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1975 ORACLE INDIANA CENTRAL COLLEGE INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA VOLUME 56 .lV.hw...s,; .,. Mkwk$y 1 H. Jungwx'uJJ m L ,u M... s In ....l.'.f.l .I.I . 1 A Quinta!!! Do Something And Be Somebody Before IVs All Been Or Before IVS All Been Done. We Enjoy Observing the Things of Nature, Whether They Are Touched Only by God . . . . . . 0r, Maybe, Altered Slightly by Men. Regardless of Weather, We Move on . . . We Advance- We J oke We Relate. There Is Work, T00- Tedious, Tiring Work. There Are Frustrations And Rough Spots And Pressures. g; 779', y WEN??? w Yet We Are Thankful That, In a Personal Way For Each of Us, There Is an Excape- A Camouflage. We Entertain, and Are Entertained; We Create, And Are, In Turn, Created. l7 Many Take on New and Different Roles, And Those Who Do Not So Are Still Content To Observe and Learn from 9 These 6Temporary People . . . . . . Until a Time Comes When We All Must Take on Our Final And Most Important Role In Life. 20 New faces coming on the scene; old faces reappearing; a blur of activities from football to food to fellowship. All of these are signs of a certain .time of year the beginning of school at ICC. Soon a more quiet atmosphere will settle over the campus as classes begin, but for now we are into the season of moving in. Welcome to I.C.C. , :E;iaiia ?: We Were Together on a Cold Brown County Day liWe must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aids but by an infinite expecta- tion of the dawn which does not forsake us in our soundest sleepy -eHenry David Thoreau People seem to have a built-in desire to get back to nature . . . to return to Godis Country. And each person has a different way of achieving such means. Some, like Bruce Jones, make it an everyday affair while others, like the ICCiers that gather at Brown County State Park for an afternoon with Mother Nature in mid-October, look upon it as a special occasion. Brown County Day, with its numerous activities, eats, and exploration of Naturels autumn art festival and the simple abode that Bruce has made his own, are only two ways of showing that there,s a little bit of Thoreau in each of us. ABOVE LEFT Ken Granger and Paula Gribben frame George Arndt beside the parking lot as the IC students arrive on a chilly October day. CENTER Rod Pawlik, Sue Geiger, Dave Wood, and Jeff Davis pull for the sophs in that annual feature, the tug-of-war. RIGHT Bruce Jones stands casually in the midst of his own private Walden, located near Martinsville. ABOVE LEFT Hey, Pete Noot! DonR fall off!" ABOVE RIGHT Happiness, for Eric Olson, is an outdoor lunch with a good friend. ABOVE Two of many impromptu football squads meet in a friendly CO scrimmage. 23 Presidenfs Ball: 6I Could Have Danced All Night!9 Alumni Telethon: 6I Could Have Talked All Night!9 25 32 x .1 hvvmwxnx i... .22 K , w ax SQFRC$ $ 3Qz$xxilly 33 Seniors M. Elaine Ban- Linda K. Barrick Jeanne L. Bastin Lloyd D. Baugues Cynthia L. Bossingham Thomas Bromstrup Ronald R. Brunet Lynn M. Canterbury John L. Chastain Glenn Richard Chew J anette F. Chittenden Glen S. Clarkson SPECIAL EDITORS NOTE: The senior pictures of Doug Beckman and Terri Chattin were lost in the mailing of this Senior section in June, 1975. The entire section was redone with the studio duplicates. The oracle regrets the loss of their senior pictures. William R. Cochran Cynthia L. Coffee Andrea Constantine Carolyn Cosby Richard A. Cumberworth William S. Davis Sarah J. Drake Thomas L. Elett Linda S. Elmore Larry D. Emery Jeffrey A. F armer Barbara A. Fengya Sue Anne Ferguson R. Andrew Findley Phillip B. Fisher Deborach S. Foxx Karen S. Friend Sheila K. Gilmore L. Eileen 0055 Elizabeth A. Cross Christine R. Hackman Gary L. Hall Ronald L. Hall Elizabeth Harding Daniel L. Haskell Margaret L. Haverstick Janet Heidenreich Kathleen L. Hoagland Jolene S. Hochstetler Paul Horne Linda M. Howe Lynn D. Hullinger Susan J. Humbarger David L. Ivory Janis A. Ivory Myra R. Jackson Moira T. Jacob Richard Jeffords Rosa L. Jennings Janice K. Johnson Bruce G. Jones Marlene J. Joseph Kay Kirkpatrick Robert T. Lambert Douglas A. Land Patricia Lawler Fred Lawrenz Janice L. Lesniak John P. Liles Marilyn Lindstrom Penny L. Locke William F. Lockman Kenneth Low Jacquelynn Lugar June A. Mack Gary S. Mahon Stanley W. Markle Roger W. McClain Marquita L. McCloskey D. Martin McDaniel Valerie K. McFall Denise K. McKenzie Vicki L. McKnight Cynthia L. Miller John J. Mitny III Dennis C. Moran Janet K. Musselman Patricia L. Neddo Jill A. Newcomer Randall E. Patee Megan P. Price Barbara A. Pritcheu Jeffrey A. Rabourn Timothy A. Rasmussen JoAnn Richey Randal R. Robertson David W. Rodebaugh Jeffrey J. Rogers John Thomas Rothrock Marilyn J. St. Clair Robert L. Sachs II John M. Schattner Candice L. Schmitt Sara Terri Shady 41 Lewis E. Smith Linda C. Smith Marcia G. Smith Sandra S. Smith William E. Southard III Deborah J. Stanley Daniel E. Starkey Susan K. Stone Richard A. Stove: Michael E. Strycker Dennis R. Stutler Barbara J. Stutz W. Joan Sudduth Richard A. Swengel Terrence L. Taylor Katherine Toon Nancy A. Tucker H. Wayne Tucker Richard W. Turley Joy K. Tweed Linda J. Tyson Dennis A. Van Emon Daryl W. Warren Eric V. Weaver Dale W. Webster Jane L. Wells Joan S. Wells Gary E. Welmer Steven E. Wheatley Jefferey 0. Whitman Dale V. Widolff Suzanne C. Willey Lisa M. Wineinger Rebecca J. Winkley Doris J. Winton Douglas E. Woessner Beth A. Wolfe Cathy R. Woods Dorothy Wright e1, 42$ William 5. Wright Robert D. Yount Donna C. Adair Carol Sue Alexander Tedi P. Alexander Susan H. Amrhein Sue A. Bastin Blenda A. Basye Deborah J. Benll Josephine H. Beeson Dona Lee Boling Cynthia A. Bradley Constance A. Branden Cynthia D. Brown Judith K. Broviak Mary Kay Bruns Fayetta K. Burcham Sandra L. Cameron Gena L. Canfield Jeanne Carifi Rhonda J. Carr Margaret S. Chapman Yim S. Chung Vicki E. Clarkson Cathy J. Clodfelter Linda L. Crawford Richard D. Cunneen Deanna Davis Marina K. Divan Lynn M. Duzan Sheri L. Ferguson Judy K. Finney Joyce E. Flaherty Joyce R. Flueckiger Ann Marie Ganner R. Susan Geiger Eileen F. Coley Cynthia K. Green 48 Bertha H. Gunyon Pamela K. Hardacre Alice J. Harvey Lee Ann Hayward June A. Hensley Barbara L. Herbster Peggy L. Hodgin Daryl L. Hood Victoria D. Hull Deborah Jamison Susan P. Jeffs Catherine F. King 49 Jennifer S. Kraft Ruth J. Krzyzanowski Jane E. Lammers Carla Lauck Mary Jo A. Lauck Cecilia L Love Ann L. Mackell Ellen Beth Manion Sharon E. McDonald Kathy F. McKinley Denise A. Miller Debra K. Miscoi Suzanne Mohr Susan C. Moore Brenda I. Newell Judith J. Rasche Mary Pat Rigney Marla A. Rybolt Nancy M. Schell Deborah L. Scott Janet L. Shanks Janet A. Smith Diana L. Soule Susan J. Strimple 51 Cynthia A. Surber