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L' -'F' x , 'L f ' , Q' 77:23, R' ,E ff? if-'mx.v3'Q3"",? ff . gk 'vkllnfi' ,- r- I-5 ,4,.fSlQ-,. Qgs, ww' fQ.,o,s'1y M "Tw ,: ' I 'L' , MAQQQL, ' , ' ' 91 1 Q ..7 X ., ., .F , 5 Q. x-.-W, A -, 0 .X f .af-sf. 1' - ,. A-I+' " ,. S? day- , .pf X N ,x ,Qc . x, , JN . gg ,Q-qs..-. M, . 3 , ,L L , W ga. . , A . ,..Q., .if?i5 55 - I Q f - L ff. X 1 , 2' . . X , , F1 H si U rw , f " , My , , ' jfii -sf:':f--4w+: .'-,?-me ,4 V. - wg ,Q f , A Q? ,I ,Zig ' 4' . W. 'YQ' 5. nf ' A f ' -xg 3-. . - A .. ,Ly-J wig-. f . 1- f-'QT 5 ' ' - ' L1 Q1'!f'22,',1gw'H+fL,', iw L' . Q v ,- . X ,X , ' ','- v- f '-z ,S-RN ..-",. ' - -N ,, 5 . m, 'YY ', 5 hQ'wQ'lW N ', .,N"f" lgf A:-.if -- , Y '4.- x X g 3 ' I ' 'Wff: . +iz. v-. Q K . Q. S , 1, '- 4, . 3 I Q, 5 x A V . 5. , A 'wxf . . . Q .,1 Y V Lf si X' Q ' . ,il - -x 1 K :f lib - lg QP, 'J mm- 'X A 5 knpf Y MiiVR xi5LXif7 V ' , ,Q 'gzf 'X x zgqfy' 'ff " f ,j',g..v , .,.s-H A 1- - X B, . ' M 'F' nf ' ,Qqy .. KW. x " '?".Ur T -' Y 'J Q if Ji f if A fag, x "' 5 ' - . 4. .- y,Y?i' ' W 'NN ,X ,,i,-I "'5"E'xTl , f ' K1 K iq.: ' Us vi N ww YQ' ' , E f X., h .x Ayfwle 51: at 1-yglgqxx 5 L-Q x6 gxgyg Nu, . x . g- ,E f YL' if W KX, tx , . R x - - X 1 5 . Q . X X ,, 'x 5 V 4- I A . UI -Quad' . U 1 4 - ' I 0 .3 Q , ,SA . 2 g,fjv.w' 2' T 5 . , ,, 4 fly , .V Q., ,uf A . Qajl ' if f fwX'5 A x P A f 7 X 1 V wa , , X SAW?-1, 'L' , " x ' V Q, l 's ge I ,xw w 51-X 1 423. ,f 5,-if 11 5 A5-w 'f-:wi ' X 'W 933 K ' Qi, 'va 4 N hi A xz' 'im ' ' gagzifgfi?-affix mf.pq.' ,. '- mnwMa,, ,H'f M 544. 5:4 Yfiiiii' 5. .4 1 f S VE. -W 14.1. Aix... .4 anm,,,0iT'VMHarK: KH M 1,,ApL iifkafg -, :wp 3: .f- :A T 1 1 l f . I LLIO LLIO L I0 LI ' 1 1 -, , 'Fl 1 P:-213. W :, 1 .- 'A f- 1, , 1' 1 . 1 ,, . ., ,::':fj'. "fr J! 1 r . ' 1 1 , 3 1 1 0 r X ff. - AJ 1 -A 1 1 1 1 V. 50""""'5-ff 0"Af4"""" 1960 Illl0 Ai Q. v . .,, , 1 rl X MQ' av- ' r A . RM, , QSM? A 'fa ,w Volume 67 wi-,Y ,. .r, . .4 .su le .A W .17 N In E3 I . C 5..s,i.1Wga' kai f ,4 , I , x t ,4.. V' .. .- Ql' ,.4- , .Lg ' :lf-25QS5iY'f' ! 4 v-IE'-' . 3.1. 'Dy 5113, A 'VVS Aqi,',A-Axxfw' 7 . - ' ,113 A' . , f. -H QM Wh L lj ' Wi, 5464 'Lx gt,,YAf5l .U r' .Q 1, - I. es! 'L ' 5,614 514 in -5 1 1 - . ,ga - 'I x X I fz ' T35 Y- -7- a+- - i, --f Q-f , . ,,,- ,, 1 1.1 T fg v ,. -75? ,y-' A , .ff , 14.4, A, 'W'-of Y4 'X 1 4 4- N rkffblff v n I" 3' ..,3,,yg,gf ' .-:1'.+ 1 V fl up , , F "7x TWU '-N ---,J mis - M . X x . 1 -X. -xrs I I A V S 1 X . . X Z X Hx . 'IA' xx .X X .T X XE X- A 5 fixi N 1' ,rj . f 1 K, X I A f f 1 'Tm , , X-Q... A 4 W , 495, f 4-' .4, .X- -,A X4 J ifr- ix X.,QX f -V, . if X5A R . Xjx ' X . X s. ' ' X AS X 1 ,',,x . 1 .1 I- .5'f1f:' X, ,,,f4,.f. ' .4..1L, 'xA " 1: Qi ffl 1',' if 5,5 '.L 'b jji I , .1 ',, - g,f., ,gg I- a i, iiiiifsa fa 4"' . -.pi 4 2-1 - . fd fmgi- ',1v:-22 ..-ff Jewzgi Lil qig '. -u g' -R f' 5 .. ' -I X N - 'A' . Q,- f-2 -1-f-1.-P ' ,. -.Y "--'i w .C 5j,If ,EZQ L V K ' Alb!! A xl: if F ggi ,hy 'I' 'T lLufy,5"'-15' 5- '1jufQu, 1 Amr- im., jfsacj f' 'f' 4 "pil S-5,1 4 ge, X1 '35, 1X xx ., ,1' 4 , 7 J r Q D I ISTR TIC gg? g3f' Fin mfg! W-UV' .L-1-haha? W' W fYx?'9 i Ps,-iv . Ag ing Wm'3 ',1' an QVQ + gsi-35- .. . L.- .,.,. ,N W,,,e- A- ' " vi -lduwf -, .f " 5Q 4 i ng? l"" Q. V1 H Q E LE- G ' 4? . 1 Qgwx A, n-w t """aff kg? i Pigmygi rf in 'fzfg 5' " :Eg : H" ' ., -A . I wgl. ,,w '- 7? -' ' '9 5 , ,f ,, ., - I 1, r zxf 1' few jr Q Y' -Aff Q f fs - -S .Quan 1-f ,Q W n. . n "' " , ..' " gg i L. ' z . f- , Yi lx Qnfiami bfi ,M I' , f .V ,,'L,- ' ' ---' 7 y... Pz?ze,4' , 3, W1 Mfr ' gigggagzs 9-Uwwwfwvxwsw, fW'? 5fLv4 f551f fr' H, 'Jus 7-I 5523569 s init H ui J"'L M . ' LJ W .4 5 ,,.., ' , wg sf ii Zi v, 'HZ Q U IVER ITY ilsill ... . . . I Life, Learning and Tradi iong This Is Yours . . . In another month, the Class of I960 will gradu- ate and be Finished with college. VVe will become alumni, ending another University of Illinois gen- eration. For 92 years people like us, some more dedicated, some not seeking education at all, have quietly entered and departed from the University. They leave behind them the work, the culture, and the tradition that make Illinois what it is today. And so it is to the 300,000 Illini who preceded us up the ramps ol' Memorial Stadium and along a once tree-lined Broadwalk that we dedicate this ILLIO. Three faculty members, 77 students and one used building were the core of the University in I868. All this seems very lar away knowing our sprawling campus with its 20,000 students and currently 201 sections ol lreshman rhetoric courses. Our campus is known for being big, busy and brainy. Illinois is renowned as a giant in education, and a leader in many fields of research. This is the legacy of those who studied, taught and worked before usg it is their achievements that made possible much that we are learning now. And we should be very proud. Times change and so do the people, places, and institutions. The traditions of the past are gone now. Freshmen don't wear beanies. No longer is a class hatchet passed from seniors to juniors each year at Commencement. No one knows the difference anymore il sophomores sit on the Senior Bench. It appears we have grown too large for those intimate customs that once marked the progress of a student towards graduation. Some of us miss these tliingsg and though few of our traditions remain today and almost none are starting, we shall attempt on the pages that lollow to uncover, dehne and reminisce about what we do have that makes Illinois unique. Few of us will forget the noise and dust of the Armory on Sheequon week-ends, or the short excite- ment of the fraternity pajama races in autumn, or the chimes ringing in Altgeld tower as we shivered home from a four o'clock in December. VVe remember the times when we had real spirit-the day we beat Army-the night the team returned from IiVisconsin. And there was spirit in the disappointment we felt when we knew there was no longer a chance for the Rose Bowl. Some day we shall try to recapture the way we felt in 1960 and remember what it was like when an hour exam was the biggest of our problems, and we could forget it all in the usual smoke and noise of a Friday afternoon in Kam's or Bidwell's. On these pages we shall go back to what we have seen and done and lived with on campus. Find your place in the section because you are a part of all that is Illinois. Although this year has gone by. our work and dreams have cleared the way lor what shall happen beneath the Orange and Blue in future years. And now in our last college days the words beneath the Alma Mater statue come alive: "To thy happy children of the future, those of the past send greetings." Now we are the past of Illinois. May the future continue for "Learning and Labor." 7 -S I f 1 K n 'fi' If - - ffw M lv J -n WL yfl' . 4 xt Y, ,iv ff, if ,, , 4 . X, i Z, 5 '-I is vii! KA F r 2bii 90 if in X," .xulih 5:4 a 5 , lyk- , if "g'1'?'zj'41', fu Q Lf: a 1 ,K M , Y x, 4 , R , QL 2, and K I we A ' gi V Q, ,,:l5w' 5f ff" 4 Aw N 1 i 2. I WL ,Q U i Li ki: ful '4,Ak .x tw A ai, , 'L Hr 4 if 'Nfl V ' C Q Li?,!'xiw fjgwiph, I . I ,pm LT f V 'x my 0 , L 8 1 . . ,D fa! I All 'A 'flx -FTE v .Aan ,I V if V , I 1 y, qs is Fi QYIMAJFK' QLWXK K 1,h.,.,,mf ,' kwa .Q ,W , 1 u y l - -nfs. 5's' MKmi,f? ' , 4 Q .vi wilt? FW Wi Ar? 'Mr 1 I-2 r 'I'S' 421 r ,A-. 132 fr 1 ww If-. rye-,V 3 Tkifkf if g,ggm1zm DW? ilfw X ff 9 M ,. 1-1-fiM'm 1 as Ni I ,-Wfrwgfiy Q ,QWGLDQ-r if -A I D ' Q E K 'HHH' 4-gg.. exsflx vm X V ,ig A W.,- ,fn tuilent and Fall De send on ampu Togctli 'r RV -'CW The rustle of a crazy-quilt of leaves underfoot signals the beginning of another fall-another school year. Fall is a season remembered by frosty mornings, green color fading to rust and brown, sweaters, soaked raincoats, drizzles and the transition to winter. 35,7 ig. 43574- L , M . The steps of the auditorium provide a meeting place during the fall. There, we discover our social life is an important part of a formal education. Fall is football, Block I and Chief llliniwek. Block I, which was the first flash-card section, always gives Illiniwek a mighty cheer as his dance ends. 9 Long Line and Coniu ion Highlight llegi tratio Registration is one ot the necessary evils of a University. We stand in long lines to tind a section we wanted just closed. Somehow, we're glad when it's over, especially it we have a good schedule. During registration, we learn to follow directions faithfully. For if we miss a sign, we find ourselves in a iurnble of wandering people Truly, it is said, "lt you can get through registration, you can get through school." Fortunately we register only twice a year. Belere Classes Begin .-Xltet' bunnner hthool is over, the llniverstty lies dormant lor only at lew weelts. 'lilit-n, tht- liiglnvays and railroads leading to Clliznnpaign-llrlmiia lmetorne tloggt-d with students and latulty touting to sthool. For tht- senior and the Ireslnnan alike, tht-re is at thrill :tt tlu- thought ol leaving to go to the University. XfVe don't arrive at the same time, though. Freshmen, who are going through Rush, and Ira- ternity men are here on cznnpus about two weeks belore school begins lor Rush Wfeek. Alter Rush VVeel4 is over, entering Freshmen are required to be here lor Freshmen Orientation VVeek. The week is a turmoil ol meetings. tests, lectures, t'onl'erences and the first regis- tration. And the first registration is hectic. XVhile Freshmen are being orientated. the remainder of us are trying to go along, with the system ol register- ing. But it isn't so easy to hgure out the complex regis- tration systemg consequently, many ol' us hght the sys- tem each time we register. It is remarkable how many times we stand in line lor a certain class or section only to have it close when we are next. Then, we have two alternatives, either wait lor the section to open again or take the class at a dillerent time. There is one more detail to attend to alter registration and belore going to our classes-buying books, an education in itself. But the University does try to lacilitate registration and orientation for lreshmen by employing the use ol Freshmen Advisers. Selected and elected on the basis ol their knowledge ol the campus and its customs. they are most helpful to newcomers. Debate has been going on this year as to whether freshmen should possibly register lirst. Under classmen say Yesg the seniors vote No. i is rt resins AN s't"IiimNq- y imvi o--'knyxt fri" . W 1 .. -1.1 ' ,'-j...,,r-"' 3. . ,i., . M .., Freshman Advisers either know the answer to a reg istration problem or direct you to someone else who doe WG s , wi?" During registration week, the president holds a recep tion for the faculty who have just joined the staff. Hosts and hcstesses for the Presidents reception are selected from Angel Flight and various branches ot the ROTC. As the reception usually held in the Union, these students are invaluable to the new faculty members in helping them to locate the reception room. 3 , if ,f'1EM.aa',si . v 'Eg' . Z X ---,a.,-..-.m-......,vwvw-a.-e.,,,,,.,,,- ,Q - 4 gig! ,V ,, J 'mm 'Y' VW' 9 , r . gg A S.-umm ' , x ' I? ns- ,fa ,W ,. .1 r,, , 3.5 ss V A .J 335 ,fp ' '1g:t'!,'::-.1-. T ,Tw , . re 'f WL' S af as 5 ,f 'fxiw X t 7 me A ,4 . 1 , , 1,1 Q15 ti Us E 4' l l l 4 l 1 r LL., l . it . all lr ' 1 6.7 f l' ,,., 1 l li l 'Pt H Q A , .N-. ff 3 ,, gf'-K3 .nr wr , : E g .V b ,V 'Q l 'aww .gy , I l - lf 'E X l l af 4 iw? l l H l l l l l , l E l l Making signs for pep rallies is another tradition of the Uni- l Friday ight Beior l -, Q l -r -' l l E , K' l f 5 l , ...,, ' Chief llliniwek assisted the cheerleaders at pep rallies. Illini- Cheerleaders form the nucleus for the team support at pep wek has now become the symbol of the "Fighting Illini." rallres. lt ns through their efforts our spirit is generated. To watch football, we arm ourselves vvifh pen- nants, drinks and food and the ability to sit. ln thc lull, lat-lorc t-vt-ry llfilllk' gznnc. we gather on thc lcrixicc ol thc lllini Union lor Zl tcznn ulJOUSlC1'Hi1l pq: rally. ln all kinils ol wi-aitlicr. wc gt-l flutes. organize to niukc signs, czirry tht-in OYCI' to thc Union :intl holil lhuin high enough lor all to sec our zicioinplisli- ments. The next clay we inzncch to thc slziilium to watch the lllini bzittle unil some ol last nights spirit is still with us, lor we cheer rn nzassr' when the cliccrlcziclers preform zi cheer. I'-f ijt ,E"5,', , .- " W "v 513'-Ji, th ., '-' ii , " K r V. F , ,,,,gi i W- .. l-A' I . it l -fy fl A 5 R we ' Q .X , i ! f lv - , W , ag: new fps: 1 ' t Fi ' W1 'c "'l ' w t3,"l'kJ-E F 'i ,Y r Y IA l l ' l ' l 'it' ' Y lr 1 r f V o A ,I 1 ' " , , 'ji '. L. ,V ,A 'iQ V 'ig 2 ' I ly l I W f i , A' , X ,.O. I I . -' H , A D . VP ' R V l I p I' 4 ,yang 1 .- - A' . 'if ' K J V u , 3 fl 4 'li . ' , ' " ' . , if H ' H . E 'f , M "' 9 . i mf 0 1 , 1 3 9 " ,H ,Eg V if 1 4 1 X ' i , y ,, J 1, in J ff Q yy Q6 ft! is Ai ' ,ff -' f 1 , Q ,fs ' is W l,i - When the game is over, we filter out in all directions to celebrate victory or ver bally replay loss, but as soon as one is over, we're ready for the next. The Game Mean a Pep Rall Much ofthe energy and pep we have for our feann must be uncovered and developed by our cheerleaders. With a crevv ot cheerl aders like this, how could we possibly have an apathetic spirit at a pep rally or game? lt's pure Illini tradition when one yells. 'KJV l F U'-K ' it -Q Let De it the Hair and Go to ei Pledge Daneeg K we 'x 4 "a 14 ea Behind a bead curtain, lurks pledge-dance-intrigue as man in a raincoat" and "a lady in a floppy hat" confer. , if f' .' F- IT V, 'mf Using cardboard, paint and our ingenuity, we can transform our houses into anything. Choosing the theme is the difficult part. livery liutternity :intl sorority usuztlly hats two pledge dances per yezne, one in the lull :intl one in the spring. On the day ol the event, the llullst' is lli2lllSl0l'l1lCCl into at setting lor the theme ol the tlznnte. The tlecoixtting job is clone by the ineinlmers ol the house, who fintl themselves getting up at :tn eztrly hour ol the morning to get the job clone. When the cletoiuitions :use linishetl, the znssenihly ol ztppropriztte costumes lor the tlnnte toines next :intl anything goes when youie marking the final costume selection. ,Xlter you and your tlztte have seen ezuh other in your tostuines, tztntl you've stoppetl laughing to some clegreej you proteetl with the rest ol your house to czunpus where Others Slllll' :tt you in lllllll!L'lllL'lll. Then, you return to the house :intl set yoursell in the inootl ol' the clztnte. At the stroke ol twelve, we niust go, but znlregttly we uwztit the next one. Not only the "French maid," but everyone at a pledge dance loves to rock 'n' roll when the drummer starts his "swinging" solos, if 4 5 lt' e of the Ynar-You Go 'lGung2-llofl FN The dress of this couple suggests they are at the famous "Shar1tytovvn Sl'1uftIe" dance. Bowls and all thus pair appears to have come straught from Chma to attend thus dance Anything goes at a pledge dance and we see all types of costumes and make up wlmch create defmnte nmpressuons tor example the fellow in the l-lomburg looks luke a dxplomat. . ,it . 'f' 4'7" t I- gg: QS we A in li" yi. is , A 3 imfgii ' 'M'-,t N-.r 5 Si Mil Since the origin ol Honietmning on the eztmpus in lflltl, there hztve been -lil meetings ul' pzist lllini with current Illini. Ifroni thztt first year, Home- toining trzulitions liznve swollen lo gigantic propor- tions. liztth yezir, we lintl more wztys to show the :alumni our grzititutle. Trzttlititmzilly, we hztve open houses during the weelxentl, where the ztlums muy gather or recall lnntl memories, but the prepztrzttitm for Home- tmning stzirts on the tttmpus long helore the alumni ztrrive to see the progress ol this generation. The two It-:itures ol' Homecoming :ire Stunt Show :incl tlecoiutiotis, both ol which tatlee planning. everynne's ellort :mtl plenty ol' time to perfect. This ye1tr's theme ol' "Clzt1'toon Colossus" was txirrietl through in both Stunt Show :intl tleeorzt- tions ztntl zuclztitnetl by the ztlumni us "the best Honiecoming ever." Alter Homecoming is over :intl the zilumni leave, we :ire still lztcetl with re- turning to the hooks to pitla up where we left olf. C .d E t Mr. "Illini" Clean was really working in washing out Minnesota in e the winning Homecoming decoration constructed by the TEKE's. ie .1 , W is fi, " 7 In ,gtg 5 - . 1,i.w,xi.-- , 3, .,,1,' -' fi- 'li lf- N f .-3 V1 A N .' -1 "" ...,.. r - -.L . 1 - 'mv ' zlifid' i . .LIEE43 . new .rf ' r 9 J ' ' - W' Y ",, 'P x J . V i- Y, 4, E133 ,tif r N f" s. V fam-Q HQ'-QQ., ., .H s mfs- iw egg' Homecoming is a meeting of past and present. Here, Robert C. Matthews, tirst Illini cheerleader, confers with Mary Sue Drendel. I6 Even "Dogpatch" citizens were here at Homecoming. They met in Granada's winner to defeat the "Golden Gophers. 1 .N 3 ' .1 : - R ...V4 iff ll? il? V 5? is Z Gina Gudaitis, left, was accompanied by her sister and escort as she reigned as this year's Homecoming Queen. She spiarkled everywhere she appeared during her rule. to make, but the reward equals effort Make Each Homecoming a Da of Memorie 'Fifi l 'if fi ' f M V-,, . jf , A I r -1 ll i 5 3, lf ll lf li i i X Q' r 1 li 2 M, ,7 A 6 fill? fi 'gf' 5? 57 fit if l A top prize in the Homecoming decorations went to Phi Kappa Tau for their clever cartoon characterization of Illinois as a golfing bear and Minnesota as a defeated gopher returning home. In fact, all campus looked like a huge carnival with decorations, cars and crowds. 'I7 A napkin and wire sign fakes a long timc The immense Homecoming decorations that are built in front of many houses must be pre-assembled on the ground. This pre-assem- bly takes us many hours, but it's "for the house." We don't worry about the vvorkg we worry about meeting the deadline. Writing and Rehear ing-Planning and Buildin You can't have Stunt Show without costumes which are usually made by the sorority and it's quite a job. . Zg,-A7,, . is 3 ., it li -X , 5 'Q' T" f , Q ,Q 2 5 w 5 . f 5 .al i 1 ,f ,f l 5 A S 5 i 3 Y N . x,V tw Stunt Show requires props which the fraternity makes. The design may be simpleg the representation is obvious. I8 li 'W Q 1 9 il-r ,gy Y 4 K .M fx Vlolet was the story worked up by the The Alpha Delta Phus worked up a clever character to welcome back their alumna this year This us only one of the many extraordinary Belueve at or noi' but thus as Short Rubs of Troy un the makung' The Alpha G ms may have been rubbunv their lzgaments mlnus a l9 .4m A heap of hats and a heap of fun are all a part of the Dad's Day Committees plans for a traditional weekend. r aaa . ,3-4 .xy i ,.w'..s, it ,:- 2' ,al .1 .V , W9 '- is aaslf ' f mua, UQ- Sgt-Q' A 1.f..'-.1 H' ., 'f,' 3 5 -':'."l"Q,f, 1 " 'iff "1,i':..'e ge, 21:4 Vufiv' yfvgx ',.',f..l" 1"1-" Re f ff' -w 'Qs in 'x ' 'MHS t ' ..s'. X 'bl I' 'w:tn4'. ' fmu- 'fan-fat J iv. sf. 5' V-ntl' 'ffvYQ?w.-i.'1e ' udtqt L ,L A , , A M JA, U, M1 ,A , ts Nvixv .V Mfffzf VL- Irv. 'f' Q. EAA ,A J' ht, 4, .. we A ofa" "i4li"i"1-err if. 'U-l'vf3. I ,,f.f.,.3f,i 'ia' 'fi YU: "ir I " 5'-Zin. +w'f'Df'n f'lF?if'-E?'gf- " 34 rs' 6 In 1 uv all ,iz - K ,.?,, K ,ew ' 4,31 .fi lf" I, -. 1. yi "A"r9TT'.ti4'.'r':f'.f 1 1 . ...,,. ..,, ,, ' 1 ag., ta 'elf a faai I thigh, mt- 'iH'Pftei'i ."- as ' ' ' 'V' ' ' 1-Af Y". .-' v qt. 11. ' -a f: ' is ,A Q 2 li "f'1f'i""fA "2" 'f' -1 ' ' , V. -V if ' ' "':5'-f.e?.1.. 1'-as ..e,' ,gt i f i fgygay A ' "" " .vtl ' Q .4 'ff:..i'.taTr 'e""1'?,i?ti I '- K? I 3 Y . . I 0Q..!.i lf ' if ,. 5.14. ,t 5 g A ' Q . w I' ' it. .I 1 alum 9 M Q 9 fr! a . I J r ' X 'fr . ' ' if gf. 1 . .j. 3 A special tribute to the dads is made by the cooperation ot Block I and The Marching Illini at the game. 20 It' Dail' erlil a Illini Celebrate Their Traditional Fall Event Illini Dads were greeted in grand style as they attended the attivities ol the thirty-ninth animal Dad's Day NVeek- end, held November 8 and El. lien Iireutfiger, the worId's lriendliest man, toured the campus shaking the hands OI the Dads and their tantptts companions. lien broke the wo1'ltl's hand-shaking retord In shaking ltl,ti7li hands in ten hours. lraditioir played a prominent part in the activities ol' the weekend. Iivents have expanded in the thirty-nine years sinte the lirst all-campus Dad's Day celebration held in lSl2tl. However, the Dolphin Show and the Little Inter- national Horse Show were a part ol the original weekend. 'l'he llniversity's lirst Dean ol Men, 'I'homas Arkle Clark, originated the idea, and the at tivities held at the first Dad's Day int ltided a pep rally, visits to classes, an ROTC parade, and a smoker. In 1922 the Dad's ,Xssotiation was formed. and "Hail to the Orange" was presented lor the First time. The year ISHS saw the heginning ol the strong tradi- tion ol "Ising lor a Day." This year's "Ising" was Irwin Meyer who is the Iather ol' Roger Meyer, a sophomore in tommerte. 'l'he activities ol the weekend were many and most ol the Dads went home looking lorward to a good rest. How- ever, they lelt behind them a tremendous number ol weary students who had been working lor months in advance to make the l?l5Sl Dad's Day NVeekend a success. Intensive rehearsals for Dad's Day Review begin early in the semester for all the Cooperating independent houses participating in this annual variety show. The outstretched hands of Ken Kreutziger symbolize an unusual feat. ln Mr. Irwin Meyer was the "King for a Day" on ten hours, Ken Shook lO,676 hands, setting a new handshaking record, Dad's Day, but, in reality, all dads were King. A "South Sea Island" setting. complete with water, swaying palms, beautiful girls, and a huge native king, was this year's theme for Dolphin Show. A feature of the show was the crowning of the pretty Dolphin Queen on Saturday night of Dad's Day weekend. Zi l B i. ra,- a- 5 I In ' ext . 'Vids ' X.,-y .L fix, pal l A f f r eg f --r t Qi y 1 'G- -"'s -"""'.. 6553 We "Xv'jir.'f,T?'t'.s C z' A wc Q I 'vi ii feet' The fraternity men take the indees in l959, Things like the IF-MIA Tug-Of-War give us a relief from our brainwashing studies, and add fun to college days, as we watch or take part. SHN! 'V I xr Fall is still here, but the ice rink opens early to give both young and old practice time. Little Thing Mean at Lot hen It As cznnpus leaves turn to mellow gold and Cl'l1I1SOl1, the Illini are busily working :it :ill the little events that add up to ll reineinberzible tall. Enthusiasm runs high :lt this time ol yezir, lor students still retain some ol their energy alter zi restlul sunnner vziczition. It's not uncoininon zit all to hear sonieone about 43:30 in the evening say. "Grub your jacket Lind let's get over to Pennsylvzinizi Avenue lor the Pzijznnzi Rance!" A trziditionzil sport :it U. ol' I., the pzijziinzi races are ziclvertised :ill over the cznnpus. Frziternity pledges curry little signs around on their bait ks to let lellow clussinzites know when their piirticulzir street rxice is going to be held. The winners ol the previous year oihcizite the contest which, believe it or not, brings lt-llows out into the streets in their pzijznnas! ,Xn zitteinpt to save the past tradition ol tug-ol-wars zicross the boneyzird, the IF :ind MIA Councils challenge each other to at tugvol-wzir, which is held in the quzidrzingle. A great big rope and all their inen with well plzinted leet, plus Zl cheer- ing crowd, are :ill it takes. These are just ai lew of the short- lived events in the lull. lt's different. but college students will do anything. The annual fall pajama races always attract crowds of people like this. The races are held early in the evening and only last a short while, so loyal Illini corne out to cheer their favorite house on to victory. i if i i iiianuulul af- -+3 in .do 'ii U Armistice Day was recognized by everyone-ROTC, the Regimental Band, and students, too, especially because we got out ot the first fifteen minutes of our eleven o'clock classes. Come to Annual Fall Activitie ,f ., . . ' fr i i' r Viv 5 , 34 9 int I 5 .Za we fy . 1-if Actives and alumnae of most of the houses work together throughout the' year Both the actives and the alumnae of on various projects: fOUI'1dGF'S days, Homecoming, initiations, and philanthropy proiects. Sigma Kappa are proud of their new house. we . air Pajama Races-a traditional tall event-acld to the rousing campus spirit, Grinning Sig Nu's are keeping a tight hold on the Here the DeIt's team cheer for themselves after winning the John Street races. trophy that they won at the Penn Ave. P. J. Races. 23 4.4 i ' A 'ff f Fable 12,5 1 gr. is 3 g Y r ' ' , V , GZ' 9 1. , w. r ' - Y Qw- xcitementol all vent Keep U onthe Go A, f 4 . , Q 1 ,I . .A UAS. is 4 .. K- ,fl ,ml " rf X -W 1l,x?' . lg if - Y ' 'ii Ely ,,:yh.,,, ,M X tix 'F fl ills!" EM "The Cadets are coming to Champaign!" and a large crowd With 600 extra men on campus, the girls, as well as the ef- awaited them as they lined up into their traditional formation. ficient Block l staff, were kept mighty busy at the Army game. 'Www A memorable scene in our fall University Lite is this one. Here 70,000 loyal students and campus visitors, dressed for the weather of the day, hurry toward our Memorial Stadium in time to be seated before the l 230 buzzer sounds, beginning another Illini football game. 24 Alter we've settled into the K'Ull1lUl'llllJlC routine ol classes and going to sthool again. we fmtl or make time lor extiae curricular lall activities. On Saturday alternoons, we either listen or go to a gaine. Friday alternoons are lor 'IKCLIIC ing. Ten otlock hreaks are lor it cup ol' tollee. ,Xml there's always house meetings on Mon- day nights. Ol course, there are other tratlitional events we go to such as Homecoming, Turkey Run, Stunt Show, dances, tlates and Union movies. Fall is also the time lor hay- rides, wiener roasts, raincoats and Clear, crisp mornings. But, the greatest event ol fall is returning to school. Any time of the day from ten minutes to the hour until the chimes sound this Crosswalk between the Library and D K H has enough traffic to keep the policeman busy. On rainy days the stream of raineoats crossing the street is broken only when a ear passes by "MAL, 'r -.7' ' - Out ol the Hubble Come radi ion ol the Pat Form ol the Futur lt's a population boom in the world and at Illinois, tool ln every direction one can see new buildings in construction. These lines and forms loin together into more halls of learning to carry on the ways of the past and the prosperity of our future children. ISHN, W Q? 9 l 5224537 !i..,-M, .S M ,q J 5 c ' ' A- W fig j:,'::..:Z 3 gg V A-MM .1 6, ,ff 26 5 l qt, ,-1, Vo' ' 7.-M if , A i 'xx' 'fl K, The cupola on the lllini Union exemplifies the Union, in fact, it is so well known, it is used as their "trademark" On every quarter-hour, the chimes, which we associate as a part of the University, ring out from Altgeld Hall tower. Adding to the old and the familiar are the new. Wesley Foundations interior resembles a maze before completion. X! If l , l I rl ill. ll . K i ll Lili z'l ri fllll To keep up with the expanding enrollment, we build constantly. Burrill Hall was finished for use in the l959 summer session. One of the newest buildings on campus is the Fine Arts Build- ing, but even with this new expansion more room is needed. ,.-ff , , , , ee:-I A 4 w t e ' , Twill? ' 1 fy . ,. T l - .-i... S, fl? ,, iz? , " M f . r fi. is ,--Q-fl-fs" 'H' ' ., .. Q-11, 1-'LLL . k. -V V l- iw, rl, .-2f.i'?ecL .,1l!f?1f " V ' , l . l ' ljitaff''?fi"3l:ff'j,f.f.L,Q5Q,, ' ' f I ,J . ' X A ' ' l if ,gig ' , .,,, , ' - 9 1 if ii . V ,:1ipf'fe Q- ,nm 1...-V A. 5 'i tl- ' " V. 1 ' e r , "t1fe'f':'.,1 :uhm ... W r-'---- ,xr .--.-f.:v4':f- 5 1 ff? W mmf -1 a- ww' N1 l ,:f4,,4: :Q-9514" wzfdm-mrm ,- I 1 1 1 - , 1 - , ty, ,gg X A 53,-w,v,4'f l It Ygfgfffwvqw, ..,,,:,,,v,7x , 1,,,V .5 2 5 L ...J-4-M,., I l' i 2 V. . . f t .- . 'f'iFw,,e" -5-----K '. '11-ffi 2-V. ' I .. r - e 1 1 'l ' fm' f'f'241.?W2i .5 Y f siilfiga if - - i s l 1 - A , i e M ' f' ' , f' f" 'f" 'X 1., ' '- '- f 'X 1 l f T7 i'i'TW'h' f K . at 'isa -f.,ff'7' 15:55 .. " ft fill? ' ffiefl-7 ,-. 13 fi l,-1414 .L-. A -'R' 'f' 'Thy- 54 f 4- fi: f -- Y . ' ' ' QXJQ' ",QQ:'f 'f It ' K wa xi i 1' - 1.5,-W Syl? ff 78"-.ivsrl A - -' f X . - s . , iw' V,-,2,7,i, ' Lv f 7-4'-,-ffl ,M ,Mn ,flwpy I fm Fiscal! " 'W , ,W,e:z',1sz'f- '1 " 4+ -1 ' -4' - ' 'A f-'if-.wg r A if f'a5f' ?'?'m " - e , ..v,..gas.arg4 , I ,,,i53gff2,,gpyi A w,,,1 ..u. L- X . . A Z.. -A .ggi 4,,, . ,,Wff.,,?,:, ffvk if-43? ,,. H!-' K . . . in ,- ,yu ,, -Xa. .rv , f .. gjg,q51eR,.1-, V . ,. 4 .. . i . V . X , L -' 1 Q-,pl .Qf,,k'f" It -we ' , M A is wr. . -r A , . .V 4 .s V-17+ if .4 V- - ws. Mini, ' '- 4 ,. I ,sa 1 '--'T 'uf' "N V ' . "x.s-Aiea-."" A ' " , - A ' 27 Q 3 y QQ. f 44 V- ., :Gro - ,, I w. 'gg y Av M 'X 'Kmx ,, 'M 'vex- Q 5 4 'gf-Q W i V ' ' ' 1 ' 5 , f f H J 5 . . ff A , A TZ .p ,f:,,,f. ,, 1 f , v :Mg F., QQ f X .- I. .R f:,v. r f- s 1'1- 'L fi , ' "gen, ,, ,ww . , 1' 4- 1 3' 1 ' , f,, '- www ff?kk'i'wQ1gicQiK:ffQg2f1!LQQ22g,'L,4- .f 41 xf 'Ln ,flL:,Q,"" 'f?": I -. '3,42mf,Yw-413' Z -,,,14,',. 1 4 1 f ' We Kne That lt' lVIid- ar A Winter Brin is S leet Coated Quad . 'E f' ., ' F 1. l ' x J - ' J tn 5 , A ff V 31 .'., I , I i Q.-1 gk". . ., .. , up V- 'f 6 i V 1 42 , ,t ie I ,f""' f t Mae 1 1 by vi' E3 5 f ja? f , ,,,. , , i ,fgbgid al if ,- Y 5 W iw' ,ff f 'IW .,,, t J Q 5 - A 'st . 4 Z T' " 1 4 ak, 4, , ,fz' , r fe E1-' A 1' x Sr, ' "i'T'9F':,Yf ' 4 -- 1 Lggjgi - I uw: , L ' . 'f' i W at A typical coed butters up Santa at the Illini Union Tree Trim Party. During the busy season students help trim -l or 5 trees. Mother Nature and man-made reflecting lights work together to add an artistic touch to our Georgian style Illini Union, We're not so sure the shivering couple waiting in the bus stop agrees that the Champaign weather adds to the beauty of our campus. 29 , s ee:1ff2ff FV t u y 4' I I I I 1 v"" ""'2 . x,, ,yi -4-sf Studying can be reduced to a formula. Find a quiet place, get into a comfortable position and study until an interruption. W Stud to Learn and We Learn 0 tud If you don't understand a problem, just ask someone to explain it. lt there is one thing we all have in common here at the University, it is studying. We study in many vzrrietl ways. Some go faithfully to the library every day, some must go to seminars every night, others go to Ii2lIHHllS to study be- tween collee :incl classes, but most of us find that studying in our own room is the method to get the optimum results. There is Z1 rule ol' thumb about studying which says two hours outside lor every hour of class but this is sometimes mzrthemzrticzrlly impossible ztntl we hntl ourselves "er:nnming" and reflecting, "Il Ill only plztnnecl zthezrtlf' H-.X Rarely do we see this scene, both roommates studying, 'Mm ... sl 1 5' 30 . v .............. I q,, ,H . V A I " -'vin U, 44- ? -1, Q 3-he-em Q V ve l-1,14.1A',iWf- ', 1 Inv, Jig V-,I-1 ' f 1 Q I A, 1 . 5"ir?'K""" rI'W1w"vZlf""7'1v?"'1 aw e I ., ,vue , . '5 1, ' W 1'l',! -e I VI. gt' 3 'fe 'QA - I ,. f ,e7 f5f4!1 ,Q'q,'4:.,4z:- .. " . N4 X -, ' 4 716.-1" -:,f,-yy A 5 .AQ ik ,.+,,,.eu.!gd,.9 ISN V, N21 .w Nr' f -I 1 " f'-,-"if"f' fi 91,46 " f, qv 'Y ua -,',.' ul, ig.-,71 , X1 1,-1.. k ev-I 5'aft', ,- fwi g. Q, 'V-K-'L 1 'V intefzmfm.-'H-:',f' ' .ffl-,. -P-Ale-:were el f 'Creme lg"-H?QVi,fi,ek53'j-L3',J,'3',,g'!j:--Nj , 'w 'ff' '4'r'Q, ,, 'H , 'w 1 :ffl '- '-.'.wefi L-'f"5.'fil":fe"H1Qi .e "Am Wy., J- 4 Nu ',,'- U - v :na jf M ,f MA. V x ,,el1.3'.1,t A ,nik-i' .A fn' -il' as '.'-' "' 4 - -' .vid w f -.4 .. ,.f-:M4g,'.e-e,f- -- we -ff -e' :A-qw,-f-- ..'1: f- . . - W H- fx- :JH ' fa. .. 'fi' f L v H V - '. ' e 75 ,filer -Yf rl' , V- I 31 ', SAW"-" ' 'fgiggg , 1 '- v ,e,fa!f""' . 1 li if A A e . ' 'X' '7 1,-A ARMY. ,fin '77 117' 4,1 cj- 1 fjavgg . 'N J' A 4.75 4 :f5'f'ff, j b ri ' Qiffw ,' I 1 : .fiv- 4' . . J' 2 'O A - 'Fei nd We trive to Better Our el e ehela tieall There are times when we iust can"r concentrate on anything but sleep. Often, we need a change of environment to study effectively, but is it for the better? MH. K' my . gnu ga? x "' fb .fn S. 'TRB 7. wuz' l l li l llc ltllflfll llll Relax l l l li i, l Il l u l li li l l l l l On THUYSJBY flighfff we are able to YQCSTG OUF lJ0OkS The sound of a trumpet slicing through the dusky light in the and medlf-BTG OV' the COOIGST Ol Sounds BT J-222-U. "Tavern" at the Union turns attention to the "man with a horn." i l , i ,iv V l 1 l ' l l l l ll 'l 'l 5 l fl ., ii l s , -K EK al f , 1 4, Q l l 'l 1, sg , + ,N . , ,f W ' A 'wmv V' " u ll- 'Fi-Ev l , is x 5 akfjia t in l xl f i .- x 5 e .. My !'f Q 1.153 Q, l in-,Q ' l L sl V ls fl I I he lvl 3.5 ills i ll lr f E' ... 5 f 51A?? Fi Fly! . On any floor of the library. the stairs serve as a congregating place The place to relax in the library is on the first floor for us to "take a break" for a few minutes from our reading. stairways, no "NO SMOKING" signs, either! 32 by Completel Di orcingi 0ur elvc from tuilic: 'l'hei'c are inonu-nts wlien the pressure ol school lmuiltls on us and we have to "lt-t oll steginif' Other tinies, when were tired ol studying, we lilliC a break. And sometimes, we dun't need an excuse, we go out to "have a ball," it's just GO! Regardless ol why we go out to relax, it is a most essential part of our life here. The campus olliers many var- ied amusements. Wie can go to a show, play bridge, listen to a concert, play golf or do any ol the other numerous activities. Friday afternoon is the best time for relaxing and our TGIF- ing which is a tradition with many active participants. Alter the last class on Friday, we throw away the books for a while and "move out" to the nearest cam- pus hangout and "have a ball." ,Qi ,af rf ff-,gary Marg wwf., as Q., sf, -fa' .. ' . Q "mms e.,,w A ' A There are many ways to relax, and shooting a game of pool is just one of them In fact, we do everything from listening to jazz to bowling to going for a quiet walk The basement of "Kamm's" isn't exactly the best place to play a chess game, but we all find relaxation in many different ways. If the spectators aren't very interested in the game and are more interested in "partying," it doesn't matter, they're all having fun. ,law QM Z K ig it , E if 'ijjygg l XX ,, , my tr -fl N' - iff ' s 'gn x "ww, V I -, Q ,4 . gig, , , to ,. ,ay fi. if N 'W 'f ,wt-' .,g , e. Z 3 ,pw at H f K X . A X X x 'ff L I 1 ,Q K, , i ,, f - was ii R 'Wag at 2 F 5+ J 1: 33 L i 3 ' i i l J' s l , 3 Qi I 'f 1 9, The attendant of the "Lost and Found" department is one ex- ample ot the many jobs that the Illini Union offers tor students. an oiU Haeto K' Many working students work as part-time librarians in the vari- ous school libraries and find they have to work very quietly. 34 lVe can always use more money while we are going to school. Olten the money we earn during the sum mer just isn't enough to see us through a school year and: consequently, many ol us must take a job 111 order to be able to go to school. Or maybe, we just want to earn some extra money on our own while were here at school. In either case, many ol us work at dillerent jobs while lurthering our education. There are many job opportunities here at school, which include washing dishes to sorting and testing soil samples. One ol' the most common jobs is work ing as a waiter or dishwasher either in an organized house or in one of the restaurants on campus. The pay lor a "meal job" is exactly what the name im plies-a meal, but tree meals help defray expenses as much as being paid money. The working student does make his own way, tor his job often requires that he stay up very late at night studying to make up for study time he loses ork and Go to chool , We i fi 5 F fat f I gfyf ' , . , 4 J p w -, - , -iff, N , . ww. ,. WN - , I t . . ,.1 if ' Even at meal-time, this waiter still finds time to squeeze in a couple of minutes of studying between his meal and job The children's bedtime takes these students from thoughts 'Cf ili?'5ryyf "Say, Dad, let me read that book. too!" Like father, like son, Married Student Find Their Role en Camper e-Msgs ,,rf' fi-N. 5 ' Q " 45 , Gary couldn't ask for a better waitress than his own wife, Barb. who perks up his studying with real homemade coffee. 