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University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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ur' s'0'.,. Msn. ' 1 x 1 Y., ,Y vi y V4wYkN!.1 an - " ' v Vs F. f 1 ' 3 '. o ' . - ' M "" Q W' f-.. Q . - . hal Y I ' A, ' e- A " I e. nf fx A , . .MJ .Ig MN 4 ivy. 1' Q .v i F f , A P 4 X., , MJ I WP. ' J? .-' - . k 11" - M -. "N f- 7' 'A 352 ,QIT4 1N51'?7 L " ' 14 N f fi f'.:-'vi .- f ,1r,, 4 YV. X A. . .bm., IA .., ,G-+V . .., .Il,,V?F a. QQ if ' g ' A "Y, Q" .Y .M Y V . , ' 'Jcm I ,. , 1' ' -L. - ma.-.-fix-4 4 ' A I N xii I 4 -v. '-'H'-'ff 1- 1443i QI9f:'1l"i if . .4 ! 4 J ...,, Q . -C I ,Vw V V ., V I , , . l, A. .1 f ' 1. ui ' ' I' 1 LW!! ' 4 ' , .1 I 4 'Q '1 A V- ' 'x .. ' '!s 'L' - Q . flll' 1 ' lf I . A ,' I utr", 1f,.. y'4'. m HI, f. wb. r -, f , fy 1, -49 fa"-'T' ,wi f ' - ' . 'nvfi 1 'xsj-F. fy.. i xv, 'A I "' K i.'Q- 'V' - Yr 4 ' ' I' , Q -3"-4' t ' '1,'ip,v:. 2-' ' 7,1 . r ,,""Av'r. uf, J' n 1, ' ' I1 'I 5 - 0, 3 ' , , ','v ' ', p ., ,I ,A . . . ., Q Q I . ,,,, X p I 1- n4w ,fl ,f 09,1 4 in ' W. . lgsiyl is ,s H . M.-uw Jw... ' . - -.4-q. Mg.- .Q .. 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I Xi. "yu Q" ' "Mf 1 .ww 44,,,,.,..,.,,M..,...... .J . Af5,4,3x4,:,wQL, b 4441 ' F:'VJ4,fg 4, Q . 144, 1 44 44 M.- I 5. fra 4 1, gf, V , . ' Q 4,4 'g 'Q 4,-f ff ,f My f'f . Yvxtimqz .. -1. fQ,1f9i,. 3, ,J x -f 1' ,,..,ffd,,..A,.,.,4,." ,,.,1vz..,a1l-gg.,--c'.2,....-ff . 2- f- ,ff 4. , - " . mfwwu-JQM .12-...Z , A ,, M- - .A if-L 'fm M ' . 5 '42 -" 5' YL. X .5 . M- r 4 4.,., ' if--fir.,-i ,. . lg, .qw -'F-2'LL"ff":' 1" "Q 'fi M Q.v1y ..b,w- rv . ek. . 1. M ' ff ' A ' ' 4 MM- H, "+A fm 0 , , , .. K2 Q-wal -'ww4..f """""ff2--L1 .1 -Q15 -' 449. ADA Wm 'ax 'E 3 ' x A ' ' ,f ' 'f"'y"" . 'J jff 'L' 4.4.- ' .m.,a,6'.fi..f.f. f 37' . ft' 'J' SLAM. 1 'ia www' - ,' --' :f-if-157' I.--i-"M 'M f 1 . .f f 4' 4 f ff' ' L JL' 4,,4 .L 4,,,.- Mage 4. 4 3 .V f' , f lf' " f 4 g ,C-wif' X , .L . gf 4 Ii" . - W' 1 ' H", ,QT 'fl' aff.-A-Q' ' . , ' i L' ' ' -D rf r 1 914j,f L '. N . .ff , - 6-1 I 4, , ,-4451, . " .-I . V -4, 'r:,,..! -.,.. ' -EL, I ' " mr 4 9 on v 5 . ,Qwf - ., 95,1 4 Q at-3 ir.-D .vt A .1 vu, ... ., In i fl f 1 k cv' 4 - ' ,. ' 4' ""2'35"" . ' .. 4 , 9 u A ' U . 4.63 Each school year begins with the Mass of the HoQy Gjost in the beautiful Conventual ChapeQ The Logos 1959 Published Annually by Students of Incurnute Word College INflAliNA'I'P1 WORD flUI,UCCE Hrfmflwznay :xml Hllflf5IJI'fI,llll nun Arnifmiu, 'l'f':f:zeg 4 . 1 A l'm1f+Yf-zzz' i,aI,f:mI Arles fullllifgff flmulllvlfffl by llw Sislvrs ul' lfllzlrily of llw IllClll'll2ll0 WTO wwwsamsr 'swab We , , r ,,- ,. , 4 i..,-,,. .ww.efff+q5g".1-ny,-rpW7,y?yQ04bgz, v , , , M, .,,, -. k , ,,. , wan, -wfv, ,.'-imc, 1-if--fyy-eg-:zf,- :Gi 111' fr :'nf"7,.- If 4:54 ,Ayfi V54 ,f 1,. ,rf ff? up-y -,f?"',-1.3-1 Eff'-' fda rw 'nj ff, .1 ,, 1.-,. 55'Ik -.sf-4'fw'H:w,"..m-' 3g:.?'s.-...w'f:..f'1.1.,v.i.tLi.'-.e-r,.., .s H -A - in - T T M Yearbook Staff, Theme, and Cover Design BARBARA ELBEL, Editor of the LOGOS yearbook, receives from MONSIGNOR ALEX. WAN GLER, Editor of the Alamo Messenger, the Award of Distinction for the 1958 publication as Kath leen Mooney, assistant, looks on. YEARBOOK STAFF Barbara Elbel, Editor V Guadalupe Palacios, Co-Editor Eleanor Reichert, Business Manager Kathleen O'Brien J Nicki Varelas J Assistants Kay Spears D Kathleen Mooney Yvonne Gonzaiez, Cover Design THEME OE THE YEARBOOK Beauty DEDICATION To Archbishop Robert E. Lucey on the oc- casion of the Silver Jubilee of his Episcopal Consecration. COVER DESIGN YVONNE GONZALEZ, a senior English major with an Art minor, designed the cover of the LOGOS. She explains her design as follows: HBeauty may mean different things to different people. It may mean the Arts, Goodness, or Harmony. I mean the Lady in the design to be Beauty, surrounded by the Harmony of lines. She holds the universe within her hands - or better -still, we, the circular lines hold her. The musical instru- ment symbolizes Harmony - rhythm. The universe is charged with the music and har- mony of beauty. The red and silver colors symbolize the dedication to His Excellency, Most Reverend Robert E. Lucey, Archbishop of San Antonio . . .M Q me11-gngg-:mr -' hh 119. ,1-:nfl-1:11:12-:H-4:-1-,sf ---1-.--eu -- f---- ,x euf--:----:mfs------1-...--e ---...-- ....- .,............,... ...---V. Table of Contents A TITLE STAFI+ THEME AND COVER DESIGN CONTENTS DEDICATION SPE4 AL PAGILS SPOTLIGHT ON CONFRATERNITY IO I3 J ILDIN GS I4 27 DMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 28 33 RESHMAN SOPHOVIORE AND JL NIOR CLASSES 341 69 VISION OF GRADUATION 70 71 NIORS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS RECEIVING DEGREES 72 I09 VISION OF ORGANIZATIONS IIO III UBS AND ORGANIZATIONS II2 I27 Sodallty of Our Lady Apostleshlp of Prayer Student N E A Alpha PS1 Omeba Dramatle Fraternlty Alpha Lambda Delta Sports ASSOCIQIIOH Internatlonal Relatlons Club Kappa P1 Slgma BUSIHCSS Fraternlty Alpha Delta S1gma Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Eeonom1cs Club MUSIC ASSOCIHIIOH Ph1 S1gma Kappa Selence Club S1gma Gamma Phl Language ASSOCIHIIOH Buslness Club Alpha Ch1 Natlonal Honor SOCIGIY ACTIVITIES DIVISION LOGOS ACTIVITIES SPEAKERS ARTISTS FOR ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS NURSING AND MEDICAL DIVISION STYLE SHOWS MUSIC ACTIVITIES SPORTS WHO S WHO AT IVCARNATE WORD COLLEGE SEASONS FORVIAL DAVCES MISCELLANEOL S ACTIVITIES THE STUDENT COUNCIL DIVISION OF ADVERTISEMENTS PATRONS AND ADS INDEX OF STUDENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1, , ' .t---g--.---L-.. ....I4............,...... A-.. .... .. ............ --------------- 2 A ........................I.,,.....,......,. , .,... LQ ..............., A ............. ....I. Q ...... g ...................... 3 ,- .,..........., I .....,r.,. gg ......... .. ...... ....,...,...............................,................... 4-5 CI H ................ lg ................ ........ . ............ Q ...................... A .............................. 6 -9 B' ..r.. , ............................. . . ,....,...... .................................... I .................... - - A R I G C I ..,..l.... . ................................................. .. ........... E F 7 N 7 T -mu-m-mnmum--mm--mm Di - G QQm-++m-m-a-----QmQ- A -l----------f---- ---p-----------,---------.-m--------------- - SE I Q , , I ,,,,-,-,--,,-.,,,,-, H . Di I ........ .... ...... . .......,. A ..,..... C .... G .............,...,...,,-.........,-, - CL .,............,... . ...........,....................,..............,. - ' .............................................................................. L12 ' ............................................................................ 13 p . . . 14 A p ' ff ' ' ,l,,........,.-....,.....LL...l.,l,..,,...,,, , ....,. 115 , ,..,......I,..-.............,......., I .,.-.................................... 16 i ' eeee,,L,,te,,,o,....,,,,.,,......,..........,...,,...,..,....-...,....,,r...e. 17 V I ' ' ,,-,,,-,,,--,,.-,..,.,..,,..,,,,,...,,,-,.,,...,,,....,.. . ........... I L8 ' ' ' ' ..., Q ....I.........I...............l.................. Q19 C Professional Nurses' Club ....L... Q .......................-....-......................... V- .----- l20 C' ' --,,-,,,,-,-,.,,,.,,-.,-.,,,-,.,,,,,,-,,,,.,,,..,..................... Q ......... L21 . , f ----,.,n---,-,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.-..... Q22 I ' , ' ' -,,.,..-,-.,,..,,,-,,,. Q ,-,,,.,,,,,,,,..,,,..,...,.......,..-...,..,.............. L23 ' ' ' ,----.,.-,,-,....-, Q -,.,,,,,--.-,,-,,,,,,,..,,-.,-............ L24 . A - - ' ---d-------- ---- -- -.------ --T-d---h----------- 'Q ' -------------------------------Q------,--,,-----,,-,---,-- ,,I,.,,.,-,.,.,,,-.......,.... I 26 -7 - - -.,s.-i,Hi,.ss-.,-s-,-,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,s,,, r...., 1 27 A ,,,,.,,,,-,-,,-,-,,.., ,, ,.,,-,--- , ,,,..,,,.,,,..,.,....................... I ........r....... L28-L29 , , ,-.,..,,.,,..,,.,,s,s,,,,,,,,ss,,,sr,,r. Q32-Q35 ' , ,,--m,---,-,-,,,,,,, 4 --,,--,,-.,,,,-,-..,... L52-Q59 ' M N --,,---,--,-,,,----- , -,-,--.-H----------------,--,,--,,---,,,-,-,-,,-,,,...... L60-L67 1 ,,,,--,,,,--,N,,,, , -,,----,.-,-.,--,,,,,..---..--..---,,,, Q ,,,,,,,,..-...... Q68-Q74 -----------------..--------,---Anun-,A,-A---A---I-,--------fQ-----T-7:5--T--- ,Q OI76-Q77 178-Q95 ,Z Y Celelwazfes the Tzuerzfjy-f1'fil1 X17I7II.l'0TScY7'.X of His EINSCOINII C07ISf't'l'fIf1:1471 QV- NX Dedication When Our DIVIHC Lord through the mstrumentahty of Our late l-loly Father Pope Plus Xl appomted the zealous young prlest Father Robert E Lucey pastor of St Anthony s Church Long Beach Cal1forn1a to the ep1scopal d1gn1ty on February 10 l934f the latter was taken ent1rely unawares The overwhelmmg 1mmens1ty of the honor and the accom pany1ng respons1b1l1ty of th1s rank 1n the hlerarchy of the Church were l1ghtened only by the knowledge that the d1v1ne o11g1n of the eplscopate makes lt a channel of exceptlonal grace Perhaps he recalled the magmflcent setmon del1ve1ed a decade earller by Father Ed Ward Leen at the ep1scopal consecratlon of h1s brother James as Coadjutor Blshop of lVlaur1t1us the theme of Whlch was the glory of the ep1scopal OTTICC Father Leen had sald on that occaslon Jesus 1S the source and fountam of all that super natural l1ght W1th Wh1ch the Church glows and that super natural l1fe W1th Whlch It palp1tates And l-le has created the ep1scopal order as that by Whlch alone that l1ght and that l1fe Whlch res1de 1n H1m are to reach the falthful When God calls one of HIS m1n1sters to the supreme rank 1n the hlerarchy and no one may dare to take the honor to h1mself except called thereto by Cod as Aaron was He confers W1th the ep1scopal d1gn1ty the ep1scopal soul As the hands of the consecrator are lmposed on the elect and the sacred unctlon descends on h1s head the character of the prlesthood TCCCIVCS an energy an expanslon and a development Whlch lt had not heretofore As HIS Excellency the Most Reverend Robert E Lucey Blshop of Amarlllo assumed the ep1scopal dut1es followmg h1s consecrat1on on May l l934f he must have been encouraged and fort1f1ed by the real1zat1on that the guldance of the fa1thful the un1ty of the dlocese and the ed1f1cat1on of the Church of Cod are all tlae effects of the except1onal grace of the eplscopate On January 23 l94l the Blshop of Amarlllo was agam called by Chrlsts VICHI th1s t1me 1n the person of Our Late l'loly Father Pope Plus XII and on March 27 the Most Reverend Robert E Lucey Was appo1nted Archblshop of San Antomo lt has been our s1n gular pr1v1lege to have had the guldance of th1s great sp1r1tual leader for the past elghteen years We thank God for th1s bless1ng and we pray H113 to grant us the leadershlp of tl11S esteemed prelate for many years to come ln a true sp1r1t of appreclatlon and grat1tude We lov1ngly ded1cate to HIS Excellency Tl-lE MOST REVEREND ROBERT E LUCEY Archblshop of San Antomo the 1959 ISSUE of the LOGOS on the occaslon of the twenty f1fth anmversary of h1s consecratlon to the ep lscopacy We pray God to cont1nue to bless h1s efforts 1n the promotlon of the Welfare of the Archdlocese, and we pledge h1m the loyalty and devotlon of all true ch1ldren for a cherished father. . . A . , U . . 7 7 ' '- 71 ' v9 Q 7 7 7 9 7 , , 0' - O. . . a. . . , , . . . . ' 1 - - . 7 7 7 0 v 0 a 0 , . .7 .' , cc u n s u Q Q . . - . , - I L Q 0 . . L -1- A 7 . , 7 7 0 0 O I U 7 A ' 7 9 . . . 0. . . 7 '7 7 7 "' 7 1. L. . . Q I O 9 U 0 O. 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 7 Q L .L 4 ' Q . . 0 0 ' 9 0 O I I l Q O I 7 7 , . 7 7 9 " ' , A V 'CA Great Lzfglzt Went Uuzi on Eartln, and Anolher Candle Was IJL in, llcrwcnfi fF1'O1H the funeral oration of Pope Pius X119 The news of the death of Our Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, on October 8, cast a gloom over the entire world. People of every creed and color were saddened by the loss of this 'CWhite Shepherd" who had drawn all to him by his vibrant personality and his sincere hos- pitality to all pilgrims. It is certain that no human being in history has ever succeeded in being so intimately known and so greatly loved by so many of his contemporaries as was this humble servitor of Christ, who was born Eu- gene Pacelli, and since 1939 the 260th succes- sor of the Apostle, St. Peter. Men and women everywhere sensed his total commitment to mankind, to its temporal as well as spiritual well-being. Their gravitation toward him was utterly spontaneous, and showed the irrepressi- ble response of the heart to a Pope who was so magnificently human in everything he thought and did. ln the almost twenty years of his pontificate, Pius Xll stood out as a recognized spiritual leader in the struggle to preserve man's God- given freedom. His entire public career was permeated by the principle that there was only one adequate answer to a world-assault upon the human race itself, a constructive vision of the world united in justice, law, and love, a full recognition of the dignity of each individ- ual, no matter how humble, according to the teaching of' His Master, ,lesus Christ. From the scene below, we know that two of our Sisters, both alurnnae of Incarnate Word College, Sisters M. Eucharista and Mary Jarlath, will treasure this day as the outstanding one of their period in Rome, when they were privileged to be received in audience by Our late beloved Holy Father, Pope Pius XII. Pope John-XXIII - A New Pope for a New Age HIS HOLINESS, POPE JOHN XXIII, born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli on November 25, 1881, or- dained to the sacred priesthood on August 10, 1904, consecrated Archbishop of Areopolis, March 19, 1925, created Cardinal on January 12, 1953, appointed Patriarch of Venice on January 15, 1953, elected to the Papacy on October 28, 1958, and crowned as Christ's Vicar on earth, November LL, 1958, is the 261st successor of St. Peter. We salute Our New Pontiff, and with all Catholics the world over, we join our prayers and pledge our loyalty to Christ7s New Vicar. '1'l,l,. ,l,fjf,'lj,S',S'f1l11,1ff.'. Two U11 fflflflll - Ai 1 11 sl L... .a....l MRS. JAMES R. DOUGHERTY Beeville, Texas The LOGOS takes pride in saluting Mrs. James R. Dougherty, loyal and devoted beneiactress of Incarnate Word College, who, with her late husband, initiated a scholarship program for stu- dents who wished to secure a program of Catholic higher education. Mrs. Dougherty was hon- ored three times by Our Late Holy Father, Pope Pius X115 first as a Lady of the Holy Sepul- chre, later as Lady Commander of the same Order, and lastly as Lady of the Grand Cross of the Holy Sepulchre, the highest honor bestowed upon a Catholic laywoman. Incarnate Word College honored Mrs. Dougherty in May, 1956, by granting her the degree of Honorary Doctor of Laws, in recognition of the outstanding services rendered to God and country. The LOGOS salutes Mrs. Dougherty in sincere gratitude for the contributions to the higher education of our students, which she and her family have so generously bestowed. 'IANA iff Benefactresses of Inoarnate Word College i . U i 1' MRS. KATHERINE A. RYAN San Antonio, Texas The LOGOS salutes Mrs. Katherine A. Ryan, as one of our generous benefactresses, Whose in- terest in Catholic education is Widely recognized in this area. Mrs. Ryan was honored by the Catholic College Foundation of San Antonio in 1957, When she was presented with the Aristotle- Aquinas Citation. The LOGOS staff hopes to he able to include a picture of the completed Katherine A. Ryan Clinic in its next issue. ln sincere and grateful appreciation, We salute you, Mrs. Ryan for your interest and generosity in the cause of Catholic education, and Welcome you to membership on the Advisory Board of lncarnate Word College. The LOGOS Spotlights the Members and Work of the Con,fratern,ity of Christian Doctrine I B OFFICERS OF THE CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE: Cleft to righti: Amelia Pargac, chairman of the Apostolate of Good-Will, Mary Jean Haggard, chairman of Teachers, Mary Lynn Murphy, Treasurer, Bette Bluhm, Vice-president, Zola Schram, President, Elizabeth Durbin, Secretaryg Suzette Wilson, chairman of Discussion Clubsg Rose Marie Bennett, chairman of Helpers. Incarnate Word College holds the chairmanship of the Texas Region of the National Federation of Catholic College Students' Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Commission, with Zola Schram as the Regional Chairman. On October I, Catechetical Day was held with the following items on schedule: I. Introduction to the C.C.D. 2. The necessity for the C.C.D. 3. The complete Christian character of the work. 4. Ideal work for the student. 5. What the Catholic college can do for the C.C.D. 6. Ultimate goal of parish activity after graduation. A Regional Newsletter, '4The Candle,'7 was published each semesterg this publication' recorded the information from each college in the Texas Region. Workshops were held at the regional congresses in Dallas and Houston, in October and April, respectively. Seventy-five students received their Archdiocesan C.C.D. Lay Catechistas certificate follow- ing one semester's study of the "Course in Methodsf' and one semester of directed teaching. The largest number of teachers gave instruction at St. Iohnis Parish as follows: Carol Runte, Georgann Spikes, Margaret Cox Schleuter, Maria Teresa Perez, Carmen Novoa, Mary lean Haggard, Mary Garza, Margot Saenz, and Rose Marie Bennett. Sub- stitutes on hand were the following: Charlotte Urban, Roseann Zarsky, Barbara Ann Wagner, and Irma Dora Garcia. In Blessed Sacrament Parish, Bette and Mary Pat Bluhm, and Marilyn Bueche served as faithful and devoted teachers. The same is true in St. Ann's Parish where Mary Esther Otal, Maria de la Paz Solis, and Zola Schram gave instruction to public school children after school hours. I0 Fi ,f fLl'QUlI4,fN5-X -el'IPQlp' nf , Illv lu'-I I--vlnnliglif in lltf nr, Islllll'llfHI ol luv! """mfl gfrriflfv :il SI, -lfrillli'-. Flu' lalfr fwrngtarf :mics wall: liarliarn Wagnfr. 4,-.Ito la-glcllf-'s :ll SI, XlJHL'Jll'l Xlarti wary Ann XlJIl'lllI'ff, Um lyiflj. of Sorrow:-, ,Ivan Xlyf-r"-. FI, If-lu. l,l'lYl!'4' ol' Ilif: 'Marr-llc'-. llolll. flarlf-r. SI. fif'I'LlIfii'. llilifzilwlln llurlrin, Sli firf-gory'-. Nlargarfr flarza. Sr. .low-pls'-. i'iil4'H l,l,1f'flf'- mann, Sr. Pius X. ffloria Ann C ad r- n a, l.illlf- lflower Shrine Monica Valdes, St. .lliltlfu Parish. and llcvcrline Sf-hula. St. ,Nlary ,Nlagrlaln-n's. Below: Zola Sehrarn is shown in one of her best-loved activities, teaching 12-year-old Mary, who has been deaf from birth. Zola prepared her for her First Holy Communion. Zola also teaches in the State TB hospital every Mon- day, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.rn. MARY E. FRITZ, DOLLY CARTER, and MARILYN BUECHE Cin centerl, take great delight in preparing these Easter baskets for the children of the Catechetical centers. C.C.D. Helpers, Diana Doerr, Rosemary Gutierrez, Dianne Citty, Rose Marie Ben- nett, and Pat Rainey distributed the baskets to the children. They also distributed Christ- mas stockings, a gift from the Student Council, to these children. Spiritual bou- quets Were also given to the children, at- tending the religion classes. When helpers find it impossible to go on the various rounds themselves, they turn over their car keys to the moderator, Sister M. Xaverius, who releases them to teachers who must travel across the city to reach their cate- chism classes. Members of the division of the Apostolate of Good Will distributed Catholic literature to residences, air- ports, railroads, and bus stations, as well as hospitals and orphanages. HICVERICNIJ JOSEPH TILIC, Arghclioccsan Dlrectoi of the Confiatrimty of Christian Doctrine chats with Zola Schram president ot WH: l.W.C, unit and Hob Taylor president of thc Sl Marys U unit followm one of the discussion club meetings at which 0Nt1 'Willy stuflcnls from the three Catholic collcgcs in San Antonio Pdlllfllldlll Skjvlilzfe of Um C'1'lgv of Sffll, wi1111111f11 the-1 L ,IUTIAIQLXWZIIAIIIIWI 1119 IIN: I1ll'II1pI:1f'4' HI If M' IHfI'l1""""" of Texas I'1iifit.1,11.'icaI, irmilcjrlmrrll. :QQ 5 V I I 'cUnder the Arch of Life, where love and death, Terror and rrlysferjy, gzzarff lzer SIITIIIZC. I saw Beauty enthronecl . . .M I4 W , , IV- rgrehrwf --,mfff-- . - Dante Gabriel Rossctii I xiii? v I w I A A A s ' 1 Y, . -52' 1 'ff 1 Ae . ? '3- Z, As A f WW Lxflf-f0Q7'w , , 1 -N f ,Q .- f 4 , vias , QM we 7 jx, 1 ,, Y 6 I A ,W j, , - 1 ' ' A, A-A31 A. A X ,AZ ,NQQM A My , M1 A A ,ff f',, ny! ff 'A ,A ,f . ' ' A 'fa ' A, ,fffw 2 -' '15 f wwf i , ff ., iw ' Wim 'Z "A f A '0 fn , - . AA A f,, .f"Mf1j1fa. , f A ' A ,way ' A wi 5 mm. A A - X' A A , . 'ff 'U4w,'4fj, li ,Mfr W 1.41, fm , ,. X Gazing' - V , .0 . XM ' JW V ' QM, f , f 1 A K, Avaya' A ,T MQW ,ywm A A ' X , , . , A , f ' A rw A an qwAf-f ,mb MZA My ',M' ' f ' V I, 4 ' , Aw I , AX , A If ' ' X fi? ,jf f .ax .. -2- ,: ,Mu . - x 4 w f .vw .v A aww? - ' v.. A 56,9 x 5 . 'ms' - . E, 1 -f ,, - A :X frm 5 ' f -, 5 gy Q9 My w'w+mmw.N.m. .. X W-2 'g.'11-"imma 5 . 2. X A. N ,I JF X xi ': X X A - 4 ' . , U Q -xhwwwm uni ,gf mmwa mug, WN ,W . 'Q .gig .5 X x Q V, 1' X rxxksggg- Qaggxiysglk ,- N Q AMA? t 3-Nu . .ku an ' 5 ' XX 4 A A A' X :A wx - A N ' X l 3,9 .xgggfl ' N' Ji -. A A..-wig X xx A XX. ,. -- f , . -X-5 .T' fx mx.. xg, , if A XX 1 QS-MQ - ,X xx V N X X-Q, ' wit? X x . N il '. V A Ag X Y hfsi, Q XXSWUE A H NX xx xg '- ' 2? ,Q A 1 AA A fb wqnzei -2 , Lzl ,ae V , Y! ia 1 1. ww www.. 4 Y 'z i N a b F 54 2 M , .V 4 U V, -E YJ U A--W A Y-VM, HA, Y- SA , , n:,,,,,,,- ,,,.,,d,,,- W.....-,,--..,...--,, -Y.--..,.,...- Y- Y g,.L?g--:Y.,,,,, ,,,.....,......-,, ...---7454 g...MA---,.-1 - -A-A' --'- -2 f- --V-V - W- L' w TY, 12 iw-v ' 'I , LY Kr , r ,. Y , f' r, X' .1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 ' 1 The Household Arts Building contains foods and clothing laboratories. It is the center of inuch activity - teas, dinners, and sinall parties. Below: The new GYMNASIUM, also completed in 1955, and dedicated with the St. Pius X Li- brary. It is the training ground for teachers of physical and health educa- tion. It is also the THE HOUSEHOLD ARTS BUILDING, HOME ECONOMICS UNIT center for all sports on campus. :,Ai'9' 1 f f ,www f , ,,,Q3ff,Q,, " Z I I X x x Q ,XA at ,, , t .i M pgs i -5 X. ssgsxcxoi - - , H Q1 AWSQSN t I it e . X XQNFXNM as 1 ,Qs W Q55 1. Q I X Q s 'Mi-. Ns? XXX ...y X X N5 I 2I THE svuvncn HALI, sc13.N12 or MUCH sc1EN'l'llvlc ,Ml'l'IVI'I'Y, nNf:l,lunNc: 'rmc MAMU llIS'IlflfQ'l fff,Il','K1,Ip mu: Completed in 1950, the Science Hall houses Well-equipped laboratories for the biological and physical sciences. The first floor con- tains an auditorium complete with projection booth and equipment for the showing of films and slides. The seating capacity 15 about 200. Annually, the Alamo District Science Fair is housed here during the month of March. THE NURSERY SCHOOL 15 dwgned for chddren of pre THE HoME MANAGEMENT HOUSE one of the Home Eco school age and serves as a laboratory for classes in education Holmes umts 15 a modeln buck lesldence In Whlch Qtudem apph nursing and child development prmclples of homemakm 22 . . . . I l n u , I - , . 1 q ' . ,N v . . 9 7 N - 5 , 0' 7 . - O- C . 0.1-0-.-'vpn-QL. 11 , A, 'Ev-ng . L- T" . U.. , . . ' -nap "'-' A .Z 4 ,W ""'llI-van....,,-q....,,. A 1 W NIS-num.-.., Y J yr k ,X 4 .,,,-.vf1- ,"'rr" 1x" .Xh' 'X ,', 4,,A,Jx .P UMM, ANI, 4-mmml.-N-Q IlOQl'I'I'AI, Moss lxI',f,l',Nl 4,owll.u LIIUN xr IIII, mix no x lfofnfl HA 1 . 1 1 1 . x , . QA'-6 'E A A l E xx . -' - w. -7 ,A X lu ,. '4 ? X A U ' 4 xi ,-,.-. . I A VIEW OF THE CHAPEL AT the Santa Rosa Hospital. 5 .,,,f- , I 1 Nurses show futu' t f ' , - . le 00011132111 S 0 the Chlldfells HOSp1ta1 the progress bemg made on the construction. W e Present Two Buildings Under Construction THE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL, erected through the efforts of the citizens of San Antonio, and located on the Santa Rosa grounds iNCARNATE WORD COL. 'NHC 5'liUUl"N'l' UNIUN IBUILIJINC most popular project on campus, is now being constructed with the aid of a Federal Housiu I,f,:m 1,1 f5600,0U0, :tml will lu: rcudy for occupancy in September. X Administration and Faculty of I.W.C. MOTHER M. COLUMKILLE President SIDXIEY THOMAS GREENBURG Vice president SISTER M. CLEMENT Dean of Instruction ER MARY OF MERCY SISTER M. .ANTONINUS Assistant Dean Reglstfaf STER M GERALDA SISTER M. TERESA' Dean of Students T1'e3SU1'C1' STER M RAPHAEL SISTER M. THEOPHANE Llbrarian Director of Graduate Studies OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION SISTER M. ADRIANA, A,M, SISTER M. AGNESINE, IVI.Mus. Associate Professor of Spanish Associate Professor of Music SISTER M. ANTHELMA, A.B. SISTER M. ANTONINUS, A.lVI. Instructor in English Associate Professor of Education DR. SIDNEY THOMAS GREENBURG, with Mrs. Greenburg, and daughter, Joyce, arrives at the library Where the office of the vice- president is located. Mrs. Greenburg is en- rolled as a graduate student at Incarnate Word College, and Joyce has been a nursery school student. Dr. Greenburg's Weekly tele- cast, uThe Great Books," on Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock, over WOAI-TV, is viewed by thousands of people in this area. It is hoped that this program will soon have na- tional showing. IGHT H5 ll for OM Partmtnl U in ll? u I0 4 mafll lea' . -'l ailV1CC Illia HE hopfj lu a ain if Wi' U f 0 FACULTY biok, are list Sl .ls I ilx it Elf Iss lflr 1 r The Faculty Is Composed of Members of the Religious Community, Clergy, Lay Men und Women RIGHT REVEREND PATRICK J. GEEHAN, P.A., who for over twenty years served on the faculty in the De- partment of Theology and Philosophy, said 'Tarewellv to us in December, when he left for Boston, Mass. Our loss is Boston's gain, but We shall miss Monsignor for many reasons. His Words of wisdom, his talks, and his advice will long be remembered and appreciated. May we hope that the 'cSunny South" may lure him back again, if not permanently, at least for a visit. I FACULTY members Whose pictures do not appear in the book, are listed on these pages. SISTER M. ANTONIETTA, A.M. Associate Professor of Mathematics fLeave of Absence, I958-59D SISTER MARY BLANCHE, B.Mus. Music Librarian and Cataloguer SISTER ALOYSIUS CLARE, M.Ed. Associate Professor of Education RIGHT REVEREND PATRICK f. GEEHAN, P.A., VC. Theology SISTER M. BENICNUS, B.S. Instructor in Medical Records Library Science MRS. VENA FERN CALLAWAY, R.N., B.S. Instructor in Nursing A SISTER JANE DE CHANTAL, A.M. Associate Professor of Home Economics REVEREND JESUS M. B. ORRECO Theology REVEREND THOMAS A. FRENCH Theology The Irnparting of Knowledge to Succeeding Generations of S tuale nts ls One of the Major Functions of a College Faculty Dr. Norman H. Abramson M155 Beftha Allwardt MISS Michaelifle Bfangan Mathematics Public Health Nursing Nursing SISTER CLARE EILEEN, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages 'SISTER M. CLAUDE, M.S. Associate Professor of Home Economics SISTER M. CLEMENT, A.M. Professor of English MOTHER M. COLUMKILLE, Ph.D. Professor of Classical Languages SISTER DOLORES MARIE, M.Mus. Associate Professor of Music SISTER MARY CLARENCE, M.L. Assistant Professor of Home Economics SISTER CLAUDE MARIE, A.M. Associate Professor of Mathematics fLeave of absence, 1958-59D SISTER M. COLLETTE, M.L.S. Instructor in Library Science SISTER MARY DANIEL, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry DOROTHY ELLIOT, Ed.D. Professor of Education MRS. A. W. ELLIS, R.R.L., Ph.B. Instructor in Medical Records Library Science Mrs. Richard L. Br dt D . S - - Physical and Health Eclailation rPl1,Fan Burke MISS C6011 Poleman ll0S0phy Commercial Art The Teacher and the Student Are the Most Important Elements of the Whole Process Imparting and Acquiring Knowledge Mrs. Irma Dickson Miss Jean Davis Miss Mary F, Green Nursing Nursing ' STSTER M. EMILIA, A.M., M.B.A. Associate Professor of Business STSTER M. GERALDA, A.M. Associate Professor of Biology STSTER PETER GERARD, RN., M.S. Instructor in Nursing STSTER MARY HELENE, A.M. Associate Professor of Dramatics STSTER MARY OF THE INCARNATE WORD, M.Mus. Associate Professor of Music 1 v . Ur. ,l. I.. lzllmgton Prllffir: llrfrzllll ,f ,Q Ceramics SISTER M. EVANGELIST, R.N., M.S. Assistant Professor of Nursing ALDA GIANOTTI, A.B. Instructor in Medical Technology SISTER MARIA GGRETTI, B.Mus. Instructor in Music SISTER AGNES IMELDA, A.M. Assistant Professor of Education SISTER MARY JAMES, B.S. in M.T. Instructor in Medical Technology e MI. William Field Mrs. Donald B. Hansen 'lfsycjliany Home Economics Dr. Mary Wanda Harp Mrs. Alice Naylor Miss Mary .IQHC OIHHT3 Home Economics Art Nursing A Miss Volina Powers Music - Voice Dr. Gabriel Racz Economics SISTER MARY IOI-IN, Ph.D. Professor of Social Sciences SISTER M. LUCILLA, R.N., M.S. Instructor in Nursing SISTER MARY LUCY, Ph.D. Professor of Biology SISTER M. LUDMILLA, A.M. Associate Professor of German SISTER fOHN MAGDALEN, M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Home Economics SISTER TOHN MARIE, Ed.D. Professor of Education SISTER MARGARET MARY, A.M., IVI.S.W. l Instructor in Sociology SISTER fOSEPH MARIE, Ph.D. Professor of Biology SISTER MARY MARK, M.Ed. Instructor in Physical Education SISTER MARY OF MERCY, A.M. Associate Professor of Mathematics SISTER M. PASCALINE, A.M. Instructor in Chemistry SISTER MARGARET PATRICE, A.M. Assistant Professor of English MARIA NORA OLIVARES, B.S. in M.T. Instructor in Medical Technology llr. . CE stu xx. fr Siu Ros STER II. : 'STER ll. I fSTER II. l GIRARD H0 Technology STER ANN STER II. X DELCYE .IX STER II. f Mr. Donald Hogan Dr. Eric Sorantin Miss Mary Reed Choral Director Violin - Director of the Nursing Community Symphony Urcliestra SISTER M. RAPHAEL, M.A. in L.S., Librarian SISTER ROSA MARIA, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages SISTER M. SERAPHICA, A.M., Instructor in English SISTER M. TI-IEOPHANE, Ph.D., Professor of Education SISTER M. URBAN, B.S. in R.T., Instructor in Radiologic Technology GERARD ROLAND VELA, A.M., M.T., Instructor in Medical Technology SISTER ANNE VINCENT, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History SISTER M. VIRGILILTS, AB., Instructor in English DELCYE ANNE WHITE, AB., Instructor in Medical Technology SISTER NI. XAVERILYS, lI.Ed., Associate Professor of