Kittie L. Theobald Vicki Jo Thomas Deborah K. Van Peeren Paula J. Verderosa Susan 0. Wallace Kathleen M. Waugh Elizabeth A. Williams Sharon L. Wissing Kathy Lee Wooten Nancy Zuidema Marcia J. Brewer Susan L. Kappes Candace S. Wuethrich 54:, b t H3$uv hhnwwwv v.9 Among many different athletes at IC, seven students move about doing their work. One man works exactly, carefully and scientifically, treating the injuries of athletes who have come to trust him above any other doctor there may be. Six ladies stand out from the rest of us to show an amazing, near-limitless enthusiasm for the Greyhounds, and they make sure that we know where and when we play next. To trainer Chuck Smitha and the 74-75 Cheerleaders - Peggy Bastin, Joyce Burton, Penny Locke, Tina Renihan, Lynn Duzan and Susan Strimple - we dedicate this yearhs sports section. Golfers Second in Soggy Conference It began with DePauwhs selection as the ICC representative to the NCAA final tourney at Tampa, even though we were the defending Conference chimps . . . Fired up, we finished se- cbnd behind Franklin in the Butler Invitational . . . Winning the Evansville Invitational, but falling to fourth in our own tourney . Behind Butler at the St. Joseph,s tourney, we were not figured to make a run for the title - but we did . . . - . , 4h 53:... At DePauw on October 14, we came '. "aw; from dead last to take second, 15 strokes behind Butler e- the begin- min of a fantastic IC 5 orts ear. , g p y Fantastlc freshman Rob Nelson and steady vets Bob Nichols and Dave Sanderson display their team awards as head coach Ken Partridge looks on. The Greyhound golfers, led by various members in the various tour- head coach Ken Partridge. ROW 2 - Rob Nelson, Dave Baril Bill Stead- naments, enjoyed a come-from-behind season success which became the man, Gary Martin, Mike Starkey, Doug Jones. Not Picthred - Jim norm for our All-Sports Trophy contenders. From left to right, ROW 1 - Arlington. Dave Gable, George Wilson, Dave Sanderson, Mike Morgan, Bob Nichols, The ICC champs pose proudly - and with a season like they had, why shouldnht they? ROW 1, from left to right - Dan Hicks, manager Dennis MacNulty, Gary Atwood, Rick Stover, Dave Rodebaugh, Dale Webster, Hard Work Pays Off As Greyhounds Capture Conference Cross-Country Title They racked up a 4 win, 1 loss dual meet season and copped two firsts and two seconds in six multiple-team tourneys . . . Still, most writers had them tagged to finish somewhere in the middle of the ICC pack up at Valparaiso . . . On November 2, Stover finished fifth, Atwood sixth, Scheele twelfth, Davis fifteenth and Brewer' seventeenth . . . With aid from Webster and Rodebaugh, the championship came to IC for the third time . . . A trip to the Nationals in Springfield, Missouri, resulted. . .Alot ofsummer and fall running paid off - and how. LEFT - Dennis Scheele, like Rick Stover. Kent Graham and many others, really bore down in training for a title. Steve Davis, Steve Tdrner, Dennis Scheele. ROW 2 - Jeff Whitman, Dave Cutshaw, Jeff Davis, Ken Campbell, Jesse Trueblood, Kent Graham, Mitch Ankenbauer, Bill Brewer, head coach Bill Bright. 57 What seemed like a flood of all- state freshmen greeted the coaches and returning veterans in August . . . A lot of rebuilding on the lines, and the freshies figured in very im- portantly . . . Fred Eisner and Dale Widolff, at fullback and center, show- ed their stuff after injuries sidelined the mainmen, Montgomery and Gardner . . . An 8-6 win at Findlay . . . Dick Nalley hit Tim Rickerd with a TD pass that had been an attempted field goal, and South fell, 13-0 . . . Wabash falls. . . Mike Mills becomes an emergency defensive end and winds up an all-conference man . . . Homecoming and Frnaklin falls, but Evansville drops the Hounds, 28- 20 . . . Shouts, tears, sweat, and recognition in the Butler Bowl, as a prevent defense doesrft and the Bulldogs barely escape as Top Dogs, 29-26 . . . DePauw conquers us on the road, and we take it out on out- classed St. Josephis, 28-12 . . . We gain the upper hand at Valparaiso, but when tempers heat up the Crusaders steal away the season closer . . . Vance Stratton seems to be a sur- prise choice for the all-ICC team, since most fans fail to observe his brutal effectiveness on the line . . . The frosh: Kirkman, Geffert, Lanie, Vleck, Sark, Zupancic, Pitman, Peters, Williams . . . And the title dream still burns, demanding satisfaction next year. On the Gridiron, Greyhounds Set Records Tim Rickerd etched his name in the IC records with a 39-year field goal kicked against Evansville. Here, he hammers home an extra-point attempt against South. Injuries hurt in various ways. Below, view a pained Glenn Howell, victim of a broken bone while at defensive end against Wabash. Later, cast and all, . . . But Tie for Fifth Quarterback Rod Pawlik destined to be one of 103 greatest signal- callers, had 204 complete passes in his first three years - and hehll have one more chance to expand that new record. He was, as shown here, in command of the play which seems to be CentraPs trademark - the triple option. . . . he must sit on the sidelines with another broken foot buddy, halfback . . . as the healthy ballplayers, like defensive end Bill Willan, charge into Ralph Hayes, and watch . . . the exciting action. Like the storm after the calm, the animal in flanker Mike Hurley explodes . . . after head coach Bless, Pawlik and Eisner sketch, plan, ponder and in spirit and shout . . . think about the upcoming struggle. Dick Nalley seems calm, even as he flies St. Josephhs Bob Dragich lets fly - just in In the darkness at Findlay, Fred Eisner in- around a Wabash defender on the way to a de- time, too, as IChs Mike Mills zeroes in on the tends to deal out some pain if the Oiler cent gain. prospective target. defender gets him. All it takes is some toughness, some endurance, some strength and a willingness to risk pain and you, too, can join these Greyhounds. From left to right, ROW 1 - Randy Robertson, Ken Brooks, Stan Markle, Dave Ivory, Steve Wheatley, Gary Hall, Dick Chew, Mike Hurley, John Sims, Dale Widolff. ROW 2 - Vance Stratton, Steve Montgomery, Dave Wood, Rod Pawlik, Mark Sciarra, Larry Stanley, Tim Leonard, Joe Cristoforetti, Rick Gardner, Tim Rickerd. ROW 3 - Tom Largus, Steve Sark, Joe Gaylor, Joe Jester, Bob Faris, Mike Sears, Fred Eisner, Tim Lanie, Dave Winings, Tom Geffen. ROW 4 - Mark Reiff, Craig Reiter, Karl Beer, Bill Willan, Mark Fisher, Tom Zupancic, Mike Burton, Mike Mills, Bill Turner. ROW 5 - Jim Rippy, John Jones, Rick Stahlhut, John Peters, Rick Wimmer, Ralph Hayes, Steve England, Dick Nalley, Jet! Kirkman. ROW 6 - Al Dunlap, Bill Williams, Dave Vleck, John Prasser, Jerry Cepican, John Tropea, Gary Brattain, .I. B. Vogel, Jeff