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 - Class of 1943

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l X M! '-THF L irfc 7 -1-fy! J ".,. 14 L 3 Q +1 1.4 l,4' 'Q s I x 4 1 Y W 'ti 525 ..,f', N "-,,,, --,,, ,.,,, ,gf 5 5 E F 4 1 i E i I E 3 4 s 5 4 i H . ii 1 i 1 . . 1, , . 2 . ' 14 .ffzg-fire J 5,-aff? if' 4' '- THIS NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE EDITION OF THE HAWKEYE WAS COMPILED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, AT IOWA CITY X1 S I "' M . s E, ff ll xW Q we fi ' , ,753 5 my . , , , Q, Y I M ' A H-K 1 1 is W .vs ? ik , 8-.K 5 :-:Qilz x f ESPN' I are Q., x M I iw 5 i x.. .5 VSMJ7' -Nw f , my 2 n 3 1' THIS HAWKEYE. . We dedicafe nof fo ivy covered walls Or win+er sunsefs splashed behind a golden dome . . . Bu+ fo lowa's clear-eyed, sfurdy sons Who have exchanged fheir books and pens For bayonefs and +anks and mefal wings. Why do fhey figh+? For "LeHers fo fhe Edi+or" and "The Man on +he S+ree+" . . For Joe Blow noisily spoufing wild harangues ln every small rown pool hall . . For New Yorlc's elecfriglamour and +he quiei' splendor of a prairie snow . . For "Popcorn, peanuis, crackeriaclr and soda pop" . . . Firelighi and spring rain and lhe milky misl' of harvesl' moons For halls of learning oul of which will come The molders of a fhousand sfern iomorrows. For Sam Dambrosia raising his Old Glory High above his filling s+a1'ion empire as each day begins. ForiTimes Square-and 'lhe Unlcnown Soldier . . . And fhe mus+y quief of a coun+ry church . . . For all +he hardy brawling magnificence +ha+ is America- IOWA FIGHTS! G inaa-uv-Aix , Y X vgwk-ky? in mu, . f'f' 1 Riff v 'WRX N Q 'v .. I ,, ,At K 1 f:'5-'Z ,. 4 ., f, ,5..Mgfy my. wi, 1 I Y -- a- "- .x Q. , . x 5, , . ,fzxhgsiyx 1if5iH L" ggf:i Elf: ,ff ,-ff K qw ,f.A5:,'Kw1. - 'fff Lf- ,D x-M 7 vga, ' -ss' 1 gy ' P ,...g:.,,.ii.4wUfM5fgw: p'g4sX,Lg:. 1 1. 51" H ' ' QL'?,,g.1fs:f1a , A -' K 4,1 yy. 5.1 if A , f . ,QQ .MM . K 1 .' 2 gift. 5 -5 Q.: 1. - ' 1 Lipfsf.-LEYGQLZNX5 H 111..4L3 X' . 3 ,A ,U :kg f 1 U . J . Qkkki '1iliF'Eff51'x" 59' ,D "file, ii 5'-K Yi , ' 4 -1- , . ,Q z.. ni xx x.-3fw.f i z 'Six f- - , " fffig 531. '5Q'i,:Y:5g'11F!-im Lf ' 52:5 lf A 1- Jgg?,,l'i5 ',f.i15Iw 1 xg ' V, ', 3552? A: 'i if 'f ,.,,vh.g- -- f-A 4 - . '15 fin iff . ,Y 55351, , g :aw :Z .. , A Km , ,, N , , ,fl . ,fig 7' -, Yay 1:4 :L HQ: T ,711 'i Qilnqi f 1" ff f W? 1' ' V -sax: 'F ' 'Z-3? " ' H I, -x ,JS y ,W -, ,J ',. 3-.ML f -f 4- .-e . I W 2 ' :IELia?,mQ F " fqfvieg-1, K 1-3 , - F4 , ff , M gifw, x :vi 3 ' ls '5- 555 1' Q 1:13, - fn!-if 'Mg 1 ff y ff ,L k , 2 be ' x ,B XX 5 A 2: :Q 1' . 5551 x +R F 'k', X, L. . 57: 3' My - Xifxk 'WQFT i l . i if if H711 ,K wg. s 5, gl N L W5 fgfi 2- .25 K.. . w anna' .xr ' ' -1 'Fi , . A i 1 " mf: , fin ' T 5 , .AM . I. .-'Wie ,fr . g ff 1'l'fjC"'!'q -w' ff' gif' -f5"1',':4""p ' - ,, V X, ' -, 2 ' gy . .QF -f v..,,,if - Q S 155' fm - --W N r2.5 -Y , , I' .ixgf rf - - .L Wyg- iw 7 Q, , nil! iffy' 'Q wi' ".hL if 1 Q y-ww . .M ' I 'fa' 'fy ., ,W,m., a .. K .,1-ar'-'l,,: 14 -M V A . - Y LL 5 ' "--A. M. k g5Q,g:.w:f',- Q ' .1' V -'1" I1 'Qkkii-' Eff . ,Q ,, ,, ,. f 9Q,1v"" ' N-,.. A- 3 5 .h 'f"g:f'fQ X , , 2151 Q A QQ , 'L L: 5 ' LTf 'asa Qmafsii if L ug gs P .L , g ' i . f X RLS' 1, 1::?f51'f't2" iifiruflii his N af:f:?'?a,,ggli Um Cwm 1 cum' my ' L igw w fm .. My ,. -.W 1,5 fy ,W ZS., .... wi ' Lf, -p I L, L, ' 'Q 1 :gg k l- Sm " 3 H f '51 fS'l"Es1t1iLf. if M 'EH 1: - fm. ,x?agfggvqQq ' Q M5 J' iz -QZU:-gills-5""AfWT"fff.if'-mmf: . A,,+,ff,, ,Q 11 ' I Z ,fi J: '2 .. ,,fm,fa,. M. - -. .fn ,V A -M., - -- L1?i?"31 Je I T'-Wig Qghfxw' -1f4g7fs,gw -5414 2 X 'L HQ 5- 556---Jia ' .1 FA " V A. ff . ' ' 77 M 1 mn- 5 K , Q15 at :ww-2 Q. M v X , gi k L L ' 2fg,g12' 1w:1'a'1g5n,f,,r If -22..,sQ Ljzzfbgitsii'-Ai ,Jig gssgi+f,,s in f fx Ly, , -1-'ff- ezlfufgzw' 'n'e,,Q'QzQ,f Y X ' L, 4-U gg 5 ' Q 3 Wffii ii! in ?f ,f 4 IB r' . ' 227,531+ ,wt2wz'wjL:'s1 ' ' ' .1 K 9575? Wi . U 5 M1 . K ,, i,5,,3?l 5-pgs 'fiig "L A 9 ig. ,Q w KL , .4z,4.m,ff A bf, 9- 'L , HL-: , ,. L3 W., 1 H, MODERN . . . STREAMLINED . . . GEARED FOR ACTION . . . TWENTIETH CENTURY MINUTEMEN CLAD IN MAGIC METAL . . . - CONTENTS - CAMPUS ..,. Campus Views, Adminisiraiion ....... 9 ORGANIZATIONS .... Honoraries, Inferesi' Groups, Sororiiies, Frafernifies, Dormiiories ,.......... I65 LIFE .................. 33 TIME ................. 287 ACTIVITIES .... AfI1Ie'I'ics, MiIi'I'ary, Fine Aris and CLASSES lhlm Liberal A,--I-S and Comme,-cel Medicine' SPSSCII- Pvbliwivns ----------------------- 53 Denfisiry, Law, Engineering, Nurses, Pharmacy. .305 GLAMOUR ............ I53 WHO ......,......,.,. 369 Mafia 96045 jorwaral i i . . . beyond a Today of pork and beans and bombs and black- oufs fo a fomorrow based on +he old, old principles of coopera+ion and 'Fair play . . . a brave new world Thai' can be fashioned from smoking ruins only 'by educaled minds and hearls and hands. So Iowa becomes a facfory for America, 'rurning ou+ hardy warriors for foclay and infelligenf builders for +omorrow. IOWA .... A FACTORY FOR AMERICA a u .s a"1 lla n Il CAMPUS FACTORY AND MANAGEMENT C pus Vnews ........... I3 ACI I' 'I' 23 HIS fa IOYI . . . . , . . . . . . . user .I ...... as A X 'QP' ' rx . , 1 'R V 'x Y :L i Q .xx V575 T x , x 'o, h -la - S fl 1 xi' L! 5' 1 t K V' A j' nf Q s "1 . inf! 3 ff 5 v .. 5 . Ln, . V ft iw 6 HV Q fi! S5 f . 9 if ," ,,gm.,... ,,.,-Li 1:2 335. 5 I' .-f 4 FACTORY AND R MANAGEMENT Before any industrial plant may function it must obtain for itself physical equipment and skilled personnel for administration and manage- ment. The task facing the University of Iowa has been not to obtain these essentials but to stream- line the equipment and faculty already in opera- tion. This section is devoted to portraying this equipment and these faculty members. How thoroughly or how quickly they will completely revamp the University is a matter of coniec- ture. Already we have seen some degree of metamorphosis, have heard the birth cries and felt the growing pains of the new Iowa . . . . a stringently efficient Iowa which must mold the raw material of youth into a useful finished product if it is fo iustify its existence. 6' ' JJ , IOWA .... A FACTORY FOR AMERICA D . I V vi ' - -if 'k ,I 1' 1' 'k -nf in x-v .Q ' Y B -w .fig , ' 57, Q bk .1 F E qi, Q ' ' ' 145 -"nl" 'Ni ' . f,:.'?ff:si-'iff-1 ' X' .' X ,YW .'fM' if-:iff . Q-4 , 9 W fr . , -Q ,wa . at :Q . dem' "5"ff-' f ., 4, 0" 2. if 'Xi ,,. . 1 'if . 935' ',. 1 Aa Gwffgmg 4 Q ' ' r "A, f. Iva ,lim Q, -, Q v, a u V, W"5L fha" sig? x 'Sh' W, ist. QP' - 1 v .P T . J "' l if ":JK' 'ffm n-Q.-f1'f'7ia iffgacyi K W K - S. z it ,, ' ., . , ' f . H 'Q' ft 1 - ' , Q, ', S K' , . 5. xc., I -if .5 'mg QM ' mv- ,NL I !",X.'. ., 4, xx' Q - HR. if N- 3-"pf 'Sf M'-3 f ww. . tx Rhys: QQ- Q M aff? N 'A X ,..f Y " k ' 4 . K- ,s if 'Q 5- v-sy 'N il f an m Q A.. afilaiicy ' 'hdgpqfg Ng be N sr: , ifghf 9 Q QA-.. -L . , 0, Q, Q h- 'gk ,M are 1 . I ' - ' . ' ' X- ,113 '. f, " . 4 , '55 -fm -M, 'Q fifg ,M ' . Q 3' . 51 f, 'J A3 ' , ' 5 ', ' s ,W A- kw+.i'x"f194 H 5 75", .fgqf 'I 2' ' my-Ly' sf"'x' .L QQ?" i. 1 - if rf V' fi f ,. 'H-'.z4--f ft iimf- - ' . Wxfr' N, N n vpn . 5 - .4-mf.. --A .5 --1 - wr' .3 1 11.24. 'v - , vw, 353 - , Q- g 5 M it .1 s 1 'SL 2 .Q rf 'gif slay ' I in ,h'U'l ,L Af - a gr, fwi' '58, A iw Altufzxltx x'.A'., 9: 'W-'Mix ,Q-s 1 pg, ' 'M f ', f "?' WL- ' 2 '- ' .1 v fp ,' 'H P , - is.. 5, . , 5 ,A , K A ,, , A K , , . , K. QS BM-f .V ti Jgibtia gr? s'.3Lrg-'ian-.--,s,.--'vs , ,. . . 4 ,+ , fx ., EV" T577 in r fl f ,fa g QQWL' ,V A . A' n -'la ax, "Tk ll- 'J F' 4, tagsvlsii - --if 4 5- 'HN 71519 -, g ,Q V ,fy .Q .:g2j ,Sk,,g5'f,g, x -A vi'-"' , 'SX - ' .-" fi .-1' Qv.g.ixk,.,t ' . . 4- S K' xvfw 95? xl Qt JY gf t Mx ut' ' '7 K ,Lg , , , iv , i' , K - 4 x. . 'f 1 ' A 1 .ef- 111 'fg A ak' 1 iw, A- tug an "' ...B-A . -1 ""-. fig 'L 'l 3' 1 y- "' N -N. f ' f ' X .x . N5 L, -...W l fNf"Q in Q M ,.- N Q -- TIMELESS SENTINEL al Quiefucfe HESITATION gi av :.L if Q me 5 5 ,i R x X 5 H j V k Q 5 ? f ' X . Y Q Q. S ' . 33 x A 24 H 3, ,, 4' W... ....l- k -.....4L... , -Ml -L 3 "9 'ki if " H h un aww 5 :Baa-ann. -1 5 fmt 4 1' L ,'?Q1g:.v:51g,,m3. V -ae 'wr 7.. w 'RQ 'N lezficfiona . Funny . . . isn'i' H . . . +ha+ even lhough our fopsy-iurvy world is wri+l1ing in a man-made chaos . . . leaves sfill +urn gold in lafe Ocfober and flue hospifal lower s'I'ill looms like a friendly speclre againsl' a moon-washed slcy . . . Ai 3 ,P K-0 Q- f J Mtg, A, 8.3 l WK ymxbfks x F.. disks: J :fi-ffm as V 11 S Q' N: 'S f 3 '+-23 :9-as 4 ' wi pw 5 gi ' sr' 3' 2 L 1 wg ,B 5? 'Q K 1 kV .LQ.L. kw'i z J Q 1ffQ!5i"Q55'Hf 'M ' ,S i ' ff We A sf A k - . V Tab: Ar, Q ,Lag 'ia Fri ,tm 1 . Ml ? A My Sym' 5' ,ik X Y is .F it ax ,gil ' di if J, A . at E A , .f M Q gli y if E' f ? . fx my Af. .Suk fw 1 wsf FET. x if lf 4 . xx if 1' Q I "" 4? V., . ,yy K r isks . I yn 4 V nf ' satan Q Pi Q ki is , ly -" H W Mg Sf v y 3 SPRING SHADOWS all! .SZAIJOIUJ . SMOKE AND STEEL LAW COMMONS POOL vf' 2-fe k Xp Nav, mi.- S ' ' -W Q ff XM r, 5- a-.N..,..Q fr 2+ ,z-W - . A1442 113132, 31 N: 'B N 1 X X SL f , mi YRS' 1 X Q., F X.. .- Y 1 .fgiazmir Q -. . , Q, SQ ' O i Q5 ? ik X X Q , , X 7 112: Z fffixfs- .7'ffijf '...- 2 Ssei i, Q A 15.m,1,fgs- M41 gg 1,1 ,QW gfti. 1: E 33 : giigg-5 Ji-Q: 3 ..gQmi-ff? IX- ' Q ,S ,nr 3 . 1 .I S 1 ..,w1..mi- 1r'2 QT .ra gl vf , A S y W ,L V, 1? ,un N ,Q -ry l 'ttf A Ls . 54' s.5K"i'iL Q5-gpgx A ff: A-Q A ,el L 4' 'Q 35.19, K 7 4 Q' L g -,Q ,cv 3: x , 1 q f Mil A' M Q, 'w K, ' 7 F ' ,W Wal G 1 I ,Q it S .. 4535 I Q5 S aw . -' E- 4.2 Q -J "gi A Y . at G ' wx f ww wx 'im W Q' ax fm k Q ,Q f,-Q-+ .Jr 1 8 1 gk G . . Q g x x A Q -pg xy 'A A fx - 'V H ix-1 as X T Q ' 'R .gf ' Q , . . . x 'g J F 3, W x , Q wx.. - Q , , ,V V Q3 -' K X X4 is I If si ei Mai? Iv x 5 .4 A iv K X sm, 8: f Q K 1, Q, 11 Sy 1- b " i I ff fi RPQIA A . z Jil JR . , ,QQ W ,P ,," ' -4. f Viv, ,gf L x ' 1 izfwf P ' N Q , Ya X ,W g??55'g,'tA Y . . , A , bl .53 . -- - 'f .' AL. -S4 ' efaqqgq, ,N 4 ww 'Li 5 'Q' Q ' 1 if L A' f J W3 -ff' Ki I Nth in k k K Ji ' gf- . w ' Si- - 'v , ' A 1 5' 22: , - x S 1 fx 8 Q-if ,W , A' I P' Q 1- , M, 241.5 .. , ' Aw., ' f , ' ,. Q 1 A fy 11? - f Mi Q lw tgtgf, 5k ,AJ QS .,,, S g gi ar , m 5 A Q ' 4 lk 5 ' ! 3 f4,:,i. P .Y v 1, t A Eff? ASH? 2 K .. :Wi ' 1 ,wzfawy ,. A W-W ' ' S' W? ff 'FW f . . gg X' 2" ff f E - 'eww ff Pi ,,,, , ' ww x v 3 fn , 5 ,t 4 1, g u---1.n1u-I-nun-my in-mu.:-vm-u-uw-awww - ,-M-,x1:Nv.qD,,,.,T . K ,, ..,,,A Q: il gl .1 mu. mf PRESIDENT HANCHER - A nafive of fhe Pocahonfas Counfy corn rows, a graduafe of fhe Universify in liberal arfs and law, and a Rhodes scholar. Mr. Hancher came fo Iowa a liffle more Ihan a year ago from an adminisfrafive posifion wifh a Chicago law firm. Qualificafions for his new job as guiding lighf of fhe "AIhens of fhe WesI" included nof only an avid inferesf in fhe more formal aspecfs of educafion, buf also a genuine concern for fhe culfural influences surrounding fhe slu- denf in his exfra-curricular acfivifies. Presidenf Hancher is a deliberafe, mefhodical worker, conscienfious, fireless, sfrong in his convicfions-and a belief fhaf Iowa ns, and can confinue fo be, a fruly greaf insfifufion is one of 'those convicfions. Offen he works and reads far info fhe nighf-favorife wifh him are bio- graphies of famous men, especially The Duke of Wellingfon. In fhe Navy af The fime of fhe lasf war, his greafesf vacafion fhrill is sfill an ocean cruise. Mr. I-Iancher would golf if he had fime. buf compromises by playing handball occasionally. Rivaling Aesop in his collecfion of amusing anecdofes, warmly human in his re- lafionships wifh equals and inferiors alike, Mr. I-Iancher can "walk wifh kings, nor lose fhe common Iouchf' His firm handshake and fo- fhe-poinf speeches are as much a parf of Iowa as fhe hospifal Iower and Ihe pillars of Old Capifol. I-Iis name is synonymous wifh fhe dynamic acfion and keen foresighf which are and musf be Iowa--Today. fomorrow, always. Helen Defhlefs lniervlews Mary Louise Nelson explains Women's Work in War , ,-Q . ,thy -ww H. F: V bn 'K 1 x The Iowa STaTe Board of EducaT' OF EDUCATION ion, creaTed in I909, has been granTed The guardianship of The STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa, Iowa STaTe College. Iowa STaTe Teachers College, STaTe School Tor The Blind, and The School Tor The DeaT. The nine members oT The board are enTrusTed wifh one oT The mosT viTaI phases oT sTaTe organizaTion, iTs educaTion. These nine members, who musT be over 25 years of age and musT have resided in Iowa Tor aT IeasT one year, are appoinTed by The governor and subiecT To The approval oT The senaTe. In order To insure The principles oT de- mocracy, The wriTers oT The consTiTuTion oT I857 decreed ThaT noT more Than Tive oT The nine mem bers could be oT The same poIiTical parTy. They possess absoIuTeIy no power To Ievy Taxes or make appropriaTions of money. They are em- powered, however. To eIecT The presidenTs oT The insTiTuTions, appoinT The professors, insTrucTors, oT- Ticers, and employees. They creaTe The rules Tor admission To The sTaTe schools. The board man- ages and conTroIs The properTy and direcTs The expendiTures oT The insTiTuTions and meeTs aT IeasT Tour Times yearly. A compIeTe record oT The board's acTiviTies is published so ThaT any- one who so desires may read of iTs Tar reach- ing acTiviTies. This group oT nine is conTinuaIIy planning and worlcing so ThaT our school may become a beTTer place in which T ' o live and sTudy. W. E. HALL H. C. HOUGHTON T. W. KEENAN A. B. LAWTHER R. LOUDEN R. H. PLOCH H . C. SHULL J. P. WALLACE Page 26 ROBERT E. RIENOW Dean of Men THE DEANS Deans oT The various colleges which malce up This greaT universiTy were conTronTed wiTh a giganTic Task when The UniTed STaTes enTered inTo The world conTlicT. Theirs was The Taslc oT ad- iusTing Their programs To war needs while con- Tinuing The preparaTion oT men and women Tor inTelligenT parTicipaTion in socieTy and professional service. Today These leaders are capably guicl- ing Their colleges Through Trying Times, lceeping educaTion and deTense ToremosT in The minds oT all sTudenTs. Page 27 ADELAIDE L. BURGE Dean of Women ww-1 GEORGE D. STODDARD Dean of The GraduaTe College DEANS . .. I CHESTER A. PHILLIPS ALVIN W. BRYAN Dean of fhe College of Commerce Dean of 'rhe College of Den+isI'ry PAUL C. PACKER FRANCIS M. DAWSON Dean of fhe College of Educafion Dean of Ihe College of Engineering Page 28 infendiuefy Ar infemie gain? . MASON LADD HARRY K. NEWBURN Dean of fhe College of Law Dean of The College of Liberal Ar+s EWEN W. MacEWEN RUDOLPH A. KUEVER Dean of flue College of Medicine Dean of fhe College of Pharmacy Page 29 BRUCE E. MAHAN Direcfor of flue Exiension Division DI RECTORS EARL E. HARPER FRANK L. MOTT Direc+or of ihe School of Fine Arfs Direcfor of ihe School of Journalism Page 31 NORMAN FOERSTER Direcror of +he School of Le'r+ers GRACE VAN WORMER Direclor of 'lhe Library ERNEST G. SCHROEDER Direclor of Physical Educaiion LOIS B. CORDER Direcfor of +he School of Nursing 'Eff HOMER R. DILL FRED M. POWNALL Direcfor of Universiiy Museum Direcior of Publica+ions M. WILLARD LAMPE ROBERT E. NEFF Direcior of 'Phe School of Religion Direcfor of Universify Hospiials Page 32 LI I ve L .. W K as 'R S 'Dfw-M wg E5 L 3 3 l. if- E 3 . L5 , .fu 5 F . veg 4 L' ' 1 q 2 fkii LIFE sues T0 I0 PARTIES ,1 ,Y .:. fag, L if VN' Wi, V Ex .N QL ff if A., N L APHIL17,1942 10 cents YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION 54.50 LL 'Q Sw L. Second Row: Rehder, R. Moyers, J. Moyers, Dearing, Pinksfon, Devine, Watson, Laiimer, Porler, Duncan Fronf Row: I-Iufch, Ellison, Nelson, Kenf, Pyle, Day Srudem' Board of 'rhe Iowa Union promoies and confrols concerned wirh sfudenls' enioymenr of 'rhe Union. Ir spon- sors Ihe Homecoming pariy, ihe siudenl' salon, Ihe all-Universiiy bridge Iournamenr, 'rhe billiard exhibi+ion, lea dances, Chrisimas 'Ihe Club Cabaret and oiher social acfivilies. The board works wifh The siaif on mailers connecled wiih 'rhe general policy of The Union. If 'rhere are complainrs abour somelhing wrong, ii' is righl' and proper for ihe Union Board +o suggesl a remedy. ROBERT DAY Presidenf Represenfalives from every college are chosen by rhe respeclive MARY LOUISE NELSON colleges according Io 'rhe merhods adopied by each college. Any V506-PPGSICIGHI upperclassman is eligible for membership on 'rhe Board if he has The BARBARA KENT number ol poinls prescribed by lhe Board. Secrefary JOHN HUTCI-I Treasurer ROBERT DAY HELEN E. PYLE G. BRUCE DEARING BILL PORTER GEORGE DEVINE JACK MOYERS DAVID C. DUNCAN ROBERT E. MOYERS ENID V. ELLISON MARY LOUISE NELSON JOHN A. HUTCH BEATRICE SPOTVOLD BARBARA KENT CHARLES F. WATSON 4 BILL PINKSTON RAY LATIMER Page 34 .: .' ."L-A-muy:-4, HarQ'1i2'3v?j,-:ft , ,. 14. f wiliil I ff T':i-12-fif 5 The Senale Board on Social Organizalion and Affairs, consusl- -4 , I. ' I I I I lo I ' h I ' d JCi'i"I'Lf:' 'f-"lS':-555'-'E"1 if ' -.1 1"522?f'1ff2- ing o eeven acu fy mem ers on y, is c osen or an in e, ,,.3,,-,,,,e.,f.,555.f . A K, 4-1,il,6,,1,g3z, period by Presidenf I-lancher. This Board in I'urn selecls s+-' :.3.ij3f3.gig15,Q'g.jugilug,-Y-.' . filfi' N ' -f:5,Q'1E :i, - - - --E15 '9?5'f3'f:,"'..'-.f-' in E ' ffl" -- N EFL 'R' .ffl ..'rhree luniors who serve for Iwo years, and fhree senioi.g. ,3 M Q ,. Jig? . . . . . 2.,2-:1?vf2:fzT?1f of Ihese groups comprise Ihe Universily Social CommuHee.'- '15 +"21.5:gfi',giQ?ji:'fgif.'gQ2,S,.lg,fg':1I,,f1 aiglzfgggii . - . 7"-" TER-Wifi '.Tf:72?L2a:-iF:Z"'.' Qaifin' makes and enforces regulahons for all social groups and 'IU-r??l'7f ,- J..mgif,:?Q:Jqgf'7iI'if.1:-2:.Li'f5QZ.iggfjti .. 1-2 Fir.-if .4 'Q'-ao' 5-a f -Z-,4-,. ff, k . -. .-L . , . ., wxgglgn.-,. lions. If also makes oul a calendar of evenls, and chooses com- '1"""i,f2-?j.1,if1f5 miHees from sludenl' nominafions for Ihe- Freshman Parly, CLARA M' DALEY Q , , , . H. J. THORNTON Sophomore Cohllion, and The Junior Prom. H is Iheir duly. loo. O. K. PATTON +o approve every social organizalion on Ihe campus. KIRK PORTER EARL E. HARPER . . . E, B. KURTZ From Ihese examples 1+ is apparenl' Ihal The commlllee has H' 6. BARNES a greal deal 'ro do wilh Ihe more enjoyable side of life al fhe ADELAIDE L. BURGE S'ra+e Universily of Iowa. GRACE COCHRAN DON. R. MALLETT SENIOR MEMBERS JANE NUGENT JOHN BANGS JAMES BROMWELI. JUNIOR MEMBERS ENID ELLISON SHIRLEY KUGLER JACK MOYERS en? Bromwell, MacEwen Second Row: Kugler, Ellison, Nug , Moyers, Bangs, Malleff, Paffon Fronf Row: Thornlon. Burge, Harper, Daley. Porler, Reich, Page 35 i . ii Q3 3 A A x QN- :Q3 sw Q ,. .. , MK S .rx t 5 ,4 L f -1 K' A s , i .4 Qi 4 R, 3 X . I in ,f Q H P' 'QE' ,.,,.,v-v , 38-,5, K. fsegf - N E, . X 1 7 R ' . N - 1 ' W 5 fs iw 'f4"'K.. . jztkl. iN i ,ep . i ,, iii? 1' k 1 z 2 sf' A.. i fi AVAA i 1 . Q ,gs Q 1 ff - S -. -1.. .rg I A W x . ?'-ff 'ff .. 3 1537 K 3 R S Q xi .six ,Til-.Lol Amid an aTmosphere oT healTh and happiness, The ladies Took Their Turn aT enTerTaining aT The SpinsTers' Spree, sponsored by The UniversiTy Women's AssociaTion, on November 2l. To il- lusTraTe The nuTriTion Theme of The parTy. a moTh- er, wiTh a cod liver oil boTTle in her hand, pur- sued her young son across The backdrop, and, in miniaTure, on The programs. ln The course oT The evening, S.U.l.'s MosT Eligible Bachelor Tor I94-I, MilT Kuhl, made his enTrance Through a gianT mill: boTTle. preceded by The Two aTTendanTs Ted Welch and Jack Moyers. The girls paid The checks. opened doors, presenTed ingenious cor- sages oT pipes, chewing gum, or vegeTables To Their daTes, held coaTs, and made The chivalrous gesTures generally expecTed oT The genTlemen. Gray Gordon furnished his "Ticlc4Tock rhyThms" Tor This gay parTy. Kirby, ZasTrow, Rohm, Pyle, Pickering, ShipTon TransporTaTion De Lure Vilarnin Baclcdrcp STephenson, Hansen, NugenT, Ohme, Becker Eligible Bachelors Welch, Kuhl Moyers Remer, Kemp, Larsen, Davis, Cody Chase, Simonsen, Eqglesfon, Evans, Walker, Murchison For 'rhe firsl' big formal of lhe year. The Sophomore Cofillion, on November 28, S.U.l. sophislicales danced and made merry +0 fhe slrains of Ari Jarreffs music. The black velvef backdrop wilh an oulline of while leaves and a baslcef of while chrysanlhemums in 'rhe cenler furnished an eleganl almosphere for iivin' l-lawlceyes. Inlermission for Belly l-laqman and Hale Colleen Arl' Jarrell Signs His John Henry S. U. I.'s sludenl nurses and lheir dares danced gayly To Jrhe music of Pinky Tomlin and his orchesfra a+1'he Caps' Caprice on December 5. Dulies and sfudier were ignored for a lime . . . affired in formal dress inslead of lheir usual uniform. The "caps" enjoyed Jrhemselves a+ This closed parfy for lhe nurses only, Les? They forge? lheir daily way of life complelely, however. fwo silhouelfed silver nurses srrode proudly across +he black backdrop. The programs, foo, wilh while nurses' heads silhouefled on lolaclc, served as reminders. The parfy was a memorable affair for +he dancing "Nigh'ringales." Balcony View Good Nighi' . . . Kober, Dr. Goede, Lalimer, Fruend'r, Dr. Couch Fagen, Hannon, Spolvold, Sfolcer, McGinnis Page 39 Doran Cole, Lafimer, Hughes, Waqqoner, McKinsfrv Confefh Bllzzard Haclceft McQuiHen, Tesfer, Hopkirk, Paul FRESHMAN PARTY Al Donahue furnished music 'For one of +he peppiesf par+ies of The year, +he Freshmen Par+y, af fhe Union on February 6. The fresh- man commiffee ourdid Themselves wifh clever programs in 'rhe form of childre-n's blocks, and +wo young jifferbugs, clofhed appropriaiely like Joe and Jane College, cavorfed across The backdrop. Brighf conferfi rained down on Jrhe heads of rhe dancers, and 'rhe parfy progressed hilariousiy. Home Sfrefch Al Donahues Crew Page 41 GRAND MARCH In The midsf of +he gaiefy and lradilional glory of The Mililary Ball. Barbara Kenl and Lionel Fuller were presenled as 'rhe Honorary Cade? Colonel and Cadel' Colonel and Regi- men+al Commander respeclively. Les Brown and his orcheslra were applauded as Tops by 'rhe hundreds of SUI sfudenfs who danced lo his music in fhe main lounge of 'rhe Union on January I6. Presidenf Hancher, Barbara Kent, Lionel Fuller Lieufenanl' Cade? Colonels Jane Nugenf, Dol Linl' and Edifh Sfuarf and Honorary Cade? Colonel Barbara Kenl T 1 ,.a Ed SchneckloTh, Bruce Mullhaup and Roman Poffhofl Display Blarney Sfone MECCA PLAY Wally Bufler Escorfs Terry Rae Tonnesson To Mecca Smoker Mecca Week was founded as one of The TirsT TradiTions of The UniversiTy's Engineers. The name has been changed, and The sTudenTs are diTTerenT, buT The same spiriT exisTs now as in The TirsT Engineers' CelebraTion. The cornersTone ol The TirsT Engineering building on The campus has The honorary +i+Ie of "Blarney STone", and elaboraTe precauTions are Taken each year Tor iTs saTeTy. ST. PaT- rick has been The honorary Engineer aT The UniversiTy since Mecca Week was Tounded, and hence The TracliTional Tie of green worn during The celebraTion. This year, as in The pasf, The week's acTiviTies were opened wiTh an Engineers' Smoker aT The Union, where The cigar smoke was Thick, a saTirical play was presenfed, and The candidaTes Tor Mecca Queen were voTed upon. High poinT oT The week was The Mecca Ball, an All-UniversiTy parTy TeaTuring Bob STrong's orchesTra. Page 42 Don Oiiilie Escoris Marge Grim 'fo Presenfaiion Page 43 Bob Blame, Mrs. Blane, Virginia Shrauger. Russell Miller Pa? Barnharr, Bob Cuevas, Rulh Sirub, Jim Swaner QUEEN CHARLOTTE KNARR The Engineers climaxed Jrheir iradiiional week of cele- brafion by ihe Mecca Ball on March 20. Green sham- roclcs and ihe names of fhe various deparfmenis of engi- neering decorafed 'rhe clever programs. CharloHe Knarr, Alpha Delia Pi, was presenied as fhe Mecca Queen wiih her airendanfs, Marjorie Daughion, Currier: Doris Craw- ley, Iowa Ciiy: Marjorie Grim, Pi Bela Phi: Jean Chrisiie, Delia Gamma: and Terry Rae Tonnesson, Kappa Kappa Gamma. N f 5. QUAD DINNER DANCE PARTY War came Io Iowa . . . bul The social season whirled Hs merry way and weekends were s+iII a shol in The arm adminisiered on Friday and recovered from on Monday morning. Universify parlies formed 'rhe nucleus of Ihis lrolhy phase of sludenl exisfence . . . bul lar more numerous and more genuinely represenlalive were The privaie parlies held by residence and inleresl groups on 'rhe campus. So we poked an inquisifive camera al' Iowa a+ play . . . and Ihe resulls are plasiered over 'rhe nexf few pages wilh The hope +hey'lI help you "remember The parly when . . ." BEAUX ARTS BALL Helen Murray and Warren Miller Page 44 Page 45 KAPPA BETA FORMAL D. U. MIDWEST CONCLAVE FORMAL CHI OMEGA BLITZKRIEG BALL Jane Burgeff, "B" Parker, Beffe Rakow, "Mike" Fowler, Lois Wessale, Connie Bulslce look on while Lee Burden and VirgInia Pouder warn The Axis THETA WINTER FORMAL Joellen Hell, Ann Weed. Marg-:xref Van Order, Marilyn Cook. Louise Sorenson, Pai Pafzer, Sue Peferson, Mary Kay Davfdson PHI DELTA THETA WINTER FORMAL Gene Claussen, Mariio Marlin, Janice Michael, Ben Corey, Marilyn McHugh. Bob Pfeilifer ALPHA CHI CHRISTMAS FORMAL Lucy Dumbauld and Bill Johnsfon Page 46 ere LULJ PHARMACY PRIZE PROM . . . Toollwpasfe, Duslinq Powder and Makeup Kils Have a Field Day in Iowa Union SIGMA DELTA TAU PLEDGE PROM Harriel Rosen, Belly Cohen, Arlene Col'1en,Jo Ellen Margolin ZETA TAU ALPHA WINTER FORMAL Brigham Wheelock, Violef Laclcender, Billie Bollon, Louis Jurgensen EASTLAWN WINTER FORMAL Helen Lalclw, Pal Moorhead, Merge Randall. Aileen Moeller COA ER DANCE Marie Gaddis, Evelyn I-Ioudyshell, Mary Leyda, Bob Briggs, Marforie Huber ST HOUSE CHRISTMAS DINN SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON WINTER FORMAL J. . nm McKay, Jim BarcIay, Marina Thom son ALPHA XI DELTA WINTER FORMAL KAPPA CHRISTMAS FORMAL AIan Hanson, BeIIy Harvey, Ed ScI1necIcIoII'1, Jean S rin Bari' Kooker, Gordon Rock, MarIIyn M:I-Iuqh p ger, Lois Whifney Dave GiIcI'1rIs+ 3 ,U :J , l l .1 3 1 GAMMA PHI CHRISTMAS FORMAL Bill Sluarl, Belle Ellyn Jones, Harrie? Scnlaclvler, Dale Gidel, Helen Gordon, Bob Wray, Jean Braunliclw, Bill Silvers ALPHA DELTA PI WINTER DINNER DANCE Dorolhy Carpenler, Bob While BETA WINTER FORMAL Mrs. Haskell, George Haskell, Mickey Kuever, Cliff Crowe, Mrs. Smifh, Wendell Smilh, Mr. Sproff, Frances Fillmore. Jim Frazier, Ann O'Brien, Dan Sfoellinq RADIO PARTY PARTIES CLINTON PLACE Howard Lynch, Be1"fy Froslie, I-IaroIcI FrosIie and Marion McKenzie ponder over Chinese checkers PHI PSI FALL BRAWL Peie Seip, Mary I-Ienaman, Mariio Marfin, Sieve O'Brier1, Connie Leonard, Bud I-Iough+on, Jack Lamb, Ed Upde- grafzf, Dick Edelen, Chuck Swanson, Marge Osborne, Jim Bowers, Nancy Pray, Joan KeIIy SIGMA PHI EPSILON HAWAIIAN HOP Roxanne Morse and I-Iomer I-Iildenbiddle Page 50 ROGER WILLIAMS PARTY Jifierbugs Cuf a Mean Rug PSI OMEGA BUMS' RUSH Bob Moyers, Larry Cc-Hison, George Mace and Jack Zumsfeg enfer+ain Kay Townsend, Marge Daughfon and Efhel Christians v DELTA TAU DELTA Marion Chard, Bob Kenworfhy, Warren Conrad, Marvin Dirks, Roger Kane, Lou Lanham, Dick Anderson, Larry Copeland Pl PHI WINTER FORMAL C Bob Asher. Marilyn Hammer, Conn' L ' URRIER SWEETHEART PARTY I6 eonard. Oalue Herfzbc-rg Pl KAPPA ALPHA John Farr Fine Arr ow, Doris Bone, Peggy Frank and Bob H aley Sfudy TAU GAMMA Lida Mary Slemmons, John Weisbrod, Marion PE lc ' ' ' c errng, Barbara Meade, Julien Sie-qer. Ed Mafousek Page 52 CTIUIIIBS 1?-YI ACTIVITIES OVERTIME Foo'I'baII . . . . . BasIce+baII . Baseball . Track . . . Minor Sporfs . . Women's Sporis . In+ramuraIs . . Milifary .... Fine Arfs and Speech . . . PubIicaI'ions . . . . . GLAMOUR . . I53 1'!X C 'N . if v . ' Y A 'A' H . 1 Q 'K V1 , K , . x , - 1 :V I 1 -fx-1 V ' x K 1 , g x Q x I . ' iz I A ,Q 4 1 , 4' T C. SEL ' Q Qs? Aw?-5::':m51-E-.g , -. . . . 'QQ 'Hgzv' -QQ 3 K :fLe.i.-'- 1 . W1-'Q'v..-Zff:fh:,q X -'-RQYQQXQLXVF33 if-Ll Y x. 'N '-Mfggig'-: , 'lf ' Nw ,Q ,p,,, - Q. A L. x xxx - ..' "5 -IJ "ii f' f-ngfg, , ' ., - ' 'lf?"'1:'u Aww ix :sg I 3 i ' ,tra N -QW' 'A iifgfx ' : ' E- 4 fx ' T' - ' - .' iff: 5? vb X 5' V , 't 5 '3'13QFT?:SQ,l:29y::Quiz X ., ff9l?,'1 x xiii! - X' Q , f- ,3f!::5.5a2g2+R-gqgxggEgg?xx gg Us K , . , " .11 5ig,""vZ42r'SQ:-gtiaizg12U.fA'1'.G- V ', -r. sf "5 irga, vgg.,.g., f 3 -53 , 45,2115 1.1. 5,'g:.j'x :tif-I X -QL-,N-F0 Nseywiw-r7ri,X,i':"a. Wai.-:ax - X -AKf,.v3,,p-.,4. ,L . p . -2 f - - Hg 1-1 fi'-R-x:I:f:IK::jf'g:-3 FH - 'v' U , 1 X. X-Qgf.,....,x .V hx . ' - ,Fl'fQ:'bJ- -'+R-?w:,k--w.-xv xg-: : ' '. ' s-RN-3 'Q-'5Sifsf.i-ffl-1:if-u N kk v ' Wniifx f ::S:51-:if'P1Q4fSfPb ,. 'Qi,,5g- gs xqgf ww :,. if-,I,g4s, ' ' . ., 'sgg:N,i::ELg'g.-315.33 Na..-.N , 3 . "' . -3:31, tagiglgmx l ' ' - 1 , W- gffvslfgzi-'fb.'i.-1f'PY:1Lwg1.-Tqcfz' , 15: 4 5 ug, , Kqggigli-.12QEg.5iR:i,3::33IQg,fwAF,g. 1 "- - L:'k'-P-Q-ii i' '- 9.."5Q:ff551 4 VT K , Q K A ,Q , Xfx x , ,fx -:xE'gi.Q:c,xQ vw ,Nw 1 ij Q' 3 ,rg ' " mfg " 1 X' ', g .', , Q : I X rg-,3.3..,v.: X ' ..,, . , ' ' 2. :T 5 'Q -K 1 ' 3 4, 2-S' 'NA in 5 + . ii in U-v lm iii 1 . l 'Q 1 . I Q ' S p 1 , . f if 11 I X 4 ' f i , X ' Q , ' 0 . M x , N - .. , , 4 ' M- ' , D 1 Q 5 K t 1 'vs .20 ' NHQKN x ax x V 'K ',.., M Q I A'xi xf X4 . , , ' Q ' ' - U - 3 . s, w ku ' . l ' ' 'u . N. ' N A .nv ' 3-Y, ? 'H , ,Iv ' - X 'N " Q n Q b A, ' ' X Q 9 OVERTIME u The average Iowa sfudenf spends from fiffeen fo fwenfy hours a week in class. These hours are fhe basic core of his college life. Buf fhe manner in which he spends his approximafely one hun- dred ofher waking hours per week will defermine his efficiency and value as a working cog in Iowa's facfory. He may sfudy, he may relax- violenfly or ofherwise-or he may find personal safisfacfion and develop proficiency in one of fhe "overfime" acfivifies presenfed in fhis secfion. Afhlel-ics will develop him physically: iournalism, speech and fine arfs will feach him fo proiecf fo ofhers whaf he has learned and felf: milifary will frain him as an efficienf righf arm fo Uncle Sam. All will make him beffer able fo meef an uncerfain fufure wifh confidence born of infelligenf preparedness. ICWA .... A FACTORY FOR AMERICA Q , g P 15 ' Un 1 . .4 , ., g .4 ' 8 ' kwa 'I E Q M W ' W ,M Z 5 ' X y 1' .- Aff' N, V X X wi A . K A 1 ' X g MLM X. N. . mf Qi X x Q? ' A 0 Jw' 'an fy , .Ag www S A 'X . K x K Mkfi ,f W .QW q'5Muyf x,Qgg2iAMM ,M Af r, W K A 'lr mm, -sz - ,WW-bg L A-+. X - Q, .Q gf Q K I f , vf.vsnW,wg:1 ffgyafa-"7 my 7 k 'L ,1 ' wr ,. an -f ef' as - , Q K' I: X v Q fl 1 t ATHLETIC BOARD OF ATHLETICS Behind Ten sporTs is The work oT anoTher group OT "Iron Men"-Iowa's Board of AThleTic Con- Trol. Headed b seTs up The policies and regulaTions ov g ern- ung inTercollegiaTe compeTiTion in Big Ten TooTball, baslceTball, baseball Track swi I I m' ming, wresTling, gyrnnasTics, Tennis, golf, cross-counTry. IT also approves The bud T ge Tor The year, seTs The prices Tor TiclceTs and olcays all aThleTic schedules and broadcasTs. Decisions of The board are carried ouT by "Dad" Schroeder, AThleTic DirecTor, who has done much in The lasT Tew years To broaden h T e Tield oT aThleTics in The universiTy and in The conTerence Through inproved aThleTic f .I.. . acl :Tues and a program oT 1nTramurals. The acTion and exciTemenT of Big y Karl Leib, chairman, The board Page 58 as BOARD OF STRATEGY DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS AND ASSISTANT IN INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS Backbone ol Iowa afhlelics is our beloved E. G. Schroeder, more affecfionafely known as "Dad" by Ihe sludenfs and facully members alike. A member of Ihe a+hIe+ic deparlmenf of Iowa Universify for a number of years, and Afhlefic Direclror for fhe las+ Ihree, he has become deeply en+renched in fhe cusfoms and Iradilions of Ihis campus. Especially recognizable are 'rhe elernal cigar, dirly glasses and everlasfingly cone genial smile. Assisling "Dad" and compleiing a very ellicienl' Iwosome is Glenn Devine, Assislanf in Infercollegiale A+hle+ics. Brolher and Ieam male ol All American Aubrey Devine, he was Ihe blocking hall of a combinalion which made foolball hisfory. The cornbinalion of Ihese Iwo men is more 'rhan enough 'ro ably represenl and guide lowa's afhlefics. Cha les Galiher and "Dad" Schroeder Discuss Afhleiic Policy Glenn Devine and Waddy Da is Examine Plclor al Evidence Coach Anderson and Bill Diehl Council of War Coaches Carideo. Anderson, Harris Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa SCHEDULE .....25 Drake... . . , . 0 Michigan .. ..6 Purdue.. . . . 0 Wisconsin . . I3 Indiana . . . 21 Illinoish. . . I3 Minnesofa I3 Nebraslca THE GRID IRON SEASON HIGHLIGHTS . . . Still basking in The lighl of a glorious I939 Ioolball season, The I94I edilion of The Hawkeyes couldn'+ live up Io ils nalionally famous predecessor of Iwo years back. The cam- paign produced only 'rhree viclories in eighl slarls, Iwo of 'rhem againsl' conference Toes, Indiana and Illinois. Only o'Iher viclim of Eddie Anderson's eleven was 'riny Drake, which fell Io The Iune of 25-8. On Ihree successive Salur- days, Michigan, Wisconsin and Purdue sen+ The Hawks down Io defeat The Wolverines pushed over a lone score Tor a 6-O wing Wisconsin Iurned on +he heal 'ro 'rhoroughly Irounce Iowa, 23-O: and Purdue won i'rs viclory by one poin+, 7-6. A second-half comeback bear Indiana, I3-7, and Illinois was a soil Iouch, 2I-O. Afler slemming The Minnesola mighl' in The Tirsr hall. The Hawks linally succumbed. 34-l3. The season ended'wi+h a I4-I3 defeal by Nebraska. Fourfh Row: Johnson, Merfes, Parker, McCauIIey, Thomae, Beck, J. Mannino, Mullaney Urban Byrd Offo Smoldl Penaluna Walker H Miller Third Row: Coach Carideo, Holer, Vollenweider, Lindeman, Slageburg, Yelfon Sfaak Johnson Frye Maher Burkeff W Muller Lauferbach Knowllon, Diehl, Couppee, Green, Weber, Brecunier, Coach Anderson Second Row: Tone, Lilzelman, Ankeny, Kennedy, Wilkerson, Folkedahl, Richardson Hand Twedell Dickerhoof Anderson Sanborn Coach Harris Fronl Row: Bender, Powell, A. Mannino, Farmer, Youel, Srauss, Davis, Curran, Trickey Walker Blocks for Merfes ANKENY ' A KE Alfhough 1'he Hawks chalked up a 25 lo 8 vicfory over fhe Bull- dogs Seplember 27+h, Coach Vee Green can well boasf 1'ha'r his Jream won a moral vicfory. There was enough sloppy foo+ball In +ha+ game fo leave rancor in Iowa fans' hearfs for a whole season. Drake's passing aHack in +he opening minufes of The game caughf Anderson's second Team asleep and Drake drove across +he line for Hs only 'rouchdown wifh 1'wo ou? of 'rhree aerials complelecl. The Bulldogs lived up +o 'lheir repulafion of hav- ing beaufiful slyle, and despife Jfhe 'lacf +ha'r Green ran our of reserves before 'rhe game was over, Drake lhreafened unfil 'rhe final gun. 1 BENDER BYRD Page 62 Green Scores Iowa Touchdown if Page 63 A Qi BURKETT COUPPEE CURRAN HI BE A N E On Ocfober 4, Iowa opened ifs Big Ten Schedule wifh a rufh- less, shaffering baffle in which The Iron Men displayed a fricky offense 'rhaf was a permanenf fhreaf fo The hard-earned Michigan vicfory. The Hawks. hampered by a slippery Turf and a wef ball, sfafisfically walked over 'their opponenfs, buf fhe Wolverines had fhe lone Iouchdown when 'rhe game was over. Bill Green and Bus Merfes rolled up Iowa yardage on fhe hazardous field. Green's 90 yards in I9 'fries led fhe ground gainers. wifh Bus Merfes picking up 58 on I2 affempfs. Jim Walker played fine ball as +he only 60-minufe man. ANDERSON Vollenwaicler Misses a Pass Green Goes Around End Page 64 I Page 65 DICKERHOOF DIEHL FARMER ERYE GREEN JOHNSON KENNEDY KNOWLTON Music-Makers Call Signals Kinnick and Niles Have an Eye FuTure Cn OcTober 4, in The second Big Ten game oT The season, lowa's Iron Men once again wenT down To deTeaT in a sea oT mud. CaughT asleep on The opening kickoTF, The Hawks never had a chance To wake up. A merciless Team of brawny Badgers pushed and punished The lowans To a piTiTul degree. In The second halT Iowa made a half hearTed aTTempT To TighT back, buT This was quickly smoThered by The eager Wis- consin line. BaTTered and beaTen physically as well as menTally The Hawks faced a shakedown oT Their TooTball sysTem. Jim Walker and Johnny Maher proved To be The only brighT spoTs in The Iowa line-up, alThough neiTher played a game. n up-To-par NS is Page 6 6 for The Qwnf 5 . I' -X MQ vw is 'Q S 'Sf ffm S if Q Q55 "1'.p if LW Q .. AL A S I QAM! 5:9 '15 "siv' if 'ws x ' ! gg Q ., N fy ,S , an K A K kiii S N I: A as .:. . 4" Y 2. ., J .gif .miv x XR qifmh Q5 4 fra: 'e s-li ' ' : " , iii: fx fm 'SQ I N 'Pk 3 K5 V + 5 f X rg-. '1 " Q x 1 'N 4 .ug -QL.- Wa fi TS is S N Qmi. yi gg . V: . 'gsm ' S - 5 E. K ,5 wr - mhz, f . if Q . 1 , 3 ll ' if Q. . 1 2 Q 'TSS Jw A548 1 V f Y ns' -Ht Y ,EJ h I 3 7556 A KIC MAHER i Four Sfar mocHng by VVaW MANNINO MERTES MILLER ln 'rhe midsl' of anofher mud balh lowa's Iron Men yielded a vicfory fo Purdue on Ociober 25. by one poini. Affer 'rhe pififul showing in 'rhe Wisconsin game. lhe Hawks surprised everyone by grasping 'rhe lead early in 'rhe firs+ half. Jim Walker, +aking advanlage of a punl' blocked by Parker, snafched up The ball and crossed +he goal line +o give Iowa Hs only score of 'rhe game. Disasfer came in Jrhe las+ quarfer when lhe overpowering Boilermakers smashed ihrough for a Touchdown and made +he fry for exfra poinf, 'ro defeal' +he lowans 7-6. Sfandouis for The Hawks were Jim Walker, Bill Diehl and Red Frye. Al Coupee showed a glimpse of his old spark buf his iniured shoulders soon puf him ou'r of fhe running. Page 69 Purdue Back Goes Off Tackle VIS AN AW S November I, Homecoming a+ Iowa and Ihe Hawks came Ilirough will: a flwrill a minuie game. Sfarfing off in a wealc, sloppy fashion 'fI1e Iron Men allowed Indiana +o 'rake an early 7 poin+ lead. Hildenbrand. Ihe Hoosier Hof Shot proved himself one of ihe finesf backs ever seen in 'flue Iowa S+adium. A con- s+an+ 'rI'1rea'r 'ro Iowa's lead, never admiH'ing defeat Hildenbrand sparked 'rlwe Hoosiers on 'fill +I1e final gun. Corn Monument ,ra --fx Green'S+opped for No Gain Iowa Touchdown ln lhe second half Iowa came ou+ like a new Team. Charging down The field in an unconquerable fashion lhe Hawks made lwo successive 'rouchdown marches. From Jrhen on Indiana was fighlring off Jrhe fhreai of anolher score. Bus Merles, Junior back, ably assisfed by fhe soul shaking blocks off Walker, Diehl and an Iron Man line demonsfraied lhe new Iowa fighfing spirif. Qfher oulslanding lowans were Parker, Frye, and Al Couppee, +he quarlerback who has sparked Iowa since fhe original Iron Man 'ream of '39, Hillcresf Homecoming Decoraiions Page 71 l I PH Sailor Lassies On November IS, The second Big Ten home game of The season, lowa's TooTball Team proved conclusively The Type oT ball players They are. OuTweighed and ouTnumbered by The MinnesoTa boys, The Iron Men Turned in The TinesT of performances. Corning ouT in The TirsT quarTer To pulverize The sTocky Gophers The Hawks ouTplayed and almosT ouTscored The champs in The TirsT half. However iT was in The lasT half ThaT Iowa was beaTen. Playing Their hearTs ouT againsT The heavier Team, The Hawks wenT down in deTeaT. OuTsTanding in The game were Farmer, Green, Diehl and Walker. STAAK STAUSS TRICKEY Page 72 x , .A ,ww , , t ,S . .. , sr.M.,k x x A . -Ex 1 5 . X -D aMfI,T,.ifk ' I S-aff' w 1 , a 4 4: - 6, Nlsxus. W, . - 5+ 7- 4 ' ff' J 'A m A ' A m . ' " mf psf 5-.S'.f"',"i"'1 .X ,.. - 'QMt'f."- W z., xx? 429 Wag 4-' ' sglifiw M!-sw f il 5 X If 4. Q " Q yi 3, ist 3, 4 3 X A S, . 5 t' T xi f 5 , gf . X 'Q' 'fd ' 5 Q 1 15 4' Min , 'S fi 'L SQ-f IQ - R 1 1 ,fx Xi , XC4:iE 1' X. f WA f 5 .fy S 4 4 ' 'N K ff 1 ,i.i 1 ..,.1.. , Q n' ff, 53 Q Q- W. - 1' K wx .Q Y :IKM Vt ' 1 nv q - ii' ik " ,..,'Tv E , J. -,vvi ,, Q 1 0 + ., 'V if x 1 - fx n X ., 12 Xkm Jimk- ' 5 H5 H 3' 35:8 5 S , ,.. Q, 9 ,Jfkfma H, 5.-5' J"wmfif1',f if f'P'31'Qx'!'4i if'1"' V"' 'fiwsgf xt f wiv: if if-X W N 3 'Q'-5+ff ?, ' F, 424' iff 165 Qg '25"g'h 1 I 25 ,f's3f-2 H if 'dw xx' , we-Sw, vf ,Q arf bf 3 gif'-fm' fiifsf 1- S . ' 4 ,.., x 4. - 4. -X Q32 W v Y fl?N,,,,rg pf 'wifi' I 5 S155 5. ,AME X ASIA wigk ,' ry - W ' ' n ,wwf S.. 1 v wi., ' . - sig' 1' ,,nfWF"1'g,i ,- fxf,Pt4'n,fZ'sy x' f ffff , 1 MH Q if .ypf mjgtlfuiki-S.rH, fh,'xf ,h?,3Aafik mx 1 ,!'n:3.h S kzitgi , frrgswxii gig e,i?:Ef'5f5 Q Em !xl.i?lLi? 3 Q x xt it Q Uki"g3i'Q hu?is1,'.ipQ u!1'f' 5 . H .Y Y .X ' if Q 355215 lla g , ,kgs 3 'Q - mv iffiwf 'e '55'f Q -'Q ni V12 F 351' "N f "' ?!,xj-A ,gli '30 yy' g 'L m" g 5 f ' ' is ' 'Q ' R Q y S. g' f s Q :bfi i .. 3 5553 4 J 'fi K' A I ... -v, .gs ,Ay A ,M H 5? A if ir Y ,, X , K is ' " at f Y ii . F' .,V , -vp Y" i X Qx V. V S .A.VV ivy 1Vj ?i14iV"i I :V Q hi Q f 5 Q :"A ' Q , .:.v Ev -X .2 wi my U ,, ,, .. W 2 X Q ' 'A Fig Qi iii ggkeff V1 3 5122? fggz. , ' i ,'i" ini, k .1 -'YL V' k at S ii ' N K. , V.4,L, , - , V , ,i -f iff X If ,M 7, A ' 1' 'if' ' 5,-K 1, 23, wsu, 1- A v, ,. A .Qing K I , ,, I ,ye . V . g . .,, if .3 -if , Wg X, , -'lf2gi22wSfQ 1 M Wi if ks . . ..,, ..... , 3 13,31 rig.:-it S sf AQ , -'ii s W "l ,,, W '11 ti L A W A .I : V H 1 we W' f " Mm '32 ,W .A V f'i'.f f ' URBAN Band Receives HearTy OvaTion on STudenT Trip VOLLENWEIDER WALKER November 8 aT Champaign, The sTudenT Trip, The lowa Hawkeyes came Through wiTh a smashing vicTory oT Zl-O. From The opening kickoff The Iron Men played a Tremendous game, sTeadily ouTclassing The Illini Team, which had been doggedly hounded all season by bad luck. Tom Farmer, lowa halTback, came Through as The sTar oT The game. Passing, punTing and running, he was responsible Tor all Three Touchdowns. Parker received Two Touchdown passes Trom him, and a Third Touch- down pass To Johnny Maher was called back. To Top off his passing aTTack Farmer ran halT The leng+h of The Tield in Tour plays To score, Then kicked his Third successive poinT aTTer Touchdown. OuTsTanding Hawkeyes were MerTes, Green, Walker, and Diehl. Page 74 YOUEL Merfes and OHO Half Illinois Back INO Page 75 N In 'Phe midsf of an icy gale and a driving snowsforrn on November 22, 'rhe Hawks fell vicfim +0 an old 3 Nebraska jinx. and los+ Hwe bailgame on one hearfbreak- ing play. Jim Thompson and Dr. Barfelsq Chuck Uknes. Keifh Richardson and Ross Anderson Take 'Io 'rhe Air Page 7 6 STauss ShiTTs Info High STarTing ouT in greaT Hawkeye sTyIe The Hawks led 7-O aT The haIT. They had sTiTIed every Husker aTTacIc in The TirsT half, wiTh Tom Farmer puTTing The Tinishing Touches on a 7I yard Touchdown march. In The second haIT Iowa came ouT To score again when Green grabbed Farmer's pass and drove over Tor a Touchdown. AT This poinT Iowa wiTnessed a change in The Nebraska Team. The Cornhuskers received Iowa's kick- oTT and marched 72 yards in a sTraighT smashing aT- Tack To score. ATTer iusT Three minuTes oT The TourTh quarTer Frances OT Nebraska blocked I:arrner's kick, and iT Tell inTo The end zone where Nebraska recovered To score. Following This Frances kicked his exTra poinT To deTeaT Iowa I4-I3. OuTsTanding players in The backfield were Farmer and STauss, while The enTire Iowa line played greaT heads up TooTbalI. Page 77 YELTON HAND LAUTERBACH FRESHMAN FCDCJTBALL BILL HOFER Freshman Coach NUMERAL WINNERS Daryl Annis William Barbour Ralph Beardsley Russell Benda Henry Blum Kennelh Boyce Theodore Curran Orville Davidsmeyer Melvin Erickson Daniel Eicher Aubrey Daedlow James Ferguson Arlhur Flinl Harry Frey Michael Gulesha Roloerl Gusfafson Lesier l-loerner Roger Kane James Keane Jerry Kubal Donald Lehrnlcuhl Roberl Liddy Waldo lvlarolf Forresl' Maslerson Bruno Niedziela Leo Masferson David Pale William Rissman James Sweeney William Salmonson Edsel Schweizer Donald Taylor Charles Ulcnes Warren Vogl Samuel Vacanli Roy Wallers Page 78 M ,W ,. 'W"W""f4w . 'f-al,-W M., , Q, , , ...X 2 rg, A v ' V A V ' 1 wa. WN- X W ki' A ' f - A A -' i., . .fa wi: Q X , X A ,. 4,.., A f A ii-ggg -. , 1 W Q .f Y W - i . , Wg - . M A . .. , ,k,. .,.., , L V AV .,:, X V. Q A 1. 1 i. ' , , -V . Q .M"?f17lfX. - P' A f ff-.1 ,A A G 2 Y . , if ' 3" '. if Q' , W , . 3 JM, w , V . , '4 . "R 'i V' , 14 ,xc-f i' 'gif ' 5 . 3 X X, . 1 , . ,ff X: Amie., If 3 1: L ,Q , Q Q ' S :ii f- f' ,L i - ' K : A ':- f Q' W . 4' gy i y- - s +P , N-ii k ' vi ' X, A, - f A - -Sz. , W. ml , 9 5' -f ,gt fs B 3 V: gg f ,. 5 e 5-Q S 3 QE 5 fb :Q '- , VQQQ - 2 K fa 5 is if - ,QQ K ' , f - 'K z bf mx ., A i. W My K WWW,-.. X.: gig ,aw g ww 1 A fy f HOOPSTERS OPEN SEASON ROLLIE WILLIAMS Head Coach LAWRENCE HARRISON AssisTanT Coach fi Co-Capiains Siegel and SoderquisT wiTh Coach Williams lowa's Team of veTeran cagers opened The season wiTh a vicTory over WashingTon UniversiTy, 52-3I, showing iTselT V powerful buT spoTTy . . . followed iT by a hard-Toughlr sTruggle wiTh Bu+Ier, and The oTT-changing lead ended aT 41-35, in favor oT The visiTors . . . ln an exciTing finish, wiTh bare minuTes To go. Ben Trickey's Tree-Throw won The WesTern Michigan game 'for Iowa, 49-48 . . . The Hawks blew up in The second half of The Nebraska TilT, dropping The game 4I-34 . . . For a conference opener, Iowa came up wiTh a vicTory over Michigan. 40-34, due To a second-half rally led by co-capTains Vic Siegel and Rudy SoderquisT . . . The Maroons of Chicago were The nexT vicTims, losing, 53-39, on Their home courT To The hard-hiTTing Hawkeyes. paced by MilT Kuhl and Tom Chapman . . . The nex'r game, wiTh Wisconsin, was an all-sTar performance by The enTire Iowa Team, sparked by Chapman. To The Tune of 49-45. Page 80 BOB O'BRIEN WENDELL HILL BILL WHEELER The Golden Gophers of Iviinnesofa caused Iowa fo drop ifs firsf conference game, 4I-39, and drop from firsf pIace in fhe Big Ten sfandings . . . In a +hriII-packed final fhree rninufes, during which fhe Iead changed as many Iimes, Iowa finally Iosf fo Ohio Sfafe, 54-52 . . . By Iosing a hard- foughf fussle fo unbeafen IIIinois, 42-35, in a game marked by I9 fouls, fhe Hawks were fourfh in Ihe conference . . . Rffer an exam-period resf, fhe cagers Iosf anofher foul- sfudded game fo Kansas Universify. 53-Sl . . . Buf fhe Hawks began fo roII again, and Chicago feII, under a feam paced by a wild Ben Trickey. who scored 27 poinfs-and "as Trickey wenf, so wenf fhe Hawks". The finaI score was 64-40 . . . OnIy fime Iosf a hearfbreaking game fo Pur- due, 45-44, for fhe Hawkeyes played fhe BoiIermakers off fheir feef in fhe second half, Ied by 'KuhI's fruly greaf per- formance, buf couIdn'I quife pull ahead . . . Second Row: WiIIiams, Dr. Agnew, Woodbury Humphrey Mavold J OBren Hein Founfain Duffe MuII1n Harrison Fronf Row: Harsha, KuhI, Chapman, Soderquisf, Siegel Hill Trickey Wheeler Page 81 HAWKS BLAZE ALONG THE BIG TEN STANDINGS IIIinois Iowa . . . Wisconsin Indiana . Minnesofa . Purdue . Nor'rhwesIern Michigan Ohio Sfaie Chicago . W L . I3 2 . IO 5 . IO 5 . IO 5 . 9 6 . 9 6 . 5 IO . 5 IO . 4 II . O I5 BEN TRICKEY MILT KUI-IL VIC SIEGEL RUDY SODERQUIST JIM O'BRlEN TOM CHAPMAN COME BACK TRAIL Siudy in Sfalure . . . Trickey, Yelion and The O'Briens Afler a slow lirsl hall, Tom Chapman and co-capiain Rudy Soderquisl showed lhe Hawks how 'ro fighf viciously +o a 52-44 vicfory over Ohio Sfale, in a reiurn en- gagemenl . . . Fiery Chapman again led 'lhe way 'ro viciory, over Norihwesiern on +heir own court 46-44, and Iowa was eslablished as The comeback Jream of 'rhe year . . . Then Michigan ioppled in a smoolh-rolling game of good ball played by The whole ieam working like a well-oiled machine +o drop The impo+en'r Wolverines 59-38 . . . A second-half comeback blasied Indiana's hopes of leading 'rhe conference and pui' Iowa in a four-way lie for second place, as Chapman scored Zi poinis io break an individual scoring record which had srood since l923, and ihe score read 55-52 . . . A wild Hawkeye five blislered Purdue wilh a lasf-minuie six-poinl scoring spree 'ro grab a hard-ioughr game oui of 'rhe hands oi 'ihe Boilermakers, 42-36, wiih Rudy Soderquisi again leading fhe baskel parade . . . Firs? Siring Conclave . . . Kuhl, Chapman, Siegel, Coach William Vic Siegel in His Cheek Bone Prolecfor Hill, Soderquisf 4 2 S 4 i HARDWOOD FINALE l The whole Team played iTs collecTive hearT ouT before a howling S. R. O. mob, and liTerally Took Illinois, The conference champs, aparT, exploding in Hoosier Taces which, when The smoke cleared away, saw a score ThaT read 46-32-and The Hawks had a much-deserved, undispuTed second place in The Big Ten conference . . . A scorching blasT hiT The Hawks in The form of Wisconsin's Johnny KoTz aT Madison, however, and The lasT game of The season was a loss To The Badgers, 62-45, leaving lowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana in a Three-way Tie Tor The conference second berTh, Tinishing The besT season Hawkeye cagers have known since I923, wiTh Twelve vicTories and eighT de- TeaTs. Tom Chapman was elecTed The mosT valuable player on The Team by his Team- maTes, having counTed I87 markers during The season, and lvlilT Kuhl received The cenTer posT on The WesTern conference all-sTar Team, wiTh Vic Siegel placing on The second Team, and honorable menTion To Chapman. W VINCE HARSHA T 1 BERNARD DUFFE Page 84 , p ll lxg . EH., gg ' : 3, x I , Q wma 25 3 . , ,A ms Q kk AJ SIL A 'fs J K 25 QW - ' -ffm my , ,X K. 5 ,Z M Lk uk, 1 .ei ' ua? -F 94 4x v 3, in '-,fm 9 WH g, .,,, I , E em M6 . w A Hffiff kr 43 pf A Q Af Y if ' rv:-V 35452 4 , 5 1- ir ' , b, i' 5-t:i?'sii:5f' . f aug' L' W . R' --fr, ' 15 2221" wif -1" P ' QQ " ' I u ffffff y KQJ 1 ' - Z"-3 'f rf:-5 ' it , .14 , A., , S if wi. 1315 F fi? ewes: 5 ,4 -5 ff' me -MEM?