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6126 .5070; ?quslzeJ y Me Stuaenis 0f jncamafe 0320M Galleqe : San Gfmfom'o, 6mm 1941 maxi ?Reverena Wager! Emmet Eucey, .79. .9. Archbishop of San Antonio 11761 9unf sexel byuomuv mas 9891103 p.10 m amumoul ;o szuapms 31p Aq peqposul AIpQJOAaq pue AlqumH s1 S0301 9m 51008 Ienuuv SHLL uoplaqz p09 01 suyAygsqueql 31931113911 u; pm; 01110qu mas ;o doqsgqquV sV W61 22 119va uopeumsul 1119393 91H Jo Auouxpsal Inpzmg "I abemoulaq 1121183qu .103 uopoV 1121303 pue uopeonpg 311011323 Jo uoydwqu snognsnlu Waylamv ;0 893233 paagun 9111 p uangg paqsgngupsgq Apueugulg '0 'Q abon'l JSIIIIIIEI 3.19qu puaxaAau 190W 9W1. Aouauaoxg 91H OJ; Z! 017? 7991789$ 4Mewaacl In reviewing the files of this annual book, we have discovered n0 dedication more apt to its occasion than that Which is now Offered. To confirm this in- ference, if validation be necessary, we ask the reader to observe What is written in the foregoing inscrip- tion. The present troubled disposition of human affairs, at home and afar, the strife and the striving that now try menis souls, that test their souls for strength of faith and works, inexorably require a heroic intellect and Will for capable spiritual, moral and practical leadership of the people. Such leader- ship is never unwanted, but never has it been wanted more sorely than in these, our perilous, times. That God has vouchsafed us, of the Faith, as of those out- side the Faith Who are of good Will, a that He has vouchsafed us such a leadership in the man, the priest, the prelate, Archbishop Lucey, surely no one Who reasons can doubt. We think it an occasion to' celebrate. 14 aCILdMOf fucey His Excellency, the Most Reverend Robert E. Lucey, D. D., Archbishop of San Antonio, was ordained in the American College at Rome in 1916. Returning to California thereafter, he held various pastorates until his consecration as Bishop of Amarillo in 1934. Throughout these years he was notably active in welfare work and held a number of important offices in organizations of wide jurisdiction. He was a member of the Executive Board of the California State Department of Social Welfare, president of the Catholic Conference of Social Work, Vice-president 0f the Catholic Conference on Industrial Problems, and chairman of the Southern California Committee of the National Association for International Peace. As Ordinary 0f the See of Amarillo, Bishop Lucey became nationally celebrated for his splendid program of Catholic Action and its remarkable fulfillment in performance. He established the Catholic Welfare Bureau and diocesan councils of Catholic men, Catholic women and Catholic youth. Not less notable was his interest in education. This he effectually evidenced by establishing new schools and enlisting new teaching communities in the educational enterprise of his diocese. The installation of the new Archbishop of San Antonio took place on March 27 in San Fernando Cathedral, with the Apostolic Delegate, the Most Reverend Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, officiating. On the previous evening, a civic reception was held in the Municipal Auditorium. Members of the hierarchy and laity from all parts of the United States attended the installa- tion ceremonies. Faculty and students of Incarnate Word College joined in a reception tendered to their Excellencies, the Most Reverend Amleto Giovanni Cicognani and Archbishop Lucey, on Wednesday, March 26. After the reception in the- Convent Chapel they were conducted to the college audi- torium to be greeted by the assembled student body holding papal and national flags. Following a brief musical program the eminent guests were welcomedein an address by Mari Katherine Vincius, speaking for faculty and students of Incarnate Word College. In response to this tribute of welcome, Archbishop Lucey thanked the assembled audience and expressed his pleasure in his Visit to the college. He then introduced the Apostolic Delegate as their distinguished guest and the ambassador of Pope Pius XII. His Excellency declared his gratitude for the cordial welcome extended him and his appreciation of the program presented by the students. Exhorting them to live up to the teachings and traditions of their Catholic college, he concluded his brief message and bestowed upon the audience the apostolic blessing. Their Excellencies, with forty-five Visiting prelates from all parts of the country, were guests of the college at a luncheon in the Brackenridge Mansion. Welcame Address of Welcome Given by Mari Katherine Vincius at the Reception Tendered to the Apostolic Delegate and Archbishop Lucey, March 26th. Your Excellencies, the Most Reverend Archbishop Cicognani, Papal Delegate to the United States of America, and the most Reverend Arch- bishop Lucey, Metropolitan of San Antonio: For the students of Incarnate Word College, its faculty and governing body, and for the religious community which provides its superior authori- ty, Sisters of the Congregation of Charity of the Incarnate Word, we offer to your Excellencies the greeting of heartfelt welcome, the acclaim of devoted thanksgiving, the tribute of spontaneous homage, and the prayer of fervent faith that we shall continue ever purposively to need and, by that need, to merit increasingly the abundant benefit of your august patronage. As workers in the enterprise of Christian education, the temporal apostolate of our eternal destiny, we have ever been and ever shall be prayerfully subject to the divinely ordained apostleship 0f the Vicar of Christ on earth, our Sovereign Pontiff, in the See of Rome. It is, then with the most ardent gratitude that we salute the presence of your Excellency, the Most Reverend Archbishop Cicognani, delegate of Our Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, to the Church and its people in the United States of America. We are deeply sensible, no less, of the enhancement of this supreme honor by the presence of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of San Antonio, Archbishop Lucey, who comes to us, the divinely appointed shepherd of this flock in the land of Texas, the keeper of its fold. In our joyous affirmation of fealty to His Excellency, Archbishop Lucey, we are not unmindful that we have been signally distinguished by the providence of his commission to this provincial pastorate. With multi- tudes of people throughout our nation, we know that he is j ustly renowned for his interpretation of the Papal Encyclicals, his earnest advocacy of them in clearest teaching, his illustrious exemplification and far-reaching application of their Christian justice and charity in itthe art and practic part of life." We have learned and gladly taken to our hearts the learning of his very personal closeness in spirit to, formerly, His Eminence, Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, now Our Holy Father, Pope Pius XII. We are confident that a special gift of Divine Grace is brought to us with his most worthy assumption of the archepiscopal dignity. Your Excellencies, we welcome you proudly and in humility ask your blessing. Selma! Views E C N A mu ,N E H T U 0 S 8 x CHAPEL TOWER W, ,1"me ?'ng M I MK A K Wm! . hm ,, , A ', mew W ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 14b K . K V C Xx K AL'DI'mRIUM W k m w" a W? W wwv, ,x wwv L L A H N m. T A C, U D E 41; ,NNEh22guAgagyA 1 WMW lgw WWHWI' . multgzi ,. x . . V , 7 q 76 J7, 777,, 773.77, 1,777,; 777 7771777, 7 7, 7 ,77 777 .77, ,. ; , L 2, 777,27 ,7 ,777, 71;, ,7, ,77 77 :77 777,777, 774 5.. lamwa: .v 1.1. I 7WWw., DUBUIS HALL ENTRANCE 7777777777777: 777?; , W777 WWW 7777757777 7777, ,, 7777,27, J77 777x 777 777.7777 ,7? 77 ,7777 - ,mw T N E V N O C D N A A L m V .V. 522a4x$ka . L: m: awwmxm- I l, 13 f h 51x 2. . , , , , 4 V war 4mz'mwz4 . 44': wt ., .4 ?ggtwgr . ybnauaaaugriaamwgggugmnhgg . q. w . "aka"...- . . .. . , 2.... f... L , . ,. F 14 . am Ear E. :. L: , K 7 : "fwd: . . 7-13-113. Fa ma.gawe.11.35.? . . L: . a I . u . S a. hm"... gammagn . h, . En. . x. w? .3 mg, 3...: km. . Eu." :qu . :u 53m;FiLEE... . ..:.m.a:, . w 1.. 5.. x. E... E .: .MWWWW n. :53 2. .1wa , g3 kw: Eu. gnaw mm am mg 1 I lousmn um ARTS B UILDI M 5,34,, 14x3? 4495;44, 1.; a? S E D R U 0 L F O Y D A L R U 0 F 0 O T T O R G ,. 4 $62 L ? 