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m " , ' v-V. nrnnimniiifii aummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiius; , ' ' i .mm euntta, tn djramrl? arliutliea, attfo 0f a yrar tljat is thr aim of lauifumr inokl AummtHirattntt innk II Innk III (H I a a s e a Innk IV Artiutttea Innk V A 1 Ij U 1 1 r a Innk VI Innk VII mui ipotrattott ilnlhrra and of Jlowa, a no of oruls of li|p mttwra- , oo IUP, tiip staff of tl 1059 liauih- a of iion for Ihr sarrt- mlitrlt ha maop of a higher rouratton, oroiralr lh,ia, HIP thirlij- itolump. J. m i 3S nnr, I Mill! fifS WALTER A. JESSUP President B.A. (1903) Earlham College Ph.D. (1911) Columbia LL.I). (11)22) Wisconsin WK IvXTEKEI) his office, lie was busy with an immense pile of eon-espoiidenee and official documents on his desk. We made our request . lie gave us an opinion. We talked, not as student to president but as man to man. We left, re- freshed witli wise counsel, delighted with conversation, and fortunate for acquaintance. What more can be said of a man but that he is a capable executive with the university his motivating force, a man among men, and a possessor of an inspiration that he conveys to others. That is " Prexy " . Page 17 The Dean of Men ROBERT E. RIENOW Dean I!. A. (18 J4) University of Wisconsin YKS, hi 1 has friends. We believe flint his friends t ' :ir outnumber liis enemies. Dcuu liienow li;is cuiiH ' to bi 1 (ini 1 of till 1 most famous characters on the campus. Coining to Iowa when the office of Dean of Men was first established, he has faithfully fulfilled his duties since that time. Unlike the Dean of Men at most universities, Dean Hieuow is not the renter of discipline of ill I the male students. Uuder his policy of student novcrnment, he acts merely as an ad visor to the students as well as to the Student Council and Iowa Men ' s Tan-Hellenic, Council. faye 18 The Dean of Women ADELAIDE L. BURGE Dean Ph.B. (11)00) Cnivcrsity of Iowa THE tusk of being foster mother to .-ill the co-eds enrolled in the university is not an easy OIK ' . Tlie l)e;in of Women cooperates with her chiirges in miiiiitiiiiiing satis- factory sclio];irsliip, livinjj ijtiartors, finances, outside work, and gives consideration to the problems of liealth. All voiiien ' s organizations receive her attention and cooperation. Mrs. Burge has been 1 ra n of Women since I ' . ' L ' l. She has capably filled the gap between the faculty ami the women students of the university. I ' arents of students may be well assured tha! on this campus their daughters will have the watchful care given them at home. Page 19 The College of Liberal Arts GEORGE F. KAY Dean B.A. (1900) rniv. ' i-sity of Toronto M.A. (1902) I ' 11 i versify of Toronto AMONG such a pot-purri of courses offered in tlic college of Liberal Arts, it is difficult to ascertiiin wli:it tlic motivating influence behind the organization really is. After consideration of the number of fields covered and the diversified subjects offered, the decision may well rest with that of creating a broad background for the student, whether or not he intends to enter a professional school. Some attend to gain knowledge; others to pass of prerequisites for professional work. Those who " merely come to school " seldom survive the work before entering the sacred portals of mysterious professionalism. Thus the man or woman is fitted not to conquer the industrial world or to set the uni- verse on fire with a superman scheme -but with a working knowledge of society and its rela- tions. New ideas are born in the places left bare by the shattering of old ideals; refreshed traditions take the positions formerly occupied by dusty practices. A man is made. WILLIAM GAUBLI KALPH YOUNG DENNIS MEYERS SAXFORD STODDAHD 20 The College of Medicine HENRY S. HOUOIITON Dean Ph.B. (1901) Ohio State AI.I). (190 " )) Johns Hopkins WITH classes meeting regularly in (lie now medical laboratories and tlio university hospital hearing completion, the college of Medicine is making u greater bid for fame tlian ever l efore. At what other university could future M.I). ' s find better accommodations for learning their profession. ' Appreciation should be extended to the Rockefeller Foundation and the State of Iowa for providing two such fine buildings. Henry S. Houghton came here from the Peking Union Medical College, in Peking, China, to take over the duties of dean of the college of Medicine. A group of capable professors and instructors offer a course in medicine second to none in the country. Besides the general, the children ' s and psychopathic hospitals offer an enormous service to the people of the state in their accommodations. Hundreds of cases receive treatment each month in these institutions and only the best and most careful care is given. A staff of international note is in charge of the work and the most modern methods and equipment bring about remarkable developments in treatment. D.M.K HARTLEY AUSTIN LOWHET WlNSI.OW TOMPKINS Page 81 The College of Dentistry FRANK T. BREENE Dean D.D.S. (1888) University of Iowa .M.I). (18!:i) University of Iowa FROM a small organization offering two lecture courses, each of six months duration, to approximately 350 embryo " molar extractors " with a curriculum increased to four years lias the college of Dentistry grown. It has been termed " a factory for painless dentists " but serious doubt has been placed on this .statement by those undergoing treatment in the clinic. The college maintains a public service of great value in its infirmary. Here junior and senior students, equipped as in a modern office, render service at cost price to all making application. All work is done under the supervision of capable instructors and counts toward a degree. The completeness of the course manifests the thoroughness that is typical of professional training in this age. Each distinct process from the most minute measurement to the largest operation receives careful study. In other words, when the student graduates from this de- partment he is ready to take care of the large general number of calls for treatment that he will receive. CARL OLSON LKKLIE CAMPBELL HAKLKY WORKHOVEN LEROY REISE Page The College of Engineering CLEMENT C. WIUJAMS Dean B.S. (!!)()()) So. la. Normal B.S. in C.E. (1907) Illinois C.E. (1909) University of Colorado ENGINEERS study; they work long involved mathematical problems; tliey survey the interurban tracks; tliey draw plans. And then one week in tlie spring of the year they toss all their books and pencils into the wastebasket and frolic for an entire week. Mecca Week is the playtime of the college of Engineering. They dance, they eat, they perform, and they exhibit. And after that they go back to their classrooms and talk a limit loads, currents, arches, and the li);e. Engineers have a code of ethics painted on their front door in gold letters. Tt lias to do with something about the honesty of the profession. It lias been interpreted to mean that an over mixture of sand and cement in a concrete wall will not make the construction very safe. It reflects the spirit of the profession that prevents all disaster that is possible from poor work. This little code might give some of the rest of the colleges something to tli ink about. JOHN ' MrOuiRE CHOUGH WOODRUFF PAUL AMJIONS HAROLD RUSSELL Page The College of Law I IK.VKY ( ' . JONES Dean LL.B. (1906) Harvard S..I.I). (1921) Cornell College LL.D. (1922) Cornell College {( A COUNTRY is as its laws. " With this preface it logically follows that interpreters of Y jurisprudence arc a most necessary appliance in our modern life. It is in this unit of the university that aspiring students daily astound their professors with their uncanny sense of logic. It is here that youthful Websters move imaginary juries to tears and marshalls don their robes of justice and wield the gavel with ferocious intensity. Of the practical knowledge that the college of law dispenses to its students the practice courts are perhaps the most instruct ing from the point of view of the average man. There the embryos receive an opportunity to try cases before a regular court. They run against the misfortunes of opposing testimony exactly as they will in their professional practice. It fits the seniors to think on their feet, to reply logically tc the insinuations of the opposition and to conquer with their own arguments. EDWARD FORD f ' ARI, KlK VIN RICHARD DAVIS Page 34 . The College of Pharmacy . TEETERS Dean B.S. (1893) Mt. Union College M.S. (1897) Mt. Union College Ph.C. (1895) U. of Michigan - A PERHAPS it is because the people of the modern age are in poorer health than those of former times, but it is certain that the college of Pharmacy is turning out more and better trained ' ' drug dispensers ' ' each year. Founded in 1885 when the state association petitioned the university to organize such a unit, the growth of the college has been increasing each year. The new building which houses the department manifests the interest that is taken in the subject. New equipment of the latest type and modern laboratories serve this group in its important work of the health of the state. To adapt the course to the most practical situation possible, the college maintains a drug dispensary in connection with the university hospital. Here each senior student has an opportunity to acquaint himself with the preparation of compounds and prescriptions. GEORGE YOUNG CAKLTON PECK WAYNE KASSAB Page tS The College of Commerce CHESTER A. PHILLIPS Dean B.A. (1904) Central College M.A. (1919) Dartmouth Ph.D. (1919) Yale EMHKYO financial geniuses with " Get-Rieh-Quick-Wnllingford " ideas are the products of tin 1 college of Commerce. For it is to this integral part of (lie university there come in flocks each year men ami women who attempt the perils of accounting, transportation, and marketing. To say that this college is doing a practical work is far from wrong. Its curriculum gives to its graduates a worthwhile knowledge of modern business conditions with the his- tory of the industrial advancement of the country. They are fitted at graduation for an entry into the world of business. The student body of the college of Commerce is made up in large measure by those who have taken two years liberal arts work with the specific idea of entering this depart- ment. A broad foundation with specialized business training and practice work form the basis of the study program. DON DAVIDSON MORRIS LAIRD Pafje The School of Journalism FRANK L. MOTT Director Ph.B. (1907) IT. of California M.A. (1920) Columbia Ph.I). (1928) Columbia Ira KOI ' LE m;iy be judged by what they read; .journalists by what they write. " The ambition of the school of Journalism is to turn out graduates capable of giving to the public news written accurately and according to the rules of good grammar. Those ambitious to enter the newspaper or publishing game are given practical experience oa the various publications run by students. Practice is offered on either the editorial or business side. The courses offered depend to a large extent on the " sheets " to furnish laboratory work and credit is given as in a regular laboratory schedule. The school of journalism boasts perhaps more than any other the establishment of tra- ditions. The " Wayzgoose Banquet " , Pica Ball, and the notorious razz sheet " Pooh Pooh Hooey " issued by Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalistic fraternity, have taken their places among the annual events of the entire university. P RUSSELL WILSON ESTHER FULLER RALPH YOUNG Page 7 The School of Music ERNEST II. WILCOX Acting Director B.A. (1918) North Dakota M.A. (1922) Cornell College SNATCHES of melody emanating from the windows of the School of Music, producing a weird effect of chords and discords, indicate the activity that is continually going on in the various buildings. The school is organized for private and group instruction. The University singers, the orchestra, and a number of other groups are composed of students in the school and others interested in the work. Each year the chorus and orchestra present several concerts as well as a comic operetta and band recitals. A series of student artist recitals and cooperation with the university committee in the Sunday evening musicals are also a part of the work of this department. Page 18 T ?e College of Education PAUL C. PACKER Dean B.A. (1918) University of Iowa M.A. (1921) U. of .Michigan Ph.D. (1923) Columbia TO TURN out men and women educated to teach others is the one aim and purpose of the college of Education. The college has made notable progress in the advancement of teaching aud has contributed largely to research for improved methods. Every year sees more certificates of education granted at the same time with diplomas from the college of Liberal Arts. Recent years have seen two important additions to the practical training of teachers in the establishment of the Elementary and University High Schools. Practical teaching ex- perience is provided as a part of the work in this department. Page 39 The Graduate College CARL E. SEASHORE Dean B.A. (1891) Gustavus Adolphus Ph.D. (1895) Yale A COLLEGE of researeli might well he used for another designation for this phase of university instruction. For it is in this department that students are able to pursue their choice in the field of individual work. National recognition has boon won by the efforts of those who have worked on problems which are important to the several sciences. The college maintains research facilities that .ire second to none and conducts experiments and inquiries that lead to discoveries important in the field of endeavor. Tho personnel of the student body will be found to be composed of international scope with regard to nationalities and education. B Page 30 The School of Nursing BLANCHE L. CORDER Director G.X. (1917) University of Iowa BEARING out the statement that men can ' t get along without the help of women, the school of Nursing makes a fine complement to the college of medicine, in preparation for administering to the common welfare. Iowa boasts of one of the finest schools of this type in the country. With the completion of the new University Hospital, this unit of the university should come even more into the limelight. A young woman who enters the school of Nursing dares not expect an easy life while in training, but if she feels that this is her life calling, it is one of the best fields open to women in this age. Extension Division EDWARD H. LAUER Director B.A. (1906) U. of Michigan M.S. (1909) U. of Michigan Ph.D. (1916) U. of Michigan FOB those denied a college education by attendance, the Extension Division was created as a " long distance " educator. This method is not a " pipe " but requires diligence and application. Each lesson is written and all work handled through the mails. The work done by the Division is commendable in that it serves as a contact between the world of education and the citizens of the state. WSUI, the university ' s radio station, is under the direction of this unit of the institu- tion and daily programs pertaining to the interests of the people of the state are broadcast in an effort to broaden the educational influence. Page St Summer Session PAUL C. PACKER Director B.A. (1918) University of Iowa M.A. (1921) U. of Michigan Ph.D. (1923) Columbia EACH summer sees an influx of graduate and undergraduate students into Iowa City for study during the two periods of summer school. The popularity of this place of instruc- tion has increased by leaps and bounds until it is now to be reckoned with equal con- sideration with the two winter semesters. One of the unique features of the Summer (Session is the tent co lony maintained on the west side of the river where a large number of students camp in tents and equipment owned by the university. This mode of living cuts down expenses considerably and provides an out-of-door life during the summer months. Page 9S Child Welfare BIRD T. BALDWIN Director 15. S. (1!K)0) Swarthmorc MA. (1!K)3) Harvard I ' .i.I). (1 !) ): ) Harvard NO LOXIiEH need the fond mot her lie awake nights worrying about the future of her beloved offspring. For a great deal of information concerning many of the tendencies common to young people of both sexes, together with the prescribed remedies, has been recorded by the Child Welfare station. Psychology, anthropometry, nutrition, sociology, and eugenics make up the five departments. The state legislature has cooperated heartily in making the venture practical, appropriat- ing a yearly sum of $25,000. To this fund are added the donations of the Woman ' s Christian Temperance Union and the Laura Spellman Rockefeller Foundation for purchasing equip- ment. l Page The School of Religion M. WILLARD LAMPE Director B.A. (1904) Knox College Ph.D. (1912) Pennsylvania ... fc MUCH study by the faculty of the university mid representatives of churches on the board of trustees, lias resulted in a school of Religion based on entirely new ideas. This school is working out a plan, whereby the university and the churches of various creeds cooper- ate in the teaching of religion without sacrificing or vitiating any fundamental political or religious principle. It represents a venture into a territory yet untried by any other like school. In its first year of existence as a school, l r. M. Willard Lampe, with his assistants, has worked out a unified curriculum, which makes adequate provision for the diversity of exist- ing religious viewpoints. Page 3r University Library GRACE WORMER Acting Director 1 5. A. (1907) Cornell College BOOKS on science, books on literature, biographies these are only a few of the works contained on the various shelves of the University Library. In fact there are so many books and so many tasks to be done that it requires a staff of forty-five professional librarians and seventy-five student assistants to do the work. It lias become almost impossible to have a college without a library to fill in the gaps left in the various courses. Not only does it do the work of an ordinary library but it has also established a training school for professional librarians. The days of the old maid librarians are gone and those of the highly trained expert have come. Page 36 The Iowa Union EUFUS H. FITZGERALD Director B.A. (1911) Guilford College M.A. (1919) Tennessee iNE of the most beautiful buildings in the state of Iowa " thus has the Iowa Union been termed. And the allegation is undoubtedly true as any one who has stood in the large lounge will testify. But the Union is better than it is beautiful. For it brings to the university a number of important conferences each year and provides a place second to none for holding large dinners, banquets and mass meetings. The work of the staff is one directed to the channel which will best benefit the university and its many aids toward the advancement of the university may be sensed at all times. Page 37 GEOROE THOMAS WHITE PATRICK From :i photograph of tlic portrait bust modelled by Alice Littig Sicnis Page 3$ An Appreciation AS a personal tribute to Professor George Thomas White Patrick and in appreciation of his forty years of service as professor of philosophy at the State University of Iowa, his former students have placed a bronze portrait bust of him in the Iowa Union. It Is in his hooks that Professor Patrick will live to the students of the Uni- versity long after he has ceased to lecture to them in the classroom. Those who remember the charm of his lectures, their vigor and color and clarity, are pleasantly surprised to discover in his writings the same symbols of that indef- inite something which has endeared him to his students in the classroom. For Professor Patrick is not only a teacher of philosophy but also a philosopher himself. Those not previously acquainted with his " Psychology of Relaxation. " and his " Psychology of Heeonst ruction " , wonder who this man is who can so amiably and yet penetratingly offer them an " Introduction to Philosophy " and in its pages give them such a broad and profound realization of " T he World and Its Meaning " . He accepts the universe not through constraint, but be- cause he believes in honestly facing facts. This sympathetic appreciation of the facts does not prevent him, however, from insisting on an idealistic interpreta- tion of the universe. What is the secret of Professor Patrick ' s work. ' Much of it is locked away from our gaze and discoverable only in his unique and intimate personal rela- tions with the infinite. Much is to be found in his complete absorption in the problems, homely as well as important, which he found in daily life, in the community and in the commonwealth. As for that which is not hidden, that which he has chosen to share, there are his books. Generous indeed has he been in his sharing; and a fuller immortality than is vouchsafed to many is his reward. Page 39 E Representative Men and Women of Iowa ACII year certain outstanding events take place on the cam- pus. And behind each of these is a governing hand which determines whether or not the event shall be a success. Believing that the student body has shown appreciation only in a slight degree to those student leaders who have labored earnestly to make the plans and happenings successful, the 192S HAWKEYE instituted a complete section to be known as Repre- sentative Men and Women of Iowa. The selection was difficult due to the fact that there were a large number of persons who, in serving in various capacities, became eligble. Finally a plan was decided on. The staff of the yearbook chose a committee known as the " Nameless Nine. " Two groups, one for the men and one for the women nominated on ballots provided for the purpose. The unknown chairmen compiled the votes and turned the final list over to the editor of the annual. No identification will ever be given to the members of the committees nor to the chairmen. The members of the groups themselves do not know who the other members were. In such a manner it was certain that an honest selection could be made with a ' true cross section of the sentiment of the student body. The 1928 HAWKEYE congratulates the winners of the honor on their election and truly hopes that there may continue to exist such a situation of leadership and initiative as has been shown in the past i 1 r RICHARD M. BROWN Iowa City L MARGUERITE McC ' oxKii: Nevada NATALIE ALHRECHT Davenport FOBEEST F. TVVOOOOI) Westfield BAMONA EVANS Ottuimva FRAXK J. CUHEL Cedar Rapids DOROTHY GILLIS Osage HARRY E. BOYD Sioux City OTTO C. BAUCH Des Moines ESTHER FULLER Mount Ayr PEBCIE VAN ALSTINE Gilmore City r EMERSON W. NELSON Cherokee I IRENE ABBOTT Clarinda Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta; Stephens. KENNITH J. ALLEY Iowa City Dentistry DOROTHY ADAMS Liberal Arts I.S.T.C.; Orchestra. Muscatine MARIAN E. AMBLAO Marshalltown Liberal Arts Lutheran Club; Saturday Lunch Club; Home Kconomic.s Club, Pres- ident; Currier Hall Council. BEATRICE LEAH ALBERT Eldoil Commerce Alpha Xi Delta; Stephens; Y.W.C. A.; Pillar and Chapiter. KK.NKST W. ANIIKRSON Des Moiiies l i ntixh I Phi (lamina Delta; Xi ] ' .si Phi; Drake University. XATALIE ALBRECHT Davenport Liberal A rts Kappa Alpha Theta ; Women ' s Ed- itor of Hawkeye; W.A.A.; W.A. Council; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Glee Club; Apprentice Players; Ero delpliian. ELEANOR ANDERSON Vermillion, S. Dak. Nursing Student Organisation. ODETTE ALLEN Fort Davis Liberal Arts Chi Omega; Erodelphian; Seals; W. A.A. EVERETT L. ANDERSON West Liberty Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa. Page. 49 ' ff; JANK ANDERSON Clarinda Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Stephens; Y.W.C.A. STANLEY AUSTIN ( ' :inipus, 111. Law D. L. ARMSTRONG Dyersville Commerce Theta Xi; Commerce Club. WILLIAM AVERY Davenport Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Psi; University Forum. BlRCHARD ASHENFELTER Boone Engineering Phi Gamma Delta; Iowa State Col- lege ; University Players. ( ' ARL W. BABCOCK Mason City Commerce Phi Kappa Sigma; Track; Football. RAYMOND T. ASHLOCK Center Point Commerce Commerce Club; Zetagathian. KIUVAKD O. BABCOCK Mason City Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Sigma; Dolphins; Swimming; Military Ball Com- mittee. ORVAL AUSTIN Sheldon, 111. Liberal Arts I ' hi Kappa Bho; Band; Orchestra; French Club, treas. BABCOCK Cowrie Liberal Artx Alpha Chi Omega; Continue; Y.W. C.A. Page SO A. SAMUEL BASIOR Council Bluffs Liberal Arts Phi Epsilon Pi; University of Ne- braska. GEOROE BALLUFP JR. Iowa City Liberal Arts Beta Psi; Irving; Newman Club. HAROLD BAGWELL Waterloo Dentistry EVA MARIE BALTISBERGER Montezuma Liberal Arts ALICE BAILEY Cedar Rapids Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma; Seals. MARION BATES Wapello Liberal Arts Phi Mu; Parsons; Y.W.C.A. GEORGE H. BAIRD Mason City Liberal Arts Sigma Chi; Apprentice Players- Track. DEBORAH BATMAN Nevada Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta; P.E.O. ; Y.W.C.A. RUTH L. BAKER Kingsburg.Cal. Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; Cornell; Athena. VKRA BEADELL Nursing Student Organization. B:iglcy Page 1 KUTH M. BEARD Mount Ayr Liberal Arts Octave Thanet; P.E.O. ; W.A.A.; Orchestra ; Hawkeye Staff. ItUTH BKIA. Milton Commerce Kappa Phi; Pillar and Chapiter; W.A.A. ALICE BECHTELHEIMKK Liberal Arts Mt. Morris College. Waterloo Lineville MYKA KATHKV.N BELVKI, Liberal Arlx Delta eta; Home Kconoinics Club. ALICE BEEMER Sioux City Commerce Kappa Delta; University of South Dakota; Commerce Club; Athena; Pillar and Chapiter; Y.W.C.A. llohKKT L. BEMAN Glonwood Commerce Theta Xi; Des Moines University; Commerce Club. 1, ' rssKLL A. BKESON Davenport Commerce Delta Upsilon; Commerce Club; Irving; Oregon Debate. W. RALPH G. BENDER Rock Rapids Liberal Arts Chicago University; Y.M.C.A. Col- lege; Dolphin Club; Swimming. HELEN JEAN BF.ITF.K Liberal Arts Cornell; Athena. Carroll WESLEY W. BENKSH Cedar Rapids Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi; Pres. Freshman, Sophomore Pharmacy. Page 52 RICHARD E. BENNETT Rock Island, 111. Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta; Augustana Col- lege. KLVA BICKLEY Iowa City Liberal Arts Alpha - ' i Delia; Kappa Beta. HOWARD A. BENTHIN Davenport Ctnti mrrcc Delta Sigma Pi; Quadrangle Coun- cil. ARTHUR II. BIRNEY Washington Commerce Delta Sigma. I ' i; Zetagathian ; Com- merce Club. HAROLD A. BERG Ruthven Liberal Arts Delta Upsilon. 1 1 ARRY H. BISUARD Hurt Drntutry RAY BERRY Sioux City Liberal Arts HAYSE BLACK West Liberty Engineering Triangle; Coe. REBECCA BEYMER Des Moines Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Simpson. KENNETH BLACKFORD Bonaparte Journalism Phi Delta Theta; Baseball; Hawk- 1 Club. Page 63 JAMES E. BLISS Iowa City Dentistry Phi Delta Theta ; Delta Sigma Delta ; Glee Club Secretary, Manager. CAROLYN BOSLEY Ladora Liberal Arts Hainlin Garland; Apprentice Play- DOROTHY BOEOE Liberal Arts Athena. Le Claire EVELYN BOSSE Jefferson, S. Dak. Liberal Arts Theta Phi Alpha; Home Economics Club; Newman Club; French Club. BERT BOEHM Ogdeu Commerce Chi Kappa Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Commerce Club; Glee Club; Chorus; Vice-pres. Junior Com- merce; Pres. Concordia Club; Freshman Party Comm. LUCILLE BOWEN Kolfe Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; ' Frances Shimer; Octave Thanet. RUTH BOND Buffalo Center Liberal Arts .Southwest Baptist. Bolivar, Mo.; Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball; GILBERT BOWERS Des Moines Commerce Phi Gamma Delta; U.S.C.; Drake; Delta Sigma Pi. ILA BOOKHART Ida Grove Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Seals; W.A.A. BERNADINE BOWNE Ottumwa Commerce Delta Gamma; Stephens; Ero- delphian, fr- fbl IJI r. I Page 54 HARRY E. Bovu Sioux City Journalism Sigma Alpha E])silon ; Sigma Delta Chi; Art Editor Frivol; Editor Frivol; Sophomore Cotillion Com- mittee; Art Editor Daily lowan. F. HOWARD BRADLEY Guthrie Center Liberal Arts Cross Country Club; Captain Cross Country. HURON L. BOYLE McGregor Liberal Arts Rhoterian. GKOKGK A. BRADY Engineering Beta Psi. Keswick F. KICIIARD BOYLES Iowa City Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma; Minor " I " Tennis; University Players. M ASHA BRAVERM AN Pharmacy Hillel Club. Iowa City II. J. BRADLEY Brevard, N.C. Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Phi; University of Georgia. FKAXCKS L. BREm.Mrs Des Monies Liberal Art Delta Tau Delta. MAIIIANXA BRADLEY Hock Island, 111. Liberal A rtx Alpha Delta Pi; University of Kan- sas; Phi Lambda Sigma. JEANNE BREYMAX Freeport, 111. Liberal Arts Y.W.C.A.; Whitby; W.A.A.; Satur- day Lunch Club. Pane 55 JACQUES BRICELAND Pharmacy Beta Phi Sigma. Davenport MARION J. BROWN Traer Liberal Arlx K;ipj a K:ijip:i (iaiiuiiM ; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Apprentice Players; Y.W.C.A. MARY EVEL.YN BRIDENSTINE Iowa City Liberal Arts Kappa Beta. WAYNE BROWN Medicine Hampton Phi Beta Pi. VERNON MARGARET BHITTON Kalona Liberal Arts Home Economies Club; I.S.T.C. MARGARET BROWNLKK Chariton Co miner cc Phi Mu; Octave Tlianet ; Y.W.C.A. GORDON BRONSON Manchester Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta. IHMELDA BRUECHERT Omaha, Neb. Liberal Arts University of Omaha; W.A.A.; Vol- ley ball ; Basketball ; Hockey. BONITA BROWN Iowa City Liberal Arts Kappa Beta; Hainlin Garland. WILLIAM C. BRUNK Waterloo Commerce Page 56 LILA BRUTSMAN Center Junction Liberal Arts GAIU.IN W. BUCKNAM Osage Liberal Arts 1 ' lii K:i) p:i Hho ; I ' liilomatliean ; V. M.C.A. Cabinet. W. L. BKYANT Kvanston, 111. Pharmacy K:i|i]i;i Alpha Psi; Northwestern; Lewis Institute. LKONAUD V. MTDDKNIIAUKN Storm I, like Pharmacy Beta I ' M Sigma; Btiena Vista; U. 8.C. ARCHIE ]{. BUCHANAN Xorthwood Medicine Nu Sigma Nu. MAKOI.I) II. Hm.MAN I,, w ., City l Illixll ' l - i I ' si I ' lii; Gym Team. HKLKN KKI.I.K BUCK Mount Ayr l.ihrrul Art V.XV.C.A.; MiiniiKiiith College. IANNIK BtlRKK (ilVilt F!|||H, Mont. Liberal .Iris K;ipp:i K:ippa (iamnui ; Kriiilelphian ; 1 ' niversity I ' lavers. VIOLA BUCK Burlington Liberal Arts Kappa Beta ; Burlington Junior Col- lege. ALICE M. BURNS low.i City Liberal Art St. Joseph ' s College. Page St MARGUERITE BURROWS Cedar Rapids Liberal Arts Cos. JlELENK CAMPBELL Oslikosh, Wis. Liberal Arts Alpha Delta 1 ' i ; Milwaukee-Downer; Krodelphian ; Apprentice Players; Y.W.C.A. LAWRENCE S. CAIN Sioux City Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma; Morningside; S. of C. E.; Cheer Leader. LESLIE CAMPBELL Iowa City Dentistry Psi Omega; Buena Vista; Pres., Junior Dental Class. (, ' I.AKK R. CALDWELL Winterset Commerce CHARLES W. CAKD Burlington liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta ; Pres. Men ' s Pan- Hellenic. JOHN N. CALHOUN Birmingham Law Acavia : Phi Delta Phi; Parsons. (iKOIUilA CAKMEAN Bancroft Liberal Art Alpha Chi Omega; Drake University. VERY A CALVIN North English Nursing Student Organization. RUTH CARTER Sioux City Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Morningside Col- lege; Hesperia; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Page SS_ ALICE EUTH CASTER Seymour Liberal Arty Y.W.C.A. W. T. CHENNELL Des Moiiit-s Commerce Delta Upsilon; Drake. JEANETTE CHAFER Nursing Student Organization. Clintou MART CHESIRE Auamosa Liberal Arts Hamlin Garland; Newman Club; W.A.A.; Mt. St. Josephs. JOHN K. CHALMERS Dubuque Law Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Dubuque University. MARGARET E. CHESTERMAN Sioux City Liberal Arts Alpha Chi sSmega ; Morningside ; Y. W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Singles, Doubles Tennis Champion. ROBERT M. CHAPMAN Iowa City Medicine Phi Beta Pi. ORVILLE A. CHRISTIANSEN Xewell Commerce Zetagathian. DONALD P. CHEHOCK Iowa City Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma; Coe. DAUREL CLARK Whiting ursinff Page SO FRANK E. CLARK Winfield Commerce Delta Sigma Pi ; Band ; Commerce Club. FRANK V. COLES Mount I ' leasaul Dentistry Sigma Thi Kpailon; Xi 1 ' si I ' lii; Iowa Vsleyan College; I ' i Kappa Delta. GRACE LARUE CLARK Moulton Journalism Zeta Tau Alpha ; Atlicna. K. K. CONWELL (irand Junction Hi iitixtry Plii Kappa Sigma ; Treas. Soph. Dent. ZELLA L. CLARK Quasqueton Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; French Club; W.A.A.; Humlin (larland. KLMA COONTZ (iardcn (irove IMirral Arts Alpha Delta Pi. K KITH CLIFTON Webster City Commerce Phi Gamma Delta; Commerce Club. HILDA COOPER Conway Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Simpson. C.-T. CLINK Marion Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon; I.S.T.C. ; Ap- prentice Players. BEULAH COPELAND Fairfield Journalism Alpha Chi Omega; Parsons; Ero- delphian; Associated Students of Journalism; Journalism Dinner Club. Pane -60 CLAIRE COTTON Belle Plaine Liberal Arts Sigma Kappa; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. ; University Orchestra ; Volleyball ; Basketball; Track. MAKKAKKT CKOWI.KY Kock Island, 111. Medicine XKU.IK L. COWLES Nursing student Organization. Wapcll.. M AIM:K CKO .IER Knoxville Liberal Arts JOHN F. COWNIE Des Moines Commerce Delta Tau Delta; Notre Pame; New- man Club; Commerce Club; De- bate S(|iiail. DONALD (VNNiNfliiAM Larchwooil Pharmacy LAKE CKOOKIIAM Oskaloosa Liberal Arts Delta Upsilon ; Penn ; University Afloat. MYRRL CURRY Iowa City Liberal Arts G. IRVING CROPLEY Lamont Liberal Arts Irving Institute; Freshman Debate. LORETTA M. CUSACK Iowa City Liberal Arts Delta Zeta; Seals; Hesperia; W.A. A.; W.A. A. Board of Control; Newman Club. Page 61 HENRY DAHLBERG Commerce Theta Xi; Numeral Golf. Des Moines K. KKNDALL DAVIS Commerce Delta Chi. Iowa City KATHERINE DAKIN Mason City Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi ; Mason City Junior Col- lege; Erodelphian; Cercle Fran- cais; W.A.A. Louis DAVIS Commerce Iowa City MARY DALE Nursing Student Organization. Lehigh MARY ELIZABETH DEARBORN Bed Oak Liberal Arts Oberlin Conservatory of Music. CAROL E. DAVIS Mason City Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma. DWIOHT L.DEARDORFF Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi. Scranton DOROTHY A. DAVIS Iowa City Liberal Arts Krodelphian, Treas. ; Freshman Com- mission; W.A.A. Sec.; Y.W.C.A.; Women ' s Debating Team; Ap- prentice Players. HARVEY L. DECKER Sioux City Liberal Arts Continue. Page 6S RAYMOND J. DBNKHOFF Monticello Liberal Arts Sigma Chi. I). W. DICKINSON Winnebago, Minn. Law (ianima Eta Gamma. ELIZABETH E. DENNY Perry Commerce Pillar and Chapiter; Morrison Club. Vll.MA DlETBirK Mclllli Nurx iii 1 1 Student Organization. REUBEN B. DEPPING Waukon Liberal Arts Sigma Chi; Waukon Jr. College; Numeral Track; Varsity Cross Country. MAKY DIXON Colfax Liberal Arts Dnike; Des Moines U. ; Classical Club; Kappa Beta; Y.W.C.A.; W. A.A. BERT DEKKY Davenport ComtMrce Sigma Clii; Cross Country; Track; Captain Freshman Cross Country. CLAUDKC. DOLLY Clinton Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi; Newman Club. LYDIA DE VAIL Stii ' lcnt Organisation. Inwooil HELEN ' ANN DOLLY Rock Island , 111. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Thcta ; French Club; Y.W.C.A. Page 63 THOMAS DONNELLY Garrison Engineering ANN J)RKK.SMAN Lakota Liberal A rts Pi Beta Phi; Frances Sliimer; French Club. LEONARD J. DONOHUK Iowa City Dentistry Psi Omega. WANDKMAK ( ' . DKKSSKN (iladbrook Mi-iliciiii ' Omega Reta Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Klmliurst. ILENK DOOP Winterset Liberal A rts (iainina Plii Beta; Northwestern; University Players; Hesprria. Louis A. DKKYKK Aplington Pharmacy Beta Phi Sigma. EI.OISE DOUGLASS West Branch Lilirral A rts W.A.A. MORTON R. DUFF Bloekton Commerce Delta Chi; Band. AILERNE M. DOWNIE Mount Ayr Liberal Arts Simpson; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. KEITH DUNN Commerce Phi Kappa Sigma. Jewell Fafic 64 DAN DUTCHES Iowa City Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Psi; University Players. V. T. EDSON Storm Lake Liberal Arts Alpha T:iu Omega; Buena Vista. RAPHAEL B. DVORAK Toledo Liberal Arts Delta Chi. RUTH EIKKNBERRY Charitoii Liberal Arts I ' i Beta Phi; Ferry Hall; Y.W.f ' .A. JACOB W. DUFPKK Wiltou Junction Pharmacy Mi i, (i KM, IK Iowa City Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi; Des Moines Univer sity. ,). !. KAKKR Iowa City Liberal Arts Irving. ELLIS M. EI.MNOSON Vinton Engineering BKKTHA KCKLF.R Ifwting Student Organization. WILLIAM J. EMANUEL Iowa City Commerce Rlioterian. Page 65 CARL O. ESTES Des Moiues Commerce JOHN P. FALVEY Albia Liberal Arts I ' hi Kappa: Pi Epsilon ' Pi; Phi Delta Gamma ; Student Board of Publications; Student Council; Newman Club; Junior Prom, chairman; Freshman Party; Fo- rensic. Council. MABEL ESTL E Conesville Liberal Arts W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Saturday Lunch Club ; Baseball ; Chorus. I ' . rt, FAUXSWORTH Cresco Commerce Theta Xi; Pi Kpsilon Pi. ETHEL E. EVANS Williamsburg Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Coe; Glee Club; Y.W. C.A. GERALDINE FARRAR Mason City Liberal Arts Seals Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Hamlin Garland. HAZEL E. EVANS Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; I.S.T.C. Cresco Clarion ELI-ZABETH FATHERSON Liberal Arts Delta Gamma; Grinnell; Erodel- phian; University Players. FRANCES FAIRBANKS Liberal Arts Zeta Tan Alpha. Dysart VIRGINIA FAWKES Mason City Liberal Arts Mason City Junior College. Page 66 MART FELLINGHAM Des Moines Liberal Arts Kappa Delta; Des Moines Univer- sity; Y.W.C.A. GLADYS FINN Anamosa Liberal Arts Coe; Apprentice Players; Y.W.C.A. MKLHA FENN Clinton Nursing I.S.T.C.; Morrison Club; Student Organization. CHARLES P. FISHER Duncombe Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi; Freshman Track Captain; Newman Club. JOSEPH FENNELL Law Davenport T ' hi Delta Theta ; University of Illi- CLIFFORD G. FISHER Kalona Commerce Goslien College; Commerce Club. KATHLEEN FIELDS Paton Liberal Arts Drake; Newman Club; Hamlin Garland. D. D. FITZPATRICK Danbury Dentistry VERNA E. FINDLAY Keosauqua Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta; Iowa Wesleyan. RICHARD F. FLETCHER Spokane, Wash. Medicine Chi Kappa Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Page 67 MARLIN E. FOGLE Diagonal Engineering Tau Beta Pi; A.S. of E. HAZKL L. FRANKLIN Mingn Liberal Arts W.A.A. KATHERINE MAE FOUST Altooiia Liberal Arts Kappa Beta. (!I, I YS FREDERICK Marion Liberal Arts Kappa Tlii; Spanish Club. ]?. 0. FORDYCE Emmetsburg Dentistry Xi Psi Phi; Theta Xi. HKNKY W. FRKK Davenport Commerce Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLES A. FORWALD Iowa City Liberal Arts Football Numeral; Track Numeral; Rotary Cup. J. W. FREIDEN Sioux City Liberal Arts Phi Beta Delta. MILDRED W. FRANK Cresco Liberal Arts Chi Omega; I.S.T.C.; Y.W.C.A.; Orchestra. ANNE FREY Odebolt Commerce Page 68 ARTHUR H. FRIKDMAN Council Bluffs Commerce I ' lii Beta Delta; Orchestra. M. DUANB GARDNKK Iowa City Medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Track Nu- meral; Cross Country Numeral; Band. MAURICE FRIEDMAN Council Bluffs Commerce I ' lii Beta Delta; Hillel Club; Or- chestra. GRETC ' IIKN M. GAULACIIER Iowa City Liberal Arts Newman Club. ELMER II. GABEL Muscat i no Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Freshman Track; Freshman Cross Country; Band; Orchestra ; Commerce Club. I ' . E. GIBSON Waterloo Medicine Kappa Sigma ; I.S.T.C. ; Iowa Men ' s Pan-Hellenic. FLORENCE GABRIEL Waterloo Liberal Arts Kappa Delta; Buena Vista College; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. A NNA GILBERT Ft. Dodge Nursing Student Organization. HAROLD GAMBLE Missouri Valley Commerce Phi Gamma Delta. EVA GILBERT Nursing Algona Page 6 MARJORIE GILBERT Iowa Falls Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta; Octave Thaiiet; Y.W.C.A. BAYMOND GINGEK Paulliua Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Qriunell; U.S.C. ELEANOR GILDNER Mason City Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Carleton College; Ero delphian; Apprentice Players; Y. W.C.A.; Frivol Staff. MARJORIE GIPE Strahan Liberal Arts RUTH GILES Waverly Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta; Cornell. L. A. GLASSER Little Sioux Liberal Arts J. B. GILLESPIE Le Mars Medicine Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Sigma; Medical Council. E. MURRAY Gorr Wiuf ield Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Parsons; Commerce Club. DOKOTHY GILLIS Osage Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Hesperia; French Club, Sec. ; W.A.A. Council ; Sec ' y- Treas. Freshman Class; Univer- sity Social Committee ; W.A.A. ; Executive Council; Junior Prom; Y.W.C.A. BUSSEL GOLDMAN Iowa City Liberal Arts Phi Epsilon Pi; Dolphins; Swim- ming. Fag etc =Tt1 MARIE GOODMAN Correctiouville Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; I.S.T.C. EDWIN B. OKEB:N Waterloo Journalism Sigma Chi ; Sigma Delta Chi ; As- sociated Students of Journalism; Irving; Daily lowan Staff; Phi Delta Gamma. DAN E. GOODYKOONTZ Boouc Law Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi. LLOYD 1). GKIM.M Wapello Liberal A rtx Phi Delta Theta ; Football; Hawk I Club; Vice-Pres., Sophomore Class. II F.I, EN GRAHAM Ottumwa. Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Parsons. Do.VAU) II. GRIMM earing Li lii-riil A fix ( ' tagathiaji. LrriLE L. GRAVKI.K.K Iowa ( ' it v Liberal Artx r,iitherau Club. I, ois GRIMM Vaukou I. iln nil Artx NVaiikon .Junior College. HAMILTOX E. GRAY Kensett f.ilx-rul Arts Phi Kappa Rho; Delcmas; Irving: Debate; Freshman Oratory: Or- chestra; Band; Fencing. CHARLES GRIPPKX Mason City Liberal Arts Beta Theta Pi. fuge V-l DOROTHY GRUWELL Esthervillc Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Milwaukee-Downer; Erodelphian; Y.W.C.A. KIIWARD E. HALK l " es Moines Dentistry Theta Pi Phi; Des Moines Univer- sity; Pelcmas; Freshman Track. MARGARET GUSTINE Movillc Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Morningside ; llesperia; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. FAYETTE G. HALL Lancaster, Wis. Dentistry Theta Xi. HARRIET M. GUTMAN Iowa City Liberal Arts I.S.T.C.; Lutheran Club. F. E. HAMBRECHT Iowa City Medicine Alpha Tan Omega ; University Players. M ILDRED HAMM Fairbury, Neb. Liberal Arts University of Nebraska. VIOLA A. GUTMAN Iowa City Liberal Arts I.S.T.C.; Lutheran Club. I ' HILIPHAHN Burlington Dentistry Helta Sigma Delta; Burlington Jr. College. ROSAMOND HANNAH Iowa City Liberal Arts I ' lii Omega Pi; Home Economics Club ; Apprentice Players. Page 7 MARGARET A. ANDERSON Nursinr Student Organization. Woston MARJORIE HAROHAVK Montox.mna Liberal Arts E. L. HANSON Liberal Arts Alpha CM Sigma. Kssrs HAROLD G. HARMON Iowa City Delta Tau Delta; Delta Sigma Delta ; Vice-pres. Junior Dentists. LAWRKNCE B. HANSON Medicine Fitonka INEZ HARTWIO Shelh-oc-k Nursiny Student Organization. DOROTHY HANSON Inwood Liberal Arts Kappa I ' lii. ( ' . KIIWARD HARVEY Missouri Valley Pharmacy Phi (Janmia Delta. VERONE HANSON Belmond Commerce I.S.T.C.; Pillar and Chapiter. HELENE HAKWOOD Strawberry Point Liberal Arts Sigma Kappa ; Whitby. Page 73 ALBERT B. HASS Chariton Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta; Golf; University Players. GEORGE II. HKDOES ( Velar Kapids l.ihi nil Art Kappa Sigma; Dartmouth; Coc. CATHERINE HAUBER Iowa City Liberal A rtx Hamlin Garland ; Newman. KATHERINE HF.DKICK Hampton Nursing Student Organization. NOKA Y. HAWES Council Bluffs Liberal Arts University of Omaha. JOHN J. HKLMKR I ' coria, III. Pharmacy Glee Club. HAKOI.DE. HAYMOND Midburn Medicine 1 ' lii Chi; Baschall; I ' hi Heta Kappa. I ' KARI. HKXIWICKS Akron Nursing TIIELMA L. HKCK Iowa City Librral Arts Phi Omega Pi; Hamlin Garland; Y. W.C.A. KALPII HENINGER Sigourney Liberal Arts Sigma Xu; Irving; Pi Epsilon Pi; Cheer Leader. Page 74 DONALD HENN Hawkeye Liberal Arts Theta Xi; Baseball. HAZEL HARVEY Ottumwa Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Krodelphian; Y.W. ( ' .A. HATTIE E. HENN Denmark Liberal Arts Iowa State College; Glee Club; Y. W.C.A. A I.KRED HESS Charles City Enijiiii i ' 1 ' inii Theta Tau; Transit Staff. LOUISE HENNESSY Emmetsburg Liberal Arts Octave Tliiinot. ,|OHN (i. HBWKTT Medicine Beta Psi ; Newman. Iowa City PEARL HEKMANSTOKPKK Nigourney Numiiii! Stinlent Organization. WILLIAM HKYEKDALE Kochestor, Minn. Liberal Arlx Phi Delta Theta. CONSTANCE HERNDON Iowa City Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta; W.A.A. ETHEL H. HILLMER Hoi-k Island, 111. Nursing Student Organization. Page 75 l)o ' T. HIKES Cedar Rapids Law Delta Tau Delta; " I " Club; Foot- ball; Coaching Staff; Pres. Fresh- man Laws. GEOKGE E. HONEYWELL Council Bluffs Liheral Arts (Irarelntid College. AGNES HIKSCH LeMars Liberal Artx University of Texas; Jr. College, San Antonio; Western Union Col- lege. HAKKY HOPKINS Commerce Duulap GEORGINAHOBSON QuillCy, III. Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Erodelphian. AlAYBKLLE IlOKNAUAY Hllboll Nursing Coe; Student Organization. EO A. HOEGH Elk Horn Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Kho ; Philomathean ; Swimming. OT.IVI: HORNADAY Udell A ' ursi 7 THOMAS P. HOLLOWELL JR. Fort Madison Law I ' hi Delta Theta ; Iowa State Col lege; Coe. HOLLIS HORRABIN Iowa City Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta. Page 76 LEONARD J. HOSPODAKSKY Ridgeway Medicine Beta Psi ; Newman Club. ILA.H HULL Oakland, Neli. Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; Nebraska Wesleyan; Pi Lambda Theta. RUTH M. HOVEY Independence Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Satur day Lunch Club; Grinnell. MAXINE HUMESTON Union Liberal A rts Chi Omega; W.A.A. Board; Y.W. C.A.; Seals; Volleyball. MARY E. HOWE Muscatine Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha; Iowa Wesleyan. ROI.LIN V. A. HITNTEK Des Moinc-s Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta; University Players. 0. LESLIE HOWORTH Woodbine Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Commerce Club; Band; Orchestra. HELEX HUTCHISON Lake City Liberal Arts Chi Omega. LOTTIE R. HUFFMAN Iowa City Liberal Arts JOHN F. ITZEN Iowa City Medicine Central College. Page 77 K. IZUML Hana, Muni, T.H. Liberal Arts University of Hawaii; Cosmopolitan ( ' Ink .lOKKI ' H .lACOHSKN DllbuqiU Commerce I ' lii Kpsilon Pi; Dubnque University. EILEEN JACKSON iedar Falls Liberal Arts Erodelphian; Glee Club; T.S.T.C. Fio:i .1. JAKVIS Chariton Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta. WANDA JACKSON Lehigli Liberal Arts Octave Thanet; Orchestra; W.A.A. Board. MARGARET J. JKS ' KINS l.iheral Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Stephens. MARJORIE JACOBS Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi; U.S.C. ANSOAR B. JENSEN Cedar Falls Dentistry Phi Kappa Sigma; Xi Psi Phi; I.S. T.C. DONALD C. JACOBSEN Daiibuvy Commerce Phi Kappa Rho; Commerce Club; Spanish Club; Baseball Numeral; Sigma Tau Sigma. Treas. MBRIOM JKNSEN Grand Mound Engineering Theta Tau; Associate Editor, Transit. Page 78 WILLIAM JEPSON Sioux City Liberal Arts Phi Gamma Delta. JOHN J. JOHNSON Waterloo Commerce Acacia. ELIZABF.TH JERICHO F airfiolil Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Parsons; Octave Thanet. MAIMJAKKT JOHNSON- Waterloo Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Oiimina ; Seals. ALFRED R. JOHNSON Clinton DrntMry Psi Omega; Dental P:m Hellenic Council. HAROLD W. JOHNSTON Burlington Enifinrrrinfl Triangle; Burlington Jr. College. CHARLOTTE JOHNSON Oskaloosa Liberal A rts Delta Delta Delta; Penn; Apprentice Players. LfCILLE JOLLIFTE Iowa City Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; Orchestra. KMILY LOUISE JOHNSON Keoknk Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Theta. J). E. JONES Oxford Liberal A rts Chi Kappa Pi. Page 79 DORIS JONES Williamsburg Nursing Student Organization. LAVANDA JONES Wullimm Liberal Arty K:ip| ii Phi. ELLEN JONES Iowa City Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Erodelphian; Y.W. C.A.; Orchestra. M. Mii.nKFj) JONES Commerce I ' illar and Chapiter. Lawler GEORGE JONES Iowa Oily Liberal Arts Alpha Sigma Phi; University Players. PAUL H. JOKHA.N Ida (Srove Medicine Theta Epsilon; Burlington Jr. Col- lege. 1 1 II.DA JONKS Jordan Valley, Ore. Liberal Arts University of Oregon. Liberal Arts Theta Epsilon; Burlington College. JAMES W. JONES Iowa City Pharmacy Beta Phi Sigma. WILLIAM E. JUNK Berkeley, Calif. Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football Numeral. Page SO WALTER E. KALOUPEK Elberon Liberal Arts GLADYS KEHM Mason City Liberal Arts Mason City Jr. College. EVELYN KANAK Iowa City Liberal Arts Phi Mu; Kappa Phi. NORUKRT KELLEY Waterville Dentistry I ' M Kuppa; Newman Club; Zetagath JOHN F. KAUFMAN Ft. Dodge Commerce Phi Kappa; Fort Dodge Jr. College; Newman Club; Commerce Club. (rlLBKRT L. KEL8O Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Sigma; Band. Marengo KATHRYN KEARNS Hork Valley Liberal Artx Pi Beta Phi; Rosary College; New- man Club. MARGARET KELSO Liberal Arts Dubuque University. Dubuque DOROTHY ANN KEENAN LeMars Liberal Arts Theta Phi Alpha; St. Catherine ' s; Saint Paul; Western Union College. LORNE E. KENNEDY Council Bluffs Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega; Irving; Pi Ep- silon Pi; Frivol Staff; Cheer Leader. Page 81 CLAUDE L. KIDD Cedar Rapids Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta. Nichols ELIZABETH KIKKPATKICK Liberal Arts Xct,-i Tau Alpha; Frances Shinier A N NE K I M M EL Iowa City Commerce ( ' (inimerce Club; Pillar and Chapiter; Hillel Club. CARL W. KIRWIN Fayette Law A -acia; Phi Delta Phi; Cornell; Pres. Jr. Law Class; Student Hoard of Publications. CAROLINE KIRCHOPF Nursing Student Organization. Ft. Dodge Creatou ARLKNE KITCHING Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta; Simpson College. ELMA KIRK Iowa City Liberal Arts Commerce Club; Kappa Beta. EDSKO G. KLEIN Haspers Pharmacy ANNABELLE KIRKPATRICK Nichols Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha; Frances Shimer. CHARLOTTE KLEINWORT St. Ausgar Liberal Arts Phi Mu; Cornell; W.A.A. ; Kappa Phi; Saturday Lunch Club; Y.W. C.A. Page 8 MARY KLEMER Paribault, Minn. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi; Carleton College; Sat- urday Lunch Club. MAKCUKRITE KOPP Fort Madison Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Parsons; Y.W.C.A. ELLA KNOP Clear Lake Liberal Arts Mason City Jr. College. WILLIAM IF. KRAUSE Buffalo, Okln. Medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa; Dolphin. CYRIL KOEHN Elkader Dentistry Deltn Sigma Delta. R. L. KRKINER Ottumwa Dentistry Xi Psi Phi; Parsons. ' WALTER E. KOHRS Burlington Liberal Arts Burlington Jr. College. ARTHUR C. KRESS Rowley Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Rho ; Quad Council. CLARENCE E. KOPP Hubbard Liberal Arts Iowa State College; Rhoterian ; Delcmas. FLORENCE KRUEUER ( ' ha rles City Liberal Arts Phi Mu; Chorus; Y.W.C.A. Page SS MABEL KRUSE Dubuque Liberal Arts Dubuque University. BYRON G. KUNZMAN Keokuk Engineering Theta Tau. A. R. KRUSKOP Lytton Commerce Phi Kappa Rho; Alpha Kappa Psi; Commerce Club; Philomathean; Fresh. Party Comm. EDWARD C. KUTSCH Dubuque Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi ; Columbia College; Newman Club. CARLYLE KUCHEMAN Commerce Sigma Chi. Bellevuc EVALYN LL. LADEHOPF Walcott Liberal Arts Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. WALTER H. KUHN Liberal Arts Graceland College. Lamoni Walcott OLGA M. N. LADEHOFP Nursing Kappa Phi; Student Organization; Y.W.C.A. ' E. WOODY KUHLMAN Des Moines Liberal Arts Iowa State College. WILLIAM M. LAGE Pharmacy Sigma Chi. Davenport Page 84 T MAURICE LAIKD Mason City Commerce Phi Kappa Sigma; Tammany Club; Junior Commerce Pros. ARTHUR (). LEKK lAlx-ral Artx Irving; I ' lii l elta (ianima. Onawa HEKSCHEL G. LANUDON Ciilniore City Liberal Arts Acacia; Delta Sigma Klio; Phi Delta (iiininia; Xotagathian ; Inter cdllegiatc Debute. JOBIPBUf B AND J KMBKKO Soldier Commerce ELJIER A. LAKSKN Iowa City Att ' tliciiif Plii Beta Pi. DONALD LKIK Dubuque. Lihrral Artx Tlu-ta Xi. MARUARET B. LASHBROOK Iowa City l.ihrral Arts Delta Zeta ; Krodelpliian ; Women ' .s Debate; Des Moincs University. HELEN I,. LURCH Davenport Commerce V.W.C.A., Treas. ; (ilee Club; Wliit- by, Vice-Pros. LILIAX LAWLESS Paloina, III. Liberal Artx Chi Omega; Knox; Y.W.C.A.; Hes- peria; Apprentice Players. HELEN E. LEYTZE Independence Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Simpson; Hes- peria. f-age 85 ESTHER L. LIFFRINO Iowa City Law Kappa Beta Pi; University of Mich- igan. KDITH Ltsi.K Clarinda Liberal Art J ' i Beta Phi; Stephens; Y.W.C.A.; Saturday Luncli Club. LAWRENCE E. LIFFRING Law Phi Delta Chi. Iowa City Springfield .SIDNEY I). LOCH.MAN Law Lincoln College of Law; I]]. Wes- leyan; University of Wisconsin; Debate Squad; Apprentice Players. FLOYD G. LINDEMAN Dixon, 111. Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi. DAVID L. LOETSOHKK Sibley Liberal Arts I ' M Kappa Rho ; French Club; Ger- man Club. LA VERNE LINDQUIST Gowrie Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Aiigustana ; Oc- tave Thanet; Y.W.C.A. K. K. LOKGHKX Modiapnlis l iitistri Olee Club. MINNIE LINOREEN Ft. Dodge Liberal Arts W.A.A.; Lutheran Club. DOROTHY LOUR Kstherville Liberal Arts Page FKANCIS J. LONEKGAN Bancroft Liberal Arts DORIS LOUDEN Oehvein Liberal Arts Thct.- ' , 1 ' lii A]p)i:i; Krodelphian ; Signal I)p|t:i I ' lii; W.C.A.; New- man Club; Y.W.C.A.; Intercol- legiate Debute. ELIZABETH LONG Fair-field l.ilirral Arts Pi Beta T ' lii; Stcpliens ; Parsons; Y.W.C.A. TA M. LI ' KCKKI, Fort Madi.son Liberal Arts Alplui Xi Delta; Towa Wesleynn; I.8.T.C.; Pi Kappa Delta; Ham- lin Garland. .1 A . i KK M. LONG Des Moines Journalism Phi Kappa Sijjma. f ' HARLKS I). Ll ' KK Coin Engineering Alpha Chi Si ma ; I ' lii Lambda Up- silon; Band; Orchestra. LAURA LONG Fail-field Libi-rnl Arlx Pi Beta Phi; Stephens; Parsons; V. V.C.A. .IKAXXK MAI DONALD Mason City lAbrrnl Arlx Helta Delta Delta; Mason City Jr. College: Knulelphian. FRANCIS (!. LOOMIK Grand .Iniic-tion Liberal Arts DREW D. MACDOUGAL , Nichols ' Engineering Triangle; Apprentice Players. Page 87 MURIEL R. MAG-KELLAR Iowa City Liberal Arts JOHN 0. McC ' LiNTOCK Iowa City Medicine Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Dolphins; Swimming. KVKRKTTK Mt ' ARTHUR Center Point Pharmacy H. J. MC( ' I,OSKEY Dubui|ii Dentistry Beta I ' M!; Newman Club; Tennis; Columbia College. JOHN K. Mt ' BRiuK Medirim- Phi Beta Pi. Oelwein FRANK H. McCLUBG Keosauqua Liberal Arts Plii Delta Thct:i. BEKNICE McCAHON Cambridge, 111. Commerce Alpha Delta Pi; Commerce Club, Vice-Pres.; Pillar and Chapiter; Y.W.I ' .A.; W.A.A. RUBY McCoMBS North English Commerce Phi Mu; Iowa Wesleyan; W.A.A. ; Pillar and Chapiter. JOHN P. MCCAMMON Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma ; Pi Epsilou Pi. Perry MARGUERITE McCoNKiE Nevada Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta; Hesperia ; P.E.O. ; Apprentice Players ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Debate Squad. 88 . rift; MlIKRY H. Ml ' CRKKPy Ainswortll Medicine Monmonth. MALDEAN MCLAUOHLIN Anumosa Liberal Artx Newman Club; W.A.A.; Hockey. ALLEN P. McCuNE Otturawa Liberal Aria Sigma I ' lii Epsilon; l :irtiiiontli. MAKY MrLAumn.i.v Davenport Liberal Artx Atlioiu; FiTiicli Club; Newman Club. llAKOLDK. McFAKLANI) Whiting Commerce Sigma Tin Epailon. Mii,D!(Ki) MCVICKKK Iowa City Liberal Arlx SARA McGtiRK Iowa City Nursing Xc-winan Club; Coo; Student Organ- ization. AILKKX McWiLLiA.M Mpna, Ark. Liberal A r .v Mannolia A. M. College; Athena. LUCILLE McKiTRicK Omaha, Neb. Liberal Artx 1 ' hi Mu ; Monmouth College ; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A.; W. A.A. ELIZAUKTH MACINDOK Cherokee Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Frances Shimer. Page 89 HENRY MACKINTOSH Livermore, Commerce Moniingside; Commerce Club. LYI.KC. MAI.SKII Hampton Pharmacy Phi Delta Clii; l.S.T.O. EDNA MADSEN Nursing Student Organization. Kingstert Vaiikon MARIE MANDERSOHEID Com lu i rci Waukon Jr. College; Pillar and Chapiter; Newman Club; Com- merce Club. RUTH L. MAQGARD Liberal Arts Onawa EU-ZABETH MANNERS Des Moines Liberal A rtx Alpha Delta Pi ; Drake. VERA MALLONEE Nursing Simpson. Iowa City Vn,i,ARi)l ' . MAKKLK Lisccnnl) Vediefae 1 ' lii Clii; Dolphin; Minor " I " Water Polo; " I " Swimming. FORREST MALSED Hampton Commerce Theta Xi; Pi Epsilon Pi. MARION MARESH luwa City Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi; Octave Thanet; Pres. Forensic Council ; W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A. ; Cosmopolitan Club; Class Baseball; W.A. Council. Page 90 DARRELL A. MARKER Spencer Dentistry I ' hi Kappa Sigma; Griimcll; Treus. Jr. Dents. ROKKRT C. MATIIIK Griswold Engineering Tin-til Tan. OPAL MARSHALL Cherokee Commerce Pillar and Chapiter; W.A.A.; Y.W. C.A. (iKNKVIKVK M EA1 E Oxford Liberal Arts Rosary College; Xewman Club; Home Economics Club. JAMES L. MARTINSON Sioux City l i n lint ry Sigma Alpha Kpsilon; Morningsidc. Ri ' Tii MKADK Western-Spring!, HL I.ilnTdl Artx French Club; (let-man Club; Wliitby; Cosmopolitan Club. EVERETT R. MATHEWS Mt. Pleasant Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Sigma. MAKJOKIK MKIKLK Hedford Liberal Arts Stephens; Octave ' Tlianct. LINN HELEN MATHEWS Hoone Liberal Arts Delta Xeta ; Orchestra; Classical Club; Eta Sigma Phi. TIIEI..MA HTTII MEIKLE Medford Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha; Missouri Teachers College; Orchestra. Page 91 CKCILE MKSSNER Guthrie Center Nurxiiii Student Organization. Mn.oG. MKYKK Qladbrook Medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa. MOLLIK ANN MKTHKR Vaverly Nursing Student Organization; Y.W.C.A. WALTER ( ' . MKYKK Webster City Engineering FLOYD II. MKYKK Linn (!rovo Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi. KTIIKI, I,. M IDDI, KTON Spirit Lake Nlll ' xi n;f Stti li nt Organization. FKAXCES ELAINE MEYER Ft. Atkinson nrsinff Stiulent Organization; Newman Clnli. LUCY MILLER Yorkstown Liberal Arts Clarinda Jr. College. HELEN L. MEYER Ybster City Commerce I ' hi iTn; W.A.A. Board; Sophomore Cotillion Conim. ; Pillar and Chap- iter. KCHEKT MILLER Iowa City Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega; Irving; Y.M. C.A.; Golf Numeral; University Players. Page 98 ROSE MILLER Iowa City Liberal Arts ,f. KKNNETH MORTON Mason City Commerce Sigma Chi; Tammany Club; Numer- al Track; Mason City Jr. College. PAUL MITCHELL Cedar Rapids Liberal Arts Coe; Tennis Numeral; Quadrangle Basketball. IRMAMOSER Ft. Atkinson Liberal Arts Mt. St. Joseph College. ELVA.MOKHLINO Waverly Liberal Aria Cornell; Apprentice Players. V. Moss Rie.eville Commerce Chi Kappa Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Commerce Club. MYRL M. MORRIS Bagley Nursing Beta Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A. ; Jr. Vice Pres.; I.S.T.C. ESTHER Mouvv Lime Springs Nursing Student Organization. DOROTHY ANN MORRISON Lone Tree Liberal Arts Athena; French Club; Kappa Beta. CATHARINE MUELLER Iowa City Liberal Arts Theta Phi Alpha; Erodelphian; W. A. A.; .Saturday Lunch Club; New- man Club; Associated Students of Journalism; Hawkeye Staff. Page S3 FRANCIS J. MULLEN Des Moiiies Law Delta Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Grin nell. PAULE L. MYIIKK Osagc Liberal Arts Phi Gamma Delta; Pi Epsilon Pi; Cheer Leader; University Players; Hawkeye Staff; Frivol Staff; Iowa Literary Magazine. WENDELL MUNRO Marshalltown Engineering KOBKKTA NASH Williiimsburg Nursing Student Organization; Y.W.C.A. VELMA L. MYERS Nursing Student Organization. Collins CLARENCE L. NASHEN Raddiffc Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta. VKKNON H. MYERS West Liberty Engineering Triangle. (iKRTRUDE NATVIG Cresco Liberal Arts Chi Omega; I.S.T.C.; Y.W.C.A.; Classical Club. HEDRIG NYIIOLM Council Bluffs Liberal A rtx Erodelphian. KoseoE M. NEEDLES Atlantic Liberal Artx TTuiversity Players; t ' aye 94 HARRY B. NELSON Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta. Dayton M. NKWBY Lakota Niirxing LrciLB NELSON Iowa City Journalism Alpha Delta Pi; Erortelphian ; Uni- versity Players. A. I. NIKTZEL Musc.atinc Pharmacy RALPH A. NELSON Liberal Arts Gym Team. Keokuk TIIKI.MA Nioa Keystone Nursing Student Organization. STANLEY NELSON Humboklt Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Glee Club; Ap- prentice Players; Commerce Club. CAKI, A.NOE Amana Medicine Numeral Gymnastics; Minor " I " s Gymnastics; Capt. Gym Team; Pres. Sophomore Medicine. HKLK.V Ki-KKij) Davenport Liberal Arts Theta Phi Alpha; St. Joseph ' s Col- lege; Newman Club; W.A.A. JOHN I. NOLAN Van Home Liberal Arts Page US .1. EDWARD NOLAN Guthrie Center Commerce Newman Club; Commerce Club; Track. WILLIAM B. OLMSTKAD Sterling, Til. Liberal Aria Alpha Tau Omega ; University of Illinois. CARL GUSTAV NYSTROM Calinar Liberal Arts Frying; Lutheran Club; Boxing; Quadrangle Council. ALFRED IT. OLSON Souris, N. Dak. Dentistry Jamestown College. JOHN d. O ' BRIEN Fort Dodge l.ilifral Arts BKRTHAM R. OLSON Calinar Engineering Lutheran Club. JOSEPH F. O ' BRIEN Waukoii Liberal A rts Yaukoii Jr. College; Upper Iowa University; University Players. T. MARIE OLSON Des Moines Liberal Arts Home Economics Club. CHARLES O ' CONNOR Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta; Columbia. II ERMAN M. OLSON Alexander Dentistry Phi Tau Theta, Pres. ; Kochester Jr. College. tk ( M Page 96 MARGARET O ' NEIL Des Moines Liberal Arts Alpha Clii Omega; Drake. IllKlO V. OSTHKRC! Olds Commerce I)clt;i Sigma Pi ; Commerce Club. MERRILL ORANSKY Cedar Rapid Liberal Arts Phi Epsilon Pi; Track. LKK I). OUOH Clinton Liberal Arts Iow:i State College; Orchestra. MARY ORRIS N UTS ill 1 1 Student Organization. Lehigh JOHN W. PAI.AIKK Marshalltown Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda I ' p silon; Glee Club. COROLINE ORTMAN Primglmr Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. HARLANPANKAU Sheridan, Mo. Pharmaey Beta Phi Sigma. JOHN L. Osooon Ksthervillc Dentistry Phi Gamma Delta; Delta Sigma Delta; Dolphin Club; Pres. Soph- omore Dents. VKI.MA PARISH Jordan, Mont. Liberal Artx Montana State Normal. Page 7 HORACE G. PARKER Ma.son City Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega. HALPH PENDEGRAFT Clarinda Liberal Arts Clarinda Jr. College. ADALYNPATTIS Laurens Liberal Arts Ft. Dodge Jr. College. II. DAVID FENNEL Keystone Li bt ' riil Arts VIRGINIA PATTY Iowa City Liberal Arts JOHN W. PENNINGTON Iowa City Medicine I ' lii Beta Pi. CARL-TON J. PECK Decorah Pharmacy Beta Phi Sigma; Luther College. PERRY Liberal Arts Cresco JANE PENDARVIS Nursing Boone IDA E. PETERS Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi; I.S.T.C. Burt Page 98 LEO N. PETERSON Miles Journalism Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; lowan Sports Editor; Hawkeye Sports Editor. BOY P. PORTER Waterloo Journalism Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Epsilon Pi, Pres., nat ' l Pres.; Student Council, Vice-Pres. ; Uni- versity Social Committee; Editor- in-chief, 1929 Hawkeye; Pica Ball Conun. ; Soph. Cotillion Comm. ; Associated Students of Journal ism; University Players. VIVIAN PETEKSON Commerce Dayton LOUISE PROBST Davenport Liberal Arts MlI.mtEDPFARR Tiptoil Commerce Commerce Club; Pillar and Chapiter. GLENN L. PRUDHON Nashua Engineering Triangle. HELEN LOUISE PHILLIPPS Nursing Student Organization. Albia VIRGINIA QUINBY Mason City Pharmacy Kappa Delta; W.A.A.; Octave Thanet; Y.W.C.A. MAE L. PLETTE Pella Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Athena; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A.; Apprentice Play- LYLE T. QUINN Boone Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Delta; Debate Team; Simpson. Page 99 fage 100 IRENE RAINIER Liberal Arts Logan VIVIEN RKUINA REESE Now London Liberal Arts Kappa Plii; Hamlin Garland; Y.W. C.A.; Chorus. FLORENCE RASMUS Cherokee Liberal Arts Chi Omega; Ward Belmont ; Athena; Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A. TKAOF.IJ RICE Massillon, O. Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa (iamnia. ESTHER MARIE RASMUSSEN Ruthven Liberal Arts Hamlin Garland; W.A.A.; Ooneordia C ' lub; Debate Squad; Volleyball; Baseball. LOUIS |{l( ' ][ Dos Moinos Journalixm Sigma Nu; Hawkeyo Staff; Daily lowan Bus. Staff; Des Moines Univ. BERNICE READ Stanhope Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi; Kappa Beta; W.A.A. VICTOR J. RICHTER Cedar Uapids Engineering Theta Tau; Coe. MILDRED REED Waucoma Commerce. Pillar and Chapiter; Commerce Club. DORKS J. RIEDKMAN Dentistry Alton CAKKOLI. G. RINDEN Marslialltown Commerce Sigma Chi. VIT,KKKT KoHi rr Davenport Com merer Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Club. LI.OYD E. KOHKKTS Kstherville Commerce Sigma Chi. KKKD A. KOLKS Aplington Liberal Arts Chi Delta Pi ; Hiinil ; Orchestra ; Sophomore Cotillion Cumin.; Omega Heta Pi; liailio Studio Orchestra. KATHEKINE ROBINSON Taylor Kidge, 111. Liberal Arts Alj ha Chi Omega; JVIomnouth ; lies- poria. BEN J. KOTTKK Volf(inl Liberal Arts Chi Delta Psi. LEEC. KOCKSIKN Manning Pharmacy Beta I ' lii Sigma. .1. 11 ' . UorsK Mnntnur .ibfi-nl Arts Helta Chi; Boxing; Vice I ' rrs. Jr. ' lass. LEE KODDEWKJ Davenport Commerce Phi Delta Theta. MAIITIN T. RorsK Iowa City Commerce Beta Psi; Commerce CJub; Xewmaii Club. fage 101 BEHTHA EUBEL Emmetsburg Liberal Arts Classical Club. DOROTHY E. RYAN Winthrop Commerce Kappa Delta ; St. Joseph College ; Pillar and Chapiter; Newman Club; Atheua. HELEN M. ETJBYOR Randalia Liberal Arts 3Cappa Alpha Theta; Octave Thanet; Y.W.C.A. ; Apprentice Players ; Coe; " The Wisdom Tooth. " RUTH SALA Davenport Liberal Arts Chi Omega ; Y.W.C.A. ; W.A.A. ; Iowa State College. KATHERINE ANN RUHL Davenport Nursing Student Organization; Y.W.C.A. ALMA SELL Worthington, Minn. Nursing Student Organization. MARIANO V. Ruiz Laoag, P. I. Engineering Armour Institute of Technology; Amer. Inst. of Chem. Eng. ; Cos- mopolitan Club; Filipino Club. ELMER L. SANFORD Kanawha Pharmacy HELEN BETTY RUSSELL Muscatine Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega, Colorado College; Y.W.C.A. MARY SARGENT Cedar Rapids Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Ward Bel- mont. Page ROBERT E. SASS Davenport Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma. FRANK W. SCHLUKTER Amana Liberal A rtx Clii Delta Psi. VIRGINIA F. SAWYER Henderson, Ky. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta; Stephens; Oc- tave Thanet; Y.W.C.A. c ' K (J. SCHMIDT Medicine Nu Signui Phi. Postville KAYMOND J. SCHOFER Roclielle, III. Commerce Beta Psi; Commerce Club; Newman Club. MAKOUKRITK Sen M IDT Battle Creek Liberal Arts W.A.A. Board. E. W. SCHELDRUP Minneapolis, Minn. Medicine Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; University of Minnesota. FREDKKIC SCIINELLER Mason Citv Liberal Arts Sigma Nu; Irving; Pres. Pi Kpsilon Pi; Phi Delta Gamma; Y.M.C.A.; Pica Ball Committee; Frivol Staff ; Iowa Literary Magazine Board; St mil-lit Publications Board; Daily Imvan Staff. CHARLES F. SCHICK Davenport Commerce Commerce Club. JOHN SCHOENFELDER Larchwood Liberal Arts Creighton University. Page 1Q3 LUCILE SCHOLTY Orange City Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega . ; Simi)son ; Glee Club. ELIZABETH SCHUNK Wright Liberal Arts V.W.C.A. Cabinet; W.A.A.; I ' oiin. EDWARD L. SC ' HOTT Cincinnati, O. Commerce Delta Tan Delta; Golf Captain. ORPHA SCHUPPEBT. Iowa City Liberal Arts V.W.C.A. ; Freshman Commission ; Apprentice Players. IRENE SCHUESSLER Io va City Liberal Arts Kappa Beta ; Home Economies Club. KIMVAKD SKBKKC Marslialllown Pharmacy yniid Association; Iowa Stiitc C,,| lege. FRANCES B. SCHULTZ Doon Liberal Arts LOWELL SKBKKN Marion Commerce I.S.T.C. TOKEN A SCHULTZE I ' ra irie C ity Nursing Western State Normal; Cosmopolitan Club: V.W.C.A.; .Student Volun- teers; Student Organization. SIDNEY M. SEGAL Des Moines Commerce Phi Epsilon Pi. Pape 104 JOSEPH W. SEXTON Liberal Arts Xcvvman Club. Douda JACOB SMOI.NICK Centervillc Engineering I ' hi Beta Delta; Hillei; Mechanical Society; Associated Students of Engineering. KAY W. SHKARMAN Jefferson Commerce Alpha Ka] pa Psi; Commerce Club. THEL.MA SIIOMLER Cedar Rapids Liberal Arts Seals; Glee Club; W.A.A.; Corres. Se.- ' y., Vice-Pres. of W.A.A. ; Freshman Baseball; Sophomore Track; Sophomore, Junior Hockey. DOROTHY Si IEI.I,. VHAKGER Liberal Arts Kappa Phi. Letts I.oris SHUI.MAN Iowa City Liberal Arts I ' hi Beta Delta. MAKGARET SHERIDAN Iowa City Liberal Arts Thetii I ' hi Alpha; Krodelphian ; New- man Club. ( " CKJ ON SIEKKIN Rolt ' e Art Sigma Nu; Irving; Illinois Debate; Freshman Declamatory ; Soph oinore Debate. FLOYD C. SHINN Osceola Engineering Society of Mechanical Engineers. ERWI.V H. SIMPSON Bellevuc Liberal Arts Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Dolphins. Page 105 WILMA SIMS Port Arthur, Tex. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; Baylor Univer- sity; Y.W.C.A. DONALD SLATUHTEK Shelby Medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa. KDYTHE SINDEN Maquoketa Liberal Arts Chi Omega; Knox; Y.W.C.A.; W. A.A. DOKOTIIY K. SMITH Nursing Student Organization. DeWitt ALBERT II. SINGLEY Moulton Dentistry KVEKKTT K. SMITH Kolfe Com in IT ff Phi Tau Theta; Scabbard and Blade. U. SISSEL Muscatine Liberal Arts Tiieta Kpsilon; W.A.A.; Volley Ball; Baseball. FLORENCE D. SMITH Winterset Liberal Artx Pi Beta Phi; George Washington University. EDWIN ( ' . SITTLEK Keokuk Engineering Triangle; Transit. JKAXKTTE SMITH Cedar Rapids Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha; Orchestra. 3 Page 106 KATHRYN SMITH Iowa City Commerce Kappa Beta; Commerce Club; Pillar and Chapiter; Sec.-Treas. Junior Commerce Class. MARGARET SMOKE Iowa City Liberal Arts Women ' s Forensic Council; Y.W.C. A.; Hesperia. LOLA SMITH Reading, Minn. Nursing FRANCES KNITKAY Belle Plaine Liberal Arts Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. RUTH SMITH Mason City Liberal Arts Mason City Jr. College. EVA. SNYDER Lone Tree Nursing I.S.T.C. VELMA P. SMITH Liberal Artx Kappa Beta ; Coe. La K ota MYRTLE SNYDER Dallas Center Pharmacy Kappa Epsilon. WALTER W. SMITH Alexander Dentistry WALLACE F. SNYDER Iowa City Phi Gamma Delta; Dolphin Frater- nity; Numeral Swimming. Page 107 " WILFORD E. SNYDER Delta Commerce Delta Sigma Pi ; (lice Club; Com- merce Club; I.S.T.O. JACK |{. STANKIKLD Mason City Low I ' lii (lamina Delta; Mason City .Ir. College; I ' lii Alpha Delta; Quiver sity I ' layers; V.M.C.A., Pros.; Ad- visory Board ; Student Council. VIOLA 1?. SO::ENSKN Austin, Minn. If urging Student Organization. ALKREDA STANLEY Lincoln, X. II. Liberal Arts -Mplia Delta I ' i; Boston University; C.lec Club. VESPER SPKM KK Cliariton Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta; Parsons. CATTEKINK ST. Cl.AlK M a rslia I Itown Liberal Arts Delta (lamina; !mmell; Krodel- pliian; University Players. CAUL L. SPIES Graettinger Commerce Delta Sigma I ' i; Cornell; Numerals, Basketball, Baseball; Commerce Club. LYX STKPIIEXSOX Burlington Liberal Aria Chi Omega: Western College: Y.W. C.A.: Hesperia; Classical Club. Kr.xxETH A. SQUIKR Clarinda Liberal Arlx Clarinda Jr. College. KOLUX M. STEVENS Iowa City Dentistry Xi Psi Phi; I.S.T.C. M Page 108 (tt ZONA STEVENSON Des Moines Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta ; Lindenwood College; Apprentice Players; Sat- nrd.-iy Lunch Club; Y.W.C.A. I. (). STUTKMAN Iowa City Pharmacy MINNIE F. STONE Bussey Liberal Arts Kiippn Delta; I.S.T.C. I,ORENE SWANSON Wall Lake Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi. D. Q. STORIE Chariton Dentistry Alpha Sigma Phi. I, A VF.KNE VV. NWHIKRT Boxholni Liberal Aria Xetagathian. ELIZABETH STUBBLEPIELD Ipava, 111. Liberal Arts Delta Zeta; Eureka College; Erodel phian; Varsity Debate; Apprentice Players. DF.RONDA D. TAOGERT Chatsworth Engineering Triangle; Band; Transit. OTTO STi ' K ' K Viiiton Engineering DKAN B. TAMISEA Missouri Valley Liberal Arts ( Yeighton University. Page 109 DOROTHY TANNER Iowa City Nursing Greenville College. RICHARD H. THOMPSON Algona Dentistry .7 AMES E. TAYLOR JR. Boley, Okla. Liberal Arts Alpha Phi Alpha; Y.M.C.A. ; Forum. ROBERT E. THOMPSON Murryaville, Pa. Dentistry Xi Psi Phi; Baseball Nuberal. CHARLES L. TEMPLE Osceola Commerce Theta Xi ; Philomathean ; Men ' s Korcnsie Council; Commerce Club; Sophomore Cotillion Comm. ; Fresh- man Debate and Oratory. WILLIAM (1. THOMPSON Cedar Rapids Commerce Thetn Kappa Epsilon ; Delta Sigma Pi; Art Editor Frivol. J. HAROLD TF.RRY Iowa City Journalism Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi ; Associated Students of Jour- nalism; Numeral Wrestling. VELMA THRELKELD Chariton Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega; I.S.T.C.; Simp- son ; W.A.A. CLAYTON B. THOMPSON Ilawarden Liberal Arts Chi Kappa Pi; Baseball Numeral; " I " Club; Junior Prom Comm. FRANCIS J. TOBIN Iowa City Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Commerce Club; Daily lowan Staff. PHIJC 110 3I VELMA TOBIN Iowa City Liberal Arts Athena; Newinan Club; Glee Club. DOKOTHY TURNER Iowa Falls Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta; Octave Tlimiet ; Ellsworth. H.A. TOLLIVER Charles City Medicine Delcmas. CHARLES H. URUANOKN Muscatine Liberal Arts Phi Epsilon Pi. FRANCIS W. TOMASEK Williamsburg Commerce Theta Xi; Glee Club, Bus. Man.; Continue; Philomathean ; Fresh man Debate; Commerce Club. MARIK VANDERm ' Kci Ilospers Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega ; Morningside ; Black Hills College; Hesperia; Y. W.C.A. E. C. TUCKER Wever Dentistry Alpha Sigma Phi; Xi Psi Phi. Ft. Dodge LILLIAN VANDERHOPF Nursing Student Organization; Y.W.C.A. MARY TUOMEY Parnell Liberal Arts Theta Phi Alpha; Iowa State Col- lege; Newman Club; Home Eco- nomics Club. JOSEPH VAN DER VEER Cedar Falls Medicine Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Orchestra; I.S.T.C. Page, ll ' t EDITH VAN HOUTEN Davenport Liberal Arts Gamma Phi Beta; Eta Sigma Plii. CHARI.KS VIKRCK Avoca Engineering Sigma Chi; Theta Tan. AMOK VAN LAW Marsmilltown Liberal Arts Camma Phi Beta; Hesperia ; Univer- sity Players; Frivol Staff. ,T.F. Vooi.KR Davenport Liberal Arts Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard ami Blade. HENRY VF.R WEY Itock Valley Liberal Arts KARL J. VOLTMER Sigourney Liberal Art.t KICIIARD VETTER Davenport Liberal Arts Beta Theta Pi; Hnwkeye Military Editor. FRANK VOLTMER Sigourney Commerce LORA VETTERICK Massena Liberal Arts Delta Zeta. WAI.KKR B. HENDERSON Independence Medicine Alpha Kappa Kappa; Vice-Pres. Jr. Medics; Gym Numeral; Major " I " Gym; Captain Gym Team. Page US NORMAN 3. WAFFLE Marion Liberal Arts Band ; Freshman Track ; I rving ; Sophomore Debate. JAM KB A. WAUEIIAM Creston Commerce I ' lii Kappa Sigma; Drake. KOBERT C. WAGGONER DeWitt Law Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; University of Illinois. KKRTIIA WATERMAN C.uttenberg Liberal Arts Belllughara (State Normal; Classical Hub. LUCY MAKQARET WAITT Sioux City Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma; Welleslry College; Seals; Apprentice Player . ALICE WATTS Des Moinex Liberal Arts Iowa State College. DONALD A. WALLACE Des Moinos Liberal Art Des Moines University. LEE A. WEBER Omaha, Neb. Liberal Arts (University Players. HENRY M. WARD Sterling, 111. Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon; University of Illinois. LKK.C. WEBER Davenport Commerce Sigma Chi ; Commerce Club. Page 113 LOLA L. WEBKII Iowa City Lihcral Arts Kappa Plii ; Burlington Jr. College. SYLVESTER M. WELSH Xe v Albin Medicine I ' lii Chi; University of Visccnisin. JACOB P. WEG.MULUCII Liberal Arts AcHcia. Oxford KLKNf. VKNT VOKTII Vinstccl, Conn. Lilirral Art. VIVIAN WEIHEI, Fairbunk Lihrnil Arts MAICV VK.iTXjiAi, ' (iiiE!i lo v;i City Liberal Arlx ICii|i| :i I ' lii. UOYAL A. WKIH Oriswold Medicine Omega Beta J ' i; Alplia Kappa Kappa ; Wrestling. C. A. WIIKKLER Sf. Louis, M . Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha 1 ' si; I ' niversily of III.: Univorsily Forum. M. KsTiiKit WKI.I.S Xowton Libri ' dl Aria .Ml. St. Joscpli College; Newman Club. FiiKl) WIIITK Ainsworlli Lilirnil .1 rl.-i I liilomatliean. Page HELEN WHITE Mason City Liberal Arts Mil son City Jr. College. GUT H. WISOEKHOF Sully Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi; Ames; Dos Monies University. BLANCHE WILLENBKOCK Iowa City Liberal Arts WALDO WISSLEK Oakdale Liberal Arts JANICK K. WILLIAMS Bedding Liberal Aria Delta Delta Delta; Missouri State Teachers; Apprentice Players. M AKCARET WOLF Charles City Liberal Arts NEWELL F. WILLIAMS Iowa City Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Sigma; I.S.T.C. . WOI.K West Liberty Liberal Artu Whilby; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. I|I;::KY L. WILSON Csage 1 ' hi Delta (!aiiuu:i; I ' liiliiinathcan ; Forensic Couiu-il; Sal unlay I-MIC!: Club hoard. KDN.V Wci.Koitn Loin- Tree Hurting l.S.T.C!. 11 ! MAHKL WOODHKIDUK Dos Monies Liberal Arlx Alpha Delta I ' i; Drake. lioiiKii ' j 1 WHKIIIT Algona Pharmacy Alpha Sigma Phi; Iowa Stale Col- lege; (Jlee Clul.. EDITH WOODFORD Sergeant Bluff Liberal Arts Phi Omega Pi; Orchestra. VKI.MA WY.MKII I Ab frill Arts I ' lii Mu; W.A.A. Scvmour DOUOTIIY F. WOODKUFF Ft. Dodge Liberal Arts Alpha Ohi Omega; Ft. Dodge Jr. College; Hesperia. (iKKNIK ' ODKIt Killuilil Jfvrting Kappa Beta; Stuileiit Organi .ation ; Y.W.O.A. (iKOKGG WOODKVKF MaSdll City Engineering Sigma Chi; Circulation Manager, Transit; Numeral Football; I ' res. Jr. Engineers. MAIMIAHKT Vorxn Eagle Grove I.iharal Arts Alplui Xi Delta; Hesperia; Orchestra. K ' AI.IMI VOUNO l.aui-el Joiintalifiin Chi Kappa Pi; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi KpNilon Pi; Musiness Manager, 192!! Jlawkeye; (JampiiH Editor, Daily lowan ; Pres. Junior Ij.A.; Chair., Pica Ball ; Vice-Pres., As- soeined Students of Journalism. Seabliard and Blade. Page 116 1 L Third Year Law Class OFFICERS EDWARD FORD SHERMAN BOSK THOMAS HANLY President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS GLENN F. BARR OTTO C. BAUCH JOHN D. BEARDSLKY XEAL J. BIXLER SHERMAN A. BKOSK ALOYSIUS 0. CAMPBELL HARVEY J. CARTER WILLIAM IT. CHAMBERLAIN Louis C. CLARK L. DALE COFFMAN MALCOLM O. CKAFT MILDRED F. CRAWFORD LEFOREST DlZOTELLE FRANCIS P. FALVBY GILBERT G. FlNLEY EDWARD W. FORD ALLIE M. FRAZIER DONALD M. GRAHAM THOMAS J. HANLEY WILLIAM C. HALL ROY HOWARD JAMES W. HUISKAMP WALTER R. HUTCHINSON TYRRELL M. INGEKSOLL WILLIAM J. JACKSON GILBERT S. JAMES ALBIN O. KELLEY WILLIAM III LARRABEE ORLANDO B. LIMOSETH CHARLES J.LYNCH BIIELL J. MAXWELL J. EARLE MILLER Hi NES MOUNT ANGUS M. MTTNRO HARRY B. MFNSELL FRED C. McCoRD EVERETT A. XOREMUS JOHN B. PIZEY STANLEY E. PRALL WALTER W. PRICE MILO S. REDFIELD FRANKLIN F. ROBINSON JOSEPH F. ROSENFIELD HELEN E. Ross WILLIAM H. SCHRAMPFER LORENZO M. SILLIMAN GLEN C. SIMPSON JOSEPH F. SLANINGER DALE O. STENTZ DAVID T. STERLING CHARLES F. STILLWILL RICHARDSON J. THOMPSON ARNOLD W. TUMMEI, CORAL. UNASH EDWARD J. VAN HOENE KEITH V. WARE JOSEPH O. WATSON ROBERT D. WELLS PAUL B. WELTY LELAND J. WEST LAURENCE A. WINKKI, JOHN F. WIRDS Page US Second Year Law Class OFFICERS CARL KIRWIN CRAIG KENNEDY . ESTHER LIFFRING . . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS LESLIE L. ABBOTT MEAKL G. ADAMS HENRY B. BAILEY CHARLES L. BAKER EDWIN W. BARON AnE W. BASS FOREST L. BEDELL BILL P. BUTTS JOHN N. CALHOUN Louis F. CARROLL JOHN K. CHALMERS JAMES L. DKVITT DOYLE W. DICKINSON JOSEPH E. FENNELL HOWARD B. FLETCHER JACK J. FRANKLIN RUSSELL E. FRISBIE ORVILLE F. GRAIIAME NATHAN GRANT WALTER I . HANSON JOHN W. HELPER ELBERT K. HENDRICKS RUSSELL I. HESS BURDETTB L. HlLLIARD DON T. HINES THOMAS P. HOLLOWELL FRANK E. HORACK,JR. BENSON L. HOYT FERRIS E. HURD ELM EH E. JOHNSON LEROY H. JOHNSON CHRISTOPHER E. JONES CRAIG B. KENNEDY BERNARD J. KENNY CARL W. KIUWIN GAYLORD T). KNUDSON ADOLPH H. KOHLIIAMMER ESTHER L. LIFFRING LAWRENCE E. LlPFRINO FRANCIS J. MULLEN JOE E. MCELROY WILLIAM R. MCKELLY FRANCIS J. MA LAUGHLIN RICHARD A. NELSON JAMES S. NEWMAN LOWELL D. PHELPS FRANK A. RISER JOSEPH ROSENBERG Louis E. SAIIN JOHN S. SEARS TOM E. SHEARER CLARENCE W. SMITH WESLEY A. SMITH MAURICE G. SPEERS JACK R. STANFIELD L. PAUL TOOMEY JOHN K. VALENTINE JOHN L. VAN STEENBERGEN HAROLD W. VESTERMARK BOREKT C. WAGGONER EARL H. WILLIAMS HARLAN J. WILLIAMSON CHARLES M. WYLLIE - f we -119 First Year Law Class O F F I C K K S RICHARD DAVIS . , FREDERIC LARRAHKK JOHN HEBBRLIND I ' rt ' siik ' nt Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ALBERTS. ABEL E MIL M. BEHNKE JAMES W. BELLAMY EDWARD R. BOYLE FLORENCE E. BROWN ALLEN A. BRUNSON MERLIN I. CARTER HARVEY M. COATS CHARLES M. CORWIN JOHN C. GRAIN WILLIAM W. CRISSMAN WILLIAM M. DALLAS RICHARD C. DAVIS CHARLES L. DOLLARHIDE ROYAL R. DUCKWORTH ROBERT F. ESTEY BEN E. EYRE MARY K. FAOAN HAROLD T. FAWCETT GAIL J. FlLLENWORTH JAMES P. FRANCE ERNEST GERDES DANIEL E. GOODYKOONTZ E. KENNETH HAOERMAN FRANK J. HAOERTY JACK R. HARRIS ROLLO J. HARWOOD HERBERT H. HAUOE JOHN W. HEBERLINO J ' . CHESTER HERSH WILLIAM HEUER CHARLES E. HIRD GEORGE E. HITCHCOCK BEN B. HOCHENBERG CHESTER O. HOUOEN ROBERT N. JOHNSON CHARLES I. JOY MAX J. KANE JOHN B. KIRCHNER RAYMOND J. KREMER DUANE R. LACOCK JOHN P. LAOOMARCINO FREDERICK O. LARHABEE JOHN R. LEWIS WILLIAM L. MOOTY JOHN L. MOWRY LEWIS E. MCMANUS E. DALE NASON EDWIN H. NEILL HENRY N. NEUMAN CHARLES B. JSUTTINO A I.FRED M.PABST JAMES W. I ' ATTIE LAWRENCE J. PERIGO ALFRED E. PETERSON PAUL E. RAYMOND ANTHONY RHOMBERG SARLOCK M. RIES JOSEPH G. ROGERS CARLETON C. SALTZMAN REUBEN W. SCHARK MARVIN M. SCHMIDT RALPH P. SCHUMP ALICE M. SEBOLT DONNELL H. SMITH CHARLES D. SOKOL WILLIAM M. SPENCER DONALD K. STALKY JOSEPH A. STEWART CLIO E. STRAIGHT HAROLD W. SWIFT DEAN P. THOMAS FORREST L. VAN GILDER EDGAR L. WALKER Dox K. WALTER JOHN F. WEBBER F. ROE WEISE MARLOWE C. WILLIAMS JAMES R. WILSON RICHARD B. VOLFE I Page 110 L - - Senior Engineering Class F F 1 C K K S JOHN McGuiRE President LESTER BENESH Vice-President HEKKKKT YOUNG Secretary-Treasurer JOHN s. BECK NAUHKIAR. HECTOR LESTER BEN KS 1 1 DONNELLY BLACK FRANK } ' . BROCK ROY K. CARLSON BEN O. CARSON WILLIAM H!. CHRISTIANSEN JOE (!. COMITO KCCENE B. CONNER FRANK W. EDWARDS WALLACE A. KI.LIOTT LLOYD H. FLICKINUER HARVEY W. FRANKS CLARENCE F. FURST Kozo FUJITA ALBERT J. GROTHER MEMBERS GlLDREE A. C.UNDERSON ROBERT R. HARRIS LLOYD L. HASKETT MARSHALL B. KURD RAYMOND 0. INGRAHAM RAYMOND H. JEBKNS JOHN T. JONES JAMKS L. JORDAN FRANCIS L. KI INK C. H. LEWIS JOHN I). LYKINS ROBERT B. MCALLISTER JOHN R. McGuiRE ORLA E. McGuiRE JOHN G. MURPHY (iKOKOE R. PARI-ZEK MARVIN J. REID ROBERT C. RISK ROLAND L. ROY ROBERT I). SCHMICKLE FLOYD E. SCHNEIDER OMER 0. SIEVERIN ; HAROLD J. SNYDER TRAVIC W. KTRICKLIN DEAN W. KWANSON JAMES TAYLOR DONALD L. THOMAS R. L. THOMAS GREGORY A. VINCENT RAYMOND X. WELDY WILLIAM VV. WERTZBAUOHER WILBUR IT. WICHAM H. H. TOUNO : Page Junior Engineering Class OFFICERS GEORGE WOODRUFF VEKNON MYERS . WAYNE BLACK President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS CARL T. ANDERSON JOSEPH BERNSTEIN HAYSK H. BLACK GEORGE A. BRADY KENNETH E. BROWN LAWRENCE S. CAIN THOMAS C. CARSON PAUL J. CERNY HOWARD L. COOK JOE C. CROOKHAM JOHN B. CUTLER ARTHUR R. DEES THOMAS P. DONNELLY T. ENGLEHART A LFRED FELDT MARLIN E. FOGLF, EARL O. FIALA JACK HANDY JR. A LFKED I. HESS JOHN T. HICKLIN HAROLD HOSKI.NS MERION H. JENSEN HAROLD W. JOHNSTON BYRON G. KUNZMAN RALPH E. LEWIS CHARLES D. LUKE DREW D. MACDOUGAL JOHN P. MARTIN FLORENTINO 8. MARTINEZ ROBERT C. MATHIS WALTER G. MEYER DWIGHT S. MILLS WENDALL P. MUNRO VERNON H. MYERS ELWIN J. O ' BRIEN BERTRAM R. OLSON GLENN L. PRUDHON MARIUS S. PLUMLY KMIL H. RAUSCH JAMES E. REEVES VICTOR J. RICHTER WILLIAM L. ROBINSON PETEK ROSMOVSKY MARIANO V. Ruiz GEORGE E. SCRIBNER LLOYD C. SHINN JAKE SHKOLNICK EDWIN C. SITTLER JOSEPH SMATLAN GEORGE W. SPURGEON OTTO T. STUECK HAROLD C. SWAIN DF.K ' ONEA TAKUKKT MEARL W. TILDEX ELLSWORTH C. TORGKK.SOX MON TOK TOM CHARLES J. VIERCK MASON K. WASSOM KARL J. WESTENBERGER (IEORGE M. WOODRUFF Page 123 Sophomore Engineering Class OFFICERS PAUL AMMONS President ARTHUR PETERSON Vice-President EARL DAVIS Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS PAUL W. AMMONS GORDON C. ARMSTRONG PAUL G. ARVIDSON ERNEST R. ARVIDSON KARL C. ASCHENBRENNER BlRCHARD O. ASHENFKLTER FRANK W. ASHTON LEO W. BALDWIN MILFORD BERGSTEN WILLIAM C. BLACKBURN IIiuBARD A. BLAND LYLE B. BRITTON J. W. CAMPAIN RAYMOND CARLSON CLARENCE H. CLARK KENNETH W. CONKLIN ALBERT M. DAMEHOW HAROLD E. DAVIS EAXL DAVIS EDWARD J. DECKER BASIL DEEGAN GAYLORD S. EIOE WILFRED W. ELWELL DILLON EVERS CECIL C. FAWCETT THOMAS F. FETROW HAROLD L. FINCH JOHN M. GADDIS LEDRU GARRETT LELAND W. GARRETT HARRY GREEN JAMES K. HAMIL PEARL I. HARDWICK DONALD D. HATCH ROBERT K. HEMPHILL JOEL H. HIRSCH VERNON HOLMES GERALD O. INMAN ERNEST KOSEK RAYMOND LENZ CLIFFORD A. LEWIS FORD D. LOVELAND RICHARD N. LYONS TOKLBIO S. MARIANO HARVEY G. MCANDREWS FKED H. MclNTOSH JOHN C. MclNTYRE LEO N. MILLER JOHN F. MOUGIN CHARLES D. MULLINEX WALLACE E. NELSON WILLIAM M. NEWTON JAMES NEWSOME EMIL A. PESHEK ARTHUR G. PETERSON KENNETH S. PLUCAR RICHARD F. POSTON SIDNEY L. PRICE HERMAN E. RIBBLE RICHARD W. RINDERKNECHT ISADORE J. ROCKLIN KENNETH W. SANGER MERLE J. SANGER CARL F. SCHACH DEAN E. SCHLARBAUM JOE O. SHEROD JOHN P. SMOUSE RAY E. STAUFFER W. DEAN TEN EYCK GEORGE B. UNRATH GENE I. UTTERBACK BURL E. VANDECAR CARROLL C. Voss FAY E. WAGNEK AMBROSE H. WEISKIRCHER CARL S. WILLIAMS Page 1SS Freshman Engineering Class OFFICERS HAROLD F. RUSSELL President HEKBKRTF. BRUNS Vice-President WILLIAM E.GLIDDEN SpcTet. ' iry-Troasurer M E M B E B S FREDERIC X. ABEL HAROLD M. BAKKE BIRD W. BALDWIN JOSEPH A. BASCHNAOKL RUDOLPH B. BERN PAUL M. BOARTS MAX E. BOWEN ARTHUR E. BROWN HUBERT F. BRUNS HENRY BRYANT GEORGE A. BURCOMBE CLARENCE V. BURNS JOHN D. CANTWELL LEO CECHUVA THOMAS F. CIIALLTS RALPH I. CLAASSEN KENNETH CLARK PAUL B. CLOVER KAY COCHRAN DON A. COZINE HORACE CRAWFORD LEWIS C. CHOUSE ALFRED B. CUMMINS EDWARD T. CUYLER LEE DANIEL RALPH M. FARIS JAMES D. FITZGERALD DANIEL G. FRITZ GARLAND GEARHART WAYNE G. GEER BERNARD A. GIBNEY WILLIAM E. GLIDDEN ELMER A. GRISMOHE HER MAX J. GTTM ANN- DALE B. HARRIS ALVIN C. HART si AN LYLE E. HEDHICK LAWRENCE G. HILL CLYDE W. HOUSKK LLOYD S. HOUVKNAGLE DONALD D. JKNKINS RAMON T. JESSEN Lu VERNE W. KEIIK WAYNE B. KNIGHT PHILIP J. KROUTH MICHELINE J. LAZIO JOHN LINDEMAN FRITZ W. LEWIS FLOYD O. LYDDON JOHN K. LYONS ROBKRTT. McELHINNEY GORDON ' MrKiM PAUL F. McMAHAN PAUL J. MAIIONEY DAVID W. MAKCHANT VANCE B. MARQUIS CHARLES G. MARTIN KRWIN C. MATZDORFF LEONARD 1 ' . MEADE WILLIS J. MOORK DALE R. Mono AN SHERMAN MULLIKEN PAUL P. MURDY ERNEST M. OLSON ALBERT !. OWEN C. R. PACKER GLENN PATTERSON JAMES PETERS STANTON M. PETERSON EVERETT J. BAAHE CARL E. RANTZOW DONALD J. REIMEHS GKORGE A. RODDY HAROLD F. RUSSELL WALTER (!. SECREST LEONARD SHELLER P. H. SIMPSON HAROLD D. SMITH LAWRENCE W. SMITH THOMAS R. SMITH MEYER S. ROLZMAN GLENN R. SPARROW RALPH B. SPEAR ARTHUR E. STANLEY DONALD R. STARK WILLIAM L. STARKWEATHER JAMES L. STOBER MAURICE A. TANNER ARNOLD THIESSEN HAROLD E. TIMM ORVILLE II. TOUSEY WAYNE E. ULM ERNEST A. WAGNER FRA NK W. WELLS JOHN W. WENDEL W. WHITNEY PEARL P. WILEY DONALD B. WILKINS FRANK E. WILKINS HOWARD R. RAY A LBERT C. YANAUSCII EVERETT D. YOPST STANLEY M. ZAOER ' f age 194 Senior Dentistry Class : OFFICES: OARI, OLSON JKSSK BAKER . ARTHUR IDKMA . . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer ROLAND E. ALTERS JKSSK E. BAKKR Louis J. BELLEGANTK JAMBS M. BOLAND M KRLE P. BRALF.Y MAX J. BRANDT FRANK E. BRKKNE CLYDE C. COLK H. P. CUNNINIIHAM FRANK J. DEHAAN R. B. GALBRAITH LESTER G. OITCHELL HOMERN. HAKE HOWARD N. IlENDRH ' KSON JOHN R. HOBBS KDWARD L. HOKVKN MARTIN H. HOFFKR GAILT. HOFFMAN MEMBERS ARTHUR M. IDKMA KINER C. JOHNSON IRKATUS D. JOHNSON WILFRED B. KEIL S. F. KILLEY KOKKRT II. KlLLKBRKW BKNTON W. KNIGHT MAR-ZEE LAING M. W. MALONEY WlLI.ARD T. MORSOH CARL O. OLSON CLYDE V. ORR OEOROE PARKS WILLIAM II. PETERSON CHARLKS R. PILCHKR Ku vi W. PILLARS CLARENCE C. PITLIK ARI.YSS M. RAKC ' KLKR KEITH E. SCARBRO WALDO K. So HOLM ALBERT W. SCHULTK WARD [j. SHAFFER ADOLF I. SOLBRKI HERBERT H. STAFFORD OTTO S. STEOMAN C. WILLIAM STEWARD HENRY G. STOFFEL HARRY E. STRASSBURC, FRANK A. SWANSON JULIUS A. SWARTZ HERBERT II. TERRY JUNIOR THOMPSON BERNARD TONK C ' HASK R. WKKBKR KDWARD V. WIIKKLAN FRANK S. WILSON Page 1SS Junior Dentistry Class OFFICERS LESLIE CAMPBELL President HAROLD HARMON Vice-President CHESTER YOUNO Secretary DARRELL MARKER Treasurer M K M H E R S KENNITH J. ALLEY ERNEST W. ANDERSON HAROLD BAGWELL DEAN S. BEITER RICHARD E. BENNETT HARRY H. BISGARD JAMES E. BLISS HAROLD H. BUHMANN . E. BREEN I, ESI, IK K. CAMPBELL FRANK V. COLES yuiNLAN COLLINS RAYMOND E. CONWELI. LEONARD J. DONOHTK WILLIAM W. DWYER DONALD D. FITZPATRICK RAYMOND G. FORDYCE EVEREST B. FORKENBROCK THEODORE T. FUNDA PHILIP A. HAHN KmvARD K. HALE HAROLD G. HARMON ALLEN M. ITO ANSGAR B. JENSEN ALFRED R. JOHNSON XORBERT KELLEY C-YRILC. KOEHN ROBKKT L. KRIENER PAUL C. KROMAN KONALD E. LOFGREN DARRELL A. MARKKK JAMES L. MARTINSON JAMES H. MILLER KOBKKT J. McCLOSKEY ARTHUR C. NAIBERT CLARENCE L. NASSKN ALFRED H. OLSON E.MKKSON A. PLANK GLAIR H. POST ELMER C. PRALL EARL G. RENNIE DORES J. RlEDEMAN HERBERT J. SCHNAIDT ALBERTH. SINOLEY WALTER H. SMITH ROLLIN M. STEVENS DAVID Q. STORIE ROBERT E. THOMPSON RICHARD H. THOMPSON KDWARD C. TTCKER A LEX T. WATSON RAYMON C. WIENERT JAMES W. WILSON ROBERT W. WIRTZ ERNEST C. WITTE CHESTER L. YOUNG Pane Sophomore Dentistry Class O F F I C E R 8 HARLKY WORKHOVEN President PAUL WILLIAMS Vice-President J. MALCOLM FRANCIS Secretary KEITH KELLOGG Treasurer RALPH M. BATES PAUL A. BRAUCH HARRY R. CARNEY CLARENCE F. CARSTENSF.N HAROLD J. CHRISTEN HAROLD K. DEUH J. MALCOLM FRAN-CIS C. B. GALT ROHEKT H. GKTMAN EUGENE B. GROGAN J. DALE HOUSER WILLIAM I ' . IVKKSON KENNARD L. JONES KEITH A. KKLLOGI; M EMBERS WARKEN KEMP VICTOR K. KNUDSON D. J. KELLY FRED J. LEE KIAN WIE LEE ARTHUR M. MARIS OSCAR MIKKELSEN ROBERT H. MOORE JULIES B. OSHER FREDERICK F. PEEL KDGAR C. I ' ENDI.EBUKY FABIAN S. J ' ESHEK LOWELL M. QUIUOLK MEHIHEN L. RANKIN WILLIAM I. REYNOLDS ( ' LAIRE U. Sl ' HAAP WARREN I). KAROEANT ROBERT A. SCROGGIE MERRILL G. SHUTT CLYDE H. SMITH THOMAS 1). SPEIDEL lUutRioK W. TKUAX Louis UNGLKNK A. M. WALLING I ' AVijW. WILLIAMS RALP H A. WINKLE HARRY N. WORKHOVEN HAKOLE W. WOLFE c 137 Freshman Dentistry Class OFFICERS LEROY REISE President GLENN GIERE Vice-President RUSSELL SADLER Secretary K. HARLF.Y BUE Treasurer MEMBERS EDWARD K. ALLEN MARCUS W. AMISH VERN T. ANDREWS JOSEPH A. AOARAND FRANK F. BENSON HERBERT W. BLEICH LAWRENCE W. BOHKNKAMP C. ORLAND BOYER K. 1 1 ARLEY BUE CLARENCES. CONNELL MAURICE J. CRUISE THOMAS J. DF.WITT JAMES D. DUNLAP K ELERICK E W. FROST ALBERT V. HARRISON TERRY E. HILTUNBN KOBKRT M. KELSEY ARNOLD E. KRCEUKR LEE K. Jl ' HL Itu uiHT L. LADENBERGKR RONALD W. LEE THAYNE F. MCMANIS J. DONALD MoPiKK MATTHEW A. MCQUILLEN JAY M. MARINER CLARENCE R. MESSER BERNARD M. NIELSEN CONRAD P. O ' CAM PA IvKROYREISE PAUL R. RICHARDSON RUSSELL E. SADLER ALFRED J. SELNESS ALBERT STI ' AKT ROBERT M. WAY ROBERT B. WHEELER OLIVER E. WILSON Page 128 College of Pharmacy OFFICERS GEORGE W. YOUNG VIRGINIA LIGHT . President Secretary -Treasurer MEKRILL ANNIS FLOYD E. BARBER DAVID A. BAUERBACH HENRY P. BAUMAN WESLEY L. BENESH MASHA BRAVKRMAN JACQUES F. BRICELAND WILLIAM L. BRYANT MARIE A. BROWN LEONARD W. BUDDENHAGEN KENNETH E. BURT ALVENIA G. BURTON CARL E. CAMPBELL RICHARD L. CASH LESLIE W. CROSSMAN J. DONALD CUNNINGHAM DWIGHTL. DEAKDORFF OWEN DIVKLHIUS PATRICK H. DAUOHERTY Louis A. DREYER J. W. DUFFEE HAROLD L. EATON MILO ELLIK ROLLIN G-. ENGMAN EUGENE G. FAIRES CHARLES F. FISHER RUSSELL M. FLORY MONTELLE C. FORSYTH ROBERT M. FREDRICK FRANK E. GAGE CHARLES P. GALLAGHER PAUL B. GINTHKR CECIL GRIFFITH RICHARD A. HANEY WILLIAM J. HANEY GEORGE E. HARVEY JOHN J. HELMEH JOHN R. HENNESSEY D. J. HERMANN FAILERD G. JONES JAMES W. JONES WAYNE F. KASSAR EDSKO G. KLEIN OTTO KORANDA EDWARD C. KUTSCII WILLIAM M. LAGE LEO L. LEAVEN FLOYD G. LINBEMAN M. VIRGINIA LIGHT HERMAN LUBCHANSKY JACOB LUBCHANSKY LYLE G. MALSED F. H. MEYER EVALYN MONK LEWINE MURPHY EVERETTE McARTHUR MAX R. McDONouGH MERLYN J. MCGILLICUDDY IRA W. McKEAN ALBERT I. NIETZEL CLEOPHAS F. OETH ADIEN M. OLSON HARLEN F. PANKAU CARLTON J. PECK PETER N. PETERSON QUENTIN J. PODF.NDOUF ERNEST L. PRATT DAVID G. QUALE VIRGINIA O. QUIHBY G. MERVIN REID LEE C. ROCKSIEN ROBERT S. RUEGNITZ ELMER L. SANFORD JOHN J. SCHIMMING OLIVER O. SCHOLZ LAWRENCE A. SCHULZ EDWARD J. SEBERG JOHN SHENKLE ALVA J. SIEBELS JOSEPH SMITH RICHARD J. SMITH MARION L). SNODGRASS MYRTLE SNYDER HAROLD O. STUTSMAN JOHN W. SULLIVAN THOND D. SUVAN OTIS W. TEETERS ERNEST L. TIGGES WERNER B. TIGGES RALPH (f. THORPE JAMES K. TRAER WILLARD P. TYNDALE RAYMOND E. WESTPHAL RICHARD B. WHEELOCK NATHAN D. WHITING GUY H. WISUERHOF ROBERT T. WRIGHT GEORGE W. YOUNG LESLIE YOUNG Page 1S9 Junior Medicine Class OFFICERS AUSTIN LOWREY PHILLIP ELLIOTT JOYCE SCHMIDT . . . . President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer JAMES L. ADAMS GLENN J. ANDERSON RICHARD A. BAYLOR ALBIN C. BERGSTROM DIOSCORO B. BIBIT CARL G. BISHOP DON L. BOROEN MELVIN G. BORNE WAYNE B. BROWN MARGARET K. BUTLER VICTOR A. BYRNES WALTER A. CARLSON ROBERT M. CHAPMAN WENDELL P. CRANE DEAN CURTIS DANTG P. DAPOLONIA WALDEMAR C. J. DREESEN JOHN W. DULIN STANLEY DUSDIEKER FREDERIC E. EASTLAND CLIFFORD G. EDDE PHILIP C. ELLIOTT DONALD G. EVANS MERLE D. EVANS BYRON E. FARWELL JOHN D. FULLER MELVIN D. GARDNER PRCSTON E. GIBSON Louis E. GILJE JAMES B. GILLESPIE WILLIAM H. GOERING ROBERT H. GREENMAN H,RVEY E. BUYETT FREDERIC E. HAMBRECHT LAWRENCE B. HANSON KVEI.YN K. HAWKINS HAROLD E. RAYMOND GAROLD G. HENNING JOHN G. HEWITT JOHN F. ITZEN JACOB JAFFE FRANKLIN JEPPESEN LIONEL JOHNSON PAUL H. JORDAN LEONARD M. KELLY L. W. KOONTZ WILLIAM H. KRAUSE WILLIAM R. LANGFORD WILLIAM C. LANGSTON EARL A. LARSEN P. J. LEEHEY AUSTIN LOWREY CHARLES F. LOWBY WILLARD P. MARBLE JOHN H. MCBRIDE JOHN C. McCLiNTOCK MURRY L. McCREEDY MILO G. MEYER WILBUR A. MILLER DONALD L. MISHLER JOSEPH H. MOORE ARTHUR E. MORAVEC M. I. NEDEKHISER STEPHEN NETOLICKY CARL A. NOE C. F. OBER ' MANN BEN J. O ' DONNELL JOHN A. OWENS GEORGE A. PASCHAL JOHN W. PENNINGTON MALCOLM E. PHELPS R. W. PlNCKNEY DONALD R. REED ISADORE ROSMOVSKY EUGENE W. SCHELDRUP JOYCE G. SCHMIDT DONALRD H. SLAUGHTER C. ARTHUR SOB AREL C. SORENSEN JACOB J. STEGMAN ROBERT R. STERLING ELIZABETH A. TAYLOR H. A. TOLLIVER JOSEPH B. VAN DER VEER ROBERT E. VOTAW EMORY D. WARNER ROYAL A. WEIR SYLVESTER M. WELSH RAYMOND N. WHITEHEAD HERBERT J. WITTE RALPH B. YODF.R Page ISO Sophomore Medicine Class OFFICERS WIN-SLOW TOMPKINS President WILLIAM BOICE Vice President EVELYN OLSON Secretary-Treasurer CARL W.AAGESON WALTER J. AAOESON BENJAMIN ABRAMOWITZ EARL V. ANDREW LYLE A. BAKEB GEORGE H. BASSETT EGBERT BELL KAYMOND A. BEROER RUDOLPH S. BLOCK ARTHUR L. BLOME WILLIAM A. BOICE MARION II. BRINER ALFRED L. BULLOCK JEROME C. BURKE GEORGE D. CALLAHAN WARD V. CEILLY WILLIAM B. CHASE HUGH G. CLEARY i. P. COLLINS EARL DESHAW GERALD L. DOWNIE HENRY W. DOWNS DONALD W. DYKSTRA HOMER E. ELMQUIST MORRIS FELDMAN JAMES S. FORRESTER GLEN G. FOSTER JOHN P. GALLAGHER KERMIT H. GATES BERNHARDT B. GLOEKLER AMANDUS H. GRAU HENRY H. HAMILTON ORES W. HARDY WILLIAM C. HARTLAND KMELINE P. HAYWARD RAY J. HENNES WAYNE L. HENNINGS JOHN W. HERTZLER IRACY D. PEPPERS 11AKLAN 1. llllill UELAVAN V . 11OLMAN JOSEPH W. HOTLEY 11 MAN JV1. 