-1 my ' ff 1 X f A15 Q Q, Af? K , 927 ww gg ?' Q 3 ? ls? i Q'V- 2 9 lg gi X it ' gs Q W 'V' 1: Aw 4 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Iowa Freshman baskefball squad, under The leadership of Coach John Grim JOHN GRIM Freshman Coach inTercollegiaTe compeTiTion. Second Row: Bender, Williams, Rasmussen, Palmer, Perryman, Anderson, ZeTTs, NesmiTh, LundsTedT, Kelling, SandsTedT, Brinck, Grim Fronl' Row: Weaver, L. Cole, Tyler, PaulcerT, Marxer, Fleger, Thomsen, R. Cole . 'T u and his assisTanT, George MeTze, was in Training Trom The middle oT November unTil The end oT The regular varsiTy season. From The original group oT abouT sevenTy-Tive men, almosT Two-Thirds were weeded ouT, leaving a squad of aboui' TwenTy-Tive men who will Torm The nucleus oT lowa's TuTure varsiTy Teams. Some of The names ThaT will become known To lowa Tans in The nexT Tew years are Bob LundsTedT, Ed l-lolle, Jerry SeiTTerT, Theron Thomsen, and Jim SandsTedT, Torwardsf Bob Cole, Larry Cole, Bill Bock, Bud Brodner, Bob STrand, and Norman PaulcerT', guards, and Dick Kelling, cenTer. The work oT This squad consisTs of daily pracTice, inTersquad games, and Turnishing opposiTion Tor The varsiTy in pracTice games, since a Big Ten Conference ruling Torbids Their enTering inTo Page 86 ti LL , A -... me A, N k ' , k K L M 3 x -:Q '-ffliliikii W. N -2- QL, X f " 5 5313 1 ., K 'k r 1 , . 4' f- L+, 'AA .Alu Diamond Acfion MAJOR I WINNERS FRANK IcocuR WILLIAM WELP RUDY RADICS TOM FARMER ROBERT STASTNY CLARENCE DUNAGAN WENDELL HILL ROBERT COOK TED G-ORDINIER WARREN SMITH ROBERT FABER RICHARD HEIN RAYMOND KOEHNK NORMAN HANKINS JACK KENNEY MINOR I WINNERS WILLIAM DIEHL HAROLD LIND ROY STILLE The Hawkeye Nine, consTiTuTing lowa's represenTaTion in The base- ball realm of The Big Ten conTerence, played an enviable season Tor The year. coming Through on The winning end oT 2I ouT of 27 games played. The Hawks Tinished up in second place in The Big Ten- one-haIT game ouT of TirsT place. Winding up The season in This posiTion dupIicaTed The siTuaTion of a year previous, when Iowa also finished The season holding down The sec ond berTh in The Big Ten. The heavens held The TaTe oT lowa's Tinal resTing lace T Th p a e close of The season, Tor one game was cancelled because oT rain. IT This game had been played and won, Iowa mighT have Tied wiTh M. h. . uc Igan as conference champIons. Page 88 HOT OFF THE DIAMOND DOPE SHEET As esfablished in years pasf, fhe season opened during fhe Easfer Vacafion wifh a Soufhern iaunf. invading fhe sfafe of Louisiana. Ap- proximafely 20 squad members made fhe frip, playing ball 6 days con- finuously while in Louisiana. The Hawkeyes refurned from fhis frip wifh 5 vicfories chalked up fo fheir credif againsf I defeaf. Opening up nexf againsf Nofre Dame. fhe Hawks succeeded in carrying off one vicfory, while Nofre Dame capfured fhe second filf. Affer playing several smaller Iowa colleges, Iowa's nine fwice wenf down in defeaf before Minnesofa's powerful onslaughf. This esfablished fwo of fhe fhree losses in Big Ten compefifion. The only ofher conference loss was againsf Norfhwesfern when menfal er- rors, as well as fechnical errors, which worked againsf Iowa in fhe Minnesofa games. caused clefeaf. Buf in fhe words of O. H. Vogel. head baseball coach, "Iowa benefifed from fhese errors, and showed fhe experience gained from fhem in fhe games fhaf followed." Third Row: Knighf, Brueckner, Smifh, O'Brien, Diehl. Kolarik, Welp, Cook, Briscoe Second Row: Vogel, Gordinier, Sfasfny, Kocur, Dunagan. Farmer, Kenney, Radics Front Row: Harbor, Hill, L. Smifh, Faber, Sfille, Landes, Flanders, Lind, Koehnk, Hankins IU Iwi I RICHARD I-IEIN RAYMOND KOEI-INK ROBERT STASTNY ROBERT FABER ROBERT COOK CLARENCE DUNAGAN RUDY RADICS TED GORDINIER TOM FARMER WILLIAM WELP JACK KENNEY WENDELL HILL Immeclialely following The Norihwesfern games, Iowa ene counlered Wisconsin in wha+ many fans considered The besi games of Ihe season. Bolh had lop-sided scores, 4-O, Iowa, and 6-I, Iowa. buf bolh illusfrafed lowa's new found aleriness ancl menlal 'ream- worlc. Also ouisianding among Ihe season's games were Ihose of Ihe finale againsi Ohio Sfale when Ihe Hawks won boih games, 6-O, and 5-I, ancl execuied some fine plays as a climax for The sea- SON. Page 90 ConcenTraTion MinnesoTa and NorThwesTern. Trom The wesTern hall of The conference, proved To be The Hawks' barrier, while The Two schools from The easTern half of The Big Ten, Ohio STaTe and Indiana, Tell before lowa's power, helping The Hawkeyes conclude The season in The second berTh, and, wiTh buT Three squad members graduaTing. holding a golden apple Tor The coming COACH VOGEL and BILL WELP season. DugouT Doldrums Severrlh lnning CiqareTTe Third Row: STraka, O'Brier1, Lee, McNeal, PoTe, Tayek, Byers, Aslce, Albrecht Second Row: Harrison..-Kiggi,B5oQks,,Baker, Thompson, Rinkema, Heefner, Readinger, Collins, Woodbury, Sharp, Anderson FronT Row: 1 3 ,5-J . n"Gmi.pL'Dicken, Olson, Berchenbrifer, Ping, Macon, SwarTzendruber 'F 515 . " "T"h-Ci fi J:-25E?T"' -QTRWE . 5-rg -. ,fLrQTL.,, - , f -, '- f T- P1--'-zz? ""?'. ffftffig 1,12 'V' ' -i .-255, - ..1vf?.i--aw 1' .ww-2r4ifP,, f1 ' -f, ' .F . " iff, 'ii . f If 1-T,-2.:g.1:5s1gW -"rZf':1:?'A5li,': .: , 1 T -' f:j.'5-:is-s'r'e'-. fig' -A -if - 'YZ - . . . . --'giilfsf-54+ 1' 1 ' - A 1--,':,,-5.,gzP2I " ' Coach Lawrence Harrison has under his clirechon The -I v:4!Q?f'f':""1:5f.1f'7 ' . ' 'Lf -- ff- afifsfie rg.1'l'ffF'fl-' f ipsT painsTaking and yeT The IasT recognized TacTor which -ffPf'f-1sQ51v"' 5 ., ' 33'-'sifzfiirf' . . . . 1,2 , Toward Iowa's Big Ten championship baseball Teams. 'fu s-.'fT1E-glYu:-Q41'51J:,f'.- ' --gf.:-I if -Q51-' I-'la' . . . . . . Y.l4:3Q5..g225-Qggzgfglffif' :T is under his TuTelage ThaT The maTerial Tor The varsiTy Team is -,pg J s.f'f.ee7-'Qf'g+::'G1f.1,fizivfg-' - . . . 6Ff5g'Ef,5,23i3Qaf:3-,,.,.Qgtfi,qf,-:,'jg1f1- developed. Working in close conTacT wlTh OTTo Vogel, head coach in V.-"y ' N- ' , Q . ' ' '--1-y3:"7v-',,.4fq,:",' " - " -f-I- .--. 1-Z 3 r .-e,1v5'f:Tf,75:1,Sj'f4-P--Hs' RoBERiT"'FL" CC'5Ii'LTNS':""""" ALLEN LEA CRAIN ' EARL J. CLAYTON NEAL D. DICKEN ROGER W. HANSON JOE LEE ROBERT L. KING ARTHUR RAY HALVERSON ROBERT F. MACON WILLIAM W. McNEAL HARRY, W. RINKEMA RICHARD C. SHARP ROBERT F. SHARP ROBERT TAYEK DONALD W. THOMPSON MAYNARD B. WOODBURY oT Iowa's Big Ten nine, Coach Harrison Takes in hand all 'Fresh- men baseball prospecTs and Teaches Them The TundamenTals oT The game, correcTs any deficiencies They may have, and surveys The squad Tor any likely TuTure "sTars". IT is only Those who have The workable playing knowledge as TaughT in The freshmen pracTices ThaT are chosen Tor The varsiTy Teams. This year's new crop oT recruiTs who received Their numerals include nineTeen men hailing Trom Tour sTaTes. GraduaTing Trom The Treshmen squad, mosT oT Them will conTinue acTive playing on The Iowa varsiTy baseball squad. IT is here in The freshmen squad ThaT The Truly ouTsTanding players are developed. WaTch Tor Them! Page 92 i -x ' if 'k if f Pre-Gun Tension Tom Chapman and Coach Bresnahan Bicycle DriII I940-4I TRACK SEASON MAJOR "I" WINNERS MILT KUHL EDWARD MAHONEY ARTHUR SCHLAUDER WALTER TODD HENRY VOLLENWEIDER IRVIN WOLF MINOR "I" WINNERS HENRY CLAY ROBERT EIEL JOEL I-IINRICI-IS WILSON KOUBA MEYER MARKOVITZ KENNETH STEINBECK RALPH TODD EDWARD WILKERSON SCHLAUDER Third Row: Vacik, STeinbeck, WolT, Eiel, Schnoor, Pullman, l-lesselschwerdT Clay Second Row: Luebcke, Lopin, Moyers, Hinrichs. Lapham, MarkoviTz, Cowd n Mahoney Vollenweider ShosTrum FronT Row: Bresnahan, Whinnery, W. Todd, Spencer, Schlauder, Kuhl R Todd Kouba Swenson The Chicago Maroons were The TirsT Team To enTer inTo compeTiTion wiTh lowa This year on The Hawkeye Track, aT which Time They were The winning Team in spiTe of The Vollenweicler broThers who were cerTainly aT Their bes+ ThroughouT The season. The Iowa Team losT To MinnesoTa 63 To 40 in The second conTerence game. Purdue ran away wiTh The honors by Triumphing wiTh a 60 To 3l.2 vicTory in February. and in March lowa was aT a Tofal loss when The Hawks ran aT La- TayeTTe. The season ended wiTh The lowa runners succumbing To a 77 To 26 vicTory, aTTer The loss OT The TourTh sTraighT meeT aT Grinnell The week before. AT WesT PoinT on The Third oT May lowa placed Third againsT Army, DarTmouTh Teams. On May IO Iowa bagged Two TirsTs when The Hawkeyes were deTeaTed 94-37 wiTh The Badgers Taking honors. The Big Ten MeeT in Minneapolis Tound lowa aT anoTher compleTe loss. VOLLENWEIDER WOLF KUHL MAHONEY Third Row: Boyd. Slye, Keil, Meyer. Lord, Albright Jones, Sewell, Spohn Second Row: Shosfrom, Sfevenson, Welf, Black, Blifgen, Worfman, Gregg, Orih, Hampton, Leicesfer, F armer Fronf Row: lisfer, WILLIAM T. SWENSON Assisianf Coach Haddad, Kline, McCar1'hy, Sione, Workman, De Sha, Hood, McCol- Roberi Albrighf Ralph Desha Leicesler Farmer William Hampion Harold Hughes Dick Keil Dick Lord Nevin Lyerly Dave Meyer NUMERAL WINNERS Dick McCar+hy John McCollis+er Jim Narber John Gregg Ben Haddad Charles Sewell Melvin Sfone W. Spohn Don Slye Ralph Tucker Jim Thompson Roberf Wilson Roberf Workman Don Well Wilbur Worfman Dick Washingfon Adrian Kline Page 96 N 'Q 6- - M6 H. ,N 'Y 2- 55 . T .fJf"t V F ' 'Tw B? Y ff .51 1 ., 3 S ' 1' .wg ,f ., .. - -I ,f-M54 N' ' - W .,A31f vtrk 3 ,1 k t? A-.IQ QW 5.1 3 x K W 5,3 " www K A., "fQ'fgb3v if 'L J f. A Q L D T x. K JK-www .A 'A 4 ? .1-,V W - . I , A- is M 2 . . " X ff - ' Y' X 1 . ww. M .M , t X, Y, x gy, ff, 'M -W N 1, 5 1 ' a 'T f 3 1 ,M w W' K X Y ' 2,8 . wiht j y Ms g., kr, ,W - 'J-4 A N n. W -xii f sg LM I-Af, V '21 ',- Nhglus W , ' ' A FK kj sax. ., ,, A UK wr I ., , I X 'iw . X 'Mvsf.Li1,,V mv- f " , . I lr. .W e v . o . . I 5 . Iv . 'k X .,-. I,-'fn '. i " if 'f' .. 1 Second Row: KenneTT, OlmsTed, Beal, Larson, 6usTaTson, Morrison, OsTerberg, LaTTig, Gaulocher, Jennings, PeTers, Sanford, Blaylock, Bohlin Fronf Row: Willis. NorTon, Pine, TrevarThen, Newland, Ross GOLF TEAM CHARLES KENNETT Coach MAJOR I WINNERS ROBERT LATTIG DAVID COLLISON MILTON W. BEAL ARNOLD OSTERBERG GEORGE LARSEN RALPH BOHLIN ROBERT BLAYLOCK STeady play oT several veTerans helped To give Iowa's golf Team iTs besT record in Big Ten dual meeTs in many seasons, as The l94l squad won Tour oT six meeTs. The lowans played line golf To deTeaT NorThwesTern in The opener, I8If2 To Illf2 on The Iowa course, wiTh Three men shooT- ing 72 or 73. Illinois Then edged ouT a win, I8-l5. Iowans were Tar oTT Torm when They losT The nexT one To Wisconsin, IOV2 To 3If'2. However, The Team rallied To beaT Chicago, I6lf2 To IV2. MinnesoTa Tell, 23-4, before The skill oT The I-lawkeyes, as Two Iowa players beTTered par in The Twosomes, wiTh Ralph Ballard geTTing a 69 Tor The besT mark of The season. Iowa swepT Tive oT The six singles ma+ches and all of The Toursomes. In The Tinal dual meeT. The Old Gold Team deTeaTed Michigan 8If2 To 6lf2, marking The TirsT Time Iowa ever had whipped The Wolverines on The links. STar oT The Team in The dual meeTs was MilTon Beal, who won all six singles maTches. He was backed up by such men as RoberT LaTTig, George Larsen and Ralph Bohlin. Iowa Tied Indiana Tor sevenTh place in The Big Ten champ- ionship meeT. The leading Iowan was LaTTig wiTh 326 sTrokes Tor 72 holes. Page 98 Crain, Parlcs, BuTTerworTh, Wurl, Marshall, Ryerson, Wendler Men experienced in inTercoIIegia+e play were scarce on The I94I Iowa Tennis Team, and The resuIT was The loss oT all six Big Ten dual meeTs. The Iowans, however, won Three non-conTerence meeTs Trorn Grinnell. Dubuque, and Coe, and gave Their opponenTs hard baTTIes in several OT The conlierence aTTairs. Never one To dodge hard opposiTion, Coach ArThur Wendler scheduled meeTs wiTh NorThwesTern, Chicago, and MinnesoTa, Teams which uITimaTeIy won second, Third, and TourTh in The conTerence championship meeT. Wisconsin gave Iowa iTs TirsT deTeaT, 7-2, aTTer The Hawkeyes had beaTen Grinnell, 5-2, and Dubuque, 9-0. Then Tollowed an 8-I win over Coe, buT Chicago and NorThwesTern won 8-I and 9-O, respecfively. The dual meeT season ended wiTh losses To Illinois, 7-72: Purdue, 5-4: and MinnesoTa, 6-3. In The conference TiTIe meeT, Iowa Tailed To score. Leading players were AI BuTTerworTh and John Parks. The Team was weakened Ioy The loss oT John Paulus and RoberT Jensen who were called inTo The naTion's armed Torces beTore The sea- son opened. Page 99 TENNIS TEAM ARTHUR WEN DLER Coach MAJOR I WINNERS AL BUTTERWORTH JOHN PARKS EARL CRAIN MINOR I WINNERS KARL RYERSON CHARLES MARSHALL LOUIS WURL Second Row: Coach I-Ioward, Schoening, Gray, Maher, Slageberq, Kemp Fronf Row: Arch, PicIceT1',JuIius, Gepperf, Miller WRESTLING MHOWARD A virlual powerhouse of Iowa rnalrnen grap- pled ils way Ihrough six slraighl wins, bowed only Io an undefealed Illini Team in Ihe dual compelilion, and scored Iourlh place in Ihe Big Ten conference. A 32-O shul-oul over Bradley Tech in Jrhe opening meel was followed up by wins over Chicago, 22-8: Nebraska, 25-6: Minnesola. I8-8: Iowa Teachers, I5-9: and Wisconsin's Badgers, I9-9. I2 I-pound Roy Piclcefl' won nine slraighf Ioours bul Iosl his Ienfh 'Io Purdue's McDonald in The conference. Ouisfanding records were also made by Russ Miller, I28q Capt Loy Julius, I36: and Dick Gepperl, l55, who Ioolc Third places in The conference. ACTION Coach GYMNASTICS WiTh gymnasTics aTTecTed more by The war Than any oTher Iowa sporT, The loss oT eleven men To governmenT service made Tough going Tor Coach AI BaumgarTner during The vicToryless I942 season. In The Triangular opening meeT. The lowans edged NebrasIca's Cornhuskers ouT of second place, 400 To 380, while The naTionaI coIIegiaTe and Big Ten champ Illini Team capTured TirsTs in every evenT excepT side horse and carried away a 5O5'f3 score. Chicago's agile Shanlcen Twins, holders oT naTional collegiaTe honors, wound up The nexT home meeT wiTh TirsTs in all buT one evenT. Indiana ended up second and The pluclcy I-Iawlcs Trailed in Third. In The only dual meeT oT The season, The Iowans bowed To MinnesoTa. 473If2 To 332'f2. The oTher Tour Teams were Too much cornpeTiTion in The Big Ten conTer- ence aT Minneapolis. and Iowa Took a back seaT wiTh TiTTh place. ChieT I-Iawlc poinT-maker was CapTain Bill Kridelbaugh, who won TirsT place in side-horse compeTiTion in The opener and was only Two poinTs behind The Shanlcen Twins in The conTesT wiTh Chicago and Indiana. Hanson, Popp, Graban, Simpson, Gross, Kridelbaugh, Welch, Coach BaumgarTner Page 1 D1 THE SWIM LEO BIEDRZYCKI RELAY TEAM Ed ArmbrusTer, Don WensTrom, Henry KemniTz, ViTo Lopin Th i ive wins in conTe-rence compeTiTion, a 43-4l vicTory N over Milwaukee AThleTic club, and TiTTh place in The Big Ten confer- ence aT Ann Arbor, Michigan, was The record oT Hawkeye Tankmen Tor The 1942 season. The Team opened iTs season away from home wiTh a neaT 5I-33 win over Chicago, louT was deTeaTed by The unexpecTedly sTrong MinnesoTa Gophers in The nexT meeT, marking The TirsT Time since T933 ThaT Iowa has losT To any Team buT Michigan aT home. ree OUT OT T' Page 1 U2 MIN6 TEAM Michiqan's powerful Wolverines gave lhe Hawks Jrheir nexl sei'-back a+ Ann Arbor, buf 'rhe lowans rallied wilh a 59-25 viclory over Wisconsin in lhe nevf conference meel. The dual season closed wilh an exciling 48-36 vicrory over Norrhweslern in +he home pool. The meet which was swum over The shorl 20-yard course, marked fhe fiflh slraighl Hawkeye viclory over Nor+hwes+ern swimmers. Veleran Don Wenslrom equalled 'rhe nafional inlercol- legiale mark of :28.6 and sei' a new Iowa pool record for 'rhe 60-yard free-siyle when The Hawk mermen mei' Norlh- weslern in 'rhe final dual meel' of Jrhe season. ln Jrhe same meer, lowa's sprinl relay leam, composed of Lopin, Kemnilz, Armbrusler and Wenslrom, came wilhin eighr-lenlhs of a second of equalling +he old universify rec- ord ol 3:35.4 on fhe 400-yard free slyle relay. Mueller Golfsch, Brumer COACH ARMBRUSTER and VIC VARG-ON Norman Holmwood, Craiger, Third Row: Coach Armbrusler, Merrill, Woodrow, Forresf, Kemnilz, Russell Sfranglen Second Row: Biedrzycki, Wenslrom, Vargon, Becker, Mahoney, Armbrusfer Sundberg. Wicke, Barron Fronr Row: Moore, Lounsbury, Lopin, Miller, Krizan ,1 s: i1f.i m,- , s nwssaqa. , 22 -in gxif, 'u N fx: Q ' kkyl V 'A L x .,A,' I , 5, 5? sg ,, , , L M f '- 'A' , QQ"' 2 , K 2 Qkafx 751fw,:Q ,mv .ie fx MQ , Rx Fx 3 1- wh- if ' 3 A :N .aff A i 1 2, , K f wx I H . -1 M Q x ' lil ' A i X. , , , t K - 3 1 Q- W M H '5 ' K S?-fr V1- f f? 4 ?f::i5L 3, YW!-E -S -L - '5 '52, -Q vz iigw Sf ' i ,gsuvf .5 QQ 11 M-fi 'X QQ, 5 A 31254: 'ir 1 Eff w Q if , RH :Qi in k ' x Q ja ig A X iii WE. . iii . ,wif W I V !t,i, l . . H, . Y sf? X -Qv 5- gfw.. L Q . , - ,Y ,. k - . 14 5 L 14 A if :X :Qi qw-.. f"' . K-nf? 'if ,,, fx 21 W -A Aa - gfff' Lf? Y fi Q-X Q ' my ff 'ffl f M, W .. , ,. 5 g 'NZ . N 5 5 . J Q 551 F 2 5 39-N M43 if ,ya ,VX K S mf Ax, ' +1 3 Q5 1 li ' ix' T Q iffil ' A , ' f i.: f -f.fQf if F 2' V 53? 7 A"-1 bmhmk Y Q ' I 5 7 3 'X ' ,jing ,f V' 'Y' L Q, se N Sv Q? ig ' 3 wing , 5- J 1 2 1 X f fl In .L :V 7 f ..,, i:.':" +3 - 2-'43 5 .i ,I V i A M ..,, , 5- ' ' J J 11 2 S: f f ' Q '- . - 5 w ""'T'-S -.W -'m ink T Wi ' - 2 5 I f W ST l ig Pa 1 A il ,. , ,Q 5, . :gi V , e Ex g R k 5 " gf . k XA 5 V ? 'x i - ' LEX g Q fi? K 15 5 s if? I -a.,f,.,z W kk,. M g E 4. 4 -fm., ww, x I f 2 4 Q is xf 1 A W Vs Q M - 1 wa P ,,,,..a-f 5 Ti. '3 i We ix X vm. - ww Wm WM v , W, 'Si 'k S l li: K. fi , k 1 'Yi H,-x , ! t W F NAR. Y . r 51'-www Www! S 1 1 ' Q1 J S. , I ,. f Na Hg -NgLh3'xf - " X.-P x x 'w L- .W - KM W A ,rua me m X " L, 10,54 fm WM mm f , 5. Q MW Mgw , A iw 43- H- pm X. bbw '94 'Qi ve 1 ,. 1 Q2 wg, W Md' I... W 5' N . ,if , M 5 f ,W M X, il flfg 1 J V-by ' ,. M4 'QM 1' gy fp g I .L I. 5 gan. S, W my ' if 1 4? Swv . A . 1 X ,A nl' V Xml - ' x " XA, ,, X, I S k U' wif ' Q S f 5 Q :Qtr K W Q, ,V fn, .V 5 fx , ' B f 'W L , A f' .,,A X q . WT ZEN V' ":2 "' " gl , Q by :ii . K, mf. hx . ,, - k , 559' . K W .L,L I., Third Row: Davenporf, Anderson, Bolle, Redinbauqh, Colvin, Dickey Wlsco lrwin Bamberg Hrusovar Second Row: Summy, Cooper, Huber, Magill, Dr. Scofl, Morlimore Eronl' Row: Wells, Ranlcin WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION Page 107 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS. MARY JANE HUBER ......... Presidenl KATHERINE HRUSOVAR . . Firsl Vice'PresidenI RUTH SUMMY . . . . Second Vice-Presidenl MARY DICKEY . . .... Secrelary JANET DAVENPORT . . . . . Treasurer MISS BERNICE COOPER . . W. R. A. Advisor W.R.A. is in realiiy a club of which The Archery, Badminlon, Baslcelball, Handicraft Hoclcey, Orchesis, Hawkeye Hoofers, Seals. Tennis and Fencing Clubs are members. A person belonging 'ro any one ol Ihese clubs aulomalically becomes a member of W.R.A. II is The purpose of W.R.A. 'Io provide recrealional aclivilies for men as well as women on The campus of Ihe Universily of Iowa. Besides sponsoring 'rhe clubs, W.R.A. is also in charge of social dancing and roller slcaling. W.R.A. Board is composed of The execulive officers, ol The presidenls of each club and of The Iwo inlramural leaders. TryouTs were held in The Tall Tor admission as members inTo The Tennis Club which was led by Mildred Anderson. In The spring The members of The club conducTed a TournamenT wiThin Their organizaTion To deTermine The UniversiTy champ- ion, and also sponsored a Play Day. Miss Bernice Cooper was The TaculTy advisor. Orchesis, The honorary modern dance club, was led by Elinor Wisco This year and sponsored by Miss Cumming. Besides The regular meeTings, sTudio nighTs were held To which Triends were in- viTed To see The work done by members. A dance program held laTer in The year was The high lighT oT The club's successful acTiviTies Tor l94l-42. W. R. A. CLUBS BeTTy Colvin led Seals Club, The women's hon- orary swimming organizaTion which meT every Wednesday aTTernoon To pracTice swimming Tor- maTions and have Telegraphic meeTs wiTh oTher colleges. The inTercollegiaTe Telegraphic meeT. TryouTs, annual banqueT and swims wiTh The Dol- phin Club were oTher acTiviTies in This organi- zaTion sponsored by Miss Marjorie Camp. Members are chosen Tor The BaslceTball Club Trom The girls who parTicipaTed in special Try-ouTs. The club acTiviTies goT under way in The second seme-sTer under The leadership oT Mary Redin- baugh. The organizaTion was divided inTo six Teams, who played a TournamenT and sponsored a playday Tor nearby colleges. Miss Cooper was The TaculTy advisor. Page 108 Page 109 Handicrali Club mel every Tuesday evening for woodwork. melal work. lealhercrafl and weav- ing under lhe direclion of Presidenl' Jeanne Marie Bamberg and sponsorship of Miss Taylor. Em- phasis was placed lhis year on silver iewelry and lealherwork. An exhibilion al Chrislmas climaxed lhe season. Archery Club. led by Kafhleen lrwin and spon- sored by Miss Ella Mae Small, is a co-recrealional sport' A series of fall lournamenls, a Play Day in lhe spring +o which high schools are inviled. and an all-Universily archery lournameni are acfivilies sponsored by lhis club. Hockey Club, open 'ro all Universily women, was led by Nalalie Wells. Aclivilies, limiled lo lhe fall season, included a Mid-Wesl Hockey Tournament lea, and luncheon, and an inlerclub lournamenl composed of lhree groups. Miss Cooper was advisor lor lhe club. Mariha Donnelly was presidenl' of lhe Badmin- fon Club. a co-recrealional organizalion for bolh facully members and sludenfs. Meelings were held Wednesday and Salurday affernoons. ln lhe spring a Play Day was held wilh Cedar Rapids. Miss Joyce Templin was facully advisor for lhe group. Folk dancing was inlroduced for fhe firsl lime lo fhe Hawkeye Hoofers by club Presidenf Phyllis Morlimore. Among lheir aclivilies were included hiking. ice skaling, skiing and an overnighf lrip lo Palisades in ihe Spring. Advisor was Miss Taylor. VOLLEYBALL Coasf House Currier Easllawn BASKETBALL Coasi House Currier MIXED VOLLEYBALL Easilawn INTRAM URAL BOARD INTRAMURALS The lniramural organizaiion is affiliaied wilh W.R.A. Tournamenis are provided wilh an afmosphere of friendly rivalry befween houses and dormifories on The campus. The fournamenls are in women's volleyball, mixed volleyball, baskelball, lable Tennis, swim- ming and soflball. Playnighls for informal play are also included in fhe program. Inlramural aciivifies are organized by a board composed of a manager, assislranl' man- ager and a represenfafive from each housing uni+. This organizaiion was under The leadership of Ruih Magill firsl semesler and Cafherine Chassell second semesler wilh Dorolhy Rankin as assislanf manager. Dr. M. Gladys ScoH is 'rhe facully advisor. Oiher house managers in above piclure are: Connie Sheridan, Alpha Chi Omega: Mildred Taylor, Alpha Della Pi: Hazel Liillejohn, Alpha Xi Delia: Jane Brooks, Coasl House: Nafalie Wells, Currier: Lillian Casiner, Delia Della Della: Margaref Ann Funk, Easilawng Ann Casey, Gamma Phi Bela: Mary Bob Knapp, Kappa Alpha Theia: NaneHe Siokes, Pi Bela Phi: Roslyn Myers, Sigma Delia Tau. Olher house managers are: Adelaide Geisselman, Margarel Barngrover, Diane- Robinson, Margaref Hildreih, and Margery Woodhouse. , Page 1 I 0' xim 5, 'vga N 1. N? fa I N W , g QQ. N X , W X Y F31 AA FX. A , 'M .gr A-msg? V lr,-. k -V- ,Q Q 'F ina 515 'Q N' .X . Q ,,m.w.,,,,,X ., .. as 11 A , 1 N, mp., J' ,H ' 5-TEN. fm ,,M,x ,ff f, ' fI",'l' ,rx-,QI ei Sv , ' .X ,I ,A . G M..- 'f W .fm-q N gQ?QWX5X,:5fgi.iif??1x-. Q: F R , 4' 1 ..A 1. I , be Lu' i' f - if I W -Sc?" " QC YN ' ' x .Y wx ' ffmx wg. W 1 I 7 W' X KJ' " x x w , rf Y .,X..+Y " B'A 'k JI, if PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITY BASKETBALL DELTA SIGMA DELTA Heller, Nielsen, Tarbell Vessey. Tallon, I-lainline, Johnson ALL-UNIVERSITY AND FRATERNITY "B" LEAGUE BASKETBALL PHI GAMMA DELTA Maher, I-lopp, Smith Youel, Wcllenweber, Schneider, Ericson l OUADRANGLE BASKETBALL Sfelobins. Tucker, Willhoiie Slye, Ralsfon, Wilde ALL-UNIVERSITY WRESTLING I-lenely, Ahmann, Willcinson, O'Brien, Johnson Hagerslrom Gufhrie, Spencer, Sforey, l-larn, Adams INTRAMURALS Every Iowa man is encouraged fo pariicipafe in lhe Universiry lnlramural Sporls program. Every man in The universiiy is by virfue of his residence a member of an inlramural learn. These 'reams are divided info six leagues wi1'h separale compeliiion for social fraiernily, Quadrangle, Cooperalive Dormilory, Town, Hillcresl, and professional fralernify groups. ln many sporrs lhe league winners are broughl iogelher lo deiermine The All- Universily lnlramural Champions. The program is adminislered by an ln- iramural Commilfee composed of Direcror P. H. Boland, Professor D. A. Armbrusler, and Dr. F. S. Beebee. Page 112 Organized inlramurals ai lowa were slarled by Professor E. G. Schroeder in I904. Compelifion began wi+h baslcefball and baseball for reams, represenling colleges, classes, and fraiernifies. This year leams rep- resenling more Than seveniy organizaiions will compefe in sevenleen dilferenl sporis. Compefilion begins as soon as The fall regislrafion is comple+ed and conlinues unlil final examinaiion week in 'rhe spring. Six- man Touch fooiball monopolizes 'rhe fall period, while swimming, baslcel- ball, volleyball, handball badminion, squash, fencing, wreslling, ping- pong, Track relays, and fencing are offered belween Thanksgiving and Easier and golf, sol+ball, lennis, horse shoes. and canoeing round our The program in 'rhe spring. TOWN LEAGUE AND ALL-UNIVERSITY HILLCREST BASKETBALL BASKETBALL Worlhinglon Ingold Slafer Dunagan, Vacanii, Faber, Lind, Davidson Sanderson Landes Barrel? Ulm' Kem' 5""f" Kenny cooPenAnvE DORMITORY BASKETBALL FRATERNITY CLASS B BASKETBALL AND SECOND IN ALL UNIVERSITY BETA THETA Pl WHETSTONE HOUSE Brooks, Swords, Weagley Kung Graham Shoslrom D McNerfney Rudolph, Gray, McCarfhy, Adams Hicks H McNer'rney Eblen Page 113 QUADRANGLE TOUCH FOOTBALL PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITY TOUCH FRATERNITY "B" LEAGUE TOUCH UPPER A FOOTBALL: DELTA THETA PHI FOOTBALL: DELTA UPSILON Haines, Conley, Schlauder McLaughlin, Brown, Gilchrisf Cole. Braley, Pullman, Moyers, Wood, Wolf Braclcey, Marlin, Rifer, I-Ionnalcl I-Iarf, Sfarlr, I-Iar+ COOPERATIVE DORMITORY TOUCH HILLCREST TOUCH FOOTBALL FRATERNITY "A" LEAGUE TOUCH FOOTBALL FIRST FOOTBALL: PHI KAPPA PSI Roalson, Opheim, Maflice, Sfoner Worfhgngfon' gngold Campbell, Byers Chevalier, Berlram, DeGeus Slafer' Landesl Berqsfrom Schmidf, Conlcling, Bowers All-Universi+y and League winners are recognized by suirable awards +0 'rhe individual compe+i+ors and Io fhe group 'rhey represeni. Addilional awards are made +0 Ihe groups which have parficipaled in 'rhe program mosl' regularly. While The number of enlries for a sporf is closely relafed Io ifs populariiy, over Ihree-Iourlhs of Ihe undergraduale men living in organized groups par+icipa+ed in some branch of inframural sporfs Iasl year. Page 114 ' A . L Xk,X yx.. Q L Y X w A U ,wig ,w:QEgx5 vm , MQ, ' ' ww 4 'fx Y , , E , ,QL mg W 0 . . 5: K ' Q ix EA lqfzf A- L1 Amfkg k - ,. , M """- SA N. X- wmgyk f ' "W SAX: fift X w 5 1 gf 5 'A' Jw sf K 1 if W Q gg! X 44 f f iff L1 3 . ! Y i - u -c.. . ' M e I n WI Q' , :Ji 552 E gli? wx Y -1 'Lf' W bf .1 'II r- Blame, HirT, Fuller, Henfhorne, Ruby New CadeT Colonel and regimenTal commander for l942 is Lionel R. Fuller. Cadef Colonel Fuller and The five members of his regime-nTal sfaff assumed Their new dufies as direcfors of The cadef ROTC regimenf aT The MiliTary Ball in January. before a background depicfing The various insignia of The uniTs of The miliTary deparTmenT. Members of Cadef Colonel Fuller's sfaff are CadeT Lieuf. Bill W. Henfhorne, regimenfal execufive officer: CadeT Major Dale C. HirT, regimenTal adiuTanT7 CadeT Major T. Murray Ruby, regimenTal plans and Training officer: and Cadef Capfain RoberT N. Blane, regimenTal supply officer. Cadef Colonel Fuller, presidenT of The CadeT Officers' Club, his sfaff and all caclef officers are in a large degree responsible for The mainfenance of The regimenT's excellenf federal raTing. l i Page 116 COMMANDING STAFF Capf. O. J. Rohde, Lieuf ol M. W. Hall, Col. H. H. Slaughfer LieuT. Col. J. V. Ware Third Row: Anlholier, Johnson, Shoemalrer, Mielnilc, Kosar, Snider, Luiz, Larsen, Cofleen, Holmberg, Schab Second Row: Spencer, Kesling, Schnecklolh, Pollhoff, Schamp, Kinkade, Wilson, Meier, Knudson, Sherman Fronr Row: Noon, Blane, Capl. O. J. Rhode, Lieur. J. W. Blessing, Bell, Swifr, Meyer, Gurhrie, Alward Wirh a scarcily of engineers recognized in lhe presenr naiional emergency, lhe engineering unil of +he Sfale Universily of lowa has come +o be an irnporlanl' par? of fhe mililary deparlmenl. For I if is from fhe ranks of 'rhe selecfed advanced sfudenls 'rhal will come a large porlion of our commissioned engineering officers for lhe ever-swelling U. S. army. The S. U. l. Engineering unil' is com- U N I T prised ol one ballalion confaining lhree companies, A, B, and C, and a ballalion headquarlers. Training for 'ihe unil' is divided inlro STAFF +wo courses, basic and advanced, each of rwo years' duralion. BLESSING Basic course 'rraining is devoled +o The fundamenlals of engineer- SERGEANT HERBERT 5- MYRANT ing operalions. Each graduale from lhe advanced course is qual- ified lor a commission as second lieulenanl in The Engineer Re- serve of The Army. One hour each week is devoled 'ro a drill con- ducfed by advanced course men. This drill is conducled wilh +he purpose of developing leadership, neafness, characler, and poslure. The engineer unil meefs yearly wilh inlanlry unil in com- peliiion lo delermine 'rhe besl' drilled company. The uni'r's rifle ieam meers each year wilh olher universilies' engineering unils. This year 'rhe compeiilion will be for +he S. A. M. E. lrophy, of lhe Sociely ol American lvlililary Engineers. The S. U. l. advanced Engineering unil has a membership ol Jrhirly-lwo. Page 117 Sevenfh Row: Kindalre, Lufz, Kosar, Cook, Sfeinbeclc, Clancy, Devine, Hills, Kachelhoffer, Hamm, Jensen, Allen, Bloefhe Sixfh Row: Kingsford, Chevalier, O'Brien, Miller, Miehe, Whife, Hensleigh, Morrow, Mclnfyre, Rummells, Hildenbiddle, Carlson, Byrd, Vogf, Mueller Fiffh Row: Holmberg, Miller, Marvin, Swanson, Vaqfs, Eggers, Smifh, Frazier, Hamman, Narey, Ohme, Shedd, Carson, Searle, Talbof Fourfh Row: Knudson, Boiler, Scheer, Johnson, McCauley, Adams, Armbrusfer, Soufhern, Chapman, Hopley, Schmidf, Dooliffle, Biclcenbach, Livingsfon, McAllisfer Third Row: Sherman, Schuffe, Meek, Shosfrom, Lee, Sfahle, Sixfa, Black, Jones, Linclquisf, Jacobson, Conrad, Siulin, Briggs, Wallbaum Second Row: Duncan, Owens, Drayer, Moyer, Hoien, Payfon, Neubauer, Crowe, Paul, Ruby, Landes, Flanders, Tafurn, Holloway, Melfesen Fronf Row: Paddock, Maclce, Furey, Feuerhelm, Wrighf, Spencer, Pinlcsfon, Hise. Fuller, Hirf, Lowry, Buffersfein, McNurlen, Hanchar, Henfhorne CADET OFFICERS CLUB OFFICERS CADET COLONEL LIONEL R. FULLER Presidenf CADET LIEUT. COLONEL BILL W. HENTHORNE Vice-Presidenf CADET CAPTMN ROBERT PAYTON Secrefary-Treasurer The Cadef Officers' club is 'ro fhe advanced ROTC men of fhe SUI milifary deparfmenf whaf fhe Unifed Service Organizafion is fo men of our armed forces foclay. Organized for fhe purpose of promofing fellowship among fhe cadef officers away from fhe drill field, fhe club, meefing bi-monfhly, has done much since ifs formafion in I937 fo provide recreafion for ifs members. Eligibilify for membership enfails an advanced ROTC sfanding in fhe in- fanfry, medical or engineering unifs. The Professor of Milifary Science and Tacfics of fhe universify is fhe honorary presidenf. and all commissioned officers of fhe milifary deparfmenf are hon- orary members. This year, wifh Firsf Lieufenanf William A. Mc- Kee as advisor, fhe club has expanded fo I25 officers, ifs largesf membership. Among fhe many social acfivifies of fhe club are fhe annual formal inifiafion banquef preceeding fhe Milifary Ball, a spring formal dance and a winfer formal dance. The club also sponsors 'rea dances on ouf-of-fown foofball game days and several smokers during fhe year. Pczqe 118 Sevenfh Row: Clancy, Coolc, Hill, Sfeinbeck, Devine. Hills, Markovifz, Kachelhoffer, Hamm, Davis Jensen, Allen, Bloefhe, Vogf Sixfh Row: Chevalier, O'Brien, Miller, Miehe, Whife, Hansleigh, Morrow, Mclnfyre, Rummells, Hilden- biddle, Carlson, Knoffs, Mueller, Byrd, Livingston Fiffh Row: Miller, Marvin, Swanson, Vagfs, Eggers, Smifh, Frazier, Hamman, Narey, Ohme, Shedd Carson, Searle, Talbof Fourfh Row: Boiler, Scheer, Johnson, McCauley, Adams, Armbrusfer, Soufhern, Chapman, Hopley Schmidf, Dooliffle, Biclcenbach, Mcfxllisfer, Bergsfrom Third Row: Schuffe, Meek, Shosfrom, Lee, Sfahle, Sixia, Black, Jones, Lindquisf, Jacobson, Conrad Siulin, Briggs, Wallbaum Second Row: Duncan, Owens, Drayer, Meyer, Hoien, Payfon, Neubauer, Crowe, Paul, Ruby, Landes Flanders, Tafum, Holloway. Melfesen Fronf Row: Paddock. Maclce, Furey, Feuerhelm, Wright Spencer, Pinlmsfon, Hise, Fuller, Hirf, Lowry Buffersfein, McNurlen, Hanchar, Henfhorne lvlilifary insfrucfion af fhe Sfafe Universify of lowa was firsf aufhorized December I8, l86I, and excepf for one inferrupfion, I N N T I866-I874, has been confinuous fo dafe. Prior fo 1866. professors of milifary science were civilian members of fhe faculfy. ln i866 a U N ' T large number of sfudenfs were ex-soldiers who loolced upon home guard fraining wifh disfavor. For fhis reason, milifary insfrucfion was disconfinued unfil l864, when 'rhe Board of Educafion re- esfablished fhe Milifary Deparfmenf, and fhe 'firsf regular army officer was defailed by fhe War Deparfmenf as Professor of Milifary Science and Tacfics. In l9I7 fhe presenf R. O. T. C. unif sysfem was infroduced. Under 'rhis sysfem, basic milifary fraining is given during fhe freshman and sophomore years for all physical- ly fif male sfudenfs. A limifed number of graduafes of fhe basic course are selecfed fo 'rake fhe advanced course of fwo years, which leads fo a commission in The Officers' Reserve Corps. Af presenf fhere are IO77 basic sfudenfs and l24 advanced course sfudenfs in fhe infanfry Unif. The Milifary Deparfmenf presenfs annually fwo of fhe oldesf and mosf colorful evenfs celebrafed on fhe campus-fhe Milifary Ball, which presenfs fhe Honorary Cadef Colonel: and Governor's Day, which ends fhe milifary year for fhe sfudenf body. Page 119 dm. PERSHING RIFLES 'iiiQiiIIIIyff, I ' ., I I ' +I" 'S an ' iq. 19 HEADQUARTERS OF SECOND REGIMENT STATE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA LIEUT. COL. CLYDE I-I. DOOLITTLE Commanding COMPANIES OF SECOND REGIMENT I-Ieadquarfers, Universify of Iowa, Iowa Cify, Iowa Company A, Universify of Nebraska, LincoIn, Ne- braska Company B, The Sfafe Universify of Iowa, Iowa Cify, Iowa Company C, Wisconsin Universify, Madison, Wis- consin Company D, Universify of Soufh Dakofa, Vermil- Iion, Soufh Daicofa DOOLITTLE Company E, Universify of Minnesofa, Minneapolis, MCNURI-EN LIVINGSTON Minnesofa MILLER WILLIAMSON Pershing Rifles, honorary milifary sociefy, was in- sfifufed on fhe Sfafe Universify of Iowa campus in I929. Somefimes known as fhe "Wesf Poinf of fhe ROTC", fhe sociefy was organized af fhe Universify of Nebraska in I894 by Lieuf. John J. Pershing, fhen a young cavalry officer. Since Ihaf fime Pershing Rifles has expanded fo seven regimenfs and 29 companies in 22 sfafes. A+ presenf, fhe Second Regirnenf, crack regimenf of The middIewesf, has ifs headquarfers af fhe Universify of Iowa. The purpose of fhe organizafion is fo encourage, preserve, and develop fhe highesf ideals of fhe milifary profession, and fo provide ap- propriafe recognifion of a high degree of milifary abilify among ROTC sfudenfs. Each year fhe company compefes wifh The Universifies of Nebraska, Minnesofa, Soufh Dakofa and Wisconsin in fhe Second Regimenfai DriII Meef, enfering a crack plafoon, crack squad, rifle feam and individual compefifiors. WILLIAM W. HENTHORNE Commanding Officer PERSHING RIFLES Ded's Day Plaioon Exhibiiion Toy Rifles for Inilia+ion Week Page 121 Eighih Row: Chrisiiansen, Sfern, Ulanofl, Shepard, Wier, Sianzel, Sirand, Lawlrins Sevenfh Row: Larson, Davis, Cline, Furey, Anderson, Weiner, Bain, Maiden, Ducofle, Sherman, Reed Sixfh Row: Gidel, Hiclclin, Glennie, Poland, Smifh, Beard, Sidney, Vieih, Epperson, Hays Fifth Row: Craw, Dunn, Larimer, Alberf, Jennings, Ofio, Dubanslry, Lamb, Fischer, Van Gorp, Timmins, Jack, Moore Fourfh Row: Perryman, Sieberf, Horne, Davis, Pelzer, Bodine, Leonard, Davis, Whalen, Fonlana, Merriam, Towner, Broolcs, Ben Third Row: Moriiz, Howell, Odell, Smilh, Nelson, Cass, Rich, Greene, Rosenfeld, Byers, Siafler, Swanson, DeBuHs, Gusman Second Row: King, Crane, Phelan, Dalian, Cody, Hicklin, Peefers, Jandf, Bornholdf, Arnold, Ainley, Rubinow Froni Row: Seydel, Carson, Lowry, Advisor Lieuf. D. D. Bonham, Henfhorne, Biclcenbach, Shedd, Leaming Abseni' Members: Allen, Annis, Bowles, Boeclclen, Deyo, Diehl, Gimar, Grabow, Hill, Holscher, Huff, Ives, Kuriz, Mangold, Odell, Webb COMMISSIONED OFFICERS WILLIAM w. HENTHORNE Cepfain DUDLEY C. LOWRY Firsi Lieufenanf JACK H. BICKENBACH Second Lieuienanf H. DUANE CARSON Second Lieulenanf CHARLES D. SHEDD Second Lieuienanl' HONORS AND AWARDS Guard of Honor Governor's Day Federal lnspeciion Reqimenlal Champions Rifle Team, I94I Color Guard Fooiball Season V2 Guard of Honor Homecoming Reqimenfal Drill Com pefilion Formal Guard Mounf Dad's Day RIFLE TEAM Nafionally famous are fhe sharpshoofers of The SUI rifle feam, infercollegiafe champions for fhe pasf fwo years. A+ fhe fime when such an emphasis has been placed on milifary proficiency, The Iowa marlcsmen have repeafedly shown fhemselves fo be among fhe besf in a counfry which boasfs fhe finesf rifles and gunmen in fhe world. Coached by Sfaff Sergeanf I'l. W. Wendlandf, fhe varsify feam is 'rhis year defending ifs record as sfafe champion for fhe pasf fhree years, second place winner of fhe Wesfern Conference and fhe placemenf of 'rwo of ifs members Iasf year on fhe All-American rifle feam. The ROTC rifle feam, fhird place winner in fhe I-Iearsf Trophy meef Iasf year, will defend ifs basic class Grand Champion- ship won af Kemper Ivlilifary Academy in fhe indoor Camp Perry meef. Sven, Schneclclofh, Ruby, Bornholdf, I-Iamm, Tafum, Sfafler, Readinger, Pefif, Sgf, Wendlandf Second Row: Vannice, Is- rael, Rudolph, L. Brown, L e w is , Gasparoffo, Wiley, Moorhead, Mer- riam, Ufz, Sample, Ross, Sqf. Wendlandf Fronl' Row: G. Brown, Schnecklofh, Ruby, Born- holdf, Hamm, Tafum, Sfafler, Readinqer, Pefif Page 122 FourTh Row: MiTTeIbach, WhiTe, Dillman, Briggs Glazer Kaplan Lahmer ComsTocI: Jones Shay Third Row: SuIenTic, NysTedT, Kridler, Luiggl STem Hoffman Jacobson Meyer Clark Second Row: WrighT, Slezak, Dawson, Dane Swaner McLaughlin Tuchscher Kreymer Marhn FronT Row: Sherman. Kosar, Schnecklofh, CapT Rohde Spencer SwiTT Lufz Johnson PCNTONIERS The PonTonier Company was Tormed aT The STaTe UniversiTy OT Iowa in I934 aTTer iT had become apparenT ThaT some exTra cur- ricular acTiviTy was needed Tor miIiTary ROTC engineers. Since ThaT Time a similar organizaTion has been insTiTuTed aT The Iowa STaTe College aT Ames, The Two uniTs being The only PonTonier uniTs in The counTry. Taking iTs name from The PonToniers oT Napoleon who Iiferally laid down Their Iives ThaT his army rereaT- ing Trom Moscow mighT cross a river, The SUI PonToniers have followed TradiTion closely in including a sTudy oT ponTon equipage in iTs acTiviTies. Membership in The organizaTion is voIunTary oT boTh basic and advanced sTudenTs of The Engineering ROTC uniT. STres- sing proficiency in miIi+ary drill. The pIaToon gave a demonsTraTion aT Homecoming. The uniT compeTes annually aT The PonTonier meeTing wiTh Iowa STaTe, This year To be held aT The UniversiTy oT Iowa. The PonToniers also enTer inTo drill compeTiTion wiTh The Pershing Rifles Tor possession of The LiTTie Brown Jug. Page 123 FiTTh Row: Winslow, Rummells, Schump, Lee, Grissel, Devoe, GaldsTone, EaTon, D. Graham Fourth Row: J. Graham, Krabbenholii, Pomper, Mayer, MiTTer, Hanson, Nicholsen, Miller, WaTrous, VogT Third Row: Bordwell, Parlc, Challed, Wheeler, Singer, GuThrie, ChrisTensen, Liabo Second Row: Odell, Holcomb, Ludwig, Drum Maior Crowe, Col. H. H. SlaughTer, Pipe Maior W. L. Adamson, Gould, Schneberger, Parden FronT Row: B. HarT. J'AnThony, Randolph, Blom, Jones, Billie Adamson, DempsTer, Ranking, Murchi- HIGHLANDERS To The ScoTTish Highlanders oT The STaTe UniversiTy oT lowa goes PIPE MAJOR ADAMSON L- Adamson- The disTincTion of being The mosT colorful and unique uniT of The UniversiTy. The only organizaTion OT iTs lcind sponsored by an American college or universiTy, The lcilTed Highlanders have be- come a Tamiliar-even TradiTional-parT oT campus acTiviTies since The Tounding oT The uniT in I937. The Highlanders appear aT all home TooTball games, presenTing precision marching rouTines and bagpipe rendiTions of old ScoTTish airs and popular universiTy songs. Now naTionally Tamous, The Highlanders have performed ex- Tensively ThroughouT The midwesT, presenT exhibiTions on sTudenT Trips aT ouT-of-Town TooTball games. and in I939 appeared aT The New York World's Fair. This year The organizaTion of 56 members, led by Drum lvlaior CliTTord l'l. Crowe and Second Drum lvlaior Phillip N. Hardinger, includes 25 pipers, Two bass drummers, Tour Tenor drummers, Twelve snare drummers, and nine dancing lassies. The personnel of The organizaTion has also been bolsTered by The addiTion oT Two Twirling drum majors, Buddy and BusTer HarT. The Highlanders are insTrucTed and direcTed by Pipe Major William Page 124 GOVERNOR'S DAY High poinT in The SUI miliTary acTiviTies lasT year was The Governors Day review on May lO. ln an impressive ceremony The ROTC cadeTs of The universiTy passed in review and received awards Trom Governor Wilson on The huge parade qrounds wesT oT The armory. An annual aTTair since l88I, G-overnor's Day This year will assume an imporTanc:e Tar qreaTer Than in previous years, due To The presenT riaTional emergency and currenT emphasis upon miliTary acTiviTies. Fiffh Row: Reeck. Huber, Caddock, SmiTh, Harness FourTh Row: Hennessey, E. Hicks, BenneTT, Fallers, lngla. Bogle, M. Hicks, HuTch, Hruslra, Sauer, Bashom Third Row: Knapp, Kehoe, Tracy, InTress, Hirleman, Chase, EaTon, Berryhill, Summers, Beyer, BernaTz Second Row: Lee, Gann, Bliss, Busch, Zukerman, WesTly, George, Krouse, Kingsbury, EasTwood FronT Row: Plager, Greenleaf, Nolan, Swander, Moershel, Fieselmann, Updegraff, Hall, Gray, 'MonTgomery, Young, Kroack, Pohl When, aTTer World War I, The necessiTy Tor a larger Trained Torce of medical oTTicers became apparenT, The Surgeon General . if .3:T.,i:f.s- Q.. , 2 , . . . . . . .,--jP2,'3.1:,,:Qf-21 X-3' gg '35's.+f++wgMc,1,,:.3, obTained auThor1Ty To esTablish in selecfed medical colleges uniTs oT A x Q ,-gg Reserve OTTicers' Training Corps. The STaTe UniversiTy of T A!?53?'fl, 2?5":+g15f' ' 'A '-"7 , 15' . -il'r'.""7ff33'f?f55z'f!i 19525 . . -, , 1 amon Those colle es selecTed Tor The Trainin . EsTab- 1' -sa-fer +435 . c 4 .. 9 T21 f sf" an ,,,- .f . . -, , gg-':.jA-QL 'T -h,-, ' ' '-:if'Q.1' . . . . . . P- gf? li OcTober I92l, This uniT has mamTained an acTive exisT- ir v if 1 " '15 cf . . - - ' fffi -we :R-::,f5-f'r5T ewiTh excephon oT Two years. during The liTe OT The Economy ' ,e'-'5'fV?'l?N if f I1 5-we :ntl-. . . . . .iff .'.'1T,,'11isiqQ:iT. V-.r1ai9xcT. In The years oT :Ts exisTence The uniT has placed many oTTicers ,-ggi.. "T-455' 4- , ' f I.-"7-1'-'--7.'g,1j"jQfl'QET7Fi.. gif, . '. . wean' ',:g1.f.,u' , .. N- ' '- ge:-.:,,33.:,,z1g, LQT . . q.g:,,qzfQ:fg55::::5'g5Sg ' Medical Reserve as well as in The regular army. The pur- , , ja oT The Medical ROTC is To add To The sTudenT's knowledge fgar'1-ei"f'2 ,X :'4'T+u'-.ferzuiiia-. . 'l'ii?Q:l. . . . . . . . . . . htifkeif,.i1f"f'3'2fTiaf-.s?i-f.,.cf- . .f2ff1,fgQ-f-1-and ac uainT hum more Tull wiTh The res onsibilihes oT cihzenshi : , , gggfm vp ,., gepnzgiaaif' L .f-S,Q?3,7a2:g:-H5 .,-.94 hug ,. q y . NIICQSQZ V J 1. ,,,.,bflr 6, 3, M, . l - " f'rffQ1F55???1 33f32?tf '-Qf s6a'f1 w 1-if-5-' To rovide a sTead inTlow oT ood rofessional men Tor The Re- Y . .-,-,ff ,f.-,7,f.f7,?oe'ie.wwf-.1123 -.-'iii' iff ' serve Corps: and To give The sTudenTs a working knowledge of The duTies oT medical oTTicers. The course aTTords an opporTuniTy Tor cerTain selecTed graduaTes To gain an army inTernship, Trom which They may enTer The Medical Corps of The regular army. Page 126 Q . mu X y - f :if 5 L ' E gl.. V, kk wa 3 ' . 7 14 TN N .W-s - gg i Q " w . - 'H -x , Ni f zfsfw tg' S., 5 ' A mg 5 .f .1 15 1 69 2 5 Jw ff' ' sw, h N J Q X A L X 9 5 x f M N xg K . xx S is Q x X X Q N X Q J Wm Q 'fig' X MQ N , x my ,K X Va X Y x U, H -N s.Q,ljM..'. .f,.u. Q Af xx! ,L axon .Egan Q 'lrgs-,'--Aww, 31,33-"-niws. Q , xl -bv : 'gfwj-1.-u. - f mv x -.-, '-' .: as " ff' 1. NX Y. qt: in -J, kg: 1: "au-'::5ifi1 N xQ,,2kEA?f5A L, I M 'T' g . QQ .- -1""7 i"g.E"fl'K"i.-ix '3r:f,Lj.f., ,, A A Nix :,, . f -e-'ff a - -",L,5,.,Q'Y . X. .. f - sf' X i1Q'5:l'L s J: ' ,ff "' ' - Q , , in. W1 mg, img! .7 s. i' ,3 'r , .,a?.'jV'g' 'Pyi . ' 'it 3341" - u- wg - ,-J.. - ,.- .-ms , we .- -., M. M, 29, if-7 If g.'1aQ4,s .114 F - ' Nl ,' a"'1'f4" - n- . as ' ag, -3. iii!! P ' W 0 'sw ml f A ,Fifa , if PHILIP e. CLAPP X 'v , is , wg- mg- ' . 1 Dm uf x' 'Ling p Dlrecfor 1 1 P ff. y w -ii' 4 .i '5's'5.Pk'Qs"' is -v4.g,ffQ+:,:v-v, fgj- j A Universify Orchesira, direcled by Philip Greeley Ciapp, claims fwo un- usual fea+ures in i'rs reperfoire-producing large classical works seldom given professionally, and composilions of advanced sfudenis. Wi+h Ad- dison Alspach as assislanl conducfor, +he orchesira gave six symphony concerfs and lhe winfer commencement lisling among Hs presenfaiions l.isz'r's "Dam'e" symphony and De Bussy's orchesiraiion of "The Blessed Damozelf' The orchesira joined wilh lhe chorus in ihe Chrisimas con- cert Almosl' every college in +he universify and abou? 30 siaies were represenled among Jrhe IIO members. Foriy musicians played in 'rhe Universiiy Chamber Orchesira, making public appearances and serving as a fesiing ground for sfudeni conducling and sludenl' ochesfraiions. Direcfor C. B. Righ+er leads noi one. buf ihree universi+y bands, fhe Concerf. Fooiball, and Varsify organizafions. The Foofball Band plays a+ all games, and fhis year performed af rhe Illi- nois-lowa game a+ 'rhe Universiiy of Illinois. Varsiiy Band presenis an informal conceri in 'the spring. as well as appearing a+ loaslcefball games. These Jrwo groups combine fo form 'rhe Marching Band which plays for Governor's Day in fhe second semesfer. Srar organizaiion of fhe band depar+men+ is Concerl' Band, which presen+s win- ler and spring concerfs, plays evening concerls during Commencemenf week, and goes on four for a week every year. Major aim of all fhree bands is lhe rraining of players and sfudenf con- cluclors. Arnold L. Oehlsen is assisfanl conduclor. Page 1 29 - " fg.llevfllfrf-ii-fill-e'mf.: gl - gsafwggzbggilifws?-vs .Q:'w 3,E:?u1ya. Q V - -'-vs-1 s 4 ,N A r -.zxams-.1, , ,Q-qjsr-H. . -5? X N, -- -..'r,4.QiiSf?x- fi . 'fin-. x'?'-Q '4f1 3'Xx. :J .af-955 A ' Ka-wi... 1,ffafLiss . 1 i ' - -2 "-f.f',1ji'K .,i- wi: .- 1 ..2 . 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V wk ,g.w1g4,?..'-xy:v.:l'.:,-4.4.3 Y- , .,1, i,. 14. gfuiu- F -jA:13ir:.l:jx, "f,-:QFLSQ - -ff' X zmwzl-eq.. gk xx.-1 . - .s-. " ,M-, X I. is 4 1 . - . .P 1.-vs!!-i , 4 -ix' P -..-'rs.35,.. , as ' N -wk' , ' .Y -- ' i . 5.5,-i'.p.-'g , Q . -G,,k:iA,,f1.i,i'ki,j,bN .l . .Q,g:E,,i , +V . V Ns"-v',iiX?-.ggfii gg -1 Q ' ,,.i7QY3'Ef ,higv -215:55 - ''ff9'?i"'FQff'-'flk-Y'-1397? 'l'-I'f'1'5-35 tiff-":i:. ' ' CHARLES B. RIGHTER Direclor Q --,,Qgjsgxi-:ringf-,jfgglgfcw ,K K - .f:,.,-Ls A -. wc ..., .g3',C3s:: wsshs 1. .x,- -ENN., ii N - g-5, -:mga K ' 5 ,jmf -.1 -A-, V. if '- YP' - M4 "'s' :J "' A - MM.. rwveawh.-iewfvgdmmwewss uZJ,'1""wtk .-Sv-im.. , . rv -,.- .gr . ,I s A.-' . -cefx-:www QKYQQ--.- 2'iR:iv' ,, . 1 gi l ji...--L-541-IEHG E' E.f4E.1s k.1?g,x?',,'. Q, i - :fu L -',:.:.i,5:3.:.g?"agE ,L s-4:-1 ' .sv J. er . -rf -' --4--:we-gs 'Q' - +.--- r - ,- 'i ,Y - :fy , c . -Sf.,-'1..h-,. .. . ,gs i '4 , 1 7 K xg ve Af' N N :AA Q xt' -:F st 4:4 .-Q. 5 Q ,.,:, ' 5.55: ...V W, cy. , h ij- ,r- :. 5- . Ng :.jS..E,EEf4'1i,Qfe's gait -f A . V.-jc' .Q " 3' ,,?:f5.:.iK1Qf5' ,- 1' gf? .L .