Education Dr. Elizabeth Vitzthum Political Science Um ww .y I y Q, P l I M M, Wg ll 'dee Mrs. Martha Zeclt Nln-- Qld' N! ll- ul ' Wlmli H is fiIl3I9iIl,CIEcr1 D Public Health Nurszng . llflll . l'll'lll'l'.S 1 Upperclcissrnen Return to College Ready to Go o Mx Alice Villarreal Lucille Seten Carrie Willrich President of the junior class President of the junior class of the Pf6Si036nE Of the Sophomore class Santa Rosa Division i i i ,, DORIS ANNE CALDERONI business ma'or d ANNE - tl g I . I . , a u J 3 an T'TE KALKA, English major, ac ' t iemse ves anti materials in the lab which will help them in their student teaching Dorisqxzxiile was assigne to the Northeast High School, while Annette taught at San Antonio Tech 36 Upper classes return to the regular routine of study and activity with the opening of school in September. No orien- tation is necessary here. Class elections are held almost im- mediately, and class officers as- sume the responsibilities of their groups. Student teachers, with uSepternber experiences" in the background, use every available moment to prepare for their new role-the role of teaching on a part-time basis, under the guidance of a pro- fessional secondary or elemen- tary school teacher. They spend much time in the cur- riculum laboratory, Where they investigate the Wealth of aids and material at their disposal to help them do the best p0S- sible job. Gl Pres class visio L. This f come began registy Every hears ter hc man i her rf dersi a dou progr. scienc Englif will ti There tion, 5 thing tion." the fn Center First Where they Freshmen Are Initiated and Oriented to Their Gloria Perez Carol Runte Rose Marie Galindo Zola Frances Schram President of the Sophomore president of the freshman Pre ect of the Sodalrty 0 Chairman of the Confraternrty Class of the Santa Rosa Di, 61,135 Our Lady of Christian Doctrine vision LIFE IS REAL, LIFE IS EARNEST This is the idea that must have come to each freshman as she began the detailed process of registration on September 10. Everywhere around her she hears people talk about Hsemes- ter hours," and a ccfull fresh- man coursef, As she looks at her registration card, she Won- ders if they donit actually mean a double load instead of a full program. With theology, and science, and humanities, and English, and mathematics . . . will the list ever end? Oh, yes. There is also physical educa- tion, and music hour, and some- thing called ufreshman orienta- tionf' Registration completed, the freshman finds herself the center of a week of activities. First on the list is a reception, Where she meets all the faculty members. And how friendly they are! Life is just Wonder- ful. She knows she will love every minute of her college life. Here, we see three out-of-town freshmen: Suzette Wilson, Con- zalesg Nancy Archer, Mercedes, and Nancy Robinson, Philadelphia, Pa., introducing themselves to Dr. S. Thomas Crccnburg, Mrs. Richard L. Brandt, and Dr. Scan Burke, at the reception in the Home ECO- nomics Building. Classes and Clubs Organize 171150 flC5i7JiW 3 - . D th J b k Roberta Kretzmeier Barbara Amber PrefeCtL0of1sthS3cl5EelnZlE3l of Our Vice-pre2?3en3g oetrasi LL d 6 n 5 Secretary of the S t u al e n t Treasurer of the S t u cl e nt Lady - Santa Rosa Division Council COUNCIZ Council .J - .. " .4 THE LOGOS staff, Dolly Collazo, Rosemary Segura, Maribel Perez, Janice Heye, Marie Hudson, editor, Barbara Archer, Elizabeth McC1eary, and Doris Muckle sharpen new pencils in preparation for the first issue of the monthly publication on September 30. These officers were elected in the Spring and constitute the editorial staff of the LOGOS. Reporters and other assistants are elected in September and throughout the year. Genie S116 Trevino Judy Colaan Pauline Finne - - . D Y Renee Sluder' 8 gflzzgrztyaert of the Apostleshzp Zrgsililcnz of the Student Igrgiiclent of Alpha Lambda Treasurer of the junior class Vice- dass Jeamne Calderom Rosemary Segura Maly Schram Dorothy Boecker Vice-president of the junior Secretary of the junior class V106-pf6Sidf2nt of the sopho- Secretary of the sophomore Class more class class Kathryn Geigenmiller Suzette Wilson Becky Smith Maria de la Paz Solis Treasurer of the sophomore Vice-president of the fresh- Secretary of the freshman Treasurer of the freshman C KISS NZCZTL CZCZSS C1083 class f 7 , X , f, , , Vx A ,, W. ,rf or Z ., f fm , : Qfgff UA: ,, STUDENT' COUNCIL OFFICERS serve Freslnnen at the P1'CSidCIll,S Reception. Left to right: Bertha Hinoj0SH, f1'95h1113l13 Dorothy ,IRoruhck, virgo-president of the Student Counoilg Karen Brady, freslnnan from Panamag Pat Zappe, President of the floufncilg Ilona Jones, freshman from Canal Zone, and Barbara Archer, treasuret' of the Student Connell. Our Dreams for a New Student Center Become a Reality Mary Lou Alanis Laura Alvarez Elisa Amaya Georgina Andalon Helen Andrade junior junior fT6Shmfm ,,, if , Nancy Archer Rose Mary Assad Corinne Avendano freshman freshman special :fe , V, t .. . Magda'ISna,Bandera5 Judi' Barloco Dorothy Barnes wma' 30Ph0m0f6 sophomore freshrmzn sophomore TI-IE NEW STUDENT UNION BUILD- ING, for which we have been working, planning, and praying, is now becoming a reality. Auxiliary Bishop Stephen A. Leven, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, officiated at the ground-breaking ceremony in the presence of faculty and students. The new building is being constructed with the aid of a Government Ioan of 3600,000. It will provide student union facilities and accommodations for 100 resident students on the second and third floors. The first floor will contain a cafeteria, ballroom, snack bar, press room, student lounges, and student council offices. The structure was designed by Julian and White, architects, and is being built under the general direc- tion of Clyde Abbott, contractor. All activities during the past few years have been for the benefit of this new cen- ter. Let's hope that future students of this college will enjoy the building with as much enthusiasm as we had in planning it, and that they in turn, will think of the students who will come after them - and plan and dream accordingly. E1 izsaollelilmlgigrett NOIVH Sue Bell Ann Blanchard Guadalupe Blanco Eugenia Blankenship freshman sophom ore freshman freshman I1 DOESN breakin tough e Burke, Zola Sci Bene H ing ov Greenb hack t with S discussi J DOESN'T IT LOOK AS IF BISHOP STEPHEN A. LEVEN has a heaping shovel full of earth, as he turns the first sod in the ground- breaking ceremony? This is the secret. Our good photographer, Joe Bacon, got there ahead of him, and actually lossened up that tough earth. Even little Joyce Greenburg is amazed at the good Bishop's prowess in turning the earth. Looking on here are: Mrs. Burke, and Dr. Sean Burke, Dr. S. Thomas Greenburg, Mrs. Greenhurg and Joyce, Father Lawrence Stuebben, Rosemarie Galindo, Zola Schram, Renee Sluder, Mary Anderson, and Bette Bluhm. Isn't that Sister Antoninus look- ing over Mrs. Greenburg,s shoulder? Robert Greenhurg is also there, and do we see Dr. Racz back there chatting with someone? Perhaps with Sister Emilia? Could it be that they are discussing the economic aspects of this project? Bette Bluhm Mary Pat Bluhm Beatrice Borrego junior freshman junior Qrfi fyif , f 7 X -me M77 K' 1 I X Z E if . N , , W , E Km.-H Iirguly Barbara Brown Marilyn But-che Cdlwlylrlbylllc If l",fllIll1ll. .sopllomorff I' rffsfz 1111711 ,IIHIIOF 4I Y K ,M ...l..',,.....a.n4L1,f1e.u-'v':34l . -- ...F f .v--gf., . .r ,,. ,.e..J,v,,-,:,,., .js f,.,.,, , ,.e1.::i J, -fx+.-,,2..v':lu--1-gW"7Y-AL" 33- ' 'A ' ' Experimentation, L0giCal Analysis and Evaluation of Data Become Habits of Science Students We admire the serious work of scientists Carolyn Byrne Cleftl, a junior biology major, and Judy Kuan, a senior chemistry and mathe- matics major, as they spend hour after hour in the laboratory preparing papers for the annual Conference of the Texas Academy of Science. Judy received second prize in the collegiate division forher paper, entitled, 6'Nucleic Acid Content of Tissues under Path- ological Conditionsf' Carolyn, assisted by Sharron Dawn-Lamp, received third place for her project, "A Study of Thorazine as a Prevention of Radiation Sickness," and Rosemary Gutierrez received fourth place for her paper on "Isolation and Identification Of Reserpine from Rauwolfiaf' I Gloria Cadena Gladys Aziz Ann Campbell Laura Campion Sylvia Cardenas freslzman S0ph0m0r6 fresh man sophomore junior Dolly Carter freshman Celeste Cavazos sophomore Catherine Cayo freshman Top Row fleft to rightlz Sylvia Cazares junior Dianne Citty freshman Helen Clifton specia! student Lower Row fle Teresa Cosio soplzornorc Donnie Couch xoplr o Ill orc 1 Mziryrzilf-I Cox f'l'f'filllIllllI ft W e Rejoice With the Seniors on ailing Dayv RIGHT REVEREND RING CEREMONY at which about one hundred seniors received the official class ring. Here, Jo Ann Fecci, a medical technology major, receives her class ring from her pastor, Monsignor Boyle, as Dolores Ryza, junior, assists with the selection of the rings. JAMES M. BOYLE, P.A., pastor of St. Peter's, officiated at the to rightlz 43 ,, . V ,. -' 1 V V ., t -...f,,..L.-,...,..,.,,.,,.e-,,...M..........,,,wwe-V-1-ee'-Meffffefasmf-Q-fvf:7a1mm"' Q-,--1-.T5-, wr,-,L f-1' " 1 . School Saperzntendents Welcome Incarnate Word Graduates . , 4 ar-2 gig' wolf VALERIE CONNER, MARIBEL PEREZ, AND PAT ZAPPE, seniors, chat with Superintendent Reader of the Northeast Independent School District, and teachers. The three seniors are planning their student teaching in that district. School officials Welcome to their staffs graduates of the Teacher Education Divi. sion of lncarnate W o r d College, for they fully realize how Well- prepared they are to a s s u m e the duties of profes- sional teachers. AH3 Luisa COUIOH Madeleine Coulon Carmen Cruz Corinne Davenport Bernard J. David fff3ShmUVl freshman freshman sophomore freshman Rhelletla Delma De HOYOS Diane De la G31-Za Delia De Leon Mary Frances De Leon fff?-Yhmafl freshnuzn freshman junior Sophomore 44 ,ll f, K, I0 ivork mail bgx Die if -+-WvQ+-+ g?11.. 4..,-vu-Q,,,-..,1A,-..,-........,.-.--......-,. .. ......--......,.... .- - f , V ..., ' """ Kafhlten ,- . X W,ff,fwffW w sg x A n Devaney Pat Dial ' D . H freshman D3fi2?hmZZff Efsihtzfn Ma1t,3asm3,famef 6 AMUSINC BUT CONFUSING is the situation that arises when the Wrong person gets that HSpecial Delivery? Mary Fritz, sophomore, are trying - namely, the confusion of the Kathleen O'l3rien, junior, Kathleen O'Brien, freshman, Mary Fritz, freshman, and to work out a plan that will solve problems of major interest to all concerned mail hox. , . , . :5iQt::!e:'-ta' . f . mc Cr , ffiffff ff t t gi 4 B ti 'Xb is X2 f A . 5 x iiggv f f W ,. , t f X i' 0 ff I' My 1 hu' ,' 1 4 f 5' f X7 Q ffi ,-. X - Q W4 r f as y ,f , ff fyf, , :Sig f V HW MW, ' I xW 'T .X f f V ' f W' , ,Www ' X 2 'X-Ms' 'wks .Ms ff p if 7 5' ff f f f I ' I 1 rf W if way 1' f 4' we-wQ5f1?fiX-NGXXXMsfx Yirifxwx W , . . . . . . . , , . . , . . y . llmrm lflllplfl Ilfnullly lllllmrl flllllhllllh Illlllllll lllmflllhlll I 11113011 , . , ' ' Q 2 ' ' Jlflllfllllllll' Zllfllllllllllll, !""'f" V 1'f1f'ffw'f 2 Georgia lm- lllurhum SUIPllUIIlOI'l' ' K ', ' X CC 1 , ., Wy, C ,',,.fy, if First Row: Cleft to rightl Maria Alicia Fernandez freshman Carolyn Finger freshman A Betty Flores sophomore Second Row: Rosie Flores sophomore Annie Fodor junior Ann Freeman junior rllllird Row: fl Judy Freeman sophomore Mary Ann Fritz sophomore Mary E. Fritz freslzman ileft to rightl eft to right? First Row: Cleft to rightl Sylvia Ellison sophomore Doralene Engel freshman Martha Erhard freshman Second Row: C Frances Fair so phomore Evvie Mae Farris junior Monette Fater sophomore left to right? ir. 1 Xi 1, i, ,, Jfiii"' if ' BIN i iff 'I' -Egolf Maria .E 5p6C3C Ignacia 50pii0 lima D' freskr Third Rose llq freshn Laura L junior lima Ga junior lbs First Row: kleft to right? Willda Gafford junior Jennie Gannon junior Maria Cristina Garcia fresfzman Second Row: tleft to right? Maria Estela Garcia special student lgnacia Garcia sophomore Irma Dora Garcia freshman Third Row: Qleft to Rose Mary Garcia freshman Laura Leticia Garcia junior Irma Garza junior rightl vi n 0 2 If ,jug .dffi j, 294601, f MQ! V471 f,f7Xf, ' , fffff w, ,ff Rt, 4 cmmkwxxt, NNK fiffff 'f ff ' ' ll - ,QE gi: Sim' xl - 1- :E '. -ii -la, .J -1, 'I I ' 5 sith in is i I3 First Row: fleft to rightl Lucia Garza freshman Margaret H. Garza freshman Mary C. Garza freshman Second Row: Cleft to rightl Carmen Celia Gomez junior Lucia Gomez sophomore Sylvia Gomez junior We Cheer the Admission of Alaska as a State and applaud our Texas Senator, the Honorable Ralph Yarhorough, as he presents the U. S. Flair to Dr. S. Thomas Greenhurg, our vice-president. D Roosario .Gomez Anna Marie Gonzalez IZUUOV junior Cynthia iCindyl Gonzalez freshman Sylvia Gonzalez freshman Esfela Gonzalez Janie Gonzalez Lucia Gonzalez Sophomore sophomore freshman R th A G f u ,WEST ra Gayle Groff Sandra Lee Guthrie Rose Mary Gutierrez Georgia Mae H3bY J freshman freshman i sophomore 46 48 sophomore llaf le Y 'ng li l 8 I . v A., Maw JGHH Haggard Nanclf Hal0VSkY D,Harma Harms freshman junzor Sophomore .lo Ann Hemstreet Sylvia Heredia Junior freshman Nellie Herrera Barbara Hightower Bertha Hinojosa Evangelina Hinojosa Mary Alma junior freshman sophomore sophomore Hinojosa sophomore The Honorable Ralph Yarhorough, U. S. Senator from Texas, presents the Flag of the United States to Dr. S. Thomas Creenhurg, vice-president of l.W.C. ff, xr? ff ,if Q 74 X, Z 4 ', jff i , , 2 ,f,f,,, ,, ,, .,,,,f,,,f.,f nf, W- ..,vY ff Z Q, ,, W. V fa, a f , W f, yf EU fawfiff rr r 6 vf If ff! V-V f 4 ZX' rf 4 ,V gig, 1 My Q ' V44 'fy-, , , :yy X, if f r We re fi fr W r ff 1, fy' My 57' 0 wfff 4' 7 :ff 4 at W ' 7 ,' fw W, war I f ,, ' QM! f ff ,Www 7 fr if f A ,' we . , 4 W e Visit Mary Angela Martinez in action and observe her academic competence .in her role of student teacher. Mary Angela and Martha Lozano did their student teaching at the Will Rogers Elementary School. Jacqueline Uackiel Holder freshman Margaret Humes Grace Linn Hunt Irene Hanna Edna Hil1S sophomore freshman junior freshman Betty .lean living sophomore 'K' at A i Gayle JaI11iSOI1 Bafbafa :lHI1iC6k Mary Rita Jimenez Loi Ed. Johnson SOPIIONIOVG Junior sophomore freshman FJ ll if Luc 'THE R3 hi Speed, and Shest aw 1 'f -Y. NQI-ma 50 j x - nv, l .li , h 'Q -., A 'I V its P T, Q2- Flu' 51 . N M n gh- r .xv AC 1- 5 Catholic Theatre Conference Sponsors One- Act Play Festival LuCilf3 .lfJl1HS0I1 D01121 .l0I16S Eva Dorothy Jones Mary Ellen Jones Minette Jones juntor freshman junwr Sophomore Sophomore "THE RAVELED SLEEVE," one-act play, presented by the Alpha Psi Gmega Dramatic Fraternity, received Superior Rating, the highest award. Players as they appear in this picture are: fleft to right? Helen Schumann, Judy Freeman, Roberta Kretzmeier, Patricia Speed, and Billy Machade Judy Freeman received the "Best Actress" award for her role in the play. " ',+fa.'2::ay ffr H ,- -sf .1 f rw: ' K 'f.ff,. .ts 1 .L "" t "'A S '-. . I .. 5 t -an :" , r so 5? t .... 1 f ,,,g:,,:.,.,,f2, :4,w 1 i s,,V V ,,,,g ei ' 1 ' 'v W., .::'.'ff:a. 'Aw .vs ,rg ft M- --1.-1-:ess M. 1 sf-at F X Q' 5 SQNQY y, ,r Norma .lean .loncs Yvonne K-Hillel' Jill Kimes Mary K. Klevcnhagen Ramah Koenig jamfor 30Ph0m0fe freshman sophomore jllI1I0f 5 I Y K in -------A--vs.: ' ...t...F:,?:,,,,T-,:,57,,,c,,C.s-. ..-,1.,.fg,-s..,-.f5f.f- - 1--ff:--f5j7'--3 A -'---- We Appland Winners of the LOGOS Poetry Contest egg. K ROSEMARY SEGURA, business manager of the Logos, presents the first place award to Marie Hudson, senior English major and editor of the Logos, for her poem, entitled "Peace," which received first place rating in the contest sponsored by the Logos staff. Janice Heye, also a senior English major, and winner of second and third places, respectively, for her poems, "The Spider" and "Coun- terfeit Successf' Judges were: Sister M. Madaleva, C.S.C., president of St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana, and a nationally recognized poet herself, Brother Anthony Frederick, S.M., professor of English at St. Ma1y's University, and Sister M. Clarencia, C.C.V.l., librarian and English instructor at lncarnate Word High School, Mt. Erin. POETRY CONTEST WINNERS PEACE THE SPIDER Peace is He chose the screen where light would draw his PTCY5 The old man Or did he choose? The porch would shed the rain R0Clf1Ug7 And night was there beyond it free to say Teumg mln this world work' ou either lose or ainf' His grandson Tales of his youth, It is The night Creeping Over the clean cottag Of a country town, The last lines Of a lullaby. Peace is What comes after, It is The sleep Of life. Marie Hudson w F trst place 52 , Y 5 He knew to set a main spring, then begin, Or did he know? The web should be a ring, From center to circumference threads to spin Yet neither tools nor blueprint did he bring. He rested on the silk, transparent trap, Or did he rest? Tropism rules the moth. The thread is torn, he must repair the gap, That costly mark, sweet flaw in silken cloth. Spin on, reflection of a power unseen, And weave your maker's wisdom on the screen. Janice Heye Second place winner P CO slip, jike 5 Soft H Clingi Bentii Jlllge- like' For ri But cl Squin l slipj Only A That 1 Some' l drop l wou Sister orable Sister honors Slllden Iletta , Sekula Patricia Kutchka Tommye Kuykendall Sharron Dawn-Lamp Angela Leal Ma Alice Leon junior freshman COUNTERFEIT SUCCESS 4 I slipped you on Like gloves of kid, Soft and smooth, Clinging, flattering the hand you hid, Bending with the fingers, Lingering in the contours of its grasp. I liked what you did For my hands. But diamond bands beneath Squirmed for recognition. I slipped you off like gloves of kid Only for a moment- That moment, Somehow, somewhere I dropped you, soft smooth gloves. I would not choose to have another pair. Janice Heye Third place winner HONORABLE MENTION Sister M. Benedict,.S.S.NI., received hon- orable mention for four of her poems. Sister Mary Jude, S.S.M., also received honorable mention for four poems. Other students receiving this award were: Rhe- netta Davydiuk, Carol Edland, Beverline Sekula, Sister Irene, and Mary Pulsford. . . fy junior sophomore 5011110771076 ,Io Marie Uodiel Leonard Veronica Lepold Patricia Lozano freshman junior freshman Pat Ludolph Jeanette Ludwig Claudia Ll1g0 junior junior sophomore Kathleen McCarthy Elizabeth MCCICHIY Georgia Magers Rosalva Mancha .Iudy Mangan freshman junior junior sophomore freshman i 9 We joined the Hundreds of People W ho Thrilled to the Performance of Shakespeare s NTwelfth Nighty, by Players Incorporated ' 'Z i ZZ Z 'wwf 1 t ' "" 7' 5 I 1 f 2 ff 1 'W lfiiwgz ,. 2 , ,M w23hn,wQaMgn,af annamywtnez 22 Zezi 'f ff A- rrror Q:1e ,4 ,V :nw , Rav-f,gm,,. ..--I ,,.,- K ., V A ig ii r 2, rr r'v' f . ,.o, vw . an Q, f V ' gs? fi 1...::r ... e ,o., , f fn p ' ' ' ff ' E4 r , ,ffb f- , . .,, ' , ,Q . - 3 P , ' A sm! jg! r Ke ef- , Q I - 9 , ' N'x' ,M .,w- ',,. ,gh fwfr, V ' 3, - X 1 I Q I V 5 v yi ,ff is WWWWW f ewfWfaW X f r e eeeeaea i 5Z?? gggm, e ' Before the curtain rose on Shakespeare's immortal comedy, "Twelfth Night," presented by Amer- ica's greatest touring repertory company on December 8, Mr. Bacon, photographer, captured this unposed shot of the audience. A capacity audience enjoyed to the fullest, this presentation. Ambarina Margo Dalinda Martinez Jo Elda Martinez Mary Ann Martinez Xochitl Martinez freshman sophomore H junior freshman freshman Kathleen Marx F M h reshman rances atoc a Patsy Mechler Josie Medola Consuelo Mendoza f sophomore sophomore freshman junior 1? .? if First Row: Elvira Montalvo junior Estela Montalvo junior Kathleen Mooney junior Second Row: Maria Angelina Moreno sophomore Doris Muckle junior Margaret Munoz fresh man Third Row: Mary Lynn Murphy junior .lean Myers freshman .Donata Newsom sophomore if f Ziff Z.,rQ2Qj2' V" 3,242,- yzf, 1,1 27 ' ffff ,f,X X f X Z f My f Jbf aff rf ,ff ff! 4456 were gym? MQ' Q, AW P fx fff ff ffftf .- ,,, , . i fy X fxfSTiX1'f'ft?wsSf,QGf95lil, Q: Eel, . Via ' 'Rui' Q Q- X "1?"'2w-'-::- '-QT ' " -by iff t AEE' Q.',-f.:'f'iIoQ 2333 -ggmfeeygf ' 'f f Qgg , F X N N ins, it 37" N iff'-' fr- N A -nyc 3 ,,aQ':,,s: M A, , M Q we X ' , :4Sg:,3r-,lub "- N "H, T wi2f'ES'f 'vw N i ' ' wks-.2-I' elf' F Q. g 1.qg,-.ssu Gif'-Q -t 'E ' 1 X' zu' vsfrs- 5'-X f'fr'z2'e 3 X 'N-. or f- Q '-sffxfxf, at 125125S'gfi':sQi:XFi:Nf3: X , ,vsg yf--arxf , zpgfsz'wiiwprsgmywi ew w V r V -N X, X ,wgggx ss ff, N ge mf, A X 11:5 PROLOCUE OF HTWELFTH NIGHT" - subject matter of all three plots are here projected on the stage to give audience a preview of the entire play. 55 W e Projected the Christmas Spirit Through Our Seasonal Program First Row: Diane Niesohwietz sophomore Mary Lou Nolan sophomore Christie Lee Nute sophomore Second Row: Kathleen M. O'Brien junior Kathleen R. O,Brien freshman Dolores Olivarez junior AND MARY WRAPPED THE CHILD IN SWADDLING CLOTHES AND LAID HIM IN, A MANGER . Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will . . ." and the Angels sang .., THE CECILIAN CHORISTERS appeared in a program of song at the Christmas program, with Ida Najvar as soloist. The group then joined the Chorale in presenting the Christmas Triptych. First Row: Sylvia Ann Olivo junior Alicia Ortiz r sophomore y Annie Pearl Ortiz y sophomore T Second Row: QClareJ Mary Clare f Osborn if freshman y Patsy O'Shea it sophomore Mary Esther Otal freshman y Third Row: Gail Owen ff6Sl1lIlCllZ Sandra Owen .sophomore lflizziinflh UZUI13 jrmfur , 'WSW in if M ,MAMW X 6 J f 4 , 3 Sports Played a Major Part in the Year's Activities Top Row Cleft to rightl: Amelia Pargac, freshman Betty Parkerson, sophomore Azucena Parras, freshman Carmen Peralta, freshman Maria T. Perez, freshman Second Row fleft to rightlr Melida Perez, junior Kathy Perry, sophomore Kathleen Agnes Picard, sophomore Third Row fleft to rightl: Maria Cristina Pozas, freshman Otilie Prikryl, freshman Emily Jane Puig, freshman In the final volleyball game of the sea- son, the sophomore team mowed down the freshman team, and carried off the coveted trophy. jf! -ill I 4 THE VICTORIOUS SOPHOMORES. Rosemarie Treyino. Ignaeia Garcia. Dolly Martinez, Corinne Davenport, Dorothy Dubiei, Donnie Couch, Ann Blanchard, and Judy Freeman pose proudly with the admired trophy. First Row: Mary T. Pulsford freshman Loretta Diane Quintero sophomore Rose Marie Raab junior Second Row: Pat Rainey freshman Judy Ramirez freshman Georgina Rangel K freshman A ixrex R X .aer , N X -mia. 'f 59 5. -1 M W - llr- lm: ilk"-szfit ' 4,3 -5 - fan t v Q ' .ft Q Z , A f war me , -new f ,ff v, mia Q "is 5 ,a tgggw Fe V f Z W, z Q, Otilia Resendez Rosalie Rice Jonell Rcddrick junior jrcsfznzan junior f Q S ,Q j H , r M W I 'fi '."' -. gif'--fl .f.5, fi ' Q , s ' ' Q' v s ' " " ' Q N QA ' 'IFJ Y 6 vs t in 'M Af f 1 Q Q' 'ix X , t A fhf V f y 1 wg t ,Q Q X Qt y s X 2 fi X f ,, if I N .., In l V Q 3 if '2 twin 2 , Q ,K Nancy Robinson freshman Fleurette Rinearson Alice Roberts sophomore junior' ianmffnawwwr Mc, claw, 9 9 N 4- Z 9, i :.2,,-' ew X ' yi! QW .gr 4 N Doris Ann Richardson sophomore f ,lf 4 5 ,ww 4 nw Q N 1. . if' N N 4 tv Vincy Ann Ruffo freshman , , fi ff 2? ,f if wwf? an Grisclda Riddle freshman A af Dolores Marie Ryza junior NOT AMATEURS, BUT REAL PROFESSIONALS . . . the business club cooks, Lucia Gomez, Connie Luby, lo Ann Raska, and Elaine Schultz prepare food for the Mexican Supper sponsored by the joint Kappa Pi Sigma and Business Club for the benefit of the Student Union Building. af,-nv4'W t X as ll . A 1 t 1 - ,gym Foreign Students Are Honored by the Pan American Round Table First Row: Maria Luisa Sada freshman Margo Saenz freshman Gaynell Sapenter freshman Second Row: Mary Elaine Schultz junior Helen Schumann sophomore Beverline Sekula freshman Rita Shaw junior MRS. JAMES C. NELSON, alumna of l.W.C. sponsored a Pan American Round Table party for f0rf:ign students in the San Antonio colleges. Here, Dolly Collazo, from Puerto RICO, and Alicia Fernandez, Mexico, are shown with Mrs. Nelson- Hope Siddell junior We Applauri the Performance of the Community Symphony Orchestra on February F ourth, With nf' talented ' ' i , V L pianist. M a 1 3 Aim '91'H1HQ1v S0Pl10111O1'6. as Soloid performing Chopin? L'Conce1t . K r ' o in F N" - - 77 , nlinoi, Opus 21, Mau, Ann is the holder of the Phil- ' X ' 1 harmonic Music Club s scholar- Shlll as a result of heinf named first place winner in the area piano Contest. First Row: Joan Seigler sophomore Sharon Smith freshman Lourdes Soriano freshman Katherine CKayD Spears junior Second Row: Patricia Speed sophomore Georgann Spikes freshman Leona Mae Stanush freshman Marjorie Stasny sophomore First Row: Mary Lynn Steele sophomore Margie Stefanagge sophomore Colleen .lanet Stein junior Second Row: Geraldine Stevens junior Connie Suarez sophomore Irene Suarez freshman We Ubserve the Proceedings of the Third Alamo District Science Fair Held in Our Science Hall ANNIE FQDQR, junior Chemigtfy major, assists John Cockerham and Edward Popp, St. Gerard's High School science students, in the arrangement and setting-up of their exhibit. 63 ,X visas' w f smmuwwn:fw.xslxwSal Dr. Burkegs Hobby Interests Faculty and Students W' e Offer Congratulations to the Two Ann. Stringer 'WO' Top-Ranking Freshmen As We drop in to take a look at the collection oi statues which Dr. Sean Burke has secured from such coun- tries as Italy, Spain, Mexico, England, Holland, France, India, China, the Philippines, Germany and South Ai- rica, We are fascinated by the beauty and Variety of each one. All are Ma- donnas. Dr. Burke began his collec- tion when he was a student oi Mari- ology at the Laval University in Canada. 1 , SCHOLARSHIP Maryiloi Tasch MARY ESTHER OTAL, and BARBARA WENDEL, whose achievement for the first Junwr semester entltles them to initiation into ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, National Honor Society for Freshman Women. U, 1':'- - L . lt- v, V' 'f-1 1 tiissfirii M ' h. lu W U l U 'Tfn NOT ROMEO AND JULIET IN REVERSE . . . Just Nel- lie Herrera and Geraldine D7Unger questioning one of the builders regarding the Completion of the S.U.B. Ac- cording to the contractor, lVlr. Clyde Abbott, the building will be ready for occupancy by September l. Every room has already been reserved , . . very optimistic young people. Supposing there are strikes, or storms . . . but thatls being pessimistic . . . so let's skip it. The new building will be com- pletely air-conditioned. It will contain three floors with fa- cilities for resident and non- resident students. The main entrance from the east terrace will lead directly to the lobby and student lounge. There is a ballroom the entire length of the building. Cafeteria and snack bar will be located off the main lobby. Located on the first floor will be several offices for faculty and student councilg there will also be a Book Room and Press Room. Qi" f 4 1' 1,54 ' 4,5 ff lllllllllll rlljljjl AH: fllflllfl The Pmgfess of the Student Union Building Keeps Everyone Interested . , , .z,. x J af :fm ,.,,, ,ww ...,- . Dedication of the S.U.B. Will Be the First Project in September ',.-, ,. 1 tfw . M. .242 Wf " ,, ' .WM ,j t -.7 33 I 4 'W .4f"fil: 'll X 110591 Q 3 ' gi v I . . ,ffl t - ,- V- 7 .. V iffy' , A: ,E ,4 ?+-:SQ , C , ' ' 5Qj, "? . f 1 , 1 , ' ' ., . 1 Nlnnlu If-Il'-A I tggy lzugcl l',,,,,',,, .wplmnlow 0 0 .lit-ulrice Trcvino' Elva Rose Trevino junior freslmzan x i was Senzors Meet Alumna Members and Are Entertcnnecl at a Christmas Party SISTER CLARE EILEEN Alumnae Moderator takes t1me out from the Chnstmas meetmg and party to pose Wlth the senlors and alumnae members who entertalned them at an lnformal party. Evelyn Trevmo Rosemarle Trevlno Geneva Tupa Margaret Ulcak llmwf JLUUOT freshman freshman Monica Valdez freshman ff an , nd Three Seniors Vie for the Honor of Being Queen of the Senior Snowball EDNA RIDDLE, DORIS ANNE CALDERONI, and JO ANN RASKA, the three nominees for Queen of the Senior SNOWBALL, were all in- terested in the honor, which is one of the highest of the senior year. The choice fell to Edna, but the other two ran a very close second. Other nominees before the choice was narrowed to three included: Leticia Valadez, Mary Katherine Hrones, Dolly Collazo, Valerie Conner, Rosa Estrada, Mary Ann Hernandez. j 2 , 1 O o ' P .. , - I U Elizabeth Vann X ya ww W V Q at Vw 0""' . ' is: 7 .5 A , ' s2fisi::.w1-ffl: if:-"'7e' 57' M ?i,.f,., 9 ,. .,.-G-Wfv s is-4,f:.,fzef:fff-N' L' if r - 'N sophomore Caroline Verduzco freshman Ena Vergara freshman Beatriz Villarreal freshman 5 he Maria Villarreal freshman it Mary Jo Vivas rvfs r 1 - is f7'6Sl1JfZdlZ I if X ..,A ql.. " Barbara Ann Wagner freshman Barbara Walt 'nnio r - H vi I , 39 24 K 5 I Y ' ' " il s S Irene Warwas X V T junior ' Diana Weisbruch freshman , xv Barbara Wendel x Q freshman Mary Ellen Williamson ' freshman , fag af' M 5 V, 7 f ,A X In N, 4 . f Q Q r f f 4 ,T f 4 f , V 4 W if A925 9' sry, 1 V A if 6 wb We as it W , . 9, l W e Attend One of the Most Interesting Events in San Antonio - The Spring Stock Show Margaret Wingo Maria del Carmen Roseann Zarsky freshman Zardanetta freshman junior Three 10Ve1Y Miss Fiesta candidates Mar aret U1 k D ..t th h d l . , ' g ca , Olly Carter, and Marilyn B 11 , f h :SSI e an somest subject 1n the Cohseum, J. D. H. Ellery de Manso, three years Olgfcwgighieg S. 68 k Cupidas Fantasy and the Latin American Costume Review Come to the Campus Sylvia Zepeda junior ,,,,---'j,fw""""" i -,,....,aff"""""A I - """M-Jw' . . Elizabeth Zimmerman freshman JUDY FREEMAN and HELEN SCHUMANN model two of the outfits which were shown at the Joskeis Style Show, "Cupid's Fantasy," sponsored by the Phi Sigma Kappa Science Club. The show was held on February 9, and included the following models: Mary E. Fritz, Diana Weisbruch, Charlotte Urban, Jean Myers, Christie Lee Nute, Rosemary Gutierrez, Mary Jo Tasch, Carolyn Byrne, and Rosemarie Trevino. Also Jackie Holder, Diana Doerr, Ana Maria Gon- zalez, Frances Fair, Kay Spears, Dorothy Higuera, Annie Fodor, Madeline Coulon, Roberta Turner, Nicki Varelas, Mary Lynn Steele, Laura Garcia, and Marilyn Bueche. Pictured at the left are two of the dancers from Brownsville, who appeared on the Latin American Costume Review, directed by Miss Josephine Sobrino, from Texas Southmost College. Jennie Gannon, Bea- trice Borrego, Zoila Garza, Melida Perez were among those who appeared on the program. Z f 3 an ,W .1 4 , -fi? ki V 9 Wm Q A My W Q v f Q we -fs ,- Q x A ,641 0 4 Z ,, ,.,A I, . V 19" , D 4 , ,, Ai , fzykwyz ,eff- 2 fb 1 . mf., if fx' I f ef ' fmf' :M ', 1 W : 9 ,, 'Q sv f , . W. . f ' ,ff I gh V .