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L E ; v J . It i i": I, w $nygthln . v . N " 14 EV 5? I r w 1W. 71w foyer! pmgmsmm a$ Sm 4m, 7m I940 The Right Reverend Monsignor Patrick J. Geehan, S. T. L., D. D. VicawGeneral of The Archdiocese of San Antonio $ecgicaiian To The Right Reverend Monsignor P. J. Geehan, S. T. L., D. D. Vicar-General of The Archdiocese of San Antonio Eminent Citizen, Scholar, Priest Illustrious Guardian of Christian Education Devoted Counsellor and Benefactor 0f Incarnate Word College Throughout the Years of His Priestly Ministry In Aspiring Testimony to His Ever Wise and Generous Patronage This Annual Book . . . THE LOGOS: Is Thankfully and Reverently' Dedicated On The Occasion of His Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee By The Students of Incarnate Word College San Antonio, Texas June, 1940 4W The inscription of this annual number of The Logos to the Right Reverend Monsignor P. J. Geehan, S. T. L., D. D., Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, has been determined in the mind of the student body of Incarnate Word College by the manifestly distinctive fitness of the medium and the time for giving public acclaim to one whom the scholastic community has long incurred and known the due of its deep gratitude and rightly disposed itself to regard with singular honor. That the tribute herewith offered lacks much the measure of its purpose is no less evident to those who utter than to those who will read it. They who voice it are prompted to tolerate the inadequacy in their per- suasion that the very fault will commend itself to the magnanimity of the Christian' soul whose knowledge and understanding and wisdom, and the bounteous gifts of these in charity, this testimony is designed to celebrate. The Right Reverend Monsignor Patrick J . Geehan, Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, was born in Belfast, Ireland, March 27, 1891. In the early years of his life he attended the national schools in Moville and Murlog, County Donegal, and Strabane, County Tyrone. Matriculated subsequently in Mungret College, Limerick, he completed his work in philosophy and was graduated with the degree of bachelor of arts from the National University of Ireland. Having engaged in the study of theology in the North American College in Rome, during his residence there from 1911 to 1915, he was awarded the licentiate of sacred theology by Propa- ganda University in 1914. He was ordained priest in the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, April 3, 1915, by Cardinal Pompili. Upon his arrival in San Antonio, October 4, 1915, Father Geehan was appointed to the faculty of Saint J ohnis Seminary, and has since continuously served in that capacity with scholarly renown. In 1919 he was proclaimed chancellor of the dio'cese, later to become the archdiocese, of San Antonio. His most notably successful conduct of that office for the main of a score of years is confirmed in the authentic text of achievement. Not less gratefully recorded in the testimony to his genius and its providential dispensation is the letter and the spirit of his administration as rector of the seminary. There was conferred on Father Geehan, May 28, 1,933, by the faculty of Saint Edwardis University, the honorary degree of doctor of laws. Consequent to his papal appointment as domestic prelate, with the title of Right Reverend Monsignor, he was invested in the dignity by the Most Reverend Arthur J erome Drossaerts, Archbishop of San Antonio, Novem- ber 26, 1935. The ceremony of investiture was held in San Fernando Cathedral. This distinguished and beloved prelate, to whom is dedicated our annual book, The Logos, was made Vicar-General 0f the Archdiocese of San Antonio in 1937. With him we rejoice in the celebration of his sacerdotal silver jubilee. Ad Multos Annos. ; v wrmw Wm , Wigm SOUTH ENTRANCE WMJWM WW; wwwmm, W , arm a , 41mm? ,, WW :7, W, Va 321 CHAPEL TOWER ?Hyy 9,; ?M mww ,wa'xvm'WMfoW mmewx . fJMArU . , . MAW 72er43 . ADMINISTRATION BUILDING g a7 I L U I R O T I D U A WWWZ; L : I , ,x?ga: vgg Gu. L L A H N m T A C U D E w; ?.Wy :gi?$rgggui4giiu;i .r ?yai 135429??? am, 12523.: 13: mant- ' $2$$ JUBILEE MEMORIAL ma DUBUIS HALL ENTRANCE 4mmww, :mm mev . 4W4 m .me,,a WZAW . W ,Wm .., WT3E W4 'm ngZLC 42m vw yd iv: auxinn. . T N E V N O C D N A A L m .V . , krawiuqkub THE GROTTO M m W74, 17;; RIVER SCENE ON CAMPUS $$g ,.Mz w' AVQ xE wx THE RESIDENCE 5,17 . ,9 uni ,. R. , xwxxxx 27W? wamxwm ywmy CAMPUS SCENE AIRPLANE VIEW OF 2?? 7?? 727? , 37?? :22?! i7??? ???f, .7??? S U D1 4; D. A C E G E L L O C xww ca , c xmaxxxxmwmx a n, g? r a, THE CHAPEL x m$ wwm INTERIOR OF CHAPEL THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF THE COLLEGE CAMPUSISREVEALED 1N SCENES SUCH AS THESE" Galleqe 56W AMILIE ADAMS Wrightsboro, Texas Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education GERALDINE BLUMBERG San Antonio Bachelor of Music Major: Violin Vice President, Alpha Lambda Delta, 37 Vice President, Music Association, ,38 President, Music Association, 39 Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Chi Music Association XVhds Who in American Colleges and Universities, 310 EDNA MARJORIE BRITE .San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English President, Sports Association, 88, 89 Sports Editor, Sophomore Class, 37 Vice President, Senior Class, ,39 Logos Staff, 38, 39 Choral Society Phi Sigma Kappa Sports Association Modern Language Club Sodality SUE PICKENS BROYLES San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics Vice President, Kappa Lambda Delta Fashion Reporter for the Logos Kappa Lambda college geniau CLAY WEST BURNS .San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History PATRICIA BURNS .San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History Treasurer, Senior Class, 40 Alpha Delta Sigma CATHERINE CADE .San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Philosophy MARY ANN CARRUTHERS Cristobal, Canal Zone Bachelor of Arts Major: English President, Student Government, University of North Carolina, 38 6011692 5W HELEN ELDER CASSIN San, Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Spanish Sodality MARY OTHA DOSSEY .San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Modern Language Club Sports Association ETHEL DUNN San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education MARGARET ELIZABETH EVINS .San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English gallege SW ELIZABETH FRIZZELL San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Vice President, Sophomore Class, ,37 Secretary, Junior Class, ,38 President, Senior Class, ,39 Alpha Chi LYNETTE GOLDMAN San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Chemistry President, Phi Sigma Kappa, ,39 Phi Sigma Kappa WWW HELENE KATHERINE HOUSSIERE 33? W s J ennings, Louisiana Q3 Au... ' Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta Treasurer, Kappa Lambda Advisor, Sodality Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, Phi Sigma Kappa, Kappa Lambda, Sports Association, Modern Language Club, International Relations, Sodality, Texas Academy of Science Whoss Who in American Colleges and Universities, ,40 FRANCES HYNES San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Treasurer, Sophomore Class, ,37 President, Alpha Lambda Delta, ,37 President, Alpha Chi, ,39 Treasurer, Phi Sigma Kappa, ,38, ,39 Business Manager, Logos, ,39 Advertising Manager, Annual, ,39 Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sports Association, Modern Language Club Whoss Who in American Colleges and Universities, ,40 Galleye 5W MARTHA JACKSON San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics President, Kappa Lambda, Z39 Phi Sigma Kappa MARTHA JENNINGS San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English CLARE LAWLER San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Alpha Delta Sigma SAMUESTA LOCKHART San Antonio Bachelor of Music Major: Public School Music Secretary, Music Association, 39 Secretary, Sinfonia Society, 39 Music Association, Sinfonia Society, Orchestra and Band, Choral Society Gadege 5W AMANDA JANE LONG San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics Secretary, Sports Association, 37 Treasurer, Kappa Lambda, 38 Secretary, Kappa Lambda, i39 Seeietary, Senior Class, 39 Sports Association, Modern Language Club, Kappa Lambda DOROTHY CECILIA McCANN Beaumont, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: English Seeietary, .Alpha Delta Sigma, 38 P1esident,Soda1ity, i38 dfent,A1pha Delta Sigma, ,39 i' eAlpha Delta Sigma M M W $oda1ity Phi Sigma Kappa IVWSports Association 1M7A1pha Chi BETTY CECELIA McKAY San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Modern Language Club Sports Association Choral Society Orchestra, Band MARY LOUISE MILEAU San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Sociology and Economics Modern Language Club Sodality International Relations Club Galley SW HELEN MARY MILLER S an Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History Choral Society LULU MARIE MIMS Laredo, Texas Bachelor of Arts Major: Biology Vice President, Phi Sigma Kappa, 39 Sergeant-at-Arms, Alpha Delta Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Kappa Sodality MAYME MOORE S an Antonio Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major: Nursing Education BERNICE OEHLER S an A ntom'o Bachelor of Arts Major: English college 3W CONSUELO GERTRUDE PUCK San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: English