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 - Class of 1929

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f ., , 1-. '-, m. -, ' I I ,',.,, 0.1 ,W 1- , ,,v'-,,' v . , 1 ns, , nh- .f W., Jw- . . --,, 1. XX -,5'.,,, ., V '.'., ,. ,Ag 1 . . . I--'v -I , ' ,I .- -,v. .,'f. 'f A fa-'f 1' v ,- i l.. -I T. -.W yr' . X - - .. I f I 1 Qs ' .' , .' , -- .er.'. ' - -4 - . ' , I 3 - lr y ' '.Q J ,. L 1- '- '.-- , 'xw 4.x ' "V x., 'Q ' .--V . ,, .. , .l -Y' V v ' ' '-' .. -' 'L.--1' 'A ', , PY " .. v ',. ., V: , ,' ' X, W ,,- f 1 . 1 Jfxf , ,, '- ': , 1 Q . xp " C L .N --.AHA K .Q -. A -' ., - , if, M1 HN h W y -.,. l M4 ,V-I , f N-.w , ., ,vw 5.1 gwiif. , ., - . b, - , wf's,,: ff ,J-, I - fgfw, 1 , - , I- .. . .-,, 1 Y.-f.4.I,.',, .L Q- ...L!ftx,.'-,., .. , , .N - 1, 1 ,,1,.'f- 1. ,ff I , Q3 '- 3: L L, wflf. '4 R., -.g- A, 1 K- 3. L. wt H., ., , lt.,-A., 1,-5--11' J'-,wi , 'uf-4-4 1 , 1 ,y 0,11 "JM,--,.,1., "'-' A- , .XL U J tv.. .will - . Q . .. . yugv' ., ' , . x , 55, ,V -1,-.. In " ' T1' .Ji 1 , .. I ,rr '-PL ' ,X ,v - ,enum -, ,,f. .. ff- . .,, ,..,.l5,. ,,,. G ag. F7 ::'13.- ' ,rl rl..:an:usnx.xs.' ,g y - ,.. - .1- L NY, . 'A ' I . 'f-.TT - 1 an X K, . ,- Q: - fav ' N111 9 I M-" '- ' .. X 4 , '1 ,, ., 1, 1 X - "I 1- . P , whix ,,g, NHS'83GfTnf12 Z"1'S"u?X?U'r9lT?i'F,E?L ' " - D fir-Xfww . Thvf rarlvl A fi if Q VI S wi' gig li ? ' N Lx, M 1999 Xk Q Wm- p W gpggvxght F w , X ciamxwzhszv X is mr m Qlhxtf U A Jxdftinisjjgsriw yA f F 'v W uf-,,,,, 0:6-T,,. L? . I ,xx Gu 1 - - - '5 ,1 A: 1 , i , f ' Z,-o-my " "" K , ly f f . - P' TW ' -ffl X "" " . 4 S x. M , ' 7 f "" - 'N 1-pffz-V " gf' 9' 2, X fd 'lf A.: X ,Kim X xxx,- fb l ffx flaw' ff l Q 'Zi' X4 af gif I Z y G Q Q . e s 'Q' 2 S w X ea N ? N E! 5113311 1-lg , - 4 . ' .f , JI! f 1 A W!1u.1, rl1, c f K 1 ' 4 A 1 ?T'e, M 1 ll exe " if S if' ' , if l s----lf -tfgfrf 'V r fl l if ex, K AQ 1-' ' ' A .- qi, l 1 l' acl f - iff! ' - ' - f M a My i l fx., Ny yy' V N '- X ' h Q wi--- X Q " A e A ,tl MOthCl'OfXC1'bCiI1 ' jxx-3R Qfc:X,gg f - ltgiddiniher son gf- T -e Crewe . 'Q - I' .Ei'l'e"'k , :Qld ' dal- A-?Ql ' L,-gf-' . '- i 1 l K, ,vial .V A t- iffijgx ' ., TIXX A X' pf " 'nf' il I -K, X - -E ,, If - ' ' Q - 3 Publlshed bq the -a x 5' ,- SSHIOI Class of S f- 492 57 Indiana Central College - if ?gS ' Indianapolis -Indiana x--5 dedicate this more 5 f kr. , 'I' Y' 'NNW ff X X to the Mothers and Fathers fx of the past who have made possible our church andfgi college, and to those ofthe f present who are giving their A 7 ei M best for our future progress. 9 pi Q il si' J ga r ,r- fl J ff I r l I r NN J ,WMF J cinfff . .5 1 gif 'lz1,X 1, gf ?? e X 'I f A .7 Pia 'ep l 1 X333 -ei ,YW J IT if fe hmm! . -- , jf ftif c i f ,feng 4 f , l l!i - 'Tj 1 fi x, b A f f f X i A f! ff ei fvff dim i ii? , X Q ff4MQIiygf.. he j i fl. Z K U7 F 'N ' f Z X ' X iff- f ....n I hi'.!iT"'f' fxw W i he fi A A w we eeece e 'Wire fin lk V ,. afx ' ix ii KQ XIX BU 4 ci 5, xi if f" , we fi QEQSLK 11? V ,Q n 'iv ,Ji 4-TV' 13 ' rife. Z 5714 1 - ff "ig" -5 Q jig -i J' J, if: W zf ff? N 'J' -ff XA L51 i 'K ' Q' 1. . 3 jgh cg, Q if TMI Q shall contribute our in pant to ei World in which wjgners onalities expand, not d limited bq station, race, or 1 color, to fi world in which men recognize the divine puipese of life. Qi N CQ Q! KQ Q?l SQ T69 1 wF mio? pd S: 8212.54 15533,-Q 32625 SESS ""Tf::'Dm iS -La i-QFA5 xgzmgg, 3312-nm ffgfg :i-9Q'i:1Q- CigNl .ffffjf ff 9 XM! . 2-X! -3 To guard the portals Where grave Wisdom Sits H S- H '15 H X And metes out le arming to the latest comer 2 C, . hese splendld columns of 'D 'fx ". '1 '2 H H 5. ': Y- Y. 5- H 'z 'z 2 her 'fheq crq a challenge out to alltheworld r -0 be as tall and Strong and Sf, ds 'Q 2. 2 2 e 2. x 1. e To e like them 111 towermg, tapering Strengitll 1 2 2 1 2 H 2 2 2 N9 -.,'f"g.- 3, - ,-ggi,-9-'A-e'g'wf E E Q! A We 4 3535931 ms Q main E-'Q-if Eggs c"cv-3-'QFD MO .WIA 0 :SES fcrfiqi' 1:3232 fzfgzg ,, ,Q ,Q,..,:,, .-'Q-7.-'f"0 ..-3,196 Nl MQ 9 li! mb Ci Q! R 2 fThere lies the proof of our 'Xe dtfhletigfamg arrr+rxrf.ar1rrz-mg Herein men practice dailq and 1' df11'1ighf,H'mw'u.w.mxram-mxmx 'm perfect skin in shooting at Q theggglvma-1-rv,a-121.14m-,ar Or plaqing volleq ball in feverish Q IIOPCS a kwa'-.'m2.x1.x 2.-mv-,a ': X that theq might everwin ahard 0 Fought game X- 1 H 1 2 1 K Q Frpm our opponents on the floor S O1"f1C1d.xv.xxa1,1xv.x12'-.2.22.'-.'-11'-.h. rg Q eneath the slanting rdqs of ego 5 summer Sun -fr fi Qj Are Splendid trees and grass X and flowering Shrubs rr H 'Q 'That Cast dim shadows infan- X vw-L'-.'w, irxww-.xw.i.x-.w I S And all about the ,Scenic 'Q S 5 O! beauul there as Is solemn , still and silent quiet- am-.b.u'-lx-qwn1.'qa'-meuu'qua1-.zxu The quietness of murmuring birds and 'trees b.'-w1xsmaaw.'1sa fa'-aka'-e 'The heat of summer Suri is Qvgydll xsi.-rmw.1f.r-iv-wir EE i And murmuring ,murmuring sounds prevadetheair 2-fiwwwiwi N .X X r me eg GN x E Q X x Q xx xx f f , 1 i r I 6 HQ E solemn Silelnce reigrisall Eg Q Q undistuybe aaaxxaaaaaa 'QX kg Cathedral -like theq stdnd,nor XJ boW,nor Swaqr-2 1- 1- 1 V1 1 2 2 1 1 2 'lhose regal trees all standing, 6 straightarr tall Q All stretching uri their it A All turniniup their faces tothe 4 w.x'u.x'-.'-.xr-.A 2'-.1-.Uu.'v1 To thus proclaim Him natures f meetthe sku 'QHH'-HHH"-U Dietq K l ix xi ' awamxmxsxx-.zxuu I Qjlz A temple of the Godsit Well I might'bC2's':'Q.E:2XS.k11H:eE".'iE': J Achieved 111 Simple qmet digi- n1t,quv.xxxx'v-mxvmxx'-xnvm 5 Q! wood nqmphls home might uri. be ui such aplaee Where trees abound in sparse darksome Shade ik XHf11 5 1 I '-1 'The searching sunlight filters through the trees H X 1 1- f- X ia And paints a magic earpet on the grass 1-'Q '- X I R -A wi -Q Where gorgeous golden leaves lie thick arid deep -- 1 1 K 1 X X The checkered Shade doth fasciuate the eqe --A E 1- K v- M- The verq air is fraught with K 1 w. m I. N-. Xe N-. N. N. K-. 1. 1. And breathes a gentle sigh that fallis come X X HHH 11 Q ow i QM 'X QD L i lt tl l Q! When Qallant men Q0 Ibrth, 'hi to Serenade w:HH'-2'- 'Theq turn their manlq steps toward Daileq Hall 1 W1 M"-W 2 As surelq as the sun sets inthe West 'U.'h.'-. ".S.w.x af-Am. 1. sn. txxx -gn 'lhe radiance beams iifomlight ed Windows there H K 1 1- H 'Q 2 2 r H And sheds its silver light through- Qu1,f,heSKqw.xw-vsxsx axzaxxxa But there's enchantment still ateventjde uaxkass tant-.anxak When shadows lengthen andthe Skq Qlgams xa a 1'-.fn-.2 n ax 'Then Cupid lurkS,and plqs his devigug trade. na au tux un Egg 0 j J V fl 3 . .A N ' Z ' Q vs: Q Q wma let us tread the path Egg' Q kg rn that's beautq linedwm my dt ef It leads through lands as fair,or still more fair 2 1- 2 2 '- 'Than we have deemed the Garden ofthe Gods H H 1 1 H '- H On either Side the1relS love- ljness tQ1gnd2.aa'mzxaxzauza 'To compensate the toiler atljjstdsk maexamasmu we And furnish beautq for the aytislfs QIIC 2'n1.xazxA2xxxu 'The path of learning lies along thjswaq eaa'1uuxaaaa'.smu And bids good Speed to everq Worthq one 2 H 2 2 '- 1 'Q 2 I QD suits' H5311 everq Student comes the privilege of associating with those who have ex- p1ored,and with those who are exploring the paths of tmth. fi iifi ew f f , Oi if ff ' I Z. V7 ffli li l ii a Q 'li i X if i e Cain , 95 5 i' 1 i f -' 9 1- ' 'A' I 1 .- ' L -1 2, I if, I ' H 2-A lg - i fa rg p i I ip' Q 'fx' an A te it ii is IK in ii-hiv'-i.-,1i1:1 i' mel ,if 3 gieipglj, .fy f- 2 ,ii fhefi Sfxf 1 DQ Cwfge W y C 575 ' . .X , X ff V K Xp-jj 9 f i in A Xxf.,',XMVLlf fl if if if J me Q w umnvvnm A Q QX se Associations Wilibecome snohavital K' 5' W part in the life of the student that the lights Yet, P Y bf. FDXTWM' . . A I which has been given ' o t gzffifny to him will be passed the v ii f 1 Qjiefv undnnmed to others. 1.1!- 1' -1:22 .11z',1 .115 Ju!" f- 1 111- .,,. if 1 -.E 111 1 W1-- 1i'1 fl: E .I1-1 11 wi 1 .1 Y 11 4 11 11. , .I. I 11. I1 .1 I-I1 . 7 . 111 4' .11 - A 1 Q15. 1-yj :I1 i9'1 11. II15I-. . VF1 ' I N 1i": '1 14,1 '-535 xl? .-I'lfI -111. ' fl? , 1 .1a II 1 -1 111. gl Q1 11 I1I11 1-'. '11 , 1 JC' 1 t ,,1I 111 1111. 1IW'1 .JV 'ith' CM gel 1 W fb 11-'wfbqfwfx'-f"'mm"1" -.1. I 1 --1. .1-J.: .. 1 1 4 I,, ...1,f1',N, 1, I J I ,K ..z1.- -1 -1- - X ".1. 1 .' fs 1 - . 1 1 -1,- 'fa'-1 'Y 1 1 II 1I,,II, :I .I. 1 I, ' - I-. : ' ' 1 1 . . I I 1 1 . .I - fx' , 11: 1 1 ., . -ef Q1 .'I:I . I S .I I 1 x-41' - 1 , ,v- 1 4 1 I .I1 I ' 1 1 .11.. 1 . V 1 1 'T ' 4 .I, 'Q 1 1 .., 1 V 1-1I 1. ,' 1 1 gl 1,3 .I . 4. 5, 4' .-Q 5 . .1 ' .',-'-. -K , ,I . . JIS , -w 1 '- - I " 5- 'f"3"'w L .' 1 ' 5' , I f I. 51, .I I HI. . ,III 3.4 , I -I I 4 'l".- " f-.I,. If . 15' AL ff... 1.1. V:- . II, I I Jf. ' Z -' ,,-. 5-2.2 - ,"" . I I.,.I, :I1I1 Y. I 1 , 1 I F Q-, f 1 1 . 'C - ' V V Y. .1 . . I .ff ' 11 ' 51.3 .II 1 . . 1' - f 1-Ir ' ' 1. J., fj' - I-I1, f 1 Of. 1 ' - 1. ' 1 F 1 .. 1 I 1 -. , J A.: 1 .I I ,. ,I ' 1 1 6 191 ,I ' I by. I . . 1 1 . , r., 1 . - r , 1 :1 .-.I. 1. 1 1- x I, 11P-. Av 1 ' 1 A 1-'D' 1 .IIII 1 1,.: .Ip 15?- ,'1. , . J 11 ci . '5 1. -31 fiiz II, " I1 21511 El . 111 .'1 II1 1 f -11 511' I I -,1 . I, .. -III' 1.11 . 1 - - v...1.1: . 1315" ' 1. III.. ,. l ' "1 L- . 1 . 1- 1 I , .II , -.1-' 1 I I 1: 1 'f . ,Q I 1 1 . . ,.f I -1' 1' 1 . I 'I ". v I' . 1 511145- 11 -T .L' .. I. ,I I . - 1: ' 1 , 1 1 , 1 ' 1 N , .II 1 I --1 , 1 11 LPI Q 1 Q1 . .1 ,V ,:. ,I I , I 'I .- ,an 'L, " 1 I - 111. ' 3 .L 1 ' I. 'JH -1, . . , 1 1 1 . I 4 1 ?'.1 NJ' , -Q . . 1 1 "J Ir- 1 , .IIII Iv. , 1 va .. I , A if: 1-.T i 1 ,. 1.I . II II . I.II.. II , ' 9' . .. ' 'I--.11 A ,v I I , " '141-Iv 'Y '. H.. " ' - 1--. I .- 1 "' 1 -v I ' ' 1 22 112'-. f 1 . 1' V '11 -7. 4 1 ' ' .Q . 'lv V A I -w, , 1 ' 4 - . .- ,-.- 1. 1- - 1 I 1- 7 . . 1 -.1 1 .I1 ' . 1 Q . I , . 1 A .. , ,1 1 . 1 AI- -1:1 1 I , , ,., , - - . 1 1 1' ' , IT. 1 ,, 1 I -. . I I . , I . 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 , - . , 1 112 I .I I, -. .III-, .IMI I II .IQ Q. 15, ..-1,I, , -1 . 1 -, , - I I -1 , 1 1 Q 1 1" ' 1 .1', I . .'-.nv -I 4 I . 1 x 41 L . J , f' g'.I. 4.2.19 -5 - , J- - - .-,f-141110:-6.11 ' , D ' ' . .I L' 5 ' 1 if ' I 'Z .i"'T1"T:. 1.'.d1J.' A iff.:-'J. 3:41- , Ia TI: I J C- 1 e 1 52 - w ,Ig E? 1 . 1 X .avr Z. . J F. .I 1, I.-11' President IL J. Good AJB3 A,M3 L.L.D 1 :eNze9 eEeerQ 9 .: Z1 H3263 xx JOHN ABI-IAI-I CUMMINS Pl'0fr.110l' of Pfviluwjifry AB., Otterbein College, 1887, A.M., 1590, Graduate Student Chicago University, 1900, Ph.D., Indiana Central College, 1911. 1 -, DURXVARD LESLIE EATON Profriiur of Pli,rtlrr A.I5., Earlham Cnllege, 1907, A.M., University of XY"iseonsin, 1909, Chicago University, 1915: 4. Indiana University, 1917,'1S-'20, Ph.D.. Indiana 1 University. 1927. ALVIN H. M. STONliClP1'1IiR Prufrxxur uf Lilffll N i 1 A.I5.. Vanderbilt University, 1913: A.M., 1914, 1 Graduate Student, George Peabody College for :fs - ,ef fx , 1 51 ,X "fa . Q. I 'W , swf' tx 5 I is li . , XVILLIAM PITT MORGAN Prufvxmr Zoolugy inn! Physiology A.B., Indiana Central College, 1919: A.M., l Indiana University, 1922: Ph.D., Indiana Univer' 5 sity, 1926. FRED ELIYIER NIARSHALI., Professor of Public Sprufeiug and Omlor-y Graduate of Albion College, School of Ora- tory, 1902. l i LYLF JORDAN IXIICHAEL W Pl'Ofi1'.N,1Ul' uf Cfn'r:l1.ih'y l B.S., Otterbein College, 1919, M.S., Ohio State , University, 1920, Ohio State University, Sum- ! mers of 1923-'24, Massaclausetts Institute of 1 Technology and Harvard University. Summer, V Teachers, 1916, P11.D., Vanderbilt University, ' 19259 Qhio State Univm-Silyy 1927-'2S' 1917. , l l 1 11 1 . i Q JOHN JOSEPH HARAMY MBE L xx ILAVILIX i P1'nf1'.x.1u1' of 17l'1'IILiZ1 l il l'mfr1.vor of English l b ' A.B., Earlliam, 19185 LLB., Benyaniin Har- i A.B., Indiana Central College, 1916, A.M., In- rison Law School, 1924, Graduate Student, Col- Xli 1 diana University, 1913, Graduate Student, Cul- umbia University, Summers, 1919-'20, University 'if ll, if t umbia University, Summer, 1922, University of of Chicago, Summer, 19245 A.M., Indiana Unil- Xh if SD Wisconsin, Summer, 192-1. ll versity, 1926. 1 C A X , i S1-I4 ffm 11 1 S 1 . . am, . A, Y - in ' ' '4 ! 57 W .11 il ,qw-iff P 'fi . f to H is 1 . 1 f - if' I P -f A 6 , f e fe I e 1 Q ei 1 l pf f Q3 ,,"- 'Q .f' Q! 1 1 X: 1 A 1 SP1 p, lm 17 in egg gf 1 .P Agfa 1 1 1, ew 1 il- ws, . ' 1, 1 ., ' 1, '1 1 ,5 ,wk fa ' . 'yi -WJ ' ff v Pg 1 ' L, ' Q5 , . , X, f ' M, ,1'fgEx ng x NS? . Q ill? 9: H-4 ,ff 1' I X Twig, Vi,-,,-.4 I I X15 -ew-. 0 .LV X 1 --1 7-is Qlllirfl 1 .. ff-, N! lm , fy' 1 I , - ff 1 , . f fl 1.1 ll f f f Y ' .471 f' 4'PL I 1 1 it fk ry: If f-'Li 1 1 5 f 1 4 we 11- iff, E o12AfETl.EiT5QoQ Y FLOYD ELDON BEGHTEL Professor of Bofuny A.B., Indiana Central College, 19123 A.M.. Indiana University, l9l7g Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1924. HARRY R. MATHIAS Professor of Malbcmnfirr A.B., Indiana Central College, 19235 A.M., Indiana University, 1925. LEORA XVEINIAR Axsixfnnf Professor of Englixlw A.B., Indiana Central College, 1921, Diploma on Public Speaking, Indiana Central College, 19245 Northwestern University, Summers, 1925 and 1926: Northwestern University, 1928-'29. DAVID HARVEY GILLIATT Profcrxor of Biblical Liirraluru and Rrligious Erlzzmliorz. , 12 l A.B., Indiana Central College, 19205 Ph.D,, Bonebrake Theological Seminary, 19233 Univer- sity of Chicago, Summer, 1927. ,IANE JOHNSON BURROUGHS I'It'rnl uf Mllxir' Dl'l7Lll'fIIIl'lIfX Profrxxor of Voirv B.Mus., DePauw, 19221 Student of Theodore K7 Harrison, Summer, 1923, Graduate Student, New X5 York University, Summer, 19269 Student of Isa- dore Luckstone, 1926. 43 67-N NATHAN D. DAVIS fx Profrssor of Violin ,A 'V Graduate of the Indianapolis Metropolitan ,AX School of Music, Artists' Course, 19023 Grad- f' xi uatc Student with H. P. Beisenherz, 19023035 Graduate Student with Alexander Ernestenoff, ff 190 5 906. K N ' X X . RL I Professor of Spanish Zx FLORENCE HOLLOWAY A.B., Illinois Wesleyaii University, 1924, A.M., L r KX University, 19255 Graduate Student, University yea.. fl-, i ' of Illinois, Summer, 19263 University of Mexico, mf, IX Summer, 1927. I, ' i " ll 'fi ii lrfl 1- 'H .fl li ll ' 1' JOHN ALBRIGHT ' I 1 ' Profvxxor of Erououzivs .fzml Bzzsillrss J' - A.B., Colorado Teachers College, 1922, A.M., ,all Ii' ' f S. Colorado State Teachers College, 1923, Graduate X ' 1 Student Columbia University. I 5 I ,Kr l lx n 'gl U ff x i . f , . , 5 WM I lr Q I it H 4 'J ,b J f .5 'I 5' . 1 ' I 2 ' I f .- - J M w l an i v A '7 "4 0 9 'fi. if l , 1 . , .,,- ,Qin i J 0, 2, V f t 1 ,rw Q AX' VH f: bw 7 A of -I g e - , 6 J, X, JK vi- - f Q is Hx N EIKJEQ ! I n . ,. M if J : gif-'lm' .a amf - f':f""l I CIF:-i-1 QQ - N' 'QL ---'L-2'X-' -X' QEACLE 1999 Q. Y - 1 C VIRGINIA CRAVENS Dunn of W'um1'ug rlxamwli' Prnfrcmr in English A.I5., DePauw, 1910, Graduate Student Um- 'I versity of XWisconsin, Summer, 1919-,20-'25-'26 I IQMMA NVYMAN Aixiilfml Profvivm' of Eifllmzlion Ifastern Normal and Art Course, 19055 Neff College of Oratory, 1901, B. L. Emerson College of Oratory, 1907, A.B., Kansas City University 1911, School of Design, New York City. LEONA Ii. STUART Pr'r1fi'1v01' of Home Eronofuifx I5.S., Home Economics, Central Normal Col- lege, 1916: A.B., Central Normal College, 1911, ,f y A.M., Indiana University, 1928. DAVID E. XVEIDLER Profexam' Ellllfllliilll A.B., Lebanon Valley College, 1909, AAI., Teachers College, Columbia University, 1922: Columbia University, Summer, 1911, '23, '26. MINNII2 XVALLS NOBLITT flxsiihmt Prufrsxor in English B.Sc., Alma College, 1921, AAI., Alma Cul- lege, 1925. MARY JOSIfPI'IINIE AICCREERY Pmfutxni' of AV! Vincennes University, 1919-'20g john Herron Art Institute, 1920-'21, Academy of Fine Arts. 1923-'Z-Ig A.B.E., Art Institute of Chicago, 19211. GRACIZ HUTCI-IINGS 1 Profwxxon' of Piizrm . l HARRY C' GOOD Graduate Artist's Course Metropolitan School I Ill pf,,,m,1 E,1,,,-,,fi0,, of Music, Indianapolis, 1910, Graduate Student . Y of Ernesta Conselo, Chicago, 19113 Graduate L -fl, I A.B., Indiana Central College, 1925, Indiana Student, Indiana University, 1925-'26, Student . University, 1925-'26, University of Illinois and of E, Robert Schmitz, New Yorky Summer, INN v Wg, Notre Dame Coaching Schools, Summer, 19274 1925-'26, Student of Camille Deereus and I, WN Inky' , ,RD RAS Indiana University Extension. I927323- Phillipp in Fnntainebleau, France, Summer, 1927. Eff' C 2 Mus- av 3,41 6 it . Q my 675, - If 55.1 Ag? f gf-Q 3 I Je 25 11 1 Q 'ff 9' 3 1 e I V 1 12 if 1 ,fe X it to e '13 i, yyjt..,,,,li KQV 1 QQ W.. I Q-big Va'-Jw. gl LM 4,3 QQ, if t,'-U.. 'X xl W -1-ng Q-,gg J,f- -1" ,z 1 l in fi X iff lf' ll . I 1 Y? 6 ll Q-E i' If " It 1 1 X X M N'-47-iff' fl L,51Z,, RQ, N5 g QXCQ-A K EM 9 M141 - . A I . I ' , . , ' ' if 'AV Fx all 'kill i 1 if I I D ,ffl I ' ef I fill lf' 1 'P A L J 'fs fiyag, u f I1 ...e e ORACLE IQQQ ' v Y A 1-is gli. Pills, i L .1 i iii EJ is ?'i"i5'l JEANETTE EDWARDS HAMPTON Publir' Svbool Mnxir mul Eur Truinilzg LOREN SCOTT NOBLITT Asrixhznl Trvusurvr ami Rugixfriu- Student Earlham College: Graduate of Metro- politan School of Music, 19055 Voice, Berling School of Education, Butlerg New York Univer- B.Sc., New York University, 19185 M.Sc. New York University, 1924. I - sity. ,f Qi ,f , ,QQ MRS. SHERMAN DAVIS ANNA DALE XL . S 1uxlrl1f'f01' in Voifc Ogiff' SVf"'fU"J' A ' 'CC A B. Mus., Illinois Universityg Studied under C. U A.B., Indiana Central College, 19285 Indiana fi . B. Hawley and Ricardo Martin of the Metro- ,Q University Extension, 1928-'29. ,-LX politzin Opera. i 1" N '-1. I .4 W . f W xx 'X , MRS. D. H. GILLIATT B. S. MCNEELY -5 ii' .4 IlIXfl'IH'fOl' in Voice 1201.1 Sl.l.,.t.m,.1, , . 1 - X l 4, B.Mus., Indiana Central College, 1928. ax-a YQ 7 l N I i 2-X .' r . - f 4 . " , MERLE FOSTER WQLVERTON " , N 4, ' R ...4 f PEARL M. GRUELICH l Canegl. pL,X,0,. xi? V t, YN "4 ' I Pipu Orgrm Inxlrnrfoi' i 1,11 " 455 I 'V i B..A.,. M.A., 1923-24, Adrian College, Adrian, I I if l 'V H I Y- l , Michigang B.D., 1927, Garrett Theological QW ff ml , ' l . .l Seminary, Evanston, Illinois. F: ij 1 . l :X PAUL G. SNIVELY 5 I 1. SL'K'l'1'fxll'j' fo Prifxiilvlli ' I9 i I , B.S., Indiana Central College, 19255 Graduate MRS. EVA TOMY if lil l L. 9 Student, Indiana University, 1925-'Z6g Indiana , J x fi l I A- University Extension 1928-'29. 1. Mafmu 7 7 C i -17- I ,ii l . 49' wa X, - - All 'X - fi ,: -. ' .i gh. . 'F 'T t K A jg Z- ,A M in ' , 1.6 1 9 , i 1 i i 1 ,-i-- . H fo.. f .. I 7 V .l' xl - 17' '3 -fl vs 7 lil y , XY if ' ., I 55 l , l fl ff Q N l l N 'll .. , ' ff? fi: y i N4 I I A if Q E- 1 , . KZ,-ff ' n i Q ii TAT - , ,. N , f X453 ,V V1 1 .I I -J had I, i -V. W! f L71 I il- m - gh !. ini Y 9 .- M ii f ' 3,1 ' -Xi fi!-C I 'L W . i ' I : WAV 2' f ' . Z.. If " 'S ' , psi I Qfw.-. J K "kg,-. X T.--i-' "' rsT' .fd .5s . xf' I, Q s up u - as o M e - ee! cQJ csmrQo Q29ZeJe9y : 5 maze We ' 5 . tyeiw new L7 If Lffvs ww ' UMW' Ziff' W4 QWWQJ , 7 f uf!! 3 it fwy yu?-'I A X' ig Z7 0 9 JM, xy Pj 1Cl1p2,'1-1111 Smith, I.o'.x'1-ll Guml, l'hysi1'H1 1lYl"ll5'l1' .TUllllSUI1, 'l'h1-lmzl Eilt-r, Esther Parson My!! Z"'i'l"'S'Yl Emil lmopf-l'. llumlulpli l'UlN'l1llI1l, Clieniislry: Juint-s xxYt'lN'l'. Vidat Lehman, Tiulilllyl jfvljlilye Fjndlt-y. Tlumf- F1--niwlnivsl Mull:-l llaiiley, l.:iX'on1ie 'l'111un1ys4n1, JFS-tin Lewis. 1':11'1vl liveli- ' yj .I I1-ll. Floyd P.-rkins, 1lllSll'Q Gladys Iiaim-ui-lt, Pliysil-.ll Niltleutimi. L - I fit ff ' '!! ' 1 v Al J S 0 T . , f ,M tu ent Assistants fr v , T Www Y ff X .' . . . . . . ,111 'N ' Students showing special interest and ability are chosen as assistants in the depart- X . ments in which they are majoring. Students assistants are found in the departments of N N! , iusic and science, including the social and domestic sciences. Classes in physical educa- ' xl ft . . . . . . 'ry X 4 tion are also directed by a student. All perform various duties for their mayor professor. X ' X o it The music assistants give lessons in vocal training. They conduct classes in instru- . ' .-5,9 K X mental instruction and other subjects related to the study of music. X l N N hl pl W It is the duty of the assistants in the science department to prepare materials to l be studied in laboratory as well as to supervise during those periods. They also grade W papers and act as typists for the instructor. l l lil. The first year spent in assisting is one ot apprenticeship while the second year is 'rl' . . , . . . - . NJN one of greater responsibility and more varied experience which proves beneficial to the ' il N student in future worlt. lv ggi ld x i 1' ll 7 ' fab - to P' lp 1 Q yllxv. g i ffw X 'iw si ll in X613 ' Y 'f , ff 1 W N2 fvefil if A 54 f, 19-3-sf teen Q et ,t W le I .5 will 05' L fa 'wt X ff!! x E If P , "' 125 -1 , m ff, 1, S1 Jfgyniyy X gs QQ tp '50 , i , .Q 5 .VT TN 1 T its 4 ty X it 4 2' e 'A it W f if 2 f as T ff fs :'gTy'ikil-51 ' l ef i v y V - l1,,,lil Q fun ' i :sf " A W yi- rel :E X 'I XXQT I fjfi , w lla' ,, A if 1 X W ll we H- 1, with f flseWQfM,ifQ eg we if for 'T 1-'- , ii if ,I C six L , EQNKGJ QSLI ORACLE 19529 :gli L2TZ'c5f Administration This is the twenty-fourth year in the history of our college. Cne more year will round out a quarter of a century, and we feel that all who have participated in making Indiana Central College the great institution that it is, are deserving of high credit for the accomplishment. The Board of Trustees with its twenty-nine members from St. Joseph, White River, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsiia, and Minnesota conferences, besides President Good, six alumni, and six trustees at large, is a great controlling body. It adopts policies and elects officers and faculty members, while its executive committee, of which the president of the college is chairman, sees that the work is carried on properly. Rev. W. Lake, D.D., has rendered great service, as president of the board of trustees for the past ten years. President Good has spoken repeatedly of the great encour- agement that he has had through the board of trustees and the counsel and cooperation of its president. After having borne the burdens of college management for over fourteen years through an extremely difficult period of its history, President Good last spring offered his resignation to the board of trustees, but the board took action electing him again for a period of five years. There is no doubt that Indiana Central will be a bigger and better college as the years go by if the church, the faculty, and the student body will keep whole-heartedly together with the administration in reaching the goals. During the year more shrubs and trees have been planted, the auditorium, dormi- tory rooms, and class rooms have been re-decorated, dormitories repaintedg and other im- provements have been made in the general appearance. Courses have been more closely organized and arrangements made for the alternating of certain courses so that the number of classes would not be so great. During last year Treasurer L. S. Noblitt ground lenses, and his brother, Mr. G. Noblitt, a business man of Indianapolis, bought other equipment and mounting, com- X is ,dw fx. .fi ff .Xt f 5 pleting a three-inch telescope. Now a new building has been erected and the telescope installed. This building also is the gift of Mr. G. Noblitt, whom we desire to thank Z., for his interest. if, i 'Q The problem of providing a wide variety of courses under thoroughly competent and inspiring teachers at reasonable cost is being solved in a wonderful way, and MC I I-l J believe that the constituency will give support to the efforts to meet the financial needs. 5 l A I fel Already various men and organizations in Indianapolis are expressing an increased interest ' ll ,g y , I, , 4 gi V I I in our college. The many splendid contacts being made in Indianapolis by our president Q' My ill I IS are prophetic of a larger interest in the college by the city of Indianapolis. ' fm A -19- "i f, X .' , Well 5 , Q 'J ,' 5" 'S ff? 2 , if ' a' , it " ' . . - H' 1 J y gyix ? 5 Q F245 K3 A, , Wi N' l 'X-M I - ' r ,i m lj 1 ' Kg' 'm i ' X if -ff lla: M f ag Gag elkfa, at ki H? li' e 'i i f X '. ' ' ' 1' - ' " l if 4- f, !' ',. .'l, 9 MI L "' if . ff. j '1 WW f tim' Vy ' f ill! -'mf " si' -fi-,,, , 1 . -,Z-X, ei lI.J'15K?74rr2 Q N! C5smfiQI2ACLE1QfZ Q i'm3"ii7Q'Z'?? History of Class of 92.9 In September, 1925, the Senior class of today matriculated in Ind- iana Central College with determination to grow in wisdom and knowl- edge of truth. For four years they labored and cooperated together for themselves and their Alma Mater. In the Freshman year they organized and at the beginning of the Sophomore year John Thompson, who was also elected president each successive year, guided the class to its destination. It did not take long for them to establish a name for themselves, for not long can genius be suppressed and each year they were well rep- resented in the field of athletics, scholastic work, and all other branches of college activities. During the Sophomore year they chose blue and gold sweaters as a class distinction. The Senior year proved to be the best of all with its calendar of events, among the most enjoyable the reception given them by the Juniors. Again originality and creative force came to surface when both fellows and girls chose Senior cords as their last college distinction. Perha s no other class has en'o ed class arties as has the class of ,29. X P J Y P lt Their four years here have taught them much. Now they go out li to live and to share the ideals and good things they have learned from their Alma Mater. Q So ends the happy story of the Class of Blue and Gold, the famous X class of ,29. X it were A' li, li Hiflv if Hof, fbi' nzzzxic' of fby .m1fI-- Dem' xynllbafby e.x'AlJ1'esxc'il wifb feimlly Voice -- X Bzzf lvf if lilac a shining riwr roll -- fo lI1US4'l'fS ilzjy-To laearfs fbaf zvozzlrl rejoice. Oli let fl 'N fbi' Syuzpbony of kimlly zi'0ru'x sozzml for fbi' poor, ibn' frivmlless aml fbv weak, and H0 Y ulll lvlvsx yon. Hi' zulu: Xffllfk flu' rlm1'ilx-- will xfrikr t1Il0fl7Fl' ZL'lJOIl in fIll'l7 you svelz.. , iq li if .i l Nl ill' W -gg li W S33 'Shi ll? -30- RIL -' lla 'lillf ld T lg -Q' GHZ-'T 3 iv E T 5 N df, 1 f 7-f. ' 'fs vw A' H: 'fp 715 W? IF, ,B fi Mari-are Q Sf M a as I X - jf or , .1 an . li aa T' .fail li- 1 VG 2 I - A015 ai fa fy sf' '23 f G-QW: ,ca T 41? if G1 QI 1' V' I 'l- 1 ,Q 22 ' fifty- F-xx E xfxyc x I 5 C-'xii-1 Va.....hJ , Q"-lixf' 'W' 0" wi-V XGA 1 Nfl- J, X 7 XX fl at T ' fffwl w fl 'T fa- fr -112- fi 'l v,- A ' A Q ',1l. '-f '97 greg? l -4 T E3 'T' L f,Z,7-gl, MM fygffw pw! A75 i X ' i . f'f' 'x adm' jfffn-fveffg ff ,,.f'1!f fl Q X ' I df.,--,Z 4 J W7 J f Y if pf . A-,CXL4 if-ffffffi' 'll ill A J V 'I I ff QXC X A , I 4' ' X f ' gk b X y, XX X,- feiyzrffff e 'K f A' f ef 1 lf ul fk l . ,Q f- 5 - 13? ,i i l Y ff fi' f 3 A ly 'll r' I f 77- pi A ' I "lm n 2' 2 2 2 f ,ff ll g ' f , NE W I -Qlunfiiix 1 "vxxw ' N l- Z' illll ' wi- Semm Class COLORS Blue and Gold Morro We Specialize in the Impossible OFFICERS President ,......... ........... J OHN THOMPSON . Vice-President ,.,..,,.,...,.......,,. SHELDON KEY Secretary .............i... ,... P AULINE MCDONALD Treasurer .. .. ...,... PAULINE BARNHIZER ' W' - YI C O Q ...wa-" .tx- DORIS M. ALGER Sociology PAULINE BARNHIZER History 721 East 17th Street Lapel Y V x Q Bgdtord I Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 1211315 Philzllethea 141: Y-NV-C-li Cilbllwl C312 Phllllffhell C11 C31 C31 Dramatic Club 141: Oracle Staff 141. 