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rok vco- .A.Vte“4 C °SP 4 .47 .ozaffifOIC ' l ' t ' zalavz 644,iteit mma - ()k kW) to cc■, .A Vtai:13, CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA: REPUBLICAN PRINTING COMPANY, PRINTERS AND 1897. 898 Tb iawkeye Volume VII To George Thomas White Patrick The Hawkeye Edited Annually By the junior Class State University of Iowa V- ,ft ' 1 hey are, tr Tii ,.deed, Ii it ' thA)-)row f) a, ' , I young t-re ' e, i and e kn. 1-0),i III vie with it- for a Yi .1,,t 1- fall s. l 4 (, ratedd le ' 4 1 ' , fl t A 4 ,1-- the le e(es in. i iv and ■Iii l , Ilk P tt ! are. never e aro ' Yu VI y !r4i, of 1, ore, fq „De ar e5y4Ffr Executive Board gllllil Leonard A. Swisher, Editor-in-Chief George H. Carter, Literary Edwin E. Hobby, Business Manager Assistant Literary Editors Jessie Robinson John Beardsley Assistant Business Manager P` " p Joseph M. Otto Department Editors Mary Lytle Maro Johnson Civic Editors V Fred A. Soleman Winston C. Osborn Military Editor Athletic Editor H. E. Taylor John C. Prall Alumni Editor Milfred Myers Art Editors Earl C. Saylor M. F. Clements Gertrude E. Preston Humorous Editors Ruth Paxson Edward H. Bond Ida E. Kriechbaum Otto. Clements. Johnson. Bond. Soleman. Hobby. Beardsley. Saylor. Lytle. Myers. Taylor. Kriechbamn. Preston. Robinson. Paxson. Swisher. Carter. Prall. Osborn. The State University of Iowa The Collegiate Department Four general and two technical courses. The Law Department Two years of nine months, degree LL. B. The Medical Department Four years of six months, degree M. D. The Homeopathic Medical Department Four years of six months, degree M. D. The Dental Department Three years of nine months, degree D. D. S. The Pharmacy Department Two years of six months, degree Ph. G. The Board ©f Regents His Excellency, FRANCIS M. DRAKE, Governor of the Member and President of the Board ex-Officio. HENRY SABIN, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Member ex-Officio. C. A. STANTON, Centerville. SHIRLEY GILLILLAND, Glenwood. W. R. MONINGER, Galvin. ALBERT W. SWALM, Oskaloosa. J. D. MCCLEARY, Indianola. F. W. MAHIN, Clinton. J. W. GARNER, Columbus Junction. ALONZO ABERNETHY, Osage. PARKER K. HOLBROOK, Onawa. HARVEY INGHAM, Algona. CHARLES E. PICKETT, Waterloo. Officers of the Board LOVELL SWISHER, Iowa City, - Treasurer WILLIAM J. HADDOCK, Iowa City, Secretary Collegiate Department .04 Faculty and Instructors CHARLES ASHMEAD SCHAEFFER, A. M., PH.D. , LL. D., President. Amos NOYES CURRIER, A. M., LL. D., Dean, Professor of Latin Language and Literature. SAMUEL CALVIN, A. M., PH.D., Professor of Geology. THOMAS HUSTON MACBRIDE, Professor of Botany. LAUNCELOT WINCHESTER ANDREWS, A. M. , PH.D., Professor of Chemistry. GEORGE THOMAS WHITE PATRICK, A. M. , PH.D., Professor of Philosophy. CHARLES BUNDY WILSON, A. M., Secretary, Professor of German Language and Literature. ANDREW ANDERSON VEBLEN, A. M., Professor of Physics. LAENAS GIFFORD WELD. A. M., Professor of Mathematics. CHARLES CLEVELAND NUTTING. A. M., Professor of Zoology. ISAAC ALTHAUS LOOS, A. M., Professor of Political Science. JOSEPH JASPER MCCONNELL, A. M. , Professor of Pedagogy. CHARLES BERARD VOGDES, Lieut. 1St U. S. Inf ' y , Professor of Military Science and Tactics. WILLIAM CRAIG WILCOX, A. M. , Professor of History. FREDERIC C. L. VAN STEENDEREN, A. M., Professor of French Language and Literature. •-••■••■•••■...•■•••■•••.•••••••••••••••••••••• ..... ••••••••••• • ALFRED VARLEY SIMS, C. E. , Professor of Civil Engineering. GEORGE ARMSTRONG WAUCHOPE, M. A. , PH.D. , Professor of English Language and Literature. LEONA ANGELINE CALL, A. M. , Assistant Professor in charge of Greek Language and Literature. CHARLES SCOTT MAGOWAN, A. M. , C. E. , Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. BOHUMIL SHIMEK, C. E. , Assistant Professor of Botany and Curator of the Herbarium. GILBERT L. HOUSER, M. S., Assistant Professor in charge of Animal Morphology and Physiology. HENRY F. WICKHAM, M. D. , Ass ' t Professor of Zoology and Ass ' t Curator of the Museum. JAMES ALLEN GILBERT, A. M., PH.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology. MRS. PAULINE KIMBALL PARTRIDGE, Instructor in Elocution. ARTHUR G. SMITH, B. PH. , Instructor in Mathematics. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SHAMBAUGH, A.M., PH.D., Instructor in Political Science. FRANKLIN HAZEN POTTER, A. M. , Instructor in Latin. GEORGE CRAM COOK, A. M., Instructor in English. GEORGE N. BAUER, B. S. , Instructor in Mathematics. HARRY GRANT PLUM, B.PH., Fellow in History. CHARLES HENRY BOWMAN, B. PH., Fellow in Physics. HERBERT C. DORCAS, Fellow in Pedagogy. DELIA S. HUTCHINSON, B. PH., Instructor in French. CARL SCHLENKER, Instructor in German. HARRY E. KELLY, B.P.H., Instructor in English. F. V. BROCK, A.B., Fellow in Political Science. C. H. VAN LAW, A.B., Fellow in Political Science. CARL L. ENDE, B.S., Instructor in LESTER T. JACKSON, A.B., Fellow in Chemistry. FRED D. MERRITT, Instructor in Mathematics. RUSSEL T. HARTMAN, C.E., Fellow in Civil Engineering. LOUISE E. HUGHES, Instructor in Latin. a , Class o ' 98 