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Oracle 1970 Indiana Central College Indianapolis, .Indiana I VOLUME 51 ,:H,,Q5Q.,5 lp ,:.iS.Lsq. "The best verse hasn't been rhymed yet, The best house hasn't been planned, The highest peak thasn't been climbed yet,' T The mightiest riverjs aren't spanned, Don't worry and fret, faint-hearted, The chances have just begun, For 'the best jobs havent't been started, The best work hasn't been done." Author Unk DOWH ' Q 1 ' V - -4--4w--- - ..-- --...,... .,.----,,- . p rfb 17 -1-an-gg-. 'W itll .nu -f .Ji . T many signs ai QTHESE CAI 2 , , A - - - f, A .V . mf.,-, yy Jgf,yfiy,f4Yf, -4. ,,,. .,,A 11- ,,,, 5 . Q .,' -.............. , tv . 1.1-' -X ' r - X . tt . , 3Q.Qh.33QQ'gwvl .5 og,-"n', bln ,Y , ,,k. I ,f.1-ae,-1.-',,'.,,5wL . .-e 1 -. ezgjg- ' ,, , , N! .. K V, X 1 in-n ' Tir ef r .-4. ,-,,,,,.,,. ., , ,., The changing of the seasons is little different from the changing of leaders. Sometimes there are bad sea- sons and sometimes there are bad leaders. Sometimes there are good seasons and sometimes there are good leaders. For the last twenty-five years the season has been good. Indeed we are fortunate, for the new coming season also indicates goodness. f. DUI' illtllfe ,u'3.1 IS WI LL Central College . 1 Q 4 , . l I W X , U , . ,.' y I . 4 , x The Jo of Classes? Whether it be gym, typing, music, or lecture classg it all leads up to a better- ment of' one's own self Oh yes! There are the taking of tests. When the mind begins to pulsate with each question causing the brain to ache just a bit. But soon after the satisfaction of gaining a little more knowl- edge creeps upon the student and strength comes to search for more wisdom. A QR,- ,J .X 4 L' ,Q x 4' .W 'f f r i':1 qfi" 'ff rw 4 'WT A' A ' W' H ' , ,fl :Hy 1-,Tiff pl .-K 415, 'J P,-If Q75-EQ., , ' fm" ' 27 'L wwfil gflffx u' , WA' .Aw f Y ' 1-xi li QEEQH-" , ,,,, ,Tx . .ML 'E if rn Mum- AV. 'Y .QT ' '12 .. What College is About Class work lays the foundation of further study and this furtherkstudy usually brings the student to the library, a library as broad in scope as the student's interest. Micro film equipment as well as a large selection of music is available to fill the growing needs of the student. T. ., , , ,, --i,ggy-'f xg- i 1 , -" 1 2 1 I . , O- . ' - 'J 'lllrl 1 L. avi? .P if , 1 'N 1 , Q. '- 1' . , Hz!" . 1 . V V ,N r, 1 ' ' , . , 5, ' L' AY? , rf V , I Q - ,1 , .. I '5,j'Q7':?iafn ,mg 1 , ,,53L 4 '59 -QM, ' 'I-l-5.ff':.,l'!-A ' 1 in at ' AQ: . 1, F21 - ,1 11 .fel "' ' i.,1!'.v 4' , .P 525, -4? Q31 '11 " ., .. ' . Q -uf K 1 Q gf fm-., 5 ,Q X! 1 J 'x P f W 1 -KE , . -...,,..- -' 5" 1 -.rf X 1. v 7 i I'-J FQ. NGN, . V5 Students Living Together The dorm, a home away from home? Well, maybe. A 1 . 1: Hkajf-J-MLW 4, Y.,!"""wl . :igi5,1lEw Xu .M fy ' ' :Z2'f:5"fJ . . 1 place where anything can happen andoften does. All night study sessions, wild card games, loud stereos, and quiet fellowship are all to be found in the dorm. 3-:was-'Q '.,.., 4 1 Conveniencesof Schwitzer Students everywhere have two perpetual complaintsg l their studies and their food. But complaints are few at Central for the American Food Service provides a var- iety of' appetizing dishes to tempt even the most critical student. Served in a family style atmosphere, meals are a ,welcome break from the rigors of study. e , 12 .93 E I X' f -rg. M 1, I Nx fy If L. Q , EL ' Wi" B"""'T' ' ' ' ' A - A Y . V .V ,-, Vp - f Q V ' ' , .. - : - ,-I gV,, x . , ,. V r Y " '- f' 'f---' '-11 v-r... V.4' Vv.:.:. . - -' , :V+ E-: I 5 V we , Q:-.gggii Am' A 5 L mm - ' M-.. - ,. 1 i VH' ' ' : ' ' . - F 4, Ah., ..-. . 'J 1 5: 55" I X li, -1' ! I :F A 4, . j 4:44 uf P, . , A , -- 5 1 ' ' :Ig-3, I uf' V1 ' V ,V RL' I 'J' Q si." 57 'f 'l I: 5 4' r' ' 'JJ N . ff.! gf 3 V 'V - ' 7-:Y V x 1 BS V I la Y X r , xj- ' Q "' V43 5 . x , ' A 1 P, - V rf , Vg . V 2 A 1l2'f'V- ,. JA 1' -4 Kg, I ' - ' 1 F Q 5 N : E -1 'M'-1-1aL. xx lh - TRUE!! Y X l 54 -nl 1 I U f' F 5. A 1 L. V 4' ,,. s' x.,, . ' v A Q xx' J.. r: 'L r The Center of ICC If in Italy all roads lead to Rome, at Indiana Central all roads to Schwitzer Center. Schwitzer is a place to be yourself, study, or just relax and shoot a quick game of pool. And if you're hungry the campus cupbourd is always open, where Mary Streets dispenses food as well as advice to those 'with problems. 14 sq, nf.- .-...:.. - 1 .5 i-LL-Q: 'f' .1 ft . , lfcfz-5,1-I-if 5 Y .Af 59-a 1:.n,...,. 1 w , . Q ' -il 5:- .5,g.,g:. my X , -1-rm. 1' V - 1 '- iw ,f ...azfn-.. f . 1 - ,V 1, -,HU ,Nts -4 an K , . ,4 , , . Sports Stimulate the i Competitive Mind , 4 . . t Eg'-4 -fa rf ,,-,..,- Q fa .l . . ,- -.- 5, .4 - .1 Y A sy quwwiv NH'e+sn -bg -, . it All is in Easy Walking Distance An active body aids the active mind, and at Central, students participate in many extracurricular activi- ties. Whether in bowling, basketball, wrestling, or just plain walking Central students reflect the vigor of their school. 17 7' 3-'N ZZ K., .M l. Rf 1 XNSQ Qi The skies they were ashen and soberg The leaves they were crisped and sere- The leaves they were withering and sereg It was night in the lonesome October Of my most immemorial year. Edgar Allen Poe FALL in-f.-1-1-,Q --, 1 ,M N I A -EQ .L 2 2, ' J' 'wr 5 ' ' ' 552355: was .ii ' .1 , ,J-is V 55 'TM L mx X Q P1 in 1153 + 3 Y -hr . L 13, 'z:, fi 5255? 1 S E I' T .b ' I fm 91 eaegw- - , 2 A 110' -a-wa., :i'4:geEMg,yqym,,-Zgwmw - I Q. 5 A I 'A 1 I AA Nu , nw.. NA. .M kip' -.KM 4, V1 eV 1 ,wry .mVk...,4-wg: .. . Lgr- 1-3 "I'T ' f T' l 1' Y! 5,11 f' uv-Q 1 ri 4-: .-,sm -N K 'f -Jn , .jx wil. . Homecoming is Inspirational The joys of seeing old friends, eat- ing a good meal, observing colorful displays, and Watching a good foot- ball game all add up to homecoming. The homecoming Queen this year was Anna Honnold, an attractive business education major. Members of' her court were Jo Ann Voss, Su- san Reidenbach, Debbie Stoller, and Margit Szabo. Beta Theta Won the grueling bike race which was held on the quarter mile cinder track following the game. The team was made up of Mark Whitman, Carl Herbster, Mar- low Mullin, and Joe Shafer. 22 new 6 if ,, E 5 1, k -.yy A 1 ,-.V ' ,-1 Hx , 1 K .gf an f 2 V - , ,...w I ff Q ' " r 5 QR, 5 wi 'Y' Thi- S , F1 A , ,fp - ,- sa? 4 gag' ' 3' .,::.?5,..5 ,J , , 'S E-A 4 4 Q .4 -' A-if 1 Q' wV. i ' , ' P 5 'gay 2 I 5 5 'viufvfzi' K 25:3 , 13:5 '31 .az.::z Grid Players Give Good Show Football is the sport of strength, the sport of intelligence, the sport of speed, and the sport of coordinated individuals. Even though Centralis team did not have a winning season the players still gave the fans action packed games. The football team consists of Lindsay Shaw, Mike Roth, Bill Glass, Charlie Jordan, Steve Schrink, Ron Bolyard, Larry Bowling, Brude Ruster, John Egenolf, Fred LaBorn, Jim Hall, Rich Hogue, Jerry Kaufman, Mgr. ROW 2: D. J. Hines, Randy Ferrand, Ken Wendling, Don Ferguson, Larry Schembra, Jim Kistler, Gary Krumming, Randy Watson, Steve Kinnaird, Don Mathis, Dave Veronik, Mike Gillin, Coach Willie Martin. ROW3: J oe Koening, Steve Callen, J eff Remble, Russ Flueckinger, Mark Wheeler, Doug Semenick, Greg Limbach, Joe Mom, Dal Klinger, Mike McElwain, Bruce Henry, Bob Rothrock, Coach Dwyer. ROW 4: Paul Hundt, Andy Lindauer, Gary Ragatz, Tom Crowe, Kern Hampton, Mark Barhan, Jim Mclntire, Dave Hawkins, Steve Hurst, Nick Romano, Jim Gaines, Ken Whisman, Jerry Harrison. Aa. WE. . W 24 'N- w x 'J' 11 1 V 'N BA , I N QQ I x I 3 . I ,, I n . 's 4 .351 bl. ,X2 A' Nu .1 ,gm 4 lj, IA' 1, , , v , "yy r, f 'fs ' .V ' -N 1- I, , . 'Vv The Long Distance Runners Show Desire To Win The cross country team consists of Phil Reidenbach, Ed Kinnaman Denn Walker Gar B d l Al E t G R G O y , y ren e , s es, ary omesser, ary s- burn. ROW 2: Coach Bill Bright, Tom Smith, Richard Malanoski Paul Glaspie, John Layman, Randy Boys, Larry Tucker, Bill Keller Gordon Summers, Manager. 26 Cross Country .12 1 Q WI 'll' sf: . lim: .xi ,. One of the loneliest sports is the grind of running long distances. The pain of strained leg muscles keeps increasing and the runners begin to think about the distance to the finish line. But with a man such as Mr. Bright for a coach the Central team had little difficulty in having a win- ning season. ! J 27 i Tennis team members are Gregory Drake, John Adams, Ron Young, Norman Geible. ROW 2: Dave Shaffer, Carl Herbster, Randy Lee, and Dave Gaddis. rl-f Q-1 ,Q-Q--an-,.e .iS,w::e + 1'-mx na. -'T-"5" -. . V-,w.'.' 'J -, 'I 11,1 1, MZ I IA Us sllol :NIJ ..a Tennis Team has Depth The 1969-70 tennis team closed out a relatively successful season with a record of 11-5 spread over fall and spring seasons. Undoubtedly one of the strongest teams ever campaigned by Central, youthful and energetic coach Wayne Babbitt molded what was probably the finest one-two combination in Central history in junior Ron Young from Pike and senior Dave Shaffer from Southport. During the fall Ron was simply brilliant in compiling an 8-0 record making him the Hoosier Conference's finest tennis player and all-district in the N.A.I.A.. Dave had an equally successful spring with an 8-0 record and a third place finish in the Little State Tournament at position two. The success ofthe team was due to its depth. Freshman John Adams from Greenwood played position three and combined with Ron to make an outstanding number one doubles team. John also finished fourth in the Little State Tournament. Casey, Illinois product Randy Lee, a sophomore and number four man also had a fine spring record of 6-2. Randy was recipiant of the Most Improved Player Record and tied for the Kelso Reid Mental Attitude Award with Captain Dave Shaffer. Freshman Norm Geible of Syracuse was the most improved player over the season and will be relied upon greatly in the coming years. Sophomore basketball star Carl Herbster of LaVille had an equally fine year at number six which was highlighted by a second place finish in the Little State. Completing the squad was junior Dave Gaddis from Franklin with a 6-2 fall record. 29 . -as V W L' Girls Hockey team consists of Pam Troyer, Bonnie Lewis, Billie Vinion, Gayle Hunter. ROWZ: Carol Siegmann, Mgr., Linda Hawes, Kathy Fuller, Karen I-Ianni, Sharon Ryland, Tippi Stanley. ROW 3: Nita McNealy, Mary Meyer, Mary Wilcoxon, Judy Barnes, Tina Pickard, Nancy Geyer, Joanne Alexander, Coach. The gir1's field hockey team offers Indiana Centra1's coeds a chance to join the competitive spirit of ICC. The joy of winning overshadows the drudgery of the prac- tice, the training, and the bruises. W S, I .QV .fa " -,ar rn. gr ',, 4 . cr: " A- ?,nN. ,ig W :valign ww ifwiffffx H325 -is aaa lv F ,, , H 1 -W, ,N 30 :Ft W ,,,, ,, HM, , uv. nm ,A 5 The hot action and the intense concentration needed by a tennis player can be seen in the faces of Ron Young and John Adams. 1 des ,im . - 1 W ,ws . H 34 M ' , an -75 si a , Q52 - 14 1 Ms. cm! Q 5. X. N, ,X ,. ,, sans , ,, fi, FM,-M, 1 ni., V 1, ,,:,,.... M, - f.- ,Q .W,.. new E i r if . , , fi - l 3.9, . fig' Q- 1.33 1 df, i 1 H 2 5259? v - i,3i,,y - ii, 319-Ei .M . 5 ffiiwi' fi .' 1 f Q was L . VFW ' v .1 5 i. 5? nz. ' L A . .r K L. N V K H M .1 WSWS: "' ar Wye Lx ' 'A P- '52 ' 4 Q l f. V ix y , H 3 X M SWIEQELQ 9' -mf V wi Em w sf f Q ,x 1 E .1 5, 1522 W .1 ,.,.f,: ws W . nf., we ' - 4 -mf f jfim 'vig "' ' ,- . fans 2, 'x -null, ,','. .1QifQgiEE.- 1 . ,, - " . 'Y A v' fl: 4' A - ' My f 2 f: F' .. sl ii .. f 5' .QQ A U, 'vu v ,,qwgg,2E-gy. 4 Ag . ' Wifsfiwsf i , 3: 'Nmap-1: Y mfzeq" if' ' I Z. 2 5 . f?5f:" . ' i Q ' 2' " ' 1 , JB, 1, "Si ,, - 5:51. 5, ' 11 . -W 'rfb W "f'aHff1-?15'1i?Q "' Pi' w In .W ,, ,ggggkvv - Y M wfA1..i5gz, ,, ,ii ia f ag, 924 G swim' M5351 H ,zen W , .J ., +-Milan N?fwi":'sfffzU fs V.. xl 2' Q., ' , f. an . ml ",, ' 535258 31 Brown County Day By early October students are well into the semester, and the daily grind of lessons is beginning to take its toll. Brown County Day, Central's annual all-school frolic, gives students and faculty a chance to let go, get to know each other, and above all to have fun. The hazy sunlight meandering through the brilliant folliage gives all a sense of renewal and new hope to carry on. 32 q.,.i 'FMU' S1 , yes H DY' xx. ' ' ' pf 1 V . . w-'ff- ' 1 .l W own K 3 Q ""' A f . 4 I .I , , ' k ffm 4 , , V .gli Q Q A A It M An, gy W, ' I --fl ' ,,-12.2 K ,. ! I , -'wx ' f' I 1 J 5' .,g1z,-f I 4 N ,, . . 'P ,A if ' I ai. F " r 3 in V K . ,, ,, ,I A ' W i FELT. 1 L H. ' v Q A -3 , - , , ',,' Q, ' 4 ,V S . -, max, , , N, -, - rf gl, -- 4'-Q pri . 'Hf W kv. 4325515 .Jf " lk s lg? L ' ' ,B X QV' F . ,A .,, V 1 't I f xv " .f ' 'Aww' -5 'w"'r, 5 ' vi Q , V a. 4' .Y 4 1 I , '-V b , ,lr 3' I :iff , ,Q V H, m P - ' 5 h ai 1 1. .-fs--u fs: IQ' I A 1 ML.-.f P .-. . 'Y 1 " rl R.-4. ff' -. 'l Y' ' T , A .L 1, , , 1 g uk 4 X I I .. A - 1 P . ,si -ff -f ' ' ' 7' ' 9..- 1.8 5 3455-?32Sgf-1 v Q! '32 4 -- ' , . r . A P ' ' '-' ,", '- -A . LL-f"4 1 . 'V Q - ,If aa?jfJ sf in Af.: i- Lzfgfv, nA 5 iii ff., ., V A -Y ii , 5, l ' 'f VHF M sk Q ' ' 0.1 . ,, 4 , Npl,'-' .4 , F 2 , N' X- 0 Y 1- 7 . 'Q Q K V ,u Im- H Y, .H 7? ff iiaiifgsl V f5f11n.4"1AfgCI3Y' S ' Wil .,,.L ,,.. 'u X., ul- W 34 w Wim: 2. iv 5-. V J K '91, ,. ,-Au. ' , yn, if 'FW .Qi ag if t t' , V v ,1 . in ' -kg A ,. 513832. 4. x ' '54-f,57ff, A.:,,:. X 'X Sw . W1 ' :N mf . I Y Ar ' "' ' 'qfwig "7 4? K 4fg,1vf,., , ,, I mf, '5'riM.e,?w I . .' uw Y- - fig . ,, . 