Secretary, Sophomore Class, 37 President, Junior Class, 3 Vice President, Alpha Chi, K39 Treasurer, Alpha Delta Sigma, 39 Vice President, Sinfonia Society, 40 Alpha Chi Alpha Delta Sigma Modern Language Club Choral Society LIBBY PINES San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History Vice President International Relations Club, 39 Delta Iota International Relations Club LAURA PRICE San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History HORTENSE RAHLMANN San Antonio Bachelor of Music Major: Public School Music Secretary-Treasurer, Choral Society, 3 Music Association Sinfonia Society Choral Society college 5W MARY MIEARS ROARK San .A'ntom'o Bachelor of Arts Major: Philosophy Phi Sigma Kappa VIRGINIA ROBERTSON San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics Historian of Sinfonia Society, 39 Kappa Lambda Sinfonia Society Orchestra Band Choral Club MARIA DEL SOCORRO RUIZ San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: Spanish Secretary, Phi Sigma Kappa, 38, Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Chi International Relations Sodality Modern Language Club MAURINE FAY SCOTT San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta, ,37 Secretary, Alpha Chi, 39 Treasurer, Alpha Chi, ,38 President, Orchestra, 39 Alpha Lambda Delta ,Alpha Chi Orchestra Choral Club Logos Staff Sports Association Modern Language Club ths Who in American Colleges and Universities, 40 Galleqe 5W DOROTHY GRACE STANFIELD San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major: Home Economics Phi Sigma Kappa Sports Club Modern Language Club Orchestra, Band, Chorus International Relations Kappa Lambda HIBERNIA ANN SWAIN jJJ Dallas, Texas Bachelor of Music Major: Piano President, Choral Society, 39 Secretary, Music Association, 37, 39 Senior Advisor to Alpha Lambda, 39 Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta, 39 J Vice President, Alpha Lambda Delta, 37 Choral Society Music Association Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Chi Alpha Lambda Delta JUANITA VAUGHAN San Antonio Bachelor of Arts Major: History Editor of the Logos, 39 Editor of the Annual, 39 Alpha Chi Sodality Logos Staff ths Who in American Colleges and Universities, 40 Gallege imd MILDRED ASHMORE San Antonio CAROLYN SUE BARWISE San Antonio WINIFRED BERCHELMANN Stun Antomo HELEN HOOD BOONE Cmpus Christi, Texas ALICE RUTH BRADY San. Antonio BERYL BUCKLEY San Antonio ELLENfTA BUCKLEY Eagle Pass, Texas RUTH BUDOW San Anton i0 HAZEL BURNETT San Antonio MARY MARGARET CARLIN San Antonio DOROTHY COHEN Sun A n tonio BETH COTTER Av'ansas Pass, Texas GAIL DAVIS San Antonio BETTY DEAN Sun A ntonio MARY FRANCES DEVINE San Antonio JUNE LOACH DOSSEY San Antonio 43w , rx M 3 Galley jam CLARE NOTZON Lafrea'u, Texas MARGARET PERRIN San Antonio PATRICIA PICKERING VZCtOTla, Texas JUNE PIKE San Antonio HESTER ROBERTS San Antonio ROSIE ROESLER San Antonio MARY KATHRYN Houston, Texas JOSEPHINE SANGER San Angelo, Texas ALICE SAWTELLE San Antonio MILDRED SCHLOSSER San Antonio HELEN SHEFFIELD San Antonio ELLEN SHROPSHIRE San Antonio VI v.1 :Vi SYBIL STROMAN J l Charlotte, Texas J K fx FRANN THULEMEYER San A72 tonio MARI KA HERINE VINCIUS San Antonio MARJORIE WORTHY San Antonio Mwqu Ova , n an" N. WW1! ,4 'k Gallege swam VIRGINIA ANDERSON San Antonio ELIZABETH AMAN , San Antonio CARMEN BALLUDER Mexico City, Mexico N'CES BARKIN Sun A ntonio r MILY IE E BE R . Sun :1 ntomo MAUD ELLEN BRITE San Antonio BEBE BURKETT ?nedy, Texas JEAN CARMEAN San Antonio JANE CHINNER San Antonio ! x H W L4. 6 . 'l . "5$4; Q9 Q k; s. l R -tr k k2", MARTHA JANE COOPWOOD wx San Antonio CATHERINE COVINGTON Houston, Texas JEAN CRAIG San A71 tonio SOPHIE DALMAS .8071 An tom'o J ALICE DEVINE Laredo, Teams LILLIAN ERLICH San Antonio DOROTHY LEE FREEMAN San A72t0nio BARBARA FURLONG San Antonio ANNA MARIE GEYER San Antonio PATRICIA GREEN Sun A 71 ton in ELVI LOU GUERRA San Antonio 'UISE' HARRIS Corpus Clwisti, Texas f j JUANITA HIMMLJKS . 3H s Windthwst, T936137 J, CELESTE HOPKINS , 1" Victoria, Texas ANNA JOHNSON Del Rio, Texas BETTY KUNKEL Tampico, Mexico MARIAN LAMM S'an An ton 1'0 LOUISE LATHAM San A ntonio HELON LAWRENCE Victoria, Texas ZELIME LYTLE San Antonio MARGARET MARY MCCANN Beaumont, Texas PEGGY MCDONOUGH Galveston, Texas MARJORIE MILLER Rosita, Mexico BETTY ANN MORAN San Antonio MARY LOUISE MORRIS San. Antonio DOROTHY MURAS Shiner, Texas NANCY NANCE San Antonio PATTI NOWLAN San Antonio NANCY ODEN San A ntonio MIMI OGDEN San A'n tonic ELIZABETH OLIVER San Antonio. ,1. ANN OTTLEY H' 9 ' , Fort Worth, Texas BARBARA PARTRIDGE San Antonio , A J MARGARET PICKERING San. A ntonio ANNA PUCK San A ntonio GENEVIEVE QUALIA Del Rio, Texas HERLINDA RAMIREZ Laredo, Texas OLIVETTE RH EINER Sun A ntonio VIRGINIA RICHTER Sun A ntonio YVONNE ROBERTS San Antonio HELEN ROBINS Randolph Field, Texas ROSE CATHERINE ROHRBACK .St. Louis, Missouri SYBIL ROLLETTE San Antonio JOYCE SA'UERMILCH 'San Antonio ELLAMARIE SPEIER Sun A ntonio FAYRENE TIMM Sun A ntonio MARY ELIZABETH WALSH San Antonio DAISY WHITE Uvalde, Texas MARY ELIZABETH WHITE Taylor, Texas MAXINE W HITTEN San Antonio LORETTA MARGARET YEAGER 'San Antonio ALICE RUTH YATES San Antonio GERTRUDE ZUBERBUELER Comstock, Texas Galley 4W RITA RUTH CARLIN San Antonio FAY IRIS CARTER Honda, Texas ELECTRA CASTRO Harlingen, Texas ALICE E. CLARK McAllen, Texas J ACQUELINE CONLEY San Antonio ELAINE COUTRET Charco, Texas MARGARET ELLEN CORBETT Raymondville, Texas RUTH COTTER Aransas Pass, Texas JUNE DEFFEE San Antonio BARBARA DIBRELL San Antonio EMMA DIAN San Antonio CAMILLE DUBOSE San Antonio LILLIAN DUNLAP Sun A ntonio LOIS ELY George West, Texas MARY LEE FIETSAM Shiner, Texas EMILY BELLE FITZGERALD Randolph Field, Texas DRUECILLO FLEMING Carrizo Springs, Texas STELLA FLORES San Antonio G'NELL Fox Sun A ntonio GEORGETTA FRANCIS San A ntonio c . I an. II n . :vn'r: A... , . u . uh. a. .1 w ' WJW w W : v o 94. a i . -!...;: Galleye 4W EDNA ALICE PALMER S'rln Antmzio NETTIE MAE PARKER Potcet, Texas GENEVIEVE PINA Sam A ntonio JIMMIE PETERSEN McA llen, Texas JANE PHILLIPS San, Antonio JEAN PATRICIA PIPPIN San, Antonio ALETIIEA D. POLITIS San Antonio 3 I DOROTHY POTTS ,1 xx , Dallas, ras V MARY MARGARET POWERS Harlingen, Texas DIXIE MARIE REES San A ntonio DOROTHY MAE REGINI Galveston, Texas ELOISE REID 'San Antonio EMMA CECILIA REITMEYER Hitchcock, Texas J ANET ROAK San Antonio BONNIE BESS ROBERTS .San Antonio MAEBELLE ROBERTSON San. A ntonio CORRIE ELIZABETH RUSSELL Brownsville, Terms JOYCE SALLEE San Antonio HELEN SAMUELS San. Antonio GERTRUDE SCHAEFER San A ntonio MARIAN SENG JJ -' I'lwlxy San 47zt0ni0 ALICE E. SHAW aw 11' Fort Worth, Texas EDNA LEE SHAW San A ntonio DOROTHY ANN SMITH McAllen, Texas MARGARET ANGELA SMITH . San Antonio 3' DORIS JEAN STOLTE San, Antonio CATHERINE STRAUCH N ormamza, Texas JUNE A. STROUD San Antonio JESSIE C. KINSLEY , M San. Antonio VJ L MARIA DEL CARMEN TORRES Brownsville, Texas BILLIE TRAINER Corpus Christi, Texas LILLIE TUPA Flatonia, Texas BESSIE COLLINS TURNER San. Antonio JOSEPHINE VALDEZ sz Antonio Moulton, Te ms GERALDINE M. WALSTON San, Antonio MARY NAN WELSH Corpus Christi, Texas EDNA THERESA WHITIS San, Antonio KATHERINE ZUBERBUELER Comstock, Texas GERTRUDE LOUISE W OLF Leander, Tera? ngzt 5W 6W alltgh gdaal swim MAGDALIN ANTHONY San Antonio She is a mixture of seriousness and joy, courage and cheerfulness. ANN ARMBURST San Antonio Sodality Chairman of the Little Flower Committee An all-round girl, with a generous and humorous spirit, and enthusiastic about Latin, is Ann. When student life proves too weighty. she dances her troubles away. GLORIA BASSE San Antonio Sigma Delta Kappa Reporter Fond of good singing and careful in her selection of songs. Gloria is easy-going, generous and obliging. HELEN MARIE BREIT San Antonio Science Club Sodality Catholic Studenty Mission Crusade, Vice President Sigma Delta Kappa, Treasurer Helen stands out for reliability and schol- arship. She is an accomplished organist. J OAN BROWN San Antonio Senior Class Reporter of "The Stalm Joan possess an insatiable thirst for knowl- edge, and an unbounding capacity for reasoning, both of which qualities make for interest in the class room. J OYCE BROWN San Antonio Senior Class, Vice President Editor of hTheJ StaIm Catholic Studentsh Mission Crusade, President Co-Consul of the Latin Club Sigma Delta Kappa Sodality Science Club Never ruffled 01' disturbed, Joyce conceals her efficiency under a calm exterior. MARY CATHERINE LINEHAN San Antonio Senior Class, President Spirit of Progress in Spring Festival Catholic Studentsh Mission Crusade Sodality As President of the Class of 1940 Mary Catherine has handled our affairs most capably. PATRICIA COLLINS San Antonio Science Club Sodality Catholic Studentsh Mission Crusade She deserves a medal struck t0 commem- orate her outstanding achievement, namely, the ability to talk incessantly and un- dauntedly for any length of time. A good listener, nevertheless, she possesses a subtle wit, a credit to her Irish ancestors. JIM 54ml Swim ALICE DEL R10 San Antonio Spirit of Peace in Spring Festival Sodality Catholic Students, Mission Crusade Alice is the petite artist of the Senior Class, adept alike in drawing friends with- in her circle 01' sketches in the studio. GEORGE ANN FARLEY San Antonio Senior Class, Secretary Spirit of Democracy in Spring Festival Most Popular Girl of the High School Sodality Catholic Students Mission Crusade Light-hearted, sensible, and reliable, she has a gentle but determined way in hear- ing