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 - Class of 1923

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'ww we wf ww ' f .-gf-'4'-rf'fff.u ' LM' 1 Y' H. .W 4 'Wi pa, . . ,. Q, I 5-: 2'- Q Jes. ' ..1. ,-K -,-.fl.if, ua... .,ALA::,5:. MW.. .3 1 ycgvuq-r ,.-.3 K A Tl. A Bm ' .. 5.2-ff ... , 1-4?-1 z I - 4 r Ji. I, ". ,N 'f -1- ,Qx , i 4,141 , .L 1 if ..1..,-' , I I. 4.,. iv ,Jn , 4 .5, 14 f " ' Q ,v Q4 I I' I -, 1 V I- ' 5 . , It as QQ ' ' . It n ' . I-O I F 'ef - E5 - , . ,W . Q h - -u 0 n i- K 4 yy 5 , Y ' . ' bag, I 9 x J 4' J n - ' A i -'A fl- . 4, ' 1. Q I v - -F, ,Q ' A All .Ig sq--U hi? f"--..,....,-" .........-va-NN '.,.,,....,,, ,. ,nr I WJ-f . ,wx -3 is - - -H J! If xi x.:: A If Av X f f ,f , X 1. li if 'V ,, "., , N "" I 4 J .-v x ,, Ts gs I fl ,E .... : ..,. Qbql 1 ,,:,, Q X , It f ' , 4 K N ,f iz, , ' XX 5 'fEff7fQ5Xi ff !,uMg1..f,PR f f 2 I3 Q Q RN--A----"' U XJ! 1923igf Page Three WW, , 4: '-A--'f 1 '17 -f-- 'LV --1-' ' ,,,Y f -1-wg' "Ai " '4f--??3'i'1'?-:gil ..f:4g..Mg:f,g:-.1 E:n.:x:J:s '1'fL1rw Oman: ir rankings! Y, - ,, ,,---L.f-- . -ff.. Y ..VV fy ...-.vw WY V, W. Nm-, V... -... -- J--L.,.,.....,,,... 91.5. Editor LENNA E. SMocK Business Illanager ALBERT F. BYRNE 'X -ra. L ' Y V gf, i' ' "WWA ""' 'tru ' Y .-.W F" ,,::mlnsuuuaunnunn , ,..L Wv i ,... ' XJ 5,-391 -T':-'gfkxq V Y .. K,-. 5-I X f , -I ' I ,x X . .mmm-wma-W-mn. ..,, , 'A I . I., . wwf 1 XR . I . I , I as -mm w -mg s W ,X 5 -Q' qqfgv fm 5 .1373 X, g f X - www-mwmwmmwmwmwmwwmw-Qmmwwmw mwwwxwmmwm-ewxmmmmwwm 'KNOX . x-.. . X I JN, THE RAC LE I Q 2 3 Volume V PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR AND IUNIOR CLASSES OF INDIANA CENTRAL COLLEGE Allen County Public Library 900 Webster Street you wayne, IN 46301-2270 INDIANAPOLIS f INDIANA po Box 2270 LLLL I AAREIff LL LL NN I f IE IN I1I 'UL J-1 1 ., .-Y . , - -www 51-+ , -3- pg-:-.Q N. H ,bw M 2 - as f - a -- ' , wwmmmwmw.,v-,mqmmwmwmwmmwamm P ge Fi-ue 7 ,.,,,,, 7 ,QV X' C"Ilu?T'X 7 o 533311131 'v"sifS3f'S'1i'Qc7s.cfmAfir Om Q is if Wyeffiiff sr sm ru r rs-as ss ss ss: ecfvi ,....-.. : if .,, ...,... :.:A:f:: ' ...ev zzz:-.M ,.... w g fx A Q2.....,,,.,:, '-- H , ' 'Q mx!::2f:sL::f.:ff1Ef"' DEDICATION to Horace Ward Marshall IN order to show in a small measure our appreciation for his unlimited sacrihces, his steaclfastness and earnest devotion to our College, we respect' fully dedicate this fifth volume of The Oracle. i it 19 Page Six 1 90899 yfffmxfix ,WT W V Y ffgigmmf ms 5, IE, C K Y Xxmmfgammf-M.-gwQ'mr.mfnwwm. - -ffnwnww , , M., ,Q N A W :xv -- -A , , ,x 1 . 7-sv gmyrw pn: "1 :ff f- V .4 'fm 'am '-W , 5 --- .- X . ' L x V M K WW, ,, , , - yunmwv-.QFm.::.-.NWW.....-N.Mm-q-wwwX f- X ..,. Q tw-NF,--h..vm,....,.,,.,Q,,,x,,,,,:,, , I.,-A 1, ,eu Lmvzg Horace VVard Nlarshall, A.M. , ,, Y -.A-T -L, , , W- . ga A ,F-.WMm?7mnf,...m,mQE,?,Qm.?,,,X .15 W 77:7 iwmw. Y 7 VVYY W ,V,,, , Y -,X K Y,kk pf-m...W,X.m..,.M...V,.,-,.W,,.Wim ...M Pam' Srzwz ,- .sci 'Tm .- .. , . ,,,, - .,,,.A,,M . Q .. . m..ama..,t.:-f.. -, is msmswsssfsss s sts s Tala is sis si s ss si rs W saw awcwsmwmrwmwswnmwmxmx fuxqxgs wmsswwwwmwwwwmw 'NQ"'--.........,::.::::- f' QFZZJZ4 E, the members of the Oracle Stall of 1923, have tried to present to you in the following pages something of the social, re- ligious and intellectual spirit of Indiana Central College. We hope that the reader Will be able to recall many pleasant memories of past experiences and live over again those happy days spent in college. To be sure, college life has its diflicult problems, but We have endeavored to record only those things which Willlbring pleasant memories to you. Fi4C'i4':'--:::::::::s3?2fi - ..... 'sfffia aarat . . af e'F6C::..t.1f- Page E ight ai923ts?f.t.sfx-vvsrsswswssss 5. X f Um iwyx. .. M L L -, A - -- ., ..,.., i Administration Building "The saints will nirl if men will call: For the blue sky bends ozier all." -COLERIDGE. V T 11923115 Lf45:5Qc,,,f5fQs:.2 Page Nine , f - f - Y - - V,-,ik-rv -f--1r,.,1 "-" - Y, Y .... TV --JJ' '1,':': LT'-..I. .Sl M-ir: :,.::.g.'+ffii--V em, QEE 113J.1.3Z!f? 'fH -1 -s 1 'fx tis S sf 21 Q ig Q grrir'1iir1.r FT r'5Ss.r if m,,43i,,i' W ,, .. ,,,,,, if z ,:4::Qw:1:.. fa.. H, ::,:. .... : -...: ,,.. ,f ,.. -,,,..... .:.,1:::Q::m-am-mmxs Sxmw Gymnasium "Strong are her sons, though rocky are her sl1orz's." -HOMER. , W , M 5192345m'w:f,sfrrfff ?frf2w'E L Page Tcn 1 fk 'C:?X 41, ,..,. W-f,,,,.gq3 4OEh4?'M X5immmmmmm-wm,Wm,f...QM,-u Q.: 1, 1 : 4? , ups: - ww: " '. 'gm ,V 'pw ,gn 1 if? ACER .S Qzw-a4,,..,f,.Y-XEQXX ,Aff-- ,p A L -ywfffm11,.v-www-ww-,-1-nw,V , . . N. ' X3 X--lgrfi-Hg: Xi 1 Dailey Hall Thy daughters bright thy 'walks adorn, Gay as the gilded summer sky." -BURNS. ,f,"4f1,'.:qg1,1.i ,-v . .-X rv N1..JX , G cm 1 Qiwm-M-wV.1m-.n-M-.w.,.v...-fvmw.-X xwmumm W . QQ-7'-3i1A,.4' 13, is Pagc Elrwvz , , x mmm.-,m.NM,WW.Nw.,,,Wm.m..WW-WW,W.NM.WwmWmv.m.Mmw,'A ,Q 1. is v' A ggpmWNmmwmwmmmmnmmmwwmmmwwmmwmMwww -. - .- X ,K .Ji-Mxgxw XXX X N xm W, ,wg N mf my px-Nag 4 3,-. s it gm: Swww' mv Qsgww we gm wgmgw gm Rf s, ww-WW-M.Wmwww-mmm-xwmxmwWNWww-wmmmvwwwwxwwxx 1 LXM.,,,w. ,X W:--:W-wmwwww --wwMMwmwmwvwwmm--.--Q,-.., Ju X, .,, ....,, X . .,1X x N XX '1 pfx 1.- Residence Hall E U "J man's a man for a' thai! -BURNS. x , V Un,-I ' Pays T'wr'1z'c T, gag?" -.. Q , gg P - Q X: R RNSQSQQXWS rang ,:.f wtf 43:9 ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,, A X,,,q S,r,,,,,K,,A A , ,,-...M F.. f vm fi ,- wi iw GT ff 'H W' ff , . W ijzwwzk -Y VyWMV,,,,,,,,.,m,-r-was' R1-xf: Y r i""'1-sv:-f-r--N-y,.. .W-Y, T-1 ., 7,55-J,-. fu A -... - ...Q 5, . , Cummins Hull -g Z X XS- Roberts Hall ,.. fi 1923 - ,QL H Wg., , ,Y -.,,.,,m...........,,4.-.,1,.f-mx.. .:-., 'fam H Qcxxfgif Page Tllirfvtlz Q X,--ff'-rnwxv X, N pax T5 Nw mmwmM,MmMmW.Wm..,w,m,, X...WW.3m.w.M,W.Wk..Mw.kW', my Xs V ARmN-mummmmmwxmwmmmwmmM-mmmmmmww..Mmm Mwq N NSXW Q myyv-Q My W iw wx w X 4 2 A W W W vs W w w wg EM N W QMAQAM Wx xf Q Q 1 K. imma mmm-,Nwwwxmmwmmwwkwwmwwm-W,- -wx-www-mwwmwmwfmu 'w ww X I X -mv Awww gm---mwym. -w,'mwfr tvf-N-.--XA -'Nwwf www, .mm mx " X y. ,..,,, G I 'rl con N.. , ,,.., ..... ...., i ..., ' E92 g .... --'A,,. . , - ..., ,a, M-. fx, :Ll,5GQhQv4:,5S5lw. A..-... - W-Mm-'WWW ---' -WMM-WM-W--M M--1----1-W, -M-M Page Fourteen M W ,vlrmmlmmriflw,kwa-ww W ,W xx ' , ' bww ,f,- wmv-WL1.,x,,fM. " , , . . mum 'rw : R x V ,. . xv" j"- .V K " "W t WW' - f-1sRw4wwswgmQ -1, fl P, A , ' . ,wekf-vat .. amvgexfm-'W 11.:mXxrmwmum1Sawx.:m-fwmw MH xi. . N , N Z, ww.-fW,.,,n,M,.,A ,'AW--A' 3, n fx, b X., ,- f ' 1 A ' x 5 ' - 'L J is ' w x A 2 i V - 1 4 , I 3 ' n """' 1 'H 4 4 , yivk 3 . A 1 A x Y "' 0: v EATON X. N' A .. - Q ' , '-W? 'W 2x.'I'8S+N'- P'-nm Kim., ...,. . , ' - ' w. , 4, 'Wi' ' - Steiff.-mm,-L,-..f.f.K i Wnxvcn ' CUMHIN5 LONG FACULTY . HESIDENCES. Srowacrpx-:era A W ' - , .,..-- . A Qfgfqigf 3 , - . gy gy- , 'xl 23: k , 14-m,,,v .m+L. . mf Page Fiftccn 4 1, W- .fi ,,:: Mak, ,,,.,,., w,i.:,4:,,,, .zir Mx? VGii1xF.'x!Nf Wm, . YM...i-frwZl:, , .-..xm,,,,m,w Qiiiwf me A67 1 Page Sixteen rr I I i I 1 v Public School Building Oh, ufhzfrz I was Il tiny boy My days and nights 'were full of joy, Illy mates were blithe and kind! No 'wonder that I sometimes sigh find dash the tear drop from my eye To cast fl look behind!" -Hoon. ,io 1923 X 1 fxffix, lx 1 7 f Ci V N f ..-.,...,. ...KX ii-X227 , f ..-.:. ,, THE ORACLE The Oracle to you brings forth The truth, as it did of oldg It may be from the noted paSt Or what the future holds. The first one came in nineteen-eight It has our due respect and praiseg We greet the members of the class And to them now our banner raise. Sixteen marked the next edition Published by a noted classy Though we give our high approval, Yet the next did far surpass. Seventeen came 'long in order, lffany praises have been sungg And we see a marked improvement Though The Oracle still was young. In the year of nineteen-twenty Again an Cracle appearedg Far excelled all else before it And into the future peered. We hope that this one is the best And will to you present Our college days in I. C. C. As happy ones well spent. Then herels to the readers And friends of I. C. C.l Accept the kindest greetings From The Oracle of '23. 4 we of-xxx" it Page SOTJl??lfCC11 4:71:17 Y. ,V,,,:..1::,:: Y,,,, 1 ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,.s-.1::::...L,f' F r'fQQ:F:'?::2f W, Q.: ""' Y2::.ffiQm:.a..-,,tf:.rg?-f --- - -:L El 1 Q 3351 e i sr sr W ,.,:7Mn' Y,YWgf.,gig-Qgwyiiigmaiw,.,,,,,,,MQ,1,, xxx, L .,,, 3 ffbxs-Y Ql... rifiqg,Lassie-ewsm.--s..::a. ,'..a.-..-:g:-::m-wm-m...,..--.,....mmmw--s-m.aQQmw- OUR COLLEGE Indiana Central College is ours. Her growth during the past few years has been noticeable. Her spirit is yet the same. The plans are drawn for a great future, with new buildings looming up ahead of her, and great numbers of students on the way. A great and mighty constituency is backing a far-seeing, heroic leader. A devoted and capable faculty and a splendid, loyal student body are working together. Surely we are favored in having Indiana Central for our college. There are glorious days ahead. Indiana Central College was incorporated under the name Indiana Central Uni- versity, October 6, 1902, and opened its doors to students on September 26, 1905. The three United Brethren Conferences in Indiana founded the institution for the purpose of making their contribution to higher Christian education, and of encouraging their sons and daughters to secure a higher learning under the most wholesome and helpful conditions. The college is controlled by a board of trustees which represent the Conferences of the constituency. The number of students has increased enormously. Pledges during special cam- paigns have far exceeded our expectations. A gymnasium and two dormitories have been built within the past two years, and another dormitory is now under construction. A fifty-acre tract of land has been added to the campus, the equipment has been in- creased, and the faculty has been strengthened. The literary societies, Christian associations, debating teams, musical organizations, the Volunteer Band, and athletics have contributed much toward keeping the college spirit beautiful and helpful. . Page Eighteen COLLEGE U1 T i f' V ' ' x ' '41 ' 1 W f xx P . Q 'K '1-22, A ' 'NKJV'-3 '4 p, -1 v- 'Wg' . '- "ffl--N ff.j?,. N V em. , M- Q , -V if-1 I.: ,wx gyzj ,-. '- K , Q . NP'-' .--' '-- f .. - . ,. r . 1 mx, .. . 1 L 7 k , . t'-J fx , V 1 .xi , vg?,..qq . 1, giw- : 59' 3- ,F x P, Vg '?J,-I:Q, -XJ f.. 1 1-,pix 7' N 'M .11-w V. nhl- v -Q1 ,, 'rf' "am, -' -1,',,,f.ff'fq:-Q w 'mfwiaf -if ' " Y if JP'-lf!! . hrzrbl J Lli"4rRcL,aLzfl H ,Lf f. 5 .,.yrgtx.'gK A. 'PF ' 10: va qi , u Q Q, f . . .f 1, .".' -w -1. N 1 m. ,W 5 . 1 t .rf ,J 2 1 g 5: 1 AA,. .. -n. ,J 1 x , . .A ' -,455 ' Qing 1 ' v , 1 'LJ' . 1 -, . .3111 w, -I i l, J' '-I. 'v' 'X . C15 i Y, "V V J 4 I , , . llrfzl , Q "f ,U ,H . grf.f'- , , , .l V ' ,Y :1f"',:f 'df ' 'J'-' .v - v - - 4' ' fgliffl 4' MB-...f ff ',,,H'jj1fx1 V- h ' ,' 11-. - 4 5.1- ,3"'Y-'HJ1 1 .' "' ": . 'wl:,g,.-f- 13-L , ,1, .-,. V' V 'Lt' - Q - .gg .vii-,-.ju K.,. M, I , V -1- R.-,Xue I 1... "A FM' .xl 41. ,-1 .. K W Q-, W. 1 ,.:f-if f'- ill . ? mr, . .4 -4.-. . ,, ,.. ., -' , 62 "B ,gf :au 4 Q cf. 5 ,IV 14 , J , fjryf x '. as 15,4-3.1 ,JV -if ,mq , W V Q Y - W-4' U, 15' XwgefmmawmmmmmmwmwwmnwmqmkwmaMmV v , .- ., V, A missy pm- gf -Q: 1 'm - T QM 'CJ-13 1 53 53 S if i . Sli .S Q -.,,-,.Qf Q ' 1:1 wr .,,, .11 , ':..:" .,..,.n.,...W,LxX!iqQiXm,,--fix!,fffm-mw,mvw.mwmwxw..,nm,.x-WMfm-, MXNM-mmxi,-A f. . F CULTY - - 2419235 V ,,,Gw.,f1f -L E Page Nineteen fx6::fK , f N, A X - HkA- 5 Mi ,, W, xi H VH: ..,Y-,. Q: ,.Y,.,, ,W-,:,-Wgffx ,4,, W., , , -.,.:m-55 'N e+f'ff'X EY? .gTmm wmvmvmw+v:x:xw,g1 ,,:m,nQ:mmr,mggQmBmmNmmm v W- ---- W 5 X N tl in - x - W SN. - V R, X ,W 353.31 'R 71? Q R-QQiViVVV mmIlZ.ZQg.,l::4:zL.Q: .,.. QQlq.:::Qx:3::k,,.,w.MmmwxarQ:Xm.,.mN-vmswww:mwx J .K 'ff'-x....w -X,QBPWWW-iwN'Wm'xWWm"Wmf'"M'W'-" Nffwkwffhxvfwww-wm1..f..,,,,.,.., A f- X41-fy' 1 i 1 President Irby J. Good, A.lVI. ,::m::.Q. fin , ..,T,,m,X,,,W8, ,'-. is NM Wwifff Lf-A-:,-M..-,: H 1 -'H -f-fr,w.m:::.Mm-,:+w:fa:.n--1f:::mmwn::r-wzwm Qw- f fa- w -f-' " -'W -wwf' ""' ' ' "' L Page Twclztj' X , ,L-31-11 , L .W ti, wh .yt-www vm, M.-.M-M., -as -M - rm at-5. X ' . 1- , ,I 1 , ,'t"X'T:Qg:"1ii'rg,T.' Q x 3Q Q.W, A , ,. JOHN ABIJAH CUNINIINS Professor of Plzifosoplly A.B., Ctterbein College, 18875 A.hI., 1890, Graduate Student Chicago University, 19005 Ph. D., Indiana Central College, 1911. COn leave, 1921-1922.3 DURVVARD LESLIE EATON Profe.s'.vor of flrlntlzerlzatics and Physics A.B., Earlham College, 19075 A.lNI., University of Colorado, 19035 Graduate Student, Univer- sity of VVisconsin, 19095 Chicago University. 19135 Indiana University, 1917-18 and 1920. HGRACE VVARD MARSHALL Professor of Educaiion Graduate of Indiana State Normal School, 19045 received Life State Diploma, 19065 A,B., Earl- ham College, 19083 A.lXI., Indiana University, 19105 Columbia University, 1922. JESSIE LORRAINE HANGER Instructor in Latin AB., Indiana Central College, 1916. ..5pg,f:ff::e,xg,1 I Page Tzvcniy-one Hs V ,e ..., H, 4 , , , ' .QU-K My Ax'Qp-M-.,-... ,,,xf-,.-Y'1::.4' ,,,, ,,.,-- ima,---.mmmwm-,Myra gm., 1, 53j,Q'-:e.k:M-Q45 - . 1 155253-1:45 ' 31211 ya' X mqwmwmmmwmm-.mem-mmmN.,..N..t-Nma..N.ammm-www,sfwMmmsmm5X.wm-wma" rw 51 , F- Q K K vw X, 1 0 V N , m,,,a,. a.wmNQ-fj:m5mgssQsmgmQ- Q ...S-gf? 5-15,1 gXvgawQmwxwy"wxgmwwlg.rmgmQwQw Qimgsagv .. I., S X-' 3 ls. 1.9 2. 3 wwskwkwkmssxmsgwkmwiwmxsaims-1 Q.tQx-awaaw-mtvskqX A " " tm wwmww wmg,Q,WNm,.mmwwAam.,mvWNmmNawqwNwwsmwwX fixfx. ,ac V ,X Y YJwmvsmmwswmmwmmwwmmwmw-w-:mwfstsmwrmwmwsymmw-ixmtmxw w 'W ' ALVIN I-I. IVI. STONECIPHER Registrar Professor of Greek and Latin A.B., Vanderbilt University, 19133 A.lXfI. 191-lg Graduate Student, George Peabody College for Teachers, 19165 Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1917. SIBYL VVEAVER Professor of English A.B., Indiana Central College, 1916, A.lVI., Indiana University, 19183 Graduate Student, Columbia University, 1922. VVILLIAINI PITT KIORGAN Professor of Biology A.B., Indiana Central College, 1919, A.lW,, Indiana University, 1922. IXIARGED EDITH JONES Direetor of Illusie, and Professor of Piano, Voice and Theory Graduate of Gberlin Conservatory of lVIusic, 18995 Student of Leipzig Conservatory of lVIusic, Leipzig, Germany, 1899-1900, B. Mus., Oberlin College, 19033 Student with Grace Hamilton lX'Iorey, 1911-1912. jx ,1,Q411fLrQg:gI'..-: 1 er ff , .. , r P. , - as ee s i r me r os ra , , ,yy ,, ,, y ,,y, ,,,, is ,, .. Page Trwenty-two , , g X , mw:wmmsmwwvmmmmwmmwmmmmumm...:AnQ::wmmmmwwm.mmmw:s .,,,,. ..-. N 'FTTQV-L m .mtxm-,,.,g . ' ' V ,."7'5fl"':'S'T3l'7VT ln' ' K, zvvzv.-Lv-.mwufx-N. ,. wr M SAMUEL EDXVARD LONG College' Pastor Professor of Biblifal Liferatllrf mul Hozrziletifx BS., Xvestfield College, 18995 XLS., 19035 All., 19065 D.D., 1903. E. VV. ERIERY Treasurer A.B., Indiana Central College, 1915. FRED ELKIER XIARSHALL lJI'0ft'.YX0I' of Publir Sfwmkiny 117111 Urzziorr Graduate of Albion College, School of Oratory, 1902. NATHAN D. DAVIS Head of Violin Department Graduate of the Indianapolis llletropolitan School of Blusic, Artist Course, 1902. gg- 3 -I I i I 3? , 92 'T CCC. W... DD.. 0 1. ... Q Page Twenty-tlirce fvsf41T'bvA , V I -Us ,fx X . , ,,.....1,.,.Wmm H ,means-M N 2, Z f 3, E. X wwsemsmxmmws-mmmmw,, -4 -L-.X,mw.fsxwww,mw:.wwwm., ,, 1 Hs- :...--,,Qs,,,,,2 .... ..f,1,:f,f..-wswve.M--fs-ww Aw . W 1- eg, ' w ' -Y X - ww xv w wt- ,: . : s wmv- Q um vm - it 'Q .tA .,e.. ,.a fwmgw xieafffgqir- S ,S SXSSXSKE ti X 4 .1 wgmvixwimkssmsswslam-fkmkmwkm. W mmskwg. , 5 my -V .is gmmxfmsxwm-getem-vs:-A-N-4x:.smg-as.Ma-sw-.gms-.mgtetmw-X-fxnew-Q.-xmas, fe , N K MMN WMM ,, MN,mWMmmN,mWN.w,W.,,xXy ixkf-XJVXXA, V,ww-was , F-sw .. , tvsm, .. . X. x, -"Y VVILLIS HOLIKIAN l'rofr.vxor of Hi,YfOIA-1' and Political Science 1 AB., lndiana University, 19133 All., 1920. ,,-. . I l LYLE sl. RIICHAEL , Profexsor of Chenzistry B.S., Otterbein College, 19195 ILS., Ohio State University, 19205 Research VVork, Norton Com- pany Research Laboratories, YVorcester, llflass., 1920-21. KIINNIE J. SVVINDLER Prirzfifmf of the iJLYlIl?llI-1' B.S., Franklin College. 190-lg Graduate Student Chicago University, 1910-11. NQEL A. SCHULL V Offer Secretary ff f"' AB., lndiana Central College, 1921. ..-' A ' " Qg.E5:,gL,i Q. I c A 7:7 ,,:A, i V-Q f V V lfiglnif vii iii ,: , feff , 1- ff--ff ::: :mn-2f:f:5::1:....t-W::1:::f ' "::'.f:r-aww-xwwfrfflw ww-ig liili E952 -'-' -' "-- "A ' """"" "" ' "L Ai "aS es "L""'M "" 2:7 V ' """WW 251 '5'Q,:1f:q,,h4 Www'-W--WW Page 7-'lK'l.'7ItJ'4f01ll' X r- :X ., .. j-fb ...,.t...2.. ..m..t..-.-.,,.,.m.....f ,X U11 ff 1 1 , C . at it X R rm may rr-we f 7, 5 Q ,U ' .1 u...t.x,Q..v,..1,t..r..,,.,m.,...m,t,,fx.M... ,...-.---, fv-.- fm JOHN NV. GEORGE Physical Education A.B.. Otterbein College, 1922: Graduate Stu- dent, University of llichigan, 1922. GLEN ARTHUR BLACKBURN Professor of Frwzclz A.B., India L C n'1 entral College, 19225 All., lndizlna University, 1922. BERTHA SPITLER 1lZ.l'fI'llCf01' in Piano C1922-19235 B 1 . . .Klum Oxford College for VVomen, 1922. MABEL O. GOOD Home Economics C1922-19233 Graduate lllilwaukee Downer College, Home Economics Department, 1920, Student VViscon- sin ,State University, 1922. ,Q,,,,, ..--tzgggaqv ,Q t,m..,..,.....- . 1 BjV,QQLlxk,, Q ffm. ..... . .. ., .. ,mfvvmmwwweymamttmmwmmmtmww ,-.M f ef-:m,ff'5wr' Page Tu'e11ty-five V Q:-Q'qj'i,N I . si., x ' ,Mx sew.- Epnmw.-R mmm wmwwsum-emix-smwwww.xw-- R. ., fs:- , xx X . RR Q , . R Q. R saws -fXfgwEm,,v:5 ,,1XWQHNSWwgexs gzfgwwwlwxwfxy :cms-R RmWawmmmRwcsRmaRs.W-s awww.-.W-s-wmmmwmmkwmwmmckVr.bisX.,,,si.f.V iv, -wsw-1-Xwmmwmmw.w.tN.- mmf-N M AGNES GORDON Setveiary to the Presizlfzlt ECLECTIC SAYINGS FROM THE FACULTY DR. STONECIPHER-LKDOHII you see ?I' DR. C UINIBIINS-KKAHI I right? VVhy, of course, I know I'm right." DR. LONG-uJllSt this one more point." "Huh! VVhat do you say ?" PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. YVEAVER-A'ExactIy so.'I "Yes!I' JONES-'iNO. 6. Please stand I" HOI,IBI.kN-KLWC ought to have five hundred in Sunday School next EATON-"VVhy-e-e- Do you understand that ?,' BLACKBURN-"Now does that conform to your ideas of love ?" H. VV. IXIARSHALL-"ExpIain more fully." IXIORGAN-"As I said before-" SYVINDLERZIKTCII me what I am thinking aboutf' "Go right on." F. E. 1XI.xRsH,xLL-"Public Speaking Class in Room 22." GEORGE-i'Forward, march! Une. two, three, four." GOOD-iiGIX'C me a knock-down to that good-looking man." Miss SPITLER-iiOh, I am just scared to deathfy DE.AN GORDON1iixVIlHt in the name of sense do you mean by making a noise?" V IVIISS HANGER-"Now, foIksQ I don't like to make announcements, but-" PROF. IxIICH.AEL1iixVhCTC have you been ?" :-. '-pf..::::::.XIfi,s: . XE-it X' --s.....!, j Dean of Women for 1922-23. Sunday." ll of this i EQ 2 my .,. -.,.. ,. . . - 2. C ,C y,:: My Til. ., , .M - .. .... ....,..,....... . . . ..... - , , Page T'lL'C1lfj'-5l.,I.' ffl ,' bf' 14? sf- is . ..-W Y ' fc . LW.. 2 ,, , E , KE V , . . .M .1 me v.u.mss.f.1Ws X -. - 1 , A A YF 'SU',"'K F K-la -sufttff-"'l1 'W W' f 5 , ' ., 1 . J ,J . M 'iq Q 53 1. 4 ' M. ,, ,f-..:.g.:.,1,. -,...-..-.......2.a:....m ...sssagx . fx-,Q X j,n-.-s.s-:111.'1wv+Q-1frsw--vrf--.v- . . -ar we -.M - Q Ybixff E ' TRIBUTE UNTO VVHOM TRIBUTE IS DUE If we follow Miss Weaver's directions, we can talk with the choice of the land, Our reading and writing and speech, will be in great demand. In Professor Morgan's department, we come to see life as it is We are puzzled with all the queer forms, and wonder how all things exist. By Professor Blackburn's instructions, we can travel abroad some day, Being able to talk to the French, and quote French poems like play. It is through Professor Holiman's teaching, we look far into the past, And see how the world progresses: he thinks it may be too fast. 'Tis through Dr. Stonecipher's wisdom, not to mention our toil and strife, We come to see more fully, how to solve hieroglyphics of life. And Professor George trains us well, no one could quite take his place, He sends out his men to be square, whether winning or losing the race. 'Tis Professor H. VV. Marshall, who tells us the course to take, Great thanks should be his when we finish, for he never makes a mistake. But is only the Present important, and why stay with the Past to slumber? Dr. Cummins points us to the Future, opens doors for us without number. VVe must give due credit to Professor Eaton, no duty by him is denied: He directs our study of science, gives radio and debating on the side. In the Home Economics department, Miss Good surely makes the course pay, The girls who take it will never have need of dressmaker or maid. Miss Hanger's another whose duties are far too numerous to mention, But despite this fact she'll never give Latin students less attention. Who envies Miss Gordon her place? She fills it quite well, it is true, She cares for and helps about eighty-nine girls, what more could one woman do? Therels a note of harmony thro'out our course, and love for the finest tones. Here we get training of heads, hands and heartsg thanks to our beloved Miss Jones We appreciate Professor E. Marshall, with his pleasing appearance on hionday, His lot is to train us to speakg let us hope he'll feel paid some day. Sometimes a man may be in doubt about himself and all things around, But when he drops into Dr. Long's classes, he is helped to a foundation that's sound In Professor Michael's laboratory, we analyze everything in sight, So we soon come to learn the difference 'tween soft soap and dynamite. We are proud to have one of our Seniors as music assistant this year, She'll lose no time in making a name for herself and school, that's clear The Messrs. Emery and Schull are quite important with us, toog Their work's in the office and the field, we hardly know all that they do. Altho' he lives in the city, we claim him just the same, He's our competent violin instructor, Professor Davis by name. A woman of dignity and wisdom our Academy Principal isg Mrs. Swindler's favorite hobby seems to be a "Quotation Quiz." The last 0ne's most beloved of all, especially the very last day' His part is to hand out diplomas, how we thank him we never can say. Do you wonder, with these as our leaders, that we're hopeful for all time to come? Then, too, we know they're expecting us all to make good, every one. -Ercel Webber. 1 me B Page Tzaentx sewn W ,,,:.t. ,H ,..- ,,,, :M a.,.e.-1,-W-ft. f. 'flksl' X --,, 1 f- L, ,,,,-,,W,w,a,..r.SmM,,,,,.,,.,m,,,W,,,M ,teams 'w?'s3f's.Eg'553.3.tT3.'T?.?.f?3 Q F it Q 9 .mwxtggg ,g,..3,j,,.g,,,5,-- g,,,,,.,..,...a,N.,a,, ,.., -..,..e..a.fmX4?:gl.:j4lb4ywmms Qxf . ,... .,,X t COLLEGE DAYS Once we're in college and once for all, Opportunity knocks, do we heed not its call? Once, we are young, and once, in our prime, 'Tis never repeated the second time. Now while we are young and in college, too, Just what do you think would be best to do? lf 'tis true, that education is not all in a book, 'Tis somewhere else, then we will have to look. Not over the lessons you learned, will you weep, Nor the nights you Worried and could not sleepg But over the faces and voices dear, That you no longer can see nor hear. Real joy comes from the time we give To those about us, with whom we live. 