Officers President, - LEONARD A. SWISHER. Vice-President, RUTHANA PAXSON. Secretary, - S. JOE BROWN. Treasurer, H. E. TAYLOR. Sergeants-at-Arms, EDWIN E. HOBBY. ( JOSEPH R. FRAILEY. Class Yell Ninety-eight! Rah, Rah ! Rah, Rah I Ninety-eight ! Rah, Rah I Rah, Rah 1 Ruh, Rah 1 Ruh, Rah ! ' Varsity! ' Varsity I Rah, Rah, Rah 1 History F the purpose of a college is to prepare the for life then his career therein is a success only it develops those elements of character that his life worth the living, and the only history of class worth recording is the story of how it has tributed to each a share in his success and happiness. Its history, written, would be made up of a recital of those influences that make his school days a memory of joy, that bind him to his college mirth and sorrow with a host of memories that time can never efface. But its history is the unwritten—the unwritten story of the visible ties of association, of friendship, of love. Its richest pages live only in the silent depths of the heart, in the touch of life on life, of soul on soul, beyond the ken of the historian to know or to relate. Then why shall we recount the passing deeds of valor or of skill ? Tangible they are, indeed, and often have they brought us pleasure, at times e ' en tastes of glory. But why shall we recount them here ? True, we have been debarred from no avenue of college activity—no class is. If we have had defeats the world knows and we need not tell it. And why shall we recite our victories the world knows them? Or if it has so soon forgot why shall we recount them only to be forgot again? Neither, indeed, are they of themselves part or parcel in our history; they have place therein only as they form chapters in the infinite whole of the life of each individual. Chapters in such history are the earliest impressions as we met for the first time, our opinions of each other to form, our ances to make; the conflicts, the factions, and, as the heat of contest passed away, new friendships, true and fast, that shall never fade. The rush of memories surrounding our first social when each fought for the other and the girls led the fray; the social life what would bind us in unyielding ties to the past were it not for the sharing of experience, common pleasures and disappointments. But what shall we say of those whose footsteps shall never more resound in the halls where once they trod, whose voices shall never more be heard where they were wont to speak of those whom Death has called ? Who can picture the depth of sorrow as each summer one by one they have been called to the Great Beyond ? Dare you say that they are still not of our number, their lives not part of our history ? Dare you say that our history is coterminous with college days and that it shall cease when we shall have passed from these portals ? Did I speak of chapters in history ? There are no chapters in history. It is one unbroken stream rolling on ever wider and deeper as the years pass away. In Memoriam e LEONARD BLINN, Jr. ROY D. DUFFIELD EDITH LYLE BALE " Sometime, when all life ' s lessons have been learned And sun and stars forever more have set, The things which our weak judgements here have spurned, The things o ' er which we grieved with lashes wet Will flash before us, out of life ' s dark night, As stars shine most in deeper tints of blue ; And we shall see how all God ' s plans are right, And how what seemed reproof was love most true. " " God ' s plans like lillies pure and white unfold. We must not tear the close-shut leaves apart, Time will reveal the calyxes of gold. And if through patient toil, we wash the land Where tired feet with sandals loosed, may rest, When we shall clearly see and unde rstand, I think that we will say, ' God knew the best I ' " Junior Roll Theo. Anderson J. E. Balle William Lloyd Barker George D. Barth John Beardsley Jean D. Bishop Fred C. Blume Bertha Marie Blum Edward Harris Bond Samuel Joe Brown Nannie Grace Carroll George Henry Carter Park K. Chamberlain Joseph E. Clayton Mellville Fisk Clements Clyde Beryl Cobb May Belle Coldren H. L. Colony Edwin Grant Copeland William Hammond Eaton Martha Elva Emry Lucie M. Ensign Carl Eustis Joseph Robinson Frailey Jennie May Gabriel Clara Gonwick T. G. Harriman Daisy Eleanore Hatch Edwin Elmer Hobby Frank Hollingsworth Ora H. Horine Fred S. Holsteen John Bennett Hoskins Lloyd Howell Rena Hubbell Anna Centennial Huber Marcia A. Jacobs Maro Johnson Elizabeth Kearwille Mary C. Kelly Ida Elizabeth Kriechbaum Francis E. Lenocker Frank Lindeman Libbie Lodwick Mabel Howe Loring Minerva M. Lowman Ella Lukenbell Mary Lytle Lena McCurdy James Austin Mortland Justin Clarence Mullin Milfred Myers Della Francis Northey Charlotte Winston Osborn Joe M. Otto Ralph Otto Sharpe. Clements. Hatch. Saylor. Huber. Kelly. Taylor. Lindeman. Blume. Howell. Swisher. Beardsley. Carter. Swalrn. J. M, Otto. Osborn, Robinson. Soloman. Eaton. Brown. Lytle. Gonwick. aafantnn■ Willett. Hobby. Bishop. • Horine. Veblen. Rea. Eustis. Loring. Kriechbaunt. Myers. Prall. Lenocker. Paxson. Copeland. Clayton. Johnson. McCurdy.. Holsteen. Lowman. R. Otto. Gabriel. Weinrich. .