, Henry, Davis, Iahns, Olinger, Irwin, Rizor, Lyga Women? Recrealzbn Assoczkzlzbn OFFICERS MARY ANN WYANT President IOANN KIRK First Vice-President IEAN SWAN SON Second Vicefpresidcnt PAT SIEB ERT Secretary AN N E IRWIN Treasurer 'AAll work and no playfw The Women's Recreation Association, directed by Miss Virginia Dix Sterling, spon- sors sport, dance and craft clubs so that Iowa coeds can get away from the books now and then for a bit of relaxa- tion. The co-recreation activities are among the most popular features of the W, R. A. program. These include ping-pong and volleyball intramurals and the I-Iickhawks, Archery and Badminton clubs. The W. R. A. board of directors sponsored a special event this year, the all-uni- versity men's and womens canoe races. The board in- cludes the W, R. A. executive officers, all W. R. A. club presidents, intramurals managers, the publicity chairman and the assistant publicity managers. Page 254 W, ,Q , E , Wf R. A. Clubs The midwest Umpiring Conference at Madi- son, Wisconsin, was the high spot of the year for the Hockey Club, but members enjoyed an exciting time in the Homecoming hockey game with the Alumnae. The annual softball game between Softball club members and the physical education faculty provided excitement for everyone. The Archery club, a co-recreation group, was formed this year. Any interested student was eligible for membership. Tournaments among members of the Badminton club promoted increased skill and enjoyment of the "birdie game". Page 255 Featured in the Basketball club's plans for this year was a play-day with other teams in Chi- cago, Members of this honorary club were selected on a basis of tryouts during the second semester. The honorary Tennis Club held a round-robin tournament this year in line with the double purpose of the club-to promote interest and to produce highly skilled players. Seals, honorary swimming club, participated in the National Telegraphic tank meet at Iowa City. They also invited Big Nine women's swimming clubs here for a play-day. A display of Craft Club projects in leather, metal, wood, and weaving was exhibited at the W. R, A. carnival this year. Page 256 Members of Orchesis, honorary interpretive dance club, spent much time and effort working on dance techniques, movements, and composi- tion in preparation for the annual dance recital. Audiences and performers alike enjoyed the demonstrations of folk and square dancing put on by the Hick Hawks, a co-educational group. Five demonstration teams performed at various towns throughout Iowa. Round and round the rink in the Women's gymnasium went the roller skaters every Fri- day night. This popular pastime was the feaa ture attraction at the February Open House. Having fun while learning was the rule in the Social dance classes. The course was offered each semester to all interested students and consisted of ten lessons taught by W. R. A. instructors. Page 257 Women? Intramurals INTRAMURALS BOARD FRANCIS FALCK Chairman LA VONNE STOCK Assistant Chairman COLLEEN ADAMS Assistant Chairman Left to right: Stock, Falck, Adams Ever wonder who arranged the numerous intra- mural tournaments enjoyed by so many women students on campus? The answer is the intramurals board, under the sponsorship of W. R. A. Throughout the year, intramural competition in a variety of popular sports was offered Iowa coeds through teams of University women's housing units. The agenda included volleyball, basketball, softball, table tennis, bowling, and swimming. The activities were handled by the manager, Francis Falck, assisted by La Vonne Stock, Colleen Adams, and Miss Iean Stanicek, faculty advisor for the group. Page 258 The Intramural sports program provides Iowa women with a wide variety of activities through- out the year. The program, which is carried on through the housing units, operates on a point system. Points are awarded each team, and in individual sports the individuals, for participa- tion and placing. Among the favorites with university students is the Mixed volleyball tournament. Twenty teams, consisting of three men and three women, joined in the fun this year with Gamma Phi Beta toting off the hon- ors lor the third consecutive year. Currier III captured Hrst place in Women's volleyball. Ping-Pong champion this year was Sally Henry, Currier Houses, while Kappa Kappa Gamma took first place in swimming. Fast and frantic moments were shared by all the partici- pants in the hotly-contested women's basket- ball tourney. The sport's wide-spread appeal made it necessary to schedule games on three nights, The victors? Chi Omega, Currier Cot- tages, and Madison Courts. A Bowling tourna- ment in the spring capped the year's intramural program. Page 259 INTRAMURAL WINNERS Ping-Pong Tournament SALLY HENRY, Currier Houses First Place NANCY SELINGSOHN, Madison Court Second Place MARGARET VAN GINKLE Alpha Xi Delta Third Place Volleyball Tournament Currier Ill Mixed Volleyball Tournament Gamma Phi Beta Basketball Tournament Chi Omega Currier Cottages Madison Court Swimming Tournament Kappa Kappa Gamma First Place Kappa Alpha Theta Second Place Gamma Phi Beta Third Place Front Row fleft to rightj: Taylor, Mrs. N. Ashton, Miss D. Ashton, Dr. Halsey, Sterling, LaFuse, Fink Back Row: Smith, Paulsen, Cumming, Stanicek, Hennis, Critz, Scott, Simmons Fun! Fitness! Relaxation! The women's physical edu- cation department, headed by Dr. Elizabeth Halsey, offers Iowa coeds recreational opportunities through three chan- nels. Every university woman is required to pass both written and performance tests in a group activity, an indi- vidual activity, swimming, body mechanics and physical efficiency, Classes in these Hve areas of physical educa- tion are included in the service course, which is intended to provide each woman with the ability to carry on her own recreation program. The Women's Recreation asso- ciation and the intramural tournaments offer extra-curric- ular activities for sports-minded young ladies. The major course trains future physical education instructors. Eciucatzbn Women? Physzbal Page 250 V.,q Q , ,.A, rgaIzi1aTi0X15' N Q ,,,,-..- ..' :Yb- x, --,' T Q'- s. cbre fn "M, . Ogg? ' 20 11,4 I ,egg h C53 gg 12511 5 'JfZff'M2 :L 'X 'xxx 0 E. , 1,yfx.,'l.k"7f1,p x 2 Q 1 Gs, 'qwgi .:B:: . 1: 5 x':"- ip S '-ls? t ..-4- o 5 5 " 5 ,-,.,: 'X W K Ji' 4, 'iii N ' f' Q 'f'f-:fa Q QQ? , 55 X2 - Q -J- Stn-,sgf ,v'.- 1 2 X 1 iz' ' J i- S - X S J Well-there you were all dressed up and no date that night, and Ginny called and said, why don't you go to that meeting with me? So you went. You'd thought about it before, but it was difficult breaking into a strange group alone. After the meet- ing, a bunch of you got together and went for ham- burgers and french fries. In all, it was a painless evening. A few nights later, one of the girls called to ask if you would help her out with a little project. She needed just your combination of special talents. You never could say no to a girl who flattered you in such a nice way, so there you were stuck with a job. The job didn't last long, but you know how one thing leads to another. It seemed like you couldn't miss becoming a big wheel. At least Ginny thought so. .7 4? 2 V ,' Ayr vw i mg 1 I Mt' 53 9 f pl' ' xl 'Q 'so '- " ' kk I B--5 , Aug' 17 gy x x HX ' S F 2 1 X ll f E' f X -- ,j J f Taamf X f + 'X , f + H W' . , . , - ..,.,,..,, ,. , ,, V .,.. 1... 1 Honoranks Interest Groups Religzbus Groups ffonomrzks a V V I 1 If ali, 'Q 1 75,51 egg, ' 1 ,A Q "V.". -. V ff ' 1,3521 11 , ' ..' ' ' .", f f ffifgf y if ff 'df' A 11 554 'E', :EQ .- - f ' "'b ff Jig iv 1 'Zffffi ky ' 15 - fffk .rr fag f b' fl' 1 I 1 'nf' ' 5 Qtfr? '52 A w ., K1 ,, ,L I Omzbron Della Kappa OFFICERS WILLIAM BAUER President MICHAEL ENICH Vice-Prcsidenf M. L. HUIT Secretary LEO ZIFFREN Treasurer C. WOODY THOMPSON Faculty Advisor The national organization of Omicron Delta Kappa, men's honorary for student leadership and activities, was begun in 1914. Iowa added its chapter in the spring of 1947 as a continuation of the All For Iowa club. The ODK's first year-round program was dotted with significant activities. They conducted parliamentary law forums which the pres- idents of various organizations on campus attended, were co-sponsors with Mortar Board and Student Council of the Panacea show and instituted a Homecoming breakfast for former All For Iowa men which they hope will become traditional. ADAMS BAUER BROOKS CORNELL DAILEY ENICH EVERETT FENIGER HECKT I-IOUGHTON HUGHES IOHNSON KANZELL McCARTHY MILLER TONE H. WILKINSON C. WILKINSON ZIFFREN 'swf 'JIS . . . Yifiww IQ M. ., in Q Mortar Board OFFICERS BETTY DICKINSON President PATRICIA SEYMOUR Vice-President MARGERY MCDONALD Secretary PI-IYLLIS TEASDALE Treasurer HELEN REICH EUGENIA I-IOFFERT BARBARA KENT GREENLEAF Advisors ANDERSON DICKINSON DAVIDSON GREEN GLITZ McDONALD OLTMAN SEYMOUR TEASDALE White flannel jackets distinguish the nine Senior women chosen for their leadership, service, character and scholar- ship as members of SUI's Mortar Board. Mortar Board was organized in 1918 by a convention of four existing senior honoraries and took its name and pin from the Ohio State chapter. Backing campus activities, these Senior women do much to boost spirit at the State University of Iowa. They are co-sponsors of the Panacea show, hold the Smarty Party for female brains, arrange the Mother's Day weekend activities, and this year presented a silver display for senior women. Page 267 Aivluz Lambda Della OFFICERS IOELLE HANSEN President MARY VANDE STEEG Vice-President YVETTE WRIGHT Secretary MARTHA DAWSON Treasurer IOAN TRIPP Historian GRACE COCHRAN ALMA HOVEY HELEN REICH Advisors Freshmen women who prove that the little grey cells are getting a true Workout receive recognition by election to Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary fraternity for freshmen women. The main requisite for initiation is a 3.5 grade point, either the first semester, or an accumulative grade level during the first year. Freshman women in the upper fifth of their class become acquainted with the ideals and functions of the society at a tea given for this pur- pose by the sophomore actives. Initiation ceremonies are held twice each year, and later a banquet is given in conjunction with Phi Eta Sigma, their male proto- type. Prof. Grace Cochran, Miss Alma Hovey, and Miss Helen Reich are faculty advisors to Alpha Lambda Delta, which has as its main objective the encouragement and recognition of outstanding schol- arship. Page 268 Phi Eta igma Another Greek letter organization which, translated, means "brains, study, and grades" is Phi Eta Sigma, freshman men's honorary fraternity. Established May 5, 1945, it reached full strength this year with a normal ratio of men on campus. Sophomore ac- tives of the society hold a mixer each fall to inform prospective members of the work of the organization, which was founded to recognize, as well as encour- age, high scholastic standing. The organization pre- sented pamphlets entitled 'fHints on How to Study" to general advisors for distribution to students. Election to Phi Eta Sigma comes upon the attain- ment of a 3.5 average the first semester, or this accu- mulative grade point during the freshman year. Prof. Iohn E. Briggs is the faculty advisor of Phi Eta Sigma, which claims as honorary members Dean C. Woody Thompson, Dean Dewey B. Stuit, and President Virgil Hancher, Page 269 OFFICERS PAUL F. ROACH Pres ident RODERICK BRIGGS Vice-President DONALD ADAMS Secretary IAMES CONINE Treasurer DUNCAN PUTNAM Historian ROBERT REIMER Senior Advisor 1oHN BRIGGS Advisor Front Row fleft to rightj: Henderson, Thompson, Anderson, Zahorik, Grimes Row 2: Smith, Gibson, Huiskamp, Compton, Barnes, Sonneborn, lones Row 3: Condon, lessen, Moore, McNamara, Black, Schmidt, Lindsay, Neisham Back Row: Danielson, Wolfe, Ehlke, Sparr, Oavronsky, Eastlaclc, Lord Theta Sigma Phi OFFICERS CAROLYN ANDERSON President LAVONNE HOLM STROHM Vice-President LEORA ZAHORIK Treasurer CAROL R. THOMPSON Secretary THERESA GRIMES Keeper of the Archives BARBARA HENDERSON Social Chairman HELEN REICH Advisor In addition to battling against that ever-present Daily Iowan deadline, members of Theta Sigma Phi this year managed to carry out a successful five point program. They helped with a coffee hour for journalism alumni at homecomingg instigated a series of three lectures for cam- pus publicity chairmenp sponsored a "women in journalism" day in the spring: collaborated with the other three jour- nalism fraternities on the Pica Ball in March, and held the traditional Matrix Table in May at which awards were given for outstanding work in the field of journalism, and new editors were announced. Membership in this na- tional journalism honorary is composed of junior and sen! ior women with above average scholastic standing and journalistic ability. Page 270 Srgma Della Chi l A new high in membership and activities was achieved by Sigma Delta Chi during the boom period of 1947-48. Members of the national professional journalism fraternity for men sponsored the traditional Wayzgoose Banquet in the fall, and for the first time published the Wayzgoose Gazette, burlesque scandal sheet, for campus-wide con- sumption. In cooperation with Theta Sigma Phi, SDX ar- ranged a Iournalism Homecoming, a high school press conference and the Pica Ball, A series of prominent speak- ers appeared at bi-monthly Sigma Delta Chi meetings. The groups presented engraved pencils as awards for out- standing work in journalism and certificates for scholar- ship. OFFICERS WILLIAM MILLER President HERBERT NIPSON Vice-President CARL ARP Secretary DONALD SCANNELL Treasurer Front Row fleft to rightj: Berger, Arp, Scannell, Nipson, Bill Miller, Schakel, Phil Miller, Spencer, Broders Row 2: Ludwig, Green, Hughes, Smith, Seward, Showers, Widlak A Row 3: Schmahl, Murphy, Petro, Brooks, O'Brien, Pitts, Gottesfeld, Zima Row 4: Terrell, Buckingham, Schrader, McGuire, Wilt, Myers, Richardson, Schmidt Back Row: Guth, Becker, McDonough, Martin, Thompson, Darrow, Hoover, Gilmore Page 271 Gamma A417116 Chl' OFFICERS LEORA ZAHORIK President MARIORIE SCHIVIIDT Vice-President SHIRLEY LINDSAY Secretary MARIAN WHITE Treasurer GAIL HLIIBREGTSE National Reporter DONESE PUTNAM GAX-ing Editor PHILIP WARD BURTON Advisor This is the second year that the advertising women have been banded together at SUI. Lambda chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi publishes its own monthly newsfbulletin, GAX-ing, to coordinate alumni members, honorary pro- fessional members and active girls. They banqueted to commemorate their anniversary in January, heralded the dances and Pop concerts, promoted the community chest, conducted a vocational conference for the advice of their members and presented several lectures. At the national convention held in Eugene, Gregori, the local chapter was named the outstanding group in the country. Lambda chapter was commended for its progressiveness and the ingenuity of the individual members. Front Row fleft to rightj: Bedell, Lindsay, Schmidt, White, Foster, Putnam, Hess Row 2: Harris, Miller, Mendelson, Lieberknecht, Elman, Ament Back Row: Witmer, Green, Black, Picht, Huibregtse, De Cau, Simmons Page 272 Front Row fleft to rightj: McClanahan, Stueland, Berg, Booton, Sessions, Nunn, Lochrie, Smith, Witosky Row 2: Olson, Holland, Arkoff, Eccles, Weinstein, Cannon, Merrill, McCarty, Dommermuth, Murphy Row 3: Cray, Goltz, Gingerich, Stines, Straight, Cunningham, McNamare, Parks, Amdor, Nichols Back Row: McDonald, Beenck, Eichman, Carney, Wedig, Hounshell, Reed, Schory, Scott, Hedrick, Osler Alvin: Della Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma celebrated its first anniversary at SUI OFFICERS this year by sponsoring a Founders Day dinner with its i- female contemporary, Gamma Alpha Chi. Members of LQY BOOTQN the men's advertising honorary publicized the university President parties and programs at the Union, backed the Campus WAYNE C' SMITH Chest drive, advertised the Wayzgoose Gazette and han- Vice-president dled the publicity for the League of Women Voters' hand- book. A campus market survey was conducted, and a sur- THEODORE SESSIONS vey for the Iowa Press Association on Iowa daily and Secretary weekly newspapers. They also planned a liberal arts ROBERT LOCHRIE pamphlet for the summer session. Treasurer RALPH N UN N Corresponding Secretary IOHN D. BERG Public Relations PHILIP WARD BURTON Advisor Page 273 Front Row fleft to rightj: Bannon, Nash, Henderson, Fisher Row 2: Frederick, Hale, Schlossberg, Rosenberg Zeta Phi Eta OFFICERS MARCELLA BANNCN President VIRGINIA ROSENBERG Vice-President EVA ADEL SCHLOSSBERG Treasurer JUDY NASH Recording Secretary EVALINE FISHER Corresponding Secretary CAMILLE HENDERSON Cameo Reporter ELAINE LENNEY Social Chairman IACQUELIN E KEASTER Advisor Zeta Phi Eta members are selected from a variety of fields -radio, forensics, theatre, speech pathology and educa- tion. The main qualification for membership in this wom- en's honorary speech arts fraternity is that of outstanding achievement in one's own profession. The leading project sponsored by the group this year was a series of lectures by members of the faculty. They also continued the talent file, sponsored the Varsity show for freshmen and held a joint luncheon with the Cedar Rapids chapter of the alum- ni. Zeta Phi Eta was the first professional fraternity for women to be organized in the United States and was insti- tuted in 1893. Sigma chapter came to Iowa in May, 1936. Page 274 Page 275 Phi Bda Kappa !b004 50.05 Ab lsooc soocl 9 ml..- P4-.A A D4 524, R A EI!! Z?!g ALPHA CHAPTER Established at the University Of Iowa 1895 OFFICERS GERALD F. ELSE . . . President GRACE E. CHAFFEE . . Vice-President M. L. HUIT . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS RICHARD STONE ANTES LUELLA M. BARE IEAN COLLIER BERNSTEIN RICHARD CHADWICK BROOKS BARBARA IANE BRUNELLE MARTHA ELIZABETH BURNEY LAIEAN B. CASSILL CORWIN DAVID CORNELL MARIAN GAY CREWS IOHN PAUL DANIELS YVONNE LIVINGSTON FISCHER ALICE ELAINE FROYD DAVID GOLD MARY E. WEBER GOSS SERENA HENG GREEN G. PATRICIA GROTHAUS BUDDY WARREN HART BUSTER CLARENCE HART MARGARET NOREEN HEALEY DICK COOPER HENRY LEO HERZEL MARGARET G, RYAN HILL IOAN FLORENCE HOLT ROBERT NORMAN HOUSER R, BRUCE HUGHES MARIE SOPHIE HUPER W, ANN HUPER MARY CATHERINE IACKSON HELEN DOROTHY KELLEHER ROBERT E. KNOVVLTON RUTH MAE KOELE AVA M. LAMBERT IAMES DAVID LUCAS MARY RUTH MACEACHERN GENE RAY MARNER IOHN ROBERT MAXWELL MARY CATHERINE MCCRACKEN MARY IANE MCCREA THOMAS JOSEPH MCKILLIP DOROTHY LOUISE MCKINLEY PAUL MCDONNALD MEADOWS IEAN ALICE MILROY ERNEST KIMBALL MONTAGUE GRETCHEN MYERS ARLA MAE NELSON WAYNE KENYON NOWACK DUANE OWEN PAULSEN VIRGIL LYLE PEDERSON HENRY FREDERICK SCHEIG, IR. DOROTHY LUCILLE SCHULZE PHYLLIS ANN SHARER ELEANOR POWNALL SIMMONS DIXIE IOHNSON SNIDER MARY LOUISE STROHMEYER WILLIAM B. THOMPSON IOHN ERNEST TYRRELL RACHEL ELIZABETH UPDEGRAFF MARY ELLEN WEST IANE ANN WINTER OFFICERS ARTHLIRA IANE MICHAEL President ANNE NUGENT Vice-President LILLIAN FROYD Recording Secretary PAULINE RODGERS Corresponding Secretary LUCILLE WILLIAMS Treasurer IEAN HAMILTON Sergeant-at-Arms LILLIAN HARBISON Keeper of Records MABEL SNEDAKER Advisor HELEN AGAR DUDLEY ASHTON LAVON ASHTON ELSA BATES PHYLLIS BENNETT DORIS BERD ESTELLA BOOT MRS. CHARLES BROWN FRANCES CAMP GLADYS COLLINS MARTHA CORRY MRS. C. E. COUSINS CLARA DALEY HELEN FAGEN GRACE MARIE FREYMAN LILLIAN FROYD RUTH GORDON NORMA HAJEK JEAN HAMILTON Pz' Lambda Theta M i'Cultural Patterns" was the 1947-48 theme carried out by members of Pi Lambda Theta, women's national educa- tional honorary. Members of the fraternity sponsored a panel discussion on health for the elementary School child, to which Iowa City teachers were invitedg sent boxes of supplies and clothing to schools in Germany, and presented an award to the outstanding undergraduate in education. In conjunction with Phi Delta Kappa, they fostered the idea of a portrait of Professor Maude McBroom. Com- posed of outstanding junior, senior and graduate students, Theta chapter was established at Iowa in 1920. HAS MEMBERS LILLIAN HARBISON MRS. ERNEST HORN ALMA HOVEY ALTA HOWELL IEANETTE HUGHES MRS. MARLE IVERSON SYLVELLA IACOBSEN IACQUELINE KEASTER ALICE KEMP MRS. RALPH KENT VIRGINIA KINGERY MRS. DORA MASON RUTH MCWEILLEY OLIVE MEINING ARTHURA MICHAEL PORTIA MORRIS MILDRED MUSSER ANNE NUGENT FIVHELMA PETERSON ANNE PIERCE HELEN PRICE ESTHER REINKING GEORGIA SUE REUTER PEARL RITTER PAULINE RODGERS MARGARET SCHINDHELM GLADYS SCOTT MABEL SNEDAKER IULIA SPARROW IEANETTE TOLHURST RUTH UPDEGRAFF ZEREDA VAN DEUSEN MRS. IOHN WAHL LUCILLE WILLIAMS MARIORIE WILSON MRS. MAE YOUTZ EDA ZQINGGI Page 276 Front Row fleft to rightj: Crowley, Thacker, McCracken, McNeal, Paulson, Brown, Smith, Allee, Strand, Corzatt Row 2: Holzhammer, Cannon, Howes, Scheinost, Holdren, Stamp, Wiltse, Kratzer, Hebbel, Lange, Erickson Row 3: Guthrie, Sessler, Kofron, Allen, Walton, Kurtz, Iackson, Ramsey, Foster, Barrett, Biggins Row 4: Ames, McKinzie, Griflln, Percival, Myron, Munsell, Tyson, Brain, Haesemeyer Row 5: McCann, Moore, McGowan, Micldents, Hotfa, Benish, McChesney, Huegerich, Marthinson Back Row: Neely, Klaclstrup, Whitters, Zak, Blunck, Smith, Guy Ames Delta Sigma P' Delta Sigma Pi is the largest commerce organization in the United States, and the Iowa chapter's membership of nearly sixty is its greatest. During the 1947-48 school OFFICERS ROBERT PAULSON Head llflaster RALPH BROWN Senior Warden CHARLES KINTZIN GER Iunior Warden GEORGE MCNEAL Scribe THOMAS MCCRACKEN Treasurer ARTHUR ALLEE Chancellor WENDELL SMITH Advisor year, the Iowa group conducted industrial tours and pre- sented several lecturers in the Held of commerce. Social activities included parties and dances. At the annual Christmas formal, Marilyn Carstens was chosen queen and won in a national contest held by the New Iersey chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. Delta Sigma Pi honorary has been in action at SUI since 1935. Page 277 Front Row fleft to rightj: Shaffer, Dickinson, Staley, Pollitz, Walter, Fitch, Van Liew, Brisben Row 2: Anderson, l-lumphrys, Iackson, Griebel, Huisenga, Woolever, Thomas, Brisben, Ioels Row 3: Vagts, Loers, Lewis, Turner, Iohnson, Costas, Wilson, Ashmead, Diedrich, Cone Row 4: Creamer, Milroy, Day, Schiele, Leighton, Avery, Ashland, Schnoebelen Back Row: Smith, Olson, l-laesmeyer, Vandermark, Budweg, Pedersen, Standing, Horslund, Bogue OFFICERS DOROTHY WALTER President MARIAN POLLITZ Vice-President BETTY DICKINSON Secretary IANE BRISBEN Treasurer ALBERTA ROGERS Advisor hz' Gamrrza Members of this commerce fraternity demonstrated their flair for business by successfully sponsoring a number of projects during 1947-48. They had a joint luncheon with Delta Sigma Pi, held monthly dinners with faculty guests and speakers, sold magazine subscriptions to fill the na! tional coffers, and planned various parties and mixers, in- cluding the Founders Day dinner in February at which initiation of new members was held. Phi Gamma Nu membership of 49 was a new highf33 members were pledged last fall. Phi Gamma Nu was organized nation- ally in 1924, while SUl's Delta chapter began business in 1928. Page 278 I , ' s .l9.!Y.,4.V,Jf,EE!!0HEElBLE E Muon E A FEBRUARY 24 1948 E ORDER OF ABTUS ' 5 , PDR :zoo 3. noon can usam wo 2 PANACEA CONE RM2 730 2 TAILFEATBERS CON? RMI 750 Q .5 1 E E f E 1 SERVICE DAILY FREE CHECKING E Eg Noon 8 EVe'7,mq ff f w ' "' "'M E sz ,, .,,, .,. Interest Group Pafzczcezz Commzltee Larry Barrett and his band Herb Ka nzell, Bobbie Ginter, Beverly Bragge, M Billy Fleck TOLERANC MISS . Warreri Clymer, Anthony Zapella COMMITTEE WILLIAM BAUER Chairman MARGERY MCDONALD Publicity and Advertising IEAN sPRoTT Contact Representative with Director LEON ZI FPREN Treasurer NANCY GREEN Program and Printing IGHN MCCARTHY Ticket Sales "The Elegant Mr. Emperor," this year's Panacea show, brought down the house every night for a week and had hundreds of Iowa students looking forward eagerly to next year's all-campus musical comedy. Panacea was originated a year ago by Student Council, Mortar Board and Omicron Delta Kappa to supply a new kind of enter- tainment for the campus and to provide an opportunity for original writing and acting. Produced by a committee formed from the three sponsoring groups, "The Elegant Mr. Emperor" was written by I-Ierb Kanzell who also wrote the lyrics. Larry Barrett wrote the show's music and I-Iarold I-Iayes was director this year. Profits from the show go into the Panacea Fund for future productions. G iqQwhQm ck I ' t Eastham' Chu Gran Mgylev' H566 Page 280 l Page 281 Betty Dickinson, Dr. Harshbarger ffrontj Elaine Lenney, lane Lord lbackl help freshmen during Fall registration egzklmtzbn Commzltee Efficiency and assistance in the registra- tion of University students is the aim of the Registration committee. Delegated by Dr. H. Clay Harshbarger of the Liberal Arts Advisory office, the committee this year helped dazed registrants avoid class conflicts, plan balanced programs, and in- formed students about new courses, Ac- tive only during the two registration weeks, the Registration committee was an invaluable assistant to students and fac- ulty alike during that time. Front Row fleft to rightj: Dr. Harper, Nichols, Oltman, Munsell, Butler, Mauden, Grimmer, McCormac Back Row: Hieronymus, Tribe, Sutter, Gerdes, Wick, Fitch, Burge, Baker, Brown, Wheeler OFFICERS WALLACE BUTLER President NVILLIAM lvl UNSELL Vice-President ELEANOR MAIDEN Secretary PHYLLIS QLTMAN Treasurer Unzkm Board Union Board supervises the planning of the various activ- ities which take place at the lowa Memorial Union. These activities may be either social or educational, they may range from billiard exhibitions to lectures on poetry, but their common purpose is to enable more students to benefit by use of Union facilities. The 16-member Union Board includes representatives from all the colleges of the uni- versity. Members are chosen on a basis of leadership, scholarship and service displayed while working on a Union board subcommittee. The board creates and di- rects its own policies and determines the duties of the subcommittees. Union Board this year innovated semi- classical music programs, weekly free movies, listening parties for the football broadcasts and the Carnival of Bands, all at the Union. Page 282 U nzbn Board Sub ommzltew The seven Union board subcommittees carry out many of the plans of Union Board. Each committee is headed by a member of the board and has its own specific duties. The art displays in the Iowa Memorial Union lounge, for example, are a line arts committee project. The subcom- mittees each year sponsor a great variety of events. The house and library committee is responsible for the coffee hours, library chats and the annual Christmas party. The games committee handles ping-pong, chess and checker tournaments and many other contests. Newest of the subcommittees is the movie committee, created this year to take charge of the movies shown at the Union. SUBCOMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ROBERT WHEELER Fine Arts ROBERT TRIBE House and Library ROLAND WICK Movie RALPH BROWN Games IOSEPH SUTTER Bridge IAMES BAKER Matinee Dance KATHLEEN MCCORMAC Tea Dance Front Row fleft to rightj: Wahl, Brown, Robinson. Avery, Van Liew, Votruba, Billings, Morgan, Whitney, Crayne Row 2: Phelps, Betts, Seitz, Shuttleworth, Utterback, Griebel, Cumming, Stoltenberg, Erickson, Amend Row 3: Paul, Doden, Iones, B. Anderson, Tyson, Wentz, Lange, Humphrey, Stark Back Row: McKenzie, Stooker, Tingleff, Coontz, T. Anderson, Noe, Watson, LaBahn, Hovland E Page 285' Q1 Front Row fleft to rightj: McDonald, Dickinson, Lenney, Gordon Row 2: Pell, Rees, Mueller, Oppenheimer, Grandfleld, Dawson, I-Iuisinga, Schlossberg, Anderson Back Row: Black, Gavronsky, Danner, Christensen, Lager, Gutz. Gronna, Garrett, Strong r1z'Ver5zZ Wozneni Assoczkztzkm OFFICERS ELAINE LENNEY President BETTY DICKINSON Vice-President PATRICIA FOX Secretary IEANNE IVIcDONALD Treasurer IEAN GO RD ON Sophomore Representative Lady, do you know the score? If not, consult your copy of "Code for Coeds". A booklet on what every young girl should know about life at the University of Iowa, the Code is published by the University Women's Associa- tion, A copy is sent to every woman entering the univer- sity. The University Women's Association includes all undergraduate women of the colleges of Liberal Arts, Pharmacy and Commerce. Its objectives are to serve the university, to develop leadership among university women and to unite campus organizations. To this end, the asso- ciation helps with Freshman Orientation, sponsors the springtime University Sing-a song festival at which all housing units compete'-and Recognition Day, at which announcement is made of the year's outstanding achieve- ments by SUI women, and the new officers for women's housing units are presented. Page 284 Betty Bootjer, Etta Mueller, Dorothy Starr work Prof. Elizabeth Halsey pours at the Faculty-Administration Coffee on UWA activities files hour Leah Mendelson, orientation chairman, and Dinny Editor Carolyn Ladd and her Code for Coeds staff, Pat Lounsbury, Anderson, member of orientation council Lucy Durham, Gretta Grossman -H '-1 li" Page 285 Left to right: Schlossberg, Carlson, McDonald, Anderson, Rosenberg, Oppenheimer, Dawson Onkntalzbn Courzczf COMMITTEE IEAN DAWSON Chairman VIRGINIA ANDERSON CONNIE CARLSON DELORIS