Rogers. ROW 7 - Kerry Ceesaman, Glenn Howell, Don Pitman, Tim Wonnell, Robin Polk, Steve Sandford, Jim Najpaver, Greg Bray, Dave Overman. ROW 8 - student assistants Gary Welmer, Mickey Sisk, Don Syzmanski, trainers Jesse Carrasquillo, Steve Harding, Chuck Smitha, managers Larry Sparks, Steve Smitha, Stan Cross. ROW 9 - assistant coaches Jerry England, Ron Pyne, Terry Wetherald, head coach Bill Bless, assistant coach Dan Nicoson. BELOW Ken Brooks, John Sims, Steve Wheatley, Mark Sciarra and Randy Robertson give an ear to Coach Wetherald concer- ning the defensive backfield assignments. All year, the rabid Greyhound fans tABOVEi cheered and roared their ap- proval as hyper-fast halfback Dick Nalley tRIGHTi danced his way into the hearts of University Heights and into the record book with a 1,012- yard rushing season. If possession of the iiTop Dog,9 trophy depended solely upon the tug-of-war shown at the right, then surely powerful IC linebacker Ken Brooks Oi could have conquered Butler fullback Bob Grenda HQ. Alas, in the wild and wonderful con- test at the Butler Bowl this last fall the Bulldogs nicked us on a last-minute TD drive. Jolene Hochstetler UL Laurette Arney ML and Denise Pierce m converge to hold off an enemy attack during a match against Heritage Christian. The field hockey crew posted one of the best records of any sporting team at IC this year. Whippets Work For Friendship As well As Wins What other athletic teams at Cen- tral do as much friendly talking as competing against the opposition? . . . Womenhs sports have always been a factor at IC, and even more so since Joanne Alexander took over the various coaching reins . . . In field hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball and track, CentraPs fair 01nd talentedy damsels work on skills and compete at a killing pace, just as in any sport . . . Stars like Sue Willey, hMoh Tibbetts, Connie Camden, Barb Stutz, Terri Shady and Suzi Hum- barger will not be forgotten quickly by Whippetsh fans, but many other girls keep coming along . . . No way in the world these ladies are second- best. Connie Camden spots a loose ball eLEF'D and manages, with a little extra speed, to heat the Heritage players to the punch. LEFT Yotfd better believe that Coach Alexander is going to have a hard time next year in trying to fill the sneakers of these six excellent Whippet veterans. Displaying their Senior thW from left to right, are Terri Shady, Linda Tyson, Susie Humbarger, Sue Willey, Maureen Tihbetts and Barb Stutz. BELOW A St. Maryhs defender matches freshman Jean Sachs stride for stride. Debbie Sachs, another fine freshman player, draws all the attention in the house as she hammers in a free throw against IU. Can this pretty woman, fair as a morning in her native Iowa, be the same woman who will probably be considered IC's greatest female athlete ever? It can be, as Sue Willey receives this yearts All Sports award. Whippets Host District Basketball Tourney BELOW Barb Stutz, undaunted by the at- tack of the Marshall forward, takes a chance on a jumper. ABOVE So the girls can,t get rough? Try telling that to Sue Willey tCt and Connie Camden OW, who end up eating the floor while chasing a loose ball as Jane Fulton OD looks on. BELOW Eyes back on the game, Gloria! Only our Ms. Smith sees the camera, as the rest of the crew consider the contest. A ,, M $9. w Itis too bad we could only have Ike Jackson for two years. As he proves here against Transylvania, he sure gave us a lot of reasons to marvel at the power of basketball. LEFT A misty and marvelous moment for Indiana Central: Daryl Warren follows through and watches the free throw that made the Greyhounds famous. Basketball Fires 6The Shot Heard 9Round the Conference9 Not a lot was lost from the previous season in per- sonnel, and so many folk had Central written off before their first practice . . . Steve Kahl seemed to have a rough fall, injuries and all, and some doubted his highly-touted worth . . . Bob Wingerter started turning peoplesi heads around, and Jim Farmer began to carry more and more of the scoring . . . Clarence Swain and Ike Jackson began to punish the enemy forwards . . . The Conference coaches credited us with fifth place and no more . . . We nick Valpo, 69-68 . . . At Evansville, we get our tails whipped, but we knock down DePauw after having trouble pulling away . . . APO brings the brand-new Dogis Life award to our gym on January 25, and the Butler APO chapter gets readyito take it homeeor, at least, that is what they expect to do . . . Butler leads at the half, 39-35, and things donit change much early in the last half . . . Whistles blow, the Bulldogs do too much hacking and chopping, and John Dunn is caught with four seconds to go and a one-point BU lead . . . Senior Daryl Warren walks to the line amid more noise than the Last Judgement will probably produce . . . Two careful shots find the mark-and suddenly weire all prouder than ever to be Greyhounds. ABOVE Clarence Swain spearheads a three-on-one break against Northern Kentucky and readies a pass to Warren. Jim Farmer tRi charges up the left side. 67 Trophy Drive Gets Boost from Greyhound People like Jim Farmer tABOVEi made sure 6iDamn the scuffmarks! Full speed aheadl", was the general feeling among the fans after the Butler that St. Josephis didnit stay in the lead too long game and all the He-Man Women Haters hit the floor to mob the Greyhounds and the cheerleaders. during the game here. Dick Chew toiled long and hard for four years and for few big moments-until his slow-motion placement turned out to be the proper medicine with which to drug St. Joseph,s high-scoring Jim Thordsen in our last game with the Pumas. IC dealt the Pumas their first loss of the ICC season as a result. At left, IC President Sease congratulates Dick after the season closer. Dick even had his own unof- ficial fan club, thanks to the He-Men Women Haters. Hardcourt Heroes RIGHT The men who posted Centrars best Conference basketball finish ever are, from left to right, ROW 1 - manager Stan Cross, Jack Emly, Jim Farmer, Dave Wood, Ike Jackson, Bill Rogers, Jerry Hayes, Daryl Warren. ROW 2 - Steve Kahl, Bill Wright, Bob Buscher, Bill Davis, Bob Wingerter. John Stephens, Clarence Swain, Dick Chew, assistant coach Bill Bright, trainer Chuck Smitha. ACCIDENTALLY OUT OF PICTURE - Head coach Angus Nicoson. The mild-mannered face of an ICC superstar on a super team 2 All-Conference guard Jim Farmer. ,muiuf s; y T M. From the ecstasy of beating Butler, we faced the real world again by getting pounded at St. Joseph9s and nudged out by lowly Wabash . . . Once again, the cries of tgive it up2 abounded . . . But during the rest of the season, things happened . . . We voyaged crosstown and pounded Butler on their own floor-it was no fluke . . . Revenge on Wabash on the road and another stomping given to DePauw . . . Mark Sciarra and George Wilson led the raving He-Men Women Haters to wherever the ,Hounds played . . . Dick Chew, an eye injury to Jim Thordsen, and some home-court inspiration smashed St. Joseph,s . . . At Valparaiso, we let sole ownership of second place slip away, 90-82 . . . Evansville visits, and we strike again, 80-68, to close it all out . . . And now, Coach Nicoson and every true Greyhound can2t wait for the next season. LEFT Maybe you didn2t notice them much, but you should have; these are the 2Hounds of the future. From left to right, ROW 1 - Bruce Jennings, Tom Rechlin, Elbert Hill, Tom Taylor, Jeff Sneed, Mike Sears. ROW 2 - trainer Chuck Smitha, coach Bill Bright, Steve Hodgson, Mike Weaver, Greg Krider, Karl Beer, Will Winhorst, Ken Stancombe, manager Stan Cross. NOT PICTURED - Jim Thomas. 