• I 40110.=11111■1 A won6 " ) I r: " ..vr Ruthana Paxson Olney Place John Cornelius Prall Gertrude Elaine Preston George Morris Rea Hattie Riggs Jessie Robinson Earl Clarence Saylor J. J. Sharpe John Burton Shorett Ralph J. Smith Fred Armstrong Soleman George Elmer Stover Jacob Edwin Stover Wilfred N. Stull Ione Swaim Leonard Alonzo Swisher H. E. Taylor Oswald Veblen Fred Casson Weed H. P. Weinrich Grace P. Whitacre Wm. G. Willett LeRoy E. Young r 2PH2M2A0 c, S 11 ,. ..1■40111k.1110.N.fwaiiii.apattll Class of ' 99 eo4 Yell In S. U. I., Kola! Kolline 1 Summus Populi, Ninety-nine 1 Officers President, WILL B. CHASE. Vice-President, - - - KATHRYN W. WAY. Secretary, - - CHAS. 0. GIESE. Treasurer, - - CHAS. STARTSMAN. Historian, - - ERZA OWEN. 04 Athletic Association President—HUBERT CARR. Vice-President R. D. BLACKMORE. W. Loomis. Treasurer—M. L. CURTIS. Captain Track Team—W. B. CHASE. it i1jIIIII 1 I II( Hi rtis 1, " 101111114 II) 111 Ll(1 11100 IiI I . Class of 1900 Yell Rabbit-foot, Rabbit-foot, Ri I Ri ! America, America, S. U. I. Wily We, Wily We, All must be, for we Are the coming ones of the Century ! Emblem—A Rabbit ' s Foot. tt4 Officers President, - - NED REHKOKF. 1st Vice-President, MERTON FERSON. 2d Vice-President, - - MYRA BLOOM. Secretary, - - EDNA PAGE. Treasurer, - - BERNARD SCHMIDT. Banquet Committee Chairman, MERTON FERSON. LESLIE SW I TZER. ELIZABETH BOSTEDO. MYRA BLOOM. Law Department Fa culty CHARLES ASHMEAD SCHAEFFER, A.M., PH. D., LL.. D, President and Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence. EMLIN MCCLAIN, A,M., LL. D., Chancellor and Resident Professor of Law. SAMUEL HAYES, M.S., LL.B., Resident Professor of Law. _JOHN J. NEY, LL. B., Resident Professor of Law. JAMES A. ROHBACK, A. M., LL. B., Resident Professor of Law. Lecturers L. G. K INNE, LL. D., GIFFORD S. ROBINSON, LL. D., MARTIN J. WADE, LL. B., HORACE E. DE EMER, LL. B. L. C. RINARD, LL. B., Librarian. 3 Class of ' 97 Officers President, - Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, S ergeants- at-Arms, JAMES A. DEVITT. MRS. IDA ASHCRAFT. EDMUND PENDLETON. H. B. WALLING. 0. A. WAKEFIELD. U. S. ALDERMAN. T. MUGAN. Yell Y. I! Y. I! Y. I! X, C, V, I, I! S. U. I. Law, Law, Law! ' 97, ' 97, Rah! Rah! Rah! Colors Old Gold, Purple, Peacock Blue. Mi.••••=mas•••••••••••••••••••-rr,-..••••••,,•••••••••=,.... ,srfm••••••rmr•••rrn•aars ,,,,, ,,, ,,,,, ••••••••■•,- ,,,,, •• ••••••••••••••••••-,,,,,,— ...... • 4. • • • • •• ■•••••••1:Mtnanuznefir,11■2,:,,,,r134•••■■id Class of ' 98 Officers President, RICHARD R. Vice-President, MAURICE O ' CONNOR. Secretary, AUGUSTINE McGuIRE. Treasurer, FREDERICK J. HOAGLAND. Historian, CHAS. E. MATHER. JOSEPH H. MEYERS. Sergeants-at-Arms, THEODORE W. KLINGENBERG. History HOUGH not quite so large in numbers as some previous classes, the Junior Law Class, known as Laws of ' 98, no doubt view their own importance with the same complacency which seems to have been shown in such large degree by all law classes in the past, But self-confidence, if it become not self-conceit, is a necessary attribute of every good citizen. So we will trust to future years to prove this but one of our helps to usefulness. Coming from widely scattered homes, without acquaintance or concert of action, the history of the first few days, if attempted, would be almost of individual rather than class history. Some attempted to serve an original notice signed on their behalf by various Colleges and High Schools; others, including some said to have advanced far down the stream of time, after a preliminary hearing determined to Rohback and begin with the elementary ciples of law; others said, " Ney, but we will make a contract over this matter even though there be but the good consideration of natural love and affection. " Our meetings for class organization, after repeated interruptions from the Seniors, which enabled us to become better acquainted with them as well as with ourselves, were finally crowned with success at Close Hall. Not, however, until the Juniors, tiring of the continued annoyance, instituted habeas corpus proceedings which resulted in the entire discomfiture of our ' most potent, grave and reverend Seniors. " The Junior Law Literary Society was at once organized to furnish opportunity for the members of our class to display their talents in this direction, and the overflow occupied prominent places in the permanent societies, the Forum and the Hammond Law Senate. In the varied work to help make great the fame of S. U. I., we endeavor to do well our part. As our quota of the winning Foot Ball Team, champions of the Western Inter-State League, we sented Meyers and Coldren. In the inter-collegiate debate we present Moon and Hanson, confident that they will win laurels for themselves, for our class, and for grand old S. U. I. The presidential campaign of ' 96 found earnest workers in our class in support of each of the great parties, and on election day the class room was left almost exclusively in possession of the minors. However, election over, we continued our work and soon began pleading with Hayes who good-naturedly demurred to some unlucky wight who defended (?) his case by praying " that the plaintiff may go hence with his costs. " The last addition to our number was the second of fair Portia ' s successors to enroll with us, and the brilliant first recitation of Miss De Belle, of Georgia, was greeted with hearty applause. Thus near the close of our first short term, the roll of our membership is made to number evenly with the year--96. And now as we pause briefly at the first resting place in our course, I trust it is with higher ideas of law, its privileges and responsibilities and a stronger determination that no act of ours shall tarnish the fair fame of S. U. I. ,.....t••41,1-r i ,1,01 114{1■1.11.41. 