1413. President 141: Student Volunteer 111 121131141g Dramatic Club 141. 1 PAUL Eb BABBI-I-T English l GEORGIA l. BENSON Home Economies 204 North Elm Street Corydun Dunkirk ll College Choir 121g Glue Club 121: Orchestra ll 121g Home Economics Club 1311415 Thea- Zetagathea 1111211311413 Student Pastor 131 , callosia 141. 1411 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 1313 Basketball 111 121131: Football 121. MABEI- BAILEY Ml-1515 CLARENCE BOOKOUT History 1' 1 MOI1l'UCVillC , 619 XVest Powers Street ' i' Glee Club 1111Z1131141g Orchestra 111: ' Muncie . Tl1C51C3ll05C-1 C411 BUUSWYS C413 HON? ECOHOUY' l President Residence Hall 1313 College Book- .2 ics Club 1311413 Music Club 1311411 College kgeper 111121131141- Cl'1oir121131. l F41 PAUL L BAILEY Ht Y ll 'li ' ' mmm 13 HISRMAN BORCHERS History Churubusco ll 1 1325 Lawrence Avenue N Basketball 1111211311415 Baseball 111121 Indiimlpolis 1311411 Tennis 121131141. Zetagathea 131141. X X 1 . , i1 " 1 ll l 11 BESS M. BALLARD Biology . 413 North 13th Street ART BRIGHT HA N Xl East St. Louis, Ill. lswfv Theacallosia 1211311-11, President 1411 Y. W. Elnom N X - C. A. Cabinet 141: Debating 141g Oracle Basketball 1111211311415 Baseball 111121 My K1 A Staff 141. ll 1311411 Football 121131141q Track 111. 1.1 A D111 at "1 71 l 1 ' R, fy . 'A xg f t 1 1 11 B mtv A fa. A A - 11, 1 1 2,1 1 5111 31,3151 5 11 .Q ,552 Q 5 Kg 11 E , X nr1lZ13!F' X, 54,711 jf wages fig-ma-,u r. CX 93 K ,U - 1 .51 5.15 l Jf . K A ,, l- fl 1 we 11 ll Eff g 11C 1'1 gi.. l y I 1- 'L 4 1 FD ' A J W 11522, ,l Qdl l1 ix '.. 1, l 1 .f ,ffm . N, 1 Nw, 1 f . fs f A ' 1 1. Eg' X C l 16-QS va.-ff . "9 QW ' 15' 1,1 nillllv' 155- 11311 j1ll:a1""f ew w A 1 f A x 1 A A All it C C we 6 ' f C fl 1 4' B C A - " lil , ft ll! ' VX ' l l l f L37 'S T5 ' .4 . 1 -4 Ni' 029 t 44'-ffl, . -y y r gzmmmgm y sfsesf e-iQe5Qo 9 -.. Hct...-. ' DONALD CARMONY History' ix OMER W. EASTRIDGE English Shelbyville Marengo Zetagathea Q33 Q43g World Relations Club, l Baseball Q13 Q23 Q33 Q43g Football Q43g Track President Q43g Oracle Staff Q43. Q23 Q53 Q-43g Zetagathea Q33 Q43, President Q43. , W fu Q. H. ELLIS History K 5 xi Bremen FLUY CARVER W b h History Philomusea Q13 Q23 Q33 Q-43, President Q43g ,V 3 as 3 Track Q23Q33g Tennis Q23g Debating Q13 Q23 , TN Theacallosia Q43g Glee Club Q13 Q23 Q33 Q43q Q33 Q43g Drmatic Club Q33. 3 Orchestra Q13Q23Q33. ' -'D ,X J. ROBERT ESHLENIAN Piano f A 1 Cumpbellstown, Ohio X KL' .Q Glee Club Accompanist Q23 Q43g Y. M. C. A. " VTX MIGNON CHRISTY Musik ' Cabinet QZ3g Zetagathea Q13 Q23 Q33g Dramatic X 4034 Bo Ave Wman . Due Club Q43g Press Club Q23g College Choir 7 fi Indianapolis Q Accompanist Q43. K 3 Y. WV. C. A. Cabinet Q23g Glee Club Q33 Q43, ff.. 4 President Q33g Music Club Q33g Home Eco- nomics Club Q53 Q43g Theacallosia Q23 Q33 Q43. ELOISE EVISTON , , Music Y Lmcolnville xx, W gheacalloga Q13 Q23 Q33g Boolslters Q13q Y.hW. gx . A. Ca inet Q23 Q33g Orc estra Q13g C oir Pb, I .L LEILA DUNBAR French CZHSJQ Glee Club 4131234531 May Queen 1 A gi X Liberty 452' 55" 45. 1 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Q23g Debating Q33 Q43g ll fl Phrlrlrrhrr 443. r PAUL c. FAWLEY Hrrrory I Mgr, ll X 503 West Center Street l ffl - lx Vfarsaw n !,f, I',. 'X' lj Zetagathea Q23 Q33 Q43, President Q-135 Boost- ' ll W il I, Q Z M. ELLIS DUNN History ers Q33g Reflector Staff Q53g Press Club Q23 xrlllf tr fl 14 1457 Fletcher Avenue Q33g Tennis Manager Q33g Oracle Staff Q43g . l fl J 'V ' 3 Indianapolis Football Q43. , l i -L3- "1 ,f"" l . if , .r ' 'llff ' ,L :fr-'av -2 4' ' H- My 1 f r ' f M , . - T J M . Q, ? -r -gr .5 3. r , min-f f Mr l xi . r . ,r H ..r I VJ. xv 'KZ 1 ' l K , Yk l J G ,j 6 - 'y H xl 755 A ' A N? if ' X lf? fin ' , L 4 995, f - i rf. ef - E niet 3 - rr at if 3- if f .m 3 . 3 1 "ir ll' ' 'LEW . 9 rf 3' 'L f ' ff 1 1 ,' -V34 -..A ,F --1-L I 3 I N, I Sl- Q -rg H l -. ,,,,:-5, -..L 1f...J-'w-B654-QS Q ii5DACLE 1912 1 W.: 5 A,A,k N55 1 :S is lx il W4 5 , g f' C ff XL- 1 1 1411.4 I Z- -'Q-"SY HILDA M. GATXVOOD Music Albion Theacallosia 125135145, President 145: Glee Club 115125135145: Orchestra 125135: Boosters 135: College Choir 135145: Music Club 135: Oracle Staff 14 5: Press Club 1 3 5. HARRIET GILLINGHAM History 1401 Clark Street Janesville, Wisconsin Y.W'.C.A. Cabinet 135 14 5, Presiilent 14 5: Theacallosia 11512 5 135145. RALPH C. HAYTER Journalism Bloomington, Illinois Press Club 12 5 135145: Reflector Staff 13 5 145: Band 115125: Oracle Staff 145. MARY HIATT English Portland Theacallosia 1 5 5 145: President New Hall 145: Oracle Staff 145: Press Club 145. MARGARET LIVELY HONWE Home Economics 763 Rice Street W'oodriver, Illinois Theacallosia 145: Home Econom ics Club 135 145, President 145. WWW 4333 .lyme ' FLOYD HUFFMAN Physics 402 South High Street Hartford City .. Debating 145. l l 1 11 KENNETH HUMBERT HISTOFJ' 707 South Main Street 1 Kokomo 5 Student Pastor 145: Band 12 5 135: Orchestra 135: Zetagathea 135145: Basketball 135145: N Baseball 135 145. l ii 1 PHYLLIS JOHNSON History 11 394 West Maple Street 5 Canton, Illinois Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 12 5: Philalethea 115125 13514 5, President 14 5: Dramatic Club 14 5: Glee Club 145. DOROTHY JENSEN Music Fishers Public School Music: Theacallosia 13 5: Or- chestra 13 5: Choir 135: Girls' Glee Club Qi AMZA A. KEY Journalism Plainville Zetagathea 12 5 13 5: Press Club 125135: Re- . Ilector Staff: Editor 135. -:4- me ,1- 'v 2 S65 15559 it ' we 9-v QP bf.. . Q15 , aff EV , - sf? 5 , P", I X . r Y-l J 4 In ,:.,' 1 of f- .fe . 52.1 1: 5 is 5 ge . if W . . 5455 wise . 3 I 1 A I C44 1:31111 mx v-grin ls t W, Wiser? 6113! J 5 : ' XP , , 11 Ji Z: 11 - .. QW My -X ,E . A , .A 5 A. . - oQmiQo 9 l SHELDCN A. KEY Joiiiiiaiisiii 1 v1oLA MCCUNE Hiiiiiiy Plainville xl 1113 Kansas and Div., Debating Q2 l i3 l L4 lg Press Club lnll Q3 l l DOWNS, K-U15-15 HJ: Reflector SMH UP l'lli lldlwf K+ li i time University gil cozy: Gould College is i. Student Track Manager Q4 lg Zetagnthca Q2l F l3ll4l,Presiclcnt K-Ll. KQV RAYMOND KIRK ivnthtimiics H PAUUNE MCDONAF1 French A Darlington . In on ," Zetagathea Q1 l 42 l l3l 1-il: Orchestra l Tlwwllosil l'l li Glef Club l'l li Dr-'matic I VU. N Club lg-Xl. frx A . Y HA X EARL LEMME Physics T "1 811 North Oak Street AUGUSTA MCINTYRE Home Economics X Bloomington, Illinois W St. Paul Football C1 l C12 l f3l, Captain Url: Zetilgath- Pllilalethea Q2 l 13 l K4 lg Home Economics f 1 TX ea KllKk2ll5lQ4lgGlee Club l1lK4lgY.M. 1 Club f5H4i'prCSidCm 135. V' C.A. Cabinet C2 l 1 3 l 3 Boosters lx! lg Band X ' Ll lg Class President l 1 l. ' If NH x N it X, A N - Y GLADYS LIVELY English X CLRALD MlDDLEg2HtOWn English X-X f 713 North 15th Street " 'U i ' .A East St. Louis. Illinois Wj Ball Teachers College 11 l 12 l 3 Glee Club ji, 'V . y . Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet 12 l 13 l: Tlmeacallosizi 43 l 4494 Quanetle 4394412 Zemgathea U9 lil f l ll i K1 3 Q2 3 45,14 5 , president 135. press Club 14 lg College Choir l 3 l K4 l 3 Press Club lx-1 l g W L. L If .xi 1. mimi Debating coil. Reflector Sfnfi U71 BOOWS 44 l- ,iii il li ffl i - i A ' , ix A i . ,Q ' GEORGE H. MCAHREN Pliilosoplay 'l li Xvfix l Manilla l WALLACE MINER m.iiiiciiiiiiics 'hjifiilillf l Zetagatbea lllll l l Sl K4 lg Y. M. C. A. Cab' X I-3k'3f0n l , ' 'f R ll inet ls-ll! Tennis Manager Q4 l. I Pliilomusea ll l I 1 l l 5 l l-4 l. . ll i 2 il 1, -25- l 1 il V . ff A VV X ., Ji lllln ll jg Tl :" 1 'fi 4 f' . ri ' A f 'A f f A fm xv il l .7 X' . Q !--- At . 7 Af XY fl ' l Q ' if i ill f lg. L y -al 6 fl A ffm A fb A i we f X443 -..f e in . ii fi ts '31 'Zig EN QW, ww it .1 f N .A 'et .. . fif .A 'W ' 4 e ,i -- A gi" ' l 5Q.5'.diQffm3g:ffA 'Ll A' i r 3 l I ff i ef A ' , I ' , ,awul "'. Q f 1 L ly!! 'iv ,2+w 1 - f F-x 1 '-af, fl Il,li'X.--A.:f- l . ' - ' K ' .f"-T .ffl I ,J ' Y bb .ffl bfi I ez fill , 1 - i A . - .1 ,gag Zia L . I H, g C x il 5 i, ' I I F, Jw A W i . Yl '14 W CQELQJQQDACLE IQCZ n ,C , J ,1 5 xg ' . ,M x, ' 1 X . J X H YB. ,N J if - , K x 2 in x. tg P l 5 4 1 vl 1 ,- Y l' ' l ,Vi Y v 5 W. Hl J P x W- , . ff Q. .. C Y l I A l4lfPHAR'I' NALL liifflwav Hlaiisci-in 12. SCHOLL Chemiirry 9 C Q 4 123 Snurli Pleasant SrreeL DiX0H, llllH0iS PUl'flll14l Zetagacliea C2 l 13 l 1,4 l 3 Football l-4 l g Boon- X. J X if Zeragallmea i3 l I4 lg Y.M,C.A. Cabinel l l l CFS 14 l: Oracle Sf-iff l-4 l- l ,. ,I l 2 l 1 Claw President I 2 l 1 liuof,rcx's l I l 14 l 1 '1 1,-l L X Orclieslra fllllll-llg Band lllllllil: A 4 A, Glee Club lll ll l K4 l: TenniS Cul l l 5 l 1 Bus- D- L- SCUI-L B'l3lC- PlUl050PllY J V '7- kerball Manager l-I l. C0l'Y1l0'1 X ' , - lf Gawpel Team Ulg Assistant in Pliilosuplmy Q4 l. i i 4 - J . .1 CLOYCII, V. QUAKENBUSH Al.lll!CIYl.lIlCS P' QR A' Orlms xv. IRIZNE ilgIQR2GLEL I S English , i x it , L :ist ' X X ?4Cl.lg.lIl'lC.l 15 l lel l : Dramatic Club I 4 l 3 Dunlixiil nut jf , N Q, XX .A k . - X NL lil Dramatic Club ll l 3 Student Volunteer ll l K E 1 xg 1 3 l 1-ll, President K3 l f4l 3 Plailalethea l 1 l j -- - ji Q JOSEPH MI RAGAINS Lum ill 5 l l4l, President Q-ll , Aasistant to Dean jx , X X X X Imlianapolis A v- X - Band lllllllill-ll:Orel1eQtra llll2ll3l ,l R Y ' ,f ll 1451 cam club l1lC2ll4l. ELMER SMITH English ,Q ' f f f ,Nl l Hartsville . V' ll Fourball film wg sfuamf Pasmr l1lllll3l l Q ' I ' AVYCF RICHARD Public Qpeaking l-ll: Residence Hall President l-ll. Qi . vw f X' 11 Snurla Wlmlcv 'X j i. I ll Dramatic Club l 1 l lll li l fi-ll: Debating . . . 'X V fu l 13 l: Philaletliea ll l ll l l 5 l l-4 li Glee Club LORIN S' STHXE E M . 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Cabinet fziqimoil, il 5 il li l fllresident Q4lg Class President Q2 l Q3 l Q4 l g Q . , ijracle Staff, Business Manager Q4 l. l r ' I W wx Q , . S X , -V -,X 5 y L . J in N 'Q 1 -N 4 , Jlrmiis A. XVEBER Botany ' X Huntington 1 ,, l-- Qebating C1 ,li Y.M.C.A. Cabinet Q2 l lf' ' 'X " 3 . tx Q4lg Y.M.C.A. Vice-President Q-tl: Re- ' x , Q x N N . .i fleLctor Staff Q2lg Press Club Q2lg Philomusea , . I Q'llQ2lQ5lQ4dl, President Q-llg Oracle Stal? il ' i ev I gin' fl RANALD M. XVOLFE 251 North Williams Street Philosophy Dayton, Ohio Philomusea Q 1 l Qll Q3lg Press Club Qllq De- bating Q3 lq Glue Club Q l lg Band, Business W Manager Q2 lg Class President Q2 l 3 Dramatic l Q Club QIlQ2lgY.M.C.A. Cabinet Q1ll2lQ3lg ,V x Students' Ministerial Association, President ' CBJ. A K , 'Ci 3 WILLIAM L. YOUNG Botany Turtle Lake, Wiscoiisin Student Pastor Qll Q4l. YJ CQ' " 1 l K 'wtor Q-llg Botany Assistant Q1lQ2lQ3lQ-llg ? ' X Q P'D5aniatic Club Q4l. Z-N X l Sl K l 'l I ,,.. jd I X I m lvl, . Au I gl. J i l M241 'l A . Q 'Q ' . RALPH E. WOHLFORD Mathematics F 1 , Q P V lf? Orangeville, Illinois 0: , iii P Debating Q4lg Band Q-llg Orchestra Q-tl: ll l lg Y.M.c.A. Cabinet gin. l I 'i I --f- is -N , , - I ,V f 4 ' , gs 5. A . 1- ff- . E M -l I if . 9 V l jill ii 4 Q + O ,fig y Qi Av 1 ' ft Us 5-i i - - Q l l i 'wi , . fwfr in , lf ', . il?-QE , t W 6 I V? fy' , 1 v, n 'V N avg is l CN l Q l I it 'aff if 'L I, f 'l ll : 'l4'5f-'ll'-1' i ., -S 1 -A X V, " fi. FQZ i les Rf--I s Mfellt es Q?-4 +1 ' Ji QZEL , if , , , I fl 5 ? MQODACLE 1Qf2 'w 1 X, VQ?2 As NVE XVERF IN THE BLGINNING TM' 1111'11 1111' 1111x11f111 Ixllll flu' girls 1111' My Wffwn j'11'xf Ibn'-y 001116 10 1'r111vg1', B111' 11 S0011 lL'U1lI'S ojff A1111 zur' 1111 know zvby VVZWII we haw 1111111 fn vollvgv, XV1' 11'1'1'1' f1'1'x1J111c'11 111171 A1111 11'1"1'1' 50111011 l101L'. X u7L',l'F 1111 grozwz up, 1. B111' zur' srnzwf know 110111. ' As WE ARE Now X xx 1 W 5' 1, 1 Q If 1, N1 Jn f . ,Ml 11 ig 12. 1 21332 1-M 35' 1 ' ' 3 K gg 9? ,X 1 1751 E flffqkiw E 1 -1 Q 1 QA '1 1 -1 I 1,93 6'-Qexqljism an Q? 55 K fri' K 1' fi 1 -1 Kjggffj if 111 1,1 , . X 4 1 zum ,-, Lk, IN J' , ,M 1 K,1,Ak : xl. . , I P1 1 1Xg2 1 A N-R ir gui' V11 ' Kelis, aw If 'mf XM A LV 11: 1 1-,W H15-iaN,yf.L-AX I 1 11 M ,Q 47, 1x45 Q ' -1'11 L64 ll 4' ,Y ff fee fyflf' Ntfvfkfi. 5-uffx NIR WX 4+ Q A is -1 J ,ii Xp 'L 745 A,- SMQX TQ L x 5 559 X lg QQQ 3 'gf 27055 ! 5 QE QQ Elm kj 'eff kg? Ewan, Hi ffQm2'71 7f'f'5 , e v.eC-uf,h KKK? 1 I WW N Q f ig. ' f6wM e XX ' ' X " N Il w X x f if fl lf!! Jzumuimf Class COLORS Royal Blue and White MoTTo Not at the top, but climbing. OFFICERS President ....... .,.....A..,.,..,,.,..., E VERETT BISH Vice-President , .... .,., C RAIG BRANDENBURG Secretary ........,. ......,... A , .. ,VIDA LEHMAN Treasurer , .A.. .,.. EUGENE SMITH Junior Oracle Staff C353 c 9 Al MABEI. ASHMORIQ Matlirnmtn. E, CRAIG BRANDENBURG Pliilusolipy Noble City, Illinois I 416 XVest Main Street Philnletlieu C I 5 C2 5 , Paoli Track C15 C25 C355 Zetagathcgi C15 C25 C35g MIIRIIDITH G. BENNER liliiowpliy Pfcss Club 415254392 Martinsville, Illinois I Rd-leiiwr SMH UH: Zctagatlit-.i C25 C351 Orchestra C25 C35. N Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C35: Debating C25. 5 X V 1 I RAYMOND BRENEMAN Zoology C CILCIL E. Bl:RRY Pliilosopliy 1749 Lawrence Street 5 wi5'5lnn35n'n Indianapolis Pliilornusca C25 C35. Basketball C15 C25 C355 - Track C15C25C35, Captain C35g Football C25 C353 xv. EVERETT msn chemistry Zeragarhea 635. 216 N. Adams St., N Marion EMIL NV. COOPER Chemistry X Marion College UM 806 Nnrth East :Street N Zcmgathcn Q25 C372 Bloomington, Illinois c Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C352 R P COPELAXID P141 I X Q Q Q. . . . 1 ii osop iy "'-it 5 Class rremdent Op' 4104 Madison Avcnut I X 55 i Debating C353 Indianapolis X5 Press Club C35. Zcmgathea 43.5 E'-331' i 1 M l ERNEST CORNETET Economics il W il MARGARET BIXLER Home Economits . . V 826 Prairie Street ill l X, Route 4, Box 701 Elkhart l, Indianapolis Philomusca C15 C25 C355 l 5 Quartet C253 ' illi Glee Club C15 Ci A PAUL BIXLER History QQ My sourhpm RAYMOND s. DANIEL Religious Education 'PD Zcragathm C15 Glenville, Minnesota W 2 C , 'F R, -3-if V . WX' 2 fi p ft i C' H21 ' ' C 7? ,W nfs ,fwfss-Lf Q as -. - 3' jx I , i iffy , C ff Q5 fC fn ' I' Q wa 9 w F -si 5 l I f' Ifgf' "2 -' ii ' as C. ' v 2- I 2 I 'A Mtn 5 ,swsrsfn .ts XF ff x I 62,515 X 'W-K, .35.XC.J7AS1""! 1:7 W l'l'6hw ills DEQPLL3-O , is 5- . 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GRQSVENOR Hasmfy L ' Beech Grove Bom-bon 4 'N 'AX Philomusca 425131. PN V PAYE FINDLEY Latin S10 North Seventh Street GLADY5 HANCQQK Lggin ,f Marshall, Illinois G1-Ccnflgld Philllefhea 4151334339 Home Economics Club 41 lg fi P1-555 Club Qll 423 4333 Thellcnllosin QSD. K K-X Reflector Staff UQ: Y Home Economics Club 433 45,3 RUSSELL D. HATFIELD luconomlcs L, X Junior Oracle Staff Ol. hl Plymouth f P l0ITlLlSC.1 Cllflbfil. gx BERNIE FRANKLIN Music 4 XVALTER E. HAUSXVALD Physics J 656 East South Strcct Alexis, Illinois lf? X ,X Frankfort . Band fly Q21 Qlljg it E5 l If N '. Glue Club 4194254354 l Orchestra 4134234594 l!l1 l-,ll 'l J Theaczlllosia QM. ll Glee Club up 42? OJ: H 4 MII , Ili l College Choir 111 429 43 5: 5 v - ll Zetagathen CD5 W . NVILLIAM R. GIRTON Mathematics l, 1 I ll ll 4 2, . . l Qumef 41m cal. .lldlllll . I+ X Indmnapohs l' Dranmtic Club QBJQ lj , ' Zefagnfhefl CU- l Junior Oracle Stuff CBJ. Q r lf- 2 l l -21- l W I l l lf X .fl lf if H "il - f fkfbayn . - if J Ml x 1 .- , . 4, l Jlxl ll f HE P fi. H fm. . w if xl - 1 X ll A A 'l .H f -fl U' A l v - :ll l l ll l l lo . - I Xxclg .' , l lf x , .ll ll - gg fl ll. fm A -l - . . , - . , l ll: 1.45 ll o A -- l Mllll, P .-.. - :Z 'VE'-3 lr , I ' 14- ,L .1 - ' , l l'l 1 - ,l i --- "W-f P . l :SJ lv l ' fl l il alll ' H - - - F:-x bw-x '-gb,-. 'Q,--5- l + f x-jx'-' ll l -fd "Wiz, f- -- ,....,--f-X-f F is ' ' F' gf.-5'm5Kf4z iED Q l: mt LEM HAZIQL HICKS Nlntllcnlatics VIDA D. LEHMAN English Autnn 756 Iiasr XYIJIIILII Street I'llilnletl1e.1 123 13 3. I Nnppclncc Y.XY'.C.A. Cabinet 123 13 3 5 LUCILLE HoRNBERGl2l: linglisll 3 PMS Cl-Ib 1531 x 1 'J Vermillinn, Illlnnix Phllalulull lk, li I' I"'i""ffhf-' Wlzlm- OLIVE L. LINE lin--lalll " Lcxlngl H1 m'Cln' ,IOHNSON zlltlltlgy l Gm Club mb ' XX IIlLII.ll1.lPOIIN P,-C-gg Qlub 1:543- 1 llllltl 1ll12l13lg l 0,-clwstl-A Q17 125131: ,I MARTHA MCCOY Iilllulisll Pllglgmugm 13,5 I I7rccI.lndvlllc ' I'llilalttlle.l 1131231333 il. ARTHUR loxlfs liinlllgy Dvbifmf 133: 1 W Car ina Mlsquc 1333 MII Soluh Bunn guilt I Home Economics Club 123. Iiloolrllllgtun, Illlnols ,1 ll, BNI'-ll' IWW ll LOUIS MARTENS Biolngy X I 'M'C'A' Ctlblw 13 I: Ancllnr, Illinois 1.1 Zcr.lg.lrI1c.l 123133: Zcmguhm 421 CH. X .Iuninr Oracle Staff 133. ' ' I R X Q 1 V A MAE xlE5sl2R Bible W r I-X, I-.VI:l.YN KI. RILLION IXILISIC X lang lu St E --t tncs rcc ?-if CCIITCI' Point Xvlbluh If 1 Cwl'Cl1CSII'.l 1231331 Pllllulctllcn 123133: ll I Phll.1lQthQ.l 133133. 1 ?7fuLI3m Vzflunwvr 133153. Ill X3 rcsl cnt 33. I ll' lisllllsll KUNKEL Music xl XQU1, wfllyncmwn I CLIFFORD PARKER History I ' ' . ' 3 -U ll Pllilalcthcal 1131231331 I 124 XVLSS 121:11 Mun I lil G1-fClb 2 sq UL ,111 111 L LL U Ulf 1 Band mm: wg. W W. College CIIOII' 1-33 Press Club up 321 335: WO. 1 ,I 73 as Student Vnluntccr 113 123133. I Reflector Stall 133. lllllv l L --S2- , K 1 I ' 1433 I 1 A 3 I X. 'I l l 3 L, MN CJ Vl gv 'W - tb-g'g,' K-T, r" - Lia X XL t ffirllzln .X I Q- Q . '- A I I .Q 1 1 W, ,f I vp. I 13,5153 X ij! JA 93,5-1 tp , :M A 11 . J: ,H f N f 1 w42,fIPQ "f- 4l"f ll? I fry KW I D In If 'K ll- li I I ff K ,gr , G . 4 ,Gs uf 1 'M fy, l, ,WL f'5 . . Y Ig' ' 'BH' Cl-ffxl 1 X L Allxcf nf 3 3?-3 , if X Q 4?-. 1 I ' I ' I-ff 551 4' LM ,PW if . 343. ' " VELXWJIL' fl it I , "XV . 1 Q05 I ll I at ill 14, 1' JI ll A if 1 AAR RW Jn! . ,. ggvl . ik I Y-: A ' Q 'GQ A w gi l.-4' A M X I-'l,?s va,--'L 51 N75 p 23,2 ia, S ,L FR 'gi l31':x!l.Vl-t- 3 I fl-iw. f3. ff I ' f, , ffm f I 1 , t w I I l 1 I 1 'QL C I fl I 1 " 1 4 NCL? "i9. L .ff J Q GQXETI-SEQ QE22zfee sZefrc x 'UCCIL C. ESTHER PARSONS 4210 Otterbein Avenue .f,..,v- ,v Biology VERDA RIVIR Home Economics LaFontaine Indianapolis Glee Club Cl1C21: Thmmllosia 411121131 , Home Economics Club C21C311 1 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Cap: Theacallosia C21C31. FLOYD PERKINS Music 100 South Garfield Street HQXVARD E, R055 English Oblong, 1ll1l'l0i5 1407 North Olney Street Band Cl1C21C31. Director C531 Indianapolis ,N Quartet C11C21C31: Q" " Glec Club 4214511 N1 I, f College Choir CU 12,5 JOE SHEWMON jourria Ism Orchestra C11 C21 C31g 1110 Courtland Avenue .f I BOOSWYS' C31- Kokomo Ziff!-N N Press Club C21 C311 l,,,.x MARY ALICE PETTY Zoology il Zefasnfhea CBJ. A ' C Peru Theacnlosin 12,1313 English 1355 X Press Club C11 C21. xl 814 Monroe Street I Y l Elkhart MRS. PAYE PIERCE Bible Qumefte Wi F FX College Choir C21 C315 xx! Portland Glce Club C21 C31. ff Q Taylor University C11 C21. w N MELBA SIMS Home Economies N-A KATHRYN PURCELL Music 407 East Armstrong Street Z-N .. Carlisle Frankfort Vw 3 Philnlethea C21C31: Tlieneallosia C11 C21 C515 'C i' It LX Glcc Club C21C31. Home Economics Club C31. If W l'lI C Wi 'I GLADYS RICE History 1 EUGENE SMITH Physics 15 1 W , IC 502 Highland Avenue Marshall, Illinois 'n 'X I1 Cmwfordsville ' philomusea C11 C21 C31g ,':F,1i '1 1 I, ,V mee anus C114 1 Press Club c1Ic2um4 11 5,117 ' Q C Tlmacnllosin C11 C21 C311 Reflector Staff C312 J ' ,N l C ' l Y. W. C. A. Cabinet up. M Dmmic Club CJD- I 1 170. x M33- X 'I a , V' ' -A 1 . 1 JCPBDCC 5 , f-'gg C 'XI' 'xl ir I M 'U flu f t" K 7 G. V - I - D1 r' " Ir! l fo- C 6 ir? XXQ w. 1 1 X N 1, 1 ,. ,, , gd ,. C I1 1, ,Z fir ,I C le '1 1 EC I Q, ' Q ' 1 lf, C , I I yi -9' ' ' , -- ,,' , N , 1333 1 , VZ z, 1 -MA, . lf jig, ,m -- jf 1' It , ' 9 . rl' if - Q4 I 'L Q1 I C " A, an-ff llwsif ffm,-f - f'?J"'lf f C 7-'L-PSN I l 243 1 'Q -f-'ESTX' ' . ,Q A ., SEQ? ORACLE 19629 i"1"i9 ILATHRYN SMITH Music EARL XVI-HTECOTTQN History 410 XVe:2t Oak Street 1118 East Beardsley Avenue Butler 1 Elkhart i-l4l1C11CIlllOSl.1 121 1515 Y.NV.C.A. Cabinet 1515 Phllomusm QU KM' Clue Club 1111215 College Choir 121. 11 11 CLYDE XVILLIAMS Music LAVONNE THOMPSON Music 400 F11Sf1j1C91i11d SUM 4114 Bowman Avenue l A0 1 I d. I 1.1 Band 1111211313 Orchestra 121 1311, Boosters n 'a'1'1P0'b 1 131: Glue Club 111131. Philnlerlien 1111211711: Orchestra 1111211313 1 1 Cvlee' Club 111121131g Debating 131g College 1 ALBERTA XVILSON Latin 11 Choir 111111131. 1 Furtvmc , 1 1 - . ' FRANCELLA TOHILL English 1 1h'lJl'tlm ul' 11 KV 1 s 106 'Nort a nut. trreet OSCAR WIILSCN Physics Villa Grove, Illinois , , 1 XVab11sh Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet 131: 1 B, ,b 11 , Z, , 1, 3 1 Pliilnlcilm 1l1121131. im 'I CU' msmm C' J' X' A Z E FRANCE XVILS UN E 'l'1 X 1 EVA TRAYLOR English O Ngo F fw St t '15 '51 , J 1.15 nyne ree X Petersburg 1 South Bend X . Glee Club 121131, President 131: Theacnllo- 1 T11mC3111151l1 1111311311 Y,wf,C.A- Qwinet 11 SU121131. 11 121: Glee Club111121. 1 1 i '1 RUBY KEZIA VELANDER Home Economies 1 ALYCE NVINCHELL English l 1 Vermillion, Illinois Roanoke, Louisiana 1 1 Emory University, Georgia, 1111 Cvlee Club PV955 Club 1111391551 Glree Club 1171 Phil' 1 121131: Drlmatie Club 1211311 Boosters 21111021 1111211312 Dflmllflc Club 131' 131:Orchestr1121131. l 1 URYTH IVIARGARET WINCHELL English , XVILLIAM P. WATKINS Philosophy 1 -1127 Offefbvin Menus . 301 South 22nd. Street 1 lnclmnapolls 4 1 H1 Mt- Vernon Illinois 11 Press Club 1111311311 Reflector Stciiat V121 1X C . ' 11 1515 Dramatic Club 151: Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet N f QD Zetagrithea 1211315 Track 111121. l' 1311 Philfilethea 111121131. 547' A 51, 'M 1 1 , N 1 L 7 11 1 .. Q. ' 5 1611 Q10 r'P1f" Xl 1 A 114 . pg 1 5 .-11 41, ,cg ,311 X! 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',,.:f5l,v ,.,f . , u., , .1 , ,,' ,oy-M, 3' dz A . 4-15.49 .lmii1'Asi4m.L4 haiiziv' " 1 ' ,if--2: f , .av-5.1 -L , . '-.- ' w,, ' 'X f'41fqf.g. A. ,1-..'1", 1 Fifa 't livqfa' f .,, ,.. ,,.,, 3 .., .- -, ' 1 .'- ,v I ' -A ,-'r'.J ..5.A-",.LMl,g W, " 0 1 , ' ' . Q , V r -, 2-59, wuQ..'5',,-,ff V :Sh 3, -, - X ,- . 4, 5554 f fu wi , , , , kx . ,Q ,VA ,,- . g.- 4 , X , --'-MM-,-",, 145. ,. If ' "1':.N' "" 1 " A g Q 1 'A NA' L. , I I . 1 o Qs9ZroSyf :Dt ' i i J e V 3 'x J vffff 1 W 3 N xl X , ' ii dj! i 1 Y R F5 1 ' N- 1 i , xp' t, if his img 1 i Not enough praise can be given I 13 those who keep up the spirit of the 0 Q ' pf Greyhounds. To our Conch, H. C. ix Y I if Q L ' Ai 5 Good, to our yell-leaders, Stine, Achor X ' 1 Rv!! QB 'i F-'15 , 55 and Ramsey, to you the crowd who A H Q. .I 1 N lx . i " X ' Viz 'L i Q, iff? has rooted, and to our Booster Club w ,AN ji, 'fx Q 1 A .5 Q, ii' who have worked to provide sweaters X pf I ' I i ,X h r i for the letter men, we dedicate this X i T , S32-5' tai 7 , :fa A . 3' gp pf" 'ggi Page. 3 XC-J ex 5 WN EW SHEF?Q?33k A i V NX '-,affix f N X, i scifi XXX 'X XA X 5 Y X 1 i ' fp fi 4 iw '1 lin X 4 Fe Q ' ff f at i'1 ul N if ii if A X X I , q ,A --- H , j 4 A Xl M1 P -J? 2 'gf I ks I V5 1 X it ' lfwjx 94' , 41 fx Fm X fm "W iii "liao U' " Pfw - i ESX 'N X, 1 ,f'liH' 322 2 , 4 , .. , , . , ,, 5 . ,, My 1 i p ,Q or it 17,54-,tfxp 5, K 0 Syd W K ef q f JE, W L V 4 etvffi i , w fi- .e i f -IQ CH KV ifflfi tW.Af,,- Fwd' Wit mxife fi f-iJ4i'f t 'll ,iz fwid 'mil A ' 'ii it s' X fetfef-fgfetvfw fate to I ' U. Sznitlr A. Brigfvl D. Vumu' P. Bailey SPECIAL RECOGNITION To Oscar Smith, Track Captain, an outstanding athlete, noted high and broad jumper of the State, who placed fourth in all ,round championship events at the Illinois Relay, and took second in State Football scoring honors. Some of his medals are shown below. To David Vance. Football Captain, chosen on the Indianapolis Star's All-State Team. His trophy is shown below. To Arthur Bright, Baseball Captain, and Paul Bailey, Basketball Captain, deciding factors in the success of their teams. To Harold Sackmire, who was awarded a "C" too late in the season to have his picture with the Baslgetball Letter men. To the Senior Managers for their untiring effort, in conditioning players, arranging trips and games. and in caring for equipment. Those receiving Managers' Letters are . Herschel Scholl, footballg Kephart Nall, basketball: Kenneth Jensen. baseballg Paul Fawley. tennis. B li Q W I Q I .:.. ,- ' ,,, r W 1 1 ., - 61 P ,,. at .,.,l l ll , lllfx, l Tr' 75 I, 7 f-:if Q l 'W 'UQ 567 fn'-alvgil E51 ri T55 fb rf 53 lltgifirf ma' , ae y Y gs 22 , EQ N fs, 6 5 All l sl am ff X ll W r at ,Mfg 3 riff Fai et l l eff?