4 71?2; rmwwmzm, ,, ., 4 . .,wa ,n wt v xkamxx xx J UBILEE MEMORIAL WW. kw THE RESIDENCE xxxxuxxwxx w xwwmgmmmwm . AIRPLANE VIEW liz- vx'ymmzmwmwqu mkasz.Mwnw,.A .m-QM. ..,- GK 2 g myam:wmmam I LEGE CAMPUS a g - a ,. a . . m V nixi'F. V LWJANwwaxxxvmwM VVV W W. ,, f THE CHAPEL ' . N o- .l C I I. .3 9 H .0 I l l. I. INTERIOR OF CHAPEL RIVER SCENE ON CAMPUS Gallege swim BETTY ALBERS San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics Vice President, Junior Class, ,40 Kappa Lambda Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma Dramatic Club Sodality SUE PICKENS BROYLES .San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics Vice President, Kappa Lambda, 01-0 President, Kappa Lambda, ,41 Logos Staff Kappa Lambda ELLENITA BUCKLEY Eagle Pass, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: English Secretary, Freshman Class, 38 Historian, Alpha Lambda Delta, 39, 40 Treasurer, Senior Class, 41 Sodality Alpha Chi Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta Logos Staff ths Who in American Colleges and Universities, 41 RUTH BUDOW San Antonio Bachelor of .Arts Major: Philosophy President, Senior Class, 41 Business Manager, Annual, ,41 International Relations Club Modern Language Club Galleqe gem AMY MURRAY BURROWS San A ntom'o Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education EVELYN C. CALHOUN Fischer Store, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education MARY MARGARET CARLIN San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Secretary, Senior Class, ,41 Assistant Business Manager, Annual, ,41 Sodality Logos Staff JAYNE COATS San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History Galleqe 5W DOROTHY COHEN San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History BERYL COLE Eddy, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education JACQUELINE COLON DAUSSA Humaca, Puerto Rico Bachelor of Arts Major: English Modern Language Club Sodality AGUEDA CUELLAR Brownsville, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education Gallege Seam MARGARET WEINERT DAVIES 'San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History GAIL DAVIS San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Chemistry Associate Editor, Logos, ,38 President, Alpha Lambda Delta, 39 President, Phi Sigma Kappa, 41 Treasurer, Junior Class, ,40 Choral Society, Sodality, Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Logos Staff, Alpha Delta Sigma, Phi Sigma Kappa, Modern Language Club, Texas Academy of Science Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, ,40 BETTY DEAN San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History Associate Editor, Logos, ,39 Logos Staff MARY FRANCES DEVINE San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Spanish Secretary, Dramatic Club, 39 Associate Editor, Logos, ,39 Vice President, Dramatic Club, 40 Editor, Logos, 41 Editor, Annual, 511 President, Alpha Chi, 41 Dramatic Club,4A1pha Chi, Logos Staff, Modern Language Club Gallege Swim MARY ANNE DUNN Alice, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: Philosophy President, International Relations Club, '40 Secretary, Alpha Chi, ,41 Treasurer, Alpha Chi, ,40 Modern Language Club Sodality Dramatic Club International Relations Club Alpha Chi ths Who in American Colleges and Universities, 40 ALICIA ELIZONDO San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Spanish Sports Association Sodality Phi Sigma Kappa Modern Language Club SYLVIA FRANKLIN Laredo, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: History MARTHA BINFORD GULLEY San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Secretary, Sinfonia Society, 40 Alpha Chi Orchestra Band Music Association Sinfonia Society Choral Society ths Who in .American Colleges and Universities, ,41 galley; 3W ELSIE HABLUETZEL San Antonio Bachelor of Music Major: Public School Music President, Choral Society, ,41 Music Association, Sinfonia Society, Orchestra and Band, Choral Society, Concert Mistress, Orchestra, 511 MAMIE HIGGINS San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English MARGARET PERRIN HOCH San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Economics and Sociology Orchestra Band Sinfonia Society Choral Society N AN IVEY Taft, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: Biology Sports Editor, Annual, ,41 Phi Sigma Kappa 801W 5W VIRGINIA LEE LAYER Poteet, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education MAURINE MCMURRAY Three Rivers, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: History GERTRUDE ELLEN MARTIN Welsh, Louisiana Bachelor of Arts Major: English Secretary, Sophomore Class, 39 Secretary, Sodality, 89 Secretary, Junior Class, ,40 President, Sodality, y40, 41 Vice President, Alpha Delta Sigma, 41 Club Editor, Logos, ,41 Alpha Delta Sigma, Sodality, Phi Sigma Kappa, Choral Society, L-ogos Staff, Music Association, Texas Academy of Science GENEVA J. MOYNAHAN San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education college Senim ANITA FAY NORDAN San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Alpha Delta Sigma CLARE EDITH NOTZON Laredo, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: English Treasurer, Freshman Class, 38 Treasurer, Sodalitv, 40 President, Alpha Delta Sigma, ,41 Treasurer, Alpha Chi, ,41 Societv Editor, Annual, 41 Alpha Chi, Alpha Delta Sigma, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sodality, Modern Language Club, Dramatic Club, Choral Society, Logos Staff, Texas Academy of Science VVh0,s Who in American Colleges and Universities, ,41 MARGARET WARD PETERSON Laredo, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: History JUNE EDITH PIKE San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Chemistry President, Orchestra, 41 President, Sinfonia Society, ,41 Secretary, Texas Academy of Science, 40 Phi Sigma Kappa, Orchestra, Choral Society, Band, A Capella Choir, Sports Association, Modern Language Club, Sinfonia Society, Texas Academy of Science Galleye 3W LIBBY PINES San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History International Relations Club Dramatic Club Alpha Chi MARY KATHRYN RUSSELL Houston, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: History Sergeant at .Arms, Junior Class, 40 Treasurer, Alpha Delta Sigma, 41 Vice Prefect, Sodality, 41 Vice President, Sports Association, '39 Modern Language Club Dramatic Club Alpha Delta Sigma Sodality Sports Association JOSEPHINE SANGER San Angelo, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: Sociology Sodality International Relations Club MILDRED SCHLOSSER San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Chemistry Vice President, Phi Sigma Kappa, 41 Sodality Phi Sigma Kappa Texas Academy of Science Galleqe 3W ELLEN SHROPSHIRE San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English President, Dramatic Club, 40, 41 Vice President, Senior Class, 41 Vice President, Alpha Chi, 41 Advertising Manager, Annual, 41 Exchange Editor, Logos, ,41 Dramatic Club Alpha Chi Logos Staff FRANN EVA THULEMEYER Schertz, Texas Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics Vice President, Alpha Delta Sigma, ,40 Sergeant-at-Arms, Alpha Delta Sigma, ,41 Alpha Delta Sigma Kappa Lambda MARI KATHARINE VINCIUS San Antonio Bachelor of Music Major: Piano President, Music Association, ,41 Choral Society International Relations Club Music Association Alpha Chi ths Who in American Colleges and Universities, 41 Galleye jmim ELIZABETH AMAN, San Antonio VIRGINIA ANDERSON, San Antonio FRANCES BARKIN, San Antonio EMILY THELMA BEIER,San Antonio WINIFRED BERCHELMANN, San Antonio BEVERLY BRANDT, San Antonio MAUDE ELLEN BRITE, 'San Antonio JANE BROWDER, Amarillo, Texas BEBE BURKETT, Kenedy, Texas MARGARET BUSH, San Antonio MARY HELEN CAESAR, Temple, Texas JEAN CARMEAN, Randolph Field JANE CHINNER, San Antonio CATHERINE CONWAY, San Antonio BETH COTTER, Aransas Pass, Texas CATHERINE COVINGTON, Houston, Texas JEAN CRAIG, San Antonio SOPHIE DALMAS, San Antonio ALICE DEVINE, Laredo, Texas J UNE LEACH DOSSEY, San Antonio HELEN EDELSTEIN, Brownsville, Texas LILLIAN ERLICH, San Antonio MARGARET FLOYD, San Antonio DOROTHYLEE FREEMAN, San Antonio DORIS FULKs, Pawhuska, Okla. MARGARET GALLIGAN, Laredo, Tex. LUCY STARR GRIDER Brownsmlle, Texas ELVI LOU GUERRA, San Antonio MABEL HALAMICEK, San Antonio JUANITA HIMMELS, Windtharst, Texas DOROTHY HOCKER, San Antonio VIRGINIA HOLLIDAY, San Antonio CELESTE HOPKINS, Victoria, Texas Galleye imam ELIZABETH KING, San Antonio BETTE KRUEGER, San Antonio MARIAN LAMM, San Antonio LOUISE LATHAM, San Antonio ANNELIE LOCKE, San Antonio MARY LUNDEEN, San Antonio ZELIME LYTLE, San Antonio MARGARET MARY MCCANN, Beaumont, Texas PEGGY MCDONOUGH, Galveston, Texas MRS. KATHRYN MARTIN, San Antonio MARY LOUISE MORRIS, San Antonio MARY MARGARET MORRIS, San Antonio MARY ALICE MURPHY, South San Antonio NANCY ODEN, San Antonio ELIZABETH OLIVER, San Antonio BARBARA PARTRIDGE, Ft. Sam Houston MRS. HAZEL PETRAITIS, San Antonio MARGARET PICKERING, San Antonio PATRICIA PICKERING, Victoria, Tex. ,ANNA PUCK, San Antonio LUCIE J ANE RATHER, 'San Antonio OLIVETTE RHEINER, San Antonio ELSIE MAE RICHTER, San Antonio VIRGINIA RICHTER, .San Antonio HESTER ROBERTS, San Antonio HARRIET ANN ROGERS, San Antonio ROSE CATHERINE ROHRBACK, St. Louis, Missouri SYBIL ROLLETT, San Antonio JOYCE SAUERMILCH, San Antonio FAYRENE TIMM, .San Antonio ,MARY WALSH, San Antonio DAISY WHITE, Uvalde, Texas MAXINE WHITTEN, San Antonio LORETTA MARGARET YAEGER, San Antonio GERTRUDE ZUBERBUELER