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University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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N 6. .., -e . AS WE BEGIN OUR PRODUCTION WORK ON THE LOGOS, we hear remarks on all sides concerning the decade we are entering. We hear if fefeffed td as "The FABULOUS SIXTIES," "The SOARING SlXTIES" and even the echoes of forty years 890, "The ROARING SlXTlES." All these mysterious sounds make us sit back and think. What do we think about? Quite naturally, about the decade we are entering. The next ten years may be the most exciting in mankind's long adventure on earth. At long last we are about to begin the exploration of the mys- terious universe that surrounds our planet. Ten years from now life on earth may have been trans- formed by human intelligence and 'ingenuity into something better than man has ever known. The reverse could also be true, but we like to be op- timistic. The year 1960 itself will be one of change, of transition in business, politics, and world affairs. Before 1960 has ended, voters will have chosen a new President of our country, a new Congress, and many new State Administrations. And what of education? According to a recent survey, more than fifty percent of the nation re- gard education as more important than hard work in achieving success in life. The American of 1960 has more educatio'n than the American of 1950. Even greater is the growth in education iust ahead. The same study shows that there are about 4 mil- lion Americans in college today as compared with 2.5 million ten years ago. What the study does not show, however, is whether the' quality of education in the "SIXTIES" will be superior to that of the past decades. This is where we should be deeply concerned. As stu- dents in a Catholic college, are we concerned with the very highest type of education or are we iust relaxed, unadventurous, completely satisfied with our way of life, and blandly optimistic about d with world peace the future? Are we concerne V , with the spread of Christ's Kingdom on earth with honesty, honor, and all the other outcomes of a truly Catholic education? Asweenterthe FABULOUS SIXTIES, we find we have much to think about. 2 Contents INTRODUCTION Title Foreword Staff Contents ' Dedication BUILDINGS AND VIEWS OF CAMPUS Dedication of Marian Ground-breaking ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY Special Convocation SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ORGANIZATIONS I CLUBS SOCIETIES . ACTIVITIES Departmental and Social Activities Favorites ADVERTISEMENTS S and PATRONS INDEX OF STUDENTS . 1 5 - - v - - . 1 II 3 I ,Y Following the Convocation in the College auditorium introducing the new presi- dent to the student body, Mother Columkille greets Dr. S. Thomas Greenburg. THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS OF DEDICATION TO AN IDEAL On February 2, 19bO, we, the students of Incarnate Word College, were apprised of the appoint- ment of Mother M. Columkille, President of the college from September, 1923, to February, 1960, to the office of President of the Board of Directors. We also learned of the appointment of' Dr. S. Thomas Greenburg, former Vice-president of the college, to the office of President, replacing Mother M' C I . . . . . oumkrlle. Both appointments mark a very special milestone in the growth and development of Incarnate Word College. Cn the morning of February 3, 1960 as we listened to the new President's s eech of acce t- , P P ance, and heard him recount briefly the achievements of Mother Columkille during the thirty-seven years of her presidency, many of us became aware, for the first time, of the gigantic task carried to the very pinnacle of success during that time. Few of us can conjure up a picture of thirty-seven years, except, perhaps through the eyes of our parents, and even then we must draw heavily upon our imagination which is in reality the bright picture of the stage not yet reached. What we really need here is history and in its pages we find the true facts. When Mother Columkille, then a very young administrator, fresh from a university program of classical studies, was appointed President of Incarnate Word College, she accepted, with perhaps some trepidation, the challenge to guide the destiny of this young institution. The world had re- covered somewhat from the lash of the First World War, and as many could then see, was heading straight into the worst Depression in history. But before that Depression had struck its leveling blow at colleges and universities throughout the country, Mother Columkille had placed Incarnate Word College on the e b h' ' ' m m ers rp rosters of State, Regional, and National Accrediting Agencies. Through the difficult years of 1928-34, when many found it impossible to remain in school, the doors of Incarnate Word C ll " o ege were open to all qualified young women, regardless of race, creed, or fi- nancial conditions. And even during that period, three new buildings were erected to care for the growing enrollment - Dubuis Hall, the.Auditorium, and the Education Hall. lt was during that pe- riod, also, that Incarnate Word College secured that prize distinction of being placed on the member- ship list of the Association of American Universities. Dedication 10 Asif f all '15, 5, Sand stu ,. 1 .r" 3 Mother f in ire nr f' rather serve " Ways Uplffwl Incarnalt sense, ima? 5, individveli aPP'eCllle3 ness Ol God become ider' termenl Ol if prepare the 'rf'- capacity. Tire ln sincere Q? eration ot we dedicate tc cation our ease: lirst year oi -3. anoint- T96O, M 2' Dr. S, -'- 'lotlter . 4 f"-Sit ol 3' accept- .: fiiseven asf carried - r','.5EV9ll 2. if UPON ,Q really 5efliapS ' rad le. 1 fggdlilg 'E i'l'Old ft5UQll 41 ,CCG ol . gt fa. 96' ,fret X all to Mother M. Columkille As a glance will show, the growth of lncarnate Word College during the thirties, forties, and fifties has been phenomenal. New buildings have been erected, programs have been expanded, and new programs initiated, and the enrollment has reached an all-time high, with almost one thou- sand students drawn from thirty-five states and twelve countries outside the continental United States. A highly qualified and dedicated faculty composed of Sisters of Charity of the lncarnate Word, priests, and laymen and women guide and instruct these young people. Mother Columkille has always been very cognizant of the truth that no one can do anything well in life without an ideal, whose purpose is not to propose something that we can actually attain, but rather serves as a bright star in the heavens to guide us and lead to its home. She, therefore, has al- ways upheld to her faculty and students the ideal of the liberally educated woman. For this reason, lncarnate Word College has always aimed at teaching the whole person, intellect, will, emotions, sense, imagination, aesthetic sensibilities, memory, and powers of expression. lt seeks to lift up the individual's whole being to that broad spiritual outlook on life whereby he not only understands and appreciates the fact that our whole social heritage is bound up with the Truth, Beauty, and Good- ness of God as seen in Revelation, Nature, Art, and Language, but is likewise willing and ready to become identified with those activities that make for the sanctification of the individual and the bet- terment of society. Mother Columkille has always stressed that the ideal college education should prepare the young person to live - physically, mentally, and spiritually - up to his or her fullest capacity. The education which she has always conceived is a truly liberal education. In sincere gratitude and appreciation for the educational opportunities made available to this gen- eration of students as well as to past generations, and with sentiments of respect and admiration, we dedicate to you, MOTHER M. COLUMKILLE, the T960 issue of the LOGOS. We add to this dedi- cation our added appreciation that the first issue of the LOGOS was made available in 1923, the first year of your office as President of lncarnate Word College. DR. AND MRS. S. THOMAS GREENBURG, and little daughter, JOYCE, pose for this picture on the morning of the Presidential Convocation, February 3, 1960. NATIONAL SHRINE OF THE IMMACULATE R CONCEPTION Q: l TY. 1 , Q.. 1 , fp gb. 4 'Q s -1- 44 ' . . f hi- -. 2- .55 ' I, , .QQ g?q-X ,ff ' f W 47 QE., f, ' s W9 ' kay- ff' ' - - -s - - , -Q-1' s T so-11s-fasss 'xSF1.s.- 4 , . 1 , sq ,, X f o ' p J ,, ' . A ' W , ' , V 4 V rs :Q C ,NX s - S+ ?iQ:,f?wss s .. vigrx -f QNX A4 g Y 1 i y A U p D A xfscss. . 5- A k , T , . , gpm . wc- Q' .sf -ks ' V 1 U: ,A-X W' in ' 2. ' ""' - , ,-i f Biixxxlilxili-'l Q "-Ks 2552 'ix , f f 'K . 7' i 4 " Ki rf' Y - ,L ' t Q..-sf -Q x 1 . . . F M , 15i:A""- f 'Q' , '- 1 ' it " I-fC'-'Mfr' 'Xi Xl? 'I' K i SET , ' ' W f-'45 Q . ftisrw ' K tg . 3 ss - ff 'Q' 1 .Kt.-N35 'T - ' N , M , R, K-Nfx,pSz,s.,. ,,sX,3 sw X15 .. .. C. s 5 - . - l Q 1 i V ,. C. . X X, X. ,sfk 5 - - X js.,-.Asks c.,.,,s s qsf.a.sg5s. --XX.-gpg 5- -.,,'--A ' Ji T X r -cs Above The front entrance is This design symbolizing America's dedication to the Blessed Mother. Two eagles, representing the U.S., face The "M," standing for Mary. She also is represented as The Morning Star, one of The titles in her -Lrtany. This magnificent mosaic reproduction of Murillo's THE IMMACULA main floor of the Shrine, represents the work of five artists Througl-TE fE3NyCeEl:snON, located on the 6 . The story of The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, located in Wash- ington, D.C., on the campus of the Catholic University of America, rightly begins with the selection of Mary as Pa- troness of the United States, l i4 years ago. At the Coun- cil of Baltimore in l846, the Hierarchy of this country, an- ticipating the formal decree issued later by Pope Pius IX, placed our country under the patronage of Mary immacu- late. Even at that early date plans for a "magnificent Catholic Church To be built at Washington, something after The style of the cathedrals of the Old World . . ." were in the discussion stage. But more than 60 years passed before action was taken. ln 1910, Bishop Thomas J. Shahan, Fourth Rector of the Catholic University of America made confident ref- erence to the Catholic gen- erosity which in the future will build ". . . the glorious Temple that will one day be . . . an incomparable mouth- piece of religion . . ." UP 3 Wldespl the mole' tion oi 3 l Our ltdll 5 Catholic WC should Qllf Shaper . rf 4 pride it ilii the United 51 "on the hal proiecl. ll AS to know that A in the cryp' Altar," a gi? oi the Unite: ln i920 ff' oi the Shrine were many ge struction prog depression, err iiculties, but ' l959, on it-,Q ,'-lite Sixtieslll X the dedicator Shrine: Wl'tlCl'i E enduring ste' Calltolicg are W' lhe Wftld, l0vir Maplin We, a Catholic Cope: to have hw z' plesenlat N OUI' egg f " :ri '9ll0r Thom illVQ it to he ni lt all the lAlll'lellQQp0 Q Ing . .Wes th ahhh l v ahzoetroness ii ll M ' r, Am Olllel of ltyg lofi ct i Elica' I 960 A I t I .yn wt: ff"-as 41 QQ. ' ' v , ,QI Q4 4 ' 1. .1 , , avg 2 AIR VIEW OF THE MAIN CAMPUS LOCATED on 200 acres in the beautiful residential area adjoining Alamo Heights, lncarnate Word College has one of the most at- tractive campuses in the South- west. Eighteen buildings constitute the facilities for classrooms, dormi- tories, library, laboratories, and others. Six of these buildings have been completed and opened in the last decade to meet the in- creased demand for facilities in proportion to the growing enroll- ment. The latest addition is the beauti- ful Marian Hall, completed on the eve of the "Fabulous Sixties," which provides the very finest type of dormitory living as well as serv- ing as a student center for all stu- dents. Since its dedication occurred in the beginning of the "Sixties" we attribute it to this decade. lncarnate Word College enters the "Sixties" with a long-range plan for continued expansion. First on the list is the Katherine A. Ryan Child Center, to be completed in the fall of 1960. Then will follow a college Chapel, also to be com- pleted this year. i.w.c. cAMPus AS ttf 'k'k'k'ki"k'ki'k'k Administration and faculty are very cognizant of the fact that the physical en- vironment of the student during her years in college is an important factor in her educational experience. Supervised living in comfortable, beautiful surroundings, the opportunity to live with other students, share their experiences, and form lasting friendships - these are all part of the residential life on the lncarnate Word College campus. L A 6. - -- ' ' ' ' ' ' , ,,,.-g---,-.......-...,..........,.....,.,.-,.,.-e-arf ' 1 .r::" f l v I .U 1 3 s A , F , A IP 5 P 'Q v I ff! 1' ffl ,V 7 vV,. 4 4 'B H L, V, V 1' 1 1 , .A 41 V V-3, V QV 1 V Vr, V, 'eff T , l kz, , if-'V 1' 3. Q4 VV ... V 4 Q. , 1 V, ' aj Vx' 'f "" 4 V V V ,V V V VVVV -V V V. 1? -- ' V - :V VM-.3VV ' ' V V 'V ' . 5 9 ' 'I .v V Q2 s 'VV 'fVV4.V,v V , ' fi? V VV V- " ' ' I Vv V VV, Vf- ,V ..,,f1,-,V ., . V .- VV I ,:V,gfiz'Vig"i5:,wyZ-"V: L, ' V C A V ' 51,45 ,V ' ' f 'W' Vg V5 V, ' . 'V -V VVV,V,,,, V ,V - V, VV f L ,, -, VV -'V V15' f' .- - ,VV -A V V -rl - . cg- , . XV- v... ff V , VV VV V5,j,igVQwVVV,V,e:V Vin V V. V,VV,f,,HV-, ,M . QV ,V.V V "" 1 "" l 1 ' N ' 1'-V'-'-15.1-'gft ' 'fi' FT' N L . ' 'V' V ' ,V V V , inf. -'f -'V .., 4' V fwfwff - V V- sn- V ff, ,w VV -T V , ' '- f A ,wry f '4V'4?7'f V V -"F V V , V V,V,l V VVVVVVVVV , VV VVVV , . ff ' V yw V Vw f, ff Vm , V ' 'V -N J 4 Qf',Q bw VXWWV V H x V ,f V Vf V, V X, V wx, , , V Q V , , 1 "N 'f V ' 'X V ' -f- V V' W' 'f'l'?'x V ' V 2 A f!! . VV V 4 ,V V, "" V VV V V ,VV V, . V V V -, .V V UV, , ,V ,,, V V ,,.,VV V V. V , V , V V ,V V , MVVVV ,V V V Vz' ,V mf ,, , fx V 'Q' ,5TP7..,,V VfV-!.V ',V: H' . ,. ..r,V", 1: ', " 'H' 'Z-,V gz,-W V XV, V fm. ' V?-I,-H A ' 1 x QV, , - "X V -,Vf My VV ,V , V J, V V .,,V, ' Z V,...-Vw VV ,V VVV,,.VVf V V , ' ,V V' .ff ,ff v-V. 'V " Q V! 1- V V , ,' V5 V w . - '." .V,-u,V..,,. ,V ,,, V V ,,..- "'V .--" .9914 V' "" VV: ' V V 0 W' ' . 1' L gf, V4 Vlyv' JZ V ',V-WVVVVVVV ' . : Vu V ' 5 ' 51 V' V A -V V -X f V ' V VV ' VI WV -' V V ' '? -. V .V VV ' - ff f V V V, VV J, 1. VV V ,V . V , V , VV -. . , VV V, VV V, , " ,,,,,V,V ,A ,VV VV V V ,jV V V V V VV QVVVV Vi:V,:3,VVV . V V ,V..V'-W .nf ,ev VV A' V V -VV ' 'HIV f WV - ' " V ' '1-2. 2 ff'-' ""f3'3 , " " V ' ' f V ' V V?--I V 'A 'I 1 1 A f "' '. 'Z -110121 4 ' V' V V f 1' if f ' VV' V? Z-' X " 'K x 2' ' , V , uf' -fwfffi -fr: ' - V ,gd QT . , V , V ga-3-231, X-,QV '1 V' V- , V V . f -v ' 'MW' V' '- " V A7620 iii? " L f'7'f"" ' Q1 f 4-gg ' 'M' V , V Vu 4 f -,V Af ,WW VV 'V 'f ax f' VV V ' ' W-wi A1f'fV' V V 4- f V V - V '. ,JW V,-'V Q V.'Jf'-X V V4-an-V "" :gui i" j ,i V, V, V ' V. ,V V - VV .V7., V . A ' V 'V' VV ' - V V I. VV A' . .V ,ff if "'f V ' V 1 'ze' ' 'Ji ' 3 V -V VT, Q ' - , ' V, ' ' , .V . Vs V V -13 ' V41-Viza wi ,1 ,V , . -V4-:fi F- 5 .- V.V,w,-- Vy -r wi- H' f 'VV'-3+ .-1 wi. , , Vpfn J V 'Jaw-, 2 ,' ,iw A' - 'P '. 'f. Vi'-jf ' -VME .-' ' gsfk 'fm VV., W fg,gJV4Vf,V' Mis' i51,,1f',Q ' , V A I- 3' Al" Vm,ywgV,,,g-Vli my ,,,,V 'J' VI, 1 1 -.l VV V V V.u fp .114 V2 ' V V . ,f V, ' V ,V, Vf - ,V V V f-xy, , , V, V V V V V 'VV' ftjtii , ' N A 1 Wh A ' 'Q 'ul' 'AV ,V V ' -' 1'-V V " 4 "" V VV V '- ,V V , , V ' F A 'av'-VVVVM' : ' ,,4,rwV'- ,Vw - 7, ,,w44V,-' Q, ,w ,, , V ,V Q -v. ? 'VJ , VVV' 4 V 7 V. 4f+i4i'w-'-4 5z1w'z:W'w "- ug 5-MYz??fJf: . fivfd' if K, S1 ' N ' ' 1-V , V : ' - V. 1:V:f,V ,' 4 'V ,V V' V59-VV' -, M ' I wp, 1 w5i5i.S V V fit-f1':V?V-Z hz--W-ff' ' V,jv,:V,f V V -V . ., ,V VV V . VV., . j VV,V,VwVVVV VV -V V V ' V "'?7MW" 5 ' j .. 4141.51 VV , Q,,,1.n-AV " ,V 5 V,V' V " , V , V ww , ,...,,:V:,N x z 1 ,Q V-,W-un-1sM:..J .. x. V PI . x- 'Pqi' vxmmV , , ,V Los-,5 - ,,,v,,gA.,,..,..0,..f J wqaf, yv ' 5: QQ? W' V -21. W , x lu.xUHl 'H" I O ,,..V.,e ,. N 1. n I' h'1 ','. :bi as ui. 51?-5. V-.,f . A734 V, , W-'wMWM - V--fMfifZ?WnV-MM-V V. f 'V V, uf--, 'V ,Q,f ' 'QVY' VV V' IV Vip: 2.V VV: V Z ,H imQw9imifMMV4UMLn'f . .1 ,X A ., VVV -, ,VV . V3 x ,.,,,.... .1 we:-,:, 33: -NV. ., 1,-V. - X . ,V-, x4 ,Q-A V, , V- . x V x 1. A V N X 1 'K V V gi M -' ' - , , ' - . .4 W , , A .4-:jf fl .Av ' 1 s , , i I . Q 1 J J W 1 . ,-371-Q21-21. A. .iii - 5,-71:-' " """ ' "' """':' "T ' 4 --r 'YV' I' Avvrxvvb AJ! IR "' ,'-... .,,-r .,...-v--. .,- 1,-, -v .Q 1 4.5-.1-Q'-'11-rf-of,w-arrow-41,9-11 "v ' " wh in . ha... www-r ru .1 if f l f St. Pius X Library -.-kr V- ,--E7 . ', .hi .gy A ff X s s -' 5.1 QQ . f ,Qu ff fi, ss :f"1"' gg x J-' .' ' - ' Vx ,f rv W Bw M Q du,fra-gadlclldlladllllll s in , , 5. ST. PIUS X LIBRARY, completed in i955, is one of th faculty - ' ' e most important centers on campus. It offers comfort and privacy to students and being air-conditioned in summer, and equipped with private study nooks for researchers. I iv .M 1 g' t V t sl, . f' Stiff .far I xki 5 6' , fret fs- 4 sf 3 5. 1' f 1. l ' . -nn.-., Egg ll 'lhlt ll? rig lEt Mum Sltlll are J lllfiz c K . 5 tw, k. 9, K -l '-s. l e Qt I llte O i , Do Ctjm ll x, s. ellfmd These three scenes are typical of h t ' ' ' X l Marie Bennett and Gail Owen areV:JbiiVii3iSO'?Hex2rLheNjltI.dPglsceigt Ll:garylofr3mOf8:ggoE.m, to 9:00 p.m. In the Picture on lower left, Rose I4 S' lt. lm The Gymnasium 2 Ziff, fi V 1 new fzzfilfiityffi 6 2 f y ,fsgfff , A , , v itir r , I ,,,,, 1 , V' T f ,Q f, 'f f ff f rirr ffffsf f, V , ' ,f f , .,1,,,,,,. . ,. I f fffyfwff, f, ,f l v , V ' ' ' V, wk ln these three pictures, we have an exterior and two interior views ot the gym. At the right, Rose Marie Trevino, a Physical Education major, shows her fellow maiors a tew stunts which she has mastered in her course. Looking on and marveling at her skill are: Judy Ramirez, Honora Miller, Mary Teresa Garcia, and La Ruth Patton. The gym is a very popular place, especially when students have ,,.,i ,, ,,,, the opportunity ot doing the exercises shown above. Figures be- come svelte and bulges disappear. fx, e an '- in ,-,cZ'Z""6'jjl l5 The EDUCATION HALL houses The Depaflmenl of Education. Classes and activitieS relative to the Department of Education are held in this building. Audio-visual lab. and speech lah. are on the top floor. The Education Hall Qfx MISS MARY M. F. WHALEN, Supervisor of Student Teaching, checks with student teachers, Rose Marie Raab Crightj, and Judy Colgan, on some point ot their lesson planning. Rosa Marie completed her semester of supervised teaching at the San Antonio Vocational and Technical School, while Judy completed hers at the Robert E. Lee High School. :Xt 85194 SZ' Kms -rm-1-Q., vr-gm... 'WWW Above, student teacher Jeannine Calderoni guides little hands in their first writing lessons. Jeannine is from BroWr1Svlll6- At left, Tirza Martin,, student teach- er from Laredo, teaches a social science lesson to her fifth graders. A t 'y t i, , lt f fi l' is ., ,N A QW illiir "x'. "4 ln 1 Y di, M17 5 vx 1 F .ex , J ,' 'M Teaching iii: lv' ', IIIIII. am ii 'Ing lo iv 'Ian I: -will illle .""' L1, I " If Juni ,ff f .5 Science Laboratories IAboveJ The SCIENCE BUILDING ON THE MAIN CAMPUS, center of scientific research as well as laboratories for re9UIaf College Sclence classes. GIC TECHNOL- CBeIowJ The SANTA ROSA HOSPITAL, which houses ihe CLINICAL LABORATORIES, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY and RADIOLO OGY LABORATORIES. 'GV W Nutmeg l ' ire f if' J P rr . .VFP .'E'.' Y M zz.. M. A ,Wagga , Xin " 4 If Marian Hall Begun in September, 1958, Marian Hall dormitory was completed in Se te b p m er, 1959. Construction strikes halted the completion of the Student Center, until Decem- ber. Snack bar, ballroom, lounges and offices, and cafeteria were completed when the students returned after the Christmas vacation. Hence, this addition may be credited to the Sixties - the first f ' ' ' ' o a group of buildings in the expansion plans of lncarnate Word College. Merlin H l . d Cllmbm Olmlliym. 2,3 lx We f- 1 if. Q3 3. Qi.. XA :ig M ' 12 X .,., , 5 L - A PM 1 , Q - , vxb QJQQQ4 0 -wwf X, ,, ,f. fvyrq, W0f '1-M2717 Ziiffw 55,1 ., '-Q4 f wa 2 f 55gW,azwM,,, .f . f 1 ' a 5 8 f T i , f 'H '-54,4323 ' -Y , 1 f 1 1 1 ff? 'Q , ' wvwv-4fACAHti'Y -V .aff-1 - if f , I , , ,,, ,A1s x "fn -.,.,,,,..L.f.1,.h..,...,4,a..0...,. .,. K . ,, , 0 3 w U, ,f Theiff ingl COW" ' nomksur V , lip' howw +- o i ing and Ov TM wha We NURSE www pid are admiiej edmmwn,es ww me hs mqwsanopo swveand'wo fwhwm Themhdu' MANAGENE wmmhore, ,,,, lwsmegw, W pmdke H maofd - 1.3 1 J V sl' Kklf '1 f 4 Eff! J Home Economics Buildings The Household Arts Build- ing, constructed in 1939, is one of the three Home Eco- nomics units on campus. It houses the foods and cloth- ing and design laboratories. The other two units are the NURSERY SCHOOL, where pre-school children are admitted for pre-school education, as well as to af- ford the home economics majors an opportunity to ob- serve and work with young children. The third unit is the HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE, where home economics ma- iors are given an opportunity to practice the greatest ca- reer ot all - homemaking. ,,,- , , F! H iff inf THE NURSERY SCHOOL THE HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE Bi ho Leven Declicales Marian Hall -S cf' Q- n,'f - . 1 gi 1' v ,. Q, gag X. we s X N..5sf.yeX fx Refs ef 1-Q' NNXY ees es A ye if X fx-Nil 5 ' We-gwfis T Xkwwfx.iccw L 5 -L as Ngkxxl .viz rgexkw X geii A QV wx-X xgxjgisek X L bg f sc A QXSYSX BISHOP LEVEN, attended by Father John Cogavin, college chaplain, BISHOP LEVEN places documents in The cornerstone. Father begins the ceremony of the laying of The cornerstone of MARIAN French, and MV- WLIIISS asslslanl look on In The background' HALL. Mr. Don White, architect, rs rn background. I ff? ., ,lv Following the laying of the cornerstone His Excellency Mos? BISHOP fgyf f fgy, f r WM , , LEVEN erects The firsr crucifix in the lobb of Marian Reverend Stephen A. Lev ' d b ' Y en, assrste y Reverend Thomas A Hall with F h . , at ers Thomas A. French and Laurence Sfeubben French, begins the dedication ceremony. ' ' lback To cameral assisting. 22 Atoll? 'Z' I r co". levrnl " .' P2 lrlallfl Bishop le' Ground lo Kolherine Center on College C Iillle lore 2-if lllllllllllllf l 3 Ing refer:-. - eller Mrs. llllf, Revere: - General of Inf Word, and Mrs, fr' look on, lhe lhlld Cir:-. Ilene rg rf L for me nr Q. , di Eli gg up The :FCC A 'le co llle Slud em .. Z chaplain, R leo : cellnr everg- Lp - ide llllll Slins I Zi ' I. lheml II :I N Ullyardylix of rhh 5 5. WV .4 Above: Faculty and students listen to Bishop Leven's sermon following the dedication of Marian Hall. Bishop Leven Breaks Ground for the Katherine A. Ryan Center and the College Chapel Little Joyce Greenburg presents flowers to MRS. KATHERINE A. RYAN following the ground-break- ing ceremony for the Child Center to be named after Mrs. Ryan. Bishop Leven, Mother M. Colum- kille, Reverend Mother Mary Clare, Superioress General of the Sisters of Charity of the lncarnate Word, and Mother M. Laserian, Assistant General, look on. The third ceremony on this very eventful day, February 2, 1960, was the breaking of ground for the new college chapel. BISHOP LEVEN digs up the first shovelful of hard ground in the courtyard, as Billie Machado, president of the student body, Reverend John J. Cogavin, chaplain, Reverend Patrick J. Murray, vice-chan- cellor of the Archdiocese, and Reverend Thomas A. French stand by. Sorry, we do not have the identification of the acolytes. Our apologies to them. "fl, 'F'f"'1. 19 5931 SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER 24 Administration cmcl Fclculty ADMINISTRATION MOTHER M. COLUMKILLE, Ph.D. President, Board of Directors SIDNEY THOMAS GREENBURG, Ph.D. President SISTER M. CLEMENT, A.M. Dean of Instruction SISTER M. GERALDA, A.M. Dean of Women SISTER MARY OF MERCY, A.M. Assistant Dean SISTER M. ANTONINUS, A.M. Registrar SISTER M. RAPHAEL, M.L.S. Librarian SISTER M. TERESA, A.B., B.B.A. Treasurer NORMAN C. MOHN, Ph.D. Director of Graduate Studies FACULTY M. ADELAIDE, B.Mus., Instructor in Music M. ADRIANA, A.M., Associate Professor of Spanish M. AGNESINE, M.Mus., Associate Professor of Music M. ALACOQUE, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English M. ANNE, M.Ed., Instructor in Special Educa- tion M. ANTHELMA, A.M., Instructor in English M. BENIGNUS, B.S.., Instructor in Medical Record Library Science M. BERNARDA, M.Mus., Professor of MARY BRIAN, R.N., M.S., Instructor in Music Nurs- ing M. CHRISTIANA, R.N., M.S., Associate Pro- fessor of Nursing JANE DE CHANTAL, A.M., Associate Profes- sor of Home Economics DR. S. THOMAS GREENBURG Professor of Philosophy and President Cin addition to those whose pictures appear on the following pagesl SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER ALOYSIUS CLARE, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Education MARY EDWARD, A.M., Assistant Librarian CLAIRE EILEEN, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages MARY CLARENCE, M.L., Assistant Professor of Home Economics MARY CLAUDE, M.S., Associate Professor of Home Economics M. COLLETTE, M.L.S., Instructor in Library Science MARY DANIEL, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry DOLORES MARIE, M.Mus., Associate Profes- sor of Music MARY ELLEN, M.Ed., Instructor in Education M. EMILIA, A.M., M.B.A., Associate Professor of Business 1-1 W , a.. tr ' ss . 