35 Two can live as cheaply as one is the beliel ol many ot the University ol Illinois students as shown by the fact that zipproxinizitely -1,408 students :ire nizirried. In niziny cases, the wile works to put "hubby" through school. Others depend upon scholarships. parental help, :md loans. A large portion oi the intonie goes lor il place to live. 'l'he University provides some zrpzrrtnients lor stu- dents, but most ol the young couples niust find ll suit' able place ollf cztnipus in the Clhznnpziign-Urbana zireu. Activities of the couples include cooking meals, drying dishes. talking cure ol' the children :is well :rs studying lor the next hour exam. Lots of pinned couples no doubt envy these happily married two who now study side by side as the baby "Toby" enjoys a nap. . if , xxx . sf- l Wk ' 43' ' Q Q vfwi-.efkf ' , Us vs PREWW-kv? uf fsfwki' 'fPG.'?1S5E-'s:P1Z"1l.Zr f, 2 l ourag and kill on Wheel -lt' Gi z Kid A cn -,.-aaa A ffl A wheelchair batter swings at a high, hard one as spring- time draws paraplegics' attention to Americas national sport. Wheelchair fans give enthusiastic support as handicapped athletes meet in hotly contested game at Illinois armory. if M' in t M. -., t -5- , jf No sport's too tough for the handicapped athletes of Illinois and bowling's no exception-Heres a strike on the alleys. 36 . F t Q11 Y As wheelchair athletes play, it's a small wonder enthusiasm runs high with these cheerleaders to lead a crowd in yells for the team. Over the last ten years, the Illinois wheelchair basket- ball team, commonly known as the Gizz Kids, has played a number ol exhibition games in addition to its regular conlerence schedule. The prohts from these games have been donated to organizations devoted to the discovery and cure ol severe disease and disability. Over the years. the team has contributed over 2lt3l5,000 to such agencies as the American Cancer Society, the National Polio Foundation, and the Muscular Dystrophy .-Xssociation. ln recognition ol the teams service, the Muscular Dystrophy Association this year awarded the team a citation. The Gift Kids are sponsored by Delta Sigma Omi- cron, a co-educational service fraternity lor disabled stu- dents. This organization also sponsors wheelchair foot- ball, baseball, and bowling. These sports, however, are not just restricted to the male contingent, lor a squad ol cheerleaders keeps the team's morale high. Competi- tion among the girls lor a position as cheerleader is high, and they, too, put hours of their time into drills and cheers. K lt is evident from these varied activities that DSO has been organized to promote not only the academic, but the physical and social welfare of the handicapped students. Also, the organization explores educational possibilities on the higher levels and investigates occupa- tional opportunities lor its disabled members. We eek the Goal of Intern tional Fien uhig 3 . ,fl . y V W 'A Q ' 1 v '5g,.,'f'. There is a time for study, and Gnnny funds, as do many other students, the necessity of many hours with her books, 4 ' , 'MT -e , 'i here are also the quiet times when one can relax or talk. Here a group of friends learn the customs of dress in Chile. There are gay times when laughter or danclng can break the monotony which comes with excessive hours of study. n 5 1 , 5 , fy n fl . Q t v at- ?fP iEi.TP '1 . lW.l5'El!3RaY vi Even in the middle of a crowded dance floor with the band playing, you can find a way to talk together quietly. gow' 0053's 5 f i A 'L -j? r sp 47' tl Maybe you could dance all night, but at least once you'll slip That certain thrill of getting autographs from entertainers oft your shoes and sit the next one out with your date. seems to have a drawing power that attracts everyone. Formal Dance Are 0ne During the course of the school year, there are many University dances, most of which are held in Huff Gym. The size of these dances grows every year and sometimes it's hard to go through the crowd, much less find space to dance and still hear the band. 38 Falling streamers reflect a shadow over the dance floor, creating a mirage of light and slender floating clouds. Several tinies every year Illinois mc,-tls anxiously look forward to the night nl the big dance, one ol the six campus-wide lornials held at the University each year. The nights ol these dances inean sonref thing special to most students-the beaulilnl lorlnal gowns and sparkling cocktail dresses ol the meds, the neatly groomed men in their tuxes, the colorlul decorations in the gym. the solt, rornantic inelodies ol lively beat ol a "name" dance band, and the crown- ing of a pretty queen. YVhen the coed leaves her date at two o'clock, the special curlew lor these dances, she has many pleasant ineinnries ol a wonderlul evening. Shell add another hid to her bid string and wish lor a date for the next dance. , . f , ,,, , V-V ,f ,, r f 5 ,, . You name it! It might be the jitter bug, the bop, the cha cha, o even just a plain old "fast dance" at a dance in this decade. The Queen rates a special kiss at the annual winter formal, Sno-ball. Aspect ol lllinoi' ocial hirl From a fron1bonist's view, we see the popular Illini Union Ballroom filled with an array of couplesg some are blind dates and some may be pinned, but to us they all look the same. 39 -ur' . P91 " ' BI1 Relifon Is a ecessai Facet ol Campu Lii 1 The Congregationalists sponsored an old-fashioned taffy pull this year. Result? Plenty of fun and gooey, sticky hands for everyone. .me-ww These vicars of the Episcopal Church rated special balcony seats to watch the Sheequon parade as it progressed down Wright Street. 40 A favorite time for all the Congregational students at Sea- bury Foundation, is when the Supper Club buffet is ready. Members of the Lutheran faith share a common feeling when they read responsively in an evening worship service. Maiestically standing at the corner of Green and Mathews is a new Methodist Church. lt was dedicated in February. Wy ,paw ' , v i 1131233313 Y' tx. l a 5 41 f ,eye , K,,w,,5 i N, 4, , ,W Wwe:-, N 5, .saw Q5 TQ '34 -W ' -ti asia me , W i -it 5 7 35 if r M ' . .. Q A, A1 if 79 Q 5, 'fi 1, I 4 71 A? li . 5 ,459 F I -4' it 1 3 Tv r ...y is ' f ' A: . ,fi Um' ul lhm' LIKiXLllll1lg4'S ul ll slim' uni x'4'l's1ly is lhn' lqul lilill wa' um .issuii.nli- with lwnlmln' ul in XAllik'lX nl ivligiinis. 'l'hvx' man ln' filllillliit, l'mli'sl4ilil, In-w ish, or mv! Ilumgmisl. l3.i'g:mll4-ss nl thc Ixiilh slmlviils Iullmv. swim- lxlmi- ni icliginn is Qin illllmullxllll Iqucl ul lhvii cnllugv hlc. New mqillci whgul Ihuii his lin-I' might hc. sliulcnls mn hml in Igzmilr ight plum' in wmsliip. 'l'licu- Qui' sixli-vii Ul'g1lllIlllIlUll5 :mil l'illll'lilL'N lhgil cilltll lilCi1i sc1'x'ic'L's luwgircl lhc sliulmlls. 'lilicv pmvimlc llllllly Qulivilics :xml Icllmvsliip groups. Tliclx- :irc thc Sumlny nlnrniilg ni' Ffiliily L'VL'llil1g wursliip sciwiccs, sup- pcl' clubs, XXX-cliip-snlziy nigh! x'c-slmvis, choir singing, mlisiussion gmups, and Illlllly, Illll lly' 1110112 A popular minister with the students is Dr. James I-line at McKinley Memorial Foundation, At both the 9:30 and 11:00 services students and faculty stream into foundations on campus. AEI is st-iii, and then with joy we rise to "Sing Praises Unto the Lord" as the choir enters to begin the Sunday morning worship service, 4'i t my ly li 1 'ti i i .QM ft, looks on as two lllini in an exhibit. Visiting artist, Samuel Adler, le Union members hang a painting This year students and faculty enjoyed readings of famous literary works given by professors of the English Department at the Union. - f'- Www Qu. i . J 5 6 if ' ', ' is-ss., : A , 'V i 414213,-M -, . ' if ' -, st X wi' lr any Cultural Tradition Enrich ampu Heritage The University ol' Illinois has always been a strong eul- tural center and each year the tradition increases. Many noted men and women in the fields ol' humanities and the arts have lound recognition here. Currently. we have on our campus a living legend in the person ol' Dr. Paul Landis. Dr. Landis, who is in his own right a scholar in the field ol Shakespearian I,iteratm'e, is best remembered as the "reader ol' the Cliriitnifis Carol. He is, in fact, a living tradition, lor some ot our parents can recall hearing Dr. Landis read the Clzristirzms Cum! when they were here at the University. Another one ol' the truly great persons we were privileged to have speak to us was the lamous contemporary poet, Robert Frost. XfVe were so anxious to hear him speak, that on the Friday night he spoke in the Auditorium, all the seats were hlled forty minutes before he came on stage and many ol' us were turned away at the doors. But, these two events were a very small segment of all the C'llllQUl'2li CVCIIIS OH KYIIHPUS. With his familiar low voice, Dr. Paul Landis brings to life characters in Dickens' famous Christmas Carol. 42 N rghmdl 3 l A was .. -. .i r My of We heard Robert Frost say: "Good fences make good neighbors." V X. A .ff u 9 ,D ff ,f Z s e N- 4 'ff' 'hi isa M William Primrose, well known violinist, and Professor Bernard Good- Theatre Workshop provides an opportunity for man. University Orchestra Conductor, converse before Star Course program. students to broaden their cultural desires. 43 i. 'J fi H IT l I I l I A I K 13 2 I f i 4 l .S+ ,V i l lt ir- L4 ifxilyg l 'ik L i. r f: 32955452 s'w'a'fv fl: rx - 'flif 1 ' The real Christmas spirit is captured by these Champion hockey players rest after hard practicing. The lce Rink has a full season, with various exhibitions, classes and general public use. houses during their party for cerebral palsy. pell at eed lor tadium Boot and Parka Wfhen the lump posts on the quzidrangle become bzlrber poles, decorated with red ribbon and evergreen, :ind the Almzi Mater is dressed in her winter cout of ice, then czimpus knows thzit winter is here. It's 11 good time to stay indoors and study, but it's also Il stimulation lor snow- ball fights :ind zi jziunt over to the Ice Rink lor hockey. One ol the biggest events tit midyezir is Internzitionzil Fziir. At this time every loreign Slll- dent on campus hats the oppor- tunity to lznnilizirife us with his own country. This is done thru exhibits, movies, pztgezints, pats- try shops, and btizaizirs. Also, popular at this time ol year :ire various Christmas parties, olten given lor groups ollf ol campus. ni., IHSPA means lllini High School Press Association and also a iam-packed day of learn- ing on the U. of I. campus. lt's workshop day for newspaper and Yearbook editors, -li Sv ,!l i Q 3 l X, i Throughout the year, as long as the sun is shining, the sunclial south of the Illini Union marks the time. Here. on the campus. is the grave of Illi- nois' first regent, John lvl. Gregory. i . '7.s'f' 3 , -444:55 W, , ' idx W - '- TY gi 7 i , Z , 'c--J, , 1 an it .... ii Wclsigf , niqiiji l N P P r U vtsrt f i. . ' ' i . - . . 4-L l-413l-il.ig L ' 1' ..,,.. H ' i' " :ff Mimi fl i Q"fv..-.:.:- X A we , A 1 g . 5 .5 f - Y , W. i 5... g y , .. A -- . 1-'::::.:::., . i ,, - A 1. - f mfs, sr- ' " lit 5 ft' .f . 2 3 - .Mez Q- in 1, T"f i " - ., Q A WM-dm 'T 9, 4 5 .i .F lxr, li- -55' A -MW' .fs..-:-1-w.,,va Q l At any time of the day, IO A.lVl. espe- ' cially, "Kamm's" is a popular meeting place. 46 One of the familiar sights on the campus south of Gregory Drive is the ivy-covered gate near the Architecture Building. 0 i l Da, in, and Day out, This fellow may not be making his first million the easy way, but he is un- dauntecl. Daily, he stands at the corner of Fourth and Armory selling his wares. 4,,,.4.-0-4-54"9"""""""5""v+-' ., L ' Inn. , 'lA"P" .ma , "'-L. "Ng This is the Senior Bench Ycs sixty years ago the graduating class left this as their memorial and designated it to be used only by honorable Seniors l-low many ot us share in the guilty consciences of breaking another one of U. ot I.'s changing traditions? We Pass The e Ever Familiar People 81 Plae i "And we dunkad him in the muddy Bone Yard" was originally a traditional freshman initiation, but now we know it only thru the words of the song we sing. 47 29 JW 'UXXN L. J Q X I fu . f YA- nx. ' -- .:,j , 3 ' 33-:T g , x 5 ix Q , ,wal-,c 111. 5 fu .-, we ' ,fi C211 -5"-: ff 1. N A, -A Vg, ", ' V .-ww, ' 'Wx 5:13 v ' ,fimff 5 - Q i314 If ,mm . .-U. V 1121-1232 1. ,Q 1 W, 7:31 .VH .-B. ,iff 1. NM' 'K A 33... ,, , , ,1w:5"f "2' r 'fvX'Q f . 74'.1,. --',v,:,:,1 1 ..,,-1- N , J- , 1 'H , A- fv'-S' A 5 : 1 W' Uni-Ii Y 'mf ' Hifi' ,A ..-gl..-W lckl Aasbreln M . ,,-.WW V, X - H,-. U, 4,-1 xr. , P fviwf-.W , W157'f'ff'fT'tL?'i - w H MQL: W V , tx . 2f5?fi1EL:,facQ,L4iM12 . ' x M get gp Lmclcl Cooper ,qffafsff , , ,. .,,,,3p, . 64. 'Q 1,3- Qf fz! ,J ,. f.. 'fl mf' ' . -ff: ,, A-- L . . , 'C ,q 15" 1 ,y f. "' 1 952 . 42:5 . 'N .vamx 1 . 3 - A3 Z' "Q ':q,1 J' . wa, .V Sufi 4 -.-. A" ak 'viii' A1 fl . fx E374 W .. Yfhav, , W f nga' 'M-M r 4 , fiilf' n 1, H , 13? T vi 1 1 - ,X fa- -- , wg'-"Egan -0, -ag 513: ' QE-QQQQQV, 'IW ZYMTTE ,ig 1: w.f1f:wT-fmsq f"K ',,-1:25 gr: ik s , f1fr,zg3fg Y. 3 Q i - 'Q I I N 1'L, ' 1 i , 1 sg - 'Q fi. "?23NQ,Zy',., , 1 1 m f 1-.,,pi,a: W. 4 1 . Y ff Wifaxk- 555.1 in r.MEzAi,m:2ii.-,.g..,,u- 2:xf..N ., ,..n. .A . u Sandy Dewar Jw I f cf"-' 5 ,fm 4 V M , , ,ax IV :gf A , MK 4 ,,"fvX, 'xv ., V ,'f2712iQ '4 ' ., - x- 'f-1.. 71: ...f f '. 6,, WF, M , Qiffq, lg, ..t-:mf .Qslvr 4 x x .1 2 f fits zffxfcwfgx fi 1.4.7. I .. J 34' 1:14 ' 'Q' 'Mgr - Lf .5 N , -v f 5 xgxm . 4. , .3-L ' Mweiffsl ':f'r,52ems.yezR - . 2 - :J ',,,-,?Y5f:4m:1fhmmf1. .. 2? fl jf? Q! 1 nw? QW 1 I if flip' X, ZV5W+2,.z Aff Qi Q Q73 igfgyrf A Wai., ef Q! fyxgiwgffxbfyv fQ We M? V sw' H xgvifi ,.,4'9 Ewgywn -Wgafgt :f 152339 4,,6'+'3 Mfr Qfitggui pa ' .Ivy ,, Nzffgf , gf 481311 . 1 ' 1' 55' " : 1949 l-,L:szYff'f55? "9 i 5 Af , 4-Q. i4 .g:,,:-:iw-' 'g-If-,,:Q'1.?f A' F f -' ,mwah,sv-g'.'xf:,'-:v'X1,f -f:Q,.:tA " xv fri if it 1 "1fZ?f,. J Q -fffjg -'QV ,ig 352 za ' AV.,L .,,, , Awiiwwfiwywfw ' .5 ..,. 5, : ,fx , 1. ,. 1 Photos by HeIler'5 Sfudio iw 8 1. f,. ,av 1 , 1 1 -Jax' J ff ' iff? ,493 ,, 14 .LA lg. 'fag , -7.1, -4 , sf! Qs ,fx X 'K 1.1 Q' 1 552 ,, Wg qv' egg, f 4 'ix 24'r.wgzE23 iifilffi 1 . R34 5:12 . ff-IWW 'wi' .. ',,, . , x -I. ,,, V ,f A, A . , f ,...M , ww, . f J 1 .ww I.7i,J,,, ' :mf K. ,Q ,VN VX MJT Q63 :HX . ... , rm, '35 Harriet House if 0 . . ' , I ,QA . F1 AI, V ,K . if ..,,. X, ffilf aff .N L if gr gw,.,.,fV,2,. - 1 4 'Ga.,. xbtwzxx f.. ,ff 14mm-.4 fn ., .x ,.,, , , + . -M. A , Q., 3 , 4 ' 1 . Wiki, Qfffm 4419535-' 5 'M'ifC1,1.F' M -. . Y X ' T ,.., w'f'.':4',w ,A - '-1 U 'A .ff A T..C'.v if mf . , .. ,,.. , ,.A. H , , , ,A., ,. ' ., N n:.q51, 2. .- Sylvia Runnstrom X'fS.I Photos by HeIler's Studio vw, ,:...' vffgff 1" 1.139 , "4 . I I , A ,'f.f f"-we x a .,.2w?w- , F 'A- , f f V. I 1 ai 3 , , Jw -. 1 ' 9 il gs 8, Q. N 'lf if xf " 4. ' ,M N- N ' W, W QA IJ.,-' x K Q 59w'f"a ,Wifi-.4 Aa ww 'N .fs 'x 1' U!! ,hit 6 ww , , +4 :Wi , ,fax X. ,,,q'f':. ,K Ha' HPV!-'Y 'aria gi' A 3, ,, ,.xU, IGM 1-In A ZA, ,X , Q , , f ' 4H"""', , in if-., 9, X , , . a Q 1 Q QU xg-'. , , t A hx , 'QM ii I A5 if'gfg,:f .gag A 3. 'vu :Y . ' ,'-5 ' 'X W UU ,' 'sw if-.Q Q Q W W 1' , ,a ,mg 5 ww ww' WM I 4 F! - v F . . , 1 M f' , W 1. A H W, A V,-page , I 1 M qi . V, , ,I , Y lm, .Q . .Q J 'x'wx f 1-,Kimi di , " an rw 4110! ew.-af -,-f ' 4' "" ' Nw awh"'dh"x ' V . .,,,..,. 5 , I ,gy 5:1,JPA,Q In .7 x 9 , '!wg? ,. ,W 4' . V 5 ,ff . w 2 1 5, , 5 N, , 'Q '.,V , as K f , w x ff if ., , n F N 1 E , 'g If an S Q . , , Z QW " we , 1 P A ' w-gf? ' 1' I , 1 Q . ,-A 1 QM 3 is ,if .fuk 5'n'A 'W " ffZfd-nf S " 'fl-, if is s ' -. X . .M 'mf 4, K, ,F , 9, A S My as lb , ,M ai ? ,, K ax' 5, 'L , gf L 'S Y Fr' The greatest part of life in the spring is relaxing outside. Often though, we find ourselves sleeping instead of relaxing. pring Pushes Us Outdoor to tud and Pla Late spring brings another one of the lllini traditions-the outdoor concerts. On Wednesday evenings, the quadrangle is dotted vv:th people who sit on the grass listening to the band as they perform on the Auditorium steps. Here is the utmost in relaxation. After being confined by winter weather, we yearn for the day we can study outside. The first day we can go out and study and enjoy the sun, spring and lite, we do. 55 he Engineer : Application : nder tanilin i Wm .il S is e f f.. 9 Ml' 1 :., ,AA U , A is Q i no f lwwnsfskf f,ffQ' 1- ,,, Every spring the Engineering College holds an Open l-louse to show scientific progress, The north campus fills with high school students, townspeople, and students from other curriculums who are amazed and impressed with the modem developments of engineering. 56 ii i My use . ,, W va 4, '.. W 'i U 3 I !i'l',,Qr fir. v 'R ' i gl ' uf l' ' Q i 3 1. . I Lil IWW' A U WW' :fi A 10 fl AW' , , e ,f -if .'.v.5f:z-fm ,s , A. Possibly these future Illini are already at work on their engineer- A popular place during Engineering Open House is the "Double ing problems that they hope to be facing fifteen years from now. E" Building where fellows work on such electronic devices as this. ,pw- .. MJ in f 1 - '- .fra 1 i.r,.,.....,.. ' ' L: ffffyf - .Air I' ii,-if 5 R ' '83 . ' ' l -9, 4 Y, v eighth i i,,,,, I -lv Q A ' ,,, f , I' . gg-,W ,, .A . Q, ,. M ,'I7- 'iz F1 i V- il, .., G -J '. A Q ,-,.. Q1 i ' X -H9 'I i i I' Y' pw, ,ina 2- W i :l'.'7f?i'l" 5 0 Q V 1 1 V5.5 Ez , 1 x i ' Q Q 0'--'sl wwf 4.. " v all rx ' N f Every half hour swarms of people crowd around the mechanical engineering lab in every way possible, to see how much force it takes this hydraulic testing machine to smash this solid concrete cylinder all to bits. The loud noise shakes everything north of Green Street. 57 Barelegged gals, blaring house combos filled Wright Street as Sheequon officially began Friday at noon, The stunts were meant to publicize the events in the Armory-most of us find the purpose rnore that ot letting off steam after much work and just plain partying! We Gave the Campu Back to the ulndiaii " and ltlllil ' W F nv A walk-weary Indian follows his float on the long parade trek through Champaign-do modern Indians wear tennis shoes? 58 Mfillingly we donate our energy and study time to create a presentation lor Sheequon. Sheequon means "spirit ol' spring" and comes from the language of the Menominee tribe who once inhabited this area. In all probability, their meaning and ours coincide exactly, lor Sheequon is the campus-wide event which marks a peak of each spring semester. In our minds, we don't think ol' it as an activity providing the Campus Chest with lunds, but as a trophy case filler and an opportunity lor parties and dates. Many a merchant in town always wishes he had had a bigger supply ol' grease paints and muslin when we decide to become Indians lor this weekend. Sheequon 1959, in its second year, became much bigger and better. More ol' us participated in the "big show" and it added a new dimension to "spring lever." ln the parade, we tried to be legendary or historical or contemporary in our Hoat design. Saturday afternoon was exciting whether we rode on our tloat or pounded nails in the dusty Armory. For an alternoon, we completely forgot our student- type existences and were transformed into Indians or Aztec gods, or perhaps even a series of tepees. Sheequon, with all its noise and color, remains an Illini tradition which will continue as it gives us an opportunity to express our talents for something other than examinations and papers. '-me at A x,-'W .'. 496 I so .- X at y 10 -is I 'Wwe , I , full' 4,.i-,-:,,v'i. "sei-.i -fm:-2 - f H .I -- :"i'.' V' 'I if ,: ' l n 95 i . i ..- I rf A f 'ix 2 , L i , ',, 4. ff. ei-We u I ' 'ASI 5? 'ii 131 'is '. dur, a' 9 U vi ,tsv,,4,1'.,1 ,1,, , l . A ' W ,K pnf'+.d'sq2 'L' ' r"' v 5 . if Xl Ai' 'o",x1f il , K W ,, a,N,,,-V. , ,. w,,.1,,4M,,,,., Ji I, A .M V W 1 rrp, A-V .ugwn , ,i 'L ,Q-K - ,L .fy " , 4' Q' ' x QQ X ,jfs fi? ti We Found in Our elve the " pirit of We use the utmost ingenuity in constructing floats that bring home a trophy. The Legend of the Piasa Bird is enacted on wheels as these relaxed Indian maidens smile down at the throngs of students and townspeople who turn out for the colorful "Indian Incidents ming" . rx noi J. V ' ig? gf . 1 f 'Uh' 'Q 4? ' Jmglw, ,, . . W, et, . W I , g,5,f.g,fJ,,Ki 3 ,mm .Qi , fiM?'?ff "V i We 'f .We-329' it if - he-if . ' ,L ,' I. X ' 'g ' s, I -" 'af A.- n z 'aff' V. f pf X V wfgw. .. ' 1 if-,,' , ei K, w'I'2:4:g.i,,yr' "Q " 1 5: 'f"F'1-' -I A iw-1'f+A4"4'. - iff 'I tif' iff "'5lji:"4-Jfinifaf if 1 A-J 1 I ' ' as I . ,,,-,,,.4, V -I 'N '.,,,x:-5,,,51f,.f,.", ' 'gf' ' f,,.ffJ't'if5A-"If 4 2 337' i i 2.1: 'I-'P A ,x , ., . I fy 5?'w"i6'z' 'M' V if Y . ,, L .1 53-V t'.,,'R"1l'X 'ii A grip, R I at lt- XM, ,. 'viii K ' Ft 'Z 'ml' 'tLl'ftllx'l c ' l . I ' Montezuma triumphed as Fiji and Theta took first prize in the parade with the impressive "Montezuma Immortal." Costumes and bare skin caused great concern on a gray day threatening rain on all the beautiful floats made mostly of colored paper. .. u w 'full F?" s H Iilaglllf . . ,Y ,a'M0' if I it xt . fl' x I as :gi On the Saturday afternoon of Sheequon, the parade route is lined with people who view what we've constructed. l l l i '6 heequon aturda " I l l l i l l l l l I l l l l l l li 1 i r To stimulate interest in the Sheequon night show which is held in the Armory, entering groups will often hold an outside show simi- lar to the old-time "Medicine" show-lots of loud music, beautiful girls and a short preview of "what's gonna happen tonight." ' l The entries in the parade run the tull range of themes from the very authentic historical to the contemporary humorous. The source ll of propulsion for these floats runs a similar range, from convertible-powered floats to ones motivated by man power. l ,Jpeg wr' yvdlmfv '-55-5'-1-'Fr' ith Q QA , X . x hi Y f .t .. Yi 25 '45 A . l ...s , 'w3Xae,. say , . , Q ....,. H - dj 'Ea ri i 2 . . ., 4 Q , Jfxfs, I Que V wfivlg E' if l?QjeEm ' T' ' ' X 3' 'nw 'L 5 - ' 'gr r- l Q 5 5 65, ' L D K I wld if W X ' lf' ' 'f , " ' 'Ll ' X 5 5 xfl K b . ' Q ' ' lf f J' I gg- "' W ' WN' . ' ' ' es , cr x rr ,K ' Q f 37? A: 1 U, ' ' . Pi , -we - -4 '1-A35-.' If ewlxc, 1 1 A w-wsra H 3' , I ff .3 'N lf!-f . ' ' r v W, Afgygt .' 3 2 .'ri:x21lfvY,v-N' - J tfyffi Jif -"4 L,-i, at '. ,ts x,5.Q4zaM-yt., mfg' ' if "f'Q+:i":'4-.i".mQ'9J:f H 9 J.-P' ,Q wafifh.'Fil-,,Q.,"i-:"la, . -ff? 2 'fl A. -.., 5,4 T, Vg, H, 5. J. - 3.54 -..:v':" ,I fy., ff e- f , M f, . . 1 :fr I ' PJ ffm 4 , N 5 1 M. ., -5 'M ..- Y 'li 1 1 . .s,1Q....1:t-- fb- a , '1, ' Vt. lu... M ' ,xx W, ,D , W . ,esefee as, ag. eo sm 4, F Marla ' - ' '-'W' Full oi Color and oi After the pairings lor Sheequon come out, preparation for "Sheequon Saturday" starts. Wfe begin planning, de- signing, rehearsing and building lor a weekend months ahead. Then on the "Saturday ol' the Indian," all the work, time and elfort comes together into a pageant simi- lar to a "Dart that stretches lrom one end ol cam Jus to l the other and lasted from Friday afternoon until Satur- day night." One part of Sheequon is the parade that begins in downtown Champaign and ends near the Armory. The parade is a colorlul ailair and spectators seleet prime positions to watch the parade lrom, hours belore the parade arrives. The spectators are not disappointed either, for the parade contains every imaginable type ol entry. The parade lasts for approximately two hours and leaves a last- ing impression on both the people who see it and the people who are in it--"vVhata parade!" One of the unrehearsed shows of last year's Sheequon was a flood of water that engulfed part of the night show in the Armory. 61 7 J ...i , A Fr'L,. J . 'wW As the parade draws near, all attention focuses on getting a good picture-no matter how good the "hand" is. On Saturday night alter the parade, the ciowcl ventures into the Armory to see the sc-concl-hall ol' Sheequon-night show. Alter the parade and before the night show begins, the Armory is a madhouse ol' activity. Everyone has to put linish- ing touches on their booths: props are brought in, trucks are everywhere, the sound ol hammering is all over the Armory and people are running in every direction. liveryone entertains the thought. "we can't possibly get done in time." XVe do. The doors open on the show and the crowd llows in. Here, finally, is the realifation ol months ol? work, but the success ol the show cloesn't depend on the crowd. who pay their "tokens" to see a show: success is measured by our lun. Night show over, Sheequon fexcept Sunday clean-upj ends. This show was advertised to "bring a lake to Champaign." They did! University firemen then tried removing it. 9i1il?iW'3 T 59,55-K-235' V V V Tm 3 ' A T W ' i , 5 . .1 i 5 .45 V .M , j 2. 5 1' ,Zfi fb 1, ly, . 1 n f."'cf'. .Rf .,: ,. , . 1 t .32 ' T. ty im-i,:'14?'-iv' ' I .1 r veg 3. 12 f c 'if' - '- 1 sf L+:-' Y v .44 ' A .Mg :saws 27'Jj1Si' , ,pager-'fiat r i aria? ' T -WM, .cs 0 Sa Q ' ig 5 I MPH- 5' 'fi4i'f'2:ii-T' fer' ' Mg-' ' ' 2:37 Q fs qu: Q sv. .gi K. . -Ls - 'V 909 pd, se fl W:-A . -jf? A Yau' 'ryf 'h's.f. " ,rz?::'f?w',' ., -- ff., ' sf: --1-'fs li1x'..i.r.hif Zi... - Q ru- ., v , 449' I 4' E I . I If , The Final Product of j On Sheequon weekend, the attitude toward school and studies changes markedly. The whole campus becomes wrapped in an atmosphere only a parade and a show can give. In the time elapse of a few days, we remove all thoughts of studies and the routine of lile here and concentrate our efforts on maintaining the tradition to Sheequon-making this year's float and show better than it was last year and having more lun doing it. Our Sheequon atmosphere is infectious to everyone that comes in touch with it. It is reflected in the faces of the dancers and builders, but noticably in the ex- pressions and actions of the multitudes of onlookers. 'Q Visitors and people seeing Sheequon for the first time Q I f K are literally astonished at its size and the ones of us Q fr- X who have seen it before, share their feelings, for each Y P A A i'i" . A Sheequon ekcitingly new. U gi digg. 7? p ' 2 .g,izAr9,. VV Fl he credit for making a successful bheequon must g. n s iv f ff ,V ' go to the members of the various committees who kfflfgirr' ' 4 I i rf auf' . 'f',55Qf'f'1-i.,l'fA I 'ag g move behind the scenes at Sheequon. These are the R f I - I I e"l people who organize and control the entire scope of -' 't'f "iV , Qi. . Sheequon. They must start planning Sheequon months before any of us start to think about it. Their rewards for the job they have done often comes at the wrong time-during Sheequon when they're olten too busy to acknowledge their praise with more than a casual nod of the head as they go about their Careful Planning had YO S0 INTO the COf1StwCtiOr1 Of this work. Often they don't get to see the result of their float, as it had to be hinged in order to allow for its passage under the viaducts on the parade route. work' Another one of the impressive floats in the parade was one depicting an ancient Indian legend about a big fish. Since the theme of this Sheequon was one of Indians, there was a representation of Indians from all parts of the world, as well as American Indians. HE W , . may an . - T I T a ff"r . I 2. , i tm it-its BW WWE 1 e ' y , ' ' ' . - ' 5 1:15, ,.:. 2 ,'., ' ,. Siu:---1 1 5 3 nt .Jw .gs - at . a , ral 8.-I9 I 5 'gtk i nfl' i ft ' ' 'lj " ' s . av if- '- "' ' .ttf-L.sM lf-f IVE.. .N Y:-'FfUlg.,. H' I rm....s.,smat -rm, ' ' . - V - yup. .V 46 f ff , W . 62 9? i f 'HB----N . heequon I Campus oi Tired, Happ l'i:opI: f-xo Af-45 43.1 A 3 ftlfflffl wi 'Y iw 'w .gl .fav A ' l .MW W ir I Y, x 1.5! -, J-I' S 3 f' ' , 5'-an flea Mfg The Illini Hall Steps furnish an excellent vantage point to see the parade when it comes down Wriglwt Street. All along the parade route little clusters of people gather everywhere imaginable to see the parade-they are on steps, roof tops, balconies and car tops, too. One game booth in the Armory was a pitching contesti lf The night before Sheequon, the Armory was full of scaffold- you hit the bullseye, this Indian fell into water. ing, 2' x 4's and people readying booths for the next day. AWK VMIQIEIYZ I wld! 1lQ?""' l..l9124l!'1l -1' WIS Th Psychologists Tell lls llepressed Desi es V-f-"""""A Tw' ' I in t la" ' ' A V fllfiff .ff ' 7' 'fl if f Q NL t,,..l.f--'M""' A - WP: - s: ' ps , zgggf . , 7 . X wqakfwz Qt g s. it it fsgtpw f " 'sd ks 07,0 N f P-ffghfj t- , e awe ,st ti J'-lj?-J, ,rv The moment a phone rings during MERC week, everyone hopes for a feminine voice, 64 65 ,W ,I ,V ,ft ,. if W ,- f s -, r s, ,. ' x"-199-P152 V It:-11,36- 1, -as Q, t-mei? .,gQ11r" t,,, ,,,, , Q,-qw. .. ,.1..5: , Q., WC. 'Q-11' :l5s.9?f' Jie ' 'YH ' ' i'Zl.'.Eb,-':f4z.52lt:::Li:: . During the spring, the cztmpus under- goes at mirztculuos change. For Z1 full week, the boy-girl relationship is re- versed. This turnatbout week is "Men's liconomic Recovery XfVeek." 'l'hroughout the week, the girl takes ztll the privileges ol the mule. She is the one who must cztll lor at date, set the time ol the dztte, go over to the lJoy's house to get him, provide trans- portzttion and pzty lor the dztte. ln ztddi- tion. she must tztke cure ol' :tll the little things that at boy must do when he is on at dztte, such nts, opening doors, light- ing :tll ole his cigztrettes and marking sure he is hztppy. Perhaps the most unusuztl ztspeet of this week is the nztture oi the dates, lor they :ire anything, but ordinary. The women think ol' :ill types of money- sttving devices :md the dates ztre itll the more lun lor it. Lust yeztr, the trans- portattion provided by one group of girls was roller-skates. Another good date that is used is the "study" date and collee dates are ztlso very popular as an inexpensive dztte. As the week draws to at close, many girls brezttlie at sigh ol relief because their hnztnciztl resources ure somewhat depleted, but the men draw ll sigh of re- liel :tlso beeztuse, though it wzts lun, it's good that MERC Uleek is just a week. Ar Relea ed Dur'nQ the prinQ-- -4 Wm- , F. .gy ,Q it 2 Pi... lt's form a "kick-line" for your choice of candidates during the Most Eligible Bachelor on Campus Contest! This method of transportation for a date may not be as fast or nice as a car, but it's twice as much fun. 1'-'Q' P , Far , 'Y' To achieve that feeling of "togetherness," the women sometimes resort to tactics of mass exchange during lm rurmbout week ,Lui ll fi 4 lr' 'Jiri 3 -,,1g':r- si -. X ev ' X . X gy ,R iw . X' r. UlJNl ..4v-.r-fee-94 35 t 'K 1 ' 5 mm' J V , ,rg f f' ---1-wmv' "mei gf-w "'- 5 aj.,-.. :trim x 1 dr' p ws a-LIS Lg! Ng- ,IEA B If , W Af ez .,.x. .W j .?gQQ:5.s ,.i. A! - , 1: 'f,3f:TY'l - f F "Q' A .ittetimsr"'mS'i 1 3 irmtr ' gg T :W gg . ,, - ew ef' 4 A if ,,-- ,, 5 bur' miilfigfi 'lm M , .Q f f fr selg- wg'i'?'5?.Wm1 5 gg 1 fx fitliii1L'.iiEefiZ?Wi ' T get - r ' Q3 will t' U9 55' e ,e t .. T . i c t it . 'T e T 2 3 'x" ' ir. ig ' 1- ' It lm - A 2 2 . i l 3 . lAQANl ii DQIX l l 4 . . i ' j t 7 ' x',, , l I i 5 l l A ref. l 1' Y - l . . 5 . F R X tf .4 I 'fm-f"'f The officials' stand for the lllini Grand Prix Bike Races is all set up and ready to go for the race that goes by the Architecture Building. Follows line up and we're oft tor another one of the many individual street races, a unique custom on the U. of l. campus. Bike Race , Greek We lt, Mother' Da, , and livery week is something special and this time ol the spring brings us around to Greek Wfeek, One ol the very special elections during this time is lor Mr. lXlliBOC2, Most liligible Bachelor On Claniipiis. Naturally, the main require- ment lor the uindidzites, sponsored by each house, is that they be single, neither pinned or engaged, and the typical bzuhelor. All types ol campaigning are done, and niziny lavors are passed out to :ill the girls houses, the legitimate voters. Greek VVeek also includes a speiizil kickolt banquet at the Moose Club, exchanges, open houses and Illio- Olympics. The lzttter, held on Friday ol the week, brings lorth the best chariot pulling teams around. The lraternities build an real chariot, choose a pretty maiden to ride in it, and then drallt their lastest running pledges to pull it around the Armory track. The final event of the week is I.F. Ball on Saturday night. Mr. Mebor is announced-won this year by Al Gerstein. Pat Houghton was named queen rind wore ll crown laiden with fifty some lraternity pins. Mr. MEBOC campaigns bring peppy jazz sands as this out on Wright Street at noon hours. : 5 iilww Y 2 , A ll' L .. Qzrffmy K, J . ..- 5' QP . , , E IQ F I, .1 a, I", . T171 N w 3515 ' ' "i:i"cA1 "" 4 Y 1 4 Q, 1 ,lvl sly. rl .,.4f" 'r. ' 'N 1, fa X' , - fi A 'Q' . A 4 ,y l ,. f ',,..f .1 ,dw 1- , , . ,I 'fi " 'fn' "- ' 9 Ii' , I 7.1, 1, Y A competitive nonprofessional sport during the spring is the fra- ternity Bike Races, which are sponsored by Delta Upsilon. , ' ,WW Q O O A young man's fancy turns to baseball in the spring, just in 9 time to get in practice for the annual intramural games. "Eye's Right!" Air Forze men. and don't get out of step because your mothers are watching. One of the many events of Mother's Day Weelcend is the ROTC Review which includes marching exhibitions and the presentation of special awards in recognition of top service men. ff, fx 67 Will portrayed by Jim Wallace tells listeners about his trip to Kansas City, where everything is up-to-date and where "They've Gone About As Fei As They Can Go with their modern gas buggies telephones, skyscrapers and daring "burIique" shows, Rodger a d Hammer tein' "Oklahoma", Highly Here on the tsznnpus, we set aside the first May weekend :rs Mother's Day. The mothers arrive on the ezinipus on Fridzty or Sztturdziy and live with us until Sunday. During this period, there are many events :ind traditional activities. The weekend is lull ol bridge tourntnnents. serenades, "look alike" contests, banquets and inerriment. Spring Musical is just one of the traditional events that oct urs on Mothers Day. It is given on Friday and Saturday nights :ind is consistently one of the best received events ol' the weekend. Last year's produc- tion ol "Oklztl1om:t!" wats no exception. All who saw it. enjoyed it thoroughly. The comment that the niusiczrl was "very prolession:tl" wus Il tribute to the time :ind ellort put forth by all those connected with the show. Another ol the various activities held on this week- end is the crowning ol the Mothers Dzty Queen. The Queen is the personiFtcztti'on ol' the ideal Illinois co-ed. She is chosen on the hzisis ol' her beauty. personality :ind poise, activities :ind scholarship. How olten do we hear, though, :titer the lztst mom has gone, "She wore me out trying to see everything." Hut we :ill were happy to have Mom here for ll while. 68 3. 'r- . ... ,. , .,. I ...Q I . q wuirkg - 6 1U'-i"N - N W 1. ' 'X'-V F ' 'N i MM 4. P i Mi ,, . . K 1 If V g 1 f .4 , of fa I I Q 1 X, l - 1:36 'l-tail' or l 1 ' I 0 . ' M ai I l , 'l i t.. , i i , 1 f l -X553 f i i fi l Q V, ,. , 4, i l tl fi if J Al ij .I fm.. ' The peddler, played by Raoul Johnson, believes himself quite Lovely Carolyn Meadors, our i959 lVlother's Day Queen, ac- the ladies' man and often tinds himself in very hot water, companied by her charming court, proudly displays her trophy. Prai ed a Brightest Event oi 19 9 omg When Laurey discovers Curley, he is with another girl. The girls sing a song vovving never to sigh about a boy vvho has left, for a man is only a man among men, and a girl can easily forget him by getting herself a new dress or by washing her hair. J Tradition Come 81 Tradition Go- ....,,, 0, mn. Mrs. Saul Gelman, Illini Mom, reigns happily wih her son, Wil- liam, on the platform at the Mothers Day May Queen ceremonies, Modern campus is a lar cry lrom what it used to be when lreshmen all wore beanies and the seniors had a prom. Regardless ol the changing people and their clillerent ways. a lew traditions have survived. The tapping lor honoraries has lived down through the years. lylortar Boards still go tapping in the night in their black caps and gowns. As the campus grew and there was more competition, Shorter Board was added to recognize more ol the honored senior girls. Ma-X'Van-Da and Wai-N11-See, senior n1en's honoraries, have endured changing times. Now instead ol sipping cider through a straw out at Dunlap Orchard Qnow the Paradise Innj, students find relaxation in TGIFing, the Friday afternoon beer blast, and precede their Hnals with a Waiter Fight. Even Alma Mater was changed into a white laced scoling beatnik and paths were worn across the middle ol a grass hlled quad. VVhat's happening to the "younger generation?" Not a thing. It's just that an alter-noon at the Lake ol the Vlfoods or a ride in a top down convertible is more a part ol the modern day trend. Students are still human and in the end they proudly march in the traditional gradua' lion processional to receive their diplomas. ,, , sf.,f- N f.. ,,Mg-.Q-.saw . 