Comstock, Texas gallege gophamm MARIE BANSPACH, San Antonio MIRIAM RUTH BECK, .San Antom'o SIDNEY KATHERINE BOWERS, Port Lavaca, Texas MARY THERESA BOYLE, Bandwa, Texas BETTY BRADFORD, Houston, Texas ALICE BRANGAN, Segm'n, Texas HELENE BRYNSTON, Galveston Tex. MAXINE BRYNSTON, Galveston, Tex. KITTY WEST BURNS, San Antonio RITA RUTH CARLIN, San Antonio JOSEPHINE CHADWICK, San Antonio BESSIE COFFEE, San Antonio J ACQUELINE CONLEY, San Antonio RUTH COTTER, Port Aransas, Texas ELAINE COUTRET, Runge, Texas BARBARA DIBRELL, San Antonio G,NELL FOX, San Antonio MARTHA FRANZA, San Antonio MARGUERITE GAINES, San Antonio BARBARA GALLMAN, Laredo, Texas ELMA ROSE GONZALEZ, Rio Gwmde, Texas NELLIE MAE HASLER, San Antonio MARGIE HASTINGS, San Antonio AMY HEARD, San Antonio JANE ELLEN HILLJE, San Antonio EMMA MARY HOCH, Atlanta, Georgia ADELE MARIE HOUSE, San Antonio HELEN RAY HUDSON, Pine Bluff, ATkansas SUZANNE ILL, Des Moines, Iowa MARY FRANCES JACKSON, Clairrmont Springs, Alabama CONSTANCE JONES, San Antonio SHIRLEY JONES, Miami, Arizona MARIAN ELIZABETH KENDALL, Ft. 8er Houston JESSIE KINSLEY, San Antonio ADELE KIRSNER, San Antonio MAXINE KRUEGER, San Antonio BETTY JEAN LAMM, San Antonio MARY LIBERT, San Antonio MARIA LIEBSCHER, New Braunfels, Texas LAVERNE MARIE LAURENT, Houston, Texas ADELA LOZANO, Sarita, Texas THELMA LUCAS, Montewey, Mexico LUCY GOLD LYTLE, San Antonio MARY KAY MCDONNELL, Memphis, Tennessee FLORRIE MATYEAR, San Antonio MARY MARGARET MULLINS, San Antomo JEAN NASH, San Antonio JANE NELSON, Taft, Texas PATRICIA ELIZABETH NEY, Honda, Texas ' MILDRED EVELYN NORTON, Shamrock, Texas MIMI OGDEN, San Antonio LOUISE OSWALD, San Antonio MARY AGATHA OWEN, Del Rio, Tex. PEGGY PAGENKOPF, San Antonio EDNA PALMER, San Antonio GENEVIEVE PENA, San Antonio MAURYNE PERKINS, Corpus Christi ALETHEA DESPERA POLITIS, San Antonio DOROTHY MAE REGINI, Galveston, Texas EMMA CECILIA REITMEYER, Hitchcock, Texas FRANCES RICHMOND, 'San Antonio ROSE ROWLEY, San Antonio CORRIE ELIZABETH RUSSELL, Brownsmlle, Texas GERTRUDE SCHAFER, San Antonio MARIAN SENG, San Antonio EDNA LEE SHAW, San Antonio VIRGINIA LANE SMALLEY, San Antonio JUNE STROUD, San Antonio MARIA DEL CARMEN TORRES, Brownsville, Texas ETHEL JOSEPHINE WAGNER, Moulton, Texas DOROTHY WEARDEN, Victm'ia, Tex. EDNA THERESA WHITIS, San Antonio KATHERINE ZUBERBUELER, Comstock, Texas Gouge 44m BETTY ALBIN, Taft, Texas FRANCES ALBRECHT, San Antonio PATRICIA ALEXANDER, Waco, Texas LOUISE ANDERWALD, Bandera, Tex. MAGDALEN ANTHONY, San Antonio MARIE ARNOLD, San Antonio MARTHA BARNETT, Corpus Christi GRETCHEN BAUER, Mercedes, Tex. RUTH BEAKLEY, 'San Antonio RUBY BECK, San Antonio MARY BELCHER, San Antonio CHARLOTTE BELL, San Antonio MARGARET BELSTROM, San Antonio CARTERETTE BENNETT, San Antonio MARY JANE BOWLES, San Antonio VIRGINIA BRANDENBERGER, Mason, Texas HELEN MARIE BREIT, .San Antonio PATSY J EAN BRITTAIN, San Antonio VIVIAN RUTH BRO'USSARD, FTeeport, Texas JOYCE BROWN, San Antonio GLORIA CADENA, San Diego, Texas MAXINE CAMERON, Sam Antonio J0 MARIE CAMPION, San Antonio ESTELLE CAPPUYNS, San Antonio MARY CASTRO, Floresm'lle, Texas MARGARET CLAIRE COUGHLIN, Temple, Texas CARMEN CELESTINO, San Antonio MAYDELL CELLI, Galveston, Texas JACQUELINE COFFEY, Sam Antonio FLORENCE COLLINS, San Antonio PATRICIA COLLINS, San Antonio VIRGINIA COLLINS, Ft. Sam Houston RUTH COWIE, San Antonio JUNE DAVIS, Gonzalez, Texas ALICE DEL R10, Mexico City MARY DENNIES, Brownsville, Texas WILMA DERDEN, San Antonio MARY ESTELLE DEVER, San Antonio ELAINE ANNA DIETER, San Antonio JANET DONAIIUE, San Antonio PATRICIA DUFFY, Taylor, Texas MARY EARLY, Dallas, Texas VERA ANN EZZELL, San Antonio BILLIE RUTH FARRIS, San Antonio MARY ANTOINETTE FISCH, Fort Worth, Texas ' AGNES FALLWELL, Palestine, Texas L'UCILE FOTTRELL, San Antonio ANTOINETTE FRANGER, San Antonio CELIA FRANK, San Antonio MARY ELIZABETH GALLOWAY, San Antonio MARGARET GARCIA, San Antonio JANE GARVEY, Houston, Texas OTILA GARZA, Mexico City, Mexico JULIA GOLDBACH, 'San Antonio MONICA ESTELLE GREGORY, Harlingen, Texas MARY HARMON, San Antonio MARY KATHERINE HAYNES, Laredo, Texas RUTH THERESA HEALEY, Fort Riley, Kansas CAROLINE HERFF, San Antonio JUANITA HERFF, San Antonio R'UTH HOERIG, Villa Obregon, Mex. MILDRED HOFFER, Skidmore, Texas VIVIAN MARIE HALLER, Castroville, Texas 'BERNADINE HYNES, San Antonio GWENDOLYN HYNES, San Antonio ADELAIDE ELIZABETH J AMES San Antonio MARJORIE JAMES, San Antonio BETTY J0 JANOSKY, Galveston, Texas DOROTHY JENKINSON, San Antonio MARIE KATZFEY, George West, Tex. CATHERINE KENNEDY, San Antonio PEGGY KING, Elgin, Kansas college 415th ADA KOENIG, CueTo, Texas MAY BELLE KOEPSEL, McQueeney, Texas PAULINE KNOPP, Fredeo'iclcsburg, Texas PHYLLIS KRON, Ft. Sam Houston ANITA KUNZ, Fredericksburg, Tex. LE CLAIRE LESLIE, San Antonio J OYCE LITTLEPAGE, Los Fresnos, Texas BETTY LOCKWOOD, San Antonio CARMEN MCCORMICK, San Antonio MARGIE MCKINLEY, Beaumont, Tex. JUANITA MANG, Gonzalez, Texas MARIA MARTINEZ, San Lms Potosi, Mexico MARY CATHERINE MEANEY, Corpus Chm'sti, Texas MARY MEINRATII, Beeville, Texas BETTY MELCER, 'San Antonio BETTY MERFELD, Glen Ellyn, I llinois BETTY JANE MILLER, San Antonio ROSE MARIE NAUSCHUTZ, San Antonio MARY ANN NOONAN, Honda, Texas LORRAINE NOVELLI, Galveston, Tex. FLORENCE NOWAK, San Antonio CATHERINE O,CONNOR, New Orleans, Louisiana ELIZABETH ANNE DOBBS, San Antonio JEAN ODOM, San Antonio AMORY OLIVER, San Antonio OFELIA ONDERDONK, San Antonio PATSY OTTENS, San Antonio NELDA PALSMA, San Antonio PATRICIA PEARCE, Dallas, Texas BETH PICTON, Backport, Texas BETTY LEE PICARD, San Antonio JEAN POWERS, Harlingen, Texas MARYELAINE PUNG, San Antonio EMILY BETH RAYZOR, San Antonio MARGUERITE RUWALDT, Mount Vernon, Illinois SHIRLEY ROBERTS, San Antonio Galleqe 4W ESTHER ROSENBACII, Fredericksburg, Texas RICA SAATHOFF, Honda, Texas RUTH SALLING, San Antonio LORRAINE SATCHER, San Antonio JEANNE SCHREIBER, Donna, Texas FREDERICKA SHAW, San Antonio PEGGY SHELTON, San Antonio OTILLIA SMAISTRLA, East Bernard, Texas MARGARET NELL SMITH, San Antonio VALESKA STAUDT, San Antonio MARY LOU STAPP, Noxville, Texas IRENE STEFANO, San Antonio INEZ STIRLING, San Antonio ANN STEWART, Karnes City, Texas ANNETTE STEWART, Corpus Christi, Texas LOMA THIEME, San Antonio LILA THILL, San Antonio FRANCES THOMAS, San Antonio JEANNE THOMPSON, San Antonio ANNIE MARIE TRCKA, Ganado, Tex. DIANA TOBIN, San Diego, Texas JAMIE TOM, Corpus Christi, Texas MICKIE TOMLIN, Brady, Texas MARY J 0 TORREGROSSA, Galveston, Texas CARMEN TORREY, San Antonio JEANNE TRAVIS, Jacksonville, Tex. AURELIA TRIBBLE, Corpus Christi, Texas CONSUELO VALDEZ, San Antonio LEONA VALIGURA, Ganado, Texas JUNE WATSON, San Antonio WILMA WEAVER, McAllen, Texas WILMA WILLIAMS, San Antonio EUGENIA WILSON, San Antonio NANCY ANN WILSON, San Antonio FRANCES WYATT, 'Sabinal, Texas gfiq 361200! Glasses JIM 8W 3W ANN EVELYN ANDREWS San Antonio Sigma Delta Kappa Sodality Mission Crusade Junior Music Association A Cappella Choir FRANCES ASCHBACHER San Antonio Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club Science Club MARIAN ASHCRAFT S an Antonio Choral Club MARTHA BARNETT Corpus Clwisti, Texas Choral Club Alaglz Sdmal 8mm JOYCE BARNHART Aransas Pass, Texas Choral Club Student Council SARA BRIGGS San Antonio Sodality Choral Club Mission Crusade Science Club CHARLENE BULL San Antonio Vice President, Senior Class 41 Choral Club ALICE MARIE CATERSON San Antonio Secretary, Senior Class 41 Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club TOYA CLEMENS San Antonio Choral Club Mission Crusade Sodality NANCY COLLINS San Antonio Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club ALLIE MAY CONNOLLY San Antonio President, Mission Crusade Science Club Sodality Choral Club PHYLLIS COX San An ton'io Choral Club Science Club 641594 gm gm LEAH DOUNSON San Antonio Reporter, Science Club Choral Club LILLIAN GRACE EVETTS San Antonio President, Science Club Choral Club MARIE GARCIA San Antonio Editor, The Star Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club Science Club ROSEMARY HUGHES San Antonio Reporter, The Star Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club allaglt Selma! Swim MARY JACKSON San Antonio Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club ELIZABETH KITOWSKI San Antonio Sodality Choral Club Mission Crusade CORDELIA DE LLANO Laredo, Texas Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club MARY ALICE LOZANO San Antonio President, Junior Music Association Treasurer, Sigma Delta Kappa Sodality Mission Crusade ADELINE LUTTERINGER San Antonio Secretary, Sodality Choral Club Mission Crusade Science Club JEAN MCDONALD San Antonio Sodality Choral Club J ANET MILEAU San Antonio Sodality Choral Club Sigma Delta Kappa Mission Crusade PATRICIA NESRSTA San Antonio Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club Science Club IMELDA OBRIOTTI San Antonio Prefect, Sodality Vice