4 ' N - Q Q 'fm 5? wif? - af' Vigflim ,A , ff, Qwt, .. all sk . rf, , . A L ' 1 US. fi: il ,,.. my Q- M, . Ak Siiii I L .1 -. ..- -W xx 9' .1 55' -:sei 3 "Hamlet" Honors Dr. Esch The drama department's production of' "Hamlet" was one ofthe years biggest events. The troupes superb performance of one of Shakespeare's most difficult plays won them wide acclaim and ultimately an offer from the American Theater Festival in Great Britian to tour England this summer performing on the British stage. 35 bk 0 Illmlll 'I D , 15 Blow, blow, thou winter wind! Thou art not so unkind As man's ingratitude. William Shakespeare WI TER Maw- -3- 4. -.a .E- --r 1' Jffi The Grip of Coldness With winter comes snow, numb fingers, slippery side- walks squeaky boots, and that frigid darkness that sur- rounds you as you trudge reluctantly to an early morning class. But even with all this added misery, as Christmas approaches, the world is transformed. As colored lights twinkle merrily from dormatory win- dows, a certain lift creeps into your voice and all pre- vading cheerfullness lights even the darkest corners, and somehow life is once more bearable. 39 2 . 0 1 ' V 0 ' A 'I i Y :wg Q i -X . 1., .Mah 2 ' mg iq N 0 s Y: I Y A I E: 1 ,Vi I ,. ww 'ii X ff I ' HJC! Christmas at ICC The Circle K's efforts to make this year's Christmas Dance a memora- ble one were quite successful. The Schwitzer concourse Was almost un- believable. The doors were Wrapped like large presents, the Belemeir band played the tunes, and the ceil- ing twinkled with multicolored lights. 41 H191 :':.. ' ' .a .. 2,f?ii.4 .5 , 2.,.5 ' ' I . I ,f , - ' 'I ' 'I f X 5, N- H1 'M X 1 X 'ff " ""' 3,,.LE:. f5:..,,! -- - .. L 2 Y " " ' v 'W"""2v225-1-JP asf- 5 122223, - .,, 1 M2 . L l I At .. Li. 4 H ,Q H U r 1 44 'INK I-fi' 1 'L -'11 mn. ,Q an , X JL, I L N x f 1 . MW 92 K 5 at E. W 1 n, K 'v-- 536155 x I 'RQ 'vis J- L 3. -LP .. gy, , 4531? AL 'L --421: , .. 2.'5,'w.-if - -. .am-. ,. i CRJ. :- M .. , , Al'-"A 'EN gf Q ,L ,gg 3- -SQ mf E94 Qi? '-A 1 hw " lm -' 1,22- , ' '-,V, E., ' f , fe, 1 s ar " 2326 ,, R, -3252. .NB ... T .5 V3 Wi- 5 n 4 A-5 ' R" 3 Arg! wg, 222 'Wi' - :gffg Q A Hot Success The success of M110 in the Shade", a musical version ofthe play "The Rain- maker", again points up the versitility and ingenuity to be found at Central. This play required students not only to act but also to have musical ability and inter-departmental cooperation resulted in another coup for the Drama depart- ment. The band and orchestra directed by Mr. Lowell Boroughs aids the culture of the ICC Student. They present several concerts each year as well as work with the drama department. The Qentralairs are Gil Hubbard, Jenny Graham, Jeff Trees, Janie Bryant, Mike Potter, Lynn Hillsamer. ROW 2: Karla Pannell, Steve Hamilton, Ellen Magee, Rick Wright, Susan Day, John Williams, Mike Bridgewater, Cindy Crump, Kent Schwartz, Sydney Stinson. For those who are more tal- ented the popular Centralairs can give the student a chance to perform for dinners, to travel, and to meet new friends. Here they are performing for the stu- dent body during chapel hours. 44 1 . I" fi V During the semester brake choir students devoted part of their time for the entertainment of others. This year they performed thirteen times in eleven communi- ties under the directorship of Mrs. Elise Marshall. 45 Music is Everywhere The choir, similar to the band, practices many hours to present a single performance. It offers another source for the energy of Central students in an enjoyable constructive manner. With the applause ofthe crowd the choir member receives the important sense of accomplishment. 46 1. V Q qgyi K JA- - V , , , , . , ,Nm,N.. ig ,. -im. ' ' ' ml: , ' , iii, ..f-fi 7 'iii A' 'A ' .. . 's " W, H , HT? iziiifix 1 ' 1 ilizgfvi .W ' ,mum . , ,-m , ., . - . , H ,,: x , K , , 47 V' , 22 IW HH W RL. . ,., ,H , ,W ,. .jggfz r hwy 5 wr W r i xr 15, .-n NF ,ff 1 if f XX 48 v. 1 I 1 f'T"'K ?-Nur X The Hounds Play Ball Once again Coach Nico- son's hard floor boys had a Winning season. The shoot- ing of Zeigler, Jones, and Gresk matched the hustle of Smock, Craig, and Whitman. It looks like this year is just a preview of' the type of the ball handling of next year. 'i The basket ball team consists of Mike Conner, Bob Howe, Ron Young, Todd Jones, Ed Zeigler, Jack Martin, Frank Craig. ROW2: Dennis Shipley, Norm Steele, Ron Gresk, Ron Smith, Carl Herbster, Mark Whitman, Bill Smock, John Owens, Ron Coates, Stu. Trainer, Coach Bright. hi T" The Crimson Steppers are Vicki Pawlisch, Viv Barkman, Linda Compton, Nancy Geyer, Debbie Hockersmith. ROW2: Bonnie Beck, Sue Bauer, Janel Cardner, Gayle Hunter, Karen Lawson, Mary Dalton. 50 Basketball Activities At Indiana Central almost every sport has its coun- terpart for the girls. The Whippets, the gir1's basketball team, played with as much determination as did the boy's team. They placed sixth in the Women's World basketball Tournament at Hamilton, Ohio. The Whip- pets received the sportsmanship trophy for having more enthusiasm than any other team. A group who contributed to the excitement of ICC's basketball games were the Crimson Steppers. The femi- nine marchers offered a welcomed halftime contrast to the basketball players. The Whippets consists of Pam Troyer, Managerg Bonnie Lewis, Marg Meyer, Joanne Alexander, Coachg Manager. ROW 2: Susie Black, Carol Siegmann, Judy Barnes, Kathy Fuller, Linda Petty, Nancy Geyer, Billie Vinion, Linda Barnett. 51 -uv- -. A- V. 'Q' - . A W ,f V ,,X1 , . 'sf JF . as 1, ff i 1 rl 1, . 152 I ' -,QW X N 5,1 1 f 1 .iy .-A.. U , A1 15 if f'1 A 1 X V' 1 K' .J 1 ' 'o X '43 Qui 1" 1 f xy, , , k:,,l y D Q . X X Z1 , 1' 1 ' +9 'L' L 1 Lf 'ff "Y ,, M, f 'X I ' 77'4 1 ' -? J: . ' H R R 4 rj 3 x A1 XX HX E 1, , ' , tx bf L' , I M ' 'Q J ' , 3 1 'X X l Q ' ' U 3 1 S ! " ' I ' 1 ,gig-f,,g,l,4 f..w-sw A '-'-lim... Wrestling Coach Paul Velez brought his college career to an end this year with one of his youngest, and best teams. These fourteen men, and their coach flew through a 14 - 3 record, scoring a total of 430 points to their opponent's 232. The team was troubled with injuries through- out the year. Mike Willoughby a tough competitor and champion from last year was plagued with a knee injury. Brad Cowan, Al Evans, and Joe Mom were all bothered by shoulder trouble. Team cap- tain Marlowe Mullen who placed 5th in the nation last year missed five dual meets with a fractured nose. In February the team traveled to Earlham Col- lege for the HCC Tournament. After the first night of action the Hounds were down 20 points from leader Taylor U. The next day though the tables turned and the spirited Greyhounds came back to win over Taylor 77 - 71 for their 5th of 6 Conference Championships. 53 X SWE -s 1 Y 'WL ' xx: "lm mu Q ,EEL. ,fx WH M 5551 FN Q, wi- 3f'T','-T? S' 3 fi M fb. Mm :we-1 ...ff ..f N... V. .fe ,, . wiv 5 sg 53, :J iw-5 A ps dw ww fy-ff Y fb The Sweetheart Dance "The Look of'Love" truly was an appropriate title for the Sweetheart Dance. The look of Queen Nancy Gill could make any boy fall in love. The dance is an event that marks the time of year. Spring will soon be here. It gives couples a chance to put on the formal attire, eat a good dinner, and listen and dance to the tunes of a good band. A Time for Happiness The Sweetheart Dance is a social occa- sion for the faculty and administration as well as for the students. It is the climax of the Leap Week events. It is a time for happiness. S?" 57 Q5 S5 Fm Spring, with that nameless pathos in the air Which dwells with all things fair, Spring with her golden suns and silver rain Is with us once again. Henry Timrod PRI G fi. A ,I. .5535-,wAg. I-A A. A ,xi A .9 AA A. Ae, A A M :fi A- T' ' ' K 3- N -i3'GrAq,, -5' A' AA " f 'A 2 'T4' .352-"" r-if F FA- 2' A ,A g ,Ml A ,,f' 1 A-'AA Am-:A 75 Qu Jug X f A ' if 0 f- AIAA- A1524 ,M . -gsm 59- A iiv, .:.,..x X , qyy . :AAA I A, , 3? 1 A1 AA .,AA,:w.f1A-4 f - ' ' V ' ' W ifwfiivf 1232 W In 4 51 A -' A A A QA-af A A A1 A H 'Mm' f if -'li,A, ,AAN A AAAA ' EA 'min :As idx AA All A IAA A A ,:A' ,A .A 'I aff H ' I A w ' Y ' 1 A '- - - . A ' 'U' ' Y Z2 A AA ' f ' A '53 A AA AAAA - i ' gf A1-Q3 A' fin V ww '1 A 'E WEEE' A A... ' A 1 V A VV K- A I A , . AA f. iff. A egg A . N ,' Y -My " 1 f A A31 AAA: T Taz- A I ' .Q '1' .'.' ' :iw . A 71A 1 A A A A . EL .KJ ,A. AA- . 2 we AR Q ' AF. "f"",,x:Ji N - tw -1 A ,A A AL AA., i.AAA Q A K .Ag,.,,,- A AWA H 1 A AAA -' A A . f AA f 'W 11 'P A5 ly MM 3 AA, -It i W :ig A ,Aly AZAAAAJ Y WA . 5 'v J, ' " ' 1- . '..-..."' S ns is A Zfgjlgh' A. AAA-.. ' A 0-1 A 5 Au I waz! 4 A K ,Aw gr -- A ig - ..- Z A r-- - A - A AA i Q 2' ' "A, L.. - ,A ' flilbj A H .- 0- - ,iii AV sg V ' A -2 A 42 . W' ""'4-+ ' N25 AA A f In ' 1 ' ,,.. y f A A sf: f WH' Q, +A +L f A- A' f Q22 ' 52 Q 'w if -ww A ' W A F - " ' ' L.. MLA. I aw ,AA AAA .5 ,TA-A, A lying ,AA A . . Ly egg, .A Ni gi : v -. rf ,AS - -gg 1 - ':A A 1 A J? ' ,qi xy 1 A- g5A.A-"E, A ,yin A1 A4 ' --.--A M A .,....,.a,!r ' A' wif ' gi, A :f : - V -QA A fri- - QA '-WA. ' .A.. -vf .- A Ag ' AAAA.f.a AAAA - AA A ' A ' A-1 Q 5, Z AAWMA mags-Q A A A A A ' A-' ' A: -A, AA -1 -il 'A "- 3 ' 'F ., A .. -A Q W Vw- I... Av A 'Y A. " ' Fw: M f 2,52 A-. .A ' A M A A. -E28 "1 ' A kv' " f'-WA. A5 A HA :AA 4 W X X - ,A KW! ,git f n AA 1A 'i AA., A - A312-R A ' ? A A Y-'ig A Ap, A Az Pr, A H A A - . W' A A"J A, 5. H 4 A A 551 A F lug A AA 'AJ .1 Aff, :V 52 AAA G AAV AA A A A gr, A H " Y L A A 1455- gf 1 fi ' ' Q " -' f ' 1 ' ' I " v-ZT- xi' f SVU, ' Vg, 15. qv A. Izfg . 'gf A 71 " AW V A"' -- 53? " 'WA F' ' 'ff ' 'WE AAAAA iii' J .AA - gf: N-gl, A - A A-5 FJNJ- 'Y K6 Aw ' Mg fbi ' b 'I . if 1 A55 'Q ij",-Y' " - ,A 21' f. F 4 VH A A YF A 51.352, V S W W "Emil: V za- - ASD ' in' ' -J.. , 15'-1-W, -' A 7 A AA , fig". AA-AAM5.-... 'L AA A A ff AA Al,A -A ,'.A,:.x -1"- A A A - vxgnj A A. fi 'AA-AA A 'v 45 L. W wt 5 AA A--f A, A, 5, .A ' A Sa, A Em . , Aw 2 A A K A t AAAAA '- 5' A Ag. AA 'h " ' TA? It ' - A f fi ifiw 1A vnu" 15922223 ga A- ' fff V 'A QA V A -K we I A12 ' A ' - AAAA A. A A Xffu wiv? ' A l -. -6- ----- ..:-::- V 1 - - -' 1 i .iv '-2-'3,1f'xI2W'- H 4, . 'TQ17-'Egg' ri R' x H 1356. . A - A ' L ' lw.' W ' g - W --up A 1 1 ' ws! 9 H H'-5 hm. pier 'a.' azz, in 1 we we The Council Stands for Service Council Retreat is per- haps the one Central Council activity which best exemplifies one's ser- vice in student govern- ment from the elections to the termination of an ad- ministration. The degree of leadership in concern and service finally meas- ures the validity of any administration. 62 1 fi? A , Jw if Xi. I. Q ., -Q, , Y 4:,5lR'g'?f?'.g..' 5 ., ,x ,ef ,.- v H , xg' 5.37 --1 Lf ' ' ' T J 1 gazes- 5 X ik f , ' uw if sw w KN,-Q, M gp gi? in 'sw Tis? ,P ' , F " xii? 4' 1 ' . . . l , - 5, 6 l li-f W ' . fit? nj, X HM - . f 1 May Festival Fun A highlight ofthe spring is always May Festival. There is a beauty ofthe person, the music, and the precision each year which is as intan- gible but as refreshing as the idea of a dream itself A warmth from participation and interaction comple- ments that of the personal joy of sharing the happiness of others. The new May Fes- tival queen is Billie Venion. 31 . I-4 - i 3 n I 1 x, .U 67 v , x 1- 1 , "1 4 W, W ,- Yxiga. W 1 Y ily, .', S5535 V H . QQ V Q W' ' 2. - are Y gag s 1:5 Vg -1 " Q35 35 sr ' l ,Q - ' . W i 1 W K iv , . l :girl , ' , Q- 'wi 'rug f , ,Q 1 'I Q . ,Y f ' :'.zg!5:5 Q ,l i xx w 1,, ,, I 2 2 fifzwj . ,fs ' , , -T-'je l A ' -11 l . l - M fs llln W 'I'.m ' ,- Science's Concern for an gm 4 lg The Science Fair and all Ecology Day brought the into i ' concept of education to its gl 5 it zenith. Young students from . 2 t surrounding communities .ii were given the opportunity if H? iii l "- -' ' during the annual fair to ex- plore the potentialities of science the very potentiali- ties which may be called upon one day to solve a prob- lem such as the one exposed more fully on Ecology Day. During both events Central students became organized and worked for a single pur- pose which bridged the divi- sions often caused by personalities. Success became the result of a com- mon cognizance and effort. 69 Golfers Capture W1nn1ng Season The golf team consists of Glen Weaver, Greg Bixler, Bob Buchanan Kenneth Partridge John Davis Alan Hess Ron Sprunger The golf team could not play like Arnold Palmer, but they did do better than the fifty percent mark. The team, coached by Kenneth Partridge, fmished third in the NAIA district tournament and won the Bluffton, Ohio Tournament. The golfers will be in full force next year and will also gain a few freshmen. 70 L ,Q E-If 41. 1.1 W, ,iff 1+ 1 M, 12, E :Q ' -ul X U. NF! ' -,J-2 my P! 1 , W if Z :ffl Vg? C V u x ,,.. cy L1 5+ gt Y irit Fi lx 'ii Q iw ' ' 11 ez. ' ,MQW ' 'WSH X' 1.32 K 1 3, fum N ,yew FEM! , x , qv., :, in-Q V NM 2 T 7.3 5 ' " .- is x . ig , , Y- - A A , . .,-rn. , ,. 2-ffl " ' ' -..EQM M-M -4 my -si. ,af 'I - fx :i51?s15f:I . " gif! -:-2252 : ,, .i " 2,5 ISE :X W FEJMSQ -eikagfgiespsgziseaiisffP353-11 3-vii ,' G, fifesymi k xwfmf, ,vw ,V M www 1 ,fQg:e':?.wzf'1:fL 4:1-N fffzsez.-11z2'.:f:Q li-'1 ' vi, M' , Pfgfxgv ,-:Law 2 t E1 if ., :"L'i5 :sirfiiifsz s A 1 , ... f. .,, , S5 V B ' ww fu pw Jig? Y l::57,f:,ygQgkg,1-,y , Q. .f-.v-:mv Q-M, w..: wwfa ,. ffwgwf ,f:,,q.f,g ,,fMq,:-,,5JwW,,g-f aging , ,I 3 K Sn1ggsg:mE,iffw? kings P- wir .isgggfffgg his ,. wifiszzfsfigpvinf Xi,'it31g,,wgg5,Vxx:::xv 22 ff, 2 ffwiwfrg- 'VL 5:xx'1fsfff' 5 9' ZF fPu2f'Y"EW ' '-ilifif - , J aff. K ':xsrx4gggi::g'gg7'vf,Q,,1:,- xkxvsmw X X 'L ' '--Ffflff WW M ' ,mf A- X.,. W N ii xvmaiffg l 1 , ' ' fvzswzss 'Lf' ......,. 