responsibility. J ANE GARVEY Houston, Texas Sodality Catholic Students Mission Crusade Though she is inclined to be shy, When she talks, a dry quaint drollery marks her phrases. ANN HEWITT San Antonio Science Club Ann becomes excited over some phase of science or some late invention and mani- fests an astonishing proficiency. RUTH HOERIG Mexico City, Mexico Science Club Ruth is the possessor of a quiet sedateness and unusual poise. BARBARA J AECKLE San Antonio Prefect of the Sodality Sigma Delta Kappa, President Co-Tribune 0f the Latin Club Catholic Students Mission Crusade Science Club The quality of leadership has always distinguished the Sodality Prefect. PATRICIA ANNE JOHNSON San Antonio Sodality Catholic Students Mission Crusade In addition to her quiet graciousness, Patsy has poise, and a subtle sense of humor. BETTY LOCKWOOD San Antonio Sodality Catholic Students Mission Crusade Vivacious. and courteous Betty possesses conversational powers and secretarial abil- ity that make for success in the business world. alliglt Salted 3mm EMMY LOU MCGUIRE San Antonio Sodality Catholic Studentsi Mission Crusade Emmy Lou's naive manner is refreshing to those who are weary of the modern pose of sophistication. MARGARET MOLINA San Antonio Sodality Catholic Studentsi Mission Crusade Genuinely ambitious to become a nurse, her devotion'to duty should make Margaret in her profession another Florence Night- ingale. NELDA PALSMA San Antonio Sigma Delta Kappa, Sergeant-at-Arms Co-Consul of the Latin Club She startles by her exceptional ability to translate the languages. Latin is her forte. PATRICIA RILEY Sonora, Texas Science Club This Winsome lady is blessed with an easy comradeship and helpful concern for all. 94w 361ml SW LUCY SAGARINO Corpus Chm'sti, Texas Senior Class, Treasurer Science Club, Treasurer Sodality Catholic Studentsh Mission Crusade Flying above the clouds has always had an attraction for Lucy. who will be remembered as the "happy landing" comrade. DOROTHY MAE STAPP San Antonio Artist of hThe Starh Dorothy has a variety of interests. Life on the wide-open spaces, horses, and hob- bies in art are a few of her activities. There will be no place for monotony in Dorothyns future. CONSUELO VALDEZ San Antonio Sodality Catholic Studentsh Mission Crusade Strangely enough, no one is more surprised than Tina when admired for her humor. for she finds whole-hearted enjoyment in the fun of others. 6 alkyln $011001 fauna MARY PAT INMAN Amarillo, T xas MARY JACKSON San Antonio ELIZABETH KITOWSKI San Antonio MARY ALICE LOZANO San Antonio ADELINE LUTTERINGER San A ntonio MINNIE MAE RAY Miranda City, Texas SHIRLEY MCPEAK Bay City, Texas JANET MILEAU 'San Antonio PATRICIA NESRSTA San Antonio IMELDA OBRIOTTI San Antonio CONSTANCE POLLACK San A ntonio ROSEMAR ' RICHTER San Antonio STELLA SEIDEL Sun. A nton i0 RUTH STARKEY Randolph Field, Texas ANN TILTOS Houston, Texas JUNE VALENTINE San Antonio 6444 Sam! Saplmmm SHIRLEY AKERS Dallas, Texas PATRICIA CODY San Antomo MARY ANN CROWTHER San Antonio MILDRED DUBOSE San Antomo BETTY DURKIN Sugarland, Texas ADA CLAIRE EVETTS San Antonio BETTY FINCH San Antomo HILDA HEISEN Randolph Field, Texas JOAN HAUSER San Antonio BETTY J 0 HUSLAZE San Antomo DOROTHY KITOWSKI San A ntonio MARY LAWLER San Antonio JOSEPHINE LOZANO San Antonio PATRICIA LUBY San Diego, Texas BARBARA MASPERO San Antonio MARY MARGARET MENGER San Antonio ROSE MARIE MENGER 'San Antonio VALERIE MEZETTI San Antonio NELLIE MUELLER San Antonzo CELESTE PICKERING San Antonio DOLORES POLK San Antonio CLARA RUBIOLA San Antonio NORA SMITH San Antonio REBECCA SPENCER San Antonio ALICE TATE d! ' Armstrong, eras TOMMIE TATE Armstrong, Texas 6.4;th saw 4W IRENE ALBUERNE Monterrey, Mexzco PHYLLIS ANDERSON 'San Antonio MAUREEN BONNER San Antonio BITSY BRANDT San Antonio DELIA FITZPATRICK San Antonio OPHELIA GUZMAN San A ntonio PATSY NELL HECK 'San Antonio BETTY JANE HOLMGREEN San Antonio HAZEL HARCASITAS San Antonio CIIARLENE HORN San Antonio JOYCE HORN San Antonio OLIVE JOHNSON San Antonio ANA ELENA LANZ . Campache, Mexzco SALLY MALLARY San A n tomo LOUISE MARSHALL San Antonio JEAN PICKENS San Antonio MARGARITA PINA 'San Antonio GRACE ROEGLEIN San Antonzo PATRICIA SALZMAN San A ntomo VIRGINIA SANDERS Sun A ntonio MARILYN SCHNEIDER .San Antonio MARY ELIZABETH SPEIER San Antomo MARIE MARGARET STRAHLE San Antonio FRANCES W H EAT Sonora, Texas JOYCE WIELAND San Antonzo LEVAN WIELAND San Antonio 3W Freshman W eek . . . friend- ly and funny . . . just to see what good sports the Fresh- men are . . . then the bonfire. as cheerful and warm as the spirit of the college . . . Eliza- beth Frizzell, president of the Senior Class, passing the torch, symbol of college tradi- tion, to Nellie Hasler, presi- dent of the Freshman Class. . . leaders chosen by classes to direct activities for the year: Elizabeth Frizzell, senior; Hazel Burnett, junior; Betty Moran, sophomore and Nellie Hasler, freshman. Another beginning at the college . solemn dedication of the new Home Economics plant by Most Reverend Arthur J . Drossaerts, Archbishop of San Antonio . . . address by Reverend Leo Murphy, S. J . . . . open house after the cere- mony With proud Home Eco- nomics students and instruc- tors conducting Visitors through the buildings. Qua 5W4 Flowers and Formals on October 13, for the first dance of the year .. . Freshman- Alpha Delta affair, with Nellie Hasler and Dorothy McCann leading the way through the crystal ballroom. W arm gaiety in chill Novem- ber at the Sophomore-Phi Sigma dance in a setting of White and gold . . . Betty Moran and Lynette Goldman heading the line of March. A Winter Wonderland, presided over by a jovial snow man, arranged by the Seniors for their dance of January 17 . . . Marjorie Brite breaking a trail for Seniors and Guests and the cries of the Seniors When real snow fell a week later. The so very dif- ferent Junior Dance May 12 . . . leis, palm trees and grass huts giving a Hawaiian air to patio and gymnasium Hazel Burnett conducting lei- decked guests through the mazes of the grand march. 5W Sportsefor indoor days and demure gymnasts . . . table tennis, shuffleboard, deck tennis and badminton . . . outdoor activity --swish of racket and thud of ball on the tennis court . . . guarding and shooting on the basket- ball court . . . volley ball play- ers watching for the ball . . . hockey teams scampering af- ter the puck . . . golfers teeing off. 44661 5W4 The senior Snowball Dance . . .arctic atmosphere by cour- tesy 0f the committee in charge . . . Hawaii as a back- ground for the Junior Dance in April . . . the Alumnae tea, in the friendly atmosphere of the Home Economics recep- tion room . . . busy brushes. Keeping allude Amateur housekeepers get their first taste of domesti- city . . . a two-story house must be cared for by Jane Long, Helene Houssiere, Ella Mae Starcke, Dorothy Stan- field and Martha Jackson, for six weeks...c00king, launder- ing, dustng and sewing to be done . . . turn about in being cook, maid and hostess . . . major problem staying Within the budget to demon- strate homemaking ability. WW WWW Children of the land of summer reveling in their first taste of Winter . . . ttduck, '1, here comes a snowball . . . resting and finding just how cold snow can be . . . endless taking of snapshots to send to people Who wontt believe that it did snow . . . back to the battle While the miracle lasts. gnow-Bcumd It did happen here, for the first time in ten yearsesnow in San Antonio . . . a White blanket over the campus . . . frosting on bushes, trees and roofs . . . students yielding to the irresistible urge to roll snowballs e and throw them . . . and to fashion rotund snow men . . . Wild exclama- tions of delight and astonish- ment from those who saw snow for the first time in their lives . . . vast knowledge of those Who had seen it at the age of five 01' six . . . attempted indifference 0f Yankees. 1mm, sczmz Little girl and boy land . . . part of the new Home Eco- nomics plant . . . tiny furni- ture and fixtures, child-size . . . murals of Peter Rabbit and Snow-White . . . The kin- dergarten hunted for Easter Eggs . . . They also made it possible for students to learn how to feed, dress, instruct and entertain children. t 2 FM?" t 712 allow Skew Give a girl a horse she can ride and she Will soon put him through his paces in a horse show. Opening of the College Horse Show of March 2: riders Winding the Maypole . . . Ruth Cotter, who jumped her mount to a trophy . . . most accomplished beginner, Gertrude Martin . . . Equita- tion champion, Ruth Cotter . . . Two of the finest kind in the pair class, Hibernia Swain and Betty Collins . . . After a walk, trot and canter, a trophy in the beginnerst three-gaited class for Maebelle Robertson . . . Top honors to Jane Ellen Hillje in the private .ownerst Class. Au! gm Am; 50h With buskin, bow and brush, students pursue the fine arts . . . the Delta Iotas solving a problem of modern family life in ttA Portrait of Carol," with Margaret Adams, Jessie Kinsley, Mar- garet Pickering, Mary Fran- ces Devine, Mary Kathryn Russell, Ellen Shr0pshi1"e, Betty Kunkel and Zelime Lytle. Sweet music at the sweetest season of the year, by the Christmas Carolers . . . Graduation recitals by Geraldine Blumberg, who plays the Violin and by Hi- bernia Swain, who has mas- tered the piano. Artists sketching the beauty of nature . . . indoors for the finishing touches . . . young musicians in recital. HIBNI$e WskWeW pW 5mm Their names made news in the sports world of the col- lege . . . Winners in the pos- ture contest, With Gertrude Schafer in first place, Hazel Burnett second and Helene Brynston third . . . Louise Harris and Ruth Cotter rat- ing honorable mention . . . the girl Who rides the air-waves, aviatrix Lucy Sagarino . . . Red letter days for the Sports Association: first, the play day for five Catholic high schools, With relay races, basketball and volley ball games, fun and enthusiasm . . . then the Spring Festival, with Peace as its theme, and the Army and Navy repre- sented as the protectors of Peace in America. 