President, Sigma Delta Kappa Choral Club Mission Crusade Science Club MARIE O CONNOR Victoria, Texas Treasurer, Senior Class 41 Sodality Mission Crusade Science Club CONSTANCE POLLOCK .San Antonio President, Senior Class 511 Sodality Mission Crusade Choral Club Science Club ROSEMARY RICHTER San Antonio Sodality Choral Club Mission Crusade STELLA SEIDEL S an Antonio Choral Club ANN TILTON Benam'des, Texas Choral Club Student Council 64w scxmz gum PATRICIA CHESTER, San Antonio PATTY CODY, San Antonio NORMA LEE CRANE, Minneapolis, Minn. MARY ANN CROWTHER, San Antonio MILDRED DU BOSE, San Antonio BETTY DURKIN, Sugarland, Texas BETTE FINCH, San Antonio CONSTANCE GREENWOOD, Elkin, North cholina JOAN HAUSER, San Antonio BETTY J0 HUSLAGE, San Antonio DOROTHY KITOWSKI, San Antonio LOUISE LAWLER, San Antonio JOSEPHINE LOZANO, San Antonio BARBARA MASPERO, San Antonio NANCY MEADOWS, San Antonio MARY MARGARET MENGER, San Antonio ROSE MARIE MENGER, San Antonio VALERIE MEZZETTI, San Antonio NELLIE MUELLER, San Antonio KATRINA MYERS, Austin, Texas ANN NATION, Winona, Minnesota RITA PFIEFFER, San Antonio DOLORES POLK, Austin, Texas HELEN RICHTER, San Antonio REGINA RICHTER, San Antonio CLARA RUBIOLA, San Antonio BETTY J0 SCHROEDER, San Antonio MARY ANN SHIRCLIFF, San Antonio NORA SMITH, San Antonio REBECCA SPENCER, San Antonio DARLENE THEIS, San Antonio LOUISE LEE ZAPPONE, St. Vincent, Kentucky qut Scam 8W IRENE ALBUERNE, Monterrey, Mex. BITSY BRANDT, San Antonio CAROLYN CRATCH, San Antonio ETHEL LEE ELLIS, Kem'ville, Texas FRANCES FICK, Corpus Christi, Tex. OPHELIA GUZMAN, San Antonio PATSY NELL HECK, San Antonio BETTY JANE HOLMGREEN, San Antonio HAZEL HORCASITES, Mexico City, Mex. CHARLENE HORN, San Antonio JOYCE HORN, San Antonio PATSY JEAN HORTON, San Antonio OLIVE JOHNSTON, San Antonio ANA ELENA LANZ, Campeche, Mex. SALLY MALLORY, San Antonio LORRAINE MURBETH, San Antonio NANCY MUELLER, Sam Antonio JUNE UDELL, San Antonio JEAN PICKENS, Uvalde, Texas MARGARITA PINO, Mexico City, Mex. MILDRED RITCHIE, Eagle Pass, Tex. MARY FRANCES RICHTER, San Antonio DOROTHY RITCHIE, Eagle Pass, Tex. GRACE ROEGLEIN, San Antonio VIRGINIA SANDERS, San Antonio MARY ELIZABETH SPEIER JULIANNA STALLCUP MARIE MARGARET STRAHLE, San Antonio MARIE SZILAGYI, San Antonio MARY ANN TARVER, San Antonio FRANCES WHEAT, San Antonio 94144 Selma! 4W MARY LOU ALBRECHT, San Antonio MARCELLA AMOS, El Paso, Texas MARY HELEN BURKHOLTER, San Antonio BETTY CLAIRE DUNN, Houston, Tex. LUZ GARCIA, San Luis Potosi, Mex. THERESA HELFRICH, Hackley, Tex. OLIVIA HERNANDEZ, San Antonio GRACE JANERT, San Antonio RUTH JANYSEK, San Antonio PATRICIA JOHNSTON, San Antonio GERALDINE JONES, San Antonio JEANNE LA BURT, San Antonio LITA LAMM, .San Antonio FRANCES LOWERY, San Antonio CHARLOTTE MENGER, San Antonio LAURA JANE MONTAGUE, Edinburg, Texas ADEL MULKEY, San Antonio MIRIAM REDNICK, Alice, Texas PAULINE RIGGS, San Antonio LILLIAM SCHMAUBERT, Langtry, Texas LUCY STRAHLE, San Antonio HELEN MARIE TARILLION KATHRYN THOMAS KELLIE ANN TREPAGNIER, San Antonio MARY EVELYN WALKER, Brownsville, Texas MARJORIE WYNKOOP, San Antonio 6k6 College year 3012?pr D 5175115: Ume 154 0,0 may ch 4L er- ona71ey LEAVING, THE Aumyomum I KWM1MMNM1: x: 1 N sf $5,. 1 , w 5 f Mf4021f Ordazlra m REGEPTIQNTEuDERED TO ARCHBISHOP LUCEY ?ESCTQOZWIIC HDERED TO ARCHBISHOP LUCEY AND APOSTOLIC DELEGATE MARCH 16-1941 CZoiaZJBcieZy m 26559912011, TENDERED TO ARCHBISHOP LUCEV 754 Womriuy EM! 145.4490 ffc-z'wcz, 1 quEN av PHI .5:qu KAPPA 714M X91111 ' PAN AMERICA " IDA: JI'yma 76mm PLques Rosana AT OLD GLORY, BALL. w PRESIDENT OF PH! SIGMA KAPPA uouonw AT 010 GLORY BALL MMZ Page 66 ckool avorlfes kg, I ndrpgr -L.-"-. n, M. glogyx - x 'l. ..yL.-,.rK t:,-.V,.'ko k "k-,p " " -.. 'K .u.gV : - ' LLLI ??VLIWX- , 1'1uV g, - .; h 1 X4 ku4b i I u o o I ' Glade Noam . LAREDO, TEXAS QUEEN FLORA IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL Xx q 4a xxeyami L mA 0W TT m$ NF $m .R P S L A U MN em am Ms S E .C mm m RM guJaw . SAN ANTONIO DUCHESS OF THE SENIOR CLASS IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL . COMSTOCK, TEXAS W W S S A .L C R m N m, E H T F O S S E H C U D IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL Mm 8W . GALVESTON, TEXAS DUCHESS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL 74m 5W . KARNES CITY, TEXAS DUCHESS OF THE FRESHMEN CLASS IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL E x X wMg-W MW gm . SAN ANTONIO DUCHESS OF THE ACADEMY SENIOR CLASS IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL Mala; fem . SAN ANTONIO DUCHESS OF THE ACADEMY JUNIOR CLASS IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL 1A, VW w $ NM .aw0 72y m; m. MM? 401w gu'lkltdm . SAN ANTONIO DUCHESS OF THE ACADEMY FRESHMEN CLASS IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL patty jean 041W . SAN ANTONIO DUCHESS OF THE ACADEMY SOPHOMORE CLASS IN ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL Organizafiom RUTH BUDOW MARY FRANCES DEVINE NAN IVEY ELLEN SHROPSHIRE MARY MARGARET CARLIN CLARE NOTZON 71w fayad 5W EditOT-in-Chief .................. MARY FRANCES DEVINE S ociety Editma .......................... CLARE NOTZON Sports Editor ............................... NAN IVEY Business Manage? ........................ RUTH BUDOW Assistant Business M anager ...... MARY MARGARET CARLIN Advertising Manager ................ ELLEN SHROPSHIRE FIRST ROW:-Elizabeth Aman, Virginia Anderson, Ellenita Buckley, Jean Craig, Gail Davis, Mary Frances Devine, Mary Anne Dunn. SECOND ROW:eMartha Gulley, Zelime Lytle, Clare Notzon, Margaret Pickering, Anna Puck. Mari Katharine Vincius, Maxine Whitten. 14W exu- The years progress, 1940 - 1941, of the Texas Phi Chapter of Alpha Chi, National Schol- arship Society, was auspiciously begun with the initiation of ten new members: Zelime Lytle, Maxine Whitten, Elizabeth Aman, Mari Katharine Vincius, Martha Gulley, Margaret Picker- ing, Anna Puck, Jean Craig, Virginia Anderson and Libby Pines. The eligibility of these initiates was determined by their fulfillment of the requirement that their rating place them within the upper tenth of their class as measured by grades for scholastic achievement in the first two years of their college work. During the meeting in which the new members were received, officers for the year were elected: Mary Frances Devine, president; Ellen Shropshire, Vice-president; Mary Anne Dunn, secretary; Claire Notzon, treasurer. The Chapter is limited in membership by the numerical enrollment of the Junior and Senior classes of the College and by the scholastic rating of the members of these classes, which determine the one tenth of the number who shall be eligible to the distinguished honors of recognition by the Chapter. In each year the students, thus made eligible for membership, are nominated by the faculty advisory committee in conformity with the evidence of the official records. Students s0 authenticated for membership, with the faculty representative, constitute the active Society. Miss Margaret Leech represented Texas Phi Chapter as faculty delegate of Incarnate Word College at the twentieth annual meeting of the State Council, which was held in Nacogdoches, March 28 and 29. FIRST ROW:eMary Helen Caesar, Rita Ruth Carlin, Betty Jean Lamm, Maria Liebscher, Lucy Gold Lytle. SECOND ROW:eZelime Lytle, Gertrude Martin, Dorothy Mae Regini, Mary Kathryn Russell, Marian Seng. 74a swat, The continuing traditions of the Sodality were capably sustained in the many worthy activities of the Sodalists during this year. Numerous projects undertaken under the notably competent direction of the Moderator, and with the enthusiastic cooperation of officers and other members were carried to creditable achievement. Among the distinctive, memorable promotions of the organization was that of the move- ment to foster the reading of Catholic literature. In the development of this program, appointed groups were assigned to the reading and reporting of several specified Catholic novels. To conclude the course of this activity a general discussion was held in assembly, and the results were appraised in a commentary on the benefits derived from the prosecution of this noteworthy engagement. Since! the purposes and objectives of the Sodality are fami- liarly known, as well as are its many achievements, the record requires no more than passing mention of them. Hence, there are noted no more than an indication of the main of these accustomed activities: the weekly meeting each Monday of the Sodality and its committees, the regular recital of 'the office one day each month, the catechetical instruction of under- privileged children at Guadalupe Center and other places, the articipation of the Sodalists in the Diocesan C. Y. 0., and their enterprises in the several fie ds of influence peculiarly apt to the apostolic ventures of a college Sodality. The officers, 1940-1941, appear on the roster as: Gertrude Martin, Prefect; Mary Katharine Russell, Vice-Prefect; Lucy Gold Lytle, Secretary; Dorothy Mae Regini, Treasurer. Committee Chairmen are announced as: Catholic literature committee, Rita Ruth Carlin; Apostolic committee, Helen Caesar; Our Ladyis committee, Betty Jean Lamm; Eucharistic committee, Maria Liebscher; soc1al committee, Zelime Lytle; publicity committee, Marian Seng. FIRST ROW: 4 Virginia Anderson, Mary Belcher, Mary Jane Bowles, Maude Ellen Brite, Vivian Broussard, Estelle Cappuyns, Margaret Coughlin, Jane Chinner, Virginia Collins, Elaine Coutl'et, Jean Craig, Sophy Dalmas, Gail Davis, Wilma Derden. SECOND ROW24 Patricia Duffy. Mary Early, Helen Edelstein, Alicia Elizondo, Agnes Fallwell. Martha Franza. Dorothy Lee Freeman, Marjorie Hast- ings. Jane Ellen Hillje, Amy Heard, Gwendolyn Hynes, Nan Ivey, Shirley Jones. THIRD ROW:eBetty Kendall, Peggy King,Betty Jean Lamm. Le Claire Leslie, Mary Libert, Mary Lundeen, Peggy McDonough, Marjorie McKinley, Gertrude Martin, Mary Alice Murphy. Patricia Ney, Clare Notzon, Amory Oliver. FOURTH ROW:4Elizaheth Oliver, Ofelia Onderdonk, Louise Oswald, June Pike, Olivette Rheiner, Elsie Richter, Mildred Schlosser, Edna Lee Shaw, Fredericka Shaw, Virginia Smalley, Jeanne Thompson, June Watson, Eugenia Wilson, Nancy Wilson. This honors society functions primarily in promoting student interest in the physical sciences. The social activities of the club for 1940 - 1941 were begun With a card party Sep- tember 30 and were brought to a successful close with a picnic supper at the home of Margaret Pickering. Of the other occasions of this kind that are entered in the record most notable were the dance, held November 15, the tea given in honor of the pledges at the home of Gail Davis in December, the mock initiation J anuary 13, the luncheon given by the initiates J anuary 18, the formal initiation January 20, and the annual dinner dance, May 17. Throughout the year lectures were sponsored to keep the members informed of the latest developments in the physical sciences. More specifically memorable, however, were two events of Wider than local interest in which the society participated. The annual convention of the Texas Academy of Sciences was held in San Antonio November 8-10. During this meeting J une Pike was awarded third prize in the collegiate division in recognition of the merit of her paper, "The Calibration of the Photelometer for Practical Use in Clinical and Industrial Lab- oratories." The second of these larger events was the meeting at Incarnate Word College February 18, 1941, of the Texas Division of the American Chemical Society. At this meeting Dr. Maxwell A. Pollack, nationally known authority in the field of physical science, spoke on 9Some Reactions of the Double Bond." Officers of Phi Sigma Kappa for the current year have been: Gail Davis, president; Mildred Schlosser, Vice-president; Shirley Jones, secretary; Jean Craig, treasurer; and Constance Jones, reporter. FIRST ROW:eMiriam Ruth Beck, Mary Jane Bowles, Ellenita Buckley, Rita Ruth Carlin. Gail Davis, Constance Jones. SECOND ROW:eShirley Jones, Ada Koenig, Zelime Lytle, Patricia Ney, Janet Roak, Gertrude Schafcr, Maxine Whitten. mm rimm- :zezza Incarnate Word College Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary Scholastic fraternity for freshmen women, was established in December, 1937. The national organization proposes as its aim the development of character, leadership, and scholarship among first year college students. Since the institution of the local chapter the members singly and unitedly have given capable testimony of the aim of the organization and its continuing achievement. Noteworthy among the events sponsored by Alpha Lambda Delta, 1940-41, were the tea for freshmen in October, the annual spring banquet, and the tea given in compliment to the senior members of the National Honor Society of the city high schools. Of merited record also is the winning 0f the first Alpha Lambda Delta fellowship of five hundred dollars by Miss Louise Houssiere of J ennings, Louisiana, one of the charter members of Incarnate Word College Chapter. In this contest Miss Houssiere competed with women students in colleges and universities throughout the country. Initiates of the Chapter at the beginning of the fall term were Constance J ones. J ane't Roak and Miriam Ruth Beck. The freshmen who distinguished themselves by achieving the scholastic average required for eligibility at the end of the first semester were Ada Koenig and Mary J ane Bowles. The roster of the notably capable officers of the organization, 1940-41, bears the inscription of Patricia Ney, president; Rita Ruth Carlin, Vice-president; Gertrude Schafer, secretary; Shirley Jones, treasurer; and Mary Schulze, senior advisor. FIRST ROerElizabeth Aman, Frances Barkin, Vivian Broussard, Mary Helen Caesar, Estelle Cappuyns, Margaret Claire Caughlin, Elaine Coutret. SECOND ROW:eJune Davis, Alice Del Rio, Mary Frances Devine, Adele House, Mary Frances Jackson. Jessie Kinsley, Ada Koenig, Kay McDonnell. THIRD ROW:-Mary Alice Murphy, Mary Ann Noonan, Margaret Pickering, Emily Beth Rayzor, Ellen Shropshire, Mary Walsh, Dorothy Wearden, Maxine Whitten, Wilma Williams. 3422 901a 3W 81nd The Dramatic Club of Incarnate Word College has not failed during this year either the promises of its traditions or the prophecies of its observers. It is indeed not' an extravagant affirmation to declare that this year has been unsurpassed in its achievement by that of any previous phase of the historic activity of the organization. Several offerings of 'the club are deserving of more than formal report. Among these are to be noted the brilliant Christmas pageant, the sparkling comedy, "Angelica, Inc", with its novel staging of a style show, and the one-act play, "And She Shall Reaph, which was composed by a member of the club and presented to the College Sodality in assembly. The distinctively social activities were well exemplified in the tea for prospective mem- bers which was given at the home of Margaret Pickering. The membership roll for the year includes the following names: Ellen Shropshire, president; Margaret Pickering, treasurer; Elizabeth Aman, secretary; and Mary Frances Devine, reporter; Frances Barkin, Mary Jane Bowles, Vivian Broussard, Mary Caesar, Estelle Cappuyns, Margaret Claire Caughlin, Jacqueline Conley, Elaine Coutret, Alice Del Rio, Adele House, Mary Frances Jackson, Jessie Kinsley, Ada Koenig, Elizabeth Matthews, Margaret Matthews, Kay McDonnell, Marjorie McKinley, Mary Alice Murphy, Mary ,Ann Noonan, Amory Oliver, Emily Beth Rayzor, Mary Walsh, Dorothy Wearden, Maxine Whitten, Wilma Williams, June Davis, and Mary Early. FIRST ROW:eMagdalen Anthony, Ruby Beck, Margaret Belstrom, Beverly Brandt, Alice Brangan, Sue Broyles, Estelle Cappuyns, Jane Chinner, Patricia. Collins. SECOND ROW:eMargaret Coughlin, Mary Dever, June Dossey, Mitzie Fisch, Jane Ellen Hillje, Betty Jean Lamm, Marian Lamm, Thelma. Lucas. THIRD ROW: eMargaret Mary McCann, Mrs; Katherine Martin, Florrie Matyear, Mary Louise Morris, Jane Nelson, Patricia Ney, Louise Oswald, Alethea Politis. FOURTH ROW: -Ba1'bara Partridge, Maryelaine Pung, Emily Beth Rayzor, Emma Cecilia Reitmeyer, Hester Roberts, Frann Thulemeyer, Mary Jo Torregrossa, Esther J. Wagner, Loretta Margaret Yaeger. KW hawk The Home Economics sorority on its institution in the fall of 1939 adopted as its title the legend, Kappa Lambda, to signify the initial letters of creative living. With membership ac- cessible to students Who follow a course in Home Economics, the association is purposed to establish more securely the union of those majoring in the field and to foster among them a deeper community understanding. It provides a program of concentration on the study of practical problems in home economics. Complementary to these activities, Kappa Lambda sponsors its own social occasions. Outstanding among these for the year were: October 4, Freshman Tea; October 25, Convention in Lubbock; October 30, Style Show; November 11, Initiation, of new members; December 16, Miss March Norvell, speaker, "Women in Defense Program." ; May 5, Election of officers; May 16, Senior Tea and Installation of new officers. Officers: Sue Broyles, president; Marian Lamm, Vice-president; J une Dossey, secretary; Pat- ricia Ney, treasurer and J ane Nelson, reporter. FIRST ROW:;Betty Albers, Helene Brynston, Maxine Brynston, Rita. Ruth Carlin, Virginia Collins, Elaine Coutret, Jean Craig, Gail Davis, Wilma Dul'den, Mary Early, Helen Edelstein, Martha Franza. SECOND ROW: eMarguerite Gaines, Jane Garvey, Lucy Starr Grider, Elvi Lou Guerra, Nellie Mae Hasler, Emma Mary Hoch, Mildred Hoffer, Susan, Ill, Mary Frances Jackson, Betty Jean Lamm. Laverne Laurent. Le Claire Leslie. THIRD ROW:eJoyce Littlepage, Lucy Gold Lytle, Zelime Lytle, Margaret Mary Mc- Cann, Gertrude Martin, Margaret Mullins, Anita Nordan, Clare Notzon, Nancy Oden, Amory Oliver, Elizabeth Oliver. Peggy Pagenkof. FOURTH ROW:ePatricia Pickering, Anna Puck, Virginia Richter, Mary Kathryn Russell, Gertrude Schafer, Marian Seng, Ann Stewart, Frances Thomas, Frann Thulemeyer, Daisy White, Maxine Whitten, Katherine Zuberbueler, Gertrude Zuberbueler. 