3 f-is' li I IIEIIIEIIS OF III? Chairman oi fire gavea brief adm 2: lor Iiellermer' s: I. sisiiiii E . I. --. he SISTER M : .. SISTER L: IIITT AGM: ,, sisiiiii T ,5.,4 .T- .. SISIE W' Illlll' ,Q SISTER ' I T M X A SISTER MAI? -- M s LI N ' I I xwiil SISTER ,M SISTER Ilia. . SISTER ,QM ' fl El TT. Mn I 1 Faculty Members Attend Special Convocation MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION attend the Special Convocation on February 3, I960, at which Judge Al Heck, Acting Chairman of the Advisory Board, introduced Dr. S. Thomas Greenburg as the new President of Incarnate Word College. Dr. Greenburg gave a brief address to the students and faculty in which he stated that he hoped to "continue the development of I.W.C. in that direction for betterment so successfully initiated and carried on by Mother Columkille . . ." S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER S STER M. EUPHRASIA, B.S., Instructor in Medical Technology M. EVANGELIST, R.N., M.S., Assistant Pro- fessor of Nursing MARY HELENE, A.M., Associate Professor of Dramatics AGNES IMELDA, A.M., Assistant Professor of Psychology M. ILDEPHONSE, A.M., Instructor in History MARY JOHN, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology MARY LOUIS, O.S.U., Ph.D., Professor of English M. LUCILLA, R.N., M.S., Instructor in Nursing MARY LUCY, Ph.D., Professor of Biology M. LUDMILLA, A.M., Associate Professor of German JOHN MAGDALEN, M.Ed., Assistant Profes- sor of Home Economics JOSEPH MARIE, Ph.D., Professor of Biology JOHN MARIE, Ed.D., Professor of Education STER STER STER STER STER STER STER STER STER STER STER STER MARY MARK, M.Ed., Instructor in Physical and Health Education M. MECHTILDIS, A.M., Instructor in English M. MIRIAM, A.B., Instructor in Art M. OLIVIA, R.N., M.S., Instructor in Nursing MARGARETPATRICE, A.M., Assistant Profes- sor of English M. PASCALINE, A.M., Instructor in Chemistry MARY OF PERPETUAL HELP, A.M., Professor of Mathematics M. RITA, A.M., fleave of absencei Instructor in English ROSA MARIA, Ph.D., Professor of Foreign Languages M. THEOPHANE, Ph.D., Professor of Educa- tion M. URBAN, B.S. in R.T., Instructor in Radio- logic Technology M. XAVERIUS, M.Ed., Associate Professor of Physical and Health Education 25 , .,., .- ---..,.-.----.f.,.,,-,,...-.-J-ee-A": ,.,fj""" ""f'- N .W ,W , . . ... ...-.-,.,.-rf.:--9-f-431'--,+-14,31, -- .. - Faculty 2 'ni :We-ill' , 1 .1111 ,. ff f " TEH! 4 3 1 :ff . -,.--xr!! f X K i I X 1' f REVEREND JOHN J. cooAviN DR. NORMAN C. MOHN rilssriiierq Professor of Theology and Chaplain Professor of Education and Director of the Graduate Division insifucimg. P flscfii P .zQ'QvL4j4 . , , 3 v 'ff i A iq! 1 l F ,N 1,- . 1 w -2 REVEREND THOMAS A. FRENCH DR NORMAN AERA MSON Professor of Theol09Y Visiting Professor of Mathematics i?',S5AN lamp Bu lu 26 Sli, V f -M MISS MARGARET ANDERSON Faculty MR. JOSE VIVES-ATSARA Instructor in English and Eurhythmic Dancing IFISTFUCTOF in Aff ,Cixi , , , M ,, f ff 2 1, ' ' W?z.QMhD '!, L 4? Hvf ' m !H,Vv:i,,M ,... A d,r,,?,hf, .,.. , ,, Wy , f f, , , ww' DR. SEAN BURKE Assistant Professor of Philosophy ,fr MRS. RICHARD L. BRANDT Director of Physical and Health Education f f 4 ff jJQ4 A f f f ' fy X if f' if I ff Zhi? my 4 7 LW QW? ,A ,, ,,,,f. Iza , . ,nun ... ,,- ,.,.,..i....------1-1-1:--w J-ren ...-.. .....-91.1-ft-ff-+-f-ff1"'fff1.':'. A ,A - - v - Faculty f X I -1 MISS CECIL COLEMAN . MRS. VENA F. CALLAWAY II'I5N'W"'-5 Instructor in Commercial Art Instructor in Nursing IIIIIUIIOIIV-35 ' J if rv ' 'C' V , ,M , ,I , 3 '1 f, ff r,, . A I , '41 I . V I I . , ,, W ' I 4 ifh ' , MRS. IRMA DICKSON MR. WILLIAM FIELD Instructor in N ' U"5'n9 Instructor in Ps h' t DRJ . , '- .Q yc I8 rlc Nursing D,,eq0rfELUNG If Publ Faculty MISS AMY CAWLEY MISS JEAN DAVIS Instructor in Public Health Nursing Instructor in Nursing DR, J, C. ELLINGTQN DR. MARY WANDA HARP Director of public Health Nursing Instructor in Nutrition and Diet Therapy ,, ...,...-,.e .YI .7-.,,,.-. xv Vw- ' ,.- ..-, ....,.-.----.f-fy--Y rv-as ,N wav,-:.I-f:,,., ,-.,., ---, W V- anqvr U, 6 ,,,,.,... ., -v-.ey-nj-fp-eq--P47 . .', ,." . - A e Faculty f , 4 F' , , ,vin f MRS. MARGUERITE HENNESSEY MRS. VIRGINIA I-IANSEN Instructor in public Health Nursing Director of Home Economics Teacher Educarion MRS. ALICE NAYLOR MISS MARY JANE O'HARA Chairman, Department of Arr lnsfrucfor in Nursing wx Faculty DR. ERIC SORANTIN MISS VOLINA POWERS Professor of Violin and Conductor of the Community Symphony Artist Voice Instructor Orchestra MISS MARY M. F. WHALEN Assistant Professor of Social Sciences MRS. JULIA STURDIVANT Instructor in Business X! , y ,I Of X f M f' V, , 5 ,ff, 7 fgzfffywyy ' ff' ,ff ff 4 ,, AW, X61 f ,f ,,,f,, ,fy , ff , ,' 10' ,f ,ggy A, Faculty Members in Various Roles SISTER ALOYSIUS CLARE, Director of Student Teaching and of the Reading Laboratory, demon- strates the use of Tapes in The reading program at Incarnate Word College, for Mr. Coleman Mor- rison, staff member of the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. lncarnate Word College was one of The institutions of higher learning selected by The Harvard-Carnegie Study for The purpose of investigating The methods of Teaching reading in The program of elementary Teachers. Mr. Morrison spent Two days at The col- lege studying The facilities, methods, and tech- niques in reading used in The preparation of Teachers. SISTER ROSA MARIA Ileftj and SISTER RITA, Two Phi Beta Kappa members, discuss with Ramah Koenig, secretary of The upperclassmen honor society, ways and means of inspiring a greater love of study and scholarship among the student body in general. Below: SISTER JOHN MAGDALEN, assistant pro- fessor of home economics, observes students Laura Alvarez, Rosario Gomez, and Mary Teresa Liberto in Quantity Cookery lab. Laura and Mary T. are dietetics maiors. The former will intern in a Veterans' Hospital in September, while the lat- ter will enter one of The San Antonio hospitals. Pix -"YQ fifefkfa If 1 'Efw e j , 'aw 1 lit , Q., V. 'Gnfw hyy waz. ha-FE9: .XL -, 1 Pi.: u,nh'7Q,: U 3 4 x.,, N 9 .'1 .4 ,tw ,g. -4... 'L' ., ...L Q N: 5 It'-. ' "Q, 'fffc I kr "Im ,L V: 2, Q -fx'-f - Aw: . , - e-, rf' ..'-'-1 x..'lZv -mr. . .l- .. 1 'a "ya:-1-7.:. :Q ff 4., ..,.,, yi 'if ,,. 4,3 jf: .W ,,,!f ,g ' ,Sf .V 5 M rl ' '.. ,.,. : I "1 .nf 7 , fw 2 .Q '- yy U .f.:,7. .' . , W., ' 'Wan J' "f L, ,.," Miss Laura Alvarez MRS. NELLE BAKER 1 I 10 Gibbs Street San Antonio, Texas CA 2-9415 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Baker was graduated from John Sealy College of Nursing, Galveston, nearly 20 years ago, but she says it seems more like 20 months. When she receives her degree in May, her daughter will graduate from St. Gerard's High School. Best of luck to the two graduates. , x , ' 4-, vs, gi. . n't sf. J.. ' I .vane-, . n 3 L 1' Ii' ,QW1-' L X i T4 6. ?"'l:i' 3:2 Igiiafls I ' VV . Qgffti' , 34 Miss Eva Marie Ballard Senior class MISS LAURA ALVAREZ 462 E. Magnolia Avenue San Antonio, Texas PE 3-0136 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Laura has spent her four years of college at lncarnate Word, where she was an active member of Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics organization. She will intern for dietetics in a Veterans' Hospital next year, and then it's Sao Paolo, Brazil, for this adventuresome young lady. , Mrs. Nelle Baker MISS EVA MARIE BALLARD 301 N. Virginia Street San Antonio, Texas LE 4-6161 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mental health nursing has been a 'Favorite of Eva Marie who has many an interesting story to tell. A graduate of St. Paul'S School of Nursing in Dallas, she has attended college in Athens and East Texas. Marie is very active in professional activities and organizations, to which she brings the very best of -her knowledge and experience. 1 M155 110 PW 4 if' Odeswf Bafllelol C Presidftl I' I.. 3 1 FSIOmi?,,,1 1 alle' Slnli :' our W' ', ePP0lI'lmIl f Miss Dorothy ip, Santa Rosa Dzv-A Q. MISS GA Ilnlillll Foil am HOU Bachelor of A Wh shell llll'9Sret enroll , S I eil III tl intl, on her .FI A91 for a Sa ISL n sms-4 W 55 .hots who A :ga Sllle 1.- sl is Taaxx I . . r Q- s II ...lass MISS MAGDALENA BANDERAS 410 Plaza Place Odessa, Texas FE 7-6567 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education President of the senior class, and tireless worker in the Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fraternity, Magdalena still finds time tor other school activities. Chief among these are the Sodality of Our Lady. Plans are almost completed for an elementary school appointment in her native Odessa. Miss Dorothy M. Barnes, President of the Senior Class of the Santa Rosa Division MISS MARGARET BLANCHARD tif-4 Staff Post Fort Sam Houston, Texas CA 2-8-'ll l Bachelor ot Arts in English When Margaret graduated from high school in Naples, Italy, she enrolled in the European branch of the University of Mary- land. On her return to the U.S., Loyola ot the South claimed her for a semester, but luckily, Margaret learned about I.W.C. An all-around student, Margaret was elected to Alpha Chl, Who's Who Amon Students in American Colleges and Univer- 9 sities, and is the Editor of the monthly publication, THE LOGOS- Miss Magdalena Banderas, President of Senior Class MlSS DOROTHY M. BARNES 11606 Carmen St. Houston 21, Texas RE 4-6930 Bachelor of Science in Nursing "The girl with the golden voice," as she is known to all her associates, Dorothy was elected President of the senior class of the Santa Rosa Division. She is a member of several profes- sional organizations related to nursing, but her chief interest is the Sodality of Our Lady, of which she is a loyal and devoted member. Miss Margaret Blanchard, Editor of THE LOGOS gllgss Barbara A. Burton, secretary of the Profess Miss Barbara Joyce Brown MRS. EUNICE BRYANT 700 Dawson Street San Antonio, Texas CA 3-4648 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mrs. Bryant is very happy to be able to complete her require- ments for her degree and be of service to her family and community. Hoyvever, she has another great desire, and that is to visit one of her daughters in Kingston, Jamaica, in the West Indies. Yes, we hope your wish comes true in the very near future. B. . . ional Nurses' Club. Senior C1095 MISS BARBARA JOYCE BROWN 3131 Nebraska Street San Antonio, Texas CA 3-6753 Bachelor of Arts in Business Barbara came to I.W.C. from the Phylis Wheatley High Schogl, She has been active in the Business Club and in Kappa Pi Sigma. But, she says her greatest experience was in working at the ALAMO MESSENGER office last year. Barbara hopes to secure a secretarial position after graduation, and if possible, get in some traveling on the side. Mrs. Eunice Bryant MISS BARBARA A. BURTON 2018 W. Hermosa Drive San Antonio, Texas PE 6-0049 Bachelor of Science in Nursing A Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps, Barbara has taken time Off to complete degree requirements. She plans to serve twO years in the A.N.C., and then, perhaps, graduate work. Barbara IS a graduate of Baptist Memorial Hospital and attended TriniiY Un'Ve"5lfY before coming to I.W.C. An excellent student, and B born 0'9anizer and administrator, Barbara should go far in her career. ,f V I. 'fff Rir, .4 Miss it Box 51 three ll Baclt6l0l of I' .-'Lf P17 callin 'V ,Q rf liicll She I" W her 51-5 E rained A ,,f: 1, - Delta all - f Vito AW? I. I M55 Mer, I-. MISS SYLVIA 6 C MQI IIOIIII lth S. f Allen, Texas Bac S lIeI0II SCIef1 Ilvia is I0 ri anolller . Sh Sum there lol. fled OH: e alle Il Ul50n 5 of IIUT Stn Nl S pu' lad 9'-i Octal Yana Q t elenrctf HF st 'llllllsi QF' Class MISS CAROLYN BYRNE Box 516 Three Rivers, Texas 149 Bachelor of Arts in Biology Carolyn entered l.W.C. after winning the Dougherty scholarship, which she has held for all four years of college. She has main- tained her scholarship rating, was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta and Alpha Chi, national honor societies, and to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Her future plans include a career' in scientific research. Miss Mary Jeanine Calderoni, Treasurer of the senior class MISS SYLVIA CARDENAS 621 North 7th Street McAllen, Texas MU 6-7871 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Sylvia is another young Rio Grande Valley student, who plans to return there to do public health work or pediatric nursing. She attended Our Lady ot the Lake College before deciding upon a nursing program. Sylvia is very active in the Sodality of Our Lady and in professional organizations. An outstanding social event ot her senior year is the election to QUEEN OF THE STARDUST BALL. Miss Carolyn Byrne, Treasurer of Alpha Chi MISS MARY JEANINE CALDERON1 504 Calle Retama Brownsville, Texas LI 2-5723 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mary Jeanine followed her sister, Doris Anne, to l.W.C. She spent two years at Texas Southmost College, where she began her program in elementary education. Jeanine is the treasurer of the senior classy she is active in l.R.C., Student N.E.A., and the Cecilian Choristers. Miss Sylvia Cardenas 37 Miss Luciana Cardigno MAJOR JAMES E. CASSIDY 164 Artillery Post Fort Sam Houston, Texas CA 2-8411, Ext. 3872 Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy Maior Cassidy, whose home is now in San Antonio with his charming wife and six beautiful children, already holds the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine from Tufts University, Boston. He attended Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass., for two years, and has spent ten years with the U.S. Army, three of them in Europe. After completing his active duty, Major Cassidy plans to teach philosophy. rfb- .-, w , K, . 39 M155 5YlVla CBIBVCS, vice-president of the Music Association . s Senior Clos MISS LUCIANA CARDIGNO 814 West Gramercy San Antonio, Texas PE 5-6992 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Italian-born and educated, Luciana came to the U.S. four years ago for a short visit. And, you guessed it, she stayed. She learned English fast, and was soon employed in the Edgewood schools. The demand for certification was the reason for Luciana's working for a degree in elementary education. She had almost completed requirements for a Master of Arts' degree at the Uni- versity of Rome. Maior .-lames E. Cassidy MISS SYLVIA CAZARES 415 Arbor Place San Antonio, Texas CA 6-5170 Bachelor of Music in Music Education Sylvia has attended lncarnate Word from the eighth grade on - in fact, she belonged to the last eighth grade in the Ad. Building. She has traveled all over Mexico and a good part of the U.S. Sylvia plans to teach music in the schools and perhaps do some studio work. The future should bring B European trip. Sylvia has served the Music Association as vice- president during the past year. San A Hat ll ll M155 1 Bafllelol Ol 15 life' , ff J I 'lily ieel are t: li0lliCl0lln 14 . 961 gpllllgl L V lla an D9 ,Q i an FY 5,7 fx' it is i iii 3035 Mime M s alt' . timellilqulsi lt. she is A luiheragmtlotted l19l0f of SC. I olding a Natignal lllotitf 95915 1. T41 ri Prof 1' f f U- K s ll lCIclss MISS JUDY COLGAN 7125 Stiles Road El Paso, Texas PR 2-1231 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Judy is wearing a sparkler on the correct finger, her eyes are sparkling, and although she seems to be walking on air, her feet are very much on the ground. She plans to teach in her hometown beginning in September, and then there will be a spring, 1961, wedding. Judy was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta and Alpha Chi, national honor societies, and to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Maior Rita V. Conners MISS MATTIE DAVIS 304 Crane Street San Antonio, Texas CA 5-5851 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mattie Louise has worked towards her degree while at the same time holding a iob at one of the hospitals. At the present time she is employed as Director of Nursing Services at the Grace Lutheran Hospital, in San Antonio. She is a member of the National League for Nursing and other professional organizations. l Miss Judy Colgan MAJOR RITA V. CONNERS USAF Hospital, Box 1559 Lackland, AFB, Texas WA 3-4279 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major Connors was born in Brooklyn, N.Y,, and was graduated from high school in Washington, D.C. She has seen the world with the Air Force Nurse Corps and has had the opportunity of attending the University of California, Oglethorpe University in Georgia, and now l.W.C. She attended Watts and John Hopkins School of Nursing. Rita has had a brilliant career with the Air Force and plans to remain with that body for several years Miss Mattie Davis ,,n,,r,,,,,,,,,, ,,..,-.... ...,,. ,,.. ..,,. -.,-.,.. 1...-s. , ., . -- --.- -.. ........ ..,-. -T-4 wwf-A---+zs"""f'1""-"T '-""-"f"" ' A A " x f fi ' .f ' f ,,,, , , I www-'ff Miss Delia De Leon MISS ANN DEVANEY 3408 29th Street Senior Class MISS DELIA DE LEON T218 Denver Blvd. San Antonio, Texas LE 6-3119 Bachelor of Arts in Art Delia is best known at I.W.C. for her serigraphy, her exhibit was the wonder of all who viewed it. She has studied art in Mexico as well as at Immaculate Heart College Ain Los Angeles, besides I.W.C. A trip to Europe next fall and a short period of art study there are in her future plans. Then, perhaps, Delia will open her own art studio. Lubbock, Texas SW 9-0977 Bachelor of Arts in English Ann graduated from Nazareth Academy in Victoria, and was one of the winners of the Dougherty scholarship to I.W.C. She is very interested in writing, and hopes to produce her first novel in the not-too-distant future. Library work also holds a fascination for Ann - in fact, the whole world of books. Q A 40 Miss Christine Ann Durbin Miss Ann Devaney MISS CHRISTINE ANN DURBIN 4332 South Seneca Wichita, Kansas CA3-O7-45 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Greenland, Canada, and about thirty of the fifty states have been graced by Christine's visits to them. After graduation she plans to ioin the Army Nurse Corps and see more of the world. An active Sodalist, Christine had the privilege of attend- ing the International Congress in Newark, N.J., last summer. She is a member of several professional organizations, and is active in all class proiects. 'lil Ill. 308 3, 1, , ,:, littlif ' Baflelll if I 1 iff Ott Ili... f still I., e is :fun I W ' Iexii'-0 f' Ieretfi ills 5 4 CC- tafl Sll' I I l IEIISS ig I IB .f Flwesviis B ., IADYQ Glad anl Is Illl is Im 'G' m . leaching jmiingv Varied Oleg. of N 5 Olll lily .l ld IIIdIllQ:I :F .sa . atllllf ol me MUS Class MISS THERESA EIDEN 308 S. Carroll Athens, Texas 2830 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education One of the most generous and dependable members of the senior class - this is what is generally said about Theresa. She is very active in all campus proiects. Her chairmanship of the Texas-Louisiana Region of the National Catholic Theatre Con- ference convention was a major factor in its success. Theresa plans a teaching career following graduation. She has already had some teaching experience. Mrs. Patricia Even MISS GLADYS FLIELLER Rt. 4, Box 204 Floresville, Texas TA 2-8886 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Gladys has two maior careers ahead of her - the first, marriage and homemaking, to begin in the summer, and the second, teaching to begin in September. Her interests are broad and varied - dramatics International Relations Club, the Sodality of Our Lady, and she likes to travel. For recreation, she dances, and indulges in light sports. Miss Theresa Eiden MRS. PATRICIA LUDOLPH EVEN T67 Harrigan Court San Antonio, Texas TA 4--4220 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Pat is the fourth member of the Ludolph family to attend l.W.C. Last summer she changed her name to Even, so she is already putting her homemaking knowledge into practice. She says that Tommy says she has really learned her homemaking techniques and that everything runs on an organizational schedule. Miss Gladys Flieller 4' f fl , , Mrs. Rose Clark Forehand MRS. BARBARA ANN FOSTER T23 Parland Place, Apt. -4 San Antonio, Texas CA 2-7070 Bachelor of Science in Nursing An exile from Indiana, Barbara yearns to return there and work with children in some form of psychiatric nursing. She is a transfer from Evansville College School of Nursing, in her native Indiana. Active in several professional organizations, Barbara is a loyal and devoted member of the graduating class. . A It 42 Miss Ann Freeman, secretary of the senior class Senior lllll MRS. ROSE CLARK FOREHAND 2-46 Freiling Drive San Antonio, Texas DI 4-l87l Bachelor of Arts in Art Rose has a deep interest in art, but a far deeper interest in the children she teaches. She says that all children remind her of her own grandchildren, who are enrolled at St. Gregory's School. She works very diligently at her teaching vocation, while at the same time she maintains la home. Her husband declares she is the best homemaker anywhere to be found. Mrs. Barbara Ann Foster MISS ANN FREEMAN 31 IO Tomahawk Rd. Prairie Village, Kansas Bachelor of Arts in History Ann and her sisterf Judy, came to I.W.C. two years ago from St. Mary of the Woods College, Indiana. She loves to travel and hopes to get plenty of it in the near future. As secretary of the senior class, and member of Alpha Delta Sigma, Ann has had two busy years at I.W.C. Her crowning honor was being elected Queen of the Senior SNOWBALL. Following graduation, Ann plans to work in Kansas City. I . Illft if . ' llll' VMQZ all Self ' I 1 Wal' UMM? ri? ff. 1 1:1 ,ff- all lllll' M5511 ,irq llc.n'ft?'f ' ' a " . ,, ll AlPl:r'J'f' illeif " MISS I lox Mlllll GQ la ieria, tm, llllelor ol Silent: llma h T lt 95 into .hell Plc Ind -ffl 52' llllll ll: will 'sv lima h ' Ql Q ' sit lt lsfif' f ll .R l l-E-I 2-. lltsionlllil I- " IN TW . u--. , K u ini lCIass MRS. WILLDA GAFFORD 366 Rexford Drive San Antonio, Texas TA 4-2863 Bachelor of Arts in Biology Willda has had a broad range of experiences in her short lite. She completed a nursing program at the Methodist Hospital of Central Illinois, but felt that she was drawn more towards the teaching profession. Consequently she began working towards a certificate program in secondary education. She is President gf Alpha Chi, national honor society for upperclassmen, and holds membership in other organizations. Miss Rose Marie Galindo MISS IRMA GARZA Box 614 La Feria, Texas SW 7-6890 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Irma has her eyes set on South America where she hopes to 90 into industrial nursing. Her record as an outstanding nurse should be of great assistance to her in securing such a post. Irma has been very active in nursing and campus organizations. She has been very influential in the Sodality and in the Pro- fessional Nurses' Club, Mrs. Willda Gafford, president of Alpha Chi, national honor society MISS ROSE MARIE GALINDO 915 W. Lynwood Ave. San Antonio, Texas PE 5-9839 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Rose Marie has been a very active and devoted member of the college classes from the freshman year to the senior. She served as prefect of the Sodality of Our Lady in her junior year. She is a member of Alpha Chi, and of Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Miss lrma Garza I 44 Miss Carmen Gomez MRS. ELIA M. GOMEZ 314 Schmeltzer Lane San Antonio, Texas DI 2-7558 Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Mrs. Gomez attended San Marcos State College for three years, and taught school for twelve years. She loves her teaching iob. She is also very interested in the Portland Cement plant of San Antonio. Mrs. Gomez is of a very generous nature and gives of herself to whatever charitable cause needs her service. Q . , l i I 7 Miss Anna Marie Gonzalez , ... C ..,, ...,.. .... ,.,. . ss Senior GIG MISS CARMEN GOMEZ I IO Fordham Ave. San Antonio, Texas GE 2-7l76 Bachelor of Arts in Art Plans for an early marriage have been artistically sketched by this young lady who knows exactly what she wants. Carmen came to San Antonio from Dayton, Ohio, and attended SAC before enrolling at I.W.C. She quickly attained honors and was elected to Alpha Chi and to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Her future plans include teaching art as well as homemaking. ' Z ' A Mrs. Elia M. Gomez MISS ANNA MARIE GONZALEZ 506 E. Magnolia St. San Antonio, Texas PE 5-6092 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology A summer wedding will follow graduation, and then the in- tricacies of medical technology will give way to those of home- making. Anna Maria is wonderful with a needle and has made many of her own clothes, but she has never said anything ab0Uf her cooking. She belongs to Phi Sigma Kappa, Kappa Lambda Kappa, and the Texas Society of Medical Technologists-. 