5 "3 .i V ,1 x N 'A W !3?f',ggmy-r . img V- , V 3 hf-:aft-K ' 429.1114 fc . 9 wwf- 991 . 1' . ,111 1. Pranksters keep the physical plant busy at work reviving our traditions. B!!! I ' Ill! r -Ag. r is Enduro the 'hanging Times 'le' -V V 1: ,,, " Ri 'VVV l ,, 'va I . .. .,,s. ., Q . 1'-rf lid, , f- .'. fxj. A ' h '.i5?,j2l!.l N . . lease i - ' , 1 ,gf-1 D0 I lily, l . ic 5 ' , , .Lu L. . f' lktj -' , Dt, M, , ing, g ,tr-'avyf A if ',slt?'i.qff'fzQ-fbiiflft " f lf55fQ'ff??5"53-fi'A 3202 V- 955 . N7 gyfakiffi. gl P is arg-tfv.g5g.j-,i,i,b?d,5,?,, My it i I. F", i .,.f,j,-, mi 2 ,-in -L .1 Y V' , if V...-Fw 'V 'Q 'aff' "- ara? "if fi , , W ,, -ef?fg,!f1w,f':.,i '. 5,73 4 -q,J,i, i - r 4-if A ,V ff: I M y Iffyfzm 4 'Q ly 3:5 sa-gig!! 4 4 ":1,7'.ff a.,a"fr 3' 3521 git? 292' ' V ' :gi-rf-fi: ,gafj,.,,WgQjlLw fv yjrf .. .. . , , . . i"l'z, ' """f""t -A 26 de Mayo was the prewarning ot this year s water fight, The tradition, however, V, was somewhat squelched by the University administration and the Tribe of the Illini, 5 -"7gf'1lsgf1Qi.'gi . ' A ' .J 1. '11-"rl fa , "A true Illini never cuts" is the old saying. Often we need a reminder! Down through the years has lived the tradition of the Mortar Board girls, senior activity and scholastic honorary. The week before lVlother's Day weekend, their song can be heard as they come tapping in the night, fulfilling the college dreams of 25 Coeds. '7l 41 ..,L.:.i.,.... Gr dimtion ark the End of Way l 'ving Mommie swirl dfidrlv and daughter, foo, are dressed for the graduation parade, On commencement day, everyone feels the excitement ol rlwe nwcrnenr, lor il is rnen we leave the Universifv and venture nntp the world. We leave with mixed emotion. 72 It I the Beginnin ol Our ll e ol L-arnini Nix 3' 1 ,. ,Nb in 'Xml' ' x i M. 4 " swf! We sit in the stadium and listen as degrees are conferred to us, Our University President, David D, l-lenry, is a busy person at lt is a solemn, yet happy moment for everyone. commencement, for he confers all our degrees. ' . ' . - Hmm.. .5 Weather permitting, we receive our degrees in Memorial Stadium. This academic procession is the end of learning at the University for most. When we enter the stadium, we present a picture of thousands of black robes moving slowly forward, 73 r"v" 5: A Wu"-up-'r"ra t 1:- 'tr by -W -f V 5' 3 .4 ii' V' Louis B. Howard, Dean ot the College of Agriculture, also acts is Director of the Agr. Experiment Sta. and Extension Service. "Illini Rusty," a University of lll. I-leretord steer, captured first place at the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago. Q 81 Home Economic' Agriculture was one ol the main purposes lor the establishment ol this Land-Grant College in 1867. Today it still reigns high, being one ol the campus colleges to otler the most varied careers. Ag School, including Home Economics, is changing its patterns ol education and now oilers nine complete options: Ag. lzconomics, Ag. Engineering, Agronomy, Animal Scienccr, Dairy Science, Food Technology, Forestry, Horticulture, and Plant Pathology. A new advance- ment in its teaching methods is the teaching machine, developed by Dari M. Hall ol. the Extension Dept. Home Economics. headed hy Dr. Janice Smith, ful- hlls the leminine side ol south campus. Home Ec. is the study ol' lamily living, which is today the most complex human relationship. Home Economists often have the hard joh ol convincing outsiders that "Home Bc. is learning to appreciate one's children, art, music, literature. and people. It is a scientific field." A degree in Home lic. is a magic door to good employ- ment in child development, home furnishings, ap- parel clesign, textiles, retailing, loods, institutional and restaurant management, household management, tc-aching, and extension. Way south on campus in the Agriculture Engineering Building, students run various tests on such farm structure designs as this. Ag. Engineering offers a number ot options in power and machinery, rural electrification, farm structures, and soil and water engineering. J. X - Way to an 'areer A favorte time at the Child Development Laboratory on Nevada Street is when the graduate assistant gathers the children all around her for "Show and Tell." Taking a look at some of the new materials and methods used in making House- hold Equipment are a graduate student and her competent instructor, lVl1ss Lorch. X H- . "'-' 'Z6'K "MRL "AN"""" Creating a flat pattern for any dress FlC'sI,2fl'l another one of Home Ecfs spemnl tralnlng areas 1 4 ,J 1, 1 14, ah if 6. Qff +,, lib--+f Tl1af's what it is-a "Teaching lvlachinef' Dr Hall explains nts workings to an Ag student. 75 I a .,, Although his student enrollment is relatively small, Director Leslie Bryan has a big job heading the growing department. The lines and forms of this artistic design make up the University ot Illinois Airport, which is always in use-be it noon or midnight. Expandin I stitute oi Aviation Stars Ahead The Institute of Aviation, directed by Leslie A. Bryan, otlers aviation instruction, flight maintenance, and a professional pilot curriculum to l00 students- within the school and to 350 other interested students in the University. The airport. composed only ol a few runways and a lone hangar in lilrlti, has heroine larger in area than Clhicago's Midway Airport. The Institute has gained a national reputation lor its inany advances, but it continues to look ahead. A present expansion program includes the building ol a one-hall million dollar terniinal building and control tower. The building provides office space for the Ozark Airlines: the tower operates as a part of the Interstate Air Traflic System ot the United States. A quarter-million dollar project to increase the much- ly needed rainp and parking space is also a part of the lnstitute's goal. f - ' V - "ff , V fi , f . , ,. ' 2' 'f' f f. Q 1 V r A . ' ' f Af ,riff WH 'iff ,e,.,a 1gg Qfe to www., L f i f t wif. 1,3 57' 1511195 M gmt ,rr fi . i ' W 11,1 gm ' -1 .,, L' ' ' t V "" 3 ' ' ' ' ' -- .. ., i . f, . f r f- 1' fs . V . '11 , tw 13",f:':,1f , , -- f ' ,. '2i:,g.s1,j szgygi. ,ef V.. ' 3 H ,. q- s yy:-2 if ffm Y T- if . . use-'wt r ' 3, .. f- G " ' ' t'e"' ,f t,f ssv .ef ""r't 'W :--r "4" r 1 iii ' ,Q .V . 1. il ' N W M537 'A QL' ..-i f ill' V 'z S ' A ' l :raise ,, .Q ' lgiffgiff ,,f'1':.i f QW fi?-,Q - hs , -H 1 1 "' vw. ff 'iq .-Q -1. ., . '1f?'3.:"3f?l' Q?" 5515 3 'Q'?f?2, L:.f .W-. . . Q , 0- -fe 0 "'-...ues 1... Tx 1:-5 ,, . ff. ""'-:"i':"'A aff ' W il' S5 I ' A 1-sf. l A -hm. ,P Z.: t v N Q4 The Link Trainer Room is where students learn the basic principles of their Flight Instruction. is- B 'K A 'Wir A 21.53.-'..' ,, , ,,i' ,I ,. . y -W-V5 W ,' -,W sytywli ,A .r 4,'l,s?!,L 3- M ,, -'V 1. ' .. - ,. wa- 1 -t . ' 751, '9g5j.g,ii,gr.L55,L:-,,. ' - the--' .Tl Q- ' 13' 'i'R'l6l?l . WMW "RE'l' 'H' W!"h.z Y' 1'mVaB. The acting Dean of the College of Education, C. lvl. Allen, smiles, regarding a group of books, the tools for education. College et Education Increases Re eareh The College oi liducation prepares our potential leaders for their teaching ol special educational serv- ices. The school offers curricula lor elementary teach- ing, industrial education, home economics education, and education lor exceptional children, mentally handicapped, deal, and hard ol hearing. The cur- ricula draws on the broad resource ol the University lor general education. Graduate courses are offered for development ol appropriate Fields ol specialization. The percentage ot' people in the held ol education has increased nearly one hundred-lold in the past ten years, and more are turning to teaching. Over halt' the students enrolled in education are in ele- mentary education. Research. a major lac et ol the work ol' the college, is increasing its programs greatly. University High School provides lacilities tor testing and developing new programs. The School ol' Education receives many land grants to aid improvement. RW ,,. , f i If , ig - y ? s tie A Pictured above is a class for the teachers of exceptional chil dren, including the advanced and mentally retarded ones. f Vf7'f6i"1fA V , . l Through this door, that ot the Dean ot the College of Educa tion, walk educational leaders of the present and future. 77 t T7 ' ' l y gi ly if wb Commerce Aim or he Well-Rounded Education ht One ofthe many professional fraternities of Commerce, Alpha Kappa Psi, celebrates its Founder's Day Banquet. Other professional organizations connected with Commerce include the Society tor the Advancement of Management, the Marketing Club and Insurance Club. David liinley Hall. better known as "D.K.H.," is one ol the busiest buildings on canrpus. It is the established lzinclrnark ol' the College ol Com- merce and Business Aclnrinistration. llrrougli training in nrodern business practices and in the lundanrentals ol' economics, this col- lege seeks to develop in its student the abilities necessary lor responsible positions in business and government. lt ollers a unified program of basic studies lor lreshrnen and sophoinores and a variety ol fields ol concentration for juniors and seniors. 'llrough the lactual contents ol' many ol' the courses are directly uselul in specific' vocations such as ac- counting, banking, selling, and teaching, students expect to serve an apprenticeship in the fields that they enter alter graduation lronr this College, il they wish to prepare themselves lor higher posi- tions. XfVhile concentrating in a special field, they are required to select courses ollerecl in other col- leges and schools ol the University and to secure as liberal an education as possible to avoid the nar- rowing ellects ol' OVCl'SlJCCl2llllZiIlflll. The program lor the first and second years is organized around courses in accounting, and eco- nonrics, inatheinatics and science, language and literature and speech. VVhile this program is de- signed as preparation lor the third and fourth years ol the curriculunt, it allords a well-balanced com- bination ol studies lor those who are in college sa only two years in preparation lor work. Dean Paul Green serves both as Dean of the College of Com- mercc- and Dean ot the Graduate School ot Business Administration. 78 lug, Tl This typing class attests that education nn the Colle merce involves prachcal, as vvell as theoretxcal learning, TWQWFW lm 4. sl HHH Ill Mm IMI emma ge of Com- In the computer lab commerce students I am basnc fun damentals of lullful operation of many busune s machnnes lx' l Vg 'lhe Illinois chapter of the Marketing Club sponsored a three-day trap to Induanapolus tl-as v wr for the Durpos of seenng marketlng principles studied an class out Info operation on the job. The bus was full, even though the fr p lo gan at 7 I5 on a Monday mornnng I l I Graduate engineers insp recently installed atop the l ect the focal point of the moon beamer, The moon beam deflector provides an excellent opportu- Electrical Engineering Building, nity for students to turn theory into practical application Rapidl E pandin College of Engineerin Adds During the course of tion of this instrument to 80 P...- ...J-vi their studies, engineering students come in contact with many cleyices. Here the instructor explains the opera his class, Through demonstrations of equipment the students gain a comprehensive picture of the course. N ee V . . , . , , lllllllllll l.. l'.Xt'lIll. llvgtn ol llu' Lollvsii- nl l'llt'lllt't'l C W 45 FN ing, hats tlu- tesponsilmililx' nl luxuling mu- ul tlu- lgnsu-sl . . growing mlt'pgnalnu'nls in llll' llniwisitxx lit. l'.x't'iitt is the l'rt'sitlc'nt ol tlu' loint l".tIl'li-lilil llonnnilliw' on tlu- ' , . . , . , hiitwcv ol the l'.ngnu'i-ting liolt-ssuin: lu' is on tlu' .Xile visorx' litlliililllltl' lor llu' l':uilu Missile llangi' ol tlu' , , . , . ll. 5. Nzlrx' :nul on tlu' .Xrinv mwntilu .Xilxisotxt l'qnu-l. lhese are only it Iew ul Dr. l',Yt'llllSIIl1IllV nitc-it-sts, lint they llllllfllll' his C'lllllllSlll5lIl lin' tlu' i'llglllt't'l'lllQ ptolvs sion and its tlevelevplitelits. Dr. Everitt visited Russiqfs tezuhing gnul i'esegiril1 ine stitutions lust Noxteiiilrer zls he pzntitipnteil in :in exe change progrgnn sponsored by the ,Xnu-ruztn Society lor Engineering lidiuaition. 'l'his year Dr. liveritt was in- vited to visit Greenlgnul to see the "DEW" line, the Distance Early XiVgirning raulztr piiket line, which looks across the poles over northern Clginzulxi, Alziskzt. znul Greenland :ind wztrns ol' the ztpproauh ol inztnned :tir- crzift. Dr. Everitt enjoyed this trip in December. This YCZIIJS plztns lor the College ol' Engineering in- clude the construction ol' the Nuclear Engineering Building, located behind the Physics Building. The building will house at nuclear rezutor, which is expected to be installed and operating in early spring. An elec- trical radio telescope is being built as ll joint operation between the Electrical Engineering and Astronomy Departments. , V'7l4flf'5fli7 ' .w:' ,M Dean William L. Everitt. who has the responsibility ot heading the College of Engineering, examines test models. uclear Building and Install u leat Reactor Students in a mechanical engineering lab conduct efficiency tests on a model central station electric turbo-generator system. ig ix ,All 4, . t I ' . . .8 .S it , . Mechanical Engineering staff members perform neutron experiments with the aid of an uranium light-water reactor. Sl nivtrsity E ten ion Compo ed ol ine cation Top notch organizations are the keywords ot the Audio-Visual Aids Service, the vvorlils largeit education tilin lending library. I A reflection in a foreground lake or in the minds ot people who have attended conterences at Allerton Park find this Typical scene. 82 i A i 1 fern.. Associate Dean Stanley Robinson, acting administrative head ot the Division. checks through one of their many tiles. Heres a division ol' the University that has no latulty! This is absolutely the truth because members ol the latulties ol every other college on campus participate in the Division ol University Extension. There are nine particular set tions to the department: Ql5 Short Courses, Clonlerences, and Institutesg Q25 Correspondence Studiesg Q35 Extramural Classes: Q1l5 Audio-Visual Aids Serviceg Q55 Music Extension: Qti5 Engineering Extensiong Q75 Polite Training Institute: Q85 Vocational Testing and Counseling lor Adults: Q95 Information Services. En- gineering Extension has a Firemanship Training pro- gram, too. lfltitl marks the twenty-sixth year ol service that Ex- tension has given to the University. One ol' the inter- esting Iatts about their teaching is that it is done in classrooms throughout the state. For many years. Uni- versity Extension has maintained Allerton Park, and last year just added the Evergreen Lodge there. The facili- ties at Allerton are used lor dinners. conventions, and ramps. Te beautilul grounds and interesting imported art works provide a popular place tor students. The lact that Extension covers so many areas keeps their oflice a popular place. ln titutc oi Go crnmcnt And Public Aiiairs ls Public cr icc icr All In addition to the litany Colleges on the canipus, the University also provides services to llllllly organlations. One ol' these services is the Institute ol Clovernnient and Public' Allairs. This service is designed to Iurnish inlorrnation and collective data to individuals and groups and government and state ollrcials requesting various types ol aggregate data. Graduate students are employed by this ollice to do field research and process the data to the clillerc-nt levels of government as well as other groups. A leaturc- beneficial to students looking lor enrploys nrent in government is given by the Institute. Olten, the Institute acts as an agent between students interested in governmental jobs and the jobs by providing in- lorrnation about these jobs. . 1 1' i W,- !4,,-fr" Director G. Y. Steiner has a massive chore in heading the assem- bly of data in the Institute of Government and Public Affairs. Labor ntl lnclu trial Relation In titutc Aids Us LN.,- Over the desk of Director Martin Wagner flow the many prob- lems confronting the lnstitute of Labor and Industrial Relations. ,X branch ol one ol the lrelcls involving reciuired study ol sociology, psychology, rnanagenrent and other re- lated lielcls is the Institute ol liabor and Industrial Relations. The Institute is broken down into three distinct divisions. The first area is the teaching by the case-history nrethocl, using students enrolled in the Institute's pro' grain. Secondly, students and Iacultv are eniployecl by the Institute to do reseach on problenrs that currently lace labor and industrial relations throughout the nation. The third area ol' the Institute's work is joining in extension work within the state. This entails organizing, preparing and teaching courses to interested personnel lrorn all stations ol business and labor, so they may have a better view ol problems lacing thern. 83 4 i h cw f lg QV M " ' cg 5 ' . l X v 1 . f fag "A x W F.. my N 'i 1 'P N X V .1 t X 1 Dcan Wc'llcr Lilwl- llnn' Hlll livin ln-. in.niy ilnln-a .ix ln nl ul Iln- Qnllf-vw .il lnn' null Alwplntl All-. In n'l.ix ni lnx Ulllu X Rx L'-. .X lntcrcztcd.'1ri'S?udCr1l'5 t.nvl.illx xlnwx .1 p.i.rwtnu, nw tlk Xi! t' W. ' - 'Mila' :ii Ilw -Xitlnlt tin linl lni N-l 'llln' llulli-gm' ul l"inn'1nnl .Xlrlmlim-il .XllS, :nlnlinislc'l'c'cl ln' llmain ,Xllvn S. Xllvllc-i, i5 inn- ul lln' lwsl cullvgvs ul' ns lannl in lln- mniiuiv. llnsurllc'g1'4vll1'lxunlrsvs in mln- IM-lmiliin-ins ul .Xiiliilmlim-, .Xll, llily Plqunning, .nnl l..ninl:.1gulw .XlilliI4'illllt',1lIl1l in lln' Silninl ul' Music. .Xlsu inilnnlm-ml in lln- iullvgc- gnc' lln' llllllilll ul Coin' nnnnlx' l'lgnnnng, lln- Snignll llunivs Llnnnil, :intl llic' l'nixc-isilx' Ilqnnls. , , . , . . In lxm-'ning will: lln- lliiiwimilys Illllgllllll nl giving num' :nlx'gnni'1l IllNlIll' lnnn In i'Xit'lllIUllLll slnalvnlx, lllc' Silnml ul Mum nlli-is lln' Illinois Snninn-in Yunlli Mnsim. lllllgllllll. l"ill1'c'n lnnnliul l:ulc'nlc'cl liigli silmol lllllSli slnslm-nls nmx' Lille-nil lln' llliixlm'ls.ily lin Iwo NlIlIllIlL'l'S .nnl nut-nu' lnll tolli-gv in-mln lin lln' unnsm-s llicy llzivv lgulwn. Iwn nvn' lnnlilings, lln' lxiqnnivil ,Xii AlllSl'llIll, an gill ul Mi. :intl Mis. Ili-iingun lillllllll'll. :nnl ilu' lfinc' :nnl .Xlililii-tl .XIIS llniltlings, slnrnlml lu- lniialnwl soon. lfczi- lnivs ul ilu-sm' nm'n' anlclilnvna ln lln' cznnpns nnlnilc at glgnmul in lnnngc' lUllllL'lllllL1 lln' Iwo lnnlclings :incl an t 1 1 lt'lll'tllllg lmnl. Sinn' lln' .XII lll'll1Il'llIll'lll lms vaicullvml lln- .Xlllllll'lllIIl' llnilmling gnnl inmul lu lln' nvw lniilcl- Illg.lllC'UlllNlllllllll1'lSlll'lllg lISl'llSUl1'Y lin'gnl'c'l1llCa'llll':il Llllll LlllIllllllSllllllYl' lniilmsvs. Ilmnning lln- aanninis will: luis Iii'csciiu' :is ai visiting lblUll'NMll llns wgn nun Sginnivl Mllvi. lln- nunwl pznnlci' gnnl AUIIICIIIINIILIIN' 2llllSl nl Nvw Yurk lliiivcisilv. This lithograph in the basement ol the Architecture Building enables .nt btndents to print the sketches tlwex draw in clam. 1 swung' . 4634 u ic, Architec ll 0, and Art Included n lllll h f this beginning piano class drills som rt h r stu A music instructor explains the fundamentals of theory in a The teac er o ' I dents in pitch while the others play the notes on the piano Course which is required of all students in music Currucu a. P ' ' f r a recital are tour talented young ladies, members ofthe department of music s harp ensemble This ensemble and many ' ' ' h h t th ear rachcmg 0 other similar instrumental groups add to the cultural offerings by performing tor varxous recitals 5 r ,ff gf , Q l 1 - 4 . ,, . if la A ' 5 t 'X 2 7 7 I f K 71 t M f f f 4 yr fl . il , P I' ll l 974,57 11 Wil 112' i'-5i6Hi Ifr,1l ng 'ixxx Y. +A s.. " vx --H' 4... ' -'f few f ll "" ll!! IWQMK.. Journali m and Communi ation College Change 4 2 Q 1. FF 4, f rf' ' ,MM ln the college's two-year program, degrees are given in Ml the advertising, nevvsfedrtorial and radio-TV fields. In the basement of Gregory Hall, a clatter of typewriters denotes that the reporting lab is in session and students are creating again. J V '4 I 1 v s wg' H. A 0' V ,ee. 1 X This weird-looking Ufinlcerftoyf is the schematic diagram of personality. An The typography lab furnishes students practi- important part of communications is its effect on personality. cal printing experience on a limited scale. 86 Adverti in , Editorial and Radio-TV Programs 'l'his year, the College ol .louinalisrn and tioiiiiiiiini cations lorinalifed its program in the .Xdx'eitising, News-liditorial and Radio-'l'V lields. 'Iliis College has ollered at degree in lournalrsin suite IUQZ. but it was not until last year, that the loinlal division ol the held was made. The College ollers both the theoretical and the practical plus some "on the job" experience. The courses that are taught in the Radio-TV lield, lor example, involve working with 'l'V equipment and producing TV shows. The college even maintains its own Radio-TV station, VVILL. Students in prolesa sional fraternities ol Advertising and News-Editorial have an opportunity to display their talents, also, lor Sigma Delta Chi publishes a newspaper once yearly and Alpha Delta Sigma pledges have to sell "sand- wich" board advertising to be initiated, Each spring, outstanding latulty and students ol the college are honored at the "Brown Derby" bane quet. One of the main attractions ol this show is the skits put on by the laculty and the students, which are satirical sketches ol' laculty as been by the slll- dents and vice-versa. r l i l I2-ff! In addition to his duties as Dean of the College, Dean Peterson still takes time to teach some Journ courses during the semester. ,was v 11, . ,,, , , 44611 A 'J A ..--I -uid... ,Q In this copy and layout course, practical experience is provided, In this course, as in many of this Colleges courses, practical applie Cgfion ig made of the principles taught. The experience gives students a taste of the problems they will be meeting in the future. 87 -- i ,,f -what v ... ll! . ttf: L... 'lm l a ily' ., ,,..w: . ti ' f s ' sf 1. -Aff 'tv' f' if :. ,L -- my Q . 1' an 1' ff 4: , H A Qi Al lx: li A 4,2 1.1 gi - - if .. . - ' ' gk Q vi 'AEK fl' CF' 1,4 4 Q , v lf, he s 'Y ti + 5 f 4' f l! if Y' it K1 P S i ."l"l:liZ',pL4Tl5 ,. r,f,mf.r ' ,1 i,,, i l ' " 7 ff '-5 l i'-vi mm '91 Vl lu' gpjxvtr' 'I ' ' ,. M I L -it 5 'li fi pil? ' .UQ wi i r, ', X 5 f ja , 4 it 2, l f gffli ' --' Eats .1 ,. ,-. i "ha gi .. 'sg ,,?'1gi - L ff f A M , . v.,.. 'Uv ' 1 Kr' L , -. .M , fs .-s, l i vw Um, -aww-am '-. W- ' A . as .i-.41 xi-'A' vs f 1 s.-c..3I i if t f-:rw 1 . ,l j ,A ' g,.'1'M"'L1ytff Q L' f alt?" A -111. y ' I ' - , .,'-'li Mila- :..: 3. Q '-lfilfi 52" F1 ' grl' 4 T,Q?.f fl' Fw ' 1 1 . ..s.s..,,. v .3 iflllvw .. xlgwsy , W- N -- V , .,..iJ.i-. VMH Q U la 4 i l V ' Qc? . i l f Wil Ugg. in .W lv, f A i 2 eww J LW' .:. "!l'lll" j ..,. M 5, QSM ""'VQf i, .J .su 1 r.J J Z like L- ' , E 'V Q ll l Y I . 3 5, . -. 35 3 . 1 . gg-. 115.5-':.'v .' ' x .JV i 5 J , . Midi ...wr misfit! E ' Wg . 'LQ 4 . .imgzvfipl ,Af all. 1 i at wa gs2uxx?1zmiq'2xv'f ' V W ... l Lil ' 3195: etinfzs ':.f..,: .. ,,, it ':::mi5r.4 ' ' i- aww.. 'flak'-iii. ' ,Q ' I. ,r.f..3yyz3', Q Ev - ef .Bty5..,Zf" f',,g..'Qs .. X iam! Trai 5 ff:-'!Q'fw1...i. ' :-lf'?21'f1 4 f af yu. 5 f 1 N35 ' 'Hal 243: ' 4 ,M Q, ,- f. wg The Law Library is one of the mast complete in the country and Law stu- dents make considerable use ot this quiet, vvell-lit part of the Law School l This small ante-room across from the law auditorium provides a comfortable place to relax between classes. Law Students Find 'wiv Law School with its modern design makes it one of the most beautiful schools on the campus. The School, built tive years ago, is located on Pennsylvania Avenue and the only complaint many students have about school is its distance from campus. 88 lllt- IH-Ugllllll ol viluigilioii iii l..iit .Niliool is Q rt " ,,W,,,. tlisiussioii tylmt' ul lciiiiiiiig iiigiiix iiiiili-t gl.ltllI.llt's :irc cxlmoscil to. Nliiili ol tlii' lisiinitig iii llii' school is dom- In thi- iiisi' liistinx invllioil iiiiil ,.. i . , ,, , h . 4 . . i . ttaclitions .mil aitixilics. Unit' tigiilitioii is thi ...vo- tions iitiluili' lllllllillltllllg with instructor will ol ii the claissrootn on the littzil ilzty ol ilziss, mock coourtisoom trials :tml Moot Cloiitt. Moot Cioiitt is designed to give lreslimen in Isnt' cxpi-iieiiic in umtirtrootn policy and ptoiceilings. Une ol the highest lloiiors ol Law School is :iii 2lCliC'lJillllQ'C ol gin iirtii le written lot' limi Fmsuni the 1Hllg1llillC put Hill lay the school dealing with CLlT1'Clll legal prolmlems. Students writi g mi 'W the best articles are selected its laetiuiiiicnt mem' bers ol the stzilt. ,Xnother honor is to lac selected MM-Nanny, as one ol' 21 tezim ol lUlll'N1llLlClllS to clelmzite lic-lore ......-- V at Supreme Court in the spring. Selection is made on the basis ol perlorinzimc- in the Moot Court ul Ulf! Law Schmil' Dean R. N. Sullivan heads the Law School here, from which many ot this country's top lawyers and judges have been educated and graduated. duoation in imulotoil Court Room Proceeding . in Students are given a chance to show their talents as prospective lawyers in these mock court room trials and hearings. The tribunals of judges are men who have great knowledge ot the field. This type ot experience is invaluable to the student when he starts his practice. 89 With the lztrgest increase in enrollment on the Urhztnzt iziinpus, the College ol Liherqtl .Xrts aind Sciences made highly importzint ztdvainges this yezir in se.erztl dillerent ways: ai new lsinguzige Lzthtirzitoryp ai new program ol' "honors" courses lor superior students in :ill classes: and at new ztdvisory system in which ezuh student has an in- dividuzil adviser, at long needed progrznn. 'l'he new Lzinguztge litihoraitory hats grezttly improved instruction in gill ol the modern languages. Equipped with the most modern electronit devices, the laboratory is used hy hundreds ol students each week to perlect their speaking and understainding ol' the six dillerelit litnguziges taught in the college. Measured in terms ol total impzict on its undergradu- aite students, prohzihly the most signihczint development in I,.A.S. this yezir is the guidance system which is pairticulztrly helplul lor incoming lreshmen. Faculty members spend time helping students work out ai pro- grzun, overcome ziczidemic dilliculties, :ind plain careers. Systems :ts this have worked well in other colleges, but hecaiuse ol its sine, it was impossible helore in I,.A.S. lncrea in Enrollment and De eloping ariou The typical lecture section shown here appears only to be the instructor talking and the students writing, We have all been in this scene at some time We wait for the bell and our attention shifts from lecture notes to clock-watching and planning for after class. TTC W?HiE?iF "' ' A1 . fm' f Instruments such as these characterize the modern trend in educational research, a changing and motivating field in itself. '7 l L I I' ll . I ' - 1 1 f n I . I l I 1 ' 1 XXX il 2 'l 5' A l l i Xxx, X 'fl l 1 5 ' , x I I 1 ll l ' , ,Nom X Q fa 2 - ' X . rx N - lf: I I ,l . . l 4 Q hal' 4 l 'l s l A l l Q 'Q ul 'i ll Qu r. V ' l r qw. N Y- in W 'W A if ilr: 3 A R YT 4 K M A 4 ' 1 2, 1 A 4 ir 1 it 0 A' , 7 2 M 2 1 ' L' . Q ll 'K 1 Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, L, l-l Lanier, heads one of the largest divisions of the University. Pro ram De crib Advancement in LA lt's a new language laboratory! Professor Birke instructs students from the console at the beginning of a half-hour session with mod- ern language students. Those in the front rovv are studying German, those in the second row French, and the third row Russian. ES' ff? ' E 7 '71 V " r , -:egg 35gQ.,, 4: , x 5, T' ' E ,., 9 I Liberal Arts Add W School ol Lite cience 'ilff' - Ke: Q? W 1 c 1' tl l 1 X I ,misfit Observing some interesting Petri Plates in the spore laboratory are mem- bers of the University Board of Trustees as they tour the new structure. 1959 summer school students in bacteriology lnow called microbiologyl had the privilege ot initiating the new modern equipment and laboratory. 'V 5. fyiff' at .'l"'1.-A "nur As students looked through their time- tables this past lall and checked where their classes were to be, they asked, t'VVhere's Burt rill Hall?" Sure enough, there's a new build- ing and a new school on earnpus. The School ol Lite Sciences includes the Departments ol Botany, Entomology, Microbiology, Physi- ology, and Zoology. No longer will students ol these classes have to crowd into the old Natural History Building which was erected in l8El2, the last nrajor building for life sciences. lfVith all this new space. plans are being made lor broadening the research division too. Dr. Halvor O. Halvorson. chosen director of the new school, headed the Bact. Depart, tor lO years. Down Mathews Ave. stands the building named after a great U. of l. botanist, Thomas J. Burrill. 92 Librar Graduate chool ork lor ll oi s Every student at some time during his tollcgc days will go lo the library st-elctltg help lor his studies. His wishes should tome true, lor await- ing him are one hundred thirty prolessionally f trained librarians to guide hitu to any ol over three million. eight hundred thousand voluutes. ln addition to the eleven special rooms in the main library which are devoted to zt total ol' V seventeen dillerent fields. there are sixteen de- partmental libraries in various buildings throughout the campus. The U. ol' I. Library School recently changed its name to the Graduate School ol' Library Science. This school was founded in 1893 in Chicago but was later brought to a new build- ing in Urbana. ln 1897 the school moved to its present location on the third floor ol' the main University library. Since the lounding, over lour thousand men and women have gradu- 43 i, ated from the school. The basis ol' the depart- , ment is to train students lor careers as pro- ' fessional librarians. The receive 'ob offers in Y J public schools, colleges, Llnlversltles, research libraries, and other special areas. The Library School Library was designed especially lor the school and contains more than twenty thousand bound volumes, twenty-eight thousand library reports, and thirty-live drawers of vertical files. The Library School is the oldest of its type in the United States. A Dean Robert B. Downs' official title reads "Dean of Library Adi ministration and Director of the Graduate School of Library Science. A typical class discussion as this could be seen in one ot the many class rooms on the second floor of the Main Library, The students you see could easily be graduates from colleges in California, Maine, or Alabama, as the School is known throughout the country. Q.. ' " 'iwii T .J . ' " ' . ' II you want lu lx' ll l,llySlC2ll hd. ll'lllll1'l', il 111111 li, ll city 1'1'1'1'cz11ion direc- ltlli, ll 'l'V p1-rsonzalily or "Slim lllltl 'lll'lIll,H ll hc-z1l1h llllll sulc-ly nlcpzirtnicnt h1'a11l, or even Rl lllllllt' 1li1'cclo1' ol ll l5ro111lwz1y IllllSlt2ll, than Ll Illiljlll' in the "College ol Pliysiczil Elllliilllflllu is lor you. ll's hccn ll "College" since l957. Buck in N32 when Hlllillllllllln wore lmlooim-is 11ml miilcly blouses to ITE., thc ilL'lJlll'lllli'lll began 115 11 "School" This College may lCC'llIllC2llly bc new, but it is hzml lo miss on 1'z1mpus, for it touches almost :1ll lout' 1'Ul'llCl'S. On the north siilc is Ol1l Mens Gyin. The Eng- lish Building, once "The VVOIHCIIVS Building," still pioviclcs thc lzulics with ll gym Zllltl swimming pool. On the cast is the xVUlllL'll'5 Gym lllltl wg-'vc 2111 lJ1'1'n lo H11ll which horclcrs thc west. BL-si1l1-s 1ox'1'1'i11g ll lJl'Ullll lllllll 111111, the College ollciis ll lJl'U1lll prograiin lo slu- 1lcnls Zlllll hog1sls lhc laungcsl cm-olhncnl in lhc ll.S..X. Physical cl llllers Serious Stud and Fun To Dean Seward C Staley has been m st faithful to the College of Physical This little chap finds it fun to learn how to use EC for hc was form rly director when 1 was stil a CC oo nature 5 materials for creating his own artwork. .,,.f., 1-1., ,M,,..-,.,.,-f Tho Program ol tho Grodttott: tohool ol' Soriol orlc lnoludos Classroom and Fioltl lnstruoliorr llre School ol Social Work. unknown to sonic' people, is lor gracluates onlx. Dining thc- two yc-at prograrn ul classroonr ancl lrelcl instruction, thc' gracluates accluirc- an unclerslancllng ol the social ancl econonnc aspects ol the society, ancl a knowlc-clge ancl skill in nrtc-rpc-re sonal ancl inter-group relations. ln orcler that stuclents can better unclerstancl cure rent problenis ancl cleyelopinents in the lielcl ol social work, the University has set up special relations with public agencies ancl instituticnrs. By stuclying within a realistic situation, they can acquire social work skills. These various institutions proyicle stuclents with inyalue able experience in research ancl constitute rnost ol their lielcl instruction. .Xssignrnents are given to stuclents on the basis ol their eclucational nec-cls ancl their area ol interest. The specilic projects inclucle Clhilcl XVellare, Family XfVellare, Group Serving Agencies, Meclical Social XfVork. Rehabilitation, Psychiatric Social XrVork ancl Public' Assistance. A stuclent may specialize in any ol these lielcls, but the curriculum is clesignecl to enable the stuclent to ac- quire a hroacl unclerstancling ol social work. This School places emphasis on learning the behavior ancl organiza- tic'n ol incliyicluals ancl groups in society. pooial Sorvioo Divi Director Frank A. Bridgewater's small but mighty important hcadquzrters are on the second floor of the Armory Building. 1 X l llfxxl V l ' ' V ix? , VH ,X . v tt r,.4,,,. 3 Director Marietta Stevenson coordinates Classroom and field work in the School. ion oar lt Domi ol ltltill will rnatk the last year lor the Division ol Special Services lor XfVar Veterans on our catnpus. 'lihis unique curriculunr was set up soon alter XfVorlcl N'Var Il in orcler lor returning veterans to secure a liberal college eclucation. Stuclents have no longer been allowecl to register in this clivision, lor its purpose has now almost been exhaustecl. One nright say that the clivision cloes custorn nracle curriculurn work lor the nien ancl wonren veterans, lor each ol their scheclules are tnacle particularly lor thc-rn. Stuclents nray take courses in art, engineering, connnerce, horne economics, or whatever they choose. This enables thern to pick up college creclits where they neecl thc-tn without going through a complete speciliecl proe grain. This personal attention has proyecl to be a great asset to the veterans. Naturally the clivision is quite srnall. ln lact. there are only til enrollecl this year. These stu- clents will either gracluate or change to another curriculunr in August, liltill, when roorn Zlll will no longer he open lor service. 95 MJIGTNW il ,- F " , -sf. 5-fs, 1. at Il? W I1 is if. , fy ' . .',Q.lY, 'T' '.' I 4 it: . c 'sag-,,a V ' ' ' s-swell . -. - ici' ffiffk ' 1 X ,K ,, A,,, , . - . 'U' gi- LZ' ' Centinueu Pre ress Key Expan ion lor eterinary Medicine Although the College ol Veterinary Medicine was established in lilclcl, it is not a new-comer to the campus. Courses in Veterinary Sciences were ollerecl as early as 1870. At the present time, the number ol' undergraduate students en- in rolled in the college is 1545, the highest number in its history. VVith expanding enrollment, the college has grown in two clireceticms-lacilities and courses ollerecl. Recently, a Federal Grant was received for a new Zoonoses Building-a secure isolation unit Dr. C. A. Brandly, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, heads all phases of the college-teaching, public service and research. lor research ol' diseases transmissible between animals and man. The use ol radioactive materials has created the necessity lor new courses in the college and courses in radio- phsiology were developed this year. The col- lege program also includes service progrzuns for animal disease detection and diagnosis. An operation on a bull's eye is just one of the public services offered by the college. Last year, the ambulatory clinical services han dled 29,lO3 animal patients. Facilities for handling the animals include both a Large and Small Animal Clinic here on the campus. 