1 N :W-1 wx L .. K .2225 L. 115 f' ZX :W 7. Wefszgsfsesigw 95 5 7 - AQ. f:f:mwm1,ama..- , fm if 3 K . " , . 55:5 ,.. A 5 . -W., N , Q J X A . was 1 . gag. K 5,55 .W ...u N i v ' V ,. - , ,. .- ',1:'- '. K 1 V., , , . .x,,. 'H A y 5 . U .:...: :.: 35 rx ' ,..,v' 'J M -2 'ww ' . ' 5' .- 'f " T. A 1 I 1 'W 'E - K , 'r ' .w ' M 1221252 T .E 1' N J . Q L Q F 1 . A 521: l .1 ' 1.-,., -rx W -Q, f... - - , , E ...... . -. 5'-gg, W ' -J, 'I A 3 A viii - ' Mfg -QI, wif: . .LXLU , mmf 7 5,-151-Irjjw. :IQ l HCC Track Meet Taylor 1 14 Manchester 63 ICC 33.5 Earlham 20.5 Hanover 19 Franklin 1 1 Anderson 1 1 ,-' re, - ,fv 3 , 1 ,wi V.. ,.,r WL fi 1 L 2 six- N 1. 1' A Q if 3 'EYE 1 ,nf :- , mf' af J' ag 9'1" ,Q- .. r.Urf1"" - .am- ,,,,..c.-., - F,- fwf' -:PM .,v3 6. ,,. v, 'Mx ,'!, I li Q 'Y ,,.l' , ,am , M , N WMM t V K I E- !i""ff rf v gui fl - - - '- fi-2' - 2:-1' '4 '-'- - T" ' fe 1-.-fag." ' , - l ' , , Q ' ri -vtA:lb5d7i4'iJ - " J ALA CE -f ki 1 QV' "'u'A'L+'f- A--5 , , gmj- 2 n-Eb x1:- wfwmhnmum-J P A 4- I -F. qglg-If , P - L .ijt-M V' ij:-AQ,-l gill-.. f ff 41 Q 4 x Emi' fi :fr xr, ---' ,Q e,g1'E., .v.. , ' mf , " : . " 'T' H ,tm- hh 42-,,, 245 11 A19 2 - 1 'ig ' .1 A 4 , V rf, X r -P, . 'A ' 1 9 I .va A f I Y-,A -.Q Y -Ml M xg fi ' ' ' T K' G . iii' wil ' N WU , K ft ' 'nh 'K . Sc? ff ' Q 4 ' A 'vp '. K . ' af? - v f sf ,, , - v, ,br L. f W .WJ ,J - x u '. . 'Q Q 5 T?-7: N - 4 , f I 'A 1 i . i f he V ,Y mt ,KI ix ' AJ: A ? , . .. 1 Q' - . ' E 11 ' ' A- A ' fr In 'lb if f ' - ' ' L I ii .4 A 4 l , A x , t W - 1 35. s 2 'V L iv I ' JVTJ. ! I Y K , 1 I . -iq, , , .Jg yy-'x..g4?' -V N Q, V, - ' 4 , - . , , I . A K . g, , ' - QM V '. v V, A , ' 1 - ' "1 f ,N f f 'lf11fV. 'M 4-,u .-j -,V IV f I ii? x , . ld, n.- f 1 SP f Q X K., 1 I A f'! ,Q I , I m C! 'NA . . r I., A . f SL 5 V EF' , k Tia , I jv' 1' Q .W - F H -M Q - A A ,-5,4 -,-:,,Q.sg1 fg. - f A ,asf ., if l V vig, A ,g.. Elk 5 lm 4? f 'L ' , .L , aid 4' I - f A--.1 , -.. M, . 1 X x 0, fy-. Af, , , - 4 4. I ,-- 'Z ' -,- 1 K , , ,- , A L f--- I W Wf A .., QU'-. W T. . I NA Q S, 5. , - M0 .,. , 13" , .-1 L . ,A f , -... I yt . . ' ,. QA- . 5 V' A753 qfqg ,550 'wwf ' 'gg-gw' ' K ' A ' ' , ' . '- If -, -. - ., A ,M-W ' N z..4...r. aim Agri--qw" Hi , 4 ,gm - '.fA- Y A iv: ,fl-4 .. . . -, .W I P 1 H '- 3459! T I- ' - , 'A N I 'if 4' ' web' W , . .M 1-vw' QA, A , - 1' ' , A - A, A 35 V ,ww wa... LA5j,:- 3-A-A - A -wfflfw A , 1 H77 'Q-nigflf .--..- , " - ga g A J' In - A- '- V A ' N' 'Q-. . . . ' ' ' ,i ' ,,A,,A,,, A , ,,..,,.q. .,N,. -,Aw Q lj rx-.. A , -A , ,R A- , m. , . , W-, - - A ' -, 4,i:r6,2--r ""-AQ""-wr A V ., A L . mg A , ' L 14 '- 5 . A :fi 1" 'K V Q "iffy ' 'N J xiii HMB' -vii? X '-1.-. Q21 ,, 3' '-v-fQ.,- V "fl-A, 1 Eva 'I w A .W 7 AAA fi. . '1 -- ..,, - "yi, .4 .-,W , .M A' V "Q,-5' ' ' ,AI - se ' Q T, A A A . . ,.. , - - - -- . - ' , -- -- N-if . . NA: . -,- , H , -Af. f f ,gn , Sw' ,W , -A g -rw -, - .w ,, , ' A . F I ' f- " A .M f - ' Y. 'W A A " ,Y t , -,N K , , 4 L...,,.', 'A A '-,'Hb, '-' The Indiana Central baseball team got off' on the right foot by win- ning the first game of the season with the University of Louisville and tieing its second game. But their record soon looked bad be- cause the team lost the next five in a row. Even though the situation looked bad at first it soon brightened. In the end they won eighteen, lost fourteen, and tied one. ICC's baseball team appears to have more winning seasons ahead. Ball Team Breaks Fifty Percent xi Baseball team consists of B111 Hall Jim McFarland Mike Knight Randy Ferrand Bert Fleming John Wirtz Randy Watson. ROW 2: Jerry Cumming Jim Kistler J im Green JeffRemble Jeff Baker Dave Verhonick JeffMcGu1re Ray Slagle Dwain Wall, Paul Velez, Assistant Coach. ROW3 B111 Bright Coach Darrell Gordon B111 Wozny Steve Schrink B1l1Smock Gary Judy Jim Hedges Don Heckilinski, George Dietriech. 75 rf-w v 2 , EQ, xii, 5 .. K, 5 4' 'J 5 '-. Ji mf f xiffgt V I -1 :X 5 'skim E93 - -f wi z 'f1Q,r:-3 A 1 'Y .XX 9 1 :mfg .Ax fi - f 1?-u. 1 - 4 , 1 ' 'L H7 Tl bf ! . .lk 'Vi G 1 J , M i fi, LA' . V L Girl's baseball team consists of Susan Black, Linda Barnett, Bonnie Lewis. ROW 2: Tippi Stanley, Marg Meyer, Carol Siegmann, Chris Haper. ROW 3: Pam Frayer, Kathy Baelz, Diane Norton, Nita McNealy, Delores Walker, Joanne Alexander, Coach. Girls Are Active All Year The girl's baseball team had enthusiastic participa- tion which probably was a carry over from their basket- ball season. The team was guided by Mrs. Alexander who takes coaching just as seriously as her masculine counterparts. Graduation is One of the First of Many Large Steps Graduation ceremonies are often the occasion for mixed emotions. For many it marks the end of formal education and the beginning of a job which will carry them through the majority of their lives. Others will continue their thirst for more knowledge. The candle- lighting service, baccalaureate, commencement, and pinning ceremony for nurses all climax the college days of the graduating students. They leave so that others can take their place. 78 1' " Y 1 Ill - C 1 .. l E , gt s I 1 ,H :H A P E' W 'fx , K I 1 2 . A ff M -1 I I x' L. ,ffl Mg sf uf, X N 1 li YJ, P ,, f is ,JJ 2 'fd ' ' L I 'N A f Wa' 'f '- W QM V4 -if ' OFFICE MOQLK IN PRESIDENT? Q The university has become the multiversity and the nature of the presidency has followed this change. . . The president of the multiversity is leader, educator, wielder of power, he is also officeholder, caretaker, in- heritor, consensus seeker, persuader, bottleneck. But he is mostly a mediator. PRESIDE TS Am,-. nw if L -'51 ' K- gm mw- wg" iY5?l, ff? 0295 5 ff. if , :ii Y NT, W N ,mf V iv , W, - xi si ,wx Y A' visas: hlff J M55 , X , Q 5555, ' Main ,wal - ,MFA , 'fflfl J- ,J 'f'fIf1' ' ,, gf' ,N N- .' . 'L ur President Esch President Esch has been the friend of many for several decades. He has been a friend to government planners wishing to better society, to such service institutions as hospi- tals, to people searching for more religious meaning, and to fellow educators. But most important is President Esch's friendship toward the Indiana Central student for the last quarter of a century. He has not forgotten the primary purpose for the college. To establish the school as a family unit with the goal of molding young people into responsible friendly citizens. ' ' L .L-Llmhia The President puts the traditional green beany on the head of freshmen. This tags the student so that upper classmen can assist him in his daily activities? 84 " Wonderful Time to Live" In the annual report to the board of trustees Presi- dent Esch expresses some of his views on the school and on the students of which it consists. Portions of this report are presented so that you will further under- stand the man who has been our President. It is a wonderful time to which to live, to work, and to serve! The pace of progress is accelerated each year and the resultant benefits to mankind are, when we look at them in perspective, almost beyond belief The ad- vances which have been made within the first six decades of this century are greater than those made in all of the previous millenia of manis existence on this planet taken together. Building upon the foundation of the knowledge and resources accumulated by past gener- ations this generation has reached the moon. The next generation will be exploring the stars. It is our high privilege to prepare it for such great adventure! n-:- ' ,BMX-2 , -.IVE "All Progress is not Exciting" All progress is not so exciting and spectacular as Apollo. Most of it is much more down to earth. It is taking place day by day in the laboratory, the factory, the agricultural experiment station, the classroom, and in areas of government and private research. It is characterized by an idea here and a small discovery or invention there. It requires hard work, disciplined lives, and enlightened minds. Each of many thousands adds his individual contribu- tion to the total and the result is longer life, better health, greater comfort and enjoyment. Education is central to the process. . . . Much of the knowledge which will then be essential is not yet know to anyone. We can, howeverg determine with certainty what qualities of life will be needed. They will be the same qualities of integrity industry, dependabil- ity and human concern which have always been the hallmark of humanityis Hnest individuals . . . . . . An individuals highest goals and purposes of life are only fulfilled through commitment to that which is outside of and greater than himself It must be outside of self in order that others may be served. It must be greater than self in order that the continuing eternal qualities of life will be advanced. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a field of service where the possibility for life fulfillment in this regard is greater than that which is offered in a church-related college. Such an institution moves in the center of the mainstream of developing life and the structuring of tomorrowis world . . . President Esch was given a banquet during which the student body presented him with a wicket to travel around the world. 86 . . . It was Thomas Jefferson, writing to John Adams, who expressed well our present senti- ments when he wrote, 'T like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. " Yes, "Whats past is prologue, what to come, is yours and my discharge. " Thanks be to God who has led us to this hour and with whose continuing watchcare and blessing we shall indeed help the next generation reach the stars of its highest fulhllment. Respectfully submitted, I Lynd Esch President 87 ur New President Sease President Sease officially slipped into the shoes ofthe president on July 1. Most Central students feel that President Sease will be understanding, fair, and progressive. The students are sure he will carry on the work of President Esch to further strengthen the col- lege. As with President Esch the Central family thinks an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect will exist. It is an honor to have President Sease who has won in a brief time the respect of many. AQ .i ., 'Mi L 88 ig ff of, fr 6 , QI Education relations make the strongest tie. Cecil John Rhodes LBUM Dr. Marshall W. Chambers 'G W' ll Director of Church Relations Mr. Kendall L. Hottell Curriculum Counselor, Assistant Registrar, and Professor of' Business Education Dr. Robert E. Cramer Academic Dean 8z Professor of Philosophy Dr. Virginia Cravens Executive Secretary Alumni Association B. Gorbett Dr. Leonard T. Grant Dean of Evening and Graduate Divisions Mr. John E. Hill Associate Director of' Evening Division Mr. Dean M. Ransburg Director of Alumni Relations 92 as 3 'ELT Mr. Kenneth Partridge Director of Industrial Relations 8: Continuing Education Center Mr. David Huffman Associate Director of' Admissions Mr. James E. Peterson Assoc. Direct. of Indust. Relations Mr. Lynn R. Youngblood Director of Admissions .xg Mrs. Connianne Pugh Mrs. Rosemary Peterson Director of Community Relations Dean of Women It ' 139: P if 2 L 1 A il... Mr. Nathan H. Wooden Dean of' Students JL Mr. Ross Ludwig Chairman of Department of Hu- man Relations Mr. Leonard E. Pearson Director of' Public Relations 93 Education is Serious Business Mrs. Alberta Miller Associate Professor of Business Administration Mr. Kendall L. Hottell Curriculum Counselor, Assistant Registrar, and Professor of Business Education Dr. George Humbarger Professor of Business Administration Mr. Wilmer D. Lawrence Registrar and Associate Professor of Business Administration Mr. Galen B. Fahnestock Associate Professor of Business and Economics 94 'Wil , X we ,,,..a-f- .5 wi my ., it sg: ::ii.:i1.iii ,,,, ' 1 'wssaiiwis ,Y as :sw A f A l . n 5 w.Mszi.2,.ff J, .ws H V. .:A TB? ' ' -J JW Dr. Norman R. Willey Associate Professor of Education Dr. William E. Bishop Professor of Education Mrs, Mary Elizabeth Collins Assistant Professor of Education Dr. James A. Jones Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Audio Visual Ser- vices Mr. Paul W. Pielemeier Associate Professor of Education and Student Testing Sz Placement Dr. Howard D. Rushong Associate Professor of Education Dr. Kermit R. Todd Professor of Education 95 Science and Math Dr. Robert M. Brooker Professor of Chemistry ,, ..,-, M 6 Dr. Kenneth D. Borden Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mr. Donald R. Fisher Assistant Professor of Biology Mr. Joan Persell Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Edward A. Vondrak Associate Professor of Physics Mr. Kenneth J. Sidebottom Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mr. Nuel Wooden Assistant Professor of Mathematics 96 I9-Q Nu: 1 .3 TOP LEFT? Mr. William R. Gommel Associate Professor of' Mathematics TOP RIGHT? Mr. Robert Kent Associate Professor of' Biology ABOVE LEFT? Miss Carol Sue Ray Instructor in Psychology ABOVE RIGHY1' Mr. Roger K. Reed Instructor in Sociology LEFYI' Dr. Eliseo D. Delfin Associate Professor of Biology -GP A A I Fitness Builds The ind Mrs. Joanne Alexander Assistant Professor of Physical Education Mr. William A. Bright Associate Director of' Physical Education, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, and Baseball Coach Mr. Angus Nicoson Athletic Director and Associate Professor of Physical Education 98 X' Xxx -1-:Zi 13, l I , ni Mr. Willie R. Martin Instructor in Physical Education, Head Track Coach, and Assistant Football Coach 100 From Histor Comes Knowledge Dr. Wilmert H. Wolf Associate Professor of History Kr Political Science lg i' 'N 'ull 0".rg?"'w' 'iii"'iii : lliingg Vvfv f V, Dr. A. Ronald Tonks Assistant Professor of History Dr. Roland T. Nelson Professor of History Mr. Frederick D. Hill Associate Professor of History gg, fy g vivig, :qi E-f '. .Nl - rf, i f . 