1 ,ir il NII55 IIZQ' Q30 ' Sanllllol' 'I llaclelol Ol 'I 4 lleff' Born 'nw Ulf ' f' , 4 sided :jr 'T-1 all 'E , r' J ,ie Uh., If 15 If lol PU? S :'C 1 I V ' conlillol wliele' '-4.5 'ia tug. gfg .a+ f T' ci. ,gi f Piet.- . ,U f lliss it i I'-.u 4. ' .-- MISS - ea Il GIGIIQQ T I SNES Bachelor cl A.. - II I' ' riamy iompletu il '-. e-' III S0 TH, L -4 Q vi . min- "Is of III Ilfl ITL: ' Q-'I Pi-. - - IIEI Illsl t K I7 he- li' I ss . Q blgofd I I A tlicfzh :T K N -S s xx? 'f rf' vm 55259, ' liixai ii' I I , 1 N , IS I" A b 9'lIUai.Igm3 like I : QII Class MISS ELIZABETH GORLEY 230 Carnahan Street San Antonio, Texas Bachelor of Science in Medical Records Library Science Born in Alabama, and more recently having lived in Hoquiam, Washington, Miss Gorley has served as a school nurse. She de- cided to work for a degree in Medical Record Librarianship, and returned to l.W.C., where she had been previously enrolled for public health nursing courses. Her spirit of enthusiasm is contagious, and she spreads cheer and encouragement every- where. Miss Ruth Ann Graf, prefect of the Sodality of Our Lady MISS NANCY HAJOVSKY I43 E. Pearl La Grange, Texas 72 W Bachelor of Arts in English Nancy com.pleted college in three years and intervening sum- mers, so that she could be ready to marry the one and only man in her life. A June wedding is planned. She is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa and Alpha Delta Sigma. She hopes to begin graduate work in her early married life and perhaps teach, but her first duty will be to become the best wife in Texas. A big order for a little person. Miss Elizabeth Gorley MISS RUTH ANN GRAF 207 North Main Del Rio, Texas PE 5-3486 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Ruth Ann is the prefect of the Sodality of Our Lady, and de- votes herself wholeheartedly to her work. One of the biggest thrills of her college career was in being able to attend the Sodality Congress in Newark, N.J., last summer. Following gradu- ation, Ruth Ann plans to work in the hospital in her hometown, and also to do further study in Obstetrics. Miss Nancy Haiovsky 45 ,. , .,,,,. .,,, , , ,, , V V, V ,, ,. Vvfil' X f, f, ,fr f Qf',' I ' X , , a . 7 , , f, ,, 1 Mrs. Irene Hanna MRS. JEAN HARRISON 246C Cloverleaf San Antonio, Texas TA 6-3572 Bachelor of Arts in English Mrs. Harrison decided to return to collbge when she realized her oldest daughter was about to finish high school. She has done admirable work, and even though her daughter has made the freshman honor society, she will have a difficult time out- doing Mama's record. 46 Miss Jo Ann Hemstreet Senior class MRS. IRENE HANNA Rt. l, Box 3926 San Antonio, Texas ED 3-5550 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics ' ,Keeping her husband and little daughter happy is one of lrene's big jobs. She has managed, however, to be active -in Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics organization, as well as finish- ing her requirements for the degree. Teaching in her own area school is on Irene's agenda for the future. Mrs. Jean Harrison MISS JO ANN HEMSTREET 2205 Forest Street Denver, Colorado Bachelor of Science in Nursing Jo Ann's flaming hair belies her mild and gentle disposition. Of a generous and self-sacrificing nature, she makes the ideal nurse. She is active in the Sodality of Our Lady and in several professional organizations. Her future plans veer towards public health nursing, for which she has excellent qualifications. C65- Jdfff Sen In J lol 0' I' girlie 7, I. ' 0 gin 1 SW' I vi I . II DU . : heI59 I ,fc C of Praia' f I 0 El I ill fl .,,f PGI lullsg I :if Ing All lIl0niO, TE Bell Aollnwing on V Im V-5.5-A Sli has 5 h, nli and x ' ulgnem I, A: ltllvel life. lllf-mbar If .sl ,. fl 'n accoumiri 5 I WG, . siipmhr il f SGHA elol Ol Sfle. I Class MISS SOCORRO HERNANDEZ 1613 Saunders Ave. San Antonio, Texas CA 3-2429 Bachelor of Arts in Business Socorro claims to be a baseball fan which she doesn't play herself, but she does bowl. She is a member of the Apostleship of Prayer and of Kappa Pi Sigma. She hopes to follow a career in accounting, and secure foreign employment. Traveling is one of her favorite hobbies, and she has traveled throughout the greater part of Mexico. Miss Nellie Herrera, treasurer of Alpha Delta Sigma MAJOR REBA HOLLAND 542 Pershing Ave. San Antonio, Texas TA 6-6l-'25 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Following graduation, Maior Holland plans to remain in The Army. She has a record of travel with two years of service in Germany, and two years of service in Japan. All T0lOl, She has spent fifteen years in the Army Nurse Corps. Reba is an active member of the Professional Nurses' Club. Miss Socorro Hernandez MISS NELLIE HERRERA Box 825 Presidio, Texas GI 9-331 1 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education The pert little treasurer of Alpha Delta Sigma is a bundle of energy. She hopes to travel throughout South America after graduation, and secure a temporary teaching iob in Puerto Rico. She is also active in the Sigma Gamma Phi Language Club. A record collector, Nellie has a very rare collection of discs. Maior Reba Holland Mrs. Geraldine Jackson, president of the Professional Nurses' Club MRS. MARJORIE STUART JACOBS 7711 Chambers Road San Antonio, Texas DI 4-6765 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mariorie transferred to I.W.C. from Southwest State College at San Marcos. Although her first concern is her husband and homemaking, her next in the order of choice is a teaching career. She plans to teach in elementary school in September. She is very interested in all types of music, but prefers the classical. 1. 48 Miss Betty Jennings Senior, CId55 MRS. GERALDINE JACKSON Box 170 Kelly Air Force Base, Texas WA 3-5411 Ex. 6-5194 Bachelor ot Science in Nursing A native of Maine, Mrs. Jackson graduated from Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, Boston, and has since traveled all over the United States. With an air force officer husband, there should be a lot more travel in store for this graduate. This capable president of the Professional Nurses' Club has many interesting hobbies, among which is coin collecting. l Mrs. Mariorie Stuart Jacobs MISS BETTY JENNINGS Box 5135 Beacon Hill Station San Antonio, Texas DI 2'596l Bachelor of Arts in English Betty is a true artist, but likes to keep her art work on B hobby basis. She has studied art in Paris, and has traveled throughout Europe and North Africa. She plans to set out again on a European tour, but hasn't yet figured out how to do.l:f- There will be teaching for Betty following graduation, and 'is everybody's bet that she'll be one of the most popular teachel'S in the school system. i i X J r. if 11155 Dip, lol N011 Wes l l 1 6153 1 1 l jfr i Iv' Baflielol O rl Dol, as slim fr'i pers A f busy yegif ' lscf ISIS swf--' Y by 6 llgl Q 5 Ormcs l0' ' er0fl ,5 5 Dot l1aS Plam' i Q M155 lm l i l 1 ll l rllsglilllllfilwt abllelsfree! Al1l011i0l Texg: 3dCl16l0f0fAr H. A is ini glidu f Piesliag beeief Kav5,.3 i a efineigtit Hillnnaallegl he, ihsf cs Work oefller ' l lowards JW! 31' f. hlee lilfiis llealp F: of me TEXBS 1 5 ll'-. 'Q iifliflli .mil tint .. li ill H, "Jig WWII it I ' ,ui wig 4 55551 Elmq g5IlI 'lICIasS MISS DOROTHY JERABEK 401 North Davis Street West, Texas Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Dot, as she is best known to all her associates, has been a very busy person throughout her four years of college. She served for three years on the Student Council, and was Editor of the LOGOS yearbook in her senior year. Her biggest job, president of the Texas Home Economics College Clubs, was rewarded by a very successful convention held on campus. Teaching home economics for a short while and then marriage is the schedule Dot has planned for herself. Miss Lucile Johnson, president of Alpha Delta Sigma MISS KATHERINE JONES 742 Gabriel Street San Antonio, Texas CA 7-6948 Bachelor of Arts in Business A Qraduate of Phillis Wheatley High School and St. Philip's Junior College, Katherine entered l.W.C. in her iunior year. She has been a member of the Business Club and of Kappa Pl. Sigma, national business fraternity. After graduation, Kath- elme Plans to enter the business world. Later, she may continue her work towards a degree in business education. Miss Dorothy Jerabek, Editor of the LOGOS yearbook MISS LUCILE JOHNSON T510 Clark Blvd. Laredo, Texas RA 2-T965 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Lucile has attended l.W.C. for three years, her first year being completed at'Laredo Junior College. She had a most enioyable time last summer attending the University of Colorado, and enioying the cool breezes while all her friends toasted to a light brown in the Texas sun. President of Alpha Delta Sigma, Lucile has had a busy year with activities and with student teaching. Miss Katherine Jones 49 ,V ,f, Mrs. Jean Lockhart Joseph KARL MICHAEL KLEIN 207 E. Carson Street San Antonio, Texas CA 6-7545 Bachelor of Arts in Art Karl transferred from St. Mary's so that he could get a degree with an art maior. He plans to work for the Master's degree and eventually become a commercial artist, the best in the area. From what we have seen of his work, Karl should be able to achieve that goal. He has been public relations representative for the National Federation of College Students. Senior y Clflss MRS. JEAN LOCKHART JOSEPH 709 Wiltshire Ave. San Antonio, Texas TA 2-5219 Bachelor of Arts in Business Mrs. Joseph, whose greatest hobby is her family and her great- est ambition is to please the members, that is, her husband son, and daughter, has another big hobby - travel. She has been all over the U.S., Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and the British West Indies. She is a member of Kappa Pi Sigma, but is not as active as she would like to be in school organize- tions. nf. . ' y A ,, i 50 Miss Roberta Kretzmeier Karl Michael Klein, Art Editor of the LOGOS MISS ROBERTA KRETZMEIRER RR 9651 Pampa, Texas MO 4-3789 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Bert, as she is lovingly referred to by her classmates, is 3 generous, dependable young woman. She has a keen sense of humor which helps her over many difficulties. Roberta. has been the recipient of the Dougherty scholarship for the past two years- She will teach after graduation, but hopes that she maY be able to obtain a post in foreign service work. Roberta's love. of children should be a great asset in her future teaching position. I MISS ill? Rove Inez! Texal y ,- 1 Baclielol Ol ' ,. ttf 'i Pdlllcla cavorl 3 rom llte ' Fas hef lllsl gc W , 'Q' . Ion, KT l AsS0f'a I, , tions Club' A a Speclal lean : Lv MISS SH gs29stnAAng... tht, tg: Bach I RRON e or Ol AP: ' EVM S' . lb Sharron ep as ' ' Mollie 319 graduano IIB, lie. ff enrolledn lib , hill' Sw il 'Wi was also ellis' Algk College eltfted ,4 I S and Un' D IVE-st. 'Class MISS PATRICIA ANN KUTCHKA Route I Inez, Texas Edna OI. 7-2593 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Patricia came to I.W.C. after two years of college in Victoria. From the very outset of her college work, a career in teaching was her first goal. A member of the Student National Education Association, Pat is also vice-president of the International Rela- tions Club. All kinds of sports are on her list of favorites with a special leaning towards tennis. , -, ,. ,-..,,,...,, S. aiar Mrs. Corlene Lambeth MISS SHARRON DAWN LAMP T529 San Angelo Street San Antonio, Texas DI 2-8609 Bachelor of Arts in Biology Ever since' Sharron entered her first year of high school in Big Timber, Montana, her mind was set on a medical career. Follow- ing graduation from Thomas Edison High School, in San Antonio, she enrolled at I.W.C. She is a member of the two national honor societies, Alpha Lambda Delta and Alpha Chi. Sharron was also elected to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Miss Patricia Ann Kutchka, vice-president of the International Relations Club MRS. CORLENE LAMBETH 428 Crosby Street San Antonio, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Lambeth's list of travels reads like an atlas of the world. She has lived in Bangkok, Thailand, for nine years, and has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Near East. A transfer student from La Sierra College, Arlington, California, Corlene has fitted in beautifully with the senior class at I.W.C. Miss Sharron Dawn Lamp 5I I 52 Miss Jeanette Ludwig, vice-president of the s .. .--.-,- -i. -.1 4 I Miss Veronica Lepold, treasurer of the Student National Education Association MISS PERLA LEYBA 733 East Hill St. Alice, Texas MO 4-3330 Bachelor of Music in Music Education A transfer from Texas A8rl, Kingsville, Perla also attended the University of Texas and San Marcos State College before coming to l.W.C. She is a member of the Music Association, and plans to teach music after graduation. But, do'you know, Perla would like to teach in some other state besides Texas. ' ' "taking ti. Nl,- av . . 1 -U. ., ,J ,JM f I' .-f-.f 4, .1. M. sg 'QQ 1 Q in ' ,ip , enior class Senior CIdS5 MISS VERONICA LEPOLD -402 Coleman Street San Antonio, Texas CA 7-T527 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Veronica seldom speaks, but when she does, people iust sit up and listen, for she usually has something worthwhile to say. She spent the past two summers in the Marine Corps Women Officers Training Program at Quantico, Va. Her greatest hobby is raising Siamese cats, which, she says, gives pleasure to others as well as herself. A career in elementary school teaching has been mapped out by Veronica. Miss Perla Leyba MISS JEANETTE LUDWIG 206 Iowa Street San Antonio, Texas l-E 3-8595 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Jeanette came to l.W.C. following graduation from Brackenriclge High School. She has many interests such as dramatics, reading and studying current events, and experimenting with differerli kinds of foods. She will probably teach home economics 'ln high school, but would like to intersperse her teaching Wnh travel. Jeanette has been a very capable vice-president of 'he senior class. MISS will 2 'lf Q42 W, San All Bachelor Ol' . Md Billie! elgjiiege I 5 f lla! leader' I E Sl-,r'J. Billie iasschlif recfflled . . honor Soflelll cl Colleges an r tier Qfaduaw B L.. Miss Georgia Any Mis. ESTHE5 534 ClUllEr S. n ATllOniO, Bachei Of Of SC Mrs ' Marti Ii hendelgirlen a a V l' school W nd 'me for Ork V . sp0I'l5' arlolls Class MISS BILLIE MACHADO 2422 W. Magnolia San Antonio, Texas PE 5-2103 Bachelor of Arts in History Billie entered I.W.C. in her iunior year as a transfer from St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, and was immediately recognized as a leader. Elected to the presidency of the student council, Billie has shown ample proof of this leadership. She has also received scholastic honors - election to Alpha Chi, national honor society, and Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Billie hopes to enter foreign service after graduation. Bs. Miss Georgia Ann Magers, vice-president of the senior class of the Santa Rosa Division MRS. ESTHER M. MARTIN 254 Clutter Street San Antonio, Texas WA 2-58I7 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mrs. Martin attended Southwestern University, Georgetown, for almost three years before enrolling at l.W.C. She has taught in kindergarten and loves teaching young children. In addition to her school work and the care of her home, Mrs. Martin finds time for various hobbies, which include sewing, gardening, and sports. Miss Billie Machado, president of the Student Council MISS GEORGIA ANN MAGERS 523 Alameda Street I Santa Ee, New Mexico YO 3-8736 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Georgia has been nominated as one of the "Outstanding Seniors of l96O" by the entire student body. She is a devoted sodalist and a faithful member of many of the campus organizations. After graduation, Georgia plans to continue work towards her Master's degree. .Xml Qfmvf' '2 4fffim"fW7 f Mrs. Esther M. Marten -...... ---.vs-.-.1---.v--. .H-qv.:..-..Y.,,,.,,-,-Vw,-,.. K.-Z - U Miss Tirza Martin MRS. LIGAYA MASSENGILL 203 Sand Ledge Dr. San Antonio, Texas ED 3-2245 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mrs. Massengill's San Antonio address is only temporaryp she plans to return to Manila, Philippines, shortly after graduation. But before that happens, there will be a European trip with her husband and two children, Dorie Mae, 6, and Juanita Faye, 3 years old. 54 Miss Consuelo Mendoza Senior Clds MISS TIRZA MARTIN -4l4 Matamoros St. Laredo, Texas RA 3-6327 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education A member of the Laredo Club, tiny Tirza has tremendous energy. Before coming to'l.W.C., she attended Laredo Junior College, and Texas Women's University. She has traveled throughout Mexico, as who from Laredo hasn't? Tirza will teach in her home town after graduation and then, marriage plans will be in the making. Mrs. Ligaya Massengill MISS CONSUELO MENDOZA 805 Nolan Street San Antonio, Texas CA 3-T203 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Consuelo is a tireless worker. She has attended l.W.C. all four years since her graduation from Ursuline Academy. For four years, Consuelo has been chairman of the Eucharistic Commilfee of the Sodality of Our Lady. She has also been very active in the Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fraternity. Teaching in elementary school is foremost in Consuelo's plans for the future. S M155 HEL: 0 W Rl' l l I C San hw' Bachelol if 4 9 A gladualiy ,L C0 Anwnlo I ,. a Vallell Obi' She hopes J schedule' dei ' agreal , ,Q , 'iz MISS ESTE 210 Fr LA . , Gncisq Mission: 5 Bachelor of Sc E5lela I has I Spfcializatioz flat bring her 'Ft student. Sisfhe f Lllgl dancing iS E elohged T ' CC fessional W0 the Sin' lla IICIass MISS HELEN EILEEN McKAY Rt. IO, Box 66AA San Antonio, Texas DI 2-5616 Bachelor of Science in Nursing A graduate of Baptist Memorial Hospital, Helen attended San Antonio College before coming to I.W.C. She plans on devoting a great deal of the future to public health nursing. Helen has a variety of hobbies - reading, oil-painting, and good music, She hopes to include some foreign travel in her early future schedule. Miss Elvira Montalvo MISS ESTELA MONTALVO 2IO Francisco Street Mission, Texas JU 5-3477 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Estela has already enrolled in the Army Nurse program for specialization in pediatrics or obstetrics'. She hopes this will bring her some travel, for which she has very little time as a student. She is a person of many and varied interests - read- ing, dancing, collecting records, and good music. Estela has belonged to the Sodality for three years, and to several pro- fessional organizations. Miss Helen Eileen McKay MISS ELVIRA MONTALVO Box I I I Hebbronville, Texas 141 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Elvira barely treads ground these days as she prepares for a June wedding. She is busy now, as we go to press, in design- ing and making her wedding gown in the clothing lab. This gives her a wonderful opportunity to put her home economics clothing courses into practice. Elvira transferred to l.W.C. from Texas Woman's University. Miss Estela Montalvo, parliamentarian of the senior class of Santa Rosa Division 55 .., ...-,..--.....,....-..-,.Y.. .-y..,.-.. ... ---f-1' -Y 1---H'M.,.,,,, -,,.,,,....,-.,,1......e-,rf ,,., .. . , Mrs. Patricia Mooty MISS DORIS MUCKLE 1414 West Rosewood San Antonio, Texas PE 4-6787 Bachelor of Arts in Art Everybody at I.W.C. predicts a great future for this talented artist, who has already won several prizes for her art work. Doris came to I.W.C. upon graduation from Providence High School. She was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta and Alpha Chi, national honor societies, and to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Wedding bells will soon ring for Doris, who will continue with her art work. 56 Mrs. Brenda Mullen Senior MRS. PATRICIA MOOTY 431 W. Mistletoe San Antonio, Texas PE 2-6830 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Mooty is a graduate of Baptist Memorial Hospital and attended Trinity University before enrolling at I.W.C. Her in- terests are centered in her 6 months old child and, of course, her husband. Following graduation she will move to New Jersey where her husband will be stationed. Travel is not new to this graduate, who has been to China, the Philippines and Europe, Miss Doris Muckle, staff member of the LOGOS MRS. BRENDA MULLEN 3rd Ave., W., Apt. 554 Randolph AFB, Texas OL 8-2800 Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Brenda came to I.W.C. in her iunior year and has attained scholastic honors in being elected to Alpha Chi, national honor society. In addition to her scholastic work, she is a very busy person trying to keep her husband and baby happy. She is succeeding admirably in all activities. Brenda will teach math and science in secondary school after graduation, but not for long. Her family will always come before a teaching career. class 1 1 W Ao" 102 Valk, San AW Bachelol all 1, , fr-c DOH5 Ci Sys alllloug 9 , f f ir. 35' llle fi I Alriw 'L' I riff A slit? lmds 1. Q dent, she plgf, .1 Miss Mary Lynn t ' . ation Agsoclamq llll PETE N 303 Fairchild Bacheio A n l Ol Sci r0VlKlEn ce . 'emain 5 H051-ti il P lllve of Meir P w " 'lie z all hhe couldA5l d 0998 fo K l egfee. 'PJ I Class MISS DORIS M. MUNSON 102 Vanderheck, Apt. 2 San Antonio, Texas TA 6-1306 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Doris came to Texas from her home state of New York, and although she has almost become a Texan, she still yearns for the Empire State. She has traveled all over Europe and North Africa in the Air Force Nurse Corps. Doris is a busy person, but she finds time for good music and reading. An excellent stu- dent, she plans to continue her work towards a Master's degree. Miss Mary Lynn Murphy, secretary of the Student National Edu- cation Association lfLt PETE NAVARRO, USAF CNC1 303 Fairchild St. Lackland AFB, Texas WA 3-7225 Bachelor of Science in Nursing A native of Mercedes in the Rio Grande Valley, Pete attended Providence .Hospital School of Nursing in Waco. He plans to remain in the Air Force and see the world, as that is the only Way he could do it. 'Pete is very interested in photography, and hopes to apply more time to it after he has secured his degree. Miss Doris M. Munson, treasurer of the Professional Nurses' Club MISS MARY LYNN MURPHY 2408 E. Walnut Ave. Victoria, Texas HI 5-4411 Bachelor of Arts in Biology A science major, Mary Lynn has many other interests in addition to scientific ones. She is very interested in flower arrangements and flower growing. Following graduation, she hopes to obtain employment in a scientific field. Mary Lynn has been a recipient of the Dougherty scholarship during her four years of college. 1fLt Pete Navarro ,i Miss Kathleen O'Brien, secretary to the senior class at Santa Rosa, and representative to the Student Council MISS ELIZABETH OZUNA 2028 So. Flores Stl, San Antonio, Texas CA 6-3070 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Elizabeth came to I.W.C. upon graduation from lncarnate Word High School. She has been very active in Kappa Lambda Kappa activities and especially during her senior year when she served as president and guided the organization through a very suc- cessful year. Elizabeth plans to teach home economics. 