'I'ht' Clrziiltizitt' tlollvgt- tvliith Iiqis thi' Igngvst vn ' " 'ui I 1 i'olhnc'nt ul :int llnllvgt' nn tht' iinnlins ollt-is stn tlcnts :itlx'zimt'tI stntlx' in inginxi ililluiviit lit-Iils ul . ' , f . I I lcztriniig. .Xs thc' lit-lil nl niain s Itiinwli-iligr ini lt'AIst's , so cln thc' iniint'i'uns Iicltls nl giaiiliigitt' study, Int I I work :incl iecsegiitli is ht-ing slum' in gill lit-lils nl science :intl ant. Oltcn thc' wink intlntlt-s thi' tving tngcllltfi' nl lt'St'LIltll tlont' in ont' lit'IiI with its ztpplicaitinii in lllltlllll'l' liclil. Quilt- nnlilw tht' lllNICl'gl'1ltIllIllC colleges :it Illinois, gimltizitc' uillvgt' tlrziws its sttitlcnts lioin :ill owl' thc' nzttiun izitlit-i' than inziinly limn this stiitc. lXlqiny stnilt-nts iii-tui'n to school tiller work cxpeiiiciiie. ' Although earth College hits its own giziiltiquti' ml- Iegc. they :ire :ill nnitetl nntlei' thc Giezttltizitc Unl- lege with its nlliie loczitecl in the ihilininistrzttion Building. The grzicluzite lllitlglilllll ut lllinnis is one of the best in the country clue to its orgziiiilzitioii. All Phases oi Higher Education Co ered in The Graduate College Dean F. T. Wall views the campus from his office knowing thai anywhere he looks, he will see a part of Illinois' Graduate College. Graduate students increase their knowledge of A nuclear reactor. resembling the one in this sketch, will soon be built on their subject by close Contact with the instructors. campus for further graduate research in the field of nuclear physics, 97 Tiling .1 Nh. J 1 Miriam A. Sheldon, Dean of Women, takes time out from her many responsibilities to enloy a cup of hot coffee. '7v'.,f'v'T'. , M155 DOWSE Eunice M. Dowse, the Dean of Residence Ha1l Counsel- ing, has a large number of girls under her guidance. Mrs. Beth Hinchcliff, the Social Adviser, works mainly with the many activities of the modern college women. 98 The Dean 111 omen 'lihc 1111111'1's on tl11' lnrsl 1111111 111 the south 112111 111 the linglish lilllllllllg XIII' known to 1111 11111111-11 51111161115 ol the 111111'c1's11y ol' Illinois, lo1111e1'c is wl11'1'1' 111111 1101111 011VV0lllCIl 111111 111'1' 512111 1111111 on their 111111111 xery 111111111't:111t serviws to 1111111 111111413 ll girl! mllcge 1111ys 111111c etijoyzthle 111111 l1e11ef11i111 to her. The 1312111 ol' NV111111-11 111111 h1'11 ztssistztnts :nec respottsilale lor llll' ge111'1':1l lVCll11l'C 111111 thc 11111-ol-1111ss lile ol' the 111111e1'g1'111111z1tc 11111111-11. Tliey 1'1'1y ll1CC1'1lllly 111111 willingly help i11 these ill'61lS ol rcspoiisihilityz i1111i1'i1111111 coiinseling on ge111-11:11 prohleiiisg l'ClCl'l'1llS, w11111'e 2llJIJl'UlJl'l2l1C, to 11111611 oH11es 111111 se1'vi1esg gmitp nclvisingg 111111 lJCl'S0l1l16l services lor wo1111'11. They 111511 1:1116 ll special i11te1est in p111'ti1111111' problems 1'o111e1'11i11g Ll wo1111111's 1-11111111io11, x'11111tio11, CllllJlOylllClll, 111111 lmiising. :ts they 11111611 1111111 the general e11111'11tio11111 11C1'11s ol 1111 5lLll1Cl1ls. I 7051,-A Mary E. Harrison, Dean of lndependent Women, helps promote scholarship and good citizenship through Women's Group System. Ann J. McNamcra, Dean of Freshmen Women, gives a helping hand to both the freshmen themselves and their very competent advisers. vw 's . MUN, M1111 erve All 111 S 11115 V0111 111010 is Ll 11011' 11110 111 1111' 111-1111 111 M1-11's 1 011110. 1501111 linux. 111111 1111s 111-1111 111 N1l'll All L1 s1111111 1111 10g0 111 011111, is 111111' 1301111 111 N1l'l1 11i'1L' 111 1111- 11l11Y1'ls1IN 1 111 111111111s. 1110 111111 1115 511111 111 111111' 115815111111 1101111s 1111 Very busy 1111'1111g1111111 1110 10111 l1C1'1111111111g 1111110s 111 111011 1 1'0sl101'11v0 p11s1111111-. 111-s1110s 11011111111 111011 s111111-111s 1v1111 111011' 111'111110111s. 111010 1110 511111 ll1L'L'11l1gS, 11111-1'y10ws, 10104 111111110 11111s, 111111 ll 11111111111 111111 11110 111111-1' 1111l1gs 111111 1111151 110 1111110. 111011 sll'1N'0 111 110111 s111110111s 1111111111 high 5111111111 ship. c1116 11101111s 111 11111111111111g 11 is 1111'1111g11 1110 11111111011 111111 set up lllllflllg 111lll5111g g1'111111s. 11XS1l1L' 11111111 1111 111C 1 job duties, 1110 11011115 11116 1111vis01's 111 x'111'11111s 111'g11111f11l11111s 1111 61111113115 s111'11 11s P111 E111 Sigma. 11111111 is 1110 11'0s111111111 11161115 111111o1'111'y. Yes, 1116 1361111 111 A1011 111111 111s 11ss1s111111s I 1 2l1'C very busy, 11111 1110y 111w11ys s00111 111 1111v0 111110 I111' 011-'5 111111v11111111 w1111 110011s 1111v110 111111111 111111r1st lllly 1111111011 5---w Ln-rua 11 , hun: 1 . ' 0 , . 1--ff, '-3-0 . swag ' eu if A l 1 mmmms I a -Wi 1 n y :sun 1 1 a mama 1 1 u 1 a 1 ' 0 1 1 U Eldon Park, Dean of Fraternity Men, consianrly strives to promot friendly scholastic competition among the various Greek houses. 0 This is the first year at the U, of I. for Panhellenic Adviser, Joan Cochran, who is busy directxng the activities of Greek women. li I 1 1 1 1 1 nu-qw, , Carl Knox, Dean of Men, is signing one of the many papers which pass through his busy office each day, SW Y 1 , ', ,:12i, ' 11 ' A' ' '1 A Q Robert Culp, Dean of Independent Men, helps to pro- mote good scholarship and good vv111 among students. 1 -0 'B' A new position in the Dean of Mens Office is that Q1 Richard O'Leary, who acts as the Dean of 1V1.I.f'-X. 99 he 1111111 0 S 11 11115, the Busi st 01 Th m I1 N-1-.,,, ini... TRY' ri Pausing for the picture are left to right, deans Robert A. Schuiteman, Assistant Dean for Foreign Studentsg Fred l-l. Turner, Dean of Studentsg and Edward E. Stafford, Associate Dean of Students. They captain Room 152, a popular place in the Administration Building. 1'111w well 1111 we know 11111' 11e1111s? Wfe see 111e111 at 11111111 houses. 11111111r111'y lJ1l1lllllC1S, 1l'6S111ll6l1 week spe1'1111es, 111111111er's 112151, 111111 water fights. 11' were 11111o11g the top s1h11111s1i1 gltlllll, we llllly have the 11l1I1111rt1111ity 111 re- XX 1eivi11g tl1eir 111-rs1111:11 11111gr11t11111ti1111s. X'Ve may he 01 1111111l1er sl1e1i11l gr1111l1 111111 go 111 see ll1e111 111111111 "getting 111111K l11.'l 1Ve'1'1- llXV1ll'C 111111 theres 1361111 r11l11'I1Cl' w11e11 it 111111es 111 115,13 1111ssi11g ll 11111 1111' ll 2 1111111111 night. 11's when l11L'Sk' 111111111 111-1isi1111s 1111111' 111 It 111-1111 that we 1111' 2l'lX'lll'C 111 the 11111 1-x11111tive 111 11111' 111111p11s. 111-1111111 the s1 C1165 t111111gl1, 11111. 11011118 11er1111'111 21 great llllllly se1svi1es 1111' 115. riwlllillllgllflllt the y1-111' they're always 1111 the go. giving spee111es here 111111 there, l'C1I'll1f1l1g 1111111- 1111'11111ers 1111' 11111' i11s1it11ti1,111. The 111111151 papers 111111 l111ss llllklllgll their 1Jl1'11CN 111 the ,X11111i11is1r11tio11 1311i11li11g 1111' 1111- X'2l1ll1llJlC t11J1l1l1lCl1lN 111 1ll1'l11Cl'1l1g our higher e11111111i111111l system. 11 it were not lifllx their 111111111-11-111 1111111i11is1e1'i11g 111 the te11111i111l 111111i1's 111' 11111' Every day Dean Turner has conferences with various students Mlllml' l" ul l' would he ln clmox concerninq aspects of student government and discipline. 100 Oiiice oi Admission Record Admit i ' .i I 'QA z., Y, 2. f,,i': ' A V gig ct ' S15 ufwrtk i f 1 'ffkycklb it- " L-fs. f. if! 7, la" - WK 1 E 2 95113 tidbit i s i i iraq i -1 z ' Jr-wt' I 1 .,.. , .L My ,A S, gg . r .4 ' 1 'I 'Q . ' ,,,-KV G14 9 ?T W ffl gf 4 .,.+1.5vf'f 85.51151 'X i ' . , -Af fmerfx Vw SAM i "- el, A 1' 20,219 .. , fi-ii-'-if i-' .2 r i " I-'FJ rd"'W""""""""'YW"'i, -, 1 I. .fi -"T "'i" 1 l l i l l "l :.'54,e. n I 1 4' 4 9 t , Charles W. Sanford, Dean of Admissions and Records, stands by the statistics on U. of l. residents from Illinois, proving a high per- centage of the enrollment. Champaign County claims 2,368 students this year, with the Chicago and St. Louis areas running close behind. This past lull the Clliziinpuign-Urhtinzt Cziinptis was busting out all over! Literzilly, anxious coeds were living in the study rooms of I,.A.R. :ind some were even over in McKinley Hospital. This went on about the First month ol' school until ll lew ol the not so anxious college prospects pzicketl up :ind went home. leaving their rooms lor those who were cznnping Olll. 20,2l9 wats the highest enrollment yet to go through the hustling Admissions Othce. Added with Chicago Prolessionzil Colleges 2.2l8, Clliicugo lIndergrzid's 4,lN37, and 3,778 students in lixtrzunurzil Courses gives another :ill time high ol' 30,282 lor the University ol Illinois. Most ol these students were Illinois citizens, but 877 were lrom loreign countries. The Othce ol Admissions und Records is it spectztctilur place to see. It takes supreme planning :ind orgzinifzition to keep twenty thousand transcripts and one hundred thousand class cards in their right place :it the right time. IBM has certziinly speeded up the old trziditionzil hand filing system ol not too long zigo. The Administration Building corridor looks familiar to every- one vvho has paid a bill, gotten special permits or dropped a course. lOl '777 37411 40' rp- These five Illini alurnni are the rnain-stay ot the Alumni Association-their officers. Standing are C. E. Bowen, secretaryg Paul K. Bresee, treasurerg Roger Pogue, second vice-presidentg and Willianw Carmichael, first vice-president. Seated is the president, Stewart Daniels. lllinoi Alumni e till cttive After Graduation ,Xs soon its grzicluaition is over, we step into the ranks ol gin gilunini, but we :ire not lorgotten. The Alumni .Xssocizition c-xtencls ai lree twoeyezir membership into the ,Xssoc'izition. XXI- airc' lhc'n pzirt ol thc- more lhzin HL500 cluc'-paying illllllllll. Our .Xlunmi .Xssociailion is one ol thc- lzirgest ol' its lcincl in thc- country gincl hcis, lor H7 yeans, servecl zilinnni :incl stuclclnts hy gittclinpting to lniilcl gi better University. One ol the principal Iunclions ol the Associzition is keeping, aicc inzitc- clzitgi on thc' Itltttltltl plus lllini sczilterecl throughout the worlcl. ln inzinv cities oxen the country, there :ire Illini Clubs which zirc' spcmsorecl hy the ,Xssocizition. The purpose cal thesc' clulms is to luring Illini together lor lellowship :incl coopcrzntion on proiec ts ol gtssistzince to the Uni' versity. Scott Tyler, thc- c-clitor ol the "Alumni News," pre- lornis the lunction ol coorcliniiting zincl compiling inlor- inzition qiliout ziluinni :incl current University hzippen- ings into the .Xssociaitionk newspaper, the "Alumni Gmc, Miami. ,lmmwgw Comem Wim members of me Alumm News" which is issuc'cl eight times cluring the year. Association. l-le sticgiznirded Mr, Bowen as an executive director. 102 A --ff Wk ,vrff Us J we 'Z tt, 'Q SF ... AA? " , p f-V l X ' af sww QQ N 41 il J V Dining from left to right: James G. Thomas, vice-presrdentg Charles C. DeLong, assistant treasure-rg Joseph S, Begando, assistant to preside-ntg James C, Calvin, executive directory Charles E. Warwick, secretaryg Amos H, Watts, presidentg and directors James B, Campbell, Harold F, Cvlanr, William A. Marsteller, Eugene D, Funk and Joseph D. Ator Uni er ity oi lllinoi Foundation Recruit Fund Vitztlly interested in thc gem-rail ctluczitionztl :intl rcsczxrcsli ln'og1'1nnsoI tht' University ol Illinois, is this zictlvc I'0llIlilLlllHll. lt is an nonprolit torporzition :intl acts its at money gzitlicivt' lutt the llliivtrrsity. Two ol its piaogrznns nic tht' Illini rXLlllL'X'CIIlL'lll Ifnntl :intl llit c'o1'po1'1ition's uiitlowtiiclit Inntl. The serviu: that the-v provitlc gives great oplroituni- ties lot' men ol rcsc-antli who ncctl grunts in oitlt-i' to curry out their tztlc-nts. llicv not only axial sgitattlttutc students but ttiiclcigixitls too. ligich ycan' the Fonndgtw tion proviclcs scliolgnsliilis lor stumlcnts who prow thcntselves ol excellent ziptitutlc :intl neccl linzintiul atssistznice in ottlci' to tonic to tollcgc. Another one ol the l'. ol I. Fonntlzition's interests lies in the cnritlnnent ol lilmixnay resotnccs. They 5 c'zn'i'y on ll spcrizil progiznii ol collecting voltnnes to I J f 4 ztdcl to the University l,iln'4n'y. QA ,. Manny special lnoictts go tlnougli their ltatnmls, in- cluding incmoriails lor mln-it-nsctl iiictiilx-t's ol tht- Uni- J " versity stall. ii Amos H. Watts from Chicago often makes a trip to Chanta paign-Urbana to offrciate his lob as president of the Foundation. IO3 aww" 'll 133' 0 F" fs, ra,-,.,44' The Health Service in the familiar Health Center on Wright Street is under the auspices and direction of Dr, O. S. Walters. At one time or gincrthei. :ill ol us will lieccmlc uc- ciiuiintecl with one or inure ol the clelxirtinents on this page ll we lc-el sick, the Heznlth Service will try tci cure us. .Xltlicrugh we may not come in clirect contzict with thc- Plrysicail Plant, we zire ziwgire crl its inlluences in clean llcrcrrs zincl newly pziinlecl l'UOlllS. f-,i4,-f Q 'B Director Miodrag Muntyan is in charge of the University Press, which recently moved into its new location West Gregory Drive. Another service ol the University is the University Press which prints inztny ol the textbooks. lzib manuals, pamphlets :incl hulletins we use. The Oflice ol Public' Inlorniziticmn serves us by clisseininziting publicity C011- cerning the University :ill over Illinois :incl the United States. Our Universit Con tantly Stri e to erve Us t W ' s,.cK"l'l 'ill' ' 1 .e,f+'xil' 1 , 2 Q t., ff! V if wki A am ll V ,-gmt 1 c , ' V' ea Tj jf -',' ' T , 1?55?4 :Ji I r - ,..' M' i .4. l 6 it Director S. Havens is the man of the minute every minute of the day, lor he is the head of the University's Physical Plant. IO4 cl lglr. All of the publicity for the University is channeled through the Office of Public Information under control of Director C. E. Flynn. i ,, .5 F l ra F Gordon N. Ray, Vice President and Provost, took over the duties ot President Henry during the latter's trip to India. Heading the administrative stall ot the University is President David Dodds Henry. President Henry, unlike past presidents. spends much of his time in an effort to obtain lunds lor the operation and expan- sion of our campus. During the past year, Henry spent two months in India to loster human relations Pre ident Henr Head i l V r l 1 l l 9' I i slap, In charge of allocating all University funds is H. O. Farber, who holds the office of Vice President and Comptroller. and study conditions there. Vlforking tlosely with Henry are the two vice presidents, Provost Ray and Comptroller Farber. Another ol President Henry's duties is to meet periodically with the Board ol Trustees, the group which approves all appointments and makes decisions concerning University policy. Admini tration Oi icial Assembled for a Board of Trustese meeting are lleft to rightl Wayne Johnston, Timothy Swain, Wirt Herrick, Mrs. Frances Watkins, A. J. Janata, Kenney Williamson, David O. Henry, Earl Hughes, Harold Pogue, Richard Harewood, Howard Clement, and George Wilkins. c .......-., ...Inari-'r'-A-. .rf-wwf-1-tw---Wmmswsxe-wav' 1 :za 4 LJPQI V E R S lT'Y CD F Il.L ITQ CDI S December 2M, 1959 OFFICE OF THE PRESlDENT, URBANA ln interpreting University traditions, the T960 ILLIO presents a theme which will remain interesting to readers through the years. The traditions which first come to mind are those which are most readily identified, the colorful, contrasting and sometimes humorous aspects of college life - pep rallies, parades, and organized games are illustrative. Sheequon, Boneyard, Block l, Chief Illiniwek - to name 8 few - are memorable symbols. '- r which in There are other traditions at a university, howeve , ccurately a reflection of the fabric of campuS many ways are even more a life and have deeper meaning. ln the following lines, Illini poet Mark Van Doren was speaking of America's myths, but the words also describe our greatest traditions: nGigantic on the path, they never speak. Unwitnessed, they walked through every hour.H Traditions, like Mr. Van Doren's myths, are in the ways we think and feel and take things for granted, they are Hour folkways, our habits of which we are unaware, the unachnowledged forms of our life as we live itu. At the University of Illinois there are the traditions of aca- demic excellence, of great teachers, of intellectual discovery, of pride in state, region, and nation, of aspiration for the best in all aspects of life. There is the tradition of warm fellowship and human interest among students, faculty, community and alumni. A thousand activities and programs - from Union dances to Honors Day, from Student Senate discussions to Forum lectures - are also a part of the traditions of the University of illinois. The TLLIO itself is a wonderful tradition. To those who have had a part in the production of this volume, I give congratulations and thanks on behalf of the University. ' To those who are reached by this ILLTO message, I give most cor- dial Illini greetings. Sincerely, iT5Rv-141, Q3 "jwLlVL?i President, ,W , 1 , ' .943 R Y Uma? 'if' YY ff W + S' 1 4.4-""" 108 3 '.-2' ' kg' Xz' o-,xxx XX .""'15 f ,ff ' f-rig!! un....,YV K ,-.f. ,N -Qs:'X-s Xv vgix'xf W A v 1. -.Q-,Ll Qv Vw Y Af, T"--. .,QT""Qv X' F-4... ,-f" ff' 1221.4 FRATERNITIES Q ORITIES DEPENDENT HDU ES i 51r tx i s LX c L i 111 1 its Q c X it' , "'c'ncl's.""' ' ' ll Rtllllllll tlllt'-lllL'l'Cltll'L' il scciilccl vi' 1 Q A - - es .' :J slat ' K, . i. i tllltl was quilt' at siglit-:tml the CIUWII- X New Q ,N .Y ,. P, , I Lg. , , , ripple in lim' muutli. wats cznrriecl in im . f' si plziller by llk'l' It-lluw pledge sisters. At l lion tli:it'll be lizml to live up lol , A Ann Ferry, president "Well, for heaven's sakes, lookee what I found!" t i Alpha Chi llmegas Succumb to the Lure ol Ancient Rome la l Q rf" Top Row: Sharon Sweeney, Margaret Belsley, Mary Aller, Winifred Mofield, Anida Miller, Alice Fisher, Anita Getman, Suzanne Martin, Sandra Schwab, Sandra Thorton, Jean Wedberg, Patricia Wise, Mary Houser, Louise Darby, Cheryl Potter, Janet Meadors, Suzanne Roche Fourth Row: Elizabeth Hewett, Mary Manning, Anne Ferrell, Patricia Boughton, Peggy Kurzweg, Janet Ellis, Patricia Allen, Joyce Williams, Helen Culkin, Susan Base-dow, Judith St. Clair, Katherine Mueller, Charlotte Scoville, Carolyn Curtis Third Row: Helen Dangerfield, Ardith Lamps, Lucia Andrle, Janet Reeves, Nancy Pierce, Mary Inwood, Ann Ferry, Mrs. Daley, Nancy Dinnella, Posemary Just, Kathryn Manning, Jean Brurnmer, Virginia Temple, Sharon Williams Third Row: Joan Agrella, Kathleen Ecller, Barbara York, Suzanne Jordan, Joan Wedberg, Mary Shryock, Donna Wene, Nancy Fleck, Jean Jordan, Susan Hotchkiss, Nancy Noll, Nancy Inwood Bottom Row: Frances Paulsell, Susan Arnold, Pamela Petry, Susan Olson, Jo Wooldridge, Marlene Yontz Not in panel: Sonia Alexander, Elissa Weaver, Katherine O'Brien, April Appelquist X . Y ..,, .. N... .W , N-xx 455' A J , . ii '- J .ij W czgll E V3 gifs "1" V - V7 llO i 5 V . ' . - - -f fe ,M , . ' ' 'K f -755,5 'ff V! , YA , -4 4 yH'F!' vi. s 'W . 4 . I ill -1+ , 1 Q li F. .lv nu I ,,,.-W r - usa' w 7-. 'f"7 Xt4illlllllj.QlU.IIl,xlll'ISUlli.1,Ilillllllll I s ilivm ln, llii- 1QlllS .nr Iii-giiiiiiiw lu wumlvi' liiiwi-vi-I il il s llul HX Ilii llic'l'i C.lii inqisriil, lllqil Wiilll 'Liss llrviii ln Ili' sm-ins In Ullllby lulliiwiiug llii XlDl'i's HII sllultplllg siniis :illil waillili-I me into llll'll ilrvssiiiu, Imntlis' .Xs il ilugs :ni-n'l 4-iiiiiigli, llii- ,Xlll'i symlml is llii- liung luckily llii- gills lizivi-til uiillvn :iiiruiiil lin taking in inn r . nl llll, iiingli- rails lin' iuriipgiiiimisliipl ,Ks llli A, i ,N l so Ilia- pier-nits im-vilznlily tvtutn In ilu 'M ' 1 :M ,fXlll'i liuusc- 4-vviy yczii. ll si-c-ms :is il ""'-.QQ lltc Alplizi lJk'll1l l'i s will swim ln' spun- suring an wilillilc lL'St'I'V1lllHIll Yep, the ADPi's are sitting on top of the-wall! Barbara Keough. president ipnii Delta Pi' ima Dog and Fowl Lively Compan Top Row: Judy Tibbetts, Mary Forestner, Virginia Pagels, Marianne Burgbacher, Genevieve Glass, Peggy Parks, Eileen Hoffman, Marianne Burke Fourth Row: Patricia Billings, Carol Singer, Sandra Olsen, Jean Hashbarger, Sharon Martha Jones, Mary Gaitens, Bette Grifhth, Judith Stader Third Row: Linda Lingle, Georgia Ford, Sheryl Clayton, Mrs. Hart, Margaret Dempsey, Helen Wittenborn, Gail Dent, Patricia Gorman, Sarah Turner, Arlene Panek, Judy Ent Marcia Daehn, Linda Mann, Joan Sanders, Karen Olson, Nancy Grant, Ina Gaines, Nancy Mees, Amy Thomas Bottom Margaret Liddicoat, Lois Hogrefe, Judy Barton, Mary Kromer V", . ' 35' Sybil Burgin, Nancy Klindera, Janice Edmundson Garman, Judy Elliot, Rose McMullen, Ruth Britt Mary Tews, Barbara Bornhoett, Barbara Keough Second Row: Drusilla Simms, Brenda Gleason Row: Susan Ent, Janice Stiller, Nancy Harlan .,,,. 'L Ni? , ia 'f 5 fs ' ' - 'W N 'J - .. . Q iggxfx ffiig fl ,af ' 2 it ' fa'-r W W5 ' V 3' K l A i J s i 1 4' if V , af V N g 34" -J -1 W 7 4 t 'W ri ' 7 ff va cz. G' W' 3 ' X' 'sir ' ' S ' ' 2 M " - ' , " t . ' I 1 ' X4 A N O Pg' B W, -.2 73' r' .. V ,. Q i, f., ' " '- 'A , ' u 4 4 ' 'ie' A 4 ' 4 gl if 4 J f l I G 1 , N 3 -r' X 'jp f - , 'K A L A A ' ,aw-,, ---. 1 t t W f .4 ff r M . -3, ,4 4 'I' f I , :W , . 9 M , V, , 1 32' 1 ff , 1' J ' ,, ii ' " "' , frjf ', .- , ' 7'-K5 ' ' ,I 1 Y ,lg ' ' i 7 'r ' V aw: , X il ,,,, rx r - X ' ' 'fa ff' if 3 f y . ' , ie leak P- 1 H: gg ' X Q ,vi N M1 ,, 4' i N . t 5 c r , its r ' '- -1- W 'W ' f l i ' i X ' J " 3 A. W1 'r" ' 7 lll - swallows ii-iinii In Cin misiiziim, s gms 066 ' U - -,ra ,f -1 'A i sw- ' 5 ffffp J 'VP i v ST Y? J ,r...,rt, ,W RG Z 'N JM e W W. t 4 in K Nr f . , -f-, , . 2 , ,f- , , , , ., ' 4 w rr' V: , Top Row: Carolyn Bookey, Judy Fegenhols, Marcia Kahn, Barbara Smith, Terry Libman, Beth Zisook, Geraldine Sharpe, Betsy Salk, Bette Garber, Joni Rabens, Leslie Marks, Adrienne Kole, Rochelle Rosen, Donna Palast, Myrna Eiserman Third Row: Marcia Rubin, Nada Rubin, Joyce Haymes, Emily Lapin, Arlene Bush, Barbara Oettinger, Maureen Zevtiz, Myrna Deutsch, Alyce Cogan, Rosanne Rabin, Alice Freedman, Jackie Benson, Barbara Gordon, Bambi Roos Second Row: Gloria Edelman, Vivien Durbin, Dorothy Loebl, Joanne Rotter, Barbara Golden, Mrs. Mann, Mildred Morris, Barbara Rashbaum, Myrna Rudman, Glenda Schimkler Bottom Row: Margot Stern, Ginger Golden, Susan Rissrnan, Ann Davis, Joni Blumenthal, Mariorie Robinson, Susan Zalkind, Caryl Golden, Judith Berg, Elaine Fink Little Thing Mean a Lot to the Girl oi Alpha Ep ilon Phi Barbara Golden, president As the years add up, so do the AEPhi scrapbooks. Mascots are fun-but they can also be rather expensive to keep around, as it has been lound. But the AEPhi's have lound the answer, they have a stuffed toy as their unofficial mascot! This cute little puppy, a white dachshund, is signed annually by the class having the highest grade average at the time. "Little Things Mean A Lot" they say, and the Korean orphan who was adopted by the AEPhi's undoubtedly Ends this to be so. Not only does the child receive gifts and letters from the gals, hut. thoughtful as they are, they are always trying to make his life hap- pier. He might also be termed their mascot! H2 .Il Y C? y ,a ,'.,,, VW - . g..Q. ,, . - - YYY. , g J - Top Row: Joann Mosetich, Carla Walborg, Terry Davis, Rita Farley, Diana Jecmen, Jane Hunter, Judy Schreiner, Margaret Miles, Linda Mueller, Joan Selig, Stacia Woods, Madge Drummond, Patricia Fleming, Patricia Ludlam, Diann Dennis, Lois Harris Third Row: Donna Gleason, Claudia Thomas, Penelope Groves, Barbara West- brook, Deanna Davis, Elizabeth Hendrick, Susan Hitz, Linda Creamer, Elizabeth Frank, Diana Charter, Marilyn Pulley, Carol Rohner, Susan Lustheld Second Row: Judith Krubl, Jane Allison, Aurelia McCormick, Susan Moldal, Edvvina Garner, LaVerne Young, Mrs. Bruns, Joy Straka, Genevieve Gentes, Audrey Gronert, Karen Arentsen, Margaret Sloas, Norma Foster Bottom Row: Margaret Sprehe, Janet Wolf, Louise Wolf, Theodora Andros, Barbara Elder, Gwen Buck, Margaret Straka, Sara Prillaman, Linda Nolen, Nancy Fry, Sharron Womack, Kathleen Stoeckel Not in panel: Penny Peterson, Linda Bennett Pro ide Merriment ttf Alpha Gantitta Delta Girl sd f awiff Q Secret ,QA tk U And whaf's more collegiate than a hancl of bridge? LaVerne Young. president "I've got 21 secret!" is :1 dangerous line . 't around the Alpha Ginn ltouse-espe cially if the speaker is fl pledge and the tinte is right before the :innuztl lzill magnum pledge dance! The theine ol the dance, which is always given by the pledges. is kept at secret lrotn the ztctives, who nevertheless try to find out what it is. As soon :ts the older members think they've guessed the title. they band to- gether and go pztrziding tlirough the house, singing an zipproprirlte song :ind dressed as closely as possible to whzit the believe the thenie is. At lezist, thzit's the way it happened this wear! ll3 !RT ' Mi i1H'V 5 ni-i.'.+'.cfJa 9, ',, .ve ' J A T 'rs 1 , if pil ,za AM. fkfvl vu X .gag .M i iv. jx My A 11 .a .,x vsp, .V up J? . - wwf .muy-p 9 ff rs. N1 rn- ga .ffzrmg t4..A.:.j-1. fa, , '-v,,'f,'I'5l"-will Sq, -- Eva' tr-f'z.'.f:1.--af WW .a -wak.1.'aMf' . This year Finds the AKA's in a new house, which was completely repainted and remodeled over the summer. This apparently gave the girls something to live up to, as every evening from ten 5' till ten thirty all members of the house wk ' engage in a period olf lree-and stren- li uous'-exercise to retain those curves! Y Those smart gals. 'Y ll But the Alpha Kappa Alpha's have wa f 1 , 2 Q I ,K it proved themselves even smarter regard- ,a,"'l ing their pledge dance. Admission to the dance was either a can of food or a guarter which in turn was used to pro- , vide needy families with a good Thanks- , giving meal. Now, girls, you have to look at the camera! Clotilde Phelps, president as 0 as 9 r 'Q N QL Remodeling I the Password pl the Alpha Kappa Alpha -a X -11, lt T- 9,9 si Top Row: Helen Goff, Elaine Estes, Mrs. Brannam,, Barbara Livingston, Brucetta Hower Bottom Row: Nathalie Payne, Clolilde Phelps, Patricia Cross, Marlene Cooley No! in panel: Claudia Young , V . 47 f , a n-2 13, 1 .. 2 1 5' 1" " A lag: 4 F' ,-1.m.1V.y l I4 V 5 . at , ' aa N ,r , AQ' A' 2, fm Y, " Me. .aw ,S lf' fl Z l f 3 l , 2 l Q l l 5 gl lLl'cl'l' ll0llSk' lllls lts llrills lllll llll' 1 1-qw. If n.:,-.'r-11i4:- Xa-., .X0l'i's ll2lYL' ll lllllllt' lllll llll'llsl 'l'lll-sv girls, sc'll'ill'll WL't'lily by ll lJlll'l'lt lliilsi-ll Yulc, llll' lxllUlX'll :ls Ul'llUlllIJS lil llll' K Nl'ccl4l" llnlv lliws lllll' llllllilx' lllll this lllllmiulls ltnllnr? Nlvlvly lltllltlll' Ilia' LX s lllllli l' 0 ,Xilll who lll'uIlIml il liw :lsll ill llcls llalill. lllbll plglil-ll llil' llQilllll1 IIC 'za' ' -' ' be l'l'UXVlllllU' blow lllilllv lllll llll' slill lil object lli ll l'2llllL'l' lllll XV2lSlL'lJLllJL'l' lDllSliL'l. lll1l1lCill2llCly llllL'l' lllall, sllc wats lllll-il ltll' llllxlllslllg qlllL'l llUlll'S als shc sill-:lllll-ll lor help. Anil lllall, qllulc the lXOl'i's, is how one Cllll cllsily llcullllc Hl'll'0lI1lJ ill the liVeck." Frances Fishel, president The AOPi's spend a typical day in a typical way. Q Grzlcelulness and Charm Accentllated at Al ha Omlcron P lr- T ,lit l jf 3 4 ' L -Af, Top Row: Penelope Kacena, Joyce Hites, Roberta Herout, Joanna Kacmar, April Marn, Josephine Kunde, Jewel Genant, Carolyn Wilson, Patricia Gleasner, Mary Huck, Mary Lou Caughron, Audrey Shaw, Nancy Delaurenti, lsabel Walters, Charlote Tate Fourth Row: Joanne Franck, Victoria Aasbrain, Carol Peterson, Joyce l-light, Janice Wright, Carolyn Franks, Julie Stusrud, Carolyn Babcock, Deborah Wells, Kathy Forbes, Carol Towne-r, Eugenia Smith, Nancy Turner, Polly Benefield, Joan Dilatush, June Fritsch Third Row: Kaye Wendell, Joyce Johnson, Marsha Hanscom, Linda Bond, Mrs. Opie, Frances Fishel, Audrey Cassens, Carol Green Second Row: Elizabeth Patton, Lorna Bell, Patricia Nold, Suzanne Schuettner, Gwendolyn Johnson, Marilyn Piech, Shari Brookhouzen, Robin Hull, Susan Shaw, Suzanne McGill Bottom Row: Carol Hull, Linda Franks, Barbara Burchfield, Judith Hood, Ann Hyde Not in panel: Carol Peterson .d"' J 'fi rg ,,- sc ' ff Q . V, 1,9- , U. y fi-rf :- , Y W , in X7 x W we J N my g 6: .fl P ' z' is 'Z r " . 'Z 4, l' -4? A l lr . " u , J l ' l x f P Q . L ' 1 ' , f - . .. ,J X lf is 'SL - wk' ll5 -vs 1 4 .Xlnil slimwis nigiy bring ilznnly llllli l V :nllili-s like Nlxiy llowitis to sonic lic-iiplc ' aealinl in llic ,Xlliligi Pliis, the onslzinglil ul min nllcn ln-ings nothing but lronlmlc ll sci-ins lliiil, in sinni- ilcliczilc, nncx- plgiiniilmlc- win, lltc' .Xlpllzi Phi iJllllLl sysicin is iniiiicclul lu thc- lzaiscinciit Xl i :any llllv, when llic lower world llnoils, llic lnincrs sinilily gn lmcrscrk. Thus, rznny nights, unilnsiini rciegns in llic Ironl liaillfgi nice' syslc-in only il' yinfvc In-cn :lying ln ilzili' your best lricnils liininzin. 'l'l1c Alpha Pliis cr-lcliiigilc Clnislinzis with ai Sillllllllly zillciwinii tea dzincc- iinilpli-lc'witl1:i piinnznincil Szintzi Claus! Alpha Phi Is Scene el trange Electrical ltccurence Top Row: Lynn Temple, Juanita Jacob, Ellen Brockway, Nancy Heselbarth, Louise Babb, Jane Humphrey, Penelope Johnson, Ann Raae, Janet Haning, Alex- andra Crane, Susan McLaughlin, Florida Barnes, Barbara Calloway, Linda Hibbott, June Magliozhetti, Dorothy Dommermuth Third Row: Polly Condit, Nancy Temples, Jessie Harmeyer, Patricia Bishop, Iris Clark, Gloria Boyland, Gayle Leabhard, Jane Scott, Barbara Miller, Joyce Lebowitz, Jean RatcliFfe, Linda McGrath, Barbara McLaren, Judith Higgins, Ann Jones, Marilyn Markus, Nancy Voorhies Second Row: Merle Gray, Barbara Citti, Janet Schmidt, Christine Kurth, Julia Jenkins, Mrs. Osborne, Gail Hoy, Valerie Downes, Carol Willman, Marian Vreeland, Jeanne Kelly Bottom Row: Cora Eldridge, Judith Spikre, Judith Jacobson, Barbara Farrow, Helen Benkendorf, Carol Petersen, Donna Sager, Carol Benson, Patricia Heiniger, Barbara Danley Not in panel: Doris Pogue, Sharon Meek - '15 ,QW ' we H6 . i . Xiiiillii-i liiiiisi' wliirli liulils iiiiiili iii , l lliiiisi-, wlilili Ilic' ,Xlliligi Xia lizivi' , , ' lili-ilgi-il lu Iii-Iii lliis l,i'1ll. flll llii' li-ss sviiiiiis siili-. Ilii- Allilixi Xik with XVIII lzilu' liliuliigigililis ul sill iiiigillqiiliwl Nl'lllUlS lm llic' liuusv siigili lmulg. 'l'lic'ii-'s just nm- ic-svixuiliriii 1-ziiligiil Illllsl bu siickiiig ii li-iiiiiiil It is fun, for a change, to dress up for a meal. Carol Olin, president Houses and E ent oi Tradition Back Alpha Xi Delta Top Row: Sandra Barnstable, Joanne Eby, Karen Schmidt, Dorcas Newton, Linda Peterson, Sondra Pile, Sally Schorie, Susan Wickham, Patricia Greganti, Susan DesJardins, Vivian McMullin, Martha Willman, Meribel Halcrow, Patricia Riccetti Third Row: Linda Joy, Sally Teuscher, Margaret McDonald, Frances Swartz, Joan John- sos, Beverly Cannon, Joan Steiskal, Bonita Bovvron, Sara Balbach, Barbara Harris, Janet Rogers, Maureen Charles, Jeanne lkins, Judy Serahn Second Row: Kathryn Deneen, Gail Kusencla, Marion Stuenkel, Elizabeth Oakwood, Carol Olin, Mrs. Mann, Anita Lapinskas, Kathryn Brown, Marcia Payne, Cynthia Crose, Janet Zacharias Bottom Row: Maryann Bergmann, Margaret Coogan, Joan Hempel, Connie Barcus, Sharon DuMolin, Karen Crane, Mary Saer, Rebecca Cassity, Kay Vozenilek, Peggy Habermehl, Suzanne Friedmann f' 2 ,V .... ...- , ' 'g -- N i A 1-F 14. A igymafgrilgq ,.21'r.gujar1 ff , i3i, ,,,.,,a., ,,f Ee' gaigl J i :mi 2 'f-fl? i ' f ' "M 6 fa 'ffff if 5 ff. ei ra J Y 9- ,. ik ,fp 'Q T! T N . . , 5' ,WY t'I,l'i5'. A V l' 'I ' A .1 si w in 'L l , 1' "Z 'S , i'-af' . , , il "Y f r: fi i 'f . 'G if , W, . 4 ' ' 'Q K , 4,2 L, X -,. H7 llhi Unit-gn synihol. lrlinvevt-tg the nublt- YZAK liinl hgis, in tht- lust yt-any it-ccivt-tl sonic- ixhit nl iiix ltltl tgillt-il Yugi Bcair. ,X slttllctl 1't'p1't-- ,WY stllllllliitl ol tht- ttlttcl' Slls on thc Chi 0 l'X' sul, il is itiiiiuiul. .Xml 2ll1ttlllL'1' ititnni tlczils with the Iaitt thzit thc bean' lx tlcunittt- tht- lustiuus Valentine that they st-nt lu tht- Phi Minus! lJllll'llllll1ittIJX tht Chi Ok mln iwictil Scitntt Xu nt wiiiwittt- iitttstgniiliiig in the heltl. H8 5 5'?I96, i , 'flff A ,AA7 f at gb , V, git! 'iirftzki tg.: i ,P ..,. aft +.',x,g.i, il'-A .,, ,Q f,,.,.,,, I Q ., .., . l 3 - .H Q, ' v , Y ' ' , ' J 'K " -F C in Q +44 't .sl QS- f ef t 5' , ,Q , ' re . ar ' f agar - ,Q ' ,-. J ' ' " ,s J ff, 531, A .Jai My . V ,Y by km i , "D A Y - ' wwf' 'M zz in W -" I A Q 1 2.1, ' 5' if ml. - Q at M , - JPG-Y I . J ge, J V , , Q5 ,wx , 454 S j x,.,,,X f A r A V, , A A 3' I qi' I 411' vi i 'Y . . A f --f , A v ,wW'-- ' x , 'Y X X ?,.f.1,-4 f " ' M' ---L A ,,,:,ie.LiZ.t..L,-:fQ -77' 1 VPU" A ,. -'fi Y Top Row: Karol Mallovv, Suzanne Me-nz, Joan Pratt, Barbara Brown, Camille Flores, Bonnie Byrns, Sally Blair, Sara Johnson, Shirley Livesay, Carol Carlson, Katherine Wognum, Roberta Abell, Terry Heads, Roslyn Virgifio, Marilyn Williams, Dorothy Havens, Diane Gleason Third Row: Sandra Olson, Heather Hansen, Carol Oyster, Betty Burch, ,loan Gassist, Becca Hosford, Carol Tremaine, Martha Solomgtn, Sharon Crowley, Mary Brown, Melissa Blanke, Carol Feige, Lesta Elliot, Virginia Baker, Patricia Harper, Gay Galle Second Row: Pamela Piszek, Sally Langhaar, Kay McLey, Ann Stanley, Annette Esser, Carol Hay, Mrs. Ross, Carole Stackhouse, Joan Wilkinson, Elizabeth Michener, Suzanne Jeffries, Barbara Patterson, Carol Luczak, Janet Fratia Bottom Row: Kathleen Smith, Dolores Martensen, Mary Maloney, Julie Peavler, Jean Mitchell, Joanne Paulsen, Gail Fox, Verna Mengedoth, Carol Jolly, Ellen Widdovvs, Judith Johnson, Beverly Elliot, Lynn Nail Not in panel: Patricia Carroll, Judith Terp 1 ,-, " J iz it , ,fawjgp .tiiffm 0 ss 0 as 9 a f Mx-,j,54Y" 'li 9 "Wi "M ll 0 I il S l me il il il 0 llilll t if-ga Q ft X' ,lQfFQ'!ffw 'E F ,ilihrgi i'4' 1' f v '.' ' Carole Sfackhouse, president Smart, cute, musical too-what can't Chi O's do? 'l'ht- Uiniinni Owl is, sttppuscclly, tht- tf ill" uxilli tht- "Chi O Main" in tlisgtiist-Y XX'hilt- they tlnn't stipliort gt naitiuntil i - l. ' A , iiixiititziiii E 'Q I 'I' , 'mi - 3 .-, .. , ., I V, . X .P 23: - ze va ' 1 6, i i - 2 ' in ig ,, 'i Top Row: Harriet House, Elin Schunk, Shirley Bond, Nancy Schaudt, Carole Luehring, Helen Roclemer, Linda Layman, Mary Farley, Karen Siegrist, Sue Albrecht, Karol Porter, Ann Feit, Jacqueline Finley, Nancy Wile, Joan Neet, Jane Dugdale, Susan Vaughn, Ann Maclce, Elsie Robison Third Row: Rita Brandt, Deena Bender, Barbara Conant, Sally Tippett, Joyce Bozarth, Bonnie Scott, Lynn Bell, Joan Ellacott, Susan Lewis, Joyce Bullock, Sandra McWhinney, Rita Swanson, Ann Youmans, Constance Peters, Betty Brown, Betty Griffin, Janet S'omka Second Row: Katherine Miller, Janet Walberg, Karen Bergstrom, Carol Robison, Victoria Feit, Rachel Leimbach, Mrs. Gilchrest, Suzanne Haines, Barbara Ropers, Marion Trilk, Roxanna Kentish, Connie Eckman, Darlene Baker, Martha Williams Bottom Row: Helen Speiser, Barbara Baker, Mary Theobald, Virginia Chamy, Karen Dryer, Barbara Baker, Katherine Brown, Sandra Fairchild, Gaila Grubb, Barbara Hermling, Joyce Opalecky, Nancy Owen ot Oni Are Diamond a Girli' Bet Friend, But- ii 'ii ' ,,, 'Q'-1 ,,, V "W 3 . ,J .. . , ,rf N, . 'jf r L -lust wezniiig one tain get won gin in- . 1 - 1 XE , ig, , x xi X P ,X X ff Qt ,af- f A if V vittitinn to the 'iii Delts' zinnngil Pansy , - lm yt, is X , , X . ,Q , lireziklzist. held in the spring earth yezn' Alf tn hnnni' :ill engaged senior wnnien ul A, Ptinhellenit. .Xlter :ill the lntky girls have tziken the teieniniiiatl step thinngli ,gif ,"' --'i - the huge Pzinsv Ring, they :ne tieziletl ,..'f ,., ' ' ' any f tn hrearklzist ginti ll style shoiv. 1' Nlinf thin " keen the f "r' ' if . W, f i . 3 gs I 5e.n .nnnsinl,. 4 including the "get even" aittivities- whith allways nuiipy some nl the 'Iii Delis' tinie. Poor OX, the 'lihetgi tlhi inusmt, olten plays the mle nl vittini- hut then, perliztiis he eninyetl being tinted red lui' Vxilentine's Dan'-at znixi e, the iii Dell s had Inn. .Q-H. . , 'L-W, Liv . ' 'llc 9 .tr sf :lr Q. 1, . 