DAHLMAN MARGERY MCDONALD GWEN OPPENHEIIVIER VIRGINIA ROSENBERG PATRICIA FOX EVA ADEL SCHLOSSBERG "Girl of the Century" was the theme for this year's Uni- versity Women's Association orientation program, in line with the university's centennial celebration. The Orienta- tion Council strove for variety in their plans to introduce new women to university activities, to the recreational facilities of the Iowa campus and to the mental process known as Hstudyingn. During the summer the council sent letters to enrollees reminding them of their fall orien- tation date. Freshman and transfer women were divided into separate groups for the orientation. A mass meeting was first on the program, following which the groups were entertained by a round of informal parties, dances and coke dates. President and Mrs. Hancher officially wel- comed the newcomers at a tea in the president's home. Page 286 fualzbzkzzy Board D The Central Iudiciary Board was created by UWA to set up regulations for Iowa women and to review infraca tions of these regulations. This board, which functions as an independent unit, is composed of a president and one representative apiece from the Panhellenic association, womens dormitories, Westlawn and Town Women. Miss Helen Focht, UWA: Miss Eugenia Hoffert, Currier: Miss Pat Hansen, Town Women, and Miss Helen Reich, Panhellenic Association, are advisors. The board meets once a week with the advisors to formulate regulations and discuss violations. This year the board extended its activities to include a second weekly meeting, without the advisors, at which offenders were given hearings. IAN ET GUTZ president EVA ADEL SCHLOSSBERG Secretary IANET LAUDERDALE WILLA ASHMEAD MARDELLE WRIGHT Schlossberg, Wright, Gutz, Lauderdale, Ashmead Page 287 Front Row fleft to fighfj-PLANNING COMMITTEE: Gerdes, Iudy, Fitch, Smutz, Parker, Black, Strong, Humphry Back Row-FUNCTIONAL COMMITTEE: Parker, Foster, Shuttleworth, Robinson, Falk, Wilken, Perry, Giraldi, Clausing, Horslund Vocezlzbmzl Cj071f67'E71C6 COMMITTEE IEAN STRONG Chairman MARIQRIE MILLER MARTHA HUMPHRY IACLYN EITCH SHARON IUDY Lols BLACK ELAINE LENNEY The gay life Won't last forever. That most Iowa students will one day have to venture into the harsh outside world is the concern of the University Women's Association Vocational Conference. It tries to give each student a picture of his future. A central committee composed of students and faculty members formulates and carries out plans for the vocational conferences. In these conferences the student is advised about opportunities in his chosen field by people who are successful in that field. Among the speakers brought to SUI this year by the central com- mittee Were persons prominent in radio, journalism and commerce. Panel discussions, an innovation in vocational conferences here, covered education and hospital and or- ganization work. Page 288 I 71 ormalzbn HN Why be embarrassed? Be informed! To aid SUI stu- dents in keeping up with the world, Information First presents a series of informal lectures on contemporary problems to which everyone is welcome to attend. This year Information First, a UWA activity, celebrated its fifth birthday. Among the speakers at this year's lectures were Guy Gillette, ex-senator from lowag Richard Wil- son, Washington correspondent for the Des Moines Reg- ister: Fayette Sherman, Hormel Company employment manager, and Hew Roberts of the SUI faculty. A com- mittee of five Women, appointed by the UWA council, invites, entertains and introduces the speakers. Miss Helen Focht is advisor for the group. SUZANNE GRONNA General Chairman DOROTHY IEAN MYERS Program Chairman CAROL THOMPSON Publicity Chairman PATRICIA FOX Contact Chairman IEAN STEUCK Hostess Chairman Front Row fleft to righfj: Gronna, Miss Focht, Myers Back Row: Thompson, Fox, Steuck Page 289 Frerlzman Council OFFICERS MARIAN REES President MARY L. ANNBERG Vicc-President PAT MOOREH EAD Secretary Newest brain child of the University Womens association was the Freshman council, created this year to establish and prepare girls for lead- ership in the association. During its founding year, the council proved to be a vitally impor- tant cog in the organization of campus activi- ties. Consisting of fifteen women selected by Crientation and Vocational Conference com- mittee members, the Freshman Council did an outstanding job which served as an example for future councils. Not only did this group con- duct the second semester Orientation program. and hold a coffee hour for foreign students, but it also was represented by a member serving on each major U. W. A. committee. The Fresh- man Council sent representatives to each regu- lar U, W. A. meeting in addition to their own bi-monthly meetings. Thus U. W. A. obtained a representative freshman viewpoint on all matters. Front Row flcft to rightj: Leedham, Klingbiel, Smith, Cords Row 2: Foster, Morehead, Rees, Anneberg, Williams Back Row: Hartman, Covert, Schumann, Wilimek, Shuttleworth, Perry ma., C9 Page Front Row fleft to rightj: Miebach, Bennett, Tamisiea, Newburgh, Smith, Ianssen, Iudy Row 2: Klotzbach, Brown, Swanson, Powers, Niemann, Trowbridge, Winders, Payne, Bennett, Bauer, Foster Row 3: Valentine, Morrissey, Unzeitig, Stonger, Schatz, Breaw, Miller, Benesh, Beecher, Christenson, Lebie Row 4: Harvey, Kersey, S. Harvey, Danner, Werk, Mohn, Lampe, Douglas, Pitz, Bell, Dustman, Barickman Back Row: Hewitt, Hensleigh, M. Smith, Kidd Home Economzbf Club The Home Economics club, open to any girl enrolled in a OFFICERS Home Economics course, combines both service and recre- -- ational functions in its program. During the year it spon- MARILYN NEWBURGH sored a number of activities intended to show members p'eS'denf various ways to use their home economics training. Start- VIVIAN TAMISIEA Vice-President ing last fall, the club presented a series of lectures con- cerning careers. Miss Maxine McDivitt gave an address BETTK lfiN55EN ecrc ary on opportunities in foods, Mrs. M. Ball discussed nutri- I U . ' l SHARON IUDY tion specialties and Miss Marie McCulley spoke on T l'eHSUZ'el' buying and merchandising. The club highlighted the Christmas season with a banquet for members. Home Economics club members were hostesses to foreign women students at several meetings this spring. The annual baked-bean supper capped the year's activities. Page 291 Front Row Kleft to rightj: Ballantyne, Wurtz, I-Iogeland, Feay, Martin, Crane, Neenan, Smith, Huit Row 2: Williams, Wickenkamp, I-Iuifer, Crews, Valline, Von Berg, Fontaine, Feblowitz Back Row: Hughes, Iochumsen, Moldenhauer, Hayworth, Meltvedt, Wilkerson, Brandt A 4Z7!1d Phi Omega OFFICERS ROBERT MARTIN President CHARLES CRANE Vi cefpresident IOI-IN HOGELAND Recording Secretary CONRAD WURTZ Corresponding Secretary DARRELL FEAY Treasurer THOMAS NEENAN Alumni Secretary 1oHN BQSSLER S ergca nt-at-Arms PHILLIP SMITH Historian Alpha Phi Omega, national honorary service fraternity, stands for the principles of scouting-leadership, friend- ship and service. Omicron chapter this year set an exam- ple of international good will by sending regular support to a small Finnish boy, whom they have "adopted". Members of Alpha Phi Omega put their ideals into prac- tice on the Iowa campus this year by sponsoring and as- sisting in such projects as Freshman Orientation, campus tours, and a hospital visitation program. Membership in Alpha Phi Omega is open to university men who are or have been affiliated with the scouting movement, and who are interested in helping to further the Alpha Phi Omega program of service to the campus, community, nation and world. Page 292 OFFICERS IOI-IN EBERT President EUGENE BURMEISTER Vice-President PHYLLIS BRINTNALL Secretary GORDON KENT Treasurer With 765 members, the Iowa Moun- taineers, Inc. have the distinction of being the largest SUI organization and the largest outdoor club in the middle west. This year the group made outings to Idaho's Sawtooth Range in August, and to the High Peaks of Mexico in December. Color travelogues and talks by explorers, Front Row flcff to rightj: Ebert, Leatherstone, Mrs. Ebert, Brintall, Sullivan, Burmeister, Koreb, Isaacs Standzng: Farber, Carter, Strub, Thomas, Kent mountaineers, vagabond photogra- phers and world travelers were an important part of the Club's indoor program. In addition to climbing, sports such as skiing, ice skating, hiking, horseback riding and camp- ing rounded out the mountaineers' schedule. -f....r . , Wender Siucfenl Feczleralzkli OFFICERS HARLAN HOCKENBERG President GEGRGE MCBURN EY Vice-President ANNETTE BRAVERMAN Secretary RCBERT KRAMER Treasurer A federal world government with powers adequate to prevent war has always been the aim of United World Federalists. The Iowa Chapter of UWF did all in its power during the year to encourage lowa students to think and act on world gov- ernment through United Nations. This year, the group worked through both po- litical parties in an effort to make public oflicials become internationally-minded. A "letters to Congress" drive was carried on in April and off-campus speakers were brought to the student body by the Fed- eralists. McBurney, Kramer, Shuttleworth, Anderson, Braverman, Hockenberg Faq 94 Front Row fleft to rightj: Fitch, Pollitz, Professor Walter H. Daykin, Walter, Vandemark Back Row: Iones, Powers, Burrets, Foster, Thacker, Brown Collegzkzle Cham ber of Commerce There is a strong possibility that a number of SUI students will play an important role in lowa commerce ten years from now. As members of the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, these students are already gaining insight into the future. The commerce organization this year played host to several speakers from various branches of Iowa business, Among the guests were Arthur Brayton of the Convention bureau of the Des Moines Chamber of Com- merce, and Rodney Q. Selby of the Iowa Development service. During its third year of existence at SUI, the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce also sponsored the an- nual Commerce Mart, a careers conference, and supported a business placement service for commerce and economics seniors. Page 295 OFFICERS PORTER BURRETS President TED FOSTER Vice-President DOROTHY WALTER Secretary ROBERT THACKER Treasurer WALTER DAYKIN Advisor Front Row fleft to rightj: Ellison, Smith, Gaston, Little, Gunde, McCullough, Ewing Row 2: Freerksen, Wright, Moscove, Fumagalli, Wilson, Peters Row 3: Fonda, Sillerton, Covi, Hunt, Newton, Zeck, Donaldson, Kersberger, Brennecke, Homes, Cole Back Row: Reese, Anderson, Gunther, Zetts, Everett, Ritter Art Guzfcz' OFFICERS ORAZIO FUIVIAGALLI President BETTY MLISCQVE Vice-President WARREN WILSON Treasurer YVETTE WRIGHT Secretary Members of the Art Guild, social organization for art students, concentrated this year on pre- senting some excellent movies at SUI. The Guild sponsored the University Film Society's series of twelve outstanding American and for- eign film revivals and brought to the campus such old-time successes as "Camille", "The Fall of the House of Usher," and "The Puritan". As a contribution to the University art collec- tion the Guild purchased DeIVIartini's 'Self- Portraitn, which now hangs in the main office ol the Art building. Guild members also spon- sored dances, a picnic and a hayride. Purpose of the Art Guild is to provide social and educa- tional activities for its members, and to aid the Art department in furthering its program. Page 296 V S ..z 3 P 'Q Q ', E Q iw. .... f . f 1 1 L . mf ' , , I J ,1 M " ' ' ..,'fT"f"' 2 . iff-u-v:'1:,.,.,.g-Qfn. 1 r 1 I I .JH 'ir Q Sa 5' :jg V ,Q A 1 ,b ' ' ms- 1 'ur 1 1 ' Y ""'-lngx A af. r - f--Y " ' V " . " I 'Wg 9 W s ' J" ' , 3 ' ,A 4 A Q A I 7 I-F ' 'QA X S N ' t' f xi b . fi? M 'if , A A V K, ' ,I W + ' 'gl 5' f f M if le iii ' 1 - " ' If J, Q 'wi r kg Q gg Q 1 wxuw, , ,Q Y l Q ig k ' ..... 5 . . x ff . , - V 4, fl 'f . A2 4 ' g-s-by ' X Q . -3, - i gy V, 2. 5 . 'Q' - Q 3 'N Z s 4' ..5' x R ya 4 1 1 w , 2 'rr F an , 4' . - A f iii.-Ui . o -'65 W Q' j,m., figs X95 ,mf 1 r- V ' gi . .1 gag Uses -- :iw r 13 11.4 :fag 21.1 X ' E ' an , L I 'S x' SA A' ' I Y . ! ' r 3 1 A 664' I k , 3 ' X V f QU: 1 V 55 . , 'l , ' 'ii 3 ff-55, , , ,,L. 5 ,7 Br ET? ' . ,Ein , KL 'SSE 5 . if ,V iii? .xx..,+ ,K wwf M gi Us 4 ,A -, 'S Y , i Q 'F z I. Page 298 Front Row fleft to rightj: C. Anderson, Dean, Ladd, Pollitz, Mrs. Wilson, Dawson, Grossman, V. M. Anderson, Dierks Row 2: Decker, Larsen, Milligan, Lauderdale, Allbaugh, Wheeler, Burt, Ferguson Row 3: Malick, Melrose, Penningroth, V. N. Anderson, Stoltenberg, Rosenberg, Auner, Niemann, Hoegh Back Row: Gallaher, Carlson, St. Iohn, Timm, Beechen, MCQuade, Gavronsky l 0 Q 0 O Young Women? Ch rzslzan Assoczalzon OFFICERS A varied Y.W.C.A. program gave every one of the 700 -- student members a chance to participate in the activities IEAN DAWSON of her choice. The girls sold the traditional Homecoming president chrysanthemums, and gave a style show in the spring. MARIAN POLLITZ They attended the Silver Tea, sponsored by the Y.W. Vice-President C.A. advisory board at the home of President and Mrs. CARGLYSIS 'ZBLDERSON I-lancher. Y.W.C.A. members gave their time to the Chil- Cfe I' CARQLYN LADD dren's hospital and Convalescent home. There were dis- Treasumr cussion groups on religion and public affairs, and the popular Major in Marriage lectures were sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. A Thanksgiving service and a candlelight Christmas service were held, and the Y.W.C.A. girls gathered Christmas gifts donated by campus housing units for Iowa City families. On opposite page ffopj: YWCA choir, Helen Wliite directing Left to right: Dourte, Mrs. Wilson, Allbaugh work in the oihce Pollitz, Dawson, Mrs. Wilson, Ladd look over the budget Malick, Dawson, Melrose sell Home- coming 'mums Ladd, Timm, Lauderdale check files vis? f, 5? 4? K 0 2 J QE! ' ff P If if , ,. i, . 5 Q. ,.n4' 4 ,X ,, 'wif K " . ' g, -. ,, , .A ,gg1,:gQ4f5g2:s?2-.4 I , -f :iggwgQ,,gxggyggfw kk -,, ,- A tiff? :lv ' f NJ ., ff 'S in , E335 ' Q.. W Seated: Tosh, Glenn, Valett Standing: Knox, Broberg, Thomson, Scott, Frey, Iahns Young Men? Chrzktzkm Arsoczkzlzkm OFFICERS GEN E GLENN President BOB VALETT Vice-President HARLAN BRQBERG Secretary DAVID TOSH Treasurer Hi-Y Day topped off the Y.M,C.A.'s full program this year. Senior Hi-Y boys from throughout the state were introduced to S.U.l. and to the activities of the Y.M.C.A. on this campus. A trip to the Convalescent home pointed out the Y.lVI.C.A.'s accent on service. Sunday school classes, daily friendship visits, and recreation hours were regular Y.M,C.A. events for the convalescing children. The boys heard about the Travel Bureau, established to bring together prospective riders and students driving home, The Christmas sing held in the Union was Y.M. GA.-sponsored: and the Y.M.C.A. quartets sang at the Woody Herman dance and over the radio. Page 300 H7161 Foundalzbn International problems were a signihcant subject for Hillel discussions this year. The Foundations Forum on Palestinian Affairs brought to the group Maurice Samuels, Elias Newman, and Arnold Foxg and Professors Ioseph Dunner, Kurt Schaefer, and George Mosse, During the year, speakers from various faiths represented on the campus visited the Foundation, In May, the Hillel House chapel was dedicated to the memory of Henry Monsky. Hillel's social program included a hayrack ride, a Hallow- een Hard Times party, the Winter Dance, and a spring formal. Sunday night suppers were prepared by the stu- dents. Foundation members were host to their parents at the annual Parents Banquet in April. Red Holland at the piano OFFICERS ESTHER KLEIN President ROSALIE LASKER Vice-President AL KRITZBERG Treasurer DEBORAH COHEN Corresponding Secretary LEAH MENDELSON Recording Secretary LOUISE MILSTEIN Student Director Always there is work! R. Hasker, L. Mendelson, E. Klein, L. Mil- Arnold Fox, Ralph Katz, Herb Tepperman stein, D. Cohen in the chapel Anita Schiller, Estelle Simon try cooking Page 301 Front Row fleft to rightj: McNally, McGivern, Father Beiser, Wissing, Pierick Row 2: Hennessy, Kaufman, Tamisea, Hentges, Mitchell Row 3: Sewell, Blaskovich, Gallaher, Bahr, Lannert Back Row: Pherson, Cebuher, Cahill ewman C ub OFFICERS RICHARD WISSING President MAUREEN MCGIVERN Vice-President AGNES PIERICK Secretary PAUL IVICNALLY Treasurer N ED BILLICK Social Chairman Emphasis on the educational, social and reli- gious aspects of Catholic student life character- ized activities of Newman Club this year. In addition to regular weekly meetings, Newman Club, under the guidance of Rev. Ryan Beiser, sponsored Communion breakfasts, Sun- day night suppers and a series of guest lectures. The Newmanal, club paper, was published monthly in addition to a six weeks series of radio programs written and produced by mem- bers of the club, The Catholic social action group concerned itself with various projects in- cluding the Oakdale sanitorium visitations. Kampus Kapers, annual all-university variety show, was sponsored by Newman Club for the fifth consecutive year. Highlight of the year's social calendar was the annual Newman Noc- turne at which the Newman Queen and her court were presented. Page 302 J 5 Front Row: Glenn, Kallsen, Wheeler, Vande Steeg, Sharp, Iahns Row 2: Krause, Wilken, Brashares, Houts, Dierks, Thomson, Lockwood, Holzhammer Back Row: Mudge, Canedy, Grossman, Miller, Cooper, Dawson, Gronna, Lord, Perry, Grauer Student Cfrrzklzkm Counczf OFFICERS DON HOUTS President BOB BRASHARES Vice-President MILTON POTEE Treasurer VALORIE DIERKS Secretary The Student Christian Council coordinates Protestant ac- tivities on the campus. The members are representatives from each Protestant student religious organization. Working through three commissions-World Service, Students from Other Lands, and Social Action4the Council sponsored an International Soiree, clothing drive, weekly luncheon forums, and a social action program. For Religion in Life Week, February 8-13, men of na- tional recognition were brought to the campus to conduct classroom lectures, seminars, informal discussion in hous- ing units and personal conferences with students, Page 304 anlerbur Club The Canterbury Association is the Episcopal Church's SUI student organization. The Preaching Mission held in April helped Episco- pal students review the Christian faith and re- afllrm their enthusiasm in their religion. The Rev. Bonnell Spencer led services every evee ning during the week. Throughout the year, fun was mixed with serious thought in a pro- gram of study, service, giving, worship, evan- gelism and unity. Students and faculty met together at a banquet held the first of the year, Corporate Communion breakfasts were held once a month, Miss Becky Davis helped the group as its sponsor. Corporate Communion Canterbury Christmas Party Prenarinn Sundav eveninfl sunner OFFICERS ROBERT RIGLER President, Association First Semester ROBERT TYSON President, Canterbury Club KING REID President, Ball and Chain Club Second Semester ANN CANEDY President, Canterbury Club ROBERT HOLZHAMMER President, Ball and Chain Club Ball and Chain club eats potluck Packing boxes for Foreign Relief project Bob and Meredith Holzhammer l F I Page 305 Gamma Della OFFICERS CLARENCE KALLSEN President BOB BUELOW Vice-President AMANDA HAGEN Secretary WALLACE LEIDING Treasurer REV. F. Cl-IOITZ Advisor A'Fellowship" was the keyword in Gamma Delta ac- tivities this year. An international student organiza- tion of the Missouri synod Lutheran church, Gamma Delta provided SUI students of St. Paul's Lutheran with a well-rounded program. Sunday evening meetings were highlighted by movies, guest speakers, picnics. Gamma Delta sponsored as Religion in Life Week speaker, Dr. Rehwinkel, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. The annual Spring banquet was held in February with Dr. Goetsch as guest speaker. Gamma Delta completed the year with a steak fry at Macbride. Page 306 Lutheran Student Aysoczkzlzbn Lutheran Student Association redoubled its efforts this year to raise funds to aid destitute students in other parts of the world. Social event of the year was the annual winter banquet with guest speaker Dr. Morris Wee, exec- utive director of the Student Service commission of the National Lutheran council. L. S. A. held a freshman party, and a Christmas Smorgasbord and pageant. On Sunday evenings, members met for supper and a vesper service. During the week they gathered at the Lutheran Student house to enjoy the fireplace they have built in the backyard, to help construct a meditation chapel, or just for fun and relaxation. Coffee in front of the fireplace Trying out some new records Pat Hanson pops corn A Sunday evening discussion group ' ,xl Mil SH.-.J h. i i555v93l 'N 'u """' "' Page 307 Front Row fleft to rightj: Loomis, Shirley, Wendel, Balcom, Mrs. Sample, Rasmussen, Townsley, Werk, Blacker Row 2: Miller, Crow, Bulyer, Henry, Hood, Erskine, Payne, Simons Back Row: P. Shirley, Corwin, Frost, Duros, Kessler, Slemens, Sorden, Loan, Shaffer OFFICERS FRANCES RASMUSSEN President M ARY BALCQM Vice-President TI-IELMA WENDALL Secretary REBECCA WERK Treasurer ROMA WILCCXON Program Chairman IEAN LOOMIS Chaplain Kappa Phi Membership in Beta chapter of Kappa Phi, national Methodist women's sorority, is open to all Methodist women attending SUI. The purpose of Kappa Phi is to train women for church leadership in their own communi- ties, As partial fulfillment of this training, the group this year helped at church dinners and in the church-hour nursery. In addition to the two regular meetings a month -which are usually followed by a social hour-Kappa Phi held Christmas and Valentines Day parties. The year's plans were laid with an eye to the National Council meeting in Iune at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Mrs. C. G, Sample sponsored the group. Page 308 Members of Wesley Foundation participated in fund raising campaigns this year with the intention of building a new student center within the next three years. Their social action committee collected clothing for Europe, and their extension department sent teams of student religious leaders to conduct services and youth meetings at churches throughout the state. Helping to make the Methodists' year a successful one were the "Go Wesley" party, the Thanksgiving Day dinner for those unable to get home, OFFICERS MARIORIE MILLER President DAVID MITCHELL LOLITA FRITZ RUTH QUINLAN FRED NORDSTROM Executive Council VIRGINIA COOPER informal Hreside discussions, the Christmas party at the Sfffefafy Center, and the presentation of three major religious BOB PLATENBERG dramas by the Wesley Players. Treasurer Sunday Supper An autumn hayride "Silent Night, I'Ioly Night" Geneva Dilts, Marjorie Miller, Violet Niven, Earl Fab- Don I-Iouts, Flo Christiansen give thanks ler, Ginny Cooper, I-Ial Swartz, Floyd Ereekson, Wesley Frohardt, Lolita Fritz Pdge 309 Roger Vldflzkzms Fell0w5f1QU OFFICERS GLENN FISHER President 1oHN TILGNER Vice-preside nt MARTHA HISCOCK Secretary FRANK RICE Treasurer Prof. R. S. Michaelson leads a discussion R. Ferber, C. Thurneau, V. Wingate, D. Homan, V. Every day was open house at the Roger Williams House. With A'Mamma and Daddy 'D' "A-Rev. and Mrs. Dierks fcounseling, the Baptist student group met in front of the fireplaces, in the rec room, or in the snackery for its program of fellowship. They collected shoes for European needy for the "All Gods Chillun Need Shoes" project, published Sparks, their newspaper, and held a Christmas Smorgasbord and Candlelight vespers. Whether they were celebrating a basketball victory or stuffing themselves with Thanksgiving turkey, that homelike air prevailed. Around the fire HDaddy and Nlommau Dierks carve turkey Dierks, C. Christensen, A. Lockwood, S. McConkie around the piano "Come and get it!" Thanksgiving dinner at Roger Williams House be Page 310 Sunday evening supper Westminster Choir, Prof. T. Muir, director F. Biere, V. Beach, M. Vande Steeg, G. Maclany, H. Westminster Fellowship executive committee: Reese Hoegh fix chow Messerli, Harris, Mrs. Covert, Schaller, Sutherland Rowe, Hills, Burney, Dr. Pollock Christmas semi-formal dinner Sunday afternoon vespers We5lmz'n5ler Fellowfhgv The Westminster Foundation, a national organization for Presbyterian students, has served generations of S.U.l. students. Chief amongits activities are the Westminster Fellowship and the Westminster choir. This student choir, under the direction of Prof. Thomas Muir, presents at least two special concerts a year in addition to singing at all regular worship services. The Fellowship's compre- hensive religious and social program is carried on seven days a week by a council of fifty students under the supervision of Dr, P. Hewison Pollock and Mrs. B. N. Covert. A student lounge in the church is open daily to anyone who cares to drop in for study or relaxation. A new student center will be built as soon as funds and materials are available. Page 311 OFFICERS DICK SUTHERLAND President B RU CE REESE Vice-President LYN HARRIS Secretary LLOYD MESSERLI Treasurer OFFICERS GEN E KRAUSE President LES IIPP Vice-President WALTER McMANN Secretary MARION KERCHEVAL Treasurer The Congregational Christian Student Fellowship this year furthered the merger efforts of the Congregational and Evangelical Reform churches. Throughout the year, the S.U,l. group sponsored inter-denominational lunch- eons, Sunday night suppers, and weekly prayer and Bible study meetings. Bryant Drake, secretary of the Division of Higher Education, was brought to the campus to speak during Religion-in-Life Week. Fellowship social life cen- tered on Friday afternoon coffee hours, hayrack rides, and holiday parties during the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons. New to the Group this year was Stu- dent Director Grace Hadley. Page 312 ocia Q 5 - I -: XL 1- S 1 C,-- 1' Q -.- 5 Q - 3 5 J' 5 -33- -.. ...- i"u:v ..- , - - 5 - .. - -i "5-Q ..- - ,, , .-cv -Q 5 X: ,,...- L 7 .2 x., ' 63 25" , 51:2 You gathered together to talk of love, which is a very popular extra-curricular activity around campus. It was that serio-comic type of love, a bantering good time. The dance floor was crowded, the music was gone, fella, gone. Knocked out. Then the fanfare sounded and yea! the queen did come forth in all her regal glory. Here's a question for you-Do you love a beauty just because she is beautiful, or is she a beauty because you love her? That smooth-cheek you're dancing with seems mighty fine, but maybe you are prejudiced. The clock didn't await your pleasure, Monsieur, so the party ended. Time left to run for a cup of coffee. You maximize your pleas-- ures by settling for half a cup. You met the dead- line, but yikes! the evening was too short. How about another date? Fine! x I la ,A N V, 4' T X E 1 0 F' JS x ' X XX' ' X xx' ,-E. 19- .v- xii K-'Ns fl I -EX 'WY I 1, 3-,--:of mx K U V V ' f I 'JU X ' 'x NNN W X Rx5 I gi xg' ff',P rp :- L XX X3 A N". 'X !:T'CW H X A 9 ? 1 4 I i I .J 1 --. g f ,li-'QEQ X' X f 2.1 X 'A K'7,, f ? 'M is E ' A A ff W, A,,' ' y i g' V Z fx I 'ix xxx,-,X Z 1 wx N is ! Zf,zf ffff w "?'ffl':' 1' mfzalffiff is Parlzks Front Row fleft to righfj: Burge, Knarr, Dustman, Munsell, Wilken, Vande Stceg, Pollitz, Dr. Harper Back Row: Lange, Williains, Eicher, Widlzick, Speck Central Parry Committee COMMITTEE MEMBERS BILL MLINSELL Chairman MARTHA DUSTMAN HERB WILLIAMS 1oHN SPECK PAUL LANGE MARY VANDE STEEG ART WIDLAK MARIAN POLLITZ DONNA WILKEN DOROTHEA KNARR FRANK EICHER In order to sponsor and promote all-university parties, the executive councils of the Union Board and Student Council select a group of students to serve for a period of one year on the Central Party Committee. Along with con- tract arrangements, the Committee handled such details as ticket sales, publicity, decora- tions ancl the rental of the Union which were only a few of the problems to be settled before a dance or any other party could take place. Thanks to the experience and efficiency of the committee, it was possible to bring uname- bandsn such as Tex Beneke, Ray McKinley, and Freddy Nagle to the Iowa campus along with concerts by such celebrities as Victor Borge and Alec Templeton. Page Sl 8 Page 319 Pow Wow "Pass That Peace-pipe, Bury That Hatchet . . New songs! New look! New parties!! Central Party Committee opened the dance season at Iowa U. on October 4, presenting Freddy Nagle and his band to over 1200 students at the Pow Wow dance. Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Russ, Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Smith, Mary Vande Steeg Tea-time and Donna Wilken pours . Homecomzhg Dam 6 HThe Hoosiers can keep their pigs, we'll take their pigskinsw . . . was just one of the many slogans heard during the weekend of Home- coming. With the dance on Friday evening and the football game on Saturday afternoon, the students and alumni of SUI were credited with two victories. The Homecoming dance was sponsored by the Union Board and held in the Iowa Union lounge on October 10. Music was by Ioe Sanders and his orchestra. A President and Mrs. Hancher, Wally 'Slow and sweet . . .' Butler, Dr. Harper, Mrs. Schlessel- man, Mrs. Butler pouring . . . Page 320 Lyman Euken, Marjorie Lowry, Dorothy Zvacek, Alvin Evans . . . Nadine Nieman and George Stevens . . . Harvest H0lzb'a The "Civilization" man, Ray McKinley, Hbongo-bongecln his way into the Iowa Union lounge to play for the students at the Harvest Holiday on November 7. McKinley was the first of a cornucopia of big name bands to come to campus this year. Central Party Committee chalked up another huge success and promised to reap even bigger and better events for the future. Nfl'-1 GP FST Lil CuOlICiEsy Q um , 4. X O 1 9 C C L. Cf: -f Page 321 Dad? Day Dance Iowa won a football victory over Minne- sota and the Central Party Committee won another social victory with the annual Dads Day dance on Friday, November 14, in the Iowa Union. Larry Barrett, SUI'S own favorite, provided the music for the 'APops" and offspring. Along with the regular swingtime numbers, Barrett re- viewed the songs of The Dove and the Duck, Panacea show of 1947. On, Iowa! Page 322 Good crowd, good party . . luck Thomson and Maury' Vande Stccq . . , Larry Barrett and his band . . . Page 323 Spinster? Spree Concluding the month of November in the party parade, the University Womens Associf ation presented the Spinster's Spree on Novem- ber 21, in the Union lounge. Claude Thornhill and his orchestra were imported for the dance. Clever corsages ranging from a coconut shell dressed to look like a face, to wreaths of Christ- mas holly adorned the chest of every male pres- ent at the girl-take-boy party. During inter! mission the Most Eligible Bachelor, Conrad Amend, was presented by Priscilla Garrett, chairman of the dance. , , I X 1 XA f f A-I Q", uf W x Nl x - v bf E LL. X xl X l f ll Priscilla Garrett con- qratulates Most Eligible Bachelor . . . Connie Amend, Most El- iqible Bachelor, and at- tendants . . . ,AB 0' Life of the Party! Liv X, . I I t' 1 'NY' W f , 4 W I f Q Woocfcholzvlzieri Ball TTZLDOWH Dance Qn December 5, it was Woody Herman and his orchestra playing slow and danceable music in the Union lounge for all who attended the VVOODCHGPPERS BALL. The dance was a Tri-Dorm affair sponsored by Hillcrest, the Quadrangle and the South-Quad housing units. The committee in charge was lames H. Doyle, South Quad, Rodger W. Hanson and Aaron Iones from Hillcrest. and Daniel F. Dillinger, Iohn D. Peterson and Paul R. Lange from Quadrangle. P A Page 325 Currzer SweeZl1ee1rlDezr1ee Madame Leap Year and Saint Valentine made a striking couple at the Currier Sweetheart Dance on February 14 in the Currier dining rooms. Larry Fryer and Gini Foster were voted King and Queen of Hearts, and Larry Barrett and his band provided the music. The Queens attendants were Victoria Abodeely, Donna Olsen, Allis Stevenson, and Sally Durst. The committee in charge of the arrangements for the dance was the social board of Currier Hall with Donna Yeck as chairman. Dorthea Knarr was in charge of decorations. Currier Sweetheart and Attendants . . . li! King and Queen of Hearts . . Dottie Knarr, Chuck Devens . Phyllis Kersey, Bill McKinley: Kathleen Behnke, Erwin Figgeg Don Beals, Ioyce Compton: Edward Berg, Eleanor Friborg , Don Till, Norma Schneider Bette Bane, Bud Youngstrom . . . Page 326 Inlejralemzl Dance Starting the new year out right, the fraternities on campus com- bined to present Eliot Lawrence and the SOPHOCLES SERENADE on Ianuary 9. Committee members in charge of the dance were: Wally Wentz, Bob Phinney, and Bill Mun- sell. Interfraternity Queen Marjorie Lowry was presented dur- ing intermission by Wally Wentz. Her attendants were Pat Fox, Coralie Grimms, Marlene Arons, and Mary Lou Ogden. Bud Youngstrom, Bette Bane Bamkleri Ball of Iowa held their The Law s annual Barrister's Ball on Friday, February 13, in the main lounge of the Union. The dance was semi-formal with Bill Meardon and his band providing the music. The entire law school faculty was present at the party and during the intermission a receiving line gave the students an opportunity to meet each faculty member. Chairman of the dance was Dave Wichman with Paul Parker, Iames Shelton, Bill Trease and Marvin Moody on the committee, tudents of the University Mr. and M rs. Bill Nelson . 322 f Mr. and Mrs. George Overby HZDVKTSZDI P om "Pardon Me, Boy-ls That The Chattanooga Choo- Choo-T' It certainly is! And it was none other than Tex Beneke himself directing the Glen Miller orchestra on February 20 in the Iowa Union. The Central Party Committee, with Bill Munsell in charge, sponsored the semi-formal University Prom . . . presenting the Hawkeye Queen and attend- ants! Queen Shirley Beers and attendants Mario O'Leary, Agnes Pierick, Norma Lou Haegg, Cam Smith . . . Bandleader Tex Beneke relaxes 'X ln Page 328 Kathy Rathe and escort sit The violinists get a workout this one out . . . Page 329 Mr. Beneke himself, from 48 photographs submitted, chose Hawkeye Queen Shirley Beers and her four lovely attendants, Norma Lou Haegg, Camilla Smith, Agnes Pierick and Marie 0'Leary. Ierry Feniger, WSUI announcer, emceed the presentation of the queens with none other than Murray Wier present- ing bouquets to the Hawkeye Beauties, Tex Benelfe and orchestra broad cast over a national hook-up . . . Marilyn Sylvius Norm Ullestad, Gladys Miskimins Kenny Lange . . . Larry Sjulin, Bill Sutter, LaVonne Mersch, Sally Wroy, Mzirtha Frey, Ralph Woodzird . . . A'And a good time was had by all . " King and Queen Lumir Proshek, Margaret McAllister . . . Rich man, poor man, beggar-man, thieffDOC- TORH!!! And Doctor it was at the Aesculapian Frolic, February 27, in the main lounge of the Union. The medics got together for their big night of the year and chose their queen of queens and her attendants at their annual dance. Margaret McAllister was named queen and her attendants were Mildred Benjegerdes PM v5Y,,.1 Don Michaelson, lean Rustin Berge Michaelson, Ierome MC Daniels . . , and Betty Schmidt. The queen drew numbers out of a hat and the grand gift of the door prizes was a portable radio, Larry Barrett and his band provided the music for the dance and the committee in charge of operations consisted of Richard Ap- fel, Lumir Proshek, Joseph Trotzig and Darl Vander Ploeg. Dr, R. T. Tedrick, Dr. Porter and Dr Rex Ingram . , . Page 331 Students in the school of nursing presented their annual semi- formal dance in the main lounge of the Iowa Union Saturday, December 13. The dance was carried out in the true yuletide spirit with Christmas trees and other holiday decorations fes- tooning the lounge, During the intermission a tea was held with Miss Grace McGurg and Mrs. Donald Houy acting as hostesses. Miss Lee Westervelt was in charge of the dance and music was by Larry Barrett and his band. 1- In the Iowa Union on March 5, the Town Men of Iowa City met for a "Hobo" rendezvous. Rex Parks of Iowa City was named "King" and Betty Miller of North English was "Queen" of the festive gathering which took place in the gaily decorated YMCA rooms. Costumes for the party ranged from gunny sack trousers to the "traditional red bandanan whil train schedules and various other signs of the open road pro- vided the necessary and proper background. e tin cans, -O- Bob I-Ioaq, Ienean Mon- roe, Ted Babcock, Nancv Elgin, Rex Parks . . . The Pharmacy "pill-rollers" gathered for their annual "Prize Prom" in the main lounge of the Iowa Union on March 5. "It's in the bag" was the slogan for the dance and more true words have yet to be heard. Each couple received a "sample bag" containing the various goods one sees in the drug stores of today and not one person left the party empty handed. During the course of the evening a series of prizes was given away, valued at several huna dred dollars, which ranged from make-up kits to a set of pharmacists graduated scales. The prizes were gifts of the various druggist supply companies throughout the United States who annually act as co-sponsors of the dance. Bill Meardon and his orchestra provided the music and Bill Siebert acted as master of ceremonies. Page 333 Whoopee! Hflcresl jump ln the Hillcrest dining rooms on Friday, Febru- ary 13, the men of Hillcrest dormitory enjoyed the music of Iimmy Russell at an informal dance. Despite the fact that Friday the 13th is a day of superstition and expectant tragedies the Hillcrest Iinx proved to be good fun for all. Aaron Iones and Roger Hanson were in charge of the arrangements. F r a n lc Hartle, Gene Thomson, Dick Feigert, Les Fields . . . ddyg Fisher l Y o l5ock2U5Wdt' Ere Wicks Od Ra Y mood Les Blawg., ick GUQU ' . D if E. ii Gene Thomson leads intermission singing . . . ri 5 Page 335 Yi, X , Sv Inleffralemzt Pledge Prom With a backdrop decorated with copies of all the various pledge pins, the PADDLE CLUB, interfraternity pledge dance, was held in the lounge of the Iowa Union on Friday, February 6. During the intermission it was announced that the pledges of all the fraternities chose Frances Whisler to be their Queen. Her attendants were Sally Watson and Doris Doyle. Music for the affair Was provided by Larry Barrett and his band. The committee in charge of arrangements included Bill Sindlinger, Kirk Chaney, lim Du Bois and Lloyd lackson. The Queens and their escorts . . . Mr. and Mrs. G. F.. Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. C. Woody Thompson . . . Carol Dresser, Seymour Oshman, Sue Robin, Zan Faigen . . . Sue Campbell and Dave Scholl welcome a strange guest . . . X. Mecca Ball Sure and it was a great day for the engineers when the Blarney Stone was found this year by sixteen students on March 15l Climaxing the Mecca week celebration, the engineers held their annual dance in the Union lounge on Saturday, March 20. Carolyn Cook reigned as queen and her attendants were May- helle Burrill, Iacque Steele, lean Shearer and Doris Andersen. Nat Towles and his band provided the music and the committee for the dance consisted of Edwin Sincox, Richard Kidd and Daniel Dillinger, with Howard Ward as chairman. Page Queen Carolyn Cook and attendants . . Vicki Abodeely and Bob Sedacek -.a Odncy Graf and Hans Lenschow . . Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Chaney arrive . . . St. Patrick himself brings in the queen . . . Page 337 The ATO Club Tau Alpha Kappa Kappa party Sigma Chi "Night in Bagdad' Deita Chi "Turn about" party The Pi Phi Christmas Formal Phi Delta Theta Western Party Sigma Phi Epsilon Hobo Party Sigma Delta Tau Halloween party Page 338 Q. fx. E A. B. x 1 I 5 1 s e a r 1 1 A 4 1 1 A s fa 5 Y ,Q . . 'fir- , f, M W t V 4, - ,HE Kayla, 1, - N Q1 D. M Beauzzki ,W uv ' w 2 w' -will as u f'?V','55?t?b T Wx'L'Y 21'i'5W" ' Vx, ww f Page SHIRLEY BEERS Hawkeye Queen MARIO OLEARY Hawkeye Attendant AGNES PIERICK Hawkeye Attendant CAMILLA SMITH Hawkeye Attendant NORMA LOU HAEGG Hawkeye Attendant SARAH RECORDS Friuol Freshman Beauty SHIRLEY THOMPSON Frivol Freshman Beauty 1-if TQNI BOES Frzvol Freshman Beauty as DARLENE DON CARLOS SALLY WATSON Frivol Freshman Beauty Friuol Freshman Beauty -on Page 345 SALLY SEARS, Dolphin Queen Attendants Cleft to rightj LIZ LANE DONNA IVERSON MARIORIE LOWRY ISABEL GLICK MARIORIE LOWRY Interfraternify Queen Attendants Qtop to bottomj MARY LOU OGDEN CCRALIE GRIMMS MARLENE ARONS PATRICIA FOX Page 347 ss ' 5 ga .,s 22 GINI FOSTER Currier Sweetheart Attendants Qleft to rightj ALLIS STEVENSON VICTORIA ABODEELY SALLY DURST DONNA OLSON Www 'X 3 si?" Ag!" a""""' MARGERY MCDONALD. Honorary Cadet Colonel N '35 ff 5 2 9.- in ,Q A 5 bi Y Honorary Lieutenant Cadet Colonels Qtop to bottomj IANET GUTZ IEAN DAWsoN BETTY DICKINSON Page 348 Page 349 FRANCIS WHISLER Interfraternity Pledge Queen Attendants Cleft to right, DORIS DOYLE SALLY WATSON MARGARET MCALLISTER Aesculapian Queen CAROLYN COCK Mecca Queen Page 350 612101 5 ? .F L Q '-g 5 ... .. -g -- -5 .. H ENE iif' L.- Wi -..- - -Q ,, Ss.. - -' L -, ,gi-S 5 0 Q- :... 5 ' 1- sf - .3- -- 1 S N s 5 -.. u- - , Q L. , ... - : UI, L w - 5 is-. Q.. + bv.- b L iv S ,., 1- it N--. - - -is- "' - - , it ... 1 .-Z. ' - - :. - g'- - S.:' 2 g ,s ... - N - - lust' i 1 L L Q -- L 5 2 2 - 5 1- , J'- . ii- sf.. I 5 , - H. ., , : w, ... - '- 3 S ' ,, 4. 11 L - 5 - x. -Q. You were walking along worrying about tomor- W's test when it hit you, kind of sudden like, that maybe it was the last one you'd ever take. You tried to smile and frown at the same time but your face got confused and didn't know which to do. Your feet forgot to walk so fast, too. You've just got to face life now-how many times have you heard those words before? You're big, you're grown up, you're mature now. You've known the taste of love. Life should be a snap. Why, just look! confidence fairly seeps out of your skin. If not to yourself, who is there to look up to? It's your oyster now. Bromidesl It's not true, something screams. As your indigna- tion rose your pace quickened unconsciously. There'll always be another test, you said right out loud. You grinned foolishly when you realized that you were talking to yourself, but you were satisfied and a little happier, lt's odd about that happiness. ,,,,,lL,Q,,Q,,,,,,-,Maxis , cikygb x- i,,,,,,,.-n-'-"" xx --.31-i"1' Lzlneral Arts and Commerce Law Dentzkhy Medzhzhf Nurszhg Engneerzhg Plzarrnacy Lzkral Am and Commerce E f f '42-J f ' ' , . xl 31 51 ,L i l 1 4 3 1 i 1 si A fa 3 4 3 3 5 3 3 1 1 1 I 1 1 4 4 IT 'bv . .5 Y S A at A F L . It ,I ROBERT W. ABEL .... Sheldon CLEDA I. ACHOR . . Anderson, Ind. RICHARD M. ACKLEY . . Ottumwa PHILIP L, ADABIEK Milwaukee, Wis, COLLEEN ADAMS . . DONALD G. ADAMS . IAMES R. ADAMS . JACK A. ADAMS . . OLYVE N. ADAMS . . NEIL C. ADAMSON, IR. DONALD D. ALBERS . BETTY L. ALBERT . . ALLEN D. ALBRECHT . IOHN G. ALBRECHT . DOLORES M. ALBRIGHT IANET S. ALLBEE . MORRIS L. ALLEN . Shenandoah , Waterloo Iowa City Iowa City Iowa City Des Moines . Walnut . Tipton Iowa City Iowa City Ft. Dodge Iowa City . . Leon VIVIAN L. ALLEN. . . . Dubuque HAROLD E. ALLGIRE Pemberville, O, WAYNE R. AMES . . Charles City ARTHLIR F, ANDERSON . . Brayton BETTY M. ANDERSON . Des Moines CARLTON I. ANDERSON . Marathon CAROLYN I, ANDERSON . . Mallard CHARLES R. S. ANDERSON , Danbury LORRAINE M. ANDERSON . . Ogden M. IEAN ANDERSON . PATIENCE I. ANDERSON PAUL G. ANDERSON . EDGAR H. ANDRESEN . PRISCILLA I. ANDERSON RICHARD E. ANDERSEN ROBERT P. ANDERSON VIRGINIA M. ANDERSON DOROTHY A. ANDREWS Iowa City . Bellevue Des Moines . Clinton Maquoketa Cedar Falls Centerville . Harcourt Burlington Page 356 WILLIAM A. ANSLEY . . Chariton PAUL R. ARMS .... Iowa City IOANN Y. ARNOLD . . Manchester CARL O. ARP .... Iowa City LOUIs L. ASARCII . . Des Moines MARCIA I. ASHLAND . . Clear Lake GLEN H. AsMUs ..... Rake GLENN D. ATKINSON . Marshalltown IO CAROL AYRES . . Norfolk, Neb. NORTON E. BACHMAN . Iowa City JAMES S. BAKER . Montclair, N. I. MERRILL T. BAKER . . Iowa City DON L. BALENSIEFER , . Waterloo RICHARD C, BALHORN . . Keystone OPAL A. BANE . . . Farnhamville M. M. BANNON Webster Groves, MO, MARY B. BARICKMAN . Streator, Ill, DARLENE M. BARKER . . Iowa City ANNA M. FELL BARLOW Iowa City ROGER V. BARNT, IR. . Donnellson MARY LOU BARRETT . . Centerville LLOYD E. BARTHOLOMEVV . Clemons DONALD E. BARTON . . . Newton HAROLD A. BAUER Syracuse, N. Y, MARYBELLE BAUER . . . Iowa City RUDY I. BAUER . . . Harlan VIRGINIA L. BEACH . . Oskaloosa FREDRICK I. BECKER . . . Atlantic LILA I. BECKIVIAN . . Iowa City MARY C. BELLER . . . Des Moines DOROTHY H. BENNETT Council Bluffs IACQUELINE S. BENSON . Iowa City ROBERT E. BENSON . . . Waterloo ROBERT I. BENSON .... Boone ROBERT BENZ . Iefferson City, Mo, Page 357 'var THOMAS I. BERDO . IOHN D. BERG . . RICHARD M. BERG . WALTER L. BERG . . IOHN R. BERGMAN . EARL K, BERKEY . . RuTH M. BERMAN . . SHIRLEY M. BERNSTEIN THOMAS R. BERRY . WALKER L. BERTHALE BURTON C. BICKFORD Washington LaPorte, Ind. Storm Lake . Davenport . Lamoni Somerset, Pa. . Peoria, lll. Council Bluffs . . Churdan . Des Moines . . Corning NED H. BILLICK . . . Iowa City LOIS A. BLACK . MAMIE I. BLACK . MERLE E. BLAIR . ELIZABETH BLAlSE . , . . Preston . . Logan Cedar Falls Cedar Rapids A. R. BLANKENBLIRG . Quasqueton TOM H. BLOCK . . . . Davenport GERALD E. BLOOMQUIST Des Moines JOYCE B. BLuM .... Hampton IVA B. BODA . . . . Madrid DONALD A. BOEGE. . . Bettendorf FRANK A. BOHAC . . Cedar. Rapids BETTY I. BOGLIE . . . State Center ROBERT S. BOLAND. . . Waterloo V. L. BOMKE Western Spnngs, Ill. PATRICIA A. BONAR . Oak Park, Ill. DOROTHY I. BONE . ARTHUR I. BOOSE . . LOY M. BOOTON . . . M. A. BORNHOLDT . ALYCE F. BOYCE . . . RICHARD P. BOYLAN VIRGINIA A. BOYLE . FRANCIS I. BRADLEY . Canton, Mo. . Cedar Falls Des Moines Arnolds Park Mason City . . Knoxville Cedar Rapids . . Bancroft Page 358 BEVERLY I. BRANDAU . Mason City THOMAS H. BRANDT . CLIFFORD O. BRANSTAD ROBERT M, BRASHARES DOROTHY A. BREGMAN COLLEEN E. BROBEIL . ROBERT E. BRODERSEN HUBERT B. BROM . . ARTHUR E. BROOKS . . . Ie fferson . Thompson Des Moines . Dubuque , Lytton . . Harlan . Oskaloosa Dubuque LESTER I. BROOKS, IR. . Des Moines RICHARD C. BROOKS . Rockford, Ill. ROBERT C. BROOKS . Cedar Rapids ROBERT F, BROSE . . BENJAMIN W. BROWN RALPH S. BROWN . S. I. BROWNLEE . . . BARBARA I. BRUNELLE STEPHEN G. BRYAN . WALTER R. BRYZEK . AGNES BUCKER . . . DELORES BLIDISELICH . . . Garner Shenandoah . Dubuque Emmetsburg Ft. Madison . . Wever Chicago, Ill. . Iowa City Des Moines MARY A. BUDWEG . Fredericksburg WILLIAM P. BUHS Peekskill, N. Y. IOHN L. BULLINGER . WILLIAM C. BUMP . IOHN I. BURGESS . . KATHLEEN H. BURKE MURIEL M. BURNELL . VINCENT C. BURNS . CLAUDE W. BURRILL PORTER B. BURRETS . CAROL F. BURTIS . . DEAN L. BUSCHING . ELIZABETH I. BUSH . . IANET C. BUTLER . Page 359 Cedar Rapids . . Monroe . . Cresco Marshalltown Cedar Rapids . Sioux City Akron Mason City Elmhurst, Ill. . Clarksville Ft. Madison . Iowa City ww. U wr .qv-Q. K.- 'Hy Qu... an LAWRENCE B. BUTLER . . Waterloo DAVID I. B. BYERS . . . Clinton IOIIN ROBERT BYERS . . . Clinton BARBARA I. BYGRAVE . Lansing, Mich. BURNS M. BYRAM . . PAUL EDWARD BYRNE THOMAS W. BYRNES . CHARLES S. CAMPBELL PATRICIA A. CAMPBELL . ROBERT V. CANIPBELL HAROLD V. CAUDLE . ROBERT F. CANNADY . CAROL A. CANNON . WILBUR DAVID CANNON EDWARD K. CAPEN . . . Toledo Maquoketa Davenport Iowa City Iowa City Oskaloosa Blairsburg . Oclwein Iowa City . Iowa City Iowa City KEITH BERNARD CARD Ncw Hampton CONSTANCE CARLSON . Des Moines DORIS MAE CARLSON . . Iowa City EDNIIIND H. CARROLL, IR. Davenport HOWARD R. CAR'TIiR , . Iowa City IABIES G. CARTER . Chappell, Nab. THOS. B. CARTVVRIGHT MARX' IEAN CASEY . . IOSEPII W. CASSIDY . MART T. CASTLE . Iowa City Mason City , VVaUkoII Sioux City SHIRLEY I. CAVE . . Baltimore, Md. STANLEY VV. CEBUHAR. . . Albia SEENA L.CEciLARELI.I . . Madrid RICHARD W. CIIADIIVIA Cedar Rapids ARLENE K. CHAMPION . Iowa City IVAN W. CHAMPION . . Iowa City EDWARD I. CHERNISS . Council Bluffs LYONEL L. CHEW . . MANUEL PAUL CHINITZ MARCIA CHINITZ . . . Ottumwa , Atlantic . Atlantic Page 360 RICHARD CHRISTIANSEN WILMER G. CIMPRICH KENNETH M. CLANCY ANNA M. CLARK . . CAROL E. CLARK . . CRAIG GLDS CLARK . JAMES G. CLARK . . ROMANE LEWIS CLARK DOROTHY CLASEN . . GEORGE C. CLALISEN . Marshalltown Cedar Rapids Council Bluffs Hamilton, Mo. Wheaton, Ill. . . Waterloo . . Waverly . Waterloo . LeMars . Clinton JOHN ALIGLIST CLALISEN . . Curlew BONNIE L. CLAUSING . . Ottumwa REIIBEN J. CLAUSSEN N. Platte, Neb, JOSEPH LOVELL CLYDE . Manchester STANLEY S. COBB . , . Allerton JAMES JOHN COCKERILL . Muscatine WILLIAM D. CODER, JR. . Iowa City DARRELL D. COFFEY . Garden Grove HERMAN COHEN . Rock Island, Ill. JOAN B. COLLENDER . JOHN J. COLER . . RICHARD B. COLLINS ROBERT C. COLLINS RUTH G. COLLISTER . JOYCE M. COMPTON . . Iowa City . . Lohrville . . Ottumwa . . . Dysart Cedar Rapids Omaha, Neb. CATHERINE C. CONWELL Grand River WILLIAM JAMES CONRY . Waterloo MARSHALL W. COOK . Chicago, Ill. RONALD JAMES COOK . . Sanborn ELIZABETH A. COOPER . Iowa City VIRGINIA E. COOPER . . . Boone RICHARD T. CORCORAN Rock Rapids BENJAMIN A. COREY . . Sioux City HELEN E. CORYELL Birmingham, Mich. JEREMIAH R. COUGHLON . Ft. Dodge PHYLLIS J. COIINSELL . . Williams Page 361 , 35 MALCOM L. COY . . Cedar Rapids IOHN I. BURGESS ..... Cresco IAMES S. CRAIGER, IR. . Des Moines ADRIAN CRAWFORD . Floydada, Fla. MARY ANN CROKER . . . Ackley CLETLIS C, CROWLEY. . . Bernard IAIVIES W. CUDDINGTON . Iowa City ROSEMARY I. CURRENT . Peoria, Ill. EDWARD M. CuRRIE . . . Schaller KATHLEEN I. CUSACK Cedar Rapids BEVERLY CORINNE WILLIAM RUTH E. DARRELL I. DAHL . . G. DALSGAARD F. DANEORTH DANIELSON . I. DARR . RALPH C. DARROW . DOROTHEA DAVIDSON K BENJAMIN B. DAVIS . DIXIE IEAN DAVIS . . DORIS I. DAVIS . . . DONALD JOHN T. DONALD L. DAVIS . . DAVIS . . . G. DAVISON . ROBERT C. DAVISON . MARILYN F. DAVITT . . JEAN R. DAWSON . . . SHIRLEY A. DAY . VVILLIAM M. DAY . . ELSIE DEBONIS . . ROBERT F. DEE . . . Fairfield . . Spencer . . Osage . . Fairfield , Polk City Savanna, lll. irkwood, MO. Cedar Rapids Des Moines Cedar Rapids . Blakesburg Cedar Rapids . Davenport . Centerville Des Moines Des Moines . Walcott . Ft. Dodge Des Moines . lowa City ALLISON I. DEGOOYER . . Sanborn ALICE LEE DEHN . . . Burlington JOHN L. DELANEY .... Clinton STERLING W. DELZELL Cedar Rapids YVONNE Q. DEIVIPSEY Bristol, S. D. Page 362 RAYMOND G. DENHARTOG . Leighton IOHN A. DENMEAD . . Ft. Madison GEORGIA I. DENTEL .... Ackley OLGA I. DE GBALDIA ELIZABETH DICKINSON Panania, Pan. . . Newton NOREEN E. DICKINSON . . . Letts V. A. DICKISON Webster Groves, MO. ROBERT H. DIEIIL . DONALD S. DILL . ALFONSO DIMARCO . . DONALD D. DIRKS . HOWARD R. DIXON Storm Lake Mt. Vernon Mason City . Reinbeck Iowa City MINNETTE F. DODERER . Iowa City MERLIN G. DODGE . . Mason City ROBERT L. DOM . . Park Ridge, Ill. WM. P. DOMMERMLITH Chicago, Ill. A. NORMAN DOROSIN . Marshalltown IOHN I. DORSEY . . JOHN P. DORWEILER . ANNE K. DOUGLASS . MARILYN L. DOWNEY BETTY G. DREES . . PAUL W. DRINKWATER KEITH A. DRALLE . . IACK T. DROZ . . . FRANK A. DRUYOR . DORIS D. DULING . . JAMES B. DuMBAuLD . Rockwell . Guttenberg Maxwell Boone . . Carroll Havre, Mont. . . Greene Cedar Rapids . Cherokee . Sioux City Marshalltown IEWETT DLINI-IAM . . . . Dexter NANCY DUNLAP Cuyahoya Falls, OI CECIL W. DUNN . . . Des Moines ROBERT C. DLINSMOOR . Ft. Dodge WILLIAM C. DUSTER . Cedar Rapids NED P. DYE .... . Oskaloosa ROSEMERRY EASTLACK Omaha, Neb. Page 363 11:13, 'tx CHARLOTTE EASTMAN . Des Moines HAROLD L. EASTMAN . . Kalona ROBERT A. EASTON . . Fairfield HARRIETT EBELING . Davenport MARILYN P. EBELING . Davenport KENNETH E. EBLE . . Iowa City LYLE E. EBNER , . . Davenport CAROL E. ECKERMAN . . Spencer GERALD W. ECKHARDT State Center MARY L. ECROYD . . . Norway D. I. EDMONDSON Columbus Iunction IOHN B. ELGIN .... Centerville EDWARD ELLIS, IR. Rochester, N. Y. BARBARA M. ELLISON Webster Groves, MO. ANNETTE D. ELLSWORTH Iowa City SHIRLEY F. ELMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. HAROLD E. ELTING . . . Nevada BARBARA I. EMBREE Philadelphia, Pa. ROBERT E. ENFIELD Glendale, Calif. DORIS I. ENOELBY . ELMER E. ENGLAND . DONALD L. ENGOIIIST WALLACE A. ERDAHL LEO G. ERICKSON . IAMES G. ERVIN . NAN O, ESSEX . . IOHN H. EVANS, IR. PETER W. EVERETT VIRGINIA H. EVERETT HELEN G. EVERETT PHYLLIS A. EWING . BETTY R. FAIRBANK FRANCES E. FALCK . ALTA M. FARNHAM HARRY B. FAWCETT . Stratford Des Moines . Harcourt . Forest City . Muscatine . Rockford . Iowa City Marshalltown Croydon, Pa. Whiting, Ind. . Conesville Des Moines . Iowa City . Decorah . Iowa City . Burlington Page 364 JAMES I. FEENEY . . . Mason City ELLEN R. FEHR .... Oakland JEROME R. FENIGER, IR. . Davenport ELENORE C. FERGUSON Marshalltown IEANNETTE C, FERGUSON . Ottumwa S. D. FERRELL Benton Harbor, Mich. KENNETH K. FILLENWORTH Sanborn MAXININE FINERTY . . . Iowa City MILDRED M. FISCHER . . Wellsburg EVALINE A. FISHER . . Iowa City GLENN W. FISHER . Hannibal, Mo. IOHN E. FITZPATRICK . . Iowa City GEORGE E. FLAGG ..... Ames MICHAEL I. FLACH Prague, Czechoslovakia THOMAS FLAHERTY, IR. . . LeMars MERLE W. FLEMING . . Iowa City GORDON A. FLYNN . . Iowa City EDWARD H. FORD . . . Iowa City THOMAS E. FORD . . Moberly. Mo. KATHERINE FORESTER Du Quoin, Ill. GENEVA E. FOSTER . . Atalissa THEODORE E. FOSTER . . Waterloo MAuRICE E. FOWLER . . Blairsburg THOS. W. FOWLER Bloomfield, N. I. DON R. FRANK .... Waterloo EDGAR A. FRANZ . . . Alton, Ill. YVONNE FRANZKE . Brookings, S. D. HARRY E. FREEMAN . . Clear Lake MABEL M. FREDERICKS . . Ogden DORIS K. FRENCH . . Putnam, Ill. IEAN E. FRENCH . . . Titouka LOIS M. FRITZ . . . Mason City HOWARD L. FRIICHT Hempstead, N. Y. KARL FUERSTE .... Dubuque SAMUEL C. FIILKERSON Cedar Rapids Page 355 1252 - :ml 1 ,pQ?, L .pv- 'UN ROBERT C. FULLER . . Muscatine WILLIAM S. FURR. . . Oskaloosa E. S. GABBARD . New Orleans, La. STEVE GABOR . . . Whiting, Ind. SHIRLENE M. GAINEs . . Fairfield V. H. GARDNER, IR. Fairmont, Minn. ROBT. GASRAROTTO Missouri Valley MARVIN A. GAUDIAN. . . Paullina ANNA M. GAY .... Iowa City MADELINE GAY Missouri City, Tex. N. D. GENTZLER Columbus Iunction AUBREY D. GEORGE BOYD W. GEORGE . GEORGE A. GEORGES YALE A. GEROL New SARAH I. GIBSON . MARY E, GILLEN . CALVIN E. GILLESPIE EIVIIL I-I. GINSBERG Sioux Rapids . Burlington . Marshalltown Rochelle, N. Y. . Marshalltown Chicago, Ill. Topeka, Kan. . Cedar Rapids ELAINE GLASSER . Brooklyn, N. Y. MARIAN K. GOETZ . Harvey, N. D. DOLORES V. GONZALEZ KENNETH C. GOODMAN EILEEN GOPLERUD STERLING C. GOPLERIID DONALD L. GORANSON NEIL GORCHOW . . Sioux City Williamsburg Forest City . . Osage . Clear Lake . Sioux City SAMUEL GOTTESEELD Brooklyn, N. Y. CLYDE W. GOuRLEY IIIVIIVIIE R. GRAFTON ARLENE I. GRAIIAM DORIS L. GREEN . FRANK L. GREEN NANCY E. GREEN . ROBERT E. GREEN . Cedar Rapids Moline, Ill. Omaha, Neb. Des Moines Des Moines Cedar Rapids . Lone Tree Page 366 BERNADINE GREENBERG . Waterloo MAYNARD GREENBERG Cedar Rapids GEORGE D. GREER, IR. Cedar Rapids JAMES R. GREER . . . Sioux City BERNARD C. GRIFFIN . . Red Oak TPIERESA D. GRIMES Yonkers, N. Y. CORALIE GRIMM .,.. Wyoming M. IEANETTE GRIMMER . . Winfield AUGUST I. GROSLAND . Northwood RICHARD L. GROSS . . Iowa City ROBERT E. GROSS . . . Iowa City MILDRED E. GROSSMAN Marshalltown WILLARD D. GROTH . . Iowa City MARION A. GRAVELIE . Mason City JOHN GRUNBERG . New York, N. Y. CI-IAS. GUGGENHEIM , Cincinnati, O. ROBERT M. GUION Ft. Wayne, Ind. DALE R. GIISTAESON . West Liberty JOHN P. GUSTAFSON . Des Moines RAYMOND E. GLITH . . Davenport SIDNEY C. GIITHRIE . Pittsburgh, Pa. JANET M. Gurz .... Hampton CARMEN W. HABERMAN Des Moines DORIS C. HAESEMEYER Cedar Rapids FREDERICK HAESEMEYER Rockford, Ill. GLENN H. HALE . . . Chicago, Ill, HAROLD C. HALLBERG . . Oelwein IRIS A. HALVERSON . Webster City RUTH N. HAMMER . . Sioux City PATRICIA K. HAMMOND Cedar Rapids KENNETH C. HANNA . New Sharon GEORGE A. HANRAHAN . Ft. Dodge SHIRLEY V. HANS . . . Brooklyn CHRISTIAN C. HANSEN . . Osco, Ill. HARVEY I. HANSEN . Chicago, Ill. Page 367 IANE HANSON . . KATHLEEN HANSON . ZOE T. HARDY .... ROSE MARY HARMEIER HOWARD W. HARMS . DONALD G. HARRER . MARY M. HARRINGTON PAUL LLOYD HARRIS . HELEN M, HART . ROBERTA HARTER . EDWARD I. HARTMAN ELMER I. HARVEY . . . SHIRLEY M. HARVEY . PHILLIP E. HASSMAN JAMES A. HAUGEN . DORIS M. HAVERCAMP ALAN R. HAWLEY . PAUL D. HAYWARD . MARY E. HEALEY . DONALD R. HEBBEL . MELVIN D. HECK1' . NED A. HEDRICK . . SAMUEL I. HEEGER . H. IEAN HEINY . . JAMES B. HEITZMAN BRUCE HELZEN. . . . Spirit Lake Cedar Rapids Muscatine . Iowa City Oelwein . Iowa City . Iowa City . . Clarinda . Spencer . Centerville Guthrie Center Iowa City Cedar Rapids . . . Albia . Rake . Muscatine . . Richland Independence . . . Letts . Davenport Grundy Center . Iowa City . Sioux City . Northwood . Ft. Madison . Iowa City GUS S. HEMPSTEAD Spokane, Wash. BARBARA I. HENDERSON . Sioux City HOWARD D. HENDERSON . Waterloo CORRINE HENDRICKSON Cedar Rapids JANET HENNINGER River Forest, Ill. REYNOLD K. HENRICHSON . Inwood DICK C. HENRY . . . . Red Oak ELAINE MARIE HESS . . Greenfield HOWARD HESSICK . New Athens, Ill. Page 368 DONALD F. HETZLER . Fargo, N. D, ARTHUR H. HEUSINKVELD Iowa City JOYCE Q. HEWETT CARL M. HIGDON, IR. ROBERT E. HIGGIN GILBERT D. HILL . RICHARD L. HILLS . KEITH A. HINES . PAUL A. HINES . . HARVEY W. HINDT . RICHARD D. HIRSCH DONNA M. HISERODT JOE E. HIXENEALICH BUELL E. HOAGLAND HARRIET R. HOEGH LYLE H. HOFFMANN HELEN A. HUFFMAN ALICE I. HOFMANN CARROLL E. HOGAN . . Waukon . . Ottumwa Marshalltown . Newell . Iowa City Cedar Rapids . . Clinton Rock Rapids . Sioux City . Des Moines . Centerville Iowa City . Atlantic . . Manning Winterset Iowa City Iowa City JOHN H. HOGELAND, II Marshalltown WILMER M. HOKANSON SAM A. HOLCOMB . GEORGE C. HOLDREN WILLIAM T. HOLLEN HENRY A. HOLLIS . . LAVONNE F. HOLM . Des Moines . . . Osage . Marathon . Winterset . Perry . . Clinton CAROL S. HOLZMAN Milwaukee, Wis. DELMAR C. HOMAN . . . Corning WILLIAM R. HOMMEL . . Elkader DAVID A. HOOVER . LEROY D. HORSMAN LAVONN E. HORTON VERLE E. HORTON . RUSSELL HOUNSHELL IAMES W. HUDSON . Page 369 . Centerville . . Newton . Iowa City . Pocahontas Council Bluffs . Pocahontas Agp QPR JU! -,I 1. .. "SEE-A ww K K.. WW Wm L XML . 