1 my figsigsll'N.v"iilQ'if,?5:f-5 r eg' .rl - , H . - .. 1 so . , www- vu .:.:. , ,A..?,,M . H ,.,.,. X , ....,... , Y. in 1. Wi I-.-...:..?T-,:i.E5..+-,ogg 55 X, Ez, . I. 1 - , . :vi ,. -gil E Ai' Jr? ' 'MK iwf- Y Y' ' 'gn-:E l K 17, - ,. , 1 , Mr. Herbert W. Cassel Associate Professor of Philosophy Mr. Richard A. Williams Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama I xf f. - ,J Mr. John G. Swank Assistant Professor of Speech Dr. James A. Weber Professor of' Bible P A Language Teaches the World Dr. Allen B. Kellog Professor Emeritus of English Mrs. Lois Fouts Assistant Professor of English Mr. Floyd C. Satterlee Instructor of Foreign Language Mrs. Martha Waller Assistant Professor of English , 5, :- . 'fs-A .137 ,I .- M -1,-'sf ' . -7-' 17 vie: .Ik 1 l'!Z D X .ffNi:,ifNx4f6 I A uwfii KI' 'gi' AFT ir? 5' i, Si' rig. lx ,A Y , Mr. Elby James Murphy Assistant Professor of English 102 Mrs. Frieda Bedwell Assistant Professor of English 8"'K""""'HP . l,...i w,mz1 vs H -- H H 1:1-,, ' W M TOP LEFZ' Mr. Orman W. Moulton Assistant Professor of Language TOP RIGHT? Mr. David F. Noble Assistant Professor of English LEFTII' Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Streeter Instructor in English ABOVE' Dr. Marga Meier Professor of Language 103 Learning Comes From Good Health Miss Virginia R. Sims Director of Nursing Education Mrs. Mary Louise Kolp Assistant Professor of Nursing Mrs. Morma Flake Instructor in Nursing Mrs. Helen Sue Dugger Instructor of Nursing Mrs. Elizabeth Dugan Instructor in Nursing Mrs. Martha Ann Driscol Assistant Professor of Nursing Mrs. Marilyn L. Waterman Assistant Professor of Nursing 1-H' in-5 Qi' 1-iw Library ln m7Z'i.Z."'L' N --fn 59. 'QI-'S' Mrs. Walden Assistant Librarian Miss Edna Miller Librarian Mrs. Florabelle Wilson Assistant Librarian 105 The Arts Lead to Refinement Mr. James P. Lamberson Assistant Professor of' Music Mr. Lowell Boroughs Associate Professor of Music 1 l 4 I E-Q-.--i42f'f'Wm -,Y , , ,-, Mr. Gerald G. Boyce Professor of Art , ,jr , ' 'Pix Dr. John E. Gates Assistant Professor of' Music Mr. James P. Larnberson Assistant Professor of' Music N Mr. Dorothy Munger Mi 5 Q Assistant Professor of Music Mr. Earl G. Snellenberger Assistant Professor of Art Seniors Artis, Abbie D. Atkinson, Opal F. Bailey, John W. Baldwin, Edward L. Barnes, Suzanne Barnett, Laura M. Barnett, Linda K. Baynes, John L. Beaver, Charles R. Birdwell, James C. Blackburn, Sylvia J Bloomer, Morris D. Blubaugh, Susan J. Boggs, David A. Boles, Sharon L. Bolyard, Ronald R Bowling, Larry E. Bradley, Dale D. Brown, Alice F. Bryant, Athur A. Bugbee, James L. Butrum, Linda L. Byers, Allen D. Byers, Marsha R. Cecil, Michael R. Clapp, Peggy A. Cochran, Jane K. Cook, Linda S. Cook, Phyllis Corn, Jeffrey Cossairt, Jack D. Cox, Susan W. Craig, Frank V. Craige, James R. Cravens, Donald A. Crawford, Don E. Jr. Criss, Larry A. Crist, Mary J. Crosby, Gregory A. Cross, Ruthann M. Davis, Donna K, Day, Susan M. Descans, Gene F. Dillion, Anna N. 1'1" Doss, Janet D. Downin, Charlotte A Duke, Bryon K. Dunbar, Frank H. Eads, Elizabeth E. Eppley, Jean M. Farlow, Diane S. Farrell, James B. Ferrier, James A. "'fz:,f Gordon, Darrell L. Goss, Joseph L. Gouty, Marcia B. Grant, Dwight H. Graves, Robert J. Graves, Susan L. Green, Robert N. Gresk, Robert J. Griffith, Douglas M. Flannery, Arnold L. Flora, Ronald J. Foster, Katherine Fouts, Castyle N. Frye, Kent H. Fuller, Gilbert W. Jr Fuller, Kathy G. Fuller, Terrance B. Fuller, Virginia A. Garrison, Joanna H. Geible, David F. Gill, Nancy J. Horner, Carol A. Huehls, Sharon H. Hughes, Larry R. Humbarger, Susan C. Hutton, Kathy S. Huttsell, Barbara D. Iino, Noriko Jacobs, Joyce A. Johnson, Joyce M. Johnston, Charles E. Jones, Beverly K. Kapciak, Joseph N. Kaufman, Jerald L, Kissling, Richard E. II Kifson, Lucy K. Kleemann, Joseph E. Grosvenor, Bruce W Hall, James H. Harris, John A. Hickey, Michael T. Hill, Paul R. Hollowell, Ronald L. Kuhn, Mary A. La Born, Fred S. Lanahan, Patricia M Lawrence, Barbara J. Line, Verle D. Lloyd, Jane M. Mahnesmith, James T Martin, John G. Martin, Louise M. Matlock, Myra K. Maxson, Walter L. Mayfield, Vance G. McColgin, Jeanne C. McDonough, Marcia McKimmy, Connie L McNealy, Nita R. Medcali Carolyn G. Miller, Linda S. Mills, Sara R. Mishler, Bonita S. Mixon, David W. Moore, Robert V. Moulder, James S. Mulder, Ralph J. Mullin, Marlowe R. Mullis, Diana L. Natalie, Carolyn L. Nicholas, Stephanie E Nobles, Ronald W. O'Neal, Robert D. Osburn, Gary L. Page, Jonell Paris, Robert M. Parrish, Thomas S. Plummer, Genyce K Poindexter, Betty Pullam, Doris B. Purdue, Sandra K. Putnam, Mary Rankin, Philip M. Risser, Karen S. Roberson, Cozette E Roberts, Ronald L. Roberts, Sharon, S. Ruster, Bruce D. Ryland, Sharon F. Salter, Margaret M. Schickel, Sr. Joan M. Schrink, Stephen L. Sever, Karen L. Shaffer, David A. Shoemaker, Harold D Siefker, Jaqueline S. Smith, Charles W. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Snider, Janis S. Ronald E. Thomas R. William E. James R. Spencer, Jo Ellen Springer, Susan K. Starnes, Robert W. Stewart, Robert O. Stone, Donna K. Stover, Debra G. Stutsman, Joy A. Swank, Judith P. Sweet, Melody A. Switzer, Peggy A. Taylor, Martha M. Thompson, Doris A. Thompson, Sylvia S Thurmond, Janet Tipton, Ailena L. Ss--h - v WX- Todor, Marsha L. Tolson, Nancy R. Trout, Patricia M. Tudor, Thomas G. Van Der Moere, Holly J. Wade, Robert A. Wallace, Marsha I. Walter, Jo D. Wass, Dean W. Watson, Joseph E. Wells, Geraldine H. Wesner, James A. Wilhoit, Marilyn A. Williams, John R. Wilson, Mary L. Winslow, Carol S. Woodard, John W Wyland, Lyn A. Yates, Jane A. Baughman, Edith Bower, Martha Cameron, Jenny Carey, Robin Clark, Paula Clouser, Marjorie Dougherty, Brenda Duncan, Mary Egeno1fQ Parula Ewing, Shirley Farwick, Leesa Foy, Donna 1lI'SGS , r nnrrr ,vi y, ' I , 1' I, N I I-Q11 1 Q N I pk 4- ,-N ...-K France, Jean Hollin, Shirley Johnson, Judy x K -f i I I . , N Q, K 1 x U E l E . Y Y .hr . . .,, 1 E V w fa., .. h mi my V A K. ., 'Ear ' , s yy' V ' .F rf fieggr ' -.1 ' .1 -71 x H1 Keyrnon, Helen Kline, Loy Lauer, Joyce Losure, Cynthia Lowes, Effie McCartney, Jean Ragan, Margaret Randall, Nancy Reese, Cheryl Rouch, Rosemarie Shaffer, Elizabeth Sumner, Barbara Swinford, Bonnie Taylor, Gilda Terry, Polly Willsey, Virginia ARTIS,ABBIE D. S.E.A. 4. ATKINSON, OPAL F. International Club 2,3,4, Secre- tary 3, Academic Council 3, Philale- thea 4, Corresponding Secretary 4, Model United Nations 1,2, S.E.A. 3,4, Senior Counselor Trimble 4, Youth Group at Broadway United Methodist Church 1,2. BAILEY, JOHN W. Central Council Representative 3, French Club 1, S.E.A. 4, State Treas- urer 4, English Club 3, President 4, Convocation Committee 3,4, Who's Who 4, Class Quiz Team 1,2,3,4, Can- dlinglighting 4, Deputation Teams 1,2. BALDWIN, EDWARD L. S.E.A. 2,3,4, Phi Beta Lambda 2,3, Buxton Hall President 3, Dean's Honor List 3, Who's Who 4. BARNETT, LAURA M. BARNES,SUZANNE S.E.A. 4. BARNETT, LINDA R. I.A.Y. 3,4, P.E.M.M. 1,2,3,4, His- torian 3, Reflector 3,4, Women's Sports' Editor 3,4, Whippets 1,2,3,4, Softball 1,2, Volleyball 1,2, Track 1, Hockey 1, S.E.A. 4. BAYNES, JOHN L. BEAVER, CHARLES R. Beta Theta 2,3,4. BIRDWELL, JAMES C. BLACKBURN, SYLVIA J. Band 2,3,4, S.E.A. 3,4, Orchestra2, Tutoring 2.3, Deputation Team 2. BLOOMER, MORRIS D. Phi Beta Lambda 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer 2,3, State President 3,4, Bux- tron Hall, Secretary-Treasurer 3, S.A.M. 4. BLUBAUGH, SUSAN J. Philaleathea 1,2,3, S.E.A. 1,2,4, Band 1,2. BOGGS, DAVID A. Lambda Chi 2,4, President 4, WICR-FM 1,2,3, Sports Director 2, Phi Beta Lambda 3, Pit Crew 2,3,4. BOLES, SHARON L. Gamma Gamma Omicron 3,4 Secretary-Treasurer 3, S.E.A 3,4. BOLYARD, RONALD R. S.E.A. 4, C-Club 3,4, Football 3,4, Student Asst. Coach 3,4. BOWLING, LARRY E. S.A.M. 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Football 3,4. BRADLEY, DALE D. BRYANT,ARTHUR A. Football 1,2, Golf 1,2,3, Lambda Chi 2,3, C-Club2,3, S.E.A. 4, Intramu- rals 1,2,3,4. BUGBEE, JAMES L. S.E.A. 4, Art Club 2,3,4. BYERS, ALLEN D. BYERS, MARSHA R. S.E.A. 3,4. CECIL, MICHAEL R. Alpha PSI Omega Drama Frater- nity 1,2, President 2, Phi Beta Lambda 1,2, Central Council 4, President 4, S.E.A. 4, Active Class Participation 1,2,3,4. CLAPP, PEGGY A, Band 1,2,3,4, Choir 1,2, M.E.N.C. 2,3,4, S.E.A. 2,3 Mu Phi Epsilon 4. COCHRAN, JANE KOONSMAN Oracle 1, Activities Editor, Philalethea 1,2 Librarian 3, Critic 4, S.E.A. 4, W.U.S. 2, Chairman, May Queen Court 3, Inner City Work, Cafteria Work, Frosh Initiation Chairman 2. COOK, LINDA COVERT Band 1,2,3,4, Orchestra 1,2,3,4, M.E.N.C. 2,3,4, S.E.A. 4. COOK, PHYLLIS S. Alpha Phi Gamma 3,4, Reflector Staff 2,3, Gamma Gamma Omicron 2,3,4, S.E.A. COSSAIRT, JACK D. Sigma Zeta 1,2,3,4, Astronomy Club 2,3,4, President 2,3, Young Republicans 3, Phi Alpha Epsilon 1,- 2,3,4. COX, SUSAN Philalethea 1,2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 2, President 3, Critic 3,4, I.A.Y. 1,2,3,4, S.E.A. 1,2,3,4, Class Secre- tary 1, Oracle Staff 2,3 Editor-in- Chief' 3, Reflector Staff 1, Senior Counselor 4. CRAIGE, J AMESR. S.E.A. 1,2,3,4. K 2K2,3, Pep CRASFORD DON Band 1,2,3. CRISS, LARRY A. CRIST, M.J. S.E.A. 1,3,4, Philalethea 1,2,3,4, I.A.Y. 3,4, Tutoring 1,2,3. CROSBY GREGORY I.R.C. 1, Model United Nations 1,2. CROSS, RUTHANN MCCUL- LOUGH. DAVIS, DONNA KAY DAY, SUSAN M. Choir 1,2,3,4, M.E.N.C. 1,2,3,4, Re- flector Staff 3, S.E.A. 4, Centraliars 4, Mu Phi Epilson 4. DESCANS, GENE E. DILLON, ANNA N. DOSS, JANET D. S.E.A. 2,3,4, Oracle Staff' 2,3. DOWN IN , CHARLOTTE A. Alpha Phi Gamma 4, Gamma Gamma Omicron 1,2,3, French Club 1,2,3,4, Reflector Staff 1,2,3, Thea- callose 1,2. DUKE, BRYON K. I.C.C. Ministerial Club 1,2,3,4, DUNBAR, FRANK H. Basketball 2,3,4, Trainer, Football 3, Trainer, Golf Team 3, S.E.A. 4, C- Club 3,4. EADS, ELIZABETH. Gamma Gamma Omicron 1, Al- pha Psi Omega 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Drama Dept. EPPLEY, JEAN M. Theacallosea 1,2,3,4, S.E.A. 1,2,- 3,4, Religions Activities-Mental Health 2, Tutoring 1, Tri-Gray-Y Leader 2. FARLOW, DIANE S. M.E.N.C. 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Or- chestra 1,2,3, S.E.A. 4, Deputation Team 1,2,3,4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, M.U.N.A.1. FARRELL, JAMES R. Band 1,2,3,4, Oracle Staff, Alpha Shi Gamma 2,3,4, Phi Alpha Eplison 2,3,4, S.E.A. 3,4, Student Court 3.4, I.R.C. 3, Pep Band 1,4, Who's Who 4, Model United Nations 2,3, National Council for Social Studies 4. FERRIER, JAMES A. ClassOfficer, Vice-President 3, President 4, S.A.M. 4, Circle K 1,- 2,3,4, Secretary 2,3, Phi Beta Lambda 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 1,2,3,4, Who's Who 4, Oracle Staff 3, Business Manager. FLANNERY, ARNOLD L. Basketball 1, Track 2, S.E.A. 4. FLORA, RONALD J. Basketball lg S.E.A. 2,3, Intramu- rals 1,2,3,4. FOUTS, CASTYLE N. S.A.M. 3,4, Secretary 3. FRYE, KENT H. Astronomy Club 3,4, Secretary 4. FULLER, GILBERT W., JR. Choir 1,2,3,4g Beta Theta 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Humanics Club 3,4, Central Council Class Representa- tive 1,2g German Club 1. FULLER, KATHY G. Class Treasurer 1,23 P.E.M.M. 1,- 2,3,4g Vice-President 25 Whippets Field Hockleyg Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball 1,2g Track and Field 1,2,3. FULLER, VIRGINIA A. Theacallosea 1,2. GARRISON, JOANNA HILL M.E.N.C. 