8 'ffl J' 'Q' ings if ca ' V e X . . A .Q a 9' N . G? h 'Q ,N sa., Q is i Q"l 4- Top Row: Judith Lernna, Nancy Gardner, Carol Bruce, Valerie Sis, Dewilynn Woodward, Jane Lueking, Barbara Nlalcolm, Dawn Fairchild, Georgene Leininger, Joan Koffarnus, Evelyn Ebbert, Patricia Pulsford, Joan Wilson, Mary lsel, Letitia Edwards, Gail VanDeventer, Ellen Powers Third Row: Mae Mirto, Barbara Goeke, Nancy Kircher, Charlotte Gallati, Judy Bush, Constance Helding, Judith Mankowski, Judith Redman, Lesley Simmonds, Susan Langston, Judith Shannabarger, Loleta Ander- son, Sally Trinkle, Ray Cochran, Christina Shaw, Sharon Burdon, Nancy Dixon Second Row: Cynthia Peterson, Karen Kobes, Judith Warren, Jenna Vaught, Barbara Burdon, Margery Hamilton, Mrs. Robinson, Jean Davis, Donna Moran, Carla Kogan, Carolyn Stucker, Claudia Joslyn, Lynn Fairchild Bottom Row: Deborah Dancey, Carol Kozeny, Judith Stearns, Nancy Mikolas, Judy Barber, Barbara Mueller, Geri Harnish, Mary Richter, Karen Bickel, Gayla Krouse, Marlene Lodato Not in panel: Nancy Fahrnkopf, Katherine Kariher, Judith Stephenson Stair a to the Star Grace the Delta Gamma Hou e Q When in doubt, the DG's know what to lead-trump! Margery Hamilton, president One of the most engaging features of the Delta Gamma house is its quite lovely spiral staircase, which runs from the first up to the third floor. Impres- sively lit, during rush, with candles held by the crooning DG's, this stairwell also has its attractions on Friday evenings throughout their year. At this time, the DG's gather around it, again, this time to sing sorority and fraternity songs. Thus, .1i"'gA .4 My Aa. this architectural feature serves as a uni- fying factor, almost as much as does the mystical "Hannah, my Delta Gamma," the spirit of DG, who appears in many of their songs and skits. Q gum ...wa . ., ,JMLHEX - - 'Z 'va ' 1 CP. 4' . i, B cr? , , 4 l i iii ' ie L t r i Wil rf it lf if f ' '17 1" i' i 1. 1, : x . , ' - s lg , ,V i r ll li' ' V . , ' er f at J J i all ' i V 17 L , N - ' ' " ' , l , if ' 4 l, Q E xl , 4 X I V' , -' X 1 l l l i t l "' .A 1' ' f if X 1 '-I 'I' yin, ' , J Q. ,J 5 ' m 3, -5? 'T ly! L , Q 'J l 'L I ' . A .4 ,M 'lfJ, ff fl, ff 1, . - - . J' EJ fr . , i lt fwfr ' . i L' 'EP' 't 1 ' J ' 1 L J sg " . ' 1' U A LQ, ., rf l L X1 A Qi Y V ' ' ' tr ,lg L- H, 1 ' . ill , ,rxf L , M'..f'. rl - f NL. wi ' 1 g il' . f s ' Q .t ,s f 2 A y f ea 7 ' 9 ' ' -es f it ' if . , '-1 4 " tt? il i V: 5' .4 L' - 1 I 3" Tying V ,T gil i sf I ' .- of s i . 6 .4 J A 5 A 2' l',7' t 4 .- 5' e .Li I.: v j, " f'1 X Q Vg, ' ,fri-1" ' cl' -P ,L F , K . f V AL, ' 1 t "J ' "-'J if" , , Nl! , . f .f fu 4 I, il ' I . . I l t l 'L Cydnie Shapiro, Rosalind Novalc, Dorothy Don, Marla Tarrson, Top Row: Roberta Wilensky, Susan Brown, Donna Blumenthal, Millicent Gordon, Pam Cohen, Brenda Zwick, Joni Cherbo, Lesley Duboe Third Row: Marilyn Dubinsky, Rhetta Ruttenberg, Deanna Bloom, Bonnie Harvey, Bonnie Winston, Joyce Rich, Marcia Farber, Carole Millman Second Row: Nancy Berman, Sue Greenberg, Deborah Rothholtz, Maxine Poslosky, Deanna Africk, Maris Freed, Leigh Nathanson, Barbara Hoffman, Roberta Natker, Elaine Jesmer Bottom Row: Linda Newman, Gail Friedman, Marilyn Sidon, Marlene Mansfield, Carol Rubin, Karen Lasker, Susan Levin, Merle Goldberg, Karen Elkins, Diana Stafiln Not in panel: Mrs. Golan, Linda Glazer ff .V 11, L Sherwin, Francine Gold, Annette Fetter, Joyce Friedman, Aleza "Water, Water, Everywhere!" Weil Delta Phi Ep ilon s ' 'xx .r i rr '44 ,E fi, J! , For many years the DPhiE's were able to brag that they had never been mnzh bothered by Hoods. But lust spring, im- mediately alter buying new lnrnitnre lor their recreation room, the girls were visited by their lirst llood-ol tidul waive dimensions! Now the girls :ire somewhat meeker when they speak ol lloods-or else they knock on wood! The Deeler's have lound rzrther un- usual ways ol supporting their national philanthrophy fthe Cystic Fibrosis Foundutiony. Earth yezn' the girls in the house pledge ll donation: this is then earned by the girls themselves. liven the housemother helps with this! Leigh Nathanson, president Music, music, music: Johnny Mathis or Doris Day? , , ea r MT . ' 542 if , , , 'r 11,1 riffflr, f L 1,,, VFX' K ., ,A,,, KY Q qt,-f-f 3 ,pl I I 3 l iw fl' l2l "She man ln- gin Uimgw swcclliciil. on i 1 r thi' Diuim Ciiil ul .Xlpligi Phi .Xlphaip she' lx iiiixe NVUII' ilu' lvilipi rliiiuonil in hui , Q 1 1 1 1 low may gi Sigma licgliul il she we-airs ' N Ihr- llvllgi iligimi . Sigma 'llliclailn ,Xml hci se-coml, no ilouhl, is singing: loi' lhcii' lou' ol si ing logs " '4 , 1 4 In-rislu ul lk-ll'i Sigmi lhcl'i' lhc U . 1 i I 1 1 uillici wlifsiicwci' they xv H i l .1 rlmiire' lu rriioii soiinily songs. lmliiilgii' tunes, spiiiluzils. with cwii some ill ln-is iiiixccl in Im' spine! 'lllicifs ziniil poliiilzii pqisiiiiic ihnl lllk'gll'lS1llSflCll'l4ly M 'ei ,i M 1 ki ii le if iloiiig logcllici'-ziiiil lhaifs playing liiielgc, ul ioiiiscl Theresa Leonard, president Singing together is quite an enjoyable pastime. S Q Girl oi Delta igma Theta Find Vlan Enjoyable Pursuits f if . Top Row: Norma Car1er,VBeverly Ball, Lucretia Gayden, Thelma Sterling Second Row: Emma Pippins, Beverly Pruitt Bottom Row: Patricia Rounds, Marietta Skyles, Dolores Johnson Theresa Leonard, Mrs. Terrill, Marlene Washington f"""3s P l . seal 2 122 Lzxs. l in Nwvlliing' lX'lll'll il ltllllfx lu -,uililnnl ing .l ll.lllHIl.Il lrliilnnllnulix, lin llif' SlllUlllX li.ns lull 'nil' lll.IIllX, lnil lun' lfln lnu- Illlllg, lll'll.I fmt.: slllilirnls .i llilllvlll, .Xiinv llixil, .ll lI.nisl-n's llisr-.iso llosliilgll, in l.UlllNl.lIl,I. 'I lil- XNlrlIl.IIl ir' wixvs lll,IgiI!llll'S, gills, .null slllllllis, .is wvll :ls ll lv1'c'lsly ll'lll'l lllllll llil' l4lllS ul gs nf rw' 4? X 1 - - l lin-llgi A-ln. .Xlirilllvi Hlglllllhllllbll lm- svixing lilrlli is f-Alllilllllvl Lrillvgl-, ll srlinnl lui llil', lrir.ill'1l in Xlilhlllllg llbll, ll. fi. ' i l'c'll1'cmzlliril1s. 'llicr lixing imnii is nrm' . Iiillls: llic' Slilillllllll, lxixl-iialvi. Stop, look, relax with a hand or two of bridge. Carolyn Peterson, president I 4 Good Dood Pla Dominant Rolo in Delta Zola Annum ao ,ir in ,ipgiw Top Row: Sara Dammerrnan, Nan Brown, Marcia Kabele, Nancy Culbertson, Marcia Kabele, Nancy Culbertson, Martha Gilkerson, Carole Grant, Marge Helgren, Barbara Horton, Judith Willetts, Judith Denton, Judith Vicari Fourth Row: Carole Thomas, Jane Kinser, Barbara Stearns, Karen Anderson, Sandranne Milleitner, Norma Strube, Mary Rothermel, Nancy Bear, Nancy Wood, Myrna Rea, Barbara Evers, Franca Rowland Third Row: Kay Maze, Therese Perri, Fredna Ray, Phyllis Peterson, Mrs. Donnelly, Carolyn Peterson, Gayle Haglund, Ruth Halligan, June Helter Second Row: Catherine Zakas, Cherie Merle-ns, Joyce Fuhrken, Jane Fue-sting, Frieda Durlfin, Annemarie Klink, :Janet Schoettle, Karen Grofl, Madeline Marti Bottom Row: Janet Ericksen, loan Adams, Donna Rottner, Kay Knight, Sandra Hedstrom, Sally Ronk, Nancy DuClos, Ellein Hausermann Not in panel: Ann Tice mn so 'rm-.,,7. N ,, ' ,wa - xy. 3 if , ,. r r of A Q " if' .. E5 F' if f f , 1 , 1 . , - , s, . J a X s. ' , .f 3 of swf: 5 A 4 1 x , f 1 , , if J. ,. V: V 3 ' VY. , , fb I - W... , 7' , ' ,,,. 1 as 1-' 'F ' v 7. W ,W . f X. A V N -, I C ,N VJ ia, of 55 K r r Y, H, w , 1 ' W fair 5 , M-of fn' l 1 if f V' f ' ' lata... . , ,. ,, , ,r.,..,, .1 ,- , , . , , 3 ms' ,qv .gg gm 1,1 ig: I W - gg,,3:,,,w, K , Y r N -1 lk - V '5 f , wg.. -,:L,, "'T1si1fo,-:,.--if r :H L f A A :rf ' f " " ls. . 'f ij, f : - k 4255, ,mtv ' Vi' , r Q, ,A N , '- , ' ' f I. l' f , - H jjj ' Q a - , R". ., - ' I fi ". . z .. fx , Q., 'fa-f , .. ' W5 " gow' 12- 'fi' V W 1' ,N ' . . 5 or - . , , ' ' V , 'K Ara, ,, 1,22 C 5 ,. .. V , ,N 'f 3 Wa, ,. g 3 . I W' " I. 5 'tr' ' ,f ,nc , n , 1, .. ' f " ,, , rz f -.J - ,,j f-if , , x , ff' H at-v f - , ,uf gr , v-why ., . 1 Y' ' Mi f o, 11 g if fu N 1 ff ' " ' ' ' r --' 2-ww' fr' ' A 'fi' V gg f 4, 2215 ,W .1 . g -, ' ' rx. 9' 1 :a a ' ' V ' . , li , " -.. . Q X, , , ,fy ,Nj Z3 ,. . ,Q r as y , .4 ,4 J , 4 i l23 c-wt' wunrlct' why lc-w CQUIIIIHV Phrfs 1111- I gn rf. ., - at '? -6 ., vs' t T7 'CS' Top Row: Nancy Gamlin, Barbara Wareham, Gaynell Grubb, Audrey Menges, Martha Hanson, Stephanie Ackley, Carolyn Beaty, Jane Howard, Valerie Loar, i Anne Beniamin, Carol Marshall, Mary Ehler, Charmayne Casey, Earleen Barnes, Patricia Sheahen Third Row: Joan Hottes, Karin Siostrom, Mary Bucher, Susan Healy, i Mary Potts, Janna Smith, Nancy Schreiber, Bevra Bice, Judith Neal, Janice Johnson, Sheryl Fiesfer, Susanne Oehler, Janet Peterson, Jane Svvedlaerg, Sara Bockwinkel, Susan t Gerstner Second Row: Mary Ehrlrcher, Margaret LaBarre, Thelma King, Janet Schleper, Judith Morley, Mrs, Hicks, Diana Kramp, Janet Pomerenke, Georgia Jackson, Marianna Brown, Carol Speers, Marguerite Mizelle Bottom Row: Nancy Nolan, Linda Castor, Mary Kimberlin, Ann Ehrlicher, Mary Hanson, Christine Oberheide, Lynda i Middendorf, Sandra Smith, Kathleen Oehler, Sharon Traynor, Jacqueline Moore Not in panel: Kay Highland, Janet Barker, Linda Movvrer, Pamela Roslfi, Dixie Nelson, l Linda Randel, Agnes Schleper, Janet Langley, Linda Van Leer, Sally Fritz 1 ' s '51 C , .-v , P 9 P ' .AQ Gamma Phi Beta Moon Over Their ncooperatlve Clock sit., W liz' f l Diana Kramp, president Beta's and Gamma Phi's "Dennis lVlacBeth" acts up. Yes, lhctc :nic times, mlcclurc :ull thc C C 1 l fillllllllll Phi's, when Lhcycl like to scml 5 their gl'1lIltllillllCl' clock lu the lllttulll lhis wish is usually thc result ol thc i nlnckk weekly lmrczikclown fcliml zinyomr 1 1 cwt' puitctu:il?p or ol thc' lxict that thc' 2 rlurk is again lCl1 minutes larsl f no K ' if 'C J J ltlczisztltl thing whcll thc' house nlumcs hy I Q the Slilllt' mlm kl 'llh ' ' " L' crllllllllll Ihis use thc miinn lot' , ' , IIIUYL' lllilll ljlllla, itll' ll1C Kl'L'SLClll llltltlll I t in thc-it samhol. lt sc-loves :is thc lltcmc if lor sinh things ns gi llL'llYCllly rush skit, in whirh gill the CLPhil5's QIIDIJCIII' :is illtfllllx ul gnigr-ls, llmml it ' A l l l 124 ,.?- l L 'uf vu 5 lr ir v. v - M. f' 'S SIX' ' wi "l:l"- 1 I I , -1---- - l to 4 J S l ti.-.. , 5. Q I l V - - 1. I l ,n l lui.: n . l Q ll if V ' ' ' ' i H Xlll' x l . , , MAX' ff '. mx. Y r x- 4 X f f . 5 Dx f -"w , ' ,Q l I v ,T-MV , , V , 5 - I - . 6,33 wx -gl :J v. R ' 'rl 1 I it I .: no 6 V7' M ' V Y 'CN . br' ,.?:','7. i'1 f- + To , f it or Q f 241 rv T'-wr , il gi WM 'Dx 'A 1 ," ,Cr 271, e Top Row: Judith Miller, Rayna Zechman, Naomi Bitterman, Lynn Cornick, Barbara Polisky, Lynn Singer, Lorna Klorfine, Laurel Satin, Elaine Stone, Bari Cohen Third Row: Barbara Miller, Judith Cohn, Ina Penn, Rita Levey, Shiela Greenberg, Ruth Marcus, Martha Shane, Sharlene Pearlman, Yarol Gerry, Sharla Waitzman Second Row: Elizabeth Schwartz, Mariorie Tepper, Harriet Elman, Gail S-pero, Miss Friedlander, Reva Stone, Judith Mesirow, Janet Engler, Fern Levy Bottom Row: Sheila Gom- berg, Adrienne Skolnik, Sheila Pinto, Susan Gelfand, Sandra Heller, Bonnie Eisenberg, Thelma Ruvinsky, Sharon Birney, Barbara Berger Not in panel: Doris Siegal, Francine Friedman The oari Hopp and Colorful for Iota lpho Pi "Hey, come here-look at this picture we found!" Reva Stone. president PM 'S 6 'tw L .A Colors play Il big role in the daily lives ol the Iotzi Alpha Pis. To give goocl cxzmrplc, thc girls pany honor to lllc rcil rose :ls their nzitionzll flower. hx fcry yo-:lr on Foumlcrs Daly, the lotus Clllly rrosc l. " fx ' 5 I zu ' clzry. 'llo lulhll thc schcmc llllilllL'l', thc zmnuzrl Rcml Rose lormfil. Iolzi Alpha l'i's spring mlzrncc, was high- 1 lighted by lrcslr rosi- llL'C'Hl'illlUIlS Qzinml 4 they were l'L'll-lllllfllll Again, colors llgrvc been importzmt in housc rcllccorziling, as, in Scpteinlner, the CIllll'L' hrsl lloor wus reclccorzilccl in blue :mol gro-cn shzulcs, with black nmol while accents. The garden cllect is an zipproprizntc sorting lor roses! 125 , aaa. I terra f l.....,., ll you're xt U. ol' I. Theta, not a mem- J her ol Mortar Bozird or ol' Shorter Board, :ind have contntitted some etnbztrrztssing intl blunder in your past, you may be eligible lor Springlnogird. The hrst step in gaining zidniittztnce into this organi- fzztion, designed :ts ll eonsolzttion for 'I'het:ts not tapped lor other service ,Agp honorgtries, is to dzish oil ll petition list- ing your quztlihczitions. You'll receive WE! sin olhciztl Springboztrd sweatshirt for, your work! The seniors have at small wooden bug nztnted Beatrice, who is Sllllllllilly bug- nzipped by the juniors-not only great s sport, but also at great tradition! . ew Honor octety Begun b the Kappa Alpha Theta Top Row: Jane Combes, Janet Curry, Wendy Geyer, Bonnie Belnap, Mary Starr, Julia Bodman, Carolyn Miller, Martha Mulliken, Judith King, Christine Stearns, Barbara Giles, Julie Williams Third Row: Darlene Ktttilsen, Melinda Bresee, Marcia Morgan, Dorothy Lewis, Judith Ash, Mary Braun, Jean Judge, Ann Drenckhahn, Ann Howard, Judith Johnson, Susan Ball, Gail Pierce, Marla Poncar, Gail Wente, Elaine Freedrich Second Row: Mary Cooper, Ada Jones, Lynda Lambrecht, Sybil Peterson, Marilyn Morgan, Janet Chumbley, Molly Moore, Mrs. Fletcher, Marilyn Mann, Elizabeth Sterrett, Emilie Gillespie, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Eastham, Virginia l-lomtnel Bottom Row: Sylvia Runnstrom, Janey Stadheim, Jean Gaeke, Sue Shurts, Jean Prachar, Terry Shull, Sue Owens, Gervaise Stefiten, Marna Myers, Dorothy Shipley, Constance Strowtng, Kathryn Mowrer, Katherine Lawrence, Gretchen Koehler, Kathleen Decker, Sylvia Johnson Not in panel: Karen Hansen, Mary Callahan, Jacqueline Wolf l26 'Ye , , , , . llu'l't' is no gill lilw ai lxqippqi ltr-ltai tt ' xtqtttr ' 'servo ' 1 K it l girl goes lltc oltl song. :intl niziny izunf ' t L H ' l i -" . ' 1 pus inailcs will :lllvsl to llus tiutli, ,Xs Qi, ii' 1 xv, at tnztttci' ol lzicl. tlit' lcllows got xi tlizinu' l to clo just lltgit, wlicn they ix't'tt' ilinnt-1' ...- L Y , , : i guests ol tlit' lxaiplm llvltzi plc-tlgvs. llit' , A 'fly event, sponsort-rl by tlit' plc-lat-s, wars cn- l it ' rl titlccl "'l'lit' Slizilt l7iiiiit'i"' :intl was sup- posctlly given to liouoi' tlit' zirtivt' rlizip- V 1 ter. Ol course. the guests touliln't he just anyone. So, in keeping with the tlit-inc, only old pinincn, ex-lmoyliicnrls :intl hzinces ol the zutixes were invitctl-cet! tuinly at novel enough itlcxi. but one which sounrls just ai little llIlCOlIlliUl'l2llJlC to outsiders! , J ..-D Carlotta Kaiser. president Telling stories is an old Kappa Delta tradition. "Ex' " and "0h' " Characterize e Kappa Delta Game lifffif Top Row: Marilyn Albert, Rosemary Elsasser, Mary Coon, Barbara Meyers, Patricia White, Patricia Bethel, Nina Eastman, Laeila Holttors, Marylee Chval, Merle Martin, Ramona Livey, Madeleine Raymond, Rita Lauterbach, Linda Schroeder Third Row: Judith Morrison, Barbara Auble, Joann Tresselt, Lois Henderson, Nancy Wertheim, Virginia Riser, Mary Young, Margaret Goodmon, Helen Hewitt, Elsie Janes, Cynthia Patterson, Bonnie Auble, Dee Perry, Marilyn Rank Second Row: Janice Korfist, Sara Pearman, Sandra Potts, Susan Rettko, Carlotta Kaiser, Mrs. Connell, Patricia Dominic, Carol Palmer, Judith Rohrner, Faith Cremieux, Marcia Crosby, Deirdre Linder hBottom Row: Susan McMullen, Tracy Byrom, Ruth Riddle, Carol Wascher, Karen Cremieux, Judith Helm, Dorothy Payne, Julia Buck, Leila Gratchner, Janet Jo nson , .V 3 L r U , x - E ,-, 'rf Y Q fi y y ia, .Q in , . 7 ea, 3 , f x ' l 5 S v ' - IZ7 U vw xg: s. 2' ' . x. , WP 'T"" l11l1'11s1i1'1i1i1x piigiiiks 11-1't11i11ly itll' llttl new 111 llll' liiipipigis, who 111111' lttllllll lllClt' l1.1tl111i1i111 l1l1'ss111l XN'llll llll' pnavs- 1 sonic nl lll1g11li1', ll ll'L1YL'liltg wiiiilim' ,T tlllllllllt' llilllll sitlllt' l1i1:1l Sliblf. Siispiciiiii piiiiilcil l11-41x'1lxi l1lXN'Qll'll tl11- llILllS is 1l11- lllsllugllftls nl ll11' wliulc plnl. fill llla' 1111111' NL'llUllS siilc. lltc' lizipliis stililinil 1l11' lizililm liziplixi cillllllllll Slll 1l1'111 l.1ig111 l+'11111l, giving l111:1111'i11l assist- yuirs nl gigs ivliii lllla 11i111plc11'1l lun l11ll ycziis ul l11-1 iiillcgc wiirla. .Xl l1'11s1 11110 BCZII' ul llL'l' scliiiiiling Illllhl ltzivc lLllxL'll plziic i11 llll i11slit111iu11 wl1C1'c ll 1l1:1l111'1 ul lizippqi lizippzi cillllllllll is littllltll. Sarah Wrobke, president They could be reading poetry-but they're not! 6' Good Heavens, Charli B." Yip Kappa Kappa Gamma Top Row: Julia DeLong, Ruth Lance, Patricia Bubeck, Diane Courtright, Harriet Stemme, Joan Aiken, Susan Sterrett, Marilyn Wagner, Linda Carl, June Wagner, Linda Colegrove, Carol Gilbert, Helen Pan, Mary Sue Drendel, Diane Teeter, Nancy Brunkow Fourth Row: Carol Clemons, Joan Davis, Nancy Derrough, Lynn Bork, Judy Narland, Julie Olds, Nancy O'Connell, Sue Mittendort, Lynne Nelson, Judith Draznik, Mary Byrne, Susan Watts, Janice Mock, Dorothy Allyn, Linda Pickett, Joan Seright Third Row: Barbara Angell, Phoebe Kosfeld, Nancy Veach, Norma Colegrove, Bonita Anderhub, Beth Dohme, Sarah Wrobke, Mrs. Binde, Mary Collins, Betty Millan, Llyn Forrest, Lisa Grable, Sally Smith, Martha Forsyth Second Row: Nancy Blackmore, Kathleen Nash, Ruth Geise, Sandra Henderson, Margaret Decker, Kay Baker, Jean Even, Ann Forrest, Janet Hall, Linda Turner, Marilyn Barnett, Janice Bertram, Kathy Heafelin, Jacquin Keller Bottom Row: Sue Beh, Pamela Froom, Judy McCarty, Susan Ervin, Ellen Hagelow, Gere Fraker, Katherine Howard, Linda Bullock, Nancy Wilson, Judith Tracy, Judith Brothers Not in panel: Camille Kearns 128 E rf' ing, 4 N -, Snr U . ,I 1 , . . . . , ,ln Yes, the-y're certainly cards at the Phi MU house! Carol Leonard. president . . . . . The Old outh Provides In plratlon lor Girl ol Phi 42" :gi Top Row: Jeanette Lohbauer, Sandra Winter, Lynda Songer, Lois Goodell, Martha Molitor, Sevilla Anderson, Betty Zinser, Nancy Kohlenberger, Leora Taylor, Alice Helm, Linda Sorrells Third Row: Marlene Munson, Diane Malmberg, Margaret Molitor, Jeanine Sanquist, Lorna Armstrong, Mrs, DeLano, Carol Leonard, Nancy Herman, Nancy Parker, Corinne Hufler Second Row: Janet Moody, Margaret Griffith, Virginia Klingensmith, Sondra Sapora, Ruth Edwards, Sarah Whiting, Carol Ostrom, Patricia Kern, Diana Francis Bottom Row: Nancy Stanley, Ruth Jones, Karen Brown, Elizabeth Cunningham, Ruth Schoermbeck, Penelope Nichols Not in panel: Mary Fries, Lynne Rader IZ9 I i-'sg-.ffm i .Q i " l ' be-1+ - - - , , , , ,, x ,' 1 . . t , , . 1 -. . K ., f' v . 4 '- r ' v v - ' ' i , fr' 1 i :R 4:-1 l ' th - , l , i W fa i tl K .5 - .s X tt -re-ell' ' ' A' ii 4 A J 'Q' X 5 K , , ,.. , . h L -J Q -. -i- f . K A, l N.. - 7 K vs. 32-1- fxi! X Top Row: Merle Lezak, Arlene Silbar, Maureen Gold, Toni Zeifil, Sharon Rosenholtz, Judith Shaffer, Fern Levy, Renee Klein, Joan Solomon, Jill Greenspan louise Krevitz Third Row: Sharon lssacs, Brona Glickman, Nancy Goldberg, Judith Kaplan, Martha Rotter, Dora Morris, Anita Lazer, Marcy Schlesinger, Caryl Stein berg, Judith Oppenheim, Florie Kogen Second Row: Roberta Kaiserman, Arleen Malkin, Judith Moss, Mrs. Heymann, Kathryn Benesch, Sharon Gerson, She-ryn Saffrin Meryl Cohen Bottom Row: Judy Risen, Phyllis Halpern, Penny Tarrson, Beverly Dennen, Linda Turner, Iris Lederfine, Marjorie Ginsburg, Sandra Schultz Not in panel: Phyllis Burkons, Judith Sider J Odd Remembrance Make p Phi igma igma emerie xg!! .1 ' , ,ri Al x " 2 xl i 4 XX'ht-n thc girls ul Phi Sigma Sigma sing. A"l'lii'iiuglt tht' yt-urs thct'c'll lllXN'ilfS ht' im-itmteics nl nine s+itni'ity" you Cain hut thttl they ligne- snntething tlt-finite in niintll Fin' instztitce. tlte-ic gnc those qttztint little git-cn stools that belong to thc pledges, Qtntl whith :nec so use-lul to the-in . . . gtntl who uinltl lutgct the tlcn, whith is sn llltlllllllll at plttcc thztt thc girls cwti have tn sign up tn l'L'NC1'Yt.' ill Otht-is inntc serious iiiciitmics might tlcal with thc lttcttlty llllllltli, to which cztch girl invites tin insttttctnt '... nr with the vztrintts wins thc girls liztvc worketl to nizilac money with which tn help rheu- ntgttic Cliiltht-n. 130 9? -414 ,fr-F Judith Moss, president These gals have found a new use for their piano W-, . ' T WP' fa- .T lg"Q"lf.- xx ki . ng' Vy- env v- D "f'5wl':f.Pr Y' wr! MTTQ1: Neil 'on -Suilmivb T i - 1- -:A ' ! V' 4 .i-w 1 1 . .K , , :A wr , ,.', r-.A -. h I . , ,' 'Q ' , --' H eff a? Lg gg,'E,e,,J::e -r ,W i T 33-'asv swf..-ie',.,z ,t l ly it f fe i' .i i it - is 2 it if rlll l- ' t llilillt J lei ,'1.L ti5.- V - 75 f' I CT 6 ' f' -T T l' is if 'N ' T' il A f f 1 t i, l', if , ,VVV V.. V " ,i I A iz, if ' ' -K ' A 'P W A i ' . X 3 ' , ii T C: bi: f T 'S T LY r i " i I", 15 if time sl- as -'i 3 5 ' ,. . . If N' A 'C7' Qufll 'Q'-2 , Top Row: Nancy Townsend, Joyce Hale, Mary Florio, Beverly l-lall, Arlene Verheslfi, Marcia Hance, Kay Byrne, Andrea Koehler, Patsy Twonig, Barbara Payne, Anne Cleveland, Ann Tobin, Susan Briggs, Diana Shorb, Karen Richardson, Elaine Anderson, Marina Lucco, Nancy Langham Fourth Row: Bonnie Dallman, Kathleen Kapellas, Kristina Wanberg, Marcia Glasgow, Sandra Dewar, Jo Lee, Violet Thompson, Sally Williamson, Debbie Gentry, Ann Brockinan, Ann Whiteley, Elizabeth Roberts, Deann Donovan, Susan Colvvell, Virginia l-lynds, Susan Tazwell, Susan Boodin Third Row: Kathy Parker, Laura Quinn, Norma Jones, Mary Morrison, Sharon Slfogland, Nancy Wilson, Mrs. VanZant, Margaret Kriege, Joan Wineland, Courtney Read, Jeanne Klier, Gretchen Misher, lrmgarde Dodegge Second Row: Steohanie Sheets, Lydia Bach, Jewel Jones, Barbara Maurus, Laurel Cappa, Diane Altholi, Sharon Johnson, Elizabeth Brubalfer, Barbara Stanley, Judith Haskins, Pauline Seefeldt Bottom Row: Susan Doyle, Judith Johnson, Nancy Kovar, Sally Frye, Janon Tuclfet, Sharon Branch, Joan Christopher, Martha Bliss, Leanne Baumann Not in panel: Mary Kelling, JoAnne Leonard Pi Beta Phi Aire Aim Te and Helping Unfortunate YM" ' 16 f ,- Pi Phi smiles and Pi Phi tunes liven up the clay. Nancy Wilson, president zingul in clisguisc liut llic-rc is nothing ilisguisc-il :ilmnl Pi is nzitionzil pliilziiilltitvliy. Ilns in- rv , . , . "' 94 xnlvcs lllL'1llJlL'llkllTlllllNlI'llllUli ol qi sc-lllcf r ins.. YS liltlll sclniol in fillllllllllllg, 'liciiin-ssu-. During thc tczny lln- zilunlnzn- Qinil flint:- lcl nninlmcix lic-lil qi sgilc- with ilic inci- chznnlisc. inrlniling ligiinlwiwcn lini-ns, " pnllcry, wnnilwzilis :intl iciwclit fanny gnlclcn :iri'nn's?t, :ill inaiilu an thc Pi Phi scltleincnt sflinnl. 3 'I hc' P1 Pln s seein loClllin'glX'1llg out lirmois fpcilizips they l'L'llll!L' thc tzilnc nl qi praisct lui :nnnng thc ziwzmls given with' 5- "7 in the ltousc is tligil to llip- senior who has cniniilnilul inns! lu the linnsc. i gr i 'rrnfrz'iirU'r if J rt if ri' , lililltit J , it ,ll l2lL' W 1 l il - . v 1. F1 ,Q J ,t l E I , . as - aw it Q Y t me 1' mfs-ll ' J' bit!! 7 t ' N, ew N" x 4 ll: 4 A ll J Qi :X A -- 'iml - I f .- . t J .- , Ja, ' 'FV' N P t , V , i 1 - Q5 ' ,eat s wa s 7 f '-::q:'f',- srl'-it 'iff' Q- 'Ti ' ng lf My , af? ti. X. gyda: wifi ,N 1 f Q 7 J 'A-544 't rf J' l , l , A- tt .1 J ff- ' 4 .,, , f t ' . I A fx. :rx . J Qui: -ALx' 3 cz' l 'L ws - 2 99 v, Y x . ' J it A t f, ' X f - 3 , . tt 'it La, u,fi-Jt' J .Q Wav: "1 f ni fu , F, 1743-9551 ' Top Row: Bonni Zelle, Arlene Roin Janet Jacobson, Marcia Coltman, JoAnn Friedman, Barbara Slepyan, Judith Versman, Elynor Keysor, Carol Tennenbaum, Merle Miller, Alice Lyons, Iris Efron, Paula Norris, Joanne Gottlieb, Barbara Kalver, Bonnie Elfman Third Row: Anita Swartz, Ida Abrams, Branda Vines, Marilyn Cohen, Judith Plattner, Ruth Klotz, Janet Greenberg, Ann Blond, lnez Butterrnan, Elaine Weinreb, Barbara Polan, Anne Frank, Beryl Baizer, Diane Apt, Harriet Pittel, Marlene Schenberg, Susan Turitz Second Row: Elaine Nussbaum, Joan Greenberg, Judith Miller, Harriet Lang, Linda Schein, Ida Bartelstein, Mrs. Mize, Frances Schoen, Marcia Pressman, Jane Goodman, Bernice Schradski Bottom Row: Rachel Goodman, Donna Rachlin, Adrienne Miller, Elinor Nielson, Karen Goldblatt, Peggy Kruger, Toni Kaplan, Irene Divore, Hope Kunin, Yalene Kusnetsky, Sandra Clayman, Lynette Forbes Not in panel: Judith Miller, Sandra Poll, Myra Rubnitz, Josephine Meiers, Paula Foreman, Denyse Rothenberg, Karen Weinstein, Jacqueline Simms, Anita Bear fiff 1' i tat The igma Delta Tau' Proclaim Lo alt, to the niversity .fit The gay and iovial SDTE gather around the piano. Ida Bartelstein, president Be loyal-he an SUT! This is indeed strange slogan-wliat lies hehintl it? XX'ell, it seenis that alter every Satur- day tlinner, the girls have their traili- tinnal Sung Fest. The event begins with Q the singing nl the lllinnis song ot' loyal- ty, atcnnnmniietl by the rhythm nl tranip- ., A ing leet. as the girls niarch lroni the - . . dining rimin. Other special songs lol- , lm-5 in the living rntnn alter the lortna- tt-in nl a lrientlship circle. L The SD'I"s niastnt. George, is a very elltnv. Atnnng trips, he even spent a weekend at Pttrtltte as the guest nl a lraternity there. By the way, CLenrge" is a sinall white statue! 'If it C? vlfff : .af 4 lp i Top Row: Berenice Niendorf, Sonny Suhr, Patricia Endsley, LaVerne Jaros, Jean Taylor, Meredith Mfigenheimer, Barbara Ste-rnaman, Joanne Eicher, Carolyn Burrell, Judith Buehler, Sandra Harris Fourth Row: Patricia Bell, Audrey Huck, Joan Tomlfinson, Lynn Kuehn, Marcia Gerrib, Marcia Hathorne, Nelda Stacell, Margaret Allen, Sandra Rayburn, Carolyn Eckrnan, Martha Slayrnan Third Row: Ardis Hill, Florence Gegel, Patricia Hunter, Nancy Wightman, Joan Edmonds, Darlene Clever, Barbara Hummer, Lynn Skeen, Patricia Loyvman Second Row: Susan Boggs, Eleanor Beauchamp, Judith Edlund, Virginia Cooper, Leah Myers, Millicent Eichin, Janet Shuman, Sara Dempsey, Charlene Blake Bottom Row: Keville Conrad, Diana Dittman, Yolanda Soucie, Kathleen Healy, Karen Spitzer, Sharon Reifsteck 'ffl i..,i 'li T 0 0 o o o o enior Rate High in Importance ith igma Kappa Girl flirt' SK J!! ....,... , .,-ff.9L fi " -' U7Q33!f?Qi!lii. , Joan Edmonds. president The Sigma Kappa's can tie up the phones for hours! There are several sororities on ezim- pus who have the tradition ot senior rlli' :Lily will and prophecy, but few make such "'l'f 'ii' i i J N a fuss over their seniors :is do the Sigma Kzippzfs. These girls tletliezite the en- tire lzist week ol school to their retiring A members. During Senior Xtleek, the seniors ent meals ut at seperate table. so as not to be eontznninzitetl by their un- derelztss sisters: furthermore, these older girls fain request various skits lrom other X Sigma Kuppas. ' ! All on ezimpus ure raving about the wziy the Sigma Kappa house hats been re- tlecorzitetl. The bzisie colors ure ziquzi, white Lind golil-very elegant, incleetll Q. Kai af!! fi ll lluusm- luuiulilul is lriokliig lm 1 luriism- to lt-.riiitt-, llu- Ili higs woulcl uri llu- girls lun' 'itll gr lril nl wuils into golf Iillg llu'it llUllNK' ltklilx Int' llu' slluurl xcxii. t'sIu1i.lllx' gms llu-x writ- iruwiiiu, into ri lu-w lu use l llllllh tlu it Il rut, .utml 'l'ii Sigs rrruu- tlowir to spvtul suntil ix'u'LL'iitls stiulmliing tlu' llniiis itul rust alt-.thing up. XX'illi lu-lp Irwin outsulcf llu' l.ltlu'i's imiiitvil ilu' llHXVllSllllliSTlJlll5 Ll liltln' liiiu- lwliiia- stluiol stzirlocl spent Scpuwiilmct iii rruiu- liru' slxlt'-eguul just " iii liuu' to ll1lllM'll Slirpivieccla nl 1 itll-rlgv clalluvl Karen Yeager. president Collegiate, collegiate, yes, they are collegiate! AKA tg, . . . Member of igma igma igma Mo e Into e Home , Til P- Qwfiflfffn l"e , ,:r Top Row: Karen Magner, Paulette Kaininski, Jacqueline Prokopf, Carol Odiet, Diane Parrish, Patricia Mears, Nancy VanTuyle, Beverly Gallup Third Row: Kath Iene Gooch, Carole Jester, Shirley Franklin, Carol Marvin, Kay Lash, Carol Swanson, Sarah Burke, Bonnie Parsons, Barbara Williams Second Row: Beverly Kaminski Marilyn Zeller, Carol Dick, Marilyn Stephenson, Mrs. Barlage, Karen Yeager, Claire Johnson, Barbara Pierce, Mary Babler Bottom Row: Maureen O'Laughlin, Judy Drost, 'O 2 ur A, 5 'l'l Q 3 'I 3 O. my UW or 3 D. E Fi T FH J' Q1 l 9 5 C 1 U' or A... wsu-an C VD - 4 YD Q m IP 5 Q. FD - V5 O 3 Q: 1. FD 3 FD T - 2 I I fo ff Z O FD -. O EP 'U T 2 L7 C IT FD 3 U' -1 C n IJ' , , , ,ww 41-,r K rr . 5: M yi , 1 55. r I' i f 5 fs y sf X WE' Vw L vi yr-fa pg i " . .' y W l 'SJ gl r A. , 5,35 .f-5 .1 P 'es cw ,, r t 1 " 4 K "1 1 , gl 6 ,-'iii X . 7 W V.-1 mr, r i r 1 N 134 "lX'lii'lc' rliil you llJllISll'l liiiiiif' "Iii wligil suiuiily ilu xtiii lit-luiigf' llii-sit illivstiuiis wmv llii- iiiiist Iiiiliiilni :mi-s :lluiiliil Sttilllltllt' llgill lgist Si-'ill-iiilivi, ,,, . . :is .rl glllS it-Int-si-iiliiig siluiiils :ill mm tlic' cuiiiiliy, :is we-ll sis gi li-w iiirtiiiiml suiiii'iIii's, tiimx-tl iii Inge-tlit-i iii liniii tlii' svuiiiil l'giiilit-Ili-iiii liaiiixtli-i iliiiiii on tlllllllllx lVllt'lllt'l' tlic' :illigittiriii wins ilu' lzist smizil llllttk ai lmy liiviial, ilusi' rims tri liuiiiv, ul ilu- wiili- tunic-tx' til 4-tliuzitimizil olllitilllllllvs, tlii-sv girls caiiiic- liuiii :is lzii we-sl :rs ilu- ll, til Clulu- rziilri iinil its lzil' mist :is Lily Kirillvgt' nl New York tu lwcriitit' zi Inuit nl lliv Orzuigc :intl Blum: any College Contribute Girl to Form S eamere Hall Top Row: Patricia Rauth, Martha Fisher, Janet Coulter, Constance Helding, Judith Redman, Jean Riddesberger, Virginia Dodge, Brenda Bower, Martha Turner, Betty Bell, Linda Welch, Yvonne Roos Third Row: Elizabeth Dobler, Carolyn Bookey, Arlene Bush, Joyce Haimes, Emily Friedrich, Marilyn Ross, Elvira Moldt, Marla Poncar, Jeanette Lohbauer, Margaret Paige Second Row: Carol Bennett, Kathleen Kapellas, Joan Rabens, JoAnne Weaver, Elizabeth Martin, Virginia Battles, Gayle Beckway, Ann Flinspach, Karen Doenier Bottom Row: Dawn Anderson, Mora O'Byrne, Patricia Fitzgerald, Gail Wente, Virginia Christie, Cynthia Mosetick, Joan Gelletine ' f E ' ,Hi A we V 1 5 ' L iw 5 fe ' Jeff A , , A - . if I V ,Z A, Igyg if ,vs V .J ,ai M: 1 e 1 , F Q ,- Q li 2 4174. an Q: in g 9 , 4 254 'gg 'asf C it 'Y r N ,A W V 2 ' , ily Q ge' ,Ya . , ' 'W' ft- 3 ' Q i ' ml ,mu i -s R3 .A ,-. ,, fm, 4' f 1' .f 3' H f" Y" f 2 , f Q? , H f 't it 9 ,.. V, . V ,Y .1 f , , K Y .ar .5 ' "" V 4, gs. V , ,. 'N R 1' oh. gg' . Vw. am-if - - 2 , ,A X X A 1 f t , 4 . lv 9 ' w' J . en' . , ,ew M. , gy, V bf' e w: ,V W., ,. Q 4. mf ,- H 1,5 -Y wi ti A ' ,A A , FJ. E. W 9 ,.,. :., 2 4: fl ,F A- rv- ' 'als' -if We lx' ,--' 1' , .5 'We m 1 ' X xt 1+ 2612 152 ' 135 Top Row: Suzanne Tull, Ann Ward, Peggy Wellman, Jody Thompson, Nancy Darling, Diane Dovvdall, Mary Bulfin, Beverly Kimes, Julia Gates, Mary Fitzgerald, Patricia Szczepanik, Mary Haun, Cynthia Cordes, Mary Musselman, Judith Allalinger, Ann Corlcill, Janet Reese, Judy Jenkins Third Row: Barbara Perry, Andrea Blanda, Carol Miller, Eileen Sullivan, Diane Petlingell, Arlene McGrath, Alberta DiCviovanni, Mary Pilch, Laurel Conrad, Elaine Kropp, Gretchen Garthe, Ellen Reirnann, Sharon O'Neill, Lucia Winslow, Gail Phimister, Sandra Grassi, Judith Lyman Second Row: Virginia Chandler, Elizabeth Fiedler, Karen Branch, Hildegard Schroeder, Sharon Thompson, Mrs. Raith, Shirley Hill, Marylin Daly, Lois Kenney, Marion Eggers, Karen Smith, Joan Bolin Bottom Row: Carol Strickland, Sue Fehrenbacher, Corinne Ogteame-leg Ginn Sergel, Patricia Nicklas, Linda Tir-nmel, Beverly Scherer, Sharon Cromwell, Rosemary Stolta, Joyce Cleaver, Nancy Love Not in panel: Judith Men e, Ju it Ran a E Theta Up ilen Year Greatl Influenced b French Cu tem . ,,v. i s r Shirley Hill, president The Theta Us brush up on their sorority's past. 'lhinigli ihe'I'her1i Us ilicinsclvcs pmh- wi ,Y J l I 1, Qihlx ilun'l 11-gilife it. the sorority is mins :incl the like. FU1'illSlLlllt'C. lin' their iilliiaiail llinvr-1' the 'lihclzi Us hzivc 5ClL'ClL'Ll thc cnihlcin nl l'il'lllli'C hc1'scll4llic llcui- gap ilu-lis. whiih is cu-n lininil on thc 'lilielri lelpsilim pledge pin. Mo1'cin'el', thc lllinnis iliziptcr inuilcls their spring ilginii- on xi Nlurili Gras theme, unnplelc with i-xisitctiiciit, gllycly, :incl cnlinliil rusiiiim-sl This alone is enough Lu inzike f any guy sing "Your Thclzi U girl, she-'s ' thi: only unc lin' you: she will stzinil In yin in :ill lhzil you ilu!" .Xnil they ilu sing ill iczillxe liicltv inilehteil lu l'l1iL'Ill'll cus- A I liii t ft S t ,Q ' 37"--Q,. Top Row: Kathryn Castor, Nancy Booth, Janice Eikenmeyer, Ann Brockman, Emily Krueck, Jeanine Heberer, Beverly Harrel, Nada Rubin, Karin Ekdahl, Meredith Osman, Virginia Reinecke, Barbara Bluth, Dale Primrose, Marlene Olson Second Row: Andrea Koehler, Patricia Connor, SuAnn Johnston, Barbara Jensen, Mrs. Frodin, Susan Thornas, Patsy Twohig, Patricia Anderle, Carol Schmalz, Britta Lilieros, Rebecca Nash, Judith Ash, June Harris Bottom Row: Joann Thompson, Bette McCullough, Lenore McCora, Deanna Van Kleef, Susan Dilly, Nancy Strawser, Susan Hornstein, Arlene Verbeski, Ann Coleman, Sandra Olson, Nancy France, Sharon Gross Not in panel: Marilyn Goles, Sandra Loeb Kitchen Facilitie tiller Advantage Here "Remember when . . .?" rules the day at Walnut. L. .AQ .. f Q lt i ' 'tl 9 it f Q ,ig '?'e5gtav.1 a t 4 ,YB ,yt 1 Susan Thomas. president 'E p- . na. to Walnut Hall The incinbers ol Mfzilnnt Hull, thc Pztnhellcnit' sorority transfer tlorniitory, have found that, ntcatlwisc, they lizivc quitc ll lcw znlyztntzigcsl For iitstziiicc, they can Gilt at their sorority lionaes, or they can serve stt-:tk tlinnurs within thc bonnclztrics of Nvllllllll. The whyiorc? Simply bccztuse thc ztparttncnts 1tvztilztlJlc catch provide not only living rooin, bul- rooni and bath lor lonr, but catch also hats its own kitchen! BCCZIIISC Yvllllllll Hull tlot'sn't liztye at ccntritl dining rooin lor :ill its rcsitlt'nts, bullet lunchcons, pit-pztrctl by the girls. :irc oltcn scrvctl, instt-zttl, in tht- lounge! lor special cycnts. l37 Q ' -. :.r L - ' 1, HQ . wif: , ...,. - .v...... A it fs: ,, ' 1 , , .. ...X . es,-5 1 , ' M ' as ' 1 ,Qu Y ., b . A .Y Q My it ,.,,.,J,, - Ay f w , y:,af-4291 1' W' W..,0,.,,,. y me , v3','25.4 :Hr , , .. . Q- Save? Q ..9 1'-FQ! 152 Q, ::,.-lg-5 3: , if --. . E .-43, -:,. ,1 , . ,.-.yr 4.55 f , - .Q-5 t .. . Q, , wi x 45- 6? My , ,Q , K1 f :L U.. Q .wif A H45 YZ? G-, Ir tg-0 T' i w-tw , T Q R . 1 Top Row: .loan Lundahl, Sharon Aubrey, Marion Wognuni, Patricia Rutter, Barbara Euente, Beverly Brown, Linda Matthews, Clela Stern, Donna Sunkel, Carol Enrico, Karen Julander, Clara Stories Third Row: Ferol Parrett, Diane Kontos, Arlene Irvine, Phyllis Catalano, Joan Schuster, Martha Leiter, Marilyn Schmeichel, Carol Hawkins, Cynthia Owen Second Row: Doretta Boyd, Helen Korenchan, Marlene Peterson, Sylvia Hardin, Mrs. Sinmnds, Merle Kuyrkendall, Mary Dommers, Virgene Anderson, Janet Monier, Judith Zitzle-r Bottom Row: Marv Halbrnaier, Marcia Podfin, Roth lelxto, Kathaleen Chrlticlc, lynn Rotter, Phyllis Morse, Joan Anderson, Sally West, Alice Adams Not in panel: Dare-ve Alde, Judith Dickinson i l l l l l If 4,"fQx7'x so t.-w it lily T 5 2 M' ' ' X ISC I0 llll alll fill lllllll 0 C C ll all il it 1' '- .V , Wirral l .nf E ' -41"',' 1 N .Vu .fhxk l l Gather Merle Kuyrkendall, president 'lltt' fl'.X's tkllllllllt haul' llgiil lllcil' Illttlllvltls ul lun. lilll iiistgimc. one lfli- tlgix om' ul thc girls tgnm' linnlc ln lmtl .ilinul lwvlllt paigiwls hung till mr-1 In-1 mimi, .xllttlllbl limo lnnuglil lltc dis- iil .nn iim-taltntisv lHHffNUlllL'UllK'. Lllxlltg tHXL'lN .ill llit- stullul gniinmls in lltt- linusv. nlistiiliulul thi-in gilmiiul lltc ctt- tt.imc ligill. ,Xinimg lltv imislnlxilnis was lltc X'l'.X liiiiist-iltollivll fl'l.l lint .xllilhl ltgts louml lllllllL'llUllS nuns ln stllflmtt thc flk'l'L'lJl'Lll Pgilsx Foun- tl.ilitin. ltiltiim.itiw lilins gnul lmokli-ls ini ilu' Qtlllinlitut, uiiililul with llmlmilgll Vtllllltlltblll. .nv st-xx-itil nl lltv Lirliilvs lmitl lift lax lllc' I l X. 133 round, girls, and lift your voices high! x. l l l as ,wi - s T V Y S K E- K .4 A K f, 1, . .- ff! K2 +I 1 ', v 1 i ' 1 1? .J , Top Row: Betty Wilk, Gail Hoffeins, Mary Knuppel, Verna Hellmann, Georgia Brown, Virginia Leinweber, Brenda Lappin Third Row: Gladys Zirbel, Janet England, Judith Laird, Mary Burnham, Dorothy Setterdahl, Joyce Pershing, Ellen Hand Second Row: Diana Leaf, Laura Heffley, Kay Oltmanns, lrmgard Pesler, Deloris Gregory, Mrs. Nielsen, Anne Price, Cheryl Fuerst, Barbara Oettel, Carolyn Karthan Bottom Row: Yvonne Lansky, Mary Gabbert, Beverly Folkers, Bonnie Darnmernian Janice Mailand, Jeanne Frederick, Marcella Wennmacher, Mary Gunther, Sandra Moskofl, Irene Amos Not in panel: Ingrid Pesler The Girl at Philea Find Time to ngage in Prank What are they watching? It could be televisionl GBE: Anne Price. president 1 qw 'lg txllllflllgll qilmusl cu-ry gill :il Pliilni liars ll Jlllil lllllc' ob, iliis mlm-slit :ut - ' -' ' -piniik pu i 'UI' ' ' ul ii' ' si0 , 5 . , , . 