'Tis the social life We get while here, That We will prize and hold most dear. From text-book and daily grind we will sever, But from the friends we've made while here, we'll never. There will be a time in our life some day, When we are old and wrinkled and gray. And as our memory travels back o'er the years, Our eyes, then dim, will be filled with tears, When we think of the evenings in happiness spent, When we were young and to college went, And that we were one in a group so rare, Who joined the rest in playing square, Then in sweet peace and pleasure, our thoughts abide, In the little attraction We found on the side. -117. F. ffillizzrrzs. ":' i"I: i . . .... . ,- , t so Page T-wcnty-ciglzt byrgixi if 1 C111 Q. we ang.: 1-f-..-1, - ' Omfe N 4y, ,'? E I GR Pago Twm tg -nine 'P ,M Rx X,,., W, RX y E A an ss W w ss . e it ,,xk, . s. .WW XQx,xXN .W .x,...x - . ETHEL BIARIE HOOVER T-zcelfve lllile, Indiana Philalethean Literary Society, President '233 Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet '22-,233 Orchestra '22-,235 Literary Editor of Oracle 'ZSQ hlajor English. f'Fonil of English, and right smart, too, Friendly and jolly, 1111! nefvm' blue." GRADEN VVENDELL REGENOS Claypool, Indiana Philomusean Literary Society, President ,ZZ-'23g Y. KI. C. A. Cabinet '20-'23, President '22-'23g Klajor Greek. "It is quality, not size, that counfsf' JULIA ELLEN NICFARLAND Lafayette, Indiana Philalethean Literary Society, President l22-235 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '20-'223 Student Volun- teerg Chorus '19-'21, '22-'23g Circulation llflan- ager of Oracle '23g Associate Editor of Reflector '23: llflajor English. "Busy, so husy she can hardly smile, Ye! with any fellow she fan stroll awhile." ALBERT FILRIORE BYRNE lllodoc, Indiana Philomusean Literary Society, President '19-'ZOQ Y. NI. C. A. Cabinet '19, '22-,233 Business Nlanager of Oracle '23g lliajor History. "Describe him 'who can, ' u .Jn ahridgs-ment of all that zs pleasant in man." . ,- ,.,, , W-- -..l W1...-.,-.-....,.-m::4s::...:.1.s ...fs tl u it M' ,,,,,..,,.,,..,....,.........,W.,.,,,.,..c.i K.,v ct V.... ,... ,.....,M...W.cW.....,,..... , X U, W N X M X x ,, ms if sq, mgswuucsmymx gixxwlxwx. xlyww X-5 ...twiixcxmlccR.,isW.tiNcfmvR t..Qisi.m.t cwswswmmt U mfswswvmwwmwssswe-:mx Jw" - , 'WNPW' " I E -Nmmawmswwmmww ki? 5 jun M MW .N M, it 1 g r Q wmmswt xx .- -.,,, wx m Nw,-V 1. vfusww NWS ammmcwtccm--M. .NW-Ns-ww 5 x HARRY ROY INIATHIAS Roclzesfer, lmlirzruz Philomusean Literary Society, President '23g Y. RI. C. A.g Orchestra '19-,233 Band '22-'23g Chorus '19-'22g Science Editor of Oracle '23g Major llathematics. "Grrat souls Io farh olhrr turn, Drmand allzanw, and zn fl'H'7lx1.fhlf! hum." NELLIE HESTER KNIFE Noblesville, llldlllllll Otterbein College '19-'ZOQ Y. VV. C. A.g Chorus '22-'ZSQ Joke Editor of Oracle 'ZSQ Reflector Staff '22-Q35 lhlajor English. "II'iIh :milf .vo rllfery and cyfs so hlue, .1 'very happy girl the Qcholf year through." DAVID JAYNE IXIANLEY Freeio-zen. lives! rlfrim Philomusean Literary Society, President '22g Y. BI. C. A. Cabinet '22-'23g Chorus '20-'ZSQ Reflector Staff '23g lX'Iajor English. HHH is not found in fha' role of fommon men." MARY RUTH YOUNG C London lhfills, Illinois Hedding College, Abingdon, Illinois, '19-'ZZQ Y. W. C. A.g Historical Editor of Oracle '23g Reflector Staff '22-'23g Major French. "Her hair is not more .funny than her smile." i ,.., In I I I ccc. I In rf Sesilay ,,,,, t . r or ,,... , ., ,. fr 1'-'L -"' or sisrggi Quang 55 ..... ,. W ff Y .... Y..-1--:-- W- w-sw-W--be-gl, Qfqkavpoi Page Thirty-one . ,4:'r:-xv We i . V YV V --fc-Y --ic ..s:TLf.f: :Y ...:. Z.- .,.. 1 ..., . Yzlff- 1 W , X It X' fi'-J W . .3 .. A' . Y-sae?-ff: 1---:Q-Q:c-fwssnacw-,1-41 359331.13 1 Q fe Q is rf. me e mg fem... .N.. ,..a.:,i:u...' if.-ruelmwmwmmwqagazztacvaaf u,,. .Wea .,,., - ....1,N aa aa-Wrwaczzcaixflx at-m-mmmaaaz.. A.., Q ,,... f ' ....- ...x :Q Ream Q.-awa...,: .,., -.. :.:mm:atvM.w,wnm-W-I :"-.V i 'Zi JUSTIN EUGENE IIARSHALL Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana University '19-'2Og Philomusean Liter- ary Societyg Y. IVI. C. A. Cabinet '21-235 Basket Ball Team '21-225 Band '22-'23g Sports Editor of Oracle ,23g lllajor Science. Ulf is not good ihat man should lifve alone." LEN NA ELIZABETH SHOCK Inflianapolis, Infliana Indianapolis Teachers' College, Summer '13-ll-l, Indiana University, Summer 'l7g Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '22-'23g Editor-in-Chief Oracle '235 Klajor History. "Il'l1en you want anything to go through -with a hang, give it to Lenna to puyh. Her excel- lent managing of the Oracle has gifven her a fwonderful relvutationf' VVALTER CLIFTON BOND Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana State Normal, Summer 'l5g Y. lVI. C. A. Cabinet '21-235 Debating Team '20-223 Adver- tising hflanager of Oracle '23g llflajor Bible. "In his duly prompt at vfvery call, He fwatched and -wept and prayed for all." BERTI-IA SPITLER Saratoga, Inzliana Oxford College '19-'ZZQ Philalethean Literary Societyg Y. W. C. A. Chorus '22-'23g Orchestra '18-'19, '22-'23g Art Editor Oracle '23g lVIajor llusic. "Mu.vif muafve: eiernal fLUl17IdS,-- Enfhaniress of Ihe ,fouls of mortals." ,,., -, .... I . I ,c--,--c, ........ L. -se A 193 i 'lm i A ci .-mn-..,..,1-4 V U -v--, Y VVVQ W 75- W Y -- ff- Lge., .1 .- .... . ,.1.f::-:::::,-. . -...-a.-..i:f.-.:::--- 1.2. if Page Thirty-tum W3 J? Bi .fu 'rv-f1f:f'A11Nv' " fee' . . f 1 L.. f.1........,.......,......m.,,,...-...nm-.....u.-,WJ ,X 1 X A X Q, wg, fm me mg N we sm 'mmm V' vim! vxok? N mwMwx.-mm-wwvwns-v-vm-fm Y-1-ww .. t. V K ' X. ,,. -. r f- " KIARGARET HELEN ROBERTS Peru, Illilillllll Philalethean Literary Society, President '22: Y. VV. C. A., Qrchestra '17-23: Chorus '17-23: Major Klathematics. "HN p111'lJo.rf': are full of hnmxvly, zznlzlrnfss and inIr'yrily." LLOYD DEAN MILLER Drum, Illflillllll Indiana University Biological School, Summer '22, Y. KI. C. A. Cabinet '20-'22, Philomusean Literary Society, Debating Team '20-'ZZQ Gr- chestra '19-,225 Chorus '19-'21, Klajor Biology. "sl Zllillfr, ll dorlor and II happy l111.fbaml." LENORA MARGUERITE LOVVRY Blullton College, Chio, Summer '18, VVashburn College, Topeka, Kansas, Summer of '22g Phila- lethean Literary Society, Y. VV. C. A., Rlajor Klathematics. "I-have come Zo .vrhool Io gc! a genfral idra of fl1ing.v." DOROTHY FIELDS BRUVVN Eckfrty, Inrfimm Philalethean Literary Society, Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet '21-'22, Chorus '18-'22, hlajor Bible. "Sha 'will oufstrip all praise and make it halt behind her." -. - V. . -....,..-.L,..i3u3g ,Q fa J., , 5,f:fa:i?,g3.:g...:.xi..m.S5315 . f , . i W Q 'gf . ., . ..f.....- -L W.- i' 'B ' W '-...cQ.w.v.vQ ...., W - .i N.:-f, ,efffg Q, xr mg! C,-.J Page Thirty-three xv- X X X X m,..-cz--A--, --1: Sm mWmmMwMw.WQWWm,.N,, 2 x f PX . nw A AS A -- x. X iw Q-Q ww X ' ,mv ww vw ww mwz N-5 ,Aw gym vw .Xi K'mS.xxmx.m,wNMg:1 :WN-: -X-www. Nmmwww: K wwwfw :X X A x SYN! KzbwxwmtkwrwbmxxwiwwkXxYMQvN4KV"'C.N1iNW'N1 N " A VNQNNW- -W-NVN IT' '12 vt, "1 ii' A ,R X E s Page Thirty-four 1908997 A C WW, 'Y?TTf?N..,,....,,.,...,,e,, . . SENIORS Class President-G. XV. REGENOS. SCCTCIZITB'-'T1TCZlSLlTCfiHELEN ROBERTS. Vice-President-H. R. AI.-XTHI.-XS. Class Poet-RUTH YOUNG. Class Historian-JULIA E. AICF.-XRLAND. Class llotto .Jge Quad Jgis Class Colors Lawnder and Cream Class Flower Lnwezzfler' and llylzifr Szceet Pm VVe, the members of the Class of 1923, believe that every class should profit by the mistakes of those who have gone before, and that every class should be entitled to its own personal opinion. Because of these beliefs we assert that we have profited, to a certain degree, by the examples of our predecessors, and therefore we maintain that we are the best and the biggest class that has ever graduated from Indiana Central College. Our Class has sixteen members, seven young men and nine young women, all of Whom have very promising futures. VVe shall give to the World eleven teachers, two ministers, one musician, and two-well, one is married, and we think that one soon will be. The members of our Class matriculated into this Institution at various times, Lenna Smock in February, 19153 A. F. Byrne in September, 1916, Dorothy Fields fBroWnD and XV. C. Bond in hlay, 19175 Helen Roberts in October, 19173 Bertha Spitler in September, 19183 Lenore Lowry in January, 1919, D. J. lllanley in illay, 19195 G. W. Regenos, L. D. Nliller, H. R. hlathias and Julia E. lXfIcFa1'land in September, 19195 Ethel Hoover in December, 1919, Nellie Knipe in lylarch, 1920, and Ruth Young in September, 1922. 1XIiller, llflanley, Regenos, Nlathias, Hoover and Knipe joined the class during the Freshman year, Roberts and Fields Cor Brown as it is nowj, during the Sophomore year, Smock, lWcFarland and Bond in the Junior year, Lowry, Young, Byrne, Blar- shall and Spitler during the Senior year. Our Class possesses talents which have not yet been mentioned. Some sing, some play musical instruments, some give readings, and some CAN dance a JIG. VVe maintain that variety gives spice to life. Our Class possesses variety. There- fore we say: ' Rickety Russ!!! ' Jitney Bus!!! WE ARE SENIORS, LOOK AT USU!!! See Our Colors! Lavender and Creamllllll GOOD OLD CLASSIH! SHE'S GOT THE STEAlVI!!l!l1 TOOT!!!!!! TOOT!!!!!! Page Tliirtg fue .iw fe if , ,ff-f, -.,-,ff-. .....a:::. ""f ':::::1-1.1 "1 'f'rf1-1211:-i',, l:ii'1,i" xx Yaxfiwwm vaummmwvaxmmmwwsmmgwwswsmms -mg ei, sys V is ""' " ""' . Y J' ""'N"t"iiTlTlTT?LYf ""' L 'I ""f"?i1g:xrswmweest' Q-ss. -- swwmsswmmmmmwmmmmss.mR3TQ1lWXZ'XlZKQ"'Wi , Q r, s . - ....,, ,. u..M,..,,..,., ,......,,,,,. q4,, , WWW, OUR ASCENT When the members of the class of Twenty-three first came to Indiana Central, they were green and timid. They realized this fact and tried to do as all Freshmen are supposed to do,-to study much, to speak only when spoken to, and to follow the example of the upper classmen. However, the latter resolution soon caused them to become implicated in serious trouble. The Sophomore class was having a party and the sociable Seniors and Juniors, desiring some amusement, invited these timid little Freshmen to join them in their fun. The Freshmen were requested to appear at a certain place with the Sopho- mores' refreshments. They willingly obeyed. Some of them soon distinguished them- selves by climbing the eaves-pipe to the second Hoor of the administration building, where they secured the coveted sweets. The Seniors, Juniors and Freshmen alike enjoyed the feast, but the Sophomores became greatly enraged. After some advice was offered by the Faculty, the Freshmen gave the Sophomores a party. The affair was a costly one, as the class was then small. They decided that a little learning was indeed dangerous, and immediately settled down to hard work and study. Thus, to this lesson which they early learned may be attributed the fact that so many members of this class are extraordinary students, always putting work before play. HELEN ROBERTS, 'Z3. Virtzle is like zz rich stone, but plain sei. -BACON. .,:1cf1sf,-- f1,.:.f:e -- ..., M.. -----eva., W A , , . ....-...e ..., ,zizgn ,-,:i,,,,,,, ,,', . KQQQ -3, H -,NIWWW W xg, v-sfsfs Ei? 2 3iF1.i?'.ms'3..eee ss sw se swf' W wg, - -- W ,,,,V W, Y V Y 1, ,, , ,g,3,.... . 1::'iZ,5,GiQ:q:x,? Wi' 'iziri """ 'T' ' " ---'----ra--Y-.2----W-4-:QSM--I-L-----W--rm Page Y llifly-six ,. ,f'7k'NXX,-X X aww Xxmmmwmmmmm w.1sw.m:,.:::em,xm.z.vm:.w.-m.Xr:.m.. Y E 1 fl? fi f V 'Y fm ffzszfff ' V. 'X -pie ,wiv 4 X ,x e-XJ? jx Y' an-my-W -, --M-w-we-yy-3:1-wmmxn,.1 0- W--ff--M -- V wwf-ff ,. V x ANS-fffxqi ' OR ffgifz-q,QQx,Q 4 wk! xukgj Page Thirty-seven .RWE .--W mme... W-WV MsmwnmxsyAmwws:s-N X sf .mwvmf-1-.saw.-wmv.-MWWM-Y -,Nm Nwwx - W ,WF v -' sae twvl JC. W' .,... .mm X met., e. new f fwvWs,u-sMm,s-w- za sv :wg 1-1' Q sw- ww 'e' at .. t . , we-www ,:.,. -' .. 'A-Ki' mf vs .,: EDITH ELIZABETH BICCOY Ofterbein, Irmliana Philalethean Literary Society: Y. VV. C. A Cabinet Summer T19-'20-2725 IWajor English. 'ITU knoll: oneself lofwd-IhiJ is frm' haj1jJi7ze.f.s'." GEORGE HAROLD FISHER Izlrlizzlzajwlis, Illlllillllll Philomusean Literary Societyg Y. KI. C. A. Cabinet '22-235 Debating Team '21-Q33 Basket Ball Team '21-'22: Assistant Business llanager of Oracle Q35 KIajor lIathematics. "ll'l1fn if fonzes Io zz good fifve 'wire face -would pzrle George. Hr rpreinlizf: in Illathemalics mm' Jm'if7y." GERALDINE ELIZABETH KIRKHAIYI Blazzzztswilfe, Izzdiann Philalethean Literary Soeietyg Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet Summer YI: Chorus '20-'21, ,ZZ-,235 Assistant Literary Editor of Grade '23g IXIajor English. ".-I girl fwilfz Illffillg qzmlilies and load: of f1'ivni1'.v." HERSCI-IEL HERBERT LEICHTY Conf City, Izzflizznzz Indiana State Normal '15-'I7g Philomusean Lit- erary Societyg Y. BI. C. A.g Chorus '18-'19, '22-'23g Klajor Philosophy. "There are meters of time There are meterx of tone But the one I like best ls to meet her alone." ..,, .X , - K ,. ....,..-.e.M..-.,m,.fe.T.Lm..,,,,.M,.m.,,,t.wm.,.,..,55i-N A A 1 ew--I-W-mwmwwvw-wmwmww-+ww- I-we H I W W A A U ,. ,.,.,t.e?t.t...,..,tttt,,...,f.,.f.,..e.Wi5 aww w W my waxes 3532 5,51 H- 'e-e :if..e., ,tt Wfwwm LM Page Tliirty-Milli! I L e -NL, M X.-V -45 .guwmmwwnwmmw-.N .w.,,t..,........-X. ,N ..,., , M ,. . . l ,.k...s as .4 X - and MW- me A .X mm.-'Q . A . vt. wwyw-it K I I I r I ARTHUR F. VVILLIAKIS Brazil, Ilzzlirzzm ' Philoinusean Literary Society: Y. KI. C. A. i Cabinet '22-'Zig Assistant History Editor of Uracle '233 lllajor History. "IfI1' has jw'1'.rffL'f1'i11g qzzalilifx ffm' arf 7lt'l'l'5J!ll'y for frur groan 1f-, f J." ERCEL CRANVFORD XVEBBER Ifzzlimzojmlis, Izzzlimzzz Philalethean Literary Societyg Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet '21-23: Qrehestra '22-Q33 Chorus '20- 223 Assistant Joke Editor of Oracle 23: lla-ior Philosophy. "Tfzf'r1' if Z1 l'l'l'ftll7I llflfllliillj of dignify and .ffLL'r'1'f11f.v.r." KIARTIN INIIAN XVEBBER Imfialzzlpolis. Ilzzlfafza Philomusean Literary Society: Y. KI. C. A. Cabinet '21-Q35 Debating Team '21-235 Assist- ant Circulation llanager of Oracle '23g llajor Philosophy. "lla fllIl7Z1fl'7'I'Ill lllzlrfvrlozzxly fzviflz his fUoiff'." HELEN BUNNELL Uvzzyrzefoiwz, Indizzno Philalethean Literary Societyg Y: VV. C. A. Cabinet '20-'21g Student Volunteerg Nlajor English. "To those fwho knofw Ihre not no fwords ran painl, :Ind those who knofw Ihre, know all fzc'o1'd.v are faint." b. .,.,, E Q, .Lu - , ...:.-, ...iff-W fl. , B 5 T Q .1 , - w.--4... ,,.. ,----.. ,W Y .--,M V-...... . ....... WW, ---. Y ...... ::: .. , .:.:. f 4.-no L' Qi? v!: 5 I Q L Q-HWWFYYNH -U - f 'NW--V ' "'N"'WAW"'lA '5K'571flV'-MVN "' "1 4-'P - 3 -Xmxvewrv . Page Tliirty'-:zinc Xffzav: xlxxfxx ' l A 1 Yvwamwu-was-mmmxws-:xuw.w.m x mr----wv W we N-Y ww Q-N -:ff me: :wg an-is .xg my .f 23 Q, If A X 1- gm my My my ,tx-X .T is KN-1' K' KK K N SN' 'K Y' a. -f F si A S- sf A . 2 : .fs , ' if XX ' .- .1 -. . .s - , , is . N.s,XmXnatsmxmswimkf-wiv-11-.-M-wsfms-Www-Q.:-.i was - U- in l S- g.v:s-'save'.'m'iw..f-M-wwsm--s.11-.lisa-.s4,.ixw.axf-Avis.. ,....-.M.:-fummmnm.. mf Q 1 BQ mm R z Q --WW---.,m.ftt-tt.-A.,.. . .W-1:-...rffs..--H-.-,:-ms-ff-if -W' X . ,,-Wf if VMTN..m.fJ.-f,-M... N .m.......s.mfs - . ,C . l .. -ix.. ,f f-c - -.,,, ,..,.., X ROSS HARPER BISHOP Canton, Illinois Philomusean Literary Society: Y. ill. C. A. Cabinet '21-23: Basket Ball Team '21-'22, Klanager '22-'ZSQ Assistant Editor of Oracle '233 Editor-in-Chief of Reflector '22-Q35 lllajor . French. 'C-In wxtrfnzisf-frenz sense to nonxrnse, from 'Pofvcrfy' dass to flanking." BERTHA ALlCE PALIXIER Gf'orgeto'zc'n, Inaliann Philalethean Literary Societyg Y. VV. C. A. Student Volunteerg Assistant Art Editor of Oracle '23g lllajor Biology. "Bertha postures slfrling qualities. She has all the qualitifr of a lrzu' friend. Bfsidfs .the 15 an arfzsl zn e-very lim." VV. EARL STONEBURNER Plynzouth, Indiana Valparaiso College 'll-,125 Y. llfl. C. A.g Re- Hector Staff '22-'23g lllajor llathematics. "Stoneb1zrner ix a lifve fwirv. Ilv enjoys :ci- fnrr lm! llb110I'5 Frenvlzf' HENRY JARIES HUNT Bryant, Indiana Philomusean Literary Societyg Y: Nl. C. A. Cabinet '22-,239 Student Volunteerg Assistant Science Editor of Oracle '23g llflajor Biology. '24 fwixc man is his oficn a.rJi.s'lanI." N. 1 :max gs .5 K . - .... . . - . .- .... L . 313 Page Forty gggmmg mm-nm-mm-ummm- "NmWWBm?:x'f:'7T ' mu'-sw .w'.ww,..-wmwwmwmsf -,,- ws.:- X GUY BLYSHONG S.l'I'Ill'l1.l'l', Illlllllllll Goslien College Summer 'I-I: Tri'State, Angola, Indiana, Summer 'l5: Valparaiso College, Val- paraiso, Incliana, 'll-'lS: Pliilomusean Literary Society: Y. KI. C. A.: Assistant Advertising KIanager of Oracle '2.3: Bla-ior History. "Hr may lu' a quid fwllnftc, llui ln' ix II tlfff flllllkfl' ani! is likwiz' lfy l'i'f7"1'0ll!'.'l ADAH KIAE YOUNG Lmzflon .Ililliy Illinoiy Hedtling College, Abingdon, Illinois, '20-22: Philaletliean Literary Society: Y. VV. C. A.: Assistant Sports Editor of Ora-:le '23: llajor French. r. If you vfvrr mr! ll girl fzeitlz I1 nc-izzzzifzy Jmile, a pleasing dixjmsiliozz, and ll ftcillizzgrzrss lo do fllI7lff.Y for otlzrrr, you ftcill kllofte fLL'1lf'7l you ,IIITF mf! Jtlzzllf' CURTIS JOSEPH SXVARENS Jlilllo-2011, lnzlizzzzfz Oakland City College '19-Q23 Y. KI. C. A.: lla-ior History. "Not loo yfrious, ng! foo gay, Bu! a fL'f'7'j' goat! ffllufu' in rfL'r'ry fLL'ay."' EDITH IRENE CHALFANT Ha1'tfoz'1l City, Indiana Philalethean Literary Society: Y. VV. C. A.: Debating Team '22-'23: Nlajor English. "E.li1l1 is alieays rrady lo lrrzd Il nlzrlping ham! to tlle sflmol in all its 1n1t1'v1'Iak1ng.v." N5 k , ,H V -,ruff -WN , , ,ECW ff-Jrwmqw X if , ,Q MQ 'E S.-me.f.y,f.ww,m-awwvaqf-I fA..a.f,w-f,W,,1-an-., ,FMT . s . , , .... 4, 3' is ' m 'sv ss: irc W- 1, ,. . ..... 1, S: .. A-2 .... .. - is E 9 S 331 .Na,-mgw.em,q,Ywv4E..,e??amQW-gswtf,-Isa. , X .,,.., . . .1 N, V Y , ,Wf:L,ff .,wgWwW,, W -- , W v4.. ,,,m,,w.,,,,,,,g,3- .0 f V 1, - Fuwwnwmafvmfwcsmwmwmfsw-V--sw f .W W. sm. N ,W-f vC..fg.nW Page Forty-one --11:-:rr-T3 ,, X To A . 1 'A QS mWWaWW.Wm.XMe.tA-....WNm-MamaM. www Awlflmwgnflmflmwkfx X Q1 N6 S.. .ri .19 We 1: mal--N :ww . -"' G' .Q .. , ,., ' f :lat .ws mv gn v ax' Qu: am AY Arm .sms no W an :. X.X, .:xwx,, . xxxx xx,v. ,1,. N .-.L.. x 's-rw-11.-f K RUSSELL HERBERT BLACKBURN Indianapolis, Indiana Pliilomusean Literary Soeietyg Y. NI. C. A Cabinet '21-'ZZQ Qrchestra '21-'23g Band '22- '23g Chorus '21-,233 lVIajor Bible. " as steadfast in his Lwork as he is in his visits to Dailey Hall." FLORENCE NIARGARET DELPH llfilkinson, Indiana Indiana State Normal Summer '20g Philalethean Literary Societyg Y. VV. C. A.g lllajor English. "Frank in her expression, good natured and a splemiiii fworlaerf' EDGAR lVl. TURLEY Coryelon, lnzliana Y. Ill. C. A.g lllajor History, "Study is fzcearisonze to the flesh." BERTHA ADELINE HARDY Plainville, Indiana Philalethean Literary Societyg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '20-'21 3 Student Volunteerg Major Bible. "She is quiet and reserfvcd and hath many noble virtues." Q .f..:,-:.::::.:::: W angie .... -...,... .... ...-,,......w.aa...,..,...,.W,.f:f1-:::fL,..e,...f f ...... L .1.. Ai is iw rt 'livmw-.MlfifI:exgf.15:::.22:25f2..?f2e.f.--f-Mriwfge.:f::f::..:z.u:a2z.e e X . Ml..T,A:...,,...4....,....MG..Qf...-f- -.f,-,. eeeewe- , .,, sm... ,...... - .... - ...,....,, - ..,.. . .,.... .... m..--, .,., , , .W ... H Page Forty-two 42:-Q ELI iS15':u .F X ..t..t. . H f..--....-.,...,, -VT., ,W.1t....,,.m,1fGfsm- Y ,qs . .V ,. X 1 . . . f f YW'-' ww 'qv-.2 3 W --M ww fm ww- 1 .- ,, ,. ww mwxtwwt-m'Amw.-N W W t-.ffl 'lit .S X. AQ - o 1 RALPH OSCAR HILE Ifzzliorzzzflolis, Indiana ReHector Staff 'ZSQ llujor llathematics. "Book are his sou! fompanion.r." AGAPITA AUGUSTA OBALDO BIIIIIOIIII, La Union, Philippine 1311111115 Philalethean Literary Society: Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet '22-235 llajor English. "The maiden from afroxx the Jeux 11115 fzcorz fhe hearts of all." DANIEL DISHER CQRL IIZdiIlIIl1f70fiX, Imfiana XVinona Summer School '2lg Philomusean Lit- erary Societyg Y. BL C. A.g Debating Team '22-'23g Student Volunteerg Nlajor Bible. "J good sfudent and om' who will follofw and help boost us." Witlzout courage there cannot he truth, and without truth there can he no fzfirtue. -SCOTT. S ,,,,. .... . .L .... 73 E532 gg W A ex N . L. . . ,W .,.,,,- .,,,,, ,mmaf fx 11 ifiilrezt.-' QOL" P11510 Forty-fllree , ,,-.-..XX , Xfpmx ,wfx N, Y Nmm.,.,M.m.W..,.,mm,W6,mWWmm.....m,W.W-1 . if-,ff lvmInmfmmmmmvmmmwmwwmmfmmM.:..Q,,,-.wi-ImJJ. X Q 5 ' f- ' X 'MM ' " A x .Q , V.-1-. N,-Y ,qv ww my . . ,,. 'fam Gm' vm vm my me ga' .uw guwmm .mmf .sm A, m,5m,.mQmNM,Eamm, my. M-ww .QW 5,5 , .fl L FX A S 9. A 3 fb v, A, z, Q A Q H A A. if X X , se A X. X4 sv G SQ if v .Ng ,NX.,,..xX,,.,.N..w ,vgX..w:,x w,,' Q M. Q A 1 .1mm.W1.Twww-sQN,mxwwNmmfm..m..w-mam,mm-..:L..w..:mmmmfiwfmw, X " .M,M.,,..M.,w.-W-wwp,mmwT k +Nx ,W fy, X-.,wMm,,vmm,m .mm-Q..A ,,,.,w, ,, x.x.,.Nm,A.x.,mmA.,,,mJ,.g.. W A ..Nmwmx+mmmmwmmMfmmwmm,, ,,,m.,M,. .. .. M. X PKTNN. J,-TKQS., . 1 A y 1 3 ? Pago Fo rty-four I -I XV Oth ef - ,,,...,,,. ,, .. , , W-ff I A E ww--W-GNN-vmmrwnwmwmx-:wmmz.m,.r-.guys.mvsff:,E.N- . Qrasief V Y W-W: -, ,,,, -ff :bi,ffm-w-smxwmrmzwmmmlewrw--rw-we--. f- -f-.-.. -- - ,IUNIORS President-G. H. FISHER. Secretary-GERALDIN13 KIRIQI-IAM. Vice-President-H. LI. HUNT. Treasurer-R. H. BISHOP. Class Rlotto Eur Qzmm Vizlzfri. Class Colors I UM Goff! and Illia' Bfuv. Class Flower Forget-zlzz'-not. September sixth, nineteen-twenty, is a date long to be remembered by the present Junior class. It was on that day that thirty-three young men and women enrolled as Freshmen in Indiana Central College. During the first week we had much trouble in arranging schedules, Ending our recitation rooms, and learning the names of the professors. VVe were just an ordinary group of young people and like all other Freshmen we had to be introduced to lXIathe- matics, Latin, French, English and Biology, We encountered many difficulties in each subject during the year. Some of the class failed but most of them had the determina- tion that carried them through with success. In the next two years we lost many of our original number. Some took up the teaching profession, some took up other kinds of work, and some heeded the call of Dan Cupid and settled down to domestic life. Several have come into our class from other colleges. VVe have one from Valpa- raiso University, one from Oakland City College, one from Hedding College and one from the Philippine Islands. At present the Junior class numbers twenty-three. We expect to produce next year, the largest and best graduating class that has ever gone out from Indiana Central College for- "In our mind you never will End Another class of just our kind, So come with me, so come with me, For we're juniors don't you see. If anybody ever ranks high around here It's the Juniors of I. C. C. EDITH CHALF.