-at lv Il gi l-LL? l L W H , wr 0462? I-K Ml ly' NIXQQ, . I ini x ix ell 'I V' ' if l qi V i ..f-fm I l lL::3"f-N S' pl Milly' sftwxv fix: J f . l ligk lilyf ' iq , ll 'fig 6 sf-, I X Q.. I . W 1... at . gi fl! C f" f E A ' it il .Al illrff X X' ff se q . o -D" I I yf fa 9' ' l 4 C E' in L ge:-fl, 'vi f ' f NWN fa? 973 X allergy 1 m+ m f ' www? AMW 4 ,,,4,f - ' uf TM .U ,wwf Lf-MZ 7 . I Il l1llIIll g2N,,'?,2 W-fvfvff-fir f A fwffffzifg 'ff"72'mf'f UWM W. nf . 1 I - , -4, X 'm ' w lfr' J ,-.,.xqlf75f -TV tfjff' 62'-,fg,,.,h,! ci ,,,,. - ,,.,' ,, Q f . ' ld 1,7 az. A f ' f!fSQY, -v"f -P"f"'f'f'f C11,7'fL ff", , ' VX- .-"XV . 8 I , J, . '74,.f-HV ' , Aff 57? """745"'9" dfflfs-'ifffff ul-fff, L fX"'2""'ff""'?7f2"7'f '7""'z""""'7"5"'T"5f"'U WZ " W 7 7'72""4?fT' Mgwfgfff? '1E,'2f',2"'2P"N'T""'hf"'f'?'7. ,f 2""'V 'Wir fz2w"t2ffff'fr7 . W' 'QQWWW4 Q-yfvxn-Mfrfmfw-MW? -796 "SG .f5'm56zr 5smQDACLE 1999 Xu xx l 5D 4',, f5.s:,:,.i.i:2El:: X, 21255513-:f1..31i 15523.15 E.'...Ag,.- af 3,5 F15-1. '- 41,51 wsiv . "" :If ililir-532 "fir-,:.' 55:3 :pf J a. -is --755554: . 23' " " MF' Yfzlfiirf-fi? - s . 9 s o it a a 5. , -C ,.,A, :. A A N ., . :-, , J 2: - 5 55,25':.:z-Q.-1:51-cm. ..,.,.. , ,,- .2s'23i31: ff'.-Q'3l:1se1 ' N 5- ., 155255. .,,, N---' --s-.ass-' 0 1:-5.x we E It .1:-,:,:,1:j1f,:,msgigY,:,:Ag .-..- V - .?:..,:.-:,:1E51. ,:'-: f . : - : f '? - ' ' .I-I ,Q - r K, at - , , ,-,,:.-. , , . . A 'VQQ n-Anil . A .fi-1 . 5 2 7 ai. N -.3 Z at 'X 2 gk . , r X ,,A ,.4 u., ww'--bm, . 14. - R..-S 15 ' -1 1 ..-.'., f X ' ' ea V K : - - Q- - - :Z ,X x Q ,. sg 1: fix Q ., af-..t..a2:sf -Ifeff , -' gssgsaag 525555 ESV 4'5" -V -: .if-W .1eS,gff222. I 'F - .mars fr. -f, x 19.5. .::f' '..t5.2, ' -N ' at T Eff 2:51-' ff'f!f:'!Q: - Til- ' . . -,., 5 - "WX -. X' I-,VE 5' ' ' 'fig sl - at ix- sa- if ,fi r 4- V Y M ,.,., QQQ. i , ..., . Ei Q N H ..,., .N ,A.,1 L, g Cizlmlirz Smiflw Glnsybzzrzz Br'r1l1Jr'11bH1'g York King lIIXl'Vf1SfLI Fling flu' 7IliIL'.iBl1fIl'l' The 1928 season Indiana Central was represented by a track team consisting of freshmen and sophomores. Facing a strong schedule the team made a remarkable show- ing. The team was led by Cscar Smith, a sophomore, who was the high point man of the team and who was also ranked among the leading scorers of the state. The team was seriously handicapped by the lack of an athletic field and so all the meets were held on foreign fields. Although the team failed to capture a meet they established a reputation combined with the ability of the freshmen and sophomores that promises a bright future for the Greyhound thinlies. Smith, Glassburn, and Crafton were entered in the Illinois Relays in March. Smith was the only Greyhound who placed. He took fifth place in the all around championship events, scoring 4699 points in this event. Bl'L'lIIll.'IIIl171 TZ7l'0Zl'fIl.Z iI'ixr'11.r. I i l .M 5 .GD mm- .7 Wi' M A f-7X df fw ivrfhlggjflx l W if if N5 S Q W- 3555 9 wgill at ffl- at . . it Q r ML - p t K P L -fx :at-2,1 fi V Hg ,T ,- Y Q! wi ' Us " f . 9 get Qlgle m.Q2Eg 1 , 5 l if l X f if wwf 11 " .X ff W . l My l . l sl ve t 9 t f Wa . N iw s gal. as as C X53 .6431 . 4' ll 6,1 4 .ff ff N. We fr M X A Riser rf 'rll' F' 9 ff ' f ff , it e fqh fi , li ff fe- ll- effffr like r. 2445156551-3 C N fe WVAWDQ not 'e W01' qzaf SZQJ Q Q. QDA E 1999 !' 5, 2:4 i9 Z6 me . l 'f ' .Q '4 2' .fs 1,,A , V QAWA' 5 A Ii i ' ., '-., S ' gl I .A:, xlt, , ' -fgggcpzq-,.1ft , .... . .N . 1' l . ,filing erik?" .ffl fi .fs ...4,x. I' Q PI. ' 11 ' K wr a . it l e i ., ""'f'Q Q ' Y' M, , 51 .1,' I ,WQV I 1' 'I 1 , t A -A.: Brcum man Eilsfriilgi' Cmflwz Whifum Riilur Ill'-t'l'f -- King !ilIIXZ7l'.i ilu, milf. The Greyhounds opened the season with Rose Poly at Terre Haute. The Engineers after a hard scrap took the meet, 70 to 61. The meet was held in the face of a strong driving wind and snow that made good records almost impossible. Smith was the sen- , tn sation of the meet. He captured firsts in the 100- and 220-yard dashes, high jump, KS' broad jump, and second in the pole vault for a total of 23 points and scoring high honors. In a triangular meet with State Normal and Butler, Central was nosed out, SILQ to Vw SOM by Butler, while State Normal garnered 24M points. Smith accounted for IZFL, ,N points and individual honors of the afternoon. He was entered in five events, placing in fx x each. King annexed the mile run. In the field events Brenncman captured the discus f A throw, while Rider won the javelin toss. X .Swfflr -Q OHV flu' lofi. ff? CL! R if . 'X-X '- Q - ' 1 ' ls f , 'Wi ' ,"' ,ffj !-,, I VVVV V VVVV S 'M' 'ff' AM X . 1: vi a l N' X ' X. ll , , I 1, , N f I . l lid' ll ml: l J . i E I wg nog. fi i f j i , f , ' l. if -all f I - g li 9 2 X ' f f I i W A 2 rl -Y, - '-,Hgh 1 . el- cj , I 4' 7' 2 f J. Q fl . It ' -- ,ff I F I 5 iff- - , M A ,. 0 . N gm X, X, A 1 it emi WU . . t xl q. f, 'B ,4.1 qv, X , ,,, I aan NEW ' ii- Dx l A Is 1 rj H ll gli' -All ef fl to fe f gee e l eta i me g or at ff. 1 f X - . 0 I , ' . WT . -. W :' ,,. f ,V 1 .1, 0 5 X 1 Q is ' 'X' f' l ig ?jc- s X , ,lf It I 'fx' . I7 Q N7 MQQACLE 1QQ9 i cf .nh Qvvmvgfff V ,K up .Y ,X WF. w I 5- l, It x S4 Y 1 2 ' 'A 3 .tj as f . if 'i I X. t, I iv X .L ' N n A t 'i vt v 9 if 4 vt V' ' :I , I j Tap Roux Brmirzmmzn, W7L'l7l'7', Dfmmary, L. Bailey, I.. Srfwll, Ql1LlflQL'1IbIISl7, Euxlrhfgv. I X4 Svromf Rout Glzzxxlfnrn, King, Bl'anJm1lmr'g, Vinljmmlo, York, Chiffon, Sibrrl. Q . . . N, In the second triangular meet with Earlham and Franklin the Quakers swamped Cen- ,, 85 to 43 and Franklin failed to make a point. The feature of the day came when , 4 ,Henwood of Earlham nosed out Glassburn in the two mile event. Smith again was the findividual star of the day, scoring firsts in the 100-yard dash, high jump, and broad 'lm . . . . . ' 5 jump, and Winning two thirds for a total of 17 points. hi' Qi In the Hoosier Relays the Greyhounds fared far better than in any other meet of the "l, season. Earlham was first with 68 points while Central trailed close with 61 points. 1.Central took two firsts. Smith took the broad jump and Rider the javelin throw. ' I N The second places went to King in the mile, Glassburn in the two mile, and Brennernan X X l, in the discus throw. Q X X DePauw easily won the Little State meet, with Earlham second, and Indiana Central I-Za third. Smith of Central and Ramsey of DePauw tied for second in individual honors with . NN two iirsts each. Smith won Hrsts in the high jump and broad jump. Rider took a first U in the javelin. Brenneman, Glassburn, and King also placed in their events. l j l ll I Smith was the only Central athlete to place in the Big State, taking the high jump l f, 4 with a leap of S feet 11M inches. He took first in the broad jump clearing 22 feet 6'G l l 1 inches, but lacked a half inch of equaling the Big State record which is 22 feet 7 inches. 1 ll rl lr j X In the National meet held at Chicago, Smith tied for seventh place in the broad jump. W leaping 23 feet LQ inch. This was the best that he had ever done. I-Ie competed against lk' 1 af SD the Olympic stars, Bob King and Fred I-Iamn. Qlmlhl li F- ' . 5, -4s- 390.5 dm A 1' 3 ,V ,IL t,1 AI F ' 4 lllfyff a. 'iliigliift Q 3 aa ' . as -Q e ,is Is? it I 2 f f a or wif as f if M Q FT BQ it 5 l X X ff! 1 ,fd F N .A I , W jp? if XA NL Af' 1A,t5i5,N ,, f. . V af also ll A AI ff S fda f' - lc' I l ff- i x j A I ii - f ri. Z 'SBA 'uw' X ZNIQQVLL X xl BWI' xixgx X llij'5L ix L . I x I R' I,ig ffl C , f' . mcg .- ' seaa fy 'W' ,fi I ' f ffl 4' ff' an C 22 I .f j I aff? ff W j X Q A A j d C 5' ' Vw Q- J ' I 45 E3 C' I 'E M X064 Jam- . , !,:L0f'U" A ' Www Afoj -L If '7' ' ,4fw' xi' I uf ,ff-ix fi 'J '11, J . .V tv ,ff-L - - X it fhrn V' adv- 1 X,,, 75 A K 1 TL jj 1? M A fwfll f r , 4 , ,Wd ' , f 455 af la ' ' TMJ . ,am J Q ,gfiffi 2,4 J' W f gX A 'E' Qijffif-wpw.L F g !'6'Z'L'5fQ Jjvlf f 1-,WQLQJ " 'fl I 0 M, W, -f ML , w wgfullllllu 511' if V ' ' ' Q-rwlljgfckkh--fQ.v !L7Qk"Q-A fbffw-DL, lx Z J U D 2A.c,, 1 M, Mi Qfw, Ko., fQfM Mf- JM f 1fWfWi22M if Wwzpftiq M ,ff x xx- vvuz, 'x Q-N-JC K Vu. MJVHV 6 ' 1 vp, ,L LM Af ' !iZJJv7 J' Jk1J!Mf4J4fli! -179, MQ JIZVMM 'Fwd K ff - mZlJ KA 55- M' wt, fx,-. WLMQJ with ,Alf ' V,-L4 K ' If f 'fwvvzfkf g QJXNJ' Q ' Wvb 4jAMV ck A M , in W ' ' ipuk JYZYVWVJ T f4"W' ffwu f V, - f ' WZVLV, fj, .9 OWWJ B ow., J' fpfnw Z3 KVM-V' "4 fx.-Sxxfzdvw 7 Ljfyzxtfgr wwfvC7,v-A-fJ fgfimf.. 5 -f-'HW ' f ' ' Q A 3 K" W' ' C c c - EERLXU 0 Qg QDACLE IQQ Q .5 1:1 L g L " K - '- ' ' 7 Luk fy,u.l4..4, : . . .Q V - , s X y 14, my g ,,..,'.1,.C7.s,lQfi.i+fi ff" 13-iff! fi. I-411,144 'MQ' 64 'ff' 71" A-my 1. ,fv vxllfwl 1 , 3 ,tt , it tt ,-L! vf . i I I Q . p-.Aff ILVW4., II4 kg, I ,44 Iva- .,:,. . , gg 1 , Q i L '7 L' 2 ' "2 wifi , -2:. if till-Q A Z ii ,,-'.-.v 5 f I U E L . A, -4-. 4 n 0 A . if . ' fi fs - 1. ' f n-Q. 1- Q J .A,' in .. '- I , . s p . ,, li. Q! p x KST, as f' 1 1 LE up 1 .f11.1.te. .,.. ,,,. X 1 .,-i V .V 4 X zff . r . f I C- "1 , 1. 2593: ix ,-sf. - 4, Ml -K KN ' -V ,Aki flkgzlffr f 1 .7 1 f-"- .if L. T . iv Q Q, if iyrri 4 V. - A V ' V A' -' ' '1"' 1 4' 1 4 I V 'J 34 ' I. Franklin Mtwrynznn A. Brigbl .' ' .7 Y ' If V 'L -'.""' 975404 'Y' '7 7 Iuxfrf -- Acfimz af first burr. , ' '7. 1 r"'o,+r TL. -L t .7 -A 8-if -,L L., 6.1 .3 424, .Z H-1-fl-f Y J ljf LE., J K The Greyil-fuund baseib-ail teaiii was dnable to reach'is stridewalnd came through the a A 1, .1 Q ml 1928 season with Ll record of four victories out of a twelve game schedule. At times the h ,fb A 'A W team played only mediocre ball and at other times displayed championship form, the , . . . f .best games of the season being turned in against Rose Poly, Manchester, Huntington, rm 1, 1' -: J' . 4- 'V' 'hpd Butler. 4 ML Inv, ,Lg Coach Good started with only Eve regular players. Considering the strong schedule 1 - J , the Greyhounds made remarkable progress and should develop into a championship team ' ,fi f Luna!-f next spring. . fy 'N A ' f, The Greyhounds were off to a bad start and lost their first three home games. L ' , ' ig i . Muncie downed us, 13 to 4 in the first game. N.A.G.U. edged us out two scores, taking ig v ,N 0 .V gf, 1 5 11 to 9 verdict. DePauw handed us our third straight setback, pounding out a 5 to 1 ul X . ' ' t victory over thgbimproving Gre hounds. .1 A if 5'4" 'jk li'-D "web L'WVI ,LA 4-2, -'ac-'wg' iv-4 'IL fihfvb L. P"' Pk' Ni' . 1 -F, I ,LVROYV -- Pilvliiug 11 '1L'i1'u'fl lnlll. ' XX-B 1 ,tmyubql n,+l,an7 is-'vu aL... L V-1.421 Q4 V-.l.A.4J 3 fr-u --1 Mn . ri? ii f l ' V Ll,Y.:.f :ai- 'V ., l 41, .ll 1 A L D 'i ' I :L i -4 f"",7'i' 'I ii wt A it '59 'l I . r ' his iw' A 4' vf J --1.fa,l4v'f-N 150: 5- 'f j.Lv.c' ' f- Lrl-As-s,4x9 QQ? E .X im alll 6 A - g'12ff"1i3 fin flag 4- ic GE: '55 ' ff QL, O ' ia 19- Gy? ' f .MX 1 1 'l3G4'5?iiEE' fl' 'i Y . 'Q if Q 1' 1 T1 ei , ff N X ex M i f U ' ww li Ti? Q l1l'l ifkig.. . " ir ' 1 l- 'Vg i f f ig.: W ' ' QTW7 Ns. 52191 1 N1 is W 1.-r 1, ,f ' ' ,r .4 if pq J V, K. " ,I f . X ' its Y 'EN .K . f 1- .f I x Mft W' 1 g l of 1 ' ev . ji' flffldliiu kg F , he mfff 1 1 1 , g y .A , ,, , fl , .N 7, U X .fe - 'K Qs' if wi v 'y if ll QQ 1 ' fi: X 451 iw- klffzff as -1 '-wm'RX,'- U l f A Q-EeeQo Q ' wifi? f . fig, , I - Q ig. I 1 H V. L i il, Q. ' 4-. r- J Eii,j.,g.g . ',-, 4 -ff W'ilx0r1 Hu Nlllfff jonvx Tfmnzpsou Inter! -- Play Ball! LeRoy and Bailey were in top form and the Greyhounds downed Rose Poly, 4 to 2 at Terre Haute on April 28. Coming out of a batting slump the Greyhounds collected nine hits off the Engineer moundsmen. Both teams made numerous misplays. In the best game of the season the Butler Bulldogs defeated the Greyhounds, 3 to 1 X on the Irvington diamond. Wilson and Thompson played sensational ball in the outfield. 7.3 Hildebrand. Butler's mound ace, was in rare form, holding the Central batters to three scattered hits. FX On May 4 Central nosed out Rose Poly, 10 to 9 in a slugging contest on Central's K-C V diamond. After ten innings the Greyhounds Hnally won the game when Thompson and Eastridge went on a hitting spree. Both teams hit savagely, Central holding a slight ' ff' NX advantage. The game was marred by errors on both teams. X Ins! 11 fmt' of flu' fans. F llfl -1 iii if i1y"Ti' ff I xml QC it X, " , Q fx Ni if ,li i 1 ' h e 'f ii ll T ' xx KI if i lflrl IC ff l' al U ' if fig "Q X 3 tl :FEW 'll 2 , . if A X K ww l V Ji- V X I . QA- H HU 9' sf' - 3,142 ,Q K Q fa si Q .1 fits ' bi i l aelfifk aagf' Wall 2 f i ll as QF-f ,i" :,-cr - ,T,1 'f! 'f TT eff- in-Q, WEZE f 7 -23? ei ... "iii, l..e5"'m5fe'54:w TV G5KFiiDDAGLE 19.62 Q X -J' g1 .:.A - . i fi M 7 he . .gt .f.t.44a':Y-ae.. . ' "fn : , ,:Qff'r2225 5 l '2gQ'i :.::ZisE:1"s. g..:a-:ks..ga2s5:ia? .. . V. . -. . X -5.5.9-.F .-iv. .,., .,,.. . .. . . . .. . va -gt zpv gmz s :Q .Ea .. 1.2-'iillii 11 11: . -r .-Tfjf . .gf ' .1 3 . NW I F QI:-. .1 -25:55 ,-12: . , A 1 --Q . 1 "fy 1. . e i 1 -vi -1- ea.. .,:.::s:1-f- yi ' .1 1' 11: . . , f :- ii-I . gg . .5 1-A ,ly -. Sn. b. L. ' a . ' : xi-L .-e' - - ""1 ,Q-'Q' . I ' ' ' ' 1'?f'i.?yl3 5. ER FFQ 'gi rl H A --.Z-Fw .."11, . -ev - ,rl -i-W., 1 .iff ff-1 . iiiikifvgi fm 'F '- x - -s ' ".,..5-I-.-.2g3gQ1Ij.'.:l ' . -. Q 2- 5- "f f'j.-,:iI?'j:5:.g, . '- , s- -ps: '--' fgss: .. 1-sf J, R. Rvrxt' P. Bizilvy M111'xl111ll E11xl1'ia1gL' I11xvrf -- Eilxfriilgi' 1'r11dy for 11 fJ111'1l ful. Butler playing for the Hrst time on Central's diamond tamed the Greyhounds, 9 to O. After this setback the Greyhounds came back and drubbed Huntington, 9 to 1. Bailey, Central mound ace, held them to four scattered hits. DePauw tripped us. 6 to 0 at Greencastle. The DePauw pitcher was backed by sensational fielding. Muncie dropped us, 9 to 3 in a postponed game at Muncie. The Greyhounds were unable to solve Hiatt's delivery and were held to three hits. Bailey pitched his best game of the season against Manchester and succeeded in holding them to two scratch hits. The Central batters pounded out twelve hits for eight runs. Score: Central, Sq Manchester, 0. N.A.G.U. closed the schedule with a 4 to 3 victory before a large crowd of alumni and friends. Marshall and Merrymnn played their last game for their Alma Mater. Bark Row: Conflw Gumf, Ir11.n'11, Svnior lNi171tltQl'l'Q W'ilt011, fours, F1'1111Ui11, Tj'.YIAlI, Mr1n1'e, C. 1:l'1!7Ik- f ll lin, H111f1flrx011, L11111111, I:1'1'xf1111111 1111111114q". I"11'.il Row: Milrxlmll, A. B1'i.qX1I. Tl70l7lIV.l0lI, K. Rivtr, M1'1'1t-W111111, LURO-Y, H11111In'1'f. 75 'X hx '11 wk fl l l M 1 lil ll if? l ml -9? 1 1 e . p p -52- Q9 1.. ny ,nwags H. fix 534 .I .Q 1' F, Q- inf ' 0, Y? 1 1 w f 1 Eff -W lg ll 2? it 1 i 'J lem f is sf' :wa 1 ' .w i Q. ff l iuligjjlleiiif my TH Y itil !ff'1L1el11"l'il':gi5j11Zfll' lift 11 ' X 1, ll -ff 1 11 in 1 1 - f Q te A Q Football .Q U f , ' 4 k-fig Mg ' W U' wr U F5 f! JN J W l'..-f" gDACLE19QQ 2 C. Ream' Eazslrixfgu O. Suzifb Vtlllfz' llzsvrl -- Earlbam QIIIIH' Immediately after registration Coach Good started football preparations for the opening game with Franklin, September 28. With two weeks of fundamentals the Grey- hounds conquered the Baptists, 13 to O. This was our first victory over Franklin on the grid in the history of our football associations. The Greyhounds outplayed the Baptists in every department of the game. In the l first quarter a pass, Brenneman to Eastridge, netted twenty-six yards and paved the way for the first touchdown. Oscar Smith on an end run carried the ball over. In the fourth quarter he raced Hfty-five yards around right end for the second touchdown. A week later, October 6, the Central Warriors invaded Rose Poly at Terre Haute and subdued them, 31 to 6. Allen, freshman half-back, played a hard game and con- Qi tributed largely to Central's victory. He scored two touchdowns. .1 i Oaklumf Cily gnrlw. K 2 ..1'.s :H -A . l X-srl I V 1' .1 All l ll tl rs a a .. . aa f X -54- lr' L ' Q 4 l '92 . '5 is A WW fafjgiiyfw p 551.9 p .5 is 51 V, 07 N QL. T' XX 4,31 isiyMi?'x 'gi .-. - ii if a T f liar' ,fi is giant. 4 t. .5 if i in, . . gif ' wf ,l s . ww? . f - a ll ix y' pf ' X his VB'-N I K f Q.. A-IX, 4531, 'sill Digi W , z X Q M4 T - 6 ' i ' , '-V ,rr , Q 'in N' ' Ta uri ' ffl 'lf ' 5 N ff' s, lk N ' i' x if y l Ki f at fhf-47' if V . fs, 46' fi ' 4 -45 iq' at Y L fi 'is " a C p -p Cp,4sEEEbni52:r- e H U a fi' - -'15-A ,, . H A fi..."-'51'1' , Fil l .gg V K .gEv:.::s35g . if . , Q . F, Q Q22-fri ,. f- - -wav V, g'.', .I-1. Q if Y. x 1 ' ' f 'JY . , Qs M - 531. . -- - 'Qc N X- 1 y I t. A 5 'lube " 1,3 . , 1 - -a at f Lei if- 'X T 434: P 1 r as , f 4 A. 535,41 - V ,fl 3-QSM" X 'QM , A is f1":i-:M-'Aung -5.-1,1 ' ,icr,,Qgq:4. -r-", if.. -ff - .,,,51:3f:,,.:iQ, 1.y'. 5- 15 , fi-'i f ., " T ie J vi - 1. X'-Q ..4.'5g .,g N .. -f A vs.-1: Q : -1' A w W Q'-5 'vs-f-r,,,.5g 0, x Q - 3 en ' ,K - 4- i H +P fs Q , 21 DL'lIIIIlH1'j' Bl't'lIllL"lJllIl1 Bright Thom P5011 Inxvrf -- R050 Poly gA1!IH'. October 13 was almost an unlucky day. Central tied the Cardinals, 6 to 6 at Mun- cie. Muncie held a slight edge over us and a six point lead until the second quarter, when Smith ran back a punt sixty-ive yards to tie the score. Muncie came close in the ,. ., , second half, but lacked the necessary punch to carry the ball over. .ff as The Homecoming game with Oakland City proved to be a track meet. The Grey- ffg hounds easily winning 97 to 0. The reserves played almost as good as the regulars. C, Smith ran wild, scoring six touchdowns. xg' October 27 the Hilltoppers sprang an upset and repulsed the Greyhounds, 18 to 0. A' A V The game was played at Hanover in a sea of mud. The long trip and lack of mud cleats spelled defeat for us. This was the first defeat for the Greyhounds and the first victory f-kg for Hanover. ff Oakland Cily gauze. fi ,N . ,,..:,,, , X ZX ' ll ! 'E a Will' 4' 91451, ,N li it .avmlr 1 Nl l ' li I T ' K , l fr?" f I7 L Y, , E N -55- r l' XX " re' Q O 6 li li' ' n o 1, 'lg TSW f is K IQQQVIMM X . Sf av Q. x l A' C152 1 it I W ' 1 il' -W-m f' 3 a N.4 qfir.,,f aM,., Q ,aff ,, Ns ' ' 5 -fi - A I 5 ,QASEA D T E1 iZC 'gl2ACL.E.. IQQ lb 3'i7QYE"?' TIlJ'IIfl' E. Sznilb Fuu'lr'y Dazzglrwly Allrrz luiurl -- Rose Poly game. After a stinging defeat a week before the Greyhounds came back November 3 and walloped Earlhnm, 12 to 6 at Waslmington Park. Daugherty, freshman fullback, scored all twelve points. The game was played in a steady drizzling rain and frequent fumbles by the Greyhounds prevented them from running up the score. The Greyhounds were outclassed by DePauw on Blackstock Held November 10. We received our worst beating at the hands of the Tigers. Speed and a clever attack was responsible for our ZS to O setback. The game was harder fought than what the score indicates. Central took the final game from Manchester. The game was played on 11 rain- soaked field that made gaining impossible, except through punting. Thompson ran back a punt sixty yards for a touchdown. After a spirited rally in the second half the Grey- hounds finally captured the game. winning 13 to 8. Fifi! Rozi':Cmn'l1 Gooil, Bl'l'VIlIt'7lIt1ll, O. Sllllfb, Eurh'iu'gv, Capluin VLIIHT, E. Smilb, Turm'r', C. Rrviu, Li4'l1u1', Dvlrzfmli'-y, Allan, Duuglnwfy, Bright. Svfornl Rozv: R. Krew, H. sllllfh, Sunni, Fuzvlvy, SAllkkIlIiY'L', Iunmu, Fivlllx, XVJISOH, Hlll'k7'il1iL', Bor- flvrx, Bublul, La1'4'lux.v, 101111. s .swxmmnnuw X i is: llg ll ly lk llll -sc T A ,fgfw TT at f O 9 lsr? HT Wea? tv! W ff C2 T Q 4 QW Zlsf qw I 5 .L f ll M 3 XV 1? f gb F fl, f 1-. . I I "H ,li H lr J gh A I? 'N l 'Q TD 1 F' X Tl Zfw if ' 1 Wai .Ti lf 'lla All li H , l'T7Tal 4. XZWZ I N IJ! ' vw' ,xlxlgg t , , 9 D . .ff l We T19 l g" AE' W0 pas 'ef fit fe lQ1ll'f'l'Sh'4:'l'fgj:l"f la Vf"'t is ra, ,rx , ii f ff . cha n? 1 X ,Q ll W ff Ai -Q fig L I If f:'31Q Rx ,I Na fx CQ ODEFQETTQCZ ? A aqlmvq cemtev- so UPa.u5k4-rain' Mexhmg new In kglmgas' BQ!-VH wean rs N if W5 1' 'QX F fw KWN fx I w 1 1 f Y 'W 'A M eww Q' J a w ' ? ! e J 's' 5 S - .A, AN c ,,-5 ' ' - I ,Q - rf X ' L - Mg' w wi. . , , ggi I. ' in L 2 Wi -Yfyx X76 f l fs mimi- W' 35?52ffgff Eg. ' 4' :J Z - If ac' 9 A pf l 'g ! f -- .gggf 19- if-W -- Z-, gf'f-1 If QQ " Z 1 -Q. ,,-,,,i,-':,,2fN Y X , ,W N, y Q1 F Www i 2 32 ua ' If I i' Y Cv o Q ,, ,Z-i...X , H., E 1f,, m ,FJ ,gf . X fw ..' ' .1 V4 -ix - ggi' J - - U A-'li sxsixs g A jg' ,H V-fpA?f?"' lf", ' ,,, -. i - '-5.4 Q fx13g3,,H,,- :--i n - -IL' L, .. A. M. 4 E , , U ,I il! Aw ! W , Av ix J ' 1 . ' b ,- Q U U4 'Sem-ek! ff . C,enm1SsO"ff Wm" 1' X ng, ,.f.gA,-,Q ,. ,H -way 1 ' 1 .W I H V- kwg s . iw W HYJQT j L -k N, t '5 'E . fy - L' 1 ' if E , iff b .. N b ' 5 f-J, -.,,... - g ' '- V U .Q -. , ., A - f e I 'Y 1-1 W , ' H K. w . 11,4 -2,,3.,-M, --1-3' . I l W ., :.:.:1. ',..,4"',. If - 4 . N - 43 -5 Q f. ,. -:-gsqpq mil! -3'T'v , - 5 H .. f- ygxid g .gf-X ,.,T,.1:1.-,5j.. X ...:h5:.5:f,5iwi5g., Nx afw ., w,,, M,mA-W N f u. 1' :TH , fv 4 ' H ' , 11 -'f"f1f?lf'f' "-' 1 21' -5 'qw 'w " SQ r .. 1, N --Ysff'-.M-.. , ..., " '- wsu-fx -Q' .. , 4 ., 1 ,Q . - -W' -' "-,- W Q -K QNX-ox-':ff' +w, A , -fff1:z+nfsa1 .J X ' ' '--- ,pQ:fi?1''-.'f-21:5--:+'X'-nw-if"Q.Nz' A ., .. A M1 K i i f ,ZW ff' x i x U -Z .-4: ?5 g.. f -, . h,A ,--.,,,- , rf uk ' -f5Nj3 L X? A L f Wfgi iw Q 9 524 ' , P Yr' ,E Q 315 - 2 in A ,mi . 6 S . I- ,,,y W 1 'A QL' , , up If P qv, Ti .14 5,6 Y! 46 , Lg-qi, H x f x 3? 4. 0' X 9 fl. 'L .. I P ' f Aw 995 fa 5 vi wf f 4-, 'RSV , in 3' 3 Q W f - N 41 ,u www .1 A 'Y-:7 ja. V+ 9 X 4'-I . 1 1 - 1 N E221 W yi X- ,f 'J' 5 ri f ' X32 1 Q f xl 3? .4-Y 5 f I " -J. Lag Vi-J, N ' .L.Qf- XM l gl: . fqLii:AMl,lfi2-'Q7D.- ,fm X 1 -lift A If ' ' Q ! 'fs '2 Q, f ff Q 14 Lfff .- XJ J l 1,0- , .,,, W 7,1151 LW from Wi 0' ixyl-TT , . 3' M552 A. v mffx Z ' Q X '-1 A 'Wx Wifi' + ss M ,VC .um - f 'ff"f" 'J' ' f ' V2 a - I I K ,Q 9 , ,fffgg , 63' J "A f M Q' vcyfl I 'i ffkfk -4117 x. -'f'fX J jg-Jw. - Lf 1 J , V9 'L 'A' ' WMO x J, .U ' It f ,, 't ,.,,,-4, , -XY-'L' x N! 7f,f,f,f-fuk' J' "f J 'JM' , X J , ,z,,JL. ,Bw Mfff NWW7 ' . ! if ,- ' f' 3 'K ,, J , ' "" 'Q f? K 5 f ed IF Gif f x fff kb , , ,, W - f- 7' :'!ffv9'L H7 VVZII pi XA I i f X 1 ,u .L ,' ' dbx SX Xxlhl 9 lf' jf- 4' milk 4 ' xy' A Qffkkxi x f NE g x mskefiballll .. . . . 4,-513535, , Tl Aw Y YA o , -f'-3- 121 .iDx1LkIri ,L L. HULH4 1 ,ELMLLML LNTQCOLLEGIATE Toumvmfuwi Tpopm' x N N., XX ggi I X1 'E w -. i. P .Q W x X-. - X ,Nw X! sw K l E! l BQENNEBLLXN fQPE4Xf.NQ3.xlKhY N W' ,Q A -6o- X? A E U fa1,,f-"MQ if xr- K3 Ii ' maxi fi QQ , Rig My ff YF Ol f f V WAR X ' 'fiffjf V ml L, wif Ml L ,L mr ogiefiiejagfwenseyf :Q weave L1 l Basketball The Greyhound basketball schedule was rather short, due to a change in coach and most teams, having completed their schedules, had no open dates. Coach Good managed to schedule fourteen games of which only five were played on the home floor. The team has a unique record in that they won all the games played on the home court. The team was off to a slow start, Coach Good revamped the lineup and the Grey- hounds came to life and broke even, winning seven and losing seven. They sprang a surprise in the Muncie Tournament by dropping Manchester, and playing Danville in the finals. The Greyhounds opened the season at Franklin against Coach Wagner's Grizzlies. The game was a nip-and-tuck affair and the Baptists won out in the last three minutes. The score was 47 to 41. The first game on the home floor with Vincennes was a thriller. Vincennes was represented by a strong team. Captain Bailey was the star as the Greyhounds nosed them out, 35 to 33. In a rough and uninteresting game the Central netmen trounced N.A.G.U., 49 to 39 in the Central gym. Both coaches used many reserves. The Greyhounds could not find the hoop in the first half, but came back in the second half and hit from all over the floor. The Bailey brothers led the scoring attack with twenty-nine points between them. After leading 17 to 13 in the Hrst half the Greyhounds lost a close game to DePauw at Greencastle following the Christmas holidays. In a last minute spurt the Tigers edged out a 31 to 28 victory. The contest was a thrilling battle from the start to finish with 'B the Greyhounds using a flashy offense which proved a menace to the DePauw team during ,ff if the entire game. Kra-nning got lucky and Manchester took an overtime game from the Greyhounds ." at North Manchester. With the score 28 to 26 in favor of the Greyhounds, Chapman fl B sank a long one from the center of the floor to tie the score 28 all, in the last second of 7,4 Ct .. I play. In the overtime period Kranning dropped two to cinch the game. The score was 34 to 29. 1, The next two contests proved easy for the Greyhounds. They dropped Huntington, 35 to 23, at Huntington, and a week later bumped off Rose Poly, 46 to 22, on the local f floor. I C, Winning its fourth game in as many starts on the home court the Greyhounds de- feated the Oakland City five, 48 to 25. X' ZN In The long hoped for dream came true and the Greyhounds clashed with Butler, but ef the ineligibility of one of our star players took all the life out of the team. They were I 'J lgf, X completely lost on the large Butler floor. Butler had little difficulty and swamped Cen- , tral, 67 to 19. 1- ,if ll .i 1 i' r1 lx ll" V gf On the following night Muncie took advantage of the tired Greyhounds and handed is l ' them a S7 to 32 beating at Muncie. in ,lqii 3 . I nl lr ix A week later the Greyhounds slipped still lower and lost a one-point game to X X5 N.A.G.U. in the Phy-ed's Gym in the city. The score of the heartbreaker was, 33 to 32. if J , ' - - f' 4,15 u 61 ll a 'X " J. I 1, all ly if 'l 'N5 1' - ,. Q ri - ,if 1 -A g W C have v , j ' 5 .i -LJ' X! f , lxl Nl ' 'xl 1 . - 25 . , . f t" . i , - l f, '4 N 10' .M I' ,gy as 1 fit. as . 1 ii fa 9 a . . 1 - fr . + 1 , t fit of - .- ,W i Qi' .Il , row N ' I 1 EXE ', ' ' -1 'lf fill,-rf 7 ' l , T, ll! I F JM. il l' '.. .,'1, 9 . , J3lf"! L fgfa . "- f ' 4'-Y' 2 ' 13'?