'M F 'S R. ,L , X. . I' S . if ' I 3 THEOLA C. HUDSON . PAUL L. HUEGERICH . ROBERT D. HUFFMAN R. BRUCE HUGHES . GAIL L. HUIBREGTSE . LAVONNE M. HUISENGA MARY L. HUISKAMP . PATRICIA M. HULL . . . . Mt. Ayr . . Holstein North English . Sioux City . Monticello . Wall Lake . Keokuk , Humboldt E. A. HUMPHREYS Marshfield, Wis. MARTHA L. HUMPHRY . West Union EDWIN R. HUNTER . . Des Moines JOANNA LOU HURST . . . Leon JAMES F. HUTCHEON . . . Jefferson MYRA M. HYMANS ..... Hull RICHARD C. ILGENFRITZ . Winterset ELLEN G. IRISH . . Forest City EVERETT A. IRISH . . . Shellsburg MARGARET A. IRISH . IRL A. IRWIN .... MARVIN A. IVERSON . MARY I. IVERSON . JORDAN R. JACKS . , FLORENCE J, JACKSON JERRY J. JACKSON . . MARY C. JACKSON . . BILLIE J. JACOBSEN . . JEAN ANN JACOBSON . KEITH A. JACOBSON . JOHN P. JAECER . JUDITH JAEN . DOROTHY E. JAHNS Bu HELEN E. JAKUSZ . . ROBERT D. JAMES . JANIS I. JAMISON . . IRENE L. JASPERS . St Portland, Ore, Des Moines . Dolliyer . Iowa City . Peoria, Ill. . Estherville . Waverly . Glenwood . Iowa City . . . Tama . Clear Lake . Burlington . Panama rlington, Wis. Elkhart, Ind. . Hamburg . Braddyville eainboat Rock Page 37D ALVIN W, JASPERS . Steamboat Rock WENDELL E. JEFFREY . . MARILYN J. JENS . . THOMAS A. JERRELL . VIRGINIA E. JESSEN . MARIAN J. JOHANSEN . BETTE R. JOHNSON . DORIS A. JOHNSON . ELIZABETH JOHNSON R FRANCES M. JOHNSON RICHARD W. JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON . . ROBERT JOHNSON Eas WARREN A. JOHNSON WILLIAM P. JOHNSON ELAYNE F. JOHNSTON ROY E. JOHNSTON . . BARBARA L. JONES Col CHARLES R. JONES . . GERALDINE JONES . LAMAR E. JONES . . MARVIN P. JONES . . EINER M. JUEL . . PAUL E. JUNGMANN , HERBERT L. KADDEN . JOANNE J. KADLEC . . DONALD J. KOFRON . MILDRED G. KALISH Ne JAMES J. KIANE , . , MILTON L. KAPP . . ORLO L. KARSTEN . . JOHN KASHLAK . . RORERT S. KATHERMAN JOHN P. KEDY . . . CORWIN C. KEENAN . DEAN E. KEJL . . . Page 371 . Grimes Appleton, Wis, Nora Springs . . Exira . . . Rolfe Duluth, Minn. . . Ottulnwa ochester, N. Y. . Ft. Madison . Burlington Cedar Rapids t Tawas, Mich. . Iowa City . . Maxwell . Ft. Dodge . . Remsen umbus Junction Cedar Rapids Des Moines . . Dubuque Cedar Rapids Council Bluffs . Booneville . . . Ames Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids w York, N. Y. . Davenport . Dubuque . , Newton Duquesne, Pa. . Sioux City . Iowa City Shenandoah . Marengo KEI'fIi B. KELLER RICIIARD B. KELLO IOHN P. KELLY . IACK L. . EDWARD XV. KEIXIP IOIIN C. KEINNADY IACK W. KENNEDY R. A. KENNFLLY C . . Cedar Rapids GG Missouri Valley . . . Sigourney . . Atlantic . . Waterloo . . . Dows . . . Iowa City rystal Springs, N.D. DQNALD R. KEPHART . . Ottumwa WARD L, KERN . IAMES R, KESSLER . . . . . . Iowa City Iowa City ROSALIE I. KETQHIIM Freeport, Tex. MAIIREEN I. KIDD . Rock Island, Ill. A4lNI'lS M, KIERNAN New York, N, Y. IAMES E. KING . . . Mt. Vernon VVIIIIAINI B. KINGKAIJH . . . Ames CIIARLES A, KINTZINGER . Dubuque ERNENT KIRNIs . Bli'l"I'Y I. KIIeciIIER . IVIARY I, KIRK . . VVIINhington, D. C. . . Iowa City . Des Moines EI,li.'XNOR F. KlS' . Council Bluffs BENIAINIIN N, KITSIS . Mason City I.-xtxIIis E. KIHIXHN , . . Stanwoocl Izs'I'IIIiR I. KLEIN . CLAIIIIE B. KLIINIO FRANQIS VV. KLLIE . Council Bluffs . . Mt. Vernon DNIZR . Iowa City DoRoTIIEA C, KNARR , VVost Union MAN R. KNIXllliR , IR. Guthric Center ROIITERT L. KNETZGER Colgate, Wis. IPAIII. VV. KNOWLES . . QELORIA I. KOQH . ELEANDR M. KOLA M. ANN KooNs . PADI. G. KORT . IOIIN D. KRAIISE . Iowa City . . Sioux City R . Cedar Rapids . . Bloomfield . Dubuque . . VVaverly Page 372 FRANKLIN H. KREAMER . . Exira MARTHA I. KREIDLER . Des Moines D. M. KRUCHKO . Ortonville, Mich. ARNOLD KRLIECER . FERNE I. KRLIPP . ARLENE I. KRusEMAN Louis H. KUEPPER . ROBERT R. KuRTz . Scranton Alton, Ill. Dubuque Burlington Ft. Dodge ANN P. KUSHNER . . Cedar Rapids A. YVONNE LACEL .... Tiffin ANDREW I. LAGOMARCINO . Keokuk VIRGINIA V. LAMPE . . Iowa City ROBERT R. LANE. , . Washington KENNETH W. LANGE . . Paullina DONNA M. LANSING . . Iowa City IACQUELINE A. LAPORTE Des Moines MARY L. LARSEN . Council Bluffs IANICE E. LARSON . . Davenport JOHN F. LAsI-IORNE . . . Dubuque H. E. LAUDERBAUGH Ogallaia, Neb. CLAIRE LALIGHLIN . Rock Island, Ill. WALTER R. LATIMER Harnden, Conn. MILDRED LAWRENCE Honolulu, T. H. O. O. LAWRENCE Okla. City, Okla. RICHARD LAWRENCE . . Iowa City ROBERT LAWSON . . Brooklyn DONALD P. LAY .... Iowa City BETTY I. LEBIE . . . Cedar Rapids ARTHUR H. LECKBAND . Sioux City E, I. LECLAIRE , . Billings, Mont. JANE M. LEEMING . . Elmhurst, Ill. JANET R. LEICH . . Des Moines M, G. LEISEROWITZ . . Des Moines DELMAR I, LENGELING . , Carroll SELMER L. LENNARSON . . Gowrie Page 373 RRR -mr ELAINE E. LENNEY JOHN BAPTIST LEO JOE SAM LEO . . MARY RYAN LEWIS , ROBERT F. LICHTY . IOHN G. LIDVALL . JOSEPH LIEBERMAN . Cleveland, O. . . Oelwein . . Oelwein Mason City . Waterloo Pilot Mound . Iowa City NICHOLAS E. LILLIOS . Sioux City SOPHIA R. LINDAHL . Omaha, Neb. SHIRLEY M. LINDSAY . . Bonaparte DOLORES A. LINK . . . Waukon BURTON M. LIPSHUTZ . Sioux City MARTHA D. LITTLEJOHN Washington MALCOLM D. LIVENGOOD . Newton ROBERT LOCHRIE .. .... Osceola ALTHEA O. LOCKWOOD Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii PAUL D. LOEPP . FRANK A. LOGAN . GEORGE E. LONG . LESLIE I. LONG . . JEAN H. Looms . . Cedar Rapids Sarasota, Fla. . . Tipton Eagle Grove Warsaw, Ill. MERRITT C. LUDWIG . , Iowa City IACOUELYN I. LUTHER Memphis, Mo. ELLEN A. LYGA . La Crosse, Wis. DORIS I. LYON . JOAN F. LYON . . . CHARLOTTE E, LYTLE PRISCILLA A. MABIE JOHN H, MABRY . JOHN R. MCDONALD ROMETO C. MACIAS LAVONNE M. MACK GERARD F. MACKIN . . . Nevada Des Moines . . Dubuque . Iowa City . . Albia . Iowa City . Davenport . Oelwein . . Anthony VIRGINIA A. MACOMBER. . . Olin ARCH I. MADDEN, IR. . Des Moines Page 374 WILLIAM P. MADIGAN . . Iowa City STEPHEN L. MALCOLM . Belle Plaine CHARLES MALEY Highland Park, Ill. HELEN E. MALEY . . Des Moines PATRICIA I, MALLOY . Marshalltown JACK MANGELSDORE Rock Island, Ill. RENA C. MARCELLO . . Chicago, Ill. MARY E. MARKEY . . WALDO I. MAROLE . Cedar Rapids , Davenport MARGARET I. MARSHALL . Iowa City MILDRED D. MARSHALL . Hawarden IOHN W. MARTIN . . Mason City PHYLLIS MARTIN . . What Cheer RuTII E. MASON . . . Iowa City ALBERT K. MATHRE Cambridge, Ill. CHARLES R. MATHER . . Laurens IOHN I. MATHER . . . Iowa City ROBERT C. MATSCH . . Burlington DAVID L. MAYER . . . Clinton MILLARD L. MAYHALL Omaha, Neb, IOYCE E. MCALOON . . . Sumner PAUL E. MCCARTHY Des Moines RUTH E. MCCHESNEY . Waterloo RICHARD MCCHESNEY Moline, Ill. BILLIE K. MCCLIIRE . Greenfield WILLIAM MCCLIIRE . . Iowa City DOROTHY MCCORKINDALE Storm Lake ROBERT S. MCCOY . . Des Moines THOS. G. MCCRACKEN New Hampton GEO, W. MCCULLOUGH Wilm, Calif. JUNE L. MCDANIEL . . . Ottumwa MARGERY MCDONALD Lakewood, O. ROY S. MCDONALD . . Des Moines WILLIAM T. MCDONALD Chicago, Ill. IOS. P. MCDONOUGH Madison, Tenn. Page 375 QW" e"2fQz:v11,'.i , - ff-ff- W ,g:f,'f12" ff'tffff A 'X' as-g A 'ii 6 455 WARD MCDOWELL Flandreau, S. D. CATHERINE MQFARLAND Marshalltown I. A. MCFARLAND High Point, N. C. MAIIREEN P. MCGIVERN Iowa City IIELNNIE I. MILCRADY . . Vwfoodbine KATHERINE MCINTIRE . . . Rolfe RALPH W. MCKIRAIIAN . Wayland ALBERT R. IVICLAUGHLIN Burlington EIINICE MCLAIIGHLIN . Iowa City DliI.ORES P. MCMINN . , . Greeley NEDRA N. MCNAENEY Ccdar Rapids PAUL I. MCNALLY . . . Cascade KATHERINE MCNANIARA . Wintersct GEORGE H. MCNEAL . PAIII. F. Mc:l7IIERoN . New Sharon New London CAROL F. MIQERER . Waterloo ROBERT A. MEESE . Davenport CHARLES A. MEIII, . Iowa City OLIVE A. MlilNlNG . . Iowa City IIIIIN L. MlilSliNIIEI5IIiR Iowa City IVIARGARIYI' M. IVIIilS'l'ER Denver, Colo. ABRAHAM G. MELSIOOIJ . NVatcrloo ROBERT MliNKE31ELLIiR Minticztpolis. Minn. DoxALu E, MERRITT . . Mt. Vernon EIJITH M. MERIILLA . Anamosa VERYL N. MEYER5 . Arlington JAMES H. MICIIENER . Warikee MELVIN H. MIDDENTS . Kamrar R. S. MIROLAICZAK Buffalo, N. Y. VVILLIAM H. MILES . . . Corydon DONALD G. MILLER . . . Moville GARTH H. MILLER . . Moberly, Mo. LAWRENCE A. MILLER North English MARJORIE D. MILLER . . Hillsbro MARIE E. MILLER . . . Oelwein Page 376 MARY ANN MILLER ,... Albia NORBIAN L. MILLER Wyoming, Pa. PATRICIA M. MILLER Rock Island, Ill. WILLIAM A. MILLER Baltimore, Md. DAVID D. MILLIGAN . . Iowa City JOAN H. MILLIGAN . . . Iowa City LOUISE D. MILSTEIN Rochester, N. Y. JOHN DALE MISNER . . Lake View ROBERT O. MOE . . Ft. Dodge JEAN MOELLER . . Ames ROBERT M. MONROE Southport, Ind. DOROTHY M. MOORE . Des Moines MARY LOUISE MOORE . Des Moines WM. D. MOORE, IR, . Cedar Rapids EDWARD V. MORAVEK . Davenport LENORE A. MORFORD . . Dexter IOHN R. MORGAN ..... Rubio PAUL K. MORGAN . . Ft. Madison WILLIAM I. MORGAN . . Burlington HARRY D. MORGANSTEIN Bronx, N. Y. IOHN T. MORRIS . . Iowa City IRA F. MORRISON . . . Iowa City STEPHEN E. MUELLER . Moline, Ill. HARLAN I. MULDER . Orange City JOAN B. MUMMA Iamestown, Mich. WM. R. MUMMA Iamestown, Mich. ROBERT M. MURPHY . . . Sumner THOMAS P. MURPHY . Shenandoah ZAE K. MURPHY .,.. Toledo MARIAN I. MURRAY Buffalo Center C. E. MYE North Tonawanda, N. Y. FLOYD M. NADEL . . . Des Moines PATRICIA N. NANGE . Marshalltown EDWARD F. NARAMORE Summit, N. I. IUDY HILL NASH . . Dallas, Tex. Page 377 'Vic MARION R. NEELY . . Moline, Ill. THOMAS F. NEENAN . Cedar Rapids MYRON E. NELSON . . . Waterloo ROBERT B. NELSON . Benedict, N. D. ROBERT A, NELSON . . Burlington GERALDINE C. NESBIT GEORGE V. NESHEIM MARILYN NEWBURGH KEITH M. NICHOLS . MILDRED E. NICHOLS GLEN I. NICHOLSON KENNETH B. NIELSEN ELEANOR B, NISSEN IOSEPH W. NOBLE . NANCY A. NOBLE . Detroit, Mich. . . Jefferson . Iowa City Webster City Des Moines . Woolstock . . Ringstecl . . Walnut Rockford, Ill. Princeton, Ill. DEAN A. NORDQUIST . Council Bluffs ROBERT NORDSTROM Sioux Falls, S. D. DONALD N. NORTHCOTT Omaha, Neb. IOHN H, NORTHWALL RALPH LEO NLINN . WILLIAM G. NUSSER PAUL M. NYSTEDT . BETTY Io OVBRIEN . MARX' M. OYBRIEN . MARY KAY O'BRlEN WILSON D. OGDEN . IOHN E. OHLSEN . RUTH M. OVKELLY MARY M. OLMSTED JOHN E. OLSEN . . THOMAS O. OLSON , PHYLLIS E. OLTMAN . , . Essex . Perry . Iowa City . Cherokee . Red Oak Rome, N. Y. Independence What Cheer . Muscatine . Iowa Falls . McGregor . Iowa City Emmetsburg Oak Park, Ill. IOHN A. OOSTENDORP . Muscatine GXK'EN OPPENPIEIBIER . Marshalltown TACK C. OSBORNE . . . Waterloo Page 378 IACK A. OSLER . . . . Walnut PHILIP I. OSMUNDSON . Thompson WILLIAM V. OSTBY . . Mason City ARTHUR P. OVROM . . Keosauqua PHILIP E. PAINE . . . Clinton KENNETH L. PALLESEN . . Marcus HELEN PAPPAS . . . Mason City GLEN W. PARKER . G. VICTOR PARSON . WILLIAM R, PASCHALL . Iowa City . Centerville . . Osceola KENNETH D. PATTERSON . . Lakota DONALD D. PAUL . . Des Moines MILTON A. PAULE . . . Burlington PHILIP A. PAULE . . . Burlington ROBERT L. PALILSON . . Boone GLENN L. PEGRAM . . . Carlisle DONNA M. PENDLETON Storm Lake HELEN K. PEPPER .... Boone PHILIP E. PEPPER . . . Boone SAMUEL D. PESHKIN SHIRLEY PESHKIN . . Des Moines . Iowa City HELEN L. PETERS . . Cherokee IOHN M. PETERS . . . DeWitt PAUL F. PETERS . , . Davenport AUDREY L. PETERSON . Freeport, Ill, CLIFFORD E. PETERSON . Ellsworth HARVEY A. PETERSON . . . Dayton NORMAN M. PETERSON . Davenport ROBERT W. PETERSEN . Des Moines THOMAS N. PETERSON . . Ellsworth VIRGINIA E. PETERSON . . Red Oak MARGARET I. PHILLIPS ROBERT W. PHINNEY IOAN R. PICKERING . ROY G. PICKETT . , . . Perry Council Bluffs . Sioux City . Waterloo Page 379 - If '.iit I 'A t lit? - fir A ?f.5gl1.kkf . 5 If ig 'fffixiif ,I iff? A. 53 ,R 'iv L Iv . I . ,1-go ow ?"?. .L AGNES E. PIERICK . BETTY PLASS . . ARIS G. PLATT , . . . Des Moines . Iowa City . Oelwein DONALD C. POLLAND . . Iowa City LAVERNE W. POLAND MARIAN A. POLLITZ . . . Iowa City Cedar Rapids HELEN A. POPOVICH Oakville, Conn. RIITII ELLIS PORTER . . Iowa City GENEICE E. IJOTEE . MILES D. POTIIAST . . Sac City . Melbourne ODETTE C. POVVELL Illinois City, Ill. FRANK K. POWERS, IR LIICILE POVVERS . . . Iowa City . . Cresco VINCENT F. IDOVVERS . . Ft. Dodge PATRICIA PRIQNDERGAST IEAN C. IJRPNTIS . PAIIL H. l7IICKIiT'l' . VVINIERED M. PUNTER DONESE M. PIITNAAI . ARDTTII L. QIIINN . SEYBIOIIR M. RABEN . HELEN Im' RANIQIN . CAROLYN RASRIN . ROBERT G. RAYNER . NORNIAN H. REA . VIRGINIA A. READ . ALBERT O. REUNION . . . Sac City . Mount Ayr . Sterling, Ill. . McGregor . Iowa City Marshalltown . Davenport . . Tracy . Sioux City . Boone . Iowa City . Waterloo . Bloomfield IVA E. REED . . . New Hampshire IOYEE C. RIiED . Sr. Petersburg, Fla, IACQIIELINE CARBERRY ROBERT K. REED . RUSSELL E. REED . . JAMES A. REEDS . . Cedar Rapids . Estherville . Estherville . Iowa City RUTH L. REESE . Roswell, N. Mex. CHARLES W. REGER . . Burlington Page 380 LLOYS G. REICHART . WALLACE L. REID . . ROBERT C. REIMER . . WM. I. REIS, IR. . . GERALDINE W. RELF SHIRLEY A. REMER . ROBERT F, RENFRO . . EUGENE RETTENMAIER DOROTHY A. RELITNER DELL I. REVEN . . IOE R. REYNOLDS . . . LeMars . Stanwood . Schleswig Omaha, Neb. . . Decorah . LeMarS . Iowa City . . Dubuque St. Louis, Mo. Mechanicsville ... Ames LYNN E. RHOADS . , . Des Moines GORDON E. RHODES . DAVID I-I. RIBBLE . . MARVIN D. RICHARDS DON RIEMENSCIINEIDER lol-IN F. RIEPE . . . LESTER I. RILEA . . ROBERT W. RINEHART . Sioux City . Iowa City Council Bluffs State Center . Burlington . Grinnell . Iowa City DELBERT B.RINGENA . . Brooklyn ANNIE E. RIORDAN . DELORES M. RITTER . R. C. RITTNER . City JAMES E. ROALSON . FRANCIS F. ROBBINS . ARLENE I. ROBERTS . CECIL E. ROBERTS . . S. DONALD ROBERTSON DONALD L. RODENBORN Cedar Rapids . . Creston Island, N. Y. . Forest City . Woodward . Moline, Ill. . Iowa City . Des Moines . Ft. Dodge ERMA RODRIGUEZ Daytona Beach, Fla. DANIEL C. ROGERS, IR. JOHN R. ROHNER . . MARY O. ROHNER . . NANCY A. ROMINE . WILLIAM E. ROONEY . Page 381 . Waterloo . Iowa City . Iowa City . Davenport . Ioliet, Ill. AN K-B mmf? I f 2 ,,.,, l I RRI 4 , L I - R. f' +50 ffm .,,, 5 fl-1 I' P 5 R we it 15, i' II I ef if QQ .I if . :R J f I ' 5 I I. VIRGINIA F. ROSENBERG . Burlington EDYTHE ROSENTHAL Scarsdale, N. Y. DONALD C, ROSS . . NORA LEE ROSS . LARRY I. Ro'rH . Des Moines . Iowa City . Fairfield GEORGE G. ROTHERHAM Moline, Ill. IRVVIN W. ROVNER . Council Bluffs MARY' C. ROVVLEY . . IOAN C. ROYAL . . KELLY R, RLICKER . MARILY L. RUMMEL . JOHN C. RIIMPF . . MARGARET H. RUNGE . IACK D, RUSSELL . . MARY A. RUSSELL . . JEAN MOSS RUSTIN . WILLIAM R, RUTHER WILLIAM D. RYAN DANIEL C. SAAVEDRA MILDRED R. SANDEEN . CHARLES H. SANDERS . IOHN W. SANDERS . Canton, Ill. Des Moines . Newton . Iowa City . Waukon . Alta . . Perry Des Moines . Iowa City , Clarence . Davenport . Panama . Iowa City Ft. Madison . Postville SHIRLEY L. SANDERS Grundy Center MARILYN M. SATTERLEE GLENN E. SATTERLY . DONALD R. SALIER . PALIL P. SAVAGE . SHERMAN G. SAYLES . MEEFIE SCALES . . ILINE ANN SCANLAN . DONALD F. SCANNELL KENNETH L. SGHADLE . CHARLES M. SCHAFER . WAYNE M. SCHAKEL FRANKIE SGI-IATZ . St. Manchester Farmington . Ottuxnwa . Iowa City . . Akron . Iowa City . Algona , Iowa City . Dubuque . . Elclora . , . Pella Cloud, Minn. Page 382 GERALDINE L. SCHATZ Buffalo, N. Y. SHIRLEY I. SCHIELE . West Liberty EVA A. SCHLOSSBERG E. CLIFFORD L. SCHMIDT . DON R. SCHMIDT . KARL S. SCHMIDT . MARJORIE I. SCHMIDT . MAxINE l-I. SCHMIDT . Chicago, Ind. . . Osage . Elkader Davenport . Nluscatine Davenport IAMES G. SCHNEIDER . Kankakee, Ill. NORXIA M. SCHNEIDER . CHARLES A. SCHORR . HOWARD E. SCHORY . . ROBERT A. SCHORY . ADAVELL SCHRADER . CLIFTON Cv. SCHROEDER EUGENE R. SCHROEDER PORTIA SCHULER . . DONALD F. SCHuLTz . . Bellevue Davenport . . Ames . . Ames Iowa City . . Clinton . Dubuque Oskaloosa Burlington WILLIAM A. SCHULZ Seattle, Wash. FRANKIE I. SCHATZ St. Cloud, Minn. EVELYN SCHVVEITZER . . Iowa City FRANCES A. SCHWEITZER Muscatine CHARLES SCOTT . . . Waterloo RICHARD E. SCOTT . . Erie, Ill. ROBERT G. SEABURY . . Pisgah REGINA M. SEELMAN . . Iowa City HERBERT S. SELBY . , Des Moines LORRAINE F. SELLAND . . Decorah EILEEN M. SERSCHEN Cleveland, O. EDWARD I. SESSAR . . Waterloo THEODORE B. SESSIONS . Davenport RICHARD C. SETTERBERG . Burlington PATRICIA A. SEYMOUR . MARIE I. SHAFFER . . LaSalle, Ill. . . Anita IAMES R. SHATTUCK . Des Moines NATHAN C. SHAW, IR. Richmond, Ky. Page 383 fax if ..v.., 'I'- --4 LY QF IOHN ISHEA . . . Cedar Rapids IAMES A. SHEPHERD . . Des Moines ALLAN D. SHOOK . . Mt. Pleasant RALPH W. SHORE . . . IOSEPH W. SHOQuIsT . . Malcom Iowa City IOSEFINA CIIAVES Bogota, Columbia LOWELL G. SInwELL . . ROBERT I. SIMITZ . . SOL SIMKIN .... EDMUND I. SIMMONS . ELOISE V. SIMMONS . . ROBERT L. SIMON . . ROBERT E. SIMPSON . . VVILLIANI W. SINDLINGER ISARLE R. SINNETT . . . IDONALD H. SITZ . . . Villisca Davenport Chicago, Ill. . Ottumwa Centerville Iowa City Iowa City Waterloo Muscatine Davenport I.-mix XV. SIQINNER . . Rochester, lll. IiI.I,swoRTII S. SMITH . . fiI.liN E. SMITH . . CIOIIOON P. SMITH , . IO.-xN E. SNIITII . . LIQON IRA STVIITII . . ISOIIISIL ANN SMITH . . LIIciII.I.E IOIINSON SMITH MIIRIEL SMITII . . . lT'x'I'sY H. SYNIITH . IBIIYLLIS G. SMITH . . RII1IIARIu VV. SMITH . ROBERT D. SMITH . ROBERT K. SMITH . . Iowa City . Greeley Story City Iowa Falls Iowa City . Marion Iowa City Edgewood . Chariton Davenport . Toledo . Grinnell Iowa City ROBERT N. SMITH . . Cedar Rapids SYLVIA FIscIIIaR SMITH . TRIIMAN D. SMITH . XAXAYNE C. SMITH . XNILLIANI F, SMITH . . Decorah . Atlantic . Exira . Dubuque Page 384 WYNONA E. SMUTZ . VIRGINIA F. SNYDER . FRANK D. SOKOL . . IIIDITH O. SOLBERG . DONALD E. SONIUS . Mt, Pleasant Toledo, O. Maquoketa . Decorah . Spencer MARIAN SORENSEN Manistee, Mich. I-IERMAN D. SPAAN . . , Paullina F. ELIZABETH SPENCER . Iowa City WILLIAM E. SPENCER . Des Moines RUTH M. SPERRY . . . Iowa City MAVIS I. SPEVACEK . . Cicero, Ill. IOHN A. SPIESS . . . Ft. Madison POLLY C. SPOHN . . Cedar Rapids EVERETTE W. SQUIRE . Washington MERCEDES A. STALEY . Mt. Vernon RONALD O. STAMP . . Oakland JEAN BROWN STANDING . . Earlham BARBARA I. STANTON Sorrento, Fla. WILLIS R. STEARNS . . Cromwell HERBERT E. STIFFLER . . Colfax CARROLL D. STEINBECK . . Rubio THOMAS I. STEINBERG . Mason City ELIZABETH W. STEINLE . Iowa City MARVIN E. STEPHENS . Des Moines ELIZABETH STERN Kansas City, Mo. RUSSELL E. STERN . Fredericksburg JEAN E. STEUCK . ROY W. STEVENS . ALLIS W. STEVENSON ROBERT M. STEVENSON DEAN R. STICHNOTH . WARREN R. STIENSTRA KEITH I, STINSON . . Dubuque . Ottumwa . Goldfield . Iowa City Sioux City Sioux City . Hampton OLIVER R. STODDARD Salmon, Idaho GENE L. STOREY , . . . Spencer ROSEMARY A. STOuP . . Sioux City Page 385 'FV' Wai . 4 "'!1f"?7 M' rw ,- ,S if E X '35 if-A rw xg' ERNEST A. STRANGLEN Omaha, Nab. DONNA STRATHMAN . . Davenport FLORENCE C. STRAUEL . . . Iesup PHYLLIS M, STRIBE . Manning FRANK H. STROHM, IR. . . Clinton DONALD T. STROY . MARY STUART . . MARX' E. STUART . PI-IYLLIS I. STUDNA LAEE STLIELAND . . CLYDE W. STURGES . ELEANOR B. SULLEY ODA F. SULLEY, IR. RAY A. SUNDET . FRANK I. SUSORNEY . . Osceola . Hampton . Des Moines . Omaha, Neb. . Mason City . . Rockwell , , Iowa City . Council Bluffs La Crosse, Wis, E. Chicago, Ind. JOHN W. SUURBALLE Ft. Wayne, Ind. I'IAROLIJ I. SwA1LEs WALTER L. SVVAILES LEONA M. SwANsoN I'IAROI.D E. SWARTZ Lois E. SWEANY . ALFRED O. SwENsoN HELEN I. SwENsON FREEMAN B. SVVIFT . IOHN D. SXVINFHART ROBERT I. SVVISHER IOHN M. SYVERUD . EDMUND F. TABOR V1v1AN M. TAM1s1EA . . Keosauqua . . Keosauqua . . Orion, Ill. . . Iowa City . Iowa City . . Iowa City . . Moline, Ill. . Dos Moines . . VVaterloo . . Iowa City . . Bettendorf . Independence Missouri Valley ROBERT L. TANNENEAUM New Bedford, Mass. GEORGE L. TANNER GEROBE W. TANNER PAUL E. TAYLOR . PHYLLIS TEASDALE . . Marion . . Iowa City . . Sioux City Wilton Iunction HERBERT TEPPERMAN . Omaha, Neb, Page 385 ROBERT W. THACKER Cedar Rapids EARL F. THOMAE . BONITA L. THOMAS . . Waukoii . Logan ROBERT E. THOMAS . , . Erie, Ill. ROBERT W. THOMAS, IR, Chicago, Ill. CAROL R. THOMPSON . . Iowa City CLARENCE THOMPSON Cedar Rapids WILMA I. THOMPSON . ROBERT F. THOMPSON WILLIAM B. THOMPSON BARBARA M. TIMM . . Iowa City . Iowa City Cedar Rapids . Muscatine RICHARD H. TININIINS . . Ottumwa KATHLEEN M. TOBIN . MARY M. TOEDT . DAVID W. TOSH . CHARLES E. TOWNSEND MARIAN A. TOWNSLEY . Iowa City . Newton . Clinton . Iowa City . . . Letts CONSTANCE TREVOR Sacramento, Cal. WILLIAM D. TREVOR . MANETTA I. TRIBBEY . ROSEMARY I. TRICKEY . . Iowa City . Peoria, Ill. . . Owasa SHIRLEY E. TROWBRIDGE Charles City DONALD G, TRUNIPP . BETTY Lou TUCKER . . Iowa City . Davenport JOHN S. TIICKER . Guthrie Center NORMAN E. TUCKER. . . Iefferson WILLIAM M. TUCKER . . Atlantic FILMORE TURNER . . Oak Park, Ill. MARGARET A. TURNER ROBERT E. TYNDALL . . Burlington . Iowa City MARTHA UHLAND Chevy Chase, Md. NORMAN ULLESTAD . . . Radcliffe SHIRLEY R. LILLMAN . . . Fairfield SALLY A. UMLANDT . LORENA M. VAGTS . Page 387 . Muscatine . George s ,571 was ti-P -R 8 W "" .MAH A " 'T.-..,,- K Ba,-,..- -s--V.,-5+ A S.. .. 'I ,Lk X I. I fi 4 ' QE tx if X K' me i -1541. ,Q W f Agfa is-iff I S52 .I R .Af I T B A SQ Q3 ir' .R 2 I gg M sw' if-6.13: Q Whit '51 X K. ., 1, ,VR 'W' 3? I' is 'ig A--1, N. QA Kg f i. -3 N . -ii i f- . '11 ' F g ...' . O .,, 5 X 'T' . . Z i QW Q it ev" 3 I JAMES M. VAN ATTA . Muscatine ROIIERT D. VANDENBERG Keosauqua PIIYLLIS I. VANIJEMARK . Mediapolis I'IAROI.D VANDERWERE . . Monroe ROBERT W. VAN DER Zlili Iowa City ROSALIND M. VAN DORN . Wellman MELVIN C. VAN DIIREN . Oskaloosa MARCSERY VAN DYKE . . Chariton JAMES VAN GINKEL . , Monroe PAIIL F. VAN ORDER . . Ottumwa GEORGE E, VAN ROEKEL Orange City R. L. VAN ZELIL Lemongrove, Calif. KARLETON D. VOIGT . Esthervillc PAUL F. WACR .... Norway BURDETTE WAGENKNECHT Wzishington KEITH E. X7VAI.I.ACE . . Greenfield WILLIAM E. WALLACE Williamsburg ESTIIER I. W.Al.I.S . . Mason City IACK L. XVALSII . . Chicago, Ill. IOIIN T. WALSH . . Williainsliurg CLARENCE W. XVALTER . Iowa City DONALD A. VVALTER . Central City DOROTHY R. VVALTER . Muscatine BARBARA A. VVALTERS Chicago, Ill. EARL V. WAI.'I'I'lRS . . Des Moines DQJNALD L. WANANIARER Iowa City MARY LOII WARNIIOLTZ Sioux City IVIILRB R. XIVARREN . . Cedar Rapids MILTON L. VVASSBREN . . . Kiron GLENN F. WATKINS , . Milan, Mo, MACK W. WATSON . Council Bluffs HARRY T. WATTS . . Des Moines IEANNE A. WAIIGH . . Burlington IOIIN R. WEBER . . . Ft. Madison EVERETT M. WEEKS . . Iowa City Page 388 IACK N. WEIDEMAN . . . Sac City ROSLYN WEINEERC New York, N. Y. IOHN C. WEISER . . . Ft. Madison ELIZABETH WEITZ . . Des Moines JAMES L. WELLHOUSE . . Ames HAROLD W. WELLS . . Milton ROGER R. WELTY . . Dubuque THELMA O. WENDEL. . . Elwood DAVID F. WENTWORTH . Iowa City CAROLYN M. WERBACH . Lone Tree REBECCA A. WERK . . Charles City MARIAN CRANE WHITE . Iowa City EVELYN S. WHITEBOOK , Iowa City HOWARD H. WICKE . . Iowa City ARTHUR F. WIDLAK Brooklyn, N. Y. MURRAY N. WIER . . . Iowa City FRANCIS F. WILCOX . . Des Moines MARVIN E. WILCOX .... Delta Page 389 MARY E. WILKE . . . Yarmouth DAVID WILLENSON Milwaukee, Wis. JACKSON D. WILLIAMS . Iowa City MARGARET E. WILLIA RICHARD WILLIAMS . JAMES L, WILLIAMSON N. ELAINE WILLIS . DAVID H. WILSON . EDITH D. WILSON . IOY L. WILSON . . MARILYN I. WILSON NORRIS I. WILSON . ROBERT H. WILSON . JAMES F. WILT . . IAYNANE WILT . . MARVIN I. WINDERS . MS Des Moines . . Waterloo . Manchester . . . Lacona . Manchester . Godfrey, Ill. . Des Moines Rock Island, Ill. Iowa City . Mt. Ayr . Iowa City . Carlisle . Belle Plaine FLORAINE M. WINGER . . Walford Page 390 Page 391 IOHN R. WINGERSON . Cedar Rapids WILLIAM WINTERLIN, IR. Sioux City MARY LOUISE WITMER . . Tipton CHARLES A. WITOSKY, IR. . . Tama HELEN W. WOHLER . BETTY LEE WOLF . EUGENE I, WOLF . MELVIN H. WOLF . WARREN I. WOLF . MARY P. WOLFE . MARY E. WOLK . . GWENDOLYN WOLSTED IOAN E. WOMELSDORF JOYCE E. WOMELSDORF MARY ANN WOOD . . RODNEY W. WOOD . IAMES A. WOODBURY HILTON W. WOODKE IOHN B. WOODS . . DONALD W. WOODS . ALICE E, WOOLEVER . . Davenport . Iowa City . Clinton . Iowa City . Iowa City . . Logan Ruffsdale, Pa, . Cedar Falls Freeport, Ill. Freeport, Ill. . . Eldora . Tfaef . . Corwith . . Schaller . Iowa City Omaha, Neb. . . Nichols ' f fgffgexgrsigi ' ' 1 L1 ' ilrsgfisws . . -.A I , -. ' - vrfw QQ' iss: 'HQ' il SH A ii' I GWENDOLYN I. WREN Cedar Rapids DONALD C. WRIGI-IT .... Terril MARY E. WRIGHT . Pittsford, N. Y. THOMAS G. WRIGHT Evanston, Ill. CONRAD WURTZ Downers Grove, Ill. MARY ANN WYANT. . . . Leon DELBERT E. WYLDER . Morrison, Ill. DONNA JEAN YECK . . Sterling, Ill. ARDATH M. YOIIMANS . , Decorah MARCUS C. YOUNG . . Iowa City FLORENCE I. YOIINT . . . Lisbon LEORA E. ZA HORIK FRANK L. ZELLER . FRED E. ZELLER . ROBERT G. ZENDER LEO G. ZIFFREN . Cedar Rapids North Liberty North Liberty . . Cresco . Davenport SALLY A. ZUERCHER . Cedar Rapids JOSEPH A, ZULEER. . . Davenport Page 392 4 ,ik ,w.x5m ogggggi' 4 QRYWYAWSHW W, K , .Zi-'Z' .. 1-'f M. . A :maxi .M . f- 5 wir' J Q51 i 122 , ' z Ti -is MN 4 wk if 359' A ,,,,.. rv IYYQ. .4f""fl3g?Af"w 33335 A R 1. ,W-ff W ,W ,Q 9 ,gg Vg kv 'LK' lags L 'Y 15553 A .3,.. Q 7-fm: N ww! v X N A -Y, ,X 5, ff' 1 '22 ' Q 4, ' ff M pp ., . a 4, -' 1 l,1gFf?fQ'1f GQ iw GLENN E. ALLEN . . . Iowa City EVERETT A. ANDERSON . . Mallard JAMES R. BARRON . . . Iowa City J. ERLAN BAUMERT . South English HAL P. BECK . . . . Ottumwa HERBERT R. BENNETT . Fort Dodge ROBERT L. BLISS. . . Mason City LEE BURTON BLUM . . Hampton ROBERT BOEYE . . Iowa City JOHN ARTHUR BOGEN WAYNE BOOK. . . Sioux City Storm Lake DONALD E. BORCHART . Iowa City DOROTHY S. BORCHART . Iowa City JUDEAN BREKKEM .... Randall RUSSELL G. BUCHANAN . . Algona RICHARD T. BURRESS . . Oskaloosa WALLACE WEBB BUTLER Iowa City WILLIAM CHAMP BUTLER Muscatine LYMAN CLINE BYBEE . . Knoxville JOSEPH G. CARPENTIER E. Moline, Ill. JOHN ROYCE CASLAVKA Minden Mines, MO. HARRISON E. CASS . . Des Moines HOWARD F. CERNY . Cedar Rapids MILES S. CHENAULT . Eagle Grove CI..ARENCE H. CHRISTIANSEN Davenport WILLIAM O. CLAASSEN Cedar Rapids FRITZ J. CLEMMENSEN Minneapolis, Minn. RAY E. CLOUGH . . , Mason City MORT JAY COCKSHOOT . Wilton Jct. GEORGE ROBERT COOK . Des Moines JOHN GILBERT COOPER . Iowa City PAUL FREDERICK COREY . Fairfield DAYTON W. COUNTRYMAN Iowa City MICHAEL A. TOSAW . Omaha, Neb. FRANK REO DICGINS . . Melbourne JOHN DOUGLAS DONNELL . Waterloo Page 394 DEE WAYNE DOucLAss . Muscatine IEROME B. DRUKER . Marshalltown JOHN REx DuREE . . . Iowa City ROBERT IAMES EGGERT . Charles City IOHN C. EICHHORN . . Oskaloosa WILLIAM H. EICHLING , . . Ames PHILLIP F. ELGIN . . . Indianola BENJAMIN ELLSWORTH . Ottumwa CARROLL E. ENGELKES . Charles City MICHAEL ENICH ..... Boone CHARLES A. FINCII . . Des Moines BRYCE M. FISHER . . Cedar Rapids RAYMOND E. FRANCK . Caruarvon JACK WILLARD FRYE . . Iowa City THOMAS M. GAFFNEY . . Marengo ERASMUS O. GARRETT . Cedar Falls RALPH W. GEARHART Cedar Rapids WILLIAM W. GILKEY . Columbus let. ROGER EARL GLASSON . . Waterloo MERREL L. GOLDBERG . Iowa City EDWIN STEWART GRIFFITH Red Oak ROBERT C. GROSS Williamsville, N. Y. WILLIAM W. HARDIN . Pleasantville DUNCAN M. HARPER . Sioux City IOHN WILLARD HEFFNER . Duncombe RALEIGH G. I'lEGWOOD . Des Moines EDWIN A. HICKLIN . . Wapello GERALD W. HILTON . . Muscatine ROBERT K. HOTCHKISS . Bloomfield HAROLD ALBERT HOUSKE . Iowa City Page 395 THOMAS MARION HOWELL Iowa City RATE ANDREW HOWELL . Iowa City FLAIR EUGENE HUNTER La Porte City FARREL CRAIG HUSTON Columbus Iunction FRANK IACOBS . . . . ROBERT B. IEHRING . . ARTHUR H. JOHNSON . GORDON RAY JOHNSON WALTER E. IOHNSON . ELMER M. JONES . . ARTHUR LENNON KELLY . DAVID N. KINTZINGER . IAMES C. KNOEPFLER . MILTON BERNARD KLIHL FRANK ROBINSON LACY DONALD DEVERE LETTOW MARTIN I. LEVY . . . HOWARD THOMAS LEWIS WILLIAM OUREN LEWIS DUDLEY CURTIS LOWRY CHESTER JOHN LYMAN . JOSEPH E. LYNCH, IR. . ROBERT EDWIN MAHONEY EDWARD D. MCCOY . WILLIAM L. MEARDON . MARION G. MICKELSON Lake City Muscatine Fort Dodge . . Manly Albert City Iowa City Sioux City . Dubuque Iowa City Ida Grove . Dubuque . RadcliEe . Kalona Iowa City . . Harlan . Iowa City Iowa City . Algona . Boone . Waterloo Iowa City . . Dysart CHARLES T. MILLER Rock Island, Ill. LOWELL EDWARD MILLER Iowa City EARL H. MINER . . . Mt. Pleasant G. ARTHUR MINNICH . . . Carroll Page 396 GILBERT E, MONTOUR JULIUS MARVIN MOODY DALE F. MORITZ . . . . St. Olaf . . . Ames . . Walnut KENNETH MELVIN MYERS Quincy, Ill. WALTER A. NEWPORT GEORGE I. NIELSON . . Davenport . Davenport KEITH STANLEY NOAH . Charles City ROBERT M. O'BRYON . Marshalltown LESTER ELLWOOD OSE . . Radcliffe PAuL C. OWENS . . IRVING I. PASTERNAK . IOHN CHARLES PAULUS . Clinton . Iowa City . Iowa City FLOYD S. PEARSON . Harpers Ferry HAROLD L. PETERSON CHARLES N. PETTIT . JESSE KENNETH PETTIT SHIRLEY A, PORTER . MARTIN IAMES PuRcELL AUSTIN I. RASHID . . . . . Albia . Bloomfield . . Logan . Iowa City . Camanclie . Iowa City WALTER W. REYNOLDSON . Madrid THOMAS H. RICHARDSON Mediapolis CHARLES DALLAS RITER RAYMOND ROSENBERG . Rock Rapids Des Moines ROBERT H. ROSEBERRY . . Le Mars DONALD M. ROSS . . JAMES ROZEK . . CARL F. SCHNOOR . ROBERT H. SCHOTT . ROBERT W. SCOTT . PETER ADAMS SEIP Page 397 Cedar Rapids . v Iowa City . . Perry . Marquette . Vinton . Waterloo ROSS HARRY SIDNEY . . Davenport WILLIAM EARL SHANNON Davenport DONALD H. SHAW . . . Oelwein ELIZABETH ORR SHAVV . . Monona JAMES HUSTON SHELTON . . Ames IOSEPH M. SHELTON . . . Clinton HARRY GENE SLIFE . . Hawarclen IOI-IN CLAY STEVENS . . Iowa City LEONARD KEITH STILES . Sioux City RALPH JOHN SWANSON . Red Oak WALLACE W. TEAGARDEN Grand Iunction DONALD W. THOMPSON . Mapleton JOHN R. THORNELL . . . Sidney PHILIP WILLIS TONE Park Ridge, Ill. ALICE RUTH TRAEGER . West Union MURRAY S. UNDERWOOD . Peterson MARIN E. VERBECK . . Moline. Ill. C. CHANNING WALKER . Des Moines DAVID E. WEICHMAN , . Newhall HOWARD B. WENGER . Chicago, Ill. THEODORE M. WICIIER . Sioux City ROY M. WHITEMAN . Little York, Ill. GEORGE I. XIVILLHOITE . Iowa City JOHN I. WILLIAMS . . . Red Oak WILLIAM I. WILKINSON, IR, Marengo ROBERT HAROLD WILSON . Muscatine GEORGE R. WISSING . , Sioux City THOMAS P. WOLEE . . Iowa City IOHN C. YAvORsIcY . . Belle Plaine RALPH O. YOUNGSTROM . Burlington Page 398 Left to right: Gross, Thornell, Iones Law School Assoczkztzbn The Law School Association includes every law student at the University. Its primary function is to coordinate law activities and promote events in which the Law School has an interest. An informal smoker in October helped students and faculty members become acquainted. The Association also sponsored the annual Barristers Ball which was planned by one representative from each legal fraternity and one from