--.1"f-'i7:'i,gi:.g'ff39-5351, ' ' f - ' :ggi -Z.'::'Y9" "ii, 1 g-'-' 1" . J'.,,r -- Twigkf eq-,l"-gg. Trigg' 'iii 55521-Q -vigrx? .2225 - .. - .' ':' g Q' fy- Fu: v"-mgf. ... ?'5Q"1Q5L""f. -q..'512" I' :ui ig-:Z , qi... A, ' . QQ' 'f'? "ff, . s- sr . 9-',. i,,,,':f--5 -. ,.-,.4, '-r - ti. . 11 S.,-1-. " . HERALD STARK ,usrimffz 'nfrisz-1 141-fy , -.-hw:,5q'1g.,fzimfNfs8-gs we T- s . T: . 'ami "?'3?"iI'::Ls-'--vi'-' -- --5:49-1 "T9'f'-sb' Ta".l'3-lf' DirecTor --vs 3' -A ff,gP6J5"'-'f-:'5"v--'X' .W ar'--'V-.-:u"3E'f':35x ' xref - -4 - T'-M---1r"w'11f'fs':i f -'--2,-vf-fl . ww-.-.--T.--. , , ,,, ,ar s .4 x.. ,, .,.,,,.w.,,,.,'f7-Ng., ,,,l,,.X,. .. P-u?1'72f. '5 iviiwisfmf'-l9"'f 1 'xii-'FWWTH-'E - X S- ' ' X 15'-Tim :JY . "SN -"1'l'i""' ' W :f':3X5E'? ' ' 7 -ft , -'2 - -4 -.FQ:iL:?fiff-"' ' A '9'Tf5fil'3f53'5'9? 1 L' ChrisTmas, EasTer and Spring may"m'ean"'h'olidays To 'mosf lowa sTudenTs buT They mean music To DirecTor Herald STark and The hundred and sixTy-Tive members of The universiTy chorus. AT Those seasons, The ChrisT- mas Vespers, The EasTer Vespers, and The Spring FesTival wiTh The orchesTra are presenTed. In March The chorus sponsors anoTher program. ChrisTmas canTaTas This year were "The RighTeous Branch," by Clough-LeighTer. and Sain+ Saen's ChrisTmas oraTorio. In conjuncTion wiTh The orchesTra, women in The chorus sang "The Blessed Damozelf' by DeBussy. The men's group presenTed The "AlTo Rhapsody," by Brahms. Officers of The chorus This year were Jaclc Knowles. librarian: Elsie Sorenson, Personnel. and Ramona Wilson, AccompanisT. ,'-. .5 'Lf' '-I 'T K ku h,E.wN K -:5FHZi,. Y DRAMA The Communily Series of Prof. E. C. Mabie's Universify 'lhealer opened Hs winler season wiI'h "The Male Animal," sparkling comedy by James Thurber and EIIioH Nugeni. Second show was "Three Men on a Horse" by John C. Holm and George Abboif. Brillianfly cosfumed in a Civil War selling was Clyde Ei+ch's "Barbara Friefchief' Revamping Hs playbili Io Til 'rhe new war program on fhe campus, Ihe 'rhealer scheduled Edward Cho- dorov's "Kind Lady," a mysfery-comedy, and Ihe charming refrospecfive comedy by Eugene O'NeiII, "Ah, Wilderness!" Two very successful shows were done by The Experimenial Iheafer. Presenled for 'rhe firsl 'lime on any slage were Sara Sherman Pryor-'s river sfory "Mississippi" and Marcus Bach's "Haym Salomon." Page 131 BARBARA FRIETCHIE WOMEN IN COUNCIL . . . John Boyf, Florence Healy, Virginia Rahn CORN HITS NEW LOW . . . Ray- mond Hill, Jean Hardie THE MAIN OFFICE . . . Roberl' Bui- Ier, Helen I'-Iaclcelf Q.: -'1-:1:rc4e3i'1hfsw ' .. . R. g 19:39 on-gfWgw?QgQ? f: Qffpg? xg ,Y L, X . 'X V"-5 N 5-f Nba- sl I--,-,zcs-., - ..- . frs, J- is 1 's K I . gjyqii 9 , . g .MV g'g..g.35g. V l-wfiifaf: i . as- as ki, . -,: Q L..5.L,, , . ,,138.jgg, wi"-R.. , ' nl -s -3 - ' '-cj' ' "Ie " .,.. "- Qbf' 1,gf9z,4-33' ,,A f, - K s . . ' T--'.--' . 1---s '41 ': 413 . 23? '5rb"'f"T"q- N" 'ViR'..f. I ,. ', sa-I 3 3 . ss, ,ftrffw --- ..- -- .W , gm-'-N -r .. 4. 'Q . -' , 1 T' 1" ,"" 64,1-' ' "' W. .G -f 2i"'f's- 2 4 4. -11 .ef -if --Q 5 S -13445 if 9 fin' a+..,.3 5-42.45-T . .1 s .asia ..- fra -1- .azsrfssi-'ir'-' Hxe.-ff "iii--'Mi .f.v.if131f.:'w- Q . 1TQ2'f gag, 1,55-em.-1 '.:-may-1,3 pu- ,-ngafsf 'f A qiivv-sigiqffgrsiilr.,-r-K'-'-arc-' : Jail'-4 sniff " "aff-?.f1f . 5121- If iagrarsekgml..-, if-f 'mf-filisiwryl' f?Nq:i?5ff-i' . sfers1-s-E:r'- - - I I ,SP 55i:,g,:,4,,:ES-. ggggggn:-a,,5,,'3 i' gs, lcepf Unlversify p ayers and p aygoers really ifxfilziesii sa.. f ir- '- f: . - - 4 ' A-sg:-z,'f,g,-figg , gl :QR - yv ili'-ssummer season. Prof. E. C. Mable engaged Frederic MISSISSIPPI Barbara Hudson, Harry "MbC'on'ne'lli'of'sifhe Cleveland Playhouse and Thomas Wood Slevens, famous direcfor of lhe Globe fheafer, as guesf direcfors. Opening show was J. B. Priesl'ley's Yorkshire comedy, "When We Are Married," sfaged by Prof. Vance M. Morfon. When fhe players who peopled fhe zany comedy of middle class English life vacafed fhe sfage, up rolled "The Liffle Clay Carl" by King Shudraka. Sfevens-direcfed and Casaday-cosfumed. fhe Hindu play scored a hif. Then a modern comedy, Hari and Kaufman slyle, 'rook over-"George Washingfon Slepf Here," direcfed by Marian Gallaway. Nazis, Jews. Belgians and Americans enacfed a sfrong drama as an Aflanfic Clipper made ifs "Fligh'r fo lhe West" All fhe aclion of fhis Elmer Rice play, smoofhly sfaged by McConnell, fook place inside fhe plane. Shake- speare's "The Winfer's Tale," gorgeously cosfumed and acfed on an Eliza- befhan seffing, played on Universily boards a week, 'lhen fhe Sfevens casf wenf 'ro Lake Okoboii fo inaugurafe The new S. U. l. summer fheafer fhere, while lhe home folks applauded Saroyan's fanfasfic "My Hearl's in 'rhe High- lands." Euripedes' "The Trojan Women" rounded ouf a highly colorful, varied, and successful season. Barnes, Jr., Gerald Giles Rosa Neil Reynolds, George Anderson, William Porfer, MALE ANIMAL . . . Lloyd Meyer, Rodman Jones, Helen Lemme X ,ve X , 1 A 1 'X 1, if :X X 4 A ""S'i5?ms'HwT?QQg ww ,A 'K awk-SWISS Mural Sfudio ' -----1 '--:."1':fi' WC '31-'-?9'IcLiX- 'mei I. H"-.--?!:fX5 Y Awryxf -Q java' .N . ' vs" in--'SSC-S1 ' 4 - -s. 'f.v'rQ, - .,xgg,4'fQjfi I h 4 Y K , - , ' Y...:, fllf f 'X'-H25 f" X- N' ni". :fx . -l:i9'7--if'l3T?'f?i32ff'ii"A 3:-L . f iff. . 1 . fzeflvrfh FNS . ' f'l4nNJf'31 a1a i.f-,'- -.fe . g..- afbiaz'-4,56 92-1,11 -.,,. Q-.., Q - - -, :- ' g . M- .- -Mx-x 1 V .kfiiix v M, I- I-. L r j ,-- fra 3,355 ' 3. E rrp A-.5 . ' 3 .7 v--- -1 vw. 'K gefgf . 1 f .,4.f.'::s: . . ' . N 4 - 2.4--qi,-j' wh jjqg. -79:1 . - , -' . '-Pa'-if-g..,:152.'k2 , " 'X' ' 'p.':,,i:w'Ws, uV ,.4v:.i,,s'g5?g.:-. .1 f fy: ,:.- ' -iq-' -2333 . 1915,-, ,.55i3i?g,. 1. '15, . wE,5,,-ir..:i I . 1: -4-Q. 2' .rr .' Q -. -ig ,35'fl"f'4 4-1'-2'3" r..rf2"" Q' .- ,gww S-q'Tv"ig'- +C? S33 x L. it ',.,f,?,-W. .-q,,.:::g5',:,g-,A iw ,., X-.agggwa ,. tl55y.2x,.:g N. ' 'NH ' ' T -' ' ""-...L " 'L-'Jn i !'- .".-.- ' 5 A fx Fe'-L" I 1 i'-1 vas lm" f s lg::1Jg2E5:'fw :Qgffafagfr ?+T12'2il'Ql!"5 - - . "-ii.. I-:ff w - +-1 . J .. h . h F. B H. .. . I I . gzgsgggglgfg, 1: ,3,-9,5433-Fi-T-fsggw.. 3- - , 4-Q55-Pfigia-1 aw.ym.,,." Across I e river Io I e ine Arls ui :ng is a soqdn-,14-:L-:fs,.fe,g:, ,N 35,51 2. +,,.1gs,gx"-Sw' -. f ffl'-'f::kiI?r..fT'f ' -x ve :A ' ' all -sv ' for arlisl and layman alike. The arf d eparlmenl' sponsored exhibils of Georges Rouaull prinfs. 'rhe Guggenheim collec- Iion of abslracl' painlings in oil, Ihe Chicago Ari InsI'iIuI'e circuif of American Oil Painlings, The Inlernalional Waler Color Show, Rhode Island archifeclure and Ihe Universify Camera Club showing. During Ari' Week, 450 works of sfuclenls and Iownspeople were shown in Iowa Union. The arf deparlmenf held a 'rhree-day high school ar+ conference in Ihe spring. sponsored 'rhe Museum of Modern Ari' movie series, and collaborafed wilh The Universily Exlension Divi- sion +o furnish exhibils Io Iowa 'rowns and schools. Joe Cox, gradua+e insfruclor, won Iirsf prize in figure painfing al +he Iowa S+a+e Fair, and wi'rh Francis Norris exhibiled a+ 'rhe Carnegie Inlernalional Exposilion af Piffsburgh. .+ wsiiufilhi 'MT-,F5"5'5S"E"w-' X .-" , faiifv ' Azwiiiw. 'iris igrlivsaikfffii.-5'+ . I -' G x, "HT1fL'fx""1v.1'. Q. 2 I N- '- f . .. -V , - pug, 'Q f' gx ,V . .-:Xl - - Joellen Hall . . . Lifhoqraphy Professor Lesfer D. Longman, Ph.D., eflicienfly clirecfs rhe ari deparlmenl and inslrucls siudenls in lhe hisiory of arf. Before coming here in I935. Dr. Longman was Car- negie professor in fine arfs af Mclvlasler Universify, Can- ada. l-le has speni fwo years as a Carnegie fellow in arf and archeology al Princefon Universify and has been lec- lurer in lhe hislory of arf af Ohio Sfale and Columbia. Sculpfure Fashion Craffs Life Drawing Adverlising Ari' A. Gran? Wood af Work ., , Sr' - f ' .. . QQX. A -gene f ,v lv ' at ' ' R:-,X-rw-Fig -, A ki,,f:f,gyg1'-l'f:., . - .NQRQX , . MFQ1-1e'ff5" i' - . f' '- '-'f'3'I35'?xZv-fl,-1, i i-V-, ,f. fra .5 -35.5 . . -55,5 . , . ' -r f-sw'fa.fs- . rf - -- 1,-qu rw- s -.:- 'Ugg q-- 'A-.u51,x sgagq-Q, ..g,5-,a,x.- -.,- .Q V : "',.-Q-.',-5",4,1S'5 r-.',,.-N., 1-. x. '-"s .sr 53. - L.:-3' 5 . 9' -img: ' -Y PS" " 1'-'If-'9' if 45-rf' L ffqfa-T'l'w-."x F24 X -'im-Ng' -A ' .4 F- H- - , - .-6.--nfgxiirl? We ' we rw. 4 .1 -S ""' P971 N525 QS,-gf F52 ,La t st 'f -551' ' -- -s.i?'fi-' : 5 : ....: -'f -E'L,Y2c - -' if' ep...-w.-4-,': 1- - .- .,-.Q-, ,-.h.f..-s-A , 0 0 0 Q,s's"5':.-' --' :'.z' 2. if - :- 1-+L1.':A'qgiva . ':- 1 N my 293921 f N -f-ef ms.: . :hai J P .r3i11':71ff.T-3-2335211555 .4 TI . ff,,i:-sgifiiisag. - 235, GX fairy' :.1.m'-1:-QI .-1555... , 1,::.3f-5 -L-gg 'TQQI5 ISSS- -eligi- -..,- Bk: ?1f:g4::QrV1'.5,t...31 X4 gg gn-..5-,..q:,J.:,:,,g3g.:gigK .bgff-' Ezaaglsggpl'-,, .4 Sgr' MW viii-a'eifP3'e'fsize:-rs - i' " al!!-ff X '- '.W1-bi'5l2f-frauffi--Li'f" 1-w' -s L"2"R".1s21a1i'i,,S' ' J'-'N'?2-'-5,1 ' ,Q , .148 ,typing . ,.-iqugs .. 5 a,x.t5:. ,. 4- . ...I-4.1! : . , . ' 'sv -5325!-g-e?g5if'?"'fgw1m,' - A siocky nahve of Iowa s corn-planfed hulls A sfsw A ' M " 4-15i'fr.'f!w,-pl': KE-:Y 532:54 -is--:fi .raft-X -' - Ax- -3 .c .4 eg. vmgx X ., ,f ,YQ .Je ' -.' ' '- "American Go+hic" 'rrudginq serenely on 'rhe American scene wifh a sfarllingly new emphasis in arf .... a painier who dipped his brush in genfle salire and foler- an+ humor . . a palriol' who loved +he American way and soughf +o preserve if by commending Hs fundamenlal characferisiics 'ro his fellowmen .... such was Gram Wood, fhe American. A Tweniieih ceniury Trojan who from Chris+- mas vacaiion on faced fhe grim fuiure of cer- 'fain dea+h from an agonizing. incurable dis- ease . . faced lhis luiure wirh indomiiable courage, unallered opfimism and infense love of living .... such was Gran? Wood, The man. Page 136 VARSITY DEBATE A. C. BAI RD Direcior Firsl semesler debale Iopic, federal regulaiion of induslrial dispuies, was made obsoleie by fhe war, and Prof. A. Craig Baird and his verbalisis dis- cussed Ihe new Iederaiion of democracies queslion. Howard Hines and Gordon Hosieiller mer Ihe Universiiy of Toronlo in The annual in+erna+ionaI debafe here, and Ien universiiies came here in November for The Iirsl Wes+- ern Conference discussion Iournamenf. James Cross and William Arnold were among Ihe winning speakers aI The discussion meel in Minnesofa, and Arnold and Michael Cuff beai a Universiiy of Illinois Ieam here. David Sione and Howard Thompson debaied ai Norlhweslern, Illinois and Indiana. Iowa 'fied for 'iirsf place in The annual invi+a+ionaI 'rournameni' and enlered The naiional infer-American affairs coniesi. Clair Henderlider was presideni of Delia Sigma Rho and Howard Hines was presidenl of Gavel Club. Super- vised by Dr. Baird, Waldo Braden and Gordon Hosieiller coached 'rhe varsily Ieams. Second Row: Roberis, Mangold, Seliger, Thomas, Myers, Fanlchauser, O'Connor, Roemig, Book Fronl' Row: Hines, Cross, Arnold, Cuff, Thompson, Sfone, Hodaway, Green Page 137 Second Row: l-loladay, Grayson, Sayre, Evans, Reece, Slowe Fronl Row: Ems, Johnson, McConaha, Brillin, Pelerson, Shiplon, Lawyer, Mayle s - I f l.- is -f -I ., f ,free 9 y 'wp X:-'.k,f f a -. - '- ,- ..9j,gQ.i21?+f . ,. Q 1,::'f"'.Z-Qf:m3f3ya,, "T-1 Lg.-N' .map J ,.3f1.:': .A S .-fG,1'f-"w:L5.,., , ww. ' ' - ff153Qfg,, s 5 ' .- " fs se rk R' r .. ., s, f -s.. f'iT""71 " K -Mperia 9.-if 'T' .. 1:4-Q22 wi? 4 A lf: - is-' -.-Y -' X .-uf' if ,,5f- jd' ,-45,3525-fT '. ,, ffl' ' i - 1395-: ' . -i. .4cf2G:fi-f'QS'- A .,,,3,b5 k t Tug. N52 31, lj- 4,-F, ,Y ,,q-X-1.55 gf 1 , sk.-,1 -Ag.ff55j,gqsy9g..,gf5:1s?3gL,.,q' ,,-x. 2:gfse5,,.gQ:-:g+g'gg-gg ,, ,, ,n,debalers nol only parlicipaled in debaling and discussion lourna- fesssezfagiev-?il55,f1:??71 5 . . Q5 on lhe Iowa campus, bul also allencled lwo lourneys limlled vi:-eff ,. ' 1 . . . A, women s compelilron. Belly Pelerson, Margarel Ems and Carrol W 99"-'13:1'3fiisfis? v"' " 5 ' B , , . ' a -A ., L 5 VA 525575 ' - . - - - loolc parl in a discussion lournamenl al Purdue umversily on lhe b -g aijcfi-,'::,N.,-j.j::.,g-, ,AN-, 1. -a f 5.4 1:-' fi, , - . ., ,-,,,s,,,..,x1., MA- queslion, "Whal Parl Should lhe Uniled Slales Play in Eslablishing a Jusl and Slable Posl-War Order?" ln February five girls compeled in lhe wom- en's Weslern Conference meel al Norlhweslern universily lo debale lhe queslion of Anglo-American union. Iowa conleslanls were Jane Shiplon, Rulh Moyle. Beulah Slowe, Kalhleen Lawyer and Belly Pelerson. Professor A. Craig Baird and Marie Brillin direcled women's forensics. Women held inlersquad clebales wilh lhe varsily leams and discussed currenl problems, speech lechniques and debale queslions in frequenl meelings. Feminine debalers loolc parl in lhe Wesfern Conference discussion lournamenl on federal regulalion of labor here in lhe fall, and enlered discussion and exlem- pore compelilion in lhe Iowa invilalional lourney and lhe nalional inler- Arnerican affairs conlesl. Page 1 38 Page 139 Major evenf of fhe freshman debafe season was collegiafe Debafe Tourney here in 'rhe fall, 'rhe largesf lowa campus. Sevenfeen colleges from fhree sfafes parficipafed. Fourfeen lowa freshmen foolc parf. and Kay Lowery and Buddy Harf were named among high place winners. Tom Wuriu and Richard Mcliinsfry mel' Augusfana college in a radio debafe over sfafion WSUI. ln November. Wuriu, McKinsfry, Roberf Gregg and Gordon Chrisfensen enfered fhe Cedar Valley Junior College 'rournamenf af lowa Sfafe Teachers College fo debafe federal rgulafion of indusfrial dispufes. Wuriu and McKinsfry lied for firsf place. lowa freshmen mef Maquolcefa Junior College in a dual meef here, and held infer- squad meefs wifh fhe varsify feams. Freshmen debafers foolc parf in fwo major infercollegiafe fourneys held here, fhe Wesfern Conference discussion 'rourney and fhe lowa invifafional fournamenf in March. Norman Krause coached fhe freshmen under fhe supervision of Prof. A. Craig Baird. Second Row: Sfill, Lowery, Hanson, Krause. Waddell Sharp Goss Wurlu Fronf Row: Hari, Ufz, Christensen, Bell, Lamb Gregg McKinsfry Harf Ed Jenkins af Mas fer Corwirol Board KNNA ON THE,Am GOES John H ighlander and Walter Hogan Cui Capers in Chrisimas Parfy Ski? Page 140 Q N - 'Q KK L K' A .Q - ' .iff-M . f : .. ' AV , .. a 5 f - f YQ Q-.-X' ,, , X132 : i-21 . " L -1- 'KK 1 , :Weil . Lfmix -511,6 -. . ,f . - - -r : K . K K W ' 'K-QQ, - sw, fri Z.: K. -w w K 1. rev 22 K 57155 .qw i- ?fTs1S::Zf- , - , ' 7 5' 793 .53-4.1 .1 ' "'3'5 - ' Q F -Q Mo-.X X ,guyz KN-5 5 xi at GMX Q X.:-Q 5 Y Q K' X Sw ,ff y 'ix N X Xl ' Q X R 3 Ky K U Q xx X Nvxi M 5 . mxg xi X E S: 2 Q4 X W R S Q3 NW? Rf 1 3 s -,Y Q' X if Q 3 M5 N Y Y x x Q X St NS k . ' ' ' Y R ... in .,i: 2512. A- X... ., K g X S Q , W , ...Hy K4 r , ,5- if X :ak 1 f m 1 .J K 1 J, Q .Q if 'ft W, sg : Yqrn 1 Y 4 Q .-f Q' ' ,va y . 1 1 - ' 51.31 f - ,554 ' -- Y-hx - ' I ' Y , - ,sr - , s 'w Linux - 1, .- -Y ' ' - K - K 1 v A . .4 . IQ ' Ji Y. . ' 14 ' A S N 1 ' js ,X Q' 'S-' . , , ' . J. at Qffgraggii K -- I . sl Q - ik' Q 3, N -. ggi? W L S - 1 -2 'M -K 1 S' x my ' . " 5 . ,. , N is ' Q s K x A . 4 w.. . F ' K ,-, W N , K -- , ' A fu-v....Q,jk A 25 fl iq' dr K Jw A am- e 3 Q M r Q Q K ,W K ' v S' Mg A A Qs. A - 535113 3 ff I Tx Q K9 . - I AX f SF K ' A . K if N K M - ' K K ' Q I K ' ' ' , m , um, .X 5 m ' m - K 1 L Q .bL,XLL L f Ki l Y A x- X K W V "J KK 1 .gg My ' i S7 fg Q 24" Q - 'gg' X .2 ,K A V Simms ? .gi ' 'xi . x Q 'X 1 :gx . K x x . 1 KK 0- KKKK KK K -ffjllwy N K. i' I 1 N -is , .4 , ' K' N ff" i .T XA Q 5 , K wsu: sm: umvsusmr Of lows. N f mf Q' QS' 'wif if go-fi Hx Carrol McConaha . . . Connie Kay Homernalcers' Program Capt Culver . . . "America's Defense Fronf LADIES AND GENTLEMEN . . . . . . presenling WSUI, nalionally recognized as one of 'rhe ou+s'randing sfudeni radio slalions in lhe Uniled S+a+es. Equipped wirh all +he paraphernalia of a big-lime commer- cial oulfil, 'rhe siudios in 'lhe Engineering Building furnish a workshop where young hopefuls learn all lhe lricks of lhe trade from scripr wriiirig +o sound elfecis. Ouf of These sludios will come 'rhose who will inlelligenily dislurb lhe erher waves of Jrhe fu+ure. Mary Weaver Emoles Gene Claussen . . . Early Morning News Cas? Page 142 - fag lf vm 1, Q K ,gf -' Rm ,.g g, , fx 3? L in k N9 Q, 1' ' V . .- f--Eifif.. . - . . V . A 3 3 Q 0 3. I gim- ', f f .: ' X 'X ' N? 'QL' 4.'3fY,wcm W, A-I ... , Ti -u 'k T . if " 4 pl .I-. , , , - i . , Jr. 1-- . . ELIZABETH CHARLTON, Editor JACK TALBOT, Business Manager , - , 5w:If:,1'3,e.-',- , f L - Tlzlxi.--I alf v r H ie. 1,57 iz 'iff ,V I- :'f5f': f nge.: :,1,..,, . K .x 5,Qg4,S?i1,q.55i.L'ETm: ,Rig if X - - - saws , R 'gs' .W me, - ef.1fff.ff:gL3f..-,,:,wvffea ' - f f A , Q ,,.-ff??Q:'g.5, ' "Aging .4 ' gijgzfjze - 7Qr fi2 "f,gfr'9fz2ia .- 9' g:".i'i -Qifiiili435:-,Ki,-.'sQ-if I 1.: ru- rx .42 .f.. , .M 3 .. .,-Lv.f,2saM-ef, .nf 1ft3?'?iaA A-iff-:Q D- .,-gi ,, mae' +?ff,1efi 'J'.Iggzwrs-wglygww-f , l.--514.2 fi? Fifi' DPI, -'A if mi, 'i ,.,--1f',f'fiL,i ii ' V' T' -I .. 53 X s 12'43:?L2:m"L::e'.,i:i't,33Iy.1'QQMS1 A f 1 11? rpm-,2?:e,s.'fTfPw's'g QL --Wyy.gRgvn:w--Ls-,1r'fA3.fXGr- 4 :Y qi-3 3,f1.Q:vwL.-541:1-:,,.-wp 2?-1-Nu: K-f-'slffflggifpefysibvg ' :zz-5,-F-1',L 2 -izkfvrxgfsfifffib-X,AFA - H1251 - ' , ' 'I f 'T-'lisgiaf-,:f' - , ' 'E I 7' 55'-'i"1EQ:31 I -. I.:--I 3,--, L2 gg-1:1,' ,-mn, I ,gg 1 ',-,via , JEAN BOEHNEIR-.fiffrf'?i,ii3?"-I ., BasIQeTbaII - Viv- ,,:, if- We .Y r , ELAINE BRODYV..-1-gif-"fig", gf .' . Parhes JIM BURNSIDE I . . . Miliiary JACOUELINE DORAN . JENNIE EVANS .... MARJORIE FEWEL ........ Minor Sporfs REEVES HALL . . . Adminishaiion, ProfessionaI Erafernifies MILLY HARMON . . . . CHARLENE HORN KATHLEEN IRWIN . LOUIS SELIGER . BOB STIFFLER . . Honora ries . . Sororiiies . . . Eraferniiies . Inieresf Groups . Women's Afhieiics . Baseball, Track . . . Dormifories BEULAH STOWE . . Fine Aris and Speech BILL VAN ORDER . .... CIasses RICKA WOLFE . . Pubiicaiions DENTON YEAST ....... . Fooiball BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES SWANSON ...... Confracf Manager EVELYN WAGNER . . . . . , Sales Manager HOWARD BEALS . . Assisiani Coniraci Manager MARIANNE COREY . . . Assis+an'r Sales Manager ARDITH HARDLANNERT . . . Sales Manager Secreiary JEAN HARDIE ..... Confracf Manager Secreiary SARAH BAILEY, DOROTHY MOLL, NORMA JEAN KIRKPATRICK . . . Business Secrefaries JOAN BRUTUS, SHIRLEE BUNZE, HUBERT CLINE. BETTY ANN COOPER, MARY KAY DAVIDSON. KATHLEEN DAVIS, BETTY HEMSKY, JUNE KNOTEK. BILL LATTNER, DAN MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES N. MILLER. TERRY NOE, MADALENE ROBERTS. DAVE RUDE, DON SCHUTTER, JANE SHIPTON. KATHLEEN TOBIN, BONNIE JEAN ZACK . . Sales Sfaff Fiffh Row: Siiffler, McLaughlin, Miller, Rude, Schuffer Fourrh Row: Harmon, Kr-oiek, Burnside, HaII, Zack, Cooper Third Row: Noe, Seliger, Sfowe, Bruius, Eewel, CIine, Doran Second Row: Shipfon, Evans, Davis, Bunze, Roberfs, Boehner, Irwin, Brody Eroni' Row: Tobin, Hardie, Wagner, Swanson, Bailey, Beais, Hardiannerf, Kirkpafrick, Moll EDITORIAL Margery Lee Fewel James Burnside Kafhleen Irwin Jennie Evans Milly Harmon BUSINESS Howard Beals Dan McLaughlin Huberl' Cline Ardilh Hardlannerl' Norma Jean Kirlcpalriclc Sarah Bailey Marianne Corey Charles Swanson Evelyn Wagner Like every deparlmenl and division of The Universily, HAWKEYE was faced 'rhis year wilh Ihe Iask of being up-+o-'rhe-minule and Iruly rep- resenralive of Ihe spiril of 'rhe limes. The I943 HAWKEYE had lo presenf Io Ihe sfudenl body a record of a school year Ihal' was evenlful and un- selfled, and 'lhalr record had To be aulhenfic noi only for 'rhe readers who would scan ils pages Ihis spring buf for 'rhose who would drag if our of Hs musly oblivion in years Io come and find Ihaf Iowa was doing i'rs par+ in World War II. So your HAWKEYE Ihis year is sreeped in red, whiie and blue palriolism, Yankee ideology and srreamlined preparedness. Copy, piclures and layouls have been planned and execuled wilh The purpose of porlray- ing your Universily fo you as a modern facfory for America. You are a parl of Ihal faclory: you are a parl of Ihe job 'fhal faclory musl accomplish: and Ihis yearbook is your record of whal warlime Iowa has produced for I 94 I -42. Page 145 EDITORIAL JIM ROACI-I BOB MARTIN JENNIE EVANS JIM ZABEL BARBARA SCHUPP JEAN BAUMGARTNER BEN BERG KAY TOBIN BUSINESS JOHN KLEIN DICK GROSSMAN MARY DRENNEN EVELYN WAGNER JANE SHIPTON GLORIA FRANKS BARBARA TI-IORNELL Frivol-Ihe magazine Iha+'s iusf for fun! During Ihis war year when sfudenls needed relaxalion Io keep up morale, i+'s signiIican+ Ihar This humor magazine was able Io reflecf Ihe lighfer side of college life aI' Iowa. Frivol again broughl Ihe piclures, personalifies and jokes, Ihe shor+ slories and carfoons-all in 'fun-Io gel a laugh. And as an added nofe Ihis year. fhe new Ieafures of campus club wrile-ups, inlerviews wifh professors, and slu- denf views-an open medium for s+uden+ opinions-made Ihe magazine more valuable Io every sfudenl. Jim Scholes, Ihe Edifor, Jane Nugenf, Business Manager, and Evelyn Wagner, Adverlising Manager, direcled 'rheir hard-working siafls and pul I'he magazine Iogelher. The iob was well done, and lowa's Belle Coeds and Coe Colleges were lcepl laughing by The monfhly edilions. Page 146 I I . , '- -:w'3Q.kI?r-1522253 "gf 1:Q':1,l'-.Q-4- V. -A V9.5 iglygsnawk ms. . 5,-,x f-E , V' cimwixgggg-q,., .., .. N ,. ,, 1 T' --K v I R 5 , ff 5 ff -stir-1:-' 111'-YM.fvvs+4N 'fay -.2 2 -virus f W 1v---- :.:1"f- ' 'f ' ' 'f4:EIT':4-EW A fl ax, mae- N5 - V . 4- J, . ' ' Pie - .,- , 'ESA I "iii:-f'YfI'ggQ?'I -,.:'! 4 'f .5-3 -4-,2s"'S '1 j?iIi? I' . 'r,Q1"ff4lBXlf5 . -2 -I . a I A u '- A , sl X.,-z,Ww, ,S ., . 1 ,I ' .i Q in 2 A 9 V .. .1fN"E, fs ,. in Aww. ff- fy r .' .g, , ,- 4 -,rr S' lfxir'-S :W il I--h':x+,.-mfg-I--I'l f A '- 1- was-.gjH,qgs,5.,f2qhjagt3y, ,: Y, .,.3lflf.,q:a33-I:-g,.Kxa?..' aw -rf fqwzrvgvgmdz If Q- ma-3s'.w-4-s2'i' I N - I 5: u-F559 '--'S' 'a' .:'fg5'!' Qpigiaif G ,'-xXsYf'ER- , - ' .. L f, : veg, ..:-qfw ,Q L' .,-',-by Q. ,W-stag' -435 ' a g3gQ'sYa.?:-: .xr-I -A J:-alms.-N 1.-- -f1vEsffffIrffk.a,,g. f ,- ..:g.-1g-14,4,.---r- -- -,,.,qg,fj, ,ng .ss -s Lawn. ex Ay, , . xsxef- L 'tv'-,:i'..., I ,..-stay!-N .N -xv., wvk. I QQUQEMQ-' Y WY- ,vs . '9"'.:j?H,Kne3g'M'g:i' gs . P . .- Y i" r AVXJZ-'n,'2p-9x,iTn 1 w- g- f -- ' , -3' -gr-cv. ..'g.-sl' . lk Y , , 1 . bf- Q, 1. vs-,mu .1 x NU-Y,-J ,, sf X- A A 1 I Aeoifarmf sem JIM ROACH . . Assisfanf Edifor JENNIE EVANS . . Campus Edifor BEN BERG .... . . Ari Edifor BARBARA JEAN SCI-IUPP .... Office Manager JIM ZABEL, KAY TOBIN, BOB MARTIN EcIiIorIaI AssisI'an+s BUSINESS STAFF ADVERTISING EVELYN WAGNER .... Adveriisinq Manager MARY DRENNEN KAY TOBIN GLORIA ERANKS JOHN KLEIN JANE SI-IIPTON DICK GROSSMAN CIRCULATION BARBARA TI-IORNELL .... Circulaiion Manager VIRGINIA POLIAN Fifth Row: Klein, Grossman, Burnside, Marfin, I-'IirI, Sfirfler, Mid- " denfs. Diffo, McNeal Fourfh Row: I-Ieising, RieIIy, B. Kirkpafrick, Parkin, Bowman Hammer. Johansen, O'Connor Third Row: Spencer, Tobin, Pierce, Towner, Baumgariner, Hen- Ihorne, Kelly, Fairbanks, Keefe Second Row: Von Berg, Pace, Lanqland, Sirafe, EIwoocI. N. Kirk- pafrick, Baker, Kenney-Smifh, McOuiIIan, Hicklin Fronf Row: Neal, Mishou, I-IicIIebaugI1, Evans, Berg, Wagner, Roach, Shipfon, Drennen, Fosfer JIM SCI-IOLES, Edifor JANE NUGENT. Business Manager 3- ,,,kl5".-fi:2'Nq0g3'ff,ij.13-,:fig' 2:f5,1f.fJ- , , , L .. , igxQ?4ig,:53,-N... . ,ma ,Uq,VMx:1,fa:-.Q :jg ,1 - w X, . , E, --,,: 52-fixW'Q1nl1Hi7-iw .N?qf,j'rE:,. 124 Lf f Egg? I-11. 'Rr' ' .. 1a2g'R', 3 ,L .'f.1ii'i4g'E'fw,,5f., -5' 1 C L , .., , . .a . 1-54" R ,,., 5 Rf 'e'5f'71'1fff-iLI'1 ' . ,rg ' L gh ,425 gag g ,Q 'Lf -, '- ' I. I W ' .,, ,gl 1 . 1-' Q 4 :Fl If ' I Q L , 5 xp - - -,I , ,, . J1,::Q5vS..ilel2,F,Xa3,:f , -, I' -F , ai' ' 'iff'-, ' J -- ' " -we " V ' ' 1 P Iwr?::1-flea-iarrfrfx.'J ' A ' B9 I'7iQ"- Til? 1f7ff'l391 'EV -19" 7' I 'I " I BUSINESS 'STAFF AGNES S-CI-IMIDT . . OHTce Manager MILLICENT KEIL ....... Secrefary SOLICITORS TOM STORER RICHARD LOFFSWOLD BEN MERRITT ALFRED LAWTON GORDON MONTGO PAT WI-IITEFORD I ROBERT NIOBLE JIM ZABEL . . . JEANNE STARR . DON OHL . . BILL BUCKLEY . NIKI FARMAKIS . CORINNE HAYES . BOB LONG . ,..,,-.4-f LOREN HICKERSON, Edifor JOHN GREER, Adveriislng Manager ED COLLINS, Circulafion Manager NEWS ROOM MERY JULIA WEAVER ...... Classiied Ads GERTRUDE WOLF .... Campus Consulfanf DOLORES RIELLY . . . AssisIanIs EDITORIAL STAFF . Managing . Telegraph . . News . CIIy . Sporfs . Campus . Sodefy EdiIor EcIIIor Edifor Editor Edifor Edifor Ediior Sfaff Phofoq ra pher EDITORIAL .IEANNE STARR CORINNE HAYES NIKI FARMAKIS JIM ZABEL DON OI-IL BOB NOBLE BILL BUCKLEY BUSINESS GAR WOLF JULIA WEAVER TOM STORER BEN MERRITT GORDON MONTGOMERY Long ago The Daily Iowan rose above The ranlcs oT The 'Typical univer- siTy newspaper." Much more Than a universiTy daily, iT ranks as one oT The besi' ciTy dailies in The midwesTern area in iTs circuIaTion class. A member of The AssociaTed Press, IT brings To ciTy and campus ThroughouT The year lead- ing naTional news, ediTorial and enTerTainmenT TeaTures. This year, Tor The second Time in as many years oT compeTiTion among 300 daily newspapers in 20 midwesTern sTaTes, The Iowan won one OT 20 disTin- guished service awards Tor Typographical excellence presenTed by The Inland Daily Press AssociaTion. Guided loy one of The besT sTaTTs in iTs long hisTory, The Iowan sTepped inTo The heavy responsibiliTies creaTed by war and conTinued To do iTs loang- up iob of inTorming a greaTer universiTy-ciTy audience Than ever beTore, lending a powerful helping hand To The iobs creaTed by war. and keeping ahead of The news in TormulaTing and expressing sTudied, in+eIIigen+ opinion. Page 149 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS INC. FRED M. POWNALL Dlrecfor MEMBERS FRANK L. MOTT TED WELCH ODIS K. PATTON JAMES KENT A. CRAIG BAIRD KIRK H. PORTER DEMING SMITH GLEN HORTON FRANK BURGE LOIE M. RANDALL Secy. The Siudenf Board of PubIica+ions was creafed in I924 Io promofe and supervise Ihe major unIversIIy s+udenI publicafions. The corpora+ion Is managed by a board of Irusfees, which Is composed of represenfafives of bofh Ihe sfudeni' body and The Iaculfy. Fred M. PownaII is Direc+or of PubIicaI'ions and Dr. F. L. MOH is presidenf of The board. BURGE BAIRD HORTON KENT MOTT PATTON PORTER RANDALL SMITH WELCH Page 150 '--.. 'IQ' A ,-if-i1g'Tl-,lx e . - 7l23'sX"5-f'fii-MQ' "Q'3:f'TT"4"fixN':l'ffi?,i'lx-',.'.' ' i. . A as A The Iowa Transif is published rnonfhly by The sfudenfs I engineering. IT is regarded as The official pubIicaTion of The wel, 72.4, . fs- ' xi "-'V :M 'fgw' i,i'2fi-,N ,AM -sxveq' P , ,K U. . T' g s:-1- of -,y . iw - 9 L' . ., - .3 -TIF-rms: Tw- N--F ,. 3:5 A 3655 .-I'-v-Te T - . , 'W '- Thu.. - -- i - me. .f ' : f 'f i - 1-Q ' - Www. 3 - I ' A 52 ' 1 'Sir-v 'f .us is si'-.'f'w'-I-fix . ii, . 'C if hh. Mfr.. al: -gi.. is la gk' R' igj53rigQ,'jg,sjj-X JL PN v . A. V. .. 'EW' " 1 I' VHF "Li 'T-bv .Mff.,s, -. , 5 . . -4 'is-:l.'L, A --ff A , .,,J'f,Q,fx - . qw . . 4.-,. .,--i f S, 5 .1.-iqemg-.. f,s,, ee .Q - an by I , - '-.252 is-if , -111-'is . - - ' ' +A f . .' all .-Lf -5 3 TRQSQQQQTFS-1i.' i' O .U :3 va ' -'e,v 'Q 'A-'w'.x.f 1' . " , , .". l -A J, K 'K Z - -L -'Ti 'N -, ,ini -s'?f5r"!g-Z.-33355, - ,if :QQEQQTQQQF g wyk-Qia.!'?-1 I -S-' ifkiifiki-',52:fr -- I1TT,LfgQi':5J7'-'Tfi."LfV56Q3i?'s-'-'' B x-1:-11 , -'M ch' 'Q-...z-Ewa? ' -.six-v--Q.--s .V-E-v'-2 Juris xy- f' x- . . sk v - n , swf. . '-'fs.-.5iew"g'4':.'I'9'- - - -'Tl-'92 A Qisyfis' T-'ifNx2rfr.'3:" I f 'Tf'-5S"TQ"'i'5'-Q, 'f . .. fk ' '- sig- ' .cp -11152-sf-z.'v..'r ' if-4.:LL-sv-.ewffs : '1 -, i "s N-M11 rf?-3 ' .- 7?"i.'l 'gmrffgigigffi 'vqrggg VJHGS-S?i33'iTfT'mf5i-.1 ' .- . 3.-..-. ,.. K- - RAYMOND-A. MTIMERA eenersi Manager College of Engineering and is a member of The Engineering College Magazines AssociaTed. As a magazine, TransiT af- fords all Those inferesfed in engineering a splendid op- porTuniTy To become associafed wiTh and acquainfed wiTh The men and ideas of Their field. Worlc on The monfhly affords excellenf experience To more Than ThirTy inTeresTed sTudenTs. However, The arficles are noT wriTTen by The sTudenTs alone. as numerous faculTy members and alumni confribufe To The publicafion each rnonTh. Thus, Iowa engineering men may share The experiences and ThoughTs of Those engaged in en- gineering pracfices Throughouf The world. The Iowa TransiT is supervised direcTIy by The Transif Board consisfing of Three TacuITy members, one alumni mem- ber, and Tour sTudenTs. IT is published on a non-profif basis and has become a very significanT phase of The engineering sTudenT's acTiviTies. IT is a very direcf means of bringing To his immediaTe aTTenTion The viral and TascinaTing problems of his chosen profession. DON J. ARGANBRIGI-IT . Edifor-in-Chief ROMAN T. POTTI-IOFF Business Manager EDITORAL STAFF ALFRED I-IOLMBERG . Associafe EdiTor GEORGE LUTZ . . . AssociaTe Edifor OSCAR KARCI-I . . Associafe Edifor BUSINESS STAFF BERT BLAKESLY Assisfanf Business Manager HAROLD CUMMINGS Adverfising Manager I-IENRY W. SCT-IAB CircuIaTion Manager TRANSIT BOARD E. B. KURTZ RAYMOND A. LATIMER J. H. SCOTT DON J. ARGANBRIGI-IT F. G. I-IIGBEE ROMAN T. POTTHOFF J. W. I-IOWE GEORGE LUTZ 'NA Page ISI FourTh Row: Parden, Meier, Wrighf, Sherman Third Row: Slindee, Maison, Miller, Shay, C-Bero, Jones Second Row: Norris, Young. PoTThoTT, Lufz, Schneclclofh, CarpenTer FronT Row: Blakesly, Cummings, Lafimer, Arganbrighf, I-Tolrnberg, Karch Te d Welch, Charles Pefiif D , uane Means. Jim Cross Co-Edilor CHARLES PETTIT Co-Edifor ROBERT HARPER LOUIS PESSES GEORGE COOK BUSINESS STAFF TED WELCH Associafe Business Manager DUANE MEANS Associafe Business Manager MARY PENNINGROTH The Journal of Business has n ow eniered info iis +wen'ry-iirsf year of publicafion. The Journal is 'rhe publicaiion of The Bureau of Business Research and +he College of Commerce, and conslilules a very vilal and significanl phase of The com- merce s'ruden'r's and business man's reading malerial. Bolh business leaders and academic men conlribufe ariicles 'ro This commercial publicaiion. making if a very comprehensive analy- sis of 'rhe new and changing ideas in 'rhe modern business world. I+ is published six Times yearly by a sfaff of sfuden+s chosen for fheir high scholaslic averages and for 'lheir demon- sfrafed in+eres+ in aclivifies beyond 'lheir school work. Ted Welch, Jim Cross. Duane Means and Ch l ' ' +he +' " ar es Pe+'ri+ direcied ac ivlfies of 'rhe I94l-l942 sfalil. The Journ oncenfraled collecfion of lhe lhoughfs, Theories, and research work of men who are recog-. nized experls in 'rhe business world. Thus 'rhe s+uden+s find fhe Journal noi' only an enjoyable form of lileraiure, buf also an enlighlening aid in 'lhe pursuif of 'rheir siudies. The magazine is a coherenl' uni+ in a world of changing business condifi al of Business is a c ODS. Page 152 nag A - V Q . QE? , 2,23 Q3 EIS. K 'Ir Q. Fin gif' 1 j I. uk X .YHA S C. 3 if ,is .f , 31 'ff' , Z E - Q ' Ex 225 53, 2 i .' , L EM Y 5 P K gi 4 I 5 Lf ' Q E 12' , g Y E 3 1 xg ,1 , :ii gif- ' E I ' QS 2. if we 2 2 Y Ek is' . Ms A E? X 2 - af' 'Z' K-4545 fl- A nag! . - gb QP ueen ana! .fafenclanfd AUDREY SCOTT BARBARA THORNELL LOU ISE NATHANSON 7 ,, PATRICIA McVlCKER jke 204401 Queen am! ,fdffencfanfa VIRGINIA PYLE BEVERLY ANDERSON f w,z,f M Ch ,ms K wwf, ' ,Q mi. A ' Q W 1: 55 - fir . . 'E A K QL V A X iii 'Sa R? CHARLOTTE KNARR MARJORIE DAUGHTON le mean ueen anal .xgffencfanfa DORIS CRAWLEY MARJORIE G-RIM I R A JEAN CHRlSTIE TERRY RAE TONNESSON EVELYN AFFLERBAUGH . - jlhe .yalllhge 140217, W! .Affmianfd MARY HENAMAN LOIS KRUPP AGNES KANE --H7-,Y---5---5-,T-V-:qv-f--v--1--V-1-rw-wger , ., -, ,. , , . ...Q I.. -.-.- -' f . .. ff.,I..w,f 4-Ig-, . - If,--,1-mf,.:iv5fI ,I4.':lI--.',-,.+5q,. ,. ., -1 J -. I '. , 1 'H----1, L,-A"3,: :SQ ,,:,,.Ig ,-,Q-Lg -.rx Q-3.1.4-V 'gli'-.-MIa.-I:'Q2Tgg:',.H:g5"E.s .LW 1 -3, 'lv' . I- 25,5f.a.1:i1..."-'7f?AJm,3awaI?fSi1iin13N:psl'- w..ux.:e V -riw vl Wu-1 vida. VIRGINIA I-IAROVER I E-911'-1,9 gl -:V 'Q-Uflzf I L Lin Uzfgg-'E Qlfqfx ...L...' M'-:A 'Pgv.'r: Alma I' aiuzaar,-shim I In '1 f I I VIRGINIA JACKSON I1 3-f"""""N-.. X: 'fi gui W X - 5 . Qt-gf :jbf - Q , W its n , H ,,f, ,nw .Y ' as ,ns xxx 'Sie 'lx R, .A x 4 ww L Q 1-ffif . 7 i K wg ,xg f w. 'ti I-X 5 3: ' Mg. ,J f 3 , 1.1 7 'Q Q if Q, 3 Q. f ,, iaxgfi in ij' Lis. 5 A my , il, sw. 'fi K U . ,K ,VW 7 5 iiHM53T 1 . kfff: fQQWSVgw swww4 f53i?S fi: nl I 25 Very QQV 1 WNMQQQ 'ggVg4Kw Eh5?Qf5' gaJww 4 5 . . v L mx . Q X 551 W v ' 1 if Q 1 Q L . 3 vs af w X 'X KM 1 Q J-sz 5315: Z g 44 M, N552 1. K ie? X 41 5 S R K ., R 6 5? ' ' .F???"2TI " ,Af ,. if Q U S'-i'f,if: ,W QQ 5 Q , 2 Q, Q + N 5 X N 5 . K V ' fffeffi HQ 1 is , 1 awp, fe A, , , - , . Q... ' AQ" i " -V ' E' ,.... "N-. QW EVELYN Am, KATHLEEN mwm, QUEEN NORMA Bnooucuc, vmewm HAROVER, MARJORIE DAUQHTON . presenied ai Currier Snow Ball UIJIIHHIZHTIUHS W ORGANIZATIONS Honoraries . . . . . I 69 In+eresI' Groups . . ISI Sororifies .... . I 99 Frafernifies . . . . 229 Professional Frafernifies . . . 263 Dormiiories . . . . . . 273 TIME . . 287 h uNloNs "lf we don'l' hang 'logefher we will mosl' cer- fainly hang separa'lely" was never 'lruer l'han il' is l'oday. "Nal'ional unify of lhoughl' and acl'ion" is no longer a pre'Hy phrase moullhed by Fourlh of July oralors . . . il' is an absolule necessily. Bul' pracficable unily is noi conceived oul' of 'lhin air . . . il' musl' be sludied. pracficed, and im- proved. In Iowa's faclory we are given oppor- 'lunifies lo sludy and praclice ahd improve by observing and parlicipafing in minialure ac'l'ive democracies. In our honoraries, our inleresl' groups, our housing uni'l's we become acquainled wilh parliamenlary procedure, elpcfions, rule of ourselves by ourselves for ourselyes. We learn lhal a working democracy meanslwork . . . and 'lhal' democralic perfeclion slill lies many slippery rungs up lhe governinenlal ladder. IOWA .... A FACTORY FOR AMERICA YM-. xii Q Q Rki , vxk, uw, K, X X. X A 5 E .lzzfiilgrv x , ali MQ .sw 2 f K 1 . z-2 V 5 ,w in X 1:-. 4 If ' S g y z . -. ,. K Q 75 f 1 A Ric? ,, ,iw 455:11 ' I in orrlcsiisi I JIM BROMWELL .... . . Presiclenf TED PANOS . . . . Vice-Presidenl' MARVIN CHAPMAN . . Secreiary-Treasurer MARTIN O'CONNOR . . . . Sieward MEMBERS JIM BROMWELL JOHN MAHER MARVIN CHAPMAN MARTIN O'CONNOR GENE CLAUSSEN TED PANOS JACK EICHERLY VIC SIEGEL JOHN GILLOTTI MAURICE VAN ALLEN RAY LATIMER TED WELCH A. F. I. is 'rhe senior men's honorary sociely on ihe campus wilh a fixed membership of Twelve men, all selecied on The basis of leadership, characier, scholarship, and of acfive par+icipa+ion in universiiy affairs. The group is chosen by The ou+-going organizaiion from Ihe junior class each spring, 'rhereloy making i+ a self-perpeluafing sociery. A. F. I. is a voice for s'ruden+ opinion, sponsors Jrhe Dad's Day program each fall, campus Iours and movies, High- landers' exhibilions and vesper services. The group also handles Ihe I-Blankei Hop annually. Proceeds from Ihis parfy go foward Ihe purchase of "I" Iolankefs for gradua+ing Ie+- Iermen in all varsily sporis. Bromwell Chapman Claussen Eicherly GiIIoHi Larimer Maher O'Connor page 170 Panos Siegel Van Allen Welch -1, . --24543, -..fzgs:.ll-'-1 ., L -. ,.., -----3l1?4"" 'W l - Q . , fi-L ,Q,,Q,,,, '2fviTR'w:'u'M'-e'v- ' "Go:Sd5s5,:-5.-iX"f- f -:-: , .s.-sm X ' r ' 'rf..f:-"'-gi:-?1f:1ff-'3"3'2aA AI'fi5"'f" ' fffkia' A. ' . .' . '- .- fr-.1-PA:-are , . - .-. - -'.. J N- . - -4 '.-ew--1-:-. -,ge a', - 1 'L-L 95:-Qgigi-fl - " ' ' " K - . ja 15-'iq-gfifvft ff-T. 234 ," i2'rfesg.,: 'lr r -1 I ' ' - 1, 'x:s.. .zlfyf-'Qi'-'ff 1' . ' - TML i-.JT-q:w:s5jf '2, ' ,-'gy . R zb.J1,,fy- X-:wa . 'CL ' -rg.: L.'g:-gxtsskqe. -3,2 'ig 1-h1f3s?"S' - ,.-I , N- 1 tar-:LI1f,i6-,'1?,"f'1," .J- ,I ,,-,- 449,-f,,f' -' - .,- N , j-4-'gvs-ye: -4 - 1 - . - ' -1-4 .. , I , . Ve.-'-fr. fha. 1-1- , g -,- 11253: ,-:gy ,f15.1f-'g.,?gf21'g xfi A if .I -I QE .-:ff .,f ., .. f, -- -'- a1Nv'.f-:.-li2:- sf , -41' -, I--1 ' - ' -1 -f ri- 'ff fe' 1 ' .- 1 .-f -.z ,: asW-.:,-,f.s,:igafu:24a"v 'mga'-gil., . i',335.., H Y. ' 'F ff' Fry," .sjtfrf i iv fi-2. 1i+.g-fificiilzif-:5'1-'l,Ee:E-.-flrflff-.ilif ".1.' :ji'.v1,gi5e-111f5fSPg'Q7 s-'cv-255: '14li,,1 g5+1?w2.:p.rQ'fE:-.-.-ffl 2 fgffa' f' .AL--g..':j,'f'4'e1s.fi15,,j.ys Qgafiifxf' 41? 13?-ffrigggfffgeggi.:1:-kiifzg,if.gbgf ,-f uQaL1:::-i1'f'ik?'lPf-- ss, 5 Q- f4r5.y.isxws.i,-'i1fe5:c:,gp , 'iw:1rg:Qm5Ms'e 'ff-I-wi ' A r fsus"L1ff- If - -we-nff4:"" "J T--',5,-"ff-133-1'f7:ff' ,sag -We-.-f??f?Trf7f'1f57':"' BARBARA KENT." .' ."' . i Presidenf MARY CAROLYN KUEVER Vice-Presideni' JANE NUGENT Secrefary MIRIAM KATZ Treasurer VIRGINIA IVIE Sfeward EDITH STUART I-Iislorian MEMBERS ADVISORS Barbara Kenf Mary Carolyn Kuever Jane Nugenf Miriam Kafz Virginia lvie Eclifh Siuarf Prof, Male Giddings I-Iarriel' Ludens Helen Reich Each spring Moriar Board, Narional honorary organizalion for senior women, e-Iecls Ihose girls who lead in scholarship. leadership, characler. and service. Nominalions are made al Jrhe Junior breakfasr, and from fhaf group are made 'rhe final seleclions. The pin is a replica of a morfar board wilh I'he Greek Ierrers, Pi Sigma Alpha, inscribed on E+. The mosl' imporianl acfivily underlaken by The Morlar Board is rhe Mo+her's Day weekend which includes +l1e May Frolic, girl-lake-boy pariy. Ihe annual banquer honoring 'rhe morhers, 'rhe rea for 'rhe mofhers al' The presidenfs home, and fhen Ihe climax Io 'rhe weekend is Ihe rapping service held Sunday morning. This year Moriar Board pu+ on Ihe skil for The Smarly Parry and helped in Ihe preparalion of Dads Day. Page 171 Ivie Kafz Kenl Kuever Nugenl' Siuarf OFFICERS SIGMA W. HASSE . . . . . Presidenl GEORGE D. HASKELL . . Secrefary-Treasurer FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION E. B. Auslin H. R. Bowen Mary Bracewell W. J. Burney H. V. Cherringlon W. H. Cobb G. R. Davies W. L. Daylcin H. B. Eversole Rex Ahlsfrom Marlha Bell Doris Bone Charlolfe Brownlee Ernesf Bush C. S. Galiher G. D. Haskell L. W. Hasse E. W. Hills E. T. Jolliffe K. E. Leib H. H. McCar+y Belly Lou Meacham SENIOR MEMBERS Marshall Cook F. A. Cover James Cross Helen Graver DeElcIa Griepenburg Warren Hardy S. L. Miller P. R. Olson J. E. Parlingfon C. A. Phillips C. W. Thompson Sally Tubbs J. H. Ufhoff Eula Van Mefer S. G. Winler Mar+in Levy Julian Nomina Charles Pellil' Helen Pyle Donald Twedell Page 172 Eslella Boor Edilh Barber Frances Camp Maxine Dunfee Helen Fisher Lydia Funlce Helen Graham Irene Groom Dorolhy Hafch Lucile Hazard Ellen Hiclcerson Gerlrude Hilmer Madeline Horn Alma Hovey Alice Hyslop Dorolhy Jelinelc Page 1 73 ,,-,.,-Qiagzikillf '21 1,13 A . . . , x-...ww --za h. , -J ,. ,N -V -., , V, 'gt11,Ivrf5 - ww- e..'.- . T.-. 'Nrl "W, :uhifv v-'-- f. ' . .. 1 1 K , 6-win. -11.-,TS 4. .gd-.Y-.v .Wu - V - '-, . 1...-.,r. ia . .. Q QM., --,N,,.,w . 1 :M L.-,.4,R:a.rA ,h . .. l fig, ' - 3?-TEL., . . ., . . :5fif11'Lf.-Eifxaqzvm. 1-1.7: - ., ff I .' IL 3:5-sffr . .Q-'PE ' i?:7jji,i' 7 W 1, 7Q2S:f?'wE2jgj-12.7 PECL ' 'ggi' Iifrtrii' Q' -Q " - - " ifrfll '1f'-,Z6?5Ii-- 15" : 'L-T55?"' I 7 ' r ' 2 "iii-.?'-52' 'ff -- 'Q - 1 . , ,I .,.. fl-Ja -,-3 -,- .5-!22,Fe." .L ' 1 ' 45:3-:frfg42I'+.9f" .,..--.1---fc:-1 -Q 'Q-71,-: .x .. - , - ,.1.,1'fc-seq-gfrv-.:' .f ,- f.- -fr--.' ,,'5ff'+f:'q,,':-S." - ,E A ,a-. , 4-'ig-:G-'-:.AAE,.,, ."T'h1-' :fi - ' - - . 1 1. :-ffairiif '-1 f N-- -fisnssfr ..v:-Lhs:is1'2c-2 'X- wil- '- - ff ee .2 ' fr-1-'Eire 3-'Skylar Q ..r.,4:,wf-hw -. ig-:I -rr .:. -E 'Hwy .11-.' Viifgsiggx--Q-'1,f:,.j,5,f5 1' 'If J' I , 1-' 5-19-2533 :-- - fax..-4 . f V' ' -':+:'rw'.w If .-: . 'Y-' ""'-'f::f,.-.-"'. , 4 1. .- .,,:.1:'--E . 152 5,'5f'?.:?5lI.jC-i I 1. ' - V -I 7,5 -v".Ff3-',5.i.-Q!-T,'.'-11:-4-,A.. ., . ,, ' . ,Q 1,Q,",,jZ'ff-' , , r "gt, -. " ' ' - ' -. f..--'Q 511 J K' , ..l:-Ld?l.1"'-'1"fff'Y" ' - '-iii-' Founded a+ Jrhe UHIVGFSIIY of 1',Z,: 0 .v.c.,ufl.--.-,ekiidfy i:'?7'::-Q. rr ff- " 'sE2Qi?s.3r'13 54.1.3614 AggggH2':f:n fl, " 'f.f1w.f:+, I '"U-grQED:QF4-f5iE3"sm:a1?g14s-f.2E'g'i ' . . . '-'v"f'f ' --1 - ' 4-F14 ,-fl--f .5 .3':'1'F'f Ars- N "-wg-Frifr' Eslabllshed ar lhe Unlverslly of Iowa. 19' A3755 53:,,Q,,c25333'5Q::,agqqgq.fff' Number of Chaplers, 35 Publicalionz "Pi Lambda Thefa JournaI" HONORARY MEMBER Nellie S. Aurner ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Clara Daley Helen M. Eddy ACTIVE MEMBERS Elizabelh Jones Rufh Jones Charlolle Junge Rulh Lane Grace Long Maude McBroom Hope McCowan Glenna Mae Maughmer Jerrine Mole Dorofhy Mummery Mary Newell Mary Parlcer Edna Pafzig Thelma Pe+erson Ann E. Pierce Isabelle Porfer May Pardee Youfz Rose Reeves Pearl RiHer Margarel' Schindhelm Jane ScoH' Jane Seavey Janef Smirh Mabel Snedalcer Velma S+evens Joan Swifl' Helen Wacelc Clara Wallace Lucille Ward Dorofhy Welch Rufh Willard Eda Zwinggi Third Row: Shoemaker, Goss, Herman, Cummings Second Row: Ehrman, Richman. Munzer, Johnsfon, Boyer FronfRovZ1,..Prof. Ready Butler, Prof. Ware, Edberg, Prof, Ku rfz ,.-Y .. --' -4,-,H - . Y 45.2-as-wr' " V'- any N421 r- . , ' 3,fgff:f2aw . -1. A saws o, 5,3231 , ,,54IswfRj+E,g use -ff " 3 , -:f....' Q ' A. M3 ""' f" .. G4 '5!X,y??5- -3r'fj,w 1PQ1'iS1 4 L ' C : ' 1 'll.'I"- f 4' 1' 'f" .1"I' 'nfl'-in-E' .s ' "up fi- isgigggqge-S,-rgfe aff. 4 of egg g . -.fi7Ef"' . "',F"Q 13? ,ff pfx .2?p53.'j:3's A JI-Z".-1'3 , fhe qualificafions for membership disfincfly sfimu- U :Y- 1' ws-f' .I."'l-3' .LS -::"?n4-ficfara-r r-.6 5E'?'f' tr rv f..-f-ns,-12Fm?9fs 439'-'fai '9ia:5ii5:3'7'i5' f""'f"-Q''1'15'3"'-gras' and reward hiqh scholarship Era Kappa NU has 5 far ,C'Q,:' A-.,lQL'Rl-14.-js-','qt,m..F'-'V ,yy 5 cp' .- '-Y'.'LL.g1'v'-5.-:Q-gn ,-if , , veal- f.:1,v:..4.f: wT2:'.-.,g.'1"- .: .gzzaff rx- jiri ,- T'9ff'f" "L 2.25 . - 34gg:gs,4 purpose fhan merely fo award a badge of disflnc- f'.ffFaf2' fy f,m3e,Twy+,-12 T-"jE':1,fr'sfaf,, Ar ' T,1g,4gg-.g,-1-.:21,g's:x- ' . Hgfifgffi'-q '4asw-vef-2'15Pe-- f,sf"fi1-:-- . . . fr-'iigfgg-.j3. " JQ,22.g,G'1rion. As conceived by nfs founders and as carried forward rs sf .4 N" A -sr, -" '..- - .. -.1-ef.u-'H - ,,.f ,. -4, H, , nk .. L ,..,.-Af,-. V g,.+-5.55.-,f' ., r . qi , 1 f- 31.g..,-mg-f'n'.?y.g i E'ueENieiL'f"E,o'ss if " Corresponding Secrefary BRUCE E. BOYER Treasurer ELVIN HERMAN Bridge Correspondenf FACULTY MEMBERS E. B. KURTZ G. F. CORCORAN H. R. REED L. A. WARE 'fi'-'.'I7' "'- by ifs membership during more Than a generafion, ifs aim is 'ro assisf ifs members fhroughouf fheir lives in becoming beffer men in lheir chosen profession and beffer cifizens. ln refurn, if is anofher purpose of The organizafion fhaf ifs membership be a consfrucfive force, helping fellow-members and non-members alike in improving The sfandards of fhe profession, fhe courses of insfrucfion, and The insfifufions where Hs chapfers are esfablished. Page 1 74 -. .ew ae E.. Second Row: J. Gufhrie, Lundquisf, Looney, Ware, Lawrence, WeIzeI. Conroy, Sfrand, I-I. Gufhrie Froni' Row: Goss, Lafimer, Jones, Spencer, Chapman, Arganbrighf, London UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS RAYMOND LATIMER SOL LONDON ROBERT JONES DONALD SPENCER T, CYRIL NOON CARL STRAND DONALD ARGANBRIGHT WALTER CHAPMAN EDWARD CONROY EUGENE GOSS JAMES GUTHRIE HUGH GUTHRIE The Iowa Bere chapfer of Tau Bere Pi, one of seven- +y-'rhree chap+erS Ihroughouf Ihe counrry, was esfab- Iished on rhe Iowa campus in I909. Hs funcfion is "IO mark in a fiffing manner 'Ihose whose inregriry, characfer, scholarship, and breadrh of inieresf have been a disfincfive credif 'ro Iheir Engineering College and Iheir Alma Ma'rer." Page 175 L 5 M., . , . El"A'4-,.Q-51'-il-T.. T.-f--f'.- - '. ' .. ,.,ygL-,FP-.EAS-R RFQ: 1:f,rr 'Em ig 1 A ,,-. .S.-'?:,1.-,Ee-'ffvwwbf' . - ' - - 'XFN P - . .. , j.f'-njglzi' Pub-L .-'vqiyajvi-'A -. -:ws w.?'5"2"'1" " "'3i!?f-S,EfieE.'535,:." ' rfzifrff' - ,pk 'P 2rk'2:f.-lr-2-fiiaaurs 'Q-f?I'Pii fe?Y?2Pw+-13 f' A '- 'ff .1-'. an 3 15' -.-:IJe'-3:51-11--r.w2Fw::'-Q, '41 .sfsnuiwf 'E - . Q-...wfzgf-'?'wfr' '+- -, P " 'r3,:-1iY3ggg11fff5,.- fa as 'i"Sf7e'E-ehfie' fi" EE' . :r:' Bri 'if'1fsw :.' H2 J ff 'f .- E . - - ." - ., ' Q , - .. , u-43-.,q"-,' N- . 1 ' , - E, A, ,ggi-ag-44' .f ' .1 C.: ', . ,53.,.f-,g k,,yg,1 Lg -erygi 24','vfL5,r'5: A 1 T.: : ...P 'rg-.xr-: ,vu 35:35 :,X 1 Q-A54-,' .. ...qw f www?" S.-E .,.. ,:.1 -. . y..5-g.,-.mxgc .iz -1-. :'jrr'7r: g.g,a-'e,g,"'f:'F+F.g-Lg'1'E.,.'s- ' F. 1 . :"":.,v,-org ,,L9"-:'.1.s.F,1 ' "I "Prine: frQlig-?51ff'5"?4'fQE'st'??2f .'L 12' S- " .. 1'-4 42? Qi-LQQE.-g H eeziiyjiz , ,-'-wE,:2.' '-3fS'.a7':..S.f:'-he-'i' vii" 4-' J s.':.:'1f .a:,-:--'sa.--a112i? - s,:17f'.T-- E-If--Lg-3.5 1.,-' -- -'PSPBWL ,.:Q-5,u3,:r,ii:-11152 ggffffk'-1. .. r, rf., . .q:, -L'--':',.,. ,' . -.,f.g . '- -F -5 31.-,Lf f, , . ,.-n 4-3.1.7 '- 'WE 'ww'-sPi'-f?1Y'z:1ESf5Cb:fP- .4 fferilrfff ar ' 4 ,F 'Q ,-.., f-., .-f -. R-, 5-, -- m . , V,--,.:. 1 Pew S' q -EREQIS-:.:g::5411-gf ' .. P f:,g?'.f,1Q5,.,,...-'ls,g,,,,'g-Semi...1f,lgj35'qEjkQ,.'-,:iv--.L A - fSPreSIdan3g:.q...-A -,fr 1. 4 F WALTER R. CHAPMAN Vice-PresIden+ EUGENE L. GOSS Treasurer RAYMOND A. LATIMER Corresponding Secrefary ROBERT A. JONES Recording Secrefary T. CYRIL NOON Cafaloguer MEMBERS OF THE ADVISORY BOARD PROFESSOR E. B. KURTZ PROFESSOR B. J. LAMBERT ASS'T PROFESSOR CHARLES LOONEY , PROFESSOR HUNTER ROUSE Jean Baumgarfner Connie Bulslxe Peggy Cavanaugh Kafhryn Dennison Par Flynn M ariorie Grim Corinne Hayes Kaflnryne Kenn Y Peggy King M . angille Dol' Linl Rulh Pauline Pa argarer R L Mason rlcer Frances Prudlwon Jeanne Sfarr Julia Weaver Gerfrude Wolf CFFICERS JULIA WEAVER Presiclenr CORINNE HAYES Vice-Presiclenf MARGARET LANGILLE . , Secrefary KATHRYNE KENNY Treasurer DOT LINT Pledge Sponsor "To unife women engaging in or planning 'ro engage in journalism: To confer honor upon women who dislinguish llwemselves in journalism or lellersg To achieve clefinile srandards in iournalism and leilers: To improve worlcing condifions for women in lliese 'lielclsi To inspire members fo grealer individual efforlsf' Page I 76 Fourfh Row: Coffman, Jensen, Walsh Third Row: Sfill, Zabel, Noble, Hickerson, Mueller Second Row: Long, Spencer, R. Buckley, Smufz, W. Buckley, Buzby Fronl' Row: Prof. Sanders, I-lenfhorne, Claussen, Ohl, Boyd, Prof. Moff, Prof, Mason The Universiry of Iowa chapier of Sigma Delia Chi enjoyed a banner year of aciiviiies, marked by 'rhe inifiarion of sixfeen under- graduare sfudenis and several men from fhe professional journalisfic field during Ihe eradiiional Wayzgoose fesfival in April. Richard Wilson, Des Moines Regisler and Tribune Washingion correspond- enr, spoke ar The Wayzgoose dinner, highlighi of rhe fesfival. Two delegales, chapier presidenl Donald Ohl and John Mueller, afrended The nafional conveniion in New Orleans, Louisiana, in Noe vember. Prof. Frank Luiher MOH, direc+or of fhe S. U. I. school of journalism, was named 'ro fhe Sigma Della Chi execuiive council ai rhe convenfion afler serving on 'rhe nafional cornmiiree To mark hisforic siles in American journalism. During ihe course of ihe year, The chapfer sponsored and aided 'rhe annual Pica Ball, fhe Wayzgoose fesfival and a weekly radio program, "Around +he Slafe wi+h Iowa Edi'rors." In addirion, awards for excellence in rypography were presenred by ihe chapier 'ro winning Iowa weekly newspapers a+ The annual Iowa Press Associ- afion convenrion in Des Moines in April. Page 177 SIGMA DELTA CHI OFFICERS DONALD OHL Presideni GENE CLAUSSEN Vice-Presidenl DALE E. BOYD Secrelary BILL HENTHORNE Treasurer Third Row: Prof. Walerman, Prof. Lamberi, Dean Dawson, Prof. Looney Second Row: Burger, Lyon, Crawford, Prof. Howe, Prof. Rouse, Snell Froni Row: Bell, Meyer, Maiernilc, Cuevas, Weilrel .ag we .. A -4, ,y , -.e'g,.: ' T34 wg H. L ,Tr ,g -g,,-n-ii.: h .-1452 .1 .e -if -, .. ess. M - 7 V if-g?W"iQ.rf,,g'i,,, A5 , d . J jig.. .5 ' .-J iffkllfi wk,-115i ,gk LRHV, sax 'ei isiaiifiif C515-i Bi F XFN' f '1- 53, if if eff- 4' ...p:::: .3 a' 1.-.r,5,,fy -1 Q .--1.g,e,L'-p :- M - . . . . . 1 ' rw K5z ,,Qg',refi:,sgi Iowa Chapler of Chi Epsilon, nahonal honorary civil ws- ' . 