-'- -' " WA Q wigs- f llll -T XMIM lil " Y M -Q2 few-... 0183 of "Qt l ,xx I as fl ll 1 l ill ly ll Va li' f f ff..-f"RKT.nzi:-E "7 C 55iQiODAGLE1QQQ .from us e i .,-4 l ' fl! U .gl ravvf-few, ?9i'EVZ' i.t.i.m ,,, First Ilow-Sac-kmire, Emig. Martens, Nall, Good, Swan, Hales. S.-t-oml Ituw-Htlxmii,-rt, L. Bailey, Nowling. Hitler. Ere-nneman, Bright. Inman S4-:Ile-il-.lllti41, Evans. Coach Good revamped the lineup and the Greyhounds tripped Huntington, 40 to 37. The Greyhounds were trailing 24- to 18 at the half. Art Bright was the individual star of the game. He scored half the points. Rider and Nowling displaying a line brand of floor work proved the downfall of the highly touted Muncie tive. The Greyhounds ended their home schedule by humbling the Muncie Cardinals, 40 to 33, before a large crowd of fans. The teams were deadlocked at the half, 21 to 21, but in the second half the Greyhounds adopted a delayed offense that completely baffled the teachers. Gentral's tight defense kept Muncie from scoring under the basket. In the final game of the schedule the Oakland City five nosed out the Greyhounds, 41 to 39, in a fast clean contest on the Oak's floor. The scoring honors went to Art Bright, who made nineteen of his team's 39 points. The Greyhounds were a dark horse in the Muncie Tournament. In their nrst game they defeated Rose Poly, 33 to 15, in easy style. This gave them the privilege of meeting Manchester in the semi-hnals. Manchester was picked by many to take the tournament. The Greyhounds sur- prised the fans by trimming the Manchester Spartans to register the most startling upset of the tournament play. The fast passing was too much for the Chesters who found themselves trailing, 19 to ll at the half. In the final minutes the Greyhounds resorting to the delayed offense, gathered the clinching points to win, 34 to 29, In the Hnal game with Danville, the Greyhounds could not work together and Coach Good used .1 number of combinations to stem off defeat, but could find nothing that would work, and so lost the game, 44 to 26. The team received a beautiful trophy for second place in the tournament. -QQ- life E Q 83325 .Pg ei ef.. are f ll' 'sh fllil 33" fill. M lf ee x I, 15 0 5 ffl v I if' ' if la Q 2, in 1 , at ,XL f . i H-H' I '52 fe, QL f Li" fffe iyyy I g my f .X - 4 " ' ' 'te' T 'Atjugvsjwvujf 'x -f , 7tQn4'WML EfUwU53 iLQQl7HAvfQWL,J MW WW M JSM ff EMHWWV- wfkwwjf MLMMMM-A XM fi y QS J xx, 1,957 -, ijxmx . X I ,.,'... gl Q M A 3 Q Q ,M W W 'div' i n N I HZ A gbmgav ilk 'QA4 M '+VMlZZi?RxLn5Q?g5iyQuQM, LV' 0 0 0-JFK, if fvv-014, 0-vvvsx ffukiknljfy XLR, U fm Owhfww WW 23? 3 ju ,,Qja f'f. fWZLfSpmNQfgMg QMQL cf ff mjknfks ffpgfyybc, LNUW 75 WMM MMA WW- 'EWLV MU, WWW Qwiwwfk Qs ' Wf"'M5MlwQmQy ,, Wf - W QMMa WWLA'. .K fWxa7'Ij 4kAQQQ - g - 4Z?w- YI o :GCI :M .... -' V . . ja 'final' X QU! gp I' a X K 'E S x Murylmll I.. Bailey Druz imlry Null P. Bailey Tennis The spring showers and consistent rain periods played havoc with the 1928 tennis schedule. There was a large turnout of players and a good schedule was arranged to give the Greyhounds a chance to prove their skill on the courts. Eight meets were scheduled and Central was to be represented in the state tourna- ment at Terre Haute. On account of the wet season the fellows were unable to practice. The first meet was scheduled with Terre Haute State Normal, but was canceled on account of wet courts. Three days later the Greyhounds crossed racquets with the Franklin racqueteers, at Garheld park. The Greyhounds were humbled, 5 to 2. Demmary won his single match and Bailey brothers took their doubles match. lil Butler was right and shut us out, 6 to G. Butler had one of the best teams in the state and they surely showed it. The next meet with Muncie was canceled on account of rain and cold weather. i Y The next week the Greyhounds lost to Wabash. 3 to 2, at Crawfordsville. The last set i was called off on account of darkness. The return engagement with Wabash was held at Garfield park and the Greyhounds showed a complete reversal of form and dropped them, 4 to Z. Nall, Pete, and Abe l Bailey disposed of their singles opponents and P. Bailey, and Nall took their doubles 'i X i 3 X match. ill? The second meet with Terre Haute was also canceled because of rain. 1 In the tournament held at Terre Haute May 18 and 19 the Greyhounds were elim- i ilu' inated in the first round. l In the final meet the Central racquet men downed Muncie. 4 to 2 on Central's l jg' courts. Demmary, P. Bailey, L. Bailey won their singles while L. Bailey, and Nall cap- I Q' l ,ga T9 A tured their doubles. .i 9 is im- 'QW Q T ,, .. as X Y ffl, to f'lf'tr2l 0 is 5 ' ffm - fe ei - he T . 1 W? !. M i 43'geFvf,NJfl'5..'2,yv,.J, in CRN, ,Ti Q, 'gk lx GQ X 1 -i fx - y if was W! is .ya a dy.-as W., mg. '-i.-g,.a I WM ' X if if we he MFYQQ fl lisa- wer: l sa- ii V f i T - . 4 T T' ' ,s Cz. X , f sg - as i at . ea -s . fill' T V' l ,i Jai: ff'-17 T TT T lll ll ill? fill f l' l' fi 'T T1 K ll i427 ' if K' QQ Q C omcte iofz A1 A GIRLS, GYM CLASS First Row-Burrel. Martins, McConnell, F. Killion, Aeppli. 'l'raylo1'. Susilurf, Lainmers, Carter. Second Row-E. Killion, Crick, Franklin, Cox, PiC'kllkll'fTti, Noel, Ilziiwm-lc. Girls? tltletiics Indiana Central girls have always felt the need of physical as well as mental educa- tion, thus girls' athletics in some form are continued throughout the entire year. The reg- ular physical education classes are conducted by student assistants. This year the work has been under the direction of Gladys Hancock who was preceded by Nora Schmidt in the department. The class work consists of games varied with calisthenics and relay races. The girls enjoy hiking when the weather permits. For those who are unable to do the regular class work, hiking is accredited as a substitute. Last year the girls, tennis team met Franklin twice, once there, and again on our own courts. Lorin Stine will coach the teams this year. The schedule thus far includes a meet with Manchester, Terre Haute, and Franklin. The Intra-mural games at the last of the year are always an interesting feature. Excitement runs high as the tournament pro- gresses and one after another the players are eliminated. To come up to the Hnal is to show rmarkable skill and to be counted the winner is no small distinction. Fifteen couples entered the last contests, and it is expected that more entries will be made this year. W 'Ti f 4 Y 'fx N ,X J .ig ii XX A tumbling team was organized in january. Ranold Wolfe and Robert Wellbaum f. N are coaching the team. The girls plan to give an exhibition before the close of school. uf'-X ly .4 K 'X This sort of exercise is to forerun a track team which will be organized for the girls next ,gif WF . i l year. A track team has been considered very desirable for the men as it encourages so ff' Il many different forms of physical achievement. Certainly it would be no less true of a U " I will I. lg team for the girls and it indicates a real advancement in girls' athletics. Swimming has always been a popular sport among the girls. Our girls have taken ' 1,iPyll,1f Ii advantage of opportunities at the city Y.W.C.A. and at the Long Acre Swimming Pool. 2 I ln' J' 5 For those who are inexperienced classes are conducted at both of these places. I 1 j I -H54 ' 'ii l , I' Y as - 1 I fly ' 1 ,- . H f? E it N. 1' S Q fqtii -A ,Q , I. N, 'i . E . v vi H KO.. L 6 V 1 4 s Us i K X 1 ' lic 1 W i 'ilk , -if A . tl -ag . f i fr if it . m-A1 71,553 1 . K. X 4 f - -2-f ' ' - I .iA'.:J-.-- of Mmm- aa! T 1415175652 gDACLE1QQ9 I -f ' Fl I X i X ":?'9 LEAGUE W1NNr.Rs First How-Uriglit, Colwilren, Rowe. In-Meyer. Iiyer, Sw.-lwll, H4-I-oiifl Row-Mngle, VIYYIIPSIIIIIQ-', Ilziiit-tick, .-Xin:nl4n'. Intramural Sports The Intramural Basketball league was the best in the history of intramural spo1'ts. There were ten teams in the league and the competition was of the very best. At the end of the playing season two teams were tied for first place. The Aces and Dave Vance's Dubs played off the tie and the Aces won in an overtime game. The score of the Hnal game was ZS to 23. Vance's Dubs had little diihculty in capturing the tournament. In Volley Ball the faculty was organized and opened the season against the Alumni with some spiffy uniforms Consisting of black trunks and orange colored shirts. The Fac- ulty played several teams from the city and a game with the Bonebrake Seminary team from Dayton. Late in the season the Seniors organized a team. They have been practising against the Faculty and have become very efiicient. Real rivalry exists between these two teams. The Seniors seem to have the edge. As the student body continues to grow so the Intramural sports department will grow with it. The plans are that every man and woman should participate in some athletic activity. This conforms with the new policy that the body should develop ' , I physically as the mind develops mentally. Ml Plans are already under way to form a baseball league using a soft ball for the spring sports. Later it is hoped that tennis, track, golf and other sports may be added so that I N the students may Choose their specialty. lhl It is the object of the Intramural Sports department to develop true sportsmanship Sy iffy and the ability to think and see clearly. These essentials are required in life work. 57,123 I x A -f-n- - -Qi 3, xg . g J t I la ni Tit aww . f fi I 3 4f4 j Q. 651345 Q A, A N FT ,N y . ' df! 7. Tm. vat. I TD P". I i' r I AQITNK T' I is 'Rs If ' V 'V' ' ,f lass Iv! Ililwfma .qgfagf ix is . rblsras .. - ai-.ww fs . 1- We I I 4 I aff 'fra 333' X et l I W 1 is swf Ni ' C' ffm ' 'lm , .5 " fa-, x yr, 5 'ff .EAW 'N' AIM T 'Q f"' 7-Rx ' 1 ' 3 1 11115 T' Q 'li Q ll XM 1,1 wi W A-Qf es- tif: '! 1 1-J-s..ix. ,-L1A ll5,1,., ffxfif I i W I A ' F Zi! X if V A 1, X K VglA fgf' X ff H ,fi vue, ,T yy' fi, rl , A if W k I- ML mug il K1 I TT wifi 'Tia lib I -QS NC33' ' L--fi?" 'V WJ MJNZ4 J , 7-f1f4yfllM!a,, ,54.yiiiZ:gW,2e-4, ,fav-fo-HX I I Ao-,M-,of 19-,os-ox-5-I f ww n .R U -If-1-vnf ilnf h 1 Jn K QI fi - . . ,Lx Y" ' ' A. . Dslng hlmself ml r - f ' Wholesome participa- t Q2 5 ' AQ' f Z tion he meets Experi- iff M W NX! ence,the unseen maker rin, Q W n of men,the unheralded N J architect of Character i ,gay 3 ZZ: 'QTQQNK sl QE? eau ' f f . . t fait jggfgx ,aj " x IFEX gf fa Queen me i ,At ,Df nmnrvum f f l .,.- , x,,. N'Jh'2'zLk"i 0 x A , ' W ' V I: 1 iivlf' JM? .-f " 1 n V ,L CL' w l f' Q' lull! f It X ' U X 477121 I l 1 l ul , 1 I ' ffl i lk if? will Q2 i i t :JJ t l . t Q,Confident, Cap able, he will find himself probing, the unknown, E enlightening his commun- itq meeting the chal- lenges of life . s QQJMM' fjgvugff ,f , . W 'f 4 ' ' Q 7 CM I 91455 at V wvNe1Z44.,L f W ' ,afajfdfifw-L '91 ffgfmfzfwf iZjfMQZ4 J'fI'fcAffx ew df hw-661, M J j9gLZf, f V A , tw-m:tQ 9 :om n o S K Bullard, Petty, Dunbar. S.-ott. Ci,-neli Hztrainy, 'I'hnmpson, P--ri-y. Mt-City, Lively. The Girls' Debating season opened with our aflirmative team matching their wits against the Taylor University team. Our girls won the decision and the same week our negative team won from Earlham in a debate on the same question, Later in the year our teams debated in a dual schedule with Miami University. The training which debating gives in research and diseriminative reading, organization, and convincing presentation along with quick, clear thinking and a sheer love of mental combat, is well worth the effort. Professor Albright was responsible for the coaching of the Mens' Debating Teams after Dr. Black- burn assumed his new position. Tryeouts were held early in the fall and aspirants made the team by virtue nf their skill in logical reasoning, platform bearing, and the ability to make a strong convincing jf 'E delivery. The first debate of the season was lost to the affirmative of Notre Daniel Our teams met the Z X' Oakland College teams in a double schedule in March and won both decisions. The Negative also matched 5 wits with Xvabash and won while the AHirmatives triumphed over Manchester. ,fr Hutfmnn, Bish. Ellis, XVnlf. Rlaiekhtwn, Blu-'nit-1. XVnlill'ni-il. tfnbh, St-hwatrtz, 521: , 3 . 'X V X4 f Y TQ 'A 2. , f IL, il ll XX .- i i p p re . Xe , xy Xi , X ,il ,X l f' , I ' Ml , xi '1 I , A I i n 1' 1 ' i ii , 53 l' rr will 2 i t if i T A 2 A 'l i Xi if J 9 41 A y l AF i - ff' , ri ,' ' - il' If I' I - , ffl ai ,J Eg D 55 L 32 l f Ek in l llluf. I Q ' . M " piiigi ' T 4' i ' 'i TH' - " . av at l 32 f 2 feet MM5f-Ti e- 1 if - ' --,-Q-cf ' ' -4 ....-.1-,jx-f , QW if-fQ,Qf ff 'CQ s First Row-Huddlestou, Itatgains, Mi-ldleton, Klopp, Hauswald. Mahin, Rii-kel, Gibson, Durham. Seeond Rmv-NY'illiams, Sit-lmfoose. ll'll1b1lPl't, Amos, Grwniley, Conley, 1Tl'l'lill'IS, Nall. Tliirml TTUXVillI0glG. CUTl1P1'lU5lll. Bridges. Vox. Coruetet. The Men's Glee Club this year has n Sue technique and displays an enviable muscianship. The Club is directed by Jane Johnson Burroughs .ind was available during the year for tours and programs outside the school. The Club has cooperated with the other phases of the music department in giving concerts on our own platform. Mrs, Sherman Davis has the direction of the Girls' Glee Club. The girls meet regularly once 11 week and Attendance is compulsory. The Club his appeared before the students in concerts and recituls XVork in the Glee Club this year is given credit. The training the club affords in part Singing and plat- form ease is indispensible in n thorough ITlLlSlCi1l preparation. The music department is n member of the Indiana Federation of Music Clubs. First Row-Smith, Chasey, Gtttwood, Scott, T1'a3'lor. TVilson, King, M1-Doimhl. Everitl. Seeontl Row-Rec-ter, Eilt-1: Horlaehvr, Martins, Lewis, 'l'hompson. Pe-tty. Thirtl Row-Killion. Noblitt, Kunkel. lY3n1'TVf'GF-G. Fri--li. lfmiililiii. Junlfl, Fourth Row-Doiitlltlsmi, Purcell, 4Q'li1'isly, At-ppli. lzimmers, C'zt1'te1'. XvQ'l2lll1ll'l'. Fifth llIINY7CHl'I'll0UY, Noi-l, Holly. Kiuutlst-, Meade, Gray. -Q L, . , ll I ll I t ll W 1 if xml' F rib R. gggfi XE? f ffl T if it Q- .H F s we ei ' T F EA n T r T 5 l Q i it ll if Di5if? il5 is ilwfgg Sifll if? i l rigs i- 1' ' T VW' N ,r IM 1 lt' lf 'J ff' T i'i':',L fx, rf! li f ix ' "'i.f,v ' 0 i -5 K lffeeiffigmwf ' Q Q asf sr VX ef QKzuif,,,ffiii:i-Q-ee T-EF tl-fm 07 C i i if li ll l 'ff' f ' l l , ' refs?-443 M 2 l 4 if Q T3 are L anal -T E 'E - e eh ...i-vmisdazr-'-3 -7- ff Q Q in auf Cox, Carts-l'. Hziuswzild, XValkifr. Cliiilct-, lie-rdell. Runisey, Tlioinpsoii, XVohlford, Perkins, Durham, Raguins, Chasey, Joliiisoii, Gormley, Davis, Laminers, Lewis, Y--lziiider. Killion, Kirk, Hirst, Smtih, Cornelet. Scott. Bonner, Null. Amos. The College Orchestra under the direction of Professor Davis, meets regularly on Thursday for practice. The Orchestra with the Glee Clubs presented a concert in February which met with very enthusiastic approval. The musical productions include .1 wide range. There are the classics .is well as rhe lighter compositions. It is an important campus organization and a praiseivorthy feature of the music department. The Band is entirely worthy of highest praise. Floyd Perkins who has the direction uses a nice artistry. There could be no pep sessions without thc band and athletics would not seem real. Thus have the members of this organization proved their loyalty to the school. The training in instrumental en- -V, X N, sembie and public playing are desirable accomplishments easily obtained in this manner. ffm First Row-Gormley, Ramsey, Cox, Hauswald. Perkins. Johnson, XVohlford. Ragains. ,gf Second Row-Allen, Alford, Amos, NVi1liams, Mathias. Mahin. NVisemnn. Third Row-Bennington, Slabuugh, Allnright. De-Bleye-1'. True-sihile. . AX o A If t KL X-N h f- lf' 5 ' l is v ,ii ' '. .1-tx l v 5 4 ,f r DT in e s .. in ss e p 7 K f .A A firm - .ate-Q ,zz-T--L M f '-Ab.. ff W' 'T'-if Zi- I -vii 'I f- -. vfxf "' A ' if xr' W f 'N ,fAg, '1 f lf! li i j i f I5 i I ,VX gf i R 6:2 I V I f i l iWVl'l1 'L ul J im' I l J I i n f' ' . 69 i i XS ' J l I 'if 1, ,, . if kg 'Q Y 4 I' H s . , fi yi i I T' l xi w i is 1- , 3 Q., i , , ff . . , .Q 4 , ii s,,. QL ,K i li X i, 1 I ' Xi 25 , -I K 'Y ,i , ' ' l Il I y ' Q i U ' ii 'ri V7 'XA M' U 'nl' ,ii - " Ah 9 H ' - :"f - T r.- ,,f-X - C s , v Snyzlt-V, 1NlXllll, lim-lt. liwi-Vt, Lynn-ii. l'2ll'S4lllS, l'1'o:-loix Avlwti Slaihl. F'l'll'lC1'l'. Billiy. llilllh 'Smilin' Through," given by the Senior Class of 1928, proved to be humorous and pathetic with it touch of genuine hunun ealuraeter. Under the direction of Leora XVeim.1r every character played his part well. NVinifred Stihl, .ts Coleen, :incl Robert Ragains, as Kenneth XV.tyne her lover, plxyed lending roles, while Harold Aehor, as john Carteret, father of Coleen, played the part of one who after n l1.1I'el struggle let love conquer hate. "Man of the Hour" is .i play which emphasizes the coils and evils of the present political system. Horrigan, played by Chester Ellis. and Phelan plriyed by Whtlter Hmustvald, were the men who directed political nuehines. lt was Horrigan who gave to Alyen Bennett lClarence Bluemell the orifice of Mayor. Unfortunstely for politics, Bennett had il conscience and Horrig.1n's plans were thwarted. Henry Thomp- son ljames NVeberj portrayed the quiet schemerg this coupled with the fact that Sent Gibbs Qfifillg Brnndenhurgb, lost his nerve eaused the happy termination of the play. X Sitting' '3lVl'Iltill1llll, lSill'lllllZEl'. Lzinim, XYulf, Bluemel. XVinl'l1ell, Alforil. Ellis, llnuswallil, llmul, fj'kll'lTlOl1Y, Ruguinas. Avlmr. l'1l'Llllllk'lllllll'LL'. XXX-lu-i', ,,: ' i , x 1 L Q . ., ' .?15' ly ,l lil li llll i lull Wi ' ly get e to il ' i 'mr lt l . arise F? P f X M71 J , .l v v ffl I 3 FN V. s enilwftgye :Q si' Q 35' fifty 1 ff i f fi , , N ,Z , W'-Qgli ,A K, . li iff r v'lj,3,' lr fel up I ' L'D,,f,T fix' ln X 72 'NJ X ff ' 1 -' ugly, exif l CC. 3 l ir D t f - - of i 'e -f f Al'tt 1 t"s fi fs, f . if - ' lft' ef- lf. ll sf lf' if i MEF "W 0 J 1' 55' K4 Kiln X3 , uf'- ti it - fffef so fb ,ti ll t f ,gieufzl we or it y, 1 'iff " L , IE' i - ef--, it ng i. 3 ZW Z3 l8 QYQQQQVQ CAHDINAT, MASQUE CLVR First Row!Eslie1m:in. Algrer. Arnett, Carter, Gregory, Miss Xxvylllilll. Eiler, XYint-hell, Arford. Lewis, Colm. Second RCIYX'-Bl'iil1Ilt'l1bl11'g, Bluemel. LeRoy. Daniels, Alford. Quan-kenbush, Hauswald, Ross, Gibson, Lumm. Professor XYVYITIJII recognized the need for dramatic training and public performance and it was through her efforts and by her direction that the "Man of the Hour" was so successfully presented early in the year. Miss XVynun believes that such an organization as the Cardinal Masque Club will promote a more intelligent interest in dramatic art and perchance bring to light some latent histronie ability. "The Lion and the Mouse" was presented in April to an appreciative audience. Students who were interested in world affairs and modern problems of international scope organized the XVorld Relations Club for the purpose of better studying world conditions and presenting the most signal news to the student body by means of a bulletin board which is posted in the library. The program ' committee arranged with noted speakers to address the club and acquaint them with situations of interest to the thinking public. This club is sponsored by the "Yu associations. 5 OFFICERS TVORLD RELATIONS CLUB ff' First Row-YVolf, Hiatt, Gillinghuna. ,L Second Row4Carmony, Lnmm, Reese, Kek. f A X f p N , 6 ,X G Q Z-X il' it Wir " it Wi' , , , N , 9 5:1 s ig iiiiziiii J li, ' lf 5 T 3 , Y V. I I ..71- Li , XS ,' I 'ui' if , 0 . ,ff i if-. f- H ,j. T9 -fi? 5 , V I V 1, T T 'Vi iv Thi' M ifuy XC Q . . R A Ai it ' 'ip it ' .. . V e fl il it is e ee! ,s f . 1 , WIN Cx fl I Eiga 11. r H i yiflgi-A-1 'LQ ff K Q get fZ,4iQi':f-Q T - f-f-f" T J- f S? I L' -in 5'-,A-Tx-iz ,H Y A -f 4-vmmdazx-ms . f - if W-f c 36530 F55 1 ,Zim liTZ'E5 i H! it rl ip ,T ix l l V T First Row-Seull, Brandenburg, Odell. Hutfmun, Bullard, YVe-ber, Pierce. Howard. Berry, Conley, Mitt-ln-ll, Copeland. Sei-und Row-Alford, Kelsey, Dossermnn, Huinbert, Stine, Cobb, Cotherman, XYatkins, Benner. 'i'hiril Row-Stieliler, McAhren, Smith, Babbitt, XVertz, Gorvie, Kek, Bell, Ellis, YVolf, Kerr. This year's Student Pastor organization has made a large increase over that of last year. Many of those in training hold pastorates during the college preparation. The help that comes from service well rendered, and the gain from putting idnls into practice :ire the results that a student pastors group have. This phase of our religious life is among the chief stabilizing forces on the campus. The Student Volunteers have organized with the purpose of creating a fellowship between those students who intend to become foreign missionaries. The local organization is a unit of the State and National Volunteer movement. The annual convention is ll very worthwhile feature and the visits of traveling secretaries have proved most benehcial to the inspirational life of the student body. The volun- teers have gained in practical experince by actual contact with city welfare work. First RowwPerry, Gregory. Messe-r, Shrigley, Alger, Kunkel. Seeond HowiGo1'vif-, Mitt-hell. il il ll l, lil, ., ,f Nh wean or FW f UQ 42' 2 N W il nfnigi , if? ,ag , Q? T riff lwqzsgejfirfgwfw ?'f'bfi,.e 6 lf ffl 6' i?7lllY if filly X fi' ill? f i it Q f l5-,.,,t,y W Ml , f ll If fe'-if-.5 .f ' ll f' ' "' ii he T ff A Q' iff:-J, Q e e. . r'ES ... A .- .--u.M.-.. . ep-N f.f21f ' i t First Row-Jutld. Maiiny. Sims. Guernsey, Eve-1'itt. YVu1ke1'. Second Row-Rivir, lXIi,-klniiiell, Howe. Fintiley. l'lfiiIey, Coimii, Miss F-li!:11'l. 'l'hi1'd Row-Melntyiwf. Dunham, Benson, Shirley, M, Howe, The Home Economics Club was organized under the sponsorship of Miss Stuart during the year 1927. Augusta Mclntyre was the first president. The club has made a pledge to the million dollar campaign and is forever devising clever, ingenious schemes to raise the money. They have served holiday luncheons, pink teas and all the othr things a Home Economics course teaches a girl. The club meets regularly every Tuesday evening to listen to a program, a lecture by an outside speaker or other forms of educational entertainment. The club has done much to motivate the work of the Home Economics department. The Press Club, sponsored by Dr. Morgan, is devoted to the purpose of reflecting the true Indiana Central. After seven years of thought, planning, and labor by as many staffs, their paper, the Reflector, is fast gaining a position among the college publications in the State. The Press Club's monthly meetings, s in which noted Indianapolis newspaper men have taken part in the past year, have advertised our school ,f X and kindled the journalistic fires on our campus. .ze t fo First Row-Findley, Foriit-y, Not-I, Eve-1'itt. Lt-htnun, XYi1u-in-ll. Mi-itiiet-lin, l'Sll'lit'1'. fi NX Second Row-Mahin. Smith, Line. Petty. Hiatt, Lnmm. lg Third Row-Shewmain, Hi'a11cle1iImti1'g,', Key, Hziytor, LeRoy, Blur-mel. ON A fx. fu AQ. .ff ' Vg I- N' li sl iii" li 5 fl is i A iizftfii T out . 73 i ii T T ll -Wil iifil f , ri Jffqlxgf if A SF? Q at . if J , 1 mf i si i fic? Q i 'Tm mlrgf ,iii il Yi? ' e is . Q - it i fe fa is fee - fe- zof-. 'RAR f 'fl'FX.-1.1-J- " ' ia,-N' 'W lf" -"5 i"i"1-'ix - ' ll T K l '- r. A 1 -r t r A X . . A r r he 5 ,,,-if, Q., L .. 1 lfirxl RYIIVZ Ellis, Wrlriw, Tlmznjumz, cil'UAl'L'lI0l', Wolfe, COVm'fz't. Svrnml Rolf: Hilifiwlil, H1JIt'1II'1l, ll'lllIl'I', Sllllfb, Kiflq, Bz'l'I'y. Tlriril Roux Rivlwl, Good, Dnrlmzn, Alford, W'm'rf:. P zilommsetzl lLovers of Lettersj Philomusea holds the distinction of being founded and first presided over by our president, I. J. Good. The organization was effected in 1906 and there were all charter members. In those early times the society met under difliculties, but now they have a beautiful society hall. Strict parliamentary de- corurn is observed and the society has a certain eminence due to its antiquity. The training in production writing, extemporaneous speaking, and debate is chief among the social graces to be acquired. A premium is placed in ability, diligence, and endeavor. Philomuseans are proud of the name as well they may be for they stand high in the field of literary aecomplishment. limi Razr: W'l1ili'rm'lol1, Ioluixrui' Slulmnglv, M. C. Rifkvl, Bi-ll, Niiuwmli'r. Xrmlzil Rolf: Rilulxrry, Snlfnn, Cm, Sfirklrr, w,lXi'IllrlIl, Gm'1'1i'. 'lilvlril Rolf: Blll'L'.lhll'Kl, CIllIl7, Bu,iu'1'nm11, O'Dt'll, Mfllvr, Klnjvp. Xu l X l lf 'l l . 1 l H ll il g'i y, will ll ll 9' W s , y , lit lll Q i si i i FW ,X 9 ' AN: f 'Tim . ,t W Off, Zi? iw-'MQP - . ff?-. Silt .- YG f - iiiri . Vfnixlwfrf . i fe Q i fi Q1 vi , E ,fl K R Axe? 3 kg! Mjy 'yes Vggfgvgx .ji ,M y 5: 5 :ll fl if Qi ll, sw ilgfgkfl s Q ik fi pi . i mil, W V,y,,A f . ,ilmifgw 4 fygi ,s,,4g I ' ffrffgll J, all gif? LSA J 7 13 'CG' ,ffilu ,r ,W iff f fb lf it fagllll L q p l l 45 ici? Q?" kt N ifi,LjQjgfi.Q-? ffl RFEQYEPZ l l Firxl Row: Alger, SZM'igli'j', Tubill, NlL'lIIfj'l'l', Iulmxon, Horl1l1i'rgm', Fil1l1lt'j', fl. W'i1n'lvi'll, M. W'im'fn'll. Svvomf Row: Good, McCoy, Tbonljuuu, KIllllCl'l, Ci1xli'i'lim', TY'L'l7t'Lll'7IC, Lfblllllll, Di'W"i'i'xi', Avlvrzznrr. Tbirif Row: Hicks, Mcxsvr, Purwll, Fonlrlw, Hunli'V, Killian, Forney, XVil.YUlI. Pliilrrllezthea lLofvers of Truthj Founded when the college was young, steeped in tradition, and mindful of precedent in noble Phila- lethea. This society also had its beginnings in the year 1906 with thirteen charter members. They overcame the hindrance of mere physical environment and did a great work in training the members to appear well before an audience in any furm of literary exercise. Every Philalethean is loyal tu the Purple and Gold and true to the Motto, "Excelsior," , The training received is designed to completely annihilate the timidity any member might have upon addressing an audience. Firsf Role: DllII!7tlI'1 Bur'r1bizi'l', Noblifl, Ifllrr, Pfuugfzv, Afford, Ei'uri'lf, Pl'H'YV, Slnrfw. , Sz'c'om1' R01l.'S Prigg, Manly, Luzvix, Aiflifzli, Frrifi'11l1i'1'gi'1', Rilvy, Clmiiy, Crick, Nuul. TfJirJ Row: Sllxiforf, Scoll, H. DIIIIIJKIIII, I. Dllllljrllfl, I'ii'i'i'r, Wfaril, A'll'CU7lIll'll, Grfjvu. fx X X fa A ZX fl-ab 5 Y EQfyWlfl'k, ,K f zif :Wi e l , llliliiili In 5 WQfL" . -T5- ' I xy i f f' .f ' gf--'fa H . f. ' r , v I 3 1' ' W fl J ' i f Nc ' i L 'W ef 1: ff it ,ii iir 1.4 I i a!! V fl lt W e fl Q e eeliiiil i e Ll w . 