-4 5,347 V o,,W', . . M. .. ' ' HY- Z A V f 1 4 - 21, , jffi' f ig Wx, A f ,fi A , -Hi 'ab M Q , 1 ww , 4- Q 4 'wwf' f-ag,-Q eng, V4 A 1' fy fm ' fgfg Q ,fp Q 35, Q65 t 1 ' -,-ff 1.-f :J W 'x Kwiaw, jf' f 6 '7 Jw f' ' Q f-1.-X:,,, ' ' .mil " 3: 'W ' v7,i',4-f, gr www .' "1 5' -'IX fif EW 6.2.51 +5 'aff-:lf A .t , 5 A, , , X6 Z7 X 4' A X , f 4- 440 4 ,, M:- 4--dv 1- mu r N I 3 A m i I v X .. .r Te52"Ea:.-ifar-fi2f1.'if-rf-aa:1-:af-,L-fr?ff-ff- ---- --------W -------- - -- W .... -...,.,,.,,..,,,,-.....,,,,..,... During Our Four Years of College W e W ere . CAROLINE IOSEPHINE fff ff ff ff f f f f X ffff ff f f f f ff f 1' f' Q, , fi f, f Patricia Zappe President of the Student Council PATRICIA ZAPPE 601 Broadway Ballinger, Texas Telephone: 2-7383 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Pat's election to the presidency of the Student Council was no surprise to anyone. All her activities led up to this office. She had been most active in the National Federation of Catholic College Students, and served as junior delegate for two years. Pat's attendance at national congresses provided her with excellent preparation for her role of leadership. She has traveled extensively in the United States and looks forward to world travel. As a future teacher of home economics, Pat will be a great success. Her vivacious personality and her knowledge of her major subject joined to an outstanding interest in young people spell out a bright future. And in the very near future there will be that trip up the middle aisle in a Ballinger Church. SCI-IOCH II39 W. French Place San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE-6-1146 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Before coming to Incarnate Word Col- lege, Caroline had traveled throughout the Western part of the U. S., Guam, and France, where she completed her secondary school work. Her interest in nursing dates back as far as she can remember, and her ability shows that her choice was just right. Caroline was elected to Alpha Chi in her junior and senior years, and to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Her plans after gradu- ation in May point to a lVIaster's pro- gram in Social Work. From the re- sults of her undergraduate work we can predict great success in her gradu- ate studies. Caroline .losephine Schogh Pf6Si0l6nt- of the Senior Class of the Santa Rosa Division I 1 I . 8 A 4 I 1 I 1 Rosemary Wilke President of the Santa Rosa Student Council ROSEIVIARY WILKE Box I4-4 Bullville, New York Telephone: Foxcroft 12027 Bachelor of Science in Nursing San Antonio's sunny climate attracted Rose- mary to come study nursing in an atrnos- phere which suited her own sunny disposi- tion. Although homesickness almost drew her back to the Empire State in her fresh- man year, she gritted her teeth and made , the grade. Rosemary's ambition is to take a position as a seafaring nurse on an ocean A liner. Many of her class would like to join - her. As president of the Santa Rosa Student Council, Rosemary has had a busy life dur- ing her senior year. She has also had her share of fun, which her leadership didn't take away from her. Her interest in music has given her much pleasure over the years. . . l , . I. 3 4 S I 2 1 'li ell' 'N ix. W Witnesses of Many Educational Movements . . Jo ANN RASKA Route 2, Box 149 Floresville, Texas Telephone: EX 3-2839 Bachelor of Arts in Business Jo Ann came to 1.W.C. from Floresville High School where she reigned every year as Queen or Sweetheart of the various festivi- ties. Her great popularity followed her to college. She was nominated for various honors during her four years of college, and was runner-up for Queen of the Senior Snow- ball. After graduation .lo Ann would like to teach business subjects in high school. Or she might work for an oil company. She says she has no immediate plans for marriage, but we predict that this state- ment won't hold for long. We wish her success, whether she chooses teaching, or office work, while she awaits Prince Charming. lo Ann Raska Vice-president of the Senior Class Annette Kalka President of the Senior Class ANN ETTE KALKA Route 1, Box 30 Bandera, Texas Bachelor of Arts in English Upon graduation from Bandera High School, Annette had a big decision to make. Should she major in nursing, home economics or business? She fi- nally chose the liberal arts program, a choice for which she is very grateful to her own good judgment. Her future plans, in addition to teaching English in high school, include the ownership of a big ranch, with swimming pool, lake, and a big house. She is also in- terested in an oil company, as who wouldn't? Annette's quiet leadership has been her outstanding characteristic throughout her four years at 1.W.C. This same quality should be a great asset to her in her future life. LUCILA DEL SOCORRO AGUIRRE Abasola 1 y 2, 99410 H. Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico Telephone: 2003 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Love of study and research have char- acterized Lucila from the first day she enrolled at I.W.C. four years ago. She was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta in her freshman year, and served as presi- dent of the Society in her sophomore year. Alpha Chi was her next honor in her junior and senior years. And Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities topped the list. Lucila plans to use her lab. work in her future life, but she will continue to study science on the gradu- ate level. Student Council work as well as membership in the Dramatic Club occupied much of her extracur- ricular work. But her chief interest was her work with the Sodality of Our Lady. Lucila del Socorro Aguirre Vice-president of the Senior Class of the Santa Rosa Division 73 ?XEY,,86rfY' 1106-YK' ,mn . L' 1-, ,. . ,,. ' Q..-:al-:T,j-1.f -if-?:ei1v-:2z5?'?fE',Ei?-iiiiiffifrifffk-f:.:?L:i:s::s-nit-..s...1.f,-,.5.3jse- ..,-.Mamma-ww a.H-,awmw,, , 1 ' - . . ' 4 f l W e Viewed 'cBlachboard funglew and Lisiened to , 0, rf' Maria Isabel Perez Secretary of the Senior Class MARIA ISABEL PEREZ Box 607, Caguas Puerto Rico Telephonei 2123 Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Maribel, as she is affectionately known to all, came to 1.W.C. in her sopho- more year, after completing her fresh- man year at Mt. St. Vincent's, New York. A great love of travel has brought her all over Europe, the U. S. and parts of So. America. This summer she will see more of So. America as a graduation gift. She has a great desire to make an extended stay in Germany, and plans to do so very soon. Marriage' plans loom on the horizon, and while they take shape, she will teach swimming in summers, and just plain old school for the rest of the year. lVlaribel's charm JANICE CAROL MORIN 223 Quentin Drive San Antonio, Texas ' Telephone: PE-2-8053 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education A charming new teacher is about to enter the San Antonio Independent School District. Janice is very eager to begin her career in teaching, she loved every minute of her student teaching experience. A native San Antonian, Janice was graduated from lncarnate Word High School, before beginning her freshman year at 1.W.C. She has a long list of alumnae relatives, includ- ing her mother and a half-dozen aunts, and about a dozen cousins. .lanice says that her senior year has been the most rewarding one of her entire school life. We foresee many apples for a very special teacher as next September rolls around. and graciousness are to the fore every- where, even in the most hotly con- tested ball game. Janice Carol Morin Treasurer of the Senior Class Yolanda Guzman Secretary of the Senior Class of the Santa Rosa Division YOLANDA GUZMAN 113 Orleans Street San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 2-2245 Bachelor of Science in Nursing A very sports-minded nurse is Yolanda who follows the major league and professional basketball and football like an expert. She is the first member of her family to gradu- ate from college, and after the sheepskin, plans to do some traveling. She has never been outside the Republic of Texas, which really is a credit to her. Very active in the Professional Nurses Club, she partici- pates in all its functions. She would like to work in Houston after graduation. What the attraction is in Houston we were not able to discover but we suspect that Yo- landals future plans are closely linked to a certain person in that area. 5 Dill 5 Santa 3 who si:-fd .l slap granu- , , "'lt1 .- IETEI' winch :P in LVUCI' like What Yo- 5 to TU ' The Wave of Criticism of Secondary Education VALERIE CONNER I 4-15 Rittiman San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 2-0396 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Valerie has covered about three-fourth's of the world's surface in her travels. An Army daughter, she got more than her usual share of foreign residenceg China, Philippines, Continental Europe, as well as Mexico, and practically every one of the 48 states. Her favorite foreign country was Germany, and she brought back with her a good knowl- edge of the Language. Valerie will follow in her motherls footsteps as a teacher but, of course, there is a June wedding in the planning. As plans now stand, the future home will be in Austin, and perhaps there will be at least a temporary teaching ap- pointment in the capital city. She hopes to teach math and science, and perhaps, German. And then she will begin the study of Norwegian. Maria Paz Recio Treasurer of the Senior Class of the Santa Rosa Division MARIA PAZ RECIO P.O. Box 296 Roma, Texas Telephone: 2951 Roma, Texas Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Maria came to the freshman class of l.W.C. from the famous Rio Grande Valley, and plans to make her career there after graduation. Although her chief interest has always been science, HELEN MARIE RUHNKE 1902 W. Gramercy Place San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 2-7965 i . . . Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Helen Marie has been a member of the Student Council in both her junior and senior years. She was elected to Alpha Chi in her junior year and to Who's Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities, in her senior year. Helen Marie's keen sense of re- sponsibility has made her a much called-upon person throughout her four years of college. But her attention to extra duties never detracted from her scholarship which she has maintained throughout her college career. Her future plans to teach home economics in the San Antonio schools should work out fine. She has had a thorough prep- aration for this, and her love of deal- ing with young people should make her an excellent teacher. she is an all-around girl, with many interests. Maria could always be de- pended on to see a project to its very finish. This deep sense of responsi- bility should be a great asset to her in her future life. Her work with the Apostleship of Prayer was an inspira- tion for everyone who associated with Maria, she was the first President of the Society after its organization at l.W.C. Valerie COIIHCT Helen Marie Ruhnke Parliamentarian of the Senior Class President of Alpha Chi, and senior repre sentative to the Student Council - 1 -. -4 r, if .. ' Y-, L- J' 'Tis -,,Q,.,.f4-fL- .xr ' . -- W. ,,g., --3 1 - - Lse-4,w,-- nsfrlf,-, f .. - I .. 5lnnng-vl'pFlp5""'- -E,m1'? 'i 'f' 5:1-.'f'f1. -f V,-. xr:-Tf.f',f1:. 1-:J-1-1.15551 .. JQQPBZ-211.12 .11 -:: " - ,--:.u-.':--J?-'ZEE1,,-"-,!v.':L.:w-nf.-,.- --'J 1 .K . , , . -v""" I ! W e Followed W ith Avid Interest Many Seri0LLS Janet Elizabeth Wead Parliamentarian of the Senior Class of the Santa Rosa Division and of the Student Council JANET ELIZABETH WEAD 14-2 Park Drive San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 2-0571 Bachelor of Science in Nursing .lanet's great love for children inspired her to work with the deaf children at Sunshine Cottage, teaching them Chris- tian Doctrine. She has been an active participator in the C.C.D. Discussion Club. Janet plans to be a Pediatrics DORIS ANNE CALDERONI 504 Calle Retama Brownsville, Texas Telephone: Ll-2-5724 Bachelor of Arts in Business Doris Anne, a serious student, and a perfectionist, feels that college Sl10l-lld be prolonged to five years, as it is 1m- possible to complete a thorough PIO- gram in four years. This very ldea shows what a thorough student Doris Anne is. She has many plans for the immediate future: travel, study, and even teaching. She is very interested in the history and culture of Mexico, and hopes to include this fascinating country in her future travels. A secret desire to learn more about these va- rious countries has given Doris Anne the notion that she would like to be- come an executive secretary in the dip- lomatic corps. Good luck, Doris Anneg we wish you happiness. nurse after graduation in June. She also hopes to get in some travel, es- pecially through the United States. A lover of good music, Janet takes great delight in listening to hi fi records. Her cheerful disposition brings many a ray of sunshine to the sick rooms where she has done her share of prac- tical clinical work, and her bright smiles have lighted many a dark and gloomy day for a lonely patient. Keep up the sunshine, Janet. Doris Anne Calderoni PTCSIIZGNK of Resident Students Donna Whisenhunt Reporter of the Senior Class of the Santa Rosa Division DONNA WHISENHUNT Box 727 Sinton, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Donna's popularity has been evidenced by her nominations to various honors: Candi- date for nMiss Fiesta," Duchess of the Star- dust Ball, and Princess of the Senior Snowball. Donna is interested in working towards a Master's degree in Social Work after graduation in June. With plans being laid for a summer wedding, however, the graduate studies may be postponed. She has been entrusted with many offices and has represented her group at national and state conventions. We predict a very suc- cessful future for this young nurse, whether as a plain housewife or as a career woman. I s 76 Studies of the High School Such as DOLLY COLLAZO R.F.D. 9942, BOX 29A Rio Piedras Station San Juan, Puerto Rico Telephone: 6-3774- Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Dolly is the most universally loved person on the campus. She is friendly, sincere, and courteous, to list but three of her outstand- ing characteristics. We could keep on list- ing synonyms of her good qualities, but we would need pages to write them all. Dolly plans to continue studying towards a Mas- ter's degree, perhaps in Social Work. She is active in several organizations but is principally interested in the Language Club of which she is president. She has served as circulation manager of the Logos for the past two years. The success of the Latin- American Costume Review in February was due in great part to her efforts. Good luck, Dolly. We shall miss you next year. Dolly Collazo President of Sigma Gamma Phi Modern Language Association Mary T. Liberto President of Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics Club MARY TERESA LIBERTO 317 Wickes San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 2-1129 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Mary T. is one of the most energetic people on campus. As president of Kappa Lambda Kappa, she has steered its course in a very admirable way. Her cheerful and generous disposition has been a great help to all her as- sociates, who appreciate the leadership she has manifested on every occasion. After graduation, Mary T. plans to work with the Home Economics Divi- sion of the Public Health Service. Her gracious manner and her deep sense of responsibility will make her a valuable addition to any organization. We pre- dict for you, Mary T. a future of hap- piness and success. That is what you deserve for your many contributions to others. MANUELITA GUTIERREZ 2414- Sta. Cleotilde Laredo, Texas Telephone: RA 3-3268 Bachelor of Music in Music Education Long after Manuelita has graduated from college, the memory of her beau- tiful voice will remain. We hope to hear that voice again frequently in the future, whether through the medium of television, radio, or recordings. Mandy, as she is known to her friends, plans choral work in both the ele- and secondary school, and to voice lessons. We would like a wager that the best singers to teach mentary continue to make in the state of Texas will soon be found in Laredo, and that the teacher will be a sweet lass named Manuelita. She has not confined all her interests to music, her Work with the dramatic club has been very worthwhile. Good luck, Mandy. Manuelita Gutierrez Cast Director of Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fraternity X 5 ' ' Q.. ' ' FF" --'T J-.E -flaMT9.ifiE it fr LJ- -:1""J?--'S if-1ff'?1ei-'sfiff 455' Paul Barbara Elbel President of Kappa Pi Sigma and Editor ofthe LOGOS BARBARA LUCILLE ELBEL 911 Essex Street San Antonio, Texas Telephone: LE 4-7372 Bachelor of Arts in Business As if President of Kappa Pi Sigma were not a sufficient challenge to Barbara, she was also elected to the editorship of the Logos, Yearbook. She is a busy member of the Student Council and of the Cecilian Choristers. Much of her traveling has been -. uf ,J Woodringis MA Fourth of a Nationv 1 CAROLYN PATINO 211 Finton Avenue San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 7-9204- Bachelor of Science in Nursing Upon graduation from Thomas Jeffer- son High School, Carolyn enrolled in the nursing program at I.W.C. Her choice was ideal, she has been classi- fied as the perfect nurse with a dis- position admirably suited to the pro- fession. Carolyn loves to travel, and will probably use her profession to that end. She will also continue study- ing towards a higher degree. Carolyn has been most active in professional and class organizations. Her leader- ship ability has been taxed frequently, but she has always measured up to the test. Good going, Carolyn. I ,,,,,,,,,!, due to her association with the Choristersg her trip to Saltillo and Monterrey, for example. And this year the group has traveled throughout Northwest Texas. Bar- bara will put her business education to the test after graduation. She hopes to be- come an executive secretary. We, of the Logos staff, who have worked with her, know that she is capable of great achieve- ments, and predict a very bright and suc- cessful future for her. 78 Carolyn Patino Secretary Of the Professional Nurses' Club Martha Lozano President of the International Relations Club MARTHA LOZANO 818 W. Gramercy San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 5-4981 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Dynamic and petite Martha has com- pleted a program in elementary edu- cation, and is all set to accept a full- time teaching job in September. Quiet and reserved, Martha has displayed tremendous energies in any project under way. Her leadership in the In- ternational Relations Club has kept in- terest high at all times. From the re- ports of her student teaching experi- ence, she should be one of the most outstanding elementary teachers in San Antonio. She is deeply interested in teaching in Venezuela after a couple of years experience in San Antonio. Won- der what is the big interest in that area? Could it be oil, Martha? 1. and His Suggestions for Reorganizing Our System CAROLYN ALBRECI-IT Rte. 3, Box 167 D San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 6-9250 or TA 6-3895 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Carolyn says that coming to I.W.C. has become such a habit with her after four years of college that she will be lost next year. The answer is: she should begin her graduate work right away. She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, Whois Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, the Student Education As- sociation, the International Relations Club, and what she treasures most of all, the Sodality of Our Lady. Carolyn's love of children motivated her to choose elementary education as her major subject. Next year she will begin her teaching career in the San Antonio public schools, and judging by the results of her student teaching, she will be a very popular teacher indeed. Carolyn Albrecht Marie Pauline Hudson Editor of the LOGOS MARIE PAULINE HUDSON 127 Terry Court San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 6-1065 Bachelor of Arts in English A poet, a journalist, a pianist, and a future high school teacher all add up to form a picture of the quiet and very reserved young lady, Marie, editor of the monthly LOGOS. After gradu- ation from Ursuline Academy, Marie entered I.W.C. She has accelerated her college course, and will be graduated one year ahead of her regular class. She is a member of the Student Coun- cil, and of the Sigma Gamma Phi Language Club, but her work on the LOGOS is what really marks her as a person apart from all organizations. Marie will be long remembered by the members of the staff as Well as by her instructors who appreciate her many contributions to the life of the col- lege. A .Iune wedding is in the stars. GLORIA RODRIGUEZ 312 So. New Braunfels San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 3-1143 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education A Gloria has had very interesting summer jobs for the past four summers-worlo ing at the Alamo MESSENGER office. Although she doesn't plan to make journalism her future work, she was fascinated by it. "I looked on it as more of a hobby than regular life work," says Gloria. I-Ier plans are to teach in one of the San Antonio ele- mentary schools. Gloria is a member of Alpha Chi, Phi Sigma Kappa, the Student Education Association, and the International Relations Club. She was also elected to Who's Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Further education leading to a higher degree is on the agenda for this very energetic senior. Gloria Rodriguez t Treasurer of the Student Education Secretary of the Student Education Association Association 79 'F'v-FBQTE' -1 ' " -F " . r" ' - f ' :ff - ffvf - -- if--1-H -- .,----W --L , , ' ., .,., ,,,.... -s ,---,, ,L -. - nf . f. - ... .1 sFZv'i--- ... .-.ia it--iev,-.:E+i4?as11g 5:.fE:i-5:-2.4442"'esf' 'Tl'- - H - M, ,L,- V , l . Also farnes B. Conant's Startling Report Edith .l. Bonnet President of the Professional Nurses' Club EDITH J. BONNET 111 Pinecrest San Antonio, Texas Telephone: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Del Rio born Edith has traveled far from her native State of Texas. As a Major in the Army Nurse Corps, she has been to Germany and Japan, and did she love her travels? She still thinks Texas is the most wonderful place in the whole world, and that re- gardless of Alaska's claim to size, it can never equal the Lone Star State. Naturally, we all agree with her. Edith has been president of the Professional Nurses' Club and has led that organiza- tion to very worthwhile achievements. Not the least among her efforts has been assistance towards the building fund of the new SUB. Edith is also very active in sparking interest for scholarships for needy students. With the success of her present undertakings we predict much future success for this energetic graduate. 80 DOROTHY HIGUERA 1007 W. Hermosa Drive San Antonio 1, Texas Telephone: PE 5-4-838 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Excellence in academic work as well as in leadership has characterized Dor- othy from the first day she enrolled at 1.W.C. four years ago. This excellence was recognized by her election to Alpha Lambda Delta in her freshman yearg to Alpha Chi in her junior and senior yearsg and to Who's Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Dorothy served for two years as president of Phi Sigma Kappa, which shows an outstanding record. Her work with the Archdiocesan Cath- olic Youth Organization has also merited great praise for her. Dorothy has also found time for participation in the International Relations Club and the Student Education Association. But her greatest work has been connected with the Sodality of Our Lady. Dorothy Higugra I President of the Phi Sigma Kappa Science Club Zoila B. Garza President of the Sports Association ZOILA B. GARZA 742 W. St. Charles St. Brownsville, Texas Telephone: Lincoln 2-7217 Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Zoila entered l.W.C. with one big handi- cap. She followed in the footsteps of her sister, Amanda, whose reputation was rated very highly. It didn't take Zoila very long to show everyone that she and Amanda were two entirely different individuals. Very soon she was on her own, and all realized that Zoila had her own qualities of lead- ership. As president of the Sports Associa- tion, she has led that organization to new heights during the past year. Zoila plans to teach in her home town of Brownsville, for just one year, before she settles down to the more stable task of housekeeping for that one man whose diamond she now sports on the correct finger. Good luck, Zoila. i 6 G JANICE HEYE 1852 W. Mulber1'Y San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 3-9496 Bachelor of Arts in English When Janice'was graduated from lncarnate Word High School, she received a four- year scholarship to the Catholic University of America in Washington. So that is Where this young lady spent the first two years of college. Her decision to major in English came about after experimenting with other fields. Janice's friendly smile and cheerful disposition bring happiness wherever she goes. As assistant editor of the LOGOS, she has many occasions to meet people, she seems to be ever on the trail of "stories," Her monthly column has set many people thinking. Janice hopes that their thinking will be projected into action, and that the time and effort of working on this column will bear some fruit. We notice a beautiful diamond on this happy girl's finger, and predict a summer wedding. The best of everything, Janice. ffnf Janice Heye Assistant Erlitor of the LOGOS The American High School Toclayi' . Rose Lee Linnartz Senior Delegate, N.F.C.C.S. ROSE LEE LINNARTZ 1926 Schley Avenue San Antonio, Texas Telephone: LE 6-3616 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Rose Lee entered l.W.C. following graduation from Ursuline Academy, where she had been an honor student all four years of high school. She main- tained the same record during her four years of college and was elected in turn, to Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, and Who7s Who Among Students in American, Colleges and Universities. Rose Lee's work with the National Federation of Catholic College Students has brought her into close contact with students of other colleges throughout the country. She has been a very good public relations officer for l.W.C. She was nominated aOutstanding Catholic Youth of 1958," and was a delegate to the Mardi Gras celebration at St. Thomas' University in Houston. Rose Lee's immediate plans are to teach home economics in high school in September. MAPY CASSO Mendoza 84-1 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico Telephone: 22-32 Bachelor of Arts in Art Mapy is the second Casso sister to graduate from l.W.C. She enrolled as a freshman after graduation from Ur- suline Academy, Laredo. Mapy's ar- tistic talent was discovered immediately by instructors and students alike, and her drawings and paintings have been very much in evidence during the four years here. Mapy and her fellow offi- cers of Alpha Delta Sigma were re- sponsible for the Freshman Alpha Delta Formal Dance in October. She has been nominated for many honors throughout her college life: nominee for Queen of the St. Mary's Military Ballg Princess of the Black and White Ballg Duchess to the Annual Washing- ton's celebration in Laredo. She has traveled throughout Mexico, and loves water skiing at Acapulco. Mapy Casso . . President of Alpha Delta Sigma soczo scholastic organization. ..A'7355-isgifffi-'+53fzbZisiitriiaa-is-:jf'e-'iff'-31:-rr' - rt . We Have Been Aroased to the Need for Frances Eileen Malone Second semester President of the Interna- tional Relations Club FRANCES EILEEN MALONE 785 Burr Rd. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 2-7615 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Eileen is the third Malone sister to receive her degree from lncarnate Word College. She entered college here in her junior year, and began her prepa- rations for a teaching career for which ELEANOR M. REICHERT 219 Cunningham San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 6-6840 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology The list of places in which Eleanor has traveled reads like a Geography of the World. No wonder she is so well in- formed on matters of national and in- ternational import. Eleanor is very in- terested in people, and for that reason, chose a sociology major. Her scholarly achievements have been rewarded by her election to Alpha Chi, national honor society, and to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. After graduation, she plans to teach in elementary school. We're betting that she will be a much- sought-after teacher, and that she had better cultivate a taste for apples. If you, reader, are enjoying the Annual, it is because Eleanor made this publi- cation possible, by her efforts as busi- ness manager. Good luck, Eleanor. May you be as successful a teacher as you were a financial whiz of the Logos staff. she has shown great promise. Her sweet charm attracts all to her, and she is one of the best-loved members of the senior class. She has traveled back and forth to Washington, D. C. Eileen hopes to teach in the San Antonio elementary schools for a few years, but not for too long, as she has a very decided attraction for the vocation of marriage. The best of everything to you, Eileen, Eleanor M. Reichert Usme-SS Manager of the Locos , ,fffff ' 'Z-,:7fff,fff X ',9f,'i'Qz4 , f ,,3g4Q,,,., , , Guadalupe Palacios Co-editor of the LOGOS GUADALUPE PALACIOS 608 OKane Street Laredo, Texas Telephone: Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Lupe came to l.W.C. in her junior year, having completed two years of college work at Laredo Junior College. Her chief interest was in scientific subjects, and fol- lowing graduation, she plans to Work in her-chosen field, medical technology. Of a very quiet and reserved disposition, Lupe is a dynamo of energy. This she displayed in her work on the LOGOS as co-editor. Her classmates in Laredo elected Lupe'HS the Girl Most Likely to Succeed, Wl11Ch showed that they recognized in her a great leadership potentiality not easily discernible. Good luck, Lupe. May you live up to that title, and may your success reach out t0 every phase of your life. 1 P 82 200,000 Elementary and Secondary Teachers by 1960 MARY AGNES ANDERSON 1434 W. Rosewood San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 5-7949 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Mary is accelerating her college work, and is completing her degree requirements one year ahead of her class. She is an active member of Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics organization, and is at present vice-president of the Club. Elected to Alpha Lambda Delta in her freshman year, she attained to Alpha Chi in her senior year. Following graduation, Mary plans to assume the career of home demonstration agent and at the same time continue her home eco- nomics education. An early fall wedding is also on the agenda. Good luck, Mary, we know you will be successful in whatever you undertake. Your projects undertaken in college were always tops. Mary Agnes Anderson Vice-president of Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics Club V Dorothy S. Allison DOROTHY S. ALLISON 29 Cooper Place Weehawken, New Jersey Telephone: Union 3-4721 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Dorothy has had many interesting ex- periences as an Army Nurse for the past four years, and has come in for her share of travel. She graduated from St. Maryls Hospital School of Nursing, Hoboken, N. J., and attended New York University. She also spent a semester at the University of Cali- fornia. On her assignment to San An- tonio with the Army Nurse Corps, she was allowed the opportunity to com- plete her degree requirements. The nursing Division of I.W.C. is certainly happy that the Army allowed her to enroll in this division, and appreciates having her as one of its graduates. Dorothy will remain with the Army Nurse Corps, at least for the present. Other plans are not definite. ELISA MINERVA BARRERA Box 315 Sinton, Texas Telephone: CA 3-7320 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Elisa has justly received the reputa- tion of being the sweetest and friend- liest nurse in the Santa Rosa Division. This is a wonderful asset to her in this career or ministry of nursing. Born in the Rio Grande Valley, Elisa attended high school in Raymondville for two years before moving to Al- buquerque, but she came home to graduate. She is active in various nursing organizations, on the local, state, and national level. After gradu- ation, Elisa hopes to be able to travel all over the U. S. and South America. Eventually she would like to go to Europe. We hope your dreams will come true, and that some day, we shall meet you on the other side of the pond. Elisa Minerva Barrera . . A Career in College Teaching Has Been Helcl Amable Benitez AMABLE BENITEZ Box 96, David Re. de Panama Telephone: 2588 Bachelor of Arts in History There is a great deal of energy packed into this small person named Amable, who came to l.W.C. four years ago, with.a very limited knowledge of the English language. Today, Amahle is acquainted with every important word in WEBSTER. A history major, Am- able plans to teach in her home country, while she will continue her studies toward a Master's degree. Amable has been a very faithful Sodalist, she is also very active in the International Relations Club, in which organization she has held several offices over the four years. Of a rather retiring temperament, Amable .has shown a deep interest in other people's problems, and is always ready to aid a person in need. The best of every- thing to a very sincere graduate. JOY BROWN 1808 W. Magnolia San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 5-6493 Bachelor of Arts in English Born ,loy Ramsdell in San Antonio, Mrs. Brown has lived here all her life. After graduating from Thomas Jeffer- son High School, she attended the Uni- versity of Texas, but interrupted her college work to become Mrs. Brown. She places her family and her home in the number one position, but has managed to complete her degree re- quirements on a part-time basis over the years. An English major with her plans set on teaching English in sec- ondary school, .loy returned to her old high school for her student teaching. That ,must have been an interesting experience. From .loy's achievement in college, we feel that she will be a very successful high school teacher. Joy Brown .lean Bonds J EAN BONDS Harriston Mississippi Telephone: 2811 Bachelor of Science in Nursing A cut finger, an ingrowing toe nail, or a bump caused by a flying baseball - usually called for the same treatment. "Call ,lean Bondsf, lean has served as school nurse while completing her degree requirements. The fact that she hasn't wasted away from running to answer these calls shows what an ingenious person she is. .lean belongs to the Professional Nurses' Club, and is one of the most active members of that organization. After graduation, she plans to work and at the same time begin her work on a Master's degree. Her goal is set to become a clinical instructor. Good luck, Jean. That our bruises and cuts have not left more scars has been due in great part to your efficient nursing care. Up to Us, in Publications, and Through the NEA COREAN JACQUELIN CARTER 1734 -Nolan St. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 6-474-4 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mrs. Carter has taken time off from her family to complete her degree requirements in elementary education, and to prepare her- self for the San Antonio public school sys- tem. The mother of five lovely children, Corean has had much work and worry as- sociated with her college education. She says that one of the most difficult situations arose when all five had flu, and she had to leave them to the care of their grandmother, because semester exams were in full swing. Her efforts have been rewarded. With her hard-earned sheepskin in her possession, she can now devote her full time once again to being a mother. Her chief ambi- tion for each of her children is that each one will be a credit to his church and to his country. Helene Carter HELENE CARTER 929 N. Park Uvalde, Texas Telephone: BA 8-4408 Bachelor of Arts in French Helene, now Mrs. Meril G. Carter, has had a life story that reads like a fairy tale. Born in Constantinople, Turkey, where her parents had gone to escape the Communist Regime in Russia, she grew up in Paris, France, and was edu- cated in that city. Armed with a knowledge of the Russian and French languages, Helene went to Germany to study German. She also knew English, and worked with the American Army of Occupation as an interpreter. There she met her future husband, and after their marriage, came to live in Texas. Students and faculty of l.W.C. are very happy that Helene chose this college to complete her degree require- ments, and to prepare herself to teach languages in the Texas secondary schools. Helene is also an accom- plished musician, and hopes to con- tinue her studies in that field also. Her love of America and Texas, and of l.W.C. in particular, are indeed very gratifying. MARIE CHAMBERLIN Bachelor of Science in Nursing Marie was born in Youngstown, Ohio, but has made Texas her adopted home. Wife of a Lt. Colonel in the Army, and mother of five children, aged 6 to 14- years, add up to a full-sized job, not to mention studying for a college degree. Marie seems to have been a very successful person in carrying out all these duties, and hopes to devote some of her future time to public health nursing. She has served with the Army Nurse Corps in Africa and Italy during World War ll, and has traveled extensively with her family. The Logos staff salutes this very busy senior who has always been ready to assist in every cause undertaken by the graduating class. Corgan J' Carter Marie Chamberlin V--.L .4 "Q .1 ' S,-.-1L:.7':,""..' 1 ' .- -5245 T wr -2-s2rrfsrr'f-M . . 97,000 College Teachers Needed by 1960 . Yolanda Cisneros YOLANDA CISN EROS Box 195 Premont, Texas Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Yolanda has so many plans for the future that it was impossible for the LOGOS reporter to write them all down. In one breath she said she wanted to. run a laboratory of her own, to get married, to travel throughout the United States, and to go to Europe. The plans for travel in the U. S., Yo- landa described as follows: she and two friends will procure a vegetable truck . . . That's as much as we know. Will they sell vegetables en route, or why a vegetable truck? Perhaps you can answer this. One thing we can answer, however, is this: Yolanda's friendly manner will win for her many friends, and will help her in securing her goals. l CATHERINE DEN NEHY 122 Avant Avenue San Antonio, Texas Telephone: LE 4--0612 Bachelor of Arts in Business Cathy was born in Chicago, Illinois, but has completely forgotten the "Windy City." After graduation from St. Gerard's High School, Cathy came to l.W.C. for a degree in business. She served as president of Kappa Pi Sigma, national business fraternity, in her junior year. That same year she was elected to Alpha Chi, national honor society for upperclassmen. ln her sen- ior year she was elected to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She has been asso- ciated with the Cecilian Choristers since her freshman year, and has toured with them in Mexico and throughout Texas. After graduation she plans to enter an executive training program for Allied Chain of Retail Department Stores. Good luck, Cathy. 4 Catherine Dennehy Adeline Corral ADELINA CORRAL Londres 904 Colonia Mirador Monterrey, N. L., Mexico Telephone: 2-46-78 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Adelina has loved every moment of her stay in the United States, and hopes to bring back with her to Mexico, much valu- able knowledge acquired during her col- lege work. Adelina has been a very active member of Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics Club, and served as publicity chairman during the past year. She is also a member of the Apostleship of Prayer. Every member of Kappa Lambda Kappa appreciated Adelinais warm friend- ship, and exchanged many ideas of living in the two countries, with her. They feel that now they have an ambassador of good- will in our sister republic, who will assist them in recruiting for the home economics department. L ...H :- :-:: -3: ter .. A- ., N mf '. rv -..L .l"2, ...LA ,,,.r 'pr fry ,.4..... -" 1 1 'Fifi lfiili ima 4 5 : wg, .iii wifi? 'P 5 113 'Fi H" ' r- ,,,, .ir ,W fl Q .rv-C 5:004- 17 J 1 - w I 'Will has I-ff? tr -'5 ,- Q NEA Publication,-"College Teaching a Careerf' Caused a Stir LILLIAN ANN DRAKE 206 Dorothy Place San Antonio, Texas Telephone: LE 6-3460 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Lillian says she is not a descendant of Sir Francis, that her ancestors were already in San Antonio when he was sailing the high seas. An all-around person, Lillian keeps herself busy in many organizations. She is an active member of the Legion of Mary, the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, and the Civic Opera Society. She thoroughly enjoyed her student teaching experience in the Herff Elementary School, and hopes to teach there next September. She has a great love for children, especially those in the lower elementary grades, and should be a remarkably successful teacher. It was a pleasure having you in our senior class, Lillian. Lillian Drake Ann M. Do-epke ANN M. DOEPKE 539-Wayside Drive San Antonio, Texas Telephone: Dl 2-0504 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Ann was born in Denver, Colo., but lived for many of her early years in Saudi Arabia. Coming to San Antonio in 1954, she entered l.W.l'l.S. from which she graduated in 1955, and then entered l.W.C. Ann interrupted her college work for marriage, and will join her husband in Saudi Arabia the day after graduation. Her husband is with the Arabian American Oil Co., and has procured a home in Dhahran for himself and Ann. Among her most interesting experiences, Ann lists her tour of Europe. 1-low lucky can some people be! How many of us would just love to see the world outside Texas. Ann is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa, Sigma Gamma Phi, the lan- guage club. We hope to see you back in the U. S. in the near future, Ann. ln the meantime, here's hoping you have a wonderful time. PURIFICACION T. DU 106-108 Villaeron St. Cotabato, Cotabato, P. 1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Purificacion came to l.W.C. from the Philippines, four years ago, through the influence of Father Deckert, O.M.1. She plans to continue her work to- wards a degree in medicine following her graduation from the Santa Rosa Division. Puri's one great ambition is to return to her own country and help her people. We all appreciate this generous attitude, and wish her the greatest success in her plans. She is active in many nursing organizations on both the state and national levels. The best of everything, Puri. Purificacion Du ii . .. t....,..... ..,:.-3.9 ....,:- .-.- - --.-:rv .fs-zuuzwf A .Jug-rr. -2 ' . V ,V ,lf A v- ,, -f- ' f -- " " -' ff' -'rr r' --f-' ' r r' " " W Hg, ' "ff ff" - 'r' " Tlxg- --A" , fgjgegcift ::-ij" ' '1'gA. , ,Y . lr 'Y-,lr-A-4L - ---3-4.0 rg ...w r W- - f -1 b f - 4 - iff- -1 ww z' ti 1, - w I . A - . 'F'-'--' ' ''-.1-1-:.:g.-lar,-3,1-, -'-,rr -'-'- ' - ' 1: '.' ' . 3e!'2r-E7.il5'br?f..L-,,L1-:,?71.wsfJeh+r-:r:-..... --..---- - Y 4 lf . f . . W e Reacl of Plans to Relieve Teacher Shortage . . Carole Frances Edland CAROLE FRANCES EDLAND 117 Clem Road San Antonio, Texas Telephone: Ta 6-3104 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Carole's friendly smile will be remem- bered at l.W.C. long after her gradu- ation. Born in Milwaukee, Wis., Carole has made San Antonio her adopted home. Her husband is a well-known doctor at the Brooke Army Hospital. Carole says she helped him through his last year of Medical School, so now, he is helping her to finish her degree requirements. A very active member of the Professional Nurses' Club, Carole has been very interested in all its projects. Nursing is not her only interest, she also has many liter- ary and artistic interests, and last year was a winner in the poetry contest. This year, she received honorable men- tion in the Christmas Poetry Contest sponsored by the LOGOS. We hope to see you around here after you have re- ceived that degree, Carole. We need your help and friendship. JO ANN F ECCI 201 Zambrano Rd. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 2-7888 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Beauty and brains are well met in this charming young lady, .lo Ann. She has made the honor list every semester, and was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, and Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Besides the scholastic honor list, .lo Ann has also made the popularity polls. She was runner-up for the title of '6Miss Fiesta," in the San Jacinto Fiesta Association. She has always been interested in a career in medical technology, but has not neglected liter- ary subjects. Jo Ann was assistant edi- tor of the LOGOS in her sophomore year, vice-president of Phi Sigma Kappa, and vice-president of Alpha Lambda . Delta. Jo Ann F ecci l Rosa Judith Estrada ROSA JUDITH ESTRADA 314' East Adams Brownsville, Texas Telephone: Li 2-8711 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics When the graduation date- has passed, Ro- sita will be on her way to Afghanistan to join her father, and stay there for three months. After that she will tour Europe for another three months. So for half a year, there will be complete relaxation for this very relaxed senior, who looks as if she is always relaxed. Marriage plans are not too far off for this home economics major, who is anxious to put into practice what she has learned in her courses. Ro- sita has been an active member of the Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics Club, and also of the Apostleship of Prayer. Her student teaching experience has made clear to everyone what a wonderful teacher she will make. Good luck, Rosita. May you enjoy the summer and the sum- mers that follow. . . Teachers' Aides, Cadet Teachers, Half-Day Sessions CAROL JEAN FOX 414 Schley Avenue San Antonio, Texas Telephone: LE 2-3213 Bachelor of Science in Medical Records Library Science Carol Jean came to lncarnate Word College from I.W.H.S. Her first studies were in nursing, but finding that this was not her true calling, decided to change to Medical Records. This seems to have been a very wise decision, for Carol Jean has been very successful in this program. After gradua- tion, she hopes to work in a McAllen hos- pital. We don't know why she chose Mc- Allen, but the Valley calls many people, and few can resist that call. We hope that she will find in McAllen the happiness she is seeking and that she will be a very successful medical records librarian. Gladys A. Flattery CAPT. GLADYS A. FLATTERY 41 Linden Street West Lynn, Mass. Telephone: Ly 8-0930 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Gladys is one of the most friendly people in our senior class, and the fact that she is a New Englander im- presses us all the more. She is a.n active member of the Professional Nurses' Club. After graduation, Gladys hopes to continue her work towards the Master's degree at the Catholic University of America. Among her most cherished experiences is the pri- vate audience she was privileged to have with the late Holy Father, Pope Pius XII. Her travels have been wide and variedg one of the most interest- ing was through the Holy Land where she learned a great deal about the religion and life of the Arabs. Gladys spent eighteen months in the Kingdom of Libya before she came to l.W.C. to continue her work towards a Bachelor's degree. Since she plans to remain with the Army Nurse Corps, we know she will have many more rich and varied experiences to report to us. FERNANDE AIMEE JULIETTE GARD 316 West Johnson San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 6-3586 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Fernande first set foot on this continent seven years ago. She arrived in Montreal, Canada, where she stayed for a year and a half. Her first English Words were spoken in Grand Rapids, Michi- gan, where she attended Aquinas Col- lege. Through the advice of Miss Ger- trude Horgan, a former 1.W.C. instruc- tor, Fernande came to San Antonio at the end of her sophomore year, and enrolled in a home economics program. Now applying for her citizenship papers in the U. S., Fernande plans to remain here permanently, and to teach home economics in secondary school. Her talent for fashion design and garment construction is admired by all, her teachers as well as her fellow-students. Carol Jean Fox Fernande Aimee Juliette Gard . W e Studied Platforms of Teacher Recruiters . . Yvonne Gonzalez YVONNE GONZALEZ 626 E. Magnolia San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 2-7771 Bachelor of Arts in English Yvonne is a true artist, her heart and soul are bound up in art and visions of art, and her only ambition is to con- tinue her study of art. After graduation from l.W.H.S., Yvonne enrolled at I.W.C. but without any definite plans for a degree. She later decided to major in English, but to study art as an elective. Travel is planned for the future, both on the South American continent as well as in Europe. Yvonne has spent the past five sum- mers in Mexico studying painting, art history, and Spanish. She is pro- foundly interested in pre-Columbian art. We wish you success in your art endeavors, Yvonne, and hope that some day in the not too distant future, We can say of you when you have achieved fame - "We knew her when . . ." MADELINE HERBERT 640 Essex Street San Antonio, Texas Telephone: LE 11--2839 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Madeline is of such a quiet disposition that her presence can pass by un- noticed. This is not true of her aca- demic life, for she is a well-known mem- ber of the Division of Social Sciences. Madeline plans to continue studying for a Master's degree in Social Work, with a view to securing government work which will entail traveling. Al- ways desiring to travel, Madeline hopes for much of it in the future. Madeline was born in Nebraska, but claims Texas as her home. She belongs to Phi Sigma Kappa Science Club, and at one time planned on a career in science. She is very happy with her present choice. Good luck, Madeline. Madeline Herbert Maria del Pilar Guajardo MARIA DEL PILAR GUAJARDO 553 E. Washington St. Brownsville, Texas Telephone: Li 2-4665 Pilar came to l.W.C. at the beginning of her junior year, having spent two years at Texas Southmost College. Very in- terested in dramatics, Pilar was a member of the Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Club. She was also a member of Phi Sigma Kappa Science Club, and this year of the American Society of Medical Technologists. After graduation, Pilar plans to work in San Antonio for a short period. She would dearly love to work in the great city of New York, so that she could enjoy the cultural life of the greatest city on earth. We hope that she attains this ambition, but that she will not desert the Lone Star State for the Empire State. The best of every- thing, Pilar. . Better'Salaries, Higher Standards of Admission MARY CATHERINE HINUJOSA Box 126 Encino, Texas Telephone: F-4- Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Mary Catherine has been introduced to all the most interesting phases of her life by her dad. I-le tried to impress on her the great lessons of ranch lifeg next he tried to teach her how to hunt deer, but gave up when she fired at, and barely missed, one of his prize horses. No more deer hunting for Mary C. There will be travel in the near future, and when that Prince Charm- ing finally comes along, things should get moving. Mary Catherine is a very friendly person, always agreeable, and ready to help a friend or anyone in need. Her sympa- thetic nature has endeared her to everyone, faculty and studentstalike. Mary C. is a member of Alpha Delta Sigma, and the Spanish Club. Mary Ann Hernandez MARY ANN HERNANDEZ 1708 Carthage Brownsville, Texas Telephone: Li-2-7716 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Mary Ann has already met the future husband, and is wearing his diamond. An early summer wedding is in the stars, and then Mary Ann will put into practice the useful lessons she has learned in her home economics courses. Mary Ann graduated from Villa Maria Academy in Brownsville before com- ing to lncarnate Word College. ln her future life, she may combine a teaching career with homemaking. She is going to wait and see how much there is to this homemaking business before she tackles any more. This is a very wise decision, Mary Ann, and we agree with you whole-heartedly. ANNIE LEE HOWELL 822 West Wildwood Drive San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 4.-0821 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Annie Lee brings to the educational field a broad and rich experience from the executive positions she has held. She is a specialist in Internal Revenue, having held office for a period of ten years. She has always had the desire to instruct children, to watch their little minds develop in proportion with their physical make-ups. Annie Lee feels that there is no more rewarding work anywhere than that involved in developing the minds and hearts of the young. From our acquaintance with this very sincere and dedicated person, we know that she will achieve mar- vels. A veteran traveler, she has been to Mexico and Canada, as well as throughout the U. S. We hope to visit you in your classroom next year, and to derive much inspiration from your work. Mary Catherine Hinojosa Annie Lee Howell - -.,':...4., - - nf ---f Ev, . . Opportunities for Exchange Student Programs . . Mary Katherine I-Irones MARY KATHERINE HRONES 821 Spring Street Del Rio, Texas Telephone: 5-2615 Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Mary Katherine is a talented young lady, not only in her home economics field, but also in music and art. She studied voice for three or four years and was presented in a number of re- citals. As a member of the Cecilian Choristers she appeared on several pro- grams in San Antonio, as well as other cities. She also toured with the group in Saltillo, and Monterrey, Mexico. She was elected the I.W.C. Duchess to the Lantana Festival in Kingsville in her junior year. Mary Katherine enjoyed her student teaching experience at the Douglas McArthur High School, and hopes to teach home economics in her home town of Del Rio next September. Good luck, Mary K. We hope you en- joy being a school marm. 92 RUTH KEGLER 712 North Bell Fremont, Nebraska Telephone: Bachelor of Science in Nursing When we look at the list of places in which Ruth has traveled with the Army Nurse Corps, we feel very pro- vincial indeed: Japan, Korea, Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Hawaii, Panama, Marianna Islands, Canada, Mexico, and the U. S. Is it really true that Alaska is larger than Texas? It is hard to believe such a thing, and it could very well be that the surveyors made a mistake. Ruth should be a good judge of that from her travels there. Now associated with the Army Nurse Corps, she probably will have a lot more of the world under her feet within the next five years. The best of luck to you, Ruth, in your future career. It has been a pleasure having you in our senior class. Ruth Kegler Isabel Jackson ISABEL MARY JACKSON Bachelor of Arts in History Isabel declares that there is nothing in her life worth recording, that her story is very uninteresting. We don't quite agree with that, for we find Isabel a very interesting and attractive young woman, and predict a wonderful future for her. She is the second Jackson sister to receive a degree from Incarnate Word College. Isabel came to I.W.C. in the middle of her junior yearg she had been to Laredo Junior College and Texas Woman's University. One of her major interests is art, which she hopes to continue after graduation. A trip to Europe is in the very near future. Surely that continent has more Rainiers and miniature kingdoms left for our Texas beauties. . . Fulbright Grants, Foreign Scholarships , , NNA MARIE KRENEK A 508 Mason St. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 3-5029 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Anna Marie was elected to Alpha Chi and Who's Who Amang Students in American Colleges and Universities, in her senior year. She has also been an active member of Phi Sigma Kappa, and a very devoted Sodalist. Anna Marie has a deep sense of loyalty to her family, friends, and school. After four years spent at l.W.H.S. she enrolled at I.W.C. In fact her entire education from the first grade to the present, has been under the Sisters of Charity of the lncarnate Word. Good luck, Anna Marie. May your future be a bright and happy one. Helen Marie Keller HELEN MARIE KELLER 14-1 W. Hart Avenue San Antonio, Texas Telephone: WA 4+-2763 Bachelor of Science in Nursing A combination of great determination, will power, and femininity, is apparent to everyone who meets Helen Marie. She shows the ability to accomplish many and varied tasks with modesty and originality. Helen Marie plans to JUDY KUAN 2-100 Negishi Machi Nakaku Yokohama, Japan Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Judy is content, neither with a half- truth nor an incomplete surveyal of any topic. An outstandingly superior student, she has won the admiration and respect of everyone on campus. She is a member of Alpha Chi, and has been nominated to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Judy was born in China, and lived there throughout her childhood. Political reasons caused her family to move to Japan, and in 1955 Judy came to the U. S. and Incarnate Word College. Her interest has not been confined entirely to chemistry, she has a double major in mathe- matics. As the yearbook goes to press, Judy is confronted with the decision - which fellowship to accept for gradu- ate studies? Then too, there is that young man in Chicago, who, while working on his doctorate, awaits Judy's answer to his proposal. Anna Marie Krenek enter surgical nursing in a local hos- pital for, perhaps, one year, then she hopes to go west. Evidently her former travels in the western states have given her the desire to live there later on. Who knows, but perhaps, that is where she will find the one she is seeking- the Prince who is to rule her life and heart. Judy Kuan 9223.21i'.-.,,,g-i?f4q-Ani-AZL-,.,.. 'r " 4fsgg..:.g.-.,Lef.1.,ve-,st...cQ-, ,a...L1.n...1L...ratsf..s-.....n...t,i.a.a,....-..n..iii.ttt.t,u..,:1rr.u.