69 Once Again, IC Grapplers Are Tops With very little in the way of personnel loss, they began to revamp themselves early in the year . . . Jeff Rabourn lost some time due to shoulder problems . . . A lot of enterprising, ambitious freshmen and army returnees showed up . . . Injuries robbed Steve Harding of this entire senior season and also stole more than half of Marion Wolfe,s year, but both stayed on to help and coach . . . A fine showing for us in the Little State tourney, which we hosted; Joe Myers and Tom Zupancic were champs . . . Barely losing to Evansville, but a lot of power being shown against Alabama, Purdue and Indiana . . . MacMurray and Taylor fall . . . Wright State feels the Greyhound bite. . . The ICC final meet at Valparaiso . . . Joe Myers makes it three titles in a row, Bruce Jones clohbers DePauwts rated Zelik to close with the big one, and Jeff Rabourn, Mark Dullaghan and Tom Zupancic clean up . . . For the third time in five years, we're the champs. RIGHT ICts ttNatural Mani l26-pounder Bruce Jones, fixes his atten- tion to the opponent at handeAndersonts Doug Stollein the Little State final. BELOW Loosening up mentally before a match are Marion Wolfe tLL sidelined a while with knee problems, and Mark Cray tRL ABOVE Winning the Little State and ICC heavyweight honors as a freshman indicates a latte in store for Tom Zupancic. h KrnIDIhbff rvtfgLov ?.?rw, ' VKL'NFP" I-V'Y'LLI'JP SE38 cnuenucr thtLLErv 1sg; 2!:5 I 1. ZIS $E? - vuhrcxaa: ht. h 1 w The hMonumenU-al 74-75 ICC wrestling champs are, left to right, ROW 1 - Mark Gray, Gerald Kuhn, Bruce Jones, Joe Myers. ROW 2 - Jeff Rabourn, Mark Dullaghan, Carl May, Bruce Cuiliani. ROW 3 - Joe Kipfer, Kerry Geesaman, Dave Wintin, John Hart, Jesse Carrasquillo, Tim Wonnell, Steve Sturm. ROW 4 - Dan Starkey, Tim Lanie, Tom Zupancic, Marion Wolfe, Dave Kilmer. BACKGROUND - The Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument, downtown Indianapolis. NOT PICTURED - manager Steve Smiths, head coach Terry Welherald. RIGHT His match on deck, Mark Dullaghan makes his final mental ad- justments. ABOVE Zupancic and Myers felt that Conch Wetherald wasnht up in the air far enough over this success. so they gave his spirit the boost shown here. 71 Freshman Jesse Carrasquillo is nailed by Jeff Rabourn during practice LEF'IU and afterwards rests and considers the sacrifice a wrestler must make to be a winner BELOWy Tom Zupancic had a pair of near-epic bouts with Taylofs Essa Sackallah, shown above. Essa pinned Tom in a dual meet, but was beaten in overtime by Tom in the Little State. Brad Crowe became a isuperfiyter in the pole vault this spring. He and freshman Kip Peyton improved ICis scoring punch in this event. This group of Greyhounds ihit, lots of irecordsi this season. From left to right, ROW 1 - Mike Mills, Kent Graham, Rick Stover, Cary Atwood, Den- nis MacNulty, Mark Fisher, Mark Reiff, Mike Hurley. ROW 2 - manager Tim Rickerd, Fred Eisner, Dave Cutshaw, Rick Stahlhut, Bill Williams, Dave Sawrie. ROW 3 - Rick Parsons, Greg Scofield, Tim Lanie, Jerry Indiana Central Track Never iOff the Record9 in a Winning Year Almost everybody showed up again late this winter to begin putting their spring thing together . . . Several had already been hard at work over the winter in an extensive schedule of indoor meets . . . Butler and Vincennes ate the Greyhound Cinders in dual meet competition . . . IC finished, as expected, in second place in the ICC meet as host Valparaiso won it . . . But, in a rainy Little State meet, we emerged victorious over the upset, soggy Crusaders . . . So many new records: Nally, Hall, Fisher and Cutshaw t43.D in the 440 relay, Parsons ttied 14.90 in the high hurdles, Stover t9:15.8i in the steeplechase, Fisher 65.40 in the intermediate hurdles, Allgood t54i MW in the shot, Reiff 0503 in the discus, and Hurley tan unexpected 187i 9W in the javelin . . . Jerry Allgood finishes fifth in the national meet and thus becomes a two-time All- American . . . Next stop: reclaiming the Conference title. Allgood, Ken Campbell, Ike Jackson, Mike Weaver, Jeff Whitman, head coach Jerry England. NOT PICTURED - Jeff Davis, Brad Crowe, Kip Peyton, Rex Maddy, Dennis Scheele, Dick Nalley, Bill Battle, Mark Jacobs. 73 LEFT Rick Parsons flies to first place in the high hurdles against Vincennes as fellow tHounds Dave Cutshaw tLt and Mike Weaver GU fight for third. In the background, IChs Mark Fisher watches the progress of his friend- ly rival for the intermediate hurdle record. BELOW On a clear day, one is forever seeing Jeff Davis all over the place as a broad-jumper and also as a relay runner for IC. BELOW Zeus,s legendary thunderbolts were stray sparks compared to the javelins pitched by Mike Hurley 00 and novice Mike Weaver tRL Teaming with Fred Eisner, the Brownstone boys managed several l70-foot first places tWeavert and a new school record of lBT 9th at the DePauw open tHurleyL Jerry Allgood ABOVE and Mark Reiff RIGHT sent some heavy stuff up into the atmosphere this spring and most of it went for points, rib- bons and two new school records. Allgood closed out a beautiful career as a two-time All-American tracker, while freshman Reiff seems to be only beginning an equally fine career. 