741046 .gWJ Rustling of palm trees, rhythm of the tango and the rhumba . . . the college goes Hawaiian for the Junior Tea Dance . . . tropical setting created by the committee With original ideas-eHazel Bur- nett, Gertrude Martin, Mary Kathryn Russell, Sibyl Stro- man, Clare Notzon, Betty A1- bers and Gail Davis . . . tea in the patio, where little girls in grass skirts gave leis t0 the lovely ladies . . . D a n c e r s promenading two by two, With Junior Class President Hazel Burnett in the lead. WWW; em - pm SW of Me Ma; 4W Chosen by student vote af- ter a campaign of spectacular events, Dorothy McCann reigned over the Spring Fes- tival as Miss Columbia. She was prefect of the Sodality last yam, and president of Alpha Delta Sigma this year. As Miss Columbia, she repre- sented the senior class in the Pageant of Peace presented at the annual spring festival. M wmxxx m $11 UKXEX w ? i 3 a; em Marjorie Brite, choice of the college for the post of senior delegate to the court of Columbia in the Spring Fes- tival, has been the mainstay of the Spmts Association and the manager of Spring Fes- tivals for three years. As member of the court, she has been able to gratify her great desire to see the Festival without feeling any heavy responsibility for it. 61.244 KW Bebe Buwhett. . . choice of the college to viepv'esent the sophomore class at the Spring Festival . . . membeT of the in- tellectual Phi Stgmas and the social Alpha Deltas . . . excel- lent tennis player. Gertrude M arttn . . . saluted Miss Columbia on behalf of the Junior Class . . . from Welch, Louisiana . . . prefect of the Sodality. Emma Mary Hoch . . . the girl from Georgia . . . capti- vated the voters who gave heot the place of fteshmcm tep- resehtative at the couwt of M 1'33 Columbia. 14km 525d Ric Chosen by the Academy, Alice Del Rio personified the ttSpirit 0f Peacett at the court of Columbia in the Spring Festival. She is a senior, and the artist of the high school. Spade; PM Mary Cathem'ne Ltnehan, president of the Senior Class, won the post of the ttSpim't of Progress." She took her place in the court of Columbia at the Spring Festival. g wwemm s, t e g e h 7t wt Gm we 7 how or y mm 8 dy ae CH Aa 6F h n Tn A n tacytt at the 28 a, 887L- She l t of Democv and sewetary of that 17'2 Spring Festival tKSp 207", 2 :g Y Z Jug h Vs JWJW x; , ?;txsig , z ,vx ?;fxgh x ., x L 4 .8 7 0 m 0 h p 0 S e h t f 0 t n e d .1 8 .6 T P Class; Betty Finch was elected by the Academy to salute Miss Columbia for the second yem' students. She pevqsomfied the Spirit of Tolerance? Baily 46nd; me MW? A N tie C4444 Rm The Academy juniors chose Patricia N es'rsta as their dele- gate to the Court of Columbia in the Spring Festival. She personified the NSyoim't of Re- ligiontt in the Pageant of Peace. Freshmen selected Charlene Horn t0 repTeseht them as the ttSm'm't 0f Justicett tn the Spring Festival. Top R0w:-Marjorie Brite, George Ann Farley, Lynette Goldman, Frances Hynes. Bottom Row:gDorothy McCann, Mary Ruiz, Juanita Vaughan. 7h Z0904 Staff EditOT in Chief ................. J UANITA VAUGHAN Society Editor .................. DOROTHY MCCANN Sports Editor ................. : . . .MARJORIE BRITE Business M anageos ............... LYNETTE GOLDMAN Assistant Business M anage? ............. MARY RUIZ Advertising M anager ............... FRANCES HYNES High School Editor ............ GEORGE ANN FARLEY j . we! II!I!I!I; Texas Phi Chapter of Alpha Chi, Incarnate Word College, is the bright goal of scholarship honors that ambitious students envision to be gained as the reward of distinguished effort when they will have come into the province of the Junior and Senior years. The society is eminent in its sponsorship of serious scholarly effort and achievement as in its sanction of supreme human values in educational ideals. The discussions held in the monthly meetings of the group were happily supplemented by auditions 0f the recorded works of famous musical composers. More notable among the events of the year were the box lunch held on the campus for increase of the Alpha Chi scholarship fund, the tea given by the chapter as host to'the members of the N ational Honor Society in the city high schools, a continuing custom and tradition, and the attend- ance of Frances Hynes and Consuelo Puck as delegates of the chapter at the meeting of the National Council of Alpha Chi, which was held in Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. Officers of the chapter, 1939-1940, are reported as Frances Hynes, president; Consuelo Puck, Vice president; Maurine Scott, secretary, and Mary Ann Dunn, treasurer. The membership roster for the year bears the names of Elizabeth Frizzell, Juanita Vaughan, Mary Ann Dunn, Gail Davis, Helene Houssiere, Patsy McGoohan, Ellenita Buckley, Mary Frances Devine, Clare Notzon, Ruth Dukes, Ellen Shropshire, Geraldine Blumberg, Maurine Scott, Frances Hynes, Hibernia Swain, Marie Del Socorro Ruiz, Consuelo Puck, Dorothy McCann. A national honors society, Phi Sigma Kappa functions primarily to cultivate interest in the physical sciences. The formal activities of I. W. C. chapter of the society, for 1939-1940, were begun with a card party, October 25. In the course of its program of events, delegates from the local body attended the annual convention of the Texas Academy of Science, at Austin, November 9 to 11. During that meeting Aurora Elizondo read a paper entitled nAn Experiment Confirming the Presence of Violanin in Sophora Secundiflora tMountain Lauren" and Jane Lowery reported on itExperimental Evidence of the Nature of the Glucosides in the Lupinus Texensis." In honor of thirty pledges the club members gave a tea, December 13, in the Home Economics Building. Subsequent to the mock initiation, January 6, and the formal initiation, January 10, the 901d" members were entertained with a supper, February 6, by the newly enrolled. The policy of cooperative enterprise was marked in the meeting of Phi Sigma Kappa with St. Edwardts Academy of Science, January 13. After a tour of the compus on this occasion, a buffet supper was served. Throughout the year lectures were provided, to keep the members instructed in the latest developments in physical science. Speaking to the Texas Division of the American Chemical Society, which met at Incarnate Word College, February 8, 1940, Dr. Roger John Williams described his discovery of Pantothenic Acid in his laboratory at the University of Texas. Doctors Hochte, Lenze, Schoch, and Felsing, were among the distinguished physical scientists who attended this meeting. Notable 0n the program of lectures for the year was that of the Reverend Stanley Kusman, of St. Marys University, a discussion of the various philosophies of matter. Phi Sigma Kappa celebrated the conclusion of the year, informally, with a picnic, May 2, and formally with a dinner dance, May 25. The activities of the society were carried out under the direction of Lynette Goldman, president; Lulu Mims, Vice president; Mary del Socorro Ruiz, secretary; Frances Hynes, treasurer; and Gerda Balluder, reporter. This is an organization to Which the critical realist in the college community would Will that very high and special tribute be accorded. That it has functioned effectively in the praiseworthy mission in which it en- gages is due first to the indefatigable scholar who directs its activities, Dr. Thomas Ragusa. It is true, of course, that the members are indispens- able and that they are plainly emulative of their directoris example. For that they are especially to be commended. Without the example, however, the achievement would, in all likelihood, be less. The members essay to keep abreast With events in the march of time through investigation and report of world affairs. At the bi-monthly meetings important foreign and domestic questions are discussed. In ad- dition to this development, each member gives at least one extensive report a year. To increase the range of activity, the club this year held joint sessions With the International Relations Club of St. Marys University. The names inscribed on this roll of honor for 1939-1940 are Jane Chinner, Dorothylee Freeman, Ellamarie Speier, Gerda Balluder, Carmen Balluder, Margaret Adams, Alice Devine, Ruth Budow, Libby Pines, Mary Ann Dunn, Catherine Strauch, Helene Houssiere, Jean Craig, Maria del Socorro Ruiz, Camille Du Bose, Sybil Stroman, Ruth Dukes, Herlinda Ramirez and Peggy McDonough. The work of the sodality in 1939-1940 has been manifest of a spirit of enlivened enterprise. New projects have been undertaken and sutcess- fully prosecuted, new devices employed to stimulate interest in fafniliar activities. A program of catechetical instruction for under-privileged children has been not the least important of these endeavors. The enthu- siastic interest developing from this work has made possible the opening of several new centers. Besides administering the Sunday instructions, the catechists