1 . If ie if I A l Mrs. Ann Patzewitsch Senior Class MISS KATHLEEN O'BRIEN 429 Clark Street Dubuque, Iowa 3-8I47 Bachelor of Science in Medical Records Library Science Kathy came to I.W.C. at the beginning of her junior year as a transfer from Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa. She has been a member of the yearbook staff for two years, and is the senior representative to the student council. She also serves as sec- retary of the senior class at Santa Rosa. Kathy's plans are all set for a career in medical record library science. Miss Elizabeth Ozuna, president of Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics Club MRS. ANN PATZEWITSCH 215 Lakeshore Dr. San Antonio, Texas Ol- 5-0589 Bachelor of Arts in History Mrs. Pat, as we know her, since her name is so difficult to pronounce, has 'a very interesting hobby - keeping her little son and her husband happy. Very interested in library work, she plans to work in a library after graduation. She has already served as a librarian both in high school and college in Evans- ville, Indiana. Mrs. Pat. spent two years in Japan with her hus- band on military duty. MISS W2 will Sjgf CIIICGQO ' Baclielfil Ol l 'ff lll0lllle Cd ,aff S0PllOmOle li 2 r P lambda position In W.: troniC fomplligi of Arilona' ,l d wfS eaf an Q: Y l clan.. for UPPH ITS- MARY S5135 Bloadwe ll A'Il0nio, BGCll6l0r of An chglgiiilon smile Elle will pgrfghalit ill W- iii fjfnllilli it er a Mage Mr i Class MISS NORINE PELTON 10611 So. Claremont Ave. Chicago 43, lllinois Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Norine came to l.W.C. from Chicago in her freshman and sophomore years, during which time she was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta, national honor society. She left school to fill a position in which she put her mathematics to work with elec- tronic computers. She completed her iunior year at the University of Arizona. Norine returned to l.W.C. to complete her senior year, and was admitted to Alpha Chi, national honor society for upperclassmen Mrs. Josephine Perales MRS. MARY LOUISE PRESTON 7635 Broadway San Antonio, Texas TA 6-3335 Bachelor of Arts in History and Government Mrs. Preston smiles her way through lffe. She has a contagiously cheerful personality which radiates happiness wherever she goes. She will graduate from college as her daughter graduates from high school. She is still talking about her European tour of two years ago, and especially of her soiourn in the Scandinavian countries. Mrs. Preston's interest in International Relations won for her a place on the Board of the San Antonio Council. Miss Norine Pelton MRS. JOSEPHINE PERALES 327 Callaghan Ave., No. 2 San Antonio, Texas CA 6-0627 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education In her dual role as homemaker and student, Josephine has now added a third one, namely, that of teacher. She has been teaching at the South San Antonio elementary school during the past year. Her first interest, of course, is her family. She is very grateful to her mother who helps her with her multiple duties, and is making the degree possible. Mrs. Mary Louise Preston 5 ff ' if ,ff ' ,ffm X., X 234 244 F, . s Senlor GIGS MISS ROSE MARIE RAAB Route 4, Box 185 Victoria, Texas HI 3-2013 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Wedding bells will ring tor Rose Marie in August, 1960, and then she will combine her housewitely tasks with that of teach- ing in secondary school. Rose Marie came to l.W.C. at the begin- ning ot her iunior year, having completed her first two years at Victoria Junior College. She is president of the Student Na- tional Education Association. Miss Rose Marie Raab, president of the Student National Education Association. MRS. JONELL REDDRICK 111 Sheila Drive - San Antonio, Texas TA 6-1964 Bachelor ot Science in Elementary Education With two children, one a teenage daughter, and a home to take care of, Mrs. Reddrick has been a very busy person. Now that the degree work is in the background, she will have more time for the things she wants to do. She was elected to Alpha Chi, and is a member of the Student National Education As- sociation. Miss Rosalie Rice Mrs. Jonell Redclrick MISS ROSALIE RICE Melvin, Texas BU 6-2131 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Rosalie came to l.W.C. following graduation from lncarnate Word High School. She has always been interested in Home Economics, and this year has been chairman of the Family Life Commission of the National 'Federation of Catholic College Students. Miniature golf is one of RosaIie's favorites, she also is interested in swimming and bowling. Rosalie plans to teach home economics in high school. if? K, s. till i IIIRSWI, lr' Edwaffli' f', l3aCIieIOI 0 - 1 r, MIS' Robells. vafilaf 51:21 ga: Africar D' r , Falmcll 501151 I-9,4 Iieadi ad' J red r, ,lf lamlIY WIII I: QIISS Doiorsf S . SIIOII SITE-Q lllllllvlllel Tex Bethel E Ololllluc Dolor es h lad as bee, honlgrllf tour ,QA Coll smell e T Q eges and, ilu ls' SrIIiiliIItt0I 'Ile that Collflcfl I certain '- +I are beingd msn L I' alta - . v 7.5 ,- C .I Stn l Class MRS. ALICE S. ROBERTS 11 Sharon Ave. Edwards, California Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Roberts has had a very interesting life. Born in Pennsyl- vania, she has traveled Throughout the U.S., Europe, and North Africa. Her husband is an Air Force officer, and she has two sons, Faimon fnamed after his Dadi, aged 14, and Curtis, a redhead, aged 12. Following graduation, Mrs. Roberts and her family will make their permanent home in Edwards, California, Mrs. Mary Schram Ryan MISS DOLORES MARIE RYZA 607 Short Street Smithville, Texas 256 Bachelor of Music in Music Education Dolores has been a faithful member of the Sodality of Our Lady for four years. She was elected to Alpha Chi, national honor society, and to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Dolores was also a runner-up for Queen of the Snowball, as well as for the presidency of the Student Council. Music is her first love, or rather, it was until that certain man came on the scene, and now wedding planS are being drawn up. Mrs. Alice S. Roberts MRS. MARY SCHRAM RYAN 1826 W. Summit San Antonio, Texas ' PE 6-3619 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Mary has completed her college work in three years and has caught up with her sister, Zola. Married on Thanksgiving Day to William Ryan, Jr., Mary hopes for a lifetime of happiness with him, and that they will be blessed with many children. And here we disagree with Mary, she wants all boys. How about the future of l.W.C.'? 'er . bl Miss Dolores Marie Ryza, president of the Music Association Senior CIUSS MISS ZOLA SCHRAM 1826 W. Summit San Antonio, Texas PE 6-3619 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Zola, like her sister, Mary, is very interested in the "King Mid- get." We hope she gets one tor graduation. Zola came to l.W.C. from IWHS. All her education with the exception of two sum- mers has been acquired under the direction of the Sisters of Charity of the lncarnate Word. Zola is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, and Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Miss'Zola Schram MISS LOIS SCHRENKER 227 Latch Drive San Antonio, Texas PE 5-5907 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Lois has honor upon honor added to her this past year. She was'namecl "Student Nurse of the Year"g "Outstanding Senior of 196O", Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She is also a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Alpha Chi, and served as president of the Student Council of the Santa Rosa Division. Miss Mary Elaine Schultz, reporter for Kappa Pi Sigma Miss Lois Schrenker, president of the Student Council of the Santa Rosa Division MISS MARY ELAINE SCHULTZ Calle Veracruz 9651 17, Col Las Rosas Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico 4-I3-39 Bachelor of Arts in Business Mary Elaine has several desires now that the heavy work of her College years is nearing its end. She would like to tour the U.S. in a vegetable truck, go to Europe on a banana boat, and tour the continent on a bicycle. We can't say we want to i0lf1 YOU, Elaine: we are more interested in an easier way to secure our travel. Elaine is a member of the Business Club and of Kappa Pi Sigma, national business fraternity. 1203: M155 , . Maria, I" BaCl19lOl C I R05emall 135: attended l fa lille lo hey' 2 a scrailboolw soiiist 107' Our lady . tion She 'grin She Was e Sn0Wballt I Miss Lucille The MRS. GLAD Rt. 7, BOX gl San Antonio Bachelor of Mr attended ST. A ll l'W'C- Slte tl? Several of T Elfher elloils 'f national grown' She SEC0ndarY S m S' Shannon chi inti- VJIII 'V lCIclss MISS ROSEMARY SEGURA Marfa, Texas PA 9-4834 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Rosemary came to I.W.C. from Marta High School. She has attended Texas Western College in El Paso during summers. True to her native West, Rosemary loves horses and has kept a scrapbook of all kinds and breeds of horses. A devoted Sodalist, Rosemary has held committee posts in the Sodality of Our Lady throughout the tour years of college. After gradua- tion she will do lab work and begin work on a Master's degree. She was elected Princess from the Santa Rosa Division to the Snowball. Miss Lucille Theresa Seten, co-editor of the yearbook CLOGOSD MRS. GLADYS BROOKS SHANNON Rt. 7, Box 471 San Antonio, Texas Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Mrs. Shannon graduated from Alamo HeightS High School Bnd attended St. Mary's University and Texas U., before enrOllIf19 at l.W.C. She has many interests and would love to indulge in several of them, but at the present time she is concentrating all her efforts on her four children. She is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society. Perhaps when her children are grown, she may devote some of her time to teaching math in secondary school. Miss Rosemary Segura MISS LUCILLE THERESA SETEN 3328 Belknap Street San Antonio, Texas TA 4-1567 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Lucille was born in the Philippines, and has traveled in China, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, Korea, and Canada. Her Parents have bought a home in San Antonio, so this is home now. Lucille graduated from IWHS, and then entered l.W.C. in the nursing program. She has been elected to Alpha Chi, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, and is co-editor of the yearbook. A Mrs. Gladys Brooks Shannon .- T.- -,fu :-- -.I--nerr'-wcvvrt """"' ' """' f ,ffffg f 4"'ff" 4' nf,-MZ!! M TZ Qff xl ,CfWQff7AfAW4,,N 'f' ,' '- , QW hjQ,??95gZZZZZQM' ff f f ' f fvf- 'f fy WWW f , I W f Q! If X iw!!! ,U ,f W www 'ffl if ,Z ' , yzfrawzl. f Miss Rita Frances Shaw MISS RENEE SLUDER 1519 W. Mistletoe San Antonio, Texas PE 3-3033 Bachelor of Arts in Biology After four years of high school at IWHS, Renee entered l.W.C. She was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta, and Alpha Chi, national honor societies, and this year to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Renee is very interested in cancer research and plans to enter that field after graduation. Marriage plans are' also in the offing. I 'x 64 Mrs. Irene Smith ,s,,s,s Senior I CIUSS MISS RITA FRANCES SHAW Box 158 Talco, Texas DR 9-3311 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Rita came to I.W.C. from Talco High School. She says she has always lived in small oil communities. Very few of us have had that privilege, Rita, and how we would love it. She has in. definite plans for the after-graduation period, perhaps it will be industrial nursing in one of those oil towns, or in a doctor's office. Whichever it will be, we are confident, Rita, that you will do a wonderful iob. Miss Renee Sluder, senior representative to the Student Council MRS. IRENE SMITH 1603 Sunshine Drive West San Antonio, Texas PE 45486 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Smith completed the diploma program in nursing before her marriage, and took some college courses iust for fun..R6- cently she became serious about getting her degree in Nursing, and'since her oldest daughter was about to begin collegei decided- she had better hurry. She has been all over the U-5- and lived in Mexico for several years. Future plans include 8 Master's degree in Social Work at the Worden School of OUF Lady of the Lake College. C Miss MQP5 500 Hogiirl CofPU5 , Bacltelof 07 ' ,IP ,H afeliilln Marg ' ears f was SIX Y fc She Ill:- lexan' My attendadglezag rllowm O Arml Wf Orc: the S in Campu J Snowball. Miss Kay Spears, 2225- GERALD 3 Melll' An in Antonio, Bachelor gf 5, Geraldine ha . re Otter hers lui l'0m 'Ou- Angeleg wma ' ind Solid LUCIA' m v in 5 dose USIQ 'Squire second Useful 9 D 'fig 'i ,., T N 'i Us .Qj 'ri ul A : -.:, Y 5 it lk 2 f , i aw 1 rv , , , v,j.3'. We . -Q. .a"i'-"P Ji, ,- ri vt .- trial 4"t ,gri- ,,r vtirtill uw' .vi 4' ,f li-Sai ll QL ' " l Shave . ly., , ':r,. . 55310, .i yew, lllf Class MISS MARGARETANN SMITH 500 Flood Street Corpus Christi, Texas TU 3-2875 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Margaretann was born in Kansas, but came to Texas when she was six years old, so she tries to think of herself as a native Texan. She was graduated from Baptist School of Nursing and attended Mary Hardin Baylor College before coming to l.W.C, Following graduation, Margaretann plans to serve two years in the Army Nurse Corps, and then teach nursing. She is active in campus organizations and was runner-up for Queen of the Snowball. Miss Kay Spears, business manager of the LOGOS yearbook MRS. GERALDINE STEVENS PRITCHETT 435 Merry Ann Drive San Antonio, Texas LE 2-T289 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Geraldine has iust changed her name as we go to press, and we offer her our heartiest congratulations. She came to l.W.C. from California where she had completed some work at Los Angeles, CUCLAD. Geraldine's interests are multiple, reading and good music seem to have first place, and cooking comes in a close second. With a husband to keep happy, the last hobby is Ciuite useful. Miss Margaretann Smith MISS KAY SPEARS i7Ol Hill Alvin, Texas OL 8-38l8 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics A June wedding is on the schedule for this outstanding senior, who has served as business manager for the LOGOS. Kay has attended l.W.C. for four years since her graduation from Alvin High School. She has been active in all campus endeavors and has been the.driving force in the achievement of many of the home economics proiects. It is due to her efforts that the LOGOS will reach all of you at the end of the scholastic year instead of during the summer. 6 Mrs. Geraldine Stevens Pritchett 5 Miss Susie Suarez MRS. CLYDE ELIZABETH SVATEK 463 Trudell Street San Antonio, Texas DI 2-8813 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Svatek has a busy schedule keeping up with P.T.A. activi- ties at Providence High School and at St. Gregory's grade school, where her children are enrolled. She also finds time for the Graduate Nurses' Association, and for volunteer Confraternity work. Following graduation she will devote a great deal of her time to public health nursing. ' . -s 66 I I I Miss Mary Jo Tasch Senior ClaS' MISS SUSIE SUAREZ 126 West Poplar San Antonio, Texas CA 4-8439 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Tiny Susie has made a great effort to complete degree require. ments, and has been teaching for the past two years. She came to I.W.C. from Odessa Junior College, the second member of he,- family to enroll here. Since then, two other sisters have followed her to college. Susie is very interested in sports and dancing. Her greatest delight is to go on a shopping spree when she has the money to do so. Mrs. Clyde Elizabeth Svatek MISS MARY JO TASCH 717 Field Taft, Texas LA 82221 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics MGVY -l0'S ene"9Y and leadership leave us all envious at timIfrS, but we admire her ability and are happy that she underta 95 an the proiects that she does. Coming to I.W.C. in her freshm Year she felt that she should leave Texas for at least one yejf- She spent her sophomore year at Marquette University. MBFYEX holds membership in Phi Sigma Kappa, and the Student N She hopes to teach in the East after graduation. A trip T0 Europe is also on the agenda, and marriage. MISS P 314 W' San All gachelc Ana Mart irate of the 5 begin 3 the scheC in Niexicu the Nea' f1eS5 MRS. Ji ROUl'e 'I Welmor Bachelo Qtr- tha and in Alagka. School of belofe er ing N sl National Assofiatiq S . 520 0 lilq itat Wa W. 'life ima 1. 1 'T UPU K l Y. I ST: ' - 'Class MISS ANA MARTHA TELLEZ 314 W. Cevallos Street San Antonio, Texas CA 3-5680 Bachelor of Arts in Business Ana Martha is the president of Kappa Pi Sigma, national busi- ness fraternityp she is also a member of the Business Club and of the Student National Education Association. She plans to begin a teaching career after graduation, and marriage is on the schedule after a year. Ana Martha has traveled extensively in Mexico and hopes to include Spain on her list of travels in the near future. i Mrs. Martha Ternus Koperwhats MRS. JOAN THOMPSON Route T, Box 48A Wetmore, Texas GE 8-2344 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Thompson has had an experience that really makes us sit up and listen. She has lived in the largest state in the Union - Alaska. She also lived in Canada. Graduating from the Cochran School of Nursing, Yonkers, N.Y., she attended Hunter College before enrolling at l.W.C. Mrs. Thompson's hobbies are interest- ing - she raises horses and ridesy she is a member of the National Rifle Association, and of the Texas Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Miss Ana Martha Tellez, president of Kappa Pi Sigma MRS. MARTHA TERNUS KOPERWHATS Box H32 Sinton, Texas EM 4-1780 Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology Martha changed her name during her senior year, and is now completely accustomed to the change. Coming to l.W.C. from Sinton High School, Martha was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta at the end of her freshman year. She has since been elected to Alpha Chi and to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. l in I if f fy Mrs. Joan Thompson 67 X ,ff f, ff, ,,ff, f ,, ,, I, , iff f X , 'iffy Miss Beatrice O'Valle Trevino MISS IRMA DORA VENTO 202 E. Lock Street Edinburg, Texas DU 3-T65-4 Bachelor of Arts in English Irma Dora completed degree requirements in January and has since been employed in teaching English in her home city of Brownsville. She served as club editor of the LOGOS, and was president of the Apostleship of Prayer Association. Irma loves Senior y Cl05 MISS BEATRICE O'VALLE TREVINO 3938 Southport Drive San Antonio, Texas ED 3-7830 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Beatrice has been working towards her degree on a part-time basis for the past few years. She is a member of the Professional Nurses' Association and belongs to several professional organiza- tions related to nursing. Following graduation, Beatrice plans to concentrate in public health nursing in which she is extremely interested. to write, especially poetry. She hopes to devote much of her future time to writing. Miss Mary Anne Vials Miss Irma Dora Vento MISS MARY ANNE VIALS 243 Halcyon Place San Antonio, Texas TA 64695 Bachelor of Arts in Biology Mary Ann came to l.W.C. after having completed two yeaff of college work at the Catholic University of America. She 15 3 member of Phi Sigma Kappa, she participated in the TexaS Academy of Science Research proiects. Her future plans have to do with scientific research, ands of course, marriage is mol too far off. MISS 139 K Sari A' Baghell Alice fa hOnOl'S l later to af she ye Colleges volvnlee MRS. fl 729 Barbara Yost, Spent a bars To 'he Class MISS ALICE DENE VILLARREAL T39 King Roger Street San Antonio, Texas CA 2-8820 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Alice came to I.W.C. from l.W.H.S. and immediately chalked up honors for herself. She was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta, and later to Alpha Chi, both national honor societies. ln her senior year she was elected to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She loves Confraternity work and volunteers for it whenever possible. Miss Irene Warwas MRS. BARBARA JANECEK YOST 729 Meeks Avenue San Antonio, Texas LE 2-22-46 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Barbara interrupted her educational program to become Mrs. Yost and to take u housekeeping on a serious level. She I P spent a dream honeymoon in Acapulco and Mexico City. Bar- bara belongs to the Student National Education Association and to the International Relations Club. She hopes to combine teach- ing with her homemaking, ...J gs, f f- mpg. Miss Alice Dene Villarreal, vice-president of Alpha Chi MISS IRENE WARWAS A 84 M Route Cuero, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing A scholarship student from Cuero, Irene has maintained her scholastic average throughout her tour years of college. Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, and Who's Who Among Students in Amercan Colleges and Universities, all claim her on their rost- ers. Public Health or school nursing are in Irene's plans for the future. 6 Mrs. Barbara Janecek Yost Miss Sylvia Zepeda, vice-president of the Student Council MRS. AMELIA JOYCE ZERM 227 Zerm Road San Antonio, Texas WA 2-1938 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mrs. Zerm interrupted school to accept employment as an elementary school teacher, a few years later she got married to a superintendent and estimator for a contracting firm. Joyce gave serious thought about two years ago to completing her work for a bachelor's degree. This is the result. Q If 70 Mrs. Dorothy Zulauf Senior clvff MISS SYLVIA ZEPEDA 200 S. Bonham St. San Benito, Texas EX 9-1473 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Sylvia, in her role as dormitory president, is a vice-president of the Student Council. She has had a busy schedule with her student teaching and her presidential work. Sylvia is a member of the Student National Education Association, the Ceqilian Choristers, and the International Relations Club. Teaching and marriage are already on her future schedule. Mrs. Amelia Joyce Zerm MRS. DOROTHY ZULAUF 502 W. King's Highway San Antonio, Texas PE 5-5041 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Zulauf has completed all her requirements for her degree 'n nursing, but she does not plan to stop here. She will con- tinue work towards a bachelor's degree in English, and then a Master's. She is very interested in teaching literature and POGTVY to high school pupils, but at the same time, she loves to help slower children in the elementary school. Her love fOr the individual far outweighs the subject matter. MISS I E51 NanilCC BaCl16lC 19441 lre kinai to O Halllr CU the U5' 5pOl'lsl gl Irene'S il she fof 7 'Hof ff ,-A f ,V 'iilftiil ' A I I, . III-l, ll. I7-Pls "I.ifIjfl 5 I .III .B 7 ,A we :F IIIII . 6:55 i 15' '7 ,nr i ,I , J ,ll If' , 5 ,i bg Il' A , -' ing . ' :fl c' -' I 7' .I , i .I I5 f' ,i. I, c . i- Class MISS IRENE ZALINSKI PISHAK 375 East Ridge St. Nanticoke, Penn. TA 6-0240 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Following graduation from Mount Sinai School of Nursing in I944, Irene entered the Army Nurse Corps and was assigned to Okinawa. Later she went to Japan, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic before returning to the U.S. She has many interesting hobbies and favorites, in sports, golf, bowling, and skiing, in the arts, poetry and drama. lrene's future plans are remain in the Army, and we feel sure she will see the rest of the world. IThe staff apologizes to you for getting your picture out of its alphabetical order.j Miss Irene Pishak ICapt. ANCJ CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES WHOSE PICTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK BACHELOR OF ARTS SISTER ANNA MARIE PoPP, l.W.B.S. - Biology SISTER M. AQUINAS ARAGON,.O.S.F. - Business SISTER BENEDICTA SANCHEZ, f.W.,B.S. - English SISTER BERNADETTE MARIE SCHLABS, S.S.M.N. - Biology BLUHM, BETTE - Biology SISTER M. cABRINI CAHILL, c.s.B. - English SISTER M. cABRlNl SI-IMITz, O.S.B. - English SISTER MARY CATHERINE POLITTE, C.C.V.l. - History SISTER MARIA EELIZA MACIAS, C.C.V.I. - Spanish SISTER M. HILDA MEISMER, l.W.B.S. - History SISTER ELIZABETH ANN STUTH, I.vv.B.S. - Sociology SISTER MIRIAM THERESE HAYES, c.S.A. - Ari SISTER .PAULINE MARIE MARLEAU, S.S.c.J. - Mathematics SISTER ROSA DEL cARMEN DEL cAMPo, C.C.V.l. - Business SISTER MARY ROSE LoPRESTo, S.S.M.N. - An BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SISTER MARY ALICE JANESKQ, R.S.M. SISTER MARY ANGELA STANTON, S.H.G. SISTER MARY BEATRICE COVE, .R.S.M. SISTER BERNADETTE T. ZAYONC, S.S.T. SISTER M. GIANATTA KINIRY, R.S.M. SISTER HELEN ARCHIBALD, O.S.U. SISTER M. HYACINTH KITTREDGE, O.S.U. SISTER M. IDA ANDERS, I.W.B.S. SISTER IMELDA FRIEDA, O.S.U. SHEPHERD, MRS. LAURA LEE SISTER THEOPHILA O'NEILL, O.L.C. SISTER THERESE ALLEN, C.C.V.I. SISTER M. VALENTINA DANZLER, O.S.F. CANTY, MRS. MARY BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HOME ECONOMICS SISTER M. CORNELIUS PLEMMONS, O.P. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MEDICAL RECORDS SISTER MARY CLAUDIA BRINKER, C.S.J. SISTER MARY FAITH KERSHEN, O.S.B.. BACHELOR OF MUSIC SISTER M. GABRIELA NAVA, S.T.J. SISTER M. REGINA SPARKS, R.S.M. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING SISTER M. REBECCA STANLEY, C.C.V.l. SISTER M. THOMASINA CARTER, C.C.V.l WRIGHT, PEGGY MASTER OF ARTS GREENBURG, MRS. SUSAN MARIE HYMAN, MRS. LELIA ROSS NERI, MISS MARY HELEN STANLEY, MRS. MARGARET URBINE, LT. COL. ANTHONY WAYNE MASTER OF EDUCATION BURGES, MRS. MARY MARGARET MORRIS COURTNEY, MRS. LOIS STANDIFER DELANY, SISTER MARY WILLIAM, V.I. GRAY, MISS WILLEEN ELIZABETH POWELL, ROBBIE PRETTY, MISS LUCY QUARTIN, CAPT. ALFRED WARMSLEY, MRS. FRANCES GARAY .,,,,, Seniors Work, Relax, and Entertain ,, , ,, ZZ! ,, X l X I I 414, -' ffm 'Y M ,gli M Q, ms- aa ,, .-.' w 'igikyfv-', AX ., lv t X 1 " 1. As. ' 1 .. 5. ill Z if If I v"1 if Y I 'N I ,f P.,-X J' MARY JO TASCH, math major, has a very infer. esting and challenging role as student Teacher at San Antonio Vocational and Technical High School, She says her students find Al- gebra l a very fascinating study. SENIORS ARE ENTERTAIN- ED by the ALUMNAE AS- SOCIATION at a Christmas party. This annual affair is held to acquaint the seniors with the alumnae and the workings of the Alumnae Association.' Here Mrs. Margaret Mueller serves Perla Leyba, while Nancy Hajovsky and Geor- gia Magers look on. In the background we see Magdalena Banderas, Mar- garet Blanchard, and Billie Machado. fi ' ,jf 0 ISU yi . , ,, --ta. . , ' , u 1 Ill ,,,---i . ,, ff! 6Q u -fs 4 5-F .Vu -. .kg F. i' 'I -Q . : .5-V P' -. ... . vu... X' ' 1 l:'I'.., 5T"1 .'., if 'Q' , n-2 , " 'Z',':1' . .,. ,, 'NIU . 'u,.- ,4, . :MF , Q.,- a -.1 .. 1 C45 , . V 1 ,. :' . 1.1: .1" .N ' f 5' . ff M ,ja J H: ...- .g fu .,.f' 4 ,C 1,5 V '24 ' Ml 4 1 ,z I ln! J ,N 1 ': A W' Junior Clas S BARBARA ARCHER ELIZABETH BARRETT DOROTHEA BARTLETT Wesf, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Anfonio, Texas VIVIAN BATTAGLIA ANN BLANCHARD O'LINDA BOGGESS Laredo, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Anfonio, Texas OLIVE BR San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, T OWNLEE LAURA CAMPION CXGS DOLLY CARTER San Antonio, Texas l EX 2, n Af' MARIA TERESA COSIO Puebla,-Pue., Mexico Class of 1961 4' ., 3,55 CELESTE CAVAZOS MARGARET CURNUTT Brownsville, Texas San Antonio, Texas MILDRED LEE DANCY MARY FRANCIS de LEON ROSEMARY de LEON San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Z R ,gi , L, X' S5 L , M. A V m-may -X A ,drags-4.1 A 7" R fl new . ...,n... A K v l S X X N eg X DlANA DUBIEL GEORGIA LEE DURHAM FRAN?ES FAIR Clayton, New Mexico Norias Ranch, Texas Three Rlvers, Texas Class of 1961 .M PAULINE FINNEY McAllen, Texas ROSIE FLORES San Antonio, Texas ANNA MAE FURLGNG IGNACIA GARCIA San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas JUDY FREEMAN Prairie Village, Kansas MARY ALICE GARCIA San Antonio, Texas R all - 'Ulm' . ,,, if MARY THERESA GARCIA ESTELA GONZALEZ Borger, Texas San Antonio, Texas K f X ff! f ,MQ 4 1, , ,f.,0,,f4ef,, I ROSE MARY GUTIERREZ Laredo, Texas fl 'On V ff Q Junior Class D'HARMA HARMS JOAN HARRINGTON ELLA HENDERSON Midland, TSXBS San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas EVANGELINA HINOJOSA MARY ALMA HINOJOSA BETTYE JEAN IRVING Mercedes, Texas Encino, Texas San Antonio, Texas fi? s,f N Q gi ..L..m'N CHARLENE JOHNSON JOYCE JOHNSON CORNELIA JONES Amarillo, Texas Laredo, Texas Eagle Pass' Texas Junior Class f,ff , 7 EVA JONES MINETTE JONES MARY K. KLEVENHAGEN San Antonio, Texas San Amonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas ROE RAMAH KOENIG ANGELA LEAL MARIE ALICE LEON Cuero, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas CLAUDIA Lueo HELEN M K c AY San Antonio, Texas ' ROSIE MANCHA San Antonio, Texas Eagle Pass, Texas , A,., , ,,,, T .,., ,,, , V, A 7, 421 Jing J - ' f ': 'f - ' 8 ' ff f ,ff ff I7 W , an ,qv ff' 1 sit' ' f LC' , L, f 1' ,,,,, ,, Class of 1961 xx? iii K L If? 12 H iff r-My is MT-'T ily, .IZ , '. , ', CAROLYN MARTINY MARY ROSE MARTINEZ PATSY MECHLER Fort Sam Houston, Texas Brownsville, Texas San Antonio, TSX-HS ROSARlO MENCHACA MARIA HIDALIA MENDIOLA MARGARET MOORE Laredo, Texas Laredo, Texas Lackland AFB, Texas 9 DQNATA NEWSQM DIANA NIESCHWEITZ DONNIE COUCH OHLENBURGER Sweetwater, Texas San Antonio, Texas Kerrvllle, Texas Class of 1961 ESTELA ONTIVERAS SANDRA OWEN BETTY PARKENSON Eagle Pass, Texas Lubbock, Texas Dallas, Texas PEGGY PINGLETON GLORIA PEREZ KATHERINE PERRY Bandera, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas FLEURETTE RINEARSON San Antonio, Texas 5iBE5l2n:ZOEriiEaRi LILLIAN SALINAS Laredo, Texas Junior Class My 5 , HELEN SCHUMANN JOAN SEIGLER VIRGINIA SMITH Fredericksburg, Texas Navasota,-Texas Aubuow, Indiana MARJORIE STASNY MARGIE STEFANAGGE KATHY SULLIVAN Sweet Home, Texas Pleasanton, Texas San Antonio, TGXGS as S L xx X DONNA TAYLOR San Antonio, Texas SQ' S Y f X f wise .1 Nix. X S3131 Nfi' ij O 3 S X -sg S ,X . . fe J jzgsxisgxs M 5 .f. W, fW7f IH" ' U7 gr. rn :PE in-I T' Or' 2.-, Pm 1? -Ir- fDI'I1 XF nu U7 rv-s-am-v..vf-A - if :Q-"-221 5311? . if-Y-' , HQ Y . 'SNC-4 EVELYN TREVINO San An1onio, Texas .4 AJ. Q Junior Class ROSEMARIE TREVINO ELIZABETH VANN BARBARA WALT T San AnTonio, Texas San AnT9ni0, Texas AllC9f TGXGS Below: Evangeline Hinoiosa, junior nursing maior, finds Miss Mary M. F. Whalen, supervisor of sTudenT Teaching, B , W Time Tolfeach ChrisTian Docfrine To The children in The conolucTs a field Trip To The prinfing offices- of The San Nionel Children's Hospital. AnTonio EXPRESS, for an inside look aT The publishing of ang N a newspaper. Class of 1961 lt DOREEN YAO CARMEN ZARDENETTA EDNA MARIA HILLS Post-Graduate Laredo, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Below: Ramah Koenig, LOGOS reporter, interviews three foreign students, Lily Sun, Formosa, Mary Hargita, Hungary, and Minnet Hsia, Hong Kong. The three students entered l.W.C. in September. Lily is a nursing major, Mary a biology major, and Minnet a mathematics maior. Z" '65 xx Wx Juniors Govern clncl Give Service 24 ,nf JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS of the Santa Rosa Division shown here are: Cleft to rightj Donata Newsom, Vi- vian Battaglia, Sandra Owen, Margaret A. Curnutt, D'Har- ma Harms, and Virginia Smith, president. EVANGELINE HINOJOSAI junior nursing maioff makes one little girl happy and shows that someone loves her. it , 4,1 f, , yff ' 2143 Q-so O ff!! X we 60 Sophomore Class Raquel Baschuk Eula Bell Mexico D.F. Mexico San Antonio, Texas Norva Sue Bell San Antonio, Texas Rose Marie Bennett Eugenia Blankenship Mary Pat Bluhm San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Marilyn Bueche San Antonio, Texas Gloria Anne Cadena San Antonio, Texas Ruth Canavati Laredo, Texas 4' 'lf Catherine Cayo San Antonio, Texas Delma de Hoyos Diana de la Garza Diana Doerr W .,- .,.,.....,.. . . ..,,,,.,,,, -.. ,, Rhenetta Davydiuk San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas ?ff'lf?i?T'Lf4 ' ,Y s News X x Carol Dolan George West, Texas ?.,f.,.-,Q-.N.v7, .-.,,e7.,,..,..f,..,.,V: .,,Y.,,.-.77f. .f.-.!7.,T.T. -,zu W - L7:,sT., , . , . , , , ri GEOVQG WGSTI TSXSS San Amonio, Texas M-'f Class of T962 Doralene Engel Carolyn M. Finger Mary Alma Flores Luckembach, Texas Del Rio, Texas Laredo, Texas Mary Friiz Graciela Garcia Irma Dora Garcia Ffed9flCkSl0UYQ, Texas Alice, Texas Falfurrias, Texas Q 65? 41 7 fy ' 4 , if BILLIE the nex ,, V. f fauna? - .Y -,va Rose Mary Garcia San Antonio, Texas Lucy Garza San Antonio, Texas Sylvia C. Gonzalez Rio Grande City, Texas Sophomore Class 'Zi- 'gy fa 6 , L ,G if I 4-: Q .. v si L f 4 1 -. 4 'C J., l x F 'U Cindy Gonzalez Benavides, Texas Gayle Groft San Antonio, Texas BILLIE MACHADO, president of the Student Council, digs up a spacleful of earth, at the Mary Jeanne Haggard San Antonio, Texas invitation of Bishop Leven, for the new college Chapel. Father Cogavin, Chaplain, seems surprised that she succeeded in the attempt. is R ,si as 2 f 'K 5 ' s i - ' 6.5, Q ' to fi ww .-.-.-. -V YY . --.U ---...... -- .... -V -- V rig fr -v ' Sophomore Class Ella Johnson Henderson Sylvia Heredia Jacqueline Holder San Antonio, Texas Eagle Pass, Texas San Antonio, Texas Gay Jordan Loy Ed Johnson Tommye Kuykendall San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Laredo, Texas -, an 3 , M 1 W W W W 7 M ff J I 7 , V4 7 if f T T .,z Q,i:y,. 4 Patricia Lozano Anne Magruder Laredo Texas Judy Mangan , Fort Sam Houston, Texas Borger, Texas ?'?f7'7fm"" V , , 4 ff- Q , 53f'f'f?T T Class of 1962 Q gr Wg ,T I I -of' .f w" - ...f"' ...v Mary McGooh a n Ambarina Margo Mary Ann Martinez Rio Grande City, Texas San AHTOYUO, Texas Margaret Moguel San Antonio, Texas Carmen Novoa San Antonio, Texas I xjs T k .x xx k x X ko s A31 XX a TXfx51:4x 1 - -:ffsi XX - 'xxgx y E Xi sxibxx xx ' x as Xxstxxxf, : x -X Qxsxsqxig . Mary Margaret Munoz San-Antonio, Texas 2 '.A N r 'Q x 4 Mary Esther Otal San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Jean Myers Bastrop, Texas s X gg 5 ifs i V X I f ku f Ll TC? W yt' 34 , : A--'J J"t:.' ...- a - fm! J' A ' 'r' 1 9. -Q nl: Il ' 'fi U SNK 'zz 1 9' I - ,, T T 1" 'Z C ,mx Jizz 2 3, K . ... E . -in. .M i:,,g fg tg U: ,vkgf Gail Owen Midland,,Texas wx Class of 1962 rrrrr Amelia Pargac Azucena Parras Nlaffye Preslon Caldwell, Texas Bracketville, Texas New Braunfels, Texas THE MONTH OF THE ROSARY brings faithful children of Mary To recife The Rosary at a Shrine in the Santa Rosa Division. A 'Shi 7 Sophomore Class 2 fl X Otilie Prikryl Emily Jane Puig Mary Pulsford Granger, Texas Laredo, Texas San Antonio, Tex Judith C. Ramirez Eva Linda Rash Otila Resendez Roma, Texas Laredo, Texas Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Vincy Ann Ruffo Eliy Ryan' Margo? Saenz San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Falfurrias, Texas Sophomore Class Gaynell Sylvia Sapenjer San Antonio, Texas Georgann Spikes Beaville, Texas Becky Smith Seminole, Texas Elizabeth Sterlin Maria de la Paz Solis Laredo, Texas 9 Elva Rose Trevino Port l.aVaC6, Texas Rgma, Texas , n Margaret Ulcak Jourclanton, Texas Charlotte Urban Rockdale, Texas A u H J ll?" .I ' 'Aw airy, w llf 1' K - Alf? r.,-fl! A 2 , fy! ,1 544, gems 3 1, A gal I ,gg ."' "1 i. aw- .F !"' , 1 Class of 1962 .www in' Q ,- ju z, , 'll7'lfi1ita i ' l QQ? 2 is f-f' Monica Valdez Virginia Vales Beatriz Villareal San Antonio, Texas Galveston, Texas Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Barbara Ann Wagner Suzette Wilson Diane Weisbruch San Antonio, Texas Gonzalez, Texas Dallas, Texas Q 4 s 'E xl' Margaret Ann Wingo San Antonio, Texas EM N. .1 Rose Ann Zarsky Woodsboro, Texas ll The Sophomore Spirit Is Enioyment Sophomore ROSE MARIE BENNETT was a represent- ative of Seville at the ln- stitute of Hispanic Culture Ball, "Noche en los Jar- dines de Espana." Rose Marie is the president of the International Relations Club, and has a very deep interest in all cultural and historical events relating to Spain in particular. omore photography edii0l' of the LOGOS is getfing all Jimmy Dean's attention, while Patricia Johnson lust watches Mr. Bacon, photog- rapher. Sylvia and Pal' went to interview the tele- vision singing star, -llmmY Dean, who was in San AH- tonio at the spring .Stock Show. 322 1 SYLVIA GONZALEZ, soph- 4 , V , J- J r,- H if, -1 -1 M, R ,f Q fig ighe-H. 'ff .'H-,P ' 1- - Y 'Hes Q1 A 1 1 1 f n"f9 Freshman Class ., .W iff", Q-,qsyagsim um A MW X KW C Q., v y if Sy YY f 91334 ye' sax M X 6 4' M21 5 'il my f ' ' f QI K1 M5 we wfhwwggw x f if ,iam , , Mary Elaine Adamek Diane Albrecht Karen Albrachf Kerrville, Texas Midland, Texas Hereford, Texas Victoria Almand Joyce J. Andrews Rose Marie Barloco Laredo, Texas McAllen, Texas San Antonio, Texas la l .' ,. . g un' , ,.- ,J sf, , 2 W Sylvia Barron San Antonio, Texas Louise Berensten Mexico Cify Joyce Blume San Antonio, Texas vu i Jaw .I ,V ,W xii sy, MV, U 1 uf' 4 541. 1-5,3 g sig. in .Wwp W ,ww 9 tv gi 3 ,H,,,L. x1q" 1 in Ai Class of 1963 ill lv ykklxq, , ' 1-xl, 3 rf- x' , pls , ,, ,gk .fl . lr . Q. Luanne Boggs Judith Boles Jeanelfe BOOK Alamo, Texas Bushfon, Kansas MUGS, TSX-HS Sharon Brundref Gloria Casso Bea Chandler Beeville, Texas Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Lifflefield, TGXGS E 3 1, , Lk' 2233. r X q :AJ Q x 'T T lil 4 fa 5 Q E: - 'nap ' 3,15 - ikui-Z "T z 1 . : ks. v. . ,Y ' Q ' 'N . A,.,. X....L. 2. . Y' -Q X : a:g..x X Q K ASXQ i Norma Chapa San Antonio, Texas N -in T Gloria Conerly San Antonio, Texas Angelina Chavez San Anfonio, Texas ... -.-.. . .... - .... - ....- ......t......-....-....1.... ........ - - - r - X f 24.9 W Class of 1963 X f fg' 1.722257 Q X , , V, f f'fL.-if , ly x , fmf , ,K f T Diana Cortez Betty Mae Davis Emily de Loach San Antonio, Texas San Anionio, Texas Dallas, Texas Deede Dingel Rosemary Dobbins Eddy V. Durham San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Armstrong, Texas Patricia Elliot H, " L. .af I wi. 'X Gloria Ermis San Antonio, Texas Woodsboro, Texas Mary Katherine Frerlch San Antonio, Texas Elaine sh ne v"" Class of 1963 If ' ' 4 ,ki g . ,, f ,Ar , mr .. IX ,...a .I Herretta FIowers Irene Garcia Ma. Elda Garcia San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Rio Grande City, Texas THEY ARE INTERESTED IN THE APOSTOLATE, AND TEACH DEAF CHILDREN X Y Elaine GooIsby and Mary Elaine Adamek, both of whom were named "OuTs'rancIing Freshmen" instruct deaf children at Sun- shine Cottage in The fundamentals of Christian Docrrine. ,...,.........,...---.- .-.. - --W I I X H ... .,.?,.-,,,., ,--.--gf'-rf --- - - I Freshman Class ff, f 7 Felicia Garcia Graciela Garcia Mary Alice Garcia Laredo, Texas Alice, Texas San Antonio, Texas Melba Teresa Garcia Alice Garza Leticia Garza San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas i -4 T 1' Tgarza Pat Gillespie Carolyn Glass i e ex . ' as Dallas, Texas San Antonio, Texas Class of 1963 Elaine Goolsby Bertha Gonzalez Carmelita Gonzalez San Benito, Texas Odessa, Texas Laredo Texas CYf'lTlWlB Gonzalez Graciela Gonzalez Big Springs, Texas Roma, Texas Maria Teresa Gonzalez MBVY Cafmen Gonzalez Eagle Pass, Texas San Antonio, Texas Margaret Gonzalez San Antonio, Texas i , I M M' f ,T ll ' X f Gail Gordon f Dallas, Texas ,,,.. - ..- ., vvv- 1 ""' ' Class of 1963 Beulah Graves San Antonio, Texas Mary Hargifa Olga Gilda Guerrera Blanca Guiferrez Laredo, Texas Laredo, Texas Shannon Harrison Erin Hermes San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Anionio, Texas i i 1 i i X 45, , all .QQ Mary Vera Herrera Alice, Texas Bertha Hesles Margaret Hickey Eagle Pass, Texas Kerrville, Texas Qs XX. . AM. Q -1: Q ,, , , Mary Joe Hinoioso San Antonio, Texas Sfamafa Hrones Del Rio, Texas Class of 1963 x as f 'T lf l s il, ' Ernestina Hoff Windfhorsf, Texas Minnef Hsia Pat Hudson Hong Kong Dallas, Texas if , ,X . . ,7 .S ,i , V M, if La, . , SAL, Olga De Hoyos San Antonio, Texas 1 i G3- ,ff 3 X1 ss . ss X x X ff XX A Rss Sarah Huizar Jeanette Hruska Gail JGUWS San Anfonio, Texas West, Texas Eagle Pass, Texas Freshman Class Karen Jenkins Yolanda Jimenez Pat Johnson Yoakum, Texas Cristal City, Texas Altair, Texas NINE FRESHMEN WIN HIGHEST HONOR Red' tlk'-Sh'IMd' - X a inglcoun erc oc vsnse. era a igan, Jeanette Book, Minett Hsia, Karen Jenkins, Judy Boles, Shannon Harrison, Mary -I0 I'I"T0I0fa, Donna PITTHGF, and Norma CIWBP6, nine freshmen who merited election to Alpha Lambda Delta on the basis of their first semester grades. i , , nikki' 11. f ffiilv' Wggyx . ,gf fha, X Q Zffxspf ,?,",,"iM -, .-iq' 1192 MZ ,f' J" 1 ,. , te, ,f . thug 45-My 110632 V I 'I Madelon Klinger Pharr, Texas Class of T963 to T, ...A Carol Ann Kotula Barbara Kennedy Elizabeth Klekar San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas Hallettsville, Texas Virginia Koch Anna Kay Kovacs San Antonio, Texas SSH Antonio, Texas ' a 51 Patsy Larkin San Antonio, Texa Y' 5 T K ' if ' it 5 N ,V , I E 'Q . ' i? ' Q' skis .- - x T Set ' SI v 'I L E 5 . . -'Q L, .,.. .... A , . , 1 1 .,-if 3' .-a . V4 in , lla., .P is X X 53, , 'V f -5'-5' ,N 2.3! 4' 'fear t, vu X XXX SX 3 Margaret Lee Patsy Lindall S Fort Worth, Texas San Antonio, Texas N Class of 1963 f f I , 2 W H , V f j 2 ,, pi fe , 1, W, , W, elf Q Kathryn Lowery PBT Lyl'lCl1 MHVQBVGT Ann l-YSSY Victoria Te , Xas Dallas, Texas Encinal, Texas Sheila Madigan D l' e ia Margo Carolyn A. Martinez Dallas, Texas Rio Grande City, Texas 560 AWTOVUOI Texas f Estela San A 5, ff I X? 952' , a 2 " ' ff '05, 7: A ,Z , If ,W ,,,77,1Qf ,,,?f,- ,,, f ,f , f M ,W wwf f f ww , ,,wf,,,, QfMZZfZWff?ff f' 'f May Martinez An el M C ff g a c a rey Eileen McCaffrey llftio ntonio, Texas Dallas Texas rl 1 , Dallas, Texas Cullzi rg? fl Give lxj ' s yr iv , L Patricia Medina San Antonio, Texas 1 ,.,,,,,.,g5 L ff If ht p T L k M55 Anne Culkm who gave a weeks course rn Charm Mary Pat Bluhm and Penny Zeller. Miss e o rug a ar In Class of 1963 . V , f, fw f f, if Susan Menely Donna Mengler Marilyn Mitchell Gonzalez, Texas San Antonio, Texas Grand Prairie, Texas Lynn Moore Mary M. Morales Corpus Christi, Texas San Antonio, Texas Bay City, Texas Hedy Munger 1 . 3 1 1 'f' 'ja' f ,ff Maria Hilda Munoz Rita Lou Murray M M, N ary avarro Roma, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas P Freshman Class r vig KJ f'.f U n f, ks I JW!! , 0 QJLLA-:'4"uj ffl' 1 ,, I I7 7, 1. Nancy Lee Notzon Q jbgfgrokff No e gyda Sandra Nueschwentz San Antonio Texas CDaILaLLgLexpsf,u San Antomo Texas :L Lmda Paredes San Anfomo Texas Q,,l'-KP J Mary Aluce Pena 6' 1 ,lK5fg1q5e nlmgton San Anfomo Texas x. Corpus C rush Texas Mary Ann perez Mnrna Pzerce San Antonio Texas Balboa Canal Zone Donna Mane Partner San Antonio Texas H fb! "L I' ' 1, W' 0 357i TX. 5 ff " Kill' vi , In I I , , I I If ,gif cy! 1, gl v f x-JZ I " V U' , M I i A 1 U ll 1. Qi., ', V rj fi V. ,'1 4' , . I,-T I I, . , . . my f' 4, T' . . 1 I 1 1 K Sk V . A 19 X 4 M' '4 , ' i xftsf Xykfxtf I 5 ,Q . ,,, sf V , Vkgi . 0 Z f ' 1 , i iff . A X E v X4 '51 V X. -9 w' , lx1.svq,,,v.? M - V , -E ' 'Y' ' .' f :lg . 'T A ' . 3 1J5v,.QA'V 5 - 1 jf K M x Q M s K I 1: f 'ivy X 'Q E N X? 1 W, , fl, SNA. K 9 fx A W? E E T as -N Q . rs. X ' +5 1 , R L ' N 0 . ,.- A . I I , Freshman Class ww , ' I ' f jf ' y Ma,-garef Pompa Patricia Poth Frances Pozniak San Antonio, Texas POTl1, TGXBS San An'f0nl0, Texas Pat Prosser Charmaine Reininger Carole Riley Crowell, Texas Converse, Texas San Antonio, Texas W Roslyn Renger X Hallettsville, Texas Mary 'lalle Rllolon Elhel M' Robinson Colo SPHUQSI C0l0. San Antonio, Texas Class of 1963 1' r Qi Diana L. Rodriguez Patty Roll Laredo, Texas San Antonio, Texas WHAT A CONTEST! FACULTY-STUDENT GAME li e Sylvia Rosel Mission, Texas I Who won? You guessed it. The students. Drs. Greenburg and Mohn, captain and co-captain, respectively, of the Faculty team, seem eager to secure that trophy from students captain and co-captain Roslyn Renger and Mary Jane Rhoton. Class of 1963 Christine Sanchez Diana Sanchez Barbara Scherberger Kerrville, Texas Laredo, Texas Fort Sam Houston, Texas Barbara Scherer Rita Schoch Harriet Ann Schulz SGH Antonio, TSXGS San Antonio, Texas Three Rivers, Texas ' TamP'C0, Mexico Navasota, Texas N X i 4 1 xf, 4. V X A ' ,. A an-ei - i Freshman Class Ruthie-an Simpson Mary Jane Smith Ruth Smith San Antonio, Texas Port Lavaca, 'Texas San Antonio, Texas Lucille Stigenf Paula Sullivan lda Taylor San Antonio, Texas Longview, Texas San Antonio, Texas Nigga Qs X X s QNX JUH9 THUS Alice Trevino Port Arthur, Texas Roma, Texas Dolores Uribe Laredo, Texas T .....,....----.- .......-.....-.,........-....-.....-,...-............. .... ...--. -.. -- --.... ,gl Freshman Class Margaref Wells Patricia Whitehouse Margaret Willding Hayward, Calif, San Antonio, Texas Dallas, Texas Dardeen Woods Mary Yoch Jean Zappe Memphis, Tennessee Belleville, Illinois Gonzalez, Texas This space is reserved for the many bashful fresh- men who were afraid to keep the date with the photographer. This space is reserved for the procrastinating fresh- men who thought they would have their pictures made "tomorrow," Penny Zeller San Antonio, Texas O Cla ss of I 963 in 1 I 5 MMM Gloria Villarreal Catherine Vreeland Par Waldron Laredo, Texas Houston, Texas Sari Antonio, Texas WE LEARN THE FIRST STEPS IN THE TEACHING PROFESSION AS WE ARE GIVEN AN I I 8 ., Q ,fi : 4 5, If I Q . W v 2 T 5 l ii' 1 fg ll is . 5 I Wharf QI. I-W... ,hm yN,,z ,- ' OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH CHILDREN. Gay Jordan learns The first steps. .- -.-.- ---.-Nwi.-,--,xw..--,, - -1.-...-4 .2.2-0 -.,-A--.- - Special Students f!,f,, 4.7, f f f ff 1' f Helen E, Clifton Ma. del Carmen Cipeda Margaret Crosby San Anfoniol Texas Saltillo, Mexico Chihuahua, Mexico Ma. Teresa ole la Fuente Aida Loaiza Edda Mastretta Mexico City Durango, Mexico Puebla, Mexico .YA , , , xi - fb , , Georgina Rangel Ena Ver ar . 9 5 Norma Adela Vene as Puebla, MeX'C0 Huancavelica, Peru Q Durango, Mexico 3 iii f I 4 I 1 t I 'J A 3. . 'fi , jf. , if ,fflf ' 'ix 43 X15 farm, It f'z't'iQi 32? A' 7, . ,,,., ,. Z ' 'gm -1 xx. ' mf ,. x' V' xx X NK mms, A x N , '..'x,'Xv M5 A x R k Y -vw .... v 1 V, fx 6' W. K . M, L41 9 . ,N ,, , +5821 if ., ,.'.sf-xp? I inf f 51:3 ,JJ .. uv ' '7 fxf-.VK QC' L15 Q' 1 L- ., I lb 93,1 fall ,Q 6 4 1? az! f',- I K f ' , 7-73 fvffl '71',r QZAVQQQ-' rff1'5ifQ91f15f-, 1 ,XV 53, , rfl'r. W.. ,A K. L ,A, , ,f Hull , .-iv, 4 , , ff:f..f r J,-ff' ,1 " H1 ,f I C Apostleshlp of Prayer The APOSTLESHIP OF PRAYER is a holy union of the faithful, who seek by prayer and sacrifice, not only their own salvation, but the growth of the Mystical Body of Christ and the spread of His Kingdom on earth. To achieve this goal the members pro- mote devotion to the Sacred Heart. All are requested to make the daily Morning Offering, by which each one offers to. God her daily actions and prayers, ioys and sorrows, in union with Christ and the intention of His Sacred Heart. FATHER JOHN COGAVIN, director of the Apostleship of Prayer, meets every week with the members for the regular meeting of the organiza- tion. Sister Claire Eileen is the moder- ator of the Apostleship of Prayer. Officers of the Apostleship of Prayer shown here are: Celeste Cavazos, president, Otilie Prikryl, secretary, Mary Teresa Cosio, treasurer and Father Cogavin, director. ny o e post eship of Prayer in the college chapel. .1- 1 lie 4 OV: ,vez l Hint giving '- .w- S fn- -. 4. fir, as Lf, F33 I Fir' ig' 5, s,, i...,, Sodality of Our Lady Dedicated to Our Lady, the Sodality is a religious body which aims to foster devotion to Mary, and through her, an ardent love for Her Divine Son, Spir- itual activities include daily Mass, fre- quent Communion, visits to the Blessed Sacrament, mental prayer, the annual retreat, and the Rosary. Father THOM- AS A. FRENCH, director of the Sodality, is shown here with the officers: Rosa- rio Gomez, prefect, Marilyn Bueche, treasurer, Diane Weisbruch, secretary, and Rosemary Gutierrez, vice-prefect. Sister M. Mechtildis is Moderator of the Sodality. ..,..i--- : lf' we Above, Father French is shown with the officers of the Sodality at Santa Rosa: Alice Villarreal, Irene Warwas, Angela tool, Evmfjilme Hinojosa, Sylvia Cardenas, Laura Campion, and Ruth Ann Graf, prefect. Below: A regular meeting in session on campus, with Fnthcr FfCHCl1 giving the instruction. .. A .