-INT, 'Z-P. I-18 1o7Je.r his nzitiile country best zuho laws nmnkinzl the more. -WALDSTEIN. 'W f j Q -H 1,..W..,.,,,-.L ..... ,....Mm-wma-mv 1923fie.a:n:r r' x .max Vi.. - ' - ---f--- --------- - --- .,,-v.-m.,.s,.a-7- 'W' " " ' ""'W"'x Mm " Page Forty-fm: 'sa . N' fiffin ,N ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,sL s c... .,t..,. ..t,,,..,,tt......,s. ww A e - - 1. yvwef: ws- sf.--..-:J mm-.-r,....,w x f-.ix , s wr-3 sw-1: Q.. we sew -' 3 W, ,. V , "fs-' v in me ' ' News' -s :J -s s s. . 1- X J . we -wives: -me-ss:e.s:s,..-fmfm.f..sf- We 4 su-me s ss-W-.rawsw-7 :ff-1-this ' f. ' N .4-1 .K - r- Y A- ' f THE PROGRESSIVE CLASS OF '24 The Class of '2-I has always been conspicuous for its activity in college circles. In Indiana Central there are circles of all "fifty-seven varieties." There are social circles, literary circles, religious circles, sewing circles, debating circles, musical circles and campus circles. Now, in all these circles the Juniors excel. In fact, judging from the present record, there will be no limit to the service that this Class will be able to render in all lines of activities after graduation. The Class tal-:es a generous part in every program to which it has an opportunity to contribute. During its Sophomore year at the dedication of Dailey Hall, the Class had as its part in the class stunts, a stunning song setting forth the various merits and failings of the respective classes. We dwelt at length upon the owlish wisdom of the Seniors, the frolicsomeness of the Juniors, and the verdant nature of the Freshmen. Social activities in the Class itself were not forgotten. During the YVinter Term the social committee planned a dinner in the dining room of Dailey Hall. Chef Bishop, with the assistance of his able helpers, cooked the dinner which consisted mostly of fried oysters. After this deep food was put deeper, the members of the Class spent the remainder of the evening in playing games, telling stories and washing the dishes. During the present school year, nothing sensational has taken place in the class. There was a party for the "uppers" before the holiday vacation. This was a very jolly event in the social calendar. During the summer lVIiss Crawford decided to change her name and Hcraw for'dH to Nlrs. IMI. I. Webber. Five new members were added to the Class at the opening of the Spring Term. The Junior Class is very prominent in the school activities this year. Just notice, please-all the Junior boys, except two, are active members of Philomusea, all the Junior girls are active members of Philalethea, every Junior boy belongs to the Y. IVI. C. A. and every Junior girl belongs to the Y. W. C. A. Fifty per cent of the members of the Debating Teams are Juniors. It is with well-founded hopes that the world is eagerly awaiting the members of this Class to go out and solve the many problems that are confronting it today. The world is clamoring for our services. It shall not be disappointed. HENRY J. HUNT, '2-L - Page Fa rty-sin: Ni, , ,... ,N NQT' Tx X sua, , Wm.W....m.m.m,.N,.. ,,.. W W,,.W. Wmw,wpw....w W. , K 'NE A KW- MN mm ,W M Mg 3 my mf --V411 fm - x ,. ,, S v: 5 N s N I ' xt qw- M1-,,W N W uw Q-Vx-,W-. W- -f . aes:-:-vm .mmwmwmwwar-N-ww-wwwawww-ww N y , , w-mwf--w-- ' f.,,. OPHOMORE E 92 3 5:4? X ?.5?X'iE',i1Qgi?5ESiQW 51 'H W" 'M ' " 'M- W'mWm'W Page Fo rty-:cvcvz in X m,,XmXXXXXX,XXXM,XmM,,x:L,X.XX X, X X. ........x X XXX. ,XXXXXXX.XXX,XXN..,X NXXXXXX.-XXXw,..XX.qXNWw-X A X X , 5 U 1-:ww X-.N-fx My ,X X X Q X X-,XX X -X -,:.X - , .. XXX,-X 1, . N,-Y :X wg .-xf Ava mx 5 X ,X 'rf qnw mm 'ms Wa X . X ,RX XXX , . X...,Y w: uNXvN.wXxQXX N xx Xxx Q, X S ,A .X X.-Ls , 'X T X .wAfXNNXwX-N-.X-f XXX-XXXXXX -wN,.X,XXXX-XNXxX-V-wwf frwwfw-X A-wx. M. X x --X-vw mmm-Qwmfmxm m-Ski Nmkspgr-.,Xwx, :QNX X, I f f- -XXX vmmw-mm-WXW-v XX. X, . ,........, . .... X ..... -XX,XXX.-XXX-XX-XXXWXWX , GX-3:-ww f,X1X,XX.WX---X ,X Xwxmfi -'X-'mm ,x ,X X . X 4:11 X - no gf H 1 . 5.,,,.M NX X. -1' :Q xr., x , ,, 1 , G E 4 X X s jk 1 I N 1 X X ,A g fs' - - Q. .1 ,K - 8 t-runs L. 'v mem. K G 'R A 39 aw xl ,Q z I X '? A Q Rursww e,.',,. ,Xv ' R,-X J X iX.,, Q, ?.v,pQ ,XXXWXX . X.XX.XX...X,X.XXmX... X .X X., ,X-..XXXX,XX,,,XXX X,XXX X,.,X WXXWXM ww,MXN-Xmv,,-XXX Xwrfw-Nj IW A. Q, ,N A X , XXXXXwX----XXf,wX+XXX-f-A-X-fm m mmwzfx-:xmm-:,,QX,mX-w-wwww2X:,X --f Q X iifXX-W ,-XX .XM --X XM XXX XXX- XY, .,X MW my XX X, WXX- .XM W-XX vw-X-f -ffm ,N-X-we 5- 5 ff- Lv , 2, - N, PS5 mv sw 'Y wx W- :aw -1- . WV, ,XX A, XX , X XE X, X X, .X K XX, X ,XXX XXXXX XXX, K L XX mg, .X k A ,X ,,, N :N X, Q. X,X XX.. X X X lk sw QfifwiQNXX-Awmv'N:wffvvvR3fwxXmwblmf:-Am-Qkmfwlmmrkxmmwzswwmummmzgi- f, pg 52 NQJXXWXX' wwf-SX XXX wwKm-XXm.w,vXX-NX.,-XXzwmv,XX,WEa-wsmb-:ww-mXxiXXXXX , iw-ww ,,:X,rf-w,X:-:XX- -:mw,fmXwwXX w,mXmwfXwXXX-W,vm-M-,XXXL-,Qmf-f,,xWw:vwwwm-s.axx:,:w' ,-Q 1 ,'- .X ww-ww'XX-.wXX-NX--QXXXMXXWXXQ 'XX---X-WX,----1-XfwQXWXX-'mfww-mXX:XwW al. ,-'.-'Nix , Ziff t ' . ,. x-QMXXX. gg, M' Pfzflv Forty-figflrf K 1 --wg 4 . W N ' 'IV EZQTX ,XXX -aa -1- ee-ee - -e----- -- ' - f "2 1 .X x'W' - .gre--Y-1, ,:... W, .,, ..,. ,zzz V--:a..W.-a-avwgkl Q xx 'pass-s--W.t.a,,M-,.m,,,,,m,qw,m,,,o,. .. N. eww.. .eg , . . SOPHOMORES President-H. C. GOOD. Secretary-R. O. HUNT. Vice-President--L. D. VASS. Treasurer-C. NV. LEADER. Class Historian-BENNET FULP. Class Poet-P. G. SNIVELY. Class Klotto lic conquers who conquers himself. Class Colors Green and Gold. Class Flowers jl'.1fIl'6L'l1Hl Nizfl Rose. On September the fourth, 1921, several strange looking young creatures wandered hopefully down the famous Kephart Avenue and on to the Campus of I. C. C. A few noted and pros- perous "uppers" were endeavoring to be polite and trying in vain to remove the frightened look from the faces of the newcomers. It was not long until we-the benumbed and terrified Fresh- men-came to the realization that we outnumbered any of the other classes and had no reason whatever for feeling helplessly foreign in the celebrated village, University Heights. Very soon the upper classmen realized that surplus pep was a bad thing and they immediately advised an organization of the Freshman class. Harry Good was elected President, Violette Miller vice- president, Georgia Snyder secretary and Virginia Fout treasurer. It is needless to say that the class prospered because of the large number. After the novelty of new surroundings passed by and before we had a real chance to settle down to college life we all felt a queer something which was diagnosed by "sophs" as home- sickness. This was a dreadful thing while it lasted, but so many social functions were given that the most of it left us. VVith basketball our lives were complete and we gave over a limit- less amount of our surplus pep to the team. VVhen the debates came we were completely over- joyed and were truly thrilled at the success. YVhenever the classes were called upon to present some dignified stunt or production, the "freshies" invariably captivated the crowds. These times usually occurred when the Board of Trustees came around and is it any wonder that when they saw our promising class they went right home and sent their hearty offspring to pattern after the 1921 beginners? Hence the ingenious class of this year's newcomers. About this time we were beginning to know what it means to board at a club. Wie well knew what beans are and what peaches taste like-and we had heard what deans are. Deans are blessed personages and Miss Hanger proved a veritable rewarder of the righteous. The only thing that absolutely terrified and almost overpowered us was finals but we soon accepted them as more or less an important part of our school routine. At the close of the Spring term we felt ourselves magnificent beings, a real part of I. C. C. The year was truly a wonderful one, whether the reader be a time-honored trustee or some other cheerful soul who is planning to send a future Freshie, if you are in doubt simply take a trip to University Heights and con- duct a military review of this year's "Sophs." VVe are not only pleased with ourselves and with our miraculous progress but we are indeed proud of new students who, through our work, have been inliuenced to join us. On September the 11th, 1922, we again wandered down the famous Kephart avenue and on to the campus of I. C. C. It was not with the feeling of bewilderment this time but with that of wisdom and experience. It was our turn to entertain Freshmen and to warn them of the dangers of college life. This time we were not advised to organize, in fact organization was our first step. VVe had lost a few of our industrious members and we had gained some. A few began work during the summer in order to gain entrance into the beaming and brilliant Sopho- more class of '22. VIRGINIA FOUT, '25. Ba - i' . . . . . ,,w,,, f 22, T- . MW f Y, ,Z-, W -M .,.., s .msg ,bs my km W X X at..,.sa,.aa..t.a....a-,,.... ..,,. .....,. to ma, , 1 . - . .t .- -at, --, cy ,th .sway :ws we vpgxs 2533: sr: src fa - can for 'f rf s 3 ks. , 4 S, , ' , ff . " . .t 4 -Q. vi ' ' -' ,:' ' t ' ksmtilmatsmtiass-..ass1we x W if Q , -Y W, ,sa-f ,---as-V.-Q 'WN-j,,',.bg,g t A - si Q '-fa.,-ef '-' - Page Forty :imc befffflfltxx, N, DQXX X -X 7 Y W,m.W.,,.aa.t...Eg..t..,m.,...,..,u..a,a, .... . .... .wa -msamma-. Am X, 2 :Q t sr., ea ws.-mf t lg 1.2 Nw 5 Q ws mx ag mg: sw me 2 Q 6.3 -E :KA Sm: iw gm W gm gms , it 1 f '- -stmxsmsi,,sssNW..xX--sw-asmmstkwismrwmsssassg1 as g :N t 3aWsswsumkmm.'smammwwtt-Nafwasmrgswsus.----as -. . .. ' mmmfmm-swxmtywgw-smsvwywmsufwa .'f'wsv.-sf:r- -w:fsmmwf:qfvMv::w'.fmmf-11X ,Rex .,,.t1- A Isq-we.mam-s-wswwmwmwmmsmfmmwQ-Wmmwaw-M -N-was W- --1 CLASS OF '25 Page Fifty After the first few days of the Fall of '21,-days filled with shy glances and em- barrassing introductions,-the Class of '25 began to make itself heard. Yells and songs were composed which made the rest of the student body sit up and take notice. The Class was not lacking in social activities, as the parties given by the "Freshies" were long remembered by some of the upper classmen who, for various reasons, were privileged to attend. Qur first party, which was planned as a 'fweeniem and "marshmallow roast," was held in the dining hall on account of disagreeable weather. L. D. lVIiller seemed to enjoy being the goat, especially when lVIiss Foutch was leading him. Leslie Roberts could not understand why every one was laughing at him until he found the small placard on his back. Everyone seemed to enjoy the "hot-dog" sandwiches and pickles served by the social committee. Our next party was held in the Dailey Rflemorial Hall. The social committee planned an old fashioned taffy pulling. Every one took part in the games and contests until the taffy was ready to pull. This was the climax of the evening. Several of the couples demonstrated a knowledge of taffy pulling and secured good results, while some of the candy seemed to get darker and darker. We wonder if any one's hands became whiter in the process. lVIr. Leader and his wife "lkey" afforded a great deal of amusement on "The Trip Around the World." The last party of the year was a "bacon and egg" fry, held down along the creek. The boys demonstrated their knowledge of culinary arts and even the most prejudiced ladies of the party, including lVIiss VVeaver, had to agree that the "bacon and eggs" were good. The evening was spent in playing games and telling stories. Not only has the Class shown itself active in social affairs but it has also been active along other lines. VVe have more members in each of the Literary Societies than any other class in school. All the boys are members of the Y. M. C. A. and all of the girls belong to the Y. W. C. A. The Class has shown a spirit of leadership wherever and whenever it was needed. The only strictly class party this year was again held in Dailey Hall. The original contests and interesting games were enjoyed as much as were the refreshments served during the evening. The party for upper classmen was Well attended by Sophomores, which only goes to show their loyal cooperation with other classes and their faithfulness in the perform- ance of duties. RAMON O. HUNT, '25. .j... . .W , L. t1923f?t .ui.'secr.sQr A A eeee A fy25ff'11wX 1 ' 4' u' X , , M......,,-,,.-., .,A,-,,,.-,, - ..,, 5. wwf -,fwmwmmxm-ww-m-,wx-Q.. , IE 'TY ' Y Y "-"W , N,x.,,,, , -V . X WWWWv,w:g.f:'T,m ,,.w1:3mwq.K,,.,wx.....wxm.Q..,. -,.x- K -,--- :Wxffw-X ,-xf"'x.,.w ZX :mf xv"ffvf'f1 , .. pw FRE HMN Cflcxig, A -N. -. 192353 Page Fifty-one Q, S X ummm-wmww.-NNW,.NM.,-,W-A.,,.- ...-.,........,..v.,,f,,N...,-.,.x-.wNW.WMv.-X1,vm- Ins K xi Ti, 9" N QQif-lmymmwmwwmwwiwwmwwfN-xwwf 91 .mf-sw-. . 1 - MQ :. w wg mg my N5 mg ww my QQ sw my my I 5 xv 5,1 X, Rum lm: Sv, ww mm gm Qc: vg, SW 1 A wx SY .W S QESWZTEAK , Nmmafiwkwkwx,wfmwsmmmsgmmmmmmmxxms X b V - A-,.1..XWmnmW.m,.nmmmwwwAPWM-Wm-W-H W- N ww- -'xX N . - MX Www .WWW . , , . ,, .. .M v i QQ 1 .aa Q Q ,, .- X , U ef. .5,:..,, A V, -L if M -5 Y :I-x ' 7 5 ' H .QL ,,g1- 9'-Q ,ww ff' on "-5. K -"RQ, Q .s . 'Q 5 -1:-'A 5' ' - for -SCL! .Cf . J.: " 3: . K f fl V r Q. 4 Y 1 cm, f',.,.L.- "eww-' r - Enix :Af ' ui: 1.-. " Sf-eww Cole ., .,.,. - -1 H Lv: r 1 . f' , pu ,m W ..X, . ,..X.v,,W.W- .M XXN, - vm ...,f ..A.,N,,WwW..,,...v,,........Ww,, X..-. Axw,v . .WV ,MW X- . .X-QW.. ,X mxwx . . xm, N- ww ,. xv W,..N X-Q WHY. . :-My Q: KW AN .wg mg, x my .ws Awx my AN A gmimmmw: , .-Iv-A1Wlxw-F.MwmxkwQwTKmmmvmsSm,Rwms. , x,,.nwQw.w.QBxw,fQ - QZET' , 0M1xxx'5msxw" C""'0'!f'YIfJ:A"KfS vm1XFNWAXNRKYXNYm?83mYb'X'N2X06'2'i!WB":bmXXVW.X'JlK'Wx'N21N!ASXY3NX1VvWi-My Pufffy Fiff-v-tcm L, x, .VKX W: X4 5 ' M M V -Q. kM,.N xwM-ww.---Mm.w.MwNwNwmwM,mwm--wx:-M,.Nw NM ,ww ,M ,, W, ,X Nigw gm .531 yr w W ws ww gp, wav- X1 A 3 A X pw iN ' . V V - gbmwfw-wpwmwvmwwmwwwwnm--NA-www-xvQ--11,vwV--www A X. wfxNW.N : f-5 S 1 - XB, 1 2 ffegy Q . . X , ,-,,z...m.W.........,1,.....,..4,fms..f..v.,1-1,L..-...x..,-...A ,AQ X .LX ' N 1 fw' 1. .rw wwmfnvfg -Q as my: N? mg mg mai my W i M ,.T .x - N, .wse .war 'Q-51 Aggv wc., w-1: -.1 famwiv-1-sian.wm?s:maxwwv5mYfdbm1x-vzm:m5mvxfgf'mw:-'f-: .. X ,f Sv, xl ..-nw-1-W ,.hg. .,. wwQ:,.f...wAW,mw-M11-ww-vw . - .V . x 1 ,, . 'N 'L -9 ir , 'r-. v , Y IO xl.: M rv- w 11,5 ,, 'ff ' Q, V 4 ,, ' 'T 'G' ' x if Y? 3 . Q.. vu Lzghf y. :'1g-A L-En-VJ W Y ' W-:msgdiv W'--Y' 1 X lk -v---,-A-QT----N ' 'fl--zaW.,-M:i.i..m..m-..mfWmw.1-.Z.,Mig . 77 1- 3" -i if' N' F Q 'SKC . wx! ,. , Z. 9 2. EL mm.. ? E! 'Q ri., ,K k - vff'--MSW" -VVV V V W bm H vw- - ' -:'m-LW-'MM-1-mfmc-nxsgwmww-Qi-, X -- - V: Q23 Y x Page Fifty-th rrc ,ra , ,,,, M., ,.,, at .,1:i'X6i2QA:X-A. ,, .Y,, W.-. N , .-.W .- ,Y1,, -W,..a, W - ,,.,,, f. -.. M. , N .I-We---.-. i ,wxm.NN.Wi,...t,,.,,w:,,,, , W533w3f3e?i53 Q is 9351 ix 353 XfgE?9? FRESHMEN President-PAUL CHALFANT. Secretary-ROBERT RAGAINS. - Treasurer-LAURA COLE. Class lVlotto The elevator to success is not running-talze the ladder. Class Flower Pfhite rose. Class Colors Green and white. "lVlyl Why all the crowd ?', exclaimed a dignified Senior as he hurried down the hall. Being a Senior he had begun to feel the authority of an upper-classman over the Freshmen. Such a crowd he had never seen before in these halls! VVhat did it all mean? lnquiring of a professor he soon found out that this was the new Freshman class. He stood in utter amazement, for he thought there must be eighty-five. He began counting, one-two-three-four, and so on to eighty-five and then to one hundred! Could he believe his own eyes? What a record that would mean for the college! Looking the group over he began to wonder what could be done with all of them. However it took him only a few weeks to find out that the Senior class, or any other class, need not worry about the Freshmen of '22, for the "Freshies" immediately began to take an active part in all the college functions. During the entire year the class has made a good record. blany difliculties were encountered in biology and mathematics but by overcoming them the class was able to accomplish many more things. Several members were added during the year and several also left the class. During the Christmas vacation one of our prominent members, llliss Dorothy Fischer, died suddenly. ln every Way the Freshmen class of '22 may be said to be the most progressive Freshman class in the history of the college. "lt is a good and safe rule to sojourn in efaery place as if you meant to spend your life there, never omitting an opportunity of doing a kind- ness or speaking a true word or making a friend." -RUSKIN. i 47 fi Erik -ze .E url: I it s at were :m c g r :F U mt m H1923EL !gg.gj,ggnggr ' 'SV Page Fifty-four N..-.......f ..,. M-vm-,mmm.,-.1?....,.....m,W...W..a1m- ,N . . ' k 4- 355 fm X 'ts 'rzqj mxgg zu-fp my ,K ,.- -. ,. W, W" 1l ,,..,.,.,:.::,..... .... , .. 1nmmmmm DOROTHY FISCHER Died December 25, 1922 She had a host of friends whom she always greeted with a cheery word. She is greatly missed by her many friends at home and in school. VVe remember her character and example and strive to emulate them. ,. . -2 A-c..1.,:,,,,-- -- Y- -- ,W , , ,W W, W -N rw T11 ,-:r.m: I ,T,.-,f.1..5f,,,e,M., i.... .3,5,,,,,,MqQ,,,K,,,, im,,w?: 'H -xnxx.: 'si W 'Q FE l5?2 ,S Sr gg ' ---, .,. , ,,,,s..,, :,. ,,,,.,,,.,,,,. , , , Ax I 5.s,...z:,,aa,,,,1-:f- ...W , ...M-.,..,a,...,,,,....,,Emawf-qxfmw-afeffsrm wg, Page Fifty-f1'z'c 'mmwwwmms-erm mv rfri-:mms-msvvNf,.xf':,,Yv-tcm-.Q -. New ,.. f' 4 , J -413.11777 ,JS-T .jgww Y,.. ,KWSN ,,kV -w,,,,,:,,,,,,,,--:-A1:::.:s.a...a:::--1-1' iii Us N e f cast A wzegtwsgwsgiw ',-ssfwmsp wzmnswxsmsmsss gwwwxw X ss fs Q. '33 ...,,... ..wwttmstteqfsesswsvsssmsmmiessmskswm-ismsssmx ,vg5:"'x..,s' Mtk,jfMXWNNWWWNS-rmmifmMwnnwm'-NNW'NNNNMWKWMM ms s s THE LITTLE PEPPERS As "Freshies" of " '22 " we started out with a boom for I. C. C. Cf course we intended to study, but We were also going to enjoy ourselves as college Freshmen should. The Hard Times Party on Friday evening October 13, in the gymnasium increased our pep until it became pep-per. Cider and sandwiches were served-that is, the cider the HSophsH didn't get. We have had a winter full of study and frivolity. VVe know We have the class, the pep, and the ambition to make it the best of I. C. C. The more fortunate Fresh- men have also enjoyed the parties of the upper classmen when they were able to vamp one of the Huppersf' On October IS, one of our eatless VVednesdays, the Freshmen entertained the school by giving a mock faculty meeting. In this meeting IXIiss Gordon presented her 350 rules Qsuggestionsj which were to be enforced at Dailey Hall. Some of the rules were: couples strolling in the evening should carry lanterns, all sidewalks should be taken in at ten oyclockg all gentlemen desiring dates should notify the Dean four hours before calling. ' The Freshman class has many things to its credit. In basketball do We shine? Shine we do. In fact we're nearly the whole team. We have a girls, basketball team which has won every game in which we have participated. CBy the way, donlt tell anyone, but I heard a certain Sophomore had to buy the team a box of chocolatesj The "Sophs" thought they had us buried stunt night, but if they did it was the resurrected angels that sang the Freshman song so lustily. Our class has pep, just pep every step, not only for our class but for our college. The green and white stands high at Indiana Central. YVe have been well repre- sented not only in basketball, but also in debating, in Philalethea, Philomusea, Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A., the men's quartette, orchestra, band and chorus. We got the pep VVe got the step Altho' we're only Freshies yet Just leave us please without your kicks For We're the class of '26. . ,..., s , ,,,, - .... ..,, ,.,..,,,.. .,,. ,.,,, . -.- ....s .... ,,,,. .,,, W ,, M as is ssmgrs.srss,s.m.-fs ws 3921?-, siisiss' sr.s',ss use sr. sr sgsg ,V -- wr -Y, V-, ,,.,, ,N ,W H ,,g.-.., -YYY ---Y .1 ...... ,gE:Qt:::cMd4 g,.' . ' 11ff::..4iz..L..: ...... .fe V- --,-. ..-. V ...r 1.u.,.,.z1--ff"-:gaze Page Fifty-.fix , S ,,,..,,,,' .v., ,. fa? Aafililmfr' !Ni.wwmmwmmCi-m-1fpiifxm,- -Wm...R-9:'.f,.,. Qm,.,,,l..f-,.Mi - -'31 W' . A I F-V in 'W V ,.. , ..,3 S, 'g..-..,i'11Tg, ,,,,,-,.-1,ff,f:R1 W,Mf.,..1.:-mfmmmmwwk V4 fx.M,S ,XY ,V.x. - -V . .. , Xjf'SS1irq:::::1 --" f ' pf S252 . el 13 SPECIAL STUDENTS JOSEPH L. CUMSHNS ENID CARSON IRENE ROBERTS S EMBER MCNEELEY MAROUERITE PARSONS R. LOWELL BTORRELL ELMA THOMAS Economics Public Speaking Public Speaking Philosophy Public Speaking Philosophy Music "1 find the great thing in the world is not so much zclzere we stand as in what direction we are nzofvingf' -O. W. HOLMES. 52 W ,,,, JESS-,,w,,,Q vgvn GWIQMKW HMHVW 1923fif ,, .. f M AN x 1:51 Pal Page Fifty-scz'en A 1ffr'3XN,X ,,,,,,,--A.1 'Q -Eu gs' me-,.... .x , . . -W - - fm N f . .X .K , A A, f 1,9-x-N. X -,L . Bmw fm? sW,M5iL..2.,mSmi?ff3mJSM3,g1 SmKfxmMxx.,xXg:v ' Q, .m......f.mQm.m.WfN--mix--hw-mvw3mM:.wia+.N.SMX 4,kqMx., , Sm-3ffTumm-.W1Tigggpmzzzzfmmwm-Wai...-.w.W..,W.,f,mmx.f.Q-Rzwf 'W xy xwxinfik' loresidenfj Office R93 Z51?'ar' qmsf ' , T L, . -. ,l,,i , 44 -W ,,.. M I 9 2 3g - W' ' ni Ixn Mtyeijsgd ' Page Fifty-eight E I , g Q7 W- V V-.W-mf V 'L ki M, 0' ,.-Q,-...Aw - 3 'F "Ei 'Y W.Ef'5 W 'Y b Si: 'A ' H f 'f 1 ....a:,- ...., ff:::f.-.mmm--QR 7, 'mwM.:m:.f.fM-Wmmmmwmvmwxwv,V.m:.G-Q ffm- -1:-11-H - Bfofggj Lafaorafbfj FR, pA7.5lCS L. abOr'a7Er'7 2 . Y . 'AE ,. F1 u Q3 Ph 6l:C5 Laboramr '33 AJ- QJ,:1vgLLS!., it B' 1 ,- 192 " '1-A ,Q 'ff'-iff-V ,gi ,,Q..,Q41g Page Fifty-nine . N x. mx Q, X ,, ,, vA,,m,,,,x,,,,,q,.,, .mm mmwwnmmwmwg ' x , KE. ig Zgwwmmmmwmmmm mwmwxmmwmmv-mmmwmxwxmxmxmwmwwww. fr mwmm-xmm.QWNfwMgxf Www ANA . ""mS"ffwf ge, .xagmsi g"igQS1,i,6 Q,.,g',S 'ww gm wsswww imEm3gviimQg.AXmA Xm mximxwkmwvEm mxmx NWN 5 ,S v 5 gwmmmwkmm mkmmmwmxwmmkwmmmmwmxwwkwzMm QQ wvwwxmwmmmmxwxwmmwmwwmmmmmmmmwmmxwamqxmwx, mx:Ji,mmwmwwwmvmmwmmmmwwxxwxkwxwwmwmmxwmnwwwmxmxxw mm -- I a I 1 P1106 S1'.l'fj' lx 'fr 1 7"7-'1jl'? 753S3l Q G if Y V W, , , .,,, -....QX,j!,x:Xik-Vip:Qi rm. ,. .NM .. .. . , , , --, W, .l.-, - 4---. Ygrrir Y 5 I l i .V AVPYQ1. F?ecepT?,bf'n - Daifej Half, V 5 V- fx' Recepfilon - f'7er-125 Residence Hoff D u- X Q Fl room-Dall? Half r 'Y XE, A J Hgiip. f gk A ,A pw 1 1 x ummm.--mummy-Awww-fywx. , fr , ' 'Y ' "" " 7' Q Y SYS A if fam . xt me W gm me Ev jj' wif ' wg -- :XQQL V ., -.- ff. -V Yf-Y- W X X. x ' 'ff C?X'ff::.,5 Qi? N ' Page Sixty-orze 'N 1 X MMM, kMNw,,,,,,,,:3 QQQV -WMWL Lwnzm V .,,fa:,m,,W,.i. YQ-WMT--?:ff:,:G2f::mw2:4 Ak Q RS SV,-.Qa::.:r::::gzz,Q-sm:5g:s.zwQsfaf:i:e.:z1:.L.:w::wwmxvxwv,s.MJ 1 'Wa' "' 'M"' fm N x N -, , mv mx, xv 1 X . , S gm mv f we mrs me we ww :gm ms jaw ms pw we ,355 5 WS YB ,NX K, ,X ,EM,W.NW,WMNWWWBWmmwummwmxv,mmmwW,wm.W.W .WM ...,, ,. .W XV f,XL12tTm:H: V -M . V g:r,g:,gggnggggggggg 5 -I 5 Q Page Sixty-two f ' . N S , Y '-1: ..,, Lz, - , - -:-... Y Y Y W -frrv vw--WK R LX! LY M 7 Tgrglli 1 M EY' S3 J fi A ' I , YW ,, 1, 1.: Q:na.,,:...1,,:.,a..,f,14rg.'gfff ,,,, ,,,-..,fAnw5.wm::zvxQmwgx,C1tltqgE A fpmmvf-wfw wr- --wmww,m.Qm,. .l. -2- fm,...w-ffwmw. w. UIC G,fc1f'1wQQCv, j ,, ' ' ' , :gi Y Y s Page Sixty-three . . . .