2 Q l lei'-ggi w':'1'Illl'if M' a fl f e-mm f 2 9 -1 Lis ff 1- ., -S I W ,X Y' f '1 115.5 es... ef: l me mf.. e- bf. f 'N V ' . 1 'Q i v ,Q J 5 xl Q L , . lx 'i N 4 J i x ni Q R . Q 4 M X' x . 5 '. 1 7- ' Q - ' T 'X ,x 7 . Q Y i i l Y K Q t N i X1 Q Flrrf Row: Slim, LFIIIIIIU, AiL'fl!Jl'L'lI' Birlflrilf, Kirk, I'I. Srlvoll. Key. .yl ii '- SLTOIIK1 Rout Bl'AllILlL'II!7lll'g, Filzvluy, Curuimly, Marfuux, Eir.vlridgi', Bt'IIllL'l', .f-lrlrur. Q Tbiril Row: Null, QIl.1kF!lI7ll.YlJ, BlHL'llIt'I' Milllill, Lnnzm, I-Inpjzvrt, Ilflnliffcfoll. ' i--X N w N Ni 3 , Zetogotheo i I - Seekers of Goody Y 3 This society was Hrst organized in 1923 wirh n membership of twenty-six. The organization was NN QJ . made to fit the needs of a rapidly growing student body. It has always been the feeling on the part ki l' of Zetagatheans that real literary training comes from actual practice, which would necessarily be checked Q ' " should the attendance grow to unmanageable numbers. The society encourages L1 wide range of literary 7 ,vl accomplishments, there are addresses, debates, essays, orations, criticisms, treatises humorous or serious, 'X I sl news and book reviews. Alumni have been quick to attribute their success in meeting an audience to . ' , J the early knowledge of decorum and adherence to procedure. N 3 X Rin! Rout Viizljmmlu, L. Scholl, H. Burrburr, Bixfi, Whfkifls, Ion.-i, I'Inn1IJi'Vf. . I l,-X SUIUIIJ Row: HilllXZL'iIIil, Br'i'r1m'mi111, Girfon, C. Borrfn'rx, C0fl7i'l'llI:IlI' SL'lJA'lL'IIIlHI, W'illxuy. sl " 1 Tfviril Row: Kelsey, Hiiurork, Coflrlizlnl, Bixler, Wilmrl, LeRoy, I'Iii1H. - i x .f Rig, 1, ,Q V , - 'T - X- r 'I ' ' ' A If 5. 'ii 4 YN 5' 'ii f ,' fy , L "N : 3 X- i ' + is 1 S 1 N ' i + i 1 so fe QT - - l it i . . W . l L... ,, Q M A N .. -,,.,., ..- I - .c AA.,,, t 1 . ' .. :iEF- - vt - Qs? X riffs Vie.: X 5. - i ' v - - . 3 X .. Y , . . giE:E5E!.,,': Ae-': I -aw X '- fc- 'NL In xiii.. , .R l ,N,. :g:R ss- - -ui N 1 M A . ts-. .. V s.,.,,, 1 gi.-...Q ,as Y 1 ' 1 f , . s , :Q Q .Y A - . 5, Q Q s 5: - 53 . . t . , y X llll i U X gg .Q f ' 5,514-F., - .Qs '1 Hg 1 H 'EN X J N ,N rj Avg? iq A L-. - Q .b wig V J gifs! ., R x X N ,sy y . H -, N 9 P is f ' ii l X- 3.5-fy N---xp s- xx -X, ..-rug, 55 xg .':,.,. Q . . -K X ,, X , N ,NL Q. X I I N XM. sql' X 3 xt aka . ,Q :Q x- ,X . lli ii f A i .5-:..Q ' l x i'3aQ57f- Q ' N N S ' "Fx ' i 9 f ' fm . ill an -Tlif X3 - Nl . 9 ,E V . '22 , QD in . iq -1-A rf, ,LA T , F kr' A We fgflgiloi o .T 49 .1533 Q , i. Q ,S i '5 i I ef! f. 6 15 fgfffi jf W f as i t ff 'QW 4 5 N W 57 N .161 5 mv' Hy .JP 'Q AL 14-653 , f .i. f 1 ci i X . fe . f ' f W - 4 1 at - i x, f . N K Q .f An, CD, f . 'WN ,J 1 get e -f , Q1 49 - 1 1 -. f L ' A f 'W ' X Li' ,l1'H-. 'xi ,J- Q ' ' N Q f 1' , lc. ' N , A, .1 if LMA lf if 1- A ,.g'- L, .Ju K XXX X , 9 f' l 'X I - of .11 s mx 7 ' xv , ,f"?-welll ,V . ,.-:L I I is ' 1 GQ .5 5- W' 1 l X va.--"-" X21 bAQ"fQ sr 0 H-., 53" X 'Zi 'filpih i'3'2-"f5U+- 'ef N i 'iff -w e ni: , - . v i ' ii l 1 7 l . yi V, - I X If I ' - X'-fy-LT! M fy 4 ri. ,lx ,,.,f- . , X i i I ,laid cfs-ig ,. yy? 2 ff -Y.. x fi ' M' u,-ff ,51- f no flu M i rf nf 1 .6 J E3 Lf, a 'Q' it-,ilie-iii' i if IJIVHA Razr: Billlilmf, Grllxruml, Gllfnltqfmlll, I,Il't'lj', Chrisiy, Riu, Parixuflv. S:'1'mm' Raw: SIIIIX, Wfilxnn, Hiuff. Cobb, Kink, Tnzylor, Rfrir. Tlvirif Rout Smiflv, D. Prffrv, M. Prffvv, Bailey, IVICDUIIKIIII, Hozzr, Carwr, Curumzly. Theerccadllloszicczc fT'ruth and Beautyj Theaeallosia, the sister society of Zetagathea has accomplished much since the first feeble grupings, Theacallosia is during in her hopes and persistent in her strivings, Truth and beauty --these are the big words to every member of the bar. The beautiful baby grand piano adds much to the appearance nf the hall .md the hangings and other furnishings .Ire A source of pride to the society. A high standard of . , . . V . - 'N literary attainment is upheld. Constructive and critical remarks on every phase ot the program are f 3' given L1 place in each session. Rules regarding punctual attendance and performance of duty are very 'X K strict, if Frm! Rule: Mufvwv, R. Hour, Iifxlllklfll, W'1,n'nm11, Bvumu. P1Ul'lclLfN'V, M. Smzllv. fl," fX . V V Sruornl Rum: Wulkrr, Bntqfw, Lonrbs, TAVUVIIIJIIVX, Bucblolf, Duggy, Murgim, I-Inuf. L Tflirtl Ru1c':Br'urfex1f1iffv, Gllt'l'llAL"1', Cox, Holly, E. Fhlllklifl, Sbir'lt'Vv, DUIILIIIIYIJII, Hilllrurk. , ZX A ' x li ,fix I, X 1 Z5 l . ,fx 1 3 V at f 1 li 1 ' '1 rl . l', Ji' 5, fist lfrf l. lu ilu' f i X I - t . -Hi -limit Xa? li If I tx ,,'iv 5 ' J 'ix SFI' ' Q 3 fl 4 f ,rr E ' fl be il lil K - 4 4 31 " X4 C f fi' 'P i 'L " X i a ull ' Il 'iii' Til' - '- 'Q Gs? the e fr W N et r uert u if 0 4zff4'3 4- '1 c QDACLE 19629 X rx ii ? V Y.M.C.A. CAHINIQYI' First lilYXX"HLlllIDi'l'l. Thompson. I1i'mide1ih111'g. Gilliutl, Stine. XYeIn,-r, Riekel. Set-01141 How-Hish. Jones, XYo1f, M1-Ahern, K+-k. Y.M. and Y.XV.C,A., sponsored by Prof. Gilliatt and wife, and under the capable leadership of John - Thompson and Harriet Gillingham, has done much to build ideals, strengthen character and motivate religious life on the campus. The weekly meetings have been especially good with students and outside talent as leaders. One of the unique features has been the four day institute with outstanding men speaking in our classes and at the evening periods. Une of the new social features has been the promotion of small group parties in the homes of faculty members on those week-ends that were not filled with other college activities. Y.XV. sponsors the May Morning Breakfast to send worthy girls to Lake Geneva. Y.M. has i organized Gospel teamx which have traveled widely. It has furnished speakers for various special oc- casions. A number of fellows serve as Hi-Y leaders while others do work at the American Settlement House in the city. Y.XV.C.A. C.-XIEIINIVI' Isirst lion'-Slnitli, Dzillurd, Gillinitt. Gillingham, Rive. Hivir. S1-1'-mul llow-I.r-hmzin, XVineht-ll, Meade, Shirli-v, Tohill. 1.45 5 ' 1 Qt-fl ' uiifgxa A i O J lixkx 5 w k - - ji l:l"i ll rl if il - 2 wh, '5 A Slim 'W l 9 fs. ' i Dre er f 's evi Tl? 'Ill' Calla H?ff"'LiQ T? -Q rl -- f Kelli , 4 W 4 1 lg! Y If J A k E gr. Q is - fe-7 5 V, XX .5 l All? l-mfg Vli' " QLQ' "BMW 4 X 1- GQ ' ' X l rg ,f aww M Elks 9 gmellw orblx fig was QL? mf! L W 14950 5 3 we J, 4 Aw f l ,lil ri Qu- .az 'i l i - ,Zia ' ',9'i'f 5 li -iv 1 7 A i i it fall? i X' ' y iiii if ml lf 'V' ,, if I , ' fe' " jiri 'N' l' gi.-4 15, : 'ff t 'LQ li-M QQ. fi 5541 giggle. l 3' 1'-Q Nik' Ll-if N 1 nl w A f , 5Naf mrQ 9 M5y Dforniud " asf B1 ealcf Oi Tut-31 X LL '21, vi-Qiorfmu Lake L--+ Hsu. 016011 HQ'vVa1il Our Dal em MTS. K1111 Z5 I ' 1' P . '-79- xj v , .' , .- sf., IL. f ,-A In 2 - ff - ' Q UN F ff in S52 ,F .1 X? - ' - .1 .1 i X' K X 'MIX , 25 5' X 1 f ww K . x . x . , . . 2 f i R KX N "' ,Gy -x, , l 'L f ' A Y :ll 1 1512 jm f 'L g 9 . V f f ' ' ff I - N- xg' FQ: K 'xi' Q X '-L""'S" Z- N-f J' 4 - S-1-..--...N I -MGH! 25: V -4 n-A-'Af-XIX K . . ' ' -- ' ' f 1 Q 2 1 I W I fl Wk Y f H? I W' L- Q A 4 5 I' flb - -5 i ,f' W , H, - iQ Q N Bo ThiWEC5Q+ory nAB1YNbe1slyNewsp1per E Founded 1922 came io ihe pwpose 0iZpe1f9Z60f7Wg' fmlff X Imcbilwma Cenzbrmd, Below- ' F1lf5fPow- Shcwman, Winclwll, key, Darieq Ehdie . X Seco1f1a'.Q0vV- Hqyfegl V34 y NX Swljfh, Ach cr, X Bz'az4denIozugQ ll 0 Ni W fi U, ,1 UH Ai5gxi1a+e Qi CLIE'F512gr ab kv M b' -S025 , N W V - fl N A. , ' W W Q X 11,2 lff fiiw gg, wi , ff wa ' Ziff DA 5? E ,, 241, igkfgwiww N i C?- ' P fy f ' Sfgffhggviwgiwf v-,W ' i 5,.:W1i37Qbf-l' XS5 N 4,. My ff M f' Hn. 'X ' fqffh f" ,P iff '1 x Ni 1 ff" A 'ZF' 'N 'D M Y? Mal, 4: 'fa U Q Q 'DXZ6i Q-EQMQMCLE bg 5 D ' Far imc me r1.Lgh+ Junior he A 1 1 p bop uomotre mem Staff office. ABOOK of Memones I I 1Q0Mm07lzZmfQ the Spimt gif SOQQ JOY? HRA UAIWNGDDMQ Edifor Ouf for Ads ISHN THOMPSON HEESHAL HOLL Ummm SMF? P5Qf5f Pow-Na+? Thompson WEDGV, SCYIO77, Balvzizlzsr SQCGHCZ Qmi CYG.I"l'7'Z0 F2zw.7ey4 Eaffhzfczf ga' flew ' ff 'fl' , , x JQ Q W fx 13 qw 4,,4Xx 1 f Ax Maw 1 F f , f -Vi T' 111 Sm' e n wwf' x Jfxgwfxfiuegilp gg 21 :WTO ff V . X!! 41 '- 1 5 K :wif 4 J, L EX " f ' , A QIPAJCILIE Q! , Eff ? f1: U 1 'N sf f3f4"512fJ 1 , QQ 1 4 fxhfsf xl '69 A 13 L MSP 'f f f X ' ,J ff Hy' 0 ig ' f 5 . .J4 , F Q 'f n I, is ' J' i GAVE? K ,Qf Q. V lkiwbv ,xv K - Q T wx f ' 'ww 5 f: .,gww W H f ,V 1325 ' a V A W A x1-N I fkg... -xr-'SP' h' , -'iii l"""-N -sv 1 ---'::Xf 1 --L "' 25: 6-mQ Q S'3QYE'? R W 'Q JLTC L U' V F W ww 1 J L N Si W' M 5 Q27 if' WH 'F gm CLEWFYWQQQ N N 1 X lj' l ,al Q9 I p , 6 5 il " J Lf?Wiwif . ff-Q" M Zi W , f if W, ff-f f ni wuf- I L ,, eNfw 12Ac1.E 1Qf2Q ' I ZQ - .,,- Q N .,- .I - 'ww emu - f.w,:w4, 1 'Qi f79ii"1i f I X-N 'I f M ff Wx' 'W fi ' X yr o ,, 1. , ' DMD ' ' L P M Q . , ,X . K ff :il .n . f fm .N -N 5 . Q 3 N41 bw U x +3 MX' WM? Q Q i Jfzggajff . mvf fh A 014-,TIL ff M fm- - QAM- If N-A gf f .gif H 3 ml' J fl fx Wy? rx 'A-at ' fl 653 , l fo Qi! Q 6Z35?g332f' 1-iv P -?7? ?52f my AQ ff il M I' J- fl? 15 , -M22 ,X swf X5, , fg K N321 L Q If I X Qf,Qg?,i.,,ff R-gf f use M wg, ,:JF 1L ,L4 1 ,575 ' T30 is Q? il '45 T 2, Q12ACLE QQ b 3?2QY?,?'? W v,, E E - - - .- rr 'it '-4" 1: f7T'f'f' ,. ' Sl- LQQQFE Q F' Ni 'Nx 5321 -5 , ' E Q A. Q ' ---. . -, - A " , 'X 1 Q, 6' ' r ,. iiifllm . Q 1, , Q ve Ly' 1 L Q, E , 1 ag X' :QA A, QV 'K 5' Z P . . Q A' .' - V Q' ""' Z , H' , .S v ,. .. b ,Z .- ig. ,.,, ' 0 :pa- N. - . , ..' f' A Q,"-. ""9"E3'i-.I .V '-.x 5, g, 3. . D' P- 'V V A I .- 'NNW V .x'X Q I, . ' ' ' fb? , tp Y ..1-.2 X Umm 1 KU . " Dfw 3' k 1-. ' , x ' M--w....4 . glgj- . - A ,.-1-p--wir...-H-.MN " V Sv ,, 1 V 6' 'fi' r wx --4 - an H y 3 f, ,T f 'W--. J 5 r 1 ' , ' W , ,., . Q HIV g i "-'-'- .-.f, 1' 43, 3 F ' Mzififfz .,,. j X 'A ' . X ' '4 l x fl A 1 1 'p 'rf fd A ,' X ' x .::.1--':-15-: ,,,Q .--- fi 'N ' 'v Q WW Qty, '..k rt ..-,. , K Wi J L 2 K 1 Q ui if Ak, z 2 ' , -, -' V . , a mn fu K ' M 22 - :I V b , . I f ly ,fl mv MX, "":i1" 1 'l-MQ ffffi-E1 ' ig, ' ...-. I ,4 ...,. "" ""' ' .- . fx .,,,-N,-I , H, uf, N, :V .,.... ...,.., 5 ,ni 1 "P '- " Q '- ' !"' ' : :""WiK Af 3 ,,,A. 3.7, ,M j YF -. , ,,, I V X in H--, LVN- I was I , W ., -- F- V 'f' T ff I M f ,Af ' ' ' , 'z 213 X 0 mf: H Q 1 H, 0' X 9 Nl - 3: , U V X . - A ., I f A as -U? at ul fd xy I -A 2 S We ' + ' " ia Ie I , ' 'nb sf . t A5t' s ' 1 -QA' mv' 1 l ' S. Q " P I j ' y Y, 1'- I b A , H Ns, 'I S5 ' J I MW ? . f A 'ff -1- j 1 'Q f Q . ,A fg ' f f' f V fa 3 QEQW -fl , 53 is -Ig 3 Q W 6 1 7 X .dbz-. 15, 0 , :' ,, -' ' 5 avi W' Q WV 1 E+ M 1MQ1ffif fRff ff Si-512 .-in-is , If I - --'LCXJ w CHQ I UEACTLE 19969 Xu O'-it X ,rf we ez:- w . ' af Si j - x. . '5DiWE"'?' Appreciation Little has been said about those in- dividuals who have worked for the inter- est of the college, through quartettes, gospel teams, and personal solicitation. It would be hard to mention and uive honor to all. But on this page we have pictured a few of those wh.: have kindled a spirit of Central enthusiasm wherever they have gone. No. 1. The Cardinal quartette, compos- ed of Ford, Hawkins, F. Perkins, and I.. Perkins. This group traveled about during the spring of '2H. Most of their work was done in Illinois, No. 2. None other than Bennett Pulp, graduate of the class of '18, who worked tirelessly in XVhite River Conference to promote the interests of the college during the summer. No. 3. College quartctte of 1929 com- posed of Siekafoose, Rider, F. Perkins, and Hauswald. No. 4. Thompson's Gospel Team quar- tette composed of Thompson, Huppert, Nall, and W'illiams. NO. 5. Paul M. Bilby, graduate of the class of '28, who was special worker for tbe college in St. joseph Conference dur' ing the summer of '28, No. 6. Craig Brandenburg. energetic college worker in Indiana conference dur- ing the summer of '2S. No. 7. Middleton's Gospel Team quar- tctte composed of Middleton, Huddleston, Mogle, and Cotherman. This group trav- eled about four thousand miles in all. No. 8. The Beacon qtlartette, composed of Parsons, Huppert, Thompson, and i,!li,' Longenbaugh. This quartette traveled all X over Indiana last summer, visiting churches N and conferences. lx All of the above mentioned will long X be remembered by the constituency. S6 I Q f x in lj iq J 55:24 V' C fu .effw .. esta, - fs I I f f 7 Q7 355 W X 2 fs, -I Qf 'Ti ' t . 1 I fs elf -. 'r ., is I . V N! , E' Ljybfq X DEQ? fi, K .531-gy' ulxf-gr x 6 LQ l lx im I -A it fl ' A ' 'ef u . as f 55 . ' l i We W r Q I 5 I s rr " lei. euirrw-ees es if N A Sk K ' f , xi' lx 'lg Xp Q ,,- 2 X 4 G-Haig, .-QL P I rr IM, f f' V i f 1, i fest it .Qs ., I fr rfffff? 7 'W ,Q -.Q-Z 1 4 , ef- L 5-AM ' 'I-33' I W nfrag Q meets the bus- 4 in man Who endeav- CX fe ,ffeew t N ,. X - XX fx x K A J ors to Supplq the Wants i f X of humamtq and to 1 X k fl .x , Q make the Wheels of pro- 3 3 N- V - A greSS run more Smoothlq E je t' f-if,-ig -'f' E f 1? I ,Ar .if an Y5,.i l z 5 , r' Z?J' Qin, MM wt ,iii jl J gf KK f' xl: ,J 7 e X , xr- f 1 Fun anifNk51sm 51 "" t Q yn no 7 fr - J - A 1 , 2 - . " '---g - 'I R . V- 1' -Ll lr . H 1 ' 4,7-. :hy Xgxgxt J ' IIIIIIIPISIIIII X bg 1 , f XXX X fr f , 9 1 E w IH f N, f EX V ' v Q II 1, H ...Q- A ., E ' .u 5 , . X ld 'lids ' E- Q A, y , 1 I .1 1 f J,z""' If S V, fl' fi ZW? 5 , ffrdx- Xe,- nga 31 fikkgg, A' rx. EXW M in f -752542, 'Z-fx-iv! Wg fm gy N-'X K-3 J takeS hiS place at the desk of industrq Contributing to Social .good rather than ex- ploitatron for person- al gain 7f,Zg0e14Mf2f6:c:.4,, oj'b"""'5 ffl? 5 5Q7f0'2'i0'JAA7'w'0J'V Lxvkf-XJAN ' 566,-,VV. ' - fvffvllll 5, QSEQ4-,.,,..,,,,,,, Au-pmA"""'3""'z AAI ' 9 , I . 4,33 x9 iJx1LiL tL,rw,, , J g1iLvmf - Jlvgofx-f ga B Os- 'A"UJ'Qfx""v .,uL-L.c2,fvL.,N, ' 7 7 Qfatij MQbn wffw dit gjq f, wwfwx ' 9,11 . K - , ' Q X Q1 . 'ai-L - , jii3rf.iQ Q . THE REFLECTOR Vol. XXIX No.9 May 10, 1940 Smelling Sense WEDDING T0 BE RESULT OF IVIEETING Two Were Present Ralph E. XVohlford recently held an alumna: meeting in Palo Alto, California. He is a stern old bachelor but not necessarily matri- mony-free as the meeting brought together old lovers in Mr. Nvohlford and Miss Pauline Barnhizer. This love affair began ,way back in the spring of l9Z9. The chances are, good for a wedding this june. Mr. Wohlford has been teaching school in California since his grad- uation from Central. He is now principal of Palo Alto High School. Miss Barnhizer is a ventriloquist, and has been on the stage since 1937. Two were present at the alumnx meeting. NEAR FATAL ACCIDENT Paul L. Bailey, of Churubusco, severely hurt himself a few days ago while, working on the section for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He was in the act of driving a wooden spike into a steel tie when his spikel maui slipped and hit his big toe. He is expected to recover. Howe. Famous Playwright The Avyce Jensen Stock Com- pany will open the season next Monday night in South Xwhitley. They will present the latest suc- cess of Miss Margaret Howe, the greatest play writer in America. She has rightly been called the Sec- ond Shakespeare. The play is en- titled, "The Tragedy of Humpty Dumptyf' MRS. McCUNE RETIRES Mrs. Viola McCune has resigned from her position as mother of Men's Hall, and will soon go to California where she expects to spend the remaining days of her life in quiet retirement. KEY RECEIVES PROMOTION Mr. Amza Key was recently pro- moted to City Editor of the India- napolis News staif. Mr. Key has been very successful in his life work as :i newspaper man. Quakenbush, Miner and Huffman Soon to Start for Mars The Quakenbush, Miner SL Huff- lman Company, Inc., has just re- lleased .1 machine by which the three inventors plan to travel to 'Mars, It has taken ten years to build thc machine and its cost is upwards to two million dollars. The invention was financed by Dr. D. L. Eaton, a former professor of the three men. The machine is equipped with a rocket starter. The entire plane is made of .1 non-gravitating material invented by Mr. Quakenbush. This material enables the machine to lmove at a rapid speed from the .earth, not having to combat the force of the earth's gravity. This non-gravity material is at- tracted by Mars, since its gravity is opposite that of the earth. The ma- chine is run by a fluid which pro- duces a speed greater than can be made upon the earth. This inven- tion is bound to be successful and will open the way for better study ,of the conditions on Mars. EASTRIDGE TRIED AND CONVICTED His First Offense Omer XV. Eastridge fPhilj has been convicted of fraudulent use of the mails and has been sentenced to Marengo for 2 to 14 years. It seems that some years ago he dis- covered an old Spanish legend which contained the secret of how blondes grow old beautifully. Phil imme- diately saw the economic possibili- ties and launched a great advertising campaign. He received entreaties from everywhere. One would never have thought that there were so many blonde women. But the for- mula didn't work. Eastridge was caught, tried and convicted. He is now serving his sentence. BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson l . have announced the arrival of an eight pound baby boy. The proud parents have asked Dean Cravens to be godmother. The new young- ster has been christened Madison Findley. Mr. Thompson has been engaged in the railroad business since his serious illness at which time he was forced to give up sur- gery. He hopes to be able to go back to his profession soon. PRISON SENTENCE Kephart Nall was sentenced to ten days in jail and fined S50 for violating the two-arm driving act. SCIENTIST NIAKES NEW DISCOVERY Discovers Potatocorn Dr. L. Spyker Stine has recently submitted an article to the National Scientific Magazine on "Economic and Social Values of an Onion." Dr. Stine has made several great discoveries in the field of science. As a boy he took great delight in raising his corn and potatoes and has now given up everything to do this great work. For several years he has been working on the cross between corn and potatoes. Dr. Stine is the discoverer of the new potatocorn. Spykie, Dr. Stine's son, assists his father in his vocation. Ellis. Minister to Chile 1 The Reflector received word some time ago that Chester Ellis is Chile. interest he at- tended Central. He was a member to be our new minister to Mr. Ellis was noted for his in diplomatic affairs when HONIE OF EX-STUDENT DESTROYED Burned 'to Ground The country home of Floy Car- ver Carpentier was burned last eve- ning about nine o'clock. It is thought that the conflagration was caused by defective wiring. The flames from the large and beautiful home lighted up the countryside for miles around. Though Mrs. Carpentier has a city home, a home in the moun- tains, and one at Long Beach, Calif- ornia, she has never been able to forego the rural pleasure of a country home in Indiana. She states that she will rebuild immediately. Mrs. Carpentier writes for The Illlfflllhl Filrmer and is President of the Indiana Federation of Farm Women. She has been abroad sev- eral times and his traveled widely in America studying farm con- ditions. iMISS BALLARD IN PARIS Miss Bess Ballard has spent the last six years in Paris as an expert in mens' styles. She works for the XVm. H. Block Company. Miss Ballard recently won first prize for her selection of the best novelty clothes in men's dress. Her novel- ty was the trouser without a crease. Many of these trousers can be l of Central's debating team fourl years. WOLFE ATTAINS FAME Ronald Wolfe has been given a position with the Ringling Brothers, kBarnum and Bailey Circus. His tumble acts have won for him much praise. King Ferdinand, be- fore whom he performed, offered found on campuses at the present time. TRAGEDY ENDS TOUR The tour of Mr. Weber over the inter-dependent states of Europe was ended a few days ago when he met with an accident. While rid- ing along one of the beautiful high- ways of Germany on a bicycle, a vulture suddenly dipped down from one of the trees and Mr. Weber was less one eye. The accident was unusual as vultures usually attack dead animals. EDITOR FOUND DEAD Ralph Hayter, sport editor of the Acton Gazette, was found dead in his oflice several weeks ago. The doctor announced his death due to him a court position, but Mr. Wolfe? says he prefers the hills and Udalesnlgas ever since he had been able to to the low monotonous plains. talk. gas. He had shown symptoms of PAGE 2 THE REFLECTOR THE RELECTOR The Reflector is a college paper, published daily by the Press Clab Foundation of Indiana Central Col- lege. This is a special Alumnx edition. Entered as Senior class matter in the Indianapolis Postoiiice Oct. 5, 1917. THE STAFF Editor. .. . PAUL C. FAWLEY Associate editor ......... ....,,. . , Mas DONALD CARMONY Associate editor Miss HILDA Garwoool Business Manager O. XV. EASTRIDGE Eilnriziiou is lo ilu' luzrmzu ion! tubal Sifllflfllll' is lo tl block nf UIlII'f7fi'. GETTING TOGETHER All of us have hours when we would like to meet old classmates again. Of course, this is impossible, but we have done the next best thing. We'll meet each other on paper. It is interesting to note the dif- ferent paths which the members of the Class of 1929 have followed. Practically all have been on the ward road. Success is a motto most Central grads and it rules su- preme among the members of memorable class. UID' for OUI' It is always a pleasure to recall events of old. I wonder how many of us can remember important events that happened while we were attending Central? How many can answer the following questions? WHo REMEMBERS WHEN: 1. George and Harriet had their Erst date? 2. Central played Franklin for the first time in football. 5. Phylis johnson got to her meals on time? 4. jim Weber put out the best Oracle in Central history? S. Shel Key Went with a girl named Chasey? 6. Chester Ellis studied twenty- iive hours a day? 7. Art Bright thought Tom Paine wrote our Constitution? 8. They had examinations? Uncle Elmer was Prexy of Residence Hall? 10. Paul Babbitt had a thing called a Whippet? 9. Even if you do not recall any of the above events, you will recall others that are more important. The old days at Central were about the best ever, weren't they? LEMME TO PUBLISH BOOK Earl Lemme has just refused an affer to coach football at Harvard in order to put all of his time on a book which he intends to start writing immediately. Mr. Lemme feels a kinship with anyone who has difficulty with grammar. None other than philanthropic motives could have caused so prominent an athlete to forego such popularity and material gain in order to extol a losing cause. His book is "Sim- plified English for the Foreigner." WEDDING BELLS One of the most colorful events of this year's social calendar was the wedding of Augusta Mclntyre to Gerald Middleton. They were quietly married in the little Meth- odist Chapel, where Miss Mclntyre was baptized and confirmed. Only the family and close friends were present. The bride was dressed in an ashes-of-roses satin gown and the groom wore conventional blue. The church was beautifully decor- ated and the ceremony was per- formed under a bower of ophelia roses. Miss Mclntyre is giving up a very successful career as head of the Dietitian Department nf the XY'oman's Home Companion. Mr, Middleton is a singer of more than ordinary fame. The ceremony was conducted by the Rt. Rev. Clar- ence Bookyout of Muncie. ORDINATION SERVICE A very impressive service was held last Sunday in the First Unit- ed Brethren Church of University Heights when Elmer Smith, D.D.. was ordained Bishop of the United Brethren Church, Central. The sol- emn ceremony was conducted by the Rev. Montgomery, D.D., of Dayton, O. Dr. Smith's daughter, Esther, .1 music graduate from Cen- tral, played the prelude and post- lude on the organ. PHYLLIS JOHNSON RECOVERS Phyllis johnson is in a southern sanitarium recovering from a se- vere case of nervous prostration. Miss johnson believes that her ill- ness was brought on by the fact that movie stars and newspaper re- porters, were always trying to End her secret of keeping thin. There was no avoiding them, so she re- sorted to the sanitarium. The doc- tors still consider her case serious, and she is allowed to see very few people, especially those people who are overweight. OBITUARY Sheldon Key was born March 13, 1907. Being the son of a preacher, he moved from place to place, and always took the good with the bad. In 1925 he entered Indiana Cen- tral College where he attended four years. Throughout his life he has been keyed for all occasions. He was always ready to tell his little joke for the laugh of others if they so desiredq when others have wept, he hath rejoiced. Last Tuesday his great call came. XVhile removing his false teeth, he accidently dropped them and died during the night with a dreadful toothache. He leaves to mourn a widow and seven children. MISS DUNBAR DEAN Leila Dunbar has been made dean of the girls of the Murphy 5 and 10 store. She has a very responsible position and is making a success of her work. Her man- ager states that a better dean never entered the door of Murphy's. She has 2,567 girls under her. SOCIETY Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kirk and family have just returned from an air cruise around the world. They spent several weeks in Asia to give Mr. Kirk an opportunity to gather bent twigs. That is his hobby. DEDICATION OF CENTRAL LIBRARY The Rev. Kenneth Humbert will give the dedicatory address upon the completion of the new Central Library. The building is a beauti- ful and imposing structure of white stone. The structure will soon be completed at a total cost of one million dollars. The money has been raised through members of the Class of 1929. The hall will be called Twenty-Nine Hall. Dunn's Band has been playing at the Indiana Ball Room for the past three years. Centralites will recall that Dunn used to play the piano during history class, and that is where he got his start. r------ ----- -------- HEY, SENIORS!! LOOKEE! GRADSU Goin' to Housekeeping? Here 'Tisl No More Tears! No More Frets! No iLET ME SOLVE More Sleepless Nitesl YOUR PROBLEMS- RUBBER CARPET TACKS-Never' Scratch The Floor Made and Sold Exclusively by HOUSE OF HUNIBERT Office: '13 Blawee Bldg. K. W. Humbert, Gen. Mgr. Rushville, Indiana Phone: Whoopee 13-X-Y-Z -v------::::::::::::a a--mEEELELmMmLmmmmMm1 .... .... ,.,. .,.. ,,,, l HUG-'EM AND SQUEEZE 'EM co. l 1 DEALERS IN SECOND-HAND MARRIAGE LlcENsEs I E CRACKED VSLQEEDAQDSJOUCH STONES i i HERMAN BORCHERS I ! .... MANAGER .... -1- -..