75 Tennis,s Small Success Sets Up ICC All-Sports Trophy Showdown The big award winners for tennis - tL to Rt Mark Haltom, Kevin Whitacre, and Lloyd Baugues - stand beside diminuitive head coach Terry Wetherald and display their hardware. A logical, calculating and confident competitor on and off the court, Lloyd Bauges earned the 1975 Socratic Award for academic excellence in philosophy. He played a pretty mean No. 4 man, to boot. a w 'i in H xi; - Him ,HH Wx v'vifriyxhh x ; We began with an abundance of players and wound up with a lack of regular season success . . . Freshmen Filbey and Haltom came on big and made their way into the top six . . . There were a lot of problems with droopy nets and cracked courts . . . By the form charts, IC was to finish last in the Conference meet . . . IC led the All-Sports trophy chase by one point before our trackers and racketeers entered ICC final meet battles on the same weekend . . . We wound up next-to-last in the tennis final, not last-and IC gained a full point in the All-Sports race, putting the squeeze on second-place Butler and adding that much pressure to the upcoming IC-Butler baseball clash . . . And they who swung the catgut in the spring had held up their end of things very well, after all. 'g 1?an V . gagaaamggn hndwhununu- E9 $MWGEQ$$ I$$aw 1.2:? M;- H v :vwzv 8Q; ha: i ahh u'h T zzf?h numb; S hi$3h 313$. -.h-.1 gluvh 'u'u! Iihllwu I ail :tgga ! unaikw iu-Iia hmaath-au aunt? .i!$i.1'- uwauuQ . k k "w$- GHIICIG b .mgm-::ggggaaaa Imli- i!$i' g. luv-mmq X . Eel," Finishing fifth out of six can mean something. From left to right, Don Beeman, Mark Haltom, Kevin Filhey, Kevin Whitacre, head coach Terry Wetherald, Larry LePage, Jim Spencer, David L. Jones, Rick Marshall, Lloyd Baugues, John Blessing. NOT PICTURED-Craig Blanton, Dave Willoughby. ABOVE From Taylor University came Jim Spencer, who proved himself just as capable with a tennis racket as with a bass saxophone in the IC Stage Band. LEFT A study in amusing disgust: Kevin Whitacre, 105 No. 1 man, reacts to a double- fault. 77 Tom Taylor Eric Weaver Steve Montgomery Dave Wood IC Baseball Runs Record Rain, rain never went away during the spring, and so the Greyhounds spent a lot of time in the gym during practice . . . The season came and went, and er- formances sharpened . . . Mickey Sisk commanded centerfield, bad knee antrall . . . Several fell to the wayside with near-identical hamstring pulls . . . Steve Bohnert reelimbed the heights of his freshman year, and Jack Emly grew tougher . . . Hits and streaks came much more often . . . May 3 at Butler in the rain, with IC needing both victories to lock up the All-Sports title . . . We struck in the last inning off a tired Harry Muta, and gave a waterlogged Jack Emly a 4-3 win in game One . . . A tie in the sixth inning of game Two, one man on, Brad Demon up . . . Home run shot over the left field fence! . . . Tom Taylor puts the next ball over the right field fence! . . . Montgomery kicks off a 4-run seventh with another homer! . . . And we,re the ICC All-Sports Champions. Ken Brooks wag? :. "thew , . Dave Winings The job of gaining the All-Sports clincher-and the bitter taste of dropping the last two games and BaCk U the conference championship to Evansville a week later. From left to right, ROW 1 - Mark Sciarra, p - Tom Taylor, Mark Thacker, Eric Weaver, Brad Denton, Dave Vleck, Ron Hall, Steve Montgomery. ROW 2 - Kerry Hammett, Joe Gaylor, Mickey Sisk, Ron Brunet, Bob McMillan, Dave Winings, trainer Chuck Smitha. ROW 3 - head coach Bill Bright, Ken Brooks, Steve Sandford, Jack Emly, Will Winhorst, Steve Bohnert, Dave Wood, Darrell Miller, Craig Reiter, Mike Lee. Old uniforms, new people for the future - the Greyhound reserves. From left to right, ROW 1 - Karl Harker, Mike Harper, Doug Radersdorf, J. B. Vogel, Dave Overman. ROW 2 - coach Bill Bright, Will Winhorst, Mike Burton, Tom Wagner, Ron Lawson, trainer Chuck Smitha. 79 LEFT Butler chief honchq Scott Neat wishes his best to our own Bill Bright before the clashes begin. Steve Montgomery crosses the plate to ignite a 4-run inning insurance plan, payable to IC LEF'D-and one inning later, Steve Bohnerl walks off the mound at Butler and into a pack of Greyhounds BELOWy . Mg WA; ; i;- , - Would you buy a used basketball from these dynamic superiors? Hottell, Larry Collins, John Beebe, Jim Brunnemer. Bill Bright, From left to right, ROW 1 - Ken Borden, Terry Wetherald. Mike Len Grant. NOT PICTURED - Dave Huffman. Watkins, Ken Partridge, Jerry England. ROW 2 - Lou Gerig, Ken Is This Any Way to Run a Basketball Team? Born from the regular group of guys who can he found most afternoons in the gym, engaged in some semi-heated contests, the IC Faculty Flops sought to eke out a niche in somebodyhs Hall of Shame . . . A contest, soon to he an annual thing, against their counterparts from Franklin, the money from which to be used as scholarship funding for the two schools . . . A disappointing attendance, but a lot of fun nevertheless . . . Larry Sparks: hCheap shot by No. 20., Terry Wetheraldh, . . . Coach England trying and trying to rack up two points instead of two Franklin profs . . . And some good moves by Gerig, Brunnemer, Beebe and Grant as well. ABOVE Dave Huffman strikes on a layup, displaying perfect form. RIGHT Donh't be concerned: they act that strange sometimes out of uniform, too. Bl Some Other Scenes Weid Like You to See In Greyhoundland Now this year, we took the best pictures we had, and mixed them well with some observations and impressions . . . and canie out with what you just read. A big thanks to Dave Willoughby for his extra work, and a last salute to all you IC athletes and fans . . . Weive got a trophy to defend this next year-letis defend it. RIGHT and FAR RIGHT Power pictured: Kevin Whitacre serves and later volleys with everything he can muster up. BELOW Chuck Smitha brings his tender loving care into play once again. The bear paw belongs to Tom Geffert. LEFT IC basketball in another form: Bill Green watches over his soon-to-be Marion High School state champs at Market Square Arena. .wym..,w.m.Ww . BELOW Sue Willey, clad in her super- protective trademark, charges after the elusive ball during a clash with Heritage Christian. B3 All bedded down for a long wintefs nap? Of course not. CL to IO Terri Shady, Maureen Tibbetts, Sue Willey and Barb Stutz display their sT3" blankets. BELOW With Dennis MacNulty and Dave Rodehaugh checking him out, Gary Hall comes roaring out of the gate in the 440. ABOVE As unusually stern Dave Winings warms up for the second game at Butler. ABOVE Locked in combat with Taylofs Essa Sackallah, Tom Zupancic takes time to ponder the question- What the heck am I gonna do now?" LEFT Ike M.D." Jackson rips through the Butler doghouse. scattering balls and players. 85 Faculty and Administration Dr. Gene E. Sease, President of Indiana Central College UPPER LEFT Reggie Monson Counseling Minister to Students ABOVE Kendall Hottell Business Manager LEFT Mike Watkins Director of Financial Aid ABOVE LEFT Mr. Kenneth Partridge, Continuing Education and Management Development. ABOVE RIGHT Dr. Phylis Lan Lin, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences. MIDDLE LEFT Mr. Marvin Henricks, Professor of Behavioral Sciences. MIDDLE RIGHT Mr. Richard Wiehe, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences. LOWER RIGHT Mr. D. James Edison, Director of the ICC Stage Band. ABOVE LEFT Dr. Edward Vondrak, Professor of Physics. ABOVE RIGHT Mr. Lynn Youngblood, Assistant to the President. MIDDLE LEFT Mr. John Beebe, Director of Placement. MIDDLE RIGHT Mr. Nathan Wooden, Dean of Students. LEFT Mr. Douglas Dorland, Continuing Education and Management Development. ABOVE: Dr. Orman W. Moulton, Assistant Professor of Language. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. David F. Noble, Associate Professor of English. RIGHT: Dr. Norman Willey. Associate Professor of Education. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. John G. Swank, Assistant Professor of Speech. LEFT: Dr. George L. Humbarger, Professor Of Business Administration. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Terry Wetherald, Assistant Professor of RE. ABOVE: Mrs. Michelle Branch, Professor of French. 9i TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Kenneth Borden, Chemistry; Dr. Marshall Chambers, Director of Church Relations; Mrs. Rosemary Peterson, Dean of Women. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Robert Cramer, Academic Dean; Dr. Adolf Hansen, Religion; Dr. Herbert tassel, Religion. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Victor Chiu, Physics; Dr. Robert Brooker, Chemistry. TOP ROW LEFT T0 RIGHT: David Huffman, Director of Admissions; Kenneth Sidebottom, Mathematics; SECOND ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. William Gommel, Earth Sciences; Dr. Frederick Hill, History and Political Science. THIRD ROW: Leo Miller, Treasurer. 93 ABOVE Kip Kistler Counselor of the American Humanics Foundation ABOVE RIGHT James Brunnemer Direc- tor of Alumni Relations RIGHT Greg Michael Admissions Counselor m,.r Clockwise from below: Martha Morris, education; James Jones, education; Bill Bishop, education; Betty Collins, educa- tion. 95 TOP LEFT: Mr. William P. Bless, Assistant Professor of PE. MIDDLE LEFT: Mr. William A. Bright, Assis- tant Director and Asst. Professor of PE. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Gerald W. England, Instructor of RE. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Joanne Alexander, Assistant Professor of RE. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Angus Nicoson, Athletic Director and Asst. Prof. of RE. TOP: Dr. Paul C. Radich, Instructor of Bacteriology UPPER LEFT: Dr. Eliseo D. Delfin, Dept. Head and Prof. of Biology LOWER LEFT: Dr. Robert L. Kent, Associate Prof. of Biology UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Robert Barrick, Accoun. tant LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Donald R. Fisher, Associate Prof. of Biology 97 ABOVE LEFT Dr. John Gates, Professor of Music. ABOVE RIGHT Mr. James Ream, Instructor of Speech and Drama. RIGHT Mrs. Elise Marshall, Instructor of Music. BELOW Mr. James Lamberson, Head of Music Department. Nursing faculty, clockwise from below: Martha Ann Driscol, Marilyn Water- man, LeAlice Briggs khairmany c. um nwmn unnu- nl-Wal nun: umm- u mmw .uu-u mu MM mum nhhw gnld mu mu. IN AT RIGHT, Mary Louise Kolp, nursing; BELOW, Luella Elliot, nursing. Clockwise from below: Chris Waterfall OJ and Norma Kennett OJ, nursing; Pat Kuhs, nursing; Betty Dugan, nur- sing. UPPER LEFT: Dr. Erling W. Peterson, Professor of English LOWER LEFT: Mrs. Alice R. Friman, Instructor of English TOP RIGHT: Dr. Charlotte H. Templin, Asst. Prof. of English MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Richard A. Williams, Instructor of Speech and Drama LOWER RIGHT: Dr. Marshall W. Gregory, Professor of English 102 No Doubt About It- ICC Does Have A World-Wide Influence The friendly, refined fellow to your right is Tika Thapa, the latest in a long and continuing line of Indiana Central students who hail from faraway places in the world. To find Tikais country, just whip out your world atlas and look for an elongated, mountainous country nestling between India and China. ThaUs Nepal, home of Mount Everest and many similar high peaks which make up almost all its land area. Tikais reason for moving halfway around the world? Political science. He will return to Nepal upon graduation to use his knowledge of politics and government for the betterment of his native Nepalese governing process. Tika, like all the past foreign students, manages to retain his own national identity in a strange land while, at the same time, seeking to know, to understand, and to adapt for himself our American ways of doing things. We are different in a wayrfrom Tika, yet we are all on the common ground of education here at ICC in the present. The 1931 ORACLE had this to say about Max Gorvie, a graduate from Sierra Leone in Africa: ttPerhaps it is dif- ficult to understand Max because we do not understand his people, but that detracts nothing from our appreciation of him. We admire and marvel at his erudition and his memory. We value his good-naturedness, and we love to hear him laugh. Questioning seriousness, industry, con- secration, and reverance are some of the qualities which characterize Max. ii iI stood among them, but not of them; in a shroud of thoughts which were not their thoughts? " So it has been with ICC,s previous foreign students; so it is with Tika Thapa; and may Indiana Central College always be involved with the people of the world in the best way possible. iiSituated on the southern slopes of the mighty Himalayas, between the Peopleis Republic of China on the north and India on the south is the ancient Kingdom of Nepal e the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. This is my home - the land of Mt. Everest; t e abode of the yak and the Yeti; and the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, who gave the world an en- during philosophy of peace, tolerance, and ' compassion. liMy being in the U.S. started through a visit to my Hoosier friend, Rudolf Klinge. From the very begin- ning of my arrival in America, I was most amazed and impressed by the thousands of educational in- stitutions. So great was their in- fluence that I decided to further my studies. Having come from a small country, my preference was for a smaller university where I thought I would be received better. My thanks go to Mrs. Sylvia Parks, an alumnus of Indiana Central, who made it fossible for me to enroll at ICC - for could not have chosen a better in- stitution of learning. 6iI have been attending Indiana Central College since January, 1974, and have en'oyed every bit of it. The student-teac er ratio is small enough to enable me to participate in class discussions as well as to receive in- dividual attention from the faculty members. In short, the congenial at- mosphere of stud and cooperation makes me feel at home. 61 am majoring in Business Ad- ministration with a minor in economics. Upon completion of my masters, degree I intend to return to my country and enter into Nepalese politics? -Tika P. Thapa l03 And Furthermore . '3 m7: l $73,! 