- ca. .. k . -. T. SS 'v-s1'u:r:s isis? Q5 ra 51 this sf' sexist ss ss ws... ... ,,,,.,, ..,,,.aa.mla.s..2:t.te.,...a.,,.. .. fxwgp .,w. swf .,,...:.ff'. -.agmm:,,m:. ,K KIUSIC The presence of Art in the college, in acknowledged companionship with science, literature and philosophy, is no longer a doubtful question. For many, many years, the American Institute for higher education had it in her power to be the leader of the world in bringing about this companionship, but she did not exercise her right. At last, she has come to see that to an ever-increasing multitude the need of beauty is becoming more and more evident. This healthful growth of Art shows itself not in the fact that the millionaire buys great paintings or richly endows museums, or that orchestral, choral and operatic organizations, which often limit the gratification of art to only a few, are formed, but the masses of people have come to recognize that there is no exclusiveness in Art. It belongs to the masses. Art is not only a personal expe- rience, but it is history. ln studying the history of Art we learn that it comes from the heart of humanity, and that our joy in it is a recognition of a common spiritual heritage. Art, in its power, is supremely unifying. Human beings clutch selfishly at material benefits, but in the presence of Beauty there is the sympathy of fellowship, "since to share beauty with another is to increase one's possessionf, Now, of course, Nlusic is essentially at one with the other arts. lt is, like them, "a striving of the human spirit after self-realization," and it has the power, peculiar to itself, of exciting and conveying ideas that lie at the basis of human experience. Hence, on account of this appeal, it is called the universal language. Every one is aware of a Wearing quality in music which even poetry does not possess. It has been called "the keenest expression of pathos." Nlusic, more than any other medium, reaches down into the secret recesses of our souls. It has that element or quality of having come "from the Lord's subter- ranean depth unbornen and while it seems to be lacking in what we call "reality" it brings to our consciousness "that mysterious substance in our nature that seems more truly Permanent and real." The logical place then for a lbfusic department is in a college of liberal education where, along with the development of practical and more tangible studies, a student may develop the cultural, aesthetic and spiritual part of his nature in order that he may place his education upon solid intellectual foundations. --M. EDITH joNEs. -X :s .-K . Paul Si.rtj'-fnizr mwmwwxnnqf, Km- N.w,, M. , fr gamut: mg :wx x 1 ' " ' M qs W:-ma-zfvl-rv. gf -:mf 1- . ,Ww .www --L 1'--X :, fw 'f-V x " Students Nlusic , I , 1 L E 1 3 f Q22 i Q g 52552- 5 3 3,',,.,i,, zngg ,W We fi . 'ig' 5122 .1 , 2 25? iii? EE . QQ?" 32 fl' I x Z1 ., 'Q W 'R-Lu.. 1, Page Sl..l'fj'-jqZ'C mama-mgwsmswx-f,.atwm,sf-emu fm., t,..,xm.. Mmcmwsw - is .W X, ,x :M ,qi :sg sg if L ,sq x f 3 'rc -L r va. -.swf wsam y ---Y V-'sf bf . .ifnx X -K X aww ,sa-s1r, .,- ea, , :jun cuff' ours we we .- age Sixty-si PIANO Rl.-XRGED EDITH JON ES ............ DifFL'f07' of Illusic Edith lIcCoy Klildred Yvashburn llabel Heckaman Bertha Spitler Agapita Obaldo Blanch Penrod Nlabel Good Gertrude Hutton Beulah Smiley llyrtle Banks Bernice Bowen Leah Hollingsworth Carlota Bustos Virginia Fout llary Bushong Rlabel Good Lon Perkins Gertrude Yockey Julia lXIcFarland Ruth Jacobs llae Clark VV. T. Barker Vesta Rickert Gladys Nlitchell Carl Riperdan Lon Perkins Clarence llartin Eva Stivers Elma Thomas Rlrs. A. VV. Nlontgomery llae Clark Elsie Robey David Klanley Pearl Stuart Caddy Brown Ember KlcNeeley Kliles Leach VOICE Georgia Benson Charlotte Borkert lllrs. VV. T. Barker Lillian Ragains Robert Ragains Elsie Robey Bliles Leach vffeeews E it -WEM4 Olly, . m..,.......,..M..,..,....,-.m.-...a1-4MM- A . - Q 3551 wN.--w.- 'kv'-1-., 'rw' , ., , . -rn. H. . 've vwves-v'mvwzv-fy: W W -W SCHOOL OF MUSIC-INDIANA CENTRAL COLLEGE Recital GIVEN BY THE PIANO AND VOICE STUDENTS F latterer .... Summer lVIemories Kephart Auditorium VVednesday, December 20th, 8 P. M. PROGRAM ' ' ' 'cfifi'1ii15e1L1L1i1' ' Vesta Rickert Some Day You Will lNIiss IXIe .............. just Been Wand'ring ......................... Ruth Jacobs Violin Obligato-G. A. Blackburn Valse Arabesque ............................... Esther Parsons Sonata-Allegro lVIoderato ............... Eclogue ................................. Julia Good Voga-Voga Gondolier .. ............... .. Samoan Song ..... ........................ Charlotte Borkert Barchetta . . . ................. . . . . Il .Trovatore lXIabel Heclcaman NI1nuet .......... .................... Lucile Hostetler The Lights of Home ........................... Improvisation Les Sylves . . . Juba Dance ..... Andrew Nlontgomery Bernice Bowen First Mazourka .. ................. . . IVIyrtle Banks A-.-Q, rf- --gs is -, 1 , xx, W E ?Et1923it LfQtQ'x.,QM44:. .Q . . . . .Chaminade . . . . .Herbert Grant . . Darewski . . .Danning . . . . .Lock .Beethoven ......L1SZt . . . .Grant . . .Sickles . . . . .Nevin Verdi-Dorn . . .Paderewski ........Penn IMI acDoWell . . . . .Chaminade ......Dett . . . .Godard is I3 -- -- - - -V " '1'7i"T-ii'iH?4:..,g.,:..,.,,,i-- 2- fx.'y,sry35x3-- Page Sixty 1577511 "" Ii"N'?"Q .- s ff.. X: f Qwwsmwwmmmwmwmmamvwmwwwlwamm-.NMmmwm-Mmmwsswswpwmwwm-swI my X. mi! N tsfwzwmwmwwmwmvqqxmmwmmwmxwxxmwamwrmmMmwwmsmvwwmss QSWQS N m MN AX Sw MS Msg W aw W .sy mxy .E its SM 3 A wc we ww mm gs gm me xw was SRtxxN sNkwmwxmewmwxatswsamwswmmwsmtsqsMW2 ,, -W S - .Swsisms.1-is1mtsm1-twxmsvffskws 2: Nwmmwm-smsm-MW.-my va,-Nsxwvmmwswwww-all .fm:NwNmmtww.NM,m:asX ,X , eww W-Maw-SQwmmmvswmaw-sNmwwwswmwws- -- 1 awww WW X, 1,--ex, ,,,, :....::-5-f' f X' JUNIOR STUDENTS OF MUSIC RIARGED EDITH JONES. . . . .Director of fllusic BERTHA SPITLER . ...... ..Instz-uctor in Piano GLENN A. BLACKBURN.. . . .Instructor in Violin AMY LEWIS .......... . .Instructor in Piano Martha Jane Zintel Elsie Brehob Lucile Brown Myrtle Linson Noble Burkhart Charles Clary Helen Smithy Harry Miller llffartha Holt Ethel Fischer Harry Asrnus Fred Koehrn Louise Westerfield Alma Brehob Claude Sperlin Mary Berry Alta Jones Esther Parsons Lowell Good Hugh Scudder Mildred Glass Florence Brier Myla Wilson Bertha Lammers Marcella Brane lllildred Lewis Elizabeth Zintel Ruth Long Roberta Hostetler Kathryn Baker Mary Lewis Julia Good Florence Gollmier Mildred McKay Lucile Hostetler A:,,,w..,.,... .....,,,. .L ...,., .aa ..,.. L ,,.......,. -., Q52 xv A 3Q1,5..::::::qQ::giD ,3 , ez.- .... Levee:11:22.-fe-----f-2:-fe.14 ..... 2:11 .... : - ,.... .. ,.... sezfzzzzfezzzfezzzew .... ,::1ff::::::::::::5 l 3-rf 4' Eegwswiw ' X W, gawrzr- YVYVY ,....::f'z::, '-rw... .... ..l..... .. ........... 4 Q: ..... : :-.:,..-., k- N 552 tg, V LIN: F'-1:u..,.erP"'5ffK.fV 'J Page Sixty-eight v Sw 'Z :- mf- V,-f..:rx W- ' Q' i Q NIARGED EDITH JONES. NATHAN DAVIS . . . . . . VIOLIN GLENN A. BLACKBURN. .. Carl Schafer Loyd Sackmire Bertha Spitler . . Director of lllusic . .Professor of Violin . .Instructor Violin Frieda Holt Harry Harmon Naomi Norris "The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils." -SHAKESPEARE. we , A ,fa J . . 2, c rQ1,.ff3LN X is -.Ma-.5', Page Sf.Tfj'-711.116 I xfgjgy .aj , .LX Q, .. mywrwsmwwwmmwmwwsmwwawmswmmx " N 1: ' 'ff ,Q ' V.---aaw.-.N-sam.1e:mwsem.W....eaamW.Wmmxxx A ,xt-XA, X , swwe .-X-, Qawww-tw,Ns.-,af-.-.sf,.XKx.s, AW SCHOOL OF MUSIC-INDIANA CENTRAL COLLEGE Piano-Forte Recital GIVEN BY IMRI MURDEN BLACKBURN OF THE CLASS OF 1922 Assisreu BY THE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA OSCAR MYRON BAKER MARGED EDITH JONES Kephart Memorial Auditorium Tuesday Evening, May 9, 1922, S o'Clock 1 . . Concerto G Minor ................ Andante . . . . Mendelssohn Prestog Molto Allegro e Vivace Orchestral parts played on second piano by Miss Jones 2. Rigaudon from Holberg Suite by Grieg Arranged for Orchestra by lVIr. Blackburn The College Orchestra 3. Sonata op. 27, No. 2-"lWoonlight" ............. Adagio sostenuto Allegretto Allegro agitato 4. Romance in F Sharp.. Cradle Song . ....... . Claire de Lune ...... In Deep Woods .... 5. If I But Knew ....... When Shadows Gather. 6. Winter . .......... . Pastel No. l ........ Etincelles-Sparks . . . Egiiegiiiiimiiiiiwrigi Page Seventy . . .Beethoven INTERIWISSION ...Schumann . . . . . .Chopin ........Debussy . . . . .MacDowell . ........... Wilson G. Smith . . . ............,. Charles Marshall Mr. Baker .....MacDowell .........Philipp . . . . . Moszkowski .':,::f L ::r2::5i:"ggl ML:r:r-:wrt -H Tin? ik:--Jrzlrwg-Mrk? N I923ir 2 wuz ' ...zawsaaseax mfamflim smsmitmsns CHORUS NIARGED EDITH jox ES ....... BERTHA SPITLER .. Bernice Bowen Blanch Penrod Hildred NIcDonald Ruth Jacobs Nlabel Heckaman Olive Roberts Vesta Rickert Phyllis Austin Esta lVIcDonald Agapita Obaldo Helen Roberts Lon Perkins Nlilford Berrick Homer Roberts Albert F. Byrne Herschel Liechty Russell Blackburn Glenn Blackburn Bennet Fulp SOPRANO ALTO TENOR Briss . . . Dil'Ft'f0I' . . .Pianist llyrtle Banks Georgia Benson Lillian Ragain Lenna Smock Nellie Knipe Julia l'IcFarland Edith Chalfant Geraldine Kirkham Gertrude Hutton Nlary Wortman Amanda Fadley Julio Saulo David llflanley Ember lVIcNeeley Paul Chalfant Ernest Bushong Ramon Hunt Loyd Sackmire Robert Ragains . smwmm ww- -- -- . wy.sW.1,Wmw -as-Nw Q .. X s x 's '- ' WX-N W X-WWNWWWWWNY-' 'NISSC V ' xx 4X,..t t . 1 ' M VM xi -mf: X lk 9 mx v Mui , X-X sn s X-Q gsv, Fish ws sn sw W, :1--- is W- N ws ., .- A X . ,1 A ss S ls of - if-l Sim ,WNW ,Qmnw-I W. fs- -1 X: xx. xsw . K. ,. .,,-,.,- smmsw W - -f X F-fb ORCHESTRA MARGED EDITH JONES .... ...Director BERTHA SPITLER . ..... ...... . . .Pianist Violin Flute and Piccolo Glenn Blackburn Russell Blackburn Lynn Turner Cornet Helen Roberts Violette Miller Georgia Benson Harry Mathias C ll L P kle 0 Saxophone on er ms Ernest Bushong Clarinet Trombone Donald Marshall Lyle Michaels ' Bennett Fulp Robert Parsons 0791111 Clarence Liechty Ethel Hoover "The soft complaining flute In dying notes discovers The woes of helpless lovers, Whose dirge is whisper'd by the zuarhling lute." -DRYDEN. - .,,, -, E ..,. . .... A ..,. ..... fig- ssnsss wssssssvssss as 3ii3f3g3js1.35..sf,se,se.sf's2sssmswe wsss se sf ss ss ss ssl , ,gs .,,, ,.eg.eL:H- ---" - .... E..- ..... ..... nr .... W ff" -' Page SL'1'E11fj'4l"Ll'0 Tl. .Q fade g,,iW ff3.QS.L.QL:,fWWf . ff-,, .xx A 51, - - BAND GLENN A. BLACKBURN .... .... D ireftor Cornet: Harry lVIathias Roscoe Foutch Raymond Stump Ember lWcNeeley Robert Ragain Trombone Lyle lllichael Barytone Justin E. Marshall Snare Drum Russell Blackburn Clarinet Donald Nlarshall Bennett Fulp Robert Parsons A Ito John W. George Owen K. Chenoweth Bass Lon Perkins Bass Drum G. E. Shookman A"PVith melting airs, or martial, brisk, or grafveg E Some chord in unison with what we hear Is touch'a' within us, and the heart replies." -COWPER. E9 tag my 3 gj,.,.,.,.,..,.......,...,..,.t..,..,,...,...,,..,.,,,.m,t, tot.. , , . -, 1:, ,, .... , .,:, 1 A: WW -. 1 gi 'll R Page Seventy-three N., ::j::::rN,NN N' JEL ........W...,......c-.::.:.ewas..wa,...a.t, Q,M,...iu N Q. t , Q t A 5 aSi:tsgt5txtsW,as sgtQ ,x.,.XX,- if tt X Q ,kip Le, .,3s, .stxxs 1 .Q 3?T5g'1"Qf,S , .., , F Msmmsutswsutsmstustums mxmswimsgmmxx 5 M31 ' "" , N,,,,,,,,,,, mm,N,,m,,,W.u.awW-Ww- awww-ww,-X..wssww-was. "N ,aww-rv..-N ..-x . .twmmmw-A.-W, --t V. -- x-,- W- --W-aa-wmsswmwssafa THE COLLEGE BAND With the increase in student activities a need was felt for a musical organization which could provide inspiring and appropriate music for out-of-door occasions. Ac- cordingly, a College Band was organized in October with thirteen members. Several other students have since secured instruments and expect to enter the band. The organization meets each week for rehearsals and furnishes music for student activities in which its appearance is appropriate. While the object is to enliven student demon- strations, artistic musical interpretation is constantly sought. A brass band not only furnishes additional inspiration but unifies student demon- strations. In an orchestral concert we are delighted by the soft sweep of the violins and the tender tones of the clarinet, but are we not also thrilled upon any occasion by the martial strains of a brass band? The lethargy which is caused by the dull routine of life is passed off and is replaced by an exaltation and a fine ardor when we hear the irresistible rhythm of a lively march. The Band is young and its membership is small, but a beginning has been made and holds good promises for the next year. The members believe that the Band fills a need in college lifeg and they are much gratified because their efforts are rewarded by the support and appreciation of the students. Every member is proud of his share in organizing the first College Band. G. A. BLACKBURN. g:,g,e,.:.::::::::q:3 g V5 1 wiv Y e , W We fb? Page Seventy-four E452 3 1 ss in 1 QETQQM-A4'Ei QQQLWW.. -,.. ' 11: .::f:emt:.... ff W ., . any-Q . Hx - H-. KM CNW- ,M , I K ,,W. , A , "sWewvg3j's i1'fS "lv Uifasig v jjj-Q W W f,m,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,m., -W . ..,.nwmxgxv 'x" """'v"'fw--fvsmmmnfwu V-1-. -V--ff--ff-U--,Mn-W, -- PUBLIC PEAKI -M -,- ,,. www, Page Seventy-five Ps W xwmmwm-Mmm-. 'T .NX We . ,B ,- -.I-W .inf my PUBLIC SPEAKING FRED ELMER IVIARSHALL ............ Instructor Ralph Light Ellis Scholl Byran Stewart Nellie Knipe Ethel Hoover Lillian Ragains Edith Chalfant Irene Roberts Enid Carson Julia lVIcFarland Jasper Stadler Howard Ulsh llhrtin Webber Owen Chenoweth Curtis Swarens Charles Leader Edith McCoy "There is no true orator who is not zz hero.' -EMERSON. to .oeo - or L.- t.,e Zrf ,,,, I I Q Page Sc' - fi , 1 I-I 1 f J' N .,.,,v-.m,.,,. ..,.,-,,,,,-,,,,, ., ,,.V,,.,.,, L4 E W W H M-gmM,,w,,gg.,w,,m,.,.,.,.,..,,. x C ,, Y ...,..,-. ,..,,..,f ..--,- L K , I .. N 1 n.'v'3"S55'W3'-.."f1'Mi E""Y",m., fxfmfzf- M . . , ,ia -xm,x,,,.c,i-,a,,,r,aimmss.. , ,,L. C . ,aa . 1, " -- f- "-- ---M c,::IX,.,:L DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SPEAKING INDIANA CENTRAL CGLLEGE Graduate Recital OF ENID H. CARSON, A.B. Assisrzb BY BERT HA SPITLER, MUS.B. Saturday, May 19, 1923-8:00 P. M. PROGRAM The Pudding ........ ............ faj Play IVIake Believe .............. fbj What Do You Think of That? ..... A Frenchman on Iblacbeth ......... Sonata op. 7 ............ Alla Mennetto. ll'Iolto Allegro. Bliss Spitler In Imminent Peril ......................... The Rhyme of the Duchess IVIay .... . . . Cal That Old Sweetheart of Mine .... fb, Toy Shop Heroes ............. Their Last Ride Together .... fa, The Post Wagon I Y u-n.-..--.n-f-uu Bliss Spitler Act III, Scene I, "The School for Scandal" LADY TEAGLE ........ . ............ SIR PETER TEAGLE ....... . . . .... . . . . . . . .llflay Isabel Fisk . . . .Carrie Jacobs-Bond . . . . . . .Walter Rolfe ........Anon. .....Greig L. C. Griffith .Elizabeth Barrett Browning . . . .James Whitcomb Riley . . . . .H. Wakefield Smith . . . .lliarjorie Benton Cooke . . . . .Edward MacDowell . Richard Brinsley Sheridan . . . . . Miss Carson .F. Elmer Marshall A Page Seventy L e .. . L - ,, E4 VGQN E rua as trim REEQESELQQ Crm: X L. ,,,,,..,Y .--. .,,,.,f,g.?xm.- v.X. Rqfmaaxx ,515-wMmfwmwmmmmmmwmmmmNmwwww,R--NM--wr OUR BOYS "Our Boys," a comedy written by Henry Byron, was first performed at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, on January 16th, 1875, and had a continuous run of over 1500 nights. TIME-The Present. FIRST ACT-lXdiddlewiek's house. SECOND ACT-Sir Geoffrey's residence. THIRD ACT-A London lodging house. CAST SIR GEOFFREY CHANIPNEYS Ca County Magnateb .... . TALBOT CHAMPNEYS this sonj ................. .... PERKYN MIDDLEWICK CA Retired Buttermanj .... CHARLES NIIDDLEWICK QHis Sonj ............ KEMPSTER CSir Gr-:offrey's lwan Servantj ..... VIOLET MELROSE CHer Poor Cousinj .......... CLARISSA CHAMPNEYS CSir Geoffrey's Sisterl .... POLLY fMidd1ewick's Maidj ................. BELINDA CA Lodging House Slavej .......................... .... . . .Ralph Light .Owen Chenoweth . . .Bryan Stewart . .Charles Leader . . . . .Ellis Scholl . . . .Enid Carson . . .Irene Roberts . . .Ethel Hoover . . Edith Chalfant Presented by the Public Speaking Department April 13, 1923, under the direction of Fred Elmer llflarshall. is 7 AL., Y Page Seventy-eiglit f-'- K nv-fi 1 T1 M .V N -1' x n . s 1 - Newly-V fy:--,.,,,1w2a:::g:g'mn.pmzi.nran.a..AlA1'-lmu.v:.:.A ,-.f W. ,- ff . x, ,. - 1 . . . fvA'2:'i--K' '-rg. rad G 51 Q ,,w..,,..x-AX' Q.xrN.,,.v ,X ,-px-Jw-:www-rf-xmzwvwmuv W-.---vm ww. vm-fm 2- nl- il fl ' 3 X,'f'X?.1:?f"x' ' DEBATE S , Cx! Page SC'i'l?I1fj'-111-116' x .,,-- f'7""i'Z1::5el.X A M my mwmmmmmm.-A ew. W...-r,:...,W Q Y symkcuw w- xxwywr " " " r. A :. y, . we .K X 1l: 1:e:.:5Q 9. V X4 X X I .- wife em wi Qiwkmmw 1: Ai . -Mi x . e X X we rm .wwffwwmwvwwwwww W1 W -W 'K , Fr l . ,eg .,,..,,..,.,. X5 'HSS AFFIRMATIVE Blcliinley E. Reed Leslie Roberts Edith Chzilfant Albert F. Byrne NEGATIVE George H. Fisher Martin I. Webber Paul Chalfant Daniel D. Corl S,ip..f N M... ,,,,. W H, ,.,,. , ..,, , ,... ,. ..,, ,.,.. - .... - ...... - .... i rr e ,,,,,,.,,,. ,,,, A eee,,e ,er ,L,, m,,,,W-MMWLMWM Y W- ,X X w we me-.. ww --Q S? V 12, L: Nfkzmff Page Eighty is W .iam Q Wig f -X 'Y 11 N ivwe-mmxe-w,wmms:mmnt-.sam,.A, . if Y' 1 . -q :ff ,. vw I as rr' - 4 - .. . 1 .A I mug .EWS ,R 0 i ,A .gmt A 5 ,K a ,. . I ,V . tl Q ,A X- 1 Q 7 . 5 -x.,...,a . ,!.N,,,.,.i',.. . ,F , .,.w,,,,, Q ., .. . .. .. ww. A me . . I .,., .A .. -va .a U . - uv z XX H 1:3--mwiw ,A ,xr g Maxx Av, 'X W .... .-,. . .a.,.-.-yw:.,,,,.,...,.. h .. v- serif--f' X THE DEBATE SEASON '23 An intercollegiate activity which arouses keen interest and which enjoys the loyal support of every student is the participation of our college in the Indiana Debating League. Interest in such a scholarly and dignified pursuit as the intercollegiate dis- cussions bespeaks the proper atmosphere and attitude of a Liberal Arts College. Besides being a benefit to the individual debaters, public discussions are educative. I. C. C. ranks near the top among the fifteen colleges of Indiana which belong to the League. This year the afiirmative team was more or less handicapped. Because of illness, Ivliles Leach was compelled to relinquish his position on the team, and in the second series of debates Albert F. Byrne replaced Leslie Roberts because of the latter's ineligibility due to his withdrawal from school. The afhrmative team met the North Nlanchester team here IVIarch 2nd and lost by a decision of 3-O. Cn llarch I6 this team was again defeated 2-1 by the State Normal team at Terre Haute. Our negative team met the Goshen College team at Goshen INIarch 2nd and the Valparaiso Uni- versity team at I. cg C. lylarch 16, winning both debates by a unanimous decision of the judges. r Lfflzas.-f .X Y Xtagx f -. ,S yi ...,...................,...,.,.... .,,. js- f A ei, .Q -.Y- at .mmf . . 4, 1923. .. . gg' ty A -A Lqxigv .. ., . H .swanvmmmmms-awe-vmwnwwwa-wrwf.fwvt,.vwa g 5 Qxfssfgi,-' - Page Eighty one www- wx K, -, ., Y. N , X W M,XW,m,A,mNWWmx, ..XM,.WxW ,N,.,.x...,.,..k,NWN.X,,.W,xMW.M...W.w.wm f ' X 5-ww-X-NWN wmwwwmxmwm X 3 QNX ws vw W5 my :Y-Q .wk .wg Mi My wx ' - Xm :X w ww Sw m gm x -A X X Ylkfsm-QKXN-5wxxwwwwf-xi5F:: AWQwmmvmm:MwmX-isN-Qsmw Mwfwmmqww Q My X X Q xx WNNXKN NWN: mwwmwfmwws, Nmwm. M ,W W- W mm X W C 5 , 4 I X E F FIM GlL'Z,6l"L'LJlT7 - ,,,., A ,,., - .M .,,,, . ,,,,A ,W ifiz, "": , SM W? N F SN W Sm' N ws sw ww wmv' wx wi is - f ming ig.. --'M v""" ""' ' H ""'f""' f:::... ,,v... -V-vi" PM N aka-121LLfJf Pagc Eighty-two L 1 wp-X-1 'zxhzxm "Q'Q!Q,'.:lQS"ZI.1'5."'AQK ,MQ, 3N:fI7,EmfX, ' ' 1 1 X' 'vw-1-iw-r-Qm-www rw-wwf-wmfh -W. .. x . X ,. ., , V W I, T, ,, X TA mc: f:-gy Xen' wwf :jaw ff-an x,, Y Q X X ":'n'3 :',:"' A-my zFQ.,,x:'xn 1:4 rs . v- k 4, . -1--fm-,afm..q-xwf ACADE gi ' ' ,,, 7- ' D 1 's 3 .., x., Q, Page Eiglxty-tlzree vgfxrgl. x, :,1g?X4Ux, , a:.Y-'- - fzezzfegrne-.-..fa:mm.f....,,,Q.e:.2.ef. xx,, .V 1:ff.a..aa .... a:::,.12:::::f:s..::ea::g. R . Q, , nf. 1,,wmw.:,.:sw, W . . . 1 as ,- .tv , . . , Wg FRE k . ., mrwstwsy. 'mists 5:w.:.aQ.a3,, N-mgsmmQwwN.gwssv5gsgsgXxx QU .IEW . is a sf. is A Q. Q ass, N Q N mwrtatamasmasawmmt..Mt.,-a..,t.,,.W.s.aWWaWsaaWMX ,,,-mc.,.,s .s,s.Wm,a,.-..aWm.W.m,..,ac,..w.,,....,W.,,.,. ., ass, e - ' -K .V-,.-eras. ..... .ff -ts f OUR PLACE The position of the Academy has been very peculiar. Time was when the Academy basket-ball team could beat the college. The Academy used to be almost as large as the college, and occupied one half of the chapel auditorium. ln the last three years, however, it has paled before the growing splendor of the college. Nevertheless, the Academy is still very important. It still furnishes twenty-two per cent of the student body. It provides a place for young people of the community and for those from the constituency, who desire a Christian education, which they cannot easily find elsewhere. It forwards to the college some of its best students. It provides the backbone of each freshman class. ln short it is the genesis of Indiana Central. Unless one is especially communicative and forward, it takes some time to become accustomed to college ways, even in a friendly, cordial atmosphere. The Academy annually sends a group of completely initiated students into the college department. This stabilizing force cannot be overestimated. It works both directly and indirectly. It insures the fact that the new students will not be a frightened, timid, wobbly group. They will reap assurance and poise from the Academy graduates. VVe are proud that we can make this statement. The college realizes our impor- tance and respects us. There is no ridicule and sarcasm slung at us. iX'Iost of the college students who have graduated from the Academy, have ascended the ladder with a calm calculating view of education, and they are not above recollecting their own Academy days with happiness. The college treats it almost as an equal. One word more. Since the college has grown so rapidly, we have been forced to assume a little more independence. VVe are no longer absolutely essential to the life of the institution, therefore, we are no longer absolutely subordinate to its interests. The Senior class has taken hold of this new spirit and has undertaken a new policy of progressiveness. lrlrs. Rl. J. Swindler, the Principal. has promoted this feeling by holding monthly meetings and by working with the Academy as a unit. VVe are beginning to realize that vve have potentialitiesg that we are capable of doing things. Although still a part of the college, and enthusiastically supporting it, we have dis- covered ourselves and are determined to develop this new field. LYNN TURNER. .Aga -ff1fr.s:l',f t ... .2 is 2 as gg ,360 WM: k-31,1 if- 13.7.1 gf. ,,,... .,... va..- ..:.. :..e:am:aa...rwi:4: ::' Ezcgczcqzmlii 'VII rrf 222211222 ---- - vf--111 I r'2fH"rSs""-1t'e'e+"2'-'t"Ns'N"N . Page Eighty-fam' N5 .. .