'xxqesffwv if 4-CtAR.EuHCE,E:DWElKE1 . engineering iralerniiy, was esfablished a+ ihe Slaie Uni Secrefary-Treasurer versify of Iowa on May 4, l940. Chi Epsilon was organ- ROBERTO A. CUEVAS Associaie Ediior of "Transif" FACULTY MEMBERS Byron J. Lamberf Charles T. G. Looney Joseph W. Howe Earle L. Waferman Deen F. M. Dawson UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS William V. Bell Roberfe A. Cuevas Warren F. Burger Earl H. Meyer E Bruce Meier Clarence E. Weilcel Francis C. Mafernilc ized 'ro recognize fhose characierisfics of ihe individual engineer deemed fundamenfal fo fhe successful pursuif of an engineering career, and 'ro aid in 'rhe developmenr of ihose characlerisiics in ihe undergraduaie engineer. Seleciion of acfive members is based upon scholarship, characler, pracricaliiy. and sociabilify, +he four require- menis of ihe successful engineer. Page 178 E. B. Ausfin H. R. Bowen W. F. Brislol W. J. Burney H. V. Cherringlon G. R. Davies B. N. Davis D Ashby J R Ausfm P B Berglielcl J J Balles O W Book E A Bush M A Cook F A Cover Page 179 W. L. Daykin H. B. Eversole C. S. Galiher G. D. Haskell E. W. Hills C. A. Hickman G. M. HiHler FACUL K. E. Leib D. Lynch H. H. McCar+y W. J. Masson C. M. Mickey S. L. Miller P. R. Olson GRADUATES M S Chapman J Henry J A Gullofh R M Kane O M Halsrud K K Kurnhara UNDERGRADUATES J Cross J E DErruco G C Fmsvik R S Gillespie W D Hardy J J Nomina J. E. Parlinglon C. A. Phillips H. W. Saunders F. K. Schaeffer W. R. Smifh C. W. Thompson H. H. Wade S. G. Winler E Melamerson C F Reimer A H Schlld J S Youlsler D J Parsons C N Pefhl' D O Sfone L W Sweeney dl Il . . J. C. Felzer M.iLe.vy LFE. Soulhern Q I l Second Row: Sfarrels, Baker, Walling, Burgslahler, Coningham Fronl' Row: Gaddis, Marrin, Healy, Spence, I-Ioladay .. l' 1:cff ' f"t'-'-3:1'SfQ' ' :avi-4-wh -N. -' .'.,--3 'f x fnqg., 1. I-'I ' ' ci-lg:-g-.--ng' . ,., . 5. ' -we " I yafi' "A-ga 't?"?1"-Pb-- M 'Sv-pg. '?:3:4"'fJ- 'G fir- 3 -..' 1--f'f-"-T"':f..31f?ifr ai. K ff .- . 4 5: Z . 25535. '1,5,s.14- , . A ' ' Q" ' J:-1. fxafeq.-. g!f"'2,r- as e . V V, -fx:v?'w:,r...a: - A .L::,--1-f W- , .I - -rx -.Q Q'- .,.,.-. A, m2,:....Q,y . . Q. .5 1Zi,,....-4,:99Q.,,5.5,-ff, .35 . A ny' si-,-.fgy-F .- 41. f .,f.:.gL.3- -.71 -.-frf' - -, -Z-:fi -I 'f-.fin ' -.' '- Q-2' -V ' Abi'-' -",rf4j"' -wa! 95455, if-j-I-T. -Tfpg . rl -,Q-Mg.-', "-.329 an :- ifg' .,"-?ff...i,1',5112l' AI- ,.'.-l .1 g.. ' N T uni Infynxlg .- .-. Tu- - -I ff .' -Pei-i-1Efi."'.5.Ts 1 ' .7. ' ffffiizli-law ' A . , ,V.4f,:5,f,5ggL55ig9,: 33, 1, 1 Ljffiimf-,?3','A.1w" .. I .iJQs,'i,'-.i":iiif': gs-3311 15 w5','ij'4f:g55:aq-wi-'in-11A111-g.5."7' 1'-3 .-'xg-'J ..-.-1i-1:f.T455gf2E'Q- rj-'4 f- - ' E- ---. g rg f. . ' :-,c:,'f.-'.-- S . - -.xr L' ggi? 5 .f'1q4,eg.ft-,V-ZPf'4,'f:i?5fy we . P - Q54 -..a::-fmwnep . Sf., 'w-QQ5.1y-s'.'v.-gs,5-.g':'--':.,'3- -rE.jF'Z'-ggy,1"- :sl-an . . . . M- I -we-if sf' he Mfr is 1 2 + Ph E+ N + I P I I s ii A + F + + 1:-5-:S - ' 3,. ,g3,,L. vL3g-5,.3:-- e a I a. a Iona ro essiona peec r s ra erm y i ' if- :'.:,If.5.?- .0'sfss-f :s,9i1LG: --ref: 1 ri" " " - " 'UFFICEKSW' for Women, was founded af Norlhwesfern Umversniy, Odo- ALBERTA EWOLDT MARTIN Presidenf LOIS TALLMAN . . . Vice-Presidenl' GEORGIA GADDIS . . . Secrefary FLORENCE I-IEALY . . . Treasurer ALUMNAE MEMBERSHIP MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MISS DOROTHY ANDERSON HELENE BLATTNER PEARL BENNETT BROXAM ARNOLD GILLETTE VIRGIL HANCHER FRANKLIN KNOWER E. C. MABIE I-IUNTON SELLMAN ETHEL SWANSON DOROTHY WARD ber IO. I893. The purpose of Zela Phi Efa is 'ro band Io- gefher groups of selecfed college women inreresfed in main- Iaining high s+andards of speech and drama and inferesred in building up a professional ideal for women engaged in 'rhe speech profession. Io promole and mainlain a belier un- clersfanding belween colleges and universifies leaching speech arfs, To sfimulafe and encourage all worfhy speech and dramaiic proiecls and 'Io make Ihe frafernify a profes- sional aid and inspiralion afler graduarion. Sigma Chapfer of Ihe Universify of Iowa assisfs wifh Universify Speech evenrs, and wri+es and presenfs a weekly radio program, "Stage Door Review" over Radio Sfalion WSUI. Page 1 80 . naw--W ,. MCH J. " 4 55.5-Q sv. 1 mf Qjrzm wh 1.-, A,-5' x ,x.'- qw. 'vw -xx Q NYM' :A V ' 5315-, wJ! 'V' M' 'Y-N' ' 44 'Mfnf iSf'4"4'f- M- . 5W?'L,WMQf, , M ,a"g15e!5-nm ws A Vw A .W-s,,fs..,fsm 1 5.. ,Mx M M. , wp ik? 'L 'M K. M if ,K Wi., ku, .. with if K W M X " ,WU"9"AQ "'f"m,QX,.,5'UfN if W-"HRX N Axf- Qfmt 1,-'H . 'A , 'Q' 4 ' .Jqivxfmwff ' WV - "mg" ,,, g w,-Q22 mg,-wf f.sf www ,Q 1 , ' -g..,q,.me'ygu4Pm fy --1, my ,,,'1KWsfM,g-,,.A,iM-vwm,w 'maxi 1 .M ,A M-A. t- X- in H 7, Q , W .1 , V. ' ,, . Mm -'MEX fi fx V 7f:Vim1g3':?k.,q -rv if .LL V if nmyfxi N w..n.4C? ng-.Wg?i21i4,iqji? My . 55:1 A,4ggK:ag,,x,,4 'wk xfgyx Q-x if 1' nw' n I- pf NA' N, wx Q.ff.,jN Q ,A 5 .fm ,svn K n'mmm.X.m,'g, 55 31 Nfqzgmfff maj N, WS' xx. 'M '-.s.x"wf'F-A '- ffxf H8N'Be'!+,g'3, 'WF' Mffafs . f,Rag1"'L'WgWM.W"-'SmNia F qf'vQ,,s, , .f- ww P QQ .W 4. ,,, X mwgs- X M w ,m,..f-fm 'fp ,VM A, A ,,y,.-,MAg.4.V3iQ'h35'.,,4 , MfQHM.Wvl.w-K .K wXu.x,,ANwQ,NM1 'sxufn 1"-mi' 'A ,',,,w-A-sihhwx QA wkf. X -ka,,,n,f1aw1, 'M"-,N 'N:p.-6, " 'M ' KA X 9 w W Q. ,rhepyy my Q 5 'K A., 5, .5 .91 nw Nkx ap f- ew ,N ,Arg .Qu A W an " 'gf ,A nba F, ,f .,,,Sm.m N ,.',,,fw My adv 1-W ,mv run 1. I 52.0 ,Qi mf s wwgwm x ,Q f l-21'-2 my if cr x ' ., ww A W My-'M ,, Q -X 1 M.. f, -ww Q. 1 - mx N hw vgw .M-guna kx ,ggwxiv-Q ,A .wwf wfxfvaw ' Q A 'f1.MmA ww WNv'f4' Q ,waxy ,Ama-y, Q K mmwmfw -L ew- m.'5'v'f.6"--"ff'w N k,N.'fw R H L ,u E my .V ,P ,qfjzj . Xxx fM.","N ,jeff rw, N wa "Sf s'.,x1T',x,1T-'Q' V. , NX c' ' .. 9 .v A A . A 115 5' fr' .T W 9 f' 'M A, M. N K " A M I 'A 'H Mx. Q V A V, . 4 A A . . A M., COUNCIL BARBARA KENT ..... General Chairman KATHRYN KLINGBEIL . Transfer Chairman, Treasurer CORINNE HAYES ....... Publicify EDITH STUART ..... Freshman Leclures MIRIAM KATZ . . Training School, Mass Meeiing JO MCELHINNEY JOINER . . . Summer Leffers MISS HELEN FOCHT .... Facully Advisor MRS. HOWARD BOWEN Facully Wife Represenlaiive TATION The new women sfudenls are as responsible for Ihe success of Orienlalion as are The Orienlalion Council, The leaders, Ihe assislanfs and Ihe 'lacully wives. Togelher Ihey par- Iicipale in a program 'rhrough which all new undergraduale women sludenfs become adiusl- ed Io Universily life, and acquainled wi+h ils acliviiies, iis cusioms and Hs facully. Per- sonal coniracl is eslablished in fhe summer lhrough correspondence and Ihrough Ihe Code for Co-eds. ln fhe fall Ihe leaders, assisianls, facully wives and 'rhe new women sfuclenis meef in small groups al Freshman Leclures and al' picnics, leas and varied social acfivilies which enable 'rhem 'ro become beiler acquainl- ed. Orienlalion ends in fhe spring when a new council is announced al a loanquel honoring Ihe enlire slalf and Ihe freshmen and 'rransfers in Orienlalion. Hayes Kent Klingbeil Kafz, Sfuarl Page 182 COUNCIL MEMBERS Jane Abboff May Baker Naomi Braverman Peggy Cavanaugh Elizabefh CharII'on Kafherine Chase Lois Grissel Mary Jane I-Iuber Barbara Ken? Mary CaroIyn Kuever Jean Livingsron Pafricia McVicIcer Mary Louise NeIson Jane Nugenf Frances Simonsen Jeanne Siarr Virginia Ivie OFFICERS JANE NUGENT ...... Presidenf MARY CAROLYN KUEVER Vice-Presiden+ ELIZABETH CHARLTON . . . Secrefary MARY LOUISE NELSON . . . Treasurer Four+h Row: Baker Braverman Cavanaugh Charlron Third Row: Chase Grisse-I I-Iuber Ivne Second Row Kenf Kuever Lnvingsion McVicIcer Firsf Row: NeIson Nugenf Slmonsen Sfarr UniversiIy Wornen's Associafion offers irs acriviries- Orienrafion, Code for Co-eds, Coffee Hours. Spinsfers' Spree, Smarfy ParIy, VocaIionaI Conference and Universiry Sing-Io every undergraduare woman sIudenI. BUI surpassing all Ihese in imporfance. is ifs Woman's Work in War program in which Ihe efforrs of each woman sfudenr are combined Io aid in service Io our counlrry. Page 1 83 Second Row: Algren, Cox, Mrs. Day, Lawhorn, McCann, McVicker Firsl Row: Meade. Noblell, Pickering, Schaeler, Slemrnons, Wilson PATRICIA Presidenl MARION PICKERING Vice-Presidenl BARBARA McCAN N Secrelary JOSEPHINE WILSON Treasurer JEAN ALGREN Pledge Chairman JOAN COX Publicily Chairman ROSEMARY LAWHORN Membership Chairman NEVA MAE SCHAEFER Social Chairman LIDA MARY SLEMMONS Program Chairman RITA MEADE Firsl Year Represenlalive Brooks Lois Cammack Irene Chan Joan Cox Laura Dempsler Helen Dewey Bealrice Eichler Belly Elkema Phyllis Gehlback Judilh Grayson Myrlle Greenlee Grela Gunler Virginia Harlman Grelchen Hayes Ada Glee Hemingway MEMBERS Janel Howie Calhryn Irwin Virginia Jackson Jeanne Johnslon Alice Kanak Doris Keller Belly Kessler Jean Kesling Margarel Ann Klein Kalherine Kruse Rosemary Lawhorn Barbara McCann Mildred McLachlan Palricia McVicker Barbara Meade Rila Meade Dorolhy Mae Miller Helen Misel Margarel Moon Belle Noblell Sue Ono Gladys Parizek Dorolhy Ann Pavelka Marion Pickering Phyllis Pohler Belly Riggs Georiean Robinson Charlolle Sandelin Neva Mae Schaefer Annie Schullz Eslher Seelman Lida Mary Slemmons Palricia Slack Jean Slamp Lucille Slevens Anna Slroh Hallie Vollink Josephine Wilson Tau Gamma. sponsored by Universily Women's Associalion, is an organizalion lor lown women. Social, recrealional and educalional inleresls are provided lor ils members. All Monday nighl meelinqs are held in lhe Conference Room ol lhe lowa Union. Tau Gamma seeks lo promole lriendship and lo slimulale inleresl in Universily aclivilies lhrough group allilialion. To aid in lhe War program, Tau Gamma sews lor lhe Red Cross every Salurday allernoon. Page 184 -. , - u, . - ,..,... fa. . New e r- -A :af A. .e . agree: flesg 1, .,.- .. ,E-Rik ,max ,. . 41 L71 1 VY.-Nik +'?e-' " ff' L -5 2' i' '-41 iw 6' 'x 5? Q3 7 r-1,0 N, 13 Q ci, Lv A -R m-.. , .4-- A , ' --K. T- " i ' --iff? . l"'ET'.- ,,.,- . ..4i...,g,-,,, , . , .I ,,.,gg?5.- -,, , f- ., 1 f i xv.. f-.v,: :-4.2.5- , . , ,--.9 1-. 3.1 A . ,. . - .h X. L3 Alf. .-:T 75.1-,gh ,fx -. a, 5--Fry ,:1 -.- z . - . kg- 1 1- gmgfjg-.:, Y 1 'gf 0,,'.S.,g,g3,-K , ' - ' -vj . at I '-f.,f,n xiii: .-477 .- .,-4 Heel. .I .l . . ,1-sxgfyii Zfsr- o 43' "' ' U " 5, 725 "Ni, ' ,fm , .gg,,,,s,?Z-,A - . h -. , ,phil 'su -.5 me jr.:-. 'L-"-an - Q.-" 1- A , ,V s ' 1 . 2.1, .. , ,. .:'1y.-A an f .1 I ' -gf 4-"iii x 4. l .. - pg e, .,..f X - , -x, . -A. 5, f.. f . ,gi?r':fL3.+' .- f. ' d z'.1'f':-iii?-wil +" L . Y - "f"'i' 'f9!1UT."f: .1 --,' ' , . . , 2g1'1'2':f'?A'1-Q? 1 .v- .' nf , --.q if ,. . . . P ..-,',f' .. I V A-:lM,,?,-A ' --,,.',fLi:S-,.'., , , ' - . , - -0. A .,5':. .., Q N rw' "-" 16 .13 g,!l-we ' . M "' ' 1--: -Vw. ... .. .e,+.i-- M. - sg -y 1 .,, , nf- 1 5' ,I r is s "?Qf: 17 '- - -if-' v ':-S ' 1 'Nav 3" v "" - . . ', 1- . " .. ' .- I- v"--'K -. iff" "fTSf'fffff'f"'? -?.J-"1-illh' ' f. 1. " 5 val.. :T-'fkk-32535 Yin "i-'Qffiiiwlif s'!':H'17 ga. Y , 'z' ' A' iff.-. 'FY Z?'3.'3qiQ,3' ll?-f ifiiileid-.' 1-w1Nf --9 -. :' f -2 ws-2f:..s'-'eg sexe .. 43sqQwg,,.i-,V . ' -gag , ,N Y' ' A V . '-,-'-A.-f"f,1"Ut',v:w5' 1, 'ii '35sgeTi:':1'fj59fLilzQ?'i.51V.-rrlxig.'ff a'iv:..- 'f',:7i.l'Lr'5'1:?'i2:Q?':?f fL -,- - we .azz f- '...'-L.':q1'-21iafftsypf' 'CC-',E-irq 1"7'i?5l55797'3is'-1'5'Xi?B52-P' -21" N 'si"'?P'f'f'?L'?2F'- -p,-- Q . .- 4 .- '-.' 'A ...P-.-."-'-FQ' Irv 1-"1-?R'n , -q-. ,ws ,, -.,f.a. ,,, fig, I .hh .gg . -. t. A ' - fis ffggfef Qiiivvsfsffi' 1.s'C-'-sas.:-g:f2:fs:'i?""'5' F- - V-"Q,-en, ,. . wksaaaf are :-.1-fig-'P P-1-qfff w' fx--,g i '---.-:girlie-3 .5 . - . . . . . nip 'A---',yFg-,fzrj-'.. - .f.":i:,f:.ZF37' :L7wH:'?3'q.:'fS fx-f'1.f -1-T47 f I The Young Women's Chris+ian Associal-ion is open io any woman on ihe campus, irregarclless of race, creed, or economic siaius, who accepls Hs purpose. "We unile in a desire To realize lull and crealive life ihrough growing knowledge of God. We cleiermine 'ro have a par+ in making This life possible for all people. ln 'ihis Task we seek To undersiancl Jesus and follow him." Fourlh Row: Rowe, Hansen, Smilh Third Row: Byers, Slephenson, Houghfon, Gemmell, Hamilion Second Row: Schaaf, Falland, Chappell, Walker Fronf Row: Zasirow, Ohme, lvie, Youfsler, Borg Page 185 FiTTh Row: Dillinger, Tobias, Adams, Haqman, Muilenburg FourTh Row: Duncan. Hady, Jenkins. Green, SchmidT Third Row: Ross, Weidner, Olson, HouqhTon, Rohrbacher, Winchell, Weaver, Aslcew, PeTerson Second Row: Blexrud, Moll, Schupp, RupperT, Misel, TiTus, Mercer, DeNio. Ewen, Foss FronT Row: WoodruTT, Souchelc, KenT, Nebergall, LeichT, SmiTh, HaeTner, Rose, Hemingway, Morgan, Diedesch A I . Q-.L-:gfr3ii YSi?"5T " T:"3' . . .1 ...Lg-"-. -' v -,..v'... --V. 1. ,..' H - 5- . ,..,,, Q.. 'ffrf'-ff, ff- T' uqi- ,?,,5f5Y-I, .sg ,qv ,. .yg,,g- 'I - ,.,g eb. N .rx-lg A --,,,g1r55?g N ,K 'H I , .ji :Q--wh 3-.1375-.cfxww :iff ?5,:TL'gf.?f I 'fl 4' : ' Y ' s-."',.'1iE'jrg.. -W -3,-2 ,:g.Sz,f,l'N : " -. - 1"-Lf. 'frzzph syn, L-5-sp .gf . Q . , - " 'z5y:Yw.,e,,,f 1 ,M-., 4 94 an :J W . . K A 4- ff' 1 - Fr.: L1-2:5-?4g.fg? EFL -,wifi-'-.'.1.,.'-' Nl .' .iv N 13,11-'.-fm-r-f.".vfr '-it: '71 milf,-9' Q. -' ' 'P f ' f -:-vfr2i3'f?'fg:gL 11'- ' 1 .,oF:Q2QiQ,: XL: ' ' . ,..i.e11i5S?5f5?,1 .,.,,,gjA Af " 7 '- 1'.'f1194Lrf-'." f T 3' -1 - 'Jf.:',11?'1'ilZ?i75i ' " 5-"'-' :ffief .Wifi--2f::::'. .1 5. .. Q -Q.,-'rf uf-1zKr?:-'-Yi:-e -fel" . 1.3.-V-SW' cgi-3.-,g.,rjf451' fy-ff." ,.. .g- iq '-x'f?,,f5i35'Qgs - DOROTHY WELT HAEFNER . PresvdenT gff' ,L,e:.g-f.',f.1- 1EJfI1i- 'A iff'-' Le' -+ Y ,gf '234'?:?q',J7fi "1 Q11". q 'Z' " .'-, '.7,1J:1:7-5522135 is'--. DOROTHY SOUCHEK . . Vice-Pres1denT u Niki' ,b '- 1, T' -. I ,ef " ,-.-..',1.Y,Z2f?Lx?ff5.: if X. . 4 . -, f, BETTY JANE MORGAN . . SecreTary .:e U. ':,,fj-43f:1,3,ge':", -' :T QQ5. f QT '33,-'.x,-gg. '-Tg Glen' -5" 5-.r-51-5 i75'Qj:,5:,j2f.' T. -, Z 9-kt:3,g,q,,5.,,Qq2Q,7:Q'g1T:Y J EANN E YOUNG . . . . Treasurer , T-wg-are .,:-rg--fgggsnf:.3 , fs,-Arif'-' . MISS L. SMITH . . FaculTy Advisor ...ffjgfifg-::i . 'gp .g e -f A- '5 '-J4',f.i1'gf.q,T!E54. ,'f'?gTQ.g2ff1?4fvjf-:'ifL'.'-fox,'-.7 V Membership in The club is open To any sTudenT Taking a course in The deparTmenT and To The sTaTT. The purpose of The club is To aTTord an opporTuniTy Tor sTudenTs To become beTTer acquainTed wiTh each oTher and wiTh The TaculTy and To give pracTical experience in The or- ganizaTion and managemenT oT proiecTs carried on as parT OT The worlc oT The home economics deparTmenT. ProjecTs sponsored by The club This year included: The annual ChrisTmas Dinner, a baked bean supper, a Red Cross Tood sale and The senior picnic. This year The club also acTed as hosTess To nearly Three hundred high school and college girls who The sTaTe-wide Home Economics Club ConvenTion held on This campus. Page 186 ,Q NELSON KAUFMAN, PRICE, SMITH COM, OFFICERS N. OLIEEORD NELSON . . . . JAMES KAUFMAN . HOPE PRICE . . . secfeiwrfeasufef WENDELL SMITH . .... Faculfy Advisor The Commerce Club is composed of all 'rhe siudenfs regis+ered In +he College of Commerce. The club's purpose is +o bring abou+ a closer relarionship befween ihe faculiy and siudenls of Jrhe college and To furiher 'lheir murual inieresls in economics and merchandising. This is done principally fhrough dinners held by 'rhe Club. having as speakers leaders and aufhorifies in commerce and relaled subiecls. The Commerce Club sponsors 'rhe Commerce Mar+, an all-universi+v pariy. Page 187 Fourfh Row: Seliger, Spiwak, David Third Row: Rosenfhal, Rovner, Cohen, Myers, Drulcer Second Row: Hirsch, Goldslein, Braverman, lzove, Rosenbaum, Subolnil: Firsl Row: Kafz, Peshkin, Singer, Rabbi Kerfzer. Halpern, Landsman, Wiflenslein V ,ij'-.-'.1,s::q:',Qj,,q,.,, '. - .,.,f. A V, . g -'-If-Jfirafz '- 2-Q-'-25'-u::":q':,f1. 411- -, . - .:, , , ggm- ' ' ' f'xj':fLi?.'?13::au.,' 9-if-, .AZ-.: T- what - ,h ,R M13 va 1.f"'?LE7:'Lv'I'2:F , -, , . . . yi -- 1 2 X - "rf-iieifai a aeg-25:9 -lcv, vi- " ..- ' - lain ie, , or 1' , , fm-' eq .if N sf i1fs,:L.e4fg- is -.ff ' 4 T5-fIl'5-ii:'Z5r-zg?'5" 'P3i'Qffv'a.. 5 - r2:ri',i5if?5:-21' fb.:- .3-5gg,','j,AIfp-1 Sant-puQ,3.,11y.' 1- . -' ' . .-: V ,':T,-,gf ."5Qgg-gf?-'Lg e X-As' .,f'f925'f?F2'gi?F"'.,fg:: , 5: Q 1-,.'Q.'1'.-'T-gaLs:12f"5f,-2' al-j . . . . .' -a5fL?ENEf gi'f','- 4 ,cf 'r'-'irfzuffwa' Jewish sludenf or amzahon, was lnau uraled j-Q4 bd:P-,x':.,,5V-" jf,-j "S1KA-'- ,I In j,--'-',-.E :"...-U.-I,-fir-1-7?4g,w', ,sc-4 ,-fi: 'rQ:fii'vi?'-'T 'f!,'-'ill nl- 2' T 'Z 'TQ-. 'fi'7i'5V-'L2'3f'w - . I - - - ,cf2:11A:f1fl-:'g5,1'.'1:,-is '-rf,-Y-5'-',1grS1g59ilS?v'i,sW6 Aan exlenslon unil under 'rhe Bnan B'rl+h Hillel .jf ::.,,?f.:.:x:YU ,':,:'. l.. -I .,,.:h1ii,'.:.,:,!::F,xsi .Qi :J '21 2',,25,i4Hrii'g3:e'L-:1g2, fark T' . - 5i.,.,fr,ggpg.f f-,IaI-biglagx--.1.',55:p4.iL:,35 rl-.1'5!5TG6SSd enrollmenlr presenhng a growing need for - - . ' 1- Q1 FPR .Li-'-irr. 3.54: .sf '-f'i,5"1'-'K' "Q --as P-. gglge-asks --'P l '1,Q'?'S-'J' 27' --.3"f-if.-"-rvrnvx' fr'-l' -" "f?K?f+ 1 3' .4-mi'-' -f we .- 4mm -.we -aa, s ev-.H-rr 'H f .- - 1, Q- 13--ff-,as E 1. 1 .,:ft.,-5:--:.'H 79.::'5T1?2!f . - THEODORE1- g.,N - -.g nce, The club was given The slafus of a 'full fledged . 2.-g?.,aN,f1f-:J .I 'gf-zz..-" "..':'.s:-5'-n Presidenf ' Hi-fda-Ffbn - -In l94O' BERN ICE JACOBSON Vice-Presidenf PHILLIP PESHKIN Treasurer RUTH SINGER Recording Secrelary SYLVIA HALPER N Corresponding Secrefa ry I+ has succeeded in bringing 'ro fhe Jewish sludenls on campus a varied program ol religious services on Friday evenings and holidays? a culfural program fealuring many narionally-known speakers: parlicipa- lion in inlerfaifh discussions: aciive engagemenl in The nalional Hillel Round-Table conference: and a well-rounded alhleiic program. The Foundalion is under lhe able direclion of Rabbi Morris N. Keri'- zer, associafe professor in 'rhe School of Religion, assisled by The sludenr council composed of The commilree chairmen. Page 188 is 19:2'Qif"-Qfagxiwfggflllkifft'zwigysx Q . :'Cf'-Q5 if 1- ':'i-i f-:1Q:g,Rs. X, 1 Q1 , 1 13? I , wrtfsgsmu -, , ' . 4 v, 's'2'f3':i:'L'l51'i:-viTgTgg-. wyi. Mficwf ' -z e... , sv we .'-F?Z'i':'vi':'Lx'iTv1,4R1k:,- mir L:5js:Q372sq' . 'N ' " ,L-1 5 .-xx, "2,fjj.51g,j,Q 1, ' T r " ,1- . -V V ,, ,,,--f -- , Q.. - u Yu., A .sv--a. - , - u-5 "1..'.-,'Qfs,.,.,:i:?xg.5 QC "-'-are 3'-vista' ,Hs ber. ,W-' , ' ' 111.A.-'sw 264554-5 LN, '-Ig'-CN' 35. 'PF P' ' gf, if A AR iflifeffsici,-'Q - Qin - fvyfxg- -mir .4 - - .. ,,.' ,avx -reg.-'gag' , V- 3 Wi' '7 ::' gr' sf' ...U --??:6'i:.'S,f - - : 'T 6' '37 ' ' 1' r' , 4 es ' 5 ,si . ' 2. r T 'fi?-.Wwe af sz' -. 'V's:,+-.1165-."'1+s.: -::'-gag.-L'i':'..f-LE.if"!':" Jars- ief-K ' 1Srw:Y"fs-s-E- " - - eu-1' Qi3s:2rx:.f ,Sli -.--,if-f.:' Lvfiigzf-,iigeil 3 ':.r.g!,-:..--g.'-:g'5-fe.,-gr. E Qi .ai':,f?'-ig' -.J .: j3g2gm'S..-+355 ,QQQQ Ti-. vyzqlis I F.i..t.1n.,.-., vzfhg- L 1 , ,',,.lg'.,t-:s ag kk' Sir. Ms . LaPmrf,m-521212. if 1, I-'SY ie..-1135: R Y - :':f,5gJ53?-atv?-iS'wi Xm4,sfa.s6g' '.px,5ygQw4vw.'-"'f'v rf, :i:,p-miftfwili-' 51,4 z--yyffmg, ,gv,,J,s,9.g-. :2e .- Avqps .fgfgl x,.a,Kf,g,- STEPHEN SEDLAK ' 3 ff,-s,?,5s'. 'VA' 1 . "- f '- .T '- ' 4- - f--'irkt-'1-ff S K s .,.N-1,14 W9 V . JL 1+ ' d h'-... ' ,412-Lai: ' 7 14 iT?':'I,.2 rss -Eviklgidsis' . The lfovlraich'5pT'Er'"VET,-'Newman'iolup. nalional organizarion for Carholic sludenls. was esrablished rhirry-six years ago. Since Then if has be- come one of The more acrive organizafions on The campus. Monihly meerings, discussion groups, Sunday nighi buffer suppers, a daring bureau and dances made up rhe club's well rounded program ihis year. Among rhe mosi prominenl of 'rhe club's commiiiees was ihe charily commiliee, which was in charge of such aciivifies as reading ro hos- pifal parienls, The annual old clofhes drive and lhe chariiy ball. Through fhe eliorls of 'rhe club and ifs chaplain, Faiher Donald Hayne, if has been made possible for all sfudenls fo afrend a sludenis' mass every Sunday in Sr. Mary's church. By means of iis varied program, Newman club provides an opporfunify for Carholic srudenrs To become belrer acguainled wirh one anolher. OFFICERS STEPHEN SEDLAK Presidenf JAMES CROWLEY Vice-Prcsidenl ROSEMARIE DEVLIN Secrelary PHlLLlP PYLES Treasurer Sunday Nighf Informal Supper i Page 189 Fourfh Row: Hill, Miller, Leake, Clark, Peck, Felfer Third Row: Frerichs, Bolfon, Hasfings, Lewis, Mcl'-lenry, Pomeroy, Hemingway Second Row: Brooks, Gunfer, Moeller, Jones, Birchard, Holland, Mudge, Minish Firsf Row: Phillips, Carfer, Arrasmifh, Reeds, Spence, Hamilfon, Reha, Frosf Au,-',,'3gf-i.Qg11-, f 'g . . mllj LLL, 1 ..,-f.-,rg--, - ' A X, -...g .,, .-, A - ' - . A .4-12' 'Fra-fam " " T A 'f-si"4'5HaAaE?su x1-..'- ' 'T' .JE-E-'-. - . . fl-.-J -sing., '--sy - J HL. e '-- J .11 1- - , - V1 , .'-'-'7."'i,"5'?:,q- ,i- . ff f.3"'f if-iii '- 1 ' - " ' ' 5 7 T Y f 'j?.g2f':.3jJgg5. diff: i-4' P 'nf --f ' Vp' , ' - - 92q.ff,'Q-hip? --,-. f, -P ',:,,w.. xc- 1- . A , , 3 u.g--5--,.p,,' fn, ' - bf-4 I-4fiwf:r1::'glf' " - V - T' fi: .fig 255'-'Q" ' fa" N. , ' - l:I.E-iQ-iijwflfai-ei' , 1--352. -.3,fm--4-'T " -A aff- " 4 sr-f-:f:'2'f'ka:ga'-1"'214.' , A-4 .- H ' asf-',-. ,S ,, U fx ' ,Q .,1y.-ygagy, ,gr ,.-,- -,T-4. 55, 1':f,q,'::',-' A ,, ' .z. , ,. --fzt-'1g,1nf'5i',.,., ,Luz T .' r- O w.:1.ff:.,:.2fae- 'H + OFFICERS -is .sz-zlueacwfr-' '-q,s,:11 - -- if .2 K.: 7:-..s:,:f'1'5w '.-"'TS5'-5ff"'7"4'3 V:-Iwi: "' 7 'l -' ' ' , - 1- . 1-2-,fx --Q. x - .v '-5-,Qljf:?g,.f, ,W .-' . -- -- , :f.15.fA.1fQ?-f . DR. MARTHA J, SPENCE s.,-1.'.,J,2,,, 4 Z- v Z, IN. 5 :,,,4,,:,..,5Qi P, T - - 2.:5e1-sraaziffe 4:5--LOTS HAMILTON . . J we eafeyfn-inf-:f1.f3,f: - g..1.T-2525+ KATHERINE L. REEDS . 1:1 1"1"6:iC+Eis'f1'Jfs:?L2!s 'T -Lille I 3"Qi?f5T?-1',2'4-'iff'-"fy E-xmfffil - rv- 4-':,-Q asqjf, --"L-"'-f -5' 3,-g.',g5NT'PQtr'1 -Q35-f--x'i DQRQTHY REHA f. ic ?1l'E'7"f:'4-J-H-".-1-,v.:'--"5 'J pprvei. ' -TH'--' -- - 'fy ek-3 rr.-11 -.1-H'-4:-7'1fe's:r H1-1-s1.l'. 11 -riff" :f-ge.p:.fs.e - 'fffi ' "ws-1" ' -' -'ff'--f4"i' DOROTHY FROST ':T--...',ej,,g,,'g,,g:5f ' ' A ' ' TRENE ARRASMITH . . Sponsor . Presidenl' . Vice-Presidenf Secrefary-Treasurer Program Chairman . . Chaplain Kappa Phi was founded af fhe Universify of Kansas in I9l6 and fhe following year was organized on The Universify of Iowa campus . . . As a nafional organizafion wifh 26 acfive chapfers and a nafional membership of 25.000, ifs purpose is fo form a closer associafion among Mefhodisf Women. supplemenfed by aid in fhe sfudenf work of 'The church, service in faking care of incoming freshmen each year, and fraining for leadership. The aim of Kappa Phi is fo make every Mefhodisf woman in fhe Universify world of foday a leader in fhe Church of fomorrow. Page 190 Fifrh Row: Young, Coon, Serup, Sfrang, Penningrofh Fourih Row: Hidlebaugh, Baer, Brinery, Bone, Bishop, Kirlre, Bell, Schaefer Third Row: Donahey. Moore, Laclrender, Daughion. Cornelius, Pefsel, Schneberger, Cooper, James Second Row: Brown, Doslal, Slaughier, Crum, Rodgers, Jackson, Brulus, Beslor Firsl' Row: Winslow, Swanson, Janeceli, Pyle, Pehrson, Enqlund, Monlgomery, Reed PHI OFFICERS HELEN PYLE . . . . . HOPE PRICE . . . MILDRED ENGLUND . DORIS JANECEK . . T ALICE MONTGOMERY . . . . . Scribe MARIE SWANSON I . . Rushin Chairm n I MARY Louise wiNsLow C 9 e RITA JAMES ..... . Social Chairman MRS. W- F. BMS-I-OL ALAIRE REED . . Song Leader MRS. 5. 9, WgN1ER Phi Gamma Nu, a naiional professional commerce sororiry, was found- ADVISOR ed on February I7, I924, by six commerce siudenis a+ Norlhwesiern FRANCES PEHRSON Universify. Della Chapfer a+ Ihe Universiiy of Iowa was slarled in I928. The group's aciiviiies include semi-monfhly dinner meeiings Io enable members Io become Iaeiier acquainled: an annual commerce faculfy supper af Ihe Iowa Memorial Union: and a commerce mixer sponsored by Phi Gamma Nu for Ihe eniire Commerce College. Page 191 Fourih Row' Tobias. Lenzen Third Row: I-lusion, Swisher Fifth Row: l-lusman, Hansen, Second Row: Bridges, Deani s i l Aringfon, Carlson, Merriam, Schnug, Wagner Boisen, Puffer, Frink, Baumqarlner, Saqgau, Sheridan MNIIB l'hl. SH,Nb ll c a , raunuc, ee, co e ergo Morrison, Roberts, Carmody, Blaul, Beeler, Sullivan Fronf Row: Thornell, Sleven , Beals, Davis, Wriqhi, Haaclr, Pinlcsion, Murlaqh, Rivers A ,QQZ,-'g'QTIjf'f,f?ifgf11m,c,g'L54. . . ' ." "?'1 Afifi-if-r3,,. -1 --.-L - ' . ' .X s - . H- '-, -14,1 , A NL' - '-fseek-X , .Q 1-ox-' ' 4' 1. - or X f' - f'19rf'l'ff-ff - T 4- i ,. .-1 ' -.2-1'Ia'?iw! i-we 'YTSFSM g 'f -',:"f'1'?': ,,.E3:4-'gif - 2. -afviff -'i ,' 'T-f3'ff5t'3'i'5+'li?i.iQ:ii. 35 1, mf 5 "1 '52 -fi'?9?19: 15' fffssf. Q -.Fx ,. ik-12' up .. '- 1 ivy as rs,,i si- XI, V -.-p-Q Nw- . Y vvggkln 'f'i,,.i.c, V rf 4 , -e-353i-'H x t'Qlfi1,- 1 .ii -MV .' s.. Tf'-." 1' . ,..g- ' ' 4 -vaw--A' . M.. ,. Tw f' -'T' 1- J-L' 79" 1. .5Wn" . eriifl- 1.r 3,33--A -'r- fr sf- ,QV N-V-Mi'5'a-ua.: '5:52fx,,: ' ' f'Ss:'1:'l'5'f,, ' .ff:E:F?5f . 'f -' ."' A .', . f L,f?1'5?iff' N' 3 ., saw s - ' ,-gr -x---s-gw:- -4 , A , y13.g-x-.:,,:uv:,5.v ru 515,1- ,,Bvp??ss35-7-.W fr.: .V-2 se' ,mgsqa -'N,,l,3 '- as.-f' --N qu '-t,r:."'!tx -1'-' ",- qs. ' .F-..r,,Ag"3 .h.:"'S --mg -. .svlrih-'sijf-2.--y-1sg.-5221 .1 :- N- -, -:- ,g.-fvgii'::.w.'1. . . 4, .- . OFFICERS 'X a-4.fiss'.B'32.rP' afrrglrzg 12' .-: .nigeria-Z"2P25r:?g f X. . Q',-' if,-' .ran 'v-L.-'.ig: f'1.-'1j.:,,.if,.-Nj.-' . - .-, ',i,!fJsi' ,ag P., F . 'wfkgrgzwg-SL.giZ:,.55q,siqgl--,, Wi., .fgiiswsgggffkgrg . ,'j-qgifffr. 4 "'Zf.g'x-'iw 5',g"Sf"5'Flii.'?23E17"1fQ"C.7,if, i- ?'23ir-,f?"T3?g5'l2-3Q5 x' WRlG-HT , . Presldeni . '-1' iliiflf- 'Vai' --'5' lk-'JE 'if' """"""1',"' "f :Q 5 2"Kvfi5f"'-'XL- QP' " Q1 lil' i"':-f rr'---'Hifi-ff, '1 ' if' , riff:-1'-'fQ?:--1299, gg ' -5.ui':-1'-gQ!.+5tv iSQ5'c' s .,', ' -- 7-,.Q1.',,x ,im 7 110- rg -:- ' -X , , - 356,431 A k .5qi2.LfiQ.R,THA ANN JORDAN . . Secrelary ' if-if-,.Q -'Y '31, la ' .-+ " "Eau , . rg..--ef ibjrjfi. Q- - . fifcfiff,-if.-:irgzfixfaggjffigfjz11155751 555' HOWARD BEALS . , . Treasurer Pi Epsilon Pi, The l'lawlceye's palladium of pep, saw irs sevenleenfh year of successful service on 'rhe lowa campus in lhis year I94I-42. The Iowa chap- Jrer, eslalolishecl in l925, is one of +he nine componenls forming rhe nalional orqanizalion. This chapler, wilh ifs presidenf acling as ex-orficio head of lhe nafional organizalion, is The naiional headquarlers wiih Hs offices here in Iowa Ciiy. Olher chaplers are localed ar The Universily of Minnesola, Uni- versily of Indiana, Purdue universiiy, Universily of Michigan, and Norlh- weslern universily. Page 192 Fiflh Row: Pearson, Paule, Tormey, Wieben, Cole Fourlh Row: Shapiro, Saley, McCray, Myers, Sfaley, Devlin, Smilh, Wohlner Third Row: Wyriclc, Zuercher, Mclflwain, Muilenburg, Zoeclcler, Sherman, Weelcs Second Row: Cohen, Casey, Fosfer, Elwood, Kirlcpalriclr, Pierce, Moll, McNall Fronl Row: Mcllree, Beeler, Tobin, Caughlin, Wengerl, Gidel, Polian w'f:53?Q.-.Qu-1-.sqii 1 fx:-.g . ., . --.F-i'3l1k34'X' W"'?g "' ' ' ' 57-'itz-:V .iff-L7 , -' ,,. '??c5Im?x"3f'U""""f'1?43QQf7':"-Zi-ii:.' . 'A 7211 . ',.:-i?T7'3- .. '7fllfffi-25.233145 -we ,, 1-s . ' A ' - , , "1" Jr,-rf --"fr 9 , '-Tzuxq-F f'6P'L. ' i A 'H3l'iif3'Q- J- ' f :!m,..ffx.L-X -ig FQ' "1 rf.-f Dx it s,i..- .L:g,fg3- gyvp-'J ' - . ' - 1.1 ,f,,,1:,gf:f,ef:-' --5. N3 4, e 'r , .fe V - 7-4 L.-,,n. - ' T'- -ff 5123:-Q19 -N' - 21- N. , - . 41:51--7.-3sf'r33Isiiw w - ,viii wif-wi,-L .- 5 .,j '.', " -.:pI:g.,fg',r. ANL- 5. . ?32wgTf.':e, A A ' 'f -. ,df . ,J s AL- r "sy-"iz,"-'if -" - V , ' - A -.htgzzifl '- Q. ffypgj --N -' .,,,v4?i':'?r?z5.fh'f-if.: mg .. .1 .' : , '-4.151 .-3412135-'35,-2-if ,:i-, , w?,u:s,,.3.-xqlnf, I ,,,f,-- ,K V., I-7 - , V- ,A ,,,:,1dL,,-2 A-,".5ai"ffF',1'r1 .1. 5' f--T .J i 5-vfei g gp! 'i'4?5S:f':+f:5:f A' - ' .W ff '1 . ,A . - z',f'-,--'Z ,-' ,.".. ---- N" . 3 . . 1-4'-V. - Q". '3Lij'ffE,'fQ,j..qL-.'- 5-'g:,.,.' ..:-N5 '--:N -A: ,Q --'ggi5-,.L:fMf,,:525g-H-Q.n -141' 4?""'tJ1Y':,f - 'rf-T-fi, -1. , 1 125--iff!" ' lj i:1 ?,iJlf5':.42,cQ:f-fi!-1-w'g-.f "-fiiagf-f 'i3P:.i-1.'-:ii-:f1f:g:?, ,vS2.' '- WALTER H. SANFORD SIBLEY B. NEWMAN -"Fr: 'L15?qiQ5.'.f,J,"Qf.g E,,Q'if,-'fl-Q, -7' T,.g'L-Irg1'gf7.q'-iST'fJ,35,i5 igzhiir- - "Ev-fn 1'f'1,'-islgiiigsl:1'I'3.i?129E.:f -,Ji-' sf '.+ifN::ziC:f5:?7l'k-- 'v:, 5, , .75 3713 ,L .Sip ..-,1fl"..- v 4' ,ig f,,?c--.g-n,f-- . -v,,f,.v-f.-.L A 5-L Y3''infXRS'-'vfs'G2'3i5:?fia1L-Snfi?-kf.ii?""F " " 'ffl X. ,, Egg' 2-pf! -:-,,'.-,- 'situ--'grtl 54' gf? 'ffffi-.Ze-"'i'-' . . . 1 . . 'Y-3.-rmpijz-1 31 " ' ' - '. . ..xg11'-A--Q-3f:fji!""" This group, allhough originally a men s organizalion, has now--ekpfak f N encompass women members as well, in order 'rhal 'rhis roundly represenlarive group may mainlain Jrhe proper pride and zeal among Iowa srudenls for rhe alhlelic accomplishmenls upon lheir campus. Grealesl' inrensily ol Pi Epsilon Pi aclivily cenlers around Jrhe loolball season when a srudenr rrip is planned 'lor The year, The Town and campus are colored and accoufred before each game, and pep rollies and srudenl parades are organized ro highlighl' lhe big games. The cardinal occasion of lhe year, held in a blizzard of conlelfi and serpenline, is fhe Pep Jamboree, during which a Pep Queen is announced from lhis organizarion. Page 193 Third Row: Miller, Georges, Darby, Sundberg, Sfranglen, Adams, Mueller, Barron, Brumer, Perry, Anderson Second Row: Spencer, Russell, Poulos, Woodrow, Merrill, Moore, Krizan, Biedrzycki, Varqon, Mahoney. Arm brusfer, Forresf Eirsf Row: Weber, Conrad, Lopin, Pyles, Kemnilz, Ahlgren, Wens+rom, Becker, Poulos, Lounsbury, . Presidenf Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary . Treasurer geanf-af-Arms E. K. SHAIN Armbrusler - fx , IS .V 1f1TLIi"fr3D?z:L.'.- f- r - I Hgufff' "rv l ' fl fr ggi'-K-g,ZE:.f,A , If - 'f S , I 'QSVEBLE I 42:2 519315 459 Q35 ..::'4?f A Z3v.3y,3,+g H , A ' E- 'T?::.-LIL--Jgkrs., '32 " 3315: .4555 :WE " - " " 'i:.:-.i!'42:5",. . -P"T'3-' ':g,-gffj.: .4 55-I1.w,.+',' .gg-'L 5 FACULTY ADVISOR I -rt.-r' 'R f r 5 fi ffm- ' - ' if-:E-f ,-ff . ,I . COACH DAVID A. ARMBRUSTER I 1 ,wfzigr-gif If-1 pfx ,-. if 'ua' if gfsf. R , 1, OFFICERS : -A T 1:4 .fr .-Hag: gi' ,.,,.E, :g,. ,' -.9 A Eff-IME -1 E CARL R. AH LGREN .... - :,g,::',+ i:5,:ef2.Ii:.:amif,Q45g- A H. CLYDE KEMNITZ - - , , -.3 ,. ..r- rs,a-lg1.- "1..,-'-A ..'. H .a ,-,..-f..-fl., ,l X, -332. -, ,,,:f .1 -hz-PHILLIP P. PYLES . . '1 L. ,- " .. ---ug, .vw ', .. ,' I '.,.,: - . --" 1 --'xggj -J-' . 'srl -' EEE.. .E-A . DON A. WENSTROM . fig? " ,ui fsfiE'r2E'-fgf'7crff.3.a,j, F inf 1. ,Zf5i15Ti1Lp:',' " ...... Ser '- E I .-arf iawaigvsz. 1 I I.,,,f5a.g: -E L K I' MEMBERS IN FACULTY A '- s. BEEBEE C. H. MCCLOY C. GALIHER E. G. SCI-IROEDER DR. IRVING AMERICAN RED CROSS LARRY GRISWOLD CARL AI-ILGREN ERWIN J. ANTI-IOFER EDWARD ARMBRUSTER ROBERT BECKER LEO BIEDRZYCKI FRANK BRANDON GEORGE BROWN BERNARD CONRAD NICK CONNELL JIM FORREST DON GILBERT HONORARY MEMBERS WENTWORTH LOBDELL GEORGE NISSEN ACTIVE MEMBERS LARRY HAYES NICK KARAFFA CLYDE KEMNITZ HAROLD KRIZAN DOUG Le NORE VITO LOPIN DALE LOUNSBURY EDWARD MAHONEY CHUCK MCDONALD RUSSELL MCDONALD DICK MERRILL W. J. TEETERS W. W. TUTTLE IRVING WEBER LOUIS WURL CLARENCE E. MOORE CYRIL NOON STEVE O'BRIEN GEORGE POULOS TOM POULOS PHILLIP P. PYLES BUZZ RUSSELL DICK SPENCER VIC VARGON DON WENSTROM WALT WOODROW Page 194 a l':,.Qb '-'.3Qif1'-Qfc-ws -. ., . X ,5,l'r"'3-,lsjaeiqxyz Ma- BQ- g-f3'M,.,.':- ' Q +- v 'Q'-. I-fag.?'e:.-.X Q. ..,x Q ,.x,, .,- r. M ,,1,,, ,,Qg+'ser1:i""f . . ,L - ' so :.I?II!ff4:,'?R2'f'n, ,a1. -2+ ,Lq,yf :-45515, , .L "1 -'-'gal ,1:Rf 'J?1E'ai'fL5,g,j,g"' max' -I " f 3 -,Y-,sm ,' . - . -.usp . . . N : fb 'rv . -.Rig .' 1. ,Sf Q , 'II'-,G L. -'P -. I .. ' ' Hi+f'F'I"Yf 'fit .' a- grit 1, 'F' -' -.1 ' .pry K- ' K-if-' is knqf, .f iff? . -, ' ' , ,Q ai-?giCE.3r:2iYfii?fQs: 5553-1:c Fifi? 'f!f3fffEfff'7 f'fI5?Ii5fi"i-'lx'-I?',:r -lr j'w5+Lmi5?i':5.iE'' ii'Y'I'3?7i'3 - - - if '- 5 -fs:-5 ,-:f,. 'Q .,-'1 -. Nol since Granf Iook Richmond has The common aw- f I 2'nssxff.,--,L 'f 'V .aQff?.4Y-,'-X' known a real, rousing howl like Ihe Universify of Iowa's'cIij , - a f". , 'ix w xf.A4.ij3jg.g,ff' . . I I ' If - :f5r.'Xs,. WQB5 'fl 1 fi 9:1 iff- TW" I squad. Broken down, if is, by and large, a sfrange group of zany cirfi''if-Tri,-'i-q'1Q5'x'1 .I f- I- Iegians whose funclion is Io gel' you on your Iee'I', raise your voice and pep up The learn. All cheerleaders musl have been Irighfened by a boiler faclory af a young and 'render age or are perhaps Ihe hybrid Ihar resuI'rs when a Tobacco aucrioneer is crossed wilh an adagio dancer. Members of Ihe crew are Ervin Pinksfon, caprain: Dick Spencer, Bob Puller and Ralph Sialey. Erosh are Jim I-Iuni, Dod Moore, McCuen and Bill Leaming. ERVIN PINKSTON RALPH STALEY BILL LEAMING DICK McCUEN DOD MOORE JIM HUNT BOB PUFFER DICK SPENCER ERVIN PINKSTON I Page 195 , .A ,gb , ,, , ., W, up . 'QQZ-mv: Pr. 1. - -f-fl - '-s. ' ,.. . . ,'.,,,. ' . 4-bgjgpggffx ip rf . ' '-1 -.,.g.- F I 4- ,., - Third Row: Trachsel, Opsfad. Brinlr, Bradshaw, Wieben. HamilTon, Wheeloclc, HasTy Second Row: Reeds, Arrasrnifh, CarpenTer, Wilson, Clark, Neely, Walmer, Sfeward, LuTher FirsT Row: Hayes, MarTin, Dr. VoigT, CurTis, Moeller, Mrs. Marfin Council Members NoT in Picfurez Gr ss, Riggs, Beamer WES purpose aT The boHom of The many STudenT CenTer, home of Wesley FoundaTion The individual, looTh in leadership qualiTies . Here in a wholesome, ChrisTian en- and fellowship, The sTudenT may grow Through parTicular inTeresTs. Teas, l:anqueTs, lciTchen parTies, ESTHER BEAMER Vice-PresidenT GEN EVA STEXVARD SecreTary RICHARD BRINK Treasurer ADVISERS THE REV. AND MRS. STANLEY H. MARTIN ing- on , fireside chaTs, lecTures, discussions, sTud rou s, and Sun- P P Q Y 9 P day evening vespers, all conTribuTe To The growTh of The well-inTegraTed personaliTy. AT The CenTer The sTudenT finds ample opporTuniTy for The develop- menT of leadership abiliTy. This makes Tor more eTTecTive ChrisTian service on The campus as well as in The sTudenT's home communiTy. The Wesley FoundaTion movemenT aT The UniversiTy of lowa, TogeTher wiTh The oTher religious groups on The campus, uniTes sTudenTs wiTh a naTional and inTernaTional fellowship and links The sTudenT in a pro- gressive world broTherhood. Page 196 . .,,.. Third Row: Jenkins, Wignes. Colvin, Freerksen, Skinner, Johnslon Second Row: Gay, Pluckhahn. Jenkins, Mrs. Findly, Rose, Johnson, James Firsl' Row: Slufzman, Wheeler, Chang. Blom In February of l9II, Belhany Circle was founded al' of Illinois. This organizalion became nalional four ye 1927 began lo be known by fhe Greek Iellers Kappa a fellowship lor universily women of lhe Disciples of Chrisl, now has nine aclive chaplers in colleges and universifies in lhe slales of Kansas. Oklahoma. Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wesl Virginia. Epsilon chapfer al fhe Sfale Universily of Iowa has a house which provides cooperafive living quarlers for many of ils members in ad- dilion Io being a social cenler for Jrhe young people of Jrhe Chrislian Church. Aclivilies of members of fhis chapler are varied, including Orienlalion, Seals' Club, Universily Chorus and Symphonic Choir, Home Economics Club and various church organizalions. Iowa Ci'ry alumnae assisl lhe girls in all Kappa Bela affairs. Page 197 JENKINS Vice-Presidenf LORNA JOHNSON Secrefary DOROTH Y GAY Treasurer BETTY COLVI N Corresponding Secrefary NADINE JAMES "Radius" Reporfer JOYCE PLUCKHAHN Chaplain Third Row: Shaw. GasparoTTi. Adams. Travis Second Row: Holmes, McGraw, MiTchell, Weisbrod, MarTin Firsf Row: Foss, Sfephenson, Ellison, Thompson, Cody Carroll Hogan speaking ' 1-T-l-:0w'eg'L'-' ff Q, 1, , , ' e 's -:?'wgagsc,,. T , .4 ,,,A .g' 'r21?fii1eF1?:g34 n ag, .L jv fs-Qzmcs QQ if f.,-' 'g.:! Q., .g-' ,lu 1,552 5.8, g 1 -fQ4"5si'l " f'- 'ziiiiihfifim i g i-GSW' 4'5 " -'I-' "i:l'54i"'.I'i4vf .ii , 2 - -.f'4-15-:'fT3I'f4?s+i5'! PY L.. X, I ,M L . 1... k. .-, h . yn. ,...,, , 5 AjQ,:,'6,:c:1:-9g, 32.-. !.r.s z-BQ,l..LSgL:a3Eu?i?Qdw,g, XkL4::l,V:v is as I2:f73::52.fT4-ffeaw . Twill K E'f2'S'2-ff1.54-'Z3':xf I.-fs" al' ,- 'iIl'5F'k'fi:TSfl5R'f'-93:4 . 'Ei3?C5'f1' I. newly organized group on The campus, The Ari Pfib sifff'-'R d it .+ I b h. .+ . + +. +. d b ,I f ff: ---, A-. - T . --fm 4..:.s.a-Asif-1-' -' J .. Q ,k5gi i .!s K w nffrfprou o i s arge mem ers ip, i s in eres ing mee ings an . es o '- r:-'gzilx AA Uf w :TJ Q'-fu.-jf' " -'isa 'S' ."' a x - 1 5 an -,gf '3..- ' . , . fsilhe Beaux ArTs Ball. ln l940 a small group of enThusiasTs banded To- ' ' -, ' - ':fs52?':f::::sfs2rsff1fff'r'-- ' . . .. . . . . . . " VgeTher To make 'Picassoble The TirsT Beaux ArTs Ball in The UnlversiTys his- resl enT , . , ROBERT CODY Tory. From This nucleus sprang The idea for a club encompassing The whole vicapresqdenf arT deparTmenT. Now, wiTh a membership oT more Than a hundred. The . ENID El-l-'SON group holds regular business meeTings supplemenTed by picnics, educafional S T . . . . . acre my movies. Tea dances and aller Talks. These acTiviTies, o en To The enTire PATRICIA THOMPSON g Y Treasurer deparTmenT, are carried on in order To bring abouT a greaTer Teeling of Tel- lowship and an appreciaTion oT The concepT of arT Through an exchange of ADVISORS ideas. The "FanTasTic" Theme was carried ouT This year To make The Ball one Al-DEN MEGREW of The bi evenTs of The season Tor Tine arTs sTudenTs and Their Triends. Durin JOHN MARTIN g JOE COX The TirsT semesTer oT This year The Guild, in coniuncTion wiTh The English cle- parTmenT, sponsored The UniversiTy Film SocieTy. The second semesTer The arT group Took over The enTire managemenT as was done in l94O-4l. Page 198 Vq,,.w""r 'v.X,w K N K T Pa, 'Sa fl hawk 9 '2 My A .ff WM YW .M A K!- Q .X slugs, 1, 1- -1. 'ma ., . Qvmtfb S 9. 'AZN QQ:-.S gw, wk x hee-,LM X M . , 'N-W f N.-- ? Z 2"'A it . r' 1 ,tb BOLTON CAMPBELL COOK DeGROOTE EIGE KUGLER Q "Zlf1Qfvc5-- ,Qqf.f-'.,- '-'C.-,L -I ., ...f--l'ELa-ERP' W"5" ' i 'ra lim' '. - --f,-j-1'fy7S1 " f..rk4,- .wt-: A.. .f .J eaftx:1we-w"Q'.'t94F-I-.:--ffl. . T .1-fn, 'av-A A J' - - --V-I--Aw-1a,,'e. xl'-ff' I fiwifla - , . , -.4f'E'2'f'-L".t-2 E-1'fi:BRZp:iN ' 'Q-,--, .". . ' --'. -"if .7 -, i -'V . '2 ' 1 '-"i1'- ffl.:-4 'DJ' :x 'ATL ,il-.-'Zi:. ' ' 'P ' - ' ' E' .'7Rl3"."?1k .541- xe R3 Ll- I- qs: 5 ,Q .. . T-4:-,,q,.f.::-8 . ,-ftp ' "XT -'C !' 1' ' I -T i' 2 :f::j:B'f?1fB-S:-f -fzfiqih' 12.551 -f"ig1- ' - ' ' - T' L P 1 , ffif- 'T1'? rT""'- --QL aa-'JL'w Cz- , - 'ff ,,--1455: '1 JLlf,,Z,g:14" - ' - If ' . , - :if '.4.,51I-rv-z'sQ3,. , ,, 5 ' .QL 5, ,. k- 1 - ,..,- :,.,,.,:, 1.- -. - Q 3 " 13556 Ti' ,J I-,, I- 1 ' . A Llp Sf?-"B:1?fep p pg 1' 1, .-4: -ga ff ' '- A3 J f ,g . grwf- ,fag f , ja ,f f 11 J - -- , as 39 A ,a2.e.55 f,.31,f,.:f,..K.4:' -Lf--, -- , ,: .f ,,,,,,'f-If-gy-vs, 7 . pf-,, ,qs-,g,:y xx-Q If: .,jR,- l - . , i QV ,f :fr5.g.g 1 ,x O -. - .--f zny- "I, .Q ,'-- .wf', I 31 ' -' ',-' . -'iv X - jg' ' , '51, 45"q:iE,1g:.j?.il,jii. . -f, ,N . V, ' . M , , . , vh., , ,. .i9:gf' , I H - -, ' 7 :L s.gPgi'f3'fe 14.11 121. ,Y .5 1 Ia , 12".:rEf'f P alm f- -anew--,f"' ff.: V: -A .r ' - -,'.,vQ:, , 4'f':-.a- - a,x..:1g'L'Ll'.4'..-'--,':.f. sf, -- -:.- -- 1"' - -2- ---.vpgh n i-I:-,r - 1. , -,V ,-, l- 7. -1 1 '- -- -.L.ff.a.. . . - - ,ft-'L "?'nE'-g"fC,gL'."- -1.1 'fgj.,-,.-LL . -l , '-'g..-'ff' .Q ff':,"q?:.l,'3Y - H' "---1 - --',zf-Q-xr:-:az V, ef Aw.-rf-,--I1:a:ff.f---IAefgz,-If "T: TJ' ' ' ' 5" I 474-".fiCwJL-' 'ii"P!ii:-'L3,1'x3' 3:Qh'l "7l?'1Qf""1G' A f2'f"Li.ifi ' ' ' ...- .. . . E51 . AA L . .f .1 "f-'5Ffff,f5i3 , c - - - .,h-"'-A-"3?--'rtfh ' ' -'- !.'7rif,4-'ff-4 ffilfrfrf-fi?-'Y " --WL-1-.-V ..-.-,. ,. BILLIE BOLTON Zela Tau Alpha DOROTHY CAMPBELL Kappa Kappa Gamma MARYLIN COOK Kappa Alpha Thela BETTY DeGROOTE Gamma Phi Bela MATHILDE EIGE Della Gamma SHIRLEY KUGLER Alpha Xi Della ISABELLE MCCLUNG Della Della Della ARDIS MARTIN Alpha Della Pi LORRAINE MOORE Chi Omega LOUISE NATI-IANSON Signa Della Tau JEAN STRUB Pi Bela Phi FRANCES SUTTON Alpha Chi Omega Page 200 "Panhellenic" is a combined word meaning "all Greeks" and fhe Women's Panhellenic As- sociafion af ihe Siafe Universiiy of lowa is iusf fhai-an organizafion of The five hundred sororily women on our campus. There are 'rwelve na+ional social sororifies represenfed in 'rhis organizafion and every girl who pledges a sororify aufomafically becomes a member of ihe Women's Panhellenic Associalion. Offi- cial delegaies 'From each chapier mee? regular- ly in monfhly panhellenic business meefings and all sororify women join in 'rhe special panhel- lenic programs which emphasize iopics of parficular inleresi To every member. Panhel- lenic is a governing body and delermines poli- cies affecfing such all-chapier ac'rivi+ies as rush- ing, pledging. and iniiiaiing of members. and The publicalion and disiribulion of panhellenic maferial. The Women's Panhellenic Associalion serves many purposes, buf primarily if slrives +o carry ou+ a program which will mainfain fra- 'rernily life on a high plane, will 'luriher good scholarship, and will develop The besf of social sfandards. Page 201 McCLUNG MARTIN MOORE NATHANSON STRUB SUTTON ALPH I OMEGA Alpha i Omega found a new occupalion Ihis year in war worlc. e girls er Icepf busy IcniHing, arfending Iirs+ aid classes, and helping d funds. Bul even 'rhese imporfanf new inferesfs did nor sup- planl' campus aclivilies. Frances Sullon, presidenf of Alpha Chi, also served as presidem' of Women's Panhellenic Associalion. and Mary Jane Huber was presideni of W. R. A. In ofher organizarions, Rose- marie Devlin was secrelary of Newman Club, and Doris Janecelc was Ireasurer of Phi Gamma Nu. Chrisfel Schaaf, Florence Walker and Phyllis Nissen served on Ihe Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Jeanne Slarr was a mem- ber of U. W. A. board. and BeHy Hemsky and Doris Janecek held posls on Ihe Union Board sub-commiffee. Joan Joehnlc appeared as soIois+ wi+h 'rhe Universify chorus and orcheslra. Margery Slrain presenfed her own radio programs, and Beulah Slowe found a place on Ihe women's debafe Ieam. In pubIica+ions. Jeanne Sfarr was news edi'Ior of THE DAILY IOWAN, and Mary Penningrorh was assislanf business manager of THE JOURNAL OF BUSINESS. Ofher members worked on Ihe HAWKEYE, FRIVOL, and 'rhe IOWAN, Iook par+ in Seals, Orchesis, P.E.P.. 'rhe High- landers. chorus, and orcheslra. , ' Page 202 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 R. Devlin C. Sclwaaf L. Grullce F. Sclmeberqer M. l'luloer H. Slevens M. Kniglni M. Slrain R. Moran F. Sullon M. Penningrollw W. Wiebler Class of I 943 K. Besf J. Joelmlc G. Garner P. Myers B. Hemslcy E. Nebergall N. l-loclcelr A. Serup D. Janecelc D. Underwood Class of I944 J. Armour M. Frifclmen J. Che-hak J. Sfarr F. Walker PLEDGES E. Alflerbaugh, '44 P. Pierce. '43 D. Brown, '45 N. Robinefle, '42 L. Carlelon, '45 B. Saunderson, '42 M. Dierlcing. '43 B. Schwarlz. '44 L. Dumbauld. '43 C. Sheridan, '45 J. Fish, '43 B. Slowe, '43 V. Howes, '45 K. Tobin, '45 R. McLean, '43 M. Wellcer. '43 P. Nissen, '45 M. Wengerr, '43 M. Owens. '43 B. Zaclc, '43 Page 203 Brown Dumbaulcl Hemslcy Jenks Nebergall Robinefle Sheridan Sfrain NfValker Afflerbauglw Carleton Fish Hockelf Knighl' Nissen Saunclerson Spaan Sutton Willier Armour Chehalc Frifchen Howes McClean Owens Schaaf Slarr Scliwarlz Wengerf Besf Devlin Garner Huber Moran Penninqroflw Schneberger Sfevens Tobin Wiebler Dierliing Grullze Janecek Myers Pierce Serup Slowe Underwood Zack Anderson Bell Binder M. Haaclc M S. Lewis G K. Falla nd S. Gillell S. J. Anderson J. M. Bell M M. Taylor PLEDGES D. Binder, '43 B. J. Brunson. '45 D. S. Bunze. '43 E. K. Carmody, '42 C D. Carpenler. '45 M P. Carson, '45 N F.. Elwood. '45 E. B. Grange, '45 M G. Harney. '45 G Brunson Bunze Carmody Carpenler Carson Elwood Falland G-illell J. Godden M. Godclen Grange Griepenburg Haacl: Harney Howes Kirlcpalriclc Knarr Lewis Lorenz Lynch Mack A. Marlin B. Marlin Meyers Munsinger Pelersen Pelerson Phelan Pollilz Rackaway Reed Rodger Shaw Slevenson Swanson Taylor Wilcox Wolf Zaslrow M. Godden A. D. Griepenburg A. M. Lynch H. B. Marlin M. M. Anspach, '43 A. ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 Marlin Reed Swanson Wolf Zaslrow Class of I943 J. Godden Slevenson Class of I 944 Myers Phelan Raclcaway Howes, '43 Kirlcpalriclc, '45 Lorenz. '45 Mack. '45 Narr, '45 Pelersen, '45 Pelerson, '43 Pollils. '45 Rodger, '43 . Shaw, '45 J. Wilcox, '45 Page 204 ALP A Pl Celebrali g lh ir ninefy-firsl anniversary, Alpha Della Pi was also cele- braling one of if mos+ oulslanding years on lhe campus. Recognizing +he imporlance of c mplemenling high scholarship wilh aclivilies and social lunclions, Alpha Dells were represenfed in all campus groups and aclivilies. Wilh Helen Zaslrow, Phi Bela Kappa and lreasurer of Y.W.C.A.. as scholarship chairman. 'rhe chapier ranked second among sororily scholar- ship averages. Among campus queens were Alaire Reed, Pep Queen, and Dorolhy Binder. allendanl lo lhe Dolphin Queen. Al' lhe DAILY IOWAN, Gerlrude Wolf ediled 'lhe shopping column, "Campus Consullanfsu. Gerlrude also wore 'fhe pin ol Thela Sigma Phi, nalional honorary for women iournalisls. Anofher Y.W.C.A. leader was Kalhryn Falland who was sludenl Chrislian council represenlalive. Serving on lhe Pep Jam- boree Commiliee was Marion Haaclc. Members of Phi Gamma Nu. com- merce honorary, were Marie Swanson and Alaire Reed, while Slella Lewis was a member of Pi Gamma Nu. hislory honorary. Alpha Dells were also represenlecl in Newman Club, Home Economics Club, Tennis Club, Pi Epsilon Pi, and Universily chorus. Ably ssuming The role oT presiclenT oT Sigma chapTer, Shirley Kugler as also a member of The UniversiTy Social CommiTTee, a Transfer ALPI-Hril DELTA rnen a ion leader, and vice presiclenT of HandcraTT Club. Jane ShipTon, wearing The Alpha Xi quill. debaTed on The varsiTy debaTe squad and work- ed on The Hawkeye and The Frivol adverTising sTaTT. Jane also was on The U.W.A. Coffee Hour CommiTTee, SpinsTers' Spree CommiTTee, and an assisTanT OrienTaTion leacler. The Alpha Xi's were well represenTed in Pi Epsilon Pi, Phi Sigma loTa, CosmopoliTan Club. ArT Guild, Home Ec Club, UniversiTy chorus, Psychology Club, and The DAILY IOWAN sTaTT. Y.W.C.A. cabineT members were LoTTa May Jamison and Jean Springer. Jean and Carol ChrisTiansen were OrienTaTion leaders. and PaT Paul was a member of The Freshman ParTy CommiTTee. During November, chapTer members engaged in The Homecoming badge sale. Several parTies were given. The mosT ouTsTancling of which was The spring dinner-dance. Page 206 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 E. Bicldison B. Keyser C. Chrisliansen A. Melsa J. Haring L. Pallen H. Hoerner M. Smilln B. Wendl Class of I943 B. Evans J. Knighl B. Harvey S. Kugler A. Kenworlhy J. Springer M. Wyriclc Class of I944 P. Ahrold L. M. Jamison A. Brauch M. Knox H. Coffin B. L. Leonard J. Covinglon L. J. McNall C. Harmeier B. Mezik J. Shlplon PLEDGES J. Gray, '43 H. Lilrleiohn, '42 H. Jensen, '44 M. McCray, '44 M. Lee. '45 P. Paul. '45 L. Whifney, '43 Page 207 Chrisflans G ray Hoerner Knox Liffleiohn Mezik Springer Ahrold Branch C ff' C en o an ovingfon Haring Harmeler Harvey Jamison Kenworlhy Knighl' Kugler Lee Leonard McCroy McNall Melsa Paifen Paul Shiplon Wenclf Whifney Wyriclc Bulslce Burroughs V. Fowler Moore Pouder Simpson Burden Cowden Johnson Myers Ralcow Wessale Burqell A. Fowler McGaugl1ey Parker Showers Wilson ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 C. Bulske D. McGaugl'1ey J. Burger? L. Moore Class of I943 M. Dolson B. Ralnow E. Simpson Class of I944 J. Cowclen S. Showers K. Ochellree L. Wessale PLEDGES M. Burden, '43 A. Johnson. '45 C. Burroughs, '45 A. Myers A. Fowler, '44 B. Parker. '45 V. Fowler, '45 V. Pouder, '44 S. Wilson, '43 Page 208 Przqe 209 I GA i mega, ounded aT The UniversiTy oT Arkansas in FayeTTeville, April 5, I894, now has nineTy-six acTive chapTers, The largesT number in any social sororiTy. Psi BeTa chapTer, esTablished in I9l9, has iusT compleT- ed a year oT well-rounded acTiviTies. marked especially by inTensive Red Cross work. In campus groups. Chi Omega was represenTed in Y.W.C.A., U.W.A., Home Economics Club. UniversiTy TheaTre, Camera Club, Sociology Club, Pi Epsilon Pi, radio, and church work. ln The Tield oT journalism. Connie Bulslce represenTed The UniversiTy as campus correspond- enT Tor a naTional magazine. Connie was also an oTT'icer oT TheTa Sigma Phi, a member oT The honorary journalism TraTerniTy, Kappa Tau Alpha, and worked on THE DAILY IOWAN. Also in The wriTing Tield was BeTTe Ralcow. a member oT boTh FRIVOL and HAWKEYE sTaTTs. Musical abiliTy was demonsTraTed by Three members in UniversiTy chorus and by Sue Showers in The UniversiTy band. ParTies Tormecl TrequenT and pleasanT escapes from college rouTine. Among Them were The pledges' Timely "BliTzlcrieg Ball", The ChrisTmas Tormal dinner dance, and The spring Tormal. l i ..J D LTA DELTA DelTa De a has been guided by Isabel lvlcclung. Members OT The pledge joined Their acTive sisTers in prominence in UniversiTy acTiviTies. Lois Grissel was a member oT U.W.A. council and The Union Board Sub- commiTTee. The Tri DelT beauTy nominee, Beverly Anderson, was an aTTend- anT To The Dolphin Queen. Barbara Thornell, aTTendanT To The Pep Queen, was also CirculaTion Manager oT FRIVOL. On The Y.W.C.A. cabineT, Jane Byers held The posiTion oT Tinancial chairman. New on The campus This year, Carrol McConaha disTinguished herselT on The UniversiTy debaTe Ts ThirTy-sevenTh year on The Iowa campus, Phi chapTer oT DelTa Team. Among Tri DelTas who served on UniversiTy parTy commiTTees were PaT Flynn, Treasurer oT The AssociaTed STudenTs oT Journalism and chair- man oT The Pica Ball, and DoroThy Muilenburg, a member oT The Pep Jamboree CommiTTee. Dancer Elinor Wisco was presidenT oT Orchesis, and Evaline BeckwiTh danced wiTh The ScoHish Highlanders. Seven Tri DelTs were OrienTaTion leaders, while oThers were acTive on Y.W.C.A. commiTTees and sTudenT publicaTions. Page 210 V. B. M. E. V. D. J. K. K. P. B. L. N B. E. K. M L. J. M P. D. M M ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 Alsop M. Englund Anderson J. Evans Askew M. Ogg Cochenour J. Opslad DeBuHs E. Slevens B. Tlwornell Class of I943 Boisen E. Ivie Byers l. McClung Davis D. Muilenburg Dennison J. Murlagh Flynn E. Wisco Class of I944 Babcock J. Kurlz Grissel P. Traclmsel PLEDGES Aslcew, '44 M. Kurlz, '45 Barlells. '45 J. Lorig, '44 Beclcwilh, '44 C. McConal1a. '43 Blaul. '45 E. McDonald, '43 Carpenler, '45 J. Mcllree, '45 Caslner. '45 Colony, '45 Easlon, '43 Eichhorn. '44 Erilcson, '44 Gray. '45 T. Noe, '45 M. Pinnell, '45 V. Pollan, '45 F. Reiley, '44 M. Rivers. '45 M. Sclxnug, '44 Harmon. '44 J. Tobias, '44 Page 211 N. Askew Byers De Bulls Erilcson Harmon Lorig Muilenbu rg Plnnell Slevens Alsop Babcock Carpenfer Dennison Evans lvie McClung Mur+agh Polian Thornell Anderson Baldridge Caslner Easlon Flynn J. Kurlz McConal'1a Noe Riley Tobias M. Aslcew Barfells Cochenou Eichlworn Goodman M. Kurfz McDonald Q99 Rivers Trachsel I' Boisen Davis Englund Grissel Loefsclwer Mcllree Opslad Sclwnug Wisco Barngrover Corey Gilberi Horn Langlancl Marlin Pray J. Slemmons Swisher .