have provided special holiday feasts, on Christmas and Easter, for their missions. Seventy-five 0f the sodalists, associating themselves, November 25, as Handmaids 0f the Blessed Sacrament, promised therewith to receive Holy Communion at least once a week and to show special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. To foster and promote the reading of appropriate subject matter, a pamphlet drive was conducted. Further, in cooperation with like groups, the college sodality formed the Catholic Youth Organization unit that is to be known as the College Sodality Union. When it had sponsored a spirit- ual retreat in January, new members were received after the days of prayer. All activities of the sodality are purposed for sanctification of self, sanctification of neighbor, and defense of the Church. The years work has been ably directed by wetrude Martin, prefect, with the assistance of Patsy McGoohan, Vice brefect; Mary Elizabeth White, secretary; and Clare Notzon, treasurer. The Incarnate Word College Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman women, was established in December 1939'. The only national honorary organization for freshman women, Alpha Lambda Delta promotes the development of character, leadership and scholarship among first year college students. Notable among the events of the year were the tea for Freshmen in October, the initiation banquet in April, and the tea complimenting senior members of the N ational Honor Society in city high schools in May. Fall initiates included Barbara Furlong and Hermine Dalkowitz. Freshmen who achieved the average required for election at the end of the first semester were: Doris Bissett, Rita Ruth Carlin, Margaret Ellen Corbett, Shirley Jones, Patricia Ney, Joyce Sallee and Gertrude Schafer. Activities of the chapter, 1939-1940, were carried out under the ca- pable direction of Maxine Whitten, president ; Zelime Lytle, vice president; Alice Ruth Yates, secretary; Carmen Balluder, treasurer; and Hibernia Swain, senior advisor. Edie Iota fbch 6M Designed as an organization to challenge and claim the interest of students who evidence an affection for the theatre, the club purposes to foster the appreciation of drama and the development of histrionic ability, with the aim of encouraging habits of poise and fluency in speech and its concomitant behavior. In keeping with the intention and its objective, the practice is sus- tained of staging a play 01' scene at each monthly meeting. There are, moreover, the public appearances of the company throughout the year. At Christmas it acted the ttLost Star"; during the Lenten season it presented with unexceptionable merit the traditional passion play, ttThe Upper Room"; it offered a play dealing with the problems of modern marriage, ttThe Ravelled Sleeve," to a sodality assembly. The public per- formances 0f the annual cycle were concluded with "A Portrait of Carol? a dramatic story which essays to answer the persistent question of how the individual may escape the domination of the family. Among the social activities of Delta Iota for 1939-1940 were its enter- tainment of prospective members with a tea and the morning coffee for the club given by its president, Miss Ellen Shropshire. The membership roll for the year records the names of Ellen Shrop- shire, president; Mary Frances Devine, Vice president; Betty Kunkel, treasurer; and Margaret Pickering, reporter; Margaret Adams, Elizabeth Aman, Virginia Anderson, Mary Theresa Boyle, Rita Ruth Carlin, Jacque- line Conley, Elaine Coutret, Mary Frances Devine, Camille DuBose, Jean Fitzgerald, Barbara Furlong, Shirley Jones, Jessie Kinsley, Betty Kunkel, Lucy Gold Lytle, Zelime Lytle, Clare Notzon, Mimi Ogden, Mary Agatha Owens, Margaret Pickering, Mary Katherine Russell, Alice Sawtelle, Ellen Shropshire, Dorothy Wearden, and Maxine Whitten. itAnd the night shall be filled with music, And the cares that infest the day Shall fold their tents like the Arabs, And as silently steal away." One supposes this jewelled thought to have inspired, in part at least, the founders and promoters of the college choral society, an organization made up of music students and students Who love music even though they be not formally engaged in the study. It is distinctively a ttvolunteer" society for conferring the benefits of the best of music and song on those Who earnestly appreciate them. To experience the splendid performance of the organization is to know that its deeds of beauteous art are figurative of mercy in that hit is twice blest: it blesseth him that gives and him that takes." Throughout its presentations choristers and auditors share in occasions of greatest delight. If a single offering of the year is to be noted as outstanding, it must be that of the Christmas Oratorio. Officers of the society, 1989-1940, are inscribed as Hibernia Swain, president; Consuelo Puck, Vice president; Hortense Rahlmann, secretary- treasurer. 14W mag 5W This sorority is securely distinctive. Its counsel represents that ttunique is the word for Alpha Delta Sigma, the only organization on the campus with an exclusively social aim. It works to increase the social contacts of its members and to foster a spirit of friendship and loyalty." T0 the first event of the year, the rush tea at the home of Elvi Lou Guerra, each member invited four guests. Then the dance for freshmen was held October 13. The pledge service for tthe ninei prospective mem- bers, October 26, was followed by the formal service six weeks later. At the luncheon given at the Gunter Hotel, December 18, in honor of the newly enrolled members, each of the initiates was presented with a gold chain and pendant bearing the Greek letters of the sorority. Subsequent to this occasion, the recently admitted members were hostesses 0f the Christmas party in the Home Economics building and the 901d" members were honorees. A second group of pledges, received during the latter half of the year, were formally initiated in April, six weeks after their installation, March 7. The events of the year were brought to a happy close, May 18, with the annual dinner dance. Officers for 1939-1940 were Dorothy McCann, president; Helen Hof- fer, Vice president twith Frann Thulemeyer acting in her absencei; Hibernia Swain, secretary; Consuelo Puck, treasurer; and Lulu Mims, sergeant-at-arms. Included in the membership were: Betty Albers, Winifred Berchel- mann, Bebe Burkett, Hazel Burnett, Rita Ruth Carlin, Gail Davis, Jean Fitzgerald, Barbara Furlong, Elvi Lou Guerra, Betty Kunkel, Betty Jean Lamm, Clare Lawler, Helon Lawrence, Lucy Gold Lytle, Zelime Lytle, Gertrude Martin, Dorothy McCann, Lulu Mims, Betty Ann Moran, Anita Norden, Clare Notzon. To one Who has not observed the work of the college orchestra in its continuous development under the masterly direction of Florian A. Lind- berg, the most severely critical j udgment might seem unwarranted praise. Not so to those who have heard and evaluated its performance in single and successive occasions. The years achievement of the orchestra, of fifty players, has conclusively demonstrated its notable enterprise. It is a singularly praiseworthy institution, an eminent force in the cultural ac- tivity of the college. Its public offerings have consisted mainly of concerts, With soloists contributing to the variety of the entertainment. The first concert of the year was that of November 5. This was followed, in December, by the eminent musical event of the year, the concert sponsored by the alumnae, With the orchestra in support of the Metropolitan Opera singers, Bernice Ripley, Genya Poldi, Robert Ripley, and Don Enrico Clausi. Other concerts, With student soloists, have been given by the orchestra. In all of these occasions the performances have been received With well earned acclaim. Organized in the fall term of 1939, the Home Economics Sorority adopted as its title the significant motto of Kappa Lambda, the initial letters of which words indicate Creative Living. With membership acces- sible to all students Who follow a course in Home Economics, the association is purposed to establish more securely the union of those majoring in its field and to foster a deeper community understanding among them. It provides a program of concentration on the study of practical problems in home economics. Complementary to these activities, Kappa Lambda spon- sors its own social occasions. Outstanding among these for the year were the tea given in honor of the delegates to the Home Economics Convention, November, 1939, and the farewell entertainment for the college seniors, the reception and tea of April 26, 1940. Officers of the sorority, 1939-1940, are listed as Martha Jackson, presi- dent; Sue Broyles, Vice president; Helene Houssiere, treasurer; and Jane Long, secretary. The roster includes Alice Brangan, Sue Broyles, Elizabeth Aman, Alice Devine, thell Fox, Doris Bissett, Barbara Dibrell, Barbara Partridge, Mary Margaret McCann, Jane Nelson, Louise Oswald, Mary Louise Johnston, Alathea Politis, June Dossey, Ella Mae Starcke, Betty Kendall, Laverne Laurent, Betty J ean Lamm, Marian Lamm, Mary Louise Morris, Virginia Richter, Marie Liebscher, Katherine Zuberbueler, Martha Ingram, Nancy N ance, Emma Mary Hoch, Madie Dean McKenzie, Loretta Yaeger, Jane Ellen Hillje, Patricia Ney, Louise Harris, Patricia Pippin, J ane Phillips, Emma Cecilia Reitmeyer, Maybelle Robertson, Virginia Robertson, Martha Jackson, Dorothy Stanfield, Jane Long, Helene Hous- siere, Fayrene Timm, and