the independent association. The climax of the year's activities was Supreme Court Day which marks the final episode in the Law Club arguments. These arguments are in the form of an elimination contest and result in the selection of the four most skilled and per- suasive men who argue, debate-fashion, before the Su- preme Court of Iowa. Page 399 OFFICERS ELMER IONES President IOHN THoRNELL Vice-President ROBERT GROSS Secretary Row Row Row Row Back Front Row fleft to rightj: Willhoite, Schuler, N. Peterson, Nelson, Butler, Chenault, Hegwoocl, Gilkey 2: Garrett, Shelton, Stinson, Minnich, Cass, Moritz, Kreamer, R. P. Anderson, Durree 3: Warden, Pettit, Goldberg, H. Peterson, C. I. Anderson, Vv'ick, Kellogg, Thompson 4: Wenger, Prichard, Lettow, Thurman, Elgin, Wissing, Moodie 5: Iohnson, Countryman, Levis, Levy Row: Werling, Fillenwarth, Franck, Griffith, Neilsen, Kuhl, Ose, Baumert Gamma Eta Gamma OFFICERS--1st Semester MILTON KUHL Chancellor WILLIAM O. LEWIS Praefor LESTER OSE Recorder HAROLD PETERSON Quaestor GORDON R. IOI-INSON Lictor DONALD NELSON Sheriff FRANK IACOBS Bailiff 1. C. BREKKEN Tipstave Gamma Eta Gamma law fraternity was founded to promote scholarship and to make a full schedule of social activities easily available to its members. The fraternity's program was well filled this year with stag parties, smokers, informal dances, and luncheons. At these lun- cheons, which were held twice a month, out- standing men in the legal profession were see lected as guest speakers. The Annual Found- ers' Day Banquet was held in October, The President of the Iowa State Bar Association gave the address. Page 4 OO Gamma Eta Gamma OFFICERS-2nd Semester WILLIAM C. BUTLER, IR. Chancellor DONALD NELSON Practor WILLIAM GILKY Iudex MILES CHENAULT Recorder NORMAN PETERSON Quaestor HARRY SLIFE Lictor LOUIS SCHLILER Sheriff GEORGE WILLHOITE Bailiff RALEIGH HEGWOOD Tipstaue Front Row fleft to rightj: Iverson, Rea, Green, Nelson, Wolfe, Walker, Whiteman, Frye Row 2: Brekken, Kellogg, Borchart, Thornell, Huston, Book, Bentz Row 3: Reynoldson, Lowry, Comstock, Kyle, Iacobs, Frederick, Smith Row 4: Hoover, Eaton, Mahoney, Wallace, Reimer, Parker, Pearson Back Row: Whicher, Claassen, Iohnson, McCarthy, Paulus Page 401 Front Row fleft to rightj: Shaw, Heifner, Royal, Weichman, Carpenter, Tosaw Row 2: Smith, Wine, Stevens, Hoover, Payton, Richardson, Noah, Clausen Row 3: Hunter, Stiles, Hardin, Iehring, Rozek, Carpentier, Heysinger, McConlogue, Riter, Stark Row 4: Underwood, Bolton, Wilson, Wagner, Engelkes, Russell, Iuhl, Keenan, Iordan, Caslavka Back Row: Conrad, Breen, Schnoor, Cook, Houske, Iohnson, Wilkinson, Schott, Mershon, O'Brien OFFICERS DON SHAW Dean MICHAEL TOSAW Vice-Dean IERRY CARPENTER Clerk of Rolls CLIFTON ROYAL Clerk of Exchequer CHARLES HARRIS Tribune DAVE WEICI-IIVIAN Master of the Ritual IOHN HEEENER Bailiff Deira hem Pi Delta Theta Pi legal fraternity has a membership of sixty- five men, which makes it one of the largest professional fraternities on the campus. Among the fraternity's aca- demic aid projects for the year was a course review for freshmen, conducted by "Iudge" Palmer. Monthly lunch- eons with prominent lawyers as guest speakers, smokers, and monthly parties composed the social program. The biggest social affair was the annual spring party. The pur- pose of this organization is set forth in the oflicial publica- tion of the fraternity: "To unite fraternally, congenial students of the law, to lead them to high, scholarly, and legal learning, to surround them with an environment such that the traditions of the law . . . may descend upon them." Page 402 Plzz' DKZIH Phi Three Phi Delta Phi's, Bryce M. Fisher, Ross H. Sidney and OFFICERS Ben C. Birdsall, were among the four students who presented Q' the Senior Law Club Argument before the Iowa Supreme Court RQBEEIT 'L' BLISS for annual Supreme Court Day. Robert L. Bliss and G. Duane RUSSELL GSQIEEEICHANAN Vieth participated in the Iunior Law Club Arguments before ,Exchequer District Iudges of the state of Iowa. Phillip W. Tone, a Feb- CHARLES FINCH ruary graduate, was editor of the Iowa Law Review. Other Clerk members of the fraternity who contributed to the Law Review RICHAR2 T- BURRESS istoz-ian were Robert F. Barclay, Russell G. Buchanan, Wallace W. Butler, Bryce M. Fisher, Ralph W. Gearhart, Hiram C. Hough- ton, Peter A. Seip, Ross H. Sidney, R. Hohn Swanson, G. Duane Vieth, Robert Hornbaker, F. Donald Sokol, Robert C. Gross and Martin Purcell. Phi Delta Phi was successful in athletics also and were strong contenders in all phases of intra- mural activities. Phi Delta Phi social events included monthly luncheons, the Initiation Banquet, a Christmas dinner dance, and numerous afteragame parties. Front Row fleft to rightj: Parker, Hotchkiss, Weith, Purcell, Bliss, Buchanan, Buress Row 2: Hilton, Roads, Hicklin, Clough, Toomey, Goranson, Swift, Schorr, Fischer, Hornbaker, Iohnson, Kluever, Enicb Row 3: Tone, Gross, Birdsall, Lynch, McCarthy, Smith, Houghton, Boeye, Synhorst, Graham Row 4: R. Pence, Gearhart, Swanson, Ryan, Beck, Fisher. Gray, Richardson, Cimprich, Sulhoss, Anderson Row 5: E. Pence, Foley, Knoepfler, Gaffney, Sidney, Hudson, Hunter, Watson, Sokol, Sitz. Day Back Row: Bergman, Seip, Williams, Scott, Pettit, Eicher, Lagomarcino w Page 403 Front Rowflcft to rightj: Verbeck, Cockshoot, Eichling, Cerny, Miner, Miller, Roseberry, O'Bryon, Reilly Row 2: Mather, Detlefs, Olson, O'Kelly, Mayer, Pitts, Byers, Hallam, Hartman, Paul, Keifer Row 3: Miletlch, Hurley, Moody, Ellsworth, Murphy, Swanson, Eggert, Vittitoe, Merriman, Turner Back Row: Cashman, Hinkle, Diggins, Huber, Knowlton, Kelly, Lynch, Mulford, Smith OFFICERS EARL MINER President LOWELL MILLER Vice-President HOWARD CARN Y Secretary BILL EICHLING Treasurer MORT COCKSHOOT Marshal P111 Agvha Delta Hammond Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity was organized on the Iowa campus to provide social and scholastic activities for its members. Popular events this year were monthly -luncheons featuring prominent attor- neys and other outside speakers, and informal and stag parties held in the fraternity's official clubrooms. Among the social activities of Phi Alpha Delta was the opening dinner party following the initiation of pledges. To help its members to better understand their profession through a pleasant social environment and sympathetic academic surroundings is one of the purposes of this fraternity. Page 404 W Deniz' I 4, vnu-CQ' M., in is 5 SJW u K , E . 1 4-,, -uni- XY: .1 fm, i ,iv-lm, 6 Vg. J 1 'K .4 'Q -'4 AP P' - -assi? gs? '-4 1 4 1 s ,w w ,nuff DANIEL D. BARRY . . LAWRENCE E. BROOKS, IR. JAMES EDWARD COOK . JUNE Cox . . . JOHN FRANKLIN DAILEY HERBERT W. FLEECE . ROBERT I. GETMAN . PAUL W. GREIW'E . M. HYMAN HODISH . . ROBERT ARNOLD HOWARD HERBERT BLAIR HULL . LEWIS A. IAMES . . VERNER MILLER IESSEN . HAROLD SEIKO KIYUNA . RUSSELL E. LESTER . ROBERT JOHN MEYER . HUGO B. OTOPALIK PHILIP I. RASHID . IULIUS P. SCHWARTZ ROSCOE I. THOEN . ROBERT BLAIR TRIBE . THOMAS H. TURNER . EDGAR W. WHITLOCK HERBERT W. WILKINSON San Francisco, Calif. . Des Moines . Williamsburg . Sentinel, Okla. Iowa Iowa City City , . Davenport . Tacoma, Wash. . Syracuse, N. Y. . Des Moines . Des Moines . Keyport, N. . Tyler, Minn. Honolulu, Hawaii . St. Iames, Minn. . . Dubuque Ames . Iowa City . Des Moines . Iowa City Portland, . Marianna . Portland Salt Lake City, Ore. Ark. Ore. Utah Page 408 Ann, , ROBERT ALBERTI . DONALD K. BENGE . . DAVID G. BERGER . STANLEY H. BIBER . ELIZABETH E. BRINKER MALCOLM K. CAMPBELL THOMAS I. CARROLL . RAYMOND CARSON . VERA CAsS . . RICHARD T. DAY . MERLAN E. DEBOLDT . ROBERT D. DEMPEWOLF RICHARD A. ECKBERG . ERNEST D. ERICKSON . MARTIN W. FRIEDMAN PAUL FROM . . . MAuNIs E. GODBEY . ALBERT GOLDMAN . CLIFFORD P. GOPLERUD KENNETH E. GUDGEL . WARREN G. HARDY . GEORGE HEGSTROM . ROBERT R. HORTON . JAMES R. HOUSEHOLDER DONALD L. I-IOWIE . EDWARD L. JACOBS . NORINIAN P. JOHNSON . ERLING P. O. LARSEN . . Council Bluffs . Iowa City . Dubuque . Des Moines . Keokuk . IVIalvern . Sibley . Linden . Sac City . Brighton . Iowa City . Bellevue . Boone . . Iowa City Los Angeles, Calif. West Des Moines . Iowa City . Chicago. Ill. . Osage . Boone . Gunnison, Utah Grand Forks, N. D. . . . Osage . Chicago, Ill. . Monticello . Sioux City River Falls, Wis. . . Davenport Page 4lU , I ARTHUR E. MCMAHON I. M. MAHARRY PAUL G. MEYER . WILLIAM L. MARTIN . CHARLES R. MONTZ . WARREN R. MOORE . PAUL W. MUSGRAN'E . GLEN E. NIELSEN EDWIN L. OX'ERHOLT MARXYIN L. PIBURN . FREDERICK G. PORTER . ROBERT B, RASMUS . MARK D. RAVREBY . ROBERT G. RIGLER . IOHN A. SCHIETZELT . IOSEPH G. SCHUPR, IR. RICHARD T. SEDLACEK . RICHARD T. SMITH . EARNEST E. SOMERS . LEVI W. SPOHNHEIMER JOHN D. STUHLER , PAUL F. TEMPEL . HENRY VAN DE POL . ROBERT ARTHUR WILCOX . LAWRENCE B. WILLIAMS RICHARD C. WOOTERS WARREN C. ZABLOUDIL ERNEST I. ZMOLEK . Page 411 Menomonie, Wis. . Clearfield . Dubuque Detroit, Mich. . Lowden Sioux City North Liberty . Algona . Decorah . Malvern . Iowa City . lowa City Brookline, Mass, Kenilworth, Ill. . Sioux City . Burlington . Cedar Rapids . Hazelton . Mt. Vernon . Donnellson . Monticello . Fort Dodge . Iowa City . Iowa City . . Olin . Des Moines . Burlington . Toledo ww QS5+g?i2 ,f,,c..,, 53213 5,224 Q W ' Slissyf'-'3E1:4iz, LT ' 2 si.: fl -615 ff 'f 5 digg . 145325523 , wg :Me A4vha Omega Agvha Front Row fleft to rightj: Erickson, Williams, Dr, McKee, Moore Back Row: Campbell, Iacobson, Goplerucl, McClurg, Spohnheimer Medztal Student Council Front Row fleft to rightj: Zmolek, Goplerucl, Day, Wooters, Cummings Back Row: Schacht, Kohlhass, Statton, Tyrell, Opfell, Trotzig, Nitzka Page 414 K flS1f2?nfE?EE JEAN E. ANGus . . WYONA MAE BEARE . HELEN A. BENEKE . PATRICIA A. BOWLER . ELEANOR R. CONNELL . GENEVIEVE S. COOK LORNA M. DELMING . MARGARET A. DIXON . TRIENTJE W. EvERTs . Io ANNE FILLENWORTI-I . VIRGINIA F. FOUNTAIN . BETTY L. FREDERICK . HELEN GARRETT . ELLEN L. GEORGE . IANICE GEORGE . . . LORETTA MAE GERDES CAROL LEE GRANDFIELD . RUTH DOLOREs GREENLEE HELEN V. GIIIESBAUM . SHIRLEY L. HALL . MAvIs R. HALVORSON . PI-IYLLIS A. HESSENIUS . MADRENE BLACK I-IouY JOAN A. IANSSEN . MILLICENT SuE IONES . PATRICIA ANN KING . MARY ELLA LAMB . . . Chicago, Ill. . Oelwein . Palmer . Sioux City . Dubuque . Independence . Colo . Ioliet, Ill. , Sac City . Marble Rock . Missouri Valley Western Springs, Ill. . Tabor . . Kent . Sioux Rapids Monticello . Creston . Perry . Waterloo Clinton . Decorah . Cedar Rapids . Iowa City . Northwood . Williamsburg Livingston, Mont. . Des Moines THERESA FRANCES MCTIGUE . . Spencer Page 416 BARBARA I. MILLER . I-IENRIETTA MOERSHEL COLLEEN MOSER . . SUSAN A. NEUWOEHNER VERYL BYERS PARMAN RUTH INGRID QUILL . MARGARET R. QLIINLAN PATRICIA A. ROBERTS . KATHLEEN R. SIMINGTON MARJORIE SHACKELFORD KATHRYN I. SHAFFER . BETTY IANE SHERMON . VIRGINIA I. SIMMONS DOROTHY ELAINE SMITH THEODORA STIARWALT . HELEN N. STONER . . Kellogg Homestead . Humeston . Sioux City . Iowa City . Oskaloosa La Grange, Ill. Cedar Rapids . Ruthven . Des Moines . Iowa City Detroit, Mich. Rock Island, IH. . Alexis, Ill. Galesburg, Ill. Cedar Rapids MARGARET TAYLOR . . Clarinda DOROTHY L. THEDE . . Glidden LELA L. TIMSON . . . Tabor IEAN M. WALLE . Kiester, Minn. HAZEL L. WESTERVELT . . Ames DOROTHY JONES WESTRICK . . Iowa City ERMA JEAN WILLIAMS . Conesville MARY L. WIRKLER . Garnavillo MARDELLE L. WRIGHT . Newton VIRGINIA SORENSON WYLIE . . . Nevada JOYCE E, ZIEGLER . . East Moline, Ill. Page 417 5 6 ff V , we ,xx Wg, f ws Sf? 552-sf. sv 'Q ,iw . x r 3 A if w Lvxaufww i if Student The Student Nurses' Association strives for the improvement of the conditions and stand- ards set up for the women in the school of nursing. Every woman in the school of nursing is a member of the organization. The govern- ing body is the Student Nurses' Council and the student body elects its members. This year, activities of the organization included sponsor- ing informal parties and furnishing material for the reading room. And for the first time an orientation program was set up for freshmen girls, which proved very successful. The fresh- men were also entertained at a tea early in the year, The outstanding social event of the year was the annual Caps' Caprice, semiformal dance at the Iowa Union, which was held just before Christmas. urses Assoczblzbn OFFICERS MAXINE SWAN President GERTRUDE SAAR Vice-President VELMA FLYNN Secretary IO SULLIVAN Treasurer GRACE YACKEY Keeper of the Archives LORETTA GERDES HENRIETTA MOERSHEL KATHRYN SHAFFER G. SATTERLEE COOK Sigma Theta Tau To promote higher educational standards and to sponsor educational research is the purpose of Sigma Theta Tau, national honorary society of nursing. The group's social activities during the school year of 1947-48 included a spring formal banquet honor- ing the new members, and the annual Christmas party at which the election of new officers was held. Members of Sigma Theta Tau also sold Christmas cards as a money-making project. Professional in- terest, promise in the Held of nursing and scholastic achievement are the basis of membership into Sigma Theta Tau. Page 420 ap.. A E11 cg Wm!-f LELAND C. ADAMS . CHARLES L. ALLENDER KENNETH R, ANDERSON JOHN RICHARD ANTON . RICHARD M. BARRY . JAY BAXTER, IR. . IVAN EARL BECKWITH . WILLIAM L. BLOETHE . VERNE RENNE BouLToN LLOYD I. BOWMAN . . KENNETH E. BRATNEY KENNETH M. BRIGHT . HOWARD R. BROWN . ELMER M. BRUCE . . MILEERD BRUNSVOLD . MAX W. CALLEN . ROBERT M. CHANEY IAMES B. CLANCY . GUY E. CLARK . . WOODROW B. CLENDENEN . CHARLES R. COMSTOCK ROBERT LYNN CONGER ALLEN L. CRAIN . JOSEPH C. CROPPER GEORGE R. DANE . . THOMAS E. DANIELS . MAYNARD E. DE NEuI GLENN D. DEVINE, IR. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Fairfield . Atlantic . Iowa City . Iowa City . Iowa City . Albia . Victor . . Iowa City Owatonna, Minn. . Portland, Ore. . Iowa City . Iowa City . Cedar Rapids . . Manly . Iowa City . Mt. Pleasant Royal Oak, Mich. . . Iowa City . Iowa City . Iowa City . Godfrey, Ill. Missouri Valley . . Waterloo . Iowa City . Louisville, Ky. . Wellsburg . Iowa City Page 422 CARL DOTSON . . ROBERT LANDELS DOTY IOHN T. ENGEL . . IULES D. ERIGKSON . ROBERT F. ERICKSON, IR. . . JAMES FANKHAUSER . GEORGE F. FARRELL . BENNETT M. FISCHER . ROBERT H. FRASER . HOWARD M. GAMMON RAYMOND S. GAULER . JAMES F. GEIGER . THEODORE L. GERSHUN DALE E. Goss . . . IAMES I-I. GREENE . . LESLIE H. GRIEEITH . LAWRENCE HAMRE . ROBERT L. I-IANBURY . CARL W. HANSEN . . CLYDE E. HARTZELL . CECIL WARE HINTON EUGENE JOHN HOGAN . GEORGE H. HOLOUBEK JAMES H. HAusLER . HAROLD A. I-ILIDAGHEK . JAMES WARD HYLAND . HUBERT E. IAECKEL PAUL ROBERT JONES . Page 423 . Atalissa ' Iowa City . Bennett . Stanton . . Cedar Rapids New York City, N. Y. . . Superior, Wis. . . Vinton . Rock Island, Ill. . Los Angeles, Calif. . . Iowa City Cedar Rapids . Council Bluffs . Muscatine . Iowa City . Iowa City . Des Moines . Orange, N. I. . Oskaloosa . Erie, Pa. . Coggon . Iowa City . Iowa City . Cedar Rapids . Chicago, Ill. . Cleveland, O. . Hamburg . Creston 'E We AA? Q 15' ZA .gift-I-H sta ff? . ag.. T5 W ago. vnu. 'Q-Q CHARLES W. KACENA . KENNETH E. KALLALIS . HARRY L. KAIIEMAN . GEORGE KEYES . ROBERT A. KOPPES . JAMES RUSSELL LANG . IOHN LANGENDOEN . . HAROLD ALBERT LARSON YIIE MING MAR . . WILLIAM HENRY MAYO . RICHARD L. MCCREEDY SIDNEY LEE NICDONOUGH HARVEY MCFATE . IOHN F. MCLAUGHLIN ROBERT R. MEARDON . BRII KISHORE MEHRA ROBERT H. MERCER . DONALD BYRON MEYER . RANDALL MEYER . IOIIN A. MILTON . RAYMOND EUGENE MOORE DONALD M. MOSHER . Ross MuLLINs . HERMAN NEBIKER . IOSEPH A. O'LEARY, IR. STEVE ORLIGH . . ERNEST L, PEMBERTON . DONALD C. PETERSEN . Center Point . Iowa City . . . . Lansing International Falls, Minn. . Des Moines . San Diego, Calif. , North Haledon, N. I, . . . Niota, Ill. Kelawna, B. C., Canada . . . Chicago, Ill. . Iowa City . Iowa City . Muscatine . Des Moines . . . Iowa City Kotah Rajputana, India . Keokuk Fort Madison . Mt. Union Cedar Rapids . Iowa City Rockford Wise, Va. Cedar Rapids . Iowa City . Johnston . West Branch . Greene Page 424 CHARLES WILLIAM PICKERING Cedar Rapids RALPH H. RAHE . . Cedar Rapids PHIL SAND ROSS . . . Iowa City IOHN C. SCHEIBENBERGER Shenandoah CARROL F. SCHNEIDER . West Amana CLAUDE B. SHARP . Greencastle, Pa. JOHN ROBERT SHAY . . Iowa City CLETuS P, SHERMAN . Cedar Rapids EDWIN CHARLES SINCOX . . Tama RAY IAMES SLEZAK . . Davenport HARRY R. SMITH, IR. . . Iowa City JACK MILLER SMITH . Des Moines JAMES S. SMITH . . . Aurora, Ill. NORMAN LESLIE SMITH Williamstown, MO. MARGARET STARN . Richmond, Calif. ROGER LINCOLN STEELE Van Wert, O. BRUCE STuRDEvANT . What Cheer JOSEPH BYRNE SUMMERS . . Ardon PHILIP JAMES THORSON . Iowa City IAMES CARR TODD . . . Tipton ROBERT I. VAN HORN Cedar Rapids EDWARD C. WALLACE La Feria, Tex. EVERETT C. WARD . . Washington HOWARD W. WARD . Park Ridge, Ill. MARK HENRY WEGENER . Burlington THOMAS DEAN WENGER . Wayland ROBERT JONES WHEELER . Iowa City ROBERT B. WHI'FELEY . Muscatine EARL I. WOOLEVER . . Nichols EDWARD PAuL WRIGHT Kansas City, MO. MALIRIGE E. WRIGHT . . Creston Page 425 Front Row Hoff to rightj: Bud Iaeckel, Peggy Starn Back Row: Dick Kidd, Ray Hudachek Assoczbted Students of Engzheerzhg OFFICERS H. E. IAECKEL President RICHARD KIDD Vice-President PEGGY STARN Secretary RAY HUDACHEK Treasurer The Associated Students of Engineering includes all stu- dents enrolled in the College of Engineering. A. S. E. sponsors the contest for the designing and erection of the annual Homecoming monument and the traditional Mecca week. This year, during Mecca week, an exhibition of electrical and chemical engineering feats was displayed: the traditional ceremony presenting the Blarney Stone buried by the last graduating class was madeg and climax- ing the weeks gaiety was the Mecca Ball at which the Mecca Queen and her attendants were presented. Super- vision of election of class omcers, financial responsibility for the ofiicial engineering publication, Transit, and the sponsoring of the senior engineering year book were among the many activities of the organization. Page 416 T he T ranszt The lowa Transit, official magazine of the Associated Students of Engineering, is the oldest student publication on this campus. Founded in 1890, this monthly magazine is sponsored by the Associated Students of Engineering. Transit is governed by the Transit Board composed of five students and four faculty members, but is entirely compiled and published by engineering students. This year, the staff inaugurated a plan in which the humaniza- tion of engineering was presented more fully, in an at- tempt to keep the publication from becoming too technical. The Transit featured articles on new technical develop- ments and listed engineering organizations, their qualifica- tions and activities. Transit received second place award for alumni news at the last convention of Engineering College Magazines Associated. OFFICERS MARK F. M EIER Editor-in-Chief EARL WQOLEVER Business Manager GORDON PETERMAN Assistant Editor Front Row fleft to rightj: Peterman, Meier, Sodemann Back Row: Carson, Kraatz, Kudrle, Ohsman Page 427 Front Row fleft to rightj: DeNeui, Carmichael, McDonough, Meyer, Nilsson, Wooleyer Row 2: Bolte, Hansen, Moore, Adams, Sharp, Boulton, Hartzell Row 3: Meier, Kudrle, Bright, Golden, Krekel, Mercer, Wegener Back Row: Carson, Doty, Conger, Clendenen, Gauler, Hunstad, Chantry Tau Bela Tau Beta Pi, honorary fraternity for junior, senior and graduate engineers, corresponds to Phi Beta Kappa in Liberal arts. Members are chosen from the upper per- centages of the junior and senior classes as well as out- standing men in the engineering field. Service, as well as scholarship, is stressed by Tau Beta Pi. This year the organization once again conducted an instructor and course rating program in the college of engineering, worked on an engineering educational movie to be shown in high schools throughout the state, and sponsored a student-faculty breakfast. Robert Stocker won the fresh- man scholastic award offered by Tau Beta Pi. Pi OFFICERS RANDALL MEYERS President IAMES NILSSON Vice-President MAYNARD DENEUI Recording Secretary EARL WOOLEVER Treasurer ROBERT CARMICHAEL Corresponding Secretary SIDNEY L, MCDONOUGH Catalogue-r Page 428 Z 1kJf1f 32, 5 , 1, , N .., , ,Wg , H Q ,i Ng My i ank, M,-my X --Q f - y Av dawmwmsy-A N, DOROTHY MAX' CALVIN . BEVERLY IEAN CARLSON GERALD JOSEPH COOPER JOHN RUSSELL DAVID EDWARD MARCUS ELSTAD MARX' ADINE FORSBERG HAROLD C. BIIRKHALTER FRANK CLARENCE GROEE EUGENE SPATZ HUBBARD KARL LESTER KECK . GEORGE W. MANDERSON JOSEPH A. MANNINO . ILSE OLGA POHLING . CLAIRE DARDEN RANKIN RAYMOND PAUL ROGERS, IR. . NORMAN F. SCHOONOVER WILLIAM L. SIEBERT JOSEPH L. STREMFEL . RAYMOND I. SIITTER . CHARLES JOHN WILLIER . Waterloo . Tipton . Ames . Paullina . Iowa City . Sioux City . Galesburg, Ill. . Ossian . Iowa City . Bonaparte . . Davenport Hackensack, N. . . Davenport Iohnson City, Tenn. Newburgh, N. Y. Washington Downers Grove, Ill. . . . Colfax . Burlington Centerville Page 430 Q I Front Row fleft to rightj: Vande Voort, Carlson, Pahling. Galvin Back Row: Peterson, Wilke, Rankin, Sutz Kappa Epszfon Kappa Epsilon, national pharmacy sorority, was estab- lished on the Iowa campus in 1921, This year Kappa Ep- silon was represented at the national convention at Madi- son, Wis., and alumnae and faculty were honored at a party inaugurating the 194748 school year. A Christmas party highlighted the year's social program. Last fall the annual "coke" party was held for freshman girls in Dhar- macy, and Qctober witnessed the initiation and pledging of new members. The aim of Kappa Epsilon is to promote cooperation between students and faculty, to strive for higher scholarship, and to provide bonds of friendship be- tween girls in pharmacy. Page 431 OFFICERS BEVERLY CARLSON President CLAIRE RANKIN Vice-President ILSE POHLING Secretary MARTHA SEITZ Treasurer MARY IANE VANDE VOORT Historian 'ESF Q!! was - ff :guy ' :jk KL lim W.. , ni, Q. Wav Sf' Loolezhg Backward , . , W' W Favorite pastime , , . Canterbury Club goes caroling . . . Page 434 Hueksters Sally Henry and Harriet Boekenhoff at W. R. A. Carnival . . . Pi I'hi's Evaline Fisher, Mary Ann VVood, Hattie Hoegh, Mary Lewis admire scholarship cup . . . Mrs. Pownall and Reno Marcello seem to appreciate Rollo Bcrgesoiis humor at Wziyzqoose Banquet , . . West Pointers here to debate . . . iiThe Horse Fair" is moved into the Art hiiildiiig "They Hy through the air '... H It's Spring again . . , . bringing to you the lowu-Nlichigan basketball game . . liinlen Tunnell after the Notre Dame game . . . Mel l-leckt draws alphabet letter for second semester registrn- T1'lmmlUQ the Union Chfisfmiis U99 ' ' - tion . . . The I-XTO's relax . . . President and Nlrs. Hznichei' say goodbye to ii guest at the Dr. Eddie Anderson runs into an old friend at Notre Dame Fall Ofienmtion T03 . ' - Four hours before the Iowa-lllinois basketball game . . . Vacation time . . . The September Convocation on the west lawn of Old Capitol Spank Broders blows his own horn . . Mid-year Commencement . . . Quadrangle orchestra . , jerry Feniger interviews Stan Kenton . . . Life drawing class . . . The cheerleaders in action . , . Millie Grossman has her Hawkeye senior picture taken . . University chorus and orchestra present Bachs Qratorio . . R. Bruce Hughes himself . . . Governor Blue at a Young Republicans' meeting . . , Page 435 Page 4 'W Murray Wier presents Hawkeye Queen Shirley Beers with ai Profile preview style show . . bouquet of roses . . . Queen Marian Encisley reigns :it Independent MiXei'. flanked by Wfeslgy' Polmdafjoll fl-QQ qgrg gi trimming , , , Frank Hflffler EAUSICUC ThO1HCS01i. Richard FUQQFR LPS Fields- A-a-a-ai-hi 'Taini what you think' Ron Hczidingtori rc-claims Sig Ep Frontier Party . . . his watch and wallet after a football' qame . . , A Aesculapian Frolic, 330 Aesculapian Queen, 350 Air Corps Unit, 204 Alpha Chi Omega, 82 Alpha Delta Pi, 84 Alpha Delta Sigma, 273 Alpha Kappa Kappa, 140 Alpha Lambda Delta, 268 Alpha Omega Alpha, 414 Alpha Phi Omega, 292 Alpha Tau Omega, 108 Alpha Xi Delta, 86 Art, 193 Art Guild, 296 Associated Students of Engi- neering, 426 B Band, 186 Barristers' Ball, 327 Baseball, 240 BASKETBALL, 229 Battalion Staffs, 198 BEAUTIES, 339 Beta Theta Pi, 110 Billy Mitchell, 200 BOARD OF EDUCATION. 30 C THE CAMPUS, 13 Canterbury Association, 305 Caps Caprice, 331 Central Party Committee, 318 Chi Omega, 88 Chorus, 185 Clinton Place, 64 Collegiate Chamber of Com- merce, 295 Congregation-Christian Fel- lowship, 312 Cooperative Dormitory Asso- ciation, 62 Cross Country, 251 Currier Hall, 50 Currier Sweethearts, 347 Currier Sweetheart Dance, 325 D Dad's Day Dance, 322 Daily Iowan, 166 Deans, 31 Debate, 182 Delta Chi, 112 Delta Delta Delta, 90 Delta Gamma, 92 Delta Sigma Delta, 150 Tolvztal Index Delta Sigma Pi, 277 Delta Sigma Rho, 180 Delta Tau Delta, 114 Delta Theta Pi, 402 Delta Upsilon, 116 DENTISTRY, 405 Directors, 34 Discussion, 181 Dolphin Club, 243 Dolphin Queens, 345 DORMITORIES, 49 Drama, 188 E Eastlawn, 61 ENGINEERING, 421 Engineering Unit, 204 F Faculty Glimpses, 40 FINE ARTS, 183 FOOTBALL, 213 Forensics Association, 179 Freshman Council, 290 Frivol, 170 Friuol Beauties, 344 G Gamma Alpha Chi, 272 Gamma Eta Gamma, 400 Gamma Phi Beta, 94 Gamma Delta, 306 THE GREEKS, 81 H HAWKEYE, 168 HAWKEYE Queen, 340 Highlanders, 207 Hillcrest, 71 Hillcrest Iinx lump, 334 Hillel Foundation, 301 Homecoming, 320 Home Economics Club, 291 Honorary Cadet Colonel and Court, 348 HONORARIES, 265 I Infantry Unit, 205 Information First, 289 Interlraternity Council, 107 Interlraternity Dance. 