-nuclear-mrs f M. M. J. J. J. J. J. P. M. M M J. M J. C J. A M A K. D. ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 Eige M. Kuever l-lenaman B. Lorimer Houglwion J. Rowe Class of I943 Bordner P. Hemingway Bryan? G. Linge Dancer D. Miller Class of I944 Clwrisfie M. Marlin l-lamilfon G. Slernmons Heallw J. Slemmons H. Willis PLEDGES Barngrover, '44 E. Morrison, '44 Corey, '43 K. Peferson, '45 Davenport '44 N. Pray, '43 Dixon, '45 M. Roberfs, '44 Gilbert '45 B. Sclwupp, '43 Horn, '43 B. Smilln Husfon, '45 Johnson, '43 P. Smilh, '45 B. Snider, '44 Langlancl, '44 L. Swanson, '44 Lenzen, '45 McElwain, '43 Moll, '43 M. P. Swisher, '45 M. Travis, '44 A. Verdin, '45 Zuerclwer, '44 Bordner Bryani' Clnrisfie Dancer Davenporl' Dixon Eige Hamillon I-lealh Hemingway Henaman Houghton Husion Johnson Kuever Lenzen Linqe Lorirner McElwain Miller Moll Morrison Peierson Roberfs Rowe Sclwupp G. Slemmons B. Smilh P. Smifln Snider Swanson Travis Verdin Willis Zuerclwer as-A-u .-nr vu nfssaun-a-4-.2-f,'uf::fgute.i.,..s--1.7- f-'f-3L,- 1 ' W --A -- ,,..... , 1,- -,, -. - Page 212 DELTA MA MeeT The DelTa Gammas oT I94I-42! For we are jusTly proud OT The new honors They have broughT To Tau chapTer This pasT year. Under The able leadership oT MaThilde Eige, presidenT, They were awarded Third place in sororiTy scholarship and once again iniTiaTed an ouTsTanding pledge class. KaThleen Loss meriTed elecTion To Phi BeTa Kappa, Mary Carolyn Kuever was a member oT MorTar Board. vice-presidenT oT U.W.A., chairman OT CoTTee Hours, and an honorary cadeT lieuTenanT colonel aT The Milifary Ball. DoroThy Miller served on a sub-commiTTee of The Union Board. Jean Rowe served as a member oT Y.W.C.A. cabineT, as did Joan HoughTon, who also was a member oT SpinsTer's Spree CommiTTee. Barbara Jean Schupp was elecTed To Seals Club, and Genevieve Slemmons Toolc an acTive parT in radio work aT W.S.U.l. There were also many DelTa Gammas who were OrienTaTion leaders, members OT The HAWKEYE, FRIVOL and DAILY IOWAN sTaTTs, members oT Pi Epsilon Pi and The Y.W.C.A. Thus This pasT year DelTa Gamma has, as beTore, achieved disTincTion in The various phases oT universiTy liTe. Page 213 GA its I HI B ETA R pTer oT Gamma Phi BeTa sororiTy was Tounded on The Uni oT lowa's campus TwenTy-seven years ago. The Gamma Phis, und e leadership oT BeTTy DeGrooTe, have been well repre-senTed in all campus acTiviTies and have mainTained high scholasTic ideals. Each year an acTive pin is awarded To The iniTiaTe having The highesT scholasTic average. Helen Foss was elecTed To Phi BeTa Kappa and was Treasurer oT The ArT Guild. Serving on The U.W.A. OrienTaTion council This year was Corinne Hayes. Corinne has also been socieTy ediTor oT The DAILY IOWAN and vice-presidenT oT TheTa Sigma Phi, journalism TraTerniTy. AnoTher acTive member of TheTa Sigma Phi was Jean BaumgarTner. Marian Hansen was presidenT oT Junior-Senior Y.W.C.A. Tor I94I-42. Florence Rohrbacher served as Y.W.C.A. social chairman Tor This year, while Frances Gloclcler was a member oT The sophmore cabineT. Marian and Frances, as well as Jean James, Suzanne La Grange, and Mary Dickey were members oT Seals Club. Barbara Hudson had a leading role in The UniversiTy play "Mississippi", and Audrey ScoTT served as an aTTendanT To The Pep Queen. QE-is ll' i fii. if su ' V G 2 Oy 4' Page 214 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class E. Anderson J. Braunlich B. DeGroole M. Dickey H. Foss H. Gordon Class M. Anderson S. Bieg E. Clark M Hansen Class J. Bridges F. Glockler D. M. J. P. A. V. M. B. V. PLEDGES ofl I 942 C. Hayes S. Heuchelin M. A. Lundeen P. Reddy B. Rhea F. Rohrloacher I943 K. Kildee B. Negus A. Scolr P. Sullivan 944 E. Kohrs P. Saggau Anderson, '45 M. Jensky, '44 B Andrew, '43 Baumgarlner, '43 Blazer, '45 Casey, '43 Ducharme, '45 Elwood. '45 Hudson, '43 Husman, '44 J. James, '43 M. Tullle, Page 215 Jones, '44 Junge, '44 La Grange, '41 Ochsher. '45 Payne, '45 Reynolds, '43 Saley, '43 Schlachler, '45 Shanks, '44 '45 D. Anderson E. Anderson M. Anderson Andrew Baumgarfner Bieg Blazer Braunlich Bridges Casey Clark DeGrooTe Dickey Ducharme Elwood Foss Glockler Gordon Hansen Hayes l-leuchelin Hudson Husman James Jensky Jones Junqe Kildee Kchrs Le Grange Lundeen Nequs Ochsher Payne Reddy Reynolds Rhea Rohrbacher Sagqau Saley Schlachfer Scoll' Shanks Sullivan Tullle Baslcell' Rohan Ellison Hall Kerwin Liplon Noland Schwarzlcopf Sfapp Weed Berg Billings Cool: Davidson Forbes Frank Hardie Healon Kirby Knapp Lumbard McCormick Pafzer Pelerson Shaffer Sherman Thompson Townsend Whifeford Williams Black Blackman Doran Eifman Goldzier Haclcell Hill' Horrigan Laird Linf Murphy Nelson Rowland Schirmer Simonsen Sorensen Turner Van Order Zeigler Zumsieg "' . . , .1 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 L. Bohan J. Horrigan M. Cook D. Linl M. Hill' M. Liplon Class of I943 J. Billings M. Goldzier J. Doran C. Sherman E. Ellison D. Warner E. Williams Class of I944 M. Davidson P. Pafzer K. Kirby M. Schirmer J. Laird F. Simonsen M. McCormick L. Sorensen B. Nelson M. Van Order J. Noland P. Whileford P. Zumsleg PLEDGES A. Baskeii, '43 M. Kerwln. '43 M. Berg. '45 M. Knapp, '45 M. Black, '45 F. Lumbard, '43 P. Blackman, '45 L. Murphy, '43 P. Eilman, '44 B. Forbes, '45 S. Frank, '45 H. l'laclceH, '45 J. Hall, '43 M. Heaion, '43 J. Hardie, '45 S. Pelerson, '43 M. Rowland, '45 M. Zeigler, '43 K. Shaffer, '43 E. Slapp, '43 C. Townsend. '43 A. Weed. '43 M. Schwa rzkopf, '44 Page 216 KAPPA ALP HETA Kappa Alpha Thefa, organized al De Pauw Universily, endeavored 'lo mainlain an aciive campus par+iCipa+ion in addilion +0 mainiaining 'rhe Slandards of The sororily. This year Enid Ellison was a member of Union Board and 'rhe Social Commirree. in adclirion 'ro leading one of lhe U.W.A. Orienfalion groups. Edifh Williams, Dol Linr, Jeanne Noland, Marrha Jane McCormick. Margarel Van Order, Kay Kirby, and Frances Simonsen held posirions in lhe Orienlarion program. Frances Simonsen was also a member of +he Sophomore Cofillion Commiffee and chairman of +he Universi+y Sing program. Doi Linr was accorded The rank of honorary lieulenani-colonel and also held +he office of pledge lrainer of Thefa Sigma Phi. Acrive on The HAWKEYE were Mary Kay Davidson. business sfaff. and Jackie Doran, edirorial sraff. Louise Sorensen served as Pep Queen arfenclanr. Pal Palzer danced wilh lhe ScoHish Highlanders. Kay Kirby was elecied +o Spinslers' Spree Commirfee and was co-chairman of +he Inrernafional Bazaar sponsored by +he Y.W.C.A. Helen Haclcelle was a member of fhe Freshman Parly Commi++ee. and Ann Lou Murphy con- ducled her own musical program over W.S.U.l. Page 217 The girls of The blue and blue have compleied anofher oufsfanding year in Be Zeia chapfer. Barbara Kent Honorary Cadef Colonel and Phi Bela Kapp member, merifed fhe Anna Ross scholasiic key in adcliiion +o presiding over Moriar Board and Orienfalion groups and counciling on U. W. A. Among Kappas working for Y. W. C. A. were Grefchen Alfiillisch, sophomore Treasurer, and Ruih Smifh, a council member. As co-chairman of Coffee Hours, Kaihryn Chase worked for U. W. A. She also served on fhe Sopho- more Coiillion Commifiee. Oiher parfy planners were Terry Tesier, who was appoinled To 'lhe Freshman Parry Commiifee, and Alice Rohm, a Spinsiers' Spree commiHeewoman. Digging for news on ihe "Daily lowan" were Terry Tesfer, Marilyn McCurdy, and Peggy King. Peggy was eleciecl +o The'ra Sigma Phi, honorary iournalism fraierniiy. This year Terry Rae Tonnesson has been secrelary of The honorary German club. Delia Phi Alpha. On +he air were Marfha Thomson, Frances Engle. Fern Eggen. and Frances Fillmore. ln adclifion 'ro direciing a number of radio shows over WSUI. Mariha played +he lead in "The Male Animal". KAPP KFRPA GAMMA Page 218 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of l942 D. Campbell J. Clapp B. Clark F. Eggen B. Kenr E. Pearson M. Thomson Class of l943 G. Adams P. Empfielcl F. Engle R. Irons M. Lovell Class of G. Allfillisch K. Chase J. Clark H. McCambridge M. Meredifh S. Pa'r'ron T. Tonnesson S. Wallace I944 L. Krupp A. Rohm M. Weaver PLEDGES J. Balcer, '43 B. Barrell, '44 M. Blair, '44 R. Curiris, '44 F. Fillmore, '43 S. FHZC-erald. '43 S. Forbes, '44 L. Frudden, '43 D. Hill, '44 H. Hospers, '45 P. Johnson, '43 P. King, '43 M. MacEwen, '45 M. McCurdy. '44 M. McHugh. '43 J. Micheal, '44 J. Neal, '44 M. Osborne, '45 D. Robinson, '44 M. Spelleiich, '45 T. Tesler, '45 V, Vance, '43 D. Wallace, '45 Page 219 Barfell B. Clark Engle Haefner Ken? McCurdy Neal Rohm Tonneson Adams Blair J. Clarl: Fillmore Hill King MacEwen Osborne Smifh Vance Alffillisch Campbell C fi ur s Fifzfi-erald Hos pers Kru pp M cHugh Paiion Spellefich D. Wallace Baker Chase Eggen Forbes Irons Lovell Mereclifh Pearson Tesfer S. Wallace Clapp Empfield Fruclden Johnson McCamb Michael Robinson Thomson Weaver l l ridge .1 nf. 31 lm' ff he Qi . .--z is A s si A if as Ayers Charllon Fosfer Harlow Johnson Klingbeil Mishou Ross C. Slrafe J. Weaver . .asf h ...I g k' 5 x Wi vm? is . , 3 Q ESS' sf Q Bailey Cook Germann Heising Kadgihn Leonard Nu-geni- Schwerlley M. Sh-ale V. Weaver ak at QS an? . if 'T fi QT! . . We 'See Baker Evans Grim Hennessy Kane Maiden O'Connor Sherman Slrub Weeks X N . . ,Q A ie xg. :sis .. ., .,. . A., .- .QV S es. li .. Brownlee Fellows Hammer Henry Kelly McLaughlin Prichard Sfephenson J. Taylor Workman . . . if R 'zril A . - I Cason Fillenwarlh Hard lannerf Johansen Kirkpalrick McQuillen Riclrells Slolces .- M. Taylor Zoeckler C B. M H A. K. M E. M K. A J. B. S. B. M E. F. D. M A D. K. ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 Brownlee J. Nugerrl Fellows B. Prichard . Germann M. Sfrale Harlow J. Slrub Kane M. Taylor Klingbeil J. Weaver . McLaughlin J. Workman Class of I943 Charllon N. llgenlzrilz Grim M. Ross Hennessy M. Sfephenson Class of I944 Ayers D. Johnson Evans C. Leonard Henry B. Riclcells J, Taylor PLEDGES Bailey. '44 J. Kelly, '45 Baker, '45 N. Kirkpalrick, '43 Cason, '43 J. McQuillen, '45 Cook, '45 S. Mishou, '45 Fillenwarlh, '44 K. O'Connor, '45 Fosler, '45 S. Schwerlley, '44 Hammer. '45 Harcllannerl, '43 Helsing, '44 Johansen, '43 E. Sherman, '44 N. Slokes, '43 C. Slrale, '45 V. Weaver, '44 C. Kadgihn, '45 S. Zoeckler, '43 J. Weeks, '45 Page 220 Pi Bela Phi. +he firsl nalional fralernily for college women, was also lhe firsf sororily on The S.U.l. campus. Charlered in I882, Iowa Zela chapler has had an unbroken exislence and development Wilh Jean Sfrub as presidenl, many new honors were added lo 'rhe chapler. Pi Phi placed firsl scholaslically among lhe women's groups and was awarded Jrhe Panhellenic scholarship cup. Members were represenled in many aclivilies. Jane Nugenl was presidenl of Universily Women's Associalion, PI ETP a member of Morlar Board, and an honorary lieulrenam'-colonel al The Mililary Ball. She also served on Union Board and The Social Commiflee. Elizabelh Charllon was secrelary of U.W.A. and edilor of lhe campus yearbook. Serving on lhe Union Board sub-commilfee and general cabinel of The Y.W.C.A. This year was Mary Slevenson, Ka+hryn Klingbeil was a member of +he cenlral Orienfalion council. Working on 'rhe DAILY IOWAN were Julie Weaver, Mariorie Grim and Claraio Slraifg Julie was also oresidenl of Thefa Sigma Phi. Many Pi Phis were represenled on Universily parfy commillees, Orienlalion, Jrhe HAWKEYE, FRIVOL, Y.W.C.A.. Seals Club, Universily chorus and orcheslra. Page 221 H Esmmnmmewmee cMm.u-,, G TA TAU Sigr a Del+a Tau girls played an acTive role in campus life during The l94I- season. Louise NaThanson. The chapTer president was selecTed Pep ueen aTTendanT, was acTive in freshman OrienTaTion, and served as corresponding secreTary of Pi Epsilon Pi. AnoTher member ouTsTanding in campus acTiviTies was Miriam KaTz, a member oT lvlorTar Board, Fresh- man OrienTaTion Council, and Y.W.C.A. Council. Naomi Braverman was named To Union Board sub-commiTTee, and appoinTed junior represenTaTive of U.W.A. Council. Helyne Wohlner helped make The pep Jamboree a success as a member of ThaT parTy commiTTee. Bernice Jacobson was vice presidenT of Hillel and Sylvia Halpern lcepT The minuTes Tor ThaT organi- zaTion. OTher S.D.T.'s served on Hillel council and commiTTees. Denise lvlenzer was a reporTer on The DAILY IOWAN, and Ricky Wolff and Elaine Brody were HAWKEYE sTaTT members. Drama, radio, arT, and commiTTee worlc capTured The inTeresT of many oT The girls. Though Pi chapTer is comparaTivel young aT S.U.l., having been charTered on April 8, I933, The TirsT chapTer was Tounded on March 25, I9I7. aT Cornell UnNemHy ..+-l..-.l. Poge 222 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 B. Jacobson M. Kalrz L. Nalhanson Class of I943 N. Braverman R. Goodman A. Cohen S. Halpern M. Shapiro Class of I944 E. Bubb J. Schwimmer M. Glassman H Smuleson B. Kubby J. Wiffenslein R. Myers H Wohlner E. Rosen J. Worron PLEDGES S. Alberi, '45 D. Menzer, '43 R. Bordy, '45 H Minda, '45 E. Brody, '45 R. Neuman, '45 B. Cohen, '45 L. Robinson, '45 P. Fishkin, '45 B. Rosenberg. '45 C. Gould, '45 D. Rosenbloorn, '45 C. Hirsch, '44 A Rosenfhal, '45 B. Kaifelz, '45 S. Koneclcy, '45 D L. A. Mandlebaum. '43 D E. Margolin, '45 Page 223 R. Sherman, '45 Sherman. '45 Sklar, '45 Wolff, '45 .125 2 L V ,J 9. my 'z..f N Bubb Goodman Kaifefz Marqolin Robinson Schwimme Sm uleson is we Alberf A. Cohen Gould Kafz Menzer Rosen Shapiro Whorfon .. Bordy B. Cohen Halpern Koneclcy Myers Rosenberg D. Sherman Wilfensfein 'E 13 , if .,. im' Braverman Brody Fishlcin Glassman Hirsch Jacobson Kubby Mandlebaum Nalhanson Neuman Rosenbloorn Rosenfhal L. Sherman Sklar Wohlner Wolff N QQ X 'Yi - s is-ggi. 'wav . in 4 gf- -EQ . SN 35. H. M. Carfer Henderlider Kufzner Pomeroy Ayers Bolfon Cordes Herndon Laclce nd er Rankin Bryanl' Embree Hild refh Lesfer Sfreefer Blaclc H. K. Carfer Greer Jones Paige Wilson ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of l942 M. Black B. Embree B. Bollon B. Jones H. Carler E. Pomeroy Class of I943 V. Laclcender Class of I944 H. Carler J. Kufzner J. Cordes D. Rankin S. Slreefer PLEDGES H. Bryant '45 P. Hildrellw, '43 E. Greer, '42 V. Lesler, '44 J. Herndon. '45 M. Paige. '43 J. Wilson. '45 Page 224 Page 225 ZETA PHA Zela Tau Alpha, 'founded al Virginia Sfafe Normal School, Farmville. Virginia. Oclober l5, l898, now has sevenly-nine aclive chaplers in lhe Uniled Slales and Canada. The sororily pin is in lhe shape of a shield wilh pearls as lhe jewels. Alpha Omicron chapfer al' lowa Universily has com- pleled an oulsranding year under lhe lailhful leadership of Billie Bollon. Billie was also an Orienialion leader. Dorolhy Rankin. dancer wilh lhe Scollish Highlanders, was a candidaie for lhe Dolphin Queen, head of in+ramurals, and an acfive member of Seals Club. Jean Cordes played The piano over lowa Universi+y's radio slalion, WSUI, and was a mem- Mary Ann Black conducled Tau Alpha parlicipaled in WSUI, chorus, Phi Gamma Added lo 'rhese individual- of lhe Homecoming badge ber of lhe HAWKEYE sfaff. Also on WSUl, her own program. Olher members of Zefa Y.W.C.A., Pi Epsilon Pi, HAWKEYE, U.W.A.. Nu, Kappa Phi, Seals Club. and Arl' Guild. efforls, Zela Tau Alpha was 'rhe proud winner sale. i 2 , , Q if is g Y ' Sk R Q. Qu - A ESE i --f" 535 ' s 4 'QA ' , ' . 'RAS W ' 2 5 ff 5 T E . X K O N. " N: .436-N :95-. - 651 Q K 5 ww .. -1-i-,gig 5 Q Q X A MQ x Xxr ' K gi xg W X . , , ' I X K... . l x 3 Z N i --f A if all l x ,xxx 'Y Y .ek if 'ba t i .K 7 in , A . V- 6 if se 1 . ' 453' A Q P 4 f , wwq .-.....' K M 152 ,J +5 Sk Q Q N we :v3'iJZ9. S MIX W fsgxy ' X Q if , il f ,C M xi, M ' gym. 5' x 'i V 3 5-Q YK ga" i, A' A K- ,Q Q Q- , V 5 gux " 'R ffl 1 - g 54. 115: fsii i f 'Wil ' Ev Q, , 35, mga, A M . . Q 49 in ' KWXQRW v. igfl-Wy? - -gr.3,gfgf,:.-rg 1. 1- A 5 p NWS!! ,' 2 3 . ikaztikfr q1l3w'l"?" igywu - m 'LLL aw Viv 41 f- Q, -4-Q idx A - " 'IV' 3 551 .. W R ,ff "" ' - lf , A -1 LKAL ww . W M i gk X, A X z ww ' H " X , ' 5 Ja. Q " asa' A 1 L A i?,.??!'Qff?f if ? in 'L . U Ury? in ri :Xt . AL Z? E73 5 . gg 1 ' f' f W- ' Q L 5 g "" 3 A 1 5. 2g,,, '5f f ' - iff - 5 ,wi .ui JVQQQ fy , ' . 54 , Qiyi- S i, E 2 - S 52 , ,, A. Sf? 1 .xl 55 Wfvw' . ii E 1? 2 ul. : .L , ,Q . .i A X in , ,,.., A W 1 fi is I gi? JF? 3 61, 313:22 ,Q 9 Y 4.- 1 "mv 5 2341? Www. ll' eng " , i H' ik 2 Lf i' ' X gif . 3 Q A- fa "I, ' Ei 5' 2 x 3 x, "-'ck X vs. 2? fe 'H 3 ' Y Sw W Q Q we ff., , x f. N f 1 . gk gi? K lk X is 7 '- rw X ask'-gi if 5 Q 1+ f, 5 s ? Q M i1 A 4 MW K, ,f 5555: Wim' 'I 1 "' 'If 'k if -If ,125 OFFICERS TED WELCH PresidenT JOHN MAHER Vice-PresidenT MARTIN O'CONNOR SecreTary-Treasurer DON MALLETT l Advisor FourTh Row: SchrnidT, MiTvalsl:y, FosTer, Gould Third Row: Rosenberg, Alderman, Willis, HauTh, CoTTeen Second Row: Jur ensen, Henr , G-oldenber , SchuTTe, NazeTTe, Meardon Q v I Q A FronT Rows. Bangs, Claussen, Maher, O Connor, Frazier Y f'ilegglgfe-4.1'-fflsggfe-ff,,,.c . C - -- 1 sc ". Tffeiffiiiezxa me 1 , , 9..iTb'i I A . 1-gigs' ff of-'. .3 -:xv f -41 - ' , .. '---ff'-we 1 1 s?1?-gi't- lui' T'f?" ' I-f W--mi ' Qi! '-'l ff eff '55 -Tiff" - ,s..s-,.:,- - , - gf fi' eq.,-' ' A, :gg ,f 1' 1'-ATTEJTT . 'if'T1I"'k ' f7'f'l:vlQ3T'5?FNh-. 'aging-5'iiTA'7:i' 3 - .pgwff gms ,sig fn-J g5.,EfE1fF'Qfi' -T -a Izfckffii ff ai55fmL5!2:'eif1ei'. : A'-'ef-Le 'T GT,-ST 1 "?54'ii1:?- "ff - ywsqago iT became apparenT ThaT There was needed some co- -- Ra"2f?g-'eii l -Q3f,'f'il-g-'ff' , :H ' WENT T525 . . . .,-PM Through which TraTerniTy ideals could be perpeTuaTed and efnsw ,gm-' 1-ff !iASz.ef's'A.'1sf5e2e.e'f P it 'PW-ei"fj:?2'a,' . :. d Id b 1' h d Th I ' p h H ' V ?M:i,,f .g r s cou e accompis e . e owa mens an e enic a "-.-f,,:-2:5,5,Hg5 53,f,, "ff, f i ll, 5. '-'-fr e., . was Thus creaTed Tor The promoTion oT The general welTare OT -, and during :Ts brieT exisTence, IT has become a prommenT organizaTion on The campus. The ConsTiTuTion of The body ouTlines The purposes oT The AssociaTion as well as The Type of governmenTal organ- izaTion ThaT is used. The governing agencies provided Tor in The ConsTiTu- Tion are The lnTerTraTerniTy Council and The lnTerTraTerniTy CourT. The Council, made up oT The presidenTs oT each of The sixTeen member organ- izaTions, is The adminisTraTive agency. The courT, consisTing oT Ten iudges, is The iuclicial branch. This year several major proiecTs were sponsored by The Council, some oT which included an elaboraTe ChrisTmas parTy Tor The children oT Iowa CiTy, The presenTaTion oT a TraTerniTy scholarship cup, and The donaTion oT blood To The Red Cross. Page 230 Third Row: Haufh, Smifh, Schrnidi Second Row: Weirick, Evans, Basfrom. Green Fronf Row: -Frazier, Malleil, Bangs Q, f f uzegng, , - r . ., , ,Q-1-,N-'-E23 - . 1 V ' -, , .H .rfvlfbag-i -, f-,wil 99" 'fe - - has . , qffy-' !'f"1 N ""E:L'2 wfswff.:-i' 2 " . . fPkfif:fs1t'-:M:-- 'f'f1e+.- -.1 'lf' lv- af F, , -3 -- 'T t .Fi 1 "Ui 'I "'i--i.i,'wi"' K '. 2 ff? X- l N I E R F R A T E R A, ,A .1 -- ra -' gg - ,-ig r.g : Hg , 'j - . fig- J ai -5 .1 'N I -jf 3 'Rig-Lf., . - ' . feqsufgi RSV' ' ,wg . .' fi "i1f'x45ii395' '-,l ff . . . , . . 1-iijfjifii ' 'fjfgsgfj' ,Af ?1sL:.:ZSgf?'iif"S3ggiem1"he The Iowa iv1en's Panhellenic Assocnaiion s C:OI1S'l'I'lUlfIOlfIQJ'5,:e' . . . . 'i':4-f1S..i"e- "'?i"'-fbi-E'f5f'f-'fig'i, . Iudicial branch known as lhe Inferiraiernnly Court 'Se 1, 'rhree aliernaie lusiices. each serving one-year Terms, afqg, -i ilqlfgfif'-1'2's' . . 1 X - ' i,w '?'+fg S!?'1"i '57 7 4 . Z T KL SSQQISEW.-'-P' cour'r every spring. These men are chosen from a lisi oi KW af- 'X miH'ed by ihe various member groups. The iurisdiclion of 'A lends To such maH'ers as dispuies arising from inieriraierniiy coniesisi, in ii problems involving iniracfions of Panhellenic rulings, and oiher fields of liraierniiy aciiviiy where regulaiion is necessary. Appeals from fhe Courf are 'ralcen 'ro The Panhellenic Associaiion. The lnierfraierniiy Couri was lhe firsl' inferiraierniiy judicial body of iis lcind To be developed. li has fulfilled gifs purpose well in serving as a Jrribunal 'ro which problems arising beiween chapiers have been broughl' for seiilemeni. Page 231 ALPHA T U A Alpha Tau Omega, The TirsT TraTerniTy Toun ed aTTer The Civil War, was one of The TirsT Tounded in The NorTh. he Iowa c pTer, DeITa BeTa, was esTabIished aT The STaTe UniversiTy oT wa in I l5. This year There were TiTTeen acTive members and TwenT -' ple RoberT J. FosTer, a Transfer Trom Drake UniversiTy, was WorThy MasTer and a member of The InTerfraTerniTy Council. George Weiricls, chapTer exchequer, was a member oT The InTerTraTerniTy CourT, member of Rho Chi and Tormer presidenT oT The STudenT PharmaceuTicaI AssociaTion. Donald Ohl was ciTy ediTor oT The DAILY IOWAN, and Dan Welch was a member oT The sTaTT. KenneTh Lampe was a member of The Union Board sub- commiTTee, and Ervin PinksTon was capTain oT The cheer leaders, a re- serve oTTicer. an oTficer oT Pi Epsilon Pi, and a member OT The Union Board sub-commiTTee. Three members ouTsTanding on The gridiron IasT Tall were Bill Parker, Bob Penaluna and Bernard Iv1erTes. ProminenT alumni oT Alpha Tau Omega on The campus are Dr. Franlc L. MOTT. head OT The Journalism school, and PuIiTzer prize winner: Dr. Donald R. MaIIeTT. AssisTanT Dean oT Men: Professor Kirk PorTer oT The PoIiTicaI Science de- parTmenTg and Professor Paul Olson of The Commerce deparTmenT. The TraTerniTy boasTs Three major parTies each year: The Tall inTormaI parTy, The TradiTionaI "Club Tau" winTer Tormal, and The spring dinner dance Tormal. Page 232 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 Fosfer G. Weiricln O. Babcock O. Gordon Class of I943 Lampe D. Newman W. Parker I. Pinlcsron Class of I944 Smilh D. Welch H. Kemper J. Corfese PLEDGES Johnson, '43 V. Slaples, '44 T. Ford, '45 Saar, '45 F. Pefferle, '45 J. David, '45 Jensen, '45 W. Ralsfon, '45 C. Remy, '42 Tierney, '44 D. Spaan, '45 K. Ohl, '45 Penaluna, '43 S. Mohrbacher, '45 G. l-lopely, '43 Gasparolh, '44 R. Barber, '45 W. Slagle, '45 R. Williams, '45 Fifth Row: Babcock, Johnson, Sfaples, Ohl, Kopeclmy, Lampe, Sievers Fourfh Row: Remy, Gordon, Gregg, Pefferle, Welch, Tierney, Penaluna, Barber R. Wood E. lrwin J. Gregg Ohlson, '45 Summerville, '44 Kopecky, '44 Merfes, '43 Bright '45 Websfer, '44 Third Row: Saar, Mohrbacher, David, Websfer, Hopley, Ohlson, Ralslon, Spaan, Summerville Second Row: Brighr, Gasparofli, Ford, Jensen, Cohfese, Newman. Slagle, Irwin. Merfes Fronl Row: Pinksfon, Kemper, Smifh, Fosler, Mrs. Kafhryn Barron, Farlcer, Dr. Malleff, Weirlqk, Wood id? l ' N241 Brooks, '42 Clark, '42 Corlon, '42 Bell, '43 Bordwell, '43 Foley, '44 Gray, '44 Adams, '45 Brooks, '43 Cole. '45 Crawford, '43 Day, '45 ACTIVE Class Crowe, '42 Durian, '42 Hannon, '42 Class Duncan, '43 Frazier, '43 Class MEMBERS of I942 O. l-linlz, '42 R. Jamison, '42 M. O'Connor, '42 of I943 J. Hurley, '43 S. Lane, '43 of I944 D. Sloelling, '44 PLEDGES Gearlwarf, '44 Kelly, '44 Earp, '45 l"lall, '45 Haupfli, '45 Kelling, '45 McCar+lny, '44 M. McCaulley, '45 N. Nelson, '44 T. Olin, '45 D. Paul, '42 H. Rudolph, '45 W. Richardson, '42 B. Swords, '42 R. Wells, '42 W. Swanson, '43 P. Tone, '44 A. Seeburger, '45 R. Warren, '44 D. Weagley, '44 D. Wilder, '44 Fiffh Row: Day, Olin, Corion, Adams, Wells, Kelling, Earp Fourfh Row: McCarlhy, Hall, A. Broolrs, R. Brooks, Gearlwarf, Gray, Crowe, Weaqley Third Row: Bell, Tone, Haupfli, Duncan, Seeburqer, l-linlz, Cole Second Row: Hurley, Wilder, Sfoelfinq, Paul, Durian, Kelly, Crawford, Foley Fronf Row: Frazier, Jamison, Swanson, Clark. Mrs. Osborn, O'Csnnor, Richardson, Swords, Lane BETA THETA PI BeTa TheTa Pi. The TirsT TraT rniTy To be esTablished on The UniversiTy of Iowa campus and also The Tirs cha Ter wesT of The Mississippi, celebraTed iTs sevenTy-TiTTh anniversary Thi year In The InTerfraTerniTy CourT, The Alpha BeTa chapTer was represenTed by M rTin O'Connor, member ol A.F.l. and chapTer presidenT, and James Frazier, Bailiff and a member of The CadeT Officers' Club. David Duncan was a member of The Union Board, and Phil Tone was on a sub-commiTTee. AcTive in symphonic choir and UniversiTy chorus was Richard CorTon, a member oT Phi Mu Alpha, naTional honorary music TraTerniTy. John lvlcCarThy was Treasurer of The newly formed inTerTraTerniTy pledge council. CliTTord Crowe was drum major Tor The Highlanders and was a LieuTenanT Colonel. BeTas acTive in radio were David Wilder and Tom Douglass, while RoberT Adams ap- peared in several of The UniversiTy plays. BeTa was well represenTed in boTh varsiTy and Treshman aThleTics wiTh Phil Tone and l-lenry Rudolph in TooTball, Lynn Gray in varsiTy wresTling, Richard Kelling and RoberT Cole in 'freshman baskeTball, and George Kelly in varsiTy Tennis. ln inTermurals The BeTas placed high in Touch TooTball and won TirsT in inTerTraTerniTy baslceTball. I-lighlighTs of The chapTer's social TuncTions were The BeTa Barn parTy, The ChrisTmas formal, and The Spring Tormal. Page 235 ...s-.,,.,. ..- ,--..,c...A. -W , . Hg. ,W ,... . ,,,, DELTA DelTa Chi, a college fraTerniTy whose ideals are ose of democracy and whose dedicaTion is To The moral, inTellecTual, nd so 'al well-being of iTs members, was founded aT Cornell UniversiTy in IB9 . DelTa Chi has consfanfly progressed unTil iT now includes ThirTy-seven chapTers from coasT To coasT. Under The able leadership of John Coclcrill and RoberT Black, The Iowa chapfer has compleTed anoTher successful year. The chapTer parTicipaTed in many exfracurricular acTiviTies ThroughouT The year. John ATlcinson, former presidenf and presenT house manager, was presidenT of The Sophomore class of de-nTisTry. Those acTive in Tv1iliTary were John STuckey, a member of The PonToniersg RoberT Black, a member of The CacleT Officers' Club: and Roberf VogT, a member of The ScoTTish Highlanders and The Caclef Officers' Club. Serving on sTudenT publicaTions were Ben Berg, FRIVOL carToonisT, and James KenT, phoTographer of FRIVOL and of HAWKEYE and a member of The DAILY IOWAN sTafT. CompleTing a successful year in sporTs, The chapTer won secTion champion- ships in boTh foofball and baslceTball. ln The spring, The TraTerniTy had The honor of playing hosT To The lv1idwesTern Conclave of Delfa Chi which was aTTended by chapTers from The enTire Midwesf. Page 236 Ar... ' .1 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 M. Cole R. Dean R. Holland J. Kenl B. Vogf Sf Williams Class of I943 R. Black L. Borland J. Coclcrill Class of I944 J. Allcinson B. Berg E. Claylon J. Hogle G. Keyes D. Shay PLEDGES J. Bergman, '45 R. Johnsfon, '45 J. Sluckey, '44 W. Moeller, '44 D. Black, '45 B. Larson, '45 R. Thompson, '45 F. Geqner, '43 . Ross, '44 D. Carrnean, '44 Mrs. Edwards, Aikinson, Barron, Berg, Bergman, D. Black, R. Black, Clayfon Cockrill, Cole, Croclceff, Dean. Gegner, Henderlider, Hogle, Holland, Johnsfon Kent Keyes, Larson, Paffon, Ross, Shay, Sfuclcey, Thompson, Williams -12nm lu R. Bornholr W. Burger F. Braley T. Cole H. Bland K. Aringlon, R. Carlson, E. Caughlan, R. Caughlan, '45 W. Binder, '45 '45 '45 '44 GRADUATE MEMBERS Lessenger N. T Class of I942 V. Harsha M. Mahoney K. Klippel J. Marvel Class of I943 B. Cummings J. Morrison H Laugherly N. Pullman J. Siulin Class of I944 R. Corsgreen F. Dashner L. Hill H. Pelzer PLEDGES L. Cole, '44 A. Halverson, '43 G. DeFreece. '45 R. Holscher, '44 J. Ganlz, '42 R. Kruse, '42 B. C. Hart '45 D. Lash, '44 B. W. Harl, '45 J. Lewis, '45 Lash, Carlson, Marvel, Morrison, Harsha, Kruse, Aringlon, Wieben Fourrh Row: Stark, Pearson, Klippel, Braley, Hill, DeFreece, Gould, Ganlz een, Lewis, Binder, Meyers, Siulin, L. Cole, Pullman, Burling, Holscher Second Row: Dashner, E. Caughlan, Prichard, B. W. Hari, B. C. Harl, Lessenger, Pine, R. Caughlan, Cummings, Halverson Fronf Row: Bland, Sanford, Dr. Pofler, Mahoney, Mrs. Evans, Schmidl, Wheeler, Wrighl, T. Cole Fiffh Row: Burger, Third Row: Corsgr ayler R. Pine W. Wheeler W. Sanford K. Schmidl C. Gould K. Meyers, '45 . Pearson. '45 Slarlm. '43 Wieben, '45 . wragm, '45 DELTA UPSILCN DelTa Upsilon was Tound d aT Williams College in I834 in opposiTion To The secreT organizaTions oT The day. The lasTing qualiTy oT This ideal oT anTi-secrecy is reTlecTe in The TacT ThaT There is noT one deTuncT chapTer among The sixTy-one on The naTional role. The caliber of The men aTTracTed To The ideals oT DelTa Upsilon can besT be judged by loolcing aT some prominenT alumni, including Charles Evans Hughes, Alfred P. Sloan, James BryanT ConanT, Clarence A. DylcsTra, and Leon Henderson. From 1925, when Kappa BeTa Psi, The Torerunner of D.U. aT Iowa, was granTed a charTer in DelTa Upsilon, To The presenT, D.U. has been promin- enT in campus acTiviTies. The Homecoming DecoraTion award was won Tor The sevenTh Time in The lasT eighT years. The "B" and "A" TooTball Teams Tinished TirsT and second respecTively in inTerTraTerniTy com- peTiTion. Two members were on The varsiTy baslceTball squad, while anoTher D.U. was a iusTice on The lnTerTraTerniTy CourT. Several oTher members were R.O.T.C. oTTicers Tollowing in The TooTsTeps oT Jack Dale, D.U. alumnus, who was The TirsT Tlying oTTicer Trom Iowa To win The DisTinguished Ser- vice Cross in The presenT war. ProminenT among The social TuncTions oT The year were The Pledge Prom, The ChrisTmas Formal, The Provencal Ball, and The Spring Formal. Page 239 lr. P H l D E LTA A A Phi Delia Thefa, one of lhe oldes+ and larges'r - - --- - a+erni e , wenl +hrough Hs six+ie+h year on +he Iowa campus and a a dislinguis e ' self in a number of Universify aclivilies. Bob Pfeiffer, Gen Claussen, Hal ughan, Waller French, Frank Fisher, Lee Smilh, and Keilh Haw - e -- ers acfive in radio work. Claussen was also a member of A. F. l., vice-presidenl' of Sigma Della Chi, professional journalism ira+erni+y, a member of ihe execu- l'ive council of +he lnlerfralernily Council, and served on +he l-Blanlcel Hop and Pica Ball commiffees. Bill Hill and Lyman Henry were also elecled lo Sigma Delia Chi. Brig Wheelock, Lowell Andreas, Ben Corey, and Glade Bul-lerfield were members of 'rhe Universiiy chorus, and Herberf Grove was a member of fhe symphony orchesfra. Bob Larimer, Bob Diehl and Dick Janclf were Pershing Riflemen, while John Sulherland served his firsl' year in 'rhe Scoilish Highlander Unil of 'rhe ROTC. Aclive in Pi Epsilon Pi pep organiza- 'lion was Hal Boughan. Ouislanding social funciions of 'lhe year were lhe Chrisrmas Formal, The Spring Formal, and 'lhe annual Buclceroo Pariy. Mrs. Mary Reed served her sevenlh year as chapler house moiher, while Professor Charles l.. Sanders aclecl in Jrhe capacily of chapler advisor. Page 240 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of i942 G. Claussen P. Gregg G. Jones R. Jones J. Lane R. Wilson Class of I943 J. Harnillon W. Hill E. Mason R. Pfeiffer B. Wheeloclc Class of I944 D. Darby R. Haffield R. Hoffmann W. Marlin F. Fisher L. Henry L. Houck G. McConnell PLEDGES L. Andreas, '44 R. Diehl. '45 P. Fey, '45 R. Larimer, '45 W. Bennelf, '44 R. DeBuHs, '43 H. Grove, '44 W. van Order, '43 J. Bone, '45 E. Donovan, '44 G. Hawk, '43 B. Smi+h, '45 H. Boughan, '43 W. Dunkle, '43 R. Jandf, '45 J. Sufherland, '45 G. Bufferfield, '45 D. Feeney, '44 J. Johnsfon, '45 J. Synhorst '45 B. Corey, '45 W. French. '43 K. Edge, '44 Fifth Row: Jandf, Dunkle, Corey, Van Order, Bone, Larimer Fourfh Row: Fey, Wheelock, Dearing, Synhorst Bennell, Lane, Fisher, DeBuHs Third Row: Bufierfield, Mason, Sufherland, Houck, Diehl, Hamilfon, G. Jones Second Row: Donovan, Johnsfon, Andreas, Smifh, Hawk, French, Grove, Gregg Fronl Row: Hill, Hoffmann, McConnell, Henry, Mrs, Reed, Claussen, Haffield, Prof. Sanders, Marlin -q':: 5 ' U .-llf-lst Swim 'cnt M. Chapman M. Goldenberg S. Edelman S. Goldenberg L. Arlcin K. Aronow D. Davis N. Bain, '45 A. Biben, '45 L. Cepikoff, '45 D. Chapman, '45 A. Culler, '45 ACTIVE Class Class Class S. Goldman J. Green M. Marlcovilz 5. Newman M. Goldberg R. Greenberg l-l. Grueslcin J. David, '43 M. Davidson, '45 M. Dubanslay, '45 l. Ducmcle, '45 H. Dvorslcy, '45 MEMBERS of i942 Z. Harris P. Peshlcin of I943 L. Pesses R. Rosenberg of I944 D. Kunlz M. Mazie J. Schweilzer PLEDGES T. Gershun, '45 M. Glazer, '45 J. Gusman, '45 5. Kaplan, '45 J. Masling, '45 R. Sandler L. Slolslcy P. Spiwalc E. Shay A. Spillra A. Sherman, '44 E. Sherman, '45 B. Weindruch, '43 B. Weiner, '45 Fiffh Row: Glazer, Cufler, Spiwalc, Mazie, Marlcovifz, Goldberg Fourfh Row: Davidson, A. Sherman, Kaplan, Dubanslcy, Schwelfzer, Ducofle, E. Sherman, Chapman, Weindruch, Greenberg Third Row: Peshlcin, Weiner, David, Harris, Spillca, Newman, Green, Kunfz, Goldman Second Row: Aronow, Davis, Dvorslry, Gershun, Biben, Gusman, Masling, Bain, Cepilcoff, M. Goldenberq Fronf Row: Pesses, Arlrin, Slolslcy, Rosenberg, Mrs. Sonia Sands, S. Goldenberq, Dr. Kurl' Lewin, Edelman, Grueslrin PHI EPSILON PI Founded in I904 a lege f 'rhe Ci'ry of New York, Phi Epsilon Pi has grown +o a nalional fra rni+y of foriy-one chapiers. Offices of 'rhe fraferniiy are in Philadelphia, Pen ylvania, from which all 'rhe business is conducfed. Here ihe Phi Epsilon i Quarferly periodical is also published. The Alpha Be+a chapler of Phi Epsilon Pi was founded on 'rhe Iowa campus in November, I920. Hs membership sieaclily increased and in I929 Jrhe chapier moved info a new house on Ellis Avenue, Hs presenl chapier house. During Hs iwenfy-+wo years on Jrhe campus, Phi Epsilon Pi has been aciive in all aciiv- ifies and has been especially high in scholarship. Promineni alumni of +he frafernify include Dr. Abram Sachar, noied his+orian: Dr. Kurl Lewin, eminen+ psychologist and Dr. Arfhur Sfeindler, head of +he Universi+y deparfmenl of Orihopedics. A graduale of Alpha Bela, Carl E'r'ringer, Jr., of Cedar Rapids, was recenily appoinled acffing naiional execuiive secreiary of lhe fraierniiy. Oufsianding social funciions during Jrhe year were lhe Homecoming Parly, The Pledge Parly, Jrhe Win+er Formal, and Jrhe Spring Formal. Page 243 P H l G A M M L E T A Mu DeuTeron oT Phi Gamma DelTa has, during i s Twe y-T . years on The campus. mainTained a high posiTion among campus Tra rniTies. The chapTer was led by John Maher who was presidenT of The lnTe raTerniTy ouncil and also a member oT A. F. I., senior men's honorary. A. AnThes SmiTh was a member of The lnTerTraTerniTy CourT, while John Meyer served on The Senior Prom CommiTTee. Bob Jones was elecTed secreTary oT Tau BeTa Pi, honorary engineering Tra'rerniTy. The Fiiis were promineni' in aThleTics, bo+h inTramural and varsiTy compeTiTion. Jim Youel. John Maher. and Cliff Sanborn saw acTion on The gridiron during The Tall. while Youel also played on The varsiTy baslceTball squad. Working hard To uphold The record oT Two all-UniversiTy championships gained lasT year, The Phi Gam baslceTball and volleyball Teams conTinued Their undeTeaTed record. Phi Gamma DelTa was again in The Tinals oT The UniversiTy Song FesT, buT Tailed To hold The coveTed cup won lasT year. The chapTer house was The scene of Two cosTume parTies, The Apache Ball, and The Fiji Island Parfy, bofh of which have become TradiTional social affairs. Page 244 C. Brockway C. Foggy R. Jones J. Bickenloach W. Boiler J. Bradley L. Boecklen D. Carson Adams, '43 Bloeser, '45 Bracher, '45 W. Clark, '44 Conklin, '45 R. Livingslon J. Maher W. Malson C. Clark H. Ericson D. Newland H. Cass M. Dawson W. Cray. '44 D. Curran, '45 G. Dickinson, '45 W. Dunlon, '44 C. Fisher, '45 R ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 J. Meyer G. Miller E. Prasse Class of I943 E. Rohner C. Sanborn F. Schneider Class of I944 D. Fleming D. Well PLEDGES J. l-larnilfon, '45 R D. l-lagge, '43 R . Haisf, '44 S . l-lamre, '44 . Jensky, '44 J. R A. Srnilh R. Yerler 5. Slaughler K. 5mi+h G. Williams J. Youel D. Reed Keil, '44 L. Swanson, '44 Leighron, '45 E. Weaver, '45 Mighell, '43 W. Wilbur, '43 Nordin, '45 .Souchek, '45 R. Wray, '45 D. Yeast '45 Fil+h Row: Yeasf, Weaver, Wilbur, Yefler, l-lamillon, Brockway, Cray, Youel, Sanborn Fourfh Row: Hamre, Bickenbach, Boecklen, W. Clark, Leighlon, Conklin, Adams, Bracher, Williams, Foggy Third Row: Maison, Dickinson, Bradley, Reed, Jensky, Nordin, Wray, Fleming, Curran, Dunlon Second Row: Well, K. Smifh, Souahek, Hagge, Livingsion, Rohner, Boiler, Carson, Mighell, Cass Fronf Row: Prasse, Tindall, C. Clark, Meyer, A. Srnifh, Mrs. Whipple, Maher, Schneider, Rehder, Newland, Waflers J' Pix' 1 s:l.,g.2.f f..-- Q , .- Q . , ,QT .ff ACTIVE MEMBERS of I94-2 C. Beckman J. Davis C. Follcers L. Lapham R, Bowers R. Edelen J. Hemingway J. Roberfson J. Bromwell R. Fiizpafriclc J. Herlzler S. Swisher W. Burler P. Wolfe of I943 F. Adams R. Brecunier R. Hyde G. Schmidr M. Beal R. Conkling J. McCollis+er P. Seip J. Bowers R. Evans R. Russell of l944 W. Byers R. Horchlciss B. Koolcer J. Sfaalc M. Eggleslon H. Houghlon C. Lovell J. Swaner J. Graham J. Hunrer S. O'Brien PLEDGES Allender, '44 D. Campbell, '45 R. Grossman, '43 H. McCollis+er, '45 R. Swisher, '43 Annis, '45 P. Connor, '43 J. Hoyr, '45 R. McKins'rry, '45 E. Updegrahc, '43 Bender, '45 S. Craiger, '45 J. Klein, '43 J. Shepard, '45 J. Weaver, '45 T Buchanan, '43 R. Evans, '44 J. Lamb, '45 C. Swanson, '45 R. Williams, '45 W. Burlcerr, '43 W. Fowler, '43 M. Major, '45 J. Swanson, '43 J. Wilson, '45 i Ro : Williams, Davis, J. McCollis+er, Updeqraff, R. Swisher, Schmidt C. Swanson, Eqglesfon, J. Swanson, Lamb, Hyde Foufh Row: Craiger, Shepard, Annis, S. Swisher, Hofchlciss, R. Evans, Bender, R. Evans, Swaner, Grossman Third Row: Wolfe, Lovell, Sfaalc, H. McCollisTer, McKinsiry, Klein, Campbell, O'Brien, Weaver, Hemingway, Edelen, R. Bowers, Follcers Second Row: Hoyf, Koolcer, Connor, Fowler, Maior, Graham, Beckman, Buchanan, Wilson, Russell, Allender, Hunfer Fronf Row: Roberison, Byers, Seip, Lapham, Burler, Mrs. Posl, Brecunier, Houqhfon, Conlcling, J. Bowers, Adams PHI KAPPA PSI While The counTry is in n up eav I, and The world in sTriTe, Phi Psi looks back on This year's accom ishm nTs iTh pride, and looks Torward wiTh The sincere hope ThaT iTs men may oT service To our counTry in iTs dire need. ChapTer presidenT Dick Brecunie guided The TraTerniTy Through a year which saw Jim RoberTson and Lew Lapham eIecTed To Phi BeTa Kappa: a year which saw Jim Bromwell awarded The presidency oT A. F. I.. senior men's honorary socieTy: and a year which saw junior Bill BurkeTT play his second year aT The varsiTy end posiTion on The TooTbaII squad. Jim Bromwell was also awarded The addiTionaI honor of serving as The UniversiTy's represenTaTive To The local civilian deTense council. Wally BuTIer, presidenT oT A. I. E. E. and ETa Kappa Nu, was eIecTed chairman oT Mecca Week. Max EggIesTon was seIecTed as chairman oT The Sophomore CoTiIIion CommiTTee. Dick IvIcKinsTry, ouTsTand- ing Treshman debaTer, was eIecTed To The Freshman ParTy CommiTTee. Phi Psi mainTained iTs high ranging in scholarship. as well as being awarded a maioriTy oT The inTramuraI Trophies. Social TuncTions oT The year included The Tall I-Iayride ParTy, The ChrisTmas Formal held aT The chapTer house, and The Spring Formal, as well as numerous inTormaI parTies held ThroughouT The year. Page 247 E P I K A P P A P ' Gamma Nu chapler of Pi Kappa Alpha +hi year fin' o Hs Ihirfeenfh year on rhe Iowa campus. The frarerniiy was led by A 1- . rlson during 'rhe firsr semesler, followed by Louis Jurgensen Ihe sec d Ier The house managership was in 'rhe hands of Dwighl' Fry. Oufsiand' g Pikes n Ihe cam- pus included Loren I-Iickerson, who served his second year as edi+or of 'rhe Daily Iowan: Arnie Carlson, presideni of Ihe senior class of 'rhe college of commerce and also chairman of 'rhe Mililary Ball Commiiieei Howard Hines, member of 'rhe Iowa infernafional debafe 'reamg Jim Kaufman. vice-presi- denf of The Commerce Club: Dave Slone, Iowa varsily debaferp Diclc Cha- dime. 'founder of Ihe new Inlerfraferniiy Pledge Council: John Hershey, vice- presidenr of Ihe Archery Club: Joe Waddell and Bob Sharp, freshman de- balers: Carl Ziegler and Charles Dalce. Universify drama parricipanls: Ed Waflul, a member of 'rhe Universily chorus: Jim Farnham, a member of Rho Chi, honorary pharmacy fraferniry: and Jim Kaufman and Arnie Carlson, members of 'rhe Commerce Mari Commilrlee. I-Iighlighls in The Pi K A social year were Ihe annual Chrislmas Formal and Ihe Spring Parly. A new- comer in Ihe group 'Ihis year was Ihe housemolher, Mrs. Edna Singmasier, who served 'rhe group successfully as chaperone. Page 248 ........-Q, ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 P. Benson J. Farnham J. Hershey J. Kaufman A. Carlson J. Farrell L. Jurgensen W. Lowe N. Warner Class of I943 D. Fry H. Hines D. Slone Class of I944 P. Adamelc R. Meardon E. Wieben PLEDGES H. Carlson, '45 R. Henely, '43 P. Mensler, '43 J. Waddell, '45 R. Chadima, '45 D. Johnson, '43 R. Muhs, '44 E. Waflul, '44 C. Dalce, '44 M. Johnson, '45 R. Sharp, '45 C. Ziegler, '43 Fif+h Row: Farrell, Warner, Lowe, Muhs, H. Carlson Fourfh Row: Hiclcerson, Benson, A. Carlson, Dozier Third Row: Dake, M. Johnson, Waddell, Sfone, Wahful Second Row: Sharp, Henely, Kulaiceln, Chadima, Wleben, Hines Fronl Row: Farnham, Kaufman, Meardon, Mrs. Sinqmasfer, Jurgensen, Fry, Hershey --7--1-:.-M-ic.. .mzv - - - -4- -'-. '--1-A. Y-4 ..- .gf A.- ., Barclay Burlord Beals Edison Erink Barnell Cox Armbrusier, '43 Beeler, '44 Bradley, '43 Cook, '45 M. Erickson, '45 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 E. Collins W. l-lolz G. Collins A. Minniclw Class of I943 J. McKay W. Merz R. Meek A. Osierberg Class of I944 E. Crane C. Ingersoll PLEDGES B. Gardner, '44 R. Merriam, '45 D. Gidel. '45 P. Peeiers, '44 K. l-lanna, '45 L. Robbins, '45 6. Huff, '45 J. Roor, '45 D. Johnson, '43 K. Sieinbeck, '43 B. Webb T. Tormey J. Wlwinery N. Willis C. Leuiwiler K. Siafler R. Thomas, '45 R. Towner, '45 T. Tull, '44 H. Ward, '44 Eilflw Row: Bogie, Erickson, McKay, Whinery, Barneil, Armbrusier, Parker Fourih Row: Bradley, Meek, Gidel, Webb, Frink, Eiclwerly, Tull, Crane Third Row: Merriam,Tl1omas, Gardner, Sfeinbeck, Sfafler, Hanna, Knoepfler, Kirk, Johnson Second Row: E. Collins, Ward, Minniclw, G. Collins, Towner, Huff, Roof, Cook, Robbins, Beeler Front Row: Ingersoll, Osferberg, Cox, Teefers, Barclay, Mrs. Gee, Willis, Beals, Edison, Merz, Tormey SIGM A EPSILON Sigma Alpha E silon, wT TiTTy-Tive Thousand members and one hundred and ThirTeen chap rs, is The largesT naTional TraTerniTy. ln iTs Thir+y-sevenTh year on The U iversiTy oT Iowa campus, SAE remained promi- nenT in acTiviTies. ln iournal ollins held The posiTion oT CirculaTion Manager of The Daily Iowan, Bernie Webb and Bob Towner were regular conTribuTors To Frivol, and Bob Frinlc was a Daily Iowan reporTer. Howard Beals was a Hawkeye sTaTF member, as well as serving as Treasurer Tor Pi Epsilon Pi and as a member of The Union Board Sub-CommiTTee. Truman Tormey was on The Pep Jamboree CommiTTee. ArThur Cox was presidenT of The CanTerbury Club. and Ned Willis was The chapTer's represenTaTive on The lnTerTraTerniTy Council. ln The proTessional schools, Bill HoTz and John KoesTer were presidenTs of Gamma ETa Gamma and Nu Sigma Nu. respec- Tively. ln a+hle+ics, SAE was represenTed by Ed ArmbrusTer. Top sprinT man on The swimming Team: Arnie OsTerberg, golf Team sTand-ouT: Mel Erickson, Treshman TooTball numeral winner: and Dale Gidel. Treshman TraclcsTer. The house was ouTsTanding in inTramural compeTiTion lasT year, winning The cov- -eTed ParTicipaTion Trophy wiTh a perTecT record as well as championships in 'fooTball, volleyball. soTTball, and canoeing. is Page 251 SIGM Ably led by Ted Welch, assisfed by Bruce Alderma , Si ma Chi success- fully concluded anofher year, Ted Welch was a me ber o . F. l., presi- clenl' of The lnferfralernily Council, Business Manager of + e Journal of Business. and was on ihe Board of Sludenl Publicalions. Jack Talbol' was Business Manager of +he Hawkeye. Serving as assislanfs on Jrhe Hawkeye slaff were Dan McLaughlin. Huberf Cline, and Don SchuHer. Boyd Dilnlo was on rhe wriling slafl of ihe Frivol, and Jim Zabel was The Wire Edilor of lhe Daily Iowan and was on fhe wrifing sfaff of The Frivol. Jim Davis was appoinfed fo The Sophomore Cofillion Commillee: and Bob Clausen and Chuck Rehling served as announcers for WSUl. ln afhlefics, Sigma Chi was represenled by Bob Bender, Jim Davis, and Bob Beck in 'ioorballi Huber? Cline in frack: George Parks, Bob Clausen and Jack Schmilz in Jrennis: Bill McPar+land, Jim Miller, Ben Birdsall, and Hal Beck in golf: Ben Mueller and John Gollsch in swimming: Bob Slraka in baseball. The annual bridge lourna- menl' was won by Jim Miller and Dick Osfheimer. A 'rrophy for inlerfralernily baskefball was added 'ro Jrhe chap'rer's collecfion, and fhe fraierniiy main- 'rained a high scholaslic sianding. Members of professional fraiernifies were Bob Dewel, Psi Omega. and Pele Narey, a member of Phi Delfa Phi. Page 252 rxj " 1155 Alderman Branch Anderson Beck Bender Baker Beck Birdsall Barlell, '45 Beard, '45 Bordner, '45 Buckley, '45 Chrislensen, '45 Clausen, '43 Cline, '45 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of l942 C. Doolillle G. Hillon Class of I943 R. Goenne R. Ogle J. Miller C. Rehling W. Mueller J. Rock Class of I944 G. Dane J. Davis D. Davis R. Funk PLEDGES B. Di+'ro, '45 D. McLaughlin, '44 R. Farrer, '45 W. Folkedahl, '44 J. Goflsch, '45 R. Green, '43 W. Johnson, '44 J. Kent '45 W. McPar+land, '44 J. Miller, '45 B. Mueller, '45 P. Narey, '42 R. Osfheimer, '44 G. Parks, '45 P. Laughlin T. Welch D. Rude J. Talbor J. Lynch H. Penningrolh J. Zabel B. Pefrus, '45 J. Schmilz, '45 D. Schufler, '45 R. Sidney, '45 G. Slein, '44 G. Viefh, '45 F 1 Row: McLaughlin, Zabel, Goffsch, J. Davis, Schrnifz, J. N. Miller, Rude, Beck, Penningrofh, W. Goenne, Buckley Fou lh Row: Folkedahl, B. Mueller, Branch, Ogle, Sfraka, Clausen, Ferrer, Viefh, Chrisfensen, Diffo, Bordner, Cornwall Row: D. Davis, Beard, Travis, Pelrus, Schufler, J. S. Miller, Rock, Laughlin, Sidney, Slein, R. Goenne Second Row: Lynch, Parks, Melzger, DooliHle, Cline, Osfheimer, Barlel, Dewell, Narey, Hilfon, Kent McParfland F o l Row: Funk, Baker, Dane, Talbof, Welch, Mrs. McLennan, Alderman, W. Mueller, Schneider, Anderson, Prof. Bishop r'f f Ni' ff. AA W- 7----q--+1.11-.',, 4...-f--- 4.