-.x.g,5,,' . . Summer Study Abroad, Combining Travel With Study Dorothy 1-leyland DOROTHY HEYLAND P.O. Box 1136, Legion Branch Kerrville, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Heyland commutes from Kerr- ville for her college work, and has done a remarkably good job in com- bining the three roles of wife and mother, student, and professional nurse. At the present time Mrs. Heyland is a supervisor at the VA Hospital in Kerrville. She served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1943 to 1946, and was decorated with the Bronze Star for meritorious service in Manila in 1945. We congratulate Mrs. Heyland on this great honor which shows her true worth as a patriotic nurse in the service of her country. Mrs. Heyland belongs to the Professional Nurses' Club, the Texas Graduate Nurses' As- sociation, and the National League for Nursing. It has been a pleasure hav- ing Mrs. Heyland as a fellow senior, we wish her the best of everything. VELMA RODGERS 4641 Evergreen Port Arthur, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Mrs. Rodgers completed her degree re- quirements in the early fall, following her public health field experience. A very conscientious nurse, and a person of great responsibility in any field, Mrs. Rodgers has been a respected student throughout her college life here at 1.W.C. She received her nurse training in the state of Louisiana, and attended College at Lamar Technological College before enrolling at 1.W.C. We were sorry that she could not have been with us this last year, but know that she was with us in spirit. We wish you the best of luck in your future under- takings, and know you will be success- ful. Velma Rodgers 4 Sylvia Verduzco SYLVIA VERDUZCO 605 S. Missouri Mercedes, Texas Telephone: LO 5-1345 Bachelor of Science in Physical Education By the time the yearbook comes from press, Sylvia will have changed her last name to Cantu, and will be living in a large white house in the shadow of the beautiful San Juan Shrine. We Wish you every happi- ness, Sylvia, and hope to see you back for a visit to your Alma Mater. Sylvia has been presented at the Black and White Ball as a Princess from the Rio Grande Valley. Although of a very quiet disposi- tion, she had her share of fun, and was often the center of an exciting movement. She showed a lively imagination for clever schemes and an abounding verve to see them through. An Aicl to Form Ties With Staclents of Other Lancls . . DONNA YVCNNE MARTIN Arroyo del Valle Livermore, California Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Born in Los Angeles, California, Donna went to school in that area until she had completed two years of college at the Col- lege of the Holy Names. She laid aside her college books in 1953, and donned the uni- form of the U. S. Navy, where she studied and practiced photography. After a four- year stay, during which time she fell in love with Corpus Christi and the entire state of Texas, Donna enrolled in 1957 at the Texas A Sr I College, Kingsville. In the summer of 1958 she was introduced to I.W.C. and courses in higher mathematics. So although Donna has spent only her sen- ior year with us, she is a fully-fledged mem- ber of the graduating class. The future is drawing her back to sunny California and her life work - the following of Christ as a member of a religious community. Donna Yvonne Martin Elda A. Maase ELDA A. MAASE 143 Tipperary San Antonio, Texas Telephone: LE 4-6307 Bachelor of Arts in English As wife of an Air Force officer, Elda has covered in travel many countries of the world. She lived in Germany and toured the Netherlands, Luxem- burg, Belgium, the British Isles, the Scandinavian countries, France, Spain, Austria, and Italy. I-Ier youngest child, Karen, aged 2, was born in Germany. She has two older children, David, 11, and Philip, 7, and she considers her life with them as the most interesting experience any woman could hope to have. Pennsylvania-born Mrs. Maase has come to love Texas, and after completing her degree requirements, would love to teach in secondary school in S-an Antonio. From her de- scription of her life with her children, we feel that Mrs. Maase could out- write Mrs. Jean Kerr in recording her experiences. MARY ANGELA MARTINEZ 1602 W. Craig Place San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 2-2732 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mary Angela has always impressed us with her calm stateliness. Efficient and poised, she is the picture of what any- one would expect from the ideal teacher. With summer work thrown in, Mary A. completed degree require- ments in three and one-half years, and immediately began her career in the public schools of San Antonio. She is one of the charter members of the Student Education Association and helped to establish the organization on campus. The International Relations Club was also one of her favorite ac- tivities. What we never did discover, however, was whether she was a demo- crat or republican. What we do know is this: she is a person of great re- sponsibility who will always see a task through to completion. Mary Angela Martinez W e Have Experienced the U psurge of Interest anal Marguerite Lara MARGUERITE ELIZABETH LARA 824- Nolan Street San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 7-7836 Bachelor of Science in Physical Education A person of true refinement and self- sacrifice is what we have found Mar- guerite to be. Ever ready to help others, and to place herself last, Mar- guerite has made herself available for help to all who neede dit. She plans to enter the teaching profession or work in a recreation center. She has a great desire to work with handi- capped children, which is just another indication of her generous nature. Mar- guerite counts among her most interest- ing experiences the fact of attending lncarnate Word College. To her, we say that it has been a. privilege to have had her among our seniors. We wish her the best of everything in her future. CONNIE LUBY 14-62 Cape Cod Dallas, Texas Telephone: FR 1-1091 Bachelor of Arts in Business Connie is the last of the four Luby sisters to attend Incarnate Word Col- lege. When she completed her work in January, and left with her parents for her home town, Dallas, it seemed that something, or some spirit had gone from the campus. lt is only natural that we should feel a sense of loss when the last member of a family of four girls would have gone, as it were, forever. Connie has her future all mapped out - it will be a position in Dallas for a short while, then mar- riage to a dental student, and residence in Houston, TEMPORARILY. Although Connie has lived in various cities of the U. S., Dallas has become such a part of her world that she wishes to make it her permanent spot. We wish you happiness galore, Connie. Connie Luby Elvi Lou Guerra Leeper ELVI LOU CUERRA LEEPER 278 Cromwell Drive San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 3-0759 Bachelor of Music in Music Education Elvi Lou interrupted a promising music career to become Mrs. 'Harry Leeper, and the mother of four wonderful children. With her oldest daughter in high school, and the youngest boy fully occupied in elementary school, Elvi Lou decided to return to school and finish that one se- mester she was lacking when she laid aside her harp and music scores for the sweeter melodies of wifehood and motherhood. Elvi Lou is a true Texan, she spent three years in Nebraska, and three more in Colorado which she thoroughly enjoyed. But now she is glad to be HOME in Texas. When asked whether she planned to teach after receiv- ing her degree, Elvi Lou said that she has always had the secret desire to teach harp lessons. Pleasant melodies, Elvi Lou. Emphasis on the Teaching of Scientific Subjects MARIA DEL CARMEN MULLET HESTOR Diana St., 995313 Dos Pinos Rio Piedras, P. R. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology AS we go to press, Mari no longer lives in Puerto Rico, but has made her home in Indianapolis, Indiana, as Mrs. John Hestor. Mari's present status is just another proof that the best place for a young woman to meet the right man is not in a coeduca- tional institution, but in a woman's college. Mari met John at a semi-formal Halloween Dance in the old activity hall of I.W.C. It was love at first sight, but they waited for two years, just to make sure. It went like this: boy met girl, boy met girl's family, girl met boy's family, romance bloomed, and everybody was happy. Mari was a very devoted member of the Apostle- ship of Prayer, she was also active in the Language Club. A general favorite, Mari will be a very welcome person at the bac- calaureate exercises. We wish you happi- ness, galore, Mari and John. l l Maria del Carmen Mullet Hestor Virginia Moss VIRGINIA MOSS Box 924 Boerne, Texas Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Commuting from Boerne for daily class has been a rather difficult task for Mrs. Moss, but she has accomplished it in a very admirable fashion. After graduation she plans to take a long vacation and rest to make up for the early hours of her college days. With an eighteen-month old daughter and husband to provide breakfast for, it wasnlt always easy to drive from Boerne and be on time for an eight- twenty class. Mrs. Moss says, how- ever, that it's easy when one sets a goal which is to be attained. Come September, she will join the ranks of the elementary school teachers, but has not decided just where she would like to teach. Good luck, Mrs. Moss. You will make a very charming school 1'I13,I'I'I1. MAJOR JEANNE B. MCCORMICK, ANC 2902 Chisholm Trail San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 6-1595 Bachelor of Science in Nursing .Ieanne's home address is Lincoln Park, Michigan, but the one listed above is her present address. And since she loves San Antonio, and is looking for- ward to retiring here about forty years from now, we thought it advisable to put her San Antonio address here. A New Yorker by birth, Jeanne has seen more of the world than any of us staff members. She plans to remain in the Army Nurse Corps, and to continue her work towards a Master's degree in nursing education. She will probably have attained to the rank of General by that time. Jeanne's warm person- ality is much appreciated by her class- mates. She has the ability to brighten up the darkest day. The best of every- thing to a fine member of the ANC and the graduating class of l.W.C. Jeanne McCormick ""',fMQ,,,,4fi,jf'QQ " L"4 " "' 'f ' . ,. W e Have Witnessecl the Rally to Foreign Languages Rita Mascorro RITA MASCORRO 108 Perry Court San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 6-1293 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education In stature, elfin, in heart, immense -- Rita is one of the best-loved seniors of '59, The fourth member of the Mas- corro family to be graduated from l.W.C., Rita has majored in elementary education with a view to making this her life work. She has been a very devoted Sodalist, and an active C.C.D. member. She also belonged to the lnternational Relations Club during her four years of college. As soon as she begins her teaching career, Rita will then make plans to Work towards her Master's degree. Her keen interest in people insure her instant success in whatever she undertakes. Her class- mates have all been impressed by her quiet, ladylike manner at all times. Good luck, Rita. You deserve the very best in life. BARBARA MOORE Rte. 1, Box 177 Nixon, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing When little, blonde Barbara entered the first grade classroom in Nixon, Texas, she announced to her teacher that she, too, was going to be a teacher. How- ever, as the years passed, she changed her mindg she decided she would be a school nurse, instead of a school teacher. Barbara's choice seems to have been just right, for she has proved to be a very successful student of nursing. She belongs to several nursing organi- zations on the state and national levels, and is a very interested member of the Professional Nurses' Club. Barbara has her goal all set on marriage after graduation, and with the role of house- wife, she will combine the role of school nurse. Good luck, Barbara. Barbara Moore Maria Alma Medina MARIA ALMA MEDINA 601 Rudolph St. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 6-3945 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Alma's love of the sister republic of Mexico fills her with a great desire to live there after graduation, at least for a couple of years. We all hope you will get your wish, Alma, and that you will enjoy permanent residence there as much as you have en- joyed your short visits. An ideal nurse, Alma, and that you will enjoy permanent various departments of the hospital. She hopes to further her study and secure a Master's degree. Marriage is on the hori- zon, but not immediately. Alma holds mem- bership in the Professional Nurses' Club, and in the Texas Nursing Students' As- sociation. Goode luck, Alma. May your travels continue to be pleasant. Programs . . . Introduction Into Elementary Classes GENEVIEVE PLAN ETA 22266 Bay Avenue Riverside, California Telephone: MO-4022 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Born in Fort Monroe, Virginia, and a mem- ber of an Army family, Genevieve came to Texas. She graduated from Mt. Carmel Academy, Fort Worth, and from the St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing. Further travel brought her to California and she completed some of her college work there. She finally returned to Texas to complete degree requirements at 1.W.C. Her future plans are in the direction of being a nursing instructor in a college or university. We wish you the very best success, Genevieve, and hope you will enjoy your work to the fullest. While attending Incarnate Word College, Genevieve was a member of the Professional Nurses' Club. 1 Gloria Ortiz GLORIA ORTIZ 2614 San Luis St. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 6-1997 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Gloria has had all her schooling un- der the direction of the Sisters of Charity of the lncarnate Word. In 1945, she received her high school di- ploma at St. Patrickls Academy, and then enrolled in the diploma program at Santa Rosa. Then for the past ten years she has been on the staff of the Santa Rosa Hospital and has worked towards her degree on a part-time basis. Gloria appreciates her education, and says she is more proud of her college degree because she has had to work so hard to achieve it. We, too, are proud of Gloria, and are very happy to have had the privilege of having her in our senior class. Good luck, and bless- ings on your future. MAJOR ELLEN M. RESPINI 146 Cherry Ridge Drive San Antonio, Texas Telephone: D1 2-0841 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major Respini has listed a San An- tonio address because she wants to make San Antonio the city she will always return to, no matter where she journeys. She was born in Petaluma, California, but has traveled all over the world since then. She spent seven- teen years with the U. S. Air Force Nurse Corps, was in England, France, and Germany during World War II with evacuation hospitals. In 1947 Ellen was assigned to a second tour of duty in Germany, and during that time she traveled through France, Spain, Portu- gal, ltaly, and Switzerland. On return- ing to the U. S., she received another tour of duty this time to Fairbanks, Alaska, where she spent two years. At the present time, she is working to- wards her Master's degree in Nursing Service Administration, at the Univer- sity of Colorado. Genevieve Planeta Ellen M- Respini ,g:--amvnsfr, -, -' 'mv'-fl 1-rug, -'-f-- M--f' - 5-.-2.-, , ,L-A-'.A.ix1' 1fr-:: Y f M- -- .. . . ,, , , , ' 'Q -' f- -ff-'H A 7295-'fr-' - lh1"i'7f-si'-- -X H' -- ff - gif:-A-fe?-1i,if'i:.--f'-" 'f fa- 'Q Q -Mt-.f....w uw fer.. 'N ua ,,,f Our Class Has Heard Repeatedly the Demand for Nel .l. McCullough NEL l. MCCULLOUGH 16O1V2 W. Woodlawn San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 5-5855 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Whenever we see Mrs. McCullough we are reminded of the old song, "Gentle Lady," which seems to describe her better than anything else. Nel inter- rupted college many years ago to be- come the wife of an Army Officer. When she lost him just recently, she decided to re-enter college and the teaching field. She has made an admir- able comeback, and is now one of the most highly esteemed teachers in the San Antonio public school system. After graduation in May, Nel will be off to Honolulu, to visit her nephew and family and incidentally, to re- acquaint herself with what is now the fiftieth state of the union. lt has been a great pleasure having you with us in your senior year, Mrs. McCullough. IOO lDA NAJVAR Box 113 Sweet Home, Texas Telephone: Yoakum AX 3-2834 Bachelor of Music in Music Education lda's magnificent voice and sweet friendliness are not the only things which will leave her memory stamped on the minds and hearts of faculty and students. We all recognize in her the ability to discern the Worthwhile things in life and to coordinate her activities, winnowing the worthy from the less worthy and acting accordingly. lda was elected to Alpha Chi in her junior year, was re-elected in her sen- ior year, and also nominated to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She is a de- vout Sodalist, and served as prefect of the Sodality in her junior year. After graduation in May, Ida hopes to devote her talents to teaching music in junior or senior high school. lda Najvar Margaret Naczki MARGARET N ACZK1 1400 Cleveland Avenue Chicago, Illinois Telephone: Michigan 2-3486 Bachelor of Science in Nursing A very forthright person, Margaret says she just barges into pe-ople's lives, and accepts things as they are. We all appre- ciate her sincerity and recognize in her a dedicated person, who puts her own in- terests in the background when there is a question of someone needing help. Mar- garet was graduated from St. .l0seph's School of Nursing in the 'aWindy City." She attended De Paul University before coming to lncarnate Word College. When asked her future plans, she answered - 4'Why plan? After all, doesn't Divine Provi- dence play some part in our lives?" Mar- garet is definitely interested in pediatrics, and will continue in that line of nursing at least for the present. Good luck, Margaret. Scholarship - The Pursuit of Excellence . . RITA SCI-IUCKENBROCK Rte. 2, Box 37 Raymondville, Texas Telephone: MU 9-2704 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Rita has always been classified as one of the most photogenic members of her class and we can readily understand why. Rita has always been interested in scientific sub- jects and for that reason chose medical technology as her major. After graduation she plans to use every available opportunity for travel, and will roam far from the Rio Grande Valley. She will, however, be al- ways glad to return to that Valley which has been home for her for many years. Rita will work as a medical technologist in a hospital until such time as she will establish her own home, and then she will say ugood-bye" to laboratory work. Good luck, Rita. Rita Schuckenbrock JULIA L. SOWERS Alice Sackett ALICE E. SACKETT 723 Karen Lane San Antonio, Texas- Telephone: TA 6-5696 Bachelor of Arts in English As an Army wife, Mrs. Sackett has seen the greater part of the U. S., and has lived in Japan. She has three wonderful children, David, 15, Jeffrey, 12, and Jancy, 9, who keep her so youthful-minded that she sometimes feels like a teen-ager. Alice plans to be a public school librarian, and to combine this career with her house- wifely duties. She 'is also interested in teaching English in a high school or junior high school, but only on a part- time basis. The library work has greater appeal for her talents. We wish you the greatest success, Mrs. Sackett, and hope that your future will be as happy as your past has been. 4503 Avenue C Austin 5, Texas Telephone: HO 5-94-57 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Julia is one of those people whose sole desire is to serve humanity. For this very reason, she chose nursing after being dissatisfied with every type of work which she attempted. It looks as if the good Lord has really directed her into the right field, for she has been a very satisfactory student of nursing. Julia hopes to do missionary work in the Belgian Congo, or in some similar place. She has been active in the Pro- fessional Nurses' Club, and in several state and national nursing organiza- tions. We wish you the best of every- thing, Julia, and hope you reach the Congo if that is what the good Lord wants you to do. " lf, ff Julia M. Sowers I0 ' v 'f--4-.-1'1'f::-.uv-'f-,ec ' ,E:::.1f,-:-:naZS:-?f:2'.?ir.:,:: Y 1 L-,:::, -sf N - " ' ' ' ' ' - - . - ' ,,. ,-., - " ... ' " " "ve ' ' rf f"ri"'if" : ,.' f- W ' i v Uar Class Has Been at Least on Reading Terms With Vivian Rideaux VIVIAN RIDEAUX 2010 E. Crockett St. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 4-4068 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Vivian came to I.W.C. at the beginning of her junior year to continue her work in elementary education. Her plans are to teach in the San Antonio Inde- pendent School District, to travel in summer, and after graduation to be- gin work on her Masteris degree. Vivian is also interested in Special Education and would like to devote some time to working with exceptional children. She doesn't think, however, that she would like to spend her whole life at that particular kind of work. A very well-liked member of the senior class, Vivian will long be remembered for her innate refinement, and her calmness and self-possession in any upsetting occurrence. NANCY RUSSELL 2408 Breedlove Harlingen, Texas Telephone: CA 3-3846 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Nancy hopes to spend her future teach- ing exceptional children. She acquired this great love for teaching this type of child from her student teaching ex- periences at the Eloise .laphet School. Nancy has spent four years at l.W.C. and has been an active participant in several clubs and organizations. She served as vice-prefect of the Sodality of Our Lady, and was recording sec- retary for the Archdiocesan Federation of Sodalities. Nancy loves to write poetry, and we hope to see some of her work in print. She also loves to dance, read, but especially, to work with children. Nancy will work on a Master's degree in Special Education as soon as she completes her degree requirements. W Nancy Russell Agnes Rohan AGNES EMILY ROHAN 355 Roslyn Avenue San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 7-9918 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Agnes is a person who listens carefully and collects her thoughts before making a statement. She rarely raises her voice above a conversational tone, and has to be seen before one realizes she is present in a room. Agnes plans on a future in medi- cal technology work, with a combination of homemaking in the not-too-distant fu- ture. Of a generous and thoughtful nature, she is a very popular person, whose advice is sought in various problems. She is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa Science Club, and the student branch of the Ameri- can Society of Medical Technologists. We wish you success in your future, Agnes, and are happy to have known you fo-r the four years of college. The BEAT GENERATION, the UNSILENT GENERATION . . SOPHIE L. TSE 27 Nathan Road Kowloon, Hongkong Telephone: 58545 Bachelor of Arts in Business Sophie has demonstrated that her stature and her courage are in inverse proportion. Coming from Hongkong four years ago, this tiny C5 ft.J young lady, with a halting knowledge of English, set out to master the language and work towards the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Summers have been spent in working toward this goal also, and Sophie has not been back home since she arrived here in 1955. At the end of July, she hopes to return home, and we all rejoice with her. We only wish that we could get a glimpse of the welcome which her family will give her. Sophie loves to travel, she has been to Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, and to several of the states in the U. S. We all admire Sophie's courteous manner, her quiet calmness, and her keen sense of humor. lt has been a privilege to have been your classmate, Sophie. Edna Riddle EDNA RIDDLE Cuauhtemoc 21 Sur Piedras Negras, Coah. Mexico Telephone: 96 Bachelor of Arts in Art Edna says she cannot see her future plans beyond the one-man art exhibit she must hang as a requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Arts. But we know betterg wedding plans are already under way for a summer date, and Edna is wearing the huge diamond on the correct finger. Edna is vice- president of Alpha Delta Sigma socio- scholastic organization, and member of the Apostleship of Prayer. She was elected Queen of the Senior Snowball in January, and l.W.C. representative to the A Sz M Cotton Ball. We have recognized in Edna an artist of ex- quisite taste, who should go far, if she continues her study of art. The best of everything, Edna. ROBERTA FAYE TURNER 2101 Clower -San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 5-7604 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Roberta entered l.W.C. at the beginning of her junior year but immediately became part of the school. A tall, slender line and well-groomed appear- ance give Roberta that admirable casual college look. She is poised and well-mannered in any situation, "an admirable quality in woman." She is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa Science Club, and the American Society of Medical Technologists. Roberta's im- mediate plans are to follow a medical technology career, but we know that will be only a temporary career, and that her true career will be "queen of Prince Charming's castle." The best of luck, Roberta. Sophie Tse Roberta Faye Turner V , - - - " - -" i ' .:- - " - iffg ' " T' ' c ' "' M 1 . .,, . , HW 43,-1'ff'f3l5Gsg. ..-,ragga-1:-pass ,...:umss.... W W e Have Experienced Four Fruitful Years Under Betty J. Snyder BETTY J. SNYDER 603 Shadywood Lane San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 6-1376 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Camera-shy Mrs. Snyder had made up her mind that she was not having her picture made for the Yearbook, but children, Billy, 8, and Stephanie, 9, in- fluenced her to change that mind, and that is why you now can see this at- tractive young woman pictured here. It would have been a pity to have missed her, wouldn't it? Having completed her degree work in January, Mrs. Snyder began her teaching career at the Ridgeview Elementary School in the Northeast District. She is a very popu- lar teacher, but is happy that her own children are not in her classroom. Mrs. Snyder was born in Philadelphia and lived in that area until she married. She is now a fully-fledged Texan. Wel- come to Texas, Betty. IO4 EVLYN ANN STASNY P.O. Box 162 Sweet Home, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Evelyn has an ever inquisitive interest in life which reveals the seriousness of her mind. She is sensitive to the feelings of others and especially care- ful that they should not be hurt. Evelyn is a very active person - So- dality of Our Lady, State and Na- tional Nurse organizations, Phi Sigma Kappa Science Club, Student Council add up to a very impressive list of activities. Evelyn's great love for her nursing vocation has inspired her sis- ter, Marjorie, to embrace the same calling. She has a great interest in the less fortunate sick people and would like to devote her life to bed- side nursing, for she feels that this is a marvelous opportunity for true Chris- tian dedication. Evelyn Ann Stasny Iris D. Stack IRIS D. STACK 253 Westminster San Antonio, Texas Telephone: GE 3-5616 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education A resident of Europe for five years, Mrs. Stack returned to the U. S. when her hus- band's health called for a change of climate. Death has since called Mr. Stack, so Mrs. Stack returned to complete her college work and prepare herself for a teaching career in the elementary grades. Mrs. stack's broad general education, and her first-hand information about the great cen- ters of history and culture make her a very worthwhile teacher indeed. A second bereavement, the death of her father, came to Mrs. Stack in her senior year. This, too, she bore with magnificent resignation, and set about the completion of her work with courage and fortitude. We are proud to have had you with us, Mrs. Stack. N ,v . XII. in hu.. .'. luiate. ..-, XII: college V.-" Z l.cClJlDg llrs. l1CI fill CCH- i ,r ... Y JEZIIOU: her H second came This 51 E I .A proud The Tutelage of Dedicated Instructors . DOROTHY C. SUTTON 616 Lois St. Kerrville, Texas Telephone: Cl 7-6964 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Dorothy is more than just a nurse, she is a dedicated person, who looks upon her nursing profession as a special mission from God. We all admire the great spirit of this lady who commutes from Kerrville every week to fulfill her requirements for her de- gree for the sole purpose of being better prepared to serve her fellow men. At the present time Dorothy does professional nurs- ing at the Veterans, Hospital in Kerrville. She spent nine years in the Army Nurse Corps and traveled throughout Europe and Japan. She takes time to participate in several nurse organizations, both on the state and national levels. We are very proud of you, Dorothy, and are grateful to you for the inspiration you have given us by your words and example. Dorothy Sutton Julia Sturdivant JULIA STURDIVANT 515 Circle Street San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 2-5628 Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Julia interrupted her college work several years ago to assume the role of wife and mother. Now that her children are growing up fast, she de- cided to complete that unfinished work and secure her bachelor's de- gree. Mrs. Sturdivant has studied in Mexico, and has made practical use of her Spanish by serving as an in- terpreter for the U. S. Government. She has also taught in a bi-lingual commercial school, a task which she dearly loved. She is at the present time, a very busy person, taking care of her home, and keeping up her studies in college. She says that returning to school has been a great help to her in solving some of ehildren's problems, and getting a better understanding of their needs. It was wonderful having you in our senior class, Mrs. Sturdi- vant. SHARON ELAINE TRIAL Camp Zama Japan Bachelor of Science in Nursing Villanova's loss was our gain when Sharon transferred from that institution in her sophomore year. Daughter of an Army officer, Sharon will follow dad's and brother's leads by entering the Army Nurse Corps in June. She will be commissioned a 2nd Lt. A lover of travel, Sharon has been to every one of the 4-8 states, as well as Hawaii, the 50th state, Mexico, and Japan, and she hopes to see the rest of the world before many years have elapsed. A devoted Sodalist, she has served as Sodality reporter during her junior and senior years. She is also an active member of several profes- sional organizations, and was Princess to the Stardust Ball in her junior year. A pleasant trip to Japan, Sharon. Sharon Trial cv I4 vb 'ml . - . -- . V- .. ... . - . ..- u-n-rr-iff.-nz-.un..-s,.--app.--n-1' m .1 .- ..