11UKEV1TZ UA . IO. U J. JACKMAN EDWARD j. JOHNSON lit MEN KESSLEK 1SADORE 1VIMMEL DEAN H. KING UEOKOE 11. .KNOWLES W 1LHAM Ji-KlUSTEN .ivLVIN Ji. libEliN A. BEKNAKD KUHL -UAV1D 11. L ANDO UliRNAKD . IjAHSEN ALBERT H. L A2ERE OA-UUEL li.. IjlfiWlS HEltBKuT H. IjlBERMAN JMiMKK H. LiTTIG CiKIL 4. iUtUiWANY RAYMOND C. MALLARY TRUMAN M. MAST JOHN H. MATHESON BYRON M. MERKEL PAUL T. MEYERS ROBERT MICHAEL ALEX MILLER WILLIAM A. MILLNER JAMES B. MINER PAULINE V. MOORE ROBERT J. NEEDLES ROBERT Y. NETOLICKY DONALD E. NEWLAND RUSSELL P. NOBLE . I. .MKS C. OGDEN EVELYN M. OLSON ARTHUR C. PATTISON E. THEODORE PLOWMAN PRESTON W. PORTS FORREST G. POWELL HENRIETTA A. M. PRIBNOM JOHN R. RANKIN RUDOLPH J. REICHERT WELLINGTON A. ROBINSON DON F. RODAWIG THOMAS J. ROEMER JOSEPH E. ROSE JOHN J. ROUSE ARTHUR C. SCHACH CLIFFORD M. SCHMIDT MAX P. SCHRANCK IVAN T. SCHULTZ WALTER H. SCHWARTZ R. MORRIS SEARCY J. B. SHOREY JOHN E. SINNING HALE B. SLAVIN LIONEL W. SORENSON IjLOYD M.SOUTHWICK JOHN C. STAGEMAN JAMES T. STANTON ABRAHAM M. STEGMAN CHRIS J. STRINGER WINSTON S. THILTGEN WINSLOW T. TOMPKINS ABRAHAM A. TOUBES CLAIRE W. TWINAM GEORGE G. VAN DYKE SEYMOUR D. VESTERMARK DONAVAN F. WARD STEPHEN C. WARE ALBERT J. WENTZIEN MARK C. WHEELOCK LEONARD C. WALCH LEE A. JOHNSTON Page 131 Freshman Medicine Class PAUL CHANDLER WALKER HENDERSON HELEN STARBUCK JACK ALTHOI TZ MARY M. ATCHINSON C. J. BAKER WILLIAM E. BAKGHOLTZ DAVID W. BASHAM HOWARD G. BEATTY Louis C. BENNETT OTTO L. BETTAO HERBERT N. BODEN HENRY BOB ALSEN E. BRALEY ALFRED H. BRAUER ARCHIE R. BUCHANAN LlNDLEY L. BUFKIN GRANT D. BULLOCK CHARLES A. CARROLL PAUL F. CHANDLER ANSGAR M. CHRISTENSON CHARLES A. CONKLIN CCEARLES H. COUOHLAN JAMES O. CROMWELL MELVIN B. CUNNINGHAM BALPH DECicco CHARLES J. DONOHUE ROBERT E. DWYER RALPH E. DYSON FRANK D. EDINGTON WILLIAM L. ENGELMAN KUSSELL J. EVANS HAROLD I. FELDMAN CHARLES D. FENTON NORMAN C. FLATER RICHARD H. FLETCHER CLIFFORD A. FRATZKE SOL R. FRIEDMAN DELLA GALINSKY CHARLES W. GILFILLAN CLARENCE N. GILFILLAN EARL E. GILFILLAN F. X. GRAFF OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary -Treasurer EMIL Z. OSSEN GLENN A. HARRIS WARREN L. HASSELMAN RALPH C. HASTINGS WALKER B. HENDERSON JAMES D. HENNESSY JAY E. HOULAHAN Z. WlLLARD HUBBARTT CHARLES N. HYATT FRANCIS J. INOHAM HAROLD C. JENKINS LEONARD C. JOHNSON JOSEPH B. KANE EDWARD M. KENNEDY ROSCOE J. KENNEDY JOSEPH M. KINKADE CORNEY J. KLAAREN BERNARD L. KUENNEN MARVINO LARSON ALBERT J. LENTMEIER HAROLD A. LOCKHART DOYLE M. LOEIIR EDWIN J. MARBLE FRED M. MARCJUIS EMORY L. MAURITZ GAIL A. MCCLURE CLIFFORD O. MCCREEDY JULIAN F. E.MCFARLAND THOMAS W. MCMEANS CHESTER I. MEAD JOHN J. MEALY CLYDE B. MEFFERT JAMES A. MEYERS ALBERT E. MONTGOMERY GUY E. MONTGOMERY HAROLD W. MORGAN ROLAND B. MORRISON EDITH L. MYTHALER LEO E. NELSON JAMES S. XEWTOX WILLIAM H. PALMER RANDAL G. PATTY C. F. PFEIFFER FRANK L. PHILLIPS CLARENCE C. PIEPERUERDE; ALFRED M. POMPA GEORGE W. PRAZAK HARLAN Q. PRESCOTT NICKALUS A. RENNISON MURRAY E. ROBINSON ELWOOD P. RUSSEI.L ADOLPH L. SAHS WILLIAM J. SAYLKS WILLIAM M. SCALES HAROLD W. SCIIOON CLARENCE W. SEARS ALTON L. SMITH HERMAN J. SMITH ADOLPH SOUCEK HELEN L. STARBUCK BENJAMIN L. STEINBERG THEODORE STEINBERG AAGE STKINICHE BILLY M. STODDARD RICHARD R. STUART CHARLES H. SWIFT INGRAM C. TAYLOR NELLE E. THOMAS WILLIAM P. THOMPSON JOHX D. TIKDEMAN RALPH V. TOLAND BENJAMIN D. VANWERDEI VICTOR T. WEDEL LAYDON S. WENTWORTH C. L. WES TON CLARENCE H. WHITE CHARLES W. WILLIAMS CLIFFORD D. WINDER JOHN P. YEGGE JAMES M. YOUNG Page 132 _ Senior Commerce Class OFFICERS DON DAVIDSON FLOYD MOORE HELEN MOODY MAX P. ALLEN EDWARD A. ARMENTROUT FRED E. BARNARD RAPHAEL ,1. BASCHNAGEL HARVEY A. BEACH HUBERT L. BEAL JOHN A. BEEMAN EARLE E. BEMAN PAUL BERRY JOHN I). BEVINO ( ' ECU, ( ' . BOLSINOER GILBERT S. BOWERS JAKOLD I). BRIDGES JOSEPH M. BROWN WILLIAM C. BRUNK f LEO JCAN BURNS FREDERICK M. BUTLER WILLIS E. BYWATER FRANK B. CARSON WARREN ED CARPENTER HOMER I. CHAPMAN FOKDIS J. CLIFTON HARRY E. COFFIE GENEVA COLONY GLENN CONRAD RUTH CORBIN DONOVAN D. DAVIDSON VEDOVA DELLA . ' OK M. DEVRIES CARL F. DISTELIIORST HARRY F. EDWARDS HAROLD R. EGENES ORTEN J. FARRAR LiGori:i T. FI.ATLEY ORVILLEL. FRAZIER W. F. OEIOER JOHN R. GINUER JUSTIE E. GIST . . . President Vice President Secretary -Treasurer OMA F. GRAVES CHARLES S. GRUSONIK ROBERT B. GULL ALLAN F. HAIOHT JOHN D. HENDERSON PAUL C. HOUSER JAMES HYINK MILDRED M. JONES NELLIE F. JONES RALPH D. KENNEDY CLYDE R. KIVELL HENRY A. KNERR WILLIAM KNOX CHARLES A. KNUDSON MARTIN LANTOW WILLIAM M. LATTA LESTER D. LEWIS I si. AC. LIN A. JOSEPH LINK ISABEL C. LUNDVALL EVERETT MCBRIDE RUBY E. MCCOMBS WAYNE H. MCCORMAC BERNARD L. MAIN MARIE M. MANDERSCHEID RUTH E. MANLEY EARL R. MANN DANIEL P. MATTES LEAH B. MILLER FLOYD F. MOORE HELEN M. MOOTY ALICE J. MULRONEY FRANCIS J. MULRONEY WILLIS L. MUSSER WILLIAM C. PARKS SHERWOOD R. PHILLIPS JOE H. PIPER RALPH C. PRICE ERITH H. REED MILDRED A. REED MARK REZNEK ETHEL RICKE RAY A. RODIN JOHN O. ROLLER FRANK C. RUBEE CONRAD M. SEAVER HAROLD D. KEDERLUND KENNETH W. SENNEFF FRANCIS T. SHADLE SARA SHULMAN WALTER H. SIBBERT ROBERT W. SINCLAIR ALFRED E. SORENSON SHELDON L. SPELMAN GALEN E. STARK FRANK S. STICKNEY GEORGE D. STILES EARLE G. STOY GEORGE L. STRATHMAN MARY STRUB STANLEY A. TANNER WILLIAM G. THOMPSON MILO J. TLUSTY FRANCIS W. TOMASEK ELIUABETH VERRY 1. 1. WEBER WILLIAM B. WELCH NICHOLAS E. WELTER WAYNE M. WEST HAROLD C. WETZSTEIN SAMUEL B. WHITING HARRIET M. WILLIAMS VINCENT F. WILLIHNOANZ WALLACE YODER GARRET POPMA Page 133 Junior Commerce Class MORRIS LAIRD BERT BOEHM . KATHRYN SMITH President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer ALOIS A. AHLERS DAVID L. ARMSTRONG BEATRICE LEAH ALBERT RAYMOND T. ASHLOCK CARL W. BABCOCK LYLE J. BARTLETT BAY T. BATH STANTON M. BEATTY JOE F. BEER RUTH R. BELL ALICE C. BEEMER RUSSELL A. BEESON ROBERT L. BEMAN KARL L. BENSON HOWARD A. BENTHIN KENNETH J. BERGLUND MILLARD F. BERGLUND ARTHUR H. BIRNEY BERT BOEHM BERNADINE H. BOWNE HAROLD E. BOYSEN FRANKLIN II. BRITTON MACEO BYRD CLARK C. CALDWELL WILLIAM T. CHENNELL ROGER F. CHOATE ORVILLE CHRISTIANSEN FRANK E. CLARK JOHN F. COWNIE HENRY R. DAHLBERG E. KENDALL DAVIS MARY ELIZABETH DEARBORN ELIZABETH E. DENNY BERT E. DERRY CLAUDE C. DOLLY MORTON R. DUFF KEITH W. DUNN LYLE E. EIGE WILLIAM J. EMANUEL CARL O. ESTES MILTON C. FABER PAUL FARNSWORTH SHELDON FILLENWORTH KATHERINE M. FOUST IVAN R. FOUTS HENRY W. FREE ANNE K. FREY ARTHUR H. FRIEDMAN MAURICE H. FRIEDMAN ELMER H. GABEL HAROLD C. GAMBLE IRA M. GLASSMAN HAROLD W. GROH FRANK L. HAGERMAN VERONE G. HANSON RALPH H. HECHT EARL T. HIGDON HARRY L. HOPKINS DEAN O. HOWE LESLIE G. HOWORTH Louis F. ITEN DONALD C. JACOBSEN JOHN M. JOHNSON JOHN F. KAUFMAN ANNE KIMMEL ALMA M. KIRK CARLYLE KUCHEMAN E. WOODY KUHLMAN MORRIS E. LAIRD WALTER W. LEMKE BERNICE MCCAHON A. JOSEPHINE MCCARTY HENRY G. MACKINTOSH JOHN H. MALLOY FORREST M. MALSED BRUCE E. MATHEW CLIFFORD F. Moss ROBERT M. MUELLER RUTH M. MYERS STANLEY G. NELSON JOHN E. NOLAN SIDNEY E. OMOHUNDRO HORACE G. PARKER VIVIAN L. PETERSON MILDRED M. PFARR. EDGAR B. PICKETT CLARKUS D. REED LEW RICHARDS CARROLL G. RINDEN LLOYD E. ROBERTS LEE RODDEWIG MARTIN T. ROUSE ALIEN E. RUMBLE DOROTHY E. RYAN CHARLES F. SCHNICK EDWARD L. SCHOTT SIDNEY M. SEGAL HORACE L. SHADLE RAY W. SHEARMAN CARL C. SHELLABARGER Louis SHULMAN CAHROLLB. SMITH EVERETT E. SMITH HOLLY SMITH KATHRYN G. SMITH VELMA P. SMITH WILFORD E. SNYDER CHARLES J. SPAHN VAUGHAN W. STEVENSON CHARLES H. STOUT ARxoR. TAGGE Lois M. TAPPAN CHARLES L. TEMPLE FRANCIS J. TOBIN VANCE W. TORRANCE NEL B. TURNER DARRELL E. VOAS JACOB F. VOGLER FRANK L. VOLTMER LEROY A. WAGNER LEE C. WEBER CHARLES W. WILSON GEORGE B. WILLIAMSON Page 134 School of Journalism OFFICERS W. RUSSELL WILSON President RALPH YOUNG Vice President KSTHEB FULLER Secretary-Treasurer IMY I. ALBERT PIER D. ALDERSHOF ELIZABETH AMLIE GEORGE B. ANDERSON ELIZABETH BAXTER ALICE M. BELL GEORGE E. BISCHOFF KENNETH S. BLACKFORD HARRY E. BOYD RODNEY BOZARTH HAROLD J. CLAASSEN GRACE L. CLARK EDITH M. COBEEN IDA M. CONVERSE BEULAH W. COPELAND MARY E. CROSLEY BESSIE D. CURTIS GRACE O. CURTIS GRAHAM M. DEAN THOMAS ELLISON FRANCES FAIRBANKS ESTHER FULLER GORDON G. GAUSS VIRGINIA B. GAY MARJORIE E. GILBERT LORM A. GILJE BETTY K. GRAHAM HAMILTON E. GRAY EDWIN B. GREEN FRANKLIN GREGORY HELEN HAESELER WILLIAM T. HAGEBOECK HARRY W. HARPER AlNSLEE E. HlCKERSON MAREA D. HOLOUBEK HELEN E. IRWIN BURTON B. JERRELL MAURICE JONES LORNE KENNEDY WALTER E. KOHRS LEONA E. KOLFENBACH THEODORE F. KOOP MABEL KRUSE DONALD S. LAMOND RALPH 8. LANNING DOROTHY E. LEWIS VIRGIL L. LEWIS JAMES M. LONG CLAUDE E. LONGSTRETH KERMIT MCFARLAND LOLA D. MOELLER KATHERINE M. MUELLER ANN M. MURTAOH CONSTANCE G. MYERS KATHERINE L. O ' MARA LEO H. PETERSON FLOYD A. POETZINOER ROY P. PORTER FREDERIC SCHNELLER RAYMOND J. SCHOTTER JOHN T. SILENCE FLORENCE D. SMITH JULIET D. SWITZER CARL J. SYLVESTER ADELINE TAYLOR J. HAROLD TERRY CATHERINE R. VINCENT PAUL J. WHITE W. RUSSELL WILSON SWISHER WILSON KERMIT W. WISE LOUISE E. WOLK MABEL F. WOODBRIDGE PERCY S. WOOD FRANK A. WORTMAN RALPH P. YOUNG ' Page 135 V Jin in ;t Ctfr I r r EVEHVBOHV decorates for Homecoming. The engineers build corn monuments which last un- |il " certain unknowns " burn it on a dark night. Fraternity row welcomes the homecomers and the Betas win first prize this year. Alumni float in and out, day and night, Friends and relatives go and come. SORORITY PINS SORORITY PINS THE Sig Chi ' s sweetheart went rid- ing in the Homecoming parade. And did the Alpha Xi Delta clean up Illinois? They won the prize but the tub broke and it cost them forty dollars. The Sigma Nu ' s show their originality with a few sorority pins which are effective if not strictly accurate. And the Pi Phis take an- S TTBcD I AATT 1 1 , XQ { other buggy ride to beat Illinois! PUOBAT TON ' S on! And the all- imporlaiit actives liave a chance to show their extreme superiority. Captain Kidd, Fatima, Nero, Cluirlie, and Father Time line " I 1 . ' it the Kappa Sig liouse during their hellish days. Other speci- inens of enforeed inferiority com- , ])!exes have a little cigarette rolling { contest. What backing! Plenty ) of oak and moral support. SUPREME collection of joyful beauties make ) life tolerable for the bored actives and inci- dentally get a lot of enjoyment themselves. But what hard chairs you have, Grandmother! And J the " seat of fraternalism " burns. - I f ZEBRAS I Bears! Fiji islanders! And all the rest of the paraphanalia that goes with probation! But judging from the smiles, the girls are having plenty of fun to say nothing of the actives ' entertainment. Here ' s material for Pooh Pooh Hooey! Who ever heard of policemen in the Alpha Delt house? OH ROMEO, wherefore art thou " Standing on the radiator and it ' And so along goes probation with fun muc for the pledges than for the actives. Who ever pledges with more things to do in three hours active could get done in forty eight days not being happy? And besides it ' s wonderful for keeping that girlish figure. Cruel remarks ' ' scum of the earth ! ' ' foolishness It won ' t matter years from TPALK, talk a cup of coffee and 1 more talk. Polities, the last date, " gore " anything including phil- osophy and the double standard. And if you ' ve never gotten in on one of these sessions, you ' ve missed! Friends and acquaintances they ' re all there. Why? Because the " gang ' s " there and " it ' s the thing! " XI) again, after study hours with Mr. Plato, Thomas Hardy, or the Messers. Park and Burgess dash downtown for a bowl of to- ma to and " scups scof fee " talk and elaxation. And once more a week-end night, the dash for booths " Wish they ' d hurry up and leave. " -- NEW stuff Old stuff they come and go, Imt Old Capitol ' s bell goes on forever. And if it didn ' t, Iliere ' d be a jam someplace. The first authentic pictures of Iowa students going to CLASSES truly an educational inspiration. And behold, there emerges from the mist one tw of those that have been and soon will not be. Seniors! And one begins to reflect that soon the doors will open on the cold world. Upward lies the path of achievement behind that of enjoyment as has been said many times " college bred a four year loaf. " How seriously doubted by accounting students! GLORIOUS! And so it came to pass that in the spring time j there arose great longing in the hearts of both men and women ; and that longing became satisfied and quieted by canoe trips on moonlit water, picnics and joyously filled eve- ninjjs of blissfulness in open country and on open roads. ILL and Gidgp Don and Peg Red and Marg John and Marie four of Iowa ' s most celebrated combinations. Here, there, almost any place together they uphold against the critics the fact that the university is ing a " two class " institution. Power to them! FOUR more couples make strong bids for the all-university " affinities " not for public expression, understand, Skim, " the gentleman friend of Miss Janse, " takes time off from hig labors to pose for us; Herb quits building dams for five minutes; Fred leaves the cage court to appear " en deux. ' ' AND about the Anderson-Keil combination well, we caught ' em, which may not be lucky for them, but is for us. So goes spring! Fred Racine orders more cigars and " Whet " an extra shipment of Whitman ' s and Balfour well, in rolls the dough! ! HERE ' S a muddled combination of things medicine, journalism, physics, and society all pretty well represented. Dean Houghton ' s glasses got kind of splashed up with mortar flying around the new hospital so we sneaked up and snapped him. The sheet eames out slowly, surely, but nevertheless cer- tainly and " First with the News! " THEN along came Mr. Fou- cault ' s pendu- lum and a bunch of fair timekeep- ers playing in the elevatoi shaft - and finally, the D.G. ' s get a kick ' out of posing in the window while Gilson, Inc., sits individually and f collectively. " They ' re the twins " you know which is which and whv if i O CE again the interf rater nity conference throws a dinner and much ad- vice on variouj and sundry topics are ab orbed by the Greeks The g ' rls from Cur- rier spend a quiet evening at home (not c " of them are here) and music, especially of a sunny afternoon, fills the sun porch of the Union. A good example of things I to do while loafing (maybe s that ' s a little strong). A v. AND Dr. Starbuck kindly pauses a mo- ment after lunch to allow a shot in spite of the ,-ind. ffECCA WEEK! The playtime of 1V1 ' ie en gi neei i n g college. They eat (and they eat real food and lots 0f it) they dance they exhibit and last (but certainly by no means least) they perform. And how! German bands real, with ev- erything but pretzels and beer; and if your imagination is good it isn ' t hard to supply the lacking qu.anti ties. Whiskey tenors real baritones false beauties and a collection of distressed actors all make the show ( this year one of the high spots of the amateur season. Thus passed anothei Mecca. V L REMEMBER the mystery of the stolen ballot boxes? Fred Larrabee and Bill Bywater, the principals in the famous sev inty-five cent sale there thej ire all six bits Kane and Nut ing, the Siamese twins from the school that keeps on rolling and Otto Bauch and Ramona Evans, two more to go but not to forget X TIGHT falls and accentuates the l beauty of the campus. The outline of the building is pic- turesquely silhouetted against the sky. The busy, throbbing activity of the day ceases, and all is still and calm in the light of the moon. Old Capitol, the heart of the Uni- versity, stands as a sentinel against a black background. The white lights about it shed a mellow glow over the stately building standing :is the center of this whole self-ex- planatory community - Institution. The tower of the medical buildiiig reveals the study impress for prog- ress which constantly forges niiead, and in it is seen a symbol of future achievements. A loitering couple hesitates for a moment on Presi- dent ' s point for a glimpse of tho beauty of the scene before them. Another year has passed ; a new one is to come. What things, great and small, that shall happen to Old Gold, none know. {htbliratinna Student Publications Incorporated i HARRY S. BUNKKR General Manager SUPPOSE your Daily lowan should (by some unheard of chance) be missing some morning this spring? Suppose that there should be no Frivol issued when you expect to be hailed with an invitation to buy? Suppose that at the end of the academic year you would find no yearbook as a record of the animal events. To whom would you go to find out what is the matter, why the article is missing? The lowan office might be able to tell you ; but certainly not to any amount of satisfaction. The Hawkeye office might inform you that there was no year- book published. Then, the final place to one man, why? To make absolutely certain that just such a thing could not possibly happen, and to insure Iowa publications of better service was Student Publications. In- corporated, organized on the first day of Hay, 1924. It is a corporation under the laws of Iowa for non-profit. There is no capital stock issued and subse- quently there are no dividends paid. It is owned by each and every one of the students registered in the university as his or her own personal property. Standing ' behind the entire enterprise is one man whose duty it is to see that the corporation functions in its proposed manner. Harry S. Bunker has been general manager for the past two years succeeding Loren D. Upton. Under his management there has ccme to be a more successful and efficient administration than ever before. If the years past are to serve as indications of those to come, there are great things in store for the organization. The corporation is directly managed by a Board of Student Publications made up of faculty members and students. Four are appointed by the president of the university and five elected by the student body at large. The company designs, produces, and delivers all publications under student control as well as a large amount of miscellaneous job printing each year. It owns all its equipment and employs full time men for the work. Stu dent help is employed for part time work. Page 154 Student Publications Board E VEN M. MACEWEN FACULTY MEMBERS FRANK L. MOTT, Chairman BIDNEY G. WINTER RAYMOND B. KITTREDOE JOHN D. FALVEY AlNSLEE E. HlCKERSON STUDENT MEMBERS CARL W. KIRWIN JOHN R. McGuiRE FREDERIC A. SCHNELLER Schneller, Falvey. Hickcrson, MacEwen, Mott, Winter. Page 155 I The 1929 Hawkeye EDITORIAL STAFF ROY P. POKTER Editor-in-Chief LEO H. PETERSON Sports Editor Louis RICH Sports Editor BERNETTA KUNAU .... Organizations Editor NATALIE ALBRECHT Woman ' s Editor DONALD BAIRD Iowa Life Editor KATHERINE MANATT .... Iowa Lifd Editor JEANNE DORAN . . . .Woman ' s Editor Assistant BETTY BAXTER . . . .Woman ' s Editor Assistant THOMAS G. Cox Staff Photographer RICHARD S. VETTER Military Editor PAULE L. MYHRE Drama Editor GEORGE E. BISCHOFF . . . Administration Editor ALBERT S. ABEL . Forensic Editor ROY P. PORTER Editor-in-Chief Manatt, Baird, Albrecht, Rich, Bishop, Myhre Bischoff, Petersen, Kunau, Vetter, Doran, Cox Page 1$ The 1929 Hawkeye BUSINESS STAFF RALPH YOUNO . . . . Business Manager LORIMER A. GILJE DOROTHY GILLIS CARL NELSON HARVEY SHAW FRANCIS WILCOX ASSISTANTS FRED FORSYTHE ISABELLE GARDNER MAKJOKIE HYSHAM VIRGINIA LEE JOHN MORSE JAMES TREICHLER RALPH P. YOUNO Business Manager Gilje, Gardner, Forsyth, Baxter Morse, Vilcox, Lee, Treichler Page 157 _J I The Daily lowan EDITORIAL STAFF THEODORE F. KOOP Editor-in Chief ALLEN WOKTMAN Managing Editor HAZEL WARRE T City Editor RALPH P. YOUNG Campus Editor IDA MAE CONVERSE Society Editor HAROLD CLAASSEN Sports Editor JAMES LONO Alumni Editor FRANK GREGORY Columnist EDITH COBEEN Book Reviewer HARRY BOYD Night Editor JAMES BETTLE Night Editor EDWIN B. GREEN Night Editor HARTZELL SPENCE Night Editor FRANKLIN GREGORY Night Editor MARVIN LOOAN Night Editor THEODORE F. KOOP Editor-in-Chief Long, Cobeen, Haeseler, Gregory, Fuller, Young. Boyd, Wortman, Claassen, Myers, Bettle, Green. Paijc 158 The Daily lowan u- Mto IJ U S 1 N i; S K S T A F F WILLIAM T. HAGEBOE K . . . Business Manager W. HARRY HARPER .... Circulation Manager EDWIN B. GREEN . . . Classified Adv. Manager JOHN F. WKBBER .... Advertising Assistant FREDERICK A. SCIINKLLK:: . Advertising Assistant ROBERT V. SlBEBT .... Advertising Assistant .lAMKSj. UOLLBY .... Advertising Assistant TouisM. I?I " II Advertising Assistant RSLAND M. EVANS .... Advertising Assistant RAYMOND V. HAMIL-CN . . Advertising Assistant THOMAS H. MARNF.TTE . . Advertising Assistant A iNKs V. SCHMIDT Accountant WILLIAM KlTNDE Collections ELEANOR DFNN Stenographer WILLIAM T. HAUEHOECK Manager Galiher, Schmidt, Dolly, Schneller, Green, Sibert Webber, Kvan.s. Marnette. Kunde, Rich. Harper. Page 15! Frivol HARRY E. BOYD Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL STAFF HARRY E. BOYD Editor-in-Chief LORNE E. KENNEDY Managing Editor FLOYD A . POETZINOER Exchange Editor WILLIAM G. THOMPSON Art Editor BURTON B. JERREL Feature Editor PAULE L. MYHRE Literary Editor FLORENCE M. LINN Honorary Art Associate CONTRIBUTOES CATHERINE CHASE D. L. ARMSTRONG FREDERICK C. FISHER WALTER E. KOHRS STANLEY WOODRINO WILLIAM SEILER ' Page 160 The Frivol KRNEST GERDKS Business Manager BUSINESS STAFK KRNEST GERDES .... Business Manager CARROLL SMITH . . A ss ' t Business Manager VAUGHN: STEVENSON Assistant SWISHER WILSON Assistant JEANNE DOKAN Assistant JoHNKuNAU .... Assistant FRIVOL, the University of Iowa ' s humorous publication, has this year created a record in the number of issues of special significance published. Nearly each of the monthly magazines has been dedicated to a special field. Perhaps the most successful of these was the takeoff number on The Literary Digest. Through negotiations with the publishers of the weekly, the staff was able to obtain the necessary forms to make the publication appear as nearly a. copy of The Digest as possible. Each department usually contained in the orig- inal was represented and the subject matter brought to the local angle by the use of student names and actions. Carroll B. Smith, upon the action of Ernest Gerdes ' temporary retirement from the position as business manager took over the duties as acting business manager. Page 161 MARVIN J. KEID ALFRED I. HESS TRANSIT STAFF MARVIN J. REID Editor-in-Chief ALFRED I. HESS Associate Editor M. PLUMLY Alumni Editor LLOYD L. HESKETT Campus Editor EDWIN C. SITTLER Publication Manager FRANCIS I. KLINE Advertising Manager DERONDA D. TAGOERT .... Technical Advisor ANEW name The Iowa Transit , a new cover, and new contents of a much more vital and interesting nature than hi former years has character- ized the publication of the college of Engineering this year. With Reid and Hess at its head, and the unqualified support of the alumni behind the pub- lication, it has entered on a new era in printing the local angles of modern en- gineering achievements. Articles by alumni of the college who are at work in the field make the text of the articles more real and create at the same time a splendid medium for the students to become better acquainted with the actual workings of the profession into which they will step at the close of their instruction. Several of the numbers have contained very excellent stories by undergradu- ates that prove the interest of the entire school in the publication. Journal of Business II, GBOROK STBATHMAN CARL DISTELHORST JOURNAL OP BUSINESS STAFF CARL F. DIKTELHORST Editor GEORGE STRATHMAN Assistant Editor LEAH MILLER Assistant Editor HENRY KNERR Business Manager CECIL BOLSINGEK Advertising Manager ALICE MULRONEY Circulation Manager InW M r r ANOTHER of the publications under the control of Student Publications, Inc., is the magazine of the college of Commerce. This past year there have been several innovations added to the already important character of the publication. A decidedly local character has been annexed in printing more articles in which local names, writers, and experiences figure. Statistical data, timely news matter and a help to the students in their prescribed courses show a help- fulness to the student body that relies on the staff of the publication to keep up to standard. Commercial problems, their demands and solutions are discussed thoroughly (and sometimes it great length) by writers of national business repute. The entire magazine serves as the official organ of the college and binds the student body together in a single unit. Page 163 Iowa Literary Magazine Ml I, I, F.I; WALTKK. CKAHAM . 1 ' KRCY WOODS . . J5AKKAKA Mil, [.Kit Assori.-itc Kditors ASSISTANTS VIRGINIA CAPELL PAULE L. S. MYIIRK BEULAH J. WICKAKD LKK A. WKBEK TO serve as a medium through which those who have a desire to write and have their writings published has been the purpose of the Iowa Literary Magazine since its foundation. At the present time it may be said without error that such has been the case to a large extent during the past year. The magazine is a quarterly issued twice each semester. A change of editorial staff brought about a change in the policy of the publication. Heretofore a dull, uninteresting and nnarresting cover had served for an official announce- ment of its appearance. Now a series of brightly colored covers tell those with a sense of color that the magazine has been completed for the issue and give a prospective buyer a hint of the content and makeup. Under the direction of Walter Graham. Barbara Miller, and Percy Wood the new issues have been sparkling with excited articles. Poems of the new and old style, stories of unusual snap and zest, comprehensive book reviews make up the best that is to be had in the publication. It has been a year of progress and a future prediction will see the little magazine on its way to greater suc- cesses. 164 if ' M The Military Department STAFF MAJOR EDWARD L. HOOPER . . . Assistant Professor MAJOR HERBERT H. SHARPE . . . Assistant Professor MAJOR BRUCE H. ROBERTS . . . Assistant Professor CAPTAIN LESLIE W. BROWN Instructor CAPTAIN BURTON F. HOOD Instructor CAPTAIN HAROLD E. STOW Instructor CAPTAIN HAROLD P. GIBSON Instructor LIEUTENANT THOMAS H. STANLEY . . . Instructor WARRANT OFFICER JAMES J. GIBNEY . . . Instructor WARRANT OFFICER LEWIS J. LAW . . . Instructor STAFF SERGEANT JOHN A. LKMCNS . . . Instructor SERGEANT CHARLES H. HAMILL Instructor SERGEANT LAFAYETTE SEXTON Instructor SERGEANT FRED C. WALLER Instructor ORIE E. VAN DOREN Band Director WILLIAM D. F. RAHMING Chief Clerk COL. MORTON C. MUMMA Professor Military Science ONE might ask: " Is military training at Iowa successful? " Or ' ' Does the instructional staff really function in teaching those students taking the course or is it a hoax? " The inevitable answer is: " Most decidedly successful in practice as well as theory. " For the staff, composed of men who have received their training in actual service, and who know the ins and outs of military order and discipline, is competent to give to the student a broad foundation for further service. Page 166 The Military Department STUDENT COMMISSIONED OFFICERS WILLIAM L. MOOTY Lieut. Col. Inf. Unit MARVIN J. REID Lieut. Col. Eng. Unit FRANK A. ANDEKSON Major Inf. Unit EDWARD O. BAB " OCK Major Inf. Unit GERALD R. IMBODY Major Inf. Unit JOHN B. KIRCHNER Major Inf. Unit HIRAM D. BLACK Major Eng. Unit MARSHALL B. II URD Major Eng. Unit FRANCIS L. KLINE Major Eng. Unit ROBERT B. MCALLISTER Major Eng. Unit FRANK J. CUHEL Student Colonel ON the other hand, does the student personnel receive the type of instruction that real teachers can give ? And if so, does the practice they get make the theory practical? Again the answer must be in the affirmative. Not only the colonels and majors of the student battalions but every officer, down to the last corporal of the last squad they all have their command to handle and it is the usual thing to find real army discipline and management in the control of affairs. Page Infantry Unit By MAJOR E. L. HOOPKR TI1K primary purpose of the reserve officers training corps is to develop leaders. Since a leader must know how to obey before he can command he must reali e the powers and limitation of those under his command. Thus a student ' s first year in the infantry unit is spent as a private, learning rifle marksmanship, first aid and hygiene, close order drill, etc. With his second year he becomes a leader in reality and is taught to lead and to instruct. At the end of the second year if he possesses ability as a leader he is permitted to enroll in the advanced course. There he has a much greater op- portunity to develop his leadership qualifications as he now functions as a leader at all drills. In the classroom by means of problems he is taught leader- ship and the making of quick decisions. During the six weeks that he spends at the summer training camp he receives practical training: in the theoretical problems of the classroom. I ' pon the completion of the course he receives a commission signed by the Sec- retary of War as a second lieutenant in the infantry reserve of the army of the United States. But he has more than his reserve commission; he has a three year ' s training in leadership which will stand him in good stead in whatever line of work he may take up. With the end of the 1927-2S school year 1815 students will have been gradu- ated from the infantry unit and have been commissioned as reserve officers. Medical Unit By MAJOR H. H. SHAKPE THE medical unit, was established August 9, 1921. To date 110 candidates on graduation with the degree of M.D. have been commissioned as first lieu- tenants of the medical reserve. The normal course of instruction consists of two years basic and two years advanced work together with attendance at a camp of six weeks duration. Lectures are given once a week during the school year to each class in the medical college according to an approved War Department program. The nec- essary camp occurs during the summer vacation after the sophomore medical year and exemplifies by actual practice the medico-military principles taught didactically in the class room. .Medical camps are usually held at Port Snelling. Minnesota. All advanced students receive pay from the government. Appointment is contingent on mental, moral, and physical fitness and the number accommodated is further limited by federal appropriations. Thirty four seniors, having fulfilled all the technical requirements of the military science course are awaiting academic graduation to be commissioned. Four members of the present senior medical class have received appointments as internes in military hospitals with the view to ultimate commission in the regular medical corps of the army. Three seniors have been notified of ap- pointments in the regular medical corps of the navy. Page 168 Dental Unit By MAJOR B. H. ROBERTS THE dental unit was established in 1!21 by direction of the president to be under the supcrvis ' on of the surgeon-general. This dental unit is one of the eight units now existing in the I ' nited States and is a privilege of only Class " A " dental colleges. The class room work consists of a regular schedule of lectures which are out- lined by the War Department and which pertain to medico-military subjects with special reference and application to dental service. An attendance at a summer training cam]) of six weeks duration is required by all students who enter the course. This camp is intended to demonstrate the practical applica- tion of the classroom instruction. Each student in the advanced section is granted a cadet commission at the mid-year convocation exercises similar to those given to the other R. ). T. ( ' . units of the university. Since the establishment of the dental unit in this university fifty-eight gradu- ates of the dental college have received commissions as reserve officers as an award for completing the course. There will be about twenty-two men from the present senior class who will be awarded reserve commissions at the gradu- ation exercises this spring. Engineering Unit By LIKVTKXAXT T. H. STANLEY STUDENTS of the college of Engineering are enrolled for military training in the engineer unit. Attendance is for three hours per week during the first two years and is required for all students; and for five hours per week dur- ing the last two years, the latter being an elective course on completion of which the student is commissioned a second lieutenant in the engineer section. A slight increase over last year ' s membership brings the total enrollment for this year to 12. " ) basic. :!4 advanced men. The courses of instruct ' on which are regulated by the chief of engineers. 11. S. army, are designed to supplement the engineering work covered by the student in the college, coordinating the work with military engineering. In addition to covering the basic military subjects, as is done in all combat units, instruction is given in rigging, map reading, map making, military bridging, military roads, demolitions and general construction. Summer training is given to members of the advanced course between the senior and junior years of college training and comprises a six weeks course of practical instruction in mil.tary bridging, field fortification, equitations, rifle marksmanship and demolitions. This work is so organi ed as to give each student opportunities to exercise command, organize and direct construction Page 169 E University Band PAUL G. AKVIDSON DONALD E. COOK- DONALD L. HAKTKK RAYMOND (). KOKE FKANCIS J. MARTIN- EDWIN T. MOGCK FLOYD O. ROLFS EMERY 0. TROXEL THOMAS W. WHALEN CARROLL H. WILD HERBERT HAUOK HARRY G. BASSETT .IKSSK C. DUCOMMUN CHARLES N. HOFFMAN GILBERT L. KKLSO RALPH S. LANNINO RALPH E. READ DERONDA D. TAOOERT DONALD WAEOHTER JosEPir O. WATSON Cornets CLARENCE J. ANDREWS A. B. CUMMINS CARL M. BECKER CHARLES D. LUKE PRESTON S. CONANT HAROLD D. SMITH Trombones OKIE E. VAN DOREN Director CLIFFORD H. BRADY EDWARD A. ARMENTROUT JAROLD D. BRIDGES IRLINO A. GROTH MERLYN A. LEWIS WILBUR M. CHILDRESS Bassoon DWIOHT J. POTTER FRED A. ROLFS FRANK E. CLARK PAUL C. DAWSON OSWALD C. HARDING Horns RALPH R. MARSHALL ELLSWORTH C. TORGERSON Bass CARLIN W. BUCKNAM CLARENCE H. CLARK Baritone Flutes PAUL O. MCLARAND Saxophones ELMER H. GABEL Cymbals WARD S. KEITH Drums MARTIN- LAXTOW FRED B. SMITH STERLING J. RITCHEY ERNEST C. WITTE LAWSON T. CUMMINS ELWIN T. JOLLIFFE LEONARD C. JOHNSON JOHN H. SPENCE ARTHUR Rix Bass Drum HERBERT A. SCOTT ELROY II. WITT Page 170 HAROLD E. STOW Officer in Charge JAMES J. GIBNEY Coach MEMB FRANK W. ASHTON LYLE B. BRITTON H. DONALD CURRY THOMAS P. CHALLIS JAMES W. DEMPSTER WARREN W. DRUM BERNARD F. GIBNEY JOHN H. EYERLY FRANK J. HAGERTY Rifle Team ERS KICHARD W. HAWLEY JOHN- T. HICKLIN FLOYD A. POETZINOER CARROLL C. Voss MASON E. WASSOM WILLIAM K. WEEBER RAYMOND N. WELDY DELLA VEDOVA THIS trophy was donated by Mr. Russell Wiles, of Chicago. Mr. Wiles has been a member of the United States Small Bore Rifle Team and has com- peted in international matches; he is also a director of the N. R. A. The Russell Wiles Trophy was first shot for in Big Ten competition in 1926. The Iowa rifle team won the trophy in that year, and again in 1928. Weldy (Captain), Gibney (Coach), Delia Vedova, Hicklin. Dempster, Ashton, Wilson, Olson, Gibney. Hawley, Challis, Voss. Weeber, Schump, Wassom. , Page 171 Scabbard and Blade Founded at University of Wisconsin. 1004 Established at I ' niversity of Iowa, 1!)()fi PuMVation : Xciiblxird mil liln li ' Number of Chapters, fit) MORTON C. Mr .MM A BYRON J. LAMBERT KlWARD L. llOOPKK PERCY BORDWELL FRANK L. LOVE ANDREW II. HOLT ALFRED H. BAUER HAYSE D. BLACK E. W. BENENMAN CLYDE L. CLARK THOMAS G. Cox FRANK J. CUHEL MEMBERS IN FACULTY LESLIE V. BROWN HAROLD I ' . GIBSON llAKOLl ' K. STOW .IACK J. II IN.M AN " ' n.i, .1. HAYEK ACTIVE MEMBERS MARTIN K. EKSTRAND JUSTIE E. GIST MARSHALL B. Hi KI JOE B. KIRCHNKK CLYDE R. KIVELL FUANCIS L. KLINE HAROLD A. KYVKI HAROLD L. BOYLE ORVILLK A. CHRISTIANSEN HENRY R. DAHLHK.KC DAV ( ' . DCTCHKR MKKION H. JENSEN Pledges HERBKKT L. KII.LIA.N VKRNON H. MYERS HORACE ;. I ' AKKER LLOYD H. HEILLY ( ' HARLES S. TlI ' I ' ETIS CHARLES F. WARD CRRIS (). TAYLOR ALLIX V. DAK IN JOHN M. HAYEK VALTEK A. .1 KSSCI ' V. Af.xsoN MATIIEXVS WILLIAM L. MOOTY KENNETH M. PETERSON MARYIN J. REID JACOB P. Vcxii.EH KL.MKR K. WYCKOFP WENKALI. K. SAVERY CHARLES G. SIKFKIN HENRY L. SI.EVEKS KVEKETT K. SMITH J{AI.1 ' H I ' . YOCNC; ilooty, Sif ' fkin, Siivcry. Hurd. KirchniT. Ji-nsi-n. AVyckoff, Cuhel, Christiansen, Buyle, Smith, Outoher, Si-v.-i-s. Reilly, Reid, Gist, Mathews, Cox, Kivell, Jfytrs, Dahlberg. Vogler, Peterson, Ekstrand, Breneman. Kline. Black. Kyvig, Killian, Young. Page 17S Page 17 S Page 174 [uatr and SMiijion if j3B3 iHuatr Young Men ' s Christian Association O V F T E TC S LYMAN WHITK President JAMES OLSON Vice-President WENDELL EDSON Secretary JAMES NIELD Tre;i; surer JACK STANFIELD TED BRHDEK JAMES OLSON JAMKK NIELD CABINET MEMBERS CARL SYLVESTER WENDELL KDSON ERNKST OLSON JAMES KEZER KENNETH REUKK LYMAN WHITE CARLIN BUOKNAM HARRY E. TKKRELL THE Y.M.C.A. is an organization in which student and faculty men associate themselves in expressional activities for tlie building: of personally. The purpose is to face students with a sufficient number of life situations to give them some experience in meeting life ' s needs and problems. The organization was founded at Iowa in 1889. Its quarters are in the Iowa Union where the work is now centered. During the past year the chief activities of the association have been its new student work, employment, mixers, hospital entertaining, and conferences. Special effort is made to help students from other nations to become ac- ipiainted. Knch year nationally known speakers on religious and allied subject;, are brought to the campus to challenge student thinking on these topics. Albert. Parker Kitch, Keinhold Xeibuhr, and Sherwood Kddy led conferences this year. The association endeavors to cooperate with other organizations. ! Rehder, E. Olson, Stanfield, Edson, Kezer. Reger, ,1. Olson, Terrell, White, Bucknam. Page 176 Young Women ' s Christian Association OFFIOEBS HELEN BAKNES President M ARTERY LONG We President MARGUERITE Mr( ' .,NK]E Secretary HELEN LERCH Treasurer KATHEKINE K. TALBOT Ccm r:il Secretary HELEN BARNES ANNE BRADFIELD Cl.KLAGARRETT HELEN LERCH CABINET MEMBERS MAKOERY LONG MARGUEKITE MCCONKIE HARRIET MONTGOMERY ELIZABETH SCHTNK NETTIE STEADRY KATHERINE TALBOT LOIS THORNBURG DARLTNT; WII.FS TV . Ifcfl will THE Y.W.(!.A. of the university is ojien to women of all races and creeds who feel a need of association with girls who are striving to live a richer life. It is a part of the international movement concerned with the development of women. It is expressed through the following program: Big and little sister movement Freshman club Service at hospitals Vocational information International council Religious conferences Discussion meetings The business details of the program are the responsibility of an executive body called a cabinet, and the general secretary. Bradfield. Schunk, Montgomery. Steadry, Garr tt, Thornburg, Wiles. Lerch, Talbot, Barnes, McConkie, Long. Page 177 University Singers OFFICERS PROP. WALTER LEON . Director MILDRED BICKLIN President FRANCIS TOMASEK Business Manager BERNHARD ANDRESEN SIDNEY BAILEY EVELYN BAKTMAN LOREN CAMP HUGH CARMICHAEL BERYL DAVIDSON ETHEL EVANS DANIEL FRITZ FLORENCE GAVRIEL MARTHA GROTEWOHL HELEN FAZLETT HATTIE HENN JOE HOOTMAN VERNON HOYT BAYMON LOPGREN MARGARET MCCLARAN RITTH MARTIN RICHARD MEXA ESTHER OLSON SIDNEY PRICE PAULA REINK ING MARGARET RICHTER MlLLICENT RlTTER FRANK SWISHER THERESA TOSSINI FERN WARNER MARGERY WARNER KIETH WEBBER JEANETTE WILLIAMS MARY WYATT Henn, McClaran, Martin, rUohU-r, Tosslni, Warner, Vytt, Warner. Bartman, Evans. Urotewohi, Gavriel, Hazlett, Olson. KeinkinK Bailey, Camp, C ' armichael, Davidson, Easter, Williams. Hoyt, Lofgren, Mexa, Swisher, Weeber. Anderson, Fritz, Hootman, Price. Pane 178 University Orchestra DOROTHY M. ADAMS D. AEKERS CLARENCE J. ANDREWS ERNEST B. ARVIDSON O. H. AUSTIN DR. RAYMOND P. BAKER RUTH E. BEARD LEROY BENSCHNEIDER THOMAS J. BEVERIDOE CLARICE B. BOIIRER JAROI.D D. BRIDGES DOUOLAS H. BROWN FLOYD E. BUCHNER HAROLD E. CERNEY KATHERINE V. DAVIDSON NORMAN E. H. DELETZKE CATHERINE A. DENNY AGNES M. DONOVAN HARRY DRUKER KENNETH V. FORBES MILDRED W. FRANK MAURICE FRIEDMANN ARTHUR H. FPIKDMAN HERBERT M. GALE ISAHELLE L. GARDNER LAI T KA G. GEARHART MEMBERS BBULAH E. GORDON HAMILTON E. GRAY OSWALD C. HARDWIO DUDLEY R. HAKRIS CHARLES HOFFMANN G. LESLIE HOWARTH ANNA E. HUREWITH WANDA G. JACKSON F. ELLEN JONES JAMES L. KEZER ALTON KUECIIMANN MARTIN LANTOW C. LEESE ROBERT LEWIS CHARLES D. LUKE ELIZABETH MCCLURKIN LINN H. MATHEWS LEONARD P. MEADE ELLA E. MEIKLE THELMA MEICKI.E RUTH M. MEYERS FRED W. OBERST LEE D. OUGH MILDRED A. OWEN PAUL E. PETERS CARL PPEIFFER DWIGHT J. POTTER LAURA W. POTTER WALTER F. POTTER EVELYN M. ROBERTS FRED A. ROLFS FLOYD O. ROLFS DR. C. A. RUCKMICK I. RUPERT NORMAN A. SCHLUTER RAYMOND J. SHAFER JEANNETTE SMITH RUTH E. SOLL HARRY THATCHER .lit. ANNA THIELEN MARY E. TURNER G. UNRATH WINIFRED L. VAN NESS HENRY M. WARD J. O. WATSON VICTOR S. WEBSTER IRENE F. WHITCOMB BARBARA J. WHITTLESEY ERNESTO. WITTK EDITH P. WOODFORD GEORGE E. YAVORSKY MARGARET D. YOUNG 1 Par I ' 17 ft Chimes of Normandy Xerpolette MiLLiOBNT BITTKK Gennnine HELEN PAY|NTS Gertrude LYLA MORGAN Jeanne . BEATRICE DENTON Manette HELEN So HROEDER Suzanne MILDRED BIKLEN Henri CALDWELL JOHNSON Jean Grenlcheux FRANCIS TOMASKK Gaspard CABL SEASHORE The Bailli BERT BOEHM Registrar ROBERT WRIGHT Assessor KENNETH HAOEKMAN Notary LACEYliKK D A N (! K |{ S MAK.K.IIIF, MARS, KATHLEEN COKKKY, NATALIE FRANKLIN. Ki.rxAHETii KNAPP. CHORUS of village maiili . Eunice Gallagher, Dorothy Hiscock, Helen Lerch, Marcelyn Malcolm, Opal McKray, Esther Olson, Velma Tobin, Lorine Warder, Gladys Baker, Helen Bailey, Eileno Burnett, Marion Church, June Lingo, Myrtle Van IVnrsein, Ruth Frew, Helen ll.-ni .on. Frances Hogle, Eileen Jacksun, Kloise Neiinian, Dorothea Starbuck, Natalia Alhreclit, Dorothy Johnson, liuth Wilhile, Gladys Johnson, Hilda Walters, Jeannette Kotlmchild. CHORUS of coachmen, farmers and villagers Marlin Lerch, Stanley Nelson, Maurice liawliugs, C ' ei-il Van de Venter, Kozo Fugita, Earl Larsen, Kenneth Osborne, Wilbur Clausen, Fred For- demwalt, Edwin Marble, Raymond Norman, Eldon Bliss, Max Guyer, Don aid Ilarter, Samuel Leinbach, John Palmer. PIANISTS Helen Cole and Grace Watkins. Page ISO i Drama University Players E. C. MABIE VANCE MORTON JOHN DUNN HARRY BARNES PAUL, BROWN MEMBERS IN FACULTV HELEN LANGWORTHY HELENS BLATTNER GRADUATE MEMBERS JEROME HELLERSTEIN ABBIE A. MCHENBY WALTER ROACH FLORENCE THOMPSON ERMA TAYLOR VIVIAN TAYLOR MARGERY GAILEY FLOYD PILLAKS RICHARD DAVIS KATHERINE KINXK LUCILE NELSCN THOMAS Co:; JOHN BEERS ROLLIN HUNTER ALBERT HASS ROSCOE NEEDLES BURTON BOWMAN BERNICE RrTii DON HOWELL ESTHER L. MI:KLL-:I: MARTHANNA BAKEK MYRTLE OULMAN RACHAEL TAYLOR CHARLES BUSBY ROBERT MILLER ACTIVE MEMBERS JEAN RADER DORIS LAMPE KEITH SCARBORO LEE WEBER DICK BOYLES GEORGE JONES BETH JANSE DANXIE BURKE WANELL MIDDLETOX MARGARET SHUMWAY CLARA CLEM MET; KATHARINE FULTON PAUL WEAVER MARGARET MADDEN PAULE L. MYH ' -F, HELEN SINULEY J.W.O ' BRIAN- MARGARET ANDERSON MARIE BUSLER HOYT FRANCHERE CATHERINE ST. CLAITIE MARION POWEIIS ELIZABETH FATHERSON EDRA DAKLIN ISABEL HEUPEL CAROLINE BOSLEY J. C. FRUDENFELD GORDON GUNN KDWARD WRKJHT MARIE VANDERBUI-G DARREL MARKER DON HARTEK DAN DUTCHER DON BAIRD BERT TANSWELL SIDNEY SMITH Page 18S Back Stage {( A H, my dear, can ' t you see that it is not as bad as it appears to be? Be f brave, my son, and let the " For Heaven ' s sake, put some life into your speeches! You people act as if you all had fifty pounds of lead around your necks and a mouthfu l of hot mush ! ' ' And so the scene is rehearsed and rehashed with the result that in the end is presented as nearly perfect a production as possible. A review of the season ' s presentations in the University Theatre would tax the vocabulary of the reviewer and exhaust the patience of its readers. New plays, old plays, long ones and short ones, tragedies and comedies they are all included in the year ' s work. Those that participate in the work of the theatre serve the university in a real capacity. For, since its inception not so long ago, the quality of the work has risen slowly to be sure but nevertheless steadily. Today the dates of production are awaited with eagerness by those who are in the habit of attend- ing and pride with the staff of the theatre. The new studio in the Iowa Union is the latest advance in the history of the department. A modern stage, well-equipped with audience room for one-hun- dred and fifty persons, now takes the place of the Sueppel Studio in the " barn " . Ample dressing space and workshops for costume and properties afford a con- venience that has long been needed. And the tale does not end at this po!nt. For plans are under way for a glorified university theatre one which will far surpass any that have been dreamed of a separate and distinct unit of the Iowa Union. Many thousands of dollars are necessary to finance this gigantic undertaking. And the inter ests of the new building are not alone in the hearts of the d ' rectors. For the student personnel of the theatre and those interested in other capacities have put their shoulders to the tfisk with it willingness thai spells certain victory for the new undertaking. Page 1$3 By William Shakespeare April 5, 6, 7, 1927 THE CAST Claudius PAUL CHANDLER Hamlet PHILIP FOSTER Horatio GRANVILLE RYAtf Polonius MINOR BROCK Laertes FLOYD PILLARS Rosencnint , JOHN YOUNO Guilrteiwtern ROLLIN HUNTER Marcellus WILLIAM DAMOUK Bernardo ROBERT MILLER Francisco MORRIS BANNISTER Reynaldo . CLAIR KN3X A gentleman . . PAULE MYHRE A priest WILLIAM STEWART First Grave-digger MELVIN ROPE Second Grave-digger GEORGE JONES Gertrude . MADGE VEST Ophelia ABBIE ANNA MrHENKY Ghost RICHARD FOSTER I WILLIAM 1IAZLITT wrote that Hamlet cannot be played because the role is merely the working of a man ' s mind. Philip Foster in the title role here presented a carefully .studied characterization that made the figure a dynamic an ' mated man in contrast to the equivocating philosophical style which many are prone to favor. Review. Par c 184 frr fri fin The Show-Off By Ueorge Kelly .June :!, 1!)27 THE CAST Cl.-ira . . . .Mrs. Fislier . Amy Pi-rink Hvliiml Mr. Fhlicr . . Joe ABBIK ANNA MCHENRY . . HKLEN SINULEY . KATHERINE KINNE , . . PHILIP FOSTER PAUL CHANDI.EK . ROLLIN Aubrey Finer EICHARD DAVIS Mr. (iill . " MELVIN HOPE Mr. Rogers F. J. CLIFTON " SELDOM does a play offer as many opportunities to an amateur group as does this one of (ieorge Kelly ' s. It is not a great play but it does contain characterizations that show a knowledge of details taken from life. The setting and the stage i ' urnish ' ng seemed the most characteristic and in harmony with the story of this play. The figured wall paper, the advertising calendar, and the sideboard were indeed typical of a home such as that of the Fisher family. Review. Page 1$5 Mary The Third By Rachel Orothers May 10, 11, 12, 1927 THE CAST Mary the First OLIVE DELAY Mary the Second ESTHER L. MUELLER Mary the Third ELDRED HOLBERT Robert JOHN BEERS Lynn FLOYD PILLARS H;il GRANVILLE RYAN Father WALTER ROACH Lettie MAXINE McELRATH Nora FLORENCE MEDILL Max PAULE MYHRE MARRIAGE a failure? No, not marriage but the persons who lightly en- gage in marriage make the failure. Opening with a late afternoon home scene of a modern American family in which the subject of love ' s relation to successful marriage had completely en- grossed the daughter, the third Mary, the play allowed Mary the first and Mary the second to compare their views with those of the modern Mary. This last Mary ' s attempted experiment at marriage, the revelation of the mother ' s and father ' s true experience with marriage, and the last scene, show- ing the whole family at breakfast, in which a general understanding as to mar- riage was reached furnished the action for the play. Review. Page 186 ... n? Beggar on Horseback By George Kaufman and Marc Connelly July 19, 20, 1927 .I?;. My THE CAST Dr. Albert Rice JOSEPH KELLY Cynthia Mason ANNIE FERGUSON Neil McKae GRANVILLE RYAN Mr. Cady OLEMA MOTE Gladys Cady MARGARET TUOMEY Homer Cady VALENTINE WINDT THE " Beggar on Horseback " may be experimental so far as technique of production is concerned but in its laugh provoking ability there is nothing that resembles an experiment. The laughter is certain. As presented in the university theatre the play brought continual appreciation from the aud- ience. The tempo of the play was well handled throughout. Rythmical devices were prominent the jax ed wedding march, Mrs. Oady ' s " sweet old hymns, " the dance music from the cabaret, and the announcements of the butlers, set the time for those scenes. Review. Page if? Trelawney of the Wells 15y A. W. Pinero v (i, 7, 1! ! 