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4. GILL, NANCY J. S.E.A. 2,3,4, President 4, Theacal- losea 3,4, President 4g May Queen 4, Who's Who. GORDON, DARRELL L. Baseball 1,2,3,4g Letter'mans Let- terman's1,2,3,4. GOSS, JOSEPH L. GOUTY, MARCIA Philalethea 1,2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Librarian 3g S.E.A. 1,2,3,4. GRANT, DWIGHT R. GRAVES, SUSAN L. S.E.A. 2,4g Student Teaching 4. GREEN, ROBERT N. AstronomyClub 3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Sigmi Teta 4 GRIFFITH, DOUGALS M. Art Club 3,4. GROSMEYER, BRUCE W. HALL, JIM H. Lambda Chi, Football 1. HARRIS, JOHN A. Humanics Club 3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Class Officer, Vice-President 4. HICKEY, MICHAEL T. HILL, PAUL R. Basketball 13 Lambda Chi 2,3,4. HOLLOWELL RONALDL. English Club 3,4, Treasurer 35 Drama Club 3,4, S.E.A. 2,45 Alpha Phi Omega 4g Tutoring 3,43 Intercity 3,4. HORNER, CAROL POWELL S.E.A. 3,4. HUEHLS, SHARON HUMPHREY HUGHES, LARRY R. F.C.A. 1,25 Central Council 3g Lambda Chi 1,2,3,4, President 3, C- Club 1,2,3,4g Golf 1,2,3. HUMBARGER, SUSAN C. Choir, Art Club. HUTTON, KATHY S. HITTSELL, BARBARA D. Humanics Club 3,4, Treasurer, Krannert Hall President 4. IIN O, NORIKO KLEEMAN, JOSEPH E. Art Club 2,3,4, I.R.C. 3,4, Oracle Staff 3. KUHN, MARY A. Gamma Gamma Omicron 1,2, JACOBS, JOYCE A. S-E-A l,2,3,4- Kaduceans 1,2, Dorm Council 2, Choir 4, Nursing Alumni 3,4, Secre- tary JOHNSON, JOYCE M. Freshman Honor Society, Phi Alpha Epsilon, Drama Club 4, Who's Who 4, Senior Counselor 4, May Queen Court 3, Gamma Gamma Omicron 1,2, Reflector Staff' 2,3, S.E.A. 4. JOHNSTON, CHARLES E. KAPCIAK, JOSEPH N. M.E.N.C. l,2,3,4, Astromy Club 4, S.E.A. 4, Concert Band 1,2,3,4,T,ZlZ,?,"': Choir l,2,3,4, Model United Nations 1,2,3. KAUFMAN, J ERALD L. Beta Theta 2,3,4, Football 3,4, Trainer, S.E.A. 4. KISSLING RICHARD E. Sigma Zeta 1, Circle K 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, U.N.A. 2, Orchestra 3. KITSON, LUCY K. LANAHAN, PATRICIA M. S.E.A. 2,3,4, Gamma Gamma Omi- cron 3,4, Phi Beta Lambda 2,3,4. LAWRENCE, BARBARA J . Philalethea 2, French Club 2,3, Secretary 2,3, Band l,2,3,4, Pep Band 4, S.E.A. 4. LINE, VERLE D. Alpha Sigma Lambda 3,4, Treas- urer 4. LLOYD, JANE HARMAN S.E.A. MAHNESMITH, JAMES T. Track 1,3. MARTIN, LOUISE M. S.E.A. 1,2,3,4. MATLOCK, MYRA K. Philalethea l,2,3,4, Vice-Presi- Philalethea l,2,3,4, S.E.A. 2,3,4, dent 3, President 4, I.A.Y. 3,4, Chap- I.A.Y. 3,4, lin 4, S.E.A. 2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4. MAXSON, WALTER L. Choir l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Phi Alpha Epilon 2,3,4, President 2, Student Council 3,4, Religious Ac- tivities Vice-President 3, Who's Who, M.U.N.A., President 1, In- tramurals 1,2, Drama 2,3,4, Class Quiz Team 1,2, Summer Quartet 1, Deputation Team 1,2, Freshman Orientation, Chairman 2. MAYFIELD, V.G. MCCOLGIN, JEANNE C. S.E.A. l,2,3,4, Class Officer, Secre- tary 4. MCDONOUGH, MARCIA A. MCKIMMY, CONNIE L. Deputtion Team, M.U.N.A.: S.E.A., Treasurer, Philalethea, Treasurer, Chaplin, Class Officer, Scretary. MCNEALEY, NITA NEIMEYER P.E.M.M. 2,3,4, I,A.Y. 2,3,4, Corre- sponding Secretary, S.E.A. 4, Vol- leyball 2,3, Basketball 3, Softball 3, Field Hockey 3,4, Track and Field 2,3, May Festival 3. MEDCALF, CAROLYN G. P.E.M.M. 1, Kaudeans 1, Deputa- tion Team 1,2, Philalethea l,2,3,4, Hostess 2, Librarian 3, Recroding Secretary 4, Class Officer, Secreaty, President, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Who'sWho 4. MILLER, LINDA S. MMISHLER, BONITA S. President of Trimble Hall 1, Choir 1, WICR 1,2, I.A.Y. 1,2, Vice-Presi- dent 3,4, Humanics Club 2, Vice- President 3, Presidnet 4, Philalethea 1, Song Leader 2, Vice-President 3,45 Central Council, Secreatary 4. MIXON, DAVID W. Band 1, Beta Theta 2,3,4. MOORE, R.V. MOULDER, JAMES S. MOLDER, RALPH J. MULLEN, MARLOWE R. Beta Theta 2,3,4, Central Council 2,3, Vice-President 3, Wrestling 1,- 2,3,4, MVW 3, Mental att. Award 3, Chief Justice Student Suprrreme Court 4, S.E.A. 4, F.C.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 2, C-Club 1,2,3,4, Monitor 3,4. MULLIS, DAIANA L. Gamma Gamma Omicron 1,23 Philalethea 3,45 English Club 4. Natalie, carolyn Art Club NICHOLAS, STEPHANIE S.E.A. 4. NOBLES, RONALD i. M.E.N.C. 1,2,3,4, Indianapolish Civic Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Indiana Cen- tral Symphonic Wind Ensemble 1,- 2,3, Piano Trio 1,2,3,4, String Quartet 4. O'NEAL ROBERT D. S.A.M. 4. OSBURN, GARY L. Track 1,2, Lambda Chi 2,3,4, C- Club 2,3,4, S.E.A. 4, Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4. PAGE, JONELL Phi Beta Lambda 1. PARIS, ROBERT M. S.E.A. 1,2,3,4, F.C.A. 2, Football Manager 3, Class Treasurer 4, Choir 1,2,3,4, Deputation Team 1,2,3. PARRISH, THOMAS S. Wrestling Team 1, WICR Sports Announcer 3,4, Phi Beta Lmbda 2,- 3,4, President 3, Lambda Chi 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Student Court Judge 4, C-Club 2,3,4, Pit Crew 1,4, Reflector Staff Sports Writers 2. PLUMMER GENYCE K. German Club 1,2, Talent Show 1,- 2,3. SMITH, JANIS O'CONNELL S.E.A. 2,3, SNIDER, JAMES R. S.E.A. 4, Phi Beta Lambda 2,3, Lambda Chi 2,8,4, SPENCER, JO E. Class Officer, Vice-President 1,2, M.E.N.C. 1,2,3,4,Mu Phi Epilson 4, Phi Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Band 1,- 2,3,4, Choir 1,2,3,4, Orchestra 1,2,- 3,4, Opera Club 3, Who's Who 4, Drama Club, May Queen Court 3. SPRINGER, SUSAN K. P.E.M.M. 1,2,3, S.E.A. 3,4, Central Council 3. STARNES, ROBERT N. STEWART,ROBERT L. Sigma Zeta 2,4. STONE, DONNA K. Chapel Convocation Committee, Chairman 3,4, Class Treasurer 3, Phi A.LPHA Eplison 2,3,4, Who's Who 4, Kaduceans 1, Deputation Team 1,2, R.E. Week, Chairman 3, Orienta- tion, Chairman 2. STUTSMAN, JOY ROBINSON SWAN K, J UDITHPLYMATE VarsityCheerleader 2,3, Class Officer 2, Winter Dance Queen 2, P.E.M.M. Club, S.E.A. 4, Big Broth- er-Big Sister, Chairman 2, Whippets, Manager 2, Volleyball 1, Softball 1. SWEET, MELODY A. Choir 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2, .e.m.c. 1,- 2,3,4, Theacallosia 1,2,3,4, S.E.A. 4, Mu Phi Epsilon 4. SWITZER, PEGGY YOUNG German Club 1,2, English Club 2,- 3,4, Philalethea 1,2,3,4, Presidnet 3, Oracle Staff' 3, S.E.A. 4, WUS Auc- tion, Elderly Outreach. TAYLOR, MARTHA CARTER S.E.A. 4 THOMPSON, DORIS WORTHY S.E.A. 4 THOMPSON, SYLVIA S. S.E.A. 2,3,4, English Club 3,4. THURMON D, JANET S.E.A. 2,3,4, Philelethea 3,4, Chap- lin 3, Vice-President 4, Reflector Staff' 2,35 May Queen Court 4, Who's Who 4, TIPTON,AILENA L. Gamma Gamma Omicron 2,3,4, Secretary-TreasurerS.E.A. 3,4, Christmas Play 2, May Festival 3. TODOL MARHSA L. Art Club 1,2,3,4. TOLSON, NANCY ROBINSON TUDOR, THOMAS G. Circle K 1,2,3,4, President 3, Lt. Gov. Ind. 2, Wrestling 2, Central Council Vice-President 4, Phi Beta Lambda 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3, WICR Staff 1. VAN DERMOERE, HOLLY J. Philalethea 3,4, S.E.A. 3,4. WADE, ROBERT A. Choir 1,2,3,4, President 3,4, Beta Theta 1,2,3,4,S.E.A. 4 WALLACE, MARSHA I. Choir 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, M.E.N.C. 1,2,3,4, President 3, Philalethea 1,2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, S.E.A. 4, Phi Alpha Eplison 2,3,4, Deputation Team 3,4. WALTER, JO DICKERSON Art Club 1,2,3,4, S.E.A. 3,4, Reflec- tor Staff 1. WASS, DEAN W. Circle K 1,2, S.E.A. 3,4, Central Council Class Representative 4. WELLS, GERALDINE HASLER Ball State Teachers College 1,2, Alpha Sigma Lambda 3,4. WESNER, JEAMES A. S.E.A. 4. WILHOITMAILYN A. Phi Beta Lambda 2. WILLIAMS, JOHN R. M.E.N.C. 1,2,3,4, Choir 1,2,3,4, Centraliars 1,2,3,4, S.E.A. 1,2,3,4, Musical, Opera Workshop. WILSON, MARY L. S.E.A. 1, Phi Beta Lambda 2,3,4. WIN SLOW, CAROL S. I.R.C. 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Secre- tary-treasurer 4, Phi Beta Lk, Re- porter 4. WOODARD, JOHN W. WYAND, LYN ANN Centraliars1,2. YATES, JANE A. I.A.Y. 3,4,Treasurer 4, Philalethea 2,8,4, Musician 3, M.E.N.C. 2,3,4, Choir 1,2,3,-4, Accompanist 3,4, Band 2,3,4, Opera Workshop 3, Accompan- ist 3, Who's Who S.E.A. 4, Mu Phi EpSilOn 4, Recording Secretary 4 Juniors Abbey, Carolyn Adams, Joan Altom, Ruth Ashley, Kathy Babcock, Patricia Baelz, Kathleen Baker, Jeffrey Bare, Susan Barnes, Judith Batton, Clyde Beals, Sally Beaven, Betty Bennett, Carol Bertram, Mary Birtsas, Alexander Bishop, Roalie Blacketer, Robert Boardman, Mary Beth Bolen, Debrah Borden, Kathryn Bowers, Marcia Boys, Randall Brandgard, Eric Brewer, Theresa Brown, Earl Bruner, Forrest Bryant, Vicki Buchanan, Robert Burch, Janet Burris, Nancy af-Y if -wx -'-Fx '15 1 -gg J so J 3 1 .1 'gf-at "1 1" " na '71, :li Burton, Wayne Byram, Shirley Carroll, Sue Ann Catlin, Lola Cochran, Stephen Compton, Linda Conner, Michael Cook, Kaye Cooke, Gary Core, Roger Coryell, Janice Creighton, Sara Crump, Cynthia Cummings, Charles Cunningham, Shirley Dausch, Gary Dautherty, Michelle Davidson, Linda Deer, Roy Dennis, Charlie Dillon, Dan Doughty, Carl DuBois, Daniel Eckert, Charles Emrich, James Everhart, Rick Farrow, Clara Farwick, Leesa Fischer, Jacqueline Fossnock, Pam France, Katherine Freiberger, Mary Friend, William Furry, Ross Fuson, James Girder, David Glass, William Gordon, George Graham, Jennifer Grave, Thomas Groce, Carol Hafer, Catherine Hallock, Stephen Hanni, Gregory Hanni, Karen Hanson, Yvonne Harper, Don Harper, Kristine Harris, Wayne Hassell, Laura Hattabaugh, Melvin Heckman, Randy Hedges, James Henry, Dave Henry, Roger Hettle, James Hill, Rebecca Hobein, Valda Hoffer, Trudy Hague, Richard Honnold, Anna Hoover, John Hopping, John Horton, Polly Howe, Robert Hubble, Larry Humphrey, Steven Jackson, Leroy Jannusch, Glen Jenkins, Rebecca Jones, Mary Jones, Todd Jordan, Charles Keyman, Helen Kilgore, Janet Klingerman, Terry Lagle, Sally Langbartles, Doris Lapin, Jeffrey LePage, Danny Lewis, Bonnie Lewis, Terry Long, Joan Lovell, Sarah 1 W' Lynn, Douglas Marshall, Richard Maxwell, David Mayfield, James McCartney, Joan McConald, Mike McFarland, James Mead, Gary Means, Means, Meiter, Meyer, Miller, Miller, Miller, Morre, Morris, Shelia Michael David Roy Karen Kathleen Nancy Harold Charlotte Morwick, Kenneth Murphy, Patricia Norton, Diane Nuttall, Daniel Nuttall, Dennis Palmore, Steven Pavelka, Eva Payne, Richard Pieh, Jerry Ptitchett, Sandra Rednour, Thomas Reese, Cheryl Reidenbach, Susan Richardson, John Robbins, Stephen Roth, Michael Rucker, John Rushton, Carol Sample, Belva Jane Schneider, Larry Schoeffl Carol Seitz, William Shafer, Stanley Shaffer, Elizabeth Shelver, Stanley Shipley, Dennis Shrode, Paul Shurn, Michael Shutta, Michael Seigman, Carol Slunaker, Gary Smith, Harold Smock, William Smoot, George Sorrentino, Alfred Spieth, James Springer, Jack Steinhard, Bernard Stevason, Thomas Stevenson, Muriel Stohler, Debbie Stucker, Mark Szabo, Margit Tate, Patricia Terry, Polly Thomas, Paul Tolle, Rebecca Tolley, John Voss, JoAnn Walker, Dennis Wall, Dwain Washburn, Jack gl 2 fx lei ' ' i 5 Vinion, Bille 'X P . f 1, VW V Welch, Jessica Whiteman, Terry Whitman, Mark Willoughby, Michael Willsey, Virginia Wittenauer, Steve Wright, J acquelyn Young, Ron Young, Warner Zeigler, Edward Junior class officers are John Tolley, Pres., Dennis Walker, Treas.3 Michelle Daugherty, Sec., and Danny LePage, Vice-Pres. Unclasslfied Burke, Susan Carrignton, David Cedervall, Margretta Dailey, Margaret Fischer, John Holzbacher, Dennis McNaught, Darlene Miller, Erma Miller, Judith Pieh, Samuel Price, Edward Scruggs, JoeAnn Stulz, Sheryl Trees, Jeffery Wendling, Kenneth , , ' A ' 0 , ,w mx 1 1 , Sophomores Abbey, Pamela Abrell, Heidi Agler, Paula Alexander, Marcia Alexander, Sandra Allen, Rick Ante, Joseph Aranjo, Michael Arnett, Brenda Bandy, Marcia Barnett, Laura Barnett, Linda Bauer, Sue Baughman, Edith Bays, Marlin Beal, Janet Beeson, Vicki Bellante, Judith Benson, Kathy Bingham, Danny Bixler, Grey Black, Dennis Black, Susan Bower, Martha Bowles, Kevin Brackemyre, Daniel Brandon, Forrest Brett, Carol Broadlick, Barbara Brown, Sherry 1 I 'wx Q 1 .Fw Bryant, Janie Bunch, Virginia Burraughs, Jon Byers, William Bymaster, Peggy Cameron, Jenny Campbell, Howard Cappel, Robyn Carey, Robin Carlock, Brenda Carlstrom, Jon Clark, Carol Clark, Paula Coddington, Laona Conrow, Christian Cook, Rex Coombs, Glenda Cooper, Tim Craycraft, Deborah Crisman, Ted Curless, Rebecca Dalton, Mary Davidson, Don Davis, John Dennis, Marcia Dickey, Michael Daugherty, Brenda Dumm, Sue Duncan, Mary Egenolfl Paula Ehinger, Barbara Eid, Linda Elliott, John Enders, Loren Erdman, Donald Everett, Nathan Ewing, Shirley Farnsley, Stephen Farris, Rosalea Feezor, Wesley Fuerguson, Don Ferrand, Randall Rox, David Foy, Donna Francis, Mark Friend, Roberta Fry, Altis Gallatin, Ruthanne Gardner, J anel Garrison, Douglas Geible, Katherine Geyer, Nancy Glaspie, Paul Grable, Sharon Grant, Douglas Gregory, Richard Groffl Scott Haas, Philip Halik, Janice Hamilton, Ada Hammond, James Hammond, Leva Hampton, Kern Harris, Brenda Hawes, Linda Heiliger, Franklin Herbster, Carl Herzog, Carol Hess, Alan Hobbs, Rick Hollar, Alan Hollin, Shirley Hoover, Debbie Hoover, Leah Howe, Joy Howell, Dana Hoyt, David Hoyt, Terry Hubbard, Gil Hurst, Michael Hutton, Kathy Jeffard, Richard Jeffries, David Johnson, Judy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ruth Keith, Thomas Keller, Roy Kennedy, William Kistler, James Kitley, Jane Kline, Loy Klingerman, Susan Knecht, Mark Knight, Michael Kraft, Randall Krech, Richard Kress, Steven Kriete, Larry Krohne, Janice Kumming, Gary Landfair, Cheryl Lauer, Joyce Laughlin, Roberta Lawley, James Lee, Jacqueline Lee, Randall Ley, Patricia Losure, Cynthia Lowes, Effie Magee, Ellen Martin, Thomas Matern, Gerald Mathes, Mary Mathis, Donovan May, Dortha McCalgin, Brent 'VU ,wi o it Tri' V 2, f I I f l f' I 11 1 E 1 x ft r I es, . ui: F5 32 1 vs A - ., f ffl ' ef gf" 3 .1 'T 'Q W w - ' 51 - 55 I, ff., ' . qi- , - ' fl, . Mi ,Q111 Y n 1 1 : ' p ,Sig , :Q D ,5 1 5 L- 1 ' 3' ', - ,1 , as ' ' U 1 .a- iw, Y ' N : 15 l ' vm' 1 13 ' ,-'7 we 1, 1 , J . r . --1 2 "' -9' '12 T' 1. ' .. . A1 .1 , W 1 1 915:-P51 . - -f 1 1 if it - .11 " 110 1" he "1f1151"i11W' 1, "'11 E ff, , - X U -We A .1.:,Q.:.f 1 sy , 11 . . ' .. -15 n 111 '11 '-" I wt N ' 1l, " 1 ,qv t 1 H' ,i W1 -.,g:g 15, x, J , . 1, ws, y- 5, J, 1 , ev- 111 1 1 .3 l L14 1 A . H 11 V .AMI ,. HE- Q. 1: - .Jw '... 1 I 1 iv, ,wi-1 1, - . -1... - , I af .IW1 'X f -' "J ees: mf ff' ,. 0 ' ' mf 11111110 ss? A ' "' ' , 111,11" W, 35'-Q 1 1 K1 11,- 11111' '-. 1' 1, "1 11' Q Q' ' .y 1' " ' x will QA' ,-1: ,fy 3 X' Jai 1' "' I 1 J- 111 A ,I , 1 -as 11 I ra l pp- '1. , - 1 .. A'-fl, ' 1 1 Q , l ,Q 1. 11 P ,L JI H Y 'ml 'F it '1 L 4 "' M5 11 I 1 Q? , QI, , .f 11, sl ' X-ii, F A r L 1"'i1 f A , ll , 112 , ,.,. 1 Hiv e,-fi X K A xi 7 C: ' ' U' ELA' A A I if A' A, ,A 'el ,JW FY ' . 1QQi'2v'1" ' 1-72?-'1 ,,,111m Mi - ' -- ,. ' we ' . 1 .. '..' , ' bb - f 'Z l r ij ifx IT- fe -1 fe.