4E6! 109 It9s Class Time Again . . . "2 Mark Adams Carol Albertson Mary Ann Allen Teresa Allen Theresa Amato Mitchell Ankenbauer Myron Applegate James Arlington Debra Armstrong George Arndt III Doris Arneu Lorena Arney Rebecca Arnold Nancy Bahcock Melissa Bailey Ronald Barrick Bruce Battle Cynthia Baxter David Beal Connie Jo Bean Donald Beeman Karl Beer Gregory Bennett Debra Sue Blake Teresa Bloomfield Joseph Boes Marisa Boggs Deborah Bohman Rick Bohnke Pamela Bolander Tina Bowers Janet Braden Gregory Bray Susan Brett William Brewer Eleanor Brown Karla Brown Mary Ellen Brown Sheryl Brown Michael Browning William Bruce Maryalice Brunks Elissa Bryant Douglas Burns Carol Buck Freshmen Jayne Burgess Paula Burke Catherine Burton Michael Burton Jaccquelyn Busald Mary Butts Carla Byrum Teresa Camp Jesse Carrasquillo Teresa Cass Gayle Castledine Karen Cecil Jerry Cepican David Chaille Janet Chandler Michael Champman Debra Chastain M. Randall Caster Diana Clarey Pamela Clayton Richard Clements Brenda Clevenger David Cline Thomas Clymer Benjamin Coats Paul Coffman Nancy Coleman Cary Conway Diane Cook Pamela Cook Daniel Cooper Leslie Copeland Melody Coryell Karen Courtney Gerald Cox Joyce Crabtree Theresa Crites Kevin Cross David Cutshaw Anthony Davis Jace Davis Robert Davis Sue Dickey Dale Dickson Jane Dill 115 116 Freshmen Linda Dillman Sherrill Dixon Marsha Doolin Kathie Duggan Allan Dunlap Ailene Ellis Vicki Ellis Pamella Emrick Linda Engbers Kevin Ertel James Erwin Denise Farley Kathy Farmer Joni Ferguson Chester Ferrell Portia Ferrell Dwight Ferris Richard Fetz Cynthia Fickle Jon Kevin Filbey Jeanne Fitzgerald Michele Fizer Robin Fletcher Susan Fox Tonya Fox Raynel Flory Allen Frailey Cheryl Francis Daniel Frye Jane Fulton Carol Galloway Jean Gardner Charles Gareri Sheryl Garner W. Michael Casper Polly Ann Gauck Joseph Gaylor Tom Geffen Ava Gibson Marcia Gibson Karen Gilson Vincent Glasgow Rebecca Glenn Ruth Gommel Ellen Coodner Cheryl Grafe Corinne Graham Paula Granger Randy Graves Paul Guhl Steve Guliani Tanda Guinn Earl Haase Holly Hackman Thomas Hallett Mark Haltom Judith Hancock Melody Hankins Luanne Hanna Deborah Hannah Aaron Hardy Karl Harker Michael Harper Paul Harper Douglas Harrington Marita Harrison Jennifer Hart Terri Harvey Douglas Haskell Laurence Hathaway Carrie Haughton Margaret Hausz Jeffrey Haverstick Michael Hawkins Stephanie Haygood John Haymond Paula Hecht Wendell Heckman Debra Heidelman Steven Helton Marcia Hendey Denise Henkel Karen Hering Gregory Hernandez Shelley Hiatt Dan Hicks Elbert Hill Susan Hill Phillip Hobbs H7 Karen Hochstetler Stephen Hodgson Lois Holdzkom Joel Hollaender Julia Holloway Jae Holmes Kevin Hook John Horr Lori Horvath Joseph Howard Glenn Howell Bethany Hyslop Deena Imel Jennifer Inman Marlene Issues Michael Jack Alfred Jackson April Jackson Deborah Jameson Karen Jansen Rick Jay Bruce Jennings Susan Jewell David Johnson Sara Johnson Sheryl Johnson Daphne Jones David L. Jones Douglas Jones John Jones Steven Kahl Gregory Kauffman Bruce Kercheval Rose Kern Dawson David Kilmer Nina Kingery Kevin Kinnee Joseph Kipfer Sandy Kirchner John Jett Kirkman Garry Kleer Terri Kleine Daniel Kleyn Linda Koch Timothy Koontz Freshmen Sarah Kottlowski Greg Krider Linda Krout Gerald Kuhn Maria Lage Francis Langan Timothy Lanie Tom Largus Deborah Larson Kevin Lashley Daniel Leary Alice Lee Stephen Leonard Laixy LePage Gary Lester Timothy Lichlyter Mary Lou Limbach Steven Livingston Rebecca Long Admiral Lord Patrick Ludwig Sue Ellen Mable Yvonna Madden Robert Maffett Linda Mann Bruce Marine Dennis Marshall Richard Marshall Terry Mashaw Linda Massey Carita Mathern Gary Matthews John Matthews Mary Matthews Brenda Maxwell Peter McAllister Barbara McClain Allen McCormack Marcia McDaniel Anna McDonough Bruce McDowell Scott McKenzie Janet McKinney Sue Mendenhall Susan Meece Darlene Messal Jo Messersmith Joni Metcalf Linda Miller Phillip Miller Kathy Mills Fred Mindach Ramona Moenning Deborah Morgan Susan Morrow Patricia Mosley Susan Mrache Annette Murphy Gregory Murphy Katherine Murray James Najpaver Michael Natalie Maureen Neddo Robert Nelson Gloria Nichols Deborah Nieman Timothy Noe Teresa Norman Denise Nowlin Elaine Oechsle Maureen O'Reilly Steven Osburn David Overman Cherri Owen-s Michele Patterson Susan Patterson Karol Payne Kip Payton Charles Peckham Alexis Peden Ricardo Perez Bobbi Perkins Norda Perschbacher John Peters Thomas Peters Steven Petry Mary Jo Piccione Kathryn Pickett Patricia Pidcock Denise Pierce , Freshmen Marsha Phares Mary Phenis M. Elizabeth Pillow Donald Pitman Suzanne Plummet Nila Poe Robin Polk Susan Polley Kim Powell Dorothy Price Susan Priest Leah Pritcheu Linda Purdom Douglas Raderstorf Craig Ralstin Lynn Ramey Anna Ray Michael Ray Thomas Rechnlin Angela Reed Cheryl Reese David Reid Mark Reiff Deborah Reilly Tina Renihan Reese Rentschler Nancy Resler Donna Renter Deborah Rich Susan Riedy Dennis Rippy Ross Ritchie Karen Rix Dennis Roberts Vonda Robison Marilyn Rodriguez William Rogers Randall Roller Jim Roth Nancy Roth Larry Runkle Deborah Sachs Jean Sachs Mark St. Clari Stephanie Sanders 121 Deborah Sargent Steven Sark Laurence Sauer Sr. Lynette Saunders Mary Ellen Sautbine David Sawrie Christie Scott Gregory Scott James Scott Michael Seaney Susan Seidenschmidt Douglas Sell Terri Shepard Jannet Simpson Gary Slayton Theresa Smith Anna Snyder Donald Snyder Richard Soard Regina Spieker Richard Stahlhut Maralynn Stamper Kenneth Stancombe Mike Starkey William Steadman William Steele Sarah Stegemiller M. Elizabeth Stirsman W. Johnathan Stobnugh Kara Stohry Jana Stone Lisa Stone Terri Stacker Rodney Stucky Terri Ann Stump Steve Sturm Helen Summers Sally Swan Teresa Swanson Phillip Tanasovich Richard Taylor Phillip Terborg Tika Thapa J ames Thomas Freshmen Suzanne Zerfas Thomas Zupancic Danny Wilson Annetta Thompson Brenda Thompson Maryann Timmons Brenda Toliver Geraldine Torwelle Cathy Trowbridge Jesse Truehlood Steve Turner Jerry Underwood Ned Van Emon Jonathan Vertrees Patricia Vett Terrill Vibbert David Vleck James B. Vogel Marla Wallace Michael Wallace Christy Walton Steve Ware Cynthia Wasson Barbra Watson Mary Way Douglas Weber Marcia Wells Darlene Wendeln Elizabeth Weasel Willis Wienhorst Michael Wilbur Mary Margaret Willbanks William Williams David Willoughby Nancy Wilson Rick Wimmer David Wintin Doris Winton Paul Wojtowicz Timothy Wonnell Renita Young 123 Sophomores Tammi Albert Joseph Allen Emmett Anderson Barbara Ankenbauer Diana Archer Beth Arnold Deborah Atkins Gary Atwood Paula Baker Mark Barclay Kenneth Barden Jeanne Bastin Cheryl Bevers Marcia Jo Bickel Christine Bleile John