7 THE CAST Tom Wrench PAUL R. BROWN Ferdinand GacM GRANVILLE RYAN James Telfer A. DALE RILEY Augustus Colpays E. E. NEWSTRAND Rose Trelawney ... ELIZABETH FATHERSON Avonia Bunn ... MILDRED GROSSIR Mrs. Telfer .... RUTH WIIALEY Imogen Parrot . . DOROTHY PETERSON O ' Dwyer . KRNKST HENDRICKSON Mr. Denzil RAYMOND BARNARD Mr. Mortimer . . VALENTINE WINDT Mr. Hunston OEKALD LINEWEAVER Miss Brewster MYRTLE GREER Pantlieon Hallkecper MELVIN ROPE Sir Wm. Gower JOSEPH O ' BRIEN Arthur Gower JOHN BEERS Clara De Forenix CATHERINE ST. CLAIRE Trafalgar Gower HARRIET HAYES Captain de Foronix M. SKALBECK Mrs. Mossop MARCEI.LA MOWKY Mr. Al)l -t . MELVIN ROPE Charles T?I:XK,KT HENDRICKSON Sarah MARY .MILLER ORE pretentious in staging than many of the university plays, " Trelawney of the Wells " required four sets. Costumes conformed to the style of 1860. This production was the first on the program of the university theatre for the summer session. M Paf c 188 ... The Poor Nut By .1. ( ' . ;md Elliott Nugent October 2: , 26, 27, 1927 THK.CAST A Freshman PAUL G. WEAVER Colonel Small WILLIAM STEWART Margerie Blake DORIS LAMPF. John Miller FLOYD PILLARS Julia Winters MARGARET MADDEN " Spike " Hoyi DON HOWELL Hull Smith BURT BOWMAN ' ' Magpie ' ' Welch JOHN S. BEERS f ' oach Jackson JOSEPH O ' BRIEN V:i I lie Pierce DAN ' UUTCHER I ' nit ' essur Dl ' in ' llg llOYT FRANCHKRE ' ' Doc ' ' Spurney CHAKLES BUSBY Official Starter A. M. WALLING Reggie MAKGARET ANDERSON Betty CATHERINE ' LESLIE Doris MARIE BUSLER Jane VELMA BOOKHART Uuiiners Ohio State CHARLES AKRE, E. S. JONES Wisconsin THOMAS BLAKEY, EDWARD J. KELLEV, PON HARTER A PRESENTATION by university students of a comedy of college life is an interesting experiment but grave dangers attend. With a theme full of satire on fraternities, athletics, faculty members and the much talked of " standard ' xed " student, it is difficult not to present an artificial scene. This vas not the case however in the " Poor Nut. " To the contrary, a typical collegiate atmosphere was maintained to a high degree. -Review. Paoc IfM A Square Peg By Lewis Beach November lf , 16, 17, 1927 THE CAST lifna Iluckins EDRA DAIILIK Mildred Huckins KATHERINE KINNE Effie Throp CAROLYN BOSLEY Eugene Huckins J. C. FRUDENPELD .Tames T. Huckins MELVIN ROPE Walter Fripp ADRIAN DARLAND Arthur Ryan PAUL DIKEMAN Mrs. Trent ETHEL STONE 8am Durkie JOHN EYERLY Lyman McVey EDWARD KELLY REMINISCENT of " Craig ' s Wife " and " Icebound " in its picture of family life, " A Square Peg " possesses a strangely gripping emotional power. The audience was literally moved to tears at the end of the second act. The play is sordidly realistic yet to many it must have brought recollections of similar families which a domineering mother has wrecked or nearly ruined. The play contains some hokum, but there is a note of truth that demands full sym pat hy . Review. I r ' I 196 Number Seventeen By J. Jefferson Farjeon December 1:5. 14, 1. " ), 1927 THE CAST Gilbert Fordyce HOYT FRANCHEKE Eddie Scott -.-... JOHN BEEKS Ben WALTER ROACH Rose Aekroyd ESTHER LUOILE MUELLER Mr. Brant PAUL CHANDLER " Henry " DON HOWELL Norn MARIE VANDERBUHO Smith FLOYD PILLARS Ackroyd ROBERT MILLER THE hilarity provoking antics of a drunken sailor and the complications that are connected with these episodes caused gales of laughter verging almost on hysteria to sweep over the audience at this production of the university theatre. Walter Roach, portraying " Ben, of the Merchant Service " was the agent of mirth on this occasion. He, with Helen Langworthy, the other of the two directors of the performance, handled the action so well that the only my.-itery play of the season was one of the high lights of the theatre year. Review. Page 191 Saint Joan By George Deinard Shaw January 16. 17, IS, 1!). lUl ' S THK OAST Robert de Baudriconrt MARVIN WRIGHT Steward ' . CHARLES AKRE Joan Arm. " ANNA McHENRY Bertram! de Ponlengey WILLIAM LOUPEK The Arclibishop of Rheims HARRY BARNES La Tremouille, Chamberlain GEORGE ZALESKY Court page DONALD HARTER Gilles de Rais " B ' v.cbe:ird " RICHARD BAXTER Captain la Hire SIDNEY SMITH The Dauphin CI ' .ARLES W. PHIPPS The Duchess de la T:emouille ISABEL HKUPKI. Dunois, Bustiird if Orleans EDWARD PRENTISB Dunois ' Page MILTON LOM ASK Richard de Beaucliamp DREW McDoni.M. Chaplain de Stogumber JOHN W. DUNN Peter Cauehon, Bishop of Beuuv::is . . . ALBERT TANSWELL Warwick ' s Page JOHN BEERS The Inquisitor TEIIOME HELLERSTEIN D ' Estivet, Canon o. " Bayenx PAUL J. BROWN De Courcelles GALE REYNOLDS Brother Martin Liidvpn-.i EDWARD WRKUIT The Executioner MELVIN ROPE An English Soldier J. F. O ' BRIEN A Gentleman ' ;LLIAM XKLINSKV Ladies of the Court : DOROTHY MUELLER, EDRA DAIILIN, DANNIE BURKK TO attempt the production of so difficult a play as George Bernard Shaw ' s " Saint Joan " is in itself a pra ' scworthy effort; to present a finished and completely satisfying production is an achievement of the highest degree. The university theatre, and especially Abbie Anne McHenry, won this recogni- tion for the splendid work done in this production. Review. ill Paqe 192 The Detour By Owen Davis February 20, 21, 22, 1928 THE CAST Stephen Hardy GEOROE JONES Helen HELEN SINQLEY Kate MAUDE ALICE THAYER Tom Lane RICHARD BOYLES Dana Lament DAN DUTCHES Dora Laniont ILENE DOOP Ben Glenny !S DNEY LOCHMAK Weinstein CHARLES BUSBY Jake . . MILTON LOMASK As a play " The Detour " does not compare with " Craig ' s Wife, " " The Showoff, " " A Square Peg " or other dramas of realistic content which are designed as photographic picture of the " average " American home. Davis ' play is less subtle and less complete, the characters are not so well rounded ; the plot seems somewhat forced and stilted. It is sufficiently conventional but it hindered by many points which appar- ently are designed to bring out character but which clutter up the ideas. The most notorious of these low comedy bits is the scene in which Mr. Hardy makes flapjacks. Review. Page Page 1f 4 Page 19S Page 196 Jfrnrntaira Men ' s Forensic Council OFFICEES HENRY WILSON . DONALD BROOKMAN FRED WEBBER President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS II ORRIS BANNISTER DONALD BROOKMAN CARLAN BUCKMAN Irving ROLAND MAACK Zetagathian JOHN rALVEY Philomath can CHARLES TEMPLE FRKD WEBBER CLARENCE TOW HENRY WILSON I V THE Men ' s Forensic Council is composed of nine members and is the ex- ecutive, legislative, and judicial body that controls inter-society affairs. During the past year it has also been the purpose of the organization to sponsor as much as possible the intercollegiate debate contests in cooperation with the director of debate. Three societies of men, from each of which there are elected three representa- tives in the private meeting of the group, rotate the offices of the council. It has proven to advantage that the council with the aid of the professional forensic fraternities and sororities assists in the entertainment of debate teams from other institutions that invade the Iowa campus for forensic contests. P r Page 19S Women ' s Forensic Council ACTIVE MEMBERS MARTHA E. BLASF.R DANNIE BURKE AILEEN CARPENTER GRACE L. CLARK EDITH M. COBEEN ELIZABETH D.UNN MARUARET ECKLAND ESTHER FULLER KXTI!KR I. HELMS HELENS HENDERSON BETTY KELLENBEROER HAZEL E. KLINE HARRIET I. MAHNKE MARIAN M. MARKS!! ELIZABETH A. MOELLER EVELYN M. NEESE BERNICE D. RUTHFOKD HELEN E. SIDMORE MARGARET SMOKE AN organization that assumes responsibility and control of the affairs of the women ' s literary societies and the management of the various contests that are staged each year is the Women ' s Forensic Council. There are elected to represent the individual groups three members from each organization. These members formulate the plans for the year ' s activities and report back to the society that outline of activities. A point system is maintained by the council for the basis of credit in a com- petition among groups. Neesc, Kellenberger. Mahnke, Blaser, Burke. Helms, Kline, Smoke, Cobeen. Henderson, Eckland, Maresh. Tagc 199 Phi Delta Gamma Founded at University of Iowa, 1924 Number of Chapters, 12 Publication: The Literary Scroll A. CRAIG BA1RD MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. C. MABIK ALBERT S. ABEL NOEL T. ADAMS GLENN F. BARR LOUIS F. CARKOLL GRADUATE MEMBERS EDWIN H. GATES ALLEN W. DAKIN FRANK E. HORACK FERRIS E. KURD TYRRELL M. INQERSOLL MAX J. KANE CHARLES B. NUTTING GEORGE F. REYNOLDS PAUL TOOMEY DONALD W. BROOKMAN THOMAS G. COX KENNETH E. HAGERMAN PAUL C. HOUSER MARVIN LOGAN HAROLD W. SWIFT CLARENCE W. TOW ACTIVE MEMBERS JAMBS A. TRACY HENRY L. WILSON CARLIN W. BUCKMAN JOHN D. FALVEY HERSCHEL G. LANGDON ARTHUR LEFF FREDERIC A. SCHNELLER CHARLES L. TEMPLE L1UOUKI T. FLATLET EDWIN B. GREEN THEODORE F. KOOP BURTON A. MILLER HENRY W. NEUMAN FRED M. WEBBER FRANCIS W. TOMASEK Wilson, Temple, Falvey, Langdon, Tow Leff, Logan, Tomasek, tiarr, Kane, Brookman putting, Buckman, Toorney, Housor, Tracy, Hagerman, Sclweller Page 00 Sigma Delta Phi Founded at University of Michigan, 1918 Established at University of Iowa, 1925 Number of Chapters, 7 Publication : The Speaker ACTIVE MEMBERS DOROTHY ANDERSON " .MII.DRKD BECKER Seniors AILKEN CARPENTER MARY FAOAN CATHERINE ITEN KATHERINE KINNIE DANNIK BURKE DOROTHY DAVIS Juniors DORIS LORDEN BERXICK RUTHERFORD MARY ELIZABETH STUBBL.EFIELD Sophomores BETTY KELLENBERGEK Stubblefield, Kellenberger, Becker, Burke, Day ' s Carpenter, Lorckn, Fagan, Anderson, Rutherford, Kinne Page SOI Irving Institute OFFICERS FRED M. WEBBER President MORRIS B. BANNISTER Viee-President HOLLAND L. MAACK ' Recording Secretary HOWABD L. LITTIG Corresponding Secretary FREDERIC A. SCHNELLER Treasurer GORDON T. GARRISON MAX J. KANE ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors BERNARD J. KENNY ADOLPH H. KOHLHAMMER ALTON M. KUECHMANN CHARLES G. NUTTING C. GORDON SIEFKIN WENDELL T. EDSON HAMILTON E. GRAY ARTHUR LEFF Juniors ROBERT MILLER CARL G. NYSTROM FREDERIC A. SCHNELLER RALPH L. STEPHAN NORMAN J. WAFFLE MORRIS B. BANNISTER HUGH H. CARMICHAEL JAMES E. CARROLL MAURICE P. DITMON Sophomores JOHN LANE HOWARD L. LITTIG HOLLAND L. MAACK WILLIAM A. STEWART FRED M. WEBBER WESLEY WICKSELL SHIRLEY A. WEBSTER 1 IMVAKD L. CARMODV ' r ( ' X h III C II A!!I, W. DAV1ES JOHN H. MOR.SE MII.TOV O. KIKPE Page SOS Z.etagathian HKRBEBT C. DORCAS MEMBERS IN FACULTY FOREST C. ENSIGN ' OILBERT L. HOUSER BENJAMIN F. SHAMBAUGH JAMES D. MCDOWELL GRADUATE MEMBERS GEORGE r. REYNOLDS DONALD W. BROOK MAN- PAUL C. HOUSER FREDERIC W. KING THEODORE F. KOOP W. MARVIN LOGAN MARVIN J. BARLOON DONALD L. HAKTER VIRGIL L. LEWIS FORREST E. UNDER ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors MELV1N J. ROPE RAYMOND J. SCHOTTER CLARENCE W. TOW J. ALBERT TRACY RAYMOND T. ASHLOCK Junior. LOUIS LORIA KRED H. MCINTOSH LEONARD A. MALEY HAROLD M. PEYTON ORVILLE CIIRISTIANSON JOHN D. FALVEY DONALD H. GRIMM HERSCHELG. LAN ' GDON LA VERNE W. SWIGERT CHARLES O. RUSSELL LUCIEN H. STOAKES PAUL R. STRAIN VERNE H. WEAVER PAUL J. FALVEY KENNETH R. JONES Sophomores HARRY JR. HAZEN CHARLES A. LAUB FRANK E. SWISHER Christiansen. Rope, Stoakes Russell, Maley, Peyton, Swigert Weaver, Houser, Tow, Brookman, Tracy, Logan 203 Erodelphian DOROTHY ANDERSON MARTHANNA BAKER HARRIET CAMMACK AILEEN CARPENTER RA.MONA EVANS NATALIE ALRRECIIT ODETTE ALLEN BERNADINE BOWNE DANNIE BURKE HELENE CAMPBELL VIRGINIA CAPELL BEULAH COPELAND KATHERINEDAKIN BETTY BAXTER RUTH BYWATER RUTH DAVIS CATHERINE DIXON RUTH FRESE ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors RUTH IRONS KATHARINE LESLIE ITEM ABBIE ANNA MrHENRY HELEN McLACHLAN MARTHA MICKEY ESTHER LUCILLE MUrLLER Juniors ,TANF, DARLAND DOROTHY DAVIS FLEANOR OILDNER ELIZABETH FATIIERSON DOROTHY GRUELL HAZEL HERVEY HELEN IRWIN MARY KLEMMER GEORGINA HOBSON Sophomores MARY LOUISE KELLY BETTY KELLENBEKGER MARGARET LASHBROOK ELOISE NEUMANN ELSIE CHITTENDEN MYRTLE Ol ' LMANN CATHERINE ST. CLAIR JULIET SWITZER PERCIE ELLEN VAN ALSTINF MARY FAGAN ELLEN JONES DORIS LORDKX JEANNE MCDONALD KATHERINE MUELLER DOROTHY MURTAUGH LUCILLE NELSON EILEEN JACKSON- ELIZABETH STUBBLEFIELD JTLIA ROBBINS ANTOINNETTE SPE1DEL MARGARET SHERIDAN BETTY WHITE MARY WRIGHT MARGARET ANDERSON RUTH BAKER LOUISE CARTER HELEN DAVIS HELEN DONDORE HELEN PRAHM F r c s h m e n FRANCES HOOD MARJORIE HYSHAM VIRGINIA MOWRY DOROTHY MUELLER HEDVIG NYHOLM PHYLLIS PROPP UILBERTA SCOTT ETHEL STONE ETHELYN STRICKLIN KATHERIXE SWITZER GERTRUDE WALKER Fatherson, St. Claire, Albrecht, Frahm, Anderson. Speidel, Frese. Murtagh, Scott. Carter, Evans. Xyholm, Dondore, Hood, Hysham, Davis, Kellenberger, Bywater. Copeland, Anderson, Davis, McLat ' hlan, L,orden, Van Alstine, Sheridan, Carpenter. Page 304 HIV ALMA IIOVEY LEONA BOHACH KDITH BKAINARD ELIZABETH All LI K LUCILLE BUBIANEK ORAl ' B BURT EDITH COBEEN GENEVA COLONY CAROLYN BOSLEY BONITA BROWN ZELLA CLARK MARY CHESHIRE DOROTHY HOLOUBEK KITTY JOY JAMISON LOUISE JONAS Hamlin Garland MEMBERS IN FACULTY GRADUATE MEMBERS PEARLE GIPPLE ACTIVE MEMBERS S c n i o r x ELEANOR DARNALL ESTHER DEMPSTER JEANETTE HOLOUBEK BARBARA JOHNSON JUAN1TA LUECKEL Juniors GERALDINE FAKRAR KATHLEEN FIELDS CATHERINE HAUBEB THELMA HECK Sophomores r.VEI.VN NEESE MARY ROUSE LYDIA SCHARFK Pledges HILDA TAYLOR ALMA LINK MAXINE WATTS MARJORIE PRESTON HELEN SIDMORE (1RACB STEADRY NETT1B STEADRY LUCY WILSON BARBARA KITTKEDGE VIRGINIA PEEK ESTHER RASMUSSEN VIVIAN REESE LEONA HOEHREN HELEN TENNANT IKEXE SMITH Holoubek, Hauber, Cheslre, (iipnle, Soehren, Hurt, Link, Brown, Heck, Rouse. Cobeen, Steadry, Holoubek, Jamison, Ha.smussen, Jonas, Clark, Lueckel, Darnall. Wilson, Amlie. Farrar, Reese, Fields, Preston, Neese, Burianek, Scharff, Steadry, Tennant, Dempster. Page 205 Whitby MAKTHX BLASER HELENE BRIGHT ESTHER CHESIRE JEANNE BREY. fANN AVIS BRANDT NELLIE BARDKR MART LOUISE BKYA.V RUTH DURST ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors IRENE CCOK JEANETTE CRUMRINE HAZEL EVANS ELIZABETH MOELLER Juniors CHARLOTTE GAR VOO1 HELENE HAJtWOCD Sophomores WILLA CAUIiCLL ESTHER CHR1STIANSON Pledges ESTHER H F.I, MS CORA JENSEN LOUISE KELLEY GRETCHEN MULLINS GRETCHEN OTTO VIRGINIA VAN SANT HELEN LERCH RUTH MEADE HELEN MATTES EMELYN- Rl ' EPFEL MARGARET SEXTON Bryan, Kelly, Moeller, Breymann, Carroll. Christiansen, Helms, Brandt, Jensen, Reuffel, Meade, Van Sant, Durst , Chesire, Blaser, Lerch, Mullins, Otto. Pane 206 Athena ROKK REEVK MARJORIB DECKER ROSAMOND O1LCHRIST HELENE HENDERSON RUTH L. BAKER ALICE BEEMER MILLICENT BUSH GRACE L. CLARK EDITH WHARTON HILAH CHATTERTON HELEN ' BEITER GEADUATE MEMBERS MARY SAOE ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors JOSEPHINE HOLSTEEN HELEN SINOLEY Juniors I LA POX MARTHA OROTKWOHL MARY MCLAUGHLIN AILEEN MCWILLIAM Sophomores DOROTHY BOEGE (JENEVIEVE BUROE DORIS EDDY VELMA HOHNSON LOU V. WALKER REKA STRAUS CORA VAN BEEK SALOME WKISKURKER HILDEGARD MAROUSEK DOROTHY MORRISON MAE PLETTE VELMA TOBIN BLANCHE LYIWD HARRIET i. MAHNKE THERESSA TOSSINI HAZEL CHALMERS Fresh m e n SARAH LIHBY DOROTHEA WOODS Marousek, Bush. Plette, Gilchrist, Woods, Libby, Johnson, Chalmers. Chatterton, Weiskurker, Wharton, Holsteen, McLaughlin, Lyford, McWillmms Decker, Tossini, Sage, Clark, Mahnke, Eddy, Fox, Henderson. Paflf SO? Hesp ena CLARA CLEMMEB ELIZABETH DUNN EVA LATTA FLORENCE BELLAMY RUTH CARTER LORETTA CUSACK MARGARET ANDERSON MARIE BUSLER KATHRYN DALY MARGARET ECHLIN KDITHA FLANNAGAN HELEN BRANDES HELEN DARROW VAUGHN DAVIS ILENE DOOP KEA HANSON KATHRYN LAIRD ACTIVE MEMBERS S f n i o r , s HARRIET MONTGOMERY ALICE MULRONEY VIOLA NAIBERT OPAL O ' HERN Juniors DOROTHY G1LLIS HELEN LEYTZE MARGUERITE McCONKIE Sophomores HELEN OAT KATHLEEN HANSON HAZEL KLINE ELLEN HODGE Pledges LILLIAN LAWLESS ESTELEEN LEUER MARIE LICHTY MARY LOFTUS BERNICE RASMUSSEN BETTY ROEDEL MAKGUERITE RUSSELL MARION POWERS ISABEL QUIST PHOEBE WILLIAMS MARGARET SMOKE ALICE VAN LAW MARGARET GUSTINK BERNETTA KUNAN MARIE MCMAHAN LOLA MOELLER HELEN PAPES RUTH WHITE ANNE SPENSLEY GWENDOLYN STEVENSON MARIE VANDERBUKG HELEN ' WILKINSON DOROTHY WOODRl ' H ' K LILLIAN YOUNG fjuy, Anderson. l ' ap -s, MeOonkie, Powers, McOermott Carter, Woodruff, Gustine, Turner, Wilhite, Busier, Robertson, Moeller Cusack, Bradfield, Stevens, Dunn, Echlin, King, McMahon, O ' Hern, Gillls Page 208 Octave Thanet OFFICERS VELMA BOOKHART President PAULA HORN Vice President FRANCES HOGLE . . " Secretary MARGARET PLUM Treasurer GENEV1EVE HARTER M KDA HROWNLEY EDRA DOHLIN ESTHER PULLER 1.UCILE BOWEN MARGARET BROWNLEY HAZEL DAVIS ELEANOR DIETRICHS EDNA DURST OLGA ERBE VELMA BOOKHART ROSAJRE DE WITT MARJERY FALEY LOUISE HENNESSEY FRANCIS HOGLE FKANVKS HARTLEY MARIE FOLEY JEAN FOLWELL GRADUATE MEMBERS Seniors BETTY GAY FRIEDA JACOBS KATHERINE KINNE MARTHA KNOX Juniors FRANCES FAIRBANKS ELIZABETH FULLER HERTIB GEISS MARJORIE GILBERT FLORENCE IRELAND WANDA JACOBS LA VERNE LINDQUIST Sophomores PAULA HORN VIRGINIA JONES FLORENCE KINOMAN HELEN OMAR BETTY PAISLEY MARJERY PLUM Freshmen HELEN HANSON KATHERINE LAIRD ALICE ROOSE MARION MILLS MARGARET PLUM ESTHER WILKINS MARION ' MAHESH MARJORIE MIEKLE KERNICE RUTHERFORD JEANETTE SMITH LOUISE WEBER ELIZABETH JERICHO MILDRED SAILOR AILEEN SLATER LOIS THORNBURG LUELLA WARWICK VIRGINIA QUIMBY VIRGINIA LEE ANN MURTAUGH PAULA REINKINO Paisley, Dietrichs, Sawyer, Erbe Jericho, Quimliy, Lindquist, Hartley, Fohvell, " Warwick Rubyor, Jackson, liowcn, Hi- Vltt, Hennessey, Miekle, Marter, Weber Plum, Hanson, Fairbanks, Ireland, Irwin, Roose, Omar, Thornburg, Fuley Fuller, Kinne, Maresh, Hople, Rutherford, Bookhart, Plum, Paisley, Knox, Lee Page 209 Forensics at Iowa FORENlSICS are almost an Iowa tradition; the oldest organizations existing on the campus today in active service are four literary society groups found- ed back when the freeing of the slaves was the burning topic of the day, and McClellan ' s military policy was a matter of concern. The situation, admittedly, has changed. A few years ago it was conceded on the campus that forensics were dying. A few watchers stood around mournfully waiting for the last breath to pass from the body ; the lilies were already being gathered ; and then something surprising happened. The old tradition became a new idea. With- out any over-display of confidence it can be said that the beautiful corpse is being restored to life and activity. Nor is that all. The scope of the intercollegiate debate teams has broadened out. That has necessarily meant omitting some of the old standard events; engagements with neighboring virtuosi have been rarer. But as a result, the campus has within the last two years listened to the tongue " as she is spoke " in every quarter of our common civilization. Harvard, Oxford, University of the Philippines, Oregon, Cambridge, California it is the roll call of the em- inent institutions of learning. An Iowa team has for the first time journeyed as far east as Cleveland anil debated with Western Reserve, and the Univer- sities of Detroit and Toledo. Women from Iowa have striven desperately with those from Knox, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, for that prized last word. The freshman greenness has been rubbed off by meetings with Chicago and Missouri. Business women ' s clubs, high school assemblies, university audiences have nodded gravely or grinned broadly as argument and wit rubbed shoulders. In the field of the oration, a change as remarkable has occurred. Notice the titles of the high ranking pieces in the last University Oratorical Contest " A Broken Bulwark, " " Intellect on Tee, " " Youth Passes the Buck. " Each and every one of them labels a content which deals with vital social and intellectual problems of today. Not so many years ago, we were still eyeing with awe the glamoursome declamation and weaving fantasies about, " The Solitude of True Greatness, " " The Red Blot on Civilization Sovietism, " and " My Country, Right or Wrong. " It must be admitted that the younger generation is travel- ing even though eminent authority ' s do disagree on (lie direction of their move- ment. What does this all point to. ' Only a prophet could tell and no one c ' sc wnu ' d be so ridiculous as to try. It certainly indicates one thing and that is that winter is over. The ice is breaking up. There is every indication of a pleasant season ahead. A nice balance between too much confidence and too little seems to be just the thing that should be kept before us. A considerable portion of the .population is still inclined to view with alarm; an equal considerable group, points with pride. Either attitude is fatal. It is perhaps only natural that in- terests should be more varied as the complex ' ty of the sudent body grows. The people who regretfully eye the days when the blushing co-ed swished in with her knitting are hoping for the return of something neither probable nor de- sirable. Forensics today must be run on different lines than a knitting bee. The movie masters have already expressed in their original way the whole atmosphere of Iowa forensics today " Came the dawn ! " Page 210 University Oratorical Contest THE university oratorical contest has always been one of the outstanding forensic events of the Iowa campus. But it is no exaggeration to say that this year witnessed the very best talks that have been heard in recent years. Herschel Langdon, with an oration entitled " A Broken Bulwark " came out first of a very high class field. Morris B. Bannister, brother of last year ' s win- ner and himself placing second for two year in succession delivered an address, " Intellect on Ice. " James A. Tracy talked on " Youth Passes the Buck. " Langdon, by placing first in the con- test became eligible to compete as Iowa ' s candidate in the Northern Oratorical Li .-i.u ' iie meet. HERSCIIEI, G. LANGDON Freshman Oratorical Contest THE freshman oratorical contest is always of peculiar interest as a fore- cast (if material for the future. A l.irgc proportion of the winners or high place men have- been thos? who have added fresh laurels to the Hawkeye ic nrds in intercollegiate competition. Eight minute orations were prepared and delivered on various subjects . Ed- ward L. Carmody. speaking on " Legal Rights vs. Moral Laws " placed in a field of ne?.rl;j n dozen competitors. Bernhai ' d Andrcsen took second with an oration on " Dollars vs. Democracy. " The material was uniformly well han- dled and the presentation showed that the frosh were taking their forensic re- sponsibilities seriously. EDWARD L. CARMODY Page 211 r Cambridge Debate ANDERSON, LANODON, MILLER OVER eight hundred turned out to hear the Iowa team defeat the Cambridge group which was touring the world. The question involved the pernicious influence of journalism on society. Amid ;i barrage of humor and facts from both sides, the English visitors, Foot, Elvin, and King- Hamilton went down to defeat by an audience vote of 177 to 164. Dean H. C. Jones pre- sided. Oregon Debate Ml rfl Mi FOR the first time, an Iowa audience had a chance to listen to a team which had talked its way around the world when the University of Oregon debaters met the lowans and added another scalp to their international record. Repre- sented by McCroskey, Hemp stead, and Thompson, Oregon scored a two to one decision on the proposition : ' ' Resolved, that foreign nations immedi- ately abandon extra-territorial rights in China. " MM w rf I (fat - LANGDOX, Siefkin, and Mil- ler triumphed over Illinois on their home grounds in :i dual clash. Tlie Iowa Illinois debate has come to be an af- fair of lung standing and in fact seems to have ripened in- to the dignity of a tradition. The question was " Resolved, that the governmental policies of Mussolini are justifiable. " Professor Shaw of Knnx col- lege judged the tilt. Illinois Negative LAN-GOON, MlLLKK, SlKFKIX Illinois Affirmative CARROLL, Quinn, and Web- ber, appearing for Iowa in the second half of the contest sought to justify the means by the results. Roberts, Dewey, and Sutin took the floor for the Tllhii, resting their case on the principle of compulsion. Illinois came out ahead on on one side and Iowa on the other, thus making honors even. Professor W. T. Root presided at the Iowa City clash. CARROLL, QUINN, WEBBER Payc 313 Knox Affirmative FOLLOWING the first clusli eight days later a second team of Iowa women debat- ed the same proposition with another group of Knox co-eds. The Iowa team, this time of Margaret L. Anderson, Betty Stubblt ' field, and Doris Lorden, attempted to tear down the fr. ' isibility of such rule. Botli debates were no deci- sion affairs. Another invasion is planned for next year with the Illinois women. STTJBBLEFIELD, ANDERSON. LORDEN Knox Negative KNOX COLLEGE and Iowa women joined issue and outlined policies before the Business and Professional Wo- men ' s club of Galesburg again this year. Local co-eds invaded the Illinois city with the prop- osition, " Resolved, that the governmental policies of Mus- solini are justified. " The first team of lowans, composed of Mildred Becker, Dorothy Davis, and Margaret Lashbrook, upheld the regime t f the Italian dictator. DAVIS, BECKER. LASHBROOK Page. $14 M h t on, DEBATING tin- |iiestion: " Resolved, that the Unit- oil States should cease to protect by armed force capital invested in foreign lands ex- cept after formal declaration of war, " Kdward Carmody anil Mailey Webber invadeil Miss miri and secured an audirnri ' decision. Donald Cox and Lawrence (irai-e, Missouri, de- hated the same proposition with .lack Vollerfsen and Milton Riepe at Old Capitol, March 14. Missouri Debate VOLLERTSEN, CARMODY, RlEPE Wyoming Debate MILLER, QUINN AN Iowa team marked a de- parture from a venerable tradition on March 2 when it met debaters from the Uni- versity of Wyoming at Wash ington High of Cedar Rapids in a no-decision clash. W. B. Pense and W. M. Win- ter for the westerners advocat- ed an end to the protection of American investments in for- eign lands while Burton Miller and Lyle Quinn denied the de- sirability of such a reform s tep. Page S15 Philippine Debate KO?P, MILLER ON April 27, a team of lo- wans debated with three representatives of the Uni- versity of the Philippines at Manilii, the question, " Re- solved that the Philippines should be given their immedi- atet independence. " Koop, Miller and O ' Brien upheld the negative of that proposition. This debate was one of a series of international debates on world problems in which the opposing team was composed of foreigners from distant schools. Western Reserve Debate THK enlarged circle provided by such trips as that to Western Heserve-I)etroit-To- ledo represents the strongest influence in present day debat- ing. Cramped finances have always been a handicap for a bigger debate program; the competition has been strictly sectional in nature. With this latest invasion of Michigan and Ohio, the Hawkeyes have kept themselves on the map of mod- ern debate, LANGPON, WEBBER Page Sid Mfc Mrf Women ' s Debate WOMEN ' S debate on this campus is distinctly a growth of comparatively recent years. There probably has always been more or less formal dis- cussion among the fair sex, but until recent times it did not take the form of debate, regulated by the rides of forensic art. Persons on the campus can still remember the time when such carryings on were held out as a sop to the strong minded women who must have something to occupy their time; no one ever took the trouble to go to a woman ' s debate and an audience decision would have been a physical impossibility. Now everything has changed. Women are generally elected to Delta Sigma Rho and they are not confined to a modest apportionment of one who can be kept in her place. K. Irene Bowman broke the ice when she appeared in the Kansas debate and since then women have been recognized as being on a parity with the men of the campus, both in the quality of the debate they furnish and in their ability to draw and hold an audience. Where a few years ago a woman debater was as little regarded as a woman football player and chiefly, in the one ease as in the other, because of the oddity the co-eds today attract precisely the same amount and kind of atten- tion as any other debaters. This has reflected itself in the care which has been spent on their preparation, in the number of women who enter, and their attitude toward the activity indeed, the fair Hawkeyes are a living proof of the adage that nothing succeeds like success. Page 917 Freshmen Debate BACK in the good old days allowing a freshman to debate as a representative of the school was like allowing a freshman to do anything else meritorious not quite the thing. Then a new era started and the practice sprang up of looking on the lowly first year man as a human being. The Siwash days were over ; and this attitude inevitably repeated itself in de- bating articles. Professor Baird first put a strictly freshman debate team in the field, pitted against the University of Chicago last year. The result has justi- fied the venture ; for some of the men who composed that team have been the wheel horses of the debate program this year. The project was repeated ; and the calibre of debating shows no let down. A way seems to be open to keep alive interest in debate. Formerly men who were strong in that field in their local high schools were forced to mark time for a fourth of their college career ; and many a bright hope along this field expired untimely as other and closer opportunities attracted the frosli away. The debater has hard work and little praise at the best of times; and a chance for recognition has undoubtedly served to keep competition keen. Perhaps another feature which has added to the interest of the first year men is the inter-fraternity debating contests. It has been found that wherever pos- sible it is the policy of the organization to include among their representatives freshmen who have had some experience. Thus is opened another avenue for ambitious yearlings who are not eligible for university forensic competition. Page Senior Hop COMMITTEE FRED STILWILL, Chairman CHARLES A. HARVEY ALEX JOHNSTONE JOE KENNEDY M ARZKB L ATNX3 RALPH PRICK MARVIN J. KEID Reid, Laing Price, Kennedy, Stilwill, Harvey Page ISO Junior Prom C O M M I T T K E JOHN ' FALVKY, Chairman DOROTHY GILLIS WILLIS GLASSGOW DONALD JACOBSKN CARL KIRWIN DARRELL MARKER FRANCIS MULLEN MARGUERITE MCCONKIE BERTHA STROHBEN ARNO TAOOE CLAYTON THOMPSON Thompson, Marker, Kirwin, Tagge Jacobsen, Gillis, Strohbeen, Falvey, McConkie, Glassgovv Page Sophomore Cotillion COMMITTEE JACK MouLTON.Chairmau FRED B. AGNEW MAKIE E. BUSLER LESLIE J. EVANS EUGENE D. Foss KATHLEEN V. KINO GEORGE W. OLSON ROBERT L. PIPER Olson. Agne ' iV, Piper Evans, Busier, Moulton, King, Foss Page Freshman Party COMMITTEE OIARLKK AKRK. Cliiiirni:in JIAKOLD ANDRK WILMA BAILEY ELMER BLADOW LEONT DIERKS FRANCES HOOD ROY KKELKY MILTON LOMASK RALPH MECUN FLOYD ROLFS WILLIAM SF.ILER STANLEY SWARZMAN Seller, Swarzman. Rolfs Dierks, Bailey, Akre, Hood, Bladow Page MS C O M M I r K E FRANK J. CUHEL, Chainuan FRANK A. ANDBRSON EDWARD O. BARCOCK DEAN S. BEITEK HAYSE I). BLACK MARSHALL B. HURD GERALD R. IMBODY JOSEPH B. KIRCHNER FRANCIS L. KLINE ROBERT B. MCALLISTER WILLIAM J. MOOTY MARVIN J. REID GEORGE A. PASCHAL Belter, Paschal, Imbody Black, Kline, Cuhel, Kirchner Kurd, Babcock, McAllister, Reid. M. ,,ty Page SSS4 Pica Ball RALPH P. YOUNG, r;i:iiriii:iii GEORGE B. ANDERSON ELIZABETH BAXTER KATHRYN E. LAIRD DOROTHY E. LEWIS ROY P. POUTER PERCY S. WOOD F. ALLEN WOKTJIAN Baxter, " Vortman Porter, Lewis, YIMMIK, Laird Page 225 Commerce Mart JOK II. I ' IPKK, Ch:iirni;ni BKKT BOEHM MILTON 0. FAHKK KOKERT B. (H ' l.i. MORRIS E. LAIKD JOSKI-II A. LINK WAYNE II. MrfouMic BERNICK MrMAiiox LKAH B. MII.LKR GARRET POPMA SIDNKY M. SKOAL ROBERT V. SIBKRT McCormic, Link, Laird Gull, Faber, Segal, Popma Sibert, McMahon, Piper, Miller, Boehm Paf c 226 University Social Committee NELLIE S. AURNER ADELAIDE L. BUROK ( " LARA M. DALEY F A c u L T Y MEMBERS RUPUS II. FITZOERALD, riiiiirmaii FREDERICK B. KNIGHT KWEN M. MACK WEN KCLLIN M. PERKINS CHESTER A. PHILLIPS ROBERT E. RIENOW HENRY L. RIETZ OTTO BAUCH MARRY BOYD STUDENT MEMBERS KSTIIKR Fl ' LLKK DOROTHY GILLIS BARBARA KITTREDOE ROY PORTER Klttn-dtfe, Cilli.s, Buyd, Bauch, Fuller Porter, Phillips, Fitzgerald, Burge, Rietz Page 221 T The Department of Athletics PAUI, E. BELTING Director TO Paul E. Belting, tin- driving force behind the construction of an enduring nionninent to athletics which for a decade was the dream of interested persons, is- this section of the 1929 HAWKEYE appreciatively dedicated. To foresee, to plan, and to execute has been his task. To say the result is a " labor of love " is not far from wrong. But whether or not the magnitude of the accomplishment is recog- nized, there stands today a vital expression of those qualities which have made him a leader. The work is well done. It serves as a portrait of its founder. To him we extend grateful thanks for a further manifestation of the spirit of Old Gold. Page 235 r BURTON A. INGWERSEN Football GEORGE T. BRESNAHAN Track Page 230 " aooJ JUSTIN M. I.AUUY ball OTTO 11. VOUKT, Baseball Page 231 ERN-EST G. SCHROEDER (ii mnastics DAVID A. AKMBKUSTEK Sicimminy I I Page 232 KENNETH E. GRIFFIN Business Manager WALTKB K. KIKHELKR Medical Supervisor ORVIM SIMMONS Publicity Page 233 HAROLD M. HOWARD Wrestling JAMES FLANNAQAN Boxing Page 234 , FRANK H. WICKIIOKST Football ROLAND F. WILLIAMS Axxixtant Couch CHESTER I. MEAD Football I Page 235 EDGAR L. ' AI,KK:; Football DONALD T. HINES Football CHAKLES K. BROOKINS Assistant Coach Page 236 A MIKKT BAUMOASTKZB Gymnastics HAKOI.D B. BRICBLAND Gymnastics Page 237 CHARLES L. HAWK Medical Supervisor Patie 238 BRUNO !. MAKCIII I at r i mural ETHEL B. HEID Secretary KI.OUKNCE A. HAVI.IK Secretary FKKDKRIC S. BEEHKE Research Page gH!) The Athletic Council I ' .M-I. E. BKLTI.VG Chairman WILLIAM H. BATES Treasurer HOWARD L. BEYE Medicine RALPH A. FENTON Dentistry BURTON P. FLEMING Engineering II. CLAUDE HORACK Law RUDOLPH A. KUEVER l ' li:mnaey LEWIS I ' ELZER . Liberal Arts THE division of Physical Education was established in the spring of 1924. This organization consists of the departments of intercollegiate athletics, physical education for men. physical education for women and intra-mural games. Management and supervision of the division was vested in a director. An advisory council of eight members representing the colleges of the university together with the secretary of the university and the director determine the policies of the department. The division of Physical Education for men occupies the armory and field house the largest building on the campus and the largest of its kind in the world. This building is located ' on the west campus and provides space for five thousand men to engage in recreational games or coaching courses. Fiukbine field has an eighteen hole golf course with sodded greens and carefully kept fairways. The swimming pool occupies a section of the armory and provides swimming privileges for approximately ' 2,000 men each day. Courses leading to the degrees of master of Science and master of Arts and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Education are offered in cooper- ation with the graduate college. The coaches of the department have faculty ranking tenure and salary and give their entire time to their work. Page 240 r W . Varsity Football CAPTAIN KMERSON W. NELSON Cherokee CAPTAIN-ELECT RICHARD M. BROWN Cedar Rapids " I " M E X PAUL W. ARMIL Davenport OAKLEY L. CARLSEN Clinton ROBERT B. CHATTERTON Clinton CLARK A. COOLEY Fort Dodge FRANK J.CUHEL Cedar Rapids WILLIS A. GLASSGOW Shenandoali LLOYD D.GRIMM Wapello LOREN J. HAOERTY Blum-hard KUXEST R. JESSEN Austin, Minn. ROBERT II. MOORE Clinton CHARLES E. O ' NEAL Pierre, S. D. FREDERICK E. ROBERTS Knoxville VINCENT L. SCHLEUSNER Garner MARVIN M. SCHMIDT Moline, 111. DONNELL R. SMITH Des Moines I ' K.TEH S. WK.STRA Sheldon JOHN P. YEOGE Boone EAHL YOUNG . .... .... (Vdnr Rapids Page 243 Freshman Football NUMERAL MEN PETER V. AFFRE Quincy, III. WENDELL P. BENJAMIN Waterloo .ToilN W. CARLSEN Clinton MAURICE K. COM.MACK Newton EARL C. Ei,TiN i Keokiik HAROLD E. ELY Dos Moines LAWRENCE GREEN Hollywood, Calif. ELMER A. GRISMORE Croydon ELMER A. HABERKAMP Garner GERHARD HATCE Des Moines RALPH K. HAYNES Los Angeles, Cal. RALPH D. HILTON Joliet, 111. LEO B. JENSVOLD Emmetsburg LLOYD V. JENSVOLD Emmetsburg EARNEST KOSEK Cedar Rapids MARCUS J. MAGNITSSEN Clinton Gus N. MASTROGANY Davenport HOLLIS C. McCori.i.oraH Garner MAYES W. MCCLAIN Pryor, Okla. THOMAS A. McMAHON Garner RALPH M.MECCM Quincy, 111. FLOYD B. MITCHELL Highmore, 8. D. DONALD P. MILLER Aberdeen, S. D. THOMAS H. MULLEN Oinnlia, Neb. IRVIN L. NELSON Omaha, Neb. THOR. M. OLSSON Rook Island ORAN H. PAPE Dulnique LAWRENCE A. REKDIJUIST Ottumwa HEKMAN KIHHLK Iowa City (iKORUK K. KoiKiK Ida Grove CIIAKI.KS L. HOSE Waterloo URICE L. THOMAS Iowa City KMANUEL THOMSON Los Angeles, Cal. MARVIN O. WALLACE Clinton THEODORE WHITE Topi-ka, Kan. 1 1 H i Pag,; 243 r, 32; Monmouth., 6 Mar :; IOWA opened its 1027 football season In- completely overwhelming the Monmouth col- lege eleven 32 to 6. The Collegians came here pointed by four weeks of hard drill to take a western confer- ence football machine into camp. To Coach Ingwersen and his Old Gold warriors, the game was a tester for a re-built eleven, made up for the most part of veterans with soplm mores sprinkled here and there. For the first quarter of the tilt, Monmouth played the Old (iold aggregation to a stand- still but three times in the second quarter (ilassgow went over the Monmouth goal line. In the third quarter the visitors so com- pletely outplayed fowa that the Hawkeyes had possession of the ball but three times. Breaks of the game went to Iowa, however, and the Hawkeyes piled up two more touch- downs. Smith made the first on a long jaunt around end while Cuhel tallied the other. Captain Kinerson Nelson and Fred Roberts stood out in the Hawkeye line while (ilassgow and Smith shared top honors among the back 1 ' ield candidates. f f u. i Paf f ;. ' - Iowa, 6; Ohio, 13 I TIIK llawkeyes opened their Big Ten season October 8 when Ohio State university brought its w;irriors to do battle. The Buckeyes were the dope favorites to cop an easy victory. Ohio scored its first touchdown in tlie third quarter when Ghissgow fumbled. Eby of Ohio scooped tip the ball on the twenty-yard line and scampered across the goal line un- molested, lie missed the goal kick. A twenty-yard pass from Eby to Alber, and a thirty-five yard run gave Ohio its second touchdown. The Buckeyes added the ex 1:1 point. In the fourth quarter Iowa ' s aerial attack got underway. A twelve yard heave, Armil t; Culiel, and a twenty-five yard sprint gave the llawkeyes their lone counter. Iowa failed to kick goal. Two other times before the gun sounded the llawkeyes threatened the Buckeye goal line, but on both occasions they lost the ball cm intercepted passes when in the shadow (if Ohio ' s goal post. Again it was the stalwart work of Captain Nelson in the line that kept up the Ilawkeye hopes. Page S Iowa, 38; W abash, A non-conference game with Wabash took place October 13. The Hawkeyes gave the Little Giants the Wabash bines that day, to the tune of 38 to 0. It was a game in which Ingwersen ' s war- riors showed power in every department. After the Ilawkeye punting had been weak for the first two encounters, it came into its own against Wabiish and great tilings were ex- pected of the Hawkeyes when they went up to Minneapolis to take on Glen Speer ' s " Thund- ering Herd " a week later. Straight football gave the Hawkeyes the victory. Armil, Smith and Glassgow, ably as- sisted by Burnt, reserve fullback, crashed the Vabash ' line at will. When the regulars left the game the reserves kept up the good work. Three touchdowns and one point gave the Ilawkeyes l!l points in the first half; the same vas added in the second. The feature play came in the third quarter when Armil hit center for ten yards, and fumbled. ( ' arisen scooped up the free ball and raced forty five yards across the goal lilt 1 . ' unmolested. ' - Pnoe S4G " " " ! Iowa., 0; Minnesota. 38 , 3! . . A,. .... L, . : i -vjh HOMECOMER ' 8 hearts were gladdened in Minneapolis, October 22, as they watclred :i |i(iwerful Minnesota machine overwhelm ii fighting Iowa eleven, 38 to 0. Immediately after the opening whistle the Gophers started their scoring. Herb Joesting took the ball over on straight line plays. A few moments later they resorted to an aerial game which soon registered them a secrmd touchdown. The Swedes added another six-pointer before the first half was over. Joesting crashed over after a series of end runs and line smrishes. .Shortly after the half ended the Gophers were on the long end of a 19 to count. In the third quarter the Ilawkeyes played (he Gophers to a standstill. Twice the Old Gold warriors worked the ball deep into Min- nesota territory but both times the Iowa us lost the ball on intercepted passes. In the fourth quarter the Gopher regulars piled up three more touchdowns and a point after, while the Ilawkeyes were on the defensive through- nut the entire session. Page 241 Iowa, 15; Denver, THE next Saturday the Iowa eleven pro- ceeded to show some 8,000 boy scouts who were guests that day, that a team that was down was never out by sending the University of Denver machine back home with a 15 to defeat stinging its memories. The Pioneers for three quarters of the game gave the Hawkeyes a real battle. Iowa ' s only points during that period was a safety scored in the second quarter when the Denver punter got off a bad kick which rebounded back of his own goal line. All during the encounter the Hawkeyes were functioning at top speed until the final punch, which was sadly lacking. Numerous times the lowans carried the ball to the Pio- neer ' s goal posts only to lose possession on downs. In the final quarter the Old Gold offense picked up the necessary " punch in the pinch " and marched across the Denver goal line twice on straight football, line smashes intermingled with end runs. A forward pass, Armil to Glassgow brought about Iowa ' s first six- pointer and Armil carried the ball over for the other Hawkeve touchdown. Page 248 -1 Vkl ' . -p MbU Iowa, 0; Illinois, 1 4 THE feature iittniction of Homecoming (lay, November ; , gave the old grads little glad- ness. They did find solace, however, that the Hawkeyes were able to hold Bob Zuppke ' s " average men, " to a 14 to score. Some 23,000 fans went wild at the start when the Hawkeye machine tore through the Illini line for twenty-nine yards on the first five plays to carry the ball in Illinois terri- tory. The Hawkeye threat was short lived because the bucks failed to make the necessary yardage for a first clown. Iowa threatened the Illinois goal twice in the first half and once late in the third quar- ter. Both times in the first half the ball was lost on downs. In the third quarter the Hawkeyes took the ball on their own thirty- yard line before they were stopped. At the start of the third quarter, Walker tore around right end for fifty-five yards that netted the final mark for the day. Mile smashes had carried the ball up to tiiis point, but a change of tactics proved costly to the Ingwersciimen. i fCV ; :! Paac 2dS Iowa, 1 6; Wisconsin, STILL playing its f;imili:ir role of underdog, the lowans went to Madison November 12 to exhibit their w;ires to Bagder Homecom- crs :ind tile Wisconsin te:im. What the Hawkeyes did at ( ' .-111111 Kandall that day will alwavs lie a bright spot in Iowa athletic history. Witli a dogged determination the Hawkeyes played the part of David and administered (!oliath---thc Badgers a l(i to defeat. The lowans started scoring in the second quarter by counting a safety. A few moments later Armil crashed over from the five-yard line for a touchdown. The goal kick gave the Hawkeyes a 9 to advantage. In both cases, the Hawkeye forward line broke through on Badger punts, a Cardinal recovering the first behind the Wisconsin goal line while Iowa re- covered the second on the Badger ' s own five yard line. With only a few minutes of play remaining the Cardinals made a desperate effort to score but with the ball on Iowa ' s twenty-yard line, (irimm intercepted a pass on the five-yard marked and raced ninety-five yards for the final Hawkeye score. FHIJI .150 Iowa, 0; Northwestern, 12 THERE ' S n big difference between Badgers and Wildcats. At least, Coach Iiigwersen ' s Iowa football team found it so on Novem- ber 1! ' when it journeyed to Evanston where the Wildcats clipped the Hawkeyes ' wings, 12 to 0. The Purple registered its first counter in the second quarter when, after a series of for- ward passes and line smashes, Tiny Lewis took the ball over from the seven-yard line. In the final quarter another series of line rushes and forward passes brought the sphere deep into Old Gold territory and a forward | ass Gustafson to Fisher took the ball over. Both tries for the extra point went wild. On only one other occasion did the Hawk- eyes threaten the Wildcat ' s goal line. That was in the second quarter when Glassgow and Armil carried the ball to Northwestern ' s twenty -yard line where they lost it on downs. The gam? finished the gridiron career of six men, winding up their intercollegiate foot- ball competition, Captain Nelson, Smith, O ' Neal, Young, Yegge, and Cuhel. Patjc ' -361 The Gridiron Season IOWA football fandom exper ' enced a lean year during the 1! 28 season. The Hawkeye eleven, made up for the most part of green and untried men, finished the conference season with a record of one victory and four defeats. Better was the record against ncn-conference aggregations with three victories. Every team loves to win. To the winners go the glory and praise; to the losers nothing hut the knowledge that they fought and lost. A famous foothall coach once said that it was his joy to develop men, not to turn out winning teams. If a team fights, he said, and loses, to it there should go as much glory as to the victors. Taken from that angle not enough glory could he bestowed on the football team which Coach Burton A. Ingwersen developed in 1927. A fighting team with its back to the wall, one that never said die, one that fought until the final whistle blew, that was the Iowa 1! 27 foothall team. If spirit means anything, the Hawkeyes had a successful season. That the machine was powerful is brought out by the Wisconsin victory after losing three consecutive Big Ten contests. Further evidence is found when one takes into consideration that Illinois won a 14-0 victory, one of the narrowest wins they chalked up last season. A team that could hold Bob Zuppke ' s pen- nant winning aggregation to 14 points was a team. Breaks of the game went Ingwersen ' s cohorts last season. Not in injuries, but in the playing of the game. At Minneapolis when the Hawks were drenched 38-0, four of the Gopher touchdowns were made on breaks of the game. Page 25? .ft . Varsity Basketball CAPT. FORREST TWOOOOD Westfield CAPTAIN-ELECT FRANCIS WILCOX Eddyville M E X LAWRENCE HARRISON Iowa City FRED LAIVSON Burlington DOYLE PLUNKITT Frankfort, Ind. ROBERT KINNAN Clinton VIRGIL DAVID . .... Osknloosa 254 Freshman Basketball N U M E R A L M E X LAWRENCE BENSON Michigan, City, Ind. PAUL CUMMINS Cedar Rapids MIKE PARREL Michigan City, Ind. PRED GENEVA Albiu HERBERT JEBENS Davenport SEWARD LEEKA Independence WARD MAISH Rosaville, Ind. FLOYD MITCTHELL Highmore, R. D. IRVIN NELSON Omaha, Neb. ORAN PAPE Dubuque LAWRENCE REEDQUIST Ottumwa JULIAN REiNHARivr Iowa City GEORGE ROOGE Ida Grove JOE WAGNER Ottumwa HOMER MUSGROVE St. Louis, Mo. Page 2f R Varsity Basketball THE record made by the Hawkeye five dur- ing the 1927-8 season Iowa, 30; Knox, 21. Xoti-e Dame, 23; Iowa, 20. Minnesota. 