7,1:7110.112: 044 1 nualnannanam- MP: I it Int:IMMWM21.11 1 McConnell. Kelly. Warner. O ' Callaghan. Hall. Trogden. Mather. Phelps. Lee. Sharp. Klingenberg. Yonkers Meyers. Liffring. Rollins. Larrabee. Sears. Morgan. Ink. Newbold. Wagner. Watt. Lewis. Smith. Long. Plum. Murphy. Watkins. Ashe. Bawden. Draper. Allen. Hardy. Bushyager. Hynduian. Green. Bronner. Coad. Dykins. Hilly. Barrett. Doran. Hull. Clements. Durbin. Bussard. Clark. Hilsinger. Crone. Faust. Holton. Joseph. Head. Baker. Berry. Dunham. Erickson. Grattan. Fuller. Gamble. Hoagland. Eversmeyer. DeBelle. Hendrick. Hughes. Hering. 1 " 411111011111111111{11111)1(,(10111 ' i ' i1 III111111111UI�III��1 111111111)1) ENT Medical Department Faculty CHARLES ASHME AD SCHAEFFER, A. M., PH.D. , LL. D., President. PHILO JUDSON FARNSWORTH, A. M., M. D., Emeritus Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. JOHN CLINTON SHRADER, A. M., M. D., LL.D., Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Diseases of Children. WILLIAM DRUMMOND MIDDLETON, A. M., M. D., Dean of the Faculty, Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery. LAWRENCE WILLIAM LITTIG, A. M., M. D., M. R. C. S., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, and Assistant to the Chair of Surgery. JAMES RENWICK GUTHRIE, A. M. , M. D., Professor of Physiology, and Assistant to the Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology. ELBERT WILLIAM ROCKWOOD, A. M. , M. D. , Secretary of the Faculty and Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology. JOHN WALTER HARRIMAN, M. D. , Professor of Anatomy. JAMES WILLIAM DALBEY, B. S. , M. D., Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology. CHARLES SUMNER CHASE, A. M. , M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. WALTER LAWRENCE BIERRING, M.D., Professor of Histology, Pathology and Bacteriology, and Curator of the Medical Museum. CHARLES M. ROBERTSON, M.D., Lecturer on Laryngology and Rhinology. MARTIN J. WADE, LL. B. , Professor of Medical Jurisprudence. GERSHOM H. HILL, A. M. , M. D., Lecturer on Insanity. . r,...,,-A,n,,,,Terwlmwq MMInail..7portrYntmunnrrzmrmtnnneemmtrmIlerent. xtoommiss■■•■ Class of ' 97 Yell Hi! Hi! Hi! Cure or Try ! Medics ' 971 S. U. I.1 Officers President, E. M. JOHNSON. 1st Vice-President, - C. B. ADAMS. 2d Vice-President, C. VAN EPPS. S ecretary, - GEORGE E. DECKER. Treasurer, W. S. BUTTERBAUGH. Historian, C. S. GRANT. Orator, J. G. MCALvIN. Sergeant-at-Arms, C. W. CILLEY. Class of 1900 Motto Forsans et haec olim meminesse juvabit. Yell S. U. I. ! Rip, Rah, Ree ! Medics, Medics 1 Century 1 Officers President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Poet, - - - - T. B. MORRIS. - - R. A. FELT. - - - G. OMAR SPEIRS. - - - W. E. LAMERTON. - T. J. MCCLASKEY. Class of 998 Officers President, Vice-President, Secretary, Historian, Orator, - C. E. WRIGHT. - J. T. C . -LINTOCK. DRUSSIE MCINTOSH. - M. W. BESORE. JAMES WALKER. ot. History S to our previous history 1 will be brief. We entered the Medical Department of S. U. I., September i8th, 1895, and finished the year in an honorable and creditable manner. e._ After enjoying (?) a six months vacation by plowing corn, splitting rails or rolling bandages for our preceptors, we returned for our second year, all fresh for another term of hard work. Then came the opening address. Everyone looked forward to this event with great pleasure, firstly, because they expected thing good from Dr. Bierring, and secondly, because they hankered for revenge on the ' Freshies " —revenge for the many ' passings up and down " that we received on the memorable day, September 8th, 1895. But we were disappointed. Not in Dr. Bierring ' s address, for it was a masterly effort; but in our plans for revenge. 