-Y ' ' W ACL .1 eff Eg? We 'N vt d k -z., 'Vi McGinnia, Stephen McGough, Neil McKinley, Maynard Miller, Bruce Morgan, Bonnie Morris, Dan Moss, David Mueller, James Nay, Cheryl Nordby, Paul O'Conner, Bernard O'Reilley, Steven Owens, John Owens, Patti Sophomore class officers are Rick Gregory, Pres., Susan Shockey Sec, Larry Tucker, Treas.g Laona Coddington, Vice-Pres. Page, Jonell Paraskeropoulos, Helen Parker, Stephen Parsons, David Parsons, Rebecca Patrick, Charles Pavey, Jon Pawlisch, Vicki Perkins, Judith Perkins, Thomas Perry, Debra Peters, Eleanor Peterson, Cheryl Petty, Linda Pickard, Tina Pontius, Robert Pritchett, Cheryl Ragan, Margaret Randall, Nancy Ransopher, Tad Reas, Lois Reed, Gloria Rhodes, Linda Ritchie, Carolyn Roane, Steve Rockhold, Douglas Romesser, Gary Rouch, Rosemarie Rusler, Rosella Sager, Diana Schembra, Larry Schlechty, Luann Schmidli, Jan Schwartz, Kent Sebert, Janet Shafer, Jane Shafer, Joseph Shaffer, Toni Shaw, Lindsay Shepard, Gary Shockey, Susan Siefker, Jacuelin Simmerman, Merrill Smith, Clark Smith, Linda Smith, Stephen Sparks, Richard Sprunger, Ronald Stath, Garry 136 Steele, David Steele, Norman Stewart, John Stinson, Sydney Strother, Curtis Sumner, Barbara Swank, John Swift, David Swinford, Bonny Taylor, Gilda TenEick, Carol Thompson, Brian Thompson, William Thrush, Royce Tucker, Larry Vance, Julie Vance, Warren VanEmon, Stanley Vaught, Jeff Verhonick, David Wadkins, Preston Watson, Randall Weatherwax, Lance Wells, Leah Werling, Michael Wheeler, Carol Wilhoit, Marilyn Wilkinson, Steven Williams, David Willson, Richard Winkler, Rebecca Works, Deborah Wright, Sharon Yanney, Charles Young, David Zerkel, Julie Adams, John Aikins, Nicca Armstrong, Gary Ardnt, Pamela Bailey, Jeffry Ball, Barbara Ball, Richard Barhan, Mark Barkman, Vivian Beck, Bonnie Beck Daniel Beets, Norman Beinbrech, Vicki Bennett, Phillip Bentz, Patricia Berg, Kermit Biggs, Robert Biller, Kent Bond, Nettie Bopp, Regina Boroughs, Brian Bossingharn, Kerry Bower, Larry Brendel, Gary Bridgewater, Michael Brock, Sherry Brockman, Elizabeth Brooker, Roberta Annette Carol Brosie, Brown, Brown, Stacy Bruhn, Roy Bunge, Cynthia Burdsall, Donald Busse, James Callen, Steve Calvert, Deborah Campbell, James Campbell, Terry Carter, Nancy Caskey, Joy Chambers, Samuel Chan, Sam Sang Chapman, Ronald Chase, Karen Cheseler, Jack Chinn, R. Clark, Kathleen Clark, Randy Coats, Ronald Conrad, Keith Cook, Thomas Coombs, Roberta Copenhaver, Richard Cowan, Bradley Craig, K. Crane, Charlene Cudiff, Debra Cunningham, Roger Damrell, Joseph Daniels, Kathleen Daugherty, Robert Davidson, June Davis, Ann Davis, Theresa Deardorfl Roberta DeMyer, Craig DeWell, Steven Dickey, William Dietrich, George Drake, Gregory Dugan, Elizabeth Earley, Kindra Easton, Linda Evans, Alfred Everling, Kandis Ferrand, Carole Fisher, Deborah Futch, Joanne Fitterer, Rebecca Flecker, Delmar Fleenor, Jana Fleming, Bert Flinn, Tom Flueckiger, Russell Foltz, Karen Frederick, Thomas French, E. French, Philip Garnes, James Games, Steve Gault, Larry Geible, Norman Gibbs, Dennis Gibson, Lewis Gillin, William Gonterrnan, Michael Gordon, David Gray, Cynthia Griffith, Ellen Freshman class officers are Debbie Stokes, Treas.g Bruce Gumble, Vice- Pres., Kermit Berg, Pres., Jo Koenig, Sec. ROW 2: Marsha Overrnyer, Central Council Rep, John Adams, Central Coun- cil Rep, Karen Rogers, Central Council Rep. 139 Grissom, Larry Groffl Christianne Groth, Julie Graves, Deborah Grubb, Marsha Guerrini, Tina Gumbel, Bruce Gumpenberger, Karen Haas, Rick Hacker, Paul Halane, Sherilyn Hall, Curtiestine Hall, William Hamilton, Stephen Harden, Joetta Harrison, Jerry Harvey, Steven Hawkins, David Hay, Ralph Heasley, David Heath, Susan Hecklinski, Donald Hendricks, Debra Hendrickson, Sandra Henry, Bruce Hensel, Roseanna Hileman, Deborah Hillsamer, Lynn Hines, David Hinkle, Debra Hoban, Jane Hockersmith, Debra Hodgson, Michael Hodgson, Ralph Holder, Douglas Huber, Christine Huffman, Alan Hundt, Charles Hunter, Gayle Hurst, Steven Hutchins, Joseph Jarrett, Jane Jenks, Robert Johnson, Christine Johnson, Elverna Jones, Pamela Jones, Roger Jones, Martha Judy, Gary Kerkhofl Diane Kern, Stephen Kerr, Terry Kiesel, Donald Kinnaman, Edgar Kistler, Lucinda Klingler, Dal if B i MWM ,fl Rasa, X X 1 -w .: 1 wi, f,,,,',z, Tl . , jr ,.: K i - , - V , I. , ,Y , ,-lu"-3,252 . 2 51 2 , - ,lla-ll I, ilu pl, I rf" 0 i , : ' in- , , , P - ,U if ' 'H 1' mm W nfl' ., M L.. E A. , ,.. -. u w , , A , mf. H - ,H , , .. t W , U fg X X 6' .P v I , ' il , "' A E y Q ll 2 P' All .1 , by 1 fi ' 'ff mi.. W TW' " 1' H 1' of ' 'il' 1 N ,f Wm K W 1 1 rr , K5 f P L Il 2 +- ' , 5 K N ,Y I . . , 1 -. , 1 , .. In ,M H- ,. , ' 'iw ., . 1 ' I Kaenig, Joseph Kurtz, Sharon Lamport, Lawrence Lawson, Karen Layman, John Leak, Cindy Leary, Jennifer Leslie, Anita Licking, Vicki Lillie, Jennifer Lindauer, Andrew Lipscomb, John Livengood, James Loveless, Denis Lowe, Nancy Mahoney, David Malanoski, Richard Marguart, Teresa Martin, Ethel Martin, George Martin, Yvonne Martindale, Rosemarie Matten, Sally McClain, Ronald McCormack, Michael McE1wain, Michael McGuire, J effrey Mclntire, James McKay, James McMurtry, Marilyn Melkus, Michael Messer, Willaim Meyer, Karen Meyer, Linda Miller, Cherri Miller, Pamela Miller, Patricia Mom, Joseph Moore, Vicki Morris, Danny Moss, Larry Moulton, David Musselman, Lawrence Natalie, Marilyn Rees, Martha Nichols, John Noel, Sue Ann Otto, Ellen Outcalt, Roger Overmyer, Marcia Padgett, Melanie Pannell, Karla Parks, Cynthia Perry, Linda Peterson, Gretchen Phelps, Christal Phelps, Michael Pickins, Linda Porter, Gregory Potter, Michael Priest, Stephen Ragatz, Gary Raimondi, Josephine Ramsey, Neal Randal, Sondra Raney, Karen Reading, William Reece, Bonnie Reichmann, David Reidenbach, Philip Remble, Jeffrey Remble, Jerome Reynolds, Donna Reynolds, James Rible, Julie Robbins, Ervin Robbins, Rita Rodenhausen, Mary Ann Rogers, Barbara Rogers, Imo Rogers, Karen Romano, Nicholas Rossio, John Roth, Terry Rothrock, Robert Ruch, Craig A Rucker, Mary Rugh, Debra Ruschhaupt, Kevin Russell, Rebecca Russell, Susan Sacks, Barbara Sauter, Martha Saylor, Carolyn Schafer, Charles, Scharbrough, William Schiess, Patricia Scholl, Steven Semenick, Douglas Shipley, Phyllis Sinn, Bonnie Slagle, Carl Staton, Wanda Smith, Brent Smith, Richard Snyder, Jacqueline Snyder, Myrna Soucie, Karen Soult, Michael Z ,D s 5 ,gfw E af .' it ' 'L I c f5Eftl?l'kBr'!!Kili - u 51 , 47 E F ,5 c n ww 4 w if ml ,Vik 1.1321- wuo 1 l -..-an 'wx 1 4- 1 H .ue f Southwick, Teresa Springer, Douglas Steckler, Don Stewart, Marcilla Stohler, Denise Stokes, Debralee Sullivan, Timothy Summers, Gordon Sumner, Virginia Sweet, Margie Tate, Frances Taylor, Larry Taylor, Terry Thomas, Jo Thompson, Robert Thorpe, Jean Tremain, Robert Tressler, Daryl Troyer, Pamela Urshan, Nathaniel Vanderipe, Martha Vawter, Linda Ventrees, Vicki Wade, Susan Wagner, Micki Walker, Delores Walker, Karen Walker, Sherry Wallace, Barbara Walter, Ron Walton, Cloteal Watkins, Vicki Weaver, Glenn Weaver, Sandra Weiss, Karen Wells, Linda Werbe, James Wharton, Richard Wheeler, Charles Wheeler, Margie Wheeler, Mark Whitaker, Marion Wilcoxon, Mary Wilfong, Jay Williams, Ray Wood, Daniel Wooden, Deborah Woodley, Cynthia Wozny, Robert Wright, Richard Wright, Wilma Young, Paul Youngblood, Jane Zinn, Carolyn It is easier for a man to be loyal to his club than to his planetg the bylaws are shorter, and he is personally acquainted with the other members. ORGA IZATIO Central Council members are Steve Miller, Rel. Vice-Pres., Tom Tudor, Vice-Pres.-Trees., Mike Cecil, Pres., Bonnie Mishler, Sec. 5 George Gordon, Soc. Act, Vice-Pres.. ROW 2: Karen Rogers, Dean Wass, Marcia Overmyer, Walter Maxson, Carol Herzog, JeH'Vaught. ROW3: Mr. Swank, Dr. Humbarger, Dean Cramer, Mr. Noble, Dean Peterson, Dean Wooden. 1' qc Y,' Central Council officers are Steve Miller, Rel. Vice-Pres., Tom Tudor, Vice-Pres.-Treas.g Mike Cecil, Pres., George Gordon, Soc. Act. Vice-Pres., Bonnie Mishler, Sec.. 146 sw N T153 " f A 'fu Mike CeciL president of Central Council, tackles the problems that confront the students. 4' af- ,N ' ,V .KE 1 I? ,. . rn. , Y Y If J --' 4' 4' ' ' 3 ms .y I an ,H ik N., .1 'S A Y X mmf., r agged llmqvgg 1- EF" " I 'f B ..: Y 1 ' 43? "id -11 ' ' -, ' ,. ,-neg-132 V . - :.1.u,,3, Lf?-gi? '- 5 Q W. I GQ as Nigg a., I Q 4 l-. 4 E i M l mi 'lm . ,, ,. - .,e,,,.n , f 1-Tiff' -lf., f m ? -. - ' vu, H, -ses-zjml w-JM.. f.: we U, V in-...ll. mH.,, ,,-sz, -gif ewq . ., J gy, LV , ,F 1 -, ' r' ' .1 r wuz, . as 'nk "Alfa-11' Qslillllln r 4 ' , ' ll l N - .swam Y 1. ...iff . V : ' W- 2-.: uw 1. ll- ,H -1 Y 1- r l ri 1, , ' l , . ' -, Y .v , 111 . ,. 1 - gs.. ifE5Wwl'l1 1 I Student Court members are Jenny Grahm, Marlow Mullen, Chief Justice, Tom Parrish. ROW 2: Bill Smock, Marsha Wallace, James Farrell. 147 The Generation Gap members are John Tolley, Marsha Wallace, Jenny Graham, Vicki Beeson, Roger Hill, Michael Bridewater. '-Z N,,,,-1 T? S? The New Canan Express members are Vicki Vertrees, Kermit Berg, Lynn Hillsamer, Sam Chambers, Carolyn Saylor. The Gospel Folk members are Marcia Overmyer, Chuck Smith, Bar- bara Wallace, Charlie Dennis. The Gospel Guys are Bob Biggs, Larry Tucker, Carl Herbster, Larry Musselman, Kent Biller. 148 fuss' -firm egg' r -vw, W' yL,L - ' ,ge -' , it if l M f if The Fellowship Five members are Neal Ramsey, Sherry Walker, Martha Vanderipe, Robin Coombs, Roger Outcalt. The Non-Prophet Organization members are Diane Farlow, Gil Hub- bard, Steve Miller, Joan Long. The Singing Sisters are Sister Mary S. Frieberger, Sister Mary Jones, Sister Joan Schickel, ROW 2: Sister Mary Babcock, Sister Mary Yohe, Sister Anna Megel, Sister Angela Jarboe, Sister M. Catherine Bates, Sister Robert Marie Moore, Sister Lucy Baurley. 149 Music Educators National Conference members are Royce Thrush, Terry Hoyt, Sandy Pritchett, Joan Long, Vice-Pres.g Betty Beaven, Cindy Crump, Janie Bryant, Karen Rogers. ROW2: Mick Bridgewater, Ruthanne Gallatin, Treas.g Kandis Everling, Debbie Rugh, Julie Zerkel, Nicca Aikins, William Kennedy. Row 3: James Lamberson, James Spieth, J eff Bailey, Bob Blacketer, Jim Emerich, Pres.g Stan Shelver, Steve Farnsley. Art Club members are Chuck Sheaffear, Jim Griner, Kermit Berg, Vice-Pres., Bill Messer, Glenn Weaver, Preston Wadkins. RO W2: Rosie Farris, Jackie Lee, Bonnie Reece, Sec.-Treas.g Carol Brown, Debbie Cundiffl Beth Dugan, Terry Marquart, Becy Hill. ROW 3: Mr. Boyce, Mary Bertram, John Tolley, Gary Dausch, Steve Kress, Ed Kinaminn, Jim Hedges, Pres.g Dave Swift, Ken James, Mike Shurn, Bill Smock, Doug Griffith, Forrest Brandon, Margit Szabo, Mr. Snellenberger. 150 Beta Theta Society members are Randy Ferrand, Steve Hurst, John Stewart, Gerald Matern, Jeff Vaught, Nicholas Romano. ROW 2: James Mayfield, Sgt.-oflarms, Stan Shafer, Vice-Pres., Ron Young, Pres., Roger Core, Sec., Mark Whitman, Treas.. ROW 3: Marlow Mullen, Mike Conner, Robert Buchanan, Dave Mixon, Greg Hani, Jim McFarland, Dan Brackemyre, Randall Watson, Larry Tucker, Bob Friend, John Adams, George Dietrich. ROW 4: Bill Hall, Robert Rothrock, Steve Wittenauer, Mark Francis, John Davis, Jerald Kaufman, Charles Beaver, Randy Lee, Jan Schmidli, Dennis Walker. ROW 5: Russell Flueckiger, Joseph Koenig, Joseph Shafer, James Hedges, Ed Zeigler, Alan Hess, Lance Weatherwax. Lambda Chi Society members are Dennis Shoemaker, Sgt.-oflarmsg George Gordon, Sec., Rich Hogue, Vice-Pres.g Dave Boggs, Pres., Tom Parrish, Treas.g Dr. Rushong, Faculty Advisor. ROW 2: Mark Knecht, Bill Kennedy, Steve Kinnaird, Lindsay Shaw, Doug Grant, Kim Campbell, Bob Howe, Terry Klingerman, Jack Ott, Chris Mueller, Tad Ransopher. ROW 3: Mike Dickey, Todd Jones, John Swank, Rick Hobbs, Steve Kress, Gary Osburn, Don Mathis, Greg Bixler, Steve Roeane. 151 Q .. A al Theacallosea Literary Society members are Dr. Meier, Susan Shockey, Vice-Pres., Mary Beth Boardman, Pres., Sally Lagle, Critic, Susan Bare, Treas.. ROW2 Marcia Bandy, Glenda Coombs, Carol Brett, Carol Herzog, Elizabeth Johnson, Cheryl Landfair, Sue Ann Carroll, Jean Eppley, Melody Sweet. ROW 3: Brenda Amett, Linda Hawes, Brenda Carlock, Nancy Gill, Trudy Hoffer, Linda Compton, Mary Mathes, Carol Ten Eick. Philalethea Literary Society members are Sue Cox, Myra Matlock, Jane Sample, Pres., Connie McKimmy, Janet Thurmond. ROW 2: Gail Medcalfl Opal Atkinson, Linda Meyer, Diane Sager, Laona Coddington. Society For The Advancement Of Management members are Dr. Humbarger, Carol Winslow, John Davis, Vice-Pres.g Ron Roberts, Pres., Ella Gulama, Ada Hamilton, ROW2 Bob O'Neal, Rick Everhard, Earl Brown, Alan Hess, Warner Young. ROW 3: Daryl Tressler, Ronda Chinn, Paul Thomas, Chuck Patrick. Phi Beta Lambda members are Cheryl Nay, Ada Hamilton, Paul Thomas, First Vice-Pres., Anna Honnold, Pres., Susan Black, Second Vice-Pres. Jim Ferrier, Treas.. ROW2: Jackie Siefker, Marilyn Wilhoit, John Davis, Ron Young, Sandy Mayfield, Mike Mears, Earl Brown, Chuck Patrick Mrs. Miller, Debbie Hendricks. 153 " at :Qi ye ' M M 'f Dailey Hall officers are D. J. Hines, Pres.g Sam Chambers, Sec.-Treas.. Buxton Hall officers are Ed Baldwin, Pres.: Morries Bloomer, Sec.-Treas.g Miss Melba Bly, Housernother. New Dormitory-Boys officers are David Maxwell, Ron Sprunger, Pres.g David Henry, ROW 2: Roger Core, Doug Smith, Marlow Mullen, John Bailey, Jim McFarland, Teas.. 154 ,Q l Housemothers are Mrs. Treva Charles, New Dormitory-Girlsg Mrs. Frances Treon, Krannert Hallg Mrs. Josephine Harlow, New Dormi tory-Boysg Mrs. Doris Freudenberg, Dailey Hallg Mrs. Hilda Bruce, Trimble Hallg Miss Melba Bly, Buxton Hall. Jane Hoban, Vice-Pres.g Sandy Weaver, Sec.. New Dormitory-Girls' officers are Janet Sebert, Pres.g Eleanor Peters, Krannert Hall officers are Becky Tolle, Historiang Sally Lagle, Vice- Vice-Pres.g Marcia Dennis, Sec.g Sue Bauer, Treas.. Pres.g Barbara Huttsell, Pres.g Bobbie Friend, Treas.. 