-...-..-....-...-...-...- .... -....-...-..-..-...-..-..-..-..-..-.,-,:,, FvlululliIiiIuluIliIiiIulliIiiIi:luIilIllIuluIizIirlliIulliIuIi:lulllI1lIuluIliliilulululullilululE Carmen , Key, Fawle National Democratic Commitee E E We solicit your support for 2 JoHN ALBRIGHT PRES FOR- Q IDENT E We Advocate Cornpanionate Marriage, Free Love, E E and IiiIllI1lIllIlIIlillllllIllIlIIlIllllllIIIIlIIlIIlllilIllIlIIllllllilIllIlIIlIllllllIIIIlIIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll Socialism Q E la Southern Indiana. THE REFLECTOR PAGE 3 MISS GATWOOD HAS SCHOOL Miss Hilda Gatwood recently founded the Gatwood School of Music. The school receives only those pupils whose cases are classed as hopeless by other music schools. Her greatest success was probably that in the case of Avyce Richards. She was considered as nil in voice, but under the careful direction of Miss Gatwood and her able assist- ants, Miss Richards has become a great singer. Bobby Dear, as Mr. Eshlemann is many times known, will take the place vacated by Al jolson, as the head of American jazz. Irene Shrigley, president of the local chapter of Philalethea, ad- dressed the members of the bar on the subject, "Pioneer Philalethe:lns". Miss Shrigley is a charming speak- er and holds her audience spell- bound from first to last. The pro- gram last night was the Hrst step in the initiation of eleven new members who joined last week. Philalethea is planning a new house soon in order to better ac- commodate the increased member- ship. RAGAIN'S BAND BROADCASTS Joe Ragains organized a band among the newsboys of Chicago a short time ago. He has been in Chicago all winter working on the newsies and he says, "Teach a boy to blow a horn and he will never blow ll safe." Mr. Ragainis band will broacast over KYW next Thursday night at Grandpa Bob's hour. To the Editor of the Alumme Re- flector: I wish to announce that I am in the tennis racquet business. Miss Pauline McDonald has just placed a large order in my hands. My racquets' strings are made from the finest pedigreed cats. Herman Borchers. ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gillingham have recently announced the en- gagement of their daughter, Har- riet, to Mr. George McAhren, of near Manilla. This courtship has been a long and lasting one, having started at Central in the spring of 1926. The wedding will take place during the next four or five years. YOUNG XVINS PRIZE Wfilliam Young of the famous class of '29 was awarded first priz: on his hebarium at the recent bo- tanical show in London. Mr. Young has refused two and one-half mil- lion dollars for his plant collec- tions. He was at one time a student of Dr. F. E. Beghtel. ADVERTISELIENT BABBITT'S TONIC The Best of its Kind in the World. Hear What Users Have to Say About It. Dear Sir: For years I have been in a run- down condition. I never did have the ambition that most people to have. Some me lazy. I had just a miserable give up my job last straw. My thought I ought people even called no pep and was wretch. I had to and that was my family was in distress and I was frantic with worry for them. Then one day I heard of Babbitt's Tonic. One bottle put me on my feet again, and now I am as happy and as strong as ever. I gladly recom- mend your tonic to those who have lost their pep and strength. I can never thank you for the good you have done me. Very truly yours, Harold Sackmire. sg..-.............. -ll.-...-....-...-ll-...- ' IT'S AT ELNORA NOW! : 1 1 1,11 ...l....l.u1llll-llll1...,- I BRlGHT'S SCHOOL FOR FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL I ....COACHES.... I l i JUNE 17-JUNE 29 i Elnora University is Located in the Heart of Beautiful I '!' BACK TO NATURE Nothing has been heard from Doris Alger for seven years. At that time she was located on a small farm near Cactus, Texas, liv- ing by herself. She once made the statement that her great ambition was to get away from people in order that she might enjoy the han- diwork of nature to the highest HITCH-HIKER RETURNS Mr. Herschel E. Scholl has only recently returned from a thumbing tour around the world. He tells us that bumming in sedan chairs in China is not so good, but that through his melodillus carols he was able to make I1 trip free from that degree. dreadful disease of blistered feet. +..-....-...- - - -....-ll-.........-............................-....-......l...-ll.-....-....'4, l 1. Bess Ballard 3. Gladys Lively I 2. Mary Hiatt 4. Augusta Mclntyre I E 1. Ultimate madrigalist scholar. 5 : 2. Unique mesmeric satirist. l I 3. Unprecedented militant suffragette. i 3' 4. Unimpeachable magniloquent secretist. - -.....-lag. -BOOKOUT- - INTERNATIONALLY STANDS Fon suPRElvlAcY, in - Accounting, Auditing. Income Tax Advisor. Industrial Ac- - - counting, Cost Systems, and Legal Counsel in all Financial : Q Matters. - Member of Ass'n. of IIIIE'I'lI3tIllI12ll Public Acc., Federal g E Ass'n. of C.P.A.'s. Indiana Bill' Assn. : - Offices, Goth Floor of the Q NEXV AIRXVAYS BLDG. Illflinnnplllis, Illtllilllil. Q r --v- -f ------v-.-... v....-.-...... - ------ WHY CALL AN UNDERTAKER? John M. Thompson, M.D., Etc. KNIFELESS SVRGFION AEROPLANE SERVICE INCLVDING MARS AND THE MUUN --A ------------------ -------------- - -A-3 Ljlllilll llllIIlllinllflnulllllllillilllllrlllll lllllll llllltllllll E -RIDE IN- I THE NEW "EDITH" PLANE : Safe-Speedy-Sporty : Price: 3485.00 - LEMME AEROPLANE CORPORATION I E. F. LEMME, President - "Makers of Better Planes" ......... ...ll .. ........................l..,..................... F -------- ---- ------------- ----------- - '- J. R. KIRK 8: COMPANY Architectural Acoustics See the Famous Good Hall ELNORA UNIVERSITY ELNORA : : : : : : INDIANA Readil Acce 'bl. E . y ss' e of Indiana Central College l Bl.lzzER-ooo-0 "Safety, Service, Satisfaction" ole ull ln u sn lin-ull-llll1llll1uu-ul:-ll--ll-u ---1 -ll1uu1llaIsl :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J l .....l..LJ BAGE 4 THE REE LECTOR DR. BENSON SPEAKS Dr. Georgia Benson, head of the Home Economics Department of the Emmerich Manual Training High School, spoke in Good Audi- torium several weeks ago on the subject, "The Relation of Examina- tions to Pupil Iinde.ivor." Miss Benson states that it is her exper- ience that examinations arouse a feeling of panic among the pupils .in.l that as the hour approaches the nervous tension becomes so liigli that it is dangerous to be in the room alone and unprotected. The new system of daily quizzes and automatic promotion or reten- tion has surpassed the highest ex- pectations of the entire faculty. This is a forward step in the edu- cational field and to Miss Benson, who has made the idea practical, deserves the credit. Dr. Benson is the author of the article. "Pupil Participation," which deals with much the same problem, in the De- cember issue of the Progressive Teacher. Mr. Donald Carmony has just announced his candidacy for Cor- oner of Shelby county on the Democratic ticket. He is one of the successful undertakers of Shel- byville. He is assisted by his wife who was formerly Miss Mary Hiatt. Mr. Carmony has ii son who is only seven years old and in the seventh grade. This boy is certain- ly following in the footsteps of the father. ,, miiniiniuiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii uni ii I I The Reverend D. L. Scull has just completed a series of lectures at the Cadle Tabernacle in the city. His talks were illustrated and dealt with different phases of the Holy Land where he has been studying the last two years. -iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiimiiiiiinminiiiiniiirimiiiinini-iiiiiiiiiiiiiii-mil- MARY HAZELLE HYATTE MODISTE and COSTUME DESIGNER I DRESS TO YOUR PERSONALITY- Q Phone Shoppe : R-19206-1 Fifth Avenue TENNIS CHAMPION , RESTS I Miss Pauline McDonald, womenls tennis champion, is home for rest. Her manager, Art Bright, states that no more games will be booked for three months. He also an- nounced that Miss McDonald's next match will probably be with her renowned classmate, Miss Gladys Lively, who is general man- ager of the Ayer's store in Saint Louis. DIETIANS ADD NEW' FEATURE Mabel Bailey and Mignon Chris- ty, famed with the radio fans of the world at dietitians, have recent- ly added a new feature to their program. The very helpful lec- tures form this time forward, will be given in forms of musical read- ings. Both Misses Christy and Bailey are very talented in music. Since television has been in vogue, the so-called unbreakable smile has been popularized by Miss Christy. According to her own statement lit was acquired in the early post- Qofhce days to hide anger, fear, dis- gust, and sorrow in varying de- grees and intensities. viiiiiiiinilimiiiiiiiimiriiiiiiiiiii CAMAY SOAP One skin out of ninety is with- out blemish. Hear what Eloise Eviston, who was recently crowned "Miss Amer- 5ll'--wI-i-u- firi - iii- - ---- - iiii - iiii ------ - - -- I FOR HIRE I I 14-sa... - iY----- ll ll ll ll ll ll A reliable saxaphone player PEG. CARVER : Telephone-123 Blue. Guaranteed to chase away those blues Mlle Renee Shriglie LES CHAPEAU II Tel.: Goblins 22-00 P A R I S ll M- ..... F ll ll ll I EASTRIDGE AIRS CO :E Dealers in Tongue Stretchers, Linguistic Materials 1, Optimism, Holes in Doughnuts, Rubber Carpet Tacks :I Office: 53rd Floor Gymnastic Bldg.: Take Skyrocket Stairway M- -Imummiiiiiiiiiimi imiiiii P WANTED- Jokes for my new collection, as my old one has 1 been exhausted. Scotch jokes especially desnable Send Correspondence To DORIS M, ALGER BOX 545 ALLIANCE OHIO niiiuiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiii 5 l mini i-inim-iiiiiiiiiininmiiniiii.iiiimiiii..iniii .. EXCURSION RATES TO MARS With Stopover on the Moon SPEND JULY 3. 4 AND 5 ON MARS ica," has to say: It's the ONE SOAP' limi ii-ini.-ii.iiiiiiimiiiii iiiii "For its fineness of texture ani Eloise Eviston. its skin health value, I use CAMAY. . E i 3 : .+, mins WOHLFORD Sz SCHOLL EXPERIENCED PILOTS RATES-31.00 and Up. in nn -MOSTLY UP! Solomon Was Right! -.uniim1nii1....1iri.1iiii,-iii-.iii.-iiiiiriiliviiiiiii-. -.. 1.. .1 ..1..4.. HmmImmimi'Hmmlmiiiiilmzmmmlmimi,Hmmm Im uf I " - - - it icing" :xl A Mexy Iiealt Doetlr Good L ke it Med 5 sm-r sarls-ohvosri' BOXES iuztmiste INVESTMENT G1ggle'EE sanatonum -High Interest Notes- Box 35 Bess M. Ballard, M.D. Sec v Tieas Gladys Lively E'I'-"r-j"'- "" - "" - "" ----- ' "- "" -"W-'W "" -""-"H-"""n-"M , ,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,.,,l,,.,,I,.I 5l.i...-....- -.....-. .... - .... - .... - .... -....- .... - .... - ...i - iiii - i-.i - ---- - iiii -i-i- - -mi 1iiii1iiii-iui1iii.1 1,...1iiii1.iu1ii -. 1 1 1 I-.iii BOOKS! BOOKS! My Latest Just Off the Press A Modern Shakes erian Drama P TAMING OF THE HUPPERT" Price S5 O0 HILDA M. GATWOOD - -.iii-ii --m.- - u-.m-i...--..i-...- un1sii-nu-.iiuiu -all Il .g."!' YOU MAY NOT BE LOOKING FOR US -But- "WE'RE LOOKING FOR YOU." American Association of Bachelors JAMES ANTHONY WEBER. PRES. LOCATED - - EVERYWHERE -ML 1 1 -im-.iiiiliiiili 1 -iiilmi1nii..iiii-iin1iin-- 1 1 -M1 012335362 :I 1:1 'KQUZEE-QT 131llIllllllllllllllIllIllIllHIllllrllllllllllllllillilmll'll:lllll1ll:ll:lllll.lllll'l"ll'lllll'lllll'll:llllllll1l11l11lnllllllll'll'lllIllIllllllllllzllillllllllllllllzlif - - 5 - E E Q - . Q - S . E E Q 1' e 1 e . Q . - I I F ust what you are been - i '21 ' ' ' ' E' A -Xliilin H ' H E 1111 Mshzng a aztzrg 4- - ' '2'.,L'-1-j"g.-r -'Q . .A 'X A 1 , - 11,1 , . ,. .S .. 1 . , , - .1 .. 1 TIIUIIIDSUII s Cham Reference 'bible is Illtlel l'l'lt. Gives Sou Q li 1111111-lete Bible lil.u'aI'5' in one volume. 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Daum MX " 111 LOCK AND SAFE EXPERT Z 9, A 1 1, Q1 5 GENERAL REPAIRING AND MACHINE WORK 3 lil., 1 gil 1 5 E Distributor for Coldwell Power Lawn Mowers E ii: 3 2 IN THE SUMMER TIME. HOSPITAL Fon LAWN MOWERS 5 km I1-, : ' Y ' I ', I .X E 43 VIRGINIA AVE. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Q 1 5111 EiI'lIlllllIlllllIllIllIllI'IllIlIII'lIllIllIllllllllllllllllllI"IlIlIlIllIllllllllllll'lI'lIlll Il1I''IllIllIllIllIlll'll'lI'llllllflllillllllllIlI'lI'lI'Ii'Il'I'I iii I ,' I P l -911 ,T mmf' Tix! rs if Nj ' gi' S 3 jg M fm P i ,V "Q M Q KX AC 1, ' 7 i I ' xl .S I if 1 . .fl S" f X' W S455 L K I i W E I 0 X AGFSBXV1 X ? lx if 1. . I 1 4 f D ' '-fl A 1' I -211 , jig., .- Q fl 1 2 1- 7. 9 A I if T. fa. 'L I . Ss 1 ll 4-I - is " ffafzfir TN. 'I If-, ' " 'NME L A I 1' lil 7 ff 1' ' F " " ll F-.iii I K ff ljl. I ,, Sf Q A -Ag A l'I.e5536?4r2 Q VOORHIS STUDIO 611 N. IllinoiS St., Indianapolis YOUR 1928 ORACLE WAS AWARDED SUPERIOR RATING BY THE NATIONAL SCOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION OUR PHOTOGRAPHY WAS USED OUR REASONS WHY IVE SHOULD BE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER 'T " f l A WY Q X I I l l l I l I XX l ll I ll XX l L I l NK l X ll l XI I I X I I I I I I I I I I I I ,lull Ill I IIiIl:lIlIlI'lI 'I 'IllIllIllIilI lI,lIl Il'I Ill lI1'Iltg:l ,llllllllllliilllllllllll IIlI'lI IiI'IllIlIil l IIlI1I "The wisest and tlie best of men l1QlVC never clrenmed it treason, to laugh R bit and eliat 11 bit and jest Cl bit in season. To joke n bit and talk n bit and balance up tlieir reason U l::ll'IllIllIl'llI I I u I l l l l Salesman: "Do you want this suit with n belt in tlIe back :Intl ll eutI on tlie pants?" Collegian: "No, Do you XVJIII n sock in the eye? 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DH 3 Qi 5 1 vw 1 V. i f QV 6 ,fx "Wi, I ' A W 59533 , U . f Wa . y ifgllif gl 1ii f if w , ,f X 'Q' - ' 'Q fi' V rw, bmew emIaZQ0 c9 lllllllll I I I Ill I Ill I-III I I I I Ill I I I I I ILIIIIIII lllllllil I I IIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I I Illllllllllllllllllllg HIS BOOK is cased in an Sr K. SMITH COVER -- a cover that is E guaranteed to be satisfactory and is created and SMITHCRAFTED by an organization of craftsmen specializing in the creation and production of good covers. Whatever your cover requirements may be, this organization can satisfy them. Send for information and prices to THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY Smithcrafters of good covers 448 North Wells St., 5 C h i c a g o 2 IllI'lIIIIlIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllI'KIIlIVlIlI,lllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIlIllI-Mil :willIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIllIllKX! I ll I I-. . 'j"Il1I'I I I I I I I I I I Iwll Illllllvllllill IllliIlillllillmllIllllllllll IlllIlIlllllllllllllllllillll I I I Ill I Ill I I I I'l"' Il I I I I I y i 1, is . The new F-M Water System New in valueinew in low price-new in sales opportunities! A m0dem,big-capacity Home Water System-the product of long experience and F-M quality building. Write for special home water service book. Address Dept. A'2-22 FAIRBANKS, MORSE 81 CO., Manufacturers. Chicago, U.S.A. IllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllm THE MAIL PRESS Printers -- Publishers We Print The Reflector I ' 314 East Market Street Phone: Lincoln 7196 I 'Ilt I I 5 INDIANAPOLIS 5 Nix lx 35: ?'D E fx Ri 112 R EIWI ll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IWI I I I1lIIIIl1IllI'lIllI ll ll' Illllll I I I I I I I I I I Ill I Il Illlll Illlllllllgl :HT lg if an I ,vi 1? flff Sh fl f"1"" Q it - f' was if I I ea I I 1 P ft Q I Q S f- V7 I l l af ,ff "t2fSg'TQZlhi"i13ff'UH! "N 3 KWSN Yi , 1 fl jg! N2 5 WF"?'l H ilk my lb, gsatltegf W Wd I " I-X551 4 'W MY' ' ft ' ' A f I' iw A , ' Q I' an I gf? I Q I ik 'fl' 1 'J lic-lfg'i1-Jjgiglifw if :ii'A X' ri 235 it QLLIS3 l li I'-4 ,H ,VXA , XJ L I Q- , if!! fy 'V X fw 'yxll jr J- , X- X ,X In I ' IIIII V l I -4 rf sf 1 E' is 0 v f I4 4 5-RfgJ fQmf5Q 9 L-N--I E V- , V I Q Af- II 'if' ' f - Q 11 -5 ' ' - 1- " 5 ' xi. - 1 lj, M :- 'xx i " - 1 Q 1 ,' -' J" 'b' mr , ,jf N X ,.-PX .fi 'WhenycmandIWereyoungMagg1e .V 4554 'M' :1,.74Q',af-X MT Love Grand Absorbtog lf? XJ x -f' l .L x XX Our Dean inhelf Care free days J. ' P a prank -is 1- ' F' 3,--'QQ J Q 'cs I 'X ALS 1 14.3 - ' , :VQ A Lunch F' " , 5153535 'F A N Time Ll Q ' soup Line p A f ' ' I -9-, ,. X PFJY U , -1 ,--iw..-.-.--Q W... ml Q fx 4' 4 N ' ? ' 13 43 1, GOIVLS +eU9 61 Sfory 4 ABirthday Parfy fx g' 15 I I ' ' F'?,g ' . I -95- I I X ' I A-1 K Q ' W A ww fm M Gygax mx mg, f ' T3 Q1 M4 fm- f - fbf if -Ns I ' WG. f- 1 -.' Y-X5 -fi " .. -, N ---',. A A ,f..0-'1'wmn..'a?-CX I sefsf5z cmeQ Q HIMllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllul Compliments of THE BUTTERCRUST PIE C0. W. J. SLATE, Mgr. 3510 MADISON AVE. l'll'lllIl lllll ll'llIll Il ll lllll ll IIHI ll ll'll ll MIllllllllllllhllllllll ll ll'll,llIlHl: ll,ll lllll lllll ll If I: ll ll I, ll'l' I' I I. I. ll I. I ll lhllllillnlll Life, Accident, Health and Burial Insurance FOR CHURCH MEMBERS ONLY CLERGYMEN OR LAYMEN LIFE INSURANCE ACCIDENT INSURANCE 3500 to 35,000 3200 to 37,500 ACCIDENT BENEFITS, 35.25 TO 337.50 PER WEEK SICK BENEFITS, 35.00 TO 331.50 PER WEEK BURIAL BENEFITS, 3100 TO 3500 Our Insurance Policies at Lowest Possible Cost For full particulars, write us, giving date of birth, or telephone Church Members Relief Association J. K. AKE, Pres. 829-30 Occidental Bldg., Indianapolis Ind X I I I I I I l'l'l'lll llllllillillillllllI,Illll'l llllllll I llllll lllll lll.1l1l'llB Il IX J l ll llf l lwllllllllwlllllllillllllllllllllllllllIV-lllllllllllllllllllrlilllllllllllllllillllllllllllll 33e 3 Madison Avenue Flower f ,.,,,.., ?f,QQi1. Flowers for All Occasions , August Rieman X fi .." 2405 Madison Ave. DReXel 0187 Ik W 73 .. 'zigii , N U ,W It C X llllllllll1IlIIlIIlilllIllIllIllllllllllllllltlilglllllllll lIIllllllllIIllVIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll V I Jw - '01 . iff r E f4-1'-"gig, 0 XA E 1152.1 ' I I7 XWZAQEH Ei!X?Q3l,,5Dm A RV. Za a ,MM .TQ ,ry V Y Wir fx 15-N ff M 3 If fi like .5 I- f.fl ' fig 'V igfifllfx 5 X Loi I Q3 f l R 768 3 Qi X f lx.. 1 W W XQ4 Q C TIM z L E+ AND4 mi a fnxl. at Q' Ek A U V U. B45 " , - ,, Mk 'Z E?-7 'ings' "A, X X X iiivdf? Xi , .. .-Le " W Q 5412 5' fi 3 L C 9 X ' "f W if X WU f.' i,-J: wb' W QE F JW ' 'Q A N MBNA!" N fx Q ' M' 53:5 . 35554 QYJ QQL Q, '55 eg Q' , 'L ' I 1'-if 'f I iow a 'QF 4WT 'f : '1'W 'L , V f ff f ,-in 15 'A' ,.Qj'f' - ef. -,S NXQQS gif 5 V 1, 51- ,Qf 1.6, f m M 'f,v,, vw I . ' 'Q -4-,fbxi If lf uf ' H!'IIh'm.,1.if4-- - UQYZ . - fa ee A NV 1 ,er ORACLE 1999 3' Iam-If-II-I-I II-IIIII-II-III'I-I'II-II-'I-H-If'I-'I-'I-H-I-I-'I-H-I-II-'I-If-It-II-II-II-II-II-II-II-IfIII-II-II-H-I'-II-fI-'I-I4-I'I-'I-"- E Your Druggist is More than a Merchant He is a scientifically trained man, with a specialized education. That's why his customers rely on his careful compounding of Prescriptions. E Your druggist protects you by selling only the best drugs and E pure package medicines. 5 Come Here for Reliable, Intelligent Drug Service 5 KENNEDY'S UNIVERSITY PHARMACY 2 E 4001 Shelby St., Indianapolis, Ind. 3 QIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIlIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIleIlInIIIlIIliII:IIIIIIIlIIl1IlIIlIIlIIlIIl1IlIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII llllllllllgi IlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Ellllllllilllll Hoosier Tours e Special Busses for Parties, Lodges, etc. Hoo sIEI2 T H TATIoN Co. 1' -- 1'-W e ' 29l'51I i'?i7 Union Bus Station 125 W. Market St. T INDIANAPOLIS, IND. XX 5 x X NI -3 X 'lllllllilllill IIIIIlIIlll.llrIlillllIllHll.lliIlII4lIlllllll!ll'lllllllIll H Henry C. Smither ROOFING CO. A. G. Harman Li 1722-1733 Southport, 23 J-2 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Il IIIIIIIIIIIEI HIE E-QIIIIIIIUII IIIII IIIII IIIIIIII IILIIIIIE E E Compliments E Kruse-Connell Co. INCORPORATED I J Sheet Metal and Roofing g IH' Cgntractol-5 Indianapolis, South Bend E K Phone LINCOLN, 4937 N 430 to 436 So. Meridian Street K Indiana's Largest Radio House E FR WE INDIANAPOLIS g E 1 Eillllllllllll IlIIlIIlIIl:IlIIlI dj rgillllllllll IIl:IlI'l 5 M. . -9s- EE 9 I A. 02 QQ L' X V In pf, , gui I ,V .H 7 N 4 , W 'EN ,I ANI- M Jn N ' , i"A7z'w?- IQ QC: In ' Wk? . i ,I .xl I rj' ' O L f. AL y 'mfg ca-lit! Z I 53.5, W by , LV .22 fw QAM KEN A or wif -...., f ff , , 'Qi fi ll Iliff Z I, ' I 1 f' I All 4.1"-fiaN6?4:w2 W EHIQDACLE 1999 :S El www ?nW.2 Hilda? s zittrgy SEPT. 11-Howdy, folks. Here we are again to start off the best year yet. There's a mighty fine looking bunch of freshmen-Green, of course, but intelligent. SEPT. 14-The big "get-acquainted" party. The freshmen seem to lose some of their fright of stern, dignified, college professors when they see them :ICE like elephants and kangaroos and birds. P.S. The professor of "campustry" seems to get the upper hand. SEPT. 15-Theacallosia entertains the freshmen girls at a garden tea. SEPT. 19ePhilalethea entertains at tea. SEPT. 21-Annual tug-of-war at Lick Creek. Too bad, freshiesg next time We'll have a heating system put in to raise the temperature of the water. Then comes the usual ubean line," followed by the sad burial of the hatchet. John Thompson's little buddy says he has the best buddy on the campus, but he has decided held better not follow his footsteps too closely or "She'll soon be wearing a ring." SEPT. 28-The football season opens with .1 glorious 13-0 victory over Franklin. Smitty scores both touchdowns, making a Hfty-five yard run through the entire Franklin team to lay the pigskin over the goal. Atta boy, Smitty. We'i'e all for you! SEPT. 29gBlock's and Bloekheads. Many of our I.C.C. coeds enter the business profes- sion while the men spend two gloomy monotonous days in our absence. We really believe they welcome us back. I OCT. 5+Mr. Gorvie arrives from Africa to begin his college education. He is friend of ff' David Manly and comes from Sierra Leone. XVe welcome him to our campus and hope Iffg g that he will enjoy our friendships. A CX OCT. 6-Rose Poly game and we smother them, 31-6. OCT. 13-Muncie, 6g Central, 6. Smitty comes to the front with a long run on a punt f L X which ties the score. J x l OCT. 19-The beginning of homecoming events. Coach Good said, "It might be a T' tough battle with the Oaks," but nevertheless. We crush them, 97-0. At night our XX V xc, friends enjoy the annual barbecue with us, and then see the stage production "Man of M y x the Hour," under the direction of Miss NVyman. ,1 Al -' 1.1. , ' ' i. vi' el., ' 'I OCT. 27-Over-confident and playing in a sea of mud we lose our first game to Han- gfjie' il kj' , IN over, 18-0. fill l 1 ' rl OCT. 31-The spirit of Hallowe'en comes flying through the clouds tonight and drops I m y' IJ: .Lf X a poor innocent species of the kine family into President Good's office. i l I 2 ll . '- , 5 W -ggi W w h! xl li I J 'ill 1 A ' Ml ' 1' . fa fi gfiwlmeff i . M ag i . ff if .ii .3 S an Q 'll' Di Xl Sr' ,fy X7 fi -um A , fy 1 Us -1 i . sr. . - i f -f a is f X bij! C35 i S i .7 ' ' 'ab i L gp, ,S " f' '-- i - YE? X 'A C1 'Ql nf' f n Q fl li if it 'JN' 'Z' .I , .S , ,. T - I- x.fs,Qy'! .XJ 1 ln-.,,,N - N A -Q ,-,-,,.:-X., Y 1 9 Lincoln 0941 Eliatterhenry Sz McClish J. B. Flower Shop I E 43 W. Ohio St- Indianapolis E E Wholesale Fruits 8: Vegetables E ' , Phones: Lin. 8420-8429 Z "Say it With Flowers" Q 3 2 3 1:-Across from the Ohio Th t -2: 2 208 E' Maryland Indlanapohs 2 Elllllillllllllllllll lvllllllrlllllwil EIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIllll'llIlllI llllllllllll lllllllilllll-li E1 lllllllllllll lllllllillllllllllllll lllllllllllllllig The Name CAPITAL CITY Is the Last Word in Paint Quality 100170 PURE-GUARANTEED MANUFACTURED BY Indianapolis Paint SL Color Co. INDIANAPOLIS V' illll ll ll IMI ll ll rlvl ll ll ll 'lill lllll'll ll lllllllllll ll llllll llllwll lllll ll llllllll ll 'I il ll ll ll ll 'I I Il ll ll ll lllflllllll ll' ll'll lllllll'lll lhllllllllllflllllllll Illllll'lliwll'llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllwll Illlllllllllllllllllllllllll-,ll llflllllil1lIIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllA I f - MUSICAL MERCHANDISE OF QUALITY ima l A l I Ill 'll Wil - Everything in Music I ii: fbi A 27 East Ohio Street N ANA OLIS Hume-Mansur Building ggi -1, ,ark E VI DI P E F EQ El'llIlIIlIIlllilIllIlIIllIllIJlIIlllIIllllllllIllIlIllllllIllIllIlIIlIIlllllIllIll?-il':LgTllIlIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllillll 'llIIllllIlIlll'llllllllIllllllllE'l YQ Also 5 , ,Q it QQ Qt I ffllflgiafxln i A to le ' it ' nf I il ax C ll Qxw Y gt 5 J 'lg I I' Eli .. 