6.elilsownmr-a--asanommmtrumm.... ... -1174:17.1,n11(2.:Z=11,19,11 Besore. Anderson, C. A. Briggs. Edmunds. Brownell. Hell, J. F. Arent. Fester. Hoxie. Habenicht. Ferry. Bean. Campbell. Davies. Gardner. Jorgenson. Frank. Gilkes. Kelling. Ely. Graeser. Fitz. Kearney. Baird. Bursma. Engle. Hull, H. C. Blake. Abegg. Farrell. Hovenden. Homer. Allen. Dwelle. Bowen. Anderson, F. F. Bauer. Parker.Peters. Richards. Simpson. Rogers, C B. Sigworth. Thielen. Soilenbarger. Noe.Lambert. Prouclfeot. Mecum. Nass. Macy. Wyland. Thornton. Walker, F. E. West. Moulton. Purcell Stanton. Rogers, H. C. Petermeyer. Wright. Kirkland. Willsey. McClintock. Pence. Sackett. Knudson. Snyder. Spiller Walker, I. Replogle. McIntcshM Kn . Somehow it leaked out that scrapping was " below par " this year, and, furthermore, very annoying to the patients (patience) which any member of the faculty might have. This put a damper to our feelings, and a few compulsatory exhibitions of dancing constituted the extent of our enjoyment. This does not mean that all life and enjoyment has been eliminated from our intermissions, for we still raise the roof with our class yells, and make both night and day hideous with our songs. Our college days are made up of long hours of lectures, long hours of study and short hours of sleep. For the benefit of anyone who anticipates entering upon a medical course, we would offer the following:— If you expect an easy time In becoming an M. D. , You had better use a thermometer In taking your degree. Anyone who is familiar with the victorious march S. U. I. has made in foot ball this year is also familiar with the names of Walker, Stanton, Brown, Gardner and Campbell, all members of our Medical ' 98. Their work this year has brought honor, not only to their classmates, but to S. U. I. in general. The Class of ' 98 has opened a new page in the history of the Medical Department of S. U. I. The organization of a society, whose membership is restricted to medical students, is a venture which should have the encouragement of every true lover of medicine. Although the society is now in its infancy, we hope before we leave it to have implanted in it sufficient strength to place it in the near future among the best literary societies of S. U. I. When this has been accomplished, we think the history of the Class of ' 98 will be long remembered. w ' T ...711 rso 7471 The New University Hospital On the opposite page may be seen the perspective of the new University Hospital. This splendid building brings great joy to the Medical Faculty, as it surely will to thousands throughout our state who will avail themselves of its unequalled facilities for treatment. This hospital is what the Medical Department has so sorely needed almost since its establishment as a co-ordinate department of the university. It has been repeatedly remarked of this department that it was little short of a wonder how it could accomplish so much and do its work so well with such obvious lack of adequate hospital cilities. What the department has done, practically without means of clinical illustrative instruction, is the best assurance of what it will be able to do with such a thoroughly up-to-date hospital as the new one promises to be. The hospital when completed is to cost about seventy-five thousand dollars; this is inclusive of its equipment and heating plant. It will accommodate without crowding about one hundred and twenty patients—with room for sixty or eighty more in case of emergency. In detail, the four open wards will accommodate fourteen patients each, and the four supplemental open wards will each have from four to six beds. The pavilions, in which the open wards are found, will also contain private rooms for five or six beds in each of the four suits. These, with the private rooms to be found in the Administration Building, will make the capacity as given above. It might be mentioned, also, that there will be provided in the roof-story of the Administration Building several comfortable and thoroughly isolated rooms for isolation cases. The arrangement of the clinical amphitheatre will be without equal in the West, its seating capacity being two hundred. The seated portion will be provided with a water-tight floor, making it possible to oughly flush the entire room, as the floor of the operating pit will be marbled tiling. The operating table will be beneath a large dome provided with screens for regulating the entrance of light. There will be two large sterilizers provided for both hot and cold water, set near the operating space. Beneath the floor of the seated portion of the amphitheatre, rooms will be provided for anaesthetizing patients, for their recovery, for private surgical operations, for surgical and general gynaecological work, for ophthalmological and otological work, and for general treatment. The surgeon will be provided with a private room and his assistants will have compartments for robing, etc. Thus, it may be seen, the hospital will have few equals and no superiors in its equipment for operating purposes. The basement of the Administration Building will be furnished with a suite of rooms designed specially for a " Free Dispensary, " to be open throughout the entire year. The foregoing, together with an elaborate and complete description of the culinary department of the hospital and the disposition of the help in the same, including also the compartments specially set apart for the matron, house-surgeon, trained nurses, students in training for nurses, etc., etc., would quite transcend the limited space at our disposal. Suffice it to say that architecturally and scientifically, as regards its arrangement and ap• pointments, it will be one of the best of the group of buildings now on the campus. - , = SIMMIMIERZILI:1.111i .... .......... MInr• ......... ..... Homeopathic Medical Department Faculty CHARLES ASHMEAD SCHAEFFER, A. M., PH. D., LL. D., President. WILMOT H. DICKINSON, M. D., Dean, Professor of Theory and Practice, and Clinical Medicine. JAMES G. GILCHRIST, A.M., M. D., Registrar, Professor of Surgery and Surgical Gynecology. CHARLES H. COGSWELL, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women. FRANK J. NEWBERRY, M. D. , Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology. and Paedology. GEORGE ROYAL, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics D. W. DICKINSON, M. D. , Assistant to the Chair of Theory and Practice. THEODORE L. HAZARD, M. D., Assistant to the Chair of Materia Medica. FRED J. BECKER, M. D. , Assistant to the Chair of Surgery. RALPH W. HOMAN, M. D. , Assistant to the Chair of Ophthalmology. etc. S. B. HOSKINS, A. B., M. D., House Surgeon. ADELE P. KIMBALL, M. D., Matron. 9.1.7,1111:111n nt.:17.=11,4••••••••••••,,,,,,..1. " .41.111-104.411.111119.12:M1 7.,..“9,6,11.1;37.iiiralEIMM.IMINIM, ”FitSi! FFWORFIENIMII Class of ' 97 Officers President, W. L. BYWATER. Vice-President, M. A. TAYLOR. Secretary, BERTHA S. LILLIE. Treasurer, L. W. STRUI3LE. Historian, E. E. SPEAKER. 04 Class of ' 99 Motto—Semper Yell Rah, Ree, Rine ! See Us Shine ! Homeops, Homeops ! Ninety-nine ! Officers President, E. P. RUGGLES. Vice-President, F. E. CALKINS. Secretary and Treasurer, C. R. UNKRICH. 04 Class of 1900 Motto —Keep Step with e.4 Yell Hoxie Moxie, Razzle Dazzle, Zip, Boom, Bah ! Homeops ! Homeops ! 1900 ! Rah, Rah, Rah ! 04 Officers President, E. A. MELTON. Vice-President, C. A. WATERBURY. Secretary, JOHN HOSKINS. Historian, W. H. BICKLER. Class of ' 98 Officers President, E. J. LAMBERT. Vice-President, L. H. SARCHETT. Secretary and Treasurer, Wm. A. KAUFFMAN. Yell Ene mene mini mop, Homoeo-Homoeop; Say now; Say now; Ain ' t we great? S. U. I. Ninety-eight Colors Old Gold, White, Nile Green. History Came to town a lot of students In the month of last September, When the Moon with yellow ochre Painted up her broadening features. From the north-west, from the south-west; From the southern land of flowers; From the Mississippi ' s valley; From the Iowa ' s fertile cornfields Came each one with trunks and boxes, Came with silver in their pockets. They have gathered in this city, In this town they ' ve come to study. They are Juniors come together; From their far off roof-trees came they; ria11.0171111.3M.M, •WM:717,,m.nnrtrs:m.rmnrar....nti,ntmlstraimmmoto PRI1=11.11111 Miller. Todd. Skinner. Lambert. Farnum. Kauffman. Sarchett. Wood. Bailey. Left behind their friends and sweethearts; Left their homes to live with strangers, That they learn of herbs and simples; How to cure and how to save men From the ills that do assail them. First to come was L. H. Sarchett, On a freight train from Algona. V. C. Todd, who spent vacation Selling windmills to the farmers In the shape of Jerry Simpson, Now relates us lengthy stories Of his girls and his engagements, And the people laugh and they say, " What lies you tell us. " Mrs. Bailey is a woman, Only one the class can boast of. She ' s a sweet and winning creature Whom some Senior should dispose of. From Rock Island comes our Skinner, He who owns the whole Hospital. Geo. B. Wood, alias Chauncey From Dubuque has come to join us. He it was who coined the saying, " For my horse I ' ll give my Kingdom! " E. J. Lambert has forgotten How he came in from Ottumwa, So we guess that it is better Not to press the matter further. Down from Whitten came Bill Kauffman. For a time he was at " Western, " But they couldn ' t stand him longer, So they sent him here to study. There ' s our latest aquisition, Last he joined us--E. P. Farnum. Wait a moment, now, for Miller. Yes, he ' s late but that ' s no matter, It ' s the way he comes to classes; " Better late " et cet ' s his motto, Which he follows to the letter. Of such men the Junior class is, Mighty men far famed for learning, Who some day will answer questions That will give them Senior standing, Now they ' re proud of being " Juniors. " 1 111■••■••••••-nrm,Ixrpao.•••••••■•••=a. • lb 11 )111 14111111111111 ' ,,, 1 0 ,11 ' • loill M U11,111 14X111 ' OP !mum r ' ' 11 moibilii 01111 Dental Department Governing Faculty CHARLES ASHMEAD SCHAEFFER, A. M., PH.D., LL. D., President. F. T. BREENE, M. D. , D. D. S. , Professor. W. S. HOSFORD, A. B. , D. D. S., Professor and Secretary. Faculty of Instruction F. T. BREENE, M.D., D. D.S. , Professor of Operative Dentistry and Therapeutics. J. W. HARRIMAN, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. W. S. HOSFORD, A. B., D.D.S., Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. ELBERT W. ROCKWOOD, A. M., M.1)., Professor of Chemistry. J. R. GUTHRIE, M. D. , Professor of Physiology. WALTER L. B I ERRING, M. D., Professor of Pathology, Bacteriology and Histology. CHARLES S. CHASE, A. M., M. D. , Professor of Materia Medica. J. E. FLEEN ER, D. D. S. , Lecturer on Special Therapeutics and Hygiene. C. C. NUTTING, A. M., Lecturer on Comparative Odontography. R. W. BALDWIN, D.D.S., Lecturer on Regional Anatomy. W. H. DEFORD, M.D., D.D.S., Lecturer on Pathology. 