33; Iowa. Town. 31; Marquette, 17. Pittsburgh, 44; Iowa, 40 (overtime). Northwestern, 37 ; Iowa, 32. Iowa, 36; Illinois, 30. Purdue, 4fi; Iowa, 28. Iowa, :;0; ( ' reiglitoii, 2f . Iowa, 3(1; Minnesota, 27. Indiana, 5(1; Iowa, 33. Northwestern, 49; Iowa, 2S. Wisconsin, 31 ; Iowa, 21. Iowa, 41 ; Illinois, 27. Indiana, 4! ; Iowa, 39. Wisconsin, 20; Iowa, 17. Purdue, 44; Iowa, 20. (lames won 6 (James lost 11 Total Iowa points 508 Total opponent ' points 574 Average Iowa points per game 29.8 IVrcentam- ..353 VC ' " I M W tai i M Varsity Basketball 2 FIGHTING against some of the best teams that ever donned Big Ten uniforms, f ' oach Justin M. Barry ' s Hawkeye five closed the 1927- " 28 basketball season, not with a great winning record but with a reputation of hav- ing fought to the finish in every battle they engaged in. It is true that our basketball team won only six- games through the season, but the fans were satisfied that the boys were always fight- ing and the outcome of most of the games was uncertain until the final whistle. It is also to be remembered that Iowa was classi- fied as the ' midgets ' while the other teams had the advantage of height and in a basket- ball game, that one point is usually the decid- ing factor between losing and winning games. There were no outstanding stars this season. All played well and are to be complimented upon their " stick -to-it " determination to do their best. Captain Forrest Twogood played his usual heady game and was feared by the other teams as a man whom it pays to keep an eye on. Captain-elect " Rags " Wiloox played a nice game at pivot position as Iowa ' s leading scorer. % V s w m Varsity Basketball DOVAL PLUNKITT anil Fred Lawson al- ternateil at tlio other forward position. Lawson played during the first part of the season until he become ineligible. I ' lunkitt pulled many games from the fire with his uncanny shooting, and his ability to handle the ball and " make breaks " count for the lowans was a real feature. He was next to Wilrox in the scoring column, having tossed more baskets from the field than any other man on the squad. Iowa ' s guards had a tough time of it during I he whole season. Maying against men who i-ould outreach them at all angles was what the guarding job offered. The boys handled the situation very well and most, of the scoring done against the Iowa five was from a distance rather than " set-ups. " Lawrence " Pops " Harrison was the only man back from last year ' s squad that played the back court posi- tion. The other two guards, Robert Kinnan and Virgil David are both sophomores and will be heard of in the future. Both boys played fine basketball against the Big Ten schools. 1 u toft IS ' i ts. 1 . I Page SS8 Varsity Basketball n IOWA will lose only two men from gradua- tion, Lawrence Harrison and Fred Lawson. Both men have finished three years of competition. " Pops " has played regular for the past three seasons, and will be missed by Coach Barry when next season rolls around. Harrison is a scrappy little player and was very popular with Iowa fans. Lawson started his first year as a regular t his year and lie proved his ability by leading his mates in the scoring column until he was replaced by Plun- kitt due to grade difficulties. Fred could always be depended upon to handle his side of the floor well and to " come through " when his team needed the points. When all is said and done, Iowa had a successful season. The games that were won were by comfortable margins while six of the setbacks were last minute rallys by teams that had the reach advantage. Only five games were lost bv large scores and these to teams that were at the top of the Big Ten race, and it is no disgrace to lose to a better team. Page 259 Freshman Basketball WITH tlie best freshman squad in years re- porting daily to Coach Rollie Williams, prospects for a championship basketball quintet in 1929 are exceedingly bright. Leeka and Wagner are the class of the centers. Leeka is big and fast, while Wagner won his letter at Ames last year. He was considered one of the best pivot men in the fissouri Valley. Both players should show up well next year and should give Captain Wilcox a battle for the center position. A fine assortment of forwards are out, the brst of which include Nelson, Cummins, Kogge, ami Maish. Rogge hails from Ida Grove and was one of the big lights in the state meet held here in ' 27. Frankfort, Ind., the home of " Buck " Plunkitt, contributes another of her sons to the Hawkeye state in sending Maish here. He is a rather small lad, but is fast and should make a good floor man. Two combinations of guards have proven themselves equal in scrimmage against Coach Barry ' s five, Farrol and Jebbins. Geneva and Reinliart compose the other set of guards. Varsity Track CAPTAIN XAVIER P. BOYLES . Iowa City CAPTAIN-ELECT FRANK J. CUHEL Cedar Rapids " I " MEN E. J. BEATTT Washington LOWELL L. PHELPS Iowa City JOHN EVERINOHAM Fort Madison CECIL MAU Britt HOWARD BICE Washington GEORGE II. BAIRD Mason City D. O. THOMAS Iowa City K.MKKSOX V. XKLSON Cherokee CHARLES A. FORWALD Iowa City HAY R. MANX Council Bluffs LEONARD E. HUNN Davenport WALLACE A. ELLIOT Iowa City VERNON W. LAPP Richmond, Mich. r? 1 fV 3-C Page S6S Freshman Track NUMERAL MEN BERTIL ANDERSON .... Mention, III. KARL ASCHENRRF.NNER .... Dysart FRED AONEVV Independeence PAUL AMMONS Cedar Rapids CHARLES BARG Montezuma HERMAN BRAVERJ-AX .... Sioux City H. B. BRINKER .... Hollywood Cal. MACE BROWN .... North English .1. M. CADWALLADEP. .... Iowa City ROLAND CARSON What Cheer HUNT CRAMER Clarinda ELMER COLLINS Shenandoah JOECROOKHAM Oskaloosa .T .A. COOLIDOK Brooklyn JOHN CUE Shellsburg ALFREDCUMMINGS Ute BERTDERRY Davenport B. E. DEAU Roland FLOYD EDRIDGE . . . Minneapolis, Minn. D. W. FAULKNER Hudson JOHN GILSHRIST Keosauqua L. G. KRISWOLD Fort Madison E. H. GUNDERSON St. Ansgar JOSEPH GUNN Sioux City CHARLES E. WILMATH JAMES HAOERTY Blanchard L. 1 1. HALE Marshalltown S. H. HORAN Valparaiso, Ind. C. W. HON Des Moines BURTON JERREL Oskaloosa KENNETH JONES Clinton EMIL KOEBER Mason City GENE LASHBROOK . . . Farmer City, 111. WILLIAM MCDOWELL . . Grundy Center BURNETTE LITTLE .... Rockford, 111. J. K. MORRIS Michigan, Ind. KENNETH MORTON .... Mason City JACK MOXTLTON .... Council Gluf fs KRNBST ORAN .... New Lennox, 111. HAROLD RATH Davenport FRED ROBERTS Knoxville VINCENT SCHLEUSNER Garner O. T. SEXTON Iowa City GEOROE SKIMPTON ' Winfield VAUGHN STEVENSON .... Ida Grove L. H. SWANZIOER Nashua CHARLES H. SWIFT .... Crofton, Neb. RUDOLPH VANA Montour FRANCIS O. WILCOX . . . Fort Madison . . . Abingdon, 111. Page 263 Varsity Track IT was with ;i sigh of satisfaction that Couch (Jeorge T. Bresniihfin ' s tracksters stored :iw:iy their s])ike l shoes. True, the Hawks got away to a bad start indoors and finished in third place in the con- ference meet, but in their outdoor perform- ances, Captain Boyles, Everingham, Baird and Culiel demonstrated their true prowess. The team swept to an impressive victory at the Kansas relays, and in the Drake meet, placed ill five events. As usual, the mile relay team brought home its share of cups to help fill up the trophy case in the new field house. Beset with tough luck at Madison, the Old Gold cinder artists were able to garner only one fourth place out of the outdoor conference meet May 28. However, they came back two weeks later and placed in five in the national collegiate meet at Chicago. In this tilt, sev- eral Iowa men starred for the Hawkeye school, Culiel, Everingham and Mann being awarded berths on the collegiate honor roll. Page 264 Michigan vs. Iowa rill FINISHING the early se;ison relays, the Hawks started the dual season with a surprise loss to Michigan at the Wolverine stronghold. Michigan defeated Iowa, in an interesting meet by a margin of 78 to 57. Fowa managed to take six firsts in the after- noon ' s events, but it wasn ' t enough to make a Hawkeye victory. In the high jump, Thomas and Mann tied AV ' a Idii of Michigan for first place to make a three-way tie in that event. Everingham captured point honors for Iowa with places in both dashes and high jump. In the 220, he took first place. Cuhel was unable to get better than second place from either hurdle event, but Allison took things in his own hands to place first in the highs. The quarter mile ended with Baird well in the lead. Huiin was nosed out of a first in the two mile run by Hornberger, of Minnesota. Cap- tain Boyles came through with his usual vict- ory in the pole vault by clearing the bar at 12 ' 8 " . Nelson, with a second, and Forwald, with third place, were bested by Lovette, who tossed the weight 46 ' 5 " . I ' III I fayc 36Q Minnesota vs. Iowa MINNESOTA came to Iowa the next week to find iin Iowa team of almost unlimited strength. The invaders went back to the Gopher camp with the short end of a 9; " -40 score. It was an Iowa day from start to finish. During the afternoon, Coach George T. Bresnahan ' s proteges bumped off several rec- ords and made times and distances in five events that made all tracksters sit up and take notice. Man, with a mighty discus heave of 153 ' 3 " neared the world ' s record for the big feature of the meet. Everingham forgot all about Eric Wilson ' s record in the furlong and cov- ered the distance in 21:1. The old university javelin throw record was officially chalked off the bocks when Uicc tossed the spear for a distance of IK.VTVi " . Captain Boyles bested his own pole vault lecord by clearing the bar at 12 ' 11% " . Cuhel and Baird came in for their share of the point- gathering test and garnered tallies in the hurdles ami the quarter mile dash. Other Iowa firsts were made by Elliot in the mile, For- waid in the shot put, and Mann and Thomas in the high jump. I _ , s . , -. Page 266 ' " " " ' Ha llli inois vs. Iowa 4jJ r BREAK the " Illinois Jinx " was the next event scheduled on the Hawk roster, and so it WHS that the trackmen left for Ur- bana with more than usual eagerness. But something evidently went wrong, for the am- bitious Hawks had their wings clipped to the tune of 71 to 65, in one of the closest contested battles ever witnessed on the Illinois cinders. Although the lowans took the lead early in the meet, the brilliant performances of the Illini were too much for them, and they came home once more with the tale that Harvey Gill and his fighting warriors had again made good their threat " to beat Iowa. " The defeat came, however through no fault of Cuhel or Everingham, who spurned the cin- ders to sweep clean all first places in the hurdles and dashes. Baird, not to be outdone by his mates, broke the tape before a field of flashy quarter milers in 49:9 to garner an- other five points for Bresnahan ' s tracksters, bowing only to Kveringliani in the L ' 120. Nelson with a heave of 124 feet 10 inches, sent the platter spinning for a victory throw, and scored heavily in the other two weight events. N . m Page 367 Western Outdoor Meet I I 3! DESPITE the customary defeat suffered at tlie hands of Illinois, Iowa entered tlie Western Conference outdoor meet at Madi- son witli a long list of impressive marks cred- ited to her stars. Man had tossed the discus 153 feet, Cuhel had gained recognition as a leading hurdler in college circles, -and Everingliam ' s mark in the 220 was yet to be threatened in the Big Ten. Besides this there were such men as Captain Boyles with 13 feet 3 inches in flu- pole vault to his credit. Although the lowans took three firsts, as compared with the w ' nning Illini ' four, they arrived home with only fourth place to their credit, being otherwise bested by both Michi- gan and Wisconsin. Everingliam, in prime condition, performed with his customary de- pendability, coining through as high point man for Iowa, with eleven points to his credit gar- nered in the broad jump and both dashes. " Hab " Cuhel, Cedar Rapids flash, was second high scorer for Iowa, breaking the tape in the low sticks only to take second in the highs. Page 268 National Intercollegiate i TIIK Xiitionn] Intercollegiate :it Chicago, on .Iiino 10 mid 11, wound up the track sea- son for Iowa. At this meet were entered the cream of all college athletes, in the final great track event of the year. Each Big Ten school, as well as other universities and col- leges hail entered their picked athletes. Iowa placed in five of the events in the hardest competition that the Old Gold entries had ever experienced. Kumiiiig against star hurdlers from both coasts, Captain-elect Cuhel sprinted over the low sticks to come in second to Spence of Detroit, who set a new record of 23:4, over his old N.C.A.A. record. Cuhel also placed second in the high hurdles. Man further cinched his " I " by gaining fifth place in the discus throw, while Lapp also placed fifth in the hammer-slinging. Everingham, running in the last race of his colorful career as an Old (Sold track ace, came in fourth in his " pet " dash, the 220. Five men, including Boyles of the Hawkeyes, tied for second place in the pole-vaulting, Droege- mueller, of Northwestern, surpassing all other contenders by clearing the bar at an even 13 foot elevation. Page 260 Drake Relays I . THE Drake Relays, summoning its usual galaxy of athletic stars from east, west, north, and south proved " fresh meat " for lowu ' s victory-hungry tracksters, who swept down on the gala day to carry off four firsts, as well as a goodly number of minor points. The mile relay team, with its quartet of 440 speedsters, Beatty, Phelps, Baird, and Cuhel, stepping at a pace of 3:20-!), chalked up a first in its event, " Bab " Cuhel breaking the t:i| c ahead of the other entrants with a de- cided lead. In the quarter mile team event, the Iowa quartet circled the oval in the near record time of :41 8-1(1, to again show its heels to the best of the country. Xot satisfied with this, Allison skimmed over the high sticks to the tune of :15 2-10, not only winning his heat but scoring the best time of the entire event. Nelson, with a toss of 142 feet 6 inches, took a fourth in the hammer throw, while " Hoddy " Rice broke the Iowa record for the javelin in winning fifth place. Captain Boyles, now strutting his stuff, sailed over the bar at 12 feet 9 inches, to a first place in the pole vault. I fan t i Page 2?0 Kansas Relays IT WAS at the Kansas relays, that the Iowa quartet started the year right by copping both the mile and half-mile relays. Ever- ingham, not content with running the relay, stepped out and won the broad jump with a leap of 22 feet 7 inches. Captain Boyles tied for second in the pole-vault with Glaser, of Marquette, and Wirsig of Nebraska with the bar at 12 feet 6 inches. White, of Illinois, won this event with a jump of 12 feet 10 inches. Allison repeated his Illinois relay perform ance by winning third in the high hurdles against fast, competition. Hunn and Klliot finished third and fourth respectively in the two-mile grind. Rice, with a throw of 177 feet 4 inches, placed third in the javelin throw, and was the only other Old Gold athlete to place. On the same day, Emerson ' ' Spike ' ' Nelson was at Columbus, Ohio, performing in the Ohio relays. " Spike " threw the hammer and discus in great style and won second place in the weight triathlon with a score of 24:45, against the new record set by Allman, of Michigan, with points totalling 20:46:25. 531 Page S71 Bresnahan Track Coach A REVIEW of the season shows victories and defeats; it demonstrates the ability of Iowa rindermeii to clinch a winning point from a field (if heavy odds; it emphasizes the fact that records can be made and broken by sheer performance of talent; and it manifests the desirability of good coaching and training to produce a praiseworthy aggregation. (ieorge Bresnahan, who piloted the team from the bench, is one of the men to whom an almost unlimited amount of praise and glory should go. He deserves as much a share in the profits of the season in an immaterial way as any of the men who actually shared in the competition. When " Coach " came to Iowa there had been winning teams; there have been since that time. But in spite of the fact that there have been no ultra-stellar combinations in this last year ' s group of tracksters, there is a rec- ord that will stand the test of medals from any in the country. There were no conference championships; there were no super-victories. The punch and the fight was there, however, and behind it there stood the guiding hand of the man who managed the affairs. Page The Season m LOOKING over a list of the men who had made a name for themselves and for Iowa during this past track season, we find not a mere group of ' ' flashes ' ' but men who have performed consistently in all the meets the team has entered. The failures of the first, second, and per- haps even third trials did not discourage them to break the jinx on the fourth. It was a " do or die " spirit the kind that has won battles and surmounted obstacles of great odds. This year the enrollment of the varsity squad has decreased. The material is the same but the quality not as good. The cause for this is uncertain except that there seems to be less interest taken in the sport than formerly. It is deserving to the coach and the team that has produced so much that they be furnished new material to mould into shape for future years. Page PIS Freshman Track 1HE best freshman track team that Iowa has ever had. " It was in these glowing terms that Coach Charley Brookins described his 15)27 green- clad tracksters. Records show that he was not wrong in his statement. After sweeping through the indoor season, the youngsters cleaned the outdoor dual schedule and then topped off the year by scoring ninety points in the freshman conference meet. To fill the gaps left by Everingham, Man, Rice, Beatty and other graduates will be a difficult task. Among those freshmen looking best are Vaughn Stev- enson, formerly of Buena Vista and Jack Moultou, a half-miler from Council Bluffs. Both men have made good showings in all competition. Another promising candidate for the varsity is Charles Wilmoth. Ordinarily a half-miler, Wilmoth was changed to quarter a few days before the meet. He made good in his new event with a vengeance for after winning his two preliminary heats in fast time, he dashed in behind the veteran Baird in the finals which the timers caught at :50 :1. Several other potential stars are expected to develop as the outdoor season approaches. Time wi l tell but undoubtedly by the opening of school next fall, a large number of sophomore track men in all events will have discarded their " 30 " sweaters and donned the coveted " I " . Page -274 Mi MM aarball I Varsity Baseball CAPTAIN (iKK.u.D M. HOBEN Rock Rapids CAPTAIN -ELECT HKKHKRT II. TKKKY Crpsco " I " MEN JOHN D. BEARDSLEY Iowa City KENNETH S. BLACKTORD Bonaparte EMIL H. BRODEBS Iowa City DAVID H. CORBIN Glidden GERALD A. GIBBS Alton WILLIAM S. GLASSGC V ttlicnandoah EDWARD J. McNABB Superior, Wis. FRANCIS J. MULRONEY Mallard RUSSELL E. SADLER Missouri Valley ALTON L. SMITH Hazelton CLAYTON B. THOMPSON Hawarden FORREST F. TWOOOOD .... Westf ield Page 276 Freshman Baseball NUMERAL MEN HAROLD M. ANDERSON Thompson MAX P. ALLEN Iowa City JOHN C. BLACKFORD Hillaboro MACE S. BROWN North English CLYDE C. CORBIN .... Glidden PAUL CLARK Iowa City MARION C. CHANCE Zearing BENJAMIN E. EYRE Council Bluffs JAMES A. GROGAN Rock Rapids VIRGIL A. DAVID . Oskaloosa ALVA I. McCLiNTOOK Lake View CARL J. NELSON Pes Monies CROMERC. NELSON ... Chicago 111. ARTHUR K. PORTER ... Maxwell MARTIN KOSEK Iowa City CARL SPIES Graettinger CLARENCE K. SPARKS Boone HAROLD W. SCIIOON Buffalo Center FRANK TURNER McGregor EVERT 8. THOMPSON Stanwood LAWRENCE N. WATHIER LcMotte Page K7 Varsity Baseball IOWA received its first taste of a western conference baseball championship last spring when Coach Otto II. Vogel ' s nine won a share of the Big Ten flag by tying Illinois for first place. Fighting an up-hill battle the entire season, the Hawkeye diamond pastimers ranked second in the loop standings for the most of the race but by defeating Minnesota 14 to 7 in the final contest, they raised on a par with Il- linois. The championship came unheralded, un- looked for. The previous season Coach Vogel ' s team had won two Big Ten games .ind lust eight. A poor start on the annual southern spring training trip did not help to cheer up matters. The winning of the championship was a personal triumph for Coach Otto H. Vogel, in his third season as diamond mentor. Vogel introduced southern spring training trips; he revived interest that was rapidly becoming dead timber to athletes; he worked hard with the men; and the climax came when the Hawk- eyes won the Big Ten crown last spring. Truly the team won it, but the guiding hand Cciach Vogel was always at the fore. Page S18 Varsity Baseball WISCONSIN, at Madison The conference struggle was opened at Mad- ison, April 23 when Iowa defeated the Wis- consin nine 4 to 2 in a ten inning fray. Mulroney, pitching his first Big Ten game for Iowa, held the Badgers to five hits while the Hawkeyes clouted out seven safeties. A triple by Mulroney in the tenth inning witli two men on base cinched the tilt for the Vogelinen. ILLINOIS, at Iowa City Keeping up its prestige of former years, Illinois diamond pastimers came to Iowa City April 1 ami walloped the Hawkeyes (i to 1. Iowa ' s batsmen were able to garner but four safe hits off the puzzling slants of Andrews, Illini twirler, while the victors clouted Two- good and Corbin for seven safeties. The Old Gold slabmen also gave the visitors ten free tickets to first base. Page 279 Varsity Baseball NORTHWESTERN, at Iowa City In a weird game five days later, the Old Gold nine sent Northwestern ' s diamond aggre- gation back to Evanston with a 9 to 6 defeat. Heavy hitting, numerous errors and sparkling fielding plays marked the combat. Terry, llawkeye outfielder and Thompson, catcher, poled out four-baggers during the fray. Mul- roney allowed the Purple hitters nine safeties but managed to keep them well scattered. MINNESOTA, at Minneapolis Iowa climbed into first place in the Western conference standings when the Hawkeye nine administered Minnesota a 3 to 1 beating at Minneapolis May 7. Mulroney won his third consecutive Big Ten game, allowing the Goph- ers but three hits while striking out seven men. The Ilawkeyes got to Bedding ' s slants for ten safeties. Terry with a three bagger, two bagger and two singles led the llawkeye stickers. Page ISO Varsity Baseball ILLINOIS, at Urbana With the leadership of the Big Ten at stake, Iowa and Illinois locked horns at Urbana May 11. The game was called in the ninth inning on account of rain with the score tied at 1 all. Mulroney had the Illini sluggers at his mercy until the final inning when a base on balls and two singles allowed the Illini to tie the count. INDIANA, at Iowa City Scoring two runs in the ninth inning to ti? the score and pushing the winning tally across the rubber in the tenth, the Vogelmen turned back Indiana ' s nine on the local diamond three days after the Illinois encounter. Twogocid and Porbin handled the slab assignment for the Hawkeyes, allowing the Hoosier hitters but six hits, but twelve bases on balls kept Indiana in the running. Page SSI Varsity Baseball MICHIGAN, at Iowa City Michigan knocked Iowa out of first place in tlio conference ratings when the heavy Wol- verine stickers c;ime to the local diamond to administer the Old Gold pastimers a 6 to beating. Miller, on the mound for the visitors, was unsolvable for the Hawkeve hitters, eight of whom churned the air before the game was over. Mulroney and Corbin did the hurling for Iowa. INDIANA, at Blooinmgton Indiana handed the Hawkeyes their second straight defeat when the lowans went to Bloomington May 21 and came home on the short end of a 9 to 3 count. Pangh held the Hawkeve sluggers to five hits and struck out a dozen Old (iold batsmen while Mulroney and Smith yielded nine solid blows. Errors con- tributed to the lowan ' s downfall. Page S82 Varsity Baseball NORTHWESTERN, at Evanston Iowa jumped bark into a tie for first place in the conference standings on May 23 when the Hawkeye diamond stars won an 8 to 4 decision at Evanston. Oorbin held the Purple bitters in check except in the sixth inning when the Wildcats dinted the rubber four times. Iowa sewed up the game in the seventh stanza when Heideman was touched for six hits and three runs. MICHIGAN, at Ann Arbor The Hawkeyes furnished the biggest upset of the season on May 28 at Ann Arbor when they defeated the Michigan nine 4 to 3. After the Wolverines had scored one run and had the banes loaded in the third Twogood retired in favor of Mulroney. In the seventh the llawkeyes pushed throe runs across the platter while in the eighth st:m .;i Glassgow scampered in with the winning tally. I Page S8S f Varsity Baseball ?:, MINNESOTA, at Iowa City With Minnesota between them and a tie for the title, the Hawkeyos clashed with the Goph- ers in the final game at Iowa City, May 30. For five innings the Vogelnien played bad baseball ; at the start of the sixth Minnesota led 7 to 3. But the Old Gold hitters found their batting eyes and shoved nine runs across the rubber. One run was chalked up in each of the following innings while the Gophers were unable to count and the game ended 14 to 7 for Iowa. Iowa played two non conference games dur- ing the course (if the western conference season .-Mid came out victors in both, Notre Dame be- ing the victim each time. The first of the two game series with the Irish was played here May l!l and the Hawkeyes took the long end of the score, 8-4. On May ' 27, the Vogelnien journeyed to South Bend, where they admin- istered the Xotre Dame nine a 12-0 beating. P age SS4 f Tennis CORDON PHILLIPS F. RlCUAKU BOYLES ROBERT V " . XETOLICKY I " M KN X U M K |{ A L M K X PAUL V. MITCHELL JESS V. WALTON . Iowa City Iowa City Vdar Rapids Iowa City Oskaloosa I THE past season, so far as the tennis season of the university is concerned, brought forth nothing remarkable in the way of results. It was not a lost season by any means, but there was nothing particularly flashy in the out- come of the Various contests. Out of the three dual meets engaged in, the Old Gold netsters won two. They defeated Minnesota 3 to 1, and Northwestern 4 to 3. Illinois in a conference match here scored a victory of 5 to 2 over the Hawks. Two other matches were scheduled, one with Wisconsin and a return tilt with Minnesota but both were called because of rain. One thing that marked the tennis season was the fact that there were no out- standing stars among the aggregation. This situation called for absolute team- work. And the call was answered. Tennis tactics so far as a functioning ma- chine may be regarded were the best that have been exhibited for a long while. Four veterans constituted the personnel of the squad. Richard Boyles, Rob- ert Neolicky, Imy Albert and Gordon Phillips, captain of the racketeer combin- ation, made up the group. Phillips was the only man that will not appear on the courts again, his period of competition being ended. Page 286 ' Gym M EX FRANK W. EDWARDS Wyoming HERBERT G. GEE Anamosa WALKER B. HENDERSTN Independence PAUL C. HOUSER Iowa City RALPH A. NELSON Keokuk KENNETH M. PETERSON Dolliver HAROLD W. SWIFT North English WII.PORD .T. TKMBY DCS Moinos THREE conference dual meets and an all-conference championship joust was the scope of activity entered by the University of Iowa gymnasts during the 1927 season. Out of the two dual encounters, Iowa lost two and won one. The Illini conquered the Ilawkeyes by a score of 1186.5 to 1160.5, in spite of the fact that the Hawks pulled down four first places with Henderson leading on the parallel bars, F. W. Edwards on the flying rings, Paul Houser on the side-horse and John Fuller with the Indian clubs. Minnesota also scored a victory over Coach Harold E. Briceland ' s lowans, chalking up a total of 1130 points to Iowa ' s 1107. Three firsts out of a possible six were won by Ilawkeye men, Henderson, Fuller and Peterson. Wisconsin ' s invasion of the Iowa gym floor gave the locals their first and only victory of the season, defeating the Badgers 1072 1-2 to 1007 1-2. The lowans cinched the fifth place at the all-conference at Chicago, missing the fourth position by a scant one-quarter of a point. Henderson tied for first place on the parallel bars with a Windy City contender, while Fuller copped a third with the Indian clubs. Henderson and Fuller were the outstanding performers on the ' 27 gym team, each placing first in all the dual meets in which they competed. Page SSt Wrestling " t " MEN LESLIE B. BEERS Iowa City JOHN M. GILCHRIST Keosiiuqua KOY E. JARFARD Lone Tree ROYAL A . WBIR Griswold COACH " MIKE " HOWARD started the mat season with a formidable line- up of veterans but as the season advanced these dwindled down until the squad finally resolved itself into a group of inexperienced grapplers. This explains the fact that in all but one of the Big Ten tilts, Iowa was forced to carry the low end in the final score. The season started January 13 when the Ilawkeyes made a northward trek up to Madison to meet the Badgers. Dope had it that Iowa would overcome the Wisconsin threat but the Badger matmen succeeded in defeating the invading Hawks by a score of 16-11. February 11 Chicago took a hairbreadth victory by a 14-13 count. The in- vasion of Minnesota cost the lowans a 13 1-2 to 7 1-2 defeat a week later. In a non-conference meet February 25 at Lincoln, the Cornhuskers outscored the Hawks 19-6. Urbana proved another Waterloo for the Howardmen, the veteran Illini suc- ceeding in besting Iowa 21-3. The last Big Ten tilt of the year proved to be a lone victory for the Ilawkeyes. Northwestern succumbed to the attack of Iowa, the match ending with a 14-9 score. Beers provided a fitting end to his wrestling career by taking the champion- ship in the 158-pound class at the Big Ten match at the University of Indiana. Page 288 Golf Ut, tote L TV I ' W ll " I " MEN EDWARD L. SCHOTT Cincinnati, O. WILLIAM F. VERNON Newton CARL O. .SEASHORE Iowa City NUMERAL MEN F. T. NODSLE Davenport EDWARD A. CAJ;DKLL Iowa City S. MALONEY C.-dar Rapids H. C. GARDEN Osage BEN BOWNE Ott LESLIE W. HUNKE Des Moines HARRY E. BOYSEN Harlan DONALD H. JACKSON Council Bluffs JOHN A. HAGGARD Algona THE royal and ancient game of golf has at last come into its own so far as in- tercollegiate competition is concerned. For the officials of the Big Ten conference have realized that the sport is one of the major activities in the present day and dual meets are fast meeting favor in the leading colleges and universities. Pour meets are scheduled this season for Hawkeye golfers. They attack Minnesota, Northwestern, Chicago, and Wisconsin. More men than ever before are becoming proteges of the links and this year finds fifty men, thirty on the varsity and twenty on the freshman, eager for a chance to get into competition with the little white ball. The sporty Finkbine field course has been worked on since last season until it is in almost perfect condition, qualifying the necessary construction that must go on until the landscaping is complete of course. The new greens that have been put in are of bent entirely and the fairways have been carefully groomed for play. It is fast becoming a model course and it may be said with no equivocation whatsoever that it will soon be the finest course in the state. Page S89 Varsity Swimming " I " MEN CAPTAIN MERLIN I. CARTER Des Moines FRED W. KINO Hawarden ARTHUR PETERSEN Clear Lake C. MON TGOMERY STEWART Superior, W$s. HOLLAND VAN HORN .... St. Paul, Minn. ON your marks! Get set! Bang! And the swimmers are on their way down the pool the largest in the country sprinting through the water in an effort to reach the further end. Iowa has a swimming team to be proud of. Not that it has contributed very materially in the way of victories for the season for the past three years have been losing propositions. But the spirit of the team is the remarkable thing. Long hours of practice, gruelling endurance swims, training in a way like no other sport that ' s what is required of the squad. And the result is a partly victorious aggregation that has great hopes for the next season. Captain Carter was the outstanding performer in the duals this year. He won the breast stroke in three of the meets and established several notable records in his event. In the. back stroke Fred King was a consistent winner and stacked up with the best in the conference. The dashes had several good men in Crook- ham, Petersen, Van Horn, and Stewart. Turhett and Gilje claimed recognition in the distance events. Page S90 NUMERAL MEN WILLIAM T. CHENNELL Des Koines NEWELL F. WILLIAMS Iowa City HARVEY L. LLOYD Louisville, Ky. WILLIAM K. WEEBEK Iowa City MILO MITVALSKY Cedar Rapids ROBERT J. HARRINGTON Algona HANS P. NYHOLM Council Bluffs ROWLAND E. EVANS Davenport BOYD N. LIDDLE Davenport ALLEN I. LOWELL Webster City WILLIAM L. MURFREI: Cedar Rapids HAYES M. SAMPSON Delta ROBERT L. LARSEN Fort Dodge FRESHMAN swimming for 1928 was featured by the showing which the yearlings made against other conference foes in telegraphic duals and the appearance of several men who proved that they were capable of bettering the times made by the varsity men. Several good men were developed during the year and an unusually successful season was completed. The frosh competed in four telegraphic duals, won three and tied one. Mich- igan was defeated in the first dual by a 40 to 20 score. Illinois fell before the performances of the locals and Wisconsin was nosed out in their dual. The Minnesota squad was the closest to come to defeating the yearlings when they succeeded in tying them by a 30 to 30 count. By virtue o ' f these victories the Iowa frosh can lay a just claim to the Big Ten freshman swimming champion- ship. Individual stars on the squad were Boyd N. Licldle, captain of the team, who was high point man in every meet in which he competed. In the Mid-west A. A. II. meet he won five firsts, establishing noteworthy records in the 500-yard free style and the 100-yard free style. Page 291 Dual Meets WAT EH POLO " I " MEN EDWIN ' J. MARBLE Liscomb DAVID H. LANDO Davenport .IAMKS K. BKLI. Iowa City LED by Merlin Carter, the varsity swimmers went through a successful season in comparison with those of the last two years. The Hawkeye splashers won two out of five Big Ten meets and copped a Midwestern A. A. II. cham- pionship. There were but five veterans on the team and Coach Armbruster was faced with training new men for almost every event. First competition was encountered in the A. A. IT. meet in which the lowans outshone their rivals and walked away with the team honors. The opening of the Big Ten season with Chicago here resulted in a victory by a onesided score of 52-17. The strong Michigan team was the first stumbling block for the Hawks when they were defeated by an overwhelming score. The dual with Minnesota was a hard-fought affair but the Norsemen managed to win the tilt by a 40 to 23 score. Illinois vanquished the lowans to rema ' .n on top of the conference. The season closed when the Armbruster coached men eased out a victory over the Wisconsin team. With only two men graduating and the majority of the team being sophomores the outlook for the next two years is more bright than this year. The men being lost by trraduation will have their places filled by some promising yearlings who have been groomed for the positions. Page 293 Varsity Cross Country " I " MEN F. HOWARD BRADY Guthrie Center LEONARD E. HUNN Davenport HAKRY E. CCFFIE Estherville JOHN L. CUE Shellsburg JOHN P. McCAMMON Perry JACK A. MOULTON Council Bluffs FROM a standpoint of victories the 1927 cross country season was one of the most disappointing in Old Gold history. Not a win was registered over a conference foe, but one redeeming feature was the fact that the team fin- ished fourth in the conference meet at Ann Arbor. Iowa was doped to win the first dual meet of the year, with the Gophers at Minneapolis, but the dopesters had made a mistake. Minnesota fought hard and defeated the Old Gold runners by a score of 31-24. Prank Brady was the first Hawk to place, coming in third, with Hunn and Coffie close upon his heels to take fourth and fifth places respectively. With the Illini. Iowa ' s traditional rivals, as the next foe, the Hawkeyes trained hard to secure a victory. In spite of this, Illinois managed to win the closely contested dual. Captain Hunn ran the course at a pace which gave him first and also set a new Iowa course record. Wisconsin was met in the last dual meet of the year. Another unusually strong team represented the Badgers and the Iowa men came home with the short end of a . ' 5:5 to 22 score. The Hawks ' points came from Hunn winning third place and Brady finishing fifth among the winners. Page 2K. Freshman Cross Country NUMERAL MEN WILLIAM H. EVERINGHAM Fort Madison MONTAGUE A. HAKES Laurens THOMAS J. KELLY Parncll MICHAEL M. MCCALL Iowa City FRANK H. STUTSMAN Iowa City BYRON M. TURNER .... Anita CHARLES G. WHITE Joliet, 111. CHARLES G. WILMOTH Abingdon, 111. FREEMAN L. WITTENMEYER Cedar Falls LLOYD W. BURNS Council Bluffs WALTER E. WAGNER Homestead NICHOLAS E. WELTER Bradgate THE 1931 freshman cross country squad had an unusually large number of aspirants this year with several showing some excellent ability in the hill and dale event. More than thirty men reported daily throughout the season and of this number ten received numerals for their work. Workouts for the yearlings started early in October when the varsity harriers first started out their season and before the sessions were well along they had begun to show some unusual ability. The Thanksgiving run which was sponsored by the Cross Country Club gave the frosh an opportunity to compete and practice trials against the Ilawkeye reserves also gave them plenty of opposition. The meets in which the frosh com- peted were all close affairs with at least two of their number always placing first and third at the finish. T. J. Kelly of Parnell, was one of the most con- sistent runners, he being responsible for a large number of the firsts which the yearlings gained over their opposition. Page S94 Fencing " I " MEN JOHN KIKCHNKR. . . EVERETT R. MATTHEWS ELMER B. WYCKOFF Fort Dodge Mount Pleasant Des Moines 2 ! PARRY and thrust ! The Iowa fencers ' schedule of engagements during the past season consist- ed of two conference dual meets, one with Illinois at IJrbana and the other with Northwestern at Evanston. The Illini humbled the lowans by a score of 7-6, while the Hawks defeated the Wisconsin aggregation 7-4. The technique of fencing is composed of three individual events, the foil, the epee, and the sabre. In the foil the body, between the hipbone and the collar- bone is the target. Any point touched in this range scores a point. Seven points constitute a bout. The rapier match is fought with the blunter instrument and a cut or blow on any part of the opponent ' s body scores a win. That part of the body above the waistline and below the neck is the range of attack for the fencer using the sabre. A decisive blow will score a win in this division. Jack Kirchner was the outstanding star on the Iowa squad. Winning all his bouts, he earned the minor " 1 " that the sport carries. Wyckoff and Matthews followed him closely in their creditable and consistent work. Page 295 Soccer Football SQUAD PERSONNEL Killian Left End White Left Forward Lin Center Forward Roose Right Forward Young Right End Sector Left Halfback Margolin Center Halfback Sheldon Right Halfback Zalesky Left Fullback Jordan Right Fullback Heyerdale Goal Keeper SOCCER football was rejuvenated as a sport here la:.t fa)l when " Dad " Schroeder installed the game as part of the men ' s physical training classes. Such a great amount of interest was shown that both a varsity and freshman squad was organized with thirty-five men reporting for the varsity and twenty- three for the frosh. The only game scheduled for the Hawkeyes was with Illinois November 26 resulting in a win for the Illini, 3 to 0. A feature of the makeup of the Old Gold aggregation was th,e number of foreign students who played stellar parts for the Hawks. Hsi Cheah Lin, former- ly of the University of Peking held down the center position. Ram Nauhria Bector of Punjab, was booked as halfback. Otto Gulch, Germany, Kay Hamada of Honolulu, John Watt, Peking, China, complete the personnel of the interna- tional squad. Morris Margolin of Detroit was elected captain of the varsity squad. With no regular equipment and little encouragement outside of these persons actually promoting the revival of the sport, the success has been outstanding as one of the major accomplishments of the department this year. Page S96 hrS ferf Intramural Inter-Fraternity Athletics RIVALRY between fraternities comparable only to that of rush week has arisen in inter-fraternity athletics this year. Interest has waxed hot among all Greek letter organizations to produce a winning team. All teams en- tered in the various sports have worked hard to get the coveted championship trophies, as well as a sense of satisfaction in defeating their rivals. Many teams have spent several nights a week in practice besides that used up in actual participation. As a result, some very proficient machines have been turned out. The " neophytes " now must work hard to get a berth for them- selves, as the actives furnish strong competition, whereas in the past the custom of many fr aternities called for teams largely composed of freshmen. A point system has been devised which gives credit for entrance as well as winning of sectional and grand championships in all events. A large silver lov- ing cup, known as the " Victory Trophy, " is given to the fraternity which garners the most points for participation and victories. Loving cups are also awarded to the sectional winners and champions in every intra-mural sport. Close contests for the " Victory Trophy " between all organizations mark every year of inter-fraternity athletics, as no organization has ever won all the events on the schedule. Most interest was shown this year in basketball and baseball but the other sports drew their share of attention. Soccer, a university sport back in 1912, was adopted this year as one of the interfraternity events as well as a Big Ten sport. The first few games were marked by clumsy looking teams, but as an understanding of the sport grew, some good elevens were competing for honors. fraterni ties entered men in the free throw and efficiency contests, which were open to anyone enrolled in the university. In these tourneys, the frater- nity men carried off the honors. Water polo saw a good year, and brought many good swimmers into the limelight. Competition was particularly close and it required the winners to put forth every effort to win the loving cup. Wrestling and boxing have been growing in interest in the past few years. Each fraternity enters a man in every weight to battle those of the rival organi- zations. Some good fighters and mat- men have fought their way to victories. Page S9S Inter-Fraternity Water Polo BY socking the ball twice in the net in a three minute over -time period, Sigma Nu took the inter-fraternity water polo championship from Sigma Alpha Epsilou. The final score stood at 6 to 4. It was a close contest throughout, with a slight advantage on the side of the victors because of their smoother team work. At the end of the regular period of play, the score stood at four all. The Sig Alphs had a strong team, but were unable to find their opponents ' goal in the extra period. The championship game was merely characteristic of most of the contests in the water polo tournament. With the exception of several of the first games played, all were close and hard-fought battles, and generall it was not until the final minute of play, that the victrs were decided. Teams were so evenly matched that it was impossible to tell which ones would be the strongest com- petitiors for the laurels of victory. Seventeen teams were entered at the opening of the tournament. The num- ber of teams undefeated dwindled down so that when the contest was only a little over half over, only Sigma Nu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Phi Kappa Ps: were undefeated. The next game was played by the Phi Psis brought them a defeat, so the other two teams were well on their way to championship. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was awarded a trophy as as section winner, while Sigma Nu took a cup as section winner and the championship trophy also. The teams which furnished strong competition to the victors were Kappa Sigma. Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Epsilon Pi, and Delta Upsilon. Every team had at least two outstanding swimmers, who were able to work the ball down toward their op- ponents ' goal with ease when they were not stopped by aquatic artists as ac- complished as themselves. Page iff!) Inter-Fraternity Basketball THE interfraternity basketball tournament ended with a fast contest between Delta Tan Delta and Phi Delta Theta. 