2 ,, l s :wliliff ' ' ' ' ' 3 ' ' iu " ' ' ' ' 1 - -. . J lf - si 'ii 1 i f-- - ' inxslc 5 '- l s -' ai bu ' 1 1" 1" ' 'is 1 ' -1 1 xilgcnl "SLimitcssn-il Jcsilc Niv i 'S li IC, ' H 'Y lei llillilfl' Llrcss' X L"'k'L'JCS lL'S 'Il ,l g' "4 lllllltixl Ullllblliillg 5m's". 139 R Top Row: Annie Bannister, Linda Swislow, Willa Schneiderman, Maxine Lichterniin, Sharon Feldman, Rosalyn Hall, Nancy Thomson, Dolores Reis, Sally Gelstein, Charlene Kaplan, Aclie Gorbach Twelfth Row: Joan Neumann, Joan Langerman, Carol Sorlfin, Kathryn Munson, Karen Andersen, Joy Willey, Susan Hawkins, Eleanor Swain, Sara Matlock, Lorinne Lane Eleventh Row: Madeleine Graft, Susan Grossman, Andrea Lunde, Mary Marshall, Jane Brissenden, Gail Pawlan, Judith Carlson, Jane Cernota, Roberta Gross, Patricia Tingley, Judy Lynch, Linda Wall, Honey Goldberg, Mary Quinn, Diane Horwitz Tenth Row: Charlene Center, Ruth Groppel, Ellen Dugan, Marve Crawford, Sharon Knoll, Annette Piet, Kathleen DeYoung, Nancy Clark, Laurel Chertow, Karen Johnson, Dianne Lachmann, Barbara Forkash, Carolyn Dod- son, Margaret Giller, Caroline White, Bonny McCarthy Ninth Row: Grainne Grifhn, Carole Maurus, Kay Klaus, Sue Schierholtz, Jane Binkele, Wilma Marshall, Donna Jorstad, Nancy Whitten, Penelope Luclfado, Susan Terwell, Sheila Webb, Suzette Siegel, Nancy Shuckhart, Harriet Gothelt, Marian Georges Eighth Row: Rhoda Boros, Gloria Gausselin, Ann Sokensgarcl, Evelyn Getz, Judith Schaftenacker, Nancyann Hyer, Dona Anderson, Karen Kassube, Patricia Ward, Shelley Hofmann, Janice Walker, Janet Hyland, Marlene Stein, Lynn Birman, Sharon Ginsburg Seventh Row: Janice Wetzel, Virginia Kucera, Shirley Zarsycki, Georgia Cheopolas, Bess Pergakes, Caroline Bokios, Ellen Liebovich, Ruta Lukas, Sally Burrell, Susan Taylor, April King, Phyllis Herwitt, Barbara Volk, Lorna Mueggenborg, Gloria Mass Sixth Row: Carol Sandstrom, Judith Goldman, Roberta Goldman, Dorothy Feldman, Cheryl Ashe, Karen Chulock, Judith Deneholz, Margaret Abbott, Carol Miller, Julia Finley, Barbara Arnold, Helen Neumann, Edythe Randolph, Penelope Cowan Fifth Row: Joyce Julius, Clara McGinnis, Linda Lickgrafl, Elaine Schindel, Janet Wales, Leah Stolman, Barbara Lapin, Carol Shapiro, Jean Snyder, Clara Povlo, Agnes Schleper, Sandra Curtis, Lois Sherman, Janice Lawrence Fourth Row: Barbara Litsey, Norma Weisbaum, Joanne Brawar, Carol Roth, Shirley Palpusky, Louise Leasure, Georgia Chandler, Florence Leer, Donna Larnbird, Mary Schneble, Sandra Leshner, Lynn Gragg, Christine Fujimoto, Jill Gallehue Third Row: Patricia Cramer, Sara Hazelwood, Phyllis Bell, Sharon Sprowles, Marsha Hearst, Hannah Loeb, Bonnie Campbell, Dolores Gutierrez, Andrea Friedman, Adair Hayden, Phyllis Jatte, Janet Lantz, Dorothy Bell, Linda Krimmel Second Row: Janet Haieck, Marilyn Left, Gail Gordon, Sandra Segal, Dianne Lewin, lla Koltun, Roberta Maurer, Judith Talney, Adelle Katz, Carole Brown, Carol Schreiner, Dawn Neander, Elizabeth 'Vlontagno Bottom Row: Stephanie Smith, Carole Zweig, Judith Gron, Susan Applegate, Mary Forster, Jacqueline Becker, Patricia Moore, Barbara Vicino, Lois Weihe, Lorelei Borland, Joan Summers, Sarah Rochester, Adrienne Behrstock Dog Wreck Tranquil Lite ol Allen lie idence Hall, orth Lucia Thomas. president Meetings in arty surroundings are the best kndl lit now, il's In-l-Ilxl L-list lu sl-c lllll lltl' 'lxllL'l1l KIlii's Sllilll HL'l'llillll, OX, is lllllll' nlll-ii llll- unwilling Yllllllll nl' un lsllHWlllQ lil-in ul SUIIIL' lllllll'lllllS epismll XM-ll, lil .Xlll-ii Ntbllll, lil' s llunl- Il signin! Onl- l'YL'lllllg llic- llltg XX'LlIllll'l'L'Ll CllSll1lllt' into lllc' lblblllblll llnni' l'L'SllUlllll, ginll illJNUlllLL'l5 lL'lllsL'Ll ln lnnvl-Y llli- QlllN all .Xlll-n Nfllilll gnc- lik'illly lwlllslllg lilnll lu llllliltltl' llll-il glxillcs. llils xl-ali' llllw Sl1lllL'll xl slnlly Stllllllill in lltl' dining lnuinz lllis inns lm- lwn liullis. lllll'lllQ, wliilll lllL'lC is ll slinrl 1 lill-ills. .Xl4llL'HYCl, il is vc-ly llliicl lll lllis lllllk' .ilill no unc' is lililigglll-ll lo llllClltl. il lil-x llulil' Illis will lvlnls nl-lll i . l i i i l l , l l I l l l i l l Carole Abrams, Leta Ackerman, Annette Alonzo, Joyce Anderson, Nancy Babbitt, Phyllis Baggesen, Nancy Barrett, Cherie Batt, Ladonne Bender, Mary Berger, Susan Berk, Geraldine Berman, Andrea Biere, Melsa Bobrich, Janet Bolt, Betty Brady, Barbara Bren, Ruth Brewe, Georgia Broadrick, Ruth Brook, Sally Brubeck, Janice Bubliclf, Elaine Budach, Sharon Cassell, Carole Chanock, Kayla Chase, Josephine Cibulsky, Barbara Close, Nancy Coflman, Jane Cohen, Linda Cohn, Elaine Coorens, Carol Crandall, Phyllis Dannells, Nancy Deutch, Florence Dix, Alma Drake, Janet Dubisky, Arlene Eckhaus, Roberta Edwards, Rochelle Ezgur, Regina Fog, Marlene Forland, Carla Fox, Judith Franzen, Jan Fritz, Rosaline Froehlich, Elizabeth Fuss, Beverly Gardner, Patricia Geissman, Sandra Gilbert, Barbara Glow, Florence Goldman, Adrienne Gordon, Sally Greenberg, Benita Greenman, Judith Gustafson, Grace Habben, Ann Halin, Kathy Hameder, Virginia Harrell, Patricia Helm, Judith Hildenbrand, Judith Hirsch, Ellen Hollowick, Sharon Hovey, Jurate Narbutas, Sharon Neemann, Marlene Nico, Judith Oenibene, Janice Palmer, Sara Parker, Brandyn Pastor, Miriam Pem- burn, lrene Pilafas, Mary Poag, Penelope Pope, Lee Pritikin, Ruth Reints, Judith Roberts, Donna Rohr, Judith Rosenberg, Donna Rott, Beverly Rubin, Linda Ruby, Mary Ryan, Karen Scheirman, Laura Scrimpsher, Merle Shapiro, Monica Siewert, Marilyn Shor, Karen Smedberg, Kathleen Smith, Louise Steinman, Marlys Sternberg, Hylene Stiefel, Donna Stone, Roberta Stutz, Susan Sweeton, Beverly HuFford, Janet lrick, Paula Jenson, Alice Johnson, Jeannette Johnston, Joanne Jourdain, Karen Kahn, Judy Kamerlink, Patricia Karas, Deborah Kaufman, Ruth Keil, Patricia Kenny, Louise Korzonas, Joan Kottler, Marilyn Krause, Cecilia Krcmer, Shirley Kroencke, president: Karen Kuhl, Elaine Kurlansky, Natalie Kushner, Marlene Lance, Harriet Landy, Rita Leilionis, Elinor Lerner, Beverly Levin, Myrna Loring, Ramona Luckman, Jo Ann Mackey, Kaliopee Malagaris, Gail Malizia, Lynne Marin, Eileen Massallek, Judy McCarty, Ann MacFarland, Sharon Meadows, Gloria Mengarelli, Leslie Meyer, Jacqueline Migdal, Eileen Miller, Janice Miller, Myrna Millman, Arlene Minkus, Elizabeth Moles, Bonnie Tarty, Bonnie Uhlir, Dorothy Vanderbuilt, Carol Veikman, Helene Vogel, Dale Wagenheim, Dorothy Wales, Linda Wallin, Sara Weiner, Francine Weisenberg, Georgia Wernhaner, Verity Whitley, Judy Whittaker, Janice Wilz, Jeanette Wissmiller Marcia Wolf, Joan Woltzen, Margaret Yoshida, Judith Zikas, Thelma Zuckerman, Catherine Zakas I The Machine Age Come To Allen Re iilence Hell, outh Round table discussions can solve many problems, Shirley Kroencke, president Nlmlcttt zipplizitttcs ltzivc mziclc tltcit tnzirk :tt Allen Rvsiilt-mc llztll. South. The lirst in at long line nl' equitnttcnt was at gmail post, which wats placed on -Q-f thc pziviliiin ni-xt tn thc lmnt ilnni' lust .vw 1 yezit' cltiring thc wzttct' light. Now :in clccttir ilnnt' hats be-L-n instiillctlz this intitlc hits rztusul it littlt- hit til triittlmlc. IJL-tzitlsv thc pr-iiplc using it zilwqiys cx- pctt it tn npctt ittwgittl. which it iliicsirt ilu. liver bi-vit slzippt-tl by at iliior? but cwtt thgit tzitrt be-git the tcilcuiititittg lhztl is zilwziys he-ing iliittc lm' the lingttcl 'qi nl ltriistccs llinttct which is hvltl in thi' spring. lht' ilctntgttittg tailxw zill lgill. ' 'H ii Top Row: Sandra Emery, Suzanne Watkins, Audrey Egert, Barbara Trotter, Nancy Horvvich, Rozanne Kaplan, Jean Toedte, Diane Cohen, Barbara Wright, Laurel Vesely, Meredith Meyers, Karen Nordlof, Carolyn Hall, Mary O'Grady, Penelope Nicholl, Marcia Smith, Helen Nushart, Joann Kinzelberg, Sally Fritz, Marian Rosenberg Third Row: Leona Kocher, Rebecca Huss, Barbara Lipsey, Audrey Mead, Marilyn Herman, Bonnie Brienza, Helen Johnson, Antonia Risk, Linda Steingraber, Annette Haskett, Mary Schiemer, Mildred Weitz, Arlene Burk, Carol Herman, Janaan Olsen, Penelope Zimmerman, Sara Maurer, Mary Turnbull, Martha Ostermeier, Mary Haferkamp, Patricia Hutchings Second Row: Carole Jezek, Barbara Worthington, Nancy Kay, Anne Eastburn, Laurel Lohman, June Schiemer, Rosalynn Jenkins, Sandra Seegren, Mary Hennessy, Merle Singer, Diana Sovvinski, Karen Kuncl, Judith Weitz, Nancy Gobert Bottom Row: Marie Orwig, Susan Raymond, Karen Rover, Joan Evans, Mary Williams, Betty Goldtarb, Barbara Much, Marlene Scharf, Sandra Goldstein, Sue Sprigel, Judith Mandel, Momoko lko, Marilyn Turck, Carol Macander Busey Hall ttiges Ne er To Be Forgotton pectacular Nevada Street is the setting tor Busey Hall, a splendid example of Georgian architecture. J--, l42 One night never to be lorgotten was the night that Lucy Busey died, 2lCC'Ol'll- ing to the popular campus song. But there :ire other nights never to be lor- gotten concerning L.B.'s namesake, the celelmrzited Busey Hall. One such eve- ning lell on the night ol President Henry's speech to the incoming liresh- men, during Freshmen Wieck. At that time, gi truly Mike Todd Spectutulzn' was staged: 200 girls were Fixed up lor the event! Busev Hull prides itsell on being zi lriendlv group. Not only do the girls sing on the way to dinner, but also en- gage in lun Filled pzijznnzi parties com- plete with costumes and games. C rm ui-vat -V -1 N,-as--W-W, -Mv- ,, V i E M . . , '.,,'!'.:i " I '- I '- 'vii FFTSQFJ 'U' ,A vs HUP f 2.9 f trim-'s '. , , ," ' .',' , . 1,2 . I"SKQf.f9i . I- ML fy -. 5 ' ": .. 1 panama' . .. - - -' ' ' ' .. .xffrcvm ', 's 4 , ' s v. ,I 4 "7 '-f I 'dvi-t'ifiii is-, , ,I l I if l 'null , 4, c .ca N Top Row: Nancy Lackey, Nancy Hargman, Janice Sedlacek, Sarah Good, Eileen Feinberg, Janice Sappenfield, Karen Whitehurst, Irene Cogan, Karen Buckles, Janice Kaplan, Geraldine Dapin, Marcia Dittmann, Dorothea Jacobson, Patricia Egbert, Pamela Iverson, Nancy Odum, Cleon Schley, Janet Heely, E'oise Romano, Patricia Mense, Charlotte Lehnhofl, Susan Williams, Nancy Cohen, Ann Buchanan Third Row: Judith Knudson, Deborah Dovvding, Patricia Edwards, Nancy Weinstein, Setsuko Endo, Roberta Bennett, Suzanne Foissotte, Susan Jordan, Judith Weeks, Helen Gall, Ellen Herman, Carol Joos, Carol Fredrickson, Carolyn Tillema, Diana Larn- bert, Sofia Hurwich, Gail O'm'iteacl, Barbara Gruncr, Nancy Weaver, Angela Abramidas, Beverly Bruce, Arlene Cribb, Elizabeth Crabtree, Giselle Chesrovv Second Row: Patricia Tinkham, Joel Willis, Carol Getz, Irene Lange, Lillian Jasas, Astrida Drullis, Vita Cerskus, Gerda Link, Mrs. Wells, Danna Ryan, Lee Miller, Iris Sie-gal, Marian Klainik, Carolyn Spees, Barbara Barns. Regina Kohl, Adrienne Zahler, Barbara Smith, Joan Hammerman Bottom Row: Martha Miller, Carol Heim, Delories Biddle, Ellen Warren, Donna Nelson, Barbara Siegal, Anita Dattifo, Cynthia Sage, Mary Schaael, Eleanor Polkoll, Susan Wade, Katherine Sullivan, Linda Cordigan, Marcia Messman, Carol Dubois, Myrna Berman, Nancy Loevvy Not in panel: Mary Gregory, Mary Collins, Gay Hatinger, Nina Noubar. Kay Bradshaw, Terry Cohen, Alberta Zelinski, Mary Moss Pajama Partie Are Another Part of Life at Busey Hall Sandra Seegren, president The Bug rides again-and so does the house director! One pajanla party that provided lun especially was that held during Monrs Day. The girls put on slcits. alter which they picked the niother-daughter look- alilces-ancl it's olten hard, they say, to tell which one is the inotherl VVith the Christmas season conles a party ol' ci more serious nature. Going under the heading ol' a "Taking Down The Tree" party. the occasion also lea- tures readings lronl the Bible ahout the Clhristinas story and about Hanalclcah. Continuing in the same vein, the party ended with the singing ol Christmas carols and the dancing ol the hora-a way ol' bettering interfaith relations. H3 , A , Top Row: Yslovak Vytanovych, Bette Graefenstein, Judith Sinn, Grail Nugent, Mary Arnholt, Mary Gillette, Sue Efner, Sharon Behrends, Gloria Stuebe, Lynne Powell, Dolores Pochocki, Verla Brent, Patricia Kuchlem, Janet Reagan, Haven Palmquist, Charlotte Kaufman, Lois Kenyon, Sylvia Simberg Third Row: Ellen Poulos, Marilyn Sagan, Ruth Rechtoris, Rose Czekala, Florance Clauson, Nyla Nelson, Joan Fleminqs, Beverly Christiansen, Carol Vysup, Grace Putnam, Marilyn Peterson, Lynore Rossetti, Ina Louzensky, Marlene Neruda, Sara Glickstein, Dorrell Turley Second Row: Rochelle Rosenberg, Nancy Hess, Georgiana Jordan, Carolyn Lindstrom, Rachelle Warschaw, Judith Poudez, Mrs, Grinnell, ZoAnne Lum, Artha Loy, Carol Keasling, Harriet Dolby, Karen Brandenburg Bottom Row: Lelia Cann, Sharon Wolf, Susan lsted, Jean Eaton, Thomasine Edwards, Frances Foster, Charlene Goldberg, Penny Hoehn, Constance Mayer, Ruth Winarski, Claudia Goldman Mix Up Bring Lot oi Laugh to Girl oi Evan Re idence Hall They're leaving a gift for posterityftheir voicesl Myrna Siegel. president F3 1 SHlllCl.illlC5 thc girls :il livziiis Hull arc VJ Vi ' . . . ' , . . . . zi lllllt mixccl up. laikc April Pools Daiy. lin' mslzmcc. Dinner IIIHC dis- j'i plziyul ai sicnc ul llllL'1' liiiwic -tables l , svl wrong, sugar ziml saill liCYL'l'SL'Ll, and 4 C' g 'l i ,. . . . S yu, xi lllllllllllilL' ol 4llllCli things obviously 'HT if . . . y 3, not in lhcii' iight orclcrl Gi? J But thc unify aimics ccilaiinly clout Ulltlflll' lJL"'lllfM'illl 'i s icciil mln ' no V 5, . il . . y. . they gn on :ill yczir. lmliulccl on thc igcmlzi aiu- zillci'-liour cxcirisc-s hi-ld in thi h.ills, snmvlizill hghls with thc wziitcrs -and :in zimiuzil wzitcialiglil liclwccn the incinlicrs ul thiril llimi only! Hut, though thi girls gil livzins inziv hc ai lilllc' mixed up, they ltxivc lun! gf EES? --.nav X I' Q I f L 'Cf xf ,1 Y ,' Atl! V t , Q m 'wi' F x' l E l r , i .r . W I li , r A .. , , , Q45 Top Row: Janet Harter, Joyce Brandenburg, Erin Feigin, Linda Kerr, Barbara Hamm, Elizabeth Lawler, Barbara Mosser, Harriet Paskind, Karen Longford, Kay Muirheid, Carol Ahearn, Lynn Smith Third Row: Tobey Archer, Marian Issen, Glenda Rhodes, Ann Smith, Jovce Jacobs, Leila Rudolph, Roberta Taub, Sharon Lotman, Janis Henkle, Margit Ohrn, Marilyn Michal, Carol Ohrn, Eileen Rottman, Linda Evans Second Row: Rona Miller, Carol Kozlov, Mary Wiss, Loretta Alfonsi, Susan Galbraith, Donna Reed, Nancy McCandless, Mrs. Grinnell, Myrna Siegel, Donna Isted, Revonda Archer, Marilyn Higgs Bottom Row: Marianne Guclas, Andie Snyder, Georgeann Shive, Janet Parmelee, Sally Grimth, Judith Thurau, Janet Williams, Linda Junge, Sandra Howell, Judy McGlade, Shirley Adams E ans Al 0 Indulge in Glzincing hrielly over the score, it seems that there are ai lrit ul little things that the girls who have lived :it Iivgins thib year will always reczill: mllee liriurs :ind open lirnises :ilter the lloritlmll gznnes Qwhether we won, lost, or XX'lllllCX'C'1i,1 that Clhristinzis panty lor needy children in which livzins supplied its mvn Szintti and clowns: ceirtiling :it Llliristinars, even though at luck ol mow dznnpered the holidays spirit soniewhztli the newly in- itiated scliolzirship ziwaird dinnerg Aluink Dziy XtVeekend, with its Izihuloiis hrunth. pztiznnzi pzirty :ind big dinner: lziculty dinners-niy, this wits tertziinly zi htisy year lor liyatns Hall! Activitie of a uch More erious Nature The pillared next door neighbor ol Bu-sey is the impressive, stately Evans l-lall, . ., t . ,,v,,4l,xx If Ta' -wwf, iW?3'fff' 3-OSPF, fs e F5 " . Q - -- 32165 ef 153235 -"',QgQi..m ' ' " , f' ' ,, fm' A ' M, , E , ,J 5, y X Y . , ,Q Fa 4 ,J E E 6 U HM V, M ,Via rr 3 A "r El' , J it l "5 ' , if l. ,, f. ' ' 'f ix' - H I 'T V -. " .' a . . be 11555 ' ra t - if f Q- "rfafi -' arf-'rf fur 1titgf,5?'1 "" V M- , ' 'J 71 if 3525. 'zeal 'ir'-A , MP1 -yy, . n '-f 4 ww gat ,, , ' gt-r y 5?-R, 11, ,115 A, .Q V . v, 3 , ii, jr r. rms! . .,,,. , V, db im, Ka . M . K ' '+i?3f. V: :fir -fr mr if lf 'fi' w il' -, , LJ t'1 H .., -fi f T'!'WI'c:!'9 ' , , ' ' A " it ,sf-J' if-'fi Q, ". -t , nrt ' .gi M513 N r X . . ,.,.f-"f'2"- ia 5 TMSVJM 1 " My 7 " . Q' f ravi e , 'Q sn 1 av -f A 53.7 any .r S , J, ,i K ,yi I E' Y .rwannqqg-,gym ., 1 , f ,yay -L in 145 es... clown over LAR than night! guilty ones. she sent heir lhzinksl l i i l i 4 il I Top Row: Joyce Wold, Louise Brownson, Valerie Schuemann, Marlene Walulis, Ardis Reverts, Shirlee Davis, Marcia Green, Hilary Wolfe, Jennie Boston, Joyce ' Cook, Sandy Rhodes, Yvonne Edwards, Janice Carter, Jeannette Koop, Alice Krentzman Sixth Row: Ann Anderson, Ellen Lambeth, Roberta Young, Ruth Fesser Fifth Row: Sara Wold, Ann Hiles, Sandy Nelson, Jorene Steinman, Sue Smalla, Judy Joseph, Marianne Scharf, Deborah Oswalt, Carol Peternel, Susan Packard, Barbara Ross- nian, Nancy Glson, Charlene Berman, Jo Chernoft Fourth Row: Cathy Cooper, Virginia Wesoloski, Ina Kaplan, Judy Borowitz, Karen Wanless, Karen Holzhauser, Sondra Stern, Marilyn Gowin, Sandi Bartholmey, Karen Fredricksen, Mariorie Moretz, Ruth Smilgis, Judy Slotnikoff, Barbara Lindh, Pat Kolar, Janet Olschwang, Jackie Harris Third Row: Adrienne Miller, Carol Grote, Eileen Lavelle, Judi Ann Riss, Deanna Kirschbaum, Sara Hanover, Shirley Lewis, Barbara Wenberg, Charlotte Milstein, Sue Lynch, Sandra Finney, Helana Sones. Carol Stern, Melody Kanimer, Mary Dwyer, Carol Huszar, Harriet Hadesman Second Row: Marjorie Kastel, Daryl Jones, Joan Mall, Melanie Tannenbauni, Judy Johnson, Rachel Diamond, Audrey Wilhelms, Joan Kola, Sally Johnson, Clara Redin, Nancy Senirad, Sarah Bourque, Cherry Cross, Judy Cosme, Jody Angline, Toni Sathe, Alice Gregory Bottom Row: Carol Johnson, Judy Yannetta, Rhoda Bennett, Karen Kretzschrner, Nancy Jane Lord, Belinda i Cfeaves, Carole Kosvick, Paula Rubenstein, Beatrice Anderson, Caroline Martin, Mary Braden l l l i l E l 'urprises Abound at Lincoln Avenue Re idence, nrth i ,l l 'l l l li l i l Karen Person, president A bevy of beauties prove they've also got brains. r lfrne seems to hzne inairkecl LXR North gms the surge lol soine mighty sliznige lizippenings this yezna. ,X good exznnple ievolveml anonnml the surprise l'ClClVCll Int the residents when an Inline srienlisl lost ionniol ol gi cheinimgil experiment .mu-N going on in the hzrseinenl. No ilonln clieznns lllI'l1Cll quickly into niglil-niznes its an igilhei' conspicuous sinell sleelecl Nliss Connell, ii hezul resident with gr sense ol lnnnoig also received soinea wlign ol gi sni'ln'ise when. on her lmnih mlgn, she lounml than heir heal haul been ignhei inyslerionsly sliorlslieetecl. To the 4214 rv ,., -- V 'Ak' , u ""1 A"' UN'ai.'foi?3Lrat..4.,., Law- . 4- . i 3--' 1!"r'4'1l-1'illf7,rI' AJ ', 4-1727514 " ' "il In-3'Q1ll.'2"li ', "'.' 1 ' V in il Top Row: Mary Kasten, Kathleen Sippel, Alice Bates, Lois Stoker, Margaret Walker, Irene Wysocki, Joan Formanek, Janet Litney, Mary Jones, Ann Wagner, Barbara Pelton, Brenda Felt, Judith Marks, Judith Daggett, Janet Berman, Bonita Snyders, Mary Frie, Ausrele Juska, Carolyn Parkhurst, Kathleen Timmerman, Patricia Harris, Sue Novak, Lois Kramer, Linda Ryan Fourth Row: Grazina Gudaitis, Eleanor Burstein, Janet Burkland, Rosemary O'Loughlin, Peggy Scott, Jeanne Welch, Mollie Douglas. Joan Wethington, Janet Weith, Joyce Garbe, Claudia Joachim, Janet Dowdy, lone Cribb, Carole Fischer, Anah Higgs, Lita Hornstein, Emily Marx Third Row: Louise Toppe, Daiva Blinstrubas, Barbara Boden, Rosemary Krolak, Freda Russell, Harriette Hilh, Lucy Kowalski, Roberta Taylor, Barbara Abbit, Edelgard Eichholz, Mary Powers, Evelyn Parks, Anita Fengers, Isabella Selega, Bethany Hage, Sharon Pantel, Sandra Sandsmark, Carol Clammer, Denise Wachowiak, Monty Dixon Second Row: lris Johns, Linda Sugar, Joanne Schneider, Jacqueline Sherman, Marsha Boyansky, Connie Lundeen, Rita Pilipaviciute, June Zitek, Phyllis Cohen, Karen Myers, Jo Levin, Anita Lesser, Marlene Rhine, Mary McCartan, Carolyn Soneson, Barbara Primack, Sharon Primack, Judith Berliner, Joy Rickert, Elizabeth McLeod Bottom Row: Judy Baus, Jill Gerdes, Judith Vonn, Barbara Silverman, Adele Sable, Judith Kaplan, Judith Gold, Mary Stein, linda Richert, Ellen Filurin, Shari Elias, Juanita Hillman, Judith Ellis, Leslie Leying, Linda Ross, Judith Simon, Carol Anderson, Shelley Kaplan, Judith Lawless, Sandra Kagan 0riginalit Prevails at Lincoln Avenue Re idence Hall, nuth Pert and pretty are these ladies from LAR South. Margot Wien. president ,sift at At Lincoln Avenue Residence, South. the girls must work overtime thinking up original titles lor house events. Some ot their dances ure: Clzindy Czine Llotil- lion, Crewcut Capers, and Clzipers in Conletti. The Us predominate! ,lust to prove how lriendly they anne, the girls :it LXR held zin "git home" in November, to which the deans :ind sev- erztl men's houses were invited. Along the szime order, LAR can oller biweekly cocozi hours fespeciailly nice during :ill those cold winter eveningsj :ind monthly birthday dinners. These events indeed help to make the large dormitory "gi home away lrom home" to its inhali- itants. 147 if , alt' 1- .1 , I , 'Cai i , J: 'T .fc , Y Pica? O 'N 4, , , 1' Y ' ' -' , 1 V 3 . , .l CM s' rm ' 1 Q ru Q9 a. I . Q - 7 , ra,- , A 'x 5 N' if fi 351 N , 4 F C? . X M so Q, 'J f X -i 1' .el - .41 . , , fi? ,. J . c ' 1 -A Top Row: Virginia White, Judy Prochnovv, Marie Eigenrauch, Susan Stover, Eleanor Drake, Jean Paychl, Barbara Wielgosz, Sandy DeMeriian Seventh Row: Carolyn Davenport, Arlene Brumlik, Judy Olmsted, Kenlyn Gay, Shir'ee Jenks, Judi Walker, Joan Frost, Anne Leaner, Ann McReynolds, Linda Randal, Debbie Johnson Sixth Row: Paula Roth. Linda Pedersen, Hinda Halpern, Marion Bise, Carolyn Carroll, Betty Rothacker, Barbara Burns, Barbara Carlington, Carla Kunkel, Carol Reichard, Maralee Shields, Marge John, Marcia Starbel, Dixie Nelson, Marilyn Neuman Fifth Row: Sheila Enoch, Jeralyn Jewett, Joanne Gritif, Edith Stritzel Jorene Steinmann, Sue Heinrich, Sherry Chylek, Jan Abell, Virginia Horton, Gail Londos, Rachel Baron, Mary Clark, Marcia Chambers, Vorrna Zara, Carol Olson Fourth Row: Kate Lindbloom, Bonnie Grinker, Ruth Good, Julie Gilbert, Marcia Mendelson, Rebecca VanDeventer, Rayno Michael, Ann Montgomery, Connie Dvorak, Lucille Karpiv, Judy Vodrazka, Sandy Harris, Gloria Laner, Judy Sterlzriede, Carolyn Weiss Third Row: Judith Meek, Sheila Cherry, Lela Potter, Bonnie Molander, Marge Erickson, Mary Dean Jenkins, Sharon Grusdis, Sandy Pope, Denise Lundquist, Sue Hechtman, Joan Rasmussen, Sharon Scott, Anna Galik, Ruth DeVries Second Row: Marcia Murray, Sybil Piskur, Sandy Jones, Rita Wells, Beverly Westrom Joan Anderson, Gloria Senkus, Sharon Miller, Sandra Hart, Dorothy Robra, Diane Bandyk, Sylvia Fisher Bottom Row: Bonnie Lau, Frances Byrd, Phyllis Schenck, Laurel Sandberg. Sandra Temaner, Jeannette Boam, Beatrice Millner, Toni Greene, Judy Moyes, Julie Kraft, Sharon Berkley, Barbara Breitenbach, Penny Wheeler, Janet Schauffler, Mary Irvine Lincoln A enue Re idence Hall, orth Lincoln A enue Re idence Hall, outh Top Row: Judy MacAfee, Martha Brieser, Joan Paychl, Judith Beason, Natalie Lewin, Michelle Levinson, Marguerite Frank, Sandra Ford, Nancy Wilson, Judith Hill, Maureen Murrin Fourth Row: Roberta Baumel, Gretchen Slick, Joan Hall, Margot Wien, president, Eva Maiewski, Jill Flyer, Penelope Bryan, Elsie Holmes, Gloria Smith, Judith Bell, Pat VanLaningham, Susan Tideman Third Row: Judith Rabold, Gladys Nye, Cleo Neely, Maureen Senescu, Linda Anderson, Eloise Morris, Carol Clasky, Diane Zalants, Thea Gantz, Judith Berman, Maxine Johnson, Patricia Allen, Lorelei Bowman Second Row: Iris Kahn, Karen Potashnik, Mary Willis, Josephine Mazar, Joyce Preston, Carolyn Lorber, Phillis Appell, Eileen Goldman, Carole Riddle, Eileen Futterman, Heidi Eastman, Janet Hembrough, Jean Conroy Bottom Row: Bonnie Levy, Barbara Schulman, Susan Chamberlain, Judith Zindars, Lana Turner, Joan Bloomfield, Gloria Lindsey, Audrey Gore, Donna Peters, Sharon Vitzthum, Jean Stewart, Judith Kleppinger, Anita Affolter, Joyce Burkhardt, Murna Kawachi S3 S332 ,M ea. 'E ,lil tia"aS?,aZ lu - 4, ,, M l S-6 - -V-A-X-fm i J ,f z za,,.m,e.n.imwm i ' -r ll 5 535391 v f W 1-ai .gmemiffv I , ,l kzmmwfggawyggwi . .ia-11:3 - ,tr 'N 'Wm ' N 1 -J aa Eg' N' leafs ,- A1 i . , J mosaaxaegxwxgm f-ff. will .gp gi gm ,Mgt a,..i5-3,555 ,il ' KX ' I imwmnrmtasrsaxgqxe i 'iigk'--ff' siting" '5 W ,km W' it -Nam-1 swnwmwwffw l -tem, W M, 2231 ..,,.......W...w,,s,e.t., , mmwiniswisamuia X if weft egxgzxzsrzfzrri Q K 'fm-Wwemnt 'f H 1 val was , l - V- -A .J l V t ltwtflmwtfvlg rf - " i 5 wi ie-as ""::"f"':'f- 32:11 ' Wmmftfmfmu f- --e-- l 3, ., gli, , . H ww ifwlflf f f V i A J - : it ' l M , S W., Q 3 J 3 M I jr it J X? " fi i s fi' ' l i ' I. 'ija ,A 2. -M f. 1' f - Q' 1 f J Q f' " ,, - -gf, 4 :-- :si , Q N A -- ' ' ht.. ' s is N " ' , H, Ja, mi simsiiea ma r -fx... ' f', 'cr - , 'QF' ,Q ,, ' , itat iwwsaii -, . t 'Vit 3 mi uw , ,, ,. A , me rx.:-r g J we is . - Wei 148i 1- 5 X In 'iv A 'i ' t T112 v J . Sz At i ' I .I A 1 i i 'fri X " ' 5 4 A i " .. " 2 l ' iid' if -:"2T1 jf, 3fg5i,,,,,,u,3 ' - ,X i. AR ., V -A gf , , Ml i N K , i ,gn Y , ,,- J,-, "ml ii' 'Y , tacit .. ' :jf ', L NX . . 5- - f- A--fe 'ni A- fi -nf, . ,t 1' v r X """"'1 . . . -- V .1 gg -, , --p , .- W X - c,,,,c. k J 'I il rl I '1 Top Row: Paula Feinberg, Virginia Zachgo, Barbara Alderson, Linnea Pearson, Penelope Pietrus, Marilyn Mitchell, Marietta l-lervveg, Geraldine Johnson, Milli cent Bissi, Launa Cramer, Dianne Sweeney Second Row: Francine Berliner, Alma Middleton, Carla Knepp, Marsha Burley, Nancy Kohner, presidfnt, Mrs. Ross, Rita Stackhouse, Barbara Hartstein, Ruth Hacller, Marilyn Breeze Bottom Row: Nicole Garrison, Marqaret Shutzbaugh, Patricia Carroll, Judith Johnson, Mary Chapman, Janet Hamilton, Charlene Luebke, Elaine Kasen, Constance Argires, Christine Buzclygan Not in panel: Mary Foerner, Arlene Goldberg, Judith Kramp, Susan Lee, Eileen McWilliams, Suzanne Peters, Joan Rinken, Virginia Rokusek, Janet Thalmann, Arlene Stemler Cedar Hall lVl aple Hall Top Row: Nancy Rorer, Tena Rimland, Sandra Haese, Sondra Peters, Sharon McCauley, Eileen Bloom, Patricia Tieie, Bonita Melnick, Carolyn Brash Second Row: Barbara Ridcliford, Harriet Merlander, Cyrelda Tarter, Angela Sklavounos, Sheila Rooney, Beryl Smith, lrys Kogen, Arlene Schweigerdt, Anne Mahler Bottom Row: Barbara Johns, Judith Meyer, Gail Golan, Beatrice Klazmer, Helen Easton, Dorothy Kehart, Sue Anway, Louise Cattapan mm f .,.: an-aa ,,,"'im' "W I A , t'tt ' i i A , ' ' 2 ,W ,, ' M y A KM -atti I A I lc: A ,,., I aa V . I V, Y , t V I A X of A i ' r f is a 4 . "'...f imma- E tt: 1 -' A 5 'se --itit ' ae , ,,, Hamm 'J ZFA, . J 1395- 4, ' J- J. y A- J ' Vai- wie -- eawmt ..,.:3f3,,, fe. nun: Q Q .Q if 'W' WMWWM , . iw-wiwmm f i 5 ill ' -' "it . ee - ' ' , E ,. Q 1334 ' X J ' 'N r u ,, ., , , A Ji I ' A 2 Q A l ,. , Q1 ' .'?'f' , in an ggi 'Z , Qrs: ff, V, ae, , .".-W , - new a s ' of 0 ,ga , , may i G 5 , i my 2 Q I , :aaa ,A , .ai-ar V Q-use .. , M. ,, ,Ki-,Q El 9 A' J 3li'5ifQ?5?'5: 'llaclgf ff: 'Sf' av if 7 f law! In ' "il ' A ' .JM l,t'l it Ilt'XL't lu- sgiul that tlu' girls :it l-ll llrriist' .iim'rr't :ixiil lgins ul ll.l. lluitf lmll, l,lll'5.lllIltl.IX'IIIUlItlIlQ,1lSllIIllIlll'l ul lgut, luuiul llu' girls so vxcilul oven' "lw7'1'e tlu- lllllN'lllllllg garlic Ilrgil it lvw cxitvlvss . s-.x inislqikvs wore' inaulr' giiul gi ptvssirii' 'xiii lull nl 'ultilltws vxpluili-ml its at result. Vg err, lllltl qillviruuin mu' rumor' lic-sliingiii girl if listviuwl In tlu- gginu- on tlu' tguliug :it llu' ' sginu' lllllL', slu' stigiiu-il lltllllltl in-iiigiiris i limit ilu- llillllt' siaiiiul ttllltlgl lin-ir il llu- llllllllltlt' lrgul lmccn lwiiiigi- , ' Y - "if:-,Ish ru-nl ilu- girls woulilnl lixiw lux-ii too ' , iilrwt. :is liiliiin' plains iiuliulc at new luiiisc' Int tlu' girls git -lell llnusv. Girl at 4-H Hou e Get teamed p 0ver . oi I. Football Top Row: Jane Siutz, Mary Watson, Ruth Dvesterhaus, Rosalie Bohenstiehl, Mary Akin, Ruth Cunningham, Nedra Thomson, Sharon Wilcoxen, Carol Elson, Patricia Long Fourth Row: JoEIlen Putt, Glenna Blunier, Virginia Seller, Mary Schneider, Carolyn Sumption, Margaret Williams, Beverly Torok, Vicci Young, Barbara Strunk, Janet Akin Third Row: Carol MCQuilkin, Rosemary Schuster, Kay Hepler, Linda Mooberry, Mrs, Stahly, Georgia Allen, Coena Blair, Judith Fahnstrom, Karen Bosserl, Carol Utkes, Sandra Sells Second Row: Martha Carlson, Judy Fehrenlnacher, Joyce Deering, Elaine Steimel, Harriet Gross, Roberta Ackerman, Melba Oakley, Karen Leflerson, Phyllis Reqnier Bottom Row: Charlene Flack, Cheryl Mathre, Susan Miller, Margaret Jepson, Nancy Mason, Kolleeta Moyes A ii' in l N7 war 150 v 21 Y Q Linn .ilmiil ix l.ii1 Inlay wills linflwfi Wm: I- - ' 3 lr, V All IlflllSl'- llllllllg Illl1'lIl.IllHll.Il XX'ii'l-' 'lulif .5 ' i J ' l 'l' 'J W "l gals illllllll lllXi In xlxlltll lin lim-igyiu 'X sliiilviils lu imlilc' lui xliiinvi .is ilivn f Mlllvls lilsl liilrlii-in-fl lu Iill llue lull Aw, come on, now-just a hand before luncheon!" Judith Gelman, president In livin ul misciiliiii- wiilvix, who wwf Ilii-ii gui-sis llii Q.lllN lllf'lIlSi'lX1'N ai-:xi-il lNllIl'WLIllilS,lHllll'lllIIl'1ll iniiili lun .lllil lully. lmli-in iiriiieigi-il lu f iiix HIII luilluri in lllll'I llzilluligil gm f nl will pulley, :is llivv Sllilllhflllil .xml liilln-il Nlllnlnrll 1 1 llrlgizin limi-i iliilil, Xniliv. Ihr' larry u 14-if-ixul iniiili nmil lium Intl:-cu s. ,XIIH llic-i inlc'li1'i1iun:ililiziiilv Iligil 1 llIl'lX'f'll lmluu 'iicl xx is C.,XRl'.. Indeco Girl Woo and in Allie for United lates Top Row: Eger, Adrienne Mi Davis, Carol Letvv Godfrey, Eva Ma Maureen Feldman, Lois Robe, Judith Slonim, Judith Myers, Saralee Medles, Maxine Epstein, Ada Sutlfer, Carol Rubin, Barbara Pmslfy, Audrey Johnz, Susan Slmclfter, Jul 5 ller, Rochelle Graber Fourth Row: Maureen Mark, Rhoda Rosenfeld, Diane Stein, Sandra Golfer, Shir'ee Rich, Sharon Ginsberg, Carole Hirsch, Slllilli in, Marion Banish, Judith Wright, Barbara Alefander, Barbara Lazar Third Row: Noreen Crane, Marlorie Shagam, Barbara Fox, Judith Ge-lman, Mrs adl, Lynn Hamer, Judith Linkow, Leah Meyer Second Row: Phyllis Felton, Sandra Massel, Myra Rubenstein, Marcia Noyoselslfy, Dorene Shulman Merle List, Roberia Pines Boitom Row: Dale Sanger, Linda Nirnz, Bonnie Gartner, Marlene Berholtz, Fern Edudin .--.4 - ...-. Aff S X ' M 1 4 1 Q , JN fi - ,U 4 Q aww: , We 5 . 5 W, 1 if " ' J ' I "V 'H-.3 W : 1 if f 'ISI XJ! I X I , ---' -1-N e4" 'l f l ' ta i "" .wi 1 2 ll N W l l 3 CN , V Q -R x - l, y 1 Q I 1.-'ict 1 0 1- 'f l n 2 -:J ,Q ' ' ' , 5 X I F f x ll fl J L 1 X ' L Top Row sllvunwr, Slmsln Fnmmermnw, Volnm klein, Eileen Colm Marcxa Herbvman Larol Isoe Roberta Sax Wen Thnrd Row my 1 gp 1 Markuc, Ruslyn Kaplan, Anita Kle-Weld, Linda Kahn Nancy Glrtzler Qusan Schultz Elaine BEFUIBFHIIW Second Row rlw lnrn R nu I ln L M MQDQWQII Comme Epwennw, Carol Farber Bottom Row: Susan Ploikm Ilene Clwaet Abby Israe-low Duane Pmkert t lman L u e er Npnlk Not an panel Harrve-1 Beckev " omething 0ld omething " Chant Laurel Hou e 'iv IUN ..-. Corrine Epstein, president ,' ' -2,5 ll l - 4 rizw , f Q . 1 X Rx X YT "But R s tl i .. "1 ,.4 Y. 4, I' f A' Y4v?1s't" Top Row: Bonnie Stemple, Catherine Wineland, Marie Gieszelmann, Margaret Wahl, Janet Douglas, Mary Lauck, Marcia Turley, Jane Yontz, Calleno l-liclfs, Judith Baldwin, Marlena Baldridge Third Row: Jean Rafferty, Katherine Broaddus, Eyonne Zogas, Kathryn Buescher, Carolyn Gardiner, Judith Feutz, Patricia Butler, Janet Ratz, Launne Biehl, Arleen Stelmachowski, Carolyn Bieritz, Ruth Pitelka Second Row: Sylvia Karlalr, Marilyn Karpinsli, Charmaine Michalsld, Mary Keyes, Mrs Hardesty, Joanne Mathers, Margaret Schabow, Gloria Copp, Shirley Whitaker, Norma Schafer Bottom Row: Audrey Muster, Jane Nethery, Vianne Ruud, Sandra White, Nancy Greene, Nancy Judd, Gayle Morgan, Anita Elder teak and Sea eed Decorate E ent of Leeman Lodge lt's so nice to have a pianist around the house! Mary Keyes, president , .XIIYHIIC will lcll you lhzil rnllcgc' is cle-linite-ly gn-lling lizmlr-ii, which tm-Lim ee. 'T I lllzll ai lilllc inure clluirl :incl ciiuiiiixigc- me ' im-nl llll' nculcrl In pimnulr- highm J ,V 'J scltulzntsliip. The gll'lS mx-it ill lrL'L'lllllll lmlegr- think lltcyvc luuml thc giiiswci: i Slczila :intl lmunis Dinncie with ll m-ix' lwisl. This time hulh ilu- Slcgili-vziliiig uhs aiml the BL-:ill-cznlillg liuins rlivssul In hclit lhvii' snliulnislir suliivwiiicitt. Him' Linus Lin lrmlg? l,c-4-main Lmlgc girls pmwnl lhgil they cgnnc ., ., lu giving "l'iiclciew:ilci' lfziiilzisif' their gon livzisiiiecl 1 4 if 'fl few? iss llllll' lillll-V XLIIIX Xl'1llSll0lIl IIUNV XII llll' lytllll Hllllll'gL'U llvgills to tl-lllillisln' Nlclsilllvy ll.lll KLLIXNP 'llwrm In um: slit' 2 gl?" lL'IllL'llllM'ls llllbl' sllllwllglll llglllh Wllll lllm- llxlilm-ls: lllltxl' llnlllmll lnllllts llln All lliglll lo kr-up llll llll' gills going lllll- ing SllltlX' sl-ssinllsg llllll Qlitlll llflllillltl f gills llnlllllillg Xlliglll Sllvcl Illllillllfx lSllL'L'lIllHll, Iwlillllltsl llulll lllc lllilll Ilorll Stl'l'L'llL'4l ill Ibllllll. 'llllL'll. lltvrc was lltc tlvislccl llUllSL' Clllllltlll . . . AlL'lllHl'lL'S. 2 2 ' ' "' V - ,V if V I fs IllL'IIltll'lCNL aj' ,-if s -A 1 J 5' ' gmt 3 0Illlll'lll' Are all lTh'i""0lloles 'Killle Hall Top Row: Deonna Forman, Helen Painter, Doris Lum, Rosemary Kovvalesik, Lyla Morine, Allce Moreau, Martha Huxtable, Mary Brodd, Linda Kannmacher, Louise Munns, Sarah McKovvn, Lora Barker, Janice Geschvvlnd, Marle Anderson, Norma Corbett, Judith Kannmacher, Karen Niccum, Karen Bohart, Anita Gorr, Sally Siddens, Barbara Hlelko Third Row: Beverly Terry, Perh Hui, Marilyn Day, Patricia Rider, Kay Kllbourne, Helen Suddes, Rosanlund Ashvvlll, Kay Kirk, Mary Peter, Patricia Mont- gomery, Elta Ozollns, Ruth Campbell, Marcia Bradley, Mary Slilllh, Joanne Snalde, Mary Ricketts, Martha Coombe, Barbara Dellenback, Marlorie Swanson, Renny Greenwood, Nancy Stahl Second Row: Dora Lee, Carol Wood, Mada Beauchamp, Judy Levvls, Karen Strack, Barbara Hodam, Mary Beauchamp, Mrs. Stone, Judith Delp, Emma Anderson, Carolyn Fleming, Margaret Morton, Nancy McMiIlen Bottom Row: Carol Plnlferion, Mary Mcl-lose, Janice Kessler, Bonnie Swanson, Rebecca Mclntosh, Patricia Scott, Janette Johnson, June Thorsen, Jane Rhoades, Susan WikoFl, Sheila Raymond, Judy Trei, Michaela Jordan, Eugenie Frank Not in panel: Ohma Clampitt, Lois Nestle, Carol Snyder, Joy Spartin, Rlckl Szvvlec, Phyllis Mack .412 "' ' 3 ---'.7, ss, --Mm-N aa--1 -- f -- Y A l54 l 'I 'ww 5 4"7 I I' , I'lIi 'll ll Nlll .l llllllu I," llll' ft N'lIlIll' . I ll lr , . . Ig E JI lllll' ul lllll' ul lllr' Illltll' l.lX4tlf'll Sftllllt Ar- 6 'il . . . , , ' .' I ul lltl' QVIIIN llxllllg .ll l'.II.Illl.lI. IIIIQIII H i lv' ' . I , I . . ' il Slll llll .l Itll ul lllllllsllx .ls lil lllwl f , , I XVIIJII is up Hll llllll llllllllllf fllllllll ll f I il' ll llllllll ist' f ' it fl' Llll QIIISWVI, N Q ' ,Q I I' l I ll' I 51 I I il' ' l 24, .mi ,gif um- llllll Ill-sl tftllliltll llillillllill. A - ' l':ll:llll:ll l-vc-llls IIIIS yt-lil gill- Ilsll'll ' ' ll4'WlliIl llillull-lilly llttlll lllusl- t'X't'lIlS A ul llllllly ulllvl' ulglllliflllilllls, In glu- , K llll vxlllllllll-, lu-lc' IN fllll' llllll ul Iltl'll ,gn llllhy sulizll clllvllllglli "Stole fllllllililll , , . . . Lllllms tll'sl, lvlllllllllg ll l2lll'l Wllll I -cigll full-lliulticsg sul up llivl Izllllv lol lllusc with WIII-IJHWVI . . , :lllll so ull, llil' this wats lllclc-ly zz Slllllllllllgl Busy--and Unu ual-- ocil Life Keep Pzllamal' Goin Top Row: Judy Cottay, Jean Wingstrom, Elizabeth Harryman, Jayne Stead, Marilyn Frederick, Katherine Rader, Nancy Johnson, Constance Asper, Judith Pabin, Marcy Halm, Vesta Schwarm, Sandra Marlin, Doris Olson, Judith Zasadil, Rosalind Rhoda, Mlrka Meizr, Carol Blankenhorn, Darlene Gluffre Fourth Row: Karen Peterson, Marilyn Pasternock, Barbara Fleeger, Barbara Kendall, Marilee Mommsen, Marlene Koester, Mary Geisslnan, Sheila Platt, Ruth Black, Ada Price, Mary Schaefer, Ruth Hoogervverf, Patricia Davies, Janice Ruza, Christine Anderson, Pauline Giglio, Sandra Dreymlller, Susan Budinger Third Row: Linda Knox, Almut Frerlchs, Constance Kensicki, Lynne Ruza, Evelyn Brown, Mrs. Daniels, Mary Glenney, Anita Anderson, Elizabeth Pape, Paralee Perkins, Carolyn McMicken, Judith Pence Second Row: Joan Fasnacht, Carol Higgens, Myra Brunner, Angela Adduci, Karen Muselman, Lynn Mommsen, Karen Bolland, Veda Mills, Carol Kasanda, Sandra Turley Bottom Row: Elizabeth Gabel, Jo Ann Quinlan, Margaret Wiltong, Pamela Tracy, Alice Paine Not in panel: Catherine Joslin av' ls A l lux-I IQXJJ I-X1 5' l ' l i W w var Q' l55 i l t i i r l i i i A -'-yqpuq' M' W4 N ' 3' ' j as l, f Q: 1 is 1 .A i 1 -J . A - 1 r' , A ,. V ,, l , Q iffilyl , ! if f sf 9-' l Top Row: Patricia Moller, Virginia Vida, Joyce Blundell, Sara McMurtrie, Helen Rash, Jane Lemme, Marilyn Kating, Mary Cravens, Judith Cotter, Caroline Serven, Nancy lanlz, Sondra Pearson, Judith Moreen Third Row: Anna Overton, Maxine Ayres, Judith Ohlson, Sally Blacker, Patricia Goodman, Mrs. Jordan, Nancy Shipp, Gwendolyn Hayes, June Hutchcraft, Sharon Spaulding, Rebecca Adair Second Row: Bonnie Crayens, Susan Seely, Ruth Cortright, Carol Crout, Janice Roberts, Judith McLean, Linda Butler, Ada Broverman, Nancy McKibbin, Judith Tidd, Sally Snipp Bottom Row: Rebecca West, Elizabeth Anderson, Nancy Westover, Marie Heineken, Jane Anderson, .Jacqueline Sangster, Carolyn Sparks, Bonnie Armstrong, Marilyn Webb, Mariorie Cubbage l l i l l ll Pre byterian Hall Celebrate the Year in Varieu Ways f l i l ,i l i i Patricia Goodman, president They're whistling a happy tune at Presby Hall! , Pie-shy Hull has he-cn known gms just c lhall lm' sn long lhail il is ollcn ai sho " lo lu-air il lalllc-ll l'1'e-slavle-1'i1iit Hzill. llow- cvc-1', lcw lllllSlllUl'S pmlmlmly know lhc i'csillcmc's I'L'lll iigmlu, which is Luiz Bull NlL'lllUl'llll l'i'l'slJylcl'i:l11 House' lin' XN'iiinl-ii. This lmiisl- was lvll :is ai nlcino- lixll lu lllrcc lixlll sislcrs. .X lllirislniiis liuillilion is ln prcscnl cgilh nlhl-1' niml unlx' wilh gills, lllll wilh pol-lil Il'llDlllL'S ln unc lllllJll1L'liflllL'5L' ollcn he llllllt liilalrimlsl IJliL'NL'lllL'll lu one ul lhc llltbll' nulsliinll- ing sl-niors. lhc llXVLlI'kl is hgisccl on lhc gills lniilirilmliliint ln lhc lmusc. l l l iss i l , ,..q,,pzzT7'- -io out X 'U 1 L 'mil P ft M, J c L 0 ro V' I V ,V k f J 'ti ' ' v A 'i, eri A L for Q I V5 A - Q 4-in Q .A-. 