14.1,14.191:11.1:1.3.17,-.3.0.1,77,777413.11=31.114100•10-101441.0.0.,17M1,1, .-.......... . ..... WIWI.. 01.4.1:11.1.1:::1,1, .... •■■“.4,4411.•■•...“,..r.,..2....Mill,,TIMMIP. A. E. ROGERS, D. D. S. , Lecturer on Dental Anatomy. MULLIN, M. A., Demonstrator of Anatomy. F. B. JAMES, Assistant Demonstrator. W. C. CLARK, D. D. S. , Demonstrator of Porcelain Work. E. A. SPRAKER, Custodian. F. T. BREENE, M. D., D. D. S., W. S. HOSFORD, A. B. , D. D. S. , R. W. BALDWIN, D. D. S. , A. E. ROGERS, D. D. S., G. W. ESHLEMAN, D. D. S., C. B. LEWIS, D. D.S, , Demonstrators of Dental ELLA BASCHNAGEL, Clerk. Webb. McClanahan. Sutton. Teter. Rundortt. Torrance. Gary. Weikert. Ogg. White. Oldaker. Meis. Wells. Siverly. Miller, T. J. Reynard. Morrow. Rice. Miller, Penney. Watland. Wood. Specht. Sensibaugh. Starbuck. 41111.1 Class of ' 98 Officers President, - G. T. Hoop. Vice-President, J. H. PA-ETON. Secretary and Treasurer, F. N. BEAM. ( C. L. HAYES. ( C. FAWKES. History N September of 1895 one hundred and twenty-five k‘1 representative young men and women of the United States and one sister nation, Mexico, left their various homes to attend school at S. U. I. with dentistry as their choice of a profession. The fact that this was the last class to escape the extension of the course to nine months a year probably accounts for the large number. At all events, it was the largest Freshman Class in the history of the department. Soon after entering the University the class saw the need of organizing and so a meeting was held and H. D. Keeler elected president, and May Reynard, secretary. This brought order out of chaos and we were now fairly started on the toilsome path of the Fresh man. Historians, Lindsay. Hollenbeck. McClelland, F. Brown, S. C. Leigh. Hall. Lambert. Weymouth. Hackett. Lanning. Westcott. Hatmnons. Kuip. Johnson. Godlove. Lillibridge. Grafton. Hope. Hayes. Henle. Lawrence. Hixon. Joslin. McKee. Hood. Kinsley. There was the prosthetic laboratory work with all its trials and tribulations, and if ever a species of the " genus homo " was guilty of possessing teeth which looked like some we carved out of those hickory sticks, it must have been in the Prehistoric Ages. After we had chiseled out three beautiful tusks we were set at crowning them with brass and then it was we learned that the trials of a dental student had only begun. The brass-crown degree proved a veritable " slough of despond " and the unhappy and unsophisticated youth far away from home and loved (one)s, and surrounded by the temptations and pitfalls of College life soon came to know that " pits " were the bane of his life. Did we study? Mostly. The fact that we accomplished in six months what the present Freshman Class will in nine proves this, and when finally we came to the " pass " that intervenes between the Freshman and Junior years, we " rode " triumphantly through into the paradise (?) of a Junior. That the class possessed athletic material was soon demonstrated to the sorrow of the Freshman Medics by defeating them in a game of base ball, proving that it is deeds not words that count. A basket ball team was also organized in the winter. In the spring one of our number won the bicycle races, and at the fall field meet several in the class were plucky enough to try for the cup, and won twenty and one-half points, taking third place out of the six classes entered. At the beginning of the winter term officers were again elected, C. L. Hayes being elected president and Miss Hirons secretary. Such, then, is a brief history, (unprejudiced of course), of the class ' ' up-to-date. " The future is hidden. But certainly a brilliant professional career awaits it. May we " scale " the heights of fame, " fill " in our spare moments with " golden " deeds which will " bridge " over the rough places in our path and at the close of a useful career, after " extracting " from life all its joys, be " crowned " with the laurel wreath of victory and success. Brock. Brown, C. H. Countryman. Frear. Darnell. Crandall. Deetkin. Bradley. Barrera. Fickes. Dillinger. Davis, J. M. Brooks. Truax. Hirons. Eichar. Calhoun. Eaton. Bingham. Gary. Furry. Davis, W. A. Fawkes. Patton. Keeler. Frear. Eickelherg. Crowley. Barry. Daugherty. Beam. Class of ' 97 Yell Dents, Dents, Dents I Hi, Hi, Hi Ninety-seven, S. U. I Officers President, RAY SMITH. Vice-President, ELMER KENNEDY. Secretary, R. E. SCROGGS. Treasurer, W. 0. HASEK. Class of ' 99 Yell Dents ! Dents ! All in Line ! S. U. I. Dents, Ninety-nine ! None Can Haze Us ! None Can Phaze Us ! S. U. I. Dents, Ninety-nine ! 6 ,4 Officers President, J. J. BOOTH. Vice-President, C. J. REINFRED. Secretary, MRS. ADA SWAIN. Treasurer, W. H. WILSON. Department of Pharmacy Faculty CHARLES ASHMEAD SCHAEFFER, A. M., PH. D, LL. B., President. EMIL L. BOERNER, PH. G. , Dean, Professor of Pharmacy, Director of Pharmaceutical Laboratory. LAUNCELOT WINCHESTER ANDREWS, A. M., PH. D., Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Chemical Laboratory. THOMAS HUSTON MACBRIDE, A. M., Professor of Pharmacognosy, and Director of Microscopical Laboratory. CHARLES S. CHASE, A.M., M. D. , Professor of Materia Medica. BOHU MIL SHIMEK, C. E., Professor of Botany. E. W. ROCKWOOD, A. M., M. D. , Lecturer on Toxicology. CARL L. ENDE, Instructor in Chemistry. LULA BEALL JESTER, PH. G., Assistant in Pharmacy. GEORGIA KNAPP, PH. G., Assistant in Pharmacy. 