1 ' p until the final game of the season Alpha Sigma Phi was a strong contender for the title but the aggre- gation was eliminated. If the Delts had won the game a three way tie would have resulted. The season was finished with one defeat for each team. The final game was characterised by fast and rough play. The Phi Delts ran up a 6-2 advantage in the first few minutes of play. During the second quarter the score advantage was trailed a ' ong in a rather listless manner. The third quarter opened things wide up. Each team " stooped on the gas " but one was more fortunate than the other and the end of the third saw the seore at 14-8 in favor of the boys from 729. O ' Connor sank two baskets just before the whistle blew for the end of the third. The end of the fourth saw the end of th; game with no small amount of good basketball displayed. Six minutes before the end the Delts pulled up to their only lead with 18 17. O ' Connor sank another field goal in th next three minutes to make the counters mark 19-1H. Boegel free throwed to tie the score 19-19 w ' th one minute to play. With only seconds to go Glassgow sank the final marker with a free throw to give the Phi Delts a win of 20-19. The outstanding playing for the Delts was done by Kidd and Day; Gla.ssgow and O ' Connor upheld the honor of the Phi Delts. Thus a successful season of interfraternity basketball was brought to a climax. Fape. Inter-Fraternity Soccer I N T E R F R A T E E X I T Y SOCCER TEAM Killian Beta Theta Pi Left Outside Young Phi Kappa Psi Right Outside Kadiug Sigma Pi Right Forward Skelley Sigma Chi Left Forward Liddle Sigma Alpha Epsilon Center Doornink Delta Upsilon Left Halfback Margolin Phi Beta Delta Center Halfback McClain Kappa Sigma Right Halfback Gauss Delta Upsilon Left Fullback Dzuriea Alpha Tau Omega Right Fullback Yoder Sigma Alpha Epsilon Goal Keeper SOCCER had its inaugural year as an inter-fraternity event, as well as a uni- versity sport th:s year. It is true that the university had a soccer team back in 1912, but after that year it was abandoned. At that time, inter- fraternity athletics were in their infancy and a soccer team was an unthought- of thing. Nineteen teams were entered and divided into two sections. The winner of each section was awarded a silver loving cup, while the championship trophy went to the winner of a game between the victors of each section. Team work at the beginning of the season was ragged, as all the players had had no pre- vious experience in the game. As the players learned the rules and idea, they improved until many developed into star players. Phi Beta Delta finally took the championship crown by kicking a goal in the last seconds of play. That it was a close game may be seen by the score of 2 to 1. The teams were evenly matched and it took hard fighting to win. Page 301 Quadrangle Sports By CARL SYLVESTER ALMOST a decade ago, when the University of Iowa built the largest dormi- tory for men in the United States, there was very little idea of incorporat- ing a program of athletics for the students who were to become residents. Realizing, however, that there must be some facilities for outdoor sports, the athletic department constructed tennis courts along the south end of the Quad- rangle. Since that time the courts have been filled with players at every hour of the days which permitted outdoor play. Some time later several baseball fields were laid out to the west of the Quadrangle and a few games were played. The first attempt at organized athletics came four years ago when a director of athletics was appointed. Results became apparent immediately. The students were beginning to show interest in athletics. Last year Bruno Marchi was ap- pointed as director. An attempt was made to secure more group consciousness by intersectional contests. Rivalry increased the interest and many more men entered competition. This year started with about 650 men living at the dormitory. More men were housed at the Quadrangle than were found at many of the colleges of the midwest. Most of them were former high school athletes who wanted to con- tinue competition. Lack of time and the intensity of varsity competition lias kept many of them from trying out for the university teams. P Page SOi Quadrangle Sports - PRACTICALLY all forms of athletics have been held at the Quadrangle this year. Football, however, was omitted due to the inability of the athletic director to procure suitable equipment. This was the greatest blow to the athletic program. More keen rivalry has been shown in football than in any other phase of sports. However, the men at the dormitory have been promised all the necessary supplies to carry on a vigorous program next year. Basketball occupied the center of attraction. Following a series of games in two tournaments, lightweight division and heavyweights, the two teams which claimed the championship of their divisions were section B of the lightweights and section D of the heavyweights. A Quadrangle championship game was played late in March with section B of the lightweights supreme. Wrestling, free throw and tennis tournaments, baseball, and cross-country constituted the other athletic activities at the dormitory. The athletic situation was reorganized at the beginning of the second semester with an athletic manager chosen by each section from among themselves. This resulted in a committee of four managers and with the president of the associa- tion as chairman. A new program was outlined for the remainder of the year in which baseball and horseshoe tournaments played the leading roles. Tennis also came in for its share of importance. It is the plan of the Quadrangle association and the administration to appoint, next year, a man who will devote his entire time to athletics and not be burdened with proctor duties as has been the case in the past. Page SOS iltttwmttr Women :.-. Margaret Gustine Betty Lou Waggone Delia Wichelman n He en Je n Better Women ' s Athletic Association DOROTHY DENKMAN President JANE DARLAND Vice President PEKCY E. VAN ALSTINE . . . . . Record ing Secretary AILEF.N CARPENTER Treasure ' r ANN TUIELEN Corresponding Secretary MAXINE HUMESTON Publicity Manager BKTTV WIIITK Finance M:uia};cr He Women ' s Athletic Association, organized in 1911, carries as its aim to encourage sports and athletics among all the women of the university. Each year it sponsors a number of events which allow women in the physi- cal education department opportunities to participate in individual and team sports. The organization functions through a board of representatives and the faculty of the department. Notable achievements for 1928 are: Membership in United Slates Field Hockey Association. Subscription of $150.00 toward the purchase of a panatrope for the gymnasium. 1 The promotion of a Dance Drama to take the place of the Vaudeville show. Change of awards to an " I " instead of a sweater. Adoption of revised training rules. The monthly meetings are held in the form of parties at which entertain- ment and social activities are carried on. Each year there is given a Hallowe ' en dance termed the Gym Khana. I 1 it in- 3i -I J ' !+ tim MARJORIB CAMP ASTRID DALBERG AILENE CARPENTER SUSAN HAWLEY BARBARA KITTREDGE ODETTE ALLEN 1LA BOOK H ART LORETTA CUSACK JUNE BEERS VELMA BOOKHART PHYLLIS DAY MARIE ARMIL VIRGINIA BARNARD ALICE BOND EVELYN CLARK MEMBERS IN FACULTY IRENE FIELD ELIZABETH HALSEY GRADUATE MEMBERS MARGARUITA McGOVNEY ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors MABEL KAISER LEONA KOLFENBACK MARTHA MICKEY CATHERINE OSGOOD Juniors LILLY DUNCAN OERALDINK PARRAR Sophomores DOROTHY FOX LORRAINE HESELROAD (IRETCHEX PUATHER Pledge s KATHERINEDAKIN LOUISE GIBSON SARA MCROBERTS MARGARET LEA MARIAN STRENG MARGARET PLUM ALICE ROOSE PERCIE VAN ALSTINF. MAXINK HUMESTON THELMA SCHOLMERS WINIFRED STARBUCK ESTHER ROBBINS MARY SAROENT JANET THOMPSON HELEN NELSON GILBERTA SCOTT ALVINA STEUSSY DELLA WICKLEMAN Nelson, V. Bookhart, nakin, Scholmers, I. Bookhart, Cusack, Plum, Clark. McRolierts, Pay, Heselroad, Bond, Kolfenhark, Carpenter, Scott, Allen, Osgood, Steussy, Van Alstine, Kaiser, Beers, Kittredge. Pape Sir, Team Sports ANY girl desiring diversion from the academic routine of college life at any season of the year need look no farther than the Women ' s Gym. Hockey, volley-ball, swimming, basketball name anything you will can be found in action under adequate supervision. These team contests take place among the class groups and also among the sorority and independent teams. An intramural system has been developed in this department whereby each group is given op- portunity to compete in every event throughout the year with points given ac- cording to their rating in the contest. This develops unusual enthusiasm and keen competition and each year has seen a larger number of girls participating in these events. Particular interest has been shown in the sorority and independent team com- petition this past year. All organizations have turned out with enthusiasm, and endeavored to beat their rivals. Basketball and volleyball drew the most enthus- iastic support, while hockey wa.s close to them in the interest aroused. Some fine swimmers have been discovered among women entered in team swimming. Many organizations have turned out good teams in these sports. This form of gymnastics has been pleasant to those competing as they are under no compulsion to enter. Team sports have been found by the department of physical education for women, to be of much benefit in giving university women supervised exercise in a beneficial way. A i Page 316 Individual Sports AUTUMN filled the tennis courts; winter showed us skaters; spring and summer bring forth the great variety of out-of-door activities that are so popular during these months. The recognition of these apparent inter- ests are well taken care of through individual contests sponsored by the Physi- cal Education Department and W. A. A. Round-robin contests are held for championships for both singles and doubles matches in tennis. Miss Dalberg from the University of Copenhagen, holder of first and second places in the Scandinavian Figure Skating Contest, has stimulated much interest in the win- ter sports through her efforts. W. A. A. is now sponsoring long hikes, canoe trips and picnics for those hundreds of girls who crave the opportunity to wan- der out in the open. Anything that forwards the health and happiness of the women on the campus is foremost in the minds of those in charge at the Gym- nasium and to that end have all these events been carried on. In the past few years, track has become popular with Iowa ' s fair co-eds, and any spring day one might find them throwing the javelin or shot about their athletic field. Under the supervision of W.A.A. Iowa girls have competed in various telegraphic meets, always placing well towards the top, even though par- ticipating against some of the country ' s best women athletes. Swimming too, is a favorite recreation among the heretofore weaker sex, and each year sees the pool in the women ' s gym crowded to capacity. Page 317 Page 318 Page 31!) r Men ' s Pan-Hellenic Council GKOKUK BUVKN Sigma Alpha Kpsilon CHARLES CARD Phi Delta Theta CHARLES CORWIX Alpha Tan Omega I ' KKSTON (JlBSON Kappa Sigma WALTER HANSON Sigma C ' lii HALPH HENINGER Sigma Nu WILLIAM LARRABEE I ' hi Kappa Psi RICHARD RENO Beta Tlicta I ' i .Ions ' WEBBER . Delta Tan Delta Bliven, Larrabee, Corwin, Gibson Hanson, Reno, Card, Heninger, Webber Page 332 Iowa Men ' s Pan-Hellenic Council Glenn C. Simpson Acacia Walter Jebens Alpha Chi Sigma Leslie Schroeder Alpha Kappa Kappa A. Joseph Link Alpha Kappa Psi Martin Ekstrand Alpha Sigma Phi George Van Voorst Alpha Tau Omega Gerald B. Breen Beta Psi Jacob Vogler ; Beta Theta Pi Paul Toomey . chi Delta Psi Clayton Thompson . chi Kappa Pi .Francis Mullen Delta Chi Frank E. Breene Delta Sigma Delta Robert Gull Delta Sigma Pi Kobert Sibert Delta Tau Delta Joseph Watson Delta Theta Phi D. Harold King . Delta Upsilon Ralph Marts Gamma Alpha Leslie Abbott Gamma Eta Gamma Harvey Pranks Kappa Eta Kappa R mi- SaS vt Kappa Sigma ' Willis Macy Nu sigma Nu Craig Kennedy Pni Alpha Delta Abe Bass Phi Beta Delta Walter Carlson Pnl Beta Pi Theodore Lichter phi Chi Ernest Pratt ! Phi ' Delta Chi Fred Stillwell Phl Delta Phi Marvin Schmidt .... Phi Delta Theta 5- erman , J ' Smlth . . Phi Epsilon Pi Birchard Ashenfelter .... Phi Gamma. Delta John Falvey . Phl Kappa Ran Young Phl K appa Psi Erwm L Schenk . Phl Kappa Rho mr ge Ir ' 1 ?, 10 " Phi Ka " I ' a s| S ma William Mallory rhi Rho s , Kma Alfred Johnson ,,, omega Marlm Lerch Sitrma Alpha Eiis ' lon George Woodruff Siirma Chi Ward Shaffer Sigma Nu Edward Wright ; Sigma ' Phl Epsil ' on Joe Kennedy Sigma PI Marshall Hurd . Theta Tan Paul Farnsworth Theta Xi Orla McGuire Trian rle Robert Scroggie . Xi Psi Phi Page $23 Atlams, Biuhnell, Xorelius, Temple, Killian. Kurtz, Miller, Ford, Clark, Weise, G. Smith. Beveridge, Casebeer, Grippen, Finn, Stewart, Shaw, Ellwood. Vofrler, S. Smith, Johnson, Reno, Huiskamp, V ' otaw, Vetter, Morrison. Founded at Miami University, 1839 Established at I ' niversity of Iowa, 186H Publication: Beta Theta Pi Number of Chapters, 85 ii Page 324 M K M B E R R IN FACULTY JULIAN D. BOYD HRNRY S. HOUUHTON FRANK E. KKNDKIK P. B. KNIOHT KDWAKD W. FORH DAVID I.. PATRICK ROLLIN M. PKRKINS ROBERT E. RIENOW J. HUBERT SCOTT JAMES H. WARNER HOLLAND F. WILLIAMS CHARLES BUNDY WILSON ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors j. WILLIS MACY JAMES W. HU1SKAMP JR. J. EARLE MII.LKK HOWARD J. CLAKK JR. CHARLES M. ORIPPEN HERBERT L. KII.UAN CHARLES W. OILF1LLIAN ROBERT N. JOHNSON JR. HENRY J. ADAMS THOMAS V. BEVERIDOE JOHN W. BUSHNELL COURTNEY H. CASEBEER Juniors FAIRBURN KURTZ RICHARD C. VETTER Sophomores F r f x h m r n Pledges WILLIAM P. ELLWOOD BARRETT F. FINN GORDON A. OUNN EVERETT A. NOREL1US RICHARD R. RENO JACOB F. VOOLER ROBERT E. VOTAW JOHNT. MORRISON .WILLIAM H. PALMER K. ROE WKISE HARVEY J. SHAW SYDNEY O. SMITH MARCUS M. STEWART MALCOLM TEMPLE Page, Iowa Alpha of Pizey, Tousey, Larrabee, Jerrel, (Jerdt-s. Macy, N. Turner, J. Turner, D. Young, I ursen, Hay. Cuhel. Whitney Hakes, Bowman, E. Davis, Brown, Cooper. Spence, Breene. Schodde. Wallace, R. Davis, Green, Bywater, Thompson. Kittle, Horack, Kemp, Harris, Miss Campbell, E. Young, Cox, Robertson, Wllcox. Founded at Jefferson College, 1852 Established at University of Iowa, 1867 Publication : Shield Number of Chapters, fiO UTB- U1l I Page 326 Phi Kappa Psi O. O. BENJAMIN TED H. ASHFORD HARRY BOYSEN J ' RANK E. BREENK FRED LARRABEE RICHAKD M. BROWN WILLIS BYWATER R. BRUCE CHATTERTON WILLIAM HEUER BURTON I. BOWMAN KDWIN . DAVIS GEORGE JOHNSTONE IIARLAN C. KITTLE LEO COOPER RICHARD DAVIS PAUL CUMMINS EARNEST OERDES LAURENCE (IREEN MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. C. HORACK G. W. STEWART I). A. INGWERSEN ACTIVE " MEMBEES Seniors THOMAS o. cox FRANK J. CUHEL DONALD M. GRAHAM WILLIAM LARRABEE III Juniors DAN C. DUTCHER FREDERICK EASTLAND BUKTON B. JERREL i _ -. ' . J _!!__ . . Z_ Sophomores JOHN A. KUNAU BERNARD B. LARSON ROBERT MACY HARTZELL SPENCE Pledges MONTAGUE HAKES JAMES B. HAY TREADWELL ROBERTSON JOHN TURNER JOHN P. PIZKY EARL YOUNG GORDON PHILLIPS JACK HARRIS H. FRANKLIN KEMP WILLIAM B. MILLER FRANK E. HORACK NED B. TURNER WINSLOW T. TOMPKINS JOHN D. WHITNEY DONALD C. YOUNG FRANCIS THOMPSON I.YI.E SWANEY ORVILLE TOUSEY MARVIN WALLACE FRANCIS WILCOX HAROLD SCHODDE Page. 32 " , MM Deuteron of Sianfk-ld, AsheiitVlt.-r, ivterson, Frush. Bowers, Nelson, B.-lhuny, Idler, David, 1 ' orler. Schumacher, Clifton, IHmkerton, Plunkitt, Worseldlne, Jepson, Cruisr. Birch. I ee, Ooudman. Foss, Magee, Snyder, Sadler. Tri-iolilfp. Anderson, DiiughtTty, II. Gamble, Mnisli. Ni-wlin. Ciiiiihlin, Myhre. Williams, Swift, l azell, Cabli-. Mr. Slanton, Briiian, Butler, Grother, Foster, Osgood. Founded at Washington and Jefferson College, 1848 Established at University of Iowa, 1873 Publication: The Phi Gamma Delta Number of Chapters, 69 Page 3S8 Phi Gamma Delta MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. C. LARSEN F. J. LAZELL P. ( ' . PACKER GKADUATE MEMBERS RICHARD R. POSTER ACTIVE MEMBERS F.ARLE E. BK.MAN FREDERICK M. BUTLER Seniors WILLIAM O. GAMBLE W. WALTER UKA.IIAM Juniors BIKCHAKD O. ASHENFF.LTF.R ROY P. PORTER HAKOLD C. GAMBLE RUSSELL E. SADLER JAMES W. BELLAMY WILLIAM G. BIRCH MAURICE J. CRUISE PA11I.E L. MYHRE EKNEST W. ANDKRSON GILBERT S. BOWKKS GAIL CAMBLIN STKATTON R. ELLER Sophomores VIRGIL DAVID WENDELL C. DUNKERTON EUGENE D. FOSS R. MURRAY GOODMAN Freshmen KllU ' AKD K. PETERSON Pledges ROBKRT J ' RUSH WARREN MAOEE WARD MAISH IRVIN L. NELSON EUGENE NEWLIN ALBERT J. GROTIIER HAROLD W. SUM FT WALLACE B. SNVIIKR 0. EDWARD HARVEY DOYAL A. PLUNKITT OLKN G. WORSELDINE RONALD W. LEE EDWARD PRENT1SS HOWARD SCHUMACHER ARTHUR THOMAS .FAMES TREICHLER j rtfe i Page SS! Omicron of Belgarde, O ' Brien, Macalistrr, .Jarvis, Schutt, Connie, Day, Ely. Parsons, Hunter, Fallcenliaim-r, Brillon, KacUiliffe, Berry, Spahn. Hawley, Work, Boegel, Klliot, B. Webber, Graham, Aenew. Schoeneman, Ball, Wayt, Corbin, Bronson, Maley, Kidd. Dotson. Bunn, J. Webber, McCardell, Sibert, Breene, Hines, Hass, Nelson, Bredimus. Founded at Bethany College, 1850 Established at, University of Iowa, 1880 Publication: Hninbow Number of Chapters, 7. ' ) g JWLI U t WUl PU C De ta Tern De ta VANCE MORTON JOHN L. BALI, KDWABD BOYLK WARD CEILLY DONALD T. HINKS FRANCIS BREDIMUS FRANKLIN BRITTON CORDON BRONSON FRED AONEW JOHN BELGARDE HAROLD FALKKNIIAINKR CHARLES LAHER RAY BERRY BERNARD BOEOEL EDWIN CORBIN JOHN P. COUNIE JACK D. DAY M K M B E R S IN FACULTY CLAEENCE VAN EPPS C. H. WOOLBERT ACTIVE MEMBERS 5 e n i o r ,t JAMES MlNi.3 DONALD REED WALTER SIBBERT Juniors TRAVIS BUNN ALBERT V. HASS FltKD J. JARVIS 11OBERT SIBERT JAMES STANTON JOHN WEBBER CAKKOLL WHEELOCK rl.ACDK KIDD HARRY B. NELSON ROBERT L. RIECHOFF EDWARD L. SCHOTT Sophomores EDMUND MCCARDELL WILSON RADCL1FKF. CHARLES F. O ' BRIEN DON E. WAYT HENRY K. PARSONS Pledges KOBKRT DOTSON II AHOLD ELY JAMES ELLIOT CIUY GRAHAM KICIIARD HAWLEY STKWAHT WILSON P. MURRAY WORK THOMAS MALEY RICHARD MACALISTER CHKSTKR SCHOENEMAN CHARLES SPAHN BAILEY C. WEBBER fik Grimm, Clark, Cramer, Welch, Barber, Schoon, H. Fletcher, Harrison, Conkliny. R. Price, Eige, Jones, Gammon J. Joyce, Cantwell, Geneva, C. O ' Connor. Rose, Wilson, Slaymaker, Larsen, G. O ' Connor, Ever- iiiBrham, Howell, Dustman, Braley. F. Fletcher, Evans, Wilbur, Quale, Hirschler, Anderson, Murlagh, Sokol. J. Blackford, Hendricks Haggard, K. Blackford, Glassgow, Weaver, Jacobsen, Garrison, Alex. Twogood, T. Joyce, Heyerdale, Card, Schmidt, Mrs. Kinsloe, Uoddewig, McClurg, Hollowell, Peters. Founded at Miami University, 1848 Established at University of Iowa, 1882 Number of Chapters, 96 Publication: The Scroll Parie SSS r vn B mr, ' dflLfc l A W mki EflHE H M EMBERS IX FACULTY ,. J. CORNOG E. L. WATERMAN R. II. HASSLER A. C. TESTER FRANK SHUTTLEWORTII ACTIVE MEMBER s 7 } Seniors r$G JAMES E. BLISS JOHN W. HERTZLER RALPH C. PRICE rsJ Tj MERLE P. BRALEY T. PAT HOLLOWELL MARVIN M. SCHMIDT -unimr DONOVAN D. DAVIDSON A. HOLLIS HORRABIN CHARLES D. SOKOL A. KEITH DROZ THOMAS H. JOYCE WILLIAM B. WELCH - HOWARD B. FLETCHER JOHN D. LITTHi Juniors KENNETH S. RLACKPORU I.LOYll 11. GlilM I LEB RODDEWK! CHARLES W. CARD WILLIAM W. IIEYEHIIALK M. IIAKYKY SKYI.ES HUNTR. CRAMER F. HAVEN McCVRi; FORREST F. TWOC1OOD FREDERICK B. FLETCHER JOHN E. PETEIJ DON ' AI.I) WAECHTER HOWARD B. WILSON Sophomores JOHN C. BLACKFORD LYLE E. EIGE KENNARD L. JONES TALTON R. CLARK WILLIS A. GLASSGOW EARL D. LARSEN WILBUR S. CONKLING JR. JOHN A. HAGGARD HAROLD W. SCIIOON PAUL II. DUSTMAN ALBERT V. HARRISON DONOVAN D. SLAYMAKER LOGAN B. HENDRICKS T 7 a H n a O ARTHUR R. ALEX Jr l e a g e s FRED GENEVA CHARLES O ' CONNER PETER W. ANDERSON EINAR HAUGEN GERALD O ' CONNER FLOYD BARBER DAVID HIRSCHLER URBAN R. PETERS JOHN D. CANTWELL CHARLES JACOBSEN DAVID QUALE ROWLAND E. EVANS JAMES J. JUYCE WILLIAM H. EVERINGHAM DON P. MILLER CHARLES L. ROSE JOSEPH WAGNER fSg-s -- ' - TENCH T. GAMMON C. HUGH MURPHY DENSEL WILBUR MALCOLM GARRISON JAMES MURTAGII ! Page Alpha Eta of Schleusner, Sievers, .Shannon, Steponek, L,arsen, White Large, Robertson, Weber, Larsen, Denkhoff, Shadle. CoopiT, Taylor, Skelley, Thomas, Kuning, Haynes. Depblnff, Derry, Richeson, Rinden, Mowry, McElroy, Maule. Green, Sun pter, Roberts, Hicks, Wheelon, Thompson, Wilcox. P itzgrerald, Kucheman, Hanson, Morton, Woodruff, HrtKcboeck, Vierck, Kellopg, Easton. Founded at Miami University, J85 " ) Established at University of Iowa, 1882 Publication: The Magazine of Sigma Chi Number of Chapters, 87 SS4 JSas-y-aj m X. O. ALCOCK S. H. BT ' SH I!. YORKE HERRON MEMBERS IN F A C 1 J. C. DORSEY LT Y C. S. EASTON s. i;. WINTERS GRADUATE M E M I! E I! S CARI-TOX II. LEWIS ACTIVE MEMBERS WILLIAM T. HAGEBOECK WALTER I. HANSON CARLTON II. LEWIS JOHN L. MOWRY BERT E. DERRY JDSEPH K. MORTON GILBERT E. ROBERTSON- WILLIAM SI. LAGE MAX D. MAULE KENNETH E. COOPER RALPH HAYNES ROBERT H. LARSEN HARRY SIEVERS BRICE THOMAS W. KERMIT WISE Seniors FRANCIS T. SHADLE O ' tVII.LE A. WIIEELON T. XKAL HANLEY JEKOME B. KELLOGG u n i o r s LEE C. WEBER CARLYLE KUCIIKMAN Sophomores HAROLD T. LARSON Pledges RAYMOND DENKHOFF BERT E. HICKS 1 ' AK RICHESON ELMER SU SIFTER ESIANUEL THOMPSON JOSEPH E. MCELROY CARROLL (1. RINDEN LEYLAND E. SKELLF.Y DEAN S. SWANSON LLOYD E. ROBERTS CHARLES J. VIERCK GEORGE SI. WOODRUFF VINCENT L. SCHLEl ' SNER FRANCIS O. WILCOX 1RVJN STEPONEK EDWIN B. GREEN CLAYTON W. KfNIXG REX SHANNON- DALE E. TAYLOR DWAYNE WHITE fXVffj gM S- S, Pagr 3f . ) fl3s Vosmek, Clark, Pease, Williamson, Savery, Blackledge, Siefkln, Mulroney, Shannon, Mason, Heninger. Hoagrlin, Place, Stewart, Brooks, Smith, Graver, Covert, Lloyd Jensvold, Pattison, Rich, Schneller. Ketelson, Crabb, Rose, Voldeng, Juhl, Shaffer, Brebner, Boreman, Wagner, Mueller. Frush, Leach, Fisher, Roberts, Iten, Bossen, Alexander, Leo Jensvold, Avery, Reedquist. Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Established at University of Iowa, 1893 Publication: The Delta Number of Chapters, 93 Page 3S6 Bel Sigma Nu 15; MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. M. F1SK ALLIN W. DAKIN WILLIAM M. BALE GEORGE J. EDWARDS MARSHALL B. KURD STANTON M. BKATTY JOB T. BEER JAMES L. DEV1TT KLBERT K. HENDR1CKK JOHN W. HELPER JR. RICHARD H. BLACKLEDGE CHARLES N. BOREMAN FOREST A. BRKRN ' KK WILLIAM W. CKJ88MAN PRANK ALEXANDER ALDEN D. AVERT LTLE C. BOSSEN PAUL M. CLARK ROBERT M. COVERT MAURICE CRABB HARLAN B. CRAVER W. H. MALOY c. s. O ' BRIEN II. II. WADE W. R. WHITEIS ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors FRANCIS J. MULRONEY li. GALBRAITH PEASE MAITLAND D. PLACE Juniors RALPH IT. HENINGER LOUIS F. ITEN EKNKST R. JESSES ' HAROLD W. NELSON WENDELL R. SAVERY Sophomores IVAN ' W. BROOKS WILFRED B. HOAGLIN ARTHUR C. PATT1SON FRESHMEN LEE K. JUHL JOSEPH A. STEWART Pledges FREDERICK C. FISHER BYRON G. FELKNER RICHARD W. FRUSH LEO B. JENSVOLD LLOYD V. JENSVOLD KARL C. KETELSEN JAMES A. LEACH FRANK C. RUBEE WARDL. SIIAFFKH KARL E. VOLDENG PKEDER1CK A. SCIINKLLKR CHARLES O. SIEFKIN C. MONTGOMERY STEWART JAMES A. WADE FRANCIS L. WILCOX ROBERT L. SHANNON ERNEST A. WAGNER XOIi.MAN W. WHELPLEY DONNELL R. SMITH KEITH W. MASON ROBERT M. MUELLER LAWRENCE A. REEDQUIST LOUIS M. RICH ALBERT C. ROBERTS ROBERT L. ROSS JOHN J. VOSMEK Page 5,5 M Beta jR o o lioulil, I . Xrlsrii. I eckfr. Vtzstrin, Howe. lOim-i-y. h ' fSliT, I- ' rcsc. Nat ' clifl. (!r;ni, Simpson, Craft, Jcilinson. Cribson, F. Xt-lscn, Crain. Conrad, Mahoney, Shove, Knssoll, Fincb. Larson, Black, Redmond, Sohofield, Howes, Knowles, McDonald, ifiunhlo. Carroll, llryimlils, Rlnderknocht, AniifliiTK, t ' lii ' liock. Wolfe, Volz. Hoyli-s, Kolkers, Stricklin, S:i.s Ill ' s. TIarolil. Beenuin, Vincent, McCammon, Nemec. Founded at I ' niversity of Virginia, IStiT Ksta))lislicd at I ' nivcrsily of Iowa, 1!H)2 Publication : CdilciicKx X umber (if Cliaptcrs, 104 3SS Kappd Sigma I H DONALD B. EMERY MEMBERS IN FACULTY S. B. SLOAN W. E. YOUNG GRADUATE MEM HERS VALTEI: K. FRESE RICHARD A. NELSEN ACTIVE MEMBERS JOHN A. BEEMAN JOHN S. BEERS WALTER A. CARLSON KOIIKKT T. CONRAD LEO M. CURTIN RICHARD BOYLES DONALD P. CHEHOCK DEAN O. HOWE JOHN P. McCAMMON A. REAS ANNEBERG CARL M. BECKER EDWARD C. FESTER LEONARD M. FOLKEKS RAYMOND L. BLACK WILLIAM H. CARROLL JERRY O. CHAIN Seniors MALCOLM O. CRAFT JOHN E. CHAIN WILLIAM J. FINCH PRESTON E. GIBSON I. DARELL JOHNSON Juniors RICHARD j. MCDONALD RICHARD F. NAECKEL GODFREY B. NEMEC RICHARD D. REYNOLDS S o p h o m ores WALLACE F. GOULD CHARLES I. HOFFMAN I. CARL ISENHART ROBKHT KINNAN FRED W. NELSEN Pledges HOBERT K. GRAU GEORGE HOWES KirllAKD LARSON GEORGE H. KNOWLES TRAVIS W. STRICKLIN JR. GREGORY A. VINCENT HAROLD C. WETZSTEIN HAROLD W. WOLFE ALLEN E. RUMBLE JOHN F. SCHOFIELD ROBERT T. SASS EDWARD T. VOLZ RALPH N. REDMOND RICH AKD RINDERKNECHT GEOKGK W. SHOVE MA YES MCCLAIN PAUL J. MAHONEY FERRIS R. SIMPSON ARNOLD W. RUSSELL Pane 33! v Crawford, Seashore, Litldle, Dollerhide, Grems. Armil, Adams, Seashore, Krumviede, Straight. Bailey, Junk, Bowers, Parsons, Yoder, Boyer. Bliven, Teeters, Ginger, Thielan, Pattie, Mathew, Boiler, Preston, Taylor, Hollis, Sheakley, McGrevey, Kraft, Henderson, Turner. Gebert, Parry, Kenderdine, Wilson, Lerch, Choate, Seashore, McConnell, Walker. Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 Established at University of Iowa, 1905 Publication: The Record Number of Chapters, 101 Page 340 Sigma Alpha Epsilon GEORGE H. GALLUP I E. HOLMES R. B. K1TTRIDGE R. A. KUEVER MEMBERS IN FACULTY DKANT LIERLE CARL E. SEASHORE J. T. MCCLINTOCK J. J. SWINGLE JOHN W. PRENTICE WILBUR J. TEETERS J. J. RUNNER DALE YODER GRADUATE MEMBERS ROBERT E. MCCONNELL ACTIVE MEMBERS MEARLG. ADAMS HENRY B. BAILEY MABLIN E. LERCH HARRY E. BOYD PAUL W. ARMIL CHARLES L. DOLLAHII IDE CAKLTON V. BOLLER CHARLES M. HOLL1S RAYMOND T. KNEI ' PPKL J. HAROLD ANDRK HAROLD P. BOWERS ALBERT T, HOYER ALFRED 0 ' . CRAWFOKD J1UGO M. (JKBERT S e n i o r s JOHN KRAFT JAMES L. MARTINSON liRUCE E. MATHEW Juniors RCd ' ER I " . CHOATE Sophomores JAMES E. McUKEVEY HOWARD O. PAIiRY PAUL II. PRKSTON Pledges RAYMOND D. GINGER HOYII N. I.IUULK THOMAS M. PARSONS OTTO E. KRUMVIEDE JOHN C. MCCLINTOCK WARREN J. PATTIE CLIO E. STRAIGHT JOSEPH VANDER VEER WARREN II. GKEMS RAYMOND W. JUNK MALCOM D. SEASHOKK SIGFRID H. SEASHORE OTIS TEETERS KENNETH T. WILSON RICHAliD li. SIIEAKLEY HARRY A. TAYLOR JOHN II. TH1ELEN KRANK TURNER WALLACE O. YOUEIt Pope 341 Anderson, Johnson, IjiiiiKilun, JJunkiT, Kirwin, Sclioals, Coffin. Chandler. Masteiicr. ' ana. Ct-rin-rii-h. Wegmuller, Barney, ' iii.-, Callionn. HicUrrson, I-onan. .Miiininn. hochwiiiK. Ki-ndt-rdiin-, Siiii])si)ii, Clement, Wassam, Mattlu-us, Hills. Founded at University of Michigan, 1904 Established at University of Iowa, 1909 Publication : The Triad Number of Chapters, 33 V, J. BURNEY ALEXANDER ELLET r. c. ENSION E. W. HILLS W. A. JESSUP O. P. KAY E. P. LINDQUI8T M E M B E B 8 IN FACULTY C. S. LIN ' TON A. O. THOMAS W. F. LOEHWINO C. M. UPDEGRAFP E. C. MABIE C. W. WASSAM H. H. MCCARTY E. A. WILCOX M. C. MUMMA C. C. WILLIAMS V. It. PETERSON C. C. WYL1E FRED POWNALL l(. II. WYL1E C . L. ROBBINS GRADUATE MEMBERS RAYMOND GERBERICH RALPH MASTELLER ACTIVE MEMBERS HAROLD O. ANDERSON JOHN F. COFFIN MELVIN O. BOURNE JOHN N. CALHOUN PAUL P. CHANDLER JAMES H. MURDAUOH MARVIN V. LOO AN Vf. MASON MATTHEWS Seniors AINSLEE E. HICKERSON OL1N F. McILNAY Juniors JOHN J. JOHNSON CARL W. KIRWIN IIKKSCHEL G. LANGDON Sophomores Pledges JOE E. SCHOALS GLEN C. SIMPSON JOHN B. WILLIAMS ERNEST C. WITTE CHARLES WILLIAMS JAMES M. YOUNG RUDOLPH VANA WALDO WISSLER JACOB P. WEGMULLER Fink!, T. Mullen Kent, Seberg. Frudenfeld, Scarbro, J. McDowell, Traer, Mullins. VanHorn, Ritrlu-y. Krllogfr, Nelson, France, Bryant. Gates, Keeney, Hirkley, Moore, Duff. St- vnson, Cooper. Rouse, W. McDowell, Miller, F. Mullen, Pabst Ehrhardt, Marshall, Dvorak. Founded at Cornell University, 1890 Established at University of Iowa, 1912 Publication : Delta Chi Quarterly Number of Chapters, 34 1 Page 344 M K M H K R S IN h 1 A f ! IT L T V ( ' . W. THOMPSON a K. PATTON GRADUATE MEMBERS OKOROE MULLINS ACTIVE MEMBERS CLARENCE r. KEEL, (1ERALDC. KOHL. ALBIN C. BEROSTKOM E. KKNDAI.I, DAVIH MORTON R. DUFF WILLIAM A. BOICE ANDREW C. BRYANT LEROY J. EHRHARDT EDWARD H. BICKLEY RAYMOND E. COOPER RAPHAEL DVORAK ALFRED i F1NKL f! r H ! a r x FRED .1. LAW SON FLOYD r. MOOUE KEITH K. SCAUHRO RAYMOND J. STEVENSON ' Juniors ELDON T. KENT FRANCIS J. MULLKN FRANCIS J. MAC LAUUHLIN JOHN R. ROUSE BURTON A. MILLER RAYMOND N. WHITEHEAD Sophomores JAMES D. FRANCE J. CLOUOH FRUDENFELD WILLIAM s. MCDOWELL CROMER O. NELSON ALFRED M. PABST STERLING J. RITCHEY Pledges HARRY T. UATES AUSTIN J. KKENEY HOWARD L. KELLOGO RALPH R. MARSHALL JAMES F. MCDOWELL, EDWARD SEBERO JAMES K. TRAER DONALD O. TIBBETTS ROLAND O. VAN HORN Page 345 Xiof Beardsley, Trice. Schnor, J. Armstrong, baffler. Schack, Carlson, Henn, Bahlberg, Martin, Aageson, Schwartz. Britton, Schimming, Voss, Myers, Boyer, Westenberger, Leik, Wilson. Pumphrey, Ford, Temple, Beman, Farnsworth, Malsed, D. Armstrong, Walsh, Allen. Founded at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, 1864 Established at University of Iowa, 1912 Publication : Theta Xi Quarterly Number of Chapters, 30 I Page 346 A RTHUR H. FORD IIUBEKT L. SEAL D. LEIGH ARMSTRONG ROBERT L. BEMAN HENRY R. DAHLBERG PAUL FARNSWORTH WALTER J. AAGESON JAMES R. ARMSTRONG EDWARD K. ALLEN C. ORLAND BOYER MEM BEES IN FACULTY FRED H. PUMPHREY T. H. STANLEY ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors JOHN D. BEAKDSLEY ROY E. CARLSON Juniors RAYMOND 0. FORDYCE FAYETTE 0. HALL DONALD C. HENN DONALD W. LEIK FORREST M. MALSED Sophomores LYLE B. BRITTON ARTHUR C. SCHACK EDWIN F. SCHNOR Pledges HOWARD H. MYERS SIDNEY L. PRICE CHARLES L. LEEDHAM JOHN P. MARTIN JOHN J. SCHIMMING CHARLES L. TEMPLE FRANCIS W. TOMASEK WALTER H. SCHWARTZ EUGENE L. B. WALSH CARROL C. VOSS KARL J. WESTENBERGER Page 34? Delta of I ' . K:il vy, Ki-lsli. liiiiin. My-is, liuvis. ICiilinu. Srhnurr, JOIH-S. .Mrlntyiv, N. Krlly, lifiinsmi, l .-iiiu-il ' , I ' Vil ' kellliritrk. Slici-iilini, Hustings, lhizi n, I,c-li-y , Kaufman Slerling, li. Kelly I ' .aiii-r. Kiiiiil.siin, Uurrily, Falwr, Hnliitrt, J. Falvcy, I ' Mutlt-y. Wliulrn. Strain. Founded at Brown University, 1887 Established at University ' of Iowa, 1914 Publication : Temple Number of Chapters, 24 34S ACTIVE MEMBERS CHARLES A. KNUDSON LAWRENCE A. O ' TOOLE JOHN L. ROBERTS FRANK P. FALVET LIGOURI T. FLATLET JOSEPH L. GARIUTY HAROLD C. DAVIS MILTON C. CAHKR JOHN D. FALVEY JEROME C. BURKE THEODORE E. BAUER ALLEN A. BRUNSON PAUL J. FALVEY RALPH C. HASTINGS LAWRENCE E. KALINA Seniors JOSEPH F. GUNN FRANCIS W. IIOBART WALTER R. HUTCHINSON Juniors EVEREST B. FORKENBROCK BYRON E. FARWEI.L CHRIS E. JONES NORBERT J. KELLY Sophomores HARRY C. HAZEN DONALD J. KELLY Pledges JOHN F. KAUFMAN MATTHEW L. KELSH ROSCOE J. KENNEDY ALBERT J. LENZMEIR PAUL J. LEEHEY JACOB J. STEQMAN liOBERT L. STERLING DKNNIS E. MYERS CARYL C. MCINTYKE FRANK J. SCHXURR BERNARD W. SHERIDAN PAUL R. STRAIN THOMAS W. WHALEN Paije Si ' J alif - Childs, Rogge, Corwin, Irvine, Gilchrist, Nelson. Hackett, Hauge, Nelson, Parker, Tessman. Jones, Jackson, Hoak, Edson, Gray, Miller. Ferguson, Kennedy, Beers, Bischoff, Hall, Hyllstead, Dice. Gee, Staley, Reed, Peterson, Pollock A. Pillars, Canon, Ellis. Stilwell, Olmstead, Dzurica, Goodykoontz, VanVoorst, West, Brown, Brose, F. Pillars. Founded at University of Virginia, 1865 Established at University of Iowa, 1915 Publication: The Palm Number of Chapters, 89 Page 350 A. O. ASHER L. W. DROWN H. J. DAINE MEMBERS IN FACULTY B. MAXWELL K. II. PORTER P. L. MOTT I I. L. RIETZ r. r. WARD ACTIVE MEMBERS LESLIE B. BEERS SHERMAN A. BROKE CHARLES M. CORWIN UANLEL E. UOOD7KOONTZ HERBERT H. HAUGE PERCY .S. IRVINE GEORGE B1SOHOFF ALFRED G. CHILDS RUSH L. CANON WILBUR D. DICE WENDELL T. EDSON EVERETT H. FERGUSON JOHN M. GILCHRIST Seniors RUSSEL I. HESS G. DEWAYNE JENKINS EMERSON W. NELSON Junior .1 I.ORNE E. KENNEDY MAX MARQUIS ROBERT MILLER DONALD L. MISHLER Sophomores GEORGE DZURICA WILLIAM T. ELLIS HERBERT C. GEE Pledges C. FRED HACKETT ROSCOE HALL GERHARD S. HAUOE HERBERT JABENS J. L. JONES CARL J. NELSON FLOYD M. PILLARS C. FREDERICK STILL WELL WAYNE M. WEST HORACE G. PARKER ELMER C. TESSMAN GEORGE VAN VOORST DONALD A. JACKSON ADRIAN D. PILLARS WILLIAM B. OLMSTEAD ERNEST M. PETERSON HOWARD J. POLLOCK CLARKUS D. REED GEORGE M. ROGGE ' ' Page 351 Iowa Gamma of Knepper, H. Killcbrew, Bridges, Stewart, House, Peterson. Terry, Barker, A. Killibrew, Kinkade Vandersohaaf, McParland, Sylvester. Olson, Canby, Flater, Kelley, Mitchell, Rodin, Doeken- lrff, McCune. Huston, Coles, Bartlett, Beatty, Liebbe, J. Piper. OUes, Palmer, Brown, Torgerson, Morris, Wellons, Johnson. Hitchcock, Green, J. Piper, Wright, Jessup, Wheeler, Peters, B. Piper, Lennarson. Founded at University of Virginia, !!)()! Established at University of Iowa, 1917 Publication: Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal Number of Chapters, 55 Page 352 . Sigma Pin Epsilon MEMBERS IN FACULTY DAVID ARMBRUSTER WALTER A. JESSUP CHESTER I. MKAI)K ROBERT O. LAIRD GRADUATE MEMBERS EDWIN II. CATES MAURICE B. PA Ml ER RAYMOND BARTLETT HOWARD O. BEATTY JAROLD D. BRIDGES MERLIN I. CARTER PAUL K. FRAZER GEORGE E. HITCHCOCK RAYMOND A. HOUSE GEORGE ELERICK NORMAN C. FLATER ALLEN P. MCCUNE HENRY F. CANBY HARRY B. GREEN EDWARD J. KELLEY RONALD W. BROWN EDWARD F. KNEPPER NORBERT H. LIEBBE ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors HAYDEN OWEN HUSTON JOSEPH M. KIN ADE JOHN P. MURPHY ROBERT J. PETERS JOSEPH II. PIPER Juniors GEORGE W. OLSON LEO. II. PETERSON WILLIAM H. REYNOLDS Sophomores AUGUSTUS L. KILLIBREW VERNON C. LENNARSON Pledges LEWELLYN K. NORRIS JOHN D. CRUM RAYMOND A. RODIN GLEN IT. STEWART DOW IE W. VANDERSCIIAAF GRANT M. WHEELER ROBERT J. WILSON EDWARD A. WRIGHT CARL J. SYLVESTER J. HAROLD TERRY WILLIAM H. WELLONS HARMON J. MITCHELL ROBERT L. PIPER ELLSWORTH C. TORGERSON IRVY DOCKENDORFF LOWRY N. JOHNSON HAROLD R. MCFARLAND Bevlng, Arnold KadinR. Roberts, Kromer. Evans, Carpenter, Hecht, .Morrison, Hi-nderson, Frazier, Senleff. Carstensen. Pinkerton, White. Killeiiger, Heed, Anderson, Parking, Graham. Nelson, Graaf, Travis, Tuttle, Kennedy, Ware, Knight Stoddard, West. Founded at Vincennes University, 1897 Established at University of Iowa, 1918 Publication : Emerald Number of Chapters, 27 Page 354 lit m m MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. E. GRAAF F. B. KNIGHT KEITH V. WARE C. E. LEESE K. W. NELSON O. D. STODDAHD E. L. TRAVIS W. W. TUTTLE GEADUATE MEMBERS LELAND J. WEST ACTIVE MEMBERS .JOHN D. BEV1NO WARREN E. CARPENTER O. I A WHENCE FRA2IER CLARENCE F. CARSTENSEN RALPH H. HECHT HAROLD M. ANDERSON LESLIE J. EVANS Seniors .TOE M. KENNEDY PAt ' I, C. KROMER Juniors LAUREN J. HENDERSFN SAM S. KILLENOER Sophomores ORVILLE L. GRAHAM HOWARD L. KADING DONALD R. MORRISON Freshmen MAURICE K. ARNOLD WILLIAM M. PARKINS SHELBY D. REED KENNETH W. SENIEFF VOLNEY A. PINKERTON I.VMAN C. WHITE FRED E. ROBERTS PAUL G. WEAVER Page S5S Alpha Beta of I ' a mil, Sannvick, Oralisky, Stiilmv. Si ' Kal. Swar .nian. I I ' irkciilicrf, ' , i Icililnian. Kn|ifl. (iarl ' irlil, ISiiliior, I azarr. (issin. Taxman, Foldmnn, Hirsh, (Jlassman, Liberman, Welnberg. Sii ' iiih ' .-rn, Ilirsdi, llocklin, Slusky, Kculn n, Hockcnlicr . l;ici -hson, Grossfckl. Urdangen, liaznek, Rosenberg, Smith, Krigstcn, Hockenberg, Bremer, Swartz, Goldman. Founded ;i( Collo rc of City of New York, 1003 Established at University of Iowa, 1!)20 Publication: Phi Epsilon Pi Quarterly Number of Chapters, ' ! ' ! 1 Pa ic 356 V A r T T V E At fi M P. V. R R SIDNEY J. OABflXLO MARK REZNKK IMY ALBERTS EDWIN W. BARON RUSSELL (IOI.DMAN IRA M. GLASKMAN ALEXANDER R. GROSSFELD LEONARD O. HOCKENBERU ABE S. BABIOR LESTER GOLDMAN ISADORE HIRSCH JOEL J. HIRSCH Seniors MORRIS SLt ' TSK V JULIUS SWAKTZ Juniors MERRILL ORANMKY JOSEPH ROSENBERO SIDNEY SKOAL Sophomores WILLIAM M. KKKiSTKN ALBERT II. LAZARE Pledges IRA IIOCKENBEMJ JOSEPH JACOBSON MAURICE KOPEL ALBERT REUBEN IMIII, IP TAXMAN HERMAN J. SMITH BEN B. HOCKENBERO CHARLES H. URDANOEN HAROLD FELDMAN K1IIL Z. OSSEN THEODORE STEINHERd HEItHERTH. LIBERMAN JACK PEARLMAN CHARLES SAM WICK ISADORE ROCKLIN ALBERT STOLOW STANLEY SWARZMAN PAUL WEINBERO Page, II F Jensen, Roach, Freie, Cook, T . HuncKe, E. O. Babcock, Williams. Haynes, Pieper, Barkdoll, Conwell. Woodring, Riese, Harris, Milligan, Stoddard, McCollister, Hamilton. Dunn, Bozahrt, Cain, Morling, Ankeny, Wild, Cunning- ham, Seller. Kraftmeyer, Merrill, Trowbridge, Bauch, Skipton, Babcock, Marker, Carter, Wareham. Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1850 Established at University of Iowa, 1920 Publication : Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter Number of Chapters. 37 Page SS8 Phi Kappa Sigma MEMBERS IN FACULTY OEOKOB 1. BBESNAHAN A. H. HEUSINKVELD WALTER BOACH D. V. QQNWELL CHARLES KENNETT A. C. TROWBRIDGE GRADUATE MEMBERS ALVIN J. FREIE ACTIVE MEMBERS CLARENCE J. ANDREWS OTTO C. BAUCH EDWARD O. BABCOCK CARL W. BABCOCK LAWRENCE S. CAIN RAYMOND E. CONWELL KEITH W. DUNN DONALD E. COOK RUSSELL HATNES RALPH C. ANKENT WARD BARKDOLL RODNEY BOZAETH CARL HARRIS EMORY KRAJTMEYER Seniors HARVEY J. CARTER HUSTON P. CUNNINGHAM ROY HOFFMAN Juniors JAMES B. GILLESPIE DOUGLAS E. HUNCKE ANSGAR B. JENSEN MORRIS E. LAIRD Sophomores C. BERNARD HAMILTON Pledges GEORGE C. MERRILL ROY MILLIGAN MILTON MORLING WILLIAM SEILER LESLIE W. HUNCKE MILO S. REDFIELD JAMES M. LONG DARRELL A. MARKER EMORY L. MAURITZ LE ROY RIESE CHARLES H. STOUT HOWARD C. PIEPER GEORGE J. SKIPTON SANFORD STODDARD JAMES A. WAREHAM STANLEY WOODRING CARROLL WILD NEWELL F. WILLIAMS Page 359 Iowa Chapter of 1 1 Hilt-brand, AlrKlliilUH-y. Fl j lrlirr, Slironli-r, .Mann, I;. Young. Allen, Dunlop, Itfinicrs,, Ili-oun, N. -Ismi., D:i is. M ' cMlll ;, Ki . ' olli-liljf I ' K. (Irani, Thompson. . Ion. -s. t ' i. S..A.I-S. l ' ' d.s.s, liairil. KiIriilK - , !i p illi, Williams, ' . Sca rr. VycoIl ' . Uainl. Vomit;. Juy, Corbin, Bochm, Tippets, C ' arsou, Fyinbo. Founded at University of Iowa, 1921 360 Chi Kappa Pi A. C. BAIRD MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. S. TIPPETTS C. E. YOUNG GRADUATE MEMBERS MYRON T. WILLIAMS ACTIVE MEMBERS FRANK B, ( ' ARSON DAVID H. CORBIN JOHN U. HILDEBttAND JR. MAX P. ALLEN BERT E. BOEHM DONAiD BAIRD MACE S. BROWN JAMES D. DUNLOP FLOYD N. EDRIDGE ROBERT E. DAVIS RICHARD A. FLETCHER IRLINO A. QROTH Seniors FREDERICK W. KINO KAY R. MANN LESLIE V. SCHROEDER Juniors CLIFFORD F. MOSS Sophomores LEWIS E. FOSS LLOYD H. FYMBO HARLAN T. HIGH Pledges DONALD E. JONES CHARLES I. JOY T. ROBERT McELHINNEY DONALD J. REIMEBS CONRAD M. SEAVER ELMER R. WYCKOFF HERBERT H. YOUNO CLAYTON B. THOMPSON RALPH P. YOUNG ESKIL M. NELSON ERNEST G-. ORAM FORREST G. POWEM ARTHUR RIX HAROLD W. R1ESS CEORGE SEEVERK HENRY E. WOLLENBERG Bfl r = -- I ' llllr Cerney, Englehart, Jones. Reeves. Daniel, Russell, K. Clark, C. Clark. Jenkins, Louis, Ammons, Crouse, Bruns. Vasi-y. Deegan, GHdden, Prudhon, Ducommun, Conner, Sparrow, MacDougal. Tageert, Johnston, Eenesh, McGuire, Waterman H. Black, Myers, Eige. Founded at University of Illinois, 1907 Established at University of Iowa, 1922 Publication : Triangle Review Number of Chapters, 14 III ' see- - s i I Triangle MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. C. HIGBEE M. C. MUMMA P. A. NAOLER S. M. WOODWARD E. L. WATERMAN GRADUATE MEMBERS JESSE C. DUCOMMUN HAROLD B. VASEY ACTIVE MEMBERS LESTER H. BENESH H. DONNELLY BLACK FRANK P. BROCK HAYSE H. BLACK HAROLD P. HOSKINS HAROLD W. JOHNSON VERNON II. MEYERS HERBERT F. BRUNS CLARENCE H. CLARK KENNETH CLARK LEWIS C. CROUSE Seniors PAUL C. CERNY EUGENE B. CONNER Juniors DREW D. MCDOUGAL TRUE ENGLEHART MARIUS S. PLUMLY Sophomores PAUL W. AMMONS Pledges BASIL DEEGAN LEE DANIEL (1AYLORD S. EIGE WILLIAM E. GLIDDEN DONALD D. JENKINS JOHN T. JONES UOBERT B. MCALLISTER ORLA E. MCGUIRE GLENN L PROUDHON EDWIN C. SUTLER DERONDA D. TAGGART JAMES E. REEVES KRITZ W. LOUIS HAROLD F. R USSELL OLENN R. SPARROW ARTHUR G. PETERSON Page 363 g Paul, Bernson, Greek, Friedman, Rapport, Liebernian. Fishbine, Hellerstein, Alter, Margolin, Bernstein, Shkol- nick. Miller, Goldstein, Zlffren, Bass, Horowitz, Steinberg, Greenhaus. Kessler, Friedman, Ellison, Feldman, Shulman, Fried- man, Frieden, Abramowitz. Pounded at Columbia University, 1912 Established at University of Iowa, 1923 Publication : Tripod Number of Chapters, 31 Page 364 Phi Beta Delta GRADUATE MEM BEES PHILIP COHEN AL. DAVIS C. COLDER HAKKY ORALNEfK LOUIS QRALNECK SIMON NEIMAN BARNEY OHRINER NATHEN ROBIN KDU ' AKI) ROBINSON GOODMAN ROBINSON SAM ROSENHLOOM FRIEDEL SCHUTZBANK I. SALTZMAN- M. WAXGEISER ABE NASATIR EUGENE DAVIDSON L. PLATT CHARLES SHANE ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors THOMAS KI.LISON ARTHUR FRIEDMAN MORRIS FHIKDMAX JOYCE FlilKDKX MOKRIS FELDMAN K. FISHBINE ALEX MILLER MORRIS MARGOLIN ALEXANDER HOROWITZ Jiiiiinrx LOUIS SIIULMAN ABE V. BASS JOSEPH BERNSTEIN JAKE SHKOLNICK HERBERT GHEENHAUS Sophomores BENJAMIN ' AliRAMOWITZ BEN STEINBERG H. KESSLER Pledges J. M. RAPPOHT LOUIS GREEK JOE GOLDSTEIN MILTON L. LIEBERMAN JOSEPH C. ALTER EDWIN H. FRIEDMAN SAMUEL T BERSON GLENN PAUL ALFRED ZIFFREN Page Stio . Chapter of Martz ; D. Thomas ; S. Petersen ; Cummins ; L,. Thomas ; Mounce ; Buckner ; Stoakes. Lacock ; Gray ; Austin ; L. Petersen ; Olson ; Loetsrhcr ; Benschneider ; Hoegh ; Palmer. Von Hoene ; Jacobsen ; Clark ; Kruskop ; Schenk ; Steep ; Diton ; Bucknam ; Stoy. Reed ; Zeman ; Sorenson ; Stringer ; Bladow ; Ries ; Paul- sen ; Fetherling. Founded at University of Iowa, 1923 Page S(iC P MEMBERS IN FACULTY l-.AYMOND SinWELL G R A D U A T 10 M EMBERS RALPH O. MARTS [IKAX P. THOMAS JAMF.S D. MCDOWELL :i:o ' :c!K w. BTEBF I,i:0 Al;] C. THOMAS ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors LEHOY II. BKNSCHNE1DER DUANE L. LAfOCK I)F, I,. CLARK EARL STOY riiKisToi ' HK:i .1. OltVAl, II. AUSTIN CAKI.1N U ' . BUCKMAN HAUQiTOR K. (iKAY LKO A. HOKOH DONALD C. JACOBSEN AfOUST K. KKTSKOI KKUIN I,. SrHENK Sophomores ALFRED H. CT.MMIXS DONALD M. MOVNCE DONALD T. liEED LUCIBN 6TOAKE8 Pledges DAVID L. LOETSCHER K " NEST T. OLSEX LLOYD D. PALMER RUSSELL E. PAULSEN I-:LME K L. BLADOXV . BfCKNER ALVIX II. FETHKHLIXti LEO M. PETERSEX STANTON M. PETERSON ERWIX D. ZE1IAX Page 367 = .gHz: = Dlzotelle. Baker, Banks, Runke, Anschutz. Jones, Rlchey, Englemann, Hesse, Geiger, Riepe. Peterson, Weeber, James, Corn, Burns, Ingersoll, Akre, G. Speirs, Lloyd, B. Dewel, G. Dewel, Harrington, Car- mlchael, Sells, Brandhorst. Drum, Tone, Fouts, Miller, Ekstrand, Stickney, Tagge, Carson, Fisher. Founded at Yale, 1845 Established at University of Iowa, 1924 Publication: Tomahawk Number of Chapters, 30 Page S6S I NUl JEft Alpha Sigma Phi MEMBERS IN FACULTY B. F. DEWEL H. P. SELLS N. C. SWANSON GRADUATE MEMBERS TYRELL M. INOERSOLL LKFOREST DIZOTELLE ACTIVE MEMBERS HAROLD J. CLAASSEN CARL T. DISTLKHORST WARREN W. DRUM MARTIN E. EKSTRAND JOHN J. BOCK IVAN T. FOUTS GKORGE S. JONES GLENN H. BRANDIIORST MELVIN L. BAKER DALE E. BURNS LORTON R. CARBONS AUGUST F. BERGER Seniors WALDO E. GEIGER BYRON D. HARTLEY HAROLD C. LLOYD KKNNETH E. PETERSON Juniors IIERSOM G. LAMBERT JAMES H. MILLER DAVID Q. STORIE Sophomores HUGH H. CARMICHAEL BLYTHE C. CONN IRVING G. DEWEL Pledges WILLIAM E. IIUTTON FRANK S. STICKNEY MAURICK STAPI.EY BERNARD D. TONE CHASE R. WEKBEK ARNO R. TAGOE EDWARD C. TUCKER KOB.ERT T. WRIGHT RUSSELL A. ENGLEMAN BERNARD B. HESSE RICHARD P. RUNKE BERT RICKEY RICHARD E. SPEIRS Pagr Sun I. Seibert, C. Seibert, Sothmnn. Hebel, Lemke, Hasty. Farnum, llird. ilmarth. McCord, Bt ckwith, Peterson, Boldt. James. I ' .icrman, F. A. Rolfs. Hansi ' ii. .Moulton, Tcmby, Grimm, Pendlebiiry, ll ' MiiT, Webster, Schlueter. Hankin, F. O. Rolfs, Martens, Toomey, Asher, Musser, Fleming-. Matthiesen. Reed. Founded at University of Iowa, 1924 Publication : The Arrow I IQC 370 n;:i ' NOU. MAKCHI GLEN V. BIERMAN MORRIS K. BRY8ON fLENN S. HASTY RICHARD I. HEBEL CLARENCE D. JAMES LESLIE t. ASCHER (LESSON BECK VITH WILLIAM C. BOLDT HAROLD C. FARNUM FRANCIS li. FLEMING DONALD II. GHIMM MEMBERS IN FACULTY RAYMOND O. DAVIES GRADUATE MEMBERS EDWARD NEUMAN LAWRENCE L. PETERSON ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Juniors EDGAR PENDLEBURY FRED A. ROLFS BEN J. ROTTER Sophomores CHARLES E. HIRD ALVIX W. MARTENS FRED II. MATTHIESON FRANK A. MOt ' LTON VAYNE R. LEMKE Pledges ROBERT P. HANSEN JOHN R. RANKIN EDWARD G. SOTIIMAN WILLIS L. MUSSER FRANK W. SCIILEI ' TEK PAUL TOOMEY LEROY A. WAGNER HARRY E. WILMARTH MARVIN J. REED FLOYD O. ROLFS CECIL W. SEIBERT IVAN SIEBERT WILFORD J. TEMBY VICTOR S. WEBER Page 37 1 Siman, Tanner, Berg, Crookham, Brown, Nichols, Westra. Pape, Speers, Koop, Null, Chennell, King, Lorch, Fuhr- man. Hunn, Vollertsen, Graves, Gllje, Shirley, Durian, Carroll. Doornink, Lowry, Gilje, Carroll, Dikeman, Marnette, Feller, Gass. Sharp, Neuman, Gray, Chase, King, Beeson, Potter, Wills, Gauss. Founded at Williams College, 1834 Established at University of Iowa, 1925 Publication: Delta Upsilon Quarterly Number of Chapters, 52 " rage as Delta Upsilon MEMBERS IN FACULTY JUSTIN M. BARRY GILES M. GRAY FRANKLIN H. POTTER WALTER R. FIESELER ELMER A. WILCOX CLARENCE J. BERNE DOUGLAS II. BROWN LAKE M. CROOKHAM J. VERNON ADDY RUSSELL A. BEESON HAROLD A. BERG JAMES E. CARROLL WILLIAM B. CHASK JOHN J. FUHRMAN GORDON G. GAUSS WILLIAM T. CHENNELL PAUL C. DIKEMAN ELMER DOORNINK DONALD B. DURIAN GRADUATE MEMBERS HARRY THATCHER ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors LEONARD E. HIINN Juniors LOUIS E. CAitROLL LOUIS E. GILJE CHARLES F. LOWRY Sophomores LORIMEB A. GILJE WARREN D. GRAVES D. HAROLD KING VICTOR L. KING Pledges ALTO E. FULLER JOHN T. GASS THOMAS II. MARNETTE SAMUEL II. NICHOLS ORAN H. PAPE THEODORE F. KOOP HENRY N. NEUMAN LOWELL D. PHELPS MAURICE G. SPEERS STANLEY A. TANNER ALVIN H . LORCII ROBERT E. NULL PKTEIt S. WESTRA PHILIP S. WILLS JAMES T. SHARP JOHN W. SHIRLEY RAYMOND T. SIMAN JACK R. VOLLERTSEN Paffti .173 e ; - - _ ' g- cSnJ Chapter of Sullivan, J. -McSloskey, Ht-witt, BettaK. Balluff, Rouse, Whelan, Cooney, J. I yons, R. McCloskey, Holtey, White, R. Lyons. Eden, Weiskirchir, Baschnagel, Breen, Dolak, Hospo- darsky, Brady, Gannon. Founded at University of Iowa, 1925 I ' tiiir 374 GRADUATE MEMBERS JOHN C. MCCLOSKEY ACTIVE MEMBERS RAPHAEL J. BASCHNAGEL HKRALD E. BREEN GEORGE .1. BALLUFF JOHN J. HEWITT JOSEPH O. DOLAK ARTHUR L. EDEN JOHN P. COONEY BERNARD F. O1BNEY Seniors Juniors KOHKIIT J. McTI.OSKKY MARTIN T. ROliSK JOHN W. SULLIVAN Sophomores JOSEPH W. HOLTEY RICHAKD N. LYONS Freshmen WILLIAM M. GANNON JOHN R. LYONS Pledges JAMES M. LAZIO OTTO L. BETTAG OEOROE A. BRADY LEONARD J. HOSPODAKSKY OMAR MOTTETT AMBROSE H. WEISKIRCHER PAUT. J. WHITE EDWARD J. WHKLAN JOHN B. TUCKER Page 37R Freshman Pan-Hellenic Council CHARLES O ' CONNOR President ROBERT COVERT Secretary KKRRIS SIMPSON Treasurer COUNCIL MEMBERS CHARLES O TONNOR Phi Delta Theta THOMAS BEVERIDOU Beta Theta Pi KENNETH COOPER .Sigma Chi ROBERT THOMPSON Phi Kappa Psi WILLIAM OLMSTEAD Alpha Tau Omega EDWIN CORBIN Delta Tan Delta HAROLD BOWERS Kigma Alpha Epsilon FERRIS SIMPSON Kappa Sigma ROBERT COVERT Sigma Nu 37G rwA . Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council MEMBEES IN FACULTY ADELAIDE BURGE ESTELLA Boor FRANCES ZUILL COUNCIL MEMBEES 1 1 ELEN LEYTZE . . . ; Alpha Chi Omega HELEN BARNES Alpha Delta Pi RUTH WILHITE Alpha Xi Delta PHOEBE WILLIAMS Chi Omega GLADYS PRALL Delta Delta Delta HARRIET CAM MACK Delta Gamma VIOLA NAIBERT Delta Zeta Xaihert, Burge, AVilhite, Boot, Van Alstine Prall, Cammack, Williams, Zuill, McConkie Page S78 Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council COFNCI I MEMBERS MARGUERITE McCoNKiE Gamma Phi Beta CORINNE PARSONS Kappa Alpha Theta DOROTHY DENKMANN Kappa Delta GRACE VERNON Kappa Kappa Gamma GEORGIA KELT Phi Mu JOSEPHINE AYRES Phi Omega Pi PERCIE VAN ALSTINE Pi Beta Phi RUTH CORBIN Sigma Kappa ELIZABETH DUNN Theta Phi Alpha MARY TUCKES Zeta Tau Alpha Helt, Corbin, Parsons, Tucker, Dunn Ayres, Barnes, Vernon, Leytze, Denkman Page 379 li.ivis. . Ii-i liivn. y, I :inil).-rt, Cameron, Irons, Kills, !:. Jasper, Jenkins, Ford. S;iri:.iit. .lolinsnn, .Milii ' r, Balle, Willia.msoii, .Murtjijfh, Harnard, Ca ,11- .umli. Hynes. Clark, Vi ' l-non. Ufid. .Malhew, JarniiMin, L;irr:i I " . ii, ( M si n, Herriek. Hurkr, Van Allen, l- ' rant ., Cantwell, Klnne, Harrison, lirciivn. Rice, Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 Established at University of Iowa, 1882 Number of Chapters, 52 Publication: The Key " Page 380 w Kappa Kappa Gamma M E M B E K S IN F A C I T V IRENE FIELD GWENDOLYN M. LARSON EDNA CAXTWELL BERENE BOLTON LUCILE CHASE ELIZABETH DISQUE HARRIETT FISHER ELIZABETH CARTER MARY E. CROSLEV ALICE BAILEY MARION BROWN DANNIE BURKE CAROL DAVIS JANE CLAPP MAE GIBSON MARGUERITE BALLE VIRGINIA BARNARD GERTRUDE CAMERON VYVA CAVANAUGH HELEN CLARK .S ' c " i ii r GENK I ' ARKISON DOROTHY IIERliICK ELDRED HOLBERT DELTA IIYXES 1TTII IKONS KLIZA1IKTH JAXSE ,IAXB JAKNAGIN KDITH JASPER J u ii i o r s RUTH DICKINSON ' MARGAKKT JOHNSON FRANCES MATHEW BARBARA MILLER WANELL MIDDLETON Sophomores MADELINE JASPER Pledges MARGARET ELLIS ELLEX FORD CHARLOTTE FRANTZ MAKGAIiET JENKINS KUTII MPCOVNEY KATHERINE KINNE MARY L. LAMBERT INNES LARRABEE ABBIE A. McHENRY THEODORA MOITIJXIXG JANE VAN ALLEN GRACE VERNON MARTHA MUMMA IS ABEL BICE MARY SARGENT LUCY WAITT ELIZABETH LEA CATHERINE REID ANN MURTAGII ELSIE WEEDAN DELLA WICKELMAN KATHERINE WILLETT ELEANOR WILLIAMSON SSI Barger, Drpesman, R. Thompson, Rossman, Fuller, Lampe, Ireland. Walker, Lewis, Mickey, M. Baker, Jones, Stricklingr, Bond Dlxon, Kearns. Boettcher, Byrnes, Van Alstine, Mercer. Dakln, Donovan. liemlie, Lovett, Cooper, Pearson, J. Thompson, Thornburg, Evans, Lisle, L. Long. Irwin, Madden, Fuller, Klemer, Gamble, E. Long, H. Thompson, Anderson, Eikenberry, Gildner. Founded at Monmouth, 186 1 Established at University of Iowa, 1882 Number of Chapters, 74 Publication : The J " - I : ui . ' - Page 13 MAUDE ADAMS MEMBERS IN FACULTY GERTRUDE CONTOIS MAME ROSE PROSSER FRANCES HDNGERFORD ACTIVE MEMBEBS MARTHANA BAKER ESTHER FULLER BETTY HAW GRAHAM HELEN E. IRWIN MARGARET J. COOPER KATHARINE DAKIN ETHELYN STRICKLING JANE ANDERSON RUTH BASER LOWENE BAROEB KATHRYN BOETTCHER ALICE BOND GENEYIEVE BYRNES CATHERINE DIXON AQNES DONOVAN GERTRUDE DREES MAN RUTH EIKENBERRY ETHEL EVANS Seniors MILDRED M. 1VEY DORIS LAMPE DOROTHY LEWIS Juniors DOROTHY GRUWELL Sophomores JANET THOMPSON RUTH THOMPSON Pledges LUCILLE FEDDERSON ELIZABETH PULLER MIRIAM GAMBLE ELEANOR GILDNER VIRGINIA GORDON FLORENCE IRELAND KATHARYN KEARNS MARY KLEMER EDITH LISLE LAURA LONG MARTHA M. MICKEY OLIVE BOICE DOROTHEA STARBUCK PERCIE VAN ALSTINE ELLEN JONES WINIFRED STARBUCK LOIS THORNBURG ELIZABETH LONG MARGARET MADDEN VIRGINIA MERCER MARGARET PEARSON ELEANOR REMLEY MARGARET PEARSON ELEANOR REMLEY MARGARET ROSSMAN ERMA SCARBOROUGH MARION STEBBINS GERTRUDE WALKER Page 383 Huhrman, Bywater, .Mohr, Herbert, St. Clair, Green, OlbBOD. K.