--r IM' -i- I I -i-lt' ,,,f Z 41? r Zn! Confroternity of Christian Doctrine V if , , 4 X Left to right: Eileen McCaffrey, Chairman of Discussion Clubs, Georgann Spikes, secretary-treasurer, Jacqueline Holder, President, Gail Owen, vice-president, Elizabeth Klekar, Chairman of Helpers, Paula Sullivan, Chairman of Teachers. INCARNATE WORD COLLEGE holds the Chairmanship of the Texas Region of the National Federa- tion of Catholic College Students Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Commission. Jacqueline Holder is the Regional Chairman. Two C.C.D. workshops were conducted at the N.F.C.C.S. Regional Con- gresses, one at the University of Dallas in November and the other at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, in April. information from each college in the Texas Region was published in a News- letter, "The Candle." During the first semester about 80 college students from the three CatholiC colleges in the city participated in Discussion Clubs. C.C.D. helpers distributed Christmas stockings financed by the Student Council, and at Easter gave baskets to the poor children attending religion classes. Eighty-five students received their Archdiocesan Lay Catechists' Certificates after one semester of instruction in Methods and one semester in directed teaching. Catechetical teaching has been car- ried on by the following students in their own parishes and centers: St. Mary Magdalen Parish: Gail Owen, Cynthia Gonzalez, Eugenia Blankenship, Georgeann Spikes, and Anna Kay Kovacs. St. John'S Parish: Donna Pittner, Sylvia Barron, Louanne Boggs, Margaret Wells, Mary Yoch, and Eileen McCaf- frey. St. Leo's Parish: Margaret Pompa, Roslyn Renger, Mary J. Rhoton, Judy Boles, Louise Berent- sen, Margaret Blanchard, Angela McCaffrey, Nadine Murphy and Ann Blanchard. Randolph AFB: Ann Magruder, Paula Sullivan, Otilie Prikryl, Karen Albracht, and Lynn Moore. St. Gerard's: Erin Hermes. Blessed Sacrament: Mary Pat Bluhm. State T.B. Hospital: Zola F. Schram. St. Margaret Mary Parish: Irene Suarez, Sheila Madigan, Mary Elaine Adamek, Hilda Munoz, Judy Ramirez, Yolanda Jimenez, Virginia Vales, Hedy Munger, Joyce Andrews, Pat Johnson, and Elaine Goolsby. Holy Name P . I . . . . arish. Beatrice Trevino. Our Lady of Grace Parish: Benita Huesta, O.M.l. Sister M. Xaverius is Moder- ator of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. 122 l n ., 'Sf 35? 'iii' ,ai Phi Sigma Kappa Science Organization FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Alma Flores, Kay Vreeland, Dolores Uribe, Rose Mary Garcia, Mary Fritz, Rosemary Gutierrez, Betty Vann, Charlotte Urban, Carmelita Gonzales, Mirna Pierce, Diana Sanchez, Mary Jo Tasch. SECOND ROW, left to right: Mary Carmen Gonzalez, Luanne Boggs, Madelon Klinger, Frances Fair, Mary Ann Vials, Ramah Koenig, Kathy Perry, Pauline Finney, Peggy Pingleton, Rose Marie Trevino, Anna Marie Gonzalez, Rosemary Segura, Otila Resendez, Jackie Holder, Mary Esther Otal, Mary Martinez. THIRD ROW, left to right: Carolyn' Byrne, Sylvia Rosel, Mary Jo Hinoiosa, Eileen McCaffrey, Margaret Willding, Carolyn Glass, Margaret Lyssy, Adela Aguilar, Sharfon Dawn Lamp, Alice Villarreal, Diana Doerr, Jean Myers, and Diane Weisbruch. PHI SIGMA KAPPA, honorary science society, was founded in T933 to encourage correct attitudes towards the natural sciences, and student participation in student activities. It is affiliated with the Texas Academy of Science and the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. Research papSfS were presented by members at the annual meeting of the Texas Academy of Science, and three stu- dents were declared winners as follows: Mary Esther Otal, first place, Rosemary Gutierrez, second place, and Pauline Finney, honorable mention. Phi Sigma Kappa sponsored a very successful booth, "The Wheel of Fortune," during the Harvest Festival. The organization also sponsored a Style Show, "Sil- ver Belles," with fashions from Joskes on December T4, Charlotte Urban was named "Belle" with Madelon Klinger and Luanne Boggs as runners-up for the title. The officers for the present year include the following: Betty Venn, president Charlotte Urban vice resident . f 'p Mary E. FVITZ, Secretary Rosemary Gutierrez, treasurer Sister Mary Daniel is sponsor of Phi Sigma Kappa. Student National Education Association SEATED, left to right: Rose Marie Galindo, Veronica Lepold, Mary Jo Tasch, Rose Marie Raab, Mary Lynn Murphy, Patricia Kutchka, Judy Colgan, and Jeanine Calderoni. STANDING, left to right: Mary Ann Martinez, Roberta Roesler, Carmen Gomez, Mary Teresa Garcia, Amelia Pargac, Gail Owen, Willda Gafford, Dolores Ryza, Sylvia Zepeda, Jonell Reddrick, Loi Ed Johnson, Mary Frances De Leon, and Consuelo Mendoza. The Student National Education Association chapter at lncarnate Word College is now celebrating its second birthday. At the beginning of the school year, Rose Marie Raab, a secondary education sen- ior, maioring in mathematics, was elected president. Patricia Kutchka was elected vice-president, Mary Lynn Murphy, secretary, Veronica Lepold, treasurer, and Mary Jo Tasch, parliamentarian. A drive for membership was organized in the fall, and a large maiority of the future professional teachers signed up as members. Representatives of the organization attend and participate in local and state meet- ings of the Association. The Association, which gives young people a campus taste of what senior professional organization, the NEA, is and does, invites members to its ranks, and offers professional service to all future teachers. Miss Mary M. F. Whalen is sponsor of the campus organization. She attempts to unite the efforts of this group with the International Relations Club, and thus make a more integrated plan of the two organizations. As coordinator of student teaching, she is able to show student teachers the benefits of being initiated into a professional organization on the campus level, so as to receive an orientation to future professional responsibilities. The l.W.C. chapter nom- inates a candidate for the title of "Future Teacher of America," who enters the state competition, and if successful, would go on to the national competition. The Logos 50: ' ,VVV y 5 g ,,,,,V g ,.,V gigfff, ff,,,V , 2, I , fffjnf, f - ,ff 10 L g,:f,M1'Zf5 X fffvfiiga , QWZ? 5 X f ?f ' 2, C, f X 7 45 '1' f 2 2 V5 I 1 MZWM ,g V X! 2 if L 2 ln the upper picture, left to right: Margaret Blanchard, Editor, Bar- bara Archer, Assistant Editor, Carmen Novoa, feature editor, Sylvia Gonzalez, photography editor, Doris Muckle, art editor, and Ramah Koe- nig, staff member. ln the lower picture, left to right: Diana San- chez, Kay Vreeland, Vic- toria Almand, Mary Elaine Adamek, Mary Esther Otal, and Mar- garet Hickey, reporters. THE LOGOS, the college monthly publication, is the official organ of student thought at lncarnaie Word College. Published monthly throughout the school year, the paper aims to spread truth through the Catholic press and to strive for the highest standards of iournalism. The LOGOS staff members are drawn from the iournalism classes and other students interested in the practical experience af- forded th Th . . em. . e annual Christmas poetry contest is sponsored by the LOGOS to stimulate interesl In Creative writing. The third annual Conference of the Texas Catholic Journalists was sponsored by the LOGOS at the end .of .January to encourage journalistic endeavors on the high school and college levels. The l.W.C. publication won second place in the college newspapers section of the Confer- ence. Margaret Blanchard IS the editor of the LOGOS, Barbara Archer is assistant editor, and Sister Margaret Patrice is the sponsor. l26 lilz l S l Winners in Logos Poetry Contest fif,,,gj ..j'if' fy I g i ll ll il 'N nv- U"'x ? 49'-I Left to right: Carmen Novoa, Betty Jennings, and Margaret Blanchard. MARGARET BLANCHARD, senior English maior, was selected first place winner in the annual LOGOS Poetry Contest. Her winning entry' was entitled, "Beyond the Buoy." She also won honorable men- tion for her poems: "To My Generation," "Reflections," "Sonnet Sequence: Triangle," and "Melting Moments." BETTY JENNINGS, also a senior English maior, won second place for her poem "Off the Road." She also merited honorable mention for her poem "Phoenician Lighthouse." CARMEN NOVOA, sophomore, won third place for her entry "When She Communicatesf' and hon- orable mention for "Comtemplation," "Dialogue on Ice," "Then my Love Comes Swift," and "While Shadows Grow." The contest was sponsored by the LOGOS, the monthly publication of the college. Judges were: Mr. John lgo, Assistant Professor of English at San Antonio College, and winner of the T954 National Literary Award of the National Society of Arts and Letters, Father Urban Nagle, O.P., professor of theology and Chaplain at St. Mary of the -Springs College, Columbus, Ohio, and Sister M. Maura, S.S.N.D., chairman of the department of English at the College of Notre Dame, Baltimore, Md. Other students winning honorable mention were: Dyanne Dingel, Kay Vreeland, Vicki Almand, Mary Elaine Adamek, and Mirna Pierce. Sister Margaret Patrice was in charge of the contest. Business Club ff 'f FIRST SECOND ROW, lett to right: Doralerie Engel, Barbara Scherer, and Mildred Dancy. THIRD ROW, left T0 right: Tommye Kuykendall, Judy Mangan, Eva Linda Rash. TOP ROW: Betty Parkerson and Mary Yoch. ROW, left to right: Suzette Wilson, Gail Gordon, Teresa Cosio, Ena Vergara and Elaine Schultz All members of Kappa Pi Sigma National Business Fraternity are members of the Business Club, but the reverse is not true. Members eventually become initiated into Kappa Pi Sigma it they have secured a B average in all business courses. The Business Club cooperates with Kappa Pi Sigma in all activities of the Department. Chiet among the year's proiects were the sponsorship of an lntorma- tion Booth during the Harvest Festival, and a Mexican supper at the end of February for the build- ing tund. Many members of the Club are also active in other organizations on campus. Sister M. Emilia, chairman ot the Department ot Business, is sponsor ot the Business Club. l28 Kappa Pl Sigma National Business Fraternity 1 Left to right: Katherine Jones, Betty Parkerson, Mildred Dancy, Ana Martha Tellez, Socorro Hernandez, Elaine Schultz. BUSINESS CLUB members who have attained the rank of juniors, and have a B average in their business subjects, are eligible for membership in Kappa Pi Sigma, Zeta chapter, of lncarnate Word Collei-Je. The Zeta chapter of the National Business Fraternity was established at l.W.C. in January, l954. The fraternity promotes Christian ideals, upholds the standards of high scholarship in the field Of business, and strives to bring its members into closer loyalty and friendship with one another. Officers of the organization for the present scholastic year include: Ana Martha Tellez, president, Mary Elaine Schultz, vice-president, Mildred Dancy, treasurer, Betty Parkerson, secretary, Gail Gordon, reporter. Sister M. Emilia is sponsor of Kappa Pi Sigma and of its sister organization, the Business Club. me Sigma Gamma Phi Modern Language Club SEATED, left to right: Rose Marie Bennett, Patricia Roll, Rose Mary De Leon, Beatriz Villarreal, Margaret Moguel, and Carmen Novoa. SECOND ROW, left to right: Delia De Leon, Rosemarie Raab, Ligaya Massengill, Ena Vergara, and Otila Resenclez. SIGMA GAMMA PHI, the language club, composed of students of Spanish, German, and French, has for its purpose the fostering of interest in the language and culture of the different countries and the promotion of mutual understanding of other lands and peoples. Annual activities include the celebration of foreign language week, assisting with the Harvest Festival for foreign scholarship aid, and club programs by the individual sections. One outstanding activity was the sponsorship of the San Antonio unit of TAGS t' - h T was chairman of the meeting. mee ing t e exas Association of German Students. Rosemarie Raab The officers of Sigma Gamma Phi for the present scholastic year are as follows: Rose Mary De Leon, president, vice-presidents include Beatriz Villarreal, German, Margaret Moguel, Spanish, Carmen Novoa, French, secretary, Otila Resendez, and treasurer, Ena Vergara. Sponsors are as follows: Ger- man, Sister M. Ludmilla, French, Sister Claire Eileen, Spanish, Sisters Adriana and Rose Maria. Student Council Cf--. -.,, di' SEATED, left to right: Dorothy Jerabek, Renee Sluder, Billie Machado, Betty Vann, Georgann Spikes. STANDING, left to right: Elaine Goolsby, Dolly Carter, Mary Pat Bluhm, Betty Parkerson, Judy Freeman, Lois Schrenker, Margaret Blanchard, Sylvia Zepeda, Rosario Gomei. The STUDENT COUNCIL is the official representative of the student body and serves as a link be- tween the faculty and the students, integrating the activities of the latter with those of the admin- istrative and teaching faculty and fostering mutual cooperation and understanding. Members are nominated and elected by the student body for aperiod of one year. The Student Council administers the routine discipline of campus life and acquaints the student body with its responsibility to the student community, and to the post-college community. Activities for the year, 1959-60 were many and varied: Freshman Orientation, the Harvest Festival, College Day, Open House, Battle of Flowers float, Miss "Fiesta" contest, and the tri-college proiect in late spring. Officers of the Student Council include the following: Billie Machado, president, Dolly Carter, first vice-president, Sylvia Zepeda, second vice-president, Judy Freeman, secretary, Mary Pat Bluhm, treas- urer, Betty Parkerson, N.F.C.C.S. Senior delegate, Rosario Gomez, Sodality prefect, Rene Sluder, Betty Vann, Georgann Spikes, Elaine Goolsby, senior, iunior, sophomore, and freshman class representa- tives respectively, Margaret Blanchard, editor of the LOGOS, Dorothy Jerabek, editor of the LOGOS CANNUALD, Lois Schrenker, Santa Rosa representative. Sister M. Antoninus, Registrar, is the faculty moderator of the Student Council. Alphci Delta Sigma Socio-Scholastic Orgcmizcllivh M. f,,ff,,' , . f , 4,371 f W! ' 1 1 V TOP ROW, left to right: Diane Weisbruch, Nancy Haiovsky, Ann Freeman, Judy Freeman, Margie Stefanagge, Bertha Hinoiosa, Alma Hinoiosa, Margaret Ulcak, Rhenettap Davydiuk, Diana Doerr, Barbara Archer, Carolyn Byrne, Gayle Jamison, Mary Pat Bluhm. BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Mary Lynn Steele, Jean Myers, Emily Puig, Cynthia Gonzalez, Joan Seigler, Georgian Spikes, Rose Marie Bennett, Nellie T Herrera, Lucile Johnson, Helen Schumann, Frances Fair, Georgia Durham. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA is a socio-scholastic organization designed to combine the student's social life with other phases of campus life. To be eligible'for membership, a student must have a C average, and must be in good standing. Twenty-one new members were received into the organization in Jan- uary. The Club operated a successful booth, "The Nickel Throw," at the Harvest Festival. ln October, the Alpha Delta Sigma sponsored the Autumn Formal, honoring the Freshman Class. This year'S formal was held at the Olmos Club, with music provided by the "Starlighters." Ann Freeman, a mem' ber Of the Ofganllation, was crowned Queen of the Senior "Snowball," and Helen Schumann, and Judy Freeman were runners-up for duchesses. Jean Myers, a sophomore member, was named "Out- standing Sophomore." Officers for the year include: Lucile Johnson, president, Frances Fair, vice-president, Georgia l-ee Durham, secretary, Nellie Herrera, treasurer, Delia De Leon, historian, Helen Schumann, parliamen- tarian. Sister Mary of Mercy is sponsor of Alpha Delta Sigma. ,Na 4 ,x ' nr , s . . 5 ' A nn W, 4 R A s -1. if . 'z -v""' Professional Nurses' Club ..i...-.di:i Li.: Left to right: Alice Roberts, Doris Munson, Barbara Burton, Geraldine Jackson, Nadine Murphy, Pat Mooty. THE PROFESSIONAL NURSES' CLUB is an organization of all student nurses in the basic and ad- vanced programs. Last year the graduate and undergraduate segments merged into OHS ClUl9 and adopted one set of by-laws. The Professional Nurses' Club is a very enthusiastic and active organiza- tion on and off campus. Members sponsored the bingo booth at the Harvest Festival and WOl'l4eCl with might and main to make it a success. The obiective of the club is to foste-r an intellectual, profes- sional and social spirit among its members. Now in its seventeenth year, it can look back with Pflde over its achievements, which include the provision of nursing scholarships to deserving studenTS, volunteer service for worthy causes, and donations to the building fund and other proiects. V Officers for the current scholastic year include: Geraldine Jackson, president Nadine Murphy, vice-president Barbara Burton, secretary Doris Munson, treasurer Sister M. Christiana is Moderator of the Professional Nurses' Club. exas Phi Chapter of Alpha Chi National Honor Society -H --. , . I 6 1 ll l In T . ,N - sqm oath All . I 3, ,ffl I "' -A-f-H43 SEATED, left to right: Dolly Carter, Judy Colgan, Rose Marie Galindo, Billie Machado, Carolyn Byrne, Willda Gafford, Ramah Koenig, Renee Sluder, Joan Seigler, Rose Mary Gutierrez, Carmen Gomez. STANDING, left to right: Martha Koperwhats, Katherine Perry, Irene Warwas, Mary Ryan, Dolores Ryza, Lucille Seten, Zola Schram, Doris Muckle, Pauline Finney, Sharron Dawn Lamp, Lois Schrenker, .Ionell Reddrick. ALPHA CHI is a national scholarship society dedicated to the promotion and recognition of scholar- ship in colleges and universities of the United States. It was founded in T922 and is a member of the Association of National Honor Societies. The lncarnate Word College chapter vvas established in 1927. lt provides an active undergraduate chapter dedicated to "the stimulation of a spirit of sound scholarship and devotion to the truth Wherever such may be found." To be eligible for membership the junior or senior must rank in the upper ten per cent of her class scholastically and must have spent the semester prior to the initiation in the institution of higher learning where the chapter is located. The main object of the Incarwate Word College chapter is the promotion and recognition of scholarship and of those elements of character which make scholarship effective for good among the undergraduate students. For this reason, qualities of leadership and service are also noted in the selection of members. Alpha Chi and Alpha Lambda Delta unite in fund-raising and social activities on .campus. Officers for the present scholastic year include: Willda Gafford, president Ramah Koenig, secretary Alice Villarreal, vice-president Carolyn Byrne, treasurer Sister M. Clement is sponsor of Alpha Chi and of Alpha Lambda Delta national honor societies. WHO'S Who Among Stuclents in American Colleges oncl Universities SEATED, left to right: Margaret Blanchard, Rose Marie Galindo, Lois Schrenker, Willda Gafford, Judy Colgan, Renee Sluder. STANDING, left to right: Billie Machado, Doris Muckle, Sharron Dawn Lamp, Alice Villareal, Lucille Seten, Dolores Ryza, lrene Warwas, Martha Koperwhats, Carolyn Byrne. SEVENTEEN SENIORS were nominated to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Missing from the picture were Zola Frances Schram and Gladys Shannon. Students rec- ognized by this organization each year are nominated from colleges and universities throughOUT the country. l.W.C.'s campus nominating committee elects its nominees on the basis of excellence and sincerity of scholarship ancl promise of future achievement. Margaret Blanchard is editor of the LOGOS and an English maior, Rose Marie Galindo is an elementary education maior. Mathematics maiors include Zola F. Schram, Gladys Shannon and Judy Colgan. Biology maiors include Willda Gafford, Renee Sluder, Sharron Dawn Lamp, and Carolyn Byrne. Nursing maiors include: Lois Schrenkeff Lucille Seten, and lrene Warwas, Martha Ternus Kopervvhats is a radiologic technology m6lOVi Alla? Villarreal is a medical technology major. Doris Muckle is an art maior, while Billie Machade, Pfesl' dent of the Student Council, is a history maior. The election to Who's Who is considered a Qfeal honor among the students and faculty alike. Dolores Ryza is a music education major. Sports Association SEATED, left to right: Patsy O'Shea, Judy Ramirez, La Ruth Patton, Honora Miller, Angela McCaffrey, and Emily De Loach. STANDING, left to right: Mary T. Garcia, Margot Saenz, Norva Sue Bell, Elaine Goolsby, Anna Mae Furlong, Barbara Harwerth, Roslyn Renger, Mary J. Rhoton, Rosemarie Trevino, and Olga De Hoyos. The SPORTS ASSOCIATION was the most active body on campus during the year. Composed of all students enrolled in physical and health education courses, the Association sponsored intramural games, tennis, volleyball, and basketball tournaments, Splash Day in May, a sock hop in February, and a Talent Shovv at the end of January. The Association also had representatives and faculty member at the Texas Association for Physical Education and Recreation. Sister M. Xaverius, chairman of the Department, represented the faculty, student representatives were Honora Miller and Rose- marie Trevino, iunior physical education maiors. The congress vvas held in Abilene, December 4-5. The Association also sponsored the annual Horse Shovv in Brackenridge Park on March 28, under the direction of Mrs. L. Collins. Physical Education directors from Our Lady of the Lake, Trinity, and San Antonio Colleges have served as iudges and umpires of many of the competitive events on campus. Officers for the present school year are: Honora Miller, president, La Ruth Patton, vice-president, Judith Ramirez, secretary, and Rose Marie Trevino, treasurer. Sister M. Xaverius is sponsor of the Association. She is assisted by Sister Mary Mark, and Mrs. Richard L. Brandt, director of physical and health education. International Relations Club SEATED, left to right: Gladys Flieller, Judy Colgan, Ligaya Massengill, Rose Marie Galindo, Rose Marie Bennett, Norva Sue Bell, Consuelo Mendoza, and Jeanine Calderoni. STANDING, left to right: Carmen Gomez, Veronica Lepold, Willda Gafford, Dolores Ryza, Betty Parkerson, Roberta Kretzmeier, Magdalena Banderas, Patricia Kutchka, Rose Marie Raab, and Sylvia Zepeda. THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB, first established in 1910 with the Andrew Carnegie Foun- dation, was organized on the Incarnate Word College campus in 1932. Joint meetings consisting of panel discussions and socials are held throughout the school year. Membership is open to all in- terested students, but a special invitation was issued during the past year to all who are entering the teaching profession. Since the Club makes a special study of world affairs, and through discus- sions, seek to interpret them wisely, this organization offers much to those young women who will be the future teachers of our nation. Incarnate Word College holds the chairmanship of the Texas Region of the National Federation of Catholic College Students' International Relations Commission. The International Relations Club is under the sponsorship of Miss Mary M. F. Whalen, professor of social sciences, whose broad knowledge and understanding of current affairs in our present age is of paramount importance in assisting her counselees to obtain a sympathetic understanding of public affairs, domestic and foreign, in their true content and relation. Officers for the year, 1959-60: Rose Marie Bennet, president Rose Marie Galindo, vice-president Norva Sue Bell, secretary-treasurer Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Even, Dorothy Jerabek, Marilyn Bueche, Elizabeth Ozuna, Rhenetta Davydiuk, Kay Spears. SECOND ROW, left to right: Irma Dora Garcia, Mary Frerich, Pat Poth, Margaret Lee, Otilie Prikryl, Ellen McDonald, Sylvia Heredia, Elva Rose Trevino, Gloria Ermis, Bertha Hinoiosa, Delma De Hoyos. THIRD ROW, left to right: Irene Suarez, Stamata Hrones, Christina Garza, Donna Taylor, Ambarina Margo, Pat Hudson, Pat Johnson, Joyce Andrews, Emily Puig, Rosalie Rice, Jo Ann Sebera, Donna Mengler, Rosario Gomez, Laura Alvarez, Connie -Suarez. KAPPA LAMBDA KAPPA, the Home Economics organization, is composed of students in the depart- ment of home economics. It promotes student interest in Christian family living. The Club sponsors Style Shows, lectures, pre-Cana Conferences, and proiects to assist the needy. One of the outstand- ing proiects of Kappa Lambda Kappa for the present year was the sponsorship of the annual Work- shop of the Texas Home Economics College Clubs, held on campus at the end of October. More than 250 members attended this conference, which had as its theme, "The Scales of Golden Values," highlighting the golden jubilee observance of the AHEA. Dorothy Jerabek was the runner-up for the title of "Home Economist of the Year." Dorothy had served as state president for the year leading up to the Workshop. Kappa Lambda Kappa sponsored a very unusual Style Show on February 14, featuring "Fashion and Fragrance." Monette Shaw, television personality, served as commentator for the show, and Frost Brothers donated several hundred samples of perfume which were distributed to the assembly. Officers for the present year include the following: Elizabeth Ozuna, president Marilyn Bueche, vice-president Cathy Cayo, secretary Maria de la Paz Solis, treasurer Rhenetta Davydiuk, historian Sister Mary Clarence is sponsor of Kappa Lambda Kappa. Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society Left to right: Cseatedl Mary Jo Hinoiosa, Sheila Madigan, Lois Schrenker, Judy Boles and Jeanette Book. STANDING: lrene Warwas, Donna Pittner, and Carolyn Byrne. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA is a national honor society for freshmen women. its purpose is to stimulate the development of character and scholarly attainment among college women in American institu- tions of higher learning. Freshmen who attain a 2.5 average at the end of the first semester or at the end of the year may be elected to membership. At the beginning of this year, Jean Myers, a sophomore, who had attained to the required average was elected. At the end of the first semester, nine freshmen were initiated into the society, thus attaining the highest honor on the l.W.C. campus. Freshmen so honored Were: Mary Jo Hinoiosa, Shannon Harrison, Minnet Hsia, Judy Boles, Jean- ette Book, Donna Pittner, Karen Jenkins, Sheila Madigan, and Norma Chapa. Members of Alpha Lambda Delta joined with members of Alpha Chi to sponsor the Harvest Festival booth Surprise Packages They also held a tea for the honor seniors of San Antonio high schools in April The Spring Fling was held in late April for the purpose of raising funds for scholarships Tvvo members of Alpha Lambda Delta Mary Esther Otal and Rosemary Gutierrez chemistry mayors took first and second place respectively for their research prolects at the Texas Academy of Science Officers for the year were Mary Esther Otal president Barbara Wendel vice president Kathy Perry secretary and Rose Mary Gutierrez treasurer Sister M Clement is sponsor 1 4 v I I 5 1 1 I 5 K 1 5 2 i 1 I s V W i s p K, 2 Y. i I A 4 ! I V E i , 1 .xy E 4 s is shown here with he , harlene Johnson, Harriet Zeller. In center: Ver Navarro, D ' tion 'c ASSOUG The MUS' iN mme' Integra' Part Is cmf Depqrfmenf o Neva , ' NX- virifma Doiores C . Harriet ner Ze nY Suwlanhnd Pen Kaxm' rr I Ban Bafbara . we xlxouovgazmd SY 'e RYZ ivxamx XZ: SW Nxafxl I Chl Xa Leyba Lyn Pe' Pa' 1' Ncher' xo mah ' bafa Left Ba' .anO' fr G px Wa9r:ZS ai th Cala JWQ 144,12 Miss Volina Power Lynch C r voice Schulz, B na Collin olores R students: Virginia Ball, Par arbara Archer, Margaret Ulcak, Penn s and Karen Jenkins. Seated in front: Mar yza, Rita Lou Murray, and Mary Fritz. I42 yM. Chorale Presents Handel s MESSIAH THE COLLEGE CHORALE, with Mr. Donald Hogan, directing, as it appeared in the Christmas presenta- tion of Handel's MESSIAH. Barbara Wagner, music education maior, is shown at the organ, and Mrs. Hortense Skiles, piano maior, is at the piano. i PAT LYNCH and RITA LOU MURRAY, voice Students i of MISS VOLINA POWERS, were featured soloists with the College Chorale in the Christmas concert. m.,,,,,c 43 F - i Y 1 V . , , K . i l Y 5 , ,gf f , , fffcff ', HMV, ff! ',,f,f,:,,, w ,, Q ,V,fg,f,! ,I ,' ff?2,4,vf f , W, ffm , 6, ,fm ,, fy.. 1 f ' 'gff " Zi Q74 062' 6 1 .M ffuffwy 27, yfffffy, W ff, mf, ff: ,wif fn! fl' aw ffffffy an ,j, QMA f, 4, ,M MM, :Vt Mi! fy, cf ,fy gfzfyv CM fv fv'f 'ff W ,C W fy ff, , 'O f,y,,4 , A, 'g z,,',,f,2 ,ff of , 3, 7 ,Vi ffm 1,42 ' f Qf f f 4-.L..L-.. ut.-nmfipfpp,-,Lhwf ,,. nn.. v- A W, Players Inc. Presents Shakespearean Drama j ' 'v??fff ' ' f , 1 4 , , A f W , ff' I 'f Q T T A f' .W 2 1 ' JI, I X , ,f 5 j 1 T T v if f ff f X- , T Z ,f 5 1? T ,, , if T ' I ' Z 'ff .X , For The second consecuTive year, The famous Touring company of PLAYERS INCORPORATED was presenTed in Two Shakespearean plays, "The Com- edy of Errors" and "MacbeTh." De- cember 7 and 8 were The daTes for The Two performances. A packed au- dirorium responded mosr enThusias- Tically To The Two performances. The company of Players lncorporaTed was organized over eleven years ago by Fafher Gilberf Harfke, O.P., who is sTill The direcfor of The group. All The members are graduafes of The famous Speech and Drama DeparTmenT of The Cafholic UniversiTy of America. ln The picTure aT The lefT, we see Three mem- bers of The casT of MACBETH: LefT To right Nicholas Bedessem as Banquof Laurence Luckinbill as MacbeTh, and Jack Foreman as Macduff. Roberfa KreTzmeier and Shannon Harrison observe some of The Tech- niques of make-up as used by DOLORES VIOLA, h Lady MacbeTh. W O portrayed I46 . b Magdalena Banderas and Charlene Johnson chaT wiTh Three mem ers of The casT of MacbeTh before The curTain Opened- 4 y 5 .L I , s w B N 'N r- 'Q up It swf: R Q S w , iv P T v w r Eurhythmic Dance Three scenes from the Eurhythmic Dance pro. gram held on January 6, are shown here. Miss Margaret Anderson, instructor, directed this program, which is a torm ot worship in modern settings. Judy Freeman, iunior, was narrator, Judy Mangam, stage manager, Delia De Leon, designer ot sets, Emilie Ramirez, costume director, Bernard David, curtain and special effects director. 4 , Wfy, Ev Students participating in the program were: Margaret Pompa, Rita Lou Murray, Mary Elaine Adamek, Patricia Medina, Diana Sanchez, Maria Cepecla, Kathryn Lowery, Alicia Trevino, Elva Rose Trevino, Mary Fritz, Carmelita Gonzalez, Carol Ann Kotula, Pat Prosser, Ellen McDonald, Dyanne Dingell, Suzette Wilson, Peggy Pingleton, Kay Vreeland, Nancy Lee Notzon, Frances Fair, Gloria Villarreal, Blanca Gutierrez, Jean Zappe, Mary Margaret Morales, Sheila Madigan, Amy Pargac, Karen Pennington, Felicia Garcia, Helen Schumann, Mary Jane Smith, Susan Meneley, Gloria Ermis, Mary Pulstord. l48 THE ABovE SCENE Depicts ri-if cRuciFix1oN - Music: Newman's "Holy crass" ? ,YV ,,4 ,HN :W ., , iw i KARL i pictures Upper ings Q PUTNA WALL! held 5 'N co COLEM Sludem Ulcakl m0del. ,Qi N-3 'f-35 'N clies Art Siu V g, .nv s 158. 1 f nl, .L 'Q ..f -'. in-nl-A KARL KLEIN and DORIS MUCKLE, senior arf rnaiors, hang their pictures for a ioinf exhibit. Upper right: MRS. ALICE NAYLOR, ART CHAIRMAN, selects painf- ings of her own for her ioint exhibit with MRS. MARGARET PUTNAM in The I.W.C. Ari Galleries. Ill" gnu ,ii fl WALLACE DREYER, ariisf from Marlin, Texas, held a one-man show in The I.W.C. arf gallery IN COMMERCIAL ART CLASS, MISS CECIL COLEMAN, Commercial Art Professor, direcTS students, Delia De Leon, Carol Kofula, Margaret Ulcak, and Rosie Flores, To draw from live moclel. Y ' " , ' r A - r f r' v 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 I 4 4 , Q f 'JD x af ,f y ,fa , ,i ,f X 'Y X x mpg ff' N x f.,.f ' 7 z ,IM Mm . 5-I-.I ' , , ff. 6 1 3, -84 1, 'WW x X 1 g X W ' X 55 2 Q , A wa, ' x' 'gifs s if ........4...........L.'. 41 -- ...,.. -- 4,H....-...Q-..-4-p:-ina.-N.,-,...-.-. . -D ....... ...v-.4-cs, ..-.- ,wry The Nursing Profession ls Rewarding, EVEN THOUGH THE HOURS ARE LONG AND STRENUOUS, the smile of gratitude, the pain easecl, and the return of confidence through service rendered, all aclol up to blessings un- counted. DIANE DUB ' ' ' ' ' . . lEL llpioes 'WTO G PGTIGYITS r0Om In the wee hours of the morning, and Vangie Hinoiosa and D'Harma Harms step out of the Chil- dren's Hospital. The Nurse Is ca Teacher, a Mother, LOIS SCHRENKER speaks a word of enco f 1 - a Childls fevered brow. Uragemen o a lonely patient, and assures her that someone cares, while Ann Battaglia soothes I52 the lol UUKSWQI to lim t ls capisf' Helm ig Amt stand l Hamill - YG about T OUS lp BARBL for H In the The young women in the nursing program are taught to handle emergencies in a ca able, efficient manner. P Here, Karen Brady and Glor- ia Ann Cadena, sophomores, stand by to help Joann Hemstreet lcenterj who is about to give an intraven- ous iniection. Exciting, cmd Self-Scicrificing a Consoler, and CI Counselor f .g ,,.V V, jg if 6? f if Z 4. -we ,' 1 7 ff I, f ' , H , , ',V' I , , Q ff, ' BARBARA FOSTER and GEORGIA ANN MAGER5, seniors are Teachers IRMA GARZA and DOROTHY BARNES, seniors, demonstrate the for 5 Change, as they instruct a group ot Licensed Vocational Nurs es use ot the circo-electric bed orthopedic patients, or for burn in the Science and art of bandaging. paralyzed, and the like patients. I53 The Nurse's Education ls gfdffxfff 132 0 f ww DHARMA HARMS and EVANGELINE HINOJOSA are shown here in two very different roles. In the first picture, They are shown caring for an incubated baby, and in the second, administering oxygen to a patient. I54 ,fki Vffii ill' io V W lean ihef Heai oi 6 garef RUT hom bein her i JO wali GER, senic durir TINE off 1 BYOUCII Tl10r0ugh, and Liberal THE NURSE MUST LEARN TO WORK WITH PEOPLE, and in Public Health Nursing, she has many opportunities to meet, advise, and work with all kinds ot people. First ot all, she must learn to get along with her associates, then with the members ot the Public Health Agency, and most important ot all, with the people she visits or cares tor. RUTH ANN GRAF, senior, makes a home visit to see that instructions are being followed, and to find out how her patient is progressing. JO ANN HEMSTREET, senior, lust walks in to see her family. GERALDINE STEVENS PRITCHETT, senior, takes mother's blood pressure during her home visit, while CHRIS- TINE DURBIN, also a senior, shows ol'l the baby. I I i I Psychicitric Nursing Is cm Important Z Z , , ffm I UWM? A I Q fi ff f Z ff I f 5 Z 74 , WW W Z 1 4 f f 2 1 M MW WZ ea' Z 4 ' 5 ff f 74 3 5 asf g Z , 26 , , 2 2 QWO Q X l iff , ,., 0.7, 4 ff Z f tt, f , , it 'Wf fytwf, ff f W! If ff M04 47? f X X it WW 4' iff I7 1-w e Fc -5 - .Q 'a A IMS .-A59 Aw PSYCHIATRIC NURSING IN THE LACKLAN Perez, are shown with Dr. Neurenberger, assistant chief of psychiatry at Lackland AFB. And Evelyn Trevino and Corlene Lambeth watch as Lt. Gilbert Wasserzieler, psychologist, demonstrates the use of the loom in occupational therapy. Junior nursing students spend three months in psychiatric nursing at Lackland AFB Hospital, with which the Santa Rosa Division of Incarnate Word College is affiliated. D AFB HGSPITAL is an integral part of the nursing program. Juniors Donata Newsom and Gloria Port of the Nursing Curriculum ff Vf , 4, 'J I, ff f f af' all X n Af' we. ., ....v,.. - QRTZIB' i tri, . .Y A ' r T, f."':f37"'3 l A SHAW, ' h here with iron lung ESTELA MONTALVO, senior, is shown in her role of team leader. R T Senior Is S Own Medical Services Closely Alliecl to Nursing MEDICAL RECORD LlBRARY SCIENCE is a field closely allied to nursing. Kathy O'Brien, a senior in Medical Record Library Science, is shown here checking with Dr. Wead, plastic surgeon, on the medical record of one of his patients. The pro- gram in medical records is rather new at l.W.C. lt is a very interesting field, and offers many openings for trained personnel. Radiologic and Medical Technology Are Closely Related To The Nursing Career. MARTHA TERNUS KOPERWHATS, a senior radiologic Technology maior, will compleTe her degree require- menTs in May. MarTha spenT Two of her Tour years on The main campus of l.W.C., and The lasT Two years aT The SanTa Rosa HospiTal. She com- muTed To The main campus for lib- eral arTs courses during her iunior and senior years. ANNA MARIE GONZALEZ fseaTecll and ROSEMARY SEGURA, Two medi- cal Technology majors, cooperaTe in The performance of a rouTine lab. TEST. l58 ALICE VILLARREAL, a medical Technology ma- ior, is shown in a special lab. TesT. Alice, like her fellow med. Technology majors, spenT The firsT Three years on The main campus of l.W.C., where she concenTraTed in The scien- Tific subiecTs. QUT, Qlf. TaC'9 ing chrfl Perez YE! Jim? infer Belo'- STsTer FJEUS: Mr. 'Qu -rv as '1 Q lg V111 lm 4 I Guidance clncl Supervlslon Are Important GUIDANCE AND SUPERVISION IN CLINICAL WORK are two important factors in the education of the nurs- ing maior. Here, Sister Christiana checks on chart with Mary Teresa Perez and Irene Warwas, while Sis- fer Evangelist directs Mary Rita Jimenez to some special point of information. Below: The Student Council, with Sister Lucilla and Sister Mary Brian, pauses in its meeting to pose for Mr. Joe Bacon, photographer. :lit to rigiht: DHarma Harms, Lucille Seten Virginia Smith Ruth Ann Graf orot y arnes f IOVGSI ent of the Student Council Sister Mary Brian ve yn W F I N , ' ' Y Tennis Finalists Roslyn Renger llettl and Patsy OShea are shown here with the trophy won by Patsy. She defeated Roslyn in the annual Tennis Tournament held on campus C6-U C6-2J. Patsy is a three-time winner of the tennis tournament. i im' O iff' . - 2 WI r . - 0 9 0 0, 0 09 4 O ' 4 0 0 O Q 1 9'4W?4'3'4 P 4,9604 'ff' ' , it 90,9 , go, , Q 0,66 o 0 0, 0 0 9 O 0 O .000 9 Q O 0 9 'Q O O 90 4 3459 0 8,0 9 P 'O0O'O'Q O"'q 9a'o'0""o'o' 'V:o'o'09 9 iff' 14 -Q, b s i L2 ' Qu E ,. 31.51 ry 'X' J, The above scene occurs daily in the tumbling room. P. E. majors, as well as regular students in Physical Education classes participate in these exercises. These exercises are especially designed for healthful living, for poise and pOSTUFe, and for The betterment of the ll9U"e in Qeneral- I6l N X 3 SN. E as csssass at X. 35 . as Q il SN iff T Q E15 2- 31X X ,s , ,Ls N. X X A ssss . -'N-e Wd 1 SMS si x. ,f . as X ms: X g as c,g SSR? kg it ITS SOCCER TIME and everybody gets into gear to go out and practice Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Dancing, Riding, Bowling, Archery - are all included in the program ot spOrtS at l.VV.C- Vigorous practice and keen competition are the most evidenced moods on the gym tloor. During the volley- ball season this sport takes everybody's interest. During the basketball season, every member ot the team prac- tices baskets by the hour. f'N 'f s' ' ff . Q . IH, km' .g ,.,.--- 'T tL'Lb: :SST .1 r 'Jn , M Q. it lllllgl li N the i. 'Wi 5 . -U? l - PSS, l . , :H H in is M X ih- 1'li ,nh s, i I ww. N. l MUSE li s i ,l V 'N 1 '-rv ffl X ,W f' I , l 2 The Victorious Freshman Team Winning over The sophomores in the intramurals, the freshman team proudly claims its Trophy - left To right, FIRST ROW: Margaret Willding, Louise Berentsen, Har- riet Schulz, Mary Jane Rhoton, co-captain, Roslyn Ren- ger, captain, Jeanette Book, Sheila Madigan, and Olga De Hoyos. SECOND ROW: Gail Gordon, Bea Chandler, Pat Gillespie, Emily De Loach, Angela McCaffrey, Elaine Goolsby, Margaret Hickey, and Margaret Wells. Right: Rosemarie Ramirez shows her skill To P.E. maiors: Judy Ramirez, Honora Miller, Mary Teresa Garcia, and La Ruth Patton. .AL-5 , 5' .- 'if 'ri' rf Kappa Lambda Kappa Holds U.N. Party Q Cookies from several Tor- eign counTries are included in The good Things on This Table. Joyce Andrews holds a Tin of JACOB'S biscuiTs in her hand." f Donna Mengler, Joyce Andrews, and Jo Ann Sebera are shown decorating The Table and arranging cookies made from favoriTe recipes represenTing diTferenT counTries, for The UniTed NaTions parTy. This was one of The proiecTs of The pledges given for The members of Kappa Lambda Kappa. i i l i i i Pat Johnson dresses up a ChrisTmas Tree wit . ' h d ' . . , . 4 . - ninefeen counTries for The U.N: ParTY ecorallons from Emlly PU'9 and ElVB Rose Trevino are admiring The l'r5l place Cerner I66 ' ' . DISCS enfry of MoTher Blancas "Scales of Golden Value" THEME OF THE THECC WORKSHOP AT I.W.C, I.W.C. was host to the THECC Workshop with Dorothy Jerabek as state president. Elizabeth Ozuna was local president for the event. Dorothy was run- ner-up for the title of "Home Economist of the Year, 1959" and Dolly Carter was elected vice- presidentytor the coming year. ,aw Dorothy Jerabek, Elizabeth Ozuna, and Kay Spears, stand gazing at the "Scales of Golden Value" which was the theme of the Texas Home Economics College Club's workshop held on campus October 29, 30, and 31, 1959. '-. ra 1 . ,. 'L A 3 K S X . - x xi 'hi' an 'Q L M Q va, . Uri", L 1 E ' .Wil 'C to , I .Liga ' 7 s ,, , M fi .. is as .N . Q' X Yr'---"ff ,HL U S K Lf 'N +1 W' 1 if ' f . . T s s 5 ,Xi-Nfl: .. . 1 , .,.. .,.. c- ... .Am ., Y c.- ...,-. The "Belle of the Ball," Charlotte Urban, reigned at the style show presented by Phi Sigma Kappa with fashions by Joske's of Texas. Runners-up were Madelon Klinger and Louanne Boggs. At the far left is Diana Weisbruch and at the tar right is Barbara Scherberger, models tor the style show. . . ,.4.......-,-,-.., .......-.4......,........,..-.....--:....Lc4.-.....4..g.c..... ......,e......-...4.+.-,.... .....-., N . .,-. ... ....-se...,.--f.-s-.f-,say ..-- v' I67 Wx - XR 5 im 'NN E Alpha Delta Sponsors Sigma Autumn Formal NOMINEES FOR THE TITLE OF THE QUEEN OF THE ALPHA DELTA SIGMA-FRESHMAN FORMAL, Left To right: KAY VREELAND, PATRICIA ROLL, and DOLORES URIBE. Vot- ing was by secret ballot, and the identity of the Queen was not revealed until the evening of the dance in the Olmos Club. IL.t:RS OF ALPHA DELTA with their escorts left to rl ht D I Fair and Luclle Johnson Q eta De Leon Helen Schumann Nellle Herrera Georgna Lee Durham Ffan l68 1. A X f' Q1 f I QA! jg! .,, 1? 'Q X f J r Us --.... x i 5 1 ' 51952 S5 vxw FS -X xi m W 5 ' .. , . ,...-., .-,,,.,,:.,.,,,4,,.g.g,,,g, .,,, L. ,-,.Ah,-,,.,,1, M, Mau, ,-g ,,-Mu, pi: -, A ,477 :..:,,-Y-:: -:rg f - A. -gr 3 gg V Y ,. Y-- gl:A.,..u. - e 4.1 , - 1, a-----.... -.L..ns.4s-sl-no-' stwu, x ,, W W.. ,MN , X , , .. .Q - X ,, gfau-1-nf.-A-aa.-.-... .,,,,.x..N . ...f-.nav Tours, Charm, and Clubs Involve Many MARGARET BLANCHARD, Senior, with one Semesiefs k"0W'ed9e of l.W.C. is proud to be able to conduct newcomers Father Cogavin, chaplain, and Ann MGQVUCIGVI Sophomoref, around The campus in September. MISS ANNE CULKIN, Charm Instructor, shows Billie Machado, stu- dent council president, a few points in her recently published book, ANNE CULKIN COURSE, a handbook of charm, manners, and good breeding. STUDENTS FROM LAREDO formed a club on campus and here is the group, FRONT ROW: Gloria Casso, Diane Sanchez, Ofila l?e5ef1de?' Tigg- mary Gutierrez, Lillian Salinas, Maria'de la Paz Solis, Maria del Carmen Zardanetta, Joyce Johnson, Rosario Gomez, and Mafia Hldalla Guer, diola. SECOND ROW: Blanca Gutierrez, Victoria Aimand, Patricia Lozano, Beatriz Villarreal, Eva Linda Rash, Tommye KUYkend.all' Olga P ig i rero, Diana Rodriguez, Ruth Canavati. THIRD ROW: Gloria Villarreal, Dolores Uribe, Carmelita Gonzalez, Harriet Schulz, EmllY 'lane U ' F I.. G . - -. eicia arcia, Mary Alma Flores, and Melba Garcia. l70 554: I DY, 3:3 W ., HW My QI fn, 731 f, L-,sr I r E 3 Z 1 a E 5 1 E i x 5 i 1 H41-..g-5-7.4-sf-1-1-n-.'..1.+,,,..-... .-v. ns.---, .-v-4.59. .ff-'.K.fy r V I , 1 i E : , I E I i I E r E i 1 r u I i I i X N 'li . i L13 51 iw. La ' UN 9. 1 4 nf V ,f 1 .-1.-un-A+.-vbh,.--.-, ,-,. ,-fx..- ...hlussn ,-.ff ,Wu ',1,',fv, A ., .. .. "JM-.r:::'::'?.....,:.:-..T.3'.1.1'.....,...,J....:..,...,....-..,.-.'.4-.-,.---,.,,YQLZ A ,YYY ,-1...-,,,:--',-11:-',g,f-ffii-V .V k:4:,1,4-- ,-.4.-,,,V-Q..--L.--,.......,-.....,-.K w , , 7 V . N x IS L.. ... . M. I F I I I I I I I I si H4 5 . IL' H1- it I5 'i 'TJ I: fg- ,' N rig gli' it t,.. Ili all .-"0 'G l I . fd 95 4. ia 0 rs 'lf' C5 ,Q I- I I Q P . 'Is I! 5 :gi if 2: .P 'Q 'L ak FV! 1 C 1 r,g Lu!- 'BS .' -: A is-. 52 mg 51's 221 Ci :cg- 16-- Senior nowball Marks Formal Queen Ann Freeman ancl Princess Rosemary Segura Make Their Entrances PRINCESS ROSEMARY SEGURA makes her entrance to the ball- QUEEN ANN FREEMAN enters amid wild applause. Her escort room. Her escort was Frank Madla. was Freclolin Kaderli. THE MUSIC STARTS AND THE SNOWBALL ISI ON. STARLIGHTERS PROVIDED THE MUSIC. I CAR I esco I I V . il W , h K l W ff, Haj!! ff ,Ili x... 5 My ?J 1 L ', ,., , ,fy vz X, v 1 1 , f f . . . 1 kg 71 . 1' 2 129 , Snowball Royalty Numbers Thirteen ANN FREEMAN, senior, and successful candidate for the title of ROSEMARY SEGURA, senior, was elected Princess of the SENIOR Subeen otmthe SENIOR SNGWBALL, held in Marian Hall Ballroom, SNOWBALL from the Santa Rosa Division. e ruary . DOLORES RYZA, ' , - - . . The SENIOR SNOVSEZIEII1 was fvfmef Up for The flfle of Queen ot MARGARETANN SMITH, senior, was a second runner-up for the TITIG of Queen of the SNOWBALL, I78 f fs... W4 '25, Y Wh, f 5 -. ,I v. ,xl - - I-, If n V , .rf-xl ' 'Trp ,-15 , V7 ' . ,Th M- ., . - , f 5 .,-7'4r"" ,- , 5 Q'f14YiW1?s3NQXfx 4 ,gk X. , ,X N ,i .www ,X 1 X fi ag Q, R 'H-l .. f ,fri 17" .,. .' fuk 5-'44 .- -M. -'lu 4 '-':. 4 e"'W'-, r . W, ,W wry. Aviv, . J ,Aa XX xk xy xy X X XX Ast, Y A 3 f. rr'-'L , . . V V..-Y -..,..........-.Yn-......-YL:1.... -' -, -1.-.. -,,,, :-- '...,..-..4...---- V------.-N - .v- 4:-.1 Stardust Boll Honors Ten nf. if- PI- 4- ln The very heighT of gaieTy and glarnor, Queen Sylvia of The house of Carolenas was crowned Queen of The STARDUST BALL. Her Prin- cesses and aTTendanTs were Irma Garza and KaThleen O'Brien. Mar- ian Hall was The scene of The sparkling evenT which was The last of The social acTiviTies of The year. The Sfardusf Ball is sponsored an- nually by The sTuclenTs of The SanTa Rosa Division. -k 9c'k1lc'k ickkicicic l 'k it ic 'k vlcicicicicic SYLVIA CARDENAS AS QUEEN OF THE STARDUST BALL Lower left: IRMA GARZA, and lower righT: KATHLEEN O'BRlEN, PRINCESSES TO THE STARDUST BALL SANDRA OWEN LAURA CAMPION DONATA NEWSOM nl'1k1l'k'k'k'ki1'r7l'k'kir9c1kir HONOREES to the Royal Court Stardust Ball shown here are: SANDRA OWEN iunior Duchess LAURA CAMPION junior Duchess DONATA N EWSOM iunior Duchess ic7l'k'ki-'k'lr'k9c'lc'k9cir'kkk VINCEY ANN RUFFO sophomore Duchess PEGGY WINGO sophomore Duchess MARY WILLIAMS sophomore Duchess ikikifkkakkkfkkkik SHEILA MADIGAN freshman Duchess -kiric irkirk kkvkirir 9: wk kill' 'k ikkki' 'kvlficvl' Senior Rings -- Symbols of Eternity EARLY IN THE NEW YEAR, Reverend John J. Cogavin, chaplain and professor of theology, conducted the ceremony of blessing and conferring the senior rings. In the upper picture, Carolyn Byrne receives her ring from Father Cogavin, who is assisted by iuniors Ramah Koenig and Helen Schumann. Note Margaret Blanchard on first row admiring the beautiful new ring. In the center picture, Dorothy Jerabek, annual editor, receives her ring. And below: Mrs. Josephine Guerra Perales has a group of admirers, and the most concentrated one is her little daughter, held up by Daddy to get a better look. Josephine's mother, Mrs. Guerra, also looks on. fy, bf ,,, 2.5, Professor Goes Into Space l pv- "o'l cl J l f . vols I 1 mg, 'Ik' E IX uf. s..s , mxxA s... .X . I I Nags XXQLXX X j-X X i' j X :mg wk-fXX X - c t X , yXXX.sXfXXX- K XXXXs'sXs-X I' as f QXXEXEFXX -X X ' 'N E1 sffsss X X Xi X XXX 5 X is 5. XX X - 1 Xg SX XX Q K t X X . -.XX xr 'is' X --ss Xo-.X XX X . H: 9 XXxsfi-S695 X X5 :X X, YWAQ- -X Y Q XX Xxxsyywx X Q X-ns X- X' , X A . xx XX X X X X X B X X X3 X ox b XX X X X X s NX X XsswXN5iXXXXiv X X S:iXXsSX5XXiX1XxXX X X X X SES X X 5 X X X XX X Xxx x .. 1,-if, :ASXTYX X..' XXXL 1 X :X ,X . . DR. SEAN BURKE, professor of philosophy, was taken on a space tour on his visit to the School of Aviation Medicine at Brooks. In the first picture Dr. Burke is shown with Major Albert Doe and Nurse Rose Mary Le Duc, at the entrance to the school. ln the Second picture he is shown in the SPACE CHAMBER made famous by Donald Farrell, and in the third picture, Major Doe assists him from the chamber. l83 f W ROBERTA KRETZMEIER and MAGDALENA BANDERAS paint Eliza- bethan costumes with JUNE TITUS directing, in preparation for the Texas-Louisiana Regional Conference of the National Catholic Theatre Conference. MARY LOUISE LOPEZ, Alumnae member, pins registration tags on senior Mary Jo Tasch as Magdalena Banderas looks on. Rita Shaw, senior, Crightj chats with Charlotte Neri, Alumnae mem- ber, at the registration prior to the Christmas party. IT' THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING, as Louise Berentsen, Patricia Johnson, and Karl Klein venture into the park on horseback. Louise and Pat are entering the Horse Show, but Karl doesn't feel his riding is up to standard yet. l84 Compliments of MEALPACK CORPORATION Evanston, Illinois CLEM A. MAHAN Manager, Sou+l1wes+ Region 8803 Woodliury Drive ' TA 6f7l45 SAN ANTONIO Q Q ' v ' , ' i 1 v . 1 1 v GEORGE E. BIEDIGER 81 SON Contractors Painting ' Paper Hanging and Decorating 7I8 Topeka LE 3-539I SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS ljugrutulufiuus to the graduating class . ' ... -. '. 1. .. . . .-. . - ,' .. .. -. , ..- - . ..- - . , .- -. , .- 4. .. . -. . .. . I .. . ,, . .. .. - - ,. . ., .. -. . -- .,,. . .. -.. .. , -- ... -. ..- .'...', I... .'- . - .',',' . . K ' .'. xr: .gg 'QI fn-RW. ":i , - . . l '.- v .'.', ,'.' . . . . . . - '.'.', - ,"' ' x-if ' . '-' - - .'.-.. l, .. . - .-.-'- "3:f:5:- 5. 5' 231- I .-:3:3:3 '-gg.. - . 3 1 -:-: :-:-:-' ...... .....o -... ..--.- ...-- ...- -.. .