5 Class of ' 97 Officers President, N. P. MEAD. Vice-President, ZADA COOPER. Secretary, F. A. Kocii. Treasurer, W. A. HARVEY. Reporter, E. W. MAGEE. e t Colors Old Gold, Lavender, Peacock Blue. Yell Ho! Hol Ho! Hi! Hi! Hi! Pharmacy, ' 971 S. U. I.! Class of ' 98 Officers President, - H. A. SOUTHWARD. Vice-President, - W. H. TISDALE. Sec retary, - - - N. A. GEARHART. Treasurer, - C. H. MUNSON. Historian, - - J. A. CLARK. Sergeant-at-Arms, - D. C. PRADER. Class Yell Razzle I Dazzle ! Hobble 1 Gobble 1 Tsi 1 Boom I Ah 1 ' 98 Pharmacy, Rah 1 Rah 1 Rah! History of ' 98 EARKEN! all ye who would be wise, as the message is borne on the wings of the evening zephyr from the oracle of the past. With vials and bottles well in hand, Before the world we ever stand; We are a jolly, jovial band, The Class of ' 98. The remarkable class of which we speak, in accordance with custom, paid their tuition and began the task of separating something from nothing early in September of ' 96, but not until Dean Boerner, whom all the boys love second only to the girl they left behind , had given us a goodly share of paternal advice. At our first meeting nothing of extraordinary importance occurred. The officers chosen were men especially qualified for the several high positions to which they were elevated. Every officer of the class has many reasons for thanking the lucky star under which he was born, and the effulgence of a very powerful intellect which guided and so directed him as to persuade a class of such fine shades of understanding and of such scrutinizing ability to choose him from among forty young men, all of whom shine in society as ethereal lights passing through space of unknown worlds. " Nitor in adversum " is the motto of this august body. Well does each member of this class know that the world is standing with open arms to receive him (or her); that every member of the class will be borne to success on the shoulders of shouting multitudes goes without saying. While the writer in this feeble effort attempts to give you an idea of the merits of the several members of this class; still it is not until the recording angel of Gabriel shall have dipped his pen in the dancing sunlight of wordly affairs and on the golden pages of the eternal book inscribed the great and heroic deeds of this class that it shall all be known. Fate, guided by the wisdom of the past ages, well knew that an approach to perfection is not perfection; that the nearest to pletion is not completion; that the elements of success do not make success without woman, and placed in our midst one of the fair and gentle creatures. Hinchman. Faris. Pohle. Tisdale. Scheu. Royer. Cobbs. Spear. Prader. Strayer. Munson. Roberts. Tague. Bernhardt. Pfeiffer. Mercer. Wiese. Gossman. McFerrin. Gearhart, N. A Nixon, Beard. Gearhart, J. C. Farrand. Philipp. Southward. Park. Greiner. Owens. Brinton. Carr. McGrew. Tones. McLaughlin. Clark. White. Sigworth. Steffen. AG I 1.11.C112:190i i Zet agathian Society 04 Officers Fall Term, 1896 President, E. G. MOON. Vice-President, B. C. RESSER. Secretary, S. J. SAYERS. Treasurer, WESLEY HOLT. Members F. W. Beckman, H. E. Coad, L. L. Moody, P. C. Myers, G. M. Rea, H. W. Hanson, M. W. Williams, C. E. Hewitt, M. J. Miller, F. Hollingsworth, J. W. Ham, R. E Summy, R. B. Crone, J. J. Sharpe, G. D. Barth, A. J. Burge, A. P. Spear, Roy Hanson, B. F. Thomas, C. W. McCord, F. C. Ensign, C. F. Kellog, H. H. Lancaster, G. E. Lovell, G. H. Fletcher, M. L. Ferson, Frank Wells, D. B. Churchill, S. J. Sayers, James O ' Connor, M. K Buzzard, Walter S. Secrest, C. 0. Giese, A. Bailey, J. F. Ogden, R. R. Rea, C. V. Page, G. A. McElroy, Oswald Veblen, B. C. Resser, F. S. Hoisteen, E. G. Moon, F. T. Simmonton, C. E. Giessaman, Wesley Holt, F. A. O ' Connor, C. E. Bowman, W. B. Brush, W. M. Plum, W. H. Keever, W. Armstrong, R. D. Ogden, R. G. Popham, E. G. Mearl Clark. Ensign. Thomas. Speers. Barth. Crone. Ham. Miller. Williams. Rea, G. Moody. Fletcher. Lancaster. Veblin. Ditzen. Myers. Hewitt. Hollingsworth. Burge. McCord. Beckman. Wells. Page. Holsteen. Goad. s Hanon, H. Sunnily. Sharpe. Hanson, R. Kellogg. Sayers, Plum. Bowman. Holt Simonton. Moon, E. G. Resser. McElroy. Rea, R R. Bailey. Lovell. Clark. O ' Connor, J. Giese. Copeland. Person. Bussard. O ' Connor, P.A. Popham. Armstrong. Ogden, J. F. Churchill. McCalvin. Ogden. Reever. Brush. Geeseman. 0 , ■, 1° 0 lr .4 °°)))); Dr ' ■?P . o 0 ' 0 I ( ' 0 ) ,,, 2_,))))0-,,- 0 . ------:---.- 0 y ,oe CL ' ' ' ow — A,T,tipi 1 .___ 0 e 0 (-------„--, (L) g 1 i I , 0 1 (I ii (3, (7- I ' ' ti ) tl; .i O ( ' (---- O 4 0 , 1 , --,-, 1. L 4 0 II 0 I G ' s ' 1 N--:-- 0 .... •–• ,•,■ h2-f. ' ,C. 1, 42‘ ? 0 , M ' . ' -----..` I . VI __. N . ' 1 - Ji) j) " .:,, " -_-- ' - ' _; ' - ' ,.- -- " ---, ' - ' ---t-=---,-- "

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