-rtuison, Fathi-rsun, K. Mueller, Hawley, Taylor, Fox, Spensley, . rmil. Mi-Ki.ln-rts. D. .Mn, -11, -r. r.ils.m, Kettlest-n. Spencer. Kislirr, 1 cran. Allen. YOUIIK. C ' ammack, Robbins, Wright, Robinson, Brock, (lilson, Waterman. B. Soleman, Votaw, Whether. K. Soleman, Cook, Hull, Johnson, Bowles, Baxter, Hyxham. Pounded at Oxford Institute, 1874 Established at University of Iowa, 1886 Number of Chapters. 42 Publication : The Anchora M c un CRACK CM1AFFEE JEAN HKATTIK HARRIET CAMMACK JKANKTTK K. KI.DKK KVA E. FRANKLIN HELEN ' E. BOWLES ELIZABETH BAXTER RUTH E. BYWATER FRANCES L. AI.LEN MARIE ARM1L BEKNADINK BOWNE BEATRICE E. BROCK ELIZABETH FATHERSON JEAN K. FERGUSON FLORF.NCF K. FERMAN LOUISE GIBSON JANET L. C.II.SON M K M B K I! S IX FACULTY ESTHER SWISHER GRADUATE MEMBERS MADELINE HORN MARY PALMER MARGARITA McGOVNEY ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors SUSAN W. HAWLEY IIELE.V V. HERBERT PAULINE L. MOIIR Juniors LOUISE FISHER MARIAN A. KETELSEN S o p h o mores SARAH MARIE COOK .JEANNE F. DORAN DOROTHY E. FOX Pledges JEAN S. OILSON JANE GREENE CATHARINE J. HULL MARJORIE B. HYSIIAM HELEN LOl ' ISE JOHNSON SARAH H. MCROBERTS DOROTHY E. MUELLER HELEN PRICE ESTHER Ll ' CILE MUELLER CATHERINE V. SOLEMAN ALICB LOUISE WATERMAN JANET WOOLBERT JULIA L. ROBB1NS RACHEL TAYLOR ELEANOR S. ROBINSON BETTY SPENCER ANNF, T. SPENSLEY BETTY A. SOLEMAN CATHERINE P. ST. CLAIR VIRGINIA E. VOTAW ANNE L. WHEELER MARY E. WRIGHT LILLIAN F. YOUNG Page 385 Haggerty, Doran, P. Leeka, Chalmers, Gilbert, Williams Becker. Bowie, Linke, E. Leeka, Snow, Balluff, Arent, Brown, Schoenjohn. Day, Prall, Urice, Johnson, Scott, Kitchingr, Spii-ker, McDonald. Thompson, Osgood, Anderson, Clark, Jenkins, Steussi-y, (Jiles, Johnston, Campbell. Pounded at University of Boston, 1888 Established at University of Iowa, 1904 Number of Chapters, 71 Publication: The Trident Utri UK Km we. Page 386 Delta Delta Delta GRADUATE MEMBERS GERTRUDE SIDWELL ACTIVE MEMBERS MARJORIE ANDERSON LEONE ARENT MILDRED BECKER LUCILE CLARK ELIZABETH CAMPBELL MILDRED HAGERTY LUCILLE BALLUFF MART BOWIE HAZEL CHALMERS FLORENCE DAY MADELINE DORAN Seniors MARGARET JENKINS GERTRUDE JOHNSTON CATHARINE OSGOOD GLADYS PRALL Juniors ARLENE KITCHING Sophomores ELAINE LEEKA Pledges MARJORIE GILBERT RUTH GILES CHARLOTTE JOHNSON PHYLLIS LEEKA HELEN LINKEY HELEN SCOTT MYRA SHURTZ THELMA SPIEKER JANICE WILLIAMS LOUISE SCHOENJOHN KATHER1NE SNOW JEANNE MACDONALD ALVINA STEUSSY RUTH THOMPSON MARGUERITE URICB OLIVE WORK Page S87 t r ( ' Mi-rnll. .Mciiny. KUWI-. Ayres, Peters, Kemp, H ' , . Seigel, Williams, Hazlet, McDowell, Smith, Cameron, Ortman, Brown. Swain, Woodford, Johnson, Jacobsen. McCarty. Read, Strawhnrn. Mot-lK-r. Ryan. Thomas. Lohman, Bishop, Daut, Stromsten, Kaiser. " ' Cerny, Loush. Founded at University of Nebraska, 1910 Established at University of Iowa, 1910 Number of Chapters, 20 Publication: Pentagon ! W Page 3SS Phi Omega Pi O-MA IllSIIOP JOSEPHINE AYKES HELEN BROWN HENRIETTA DAUT HELEN ' IIAZELET DOROTHY JOHNSON OPHELIA KAISER EUM8E DOUGLAS ROSAMOND HANNAH MARY BISHOP JOSEPHINE MCCARTY FKIEDA CAMERON WILLA CARROLL JOSEPHINE CERNEY (i li A I) T A T K M KM H K If S I..U-RA POTTER A C T I V K M K M 15 K R 8 Seniors MYRNA KE.MPF K -ANCKS LOUOII HARIETTK MODOWKLI. ELIZAHKTH MOKI.LER IIK1.KN MOOTY HKRNICE ROAVK Juniors TIIKLMA HECK Sophomores EVELYN OLSON Pledges KUTII THOMAS 1 ESTHER (1UMP HELEN JACOHSH:X LELA OTTO KTTH STKOMSTEN HELEN SIEOEL .MILDRED SMITH ELIZABETH LOHMAN I1UBERTA LIVINGSTONE 1IARIET WILLIAMS CAROLINE ORTMAN EDITH VOODFORD HELEN STRAWHORN VIIHilMA SWAIN IDA PETERS BERNICE REED MYRTLE RYAN - Jgj Page 38$ I I! ? et - stffi S Babcock, Threlkeld, Sims, McMahon, Montgomery, Oggel, Moorhead. Thayer, Rawson, Carmean, Bartlett, Leytze, Russell, Anderson, Hanson. Woodruff, Shade, O ' Hern, Kellenberger, Felton, O ' Neil. Hicks, Shumway, Carter. Young, Lindquist, Rawhauser, Chesterman, Robertson, Gillis. Davis, Cooper, Scholty. Jones, Robinson, Vanderburg, Riggs, Miller, Gustine, Meyers, Vanderburg, Dahlin, Eddy. Founded at De Pauw University, 1885 Established at University of Iowa, 1911 Number of Chapters, 50 Publication: The Lyre DUk Page 390 Alpha Chi Omega f I ( J MEMBERS IN FACULTY CATHERINE MACARTNEY DOROTHY SCHAFFTER EDNA PATZIQ FRANCES PRICE YOUNG GRADUATE MEMBERS AGNELLA QUNN ACTIVE MEMBERS VIRGINIA BARTLETT EDRA DAHLIN EDNA FELTON GRETCHEN BABCOCK GEORGIA CARMEAN HILDA COOPER RUTH DAVIS DORIS EDDY ' MARGARET ANDERSON RUTH CARTER MARGARET CHESTERMAN MARGARET GUSTINE BETTY KELLENBERGER RUTH MCMAHON BETTY MEYERS Seniors LEAH MILLER HARRIETTS MONTGOMERY MONA MURPHY Juniors WINIFRED DAVIES DOROTHY GILLIS HELEN LEYTZE LA VERNA LINDQU1ST Sopliomores KATHLKEN HANSEN Pledges LAVONNE - 1GORHEAD ELIZABETH OGGEL RUTH RAWSON ARLENB RAWHAUSER MARY RIGGS OPAL ROBERTSON OPAL O ' HERN MARGARET SHUMWAY MAUDE ALICE THAYER PEGGY O ' NEIL KATHERINE ROBINSON LUCILE SCHOLTY MURIEL HICKS VIRGINIA JONES HELEN RUSSELL VILMA SIMS VELMA THRELKELD EVADEANE VANDERBURO MARIE VANDEKBURG DOROTHY WOODRUPF MARIAN YOUNG Page 391 Turner, Cressler, Findlay. Evans. Young. Albert. Turner, Blckley Youim, I ' .isbop, Abnvry. Slllilli. Abbott. Cecil. AId o vcll. Vray. Annis. Drill, Pendleton, rousli. Turner, Del, a. Manalt Vilhite. Little, Cullinan. Miller, Van Dostcrhoul , Cuppa e, Stoner. Hailey, Spencer. Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Established at University of Iowa, 1911 Number of Chapters, 43 Publication, The Alpha Xi Delta AlphaXiDelta FRANCES CAMP MAUDE MCBROOM MEMBERS IN FACULTY ANNE PIERCE OLIVE TORGESON DR. BESSIE L. PIERCE MRS. STANLEY H. VEGOKS GRADUATE MEMBER! KM MA JANE BKNDEK ETHEL CRESSLER LONA LITTLE IIELENE MILLER MAXINE DE LA ELVA BICKLEY KATHERINE CLARKE MARGARET BISHOP RUTH ANNIS IRENE ABBOTT BEATRICE ALBERT WILMA BAILEY EDITH CECIL RUTH MOSORIP Senior AVANELLE PAOELSON MARGARET PENDLETON MAXINE POUSH VERA SMITH Juniors VERNA FINDLEY MILDRED MCDOWELL N o p h o m n r e s KATHRYN MANATT Pledges MARGUERITE CLOSE JEAN OOPPAGE ISABELLA GARDNER RUTH JONES MARTHA WOODBUKY BEVERLY TURNER NURA TURNER MARG VAN OOSTERIIOUT MIRIAM WRAY DOROTHY TURNER MARGARET YOUNQ RUTH WILHITE VIRGINIA MOWRY RUTH ORTH VESPER SPENCER GEBTRUDE STONER BERENICE YOUNG Page, Iota of Line, Van Sant, Xaibert, Kins, Guy, McLachlan. Hinkhouse, Oulman. KlannaKan, Berne, Wharton, I ' apt-s, Stubblefield. Hamblftmi, Fit zpatrick, Wooelersmi. Mueller. Sheveland, Nay, Belvel, Mullins. i ' usack, Bryan, ns.sian, Mat hews, Blaser. V ' etterick, Wharton, Carpentrr. Kussrll, . ' ortrum, Helms, Johnson, Lashbrooke, Wiles. Founded at Miami University, 1902 Established at University of Iowa, 1913 Number of Chapters, 48 Publication: The Lamp Page 394 Delta Zeta y M E M H K If S IN FACULTY TANSY HUTCHINSON KSTHER BERNE MARTHA E. BLASER M ILDKED BIKLEN AILEEN CARPENTER HELEN FITZPATRICK MYRABELVEL LORETTA CUSACK MARY BERNE EDITHA FLANNAGAN MARY LOUISE BRYAN HELEN OTTT MYRL HAMBLETON ESTHER HELMS HELEN ' LANGWORTHY GRADUATE MEMBERS CHAKLOTTE F1SK HAZEL PUTNAM PHILLIPS Senior NELLE JOHNSON HELEN MfLACHLAN GRF.TCHEN MULLINS VIOLA NAIBERT MYRTLE OULMAN Juniors LINN HELEN MATHKWS GERTRUDE MURPHY Sophomores KATHLEEN KING Pledges HAZEL HINKHOUSE MARGARET LASHIiKOOK LOLA MOELLER EVELYN NAY HELEN SHEVELAND VIRGINIA VAN SANT DARLENE WILES BEULAH WOODF.RSON LORA VETTERICK EDITH WHARTON HAZEL KLINE ELOISE NEUMAN MARTHA NORSTKUM HELEN PAPES MARGUERITE RUSSELL MARY STUBBLEFIELD Page 395 Campbell, Jericho, McCahon, Kopp, Graham, Macindoe, Kelley, Parsons. Bradley, Woodbrldge, Dondore, Lee, Hovey, Nelson, Kern, Compton, Bowen. Knapp, V. Bookhart, Doty, Corlett, Hogle, Holeson, McCarron, Moffett, Swanson, Plum. Manners, Folwell, Hervey, Iten, Temple, Loeck, Maresh, McGrew, Kencfick, Foley. B. Paisley, Barnes, I. Lookhart, Coontz, K. Switzer, J. Switzer, McAdams, L. Paisley, Plum, Bush. Founded at Georgia Wesleyan College, 1851 Established at University of Iowa, 1915 Number of Chapters, 46 Publication: The Adelphean Page 3f 6 MEMBERS IN FACULTY CLARA DALEY Seniors VIRGINIA MCCARRON MARGARET PLUM JULIET SWITZER MART TEMPLE HELEN BARNES CATHERINE ITEN MARION MARESH BERNICE MCCAHON HAZEL HERVET GEORGINA HOBSON MARION KERN LUCILLE NELSON LORENE SWANSON MABLE WOODBRIDGE ILA BOOKHART MARIANNA BKADLEY MILLICENT BUSH ELIZABETH MANNERS Sophomores PRANCES HOOLE MARY LOUISE KELLEY RUTH KENEPICK ELIZABETH KNAPP LINDA LOECK HELEN MCGREW ELIZABETH PAISLEY VELMA BOOKHART CLARA CORLETT RKRTADEL DOTY Pledges HELEN GRAHAM RUTH HOVEY ELIZABETH JERICHO MARGUERITA KOPP VIRGINIA LEE PHYLLIS MCADAMS ELIZABETH MACINDOE JANE MOFPETT LOUISE PAISLEY HELEN PARSONS MARY PLUM KATHERINE SWITZER LUCILE BOWEN HELEN CAMPBELL HELEN COMPTON HELEN DONDORE JEAN POLWELL MARGERY FOLEY Van Law, McElroy, Wilkinsiin, Ingersoll, Scott, McConkie. Wareham. Bickel, Wilson, Slater, Pasley, Van Houton, Casey, Theilen, Taylor. Smoot, Bradfield, Koenig, Verry, Larson, Batman, Babcock, Waggoner. I ' Yrsf, Ing ' volsted, Sullivan, Strt ib, Kunau, Williams, Murtagh, Mulroney. Pounded at Syracuse University, 1874 Established at University of Iowa, 1915 Number of Chapters, 36 Publication: The Crescent r L ut, Page S9S Gamma Phi Beta MEMBERS IN FACULTY IlELENl! BLATTNER CLAKISSA LINTON GEORGIA SMITH MILDBKD PADDOCK O B A D U A T K MEMBERS MARGARET DECKER MARGERY MURTAOH A CT I V E M KM B E R s HELEN KEHOE RUTH KOENIO LA VAUGHN LEE ALICE MULRONEY RUTH ARDUSER DEBORAH BATMAN CATHERINE CHASE ILENE DOOP RUTH PBESE MYRTLE BABCOCK (IRETCHEN BLCKEL ANNE BRADF1ELD BETTY CASEY MARIANNE COFFEE JEANETTE HALLORAN Senior RUTH V. PHILLIPS JEANETTE SCHAEFER BEATRICE S. CHAPMAN ANITA SULLIVAN Juniors CLARA LARSON MARGUERITE McCONKIE DOIil.S TUTTLE Sophomores BERNETTA KUNAU MARIE LICHTY DOROTHY MURTAOH DOROTHY PASLEY Pledges RUBY INGERSOLL MILDRED INGVOLDSTEAD MARGARET KELSO AGNES MCELROY OILBERTA SCOTT ADELINE TAYLOR ANNA THEILEN ELIZABETH VERRY MARY WILSON EDITH VAN HOUTEN ALICE VAN LAW ROSEMARY ROYCE RUTH SKOOLAND HELEN STREIB GENEVA SLATER MARGARET SMOOT BETTY LOU WAGGONER MAXINE WAREHAM HELEN WILKINSON RUTH WILLIAMS Davis, Davidson, Sala, Christian, Bellamy, Dierks, Rasmussen, Allen. Greenfield, Loftus. Jarman, Rasmus, Bell, Harrow, Frahm, Denton. Klocow, Gearhart, Dollen, Loomis, Converse, Natvig, Roedel, Humeston. Sexton, Laird. Sinden, Clemmer, Stephenson, Williams, Hogue, Lawless. Founded at University of Arkansas, 1895 Established at University of Iowa, 1919 Number of Chapters, 80 Publication: Eleusis : Mil 1 1 Page 400 Chi Omega HELEN EDDY MEMBERS IN FACULTY MAKOARET POLDERS BESSIE RASMUS GRADUATE MEMBERS RUTH H. KUEVER ALICE BELL CLARA CLEM MER IDA MAT CONVERSE BEATRICE DENTON VAUGHN DAVIS ODETTE ALLEN FLORENCE BELLAMY LEONA DAVIDSON DOROTHEA CHRISTIAN HELEN DARROW KATHYRN DOLLEN LEON DIERKS HELEN FRAHM MILDRED PRANK ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors HELEN DOWNING AUDREY HOGUE EVA LATTA MARY RUTH LOFFTUS Juniors MAXINE HUMESTON HELEN HUTCHISON S oph n mor e s VELMA GREENFIELD Pledges LAURA GEARHART AILEEN JARMAN EUNICE KLOCOW LILLIAN LAWLESS KATHYRN LAIRD HELEN LOOMIS BERNICE LADD ELIZABETH ROEDEL CONSTANCE MEYERS LOUISE POLDERS MAXINE WINTERS PHOEBE WILLIAMS OLIVE KLINGAMAN FLORENCE RASMUS DOROTHY ROYAL GERTRUDE NATVIG BERNICE RASMUSSEN MARGARET SEXTON EDYTHE SINDEN OWEN STEPHENSON VERNA ZEIMER Page 401 A Ipha Omicron of Rittler, E. Melkle, Williams, J. Miller, Sclr.-.iidt, E. Klrkpatrick, Fairbanks. Barnett, Magdefrau, Boll, F. Carlson, Owvn. Brandt, Schaffhauser. Jeffers, Yaeger, Howe, A. Kirkpatrick, 1 ' rcstun. Mver.s Smith. T. Meikle, Soppe, Clark, I. Carlson, Tucker, Borg. C. Miller, Morse. Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1898 Established at University of Iowa, 1922 Number of Chapters, 57 Publication: Themis I vl Page agrfcfl ;ras.c Z.eta Tau Alpha MEMBERS IN FACULT CATHERINE MULLIN ACTIVE MEMBERS BKTII WELLMAN EILENE BARNETT FRANCES CARLSON GRACE LARUE CLARK ANN MARIE BOLL MILDREDBORG Senior IRENE CARLSON MAR.JORIE PRESTON PERSIS SCHAFFHAU8ER Juniors FRANCES FAIRBANKS MARY HOWE Sophomores MILDRED MAGDEFRAU CLEVA MILLER Pledges ELAINE MEIKLE THELMA MEIKLE, AGATHA BRANDT JOSEPHINE JEFFERS ANNEBELLE KIRKPATRICK JUNE MILLER ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK EVELYN MORSE RUTH MYERS MARY HELEN TUCKER GLADYS UHR JEANETTE SMITH MILDRED OWEN FERNF. SOPPE LUCILLE RITTLER HELEN E. SCHMIDT LORRRAINE WILLIAMS FERNE YAEGER Page 403 ; Larson, Punkerton, Garrett, Fellingham, Buckman, Soenke, Wilkins. Sinn, 1). Olson, Nelson, D. Denkmann, Boyd, Cooper, Hesalroad. Hichards. Beemer, R. Olson, G. Denkmann, Birkitt, Gabriel, Ryan. Strohbeen, Kane, Wyatt, Williams, Stephenson, Van Horn, Kelly, Slater. Founded at Virginia State Normal School, 1897 Established at University of Iowa, 1923 Number of Chapters, 61 Publication: Angelas Page 404 m a Kappa Delta GRADUATE MEMBERS ALICE KOOSE ACTIVE MEMBERS MARION BECK MILDRED COOPER DOROTHY DENKMANN MELBA DUNKERTON GERTRUDE DENKMANN LORRAINE HESALROAD ALICE BEEMER ETHEL BIRKITT EL1IA BOYD JOSEPHINE BUCKMANN MARY FELLINGHAM FLORENCE GABRIEL Seniors CLELA GAJUIETT MARTHA GROTEWOHL DOROTHY OLSON MARION STEPHENSON Juniors Sophomores GLADYS LARSON RUTH OLSEN Pledges DOROTHY HOLMAN HELEN JOHNSON KATHERYN KANE LOUISE KELLEY ERLYNNE MARCH HELEN NELSON LOU ELLA VOSS ESTHER WLLKINS BEULAH WILLIAMS BERTHA STROHBEEN MIRIAM VAN HORN BELLA VOLTMER PEARL RICHARDS LUCILLE SINN AILEEN SLATER FLORENCE SOENKE UNA WALLACE MARJORIE WYATT Page 405 AtphaXiof Founded at Colby College, 1874 Established at University of Iowa, 1924 Number of Chapters, 40 Publication : Triangle I Page 406 MEMBERS IX FACULTY JUNE JACK AC1 IV K M EMBERS Senior EDNA DURST HAZEL EVANS CHARLOTTE GARWOOD JKANETTE HEINRICH EDNA BOCKWOLDT HELENE BRIGHT RUTH CORBIN RUBY IIIRT RUTH HUFTY FLORENCE KELLEHER Juniors LILLIE DUNCAN HELENE HARWOOD Sophomores ELSIE CHITTENDEN (iEXEVIEVE HriiK Pledges ANGELICA DONNELLEY lil ' TII DIFRST AVES BRANDT ILAH CHRISTENSON ELEANOR DARNALL HELEN " MATTES F.VELYN NAGLESTAD MILDRED REED Page 407 Stidwell, Burr. Miller, Remking, Kanak. Meyer, Warner, Van Ness, Budelier, Mlssildine, Hood, Hallenbeck. Kaiser, Tennant, Brownlee, Marshall, McCombs, Johnson, Kleinwort, Wareburge. Figley, Gay, Boarts, Krueger, Brownlee, Helt, Weymer, Votruebeck. Founded at Georgia Wesleyan College, 1852 Established at University of Iowa, 1925 Number of Chapters, 54 Publication: The Aglaia Facie 408 MAKJORIE GA1LEY MEDA ItROWNLEE ALICE BURR HETTY DAY MARGARET BROWNLEE MABEL KEYSF.K BESSIE CASTLE LOUISK HAL1.ENBECK MARION BATES BESSIE BOARTS LOUISE BUDEL1EK MEMBERS IN FACULTY RACHAEL SICKMAN GRADUATE MEMBEKS FRANCES MCGKEW ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors GEORGIA KELT DOROTHY JOHNSON GENEVIEVE MILLER CLETA MISSELDINE Juniors FLORENCE KRUEGER HELEN MEYER Sophomores IRENE HOLDER ADELINE MARSHALL Pledges HYRLE J ' IGLEY FRANCES HOOD CHARLOTTE KLKINWART LUCILLE MCKITR1CK G::AC ' E NEFF WINIFRED VAN NESS MAUJORIE WARNER i:UBY MCCOMIis VELMA WYMEK HELEN TENNANT LILL IAN REISER PAULA REINKING MARGUERITE VCTROUBKK FERN WARNER sjj aga Page 40! Theta Orhicron of Emeis, Bartley, Jarvis, Singley, Coe, Morgan. Rubyor, Irwin, Hanna, Kittredge, Paschal, Christiarison, Stevenson. Lingenfelter, White, Stevenson, Parsons, Weber, Van Peursem, Beers. Sawyer, Dolly, Knox, DeWitt, Hanson, Bchlin, Robinson. Founded at De Pauw, 1870 Kslablished at University of Iowa, 1925 Number of Chapters, 57 Publication : Kappa Alpha Theta Quartcrli I ' aye 410 m KappaAlphdTheta - r i " ' 1 ' ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors Sophomores MARY LINURNPELTER LYLA MAE MORGAN Pledges KUTII HANNA KLIZABETH IRWIN MAUDE JARVIS MARION PASCHAL DOLORES ROBINSON PRANCES HARTLEY ESTHEB CHRISTIANSON MARGARET ECHLIN ALICE EMEIS ROSAIRE DE WITT HELEN riTBYOP PRANCES SAWYER GRACE STEVENSON ZONA STEVENSON LOUISE WEBER Page 41] -Mi.-;uU ' , Sheridan. Kosse, Hunter, (iallagluT, Larson Tuomey. O ' Toolt. Speidel. Koenan, E. Dunn, M. H. Dunn, Mc.Ma- linn. Wfiskireher. Birka, IJusler, Lorden, E. Dunn, Walpole, Kelly, Rohret. Anderson, Leur, Chesire, Hanson, Otto, Daly, Powers. Mueller. Founded at I ' nivci-sjty of Michigan, ' 1912 E-itahlisht-d at 1 ' nivtM-s ty ol ' Iowa. 1! 2(i XiimbtT of Chapters. 14 Publication: Tin yyas ' - J y ' - - - g FT i i - -ft 3 Theta Phi Alpha ill! MEMBERS IN FACULTY MARY c. I ' ROKKTLSR GRADUATE MEMBERS LEONE C i MADELINE HUNTER ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors MARY C. LARSOX M.. Mi I OX H. POWERS liKKTl ' HKN OTTO ESTHER E. CUKSIRK ELIZABETH K. DUNN MARY K. FAOAN HELEN C. KELLY MARY I). R011RET MARY C. Tl ' OMEY MARY ELLEN WALPOLE SALOME K. WKISKIRCHEK Juniors DORIS M. LOKDKX CATIIERINK M. MUELLER MARGARET C. SHERIDAN Sophomores M ARIK E. BUSLER MARIE A. MCMAHON KATMRYN L. DALY ANTOINETTE E. SPEID::L KATHERINE E. GALLAGHER Pledges DOROTHY ANN KEENAN KSTELEEN A. LEUER ELEANOR C. DUNN MARY HARRIET DUNN FEA D. HANSON GENEVIEVE MEADE HELEN NEUPELD MARGARET ' TOOLE Page 413 Women ' s Panhellenic at Iowa THE duties of this Council at the University of Iowa are mainly concerned with the regulation and enforcement of rushing rules. Through the ef- forts of this body a formal system of rushing and pledging for sororities has been evolved. Rush week starts the week before school opens for the winter semester. It lasts for three days. During this period, each sorority is allowed one preferred party and several informal parties. Rushees are invited and they have an op- portunity to meet the girls of each sorority. The day after rushing officially closes is a day of silence which lasts from nine in the morning to six at night. During this day, no member of a sorority is allowed to speak to or communicate with in any manner the girls who are being rushed. This same day each sorority hands to a lawyer, who has pre- viously been chosen as an arbiter, the list of girls to whom they wish to extend a bid. The rushees in turn, hand their preference of a sorority to the dean of women. If the rushee lists as her preference an organization which has signi- ied the intention to offer her membership, she is automatically considered a pledge. The day following silence, the rushees are formally notified by the dean of women that they have been accepted for membership in their chosen sorority. They are called for and taken to their respective sorority houses for dinner, and this is followed by formal pledging. A heavy penalty is imposed by Women ' s Panhellenic Council upon any group violating in any way these rules of rushing. The penalty may result in the loss of rushing privileges for the ensuing year. Through the adoption of the above system there has evolved a cooperative and satisfactory system of rushing ou the Iowa campus. Page 414 + n top- td fP Dental Panhellenic Council Delia Sigma Delta HARRY H. BISGARD JULIUS B. OSHER Xi Pxi Phi DEAN S. BEITER PAUL W. WILLIAMS Psi Omega ALFRED R. JOHNSON ARTHUR MARIS Belter, Williams. Johnson, Bisgrard, Osher, Maris. Page 416 Delta Sigma Delta PENTISTRV Founded at, I ' niversity of Mich ' gan, 1882 Established at I ' niversity of Iowa, 1914 Number of Chapters, 29 Publication : Desmos K. (I. HAKKK J. V. BLACKMAN F " AN ' K K. BREENE HOMER HAKE MARTIN H. HOFFEK OAIL R. HOFFMAN RICHARD E. BENNETT HARRY H. BISQARD JAMES E. BLISS MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. V. BRYAN c. L. D ' JAIN (! B A ]) U A T K M E M H E U K V. E. SPENCE ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors IRKATU8 D. JOHNSON FJNER T. JOHNSON ROBERT II. KILLEBREW MARZEE M. LAING WILLARD J. MORSCH Juniors PHILIP A. HAHN HAROLD O. HARMON C. L. FENNER R. F. KCHWK1ZFR CARL O. OLSON WARD L. SHAFFER HENRY O. STOFFEL JOHN D. TAYLOR CYRIL O. KOEHN CLARENCE L. NASSEN JOHN L. OSOOOD Sophomores RALPH M. BATES J. DALE HOUSER KEITH A. KELLOGG CHARLES B. OALT WARREN O. KEMP JULIUS B. OSHER ORVILLE D. HOUSER A. MARK WALLING Freshmen EDWARD K. ALLEN JAY M. MARINER HAROLD A. SCHODDE VERN T. ANDREWS THAYNE F. McMANIS ROBERT B. WHEELER ARNOLD E. KRUEflER JAMES D. DUNLAP Pledges E. HARLEY BUE HENRY F. CANBY ROBERT H. IIINTZ PAUL R. RICHARDSON CLAKENCE P. CARSTENSEN EVERT P. McKlBBEN Allen, Wheeler, Bue, Nassen, Killehrew. Johnson. Stoffel, Hahn. Dunlap. Bennett. Krueper, McManis, Taylor, Morsch, Mariner, Andrews. Schodde, Osher, Houser, O. D. Houser, Carstenson, Hake, Richardson. Hintz, Kellogg, Walling, Hoffer, Olson. Harmon, Bliss. Bisgard. hainp. Fennor, Baker, Drain, Breene, Sohweizer, Spence, Hoffman, Koelm. . , Page 417 m n r Psi Omega DENTISTRY Founded at Baltimore, 1892 Established at I ' niversity of Iowa, Number of Chapters, 39 Publication : Prater 1906 ARTHUR W. COX C. L. CBISSINOKR LESTER B. HIGLF.Y MERLE P. BRALEY CLYDE C. COLE FRANK J. DE HAAN LESLIE K. CAMPBELL QUINLIN COLLINS FRED J. LEE ARTHUR M. MARIS ROBERT H. JIOOKE MEMBERS IN FACULTY EUGENE T. HUBBARD EVERTON JONES BRUCE H. ROBERTS ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors LESTER O. GITCHELL EDWARD L. HOEVEN ARTHUR M. IDEMA Juniors LEONARD J. DONAIH K Sophomores WILLIAM H. REYNOLDS MERRILL O. SHtITT THOMAS D. SPIEDEL JOSEPH E. ROSE ERLING THOEN JAMES H. WICK WILFRED B. KEIL ALFRED I). SCHULTE FRANK A. SWAN ' SON ALFRED JOHNSON- ALEX T. WATSON LOWELL M. QUICK LE RALPH A. WINKLE HARRY N. WORKHOVEN KENNARD L. JONES HERBERT W. BLEICH THOMAS J. DE WITT GEORGE W. FROST Pledget HENRY A. GLASSMAKER WILLIAM H. GRANDRATH TERRY E. HILTUNEN DONALD J. McPIKE CLARENCE R. MESSER MILBURN L. PALMER ALFRED J. SELLNESS Swanson, Sellness, Grandrath. Bleich, Palmer, Marls, Frost, Jones, Idema, Hoeven. DeWltt, Messer, Terry, Quiggle, Spiedel, Braley, DeHaan, Cole. Lee, Hiltunen, Glassmaker, McPike. Moore, Donahue, Sehulte, G-itchell, Keil. Roberts, Hlgley, Crisslnger, Hubbard, Watson, Johnson, Cox, Workhoven, Jones, Wick. Page 418 Xi Psi Phi DENTISTRY Founded at University of Michigan, 1S89 Established at University of Iowa, 1904 Number of Chapters, 35 Publication : Xi Psi Phi Quarterly MEMBERS IN F. T. BREENE B. F. DETVEL O. S. EASTOX R. A. FENTON F. D. FRANCIS JESSE E. BAKKK MAX J. BKANDT S. FREDERICK KELLY ERNEST TV. ANDERSON DEAN S. BEITER HAROLD H. BUHMANN RAYMOND C. P3KDYCK HAROLD E. DUER EUGENE D. OROOAX MARCUS W. AMIS1I LAWRENCE W. BOIINENKAMP ORLAND C. BOYER PAUL A. BRANCH FACULTY L. F. GRIFFITH A. O. KLAPFENBACH WALTER H. PENROSE P. W. RICHARDSON ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors MYRON W. MALONY CLYDE V. ORR GEORGE T. PARKS CLAIRE J. PALMETIER Juniors ROBERT L. KREINER ANSOAR B. JENSEN ELMER C. PRALL Sophomores RCBERT A. SCROGGIE Pledges CLARENCE R. CONNELL FRANK V. COLES ARTHUR C. NAIBERT LEROY REISE E. A. ROGERS O. E. SCHLANBUSCH E. S. SMITH R. V. SMITH J. D. WELLS KEITH E. SCARBRO WALDO E. SOHOI.M JUNIOR W. THOMPSON ROLLIN M. STEVENS ROBERT E. THOMPSON EDWARD C. TUCKER CHESTER I. YOUNG IIKRBKRT A. SCOTT PAUL W. WILLIAMS WINFIELD A. REITER EARL E. RENNIE ALBERT J. STUART LE ROY H. WITT Stuart, Brandt. Jensen, R. E. Thompson, Buhmann, Parks, Soholm. Duer, Williams, Stevens, Scroggie, Reiter, Scott. J. W. Thompson, Amish, Prall, Grogan, Reise, Boyer, Bohnenkamp. Witt, Fordyce, Malony, Anderson, Branch, Coles, Connell, Rennie. Dewel, Weils, Kreiner, Rogers, Scarbro, E. S. Smith, Tucker, Belter, Easton. Page 419 Kappa Epsilon CHEMISTRY Founded at University of Iowa, 1921 Number of Chapters, 7 Publication: Kappa Epsilon Hand M K M B E H S IN FACULTY ZADA M. COOPER T. KLIDA LARSON MABEL NKWQUIST GRADUATE MEMBEKS CLARA C. SW1TZKK MAUDE WIELAND Seniors M. VIRGINIA LIGHT J. HELENA BUNOE Juniors LEWINK MURPHY Sophomores MYRTLE SNYDER Pledges EVALYN MONK I Jlonk, Wieland, Ntwiiulst, Snyder. Bunge, Switzer, Light, Cooper, Murphy. l ' a je 420 Kappa Eta Kappa ENGINEERING Founded at University of Iowa, 1923 Number of Chapters, 6 Publication : Electron A. H. FORD HAROLD K. COX MEMBERS IN FACULTY r. j. LAPP GRADUATE MEMBERS WILLIAM E. CHRISTIANSEN J. WESTLEY CAMPAIN BAY E. STAUPFER DONALD P. HATCH HF.NKY BRYANT T. FREDERICK CHALLIS DON A. COZ1NE W. W. KLWELL Seniors Juniors EL WIN j. O ' BRIEN Sophomores THEODORE P. TAYLOR Freshmen Pledges RALPH M. FARIS LAWRENCE O. HILL JOHN MNUKMANN DAVID W. MARCHANT THOMAS MATHEWS THKODORE HUNTKR HARVEY W. PRANKS W. DEAN TENEYOK OENE I. UTTERBACK WILLIS J. MOOKK LKO N. MILLER LEONARD SHELLKR RALPH B. SPKAR PREDZUHN Elwell, Miller, Zuhn, Taylor, Utti-rhack, Teneyck, Marchant Stauffer Cozlne, Challis, Shelter, Bryant, Christiansen, Spear. Landemann, Hatch Hill Campain, O ' Brien, Ford, Matthews, Lapp, Franks, Cox, Moore, Faris, Hunter Page .431 Theta Tau ENGINEERING Founded at University of Minnesota, 1904 Established at University of Iowa, 1923 Number of Chapters, 19 Publication : The Gear DONALD D. CURTIS JAY N. EDMONDSKN ANDREW H. 1ICLT JOHN H. POUVKLL FRANK W. EDWARDS WALLACE A. ELLIOTT LLOYD L. HESKETT MARSHALL B. KURD JOHN S. BECK ROBERT K. HKMPII1LL ALFRED I. HESS FRANK W. ASHTON DILLON EVEKS RAMON T. JESSEN LUVERN W. KEHB PHILIP J. KROUTH MEMBERS IN FACULTY BURTON E. INOWERSEN RAYMOND B. KITTREDOE CHESTER I. MEAD GRADUATE MEMBERS J. STUART MYERS Seniors FRANCIS L. KLINK JOHN It. MctiUIRK M. JF.FOME I:EID FLOYD E. SCHNEIDER W. DEAN SWANSON Juniors MKKICX II. JENSEN BYRON O. KUNZMAN Sophomores CECIL ( ' . KAWCKTT Pledges FORD D. LOVELAND CARL E. RANTZOW WALTER W. SECREST LAURENCE W. SMITH CARL H. MENZER FRED B. SMITH LAWRENCE A. WARE C. MAXWELL STANLEY DONALD L. THOMAS ROBERT L. THOMAS WILLIAM W. WERTOBAUOHER WILBUR H. WICKHAM ROBERT C. MATHIS VICTOR J. RICHTER CHARLKS J. VIERCK ROBERT .M. MACV ARTHUR E. STANLEY W. LYLE STARKWEATHER ARNOLD TH1ESSON FRANK W. WELLS Kehe, Kunzman, Swanson, Loveland. Mathis, Menzer, Jessen, Starkweather, Wickham, A. E. Stanley. L. Smith, Thiesson, Krauth, Heskett, R. L. Thomas, Richter, Beck. Ashton, Hess, Elliott, Wells, Hemphill, Fawcett, C. M. Stanley, Schneider. Edwards, McGuire, Reid, Kline, Hurd, D. L. Thomas, Vierck, Secrest, Wertzbaugher. Paoe 422 Sigma Delta Chi JOURNALISM Founded at DePauw University, 1909 Established at University of Iowa, 1912 Number of Chapters, 48 Publication: The Quill JOHN T. FREDERICK PRANK L. MOTT MEMBERS IN FACULTY WILLIAM L. SOWERS QEOROE H. GALLUP FRED M. POWNALL GRADUATE MEMBERS KKNNETH K. GRIFFIX FRED J. LAZELL BENJAMIN T. SHAMBAUOH PIER D. ALDERSHOF HAROLD E. CLAASSEN GRAHAM S. DEAN JAMES BETTLE HARRY E. BOYD VINCENT HOYMAN ACTIVE MEMBERS W. WALTER GRAHAM W. MARVIN LOGAN THEODORE F. KOOP Juniors EDWIN B. GHF.EN LEO H. PKTKKSKN AINSLEE E. HICKERSON RUSSELL W. WILSON F. ALLEN WORTMAN ROY P. PORTER RALPH P. YOUNG MAURICE B. CRABBE VIRGIL L. LEWIS Pledges LEYLAND E. SKELLY JAMES H. TERRY Petersen, Claassen, Boyd. Green, Logan, Young, Hickerson, Hoyman. Bettle, Lewis, Wortman, Koop, Wilson, Porter. Page Theta Sigma Phi JOURNALISM Founded at University of Washington, 1909 Established at University of Iowa, 1918 Number of Chapters, 30 Publication : The Matrix MEMBERS IN FACULTY HOLI.YCE BROWN VELM A CKITZ STOl ' T GRADUATE MEMBERS DOKOTHY ASHBY POWNALL HAZEL SWANSCN CONSTANCE MYERS FRANCES WINKELMAN BETTY GAY EDITH COBEEN Seniors ESTHER PULLER GRACE CURTIS ADELINE TAYLOR HELEN HAESLER IDA MAE CONVERSE BETTY AMI. IE Juniors HAZEL WARREN CATHERINE O ' MAHA ALICE REIDY LOLA MOELLER Sophomores RUTH W1LH1TK Drown, Curtis, O ' JIara. Pownall, Gay, Converse, Winkelman. Stout, Cobeen, Taylor, Myers, Haeseler. Paflf 424 Phi Delta Phi LAW Founded at University of Michigan, 1869 Established at University of Iowa, 1893 Number of Chapters, 58 Publication: The Brief pKi:ry BORDWELL H. CLAUDE HORACK OTTO ( ' . BAUCH JOHN D. BEARDSLEY ALYOSVS C. CAMPBELL HARVEY J. CARTER L. DALE COFFMAN LE FOREST DIZOTKL FRANCIS P. FALVKY JOHN CHALMERS JOSEPH FENNEL HOWARD B. FLETCHF.R FRANK HOKACK, JR. JAMES W. BELLAMY WILLIAM W. CRISSMAX WILLIAM M. DALLAS RICHARD BOYLE ALLAN A. BRUNSKN HARVEY M. COATS CHARLKS M. CORWIN M E M B K R H IN V A C IT L T V HENRY C. JONES ROLLO M. PERKINS CHKSTER A. SMITH ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors KUWARD W. FORD DONALD GRAHAM JAMES W. HULSKAMP TYRRELL INGERSOLL WILLIAM LARRABEE III CHARLES J. LYNCH Juniors DONALD T. HIKES CARL KIRWIN r.CBERT C. WAGGONER Sophomores DANIKI. E. GOODYKOONTZ JOHN MOWERY P I e d i c .1 CHARLKS L. DOLLERHIDE ERNEST GERDES JACK R. HARRIS CLARENCE M. UPDECiKAFP ELMER A. WILCOX RICHARD A. NELSON KAAL J. MILLER EVERETT NORELIOUS JOHN PIZEY MILOS. REDFIELD (1LENC. SIMPSON FREDERICK ST1I.WILI, JOHN N. CALHOUN JOE E, MCELROY WALTER I. HANSEN BENJAMIN HOYT CLIO E. STRAIGHT F. ROE WEISK PAUL E. RAYMOND HERBERT H. HAUGE FREDERICK O. LARRABEE CHARLES SOKOL JOHN WEBBER Kirwln, Fennel. Hoyt, Gerties, Norelions. W. Larrabee, Corwin, Graham. Nelson, W. Robinson, F. Robinson, Ingersoll, Ford, Bellamy, Hines. , Simpson, Harris, Brunsen, StraiRht, Dollerhide, Beardsley, Miller, Dizotef Goodykoontz, Webber, Raymond, Crissman, Boyle, Chalmers, MeKlroy, Lynch. Dallas, Waggoner, Sokol, Oalhoun, Camjibell. F. Larrabe.?, Hauge, Mowery. F. Horack, Huiskamp, Smith, Jones, Stilwill, Horack, Updegraff, Bauch, Weise. Page 425 Gamma Eta Gamma LAW Founded at University of Maine, 1901 Established at University of Iowa, 1923 Number of Chapters, 28 Publication: Rescript MEMBERS IN FACULTY JAMES M. STEWART GLENN F. BARB WILLIAM H. CHAMBERLAIN ALLIE M. FRA-ZIER GILBERT S. JAMES ACTIVE MEMBERS S ' e nio r K ALBIN O. KELLEY MINES MOUNT HARRY B. MUNSELL JOSEPH F. SLANINOER JOSEPH J. VON HOENE JOHN F. WIRDS WILLIAM C. HALL LESLIE L. ABBOTT WILLIAM P. BUTTS DOYLE W. DICKINSON Juniors GAYLORD D. KNUDSON ADOLPH H. KOHLHAMMER PAUL L. TOOMEY KARL H. WILLIAMS HARLKN J. WILLIAMSON CHESTER O. HOUGEN GEORGE E. HITCHCOCK JOHN W. HEBERLING Pledges LAWRENCE J. PERIGO ALFRED E. PETERSEN E. DALE NASON SARLOCK RIES RALPH P. SCHUMP Wirds, Williams, Heberling, Knudson, Perigo, Schump, Petersen. Williamson, Kelley, Barr, Hougen, Chamberlain, Hitchcock, Dickinson, Butts. Von Hoene, Ries, Munsell, Abbott, Mount, Kohlhamrner, Frazier, James. Page 426 Phi Alpha Delta LAW Fo unded at Chicago Law School, 1897 Established at University of Iowa, 1908 Number of Chapters, 55 Publication : Phi Alpha Delta Quarterly MEMBERS IN FACULTY WAYNE O. OOOK SHERMAN A. BRO8E THOMAS J. HANLEY WALTER R. HUTCHINS ' JN ' ACTIVE MEMBERS Senior t WILLIAM J. JACKSON JOSBPH T. ROSENFIELD LOKKNZO M. ST1LIMAN DAVID T. STERLING LELAND J. WEST ORVILLE F. ORAHAMK CRAIG R. KENNEDY FRANCIS J. MaoLAUGHLIN Juniors ' . RUSK McKELVY FRANCIS J. MULLEN JAMES S. NEWMAN JACK R. STANFIELD JOHN K. VALENTINE MKKL1N I. CARTER RICHARD C. DAVIS ROYAL R. DUCKWORTH ROBERT F. ESTEY BEN E. EYRE P I e i g r it JAMK8 D. FRANCE CHARLES E. BIRD DUANE R. LACOCK JOHN P. LAOOMAKCIXO JOHN R. LEWIS WILLIAM L. UOOTY ALFRED M. PABST JAMES W. PATTIE DONALD K. STALEY DON K. WALTER Lagomarcino, Kennedy, Stanfield, Walter, Brose, Mullen, MacLaushlln, Newman, Hird. West, Eyre, Prance, Estey, Valentine, Lewis, Carter, Davis, Grahame, Staley. Pabst, Sterling, Hutchinson, Hanley, Rosenfield, Cook, Mooty, Lacock. Page 4S1 Delta Theta Phi LAW Founded ;it Cleveland, 1900 Kslablished at I ' niversity of Iowa. Number of Chapters, (il Publication: Paper Html; ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors WM. n. S:-IIRAMPFEI! DAM; o. KTKNTZ i . fc::. RD .;. THOMPSON . i, a r n i D;:TTE L. IIILLIAKD KOY I1OWAKO FERRIS E. IIURD LKROY II. JOHNSON N ' EAL J. BIXLER lll ' F.I. J. MAXWELL MEAKLE O. ADAMS CHARLES L. BAKER FOREST L. BEDELL JAMES L. DEVITT IIAKOLD T. FA TET-1 EM:L M. IIKHNKE CHA ' tljF.S I. JOY JOHN ' B. KIRCHNER JOSEPH G. ROGERS V. I. M. SI ' ENCER HAROLD V. SWIFT Pledge s A ' lTIirit I.EFF ROBKBT T. CONRAD l:i( ' IIARD A. JOXK.S W;LL:AM KOKLLER .!. I . VADDKLL Kirchner, Hilliard, Belinke. Sears, iwitt. Schrampfer, Adams. Vaildcll. Thomas Baker Thompson, Wolfe, Maxwell, Sahn, Pawcett, Hurcl Leff, Spencer. Wells, Joy, Williams. Swift, Bedell Shearer, Kenny, Stentz, Watson, Bixler, Johnson, Smith, Rogers JOSEPH O. WATSON " , JR. ROBERT I). WELI.S BERNARD J. KEN.NY LOUIS E. SAHN ' JOHN S. SEARS TOM E. SHEARER CI.AUENCE W. SMITH DEA.V P. THOMAS MAKLOWK C. WILLIAMS RICHARD B. WOLFE Pane 428 Alpha Kappa Kappa MEDICINE Founded at Dartmouth, 1888 Established at University of Towa, ]!121 Number of Chapters, " ). " ) Publication : Centaur A. c. ASHER V. I. E. ADAMS JULIAN D. BOYD FRED J. CARLSTROM GLKN ' N C. BLOME NEAL A. BRIGHT IRVING H. HORTS OLEN E. CARLSON ' DONALD S. CHALLED CLARK N. CO:PER ALBIN C. BEROSTKOM DONALD O. EVANS MELVIN D. GARDNER ARTIU ' K I.. KLOME ORLO W. IIAKDY HARLAN T. IIIOII IIEXliY BOE AX. -1C AH. M. CMKISTKXSKX MEI.VIX H. t NM.MillAM KH ' IIAKI) 11. FLETC1IKK CHARLES U1LF1LLAX MEMBERS IN FACULTY BENJAMIN E. CLARKE MARK FLOYD ROBERT LAIRD NORMAN r. MILLER HAROLD C. PALMER GRADUATE MEMBERS JOHN J. POTTER ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors CECIL V. HAMILTON OLEN E. HARRISON THOMAS G. HERRICK HERBERT E. KOEPKE ROY A. PATTERSON Juniors FRANKLIN B. JEPPESEN MILOO. MEYER OHAS. r. OBERMANN DONALD H. SLAUGHTER Sophomores CLIFFORD M. SCHMIDT CLAIKD W. TWINAM FORREST O. POWELL Freshmen CLARENCE G1LF1LLAN EARL K. 01LFILLAN WALKER B. HENDERSON EARL JENKINS CLYDi; MEFFERT E. W. ROCK WOOD HENRY R. S ARLES ARTHUR STF.INDLER T. J. WILLIAMS KARL F. SWANSON LELAND H. PREWITT JOHN R. SCHENKEN LESLIE V. SCHROEDER FLOYD A. SPRINGER WILLIAM WILKER ROYAL A. WEIR WALDEMAB C. DREESSEN WILLIAM KKAUSK HALE B. SLAV1N IVAN T. SCHt ' LTZ DONALD E. NEWLAND ALBERT E. MOXTGOMEKY CLARENCE W. SEARS KICHARD R. STUART RALPH V. TOLANI) LAYDON S. WENTWORT1I Chas. Gilfillan, Tolantl, Neu land, Fletcher. E E. Gi ' .fillan, Prewitt, Kotpke. Bright, Gardner, Hamilton. Challed, Obermann, Kraus;-. Clarence Gilfillan. Schmidt. Christensen. Hardy, Stuart, Blome. Carlson, Boe. Meyer. Montgomery, Wilker, Springer, Cooper, Borts, Meffert, Harrison. Twinam, Sears. Slavin. T ' owell. Schult. Wentworth. Cunningham. Henderson. Bergstrom, Schenken, Weir. Jeppesen, Schroeder, Evans, High, Slaughter, Dreessen. Page 42d NM Sigma Nu MEDICINE Founded at University of Michigan. 1882 Established at University of Iowa, 1906 Number of Chapters, 36 Publication : The Bulletin J. M. DORSET P. C. JEANS HARRY BOYSON A. KEITH DROZ WAYLAND K. HICKS DEAN CURTIS JAMES B. OILLESPIE WILLIAM A. BOICE HENRY H. HAMILTON JOHN W. HERTZLER ARCHIE R. BUCHANAN JAY E. HOULAHAN JULIAN E. MnePARLAND JEROME BURKE MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. M. KORNS E. M. MCEWEN r. R, PETERSON ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors CHARLES L. LEEDHAM J. WILLIS MACY JACK M. NICHOLSON EDWARD A. NIXON Juniors JOHN C. MCCLINTOCK JOSEPH C. MOORE DONALD R. REED Sophomores DELAVAN V. HOLMAN JOHN D. LITTIO WILLIAM A. M1LNER Freshmen FRED M. MARQUIS CHESTER I. MEAD WILLIAM H. PALMER HARLAN I. PRESCOTT Pledges EDWARD KENNEDY ROSCOE KENNEDY H. J. PRENTISS H. W. SCOTT LAWRENCE C. O ' TOOLE GERALD H. PRATT ROBERT L. WILLIAMS EUGENE W. SCHELDRUP JOSEPH B. VANDER VEER JAMES B. MINER JAMES T. STANTON ABRAHAM M. STKIiKMAN HAROLD W. SCHOON WILLIAM M. SCALES WILLIAM I ' . THOMPSON JOHN STEOEMAN Marquis, Schoon, Holman, Burke, Leedham, Scheldrup. McFarland, Mead, Nicholson. Scales, Littig, McClintock, Buchanan, Houlahan, Williams, Hamilton, Pratt, Xixon, o ' Toole. Curtis, Miner, Hertzler, Stegeman, Macy, Milner, Boice. Kennedy, Boyson. Moore, Prescott, Stanton, Palmer, Droz, Reed, Gjllespie, Thompson, Vander Veer. ftige 4SO Phi Rho Sigma MEDICINE Founded at Northwestern University, 1890 Es ablished at University of Iowa, 1902 Number of Chapters, 27 Publication: Journal of Phi Rho Ftiynui H. O. ALCOCK H. L. BEYE W. F. BOILER HENRY RING HKNKY W. DAINK FRANCIS W. HOBART SILAS B. HAYS HENRY R. JACOBS GEORGE R. JAMES MELVING. BOURNE VICTOR A. BYRNES LYLE KUNTZ ROBERT BELL RAYMOND A. HKHliEK ALFRED L. BULLOCK WARD V. CEILLY HOWARD (i. BKATI ' Y HERBERT H. BODEN OLSON E. BRALK.Y NORMAD C. FLATEK GRANT D. BULLOCK JAMES D. HF.NNKSSY MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. S. CHASE D. V. CONWELL W. R. FIESELER J. T. MCCLINTOCK GRADUATE MEMBERS W. H. MALOY S. D. BOVENMEYF.R ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors a. De WAYNE JENKINS BURT F. KELTZ GERALD C. KOHL ROBERT R. LEAMER WILLIAM S. MALLORY Juniors DONALD L. M1SHLER FRANK G. OBER GEORGE H. PASCHAL Sophomores WILLIAM B. CHASE HUGH G. CHARY JAMES S. FORRESTER WAYNE L. HENNING Freshmen CHARLES N. HYATT JOSEPH M. KINKADE JOSEPH L MAURITZ P le d g c s FRANCIS Z. INGMAN H. V. SCARBOROUGH FRED SMITH C. E. VAN EPPS HALF. SHIRLEY OLIX F. McILNAY WILL C. NORTH WILLIAM W. STEVENSON KARL E. VOLDENG WORLINO R. YOUNG OREL C. SORENSON RAYMOND H. WHITEHEAD RALPH B. YODER BYRON ' M. MERKEL CHESTER J. OGDEN ARTHUR C. PATTISON CARROLL M. WHEELOCK ROLAND B. MORRISON GEORGE W. OLSON ELWOOD P. RUSSELL CHARLES W. WILLIAMS CHARLES SWIFT C. L. WESTON Stevenson, Daine, Morrison, Young, Forrester, Jacobs, Paschal, G. Bullock, Hyatt, Merkel, Burns. Ober, Jenkins, Kinkade, Olson, Kenning, Whiteh ead, Mishler, Boden, Beatty, Keltz. Mcllnay, Hennessey, Hayes, Bell, Flater, Mallory, Russell, Ceilly, A. Bullock, Voldeng. Hobart, Swift, Ogden, Bourne, Mauritz, Berger, North, Learner, Braley, Williams. Page 431 Phi Beta Pi MEDICINE " FouncHl at University of Pittsburgh. 191 Established at University of Iowa, 190 " ) Number of Chapters, 89 Puhl ' cation: Phi Beta Pi Quarterly CHESTER D. AWE CLARENCE W. BALDK1DOE BOY J. CRART FURMAN H. ENTZ CLARENCE J. BERNE ROIXJEK !!. FL1CK1NGER DOUGLAS BROWN PETER J. DOERING ROBERT L. FENTON WAYNE B. BROWN WALTER A. CARLSON ROBERT M. CHAPMAN FREDRICK R. EASTLAND WALTER J. AAOKSKN JOHN P. GALLAGHER KERMIT H. GATES AMANDUS II. (iKAU DEAN H. KING GKORK II. KXOU ' I.KS CHARLES A. CARROLL CIIAP.LES J. DONOHUE MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT C. GIBSON ROBLEY R. GOAD AVERY E. LAMBERT GRADUATE MEMBERS LEO LA DAOE BERTRAM B. LKXARD CORNIE MAR1S ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors BYI-ON D. HARTLEY JOHN L. ROBERTS NATHANIAL J. WALTON Juniors CLIFFORD G. EDDE BYRON E. FARWELL LOUIS E. OILJE ELMER A. LARSON S o p h o m o r .1 BERNARD B. LARSK.X DYRIL E. Mc ' ENANY ROBERT J. NEEDLES ARTHUR C. SCHACH WALTEK II. SCHWAKTX, P I c il i c x Rl ' SSELL J. KVANS GEORCJK w. P: AZAK ELAM LASHBROOK CHESTER I. MILLER CLEARY N. SWANSON LEO MILTNER CLIFFORD W. THOMAS STANLEY H. VEGOHS EITGENF, D. WILEY H. PAUL WORSTELL THOMAS D. WRIGHT CHARLES F. LOWERY JOHN R. MCBRIDK JOHN W. PKNXINdT N KOBKRT E. VOTAW .ICSKPH R. SIIOREY JOHN E. SINNING LLOYD M. SOl-rllWICK WINSLOW T. TOMPKINS DON ' OVA N F. WARD AI.HKKT J. VKXT ,IK.X ALTOX I.. SMITH J. VERNON S D. Brown, Sinning. Wright, Needles. V. Smith, Chapman, Walton. E. Larson, Worstell. A. Smith. Gates, Grau, Wentzien, B. Larsen, Schwartz. Lowery, W. Brown, Carroll. Eastland, Aagesen. Gallagher, McEnany. Ward, Fenton, Pennington, Votaw. Gilje. King, Knowles. Shorey, Schaeh, Curtis, McBride, Wiley, Peering, Roberts, Farwell, Tompkins. Page 43S Phi Chi MEDICINE Founded a (diversity of Vermont, 188!) Established at University of Iowa, 192. ' i Number of Chapters, 56 Publication: Phi Chi Quarterly I. B. AKERSON C. M. BEIERLEIN GREGORY C ' . BARER MKRRILL M. BENFER PAUL E. FAGAN RAYMOND O. JACOBS GLENN ' J. ANDERSON DON L. BOROEN MERLE D. EVANS WILLIAM II. OOEKINQ f. W. AAOESON l.YI.K A. BAKER HARRY O. BASSETT EARL N. DESHAW DONALD W. DYKSTRA CARL J. BAKER DAVID V. KASIIAM, JR. WILLIAM K. BARGHOLTZ VA " KKN L. HASSEL.VAX MEMBERS IN FACULTY T. P. BRENNAN JAS. P. CLARK GEORGE LIGHT GRADUATE MEMBERS THEODORE W. LICHTKR JESSE H. McNAMEE, JK. F. CLEO PERKINS DAVID F. SHAW ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors HAROLD E. RAYMOND LIONEL W. JOHNSON L. MERLE KELLY Juniors HOMER S. ELMQUIST ALVIN E. KUEHN BERNARD A. KUHL TRUMAN M. MAST RODERT Y. NETOLICKY Sophomores LOUIS C. BKNNKTT FRANK D. KDINGTON KIIWI.V J. MAI-HI, E Pledges C. JOHN KLARKN C. S. O BRIEN E. D. PLASS IVAN H. SHEELER JUNIUS P. SMITH ALFRED SORENSON DWIGHT C. WIRTZ WILLARD P. MARBLE ARTHUR C. SOE EMORY D. WARXER SYLVESTER M. WELSH TNAOY D. PEPPERS JOHN R. RANKIN R. MORRIS SEARCY WINSTON S. THILTOEN (iEOKGE VAN DYKE fLAKENCE C. PIEl ' ERliKKDES VM. .IACKSOX SAYLES NICKLACN A. RKXN1SON VH ' TCU C. WEDEL Sheeler, Wedel, De-Shaw. W. I ' . .Marlilf. Plepjrgerdea, Xetolicky. Aaseson, Klaaren, Kea.rcy. Perkins, Barer, McKamee. Edington, Bassett, Bargholtz, Johnson, Benfer, Sorensen, Soe. C. J. Baker, Jacobs, Bashnm, Thiltcen. Mast, Fagan, E. J. Marble. Kuehn, Warner. Sayles, Dykstra, Welsh. Kelly, Borgen, Hasselman. Elmquist, Evans, Rankin, Anderson, Llchter, Haymond, Peppers, Wfrtz, Bonnett. Page 433 NM Sigma Phi MEDICINE Pounded at University of Illinois, 1895 Established at University of Iowa, 191 ! Number of Chapters, 16 Publication : Nu Sigma Phi News MADELENK DONNKLLY MAKOARKT K. BUTLER PAL ' LINK V. MOOKK DKLLA GAL1NSKY MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROLETTA O. JOLLY G H A I) IT A T E M E M B E K S ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors HUBERTA LIVINGSTONE Juniors KVELYN E, HAWKINS JOYCE 0. SCHMIDT Sophomores EVELYN M. OLSON P I d n c 8 GAIL A. Mc-t ' LURE EDITH L. MYTHALER MARGEURITE HOKN1NG ELIZABETH A. TAYLOR HENRIETTA A. PKIBNOW NELLIE E. THOMAS McClure. Galinsky, Horning, Jolly, Mythaler, Thomas. Hawkins. Moore, Taylor, Olson, Livingstone, Butler, Schmidt, Pribnmv. 434 Phi Delta Chi PHARMACY Founded at University of Michigan, 188:1 Established at University of Iowa, 1907 Number of Chapters, 30 Publication: Tin Communicator C. 8. CHASE R. A. KUEVER JOHN BEYERS K. R. GRAHAM KENNETH E. BURT MILO ELLIK WESLEY L. BENESII OWEN W. DEVILBIS8 CHARLES F. FISHER DWICIHT L. DKAKD3KFP KOI, LIN O. ENGMAN RICHARD A. HANEY UARKELL J. HERMAN OAYLORD F. JONES HENRY P. BAUMAN MAX McDONOUOH MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. J. PFIFFNER J. N. PEARCE L. CIIAS. RAIFORD O R AD UATE MEMBERS N. C. LEWIS ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors CHAS. A. HARVEY Juniors EDWARD C. KUTSCH FLOYD G. LINDEMAN Sop h o mores Freshmen KDSKO KLKIN WAYNE W. KASSAR CLEO OETH ADEIN OLSON HAROLD O. REID Pledges CHARLES P. GALLAGHER EARNEST TIGGES N. O. TAYLOR W. J. TEETERS CHAS. E. MOTT GLEN W. SEYDEL EARNEST L. PRATT GEORGE W. YOUNG LYLE G. MALSED KLOYD L. MEYER GUY WISGERHOF MONTH C. FORNYTII ROBERT RUEGNI ' rZ LAWRENCE A. SCHULZ MARION SNODGRASS DUDLEY E. WHITING WERNER TIGGES RICHARD A. WHEKLLOCK Jones, Benesh, Schulz, Malsed, Kassar. Klein, Lindeman, Hevilhiss, Oeth, Whiting, Burt. Meyer, Ruegnitz, Wlsgerhof, McDonough, Kutsch, Reid, Young. Pfiffner, Raiford, Deardorff, Harvey, Pratt, Teeters, Forsyth, Kuever. Page 495 Beta Phi Sigma PHARMACY Founded at Buffalo, 1888 Established at University of Iowa. Number of Chapters, 10 MEMBERS IN FACULTY RUSSELL L. AUSTIN ' IVILIU ' K .1. TKETKRK ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors HAROLD L. EATON Juniors JAMES V. JONES CECIL UlilPFITH JACQUES P. HKIl ' KLANI) PATRICK H. DOl ' liHEKTY LK:. ' NAKI V. Ul ' UDKNIIAliKN Sophomores LOUIS A. D-EYER EVERETT " .M CARLTON J. PECK PI C ll (I V X LKK C. UOCKSIK.N JOHN ' J. SCIIl.MMI (i IIARLAN P. PANKAU RoehslLii. i ' fi-k. I ' ar.kau. Griffith, Eaton, Drcyer, Daugherty. Schimming, Rriceland, Jones, Buddenhagen, McArthur. Page 436 Alpha Chi Sigma CHEMISTRY Founded at University of Wisconsin, 1902 Established at University of Iowa. 1921 Number of Chapters, 42 Publication: Hexagon M E 1C B E B 8 IN F A U I, T Y KDWAKD BAKTOW It. MATTILI. I ' . A. BOND It. B. GIBSON !. A. COLMAN H. I,. OLIN JA " OB CORNOG J. N. PEARCE .!. .1. HINMAN KTKPHKN POPOFF L. ( ' . RAIFOKD GRADUATE MEMBERS KI.BKRT ROl ' KWOOD II. (1RF.OG SMITH N. O. TAYLOR W. C. VOSBURGII J. L. WHITMAN W. W. BKCKKR L. A. FORD D. B. MORRISON I. C. BROWN F. FO::DEMWALT (!. .Nf. JIONULTY DAVID CRAK1 T. J. HEBERT K. O. OWEN D. NORMAN CRAIG J. L. HERMANSON It. E. PINER ' . T. DADD3W If. C. IIODC.E S. D. POARCH I). S. DEDRICK L. II. I. ' OWLAND (J. H. REED JACOB DEWITT D. M. HURT J. A. RIDDICK J. K. KNTKIKIN W. J. JEBENS W. F. TALBOT J. F. KVKRSOLE R. K. LEWIS W. B. TANNER T. J. FATHKRRKF, 0. M. MULLIN8 J. N. WICKERT Seniors JOHN U. HILDEBRAND ' MOND H. JEBENS JAMES A. TAYLOR RAYMOND C. INGRAHAM O .IE!: C. SIEVERDING (MiEOORY A. VINCENT Juniors KIWIS ' I.. HANSON CTARLES D. U ' KK JOHN PALMER (ilLBKRT I.. KKI.SO EVEKKTT K. MATHKWS MASON E. WASSOM Sophomores WILLIAM BLACKBURN (iKKALD O. INMAN MERLE A. SANGER Pledges HAROLD BAKKE DALE HARRIS LEO P. VAN DONOEN II. CCHBAN McKIM Hildebrand, Hurt, Owen. Dedrick, Lewis. Mathews. J. Taylor. Becker, Entrikin, Hermanson. J. Palmer, Ford, Finer, Vincent, K. .!.! . -UK. Kiddk-U, Ingraham, McKim Schach I ukc Poarch Van Dongen, Hodge. Bakke. I) Witt. Kelso. W. Jehsns. Hanson. Vassom, Howland, Wickert. Daddow, R ' ed, Hebert, Harris, Blackburn, Inman. Fatherree, Sieverding. Sanger, Tanner. Pane 437 Alpha Kappa Psi COMMERCE Founded at University of New York, 1904 Established at University of Iowa, 1923 Number of Chapters, 49 Publication: Alpha Kappa Psi Diary B. N. DAVIS H. B. MCCARTY FRANK A. ANDERSON KRF.D BARNARD RAY J. BASCHNAliKl, HARVEY H. BEACH PAUL L. BICKFORD HARRY E. COFFIE BERT BOEHM CLAUDE C. DOLLY WILLIAM E. BOLSINliKR ARTHUR B. CLEMENCK MEMBERS IN FACULTY S. L. MILLER R, W. NELSON C. W. THOMPSON GRADUATE MEMBERS RUSSELL E. WESTMEYER Seniors JUSTIE E. GIST PAUL C. HOUSKK HENRY A. KNKKK MARTIN LANTOtt ' A. JOSEPH LINK EVERELIi MCBRIDE Juniors a. LESLIE HOWORTH AUGUST R, KRUSKOP CLIFFORD F. MOSS Pledget E.WILLIAM MURPHY KSKIL M. NELSON CLARKUS D. REED C. S. TIPPETTS S. G. WINTER WAYNE H. McCOKMAC CLIFFORD R. OMUNDSON SHERWOOD H. PHILLIPS JOHN O. ROLLER GEORGE L. STRATHMANN VINCENT F. WILLIHNOANZ STANLEY C. NELSON RAY W. SHEARMAN ARTHUR RIX HORACE L. SHADLE Roller, Murphy, Howorth. Omundson, Phillips, McCormac, Willihnganz. R. Nelson, Reed, Dolly, Krusko)), Lantow, E. Nelson. Coffie, Bolsinger, Beach, Moss, Rix, Shadle, Baschnagel. Shearman, Gist, Houser, S. Nelson, McBride, Anderson, Clemence, Barnard. Bickford, McCarty, Knerr, Strathmann. Bot hm, Link, Thompson, Tippetts, Miller, Davis. Page 438 Delta Sigma Pi COMMERCE Founded at University of New York, 1907 Established at UniveVsity of Iowa, 1920 Number of Chapters, 4o Publication : The Deltasig W. J. BUSNET O. D. HASKELL CECIL C. BOLSINOER CARL DISTELHORST PRANK B. CARSON LIOOURI T. FLATLEY HOWARD BENTHIN KENNETH BEROLUND MILLARD BEROLUND ARTHUR H. BIRNEY WILLIAM O. BRUN ' K KAY T. BATH (IARITT DOOKNWAAKI) KENNETH FELLOWS KENT A. FISH WILLIAM M. CARVER CHARLES M. DAWES MEMBERS IN FACULTY K. W. HILLS C. A. PHILLIPS GRADUATE MEMBERS DONALD F. KIESAU Seniors ROBERT B. GULL ALLAN F. HAIOHT WILLIAM M. LATTA DANIEL P. MATTES Juniors FRANK CLARK HENRY W. FREE ELMER H. OABEL MURKY E. GOFF FRANK HAOOKRMAN Sophomores KVERRITT H. IIAHNE KINO HERR REYNOLD C. JEPSON Pledges KENNETH H. DEAN GEORGE H. HANSEN H. O. SELLS 0. W. WASSAM WILLIAM C. PARKS JOE. H. PIPER GARRET POPMA WILLIAM (!. THOMPSON CARL C. SHELLABARGEK WILFRED E. SNYDER CARL SPIES ARNOLD TAGOE FRANCIS J. TOBIN HUGO O8TBERO KENNETH JOHNSON HUGH C. MfOUINESS VANCE TORRANCE EARL L. LEE ROBERT L. PIPKR Flatley, Westwick, Hahne, I,atta, Distelhorst, Parks. Tagge, M. Berglund, Haigrht, ttoff, Benthin, Torrance, Johnson. Fellows, Carver, Jepson, K. Berglund, Birney, Thompson, Keisau. Shellabarger, Herr, Spies, Piper, Bolsinger, Brunk, Clark. Mattes. Free. Hansen, Snyder, Haggerman, Bath, Carson, Lee. Tobin, Fish, Gabel, Popma, Gull, Wassam, Ostberg, Doornwaard. Page 439 Classical Club OFFICERS CLELA GAKKETT President HELEN SCOTT Vice-President MARGARET Kcm.iN . Sei-retarv -Tri-iisuror I:, i ' . FLICKINGER I.OIS AMBROSE IN ' EZ P. CHAMBERLAIN GLADYS BAKER HELEN BAILEY HUTH BERRIEN MARY DANIEL MARY DIXON KATHRYNDALY MARGARET ECHI.IN CI.KLA (iARRETT KKANCES HADLKY MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. V. WALKER F. H. POTTKK GRADUATE M E M B K R S I:EI,EN R. ci,irroRD -MAY E. KEIRNS EI.EAXOR SALT MAN ACTIVE MEMBERS HELENS HENDERSON LOUISE MADDOX MARCELYN MALCOLM LINN MATTHEWS CERTRl ' DE NATVIO EVELYN NEESE DOROTHY OLSON KOMA PIPER Wll.HELMINA PI ' NDT KERTIIA RUKEL E. L. CRUM li. II. SCROOGS HELEN WILLEY HELEN SCOTT CWENDOLYN STEPHENSON HELEN STOCK HELEN STHEIB VIRGINIA VAN SANT UNA WALLACE BEl ' THA WATERMAN BEULAH WOODEKSON CLETA MISS1LD1NE Henderson, llissildine. Wooderson. Mathews, Stock, Waterman, Dixon. Rubel. Malcolm, Daniel, Van riant, Olson, Daly, Wallace, Piper, Berrien. Crum, Potter, Neese, Echlin. (Jarrett, Scott, Clifford. Walker, Flickinger . ; Page 440 Mortar Board OFFICERS ESTIIKR FULLER ............. President juLaKN CARptNTtK .......... Vice-President RAMONA EVANS ............. Secretary ESTHER LUCILLE MUELLER ......... Treasurer KATHERINB KINNE ...... Historian MEMBERS HELEN BARNES HARRIET CAMMACK AILEEN CARPENTER DOROTHY DENKMANN RAMONA EVANS ESTHER FULLER KATHERINE KINNE BARBARA KITTREDOE HELEN MCLACHLAN ESTHER LUCILLE MUELLER DOROTHEA STARBUCK PERCIE VAN ALSTINE Kinne, Barnes, Starbuck. Cammack, Dcnkmann, .McLjachlan, Van Alstinp. Mueller, Evans, P ' uller, Carpenter, Kittredge. 