- Q U 1, I ..:::".. ""::::EE:: QE s W 4' ' SAN ANTONIO COCA-COLA BGTTLING CO INC CHARLES W. SCHNEIDER TRAVIS D. BAILEY LYTLE W. GOSLING 81 COMPANY Insurance and Bonds Telephone: CA 7-6I5I I37 Losoya S+. San An+onio, Texas A Truly Washable Flal' Wall Painl' - 'md' 'M' um l So Easy +o Apply-Quick lo Dry. F- An amazing rubber-base painl' +ha+ gives a l beaufiful, longer lasling, scrubbable finish wilh no "pain'ry" odors. Usually covers mosl' surfaces in one coa+. No messy clean-up afferwards-iusl' wash hands and pain+ing 'l'OOlS in soap and wa'rer. You'll marvel a+ how easy ii' is 'ro 'use Desolone. AVAILABLE IN 42 EYE-ARRESTING COLCRSY Distributors f CITY PAINT 8. SUPPLY, INC. III5 W. Commerce CA 6-9296 San An'l'onio, Texas HARRY TAPPAN 81 SONS Wholesale Grocers Distributors CALIFORNIA FRUITS AND VEGETABLES JUICES AND KETCHUP G-ROCERIES AND SPECIALTIES for Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Cates CA 7-2394 II9 So. Medina 1 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '59 Let Us Help You Prepare for the Best Future Possible sr. mAnYs TARRILLION BROS. ESTABLISHED I925 'L' ' n "' ' : i A ' : ' ' ' A viA ' ' " ": Plumbing - Heanng Re Pa ' "ng ,, f didi ISBN EBALI We Build Any Size or Shape ELWTRIE O AWNINGS O CARPORTS I4I9 So. Presa S g PATIO coveizs LE 3-5429 GENERAL HOTEL SU For Neafer Work and Higher Grades S+uden+s Use Manufacfurers and Jobbers Ho+eI, Res'IauranI', and InsIi'IuI'ionaI EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES CHINA, GLASSWARE, CROCKERY, sn.vER, LINEN. ETC. SCHQQL SUPPLIES 230 DaIcoI'a, SAN ANTONIO CA 7,9216 2nd and TFIUIIY. AUSTIN GR 7446i From Kinder ar+en Throu I1 Colle e 9 9 9 326 50- Chaparral. coRPus ci-:msn TU 3-8497 "THERE is NO sussrrrure FOR QUALIW a x Hedh ading HM Il I 3-5429 50. Presa Sl. Congratulations, Seniors ROEGELEIN PROVISION COMPANY ,O g:, .,....4......'...' D - 0'l :5 n 55' 95,4513 ,. J u. ji P. O. Box l698 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS x glnf Grades E ,IES College QUAWH f COMPLIMENTS and WISHING YOU CONTINUED SUCCESS WALSH 81 BURN EY COMPANY 928 N. Flores S+. 'A"k'k1k Combmmg All +he Advan+ages of a C-3rea+ Me+ropoIi+an S+ore Wn+h All Ihe Convenience of Suburban Shopping . . . All Under One Roof' Every+hing You Need or Wan+! Park 2 Hours Free In Shoppers' Parking: Have Your Tickef Sfamped In Any JOSKE'S Merchandise Depar+men+ JCSKES OF TEXAS kit JULIAN 81 WHITE ARCHITECTS A. I. A. 222 E Guen+her S+. CA 6565I CA 2,29l6 I I I I I I I I I I I I E I! 'fm P 'i ' nimhz . Buiier Kru st lllllf ..E!'u"' Krvst nkdf' Tihlculoilrlg -nr BENNY GRAVES, l.W.C. Chef sees 'fo if fhai BUTTER KRUST Bread is No. I ifem on fhe menu. Pai Rofh and Harrie? Schulz, residenf siudenfs, agree wifh him. HAN DY-AN DY is +he bes+ place +o buy say s+uden+s of INCARNATE WORD COLLEGE . gr MR. BOB ERHERT shows Misses Cafhy Cayo and Rifa Lou Murrayi l.W.C. sfudenis. The Cosmefic Corner af Handy 995I2. Leif +o righiz Miss Caihy Cayo, Miss Riia Lou Murray, and Mr. Bob Erherf. Nl t ' '11, Q 1 1 .1 Q x X Q xx OUALITY FOODS AT ECONOMY PRICES Congrafulalions Io Seniors of I960 From APACHE PACKING CO. Congrafulafions Io AII Graduafes Wi+h Special Felici+a'rions +o THE GIRLS WHO SERVE IN WHITE NOA SPEARS COMPANY l3I Losoya S+. I F' I I I I MISSION PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO. "Our Job Is Serving You" Plumbing and Repairs Licensed and Bonded PE 3-7069 6I9 ALEXANDER HAMILTON JOE BONUGLI - Owner And Friend Io AII 'rhe Girls Who Live in Marian Hall. TO THE LADIES Our very besf wishes +o every s+uden'r a+ I. W. C. We, of Ihe FROST BANK. value your friendship, and ex+end a warm welcome +o come in if we may be of service. Remember, if i+'s imporI'an+ +0 you . . . if'-s impor+anI' +o us! I I I I I I I I .,,, yy .wm- fl 'Q-wr" ' TI I :s ,,5-if.7:glckwg:- Q Eli. .-,f,- T, '- . we 'R I I 4 I I my CONGRATULATIONS L +o The 'Class of I960 SUNSET SERVICE F22 th T, .,..,..,, ,.., . .,,, ..4, ..S.A . , . ,. K llllllwllll 5400 Broadway :Lim mg. .. SASS ES 'E , 'mam I TA 6-9365 TA 6-9020 ICOII II RODRIGUEZ BROS. Complimenfs of Mernorials my METZGER'S DAIRY 9I7 w. HOUSTON SAN ANTONIO I M 1' d I I l430 N- Flores Monumzgrslfglirfuaig anld1pCrIinTI::hoAI+ars CA 2-I33I in Leading Marble and Graniie REASONABLE PRICES Call CApi'IoI 6-788I l - . EVERYONE IS TALKING! I Yes, They Are Talking Abou+ l FacI'ory Branch LA FERIA I 539 FOUVIIW Sifeei "The House of The Bride" CA 4-302I . .b 802 W. Commerce S+ree+ DISITI U'I'Ol' They Say La Feria Has Such Beaufiful Bridal and Bridesmaid Dresses They Say La Feria's Bridal Accessories 5ygfySIUIl9Il ThreTDhRiverTlgexas Are Jus'r Oul' of This World QQSTBIIK, one HENRY EASTMAN, Mg.-. ggndaldfl.- - .. ... ... maylell I 'POW MARTIN BAKERY I CompIimen+s of ARMY NU RSE CORPS MAJ. REBA L. HOLLAND LT. BARBARA BURTON Home of Ihe Bride's Room 7I6 San Pedro Avenue CA 6-4I I9 Decorafed Cakes and Pas+ries for Every Occasion Complimen+s o+ SOUTHWESTERN HOTEL SUPPLY Div. Sou+I'1wes+ern SpeciaI+y Co., Inc CHURCH SUPPLY CO. 300 N. Main Ave. CA 4-33I8 403 Dawson S+. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 2 I00 Comanche S+. CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS Fines+ in Food Service Equipmeni- and Supplies Since I9I9 CompIimen+s o+ ERLER-PENNYCUICK FOOD CO. Ins+i+u+ionaI Wholesale Grocers 30I N. Medina CA 6-8I25 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS CompIimen+s MAVERICK CLARK Con+rac+ Division L. B. KELLY s. NORDHAUS COMPANY 5I5 So. Medina S+. San An+onio, Texas STOKELY'S FINEST FROZEN FOODS CompIimen+s 0+ KELLY-SCHERRER FOWER AND GIFT SHOP Flowers and Gi++s +or All Occasions 326 W. Josephine PE 5-6134 SAN ANTONIO CompIimen+s of MR. and MRS. W. FRIZZELL A+I1ens, Texas JOYKIST CANDY CO. DISTRIBUTORS Elmers' Candies and AII Na+ionaIIy Adver+ised Brands 309 E. NUEVA ST. CA 5-2663 ' n I E v X I aI I DRUG STORE SHOP WITH SAFETY AND SAVE 24 Conve en'rIy Loca'red Sfo es Where FII ng Your Pec pro I The Mosi' Imporia I' Parr of O Sofi' Wa+er ar Your ServIce CU LLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE I034 AusI'in SIree+ CApi+oI 6-5344 Over 4,000,000 Users Na+ionaIIy 'Free Wa+er Analysis 'Easy Terms- Nofhing Down 'Repair Service AII Makes The BEST Offices Come From WiHig's" I DON WITTIG OFFICE FURNITURE CompIImen+s TOWNSEND FLOOR FINISHERS 636 W HIIdebrand San ANTONIO PE 5 6803 VOLLMER ELECTRIC CO Serving San Anronio Since 924 RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL DIAL CA 7-4I88 Besf Wishes WEST SIDE ENV SOMMERS , . K my I N I . uqgfg I . .m . . r . ' ' I I S r s rI I n S - I Q Business ur H, . I Ea! FREZEII S BII N. Main a+ Easi' Expressway San An+onio CA 3-6263 FREE STORE SIDE PARKING f'i-'------"- ' CO. -III NCIS THE GUARANTEE SHOE CO. I I7-I I9 Alamo Plaza WiI'h Four Suburban Siores 'ro Serve You STATE BANK I09 N. San Saba MEMBER F.D.I.C. ARCADIA GROVE CLEANERS 'QUALITY SERVICE 'MOTHPROOF CLEANING 'WE DO ALTERATIONS 5208 Broadway TAYIQI 6-27eI No Job Too Large or Too Small' l Serving Doc'I'ors, PI1armacisI's, Technicians Chefs, Nurses, Hair SIyIis'Is, Waiiresses and Domesfics THE PROFESSIONAL UNIFORM 'CENTER of San An+onio CApi+oI 6-29I I J. A. VAN HARDEVELD 206 Broadway Complimenis of AIR FORCE NURSE CORPS Cap'I'. Doris- M. Munson LI. PeIe Navarro Couriesy of MARK E. WATSON CompIimen+s of MCDOUGALL CLEANERS 4900- Broadway TA 2-3348 1 Courfesy of a Friend of SANTA ROSA CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS From MAROTTA LUMBER CO. SAN ANTONIO CompIimen+s of OLMOS DINNER CLUB San Pedro Ave. a+ Basse Road SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Plumbing - Air Condirioning Hea+ing - Refrigera+ion Call Us for Sales and Services Phones: CA 2-I25I: CA 2-0922 A. J. MONIER 81 COMPANY I446 N. FLORES AT FIVE POINTS I B. I I I I I I I I Id I X 'S+ Salons assi no I0 Q of JB 36 Road IAS 2' ninq i gn vic85 0922 I I I SAN ANTONlO LOAN 81 TRUST COMPANY ESTABLISHED I 892 Savings Accounfs and Home Loans 2I5 W. COMMERCE CA 6-6l7I EARL ABEL'S THE Place 'ro Eal lAcross 'rhe S+ree'rl xxx FINGER LICKIN' CHICKEN TO GO "IS EVERYTHING ALRlGHT?" BEST WISHES From San Antonio's Friendly, Convenient . Bank BRUADWAYM, NATIONAL mix I . :f,,,, . nw .T.,..i2"s-+ f a vf WW BRULIN 81 CO MANUFACTURERS CF I Highes+ Qualify Floor Waxes, Finishes cl S als . . . Cleaning Compounds and Ind I l I Solvenls . . . Disinfeclanls and lnseclicide MR. W. P. STEINMAN Dis+ric+ Represenlalive P.O. Box 2083 San An+onio, Texas Phone: TAylor 2-I4I2 - 5 Z 3' um 4' gg C ii S Z Y' rn Ji 5 5 n 'Z 'H 150 -112- NQSN REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL FIRE - LIFE - CASUALTY AUTO - BONDS MORTGAGES RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES - RANCHES FHA and VA Loans IMPROVEMENT LOANS REPAIR - ENLARGE BEAUTIFY - MODERNIZE RICHARD GILL COMPANIES BUILDING Six-fi'Hee'n Solidacl-P.O. Box 599 Telephone CApi+aI 6-4I 0 I In DP CSU .-ffk., A -, A A F I 'EO :D r F - xx 12 ,'h. Q Nkgwf A A ' X I ,, I Compliments of II I I DIVISION OF NURSING 2' of g INCARNATE WORD COLLEGE L I PATRONS SAN PEDRO MEDICAL CLINIC SANTO ROSA CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL AUXILIARY JOSEPH R. SHAEFFER, M.D. C. C. SHOTTS, M.D. MR. AND MRS. J. T. SLUDER STANLEY STAIN, M.D. WM. STANTON, M.D. DR. AND MRS. A. F. TASCH JOHN WILKINSON, M.D. 7 PATRONS S. W. ALLEN, M.D. E. W. BISHOP, M.D. THE BORDEN CO. C. H. BREAZEALE KENNETH G. BURTON, M.D. CONSOLIDATED PRODUCE CO. M. B. DALKOWITZ, M.D. FROST BROS. COL. LEO C. GEPPERT, M.D. GEYER'S ICE CREAM CO. GLASS-TOV SALES GUGENHEIM-GOLDSMITH CO. O. ROGER HOLLAN, M.D. E. J. JERABEK C. D. LANGNER, M.D. MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE SCHULTZ AND ELAINE LUBY'S CAFETERIA R. T. MARCO MR. AND MRS. VICTOR DAN MARTIN MISSION CHEMICAL COMPANY MISSION SALES CO. MR. AND MRS. ALFREDO MONTALVO O'BRIEN'S TREE 81 LAFNDSCAPE SERVICE P. J. OTERO, M.D. POLUNSKY'S R. D. PRICE, M.D. BALLARD SURGICAL SUPPLY Index of Faculty and Administration ABRAMSON,DR.NORMAN H.26 ADELAIDE, SISTER M. 24 ADRIANA, SISTER M. 24, 130 AGNESINE, SISTER M. 24, 145 AGNESINE, SISTER M. 24, 145 ANDERSON, Mlss MARGARET 27, 148 ANNE, SISTER M. 24 ANTHELMA, SISTER M. 24 ANTONINUS, SISTER M. 24, 131 A1sARA, JOSE v. 27 BENIGNUS, SISTER M. 24 BERNARDA, SISTER M. 24, 145 BRANDT, MRS. RICHARD L. 27, 137 BRIAN, SISTER MARY 24, 159 BURKE, DR. SEAN 27, 183 CALLAWAY, MRS. VENA F. 28 CAWLEY, MISS AMY CHANTAL, SISTER JANE DE 24 CHRISTIANA, SISTER M. 24, 134, 159 CLARE, SISTER ALOYSIUS 24, 32 CLARENCE, SISTER MARY 24, 139 CLAUDE, SISTER MARY 24 CLEMENT, SISTER M. 24, 135, 140 COGAVIN, REVEREND JOHN J. 22, 23, COLEMAN, MISS CECIL 28, 149 COLLETTE, SISTER M. 24 COLUMKILLE, MOTHER M. 4, 5, -23, 24, DANIEL, SISTER MARY 24, 124, 151 DAVIS, MISS JEAN 29 DICKSON, MRS. IRMA 28 DOLORES MARIE, SISTER 24 EDWARD, SISTER MARY 24 EILEEN, SISTER CLAIRE 24, 120, 130 ELLEN, SISTER MARY 24 ELLINGTON, DR. J. C. 29 EMILIA, SISTER M. 24, 121, 129 EUPHRASIA, SISTER M. 25 EVANGELIST, SISTER M. 25, 159 FIELD, WILLIAM 28 26, 120, 170, 182 25 FRENCH, REVEREND THOMAS A. 22, 23, 26, 121 GERALDA, SISTER M. 24 GREENBURG, DR., S. THOMAS 4, 5, 24, 25, 113 HANSEN, MRS. DONALD B. 30 HARP, DR. MARY WANDA 29 HELENE, SISTER MARY 25, 133, 147 HENNESSEY, MRS. MARGUERITE 30 HOGAN, DONALD 143 ILDEPHONSE, SISTER M. 25 IMELDA, SISTER AGNES 25 JOHN MAGDALEN, SISTER 25, 32 JOHN MARIE, SISTER 25 JOHN, SISTER MARY 25 JOSEPH MARIE, SISTER 25, 150 LOUIS, O.S.U., SISTER MARY 25 LUCILLA, SISTER M. 25, 159 LUCY, SISTER MARY 25 LUDMILLA, SISTER M. 25, 130 MARGARET PATRICE, SISTER 25, 126, 127 MARK, SISTER MARY 25, 137 MECHTILDIS, SISTER M. 25, 121 MERCY, SISTER MARY OF 2, 24, 132 MIRIAM, SISTER M. 25 MOHN, DR. MORMAN C. 24, 26, 113 NAYLOR, MRS. ALICE 30, 149 O'HARA, MISS MARY JANE 30 OLIVIA, SISTER M. 25 PASCALINE, SISTER M. 25 PERPETUAL HELP, SISTER MARY OF 25 POWERS, MISS VOLINA 31, 142, 143 RAPHAEL, SISTER M. 24 RITA, SISTER M. 25, 32 ROSA MARIA, SISTER 25, 32, 130 SORANTIN, DR. ERIC 31, 144 STURDIVANT, MRS. JULIA 31 TERESA, SISTER M. 24 THEOPHANE, SISTER M. 25 WHALEN, MISS MARY M.F. 16, 31, 125, XAVERIUS, SISTER M. 25, 122, 137 1 1 o i 1 2 1 1 1 1 'l i .l A l Q s 1 1 i 1 l l Index of Students Adamek, Mary E. 98, 101, 122, 126, 127, 148' 175 Albrecht, Karen 98, 122 Albrecht, Dianne 98 Almand, Victoria 98, 126, 127, 170 Alvarez, Laura 32, 34, 139 Andrews, Joyce 98, 122, 139, 166 Archer, Barbara 74, 126, 132, 142, 145 Aguilar, Adela 124 Baker, Nelle 34 Ball, Virginia 142 y Ballard, Eva Marie 34 Banderas, Magdalena 2, 3, 35, 72, 138, 146, 134 Barloco, Rosemarie 98 Barnes, Dorothy 35, 153, 159 Barrett, Elizabeth 74 Barron, Sylvia 98, 122 Bartlett, Dorothea 74 Baschuk, Raquel 86, 150 Battaglia, Vivian 74, 84 Bell, Eula 86 Bell, Norva Sue 86, 137, 138 Bennett, Rose Marie 14, 86, 95, 130, 132, 138 Berensten, Louise 2, 98, 122, 163, 184 Blanchard, Ann 74, 122 Blanchard, Margaret 35, 72, 122, 127, 131, 136, 170, 182 Blankenship, Eugenia 86, 122 Bluhm, Bette 71 Bluhm, Mary Pat 86, 109, 122, 131, 132 Blume, Joyce 98 Bogges, O'Linda 74 Boggs, Luanne 99, 122, 124, 167 Boles, Judith 99, 106, 122, 140 Book, Jeanette 99, 106, 140, 160, 163 Brady, Karen 153 Brown, Barbara 36 Brownlee, Olive G. 74 Brundrett, Sharon 99 Bryant, Eunice 36 Bueche, Marilyn 86, 121, 139, 164 Burton, Barbara 36, 134 Byrne, Carolyn 37, 124, 132, 135, 136, 1 Cadena, Gloria Ann 86, 153 Calderoni, Jeanine 16, 37, 125, 138, 145 Canavati, Ruth 86, 170 Campion, Laura 74, 121, 159, 181 Cardenas, Sylvia 38, 121, 180 4 Carter, Dolly 74, 131, 135, 145, 164, 173 Cassidy, Major James 38 Casso, Gloria 99, 170 Cavazos, Celeste 75, 120 Cayo, Catherine 87, 139, 195 Cazares, Sylvia 37, 142 Cepeda, Maria del C. 118, 148 Chandler, Beatrice 99, 163 Chapa, Norma 99, 106 Chavez, Angelina 99 Citty, Dianne 87 Clifton, Helen E. 118 Colgan, Judith 39, 135, 136, 137, 138 Collins, Verna 142 Conerly, Gloria 99 Cortez, Diana 100 Cosio, Ma. Teresa 75, 120, 128 Curnutt, Margaret 75, 82 Conners, Mai. Rita 39 Crosby, Marguerita 118 Dancy, Mildred 75, 128, 129 David, Bernard 148 Davis, Betty Mae 39, 100 Davis, Mattie 39 Davydiuk, Rhenetta 87, 132, 139 De Hoyos, Delma 87, 139, 160 De Hoyos, Olga 105, 137, 163 Dei la Fuente, Ma. Teresa 118 De la Garza, Diana 87 De Leon, Delia 40, 130, 148, 149, 168 De Leon, Mary Frances 75, 125 De Leon, Rose Mary 75, 130 De Loach, Emily 100, 137, 163 Devaney, Ann 40 Dingel, Dyanne 100, 127, 148 Dobbins, Rosemary 100 Doerr, Diana 87, 124, 132, 160 Dolan, Carol 87 Dolan, Lillyan 87 Dubiel, Diana 75 Durbin, Christine 40, 155 Durbon, Elizabeth 87 Durham, Eddy V. 100 Durham, Georgia Lee 75, 132, 168 Eiden, Theresa 41, 133 Elliot, Patricia 100 Engel, Doralene 88, 128 Ermis, Gloria 100, 139, 148 Even, Patricia L. 41, 139 ' Fair, Frances L. 2, 75, 124, 132, 148, 150, 168 Finney, Pauline 76, 124, 135, 151 Flieller, Gladys 41, 138 Finger, Carolyn 88 Flores, Mary Alma 88, 124, 170 Flores, Rosie 76, 149 Flowers, Herreta 101 Forehand, Rose C. 42 Foster, Barbara 42, 153 Freeman, Ann G. 42, 132, 176, 1771, 178 Freeman, Judy 2, 3, 76, 131, 132, 148, 179 Frerich, Mary K. 100, 139 Fritz, Mary 88, 124, 148 Furlong, Anna Mae 76, 137 Gafford, Willda 43, 125, 135, 136, 138, 150 Galindo, Rose Marie 43, 125, 135, 136, 138 Garcia, Maria Elda 101 Garcia Garcia Garcia Garcia Garcia Garcia I Felicia 102, 148, 170 lgnacia 76 lrma Dora 88, 139 Mary Alice 76, 102 Melba Teresa 101, 170 Mary Teresa 15, 76, 125, 137, 160, 163 Garcia, Rose Mary 88, 1,24 Garcia, Graciela 88, 102 Garcia, Irene 101 Garza, Alice 102 Garza, Maria Cristina 102, 139 Garza, lrma 43, 139, 180 Garza, Leticia 102 Garza, Lucia 88 Gillespie, Patricia 102, 163 1 Glass, Carolyn 102, 124 Gomez, Carmen 2, 44, 125, 135, 138 Gomez, Elia 44 Gomez, Rosaria 32, 121, 131, 139, 170 Gonzalez, Anna Maria 44, 124, 158 Gonzalez, Bertha 103 Gonzalez, Carmelita 103, 124, 148, 170 Gonzalez, Mary Carmen 103, 124 Gonzalez, Cynthia ffresh.J 103, 122 Gonzalez, Cynthia fsoph.D 89, 132, 133 Gonzalez, Estela 76 Gonzalez, Graciela 103 Gonzalez, Janie 76 Gonzalez, Margaret 103 Gonzalez, Sylvia 88, 96, 126 Gonzalez, Mary Teresa 103 Goolsby, Elaine 101, 103, 122, 131, 137, Gordon, Gail 103, 128, 163 Gorley, Elizabeth 45 Graf, Ruth Ann 45, 121, 155, 159 Groff, Gayle 89 Graves, Beulah 104 Greenburg, Mrs. Susan 5 Guerrero, Olga 104, 170 Gutierrez, Blanca 104, 148, 170 145,163 175 E S, 15,1 'R I 175 Gutierrez, Rose Mary 121, 124, 135, 151, 170, 177, 179 Haggard, Mary Jeanne 89 Haiovsky, Nancy 2, 3, 44, 72, 132 Harms, D1-:arms 77, 84, 150, 154, 159, 173 Hanna, Irene 45 Hargita, Mary 83, 104 Harrington, .Ioan 77 Harrison, Jean 46 Harrison, Shannon 104, 106, 146 Harwerth, Barbara 137 Hemstreet, Jo Ann 46, 155 Henderson, Ella J. 77, 89 Heredia, Sylvia 90 Hermes, Erin 104, 122 Hernandez, Socorro 47, 129 Herrera, Nellie 47, 132, 168 Herrera, Mary 104 Hesles, Bertha 104 Hickey, Margaret 104, 126, 132, 163 Hinoiosa, Bertha 132, 139 Hinoiosa, Mary Alma 77 Hinoiosa, Evangelina 77, 82, 84, 121, 150 Hinoiosa, Mary Jo 105, 106, 124, 140 Hoff, Ernestina 105 Halloway, Mamie 140 Holder, Jacqueline 90, 122, 123, 124 Holland, Reba 47 Hrones, Stamata 105 Hruska, Jeanette 105 Hudson, Pat 105, 139 Hsia, Minnet 83, 105, 106 . Huizar, Sarah 105 Huesta, Beneta 122 Hills, Edna 83 Irving, Betty Jean 77 Jacobs, Mariorie S. 48 Jackson, Geraldine 48, 134 James, Gail 105 Jamison, Gayle 132 Jennings, Betty 48, 127 Jenkins, Karen I 106, 142 Jerabek, Dorothy 2, 49, 131, 139, 167, 182 Jimenez, Rita 159 Jimenez, Yolanda 106, 122 Johnson, Charlene 77, 142, 146 Johnson, Joyce 77,170 I Johnson, Lucile 49, 132, 168, 169 Johnson, Loi Ed 90, 125 Johnson, Patricia 95, 106, 122, 139, 165, 166, 184 Jones, Cornelia 77, 133 Jones, Eva 78 I Jones, Katherine 49, 129 Jones, Minnette 78 Jordan, Gay 90, 119 Joseph, Jean L. 50 Kennedy, Barbara 107 Klein, Karl 2, 50, 149, 189 Klekarm, Elizabeth 107, 122, 160 Klevenhagen, Mary K. 78 Klinger, Madelon 107, 124, 167 Koch, Virginia 107 Koenig, Ramah 32, 78, 83, 124, 126, 135, 150 Kofula, Carol 107, 148, 149, 176, 179 Kovacs, Anna Kay 107, 122 Kretzmeier, Roberta 2, 3, 50, 138, 146, 184 Kutchka, Patricia 51, 125, 138 Kuykendall, Tommye 90, 128, 170 Koperwhafs, Martha T. 67, 135, 136, 158 Lambeth, Corlene 51, 156 I-amP,Sharron Dawn 51 124 135 1 . I I I Larkin, Patricia 107, 109 Leal, Angela 78, 121 Lee, Margaret 107, 139 Le Duc, Rose Marie 183 Leon, Mary Alice 78 Index of Students Lepold, Veronica 52, 125, 138 Leyba, Perla 52, 72,1142 Liberto, Mary T. 32 Lindall, Patricia 107 Loaiza, Aida 118 Lowery, Kathryn 108, 148 Lozano, Patricia 90, 170 Ludwig, Jeanette 52 Lugo, Claudia 78 Lynch, Patricia 108, 142, 143, 145 Lyssy, Margaret Ann 108, 124 McCaffrey, Angela 2, 108, 122, 137, 163 McCaffrey, Eileen 108, 122, 124 McDonald, Ellen 109, 139, 148 McKay, Helen 55, 78 Machado, Billie 53, 72, 89, 131, 135, 136 170 Madigan, Sheila 106, 108, 122, 140, 148 163 181 Magers, Georgia 53, 72, 153, 172 Magruder, Ann 90, 122, 123, 170, 176 179 Mancha, Rosalva 78 Mangan, Judith 90, 128, 148 Margo, Ambarina 91, 139, 179 Margo, Delia 108 Martin, Esther 53 Martin, Tirza 16, 54 Martinez, Carolyn Ann 108 Martinez, Estela May 108 Martinez, Mary Ann 91, 124, 125 Martinez, Mary Rose 79 Martiny, Carolyn 79, 147 Massar, Carol 71 Massengill, Ligaya 54, 130, 138 Mastretta, Edda 118 McGoohan, Mary 91 Mechler, Patsy 79 Mengler, Donna 110, 139, 166 Medina, Angelina 109 Medina, Patricia 109, 148 Menchaca, Rosario 79 Mendiola, Maria Hidalia 79, 170 Mendoza, Consuelo 54, 125, 138 Meneley, Susan 110, 148 Miller, Honora 15, 137, 163 Mitchell, Marilyn 110, 133, 147 Moguel, Margaret 91, 130 Moore, Lynn 110, 122, 123 Mooty, Patricia 56, 134 Montalvo, Estela 55, 157 Montalvo, Elvira 55 Morales, Mary Mgt. 110, 148 Muckle, Doris 56, 126, 135, 136, 149 Mullen, Brenda 56 Munger, Hedy 110, 122 Munoz, Mary Margaret 91 Munson, Doris 57, 134, 200 Murphy, Mary Lynn 57, 125 Murphy, Nadine 122, 134 Murray, Rita Lou 110, 142, 143, 145, Myers, Jean 91, 124, 132, 174 Munoz, Hilda 110, 122 Navarro, Mary M. 110, 142, 145 Navarro, Pete 57, 200 Newsom, Donata 79, 84, 156, 181 Nieschweitz, Diana 79 Nieschweitz, Sandra 111 Notzon, Nancy Lee 111, 148 Novoa, Carmen 91, 126, 127, 130 Noyes, Carolyn 111 O'Brien, Kathleen 2, 58, 157, 180 Ontiveras, Estela 80 O'Shea, Patsy 137, 161 Ohlenburger, Donnie 79 Otal, Mary Esther 91, 124, 126, 151 Owen, Sandra 80, 84, 181 Owen, Gail 14, 91, 122, 125, 133 Ozuna, Elizabeth 58, 139, 167 A 1 Paredes, Linda 111 Pargac, Amelia 92, 125, 133, 148 Parkersen, Betty 80, 128, 129, 131, Parras, Azucena 92 Patton, Laruth 15, 137, 163 Patzewitsch, Ann 58 Pennington, Karen 111, 148 Pena, Mary Alice 111 Perry, Katherine 80, 124, 135 Pierce, Mirna 111, 124, 127 Pishak, Irene 71 Pingleton, Peggy 80, 124, 148 Pittner, Donna 106, 111, 122, 140 Perales, Josephine 59, 182 Pompa, Margaret 112, 122, 148 Poth, Patricia 112, 139 Pozniak, Frances 112 Preston, Mary Louise 59 Preston, Matty 92 Prikryl, Otilie 93, 120, 122, 123, 139 Prosser, Patricia 112, 148 Puig, Emily 93, 132, 139, 166, 170 Perez, Gloria 80, 156 Perez Mary Teresa 159 Perez, Mary Ann 111 V Pelton, Norine 59 Pulstord, Mary 93, 145, 148, 160 Raab, Rose Marie 60, 125, 138 Ramirez, Emilie 145, 163 Ramirez, Judith 15, 93, 122, 137, 163 Rangel, Georgina 118 Rash, Eva Linda 93, 128, 170 Reddrick, Jonell 60, 125, 135 Reinhardt, Zita 145 Reininger, Charmaine 112 Renger, Roslyn 112, 113, 137, 160, 161, 163 Resendez, Otila 93, 124, 130, 151, 170 Rhoton, Mary Jane 112, 113, 122 Rice, Rosalie 60, 139 Riley, Carole 112 Rinearson, Fleurette 80 Roberts, Alice 61, 134 Robinson, Ethel 112 Rodriguez, Diana 113, 170 Roesler, Roberta 80, 125 Roll, Patricia 113, 123, 130, 168, 169 Rosel, Sylvia 113, 124' Ryan, Elly 93 Ryan, Mary Schram 61 Ryza, Dolores 61, 125, 136, 138, 142, 145, 177, 178 Rutfo, Vincey Ann 93, 181 Saenz, Margot 93, 133, 137 Salinas, Lillian 80, 170 Sanchez, Christine 114 sanchez, Diana 114, 124, 126, 148, 151, 170 Sapenter, Gaynell 94 Scherberger, Barbara 114, 167 Scherer, Barbara 114, 128 Schoch, Rita 114 Schram, Zola 62, 122, 135 schrenker, Lois 62, 135, 136, 1-40, 152, 159, 173 Schultz, Elaine 62, 128 Schulz, Harriet 114, 142, 160, 163, 170 ' Schumann, Helen 81, 145, 148, 168, 179 Sebera, Jo Ann 114, 139, 166 Segovia, Ma. Antonieta 114 Segura, Rosemary 63, 124, 158, 176, 178 Seigler, Betty 114, 133, 179 Seigler, Joan 81, 132, 135 Seten Lucille 2, 63, 135, 136, 159 Shannon, Gladys 63, 136 Shaw, Rita 64, 157, 184 Shepherd, Laura Lee 71 Simpson, Ruthiean 115 Skiles, Hortense 145 Sluder, Renee 64, 131, 135, 136 Index of Students Smith, Becky 94, 159 Smith, Irene 64 Smith, Margaretann 65, 177, 178 Smith, Mary Jane 115, 148 Smith, Ruth 115, Smith, Virginia 81, 84 Solis, Ma. de la Paz 94, 133, 139, 170 Spears, Kay 2, 65, 139, 150, 165, 167 Spikes, Georgann 94, 122, 123, 131, 132 Stasny, Mariorie 81 Steele, Mary Lynn 132 Stetanagee, Margie 2, 3, 81, 132 Sterling, Elizabeth 94 Stigent, Lucille 115 Suarez, Connie 139, 160 Suarez, Irene 122, 139, 160 Suarez, Suzie 66 Sullivan, Kathy 81, 142 Sullivan, Paula 115, 122 Sun, Lily 83 Svatek, Mrs. Clyde 66 Stevens, Geraldine 65, 155 Tasch, Mary Jo 66, 72, 124, 125, 184 Taylor, Donna 81, 139 Taylor, Ida 115 Tealer, Jewell 81, 151 Tellez, Ana Martha 67, 129 Thompson, Joan 67 Titus, June 115, 133 Trevino Alicia 115,148 Trevino, Beatrice 68, 122 Trevino Elva Rose 94, 139, 148 Trevino, Trevino, Evelyn 81, 156, 159 Rose Marie 82, 124, 137, 160, 166 Ulcak, Margaret 94, 132, 142, 145, 149, 160 Urban, Charlotte 94, 124, 167 Uribe, Dolores 115, 124, 168, 169, 170 Valdez, Monica 95 Vales, Virginia 95, 122 Vann, Elizabeth 82, 124, 131 Vento, Irma 68 . Vergara, Ena 118, 128, 130 Vials, Mary Anne 68, 124, 150 Venegas, Norma 118 Villarreal, Beatriz 95, 130, 170, 179 ' Villarreal, Alice 69, 121, 124, 136, 158 Villarreal, Gloria 117, 148, 170 Vreeland, Wagner, Barbara 95, 142 Waldron, Pat 117 Walt, Barbara 82 Warwas, Irene 69, 121, 135, 136, 140, 159 Wendel, Barbara 159 Weisbruch, Diane 95, 121, 124, 132, 167 Wells, Margaret 116, 122, 163 Whitehouse, Patricia 116 Willding, Margaret 2, 116, 124, 163 Wingo, Margaret 95, 174, 181 Williams, Mary 181 Wilson, Suzette 95, 128, 145, 148 Woods, Dardeen 116 Wright, Peggy 71 ' Yoch, Mary 116, 122, 128 Yao, Doreen 83 Yost, Barbara 69 Zappe, Jean 116, 148 Zardanetta, Carmen 83, 170 Zarsky, Roseann 95, 145 Zeller, Penny 109, 116, 133, 142, 145, 147 Zepeda, Sylvia 70, 125, 131, 138, 145 Zerm, Joyce 70 Zulauf, Dorothy 70 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World'l Bexl Yearbooks Are Tnylorfmud Kay 117, 124, 126,127, 148,168,169 aiu: :qw 'U rl 1. 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Suggestions in the University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) collection:

University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 172

1960, pg 172

University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 212

1960, pg 212

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