74W Edie Sigma This sorority is distinctive among the organizations of the collegiate community in that its fundamental purpose is to establish and cultivate the harmonious enterprise of personal and social relations among those students who have signally devoted themselves to the institutional development of this purposed order. The society has sponsored several memorable events in 1,940 - 1941. First in the years program was the rush tea, given in the home of Elvie Lou Guerra, to which each member invited three guests. The pledge service for eleven prospective members, October fourteenth, was the prelude to the formal service six weeks later. Then the pledges were introduced at the dance for freshmen, October sixteenth. At the luncheon given at the St. Anthony Hotel, December fourteenth, in honor of the newly enrolled members, each of the initiates was pre- sented with a gold chain and pendant bearing the Greek letters of the sorority. Subsequent to this occasion, the newly admitted members were hostesses of the Christmas party in honor of the older members, at the home of Gail Davis. A second group of pledges, received February twenty-eighth, were formally initiated six weeks after installation. With the annual dinner dance at the Gunter Hotel May tenth, the eventful year was brought to a happy conclusion. Officers, 1940-1941, are reported as: Clare Notzon, president; Gertrude Martin, Vice-president; Zelime Lytle, secretary; Mary Katherine Russell, treasurer; and Frann Thulemeyer, sergeant-at-arms. In the full range of student group activities there is no difference between capability and incapability of performance more painfully manifest to the observer than the disparity between a capable and an incapable college orchestra. Hence the acclaim that lovers of music, the critical and the merely sensible alike, most gratefully render to the I. W. C. Symphony Orchestra. its conductor, Florian E. Lindberg, its members, and its sponsors. The critics commend it highly in their judgment, the tastefully sensible praise its singular excellence. Though it be impossible to record here the several offerings of the orchestra during the year, a few are mentioned as typically memorable. The concert of J anuary 12, With Gertrude Schafer as solo pianist, was met With enthusiastic public response. Not less noteworthy was the playing of the orchestra in the program of the Metropolitan Singers, J anuary 1,9', and at the reception, by faculty and students, March 26, of their Excellencies , the Most Reverend Archbishop Lucey, of San Antonio, and the Most Reverend Archbishop Cicognani, Papal Delegate t0 the United States. In the formal concert Which concluded its brilliant season, 1940-41, the symphony organization presented as solo pianist Mari Katherine Vincius, gradu- ate of the school of music. The personnel of the orchestra is as follows: String SectionaeElsie Habluetzel, Daisy White, Ozelle Rogers, Strelsa Hearne, Joan Vance, Margaret Geyer, Mary LeNell Karnes, Iona Roesler Tronson, Maria Galanos, June Volentine, Elizabeth Aman, Emily Beier, Margaret Perrin Hoch, Margaret Mary McCann, Mildred Norton, Gertrude Schafer, J oyce Sauermilch, Ann Evelyn Andrews, Barbara Bilbert, Patsy Brittain. Woodwind Sectionz-Jacqueline Coffey, Ethel Wagner,Li11ian Erlich, Jane Nelson, Thelma Lucas, Margaret Smith, Anna Puck, Dorothy Zoeller. Brass SectionzeeMaxine Whitten, Alethea Politis, Elvi Lou Guerra, Martha Gulley, Zelime Lytle, Betty Albin, June Pike, June Davis, Shirley Hagens, Ruth Tiner. Percussionze Aurelia Tribble, J ean Nash, Betty Snyder. nzlnd the night shall be filled with music, 1171!! the cares that infest the day Shall fold their tents like the Arabs And as xile'ntly steal azmty." One supposes this jewelled thought to have inspired, in part at least, the founders and promoters of the College Choral Society, an organization made up of music students and stu- dents who love music even though they be not formally engaged in the study. It is distinctly a ttvolunteer" society for bringing the benefits of the best of music and song to those who earnestly appreciate them. To experience the splendid performance of the Organization is to know that its performances are like unto mercy, a genuinely fraternal dispensation, in that, ttlt blesses him that gives and him that takes." One speaks of it as a fraternal dispensation because of the simple and profound verity that the highest human art is essentially frater- nal. Throughout its presentations under the most laudable direction of MY. Petraitis, choristers and auditors share in the occasion of rare delight. If a single offering of the year is to be noted as outstanding, it must be that Of the Easter Cantata. Officers of the Society, 1940-1941, are inscribed as Elsie Hobleutzel, president; Anna Puck, vice- president; Gertrude Schafer, secretary-treasurer; Lucy Gold Lytle, librarian. TOP ROW:eAllie May Connolly, Betty Finch, Mary Lawler, Mary Alice Lozano. BOTTOM ROW1eAdeline Lutteringer, Nellie Marie Mueller. Imelda Obriotti, Constance Pollock. m 941w 34ml 30W The Junior Sodality, by commendable enterprise of its officers and cooperation of its members has completed another year of worthy enterprise. Notable among the temporal works of the organization have been the several successful developments of their activities in the Students Mission Crusade. To raise funds for the Propagation of the Faith, the favorite girl contest proved most successful. The Christmas drive for food, clothes, medicines and toys for the poor of the city parishes, the Easter basket drive for the benefit of poor children, the Catholic Literature drive for reading to be allocated to the Army Post and the Donation Drive for refugees of war torn countries, were carried out with creditable results. The Sodalists headed the list in the Oblate Mission Drive for the support of Texas missions, and won first prize in a Catholic Press Exhibit sponsored by the high school division of the C. Y. 0. During several weeks before Christmas, they engaged themselves in making more than two hundred articles of clothing for the babies among the clients of Guadalupe Center. In this center, too, they ministered in the High School Cateche- tical service. During a considerable number of weeks, the Sodalists moreover fulfilled their enterprise of escorting a group of fifty children enrolled by them for attendance at Mass and Catechism classes on Sundays. The devotional activity of the Sodality was consistently sustained in bi-monthly meetings and recitation of the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception, reception of Holy Communion by the members in a body, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, by successive groups, and daily recitation of the rosary, for various, special intentions. The list of officers, 1940-1941, includes the following names: Imelda Obriotti, prefect; Nellie Miller, vice-prefect; .Adeline Lutteringer, secretary; Mary Lawler, treasurer; Betty Finch, Mary Alice Lozano, and Constance Pollock, consultors; Allie Mae Connolly, president of the Students Mission Crusade. FIRST ROW: eAnn Andrews. Mary Helen Burkhaltex', Ruth Janysek. Patricia Johnston, Geraldine Jones, Jeanne La Burt. SECOND ROW2WF1-ances Lowery, Josephine Lozano. Mary Alice Lozano, Charlotte Menger, Janet Mileau, Imelda Obriotti. THIRD ROW:e Dolores Polk. Pauline Riggs, Clara Rubiola, Lucy Lee Strahle, Marie Strahle, Grace Janert, Helen Marie Tarrillion. Sigma 3541a Kappa The high school sorority, Sigma Delta Kappa, is not only the single Greek-letter society in the preparatory division of the college, but also singular in that its traditions, its require- ments, and its consistent historic achievements have constituted it an honorst group as well as a social organization. Far older in historicity than its oldest member in years, it perpetuates itself in yearly generations of pledges who are inducted at the beginning of each semester. Of the more noteworthy occasions sponsored by the sorority, 1940-41, especially memor- able were the bingo party for new members, the tea for the pledges, the initiation of the pledges, and the annual Sigma Delta Kappa tea in honor of the graduates of the year. The roster of officers, 1940-41, bears the names of Janet Mileau, president; Imelda Obriotti, vice-presi- dent; Dolores Polk, secretary-reporter; Mary Alice Lozano, treasurer; and Ann Andrews, parliamentarian. FIRST ROW:eMagdalen Anthony, Mary Jane Bowles. Maude Ellen Brite, Helene Bx'ynston, Maxine Brynston, Gloria Cadena, Margaret Coughlin, Elaine Coutret, Alice Del Rio. SECOND ROW:-Patricia Duffy, Margaret Galligan, Otila Garza, Nellie Mae Hasler, Mary Katherine Haynes, Ruth Hoerig, Mildred Hoffer, Bernadine Hynes, Gwendolyn Hynes. THIRD ROW:eConstance Jones, Peggy King. Maria Liebscher, Carmen McCormick, Marjorie McKinley, Jane Nelson, Margaret Pickering, Olithia Politis, Mary- elaine Pung. FOURTH ROW:eDorothy Mae Regini, Emmy Reitmeyer, Rose Rohrback, Jeanne Schreiber, Mary Lou StaDD, June Watson, Dorothy Wearden, Wilma Williams, Jere Wilson. 