155 Trimble Hall officers are Karen Weiss, Pres.g Christy Huber, Treas.g Circle K members are David Henry, Roger Core, Treas.g John Rucker, Pres.g Bryan Thompson, John Adams. ROW 2: Chuck Patrick, Jim Ferrier, Merrill Simmerman, Mick Ferris, Richard Kissling, David Jeffries, Don Burdsall, Terry Kerr, Bob Thompson. Alpha Phi Omega members are Greg Hani , Marlin Bays, Mike Werling, Sec.-Treas.g Randy Boys, Pres., Scott Steinhard. R0 W2 Wayne Burton, Terry Taylor, Earl Brown, Roy Meyer, Steve Humphrey, Gordon Summers. Cheerleaders are Linda Smith, Pam Jones, Debbie Hoover, Kendra Early, Diane Norton. l Physical Education Majors and Minors are Bonnie Lewis, Sec.-Treas.g Karen Miller, Carol Siegmann Diane Norton, Gayle Hunter, Tippi Stanley, Pres.. ROW 2: Joanne Alexander, Coach, Sharon Fin- chem, Marg Meyer, Pam Troyer, Delores Walker, Karen Hanni, Vice-Pres.. 3 5x Such student disk jockeys as David Steele broadcast the voice of Indiana Central College to the community. WICR keeps them informed of all school events and plays a variety of music. ,N if Beta Psi Chapten Mu Phi Epsilon Intemational Professional Music Sorority members are Cynthia Crump, Ellen Magee, Doris Cass, Jo Ellen Spencer, Jane Yates. ROW2g Melanie Manges, Carol Fugua Rushton, Betty Beaven, Kathleen Miller, Sherry Brown, Peg Clapp, Madge Cathcart Gerke, National Presidentg Lesje Verdow Mendel, Joan Long, Debra Curtis Bovard, Susan Day, Melody Sweet. l English Club members are Mrs. Streeter, Trudy Hoffer, Vice-Pres.g Mrs. Waller, STANDING: Mike Shurn, John Bailey, Pres.g George Gordon, Mr. Noble, Dr. Kellogg, John Tolley, Randy Clark. Alpha Psi Omega members are Dan Wann, Pres.g Leva Hammond, Judy Hill, Sec.g Dave Geible, Vice-Pres.g Steve Miller, Tres.. ROW 2: Diane Farlow, Nathan Everett, Pamela Abbey, Caroline Pippert. ROW3: Chuck Eckert, Ron Hollowell, Judy Perkins. ROW4: Mr. Williams, Randy Kraft, Phi Haas. Sigma Zeta members are John Stewart, Kent Frye, Bob Green, Randy Lee. ROW2: John Rucker, Dan LePage, Mr. Gommell, Dr. Borden, Dr. Brooker. ROW 3: Dave Swift, Roy Deer, Vice-Pres., Rick Gregory, Roger Core, Steve McGinnis, Dr. Vondrak, Don Cossairt. ROW 3: Dan DuBois, Pres., Joe Shafer, Kevin Fry, Mark Whitman, Bob Stewart. Astronomy Club officers are Mr. Gommel, sponsor, Bob Green, Vice-Pres., Don Cossairt, Pres., Kent Frye, Librarian. . 1 LA. K members are Myra Matlock, Mary Beth Boardman, Vice-Pres., Beth Creighton, Pres., Lucy Kitson. ROW2: Susan Black, Carolyn Abbey, Carol Brett, Carol Herzog, Glenda Coombs, Vicki Pawlisch, Brenda Arnett. ROW3: Laona Coddington, Bonnie Mishler, Carol Siegmann, Diane Norton, Sue Bauer, Bobbie Friend, Susan Bare, Janet Sebert. r f-1 J Gamma Gamma Omicron members are Rebecca Jenkins, Clara Farrow, Cathy Hafer, Pres., Janet Burch, Vice-Pres., Myrna Kay Snyder, Kathy Borden. ROW 2: Rita Robbins, Patsy Lanahan, Kathy Ashley, Jackie Wright, Debbie Bolen, Linda Pickens, Carol Groce. 161 Humanics Club members are Penny Munson, John Harris, Vice-Pres., Barb Huttsell, Treas.g Bonnie Mishler, Pres., Greg Hani, Sec.. ROW2: Richard Ball, Caroline Pippert, Jane Hoban, Sharon Grable, Michael Werling, Larry Musselman, Mr. Ludwig. ROW3: Randy Boys, Jerry Pieh, Steve Humphrey, Roy Meyer, Skip Fuller, Scott Steinhard, Gil Hubbard. "C"Association members are Bob Buchanon, Dennis Walker, Jim McFarland, Marlowe Mullen, Sbeve Schrink, Pres.g Ron Young, Vice-Pres., Bruce Ruster, Mike Roth, Don Erdman, Don Ferguson. ROW 2: Gary Cummings, Larry Schembra, Joe Ante, Larry Tucker, Chuck Yanney, Randy Boys, Jerry Matern, John Davis, Randy Watson. ROW3: J im Kistler, Rick Everhart, Jim Hedges, Bill Smock, Ron Smith, Mark Whitman, Rick Sparks, Ed Zeikler. Student Education Association members are Ada Hamilton, Karen Rogers, Sharon Wheeler, Carolyn Abbey, Carolyn Saylor, Mary Rucker, Glenda Coombs, Marcia Bowers. ROW2: Sandi Weaver, Nancy Geyer, Brenda Harris, Linda Eastin, Carol Ten Eick, Debbie Craycraft, Cozette Roberson, Michael Shurn. ROW 3: Jana Fleenor, Janet Jarett, Mary Beth Boardman, Carol Siegmann, Bonnie Sinn, Leah Hoover, Becky Parsons. ROW 4: Kent Biller, James Craige, Pat Trout, Nancy Gill, Judy Perkins, Trudy Hoffer, Mary Mathes, Steve Schrink, Dave Shaffer, Chuck Schafer. '..gL . 4 5 , :S-is . ' I Student Education Association officers are Fred LaBorn, Vice-Pres., Mary Beth Boardman, Sec.g Nancy Gill, Pres.g Dave Shaffer, Treas.g Mrs. Collins, Sponsor. 163 Paul Thomas. . Julie Zerkel. . . Mike Shurn. . . Dan Dillon .... Debbie Perry. . Roger Henry. . Carol Ten Eick. . Sue Bauer .... David Maxwell Cynthia Losure. . Terry Kerr .... David Shaffer. Mary Mathes . Myra Matlock. . . Harold Moore. . . Scott Steinhard Mark Witt ...... Oracle Personnel ........EDITOR . . . . . Layout Editor . . . . . Copy Editor . . . . . Copy Editor ..............Typist . . . . . Business Manager . . . . . Contributor . . . Contributor . . . . . Contributor . . . . . . . Contributor . . . Contributor . . . . . Contributor . . . . . Contributor . . . . . Contributor . . . . . Photographer . . . . . . . Photographer . . . Photographer Editor's Page Within this book are the same activities and events that were in the book of the prior year and the book of the year before that. But this is a unique book. The activities were performed by people of this year. Just as the seasons of the year always occur, the weather of each is never exactly the same. I most sincerely thank those whose efforts Went into the construction of this book. Paul Anson Thomas man is challenged toclag to excel in almost everg endeavor . . . those who do succeed often trace the beginnings of their performance pattern to accomplish- ment in high school and to those who offered stimula- tion and inspiration in these formative Bears. Josten's has long been a partner to these educational leaders in providing a means of motivation and the rewards of recognition, and Josten's products have become tangible sgmbols honoring perseverance and achievement. Che class ring is representative of the fine tradi- tions of school spirit and unitg Q Uhe Bearboolz provides a lasting memento of the 5ear's accom- plishments lj 'Ghe diploma is a lifelong record of scholastic success Cl Che graduation announcement heralds this achievement If Awards recognize academic and athletic leadership. Serving you locally: Gary V. Long 633 Lawndale Drive 7 Greenwood, Indiana 46142 65 Serving the Third Generation of America's Finest Students CLASS RINGS ' GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS ' DIPLOMAS ' YEARBOOKS 'AWARDS Lithographers Advertlslng SPEED WA Y PRESS, INC. 800 S. East St. Indianapolis, Ind. Area Code 317 46225 632 6446 SUN OIL COMPANY 820 EAST TROY AVENUE INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 46203 '5 Q g -if PHONE 786-9211-637-3311-923-7211 . 24 HOUR SERVICE Radio Dispatch Q1 C8zL Delivery 'BZ Burner Se1'vice 421 Insured Budget Plan ft: Gasoline Diesel Oils QI Motor Oils Greases LET 'SUN' SHINE IN YOUR HOME TODAY! Holiday House Laundry 8: Cleaning Coin Laundry 8a Dry Cleaning 1O'Z, Discount to ICC Students on Professional Dry Cleaning Congratulations Seniors! Say It With Flowers From MADISON AVE. Order by phone with confidence 2457 Madison Ave. Ph. 786-0431 YOUR SOUTHSIDE CHEVROLET DEALER NANKIVELL CHE VR OLE T Indianapolis IN C- 700 U.S. 31 North Ph. 888-1144 Greenwood 3800 South U.S. 31 MARIEN HARDWARE CO. LANDRIGANQS' SIN CLAIR Aluminum Storm Windows and Screens Repaired Hardware-Plumbing Supplies-Paints Glass and Electrical Supplies 3604 Madison Avenue 784-7551 Muffler and Brake Service Electronic Tune-Up 3807 Shelby 784-7551 fgueac er 9101-iata "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" 503 EAST SOUTHERN AVENUE PHONE 784-2457 You did it, Class of "7O" Congratulations! We're proud to have served you and we all wish you Bonne chance! Bonne Sante! et Bon voyage! M5070 lt's the real thing Coke VISIT OUR NEW HOME SUPPLY CENTER For a complete selection of construction and decorating materials 787-3211 FOR PROGRESS IN BUILDING. . . IDEAS AND MATERIALS SUUTHPURT oAvlDsoN's FRANKLIN "U""?.E.R co In Southport . . . 108 UNION STREET InFrank1in. . .U.S. 31 NORTH UNIVERSITY PASTRY SHOP Decorated Cakes-Hot Donuts C A N T E E N Pizzas Canteen Sewice Hours-7 A.M. to Midnight ,Round the clock 4037 Weaver Street to Hanna and Shelby 3931 SOUTH PHONE U,S, 31 787-8201 Indiana Central Pharmacy your personal needs center AMERICAN GREETING CARDS Fine Cosmetics and Toiletries ON THE CAMPUS AT 3993 SHELBY Student Check Cashing Phone 784-243! CHERCHEZ VOUS LA PHOTOGRAPHIE CREATIVE? WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE WHEN IT COMES TO CREATIVE SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY! ROOT PHOTOGRAPHERS, INC. 1131 West Sheridan Road Chicago, Illinois 60626 THE HARRIS PRINTING CO., INC. Operating Johnson County's most modern printing plant -Since 1893- Phone 881-2511 Greenwood, Indiana AMERICAN LINEN S UPPL Y C O. "It Pays to Keep Clean" A COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE ON ALL LINENS-GARMENTS- CABINETS MEIIIIIIIIIIT5 BIIIIII EBIIIIIIE IIIITIIIII 3993 Shelby phone 787-9336 Central Council wishes to thank the following firms which generously extended discounts to our student body. Buescher Florists 503 E. Southern 784-24-57 Burk 's Standard Serv ice Hanna Sz Madison Avenue 784-0648 Holiday House Laundry Shelby 8: Hanna 783-0072 Madison Avenue Flower Shop 2457 Madison Avenue 786-0431 Sander 's Cleaners Madison Sz National Avenues The Tux Shop 3340 Madison Avenue Shop at discount granting stores and save! I Abbey, Carolyn Abbey, Pamela Abrell, Heidi Adams, Joan Adams, John Agler, Paula Aikins, Nicca Alexander, Marcia Alexander, Sandra Allen, Rick Altom, Ruth Ante, Joseph Aranjo, Michael Armstrong, Gary Arndt, Pamela Arnett, Brenda Artis, Abbie Ashley, Kathy Atkinson, Opal Babcock, Patrice Baelz, Kathleen Bailey, Jeffry Bailey, John Baker, Jeffrey Baldwin, Edward Ball, Barbara Ball, Barbara Ball Richard Bandy, Marcia Bare, Susan Barhan, Mark Barkman, Vivian Barnes, Judith Barnes, Suzanne Barnett, Laura Barnett, Linda Batton, Clyde Bauer, Sue Baughman, Edith Baynes, John Bays, Marlin Beal, Janet Beals, Sally Beaven, Betty Beaver, Charles Beck, Bonnie Beck, Daniel Beeson, Vicki Beets, Norman Beinbrech, Vicki Bellante, Judith Bennett, Carol Bennett, Phillip Benson, Kathy Bentz, Patricia Berg, Kermit Bertram, Mary Biggs, Robert Biller, Kent Bingham, Danny Birdwell, James Birtsas, Alexander Bishop, Rosalie Bixler, Greg Black, Dennis Black, Susan Blackburn, Sylvia Blacketer, Robert Bloomer, Morris Blubaught, Susan Boardman, Mary Beth Boggs, David Bolen, Debrah Boles, Sharon Bolyard, Ronald Bond, Hettie Bopp, Regina Borden, Kathryn Boroughs, Brian Bosaingham, Kerry Bower, Larry Bower, Martha Bowers, Marcia Bowles, Kevin Bowling, Larry Boys, Randall Brackemyre, Daniel Bradley, Dale Brandgard, Eric Brandon, Forrest Brendel, Gary Brett, Carol Brewer, Theresa Bridgewater, Michael Broadlick, Barbara Brock, Sherry Brockrnan, Elizabeth Brooker, Roberta Brosie, Annette 172 Student Index Brown, Alice Brown, Carol Brown, Earl Brown, Sherry Brown, Stacy Bruhn, Roy Bruner, Forrest Bryant, Arthur Bryant, Janie Bryant, Vicki Buchanan, Robert Bugbee, James Bunch, Virginia Bunge, Cynthia Burch, Janet Burdsall, Donald Burke, Susan Burris, Nancy Burroughs, Jon Burton, Wayne Busse, James Butrum, Linda Byers, Allen Byers, Marsha Byers, William Byrnaster, Peggy Byram, Shirley Callen, Steve Calvert, Deborah Cameron, Jenny Campbell, Howard Campbell, James Campbell, Terry Cappel, Robyn Carey, Robin Carlock, Brenda Carlstrom, Jon Carrington, David Carroll, Sue Ann Carter, Nancy Caskey, Joy Catlin, Lola Cecil, Michael Cedervall, Margretta Chambers, Samuel Chan, Sam Sang Chapman, Ronald Chase, Karan Cheseler, Jack Chinn, R. Clasp, Pessy Clark, Carol Clark, Kathleen Clark, Paula Clark, Randy Clouser, Marjorie Coats, Ronald Cochran, Jane Cochran, Stephen Coddington, Laona Compton, Linda Conner, Michael Conrad, Keith Conrow, Christian Cook, Kaye Cook, Linda Cook, Phyllis Cook, Rex Cook, Thomas Cooke, Gary Coombs, Glenda Coombs, Roberta Cooper, Tim Copenhaver, Richard Core, Roger Corn, Jeffrey Coryell, Janice Cossairt, Jack Cowan, Bradley Cox, Susan Craig, Frank Craig, K. Craige, Jame Crane, Charlene Cravens, Donald Crawford, Don Craycraft, Deborah Creighton, Sara Crisman, Ted Criss, Larry Crist, Mary Crosby, Gregory Cross, Ruthann Crump, Cynthia Cudiffl Debra Cummings, Charles Cunningham, Roger Cunningham, Shirley Curless, Rebecca Dailey, Margaret Dalton, Mary Damrell, Joseph Daniels, Kathleen Daughery, Michelle Daugherty, Robert Dausch, Gary Davidson, Don Davidson, June Davidson, Linda Davis, Ann Davis, Donna Davis, John Davis, Theresa Day, Susan Deardori Robert Deer, Roy DeMyer, Craig Dennis, Charlie Dennis, Marcia Descan, Gene DeWell, Steven Dickey, Michael Dickey, William Dietrich, George Dillon, Anna Dillon, Dan Doss, Janet Dougherty, Brenda Dougherty, Carl Downin, Charlotte Drake, Gregory DuBois, Daniel Dugan, Elizabeth Duke, Bryon Dumm, Sue Dunbar, Frank Duncan, Mary Ends, Elizabeth Earley, Kindra Easton, Linda Eckert, Charles Egenolf, Paula Ehinger, Barbara