Hester Roberts. m 44-1, 54m: 50W True to its three-fold aim of sanctification of self, sanctification of neighbor, and the liberty and exaltation of Holy Mother the Church, the high school sodality engaged itself most earnestly in its work of the year. Among the earliest of the numerous projects was the ttfavorite girltt contest, the proceeds of which were sent to the Association for the Propa- gation of the Faith, to be used for its mission fields. The drive for rosaries, spiritual and material, for St. Alphonsus, parish, as also that for tobacco for the Huntsville prisioners, was notably successful. Nor were these the only successful drives. There was the Catholic literature drive for the purchase of new pamphlets, distinguished as it was by the, enacting of skits, and the Christmas and Easter drives for food, toys, clothing, and medicine to bring relief and cheer to the many needy people of the San Antonio parishes. There was, of course, the great spiritual event, the annual retreat. Of superior interest, too, was the discussion of Vocation Week, and the in- spiring talks therein, by Helen Marie Breit, George Ann Farley, Mary Catherine Linehan, Maria Garcia, Alice Marie Caterson, N ora Smith, Jane Garvey, and Mary Alice Lozano. SW 1342 Kappa. The members of Sigma Delta Kappa take just pride in it as the high school sorority. History and tradition have been confirmed by the activity of the contemporary membership. They have splendidly sustained the ideals that have been so zealously maintained by the organization since its founding in 1922. More than a few memorable events have been sponsored by the society during 1939-1940. The ttdots," as the pledges are customarily known, have been not the least important figures in several of the occasions. Subsequent to the test of their spirit in jocoserious initiation ceremonies, these candi- dates, before their formal admission, entertained the members at an in- formal luncheon. It is worthy to record here the names of those Who have been largely responsible for the successful year, the officers of Sigma Delta Kappa: Barbara Jaeckle, president; Janet Mileau, Vice president; Joyce Brown, secretary; Helen Marie Breit, treasurer; Gloria Basse, reporter; and N elda Palsma, sergeant-at-arms. Certified as a member of the National Woments Athletic Association, the Sports Association of Incarnate Word College, functions as the central student council of the several athletic organizations of the college com- munity. Throughout the current year its offices in this capacity have been consistent with the excellent traditions that have established its repute as worthily authoritative. Membership in the association is determined by specific qualifications for the distinctive duties that are required. From the gratifying number of eligible students, 1939-1940, there were selected as officers: Marjorie Brite, president; Ruth Dukes, vice president; Mar- garet Galligan, sebretary-treasurer. Though many other notable achievements might be recorded of it here, it is sufficient to report that, figurative of its sustained enterprise and climactic to the years development thereof, it managed the play-day, April 11, when the teams of five Catholic high schools met for contests in volley ball, dodge ball, deck tennis, relay races and baseball. Veritably the ttcommission" continues to grow and flourish. 7m The balmy climate of San Antonio and the fitting courts on the college campus combine to make tennis an all-year-round sport for the players. It is among the eminently favored forms of exercise in the student com- munity, whether the poll be of the learned or unlearned in the technique. For the former there is always capable competition, for the latter com- petent instruction. There is scarcely a day throughout the year when the playing does not go on a the rare day When the weather itdoes not permit? The spring tournament is unfailingly an occasion for bringing to- gether the ablest performers and all those who love the game, to the number of the legion. In the final event of this years tournament, the splendidly spirited contest between Suzanne Ill and Daisy White was won by the former, and the award of the championship was thus decided. Notable among the other contestants were Alice Sawtelle, Bebe Burkett, Nellie Hasler, Elaine Coutret, Gerda Balluder, Jean Nash, and Carmen Balluder. Daughters of the Southwest, descendants of pioneers who itlived" in the saddle, the main of the riding club and its classes guide their mounts skillfully along tree-shaded trails. If there be others in the company, the association soon prompts and enables them to bride along." To conclude the years training in the finer points of equitation, there is held in the spring the annual studentsi horse show. It included this year an exhibition of skill in various gaits and in j umping as well as a novelty, the "Musical Basket? Awards were made of ribbons and trophies. In the j umping competition, Beth Cotter won first prize, Ruth Cotter, second, and Emma Reitmeyer, third. T0 Ruth Cotter was awarded the trophy for mastery of equitation, with second place in the contest to Beth Cotter, and third to Hibernia Swain. Victors in the three-gaited pair competition were Hibernia Swain and Betty Collins ; in second, third, and fourth place, respectively, were Beth and Ruth Cotter, Maxine Brynston and Samuesta Lockhart, Maebelle Robertson and Marie Garcia. First place in the begin- nerst three-gaited class was won by Maebelle Robertson. Maxine Brynston earned second place, and Marie Garcia third. In the showing of privately owned mounts, Jane Ellen Hillje was awarded tttop honors? Ruth Cotter second, and Hibernia Swain third. The trophy for the ttMusical Basketii competition was won by Ruth Cotter. 6W1 Basketball is increasing more rapidly in popular favor, among players and watchers alike, than any other American game. This fact may perplex those Who are reluctant to face it openly, but the fact is there. The lover of the game explains the circumstance by representing that there is no other sport which brings with it such rapid persistency 0f thrills and suspense. It may have been at a stage of its development, as described by a writer of news, Tia mildly exciting game to watch." It is still exciting, and more exciting, but no longer ttmildly" so. It is inexhaustible in thrills, packed with suspense. In our college basketball is played in practice and scheduled contests between classes and sections. The playing as intra-mural adds to rather than detracts from the sustained general interest in the exhibitions. It is worthy to name, as among the players of the year, Patsy J acobs, Mildred Norton, Susan Ill, Daisy White, Maude Ellen Brite, Mary Margaret McCann, Gertrude Zuberbueler, Betty Lawrence, Virginia Anderson, Alice Sullivan, Beth Cotter, Jane Nelson, Emma Reitmeyer, Katherine Zuber- bueler, Maxine Brynston. 4w 4W The distinctively seasonal game in the repertoire of college sports as played in I. W. C. is the mid-year game, field hockey. Except for an occasional threat of forbidding weather, and an even rarer fulfillment of the threat, there is scarcely a single full month of the year in Which the other sports might not be practiced. When hockey is played, however, you may know that the Winter is come. It may be a mild, an apologetic Winter, but hockey establishes its identity, as it gives warrant to the playing of the game. When the relation of the winter season and field hockey is assured, you will see the teams on Mulvaney Field. When practice hours have pre- pared the players for contest, and the regular games are played, there will be offered to the observers view an ordered panorama that is excitingly delightful to behold. Between the goals the swiftly moving players, the Wildly waving sticks, the elusive ball, the pattern of change in advance and retreat, the shouts of players and spectators, and the loud acclaim of triumph when the goal is won! It is not only a Winter game, but an ex- cellent game for winter, even the winter of San Antonio. Sportsmen of this age of speed, delight in the dazzling activity of badminton. The game is even faster than tennis. T0 hit the shuttlecock with the racket in such a way that it will fly over the net requires constant, rapid and sure movement. Its venerable ancestor is the game of battledore and shuttlecock. This pastime served as a diversion for all classes from its invention in the fourteenth century. The "cock" was a cork into which feathers were stuck; the battledore resembled a tennis racket. Students at the college who showed special ability in the sport include Marguerite Gaines, Mary Frances Jackson, Adele House, Marian Seng, J ean Fitzgerald, Martha Franza and Margaret Pickering. 