11 Q Y p 1 Z: Q v - iv 4, l v v W l i lk ol . ' A' n..,L4.z, . Top Row: Judith Lutzhoff, Glenda Eshleman, Patricia Plaza, Susan Rains, Nancy Hermann, Virginia Valonis, Beverly Armstrong, Lou Dunham, Roberta Cowgill, Olympia Dyer, Nola Deimer, Janice Davis, Barbara Weiss, Bernadine Bednarz Third Row: Nira Davy, Marie Tomasic, Mary Mickey, Audrey Bruckner, Dian Krueger, Lois Steben, Mary Morehart, Judith Osborn, Barbara Haimbaugh, Marcia Kent, Sandra Young, Carol Coffman, Janice Scribano, Jeanne Cooper, Julie Bartolo, Dorinda Pierce, Mary Divan, Lynn McCorvie Second Row: Marcia Wright, Gloria Raiewslci, Mariorie Griffith, Sandra Renning, Barbara Mahler, Margaret Buchanan, Mrs. Dornoff, Nancy Lanier, Mary Lee Hale, Janina Woiciechovvska, Evelyn Shouse, Patricia O'Rourke, Judith Schmidt, Phyllis Wendel Bottom Row: Joan Mair, Judith Peak, June Carlson, Shelia Haney, Pamela Roski, Tamisse Trepaniere, Judy Smith, Susan Lundstrom, Janet Weaver, Kathleen Cline, Sharon Zogas Not in panel: Diane Moran, Judith Rotter Sherwood Lodge Find It elf Tagged With e time -and at Sherwood, they're whistling right back! Nancy Lanier. president XVith ll nznnc like Slit-rwciml Imtlge, it Itillly isn't hlll'1JlilSiI1g that the rcsiclcnts glmnltl rg-to-ive gi Int ol Stltztltgt' phone' taills asking lin' Robin Hoozl Qinil Little john. But new llllllt'-illlll 11 new nonne- lhis ycaii' cznnc to thc it-sitlcmae. It scents thzit, mhning lraitcriiity rush, thc Sigma Chi lintist- was in wincwlizit ol un tipmntt. li t , . - , 4- Y clue to the tecleunziting lacing clone them. M me-limit-. Slicirwfiotl wats iisctl by thc , Sigk loin rushing lnirlioses. Since then, A niziny jokes Iizixt- zniwn as to Slicrwnotl ,X JVJJ' if hcing tht- Signigi Chi Annex! "lv Along with giving at Clnistintis panty 1 M lint loczil nrpltzins, Slt6'l'Wtt0ll also gives ll laiculty tc-ti. :it zibutit the sznnc tintc. I ,waqft 34 M-N Q.- -'l , 11' ., " Q-M2 5704 XYliilc iillici ivsiili-iiics iiiiglil lmu ir-iciwil ilu' lJL'llL'lIl ul xi iiiorc glziiiiiiiiiv mis siliviiii- ol ilcioixiliiiii, llillll' coiilil lxuil, iii liuinin, the clcuminziiiw ziilililiiiii lui-il llinisvezi sign giilvisiiig llic sluilciils iii iiirilcr their lL'lL'lJllUlll' sciwicc llirirl kiiiiisiiig? ll surely wus! .Xll iiigiils lcd iii Rimini' when it urine llillk' lui' Sl1'41lliui'il's Clllill' iiiiiisuail lazin- qlltl Clllllltil, "lily-s ol Maritim." Aml who ilu-siilr-il? Iulius Clzicsziig ilziliiiully, Slllilllllllllifll by the girls dining on mart- llrssgs . , tmlaliies. 'lbgzi-loggcil jesters helper provide thc Cl1lCl'l1lll1lllCl1l. Diana Chllei President On a cold winrer's eve, the fireside draws chums. ti'iitiiii'd Hou e Fall icti t Fal e Ad ertising Top Row: Brenda Fisher, Linda Smith, Pauline Vaughan, Nancy White, Ann Thomas, Edna Sims, Janice Coykendall, Sharon Kilpatrick, Mary Connor, Arline Essenloerg, Barbara Scheflel Second Row: Carolyn Harris, Carol Pierson, Katherine Pilcher, Margaret Hyink, Mary Hogan, Joyce Loofbourrow, Wilma Tippett, Patricia Moller, Barbara Hardy, Janet Warner, Shirley Sims Bottom Row: Virginia Anderson, Barbara Crump, Bonnie Fuller, Dorothy Wood, Diana Chiles, Mrs. Minton, Sandra Spitzer, Sandra lVlcCaslin, Marilyn Hawkins NW l58 F' Si u l Q, l i ffl ' A ,I f A K 5 dh I T 0 1 , v - :ap H-Ax :sq -v 'Q ri f -t f Xa . "z 4 ir, , l X " as K X xl t 1. . QI: fi 'Z- ll l l lHLQt'llll'lll4'H'. Illltflll lu'llu'l1l 'html lit !ll'X1lllH' lXt'wutU.l, Xxlu'ti- llii' iii' iulu i, . i NIIILQ, XM' will 1-titlfnixwn In nliixi' lm i -1 4 ir Inuit' XXX-sii+g,.i's wullltf' llvtt-, Wltll-Illljr ligylluri, xx'lu'llu't :tu-.iris tfutlllug, 1l1'.lIllll:,g,4ll wltpil .tll,x4'1'lllsInlu' tlu' xii liirltr lui liiiult f'lIlftXlIIt'lll. llu- st-tu-I 1 strut' lu'liiti'l il :ill t.iti lu' lwiitul lit tliiw lrlii utr 'kttttlu-iqiliitg int :ill lll.lII1'lx ul Hlll tnvii lim' will. Iliis .iltitiiilv his tvtlgilttlx r.iulttll,tur1 tntlx srlurlqtslunllx, l lull zilsu in lllf'SlIl1NtlllHItl'l1IllHIlHl 1'xll.l l ww- iiiliiiultt l'X'l'lllS, siuli its tlu' I1'.t llu' ' 2 , . . . W Xlvstuggi it-wuli-tits glW'ltlllll1'IlSlJttIlSHlS. ,if X , ': i, l They're Marching for dear old lllinifto dinner, Barbara Kumler, president 66 V 99 ' I 6 l L ' L 1 I 0 eller e ttn ust e :Vic eme it ewes -1 Top Row: Patricia Brockman, Beverly Davis, Geriann Hull, Judith Lang, Lynn Schaefer, Lenda Laloertew, Lynn Kreuzberger, Claudette Olson, Margaret Eyer, Barbara Voss, Barbara Jones, Harriet Albin, Carol Piper, Marie LaVinn Second Row- Virginia Harker, Mary Geheber, Alice Gardner, Shirley Jones, Mrs. Holton, Barbara Kumler, Amy Butler, Theressa Stratton, Arlene Tuttle Bottom Row: Sandra Kopp, Patricia Crater, Lynn Napoli, Nancy Johnston, Carolyn Howard, Margaret Smith, Mary Garlich, Kayetta Sinks ,,,. ,. ' Q 2 , r' Jltv . ,QV If 5, ' A f ' ' .. t . AP Q 5, fly' ,lfiff ,r :Q , , . f, ,,. I A b if f F t:'f5f3' -L x f, Q , 1 4 ' 2 .. V7 ,W iid' wc Q X V Y wr - , , ,W B' x V l 5 l 159 that 131,735 wo' ....,,, 'UU' Top Row: Frances Ashley, Patricia Rapp, Noel Mendicino, Gail Knickerbocker, Patricia Fox, Judith Voliner, Elinor Derman, Susan Price, Elizabeth Sokolovsky, Norma Swanson, Norma Harris, Kristin Daniels, Emily Bubolz, Carmen Manlong, Judith Carlson, Florence Dietrick, Anda Vinse, Sonia Hanson, Rema Paulionis, Sandra Showalter, Eileen Schnitz, Marion Turner Bottom Row: Sharon Karlin, Bonnie West, Carol Swagler, Mary Mageskey, Doral Bierly, Pauline Betz, June Lundergan, Mrs. Schiminel, Florence Smith, president, Judith Schliesrnann, Judith Mohan, Sandra Sinagra, Elizabeth Murray Not in panel: Susan Saltzman, Margery Lyle, Deborah Davidson, Mary Fritz, Elsie Yarham Birch Hall Pine Hall Top Row: Elinor Pletka, Joanne Nemec, Maureen McKernan, Lezlie Morgan, Martha Preston, Tanya Cohen, Ann Page Second Row: Jane Fay, Evelyn Gates, Patricia Goldman, Sally Grimes, Marian Gronke, Jane McCartin, Faith Paul, president, Suzon Hitzeroth Bottom Row: Barbara Klopp, Judith Lowery, Joan Popp, Sandra Giller, Loanne Worth, Roberta Cook Not in panel: Elinor Gore, Ruth Olson, Doreen Sandau, Gretchen Zeigler, Beverly Konigstord, Sandra Leboe, Gay Margolin, Harriet Weinberg, Kathryn Corbin, Lois Doniger, Bernice Jones, Deloris Maulding, Bette Bliss, Phyllis Posner, Dorothy Hanning, Bonnie Rothstein, Margaret Smith, Karen Vincent, Marcia Janis i' - P l 1. 'J M I i is fs , ff' , V i , -o-o . I' y , , XJ . ',-'t' i .1 ' -. l PQ vhs ei: .ang IU' A -wir 4 J, a, Top Row: Bonnie Van Buskirk, Georgie Swartz, Diana Carter, Mrs, Mary Garrard, Betty Shinkevich, Diane Lesinslfi, Patricia Verlflan, Nancy Herman Third Row: Barbara Areson, Helen Maurer, Muriel Garvin, Jane Fitzgerald, Patricia Cramer, Cynthia Chlehicki Bottom Row: Charlotte Fidder, Mary Knight, Cynthia Browne, president, Estelle Jones, Janet Evans Gamma Hou e Ho te Hou e Top Row: Karen Goodall, Carol Comisky, Bebe Pritam, Karin Lenz, Nell Prather, Janet Chisholm, Linda Stephens, Jeanne Schmidt, Sarah Miller, Arlene Monroe Second Row: Mary Zawacki, Carolyn Shettron, Sara Ulrich, president, Mrs. Warwick, Mary Blair, Anne Smith Bottom Row: Janice Filip, Pat McKinney, Barbara Lap- ington, Colette Sroka, Lois Miller Not in panel: Judy Simko, Kathy Dieterich, Karen Doughty, Donna Tredrea Q1 ., .aff i fn , . N , nr -rx. f 4: A X 1 ,.' T13 tg F we ,mm va! t"""' 1:4 JK, R t ggi! Y 5 'smiffi N 'VG' 'Q t way. F l W s i ,M 1 .. 'Sf HF r r Vx x 4 'Mft E. X x Q M w , 4 ""t ,, . w , i I njq K I wif? 'lltf '. my " M Q. K-4' i 2 , , i ...J-o,,-. .fr 2,-5 - ' -...i ,- T Q , ry.-i .. thit- . xx V ,Ju ,L i am. N., EH ,545 . , if Q t. ... rw Y? ,f 'wi ,i ff i xt-af V x B V 2 ,ia i V ,,,,,x ,S y. ,V ,,x v 4, ft ,Q l- 7 .JBL , ' . Q.. - 1 'N Top Row: Sheryl Conard, Lenora Zorka, Helen Hallman, Diane McKenna, Dorothy Grant, Judy Burt, Frances Stuckey Second Row: Sandra Hodurek Gail Eldred Betty Kuykendall, Donna Yournans, Judy Augustine, Bonnie Anslow Bottom Row: Marilyn Wolf, Mary Cowan, Vivian Bass, Susanne Campbell president Nelda Thompson, Sharron Vondracek Alpha Hou e Beta House Top Row: Deborah King, Bonnie Smith, Susan Staunton, Eileen Riccomi, Lorena Divan, Mrs. Anderson, Anna Swaar, Flo Corzine, Barbara Hooser Second Row Carolyn Tullis, Judith Gahel, Mary Hoge, Georgia Lurie, Barbara Schubert, president, Marilyn Mitchell, Jacqueline Wi'helr-nsen, Judith Lake Bottom Row Nancy Lundquist, Mariorie Haines, Sandra Svviatovviec, Sandra Sefansky, Joanne Regan, Margaret Burns "T" 1 ,, l ,kg -,113 ww? wi s 415 -ill - , 1 M 843' 1 1710 r din in ' F X..-il XL, 'M if 1 t' ff' - .1 V 'F x rw ,L -1.51 ! s? 'L ' iw H 1 r L J l ' Y ,ga l Q , X x 5 i ll N. J 4: 'J F -S 3 .- -'S 6 J' R l E W La f -12 'X J W ' ' il f l if Rf 'RW .F J 'J ' ' il if f ' - . I l l , . l ,l I. Z'-'. my W , , M 3, 'filth I Wgiesgf, '5:. Q-3, 1 . '27 3 - ' " 'C A 1 W5 fT"CK A 1' :fit t 'wmv' l A' 1 t r' V Xl a l 4 L4 Top Row: Sylvia Washtien, Phyllis Smolensky, Sandra Fee, Loretta Otrvvell, Mariorie Dodd, Nancy Wilt, Rosemary Fagan, Patricia Au-Young Third Row: Marie Uney, Jura Gelazius, Gail Schlief, Mildred Fulton, Rita Pierce, June Panknen, Louise Volkstorf, Carol Blake, Joan Kelley Second Row: Barbara Barnstzilvle, Loretta Tsai, Jo Larkin, Mrs. Rohl, Vida Jucas, Marian Baker, Elizabeth Himes Bottom Row: Grace Lasterie, Bee Tan, Cynthia Zung, Naomi Barratt, Natalie Liss, Karen Schneider, Ardeth Clavvson anlig Hou e Linden Hall Top Row: Berenice Puchkoff, Mary Castagnello, Carole Fris, Carla Sommerfeld, Judith Braun, Kiyoko Nakavvatase, Sharlene Pearlman, Rita Peters, Skaidrite Presserreisbergs, Diane Nordin, Sharon Cramer, Barbara Trickey, Carol Lusk, Loretta Bialy Second Row: Helen Jacobs, Jeanette Behner, Margaret Baldwin, Charlene Schauff, Shirley Stimpert, Sally Davis, Karen Kraabel, Nancy Brown, Niiole Kazlauskas, Phyllis Blair, Carol Hoepe, Judith Leonard, Marian Kadlub Bottom Row: Judith Waitzman, Elizabeth Childs, Sabre Goldfine, Barbara Bonesteel, Sandra Jacobson, Patricia Franklin, Ann Rankin, president, Maxine Kessie, Evelyn Wood, Barbara Tobar, Ada Ross Not in panel: Patricia Anderson, Shirley Slimpert, Donna Searing -1.1 - .. 2 ' l 1 il ,.,,.., , f1 'i wi L W f' is J , X l i l l t MUSE if gg mi tis traits "fillgll 1,9 21,1 E t J jifikal at Y ., QQ v -Q 43 Fai Top Row: Kellie Byerly, Kenneth Smith, Bela Sandor, William Bugg, Reginald Bean, Leon Follmer, Joel Hall, Charles Gordon, Jimmy Keune, Grant Baecker, Wade Carll, Miles Hyde, Gerald Shriver, Ronald Fickel Third Row: Richard Brown, Michael Yates, Rtchard James, David Obrian, Harold Birkey, David Kuhn, Bruce Wheeler, Robert Schmidt, Stephen Norton, Robert Creviston, James Hockenhull, Joseph Phebus, Howard Pratt, William Adams Second Row: John Reutter, Lawrence Adams, , James Tucker, Jerry Riva, Max Schmidt, Maurice Jones, Lawrence Kuzela, Canrad Lantz, Kent Francis, Larry Lewis Bottom Row: James Wormley, Richard Peters, l Jurgen Seyer, Ernest Sauers, Gerald Bell, Donald Nelson, Kerry Wheelock, Max Whitney, John Lundsten, Richard Harmon l l en oi Acacia Trade time 0Id Tradition in on Another l NS? Max Schmidt, president A fireplace setting lends a tranquil atmosphere. 1 Xilhilc the Hattheltls atntl thc Nlttloys mary never have settled their atrgttcmcrtts, .tt lcxtst thc ,Mac .tml Aki, s ltqtvc main- f :tgctl to mgtkc' up their tlillt-rrrrtcs. lhis event not only ctrtletl thc irrrrtgirixtry lClltl lmctwccri thc two, but also put :tri critl to their trztclrtronztl letrtl tlzttrtc. How- K, it 'ri c-vcr. tht- .Mattias are not wet-pitrg lm Tl , now they urn present "Night on thc- Nile' irrstcgttl. Not only is this tlgtr it also st-rites tts at rcrrriritlc-r ol their Nlgiwriit lotiriclcrs. rXtrritlit'r .Xcztritt trzttlitirm is ltr slrmrcr gill new pirrrrren - :mtl sirrtc tlrt-rc-xc hc-cn qi lut, the pledges lrztvc lmccrr htm l l l l i i l t my '-1" 4 ,. if A i i l 4 l I t 4 r E 5 X. it Top Row: John Lebeck, Phillip Arnholt, Kenneth Breeding, James Davis, Frederick Wettering, LaVerne Newman, Dennis Dufiheld Third Row: Joseph Yadron, George Loschky, Wayne Stephens, Donald Morrison, George Thompson, Gregory Leigh, Terry Romack Second Row: George Sellers, Kenneth Borinem, Robert Behnlce, Charles Mullett, John Weisenberger, Gerald Wilson, William Yontz Bottom Row: Ernest Adam, Richard Schultz, Ronald Weber, Conrad White, Richard Murray, Richard Ruddell, Joseph Fischer, George Ritscher Not in panel: Raymond Schroeder, William Brahms, Lawrence Grygienc .figs J?1'fi3' 0 p -,Lili-Frh?'S:' 'A en E Al ha Chi Rho 0lten Retreat to Prehi toric Time ,si East Side, West Side-but Front Side-'s the best! Charles Mullett, president V ,ff The mc-ii ol .Xlpligi Chi Rho must hc ,?f'r' tough :intl tough. XVhy clsc would they I' ig choose ai tziwiiiaiii thc-me lor their plc-clgc H tlzttic-Q? Olhcizilly luiowii its Czivcinziii Drug. the tlaitict' int-sciitcml the Crows in x wry ziiiciciit :ittirc-like zmimzil skins, cvcii! Ciloultl this ht' the answer to the lxy I,t-:iguc Lookip Thr-it, ol course, thc- house lollowc-tl tht- tlicmc by sunl- tlt-iily hc-coming at liiitly gititlit-ntir' czivtx Thxit ligippy hollow was t-titcietl through A at long' ttitint-l, hoth tlzitk :intl tlzingcrous, il which tim tlitough tht- lXlSL'lllClll. To totitplctc thc tcgtt-ssiott, :ill prest-tit cott- itccl tht' mc-til in true cziwiiiziii ttxitli- K , .aww " llolll 'MN--f,i4s..,lqm1 165 -lr W? 'l'hm' plc-tlgc' tlgimc. Wliltc Lust Straw," unttplcln' with sllilw :incl liuusc iuqiscol, P W, "Rl1gltc'gicl," Ioi thzil ltuc lJ:tt'tivatt'ml cllccl. 3. , V 'V -Q-we 4 f x F ,X Cllitislinzis tru: tlccurztliitg party 'll V I Q' ct'cclL'cl at 28 lrml lltcc lu zrilrl its CJTCCI' WM w"' 5 ' :tl lJllll1Cl'-DLIIICC, 4 N pimcc-tlccl hy the ,Xlplizt Dull-Pi Phi 'Ph lie- IJ'll'IN' lr' llc-i'r'x'ilcqe-ml rhilaltcn ol' thc CIligtiitpziigti-Urbginzi Ccininlutiily. V, 'lihc iiziliotizillv lfllllllllhlllll Dzuls 1,219 wats Inumlcil hy Illinois Alpliat Dolls. intl h is slit-rizil time-Lining :tl thc house. lhmttolioti ol scltolzirsliilz is spzirkccl X Q, . p thc nu-n showing thc he-sl giuulc point :incl must lllllJli0VC1llClTl. Vxfttlt some outside atcl, the Alpha Delt's sing out, John Kibler, president llreel Vairiet el Events eke lpha Delta Phi Year Full Top Rowz John Brubaker, Steven Marchetti, Velez Arias, Jeflrey Arnold, Bruce Conroy, Arthur Bielby, Roger Green, Walter Baran, Carl Zon, John Davies, Larry Pogsley, John Burnside, Frank Herhold, James Button, Paul Mortensen, William Oberrnayer Fourth Row: Charles Meyers, Wadsworth Giller, Kenneth Cecil, William Hooser, John Martin, William Sawtell, William Novak, Michael Keenan, Charles Mosher, David Irish, Barry Livingston, Joseph Halasz, Alvin Tolle, Albert Herman, kenneth Opal, Edward Niehus, John LeVan Third Row: Richard Kolar, Robert Lane, Richard Brewer, James Saer, John Kibler, Thane Halsted, Timothy Swain, David Miller Second Row: Henry Spellman, Melvin Marini, Terry Harshbarger, Amos Anderson, John Kirtley, Jack DeAtley, Frank Mynarcl, John Frost, Wifliam Adams Bottom Row: Carl Goetz, Robert Hruby, Richard Holmes, Paul Reback Not in panel: Max Berns, David Brown, Robert Mech ,. s--,mv X, li yr I 166 ll llivics :inx lrnlli in llir mixing. A'l.ilw lgillivl. lilw mn," llivn uni- rgin uilxiiiily vxlmcrl ai lol ul lillIL:llS linni lliv .Xl',l'is who will onli ln- lning up lo ai lrzuliliun sci by their clqulsl ll gill Slillilfll. il avciris, on llgul s llgih this hun, wlicn llic olilcr nu-n put on, lnr lliv lmcnclil ol' lliuii' .Xl'fl'i suns, gi liiilirlxinv. , . 5 . rulickiiiv' sgilirc' nl lclvvisiriii umwlhm V1 1 limgiiaiiris. 'l'l1c ziiirliciiu' was so linsxi rolling in llrc znslc with lzinglrlcr :incl rleinzincling :in ciruirx' lliail llicy :ilinosl rnisscal thc cxznnplc sci! Xvlllll docs spring bring, but llrc gin- nugil .rXlCl'i Cizisligln Pair-isicirirc Clrains- lzrlion: gi F1'circ'lrilic'cl spring linringrll. V Edward Gerch, president Hfand here is our answer to the Kingston Triolm lpha llpSll0ll rhhh Thhhh Their UHSE Thing hr- Th Top Row: Barry Gordon, Gary Silverman, David Kirshner, Martin Losoff, Edward Fine, Michael Listick, Barry Shere, Ronald Robbins, Leslie Sussman, Rona'd Tarrson Fourth Row: Alan Friedman, lrwin Singer, Allan Carney, Perry Goldberg, Jack Rosenthal, Lewis Simon, David Russ, Richard Wintergreen, Edward Springer, David Selig Third Row: Michael Joss, Gary Feldmar, Charles Goldstein, Edward Gerch, Ralph Loberg, Lawrence Field, Jerome Purze, Bruce Brenner Second Row: Allan Effron, Alan Cohler, Leslie Gurvey, Robert Satlow, Stuart Walcofl, Jefifrey Graubart, Joseph Alexander, William Ernstein Bottom Row: Alan Baller, Harvey Leboe, Jan Rozen, Howard Solomon, Joe Rubenstein, Paul Pornpian Not in panel: Michael Moss, Henry Hechtman, Herbert Goldman, Abbey Silverstone 25-Q, ,.., v. '-37' l67 l""Iv. " 'nv "i"'N'f1"'T"r'm i i l i i i i i l I I Top Row: Gary Cooper, Robert Humphreys, Phillip Dollahon, Merrill Dierker, Roger Steiger, Larry McCrery, Scott McWhinney, Gary VanWinkle, Harold Hawk- inson, Curtis Giller, Richard Huston Fourth Row: Linn Eaton, Jon Proehl, Gary Whittaker, J. D. Surber, Walter Hanks, Lendell Dierker, Richard Freitag, Leslie Lemon, William Beeler, Larry Dunes, Thomas Brandt, Donald Smallvvood Third Row: John Wilson, David Boerner, Jack Widholm, Joseph Beckerman, William Gray, Paul Malven, Walter Griltith, Max Olson Second Row: David lnsl-ceep, John Daily, Jerry Summers, Robert Hatch, Thomas Kavelman, John Sullivan, John Fisher, John Lee Bottom Row: John Land, Ralph Mason, Richard Rehn, Gerald Gehlbach, Gary Starwalt, Edward Stokes, Dane Binkley, Don Livingston Not in panel: Jim King, Robert Young ,gh 'tv Z! . , 3L3 "' -.- JW " .11 y.,551,x :-Q Ni- 4- A 'mi " 'lx I Lf f ft, fi fj -ru' I J.. i , ,Jig 9' . ., 6 f Z 2 wg M Q If 1 l ' Z i 'iv' ' Humor and plemior Mark lpha Gamma Rhots Spring Joseph Beckerman, president The AGRS all agree that practice makes perfect! Wlrilc wrm'ity ac-trim' lxirrqrrcla arra- usugillx' tr-airlul ltxitcrrtritics scour to cniin learning in thc ntlrcr tlirutimr. ,X gimcl cxzirrrplc is thc .XCLRR springtirrrc lain crust. .Xt this time, llrcir grzuluqriirrg wrriiirs, in wilil 1llllt'L', Inuculctl to gin' zrwzry tlrc runny trinkcts ilu-ycl lllflllllll- J llllttl :tt sclriiiil. lint thc ritliculorrs quirlxly clrzrrrgcs lu tlrc sulnlirnc wlrcn thc .XCR lrnuac bc- ciirrrw ilctlcccl with tlrnrisgrrrrlx ul rmcs. 'lltc mutsiorr is tlrcir zrrrrruarl spring rlairic, thc 'illirrla Rim' lfin'rrr:rl." .Xgzriir tltiw XL'Lll Iltn' viaiun ul Utrrxcyi luX'c'llllt'ss hr-rarm' il rurlrtx' its thc cznrrpus again tccvirul .1 lrcartitrlrll cvclrt. . ,M 35,5 3343, as 4 Top Row: Mark Juergensmeyer, William Outhouse, David Dusendschon, Cass Apple, John Goggin, Marvin Hayertga, Ronald Page, Stanley Weber, Stanley Bennett, William Romans, Lawrence Gralob, Daniel Kistler Fourth Row: Gerald Salzman, Bernard Gaudi, Joseph Oberto, Gary Movvder, Frederick Rose, Robert Picl-er, Angus More, Donald Andrews, Stanley Hunt, Gary Muzzy, Kenneth Kohrs, Robert Parker Third Row: James Kelly, David Dow, Douglas Lapp, David Hoffman, Richard Schwarzlose, Phillip Heacock, James Hettick, David Calverly, Thomas Reeder Second Row: James Johnson, Bryan Painter, Robert Andrevvs, Gordon Johnson, Bruce Shurts, John Munson, Don Lockhart, Bruce Hoffman, William Burgett, James Shonlfwiler First Row: Charles Taylo, Larry Freclriclf, Merton Dralfe, David Shaul, Wesley Wooley, James McCabe, John Rice, Robert Wertheim, John Kessler Not in panel: Barry Anders, Harold Holmes lpha Kappa Lambda Finds Seli teeped in Local Tradition ,,, The AKL's take care of those trophies they've won! Richard Schwarzlose, president Z W If 81 " , IT 5. c .Xlilfs halve sonic ilitilt tittusuiil ltxialitiotis. For instntitc, the swectlic:it't sung ol the ltzttclwiity wats Wl'lLlL'Il hy :tit llUll0l'lil'y zilum-Lloycl Nlotcy, Ptcsi- K . ry cletlt litueritus nl thc LllliYL'l'5lLy. J G ,Xtmtltct ttxulitimi tlegiling clitutlx' with ARI. involves their mule, wlio is ' , their pingirl - pinm-tl to thc L-tttite house! She wcaits het lain cittistgttttly. The .Xllnhxi Iizippzt lillillllllllk hint- sc-t aside at putt ul their lioiiw its "sittin-nl LCI'l'ilOl'y.H Llgtllccl Happy llitllmv. the section oi thc house tlgiitns gi ccttgiitt ziniount fit srnciacigtiity. Not only are pxirtitiotts oltcit used, hut this Inuit Q-veit has its own social extlixuigcsl J' -frffmx ir, X K i ,. J , N' it it if r -mite Y l l 4' i z E i Md., , Top Row: Mart Nurmet, John Steinmann, Ronald Lahinski, Robert Gruber, Richard Tater, Richard Dresser, Warren Baker, Robert Crapple, Gary Stephens, Gregory Zielxnsl-'i, Donald Schvvalb, Ryland Koets Third Row: Fredrick Fielde, Thomas Schmenlf, James Blink, John Rotan, Henry Balgemann, John Maher, Ronald Schmitt, William Larson, Harry Betley, Charles Wirth Second Row: Raymond Chocholek, Leland Shaw, Lester Olds, Miss Hamilton, Richard Diedrich, Thomas Lehnen, James Wmesien, Fredrick Zimmerman, William Davis Bottom Row: Harold Peckham, Edward Denson, Thomas Beatty, Rudolph Mudier, James Kincannon, Henry Shero, Roy iftlf' The lpha Rho Chi De et Build Their Houses en and gh Yepg paddles, they get paddles at Alpha Rho Chi! ri are l7O Richard Diedrich, president fav 'strewn' .'.iiMmi"'lFl" .gf urnfzw A! A unique APX trgttlition is that every semester the pledge class throws the grgttluztting seniors into at niutlhole lo- cattetl in hack ol their house. Now, this is especially ironic, :ts Alpha Rho Chi is hqisitztlly :in ztrcltiteeturzil lrziternity- ztntl what nice, tnotlern hit ol architec- ture hats something :is trite :intl old Igishionetl :ts zt niutlhole zirountl? Also, on the reaihn ol the unique is the nrt show which is heltl eztch yeztr in the Alpha Rho Chi house. This is how the lellows shoiv thztt they livetl up to their ozrth to huiltl grnytliing-lrom temples to cztns. However, their inutlhole isn't part ol the exhibition. ,- l Q? T' tw. .. FN 'tt 1 mr in 'TA nn " ' .llikllti V ' ,. ' ' , wx " . Top Row: Raymond Ruth, Donald Gustafson, Richard Coe, Warren Putnam, Robert lzard, Daniel Kirchoff, Ronald Ruth, Harry Bourn, Terry Musgrave, Thomas Zimmer, Henry Lawrence, Donald Liedherg, David Lezeau, Ronald Burkey, Ronald Luken, William Watrous Third Row: Richard Lambakis, Robert Pe-lkovvski, Kenneth Shaefer, Charles Bucklar, Leo Castelein, Glen Walder, David Comstock, Kenneth Charcraft, James Logan, Dennis Schmidt, Richard Mason, .lon Kibler, John Herrmann, Albert Herrmann, Anthony Petullo Second Row: Edward Perry, Milton Drechsel, Henry Chapman, John Pawlus, Robert Smith, Mrs. Harlan, Roger Jones, Ray Logan, Donald Smith, William Sailors Bottom Row: Richard Forhan, Charles Pearson, Larry Johnson, Warren Trotter, John Douglas, Alan Lynch, John Kennedy, Fred Richter, James Eyre, Jerry Nichols , I at - .gj 1' s ' f ',c!l,fc fx, w x ,. s , 2 A V2 j . ,g 'if . F 1. ii it A Q ,rl If Dir: , pf X f - nj. WJ- :Af 1x..f:....,.,KQ,1 The Alpha Sigs have managed to pitk up some strange things around tainpus. For a short time this year they were the proud possessors ol the lront and back doors ol' Sigma Sigma Sigma. But detectives in search ol these fixtures would've had a hard time qllllllllg the Alpha Sigk. who have acquired a novel language all their own. They tall it duck talk, and it usually revolves around rather conlusing antonynts. Reyerting to the more sophisticated neutrals lor their Black and XfVhite Formal, the Alpha Sigk wore black tuxes. while their dates, in white, also matched the dance decorations. trange Acquiition Characterize lpha igma Phi' Roger Jones, president 'Sometimes it's hard to convince people l'm right!" ag-ff if l7l H wage .' ' 3: it ,gf- gl -4.1 13:7 ' 'A K f livsiilcs lu' Iqul Iligil llim-5' cillzitgcml sn-x'i'l':il llmns, llic .X l 0 s, llllllllg llir' Xl'1Il, also iniquity-rl llIlUllll'l new gulill- liun -an lmiisc lilnlllvl. licraiiisc' nl lllc' cluilul Qlmcslilcs Lin imlmn' lJgul'lwqllc' llllj qiinlllv qiigiilcis lin llic-ir in-tv liousc- innilici, shi' his in lust lim! Nothing Llllllwlllg L-vcr ltiipln-its All which llllllxk'N il ltgnml In wiailc Llllyllllllg gilmnul lltcm. 'l'lu-it' ltaill llmk works in-i'Ic-cllxi. giml lltcx' ilon'1 Q-veit snnwlmzill vault ntltci' lust swim-ities. Xthzit an wut lm' llmsc lhllly clltsltil min. A , . . . . l Ruh, Rah, Regag w Aquisition Hit Alpha Tau tlmega ,!:!f M X , Top Row: Frank Rice, Charles Adams, Charles Delano, Edward Brown, William Bottomley, Charles Vrhel, Charlton Jones, Dennis Schlemmer, Gresham Brebach, Raymond Dinger, Everett Thomas, Paul Prentiss, Bradley Palmer, Arthur Hasse, Edward Boelow, Frederick Niemi Fourth Row: Kurt Von Achen, Gerald Roman, Stephen Buclfley, William Carson, Robert Fisina, Roy Rogers, William Mohlenbroclf, Rolaert Smith, Charles Younger, James Moes, John Mayberry, Willis Simpson, Robert Greco, Dennis Dahl, Larry Austermiller, Stephen Spear Third Row: James Simon, Edmond Schmullaach, Ernest Hanson, John Monroe, Mrs. Klatte, Richard Walbaum, Thomas Anderson, Gary lsort Kamp, William Carlson, Kenneth Kraml, George Car-nerom, Michael Farrell, Peter Fernandes Second Row: Richard O'NeiIl, Stephen Koontz, Ronald Murphy, David Scott, Robert Antoninr, Robert White, Thomas Stralael, Dale Oakley, Rolaert Hansen, George Noyy, John Bush Bottom Row: Donald Snodgrass, David Cameron, Manson Kuhn, James Boclrman, Michael Sheahan, Edward Laing, Terry Grant, James Verhoeyen, Van Austin, Thomas Porter Not in panel: Richard Goff, Michael Cline, John Wmgert, John Sentman, Elton Wagner, Richard George, Richard Koffarnus, William Hopper, John Allison, Wayne Pearson 1 earn 3 A a- if Isla. eifetwf' t '. 7e.,F1f-' l 72 G .l 1 at ,- N , u - ali:-ll I sr-list' ul liiiiilfii, lliis rli.ii.irlr'ii',lrr llrmiiisli Qlllllts rm lmtli sulr-s, an .sting ' i Iiluyc-is. lllc llclzi hugs c-nluvr-rl llir- 1-in .,?i' ,f:' fL" Z, Talented C ek and Waiter Entertain Beta igma Psis . i ,. .M Top Row: Ronald Schroeder, Dale Brindmann, Richard Remmert, Raymond, Fritzsche, Leroy Mosny, Rona'd Junker, Aaron Johnson, Charles Ponelett, Ronald Ehr- hardt, Robert Bitter, Eldon Mattick Third Row: David Migit, Arthur Tvvietmeyer, Joseph Doninger, Lee Jensen, Darrel Junker, Robert Bloechle, Richard Hacker, Edward Bugnis, Ralph Folkerts, Daniel Ford, James Zaruba, Howard Seizinger Second Row: Donald Robins, Lloyd Karmeier, Michael Welge, Don Bienfang, Nlrs. Harlow, Thomas Hecht, Thomas Wegener, Wilbert Rueter Bottom Row: Evan Sommerfeld, Clifford Kiehl, William Quehl, Gary Kermer, Rona'd Filip, Harold Kunz, Stanley Schaumberg Not in panel: Donald Metzger l F r l73 Um' iiwlil :il rliimvi iilliei .i sr-lies ul l Us sing :ilmiil umm' xi wcwk lin lliviii. y . i 1 Q " 5 l ' , l . T 0- ' I l 2, 7 4 .4' Ji i xx N, , ' , ,f Y S l tx, Thi- lie-tzis i'cc'civi-il the lmcncht ol Il i W i ,f I river. On the outsiile the lilllllllllll' Beta :mil nunii-miizs iittunipls have been N, lllttt, it is iiiiiioiul. Mi' Anollicl' objcit ol' mainy pranks is ai i ll scents thzil thi- gong has si hzibit ol wziiiilc'1'iiig'eaeto other l'1'z1lc1'11ity houses. ' Q Now thc telic is szilcly czicllcil in the ,f house iilollicfs qii:it'lc1'sl fAppai1'cnlly Mrs. B. is to be lczircillj Smart, smooth and sophisticated are these Betas, Jerry Manion, president f Beta Theta Pi Heue Benetitted b Redeeereting Scheme ' X BSU T 3 qzills' F Top Row: Richard Toth, Steven Sample, Joseph England, Robert Brown, James Rhodes, James Gustafson, George Triill, Kim Richmond, Samuel Leeper, Donald Hess, Philip Reinhard, Jerry Carson, Richard Costa Fourth Row: Ronald Fowler, David Loyet, Frederick Briqhtbill, Thomas Eovaldi, Gerry Dondanville, John Taylor, Charles Kerchner, David Cade, August Wisnosky, Robert Nieman, Douglas Mills, Robert Dvorak, Robert Hornaday, James Rice, John Westover Third Row: James Ellern, Stephen Knapp, John Wisnosky, Noel Tliyson, Alan Buckles, Mrs, Butner, Jerry Manion, Byron Harman, David Albrahamson, James Mitchell, Larry Schafer Second Row: Mark Weston, William Taylor, .lim Manion, Harold Maurer, John Williams, Charles Tincler, Stephen Derwelis, David Polaski, Donald Gubser, Raymond Beazley, Lawrence Rich, Warren Bruce Bottom Row: Robert Perkins, Tedd Kraft, Andrew Neureuther, Philip Stewart, Arthur Hass, Ward Johnson, Jerry Ozanne, Kenneth Heineman Not in panel: Thomas Swan, Daniel McKinney - , V . y .L 1? .e T74 iulciiiizilion spider' this yczir, lor the en- ' their house wus clone iivcil ii ni-w wait ol' while paint 4 " IapL':ll'z1llc'c since lllztl lzirgc mictitiil gong which the Bclus, bc- lwcen pep rallies, guairil with their lives. lilllllt'l' ilisgislioiis ilgiy iiiilvvil lui llii' C'lii ""' . ' ' . . - '. t K' i iilvill, wlicic llii- will-it lvwl liqiil risi- .X quilt' lxiirgicssiw' lrlcilgi' syslviii is llicit' sxislviii. Licllvvs :tml plcilgcs sliqiii liousc illilics. liul iuwily limos ln'L'x':iil newly piiiiicil lmmlltci' is slill :tial to liml liiiuscll isccciviiig gi miiillmznlli. 'l'liis lgillci clcecl might soiiicilziy pi'm'c ii titziguily. tis ii new living l'0Ulll rug was just iiislgillul' Ned Wheeler. president Play a simple tune, lust a simple tune, brrithrgrl Water and Mud Pla Havoc ith the Chi Phi' llou e Top Row: Robert Hoffman, William Cage, Charles Stonberg, Philip Hinze, Richard Flemming, Carl Peters, Lawrence Marshall, Richard Heinmiller, Thomas Payne, Alan Gossard, Alfred Herbster Third Row: Richard Smith, Stephen Allison, Larry Koch, Dan Arangelovich, William Hinze, Rocharcl Perotto, Barry Coornluer, George Stelmach, James Weatherly, David Melzler Second Row: Bernard Bishop, William Diehl, George Podlin, Larrv Lessen, Ned Wheeler, Theodore Allison, Brian Berg, Walt Heimerclinger, James Staif, Wayne Chilcote Bottom Row: Donald Allen, Alan Coxhead, Henry Blada, Philip Kasik, Richard Te-rlep, Robert Bush, Michael Pleclf, Joseph Andrews, Robert Manfred Not in panel: Myron Taliafero ffl 4' if 5- 74' -rms, fvwx, l75 'l'l4ll4ltlilt!rIiii Dgxllll,lll.lLlll,l,l,l,lll ,ill Wi. Wir"-lliiw lls .i I.nI: irlii l'si was llil- Inst lin ti-iiiitx in llii' would ln ligiu' gi ligilvinilx linnsi: l.Xilii.illx. Iln- lrnililing was gin iiinisl-tl lninlingg lnilggl-'1l in .XIIII Xilmni, lin' gnmiiiiiing ul Ilia' lriiililinig was quill- gi iiwnlliliniigiix' step 1-sin-4i.illx' sinii' llLllt'IllllN' ltniisvs twin- illegal .il lligil liinl-l llx lliv walt. .iiilmiiliillx in ini-innix ul Iligil liisl lmuilil' ing,C.lii l'sis4alix'.ixsigill lln'ii'li1iI1'lliily linilsi' gi "lmlgc'." i - - . ,Xl ilu- vnil nl lgisl wgii, llu' Llii l'sis qgixv wligil llivx ligiil lliniiglil wniilml ln' Ll xvix iiiiliii-ssiu' l"nuiiilvi's lJllllli'l'. II was iiiilwii-ssixv, lllllglll. ll suvins :ls il llll'lxlltlIt'll4.lllglllUlllIl'l'lll1ll night! John Forsyth, president "-and hcre's another good one!" brings a laugh. 1" 'Y -- rgw, -J" ' if , h Y igb Q fr l V X: xr? i x, o o o o o o o MM Fir t and Firemo t in Ever thin I hi P i Fratermt "X--192 J N, Q- J r . .ol 4 -'S fi " -wiv at 0f l'1QN. ' lf'i. fl.l Top Row: Glenn Hansen, John Marsicek, Joseph Bissing, Raymond Janik, Roy Kessman, William Bradfield, Robert Kelly, Perry Frazar, Donald Edson, Ralph Heller, Russell Anlli-isbn, Forrest Serlwlin, Charles Eichelberger, Kenneth Behm Third Row: Jack Darby, Ronnie Tolliver, James Sullivan, Dennis Siostrom, Roger Groth, Stl-plu-n Ruyei, Thomas Oller, Charles Scott, James Clarage, Richard Kerby, David Buell Second Row: Kenton Williams, Thomas Bash, David Ambrose, John Forsyth, Willuu Coiiltas, William Slicllwy, William Rogers, Jeffrey Schubert Bottom Row: Kenneth Smith, Neil Atkinson, Raymond Sergo, John Seitman, William Evans, Charles ln.-ar, Giant larnl--.i-n, Georgie Blatt, Larrv Clark Not in panel: Joseph Florini, Thomas Merchant, Gerald Johnson, Edward Clarage, Robert Hansen, Richard Carr, Ted fiatlw-l, lolin MiGoWan, Guy Zeller, Wlllitiiirr? Hastings 'L' YI' 176 N l 5 A 1 . , sr, lit' ISll1'l' Iii I:l.Il,Y'4lllIf'l liulm lm Ilan-it Xlgiivlimist- llginw, 'Ilif- Slning is gm Illllt' lin rlmiily .v ml rlr-mls" cwrtlw' :iiuiiirl qi lim Sunil lineal: which tht-x slmtiwi. llikifs Paint, Poster and Packs Are Trademark of Delt Chi Gregory Tingleff, William Donald Larson, '71 Q' Top Row: Corwin Holmes, Alfred Kersten, Charles Woltz, Mark Gaynor, Howard Partch, Richard Lohner, Lynn Dueser, Jon Besig, David Watt, James Breyer, Jordan Third Row: Albert Till, William Epperson, Ronald Norton, Frederick Koester, Leroy Gurd, Dennis Brunnenmeyer, Robert Breyer, Thomas O'Beirne, Paul Reinhold Schumann, Michael Hamblet, Thomas Welch, Albert Landeck, Kenneth Spangler, Richard Marsho Second Row: David Hamrick, Darrell Lohmeier, Bean, Daniel Mills, Frank Voris, Walter Schramm, Daryl Strahan, Charles Henness, Dennis Venzon, Dennis Stehlik, John Ewiglebin, Peter Roe Bottom Row: Bergen, James Pohlig, Delmar Gordy, William Aiken, Frank McGinty, Lawrence Ball, Thomas Stuart Not in panel: Edward Nellessen, James Smock, Ronald Jerry Jamieson, Frederick Lincicome, Gregory Jordan, Patrick Sheehan, Julius Thorton, John Breyer T77 Xilllwllltllls Itusltlx lmilllmiirls in lhr satin' ur ant ol tht i- 4 l l Top Row: Carson, Rolnlnson, Jef? Foote, Peter Bollfeley, John Hynes, Danner Shoe-moker, Wullram Carslraclon, Trmolhy Byrne, Paul Kurnmer, Donald Folger Second Row: Rrclmrrl O'Prrecl1t, Jolwn Read, Royal Drez, Mrs Orton, Gary Devine, Robert Swallow, Larry Krnsella, Sam Jones Boftom Row: James Schwandt, Karl Wesf, l Harry Mctfnlloclw, Nlrclmel Mcllllorry, Thomas Ross, Jolrn Bar I l I i l l l ,"- , X ' LGE 0 0 l 0 I lVlCl'Cl 0110 Bl Bla l to lllll Delta ii fl I 0ll Hy J xl 1 was mf' Gary Devine, Drggidenf Near the piano is as good a place to meet as any. Um- ul llll'Hll1llllllll lllHlllL'l5lIl lllilff' 'l:'l4"" 'T l lll J Q J or one cl.1x ont llu- lnwlml ulszn ol IINIIIU , fi M , N lu xlanllc llrc- ullwr lllilik ln llllHXX'lllgQ an CllYQ'lUlK' lull ol cxplmlvcs llllll ll lmusc lnwplgnu-. llnlmalunanlvly. ll1i5 slull was lllibli' Imrnvcrlul Llmn llc Llllllil- lmlccl. 