Eid, Linda Elliott, John Emrich, James Enders, Loren Eppley, Jean Erdman, Donald Evans, Alfred Everett, Nathan Everhart, Rick Everling, Kandis Ewing, Shirley Farlow, Diane Farnsley, Stephen Farrell, James Farris, Rosalea Farrow, Clara Farwick, Leesa Feezor, Wesley Ferguson, Don Ferrand, Carole Fen-and, Randall Ferrier, James Fischer, Jacqueline Fischer, John Fisher, Deborah Fitch, Joanne Fitterer, Rebecca Flannery, Arnold Flecker, Delmar Fleenor, Jana Fleming, Bert Flinn, Tom Flora, Ronald Flueckiger, Russell Foltz, Karen Fossnock, Pam Foster, Katherine Fouts, Castyle Fox, David Foy, Donna France, Jean France, Katherine Francis, Mark Frederick, Thomas Freiberger, Mary French, E. French, Philip Friend, Roberta Friend, William Fry, Altis Frye, Kent Fuller, Gilbert Fuller, Kathy Fuller, Terrance Fuller, Virginia Furry, Ross Fuson, James Gallatin, Ruthanne Games, Steve Gardner, J anel Games, James Garrison, Douglas Garrison, Joanna Gault, Larry Geible, David Geible, Katherine Geible, Norman Geyer, Nancy Gibbs, Dennis Gibson, Lewis Gill, Nancy Gillin, William Girdner, David Glaspie, Paul Glass, William Gonterman, Michael Gordon, Darrell Gordon, David Gordon, George Goss, Joseph Gouty, Marcia Grable, Sharon Graham, Jennifer Grant, Douglas Grant, Dwight Grave, Thomas Graves, Deborah Graves, Robert Graves, Susan Gray, Cynthia Green, Robert Gregory, Richard Gresk, Robert Griffith, Douglas Griffith, Ellen Grissom, Larry Grace, Carol Grofii Christianne Groffl Scott Grosvenor, Bruce Groth, Julie Grubb, Marsha Guerrini, Tina Gumbel, Bruce Gumpenberger, Karen Haas, Philip Haas, Rick Hacker, Paul Hafer, Catherine Hafer, Catherine Halane, Sherilyn Halik, Janice Hall, Curtiestine Hall, James Hall, William Hallock, Stephen Hamilton, Ada Hamilton, Stephen Hammond, James Hammond, Leva Hampton, Kem Hanni, Gregory Hanni, Karen Hanson, Yvonne Harden, Joetta Harper, Don Harper, Kristine Harris, Brenda Harris, John Harris, Wayne Harrison, Jerry Harvey, Steven Hassell, Laura Hattabaugh, Melvin Hawes, Linda Hawkins, David Hay, Ralph Heasley, David Heath, Susan Hackman, Randy Hecklinski, Donald Hedges, James Heiliger, Franklin Hendricks, Debra Hendrickson, Sandra Henry, Bruce Henry, David Henry, Roger Hensel, Roseanna Herbster, Carl Herzog, Carol Hess, Alan Hettle, James Hickey, Michael Hileman, Hill. Paul Deborah Hill, Rebecca Hillsamer, Lynn Hines, David Hinkle, Debra Hoban, Jane Hobbs, Rick Hobein, Valda Hockersmith, Debra Hodgson, Michael Hodgson, Ralph Hoffer, 'lrudy I-Iogue, Richard Holder, Douglas Hollar, Alan Hollin, Shirley Hollin, Shirley Hollowell, Ronald Holzbacher, Dennis Honnold, Anna Hoover, Debbie Hoover, John Hoover, Leah Hopping. John Horner, Carol Horton, Polly Howe, Joy Howe, Robert Howell, Dana Hoyt, David Hoyt, Terry Hubbard, Gil Hubble, Larry Huber, Christine Huehls, Sharon Huffman, Alan Hughes, Larry Humbarger, Susan Hu.mphrey, Steven Hundt, Charles Hunter, Gayle Hurst, Michael Hurst, Steven Hutchins, Joseph Hutton, Kathy Huttsell, Barbara Iino, Noriko Jacobs, Joyce Jackson, Leroy Jannusch, Glen Jarrett, Jane Jeffard, Richard Jeffries, David Jenkins, Rebecca Jenks, Robert Johnson, Christine Johnson, Elverna Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Judy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ruth Johnston, Charles Jones, Beverly Jone, Martha Jones, Mary Jones, Pamela Jones, Roger Jones, Todd Jordan, Charles Judy, Gary Kaenig, Joseph Kapciak, Joseph Kaufman, Jerald Keith, Thomas Keller, Roy Kennedy, William Kerkhofl Diane Kern, Stephen Kerr, Terry Keymon, Helen Kiesel, Donald Kilgore, Janet Kinnaman, Edgar Kissling, Richard Kistler, James Kistler, Lucinda Kitley, Jane Kitson, Lucy Kleemann, Joseph Kline, Loy Klinger, Dal Klingerman, Terry Klingerman, Susan Knecht, Mark Knight, Michael Kraft, Randall Krech, Richard Kress, Steven Kriete, Larry Krohne, Janice Kuhn, Mary Kumming, Gary Kurtz, Sharon LaBorn, Fred Lagle, Sally Lamport, Lawrence Lanahan, Patricia Landfair, Cheryl Langbartles, Doris Lapin, J ef'f'rey Lauer, Joyce Laughlin, Roberta Lawley, James Lawrence, Barbara Lawson, Karen Layman, John Leak, Cindy Leary, Jennifer Lee, Jacqueline Lee, Randall LePage, Danny Leslie, Anita Lewis, Bonnie Lewis, Terry Ley, Patricia Licking, Vicki Lillie, Jennifer Lindauer, Andrew Line, Verle Lipscomb, John Livengood, James Lloyd, Jane Long, Joan Losure, Cynthia Loveless, Denis Lovell, Sarah Lowe, Nancy Lowes, Effie Lynn, Douglas Magee, Ellen Mahnesmith, James Mahoney, David Malanoski, Richard Marquart, Teresa Marshall, Richard Martin, Ethel Martin, George Martin, John Martin, Louise Martin, Thomas Martin Yvonne Martindale, Rosemarie Matern, Gerald Mathes, Mary Mathis, Donovan Matlock, Myra Mattem, Sally Maxson, Walter Maxwell, David May, Dortha Mayfield, James Mayfield, Vance McCartney, Jean McCartney, Joan McClain, Ronald McColgin, Brent McColgin, Jeanne McCormack, Michael McDonald, Mike McDonough, Marcia McElwain, Michael McFarland, James McGinnis, Stephen McGough, Neil McGuire, J effrey Mclntire, James McKay, James McKinley, Maynard McKimmy, Connie McMurtry, Marilyn McNaught, Darlene McNealy, Nita Mead, Gary Means, Michael Means, Shelia Medcalil Carolyn Meiter, David Melkus, Michael Messer, Williams Meyer, Karen Meyer, Linda Meyer, Roy Miller, Bruce Miller, Cherri Miller, Erma Miller, Judith Miller, Karen Miller, Kathleen Miller, Linda Miller, Nancy Miller, Pamela , Miller, Patricia Mills, Sara Mishler, Bonita Mixon, David Mom, Joseph Moore, Harold Moore, Robert Moore, Vicki Morgan, Bonnie Morris, Charlotte Morris, Dan Morris, Danny Morwick, Kenneth Moss, David Moss, Larry Moulder, James Moulton, David Mueller, James Mulder, Ralph Mullin, Marlowe Mullis, Diana Munson, Maxine Murphy, Patricia Musselman, Lawrence Natalie, Carolyn Natalie, Marilyn Nay, Uieryl Nicholas, Stephanie Nichols, John Nobles, Ronald Noel, Sue Ann Nordby, Paul Norton, Diane Nuttall, Daniel Nuttall, Dennis O'Conner, Bernard O'Neal, Robert O'Reilley, Steven Osburn, Gary Otto, Ellen Outcalt, Roger Overmyer, Marcia Owens, John Owens, Patti Padgett, Melanie Page, Jonell Palmore, Steven Pannell, Karla Paraskevopoulos, Helen Paris, Robert Parker, Stephen Parks, Cynthia Parrish, Thomas Parsons, David Parsons, Rebecca Patrick, Charles Pavelka, Eva Pavey, Jon Pawlisch, Vicki Payne, Richard Perkins, Judith Perkins, Thomas Perry, Debra Perry, Linda Peters, Eleanor Peterson, Cheryl Peterson, Gretchen Petty, Linda 174 Phelps, Christal Phelps, Michael Pickard, Tina Pickins, Linda Pieh, Jerry Pieh, Samuel Plummer, Genyce Poindexter, Betty Pontius, Robert Porter, Gregory Potter, Michael Price, Edward Priest, Stephen Pritchett, Cheryl Pritchett, Sandra Pullam. Doris Purdue, Sandra Putnam, Mary Ragan, Margaret Ragatz, Gary ' Raimondi, Josephine Ramsey, Neal Randal, Sondra Randall, Nancy Raney, Karen Rankin, Philip Ransopher, Tad Reading, William Reas, Lois Rednour, 'Thomas Reece, Bonnie Reed, Gloria Reese, Cheryl Reichmann, David Reidenbach, Philip Reidenbach, Susan Remble, Jeffrey Remble, Jerome Reynolds, Donna Reynolds, James Rhodes, Linda Rible, Julie Richardson, John Risser, Karen Ritchie, Carolyn Roane, Steve Robbins, Ervin Robbins, Rita Robbins, Stephen Roberson, Cozette Roberts, Ronald Roberts, Sharon Rockhold, Douglas Rodenhausen, Mary Rogers, Barbara Rogers, Imo Rogers, Karen Romano, Nicholas Romesser, Gary Rossio, John Roth, Michael Roth, Terry Rothrock, Robert Rouch, Rosemarie Ruch, Craig Rucker, John Rucker, Mary Rugh, Debra Ruschaupt, Kevin Rusler, Rosella Rushton, Carol Russell, Rebecca Russell, Susan Ruster, Bruce Ryland, Sharon Sacks, Barbara Sager, Diane Salter, Margaret Sample, Belva Jane Sauter, Martha Saylor, Carolyn Schafer, Charles Scharbrough, William Schembra, Larry Schickel, Sr. Joan Schiess, Patricia Schlechty, Luann Schmidli, Jan Schneider, Larry Schoeffl Carol Scholl, Steven Schrink, Stephen Schwartz, Kent Scruggs, Joe Ann Sebert, Janet Seigmann, Carol Seitz, William Semenick, Douglas Sever, Karen Shafer, Jane Shafer, Joseph Shafer, Stanley Shaffer, David Shaffer, Elizabeth Shaffer, Toni Shaw, Lindsay Shelver, Stanley Shepard, Gary Shipley, Dennis Shipley, Phyllis Shockey, Susan Shoemaker, Harold Shrode, Paul Shurn, Michael Shutta, Michael Siefker, Jacquelin Simmerman, Merrill Sinn, Bonnie Slagle, Carl Slunaker, Gary Smith, Brent Smith, Charles Smith, Clark Smith, Harold Smith, Janis Smith, Linda Smith, Richard Smith, Ronald Smith, Stephen Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smock, William Smoot, George Snider, James Snyder, Jacqueline Snyder, Myrna Sorrentino, Alfred Soucie, Karen, Michael Southwick, Teresa Sparks, Richard Spencer, Jo Ellen Spieth, James Springer, Douglas Springer, Jack Springer, Susan Sprunger, Ronadl Starnes, Robert Stath, Garry Staton, Wanda Steckler, Don Steele, David Steele, Norman Steinhard, Bemard Stevason, Thomas Stevenson, Muriel Stewart, John Stewart, Marcilla Stewart, Robert Stinson, Sydney Stohler, Debbie Stohler, Denise Stokes, Debralee Stone, Donna Stover, Debra Strother, Curtis Stucker, Mark Stultz, Sheryl Stutsman, Joy Sullivan, Timothy Summers, Gordon Sumner, Barbara Sumner, Virginia Swank, John Swank, Judith Sweet, Margie Sweet, Melody Swift, David Swinford, Bonny Switzer, Peggy Szabo, Marg-it Tate, Frances Tate, Patricia Taylor, Gilda Taylor, Larry Taylor, Martha Taylor, Terry Ten Eick, Carol Terry, Polly Thomas, JO Thomas, Paul Thompson, Brian Thompson, Doris Thompson, Robert Thompson, Sylvia Thompson, William Thorpe, Jean Thrush, Royce Thurmond, Janet Todor, Marsha Tolle, Rebecca Tolley, John Tolson, Nancy Trees, Jeffery Tremain, Robert Tressler, Daryl Trout, Patricia Troyer, Pamela Tucker, Larry 'IHidor, Thomas Urshan, Nathaniel Vance, Julie Vance, Warren VanDerMoere, Holly Vanderipe, Martha VanEmon, Stanley Vaught, Jeff Vawter, Linda Verhonick, David Vertrees, Vicki Vinion, Billie Voss, Jo Ann Wade, Robert Wade, Susan Alexander, Mrs. Joanne Bedwell, Mrs. Frieda Bishop, Dr. William E. Borden, Dr. Kenneth D. Boroughs, Mr. Lowell Boyce, Mr. Gerald G. Bright, Mr. William A. Brooker, Dr. Robert M. Cassel, Mr. Herbert W. Chambers, Dr. Marshall W. Collins, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Cramer, Dr. Robert E. Cravens, Dr. Virginia Delfin, Dr. Eliseo D. Driscol, Mrs. Martha A. Dugan, Mrs. Elizabeth Dugger, Mrs. Helen S. Fahnestock, Mr. Galen B. Fisher, Mr. Donald R. Flake, Mrs. Norma Fouts, Mrs. Lois Gates, Dr. John E. Gommel, Mr. William R. Gorbett, Beverly Grant, Dr. Leonard T. Hill, Mr. Frederick D. 143 Wadkins, Preston 136 116 Wagner, Micki 143 136 Walker, Delores 143 143 Walker, Dennis 130 136 Walker, Karen 143 116 Walker, Sherry 143 117 Wall, Dwain 130 130 Wallace, Barbara 143 130 Wallace, Marsha 117 117 Walter, Jo 117 131 Walter, Ron 143 143 Walton, Cloteal 143 143 Washburn, Jack 130 117 Wass, Dean 117 143 Watkins, Vickie 143 136 Watson, Joseph 117 117 Watson, Randall 136 Weatherwax, Lance 136 Weaver, Glenn 143 Weaver, Sandra 143 143 Weiss, Karen 143 Welch, Jessica 130 Wells, Geraldine 117 Wells, Leah 136 136 Wells, Linda 143 136 Wendling, Kenneth 131 117 Werbe, James 143 143 Werling, Michael 136 136 Wesner, James 117 135 Wharton, Richard 143 143 Wheeler, Carol 136 135 Wheeler, Charles 143 143 Wheeler, Margie 143 130 Wheeler, Mark 143 130 Whitaker, Marion 143 Whitman, Mark 130 Whiteman, Terry 130 Wilcoxon, Mary 143 117 Wilfong, Jay 143 143 Wilhoit, Marilyn 117, 136 98 Hill, Mr. John E. 92 Hottell, Mr. Kendall L. 94, 92 Hufiinan, Mr. David 93 Humbarger, Dr. George 94 102 95 96 106 Jones, Dr. James A. 95 107 98 96 Kellogg. Dr. Allen B. 102 Kent, Mr. Robert L. 97 Kolp, Mrs. Mary Louise 104 101 92 95 92 Lamerson, Mr. James P. 106, 107 92 Lawrence, Mr. Wilmer D. 94, 92 Ludwig, Mr. Rose 93 97 104 Martin, Mr. Willie R. 99 104 Meier, Dr. Marga 103 104 Miller, Mrs. Alberta 94 Miller, Miss Edna 105 Moulton, Mr. Orman W. 103 Munger, Mrs. Dorothy 107 gg Murphy, Mr. Elby James 102 104 102 Nelson, Dr. Roland T. 100 Nicoson, Mr. Angus 98 Noble, Mr. David F. 103 107 97 92 92 Partridge, Mr. Kenneth 93 Pearson, Mr. Leonard E. 93 Peraell, Mrs. Joan 96 Peterson, Mr. James E. 93 100 Peterson, Mrs. Rosemary 93 Wilkinson, Steven Williams, David Williams, John Williams, Ray Willoughby, Michael Willsey, Virginia Willson, Richard Wilson, Mary Winkler, Rebecca Winslow, Carol Wittenauer, Steve Wood, Daniel Woodard, John Wooden, Deborah Woodley, Cynthia Works, Deborah Wozny, Robert Wright, Jacquelyn Wright, Richard Wright, Sharon Wright, Wilma Wyland, Lyn Yanney, Charles Yates, Jane Young, David Young, Paul Young, Ron Young, Warner Youngblood, Jane Zeigler, Edward Zerkel, Julie Zinn, Carolyn Pielemeier, Mr. Paul W. Pugh, Mrs. Connianne Ransburg, Mr. Dean M. Ray, Miss Carol Sue Reed, Mr. Roger K. Rushong, Dr. Howard D. Satterlee, Mr. Floyd Sidebottom, Mr. Kenneth J. Sims, Miss Virginia Snellenberger, Mr. Earl G. Streeter, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Swank, Mr. John G. Todd, Dr. Kermit Tonks, Dr. A. Ronald Vondrak, Dr. Edward A. Walden Waller, Mrs. Martha Waterman, Mrs. Marilyn L. Weber, Dr. James A. Willey, Dr. Norman R. Williams, Mr. Richard A. Wilson, Mrs. Florabelle Wolfl Dr. Wilmert H. Wooden, Mr. Nathan H. Wooden, Mr. Nuel Youngblood,Mr. Lynn R. Memory performs the impossible for many holds together past and present, gives continuity and dignity to human life. This is the companion, this is the tutor, the poet, the library, with which you travel. Mark Van Doren 176 an qu' 'EL-."'Jv"" 7

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