- ,.. -nun-Av 'mm ,f-nw Aff - . -.f,,..,,-,-.,-. , Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees W hose Pictures Are Not Shown Here BACHELOR OF ARTS SISTER MARY STELLA BARRIENTES, I.W.B.S. Corpus Christi SISTER MARY CATHERINE BREHONY, I.W.B.S. Corpus Christi SISTER MARY LOUISE DZIEDZIC, I.W.B.S. Victoria SISTER M. AURELIA GARCIA, C.C.V.I. San Antonio I SISTER M. ANASTASIA GRAHMANN, I.W.B.S. Victoria SISTER PHILOMENA TERESA GURNEY, C.S.T. Oklahoma City, Okla. SISTER BENEDICTA KNABE, S.S.M. Fort Worth SISTER .IOHN OF GOD McGRATH, C.C.V.I. San Antonio, Texas, SISTER GLORIA MASDIAZ, S.T.I. New Orleans, La. MOTHER CATHERINE MARIE MONKS, O.S.U. Decatur, Ill. ' SISTER M. LABOURE MOORE, R.S.M. Vicksburg, Miss. SISTER MOUNT CARMEL McGOVERN, O.L.C. San Antonio SISTER M. ANGELA O'MAHONEY, P.B.V.M. San Antonio P SISTER M. AQUINATA O'MARA, C.C.V.I. San Antonio SISTER M. CECILIA PALOMO, I.W.B.S. Corpus Christi I MOTHER TERENCE RYAN, O.S.U. Festus, Missouri SISTER MARY .IUDE SCHREIBER, S.S.M. Fort Worth SISTER MARY GABRIEL SMITH, O.L.C. San Antonio SISTER MARY GEMMA WAGNER, I.W.B.S. BACHELOR OF MUSIC I SISTER MARGARET MARY ORORTIZ, I.W.B.S. Corpus Christi SISTER M. ANASTASIA THIBODEAUX, V.I. Houston BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SISTER MARIA FRANCESCA FORST, C.S.T. Oklahoma City, Okla. SISTER MARGARET TERESA LAYMAN, C.S.T. Oklahoma City, Okla. SISTER ADELAIDE TERESA MEHAN, C.S.T. Oklahoma City, Okla. SISTER M. DOMITIUS O'CONNOR, C.C.V.I. San Antonio SISTER M. EUGENIA PELLEN, R.S.M. Little Rock, Arkansas SISTER M. CLARISSA SCHMIDT, O.S.B. Fort Smith, Arkansas SISTER ANN PATRICIA TYNAN, D.C. Shreveport, La. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HOME ECONOMICS . SISTER JAMES MARIE ANHAISER, I.W.B.S. Corpus Christi SISTER M. DOROTHY BRADEN, V.I. Houston BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY SISTER MARY LORRAINE CARPENTER, I.W.B.S. Victoria- BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MEDICAL RECORDS LIBRARY SCIENCE ' SISTER M. ALOYSIUS OTT, O.P. New Orleans, La. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING SISTER MARY MAGDALEN BERTNISKI, C.D.P. San Antonio SISTER MARY SYLVAN DURBIN, C.D.P. San Antonio SISTER M. DOROTHYGREMMINGER, C.C.V.I. San Antonio SISTER MAGDALEN DE PAZZI HESSION, C.C.V.I. L San Antonio SISTER M. CLARINE MADDEN, C.C.V.I. San Antonio SISTER M. FIDELIA TAPKEN, C.C.V.I. San Antonio LEIIEW 935555 Ufllifi, Tekpiff " t, ,. Bachf- -' I lalffgl f-11 lady F5153 its emi. I gpitlti often Sigma I-1591 lations to teal iz Z Ring ff lima! deg: time for tra: graduatd and has lea know that L 4 fi I R f V' ' at f is K. pw., Q32 'gm he .am I I, I " 5 iw In ! R55 ,QPF 5. . 5 x I 9 '06 ' . .pm ll' ' CORDS - We Have, W e Hope, Maintained a Tradition of Excellence . . LETICIA VALADEZ 922 Griner St. Del Rio, Texas Telephone: 5-3002 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Gentleness and courtesy personify this young lady who came to I.W.C. four years ago, upon graduation from Sacred Heart Acad- emy. Leticia is a very popular senior, whose opinion is respected, and whose advice is often sought. She has belonged to Phi Sigma Kappa, and to the International Re- lations Club. After graduation Leticia plans to teach in the elementary schools of Del Riog she will then begin her work for a Master's degree, and she hopes to find some time for traveling. Leticia's sister, Enriqueta, graduated from l.W.C. just two years ago, and has been a very successful teacher. We know that Leticia will have a like record. Nicki Varelas NICOLA LAVERNE VARELAS 231 Hermitage Ct. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: LE 3-154-0 Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Nicki, as she is affectionately called by everyone at l.W.C., has traveled all over the U. S. on roller skates. This is how it happened. A champion skater, Nicki and her sister, Jeanne, have entered skating competitions in several cities throughout the country. Nicki has more medals than would fit in a good-sized show-case, and she is likely to amass many more. Last surn- mer, she and her sister, Jeanne, from whom she is inseparable, attended a six-weeks officers training program at Quantico, Va. This year, Nicki plans to repeat the experience as soon as the graduation days are over. She hopes to remain in the Marines for two years, and by that time, wedding plans will be underway. Nicki has participated in almost every activity of the schoolg she will be missed when she leaves at the end of May. FLORENCE VYVLECKA Box 4-03 Jourdanton, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing For Florence, wedding bells will ring in June, so that the graduation gown will be immediately laid aside for the bridal gown. Florence has been a very much-sought-after student nurse - very popular with fellow students, instruc- tors and most important of all, by patients. She is an active member of the various nursing organizations. Last year, Florence was elected junior duchess to the Stardust Ball, this year, she is senior Princess. Her sense of loyalty and responsibility is a very valu- able characteristic of this young nurse who should be a very successful home- maker as well, Leticia Valadez Florence Vyvlecka ft' N .- t . Y Y, , , -W W, L, ,,,H, ,,,,, ,., . ..... . .............w1'!"v'ff-.,f-fw'- ' .-.-.-ma---.---s-1, 4, ,125 ,.,...-- h N f Five Candidates Who Have Completed All We Present to You Here t e 6177165 0 Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts - - - Sorry, no pictures available. MATTIE LOU CLIFTON San Antonio SISTER MARY CLETUS GUIDRY, M.S.C. New Orleans, La. EVE-MARY RACZ San Antonio JEWEL RAWLINGS Poth I ALMA ESSINGTON WORTH San Antonio . J-LJHNNIE LOUISE WATKINS 1011 Dakota Street San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 3-6910 MYRTLE WILLIAMS a 1907 Nolan St. San Antonio, Texas Telephone: CA 7-3865 Johnnie Louise Watkins Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4 .Iohnnie is one of the youngest graduates of the present class, and since the future seems so long and promising, has built up quite a list of achievements to be covered. There is little doubt that whatever she sets out to do will be accomplished. Her rare sense of humor has kept the spirits of her classmates high even in the face of crisis. Very active in many nursing organizations, as well as in campus clubs, Johnnie never turns down any assignment, no matter how crowded she is. She hopes to work as a civil service nurse in one of the local military hospitals for a short period after graduation. Then it will be graduate study in social work. Foreign travel is also on the agenda, and maybe the Air Force. Good luck, Johnnie. Keep smiling. , . I08 s 2 Myrtle Williams I ' Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Among her most interesting experiences, Myrtle lists het' W10Tk with the Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics organization, and her student teaching. She plans to teach vocat1onal.h01I1f?' making in a junior or senior high school after graduation in May. Myrtle loves to sew and design clothes. She HWY, UE the future, open her own dress shop, so that she can turn 011 the type garments she feels will be acceptable to the w0I11Z1g who is aware of good dressmaking. Myrtle started out 11:1 in nursing program but found that it was not what she wanfe ' 6. was a very wise change, for she has achieved outstandlniilf sults in the home economics program. The best of everyt gf Myrtle. lllllmlll I were limit Baidzqh Bla iii the sh ta' M2 limi: has law: Wiki Wm M351 if 52 it 5 411 MS , -V ,S wmics Iggy work miZ2llOns 11 houtfi' ,ation 111 513:71 In mm out . WOIWH ir ill the ized. If flint fe' ,mhlllga We Conclude the Parade of Women Graduates Who Will Follow the Careers for Which They Have So Diligently Prepared Themselves During the Past Four or Five Years I Dorothy Wohlfiel DOROTHY WOHLFIEL 111 High View San Antonio, Texas Telephone: PE 4+-4158 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Mrs. Wohlfiel is to be commended for her determination in picking up her work where she left off several years ago to become a busy wife and mother. She has added to all this during the past two years the roles of teacher in the Northeast District Elementary School system, and college student at I.W.C. Her little girl, now in fifth grade, is her pride and joy, and her mother hopes she, too, will become a teacher. Mrs. Wohlfiel belongs to the Texas State Teachers' Association, and to the National Education Association. She regrets not being able to participate more in campus affairs. It has been a pleasure having you in our senior class. , l Edith Wright EDITH WRIGHT 4119 Queen Anne San Antonio, Texas Telephone: TA 6-8830 ' Bachelor of Science in Nursing Edith has a calm stateliness and decorum on which the more excitable members of the class rely. She has a realistic set of values shown to us in consistently good humor. Efficient and poised with a very "different" wardrobe, Edith is always-very attractive. She is an active member of the Professional.Nurses' Club, and is graciously generous to all who need assistance. Born in the neighboring town of Victoria, Edith was graduated from the Santa Rosa School of Nursing, following a three-year program. She likes every phase of nursing, but thinks she would like an instructorship. Good luck, Edith. F Candidates Who Have Completed All Requirements for the Master of Education Degree ANNE MARY CORRIGAN Washington, D. C. MILDRED HAYES CURNUTT San Antonio JUANITA TAYLOR FRIDAY San Antonio SISTER MARY 'OLIVER LEE, C.C.V.I. San Antonio SISTER AGNES VALERIE MEYER, C.C.V.I. San Antonio SISTER M. ANNE SMILEY, C.C.V.I. San Antonio BEATRICE WILLIAMS WALKER San Antonio OSSIE LEE WALTERS San Antonio Q I09 -1----Y---- - .,u--- 1 .-..s.. . .Tam ' Y.--1, ts- L Q Y Y V wx ,. 53 I 7 ' by g N, AY M, ,T , --e. ,U , , , , ,, ,.,D,,.,4,-,-,, --,l,.., -. , ,wifi iss,-4,.':a.q-.., ---L --,.-1, ,..,l.--.Wk .l l I v- - - !a odalit of Our Lad 1 E 1 I , l 4 1 1 I l l I 1 1 I 4 i i i 1 i I in r Q 4 I l I I Front row: Cleft to rightlz Roberta Kretzmeier, Mary Ann Dramer, Alice Villarreal, Consuelo Mendoza, Magdalena Banderas, Rosario 7 Gomez, Rose Marie Galindo, Pat Ludolph, Dolores Ryza, Helen Clifton, Carolyn Albrecht, Rose Marie Raalo, Rosalie Rice. Second row: 1, Beatriz Villarreal, Maria del Carmen Zardanetta, Maria de la Paz Solis, Lucia Gomez, Maria Teresa Valdez, Irene Suarez, Diana Weis- T bruch, Virginia Vales, Marilyn Bueche, Cathy Cayo, Rhenetta Davydiuk. Third row: Maria Estela Garcia, Dolly Martinez, Judy Ramirez, f Amahle Benitez, Otilia Resendez, Maria Villarreal, Lucy Gonzalez, Mary Esther Otal, Rose Mary Segura, Rita Mascorro, Azucena Parras, Dorothy Jerabek, Rose Mary Gutierrez. ' l r The Sodality of Our Lady is devoted to the spiritual formation of the students, and is a Way of life which can lead them to the highest level of sanctity. Sodalists assist at daily Mass, receive the Sacraments frequently, and devote at least fifteen minutes daily to prayer and meditation. Devotion to Our Lady is the outstanding mark of the sodalist, and the recitation of the Rosary a daily practice. Sodalists make an hour of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament on the First Friday of the month. L Officers for the present year were: y, Prefect: Rose Marie Galindo J Vice-prefect: Rosario Gomez 1 Secretary: Pat Ludolph Treasurer : Dolores Ryza Rosario Gomez represented the Sodality at the National Congress in St. Louis, Mo., and plans are HOW under way to send delegates to the lnternational Congress in Atlantic City in the summer. i r Q Q The Apostleship of Prayer i I On the first row above are pictured the officers of the Apostleship of Prayer with their spiritual director, Reverend J. M. B. Orrego chaplain, Otilia Prikryl, secretary, Celeste Cavazos, vice-president, Father Orrego, Irma Vento, president, and Teresa Cosio, treasurer Also pictured are the other members of the Apostleship of Prayer: .ludy Colgan, Donnie Couch, Adelina Corral, Mary Lynn Murphy lgnacia Garcia, Elizabeth Vann, Maria Alicia Fernandez, Bette Bluhm, Xochitl Martinez, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Mary Ann Hernandez Pauline Finney, Guadalupe Blanco, Mary Jo. Vivas, Lourdes Soriano, Elva Rose Trevino, Georgina Estrada, Gail Owen, Margot Saenz 7 Rose-ann Zarsky, Melida Perez, Lannes Garcia, Sylvia Gonzalez, Mary Lou Alanis, Mary C. Garza, Georgina Rangel, Martha Erhard, Ambarina Margo, Amelia Pargac, Mary Fritz, Carmen Cruz, Sylvia Heredia, Cynthia Gonzalez, Kathleen McCarthy, Tommye Kuykendall, and Irma Dora Garcia. The Apostleship of Prayer is an organization of the faithful who seek not only their own salvation, but by prayer and sacrifice, the growth of the Mystical Body of Christ. The Associates have a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and promote zealously the First Friday Devotion, the Communion of Reparation, the Holy Hour, and the fervent daily offering to God of their prayers, works, joys and sufferings in the MORNING Offering, for the intentions of Christ and Our Holy Father. The Promoters are those members especially pre- pared and admitted to the office by the Director. Their function is to gather new members and to help mold them in the real spirit of the Apostleship. The Apostleship welcomes every student on the campus. II3 ,, I ,I J' ' '.3...3,:-g,T,,-,..4..,-vfjri-Ja..-6LLV1-7-Q42 . .,:Qfi-g.:gQ,:3if-f:g..,M-f-5--v ' Z 1 ' 1 i l r , . 1 1 I , ,, 1 A q . 1 : L 1 s I . 1 1 Q , 1 - , Z , . fr N 4 E P T I ' " 'Y " . 2JjKIl2Zi"'-1-A- ' " 4 ' T-' -P " 'Z' XD-T12ELT'A'73 43-QfJ?L4 ' The tudent Education Association Front row Cleft to rightlz Rose Marie Raab, Gloria Rodriguez, Carolyn Albrecht, Judy Colgan, Ma.ry Jo. Tasch, and Dorothy Higuera. Second row: Rose Marie Galindo, Rose Lee Linnartz, Veronica Lepold, Dolores Ryza, Annette Kalka, Kathleen Mooney, Mary Lynn Murphy, and Patricia Kutchka. The newly-chartered Student Education Association, called the SNEA, started off with a bang. A membership drive was inaugurated, and the officers placed themselves on call for all future teachers Who wished to join. Elected to office Were: Judy Colgan, president, Valerie Conner, vice-president, Carolyn Albrecht, secretary, and Gloria Rodriguez, treasurer. The association, which gives young people a campus taste of What the senior pro- fessional organization, the NEA, is and does, invites membership to its ranks, and offers professional service to all future teachers. At the Convention held in Houston, March 19-21, Judy Colgan and Valerie Conner were con- testants for the title, 'clfuture Teacher of Texasfi and Judy placed in the finals. Also attending the convention were Rose Marie Raab and Patricia Kutchka, and Miss Whalen Moderator of the Association. Incarnate Word College received high commendation for its display of materials at the convention in Houston. in the Shamrock Hilton Hotel. The theme of the meeting Was, HPride in Teachinfff' Plans are now underway for a mammoth drive for members, and for action in 1959-60. 9 D Alpha Psi mega Dramatic Society 'SV Amelia Pargac Patricia Lozano Kathleen McCarthy and Margot Saenz The object of Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fraternity 15 to develop dramatic talent 1n acting directing, speakino and writing to cultivate a taste for the best in the drama, and to promote Christian ideals in dramatic art The annual play festival sponsored by this group 1n November of every year mcludes both Catholic college and high school productions A very enthusiastic speech choir presented Bumpelstilskin with puppets and music for the play festival, as well as for College Day and other convocations Members of Alpha Psi Omega presented a one act play The Raveled Sleeve, during the Play Festival The production rated Superior and Judy Free man, a sophomore member of the cast, rated the award, Best Actress This play was also presented to the shut-ins at Lackland A1r Force Hospital, and Brooke Army Hospital. It was also given for the members of the Alumnae Association. Everywhere it was received with the same enthusiastic response. The annual produc- tion was uTwelve Angry Women,77 a stage version taken from the movie, uTwelve Angry Menf, Given on April 15, it proved itself to be a very compact and powerful jury-room drama, and kept the audience on the edge of the seats throughout the performance. Manuelita Gutierrez served as cast director of Alpha Psi Omega during the year, Consuelo Mendoza as secretary, .ludy Barloco as treasurer, Magdalena Banderas as publicist, Helen Schumann as historian, and Sister Mary Helene as moderator and director. Left to right: Cseatedl Roberta Kretzmeier, Magdalena Banderas, Consuelo Mendoza, and Helen Schumann. Second row: Nellie Herrera 9 ' 9 9 ' . . . . , . . . 5, I, . . . . ' C .Ol x . . . . ,C . . ,, . . Q cc 77 - A - - cc - 77 - 7 0 7 - CC 77 ' Alpha Lambda I elm W ...W M4 First row lleft to rightl: Barbara Wendel, Mary Esther Otal, Rose Mary Gutierrez, loan Seigler, Pauline Finney, Mary Ann DISAIEIICY, and Irene Warwas. Second row: Kathy Perry, Carolyn Albrecht, Dorothy Higuera, Doris Muckle, Sharron Dawn Lamp, .lo Feccgh 109 Villarreal, Lucila Aguirre, Martha Ternus. Third row: Rose Lee Linnartz, Carolyn Byrne, Mary Anderson, Ramah Koenig, Zola c ram, Judy Colgan, Renee Sluder. Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society for freshman women. The purpose of the society is to PTO' mote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshmen. To be eligible for election the student must have a grade point average of at least 2.5 at the end of the first semester of the freshman year or at the end of the freshman year. The following students Were initiated 1U the lncarnate Word College chapter on April 21, Rosemary Gutierrez, Mary Esther Gtal, Katherine Perry, and A Barbara Wendel. Officers for 1958-59 Were: President, Pauline Finney, vice-president, loan Seigl61'5 tfeaslfrfrt Rose Mary Gutierrez, and secretary, Mary Ann Dramer. Alpha Lambda Delta cooperated with Alpha Chl 111 sponsoring the Spring Flin a dance. Me b f h ' ' Th ha ter I g, in ers o t e group were responsible for the decorations. G C P also sponsored the scholarship tea honoring the members of the National Honor Society in local high s0h001S- The Sports Association OFFICERS OF SPORTS ASSOCIATION Cleft to rightlz Ignacia Garcia secretary, Patsy O'Shea, chairman of intramurals Maribel Perez, vice-president, Zoila Garza, president, LaRuth Patton, treasurer The Sports Association is one of the most spirited associations on campus. Spirit, good fellowship, and loyalty are predominant characteristics of the members. In the early part of the year, a volleyball game, Faculty versus Students, was scheduled. The faculty won. Drs. Greenburg and Burke were captain and co-captains, respec- tively, for the faculty team, Becky Smith and Ignacia Garcia served in like capacities for the student team. In both the volleyball tournament and basketball tournament the sophomores carried off the laurels, but freshmen are determined that they will be the winners next year. One of the most interesting events of the calendar was the Youth Amateur Hour, held on February 6. The first prize, an all-expense-paid trip to New York, with the opportunity of appearing on the Ted Mack Original I-Iour, was donated by Miss Doris Aceli Trevino, a physical education graduate of I.W.C., who operates her own dancing studio, and who has taught dancing on campus for the past four years. A high-school junior from Mount Erin was the lucky winner. Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Hal Atkins, Production Manager of KRIS-TV, Corpus Christi, and the judges were Mrs. Alvin Abelman, Mrs. Preston Dial, and Mrs. Dan Davis. Another event of great interest was the annual Horse Show, held on March 7, in the Brackenridge Park Show Bing. Pauline Finney, sophomore, won the first place trophy in the pair class, and the blue ribbon in advanced equitation. Mrs. Richard L. Brandt, director of physical and health education, sponsored two educational tours during the school year, the first to Carlsbad Caverns at Thanksgiving, and the second to Washington and New York, during the Easter vacation. Sisters M. Xaverius, chairman of the department, and Sister Mary Mark, instructor, accompanied the group to Carlsbad Caverns. As we go to press, preparations are in order for the riding class to appear in Fiesta Parade. They should bring home the blue ribbon. ,---fffwffa-'M M -ea-fM -V-vfff1-fw- +HI- e-I- ' l The International Relations Club First row Cleft to rightl: Carolyn Albrecht, Amable Benitez, Gloria Rodriguez, Eileen Malone, Leticia Valadez, Rita Mascorro, and Dorothy Higuera. I The International Relations Club, first established in 1910 with the Andrew Carnegie Foundation, was organized on the lncarnate Word College campus in l932. Joint meetings, consisting of panel discussions and socials, are held with the other colleges in therarea throughout the school year. Through such discussions students are made aware of world events, and are able to interpret them wisely. lncarnate Word College holds the chairmanship of the Texas Region of the National Federation of Catholic College Students, International Relations C0mmiSSi01'1- Under the direction of Miss Mary M. F. Whalen, members of the I.R.C. study national and international social issues and the conditions contributing to them. Officers for 1958-59: President: Martha Lozano fFirst semesterj Secretary: Sylvia Olivo and Leticia Valadez Eileen Malone QSecond semesterj T reasarer: Gloria Rodriguez Vtce-prestolent: Amable Benitez ""' ' " I appa Pi Sigma, Left to right: Barbara Elbel, president, Catherine Dennehy, Socorro Hernandez fpledgel, Ana Martha Tellez fpledgel, Elaine Schultz Cpledgel, Barbara Brown fpledgel, Doris Anne Calderoni, secretary, and ,lo Ann Raska, treasurer. Connie Luby, vice-president, is not in the picture. Kappa Pi Sigma is the honor society for business majors. To be eligible for membership, business majors must secure a B average in all business subjects. The organization works conjointly with the Business Club to sponsor campus projects. The two groups with the capable assistance of about forty freshmen, sponsored the Turkey Supper at the Harvest Festival, and made a huge success of the affair. Again in January, the two groups combined forces to put on a Mexican supper for the benefit of the Student Union Building. Pledging for the future members of Kappa Pi Sigma began on February 25, and formal initiation was held on April 29, in the Conference Room with the usual candlelight ceremony. Sister M. Emilia is the moderator of the two groups, Kappa Pi Sigma and the Business Club. II9 4 ..,.,..' .4 H 4 . H. Professional Nurses, Club CT r F : lf ' h E D ' , Ch l T , Al' e Roberts, Edith Bonnett, .Ioan Thompson, and Claire Wilson. Second rorfiflit fllieft tb erigIifJnPe?gy C:p,fI Jacgilindeegoopeii Beatrice Trevino, Edith Daly, Dorothy Zulauf, Irene Smith, and Clyde Svatek. The Professional Nurses' Club is an organization of all student nurses in the basic and advanced programs. At the beginning of the school year the graduate and undergraduate segments merged into one club and adopted one set of by-laws. The Club sponsored the Fish Pond at the Harvest Festival, and contributed from that project 368.00 to the Student Union Building. An additional 350.00 was donated by the Club for the same fund. Meet- ings are held monthly, refreshments are served and a program is given at each meeting. The Professional Nurses Club donated 310.00 as a Patron to Players Incorporated. The group sponsored a cake sale at Santa Rosa Division, it also held a display at the Silver Tea. New members were initiated into the Club, and a dinner was given at the Kelly AFB Officers Club for new and old members. Officers are as follows: President: Major Edith Bennett Vice-president: Yolanda Guzman Secretary: Carolyn Patino - Treasurer: Mrs. Geraldine Jackson Parliamentarian: Irma Garza Historian: Irene Warwas I20 "" """ '-' "' Alpha Delta igma Socio-Scholastic Club Left to right: Elizabeth Barrett, Adele Gonzalez, Barbara Tollen, Mapy Casso, Edna Riddle, Gayle Jamison, and Nicki Varelas. Second row: Luclle Johnson, Laura Garcia, Nellie Herrera, Helen Schumann, Judy Barloco, and Mary Lynn Steele. Third row: Mary Catherine Hinojosa, Alma Hinojosa, Edith Drillette, Eileen Malone, and Jacquelyn Carter. Alpha Delta is a socio-scholastic organization designed to combine the student's social life with other phases of the campus life. To be eligible for membership, a student must have a C average, and must be in good stand- ing. The chief annual project is the Alpha Delta Sigma-Freshman Autumn Formal, sponsored annually by the organization to honor the freshman class. This year's formal was held at the Sevenoaks Country Club. Officers are as follows: Mary Casso, president, Edna Riddle, vice-president, Barbara Tollen, treasurer, Adele Gonzalez, secretary, Gayle Jamison, historian, Elizabeth Barrett, reporter, Margaret Humes, parliamentarian, Nicki Vare- las, sergeant-at-arms. Edna Riddle was elected Queen of the '4Snowball," and Maid of honor to the Cotton Ball at ASIM College. Helen Schumann was the 1958-59 '4Miss Fiesta," and Mary Lynn Steele was runner-up for the l959-60 title. Nicki Varelas was an officer candidate at the Marine Headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, during the summer of l958. She will re-enter this summer to complete her training. T -Y if l , I Y I Y .4 . . . vii?-Q7.ffIffr?2 55-13 ?55255rr"T . fe- 222i -giwtlil-,fm A L 912 'i'j.Zlrz9.L llla....I.,. Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics Club First row Cleft to rightb: Dolly Carter, Kay Spears, Elizabeth Ozuna, Mary Katherine Hrones, Pat Ludolph, Mary Anderson, Mary T. Liberto, Rosalie Rice, Fernande Gard, Rosa Estrada, Myrtle Williams, Helen Marie Ruhnke. Second row: Rhenetta Davydiuk, Mary Lou Alanis, Mary Ann Hernandez, Dorothy Jerabek, Roseann Zarsky, Pat Zappe, Marilyn Bueche, Maria de la Paz Solis, Ambarina Margo, Otilie Prikryl, Judy Mangan, Sylvia Heredia. Third row: Irma Garcia, Rose Lee Linnartz, Dolly Martinez, Delma De Hoyos, Rosario Gomez, Laura Garcia, Adelina Corral, Bertha Hinojosa, Mary C. Garza, Irene Suarez, Cathy Cayo. Kappa Lambda Kappa promotes student interest in Christian family living. Students interested in Home Eco- nomics or promoting the ideals of the Christ-centered family are Welcome to oin, even though they are not tak- ing courses in this department. The club sponsors style shows, lectures, pre-Cana conferences, and projects r assisting the needy. Members attend the meetings of the Texas Home Economics College Clubs, of which Kappa Lambda Kappa is a member. Kappa Lambda Kappa forms the nucleus of the Family Life Commission of the NF CCS on the college campus. Calendar of Events for 1958-59 October: Get-Acquainted party for pledges and members. THECC Workshop at Mary Hardin Baylor College, Belton. December: 4cWinter Wonderland" Style Show. Christmas party for patients at San Antonio State Hospital. January: Installation of new members. February: Texas Home Economics Convention, Dallas. Pre-Cana Conference, guest speaker, Reverend Peter Rogers, O.M.l. March: Dinner raffle. Recruitment project: Style Show, uSymphony of Springf' and open House honoring the high school seniors of the San Antonio area. April: Panel discussion: uStudent Teaching Experiences." "Living in the Home Management House." May: Luncheon honoring the graduating seniors. Officers for 1958-59: Mari' T- Libefw, president Mary Anderson, vice-president Pat LUd0lPhv SGCTCMVY Rosalie Rice, treasurer Fernande Gard, historian l22 311. 1. Klan iiaiia if Harms. . ,XM - ml- ' 1 tak- 'Qi Q ..i. V l . a The Music Association First royf Cleft to rightlis Rose Mary Gutierrez, Dolores Ryza, Barbara Wagner, Mary Ann Dramer, Manuelita Gutierrez. Second row: Ida Najvar, Verna Collins, Marie S0bOC1I1Sk1, Margaret Ulcak, Irene Kissling, Rita Austin, Barbara Archer, Elvi Lou Leeper, Sylvia Cazares, Zlta Reinhardt. Membership in the Music Association is open to students in the Department of Music as well as to those who are interested in music. Each year the Association sponsors a Music Festival in which about five hundred high school students participate either in choirs or as soloists. A special feature of this year's festival was a Choral Clinic conducted by Mr. Beverly Henson, choral director of Trinity University. The Music Association also sponsored a concert on April 4, uthe Fifing lrishf' the 57-piece band of the University of Notre Dame. Officers for 1958-59: President: Irene Kissling Vice-president: Dolores Ryza Secretary-treasurer: Mary Ann Dramer 4, t X' I23 1 Phi Sigma Kappa Science lab 4 4 ? f 2,4 g , aff f ,I Q ff? Front row fleft to rightlz Pat Dial, Mary Jo. Tasch, Rosemarie Trevino, Rose Mary Gutierrez, Carolyn Byrne, Renee Sluder, Dorothy Higuera, Judy Kuan, Roberta Turner, Kathy Perry, Annie Fodor, Kathleen O'Brien, Jackie Holder. Second row: Sandra Guthrie, Frances Fair, Diana Doerr, Ramalr Koenig, Mary Fritz, Charlotte Urban, Zola Schram, Jo Fecci, Pauline Finney, Anna Marie Krenek, Sharron Dawn Lamp, Alice Villarreal, Pilar Guajardo, Jean Myers. Third row: Bette Bluhm, Elizabeth Barrett, Nicki Varelas, Rose Mary Segura, Anna Marie Gonzalez, Mary Esther Otal, Lucila Aguirre, Maria Paz Recio, Agnes Rohan, Lupe Palacios, Diane Weisbruch, Christine Durbin. The Phi Sigma Kappa organization is composed of science and mathematics students who are interested in scientific Work. Meetings are held twice monthly, and papers are prepared by members of the Club for presen- tation at the meetings. Science majors Judy Kuan, Rosemary Gutierrez, Sharron Dawn Lamp, and Carolyn Byrne were the recipients of prizes for papers presented at the Texas Academy of Science. The Phi Sigma Kappa or- ganization sponsored a Style Show, nCupid's Fantasies," featuring styles from J oske's, for the benefit of the Stu- dent Union Building. At the Harvest Festival, the club sponsored the '6Wheel of Fortune" booth, and gave the proceeds for the benefit of scholarships for foreign students. Officers of the organization include: President: Dorothy Higuera Vice-president: Judy Kuan Treasurer: Carolyn Byrne Secretary: Renee Sluder IZ4 igma Gamma Phi Language Club l w L First row Cleft to rightlz Ena Vergara, Rose Mary Gutierrez, Beatriz Villarreal, Billie Machado, Lucia Gomez, Dolly Collazo, Maribel Perez, Rose Marie Raab, Mary Katherine Hrones, Elizabeth Ozuna, Maria Teresa Valdez. -Second row: Rose Marie Bennett, Melida Perez, Ann Doepke, Christina Pozas, Xochitl Martinez, Mary Pat Bluhm, Madeleine Coulon, Marie Hudson, Georgina Rangel, Maria Teresa Cosio, Maria Villarreal, and Caroline Verduzco. Sigma Gamma Phi, the language club composed of students of French, German, and Spanish, has for its pur- pose the fostering of interest in the language and culture of the different countries and the promotion of mutual understanding of other lands and peoples. Annual activities include the celebration of annual foreign language Week, the Posadas at Christmas, Pan-American Day assembly, and club programs by the individual sections. Rose Marie Raab was the I.W.C. delegate to the TAGS meeting in Lubbock in April. The Latin- American Costume Review was another very important event, it was directed by Miss Josephine Sobrino, Browns- ville, an l.W.C. alumna. Officers of the Sigma Gamma Phi Language Club are: Dolly Collazo, president, Lucia Gomez, vice-president, French section, Rose Marie Raab, vice-president, German section, Maribel Perez, vice- president, Spanish section, Billie Machado, secretary, and Mary Katherine Hrones, treasurer. l25 1 Business lub Left to right: Doralene Engel, Tommye Kuykendall, Margarita Rodriguez, Ana Martha Tellez, Doris Anne Calderoni, .lo Ann Raska Barbara Elbel, Catherine Dennehy, Rosario Chavez, Madeleine Coulon, Lucia Gomez, Elaine Schultz, Guadalupe Blanco, Cristina Pozas Cristina Garcia, So-corro Hernandez, Barbara Brown, Beverline Sekula. All members of Kappa Pi Sigma are members of the Business Club, but the reverse is not true. Most mem- bers eventually become initiated into Kappa Sigma if they have secured and maintained a B average in their business subjects. For the Spring semester members of both organizations sponsored an Income Tax Prepara- tion Workshop. Forty-two participants registered for this Workshop, but the average attendance for the seven Weeks was twenty-four. The Workshop was very stimulating and Worthwhile. Pledging of future members of the Business Club began on February 25. Formal initiation was held on Wednesday evening, April 29, with the usual candlelight ceremony. Annual projects include the Harvest Festival for foreign student aid, and the Mexi- can supper in January for the benefit of the Student Union Building. fs Ha -'Ste Pozag, 1 A 1' mem. - 1' their 1 Prepara- " L 9514511 -were of EJ., Lbs J. I ,-if 11551. 