-A Y, -mm - . - - ,, G. Anlceny J. Bangs R. Eiel N. Barrefl G. Devine B. Asher W. Bowles D. Devine J. Gimar B. Barbour, '45 B. Bowles, '45 P. Bramsen, '45 B. Chrisrie, '45 R. Clave, '44 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 W. Green W. Miller R. Miehe B. Murphy Class of I943 R. Heege S. O'Brien J. Millen J. Roe Class of I944 R. l'lall B. Marlin O. Herhberg J. McGrew E. l"liclclin C. Murphy PLEDGES D. Dooley, '45 W. Garner, '44 J. Doran, '45 M. Hiclclin, '45 J. Fosler, '45 F. Hudson, '45 J. Friberg, '45 J. Marlin, '45 Fourlh Row: Barbour, Payne, D. Third Row: O'Brien, Herhberq Fifth Row: Doran, B. Bowles, B. Murphy, G. Devine, Peasley, Sweeney, Young, Asher, E. l-'liclrlin Devine, Garner, Weiser, Dooley, Fosfer, Friberg ,Chrislie, Hall, Millen, Yoclcey, Hudson, M. Hiclclin Second Row: McGraw, Barrefl, Re Fronl Row: Miehe, Anlseny, Spenc: mer, Clave, Gimar, J. Marlin, B. Marlin, Roe W. Spencer R. Young W. Slauss H. Peasley R. Remer K. Richardson F. Weiser G. Payne, '43 G. Shellard, '44 J. Sweeney, '45 R. Yoclcey, '43 er, Banqs, Mrs. Jameson, Mrller, Heege, Green, Slauss NU CompleTing anoTher ba er year or ccomplishmenTs, Sigma Nu main- Tained iTs posiTion as one The camp ' uTsTanding social TraTerniTies. Big evenTs on The calendar Tor he pasT nine onThs included The burning oT The house morTgage. placing second in The conTesT Tor Homecoming decoraTions. and The week-end ChrisTmas parTy. Excelling in The sporTs Tield, Bill Green, Jerry Anlceny and Bill STauss played ouTsTanding games Tor The Hawkeye TooT- ball squad. The Trophy collecTion was augmenTed by winning boTh The swim- ming meeT and The relays in inTrarnural compeTiTion. The baslceTball Team won addiTional honors in The Tinals of The conTesT. Pledges acTive in sporTs in- cluded Bill Barbour and Jim Sweeney in TooTball and John FosTer and Don Dooley who were ouTsTanding in Track. On The social side. Bob lvliehe served on The MiliTary Ball CommiTTee, Bill Green on The Senior Hop CommiTTee, Dick Remer on The Sophomore CoTillion CommiTTee and John Doran on The Freshman ParTy CommiTTee. George Devine was on The Union Board, while Reeves Hall served on one of iTs sub-commiTTees. Commander John Bangs busied himself wiTh acTing as chieT iusTice oT The lnTerTraTerniTy CourT and serving on The UniversiTy Social CommiTTee. To round ouT The program, several members worlced on publicaTions. Page 255 L4 SIGMA P Sigma Phi Epsilon has compleTed anofher succe ye r The capable leadership oT Dick NazeTTe, who served his Third Term s presidenT, Sig Ep was well represenTed in The various campus acTiviTie including Pershing Rifles, PonToniers, ScoTTish Highlanders, and The Unive s. George Alward and Homer Hildenbiddle were members oT The MiliTary Ball Com- miTTee. STeve Sedlak was presidenT oT The Newman Club, while Jim Crowley served as vice-presidenT oT The club. Don Brooks was carToonisT of The Frivol, and John Mueller was a sTaTT phoTographer oT The Daily Iowan and oT The Des Moines RegisTer and Tribune. In The Tield oT sporTs, Ross Ander- son was a regular guard on The Hawk eleven and Turned in some ouTsTand- ing perTormances. Showing greaT promise Tor nexT year were Treshmen TooTballers Bruno Niedziela, Jerry Kubal, Leo and ForresT MasTerson. OUT- sTanding Dolphin Club members and members OT The Treshrnan swimming Team were CarlTon Anderson and Bob Adams. HighlighTs of The social sea- son were The TwenTy-TiTTh annual SweeThearT ParTy, The Homecoming Open House, The Navy Day ParTy, and The Spring Formal. Page 256 G, Alward B. Adams, '45 C. Anderson, '45 J. Binlcly, '45 D. Broolcs, '45 ACTIVE MEMBERS J. Crowley Anderson D. Glennie, '45 D. Grant '45 R, Hill, '45 C. lves, '44 Class of I942 R. Nazelfe Class of I 943 D, Arrnbrusfer F, Class of I944 P. Nelson PLEDGES J. Kubal, '45 B. Leonard, '45 F, Maslerson, '45 L. Maslerson, '45 Fiffh Row: J. Mueller, F. Masferson, Kubal, Niedziela, Crowley Fourfh Row: Adams, Ives, Anderson, S. Mueller, Granf, Armbrusfer Third Row: Nelson, L. Masferson, Leonard, Zeiqler, Binlcly Second Row: Glennie, Brooks, Sedlalc, Mounl, Sclmeberger, Hill Fronf Row: Carmean, l-lildenbiddle, Milvalslcy, Mrs. Miller, Nazefie, Axflwelm, Alward M. Smillw lvlifvalslqy D. Mount '43 B. Niedziela, '45 R, Sclwneberger, '45 S. Sedlalc, '43 W. Zeigler, '45 P. Blomgren J. Gulhrie R. Baker B. Brooks D. Brown J. Bodine W. Bargmann, '43 C. Benfz, '44 C. Cozzens. '45 ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 J. Haufh D. Means Class of I943 H. Colleen G. Horfon R. Erilcson B E. Kearney J. Hoffman C. Layfon E. Holden R. Long Class of I944 R. Cody N. McKone C. McKnigh+ W. Miller PLEDGES W. DeVoe, '44 D. Jack, '44 R. Gallagher, '45 D. Key, '45 S. Gulhrie, '45 C. Marshal, '43 P. Norris J. Scholes K. Rummells H. Smilh J. Van Pilsum G. Plummer l.. Paule, '43 F. Seydel, '44 W. Williamson, '43 B. Woodhull, '45 Fourih Row: Mrs. Glen, Baker, Bergmann, Benfz, Bodine, Brown, Cody, Coffeen, Cozzens Third Row: De Voe, Erilcson, Gallagher, J. Gufhrie, S. Gufhrie, Haufh, Hoffman, Holden, Horfon Second Row: Jack, Kearney, Key, Layfon, Long, McKnight McKone, Means, Miller Fronl Row: Norris, Paule, Plummer, Rummells, Scholes, Seydel, Smilh, Van Pilsum, Woodhull ETA Xl ,l l TheTa Xi was Tounded in The days OT The Civil War, in The year I864. The Iowa chapTer was Tormerly The Wexco Club. an engineering TraTerniTy, unTil I9I2 when iT was a naTional organizaTion. Under The able ueadership of presidenT John Haufh. who was also a member oT The lnTer- TraTerniTy CourT and The lnTerTraTerniTy Council. The Xi chapTer once again had a mosT successful year. The house won The UniversiTy Sing and The ping- pong doubles championship, The laTTer acquired Through The playing of Evan Kearney and Warren Holden. Members of honorary TraTerniTies were Paul Kempf in Phi BeTa Kappa. James GuThrie in Tau BeTa Pi and Phi Lambda Upsilon, and Juliam l'loTTrnan in Phi Sigma loTa. lnTeresTed in publicaTions were Jim Scholes, EdiTor of The Frivol: Glenn l'lorTon, a member oT The STudenT Board oT PublicaTions: and Duane Means. Business Manager Tor The Journal of Business. On The YMCA cabineT were Charles Benh and Khairom Rummells who, in addi+ion, was a member oT The Union Board Sub-CommiTTee. RoberT Cody was on The Sophomore CoTillion CommiTTee and was elecTed presidenT oT The ArT Guild. Popular house parTies were The Dude Ranch Dance, The annual ChrisTmas Formal, and The pledges' Screwball ParTy. TheTa Xi's on The TaculTy are Dr. Knowler, Dr. STuiT, and Professor ZopT. Page 259 FRATERNITY Claussen shows lhe Phi Dells how i+'s clone . . . Bill Garner and Barfel and Follcedahl scan Sigma Chi bullefins . . . Thela Xi's Gordon Shellard . . . Sigma Nu Cleanup . . . Sig Alph sludy ses- Bake sion . . . Merriam, Frinlc, Vfillis. r and l-lorfon pick a winner . . . Daryl Annis and Jack Lamb qreef a Phi Psi dawn. tiis A 1' Y Ss., .ff xg-,rim WM 35,5-,A - J, ,i "'5HYZ91?df'7 fu: iA..xg?9 N'Y!3:'5 im 4 if I 1 A , :QW . X Q 5 'Y I'-L: W -nf Xl. , an V 1 . x.. sf 4 if XL uf ' s - if ' o 1' I N. S 'Q 1 . mwmpfffl -QQ-1 -Mn ,. v ji 5 is ye ew A. 5 H 5 ks. Q 'PY , m2 Y ' A X4 vb f A wwf 12. A ' 'FRG - I 5,3 W, Mya 'N nf, ' Q W , 1 -kph, 1 f A' 1 " " -Aga S, hr, A 1- 3 3 1, f ,q .. f,.5,5.,,g, - , .fu r - A Q . ' A W. ,ff A. 4" v- Z -.N g, yu cw ,fr Fx 4-JS "' 2 W A ' Q ' 3 ,Q 1. pg 33, n 4-M' -Q -A W' fm f Y, .W 4' ,g b , Q l x My ' ' :K ' A 4 " 'K ' ' lu'q3L.5f? , ' ww f? ' e YE, ' r ,fi ' 1 ' fig' 'igwfwgf-vw Wa, sf , ,Af ,,,, ' 6-1 M 'Gu W?" K tu W K wif A ""'-'gm , W 5 I hh g A ! 3 'I x Y iff . V ? 3 R H Y: x w - A Q X 1. 3, , , , , ' .5 V , X-si. . S ,f f A 1 A Z , ' 1 Ag: ' 5 ,-my I 4. 'S f W 452 5? . ff Q- ' ., ff- -ls' -. 3. - ir . , gg - L .ig L, 5 Y K V, L? . ' V' L . , .. S , W L 1 , ' Z - ' L. 1.1, ' . W V F S in . . .. .1 Elm MM, fe, an .f xx ff: .. ,WM lf. 'Q 'A' R. Burnell J. Beebe M. Crew G. Fieselman l-l. Fishman W. Baden R. Chase D. Easlwood K. Beebe W. Bogle B. Borcherf Fiflh Row: Wormhoudi, Bogle, Paul, Mangun, Borcherf, Fishman, Pedersen, Gugle, Wallcer Fourfh Row: Ely, Johnson, Norris, Packard, Baden, George, Fieselmann, Davies Third Row: Greenleaf, Hill, Kehoe, Hiclcs, S. Wesfly, Schroclz, Chase, Morgan, Reeck Second Row: Grilzlilh, Crew, Randall, Kingsbury, Heise, J. Beebe, Hulch, K. Beebe Fronl' Row: Maplelhorpe, Moershel, P. Kerslen, Burnelf, Panos, Paul, G. T. Wesfly, H. Kerslen, Easfwood ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 L. Gugle P. Morgan Class of I943 W. Grilllilh P. Kerslen H. Heise K. Kingsbury T. Hill C. Mangun J. Hulch W. Moershel L. Ely L. George J. Greenleaf M. Hiclcs W. Johnson R. Olson Class of I 944 Kehoe Kerslen Maplelhorpe Paul Ross Reeck T. Panos L. Norris T. Weslly H. Wormhoul J. Packard W. Randall J. Walker C. Schroclc R. Servison S. Weslly Page 264 Filllrx Row: Caddoclc, Bernalz Fourfln Row: Huber, Burke, Callaghan, Cobb, Ramsey, Bliss Third Row: Herlzler, Sammef, Sauer, Kriechbaum, Schissel, Isham, Smyfh Second Row: Albers, Basfrom, McFadden, Filzpafriclc, Cowan, Layfon, Knipe, Klein Fronf Row: Goenne, Oldag, Richfsmeier, Porfer, Koesler, Brown, Garner, Mason, Kraushaar W. Goenne J. Koesler W. Brown E. Cobb M. Albers J. Basfrom P. Bernafz E. Burke Page 265 NU SIGMA NU ACTIVE MEMBERS O. Krauslwaar C. Loslw J. Garner J. Knipe J. Krieclibaum W. Bliss E. Cadclock L. Cowan R. Filzpalriclc Class of I 942 R. Mason 6. Oldag Class of I 943 J. Laylon F. McFadden A. Riclwlsmeier Class of I944 A. Callaghan PLEDGES J. Herlzler R. Huber R. lsl1am R. Porler l-l. Sauer D. Schissel J. Klein A. Sammel J. Smylh PHI BETA Pl ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 W. Armsirong F. Bruslri H. Easlburn V. Blalwa B. Buclwiel R. Green Class of I943 H. Bennell H. Hensiorf Class of I944 R. Barrel W. Conley R. Lounsberry J. Baumann C. Kepler R. Taber PLEDGES C. Cole P. Jerman J. McCoy W. Hardin C. Knouf M. Porler R. Harringlon P. Kulil G. Spellrnan F. Sfearns S. Wallcer H. Krouse 6. Young M. Van Allen L. Von Laclcum Fiffh Row: Porfer, Green, Kuhl Fourfh Row: Taber, Barfel, Cole, Lounsberry, McCoy, Sfearns Third Row: Blaha, Von Laclxum, Armsfrong, Spellman, Conley Second Row: Easfburn, Harrington, Kepler, Knouf, Buclwiel, Hardin From' Row: Brush, Young, Baumann, Benneff, Krouse, Hensiorf, Dr. McKee Page 256 P H I C H I ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of I942 J. Lawson C. Scharnweber Class of I943 L. Frink P. Goerner J. Nolan Class of I944 J. Co'rnam R. Lee P. Reagan L. Sfauffer E. Gann D. Mirick S. Sheimo K. Van Zyl PLEDGES V. Gehling J. Hudson R. Knapp R. Young C. HeinmiIIer D. Jensen W. Smifh Fourfh Row: Reagan, Lee, Sheirno, Van Zyl, Scharnweber Third Row: Hudson, G-ehIing, Miridc, Heinmiller, Knapp . Second Row: Smifh, Young, Sfauffer, Grundahi Fronf Row: Cofnarn, Nolan, Gann, Goerner, FrInI: Page 267 R. C. J. A. G. R. C J. G. Cook Gray Gray Harwood Hruslca Ellioli Bennefi Berq Beyer Fiffh Row: Maresh, R. Updegralii, Fallers, Pefersen. Johnson. Benneff, Kelly Fourth Row: J. Gray, Lodwick, McC5reevey, Dauf, Troxell. Plager, Hruska, Ellioff Third Row: Hirleman, Summers, Campbell, Ingle, Beyer, W. Updegraff, While Second Row: Swander, Maland, Berg, Wagner, Myerly, Flanders, Smiley, Pohl Fronf Row: Monlux, Hershberger, Dr. Van Epps, C. Gray. Schuffer, Sweeney. Dr. Bennelf, Cook, Paisley PHI RHO SIGMA Class of I942 E. Hershberger C. Paisley R. Monlux J. Schulfer Class of I943 M. Johnson 6. Maresh G. Lodwiclc J. Swander D. Maland R. Updegraff Class of I944 C. Langeralc W. Myerly V. Plager PLEDGES R. Campbell R. Flanders T. Kelly R. Dauf H. Hirleman J. McGreevey H. Fallers N. lngle R. Peiersen J. Wagner L. Sweeney C. Walls W. While W. Updegraff D. Pohl T. Summers M. Troxell Page 268 Fourlh Row: Kaulfman, Van Der Kamp, Lowry, Smilh, Grillilh, Pendlelon, Birch, Senlinella, Walls Third Row: Sayre, Rolslon, Grigg, Sloebe, Blomgren, Buckingham, Saalon, Ross, Lewis Second Row: Davis, Jacobson, Shearer, Fehselce, Brown, VValls, McMahon, Wilson, Minnich Fronl Row: Hollis, Hullon, Nuqenl, Spellman, Holz, Kober, Hardy, Riehm, Waaleyhan GAMMA ETA GAMMA ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of l942 James Brown Richard Fehselce Horace Hardy Harold Grigg Edgar King Theodore Kubicelc Harold Birch Paul Blomgren Roberl Buckingham John Davis Thomas Gilloon Page 269 William Holz, Charles Hollis Ross Hullon Class Joseph Lebeda Wendell Pendlelon Dean Rolslon Kay Kober Donald Louden Slephen Nuqenl I 943 David Sayre John Sealon Deming Smilh PLEDGES Rolland Grele Slewarl Grillilh Alan Jacobson Howard Johnson Ralph Kaullman Ted Lewis Dudley Lowry Arlhur Minnich Douglas Roberls Donald Ross Curlis Riehm Paul Shearer Richard Spellman Allred Wooleyhan Harlan Sloebe David Walls Alan Senlinella Roy Van Der Kamp Richard Walls Ralph William Wilson Anderson Erbe Allender Blaha Bosveld Courlney Collison Frosl Hawk Brandon Buser Cool: Courrney PSI OMEGA ACTIVE MEMBERS Class of l942 Kriclc E. Lyrle Loigren L. Mayhew Class of I943 Dewel C. Hagerneisler Doering R. Moyers Fogelsong E. Schnoebelen Green L. Sievers Class of I944 Johnson J. Kepper Johnslon F. Klepper PLEDGES Davis K. Heck Dierks R. Leemlcuil Diggs C. Mullin Harper P. Niclcolisen Meder Rabe Tiecke Tirsworfh Va n de Waa Wallers . Mace Swearingen . Yofili . Olmsfead Slcogmo Warren Fiffh Row: Collison, l-leclr, Buser, Olmsled, Leemlcuil, Harper, Dierclcs, Waflers, Klepper, Blaha, Davis Fourfh Row: Bosveld, Mullin, Schnoebelen, Doering, Slmogmo, Fogelsong, Erbe, S. Courfney, Frosl, York Third Row: Lyfle, Mace, Niclcolisen, Meder, Anderson, Allender, Rabe, Zurnsfeg, Lofgren, H. Courfney, Kriclc Second Row: Brandon, Warren, Dewel, Johnslon, Van de Waa, Johnson, Mayhew, Moyers, Wormley, Diggs, Swearmgen Hawk Firsl' Row: Green, Dr. Wiclc, Dr. Frowine, Dr. Crissinger, Hagerneisler, Sievers, Tilsworlh, Dr. Thoen, Dr. Higley, Dr Ander son, Tiecke Page 270 491 awww. use wi ' ks: N i xe2L'7s.f" -, all S ,. .5 ,. , , 2. 2- 1 K . 3-.iii iw 11 1 . , , .3 if .gl?'5f . i E R . f ? if 3 Q25 - sg use MJ' W'.' 3 Q K ,Z 2 X lagi- ..., 7 Q, Vg ' g E 13. 1 5 ,Q M :Lim A .f: , 7 -9:7 .. ,S 5 m,,L. 1 ggigw wi 31' -5' 'wwf-:'v'4f' ffgiiiw 1 , - f... ,H my S- -1 lea fir,-SEP .Af 'T 'L' 2,11 if ,. wi- :fx pu: 1:1 A ,QQ f Q. -X1 Vigil., I 5555: IE f -f zx - 'K f if K 5 'fi .. Q X ff M. .:, 1 , Q-, lj ' 2 V2 Q 2 . Q E' 'X ik Q Z -F 4 gk .A 5 :V ,.,:,x I A V ' ,E B 5. :..." - f--- , .3 ll , " ia. N. . f. H ' p Q I- J 2 - -f Y' .. , x 1frE1m.S 4,-A!fx..i.. aaa, zzz. ' W"-L.W 1- 1- '. ,: www, ,, 2 F 3, y' ' -1.5. 1 , U., ,.,,.i5iwf,.315kqgg1,ff f -- H 15,53 NA ,X X . . -. Wm - L H K Sv F 1 it .11 I 3-5 i g 5 N H ' Ni, 1 ' 5 H '53, ,. 'ga f -Q 1? ,, -.5 fu,-.H N. ,... ., NM, , x 1 1 2 ,Q x::':' 1 ' V s is Q Q 9, ,, x - -,T If - Lifx ' , L .N ". , gf '91 if --A'. ' 'W W iii' ? v,1. kk if it - eff Way K La T' 'WM 1' K 3: 'Lei f -2 xii fg 1 V gy ., xy .AS Z u 152, i Q, ,t ,,,, 1.5,- ,Mr SV Fl- ip. g Y mffrmx ..vwae1,m"' ,A5n,,,,N+ R' , ,M , V A www' ,,,,.f.W iw. 4 . f Mwxwwmm .Q , . Egg, I A V 'WSL , , is ' mx, 1 'M' . Y lv v Nm. .f 1 ff..-X, wb W 025-k,v,N,X1QgA,w-gf . Q ,m,Mw?WQ hx rf-My FQ: if "' "V .4 NJ.. m... .av Y X -wx K gbnfwev. . X -..h mba 'M - m - my x .L - . A Y R ..,. Mx 5 , - " f New X RN ik, A 't.:,v.. Wi'm NM 'sg - 4, f ,S - ' f . 5? km .gg Q 'W SAA gg 5:5 im VI W1 S Lv. W - Q Sf gf K mx N.. ML Eg' iv iw A .-.ffl x ' 2 XM X , : ww MK f .V qw: .im .K ,.N.:,x,v A "'9wis2f ,. i i M1823 4' A . ' .sri QP K s I. Jane Abbofl' Mildred Anderson Mariorie Andrews Jean Boehner A Janef Brinlcer V' E V V Helen Cool: gl .V Winilred Coningham ' I 'V:- aff Mary Lou Evans E . .Ab 8 Margery G-emmel i i X E fs 2 TN ' 2 ' :Z liliiie ' A ' Kalhryne Kenny Germaine Poffer Helen Pyle Edilh Sfuarl Mary Louise Winslow 9 . 51 'ss Qi I fg , , 1 R LCURRIER HALL COUNCIL EDITH STUART MARY LOUISE WINSLOW MARGERY GEMMEL JANET BRINKER KATHRYNE KENNY JEAN BOEHNER MARJORIE ANDREWS GERMAINE POTTER HELEN PYLE MARY LOU EVANS MILDRED J. ANDERSON HELEN COOK JANE ABBOTT WINNIE CONINGHAM Currier l'lall's ambilious "Big and Li+Ile Sisler program" uniled iI's 566 residenls in 'rlne firsl weeks ol Ihe fall Term wilh a series of mixers and cocoa hours. The spiril' of friendliness Ihroughoul 'rhe clormilory was en- couraged loy 'rhe new, modern soda shop, where girls mel for belween- meal snacks and lunches "alIer hours." The beauiilul inner courl provided slill anolher place for girls Io galher, and lhe newly ereclecl fireplace soon eslablishecl ils popularily as a mecca for marshmallow and weiner roasls. Formalion of a small aclive social commillee. under The direclion of a council chairman, resulled in new enfhusiasm and ideas for 'rhe year's enierlainmenl. Highlighling The clormiIory's social year were formal din- ners, an annual sryle show direcred and parlicipaled in by girls of 'rhe hall, lea dances, coffee hours, parries, and Ihe formal spring dinner-dance. Even wilh rhese exlensive social acrivilies, i+ is a maller ol pride Ihaf Cur- rier Hall mainlains Ihe second highesl scholaslic average among campus groups. Page 274 Despile 'rhe recenf addifion +o 'rlwe building, Currier overflowed 'rhis year info a lovely and hisforic house on Clin- +on S+ree+. Irs 35 residenls, proud of +l1eir beaufifully furn- ished rooms in llwe small Currier "annex", confinued lo lake parl in all dormifory acrivilies, and Currier "annex" prov- ed fo be as popular a residence as The parenl clormilory. Fashion Show Soapsuds Coquefry Doris Wifr, Grela Gordon, Anneffe Pelfis CURRIER Marge Besler, Helen Biddiclc, Elizabefh Holm "Currier Limifedl' Jo Ellen lrelan l Page 275 ., 2. :fi :K : M X vm 5 Aww 5 .Nr V my 'I' 5-,, ,J R -wk 4 P ' v W 1. X 1 13 1 if M S' ,s . 1 . y :yu . Q ! A f 5 D N.,-3, . Q Q E855 ffk, ,gm Q wwfz B 1 9 ix QV Ai i-Q k v 114 2 X 'Siu 1 N - an A-if fwkdfw- 6 ,ffklfiif 4 . Nw .. , at Q Q if .. if - gg' :f I 5 k Sf Q, sw L 1 1 in gg? X 1. ' Q S ,mi v ,. .. Qu 5 " K QA. .i. Qi, , ,q, . v .wiki - 3 X ,id , X. if lag EKG Second Row: Kardon, Burrows, Palmer, Biedrzyclri, Engellces, STauTfer, Sayre, Haines, SmiTh Jaeclcel Grissel, Pederson, l-lesselschwerdT, Lebeda, Boegel, Krabbenholt Woodcoclr, Moyers Fronl Row: Kemp, Miehe, Drake, HirT, YaTes, Lalimer, McMahon, Whilmore, Younf, Bergsfrom ouADRANeLE coumcn. As large a populaTion as ThaT ol many a small Town is gaThered wiThin Quadrangle walls. And as eTTicienT as any ciTy governmenT is The Quadrangle council. From The six-hundred and sevenTy-live residenTs, who are all members of The Quadrangle AssociaTion, TwenTy are chose aT an annual elecTion To become members oT The council. In cooperaTion wiTh The Dean oT Men's olfice, procTors Tor The "Quad" are appoinTed on a basis ol scholarship, characTer, personaliTy, and leader- ship qualiTies. WiTh a background oT Quadrangle residence and ex- perience, They aid and advise Their Tellow sTudenTs. TogeTher wiTh The eighT procTors and an aThleTic procTor, The council in Turn elecTs The presidenT, vice-presidenT, secreTary-Treasurer. and sergeanT-aT-arms ol The AssociaTion. Governing The building is noT The council's only Tuncfion. ln addiTion, iT adminisTers a S2500 annual budgeT, and plans an unrivalled social program TogeTher wiTh a well developed aThleTic program. In conjuncTion wiTh The l-lillcresT AssociaTion, iT also exTends The recreaTion program To include annual informal and dinner dances in The Iowa Memorial Union. Page 277 couNciL RoberT Boegel Louis Wurl ClilTon Woodcoclc David Burrows Carroll Engellces Freeman YounT Edward Sfauller RoberT Bergslrom Henry Haines Leo Biedrzyclri Oswald Pederson Elmer Grissel John Palmer HuberT Jaeckel Harold Kardon William Drake Bevan Miehe KenneTh KrabbenliolT Edward Kemp Raymond LaTimer David Sayre Deming Smifh Jaclc Moyers Richard McMahon Dale l-lirT Paul WhiTmore Don l-lesselschwerdf Joe Lebeda Bill Yales F, . Y Y 'Sq fx NRS X: Q as wi X . M - A Q,-1 . zfxis , By March 3I, l942, The lasT Quad men were evacuaTed Trom Their old home, malcing room Tor cadeTs of The Naval Air Corps. For TwenTy years, The Quadrangle spiriT had been TosTered wiThin Those walls: and everyone knew iT would some- how remain alive. To reTurn again in aTTer-days. The Quadrangle hadn'T been iusT a place To live. IT had developed iTs own aTmosphere-iTs own unique spiriT. Dean Rienow had TaThered ThaT spiriT from The TirsT. And as he Talked wiTh The men aT The lasT meeTing oT The Quad- rangle AssociaTion, he expressed iT besT in These words: "We have builded here a way oT life: and we leave wiTh no apologies and no regreTs. When we have closed our doors. we shall have leTT behind a Thing These old walls cannoT TorgeT . . . a Thing so Tirmly Tounded. iT cannoT be losT . . And The quieTly lisTening men believed his every word. QUAD Through +he varied acivifies of fhe Quadrangle As- sociafion, many find Jrheir way info posifions +ha+ serve Jrhe enfire Universify. To fhree or 'four every year, The Quadrangle key is presen+ed by 'rhe Quad council in recogni+ion of +heir oufsfanding service. Page 280 HILLCREST "One of The besT men's dormiTories in The UniTed STaTes", is The boasT of The UniversiTy Housing Bureau, and The 420 men in The CresT, from TorTy sTaTes and several foreign counTries, sTand behind The slogan IOOZ. BuiIT high on The hill on The wesT campus, HiIIcresT commands a posiTion overlooking The UniversiTy of Iowa. Now, in only iTs TourTh year, HiIIcresT E regarded as one of Iowas Top organhaHonQ and Through men Ile Bell, Hoag, Nelson, GiIIoTTi, Hardwig, PinksTon, Trickey, SToIIey, Ander- son, MiddenTs, Morrow, The I'IarTs, and oThers, one Tinds I-IiIIcresT repre- senTed as leaders or acTive parTicipanTs in mosT of The campus organ- izaTions. I'IiIlcresT is a self-governing uniT Through a procTor and council sysTem, The Tormer appoinTed by The UniversiTy and The IaTTer eIecTed by The men in Then respechve haHs They enhxce Thdr own regdahons and various acTiviTies are carried ouT by commiTTees appoinTed by The presidenT. HillcresT parTies are among The besT, and when The Quad and I-IiIIcresT geT TogeTher Tor several informal parTies, The supremacy of many Un- iversiTy parTies is ThreaTened. Meanwhile The CresT mainTains The high- esT grade-poinT on The campus Tor any one group as a whole. i COUNCIL BUELL BUCI-ITEL ROBERT BASFORD ROBERT PAYTON CHARLES MORROW LAWRENCE ELY GEORGE ANDERSON EARL MEYER BRUCE MEIER LOUIS HUNGERFORD JOHN GILLOTTI ROGER GILLESPIE F. A. COVER RUSSELL ROSS BOB WORKMAN WESLEY SWANSON WM. PINKSTON N. CLIFFORD NELSON JAMES COOK JON ZUMSTEG JOSEPH PHELAN JOHN BALLES Third Row: Morrow, Workman, KaTz, Hungerford, STarIc, Anderson Second Row: Meyer, Ely, Swanson, Cover, Phelan, Balles, Gillespie, ZumsTeg FronT Row: SeaTon, Meier, Pinlisfon, Mrs. Swords, Ross, Nelson H xx: Page 281 HILLCREST The Cres+'s inframural program is fealured wi+h spirired compelirion, and fhe Firsf Floor was off ro an early slarf This year laking loolrh 'rhe loofball and baslcelball championships. The Hillcresl lounges are The scene of Fireside chefs, friendly games, radio parlies, and general gel-Jrogefhers. So goes life al 'rhe dorm on Hue hill, and in llnese days of nafional crisis, flue serious minded men of Hillcresf and Iowa are ready and willing To make any sacrifice io keep 'rlie Sfars and Sfripes flying above Old Capifol. HILLCREST l I Second Row: McGuire, Vagfs, Gufenkaui, Daclc, Chapman, Sweeney, DeGeus, Slelfer, Park, Gallagher Hall, Willoughby, Johnson Froni Row: Schwariz, Sterling, Fife, Gufhrie, Moeller, Dresselhuis, Hayenga, Colfer, Moser Hennes sey COOPERATIVE DORMITORY OFFICERS CARMEN MosER Jeiferson House. . Presidenl MARGERY WOODI-IOUSE Russell House . Vice-Presidenl' GEORGE WILLOUGI-IBY Secrefary ROBERT COTTER Dean House. . . Treasurer GEORGE HALL Wilson House Co-chairman, Social Comrniifee MILDRED DRESSELHUIS Coasf House Co-chairman, Social Commiifee QW , , gn, ,,,. We -YW ASSOCIATION Since 'rhe inauguralion of 'ihe firsi cooperaiive clormiiory in I932, Ihe syslem has grown sieadily Io include Ihirieen dormiiories-eleven men's and two women's houses. The membership has increased Io Three hundred fiiry men ancl women and comprises one of The Iargesf sysrems wesi of Ihe Mississippi. In I937 ihese inclependenl unils organized a single governing body com- posed oi 'Iwo represeniafives from each house: The General Council of ihe Cooperalive Dormilory Associaiion. Each dorm carries ou? a social program of Hs own. In acldiiion, ihe C. D. A. sponsors Iwo dances and ihe annual spring banquei, The crowning evenr of fhe year ai which The C. D. A. Service Key Awards are presenied Io 'rhose individuals who have rendered ouisianding service Io Iheir houses, ihe Associaiion, and Io The Universiiy. These dormiiories have consis'renI'Iy carried off scholarship honors. Borh men's and women's organizafions com- peie in iniramural afhleiics. Page 284 I if.. . -X K '22 M J LL,L Q .:., QE gi s N: X , nl- ? vm 'WK-xv ,Q . wb " Wav SYM A f ,Q I' X fix W Q S 1. I , .,., ,Mu .. I . . gp 3 .S , W E, 'gif wg, 3 111 K .1 if ,s -K '- :fi A 'Q a Q it X XV ', ':E': .: I N .Qi Ai E K.. FQ S X as g f ig- SSW: if EASTLAWN Easflawn is The home of eighiy-four girls who become well acquainfecl wilh one an- ofher and help fhe clormi+ory +o funclion smoofhly by confribuiing an hour's work every day. The same spiril of cooperafion and friendliness is reflecled in ihe sludeni governmeni and social ac+ivi+ies wifhin ihe clorm. This group is represenlred each year in many campus aclivifies such as infra- murals, Universily Sing, U. W. A., Y. W. C. A., and 'rhe Universify Orchesfra. Cho- rus and Bancl. THE WEEKLY NEWSMAGAZINE L 535-ILS Q?dif 33 N155 CADET COLONEL LIONEL FULLER His appointment at military ball marked him as a young American to watch if ' Q 'K N , , , F45 Q :L 5, M 1 - we ff ' 24 A K9331? ,V 4 53- w 'QM 0 f Q Q was ,Q A x g , xg, ff. W ' X Q 3 SX W x ak X A Q3 51.55 5 mf If, . ,X T 5 ,X H QE -,I .. v -: 5 i , D K. we V 6 sf I SZQE f - , 1. :elk W. 'Q 4 QL A9 W .. 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M M X - - 1- --.- F Q1 un "' 'Imam F x'hA L Q ' W V ' 353 ' -l1Q25' "' A, X-.P ,,.L . A .- f fr i-1 --w Q 1 , K ,-Q14 X D ' 'W Q l A i II Q Q ' '15, W Y TYQQQF A A 1 'Sf 'Wag - u x x If gf- uv X' Q ' :Sim ,vv. r ,lAh. af Kfi is 1 , 2 F, x 5 X , 'R iff xx ' X Y -PQ 452511 S fx r -1 Z Xiw- X, ' . W L.x . . - . A A A -L X 1 ' " Q Ni my 2 ii x is gf! S -4 N Q 5 f . M v I -A . bfiffkf x Y 4 . K i . , fx ' 2 g NR 5 sg 2: 4- . D is . - QQ: . S X fx .U. f , k is "l 5 1 is if SE 2 Q 9 Q5 if i 1 is ff Ni .' X gig fi K .i S, -'f' K' Y ie- F 9 1 1 4 fkgfi mi llr f n - il U sm 1, L afiffzapzml - . -F Q5 , l' 'QQ 'A I A I WSE' X l fi V -l ll? T l sexi 1 1. el ix, . Presslllibx vi - and And fhem m g Qc-round down yfA""f ' V 4 . . . ' ,Q , rl. l we W. img I A 335: av'Efw?-vQ2"HKgf,ff 1961 -,.:,.if, ,L .M ffm. .gal fg1'fl' Q fl . , ihVQd5l?ffl,l'elQI,x0Hl Easl' Hall llawn 5 A . . lQQf5ignf"lnlH7Eamlining g . . 22' Dr. and'QMrsQ Thomas Mann meei 53 l Ericlu'Funlre .. . . Corn monumenf burns . so dogs Indiana. 3 ll: Dolphin pledges gel' clipped l AI . . . ,Half-fimelsaluie . . . 1 ' Wherefs:Elmer?' gs ll . , I-Q, 7 Z1 N ,V-rm , 553-wp 59112 H 43 ,U v 1 4 X 1 M 1 um. S x .5 ,M .L , , v. -sly, ' i t ..',. 'li ER X, ew x R . if 'fm 'Y?7?'e". .-Q. M, -if 1 K1 .. ' , ev X . A ,'-ilfl ' ",. 1 fi. ' 1 Dug' A.. A q4.,! n 5' 'iam 'Rf-v . Q iw ... 3 ,. . 445 'QQ "'Yvw M ...A Ibn in 'GMA ,G AQ' ,, Q 4, x' Nr Vx, .W ' Q ' , . 5 ' Q ww .., Qi VM' 'A 5. Q .- 'i'3QQy Li Q AAQE? 4'-E W' bf ,LI Q A 3 fri! :I V A ' iff.-Q .4 59 .5 L.'n! M4 3rg"'1'-N 'Q ' ,xx Rf! Cx 9 X -. Jw.. ' ' bf QS. mg 4 T'-as 'Ili ff. GSW," A vs il wi i : i,l "" A K, f ,fs S. .523 .ggi 2 B K- , 1' 5. K I ga Q85 ge- X X its fx eg F1 Q w x . as W Q' F K, S I X 5. QQ A ky ,I Rf!! Q ,X 'FX af ii 1 Y W X gg. , A 1 1 X 555 A 1 , 5? J gg Q K .E wx VS-Q A iw Ln g:L,,.,,--,,.A,..4,,,, . ,WA X x . . . X,.., . ,Q 4 - e 'Lf - QQ.-Q ,fe-"5 I mi V - 1 V 'nm' .-L- yn- 01 V 'li . ik AQ iw ,- .W X , .- , ., :gl ISL lgwxlr, - s Y-A" Q." f wif' W , , -in A 16.1-Y. -naming ASE an 1 ' +' f ,, -4' ' ' , 5 a 6 L rg 4 0 521- ' Ri xg 1 'Jlflg ,."'1' nw? M ll HVQM. , 'Qiff L ww -Q rw uff , ADH ,. Mp- fi ,ffzr ' .1'-'9'-1- .. ' 'A' , 1, his - 5, I -1 Ji 'Q quam .e x-a y 52iF1k Wifi 55 2 ' V ' ' 5- ,a9fA'2?"!i3Il"-','5 fi5.'-3,551 .fE-Evffifg' 254 ff-v ' A?" Zfiwilxgi kj' S' A,1ilY'b:Ev,P -"f N gi tim, ' 'gwfq' ' ,f,,u,,-J 6 A -1 E. 2.51 gig, gym -A: 1. W' ' :Y HIj"'f" 1, M-, JT zu' .Q "H F EJ" Lgllf xl Grain' . . 1 1? 1 L A . Q 1 - is f' H Exam week somewhere ,in Hilfcresi' . , . Qrim- :wg reminders . . . Posf vacafion frigidiiy . .Q sfep wi+h the Hmes ,-ff:,I'E '1Jm'jw?f:: 'E V 1 -r. - "'. 1,1 E 35,-N gs? :H I A "' Q1-fi P3 wwf ?'.:e2Mf1 5 L s 4:!5'Q'i' 1 K2 35 ,fq ,: K -ap .. ff 'w'z ffiigf' Les wail' for Milifary B - fs . fun . . . Delia Ga 14 'n5ongraqlilgh.Q+heir ir-ack 5 X infremural N . . . 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A 4, We ww f' fc fl' ig Jw JPY' sf W gi 'R xww SQ 5 M 5 xx.q.b ff AMX K ,,,,.w-S X N: ' 32 S S ,px ii ik Q 1- X-A .- . .1 .Aww -,fwQ?iQ3595 - ,ff ' . . as Km -:1 'Q fi? 5 Mi is N X 3 X 2 K 4 M -, ,x -Q 55:54 fn W We 3: . is A 5 X sdii A S w- T A Q J Qfsg QQ- 1-sf. ix H , s L X Mais, .- w Qgmzwml-Eg? ,frvvfiff ' L -.. L W .,L Q 1'1e-sf' V ,L "we www g' m2aQ'ih'1 ri M "-252 1 L L - 5. if gw 4 Kiwi A .gf-,,'J'.L q.- f :mg JW- f w W. , L 5 ,L L , ' ff: vjif Fw' 'V,,." ,. '2 -'yuui lajl, ' wx - - ' f pf ' ' T - . ' J: 1- -5 V--"-L: V' . .L Qi 5 . 1 L - . - ff,- L F L ' if ,Ls-5.1, LL ,'.-.wa ,VE 33,5 y V7 1,4 - , L Him L f A r: at--. ,-L f f-H-,V -M 3-N 1 'e :M wig f E L, , L, .1 A -fx WL 4.1, --Y--f f - 1' n WI: ,Nix -L, H . 5 I ..., -Lwkj ,AJML -up i-I 'fl-vw. ,rug H 1 ,g V , ' 4 m ! ,V . ,I ' - x--I ,-ln, I L U L L , haf L, L: ,Luz V,f'zfi1L fixnrcrem 2 ' L., Q :- , 15.3 ' A ET 31. 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M.w.Y,.A ,AU , ,, Wg' :dig K 'KL bm f ,, "X ,rqifiifzfzf .WW , ,4 -, ' 4-mf, , Six an W' 'M " , if ,- 355 ' Q 'gfgiy J ,S :ff gm? L Cigna- gt . f ag" " Sins, if-V-12 V 99+ 45 2 ' k '9 -i'?'?Qgkf'g " 43. 5 ig: If I . wir, .Jw 'vi nv M 1 'Exim gy 'I :ki gwggrfiae 'aff UQ' Wa " W' ' , I 312 nfl ' . , ww . 5' 2351 rl f'!ff ' ' 1, . Q 1156, Y 4 Q X fi at 1 I-4 -My 5 1.3 ' . f Q z-wi. ff 1 KH : gk a' ?" 3 . , ' I Ax - 'L A, 2 X X :eff Wi 'Z 51,11 fs? f fl . K 2 ' 5 5 ilk 1 if fl. W. 'M X "mx I Y f h h h DAY SHIFT The blood pressure of indusfrial America has skyrockefed since December 7, 1941. Producfion has finally shiffed info second gear and is moving info high. American educafional sysfems musf follow suif, for 'lhey are facfories for fhe produc- fion of leaders. Classrooms become assembly lines furning oul' af breakneck lspeed finished producfs fhal' can sfand fhe gaff bf a war world. lf Iowa is fo reach ifs poinf of maximum efficiency in producing fighfing men and infelligenf plan- ners for fhe fufure if musf cuf ouf educafional red fape and folderol. We musf feach men fo fighf, fo reason, and fo quesfion . . . and we musf give fhem fhese abilifies in condensed educa- fional capsules more pofenf and more efficienf fhan any fhe academic world has ever known. h 5 S P if Tl :- o -I o W -4 Tl o 2 :- z I'll E n :- n . af XS W1 -. 'f1X':L1fQ-G9 W Q ,f,..v,x .fx W, .,, H :fm Qmf,,.gwffQ?..1f - A . ' ,v Yi . Q2 X ff N 'f ? 'I 4 A Ex " W Y 155 , ffm. , L hi. Ev Q. . Xvgi lzlvz 5. rm X' ' ugly.. ,. i W 6 , 5 W 32.52 f- .m i ,. .mmm Mm. , Ki ,fa 2 iw if? ,W M.. Y W. . Vs-45" .. NX up Av Wm. W -my 4 ,M Q Y .1- V Q .9 Y X., CLASS FRED E. ADAMS . . . GEORGIA L. ADAMS . ROBERT P. ADAMS . . EDWARD J. AHMANN ROBERT J. ALEXANDER ROSALIND ALEXANDER JEAN ALGREN . . . STAN D. ALLEN . . JOHN B. ANDERSON . JOYCE ANDERSON . VICTOR ANDERSON . MARGARET ANDREW DAVID ARMBRUSTER . . . Wa+erIoo . . . Iowa Ci+y . . Lake Ci+y . Sioux Ci+y . . Waferloo Orange, N. J. . . Manilla . Davenporf . . O+'Iumwa . . Denison . LaHarpe, III. PIaHeviIIe, Wis. . . . . Iowa Cify EDWARD D. ARMBRUSTER Kansas Cify, Kans. LLOYD M. ARMSTRONG .... Eddyville HAZEL E. AYRES ...... O++umwa RAYMOND F. BABB . .... Newion SYLVIA BADER . . . BrooIcIyn, N. Y. D. JEAN BAKER . . . . Denison RALPH P. BAKER . . . . CIin+on JOHN J. BALLES ..... Freeport III. CARTER M. BALLINGER ..... Osage JEANNE M. BAMBERG Cleveland Heiglwfs. O. WALTER BARKER . . . PorIIand, Oregon STOCKMAN S. BARNER New London, Conn. MARSHALL H. BARNES JEAN O. BARNHARDT LAWRENCE E. BARRETT ANNA MAE BASKETT . JEAN BAUMGARTNER HOWARD H. BEALS . JAMES S. BECKER . . . . FairfieId . . Iowa Ci'ry . Rockford, III. Wyacinda, Mo. . Mason Cify Cedar Rapids . MI. Vernon Page 310 OF I943 RAYMOND E. BEECHER .... Cres+on MARY BELBERHOFE .... Mason Cify LEO W. BENDA . . . . . . Iowa Ciiy MERLE BENHART .... Oxford Juncrion HERBERT BENNETT . . . . Forf Dodge CAROLYN BERGER .... Sou+I1 Amana ROBERT A, BERGSTROM . . . Des Moines WILLIAM BERNINGHAUSEN . New Harfford WILLIAM B. BERNSTEIN . . . . Albia MARGARET MARY BETZ . . . Iowa Ci+y JACK BICKENBACH . . . Independence HELEN J. BIDDICK . . . . Marion SHIRLEY A. BIEG . . . Davenporf DOROTHY J. BINDER . . Whifing, Ind. BETTE I. BISHOP .... . . . Affon CHARLES F. BISHOP . . . . Iowa Ci+y PHYLLIS E. BISSETT . . . Deep River ROBERT J. BLACK . . Chicago. III.' BEVERLY M. BLOM . . . Des Moines JEAN E. BOEHNER . . . CI1iIIicoII1e,Mo. WILLIAM E. BOILER ..... Iowa CIIy DOROTHY J. BOISEN . . . Cedar Rapids ANITA E. BOLAND . . . . Elkader JOHN K. BONNELL . . . Eldridge FRANCES J. BORDNER .... Iowa Cify MARY L. BORG ...... Des Moines HAROLD BOUGHAN . . . Denver, Colo. WILLIAM H. BOUGHTON . . . Dubuque CLASS HARVEY H. BOYSEN . JAMES J. BRADLEY . ANNE BRANDT . . . NAOMI BRAVERMAN . RICHARD W. BRECUNIER JANET E. BRINKER. . . WARREN J. BROOKER . ELIZABETH M. BROOKS RALPH K. BROOKS . . ROBERT W. BROOKS . . BARBARA BROWN . . FORREST D. BROWN . JOYCE L. BROWN . . WALTER R. BROWN . EUGENE H. BRUCE . . W. JEAN BRYANT . MARGARET F. BUCK . . ROBERT M. BUCKLEY . SHIRLEE BUNZE . . . . Iowa Cify . . Iowa Cify . CounciI BIuFfs . . Iowa Cify . . Waferloo . . Keokuk . . Fores+ CI'ry . . CresIon . Dubuque . . FI. Dodge . . . Runnells Kansas Ci+y, Mo. . Sioux CI+y . Dubuque . . AII'on, III. . Cleghorn . S+aIe Cenfer . . Iowa CII'y . Charles Cify MARY L. BURDEN . . WesIern Springs, III. FRANK BURGE . . . Iowa Cify LEROY K. BURKET . .... Akron DAVID E. BURROWS .... Council Bluffs ROBERT L. BUSH . . . . . EIkader ROBERT K. BUTNER . . . . Earlham JOHN E. BUZBY . . . . . . Boone JANE BYERS ......... Fonda BARBARA CAGWIN . . . Marshallfown OF I943 FLORENCE CARMICHAEL K. ANN CASEY .... MARTHA L. CASON . . RUTH A. CASTERLINE . PEGGY A. CAVANAUGH ELIZABETH CHARLTON . WILLIAM C. CHENOWETH Union, N. J. Mason Cify Duranl, Olcla. . . Tiplon . FI. Dodge Mancliesler . . Denison MARVIN F. CHERALIER . Slrawberry Poini DONALD M. CHRISTENSEN JEAN CHRISTIE .... THOMAS S. CHUHAK . CHARLES R. CLARK . . FRED F. CLARK .... MARGARET L. CLARK . . WILLIAM G. CLARK . EDWARD CLAUSSEN . ROBERT CLAUSEN . . ROBERT W. CLEWELL . STANLEY S. COBB . ARLINE J. COHEN . . THEODORE C. COLE . PAULINE L. COLVIN . . JOHN E. COMPTON . . BONNIE L. CONAWAY . . . Gilmore Ci+y . Wapello Chicago, III. . . LeMars Libby. Monl. Rockwell Cily . Waverly . . Riclce+'rs . Clear La Ice . Dubuq ue . . Allerfon . Oiiumwa . Thurman . Waferloo Wesf Liberly . . Moville WINIFRED E. CONINGHAM Midcllefown, III. RUSSELL W. CONKLING . . . Des Moines PAUL J. CONNOR . . . WILLIAM E. CONNER . . BERNARD R. CONRAD . . CLARE CONRAD . . . ROBERT W. CONRAD Mason Ciiy . Dubuq ue Council Bluffs . . Keolculc . . Ellcader ANTOINETTE D. COON . WI1i+e Plains, N. Y. Page 313 CLASS DEAN COOPER . . MARIANNE COREY . . . HAZEL E. CRADDOCK . . LORING CRAFTS . . DELMAR J. CRAM . . . ROBERT B. CRANMER . . CHARLES G. CRAWFORD NEWELL P. CROCKETT . . . BETTY J. CRUM . . BEAYL CUMMINGS . FRANCIS E. CURRAN . . JANE DANCER .... MARJORIE A. DAUGHTON JANET DAVENPORT . . Fori Dodge Cedar Rapids Des Moines . Sioux Ciiy . BrooIcIyn . . Boone . . Cresion Fori' Madison . Iowa Cify . Sioux Ciiy Chicago, III. . . Larnoni Grand River . . Neola MARSHALL L. DAVENPORT. . . Diagonai JOHN J. DAVID .... Springfieid, Mass. RICHARD DAVIES . . Coeur d'AIene, Idaho KATHLEEN DAVIS . , LUCY V. DAVIS . . MARJORIE J. DAVIS . . . ROBERT L. DAWSON . ROBERT DECKER . . LOUIS K. DEGEUS . . LAURA J. DEMPSTER . . JUNE DE NIO ..... KATHRYN DENNISON . . LEWIS E. DERRY . . DORIS M. DETERS . HELEN A. DETHLEFS . . GEORGE K. DEVINE . . A. MAXINE DIERKING . . RITA A. DONAHEY . . Des Moines Des Moines Cedar Rapids . . Cresfon DuIu+I'i, Minn. . Oskaloosa . Iowa Ciiy Ceda r Ra pids Ceda r Ra pids . . La moni . Wa+erIoo . . CIu'rier . Iowa Ciiy . Sioux Ci+y Des Moines Page 314 OF I9 MARTHA L. DONNELLY . JACOUELINE DORAN EUGENE L. DORR . . PAUL F. DOWNING . DONALD H. DRAYER JEROME DRUKER . . LUCY DUMBAULD . . DAVID C. DUNCAN . HARRY DUNLAP . MARK A. DURST . . MARGARET EASTON EDWARD W. EBINGER . . GERALD F. ECKLAND GERALD G. EGGERS . 43 Graffon, N. Dak. . . . . Boone . . . Remsen . . Davenporf . . . PaIon . . MarsI1aIII'own . . MarsI'1aII'rown . . Davenporf . . . Marion . . . Danbury . Wichifa. Kans. . . FI. Madison New York, N. Y. . . . Clinfon ENID ELLISON . . . Websfer Groves. Mo. W. RUSSELL ELLISON FRANCES ENGLE . ROBERT C. ERIKSON . LORRAINE EVANS . MARY JO EVANS . ROSEMARY EWEN . VOLNEY R. EVANS . LAWRENCE FATHEREE KATHRYN FATLAND . HELEN A. FELTON . . . WILLIAM A. FIFE . . FRANCES S. FILLMORE GORDON C. FINSVIC . . . Bedford . Tulsa, Okla. . Wa+erIoo . . Sioux Cify . . Belmond . Esfherville . . Emerson . . Spencer . Colfax . . . Indianola . . . Corning Lee's Summif, Mo. . . Sioux Cify CLASS M. JANE FISH . . HELEN L. FISHER . . . NADINE FISCHER . . SHIRLEY A. FITZGERALD MARSTON C. FLANDERS MARY PATRICIA FLYNN JOHN A. FOUNTAIN . GLORIA M. FRANKS . RUTH FRANZENBURG . JAMES F. FRAZIER . . ELLEN FREDERICKSON ELIZABETH FREERKSEN WALTER C. FRENCH . ROBERT A. FRINK . . ROBERT C. FROST . . LILLIAN FRUDDEN . . KEITH O. FULLER . . MARGARET GADDY . . MALCOLM GALL . . PHYLLIS GARDNER . JOHN C. GARLAND . . ARNOLD L. GARNASS GERRY GARNER . . MARVIN GAUDIAN . GEORGES GEERDES . . SAMUEL F. GEORGE . JOSEPH GIESE . . . ROGER S. GILLESPIE . . . . Collins . Council Bluffs . . Decorah . . Peosra . Des Moines . Des Moines . Mounl Union Cedar Rapids . . Conrad . . Nevada . . Ha rlan . . Kanawha LiHle Rock, Arlc. . Washingron . . Riverside . Charles Cily . Council Bluffs S+. Joseph, Mo. Srurgis, Mich. . . Iowa Ciry . Marshallrown . . . Manly . . Waferloo . . Paullina . . . George . Mason Cily . . Dubuque . . Sigourney OF I943 SHIRLEY P. GILLETT . PAUL E. GILLILAN . JOHN L. GLENN . ROBERT E. GLENN . M. JOAN GODDEN . . ROBERT E. GOEBELT . SAM GOLDENBERG . . E+. Madison . Hopkinfon . Osceola . Burlinglon . . Algona . Dubuque . Burlinglon EVELYN GOLDSTEIN . . . New York, N. Y. MARY ANN GOLDZIER Richmond I-Igls., Mo. RUTH F. GOODMAN . . Milwaulcee, Wis. DONALD W. GOSSARD JACK GRAHAM. . . RALPH w. eRAvEs . . E. JANE GRAY . . . LAURA R.y'GREEN H . ROBERT w. GREENJ. . WAYNE C. GREEN . . MARJORIE GRIM . . . RICHARD C. GROSSMAN WILLIAM C. GUENTHER GRETA C. GUNTER . . DONALD R. HAGGE . . MARION A. HAGIE . . BETTY J. HAGMAN . . JOELLEN HALL .... SYLVIA D. HALPERN . . Council Bluffs . Dubuque Ocheyedan . Iowa Cily . Lone Tree Mason Cily Shenandoah Blufffon, Ind. Marshalllown Losl Nalion MI. Pleasanr . . Beaver . Burlinqfon Huron, So. Dali. Holdenville, Olcla. . Roclc Island, III. ARTHUR B. HALVERSON . . Welosler Cily LOIS I. HAMILTON . . . Hulchinson, Kans. JAMES L. HAMMAN . . Woodward GORDON J. HANSON . . . Thompson WILLIAM H. HARBOR .... Henderson ARDITH HARDLANNERT . . Omaha, Nebr. Page 317 CLASS MARGERY HARGROVE . ROBERT G. HARPER . GAIL HARSHAW . . . CHARLECE H. HARSTON ELIZABETH A. HARVEY . GORDON K. HAWK . . THEODORE K. HAWKINS ELAINE E. HEALY . . . FLORENCE M. HEALY . CORRINE HEATER . . MARY M. HEATON . ROBERT C. HEEGE . PAUL W. HELMER . . ADA GLEE HEMINGWAY FRANCES HEMINGWAY DEAN M. HENDRICKSON KATHLEEN HENNESSY . HELEN E. HENNING . . HOWARD E. HENSLEIGH VIRGIL L. HERZOG . . Des Moines Des Moines . . MI. Ayr . Ollumwa Des Moines . Bloomfield . Iowa Cily Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids Des Moines Pueblo, Colo. Independence . . Carroll . Iowa Cily Websler Cily . Hubbard Council Bluffs Freeport III. . Iowa Cily . Melbourne DONALD HESSELSCHWERDT. . . Kalona DORIS M. HESSENIUS . . . Readlyn R. JOYCE HIDLEBAUGH .... Brooklyn MARGARET L. HILDRETH WILLIAM R. HILL . VIRGIL HILL .... LESLIE B. HILLS .... ALBERTA J. HINCKLEY . HOWARD H. HINES . . MARVIN J. HOCHSCHILD NANCY R. HOCKETT . . Akron, Ohio Des Moines . . Gilman . . Osage . Kalona , Iowa Cily . Harllorcl, Conn. Des Moines SIEGFRIED HOERMANN . Highland Park, III. Page 318 OF I9 JULIAN R. HOFFMAN WARREN A. HOLDEN ROBERT J. HOLLOWAY WILLIAM R. HOOPS . GEORGE P. HOPLEY CHARLENE HORN . GLENN E. HORTON . ALICE C. HOWES . . ROBERT S. HOYT . . JACOUE HUBBARD . BARBARA HUDSON . DON J. HUEGERICH . . 43 . . . Adel . . Wa+erIoo . . Iowa Cify . GaIva . AIIanIic . Burlingfon . . WaIerIoo . . CIInIon Cresfon Jacksonville, Fla. . . Forf Dodge . . HoIsIeIn JOHN R. HUEY ........ Rowan LOUIS N. HUNGERFORD . . VoIga Cify MARGARET E. HUSEBY . . ROBERT W. HYDE . . NANCY J. ILGENFRITZ JOSEPH IMOEHL . . RUTH A. IRONS . . EDWARD F. IRWIN . . ELIZABETH IVIE. . . SHIRLEY A. JACKSON JEAN JAMES .... DORIS JANECEK . . RUTH M. J'ANTHONY . Morris, III. . . Elkader . WinIerseI . . . Ossian . M ason CIW . Woodward . Iowa Cify . Blairsfown . TuIsa, OIcIa. . Cedar Rapids Waferbury, Conn. DOROTHY M. JENKINS .... BeImond MARGARET V. JENSKY .... BurIing+on MARJORY JESSUP . . . Hufchinson, Kans. CLASS JOAN H. JOEHNK . . KATHRYN L. JOHANSEN ANN JOHNSON . . . CLARENCE E. JOHNSON LACIE M. JOHNSON . . LORNA T. JOHNSON . PATRICIA D. JOHNSON . PATRICIA M. JOHNSON . . RICHARD T. JOHNSON . RUTH B. JOHNSON . . NYLE W. JONES . . RUSSELL G. JONES . MARTHA ANN JORDAN . FRED H. KACHELHOFFER MARGARET KANE. . . HAROLD E. KARDON . . . BEN E. KATZ . . EVAN KEARNEY . . . ANNA B. KELLOG . . . ANNABEL V. KENNEDY . DOROTHY J. KERWICK . MARY KERWIN . . . JEAN E. KESTING . . KATHLEEN KILDEE . RUTH O. KILLEN . . PEGGY J. KING . . . GEORGE N. KIRK . . . NORMA J. KIRKPATRICK . . . Iowa Ci+y . . . Clarinda . Oskaloosa . Winfersef . . Des Moines . NewIon . . Eldora . Cedar FaIIs . Orion, III. Kewanee, III. . Iowa Cify . Marenqo . Boone . . AcIcIey . . Lawler . Des Moines . . Osage Cedar Rapids MarsI'1aIIIown . . Des Moines Emmefsburg . . OeIwein . Iowa Ci+y . . Ames . Iowa Cify . Burlingfon . MoIIne, III. Omaha, Nebr. OF I9 JOHN M. KLEIN . . JEAN M. KNIGHT . . COLETTE KNIPE . . JUNE A. KNOTEK . DOROTHY A. KOHL . ALBERT J. KOLARIK . . KENNETH A. KOOL . ALLEN KORF .... WILLIAM KRIDELBAUGH HAROLD J. KRIZAN . OTTO KRUSE .... MARY KUEMPEL . . SHIRLEY J. KUGLER . . MILTON B. KUHL . . MORTON H. KULESH . VIOLET LACKENDER . . JAMES L. LACOUR . DOLORES LAFFERTY . MAX LANDES . . . TED LANDSMAN . SAM LANE . . . JANET L. LANG . . BERDELLA LARSEN . . DANIEL LARZELERE . . NOEL E. LA SEUR . . . ROSEMARY LAWHORN . . DELORES C. LEAKE . . ALICIA M. LEENEY . . RUTH M. LERDAL . . HAROLD LIND . . . RICHARD O. LINDOUIST GLADYS LINGE . . . 43 . . Burlinglon . Cedar Rapids . . Cherokee . . Washinglon . . Des Moines Oxford Junclion . . Iowa Cily . . Burlinglon . . . Charilon Chicago, Ill. i . . Lisbon . . Gullenberg Idaho Falls, Idaho . . . Manning . Council Bluffs . . Iowa Ci+y . Charles CiI'y . . . Perry . Marshallfown . . Rochesler . Davenporl . . . Remsen . Council Bluffs . Buffalo, N. Y. . Moorhead . . Iowa Ci+y . . Burlinglon . Riverside . . Goldlield Ollumwa . . Des Moines . Cedar Rapids Page 321 CLASS JIMMY LOEHR . . . CATHERINE F. LONG . VITO LOPIN .... ELLSWORTH LOSEE . . DALE LOUNSBURY . MIRIAM E. LOVELL . . JOHN M. LOVETT . ETHEL V. LOVING . . RICHARD LOWE . . . FLORENCE LUBIN . . . FRANCES J. LUMBARD ROBERT J. LUSK . . . GLADYS LYON . . ROBERT E. LYONS . . ESTHER MacBAIN . . . HELEN McCAMBRIDG-E BYRON McCAUC-HEY . ROBERT McCAULEY . RUTH M. McCLEAN . R. BRUCE McCLOSKEY . MARVIN McCLOW . . ISABELLE MCCLUNG . . JOHN McCOLLISTER . . CARROL McCONAHA . RICHARD MCCUEN . . 6. ARLENE MCDERMOTT ELAINE E. McDONALD . KATHRYN McELWAIN . JAMES R. McGUIRE . MARILYN MCHUGH . DON E. MCINTYRE . . DOROTHY McKEEN . . Lone Tree . Boise, Idaho . Rockford, III. Glendale, N. Y. . McCalIsburg . Mon+icello . Lynn, Mass. . . Lamoni . Dralcesville . Iowa Cify . Des Moines . Quincy, Ill. . Scofia, N. Y. . Charfer Oak Council Bluffs . Des Moines . Rock Rapids . . Decorah . Des Moines . . NewIon Ida Grove Springfield, Mo. . . Iowa Cily Cenlerville, Ind. . Des Moines . . . Moville Lalcewoocl,O. . . Marion . Roclc Rapids . Chicago, Ill. . . . . Anile . Marshallfown Page 322 OF I9 JOSEPHINE McNEILL HAROLD MCNERTNEY PATRICIA MCVICKER . SHIRLEY MADSEN . . AGNES MANDELBAUM MEYER MARKOVITZ . WAYNE MARVIN . . EDWARD MASON . . LUCILLE G. MASON . ROBERT M. MASSON . . . ROGER J. MATTICE . EDWIN J. MAURER . . . EDWARD MAXEIELD NADINE MAYSENT . ROBERT MEEK. . . KATHLEEN MENELAUS PAUL MENSTER . . MARY E. MERCER . . MARGARET MEREDITH BERNARD J. MERTES . WILLIAM W. MERZ . CECIL MEYERS . . SCOTT MIGHELL . . DOROTHY MILLER . JAMES N. MILLER . MARION R. MILLER . RUSSELL F. MILLER . . . JUNE P. MILNER . . 43 , Monficello . . Bancroff . Iowa Cify Park Ridge. III. . Des Moines . Iowa CiIy . . Presfon . Iowa Cilry Elizabefh, N. J. . Washingfon . . Paullina New Hampfon . . WaverIy . . Kirkman Cedar Rapids . . Blocldon Louisville, O. . Iowa Cify . . Aflanfic . Chicago, III. . Salem, III. . . . Solon . Lake CiIy Cedar Rapids . . WaIerIoo . . . Anifa . Des Moines . . Marion L CLASS OGLE L. MINEAR . . GLEN L. MINNICK. . HELEN E. MISEL. . . FRANKLIN MITVALSKY . GEORGE MOELLER . . ARTHUR MOELLERING . DOROTHY MOLL . . . MARGARET E. MOLLER . PHIL J. MONNIG . . EARL C. MONTGOMERY BETTY J. MORGAN . . EUGENE MORGAN . JOHN W. MORRISON . CHARLES M. MORROW JACK MOYERS ..... STUART MUELLER. . . DOROTHY MUILENBURG WYLIE H. MULLEN . . A. LU MURPHY . . KATHLEEN MURPHY . JEAN E. MURTAGH . DAVID L. MYERS . . PHYLLIS MYERS . . DOROTHY NAMEN . PAUL I. NAMTVEDT . . EVALYN M. NEBERGALL HERBERT L. NELSON . MARY LOUISE NELSON . . NewIon . BradIord,O. . . Iowa Cify Cedar Rapids . . Somers . Garnavillo . AIIon, III. . Sioux CIIy . . OHumwa . . A+Ian+ic . . . OHawa, III. . . Red Oak . . . Onawa . . Audubon Gu'rI1rIe Cenfer . Iowa CIIy . Rolla, Mo. .. . . Ogden NaIcI'1ez, Miss. . . Elkader . . . . Algona Galesburg, III. Cedar Rapids . Iowa Ci+y . . . Terril . Iowa CI'ry . Melcher . . Laurens OF I9 SHERWOOD NELSON CARL NESS .... DON O. NEWLAND . . ANNIE M. NICHOLSON KEITH S. NOAH . . GERTRUDE M. NOLAN . ROBERT B. NORRIS . SAMUEL G. O'BRIEN . ROBERT B. OHME. . ALICE L. OLESON . F. EUGENE OLIVER . ARLO M. OLSON . . AUDREE A. OLSON . RUTH M. ORNER . . JOHN A. ORRIS . . . LOUISE A. OSHNER . SHARLENE R. OSLER . ARNOLD C. OSTERBERG DONALD C. OSTRUS . VIYIAN W. OULMAN MARY C. OWENS . . PAUL C. OWENS . . . MARIE JEAN PAIGE . RICHARD C. PARK . . DONALD J. PARSONS JERROLD L. PATTON SARAH F. PATTON ROBERT PAWKERT . . CHARLES L. PAULE . JIMMIE PAUL . . . GENE L. PAYNE . . . MARCUS F. PAYTON . 43 . Roclc Island, III. . . . Lake Mills Belle Plaine . . . Davenporl' . . Charles Ci+y . Madison, S. Dalc. . . Eagle Grove . . Des Moines . . Cushing . Aurora, III. . . Sioux Cily . Garner . . Boone . . Sioux Cily . Ravinia. III. . . Iowa Cify . . . . Walnul . Roclwesfer, Minn. . . . . Wiola . . Esllwerville . . Logan . . . Clinlon . La porle Cily . . . Viclor . . . . Algona . . . . Gowrie Rapid Cily, S. Dale. Iowa Cily . . Burlinglon . . . Laurel Mason Cily . Belle Plaine Page 325 CLASS HOPE A. PECK . . SPENCER PECK . . . NATALIE PEDERSEN . VIRGIL PEDERSON . ROBERT F. PENALUNA JACOUELINE PETERSEN SUSAN A. PETERSON . BETTY J. PETSEL . . . W. JAMES PETTY . ROBERT PFEIFEER . . . MARIAN PICKERIN6 . ERWIN J. PINKSTON . . CHARLOTTE PLOOG . C. JOYCE PLUCKHAHN GERMAINE POTTER . . . NANCY PRAY .... FRANCES J. PRUDHON ROBERT B. PRYOR . . NORMAN K. PULLMAN FRANZ L. PUTZRATH . PHILLIP P, PYLES . . BETTY J. RAKOW . . AUSTIN RASHID . . . WILLIAM J. REDBURN MARY T. REDINBAUGH VIVIAN W. REECE . . CHARLES G. REHLING MARY L. REYNOLDS . . BARBARA REYSA . . . ALLAN F. RICHARDS . ROGER RIES . . . BETTY RIGGS . . . MarqueHe . . Sharpsburq MarsI1aII+own Mason Cify . WaIerIoo . . CIinIon . Chariion . Lone Tree . Red Oak Defroif, Mich. . Iowa Cify Council Bluffs . . Lincoln . Davenporf , Davenpor'r For? Dodge . . Nashua I .i MiIcI1eII, s. oak. . . Sidney . Iowa CiIy CounciI BIuFIs . Muscafine FI. Madison . . Sfuarf . . NeoIa Parsons. Kans. . Davenporf . Greenfield Cedar Rapids . . Whiiing . . Hedrick Pierre, S. Dak. Page 326 O F I 9 JOHN B. RIGLER. . HARRY D. RILEY . . . HARRIET B. ROBERTS JOHN ROBERTS . . STANLEY L. ROBERTS . PEARL ROBINS. . . MARCIA L. ROBINSON CHARLES O. ROCHAU GORDON ROCK . . DORRA L. RODGERS . MABEL F. RODGER . . WAYNE ROHSE . . ROGER ROSENBLUM . MARJORIE ROSS . JAMES M. RUBY . DAVID H. RUDE . GEORGE RUGTIV . . KHAIROM RUMMELLS KATHERINE RUPPERT FRANCES RUSK . . . MIRIAM N. RUSSELL . RALPH E. RUSSELL . JOHN D. RUTLEDGE . PATRICIA SAGGAU . BARBARA L. SALEY . GEORGE C. SANBORN WALTER H. SANFORD CAROLL O, SATRE . 