326 Interfraternity Pledge Prom, 335 Interfraternitv Pledge Queen, 349 INTEREST GROUPS, 279 International Club, 44 I Iudiciary Board, 287 K Kappa Alpha Theta, 96 Kappa Epsilon, 431 ' Kappa Kappa Gamma, 98 Kappa Phi, 308 L L.A. AND COMMERCE SENIORS, 355 Law Commons, 76 Law School Association, 399 LAW SENIORS, 394 Loyola House, 78 Lutheran Student Association, 307 M Madison Court, 59 MARRIED STUDENTS Mecca Ball, 336 Mecca Queen, 350 Medical Student Council, 414 Medical Unit, 205 MEDICINE, 409 Men's Intramurals, 252 MILITARY, 195 Military Ball, 202 Military Department Staff, 196 Mortar Board, 267 Mountaineers, 293 N Newman Club, 302 NURSING, 415 Nu Sigma Nu, 142 O Omicron Delta Kappa, 266 Orchestra, 184 Orientation, 286 OTHER SPORTS, 239 P Panacea, 280 Panhellenic Council, 106 PARTIES, 317 Pershing Rifles, 199 PERSONALITIES, 27 PHARMACY, 429 Pharmacy Prize Prom, 333 Phi Alpha Delta, 404 Phi Beta Kappa, 271 Phi Beta Phi, 144 Phi Chi, 146 Phi Delta Phi, 403 Page 438 Phi Delta Theta, 118 Phi Epsilon Pi, 120 Phi Eta Sigma, 276 Phi Gamma Delta, 122 Phi Gamma Nu, 278 Phi Kappa Psi, 124 Phi Kappa Sigma, 138 Phi Rho Sigma, 148 Pi Beta Phi, 100 Pi Kappa Alpha, 126 Pi Lambda Theta, 275 Pontoniers, 201 Pow-Wow, 319 PRESIDENT HANCI-IER'S MESSAGE, 28 Psi Omega, 152 PUBLICATIONS, 165 Q Quadrangle, 66 R Registration, 281 Regimental Staffs, 197 RELIGIOUS GROUPS, 297 Rifle Teams, 206 Roger Williams, 310 S Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 128 Page 439 Sigma Chi, 130 Sigma Delta Chi, 269 Sigma Delta Tau, 102 Sigma Nu, 132 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 134 Sigma Theta Tau, 420 South Quadrangle, 74 SPEECH, 175 Spinster's Spree, 323 Student Christian Council, 304 Student Council, 38 Student Federalists, 294 Student Nurses Association, 419 Student Publications Inc., 174 Swimming, 241 T Tau Beta Pi, 428 Theta Sigma Phi, 270 Theta Xi, 136 Town Men, 80 Town Men's Hobo Party, 332 Town Women, 65 Track, 248 Transit, 427 U Union Board, 282 Union Subcommittees, 283 University Prom, 328 University Womens Associa- tion, 284 V Vocational Conference, 288 W Wesley Foundation, 309 Westlawn, 57 Westlawn Annex, 59 Westminster Fellowship, 311 Womens Intramurals, 258 Womens Physical Education, 260 Women's Recreation Associa- tion, 254 WOMEN'S SPORTS, 253 Woodchoppers Ball, 324 Wrestling, 246 WSUI, 176 Y Young Men's Christian Asso- ciation, 300 Young Women's Christian As sociation, 298 Z Zeta Tau Alpha, 104 Zeta Phi Eta, 274 Adams, Colleen, 356 A Abel, Robert William, 356 Abodeely, Vicki, 347 Achenbach, Dorothy, 207 Achor, Cleda I., 356 Ackev, R. D., 141 Ackley, Richard Myron, 125, 356 Adamek, Philip L., 356 Pzklure Index Anderson, Richard E., 356 Anderson, Robert, 133, 283 Anderson Robert P., 356, 400 Anderson Ross, 228 Anderson Anderson Sharon, 89 Truman, 151, 276, 283 Anderson, Virginia M., 356, ,399 Anderson, Virginia N., 51, 207, 399 Andresen Edgar H. 356 Adams, Donald A., 276 Adams, Donald G., 356 Adams, Iames R., 276, 356 Adams, Iack Ashton, 356 Adams, Leland C., 267, 422 Adams, Olyve N., 356 Adamson, Adamson, Maj. William, 207 Neil C., Ir., 356 Airth, Nancy, 97 Albers, Donald Deen, 133, 356 Ancirewsf Dorothy A., 51, 356 Albert, Betty L., 89, ,356 Albert, T. I., 145 Alberti, Robert, 143, 410 Albrecht, Allen D., 356 Albrecht, Iohn G., 356 Albright, Dolores M., 356 Albright, Richard C,, 135 Albrizio, Prof. Humbert, 193, 296 Alexander, George E., 125 Alexander, Reginald, 123 Allbaugh, Ianet, 399 Allbee, Ianet S., 356 Allen, Barbara, 91 Allen, Glenn E., 394 Allen, Morris L., 68, 356 Allen, Vivian Lee, 89, 356 Allender, Charles L., 422 Allgire, Harold E., 356 Amdor, Wayne, 273 Amend, Conrad, 283 Ament, Myrna, 272 Ames, Guy, 277 Ames, Hugh, 135, 277 Ames, Wayne R., 356 Amick, Richard, 133 Amies, Iohn, 115 Angus, Iean E., 416 Anneberg, Mary Louise, 290 Annis, Darrell, 125 Anton, Iohn Richard, 422 Ansley, William A., 131, 357 Antes, R. S., 147 Argenbright, Annabelle, 89 Arkin, Alan, 121 Arkoff, Harold B., 273 Armbruster, Coach David, 242 Arms, Paul Ray, 357 Armstrong, Wayne, 135 Arnold, Ioann Young, 357 Arons, Marlene, 99, 346 Arp, Carl Owen, 357 Arp, Louis, 111 Artley, Frances, 207 Asarch, Louis L., 121, 357 Aschoff, Carl, 111 Ashland, Marcia, 93, 278, 357 Ashmead, Willa, 65, 278, 287 Ashton, Iohn, 153 Asmus, Glen Henry, 357 Aspel, Prof. Alexander, 44 Aspholm, Wayne P., 68 Asprey, Robert, 115 Atherton, Anita, 97 Atkinson, Glenn Dale, 357 Auner, Margaret, 99, 399 Aurner, Robert, 129 Avery, Ann, 283, 278 Avery, Mr. Iames, 194, 296 Ayres, Io Carol, 357 Ayres, Myrna, 268 Azar, Abdullah, 44 Barickman, Mary Barbara, 99, 357 Barickman, Polly, 291 Barker, Darlene Mae, 357 Barlow, Anna Mae Fell, 357 Barnes, Iasper, 1,31 Barnes, Margaret, 207 Barnhouse, Pat, 215 Barnt, Robert V., Ir., 357 Barrett, Frank, 277 Barron, Iames R., 394 Barron, William, 111 Barry, Betty, 85 Barry, Daniel, 151, 406 Barry, Richard M., 422 Bartels, Edward, 117 Bartholomew, Lloyd E., 357 Barton, Donald Elmer, 357 Barton, Mr. Fred, 179 Barwick, William, 131 Baster, Iay, Ir., 422 Bastran, Robert, 131 Bates, Evelyn, 87 Bauch, Iohn S., 139 Bauer, Donald, 215 Bauer, Harold A., 357 Bauer, Iames, 143 Bauer, Marybelle, 357 Anundsen, Anderson, Iack, 131 Andrew, 107 Anderson, Arthur F., 356 Anderson, Barbara, 91 Anderson, Betty M., 356 Anderson, Carlton Iames, 356, 400 Anderson, C. E., 145 Anderson, Carolyn 168, 266, 284, 356, 399 Anderson, Charles R. S., 356 Anderson, Dale, 117, 168 Anderson, Doris, 91, 215 Anderson, Dorothy, 51 Anderson, Dr. Eddie, 228 Anderson, Everett A., 394 Anderson, Evlyn, 59 Anderson, George S., 143 Anderson, Iean, 85 Anderson, Kenneth R., 422 Anderson, Lorraine M., 278, 356 Anderson, Marilyn, 207 Anderson, Mary Frances, 91 Anderson, M. Iean, 356 Anderson, Nick, 125 Anderson, Patience I., 356 Anderson, Patricia M., 59 Anderson, Paul G., 356 Anderson, Priscilla I., 356 B Babcock, Ted, 332 Bachman, Norton E., 357 Backus, Katherine, 64 Bagge, Beverly, 51, 280 Bagley, Betty, 89 Bahr, Ioyce, 83, 302 Baird, Prof. A. Craig, 174, 179 Baker, Corinne, 97 Baker, Iames Sadler, 282, 357 Baker, Ian, 123 Baker, Ioan, 85 Baker, Iohn, 111 Baker, Merrill T., 357 Baker, Robert T., 141 Baldridge, Barbara, 91 Balensiefer, Don L., 77, 357 Balhorn, Richard C., 357 Balkema, Mary, 95 Ball, Robert, 145 Ball, William, 119 Ballantyne, Carl D., 292 Bane, Bette, 327 Bane, Opal Angela, 357 Baner, Marybelle, 291 Banks, Earl, 228 Bannon, Marcella Mary, 357 Barad, Betty, 103, 301 Bauer, Rudolph I., 133, 357 Bauer, William, 267 Baughman, Donald, 135 Baumann, Lynette, 306 Baumer, Sol, 121 Baumert, I. Erland, 394, 400 Baxter, Pearl, 63 Bayley, Mary Alice, 93 Beach, Virginia L., 311, 357 Beare, Wynona Mae, 416 Beatty, Marilyn, 268 Bechtel, Eleanor, 59 Beck, Hal P., 77, 394, 403 Beck, Richard, 135 Becker, Frederick I., 357 Becker, Paul William, 125, 357 Beckman, Lila Iean, 357 Beckwith, Ivan Earl, 422 Bedell, Norma Iean, 87, 272 Bednasek, Ben, 135 Beechen, Pauline, 103, 399 Beecher, Agnes, 291 Beechler, Barbara, 268 Beeh, Edward, 135 Beenck, Warren W., 273 Beers, Shirley, 342 Beezley, Donald, 133 Behnke, Kathleen, 268 Beinsten, Peter, 72, 73 Beiser, Rev. I. Ryan, 302 Bell, Bonne, 64, 291 Belle, Howard, 109 Bell, Vincent, 72 Beller, Mary C., 357 Benda, Russ, 228 Bender, Paul, 109 Bendorf, Marvin, 135 Beneke, Helen A., 416 Benesh, Patricia, 215, 291 Benge, Donald K., 410 Benish, Iames, 277 Bennett, Dorothy H., 291, 357 Bennett, Herbert R., .394 Bennett, Phyllis, 291 Beno, George, lll Benson, Iacqueline S., 357 Benson, Robert E., 72, 73, 357 Page 440 Bens on, Robert I., 357 Bentz, Chester R., Ir., 401 Benz, Robert, 357 Berdo, Mary Ruth, 83, 169 Berdo, Thomas I., 358 Berens, Burdette M., 141 Berg B. C., 141 Berg: Iohn Douglas, 171, 358 Berg, Lloyd E., 131, 242 Berg Marshall, 119 Berg: Phu, 129 Berg, Richard Martin, 125, 358 Berg, Walter L., 358 Berge, Edward G., 77 Bergen, D. K., 141 Berger, David G., 205, 410 Bergman, Harold R., 276 Bergman, Iohn Rees, 358 Berg Berg Berg man, William, 276, 403 uin, Iacqueline, 59 quist, Robert, 119 Berkey, Earl Kenneth, 358 Berman, Ruth Maxine, 103, 358 Bernstein, Shirley M., 103, 358 Berry, Thomas Raymond, 358 Berson, Iean, ,301 Berthalf, Walker L., 358 Betts, Lois, 283 Bevins, Mike, 123 Bhatia, V. N., 44 Biber, Stanley H., 410 Bickford, Burton C., 358 Biddle, Iacqueline, 83 Biere, Fred, 311 Biggins, Raymond, 277 Billick, Ned H., 358 Billings, Catherine, 93, 283 Bills, Russell, 131 Binns, Priscilla 358 Bird, Iune, 57 Birdsall, Ben, 403 Bishop, Barbara, 91 Bishop, Samuel, 113 Bissell, Fred, 78, 79 Bjork, Harlan, 201 Black, K. H., 206 Black, Lois, 272, 284, 288, 358 Black, Mamie Irene, 358 Blackburn, Beverlee, 59 Blackman, Nahum, 151 Blackman, Richard, 117 Blackstone, Ierome R., 139 Blair, Merle E., 358 Blaise, Elizabeth, 97, 358 Blakeslee, Eleanor, 64 Blankenburg, Arley, 72, 73, 310, Blaser, Frank, 113 Blaskovich, Mary, 302 Bleeker, William, 228 Bliss, Robert L., 77, 394, 403 Block, Carroll A., 307 Block, Tom Harcourt, 358 Block, W. L., 117, 206 Bloethe, William L., 135, 422 Blood, Betty, 87 Bloomburg, Albin, 123 Bloomquist, Gerald E., 358 Blum, Ioyce Boehmler, 358 Blum, Lee Burton, 394 Blunck, Ralph, 277 Bockenstedt, Ioan, 334 Boda, Iva B., 358 Boege, Donald Amos, 358 Boehm, Iohn, 115 Boes, Toni, ,344 Boeye, Robert, 394 Bogen, Iohn Arthur, 394 Bogue, Betty Iane, 278, 358 Bohac, Frank Alfred, 358 Boland, Robert S.. 358 Page 441 Bolte, William C., 428 Bomke, Virginia L., 358 Bonar, Patricia Alice, 358 Bone, Dorothy Iane, 87, 358 Book, Wayne, 77, 394, 401 Boorbaugh, Gladys, 72 Boose, Arthur Robert, 358 Booton, Loy M., 123, 273, 358 Borchart, Donald, 394, 401 Borchart, Dorothy S., 394 Bordner, Robert, 131 Bornholdt, Marjorie A., 358 Boswell, William, 129 Boulton, Verne Renne, 422, 428 Bowers, Ioy, 97 Bowler, Patricia A., 57, 416 Bowman, Lloyd I., 422 Boyce, Alyce Florence, 358 Boyd, Iohn, 125 Boylan, Richard P., 129, 358 Boyle, Virginia Ann, 358 Brach, Paul, 194, 296 Bradke, Iohn, 119 Bradley, Francis I., 78, 358 Bradley, Iames, 79 Brain, Donald, 277 Brandau, Beverly Iean, 359 Brandt, Milo, 69 Brandt, Thomas H., 359 Branstad, Clifford O., 359 Brashares, Robert M., 304, 359 Bratney, Kenneth E., 422 Brattebo, Howard, 117 Brauch, Alfred V., 78 Brauer, Richard, 306 Brawner, Richard F., 199 Breaw, Lenore, 87, 291 Breckenridge, Iean, 207 Brefeldt, Williain, 73 Breen, Cecilia, 59 Breen, Raymond F., 77 Bregman, Dorothy Ann, 359 Brekken, Iudean C., 77, 394, 401 Brendel, Alfred, 141 Brennecke, Edith, 89 Brennecke, Eleanor, 89 Brooks, Thomas, 276 Brose, Robert F., 38, 359 Brotman, Marlyn, 103 Brower, Lester, 252, 334 Brower, Patricia, 307 Brown, Benjamin W., 359 Brown, Donald, 115 Brown, Dorothy, 99, 215, 291 Brown 1 Ellsworth A., Ir., 276 Brown, Howard R., 422 Brown, E. S., 147 Brown, Iean E., 215 Brown, Lona, 83 Brown, Marian, 93, 283 Brown, Ralph S., 135, 277, 282, 295 359 Brown, Robert W., 135, 252 Brownlee, S. I., 119, 168, 359 Bruce, Elmer M., 422 Brunelle, Barbara I., 99, 359 Brunsyold, Lillian, 215 Brenton, Carolyn, 93 Bresnahan, Coach G. T., 249 Bressler, Iohn D., 135 Bridge, Barton, 143 Bridge, Phyllis, 97 Briggs, Connie, 89 Briggs, Briggs, Prof. Iohn E., 276 Roderick E., 169, 276 Bright, Kenneth M., 422 Brindlcy, R. W., 145 Brinker, Elizabeth E., 410 Brinklneyer, Kermit, 71, 72 Brunsvold, Milferd, 422 Brush, Milo G., 119 Bryan, C. G., 141 Bryan, Robert, 131 Bryan, Stephen G., ,359 ' Bryzek, Walter R., 359 Buchanan, Leo, 143 Buchanan, Robert, 131 Buchanan, Russell G., 77, 394, 403 Bucker, Agnes, 359 Buckingham, Frank I., 95 Buckley, Iane, 215 Bucksbaum, Solomon P., 95, 121 Budelier, Gene, 127 Budiselich, Delores, 359 Budwig, Mary A., 83, 278, 359 Buelow, Robert, 306 Buffum, Robert, 73 Buhmann, Anne, 65 Buhs, William Peter, 69, 359 Bullinger, Iohn L., 359 Bulyer, Georgia, 308 Bump, William C., 117, 359 Burger, Dick, 117 Burgess, Iohn I., 359 Burgett, Kenneth, 111 Burke, Ioseph, 125 Burke, Kathleen H., 215, 359 Burket, Le Roy, 194, 296 Burkett, Charles, 125 Burkhalter, Harold C., 428 Burnell, Muriel M.. 359 Burney, Martha, 311 Burney, William, 129, 179 Burns, Vincent C., 359 Burress, Richard, 76, 77, 394, 403 Burretts, Porter B., 129, 215, 295, 359 Brisben, Iane, 64, 278 Brisben, Lois, 64, 278 Bristow, Barry, 119 Bro, Manville, 71, 72 Brobeil, Colleen E., 59, 359 Broberg, Harlan, 119 Broberg, Zoe, 63 Brockway, David, 242, 243 Broderick, Byron T., 276 Broderick, Iack, 119 Broderick, Keith E., 78 Broderick, Peggy, 83 Broders, Forrest, 269 Brodersen, Robert E., 359 Bron, Hubert E., 359 Burrill, Claude W., 359 Burt, Virginia, 95, 399 Burtis, Carol F., 97, 359 Burton, Keith, 147 Busching, Dean L., 359 Bush, Elizabeth 359 Butler, Butler, Ianet C., 359 Lawrence B., 360 Butler, Robert, 129 Butler, Butler, Wallace Webb, 282, William Champ, 394 320, 394 Brooks, Arthur E., ,359 Brooks, Chad, 166 Brooks, Lawrence E., Ir., 406 Brooks, Lester I., Ir., 109, 174, 2 359 Brooks, Richard C., 359 Brooks, Robert C., 269, 359 Buxton, Shirley, 91, 179 Bybee, Lyman Cline, 394 Bye, William, 252 Byers, David B., 360 Byers, Iohn Robert, 360, 404 Bygrave, Barbara I., 97, 360 Byram, Burns M., 141, 360 Byrd, Doris Lee, 194, 296 Byrd, Ioe, 228 Byrne, Paul Edward, 360 Byrnes, Thomas W., ,360 Collin Campbell, Charles S., 360 Chew, Carson, C Caba, I. R., 206 Cahalan, Ioseph, 151 Cahill, William, 302 Cales, Ted, 69 Callaghan, Iohn, 125 Callen, Max W., 422 Camp, Frank, 113 Campbell, Iohn, 127 Campbell, Malcolm K., 147, 410 Campbell, Marjorie, 207 Chantry, William A., 428 Chapman, Charles G., Ir., 143 Chapman, Loree, 64 Chappell, Roger, 131 Charles, Carroll, 307 Charles, Robert, 109 Charlson, Blanche, 307 Charlton, William, 125, 181 Cheetham, Robert, 310 Chen, Ienfyuan, 44 Cohoe, Dan P., 242 Cohrs, Robert, 133 Colanino, Sebastino, 246 Colbornson, Doris, 207 Colby, Charles, 111 Colby, Ianis, 95 Coler, Iohn I., 361 Collender, Ioan B., 361 Collins, Richard B., 361 s, Robert C., 361 Chenault, Miles S., 394, 400 Chtrniss, Edward I., 149, 360 Lyonel L., 360 Campbell, Robert V., 360 Campbell, Rosalie, 59 Campbell, Sue, 335 Campbell, William, 73 Canedy, Ann, 89, 168, 215 Cannady, Robert F., 360 Cannon, Carol A., 99, 360 Cannon, Wilbur David, 115, 273, 277, 360 Capen, Charlotte, 99 Capen, Edward K., 360 Carberry, Iacqueline, 91, .380 Card, Keith Bernard, 360 Chinitz, Manuel Paul, 360 Chinitz, Marcia, 360 Chipman, Io Ann, 91 Chittenden, Harold, 135 Chose, Daniel C., 117 Chowdhary, Hari, 44 Christen, Marie, 64 Christensen, Beverly I., 59, 291 Christensen, Cloyd, 310 Christensen, Iean, 95 Christensen Lee, 74 Carlson Prof. Frank, 228 Carideo, , Beverly Iean, 428, 431 Carlson, Constance, 89, 207, 360, 399 Carlson, Doris Mae, 360 Carlson, Iack, 111 Carlson, Raymond, 111, 246 Carlson, Roger, 111 Carlson, Roy, 228 Carmichael, Robert, 428 Carney, Dene, 273 Carpenter, Iack, 12,3 Carpenter, Ierrell D., 76, 77 Carpenter, Robert, 123 Christensen, Oreson, 74 Christian, Iack, 123 Christiansen, Beverly, 284 Christiansen, Clarence H., 394 Christiansen, Flo, 309 Christiansen, Richard, 361 Christoph, Robert E., 95 Chrystal, Iohn, 115 Church, Richard, 119 Cilek, Ioe, 125 Cimprich, Wilmer G., 361, 403 Cirks, Irvin, 113 Claassen, William, 394, 401 Clancy, Iames B., 422 Clancy, Kenneth M., 361 Collins, Thomas, 131 Collister, Ruth G., 361 Combs, Suzanne, 85 Comfort, Frank, 133 Compton, Ioyce Marie, 168, 361 Comstock, Charles R., 422 Comstock, Iohn, 401 Condon, William, 199, 206 Cone, Ieanne, 91, 278 Conger, Robert Lynn, 72, 422, 428 Conine, Iames, 276 Conn, George, 12,3 Connell, Eleanor R., 58, 416 Connell, Iames, 117 Conner, Robert, 115 Conrad, Iames, 119 Conrad, Paul, 119 Conrad, William, 115 Conry, William Iames, 361 Conw Cook, ell, Catherine C., 361 Carolyn, 97, 350 Cook, Genevieve S., 416 Cook, George Robert, 394 Cook, Ira, 129 Cook, Iames, 153, 406 Cook, Iulius E., 145, 205 Cook, Marshall W., 361 Cook, Ronald Iames, 361 Cooley, Marthabelle, 207 Carpentier, Ioseph G., 394 Carrier, Helen, 85 Carroll, Edmund H., Ir., 360 Carroll, Ioe, 133 Carroll, Iohn B., 133 Carroll, Thomas I., 149, 410 Earl W., 427, 428 Carson, Raymond, 145, 410 Carstensen, David, 153 Carter, Howard R., 143, 360 Carter, Iames Goodlow, 360 Cartwright, Thomas B., 360 Carty, Ed, 129 Cary, Robert, 133 Casey, Mary Iean, 93, 360 Casey, Neil, 117 Cashman, Iames P., 404 Caslavka, Iohn R., 77, 394 Cass, Harrison E., 394, 400 Cass, Vera, 59, 410 Cassidy, Ioseph W., 360 Casson, Madonna, 51 Caster, Letty Iune, 332 Castle, Mary T., 360 Cathcart, Earl, 131 Caudle, Harold V., 143, 360 Cave, Shirley Iean, 64, 360 Cebuhar, Stanley W., 302, 360 Ceccarelli, Seena L., 215, 360 Celke, Ruth, 168 Cepikoff, Louis, 121 Cerny, Howard F., 76, 77, 394, 404 Chadima, Alyce Mary, 93 Chadima, Glen, 109 Chadima, Richard W., 109, 360 Chamberlain, William, 133 Champion, Arlene K., 360 Champion, Ivan W., 360 Chance, Diana, 105 Chaney, Kirk, 131 Chaney, Robert M., 422 Clappison, G. B., 149 Clark, Anna M., 361 Clark, A. M., 145 Clark, Carol E., 105, 361 Clark, Craig Olds, 361 Clark, Guy E., 422 Clark, Iames G., ,361 Clark, Robert, 135 Clark Romane Lewis 361 Coon, Shirley, 64 Coontz, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper Cooper Cooperi Virginia E., '51, 309, 361 Harvey, 283 Elizabeth A., 361 Gerald Ioseph, 78, 79, 428 Iames, 135, 215 Iohn Gilbert 394 Copeland, Lawrence S., 115 Ciaseli, Dorothy, 61, 361 Clausen, George C., 361 Clausen, Iohn Auqust, 361 Clausing, Bonnie L., 288, 361 Claussen, Freddie, 306 Claussen, Ierry, 109 Claussen, Reuben 361 Clearman, Sally, 99 Clemens, Al, 149 Clemmensen, Fritz I., 394 Clendenen, Woodrow B., 422, 4 Clithero, Thomas, 133 Clough, Ray, 394, 403 Clovis, Paul C., Ir., 133 Clyde, Ioseph Lovell, 361 Clymer, Warren, 280 Coats, Ronald, 109 Cobb, Stanley S., 361 Cochran, Margaret, 95, 215 Cockerill, Iames Iohn, 361 Cockshoot, Mort I., 394. 404 Coder, William D., Ir., ,361 Coffey, Darrell D., 361 Coffey. R. N., 206 Collin, Elizabeth, 59 Coffman, Iames, 133 Coffman, Robert, 133 Cohen, Bertram, 121 Cohen, Deborah, 301 Cohen, Herman, 361 Cohen, Miriam, 301 Cohen, Theodore, 121 Copple, Ralph, 121 Corcoran, Richard T., 361 Cords, Marilou, 290 Corey, Benjamin A., 119, 361 Corey, Paul F., 76, 77, 394 Cornell, David, 267 Cornwall, Iohn L., 125 Corwin, Betty, 308 Coryell, Helen E., 361 Corzatt, Claude, 277 Costas, Helen, 105, 278 Cotton, Angus, 115 Couqhlon, Ieremiah R., 361 Coulter, Chan, 12,3 Counsell, Plgyllis I., 64, 361 Countryman, Dayton, 394, 400 Covert, Carolyn, 290 Cowperthwaite, Lowery, 182 Cox, Iune, 406 Coy, Malcom Lee, 119, 362 Coyne, Ron, 127 Cozad, Iames, 125, 228 Crabb, D. N., 145 Crabb, Ian, 123 Craibbe, Kathylene, 59 Craiger, Iames S., Ir., 362 Craiger, Sidney, 125 Crain, Allen L., 422 Cramblit, Ioan, 97 Cramblit, Sally, 101 Crane, Charles T., 111 Crane, Charles W., 111 Crapp, Dorothy, 310 Page 442 Crave n, George, 151 Craven, Iohn, 69 Crawford, Adrian, 362 Crawford, Dean, 131 Cray, Glenn, 131, 273 Crayne, Rex, 283 Creamer, Mary E., 215, 278 Crewse, William, 127 Criss, Croke Iohn, 125 r, Mary Ann, 362 Cropper, Ioseph C., 125, 422 Cross, Iames W., 151 Crous e, Donald, 72 Crowley, Cletus C., 277, 362 Crumley, Robert, 332 Cuddi ngton, Iames W., 362 Cuhrs, Robert, 133 Culha ne, Iames L., 201 Cumming, Dorothy, 283 Cummings, William, 109 Cunni Curra Curre ngham, Robert, 273 n, Duke, 228 nt, Rosemary I., 83, 106, 362 Currie, Edward M., 117, 362 Curtis, Melvin, 123 Curtis, Robert, 125 Cusack, Kathleen I., 51, 362 Cutler, Henry, 113 D Daasch, Robert, 115 Dacy, Dahl, Dahl, David, 119 Beverly Iean, 105, 362 Mary Frances, 85 Dailey, Iohn, 151, 267, 406 Daine, Iohn, 117 Dallain, Richard, 123 Dalsg Dane, aard, Corinne G., 362 George R., 422 Daneke, Robert, 111 Danforth, William F., 362 Danie Danie Danie ls, Arthur, 129 ls, Thomas E., 422 lson, Ruth E., 85, 362 Dannenbring, F. G., 141 Danner, Helen, 65, 284, 291 Darling, Frederick, 133 Darr, Carrell Iames, 362 Darrow, Ralph C., 269, 362 Davenport, Phyllis, 51 David, Iohn Russell, 119, 428 Davidson, Dorothea A., 97, 106, 266. 362 Davidson, Martha Iean, 89 Davidson, Maxine, 103 Davis Davis , Benjamin B., 198, 362 , Dixie Iean, 169, 362 Davis, Donald L., 72, 73, 362 Davis, Doris l., 362 Davis, Iohn T., 362 Davis , Iohn W., 72 Davis, Richard, 167 Davis Davis on, Donald G., 362 on, Robert Clark, 362 Davitt, Marilyn F., 362 Dawk ms, Iack H., 215 Dawson, Iean Ruth, 284, 307, 348, 362, 399 Dawson, Martha, 268 Day, David, 228 Day, Richard T., 145, 205, 410 Day, Shirley Ann, 278, 362 Day, William M., 197, 362 Daykin, Robert, 129 Dean, Lucie, 105, 215, 399 Debban, Harold, 131 Deboldt, Merlan E., 205, 410 Debonis, Elsie, 362 Decker, Rita, 95, 399 Page 443 de Cou, Audrey, 272 Dee, Robert Frick, 362 Degooyer, Allison I., 362 Dehn, Alice Lee, 101, 362 Delaney, Iohn L., 362 Delming, Lorna M., 416 Delts, Geneva, ,309 Delzell, Sterling W., 131, 362 Dembo, George, 276 Dempewolf, Robert D., 141, 205, 410 Dempsey, Yvonne, 59, 362 De Neui, Maynard E., 422, 428 Denhartog, Raymond G., 363 Denmead, Iohn A., 363 Dennert, W. G., 149 Dennis, Colleen, 93 Dentel, Georgia Iean, 363 Dentel, Robert, 135 Denton, Ieanne, 95 De Obaldia, Olga l., 363 De Ruyter, David, 133 Detlefs, Dale, 404 Detty, Middy, 61 Deuben, Marilyn, 91 Devereaux, Ioan, 99 Devine, Glenn D., Ir., 115, 422 Devine, Iohn Andrew, 78, 79 Devine, Thomas I., 78 de Witt, Mary Ellen, 101 de Witt, Roseanna, 101 Dice, Richard A., 109, 168 Dickens, I. H., 145 Dickey, Robert, 123 Dickinson, Elizabeth, 51, 266, 278, 281, 284, 348, 363 Dickinson, Noreen E., ,363 Dickinson, Peter, 167 Dickinson, Russell, 135 Dickinson, William, 117 Dickison, Virginia A., 179, 182, 363 Diedrich, Madelyn, 95, 169, 278 Diehl, Robert H., 119, 363 Diekmann, Ed, 109 Dierks, Valorie, 65, 304, 310, 399 Diggs, David, 153 Diggins, Frank R., 394, 404 Dill, Donald S., 363 Dillinger, Daniel F., 67, 68 DiMarco, Alfonso, 228, 363 Dinning, Steven, 133 Dinzole, Iohn, 123 Dippo, Frank H., Ir., 95, 205 Dirks, Donald D., 363 Distler, Sam, 1,3l, 168 Dittmer, Iack, 228 Divine, Alan, 115 Dixon, Howard Raymond, 363 Dixon, Margaret A., 416 Dobson, Donna, 207 Dodd, Charles, 123 Doden, Herbert, 109, 283 Doderer, Minnette F., 363 Dodge, Merlin Gene, 363 Doebele, Charles, 131 Dohnalek, Donald W., 145, 205 Dolan, C. M., 145 Dom, Robert Leslie, 115, 363 Dommermuth, William P., 273, 363 Donachie, Iames, 74 Donahey, Iames, 74 Donahue, Iames C., Ir., 143 Donahoe, Iohn H., 78, 79 don Carlos, Darlene, 344 Donnell, Iohn Douglas, 394 Donnenbring, Forrest G., 205 Doran, Arthur, 135 Doran, Charlotte, 83 Doran, Ralph, 133 Doran, Thomas, 143 Dorosin, A. Norman, 145, 363 Dorsey, Iohn I., 363 Dorsey, Thomas B., 113 Dorweiler, Iohn P., 363 Dose, Donald B., 205 Dotson, Robert, 123 Dotson, Carl, 422 Doty, Robert Landels, 422, 428 Douglas, Eleanor, 291 Douglass, Anne K., 363 Douglass, Dee Wayne, 77, 395 Dourte, Millicent, 85 Dow, Iames, 125 Dowell, Douglas C., 197 Downey, Marilyn L., 363 Doyle, Doris, 99, 349 Doyle, Iames H., 74, 95 Dralle, Keith A., 36.3 Draves, Duane, 242 Drebes, Raymond, 153 Drees, Betty G., 363 Dresser, Carol, 335 Drinkwater, Paul W., 77, 363 Driscoll, Larry, 125 Droz, Iack Thomas, 363 Druker, Ierome B., 395 Druyor, Frank Alden, 117, 363 Du Bois, Iames, 119 Ducharme, Doris, 101 Ducharme, Iohn, 123 Duling, Doris D., 97, 363 Dunbauld, Iames Berry, 133, 363 Duncan, Lee, 123, 171 Dunham, Iewett, 363 Dunkin, Robert, 109 Dunlap, Nancy Young, 97, 363 Dunn, Cecil Wayne, 363 Dunn, Pat, 83 Dunshee, Barbara, 91 Dunsmoor, Robert C., 363 Duree, Iohn Rex, 395, 400 Duros, Mary Ann, 308 Durst, Sally, 347 Duster, William C., 129, 363 Dustman, Martha, 291 Duven, Donald D., 246 Dye, Ned Patterson, 363 E Eastham, Grant, 280 Eastlack, Rosemerry 363 Eastman, Charlotte, 364 Eastman, Harold L., 364 Easton, Iames, 131 Easton, Robert A., 364 Eaton, Helen, 63 Eaton, Kenneth, 401 Eaton, Martha, 101 Ebeling, Harriet M., 89, 307, 364 Ebeling, Marilyn P., 89, 307, 364 Eble, Kenneth Eugene, 364 Ebner, Lyle Elson, 129, 364 Eckberg, Richard A., 205, 410 Eckerman, Carol E., 364 Eckhardt, Ed, 109 Eckhardt, Gerald W., 133, 206, 364 Ecles, Guy E., Ir., 273 Ecklund, Norma, 65 Eckstein, Iohn, 145 Ecroyd, Mary L., ,364 Edie, Stuart, 193, 296 Edmondson, Wilma, 87 Edmundson, Dorothy, 87, 364 Edvenson, G. M., 149 Edward, Georgianna, 85, 179, 181, 182 Edwards, Donald A., 117, 268 Eggers. Marian A., 57 Eggert, Robert I., 395, 404 Ehiillm, Bruce, 145 Ehrke, Everett, 111 Ehrle, Rose, 64 Eicher, C. R., 145 Eicher, Franklin I., 67, 198 Eichhorn, Iohn C., 88, 395 Eichling, William H., 77, 395, 404 Eichman, David, 273 Eicken, Lyman, 320 Eisler, Gloria, 103 Elder, Iulia, 99 Elgart, Elliot, 121 Elgin, Iohn, 72, 74, 364 Elgin, Nancy, 332 Elgin, Phillip F., 77, 395, 400 Ellerbroek, Bud, 109 Elliott, Genevieve, 95 Ellis, Edward, Ir., 364 Ellison, Barbara M., 97, 364 Ellison, Berny, 83 Ellsworth, Annett Degnan, 364 Ellsworth, Benjamin, 395, 404 Elman, Shirley, 272, 301, 364 Elstad, Edward Marcus, 428 Elting, Harold Eugene, 364 Embree, Barbara I., 105, 364 Emmel, Delmar, 276 Enfield, Robert Earl, 364 Engel, Iohn T., 422 Engelbert, Iacqueline, 83 Engelby, Doris Iane, 167, 364 Engelkes, Carroll E., 395 England, Elmer E., 68, 364 Englund, Iohn, 109 F-ngquist, Donald L., 364 Enich, Michael, 267, 395, 403 Farr, Irving M., 199 Farr, Thomas, 199 Farrell, George F., 422 Farrell, Rosemary, 93 Farrington, Iames, 125 Fatland, Iohn, 143 Fawcett, Harry Bob, ,364 Foster, Foster, Foster, Margaret, 290 Mel, 131 Rex B., Ir., 151 Theodore E., 277, 295. 365 Foster, Foster, Virginia, 347 Foulds Mary Lou, 99 Foulke, Stuart, 153 Feay, Darrell, 310 Feblowitz, Gerald, 292 Feeney, Iames I., 78, 79, 365 Fehr, Ellen Roann, 83, 365 Fountain, Geraldine, 207 Fountain, Virginia F., 416 Fout, Flo, 83 Fowler, Maurice E., 365 Epperhart, Iohn, 123 Erb, Ma rgaret, 105 Erdahl, Wallace Arden, 364 Erdenberger, Richard, 249 Erickson Dale 107 Ericksonl Ernest D., 139, 145, 205, 410 Erickson, Iules D., 422 Erickson, Leo G., 364 Erickson, Maxine, 283 Erickson, Melvin, 129 Erickson, Robert, 135 Erickson, Robert F., Ir., 422 Ernst, Barbara, 101 Erskine, Margaret, 308 Ervin, lames Goodall, 364 Frvin, Robert, 151 Essex, Edwin, 171, 194, 296 Essex, Nan O'Connor, 364 Estes, Iohnny, 228 Eulberg, Francis X., 198 Feigert, Richard, 334 Fencil, Iames, 306 Fenholt, William A., 72 Feniger, Ierome R., Ir., 267, 365 Fenton, Marilyn, 97 Ferber, Le Roy G., 95 Ferber, Robert, 310 Ferguson, Elenore C., 365 Ferguson, Ieannette C., 365 Ferguson, Iulia, 101, 299 Ferguson, Paul, 145 Fermamdez, Augusto, 72 Ferrell, Shirlee D., 105, 365 Fickel, Iack, 149 Fields, Les, 334 Fieseler, Walter, 111 Fillenworth, Io Anne, 58, 416 Fillenworth, Kenneth K., 77, 117, 365, 401 Finch, Charles A., 76, 77, 395 Finders, Kenneth, 71, 72, 73 Finders, Lois, 97 Finerty, Maxine, 365 Finklestein, Phyllis, 103 Finney, Robert, 107, 228 Fischer, Bennett M., 423 Fischer, Mildred M., 365 Fishbaugh, Richard, 139 Fowler, Thomas W., 365 Fox, Arnold, 301 Fox, Helen, 61 Fox, Iack, 125 Fox, Mary, 63 Fisher, Fisher, Bryce M., 395 Evaline Anne, 101, 365 Fisher, Freddie, 334 Fisher, Glenn, 72, 310, 365 Fisher, Ianet, 89 Fisher, Ianet, 99 Fisher, Robert, 117 Fitch, Iaclyn, 99, 278, 282, 288, 295 Fitch, Robert, 119 Fitzgerald, Iack, 109 Fitzpatrick, Iohn E., 365 Flach, Michael I., 365 Flaherty, Thomas, Ir., 365 Flect, Byron, 280 Fleege, Herbert W., 406 Evans, Alvin, 320 Evans, Iohn H., Ir., 364 Eyenson, Wayne, 117 Everett, Helen Gayle, 105, 268, 364 Everett, Everett, Everett, Len, 276 Peter W.. 129, 267, 364 Virginia H., 364 Everts, Trientie, 57, 58, 416 Evidon Donald 1 21 Euken, 'Lyman, 1129, 215 Fleming, Merle W., 365 Fleming, Paul I., 276 Fletcher, Iack, 73, 168 Fletcher, Iames, 115 Fletcher, Leonard, 119 Flood, Barbara, 93, 169 Flood, Elmer, 125 Flood, Verle, 109 Flynn, Gordon A., 365 Foley, Iohn B., 77, 403 Ewen, Warren, 69 Ewers, Ann, 101, 169 Ewing, Phyllis A., 364 F Fahrner, Betty, 85 Faigen, Zan, 121, 335 Fairbank, Betty Ruth, 364 Falb, Georgiana, 64 Falck, Frances E., 364 Falk, Helen, 103 Falk, Mary Iean, 51, 288 Fankhauser, Iames, 422 Fanter, Marilyn, 85 Farley, Robert, 127 Farnham, Alta Muriel, 364 Folsom, Audrey, 101 Folsom, Richard, 153 Fontaine, Richard, 292 Ford, Edward H., 365 Ford, Howard, 115 Ford, Iohn A., 78, 79, 123 Ford, Richard, 125 Ford, Thomas Edwin, 365 Forester, Katherine I., 99, 365 Forsberg, Mary Adine, 428 Forsythe, Charles, 109 Forsythe, Frank, 149 Fortune, Patricia A., 93 Foss, I. F., 141 Foster, David, 133 Foster, Geneva Ellen, 272, 288, 365 Fox, Patricia, 95, 284, 346 Franck, Raymond, 395, 400 Frank, Don Robert, 117, 365 Frank, Iane, 99 Franson, Doris Ann, 105 Franz, Edgar A., 365 Franzke, Yvonne A., 85, 365 Fraser, Robert H., 423 Fraseur, George L., Ir., 153 Frazier, Charles, 115 Frederick, Betty L., 416 Fredericks, Charles, 115 Fredericks, Mabel M., 64, 365 Fredericksen, Iames, 111 Freedmen, Daniel, 95 Freekson, Floyd, 309 Freeman, Harry Edwin, 365 French, Doris K., 365 French, Iean E., 51, 365 Frerichs, Edwin, 73 Freyens, Ianine, 44 Fribourgh, I. H., 149 Friedman, Morton W., 121, 205, 410 Friend, Iames, 110 Frish, Dean, 74 Fritz, Lois M., 365 Frohardt, Wesley, 309 Frohwein, Ioan, 207 From, Paul, 410 Frost, Lois, 59, 308 Frucht, Howard L., 109, 365 Fry, Martha, 93, 207, 268 Fryauf, Donald, 125 Frye, Iack, 395, 401 Fryer, Laird F., 198 Fryer, Lawrence, 119 Fuerste, Karl, 365 Fulkerson, Samuel C., 171, 365 Fuller, Margaret, 89 Fuller, Robert C., 74, 366 Furr, William S., 366 G Gabbard, Elbert S., 366 Gabor, Steve, 366 Gaffney, Thomas M., 77, 395, 403 Gaines, Shirlene M., 85, 366 Gallagher, Iohn F., 302 Gallaher, Iean, 97, 169, 399 Galvin, Dorothy May, 427 Gammon, Howard M., 423 Gantzler, Norman D., 366 Gaohagan, Raymond, 135 Garber, Ruth, 60 Gardner, Iack, 123 Gardner, Victor H., Ir., 141, 366 Garner, Rodney, 133 Garrett, Erasmus, 395, 400 Garrett, Gene, 123 Garrett, Helen, 57, 58, 416 Garrett, Priscilla, 99, 284 Garretson, Charles, 119 Garrison, Frances, 310 Garst, Ed, 129 Page 444 Gasparotto, Robert A., 366 Gater, Ferne, 85 Gaudian, Marvin A., 109, 366 Gauler, Raymond S., 423, 428 Gavronsky, Iean, 103, 168, 284, 399 Gay, Anna Margaret, 366 Gay, Madeline, 366 Gearhart, Ralph W., 77, 395, 403 Glick, Isabel, 345 Gehring, Elaine, 64 Geigel, Robert, 228, 246 Geiger, Iames F., 423 Geiger, Richard, 153, 334 Geiger, Robert, 153 Geiselman, Roy I., 135, 215 Gelatt, Rod, 73 George, Aubrey D., 366 George, Boyd Winston, 366 George, Ellen L., 416 George, Ianice, 57, 58, 416 George, Ioy, 51 George, Iustine, 51, 215 George, William, 135 Georges, George A., 366 Geppert, Eleanor, 85 Geppert, Richard, 246 Gerard, Howard, 306 Gerdes, Loretta, 57, 58, 282, 288, 4 Gerol, Yale, 179, 182, 366 Gershun, Theodore L., 423 Getman, Robert, 151, 406 Ghrist, Thomas, 111 Giarratano, Nino, 113 Gibbons, Shirlee, 72 Gibson, Frank, 133 Gibson, Sarah Iean, 366 Gierke, Glen, 111 Gilbert, Gerald, 119 Gilbertson, Iohn, 153 Gilkey, William, 395, 400 Gillen, Mary E., 207, 366 Gillespie, Calvin E., 366 Gilmore, Erwin, 269 Giltner, Michael, 129 Gingerich, E. Kenneth, 273 Ginsberg, Emil H., 121, 366 Ginsberg, Louis, 121 Ginsberg, Louise, 103 Ginter, Barbara, 207 Giraldi, Dolores, 288 Girard, Augustin, 44 Glasgow, K. P., 129 Glasser, Ealine, 366 Glasson, Roger Earl, 395 Glendening, Ioan, 99 Glenn, Gene, 74, 179, 182, 304 Glise, Roy, 143 Glynn, Iames, 125 Gobdman, Albert, 410 Godbey, Maunis E., 410 Goddard, Morris E., 68 Goebel, Ralph, 306 Goetz, Marian K., 366 Goldberg, Merrel, 395, 400 Golden, Martin P., 428 Goldman, Ierome, 121 Golemus, Manuel, 95 Goltz, Wayne, 273 Gonder, Maurice I., 205 Gonzalez, Dolores V., 366 Goodale, William H., 135 Goodman, Gene, 8,3 Goodman, Kenneth C., 366 Goodner, Margaret, 101 Goodnow, Margaret, 87, 207 16 Gordon, Ethel, 103, 168 Gordon, Iean, 99, 284 Gordon, Ruth, 61 Gorman, Iohn, 115 Goss, Dale E., 423 Gossman, Norbert I., 78, 79 Gotsdiner, Eileen, 103 Gottesfeld, Samuel I., 269, 366 Gough, Donald, 133 Gould, Norris, 111 Gourley, Clyde W., 366 Gower, Helen, 44 Gradinger, Ealine, 103 Grady, Al, 215 Grafton, Iimmie Ryan, 366 Graham, Arlene I., 366 Graham, Iames, 123 Graham, Iohn, 403 Graham, Paul S., 72 Graham, Robert, 119 Graham, Robert, 123 Grahl, Charles, 181 Grahl, Philip, 129 Groth, Willard David, 367 Grothus, Ioe, 228 Grove, Roger, 276 Grunberg, Iohn, 44, 367 Gudgel, Kenneth E., 149, 410 Guggenheim, Charles, 179, 182 280 .367 Guion, Robert Morgan, 367 Gustafson, Carolyn, 99 Gustafson, Dale R., 367 Gustafson, Iohn P., 367 Gustafson, Miriam, 95 Gutfreund, Mariory, 51 Guth, Ray mond E., 269, 367 Guthrie, Donald M., 117 Guthfie, Sidney C., 198, 199, 206, 277 36 Gutz, Ienet, 38, 51, 266, 284, 287, 348, 367 Gutz, Lois M., 57 Guzowski, Tony, 228 Gwynne, Mary, 105 Grandfield, Carol, 57, 58, 284, 416 Grant, Beverly, 64 Grant, Shirley, 83 Gravelie, Marion A., 367 Gray, Edward T., 74, 95 Gray, Iack, 111 Gray, Lynn, 403 Grayston, Iane Ann, 93 Green Green Green Green, Green Green Green Green 1 1 1 Doris Louise, 99, 366 Frank Lorenz, 366 Madronna, 101 Marvin, 143 Nancy, 99, 106, 266, 366 Richard, 401 Robert Edmund, 366 Tom, 117 Greenberg, Bernadine, 367 Greenberg, Iack, 121 Greenberg, Ierome, 121 Greenberg, Maynard, 121, 367 Greene, William, 123, 228 Greene, Iames H., 423 Greene, Richard, 310 Greenlee, Myrtle, 58 Greenlee, Ruth Dolores, 416 Greer, George D., Ir., 367 Greer, Iames R., 367 Gregg, Iohn T., 78 Gregoire, Georgette, 44 Gregory, Robert, 73 Greiwe, Paul, 151, 406 Grenda, Richard, 119 Griesbach, Henry, 242 H Haack, Esther, 89 Haas, Ronny, 127 Habbinga, Margaret, 63, 307 Haberman, Carmen, 59, 367 Hackett, Calvin, 307 Haegg, Norma Lou, 91, 207 Haehnel, Ioan, 105 Haesemeyer, Doris C., 278, 367 Haesemeyer, Frederick, 367 Hage, Evelyn, 89 Hagen, Amanda, 306 Hakes, Eloise, 83 Hale, Anita, 274 Hale, Don, 151 Hale, Glenn H., 367 Haley, Bob, 109 Hall, Mariorie, 97 Hall, Shirley L., 58, 416 Hallam, Ierrold, 404 Hallberg, Harold C., 145, 367 Halseth, Carl, 72 Halverson, lris, 101, 367 Halvorson, Mavis R., ,307, 416 Ham, Peggy, 101 Hamilton, Dawn, 83 Hargi7rner, Ruth Nadine, 38, 101, 106, 3 Hammond, Ierrold, 145 Hammond, Patricia K., 367 Hamre, Lawrence, 307, 423 Hanbury, Robert L., 423 Goodpaster, Lorna, 89 Goplerud, Clifford P., 145, 205, 410 Goplerud, Eileen, 366 Goranson, Donald, 129, 366, 403 Gorchow, Neil, 366 Page 445 Griesbaum, Helen V., 57, 416 Griebel, Margaret, 83, 278, 283 Griffin, Bernard C., 367 Griffin, William, 72 Grililin, Dale, 135, 215 Griffin, Gordon, 12,3 Griflith, Donald, 151 Griffith, Edwin S., 77, 395, 400 Griflith, Leslie H., 423 Grimes, Theresa D., 367 Grimmer, William, 145, 282 Grimmer, M. Ieanette, 367 Grimms, Coralie, 346, 367 Gripp, Elmore, 111 Grissel, Iames, 133 Groff, Frank Clarence, 428 Gronna, Suzanne, 91, 284, 307 Grosland, August I., 367 Gross, Richard L., 145, 367 Gross, Robert C., 395, 403 Gross, Robert Erwin, 307, 367 Grossman, Greta, 59 Grossman, Mildred, 367, 399 Grotewohl, Ioan, 168 Hancher, Pres. Virgil M., 320 Haney, Delores, 89 Hanna, Kenneth C., 367 Hanrahan, George A., 367 Hans, Shirley V., 367 Hansen, Carl W., 101, 423 Hansen, Christian C., 367 Hansen, Harvey I., 367 Hansen, Helen Ann, 83 Hansen, Ianet, 93 Hansen, Ioelle, 91 Hansen, Raoul M., 276 Hansen, Russell F., 276 Hanson, Charles, 119 Hanson, lane, 368 Hanson, Kathleen, 93, 368 Hanson, Patricia, 307 - Hanson, Paull, 199 Hanson, Roger W., 72 Hapn, Lester, 123 Harden, Miles, 119 Harder, Eldo, 306 Hardersen, Barbara, 95 Hardin, William W., .395 Harding, Dale A., 95 Hardy, Warren G., 410 Hardy, Zoe Tracy, 368 Harmier, Rose Mary, 87, 368 Harms, Howard W., 368 Harper, Duncan M., 395 Harper, Dr. Earl E., 282, 320 Harrer, Donald Grady, 368 Harrington, Mary M., 368 Harris, Charles E., 77 Harris, David P., 139 Harris, Marilyn, 272, 311 Harris, Paul Lloyd, 276 Harris, Roger L., 72 Harrison, Carolyn, 207 Harshbarger, Dr., 281 Hart, Helen Marie, 101, 368 Harter, Roberta, 105, 368 Hartle, Frank, 334 Hartman, Edward I., 368, 404 Hartman, Genevieve, 290 Hartman, Nancy, 51 Hartzell, Clyde E., 78, 79, 423, 428 Harvey, Elmer I., 368 Harvey, Marcelle, 67, 291 Harvey, Shirley M., 291, 368 Hassman, Phillip E., 368 Hastings, lohn, 143 Hatch, Reva, 83 Hathorn, Ierome, 143 Hathsteiner, G. W., 147 Hattwick, William E., 68 Hauer, Kurt L., 139 Hauer, Walter, 123 Haugen, Iames Arnt, 368 Haupert, Wendell, 125 Hausler, Iames H., 423 Havercamp, Doris, 95, 106, 169, 368 Hawley, Alan Ross, 368 Haworth, Sylva, 95 Hays, Donald, 119 Hays, Ted, 72, 73 Hayes, Don, 73 Hayes, Gilbert 95 Hayes, Robert, 145 Hayward, Paul Donald, 368 Hayworth, David, 292 Hazen, Virginia, 95 Headington, Ron, 228 Healey, Mary Eleanor, 368 Heath, Guy, 131 Hebbel, Donald R., 277 Heckt, Melvin Dean, 38, 107, 117, 267, 368 Heder, lean, 87 Hedrick, Ned Arthur, 273, 368 Haeger, Samuel 1., 368 Heeren, loyce, 83 Heezen, Bruce, 131 Heifner, lohn Willard, 395 Heggen, Roy, 125 Hegstrom, George, 143, 410 Hegwood, Raleigh G., 76, 77, 395. 