71w Spawn rquaaidian The Sports Association of Incarnate Word College, certified as a member of the National Womenis Athletic Association, authoritatively officiates as the central student council of the several athletic organizations of the College. During this year its activity has been consistent with the most worthy traditions developed by its predecessors. From the gratifying number of eligible students there were selected as officers for 1940-41: Maude Ellen Bri'te, president; Elaine Coutret, Vice-president; Connie J ones, secretary-treasurer; Emmy Reitmeyer, his- torian. Among the several events sponsored by the Sports Association the more notable are the annual horse show, the annual spring festival, the tournaments in the various sports activi- ties, and the posture contest. of the physical education sections. An item of record in this years activities of the Sports Association was their attendance at the state convention in Austin. They presented to the convention a dance, the Portuguese Fado. This offering was greeted With enthusiastic applause. The membership of the Association for the year is recorded: Magdalen Anthony, Mary Jane Bowles, Margaret Coughlin, Gloria Cadena, Alice Del Rio, Pat Duffy, Otila Garza, Mary Katherine Haynes, Ruth Hoerig, Mildred Hoffer, Bernadine Hynes, Gwendolyn Hynes, Peggy King, Marie Liebscher, Carmen Mc- Cormick, Marjorie McKinley, Mary Elaine Pung, Dorothy Mae Regini, Jeanne Schreiber, Mary Lou Stapp, June Watson, Dorothy Wearden, Wilma Williams, Jere Wilson, Helene Brynston, Elaine Coutret, Maxine Brynston, Maude Ellen Brite, Margaret Galligan, Nellie Mae Hasler, Connie Jones, Jane Nelson, Alethea Politis, Margaret Pickering, Emmy Reitmeyer, and Rose Rohrback. 7m Tennis continues to be played with undiminished interest, as the sport which has the year round for its season. Its perennial favor derives from the climate, the courts, and the enthu- siasm 0f the many who are devoted to it for hours of recreation. The general interest in tennis is concentrated specifically in the culminating trial and achievement Which the annual tournament offers. Conducted as a series of contests during the later weeks of the school year, this event offers its opportunities of competition for the awards of championship and the worthy contention therefor. Notable among the active aspir- ants for the high award this year were: Daisy White, Wilma Williams, Elaine Coutret, Betty Albin, Ruth Cotter, Margaret Coughlin, Nancy Wilson, Constance Jones, Nelda Palsma, La- verne Laurent, Ann Stewart, Gloria Cadena, Beth Cotter, and Nellie Hasler. Without prejudice to the acclaim that is justly due these contestants it is to be recorded as of moment that Suzanne 111 was winner of the final game, and defeated Bebe Burkett, to become the years champion. In this achievement Miss 111 repeated her success of the previous year. 7Ae Rwy 6M This institution has sustained throughout the year its admirable record of performance in the Wholesome recreation that it provides. Conducted for the greater part of the year with- out purpose of publicity but rather for its more substantial benefits, the group offers itself in formal events notably in the annual horse show and in dress review as participant in the Fiesta Parade of the Battle of Flowers. The program and the winners of trophies and ribbons in the horse show are recorded herein: Class I. J umping. Ruth Cotter, first place; Betty Collins, second; and Beth Cotter, third. Class II. Beginnersi Class. Betty Melcer, first place; Margarita Pino, second; Hazel Horcasitos, third. Class III. Advanced Equitation. Ruth Cotter, first place; Beth Cotter, second; Nan Ivey, third. Class IV. Three-Gaited Pair Class. Beth Picton and Betty Collins, first; Maxine Brynston and Helene Brynston, second; Mary Ann Noonan and J eanne Travis, third. Class V. Beginners Three-Gaited Class. Jeanne Travis, first ; Emily Beth Rayzor, second; Mary Ann Noonan, third. Class VI. Bareback Jumping. Beth Cotter, first; Ruth Cotter, second; Mary Ann Noonan, third. Class VII. Three-Gaited Class open to students riding privately owned mounts. Beth Cotter, first; Beverly Brandt, second; Helene Brynston, third. 6W This sport, rapidly developing as first in popularity in the nation, is capably sustained in favor by the students of the college. In faithful practice as well as in games between class groups, it continues to be of first importance in intramural athletic contests. Four physical education classes were represented in the tournament which was held dur- ing the season of basketball. The decisive game in the finals of the tournament was won by the Reds in their defeat of the Grays by a score of two points. Outstanding among those scoring for the Reds was Magdalen Anthony and for the Grays, Carmen McCormick. Those competing in the tournament, as members of the several sections or class groups were: Gmy Team tFirst Sectiom: Constance J ones, Carmen McCormick, captain ; Lillian Velt- mar, Jo Coffey, Elaine Coutret, Maxine Brynston, Erin Mason; Talons tSecond Sectiom: Nelda Palsma, Pat Alexander, Alethea Politis, captain; J ane Nelson, J eanne Schreiber, Mary Katherine Haynes, Patricia Collins, J ean Thomas; Reds tTh'iml Sectiom: Magdalen Anthony, Margaret Coughlin, Mary J ane Bowles, cap- tain; Amory Oliver, Betty Miller; and Beauties tFourth Sectiom: Alice Brangen, Jacquelyn Conley, Elaine Dieter, Louise Os- wald, Nellie Hasler, Betty J . Lamm, and Gertrude McManus. Though the cult of badminton has been vogue among the collegians during several years, it had never before been so popular as it became this year. It is a game that does not gain publicity so readily as do many otherseperhaps because the players do not count the notice of the press as a value of the play. Whatever may be the reason for the lack of oral and printed discussion by the analysts, and despite this lack, it is a recreation that attracts and holds the interest of goodly numbers of the students. Your observer hopes that it Will not be construed as a violation of the proprieties 0f the game for the said observer to report that those especially active on the badminton courts this year were: Ruth Beakley, Betty Melcer, Marguerite Gaines, Adele Kirsner, Mary Elaine Pung, Lilian Erlich, Gloria Matyer, Ophelia Onderdonk, LeClaire Leslie, Louise Latham, Mary Dennis, Margaret Mullens, Mary Dever, Nancy Wilson and J ere Wilson. To Adele Kirsner goes the distinction of championship in this year's tournament. 14W The reporting of this sport of archery, so the present reporter opines, has uniformly 0c- Casioned too many and long continued searchings 0f the thesaurus; s0 bewilderingly multi- tudinous and protracted that the unknowing public has uniformly come to imagine it a recrea- tion much talked about but little practiced. To those of us Who have but Sketchily witnessed the performance of the game, its mention produces no more than literary connotations: ttgraceful and gracious? "Rob Roy and Robin Hood," HAgincourt and Crecyf, and the like. "Ancient and honorablett though it be, it is modern and realistic twithout prejudice to honom in the scheme of recreations provided for, and played by, the students of I. W. C. Notable among the devotees of archery, 1940-41, and distinguished as such on the campus, there are authentically named: Mary Margaret Morris, Betty Albin, Gretchen Bauer, Jean Powers, Carmen McCormick, J acqueline Coffey, Marguerite Gaines, Frances Thomas, Nelda Palsma, Carmen Torres. Not the least remarkable of the many developments in athletic activities for the current year has been the striking manifest revival of interest in fencing. Though this art had been practiced by the students throughout some several previous years, its advocacy in competition had notably lessened from time to time. In October of this year, two classes were organized, and have not diminished in numbers or enthusiasm. The exactions which the discipline of this game imposes on those who would master even its rudimentary technique predicates a genuine devotion to difficulty that is most commend- able. Because of this unquestioning fact, there is a special tribute due to the members of the fencing teams. It can be surely said of fencing that no other physical exercise calls for such subtle practice in the mental mastery of nerve and muscle coordination. The exponents of the art