1 Texas Phi Chapter of Alplm Chi First row Cleft to rightbz Rose Lee Linnartz, Caroline Schoch, Gloria Rodriguez, Willda Gafford, Judy Kuan, Lucila Aguirre, Helen Marie Ruhnke, Irene Warwas, Dor1s Muckle, Sharron Dawn Lamp, Alice Villarreal, Catherine Dennehy. Second row: Fernande Gard, R056 Mali? Galindo, C31'01YI1 BYTHC, Renee Slllder, Judy Colgan, Dorothy Higuera, Carolyn Albrecht, Eleanor Reichert, Zola Schram, Anna Mane Krenek, Martha Ternus, Jo Fecci, Gladys Shannon, Mary Anderson. Alpha Chi is a national scholarship society dedicated to the promotion and recognition of -scholarship in col- leges and universities of the United States. It was founded in 1922 and is a member of the Association of Na- t1onalHonor Soc1et1es The Incarnate Word College chapter was estabhshed 1n 1927 On October 16, 1958, the following Jumor cand1dates were 1n1t1ated 1n the trad1t1onal candlelight SCTVICCS Irene Warwas W1llda Gafford Dor1s Muckle Zola Schram Lors Schrenker Sharron Dawn Lamp Mary Agnes Anderson Carolyn Marre Byrne Renee Sluder Alice Vlllareal Gladys B Shannon Rose Marle Gahndo Lucllle T Seten Jud1th Lenore Colgan Dolores Marle Ryza and Vlartha Ternus Senior candidates 1n1t1ated 1ncluded Judy Kuan Fernande A Card Anna Mane Krenek Luclla Agu1rre Dorothy Hlguera Jo Ann F ecc1 Rose Lee Llnnartz Carolyn Albrecht Clorla Rodrlguez Carollne J Schoch Ida Najvar Nancy Russell Catherine Dennehy Helen Marie Ruhnke Eleanor Reichert and Connie Luby Ofhcers for 1958 59 Pres1dent Helen Mar1e Ruhnke V108 pres1dent Luclla Aguirre Recordmg Secretary Judy Kuan Treasurer Irene Warwas The programs for the regular monthly meetings on the thrrd Thursdays ach month were 1n charge of appo1nted commrttees F1ve members of the Chapter attended the B1enn1a lonal Conventlon 1n Denton on Aprrl 3 and 41 The program 1ncluded three vocal select1ons by Ida Mae Najv 3 P13110 Dumber by Dolores Ryza and an art exhlbrt by Dorls Muvkle Gladys Shannon and Helen Mane Ruhnke e OII1C1dl delegates ACIIVIIICS lor the year 1ncluded an lnformal spring dance on APIII 17 proceeds of W 1 re devoted to the Student Umon Bu1ld1ng fund and a tea for the members of the National Honor SOCIETY 1 local hrgh schools 2 7 7 , 9 7 7 ' 7 7 .7 3 7 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 1 . . , . , 7 7 7 7 7 7 J 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 1 ' : 7 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 5 , . U 1 e 0 I . . . . . 1 Na' t ' ' ' . ' ' ' ar, . J I 1? s s - o ' fr I n ' 1' r, ' ' 7 7. ' 'l ' ,G . . .. f I . I - Q V, I N 1. 0. p is - 3 ' 5 wve- . - - - , . , V f . . Y g W - -A .I - 1 . .n 1 1 1 1 X Beauty and Grace of orm Mumtumvd I hrou, fh 5 Z -Ai... - -1 ' U ' f l . - J V 5 7 +I' f , H N , 1 W. V A, " if f ,Vg ff? " ' Y X, , ' if I L 4 RIDING ENTHUSIASTS Caroline Verduzco, Pauline Finney, and Tornmye Kuykendall are faithful to their two-day riding sessions at the Lackey Stables, under the direction of Mrs. F.. Fi. Collins, riding instructor for Incarnate Word College for over twenty years. Incarnate Word riders enter the Cavalcade section of the Fiesta San Jacinto Battle of Flowers Parade every year, and frequently bring back the blue ribbon, the First Place Award. L :za 2 " ' ' +A- ' ------ - -L+- --...QL . -....,..a.ig..4.....6,L 4.4. L-, .L ..-L - ,,.,. .- -- Faithful Practice and E ercise will BELOW: fleft to rightl. First row: Frances Matocha, Delma DeHoyos, Ambarina Margo, and Yolanda Cavazos. Second row: Sylvia Gonzalez, Katherine Perry, Jean Myers, Rhenetta Davydiuk, Eugenia Blankenship, Christie Lee Nute, Georgia Lee Durham, Suzette Wilson, Gail Owen, and Mary Pat Bluhm. Winners were AMBARINA MARGO, First place EUGENIA BLANKENSHIP, Second place CHRISTIE LEE NUTE, Third place Mrs. Richard L. Brandt, director of physical and health education at l.W.G., was in charge of the event. ' my, ff ff fl 3 'A fl, ? f ,,, ff , 9,4 f , , ff,f N, 94,6 , QW , f ,fm fg, rf ,f 0 0 47 Y ,, y Mafp, Q' 'ff' f ' f 1 Q , , ,yfwgf 1 fr' ,, ,, eff Milf? Ma 1545146 L'r'2ff-' fi: 4, ,M -wif", ,,f',, ' , , ,, , , ft , frrf ww, f i i 4 'VWWWWZ if f? , j ,',fQf,,zy, , , s,,yg7" ,f 4535? ff 15Z7f?'f?V,, g eywwy ,WM f "'t , ,' Z f if , f ,, ,M W ,awww Qwwmwwwwwwwmcwwwww rftf r .f ff 'ff ' V ' ' Q f. ', f' , ,, , , , , , gytfpff 5 VWQ71 2rgl'+Lff'f r' it i ft 1 f I ' ,f ,f wwf awww p,,a aWwWfwWZa L fx ff-amxw ,-,- ,iw mf ,,. ff t ff f 4 ,, ,f . 1 , ,f -, f , X ,,GQ,s4,g-:,., f. 6,g4,A4,4,,4 ,f,, , mifff, f If ,4 ff ,, nf ,gif f 1-as . ,LQ I If I 1.424 52 3 Acti ities 129 , " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ff-.-"w.,-,,,,. t.,7m,,,-sf .ff-1-,1,,'. f., ..f:,..-5.-,,,.a.v - g.- ,.,,,.,..-f,,...f-1-.-1...--1.3--ew..--.--f ,1Aff,T.a,,, , H, .,:--5::,:r,,:,a.-g4.....,-:Z..,.-in -'A-,,,,,., ,,., HN, xv., Y M Y,,, Y, .. The Logos Deadline Is Close at Hand , . ...,.,.,, ,,,. , ,,,, ,. ,,., ,, ,, f ww 4 z , ,Jw-ffy mf ,fmwffw-.V , f f f , , , , BIG WHEELS of the LOGOS, the monthly publication, draw up plans for the Catholic Journalists' Workshop, held on the campus on January 10. Marie Hudson, Cstandingl editor of the LOGOS, outlines the general plans for the day's Workshop. Other members of the staff in this picture, are fleft to rightl: Rose Mary Segura, Doris Muckle, Maribel Perez, Betty McCleary, Dolly Collazo, and Janice Heye. , M I LOGOS reporters take a first peep at the paper as it come f , L f ' 11 - ' Alice Villarreal, Mary Esther Otal, Margaret Ulcak, ands llflaigilallihlars Bariicfeiiaisllg tl Mary T. Pulsforda Sylvla Gonzalez, Carmen Novoa, I 30 bli- is A n . - ' V .' --,:.A 'Y 'Q A Q- ,T ,px k.'-V . ,V jA- 5,. -. ' .- A' V ' BASIL CLANCY, editor of Hibernia, a magazine of opinion in Ireland, was guest speaker at a student convocation on October 18. His topic Was, wI'he Lay Apostolatef' Mr. Clancy has been the originator of several lay apostolate movements both in the British Isles and France. His experiences and example were a source of inspiration for all who had the privilege of 'hear- ing him. And his topic was a very timely one since October was the month dedicated to the lay apostolate. Noted Dignitaries, Authors, Artists W ere HIS EXCELLENCY, MOST REV- EREND STEPHEN A. LEVEN, Aux- iliary Bishop of San Antonio, honored the faculty and students of Incarnate Word College, on March IO, when he addressed the assembly on the topic, 6cCommunism in Bussiaf' B i s h o p Leven has spoken at many convoca- tions on our campus since he first ar- rived in San Antonio three years ago. As superintendent of Catholic Schools, the Work of the schools on every level is very dear to his heart. W Hog RH. I lag. :u0m0'h0H0f5l B Vyf Imam TS lvl l i" lhfll ,r f?sa 1 M .hm mul WHYQQ5. NIMH mf WB ao. mir Sf'.ll01lk. PU My level E1 5' Featured az Our Assembly Programs 'fx f KIRK JORDAN, little star of "Amahl and the Night Visitors," IDA HARTMAN, New York pianist, gave a brilliant recital on was presented in a program of favorite songs on March 9. .,ws,s-WANR5. but r km Mag X XR., ,X AW K1 Qs, X RSX N r 7 EVELYN BEAL, Contralto, was featured in a song recital on March 20. She is classified as one of America's prominent young singers. November 18. THEODORE ULLMANN, pianist, was invited for the third consecutive year to present a concert at assembly on February 3. I33 ,i Q w I ,4 gg 3 1 :I 1' I n 2 l A 9.1 1. in K., I36 .rye-ff:--.0-1 - ,A1-,-, -,-fri., I---Lvl'-v' v'--P 5 - nz-,-3-423'-114:--i.- -'EQ'--1'-14-1--1,4-I-if '-5:-,, vg,T,gys1,,,,5...,:5,j.,.,-g.,Y,, , -.-,,,,., , I I I N ,, Nursing Today Is More Than, the Care of the Sick 1 ROSEMARY WILKE, president of the Santa Rosa Stu- Student nurses Yolanda Guzman and Sister Mary Sylvan, C.D.P. check dent Council, was elected "Nurse of the Year," and en- patients' records in the psychiatric ward of the USAF Hospital, Lackland tered the, state finals in the contest. Rosemary has AFB. The student nurses from l.W.C. have an affiliation in psychiatry many first places to her credit. with .the Lackland Hospital. PURI DU began her nursing career four years ago with the capping Sister Mary Magdalene, C.D.P., one of six student iefC.m0HY- Father L-2ZHrSky, chaplain, and Sisters Peter Gerard and nurses in the psychiatric training program at Lackland uclua are Present to See that all 15 Well. AFB, applies her techniques in the treatment of patients. .. ......... .. . . ... ,., ..,.. .'..,. ..........,. .,., ,.....-..,-.............. -,.........- ..,. -f-.hw-j...f- f1 -i..1.1-w1-1h..i-..,1..,-..1......-- -sams- N arsing ls Concerned W ith the Prevention of Disease, the Maintenance of Physical and Mental Health, and the Rehabilitation of the Patient. Nursing Is an Apostolate The Student Council members meet: Ruth Ann Graf, Caroline Another group of leaders is to be found in the Sodality Board: Schoch, Lois Schrenker, Lucille Seten, Dorothy Barnes, Rose- First row: Georgia Magers, Lois Schrenker, and Christine Dur- mary Wilke, Elisa Barrera, Estella Gonzales, Georgia Magers, bin. Second row: Ruth Ann Graf, Sylvia Cardenas, and Irma Janet Wead, and Gloria Perez. Garza. XJ, ja, ,fzvfaz ,QQ gi 1501 . A imvfff, wa - Sfude ,mosi Xudes. Gras, 111 pren nt -Nurse . oi as a inc ,mm Struct mal and -tralnin - - Q03 mute ugh S Out, . lllfant g lnclud . Q 15 C010 B Dane , Cal. SS 0 . YQ-,360 -ng Leda ntS ln cg e Pu Ut-pat 9 1101 Xa , Ba -' ,, riff - lent ' Sitvef Tellaaf- Ylllez, Anil Wake' SIC 7 Fooifahion DU, inSlruCff0n The l100l ll 'a Ye oiema eqllir emof, ' 59 Gxofl nd B ement 111. the nker, cya, 3 S- Scbfe ce VYVW rwfen Participation in Conventions is also part of nurse education. Relaxation is also a HCCCSSHIY Daft Of the Pfepafatofyhpfigfatgg Left to 1-ight: Christine Durbin, Sylvia Cardg-nas, Georgia No use in playing, Barbara Moore seems to have t e an . Magers, and Caroline Schock get ready for the national con- vention. T-f'?i'f'.1f 1:12:55-' fi, I'-'ff-Qffffi "JE 5' -2--.f..-n+3Q::,:::.-:asian-V , 1- g, .,, --,,-..' W-, 5 ,W-.,,-4 4, Nursing Demands a High Degree of Intelligence, Resoarcefalness, and Imagination TEAM LEADERSHIP: Ward personnel instruction is part of a student nurse's training, and like many other duties, is made easier with a smile. Here Rosemary Wilke, senior, instructs the group on its duties and responsibilities. Student nurse, Irma Garza holds up baby for proud papa to admire. CAREFUL NOW! Nurses Janet Wead, Donata Newsom, and Helen Keller bring patient from the operating room. What patient would not enjoy his noon meal with two such pleasant nurses, Florence Vyvlecka fleftb and Johnnie Watkins Crightl? I38 ' .,.- . ......... ., . , .. ,,..,,. , .... ......,.... . -...,.. .... ..... .... -..- ..-.. ......- . A ---tr ,--..-.-...-Af--4-............-...,-....-.....-.-......... -.-.-...,-.............-............,-...L...............i.............,..-......,,.-,.....,.- Daily Mass, Prayer, and Visits to the Blessed Sacrament Strengthen the Student Nurse for Her Daily Round of Responsible Duties. 3? lT'S AN EMERGENCY, but Barbara Moore and Sharon Trial have the SENIORS Yolanda Guzman and Carolyn Patino set situation well in hand as the ambulance attendants look on. out for public health center. -and l 2 i We admit patients and cure them and then send them home. Above: Rita Shaw and Donna Whisenhunt receive a new patient in his room, while at the right, Georgia Magers and Caroline Schoch bring a much- recovered lady to her waiting car. I39 Y V . - 55-' :.,Af-71.-.-T-1-,--,-.,,,-jilqLJJVA?, V Y- 4Hl,, : V VV 47 -Y V V V i v Y. - ' A - :'s -' - -V-3,-,. v,-:za--ff::,--3:...-N-f.,gg,, V Ygu,,,, , 4-1 V Y , M cdzcal Technology Students Enjoy Work Medical Technology majors Agnes Rohan, Pilar Gua- Jardo and Rita Schuckenbrock are shown in different phases of lab. work. Top right: Lucila Aguirre and Anna Maria Krenek read a sensitivity plate, while Yo- landa Cisneros does some microscopic work. In the second picture, Lucia Torres and Maria Paz Recio perform a basal metabolism on patient. Left: Roberta Turner Cat Water distillerl prepares lab- oratory solutions, while Jo Fecci and Lupe Palacios. PIC' pare equipment for sterilizing. Students say the work is varied and exciting. EHCI1 day brings new experiences and new learning. V ...... .....-...,.., , .... . ..,...,, .. ... ... .,.., ..s...-.....-.- ,.........,.. .,....,.... mi... . .amd .st,. 4iukf -Y . ., , , , .Careers in Medical Services Are Many and Varied CAROL JEAN FOX, senior medical records major, checks with Dr. Gallo on a patientis record. Interesting Work! Ci W it i af f 'W 1 ,, ,fW.ww.m. JM, . wwf- ' W" RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY is also an interesting field. At least that's what Martha Ternus, junior, tells us. . Sister M. Aloysius, O.P., must be receiving a good report. Sister will receive the degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Records Lihrarianship. This field is wide open for applicants and is an interesting and exciting career. Andd of course, these are always the inevitable meetings, some pleasant, some not so pleasant, but all geared to our better training an education. l4l fy 0,4 'IZA x A r 14 Capidis Fantasies and Winter Wonderland Style Show drew crowds at I.W.C. Anna Marie Gonzalez and Mary Jo. Tasch, Phi Sigma Kappa members, with their escorts step into Spring with Styles from JOSKE'S of TEXAS. Capid's Fantasies was sponsored by Phi Sigma Kappa, the Science Club, and Winter Wonderland Was sponsored by Kappa Lambda Kappa, Home Economics Club. fx.. 1 Su, W5 .fy -, . J ' Left to right: Models include, Dorothy Jerabek, junior home ec. major, Rosa Estrada, senior home ec. major, Kay Spears, junior major, and Ambarina Margo, freshman home economics major. These styles were constructed in the clothing lab., and modeled at the Winter Wonderland Style Show. I42 A f 9 4 I PATRICIA LUDOLPH, junior home economics major, F URS AND VELVETS are in evidence here, as Rosalie Rice, Baby models the formal of pale blue which she designed and Hanna, and Mary Anderson "put on the dog" for the photographer. This sewed in clothing class. is a sneak preview of the Winter Wonderland. A057 ,M 0 'fi MARY ANN HERNANDEZ, senior home economics major, models a chic suit of her own creation, and sisters Dolly and .lo Elda Martinez model a beautiful formal gown and wool suit, respectively. I43 4 1 4 ?G,5f,1k.f..1f,,,...f-:,...-,555,.-.- f...- ,.J,..4,3-Q-.,,,. ,. --12-4L - Piano Majors W in Philharmonic Music Club Scholarship FOB Tl-IE THIRD CONSECU- TIVE YEAR. ZITA REINHARDT, piano major, was awarded the Philharmonic Music Club Scholarship on the basis of a contest in which piano students from colleges and univer- sities in this area participated. This is the third consecutive year in which students from lncarnate Word College have rated this award. Last year Mary Ann Dramer was the winner, and the previous year, Betty ,lean Mann received the first place award. The scholarship is valued at 35100, and is applicable to the music tuition of the winner. BELOW: The Cecilian Choristers who are touring North and West Texas cities as a recruitment proj- ect. The Choristers sang in Lub- bock, Amarillo, and San Angelo on this tour. The Choristers have also been heard on the Christmas pro- gram, the Spring concert, and about twenty different programs during the scholastic year. Left to right: Mary Ann Dramer, Roseann Zarsky, Helen S h , M F' D 1 B b A h M Pul f rd, CathY Dennehy, Dianne Citty, Barbara Elbel, Margaret Ulcak, D0l01?6SuII12?'23lt Caiihlr Rlihie, 5i'1lviai:aE?p:ida,a1B1i1zIegte r3Vil3Jn, ialhyd J ezlncine Calde. roni, members of the CECILIAN CHORISTERS, heard on many programs throughout the school year. Rose Mary Gutierrez is the accompanist. I 44 ' i t --'-"fM"f' --.-f ................ .,,,...... ,, -.- .............................,.. ......................,. . lin, ". -Q . '40 - sf In mill, I, x IJ-f"v. SNMC W N: gn th l" l i N . ' . rs 'f lil n' -Q5 QA, rim , H,ILll' .. L: rl ,il JT:-In Ts. 1 .,. Gd 4 ii:-Q I 1. '+ .iq . mb - xri :li ll. f"a-.Y T L5 ' -L4 an Aa JL, 've -' . . 52 .T J V 4 ,Ln "' 91569 'Ll-3 in .f QM." 'UI' 'MILE W 'I- " uf S 'Is .rm 1153:-, EEZ 21 I tai: L21 i:gil'l- m in igii Q: 3 1 giz- ,,,,,, ,.N: ,LN in-4 5. ..,4v T552 1:35 I fl 3 The Human Voice Raised in Song Is the Most Beautiful Sound on Earth MISS VOLINA POWERS, VOICE INSTRUCTOR, REHEARSES WITH HER VOICE STUDENTS Lefr to right: Dolores Ryza, Ida Najvar, Mary Ann Dramer, Helene Carter, Barbara Archer, and Manuelita Gutierrez, with Miss Volma Powers at the piano, Ida Najvar and Manuelita Gutierrez, hoth senior music education majors, with emphasis on voice, were presented 1n individual recitals as requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Music. I45 ,aff I I I x 'll J N' ,l X N .ll 1, 4. lf ig I lv L' X fe. W9 ,,-N., .,.- . .... -......v........-f.,.......-......i..-...-.,...........,-..........-.......-.... - -....., ....,...... .. . ......-.. ., .-.-.....................1............i....-..........,,...,.-.- The College Chorale Captivatecl Many Audiences First row Cleft to rightbz Jeanine Calderoni, Mary Jeanne Haggard, Manuelita Gutierrez, Carol Runte, Cathy Cayo, Sylvia Zepeda, Ann Campbell, Roseann Zarsky, Cristina Garcia, Carolyn Albrecht. Second row: Mary Fritz, Dolly Carter, Suzette Wilson, Jennie Gannon, Irma Garcia, Adelina Corral, Delma De Hoyos, Gloria Rodrigues, Irene Suarez, Mary Ann Dramer, Rose Marie Gutierrez, Joan Seigler, Barbara Wagner. Third row: Charlotte Urban, Marilynn Bueche, Pauline Finney, Lucia Gomez, Donnie Couch, Sylvia Gonzalez, Dolores Ryza, Dianne Citty, Cathy Dennehy, Barbara Elbel, Patsy Mechler, Mary Ellen Jones, Judy Mangan, Sylvia Ca- zares, Carmen Zardanetta. Fourth row: Nellie Herrera, Bertha Hinojosa, Gloria Ann Cadena, Frances Fair, Verna Collins, Xochitl Martinez, Gaynell Sapenter, Mary Pulsford, Margaret Ulcak, Barbara Archer, Maribel Perez, Helen Schumann, Marie Sobicinski, Mary Lynn Steele, Patricia Rainey. RITA AUSTIN, talented pianist, was one of the runners-up for the Philharmonic Club Scholarship. Rita has been heard on several programs during the year. H' N XB 'R-sie I bg M is s . 515' .ff X SES! is Ns 1 1 'ERl,lfgXlllfll5 rleserye ereclit for many of the ,games Won, elma De lrloyos. Suxette Wilxon. Kathleen McCarthy and Cathy fo. haye lecl the r-lie:-ring we-etion at all the games. This is an exciting moment in the basketball game be- tween the freshmen and sophomores. The sophs really oycrran the poor freshies. But they clidn't come off too easy, as you can see from their picture after the victory. Miss Betty Burkliolcler. referee from Our Lady of the Lake, presents the trophy to a heclraggled group of win- ners. Patsy O'Shea and Dorothy Duhiel were captain and co-captain. respectively. Also shown in the picture are: lgnacia Garcia. Carrie Willrich, Emily Ramirez, Ann Blanchard, and Celeste Cayazos. 3 v 4 ' 5 - . , A' f 2 f ' I -3 I no-ann-an-mmuu ui-'lhsllf' I i I ,'h.n5an-H,, - UVAHLISI 'J ?XX'.2HllUU"-If 2 xllll!iJ' 'mn' X W 4-fam' 'J f if u lll14aO'?' Q 1 7 I' J' 1 N 7, I, .J, 1 . 5 F , , 5 ex ,W 4 i a mi , 1 rv- l ' ,I r - 1- I l '.. , N J X 5, Kc X -te.,lt - 3 5 an L X .ye Q 1 tx- RQ- X 15 r K ig X - . ' t Rr ' K 1, if I x i' F 1 Q S i Xi r a 5- K ll g +2 x E i X' i .vis AJ "f Vigorous Sports Are for the More Energetic, and There Are Many Such i H Building pyramids can be as much fun for us as for the Egyptians. But our pyramids are of short duration. lt's fun and good exercise for those flabby muscles. After weeks of practice, there are no more aching muscles. We relax for a few moments after our strenuous exercises and get ready Just 21- little .dHSl1 of golf YO HCQU-Hint US with to go again, that aristocratic sport. I49 4--W Vvr. -Y V ---Y--, -f--...V f Sports Have an IWDOVMU5 P1006 in the Curmlulum' Faculty and Students Believe in the Old Adage, 1 n a body? 'LA sound mind S o u n d POSTURE CON- TEST is an out- standing event of the physical a n d '1 e a l t h, education department. H e r e Ignacia Garcia, P.E. M a-j 0 r, dis- plays the trophy to be won by the first place winner in the contest. fLeft to r i g h tl: Margaret Ul c a k, Charlotte Urban, Suzette Wil- son, a n d lgnacia Garcia. IT'S T , , .loan Harrington, Diana Nieschwietz, and Delma De Hoyos. . 50 . . ' d ns ENNIS TIME, and Yolanda Cavazos, provides the ball for PlaYers Carmen Zardanetta Donnie Couch, DODS Ann Rlchar so ...V 2 :addy 4, ' 1 U1 v 1 .1 1 s .' E5 E 'S x Dancing in Physical Education classes helps mold beautiful figures. d' '---' ' 1 A Q Q i is a U91 , ,- .KV , VV, M y . N " . X , , W' 1 :" . .YUM , , Q . 4 - of 1' 2 , 1 ,,,. ,M 7 .,.f..,,.,,t,.s..m , "f'W.,,","M"', X, 1 , i WI ..,.. ,M ,,., , fy ,s,. ,,, , , 3 ' f ' ' V V -..-v.,...,.,,V V 3 , ua' W JM Z,-it ,,,, ,magna pf f, M, I 1 I .,, Miva' Pt J , g 1' -X. Y f Z I ' MM' A r l 2 ' 4 l 4 1 2 f v we ' W c 2 I 4 .,,A, I, f 4 jr., If . U . f 1 4' nv K fx V J ' " ' H 1 wl"""' Oi ' '-'i' . rw-14 y ' -MMM' ' in, i 4 1 J f 4 I , .4 , 'K ' i , 9 -............. , I K 4 ..-.-..- 2 K, t Y ez . f 2 Q 1 f ff 2 A4 ' 9 f 5 4 5.3 , Q 6 Q .mt is Q Q, p 5 Q 4 'ff ' I' si g y ,fl f ' Q f x -I -I R 5 l 5 ,mf l Q .J- X ? '- ,. 2 V , , ., Softball is the game of the moment. Can you do this? ff' E ,. 4' DOUBLE ROPE jumping is a difficult feat. lf you dO1'1,t believe it, try it. l5l - 1 g , LOGOS Contest Shows Campus Choice of the Most Representative Students ROSEMAR a contest s EvnsEl3cfE1Klf3,tTnf5C?urS1nO major, was elected Outstandmg Semor' from eachpcla R Y e OS Staff, to name the two most representatlve students ss osemary 1S Presldent of the Santa Rosa Counc1l fudy Kucm, Most Representative Senior W7 JUDY KUAN, a senior chemistry major, has headed every list of "the Most" . . . She is an outstanding stu- dent, rating nomination to Whois Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society for upperclassmen. Nomination to this page in the LOGOS was campus-wide, and Judy really rated HTHE MOST" . . . Students Display Excellent judgment in LOIS SCHRENKER, junior nursing major, and prefect of the Santa Rosa Sodality, was a natural choice for nomination to the list of outstanding representatives. Lois measures up to the selection, academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. :ggmym Nominating Class Representatives DOROTHY JETABEK, junior home economics major, vice-president of the Student Council, and president of the Texas Home Economics College Clubs, was elected by a landslide. Dorothy is eVerybody's friend, and with her overloaded schedule, is always Willing to help others. Dorothy, or as we prefer to call you, Dot ,... you are the MOST. 11- gs 1 stems i M Student Representatives W ere Selected for GLORIA PEREZ, sophomore nursing major, is president of her Class in the Santa Rosa Division. An all-around student, Gloria is always in the middle of every project that is to be accomplished, not just in the driver's seat. We chose you. Gloria, for your all-around qualities. ' "-- - --1- ----H...-....,.,..-..,,.....--. Yi.. T heir All-Around Qualities and Potential BARBARA ARCHER, sophomore journalism major, Whose singing has brightened the World for all of us Hsad folkf, is popular in a very quiet way. She is every- bocly's friend, but never ostentatious. Barbara is always Gone of usfl Perhaps thatls the secret of her popularity. Relzgzous Instructzon, Polztzcs, and Sports BECKY SMITH, freshman nursing student, came into the limelight as soon as she entered I.W.C. Elected a class officer in October, she has guided her class to great achievements. Becky is very interested in the HYoung Democratsf' and wishes She could vote in the forthcoming elections. ..1.-.....-..,..,.-.--Q.-.---.,...-- - .,, .. Are Included in the Freshman Interests W GEORGANN SPIKES, freshman student council representative, is one of the most faithful instructors in the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. A human dynamo, she can achieve more than three people her own age, and three times her size. No One was surprised when she carried the votes of the entire school for this honor. A- 21 'M -'f Snow Ball Senior class proj- 6Ct... , H e l d on January 16 in the Seven- oaks Country Club, The Q u e e n was elected from t h e Senior Class by the student body from the t h r e e candi- dates: Doris Anne Calderoni, lo Ann Raska, and E d n a Riddle. i s Q Above: EDNA RIDDLE, QUEEN QF THE SNQWBALL, makes her formal bow to acknowledge the honor afforded her, as her escort, the officers of the senior class, and the members of her Court look on. At left, DONNA WHISENHUNT, bows in acknowledgement of her honor as Princess of the Snowball. Lamar Mackie and his orchestra supplied the music for the event. Dr. Sean Burke was the Master of ceremonies. ata? ANNETTE KALKA, president of the seHi0f class, crowned Queen Edna of the House of Riddle, as Her Gracious Majesty, Queen of the Snowball. -ffl, S02 Q 551 5 liffi, gf lfti rw . X -r 3 IEW '11 , 1 yy 32033 ' 1 fn- . -'l,i. cw? T: '1 Ui: ' .,-f FM , 45, .4- y'50f E 1' gif, 1 ,- ,H gr. E my , mmm . u Yu .vi H59 mf v',, .MI AEDT lffi ' in ,y " Iliff: 4 .1 W-QW , tan Iepr 1. Cb XX , XID JO ANN RASKA runner-up for the title of Queen of the Senior DORIS ANN CALDERONI, THE SECOND runner-up for the Snowball. coveted title. 5 OFFICERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS AS the ' L- C1 ft t ri htJ: Valerie Conner, parliamen- . , y appeared at the Senlor SNOWBAL .- C 0 S i . an? Maribel Perez, secretaryg Annette Kalka, presidentg Jo Ann Raska, vice-presidentg Helen Maria Ruhnliek Studeglfls Councll eSemat1VC, and Janice Morin, treasurer. Their united efforts made the SNOWBALL a huge SUCCESS- Ongfatu aU0I1S, 8 - I6I The Senior Snowball Teemecl With Royal Persomiges and Their Escorts First came JEANINE CALDERONI the Junior repre sentative then the sophomore representative Genie Sue Trevino and the freshman choice Madeleine Coulon all as pretty as pictures In the picture below: The coronation of Queen Nancy Archer, as freshman queen of the Alpha Delta Sigma-Freshman Formal, held in October in the Sevenoaks Country Club. Mapy Casso, president of Alpha Delta, was assisted by Carol Runte, freshman president in the Coronation ceremony. Runners-up were .lill Kimes, left, and Nancy Robinson, right. Bobby Galvan and his orchestra supplied the music. A Mardi-Gras fha 2 .rn L ROSE LEE LINNARTZ, senior home economics major, and senior delegate of the National Federation of Catholic College Students, was the representative to the Mardi Gras Festival in St. Thomas University, Houston. UPPCI right: MARY TERESA LIBERTO, also a senior home economics major, and president of the Kappa Lambda Kappa Home Economics organization, was crowned as Valentine Queen of the USO-NCCS Coronation Ball, February 14-. SA DHARMA NE HIN050 HARMS EVAXEEEIPOTC Duchess 50Ph0m0re Duchess , Mx. ANGELA LEAL, sophomore Princess PEGGY WINGO. fresllman Princess F .Q X! s-. .,, ,,,4,..,.,. V -.....--..V..-......V..:f-V- V-.VV--44---V V, N , 4-- ,, - ,iV..V EV... V VVVV V ,V VV, V V , ,137 , V V VV ,W ,..- V ,......h.---..V-m-N-f-vr- A K- A . 