- r ,nqvwummmwnmmmmmwwvmm ..I..N-m.W....,I.... W ., ...N . .m.E.f,...N.rm.,, ,- V R .M I Q ,, R R , Q: wg? wg :RQ wg :sq 'mx mg whit h .1 ,wi .. -, 1 I mwmW,mm,,m,,m,.,-,IM ,-..x. A - Qr... - ,,.,, . . I, Y. is N X ACADEMY IVIINNIE J. SWINDLER. .. GEORGE H. FISHER. . . HARRY MATHIAS .. CURTIS SWVARENS .. HELEN ROBERTS . ...... . EARL W. STONEBURNER. .. EDITH MCCOY ....... ALBERT F. BYRNE. . . GUY BUSHONG .. BERTHA PALMER SAMUEL E. LONG, D.D. ...... . MARGED EDITH JONES, B.Mus.. JOHN W. GEORGE............ :4i.,..1 FACULTY . . .Prinfipal . . .Latin . . .jl'1HfhFlI1llfiL'5 and Latin . .illailzelzzalics ana' History . . .fllathenzatics . . . Physics . . .English . . .History . . .History and Civics . . .Botany . ..Bil2Ie .. ...Music . . . . Physical Education N.:-11.11 ...,, I .... g new A A MR Page Eighty-f' A .f f .Cs-Q N " X mwmwmwmwwwwmmxx-AN,mwmXmmwN.Ww..WN-wwwww.-ww-wmvAMW.-mmwwmwe5 km 4, X x, , ,M Egwffwwfwmwmwfwxf.maffgffwxximxxxfmxmmgmxxxefxxxmmxfwmxxwfwrwmg w. mm.. -, w , ww N W W W N W W ,W W wig f--5 yr Sag , SN SN QW- ye - .- ii 'N3lwmRmx QxMmmMkwamsmmmwwkwsmmwNmmmg: ,p 25 Q .. 1 x X ,f,5QkffmWmmmmxsmx-9. in xgllg wmxwm,N,mWw,,,WM,mmWW.Mv,wm.N,.X,NN..f,,WW.Ww-WWWWN :X km' , ,W-N-X W..w-MQ-wmwwmwwnf Q .Y-MM-.w-N.,MN -3 mf pw- ,Av , ,N F ,.. , ,,,,,,,,.m,,,,,,:,..,g, ....,. - ,... ,VRQQQ W Nm,mmmWMm..WMmWm ,ii Q ' N .:,,:::,, K P fwfvgw ...,, L .... ,, X7 :EL Q:1Q5M,,,,- , Page Eigl1ty-six Y -L Y, -V,-:fm , Weffe, 'L wef-f..-.... f . ,,,,vvYV,.--- YY 't L f L A-:vspffA.,,ge,e..::::-:iw.e:..-:Q-:H:fmwamatarfsxi if iymm-WVmf-T.Ntwmvm1wfAWmWX,wf V. .. SEN IORS JASPER C. STADLER-President. LYNN TURNER-Secretary. JULIO SAULO-Vice-President. ELLIS SCHOLL-Treasurer. Class Colors Blue and Gold Herbert G. Oldham lVIary Catherine Rdarshall Lester Wood Dick Lenore Gilliatt Lynn Turner Jasper C. Stadler Ellis Scholl Julio Saulo J UN IORS RAYMONlD HARVEY-President. PAULINE SHARP-Secretary. GEORGE F1scHER-Vice-President. KARL PARSONS-TYCHSUTCT. Class Color Purple and Gold Class Flower Violet Class lVIotto "Aspire, achieve." Lucille Hoffman Karl Parsons Pauline Sharpe Raymond Harvey Ivan Holloway Esco Ackman George W. Fischer Clarence E. Guthrie Olive Roberts EL Qog5bQ,,f5fyx.a Page Eighty-seven frm-Q Wwmww-.M-M X, X . wg N :sq Q, x M .... V -. 1 ff pqnsonf Lfewellen VM7l1bm5 !'2uIZh ,Jones Zimmer-1' -1 Xffolbvvan Cramer Borcher MWQ05 X7 erj Hmfisfler Wefjger . , A 7 iv. f S Nei: ' Nl? 'Q sv WS. as ffahle Langdon Ereneman wflhklmfs Long Brown .5'!ra0!rfnan Mflznmj 0550016 L, L,19v!f Huffman C.Lf13'fH Panionj 7f10mp5on F?0ber73 Jbnei Lfinsow f st X .ggxmzcmg MW M.. M ,.M...tWw. x.,,tm.,w..,.,,,.X..,,.. 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SHOOKMAN-VlCE- Class Flower Class Color Lois Holiman Florence Cramer Irene Borchers Florence Hilligos Hazel Myers Lucile Hostetler Jeanette Wenger FRESHMEN ESTHER PARSONS-Secretary. President. ELVA HUFFBTAN-TICHSUYCF. American Beauty Rose American Beauty and Pylzite Class Motto Striving to succeed Ralph Kahle Lloyd Link Raymond Langdon Elva Huffman Raymond Breneman Charles Link Chester Nichols Esther Parsons Caddy Brown Clair Le Von Thompson G. E. Shookman Taylor Roberts VVilliam Williams Alta Jones John H. 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' - 1 uv' -'F,1f, , ,' x- , .wg ,Q I ,l- ' ,I, .4 1' 4 - ' 21", MII' .1 '-1, 51' , 1-H121 ' " ? , ,' f V Z, .,,A 1.-' .4 ', 1-- .- .'j1i.ffL, ,, ,1.m.I'V,lm,w4 X ' .f'f,,.7a H L Q., ,, .lj ,vw N ,- . u . ,, .f . , .-,x -' ., 4' .V , ,., a , , , .-In ,x,f3f?ffNx, X, ibm X M4 M- Hmm, x . , .,- ww .,..... M.-- Y -,,, -W -gyms.,-afmssmmwfmaus.. , , . ,.,..w.A . 6 - - A - M5,,t,f,rm-S-v.w5r:.'g5wrxfisms , , V "EHt'fQig'f..l5m.s,.tsa..s,,.,m - f . f V . wmm,y-mv.x-sNM-1- M vx-. ww ft--ss:.+v-v--.wwwfw -www' BASKET BALL JOHN XV. GEORGE Coach Last September Indiana Central made a very valuable addition to her faculty in the person of one "Johnny" VV. George, whom our own Otter- bein College claims as one of her loyal sons. For his prowess on the athletic field his Alma lllater awarded him letters in baseball, football, basketball and track. As Physical Director and Coach of Athletics, he has demonstrated to the satisfaction of even the most critical, his ability to develop a win- ning team and to gain the confidence and love of Ross H. B1sHoP llfanzzger lVIuch credit is due to Ross' competency as man- ager and for the success of this years basket ball season. We like Ross' efficient but modest method of handling the athletic finance. Through thick and thin Ross was right there to encourage and the student body and faculty "Yea, George! VVe're all for xou' boost the team. . , ...QQN .Z '-M-153 R X ' Q at-znm.wMe.msamva-.v-mg-A-M wt vw... at--fl-.ti-f -as E ...... .... it Ri fa 'R www me me we as we we X iff? .. . 1M ,.,,,.,:- ef:--e: W '-a...::e1..,. , ..... 'rf W ,..5,mwg- 1, YIQ, f " 3: 11mWmm-,wmwmmff:wfmm:::-mmww sw-ww-ftsvwmm1-.1 :MM M, -t W QQ fL:'ff-sf Page Om: Hundred Fxzc , "bffFQQZ"" ""?Qfk x 'QSK , s mmawmWwammxtMwrNNNMW.,Mums.aaumtmgattoxurvat-gg5 s r N s 4 . yy . K - 1. .cw ssh- imqxwmxvxxxx fx, g?,Q.E..v.E ,F ,X mx mm Qwwyssw vs rgxggmsss ass. masaasaa Yam? Ma aa k,"g3g"' W ,,,,,,r.,,,,,,e,,,,,c,,,,,x,,m,,,,,,,m,,,,,w,,,M,..t.atat..,WmmwtsmmmwWWsweX ,,,NeW,,1 ,N 4gawwI-mwmwsswsswwsms-Nwwmsmmsmwmmmsm,as,s as f --. , ss K Xu' K x--,V---Qs-a., ..... -I 9 X. . ATHLETIC POLICY This year marks a new era in the life of Indiana Central College and one phase of that new era is the development of her athletic policy. The real purpose of physical education is to develop the body. This can be done by strictly mechanical exercises, but the same end may be secured in a far different and more enjoyable Way through the proper use of athletics. It is our policy to have intra-mural and intercollegiate competition in games, thereby developing the men and women who must be the leaders of America and of the world. It has been said that "Old age starts When interest in one's physical exercises ceases." VVe endeavor not only to give those games and exercises which will keep the body in good physical condition but those which will give to the individual alertness, courage, perseverance and a sense of Fair Play which will stick throughout life. Qn the other hand, We do not believe in the "Win at Any Pricel, policy, nor do we encourage or promote proselyte recruiting, betting, the spirit of commercialism and other influences which tend to substitute for such character building qualities as loy- alty, self-sacrifice and devotion. JOHN W. GEORGE, Director of Physical Edumtion. vw if 'Q ' qv.. .,,. I ,W ,ms ,,., rvr. 2137 , 5- . . .-. , ,,,. . .,.. Wx ...,, .. .... xii..-tasaaatwtytma fs as si ss ss as 's -iw Sf? 2,31 seswe ss K:--Z"'lfg gjgfjff-:,f--argl nf- V K ,wil ,.,, ,Y,,,,. Q IQQQ , :gin ,,,,ss,,,. gsgg., ,... ., ,s fjt.:,.:..1: ..:... ::.' .... 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"Eddie" Pence, "Bob" Ragains, "Mac" lIcNeeley and "Bob" Hardv for their untirin efforts to make the team a u 1 ' u g 4 . 1 I wmner. YVhenever an opportunity was given they showed their ability and gave their last ounce of energy. -in L ..,4:f- -- --iw, ...Y .a..,.,.,. . . . ...smm ,.-,M --:IgM--1-sv-my-,.' 4- . Ea 4 '1 iff 'rn .Tw M. ,W -M -- ,. ,... -.. ,H , .. .L Y M, W MA -,Y-fg fm ws, .5 X W 'f V 5 , V . 2,--1 NN .g,- 11- W -. ,. ' w -W' q ma.. N E , ,w',e,,..- ,, ,. ,. s ,,,.,,,,,W.,K,2..L...,.,.....,,. .,., ali L... WA. ,W 'ttf 2 ' ' X wfwvvwe-wfwmmw.-wxrrmv:'nQ--me-:vwwwwmy-wwf Y H 4- , , ,mix t Page Om' Hundred' Seven Q s Gracie "." 1 Q"' :fs Q..', 'ze 'Q"i "'b", ."' vwww , , W, ,, , ,gg "" ,L ..,,. V -V V -::......::. l RALPH LIGHT-Center-Freshman He is always on the jump and makes his opponent "step" to keep up. His quick eye and steady muscle have begun and ended many nice plays for Central. HOMER ROBERTS-Right Forward-Freshman Roberts is willing to learn and heucan apply his knowledge. He is a combination of good nature and quick action, and is an artist at foul shooting. HARRY GOOD-Bdfk Guard-Sophomore He always plays a steady game and never becomes excited. He knows what to do and does it. It's a pleasure to see him take the ball off the opponent's backstop and go down the floor with it. Harry acted as captain this year and was unanimously elected to the same position for '23-'24-. V s ssstsss as sssss VVVV iiV V................ Y x9'Gt'-raw! Page One Hundred Eight ffxl-FN 4..- . . Xfsfsf' RODMAN PRUITT-Right Foru'ard-Freshman "Windy" is an adept at short shots under the basket. Given half a chance he is sure to score a goal. EDGAR BRIGHTlL6ff Forward-Fre.s'hman "Eddie" is a veritable whirlwind on the floor, always bobbing up where he is least expected. His lightning passes and accurate shooting place him in a class by himself. It takes two guards to hold him. RAYMOND STUMP-Floor G uard-F reshman A stump is usually stationary but our Stump is always in motion. He is right there to put an end to the opponent's play. He is a very valuable asset to any team seeking a victory. REX WOODIN-C6flier'-F7'E5h7lll171 Rex came to us late in the season from Carthage College, Illinois. He is a cool, level-headed player and can be depended on for several counters in every game. His future in basket ball circles appears bright. '27 , W-. r 51923 ,Ln u , U' . A . . Page One Hundred Nine 54 ff V 'Ni EFX :sees1.1:--2.--:1---1--ef.,5E 9. Ni 5 1, ag, V 5tmmszvssswmwwmmsmsmwwmswmwswmmsmmmsmwmmm .. . t . X Q. . FN Xwmwwwmw xvwx- + - f - Us W N5 TQ Q 2 si W 51 X mwmwvwwsmwswmwmmwmmwswmsswwswwewwwwwmxwwwsw---- -- -sw--1 ix git-X ,asv ww A--s---vssswssmswwrssssw-w.a-v--Mswmssmwwsswws.-M t. ...,,.t.,.s - M ,, .t X BASKET BALL VVhen Coach George arrived last fall most of the college teams had already com- pleted their schedule of games for the season. However, we succeeded in booking tilts with several teams which showed speed and class. Our boys shoved off at the begin- ning of the season with determination to win. With but one varsity veteran on the squad it was evident that the machine must be built from the ground up. The season opened at home November 25, with Fairbanks-lXfIorse as our opponents. This game revealed the fact that our men had the "stuff," Our visitors held the sack to the tune of 30-18. Bright and Light scored high. The next game was also at home with the fast Huntington College quintet. After 'holding the "guests'l to a 6-7 score in the first half, our defense crumbled and Hunt- ington went home with our scalp, 32-10. December 16, we met Central Normal here. Our men showed up well on offense as well as on defense. This was one of the fastest games of the season. The score at the final gun stood 35-28 in our favor. Our next game resulted in a defeat at the hands of the Capital City Five. The score was 12-15. Although our tossers outplayed the city bunch we failed to hit the basket when we had the ball. We were gaining when the game closed. "Joe" Cum- mins was injured in this game and was unable to play during -the remainder of the season. Immediately after the holidays we went to the Indiana State School for the Deaf and succeeded in making our first road game a victory. The second road game was lost to North lVIanchester. Our men were handicapped by the smallness of the floor as compared with our own. The final score was 38-20. In a fast game at Central Normal, the Cardinal and Gray succumbed to the Nor- malites in an overtime period. Every man on our team played nobly and the fans who accompanied the boys were justly proud of their team. Our lads forced the Pharmacists to "take their own medicine" on our court. The bitter pill was in a 17-8 capsule with Indiana Central in the majority. The American Gymnastic Union came to our "city" February 10, bent on taking away an easy victory. This was by far the best game ever witnessed in our home gym. The interest ran high and the spectators went wild. Not until the final gun could the victors be picked. The A. G. U. won by a margin of two points. The Indiana State School for the Deaf sent its quintet here for a return game and was defeated by a score of 24-8. Central met the College of Pharmacy Five at the South Side Turner Hall and administered another "pill" which left a bad taste. Prescription 49-10. On February 24, we met the A. G. U. at the Athenaeum and lost 25-29. Although this was the final game of the season our men showed no sign of weakening and were still fighting when the curtain fell. ,: V - , ' I-:rg-,Q -z C tettt C . gg Hyyyz. yy.. , . .ty ..... tfgv X .,., ,- ,.,.,.. -s msgs, ES 2 5322 ss its 5 .V 744121. : .:.:1z.-....,.::..:.... .... . ":.g...,.....i:::::. .1..:'::,,,.....:a:.,sL- iihgssisaixxfxnjs -,gs-::e::. ..:Q.a.. ...., zz..z-.w......2.,........a.aW......,......,...............,....,.,..,.wwwv.w-N.-at .. , N, Page Ona Himdred Ten - ,..,,f.., ...., V J, N.-., .m.r.x:,:,a...-W,,.:..TAMil,-f-Q41 5 . x K . X, wg ag: my mg qi:-5,5 ,- ,L..,.,.,r.,.....a,,.w.-.W-W-fa.-WW,-aww.,,M X--W -waww-,W---f M FRESHMEN GIRLS-BASKET BALL Nlabel Heckaman .. Center Dick Gilliat . .... Guard Iona Heironimus .. Guard Esta lNICDon:1ld .. Forward Beulah Smiley ..... Center Hildrcd NIcDonald .. Forward S 2 , Pays Ona' Hundred Eluzwz ' .. --11?--TFY X -. N A My W -my-mmwxwxkwww,M-Mm -.Wwwmwmmwm.-Nav.,mwwmwK x 2 -::,m:::wfw:m:wmvw4N:N5Q x m.:1n::, ww w. NN wwqw NN 'NX NXMXS K . . ,, . ,. , .x . .:,, Aw Q-X :X -. .wx Sm Nw , . f 'Mhz ,mix wi -fx , . -nf ss: xv x V X fy S K ,,.E.Wl:.wN :W NN-Q N W .5 A N X N S .W N, C Q 5 A X ,A r' xt 5 x. ,N XXX xwgg.,NM,-,m.mMX,Q,:mm,W,wNYMM Kwik, X Y.: -Wm-,Sxwfww-mqWm.ww. Q WMM N.-mxwqww Q,,Nwmw,N,M, HNMXMNXN. V- -, M-ws ..m,.v,,.,.:WW,,wxw1mmQWMNm,W Q,..,, XX WWxww-wxw:wwww-W-w.m-Q, 1 -fx, X -wx ww:-wwmwwfwx 1- Q- H-Nm W ,.N,N.W,W. I , Physical Culture Classes Rum Qi QE M N 1 QW..v,N,m,-mwmmwmmxwv..WNMWWWYWMM-MNWWMWNNN,my S. ' 1. . X ww ww :X mwmvi Ywwwwwwwww N Y '. N SNQAW. Q NA g QM xx vm A . 5, X ,xv Ng N ,ummuw.:QMANXMMKWQXKQQQWQWQQXQWWN..,Wfffm.Qg,.i.wWnw,f,4a::.+-mwmxwmfmg 'Q " h I 1 J-11FAwwwwmmwmwmwmwmehwmmmxwmvmwwmmxwvmwwmmw-1- --YNNNN " 1, Q'-xx.-X....f'f Paglf One Hundred T1wI1'c' ORGANIZATIONS X fffi w' I! v 4 I 5 A SX W ' 52 f ,, f x 2 f A if- fi i'f'i ' m.,.x,,. ,. N.: M .-,I , fp , .A,, x .,., 1 31- - , 'M u -. Tv ,. -U., -I -- vf ,.,.., ,.,. .. K1. .. M.. - x.. . "-' -'iw ., -1 I ,. ,, 1, 1 ,VM U,- e..,I', r Q 1 'N-4,' 'flu 'L-jk Q ... ,.v.H ,A ,, . V .:, .3 -. 731- ,- .. -,4 . "KX- 57. v Nfb' 3 1 , - 1- ,XA 3"'--- ,, ,zen f- ff, H-, - "7,-.gig 1, ,- , y- '.:.,Ng,1 f -.1 51' '-f f Afxmlvjfi. 1.1 I .444 '1 .Xu , '3.v,,.X . V5 ,, 1 -.v.,,,, ' iz? if QS . .,1. 4. -. r j' .,-Af. ,. '+.,Jf1'? -. ,n""'f r Ck! ri. Q, X ,N . ,. -M-,Q-,..dmM ,W-:,.,,,t,, 5 .Q , my X K ,3 ' 1 gm: ga: an fx- av: 1" vw -ru gm rv: Qu, Q i Q, W. milf' Rv www!--1.-ff:-saws.-me-1: w..n..,v--V - 1 . IJTERARY RELIGIO US ALUMNAL AQ- 1 , 1 Page One Hundred Tlliffeen ,4"'x fkfgmx . ,X U' W. w-mmm,ww.,,.mMW.M, ,,m.wWm,.m..,......mmmx.,m. . N gag- ww W W W ff" if ' ws ff - Q W x 'N M Q J -fun f 3 ii H ' Q X 5 f if rf ww W fw-wr-iw: If: 'Q fL'T:-11-fInm1 mAwmmxfxE Q ' ? ' w ivy: 1 .. K , ,1 um, 4, , gm:-zz. 1. 1-'..fvwfmmwff-www .ywwm X . ,Q 'mx ,,., 1" X Je-fx-an-va.www:-:wzxmmgmuw-:w:.mwmwmmmvxmwm-Wmfvmmlwzmmmrm Y x , .x... . Y. X Q Y .A I , ' C ' H. 3? ' Y :I" A, ' " g, '11 f ' ' W ,gsfsg 'G fffjzikifiii Q ik 5? 'H' , 1-55 .iw 'A gg ,, . ,gi 1 , fi P- 1 ' W, , , f, ., ' a'f:1.s. -1 In ' ' " s l , ' I I K : H ' K . :ax ' fu , . Ebb. ' Q, in ,Q F , H- , A .3 x :gsigf .-9 ' 'f' x ww . mmf Mm .-:,5:.-aw '- - , , - , ' 1 AX 2 in ,,,g.,,l H , A , 3 K me , 1 s. . V ,... -' -. .. ,. f ' H . M 'K " b A' A , 1 H Q. g , X X S, .,. - , V n in -,, MS,-,..v nf Fi W' ' 'gf . M, M 2 1 " uf . ' A --, H f , K ' ' , . x .. ' ' , - E W -vm rr ww ,QM ,A ,Ps-Elpfflwqgfg ' n . W , JA S-, A .T. f.. Q' Mmnvf' 'W ""' V' "" ' U N 22, ' fig ., . .. E' .EQ 'Af fs: "gf ' , if t ' 31" 'ff fi! g 111 , . -X 2. , .. .,... . TQ . i r V 7 Y W 7 , WY wir :wan 'ix Ivmxs' kr WHY 4 ,, Page One Hundred Fourteen i Giirqb,-4'i5ibQf f we my , , -,,J' a 315,13 s gmmw wmwe1unasf,::+wfW.1s.fs' - ,,---Z: ,771 fr-fm':f,s.N-.i,k7fj.Qf:SgQ,QLfr :xx FAH' "Z"' K2"'ff?f+'h1z-1."frrY'!X'K"':+'f!::"1r' ':':--"X .70 "- PHILALETH EA llflotto Exrelsior Colors Purple and Gold Flower Purple l'iolet O noble Philalethea! Be thine the greater praise Than all the wealth of learning, throughout our college zlaysg Be it thy pride to strengthen the wonzanhoozl of all Wiho rome within thy portals and answer to thy fall. In the year 1907, April 17, the great need of all college girls for a special training along a literary line, including poise and self-control, and the Fundamentals of Par- liamentary Law, was realized. Philalethea fills this need in every respect. The members use their best efforts and talents in bringing before the Society their productions in the way of discussions, debates, bits of humor and quite a variety of other subjects. The value of extemporaneous speaking cannot be estimated: it stimu- lates clear thinking and alertness on the part of every member. In each session, rigid rules of form are observed. This affords excellent practice in forming habits of exactness along different lines,-it may be exactness in a literary production, it may be in a mathematical problem, it may be in the mastering of a scientific principle or it may be in the choosing of a life vocation. With our motto "Excelsior" ever before us, the high ideals and standards set by the founders of our Society are embedded in our lives and are made a part of us. April 17th has been set aside as Anniversary Day to be observed each year. On this occasion we are again reminded of the noble work wrought by the Philaletheans before us, and we are made to feel that our motto "Excelsior'l is a worthy one. The work of Philalethea during the present year has been exceptionally good. Several members have been added to our roll and have tal-:en an active interest in every way. In the years that we have spent in Philalethea we have learned to love and cherish everything connected with our Society. In the latter years of our lives we shall remember thee, Philalethea, for Thou hast no common reeord, Grand memories on thee 5lllI1f',' Thy influence shall continue with all extent of time. 0 glorious Philalethea! Round thee in love we dra-zc',' Thine is the grace of eulture, the majesty of la-zu. Be self-control thy Sceptre, Efficiency thy tower, And on thy shining forehead, Lowe, Justice, Peace and Power. per fe-req. ew: , A 1 he wat, , gal923ts PG Page One Hundred Fifteen LQ WE E rr : "':" "': E r e' r L r I f i c I I px, f:r'.,,, "'7':rM -. 'N' , - NAP' 1 .- . .X saw mwNAAmwx5NwwwyxxQNxf wmv--mm.vm1wwwmQmwwMmmM1w-NGN-Az'I ,R '. K X -.-,iwmlm,-wmx.,mw.,,mmrmmgmk N K ,X W , ww , - M., -mn Q Q mi W -W ,, Q. 1,1 mf X -f A :mx RQ V A N, - ,, N. , .x ,Q . Q. M GQWXNN wk 5 X ., XXX X NWN 4- x b.1f,x.1., , NSAM-, Bsmwfb' mmwmwswxwfwmwz-mm-Nw:fww:ws-ws-ww N-MA-wm:.w1wwwv N "ww -- wwsgx -AWN A 1 . W -1 - ,-W.,WwNN,,, W ,M dmzwfmmk W 0 ' X. 'N-,S if - l.zjy,,1 L xi 5, N ,gg ' - 'Sf :g5:1s"4A 1 2 1-':'fX,g:: X , ,Q - . of Q 'X h if ' ml? ,jfi J'-51 xf 'B "ix QU f f-5 WQf5,,,' 1 ., ' ... X N L54 EL.: A fr- M x f.,,:.,s'-sg'-Q -,,-1-q,,-,,:- ,. , x. X z z y ,ax 5. ' . b bf :- ' " .' if :fi neg. . ' ' , A A , ...qw , .,., ,. H x""'x-. - ,, . . ' ' u - m . .il ' x - -'N :5-i5"ff'j' -13: :V-: ,X -qmm., -, x ' -2, Y' Q 1 .. ,u 9' , N- . . V. ' 3 ' . - . X . ' .. ga ft' ' Dv - , ' ' f. L f LW M . Jw- M, V, 4, , '. I Q., Q ' 'fi iff -X 1 2- :- ,..:if5::' . ' X E x- . N Vw, Mug? jf., . , 'Q H 1255,-.1 . , Q x 1 ii s L. - V A X W3 , . 5 - ' was gym! k . iww- . D-Wd, .. , ' 'MQ W X 'if-. . ' f 5 , , six - " six is - . - .. K X - x - . . J I R - J an . 1 ' fir x , ' , . ,, f . EI X ' u G-BLA Rabmxx V-as: Eihb llvn - ' ' -. ki .ff X . , w S- X I 3 Q S 0 3 . 'J' ' 1-1f4i"q .umm P,,,.wQ Le u. N 3 x QE 'fa-f"s .1 x - 3 0' ' C"-1'-f"' rvwbf-As P .Q...,.m,,,.v.W.,M, .,m..,,,m,,m,,, m.A. W 15 gmmmm mW,..AMm.m,mmW W 4. - v -N - .-M MX N, , W x X 1x,"i 3- Q- Hy. 1 : 31 W SSS . 4 X NN QS, QW W A Q. 'yr x Km X S ,wg W.,.M,MwQmWx..,...WW:W.wwm.Q.2my,..,mmumxwmmwwwwmigf -Q N P M' "' ja gmwmwmw-nmmmmmmwwwWm-mw.Ww-mm 'x .1 ' f51"f1.X ,Q A-1 r .. - XM-, ,M Pagr One H1ma're'd Si.1.'tQen , ,z"'M ,Q .V Q '19 ff -- 21.-4- , ---- MAL: ff 1' L :flak ",mmssfumf t,1.,mL V, ,,,,1,A, L :,,,,,gm Q , , , , . ,f , .- sm- . -, ,I W. N, ,., ,.,, ...N M. -1 1 Tix' I -an-frvaxx g It : .I wing K .,. V- 1 Nmgxswm, ,.,,..vNA sm- ' Y 2. . ,. .. X. I L- - .ir ,san.1,,sf-,as74..Qim'sQ',Kuuc. "7 X, .x THE PHILOMUSEAN LITERARY SOCIETY College life is often considered as being but a series of classroom procedures carried on between teacher and pupil. Real college life is more than that. The student who has had a taste of genuine college experience will readily agree that the associations with one's fellow students are a vital asset to his college training. These associations may assume different forms and may have varied purposes. One of these activities at Indiana Central College is the Philomusean Literary Society for men. This organi- zation, a chartered institution, was founded in nineteen sixteen with President I. Good as the guiding hand. From that time forward the society has progressed in a truly wonderful manner. The man graduating from the college with a Philomusean diploma accompanying him finds his experience and training in the society a vital and helpful contribution towards his success in meeting life's problems. . . that we as students for the mutual improvement of our deliberative faculties and a systematic method of transacting business . . ." is the expression of the purpose of the organization set forth in the preamble of the constitution. The regular sessions convene each lIonday evening at 6I30Q the Inaugural Sessions begin at seven o'clock. From the sounding of the first gavel to the close of the session all proceedings are carried on in a deliberative manner. Literary productions of a high type are given for the benefit of all concerned. Strict discipline is enforced and gentlemanly conduct is shown. The value of the training received in the Philomusean Literary Society cannot be overestimated. Illen who have gone out from her halls into various walks of life are loud in their praise of Philomusea for in large measure they owe their success in life to the training received within her sacred walls. Ross H. BISHOP. 5. 3 Page One Hundred Sezvlztcen We . -. . . J: - .......a. V -Y V ,Q V 41 , Y H- V: ,'.. ,f11. - ,.4.14:.:.,,.,...M...,.. ,,..,..1. ,,.::4::,...: Q. Q1 xr ' ,, -55 , -YffV-YY" ' ' 'w?-:1:.,Tg::: ..:' i1:::gi.:.:.....:..Q:sn1u 'miamw' 111 1 QMZMLTW-H 456:55 mfmm:.g.,...1.,a 21, ,,,f,1, Q -',, f awww 9 5 , 5, 1 Q25 NJ J T25 0 ' ' ,, 1 .2:'-r+:z222ai: 4 Sag - ew . -gf: " " ubhu 'SM t ,. , .,.. ,.,., , . .,, , , ,, g 'fs IG,-xwn ' v15,:5'3jEff3"f?E2QEg'g:'g!-gg "1'ehwef' ,. ina? ,335 ' ' af -' iF' "" 2 ' ' " 'Pg:::fpgzE5::155- X fwoouev' QL pax Y 5 Palme' f':' ..,, M A,,,, .,,A -, ,M , , M -W Q if-517 E92 HP Fff55E,FSf'SkS Qf,g'4.ml9g? ,, , LN, ,, .,,,, , , , -..,-... ..