5 I T I V If f phi? tg nfl , 'ffl ' few' U if I CI' ' li fi 1 r I 'apo-, 'Q , ,yi fy -If Q26 X f I Q- ' ll 37 in , two I 4 W Aff A img ' J fl l E Q f V' f ll -'fi-2 J 4 I 'W A 'iii Q iw! 42' 'Qi .-If L Sseeisssgeagglggggggo Qma zaeaomwir Nov. 2-The Hoover Club, organized on the campus, electioneers through a rally. We hear they zwrz' fo bare bail apples for refreshments. It must have been jealous Democrats. Nov. 3-To a crowd of two thousand spectators, Central humbles the Earlham Quakers to a 12-6 score. Nov. 6-Bigger and better elephants or earlier rising roosters? Sunshine or rain? Hoover or Smith? Nov. 10-One dream has come true. We play DePauw and though we lose, ZS-0, we have opened the way for a bigger dream -- to beat them. NOV. 11-Armistice Day begins the week's World Fellowship and Prayer sponsored by the Y.M. and Y.W. over the United States. NOV. 16-The faculty entertains the students at parties in their homes. Nov. 17-The end of the football season Hnds us still in the lead, trouncing North Manchester to a 13-8 score. During the season we have won 6, tied 1, and lost two. Dave Vance is awarded a trophy and selected as a member of the all-state eleven by the Indianapolis Star. Oscar Smith is given a place in the third team and Fox Thomp- son is given honorable mention. Nov. 22-Mr. Gorvie sees his first snow storm and is fascinated by their shapes and softness when his fear of their hurting him dies. -i ?4"' 2,1-sf Y "I-.:.,. .--cr-' f In- -:QQ f -fi f1-... f N. Nov. 23-We are sorry to learn of the death of James Swoverland, a freshman. His stay ZQ in college was too brief to form intimate friendships, but he promised to be a true Lf 1 X Central fellow. Q" IN NOV. 29-Off to the old family circle and a real Thanksgivingg also solitary rest QQ. N' FD ef DEC. 4-Central pries off the basketball lid with a hard-fought victory over Vincennes I l,'sN University, 35-33. Captain Bailey is high point man. Q DEC. 6-Franklin's ability to register baskets from all points of the floor enables them K l fx to down Central in a 47-41 victory. ,f'Rf,X DEC. 11. 12, 15fDr. Deever visits our campus and gives us many splendid talks, among W which are "Faith" and "Character." He likens faith to a crutch by which we seek fx .. salvationg he compares character with a rock upon which our lives are built. Y Y Fc' cl! - 4iX, DEC. 13-N.A.G.U. bows to Central's victory, 49-39. 'I Wil 1 " fi fl 'l . DEC. 17-Many students are "Fluing" but under Mrs. Tomey's good care we'll soon ya l lg i l ' - be "Fleeing" from "Flying." r lflilsp ill 41 lx JAN. 2-We come back from a glorious Christmas vacation to land the Auditorium of lvl l li lfsll X a much lighter hue. There are many displays of Santa -- and otherwise. PM " l 2 lil -101- I J -N 'W ., mlxxyulti lf 175, ' 5 4 , 0 Vi ' f . ' ,ff-29 .4 f 7 - Q f' wi 9 'xv L! , . 1 Xl ll . , "' M A Q f XY -I as xl! X' . A ' MT X gb! - .Bu fx WM 53 I 1 A l U , .. , F?S,,Q , nl 6 X? it-. 15, J.:-Q l ! I I, - ' . , l ,gl Q69 . I -it lwaerf-- H ei -,s,- . ,lf - 43.17 - If 'L i if 1 as is r f L . 7 f 1: - I 152' vgvxs ' --,4-5-3,7 ' ' 1 .---,1'X-f' A QDACLE 1999 l,i5.? Buff Buds ig' gr: One Bud to agub XX iw I ,lf ll l Hx For a Refreshing Soft Water Bath Put up in Varicolored Paper in Fancy Boxes 3 Buds for 251- 7 Buds for 50c 15 Buds for 951.00 At Your Druggists or Toilet Goods Dealer E : KIEFER-STEWART COMPANY 2 ibrinting of Quality is a Regular Product of CENTRAL PUBLISHING COMPANY 546 South Meridian St. INDIANAPOLIS. IND. Call us at RI ley 3030 for an estimate upon your work. Our ideas may be helpful in your planning. 'W ' 'I'I I I IWIII I I I" I'I1IlIlI'lI1'I'lI'lIllll llllllllI'lIMIllIHIllIlIQ Illvllll Illllllllllllilllllll l'lwI:llllmllI,IlIll'lw'llllIllIlI.1IVlIlllIllll'lg X lx Q willl R. NI. BLACK, Spevial Ag1'ntA t I f I C W U ,PROTECTION FOR EVERY NEED S34 Elf: 3 ' ' 'R :':' ' mln:floorll1a.maSBua1.1ang L na use , Xl 75 Q AM I FULLY PROTECTED7 'YXX1 f I?l'll"l'll'llllll1l I 'I 'I' ll"ll I'-I ll ll4Il'l'lllll ll ll'l"IllI 'll 'I'Il'l'lI lIllI IflllllI'l ll ll ll l ll ll ll ll ll - up p L 7102- Ill llllllg ll X X y DEQ, y, xv my pp, Wa, ,mfessgjs Ee- Eff? 5? to U 'A I f 'llf I qf'f,Q,3 , ,O QQ- fe? ' f if I My E W vilgfigbi? -WW I CQ 39 l, lm ma fa if 5 5 Y 1 M Q-f.,'flfN if I 5i0llpl41sgg l Q5 QA ll 3 K y ,wafer-1 fr wife as f I IU, eel It use ! r if ff ll f l .- 1 Myra U ff c ff, wh-J' I -' de-XF'-' ' ,LV 5 .2 XQPE XILX 1,7 i .- JY-, lx Y X L 'fi Mg ,f,' " yi' Qj fl '7 I l I P, I L '25 El: 2' ig-as QP ff' - - - li..-f"ifaaz1r"'w5 - - - - me o JAN. 8-Central failing to connect in the last half, DePauw edges out a 31-28 victory. But we're still yellin' for you, Greyhounds! JAN. 10.-We hear that some of the practice teachers have become the prophesied "Ole Maidsf' At any rate they paid a visit to the dining room dressed in the fascinating modes of the gay nineties. We dare not say who they were, but do you remember how Doris and Bess looked with their "bunnets" set high on their heads? Now, Inez and Phyllis were more modern -- why, they even showed their ruffled pantalettes be- neath their hoop skirts. Leila and Kate --I guess I better not tell -- but Qwhisperj -fyou might find a picture of them on another page. JAN. 11-Central loses again when Manchester grabs an overtime game at 34 to 29. JAN. 12-But we can't be kept down, for we trounce Huntington to a 35-23 score. Let's take the rest right to town, gang! JAN. 18-The public speaking department, assisted by members of the music depart- ment presents a pleasing and varied program. JAN. 19-We drub Rose Poly, 46 to 22. JAN. 22-Flashing a speedy brand of guarding and teamwork we win our third straight game from Oakland City, 48 to 25. Judd, a freshman with one night's practice, scores eight points. JAN. 26-We lose to N.A.G.U., 33 to 32. FEB. 1-Butler's fast squad crushes Central in a 67-19 victory. xy W ff s. FEB. 2-Although we start off with a lead, Muncie drops us, 57-32. Q3 FEB. 64Determined Huntington bows to Central, in a 40 to 37 score. rw Art Br1ght's uncanny eye for the basket keeps the crowd thrilled. f "E A c FEB. 19-The Greyhounds wallop Muncie, 40 to 33. FEB. 12, 13, 14, 15fUnder the auspices of the "Y" Associations we enjoy a spirited and K interesting institute of World Fellowship. The speakers are James Crain who speaks I 7 fx on a social topic: Dr. Paul a Missionary to China, who speaks on the economic prob- lems of China, W. O. Gilreath, a representative of the Intercollegiate Prohibition As- sociation, and Pat Malin. Perhaps we enjoy "Pat" most of all. His thoughts woven Chg I with humor, make us realize more than ever before, the great economic, social and XT ,V peace problems that face us. All the speakers have charge of classes. We are indebted ,j Tc to the "Y" for this splendid institute. M K FEB. 15-The College Orchestra under the direction of Professor Nathan D. Davis, ji l Ll , . . iv . lx presents a splendid program to a large audience. They are assisted by the Glee Clubs, S . College Quartette, Robert Eshleman, pianist, and Anna Dale, dramatic reader. Ali W i ly .I The Greyhounds drop a heartbreaker to Oakland City, 41 to 39, in the last game of 2 'lf ll 1 5 the season. QQ' X! j l ' - 3- 1" nf" , 10 l 113 XS . J , P I ' r- A J. ,. ' 4 ,-jf J f N l N P Xml "ii ' - fd f 15 . ,, ff 1 1 i .Q . . V Wk. 'Y' bw DP K -fl' st -ull x 'Ma . ' 'D ' 5 7 1' ly if 6 in If vmfi I ' I' -'ii my S . , x ', , - ,7 'I "' , - I' 'I v - -.f ,-. f 9' ,i- l' -- ""' f - f E J ' lf" 43953317 2 gf. I - Ae -.-- 2 .-Lx!! . H' 'T- x.f-T,-dl l.f" gg. .-is - tw?-If J -fu '--'bf-xi I A A t . . A it 51556313 W- , A A omQI2ACLE1Qf29 5"'i9 ,2 Compliments of a Friend. Elllllllllll E llllllllllllllllgl Elllllllllllll llllllll Illllllllllllllg E E S E 5 . I R BAKER BROS. GARAGE , REPAIRING, TIRES, TUBES, ACCESSORIES, BATTERY SERVICE, TOWING : 4015 Madison Ave I - nue Phone, DRexel 3656-M 2 Indianapolis If you're in trouble l A Give us a Ring- Because We fix X 5 Any old thing. - CA X X KgllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlIIlllllllllllldlillllllll llllll lllllllllllll lglllllIIlIH'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllgl Q llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllQ A'--fx A 2 . F. J. SCHUSTRR Community , Ei' E CUAL C0-, IHC- Shoe Repair Shop 'gk Coal-Coke-Building Material Wesolicitthe Students, l A, a 5 I' -Phenee: Drexel 3000-3001- E trade S Troy and Allen Avenues JOHN REED 1406 Castle Aves ik 'll 16 2 E 5 E Alxl iIllIlIllllllIll'llIlIlllllllllllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllz liIllllIllllIlIIIIlllllllllllllllllllll IllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll': W Xl f 72 F5 'D c x f' A I LEA - W F Y Q2 e fx fo if A V , by , Ll Si l l Mg, ill l i Q 'M' l I X ' lf' 1 s f f N 4 faq I I " if 2 X ,cy ff' Tl I fir ' Q ' 9 FAA 'QM no Nei f -fe i-aes R ee fe ,AJ -'f ,gg . Z.,-'15"' , vi c exp van e-saQe:Q12AcLE 199 5 Q newer ..!i-.2 FEB. 16-Dailey Hall girls entertain about forty college men at a Washington birthday party. Bishop Blake of the Methodist church and former head of the church in Paris speaks in chapel on "America's Isolation Policy." FEB. 19-The women's Aflirmative debating team wins over Taylor's Negative team on the question, "Resolved, that the Fifth section of the Baume's Law be Adopted by all the States of the Union." FEB. 20+Dean William Pickens, prominent colored orator and social worker, speaks on inter-racial good-will. FEB. 22-Notre Dame out-talks us in a debate, but our women's Negative team out- classes Earlham. The beginning of the tournament at Muncie. We drub Rose Poly, 33 to IS, and come back to surprise Manchester in a 34 to 29 victory. Our final game is with Danville, and we lose -I-4 to 26. However, we win second place and are presented with a beautiful silver award. MAR. 4.-Eight members of the Y.M.C.A. cabinet take an icy plunge in the Lick Creek swimrnin' hole. We hear there is an "absentee" who has his plunge coming. We are privileged to hear the solemn ceremony of Hooverls inauguration over a large radio installed in the auditorium. MAR. 6-Captain Bailey, L. Bailey, H. Rider, J. Nowling, R. Brenneman, A. Bright, f 31 K. Nall, Qmanagerj, receive Varsity "C's." Herman Rider has been elected to lead the Greyhounds in basketball next year. 5 MAR. 6-The new cabinets of "Y" "take up the torch" at the installation service. Eva .4 iii l it Traylor and Everitt Bish are the new presidents. A A f MAR. 8-We win at both ends in a dual debate with Oakland City. TKFQN MAR. 14-The college band, under the direction of Floyd Perkins, gives its hrst concert fx of the year. It is well received by a large audience. They are assisted by the Duane ,LJ String Trio and the College Male Quartette. E ab.. MAR. 15-Our men debate with Wabash and Manchester and win both decisions. xx MAR. 18-The women's teams vie with Miami college in a non-decision debate. 'i . MAR. 21-The Girl's Glee Club presents a varied and pleasing program, the hrst half f X , , ' , A 1 fi X Ll I ,An I1 . l 1 ll ri fi j consisting of miscellaneous numbers. In the last of part of the program they give 6 , " I ' ,HC lie "The Lady of Shalottf' The club is under the direction of Mrs. Sherman Davis and V21 iyl' I ll l W 'l lf lt 1 1 5 ll I 7 I ll 'ni 'Il W' l shows careful practice in the production of its beautiful tone quality. A ill Yi .N APRIL 9-Esther Parsons gives her Junior piano recital, assisted by Virginia Aeppli. f ij i A i -105- .fy ,gh A f C1 ,rf-'f R-K It 1 1 SF 'fi M ami- X 9 Ll 'F K k rn V. TQ xi A " - X, iyrlxfiigl N t at .Am Y X 7? wif, l l' T il' JT: A' 5325? . ., if, a A. f a fa. or f as ' . l 1:8 .ffllizjguf it Ea, aff ,i A -e l 2- - A f " I A ...g L-, J fi f me as Lg If f gi My iw - A i- 1- ' 'xx ' --,-Qazqb' 'i fp. L. if-Xia-A , -V P ' ff?-L we-ee 'ft X lv?m QDACLE 199 5U5 ' lEllIi1lllIl'l '1"""H"l'l2 EQUITABLE LIFE OF IOWA DR7857-3 RI 4620 - I JOHN W. GEORGE 811 Board of Trade Building XX INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 2 Old Trails Auto Insurance E T: ' 'll'Ill'IllllwlllI1Ii!I11I'Ill,I'I IIllI'I'I !IlIlIlIlIl-il L l'l lllfl lwlilVI I lvlll'I1I'l' v 1 f 'vi'w l'll'l1'IVlIlIE "QUALITY WILL SHOW-IT CAME FROM EM-ROE" HEADQUARTERS -FOR- Finest Quality Sporting Goods ATHLETIC SUPPLIES SPORT EQUIPMENT EM-ROE SPORTING GOODS CO. IOpposite the State Housej 5 - I ,I ll ll 'I' I' I ll ii ll 'I ?IllI'lI ll lll-I IllI'lI lI1lI'IHIllIlll ll lllfl lIllIllIllIllI'El Il Illl ll I' Il I' I' I In Il IMIMIHIHIN Il,Il Il I- Il'll Il Illllllvllllll IllIMlllllllllllllllIllllllllll ll llllllllllllllllg Rutherford Radio Sales 8z Service 2 'tYou're there with a Crosley" i l wi "l 'lx W A All cRosl.EY SPARTON VN 1 :JE limi "Radio's Richest Voice" ' Ml I, L A , FREE DEMONSTRATION SERVICE OUR 5 if 1 ig See: Cecil E. Berry SPECIALTY E Q1 g DR exel 6970 1105 E. Hanna Avenue E 1 I W IX Elllllllllllwll?ll!llll'lI'lIl1IlnlllI'IlllllllllllilllIl!IllIllIllI'lIllI 1 lwlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllI'llllIllIllIllllllllllIllIll llllvlllllllllld . - i img Xw w - ri or +2 it T5 I . ,X ll fl fs 5X I4 4 6 V fs nj,- 1 SMQITQO gfli will ll wig lliffhzi Mgalt R was ll' ggi, C V A A ,vga , .' 2 ,X , W K 55 1 I lfmi fffrillfg of 1 as-h F R if 1 QR i -Mg rf? Tiflf 41 Ti A gl QT' Q 'Xi , uni- - ' I llx 9 - T f it N mf f. f I ,LW t H I 5 mf .595 A ef it 9 ol J Il 'Hob!,- Q.. A -.N x,g! ui.: , If 3L yJV in-ag C-CLI 'x 'J X Z F " wwf, ' rl! fill' al gk! ' I i x 4,40 If an 'iraqi IQ' E .E . . .J . . A . g C' iGl2AQLE 1999 ?-TEVQWETZ APRIL 12-The Cardinal Masque presents, "The Lion and the Mouse," under the direc- tion of Miss Wyman. APRIL 16?-Julia Good presents a very interesting program in her Junior piano recital. Miss Good's work shows efficient technique and interpretation. She is assisted by Floyd Perkins. APRIL 16-Professor F. E. Marshall's students present "Erstwhile Susan." MAX' 3-President and Mrs. Good entertain the senior class at a reception at their home on Otterbein Avenue. MAY 4-The annual May Morning Breakfast is held amid woodland scenes, roses and many dainty colors. It is sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. for the "Geneva Fund." MAY 8-Mignon Christy gives her senior piano recital assisted by Robert Durham. MAY 10-The Junior-Senior banquet. MAX' 15-Robert Eshleman presents his senior piano recital assisted by Prof. Davis. We always welcome Mr. Eshleman's work at the piano. MAX' 17-The Philalethean-Philomusean banquet. MAX' 20-The Theacallosian-Zetegathean banquet. MAY 30-The Senior Class presents their play, "For Ever Afterf' under the direction of F., E. Marshall. MAY 31-The Music Department presents its annual program. JUNE 1-Ever guarded by zealous fairies, ever entertained by court jesters the new May Queen is crowned by Eloise Eviston, the senior queen, at the May Day festival. The Seniors give a second performance of "For Ever After." ,fx fy 1 f 4 f gs N fc D gr --J JUNE 2-The Baccalaureate service. ' In the evening comes the solemn ceremony of the candle lighting service. The fx T seniors proceed to quiet strains of music while Dr. Good stands ready to receive them. 3 f 'E As he challenges each one to do nobler things he gives him a light from his candle, I 'T Q symbolilzing the great light of Indiana Central that leads and guides us all. fl Eff i I, l l ,il 0 srl 'l A, JUNE 3-The Commencement address is delivered by the Hon. Frederick Landis and 'l fifty-five Seniors receive degrees from this, our Alma Mater. And now we bid you all IL X farewell, but we hope you will not forget us just as we will not forget you. May your Q If I. lil, . exodus from Central be one of regret and your memories be sweet and lasting. ADIEU. 'f N A y ly 407- ,Y ' X -' I fllif if li? .-1 ,J Q f A 1 , fm, f g L 1. . . . g, f J V f ll 'U 'xl 'A . A T623 K j e--K J' f in ,TZTN i l If b, K 4, -:gig P W X Q? - 'L V- I 92,2 I I I A I A f f f I - .. Q l ' Aa Q be fl E' f , RI 'il A aa, LN Qlaay fy?...7- E- gf - E 'Q -':'3:-- 6-miQiQ0 9 if fee X Y i lllllilllilgl tu ,lyiliyll lilll!IllI4lll'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllbllllllllllll I TAGGART' WONDER AND MARY MAID BREAD ' CAKES and CRACKERS Z Market and New Jersey 5 E 5 I lil llllllllllllllllllllllilllllll llll llllllllllm lllllllll Ellllllllllllll I I Q -ullllllll EURNAS ICE CREAM The Cream of Quality For Fifty Years With an increasing demand, year after year which is positive proof of its superiority as a delicous food product. Fine Vanilla Havor, rich sugared fruits, mixed with rich sweet cream, that's Why itls so good. Furnas Ice Cream Company, Inca A ii : 1 E E i .. : - 'llwlllllllllllll lululnlnll ::lllllllllI Illl llill llllilllllllll lllllllllllilllll 5- Illlllll lllllilillillillllilIMllllillliltllllullllilllllllninlulnll lllllllll!l:. Ric LR R oo. 3 113 SOUTH PENNSYLVANIA STREET INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA RI 7131 ' SCHOOL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 5 Indiana Central students. alumni and friends can purchase from us for 1 school or home use such items as Blackboards, Globes, Dictionaries, Flags, ' Ch ' s and manv Folding Chairs for either adults or children, Primary air. A other articles. If interested see us or Write for information. S IF YOU ARE LOCATED IN NORTHERN INDIANA YOU'LL FIND OUR 5 f FORT WAYNE OFFICE CONVENIENT - 725 COURT STREET 5 H llllllIllIlllllllllllIllIlllllllllllIllIlllllllllllIllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllflll ll'llllllllllIlll'lllllllllllllIllI'llllllllllllllllllllllll1- F AS SN Af X23 VPS,-1'-'R'-A 77 92? I5 : t x -1 vw. 1. I ',. W' A :Gig I K , I m Y f? 5 X ..' can X 'K . A QA . , A cg qi, X I, ., ,X X - f 47, I ,X wp 1 H , X Y x V ,M r w , I ,U . In . N: - . A N ' Y V, ' f 1 2. MTE, f If Qlhykii f-y,f,,jIxN "k- ,cz ' V- . X- f In N, 'Cu ' Z X , il .C ,A ings ,,i,,,.g A. A if PM Y QA L, A ' Kai! '4Ef,,ll!i,' fl- I?-f x l 5' A 7 ' ' , , , ff X ,- ,' A l ,Sai , ff Lee N - 9 4 4, f N11 i A A -SR X ii i W E X' W EX T ll li l lllill A li 'll A PAD i --11 - U MW TY P 53, 521. ' 'i A 'lx ' AAA 'fl if k 'QA GNEJO, R' ,, gs. 14? 9'-Q-1. A 6 Ei tg wr or fi rr EAR! Y R l if if 53? A fm lvl' irq! M? iifftw gf! il im ZA liifbi ll ' ly ' l Q W: X ki O R ' 5 1 'LR X A E l l ' 0 ,iz 11 1 f , f 4 f L A5 I f I 'Af' is ANA! fl' " A All ,A E' r"ffiwT wwf' I 51' 1 .4 ' 1:3 ft" QF, A . , - E ENTQJ GNHQDACLE 1992 ' I Fl 15 -2 ,if + 1 N 'H f Q' f fa ,, i. :il A , lf lg I' K 1 W , ,Q 1 L 1 pp f I -' l '.-- S" , . - ., .,o,,.-..,.,: 2 'QA' Qi? ' f Q VZIAQ 5 il 'IQ Q f5fN J 5 xx X 'X f- -. .-:lr ,S ' 1 ' V fr:-pf' kw, A W ,W Y -n ' ' '-'f'4 ff W I '1' H f -, fa 1 Q. 45, l 7 J. N is' 11 'A ie i M - f , . v X--X ,,,:::- . ' f- 5 4 1 1 V R'-eq' A, 73- . vb' ,, ' 4, 5 ' i n : Iv ,X f -"- '- K , - ,J : f 1 . 1 . ,, 5.95 -3 -,I X ',' ky b ' ' 3 , A 'A h 'Q uf!" I ax- rg -Q, f , - 'I N gf' .ev 'A 4 , 3 , ' ,. ly, . ,I Y, Y 9, 4 in al: r I Z i K 5 l :PQ r ' H si v 9 , 5 ,Y-A I Y -1u1u- - iw- Th I 1 2 l 154-I . , W T ' 76 0 ff A I fm ' ,CQ 2 Q N ' Q ,nf W5 -if I ,Q .5 1 1 I f ' E N17 L 'J N 1 '24 - A X N E Q fm A1 I ii Q. 'W ,V ffn 5 7? ,lk 4 522 f12Q1N 1 -HM? na fxvmf N X A A - A Qt L , X Y F it . c .-4,-1 X I N ' H cf'- li I I X X l l i inii I ll i l l . lil ll ffm, xxill lf y-ji n, glllllw A , QQLQQIQACLE 1929 ?PZ 'lxwlhli ullllllulllllllnllilollwllllllulwllllwilllllllulwlllilu,lI1l1.lx.l1lllll IIIIIINNIE BERDEL an ToMEY COAL AND HARDWARE Phone: DRexel 7807 1099 Hanna Avenue He did not heed the trafic cop, But raced ahead pell-mell. The doctor told the Sexton And the Sexton tolled the bell. Moral Avoid the Traffic and Trade at Home. I E IIN IIlIlIIlIIlllllllIIHIlIIIIIlllIIII1IIIIlIIllI4lIIIIliIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll Hn U lwllulwll.-- l"Illllll Illl IIIlKIllI1lIIlIHIliIllIIlIIlIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllll llll-llllllllg YOU'LL LIKE THE FLAVOR OF KINGAN'S "RELIABLE" HAMS and BACON Made from choice corn-fed hogs Each piece carefully selected Lean and fat properly proportioned Cured by special mild-cure formula Smoked slowly with hickory Wood Sweet, juicy and tender-delicious KINGAN Sz CO. PORK Kz BEEF PACKERS INDIANAPOLIS E - i Illllllllllllllllllldllll Plllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllll1llllFI .Foot Up Your Problems ON HATS, CAPS, FURNISHINGS, At "The Store for Values" KRAUSE BROS. 'tCourt House is Opposite Us" INDIANAPOLIS 3 - 1' H X i lllll ' Fl S 2 . Jr' illlll'll NINIIWI mu ll wlulul in ll wlwlun " W w fegfjggx A ,, 49-eu JA, 7 viii? WF is ini? fllgiftl Ni fill 7 l of S 3 A ffl fa, I iw , . fi! vw. , I 'F ' --. 6 A " 45 IFS Y fix Il i fi I li ft 1 'A we , fr I 5 .fs in- liAj1, VH, X UI - U MMVI s !,y, , xi- 0,11 ,Zigbx-Lv iiijs lgfihiixx 1' g JpLE QUMQ fl ' I if affair P, I Ai XI I c"t 'C f I fr g dl A . '73 i he alll 2-in lt' , L, xi - M P4- 14 Q' Q six 1. z..'9'a?f?754!vw-S me GDACLE 19929 A little Jew boy went into a grocery store to buy animal crackers and told the clerk to take out all the pigs. El El U THESE SHAKESPSARE STUDENTS. Pauline B.: "Oh, give me a pencil, quick! I've found a Shakespeare quota- tion." Bess B.: "What is it?" Pauline B.: "Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a treef' EDU And as for promiscuous kissing what girl wants to be like a cake of rock salt to be licked by all manner of passing cattle? Cl lil Cl Tommy had just reached across the table for the butter. Mother: "Tommy, why don't you use D., yOl.1l' fO1'1gl.lC . Tommy: "My tongue's not long .loltes An Irishman had just purchased a watch. After keeping perfect time for a few days the watch stopped. On opening it he found a dead bug. "No wonder she won't run," he exclaimed, "The engineeris dead." EDCI Venus: "Do you know the difference between a taxi and a trolley?" Carol: "Noi" Venus: "Then we'll take the trolleyf' EDU George Inman fat breakfast tablej: "Gee, this milk is blue!" Becky: "You'd be blue, too, if you were separated." lil Cl Cl Kate Arnett: "Paul, you take Bible: do you believe that Jonah swallowed the whale?', Paul Huckriede: "Sure, I do: anyone who doesn't believe that is crazy." enough-I' Kate: "I don't, I believe the whale Ky' El El U swallowed Jonah." Mignon Christy: "Mother, am I your lj U El ,H my Climle?,N d f U Ralph O'Dell: "Hede, when is it time A Qt er' H 0' ear' O course not' to hitch a horse to a dog's tail?" A v Mignon: Well, I always heard of U , , ,, f - - Hede Cobb: I m sure I don t know. people paddling their own canoe, so I - I . thought I was yours." R3lP,l?5 iiwhen 155 3 Waggmyv Of course. U U U ij U E1 ,Q fx . . f M2171 USHY, C10 you know that lf it A little boy was asked to spell kitten. ,fmff wer'-mit for You- Youife famlll' tree Would After a moment's hesitation he said, "Oh, X 1 die?" that,s too easy. Try me on cat." N- Kep: "Thanks, but why?" W X-X Mary: "You're the sap." Q El lj i -4 , ai ,f 5 II Cl U Their lllfffllli, if was XIIJJCII, J MX 2. 1 .X t U Their nzrrfing, if was smi! " 'JA M135 Weaver: WhY, what do YOU She gait' law' life, ber only life. fl' 'll ,ll 'l M mean? You say Benedict Arnold was a Thr, only lift, sbp bag'-Y 5 " ,aff . lug janitor?" S0695 resifhzg ,l7f't1f!7 fbi: willows ly! Bright Pupil: "The book says that after Skis sleeping pcnfefzzlly now! - 'll ,lilsll ll 'g his exile he spent the rest of his life in For fbnfs wlaaf always bajvpem Q mi lf j, if S' abasementf' Wbrzz iz freiglrf train bits ll cow! 1 V l 9 l 111- ' . l ii X I ., - fi f , 'T r H , '. Q7 J x. N 'i. 534 . 4 N. i . 'Eb -1 sm 4 vie ' Nxls l r"J it Xl k 5, M ' .f l lil 91' 'fvllk , ,- . gm fl 1: fit. fm 1 ' ag, l - 3 :Qt - f 1 N 2. fs - ' :eff aj, 1 5 l-', 1 of - .U f if '1 ' JN . .l . V , 3-A . C' .5 N fp 15352, , N - W Ii -04. .. ll 1 A-,Au ,m ,.- 11, ! J. -Q,-f K v3l xx. Y L fi. l ,Y M., 4 - .i .4 -- " . , ,1 , X J .L- ij 'Q - i .B -5 -'ffl 1 L 14"-?"5hKg:i c ODACLE 19529 Xlk-,lv E111 I Ill lllllllllllgl 4 ,., xt. 2 25, q-511 2.Qa2,f.'. ' 6? f' 'E' -. '," P I f" , 4' TV KL f LIIDQQL-Jbffugi - ,.., F7 ' ffl :xi i It - Some Women . . . ,iv " ""' l'Mu,,? ' , ...E X' 'f 'Tjf m X '59, QI IL. : 1 We c ,f, I P ...L .,,,. 2-Wit e sq 5' Sl 1:-' ! 1 ' Hun' - IQ F ff' V"" ' ffqs ' find' Q ' its Cuzerru UI Crlzfrnl Elcclric f OME women sensibly and efficiently shift household drudgery X to electrical servants, who are always ready and willing to X take over these tasks for a few cents a day. i Some women have learned that electric refrigeration, electric laundering and cooking and cleaning and dishwashing, can add hours of leisure to their day. X t Some women put electricity to work and use the time saved to NN rest, to play, to stay young, to Widen their circle of pleasant ll X social contacts. Some women-Why not you? l x XX X Let us explain the time-saving convenience of the completely lx , electrified home and the appliances that should go into it. ii i ,il n E' Home Servlce Department ii I O I C wi y Indlanapolls Power 8z Llght Company ll MRS. J. R. FARREL, Director iii : "Edison Service" E he 48 Monument Place .:. RI ley 7621 2 it l"" V if , i 1 l x 1 ' F- l l ,L ,W 'fl i 1' llll'l'lnlllll'lilwlllll'll'lll1ll ' l lllllll lrllllllllllllllllllillll il lllllllsa l All ' 55322 qw' 4 A , Q F In ip Lfrlzrlgsv'-c'?""3Wf KA r Q gm' . 46 'f ,N if W ii my ' WW ligrlls 'fl iff Wi W -il we . Q -- . ' 'l EQ if 42' ff l lp, Ea ft' r 'fe f rl f . R - ' i i " ' -as 1 1- Wi Wfv 2 f hz- A 'W 5' i s X , ',v "IA ' ' X l ff - J l UE x KQ Qv'?i?Kl Q i as-1 HQ 1 xiii I 12:1 " XSS , ii 'f' 4 1' J il if' N ' ffl"-"L ' , x 'ji A ll - leaf' - f X f r K7 awed . it J l '41, 4- ,gf f ,fra-if A M I 4' eg, A ' -ei fi lv .ki N 4 ef, f 1' 1 -QS WP kf' 7 L -',2Q,"7I, Q L- . - ,l ,W KN ,fa fm ...xl ' , 1 . A N f T Jw Z5 lr V N P 4? x ' 1 W , , f 1 35" J if' ix Wu , I A X lv M fig 'l' r N 'FW fflw ' L ? ,W U .s 2 4 f ' ' W L! X 5 3 ,f f .f I f ?,j!