400 Heilman, R. D., 141 Heimerman, Mathias A., 78, 79 Heiny, H. lean, 368 Heist, E. W., 141 Heitzman, lames B., 368 Hellerud, Eileen, 61 Hemingway, Richard, 125 Hempstead, Gus S., 368 Henckel, Barbara, 89 Henderson, Barbara H., 44, 93 Henderson, Barbara I., 91, 171, 207, 368 Henderson, Frances, 91 Henderson, Howard D., 368 Henderson, Kathleen, 89 Hendrickson, Corinne, 99, 368 Henessy, Mary, 302 Henkle, Robert, 131 Hennes, David, 121 Hennessy, C, R., 145 Hennessy, Patricia, 101 Henninger, Ianet, 99, 368 Henricks, Walter, 135, 215 Henrichson, Reynold K., 368 Henrickson, Carl, 111 Henry, Bob, 73 Henry, Calvin C., 72 Henry, Dick Cooper, 72, 368 Henry, Sally, 215 Hensleigh, Mary lane, 291 Hentges, Elmer, 302 Herbel, Carol, 306 Herrald, Marjorie, 101, 169 Herrick, Carol, 51 Herrick, lane, 97 Herrington, Marianna, 91 Herron, Patricia, 60 Hertel, Dorothy, 65 Herud, Frank Roger, 68 Hess, Clement, 129 Hess, Elaine Marie, 95, 272, 368 Hessenius, Phyllis, 58, 416 Hessick, Howard H., 368 Hester, Leo, 69 Heston, lohn, 123 Hetzler, Donald F., 307, 369 Heusinkveld, Arthur H., 369 Hewett, Ioyce, Que., 369 Hiatt, Richard S., 72 Hicklin, Charles, 133 Hicklin, Edwin, 395, 403 Hieronymus, Albert, 282 Higdon, Carl M., lr., 369 Higgin, Robert E., 149, 369 Hilfman, Leon, 121 Hill, Gilbert Dean, 369 Hill, Wendell, 69 Hills, lseth, 311 Hills, Richard L., ,369 Hiltbrunner, Curtis, 113 Hilton, Gerald, 395, 403 Hinderaker, Mabel, 59 Hindt, Harvey W., 369 Hines, Keith Allison, 369 Hines, Paul Adrich, 369 Hinkle, Iames R., 404 Hinrichsen, Barbara, 64 Hinton, Cecil Ware, 423 Hintz, Charles, 131 Hintz, Dan, 111 Hirsch, Richard D., 369 Hiscock, Martha, 105 Hiserodt, Donna Mae, 207, 369 Hixenbaugh, loe Ell, 369 Hoag, Bob, 332 Hoagland, Buell E., 369 Hobson, Kenneth R., 135 Hockenberg, Harlan, 179, 182 Hodqin, Patricia, 207 Hodish, M. Hyman, 406 Hoegh, Harriett, 101, 311, 369, 399 Hoemann, Ruth, 306 Hoerner, Ellen, 97 Hoff, Robert, 12,3 Hoffa, Danel, 277 Hoffmann, Lyle, 119, 369 Hofmann, Alice lean, 369 Hogan, Carroll Edward, 369 Hogan, Eugene Iohn, 423 Hogan, lohn V., 117 Hogan, Punk, 79 Hogan, Thomas, 74 Hogeland, Iohn H., ll, 113, 292, Hogenson, George, 143 Hokanson, Wilmer M., 269 Holbert, Iames, 115 Holcomb, Sam Arthur, 369 3 Holdren, George C., 277, 369 Holland, Patricia, 91 Holland, Red, 301 Hollcroft, Alice, 59 Hollen, William T., 369 Hollingshead, Milton, 125 Hollis, Henry Adolph, 369 Holloway, Bud QC. C.1, 131 Holloway, Pat, 97 Holm, Lavonne F., 369 Holmwood, Donald, 129, 242 Holubek, George H., 423 Holtzman, Lewis, 121 Holzhammer, Robert, 277, 304 Holzman, Carol, 103, 369 Homan, Delmar C., 310, ,369 Hommel, William R., 369 Hood, Betty, 61, 308 Hood, Ioan, 93 Hook, Iohn Iames, 78 Hoover, David A., 369 Hoover, Earl E., 77 Hope, Glenn, Ir., 125 Hophan, Calvin K., 205, 206 Horick, Paul l., 307 Hornaday, Iohn, 133 Hornbaker, Robert, 403 Horrabin, Diane, 93, 207 Horslund, Kathryn, 99, 169, 278, 288 Horsman, Leroy D., 369 Horst, Wilhelmina H., 57 Horton, Lavonn E., 369 Horton, Philip, 153 Horton, Robert R., 295, 410 Horton, Verle Everett, 369 Hotchkin, David W., 72 Hotchkiss, Robert K., 395, 403 Houghton, Hiram, 131, 267, 403 Hounshell, Russell E., 119, 273, 369 Householder, Iames, 143, 410 Houser, Doree, 85 Houske, Harold Albert, 395 Houts, Don, 304 Houy, Madrene, 57, 416 Hovland, lohn, 117, 283 Howard, Robert Arnold, 406 Howell, Rate Andrew, 395 Howell, Thomas Marion, 395 Howes, lohn, 125, 277 Howie, Donald L., 141, 205, 410 Hoyman, Iohn F., 77 Hubbard, Eugene Spatz, 428 Hubbell, Io, 61 Huber, Richard, 404 Hudachek, Harold A., 423 Hudson, Constance, 101 Hudson, Frederick M., 77 Hudson, lames W., 369 Hudson, Theola C., 370 Huebsch, Tony, 73 Huegerich, Paul L., 277, 370 Huenger, Virginia, 89 Huffer, Orion,, 292 Huffman, Helen A., 83, 369 Huffman, Robert D., 370 Hughes, A. F., 141 Hughes, R. Bruce, 131, 166, 267, 269, 3 0 Huibregtse, Gail, 272, 370 Huisenga, Lavonne M., 278, 2 Huiskamp, Mary Louise, 370 Huit, Marion, 292 Hull, Herbert, 153, 406 Hull, Patricia Mae, 91, 370 Hultman, Evan, 249 Humes, Donald R., 95 Hummell, Viola, 59 Humphrey, Robert, 153, 283 Humphreys, Elmo A., 370 Humphreys, Patricia, 278 84, 370 Page 446' L I lohnston, Robert, 109 Humphry, Martha, 95, 288, 370 Hunstad, Norman, 428 Hunter, Edwin R., 370 Hunter, Falir Eugene, 396 Hunter, Iohn, 133 Huppenbauer, Walter, 125 Hurley, Leo, 404 Hurst, loanna Lou, 51, 207, 370 Husa, Ruth, 87 Huscher, P. E., 206 Hussman, Arthur, 151, 276 Huston, Farrell, 395, 401 Hutcheon, lames F., 117, 370 Hutchinson, Leo E., 95 Hutinger, Paul, 242 Hyink, Robert, 119 Hyland, lames Ward, 423 Hymans, Mira M., 370 I Igarzabel, Rosa, 44 Ilgenfritz, Richard C., 370 Ingram, Rex, .330 Innes, Alex, 69 lnnis, Constance, 91 Irish, Ellen Grimm, 85, 370 Irish, Everett A., 370 Irish, Margaret A., 370 Irwin, Anne, 95 Irwin, Irl Acrea, 370 Iverson, Donna Lee, 345 Iverson, Marvin A., 370, 401 Iverson, Mary I., 370 lack, D. B., 145 lensen, Robert, 129 lepsen, Harold G., 73, 123, 171 lepson, William, 12,3 lerrell, Thomas A., 371 lessen, Verner, 153, 406 lessen, Virginia, 85, 371 lesson, R., 147 lewett, Gerald, 133 lewitt, loyce Sue, 291 liricek, leanne, 105, 169 lochumsen, Edward, 135, 292 loels, Marv Lou, 103, 215, 278 lohansen, Marian l., 371 lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, Iohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, Tohnson, lohnston lohnston Arthur H., 267, 396 Bette Ruth, 85, 91, 371 Byron, 129 Calvin l., 205 Carl, 119 Carroll, 133 C. l., 149 Cynthia, 63 Doris Anne, 85, 371 Elizabeth C., 89, 371 Frances, 99, 371 Gordon Ray, 396 Marilyn, 91 Norman P., 410 O., 141 Richard. 371 Robert E., 371 Virginia. 59 Walter .396 Walter F., 276 Warren A., 371 William P., 371 , Elayne F., 371 , Martha, 101 Kasel, Iohn, 147 Kashl Kass, ak, Iohn, 371 Robert, 119 Katherman, Robert S., 371 Katz. Katz, Kauff Mort, 71, 72 Ralph, 301 mann, Tom, 72, 228 Kaufman, Frank, 302 Kaufman, Harry L., 423 Kaufman, Patricia, 101 Kay, Keck, William, 228 Karl Lester, 428 Kedv, Iohn P., 371 Keele, Frank, 111 Keefe, loseph, 123, 171 Keefe, Robert, 111 Keenan, Corwin Culver, 371 Keifer. Eugene V., 404 Keil, Dean E., 371 Keith, Kenneth, 246 Keller, Keith B., 372 Kellogg, Richard B., 77, ,372, 401 Kelly, Arthur, 396, 404 Kelly, Corky, 133 Kelly, C. U., 206 Kelly, Dennis, 143 Kelly, Fred, 115 Kellv, Iohn Patrick, 372 Kelso, lack Leroy, 133, 228, 372 Kemp, Edward W., 107, 129, 372 Kennedy, Eleanor, 91 Kennedy, Iohn Charles. 168, 215, 372 Kennedy, lack W., 372 Kennedy, Richard. 151 Kennelly, Robert A., 372 Kenw orthv, lames. 129 Kephart, Donald R., 372 lacks, lordan Roger. 370 lackson, William, 123 lackson, Florence, 215, 278, 370 lackson Harlan, 69 lackson lerry lack, 370 lackson, Lloyd, 115 lackson Mary Alice, 83 lackson Mary C., 370 lacobs, Edward L., 149, 205, 410 lacobs, Frank, 395, 401 lacobs, Rene, 199 lacobsen, Billie lean, 370 lacobson, Elizabeth, 60, 95 lacobson, lean Ann, 85, 370 lacobson, Keith A., 370 laeckel, Hubert E., 423 laeger, Iohn P., 125, 370 laen, ludith, 44, ,370 laggard, R. S., 145 Iahn, Russell, 131 lahnke, Hal, 306 lahns, Robert, 304 lahns, Dorothy E., 370 lakusz, Helen Emo, 370 lames, Dean A., 198 lames, Lewis A., 406 lames, Robert Dale, 370 lamison, Manice, 87, 106, 370 lanssen, Betty, 95, 291 lanssen, loan, 57, 416 laspers, Alvin W., 371 laspers, Irene L., 370 lassogne, Andree, 44 leanes, Ellen, 93 lellrey, Wendell E., 371 lehring, Robert B., 396 lenkinson, Lewis, 117 lenna, Col. W. W., 199, 205, 207 lennings, Grant, 111 lens, Marilyn, 83, 307, 371 lensen, Donna, 93 lensen, Harvey, 199 lensen, lulienne, 310 Page 447 lohnston, Roy Everett, 371 lones , Aaron, 283 lones, Barbara L.. 85. 371 lones, Caroline. 95, 207, 215 lones, Charles Robert, 371 lones, Elmer M.. 307, 396 lones, Evan L., 276 lones, Everette K.. Ir., 113, 215 lones lones lones Tones lones lones lorda , Geraldine, 371 , Lamar Edgar. 371 , Marvin P.. 371 , Millicent Sue. 416 , Paul Robert, 423 Sue 57 11 Ph llis oi , V 1- lowett, Iohn, 119 ludv, Sharon. 288, 291 luel, Einer Marine. 145, 371 lunge, Marilyn, 87 lnngmann, Paul E., 371 K Kacena, Charles W., 423 Kadd en, Herbert L.. 371 Kadesky. Melvin, 121 Kacllec, loanne loy, 371 Kaiser, Ken, 129 Kaisershof. Quenton. 228 Kalish, Mildred G.. 371 Kalla us, Kenneth E., 423 Kallemyne. Robert, 69 Kallsen, Clarence, 304, 306 Kamerick, lohn l.. 78 Kamnmeyer. lack, 131 Kand elwal, K. K., 44 Kane, lames loseoh, 371 Kanzell. Herb, 267, 280 Kapp, Milton Leroy, 117, 371 Karcher, Edna, 306 Karehl, lean, 58 Karsten, Orlo L., 371 Keppler. lames. 135 Kern, Alan, 115 Kern, lordan, 115 Kern, Lloyd, 310 Kern, Stanley, 151 Kern, Ward Leroy, 372 Kerr, K. M., 141 Kersey, Phyllis, 95. 291 Kersten, William, 228 Kessler, lames Roger, 372 Ketchum. Rosalie loy, 372 Keyes, George, 423 Kidd, Maureen l.. 291, 372 Kienzle, George, 113 Kiernan, Agnes Marie, 372 Kilborn, Gloria, 105 Kimball, Richard, 151 Kimmel, Kathryn, 101 King, lames Edgar, 372 King, Lou, 228 King, Patricia Ann, 416 King, Russell, 125 King. William F., 72 Kingkade. William B., 372 Kinsey, Paul. 109 Kintzinger, Charles A.. 77. 372 Kintzinger, Davicl N., 396 Kionis, Ernest. 372 Kirby, Bettv, 207 Kirby, Marian. 95 Kircher, Betty lean. 372 Kirchner, Gwen. 87, 215 Kirk, Marian. 93 Kirk, Marv loann, 372 Kirk, Sallie, 95 Kirke, Martha, 93 Kirkegaard, Dale, 141 Kirstein, Herbert C., 95 Kist1e,E1eanor, 179, 181, 182, 372 Kistler, ludy, 67, 85 Kitsis, Beniamin N., 372 Kitson, Raymond, 135 Kivuna, Harold Eeiko, 406 Kladstrup, Arlo, 277 Klahn, Iames Edward, 372 Klasse, Paula, 83, 168 Klein, Charles, 129 Klein, Esther, 103, 301, 372 Klimo, Claude B., .372 Klingbeil, Donna, 290 Klinger, Ann, 85 Klotzbach, Katharine, 91, 291 Kluesner, Francis W., 372 Kluever, Lester, 403 Kluss, Byron C., 205 Knapp, lohn Emmett, 78, 79 Knarr, Dorothea C., 372 Knauer, Max Ross, Ir., 372 Knetzger, Robert Leo, 372 Kniifen, Murray, 179 Knittel, Iames, 111 Knobbe, Iohn, 135 Knoepfler, Iames, 396, 403 Knowles, Bruce, 119 Knowles, Paul Wesley, 372 Knudsen, Dale L., 307 Koch, Frederick, 125 Koch, Gloria Iean, 372 Koch, Marilyn, 91 Koch, Ruth, 83, 181 Koerner, Ioan, 83 Kofron, Donald I., 277, 371 Kohlhaas, I. K., 141 Kohlhaas, Robert F., 78 Kolar, Eleanor Mae, 372 Kolker, Roger, 139 Kollasch, Paul I., 78 Kolsch, Elfreda, 64 Koob, Dorothy, 310 Koons, Ann, 105, 372 Koneckv, Paul, 151 Koppes, Robert A., 423 Kort, Paul Gerald, ,372 Koss, Charles, 135 Kottemann, William, 151 Kraatz, Lowell, 427 Kraatz, William, 117 Krabbenhoft, Phyllis, 207 Kraeqel, Wilfred, 306 Kratzer, Paul, 277 Krause, Gene, 304 Krause, Iohn D., 372 Krause, Shirley, 103, 168 Kreamer, Franklin H., 373, 400 Krebs, Arthur M., 169, 199 Kreidler. Martha I.. 373 Krekel, William E., 428 Kremer, Sherry, 207 Kresenskv, Ardis, 97 Kringle, Marv Lou, 105 Kritzberq, Al, 301 Krohn, Elmerine, 95, 207 Kroppach, Sue, 64 Kruchko, Demitro M., 373 Kruckman. Rayburn, 111 Krueger, Arnold, 373 Krueger, Norman L., 141 Krug, Donald, 133 Krupp, Fern, 99, 373 Kruse, Glen, ,306 Kruse, R. F., 145 Kruseman, Arlene Iean, 373 Kudden, Herbert, 301 Kudrle, Robert, 427, 428 Kuepper, Louis Henry, 474 Kuesel, Iack, 113 Kuhl, Milton Bernard, 396, 400 Kunz, Dan, 135 Kurtz, Robert R., 277, 373 Kushner, Ann P., 373 Kyle, Darl, 401 L La Bahn, Vincent, 151, 283 Lacina, Wayne, 117 Laclaire, Edward I., 373 Lacy, Frank Robinson, 396 Ladd, Carolyn, 99, 168, 399 Laforte, Iacgueline A., 373 Lage, Robert E., 95 Lagel, A. Yvonne, 373 Lager, Marian, 65, 284 Lagomarcino, Andrew I., 373 Lake, Iohn, 242 Lamb, Mary, 57, 416 Lamb, Richard, 125 Lampe, Virginia V., 87, 291, 373 Landauer, Alan, 121 Lane, Elizabeth, 93, 345 Lane, Robert Randolph, 373 Lang, Iames Russell, 423 Lange, Kenneth W., 109, 329, 373 Lange, Paul Richard, 38, 67, 68, 69, 277, 283 Leo, Iohn Baptist, 374 Leo, Ioe Sam, 374 Lerch, Ioan, 93 Lester, Charlene, 169 Lester, Russell, 153, 406 Lettow, Donald D., 77, .396, 400 Levin Shirlee 63 181 Levy,, Joseph, 1301, Levy, Lewis Martin, 77, 396, 401 Howard Thomas, 396 Lewis, Leon W., 135 Lewis, Mary Ryan, 101, 374 Lewis, Maxine E., 278 Lewis Shirley Ann, 89 Lewis, William O., 76, 77, 396 Lichtenstein, Le Roy, 206 Lichty, Robert Frank, 125, 374 Lidyall, Iohn G., 374 Lieb, Ioseph, 113 Lieberman, Ioseph, 374 Lillard, Richard, 135, 215 Lillios, Nicholas E., 374 Lind, Ianice, 83, 168 Langendoen, Iohn, 423 Langley, Audrey, 169, 215 Langland, Olaf, 151 Lannert, Patricia, 302 Lansing, Donna Marie, 373 Lardner, Edward, 111 Larrabee, Charles, 125 Larrimore, Ogilvie, 119, 242 Larsen, Lawrence, 117, 139 Larsen, Marv Louise, 95, 169, 373, 399 Larsen, Violet, 63 Larson Erling, 143, 410 Larson, Galen, 113 Larson, Harold Albert, 423 Larson, Ianice E., 93, 373 Larson, Ieanne, 101, 168 Lasanky, Mauricio, 193 Lindahl, Sophia Ruth, 307, 374 Lindberg, Charles A., 139 Linder, Enfred, 141 Linderman, Iack, 215 Lindholm, Claire V., 145 Lindsay, Shirley M., 272, 374 Lindstrom, Wendell D., 68 Link, Dolores Anne, 374 Linnan, Francis C., 78, 79 Linnan, Michael Iohn, 78, 79 Lipshutz, Burton M., 121, 374 Lipshutz, Robert, 121 Lister, E. E., 141 Little, Ralph, 107, 127 Littlejohn, Martha D., 374 Livengood, Malcolm D., 374 Loan, Ellen, 308 Lochrie, Robert, 273, 374 Lasenskv, Iulius, 121 Lashorne, Iohn F., 373 Lasker, Rosalie, 301 Laster, Dick, 228 Latimer, Walter R., 373 Latona, Peter, 242 Laubscher, William, 133 Lauderbaugh, Howard E., 373 Lauderdale, Ianet, 287, 399 Laughlin, Claire, 97, 373 Law, Ioan, 93 Lockwood, Althea, 304, 310, 374 Loepp, Paul David, 374 Loers, Marilyn, 278 Logan, Frank A., 374 Long, Long, George E., 374 Leslie Iames, 374 Long, Marilyn, 95, 215 Long, P. E., 206 Long, Shirley, 87 Longfellow, Mary, 85 Longley, Robert, 228 Lawrence, Harold, 199, 206 Lawrence, Iames, 228 Lawrence, Mildred A., 373 Lawrence, Otis O'Neal, 373 Lawrence, Richard, 113, 373 Lawrence, W. D., 145 Lawson, Robert, 373 Lay, Donald Pomeroy, 131, 179, 373 Lebie, Betty I., 291, 373 Lechav, Prof. Iames, 193, 296 Leckband, Arthur H., 373 Leedham, Eleanor, 290 Leeminq, Iane, 97, 373 Legg, Iack, 228 Leigh, Ianet Reid, 89, 207, 373 Leighton, Donald, 111 Leighton. Miriam. 278 182. Leiserowitz, Melvin G., 107, 121, 373 Lemen, George, 131 Lenaghan, Robert T., 111 Lendt, Lee, 135 Lengeling, Delmar l., 373 Lennarson, Selmar L., 373 Lennev, Elaine E., 91, 281, 284, 374 Lenschow, Hans, 72 llenzen, George, 125 Leo, G. W., 206 Longman, Dr. L. D., 193, 296 Loomis, Iean H., 308, 374 Lord, Iane, 91, 281 Lorentzen, Perry A., 95 Losanky, Mauricio, 296 Loseke, Margaret, 59 Lotridge, Alice, 105, 207 Louis, Clark, 109 Lounsburv, Patricia, 97, 168 Lowry, Dudley, 396, 401 Lowry, Marjorie, 215, 320, 345, 346 Luce, Ioseph E., 119 Luce, Lloyd, 119 Ludwig, Merritt C., 269, 374 Lundeen, Thomas, 111 Lundquist, Donald, 153 Luther, Iacquelyn I., 97, 374 Luttbeg, Barbara, 103 Lutz, Dorothy, 97 Lyga, Ellen A., 374 Lyman, Chester Iohn, 396 Lynch, Clara, 85 Lynch, Ioseph E., Ir., 396 Lynch, Margaret, 101 Lyon, Doris l., 374 Lyon, Ioan F., 91, 374 Page 448 Lyons, Tom, 131 Lytle, Charlotte E., 374 Lytle, Eugene, 153 Mc McAllister, Margaret, 330, 350 McAloon, Ioyce Elaine, 375 McAreavy, Paul Ioseph, 68 McBride, Geneva, 61 McBurney, George, 125, 179, 182 McCallum, Iohn G., 78 McCann, Richard, 277 McCarty, Charles F., 131, 273 McCarthy, Iohn, 267 McCarthy, Paul E., 375 McCaslin, Margaret, 93, 169, 207 McCaughey, Capt. Mack I., 205 McChesney, Richard, 277, 375 McChesney, Ruth E., 375 McClain, Iames, 125 McClain, Paul, 125 McClanahan, Richard, 117, 273 McClow, Wayne, 115 McClure, Billie K., 375 McClure, William, 375 McConkie, Robert, 129 McConkie, Stuart, 310 McCorkindale, Dorothy, 93, 375 McCormac, Kathleen, 87, 215, 282 McCormick, Eugene, 151 McCoy, Edward D., 396 McCoy, Robert S., 107, 119, 375 McCoy, Vern, 246 Mcglracken, Thomas G., 117, 277, 3 5 McCreedy, Richard L., 423 McCreery, Raymond L., 135, 249 McCullough, George W., 375 McDaniels, Ierome, 330 McDaniel, Iune Louise, 375 McMahon, Helen, 95 McMinn, Delores P., 376 McNabney, Nedra N., 207, 376 McNally, Paul I., 78, 79, 302, 376 McNamara, Katherine, 64, 166, 376 McNamara, William B., 273 McNeal, George Howard, 135, 277, 376 McNeill, Albert, 125 McNurlen, Keith, 38 McPherson, Donald, 215 McPheron, Paul F., 249, 376 McQuade, Elizabeth, 91, 399 McReynolds, Luella, 63 McTavish, Iohn, 119 Mggggue, Theresa Frances, 57, 58, M Mabie, Priscilla Ann, 87, 374 Mabry, Iohn H., 374 Macias, Rometo C., 246, 374 Mack, Lavonne M., 374 Mackin, Gerard F., ,374 Macomber, Virginia A., 374 MacTaggart, Robert, 123 Mathew, Iames, 129 Mather, Charles, 404 Mather, Iohn I., 375 Mathiasen, Donald, 109 Mathre, Albert K., 375 Matsch, Robert C., 375 Mattes, Sally, 101 Matulef, Norman, 121 Maule, Marion, 153 Mayberry, Dean, 194, 296 Mayer, David L., 375, 404 Mayhall, Millard L., 375 Mayo, Mayo, Kenneth, 143 William Henry, 423 Meade, Eugene, 109 Meagher, Iack, 228 Meardon, Robert R., 423 Meardon, William L., 396 Medici, Robert I., 72, 73 Meek, Iames, 129 Meeker, Carol Fern, 376 Meeker, Everett, 72 Meese, Robert A., 376 Megchelson, Mary L., 63 Mehl, Charles A., ,376 Mehra, Brii Kishore, 424 Mehrhoff, Iack, 111 Macy, William, 141 Madany, George, 311 Madden, Arch I., Ir., 129, 374 Madden, Robert, 129 Madigan, William P., 125, 375 Madole, Howard, 125 Magnusson, Floyd, 117 Maharry, Iames M., 149, 205, 411 Mahoney, Paul I., 95 Mahoney, Robert, 396, 400, 401 Maiden, Eleanor, 93, 282 Maine, Richard, 133, 242, 243 Maine, Tom, 123 Malaika, Iamil, 72, 73 McDonoug McDonald, Elliott R., 68 McDonald, Ieanne, 85, 215, 284 McDonald, Iohn R., 374 McDonald, Margery, 91, 197, 207. 266, 348, 375 McDonald, Roy Samuel, 375 McDonald, Seender, 129 McDonald, William T., 129, 242, 375 h, Ioseph P., 375 Malcolm, Harlan, 123 Malcolm, Stephen L., 375 Maley, Charles D., 375 Maley, David, 123 Maley, Helen E., 83, 280, 375 Malick, Betty, 97, 399 Malloy, Patricia Iane, 87, 207, 375 Malmberg, Philip, 307 Maloney, Mary, 83 Malone Patricia 91 Meier, Mark, 276, 427, 428 Meininq, Olive Ann, 376 Meisenheimer, Iohn L., 376 Meister, Margaret M., 83, 376 Meldenhauer, Howard, 292 Melmood, Abraham Gerald, 376 Meloy, Pat, 97 Melrose, Madlin, 93, 399 Meltvedt, David, 111, 292 Mendelson, Leah, 103, 169, 272, 301 Menkemeller, Robert, 376 Mercer, Robert H., 424, 428 Meredith, Russell, 305 Merkel, Iohn, 123 Merkel, Russ, 123 Merrill, Willard, 273 Merriman, Iack, 404 Merritt, Donald Earl, 376 Mersch, La Vonne, 207 Merulla, Edith Merle, 376 Messerle, Lloyd, 311 Metcalf, David, 199 Metier, William, 119 Meyer McDonough, Sidney Lee, 423, 428 McDowell, Ward I., 376 McE1eney, D. A., 145 McFadden, Marilyn, 105 McFarland, Catherine, 65, 376 McFarland, Iohn A., Ir., 376 McFate, Harvey, 423 McGinnis, Iames R., 76, 77 McGivern, Maureen, 179, 181, 182, 302, 376 McG1oth1en, Allen E., 276 McGonigle, Darlene, 85 V1 , Manderscheid, R. A., 145 Manderson, George W., 428 Manqelsdorf, Iack F., 107, 131, 375 Mankle, Eldon, 73 Manning, Ioseph A., 428 Mar, Yue Ming, 423 Marcello, Rena C., 375 Maret, Georges, 44 Margid, Leonard, 77 Mariner, Marilyn, 105 Metz, William, 125 Meyer, Albert, 111 Meyer, C. F., 149 Meyer, Donald Byron, 424 Meyer, Edgar, 149 Meyer, Iames R., 78, 79 Meyer, Paul G., 145, 411 Meyer , Randall, 424 Meyer, Robert C., 72 Meyer, Robert Iohn, 72, 151, 406 s, Ioyce, 215 Markey, Mary E., 375 McGowan, Raynard, 277 McGrady, Iennie I., 376 McGrane, Miriam, 95 McGuire, Edward, 113 McHugh, Iames, 131 Mclntire, Katherine, 376 Mclntire, Ralph E., 276 Mclntosh, Lois, 83 McKay, Kenneth, 125 McKee, Nina, 91, 215 McKenzie, Robert, 228 McKenzie, Duane B., 135, 277 McKenzie, Iames, 283 McKinstry, Robert, 228 McKirahan, Raloh W., 376 McLaughlin, Albert R., 125, 376 McLaughlin, Eunice, 87, 376 McLaughlin, Iohn F., 423 McMahon, Arthur, 143 Page 449 Markman, Sherwin, 179, 182 Marks, George, 117 Marolf, Waldo 129, 375 Marsh, Kenneth, 243 Marsh, Margaret, 83 Marsh, William, 133 Marshall, Mr. G. E., 107, 335 Marshall, Margaret I., 375 Marshall, Mildred, 87 Marshall, William, 133 Marthinson, Wayne, 277 Martin Donald, 135 Martin Iohn W., ,375 Martin Lois, 207 Martin Phyllis, 375 Martin Robert, 133 Martin William, 111 Martin, William L., 141, 411 Mason Ruth Elaine, 301, 375 Meyers, Robert, 153 Meyers, Veryl Norbert, 376 Meyerson, Owen, 121 Michaelson, Berge, 330 Michaelson, Don, 141, 330 Michaelson, Dorothy, 63 Michel, Iames, 119 Michener, Iames H.. 376 Mickelson, Marion G., 396 Middents, Melvin H., 277, 376 Miebach, Phyllis, 99, 291 Mikolaiczak, Robert S., 376 Miles, William, 119 Miles. William Harden, 376 Miletich, Matthew, 404 Miller, Ann, 215 Miller, Barbara I., 57, 417 Miller, Miller, Betty, 332 Charles T., 396 Noble, Miller, Miller, Miller, Daniel L., 135, 215 Donald G., 376 Ed, 129 Miller, Garth H., 133, 376 Miller, lack, 109 Miller, lack, 129 Miller, lohn, 123 Miller, Lawrence A., 145, 376 Miller, Miller, Lowell Edward, 396 Margaret, 87 Miller, Marie E., 376 Miller, Mariorie D., 376 Miller, Mary, 309 Miller, Mary Ann, 377 Miller, Mary C., 89, 291 Miller, Mary Lou, 272 Miller, Miller, Miller Norman Lee, 377 Patricia Mary, 377 Phil 166 269 Milligan, David D., 377 Miuerl vefi, 141' Miller, William A., 174, 267, 269, 377 Milligan, loan H., 377, 399 Milroy, Grace, 278 Milstein, Louise, 103, 301, 377 Milton, lohn A., 424 Mims, Hornsby, 115 Minakshi, Mina, 44 Mindrum, Gordon, 143 Miner, Earl, 396, 404 Minnich, G. Arthur, 400, 401 Miskimins, Gladys, 329 Misner, Iohn Dale, 377 Mitchell, Anne, 99, 302 Mitchell, Glenn, 151 Mitchell, lames, 129 Mitchell, Kenneth H., 72 Morris, lames B., 76, 77 Morris, lohn Tufts, 377 Morris, Sumner B., 71, 72, 73 Morrison, George L., 95 Morrison, lra F., 377 Morrison, lackson, 141 Morrissey, Betty, 99, 215, 291 Morrissey, Michael, 78 Moser, Colleen, 57, 417 Moser, Darlene, 61 Mosher, Donald M., 424 Mower, Penlield, 242, 278 Mudge, Ann, 89 Mueller, Dorothy Ann, 99 Mueller, Etta, 51, 284 Mueller, Stephen Earl, 131, 377 Mulder, Harlan l., 377 Mulford, Harold A., lr., 77, 404 Mulford, William, 143 Mullaley, Robert C., 78 Mullen, Richard L., 205 Mullenburg, Iames, 129 Mullins, Ross, 424 Mumert, Robert, 131, 168 Mumma , loan Beverly, 377 Mumma, William R., 377 Munsell, Munsell, Munson, Munson Everett, 282 William, 107, 111, 277 Frank, 129 lasper 131 Muntz, Elwin, 153 Murphy, Daniel K., 404 Murphy, Robert M., 377 Murphy, Murphy Murphy Murray, Thomas Paul, 119, 273, 377 , Tom, 131 . , Zoe Kuidera, 377 Marian lane, 377 Mitten, Edith Lou, 101 Moe, Robert O., 377 Moellor, Don, 127 Moeller, Dorothy, 105 Moeller, lean, 377 Moeller, Prof. Lester, 174 CharlesF r 1 5 Moerke , ., I .. 3 Moershal, Henrietta, 57, 58, 417 Mohn, loan, 95, 291 Moldenhauer, Barbara, 105, 307 Momahon, Arthur E., 411 Monnard, Roberte, 44 Monroe, Harry, 199 Monroe, leanie, 332 Monroe, Robert M., 377 Monson, Harriet, 59 Montgomery, Don, 73 Montour, Gilbert E., 397 Montz, Charles R., 149, 205, 411 Muschamp, Harold, 153 Musgrave, Paul W., 147, 411 Mutschler, Polly, 99 Mye, Charles Edward, 377 Myers, Kenneth Melvin, 397 Myron, Donald D., 135, 215, 277 N Nadel, Floyd M., 121, 377 Nadkarni, Moreshwar, 72 Nagle, David R., 147, 205 Nance, Patricia N., 97, 377 Naramore, Edward F., 135, 377 Nash, ludv Hill, 274, 377 Neibker, Herman, 424 Neel, L, lack, 129 Neely, Marion R., 277. 