- ....,. , .,': .1 .... -..v ,. ..,,.... , ,. ,, -' f . ...fw- Page One Hundred Ez'ghtvcu , , , , K Cilte' ,fX,smsmwm..mmsaam,wme.ssamam Quan: 'um fi rn Q -e it Q. , , Y ,, '-1: .. f ..V..aam.Xf!11 ?r7kf at-M . Q- .W .mf Lenna E. Smock.. Ethel Hoover .. . . THE. ORACLE STAFF Editorial Harry R. ll-flathias .... .... Ruth Young .. . . . Bertha Spitler .... Nellie Knipe .... Justin E. Nlarshall .... ,.,. Ross H. Bishop. . . Geraldine Kirkham Henry J. Hunt. .. Arthur F. Vvilliams. . . . . . Bertha Palmer . . . Ercel Webber Adah Young .. . . Albert F. Byrne.. Julia lVlcFarland . Walter C. Bond.. George H. Fisher. Martin I. Webber .... . .. Guy Bushong .. . . fllanagerial Faculty A dvisors Editor-in-Chief Literary Editor Science Editor Historical Editor Art Editor Joke Editor Sport Editor Assistant Assistant Editor Literary Editor Assistant Science Editor .Assistant Historical Editor Assistant Art Editor Assistant Joke Editor Assistant Sport Editor Business llflanager Circulation lylanager Advertising lllanager Assistant Business lflanager .Assistant Circulation Nlanager Assistant Advertising llianager Sibyl Weaver, A.lVI., Chairman Lyle lVIichael, M.S. John W. George, A.B. 1, A Ligizixsf-gags-5 i Page One Hundred Nineteen 'Tig' 'L X Night , , .K ..,..,.,...,,..............,.w..,,...N.,.........,......,.,t.....t-....,,,.-.s...eWc.-.,......w..,,.,.m.w..m..' N x 212 S N X?amwsMmmsNwmmaase..e..sses.WWm,sWw,ssssNmse Q fa ses? wi-sw as--sw were MQ: SNSWW N ss? . ti Y. at s smwwswawqmwmms-..--my-mm .,....wm-M.X-Wm-Waves--wwmsg ,. -Meow ,X ,4, Y"'f't41::1z::-': ' ' "Q THE ORACLE '23 On October 5, the Senior and Junior classes met with President Good and decided that the Oracle should be published annually. The chief officers were elected from the Senior class and the assistant officers from the Junior class, who will become the chief officers the following year. Enthusiasm and interest in the publication was aroused among the students by the means of stunts planned by the members of the staff. A very interesting one per- formed during the chapel hour, was the pledge of allegiance made between Miss Indiana Central and lldr. Oracle. Josephine Albin and Paul Chalfant, representing the pledging parties, were accompanied by many attendants beautifully gowned. Nfartin VVebber, assisted by Alpha Emmert, performed the impressive ceremony. The growing nucleus of the Oracle needed financial aid. In order to meet this need, the staff planned different functions, whereby the students might enjoy them- selves and at the same time assist the Oracle. A pie supper was given in the gymna- sium on February 2, Mr. Byrne and Mr. Stoneburner acting as auctioneers. The affair proved to be a great success. Later the Oracle Shop became the center of attraction in the college hall. Here the students could ask for information concerning the Oracle and purchase candy to satisfy the sweet tooth and incidentally boost the Oracle finances. Also various entertainments were planned by the different classes, the Public Speaking Department, and the student body as a whole to aid in financing the Oracle. The students will always remember the good times which they have enjoyed in connection with the Oracle activities. It was interesting each day to watch the rise in percentage registered on the ther- mometers which the circulation managers invented and placed on the Walls of the chapel. The Oracle clock in the college hall registered each day the number of annuals sold. gtg., .,...:.., f. y , c ..., .... ,......... g c is -sauces E59 2 is i'??2sLss.ssrsi.s'.e.s. e sisis' we tum, W W, , , -W .E .... N., px., TN 1 N 5-2.5 ..... :e,.- :..::::a:4...:.:1 ..... .,. W-. ..........W...... 5 ...' if --:-1x,.-1 -N Pa IC Om' Hundred Tzt-Cnty a mNs..a. M .-.N ,aa-fa, . masse.-mmf QA -sk :sw N is :sy S..-is . . . em 'ww :lf wi-V fi' ' A . .. .Nwfffve-s-use-fe fff-w- fe - ' REFLECTOR STAFF Ross H. Bishop ..... Paul G. Snively.. .. Julia KIcEarland .. Rodman Pruitt .. . . . VV. Earl Stoneburner. .. Roy E. Davis ....... Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Associate Editor Sports Editor Business llanager Circulation illanager VVill P. lllorgan, Faculty Advisor THE REFLECTOR I 1 l 1 1 'll-Ii, Bish, what's this I hear about our new school paper, the-er-oh-what do you call it-the Mir1'or ?" The Editor looked puzzled, then laughed. "Oh, you mean our Reflector." "Sure, That's it. Tell me all about it." "The Refiector is owned and controlled by the student body and faculty. These have chosen the staff to represent and work for them, but not for an instant have the students lost their interest. Each is a reporter working directly for the publication by writing the assignments given or by reporting college news. It is also whispered in I. C. C. halls that a great part of the paper's success is due to Professor Morgan, the faculty advisor who offers encouragement and Commendation. fHurrah for VV. Morgan! Long may he encouragelj "The greatest aim of the paper is to inspire a stronger school spirit. Every student is proud of his Alma Mater and according to human "nater" likes to see the details of its success in print. They eagerly await its bi-monthly appearance and the alumni and friends also anticipate arrival. Those who are interested in journalism naturally find an interesting place for work that field. Perhaps this will act as a nucleus for an established and supervised department journalism. Here's nine hearty rah's for the Reflector. Long may she reflect the reflections I.C.C.! VIOLETTE MILLER. its in of of Page Om' Hundred Trvmrty-ozze ' x' - ' ' w-x mmvmmxvwsmiwwnw.xwmvmmmmmwm.mxmmmmwmwcm1m-maw A wa H . - V.-.----H if---Q..-. W was ...:::.::.:ms,- L eefqreastealtafei 'ee Q A s a. 1 , . . 1 ' W , . . s at -was fi JYMAQ ,gk Nmmmww ' Qwwgmwqkfgmexa mums X X it ri . s X. -' in Jijggiizh. 5i11',....ti "" 1...-.....,twWmmm,mtmm.m.,WWmmmaxx , w-se.,,,,o N Q.:.wmvrmtswmmmmmwmms-ewwmwsmwmmsmmmemsmmmm nada . .... -.. . .,... ..,.,...... MW... XY-yiiwhm-WL: . ,iv X., - ...,. .. ff Lg' -.,', ' .' PX Q W X 1:-g"' ' 4 fr'i'r::'F'E1'4,. ' .r:aS:kk1y2: 1-12-.. -s 5 ' 3 5' +- X X I ,ge Q 4 N? 1 A a. f 'SX Q , Nl. -.L X4 x as s we ,.:'-::1.:s:: .. '- x .ww Q' We Xk x , J' 'iii-.-:, 1" 'K . Q.:-zsfe ' is xggfsgege: W 'HB ' K Liz. ' H 3: ' +55 .-mg.. ' " 5215- I 1' ' A fp: 1 ' . ' ' " ',?5f'I:Q:2.Ii K" A sg 1 ' ' ' wig" api. . C. A. CABINET 1923 Y. M Graden YV. Regenos. George H. Fisher... Harry C. Good.. . . Martin I. VVebber.. David lllanley.. Clarence Guthrie .. Committee Clzairnzen Ross H. Bishop.. . . . . Albert F. Byrne. . . . . . Charles Leader .. Leslie Roberts .... Arthur F. Willianis.. Henry Hunt.. . . . Justin E. Marshall... Julio Saulo . ...... . Durward L. Eaton. . . .aqfiafl 1 gt N ' X f i Y .... .MV W.- .... .. - -- --- -V . Y www l President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pianist Chorister Devotional Nlembership Bible Study Campus Servi Boys' VVork Extension Employment Publicity Faculty Advisor CC ..,,,s,n .1 - N' .21 f f-' 1 ,rf 'X rl .. if: .... .1 HW -I-f W:-.11:.:..vw...1 X . . . ,........,,. 532 " " ' " ' 1. Page One Hundred Twenty-t'wa t ' ' Q5 f ' .Y Y. .-.. -L.-.a.,.va.v:,s1.wa1 .2-,, ,.,,,,a, fiat., i3.1923g. ss-rsgwffgsifms-asf W s so I --.Wtgf 1137? it - -- ....f?--Qa.s.a.......-:...2.....aa.a..mwsss-AXXXQ'--u., A Aswat-mia.,'-im-.smxmwmesfmf. tmw..-... .. .,. ' X f-s1b...,....i1i-- 3 f- Y. M. C. A. "A Y. Ill. C. rf. is at least one man 10110 is seelcizzg to assoeiate others 'with lzinzself in his ou-'zz residenre grouping, in or for personal ivorl' anzlprayer to the end that the entire mnzjrms may be jrezzrefully pene- tr red with the s irif a fl ideals o Jesus." - H P n f -DAD ILLLIOTT. The words of this great Y. ll'I. C. A. man have found fruitful ground in the asso- ciation of the men at Indiana Central. The men have banded together with a purpose far superior to that of many fraternal organizations. The letters Y. RI. C. A. stand for an association of Christian men, who are attempting to interest other young men in the work and so make the college a more desirable place for the young men of America. The HY" has found its place in the College as an organization to help the young men sustain a good moral and religious character. Gnce a week devotional meetings are conducted through which the young men have the privilege of listening to men of repute and knowledge on such subjects as "VVhat shall I do with my life ?" lX'Iany of the meetings are conducted in the form of discussions, in which the young men can compare problems and profit by each one's experience. Last fall Dr. VV. S. Hall of Wiscoiisin University visited the College under the auspices of the NYU and gave a series of addresses to the students through which they gained instruction and admonition on problems which vitally concern them. The spirit of the "Y" is not only felt in the devotional meeting, but throughout the school week, for the social functions are in large part carried on under the direc- tion of the "Y,s.l' The Y. lVI. C. A. attempts to engender into the young men of the institution the idea of a pure social life. Its influence is felt in all the activities of the college from the chapel service to the basket ball game. The "Y" has a place for missions in its thought and in its Financial budget. Last year it helped support a missionary in the Philippines. This year the Y. W. C. A. and Y. lVI. C. A. are forming a joint scholarship for foreign students who are planning to return to their native country and teach their own people. The religious atmosphere which prevails at the social functions and the devotional meetings impresses upon the young men the high ideals of Christian llflanhood. The value received from the HYH can be estimated in no pecuniary way, but only in the light of the task before the young men can they truthfully commend its work. GEORGE H. FISHER. - T. , .a . . -rvfmsv Page One Hundred Twenty three WV .X .N V- -.g1cV. x V mxmmmm-mmwmwwvmxm-www-w,.w,MW.-XX.. N mme.-.e.MMwW.NwNN, N: -..-V V1 w...w:max:,w,.m.m.. M .: .M ,BQ KEN .N wi as uw -N --N Xw. vuxxmzi mx Q xx x .ww me ,QQ ' X k " ' ' " A 5 . X 5 rf o -r 5 lv Q v X t 3 . 'U"1'W"Xi P-.Xvqwmwww-WV5XX'iNQV'ANk'KiYNKXv"XXW'kw Ek!NA 'rvX"5NC RIF. YC'XKIX,L2T3IEI' YTX " ' ' " ' "' X 'Wo F'-:IC-' 'P' 1 Fr, L X ' w' . w 4 Georgia Snyder . Lenna E. Smock. Violette Miller . Ruth Brane .... Gladys Michael . Agapita Obaldo Ercel VVebber .. Nlyrtle Banks . . Gertrude Hutton Ethel Hoover .. Y. W. C. A. CABINET 1923 . . .President . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . .Treasurer . . . Faculty Advisor . . ..... Undergraduate Representative Com nz iitee Chairmen . . . Devotional . . . Social Service . . . . . Social ...Bible Study .Q ..W..M...t....t..c.uW...-me,,.w.,,.,....,.M.f,..,..w..,,,,WM.W,,w,mM.v-..,M..v.M.-maj ,Yr N wx M -A ..,,ww..,.Mwm.w......c ... .- . AMX A m-u-3.Wm-rQ.-vc'-N,, .Q vs, Q- w " rsvw :wx m e 5 QQXWXQNQMaiKi?hwSm2Nm3imAMi2XXaQm3iwivme me1 L. Q "xi ,gl ,M 3 f 1 N ,N ' mme Awww-,mNmmww,g5- 3 HJ ' gc wx.W-rWWwwWM-xW-,T.f-w-mm-NWN-.W-fA,W.W.......m X' eu... ,ss Page One Hundred Tuuewzty-four k .. we fwfr-'z 4.-NN z... Y,,, ..-- , 1 3 f fy-mums:sttmwmswfx,w.:t.wmwwft:f-wf,mv:w-M, wsu-.N .. t V ,--- W ---,--' : .f .se fsazsrgc, . 1 :f-- -M--ua. Q s sf . f W W ,W 1 . , f V x : h 4 ,M ,F .., igfgw :N ,gif V Q 'rf LQ 1 at s S. I, V -W f Y . NM., 4 A--- fe- N its xx-,, -1- -- ft-wwf-F ,---' ww . - - Q .... '.. . . -'-' ::....., mrmeetsq., A vw-t.w-.IKSVGE lik Y. VV. C. A. The girl who has been a member of the Young Women's Christian Association of any college realizes sooner or later the significance of the motto, "I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly." John 10:10. The Y. VV. C. A. stands today as the interpreter of life to young women. It has adapted itself to the increasing complexity of present day living, and has undertaken a Wonderful program of work directed to help young women and girls to grow physi- cally, socially, intellectually and spiritually into the finest type of Womanhood. In common with other student organizations our own association has caught the spirit of this large program and has been endeavoring to meet the needs of each girl along these different lines. To meet the physical needs of the girls our organization has offered a series of rewards as an incentive to physical development. Long hikes every day, cold showers, eight hours of sleep, plenty of fresh air and drinking water, and certain requirements in games are among the many things practiced by the girls in order to secure these rewards. The organization tries by means of social gatherings and parties to help provide the social needs of the student life. "The Girls' Year Book" is being used this year as a guide to Bible study. Every Wednesdayf, devotional meetings are held. The Devotional Committee is careful in selecting the very best leaders to discuss topics which are practical to every college girl. We are especially favored in being situated near Indianapolis, for we are able to secure from the city Y. W. C. A. speakers and workers who are experienced along these lines. Last summer two girls from our association attended the Conference at Lake Geneva. The inspiration which they received there has been an invaluable aid in this year's work. In our budget system for this year provision has been made for the support of a foreign student in Indiana Central. Last year we contributed toward the support of Professor and lVIrs. A. D. Smith in the Philippine Islands. But in no way are the merits and worth of the association shown so effectively as by the work of the girls, both in the college and in the world, who are reflecting its spirit in schoolroom, home and community. H..-7x.fQ"11.:gQg,i' ' We . ' "ir ' I in ' ' uf., N .. . . . , , at A - N2 seam gg gg g 'E .,,,,,, ,L V. ,,,, .,,,. . , , W., Page One Hundred Twenty five Page One Hundred Twenty-.tix Y -,ap .,., .. A .-.-,:... -ff Gills? Xf...1..a-a1a...-...-...fraL. ei ......, 1-..-....M..aaWWa.t...,W. 5 ,ka,mkwwMmW,wmwm.aWmtww.msm.,mmWwWmWW LAKE GENEVA The fastest train on the lllonon route to Chicago pulled out of the Union Station on a beautiful morning. It flew through corn-fields and cities whose names have long since sunk into the shadowsg after the most pleasant five-hour ride I ever had, we arrived at the city of the "sounding smoke"-Chicago. For what am I so thankful? Is it Chicago's sights and sounds, the strange noises and hive-like hum of the wheels of civilization? 'No, Chicago scares me. The crowds, the brute-like might of the thing. Is it the lake with somnolent wrinkles on its calm and placid brow or is it the glory of physical nature, or the beauty of companionship and the friendship of common aims, common ideals? It is all of these and more. After a few hours of sound and smoke, we left Chicago on the North Western and arrived at VVilliams Bay at five o'clock in the afternoon, from which place a boat carried us to the Y. HI. C. A. camping ground. The tents nestled on the side of a hill that seemed to have its feet planted deep down in the very bosom of the lake while its top held the beautiful Yerkes Observatory, sweet, calm, and peaceful. In the center of the tents that slyly peeped through the thick summer foliage, was the Administration Building, on the dome of which were the Stars and Stripes Waving friendly greetings to the young men and women from the ends of the earth. I dare not dwell on the physical beauty of Lake Geneva. Soul-soothing as it is, there is still a more sacred and more divine beauty than this-the beauty of a common altar, a common center of attraction, the person of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Imagine my surprise, when the first morning as I was going through the woods to find a place away from the crowds where I could say my morning prayers, Cfor the morning devotion at the camp is as regular and necessary as the morning meal,j I discovered just a few feet apart, an American, an East Indian, a Japanese, a Chinese and a Korean all reverently pouring their hearts to the same God. This happened not once but every morning and I was inspired. Then there was the daily plunge in the lake, and the afternoon meetings on Inspiration Hill, when the great and good of America came to lift the veil from off our eyes and to show us the sin-scarred cities and the sin-cursed world. On this hill I saw the face of the Christ and saw the world as He saw it. No wonder that young men and women have gone from these heights to conquer the world. Young men and Women of Indiana Central, by all means see Lake Geneva! DAVID J. IVIANLEY. .. P' '2?:LI::Q.: All glr92st ceeeee hvigrrrzxxv JN Om . , .m f,.,M,,,m, f1:1:s fg1'mg3w 0555319 m S 1 was . Page One Hundred Twenty-seven I XM aw Newt W,wwm W t .Q.,A., A x.,AxY, xX.A,X,XXx,A.,.XN at ..,. . x.XX,.,xX t ..xXX nxx, . , xK.x.. M- Nh.,xxXX,, . m - K is XM A MwNswwktmM-sawtweak-stNmw:ws-mxwkv-use-asses .. t s MN. N-New w-N..w.m.XWsm-s:.wswwww s X -M. se WA, .-M.a,t,.N.WWM. , ,m,.tX,Naaw,N.wa..t.-Ww.,,.wW-Www.- .. X - . - amiwWwMk.a.., .A ...tu s-NWN. HUNT YORK HARDY DUNBAR HUFFMAN ELLIb Hl'TTUN PALMER Gertrude Hutton Henry ll. Hunt.. Daniel D. Corl. . Edgar A. Ellis.. .. CURL BUXNEI, MCFARLAXD . . .President . . .Vice-President . . .Secretary . .Treasurer THE VVORKERS PRAYER Prepare us Lord for this great work of thine By thine own proeessg we know not the way To fit ourselvesg we only gropeg the day Is thineg its light, a ray from thee divine, Illumines the path where thou wouldst have it shine, And in thy Light our own poor struggling ray Gets new encouragement until we say, VVith longing hearts, "Thy will be done, not minef, Then we are readyg then thou wilt use our powers To spread thy Kingdom and build up thy cause And thou wilt make our consecrated hours Our sunniestg nor will the worldls applause Affect our service, for we look to thee For all We have and all we hope to be. vw.. ' sf . aes- -W 3 if Q- . .-St, S S JK sm We 3 we.mmMWmmwmN.Nws..WWmwmmtmcxsaememswvmxwesmtta1..W.,., My S N 1, 'ts -wp t -A xv kwvwam 'rr X vffsiix'www'YQWSNWQWENSNWWWNW-wssfvfawmsmx N lt' ., as ,WW:1atNmaNamaWaea.:11i..aa.,.,,....a,.Qm.f:xem.umwatt-.R-.m,eetewey is y f yi tw-MmymwmkmwwwwtwmwNmskmwwawmw-X...H.W--.-Wwe k .'f::s,... lf.. Page Om' Hmnlrcd Twenty-r1'g11xt Y fm gg. ,,3a,,a,.I.,.ws-::,se,.,m. mens-mwam:..:.:.:a:,sv-'ww ,QR K t I A4 . 'l'Y'7'VT"fff"'P?'-'T ff 'f' I my s - -ww sw-1 msg Nw 5 -, ,E 'ir' XR R ..., sm-tfiatsttsssfatwaffsttlss . v I ,I - ,.- mwwmxmwwfwwwvwwmmmwxwf-as-XX V s "If" .. ' f?SSffTlf,Z i ,- tt .4 CDUR ALUMNI E. VV. EMERY. . . ... President F. A. REED ..... . . .Vice-President SIBYL VVEAVER .. . . . .Secretary N. A. SCHULL. .... . . .Treasurer G. A. BLACKBURN .................... Historical Secretary The Alumni, through the pages of The Oracle, bring greetings to the many friends and students of their Alma Mater. This, the eighteenth year, marks an epoch in the life of our College. She has really become of age and has begun to think and act for herself. Many agencies that have long held her aloof are now opening their arms of welcome. The leaders of education are demanding her graduates. Those in charge of the affairs of the church are eagerly seeking her men and women who are theologically inclined, for needy fields of labor. We, the Alumni, have reason to be proud of the College that has made us what we are intel, lectually and spiritually. Her graduates have unreservedly given themselves to the development of the educational and religious fields with a determination to make the worldibetter. Seventy men and women have received the A.B. degree from the College. Twenty-six of the number are teachers, twenty-four are ministers, one a college president, three are home mis- sionaries, three are foreign missionaries, and the thirteen others are engaged in various occupa- tions. These statistics ought to show that their hearts were warmed by the fires of devotion to a great cause, that their faith in Christ and love of God were increased, and that Indiana Central College is lacking in nothing that goes to make character and instill higher ideals in her youth. ALUMNAL ASSOCIATION. E. W. EMERY, President. s-:Riga VIN . ,Q ,V W, V- 7 . .. H 7 --iff y If f .. maww-amw.tms.s..e-. ma, 'A H . - a A fi W S' sf ' ' 'i ' .W . ,, . ,. .. . . L- ,L-R5...f1,'f., .,..L..QQeQf:lf'Tf'?'7lilTQ..rW.f'I.'f.f.'f.-ilfif.-L2QlLT-Za ew. e . X ,,.. ss, e rv ,.. . , . L Q,-:s,,.7fi,,. -I Page One Himdrcd T'Ri'611fj'-Hill? N,.,f!,,Ai 1, WY, W M-ggzgxiglfzfgrg-.iwMM...i3s?-11,.:Q:.minQNgxwM, x, ,A ,Q V ,.1mw.xi?xTgmxmmnQmYw,w,m,,,,NmN,X,:xmwmdx Wm X C N MH 1 K - . . - :www ,mv f.f,.Qw.-Q-A1NNffrNaxNAmv'xWmfg.'Qw'1m xwwewxm wmv X . Q, ,- SS 'N N E5 .x , xx,-Ng, in .X X N, X N , vw W, r N x xx mx.mfQgm wwmwmMmMKswmmwMQQ'xQi ,. ., .3 X, AwwwSiwsmwmmiXMQMQXWSMQNMSMA NS X L ' lntwmw' NMXKRSV.NXQAVAVRNTANXNVHXYNQKSAYNKKXKNVKQAXNCIKKK,1BWXiYi'N'iKC1i!I'NB211k'NN'NX!2"Y'Fw'Ib A 'i""XR,..n9' , ,' A "VNS "3"KX'Nw+WW'vm 'mmwNw.NXxv3Nm,.,wmw,5xX,Qm,N,,y M Q 441 1 Page Om' H11m1'rcd Thirty , . .N fx xv. Nzv-....,v:f-fw , ' +L 5 X: n., as ' . F' 1 VA 5 V92 QL-wr 2' f I A VZQQQ' . -' - ,, . ,. Alumni-Then and Now MISCELLANEOUS AX N gf xx ill X' I U V .V ..b S ll j f , Q lx y 4? 5 1 Ik . It si S f L CX 11... iglifkflgixi -"5-1' M ,p1'5,fy.L5f u1'Ifg',":f '.-gf...Q- Mtg K If v4 , ,A 1, .-. ,,i,"s.k' ' . I . I, ,, Q w W 4 ' 1 'Z'- x .. .. ,- X ., -.Lb r .., C,- x , , I . I . 1 ' r . ,J 1. N J Wk ,W ' ,Wir 1 v..,1,gWl. 2"-E 4 45,54 f-651' , ,xg 3 he., ,. If. ' . 1 .r Duff! ' , .v U , wi, -fifi. W: x. All 4, 5' f 1 f 1 nd .. --,-,-,. '- ,. , f,-r,-, 1 r 1 'Lf " 1 -N, ,.: 1 1 U, ., .,.u '. ' ' Q 'w,- w K v .Y . A rj! '., , ,, ,V., , 4,, - KH .QL w,,1Q,5 I, - , 1, H' V . . U, ,QM "wi , W J. ,.q Qu' xiw. . H, H K,-. ' w ."Y 4 .1 -.1 , lm. f .,. i :,. 4, n .- .Q- .,19 3 V . ,V , ui". ' ' ' 31-,U .1 'H' P '. '..:.,:" . WT? .f -r- -. H5 " ,,,.'1 'U , 'l .213 Q., . ',-W. A 'WJ N ,- W I., 4, :puff ,ul -1 .v I 1 5 , . Y X2 LW. . . . ,fe Came? NN.-.............. ..,...a......................u.....t..m....,....,.,........ . r - . I , ...,,,. ...S ,.,, .mg PE 1,5 ,E VJ, -, 0 r fr e 2 Q .,e.-.,. ..:. ..,,. new-rL,X, I . vxj 4 ,X . '...,-.,.....,,---t-m-m-1-,......,.,-v-- . W- as -A-Q-1.-J -- -- SOCIAL EVENTS Y. M. C. A. AND Y. VV. C. A. REcEP'r1ox On September 8, 1922, the members of the Y. llfl. C. A. and of the Y. VV. C. A. gave a reception in the college gymnasium to the new students. H.ALLOWE,EN SOCIAL The Christian Endeavor Society entertained the students at a Halloween Costume Party in the gymnasium October 23, 1922. The guests were divided into several groups and each group played various games. UPPER CLASSMEN PARTY The Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes held a party on the evening of Decem- ber 15 in the reception room of Residence Hall. Rev. and Nlrs. lNIcNeeley, as chape- rons, enjoyed the party as much as the students. There was a short program of songs and readings. The Freshmen, wishing to help entertain, promenaded through the reception room. They also insisted on sharing the "eats," so it was decided that it would be safest to have the refreshments Hrst and play games afterward. fl dollar will go Il long -ways-if you have a strzmpfzl ezzwlojve. Nez'er loan anything to a coed-if you want it back. A girl in lzand is zuorth two urztamed. Egsig-Qllggtif b mmm-as it1923fr : W Page One Hundred Thirty-one , ,s.,..,..