have offered several public demonstrations of their laudably amateur skill. They have given exhibitions at assembly, appeared as a colorful factor in the annual Spring Festival and most capably represented the College in the Fiesta Tournament of Swords, sponsored by the fencing groups of the city. The students who attended the fencing classes are: Wilma Derden, Gwendolyn Hynes, Bernadine Hynes, Ruby Beck, Jo Chadwick, Marjorie McKinley, Petty Pagenkolf, Estelle Cappuyns and Loretta Yeager. Historic testimony indicates, not that golf was played by the ancient philistines, but that it had its origin among the less ancient Dutch. Adopted by the Scotch, later by their English cousins, and more recently by our own American citizenry, it has flourished among us. Of its aptness to the requirements of recreational form, a prominent American man of business is reported to have said: "There is no 10st motion in the game-th0ugh you may fail to contact the ball, you can always contact the prospect? However true or Wishful that claim may be, Golf is a genuinely wholesome sport for those of temperament compatible With the game. Fur- ther be it declared, it is practiced, With greater or less amateur proficiency and sustained devotion, by no small number of the students of our college. Though statistics of their feats of rivalry in golf are not available and, indeed, are of minor importance, it can be reported authentically that these, of our collegiate community, have distinguished them- selves as golfers in 1940-41: Mary Belcher, Mary Earley, Betty Lee Picard, Jane Garvey, Maydell Celli, Mary J 0 Torregrossa, Lorraine Novelli, Marjorie J ames, Mildred Hoffer, Ann Armbrust. Though the new modern swimming pool is but one among the several progressive develop- ments of recreational facilities that have been effected in the college precincts during the year, it is not the least noteworthy. Provided with the latest type, scientifically approved, fil- tration model, the water and basin are continuously maintained at operation standards sanc- tioned as best by the State board of health. Among the newly installed accessories are two chromium-plated stairways, a springboard with non-slippery mat, and four sub-aqueous lights. The new dressing house is comprised of eighteen dressing rooms. Nearby there has been erected a sightly pavilion. of octagonal design, most ingeniously and happily planned for pic- nics, parties, dancing, and like social diversions. If one were to judge the student interest in the Sport of swimming by the number of those who engage in it, and the manifestly healthy zest which they display-swimming would "head the list6 of sports. It goes without saying that some are more proficientin the exercise than others. Among the former there are to be recorded the names of : Adele Kirsner, Mag- dalen Anthony, Carterette Bennett, Helen Brite, Aurelia Tribble, Betty J ean Lamm, Louise Oswald, J acqueline Conley, Margaret Matthews, Elizabeth Matthews, Constance J ones, Margaret Pickering, J ean Craig, Beverley Brandt, Margaret Gallagan, Susie Ill, Beth Cotter, Ruth Cotter. Sam This naturalized American sport, transplanted from European soil, finds its capable ex- ponency among native and naturalized Americans as a fascinating game and a compelling spectacle. Many volunteers enlisted for the healthful discipline of this organized recreation during the season that makes its claim distinctively suitable. T0 the players themselves, the game is peculiarly attractive becauseit is distinctively an athletic activity in which the practice for organized performance is circumstancially as inter- esting as the performance itself. The roster of those who became and continued most active in the sport includes the names of the following students: Frances Albrecht, Jere Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Carmen Torres, Adelaide James, Ada Koenig, Maxine Krueger, Mildred Hoffer, Celia Frank, Mary Dever, Helen Marie Breit, Magdalen Anthony, Mary Elaine Pung, Alethea Politis, Nelda Palsma, Ofelia Onderdonk, Florence Nowak, Mary Margaret Mullins, Louise Latham, Peggy King, Catherine Kennedy, Otela Garza, Pat Duffy, and J oyce Brown. a Puma 80M The annual posture contest, representative of the physical education groups, was staged in the college gymnasium, December twelfth. This event has, for several years, been offered by the members of the several classes of the department, and has provided a public test on poise and posture of the participants in position and movement of standing, sitting, walking and ascending stairs. By award of the judges these girls were named as most successful in the preliminaries and designated as contestants in the finals: Betty Merfeld, Maxine Bryn- ston, Ruth Beakley, Rose Marie Nauschutz, Louise Latham, Virginia Collins, Estelle Capuyns, Margaret Coughlin, Amy Heard, Betty J ane Miller, Gertrude Schafer, Marian Seng, Helene Brynston, Emma Mary Hoch, Betty J ean Lamm, Alice Del Rio, Ofelia Onderdonk, Mary Dever, Martha Franza and Beth Picton. When the finals of the contest had..been concluded, J anuary 17, in the College auditorium, Amy Heard, sophomore, was judged to be winner, With Gertrude Schafer second and Marg- aret Claire Coughlin third. Miss Heard was presented with a corsage by the Sports Associa- tion and credited with twenty-five points on her physical education record. To Miss Schafer was given credit of fifteen points, Miss Coughlin ten points and the other participants, each two points. Miss Bernice Gascoine, Mrs. R. 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HOT WATER HEATERS INSTALLED and REPAIRED 223 Barrera St. Garfield 3941 1n CO-OPERATION wax; NATIONAL DEFENSE Handy-Andy Baked Rite BREAD WITH VITAMIN A ' ARKET I STITUTE Buy it! Try it! my BANK THE SAVINGS $UPER M'ARKETS "Where San Antonio Saves " T. w. LABATT KAY KIMBELL T. w. LABATT, JR. BLAIR LABATT PRESIDENT VlCE-PRES. VlCE-PRES. SECTY.-TREA5. Labatt Wholesale Grocery Co. Medina at West Travis - Missouri Pacific Tracks SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Distributors of LIBBYS CANNED FOODS FRUITS -VEGETABLES - MEATS We Specialize on Supplying y Schools, Hospitals, Institutions OUR AFFILIATED HOUSES Labatt-Clayton Grocery Company DEL RIO, TEXAS - Labatt-Barber Grocery Company P. O. Box 479 UVALDE, TEXAS Page 125 v "w, my: ,0. MM un- w; an- qu "- u A MODERN HOSPITAL . . . complete in every detail with a large and well trained staff in attendance. SANTA ROSA HOSPITAL Conducted by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word 745 West Houston St. San Antonio WORLDS LARGEST KODAK FINISHERS Compliments m OF SAN ANIONIO, TEXAS . A Friend 215 Alamo Plaza 1728 Broadway SOUTHWESTERN COMPLIMENTS SEATING COMPANY OF 818 South Presa Phone Garfield 9862 Mam . SCHOOL EQUIPMENT u . W W E Inquire About Our fZQ , ,, Modernization Plan - WQW SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Complete Line Of School Supplies BOTTLERS OF ALL GOODS AND SERVICES GUARANTEED 7 U P SU N SP 0 T CONGRATULATIONS to The Graduating Class 0f 941 from The Great American Life Insurance Company SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS ONE OF THE SOUTH'S FOREMOST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Page 127 COMPLIMENTS THE LIBRARY BUREAU 316 N. Presa Garfield 6277 Congratulations . . To the Senior Class of 1941 1:? Manhattan Cafe 228 E. HOUSTON STREET Allensworth -Carnahan Co. Wholesale House Furnishing Gdolds Hotel and Restaurant Supphes SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 621-623 South Flores St. Phone Garfield 1423 COMPLIMENTS OF 0. R. MITCHELL MOTOR CO. DODGE PLYMOUTH 1041 NAVARRO Dr. Pepper Bottling Company of San Antonio The Slimp Oil Company Distributors of PIONEER PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Fuel Oil Road 5L Asphalt Oil Pioneer Motor Oil Pentex 11 Gasoline Kerosene Distillate Furn ace Oil Diesel Fuel Frontier Gas Oil Artex Supplying the Jobbing and Consuming Trade TELEPHONE Kenwood 5151 San Antonio, Texas Compliments of San Antonio Paper Co. Page 128 This Modern Swimming Pool A; pacModa CLEAR AND ATTRACTIVE . SAFE AND SANITARY am a Jew M 0 age a: INCARNATE WORD COLLEGE As a part of the college life if is conducive to more whole- some ancl better living, building better bodies and better minds. Paddock Engineering Co., of Texas A TEXAS INSTITUTION DALLAS HOUSTON 2929 N. Fitzhugh Ave. 229 Shell Building Page 129 Page 130 2K3 3e N333 mrxx, w: 3x43 JNKNW Q A leIQwJ 07f . xx 31; Xxlvqlwbrl$lanlw !xaA 40A .9 Ky .fiDWJrV IHWhJIV AW M XIU dd 10 ., V. ., $1an wad 214399 JUJ 40va j

Suggestions in the University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) collection:

University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 21

1941, pg 21

University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 28

1941, pg 28

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