442 A. F. i. OFFICERS OTTO C. BAUCH . . . CHARLES B. NUTTING . WILLIAM T. HAOEBOECK President Secretary Treasurer GEORGE B. ANDERSON- OTTO C. BAUCH JOHN D. BEARDSLEY FRANK J. CUHEL MEMBERS FRANK W. EDWARDS WILLIAM T. HAGEBOEPK FREDERICK W. KINO THEODORE F. KOOP CARLTCN H. LEWIS EMERSON W. NELSON CHARLES B. NUTTING FL3YD W. PILLARS Nelson. Konp, Kins. C ' uhe!, Beardsley Kdwarcls. Nutting, Hauch, Hageboeck, Pillars. Page 44S Phi Beta Kappa Page 444 IK Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 Established at University of Iowa, 1895 MARION A. ANDERSON RUTH L. ANDERSON NELLIE S. AURNER ALBERT C. BAJRD ROBERT E. BARKER H. Q. BARNES OLENN F. BARK EDWARD BARTOW PAUL E, BELTING HELENS BLATTNER KSTELLA BOOT PERCY BORDWELL E. DOUGLAS BRANCH ADELAIDE L. BURGE LOUIS F. CARROLL GRACE E. CHAJTEE INEZ CHAMBERLAIN E. W. CHITTENDEN OFX)RGE H. COLEMAN LEAH ROSE COLEMAN GERTRUDE C. CRAIG BARTHOLOW V. CRAWFORD RUTH DAVIS MADELEINE K. DORAN HERBERT C. DORCAS HELEN M. EDDY F3REST C. ENSIGN HAZEL EVANS EMMA FELSENTHAL IRENE FIELD HOY C. FLICKLNGER JOHN T. FREDERICK WALTER FRESE RUTH A. GALLAHER WILLIAM O. GAMBLE OLIVER GROSZ WALTER I. HANSON H. E. HAYMOND V. E. HAYES ALMA HELD HELENS V. HENDERSON ADA E. HODGSON A. H. HOLT FRANK E. HORACK, JR. ELEANOR M. HORACK H. CLAUDE HORACK MARION HOSSFELD RALPH E. HOUSE ALMA HOVEY LOUISE E. HUGHES FERRIS E. HURD SARAH D. HUTCHINSON CARL H. IBERSHOFF TYRRELL M. INGERSOLL H. R. JACOBS EDITH W. JASPER DAVIS T. JONES H. C. JONES IVA M. JONES HELEN ELIZABETH JUDY MILDRED KELLER JEROME M. B. KELLOGG GWENDOLYN M. LARSEN DELIA L. LARSON EVA E. LATTA EDWARD H. LAUER MAUDE MCBROOM HAROLD H. MCCARTY MARGUERITA MOGOVNEY EDNA R. MAHAN ERWIN K. MAPES CAROLINE L. MAROUSEK GEO. W. MARTIN 11. K. MILLER LINNETT I. NELSON RICHARD W. NELSON EDWARD V. NEUMAN MRS. W. C. NOTtTH CHARLES B. NUTTING KATHERINE PAINE MARY PALMER G. T. W. PATRICK EMALY PATTERSON J. N. PEARCE R. M. PERKINS MABLE TRUEBLOOD PETERSON CHESTER A. PHILLIPS ANNE PIERCE BESSIE L. PIERCE EDWIN FORD PIPER FRANKLIN K. POTTER JOHN B. POTTER LAURA POTTER MAMK R. PROSSEK F. H. PUMPHREY L. C. RAIFORD HENRY L. RIETZ C. L. ROBBINS ELBERT W. ROCKWOOD ROBERT A. ROGERS KATHERINE T. RUCKMICK MARY A. SAGE K. ELEANOR SALTZMAN DOROTHY SCHAFFTER DOROTHY ELEANOR SCOTT SAM B. SLOAN GRACE P. SMITH HERMAN J. SMITH VERNA M. SPENCER ANNA D. STARBUCK DOROTHEA A. STARBOCK EDWIN B. STARBUCK GEORGE W. STEWART JAMES M. STEWART MARGUERITE STRUBLE HARRY THATCHER, JR. ABRAM O. THOMAS E. N. S. THOMPSON MARY E. THOMPSON J. H. TIFFIN LEE EDWARD TRAVIS RUTH UPDEGRAFF ESTHER VAN CLEAVE JACOB VAN DER ZEE ELOISE VEST MABEL M. VOLLAND ESTHER S. VEGORS LEWIS E. WARD FLORENCE V. WARE MAXINE OLIVE WATTS ARTHUR L. WEATHERLY JAMES L. WHITMAN JOHN D. WHITNEY CHARLES BUNDY WILSON SIDNEY GRAHAM WINTER CHARLES H. WOOLBERT HELEN J. WYLIE CHARLES E. YOUNG W. E. YOUNG Sigma Xi ROBERT P. ADAMS NATHANIEL G. ALOOCK HARRY V. ATKINSON PRANCES E. BAKER BIRD T. BALDWIN RAYMOND BARTLETT EDWARD BARTOW MARTHA BLAZER ARTHUR B. BLUE PERRY A. BOND R. W. BOYDTSON LELAND A. BROWN CLARENCE 8. CARLSON ARTHUR W. CAMPBELL THOMAS 0. CAYWOOD LEONA E. CHESIRE EDWARD W. CHITTENDEN GEORGE H. COLEMAN NELSON B. CONK WRIGHT CLARK N. COOPER AMY L. DANIELS WATSON M. DAVIS RALPH E. DEAL OLENN S. DILLE JOHN A. ELDRIDOE ALEXANDER ELLETT JAMES V. EVERSOLE BURTON P. FLEMING ARTHUR H. FORD LARENCE F. FURST B ' GNF.Y R. OARFIELD " DRERT B. GIBSON SYLVIA M. GOERGEN OLIVER O08Z OTLES W. GRAT HANS 0. HATEMCS OEOGE H. HANSMANN CHARLES R. HAU8EB SILAS B. HATES P. YORKE HERREN JAMES A. HICKS FREDERICK 0. HIGBEE HARRY M. HIKES .TACK J. HINMAN LOUIS H. ROWLAND GILBERT L. HOUSER RAYMOND C. INGRAHAM MEMBERS HENRY R. JACOBS PHILIP O. JEANS MINNIE R. JOHNS GEORGE r. KAY JOHN M. KATER GEORGE J. KELLER JEHOME M. B. KELLOGG FREDERICK B. KNIOPT ADOLPHA H. KUNZ BYRON J. LAMBERT CLAUDE J. LAPP WILLIAM S. LARSON LOWELL R. LAIT10N FRANK D. LEAMER CHESTER E. LEESE ERIC LTNDEMANN VERLUS F. LINDKMAN WALTER M. LOEHWINO EWEN M. M " PFWEN THOMAS H. MJH ' BRIDE JOHN W. MACY JOHN T. MeCLINTOf K YETTA V. MAIZLISH MANF " FD MANNHKIMF. 1 ! OF.OROE W. MART ' N THOMAS MATHFWS HF.NRY A. MATTLL NORMAN F. MFTFF.PSEL LF.F. W. MILLKR NORMAN F. MTLLFR TT.I7ABFT 1 MOOF. ROOK " M. MORROW FLOYD A. NAOLER MAPTFA V. NELSON HUBEPT L. OLIN HARRY r. OLSON PHILIP D. PAXON J. NEWTON PEAWT JOSEPH J PFTFFNER OSCAR H. PLANT STEPHAN J. POPOFF HENRY J. PHENTTSS L. CHARLES PAIFORD JOHN H. RANDALL JOHN F. REILLY HENRY L. RIETZ ALLAN C. ROCKWOOD ELBERT W. ROOK WOOD ALFRED D. ROOT ROLAND ROY CHRISTIAN A. RUCKMICK JOSEPH J. RUNNER MARY SAGE GEORGE W. SCHNEIDER CARL E. 8EASHORK BOHUMILSHIMEK EUGENE W. SKINNER FRED M. SMITH CLARENCE D. SMITH ARTHUR STEINDLER WILLIAM R. STEPHENS G. WALTER STEWART GEORGE D. STODDARD WF.SLEY C. STOESSER VERNON M. STOWE FRANK A. STROMSTEN WILBUR W. SWINGLE NORRIS O. TAYLOR ALLAN C. TESTER ABRAM O. THOMAS LEONARD C. THOMAS JOSEPH TIFFIN LEE E. TRAVIS A. W. TREPTOW OTIS C. TRIMBLE ARTHUR C. TROWBRIDGT 7 WAID W. TUTTLE E. P. T. TYNDALL CLARENCE VAN EPPS GREGORY A. VINCENT WARREN C. VOSBUROH BETH L. WELLMAN WILLIAM F. WENNER WILLIAM W. WERTZBArOER JAMES L. WHITMAN HENRY T. WICKHAM EMIL WIT8CHI R08COE WOODS SHERMAN M. WOODWARD CHARLES C. WYT.IE ROBERT B. WYLIE DAVID L. YAPNELL FREDERICK F. YONKMAN CLARENCE YOUNG 445 Order of Coif NAW MEMBERS IN FACULTY PERCY BOKDWELL WAYNE O. CCOK H. CLAUDE 1IOIIACK O. K. PATTOX ROLLIN M. PEKKINS H. C. JONES CHESTER H. SMITH CLARENCE M. UPDEGRAFF ELMER A. WILCOX ELECTED IN 1 !i L ' LYNN I). COKFMAN IMLBERTCi. FIN ' l.KV KDU ARI) V. J-OKI) NVII, 1,1AM I.ARRAKEE III CHAKI.KS .1. ]. - II, JR. JOSEPH V. ROSI ' NPIKM) Page 446 Tau Beta Pi ENGINEERING Founded at University of Lehigh, 1885 Established at University of Iowa, 1909 Number of Chapters, 52 Publication : The Bent M K M B E R 8 IN FACULTY DONALD D. CURTIS BURTON P. FLEMING ARTHUR H. FORD GEORGE J. KELLER BYRON J. LAMBERT THOMAS MATTHEWS FLOYD A. NAOLER FRED H. PUMPHREY CLEMENT C. WILLIAMS JOHN H. FOLWELL WALTER J. JEBENS GRADUATE MEMBERS J. STUART MEYERS HARRY F. OLSON LAWRENCE A. WARE WILLIAM K. CHRISTIANSEN FKANK W. EDWARDS CLARENCE F. FURST RAYMOND C. INORAHAM Seniors I ' AYMONI) II. JEBEN ' S MARVIN J. REID ROBERT C. RISK ROLAND L. ROY JAMES A. TAYLOR RAYMOND N. WELDY WILLIAM W. WERTOBAUGHl WILBUR H. WICKIIAM Juniors MARLIN E. FOGLE ELECTED IN 1928 DREW D. MacDOUQAL WALTER G. MEYER WENDEL P. MUNEO OTTO T. STUECK Phgc 441 Pi Lambda Theta EDUCATIONAL Founded at University of Missouri, 1917 Established at I ' niversity of Iowa, 1920 Number of Chapters, 24 Publication: Pi Lambda Theta Journal LAURA BENJAMIN ESTELLA BOOT MARION ANDERSON ELSIE BENDER FRANCES CAMP RUBY WATTS COUSINS KATH BRINE CLARKE ZELLA CLARK JEANETTE CRUMRINE MARGUERITE QEARHART AGNELLA GUNN SYLVA HANSEN ALMA HELD BERNICE HELJT HONOEAEY MEMBEE NELLIE S. AURNER ASSOCIATE MEMBEES CLARA DALEY AMY DANIELS ACTIVE MEMBEES MADELINE HORN ALMA HOVEY ILAH HULL FRANCES HUNGERFORD JUNE JACK RUTH LANE MAUDE MC BROOM MARGARITA MC GOVNEY CONSTANCE NTTWELL RUTH MOSCRIP MARY PALMES HELEN EDDY BESSIE PIERCE ANNIE PIERCE FLORENCE PREHM HAZEL PREHM MARY PROESTLER MAME PROSSER MINNIE ROSENBLOUM MABEL SNEDAKEE MARGARET STRUBLE WILMA TRENT ESTHEB VEGORS EDNA WIESE MARTHA WOODBUBY Page 448 K. L. AUSTIN Rho Chi PHARMACY Established at University of Iowa, 1928 J. HELENA BUNOE HAROLD L. EATON MEMBEKS IN FACULTY ZADA M. COOPER R. A. KtTEVER GRADUATE MEMBERS T . ELIDA LARSON J. J. PPIFFNER ACTIVE MEMBERS M. VIRGINIA LIGHT EVERETTF. Me ARTHUR W. J. TEETERS L. C. -ZOPF JOHN J. SCHIMM1NOS Page 449 Student Council OFFICERS LEE T. FLATLEY President ROY P. PORTER Vice-President KSTHKR FULLER Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY DEAN ROBERT E. RIENOW ACTIVE MEMBERS OTTO C. BAUCH A.F.I. ALBERT J. GROTHER Associated Students of Eng. LEE T. FLATLEY Commerce Club ALICE M. SEBOLT Currier Hall THEODORE F. KOOP Daily lowan MERLE P. BRALEY Dental Association MAX J. KANE Men ' s Forensic Council ROY P. PORTER Hawkeye OTTO C. BAUCH Iowa Men ' s Panhellenic HARRY B. MUNSELL Law Students ' Association JOHN D. FALVEY Newman Club ARLISS RAECHER Quadrangle ESTHER FULLER Mortar Board FLOYD W. PILLARS University Players BARBARA M. KITTRKDOE Women ' s Association VIOLA NAIBERT Women ' s Panhellenic Council LYMAN WHITE Y.M.C.A. HELEN BARNES Y.W.C.A. .T. WILLIS MACY College of Medicine Bauch. Falvey, Braley. Kane, Munsell, Pillars, White, Koop. Kittredge, Fuller, Flatley, Porter, Naibert, Barnes. Page 460 Beta Gamma Sigma COMMERCE W. J. SUBNET WILLIAM H. COBB H. B. EVERSOLE GEORGE HASKELL ST. (i. BKIDKNSTKIN C. S. OALIHKK MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. W. HILLS KALPH KENNEDY H. H. MCCARTY S. L. MILLER GRADUATE MEMBERS K. T. LEMTHI (iKOROE NAGLE CHESTER A. PHILLIPS CHARLES TIPPETTS C. W. THOMPSON C. W. WAS8AM R. E. WE.ST.MKYKK OTTO BKTTAG CARL F. DISTELHORST CHARLES GRUSONIK ACTIVE MEMBERS ALLAN f. HAIGHT HENRY A. KNERR SHELDON L. SPELMAN SAMUEL B. WHITING RAY ALBERT RODIN 1 Tlppetts, Kennedy, Distelhorst, Hills. Spelmari. Haight, Haskell, Whiting. Urusunik, JlcCarty, Knerr, Wassam, Rodin. Page 461 Delta Sigma Rho POBEN8IC A. ( ' . BAIRD B. r. BALDWIN E. C. MABIE Founded at University of Chicago, 1904 Established at University of Iowa, 1904 Number of Chapters, 60 Publication : The Gavel MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. L. MOTT O. K. PATTON K. M. PERKINS J. M. STEWART C. S. TIPPETTS W. E. YOUNG ACTIVE MEMBERS DOROTHY ANDERSON LOUIS CARROLL ALLIN DAKIN MARY K. FAGAN FRANK HORACK FERRIS HURD IIEKSCHEL LANGDON BURTON MILLER HENRY NEUMAN FRED WEBBER CHARLES NUTTING Page 452 Phi Lambda Upsilon CHEMISTRY OFFICERS WILBUR T. DADDOW President ADOLPHH. KUNZ Vice-President OLIVER GROSZ Secretary DAVID CRAIG Alumni Secretary WALTER W. BECKER Treasurer M K M B K H S I N K A ( ' U L T V KUWARD BARTON ' f. A. BOND (!. H. COLMAN JACOB CORNOG H. A. MATTILL H. L. CUN J. N. PEARCE .STEPHEN POPOFF L. CHARLES RAIFORD ACTIVE MEMBERS E. V. ROCK WOOD N. O. TAYLOR W. C. VOSBURGH J. L. WHITMAN WILLIAM T. DAILY WALTER W. BECKER DAVID CRAIG WILBUK T. DADDOW W. L. DEN MAN J. F. EVERSOLE OLIVER GROSZ CHARLES R. HAUSER RAYMOND INGRAHAM WALTER J. JEBENS ROY L. KRUEGER ADOLPH H. KUNZ CHARLES D. LUKE WALTER D. MEYER DEMPSIEB. MORRISON WENDELL P. MUNRO EDWARD W. NEUMAN I ' OBEKT G. OWEN JOHN " W. PALMER MAURICE B. PALMER JOSEPH J. PFIFFNER PETER W. SALIT MARION D. TAYLOR WILLIAM F. TALBOT IGNATIUS J. WERNERT J. N. WICKERT Page 453 Continue MTSK ' OFFICERS ELIZABETH K. DUNN BEATRICE DENTON . EDITH BYRNE . ADDISON ALSPACH A. DWIGHT BROWN PHILIP O. CLAPP MRS. ALEXANDER ELLETT THOMAS GILES FRANK E. KENDRIE CLARENCE J. ANDREWS GRETCHEN BABCOCK MILDRED BIKLIN ALICE BURR EDITH BYRNE HKATRICE DENTON ASSOCIATE MEMBERS WILLIAM LARSON WALTER LEON MRS. FLOYD NAOLER LOUISE NELSON MRS. MILDRED PADDOCK ANNE PIERCE President Secretary Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS ELIZABETH DISQUE ELIZABETH K. DUNN KENNETH FORBES ALICE INOHAM HELEN MCCONNAUGHY KATHERINE KOBINSON LORNA SOHUPPERT MILLICENT RITTER MRS. FRANK SHUTTLEWOR1 MRS. ANNAD. STARBUCK MARIAN STOLL ESTHER M. SWISHER ERNEST II. WILCOX HARRY THATCHER FRANCIS TOMASEK L. MARGUERITE URICE MYRTLE VAN PEURSEM GRACE WATKINS MIRIAM WITHROW Andrews. Thatcher, Allspach, Stoll. Burr, Robinson, Urice, Van Peursem, Tomasek, Baboock. Forbes, Denton, Byrne, Dunn, Walkins, Brown, Biklin. Page 454 Eta Sigma Phi CLASSICAL Founded at University of Chicago, 1914 Established at University of Iowa, 192f Number of Chapters, 26 Publication : Nuntius E. L. v. CRUM MEMBERS IN FACULTY KOT C. FLICKINGER V. II. POTTER LOUISA V. WALKER LOIS AAIBROSE HELEN BAILEY GRADUATE MEMBERS INEZ CHAMBERLAIN HELEN CLIFFORD LAURA POTTER ELEANOR SALTZMAN HELEN WILEY MARY DANIEL CLELA GARRETT HELEN HENDERSON RUTH BKRJUEN ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors CLETA MISSILDINE OLIVE MORSE HARRIET PEEL Juniors l.INN MATTHEWS EDITH VAN HO1ITEN HELEN SCOTT VIRGINIA VAN SANT BEULAH WOODERSON HKKTHA WATKKMAN ANNA MARIE BOLL SARAH MARIE COOK S r pho m o r r s KATHRYN DALY MARGARET ECHLIN MARCELLINE MALCOLM DOROTHY MURTAGH EVELYN NEESE Chamberlain, Wooderson, Mathews, Boll, Nelson, Waterman, Ambrose Murtaeh Walker. Scott, Eohlin, Peel, llaly, Berrien, L. I otter, Garrett, Malcolm Wiley ' Crum, Neese, F. H. Potter, Missildine, Henderson, Flickinger, Daniel, Van Sant Morse Page 455 Currier Council ALICE M. SEBOLT MARIAN AMBLAD JEANNE BREYMANN President Secretary Treasurer OFFICEES MARION AMBLAD JEANNE BREYMANN GERALDINE FARRAR KATHLEEN FIELDS ACTIVE MEMBERS GLADYS FREDERICKS WINIFRED GARRISON ROSAMOND GILCHRIST VIRGINIA LIGHT EDITH MCHUGH HELEN PERRY MARGARET RICHTER ALICE SEBOLT McHugh, L.ight, Fredericks. Perry, Richter, Farrar, Fields. Garrison, Amblad, Sebolt, Breymann, Gilchrist. Page 456 Quadrangle Council OFFICERS ARLYSS M. RAECKER President ALFRED KEHLENBECK Vice-President FREDERIC S. BEEBEE Secretary MARION D. TAYLOR . . . Treasurer ALBERT S. ABEL HAROLD M. ANDERSON ADEN F. ARNOLD CLESSON BECKWITH FREDERIC S. BEEBEE HOWARD A. BENTHIN WILLIAM C. J. BOLDT ALFRED H. BRAUER MERLIN I. CARTER EDWIN H. CATES RALPH DE CICCO WILLIAM C. HARTLAND M E M B E R S FRED W. HEN N INGS Z. WILLARD riTBBARTT HAROLD C. JENKINS ALFRED E. KEHLENBECK ARTHUR C. KRESS WILLIAM M. LATTA BRUNO G. MARCHI REX I. MITCHELL ALBERT E. MONTGOMERY DENNISON NEAL ROBERT J. NEEDLES EDWARD F. NEUMAN CARL G. NYSTROM ARTHUR NAIBERT ARLYSS M. RAECKER R. MORRIS SEARCY ROBERT SINCLAIR CARL J. SYLVESTER MARION D. TAYLOR SHIRLEY A. WEBSTER IGNATIUS J. WERNERT HENRY L. WILSON DON A. WRIGHT RUSSELL E. WESTMEYER Neal, Webster, Latta, Searcy. Kress, Wilson, Hennings, Boldt, Hubbartt. .Marchi, lie Cicco, Hartland, Wernert, Anderson, Mitchell. Writfht, Neuman, Taylor, Raecker, Beebee, Nystrom, Sylvester. Page 457 C. E. YOUNG President E. K. MAPES Vice-President JANE JARNAGIN Secretary CLYDE CLARK . Treasurer OFFICERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROK. S. H. BUSH DR. ELIZABETH CONRAD PROF 1 0. K. COUSINS DK. A. J. DICKMAN DR. HELEN EDDY ELIZABETH DIBQT7I MARJORIE ANDERSON CLYDE CLARK JANE JARNAGIN GRADUATE MEMBERS ELDRED HOLBERT GEORGE STEEP ACTIVE MEMBERS IVA JONES JAMES McDOWKLL DOROTHY SCOTT DR. R. E. HOUSE DR. E. K. MAPES DR. C. P. WARD GERALD SANDY DOROTHEA STARBI ' l K ARTHUR TEETER " ' MRS A. C. TRO VBKID iE Starbuck. Teeter, Anderson. Jones, Scott, McDowell, Trowbridge. Clark, Young, Bush, Mapes, Jarnagin. Page 458 Theta Epsilon OFFICERS KSTHER DEMPSTER President ELIZABETH LOHMANN Vice-President HELEN HAUBER Recording Secretary EVELYN WADSWORTH Corresponding Secretary THELMA ANDREWS BEULAH BECKER THELMA DeCAPITO ESTHER DEMPSTER MAUDE DEXTER HELEN HAUBER HENRIETTA DAUT GLADYS SISSEL L1LLIE DUNCAN JENNIE BRIGA FRIEDA CAMERON WILLA CARROLL FLORENCE ANDREWS VERNA EASTRIDOE DOROTHY JONES WINIFRED MOORE GRADUATE MEMBERS MARGARET FIRTH IIARRIF.T FRUSH ACTIVE MEMBERS 8 eniort lilENK KETCHUM ELIZABETH LOHMANN MILD!iED MARSH HULDA PRIEHM Juniors VIRGINIA JUGENHEIMKK FRANCES SAWYER Sophomores MARION CORNWALL AUDREY LITZRODT Pledges ELEANOR REMLEY JULIANA RUMSEY FERNE WARNER ARDIS HOLLINGSWORTH MRS. GLADYS FORHKS DOROTHY MCCOV GENEVA MILLETT EVELYN HAWKINS MARY RFOADES LINDA C. SMITH MARGERY WARNER ADA MILLETT VIOLET PETERSON FERN YAEOER MARTHA NOHSTRUM EVELYN ' WADS WORTH BERNICE WESTER JUANITA GARRETT GRACE KETCHUM ELEANOR SCHMIDT MRS. EUNICE WHITNEY Cornwall, McCoy, Dexter, Sissel, Rumsey, Briga. Jones. F. Warner, M. Warner, Moore, Wadsworth, Millett, DeCaplto. Litzrodt, Eastridge, Glauber, Dempster. Lohmann, Schmidt, Hollingsworth, Ketchum. Pafir 460 - - Kappa Beta Founded at University of Illinois, 1911 Establ ' shed at University of Iowa, 1919 Number of Chapters, 6 Publication: The J.OI.S BRAY FREDA BRIDENSTINE MARY SUNIEK LUCILLE BURIANEK VALENTINE CHALKONT ELVA BK ' KLEY MARY BRIDENSTINE VIOLA BUCK KATHERINE POl ' ST BEULAH OORDEN MILDRED GORDEN HELEN HAGENBUC1I ICNE ALCORN LUCILE W. DKOKK MARGARET M. FIXDI.Y ISABELLE L. UAKDXElt CKADUATE MEMBERS VIOLA LAKE GRACE NEWBRO ASSOCIATE MEMBERS CAMILLA SUNIER ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors HARRIET PEEL MARGARET PLUM EDYTHE RIBBLE Juniors CARRIE D:-:ARMOND MARY DIXON ELMA KIRK BERNICR READ Sophomores DELMA HARDING EDNA HARDING IRENE HIOG1NBOTHAM MINNIE KENNARD LEILA MOFFITT Pledges UEORGIA GLASMANN LILLIAN L. JONES MARIE MITCHELL NELLIE E. PHELP.S KEVA i. R:GDCX AMY ROBB MAXINE WATTS SARAH MORTON EVA UTTERBACK FRANCES WATTS IRENE SCHUESSLER KATHRYN SMITH VELMA SMITH MARY PLUM RUTH THOMAS DOROTHY WIGGINS (IER.NIK YODER EULON I 1 . RITZ THELMA STEPHENS (iLADYS M. STINE VIOLA E. TKIEBEK Stephens, D. Harding, E. Harding, Hagi-nbuch. Dixon, 1X Armond, Buck, M. Wattx, Rililile, Kindly. Peel, Kirk, Chalfont, Alcorn, F. Bridenstine, Bray, Higginbotham, Ritz, Burianek, Moffitt, Newbro. Gardner, B. Gorden, M. Bridenstine. Phelps. Wiggins, K. Smitb. M. Gorden, Bivkley, M. Plum, F. Watts. V. Smith, Stine, Read, Trieber, II. Sunier, C. Sunier, M. Plum, Drake, Glassmann Schuessler. Paflc 461 . Kappa Phi Founded at Lawrence Kansas, 1916 Established at University of Iowa, 1917 Number of Chapters, 18 Publication: Kappa Phi Candle Beam RUTH L. BAKER ALBERTA CROZIER FRANCES DAT MARJORIE P. DECKER RUTH BELL ZELLA CLARK DOROTHY HANSON MILDRED BORO EVELYN LADEHOFF VERA M. ALTMAN NELLIE BARBER BESSIE BOARTS BEULAH BOHRER CLARICE BOHRER GERTRUDE BOWERS JEANETTE CARSON MAY CUPPY MILDRED DAVIS MIRIAM DE LAY MINNIE SUE ENTRIKIN FRANCIS FILER MARIE GOODMAN AGNES HANSON ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors ETHEL M. EASTER HAZEL EVANS MARTHA GROTEWOHL DORA RANSOM Juniors VELMA JOHNSON LAVANDA JONES Sop ho mores JANET MEYERS EVELYN ROCHE Pledges JESSIE M. HARRIGER ILAH HULL VERNA J. HUNT KITTY J. JAMIESON MARION KANAK MARY LOUISE KELLY ANNABELLE KIRKPATRICK ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK CHARLOTTE KLEINWORT OLGA LADEHOFF RUTH LOOMIS RACHEL MCDOWELL HELEN MCFARLANE ALICE MATHIAS MARGARET RICHTER PEARL ROBERTSON HELEN SCRIBNER REKA DCSTRAUB EVELYN KANAK FLORENCE RASMUS MARY WEKTZBAUGHER MAE SYDEBOTHAM MARJORIE THORNTON ELAINE MEIKLE MYRL MORRIS EVELYN MORSE HELEN REDMAN HAZEL D. THOMPSON NYLE THOMPSON IVA TOMPKINS FLORENCE V. WASHBURN LOLA L. WEBER LOIS WILDER ELIZABETH RASMUS AGNES TRF.PTOW HELEN TYMESON WINIFRED VAN NESS Van Ness, Easter, Altman, N. Thompson, Bowers. Meikle, Hull, Harriger, Jolliffe, Goodman, M. Kanak, Bohrer. Davis, Thompson, Jamieson, Entrikin, Sydebotham, E. Kirkpatrick, E. Kanak, C. Bohrer, Fort. Bell, Kleinwort, Richter, A. Kirkpatrick, Redman, Shellabarger, Straub, Weber, Scrlbner. Baker, Gipple, Watkins, Robertson, Johnson, Decker, Reeve, Borg, Thornton, Ransom, GrotewpW, Page 46 1 Concordia Club OFFICERS BERT BOEHM . HARRIT MAHNKE Louis SAHN . President Treasurer Secretary BERT BOEHM ALFRED BRAUER WILLIAM CHRISTIANSEN NORMAN DELTZKE CLARA DIEKMAN ELENORE DIETRICKS UEORGE EHMAN OLOA ERBE RUTH PREESE MEMBERS WALTER rRESE RUTH TRIEDRICH DOROTHY HASEMEYER PAULA HORN ELLA KNAP ELMER LESSMAN HARRIET MAHNKE WALTER MEYER ERMA PETZNICK WILHELWINA PUNDT EDNA RAHLF DONALD REIMERS PAULA REINKINO LOUIS SAHN NORMA SCHLUTKR RALPH STEPHAN ARNOLD TREPTOW I ' ftznlck, Christiansen, Meyer Knop, Ehman, Tessman, Frese. Deltzke, Keimers Friedrich, Horn, Treptow, Brauer, Stephan, Schleuter, Rahlf Frese, Pundt, Hasenmeyer, Mahnke, Boehm, Friedrich, Sahn, Piekman E. Smith, Ports, Rhoad, Lapp, Williams, Page 463 Phi Tau Theta Pounded at Iowa State College, 192o Established at University of Iowa, 1927 Number of Chapters, 6 Publication: Philoi PAUL BICKFORD GRADUATE MEMBERS WATSON M. DAVIS CHARLES G. FORT VICTOR. H. JONES PIEP. D. ALDE::SHOF ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors VERNON W. LAPP HAKOI.D J. SNYDKR CHARLES L. BAKER WILBUR M. CHILDLESS HERMAN M. OLSON EARL H. WILLIAMS CARL M. BECKER GERALD L. DOWNIE ARTHUR BROWN ANDERSON COGGESHALL PRESTON CONANT LESLIE COPELAND JAMES CROMWELL WENDELL EDSON BERNHARD QLOECKLER CLAIRE HODOK Juniors FRANCIS R. FLEMING KINO O. HEHR EDWARD J. JOHNSON WILLIAM A. KUNDE JAMES W. NIELD PRESTON W. PORTS Pledges WARREN HASSELMAN CORNEY KLAAREN DOYLE LOEHR DONALD MACKIE LE ROY NELSON LYLE SHELDON EVERETT SMITH KENNETH C. REGER HERMAN RHOAD IVAN T. SCHULTZ WILLIAM A. STEWART E. MARSHALL THOMAS STEPHEN C. WARE RALPH TOLAND ALBERT VOLTMEH CLARENCE WALTER ERWINZEMAN KI.WYN I. JOLLIFFE HAROLD W. MORGAN LYSLE WHITMER FREEMAN L. WITTENMYER AVhitmer, Zeman, Toland, Gloeckler, Walter, Ware. Childress. Thomas, Brown,, Conant, Edson. Baker Morgan, Sheldon. Nelson, Stewart, Herr, Reger, Copeland, Jolliffe. Schultz, Nield, Downie, Aldershof, Nelson, Fort, Johnson, Snyder, Fleming. P: gt 464 Newman Club OFFICERS JOHN FALVEY JAMES MCGREEVEY MARGARET SHERIDAN HAROLD DAVIS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CARL BECK LIGOURI FLATLEY ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors THOMAS GALLAGHER JOSEPH GARRITY FRANCIS HOBART CHARLES KNUTSON HAROLD DAVIS JOHN FALVEY MILTON FABER EVEREST FOKKENBROCK Juniors KATHLEEN KIELDS CATHERINE HAUBER CHRIS JONES PAUL LEEHEY CATHERINE MULLER ROBERT STERLING JOSEPH SEXTON MARGARET SHERIDAN MARGARET ANDKKSON MARIE BUSLER KATHRYN DALY EDITHA FLANAGAN S p h m ores DOROTHY HOLOUBEK MATHEW KELCH LAWRENCE KALINA CARYL McINTYRE MARIE McMAHON DENNIS MYERS MILDRED PARIZEK PAUL STRAIN BERNARD SHERIDAN THEODORE BAUKR CATHERINE CONNER MARY DUNN ELEANOR DUNN PAUL FALVEY FEA HANSCX Freshmen ROSCOE KENNEDY DOROTHY KEENAN ESTALLINE LEUER PAUL McMAHON CATHERINE MEADE HELEN MATHES PAUL NAUOHTON PHILOMENA Q.UINN FRANCIS SCHNURR ALICE WILKINSON THOMAS WHALEN HELEN NEWKELT Jones, Kelch, Decker, Xaughton, Beck, Myers, He vitt, Flatley. Hobart, P. Falvey, Kalina, Strain, Mclntyre, Schurr, Kennedy. (Jallagher, Bauer, Sterling, Faber, Leehey, Forkenbrock, Knutson, McMahon, Whalen. Sexton, Oarrity, Sheridan, Meade, Newfelt. Hanson, Connell, Holoubek, Schmidt. O ' Toole, Mathes, Mueller, Wilkinson, Kfenan, Fields, Flanagan, Daly, Anderson, Busier. Leuer, M. Dunn, Schmidt, K. Dunn, M. Sheridan, Falvey, Davis, Parizek, Hauber, Quinn. Page 465 Cosmopolitan Club OFFICERS IGNATIUS WERNERT President Louis LORIA Vice-President Kozo FUJITA Secretary PEDRO B. BASCOS Treasurer DR. s. BOSK MEMBKRS IN FACULTY. DR. T. C. ENSIGN PEDRO B. BASCOS FRANCES CRISPI SANTIAGO Q. LABARO ROY DAVEY INEZ HOOKER IIATTIE K. HENN ADRIANO P. OCAMPO TORIBIO MARIANO LEONARD P. MEADE GRADUATE MEMBERS MENA S. LARDIZABAL ZUNG CHUNG MO BENJAMIN SCROGGS ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors HELEN KAO Juniors RUTH ELIZABETH MEADE MON TOK TOM Sophomores FLORENTINE MARTINEZ Freshmen CHARLES A. LAUB HERMAN NICHOLAS STUART LOIS ELIZABETH TAYLOB OLIVE MARGARET ZEZULA ISLE CHEA LIN MIGUEL SAMONTE MARIANO RUIZ CRISPIN BABES MATHA FRANCISCO N. QUISMORIO LYLE BAUGNESS Izural, Lambert, Labaro, Wernert. Quismorio, Ruiz, Martinez, Lardizabal, Bose, Tom. Meade, Price. Crispi, Ocampo, Loria, Ocampo, Taylor. Zezula, Hooker, Henn, Meade. Page 466 Filipino Club OFFICEBS ISIDORO PALASIGUI President ADRIANO OCAMPO Vice-President BERNARDO BAQUIRAN Secretary SANTIAGO LABARO Treasurer ESTELLA BOOT Adviser MEMBERS IN FACULTY ESTELLA BOOT BERNARDO F. BAQU1RAN MENA S. LARDIZABAL GRADUATE MEMBERS ISIDORO PAI ASIGUI PEDRO B. BASCOS ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors MIQUEL E. SAMONTE Juniors MARIANO V. RUIZ PIO S. MAT A SANTAGO Q. LABAKO ADItlANO P. OCAMPO CONRADO P. OCAMPO Sophomores FLORENTINO S. MARTINEZ FRANCISCO W. QUISMORIO Freshmen TORIBILO P. MARIANO CRISPIN B. MARTHA Quismorio, Martinez, Kuiz, Mariano, Lardizabal, Ocampo. Bascos, Labaro, Palasigui, Boot, Ocampo, Baquiran. Page 46 " Iowa Dames ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Austin, Bishop, Francis, Irwin, Lee, McAvoy, Metfessel, Palmer. Parks, Peusely, Trachsel, Travis, Yegors, Ward. ACTIVE MEMBERS Aitken, Albright, Alexander, Babc-ock, Bassett, Bent ' er, Blackburn, Bowser, Boreman, Boyd, Breukelman, Brinker, Christiansen, Coff- man, Conklin, Crawford, Cunningham, Davies, Davis, Devitt, Dunn, Entrikin, Entwisle, Fagau, Flickinger, Forbes, Ford, Foster, Gait, Graham, Greene, Guthrie, H. L. Hartley, R. L. Hartley, Herrick, Ilicks. Hoiige, House, Hughes, Hunter, A. Johnson, E. Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kilzer, Kohlammer, Langston, Leedham, Leese, Lewis, Lockliart, Liffring, Lowry, McAllister, McCord, Mcllnay, McNamee, Magee, Mariner, Mead, Miller, Morrison, Nelson Nixon, Norelius, North, Newkirk, Patty, Peel, Pennington, Phillips, Post, I ' rall, Prescott, Reichart, Roberts, Rodawig, Schrampfer, Shutt, Slinker, Smith, Soholn, Solbrig, Sorensou, Spencer, Steel, Stephens, Stevens, Stoy, Summers, Trimble, Tmnniel. Van Steenbcrsrer, Ware. Wells, Wheeler, Whitney, Winkel, Wirds, Wissler, Worstel. McXamee, Prall, Wirds, Kilzt-r. Brinker. Solbrig, Austin, Lee, Alexander. Hughes, Rodawig, Stoy, Patty, Gait. Houge. Reichart, Bassett, Aitken, Babcock, Sorenson, Guthrie, Ware. Trimble, Forbes, Prescott, Benfer, Jones, Entriken, Parks, Stephens. Page 468 Pillar and Chapiter OFFICERS HELEN MCOTY BERNICE MrMxRox MARY STRUB . . RUTH PORBIN President Vice-president. , . Secretary Treasurer M E M B E R S RUTH HCADLY FRANCIS NIBS SS ' HRAMPFKR GENEVA COLONY rtTTH CORE I N OMA GRAVES NELLIE JONES ISABEL LUNDVALL LEAH MILLER HELEN MOOTY ALICE MULRONEY RUTH MANLY ETHEL RICHE SARA SHULMAN MARY STRUB ELIZABETH VEURY BEATRICE ALBERT ALICE BEEMER RUTH BELL MARGARET BRDWNLEE ELIZABETH DENNY ANN FREY MILDRED JONES ANN KIMMEL ELMA KIRK JOSEPHINE LKHMBERO BE NICE MCCAIION MARIE MANDKRSCHIKD HELEN MEYER OPAL MARSHALL MILDRED PFARR MILDRED REID DOROTHY RYAN HOLLY SMITH KATHRYN SMITH VERONE HANSON MARY DEARBORN " RUTH MEYER LOIS TAPPIN ' Manley, Denny, Hiehe, Albert, Dearborn. Lehmberg, Prey, Manderschied, Kirk. Becmer, Jones, Pfarr, Meyer. Bell, H. Smith, Ried, Ryan, Tappin, Kimmel, Miller, Lundvall, Shulman. R. Meyer, McCombs, Strub] McCahon, Mooty, Corbln, Kyvig, Marshall, Hanson. Page 463 Women ' s Association OFFICERS BARBARA KITTREDGK MILDRED BECKER HARRIET OAMMACK . President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS DEAN ADELAIDE BUKGE NATALIE ALBREOHT MILDRED BECKER HARRIETT CAM MACK LORETTA CUSACK RAMONA EVANS DOROTHY OILLIS ESTHER HELMS HELEN IRWIN JANE JARNIGAN BARBARA KITTREDGE MARGUERITE MCCONKIK MARION MARKSH RUTH WILHITE , McConkie, Albrecht. Helms, Wilhite, Gillis, Irwin, Maresh. Jarnigan, Cammack, Kittredge, Becker, Evans, Cusack. Page 470 Dolphin Fraternity Founded at Del Pi-ado Hotel, Chicago, 1917 Established at University of Iowa, 1923 Number of Chapters, 22 DAVID A. ARMBRUSTER PAUL E. BELTING MEMBERS IN FACULTY WALTER R, F1KSELKR LOR1N H. GRAAF ERNEST O. SCHKOKDER FRANK A. ANDERSON HENRY E. JACOB ROBERT H. KILLKBRKW GRADUATE MEMBERS VICTER H. JONES ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors FRED W. KINO FRANK A. RISER C. MONTGOMERY STEWART IRVING B. WEBBER JOHN H. OSGOOD CHARLES M. WYLLIK EDWARD O. BABCOCK MERLIN I. CARTER THOMAS P. DAUOHERTY CORYDON T. FINN Juniors RUSSELL J. GOLDMAN DAVID H. LANDO EDWIN J. MARBLE WILLARD P. MARBLE JOHN C. MeCLINTOCK J. WARREN PATTIE ARTHUR C. SORENSON DONOVAN D. SLAYMAKER F. ROE WEISE FRANK W. ASHTON W. RALPH BENDER JAMES E. BRAT JAMES R. BELL JOE C. CROOKHAM SopUomorcs MAURICE J. CRUISE I.OK1.MEK A. GILJE AUGUSTUS KILLEBKEW HAROLD LARSEN WILLIAM H. KRAtlSK ARTHUR G. PETERSEN GEORGE L. TURBETT ALFRED H. WILSON MARVIN WRIGHT Marble, Jones, Marble, Simpson, Cruise. Ashton, Lando, Bell, Daugherty, Haugen, Bender. Roche, Pattie, Webber, Carter, Babcock, Turbett, Gilje. Page 471 American Society of Civil Engineers H. D. BLACK President .T. R. McGuiRE Vice-President B. E. CARLSON Treasurer R. B. MoCALLiSTEK Secretary McGuire. Black, Schmirkle, Flickinger, Handy, McAllister, Swanson. Harris, Benesh, Cain, McGuire, Richtex, Black, Snyder. Fiala, Bernstein, Comito, Brock, Myers, Schneider, Kunzman, Kft-ves. American Society of Mechanical Engineers W. A. ELLIOTT President A. I. HESS Vic? President F. C. SHINN Secretary Treasurer Swain, Mills, Lewis, Woodruff, Wheelon, Westenberger. Shkolnick, Elliott, Shinn, Furst, Hess, Vierck. Page American Institute of Chemical Engineers MARVIN J. REID President CHARLES D. LUKE Vice-President RAYMOND H. JEBENS Treasurer GRKOORY A. VINCENT Secretary " SVassom, Inpraham, " Lykins, Taylor, Myers, Vincent Unix, Jebens. Fople, Munroe. I.ukc Olin. Ki ' iil. Thomas, Donnelly, Martin American Institute of Electrical Engineers FRANCIS L. KLINE President JOHN T. JONKS Vice-President MARSHALL B. IIUHi) Secretary- Treasurer Wickham, Wertzbaugher, Olson, Christianson, Hicklin, Beotor, Jones Rosmovsky, Keldt, Weldy, Hurd, Kline, Jensen Heskett, Johnston, Mathis, Thomas, MacDougal Page 473 Associated Students of Engineering OFFICERS ALBERT GROTHKH President DREW MACDOUGAL Vice-President LESTER BENESH Secretary DONNELLY BLACK Treasurer MEMBERSHIP in the Associated Students of Engineering is granted to all students enrolled in the college. The purpose of the organization is to foster the various annual events of the college and to promote a spirit of close relationship between the undergraduates and alumni. It is under the direction of this group that the yearly Mecca celebration is produced. This consists of an entire week during which the college of Engineer- ing entertains, dances, hears several noted speakers, on various subjects related to the profession and produces the annual Mecca show. One performance of a musical comedy is given with students in the various roles, and all costumes and stage effects prepared by a committee of the various classes. Homecoming decorations on the top of the hill leading to Iowa Field are also under the control of this group. The publication of the Transit, the official organ of the college in which student and alumni writers present problems of local and national importance is supervised by the Association. MacDougal Benesh, Grother, Black Page 474 Student Nurses Organization ACTIVE M E M B E K S Senior.? KEOINA HAMILTON President PRANCES JOHNSON Secretary BEATRICE MERRILL ' . Treasurer Junior s CAROLINE KIIICHOPF President MYRL MORRIS ' . ' . ' . ' v i,. e -President MOLLIE METHER Secretary GERNIEYODE-. Treagurw Sophomores JEANETTE CHAFER ............ President VIOLA .SOHBNSON ....... Secretary VERA Treasurer F r c x h in e n MARIAN Toun MAR ;ARET HICKS President Secretary Treasurer Kirchhoff, Novingcr, Hamilton, Hermanstorfer Hoaclley, Cannon, Freeman, Jacobs, Chafer, Hoepner Page 475 Commerce Club OFFICERS LIGOURI T. FLATLET, President ( ' ECU, 0. BOLSINOEK Vicc-Presidcnt ALICE MULRONEY Secretary KuTiiMANLEY Trensinrr BEATRICE I,. ALBERT CHARLES ALEXANDER DAVID L. ARMSTRONG RAYMOND T. ASHLOCK RAY T. BATH HUBERT L. SEAL JOHN A. BEEMAN PAUL K. BERRY ARTHUR II. B1RNEY BERT BOKIIM HAROLD V. BLOCK CECIL C. BOLSINOER TRAVIS J. BUNN WILLIS E. BYWATER CLARK R. CADWELL FRANK E. CLARK HARRY E. COFFIE BERYL COTTINOTON JOHN F. COWNIE HENRY R. DAHLBEKG DON D. DAVIDSON E. KEN DELL DAVIS LOUIS DAVIS ELIZABETH E. DENNY LUCILE W. DROKE RICHARD K. ELLIS SHELDON FILLENWORTH CLIFFORD ' ,. FISHER HENRY W. FREE ANNE K. FREY RUSSFL C. GRAHAME ELMAR H. GABEL PAUL E. GALLAGHER WINIFRED H. GARRISON JOSEPH L. GARRITY JOHN R. GINGER ELI M. GOFF CHAIILES S. GRUSONIK ROBERT B. GULL ALLEN F. HAIGHT EARL T. HIGDON WILLIAM E. HOYT JAMES HYNIK DONALD C. JACOBSEN CLYDE B. KIVELL H. L. KLUG HENRY A. KNERR A. H. BRUSHOP CAHLYliE KUCHMAN MORRIS E. LAIRD WILLIAM M. LATTA JOSEPHINE A. LEHMHERG WALTER W. LEMKE L. D. LEWIS A. JOSEPH LINK ISABEL C. LUXDVALL RUBY Mf COMBS HENRY MACKINTOSH MARIE MANDEKSCIIF.ID RUTH MANLEY I). P. MATTES HELEX L. MEYER LEAH B. MILLER HELEN MOOTY CLIFFORD MOSS ALICE MULRONEY STANLEY C. NELSON GERALD E. O ' CONNOR SIDXEY E. OMOHUNDRO HUGO OSTBERG E. H. PICKET ' ! ' W. B. PARKS L. L PETKRSEN VIVIAN PETERSEN MILDRED PFARR C. D. REED MILDRED REED LEW RICHARDS ETHEL RICKE JOHN ' ROLLER MARTIN T. ROUSE FRANK C. RUBEE DOROTHY RYAN RAYMOND J. SCHAFKR CHAS. F. SCHICK KENNETH SENNEFF RAY W. SHEARMAN CARL SHELLABARGER SARA SHULMAX ROBERT SIBERT ROBERT W. SINCLAIR EVERETT E. SMITH KATHRYN KATHRYX SMITH VILFORD E. SNYDER SHFLDOX L. SPELMAN CAUL SPIES (i. E. STARK CHAS. F. STOUT GEORGE STRATHMAN GEOGK STRATHMAN STANLEY TANNER MILO J. TLUTSEY FRANCIS J. TOBIN VANCE W. TORRACE FRANK VOLTMER LEB C. WEBER HAROLD WETJSTEIX SAM TEL B. WHITING NICHOLAS E. WELTER CHAS. W. WILSON WILLIAM B. WELCH l.AVIXA C. WINKEL JOHN M ALLOY Bolsinger Mulroney, Flatley, Manley Page 476 Pi Epsilon Pi Founded at I ' niversity of Nebraska, 1920 Established at Tniversity of Iowa. 1925 Publication: Cockleburr Number of Chapters, 9 ACTIVE MEMBERS Junior PAUL FARNSWOKTH JOHN ' D. PALVEY PAULE L. MYHKE LYLE C. EH1K JOHN ' C. BLACKFORD JOHN T. MORRISON EDWARD K. ALLEN LYLE B. BR1TTON ERNEST A. WAGNKli DONALD If. OLSON KEKNAKD W. SHERIDAN JOF. N. WAUNER ROY P. PORTER CLAIRE D. SCHAAP Sophomores DONALD BAIRD CLYDE W. CORHIN liEORGE E. BISCHOPF CLYDE W. KUNING RALPH N. REDMOND WALLACE F. GOULD MAURICE J. CRUISE GLEN G. WORSELDINE DOUGLAS E. HUNKE FREDERIC A. SCHNELLER MAURICE H. SKYLES EDWARD T. VOLZ HOWARD C. WILLIAMSON HARLAN C. KITTLE BURTON A. MILLER BERNARD HESSE BLYTHE C. CONN RAYMOND T. KNUEPPEL KENNETH T. WILSON ROBERT L. PIPER HERBERT L. KILLIAN Mounce. Gould Blackfnrd. Sheridan, Brttton. Baird, Wilson, Morrison, Redmond Kitchie, Bischoff, Worspldine, 1 ' orter, Sclmeller, Palvey, Young, Volz Page 477 Le Monde ou i ' ou s ' ennuie By EDOUARD PAILLERON February 24, 1928 ' CAST Francois ANTON F. WEIR Lucy Watson KUTH McGovNEY Jeanne Raymond ESTHER MUELLER I ' anl Raymond JOHN BEERS La Comfesse de Ceran EDNA DERBY Pe Saint-Reault ROBERT FANER La Dut ' hesse de Reville MARGUERITE STRUBLE The Maid LUCLLE NELSON Roger de Ceran BAJIRETT FINN Suzanne de Villiers FERNE SOPPE Bellac JOSEPH SCHICK Mine. Arriego GLADYS BAKER Mine, ile Saint-Rcault MARGARET ANDERSON Mine. deLoudan RUTH E. MEADE Toulonnier EDWARD PAULUS Hi ' iieral ile Briiris SIDNEY PHILLIPS Baronno de Raines VELMA BOOKHAKT c.-iiac VERNON HOYT DCS Millets ROLAND MAACK EACH year there is presented under the auspices of the university French club and Phi Sigma Iota, national romance language fraternity, one pre- sentation of a French drama. Under the direction of Miss Elisabeth Con- rad, Edouard Pailleron ' s delightful comedy of the political salon was produced by a cast of nineteen. The play is not used as a part of the courses offered by the department but is a separate extra-curricular activity in which any person qualifying may partic- ipate. JIaack, Baker, Hoyt, Phillips, Meade, Anderson, Faner, Bookhart, Paulus McGovney, Wier, Mueller, Sehick, Beers, Derby, Finn, Soppe, Struble Page 478 . Iowa Union Board O F F I C E R 8 KMKKSON W. NELSON . WILLIAM T. UAOKBOECK President Secretary M E M B E R S HUFUS H. FITZOERALD, faculty advisor JOHN D. BEARDSLEY MERLE P. BRALEY FRANK E. BREENE WILLIAM T. HAGEBOECK WILLIAM M. LATTA EMERSON W. NELSON JOHN R. McGuiRE J. WILLIS MACY GEORGE W. VOUNO Breene, Braley, Young McGuIre, Latta, Nelson, Hageboeck, Beardsley Page 479 Home Economics Club OFFICEKS MARIAN AMBLAO President EVELYN BOSSE Vice-President MARIE OLSON Seeretsiry HKLKN KELLY . . Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors KSTHER MARY ISAACS KELEN KELLY LONA LITTLE HELEN MATTHEWS MARIAN AMBLAD MYRA BELVEL EVELYN BOSSE MEDA BKOWNLEE VERNA BRITTON MARY HIRKA MARY BRITTON HELEN CHATTERTON WILMA BAILEY CRACK STREADRY EVA UTTKHBACK CORA VAN BECK PERCY VAN ALSTINE Juniors ELIZABETH MILLER KATHERINE GALLAGHER ROSAMOND HANNAH DOROTHY JOHNSON (IKXEVIEVE II BADE Sophomores .IEAXETTE HEINRICII HERXICE HAGERMAN LYLE MAE MORGAN I1KI.EN PRUSAK Freshmen MAHG VAN OOSTERHOtIT ERNESTINE WARD SALOME WEISKIRCHER MARY F. WAIT MARGERY WARNER ETHLYN MfDOXAI.D ADA MILLETT MARIE OLSON IRENE SCIIl ' ESSLER ALICE WATTS EVADEA X E VA X DERHCRIi ANNE WHEELER HELEN WAITWORTH ALT A HARPER ill Ti B rflt Page 480 Swan Song tnP song is ended but the melody lingers on. " A year ' s work has been completed. And we present it to the student body with the firm hope that they will enjoy reading it as much as we have in publishing it. A review of the year ' s work would prove long and tiresome, not only to read but also to write. Suffice it to say that not all has been rosy; sometimes we have seriously doubted the much tooted silver lining that is supposed to be present in every cloud. For example we will remember for a long time the morning that we discovered that certain borders had been run in the wrong position. And how much figuring we did to make sure that the run was finally not wrong at all and it was just our own imagination. That was a morning! Then again another morning when we came down to work early and found a collection of the spiciest notes on our desk that anyone ever received. It all came about because we had " ditched out " the night before and had neglected to pre- pare copy for certain material that was to be printed late that night. It made us rather sore at first to think that we had been caught. And then the humor of the situation dawned upon us and the joke was too good to keep to ourselves. Needless to say the work was done and completed in record time. To say that we deserve credit for the entire publication is most decidedly wrong. Anyone who has been in the office at all during the year will remember a staff of freshman and sophomore assistants that wrote reams of letters, copied many copious lists and ran innumerable errands for photographs and copy. They were just as much a part of the organizati on as any of the heads of the various sections and to them goes a great deal of appreciation for the good work they have done. Then again, the men who did the " dirty " work on the book really ought to get some sort of a word for the final accomplishment. " Dinty, " the pressman, " Dick " and " Ed. " the men who almost had brain fever many times trying to figure out the scratches that were supposed to be pages; and those noble souls, the linotype operators, who worked long and hard setting peculiar looking manu- scripts into decent looking type they all were a part of the gang. And so, after it ' s all over and the work is finished, we want you to feel that although a few individuals directed the work of the publication, it really is the property of the entire junior class. It belongs to the class of 1929. If you have any criticisms or suggestions to offer, we shall be glad to receive them. And any expressions of appreciation will be referred to the committee on ways and means. Here you are we hope you ' ll like it and may the class of ' 29 forever live as one of the greatest in the li ' story of the University of Iowa. THE EDITORS. ' Page 481 I Page 482 In Mcmoriam JOHN HOMER CHITTY EVERETT A NDERSON There was a youth around whose early way ll ' hite aniiels hung in converse and sweet choir, Teaeliini in xu miner clouds his thought to stray, In fldinl nut! far horizon to desire. II ix life irax nursed in beauty, lik ' c the Ml ream Horn of clear showcrx anil the morning deic, ( ' OKI tiniler xnotc-clail summits where they gleam Forerer litre anainxt hea ven ' s orient blue. tl ' ithin the city ' s shades he walkeil at last, Ftiint and more faint in sad recessional Diiirn tlif dim eorridors of Time outworn, A chorus ebbed from that forsaken past A In inn of i lories fled beyond recall H ' ilh the lost Inii hts and s ilendor of life ' s dream. KKKUKK. Page 4SS Index A A. F. I. ACACIA ADMINISTRATION ALBRECHT, NATALIE ' ALPHA Cm OMKGA ALPHA Cm SIGMA ALPHA DELTA Pi ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA Psi ALPHA SIGMA PHI ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA Xi DELTA AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MF.CHANICAL ENGINEERS AM. MOMS, PAUL ANDERSON, GEORGE ARMBHUSTER, DAVID A. ASSOCIATED STUDENTS or ENGINEERING ATHENA ATHLETICS, HEN ' S ATHLETICS, WOMEN ' S B BALDWIN, BIRD T. BARRY, JUSTIN M. BASKETBALL B.U-CH. OTTO HAI ' MGAKTNKR, Al.BK.RT BKEBKK, FHKOERIC S. BEESON, RUSSELL A. BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK BEITER, HELEN JEAN BELTING, PAUL E. BETA CAM MA SIGMA BETA I ' m SIGMA BETA Psi BETA THKTA I ' l BOYD, HARRY E. BHEENE, FRANK T. BRESNAHAN, GEORGE T. BUICKLANJ . HAROLD E. BUOOKINS, CHARLES K. BI:O VN, RICHARD BUNKER,HAKKY S. Bi ' RGE, ADELAIDE L. 443 342 17 47 3! 0 437 396 429 438 3tis Sod 473 47:2 472 23 212 232 . ' ' . 207 229 313 31 231 253 4-2 237 23!) ..,.. L87 310 229 45] 436 374 324 i5 ' - 230 237 236 46 154 19 c CAMPBELL, LESLIE CARROLL, Louis F. CHI DELTA Psi CHI KAPPA Pi Cm OMEGA CHILD WELFARE CHIMES OF NORMANDY CLASSES CLASSICAL CLUB CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS COMMERCE, COLLEGE OF COMMERCE CLUB COMMERCE MART CONCORDIA CLUB CON TIN uo COKDKK, BLANC-HE L. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Cuoss COUNTRY CUHEL, FRANK J. CURRIER COUNCIL D DAILY low AN DAINE, HENRY W. DAVIDSON, DON DAVIS, RICHARD DEBATE, CAMBRIDGE DEBATE, FRESIIMAN DEBATK, ILLINOIS DEBATE, KNOX DEBATE, MISSOURI DEBATE. OREGON DEBATE, WOMKN ' s DEBATE, WYOMING DELTA Cm MELT A DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA DELTA SIGMA DELTA DELTA SIGMA Pi DELTA SIGMA Rno DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA TJIKTA Pm DELTA UP.SILON DELTA ZETA DENTAL PANIIELLENIC COUNCIL 1 IENTISTRY, COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY, FRESHMAN CLASS DENTISTRY. JUNIOR CLASS 22 213 370 360 400 34 180 117 440 460 20 476 226 463 454 31 466 293 44 456 158 237 26 24 212 218 213 L ' ] I 215 212 217 215 344 386 3S4 117 4:!!l 452 330 428 372 ,-.!i t 111! O ) 12 ; 12fi I ' at c 48i 9 ft vt 9 a a x a 35 IT n DENTISTRY, SENIOR CLASS DENTISTRY, FRESHMAN CLASS 1 tr.NTisTRY, SOPHOMORE CLASS DETOUR, THE DlSTELHORST, CAUL DRAMA E EDUCATION, COLLEGE or ENGINEERING, COLLEGE OF KXCIN-KKKING, FRESHMAN CLASS HvciNKEiiiNG, JUNIOR CLASS KN-(;INEF.RING, SENIOR CLASS Kxcix KERixG, SOPHOMORE CLASS KTA SIGMA PHI KVAXS, K ' AMONA KXTKNSION DIVISION FENCING KiKSKiiER, WALTER H. FILIPINO CLXTB FITZGERALD, EUFUS H. FLANNAGAN, JAMES FOOTBALL FORENSIC COUNCIL, MEN ' s FORENSIC COUNCIL, WOMEN ' s FORENSICS FRATERNITIES FRESHMAN PANHELLENIC FRESHMAN PARTY . FRIVOL FULLER, ESTHER G GAMBLE, WILLIAM O. GAMMA ETA GAM MA GAM MA PHI BKTA GERDKS, ERNEST GILLIS, DOROTHY GOUP GRAAF, LORIN H. (GRADUATE COLLEGE GRIFFIN, KENNETH E. GUSTINK, MARGARET H HAOEBOECK, WILLIAM T. HAVLIK, FLORENCE A. HAWK, CHARLES L. IlAWKEYE, 1929 fjTHEL B. Index 128 127 193 163 181 2!) 23 124 122 121 123 455 44 32 295 233 407 37 234 241 19S 199 210 321 376 223 160 42 20 426 398 Kil 45 289 238 30 233 305 159 239 238 166 239 IlESPERIA HESS, ALFRED I. HINES, DONALD T. HONOR SOCIETIES HOUGHTON, HENRY 8. HOWARD, HAROLD M. IN MEMORIAM INGWERSEN, BURTON A. INTER-FRATERNITY ATHLETICS ] NTER-FliATERNlTY BASKET1ULL INTER-FRATERNITY SOCCER INTER-FRATERNITY WATER POLO IOWA DAMES IOWA LIFE IOWA LITERARY MAGAZINE IOWA PANIIELLKNIC COUNCIL IOWA QUEENS IOWA UNION IRVING INSTITUTE J JKSSVP, WALTER A. JONES, EDWARD JONES, HENRY C. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS JOURNALISM, SCHOOL OF JUNIOR PROM K KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA BETA KAPPA DELTA KAPPA EPSILON KAPPA ETA KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA KAPPA PHI KAPPA Sum A KASSAK, WAYNE KAY, GEORGE F. KENNETT, CHARLES KIRWIN, CARL KOOP, THKODORK F. LAIRD, MORRIS LAMPE, M. WILLARD LANGDON, HERSCHEL LAUER, EDWARD 11. 208 162 236 442 21 234 480 230 298 :;oi 301 ' !! 9 ItiS 137 164 323 305 37 202 17 24 24 163 27 221 410 401 404 420 421 380 402 338 25 20 234 24 15S 20 35 211 32 Page 485 LAW, COLLEGE OF LAW, FIRST YEAR CLASS LAW, SECOND YEAR CLASS LAW, THIRD YEAR CLASS LIBERAL ARTS, COLLEGE OF LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY LINDER, FORREST LINK, ALMA LOXVKEY, AUSTIN M McGuiKE, JOHN M ARCIII, BRUNO G. McCo.xKiE, MARGUERITE .MARY THE THIRD MKAD, CHESTER I. MEDICINE, COLLEGE OF MEN ' s PANHELLENIC COUNCIL MEYERS, DENNIS MILITARY BALL M ILITARY DEPARTMENT MILLER, BARBARA MILLER, BURTON MONDE or L ' ON S ' ENNUIE MORTAR BOARD MOTT, FRANK L. MUM MA, MORTON C. Music, SCHOOL OF Music AND RELIGION N NELSON. MMERSON NEUM AN, ICLOISE NEWMAN CLUB Nu SIGMA Nu r SH;MA PHI NUMBER SEVENTEEN NURSING, SCHOOL OF o OCTAVE TIIANET OLSON, CAUL ORATORICAL, FRESHMAN ORATORICAL , UNIVERSITY ORDER OF COIF PACKER, PAULC. PATRICK, GEORGE T. W. Index Page 486 24 120 119 118 20 36 212 308 21 23 239 40 186 235 21 322 20 224 165 164 212 47S 442 27 166 28 175 43 311 465 430 434 191 31 209 22 211 211 44(1 29 38 PECK, CAM TON PHARMACY, COLLEGE or PHI ALPHA DELTA PHI BETA DELTA I ' m BKTA KAPPA PHI BKTA Pi PHI Cm PHI DELTA CHI PHI DELTA GAMMA I ' m DELTA PHI PHI DELTA THETA PHI Ei-siLONPi PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI KAPPA I ' m KAPPA Psi Pm KAPPA Kno PHI KAPPA SK;MA PHI LAMBDA UPSILON PmMu Pin OMEGA Pi I ' m HHO SIGMA Pin SIGMA IOTA Pm TAU THETA PHILLIPS, CHESTER A. Pi BETA PHI Pi KPSILON Pi Pi LAMIIDA THETA PICA BALL PILLAR AND CHAPITER POOH NUT POUTER, HOY P. PROFESSIONALS Psi OMEGA PUBLICATIONS QUADRANGLE COUNCIL QUADRANGLE SPORTS QUINN, LYLE T. R KEID, MARVIN J. HEISE, LEROY RELIGION, SCHOCL OF REPRESENTATIVES KHO CHI RlENOW, ROBERT E. RIFLE TEAM KUSSELL, HAROLD 25 25 427 304 444 432 433 435 200 425 332 356 328 348 326 366 358 453 408 388 431 458 464 26 382 477 448 225 469 189 156 4 lf 418 153 457 302 213 102 22 3.- 41 44! IS 171 23 . .. I e Index SAINT JOAN SCABBARD AND BLADE Sf-HBOEDER, ERNEST 0. SEALS CLUB SEASHORE, CAUL G. SEBOLT, ALICE SENIOR HOP SIEFKIN, GORDON SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHI SIGMA DELTA CHI SIGMA DELTA PHI SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA Nu SIQMA PHI EPSILON SIGMA Pi SIGMA Xi SIMMONS, ORVILLE SOCCER FOOTBALL SOCIAL COMMITTEE SOCIETY SOPHOMORE COTILLION SORORITIES SPORTS, MINOR SQUARE PEG STODDAKD, SANFORD STRATUM AN, GEORGE STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT NURSES ORGANIZATION STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BOARD STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. SUMMER SESSION SWIMMING T TAU BETA Pi TEETERS, WILBUK J. THETA EPSILON THETA PHI ALPHA THETA SIGMA PHI THETA TAU THETA Xi TOMPKINS, WlNSLOW TRACK TRANSIT TRELAWNEY OF THE WELLS 192 172 232 314 30 309 220 213 340 334 423 201 406 336 352 354 445 233 296 227 219 222 377 285 198 20 163 450 475 158 154 33 290 447 25 4(iO 412 424 422 346 21 261 162 188 TRIANGLE TTVOGOOD, POKHEST u UNION BOARD UNIVERSITY BAND UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA UNIVERSITY PLAYERS UNIVERSITY SINGERS V VAN ALSTINE, PERCIE VAN DOKEN, ORIE E. VCGEL, OTTO II. W. A. A. W WAGGONER BETTY Lou WALKER, EDGAR L. WEBBER, PKED WHITBY WICHELMAN, DKLLA WICKHORST, FRANK II. WiLfox, ERNEST II. WILLIAMS, CLEMENT C 1 . WILLIAMS, ROLAND P. WILSON, ERIC C. WILSON, RUSSELL WOMEN ' S ASSOCIATION WOMEN ' S PANHELLENIC WOODRUFF, GEORGE WORKHOVEN, HARRY WOKMER, GRACE Xi Psi PHI Y. M. C. A. Y. W. C. A. YOUNG, GEORGE YOUNG, RALPH ZETA TAU ALPHA ZETAGATHIAN X Y 362 47 479 170 179 182 178 43 170 231 314 306 236 213 20f. 307 235 28 23 23.1 238 27 471 378 23 22 36 411) 176 177 2. " 157 402 203 Page 48 " ; . .

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