- Nix.. X . sv .-me .. ,x we ,eg X its Q. X 3 SA N evmgawm wt-t,m-gasses-sxmwgww-SN: asap:-35455 ogg Rug X ggxvwwgwswrswiavwcxxxx W E W X. -I ss: i X. Rvswmvssmaw..wasmxmssdssasxxaexkswksasixmtkmskkmN mmvgr WwmmxmmNWgm,m,wmmWm,M.mW,NxmmmmamwgmmmmwXX , 5f'esA.,,,.c V, XX -:.mwwavsmasawswwsmswmxmwmmmwwwwwmsxsmxsmwmsswmms. CHRISTMAS PARTY On the evening of December 21, in keeping with a custom of the dormitory girls, a Christmas party was held in the reception room of Dailey Hall. The room was very beautifully decorated to suit the occasion. Santa Claus, alias lNIiss Jessie Hanger, presented the gifts to the girls from the large Christmas tree, which was well laden with presents. Nliss Gordon was happily surprised to receive a lovely table lamp and album from the girls of the dormitory. IVIiss Jones led in singing Christmas carols, after which light refreshments were served. New XIE.-XR'S PARTY Prof. George and Bliss Gordon proved themselves a very entertaining host and hostess during the evening of January 1, 1923, when they entertained the students at a New Year's Party in the reception room of Residence Hall. The guests Were divided into groups according to the months of their birthdays. Each group wrote out a New Year's resolution suitable for the month. Charades and other games were played and then delicious refreshments, in keeping with the season, were served. ORACLE-INDIANA CENTRAL On January 10, 1923, at 10:30 a. m., in the Kephart lNIemorial Chapel, lVIr. Oracle and lXfIiss Indiana Central were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The bride, in the person of Ildiss Josephine Albin, was beautifully gowned in white organdie. The groom was Iylr. Paul Chalfant. The impressive ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. INI. I. Webber. lVIrs. VVebber played the wedding march. Bliss Carlota Bustos was the ringbearer, but instead of the customary ring she bore an Oracle and an Indiana Central pennant, which Ilflr. Oracle and lVIiss Indiana Central exchanged as pledges of loyalty and faithfulness. Say it with flozuers-bu! THINK of the expense. llfihen one 11065717 know the lesson, eternify is short eonzparezl to a class hour. A defviled egg is an omele! gone wrong. - .... .- .... ... . .... . . at 'lm.mmw.sH.v's 'ses sm am es as 's 323119 2 Sf Sf S.sfsf'is5ge.sgee1sm2 sis1 .ms' 35,3 V ,,,,, 1:37 W , 5-Vg -W - Q ,.,,,.,... pgxkqszvgrjlgighf wz:::,.W,,.::....t.,. .....Y. ........ - ...-...::1za::..pQ.. 'M i. ..... Page One Hundred Thirty-two in-'g::f11? - ,f or mtg, dw . . . -..,..... Y W- -.-- -H -M Y,,, M .,ay.f,- 4: ' X E :fi f, s-Qwwvswscwmmmm':'aw:::-mwmafsxc,W1 Mx.,-M A. .s,.x,. ins if E . ,...4:a,,.f.111..Q...1me.eQre.::::.s.mtwgm:.u.......,.,--M..mwmw-xnxx'g ,ix ffwsw L'-' was 'W '--' N W-ww sw-,W Y-:asv--S-Y:--1..-f PIE SUPPER After the basketball game with the College of Pharmacy on February 2, 1923, a pie supper was given under the auspices of the Junior and Senior classes for the benefit of the Oracle. llflr. A. F. Byrne, a worthy Senior, and Nlr. E. W. Stoneburner, a worthy Junior, acting in the capacity of auctioneers, sold the delicious pies brought by the girls. Another device of the evening to secure money was the "ten-cent grab-bag," from which both useful and useless articles were procured. XKYALENTINE PARTY The College Young llIen's Sunday School Class, as losers in a contest with the Young Ladies' Class, entertained them most royally at a Valentine Party, February 1-l, in the reception room of Residence Hall. The Dormitory Orchestra furnished the music of the evening. ln one corner of the room was a small postoffice, which, when opened, disclosed, to the surprise of all, two large valentines. These valentines were Perfectone Phonographs given by a kind friend of the college to the young men and young women for use in the dormitories. Qne contest of the evening was the molding of a head of either Washington or Lincoln. Nlr. Guy Bushong proved himself to be the best sculptor in this contest. All the girls enjoyed a delightful time and declared the boys to be good entertainers. Y. NI. C. A. - Y. W. C. A. Friday evening, lVIarch 9, at Dailey Hall, the Young lWen's and Young Women's Christian Associations gave a reception in honor of the new students of the spring term. The room was decorated in the colors and emblems of St. Patrick's Day. The program for the evening consisted of piano solos, readings, speeches, and a violin and trombone duet. 'I" he zv ... .,. If you must get engaged, remember that blondes don'i eat as much as Izrunettes. Two wrongs may make zz right, but tivo rights do ma,l'e corns on the left foot. Monday' is the day zve get our lessons for the past week. W , ' H... W' 3- ivlii :::ll::g5gi, ----- - ---- 7 WTVT V- YYYAVV ii- i 7 - -3'5' ' 'f' .27 .1'+.IIl..I,.a..,. Ifxiiifi -N -1 13 -m.-s.'-sr-sfmmes 192 352 s E52 we-Y ' W V W , W Y- , ,, ' W gf.:.::.i..:.::,'.': .... - ..... .,......1..Y.. -W..4:......a....-,. .... -.. ,,.-,1'.-e--Tw: V V M Page One Hundred Thirty-three X fr:-rvsrx ek- X X NX, . ' 5 551-. ,w X' X New Q sm-NYMwwwxxm.MXMW..-sm..w.m..m..,s... W..A,..,W ,,.. . ,w,eWm.m.W.m.W. Mwmq: F, x :Q , s, V i :NWNmMwXtNWw,,NmANNN,NtMvMNXMMNWN, ,w,M.Ww.Me me M, JN, es. Mtv, 5,3 mf. qv: - X- X w - - Y tl 3 aww NWWeww-WmmwwmwmwvmwmwWrmwswwWeWwrmmmwm V, liy5.i,f- wwwm-rw, New A New-WW-NW,NNW-N-mmmwtww.Mwwwww N-N.. Althou fh our little munici al realm has a L P GUARD, 11 She usually serves very Wellg zflf' ' ' Q ! 'll' 7 ll And in spite of our first L X MARS HALL, QP 5- who is most commendable, except for the fact ' ' I that he's always - ji ff A t 4 W, EJ me , 'R QW A l il ly ,A X 51 , en t! r M ' s EATONg X X M M. .-E: . - t f A-fm f y f- ts X if A' , H X Y 9 !V. ,' x ,gi1j.- ' -. . 'q3:'1L1,-. ' l 1, 'AW l .. Vw fvll xsliksfi ltr ' "7"'5f ' A"' : ::::::::::x1f:7ff -3 gum gm, ...,, 2.3-newan:Q-fx.-me-1ff2::f::::::m::f-L.':e:ww...-...,izzzfmemmmmxsksI Ei' fs,.,..a1:23m.42'q:1-::1.: :i::..-arfqrarie we few we NPNWWW we 553 Q 3 we SE 'ww-Kiki-if-lm: KQYQ Y kxk. a iii-1525:-QL vh.NtN'G N wwe N:-1 Www-WZ, :TN ' A N g,1.35,Q.,em.w-. trm.. n.., .::::"'M ,,.. 1- tt.' ::a.z:?axm::::::-f..fff.,w:e:w::::::q::agrW,.fzxzmaw-nwmfrawaax, ...'-sg-1 .. 5,-Nr.:1W-f'-- " Page One Hundred Thirty-four ,idwn d A ,gifrfex ex ,dk .e,, , Ap,-e--N X ' M K X . Q W f pr- e- 11.-W-ug, 1.-4,-Q-e 1. L . V' 1 L .I 15,5 ,I I. '3'-f':,:'Q'z',,r'K-7-gfvrg.--x" ' Y 2 ' .L ...z ... ., 'mm1xmm,ebwx.f.m. -. . lt- Y ,fy-1-A-A. ,,.,,f , ,W , ,,,,:,., .,,. ,..,,.W-fiwqefenm.,...,o..N...W.,.AV.-mmfwwswe-ww.-W-:Lx ,. -fm F - f-f-W..--www----,vw . X Q and because our second 5 o MARSHALL, whom we always thought to be Yr Nw d 4 h pil" 'd fl W ffl, K X lo N X N W 1 , d ,, he fe GOOD, h wJ Kg! was discovered to have f N 1 vm V- ' W 1 I ' ff' G- T X LONG S14 A been a A e v F SWINDLER, 25 -3' eff" X xg' A ' Vg , .2 ,,.,, . ' 2 W ?T '?' i?"fAmWM"'e"em , e QQ, Page One Hmzfinfi IITIYIX' fr-re ,txfjf-A .,,..,. .. IQNVN x V' x"'a'.u .:' f 'Q mmmmwWwmwwmWWmmmxm.WM.WmmWWwm.,.....mwmx-W-.- n t ' N XNMWNNW-.Wmw,NeM.Wm..M.N,,WA ,.Wm,,,k, V , - , X . mg, -1, wvsfvwg 0 e 9 M, N A WNW gvmfgym-Wgw xmas vs km gm Q - 3 mmlkewemwmgmxawx X. x . 1. we -. , X, ,, Sumwi Q-mwwwwwwwmwfmwvmw1-NNWNN-wxmwv-f-ww-w-w-w-ww-we-fwwwweX , ff- , M -1 WN- v..m,-:ww me-x-N-mm X. -X www.,-,NM..,N .X ,. Q fr, ' H . ' :N Q 21 x:g4.- A v . -.. L l ' . ll m-ff? X n +3 QM X K v ,X N Clin ' Q .ff 0 iid 5f 'M yung' 'Kew-A X, mx, Q Wx x .fa X ik ' XV cial. A Tx A I 1 1 z J 1 Q i Al, X"'s-M IQ" - ., W N F: XX 'W M X n N N ': , T U N ,W 1 , W' h X X ,flwmf , " f HOLLO-man slipped into our vicinity. We knew, by-GEORGE, that we must have nothing but GOOD a-CUMMIN into our ranks. i XV XA - K-.N 7 -.--...X V , ffff -ff-'ev-ffm ig 3 xLH2:Q----1-fafa-fcaw:-wr-mx-awamweee:-mmwme-...J::?fw Ni? were mme Q e... ,,,, ,e ,,,.,,e W., ee..,e e e.,..,,.,, .e.. M.maJ ..e1, .,, e..,ee.., , ..., .W .m,,,e,, ,,..,.e .M .W e,,.,, . Page One Hundred Thirty-:ix - -' Y- Y, -H we. ...:1::.::-mcza div., 0 ffl G if f Y Fx? f'Li" E 1 I YVe took him to the A MORGUE, n BERTHA STONE-cipher this. The SIBYL decreed, much concerned, 'suggested We let Page One Hundred Thirty-sez-en , A , . ,,,,, Y, , ,,,,.,,,. M. ...,,.,,W,,,,wM,,,, l, ,.,,. , J, -,..11.,, - 5 3 Q X mm... Nm -,,,,,,,, --Y - W- -W -- ----W - 'M R ffw-ii ,NA 1 -f' --'T - -M 3,5 - 'F f x Q , UM--'igm f-Q - Yr-'r-ffzsfs-le f-sr sm, mn 5 , fx il F Y' F P S 2555 msv-fx'.s.Xmm-fmwwmmmmmfm,-wsu.-X,N Lx ,-X VJ -W-.,W-WW.-.,,N,..m,,l,..l.A.,.,,.,WW f .: 51? A! la'-v ff Q V ,-Pai, H4 livi ' ,. 1 may Lf I p X . 1'-. - - vvFi'ili-4 -4' .V 'Tun , V V -vm H ' . 7 ,'l .mlb nil' N 1, uf 1 Il . -1:1155 Q' !"!'g-'ln Ll A' -2'-ee-V ': X vw hz' -. HQ? , Vl cv X xl , l x xx . ll x,,.:.. X iw. Q . x .A " N J ,SQ 1 ' A M , , ,N 0 r f E 0 -wth X '1 4 X ..- -11, l 'BWFX f, Asa: fl, 15, n ' ' A 'll lk' W 1, fl I: 5-,. ii' , ' 1 min l ll" .Al ri u o 5 YI' FF-vwliai ' 'x l al , ,41 H01 -gf, lx , lg 1 K 'Sf x W '49 .l ,Q, ' that We should ca GLENN. JONES said "He'll either HANG, er in the laboratory lVIIKE'll dissolve him." N ,Qgf ,.:1q:::NE!., st him into the . o o so ,,,,,l . oo .v,f s H , 2li923f,s s 'W ' :.1 V Page One Hundred Thirty-eight , if REITY' . .LL in W 'LY W - 1. Kg C I CL L.. X,.-.rmA.w..m1-mA,.m.m.-.',E--wax., . I tj , -1 . . if 3' ii 53 5. -Wg g . ugh W NWA, M121-fi' . X yrfffw- ' -A-f-:wfwwmm-A-1.f.1.R .f sw.--H :V . Qgfili? f-fffxt ' CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH Raspberries! .. ........ .. Hot dog! ..... Oh, shucks! Goofy! ..... Oh, boy! . ..... . Nothing else! .. Oh, kid! ...... Say, man! .. I tay-toe! ............. .. Atta-boy! ................ Ye gods and little fishin' worms! .... Shoot the katz!. .......... . Fiddlesticksl .......... . . Nothing previous .. .. Well, doggone it! ......... VVOuldn't that freeze you?. Run lem till their ankles smOke!. .. Ain't that a sight? .... .... It's the bee's knees... Oh, shoot! ......... Aw, g'wan! . ......... . Bless his heart! ......... For the love of Mikel. .. Oh, joy! . ........... Oh, dear! .. Good night! Oh, sugar! .. GEORGE FISHER VTRGINIA FouT CH.-XRLO'I'1'E BORKERT NELLIE KNIPE JESSIE WATSON LYNN TURNER PAULINE SHARPE MILDRED VV.-XSHBURN ROSEMARY BRADY PHILLIS AUSTIN VIOLETTE MILLER HENRY HUNT JULIA lVICFARL.-KND Ross BISHOP THELM.-X WOODBURN GEORGI.A SNYDER RED fl.-XVILAND RUTH BRANE IKEY STEWART LUCILLE HOFFM.-IN CHARLES LEADER LENN.-X SMOCK PROP. MICHAEL MYRTLE BANKS BERTH.-X PALMER H.-XLLIE DELPH GUY BUSHONG FAVORITE PASTIBIES Strolling ......,................ Sleeping ...... Studying . ..... . Playing tennis .. .. Singing ....... Resting ............. Talking . .,.............. . Growing a moustache. .... . Figuring up his batting averagei Radio .. ..................... Reading French .......... Studying physics . ..... . Motoring . ............. . Reading rose catalogues.. . . Chaperoning .......... Conjugating etre .... Smiling ...,...... Grading themes .. Roaming ....... Hunting .......... Lounging ............. Blinking the lights ..... Dreaming of Ohio. ....... . Keeping young ........... Hiding rocks On treacherous Banking ................. Eating salmon ............ Stump speaking Forgetting . ...... . Keeping happy .... Learning to swim .... Wading mud ....... Studying history . . . "scholl". .. IFQQRESI HARRY MATI-IIAS THEI.IvIA MITCHELL VIOLETTE MILLER DAVID MANLEY LON PERKINS BENNETT FULP LILLIAN RAGAINS HARRY GOOD HERM.-KN SPIETH RALPH HILE EARL STONEEURNER MYRTLE BANKS RAMON HUNT PROE. MORGAN EDITH MCCOY PROF. BLACKBURN RUTH YOUNG PROP. WEAVER HENRY HUNT CHARLOTTE GILFILLAN PROF. HOLIMAN DEAN GORDON PROF. GEORGE GRADEN REGENOS GEORGIA SNYDER Ross BISHOP EDDIE PENCE ROSEMARY BRADY PROF. EATON BLANCH PENROD ETTA LEE GRACE HOLZKAMPER CLAUDE TURLEY Vfiir- -- we-T tx- ! I as - TTT , i , ' L L Page One Hundred Thirty mne N gfzr-er-FV 3, K.. Nxt X C .G F . s 5 rv a....,,.,, V .. 1 - 'xx .. X .. .. . me Q mg as mg gm any Q fr: 5,2 in X W Sw Sm Sm N ws ,,.2Qa..wp..1fss.. X A ,, A.: i WW IWNM:wM:nTgW,gM ,axNNN NWS SNA- Q xxxv gctwyiid-1 t xrsif. m wmmmvmw m -WN Ms-.wmmwewwsmawxew uw. Q- ss tx NM X .NNw,XX..Q..M,. ..,,..,M,J.g,.,m,NWx-ww ,AwwwN,,,,,mt.,,-Nm,M,,mm.,.,wrx,,tM, 9 5 ,. Y "' Q t " " ' OUR A-B-C BOOK A is for an Aggressive lad, I think he would make a good trackmang He's an lllinois youth, attractive and tall, They say his name is Aekman. B is for a "Brane-y" maiden ln the class of '25, She has three friends to do without whom lt seems she could never survive. if ' ' C is for a Cunning lad, He's familiar to young and oldg ,, -1 A ,Q Joe propounds more questions in Philosophy YN f 5. Than his father can answer, l'm told. -1 --., ,gf D is for a Different typeg 'ig Smiling and laughing she goesg F" . .- Q- -. Just how Hallie ever looked sober here E 3 2 " A . 'V X Q 3.91. ,. . Y! 1' .t 1 i ls a thing that no one knows. E is an Energetic lass, But seems rather sober to beg No one can quite tell what shels thinking, YVe call her by name, Ruthmarie. F is for a re-Fined little missy By all it is well understood That Virginia has admirable ideals And approves of only that which is Good. 4 -' oi , if s for Z1 Gay little lady Who is often given to tricksg , If anything unusual happens, I You'll hear them all say, "That's Dick." Q, Q, rff.':::::::sgjLjij: ,E - .,,M,.,.,,., .,,, -,e,,.-.-,,..-- . - .... --...N,.,,....M.. 'N' .A ,550 ,Mgr WY Yrvu W V gggvw if-V W ,,,, ,, ,,,, g,,ggLgg,,.1.,a..,,1,.,go.g? EXC,-:ICQYQ41,.:1.:::.:.2.-s-iv-mar.-ra-Q1.1511 ....a. : .- ....,...... :...,.gm-G-:-V----vwrfzlwsf-sw-av-:V-.X---.-.-: 2.1- Pagc One Hundred Forty 3 sn' I 1 ..A l - .. ,,.u...,...-a.nm m.M.. ..,, 1 .v-0 -an msg, -. at -- ls 4 .9 'G 0 , 5 J ,I X., V. H is for a Happy miss, Heironimus by name 5 If there's any fun about the place, She is ready to get into the game. I is an Independent youth VVho comes and goes alone, In speaking of the man Jake Irwin, He has a way all his own. .I is for Z1 Joker, A Freshman lassie, too, They say any place where Ruth Jacobs is, lt's impossible to ever be blue. K is for the Konservative miss Of the Senior row this yearg All admire but some fear to approachg Nellie's different from many about here. L is for a Lucky girl, In this we can't be wrong, She has both beauty and grace And is the daughter of Dr. Long. 45? M is for a llflighty Senior, Mighty in avoirdupoisg If you ask what he likes, he'll quickly reply' "Ethel and llath are my choice." eff .A1.a. f s as . .,,., . . , .. . . one - f refsgrseef s 1923,i-- aeaf.w. .W , X gb 'X N113 ck S, 5,..m.r......w,,, ..,..,.. . .W ., ,:,....w:,,..........a..,,., aww X.-.,e,me:fgf:e-WWKMWQ c . CEXQMJQ js Page One Hundred Forty-one N x ,.Q.W,--.H 764 . . xx X X ww. 11:2 , , f-:fe ..L...W..... "-f Q. .V .1 rw H ask? xx fsQl:gfWwuQwmQlf wmswmmQssSQwm-MmgmN,,ww,,mmm ,swims ,- -WW 'NNXN '. I .iswsffwss-w't N ' Nwzsw wsgx. U 3 si is s srxmsstassltasssswgll - .. us,Ssfmst..ssmsasu3Qx'WsmSXsi?e- .w::r.:ff,W ,.,. asmwswsgwwnms-NaamawmwswNeegfafmem-aw-Q:awwMX .1.xix...w ! 'XX , f wwwMwwmqmwdmsmwwswws-swwwswmemwcawmmww ,wwf ,mem gm.-M: xx M... W X N is for a Nifty youth, He is just a favorite, reallyg And when we are asking a kindness, This man's always ready, lVIaeNeeley. 0-that stands for Odd, But likable as can beg . Q, 0pal's determination is, From men ever to be free. 4 1 a --a- W :AN ., 5 P is for a Junior I A' Who's unusually Preciseg , A "" N Along all lines of school-teaching, Qj L' Bertha Palmer can give good advice. " Q is for a Quaint little miss 5. 16, ' Who graduates this yearg Q --- She's all of these three: quaint, quiet and quick, Y. Q , But still we ean't say Helen's queer. " Q. Y:- ,x 'f N R is for a Freshman ' iw Q' Vvho is admirably Reserveg lf the girls move Robert Ragains, 'AV They must have unusual nerve. S is for the Sedate lady Who leaves us just this hdayg What We shall do Without Lenna, No one is able to say. - .,.. ... ....... ....g it'1""" ......., .... s ...,.,. ..... ,........ - ,,,, . 's ' " ' "ii Page One Hinzdrrd Forty-tivo I 'kffjaji -,..,. W W -A W.. -M-was-A rf -',A nimta....,..,msa,.W,Aaf.:.Nsws't fx 1 xl J w sws.iwwsswmwwmMwswm,fs. V--ff 'W-'H -'-- 'W """"' ' t - . . ww ,. , . R , -swf wmv xg:-1 'vm we ' ...... s W HQNQ N mi ,. t jars . ,1 ..: R x M is .. 9, 1, U QQQQ y 5. :E , ,,, -Wm-Qsw -:A A w:ss,..:sw-isa.-aim1,1xmv,.,t-w Q-fa. 'S " ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,AWa -A,,,,-,mm-aywwwmss-M--s,M is-N-sw--4--xmmwmwwswvs , -A,,w..s sk . t .t .Q .N -- ,. UF, :Fife 'kvx 41, WS 3 ci. l -til? 'lv Q4 S5 -li .. . AX 59 , ."Sg-sf-.ff ' M X T is for a Truthful lad In the right, no one is firmerg YVe all expect great things of him, XVe speak of one Lynn Turner. U is an Unselfish girl, You can see it in all her ways: Nesta's highest aim of all ls to live the life that pays. V is for a Vigorous youthg Isn't it queer how interests change? Yass used to find time for athletics, But now he only studies Bible names. W is for a VVinsome maiden VVho came to us this year: Hlildred VVashhurn will take, wherever she goes, VVe need not have a fear. X is for an X-traordinary man, VVho's a Freshman, by the way: The piano, violin and Cornet- Yes, there's nothing Lon Perkins can't play. Y is for the Youthful Senior, The Young-est one in the classy You'll never find out, of Course, For their ages you dare not ask. Z is for a Zealous man And one we all admireg He studies and Works, never stops- They call him Loyd Zackmire. - -f -f - b f ii? Y watsam. We '+"'e'1'tf'Q' 'T ' 123. s .ss ei X . I ., . Pf. eWKw:Xi3is?g,iKSgJ!SgW .HeiW W ffiilea get e?Nj,?: .. ig, M Cflsa.-4' Page One Hundred Forty-tlirce te sir? W1-35 .,,..,,,W,T,TEgTi.,..,...-r.,Ga,e,:...,.., sm:-wxxfCl c,Q--.-.:.'-r. ff:.:- 2 -...... .v.. :s.:............:s.:.::g..... ,. Wgmg,T2,3,,xMM5,,,,,,,QQM,, CA LE N DA R SEPTEMBER 11. Registration Day. Halls filled with a long line of "Freshies,'l "Sophs" and "Uppers" wait- ing their turn to get a glimpse of the Registrar. In the evening at the dormitories "get acquainted" socials held on each floor. 12. Convocation 10:00 a. m. K'Freshies'l meet their new Professors. 13. Some Freshmen get in the wrong classrooms. 1-1-. VVill we ever know who's who? 15. Prof. Holiman announces that everyone is expected to be in Sunday School on Sunday morning. 16. Y. M. C. A. and Y. VV. C. A. give a reception or "get acquainted" social in the "gym.l' 17. Girls of Dailey Hall take an afternoon hike to Garfield Park. 18. First session of the literary societies. 19. Prof. Holiman reads library rules in Chapel. 20. Y. M. C. A. and Y. VV. C. A. meet for first time. 21. First lecture on class absence by Prof. H. W. Marshall. 22. Y. W. C. A. Hike given as an incentive to the hiking contest. Lots of fun and plenty of eats. 23. Miss Yockey learns that rolling will reduce surplus avoirdupois. Her first "try-out" was made today when she rolled from one end of the hall to the other. 24. Virginia Fout and Bennett Fulp take a stroll down the railroad track. 25. Dr. Schell addresses students in chapel. 26. Prof. Blackburn makes his debut in chapel. 27. Dr. Stonecipher gives us permanent seats in Chapel Hall. 28. Still learning new names. 29 "Marshmallow Toast" postponed on account of rain. 30. Rain! Rain! PROF. HOLIMAN-You can't sec time, no one efver safw it. You can't hear it, you can't touch it. FLORENCE DELPH-You're killing il, though. What is that dark hair doing on your coat, Ross? This is the suit I -'wore last year. I suspect the hair has been on it efuer since you -were a brunette, dearest. PROF. WEAVER-Tennyson Iofved his 'wife for thirteen years before he married her. Miss Hoovmz-Thafs entirely too long. Bread cas! on the fwaters fwill return. Be kind to your Profs. Some people go ta college to get an education. One 'way of cutting a big figure is to diet. "Those 1-who fwalk in darkness"-college cases. QQ ' " " ' EA . . . ,W ,, ff-,H Ak.,.. - , -, is' Page One Hundred Forty-four ,X x f X Y ii K 2710614 0lfl"8 MEMCDRIES Q4jO'lf"62'b NOT TODAY, but twenty years from today, will you realize the value of this-your school an- nual. As a book of memories of your school days it will take its place as your most precious possession in the years to come. You who are about to undertake the task of putting out next year's book should keep this thought in mind and employ only the engraver who will give you the most help in making 5 our book a worth while book of memories and give you workman- ship that you will be proud of even in years to come. Write today ta the Service Department of the Indzhnapolix En rafvin Com an and learn abou t eir any o e 2 s P 1 f If pl f lv hi you make your book a memory Soak worth While. Qvfl-9 INDIANAPOLIS EN GRAVING GELECTROTYPING COMPANY 222 east ohio S2 I'l'lC6iOlfllOLPOL'l1S S X... 21 Q 49 Q 2 Q -Lib o gif 2 2 0 ik 2 alas 2 O Jil 2 Q 2 Site -lib O Q 2 J? Q 5 ?:f5?:'T'1- 'X 5 I. . f xx AM 4 I . Aw- .,,, .., ,....,........-...-M.--...-. ---..,.,....:,,:g,,.,1s.e..WJ..-ss-W-A .--- --H-hw. X - -V . :--- N " . Q , .W M ,N 1 ,. frzw' is' -sas as ws is liars in fi TEL if I Q 1 A -3-M W. .. ,,,,,,,.,..,..,.,,......,....,.,,....." Q" 'xa mmawwax IX.,-gas , f iv '- ff 1' f his book Will help as you too! Here is a helpful book that is sent free to College and High School Editors everywhere. Whether you are getting out an Annual or editing a news- ' paper, it will help you, for it Haw ioget 'I is cram full of interesting, help- Out V ful facts about paper, printing, Annual your . g Eglgglaving, pictures, type and SChoo'l This book is representative of ' Q the personal service which goes 2 e -' with the engraving work on Annuals handled by the Indianapolis Engraving 8: Electro- typing Company. Write for the book-and We'll also be glad to give you more information about our service and prices. Youlll enjoy working on the Annual, and learn a lot of interesting new things, too, if you have the assistance of the SERVICE DEPARTMENT of the INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING Sz ELECTROTYPING COMPANY COLLEGE ANNUAL ENGRAVERS We also furnish E ngraved Commencement Invita- tions, Cards, Programs, Stationery, Etc. to order. 222 E. OHIO ST. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA f -n ' 'X'-i-fc,-z X Q . we . f . -,e,a,..,.- ,Q , ..,. ,Q , . is is 1, ig 25 5 1 ,,,.., - H -..1.41:.-.,:1. .- ..,.. -F ----- f 'szazvmf 'Q gl . 1sm---smwmw-eww-ff-.-4.7-1-M-----M--W- ---- --------V-f we I, mg, .gl , , f auf QL. QQ P1eOncH1 1' iF I3 .-.ff igslilv if " X , . .W-A.-T ---, Q ., . -. A N I . F A W WWW :..'