1 M ll o 1 1 fi x I 1 1 J w 1 i This Page Represents Some Work and Some Play "Is there no one here from Incarnate Word ColleQe?' asks Monsignor Wangler, as Mr. C. O. Brown an- nounced the award of distinction for the l958 Logos. Janice Heye, junior editor of the publication, smil- ingly accepts the award. SHADES of XAVIER CUGATI Ana Martha Tellez and Xoehitl Martinez Cwith guitarl synchronize tal- ents for the Mexican Supper sponsored hy the Busi- ness Cluh and Kappa Pi Sigrha. THE FIFINC IRISH ARE COMING, so Kathleen McCarthy, Patsy O'Shea, and Frances Fair' try out appropriate decorations for the activity hall where the informal dance, following the Band Concert, was held. AMBARINA MARCO, Csecond from rightl, receives from M1 s Martha Bennett director of Physical Education at Our Lady of the Lake College, the ,trophy as first place winner in the Posture Contest sponsored by the Physr cal and Health Education Department of IWC under the direction of Mr Richard L Brandt At left is Miss Cynthia Arrnsworth, San Antonio College, and at ll ht M1 Ioan Griffith Trinity Unrxersrty The three instruc tors pictured here were judges in the contest, at which Eu enra Blankenship reeerxed second place and Christie Lee Nute, third place. '-iii? 9 .' ya - fr. fe. ' M F. 5-I.: 45'-'.' An Q L I A , 1 , N21- A ,ik Q, , fi aa.. , af' J, 1 , M mlb-W , f if ACTIVITIES ARE AS VARIED AS THEY ARE NUMEROUS. Monsignor James M. Boyle, P.A., pastor of St. Peter's, and popular speaker at Incarnate Word College events, is shown here giving Manuelita Gutierrez her class ring, as other seniors look on and await their turn. Below: It was a gay Western Party at the home of Mrs. James C. Nelson, I.W.C. alumna, sponsored by the Pan-American Round Table, for foreign students at the various colleges in this area. Left to right: Xochitl Martinez, Maria Luisa Sada, Mrs. Nelson, Guadalupe Blanco, Maria Teresa Valdez, and Corine Avendano. These five students are from Mexico. ' A if El ,. fi .G Q- I 'I' 1' -is I I xxx It is Mary Katherine Hrones' turn to set the table for lunch, hut today. Rosa Estrada and Fernande Gard give her some help. Besides the three pictured here, Helen Marie Ruhnlqe, Rose Lee Linnartz, and Myrtle Willialiis. all six of Whom are sen- iors, are living in the Home Management House for a period of eight Weeks, as a requirement for the Home Economics degree. Students live on a budget, follow a strict schedule, keep house. and attend classes. All this is done under the supervision of a member of the Home Economics faculty - Sister Jane de Chantal. LAXCX PHOTOGRAPHER drops in on the residents of the HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE. Three are 'cat home." At left. Mary Katherine Hrones. senior. was found vacuum eleaning her room. while roommate, Rosa Estrada. cheeks hook for CL'vI'l'CCI pl-of-adm-95, Below, FERNJXNDE C.-XRD. a senior from Belgium, does not seem to notiee the interruption as she Con- centrates on her work. l7Cl'IlilIlLlC.S roommate, Mvrtle Williams. was not at home when we ealled. i I7l Helen Schumann Reigns as F iestcl Queen fOr Year ABOVE: Qleft to rightl: Mrs. Rey- nold Andricks, HELEN SCHUMANN, as MISS FIESTA, Mr. Stanley Brown, president of the Tournament of Roses, PAMELA PRAETHER, Queen of the Rose Bowl, and Mr. Reynold Andricks. This picture was made in Pasadena, California. At right: DR. SEAN BURKE, Pro- fessor of philosophy, purchases from MISS SCHUMANN, a membership cer- tificate in the Fiesta Association. I72 HELEN SCHUMANN rides the gigantic Fiesta Flambeau entry in the Pasadena Festival 'on New Yearis Day. L'Adventures in Entertainmentv was the theme of the huge float. We were very proud of Helen as we watched her on TV on January 1. It was a big thrill to hear the name of I.W.C. and our own 'fMiss Fiesta" announced over the nationwide telecast. I .,..,.. ,, , . .. .... .....,-...-................ .....,...,'.,-,. - -.......-............ - ,,-.-..-g--W , , - ,-L ,, , -W- -..--,.,..----. -, , -1, v - ., ,,,, .af-, ff VWW fy! ,W ,f W ry Z Q A f pf Z 4 Q 2 ,,x, 1, f M 47' 4 f , f M., "1 Q, ,4 AL? ug. 1 1 1 1 1 Q 4 i . ,xg-fwfr ---- '---- -..K.,-...2..-..-s.4-....k..........-...g...,..............-..- - c....,.,.. ,,....-,,... ...,............. .................,.-.,, . . , , gh- . ,iv ' if r-- ... -.. 'Riff The Student Council Is the Official Representative of the Student Body THE STUDENT COUNCIL is the official representative of the student body and serves as a link between the faculty and the students, integrating the activities of the latter with those of the administrative and teaching faculty and fostering mutual cooperation and un- derstanding. Members are nominated and elected by the student body for a period of one year. In the picture above are the officers as follows: Creading clockwise from leftlz Georgann Spikes, freshman representativeg Rose Marie Galindo, prefect of the Sodality of Our Lady, Marie Hudson, editor of the LOGOS, Cnewspaperlg ,loan Seigler, sophomore representative, Zola Frances Schram, junior f'3PFCSCI1tHtiVCg Roberta Kretzmeier, secretary, Patricia Zappe, president, Dorothy Jerabek, vice-president, Barbara Archer, treasurerg Helen Marie Buhnke, senior representative, Barbara Elbel, editor of the LOGOS Cyearbooklg Rose Lee Linnartz, senior delegate, N.F.C.C.S.g and Doris Anne Calderoni, president of the resident students. The Student Council administers the routine discipline of Campus life and acquaints the student body with its responsibility to the student community and to the post-college community. Activities for the year l958-59 were many and varied: The Harvest Festival, Freshman Orientation Program, College Day, Open House, Battle of Flowers float, informal dances, as well as drives for the Student Union Building. The Student Council cooperated with the student councils of St. Mary's University and Our Lady of the Lake College to sponsor the Tri-College Dance on April 10, at the U.S.A.A. Ballroom. Perez Prado and his orchestra supplied the music. The Student Council for 1958-59 all agree that it was a wonderful year. I7 if-. , iv-N r V Y y 245215 W M M fm fd, ff 5.4 a M f , f 5,164 B141 2,912 f ,fly ww wfxfr PATRONS CLYDE ABBOTT MAJOR CHARLES H HUDSON GENERAL CONTRACTOR 236 NorI'I1 Cornell Avenue San An+onio, Texas Villa Park, Illinois i BABY BRONZE STUDIO LUBYS CAFETERIA 9I I Essex S+ San An+omo Texas San Anfomo, Texas MISSION CHEMICAL COMPANY MR. AND MRS. JESUS BARRERA AND San An+onio, Texas ELISA MINERVA Sin+on,Texas O'BRIEN'S TREE 8: LANDSCAPE SERVICE San Anlonio, Texas BIGLEY'S LINEN STUDIO 308 Josephine PATT'S DRUG STORE San An+onio, Texas 5 I 50 Broadway San AnI'onio, Texas THE BORDEN CO. San An+onio, Texas POLUNSKY'S I224 Nor+I1 Flores S+. CATHY'S BEAUTY SHOP San An'ronio I2, Texas San AnI'onio, Texas JOHN ROWLAND 8: SONS MRS. MARIE CHAMBERLIN ' Del Rio - Uvalde - Eagle Pass I 69 Ar+iIIery Loop Forl Sam Hous+on,Texas MR. S. C. SMITH . Smi+I1 Company of Uvalde CONSOLIDATED PRODUCE CO. Uvalde, Texas San An+onio, Texas 'H. H. TESSMANN ELO EXTERMINATING CO. General Insurance I05 Key S'I'reeI' San An+onio 9, Texas . San An+onio, Texas I ' TOWN 8: COUNTRY ICE HOUSE A FRIEND San An'l'onio, Texas "A FRIEND OF I.W.C." WALLIE'S FLOWER SHOP San Anlonio, Texas GEYER'S ICE CREAM CO. San Anfonio, Texas MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM WILKE AND y ROSEMARY MR. AND MRS. ANTONIO GONZALEZ Bullville. New York Brownsville, Texas GUGENHEIM-GOLDSMITH COMPANY BROADWAY PHARMACY San An+0ni0. Texas San Anlonio, Texas MR. AND MRS. FRANK ABREGO WaI+ers'.PI1armacy San An+onio, Texas L32 TN M I 5. I' SW. :AW Q -FE Y a 'YG I S06 'ink ,. .,I 1.. U. I If i l MARGARET ULCAK, Incar- na+e Word College freshman beauiy from Jourdan+on, and Maid of Honor 'ro Miss Fiesfa in I'he I959 FIESTA FLAM- BEAU, examines +he BUTTER KRUST BREAD in RICHTER'S BAKERY 22OI Broadway Margarel' says, "IncarnaI'e Word s+uden'Is love BUTTER KRUST BREAD." Just Say "CHARGE IT" 'tix Z :fr QI Nj L,-33 on SEARS I REVOLVI NG .Iii-S CHARGE ' X U R I Ch A - L' iff X A cdiinPSwT+h Tau Serviceargfarggg ! or 'lake several monihs 'l'o a I P Y . . . wi+h a small service charge. ASK ANY SALESPERSCN Sabian ywwwfi Wim M SEARS Romana Plaza Slore Soulhside SI'ore 642 Soledad 735 MiIiI'ary Drive S.W. CApiI'oI 3-43II WAInu'r 3-3466 Q-rr-,--A Shop With Ease, THE GUARANTEE SHDE CO. I I7-I I9 Alamo Plaza Wi+h Four Suburban S+ores +o Serve You Plumbing-Air Condi+ioning Hea+ing-Refrigeralion Call Us 'for Sales and Services Phones: CA 2-I25Ig CA 2-0922 A. J. MONIER 81 COMPANY I446 N. Flores a+ Five Poinls CHARLES W. SCHNEIDER TRAVIS D. BAILEY LYTLE W. GOSLING 81 COMPANY Insurance and Bonds Telephone: CA 7-6I5I I37 Losoya S+. San Anionio, Texas 1' 'k Richard Gill ' writes all kinds I of insurance l N W!! W 0-D N l 4. ' -. I-X' 'X jk Xxx, I 1 I I Q 'EP Q53 H 1 Aircraft Insurance Automobile Insurance Automobile Liability Insurance Fidelity and Surety Bonds Fire Insurance Group Accident Ins. for Students Hail and Windstorm Insurance Health and Accident Insurance Life Insurance Personal Liability Insurance Personal Property Insurance Floater Residence Liability Insurance Stock Mortality fcattle lossesj Theft and Burglary Insurance Workmen's Compensation Insurance Repair and Remodeling Loans Commercial Building' Loa Apartment House Loans Farm and Ranch Loans FHA Loans GI Loans IIS GUNTER BUILDING Phone: CApifoI 6-4101 ...---,.- -,..:v.-.-- - Lf -:2..-..,. GECRGE E. BIEDIGER 81 SON Contractors Painting " Paper Hanging and Decorating 7I8 Topeka LE 3-539l SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS ljngrutulutiuns to the graduating class fi GX X? I "' ' J SAN ANTONIO COCA COLA BOTTLING CO INC O '53 5' fif Y - f. 32221. ':f:, .gf ' L -5 Yfff. ' -.3133 '51-. I ff: ' N "IEE: ' -:iff .- ':5:-. 5 .iff ' .A . -123' .-:3i' 'g 55' A T I4 :fi ' zu' -.3f:,f.- Q I ' . I 1 'T :fx x ' .. "5'5.': , T ' Z5 . - . . ' Q V , I A " l E . 0 C .N BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY ' 0' 0 Congratulations, Seniors ROEGELEIN PROVISION COMPANY A 25.0.3 I0 15' :Ss n I 5 'Vg--L" P. O. Box l698 A SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Congratulations and Best Wishes C to the Class of '59 Let Us Help You Prepare for the Best Future Possible A S'I'.MARYS AT COMMERCE MIM!! FDIC HARRY TAPPAN 81 SONS Wholesale Grocers Disfribufors CALIFORNIA FRUITS AND VEGETABLES JUICES AND KETCHUP GQROCERIES AND SPECIALTIES I for Schools, Horels, Hospirals, Cafes CA 7-2394 II9 So. Medina Ulf Ik wk wk Combining AII rhe Advanrages of a Greai' Merropolifan Srore Wirh All +he Convenience of Suburban Shopping . . AII Under One Rodfl Every+hing You Need or Wan+! Park 2 Hours Free in Shoppers' Parking: Have Your Ticker SI'amped in Any JOSKE'S Merchandise Depar+men+ JOSKE'S OF TEXAS Congra1'uIa+ions 'ro All Graciuaies Wiih Special Feliciiaiions .+o the Girls Who Serve in White NOA SPEARS COMPANY m Losoya S+. EARL ABEL'S THE Place to Eat QACROSS THE STREET, lkikik 24 Hour Service pp Approval AAA Duncan Hines JU LIAN 81 WHITE ARCHITECTS 222 E. Gueniher S+. CA 6-565l CA 2-29I6 TARRILLION BROS. Es+. I925 Appliances . Plumbing . Heating I4I9 So.Presa S+. LE 3-5429 .. f ' 'mf' f' 'WW' "fm" ' 1 , .' ':-.-34" n--f"7-'ff Y .. ,--.-...-.Y--H -Y AA - - 2 --------- I HANDY-ANDY Is 1-he Besl Place 'lo Buy, Say Sludenls of l.W.C. CCMPLIMENTS and lllflf, 'I 9 QUALITY FOODS AT ECONOMY PRICES Lef'r +o rigl-rl: Emily Jane Puig and Nancy Archer, freshmen a'r ln- carna+e Word College, drool over rhe cakes in 'I'l1e Handy-Ancly Sfore QW, 2502 Broadway. Mr. Bob Allen is Slore Manager. l WISHING YGU CONTINUED SUCCESS WALSH 81 BURNEY CCMPANY 928 N. Flores S+. 1 '25 A1 2v.:w1s5,.sig: I I? 4W,Q,YQ5?5. -H, ' 3451. . my.-i A ,. .,. 55.-I jg K5 .1 AJ Ig- D I Mm AI Wm if I -:QW I 1 5 'I U ."?CimI b I 919 Ilia. GENERAL HOTEL SUPPLY COMPANY SAN ANTQNIQ LOAN 81 TRUST COMPANY Manufadurers and Jobbers ESTABLISHED ,892 H,o+eI, ResI'auranI', and Ins+i+uI'ionaI EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Savings AccounI's and Home Loans CHINA 'I' GLASSWARE """"' CROCKERY 'I' SILVER "U" LINEN, ETC. zao Dams SAN ANTONIO CA 1-9216 ' U5 W' Commeme CA 6'6'7' znd and Trini+y s+S. AUSTIN GR-7-446I 326 So. Chaparral CORPUS CHRISTI TU-3-8497 BRULIN 81 CO. CompIimenI's MANJFACTURERS or of Highesf Qualify Floor Waxes, Finishes ancl Seals . . . Cleaning Compounds and IncIus'I'riaI SoIvenI's . . . DisinfecI'anI's ancl Insecficicles .' . . NATIONAL BANK lSI2I.?lI'If.Lpilfl.'IZIf32' of Alamo Hei9hfS P. O. Box 2083 San AnI'onio, Texas Member F.D.I.C. Phone: TAyIor 2- I 4 I 2 Uwe ,U 1- --Tslw-"1- f...,.,.4, . Ve wa-.. ---Y f L: ' '-.......- ' ,, Blawg-sxea-Qnemmgw eeefsgaa-egvfi-tr:-MU .....f,.fA - A... ,,,,. .- A - I V -4 U , -.....,-v., V- ' .-.M - .,- -A.... --- A -- - For Neafer Work and Higher Grades Sfudenfs Use MASTERPIECE SCHOOL SUPPLIES From Kindergarfen Through College "THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY" BRUNER'S Air Condifioned Always Free Parking Your Neighborhood Deparfmenf Sfore Offices 48I5 BROADWAY, SAN ANTONIO I, TEXAS ilfl -2I26 Fredericksburg Rd. 9952-270I So. Presa 9953 - I605 Nogalifos y 9654-805 S. W. Milifary Drive 4555-48I5 Broadway 9956-807 Bandera Rd. To the Ladies . .. Our very besf wishes fo every sfudenf af Incarnafe Word Col- Iege. We of 'Ihe Frosf Bank value your friendship, and exfend fo each of you a warm welcome 'Io come in if we may be of service. Remember, if if's imporfanf fo you . . . if's imporfanf fo us! OF SAN ANTONIO 'at MAIN and COMMERCE 1 l -l I Greefings fo fhe Graduafes THE GROOS NATIONAL BANK of San Antonio, Texas Securify-Thriff . 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Josephine- PE 5-6I84 SAN ANTONIO SOMMERS DRUG STORE si-IOP wm-I SAFETY AND SAVE 24 Convenien'IIy LocaI'ed SI'ores Where Filling Your Prescripfion Is 'l'he Mos'r Impor+anI' ParI' of Our Business DWELLING FIRE INSURANCE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE PERSONAL PROPERTY FLOATERS Curreni' Dividend Savings u Io 2070 wiI'h S'I'ocIc Company ProI'ecIion. You Euy direc'I' and save money. Why noi geI' Ihis pro'I'ecIion now? TOM PAVLAK CA 5-2651 Index of Students Featured in the 1959 LOGOS Aguirre, Lucila 73, 116, 126, 140 Conner, Valerie 44, 67, 75, 114, 161, 174. Alanis, Mary Lou 40, 113., 122 Cooper, Jacqueline 120 Albrecht, Carolyn 79, 112, 114, 116, 118, 127, 147, 174 Corral, Adelina 86, 113, 122, 147 Allison, Dorothy S. 83 Corrigan, Anne Mary 109 Alvarez, Laura 40 Cosio, Maria Teresa 43, 113, 125 Amaya, Elena 40 Couch, Donnie L. 43, 59, 113, 147, 150 Andalon, Georgina 40 ' Coulon, Ana Luisa 44 Anderson, Mary 41, 83, 116, 122, 127, 143 Coulon, Madeleine 44, 69, 125, 126, 162 Andrade, Helen 40, 173 Cox, Margaret L. 10, 11, 43 Archer, Barbara 38, 39, 123, 144, 145, 147, 157, 175 Cruz, Carrnen 4,47 113 Archer, Nancy 37, 40, 162, 173, 188 Assad, Rosemary 40 Austin, Bita 123, 147 Avendano, Corina 40, 170 Aziz, Gladys Marie 42 Banderas, Magdalena A. 40, 112, 115, 130 Barloco, Judith 40, 121 Barnes, Dorothy 40, 137 Barrera, Elisa Minerva 83, 137, 178 Barrett, Elizabeth A. 40, 121, 124 Bell, Norva Sue 40 Benitez, Amable 84, 112, 118, 174 Bennett, Bose Marie 10, 13, 125, 1-67 Blanchard, Ann 40, 59, 148 Blanco, Guadalupe 40, 113, 126, 170 Blankenship, Eugenia M. 40, 129, 169. Bluhm, Bette 10, 41, 113, 124 Bluhm, Mary Pat 10, 11, 41, 125, 129 Boecker, Dorothy 39, 135 Bonds, Jean 84 Bonnet, Edith J. 80, 120, 193 Borrego, Beatrice 41, 69 Brady, Karen 39, 41, 135 Brown, Barbara J. 41, 119, 126 Brown, Joy Ramsdell 84 Bueche, Marilynn 10, 13, 41, ea, 69, 112, 122, 147, 173 Byrne, Carolyn 41, 42, 69, 124, 127 Cadena, Gloria Ann 12, 42, 147 V"1 'W Calderoni, Mary Jeanine 39, 144, 147, 162, 1 Campbell, 'Ann 42, 147 g Campion, Laura 42 Cardenas, Sylvia 42, 137, 165 Carter, Dorothy L. 12, 13, 43, 68, 122, 144, 1 Carter, Helene 85, 145 I C.arter, Corean Jacqueline 85, 121 Casso, Mary 81, 121, 1-62, 168 Cavazos, Celeste E. 43, 113, 129, 148, 150 Cayo, Catherine 43, 112, 122, 147, 148, 173 Cazares, Sylvia 43, 123, 147 'W Chamberlin, Marie 85, 178 Chavez, Rosario 126 Clifton, Helen Elizabeth 43, 112 Clifton, Mattie Lou 108 Cisneros, Yolanda 86, 140 Citty, Dianne 13, 43, 144, 1.47 Colgan, Judith 38, 113, 114, 116, 127, 174 Collazo, Dolly 38, 61, 67, 77, 125, 130 Collins, Verna 123, 147 'N Calderoni, Doris Anne 36, 67, 76, 119, 126, 160, 161, 175 73 47, 173 Curnutt, Mildred H. 109 Daly, Edith.120 Davenport, Corinne 44, 59 David, Bernard E. 44 Davis, Esperanza 120 Davydiuk, Rhenetta 44, 53, 112, 123, 129 De Hoyos, Delma 11, 44, 129, 147, 148, 150 De la Garza, Diana 44 DeLeon, Delia 44 DeLeon, Mary Frances 44 Dennehy, Catherine 86, 119, 126, 127, 144, 147 Devaney, Ann 45 Dial, Pat 45, 124 Doepke, Ann H. 87, 125 Doerr, Diana 45, 69, 124 Dolan, Carol Lynn 45 Dornak, Mary Edith 121 Drake, Lillian 87 Dramer, Mary Ann 45, 62, 112, 116, 123, 144, 145 14.7, 174 Dubiel, Diana 45 Dubiel, Dorothy 45, 59, 148 Du, Purificacion 87, 136, 137 D'Unger, Ellen Geraldine 65 Durbin, Christine 45, 124, 137 Durbon, Elizabeth 10, 12, 45 Durham, Georgia Lee 45, 135, 169 Edland, Carol 53, 88 Elbel, Barbara 2, 78, 119, 126, 144, 147, 175 Ellison, Sylvia Sue 46 Engel, Dorralene 46, 126 Erhard, Martha 46 Estrada, Rose J. 67, 88, 122, 142, 171 Fair, Frances L. 46, 69, 124, 147 Farris, Evvie 46 y Eater, Monette 46 Fecci, .lo Ann 43, 88, 116, 124, 127, 140 Fernandez, Maria Alicia 46, 61, 113 A Finger, Carolyn 46 Finney, Pauline 38, 113, 1.16, 124, 129, 147 F lattery, Gladys A. 89 Flores, Betty 46 Flores, Rosie 46 F odor, Annie 46, 63, 69, 124 all it Zi M! . 375213, Fox Carol Jean 89 141 Freeman Ann G 46 Freeman Judy 46 51 59 69 115 135 Fr1day Juanita T 109 F r1tz Mary Ann 45 46 Frltz MaryE 13 45 46 69 113 124 144 Gafford, Willda 47, 127 Galindo, Bose Marie 37, 41, 112, 114, 175 fi Gannon, Jennie 47, 69, 147 Garcia Maria Cristina 47, 126, 147 7 P1 Garcia Maria Estela 47 112 cafciaf Ignacia 47, 59, 113, 117, 148, 150 "1 Garcia Lannes 113 car-ciaf Irma Dora 10, 47, 113, 135, 14,7 Garcia, Laura L. 47, 69, 121, 122 Index of Students Hightower Barbara Ann 49 135 Higuera Dorothy 69 80 114 116 118 124 127 Hills Edna 50 Hlnojosa Mary Alma 49 121 Hmojosa Bertha 39 49 122 147 Hinojosa Mary Cather1ne 91 121 HIHOJOSB Evangeline 49 166 Holder, J acquel1ne M. 50, 69, 124 Howell, Annie Lee 91 Hrones, Mary Katherine 67, 92, 122, 125, 171 Hudson, Marie 38, 52, 79, 125, 130, 131, 175 Humes, Margaret 50, 121 Hunt, Grace Linn 50 Irving, Bettye Jean 50 '3 i" fY ',-, F V 7 M-NW llii - --vl NNW iw-M M7 A 7 W 7 7 7 lrli -in-will U F -iw-, M" J' E 1 la my i' 1 5, 5 , , . ' Z I 9 9 9 9 9 V . U 7 9 7 9 3 9 7 H M133 ff 9 D ' . ,I , , 5 i 9 ' 7 9 9 9 9 9 9 3 . 3 ' , Z ll 1, . '47-134151 -2 far J, 1' rr if---54211: .Zs.Eilil.ll5, -' if . sa. . 'I' fy, -7" i I .f lil! ,nv 5 7 3 , . UML 1 D ..- 'W Garcia, Rose Mary 47 G ard, Fernande 89, 122, 127, 171 Garza, Irma 47, 120, 137, 138 'W Garza, Lucia 47 f"1 Garza, Margaret 12, 47 Garza, Mary C. 47, 113, 122 Garza, Zoila Blanca 69, 80, 117 Geigenmiller, Kathryn 39 Gomez, Carmen Celia 47 . y Gomez, Lucia 47, 60, 112, 125, 126, 147 VW "1 Gomez, Maria del Rosario 48, 112, 122 Gomez, Sylvia 47 f"1 f1 Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Adele E. 121 Anna Maria 48, 69, 124, 142 Cynthia 48, 113 Estela 48, 137 Janie 48 Lucia 48 Sylvia 48, 113, 129, 130, 147 Yvonne 2, 90 Graf, Ruth Ann 48, 137, 165 Groff, Gayle 11, 48 Guajardo, Maria del Pilar 90, 124, 140 Guthrie, Sandra Lee 48, 124 Lackson, Geraldine 120 Lackson, Isabel 92 Lamison, Gayle 50, 121 ,anicek, Barbara 50 ferabek, Dorothy 38, 39, 112, 122, 142, 155, 175 Jimenez, Mary Rita 50 Johnson, Loie Ed. 50 Johnson, Lucile 51, 121 Jones, Dona 39, 51 1 ones, Eva Dorothy 51 , ones, Katherine 51 L ones, Mary Ellen 147 , ones, Minette 51 , ones, Norma 51 Kainer, Yvonne 51 Kalka, Annette L. 36, 73, 114, 160, 161 Kegler, Ruth 92, 194 Keller, Helen 93, 138 Kimes, Jacqueline fJillJ 51, 162 Gutierrez, Manuelita 77, 115, 123, 145, 147, 170 ' Kisslingj Irene 123 Gutierrez, R059 MHTY 13, 42, 48, 69, 1122 116, 123, Klevenhagen, Mary Katherine 51 1241, 125, 144, 147 Koenig, Ramah 51, 116, 124 Guzman, Andrea Yolanda 74, 120, 136, 139 Krenek, Anna Marie Q39 124,, 140 Haggard, Mary Jeanne 10 49, 147 Hajovsky Nancy 49 Hanna Irene 50 Harmer, Kathleen Mary Patricia Harms D'Harma 49 166 173 Harrington, Joan 150 Hemstreet, Jo Ann 49 Herbert, Madeline 90 Heredia, Sylvia 49, 113, 122 Haby, Georgia Mae 48 7 174 2 Hernandez, Mary Ann 67, 91, 113, 12 , 143 Hernandez, Socorro 119, 126 Herrera, Nellie 49, 65, 115, 121, 147 Heye, Janice 38, 52, 81, 130, 131, 169 Heyland, Dorothy 94 Kretzmeier, Roberta 38, 51, 112, 115, 175 Kuan, Judith 42, 93, 124, 127, 158 Kutchka, Patricia 53, 114 Kuykendall, Tommye C. 53, 113, 126, 128, 142 Lamp, Sharron D. 42, 53, 116, .124, 127 Lara, Marguerita 96 Leal, Angela 53, 137, 166 Leeper, Elvi Lou G. 96, 123 Leon, Mary Alice 53 Leonard, Josephine Marie fJodieJ 53 Lepold, Veronica 53, 114 Liberto, Mary Theresa 77, 122, 163 Linnartz, Rose Lee 81, 114, 116, 122, 127, 163, 175 Lozano, Martha 50, 78, 118 --Af--V A- M-l--3'----1"-- 'f .Y - 3 -- -3 -"' 4 1 3"-' ....,z.,...f A .. .. ,............--. a I nde Lozano, Patricia L. 53, 115 Luby, Constance 60, 96, 119, 127 Ludolph, Patricia 53, 112, 122, 143 Ludwig, Jeanette 53 Luedemann, Ellen 12 Lugo, Claudia 53 McCarthy, Kathleen 53, 113, 115, 135, 148, 169 McCleary, Elizabeth 38, 53, 130 McCullough, Nel J. 100 ' 4 McCormick, Jeanne B. 97, 194 Maase, Elda 95 Machado, Billie 51, 125 Magers, Georgia 53, 137, 139 Malone, Frances Eileen 82, 118, 121 Mancha, Rosalva 53 Mangan, Judy 53, 122, 147 Marek, Hattie 174 Margo, Ambarina 54, 113, 122, 129, 142, 169 Martin, Donna Y. 95 Jo Elda 54, 143 , Dalinda E. fDollyJ 54, 59, 112, 122, 143 , Mary Ann 12, 54 , Mary Angela 50, 95 , Xochitl del C. 54, 113, 125, 147, 169, 170 Marx, Kathleen 54 Mascorro, Rita 98, 112, 118 Matocha, Frances 54, 129 Mechler, Patricia 54, 147 Medina, Maria Alma 98 Medola, Josie 54 Mendoza, Consuelo 54, 112, 115 Montalvo, Elvira 55 Mooney, Kathleen 2, 55, 114 Moore, Barbara 98, 137, 139 Moreno, Maria Angelina 55 Morin, Janice 74, 161 Moss, Mary Virginia 97 Muckle, Doris 38, 55, 116, 127, 130 Mullet Hestor, Maria del Carmen 97 Munoz, Mary Margaret 11, 55 Murphy, Mary Lynn 10, 55, 113, 114 Myers, Jean D. 12, 55, 69, 110, 124, 129 Martinez, Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Naczki, Margaret V. 100 Najvar, lda M. 57, 100, 127, 145, 168 Newsom, Donata 55, 138 Nieschwietz, Diane 56, 150 Nolan, Mary Lou 56 Novoa, Carmen 10, 11, 130 Nute, Christie Lee 56, 69, 129, 169 O'Brien, Kathleen M. 2, 45, 56, 124 O'Brien, Kathleen R. 45, 56 O,Kieff, Mary 173 A Olivares, Dolores 56 Olivo, Sylvia A. 57, 118 Ortiz, AliCiE-1 57 Ortiz, Annie Pearl 57 x of Students Ortiz, Gloria 99 Osborn, Mary Claire 57 O7Shea, Patsy 57, 117, 148, 169 Otal, Mary Esther 10, 57, 64, 116, 124, 130, 174 Owen, Gail 57, 113, 129 Owen, Sandra 57 I Ozuna, Elizabeth 57, 122, 125 Palacios, Guadalupe 2, 82, 124, 140 Pargac, Amelia 10, 58, 113 Parkerson, Betty 58 Parras, Azucena fSueJ 58, 112 Patino, Carolyn 78, 120, 139 Patton, LaRuth 117 Peralta, Carmen 58 , Gloria 37, 137, 156 , Ma. Isabel 38, 44, 74, 117, 125, 130, 1.47, 161 , Maria Teresa 10, 11, 58 Melida 58, 69, 113, 125 Katherine 58, 116, 124, 129 Perez Perez Perez Perez, Perry, Picard, Kathleen A. 58 Planeta, Genevieve 99 Pozas, Maria Cristina 58, 125, 126 Prikryl, Otilia 58, 113, 122, 129, 135 Piug, Emily J. 58, 110, 167, 188 Pulsford, Mary 53, 59, 130, 144, 147 Quintero, Loretta 59 Raab, Rose Marie 59, 112, 114, 125 Racz, Eve-Mary 108 Rainey, Patricia E. 13, 59, 147 Ramirez, Emelie 148 Ramirez, Judith 59, 112 Rangel, Georgina 59, 113, 125 Raska, J6 Ann 60, 67, 73, 119, 126, 160 Rawlings, Jewel 108 Recio, Maria Paz 75, 124, 140 Reddrick, J onell 60 Reichert, Eleanor 2, 82, 127 Reinhardt, Zita 123, 144 Resendez, Otila 60, 112 Respini, Ellen M. 99, 193 Rice, Rosalie 60, 112, 122, 143 Richardson, Doris Anne 60, 150 Riddle, Edna 67, 103, 121, 160, 164, 168 Riddle, Gricelda 60 Rideaux, Vivian 102' Rinearson, Fleurette Eugenie 60 Roberts, Alice 60, 120 Robinson, Nancy 37, 60, 162 Rodriguez, Margarita 126 Rodriguez, Gloria 79, 114, 118, 127, 147, 174 Rogers, Velma 94 Rohan, Agnes 102, 124, 140 Rufio, Vincey Ann 60 Ruhnke, Helen Marie 75, 122, 127, 161, 175 Runte, Carol 10, 11, 37, 144, 147, 162 ' Russell, Nancy 102, 127 -1, 200 J ll 5. 33124 'Hs 5444 .3 .2 .V .D o 1 1 ill L I f X1 I Index of Students Ryza, Dolores 43, 60, 112, 114, 123, 127, 144, 145, 146, 147, 168, 174 Sackett, Alice 101 Sada, Maria Luisa 61, 170 Saenz, Margot 10, 11, 61, 113, 115 Sapenter, Gaynell Sylvia 61, 147 Schoch, Carolyn J. 72, 127, 137, 139 Schram, Mary 39 Schram, Zola F. 10, 12, 13, 37, 41, 116, 124, 127, 175 Schrenker, Lois T. 38, 127, 137, 154 Schuckenbrock, Rita 101, 140 Schultz, Mary Elaine 60, 61, 119, 126 Schumann, Helen 51, 61, 69, 115, 121, '144, 147, 172 Segura, Rosemary 38, 39, 52, 112, 124, 130 Seigler, Joan 62, 116, 147, 175 Sekula, Beverline 12, 53, 61, 126 Seten, Lucille 36, 127, 137 Shannon, Gladys 127 Shaw, Rita 61, 139 Siddell, Hope 61 Sluder, Renee 38, 41, 116, 124, 127 Smith, Becky 39, 158 Smith, Irene 120 Smith, Sharon 62 Snyder, Betty 104 Sobocinski, Marie 123, 147 Solis, Maria de la Paz 10, 39, 112, 122 Soriano, Lourdes 62, 113 Sowers, Julia L. 101 Spears, Katherine 2, 62, 69, 122, 131, 142 Speed, Patricia 51, 62 Spikes, Georgann 10, 12, 62, 159, 175 Stack, Iris 104 Stanush, Leona 62 Stasny, Evelyn Ann 104 Stasny, Marjorie Mae 62 Stateson, Mary 174 Steele, Mary Lynn 63, 69, 121, 147, 173 Stefanagge, Margie 63 A Stein, Colleen J. 63 Stevens, Geraldine 63 Stringer, Ann 64 Sturdivant, Julia 105 Suarez, Consuelo'63 Suarez, Irene 63, 112, 122, 147 Sutton, Dorothy 105 Svatek, Clyde 120 Tasch, Mary Jo 64, 69, 114, 124, 142 Tellez, Ana Martha 65, 119, 126, 169 rfernus, Martha 65, 127, 141, 165 Thompson, Joan 120 Tollen, Barbara 121 Torres, Lucia 140 Trager, Peggy Joyce 65 Trees, Cheryl 120 -revino, Beatrice 65, 120 revino, Elva Rose 65, 113 -revino, Evelyn 66 F1 F1 Trevino, Genie Sue 38, 162 Trevino, Rosemarie 59, 66, 69, 124 Trial, Sharon 105, 139 Tse, Sophie 103 Tupa, Genevieve 66 Turner, Roberta 69, 103, 124, 140 Ulcak, Margaret 66, 68, 123, 129, 130, 144, 147, 150, 173, 179 Urban, Charlotte 10, 66, 69, 124, 147, 150 Valadez, Leticia 67, 107, 118 . Valdez, Maria Teresa 66, 112, 125, 170 Valdez, Monica 12, 66 Vales, Virginia 66, 112 Vann, Elizabeth 67, 113 Varelas, Nicola 2, 69, 107, 121, 124 Vento, Irma Dora 113, 135 Verduzco, Caroline 67, 125, 128 Verduzco, Sylvia 94 Vergara, Ena Carmen 67, 125 Villarreal, Alice 3.6, 112, 116, 124, 127, 130 Villarreal, Beatriz 67, 112, 125 Villarreal, Maria 67, 112, 125 Vivas, Mary Jo 67, 113 Vyvlecka, Florence 107, 137, 165 Wagner, Barbara A. 10, 12, 67, 123, 147 Walker, Beatrice W. 109 Walt, Barbara 67 Walters, Ossie Lee 109 Warwas, Irene 67, 116, 120, 127 Watkins, Johnnie 108, 138 Weed, Janet 76, 137, 138, 164 Weisbruch, Diane 67, 69, 112, 124, 135 Wendel, Barbara 64, 67, 116 Whisenhunt, Donna 76, 139, 160, 164 Wilke, Rosemary 72, 136, 137, 138, 152, 178 Williams, Mary Ellen 67 Williams, Myrtle 108, 122 Willrich, Carrie 36, 148 Wilson, Claire 120 Wilson, Suzette 10, 37, 39, 129, 144, 147, 148, 150, 173 Wingo, Margaret 68, 135, 166 Wohlfiel, Dorothy 109 Wright, Edith 109, 174 Wright, Peggy 120 Zappe, Patricia 39, 44, 72, ,122, 175 Zardanetta, Maria del Carmen 68, 112, 147, 150 Zarsky, Roseann 10, 68, 113, 122, 135, 144, 147 Zepeda, Sylvia 69, 144, 147, 173 Zimmerman, Elizabeth 69, 113 Zulauf, Dorothy 120 P lx ps ..-.J-.,,,,,,...f...4--,.- ,-....,,....,,,,,.,,.,,,.......,.,,:.,1.24:,g...,.... w i v'-M M-Y . 4-V 747, 13 - 'W A -- , , ,,- , ' i,.wgin'Qii f aQ:gLw:,waQges1ef!af4-1-A-1-1 ,4419- I ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ARE NOW IN ORDER As we come to the last page of the 1959 LOGOS, We are deeply conscious of the debt of gratitude We owe to many people who have assisted us in the publica- tion of this book. For portraits such as the one on this page, as Well as those on pages 164, 165, and 166, THE STARDUST BALL portraits, We say a big uThank You" to Mrs. Elnora Miller and Mr. Roger L. Brigham, of the BRIGHAM STUDIO, INC. For those on pages 152-159, inclusive, We also say 'Thank Youi' to Mr. Floyd Goldenburg, of the BEV- ERLY STUDIOS. We Wish a uSpeedy Recovery" , to our faithful photographer, Mr. Joe Bacon, Who has been incapacitated for the past couple of months be- cause of a fall from a horse. We are also grateful to Miss Regina Mosel, photographer, Whose patience has been phenomenal, and who always got here on l tlme even If We dld not' representative to the STARDUST BALL, to be held on May 8 To Mr. Jess Allison, of the Taylor Publishing Com- Q mths Offlcers C1ub,LHCk1aHdAFB- I pany, as Well as to the company members we are truly grateful for continued assistance and encouragement. I We are especially grateful for their assistance with the Texas Catholic J ournalists' Workshop in January. Miss Cecil Coleman and her Commercial Art students are also included in our expressions of gratitude L for their cover design, and for many suggestions for special' sections. I To our Patrons and Advertisers 'We are truly grateful for their financial assistance in the publication of our 1959 LOGOS. V RECOMMENDATIONS ARE ALSO IN ORDER We recommend that every member of the faculty as well as every member of the student body have a picture included in future issues of the LOGOS. The book should include one-hundred percent of the students, not a mere sixty percent or less, such as this publication includes. We also recommend that you patronize those business concerns which so graciously donated through ad- vertisements for the publication of the '1959 LOGOS. U TO ALL WE SAY "TI-IANK YOU." X Barbara Elbel and Lupe Palacios, Editors, and The Staff of the 1959 LOGOS 4 206 W1 TAY'fflRW.lT.HEfli.lf.lfI'2TSSMFANY JO ANN RASKA, senior vice-president, has been elected I.W.C , ,- ,P fn. . .4 X "'ff-'l, ' -- .... .... . . 1q "' 4, jf' ' . 'K ' - -W j V " :V U ,gi A A'-X H A ""' "" -..--, ,--V I H . A . . , '11 my f ..., , Y Q H A umm- - U- ' '. K' - , . U"""""A--A----, f,-, -....,,,,-,M A 1 , UTKWQAQV. UL! . J ,Jw ,J-fr ggi, - 1 M 7aa L K xggwfw ,. y-Cqiq, ff n Sway, gg Mfg -R .sd fl I ,W f init? 114 elected NFC, - A 4 .,.-.1:1f:e!d0uMay3!i ,V I A WU ' ' ' K N ' I . o - f A ' A xg:-ap IH January. ' fy h f ritude ' w ' 0 gm 1 JM I7 ,e F A X , ,. iw? 1 r ' ' F' ' t :te pubhcatlonof 55,1 J' S 'f ""-' . , . ' JR J , ,, I f L' 2 , A ? A ' It .J ' "lf . . I 1 h 21 Q 'J R' 'JI ff' - fm ,.. ,. ,. ,. ' ent D0dY We ' M 495431,- "' l1?'?'i ' ' f percento U ' ' m,. ,,, 4 . i A 2 Q4 M ,ff ' '-gf- , A -4. 5 iv X I, f ,V " f N Y.. A.,. - ywgkfl , N l Y Q A pd ad' V' 54 1. ,F , , vlvvl I :fun F af '?'15'fTS' 'ii' '- Y , I i A, lit' . , if-, J ti I -. ' w ., J ff f f 4 , 1 QA V N 1 ,. , f ' j. 4-1, -., ,, , , . Q.f , - , vp yf,..1'j, , T-5 , d 9 ' ,fl fff 4 f ff: . . f Q MJ ' 9152031 1 V ' 'H . ,E i' ' . ' 1 f' ' . f ,' Y, Sir A ..-,x I., l,,v'L:,1 -'rg Ln. . .M , ,aj V wif' 1 A.' A.. gf 4 , ,Y "'fJQI..,f3,?,f. . ,tit K."-. I - IK L . aj ig ff? iv. Www mm Q f'q:r'1g4 b, , NY wfff' ...J -N lr' , .. if- gk. . S 5, as 1- ' . B' v uk, s"Q? d '10 N ' 1' M., 1' Wi' 'yu I 2 J 'xx' .WJ 5 , X ug' n :idk U5-'Q ' , -Yu' 'Z lk. N a 'lv f i . YA Q sg 4, Q" . LF!! ' L QW, I Alh- .- iinglv 'W - 0 . I I in ' - 'ffu l . , , , ,' 1 Y. fd V . 5 Q w I 1 , . it V ,tilkfws ? 9 ax! 44 a 4 M- ? Q1 ' , , , D M 3, Q -f Q-, I A - Q. .. ,. , , - ' . ., Vi ' N- 9 Nt." ,t ' , '!if,..L'Yt'f' A ,-f 1 1 1-P5 - ' ' rl--If .iq K. y --1. ,. T -5 bf , W - - f . nl ff-'S' A ' -Y 1' ' 1' wit - ' ' all U .. . W , . . 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Suggestions in the University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) collection:

University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 41

1959, pg 41

University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 165

1959, pg 165

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