14442254; This very ancient and honorable sport continues to thrive in the de- voted play of its numerous exponents among the students. It is claimed by some observers that the faithful devotee of archery bears the signs of its more delicate compensations in distinctively graceful attitudes and gestures. Even to the uncritical mind it is evident that an exercise of such manifestly subtle requirements cannot fail of its adequate rewards for practice. No other skill in games can surpass it for its demands that the aspirant must master poise. The bodily grace Which is thus effected is the apt accompaniment of mental poise. It is not unlikely that the student ttbowmanti has this aim, too, in mind when she aims so studiously at the target. Though this thought about archery be no more than interesting speculation, the fact remains that archery thrives. It may be that to the gregarious golfer, the game is, as Paul Gallico writes, 9a mystery, as much of a one as the universe and the solar system, electricity, or ionic affinities." To the I. W. C. students, severally and unitedly, Who play it, this description of the sport does not apply. They play it as a form of delightful recreation and for the learning of socialness whereof it provides a happy opportunity. The greater number of those WhO play are perhaps among the grouping that is slangily identified as composed of "dubs? It may be: but they are genuine amateurs, true lovers of the sport, players Who play for love of the exercise. Let it not be for- gotten, however, that there were experts among them, and among the leaders at least one of eminently distinguished skill. It was Susanne 111. Of the company that teed off regularly on the near-by greens, during this year of 1939-1940, were Barbara Partridge, Margaret Adams, J essie Kinsley, Loretta Yaeger, Yvonne Robertson, and Suzanne Ill. Pajama Alamo Blue Print 8: Supply Co. . . . 506 N. Presa Alamo Heights Lumber Co. ........................... 5935 Broadway Apache Packing Co. ................................ 1200 Tampico St. Barcellona Manufacturing Co. ......................... 1020 Avenue A. BeckeIJs Service Station .............................. 3800 Broadway Broadway Cleaners 8z Dyers .......................... 5402 Broadway Fentiman Trunk Co. .................................. 512 E. Houston 1732 Broadway A. Grona Mattress Inc. ............................. 1907 S. St. Marys Kelly Scherrer Flower Shop .......................... 326 W. Josephine Original Mexican Restaurant .............................. 119 Losoya Orsinger Motor Co. ................................. 445 Main Avenue Pabst Engraving C0. ..................................... 222 Losoya Queen Candy Co. .................................. 243 W. Commerce Mr. Maurice W. Rex ................................ 211 N . St. Marys San Antonio Buick Co. ................................. 501 Broadway San Antonio Music Co. ............................ 316 W. Commerce San Antonio Paper Co. ....................... .. ..... 619 W. Commerce Sawtelle McAllister 8L Cary, Insurance .................... 401 Navarro Standard Brands Inc. ................................... 423 Carolina H. L. Summerville, Photographer ........................ 217 S. Presa Underwood Elliott Fisher Co. ........................... 226 Broadway Universal Book Bindery ................................ 815 Avenue B. E. Y. White, Inc. ................................... 110 E. Josephine Wulff Studio .................................... 123172 Alamo Plaza BAUMUS MARTIN BAUML, Owner P lumbing Contractors WATER HEATERS HARDWARE MAYTAG WASHERS Garfield 4234 926 E. Commerce St. TARRILLION BROS. PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS First Class Repair Service All Makes of . . . HOT WATER HEATERS INSTALLED and REPAIRED 223 Barrera St. Garfield 3941 SERVING SAN ANTONIO AND THE GREAT SOUTHWEST, REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE The Richard Gill Company MOORE BUILDING SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Southwestern Specialty Co., Inc. Wholesale CONGRATULATIONS 710 E. Commerce St. Phone Garfield 6315 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS TO THE CLASS "The Largest Store in the Largest State." Established in 1873 and at once became part of the pioneer life of Texas. Today, having grown and prospered with its State, it is rated among Americais leading stores. JOSKE'S SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS OF '40 We hope that the grander, larger JOSKE,S building which your families and other families of Texas since 1873 helped make pos' sible, will be looked upon by you as a tee ward from the public to Joske,s for honesty and usefulness. May it inspire you to pursue as we did, the course of integrity and service . and may your reward be success comparable with ours, in any field you decide to enter. ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORS SILENT . ECONOMICAL Compare the Operating Cost LIGHTING FIXTURES and APPLIANCES . . . For a Better Job at the Right Price . . . Martin Wright Electric Company 1001 Navarro Sf. Cathedral 7171 PIGGLY WIGGLY 29 STORES TO SERVE YOU 22 Stores Equipped With Complete Meat Markets OUR MEATS ARE SELECTED FOR THEIR EXCELLEN T QUALITY Serve Yourself and Save YOUR NEAREST PIGGLY WIGGLY STORE 4818 BROADWAY ALAMO HEIGHTS Piggly Wiggly San Antonio Co. E. A. BASSE, Owner LYTLE W. GOSLING 8: COMPANY Insurance and Bonds Telephone Garfield 6151 Chandler Building San Antonio, Texas SOUTHERN MUSIC COMPANY 112 W. Houston St. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS IMPORTERS OF Musical Merchandise Sheet Music Accessories for all Instruments Dr. Ios. F. Doyle, O. D. Dr. Jos. F. Doyle, Ir., 0. D., B. S. John A. Doyle, Optician OP TOMETRIS TS AZTEC BLDG. Ground Floor San Antonio, Texas The Slimp Oil Company Distributors of PIONEER PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Gasoline Fuel Oil Kerosene Road 6L Asphalt Oil Distillate Pioneer Motor Oil Furnace Oil Pentex 11 11 Diesel Fuel Frontier Gas Oil Artex " 11 Supplying the Jobbing and Consuming Trade TELEPHONE Kenwood 51 51 11 San Antonio, Texas GIMBEL1S Established 1919 Potato Chips, Shoe Strings, Potato Waffles, Salted Peanuts Telephone Fannin 1353 1021 Broadway H. DITTLINGER ROLLER MILLS CD. NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS FLOUR . MEAL . FEED Compliments of General Hotel Supply Company ESTABLISHED 1911 ALAMO PAINT 81 WALLPAPER COMPANY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DISTRIBUTORS BENJAMIN MOORE 81. CO. Valspar Paints Imperial Washable Wallpaper Texaco Roofing - Art Materials 1119 W. Commerce St. FANNIN 9331 107 N. Alamo GARFIELD 3447 Courtesy of . . GEHLER MEMGRIALS 202 Mission Road San Antonio HEmblems of Love in the Valley of ResW Southern Produce Company GARFIELD O6 3 Z 106 South San Saba Alamo Refrigeration C0. FRIGIDAIRE Refrigeration Equipment For All Purposes FOOD STORES DAIRIES CAFES WATER COOLING INSTITUTIONS ICE CREAM PARTS AND SERVICE Garfield 9396 3207 Broadway HARRY TAPPAN WHOLESALE GROCER Tistributor S T O K E L Y , California Fruits and Vegetables GROCERIES AND SPECIALTIES for SCHOOLS, HOTELS, HOSPITALS AND CAFES GARFIELD 2394 AND 2395 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS N EW DEVELOPMENTS in electric generation and distribution, end, less research for better, cheaper methods of rendering good service and vast increases in the usefulness of electrical energy are contributing to the new era of efficiency and happier living in Texas homes. Today, wherever highlines serve, true, modern living and electrical efficiency is available at low cost. Ormond Plbg. Supply Co., Inc. WHOLESALE American Radiator Company Products $ianharh Plumbing Fixtures DISTRIBUTORS OF LAWSON WATER HEATERS PIPE OF ALL KIND VALVES 0 FITTINGS SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 717 N. Cherry Garfield 5231 Always the FRESH loaf at your grocer RICHTERS BUTTER KRUST BREAD 100:: FOR- GREYHIIIINII 0H THE TICKET VIIII I!" ON THE BUS Yllll IIIIIE The name GREYHOUND is;your assurance of the lines! highway transportation money can buy. COM PLIMENTS OF J ORDAN- IVERS MOTOR COMPANY F 0rd Dealers See the New Vv8 FORD Gariield 1313 S. Alamo and St. MarWs FR l J OL I TO by Julian Onderdonk We are glad to have had an important part in the production OF this successful annual. We are equally as proud of the book as you are and appreciate your Fine spirit of co-operation which has made this publication possible. rm 02599, CO. Producers of Fine Printing San Antonio Stationery I Lifhographing I Engraving I Mimeographs I Office Furniture Youll enjoy PU GHCL 8 Sold Everywhere The Frozen Confection on a Stick i; 5c A Creamy Fudge Freeze Made With Milk A511: for them DELICIOUSLY FROZEN-CREAMY-NOURISHING y "W G U E R R AIS BILLY BURKE FOOD STORE erOROKLEAN,, Member United Food Stores LAUNDRY and CLEANING Everything Good to Eat Our Poultry Carft Be Beat Complete Laundry Service and Superior C leaning Paso Hondo and New Braunfels Garfield 4892 4909 BROADWAY FANNIN 3301 COMPLIMENTS OF San Antonio Loan 8: Trust Co. OF COMPLIMENTS ALAMO N ATION AL BANK SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Grocers, Butchers, Bakers -and THEN some Handy'Andy is always ready to serve you, not only With fmest quality foods and meats at low prices six days a week, but with fine breads, cakes and pastries, fresh daily from his own Openawindow Bakery at 245 W. Josephine St., in San Antonio. LOW PRICES SIX x 1 1001K; San Antonio DAYS A WEEK ': - OwnedSLOperated SAN ANTONIO'S OWN MERCHANTS WHERE SAN ANTONIO SAVES ALAMO FLOOR COVERING CO. CARPETS RUGS LINOLEUM AZROCK TILE SHEET RUBBER RUBBER TILE IIIIIIIIIIIHIIHHII llllllIlllllIIlIIllII Wax and Polish Machines 1126 N. St. Mary1s Phone Fannin 6178 WOLFF 8t MARX eQUALITY! eSERVICE! eCOURTESY! Striving ever to bring to critical San Antonians the newest...the smartest . . . the most important modem merchandise 0f the day Prices in keeping with the trend of the times! Beef - Veal . Pork and Provisions Sausage Manufacturers HPersonal Service " PHONES GARFIELD 5161 - 5162 Roegelein Provision Company 100941 E. Commerce St. Enjoy.. "The Pause that Refreshes" Drink aw in Bottles San Antonio Coca Cola Bottling Co. THE GROOS NATIONAL BAN K