..e,Qzmaawfmalan-:wwwsasasx, in ik 1 wwswswvswxvwwmxxesw-aimmss,.raw-s...g..,..,,w.UN,.M..mW..M..,rwmb a MJ., Signs of developing cases. VVash day! Beans and potatoes for dinner. J. C. Stadlerls dog visits the library. Juniors and Seniors decide to publish the Cracle jointly. Edith lNIcCoy takes dinner with the Blackburns. Coal heater is set up in the reception room to keep the girls warm until the furnace is completed. McNeeley and Pence are elected yell leaders. Sudden cold spell causes all girls to assemble in the reception room. Freshmen entertain themselves with a "hard times" party in the Ugymf' "Sophs,', thinking they must keep up with the "Freshies," have a party in Residence Hall reception room. Girls of the Young Ladies' Sunday School class have a social in the "Y" room. In order to keep from getting homesick, several of the students Write letters home. Mr. Corl makes his record in the Dining Hall by drinking nine glasses of Water at noon. Students decide to have six dinnerless Wednesdays and to give the money thus saved to the Armenians. First dinnerless Wednesday. Freshmen entertain at noon by giving a mock faculty meeting. Teachers' Association begins its sessions in Indianapolis. Many visitors and old students seen on the campus. A number of students attend the teachers' meetings. Rev. Fred Dennis, an alumnus of I. C. C., talks in chapel. Stunt night for classes. The Sophomores bury the Freshmen. Dedication of Dailey lVIemorial Hall. Bishop Bell gives the dedicatory address. State Congress of the U. B. churches at First U. B. Church, Indianapolis. College Orchestra and the Chorus furnish music for the Congress. Hallowelen Party in the gymnasium. Back to the classroom again. Two cases of scarlet fever put everyone on his guard. If you hope to had a man thal'.f honest. IVho 'will alfwayr keep his sword, You'd better fhange your fwirhes- There airft no such man in Ihr fLUOI'lsf.! He'1l tend you candy and ro.u'.f, Imagining thai f-will atonc. W'hat do Awe rare for the fellofws? IFF!! get along hriter alonr. .... ..... . . ... ..... . www EQ? ii Sf sw ME .. ...... :f-wr-'A -feeee 1 .M :f4...11,::T-----v--as .... p::::': ""' :':::.....:.aHi- Cgvigqrxmiggvi ...... ...- .... ..W.,..,..-...a-.Mw..a .... . ,...Y..... ,.. ..... .........,...,...ammws Page Ona Hundred Forty-sir in Y, I , . .. MIN, Y, :.,,.,..w:, kX,,,, , .,,,-sf.-.,-mss.wu.N.-twwww - - egg eg Q. ,wg WR mg wg NYS 'KW . mwfmsSm.EN,s. .. A,.,.. ., ...... .,,- - 3 X r-:rv ws 1-:strives is - :'-fy s Y fx' V- .. L, .LI METHODIST EPISCOPAL HOSPITAL TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES Indianapolis, Indiana Three Years' Course. High School Diploma or Its Equivalent. Board, Room and Monthly Stipend During Training. MISS FANNIE PAINE, Superintendent DEMETRIUS TILLOTSON, Hospital Superintendent BAILEY Sc ROSS Bus1nessPositions Under any and all circumstances, many are needed for positions in business. To make the preparation, attend a school of specialization, such as Indiana Business College at Marion, lVIuncie, Logansport, Anderson, Kokomo, Lafayette, Columbus, Richmond, Vin- cennes, Crawfordsville, Peru or Indianapolis. Chas. C. Cring, President, and Ora E. Butz, General illanager. For Budget of Information see, write, or telephone Fred VV. Case, Principal i Pennsylvania and Vermont First Door North of Y. W. C. A. Southport DRUGS AND HARDWARE Paints, Oils and Window Glass Toilet Articles and Stationery Phone, Southport 10 Read The EDUCATOR-JOURNAL The Leading Indiana Teachers' Journal Subscription price 51.35 per year. THE EDUCATOR-JOURNAL COMPANY 619 Lemcke Building Indianapolis Indianapolis ESE . .ee--.t .ae f .e.....-::1..,H...... ..... . . .. f- .. ,s.....,.....f:,:f-.R-" N' im. K pgg mn....ew,-.f:fa:re1e..:e.e1e.m,f4w.s,.....W1-3-,f:fss:..w.sw-A.W--W-M---y Q1s.QfS'2t.w - Q-sef.u,,ff wife' Page Our Hundred Forty-sew .,,,,,. ,,,. .. ..., Y ...Y...,l,,i,:: .M --.,-- 3,17 Q fi--f-:ff--M .... ,, """"f1r1 "A' ' ' V:,, ,,1,, 1 ,Vf:-, Q .7.2......,.,,v,,,mX,5mW,,N, W im -1 1 -H 1 3375 fs Q v as Q ie if ifwgffgw-inf! QQQQ ,wwmn ,.., ,.,, zzr, ,Q :,, M .,,, g ,,,, , g........,.t..a.:.2...,...:.1.e zrgf.. . Irff. ,... 1 ...,. -... --.6--X532 ---- ::-2iGe-vss-f-a-v2-s'-sfisw1r1:ffs1fws22viw-..--aww. ...:.::A ., gm, NOVEMBER 1. The morning after the night before!! A curious-looking vehicle on the front campus. 2. All throats exposed to the view of the nurse! 3. Half a dozen girls steal softly up the stairs at 53 minutes 47M seconds after 10 p. fm.!!!??? 6. Philomusean Literary Society, open session. 7. College Band organizes. 8. Tag Day and dinnerless Wednesday. 10. When the cat's away the mice will play. Miss Gordon attends Faculty Club. "Nuff said." 11. Armistice Day. 12. Lights go out at Dailey Hall. Boys have to leave 4-5 minutes before 10 o'clock. 14-. Water "goes off" while Georgia Snyder has her mouth full of tooth paste. Her favorite expression comes forth: "Now wouldnlt that freeze you ?" 15, The homes of Mr. Borcher and Mr. Butler burn. Their closest neighbor, Dr. Stonecipher, moves to the front yard. 23. Dr. Hall of Northwestern University talks to the student body on the subject "Sex Hygienef' 24. Public speaking recital. 25. Indiana Central vs. Fairbanks-Morse, 30-18. 27. Philalethean Literary Society, open session. 28. Exams begin. 29. Serious faces prevalent in the halls. 30. Thanksgiving Day! Most of the students enjoy vacation at home. DECEMBER 3. Rev. Todd of Terre Haute speaks to the congregation of University Heights U. B. Church. 4. Registration Day. 5. "Get acquainted" party for the new girls in Dailey Hall. Boys serenade the girls. 9. Huntington defeated Indiana Central here. 13. Herschel Liechty wears his overcoat to Shakespeare class. 14. Prof. Eaton entertains the Cabinets of the Associations at his home. 15. Senior, Junior and Sophomore Party. 16. Indiana Central vs. Danville Normal, 35-28. 17. Christmas cantata rendered by the Chorus. 19. Members of the kitchen force enjoy a candy party. 20. Recital given by the advanced music students. 21. Christmas Party in Dailey Hall. 22. All aboard for home! ! !! RED-"Say, Ikey, do you have a toothpick?" IKEY Cafter searching his pockets!-"No, I hafverft Red. I just put these clothes on and fhere'.v nothing in them." Pruitt on a basket hall trip fwax asked what fuegetahlex he fwould like. "Strafwherrir.t!" fwzu the unexpected reply. nw eru, ex- we "ii Qg....a.........-,- .,,. ..,, 2 E. .., ... ......... .... - ..... . .... . J, .. A-.. . .- I -...A Q96 Page One Himdred Forty-eight .kifqzifx .M -L HAL: V V ,Y - 4- , .W-LQ-an -ff' EX Qi X N mms'-RMAW-..1s-ww1:f:raaa:azx-L1-L-..wggg4sy.m..4.:bs,, .M . an. ,Q-,e,.,,,,,, , 4 4 , A .. . . ..., , .. s ., ,. -.... N S. ,-:-x f 4 ,A - - ' .:--' me Q --,- X- . 1 we 3 . wa "ez-1 f- gg- lgnucuxxlmananummngmgmjpbvegnigxm gxgmmpssgsasssnsi . Awww-mrmwwmuk ,WM,,,.A3 2-impiz ,xx-t.c...,r,,X1?kjEiA --iyxr ---:ww-N wwf f.-A if -- H ff V -' f f 'Q V- M, 4, - All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents, delays of carriers and other delays unavoidable or beyond our control. Southern umber and Export Company MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN YELLOW PINE LUMBER Southern Office-Columbus, Miss. Mills in Mississippi S. P. MATTHEWS, Sales Manager Phone, MAin S036 Indianapolis, Ind. . 5,644-Qgg,Q,1 ,Y , WY, . W li .. E ,... , ,. ,,Q,,,.,e,. ,,,M,mN MJ A Y HJ923m?EESHssa555a5ae g ana V V f'!:2f Y' Page Uno Hundred Forty-nina iB1??-LINK . . ,..Na,,,Y.G ,,,., . . ,,,, H..- V Y Lis Q F rxssssisismxswmms-mwmsuaw-s:s.rf.exse 'Tm H' "W ' "" """""""'M"'M""""' -, 7" , . 1 fi, . 'F was Y w s . X .2 f -ge, S QQQQIE'f1...........e.:QQ.em:....ewvaa:.......s xxxv ae -.QWen.-.swssNews-wN-sewn-smvswxswmxwwmxmwsxl r:ff--wwyew1xwwnwfmwsxwwwm-o-nm-Msswmsfsswwv-asas-smas-W ess. 1 if 1. 2 6. 7. 9. 12. 17. 19. 21. 22. 23. 24. 27. 30. 1. 2. 4. 7. 8. 10. 12. 13. 14. 16. 19. 22. .73 26. for Prof. George and Miss Gordon entertain the student body in Dailey Hall. VVe wonder how many resolutions have been kept. Can we ever get used to studying again? Indiana Central vs. School for the Silent, 20-12. Revival meetings begin. Mr. Oracle and Miss Indiana Central are married at 10:30 a. m. Indiana Central vs. Manchester, there, 20-37. Herschelle Liechty wears his overcoat to Shakespeare Class. Ellis makes another call at Dailey Hall. Revival meetings close. Many conversions. Philomusean, open session. O. T. Williams, an evangelist, conducts the chapel exercises. H. R. Sherwood of Franklin College speaks to the student body on the "Near East" question. Indiana Central vs. Danville Normal, 23-30. The faculty entertains the members of the Y. W. C. A. FEBRUARY Sleepy-girls especially. Y. M. C. A. Secretary from New York speaks concerning the Industrial Problems. Indiana Central vs. College of Pharmacy, 17-8. Pie supper after the game. Because of the illness of Dr. Long, Mrs. J. T. Roberts preaches on Sunday morning. Mr. Progue speaks during the chapel hour on Prohibition. Several students attend the Ukrainian National Chorus at the Cadle Tabernacle. Student Volunteer Convention at Butler College. Indiana Central vs. N. A. G. U. Philalethea girls visit Philomusea. Bishop Fout addresses the student body. The College Men's Bible Class entertains the College Ladies' Bible Class in Residence Hall. Mrs. Fout presents a Perfectone Phonograph to each dormitory. Indiana Central vs. School for the Silent, 24-8. Herschel Liechty wears his overcoat to Shakespeare Class. Special program for Washington's birthday. Girls' basket-ball team vs. Southport girls. Philalethean Literary Society, open session. SENIOR ACADEMY' STUDENT-I just fwantvd to fell you, Dr. Long, fha! I nm indebted to you all I lerzofw. . DR. LONG-Pray do not menlion sufh a trifle. MISS JONES Cto Orchestral-A little morf .mc'eeIner.t, gentlemen. The music falls for "Con .1rnore" and you are playing if like marrird men. DEAN-Georgia, doesn't that young man knofw hofw to my good night? GEORGIA-Oh, Miss Gordon, I my he does! How do you lznofw Perkins doe.fn't lenofw anything about sportr? n Why, hz' said that he him-1.0 Bahe Ruth fwhen .the fwu: a chorus gzrl. x,1?.Q,,w:-:a:::g:Qf-v 3 x ' ,J-.,-.fri ---- --- ----yy-1 -1 f- '::2:Q:--:. :.::f:r- ii il ls?-"' -'swim'-1"'i""1 """ I"Il212f1-- '2fe2e"'J'rfsirrilfftfeffvsf-f-e-Nwwi -muh El2,23g?,te, 77:7 W n . A .Y -V-,W V ,W V V W, H , Q Y - ySL!?:::?cA',4j45 3,... .-.......:....f...Tp 2...w.,..s.. .........-z::.:.::rf:w-ww:-wwvmw: :Kms ., C t, Page One Hundred Fifty P- , P If . x . -1-me-.--mmmmvw-.Nau.s.,tmm.MJsw-AWD., ms.. , M53 N 4 ' D ' 1 Q 'L 'S TLQTQ3 :.1fff,fl7lf2fi5.f,. I , . ' .. T . i R x . ...M . .. .. .am4:sz::........:1s'., . ,ws-.M .. M... .. s . ev-ei mwaammx- -Q:-fan X -f f .1 The EDUCATORS' BUREAU YVe have calls throughout the year in all subjects tor well-prepared teachers at good salaries. CITIZENS BANK Southport, Ind. GEO. B. SAYLOR, President CNN M W' 0" 2f"'f'f' O. H. MURPHY, Vice-President S. E. YVRIGHT, Cashier MARGARET L. LIST, Assistant Cashier XV. A. IIYISRS, llanager 619 Lemcl-ze Building Indianapolis, Indiana Capital 510,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits S1-l,OO0.00. Come in and meet us. A-X. IVe can be of profit and service to you. SOUTHPORT Q92 on Savings -lf? on Time Deposits INDIANA Uvlzvrc Your Dinzex Grou' Info Dollars Omce Phone 170' Residence Phone 19-IR. .. is City Cas for Country Use Just as Indiana Central College uses Blaugas for Domestic Science Cooking, for Dis- tilling VVater and for heat in experiments in Chemistry, Physics and Biology, so you can use it for lighting, cooking, ironing and water-heating. Unlike other methods of furnishing you these conveniences, Blaugas involves no machinery and requires nothing in the cellar or in a special outhouse. Not affected by weather conditions, and cooks as cheaply as coal oil but without odor and soot. No obligation for demonstration and price for complete installation. SOUTHERN BLAUGAS COBIPANY, INC. 101 Central Ave. Louisville, Ky. , -Rial-eiililfli t . - -. ,B has-,.,,,.....,...s.,,-.a..,.a..w, . . .- fi IQQS ' ' i MW C I W, . ji- gtg' V:JXQg . . . I Q Q wx -K QV- M Page One Hlll1d7'1'Li Fifty-one a..i.:...... aQ.5a,2,.g,,,,,A,,,,.,-.H J:,,,,, ,,.. ,..,2:a.,.::4f4gQ1' Xl N 'Lir:1s'f'11Qf-ae:-- Y:.. 4:45 'ffvff -xxx -A -N-f-rrrffrgr-swfQi-s-gs-is-fry:-,msgs im asifs is SQ is a 5 image smigll ,..4gfe:.1.........a:..,.W..... fza sf' ,w,,. .. W. ..,, .,w1'.aws.s1QXC 41ixG,11wqwfas:w:a:a.x.a.,a.,a.,....f.....,. ...,xx, snms-r..w....g ,,.N:. s...,,kas,aszQse..s....,swa: Q NIARCH Exams. Exams continued. lntercollegiate debates. Our Negative team wins a notable victory over Goshen, and our Affirmative team loses to Nlanchester. Several of the students go home for a few days. Registration for the spring term. Convocation at 10 o'clock. Rev. Leach speaks to the students. Rev. Todd, of Terre Haute, speaks in chapel. Mrs. Stanley, State President of the W. C. T. U., speaks to the students. Reception for new students. Basket Ball Boys enjoy a feast given by the Domestic Science girls. Public Speaking Recital. Rain and wind. Intercollegiate debates. Our Negative team wins a decisive victory over Valpa- raiso, and our Affirmative team loses to Terre Haute 2-1. Mr. Shumaker, President of the Anti-Saloon League of Indiana, speaks in chapel on the subject, "Duty of the American to Governmentf, Rev. B. S. lVIcNeeley speaks briefly to the students in chapel. Several girls attend Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Conference at Indiana University, Bloomington. Quite a number of students and faculty hear Paderewski at the Murat. Philomusean Literary Society, open session. Bishop Fout, Dr. Bulgin and others of Cadle Tabernacle visit our college. The college girls entertain the college boys with an April Fool's party at Dailey Hall. Freshmen give a negro minstrel entitled "Burnt Cork." APRIL Several students visit home folks. The Oracle has gone to press and we conclude with the program scheduled for the year. Spring has come to stay. Strolling along the creek has become quite popular. Rev. A. B. Condo, of Columbus, Ind., speaks to the Y. W. C. A. Y. M. C. A. Oflicers' Training Conference begins here. Miss Hancock from the city Y. W. C. A. speaks to our college organization. Florence Hoover from Butler College speaks to the Y. W. C. A. , :Q gg ,s ,, iiqgiiigsswss Q- E215 Y Vi-H -15 -5V- V-fwfi ,,,,, ,Wm 4511 , Y NY, gamma, .... .. . . .. fa... W . .,:::::L.:.. ' :2:f:1fr1'12:12f11Q Page One Hundred Fifty-t'wo , . .- ' H -. . ,--,. 'W' 'AT'"'A"!5':bx'l7:ElfIff','5'f27 ' -il", """P' Q Q is 6 1 is M .,,rLkL ,..:,3,,Ww.:M -, .Q-w,,..,efg rex-,pf - ,.fw+m w.M-,mw,s:fwwM--'rm-f,-1-.-,,. M,.a,.g,... , . .. ,- . ,. A so .,,., i a M .. ,. , kg5'5st::-:::'ffQi" i Indiana Central College A Christian college should- have a strong teaching faculty, a student body that is Christian in standards and activities, and organizations that help to make college life helpful in every way. The environment should be such that the student is drawn to high ethical and religious standards. The religious, the educational, the social and the athletic activities should be well balanced. The college should be standard, with a strong constituency, a loyal group of teachers and a loyal student body. lt should be a growing college, and expenses should be moderate. Indiana Central meets these requirements and deserves the wholehearted support of the entire constituency, the entire faculty and the entire student body. THE ORACLE STAFF. k5M7lQQ,'T a be eeeee ' ii Yi : e : eele e r r ee eee r eeee - s ,,,, Page One Hundred Fifty-three wfgwxx x W fffrrr fWAff1-fzffsfliff.,I..s,.wLMse-,, .Y.. tx N MKS .i 1 A. . t -s - . - , A s tus . -, - . h . -.A-wap.. Y- ..,g,,,,,, W-,,,,,,,,e,.. ,,,,,.m,,,,,...,,,.a,u,.,,.c.,.m,c...e.,.,.M.-nc:.z.aa.s'.:z..- A-Q-misss-mfsxigilislliiy-'f XQVVJ.:swwf'w'1wiww mfi-ww-ww-.. 11" "r-v-...Milf x, M AY 5. Y. VV. C. A. llay llorning Breakfast. 8. Several cases of spring fever have been noticed. 17. Entertainment by student body. 18. Examinations begin. Philalethean, open session. 19. Annual Track and Field lleet, 1:00 p. m. Public Speaking Recital given by Enid Carson, 8:00 p. m. 20. Baccalaureate sermon, 10:30 a. m. Anniversary of Christian Associations, 7:30 p. m. 21. Class Campus Exercises, 2:00 p. m. Philomusean, open session, 7:00 p. m. Philomusean and Philalethean Banquet, 9:00 p. m. 22. Senior Class Day, 2:00 p. m. llflusic Recital, S :00 p. m. 23. Commencement, 10:00 a. m. Alumni Banquet, 12:00. Farewells heard from everyone. Twenty Years from ow-- You will Want good sight twenty years from now. But if you are going to have it you must not neglect your eyes now. lf your eyes pain, don't put off attending to them. Have them examined at once. If you need glasses we will prescribe the correct lenses to relieve your eye trouble. lf you do not need them we will tell you so. - CHAS. L. SCHMIDT, Inc. OPTOMETRISTS AN D OPTICIANS 137 North Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis life grind all our lenses and can duplicate the most complicated lenses eff-X cvs ts,7efmesvti,v g H e 'ee so as 19231- . .,,....,,.. .W .. . - .... 2... . v,..,,. W - ..., Page One Himdred Fifty-four Q ii ll, til X ' -,: was wma...-.Uahyr . .- W, b it K ,-QW-6 ,li 1,43 ,xxx J., ..-M X v H .. . .. L- . , . ,.,. .. , The New Model No. 50 BOSS ELECTRIC XVith the VVOnderful BOSS AEROWING PRINCIPLE Klanufacturing 1Vashing lllachines Since 1889. Just a real good Home Laundry llachine. Built for service and reasonably priced. Terms EB10-l-.00. 58.00 per month. Cash only 597.50 complete. For sale and warranted by L. D. TYLER 81 CO. 122 South Pennsylvania Street Indianapolis 30 years established. FOR PICTU RES or MIRRORS to suit any taste or pocketbook see LYKIAN BROTHERS 223-225 East Ohio Street Indianapolis, Ind. DR. FRED B. KURTZ PHYSICIAN -l-10 Occidental Building REMEMBER Serving CENTRAL National Educational and proud of it- ' Agency , D Sportsman Headquarters has had the 318 TFHCIIOD TC1'mlnal pleasure of serving "Central" this year, Indianapolig Indiana supplying the athletic equipment that OUR MOTTO-SERVICE VVe have openings all the time for well-trained and progressive teachers. VVe will give intelligent service in finding the place for which you are best fitted. Write us concerning the subject and salary de- sired and we will put you in immediate touch with calls corresponding to your desire. helps to make a snappy team. VVe're glad to work with a school where the spirit is so evidently 100W loyalty. VVe would welcome the opportunity to get acquainted with Central students. Stop in! THE GUS HABICH CO. 142 East VVashington Street "Sportsman Headquarter.f" VVrite for our New Booklet, "Fishermans Luck." MARY FRANCES VVILSON. ws fr... T , . c ,. , ee e ss 5 E W i ' ' ' ..c.. . Page Out' Hundred Fifty-five x ,,4'f- '- H Y Y ,, , .,.-,, , 2 ..,, ,,.-...-...J'f Aigfgall 'iAlFL'''eseeefself-T+'sw22:?m1'rresfrsuw-re-sxd:::::::Mr:-::g:q:::: W-M . 9. Q3 -irq,-sys-m ws an EJ at Q ia se -,,,,..Q4.-...i' Aga, .gamsM..,M., .XNXx... 2 ..G,NNN ra ,xxx 'Q2as4WsQ:1:g-,':fs:1,:':g gf Compliments from A FRIEND IF It's Used in a Restaurant Especially Gallon Fruits and Vegetables VV e Have It Fayette and J. P. NI. Brands J. P. MICHAEL COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 441-449 South Illinois Street YOU LEARN BY DOING The La Salle Problem Method ACCOUNTANCY BUSINESS LETTER TRAFFIC MANAGE- WRITING MENT BANKING AND BUSINESS ADMINIS- FINANCE TRATION MODERN SALESMAN- LAW SHIP Set aside half an hour today-or this evening- for a personal talk with us about The Problem Method- Our Plafement Bureau Our Unlimited Personal Consultation: Other Fealurcs of La Salle Training Then you will be in a position to know what results we can accomplish for you. Half an Hour Today May Open Your "Door of Opportunity" CALL FOR PERSONAL INTERVIEW PHONE OR WRITE CIrcle 4811 MAin 6096 La Salle Extension University MAin 2929-2930 Llncoln 3129 1020 HUme'Ma"Suf Building Indianapolis, Ind. . xii. . ff-f , milpa, .,,., W ,W L --'M W Y L e-'m y' NZL Y V V, W ,, ...,, - ..., , oz :ze : ff 51. U Page One Hundred Fiftyasix 19Q:4,f.::1:sQ:QggxC7 ,E . , f ' X 1923 was Q 2rr I gggfggfgggmgi . , ,M 5 , . ,,,. ,, , ,. ::,... s ,X M M Q '::...:.::::r.. ..., Q... 1:44 'SMSXYQJ egihihe ba ,XlZTXx,V ff SVCQl1F'X...,i, I ,, M, Y ,,, WE. 4? If y xwr f,w'ku,fn .-w.',ava.,sf.i:, ,W I I- , f , , Q - swwgsav S521 ,W ,rf 1-gn few grrfgizr, ' Sli, El' I 5 ' giiwmgftmswm . - fmbn-m-afzimigm-.,,v.i,. .asv M,mM,ix MAJ X -ga.-M 1. M.,-.fa--mmmm-mmf V-1 - f -- r .-1.-W Y ,.,.v,. X ,Xi-,afif-r WILKENS-ANDERSON CO SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL LABORATORY SUPPLIES AND CHEMICALS Chicago American Shoe Rebuilding, Inc. Store No. l -l-O VVest VVashington Street Store No. 2 48 East VVashington Street E. HOWARD CADLE President "Rebuilding-Not Cobblingu Congratulations l ! ! 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N 1 YL' N Trtrzr' '1' "x GREENWOOD LUMBER COMPANY All Kinds of House Building INIate1'ial and 1'Ii11 VVork Cement of the Best Quality Coal of All Kinds LET US FURNISH AN ESTIMATE Phone, Greenwood 196 in SIVIART, STYLISI-I SUITS all the popular models and dependable fabrics 319.50 3523.50 and by easy stages up to 537.50 RUBE 39 VVest VVashington Street Indianapolis NURSERY STOCK VVe carry a full line in Fruit Trees, Grapes, Small Fruits, Hardy Shrubs, Roses, Ornamental Shade Trees, Climbing Plants, Hedge Plants, Evergreens, etc. VVe grow a large and complete line in Hardy Shrubs. Write us about your wants. Price List sent you on application. The Laketon Nurseries G. N. NIOYER, Prop. Laketon, Wabash County, Indiana The Largest and lVIost Complete Stock of SPORTING GOODS in Indiana Em Roe Sporting Goods Co. 219-221 VVest Washingtoii Street Indianapolis, Indiana COpposite the State Housel .L-X i A ,ff L-lfffI:g:t5.I,:1 X, -:-., . 1 -.-- -, -frr f-W H ff"1'-111-'f11"-111124 "ff 'f" f ----- '-mi lf' TT ,,, e W y 5 L3 W ?2ifEt2?i 'li' 'QT:Qm.,4ffElifs' Page One Hundred Fifty-ciylzt x, x , -M W Y-ww -vv,,,,,,5,:,wvg 1 3 I A ,. .. -Y-f---V . -. . -.. WW., ,. .5 ,L K, -,-,. Wi, .T ,M . 1. . . , ,. . . 4, . 'CN .vm A "'4- 'TEIW ' 'TFT WY 777 'wi mx 'P .P ii W S if , K X ,L , ,,,.,H,,,..,,.,.,,w , .S , X., , a,,,,,,.-,f-.,.,.,, sm,-:KRS -,'5L,4v,f,.w I . -- R -R M - The FRANK HATFIELD CO. LINCOLN FORD FORDSON Service, Parts, Accessories 623-7 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana Telephone lNIAin 4708 THE MAIL PRESS, Inc. PRINTERS PUBLISHERS 312 East Dlarket Street Indianapolis Uv? print The Reflector PUBLICATIONS A SPECIALTY "Service is THE Thingn If you are interested in building a new house SEE R. W. Hostetler General Contractor and Builder Main 6529 HOOSIER OPTICAL COMPANY ,f X' S X , . X F 3, - I X I 525 ll I f' f' MANUFACTURING OPTICIANS PLANS AND ESTIMATES FURNISHED University Heights 14-8 North Illinois Street Indianapolis, Ind. ' X ' Page One Hundred Fifty-nine , N X ' X :.,ssx,NI.t.w,-M..,mwwwxmmmmmmMMmmwmss.,,Wa:N...m:,..mXt.QNmNwwwt,-of s sms, I ' N""NX'X-' ww www Ye-ww gr- 'Sem' ,I - Au.wm4.w.mmmt.i.,.N,.w.e.,s,...--A-gm.-..aav...tM ,..xT..,wX:..f,,v:--S.. M we ox - xx me X I VN x ws N N sm w WN Xw x H I - . . Y ,v V1. - r 1.-.1 Lu- my M, y N S N K m x he x xy- NM , - sralmxe ...AXDX I I 'e ,.,,.,.,,,,..,.,a,,,..m,.-.,Q.',N,t,m..W, f--x X ww-tw. 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