Blessing Howard Bloomer Rebecca Bonham Cynthia Bossingham Barbara Bowles Catherine Brown Mary Kay Bruns Sandra Bullock Steven Bunner David Burke Robert Buscher Jack Bush John Brad Butts R. Michael Cagle Linda Caine Kenneth Campbell Elizabeth Cardona John Carlile Gail Carlson Rhonda Carr Richard Carroll Marian Ruth Carter William Carter Arlene Cassiday Jeffrey Chansler Brenda Chastain David Clark Steve Clodfelter Damon Cloud Vienna Conway I24 Jeffrey Cooney Mark Cooper Rebekah Cox Charles Crawford Brad Crowe Richard Cunneen Carolyn Davis Rhonda Davis Brenes Dillon Laura Jo Dinehart Kathleen Dolan David Douglas Annette Dragoo E. Elaine Driscol Ivana Drummond Michael Edwards Garret Ernst John Erwin Robert Faris James Farmer Randall Fearnow Janice Fetz Mark Fisher Phillip Fisher Cathy Fitzsimmons Deborah Foxx Kerry Geesaman Kathryn Glass Randy Goodman Kenneth Granger D. Mark Gray Elizabeth Gross Christine Hackman Kerry Hammett Robert Hands Gloria Hankins Ralph Hayes Lynn Heffernan Joy Henderson Bill Hizer Stephen Hoagland Monte Hoover Sandra Howell Daniel Howton Justine Huck I25 Myra Jackson Jay Jarrell Joseph Jester Myrna Jones Robert Jones Yvonna Jones Karen Keenan Christina Keller Rebecca Kennett Steven King Jenny Kinkade Connie Kirchmann Brenda Klink Lee Ann Kolp Eden Kuhlenschmidt Amy Suzanne Lamb Carla Lauck Ronald Lawson Rosemari Lehman Camille Limbach Antia Lopez Paul Ludwig Lawrence Lynch Mary Mncey Nikki Macy Susan Malasics L. Cameron Manifold Deborah Martin Carl May Gary McCauley Jeffrey McClintic Marquita McCloskey Sandra McFarland Steven McIntyre James Melton Dennis Miller Michael Mills Sandra Mitchell Rebecca Mohr Peggy Montgomery Lisa Moore Michael Morgan Ruth Muckway Debbie Mullett Dick Nalley Sophomores Jill Newcomer Steven Nontell Rolf-Peter Noot Pamela Page Rick Parsons Margaret Pea Dane Penrod Carole Perkins Debra Phillipps John Prasser Michael Reed David Rees Craig Reiter Susan Richardson Teresa Riggs John Roach Rebecca Rosencrans Brenda Ross Jane Sachs Timothy Sanders Stephen Sanford Patricia Sansone Nancy Sautbine Dennis Scheele Nancy Schell Steve Schug Greg Scofield Carol Scott Nancy Scott Michael Sears David Sense Connie Seigman Larry Sims Brian Sinders Gloria Smith Joanne Smith Steven Smitha Jeffery Sneed Elvia Solis George Spray Denise Sprunger Stephen Stearns Dave Steed Gregory Steffe John Stephens I27 128 David Stine David Stone David Stowell Ruth Struck Wendy Sullivan Tom Taylor Cathleen Thomas Stephen Thomas Margaret Toliver John Tropea Vickie Trout William Turner Joseph Turpin James Tutorow Linda Valentine Keith Van Deman James Vogelman Paula Wagner Janet Walker Susan Wallace Chester Ward Debra Welsh Robert Wessels Kevin Whitacre Gregory Whitley Cathy Widina Mary Williams Ronald Williams Karen Willson George Wilson Patricia Winningham Marion Wolfe Nancy Wolfram Candace Wooden David Wooden C. Rebecca Wright Jeffrey Yeager Cheryle Zartman Sondra Catron Elizabeth Conley Brenda Fudge Margaret McAbee Darrell Miller Janet Moore Danny Morris Ainsley Jo Phillips Barbara Randolph Deborah Shay J. Michael Sims Sophomores Victoria Ackerman Norman Acree Teresa Alexander Gary Allen Linda Anderson Tamara Anderson Stephen Arthur Vicky Bailey Debra Baker Paula Barga David Baril Peggy Bastin Adrienne Birge Craig Blanton Steven Bohnert Daniel Bolton Dennis Brett Kenneth Brooks Christopher Brown Rita Bruner Robert Bruns Joyce Burton Thomas Byerly Constance Camden Robert Carl Karen Carpenter Janene Carson Joel Catlin Gail Chamberlain Rebecca Chattin Timothy Coats Margaret Combs Steven Comer David Courier Joseph Cristoforetti Dennis Cropper Stanley Cross Christine Curtis Gary Davis Jeffrey Davis Steven Davis C. Brad Demon James Douglass David Dresslar Mark Dullaghan 129 Janice Durant Fred Eisner Judy Elliott John Emly Rose Engelking Jane Faudree Beth Fernkns George Fleetwood Kathy Fouts Janet French Kenneth Fuller John Fulton David Cable Richard Gardner Janelle Carrion R. Susan Geiger Pamela Godsey Margaret Gordon Kent Graham Roger Grant Claudia Groves Bruce Cuiliani Michael Guthrie Stephen Hamilton Donna Hardy Doyle Harlos Diane Harshbarger Elden Hartman Linda Hathaway Jerry Hayes P. Beth Heid Elizabeth Heininger Jean Hildebrand Sue Hilgeman Janice Hittle Mark Hollaender Barry Howard Margaret Howell Peggy Hulse Deborah Hunt Mark Jacobs David Lynn Jones Virginia Kastner Anne Kay Linda Kephart Brenda Kingen Mark Koenig Thomas Layden Michael Lee Gregory Leis Timothy Leonard David Lofland William Lowe Nancy Lowell Sara Lutz Rex Maddy Mary Lou Mader Gary Martin Martha McAdams William McAdams James McDermott Robert McMillin Dennis McNulty David Michel Jonathon Miller James Molebash Steven Montgomery C. Joseph Myers Richard Newberry Christy Newhouse David Newhouse Eric Olson Linda Osborn Dennis Outcalt Floyd Overman Kenneth Padgett Rodney Pawlik Timothy Peterson Patricia Polis Stephen Rasmussen Linda Reddix Bradley Reed Carrie Reinking Jerettn Reynolds Timothy Rickard Mark Rihm Deborah Rohrman Gary Rowe Kathryn Rueff Rodney Sanford 131 Vicki Saul Adeline Schemel Phoebe Schlegel Mary Schwanholt Mark Sciarra Deborah Seedorf Deborah Scott Pennie Shaw Lyle Shelton Sally Shockey Paula Sidebouom James Simpson Scott Sluder Gayle Smith Kenneth Smith Tena Sneed Dale Snider James Snyder Sharon Snyder Jean Sparks Larry Sparks Barbara Spaugh Diane Sprunger Larry Stanley Charles Steigerwalt Dale Stelting Vance Stratton Clarence Swain Donald Szymanski Mark Thacker Nancy Thomas Shirley Thomas Martha Thomson Paula Thornburg Duane Topp Linda Utter Leah Van Meter Phillip Vidito Deborah Waidner Douglas Wallace Eleanor Waltz Anita Wells Jane Welsh Deborah Westerfield Larry White J uniors Timothy Wilbur William Willan Kathleen Willner Robert Wingerter David Winnings David Wood Joan Woods Paulette Yeater Marcia Yost Beth Youngblood J eff Zirkle Patti Gardner Vicki Jo Thomas I33 And, Until Next Year . . . TO THE READER: Procrastination kills, and the rather dead edition of The Oracle which you now look- ed through is, in effect, the corpse. Still, a lot of us worked, worried, and pondered over the publication of this tradition. They now know what NOT to do when working on Oracle 76. That book, fellow students, will definitely be a step up. To the people who did the work-Lyle Shelton, Terry Taylor, Steve Estabrook from Inter-Collegiate Press, Sandy Koett, Diana Williams, Terri Emery, Larry Hathaway, Ainsley Jo Phillips, Lou Gerig, Dave Willoughby, Dave Burke, and me, too-I extend my warmest thanks. On to Oracle ,76. Steve Nontell Editor, Oracle 76 ABOVE Steve Nontell, Oracle ,76 Editor tThe one on the lefty RIGHT Lyle Shelton, 1975 Oracle Editor, reposing in his new room donated by the Wilmore Freshmen of 75. f Inhrr mviigzgiuh: lnwms. mu

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