378 Neenan, Neiman, Thomas F., 67, 68, 292, 37 Nadine, 207 Moore, Moodie, Moody, Moore, Moore, lohn, 77, 400, 404 lulius M., 76, 397 Carlyle, 141 Carroll, 149 Moore, Dorothy M., 377 Moore, lack, 215 Moore, lames, 277 Moore, Lewis, 428 Moore, Mary Louise, 61, 377 Raymond Eugene, 424 Oltman, Phyllis, 91, 106, 266, 378 Moore, Thomas, 111 Moore, Warren R., 149, 411 Moore, William D., lr., 377 Moorhead, Phillip E., 198, 201 Moravek, Edward V., 377 Morehead, Patricia, 290 Morford, Lenore, 105, 179, 377 Morgan, Morgan, Dale, 141 lohn Richard, 377 Nelson, William, 327 Nelson, Donald, 77, 400 Nelson. Gladys, 207 Nelson, Kenneth, 401 Nelson, Myron Edward, 378 Nelson, Robert A., 378 Nelson, Robert B., 378 Nelson, Shirley, 87 Nesbit, Geraldine C., 378 Nesheim, George V., 113, 378 Neumann, Oscar, 111 Neunam, Sidney, 135 Neuwoehner, Susan A., 417 Newburgh, Marilyn, 291, 378 Newell, Berton, 151 Newport, Walter A., 397 Newton, Robert, 129 Nicholas, William, 123 Nichols, Morgan, Paul K., 377 Morgan, Rex, 145, 283 Morgan, William I., 377 Morganstein, Harry D., 377 Nichols, lames, 282 Nichols, Keith M., ,378 Nichols, Mildred Edna, 51, 378 Nichols, Robert, 111, 168 William, 133 Moritz, Dale, 397, 400 Nicholson, Glen Ira, 378 8 Nicodemus, Keith, 201, 206 Nielsen, George I., 397 Nielsen, Glen E., 411 Nielsen , Kenneth B., 107, 378 Nielsen, Louis, 115 Nielsen, Mary lane, 91 Nieman, Nadine, 320 Niemann, Myra lune, 215, 399 Niemann, Phyllis, 291 Niemann, Robert C., 205 Nilsson , lames W., 428 Nipson, Herbert, 269 Nissen, Eleanor B., 378 Nissen, loan, 87, 207 Nitzke, Everett, 149 Niven, Violet, 309 Noah, Keith Stanley, 397 Noble, loseph W., 378 Nancy Ann, 91, 378 Noe, Emaline, 64 Noe, Leroy, 283 Nordstrom, Fred C., 139 Nordstrom, Robert D., 378 Nordquist, Dean A., 378 Normand, lean, 44 North, Robert, 119 Northcott, Donald N., 378 Northwall, Iohn H., 378 Nunn, lames, 129 Nunn, Ralph Leo, .378 Nusser, William G., 378 Nutt, Caroline, 85, 215 Nymann, Percy L., 198, 199, 205 Nystedt, Paul Marlin, 378 O O'Brien, Betty lo, 378 O'Brien, lack, 174 O'Brien, lames, 153 O'Brien, Mary Kay, 93, 378 O'Brien O'Brien O'Brien , Mary M., 378 , Stephen, 143 , Thomas R., 78, 79 O'Bryon, Robert M., 397, 404 Oelke, Delores, 95, 169 Oesterborg, Lowell L., 135 Ogden, Mary Lou, 85, 346 Ogden, Wilson D., 378 Ohde, Mariorie, 215 Ohlsen, lohn Edward, 378 Ohlson, Dean, 109 Ohsman, Eugene, 427 Ohsman, Seymour, 121, 335 O'Kelly, Ray Lloyd, 378, 404 O'Ke1ly, Ruth M., 378 Olansky, Howard, 121 O'Leary, loseph A., Ir., 424 Olin, William, 153 Oliver, Frank W., 77 Olmsted, Mary M., 378 Olney, Margaret, 194, .396 Olney, Richard, 194, 296 Olsen, Donna, 347 Olsen, lohn E., 378 Olson, Anna Lou, 278 Olson, Carol, 51, 215 Olson, Olson l. Ted, 129 Richard 129 Olson: Thomas, C., 378 Olson, T. 206 Olson, W. L., 206 Omens, Estelle, 103 Oostendorp, lohn, 78, 179, 182, 378 Opfell, Richard W., 143, 205 Oppenheimer, Gwen, 93, 106, 284, 378 Orcutt, R. E., 141 Orlich, Steve, 424 Orton, L. C., 145 Osborne, lack Cronin, 117, 378 Page 450 Ose, Lester Ellwood, 77, 397, 400 Osler, Iack Allen, 273, 379 Osmundson, Philip I., 379 Ostby, William V., 379 Ostrem, Carl, 117 Ostrem, Roy, 153 Ostrus, Donald, 151 Oswald, Ruth, 99 Otopalik, Hugo B., 151, 406 Ott, Charles E., 111 Overby, George Sidney, 327, 379 Overholser, Richard S., 119 Overholt, Edwin L., 145, 205, 411 Ovrom, Arthur Paul, ,379 Owens, Cletus, 109 Owens, Paul C., 397 P Paarmann, Louis, 115 Page, Dorothy, 93 Page, Warren H., 135 Pagin, Iohn, 115 Pahre, Richard E., 73 Paige, Shirley, 207 Paine, Philip E., 379 Paintin, Thomas, 276 Palensky, Margaret, 89 Pallesen, Kenneth L., 379 Panther, Leo, 125 Pappas, Helen, 379 Parker, Glen Wesley, 379 Parkhouse, Eleanor, 85 Parks, Edward L., 273 Parks, Rex, 332 Parman, Veryl Byers, 57, 417 Parson, G. Victor, 379 Paschall, Robert, 123 Paschall, William R., 379 Pasternack, Irving 397 Patch, Louise, 59 Pates, D. C., 145 Patten, Iames, 111, 168 Patterson, Kenneth D., 379 Patton, Dwight, 115 Patty, Margaret, 85 Paul, Donald D., 379, 404 Paul, Harold, 283 Paul, Iulie, 93 Paul, Oswald, 1,33 Paule, Milton Albert, 123, 379 Paule, Philip Arthur, 123, 379 Pauls, Iane, 207 Paul, Rose-Marie, 95 Paulsen, Ioe I., 95 Paulson, Robert L., 95 Paulson, Robert L., 277, 379 Paulus, Iohn Charles, 397, 401 Payne, Ianice, 291 Payton, Marcus F., 67, 68 Payton, Robert, 143 Pearce, Robert C., 119 Pearson, Floyd S., 397, 401 Peart, Charles, 131 Pedersen, Iack H., 68, 199 Pedersen, Ioyce, 278 Pegram, Glenn Leroy, 379 Pell, Mildred, 51, 207, 284 Pemberton, Ernest L., 424 Pence, Ernest, 403 Pence, Robert, 403 Pendleton, Donna Mae, 379 Penningroth, Peace, 101, 399 Pepper, Helen K., 379 Pepper, Philip E., 379 Percival, Iohn, 135, 277 Perry, Ioan, 215, 288, 290 Peshkin, Samuel David, 379 Peshkin, Shirley, 379 Petenakis, Myron P., 199, 205 Peterman, Gordon, 117, 427 Page 451 Peters, Donald, 119 Peters, Harold L., 135 Peters, Helen L., 207, 379 Peters, Iohn M., 379 Peters, Paul F., 117, 379 Peters Petersberger, Louetta, 103, Vincent 139 Petersen, Alan, 133 Petersen, Donald C., 424 Petersen Rand 109 Petersen Petersen, Walter F., 198 Peterson, Audrey, 379 Peterson, Clifford E., 379 Peterson, Deloris, 101 Peterson, Donald, 109 Peterson, Harold L., 397, 400 Peterson, Harvey A., 129, 379 Peterson, Loren, 145 Peterson, Iean, 207 Peterson, Peterson, Richard, 131, 179, 182 Peterson, Robert, 111 Peterson, Russell, 109 Peterson, Thomas H., 379 268 I Robeif W., 125, 379 Norman Mark, 379, 400 Peterson, Virginia E., 379 Pettit, Charles N., 397 Pettit, Iesse Kenneth, 397 Petri, Earle, 109 Petro, Vernon, 269 Phelps, Allie Lou, 283 Phelps, Bud, 135 Pherson, Thomas, 302 Phillips, Bob, 228 Phinney, Robert W., 125, 379 Phillips, Margaret I., 379 Phillips, Richard, 115 Piburn, Marvin L., 147, 411 Picht, Marian, 272 Pickard, Hendrix, 117 Pickering, Charles William, 424 Pickering, Ioan R., 379 Pickett, Roy G., 379 Pierick, Agnes E., 51, 302, 380 Pilkington, Ioan, 59 Pinch, Newell, 133 Pinney, Patricia, 99 Pitts, Chauncey W., 404 Pitz, Alice, 64, 291 Pitzenberger, Mary, 91 Plass, Betty, 101 Platt, Aris G., 380 Plows, C. W., 141 Pohling, llse Olga, 428 Poland, La Verne W., 197, 380 Polasky, Connie, 215 Polich, I., 145 Polland, Donald C., 380 Pollitz, Marian A., 89, 278, 295, 380, 399 Popov, Alexander, 44 Popovich, Helen Ann, 85, 380 Porter, Frederick G., 145, 205, 411 Porter, Iohn, 129 Porter, Prof. Kirk, 174 Porter, Ruth Ellis, 380 Porter, Shirley A., 397 Pothast, Miles Dale, 380 Potter, Geneice E., 380 Poulos, George, 242 Poulter, Ioseph, 129 Powell, Odette C., 61, 380 Powell, R. E., 141 Powers, Frank K., Ir., 380 Powers , Lucilc, 291, 380 Powers, Vincent F., 77, 380 Pownall, Mr. Fred, 174 Prendergast, Patricia, 380 Prentis, Iean C., 91, 380 Prichard, Iames, 400 Pringle, Iohn, 119 Proehl, Otto, 307 Prokop, Ioanne, 105, 215 Proshek, Lumir C., 141, 205, 330 Protz, Roland, 306 Puckett, Neil, 119 Puckett, Paul H., 380 Puetz, Richard, 131 Punter, Winifred May, 380 Purcell, Martin Iames, 129, 397, 403 Putnam, Donese M., 194, 272, 296. 380 Putnam, Duncan, 276 Putney, Mark, 113 Putz, Lolita, 309 Q Quill, Ruth Ingrid, 58, 417 Quinlan, Margaret R., 417 Quinn, Ardyth Louise, 380 Quirk, Thomas E., 78 Quist, Sally Ann, 91, 207 R Raben, Seymore Morris, 380 Rader, Williarn, 115 Ragner, Iacqueline, 44 Rahe, Ralph H., 424 Ramisition, Rukmini, 61 Ramsey, Gordon, 131, 199, 277 Randall, Miss, 174 Rankin, Claire Darden, 430, 431 Rankin, Helen Ioy, 67, 380 Rankin, Roberta, 105 Ranshaw, Harlan, 307 Rasdal, Robert W., 135 Rashid, Austin I., 397 Rashid, Philip I., 153, 406 Raskin, Carolyn, 380 Rasley, Iames, 109 Rasmus, Robert B., 143, 411 Rasmussen, Grace, 63 Rastovac, Dorothy, 306 Rate, Lt. Col. Robert G., 205 Rathe, Katherine, 93, 328 Ravreby, Mark D., 121, 411 Rawson, Ellen Kate, 93 Rayner, Robert Guy, 380 Rea, Norman H., 380, 401 Read, Virginia Ann, 64, 380 Records, Iames, 125 Records, Sarah, 344 Redman, Beverly, 103 Redman, Iames, 109 Redman, Williain, 127 Redmon, Albert Oliver, 380 Reed, Anne, 93 Reed, lva E., 380 Reed, Ioyce Cain, 380 Reed, Robert Kenneth, 141, 380 Reed, Russell E., 380 Reeds, Iames A., 380 Rees, Marian, 207, 284, 290 Reese, Ruth Louise, 65, 311, 380 Reger, Charles Wesley, 133, 380 Rehberg, Forrest, 139, 276 Rehmke, Betty, 268 Rehnbloom, Wendell, 307 Reich, Miss Helen, 106 Reichart, lloyd G., 381 Reichert, Georgine, 59 Reid, Wallace Lyle, 381 Reide. David, 79 Reilly, Iohn B., 404 Reimer, Robert Charles, 381, 401 Reimer, Mary Rae, 207 Reinders, Robert, 276 Reininga, Alice, 105, 106 Reis, William Iohn, Ir., 109, 381 Relf, Geraldine W., 381 Schmidt Remmes, William, 252 Reinre, Shirley Arlene, 381 Renfro, Robert F., 117, 381 Renner, Frank, 276 Rennie, Orville, 111 Reno, Walter, 109, 242 Rettenmaier, Eugene, ,381 Reutner, Dorothy Anne, 97, 381 Reyen, Dell Iackson, 381 Reynolds, Robert, 228 Reynolds, Ioe R., 139, 381 Reynoldson, Walter W., 397, 401 Rhinehart, Cecile, 59 Rhoads, Lynn E., 76, 381, 403 Rhodes, Gordon E., 381 Ribble, David H., 381 Rice, Frank, 310 Richards, Beverly, 207 Richards, Eleanor, 103 Richards, Marvin D., 149, 381 Richards, Mary, 169 Richardson, Donald, 123 Richardson, Thomas H., 397 Rieck, Walter, 109 Riede, David C., 78 Riemenschneider, Don, 381 Riepe, Iohn Frederick, 381 Riggs, Iames, 133 Riggs, Ioel, 133 Rigler, Robert I., 143, 411 Rilea, Lester I., 381 Riley, H. W., 201 Riley, Thomas, 109 Rinehart, Robert W., 381 Rinella, Pat, 105 Ring, D. M., 141 Ringena, Delbert B., 381 Riordan, Annie E., 95, 381 Risk, Donald, 125 Ris, Walter, 129, 242, 243 Riss, Roma, 87 Riter, Charles Dallas, 397 Ritter, Delores May, 381 Ritter, Richard, 171 Rittler, Robert, 119 Rittner, Robert C., 381 Roach, Paul, 276 Roalson, Iames E., 381 Robbins, Francis F., 71, 72, 73, 381 Roberts, Arlene 381 Roberts, Cecil Earl, 381 Roberts, Patricia A., 57, 58, 417 Robertson, S. Donald, 381 Robin, Iean, 103 Robin. Sue. 335 Robinson, Barbara, 10,3 Robinson, Flora Mae, 97, 283 Robinson, l. D., 149 Robinson, Lila, 288 Rodawig, Donald, 131 Rodenborn, Donald L., 246, 381 Rodman, Malcolm, 166 Rodriguez, Erma L., 381 Rogers, Daniel C., lr., 381 Rogers, Raymond Paul, Ir., 430 Rogler, Charles A., 206 Roqler, Lloyd, 119 Rohner, Iohn R., 206, 381 Rohner, Mary O., 381 Roisen, Agnes, 215, 307 Romine, Nancy Ann, 95, 381 Rooney, William E., 381 Roose, Mary, 105 Roper, Dan. 119, 242 Roseberry, Richard, 404 Roseberry, Robert H., 397 Roseland, Robert, 111 Rosenberg, Virginia, 85, 179, 182, 274, 382, 399 Rosenberg, Raymond, 397 Rosenthal, Edythe H., 382 Ross Ross Donald C. 382 I Donald Mf, 397 Ross, Nora Lee, 382 Ross, Phil Sand, 424 Rost, Richard, 133 Roth Donald, 111 Roth: Larry I., 107, 133, 382 Rotherham, George G., 382 Rovner, lrwin Winn, 382 Rowe, Shirley, 311 Scheinost, Paul C., 71, 72 Schick, Elmer, 131 Schiefelt, I. A., 141 Schiele, Shirley Iean, 278, 383 Schietzelt, Iohn A., 411 Schiller, Anita, 103, 215, 301 Schlesselman, Fred, 194, 296 Schlossberg, Eva Adel, 103, 106, 274, 284, 287, 383 Schluter, Ioe, 135 Rowland, Iack, 117 Rowley, Mary C., 382 Royal, Clifton D., 77 Royal, Ioan C., 83, 382 Rozek, Iames, 397 Rucker, Kelly R., 382 Ruhl, Charles, 111 Ruhl, Iohn, 111 Ruliffson, Franklin, 115 Ruliifson, Howard, 143 Rummel, Marilyn L., 382 Rumpf, Iohn Charles, 382 Runge, Margaret Helen, 382 Rushmann, Iean, 85 Russ, Mr. Iohn M., 319 Russell, Iack D., 382 Russell, Mary Alice, 60, 382 Rust, Dick, 1.31, 228 Rustin, Iean Moss, 330, 382 Ruther, William R., 382 Rutledge, Ann, 97 Ryan, Thomas, 79 Ryan, William D., 133, 382, 403 Ryerson, K. F., 141 S Saavedra, Daniel C., 382 Sahs, Iean, 207 Salem, Roy, 109 Salstrom, Iosephine, 89 Sampson, Helen, 61 Samuelson, Ioseph, 69 Sanakalb, Marion, 59 Sandeen, Mildred Ruth, 51, 382 Sanders, Charles H., 115, 382 Sander, Iohn William, 382 Sanders, Shirley Lou, 382 Sandler, Kenneth, 121 Sandrock, Iames, 117, 168, 252 Sanford, Earl, 121 Sangster, Iames, 125, 249 Sarrti, Retha M., 215 Satterlee, Marilyn M., 382 Satterly, Glenn Evern, 135, 382 Sauer, Donald R., 382 Sautter, Robert A., 149, 205 Savage, Paul Patrick, 382 Sawvel, Richard K., 72 Sawyer, Floyd E., 147 Sayles, Sherman Glenn, 382 Sayre, Lombard, 119 Sayre, Mary, 101 Sayre, William, 252 Scales, Meflie, 382 Scanlon, Iune Ann, 85, 382 Scannell, Dale, 119 Scannell, Donald F., 382 Scarpello, Ioseph, 346 Schacht, N. A., 149 Schadle, Kenneth L., 382 Schaefer, Rosemary T., 57 Schafer, Charles M., 125, 382 Schaffner, Rome, 141 Schakel, Wayne M., 166, 269, 382 Schaller, Lois Ann, 311 Schatz, Frankie I., 382 Schatz, Geraldine L., 291, 383 Scheibenberqer, Iohn C., 424 Scheinost, Earl, 277, 307 Schmahl, Allen F., 269 Schmerler, Iohn, 133 Schmidt, Betty Lou, 101 Schmidt, Christopher, 117 Schmidt, Clilford L., 383 Schmidt, Don Raymond, 125, 383 Schmidt, Harold, 151 Schmidt, Iack, 131 Schmidt, Iune, 207 Schmidt, Karl S., 383 Schmidt, Marjorie I., 272, 383 Maxine H. 383 Schneider, Carrol F., 135, 424 Schneider, Iames G., 107, 109, 383 Schneider, Norma Mae, 383 Schnoebelen, Ioy, 85, 278 Schnoor, Carl F., 77, 397 Schock, Iohn O., 69 Schoeneman, 61 Scholl, C. R., 141 Scholl, David, 125, 335 Schoonover, Norman F., 428 Schorr, Charles A., 383, 403 Schort, Robert A.. 383 Schory, Howard E., 273, 383 Schott, Robert H., 77, 397 Schrader, Adavelle, 383 Schrader, Normand, 269 Schroeder, Clifton G., .383 Schroeder, Eugene R., 383 Schuler, Louis E., 77, 400 Schuler, Portia, 51, 383 Schuller, Bernard, 151 Schultz, Donald F., 147, 383 Schulz, Ierry, 111 Schulz, Robert, 123 Schulz, William A., 383 Schumann, Betty, 51, 290 Schumann, William H., 113 Schupp, Ioseph G., Ir., 143, 411 Schwartz, Iulius P., 406 Schweitzer, Evelyn, 383 Schweitzer, Frances A., 383 Schwinn, C. P., 141 Scott, Charles, 383 Scott, Louis, 199 Scott, Richard E., 383 Scott, Robert W., 77, 397, 403 Scott, Ruby, 83 Seabury, Robert Glen, 383 Sears, Sally, 97, 345 Seaton, Ann, 97 Sedlacek, Richard L., 141, 205, 411 Seelman, Regina Mary, 383 Seibel, David, 123 Seifert, Irene, 64 Seip, Peter Adams, 397 Seippe, Cass, 58 Seippe, Marilyn, 57 Seitz, Alice, 51 Seitz, Martha, 283 Selby, Herbert S., 383 Selby, Laurence N., 206 Seldin. Millard, 121 Self, Cameron, 141 Selland, Lorraine F., 383 Serschen, Eileen M., 87, 383 Sessarx, Edward Iohn, 383 Sessions, Theodore B., 273, 383 Sessler, Walter, 277 Page 45 2 Spero, Setterberg, Richard C., 117, 383 Sewall, Margaret Mary, 302 Seward, William B., 269 Seymour, Patricia, 87, 215, 266, 383 Shaber, George K., 168 Shackelford, Marjorie, 417 Shackelford, William A., Ir., 135 Shacklett, Ianet, 87, 215 Shaff, David O., 71, 72 Shaffer, Kathryn l., 57, 417 Shaffer, Marie Isabel, 89, 278, 383 Shaffer, Sarah, 308 Shapiro, George, 73 Shannon, William Earl, 397 Sharp, Claude B., 424, 428 Sharp, William, 304 Shattuck, Iames R., 383 Shaw, Barbara, 95 Shaw, Donald H., 397 Shaw, Elizabeth Orr, 397 Shaw, Nathan C., Ir., 135, .383 Shaw, Willard, 111 Shay, lohn Robert, 424 Shea, Iohn Ioseph, 384 Sheehy, Charles, 125 Shelton, Iames Huston, 398 Shelton, loseph M., 398 Shepherd, Iames A., 384 Shepherd, Robert, 115 Shepherd, Vance, 109 Sherman, Cletus P., 424 Shermon, Betty lane, 417 Shillito, Harold, 113 Shimon, Bernard F., 78, 79 Shirley, Mary, 308 Shirley, Patricia, 308 Shiu, Yan-chang, 44 Shoaf, Iames, 228 Shoener, Harold, 133, 228 Shoener, Herbert, 133, 228 Shook, Allan Duane, 384 Shook, Robert W., 95 Shope, Ralph Wesley, 384 Shoquist, Carol, 97 Shoquist, loseph William, 384 Shortell, Louis, 151 Showalter, Miriam, 64 Shrader, Calvin, 71, 72 Shulkin, Charles, 121 Shuttleworth, Carol, 290 Shuttleworth, Nancy, 99, 268, 283, 288 Shuttleworth, William R., 179 Sibbert, Patricia, 95 Sibert, Colleen, 101 Sidney, Ross Harry, 397, 403 Sidwell, Lowell Gene, ,384 Sieard, losefina C,, 384 Siebert, William L., 430 Siegrist, K. I., 141 Sievers, Raymond, 153 Sigel, Gloria, 103, 169 Silliman, Charles, 119 Silverman, Arlene, 103 Simington, Kathleen R., 417 Simitz, Robert lames, 384 Simkin, Sol, 384 Simmons, Edmund l., 384 Simmons, Eloise V., 95, 272, 384 Simmons, Virginia 1., 57, 417 Simon, Estelle, 301 Simon, Robert Louis, 384 Simons, Anne, 308 Simpson, lack, 133 Simpson, Robert Elmo, 384 Sims, Paul, 133 Sincox, Edwin Charles, 424 Sindlinger, William W,, 384 Sinnett, Earle Robert, 384 Sirevaag, lohn, 276 Page 45 3 Sitrick, Sheldon, 121 Sitz, Donald H., 384, 403 Sitz, Edward, 111 Sjulin, Sjulin, Lawrence, 117 Norma, 91 Skinner, lack W., 131, 384 Skophammer, lames, 123 Slavata, Edith, 207 Slezak, Ray lames, 201, 424 Slife, Harry Gene, 398 Sloan, Norman, 109 Slocum, Stan, 123 Smith, Anne, 91 Smith, Camilla, 95 Smith, David, 129 Smith, Dorothy Elaine, 58, 417 Smith, Edward, 215 Smith, Ellsworth S., 384 Smith, Glen Eldon, 384 Smith, Evan, 125 Smith, Gordon P., 143, 384 Smith, Harry R., lr., 424 Smith, lack A., 73 Smith, lack Miller, 424 Smith, Iames S., 424 Smith, lason Ned, lr., 143 Smith, lean, 91, 169 Smith, loan E., 384 Smith, lohn, 109 Smith, Kenneth, 168 Smith, Leon lra, 384 Smith, Louise Ann, 384 Smith, Lucille lohnson, 384 Smith, Miss Lula, 291 Smith, Marilyn, 207, 290 Smith, Mary Ann, 291 Smith, Muriel Elaine, 384 Smith, Norman Leslie, 424 Smith, Patsy H., 384 Smith, Phyllis G., 384 Smith, Paul, 199 Smith, Richard T., 143, 411 Smith, Richard W., 384 Smith, Robert C., 228 Smith, Robert Dale, 131, 384 Smith, Robert Kenneth, 384 Smith, Robert Norris, 384 Smith, Roger, 123 Smith, Sam, 168 Smith, Sylvia Fischer, 384 Smith, Truman David, 135, 384 Smith, Wayne C., 384 Smith, Warren, 113 Smith, Dr. Wendell, 319 Smith, William C., 77 Smith, William F., 384 Smutz, Wynona Elaine, 93, 288, 385 Snider, Melanie, 207 Snover, Barbara, 83 Snodgrass, Charles E., 71, 72 Snyder, Gregg, 109 Snyder Snyder Snyder , Robert, 228 ,Harry N., 71, 72 , Norman, 143 Snyder, Virginia F., 99, 385 Spangler, Eleanor, 169 Speck, Iohn, 127 Spence, Shirley, 65 Spencer, C. M., 141 Spencer, F. Elizabeth, 385 Spencer, Francis, 199 Spencer, Robert, 109 Spencer, William E., 109, 385 Ellen, 67, 268 Sperry, Ruth M., 385 Spevacek, Mavis lla, ,385 Spiess, Iohn Auge, 133, 385 Spohn, Polly C., 385 Spohnheimer, Levi W., 147, 411 Spratt, I. L., 149 Sprott, lean, 63 Sprott, Robert, 151 Sprouls, lames, 119 Squire, Donn D., 77, 215 Squire, Everette William, 385 Staley, Mercedes A., 89, 215, 278, 385 Staley, Merritt, 131 Stamp, Darrell, 109, 277 Stamp, Ronald Otto, 385 Standing, lean Brown, 278, 385 Stanton, Barbara lean, 385 Stark, Maurice E., 76, 283 Starn, Margaret, 89, 106, 424 Statton, Roy, 149 St. Clair, lanet, 51 Stearns, Willis R., 385 Stech, Ernie, 301 Steckel, Richard, 107, 113 Steele, Roger Lincoln, 424 Steinbeck, Carroll D., 385 Steinberg, Thomas, 141 Steinbrink, Blandina, 307 Steinle, Elizabeth W., 385 Stephens, Marvin E., 139, ,385 Sterlin g, Arthur, 129 Stern, David, 133 Stern, Stern, Stern, Elizabeth, 385 loseph, 133 Russell E., 385 Steuck, lean E., 93, 385 Stevens, George, 320 Stevens, lohn Clay, 398 Sodemann, George, 427 Soderherg, lohn, 131 Sokol, Frank Donald, 385, 403 Solberg, ludith O., 385 Soltow, Robert L., 95 Somers, Ernest E,, 147, 411 Sommers, Iames, 125 Sonius, Donald Edward, 385 Sorden, Ioanne, 308 Sorensen, Marian A., 385 Sorensen, Robert, 125 Sorenson, Harold, 123, 171 Souchek, Dwaine G., 201 Soukup, Robert lames, 201 Spaan, Herman Dale, 385 Stevens, Roy Worrel, 129, 385 Stevenson, Allis W., 51, 215, 347, 385 Stevenson, Robert Max, 385 Stewart, Clayton, 125 Stewart, Mariorie, 99 Stewart, R. H., 149 Stiarwalt, Theodora, 417 Stichnoth, Dean R., 38, 107, 109, 385 Stienstra, Warren R., 385 Stifller, Herbert E., 385 Stiles, Leonard Keith, 398 Stines, Fred, 107, 12.3, 273 Stinson, Keith I., 135, 385, 400 Stiverson, lack, 111 St. lohn, Rose Marie, 399 Stoddard, Oliver Russell, 385 Stoddard, Roy K., lr., 119, 276 Stoermer, Odette, 97 Stoltenberg, Claire, 87, 215, 283, 399 Stoltenberg, lean, 87 Stoltz, Marjorie, 101 Stonebrook, Thomas, 131 Stoner, Helen N., 417 Stoner, Lorna, 291 Stooker, Robert, 139, 283 Storey, Gene L., 385 Stoup, Rosemary Ann, 64, 385 Straatsma, Stan, 129 Stracks, Marianne, 268 Straight, Frank, 273 Stranglen, Ernest A., 386 Strate, Barbara, 306 Strate, Florence, 101 Tannenbaum, Robert L., 386 Strathman, Donna, 386 Stratman, William I., 78 Stratton, Mary Ellen, 95 Straub, Ervin I., 242, 243 Strauel, Florence C., 386 Strause, Edgar, 111 Stremfel, Ioseph L., 430 Stribe, Phyllis Marie, 386 Stringham, Wally, 166 Strohm, Frank H., Ir., 115, 386 Strong, Betty I., 288 Strong, Iean, 51, 284 Strotinan, William, 79 Stroy, Donald T., 123, 386 Stuart, Mary, 386 Stuart, Mary Edythe, 89, 386 Studna, Phyllis I., 103, 386 Stueland, Lafe, 273, 386 Stuhler, Iohn D., 411 Stuhler, William, 131 Stuhmer, Williain K., 95 Stuhr, Iohn, 119 Sturdevant, Bruce, 424 Sturges, Clyde W., 386 Sturman, Major, 205 Sturtz, Horace L., 205 Sulhoff, Paul H., 77, 403 Sulley, Eleanor B., 386 Sulley, Oda Francis, Ir., 277, 386 Sullivan, Timothy I., 68 Summers, Ioseph Byrne, 424 Sundet, Ray Arthur, 386 Susorney, Frank I., 386 Sutherland, Richard, 311 ' Sutter, Raymond I., 117, 282, 428 Sutter, William, 117 Suurballe, Iohn W., 386 Swab, Oliver 109 Swailes, Harold I., 386 Swails, Arnold, 252 Swaim, William, 123 Swaim, Robert, 123 Teeter, Clare, 151 Teeters, Dean, 129 Tegen, Shirley, 93 Tempel, Paul F., 205, 411 Temple, Howell, 119 Tenney, Phyllis, 97 Tepperman, Herbert, 301, 386 Terrell, Gilbert, 269 Tewksbury, Iane, 59 Thacker, Robert W,, 277, 295, 387 Tucker, Iohn S., 387 Tucker, Norman E., 387 Tucker, William M., 387 Tunnell, Emlen, 228 Tupper, I. W., 141 Tupper, Richard, 119 Turnbull, Iohn, 119 Turner, Filmore, 387 Turner, Margaret A., 278, 387 Turner, Merril, 109 Thede, Dorothy L., 417 Thodt, Charles A., 179, 182, 199, 205 206, 276 Thoen, Noel, 131 Thoen, Roscoe I., 153, 406 Turner, Thomas H., 153, 406 Tyler, Ianne, 93 Thomas, Bonita, 387 Thomas, Earl F., 387 Thomas, Iohn, 115 Thomas, Mary, 105 Thomas, Robert, 79 Thomas, Robert Ervin, 387 Thomas, Robert W., Ir., 387 Thomason, Iohn, 111, 168 Thompson, Betty, 99 Thompson, Carol Racker, ,387 Thompson, Clarence C., 387 Thompso n, Dona'd W., 76, 77, 398 Thompson, Glenn, 95 Thompso Thompso Thompso Thompso n, Robert D., 133 n, Robert F., 387 n, Shirley, 344 n, William B., 129, 387 Thompson Wilma Iean, 387 Thomson , Gene, 334 Thomson, Iack, 304, 322 Thomson, Richard, 115 Thornell, Iohn R., 76, 77, 307, 398, 401 Thornton, Gerald, 1 19 Swanson, Albert D., 77 Swanson, Iohn D., 111 Swanson, Leona Mae, 291, 386 Swanson, Ralph Iohn, 398 Swanson, William, 125 Swartz, Harold Eugene, 309, 386 Sweeny, Lois E., 386 Swenson, Alfred O., 386 Swenson, Helen Iean, 386 Swift, Freeman B., 386, 403 Swift, Iames F., Ir., 71, 72 Swinehart, Iohn D., 125, 386 Swisher, Marianne, 97 Swisher, Robert l., 386 Sylvius, Marilyn, 329 Synhorst, Iohn, 403 Syverud, Iohn M., 125, 386 Sywassink, Carol, 91 Szukovathy, Georges, 44 T Tabler, Earl, 309 Tabor, Edmund F., 386 Tailor, Iohn P., 206 Tamisiea, Vivian M., 51, 291, 302, 386 Tanner, George L., 386 Tanner, Gerobe Woolf, 386 Taylor, Glenda, 207 Taylor, Gordon, 74 . Taylor, Margaret, 417 Taylor, Taylor, Paul Edmond, 386 Richard C., 135, 215 Teagarden, Wallace W., 332, 398 Teasdale, Phyllis A., 85, 106, 266, 386 Tedore, Iohn, 117, 228 Tedrick, R. T., 330 Thorson, Philip Iames, 424 Thurman, Peter, 400 Thurn, Evelyn, 105 Thurneau, Carol, 310 Tierney, Raymond U., 72 Tilden, Robert, 111 Timm, Barbara Marie, 387 Timm, Sylvia, 399 Timmins, Richard H., 198, 199, 387 Timson, Lela L., 57, 58, 417 Tingleff, Ray, 139, 28,3 Tobin, Kathleen M., 387 Todd, Iames Carr, 424 Toedt, Mary Martha, 387 Tomfeld, Marion, 215 Tone, Philip, 267, 398, 403 Toomey, Iohn, 403 Tosaw, Michael A., 394 Tosh, David Warren, 387 Towns, VVilliam, 109 Townsend, Charles E., 194, 296, 387 Townsley, Marian A., 308, 387 Traeger, Alice Ruth, 398 Trammell, Nancy, 85 Traub, R., 141 Trevor, Constance, 387 Trevor, William D., 387 Tribbey, Manetta Iean, 387 Tribe, Robert Blair, 153. 282, 406 Trick, Alan W., 38, 71, 72 Trickey, Rosemary I., 387 Tripp, Charles, 113 Tripp, Ioan, 91, 268 Trotzig, P., 145 Troutman, Phyllis, 97, 169 Trowbridge, Shirley F., 291, ,387 Trueblood, Michael, 129. 168 Trueblood, Rosemary, 97 Trumpp, Donald G., 387 Truxaw, Richard L., 199 Tucker, Betty Lou, 387 Tyler, Winston, 109 Tyndall, Robert E., 387 Tyrrell, E., 145 Tyson, Iohn, 119, 168, 277, 283, 305 U Ugalde, Ana Marie, 44 Uhland, Martha C., 387 Ullestad, Norman, 109, 329, 387 Ullman, Lois, 95 Ullman, Shirley Ruth, 387 Umlandt, Sally Ann, 95, 387 Underwood, Murray S., 398 Unzeitig, Marie, 291 Urice, Iames, 123, 171 Uriell, Frank, 123 Utterback, Norma, 283 V Vagts, Lorena Mary, 63, 278, 387 Valentine, Frances, 89, 207, 291 Valline, Ronald, 292 Van Atta, Iames M., 288 Van Camp, Thomas G., 215 Vance, William, 153 Vandemark, Phyllis I., 278, 295, 388 Vandenberg, Robert D., 388 Van De Pol, Henry, 205, 411 Vander Ploeg, Darl E., 145, 205 Vanderwerf, Harold, 388 Van der Zee, Robert W., 388 Vande Steeg, Mary D., 97, 207, 268 304, 319, 322 Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Dorn, Rosalind M., 388 Duren, Melvin C., 388 Dyke, Lester, 129 Dyke, Margery, 388 Eschen, Ioseph, 228 Eschen, Iohn, 228 Ginkel, Iames, 388 Ginkel, Marguerite, 87 Horn, Dean, 131 Horn, Robert I., 425 Liew, M. Patrice, 95, 278, 283 Order, Paul F., 129, 215, 388 Roekel, George E., 388 Zele, Richard L., ,388 Varney, Howard L., 205 Vaughn, Richard, 115 Velman, William, 276 Verbeck, Marvin E., 77, 398, 404 Vest, George, 117 Vial, Robert, 109 Vifquain, Elaine, 101 Vifquain, Ned, 125 Vittitoe, Harold E., 404 Voelckers, W. W., 206 Vogel, Robert, 111 Vogel, William, 111 Voigt, Karleton D., 105, 388 Von Berg, Donald, 292 Voorhees, Mary, 95 Vorhes, Carl, 149 Votruba, Mary Lou, 283 W Waaser, George T., Ir., 276 Wack, Paul Francis, 388 ' Page 454 Wade, Ralph M., 95 Wagenknecht, Burdette, 388 Wagner, Carl, 206 Wagner, Major C. N. M., 206 Wagner, William R., 135 Wagner, William W., 76, 77 Wagoner, Dennis, 129 Wagoner, Richard, 117 Wahl, Clairine, 283 Walensky, Francis N., 95 Walle, I Walker, C. Channing, 77, 398, 401 Walker, George, 123 Walker, Walker, Iane, 207 Richard L., 95 Wallace, Edward C., 425 Wallace, Keith E., 388 Wallace, Roberta, 95 Wallace, William E., 388 ean M., 58,417 Waller, Everett, Ir., 179, 199 Walling, Iohn Charles, 131 Walls, Esther Iean, 388 Walsh, Iack L., 388 Walsh, Iohn T., 79, 388 Walsh, Thomas, 78 Walter, Clarence W., 388 Walter, Donald A., 135, 388 Walter, Dorothy Rose, 60, 278, 295, 388 W'alters, Barbara Ann, 89, .388 Walters, Earl Vance, 388 Walters, Gaige, 117 Walton, David, 135 Walton, Harold, 277 Wanamaker, Bonnie, 207 Wanamaker, Donald L., 388 Wandel, Donald, 119 Wang, Kwei-ling, 44 Ward, Donald, 131 Ward, Everett C., 135, 425 Ward, Howard W., 425 Ward, Morris I., 197 Warden, Charles, 400 Ware, T. A., 149 Warner, Paul L., 72 VVarnholtz, Marylou, 95, 388 Warren, Edith, 63 Warren, Merb Robert, 388 Warren, Sheldon, 109 Warrington, Robert, 151 Wassbren, Milton L., 388 Watkins, Glenn F., 388 Watkins, Iohn P., 135 Watson, Mac W., 388, 403 Watson, Robert, 133, 283 Watson, Sally, 344, 345 Watts, Tarry T,, 77, 388 Waugh, Harold, 129 Waugh, Ieanne Anne, 85, 388 Way, Marjorie, 59 Weaver, Iames H., 133 Weaver, Philip, 133 Weber, Irving, Ir., 151 Weber, Iohn R., 388 Weber, Leslie, 135 Webster, Ercelene, 310 Wedig, Ronald, 273 Weeber, Charles F., 141 Weeks, Everett M,, 388 Wegener, Mark Henry, 425, 428 Wegman, Leona, 59 Wehrman, Richard, 115 Weichman, David E., 77, 398 Weideman, Iack Norman, 119, 389 Weidermier, Iack W., 95 Weigel, Ollie, 153 Weinberg, Roslyn F., 389 Weinstein, Herman, 273 Weinstock, Caroline, 103 Weiser, Iohn Conrad, 389 Page 455 Weitz, Elizabeth, 95, 169, 389 Welch, Arthur S., 95 Wellborn, Iane, 63 Wellhouse, Iames L., 389 Wells, Harold W., 389 Wells, Patricia, 168 Welsh, William, 135, 215 Welty, Roger R., 389 Wendel, Thelma Olga, 308, 389 Wendlandt, H. W., 206 Wenger, Howard B., 398, 400 Wenger, Thomas Dean, 425 Wenner, Iackson C., 198 Wentworth, David F., 389 Wentz, Walter I., 107, 135, 283 Werbach, Carolyn M., 389 Werk, Rebecca Ann, 291, 308, 389 Werling, Max R., 76, 77, 400 Werner, D. I., 141 West, Iames, 111 West, Philip, 153 Westervelt, Hazel L., 57, 417 Westphal, Iane, 51 Westrick, Dorothy Iones, 417 Wheeler, Dorothy, 304 Wheeler, Robert Iones, 282, 425 Wheeler, Virginia, 207, 399 Wherry, Iohn, 215 Whicher, Theodore, 401 Whisler, Frances, 97, 349 Whisler, Ianet, 268 White, Helen, 215 White, Marian Crane, 272, 389 Whitebrook, Evelyn S., 103, 301, 389 'Whiteley, Ben R., 1,35 Whiteley, Robert B., 425 Whiteman, Roy M., 398, 401 Whiteside, Robert, 215 Whitley, Mary Frances, 99, 168 Whitlock, Edgar W., 406 Whitney, David, 141, 283 Whitters, Frank, 277 Wicher, Theodore M., 398 Wick, Lois, 67 Wick, Robert, 400 Wick, Roland, 282 Wicke, Howard H,, 389 Wickencamp, Iohn W., 198, 201. 292 Wicks, Ioan, 105 Wicks, Raymond, 334 Wickstrom, Arthur P., 205 Widlak, Arthur F., 269, 389 Wier, Murray Neal, 389 Wiqg, Philip R., 194, 296 Williams, Margaret E., 390 Williams, Richard, 109, 390 Williamson, Iames L., 390 Williamson, Kenneth, 119 Willier, Charles Iohn, 430 Willis, N. Elaine, 63, 390 Wilson, Ann, 44, 105 Wilson, Bety, 85, 207 Wilson, Charlotte, 101 Wilson, David Henry, 390 Wilson, Edith D., 64, 390 Wilson, Eric, 129 Wilson, Harold Arnold, 78 Wilson, Ioy L., 390 Wilson, Marilyn I., 99, 390 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson Norris I., 143, 390 Richard G., 205 Robert B., 206 Robert H., 131, 390 Robert Harold, 398 Robert R., 78, 79 Wilt, Iames Frye, 269, 390 Wilt, Iaynane, 390 Wiltse, Gerald, 277 Winborn, Karl S., 199 Winders, Marilyn, 291 Winders, Marvin I., 390 Wine, Donald A., 77 Wingate, Verna Mae, 51, 310 Winger, Floraine Mae, 390 Wingerd, Ieanette, 51 Wingerson, Iohn R., 391 Winter, Sue, 87 Winterlin, William, Ir., 391 Wirkler, Wissing, Wissing, Witmer, Mary L., 57, 58, 417 George R., 78, 398, 400 Richard, 79, 302 Mary Louise, 272, 391 Vlqtcisky, Charles A., Ir., 131, 273 9 Witte, Diane, 89 Witte, Rick, 129 Wilcox, Wilcox, Wilcox, Wilcox, Dwain, 145 Francis Fred, 389 Marvin E., 389 Robert Arthur, 411 Wilder, Iesse, 74 Willimek, Louise, 290 Wilke, Mary Ethelyn, 390, 431 Wilke, Prof. Ulfert, 193, 296 Wilken, William, 123 Wilken, Donna, 85, 215, 288, 304, 306, 319 Wilkerson Wilkinson Wilkinson Wilkinson , Vernon, 292 , Clayton, 151, 267 , Herbert, 38, 151, 267, 406 , William I., Ir., 398 Willenson, David, 390 Willhite, Robert, 131 Willhoite, George I., 398, 400 Williams, Betty, 290 Williams, Elaine, 99 Williams, Erma Iean, 57, 417 Williams, Frank H., 95 Williams, Herbert, 123 Williams, Iackson D., 390 Williams, Iohn 398 Williams, Lawrence, 147, 411 Witters, George, 115, 276 Wohler, Helen W., 391 Wolf, Betty Lee, 391 Wolf, Eugene I., 391 Wolf, Lillian, 103 Wolf, Melvin Harlan, 391 Wolf, Warren Iames, ,391 Wolfe, Mary P., 391 Wolfe, Thomas P., 398, 401 Wolford, Robert, 119 Wolk, Mary E., 391 Wolsted, Gwendolyn M., 391 Womelsdorf, Ioan E., 391 Womelsdorf, Ioyce E., 391 Wood, Iohn, 131 Wood, Mary Ann, 101, 391 Wood, Robert, 74 Wood, Rodney Wayne, 391 Woodard, I. 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E., 141 Youmans, Ardath M., 392 Young, Kenneth, 131 Young, Marcus Cook, 392 Young, Thomas, 109 Young, Victor, 215 Youngstrom, Bud, 327 Youngstrom, Earl, 129 Youngstrom, Ralph O., 398 Yount, Florence lane, 392 Yu, Fred T. C., 44 Yuill, Nancy, 93 Z Zabloudil, Warren C., 147, 411 Zahorik, Leora E., 392 Zak, Richard, 277 Zapella, Anthony, 145, 280 Zech, Gail, 101 Zeiger, Wayne, 153 Zelezny, William F., 72 Zeller, Frank L., 392 Zeller, Fred E., 125, 392 Zempoluch, Eugene, 276 Zencler, Robert G., 228, 392 Ziegler, Ioyce E., 57, 58, 417 Zieke, Charles, 228 Ziflren, Leo G., 267, ,392 Zima, William, 269 Zmolek, Ernest I., 145, 411 Zook, Corclie, 59 Zuercher, Sally Anne, 93, 392 Zulfer, Ioseph Alan, 392 Zurn, Barbara, 64, 83 Zvacek, Dorothy, 89, 320 Page 456 Q V I 5,8 Q 1 sa F 1 K ,- . ix " ' Aiwwi ' ' 5 gg .,,. - A Q0 . 1 1 x 4 1 4 1 I i I 1 i 1 . 1 1 1 4 4 4 J A Hearljfelt THANK YO I0 , . . DON IACKSON, Hawkeye advisor, who always had a solution. . . OWEN MARSH for his suggestions, ideas, and encouragement .... CARROLL COLEMAN, University Typographer, for his help in planning this book .... FRED KENT, university photographer, and HIS STAFF for their patience and cooperativeness in gathering pictures .... IIM KENT for his many fine section page pictures and his assistance in setting up senior pictures ..,. RUTH NELSON for many of the campus view pictures .... ARNOLD RUSTIN for many of the view pictures and for the portraits in the married students section .... BOB THOMPSON for the color photograph in the opening section. . . T. WONG STUDIO for the beauty portraits ,... The Iowa City Studios for sorority pictures .... HAWKEYE PHOTOGRAPHERS for various and sundry pictures .... Special bouquets to chief photographers PI-IYLLIS WIIITE and DORIS ENGLEBY .... IACK O'BRIEN for the division page drawings .... PONTIAC ENGRAVING CO. for layouts and engravings. . . . ECONOMY PRINTING CO. for the printing and binding of this book. . . . KINGSCRAFT COVER CO. for the covers ,... THE HAWKEYE STAFF for their loyal cooperation. , . . CAROLYN ANDERSON Editor-in-Chief I - I

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