43 . New Hamplon . Omaha, Nebr. New Yorlc, N. Y. . . Sioux Cily . . Osage . . Sioux CH'y Bonne Terre, Mo. . . Davenporl . Davenporl . . . Colfax . Chicago, lll. . . Bennefl Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Shenandoah . . . Seymour . Cedar Rapids . . Esllwerville . Iowa Cily . Iowa Cify . Villisca . Clarence . . Walerloo . Emmelsburg . . Denison . l-lamplon . , Moville . . Devenporl . Websler Cily CLASS HENRY SCHEER . . STANLEY SCHEMBER ALBERT W. SCHENKEN . . . ROBERT M. SCHMALZ . . KARL SCHMIDT . . JOAN SCHNEBERGER . GLENN SCHOENING BARBARA SCHUPP AUDREY B. SCOTT . ROBERT R. SCOTT . STEPHEN SEDLAK . PETER A. SEIP . LOUIS SELIGER . ANNE SERLIP . . KAY SHAFEER . . MARILYN SHAPIRO MARTHA E. SHARP . LESTER SHAWVER . CLARE SHERMAN . ROBERT E. SHIRLEY . EARL SHOSTRUM . MARY E. SIGAFOOS NANCY L. SIMMONS ESTHER G. SIMPSON JOHN R. SINGER . . . . MORTON SINGER . JOSEPH SITRICK . JOHN A. SIXTA . . . . Anamosa Jamaica. N. Y. . . Marion . Muscafine . . Dysarf . . Ossian . Primghar . Burlingion . Des Moines Council BIuI:Is Endico++, N. Y. . . Waierioo . Borger, Tex. . Iowa Ci'ry . Mason CiIy . Davenporf Independence . . . Tipfon . . FarIey . . Minburn . . Dayfon . PiHsIon, Pa. . Davenporf . Aurora, III. . . Newfon SI. Louis, Mo. . Davenporf Cedar Rapids m 1, ,f OF I9 FREDERIC SJULIN . . GLENN SKALLERUP . MAXINE SLAUGHTER . STEPHEN SLAUGHTER LIDA M. SLEMMONS . LAWRENCE SLOTSKY BARBARA SMITH . . BETTY J. SMITH . DOROTHY I. SMITH . HAROLD F. SMITH . . LOWELL R. SMITH . OLIVER SMITH . . RUTH E. SMITH . . . WILLIAM R. SMITH . ELSIE SORENSEN . . LOWELL E. SOUTHERN DICK SPENCER . . PAUL B. SPIWAK . JEAN SPRING-ER . . HARRIS STAGEBERG . LEO H. STAHLE . . . Hamburg . . WaIIcer Grand Mound . Iowa Ci+y . Iowa CiIy . Sioux CiIy . Iowa CiIy . Oelwein . Iowa Cify . Waferloo . Macedonia . FI. Dodge . Iowa Ci+y Gailipolis, O. MarsI1aII+own . . Mingo Des Moines . OIIumwa Princefon, III. Mason Ciiy . . . . . . Ely JEAN G. STAMP . . Lynbrook. N. Y. EMILY M. STAPP ..... Wiggins, Miss. MAURICE E. STARK . . . . Woolsfock WILLIAM STAUSS . .... Cresion DIXON STEELE .... Creighfon, Nebr. KENNETH STEINBECK . DAGNY M. STENCHJEM MARY E. STEPHENSON . . . VIRGINIA STEPHENSON MARTHA STERNS . . LUCILLE STEVENS . . Page 329 . . . . . Rubio . Winona, Minn. . Davenporf Coon Rapids . . Nevada McCausIa nd C SHIRLEY STEVENSON . DONN H. STEWARD . JAMES C. STEWART . . DOROTHY G. STOCK . NANETTE STOKES . ROBERT J. STOLLEY . . DAVID O. STONE . . JAMES F. STONE . . MARIAN A. STOW . . BEULAH B. STOWE . . . SARA J. STRACKBEIN . RUTH A. STRUB . . . LEONARD F. SVEN . . JAMES L. SWAB .... ALICE F. SWAIN . Lake RALPH J. SWANSON . . WARD R. SWANSON . WESLEY K. SWANSON . LE ROY SWECKER . . JACK V. TALBOT . . . CHARLOTTE V. TALBOTT HOYT A. TATUM . . . ARTHUR THOMAS . . HOWARD J. THOMPSON MARION THOMPSON . PATRICIA THOMPSON . WAYNE THOMPSON . DALE L. TIEDEN . . JAMES C. TODD . . . TERRY R. TONNESSON . CATHERINE TOWNSEND BEN TRICKEY .... LASS Milwaukee, Wis. . . . . Boone . Walerloo . Lone Tree . Taylorville, III. . . Holsfein . Hawarden . Bloomfield . Chicago, Ill. . Forl Dodge . . Lowden . Iowa Cily . . . Iowa Cify . . Mason Cily Konlconlcorna, N. Y. . . . Red Oak Rockwell Cify . . . Elgin, III. . Billings, Monl. Cedar Rapids . SI. Joseph, Mo. Nora Springs . . . . Colfer . . Cedar Falls . . Des Moines . Columbia, Mo. . . . Lamoni . . Ellcader . . Wesl Liberly . . . Iowa Cify . Kansas Cify, Mo. . Marslwalllown Page 330 OF I943 EVELYN J. TURNER . . . Pocahonfas JOSEPHINE L. TYRRELL ..... Cresco DOROTHY UNDERWOOD . . Chrisman, III. MURRAY UNDERWOOD . . . Peferson EDGAR R. UPDEGRAFF . . Boone VIRGINIA VANCE . . . . Ames EVELYN L, WAGNER . . . Perry ELEANOR WAITE . . . Thompson SARAH V. WALLACE . . Iowa Cify WILLIS F. WALLBAUM . .... Rudd R. ANNE WALKER .... Council BIUFIS HERBERT P. WALKER . . . Clarion MICKEY A. WALMER . . . Corydon MARY M. WALZEM . . Iowa Cify JOHN B. WATSON . . . Humboldf FRANK T. WEBB . . . Chicago, III. RUTH ANN WEED .... S+. Joseph, Mo. EVERETT M. WEEKS ...... New+on WILLIAM WEHRMACHER . . Waverly DAVID E. WEICHMAN . . . Newhall JOHN A. WEISBROD . . . Emmefslourg ELDRED O. WELBOURN . . . Underwood CHARLES WELCH . . . Wes'r Liloerfy MARY D. WELCH ..... Wesf LiberIy THOMAS D. WELCH . . . . Marafhon MARY E. WELKER . . . Marshalliown WILLIAM W. WELLS . . . . Burlingfon LORRAINE G. WENG . . . Daggeff, Mich. MARGARET WENGERT KENNETH E. WESSELS . HOWARD WESTPHAL VIRGINIA WHEELER . BRIGHAM WHEELOCK LA VERE WHITE . . . MARY S. WHITE . LOIS WHITNEY . . DANIEL E. WHITTEN . MARY J. WICKERSHAM WAYNE M. WILBUR . EDWARD L. WILKERSON ALBERTA M. WILLIAMS EDITH WILLIAMS . . GARDNER S. WILLIAMS WILLIAM WILLIAMSON NED WILLIS .... SHIRLIE M. WILSON . CLASS . Independence . . Cres+on . Davenporf . . Alden . Sioux CIIy . Des Moines . NorI'I1 English . . De WIH . Rowan . . Melbourne . . . Waferloo . Terre HauI'e, Ind. . . Liberfyville . Kenosha, Wis. . Saskafchewan . . Rockford . . . Perry . La Grange, III. I I OF I943 LAVERNE WINTERMEYER ELINOR J. WISCO . HARRIET WITMER . . SAMUEL C. WITTMER . IRVIN W. WOLF . . . WENDELL WOODBURY . JACK WOODROW . JAMES O. WOODRUFF . . MAURICE E. WRIGHT . TOM W. WRIGHT . LARRY WYGAL . MARY J. WYRICK . SYLVIA YALOWICH . CHARLES R. YOCKEY BONNIE JEAN ZACK . MARY ANN ZEIGLER . CARL E. ZIEGLER . . SALLY S. ZOECKLER . Page 333 Jefferson Cify, Mo. . . Sioux Ci+y Kansas Cify, Mo. . Washingfon . Sferling, III. . Cor-wiI'I1 . . Oslcaloosa . New Hampfon . . Cresfon . . . Osage HigI1Iand Park, III. . . Des Moines Rochesfer, N. Y. . Websfer Cify . Mason CiIy . ....Boone Coffeyville, Kans. . . Davenporf WINGS OVER IOWA .... Navy gold braid in Iowa Cily Iiofel lobbies . . . re- verberafions in Ihe Field House . . . +l1e homeless gleam of Quad evacuees' eyes . . . Three Thousand naval avia- 'rion Iledglings sfrengllwen Ilweir wings while Ilwe sfaid I-Iawk walclwes willw amazemenf born of disrupled Ie+I'1- argy . . . IOWA TAKES TO TI-IE AIR! Page 334 7 A ml " www ' x V , ,J-.,+AKA,f'f , A-M-A Mm Q-N-A ,. "W M Q1 'W M m'f'i4.wm'gw5" ' . Q A, Lg .W My ,gmiN,,L,,m,,L, iAi Q V .M K , W 4' 49 mf Q- Q-2 YE N Ewa '6sQ7fw'4'f?',Q'wg3 , .A I W' 4 M. ,. ww ., ww-Vf + ,-Wim 5 1,,w'f W- +mf'1f5?fW,,11-fn-f'f'?' , V- ,A Mx W . , Q- ,M,gms ,M A ,W ff w V , W ,Q 7' Q, ww--is Www Q M5523 N X, Q M' g . mwgw ,V 'H-f"'...1,-wa, Wg W W .w-XXw 3 A.,., A V V .,,-XV I ,A A W. FTW, MZ? Wwvxviyw my W .,,, my M vgigjagfg Q1 fwfffvjx f wi , " , ...,,,m, 4 .4 M- ,N 1:1 5. Ml -'CQ .- 1' vs MW y Nw: SCN WX- VQNQSMW af V :fin-YT' . 1' A .1 A ,MA A. ALA,1 ,.. . ' W2 - ,K my X ss- . vi 'A xl- , f M ,. -QQEW., A ifimh QM' w'iM' eQm 'N . .QM , , u. LW- if -Q , 5 ,awk ws--Q, ana.. 1 W S Qx.,L.wni' 'X . 'vw ., hm ' ' X v Q . g X mf ff . ,Wigs . ,gqvgiwfgv L,,,-xp if :A H' - W x M XM .WMV JT' W fb ' if 135 W wffmg avi W . W I-"QQ-s'vWf:55N. sf"-X. rwiww asf "F 'wb Ml VT' R .--'QR gvww-uw -fa' , 4 'W' . 1 ,K s A-Q ffvggu Ji' I M' 5 ,aw ,,,.1lNg3ugX,lXm ii., f -1, ' MEF M X ,. ,WM v ,, W xgw JE, ,. mffw 5' M N, I WWMQW , .1 R4 Qsf me K 1, my t ,. . MQ:-5-1 --WE? V' ,uf -Q' W 1 RX ,W J' U w' ' Ax. ,ww M Y- -K W, M , . Q 5 W ' X . W. 4 " 4 3 "'. , , 'sf , Q "fim,,,gRl-E Wh x M 'K IW -'S X W. .. H ,X ,W -Q 'Q "NW 4. W. Qm,wg vi A , W- ff f,:,fMg,i-gm, ,, fwwfiqfqmw- .Qian ,.1 5 X ' M hfm'fb:Y Q- ivwf - X-'wwf QM, lu b 1. 6 ,. Xi, -A k A . -L M Mg:-y----,Al-,-g ,y' ., wg,f:1s:'9,,fVH,f,. if W ., N ,QM My fn ,. 4 f JUNIOR JOHN R. BEEBE . . . HOWARD A. BENNETT DAN L. BRAY . . . WILLIAM J. BROWN DELBERT BUCHMAN . ELWOOD BUCHMAN . CHARLES BURR . MARLIN BUSCH . . ELLIOT A. COBB . . MORTON R. CREW . JOHN J. DAVID . . HAROLD DAVIDSON . CLYDE J. FAIRLESS . . GEORGE FIESELMANN HARLOW FISHMAN . LYLE F. FRINK . . . JOHN W. GARNER .... PAUL G. GOERNER . JOHN F. GRAY . . RANDALL C. HANSEN ARTHUR M. HARWOOD . . HARRIS HEISE . . . HAROLD HENSTORF . RICHARD HERRICK . THOMAS HILL . . LESTER C. HJELLE . . . GLEN J. HRUSKA . JOHN A. HUTCH . RAYMOND J. JENNETT MARVIN E. JOHNSON PAUL M. KERSTEN . . KENNETH KINGSBURG . . . Wever . MI. Vernon . . Sigourney Cedar Rapids . Oiiumwa . Offumwa . . . Cresco . Los? Naiion . Sioux CiI'y . . CIearfieId . Beiiendorf . Des Moines . Des Moines Garden Grove . . Cherokee . Emmefsburg . Des Moines Wesi' Burlingfon . . MeIcI1er . Davenporf . . Hedrick . . Manson . Farragui' . OHumwa . Des Moines . . Decorah Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids . . MaxweII . Sioux Ci'ry . Forf Dodge . MarsI1aII+own Page 336 MEDICS JAMES S. KNIPE . . . JAMES KRIECHBAUM . HOWARD KROUSE . . MANSEIELD LAGEN . JACK M. LAYTON . . RUTH LITTLEFIELD . . GWILYM LODWICK DONALD O. MALAND . . CLARK W. MANGUN . . GEORGE MARESH . MILTON S. MARK . F. ROSS McFADDEN . WILLIAM S. MOERSHEL . PAUL W. MONTGOMERY . JOHN C. NOLAN .... OMAR T. PACE .... ANTHONY J. RICHTSMEIER HAROLD E. SAUER . . . DONALD J. SCHISSEL . DELBERT L. SMITH . . . FRED W. STAMLER . JACK E. SWANDER . GORDON C. TYRRELL . . ROBERT R. UPDEGRAFF . EVELYN G. WALLACE . . JANE WASHBURN . . . CAMPBELL F. WATTS . . DONALD H. WEHRSPANN G. TRAVIS WESTLY . . WARREN W. WHITE . . . HERBERT L. WORMHOUDT MORRIS ZUKERMAN . . Page 337 . Armsfrong . BurIingIon . Des Moines . . Dubuque . . Cresco . . Exira . . Mysfic . . Cresco Springfield. O. . Iowa Cify . Des Moines . . Audubon . Homesfead . Iowa Cify . . Ogden Independence . . Iowa FaIIs MarsI'1aII+own . Varina . . BIairsburg . Musc:aIine . . Boone . Spencer . Boone . . NewIon . Des Moines . . Marengo . . OIIosen . . ManIy . . Nevada . . Pelle . . Osceola Second Row: Jenneff, Pauly, Grundahl, Whitmore, l-lirleman Fronl Row: Meer-Shel, Dr. Hale. Gugle, Emanuel SCHGGL OF MEDICINE Since its founding in I87O, The College ol Medicine has shown lremendous expansion and now rales as one of lhe greafesf medical col- leges in lhe Uniled Siales. Splendid equipmenl and facul+y, always imporlani, are loday mal:- ing fhe Medical School an indispensable cog in Universiiy machinery for war preparedness. lowa's doclors will be needed . . . and They will be found ready. All sludenis in 'the College ol Medicine are aciive members and ihe iacully are associale members of The Associaled Siudenls of Med- icine. Two members from each class and iwo facully advisers form ihe execulive board whose purpose is lo bring aboui a more in- firnaie relaiionship wiihin 'rhe College. The organizaiion also sponsors lhe Aesculapian Frolic and publishes The "Biopsy". VVHITE MAG-IC MEDICC Qi 1 f" :mv x W AE . f m- -W-If-, 5 N A ' 75cue512i'Lvw ,- ,. , M K f H L K uf X X' K 'Y ' . X V H N Q . ,X , . ' ' Si ' '-31:5 L iii' -, i ff 'f--?':,,m M s -ww, QA 2' fr 7 fin- 11 25 e I, g, "3 gf .Q X L T? ' :' -f- 'H -. - -it "-f:"i""'f-f2"lD',1b""" li ' 4' I- f, ,. , . A Wk., ..e.. 79912 , . f M-FA, . . , F ...Qi-,115-':?'! . ' 'y 93,1 4..u'.'. --1 A' 2 . - :,'.: 1" 1 ,.,, ,J ' ' ' ','k , i' A, ' , ,Q -H '. q:--rfFT""' - ii S , V "9',f1v-g,wEt'z:"-g':'-efhf-.,. Yf,f.,-,- c ,-.. x.1... ,, , - A. -i.--rs,-sy-.-lx X, . ..e1e,s. , ,. .V . J., f., .,v,f. ...-, - U., .,if.Zg - .4..'e?'4- -. ,gv ,-A, .g. , .Ra uv.--J,3f,,,Z-24-.- 55,1 ' ' as-vgcjuzqi' . - ' ' -' rf 5 -- ,g.1,-4 . -g,f.'.nw-43.,, 5 Qs.. . V'-7'1?R? -.. . - H'-T' 7,1-.-.' , .- v- - . - yr. . -...- ' .,-,.- , 5- .N.. ' '-Z.513ffih"T" sf"-In" - Ze' x ' -'i i'5:fhi1'1gu. 'A". fu 'N gui., - Q -5- .3 3- , flj' . A ef,-14.1fgc.,'-GY ,,.,1,-- f 1 . vm K X y . ,wg H . Q' gm. .5 H , ,.g,4:.T,5:9l.:., 5. " -1- . .. . .' , - .-- ' --',,-'.'J. .- .. ., A' 'i . gag eq. -- -' , V- 3,f:gyee-,-9-25? 'Sf - y- rg: - 16 .jc -A: f 1' 2 ' .- lu 51 :feng-53955--'eg,,. pq A. ' 'N - 9?:?i'F,33?f5I,-.'4'5"Tk'-' -: .f-2' .:.f .'WFsfnf1:i"- - '55?g,3,ggif'+P-Eirfw -1'-N. ' 1- 0- :..1-'i'-'Y-5151,-Q.-f:Qfztgf. s Ugg! . V' . -.-+ .IJ '-Q1 , . 31 - ' .. 'e'-: -ev.-5-N ' .' 31. . "i?I1'Sf11:Jf5f2-Pig ',',--fl" ,P J 3:-.,:4g'1QzT:g'5f'5"p54g . jing . L-if EEA'-'..'i'gsv" 1 p 2:-', eg: -5,., ' J .s - jr- l4A3gflbffi:ifS.1Q:.,,v,--,T-N. 1,. F rg Q,'.,.:-I-graliqsggf I4 . igfcii ., te t t . ..- . ,A -- N---cf -. ..4 ', ..- J. - I S.: .- q,g.31,,f 5 . FL ndwe 5 u an razmn, fax. 'I SSE'-1",s.-f'F'ju'-'92 ig.--C .- ' 2.-:.-.4--wig:-:1g,g ' . V -91-gig - .94-32. -5.511335 -b::f:f5.2:'r55g:f5-.elf Q? ' .-.., .V-, N r-- -- - -f .s.., . A -1. m . , - . ,fe -yea r- 13: . fs. infra ,Y j-we-,il M ,g'g1x15N . n-pkg-x . .3 -H N-.2,-,,. -rs.. 1... N1 . --. ra',.:- ,-534.5 wx' ,.j1,,5, . .pre-K ff,1-ijftgpg-j::Tf.. 1, ' - - .5 f" -'.-' .fifrxv 7 'JN J-.14 'w..,L:-f.- ' I 1: T f. . Feeling 'rhe urgency of wariime needs, rhe Den- +is+ry school has inaugura+ed a year-round school plan. Wi'fh 'rhe new sysiem skilled denrisis will be available for army and navy use in almosl' half 'rhe +ime formerly required. Besides Jrraining lheir slu- denfs in every phase of normal denial worlc, lhe school is now placing special emphasis on oral surgery in regard To lhe 'rrealmenr of shell wounds. This year's graduanng class consisfed of sevenreen members. some of whom will serve as ensigns in +he navy while oihers will inlerne in The army. Com- pleling his elevenrh year as Dean, Alvin W. Bryan has made his school an imporianr facfor in univer- si+y and nalional preparedness. fo Clftfe HUGE .SJZWLZZ ffttlflffe t00tA6lfCA85 JUNIOR JOHN ALLENDER . DAVID D. BLAHA . . LOREN BORLAND . FRED BOSVELD . . FRANK BRANDON . HARLEY COURTNEY ADRIAN W. CRAIG JAMISON DAVIS . . ROBERT C. DEWEL ROBERT DOERING . H. D. FOGLESONG IRVIN6 GOLDSTON . KENNETH GREEN . C. R. HAGEMEISTER JOHN HEMINGWAY DARRELL JOHNSON STANLEY KAPLAN . A. G. KEGLER . . . LA VERNE LARSON JAMES McKAY . . . . . Boone . . . . WI1i'IIen ForI' Laramie, Wyo. . . . . . PeIIa . SI. Davids. Pa. . . FarmingIon . Iowa CiI'y . Oelwein . . Algona . FI. Madison . . FI. Madison . Revere, Mass. . I-Ia'r'Ion, N. DaIc. . . . Muscafine . . . . . WaverIy . . Sioux Rapids . Brooklyn. N. Y. . . . BeIIevue . . HarIan . . Dubuque Page 342 DENTISTS SAM C. MOONEY . JOHN MORTELL . . ROBERT MOYERS . . OWEN NIELSEN . . ELDON SCHNOEBELEN LINDEN SIEVERS . . ALBERT SOUCEK . . WALTER STEPHAN . MALCOLM STEWART RICHARD TIECKE . LLOYD TITSWORTH . JUSTIN TOLAN .... . Mason Cify . Oshkosh, Wis. . Guihrie Cenier . . . . An+I1on . . . Iowa Ciiy . Remsen . Iowa Ciiy Dillon, Moni. Bowman, N. Dak. Muscaiine . . . BIairsburg . . . Fonda THOMAS UNDERKOFLER . . . Iowa Cify CARL VAN DE WAA . V. B. VAN HEUVELEN . HUGH S. WATTERS . . LLOYD E. WILLIAMS . J. G. WRATTEN . . JON M. ZUMSTE6 . Page 343 . . Orange Cify Deadwood, S. Dak. . Des Moines . . . Indianoia . Cedar Rapids . Memphis. Mo. A GLIMPSE AT THE FUTURE --L...,. X .. -v-. ig.: ,. "ff lx, GSL' . 112- Nw A 2: N - 1 -:wr wg 4 M 4 K x ' K XXAQ11. www A M214 gy : . T. 5 Qgw N Af W I , 4. N ' . .MAMA JUNIOR RICHARD ADELMAN RICHARD BENESH JOHN BIERMAN JACK BRODY THOMAS BOWN JAMES BROWN DON BURLINGTON CARL CONRAD JOHN COCKRILL LOUIS CONTER DEAN DORT HOWARD DRESSER EDWARD FOGARTY THOMAS GILLOON FRANK GILLOTII GEORGE GROPPE HAROLD GRIGG A. U. HATTER JOHN HEFFERNAN J. FRANK HUBER LEWIS HENDRICKS MARCELLINA HUMMER JAMES JORDAN EDGAR KING Page 346 LAWS JOSEPH LEBEDA TOM LOUDEN H. JAMES MCCASKRIN RICHARD McMAHON EVERETT MILLER MAX MILLER G. GIFFORD MORRISON EDWARD O'CONNOR OWEN OVERHOLT GEORGE PEEK CLAIRE PARSONS CLAUDE PENDLETON LUTHE CLAROLD ROGERS R READING JACK RIEHM DEAN RALSTON TED RUFFIN LEON SCHMIDT DAVID SAYRE JOHN SEATON DEMIN HARLYNN STOEBE G SMITH QUAYLE SMITH WILLIAM STUART DAVID Page 347 WATTS WILBERT WEISKIRCH Senior Argumenis Dean Ladd and Jim Brown, Y, V Junior Class Presidenf LEGAL EXODUS .... A+ ihe Barrisfers' Ball on March l3, Dean Ladd was officially enlrusred wiih 'rhe 'raslc of pinning io a red flag one siar for every law srudenr leaving school 'ro ioin ihe armed forces of lhe Uniied Sraies. Already liberally sprinkled wiih These five-poinfed insignia, The flag symbolizes a professional school 'lhal' has sieadily dwindled in size since +he passing of rhe Drail Law . . . a group of young men who will defend 'rheir codes of law and iusiice wiih guns raiher lhan legal documenis . . . 'roday's youih fighiing for a chance 'tomorrow .... + .4 NM wma .y A. JUNIOR ERWIN ANTHOFER . . Chicago, III. ROBERT BECKER ..... CIinIon ROBERT BROMBAUGH . Bonaparfe DELNO W. BROWN . . Shenandoah DON D. BROWN . . Cedar Rapids WILFORD B. BURKETT . Independence JOHN W. BURNSIDE . Shenandoah DAN B. CAMPBELL . . Mounf Zion DARREN CI-IENKIN HurIeyviIIe, N. Y. HALE L. COFFEEN . . . Decorah ABRAHAM COHEN New YOrIc, N. Y. WARREN H. CONRAD . . Ber1neI CLARENCE CRUMLEY . . Iowa Cify ROBERT DAGLEY . . . Chicago, III. KENNETH W. DAMEROW Vero Beach. Fla. STANLEY W. DYLEWSKI Windsor, Conn. EDWARD EHRMAN .... High ROBERT S. FIRST Poini Pleasant N. J. FRED J. GEGNER . . . Oskaloosa ELMER F. GRISSELL . Cedar Rapids HUGH D. GUTI'-IRIE . VaIIeio, Calif. GEORGE E. HAY5 . . . AIIOVI, III. JOHN BYRNE HEALY . Cedar Rapids ALFRED N. HOLMBERG Glenbrook, Conn. GERALD HOTCHKISS . . Springville SHELDON HUGHES . . Su'rherIand HENRY C. KEMNITZ . Chicago, III. LAWRENCE W. KESTING . Iowa CiIy Page 350 ENGINEERS WILLIAM KINKADE . . Chicago, III. HERLAE KJELDGAARD . . . Avoca JAMES J. KOSAR . . . NevinviIIe GEORGE W. LARSEN . Council Bluffs ROBERT A. LONG . . Cincinnafi, O. GEORGE LUTZ ..... Joy. III. CHARLES J. MARSHALL New Brunswick, N. J. JAMES R. MARTIN . . . Iowa Cify CORNELL MAYER . . . Iowa Ciiy E. BRUCE MEIER . Kansas Cify, Mo. EDWARD M. MIELNICK Hollidaysburg, Pa. WILLIAM C. MORRISON . . Douds WILLIAM R. MUELLER . Davenporf EDWARD N. MUNZER Roclwesier, N. Y. BRUCE H. MULTHAUP Cedar Rapids ROBERT S. NELSON . . FI. Madison ROBERT T. OGLE . . Evansfon, III. MAX RICHMAN .... BrooIcIyr1 HENRY W. SCI-IAB . Trenfon, N. J. CARL F. SCI-INOOR .... Perry ILHAN A. SEZER . . Isfanbul, Turkey THOMAS SI-IOEMAKER . . Oifumwa ROBERT I-I. SNIDER .... Kalona ANTHONY TIMINERI . BufIaIo, N. Y. ROBERT L. TOW . . Cedar Rapids E. C. WALKER .... Chicago, III. L. WAYNE WILSON . . WasI1ingIon JACK YOUNG . . . Councii Bluffs HOWARD R. ZELLER .... Persia Page 351 CCLLEGE CF ENGINEERING CHEMICAL I LIBRARY To help win an ul'rima+e vicfory in World War II, The S. U. I. College of Engineering has eniered info an "all-ouI" program ol engineering defense Iraining. Working in close associaiion wilh Ihe nalional governmeni, Ihe college is conducfing such courses of milifary imporfance as Chemisfry of Explosives, Radio Aircrafl' Deleciion Meihods, Hydraulic Research, and Engi- neering Conslrucrion and Mainienance worlc. The Civilian Pilof Training pro- gram has been in operafion for Iwo years, providing experienced pilols for rhe army and navy air forces. Alrhough a Ihree-year period of sfudy has been inIroduced, wilh a I2-week summer semesler, Ihe regular engineering worlc has nor been neglecled. Headed by Dean Francis M. Dawson, Ihe college has advanced unlil if now ranlcs 'rwelllh among 'rhe naIion's engineers ing schools. MECHANICAL iff ss' MISS SHEEDY AND DEAN DAWSON ENGINEERS HYDRAULICS LAB ELECTRICAL AERONAUTICAL rominenf .gacukg . PROF. FREDERIC G. HIGBEE I'Iead of Deparfmenf of Engineering Drawing Coming fo SUI in I905 as Assf. Profes- sor of Engineering Drawing, Prof. Higbee was appoinfed head of fhe deparfmenf in I908. Known fo all who have enrolled in 'rhe college for his courses in engineering drawing, he is fhe aufhor of many boolcs dealing wifh his field. A man of many acfivifies. he is head of all SUI convoca- fions, a member of various engineering clubs and sociefies and honored by mem- bership in Tau Befa Pi and Sigma Xi. I"Iere's fo Prof. Frederic G. I-Iigbee, one of fhe firsf fo welcome and one of fhe Iasf fo bid goodbye fo IOWA ENGINEERS! PROFESSCR BYRON J. LAMBERT Head of Deparfmenf of Civil Engineering Symbolic af Iowa as Old Capifol ifself is Professor Byron James Lamberf, head of fhe Civil Engineering Deparfmenf. Syn- onymous wifh fhe consfrucfion of fhe engi- neering building in I906. "B. J.," as he is Icnown fo his associafes. assumed his dufies in fhe College of Engineering and for The pasf 40 years has endeared himself in fhe hearfs of his many sfudenfs. When fhe Unifed Sfafes enfered World War I. he fool: a leave of absence from 'reaching fo serve his counfry as a maior. Affer fhe war he refurned fo fhe Iowa campus and. excepf for one ear as acfing dean of fhe Engineering College, he has servedin his presenf capacify. Even Though fhe seasons come and go, even fhough hisfory wrifes and rewrifes ifself, Professor Lamberf sfays and be- comes more and more a parf of 'Ihe Uni- versify of Iowa. Page 354 f 1 . 5 5' f ,f ' 4: " Q!f7.4 ,iff E523 . .. ,. .Y . :ig cf 'K " vi 9 . 1 .1 QM, , 1? .w- . P " .n 14, i ,fn 4, 'ah' ,J ' . , r- 'f' 1 V, w-:ty I , V lr ' 'iw' h E ,o, N K r s 1 7 ' : . --Q . ,. ,v qfgf' , ' , 3 4,x",f"'f gift, . .-',Qf,..g in ff, I I ' Mr"t"x,i5i 3' ' ' I ' 4--4' gullv' '.NA'f . A ,:,A W .A+ , Q. , .rf .5 l -w.,4,!.',.,a- , :Iva 4 .. ':fLf5g.,-Q, 44+ Q, ,si 5 -A A, . ., I -P 4 ,. f ,.f-.' Uv. f Wu , -. .. X . -V ep - .Y ' ,R-Ai ., -1 i -Uv, , , 1 ,, 3 .. - 1. f. ., M ' 1 . wg ,Q I . ., ,fn '-", W .- . 51 3 -,J n n 5. X. N -' iw . " u. V ,,4 J. ' 'v - O-'L , , ,- 1 Q , ii, -rg . , . 1 Q, 'J'-if 14-.fn ,U ,' ' "I "' ,Q'l1,,-'gf FV 'V H' -, 41" . 355. ., ., riff., . is . ' '24 k . . .gb .,-, .- . l,,.-2, - . rg' f ' - ' Q- ' ri -.5 A ',, . ,iff .,'. I imgk ' ' xl I I 2:4 fn My V Fi' 9 ' iQ If ' "'l' fr S", .ffr I ' f " .FHHVL , .'.i,-2 , .., ' ' 1 ,'-'QPR , ' ' -, vi ,.r f x 'J' iw- , A F. . " X ' X .- A ' g.' -1 I. , , wsn, Y, I JJ- .Q M .... W , ..'A. 191. , . 4, W " ','3+Af..:wgt--.:'- -. . . 4 I - , . . 1 5 . 1 11- F ' 3 si: ,xi M, JY, L Flirt. f- ,- xxx k . I- i . - ,li ,, K ...Q i 1- v fn ' A .fl . 1 ' PX. " f - N-Q: ffiu,-if fv N1 My 1 1, , :W - In - , . l , 9 x K, gimp' 1. ' 15 VM. I A ,V-QW, 1 Y A W ,P f ' 1' wf' fi, 'Q l. Yf' X A... - fp' X , , . ' 5 r.. 1 - 2, V g Y .X ' v 4 V D kv I - -A ' ' ,. ' . wr ,' K 1 -. ,, QI., ,X 1 Q. . 'L' . K ,,.. c . , .N AN . , N ..- 4 . . ik, f-4. .4A,V.i'fj' fv.. . --gl ' L ,' - 'Lg-. ,-.K -. D "- - ' . P -4.1! , ' gr, - ' 4 "K f. . 1 gf... . A W . . f' 332 'WY f . QW- ,pg - ' A ., T . X A V ' .' K , 'K 'E . . K. , rw A x . . z h Y at , ' ' L M' :Q-.372 Q ' V X H . 1 .. by .1 ' - .- Q 2 ' 1 - f' V 1 F 8 ,bn K My J , - . , . . Ax xy'-Qxfi 2 ,, - xp "h,w,g ,M ,N X 5' f f K ' .Ji 'W K 1 I 4. 4, ' N , N 'K ' . ' AQ ' , Af ' ., ' if , A" ' Q 'LA V . ,, ' V. V .V ' ' ' K, x:wW,J,g ft M75 X , 1. A si -' ll N' .. S, X, nfl ? , , 'f hf' ' Q ff: 4 - Q: xg, .igmf -2 . , ,ff lg. x f ' . 7 1 ' v 1. I iv Ai ,if-an :vi ,X .L , , - . ., wf, is ,, jw ,. N , ' A I .V v ' Agn ""-.5 , Y '- - V - ' X. fi. ...' ' ' - X Q' ' , W., 55 A - ,HY - - 4. , ' ' . -N: Xxlkwkxxwg ,Q N ' . M, . A 'K I x ' M v 3 ,v sh!! . ,' ' Y- . 'k 4 Second Row: Milferd Rasch, Mildred Sfolcer, Marian Meyer, Jayne WhiTman, Mildred WaTson, Leila Jensen FronT Row: Alma Hannon, Mary Lou Tiemeier, BeaTrice SpoTvold, Clara Lounsberry, Muriel Tyerman .J-'L-""l 'T ' ' "VJ v,2..,Y',,- .0-V3 ' ' .' s, '.'f-'J'-45" -- A L-A-'ws.A1'Aewe1c ff. 5122 ':, JLY7' e , 4 - . -11", .JJ il' 55 ,-- , . .-.- .rf :-'-FTW' f V ,, 11+ -Ii:y"" - N. .1f"'2z' ffiwiigiixi 2, T' ' " '3 .' i. " Jimi'-El" " '-: -' U T 1' - s 1 ,:eiff'r152:ef,. g::' 1 1 ' if fe " i iff? 53" .n .e . "e-bjflvffl-: ' ,Q .." ' ' , fN .lFi5S"5i-!EQ,Si'2f" , - -'gf-"4 ef.. .:g'.j,:'jj'- ,- ' . '- ,A -' ' --',?',1",:1?:gg 1 1-, -X5-gf . . . . . ,Lf if H -A -6-If , " The Council of The STudenT Nurses Organizahon is made up :ia g "a3L:..15QE.f"f, - ffft' .M P' TF-' fiffeffg-I'3a?.:L.',if'.1'f?TL' ? -r 1-7. .w'1f.--.L'-giifr-4, " . . . . J5's?,Q5T:Q'q,'fI A7 ,-.f oT The ofhcers oT The Orgamzahon and The presrdenTs oT The Elf-Y - f'51':'T' ""ef."1-L H3 f J ' ' Li' If:-'if-SJZZG5: 55- -555- 5 .: .ff 4 , . . fa 41.2-4-Kyiv-:fyeQ:,Q.3igQ1g-Q-,' 1 gy.-. .T .V-,.,'..-.1-v1ff2g,5,f,4 ,, Three classes. Every sTudenT nurse is required To belong To The eifxef-f-1 if I is - 52:1-f's:fi1:Evfif.fF' O ' +' Th f + d + ' d Th ' ' d' ' .-.,f,g:,h L-115,12-Qrwl,vg:v.,.i,y.e51.Li::gf.Higgs: rgamza ron, ere ore, every s u en is un er e 'urns icTion ' "'-'7Tif'fl17f'7-" J " f P' g ?Sr'.1f: - 1 '-TTT oT The Council. This group acTs as a governing board, planning MILFERD RASCH Secretary all acTiviTies oT The OrganizaTion, and making decisions in maT- CLAIRE LOUNSBERRY . , , Treasurer Ters of discipline. One of The main acTuvaTies planned by The LEI LA J ENSEN UniversiTy RepresenTaTive MARY LOU TIEMEIER HAWKEYE RepresenTaTive MURIEL TYERMAN Y. W. C. A. RepresenTaTive MILDRED WATSON AThleTic Chairman MILDRED STOKER Senior PresidenT MARIAN MEYER Junior Presidenr Council, wiTh The help oT various commiTTees. is The closed, sTricTly Tormal, Caps' Caprice. OTher acTiviTies include The decoraTions and Alumnae Tea aT Homecoming. and several GuesT NighTs held during The year. Council members are elecTed in The spring by The sTudenT body, To serve Tor The Tollowing year. Page 356 Harrier Anderson Donna Ayers Lois Bachrell Alera Baird Jeanne Brennan Harriel' Brown Florence Carrol Jean Carson Margarer Chrisfensen Doris Cooper Jean Davenporl' Jeanne Demaree Wilma Egdorf Phyllis Faclxler Mary Fisher Avis Fossler Nelda Fromme Gayle Gross Dorolhy Haighf Elizabefh Harberl' Page 357 THE JUNIOR CLASS MARIAN MEYER OFFICERS MARGARET WILLIAMS . HARRIET BROWN Mary Heller Emroy Higley Shirley Hoberf Verna Holr Margarer Hrabalc Virginia Humphrey Helen loerger Helen Jeflryes Leila Jensen Margarel Johnson Hilma Jones Verla Kallemeyn Anna Louise Karban Rulh Kepler Mary Kress Audrey Laugel Malinda Lawfon Marfha Lingwall Wynona Long Emma Lucas . . . President . Vice-Presideni Secrefary-Treasu rer Florence McAninch Mary McFarland Doroihy McGinnis Be'H'y Main Beriha Mason Marian Meyer Mary Milelich Joy Miller Marian Miller Margaref Mifchell Louise Murphy Norma Newcomb Amy Oakland Mildred Olson Margaref Palrick Avon Pingel Arlene Pos? Geraldine Reams Clare Refer Lucile Roberfs Sarah Rupperl' Harrier Sanner Belly Sauerberg Doris Silker Josephine Spencer Helen Siandley Geneva Sieward Marian Tanlz Norman Thomsen Mildred Wafson Geraldine Weclcsung Margarel Wheeler Marfha Whilman Mary Wiclzs Rosalie Widmer Frances Willcening Margarel' Williams Laura Wood Melba Yearian Marguerife Zwanziger ' Fifrh Row: Tank, Miller, Jeflryes, Kress, Ioerger, Williams, Wood, McAninch, Lucas, Baird Ayers Holf New comb, Brennan, Main, Spencer, Roberls, Olson Fourfh Row: Wafson, Refer, Meyer, Bachfell, Jensen, Whifman, Kepler, Reams, Palricls, Lingwall, Karban Humphrey, Zwanziger, Fackler, Heller, Weclcsung, Egdorf Third Row: Silker, Fisher, Harberr, Fromme, Sauerberg, Hoberr, Miller, Slandley, Carroll, Chrisfensen Brown, Willceninq, Hallemyn, Pingel, Sleward Second Row: Carson, Widmer, Cooper, Davenporr, Fossler, Mifchell, Gross, Lawion, Anderson, Jones Fronf Row: Murphy, Haighr, Posl, Oakland, Wheeler, Thomsen, Demaree. Hrabalc, Long, McFarland McGinnis, Sanner, Yearian, Ruppert Higley, Lauqel, Mason SIGMA THETA TAU Sigma Theia Tau, a naiional honorary nursing organiiafion wiih chaplers in universi+y schools of nursing, was founded in I922. The purposes of +he organizaiion are Io fosier high professional sland- ards, 'ro encourage creaiive worlc in nursing, 'ro pro- moie fellowship among nurses, and Io develop an inieresi in The advancemeni of nursing. Eligibilily for membership is based on professional and per- sonaliiy Iaciors as well as scholasfic s+anding. Gamma chapier was 'founded ai' 'rhe Universiiy of Iowa in I929, and has iniiiaied I32 members since Ihai Iime, foriy of whom are acfive in The chapier ai presenf. Regular business meeiings are held four 'rimes a year. EIec+ion and iniiiaiion of new members 'fakes place in May each year, officers being eIecIed for a Ierm of Iwo years. OFFICERS ROZELLA SCHLOTFELDT . . HILDRED WILSON . . . BETTY LOU EVANS . ELSIE LAUGHLIN . CONNIE CLARK . I94l INITIATES NAOMI WILSON HELEN CHAMBERLAIN CELESTE STAUFFER JOELLA ANTES , BETTY LOU EVANS . Presidenf Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary . Treasurer . Archivisf MARGARET ANN HUNT HELEN FISHER MARY SUE KENNEDY ESTHER KEHL Wesflawn Lobby Desk Coming Info Wesllawn Lounge Bea Spofvold Feeds Junior His Cereal . . . and Makes Him Like If Jo Thiessen and an Overjoyed Pa+ien+ u1n: ga Two courses of sfudy are open fo fhe slrucleni' nurse a1'+he Universify of Iowa. There is a +hree-year course of sfudy, resuhing in a Gvracluafe Nurse cerfificafe, or a five-year course, re- sulfing in a B. S. degree in Nursing as well as The G. N. cerfificafe. The sfudy program consisfs of a 48-hour week. parf of which is spenf in +ech- nical and scienfific classes, 'rhe re- mainder of fhe Hme being spen+ in clinical experience in Jrhe hospifal. N URS .7wenfieIf!z Gnfury Eleanor Hyke Adminisfers Liquid Jeanne Hafch Charfing Temperafures 'W-a-Q., 5 Q I X 3 g wily ii i' 5 5 A - - . . I 5 i X P' E b ,- V, , i K 2 5 qi k... g A? , ? 5 S 1 E . 5 - M U s N' iii' A A A :Q - if -fl :EE L L - -41 M L v " 'X"W 'Y N A V . E ,. Lf 5 4 'Qi 5 -Q-'ZW - gf was ll ' 'N fa A 1 ' ' fx :H - -: K P 3,-...N ' . . R . WS' ...E gg' Q ' x Q lg 1 WMM. Q ini tx 'Q 112, if f . 31' Q A-if., ig? 5 . A is . ww' ii lu i g , , f-M, R i .1 E E 1, 1 3525 Y 14 VL.. Q' S am: -:L-f .iw 3 Q -if X Y 9 .. . VXQ ,il .Q fe UQ Ex as Q 7' w l 4 J' 1 w l E E X . I 5 E 1? ww ,pf if ,Af Q- Q tx X HQ . ,.,..,.w .af .ff ia ' N if bgf Q by if vwef N ,Q Y .4 R351 Q Q -Ni 1 W K WXA SU 'C 1 S f . 5 8 4 ef' 1 ag I rl! f 9' 4, . r 4 X336 is W K mir 1 Q 3 m 1 wb lk I ,, 4: " 1' f7li HARRY W. PETERSON E. H. BEARD .... . . Algona WILLIAM R. BIEBER . . Iowa Cify CAROLYN M. CARBE .... Washingfon EUGENE F. CHALLED . Cedar Rapids DWIGHT E. FRY . . . . . Indianola BETTY HEMSKY . . . Cedar Rapids ROY G. HERRMANN . . . . Middle JAMES S. HONEYMAN . . Villisca CHARLES A. HUGHES . Emmefsburg MARIE V. KELLY . . . . Waferloo ALFRED A. MANNINO WesHTeId. N. J. KEITH A. MCNURLEN .... Perry THOMAS G. MELTON JUSTUS T. MILLEN . . . Hillsboro. III. . . SpringfIeId. III. Red Wing Minn CLAUDE W. ROBERTSON I . . . Iov+Ia CHQ LOIS M. ROSS ..... . Wellsburg GEORGE W. SCHMIDT ..... Elkader RAYMOND P. SNOW . . . Independence FLOYD A. WOOMIS . . . . AIIerfon JUNIOR PHARMACY FRESHMAN CLASS IRA M. DEAL Presidenf GLORIA C. BASTEN Vice-Presidenf TOM MAN N I NO Secrefary-Treasu rer SOPHOMORE CLASS CARLYLE MOORE Presidenf DALE SWAN SON Vice-Presiden+ EARL .I . FATE Secrefa ry-Treasu rer SENIOR CLASS RICHARD D. CASEY Presidenf JOHN BRUECKNER Vice-Presidenf DELPI-IA L. DONNER Secrefary-Treasurer PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION JIM HONEYMAN In Manufaciuring Lab DWIGHT FRY Reaches for fhe Jug RAY TAFT and JOHN MEYER Inspecf Pharmacy Display TEST TUBE MAGIC BETTY HEMSKY in Bofan Greenhouse y AL MANNINO Conducis Disfillafion BOB BICKEL, JOHN BRUECKNER and DICK Experimenf CASEY in Drug Assay Lab DEAN KUEVER Advises JUS MILLEN KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS ELIZABETH HOLMES . . . Presidenf DELPHA DONNER . . Vice-Presiclenf IONE CARD . . Secrelary-Treasurer Second Row: Suifer, Kelly, Flanagan, Basfen, Ross, Carbee, Peferson From' Row: Miskell, Card, Donner, Holmes, Levendahl, Hemslny RHO CHI OFFICERS ACTIVE MEMBERS LYLE SEARLE ...... Presidenf DELPHA DONNER GEORGE WEIRCK DELPI-IA DONNER . . . Vice-Presidenf A. J. FARNI-IAM LARRY WHEELER J. W. JONES . . . Secrelary-Treasurer ELIZABETH HOLMES MARJORIE MOBURG LYLE SEARLE N. F. SORG MB R N. W. SOLONEN L. C. ZAPE E S KENNETH STAHL HARRY AUSTIN WILBER J. TEETERS, J. W. JONES Dean Emerifus R' A- KUEVER OBJECT: To promofe The advancemenll of fhe pharmaceuf ZADA M. COOPER ical sciences, scholarship and good fellowship. Page 368 MAY SEE: B. M. 0. C' s B. W. 0. C' s CAPTAINS Ol' CAMPUS INDUSTRY PRDFESSORS IN Tl-IE NEWS 209 u voL. 1 NO:-5 T EQ I g X C904 PBS BSG SNDTS TODAY TOMORROW 5 1'b Q,-f C AM, w AMERXGNS LEADERS --Q5 ,B--A iw i r 5 i 2 viii? ' 22- N -YQ LOW ,M .WWA Q ',.M,,.f 'nvfffdf ' 'EET 7'1 R df w uu- . Wdiia Y ' KA6 wma' I. IENQY Exp. EFTS 2 E QE E3 3 sw is Y L, 5, ji Q, 11. me mfgw QQ 5 in P -mwfzzzmfze M H-A-lemuzx T QM -A1 ..,.M.,v,..,,i Junk.-A L, .f:::,:fmmfm.zs:.m mm ,mam 1.1 av ,aw f,m:,1:0.-,Q-is dmv: www Qfmmweifafmxuwp, , , wx, QL, fu..fM..R... 1 ,I 1 uw- fT"1Wr- .t L 1 T,a'.'2S:3fvw-f-N--. N . "vw:-my-.-Q- 'V' 1 - f , f F l, A . , 1 L I D I 4 .I 5. K lw..., gy' Q ' 6' I 3 .4' I' I -.i.4h-.' N -wt ' V , . 14-:.x.,"12Qg, 1 .gk INDEX 310 Arringion, Kennefh Barron, J. D. A Abboff, Jane Adams, Fred E. Adams, Georgia L. 186, Adams, James Adams, R. E. Adams, Roberl P. Adams, R. S. Adamson, Billie Adamson, W. I... Adelman, Richard Aliflerbauqh, Evelyn A. F. 1. Agnew, Dr. Ahlgren C. Ahmann, Edward Jf Ahrold, P. Ainley, Roberf Aifa, E. Albers, Millard Albert John Albrecht John Albrighl, Roberf Alderman, Bruce Alexander, Roberf J. Alexander, Rosalind Algren, Jean Allen, D. J. Allen, Sian D. Allender, John Allender, R. Alley, Ann Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delia Pi Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Xi Delia Alsop V. A1+fil1isch, G. Alward, G. Anderson Beverly Anderson Carllon Anderson Dona Anderson Dr. E. N. Anderson Evelyn Anderson George Anderson Glen Anderson, Harriel' Anderson, Janef I Anderson John B. Anderson Joyce Anderson Keilh Anderson Leland ,I 112.246 198, 219, 244, 194 118, 119 113 159, 112, 230, 184. 118, 270. 117. 156, 211. 194, 51. 121, 132. 253, 288. 274 310 310 245 257 310 234 124 124 346 203 170 81 194 310 207 121 164 265 121 92 96 253 310 310 310 119 310 342 246 300 202 204 264 232 206 211 219 257 295 257 215 60 215 281 86 357 204 310 310 92 270 INDEX Anderson, Mildred J. Ned Anderson, Ross Viclor Anderson, Anderson, Irwin Lowell Andrew, Margarel Andover, Andreas, Andrews, Mariorie Ankeny. Gerald E. Annis, Daryl D. Anlhofer, Erwin J. Arch, Kennefh Arganbrighl, Don Aringfon, Ken Arkin, Lynn Armbrusfer, Coach Armbrusfer, David II8, Armbrusler, Edward D. 102, 103 Armour, Margarel Jane Armslrong, Lloyd M. Armslrong, Wilbur Arnold, Richard Arnold, William Aronow, M. Kennelh Arrasmiih, Ella Irene Ari' Guild Asher, Bob Aske, Vernon Askew, M. Askew, N. Alkinson, John Ax+helm, Edward Ayers, Ann Ayers, Donna Ayers, L. Ayres, Hazel E. B Babb, Raymond F. Babcock, B. Babcock, Oliver Bachfell, Lois Baden, Wayne Bader, Sylvia Baer, Belly Bailey, Sarah Bain, Norion Baird, Alela Baird, Craig Baker, Bellina Baker, D. Jean Baker, J. 107, 215. 61. 64 215. 61, 62, 78, 246. 117, 151, 119, 194, 194,250 190. 52, 181. 144, 145, 121, 147, 274 270 76 310 303 241 310 274 254 260 350 100 175 192 242 103 257 203 310 266 121 137 242 196 238 198 254 92 211 211 237 257 220 357 224 310 310 211 233 357 264 310 191 220 242 357 150 220 310 219 Baker, Marshall Baker, May Baker, Merlin Baker, Ralph P. Baldwin, George Balle, Elva Jane Balles, John J. Ballinger, Carfer M. Bamberg, Jeanne M. Bangs, John 35 Barbour, W. J. Barclay, James Bargmann, W. O. Barker, Walfer W. Barner, Sfockmen S. Barnes, H. G. Barnes, Harry Jr. Barnes, Marshall H. Barneff, Roger Barngrover, M. Barnharl, Pal Barnharl, Jean O. Barnum, Curlis Barr, Marybelle Barre++, Lawrence E. Barrelf, Norman Barfel, G. Arfhur Barfel, Roberl M. Barfells. B. Barlells, Dr. Baskefl, Anna Mae Basfen, Gloria Baslrom, James Baumann, James Baumgarlner, Coach Baumgarfner, Jean 76, 146, 147 Beal. Millon W. Beals, Howard H. 144, 145, Beard, E. H. Beard, Ted Beardsley, Ralph D. Beck, Roberi W. Becker, Edifh B. Becker, James S. Becker, Roberi H. Beckman, C. W. Beckwilh, E. Beebe, John R. Beebe, Kennefh P. Beecher, Raymond E. Beeler, Byron D. 180. 258, 260. 281, 107, 230, 231. 78. 48, 113. 254, 103, 194, 253, 260. 219, 216, 365. 126. 231. 266, 192, 215, 192, 250, 121, 61. 103, 194, 264, 192, 193, Page 253 183 92 310 374 107 310 310 310 254 254 250 258 310 310 35 132 310 250 212 43 310 291 375 310 262 237 262 266 211 76 310 368 265 271 101 310 98 310 364 253 78 253 37 310 350 246 211 336 264 311 250 380 Belberolf, Mary Bell, J. W. Bell, Marlha Bell, Mary Lou Bell, Roberl Bell, William V. II7, Ben, Arlhur Benda, Benda, Bender, Bender, Benesh, Benharl, Bennell, Bennell Bennell, Bennell Bennell, Benson, Leo W. Russell F. . Roberl E. 86. Roberl L. 6l Richard Merle Chesler G. I26, Dr. Herberl Howard 266, William Paul Benli, Charles Berchenbriler, Gerald Berg, Ben I46, I47. Berg, John Berg, Mariorie Berg, Pally Berger, Carolyn Bergman, Joseph 23l, Bergslrom, Melvin A Bergslrom, Roberl A! ll8, II9, 277. Bernalz, Philip I26, Berninghausen, William Bernslein, William B. Berryhill, M. B. Berlram, Ruben Besl, Agnes Besl, Kay Beslor, Mariorie l9l, Bela Gamma Sigma Bela Thela Pi Bah, Margarel Mary Beyer, George I26, Bihen, Asher H. Bickel, Bob Biclrenbach, J. H. ll8, II9, l2l, 244, 245. Biddick, Helen J. 275, Biddick, Norma Biddison, E. Biedrzychi, L. l02, IO3. I94, Bieg, Shirley A. 2l5, 227. Bierber, W. R. Bierman, John Billings, Jane 216. Billinglon, Lenora L. Binder, Dorolhy J. I57, 204, 226, Binder, Weslon Binkly, James Page 381 3ll 234 I4l 204 I39 I78 I2l 3ll 78 246 62 346 3ll 268 268 3ll 336 24I 249 258 92 237 268 2l6 29I 3ll 26l II4 3ll 265 3ll 3ll I26 II4 IO6 203 275 l72 234 3ll 268 242 367 3ll 3ll l64 207 277 3ll 364 346 227 I06 3ll 238 257 Birch, Harold Birchard, Marlha Bishop, Belle l. Bishop, Charles F. Bishop, Prol. Everall Bissell, Phyllis E. Black, M. Black, Roberl J. Blackman, P. Blaha, David D. Blaha, Vernon B. Blair, M. Blakesley, Berl Bland, Harvey Blane. Mrs. Rila Blane. Roberl N. Blaul, K. A. Blaylock, Roberl Blazer, P. Blessing, J. W. Blexrud, Marilyn Bliss, W. R. Blilgen, Glenn Bloeser, R. Bloelhe, L. W. Blom, Beverly M. Blomgren, Paul B. Blum, Henry C. Board ol Alhlelics Board ol Educalion Bodine, Joseph Boecklen, Lawrence Boeckler, Bud Boegel, Roberl Boehner, Jean E. W. F. IIS, II9, 244 Boerner, Paul Bogle, W. C. Bohan, Lorna Bohlin, Ralph Boiler, Boisen, Dorolhy J. Boland, Anila F. Bollon, Billie Bone, Doris Bone, James Bonham, Isl Ll. D. D. Bonnell, John K. Book, Wayne Borcherl, Bruce Bordner, Frances J. Bordner, Roberl Bordwell, Paul Borg, Mary L. Borland, Loren Bornholdl, Roberl Bosveld, Fred Boughan, Harold Boughlon, William H. 269 I9O 3ll 3ll 253 3ll 224 3ll 2I6 342 266 2I9 l5l 238 43 II7 2ll 98 2l5 II7 I86 265 96 245 II9 3ll 269 78 58 26 258 245 303 277 3ll 27l 264 228 98 3ll 3ll 3ll 224 I9I 24l l2l 3ll l37 264 3ll 253 l24 3ll 342 I22 342 3ll 3ll Bowers, James 50, 246 Bowers, Richard II4, 246 Bowles, William 254 Bowling, Kay 36l Bowman, Ed. I47 Bown, Thomas 346 Boyce, Kennelh P. 78 Boyd, Dale E. 77 Boyd, Roberl 96 Boyer, Bruce I74 Boyle, Warren 272 Boysen, Harvey H. 3l2 Boyl, John T. I3l Bracher, B. F. 244, 245 Brackey, Dean L. ll4 Bradley, James J. 244, 245. 250, 3l2 Bradshaw, Mildred lrene I96 Braley, Francis M. ll4, 238 Bramsen, P. 254 Branch, Roberl E. 253 Brandon, B. Franklin 270, 342 Brandl, Mary Anne 3l2 Brauch, Alice 207 Braunlich, Jean 49, I92, 2l5, 227 Braverman, Naomi IB3, l88, 3l2 Bray, Dan L. 336 Brecunier, Richard W. 6l, 246, 3l2 Bresnahan, Coach 94, 95, 96 Bridges, J. I92, 2l5 Briggs, Bob W. 48 Briggs, Fred Melvelle l23 Briggs, R. K. ll8, II9 Brinclc, C. Roberl 86 Briney, Mary Belle I9l Brink, Richard E. I96 Brinker, Janel 274, 3l2 Briscoe, Clark 89 Brillin, Marie I38 Brockway, Charles 244, 245 Brody, E. I44 Brody, Jack 346 Brombaugh, Roberl 350 Bromwell, James 35. l70, 37l Brooker. Warren J. 3l2 Brooks Arl II3, 234 Brooks Belly l90, 258 Brooks Donald l2l, 257 Brooks Ralph K. 3l2 Brooks, Roberl W. 234, 3l2 Brown, Barbara 3l2 Brown, Dana 203 Brown, Delno W. 350 Brown, Don D. 258, 350 Brown, Forresl D. 3l2 Brown, George I22 Brown, Harriel 357 Brown, James R. II4, 346 Brown, James W. R. 269, 348 Burling, Roberl Brown, Joan Brown, Joyce L. Lyle Waller R. Brown, William J. Brown, Brown, Brownlee, Charloffe Bruce, Eugene H. Brueckner, John 89, Brumer, R. Brunson, Jean Brush, Fred Brufus, Joan Bryan, Alvin W. Bryanf, Helen Bryanf, John Buchanan, Tom Buchman, Delberl Buchman, Elwood Buchlel, Buell Buck, Margarel' F. Buckingham, Roberl L. Buckley, Roberl M. 77 Buckley, William A. 77, I49, Buckley, W. C. Bulske, C. 45, 76, Bunze, Shirlee I44 Burden, Mary Lee 45 Bu rge, Adelaide L. Bu rge, Frank Burger, Warren ISO Burgell, Jane Burgsiahler, Frances Burke, Edmond Burkel, LeRoy K. Burke'H', Wilford B. 6I, Burlinglon, Don Burneff, Richard Burnside, James Burr, Charles Burroughs, Carol Burrows, David E. Busch. Marlin Buser, D. Bush, Roberl' L. Bufler, Roberl' Bufler, Wallace Bulner, Roberi' K. Bufferlield, Glade Bullerslein, A. F. Bulferworfh, Allen Buzby, John E. Buzzard, John Byers, Jane l85, Byers, Leland Byers, Waller , 92, Byrd, J. H. 6I, 62. I44, I45, 42, I9I 3l2 I22 3l2 336 220 3l2 367 I94 204 266 I9I 28 224 3l2 246 336 336 266 3l2 27I 3l2 300 295 226 3l2 3l2 35 375 238 208 I80 265 3l2 350 238 346 264 350 336 208 3l2 336 270 3l2 I33 246 3l2 24I II9 99 3l2 l32 3l2 l2l 246 II9 C Caddock, Earl Cadel' Colonel and SIaFF Cadel' Officers Club Cagwin, Barbara Callaghan, Ambrose Camp, Mariorie Campbell, Dan B. Campbell, Don Campbell, Dorolhy Campbell, Richard Caps Caprice Carbee, Carolyn Card, lone Carideo, Frank lCoachl Carlefon, Louise Carlson, C. A. IIB, II9, Carlson, Harry Carlson, Ronald Carmean, David Carmichael, Florence Carmody, Kalhleen I92, Carpenler, Carpenler. Carpenler, Charlolfe M Dorofhy John Ca rpenler, M. Carroll Carson Carson, Carson Carfer, Ca rler, Casey. Casey, Cason, Florence l'l. D. ll8, II9, Jean Pafricia H. K. H. M. K. Ann Dick Marlha L. BY I2I I93 Cass, Harrison I2I Caslerline, Rulh A. Caslner, L. Caughlan, Eugene Caughlan, R. Cavanaugh, Peggy A. 76 Cepikolif, Louis Chadima, Richard Challed. E. F. Chang, Rolh Chapman, David Chapman. M. S. ll8 Chapman, Thomas 8I, 82 Chapman, Waller Russell I75 Mariha Mae Chappell, Chard, Marion Charllon, Elizabelh I44, I83. Chase, K. 38 Chase. R. N. Cheerleaders Chehak, M. Joan Chenkin, Darren 26 II4 200 364 249 238 I 92 49 244 224 2 I5 365 220 244 I93 I83 I24 II9 83 284 220 I83 I26 1 . 1 u 265 I I6 I I8 3 I2 265 I06 350 246 2 I9 268 39 368 368 6I 203 370 249 26I 257 3 I3 204 I96 204 ISI 2I I 357 245 357 204 227 224 3 I 3 367 3I3 245 3I3 2I I 238 238 3 I 3 242 249 364 I97 242 I70 94 285 l85 5I 3I3 2 I9 264 I95 203 350 Chenowefh, William C. Cheralier, Marvin F. II4 lI8, II9. Chi Epsilon Chi Omega Chrisfensen, Donald M. Chrisfensen, Gordon Chrislensen, John I24, Chrislensen, Margarel Chrislians, Efhel Chrisliansen, Caroline Chrisliansen, Clarence Chrisfie, Jean l59, 2l2, 226, Chrislie, Roberf Chuhak, Thomas S. Clancy, K. M. II8, Clapp, H. G. Clapp, Jean Clark, Barbara Clark, Charles 244, 245, Clark, Elinor Clark, Fred F. Clark. Guy Ellis Clark, Howard Clark, June Clark, Margarel Louise l90, I96, Clark,,William M. 244, 245, Clausen, Roberl' l4I, 253, Claussen, Edward Claussen, Gene 46, 77, I4-2, I70, 230, 24l, 260, Clave, Ralph 254. Clay, Henry 94, ClayI'on, E. Clewell, Roberl W. Cline Huberl' L. l2l, I44 I4-5, 253. Cobb, EIIio+ A. I65. Cobb, Slanley S. Cochenour, E. Cochran, Grace Cockrill, J. 237, Cody, Roberf 38 l2l, l98. Cofleen, Hale L. II7 230.258, Collin, H. Coffman, Roberl Cohen, Arline J. 47, I93, Cohen, Beily Cohen, Paul Cole, Larry 40 86, I93. Cole, Max 237, Cole, R. 86, Cole, Theodore C. II4, 238, Collins, Edward I48, Collins, Gay Collins, Roberf Collison, David 98, Collison, Larry Page 3I3 3I3 I78 208 3I3 I39 253 357 5I 207 I2I 3I3 254 3I3 II9 I28 2l9 2I9 3I3 2I5 3I3 I23 234 2I9 3I3 3I3 3I3 3I3 370 29l 95 237 3I3 400 336 3I3 2I I 35 346 258 350 207 77 3I3 47 I88 238 266 234 3I3 250 250 92 270 5l 382 Crawford, Richard Jamison Colony, J. Colvin, Beify Colvin, Pauline L. Commerce Club Compfon, John E. Comsloclz. Charles Roberf Conaway, Bonnie L. I07 Coningham, Winifred E. I8, 274 Conklin, R. R. Conkling, Russell W. Conley, Bill 238 l9I 46 Conley, Roberf Conner, William E. Connor, Paul S. Conrad, Bernard R. IIB, Conrad, Carl Conrad, Clare Conrad. Roberf W. Conrad, Warren H. Conroy, Edward Huberf Conier. Louis V. Cook Edgar Cook, Elizabelh Cook, Helen Cook, Marilyn Cook, M. A. Cook, Roberl Coon, Anloineiie D. Cooper. Bernice Cooper, Belly Ann Cooper, Dean Cooper, Doris Co-ops Copeland, Larry Corder, Lois B. Cordes, Jean Corey, Beniarnin Corey, Marianne Cornelius, Maybelle Cornwall, Wilson M. Corsgreen, Rolf Corlon, Richard Coinam, Colfer, John Roberf Couch, Dr. Couppee Couriney Cou rlney, , Alberf W. , Harley Sfanley Cover, F. A. Covinglon, Jean Cowan, Lewis Cowden, Chesfer Cowclen, Jean Cox, Arihur Cox, Joan Cozzens, Charles Craddock, Hazel E. Craffs, Loring Page 383 244 I I4. 246 246 II9, I94 5I 46 II8, II9 89, 90 I06 I44 l45, 2I2 I9I 6l. 63 270 207 u 2II I97 3I3 I87 3I3 I23 3I3 3I3 245 3I3 266 II4 3l3 313 3I3 346 3I3 3I3 350 I75 346 250 220 274 200 2I6 268 3I3 I07 I9I 3I4 357 284 Sl 3l 224 24I 3I4 375 253 238 234 267 284 39 II2 342 270 28I 226 265 95 208 250 I84 258 3l4 3l4 Craig, Adrian W. Craiger, Sidney Crain, Allen Crain, Earl Cram, Delmar J. Crane, Ernes Cranmer. Rober+ B. Craw, Nelson Crawford, Charles G. Crawford, Lawrence C. Cray, William Crew, Morfon R. Crissinger, D. L. Crockelt Newell P. Cross, James Crowe, C. H. Jr. Il8, II9. I24, I49. Crowley, Doris Crowley, James B. Crum, Belly J. Crumley, Clarence Cuevas, Roberlo Cuff, Michael Culver, Capl. E. O. Cumming, Janef M. Cummings, Beayl Cummings, Harold Cunningham, Winifred Curran, Francis E. Curran, Theodore D. Currier Curlis, Cora Mariorie Curlis, Rulh Cuiler, Allan D Daedlow, Aubrey Dagley, Roberl Daily Iowan Dalce, Charles Daley, Clara M. Dallon, Wilberl' Damerow, Kennefh W. Dancer, Jane Dashner, Francis Daughlon, Margarel Daughion, Mariorie A. Daul, Richard Davenpori, Janel' Davenporl, Janel' E. Davenport Marshall L. David. John David, John D. David. John J. Davidsmeyer, Orville H. Davidson, Harold Davidson, James I03 I2I 244 264. 237 I37 234 257 I9I 43 I5I 63 244 2I2, I58 5I, lb4 IO7 2I2, I88 342 246 92 99 314 250 3I4 I2I 3I4 I78 234 245 336 270 3I4 l52 26I l59 262 3 I4 350 I78 I37 I42 I06 3 I4 I74 274 3I4 245 274 I96 2 I9 242 78 350 I48 249 35 I2l 350 34l 238 I9l 3l4 268 357 3I4 3I4 242 3I4 336 78 336 II3 Davidson, Marvin Davidson, Mary K. Davies, Jack Davies, Richard Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, Davis Davis. Davis Davis Beniamin Dan E. Donald J. E. James F. James N. John Kafhleen Lucy V. Marjorie J. Richard Wyndon Dawson. Dean F. M. Dawson, Murray Healon Dawson, Roberi L. Day, Mrs. Day, Don Day, Deal, Dean, Dean, Dean, Roberl' lra M. Dr. Lee Wallace Mrs. Lee Wallace Richard Dearing, G. Bruce Debafe, L. De Bulls, Roberi De Buffs, Virgil De Bulls, Virginia Decker. Roberl' DeFreece, Gerald DeGeus, Louis K. De Groofs, B. Della Chi Delia Della Delia Della Gamma Della Upsilon Demaree, Jeanne Dempsfer, Laura J. De Nio, June Dennison, Kalhryn Denfislry Derry, Lewis E. DeSha, Ralph Defers, Doris M. Defhlefs, Helen A. Dellweiler, Helen Devine, George K. Devine, Glenn Devlin, Rosemarie De Voe, William Dewel, Roberl Dickenson, M. Dickerhoof, Delmas J. Dickey, Mary 38, 246 I44, I92, 2lI 28, 4. 76, 34. I I8 270, 242 46, 2I6 264 3I4 I2I 253 242, 26I 59 II8, II9 6I, 253 270, 342 269 228, 3I4 3I4 3I4 I2I I2I I78, 333 l23, 245 3I4 IB4 234 34 365 295 295 237, I92 24I, 34 I37 24l I2I 2II 3I4 238 284, 3I4 200, 2I5 236 2I0 2I2 238 357 I24, 3I4 I86, 3I4 2Il, 3I4 339 3I4 96 3I4 3I4 29I II9, 3l4 59, 254 I93, 203 l24, 258 27I, 342 244 6l. 65 IO7, 2I5 Dickenson. George 245 Diedesch. Miss M. 186 Diehl, Bill 60, 6l, 65, 73. 89 Diehl, Robert 24l Dierlring. A. Maxine 203. 3l4 Dierclzs, C. 270. 272 Diggs. David 270 Dill, Homer R. 32 Dillinger. Margarel I86 Dillman. Howard Bernard I23 Dirlzs, Marvin Sl Dilto. Boyd I47, 253 Dixon, M. 2l2 Doering. Roberf 270. 342 Dolphin Show l40 Dolson, M. 208 Donahey. Rita A. l9I. 3I4 Donnelly, Marlha L. 3l5 Donner. Delpha 365. 368 Donovan. Edwin 24l Dooley, Don 254 Doolifile. C. H. II8, II9, I20, 253 Doran, Jacqueline I44. 2I6. 228, 3l5 Doran. John 40. 254 Dorr. Eugene L. 3l5 Dorf. Dean 346 Dosial. Phyllis l9l Dower. Jim I4I Downing, Paul F. 3l5 Dozier. William 249 Drake, William 277 Drayer. Donald H. II8, II9. 3l5 Drennen. Mary I46. I47 Dresselhuis, Mildred 284 Dresser. Howard 246 Drulrer. Jerome I88. 3l5 Dubanslcy. Marvin I2I. 242 Ducharme, V. 2l5 Ducoiie, Irving I2l 242 Duffe B. Sl. 84 Dumlaauld. Lucy 46, 203. 3l5 Dunagan, Clarence 89, 90. II3 Duncan, David C. 34, II8, II9. 234. 3l5 Duncan, Frances l86 Dunkle. Warren 24l Dunlap. Harry 3l5, 374 Dunn, Duane IZI Dunfon. W. 244. 245 Durian. R. 234 Dursf. Mari: A. 3l5 Dvorslzy. Harry 242 Dylewslci. Sianley W. 350 E Earp, W. 234 Easfburn. Harvey 266 Easflawn 286 Easion. Margaref Easiwood. D. W. Eafon. Roberl Ebinger. Edward W. Eblen, Darrell Eclrland. Gerald F. Edberg. Roberl' Edelen, Diclr Edelman. Samuel Edison, Richard Edwards. Mrs. Egdorf, Wilma Egqen. F. Eggers. G. G. Egglesion, Max Ehrman. Edward Eicher. Daniel S. Eicherly. Jack Eichhorn. P. Eiel, Roberi' Eige. Mafhilde Eifman, P. Ellcnes. Charles EllioH'. Roberl' Ellison. Enid 34. 35. Ellison. W. Russell Ellsworrh, Roberl E. Elwood. Frances Elwood, Marx Ely. Lawrence Emanuel, Dennis Embree, B. Empfield, Pai Ems. Margarei Engellres. Carrol Engineers Engle, Frances English. E. Enqlund. M. Epperson. Roberf Erbe. H. Erickson. Ernesl' D. Ericlcson. Helvin A. Ericson, Herb Erilrson, Roberl C. Era Kappa Nu Evans. Belly Evans Helen Evans. Jennie 38, I44. Evans, Jane? Evans John Evans Lorraine Evans. Mary Jo Evans. Mary Lou Evans, Mrs. Evans Roberi Evans. Volney R. Ewen, Rosemary 2II I26 I24 50 I62. 219. II8, 38 I74 I70 94. 95, 200. 208 I98, 2l6, 3l5. I47. 193. 2l5, 264 l4l, 2l9. l9I, 2l I, 78. ll2. 245. 258 I45, I46. I47 23I I06. 3l5 264 I26 3l5 II3 3l5 I74 246 242 250 237 357 228 II9 246 350 78 250 2II 254 2I2 2I6 78 268 373 3l5 65 204 228 28l 338 224 2I9 I38 277 352 3l5 303 2lI l2I 270 228 250 26l 3l5 I74 207 I38 220 2II 375 3l5 3l5 274 238 246 3l5 3l5 F Faber, Roberl Faclcler, Phyllis Fagen, Marqarei Fairbanks. Eleanor Fairless. Clyde J. Fallers, Harry R. Fankhauser, John Farmalcis. Niki Farmer, Leicesier Farmer. Thomas M. Farnham, James Farrell. John Farrer. Richard Farrow, John Faiheree. Lawrence Faflancl, Kaihryn Fehselce, Richard Fellows, Befh Felfer, Marfha Felion, Helen A. Fenfon. R. A. Ferguson. James R. Feuerhelm, Harold R. Fewel, Mariorie Fey. Paul Fieselmann, George Fife, William A. Fillenwarlh. Florence Fillmore, Frances S. Findly. Mrs. Finsvic. Gordon C. Firesfone, Berel Firsl, Reber? S. Fischer. Karl Fischer, Nadine Fish. M. Jane Fisher, Carl Fisher. Franlc Fisher. Helen L. Fisher. Mary Lou Fishman. Harlow Fii'zGeraId. Shirley A. Fihpairiclr, Rolaerl' Fla nagan. Eleanor Flanders. Marsion C. 89, Flanders, Raymond Fleger, Manley Fleming. Don Flinf, Arihur Floyd. Irwin Flynn, Mary Pafricia Foersier. Norman Fogarfy. Edward Foggy, Carson Foglesong. H. Darrell Foley. Jack 89, 90, II3 357 39 I47 336 l26. 