OF SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS MEM BER OF The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SECURITY THRIFT PROMPT AND EFFICIENT BANKING SERVICE SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES TRUST DEPARTMENT THE SHOP WITH THE SERVICE JOE C. BETTENCOURT Mfg. jewelers 0 6Diamond Setters WATCHMAKERS"ENGRAVERsaEXPERT REPAIRING CLASS RINGS and PINS Alpha Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Kappa Phone Fannin 7561 246 College Street San Antonio, Texas Compliments of FRIENDS Greetings and Best Wishes t0 the STAFF AND STUDENT BODY of the INCARNATE WORD COLLEGE ELMVIEW RANCH SAN ANTONIO If1t15 LUMBER You Want2 REMEMBER THE ALAMO ALAMO LUMBER COMPANY QUALITY o SERVICE CITY YARDS: 628 Buena Vista St ..... Fannin 4161 2110 S. Flores St ...... Fannin 6289 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Compliments of SHERWIN1WILLIAMS 135 W. COMMERCE 111 BROADWAY 616 sz'ckm Slzack SPECIALIZING LESLIES FRIED CHICKEN HItfs Worth Going Miles to Get" 4020 Broadway San Antonio, Texas Rohde 6: Gittinger Realtors and Insurors Real Estate - Insurance - Loans Rentals and Lezglses 27 YEARS IN BUSINESS 400 Gunter Building Garfleld 3158 wholesale Distributors of-- PRODUCE, POULTRY and EGGS NEIDMAN'S POULTRU PLACE 313 Buena Vista Garfield 2182 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS F RANKLIN'S 306 E. HOUSTON ST. Headquarters for School, Sport and Evening Wear featuring. . . uThe South's Greatest Values" A Thorough Education Includes a Knowledge of Good Baking PIONEER White Wings FLOUR Insures a Successful Course nInoNEEIIELs out: I. m uuuuuuu ."x. 89 Years Progressive Milling Pioneer Flour Mills Saftxlgfsnsii; COMPLIMENTS DAVE LEHR $1511: in granting anmpany Enuatun, 1712an Class Rings, Pins and Emblems, Diplomas, Certificates, Commencement Announce- ments, Personal Cards ............ J. M. ALDERSON 1k PHONE Local Manager PERSHING 0379 FOR 38 YEARS . . . dee been headquarters for all the Southwest for Surgical and Hospital Supplies, Furniture and Equipment. DEPENDABLE SERVICE Noa Spears Company Phone Garfield 4012 131 Losoya St. SCOBEY FIREPROOF STORAGE CO. MOVING STORAGE Cold Storage Fur Vaults Certified by SHIPPING PACKING American Institute of Refrigeration WGLF BAKING C0, BAKERS OF WELL BAKED BREAD French 0 Allison . Wholewheat Rye - Salt Rising . Pumpernickle Telephone Garfield 1101 323 South Alamo JOHN J. KUNTZ LUMBER co. BUILDERS MATERIAL BUILDING LOANS 1323 W. Martin St. Phone Fannin 4354 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS THE STORE OF STYLE and COURTESY FROST BROS. San Antonids Largest Home Owned Store 211E.HOUSTON STREET Broadway Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Phone Fannin 3154 Broadway at Mary D Alamo Heights San Antonio, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF N ational Grocer Company North Medina and West Martin Streets FANNIN 7361 San Antonio, Texas TRAVIS CLUB CIGARS by FINCK COMPLIMENTS OF 1 Ac. . H TOUDouz: c.1' U00 11 co. , co. A 3 4M 1,; Kyowun - u 1:111:35;- 1211 W. COMMERCE ST. Free Parking Lot Rear 1010 W. Houston St. 11SEE US IST" FOR- Home and Office Furniture, Radios, Washing Machines, Electrical GI. Kerosene Refrigerators, Floor Coverings, Paints and Varnishes, Plumbing Fixtures, Electrical Supplies, Hard- ware, Water and Gas Pipe, Galvanized Iron, Wire Fencing. Compliments 0f ERNEST BROGGI ED. FRIEDRICH SALES CORPORATION Selling The Famous FRIEDRICH PATENTED FLOATING AIR REFRIGERATORS For Meat Markets, Grocery Stores, Cafes, Florists, Dairies and Biological Institutions Pocket Pool Tables Factory and General Offices San Antonio, Texas Factory Branches in all Principal Cities Bar Fixtures LOUIS RODRIGUEZ JAMES RODRIGUEZ Rodriguez Broso artistic GRANITE AND MARBLE MEMORIALS Phone Fannin 7881 901 W. Houston MRS. A. B. WEAKLEY, President T. WEIR LABATT, Vice-President I. F. BLAIR, Vice-President DEL MONTE $172 Collins Company 1226 E. HOUSTON ST. FANNIN 9191 WHOLESALE GROCERS DISTRIBUTORS OF W. E. HUFFAKER B U 1 LD E R S HARDWARE Phone Fannin 3751 426 Main Ave. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Congratulations and iBest Wishes to Incarnate Word Graduates 2Texas2 Oldest Jewelers " San Antonio Born! San Antonio Owned! San Antonio Operated! FRED HUMMERT WALLPAPER 0 PITTSBURGH PAINTS VARNISHES AND ENAMELS We Recommend Reliable Painters and Paperhangers GARFIELD 5111 201 N. PRESA ST., COR. MARKET CarPs... Opposite Majestic Theatre . . . for distinctive and individual readyiowear . . . for lovely millinery creations. . . . for perfect grooming. The French Beautu Salon Bottling Company San Antonids Finest FOOD STORE II Adler's Food Market 2012 BROADWAY g L .4 . , i? ,- u e FUNERAL 2 ark??? - HOME HENRY A. GUERRA Gulf Oil Corporation of Pennsylvania JOE C. WILLIAMS, Agent Gulfpride Oils Gulflube Motor Oils Gulf Supreme Motor Oils A MODERN HOSPITAL . . . complete in every detail With a large and well trained staff in attendance. SANTA ROSA HOSPITAL Conducted by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word 745 West Houston St. San Antonio San Antonio Decorating and Suppiy Company D. OBRIOTTI, MANAGER PLASTER ORNAMENTS AND ART STONE F1503 Fannin 5722 731 Perez Street San Antonio, Texas Modern Floor Treatments and Equipment SPECIALIZING IN Floor Maintenance for Over Twentyanine Years Write or Phone Fannin 0791 C. L. WRIGHT For Further Information CONTINENTAL CAR.NA.VAR CORPORATION BRAZIL, INDIANA CHARLES L. WRIGHT SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 1408 MAJESTIC BUILDING PITTSBURGH PAINTS 1420 South Alamo Street San Antonio, Texas V H. A. HAHN OfEce Phone GARFIELD 0321 Residence Phone LAMBERT 2,1124 LOYD ELECTRIC CO. Industrial Electrical Service AUTHORIZED SERVICE Industrial Electrical Service A. C. LOYD Listed Professional Engineer Nights Sundays and Holidays Call Garfield 1309 FANNIN 0915 511 EL PASO STREET Dependable STOCK Company FIRE AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE WITH SAVINGS UP TO 2595 KATHLEEN BURNS O'HEARN 1414 Alamo National Bldg. Cathedral 1448 Rodgers 81 Stewart, Inc. CONTRACTORS Established 1924 ASPHALT 81 CONCRETE WORK Curbs and Sidewalks Concrete, Asphalt and Gravel Driveways Subdivision Work, Basements Water'proofed Concrete Foundations Street Construction Work CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT FOR RENT NEW BRAUNFELS SCREENINGS PERSHING 5177 1407 W. LAUREL J. H. RODGERS R. L. STEWART Residence Residence Kenwood 1534 Kenwood 7523 FLQGRS New and Old 0 SURFACED 0 CLEANED 0 REFINISHED 0 WAXED Reasonable Prices Acme F1001r Finishers SID DUBOSE, Prop. 122 Lee Hall Pershing 7041 1P Hi 1 I Hf! COFFEE 1-; 9M '7 . ICoffee AND 11 N one Better 41 JUD PLUMBING SHGP W WHEELS PLUMBING AND HEATING REPAIRS WATER HEATERS AND FIXTURES Prompt Service Reasonable Rates DIAL GARFIELD 5311 Jud Plumbing and Heating, Inc. 703 N. FLORES When U-Need An Electrician Cal1 VOLLMER ELECTRIC CO. WIRING, REPAIRING AND FIXTURES Attic Ventilation Garfield 4188 With fBest Wishes FOR THE Successful Publication OF THE 1940 LOGOS ALBERT F UESSEL GENERAL CONTRACTOR SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS K ooooo d 1303 220 Dillworth For Safe and Dependable Service . . INSTALL HYDRO-GAS EDWARDS GAS APPLIANCE CO. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 433 Main Ave. Fannin 5184 COMPLIMENTS TOM HALL J. W. SAYE OLMOS PARK DRUG STORE OLMOS DRIVE AT MCCULLOUGH AVE. PHONE PERSHING 1281 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS A YEAR TO PAY N0 INTEREST - N0 EXTRAS Texaf Greatest Jewelers - gvg E 203 E. HOUSTON ST. GUNTER HOTEL SCHOOL AND FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES H. D. JERSIG WHOLESALE co. Wholesale Confections Featuring BUNTE World Famous Candies 402 S. Flores Street Garfield 7951 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS ROOFING PAINTS J. C. Dielmann Company Building Materials " Carbolineum " Wood Preserver Cathedral 1421 525 El Paso St. Congratulations . . To the Senior Class of 1940 Manhattan Cafe 228 E. HOUSTON STREET 9 S ta f f el 8 321 E. Commerce St. San Antonio, Texas $2 uFlowers for Every OccasiorW Garfield 5211 DESIGNERS AND MAKERS 0f Distinctive Uniforms for SCHOOLS, BANDS, SPONSORS, DRUM CORPS Complete Outfitters for the College Girls Cor. S. Flores and Dolorosa Sts. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS .- ' - Dixie Margarine vmuul 0"- 1 oqu-E-W": A Delicious Spread and Shortening JACKSON SALES CO. FOOD PRODUCTS 727 E. Grayson St. Cathedral 7985 Gompliments 0f IDIDIIN'CIE'KV IDIDIIWIEI-IIN 2700 BROADWAY CONGRATULATIONS to The Graduating Class of MO from The Great American Life Insurance Company SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS CHAS. E. BECKER, PRESIDENT ONE OF THE SOUTHS FOREMOST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS COMPLIMENTS OF THE LIBRARY BUREAU Compliments . . PrassePs Lumber Company 300 OLMos DRIVE WEST 15,. . .. A.r,..a...:ly 3.119 I J ...VL. 4 Z ....rr.rl; , L11 , , , . .. . , .. . . y , . 1:1;J1 . . . . 11$Ir : .21 2!. l.l .l! 1.11.1, 1'1: nslul , v.41 "MK . , L . .mxbhnnkumumvxmmwikdx N; ., . . 1g MNNWHXIjH lam . L lawn a XgEif 3.. Xnmummmnr rt: 1er aA U. . Viifluv .xivt 1:01le

Suggestions in the University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) collection:

University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 41

1940, pg 41

University of the Incarnate Word - Logos Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 113

1940, pg 113

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