-1 I mi If Q39 -11:z- fmf ' . N. . iff? ? fix K f 2 'W 5? 7A AW fav in fi 'ASL AMQWF , as N -Mai. Qifa a w h 3 ! . Qi Big.,-, : M lki iw " nf X l--,N I H?-if n I -Q -,fix n . e-m:eQ D 'IHIHIVIIIIIIII l'IlIIlI,',IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIVIAIIHIIIII.IHIINIHIIIIHIIIIHII - Chat small clarle room where spiders spin and W I, , I clust gathers ,,p " 'Vt gimp Qu' 1 'S iff' 49'-0. ..,Q,,..4 fl: 41 . 'ff Mg? if-3 in 1' ' 4 " fi, in iff! tif 'I' '.""' j3",q """'1 U f tiiJoII't you I'ea1i'Ze that yoii'ican'tur1'1 this'1toomf f L' 7 i-nbtrevloiielye15tra1ba,throo'f!rIlordiaVatoky?4, i 'I M . -. ,f is , , an-In "' 1 is . Visit our exposition of bathroom and kitchen I h , fixtures'--the! Combineol3disp1'a.y rooms '5f"a, ' thousand meitehant pluTnbers'-- We viifill be irglzfdi 3 4 to suggest the equipment you needf ' ' I - V lx If' Central Supplg Compang i a 3 210-233 South Capitol Ave. Riley 2333 5 I INDIANAPOLIS lil 5 N X Vi - E 5 NN f 1 iglIllllllHl'llllllllllIllllllllllilllllilllllllllllllllll Illlillllllllllllllwllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ll.IllIllllIll'lllllllllillllllililIL:.i I filly -114- Q Q' 3 5 ivlfflkfi refs? - if fi, X ewes e It fr I enjslfl I? E 2575 55 filet fiftflll s L lil! , x VA ff!! ff' fi G 4, Pj , ! ig X . pf V ' 7'-,J ' ,aff x 6 ,X f A ff- ' X E W jg? viz iw ilfifii ,Y I 52' We , 'I 2 Qi ,- JP I X, 'f X I iff f l Aug? ffl, ,, - fa - If ,Q f Us I Ai I 5 , ' ' I -3 T-492 4 IM R3 If fn. 'Vi f ogg fxllyj mcg ' I , Z, Kdyn f ' 5: ,ff I Ei- E i 115 If L "5 uf T T 12.-5?1b5zr me ORACLE IQQQ T Jokes Blaine W.: "Where do you find Arville and Virginia?" Bob: "Down the Swanee river at the Apple tree." lil El Cl On a cold morning Harriet entered the sociology room: "I don't see why you fellows hug the radiators and let us poor girls freeze to deathf, UUE Miss Cravens: "In the sentence 'The knight rode gallantly on,' what is the ob- ject of the verb 'rode'?" Sheldon Key: "Horse, understood." lj lj CI Miss Cravens: "Have you ever read or heard of your deinitions before?" Vida Lehaman: UNO." Miss C.: "Then why did you give it?,' Vida: "I wanted to be original." C1 lj lil The baby was sitting tied in her little Teacher: "Say, Jackie, if you're grand- father was a thief, and your father was a thief, and your uncle was a thief, when you get to be a man, what will you be?" jackie: "Well, I guess I'll be a Repub- licanf' Cl El Cl It was once said that Doris Alger was a walking joke. I wonder why? DDE Stiney: Qex-cheer leaderj: "Brethren, let us turn to hymn number 333. Talk it up now." lj El fl The ladder of life is full of splinters, but we never realize it until we begin to slide down. Il U lj There was only one man in the world who was in love that ever told the truth: that was Adam, when he said, "Eve, you're the only woman in the world for me." E Cl EI chair. She was pestered with a 'frunningn Q Cold' Cotherman fon a quartette tripj: "Too if N The f0uf'Ye31"0ld brothel' hshoutedf bad we must love all these pretty girls A "Mother, baby's nose needs 'blowing up'." and then leave themjf A AY F3 UU Ci U Q ,Q , Q MY NOSE Al Judd says he's the wise cracker If d0f'X1Z,f breaffycf from Taggaffis- KT If d0f'S717f smell U E E If doemjf feel ln the gay nineties a girl built her S0 l"f"'3f well castle and waited therein for her Prince KK I am disrozzrngrd Charming. Now she goeth forth and I - Wifb my nose gf'-thefeth hlm ln- JAX wi .sp 'fx The only thing if El EI U ,i 'f W Does is blows. G Th k d k h if QI eo.: " e coo sure oes now ow " ,.!," V K U U E to serve heart." iii ,f l It is rumored that Earl Whitecotton Slmfkiei uH0W,5 that?" 'H ill, 'lillil sprang from a monkey, but we do not Geo.: "She serves the pickled beats 4 mg' it y . - . ,, Z f 1 think he sprang far enough. with it. 1 ,g i N . . X15 5 Mus- "' " if Z 1 -- ' 'il l !" , - fi f , - .4 if ff i QQ a ef' f it his il xi ' f Mini .ii fr? -- 5 X' 1. ,A e f i ' is if: 1 X . . . 6 MX, in 5 A vu ' P ' 0 0 qi N Q ii if pf! i' , 1 0975 5 .1 1 - d ,Mfr K H H. iff Q- f I , A ,L n 4: ' l " ' 3233 ! M 2125 Mi A fi : JAM-,Aa . ., -: ,,.'- X , y j Q45 55'-I x of ""k.:... I .5-5-' - Y "' ,'x'-Tw lj' ..fQ- --31'-:.-QL., - -,isp r i k .L-f-TI, A ... iesXsfv cEEQfiQ12fSQEEQ 9 K 0 - W E - B QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS THE CUP DELICIOUS f '1"f' M 1'1"111' -ff11" , re Koivwib MEEJ IMPORTED, MANUFACTURED N AND Q DISTRIBUTED . BY EE" 7 KDTHE, WELLS sz BAUER Co. O Rf, INDIANAPOLIS-KOKOMO-WABASH 62529 5 Q.J.:,.E,.W.E.,D.E.H.H.J.J.MD.E.E.,.....U., , .H.m.H.w..D.E.E.M.m.E,.J.E.D ED.ME.,E.HW.M..E.H.D.W.H-,.5 1 -uuij Q ,W P1 E214-QK 5 F rpg A? I-Ex XP N 1 l A ,N V ,f 1. f f- Y QU f qEwMQ EEUU, IV Z fy, G7 W I ,Y !. "f g 21-49 213 ff fy 4 f, 'X 5:21. I' f J f Q' If QQ anus , ff 1 .J , E ' ??wE3WfM'fw E ff' E 52 4 U7 6 f ,f w. 'A' 4 af, W f, W , A X6 X Wifi W ww V2 A BDWW? KUSZQQ? , Q 'REQ CHQ 0 Q .2-ix S 1 Y ' -.'."fT"1 Kg lp wx W E I A X '5. rf- '-f 34 2 f' x K fx Lkxv.. 'MX 5 Q Q,w 17' Ai U V iffy ! ' Ks V1 ll ,, N 2 . 1 - YYYY V g I V -117- 1 , fl Q UN w AT Q52 KlXf N xg A 222, 3 1 f Q if Lf 1 Md iilfl- bfi 'f Q,' ' :4x ' -,QF f ' - . - - :Z-fy, , D - i A Y-Y A i , 1 , Zeke 7J cC'wfQ Q BANKING HUUSES Make Your Banking Connection With THE LARGEST BANK IN INDIANA The Fletcher American National Bank Southeast Corner Pennsylvania and Market Streets INDIANAPOLIS "Complete Service" Madison Avenue State Bank 1377 Madison Avenue Indianapolis IN OUR NEW HOME The State Savings and Trust Co. 5 1 2 123 East Market Street I X EIN.: llllllllllIllIllllllllllllllIIlI'lI'lIIlIIlllilllllllillllllildll IINlilllilllllllillilllil llllllllllllli X milllillllll Iiillilllllillll lllliillillIiillllllllilllllli'Illlllllllillitlillllllllllllfllllllllillll. liillillillllgg LET LANG MAKE 'EM j 5' Fraternity Pins, Badges, Trophies, M i 2 Cups and Medals my I 2 '...' Q..-' 'J 5 E MAXWELL C. LANG 5 ,IX NX 312 Kahn Bldg. Lincoln 1132 5 A X EIIIIMIIIH illllI'lIllillllllllllldlllllllllllllll'Il:lllllilllll'NIHIHINEINIINNI'illllll Hlllllillillilil Q X till INIUIVII I wlwilw-lululu Hlllllllllli l- lulv:u:'lw,li.lw:Iululrilulw-lwalrllwlulrliiluni IIIIIIVIIVIIIIE X - N Q i AN' Q Lincoln 1822 E M NN P I 5 IDEAL . PENNSYLVANIA 0 I 5 Power Lawn Mowers C E .Grlener Hand Lawn Mowers Distributor W CENTAUR sl SHAW W i M DU-ALL TRAoToRs N 1 I' WU LAWN Lawn Mswver Renewal PARTS X! v ' ' eivice Sh Q l R Z kill il E Maintenance Supphes 1:5-1:7 E. New York sr., alpenmg- epaumg S 'ffl E I lEll1211'P0l',, I I E ElllllllllIllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllillill 1 i llllllfll ' ll.ll 7 illllliillildlllllllllIlll'llllIllllllllllllllEl A Qi i1lN- gf Q w' A I ' 0 ' X I v i E 1 -I fa f ,. ' M. it if of I 3 F ew-LQ ,ga .fp S3 Q2 3:3 ffm tj T , 0 I I 1L,,ff' ' ' .fi S1 f 5- A E, S iw xiii ij?-1 A '54 Ex Q: , A ,rf ia ' , If 253 1" I fra WJ' AQSVT at 'gil L QL if 'AT'- fgfffrii xr Ll, ! 1 .A x X r f,.-,- V, I 5 F J 'f" 4 f"74 ,f 1 'f' ' l 4 I,-11 W I F Qi, fx F Q W 5 QN XJ' X l 2 L ,Z-751, 6:2 A iii-"-BNIJZF-'2 CCEQQQEDDACI-,E1Qf2Q 'illllllllll f9 Lil I I I ll Il PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY SOUTHPORT, INDIANA M. B. PAYNTER, M.D. PHONE 142-J Oilice Hours. P.M.-2-53 7-8 Sundays by Appointment Office Hours-P.M., 2:00-4:00p 7:00-8:00. OSCAR D. LUDVVIG, M.D. Sundays by Appointment 5300 MADISON AVENUE AT EPLER SOUTHPORT, INDIANA PHONE: SOUTHPORT 143 4028 MADISON AVENUE E. P. Booos, M.D. ii PHONE DREXEL 5494 Office Hours-2-5g 7-8:30 P.M. Fi ' DR. OMER A. DYNES DENTIST Cor. Pennsylvania and Michigan St. 807 Medical Arts Building RI Iey 1022 Y JAMES E. MCDONALD alfa ATTORNEY-AT-LAW DNN 617 PEOPLES BANK BUILDING l INDIANAPOLIS D vi Office Li-3496. Res. TAL. 4175 ' LX ff X It is told of a Scotch president of a A A university when the cheer leader asked :fi L fx f " h h " l . or t ree ra s gavg can y two A Scotchman gave his son violin les- sons to save a barber bill. KN : L II, qi -N I X N Octagon Lenses in White Gold ,fair " ' jim Frame Complete, 957.50 5 T i ,,I wlmw fl E li I 5 1 9 f,'.,' I . lie DR. J. E. KERNEL :lg ,ni e - PM F y WM. H. BLOCK CO. - 5 ,F i'Ff"i',iii L H OPTICAL DEPARTMENT Q j I 5' I' I Elllllllllllil I I I I I IllllllllllllllIlllllIlll4lI'lIiiIiAIllIlIIllIlillllillllllllllllllillllli vllliIllIl'il WA 2 5119- ' il y X 'I I f ! C5 rf Wifi, I 2-- , , H79 f M ,g. fp -f ff f WM in A , vii ' ... v, Wx. in f gk f -if Y36 X -Qqma g 1. 1-Q V 9 , .ily 1 X vs! iii .- :IV 'g fcv is it N iayj.. " l'-1533 ! yi lx. fglf. ,1 WW' f X saikiiil r igifnmn l 1 9 fi' -1-xT...4, Q""s-1-...V ?,--c:v- -- '- xf-S!-"Nli.f" A M 'XY ' J! I -it ,..,,.:-hx. l . T' ' . -' ' ' A ' I , 7 I , ,6' Q Q GREENWOOD X I Why Not Buy a SIX at the Price of a FOUR pr :www-...1l Tmupmrar-an -FROM- KELLY SALES CO. Telephone No. 10 Greenwood, Indiana ASK ABOUT OUR SERVICE SERVICE MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL THE WALTER GRASS COMPANY P' 332 West Main Street Greenwood, Indiana IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUILD NEW OR REPAIR-CALL GREENWOOD LUMBER COMPANY CEMENT LIME PLASTER BUILDERS' HARDWARE Telephone: 196 Reverse Charge: GREENWOOD, INDIANA WI IMI WINNI Nl II I 'IJI 'I NI I IWI NI NI I1 IVIUIINI WI WI IHIENI NI NI 'IUIUIWIHI WIlIIINlIIIIW!I1!I'NI1'I'XINlMlHI'NI VIHIHIUI'NI1IIIII,lINlU SE II n lr L reififrffw IW fm Q 5 ff A l ph f H Eff? a Q lf 935 f jr: wg Ag IVE gain P QN fel T ' f' If I A J ff in f 'vie Q A 1- Nm iw 'MLK in ew d l if I 'W 5' 90 helakmwil- AJ W M' ff! ' ,ff f .. - Eff I 0 My ff, ,E is I 7' 'WT 6 ' Q. I T: M y 5-45, 'al "lM,,,,Zl,1, QL l4?'n:'.3Nf754lE ENeJ em:Q12Ac.1sE 199 9 ? Jokes Lowell Good says that if it wasn't for him there would not be a good fellow in their family. DUE A SHAKESPEARE TRAGEDX' A lion and two men A lion and one man A lion. EDD Miner: "Are we supposed to swallow all this theory of equations?" Mathias: "Probably be a lot better if you put it in your head." DEE Bess B. Creading newspaperj: "Say, Mary, Lindberg is engagedf, Mary H.: "Oh, shoot, he's the only man I'd ever marryf, fToo bad, Don.j EDD There was a young lady of Ryde Of eating green apples she died Within the lamented They quickly fermented, And made cider inside her inside. DDD Hazel F.: "I think the style in the 'Prince and the Pauper' is very delight- ful." Miss Cravens: "That is always true of Mark Twain's books." Francella T.: "But it says on the back of this book that Clemens is the author." lil EI U Bernie F.: "I don't think it is right to kill and skin an Angora cat for Zoology. Bess B.: "What,s the difference: you when they are skinned. Bright Freshman: "Who's P. G.?" Dumb Sophomore: "That's P. G. Snivelyf' Bright Freshman: "Oh! I thought that meant President Good." lj lj Cl Bish: "XVhy is a horse collar like I1 Woman?" Stine: "Because they both hang on the neck." lj CI El Miss Cravens has confessed that the reason she is not as famous as James Whitcomb Riley is that she does not know how to describe an elephant. DDU fTwo o'clockj Mr. Berdell: "Has that young man gone home yet?', Peg.: 'tOh, Dad, don't be a crank." Mr. Berdell: "A crank's a pretty good thing if the self-starter doesn't work." EIDE Coach Good: "Action and not talk is what I want in footballf, Dave Vance, Capt.: "Get a mute with cootiesf' Cl U Cl When is a baby not a baby? When he,s a little cross! DDU Little Maiden of five summers at store: "Please, sir, I'd like some ribbon for my dolly's sash." The kind young man measured the ribbon. I-Iow much sir? Since you re such a pretty little miss I ll charge you one kiss. pay you next time she came to town. VA 5 I . L 6 f 1 I A W ,X ff l 1 1. Xvg, 1 liek il fix y Y ' fi' fi l ' .1 1 , ff 1 as 5 I Ill X xl " H l nl , ' F I , 1 ,. .J Magi jfl can't tell an Angora from a Pussy Willow "All right. Grandmother said she'd 'X 1' lf, l ,J aa , 111, 1 it 1 U ' 1 'v l 1 7 ,, 5 1 11 1 1 ' 11 1 ' 3 1 , - f S' I f' ' - ff' Q 4 4 ,A A 1 x 7 I V . QAM M ' x"i V 'N By, . 1 l 3 1 Xl ill' ff A 1 are i f A . 1 .fe 4 ,n X, , 12 -ia le A arf 'T TFWT1' 1- A ME Sf . WT ' 'I x -ft i-,ETX-KY -. Z'i'Nnf5.-:nl-"E sie o t f ll M il l wi , U I li-I liilizltil iilwliililllllvilillilulrlvllili ll'll:lliIM E E Southport Lumber Co. Building Material of all Kinds Phone: Southport 3 3 E - Fnllllll llllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllll'llllllllll Illlllllll lil EIN -.m lfglllllllllll I llill llllllI'lHll Ililllllllllll'llilllll.lHl1IllllllllllllIllllllllllllllE J. A. WACKER Staple and Fancy Groceries 3 Fresh and Salt Meats - Phone Drexel 3656-.I i 4102 Madison Ave. 2 INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA 5 - IIlIK4lllllllllllllllllllllllllll lIlllllllllllllllllllllll,El llllllllllllg ' QUALITY ABOVE ALL HERFF-J ONES CO. INDIANAPOLIS ' Designers and Manufacturers of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Ofllcial Jewelers to Classes of 1926, '27, '28, '29, '30 and '31. v.. l llllllllllllll ll'lllIl A-,li:liillllZlI'il l"l li lllllllilll ll I i. lllllllllllllllllllllll New-- --Rebuilt TYPEWRITERS E Dealers in All New Portables ' ' "" llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllEl "llllllllll.lliIllllill ll llillllllllllllll gl H llillllllllllllllllIIllE'lllll'll3l lllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllul 2 2Claude Roberts Ralph Meeks THE UNIVERSITY 2 ....FLORAL CO.... ,v- X I R i . ' u I "Flowers for all occasions" E lm, 2 entals Supphes Repalrs 2 Weddings .:. Parties .:. Funeral Work 1 lil 2 5 5 lil 2 AMERICAN WRITING E OH Hanna Ave- L fx' I' A I Near Stop 4, Madison Road 5 Q 137 Me1'idian St, 6322 i Phone, DRexel 7828fR 1 Indianapolis, Ind. S PD El iliili-.ling il iliiliil I-iliilii i I il ilwlwl il ll"l'Vl il il lsvl il ll ll'illllIil'll :I lIlllllllllllllillllllllllI'll'lllIllllllIilI1!IlII Ei lllf 7 QQ. fb qi, , Aw? 35 w l ax C ' Q a ll fill I eager 9, A A We Q I Q E A , A Y, I V Lb I QB 6'-,l ' .H fx' ' 1 I Mk' ly. ix :Pls I N " 'EDJ V 'il ? f if 5 In A 12? l il .ffl L? f A f A. Sm 5 ff 1- af CI - i - jg TX ' ' ff-lb l l A We ll, Alla? is - ,Aw ,L of l if I 'K 'ARI f- Myst f i, I A U,'g34llC?i,1 a i 551 ' V XF ' 65 'Ill 57 ti, I we we-A '74 fi, K I A jf' ! -W ' 2'A'!""L! X- X' f fy l i lk il! 1'-XI K fl X' ' 'fl 1 f J 'gf ii T.k Ir' fly 'I' A F c A 1 4 'F L Ig? ie LQ is I 1 Qe.GwieQ o .lol-tes One day President Good FUSE Dr. Eaton going up the stairs panting and pulling as if he were in a strain. Dr. Good: "Why are you panting so, Dr. Eaton?" Dr. Eaton: "Well, this table's mighty heavy and here I have to pack it clear up to third floor." Dr. Good: "But where's the table?" Dr. Eaton: 'iGood gracious, I forgot the tablef' ll lil lil Mrs. Newlywed: "Oh, john, let's start taking the 'Ladies Home Journal' right away." John: "What for?" Mrs. N.: "Well, I saw an advertisement that they're starting a new serial and I thought it might help your indigestionf' EIDE Georgia Benson: "I've worked for the same boss for twenty years." Faye Findley Thompson: "That's noth- ing. I'm celebrating my silver wedding Paul Fawley: "What a lot of girls there are who don't want to get marriedf, Shel: "How do you know." Paul: "I've asked themf' DEE Bill T.: "Am I descended from a mon- key?', Mrs. T.: "Why, I think so, but I'm not sure. I've never met any of your father's people yet." E E lil Dr. Stonecipher: "Why do words have roots?" Gladys Lively: 'So the language can grow." lil Cl lil Lucy: "Whatls the idea of wearing your sox wrong side out?" Thelma K.: "There's a hole in the other side." U S Cl Everit Bish's idea of the laziest man is the one who sits up all night to keep ,Q- N 3nniVef5afY tomorrow-U from washing his face the next morning. Ziff-NN Cl EJ EI Il D El Driver fafter accidentj: "Are you Prof. Weidler in Restaurant: "Bring V hurt, Sonny?" me half a dozen frankfurters with sauer- ,SG Bob Durham Qgrocery boyj: "No, but limut-U K X I Can't find my liver." Waiter: "Oh, Heinie, bring six pups ,Z IA E E E with the bedding." K U Q El fffl Murry Rickel: "I feel funny, doctor. What shall I do?" Prof. Michaels: K'What subject are we i X' Dr. Boggs: "Go on the stage." to Study Uexfyi XT " - D U E Glen Ramsey: "Wh-er-I have it on A ai the end of my tongue." Jr, L' fy Ruth Howe: "You told me to file these I?fOf- M.: "Don't swallow it. It's ar- ,jf fl letters, sir." SCHIC-U f' , lee Noblittx "Yes." lj lj lj 1' Ruth: "Well, I was just thinking that Babbit calls his girls "Iodent." I ll it'd be easier to trim them with a pair of Worth j' i I' scissors." Squeezing. 2 X I -1,,M ll 'f Ng . , - o f ' Q - 'll ' I i f H ,Q .- W, if l iq i " I W Il Vi W 'ED ff fd .4 ' ' - 31 X w , If 3 ' ffl li rl 'fvllk ' X 4. i. ' 6 1 Wx ETB ' , l Y. ' 'K 'I j' a 4 l X Q ll 1-. .5 JJ' I I mfbf Q if: wg. 25-ix . fs., as -' ' . . l 14, - Iiia f ff Qi ft. f efmyfe' ' We .l :A-rf - . V .E if ' s X! I . ff so gg zw.-N4 --l.,,,-. '-' Z- g,"',-'fl I-X-I .Gnd ,Q - 4.2.4. -4. .ig . s - f A A A K Y 4. , , ,Q' 'i0DACLE,lQQ Q ?1BQY2EkV,,2 X Xxx ly A 1 is 5 TEACHERS' AGENCIES 2 We appreciate the Character and Ability of Teachers Trained at Indiana Central College HOOSIER EDUCATIONAL SERVICE, Inc. 620 PEOPLES BANK BUILDING Indianapolis Floyd E. Williamson, President HOMER L. COOK AGENCY, CLicensedJ p 610 TRACTION TERMINAL BLDG. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA E The First Teachers Agency in Indiana R ENROLL NOW. WRITE OR CALL FOR CONTRACT Homer L. Cook, Manager THE EDUCATORS BUREAU fLicensedJ 406 OCCIDENTAL BUILDING, INDIANAPOLIS TEACHING POSITIONS IN GRADES, HIGH SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES The Agency of PeI'sonal Service W. A. MYERS, Mgr. TEACHING POSITIONS COLLEGE NORMAL HIGH SCHOOL GRADE BROWN EFFICIENCY BUREAU, Inc. I College and Teachers Department iLicensedJ 306 GUARANTY BLDG., INDIANAPOLIS F. R. FARNAM, Mgr. I Get Your School and Office Needs at Hi1le1"'s 2 'Loose-Leaf Supplies Office Furniture Safes Filing Equipment M I PRINTING ll ll HILLER OFFICE SUPPLY CO. . 26-QS S. Pennsylvania St. INDIANAPOLIS XXI 51 ETwwwluwl-IluluwlnuI Ilulxlulunlwl-Ili lulwlm . lIlwlululwlIlulwlulwxlwzlIlwrwlil'lululIIIIHIIIIMIHETI lille J -I:4- 39 . X i lib, II fwri - ff? at I Ig, 5 I I I fr ' im "' F ., -QR iuhlibk 91, i E, I XFN lm X ll jf A SWA I X Q f MX 5 ig, 'il,gCb4Q, ,L 6 ly f . E ? 1 ff f A I N I jfxr? I A nw if i 1:9 ri . l " I I J -37.251 4' if ' if H jeJ,f,fflfQi4 h .I X If GQ2f3x,,f95 Q - ll 97 XJ W I Riagg , gl alrf- xc.. . . iaxx ,gn V , ,L , ,. J-I. , 1 . C: I., Q -O . I I. X M WJ' I ' I L, f W W Cifgfi' I 'I CT fi' Z S f V T7 fha Y VI Hi' A ll PM 'TC . A 3 45 T Fe' 'l'i 7 L E 12 Q2oiQQf4IQ 9-lm MW-, a ga yffrgwy fvoawm - Om ITTICTISO A ?,,frZ,a57-'-'-4'1"-vw"l- Mazo Lomax Studio Photographer for the Oracle 1929 .ja - K 2 l I 5 ,XTX E 1 X - fu QL Columbus, Indiana n f JJ . cf A Wf fifi ,f ' fvvfafgqrar r o f ry A' H f I J 3 1 . 1 2 J r 1 H . , , K 1, .. wluwlwlsrlulr , r Y , lwll'lMl11lHlr1lwlwlIIHIWIMIwlHl'!lml.,l1lf1l.!l12lvlwvlwllwlal l,!l,YIMlHlHlHlwNl IJIIIHIH 2' M ' n l' -1253 M Q" ,- 5 V - f ff L f ANYE gm If :gg 1-,C IQSJESWT Y ' kim-25 Jr, w Q arf Jfia f f r a f I f Q aaaqf klm-5 fm- - fkfff nf g?- I li ff -fzixf' 1 c 9 X XX 'fx X V Xi --+1 Q7 flnnejfortrait is az tme exprefszon qfa personalzyf 'The Ideal Year Book is a portrait of school life expressing the personality ofthe institution which it represents. Thelndianapolis Engraving Co.-through 1tsJlnm4aIPlannirgg e Service Department can hel you express in your year book the true Personality and? tradition of your school wrzfcjbrlrwrmafzbn 'Ihis Book Engraved by Ylze Indianapolis Engravin8Co.wu1fmB1dg Indianapolis g -liri- N X i n ri F1 ix w l +3 ifli li is if rg t is W ww, ff 5' 'viygm mai 952 Q if xg S pf, V '43 CG. 'Sir QNX ." v VD X in 813, , gr- rl - F il, N j tgfogfx, if Wf ffiiiigji Egifts 'X , i n ' We f 'inl tif ss if rs: 1, +:g,, ' f i ,P W, f jr. Qi iii t is ' i M f fe ff 2 Z 1 L 4 gb Qi 6235121 gs Ae e t 'Wi nfigm Q ifil worse E Life 'iii ri, X, ,fi 'ft , 3 .gg s as es, ,f so 12 pq 1 Xtx VE QDACLE. 1Qf2Q 1 Cagicrfslllyllllululul Illll'II!IIHIINIIIIIII-IIHIHINNllNllllllhlllIHIHIVWIIWIHIKIIIIIWIIW lYlIllWllWllWlllWI C? Q 2' E M '- 4- M 'U' T h i s B o 0 k + A from . 4, T h e P r e s s of The FT Q. 'Herald ii Tublishiug Fc, Compaug 1 . 'DH ff 1 A Il ei e 1' 5 0 IZ l, I 72 cl i fl 71 ll L ,L N ii in 3 .za F F -uv In Q Q -HJ 5 WX, - X-X .- W -:- -:- QS I X - Q "I1 V! KSN: Nl 5 W f , 2 A -, , x 1 5, 2, 'gl M 1 C, Mm l M lM S5 if 1 M ' 15 is AQJQAIINI Ill 'wh I I 1 2 I -12T- Q ff fe - f g W 1 ' 1 3 5? xl fm H ,Qf 4 ss A 0 X? 'aft -, TS. Y ix x 1 1 311 lm? 4 YL M MQ 1 ef 1 ' 1 Q1 fi M3 5 - A f tam:tQQAcLE iofz QjssQZass w In NN N V13 Q ? The Edziztorys Say I have felt like "Editor in Cheesei' many times. It has been hard to smile and at the same time feel like a villian because I kept you out of classes or called you out three or four times for a picture. Many times I would have given up except for the cheerful- ness and willingness of the staff. To John Thompson, Business Manager, and Herschel Scholl, Advertising Manager, goes the honor of selling more advertising than has ever been sold before. Paul Fawley, Circulation Manager, has not only boosted Annual sales, but has been the Editor's "handy boy." Ralph Hayter, Sports Editor, handled his job like a professional. Read the Sport section and see. To Pauline Barnhizer, Art Editor, Mary Hiatt, Literary Editorg Hilda Gatwood, Joke Editor: Bess Ballard, Typist, and to Don Carmony, Snap Shot Editor, the Editor- in-Chief is indebted for a contagious spirit of co-operation, optimism, and enthusiasm. The 1929 Oracle has not been produced by individuals. It owes a debt of gratitude to those whose willingness and help lessened the burden of production. Therefore, We, the Staff, wish to thank the following: Dr. W. P. Morgan, our advisor, for his frank and helpful criticisms. Mr. Karl Parson, Editor of the 1928 Oracle, for the high standards and efficient helps he has handed on to us. Mrs. Rugenstein of the Indianapolis Engraving Company, for her encouragement and help in planning the book. Joe McIntosh of the Engraving Company, who made the drawings of the Art theme. Mr. Cletus Gettinger and Mr. Arthur Clark of the Anderson Herald for their interest in making the Annual a success. The Senior class for its efforts in the sales of Advertising and for its confidence in the staff. Mazo Lomax, of Columbus, Indiana, for her work in obtaining the scenics and the individual photographs of classmates and athletes. Clem C. Voorhis, photographer, who even though he did not get our contract, co- operated to make the photography a success. Regretfully I write these last few words. They are the last I shall ever write as an Editor for my Alma Mater. What memories this book will recall as days go by. May we appreciate again the achievements of those who have sacrificed for us in the past. May we haunt once more the halls of Greyhound fame- and then with rekindled Central spirit press on to greater heights. When having given our best may we pass on the torch to those who shall carry on. "Progress is the law of life, Man is not man as yet." The book is finished. This is the end. Maybe it might have been better. We have tried, but Fate said that our trying was useless. Yes- ' la' "This is fbc Una' . lll Our task is dom? l A Deal kindly zuifb if S 1539 KlIOZL'il1g -- zur' frira'." If 7 A -JIM W BER. Y fl .-ns- E ii ,, l '92 4-. r, 'I 'X We 5' flfwr F, QQ. FPS . '- C? Us W I E L ,gfyf jx L gbegyxf -F V K f - -1 .Nw 'QM 4 F' Q f- . ry - if M l.5? 13l.fY f X gf its I W Neff 57 at we rt.- M Hia? li F fa- I I Tig' Vi-'T 'TIT-ily! if E-" l xiii 'yliliigillllll if iii,-li I gl l I' fy fs it W1 ,V H In F ,ff yi. my 4, 2- ' 1 1.4579 I as . f ., , 1-. '-, m. -, ' I I ,',.,, 0.1 ,W 1- , ,,v'-,,' v . , 1 ns, , nh- .f W., Jw- . . --,, 1. XX -,5'.,,, ., V '.'., ,. ,Ag 1 . . . I--'v -I , ' ,I .- -,v. .,'f. 'f A fa-'f 1' v ,- i l.. -I T. -.W yr' . X - - .. I f I 1 Qs ' .' , .' , -- .er.'. ' - -4 - . ' , I 3 - lr y ' '.Q J ,. L 1- '- '.-- , 'xw 4.x ' "V x., 'Q ' .--V . ,, .. , .l -Y' V v ' ' '-' .. -' 'L.--1' 'A ', , PY " .. v ',. ., V: , ,' ' X, W ,,- f 1 . 1 Jfxf , ,, '- ': , 1 Q . xp " C L .N --.AHA K .Q -. A -' ., - , if, M1 HN h W y -.,. l M4 ,V-I , f N-.w , ., ,vw 5.1 gwiif. , ., - . b, - , wf's,,: ff ,J-, I - fgfw, 1 , - , I- .. . .-,, 1 Y.-f.4.I,.',, .L Q- ...L!ftx,.'-,., .. , , .N - 1, 1 ,,1,.'f- 1. ,ff I , Q3 '- 3: L L, wflf. '4 R., -.g- A, 1 K- 3. L. wt H., ., , lt.,-A., 1,-5--11' J'-,wi , 'uf-4-4 1 , 1 ,y 0,11 "JM,--,.,1., "'-' A- , .XL U J tv.. .will - . Q . .. . yugv' ., ' , . x , 55, ,V -1,-.. In " ' T1' .Ji 1 , .. I ,rr '-PL ' ,X ,v - ,enum -, ,,f. .. ff- . .,, ,..,.l5,. ,,,. G ag. F7 ::'13.- ' ,rl rl..:an:usnx.xs.' ,g y - M pffM -WWW , , QQ z,g,,,Nj,.LJ60f W JWXMK M, MMM ,QA www ,Q,o.fyx,r,afvW, - I, M . W in JA MVN W W JV ALM ,,N,NU.i?U5'VL'A91'f L M-fry fipmw ' . OL Q , ,-AAW Z ' WNVWML 1 M , '- 'T . if " im- 'fa4d2a'7Lf9"'2: ' ' -fi'-" J , , ' f.- -p r?i,L?ffff,,gfgQfi?fW5?Yr , ,Q 'ft!g1Z?f , . 1 , . .- ,,f,- f l 4 ,il---N ,. Y . . M , H ,M . 4 -,Q .M gf., ,-L' ' A . . -1- 3'f-"'y2'f'-T-Y"5'1:52!vf-f.1''fLng!f!l5L'a -'D - "'-'fa v 'GGL '- x . -Li . -V, 4 - , - - s it 9 n s , M W: ff' .- A-,,-., . -I , . ,7 f- 3 N' ' . .xi ,JA ff,-: gg ' Q . . J ,,, f I .1 'N ,uv D' ' .' -161.1 .mmf y , : f ,',.'1. , :, QA , ,arf .2 '3.. ., ' ' ' - ra ' "xl ,. - - ' I ,K ff ' -,L '15 5 S ' Z ,-' ." ' f 1' . c , ', 4- .4 -f. J., . .S - . 'J if. F' 'L , "Ll: fu - . ,yi .X ' "uf ' .xx - Ls.-, .1,- ', , ., ..,5-:gg--- -: , ':j.g4.wE QA-Jfff -'A .- -f -f 1 . A' Lg, nn- . , ,W , .4 1,-,. - ,X M I -rf' '?"'i',' , .3 '9 . 'Tl,,Q1.g.,'fk ' H Q , ' -1' ' " X "LQ-11 . J 4 v , ,HQ ,. 1x h ' :eg 1 F5 N 1 4 . rl , ii, x . 1 1 ,,uA, 'X W C z l . 1 . r .v . .1 ,-.p- Q P v K bid- f.1?':Q!S1225" -, f mi . In '

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