268. 27l I37 I49 96 61. 65, 89. 90 249 249 253, 262 52 27l, 3l5 l85, 204. 3l5 269 220. 227, 295 l90 3l5 58 78 I I8. I I9 I44. I45 24l I26. 264. 336 284. 3l5 220 49. 2l9, 3l5 I97 3l5 I33 350 I2I 3I6 203. 3I6 245 24l 3I6 357 264, 336 2I9. 3I6 265 368 II8, II9. 3I6 268 86 244, 245. 303 78 295 76. 2I I, 3I6 3I 346 244. 245 270, 342 234 Pqge 384 Garner, Bill Follcedahl, Willis bl. 253 260 Folkers, Charles 246 Foniana, Leno l2l Forbes, Beffy 2l6 Forbes. Shirley 2l9, 288 Forresf, James I03, I94 Foss, Helen I86, I98 2l5 Fossler, Avis 357 Fosfer. Diana I47, I93, 220 Fosfer, John 254 Fosfer, Reber? 230, 2bl Fosfer, Dr. W. J. 58 Founfain, Bruce 81, 84 Founiain, John A. 3I6 Fowler. Arlene 208 Fowler. Mary Dean 45 Fowler, Vivian 208 Fowler, Ward 246 Franlc, Sue 2I6 Franlrs, Gloria I46. 29I. 3I6 Franzenburg, Rufh 3l6 Frazier, James F. 49, ll8, II9, 230, 23l, 234, 3l6 Fredericlrson, Ellen 3I6 Freerlcsen, Elizabefh I97, 3l6 Frerichs, Dena I90 Freshman Parry 40 Frey, Harry B. 78 Friberg, Jim 254 Frink, Lyle F. 267, 336 Frinlc, Peggy E. 52 Frinlc, Roberl A. 250. 260, 3l6 Frifchen, Marieife 203 Frivol I46 Fromme. Nelda 357 Froslie, Befiy 50 Froslie, Harold 50 Frosf, Dorofhy I90 Frosf, Irwin 270 Frosf, Loraine I06 Frost Roberf C. 3l6 Frowine, Von K. 270 Frudden, Lillian 2l9, 3l6 Fruendf, Melvin 39 Fry, Dwighl' E. 249, 364, 366 Frye, George 6l, 65 Fuller, Keiih O. 3l6 Fuller, Lionel R. 4I, II6, Il8, II9. 287 Funlc, Richard 253 Furey, George l2l Furey, Larry E. IIB, II9 G Gadclis, Georgia l80 Gaddis, Marie 48 Gaddy, Margaref 3l6 Galiher, Charles 59 Gall, Malcolm 3I6 Page 385 Gallagher, Harold Gallagher, Richard Gamma Efa Gamma Gamma Phi Beia Gann, Edward R. Ganiz, Joe Gardner, Bur? Gardner. Phyllis Garland, John C. Garnass, Arnold L. Garner, Gerry Garner, John W. Gasparoiii, Dick Gaudian, Marvin Gaulocher. Leo Gay, Doroihy Gearharl, Ralph Gee, Mrs. Geerdes, George Gegner, Fred Gehling, Viclor Gemmel. Margery George, Louis A. George, Samuel F. Gepperi. Richard Gerrnann, Margaref Gero, George Gershun, Ted Gidel, Dale Giese, Joseph Gilberf, Jean Gilchrisl, Dave Gilchrist Rex Giles, Gerald Gillespie, Roger S. Gillefl, Shirley P. Gillilan. Paul E. Gilloon. Thomas Gilloffi, Franlr Gilloifi, John Gimar, Jean Gladsione, William Glazer, Milfon Leon Glenn. John L. Glenn, Roberl' E. Glennie, Donald Gloclrler. F. Godden. Mary E. Godden. M. Joan Goebeli, Roberl' E. Goede, D. J. Goenne. Richard Goenne. William Goerner, Paul G. Goldberg, Merrel Goldenberg, Max Goldenberg, Samuel I26, 49. l2l, 230. Goldman, Sfanley 242, 26l Goldsfein, Evelyn IBB, 3l7 Goldsfon, Irving 342 Goldzier, Mary Ann 2l6, 3l7 Goodman. Rufh F. 3l7 Gordinier, Ted 89, 90 Gordon, Gre'l'a 275 Gordon. Helen 49, 2l5 Goss, Alberl' I39 Goss, Eugene I74, I75 Gossard. Donald W. 3l'7 Goiisch, John IO3. 253 Gould, Colin I24, 230, 238 Governor's Day I25 Graban, John l0l Graham, Don I24 Graham, Jack E. II3, 3l7 Graham, John H. I24, 246 Grange, Belly Jean 204 Granf, Donald 257 Graves, Ralph W. 3l7 Gray, Charles E. 268 Gray, Eclifh Jane 207. 3l7 Gray, John F. I26, 207. 268, 336 Gray, Lynn C. I00, ll3, 234 Gray, Mariorie 2ll Grayson. Judy l38 Green. Jack 23l. 242 Green, Kennefh 270, 272, 342 Green, Laura R. I86, 3l7 Green, Roberl P. 266 Green, Roberf W. I37. 3l7 Green Wayne C. 3l7 Green. William C. 6l. 65, 254 Greenberg, Raymond 242 Greene, Leonard l2l Greenleaf, John S. I26, 264, 272 Greer, Evelyn 224 Greer, John J. l48 Gregg. John B. 96 Gregg, Paul 24l Gregg. Roberi I39 Griepenburg, De Elda 204 Grifiifh, Sfewarl' 269 Griflifh, Wylie 264 Grigg, Harold 269, 346 Grim. Marjorie 43, 76, IS9, 220, 3l7 Grissell, Elmer F. l24. 277, 350 Grissel, L. l83, 2II Groppe. George 346 Gross, Dr. E. G. 272 Gross, Gayle 357 Gross, Roberl' IOI Grossman. Richard C. I46. I47. 246. 3l7 Grove, Herberl' 24l Grueslrin, Harold 242, 26l Grullre, Lorna 203 Grundahl. Alvin 267, 272, 338 l 1 l lg Guenther, William C. Gugle, Lloyd Gunter, Greta C. Gusman, Jack Gustafson, Robert C. Gutenkaut, C. Herman Gutesha, Michael Guthrie, Hugh D. II2, l75, Guthrie, James Sidney III Guthrie, Willis H Haack, Marian Hackett, Helen Haddad, Ben Hady, Joan Haetner, Dorothy Hater, Bill Hagemeister, Carl R. Hagerstrom, James Hagge, Donald R. Hagie, Marion A. Hagman, Betty J. Haight, Dorothy Haines, Henry Hainline, Richard Haist, Perry Hale, W. M. Dr. Haley, John Robert Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall George Joellen 46, Lt. Col. M. W. Reeves W. E. Hallemyn, Verla Halpern, Sylvia D. Halverson, Arthur Hamilton, Howard Hamilton, John S. Hamilton. Lois lrene l85, Hamilton, Prudence Hamm, Charles Robert Hamman, James L. Hammer, Marilyn 52, Hampton. William Hamre, Adolph J. Hanchar, Raymond J. Hancher, Virgil M. Hand, Thomas Hankins, Norman Hanley, T. D. Hanna. Kenneth Hannon, Alma Hansen, Hansen, Randall C. Hanson, Allen Hanson, Bernard Marian 37, 3 - 3l7 264,338 I90 3l7 l2l,242 78,98 284 78 284,350 l24.l'5 258 I33 I92,204 4O,l3I,2I6 96 I86 I86 78 270. 342 II2 245,3I7 3l7 l86,3I7 357 Il4,277 II2 245,29I 338 52 284 l34,2l6,3l7 ll6,l26 l44,234,254 26 357 I88,227,3l7 92,238,3I7 300 24I,244,245 l90,l96 3l7 2l2 lI0,ll9,l22 II8,lI9,3I7 I47,220,227 96 244 245 lI8,ll9 25,4l 77, 6l 89 I33 250 39,356 l85,l92,2l5 336 48 I0l,l24 Hanson, Gordon J. Hanson, John H. Hanson, Roger Harbert, Mary Elizabeth Harbor, William H. Hardie, Jean Hardin, Wayne l3l. 3l7 I39 92 357 89, 3l7 I44, 2l6 266 Hardlannert, Ardith I44, I45, 220, 3l7 Hardy, Horace Hargrove, Margery Haring, Julia Harlow, Harriet Harmeier, Catherine Harmon. Mildred Harn, Hugh Harness. William N. Harney, Gloria Harover. Virginia Harper, Earl E. Harper Albert S. Harper, Robert G. Harrington, Rex Harris, James Harris, Zeivel H.arrison, Coach Harsha, Vincent Harshaw, Gail Harston Charlece H. 272 3l8 207 220 207 I44, l45, 2lI II2 I26 204 l60, I64 30, 35 270 3l8 266 6l 242 80, Bl 8l, 84, 238 3l8 3l8 269, Hart, Buster C. II4, I24, I39, 238, 29l Hart, Buddy C. II4. Harvey, Elizabeth A. Harwood, Arthur M. Haskell, George Haskell, Mrs. Hastings, Dorothy Hasty, Emelyn Ann Hatch, Jeanne Hattield. Richard Hatter, A. V. Hauptli, John Hauth, John Hawk, Gordon K. Hawk, Merton Vincent Hawkeye Hawkins, Theodore K. Hayenga, Amelia Hayes, Corinne 76 Hayes, Edward R. Hays, George E. Hays, William Healy, Elaine E. Healy, Florence M. Healy, John Byrne Heater, Corinne Heath, Mary Lou Heaton, Mary M. Heck, Kenneth Heetner, Gerald I24, I39, 238, 29I 48, 207. 3 I 8 336 49 49 I90 I96 360 24l 346 234 230, 23l, 258 24l, 3l8 270 I4-4 3l8 284 I49, l82, 2l5 I96 350 l2I 3l8 I3I, IBO, 3l8 350 3l8 2l2 2I6, 3l8 270 92 Heege. Robert C. Hein, Richard Heinmiller. Clifford Heise, Harris Heising, Dorothy Heller, Dave Heller, Mary Helmer. Paul D. Helser. Peg Hemingway, Aba Glee Hemingway, Frances Hemingway, John Hemsky, Betty Henaman, Mary Henderlider, Clair Hendricks, Lewis Hendrickson, Dean M. Henely, Richard Hennessey. John M. Hennessey, Kathleen Henning, Helen E. Henry, Barbara Henry, Lyman Hensleigh, Howard E. Henstort, Harold Henthorne, William W. 77, ll6, ll8 Herman, Elvin Herndon, Joan A. Herrick, Richard Herrmann, Roy G. Hershberger, Earl Hershey, John Hertzberg, Oakie Hertzler, Jack Herzog, Virgil L. Hesselschwerdt, Donald 95, Hessenius, Doris M. Heuchelin, Shirley Hickerson, Loren 77, Hicklin, Edwin Hicklin, Martin Hicks, Bruce Hicks, Edgar O. Hicks, Murwyn Hidlebauch, R. Joyce Hitterman, John Higbee, Frederic G. Highlander, John Highlanders Higley, Bodine Higley, Emroy Hildenbiddle. Homer 50, ll8, Hildreth, Margaret L. Hill, Doris Fern Hill, Doris M. Hill, Louis Hill, Raymond 203, 245,318 8l,90 267 264,336 I47,220 II2 357 3l8 29I l90,3l8 2l2,3l8 246,342 367,368 I60,2I2 237 346 3l8 II2,249 284,285 220, 3l8 3l8 220 230,24l Il9,3I8 266,336 I2I,l47 l74 224 336 364 268 249 52,254 265, 272 3l8 277, 3l8 3l8 2l5 249,262 l2l,254 l47, 254 II3 I26 l26,264 I9I, 3l8 346 58, 354 I40 I24 270 357 II9,257 224,3I8 l90 219 238 l3l Page 386 I97 I Hill Roberf Hill Thomas Hill Virgil H. Hill Wendell Hill William R. Hillcresf Hillel Foundalion Hills, L. Bruce Hilfon. Gerald W. Hinckley. Alberla J. Hines, Howard H. Hinrichs, Joel Hinlz, Owen Hirleman, H. R. Hirsch, Charloffe Hirf, Dale W. II6, IIB. Hise, Dan E. H.iII', Mary L. Hielle, Lesier C. Hoberf, Shirley Hochschild, Marvin J. Hockeff, Nancy Hodaway, Jack Hodenlield, Mrs. Hoermann, Siegfried Hoerner, Harriei Hofer, Willard Hoffman, Julian R. Hoffman, Kennefh Paul Hoffmann, Roberf Hogan, Carroll Hogan, Waller Hoien, Blaine L. Holcomb, Verle Holden, Warren A. Hogle, John Holaday, Jeanefle I38, Holland, Pafricia Holland, Richard Hollis, Charles Holloway, Robe-rf J. Holmberg, A. N. II7, II8 Holmes, Elizabefh Holmes, Jules Holmes, Mari Holmwood, Don Holscher, Roberl' Holi, Verna Home Economics Club Honeyman, J. S. Honnold, Charles Hood, Donald Hoops, William R. Hopkirk. Kafhryn Hopley, George P. Hopp, Marshall Horn, Charlene Horne, Roberl Horner, Harriell Horner, Lesrer D. Horrigan, Jean Horlon, Glenn E. I50, Hospers. Helen Holchkiss, Gerald Holchkiss, Roberf Hofz, William Houck,- Lee Houdyshall, Evelyn Houghion, H. C. Houghfon, Joan Howard. Mike Howe, J. W. Poqe 387 257 264, 272, 336 II8, II9, 3l8 81, 83, 89, 90 24l, 3l8 28I I88 II8, II9, 3l8 253 3l8 I37, 249, 3l8 94, 95 234 I26, 268, 338 I88 II9, I47, 277 II8, II9 2I6 336 357 3l8 203, 3l8 I37 374 3l8 207 258, II8, 258, I4I, I80, II8, II9, ,II9, ISI, 275. 6I 3I9 I23 24l I98 I40 II9 I24 319 237 372 I90 237, 26I 269 3l9 350 368 Il2 I98 I03 238 357 I86 364, 366 II4 96 3I9 40 II8, II9, 3I9 II2 212, 3l9 l2I 207 78 2I6 258, 260, 3I9 2I9 350 246 269 24l 48 26, 50. 246 I85, I86, 2l2 I00 I78 Howell, Rafe Howes, Alice Howes, Virginia I-loyl, Joseph Hoyf, Roberf S. Hrabak, Margarel' Hruslca, Glen J. Hrusovar, Kafherine Hubbard, Jacque Jandf, Richard Janecek, Doris J'An'rhony, Rulh M. Jeffryes, Helen Jenkins, Berry Jenkins, Dorolhy M. I86, Jenkins, Ed Jennelf, Raymond J. Jennings, Clark Hubs, Mariorie I-Iuber, J. Frank Huber, Mary Jane IO7, I83, Huber, R. H. I26 Hudson, Barbara I32 Hudson, Fred Hudson, John Huegerich, Don J. Huey, John R. Huff, George Hughes, Bob Hughes, C. A. Hughes, Sheldon Hummer, Marcellina Humphrey, James Humphrey. Virginia Hungerford, Louis N. Hunl, James Hunler, John Hurley, Jack Huseby, Margarel E. Husman, Virginia Huslon, Jeanne Hufch, John 34, I26, HuHon, Ross Hyde, Roberf W. Hyke, Eleanor llgenfrilz, Nancy J. Imoehl, Joseph Ingersoll, Charles lngle, N. G. Ingold, Oce Inferfralernily Council Inlerfrafernify Courl Iniress. R. H. Ioerger, Helene Irons, Ruih A. Irwin, Edward F. Irwin, Kalhleen IO7, I44, Isham, Roberl Israel, J. W. Ives, Charles Ivie, Elizabelh Ivie, Virginia I7I, I83, lzove, Marcia J Jack, Darwin Jackson, Shirley A. Jackson, Virginia Jacobson, Alan Jacobson, Dale Douglas Jacobson, N. E. Jaeckel, Huberl James, Jean James, Nadine James, Rila Jamison, L. M. Jamison, Richard Jennings, Harry Jensen, Charles Jensen, Harrier Jensen, Leila Jensen, L. M. Jensky, Marqarel V. Jensky, Roberf Jessup, Mariory Joehnk, Joan H. Johansen, Kafhryn L. Johnson, Ann Johnson. Anne Johnson, Arthur H. Johnson, Belsy Johnson, Charles Johnson , Clarence E. Johnson, Darrell Johnson, David Livingsl Johnson, Donna Jeanne Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Lacie M. Johnson, Lorna T. Johnson. Mark Johnson, Marvin E. Johnson Pafricia D. Johnson, Palricia M. Johnson, Richard T. bl, II . Rufh B. Johnson Johnson, Wendell Johnsion, Belsy Johnsfon, Bill Johnsfon, Dave Johnsfon, James Johnsfon, R. Jones, Belle Ellyn Jones, Beverly Jones, Bob G. Jones, David Jones, George Jones, Hilma Jones, Nyle W. Jones, Roberl Allison Jones, Rodman Jones. Russell G. Jordan, James Jordan, Marfha Ann Journal of Business Julius, Loy Junge, S. Jurgemeyer, Don Jurqensen, Louis K Kachalholiler, Fred H. Kadgihn, C. Kane, Agnes Kane, Margarel' Kane, Roger M. Kann, Lee H. Kaplan, Samuel Kaplan, Sfanley L. OH 8, II9, I2I, 203, I24. I97, 336. 356. I I8, 2I5. 244. 203. 220. 2 I 2, 6I 233. ll2, I23, I97. 268, 2 I9. 250. I24, ISI, II9. I6I, 230, II9. I60. 5I I23, 24l 3I9 3I9 357 3I9 I40 338 98 I2I 77 207 357 II9 3I9 245 3I9 320 320 320 226 65 I38 I I2 320 342 284 220 270 320 320 249 336 320 320 320 320 264 I97 46 I74 24l 237 2I5 l90 245 96 24l 357 320 I75 I32 320 346 320 152 l00 2 I 5 29I 249 320 220 220 320 78 303 242 342 I 41 Kappa Alpha Thela Kappa Befa Kappa Epsilon Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Phi Karban, Anna Karch, Oscar Kardon, Harald E. Kalz, Ben E. Kalz, Miriam l7I, I82, Kaufman, James Kauffman, Ralph Kay, Connie Keane, James P. Kearney, Evan M. Keeie, Bob Keenen, T. W. Kegler, A. G. Kehoe, Joseph Keil, Richard L. Kelling, R. W. Kellogg, Anna B. Kelly, George Kelly, Joan Kelly, Marie Kelly, Thomas Kemnilz, Henry C. Kemp. Edward Kemper, Lee Kennedy, Annabel V. Kennedy, Jack Kennel, Coach Kenney. Jaclc M. Kenny, Kalhryne Kenl, Barbara 34, 4-l, l7I, I82. Kenl, James H. Kenl, James A. Kenwcrfhy, Alice Kenworlhy, Roberl Kepler, Corliss C. Kepler, Rufh Herberl Paul M. Kerslen, Kerslen, Kerlzer, Kerwiclm, Kerwin, Kesling, Kesling, Rabbi Morris Dorofhy J. Mary Jean E. Key, Donald Keyes, G. Keyser, Kiclcen, Kildee, Belfy Neal Kalhleen Killen, Rulh Q. Kimmel, Bob King, Edgar King, P eggy J. King, Roberl' Lawrence W. Kingsbury, Kennelh Kingslord, T. J. Kinllacle. William Kirby, Kalhryn Kirlc, George N. Kirlze, Virginia Kirkpalriclx, BeH'y Kirlcpalriclx, Norma J. I4-4, I45, I47, Kieldgaarcl, Herlali Klepper, Fred Klein, John M. I46, Kline, Adrian I47, l02, IO3, 38. 89. l83, I86, l50, N. 76. 92, I26, I I7, I l8, I93, 220, I47, 246, 277 28I I88 I87 78 258 I26, 96 86 I50, 364, l94 IOO 6I, 90. 76, 2I9 237 264. 264, 2l6, II7 2I2 2I9, II3 264 II8 II9 37 250 I47 228 265 1 1 v I 2l6 I97 368 2 I 8 l90 357 I5l 320 320 373 249 269 I42 I I3 320 I47 26 342 264 245 234 320 234 220 368 268 350 277 26l 320 65 98 I I3 274 373 253 370 207 Sl 266 357 272 336 I88 320 320 320 350 258 237 207 92 320 320 26l 346 320 l2I 336 I I9 35I 2I6 320 I9I 204 320 35I 270 32l 96 Klingbeil, Kafherine I82, 220 Klippel, Kenneih 238 Knapp, Mary Bob 2l6 Knapp, Roberl I26, 267 Knarr, Charloffe 43, l58, 204 Knighl, George 89 Knighf, Jean M. 207, 32l Knighl, Margarel' 203 Knipe, Colelle 32l Knipe, James S. 265, 27l, 337 Knoepller, Roberl 250 Knolelc, June A. I44, 32l Knolls, H. A. II8, II9 Knoul, Clare 266 Knowlfon, Roberl 6I Knox, Mariory 207 Knudson, R. F. I I7, I I8, I I9 Kober, Kay 39, 269 Kocur. Franl: 89 Koehnlr, Raymond 89, 90 Koesler, John 265 Kohl, Dorolhy A. 32l Kohrs, Elinor 2l5 Kolarilr, Alberl' J. 89, 32l Kooilcer, Roberl' 27l Koolcer, Barr E. 48, 246 Kopeclcy, Edward 233 Kool, Kennelh A. 32l Korf, Allen 32l Kosar, James J. II7, II8, II9, l23, 35' Kouba, Wilson 94, 95 Krabbenholl, Kennelh I24, 277 Krause, Norman L. I39 Kraushaar, Ollo 265 Kress. Marylou 357 Kreymer, Donald Neal l23 Kriclr, Louis 270 Kridelbaugh, William lOl, 32l Kridler, Harold l23 Kriechbaum, James 265, 337 Krizan, Harold J. IO3, I94, 32l Kroaclc, Kalman J. I26 Krouse. Howard I26, 266, 27I. 337 Krupp, Lois 29I Krupp, Lois I60, 2I9 Kruse, Olio 32l Kruse, Rufus 238 Kubal, John 78, 257 Kubicelc, Ted 249, 347 Kuempel, Mary 32l Kuever, Mary C. 49, I63, l7I, l83, 2I2, 373 Kuever, Rudolph A. 29, 58, 369 Kugler, Shirley J. 35, 200, 207, 32l Kuhl, Millon Bl, 82, 83, 94, 95, 32l, 37l Kuhl, Paul 266 Kulesh, Morlon H. 32l Kunlz, David 242 Kurlz, Prof. E. B. 35, I74 Kurlz, Jeanneile 2ll Kurlz, Mary Ann 2lI Kulzner, Jeanne 224, 227 L Lacliender, Violel 47, l9l, 224, 227, 32l Lacour, James L. 32l Ladd, Mason 29, 348 Laliferfy, Dolores 32l Lagen, Mansfield 337 La Grange, Suzanne 2l5 Laird, Jane 2l6 Lamb, Jaclc 50. l2I, I39, 246, 253, 260 Lambert Byron J. l78, 354 Lampe, M. Willard 32 Lampe, Kennelh 233 Landes, Max 89, II3, II4, II8, II9, 32l Landsman, Ted l88, 32l Lane, Julian 24I Lane, Sam 234, 32l Lang, Janel L. 32l Langilrl, Margarel' 76 Langland, Mary I47, 2I2 Lanham, Louis 5I Lapham, Lewis 95, 246 Larimer, Roberl l2l, 24l Larsen, Berdella 32l Larsen, Edward 38 Larsen, George W. 98 35I Larson, LaVerne 342 Larson, Roberf 237 Larzelere, Daniel 32l La Seur, Noel E. 32l Lalch, Helen 47 Lafimer, John 40 Lafimer, Raymond A. 34, 39, I23, l5l, l70, l75, 277 Lalriig, Capfain Roberl 98 Laugel, Audrey 357 Laughlin, Palriclr 253 Lauierbach, Roberl' 6I 77 Lawhorn, Rosemary I84, 32l Lawlcins, John A l2I Lawrence, Sigmund J. l75 Lawlher, A. B. 26 Lawlon, Malinda 357 Lawver, Kalhleen 138 Laylon, Curfis 258 Laylon. Jacl: M. 265, 27I, 337 Lealce, Dolores l90, 32l Leaming, William l2l, l95 Lebeda, Joe 277, 347 Lee, Joe 92 Lee, Mariorie 207 Lee, Roberl S. II8, II9 Lee, Roberl' W. I26, 267 Leeney, Alicia M. 32l Lehmlruhl, Donald 78 Leib, K. E. 58 Leichr, Marian I86 Leighion, Roberl 244, 245 Lemkuil, Rodney 270 Lemme, Helen I32 Lenzen, Ann l92, 2I2 Leonard, Benny 257 Leonard, Belrly Lou 207, 2ll Leonard, Connie 50, 52, 220 Lerdal, Rulh M. 32l Lessenger, Ernesl Jay 238 Lesler. VioIe++e 224 Levendahl, Rufh 368 Lewin, Dr. Kuri 242 Lewis, Elizabelh l90 Lewis, Jael: W. 238 Lewis, Slella 204 Lewis, Ted 269 Leyda, Mary 48 Liabo, Leslie I24 Liberal Ar'rs and Commerce 309-325 Liddy, Roberl' J. 78 Lind, Harold 89, II3, 32l Lindman, Dwighl' 6I Lindquisl, Richard O. II8, II9, 32l 388 Linge, Gladys Linqwall, Marlha Linl, Dol 4I Liplon, Mary Lillie, Belly L. Lilrllelield, Rulh Lillleiohn, Hazel Lilzelman, Alberl Livingslon, Jean Livingslon, Roberl Livinqslon. R. P. Lodwiclc. Gwilym Loehr, Jimmy Loelscher. Susan Lolgren, Roberl London, Sol Long, Calherine F. Long, Roberl A. Long, Wynona Looney, Prol. C. T. G. Lopin, Vilo Lord, Richard Lorenz, Dorolhy Lorig, Jaqueline Lorimer, Belly Losee, Ellsworlh Louden. R. Louden, Tom Lounsberry, Clara Lounsberry, Roberl Lounsbury, Dale Lovell, Charles Lovell, Miriam F. Lovell, John M. Loving, Elhel V. Lowe, Richard Lowe, Winslon Lowry, D. C. II8, Lowry, Mary Kay Lubin, Florence Lucas, Emma Ludwig, W. Luebclce. Henry Luiggi, Hugh L. Lumbard, Frances Lundeen, M. A. Lundquisl, Elmer C. Lundsledl, Roberl Lusk, Roberl J. Lulher, G. Arlhur Lulz. George Willard 95, I02, II7, II8, II9, I23. Lyman, Chesler Lynch, Howard Lynch. Joseph Lynch, Margarel Lyon, George B. Lyon, Gladys Lyons, Roberl E. Lylle, Eugene M MacBain, Eslher Mace. George MacEwen, E. M. MacEwen. M. Maclc, Elizabelh Maclce, L. A. Macon, Roberl Madsen, Shirley Magill, Rulh Page 389 II8. IO3, IO3, II9, 2I2, 76, 2l6 244. II9 268, 77. 258 I75 I94 356 266 I94 2l9 I2I 2I6 I5I n I 32I 357 372 2I6 IS7 337 207 6I I83 245 l2O 337 322 2I I 270 I75 322 35I 357 I78 322 96 204 2I I 2 I2 322 26 347 36I 271 322 246 322 322 322 322 249 269 I39 322 357 I24 95 I23 322 2I5 I75 86 322 I96 35I 375 50 253 204 I78 322 322 270 322 51. 270. 272 29, 35 II8, 2I9 204 II9 92 323 I07 Mahan, Maher, John 6l Bruce E. 30, 58 , 68. lI2, I7O, 230, 244, 245, 37I IOO Maher, Roberl F. Mahoney, Edward 94, 95, Mahoney, Maurice Maiden, S. D. Main, Belly Maior, Max Maland, Donald O. Mallell, Don R. Mandelbaum, Agnes Mangold, Lesler Mangun, Clarlre W. Mannino, A. A. 6I Mannino, Joe A. Mannino, Tom Maplelhorpe, Charles Maresh, George Margolin, I. Ellen Mark, Millon S. Marlcovilz, Meyer 94, 95, II8, II9, Maroll, Waldo J. Marshal, D. Marshall, Charles J. Marlin, Alloerla Ewoldl Marlin, Ardis Marlin, Beverly Marlin, Bob Marlin, Jack Marlin, James Regis Marlin, John J. Marlin, J. R. Marlin, Mariio 46 Marlin, Slanley H. Marlin, Mrs. Slanley H. Marlin, William Marvel, John Marvin, Wayne Marxer, Carl Masling, Joe Mason, Berlha Mason, Edward Mason, Lucille G. Mason, Roberl Mason. Rulh Masson, Roberl M. Maslerson, Forresl Maslerson, Leo Malernilc, Frances C. Malson, William Mallice, Roger J. Maurer, Edwin J. Maxlield, Edward Maxie, Millon Mayer, Cornell Mayhew, Lorayne Maysanl, Nadine McAllisler, Roberl McAninch, Florence McCambridge, Helen McCann, Barbara McCarlhy, John McCarlhy, Richard McCaskrin, Harry J. McCaughey, Byron McCauley, Roberl McCaulley, Thomas McClean, Rulh M. McCloskey, R. Bruce McClow, Marvin I03,I94 238 I2I 357 246 268,337 35, 23I 323 I37 264, 337 364,367 6I 365 264 268,337 47 337 242, 323 78 258 99,35I ISO 200,204 204.226 I46,I47 254 I23,35I II4 l98 2I2,226 I96 I96 24I 238 II9,323 86 242 357 24I,323 323 265 76 323 78, 257 257 I78 I5I,245 II4,323 323 323 242 I24,35I 270 323 II8 II9 357 227,322 I84 234 26I 96 347 322 lI9,322 6I 203, 322 322 322 McClung Isabelle 200, 2lI McCollisler, Howard McCoIlisler, John 96, 246 McConaha, Carrol I38, I42, 2lI, McConnell, Garlh, McCormick. Marlha McCoy, John T. McCray, Mary I93 McCuen, Richard I95, McCurdy, Marilyn McCulchan, Virgil McDermoll, G. Arlene McDonald, Elaine E. 2II, McElwain, Kalhryn 2I2, McFadden, F. Ross 265, 272, McFarland, Mary McGaughey, Dorolhy McGinnis, Dorolhy 39, McGreevey, John McGrew, James M. 254, McGrew, Mr. McGuire, James R. 284, McHenry, Nan McHugh, Marilyn 46, 48, 2I9, Mcilree, J. I93 Mclnlyre, Don E. II8, II9, McKay, James M. 48, McKee. Dr. A. P. McKean, Dorolhy McKensie. Marion McKinslry, Richard 40, I39, McKnighl, Charles McKone, Nehl McLaughlin, Daniel J. l23, I44, I45 McLaughlin, Howard McLaughlin, Mary E. McLennan, Mrs. L. McMahon, Richard M. 269, 277, McNall, Lala Jean I92, I93, 207, McNeal, William 92, McNeill, Josephine McNerlney, Donald McNerlney, Harold II3, McNurlen. K. A. II8, II9, l2O McParlland, William J. McQuillen, Janan 40, I47 McViclcer. Palricia l56, I83, l84, Meade, Barbara Meade, Rila Means, Duane I52 Meardon, Roberl 230 Meder, Donald Medical Unil Medicine , Meek, Roberl II8, II9, 250, Meier, E. Bruce II7 l5I, 28l Melsa, Anne Mellon, T. G. Mellesen, C. R. II8 Menelaus, Kalhleen Mensler, Paul Mercer, Mary E. I86 Meredilh, Margarel 2l9, Merriam, Roberl I2l, l22, I92, 250 Merrill, Richard I03, Merrill, Ben Merles, Bernard J. 6I, 69, 73, 75 250 Merz, William W. Melzger, Theodore Meyer, David Meyer, Earl Howard II7, Meyer, E. R. I23, I78 II8, II9, Mullen, 324 270 2I9 324 II4 Meyer, John 244, 245, 366 Meyer, Lloyd l32 Meyer, Marion 356, 357 Meyers, Marvin I37 Meyers, Cecil 323 Meyers, Forresl 238 Meyers, Jo Adele 204 Mezilc, Barbara 207 Michael, Janice 46, 2l9 Middenfs, John I47 Miehe, Bevan 277 Miehe, R. E. lI8, II9, 254 Mielnilc, Edward M. II7, 35I Mighell, Scoll 244, 245, 323 Milclcelsely, Carlelon 374 Mililary Ball 4I Millen, Juslus 254 364, 367 Miller, Belly I90 Miller, Dorolhy Ann 2I2, 323 Miller, Dorolhy Mae, 228 Miller, Evere'H', 347 Miller, Flelcher I24 Miller, George D. I20, 245 Miller, Henry C. 6I, 69 Miller, James N. I44 255, 323 Miller, J. S. 253, 262 Miller, Joy 357 Miller, Marian 357 Miller, Marion R. II8, II9, 323 Miller, Max 347 Miller, Mrs. 257 Miller, Russell F. 43, IOO, II8, II9, 323 Miller, Wayne 44, 6I, 254 Miller, William A. I03, I94, 258 Milner, June P. 323 Minear, Ogle L. 324, 374 Minnich, Ar'I'hur 250, 269 Minnich, Glenn L. 324 Miriclc, Don F. 267 Minish, Ru'I'h l90 Misel, Helen E. I86, 324 Mishou, Shirley I47, 220 Mislcell, Mariorie 368 Mifchall, Margaral' 357 Milchell, Dave I98 Mifielbach, George Philipp I23 Miller, Wayne I24 Milvalslcy, Franklin 230, 257, 324 Moeller, Fay 284 Moeller, George I96, 324 Moeller, Mary Aileen 47, I90 Moellering, Arlhur 324 Moershel, William J. I26, 264, 337, 338 Moll, Dorofhy I44, IB6, I93, 2l2, 228, 324 Moller, Margarel' E. 324 Monlux, Rober+ 268 Monnig, Phil J. 324 Monfgomery. Alice I9I Monlgomery, Earl C. 324 Monlgomery, Gordon I49 Monlgomery, Paul W. I26, 337 Moon, Kennerh 375 Mooney, Sam C. 343 Moore, Carlyle 365 Moore, Clarence I03, I94 Moore, Darwin I95 Moore, George l2I Moore, Joe 295 Moore, Mary Louise I9I Moore, Lorraine 200, 208 Moorhead, Pal 47, I22 Moran, Mordy, Rosemary Margarel' A. Morgan, Belly Jane Morgan, Eugene Morgen, Paul Morifz, Dale Morris, Don Morrison, Ellen Morrison, George G. Morrison, John W. Morrison, William C. Morrow, Charles I I8, I I9, Morse, Roxanne Morfar Boa rd Morrell, John Morlimore, Phyllis Moser, Carmon Molf, Frank L. 30, 77, I5O, Mounl, Duane Movold, Jack Moyers, Jack 34, 35, 95, II4, 277, Moyers, Roberl' E. 34, 5I Moyle, Rulh Mudge, Pauline Mueller, Ben Mueller, John Mueller, Sfuari Mueller, W. R. II8, II9, Muhs, Roberl' Muilenburg, Dorolhy I86, I93, 2I I, Mullaney, John Wylie l'l. Mullin, Carroll Mullhaup, Bruce H. Munsinger, Jane Munzer, Edward N. Murchison, Mary Frances Murphy, Anna Lu 2I6 Murphy, Charles Murphy, Kalhleen Murphy, Louise Murphy, R. Murray, Helen Murlagh, Jean E. l92, 2II Myerly, William Myers, A. Myers, David L. Myers, Kenl Myers, Phyllis Myers, Roslyn N Namen, Dorolhy Namlvedf, Paul I. Narey, Peler Nalhanson, Louise 55, Nazelfe, Richard P. Neal, Janel- Nebergall, Evalyn M. I86, I92, 230, IIB. Neely, Florence Elizabelh Nell, Roberl' E. Negus, B. Neilsen, Abie Nelson, Barbara Nelson, Herberl L. Nelson, Mary Louise Nelson, N. Clifford Nelson, Paul Nelson, Roberl S. 34, I83, 203 I06 324 324 264 300 375 2 I2 347 324 35I 324 50 I7I 343 IO7 375 377 257 8I 370 343 I38 I90 253 257 324 35I 249 324 6I 35I 204 35I I24 300 254 324 357 254 44 324 268 208 324 I93 324 l88 324 324 253 227 262 I96 32 2I5 I I2 2I6 324 372 28I 257 35I Nelson, Sherwood Nesmilh, Eugene Ness, Carl Neubauer, F. T. IIB, Newburn, Harry K. Newcomb, Norma Newland, Don O. 98, 244. 245, Newman Club Newman, Sibley Nicholsen, H. P. I24, Nicholson, Annie M. Niedziela, Bruno Nielsen, Owen H. Nissen, Phyllis Noah, Keilh S. Noble, Bob 77, I49, Noe, Terry Nolan, Gerfrude M. Nolan, John C. I26, 267, 27l, Noland, J. Noon, C. Nordin, J. Norman, Huberl Norris, Norris, L. K. Norris, Phillip Norris, Roberl' B. Norlon, Richard Nugenl, Jane 35, 37, 4-I, I47, l7l, IS3, 220. Nugenl, Sfephen Nu Sigma Nu Nysledl, Paul Marlin I 44, 244, Lewis D. I5I, Oakland, Amy O'Brien, Ann O'Brien, James R. 8l, 82, 83, O'Brien, Roberl' W. SI, O'Brien, Samuel G. II8, II9, 254, O'Brien, Slephen 50, 92, II2, Ochellree, Kalherine Ochsher, B. O'Connor, Edward O'Connor, John O'Connor, Kafhleen I47, O'Connor, Marlin l7O, 230, 234, 262, Odell, James Odell, John Ogg, M. Ogle, Roberl' T. 253, Ohl, Donald 77, Ohl, Keilh Ohme, Charlolle 37, Ohme, Roberl' B. II8, II9, 295, Oldag, George Oleson, Alice L. Olin, Tom Oliver, F. Eugene Olmsied, Harold 98, Olson, Arlo M. Olson, Audree A. l86, Olson, Mildred Olson, Richard Opheim, Roberl Opslad, Jean Margarel' I96, Order of Arlus Orner, Rurh M. Orris, John A. Orlh, Roberl Page 325 86 325 I I9 29 357 325 I89 242 270 325 257 343 203 325 370 2I I 325 337 2I6 I I7 245 l03 264 400 258 325 98 372 269 265 I23 357 49 89 83 325 246 208 2l5 347 I37 220 37I I24 I2I 2II 35I I49 233 I85 325 265 325 234 325 270 325 325 357 92 2Il I79 325 325 96 390 Osborne, M. Osborn, Mrs. Oshner, Louise A. Osler, Sharlene R. Oslerberg, Arnold 50. C. 98. 250. Oslheimer, Richard 253, Oslrus, Donald C. Olfilie, Don Ollo, Roberl Ollo, Waller Oulman, Vivian W. Overholl, O. Owens, Mary C. Owens, Paul C. Pace, Ellen Pace, Omar T. Packard, John Packer, Paul C. Paddock, A. L. Paige, Marie Jean Paisley, Charles Palmer, John Palmer, Lloyd Pan-Hellenic Assoc bl, 70, 203. lI8, Il9, P II8. 224, ialion Pan-Hellenic Council Panos Ted Parden, Roberl Park, Bryson Park, Richard C. Parker, Bealrice I70. I24. I24. 45, Parker, Clarence W. Parker, Floyd Parker, Pauline Parker, William Parkin, Joe Parks, George Parks, John Parsons, C. Parsons, Donald J. Pale, David Pale, Earl Palrick, Margarel Pallen, Lois Pallon, Jerrold L. Pallon, Odis K. Pallon, Sarah F. Palzer, P. Paukerl, Norman Paul, Doris Paul, Jimmie Paul, Larry E. Paul Palricia Paul, Richard Paul, Roberl Paula, Lawrence Pauly, James Pawkerl, Roberl Payne, Gene L. Payne, J. Paylon, Marcus F. Paylon, R. C. Pearson, M. E. Pearson, William Peasley, H. Peck, Elizabelh Peck, Hope A. Peck, Spencer Pederson, Nalalie Pederson, Oswald Page 391 35, I50, 2I9. 46, I24, 2I6, II8, II9, 40. I93, 2l5, 288, II8, l93, 204, Pederson, Tom 264, 272 Pederson, Virgil 326 Peek, G. 347 Peelers, Philip l2l Pehrson, Frances l9I Pelzer, Henry I2l Penaluna, Roberl F. 6l, 70, ll2, 326 Pendlelon, Wendell 269, 347 Penningrolh, Herberl 253, 262 Penningrolh, Mary l9l, 203 Pep Jamboree 36 Perkins, R. M. 58 Perry, R. I94 Perryman, Huberl I2I Perryman, Jack 86 Pershing Rifles I20 Pomeroy, Ellen Pomper, William Ponloniers Popp, Dale Porler, Kirk H. Porler, Maynard Porler, Richard Porler, William Posl, Arline Posl, Mrs. Pole, Jack Poller, Dr. Poller, Germaine Pollholl, Roman Pouder, V. Poulos, George Poulos, Thomas Powell, Paul Pownall, Fred M. Prasse, Erwin Pray, Nancy Price, Hope Prichard, Barbara Prichard, George W. Prudhon, Frances J. Pryor, Roberl B. Psi Omega Puller, Bob Pullman, Norman Puhralh, Franz L. Pyle, Helen E. Pyle, Virginia Pyles. Phillip P. Quadrangle Rabe, Richard Rackaway, Elizabelh Radics, Rudy Radies, Rudolph Rahn, Virginia Rakow, Belle J. Ralslon, Roy Ramsey, James Randall, Loie M. Peshkin, Phillip l88, 242 Pesses, Louis 242 Pelers, Ella 375 Pelers, Wayne 98 Pelersen, Jacqueline 326 Pelersen Roloerl E. 268 Pelerson Adella 368 Pelerson Belly Jean I38 Pelerson, F. R. 58 Pelerson, H. W. 364 Pelerson, K. 2l2 Pelerson, Mary Louise 204 Pelerson, Susan A. 46, 2l6, 228 326 Pelil, D. D. I22 Pelrus, John Bernie 253 Pelsel, Belly J. 326 Pellis, Annelle 275 Pellil, Charles l52 Pellil, Virgil 122 Pelly, W. James 326 Phelan, Joseph 28l Phelan, Mary 204 Pleilfer, Bob 37I Phi Bela Pi 266 Phi Chi 267 Phi Della Thela 240 Phi Epsilon Pi 242 Phi Gamma Della 244 Phi Gamma Nu l9l Phi Kappa Psi 246 Phillips, Chesler A. 28, 58 Phillips, Louise I90 Phi Rho Sigma 268 Pi Bela Phi 220 Pickering, Marion 37, 52, I84, 326 Pickell, Roy IOO Pi Epsilon Pi I92 Pierce, Pal ' I47, I93, 203 Pi Lambda Thela I73 Pine, Roberl 98, 238 Ping, Jack 92 Pingel, Avon 357 Pingslon, Bill 34, 28l Pinkslon, Ervin J. ll8, II9, I92, l95, 326 Pinnell, Mary 2Il Plager, B. I26 Plager, Vernon 268 Ploch, R. H. 26 Ploog, Charlolle 326 Pluckhahn, C. Joyce I97, 326 Plummer, George 258 Pohl, D. E. I26, 268 Poland, Laverne I2l Polian, Virginia I93, 2ll Pollils, Ellen 204 Randall, Margery Randall, Warren Randolph, Roberla Rankin, Dorolhy Rasch, Millard Rashid, Auslin Rasmussen, Farroll Reading, Lulher Readinger, Harry Reagan, Paul Reams, Geraldine Reclburn, William J. Reddy, Polly Redinbaugh, Mary T. Reece, Vivian W. Reeck, Leland Reed, Alaire Reed, Don Reed, H. R. Reed, Mrs. M. W. Reeds, Kalherine L. Reler, Clare Reha, Dorolhy I90, 35, 34, 274, 42, II7, l45, 208, 32. 244, 245, 50, 2l2, l87, 76, I92, l95, 95, II4, 238, 34, 37, I9l, I94, 45, 208, l07, I24, 92 I07, I38, I26, l54, l9I, I2I, 244, I90 224 I24 I23 lOl l50 266 265 I32 357 246 92 238 326 l5l 226 I94 I94 6I l5O 288 326 I9I 220 238 326 326 270 300 326 326 274 l56 326 277 270 204 90 89 I3 I 326 I I2 265 I5O 47 264 I24 224 356 326 86 347 I22 267 357 326 2 I 5 326 326 264 204 245 74 24l I96 357 I90 Rehder, T. Rehling, Charles G. Reiley, Frances Remer, Dick Reynolds, Mary L. Reynolds, Rosa Neil Reysa, Barbara Rhea, Belle L. Rhode, Capfain O. C. Riaaman, Wm. Rich, John Richards, Allan F. Richardson Keilh Richardson, William Richman, Max Richlsmeier, Anlhony J. Riclrefls, Barbara Riehm, Curlis Riehm, Jaclr Rielly, Dolores Ries, Roger Rifle Team Riggs, Belly Righier, C. B. Rigler, John B. Riley, Harry D. Rinlrema, Harry Riler, Charles Rivers, Margarel Ann Roach, Jim Roalson, John Roberls, Harriel' B. Roberls, Hewislon Roberfs, John Roberls, Lucile Roberfs, Madalene I44, Roberls, Slanley L. Roberlson, Claude W. Roberison, Jim Robinelle, Norma Robins, Pearl Robinson, Diane Robinson, Marcia L. Rochau, Charles O. Roclc, Gordon Rodger, Mabel F. Rodgers, Dorra L. Roe, Jack Roemig, Marlin Rogers, C. E. Rohde. Capl. O. J. Rohm, Alice Rohner, Edward Rohrbacher, Florence Rohse, Wayne Rolsfon, Dean Root John I Rose, Helen Rose, Russel Rosen, Harriel Rosenbaum, Miriam Rosenberg, Ray Rosenberg, Sam Rosenblum, Roger Rosenfeld, Sidney Rosenlhal, Louis Ross, Donald Ross, John Lois Ross, Ross, Mariorie Ross, Russell Rouse, Prof. Hunler H. I9I, I86, 2l5. II7 6l, 76 I 74, I29 I92 I46. I92 I37, 37, 2I9 244 I86, 269 I86, 269 I22. 364 220, 38, 2 I5. 48, 253 204, 327, 244 326 2 I I 254 326 I32 326 300 I23 78 I2l 326 254 234 35l 337 220 269 347 I47 326 I22 326 376 327 327 92 I I4 2I I I47 I I4 327 376 327 357 2 I2 327 364 246 203 327 2 I9 327 327 327 327 375 254 I37 347 I I6 227 245 2l5 327 347 250 I97 98 47 I88 242 230 327 I2I I88 272 237 368 327 28I I78 Rovner, Fay Rowe, Bessie Jean I85, Rowland, Margarel Rubinow, Gerald Ruby, M. S. Ruby, James M. II6, II8, II9, I22, Rude, David H. I44, 253 Rudolph, Henry II3, Ruffin T. V. Rugliv, George Rummells, Khairom II8, II9, I24, 258, Rupper, Sarah Rupperl, Kafherine I86, Ruslc, Frances Russell, Carl IO3, Russell, Miriam N. Russell, Ralph E. 246, Rulledge, John D. Ryerson, Karl S Saggau, Palricia I92, 2l5, Saley, Barbara L. I93, 2l5 Salmonson, William G. Sammel, Alfred Sample, C. H. Sanborn, Cliff 6I, 244, 245, 26l, Sanders, Charles 77, Sanderson, Daniel Sands, Mrs. Sonia Sandsledl, James Sanford, Walrer 98, 238, Sanner, Harriel Salre, Caroll O. Sauer, Harold E. I26, 265, Sauerberg, Belly Saunderson, Belly Lou 203, Sayre, Alice Sayre, David 69, 277, Schaaf, Chrisfel I85 Schab, Henry W. II7, Schaefer, Neva Mae l84, Schamp, Donald Scharnweber, Charles 267, Scheer, Henry II8, II9, Schember, Slanley Schenken, Alberl' W. Schirmer, Mary Schissel, Donald 265, Schlachler, Harriel 49, Schlauder, Arlhur 94, 95, Schmalz, Roberf M. Schmidl, George W. II4, 246 Schmidf, Karl II8, II9, 230, 23l, 238. Schmidl, Leon Schmidf, Miss Schmilz, Jack Schneberger, Florence l9l, Schneberger, Joan Schneberger, Roberl I24, Schneclclolh, Edward Hill 42, 48, II7, I22, I23, Schneider, Frederic ll2, 244, Schneider, John Schnoebelen, Eldon 270, Schnoor, Carl F. 95, Schnug, Marian l92 Schoening, Gleen I00 Scholas, Jim I47, 258, 295, I88 2I2 2l6 l2I I22 327 327 I22 347 327 327 357 327 327 I94 327 327 327 99 327 327 78 265 I22 327 24l I I3 242 86 327 357 327 337 357 226 I38 347 203 35l I9I II7 272 328 328 328 2I6 337 2l5 II4 328 364 328 347 I86 253 203 328 257 I5I 245 253 343 35I 2I I 328 37I Schroclr, Chris 264 Schroeder, Ernesl' G. 3l, 59 Schump, Vernon I24 Schupp, Barbara I46, , 2I2, 328 Schulle, C. H. II8, II9, 230 Schulfer, Donald I44, 253 Schuller, John 268 Schwarlz, Louis 284, 285 Schwarzlcopf, Mary 216 Schweilzer, Jerome 242 Schwerlley, Suzanne 220 Scofl, Audrey B. I55, I98, 2l5, 328 Scolf, Dr. M. Gladys IO6, IO7 Scoll, Roberl' R. 328 Searle, Lyle C. II8, II9 Sealon, John 69, 28l, 347 Sedlalr, Slephen l8, IS9, 257, 328 Seeburger, Al 234 saagei, vi.: 170, 37I Seip, Peler A. 50, 246, 328 Seliger, Louis I37, I44, I88, 328 Senlinella, Alan 269 Serup, Anne l9l, 203, 328 Sewell, Charles 96 Seydel, Franlc I2l, 258 Sezer, llhan A. 35l Shahter Kayre 2l6, 328 Shanks, Jane 2l5 Shapiro, Marilyn I93, 328 Sharp, Marlha E. 328 Sharp, Richard 92 Sharp, Roberl' 92, I39, 249 Shaw, Ed. I98 Shaw, Georgia 204 Shawver, Lesler 328 Shay, Dennis 237 Shay, Edward Alberl' I23, l5l Shearer, Paul 269, 272 Shedd, Charles D. II8, II9, I2l Sheedy, Mary V. 353 Sheimo, Slanlon 267 Shellard, Gordon 254, 260 Shepard, John I2I. 246 Sheridan, Connie I92, 203 Sherman, Aranl' 242 Sherman, Clare 2l6, 328 Sherman, Edwin I2l, 242 Sherman, Eleanor I93, 220 Sherman, James R. II8, II9 Sherman, Joe II7, I23, l5l Shiplon, Jane 37, I38, I46, 147,207,226 Shirley, Roberl' E. 328 Shoemaker, Thomas II7, I74, 35I Shoslrom, Earl 95, 96, II3, II8, II9, 328 Showers, Susan 208 Shrauger, Virginia 43 Shull, H. C. 26 Siburiezer, Edsel K. 78 Sidney, Ross l2l, 253 Sieberl, William l2l Siegel, Vicfor 80, Bl, 82, 83, 300 Sievers, Earl 233 Sievers, Linden Henry 270, 27l, 343 Sigafoos, Mary E. . 328 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 250 Sigma Chi 252 Sigma Della Chi I77 Sigma Della Tau 222 Sigma Nu 254 Sigma Phi Epsilon 256 Sigma Thela Tau 358 Sillcer, Doris 357 Page 392 Silvers, Bill Simmons, Nancy L. Simonsen, F. Simpson, Esther G. Simpson, Marvin Singer, John R. Singer, Morton Singer, Ruth Sinqmaster, Mrs. Sitrick, Joseph Sixta, John A. Siulin, J. Frederick Skallerup, Glenn Skinner, Margaret Skoqmo, John Slater, James Slaughter, Col. 1-1. Slaughter, Maxine Slaughter, Stephen Slemmons, G. Slemmons, J. Slemmons, Lida M. Slezak, Ray James Slindee. Edward Allen Slotsky, Lawrence Slye, Donald Small, Ella May Smiley, George Smith Anthes Smith Barbara Smith Betty J. Smith Blanche K. Smith Delbert L. Smith Deming Smith Dorothy 1. Smith, Harold F. Smith, James S. Smith, Kenneth Smith, Miss L. Smith Mrs. Smith Lee Smith Lloyd A. Smith Lowell R. Smith, Maxine Smith Oliver Smith Patricia Smith, Quayle Smith, Robert W. Smith, Ruth E. Smith Warren Smith, Wendell Smith, William R. Smoldt, Alvin Smutz, Jack Smyth, John Snell, Leonard J. Snider, Barbara Snider, Robert 1-1. Snow, Raymond P. Social Committee Soderquist, Rudy Sorensen, Elsie Sorensen, Louise Soucek, Albert Souchek, Dorothy Souchek, Ralph Southern, G. E. Southern, Lowell E. Spaan, Mariorie H. Spalletich. Madeleine Spellman, Edward Spellman. George Page 393 49 328 38. 183, 216 208, 328 101 328 124. 328 188 249 328 118, 119, 328 118, 119.238, 329 329 197 270 113, 114 116, 124 191, 329 245, 329 141, 212 212 52, 184, 329 123 151 242, 329 96, 112 106 268 112, 231, 245, 300 212, 329 329 147 337 150, 269, 277, 347 329 258, 329 121 244, 245 186 49 241 89, 126 89, 118, 119,329 207 329 193, 212 347 121, 291 185. 219, 329 267 49, 187 329 61 77 265 178 212 117, 351 364 35 80. 81, 82, 83 329 46, 154, 216 343 186 244, 245 118, 119 329 203 219 269, 271 266 Stone, David O. Stone, James F. Stone, Melvin Stoner, Franklin Storer, Tom Storey, Sidney Stow, Marian A. Stowe, Beulah B. 138, 144, Strackbein, Sara J. Strain, Margery Straka, Robert Strand, Carl P. Strand, Roger Strang, Regina Stranglen, Ernie Strate, Claraio Strate, Muriel Streeter, Shirley Strub, Jean Strub, Ruth A. Stuart, Bill Stuart, Edith 41, 171. Stuckey, J. Student Board of Publications Stutzman, Dora Jane Subotnik, Phyllis Suiter, Helen 200. 220 Sulentic Sullivan, Patricia Summers, Thomas B. 126 Summy, Ruth Sundberg. Eddie Sutherland. John Sutton, Frances Sven, Leonard F. Swab, James L. Swain, Alice F. Swander, Jack E. 126. Swaner, James Robert 43, Swanson. Charles 50, 121, 144, 145, Swanson, Dale Swanson, Luella Swanson, Lyle Swanson, Marie Swanson, Ralph J. 246, Swanson, Ward R. 118. 119, 234, Swanson, Wesley K. Swartz, Betty Swartzendruber, Robert Swearingen, John Swecker, Le Roy Sweeney, James Sweeney, Leo Sweeney, Lloyd Swenson Coach swan, rank M. 117, Spence, Frances 180 Spence, Doctor Martha J. 190 Spencer Dick 77, 112, 118, 119 147, 195,329 Spencer Donald Lee 117, 123, 175 Spencer Josephine 357 Spencer, Robert 194 Spencer, William 95, 254 Spilka, Alvin 242 Spinsters Spree 37 Spiwak, Paul B. 188, 242, 329 Spohn, William 96 Spotvold, Beatrice 34, 39, 356, 359, 361 Springer, Jean 48, 207, 329 Sprott, Mr. 49 Staak, John 1-1. 61, 70, 246 Stageberg. Harris 61, 100, 329 Sfahle, Leo 1-1. 118, 119, 329 Staley, Ralph 193, 195 Stamler, Fred W. 337 Stamp, Jean G. 329 Standley. Helen 357 Stanzel, James 121 Staples, Vincent 233 Stapp. Emilie 216, 329 Stark, Herald 130 Stark, Maurice E. 114, 238, 281, 329 Starr, Jeanne 76, 149, 183, 203 Starrels, Nancy 180 Stastny, Robert 89. 90 Statler, Kay 121, 122. 250 Stautter, Edward 277 Stautter, Leland 267 Stauss, William 61, 70, 77, 254, 329 Stearns, Fred 266 Stebbins. Dwayne 112 Steele, Dixon 329 Steger, Julien 52 Stein, Richard Warren 123 Stein, Simon G. 253 Steinbeck, Kenneth 94, 95. 11B, 119, 250. 329 Steindler, Arthur 377 Stelter, Paul 284 Stenchiem, Daqny M. 329 Stephan, Walter 343 Stephenson, Mary E. 37, 185, 198, 220, 329 Stephenson, Virginia 329 Sterling, Melvin 284 Stern, Stewart 121 Sterns, Martha 329 Stevens, Elizabeth 192, 211 Stevens, Helen 203 Stevens, Lucille 329 Stevenson, Garold 96 Stevenson, Shirley 204, 226, 330 Steward, Donn 1-1. 330 Steward, Geneva Faye 196, 357 Stewart, G. 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V Vacanli, Sam Vacik, George Vagls, V. A. Van Allen Maurice Vance, Virginia Vander Kamp, Roy Van De Waa, Carl Van Epps, Dr. Clarence Van Gorp, Donald Van Heuvelen, V. B. Vannice. Roberl E. Van Order, Margarel' Van Order, William Van Pilsum, Jack Van Zyl, Kennelh Vargon, Viclor Verdin, Ann Vessey. Roberl Viefh, G. Duane Vogel, OHo Vogl, Roberl' Vogf. Warren Voigl, Dr. Edwin E. Vollenweider, Henry Von Berg. John Von Lackum, Leroy W Waddell, Joseph Wafful, Edward Waggoner, Paul Wagner, Evelyn I44, I45, Wagner. John Wai+e, Eleanor Walker, E. G. Wallace Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker. Walker, Wallace Wallace, Wallace Florence Herberl' P. Jim R. Anne Roberl Dorolhy Evelyn G. ,J. P. Wallace, , Sarah V. Sally 357 l I2 Talum, Hoyl A. II8. II9, I22, 330 Tau Bela Pi I75 Tau Gamma l84 Tayek, Roberl 92 Taylor, Donald 78 Taylor, Jean 220, 29I Taylor, Mary Helen 220 Taylor Mildred 204 Taylor, Miriam l06 Teelers. Dean W. J. 250 Tesler, Terry Anne 40, 2 I9 Thefa Sigma Phi I76 ,Then xi 258 Thiessen, Johanna 359 Thoen, Prof. Erling 270 Thomae, Earl 375 Thomas, Arfhur 330 Thomas, Bob 250 Thomas, Edward bl Thomas, Sydney I37 Thompson, Donald Wm. 92 Thompson, Howard J. I37, 330 Thompson, James P. 76 Thompson, Marian 2l9, 330 Thompson, Palricia l98, 330 Thompson, Richard T. 237 Thompson, Wayne 330 Thomsen, Norma 357 Thomsen, Theron 86 Thomson. Marlha 48 Thornell, Barbara I46, I55, I92 2I I, 288 Thornlon, H. J. 35 Tiecke, Richard William 270, 27l, 343 Tieden, Dale L. 330 Tiemeier, Mary Lou 356 Timineri, An'l'hony 35I Timmins, Richard l2l Tindall, Robert 244 Tilsworlh, Lloyd ' 270 272, 343 Tifus, Jeanelle I86 Tobias, Jean I86, I92, 2ll, 226 Tobin, Kalhleen I44, l4b, I47, 203, 226 Todd, James C. 330 Todd, Rel h 94, 95 Todd, Waller 94. 95 Tolan, Juslin 343 Tone, -Phil bl. 234 Tonnesson, Terry R. 42, I59, 2I9, 228, 330 Tormey, Truman I93, 250 Tow, Reber? L. 35l Towner, Roberl I2l, I47, 250 Townsend, Calherine 5l 2I6 227, 330 Townsend, Mary Jane 36I Trachsel. Palricia L. I96, 2II Tracy, H. L. l26 Transif I5I Travis, Mickey l98, 2I2 Travis, Paul 253 Trevarlhen, John 98 Trickey, Ben bl, 70, 8l, 82, 83, 330 Troxell, Millard 268 Tuchscher, Benson Alfred l23 Tucker, Norman I I2 Tull. Tom 250 Turner, Evelyn J. 33l Tullle, Mariana 2I5 Twedell, Donald bl, 73 Tyerman, Muriel . 356 Tyler, Donald 86 Wallbaum, Willis F. Walling, Elizabelh Walmer, Mickey A. Walsh, Loren Wallers, Roy G. Walzem, Mary M. 337 33I 776. II3 l2l 343 203, 33I 33I 34 50, 246, 33l I26, 268, 337 l26, 268 bl, 74 I22. I39 I83 78, II3 95 I l8, I I9, 284 l70 2l9, 33l 269 343 268 I2I 343 I22 46, 2lb 24I 258 267 IO3, I94 2l2 ll2 l2I, 253 89, 9l II8. II9, l24 78 I96 bl, 74, 94, 95 I47 266 I39, 249 249 40 I46, I47, 33I 268, 27l 33I 35I 38, l85, 203 33I 6I, 74 33I 264 2I9 337 26 2l9 II8. II9, 33I 33I I80 I96, 33l 77 78 33I Ward, Howard Ware, L. A. Ware, Ll. Col. J. V. Warner, Dorris Warner, Norman Warren, Ben Washburn, Jane Walerman, Prof. E. L. Wafrous, Edgar Walson. Charles F. Walson, John B. Walson, Mildred Wallers. Hugh S. Walls, Campbell Walls, David Walls, Richard Weagley, Donald Weaver, Weaver, Weaver, Weaver, Weaver, Edward John Julia Mariorie E. Virginia Webb, Frank T. Webb. W. Bernard Weber, Irving Weber, Roberf Wecksung, Geraldine Weed, Ann Weeks, Everell M. Weeks, Jane Wehrmacher, William Wehrspann, Donald H. Weichman, David, E. Weidner, Joan Weikel, Clarence E. Weindruch, Bernard Weiner, Bernard Weirick, George Weisbrod. John Weiser, Frank Weiskirsch. W. Welbourn, Eldred O. Welch, Charles Welch, Mary D. Welch, Ted ISO, l52, l70 Welch. Thomas Welker, Mary Wells, Natalie Wells, Roberl' Wells, William, W. Welp, William Don Well, Wendler, Coach Wendl, Barbara Wendlland, H. W. Weng, Lorraine G. Wengerl, Margare? I93, Wensfrom, Donald Wesle Foundafion Wessalle, Lois Wessels, Kennelh E, Weslly, Slephen Wesfly, Travis Weslphal, Howard Wehel, Irwin Theodore Whalen, John Wheeler, Doris Wheeler, Margaref Wheeler, Norris Wheeler, Virginia Wheeler, William Wheelock. R. Brigham 47, I96, 250 I75 I Ib 2l6 249 270 337 l78 l24 34 33l 357 343 337 347 269 234 245 246 220 2 I9 220 33 I 250 I94 6l 357 33l 33I 220 33l 337 33I l8b I78 242 242 23I 33l 262 347 33I 33l 33I 37I 33l 33l IO7 234 33l 9l 303 99 207 I22 33I 332 I94 I96 208 332 264 337 332 I75 l2I 374 357 l24 332 238 332 394 While, Whinery, John Bob H. While, Kennelh Eugene While, L. G. While, Mary S. While, Warren Whileford, P. Whilman, Marfha Jayne Whilmore, Paul Whifney, Lois Whillen, Daniel E. Q Wick, James Henry Wiclce, Howard Wicllersham, Mary June Widmer, Rosalie Wieben, Carl Wieben, Edward Ervin Wiebler, Wanda Wier, Waller Wignes, Lois Jean Wilbur, Wayne M. Wilcox, Wilma Jean Wilde, Rex Wilder, Dave Wiley, John H. Willzening, Frances Wilkerson, Edward L. Wilkinson, John Willhoife, George Williams, Alberfa M. Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williamso Coach R. Edilh Gard ner S. Lloyd E. Margaref Rex Slanley n, William Willis, Harrieh' Willis, Ned 98. 230 Willoughby, George Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, James Leonard L. Wayne Reva Joseph ine 95 l IB, I I9, 268, 356, 277, 48, 207, I93, I96, 244, 245, 6l, 94, 80, 8I, 2I6, 227. 244, 245, 86, l20, 250. 250, 260, 284, 224, l84 Wilson, Roberl' Wilson, Shirlie M. Winchell, Jane Winslow, Mary Louise Winslow, Wayne Winler, Chesler Winlermeyer, Laverne Wisco, Elinor J. Wilmer, Harriel WiH', Doris Wiffenslein, Joan Wiflmer, Samuel C. Wohlner, Helyne Wolf, Gerfrude Wolf, Irvin W. 94, Wolfe, Paul Wolff, Riclca Wollenweber, Roberf Wood. Granl' Wood, Laura Wood, Rodney Woodbury. Maynard Woodbury, Wendell Woodcoclc, Cliffon Woodhull, Byron Woodrow, Jacl: Woodrow, Waller Woodruff, James O. Woodruff, Miss S. Wooleyhan, Alfred Woomis, F. A. Workman, Joan Workman, Roberl' Wormer, Grace Van Wormhoudf, Herberl' L. Wormley, Charles Worfhinglon, Jacl: Worfman, Wilbur W. R. A. Wraffen, J. G. Wray, Bob Wrighl, Charles Clarence Wright Maurice E. Wrighl, Tom Wright Waller ll8, Il9, Wuriu, Tom Wurl, Louis Wygal, Larry Wyriclr, Mary J. Y Yalowich, Sylvia Yates, Bill Yearian, Melba Yeasl, Denlon Yellon, Roberl YeHer. Roberf Yoclcey, Charles R. Yorlr. J. Youel, Jim 6l, Young, Deloris A. Young, Frances Young. George Young, Jack Young, Richard Young, Roberf A. Younl, Freeman Youlsler, Anne Y. W. C. A. Z Zabel, Jim Zaclr, Bonnie Jean Zaslrow, Helen Zeigler, William Zeller, Howard R. Zela Phi Ela Zela Tau Alpha ZeHs, Joe Ziegler, Carl E. Ziegler, M. Zoeclcler, Sally S. Zuercher, Mary Zulcerman, Morris Zumsfeg, Jon Zumsfeg. Pal- Zwanziger, Marguerile I93, 6I, 75, lI2 77, I46, I44, 37, I93. 5l, 270, 207 277 244 77 244 254 244 l26 I49 203 204 2 I6 220 I93 I26 28l n I39 99 333 333 333 369 357 245 83 245 333 270 245 l9l l5l 266 35l 267 254 277 I85 I85 253 333 I85 257 35l I80 224 86 333 333 333 2l2 337 343 2I6 357 l l l V 1 Page 395 A..i MANY THANKS TO . . Bill Norris for his advice and cooperalion. . . Jim Kenf for his fine phoiography boih of black and whiles and color. . . Sam Karchomsky for informal parfy picfures. . . John Mueller for baskefball and fralerniiy informals. . . Rulh Weller Nelson for arf deparfmenf picfures. . . Ed Jenkins for radio slalion pholography. . . Marvin Meyers for monfh by monlh informals. . . S'rroms'l'en's Sludio for beauly seclion phofography. . . 5 l Remo Russo for division ar'r work and cover design. . . Ponliac Engraving Co., represenied by Owen Marsh, for layouis and organizalion. . . Economy Adveriising Co. for priniing and binding. . . Kingscraff for covers. . . Business and ediforial s'ra'FFs for making 1'he early complelion of fhe book possible. . . THE EDITOR 3 ' -P .. N , ' f -x . ., -: 'Y '-" - - 'Q--'--' A ' " K L' -.. -J. -' -. -uf-2r?f"'1" 1 ' 'I ' 1 J' " f 'f . - 3, r-i -' -. -.. N' ' ,, - J,-v., -, Y '.-fi .-a 1 .V .,.,g:-'ai ,21 P., ,. 4, , 1. ': 1 "-1, ':' L- , - --23' 4,7 12 'H' i-.-. . "4-' ' f' 1 vi If 1 ' 1 ' T -L12 " L ' "-3.15 -Nfl 'T' F ff '. 3" ' '?iYf.1E"" 1 :.".l- . ,QQ ' " '4 H " H A ,, , M , .. 5 Y A Mg , g. A.Nn,,, if PN. . , , , Q 4 A4 . V .,.'- -' ,"-:- .1 Q 1 ' 7. . xy: , , Ln f- , 2.1 E I .1 N .. ' f. 'J 1 ' fr x , ,sl ,Q f 7 - K .Q - rf w ' ' ' - 4 l ."- I "u .g , '." , . A 5 - Ui 5 O . I I 'V I X X ' J F 3 "J ir. . ,. ,V ,., - ,N tl . . , . 5 v -. ,- - 1 -ww W X u , I 1 ,v-' . - ' . 1 , 1' r S' Ts: '.. 'i Y Q . . V, I 1 .-,. 1 rf I I . . , s , L -.r Z' A, L ' 1 ..! , Q -,'i. if 1, , A 1 . A p K '4 J I T-'vt ' -A " 1 H., gr - . ,wr 3 X 1 , 7 1 Eg' 1 53- s. ! 'rf Y , 'E . 1 f . 4 V5 vi 1 V . 4 gs- . 4 , .,- X GT- ' 'T' k - V ,L - ..f,., 1- , : A 4 ... 1. Y ' .1 gl ' E- i... , . .ff-4 , - ,, 1-F: 'iq-., l 1? -, -, Q xg .x 1' K' J: .A . .4 v, V I V55 ,, , 'Y 1 , - , z - , - n Lf ' x , 'I Q L. . J 3 . 1 7- , Q 1 1 W 1 L 1 1 ' 5 ' .gg 1 v .1 '.K -rw , - .M Qi.. 1 ' f .- 5 N A E.. . 'x' "1 ,, 5 , K, f'. r 4, 'A' . . 1 - J , . J. ' X . - ., N ff' ' 5 . .Sl K A' K .i'." ' 1 ' .6 ,J-4 -V "--iffiiv - . - , ,Zi ?3-ff , 1ffgk,--Y'5-lf!-1-'b5.,?fFj,v" 75 .". ' f . - , WTI., ,f ' - 4 , gm- . T- -lf . ,N 'Q f :QQ -: '- iiifi- 'ff L" 'F """'1 " ' x' " ' M2511 'Mi K' '-Aw' -' , if - - 'HH 'L ff--Hifi 'L 'Q' " ff -' "" " W-. if-. . , 3,1 5, L V 'I' .vi -5, E , v- ga l, ,l A f f! .3 - 'L nf-. 4 'sf--Q2 - -. Q- 1 e -.:-f..-,if ' Er '-'E-'.b' b.-A 1' :"f - v " . - "TV" f- qi ' ., ,, 1 ,URW 1, -Q 1 A v 1 0 s 1 gt l N, lm, 2 5 4 ' r Q 1 J r V Lv 1 pa- It K, , If ..c V -3? . 4 1 5 E

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