'lllc 4-nmwlrllpc mlctrmzllccl lust 115 lu' uunul :llc luv. gmcl lllc lmlgnst uunlx lmlmx' llnc' Llllllllll llnuuglm lllc wall. gms well LIN rlr-lrmilirmg ll1L' xaml lllllll llll' rllimncy gall owl- Llrc roonl. lixmxmln' gut ll llL'Qllll laugh lil nys llCl'L'l mme lllc' wllrrln' glllglil. Lllcliily, no Hlltf wus lm, wlmllsly rnlurul! Us Il any XYHII- llcl. ilu-11, llml llwil nlgmol in il m-umlir lmxtlrj l78 0 wif? u ,ra ,,fV'f" ,A-f"r't 1 , ' '71 tif? ' ttl msese -l fffl, lfetlin, Q z-tate, it-if? i ,""'1 f 467' iv '16 Carpenter, Lowery Stahl, Dona'd Anderson, Steven Colburn Charles Thomas, Richard Snyder, Curtis Hampton, James Collins, Daniel Niemeyer, Larry Thomas, Kenneth E-iek, Keith Cutler, Jerome Bacchetti Harloison, John Tascher, Roger Stenberq, Robert Aten, Jerry Leszczynski, Joseph Weidmann, Cameron Baughn, Louis Welge, Robert Zalfes, James Morvay, James Kline, Robert Adams, William Eggert Third Row: Michael O'Laughlin, William Romsey, Floyd Dierzen, Vonne Linse, Gary Top Row: Jonathon Flowers, Clifford Brook, Ronald Reich, James Wallace, Todd Snow, Robert Scott, Douglas Wallace, Robert Tripp, Owen Knutson, Myron Young, Dennis Leonard: Second Row: Ke nneth Stelle, Ted Smith, Douglas Riclfard, Edward Snyder, Richard Peters Bottom Row: James Johnson, Gerald For emething New and Better, Contact the Delta Phi' , l, ,fit , A Delta Phi plunlcs "The Old Piano Roll Blues." Jerry Stelle, president In synth ul wiiittliiiig num in tloy th it s Dc-lt'i Phi Xntl thu' it-itiinlx hint rf., 1 tune nl' the-ii' aloiin song! ol thc Delta Phi "ut ltiillltsil this ,,..- 4 4 nl the house' pstcliolngt sttitlt-nts? L Dcltzi I'hi's put on thc" lil Sfltillllllllfllits hzicl it hut that zil lui results were then gitizilwcil ln UNK many ll.llLlIllllL5 hut tloim ox- chzingcs?" Un tht- night ul tht- cw-iii. the ll JI llllllS. grztlahctl sonic pillows, :incl ingticcltul on thc: sntsinitv. Ontt' tlicrc, thc incinlivis l'LlSllC'll into thc living riioin to thc' lixcly UIIC XL'lll'. 1 'Iihc tloait-totlist-ll ltlbt' ciitt-tmiiiiiiiuttt intlutlccl ai linger painting lt-st: thc mlm'- UNL' T79 ' 'I l l I 'i i l l .5 fill V- f' i t 't wi -ftp literal-A ' av"-tr f4"K- I ' sl ,- if , Ji l + 5351! ' l . illl.r9.,.,nl,.Ll I-, l if Top Row: Fernando Cabellero, Philip Lambdin, John Billingsley, Robert Lee, John Eihausen, Joel Wesson, Mark Blanchard, David Sellmeyer, Donald Kurucz, Gary Wiettngi, Norman Pate, Carl Walder, Gary Likins, Stephen Eyer, Larry McGinnis Fourth Row: James Fry, Alvaro Penuella, Robert Hoehn, Richard Perry, Leslie Miller, Cnnrad Niemann, John Bratzler, James DeCoclter, Namen Carter, Arthur Homan, John Elaers, Arthur Wild Third Row: Donald Stout, Walter Lundberg, Robert Tertel, Albert Tillman, Mrs. Cryder, William Burke, William Rezek, William Tushaus, Gary Covvman Second Row: Joseph Bellanca, Dennis O'Mundson, Gerald O'Berto, Joseph Lon-jo, Curtiss Harris, James Monce, Wayne Karlak, John Swanson, William Tasker Bottom Row: Williard Gibbons, George Bobak, David Dueringer, Carl Ernst, William Erwin, Lawrence Shubert, Joseph Usievxicz Not in panel: John Olson, Richard Barnett, Lee Boye Delta igme Phi Indicate Interests in Eg. pt and Music Yes siree, it's a winner every time at Delta Sig? William Burke, president The latct that their llllllillllll symbol is the Sphinx must ltztvc lIlilllCllCCLl the Delta Sigs snint-wltait. For instance, the hints certainly went hlgyptiztit when it taint' lu tlttmsillg :tml training at mascot. The put? .Xn alligator Qstultecl. that isj :mtl gtpprnprigitels ngtmetl Pltattuolt. Let it item-i' hc sgiitl that Delta Sigma Phi is not ti inusicatl hnusc. Fnr, among the crew that inalxe their home there are lwtt lllillllllllL'1'h-XX'lll7 are ztppztrently sn iitspirul hs their cw-itiitg meal that they engage in tlrtim tlur-ls almost every night, right alter tlinner. l1OWL'YCl', they rlnn't ltaw much acumtpgtniment-the ltllllltt is lJrnkc'tt. -Qui A Q Top Row: Kenneth Gitzendanner, Ned Tyler, Dale Hartwig, Kenneth Dickey, Kenneth Thomas, Robert Martin, Jeremiah Manley, Donald Otterstrom, William Reno, Robert Bruns, Tom Mclver, Ronald Day, Inno Rasina, Mark Healy, John Kaufman Third Row: Steven Mugg, Richard Williams, Thomas Mulcahy, David Beal, Donald Drever, William Bruggen, Joseph Cablk, Neil Anderson, Harold Roos, Melvin Shaver, Frederick Thayer, Robert Halliday, George Doering, James Donahue, Duane Hanna Second Row: David Wuesteman, Myron Gross, John Schrader, Bernard Wall, Bruce Defi, Mrs. Griftith, John Ehrmantraut, Lawrence Moore, John Legendre, David Sattem, Peter Kendall, Dale McDyer, Dernard Richards, William Bauer Bottom Row: Stephen Smith, George Lochmann, James Tambling, David Eiclremeyer, David Olson, Ronald Heflin, Robert Fulton, David Calhoun, Dimitri Beres, William Allison, Larry Long, Ronald Ziegler, Alvin Hand, Dean Smith, Roy Etnyre Not in panel: Clem Georlett, Terry Deiro, Thomas Moore, Bruce Quayle, James Staes, Bruce Stewart, John Ehler, Phil Gierman, Charles Weber, Robert Salata, Joseph Wendryhoski, Stanley Yukevich, Lloyd Gadau, Danny Laughhunn, Harry Kavetas, John Gunn, Fred Warrick, Robert Pfeiffer D G Delta Tau Delta Hosts and Win. 0 n Ba ketball Tourne l John Ehrmantraut, president Bridge would be fun except that it's too legal! Perhaps the biggest event on Deltzt Tatu Deltzfs sports cztlentlztr this yextr 3 was the Delta Tatu Delta Invitzttionztl Basketball Tournznnent. Held in Decem- ber, this yeztr's tourney was the first in what promises to become :tn ztnnuztl series. In all, Fifteen fraternities com peted lor the Beer Keg Trophy, but the Delts, playing the role not only ol' "host" but ol' "victor," still tnztnztgetl to walk olll with their own prize. A new mascot graces the Delt house this year-Phztrozth, ll Boxer puppy, who is being grootnetl, boast the Dells, to take on Theta Chil. NOX." The hztttle hats not occurred yeteolhciztlly. 4 A. l x 2,"" E f ' l 4 lirrsy, hrrsy, lnrsy lrnys arte those lllls- S lil ll '1,"z"' l'lL'S. cr- srrlt-rgrlrnrr tlrr- lrrrt than the lllls lrvc nrrrln.rt lrtttxccrr two :ntlt flllttllgll lrir-nmllxtj Ines, the 'lklaes grnrl the Sig, x I L l'rs.. Inge tlnrnvrrrg rnrttr-stselrnnt nnc' 1 :ivor- rtr t'c'rtr'grtinrr in the pzrst. llnwr'vCt', with' the Qrrlwnt nl wrrttererrnrl with ar little srtnwe far new twgrprrrr was QllSl0X'L'l'L'Ll. A snrtrewltgrt CX2lggL'l'illL'll tcpnrt hurl the llll's losing ttwrrtx-two witttlnws in one 1 rlrrxterr rr-rural, rl rt s trrrr-l It lnolss .rs rt the DUE need a totrrth lor bridge, Robert Young, president , a t i J ,,A.,,a:5"' ' lklnlf l o 0 ,, , , , pk I I 1 ,lf 00 'l TllCl'C C008 Allllllllll' Wlllllll ill Delta ll llllll C Top Row: William Masterson, David Butler, David Grtlln, Charles Bateson, lee Duran, Henry Dralle, James Cunningham, James Whitlock, Warren Hanson, John Rtrssn, John Gtrttnran Fourth Row: Wayne Ottoson, Rhrlrp Grreslnaurn, Jay Barley, Edward Moll, Hugh Fogler, Bruce Krrvrslsey, Kenneth KI'ELllZlQ9l', Robert Larence, Charles Nichols, Arthur Romrnel, Roger Davis, Roger Fitzgerald, Thomas Daniels Third Row: John Clem, John Nelson, Ronald Magntlssen, Eugene Schmitt, Robert Young, ,ltrlrtrs Morrgte, Donald tsendergh, Andrew Bonror, Dean Wrlson, James Rrley Second Row: Rrchard Pollak, Chrrs Sarlas, Harold Hrxenbaugh, Jack Rudy, Lee Masrarello, Rolwrt Roehrlxasse, Fred Wrlls, Ronald Brown, Marc Drlatush, Rod lxrelus Bottom Row: Wrllaim Patton, James Semradelx, Allen Boehm, John Blakley, Walter Lange, Hogrler Vvastltrnd, Stephen Boros, Carl Peterson, Charles Mabry Not in panel: Frank Moschella, James Economos mrsi'--M 182 l llc' l11l1111-1' llintw s lx1'1l l..111I111-1 Rtltllll wats lllk' l1l4111': ll11- 1111:1si1111 11'.1s me l'lYllllN S1l111lg11's XX'i11t1-1ti1111' Hitting, l ' - filYk'll i11 11111i11111ti1111 with tl11'i1 six 11tl11-1 flllk' ol tl111 ltigltligltts nuts '111 i11t1'1 1 l. S11pl1111't1'1l lay llll' LY1'sl1'111 Hull .Msn I P ya' 11l. ln lltc lhlhl. .ts .1 lIlL'lIllJt'l ul tl11' Metra lll4lL'IlCllllk'llL .Xssn1i:1tio11, llll' Sl'llUl2ll'S lul tl11' lkllgllk' i11 lllllllb atsputs. Now ll part ol' llll' G11-1-L XK'Ul'lll, tl11-x'1'1' still 1'i1li11gl1igl1,clisplgtyittgrttt 1111l1l111s1-rl spirit. Tho Evans Scholar' intortimo outing Provo Popular Top Row: John Chious, Carl Scatidt, Frank Cipriano, George Shields, Jason Morgan, Anthony Ouirtni, Laurence Salana, Walter Lenz, Frank Kelfyra, Dennie Miller, James Tatnall, Anthony Cazolas, Arthur Garcia, John De-Reu, Robert Kratevvslw Fourth Row: Gerald Woltn, Dennis Ryan, John Alhers, Samuel Garlovslfy, James Rys, Albert Wiatrovvski, Walter Harrison, James Ellinger, Edward Remmert, Fred Flener, Richard Kamtn, John McEnroe, Aleaander Ratlfts Third Row: Michael Cleary, Charles Simon, William Doyle, Melvin Kreici, Edmund Liss, Leroy Peterson, Simon Sheridan, Guy Marella, David Hanson, Thomas Ttrado, Richard Lewis, Francis Bowers, Roger Bredek Second Row: David Arehart, Thomas Clarlr, William Hayes, Don Moses, John Jadryev, Ronald Cranford, Alan Kaur, Howard Beyer, Raymond Whitney, Richard Stahler, Kenneth Brady Bottom Row: Edward Zychovvslft, Thomas Tatnall, Stephen Kalus, Stephen Foerster, Donald Blum, Michael Starl-, Thomas Goetfsche, David Mihevc, John Kirby Not in panel: Kenneth Swanson 'tl' K. I' Al , a , gf ? fd, il I f . 'rtx r . b Ig 1 if 135324 l i A ' "lima-.l:'f 'Q' I' 'rr 5 1 l f' i l 183 "ll'I11-11-'s .1 slim in Illh' lIl'Llll lltill Illll ku-I1111g lin IIIX l"411111l11111s1- 1111-111o1i1's" sing the lllt'llllJL'lS ol llllS l14111-1111111 "hX'l1c11' lllllll 1l1c'41111s sllllll cu-1' lac li11- g1'1'i11g," ll11-3 11111li11111'. l11i11gi11g thc sung lr1.1 l11gi1.1l 11111cl11siri11 111111, 411 1111- s41111c 111111-, c'x11l.1i11i11g just wl141l it isll141l lac-qrs 1l111s1- lf411111l11111s1- 1111-111111aics i11- 1411l: "hX'i1l1 lllL'LlIllN ol lllh' l"411'111l1o11sc S11'c'1'1l1c4114ll" NVQ wriulrl 11011-1' l141x'1- g111-ssccll l11 l1c1wcc11 Allllllllll l14111q11c1s lilll s111l1 L'X'L'lll5 41s llr11111-u1111i11g, lJ411l's Daw, Nltlllllx 154151 41111l l'iUllllLlL'l"S lJ41y, the 1110111- l1c1s ril F411111l11i11s1' stepped :wide 41111l lcl llll'lll lmusc lIlItlCl'Q0 QJC'llL'l'lil llllCl'l0l' lc- 4l1'lUl'llllllg'hX'll1ll ever ll141l 111igl11 111c4111l '. -1 '1 ro, ,Qtr Q 4 dn, ' fo. . ' 3. ., .' Y'-1-. James Bowers, president The loyal bridge fans at Farmhouse are at it again The Member of Farmhoue Lit Memorie Through Song Top Row: Robert Greiye, Philip Deal, Robert Caughey, Gerald Palm, Gary, Kendle, Byron Jones, Kenneth Saures, Robert Hughes, James Carson, Richard Cochran Third Row: Herbert Beattie, Dale Millis, J. W. Burrus, Forrest Paxton, William Flynn, Clarence Miller, Duane Schroeder, Ronald Kollman, Richard Vatthauer, James Parochetti Second Row: Neal Setchell, Roger Gallup, Norman Ehlers, James Bovvers, Richard Snodgrass, James Wiltier, Richard Curtiss Bottom Row: John Cayitt Dan Gocrwens, John Rosenberg, Larry McKee, Frank McCully, Martin Grose, Willram Mullins fav' 4 ,mn s-'bv fi W 1 T , 6 ,MLW 184 l ll X 1' fp -5 'pf K of +A' A w K,.w1' ' '--qu-:aanv These Epicureans relax and enjoy lite as it comes. Arthur Bower, president UVM- l,'I.llllt'lt'tl limr' I1irl,ii,, lm iii lnlutllvllirirnl su lim' -fr lvl lI'n ,ill ln mix as .ls llllf' lxllli s .ull rlwl UI uw mic- ul llll lx Ilhlll llt ll: l4ll4lS4llll'S"llf'l lllrw lf' g ,V s. ri .i - 4 4 L , . i i slmll llllll Iiirmiils .immune im-inliriw ul 4 llim' llLlll'IllIlyQ this 'rttiliulr is liilliferl Iltbllljyllylll1'l1lSll1Il,IllltllllllllQlllIlUwl1lI1'll' ' IHIISV. ,Xlsu :ulrlmg girnillv In lllc' NIJII Il is wlml is umlmfmlv if-1111411111-il f is pnnlmlmlv llu largest 1.14.11 on p lllllllllh, Lgivszni. lln lms mlm-xr-luprul the llilnl ul lullmxillg his nmsla-is In rlgrss. 1 v ul llvs lnulmlmly lJl'l'll ln IIIUIC mlznsxvs thin :mv mzin in Ilif- olc' lillll lm use-' f . 7 if The Ca ual Life Appeal to the Men of Kappa Delta Rho Q fa' ffjjiibxilmc ' ffe4lT?x?'t'eF Top Row: John Wrenn, Taylor Bell, Warren Schumacher, William Koelrn, Frank Wooding, David Young, Kenneth Wagner Second Row: Larry Thomas, Richard Swallow, Robert Sullivan, Arthur Bower, Frederick Roland, Frederick Nicoll, Gary Post Bottom Row: Louis Krumvviede, James Robertson, James Boyd, Phillip Pfleuger, Steven Schilson, Cliftord Arbogast, Louis Cepon Not in panel: Kent Christensen, Robert Reichard, Carl Larson V T 'V it M!'mf,Q ,Z fl W' W! ff: ,711 l www a f' fr ffm WI 73 if J X iffy! 72 jf fy , flak! A X X ff 4 ,A Ow- , My f ff, aft ,a y f Jef!! f Y e l85 Top Row: Mariano Guzzardo, William Larson, James Baker, Robert Reis, Russell Christianson, James Kowieski, Carl Turnquist, James See, Dale Dawson, Robert Reader, Erie Krogh, Francis Melaniphy, Neil Pollock, Robert Dohm, Paul Gull, Thomas Tuttle, Alan Caskey Third Row: Daniel Lennon, James Applegate, Steven Anderson, Nicholas Adam, William Westerman, Mtchael McGuire, William Barrett, Thomas Kasten, Srdney Farthtng, James Butterworth, Gary Brown, Peter Aikman, Richard Russell, Gary Krauss, Dennis Laflerty, Stewart Kinkade, Robert Schurter Second Row: Henry Wolf, George Rantis, John Abeles, Eugene Reed, William Stewart, Charles Applegate, Roy Fonda, David Hutchinson, Richard Simon, Jack Lynch, Jerome Layely, Andrew Rochells, Lawrence Lipe, Joseph Zaopettela Bottom Row: Bernard Sunnis, John Kenny, James Eaton, Robert Weisenloerger, Lawrence Myers, Dennis Perk, George Reed, William Tomsik, Ronald Pinkowski, James Barr, Jeffrey Fort, William Nacla .,,.fv-W, Mt.Z,gp '41?il9" ' so 9 0 as 0 0 For He a Kappa igma - Wearing a White Apron! Roy Fonda, president Minus their usual garish ties are these Kappa Sigsl .X tgiic' night, iticlc'c-rlfflltzilk just unc' , f - wen lu rlcsrtilx- 'iii c-xauisinn into 'in' ff' f it unnpmiis sljul that rloc-sift locgilc' at stngill legion ul lxgrlmpm hiqs-writing on tgilalcs, nl llDlll'5L'L Blll thc- liaiplm Sivntars ltzrw lawn one wrlwml in rzitc' L-vctlilws lbclorc--siult i . , ' i ', ' . cnnstrilc' - 4' J 1 J 1 ir- K - ' as '. 1 the expense rf ll nlmcis lllll 1 , . ,Ive . , , .N ' ' lllllll . l66 ' 4. .. . 4 L .Al im L ... nm. i. it-.1 Top Row: Vernie Brown, Ray Roeschlien, Jon Jenkins, John Bergman, Jerome Taverna, William Cooper, Stuart Vogel, Ford Rollo, George Montgomery, Paul Kuster, Stephen Schofl, Ronald Koertge, William Janes, Ronald Krug, James Williams Fourth Row: Royace Prather, Emory George, Philip Myers, Edward Rose, Duane Lempke, Charles Campbell, Frank Howard, William Bryant, Marvin Heftington, Robert Uhrig, Martin Johanson, Gordon McCandlish, Donald Selinger, James Cobb, Charles Oldham Third Row: Richard Melinder, Frederick Ade, Richard Kemmerer, Arthur Yuenger, Don Carroll, Thomas Fournie, Jimmie Keller, John Nunemaker, Charles Orr, Donald Quest, Richard Montgomery, William Edwards, David Klingel Second Row: Darrell Jenkins, Scott Krueger, James l-lechler, Peter Koeber, Kenneth Mills, Robert Smith, Lynn McGill, Rodger Turley, Robert Swanson, Milton Janosky, John Long Bottom Row: Earl Brown, Stanley Browne, Keith Johnson, Dennis Achilles Not in panel: Kenneth MacKenzie, John Cross, David Fischer, Roger Tinney, Robert Wallhaus, Robert Gibson, Walter Moske Lambda chi Alpha Prove Trai rnaai A arirara an t t'tt lit, sg iii Command performance--a jazz ensemble swings out. Jimmie Keller, president This has been :rn exciting yt-an lor the Lzitnbtlzr Clhis. They stztrtetl saving their Marlboro wrappers early ztntl, by ff-aa, gosh, they won that lztnry new stereo. fcough, coughlj Another type ol vic- tory urine about in Stunt Show, thanks to Casper :intl his Clhostnik lrientls. An ztnntrzil Lznnbtlai Chi event is their yearly pletlgeaztctive lootbgtll gttnte W which zthnost always turns out to be ll victory lor the atctives. Senior rels will clo it everytime, they :ill stty! No one-'ll tleny that the Lzrntbtlit Chis :ire at IllllSlClll house. Besides ll quite well known qttzrrtet. they itlso sponsor ll jztff group, :rlong with Sigma Nu. 187 3.,Ax,qrf ' Still. initio tlivii Lniiiiiiliiiily Sr-iwiic' Dai giiicl llinsi' l'lii llcllk .ill lritili in l1lNL'lYL'4lllX iniiiiiiuiiiix riig.iiiif.ilinii lvtllltsllltg .iirl, Fwiiiirssliil. lluii iii liniigil lii'aiililii.iili-is .ipirgiiviitlxl lliiiilxs with tlivii iigiliniigil Clniiiinunilx' Sc-iwiin' ,XXX.iIll. XX'lie-ii lliv i.iniInis lnvclic-s lx-gin lu slmll gill lmlui' uiillils .incl cxilillingiiil pins, xnu rgiii hcl tliail llii-rc is unc innin' giiiiiugil l'lii llcll rniiliilmtinii in the falling: the Slit'-lJCll wcclwiicl. Fred Guyfon, president Men on the gn, know. Or so the Phi DeIr's think. erviee-Plu Fun-Ke note Phi Delta Theta Year Top Row: Jerry Shepard, Daniel Mesch, Andrew Hurter, Frederick Hirsch, Douglas Nichols, Terry lappin, Gary Landis, David McKee, John Ryan, William Rober- son, John Even, Richard Kell, Richard Bates, Hugh Weisenstein, Joseph Atkinson, Roger Bushclieclrer, Charles Thomas Fourth Row: Kenneth Bronson, Ralph Holiman, George Fisher, Kenneth Zimmerman, Dennis Chamberlin, Herbert Crane, Clark Lund, Paul Larsen, Russell White, Larry Banker, Larry Cannon, Cleon Stratton, Ethan Blaclraby, John Frede, David McGann, Charles Roof, Michael Toliuszis, Tommy Boatman, James Allen Third Row: Robert Shaver, Edward Horsky, Russell Martin, John Bronson, Michael Martin, Joseph Eplins, Fred Guvton, Walter Draper, David Shuniclc, Daniel Serler, Philip Lincoln, John Ellsworth, Alan Gosnell Second Row: Worden Parrish, Richard Shurtz, Martin Klinciel, John Tecklenberg, Robert Blaesing, Ronald Sc-Ivey, Dwight Robinson, Robert Smith, David Downey, Luther Dearborn, Charles Nash Bottom Row: Richard Shepard, Stanley Wilson, Richard Ashworth, William Johnson, Leonard Shuck, lawrence Hansen, Michael Ochsenschlager, Jerold Kahle Not in panel: Stanton Dotson, Joe McKay, Paul Pirtle, Ronald Stein, Earl Parrish, James Mclaggart, Harold Nichols 188 eqql I 'wh 7 1 sfo fiuiiivlliiii-s grills just flfrlll .ililiifii .lI1t.lIltIlllIlj!, viii ilu Int lll4'lll. lllt'S.1'llllIll1'Ill nl Ilii- l'lii ltli'-s, l",IH'1l.llI's .illvt lliv i'xliz-iiirtirv ul gilxiiijq .1 .Irv li iii lHllIl.Il.H lLt'f.lllSl' lltf- guts xxwlnlil In lllfhtlllf' Ulll ul llti' liulnsi- lin Ilii- iitulil I1 . I llkltlllg lllt'Il clgili-s tn ifiiilinl, llif- l'lii laps ils-iiilwl In tm-.illt gnu' Ilii' nlil lin! gi llininiigli lltillllllg. .Xml li.iIs lwttvmlr llii' QIIIS In-cqitiiv If-.ilwnis Int igiiisi' llim- l'l',l' liuiisi- lnfilwrl sn iiiiuli In-tlvt tligiti llic-it iiwii ilimll ,Xclusillxy llii- l'lii lxll limisi- is iiiiiisiigil 1 lot inntm- lligiii Ilx mlm-qililinm-ss ll Si'l'lllS lligil llic' lioiisi- was :iilugilly lgincl lui iltlvlitintigilltj llllill lm: lstvqntlsl Relaxaton is the key to success, say these PERB. Arthur Serck, president Hou s Cleaning at Phi Ep iisis i Brings stisngs Results , Issf ss. ge R' Top Row: Steven Fishbein, James Radin, Stuart Bloom, Stuart Sirota, Michael Agay, Earl Silver, Ronald Port, Arthur Go'd, Michael Wallack, Larry Schelter, Paul Katz, Jerry Steiner, Robert Strizak, Malvin Krinn, Burton Weinstein Fourth Row: Stewart Dan, Stanley Green, Michael Grouso, Michael Lissner, Mark Buch, Sey- mour Melnik, Glenn Goldman, Allen Miller, Hcward Schatz, Martin Spagat, Steven Salzloerg, Burton Liiaman, Daniel Siglnancl Third Row: Allan Youman, Michael Eiserman, Richard Frenzel, Bernard Kirsner, Arthur Serck, Howard Kravatz, Richard Welleck, Stuart Werner, Gordon, Stephen Zucker, Michael Berger, Allan Schaffer, Robert Garmisa, James Charles Turek, Lorin Spak, Barry Werner, Jerold Gold, Harvin Turbow Haddon, Robert Rosenberg, tj ---".,gs1 rx,-Q-125712 x 'Y I I . 7 ' .11 ' Theodore Goldstein Second Row: Larry Rosenberg, Jaclf Donald Hill Bottom Row: Alan Edelstein, Jefllrey Kuhn, 189 Q ,.., . ' 3 ,Q .. ' "B ' ig we I aria ' K '-as T, 7:7 -, ?7'f?,i 'R' ? 't 2 The liiiknztnit' "Fiji" is zilat lQOCODjll1'C up gill 50115 ul visions. At the men- tion ul the wind, swine people immedi- zitely think ol the zinnugil lslztntl Party, while iitliers, lJ2ll'llL'llllll'ly the Phi Gzims tliitiiisclvt-s, might tcint-nilmer past Frzmk Norris Pig lliiitittis. Or ll vision ul' the 4' if 7 J stately white liillgircil lfiii house just might Ilittei' zumss sonteones mind. By . the wziy, this ztttrzictivc etlihce lust sum- ., J inet' 1'eceivt-il :in zttltlitiun, in the form ol' ti! :in cmlosc-il initio. Alou-m'c1', clue to I W ,af ,its tt-clmitztl ziilvziiiics, the lfijis now have 5 ti, T J Q L'lCl'll'lC blankets in their dorm-even L M Z q X thutigh the zilums ztcctisc them ol get- , K ET. Q97 ser a ting suit! 1,5 5-C ,. .51-.mi '.,., i.5'?""+.23s2i' , ' 5' V. I-Ev. fs, w "Honest, sonny, it only hurts when he laughs-l" William leufer. president X I I ww: Phi Gamma Deltas Mix Sand and Swine for Good Time Top Row: Michael Londrigan, John Helledy, Donald Williamson, James Russell, Neal Kottke, Robert Armstrong, James Ruyle, Robert Young, Thomas Tansor, Christopher Moyer, Charles Gasche, George Whitney, George Patterson, Robert Hindsley, John Bell, Joseph Geraci, James Graham, Donald Arnold Fourth Row: Grodon Honegger, Paul Koster, Keith Asher, Robert Shissler, Klaus Weinmann, William Black, Richard Whitney, Renard Bollier, Dennis Fox, Champ Davis, John Erickson, William Irwin, Bruce Harrison, Anthony McCarthy Third Row: Robert Madix, Dean Bodnar, Robert Johnston, Leo Wotan, Carl Reinhart, William leuter, Steven Hoeppner, Richard Bayley, Robert Fischer, Jewett Cole, Richard Green, David Neupert Second Row: Robert Whitney, Robert Gault, Nicholas Bosen, Melvin Jent, Michael Hackleman, Craig Gillespey, Warren Wakerlin, Jerome Stefani, Kenneth Birney, Alan Metz, Brian Bertha Bottom Row: Paul Hepner, Thomas Earley, Dennis Schepke, Robert Braun, Stuart Ochiltree, Thomas Nelson, Randall Snider, William Baker, James Levy, Robert Lancaster, Ernest Schall-4 Not in panel: Thomas Barnes, Edmond Wade, Marion Wright, Dennis Anderson, William Armstrong, Roger Chamlin, Daniel Damon, Jack Diederich, John Ey, William Fox, David Froberg, Peter Hasselmann, Melvin Jager, Robert Lehmer, Ralph Lindemann, Richard Schaeffer, Maurice Weaver Vt , we M3216 , i . -A s 1. , . , - " A-mr--N 190 , 9- lliiiigs 'us . .. 'i Ing vuiiiiix in llii' In-'ills iirtil llii l"uut'll1 Stwvi llilllxlllQ loliiil ilu l'lii lsls. lliis sim! was mimi' lillvil lux' i fi i . 5 . '. 1 t '. W LII ,A giving xxiczilioii, llinil is. For :il Iltgil lilllL'. Iwo nl ilu' llllllik' :iilwttliimiis inum- 4, bers ilcficlcil to lxikc thc vcltiilc liimli' with them. llnwcvcig engine lmulmli soon sci in. The liczirsc now wposcs in isolzilccl splcmlm' in ai cow llllslllll' so where bctwccn licrc :mil Sl. Louis. A., 0 H 0 Phi Kappa Psis Put Their Hear 0 Out to Pa ture Top Row: George Staudt, David Dandurand, Raymond Gibson, David Ash, Robert Stava, William Ayton, James Brown, Kenneth Telleen, Stuart Lockwood, Ben Waldie, Willard Nelson, David Boge, Robert Hill, Paul Clarey Fourth Row: William Stone, Kurt Youngstrom, Alexandre Jankowslfy, Robert Rigdon, Theodore Kirkby, John Ravencroft, Norman Mayer, Edmund Long, Alan Swanson, Melvin Fink, Lawrence Tribbey, Ralph Larson, John McDonnell Third Row: William Johnson, Gerald Colangelo, John Dodson, Charles Pugh, Jerry Williams, James Benson, Clifford Wilderman, Donald Day, Stephen Johnson, David Martin Second Row: Gary Sather, Robert Boling, Joseph Day, Ken Velten, Howard Cronk, William Small, Kenneth Lopez, William Dunn, Charles Patti, William Bielfeldt, Gerald Pius Bottom Row: Bruce Dahlin, Jay Blomquist, Noel Zweigler, Thomas Liszka, Michael Gibson, Dale Hopper Not in panel: William Workman, Robert Hickey an-""a""s 1 191 Top Row: Robert Backoff, James Beclsmann, James Holden, Peter Zamis, Marvin Mrnka, Thomas Cahoon, Richard Wilen, John McKee, Michael Celarec, Douglas Muir, Walter Schmeal, William Rosing, lsonneth Kapps Third Row: Charles Truckenbrodt, Richard Archbold, Charles Rhodes, Raymond Cain, Brian Wittenkeller, Edwin Steinam, James Clayton, William Penniman, Neal Martin Second Row: Donald McDonald, Ross Stahl, Dennis LeBlanq, Richard Stumm, Michael Pope, James Sachtschale, Ralph Cvruenewald, Stanley Stovvers, James Whitmore Bottom Row: George Burgovne, Frank Rvbinslci, William Waltz, John Fortner, Donald Wagner, Fred Lord, John Podiasel-1 Not in panel: Earl Cook, Robert Davis, Harold Jennings, Richard Matt, Harold Pehlke, Don Yeazel, Lindell Lovellette vi C C ll fillll BOIIC P 0 all ill Kil fi lglllfl DEIHCC Q , Raymond Cain, president Order prevails when "Sugar" conducts the meeting! Om- ul thu iimjnr L'YL'lllS on thc Skull Nl N 1 I "Ski lv ill l .iiinvf gin inloimgil gillgiii' llelll ' 4 -n muse. 'lllic nlgiilcc L'L'll- gil lltc iliilalal l 1 1 4 4 llk'lltI.lllHllS siuh ns xi matic ol tunnels ,,..-an in the ligisi-im-111 giml wicill llixiwings on W I llll' Xxxills rillill-ll lu llln' tlllilc' slllislcl' llllllllNlllll'l'l' :ilu-gills prolly IJl'L'YLllL'lll. llicit ligiml git rgiipcitliy this sc-iilestvi hx uitistrluliiig gi lmwlln-1' mont in llltll lm4isc-iiiuitt. The plc-nlgcs ilill must ul thc .imtugil wink in llutii spgiic llltlc, but " ' ' ' " ' 'Q 1' Liml statins Iiiiiliul in xlilli lullllll il ual utltsll llk I ion I1l.llL'lClLllN. l9Z Ihr' lull-tlgcs ol Phi li2lltllilSlgll1Ll trim-nl -si Top Row: Gary Williams, Clarence Klaus, Larry Lackey, Roger Bushnick, Alan Schroeder, Charles Marshall, Richard Carlson, James Wright, John Melvin, Charles ChefTer, Keith McCloskey, Ronald Tellor, David Boone, David Roftey, Charles Miller Fourth Row: Robert Hennessey, Donald Spellntan, Charles Alt, John Bartsch, Shawn Tabin, Robert Heidorn, Carl Budelsky, James Kennedy, William Cook, Albert Sittaro, Dean Hauptli, Roger Koontz, Robert Schultz, Max McPeelr, Gery Gross Third Row: Donald Thompson, John Marshall, James Lashbrook, John Conant, Thomas Rowley, Donald Doherty, Roy Mallinson, Donald Browning, George Bossarte Second Row: Philip Kucera, Cary Boyd, John Subat, William Dufner, John McGrew, Wayne Knight, Carroll Pedersen, John McCann, Charles Patrtck, Leslie Simpson Bottom Row: Roger Larson, Jay Butt, Ernest Collins, Philip Brown, Carl Bailey, Clark Bernard, Stephen Hanover, William Cowen Noi in panel: James Hofer, Philip Burck, Kenneth DiPrima, Alan Lopatka, Albert Ruppert, Roger Martin, Richard Miller, Vernon Gillespie, James Kornwulf '3Ei'f?h ., f ,K-.. '-: Gia 'il P Phi Kappa Tau' Gra el Salute the Aim with ing , The Phi Taus display their rather unusual talents. Thomas Rowley, president ?l1..,'fl A"' J 'Ti J' 55 rlht' ll. S. ,Xrinvll1ttlcts,im tznnpus lor Q " llC lllfllh-t ltmv out Jil Qgtllltx IllllSl ' 'J' 1 iii' ' x K i I ii Awagqyf' , . V lmvc thought thzit the tiqtty hzttl lmcxttcti 5 on them here. licztvcii lorhitl! Fin, :ts tht: tntlcts nlztrtltctl hx' thc Phi 'lltu lmtnstm 1 4' the guys in grey wcic stcirctilrlmiiittnlly lietxtltlctl hy tht' strgtins ol ",Xi1tliins ' .Xwanyf Altci' tht' gaunc, to ntgulat- :uint-mls. is, ,s - C1 the Phi 'l':it1's plrtyt-tl host to lun ol thc sgtntc st-nioi' Nllest Point Clgttltfts. ,Xn ztnnuxtl XN'llllL'l' lflllllill with at it-tw' originztl twist was thgtt given ln tht' Phi 'lHui's. The the-nic wats Stotth, :intl to IJHJYC thxit tht-y nit-gint it, thc l'hi Taius Crcttctl at Stottish tttstlc, 1-vt-n with zu ClliilXX'llI'lllQC. within thcii liiiust: 1 J' l93 w i' P ' . Q 'lag l 'im I , an During thc wccla hclotc lotntntl lush V V llllN lgill, thc inc-n ol l'hi lxztppqt 'l'hcl'i viiiitscly tcilcioigtlcil lllCll' ltonsc. ,Xn lllllwkllllltltl ou insicil, limvcvctg its at gril- lon ol paint ingntgigi-il to npscl ilscll lltorongltlxi soaking qi giginil piano. wooil- work, wimlows, iinil living tooin tug thc ilgiy hclotc rush lK'?J,Lllll Nc-cillcss lo sity, :in "gill ttigltlt-ts" wats in ot'tlct'. .X nniih hclowcl KLIIIIIJIIS chit lcltt is Smitty thc l'n'ot'ilc cook ol thc l'hi liaippai 'l'hclzi's. Smitty, who hats hc-cn supplying Lhc tllatplct' with liinxt lish 'Ci-lirJ"""" sgtlgtil Iota ingtny at lftiilziy nic-:il not only wc-41t's ll tlcrhy, hut lniilcs ltcrscll on lacing thc only lipisiopgtliant lJl'CSClll. John McCIory, president Piccordinigi to the rules of parliamentary procedure- Phi Kappa Theta Paint Living Room-the Wrong Wa 5 at Top Row: Michael Pinney, Theodore DeRousse, John Weides, Thomas McDonald, Robert Chisek, John McClusky, Francis VanHoorweghe, Patrick Dawson, Paul Straka, John Hocking, Lawrence Marlewski, Donald Ramey, Thomas Killian Fourth Row: Richard Eberhardy, Peter Magnabosco, Frank McOmber, Albert Bergmann, ' Romald Szymanski, Lawrence Luther, Frank Lupi, Ronald Niesen, Bruce Knudsen, Robert Busher, James Dean, Gregory Liptak Third Row: John Woods, Robert Rzonca, Harold Evans, Harold Hayward, John McClory, Theodore Johnson, Kenneth Kozy, Thomas Keeler, Ronald Zachary, Vincent Giamalya Second Row: Richard Bickhaus Michael Halligan, Stanley Ripshis, Gerald Peters, Peter Nutly, Darwin Decker, John Slazyk, Thomas Cyborski, Anthony Nuzzo, Neil Johnson Bottom Row: Ronald Woiewoda, Joseph Garr, Brian Ruchalski, Gary Schroeder Not in panel: Raymond Feehan, Patrick McNeill li ' 2 iii illilslf 42, 1 'E' 5 :Q 2 'A ' ' f i ' P lla ti ' - "i " ? T: Q P'-l"Jffi?W iiisfgii 2' ' l l l 194 l l ' l.l'w4' ul IIl.IN4HlN, lll.ll lu. lil vlgiiix llir' l'lii Sip, ltr-It-. li,ix4' ll,irl in niliimig liiilx .ill li.ifl. llivii lI,I1il liriiiw 'mls IIIIIS lliiixlxi , f.ll.llIlItIHIl I, ll1ig,f.i'Ilil.ili fwlivli llQ'l1l llli'l1'.lN1'lll . limits I". Villilii, lifixvl lilr'ri'qisr'il7 . Slllll' Naihixligi, xlciiiilc Clos! rm IJIIIIIHISQ 'xlivll lgiiriwli lin llu-ii ISIIIY :mins Ilii- vw, ilinu Putlilv Cigiilvi lfmiiiqilfu .-Bur rm really sure there's something in mere!" Elliott Lasnek, pfeaaeni 9? fy if, tw ff. M, Phi igma Delta Are Continuall hopping lor Ma cols if .Weir-" ia Top Row: Edward Schneider, Melvyn Zahn, Stephen Lewis, William Goldman, Allen Mayer, Arnold Naiman, Allen Arieff, Marvin Kamensky, Gerald Newman, Arnold Perl, Donald Newman, Robert Karton, Herbert Schaffer, Michael Wasserman, Stuart Morris, Ronald Lovinger Third Row: Sidney Feldman, JaCQU95 Sdlmoll. Gordon DeCook, Murray Kalis, Allan Weinstein, Gerald Frank, Kenneth Wolf, Lee Schnitzer, Sheldon Karras, Daniel Raqins, Orrin Radis, Jonathon Borus, Robert Lazarus, Gordon Schlifke, Gerald Weinberg, Michael Harris Second Row: Miles Kaplan, Burton Schmarak, Herbert Weinstein, Phillip Penner, James Pritilrin, Elliott Lisnek, Roger Brooks, David Cohen, Steven Targum, Arnold Goldstein Bottom Row: Wayne Tenebaum, Arthur Schectman, Ronald DeCook, Sander Klapr-nan, Lawrence Weprin, Michael Klein, Victor Eichler, Harvey Leva, Richard Schwartz, David Goldblatt, Sheldon Lewis Not in panel: Bruce Chertow, Irwin Frazin, Abraham Grossfeld, Gerald Steinberg, Robert Boehm, Jay Doniger l95 gamut, Y I 'CIS' Top Row: Kirby Johnson, Jerome Haas, John Dale, Neale Cloyd, Kenneth Workman, Thomas Stephens, Thomas Sorrells, Ronald Montgomery, Raul Arbelaez, William Shelley Third Row: Leslie Flatt, Billy Wiser, Richard O'Neill, Melvin McConchie, Terry Bolland, Gerald Zeller, Thomas Knox, Terrence Sheridan, James Gill Second Row: Richard Nordsieck, Robert Creasey, Richard Van?-lam, Gaylon Lathrop, Myron Bahler, Carl Sinder, Ronald Crowell Bottom Row: Steven Shinker, Frederick May, Larry Howard, Paul Cliff, Lyndell Guthrie, Samuel Lay Not in panel: Paul Vaiana, Charles Vohs ..what,S News the Campu Ouizze Phi igma Ep ilon A newcomer to the Illinois scene, Phi Sig lip, estztblishetl on this cznnpus only lzist yezir, spent some time hunting for at new house. Time :intl ellort pztyecl oil, :is this yeztr they were zthle to move into the linglish Gothic' house, vziczltecl by the Tri Sigs til the corner ol Thircl and Chalmers. To give the house il more y masculine look, the Phi Sig lips com- pletely recletorzitetl the living room, sun porch, besides most ol their all impor- llllll stutlywrooms. Begin on campus such at short time hztsn't stopped them in starting new trznlitions. Alrezuly they clztim an an- nuztl Founcler Day Clelebrzttionl 196 ' Top Row: Ronald Ellerbeck, William Skaggs, Robert Almquist, Edward Daly, Peter Wohld, Dennis Hall, Walter Heintzen, Ronald Blake, Kevin Lyons, Robert Squires, Richard Harfung, Bruce Dunworth, Jerry Wolf, William Ziegele, David Karas Third Row: Allan Edwards, William Machata, Charles Cameron, Vance Cummins, Rodney Fetterolf, Arthur Klaviter, Charles Didrickson, Harold Alford, Robert Fulmer, Edward Gieszelman, Richard Cervenka, Donald Anderson, Donald Miller, John Killian, William Broeck Second Row: David Sager, Glenn Belsley, William Lawrence, Arthur Carlson, David Johnson, Richard Lutz, Robert Downing, Robert Polston, Jerome Zerkel, Richard Coddington, John Washburn, Ronald Absher, Francis Webster Bottom Row: Ronald Godzinski, George Coghlan, James Hydahl, Paul Kreimeier, Bruce Eder, Richard Wendt, George Findlay, James Huddleston, Stanley Gresens, Jerry Pierce, David Danielson, Robert ihune, John Buente, Mark Laracy onlie Who Think iiir Him eli Hit Phi igma Kappa Richard Lutz, pfesideni A sunny day ana 3 funny paper-it's pure heaven! l According lo thc Phi Sig Swccllicart song, the girl with golden hair :incl cya-s oi shiny hluc is the onc llillllll slczil zi Phi Sigs liczirt-ziml pin. But this Sl'liClllC was ilchnitcly alis- lurhcil when Bo-Bo, ll pct monkey. look up inlizibilzincu in thc Phi Sigma Kappa house. Hzmnlcss :il hrst. hc incrcly begun swinging lroin room to rooni, in- vestigating :ill curious olmiccls. But Bo- Bo's true clizirziclcr cznnc out whcn hc was exposed to woincn: hc zistounilcil the hrotlicrs by lacing hostile lowzml the lziircl' sex! Thus, it sec-tiled, us long :is the monkey rcmzxincnl lherckl bc no golden beauty lol' the Phi Sigkl 197 lf VM NJ 0 i t t 4, , - ' M -7 Q, T 5 7 .QQQ Ll 5 a ., L..- , , N .. W I Top Row: John Soter, James Gutshall, James Van Atta, Kurt Berg, Robert Tnshaus, Jack Hudson, Evert Larson, Richard Blatt, Stanley Rylaa, David Lohman, Richard Gilltillan, Fredrick Schaefer Fourth Row: Robert Sievers, German Urdaneta, Richard Statham, John Litzenherg, Thomas Burdin, Glen Thorson, Gerald Fowler, Kenneth Miller, John Reinhardt, Jerry MacAfee, John Thomson Third Row: Walter Dalitsch, Dale Person, Thomas Hoepner, Samuel Skinner, Mrs. Moeller, Thomas Mc- Knight, John McChesney, William Lowry, James Schoonover Second Row: Robert Rom, Arthor Aldag, Thomas Carlson, Jerold Hahn, John Buckman, Bene Conway, James Kelly, Royce Lorentz Bottom Row: Willtam Burger, Michael Hayes, David Hefner, Jerry Dennis, Donald Spurling, Delbert Packvvood, Kenneth Briclcman X Pi Kappa Alpha Nay Slogan "Better Get a Her ev Thomas McKnight, president Relaxation is but another phase of college lite. lt gt totiwttililt- can he tlefinctl sim- K. G ' 5 'vmnrwn ft ' ' Y-x-v ,NW 1 ,X , 'T 'Q 1 ply as it tant without ll top, then than is Q . ....,. . T t "5l31f1U .,, . gg .,.,t .vt F.. -T' 1 whztt the P1lx,X s liztvel Ol ezirly vintage. uf 1 -'-' "W . 1 . the 11-tl gtntl while l'ot'tl not only hats F5 provctl gt lznnilizn' sight on cinnpus, hut g ztlso hzts piovitlctl the Pikes with nntch I2 . , un entertantnnc-nt. Xthcn the wezttht-r pct- 'Il niits, :intl when the hrotlieis are in at . H - ' H . l ii --will tlzning niootl, l,e-ztpin I,en:t is :tpt to gg 'ml sntltlcnly tztlat' to the open 1'o1ttl. 'Q The Pikes ttvzttctl their own night to I'L'IllCIlllJCl' he-lore Clnistinqts. when they sponsored at Clliristmzts pznty lot' the orphztns :tt tltniningliznn Hoinc. ct plete with gt "ho'hoing" Satntzt Lllztns- just jovial Gene Clonwzty in disguise. l 41 l X. A' 'fn Top Row: Harold Gehrig, Richard Wilson, Terry Burke, John Tremore, Adalbert Drogosz, Robert McKenzie, Arnold Smith Third Row: Edwin Hamilton, Larry Fink, William Schachf, Fred Fiala, Carl Marrone, John Means, Daniel Hoyt, Scott Seibert, Edward Hoffman Second Row: Jack Eden, John Moulton, David Traver, James Goff, Roger Harrison, Grenville King, Joel Price, Clyde Faatz, John Slroehlein Bottom Row: John Prince, Claud Price, Michael Walsh, James Tornasello Not in Panel: Donald Steinvvehe, Glenn Cuerden, Darrell Lane Trophie Are Causes ol Coniu ion at Pi Kappa Phi ,, ,, i 7 . The sports car phase is iust one part of collegel Carl Marrone, president "YX'liei'c clicl this unc come ili0Ill?H Lmlas xi pufllcil Pi Kzippzi Phi, holiling up ai lmpliy which, zicuiiniliiig in its iiiscrip- TJ lion, was won hy Pi Kappa Phi-hut not :il thc lllliVCl'Sily ul illinois! Lust spring. il sec-ills, hrouglit ai ruuiul ul lropliy 'icxcliziiigiiign ginimig Pi Kap clizipu-is in ri lim siziic zirczieziml now no one ix quite sure ziiiyiiiorc just whiu lmpliic-5 hclong io what cliziplcrl But in hciwccn sec'1'eiix'c trips in oilicr cziiiipiiscs, the Pi Kzips iiiiiiingccl lo tzikc linic fill to :ilmirb qi little ciiltiiic. The llilllitfl' music selections zu meals rzingcil I lmni 'liliziikmsky to Brubeck sind, :it A lv-f-sr - - - limes. even io hlvixl 199 'rite ,tie-.lee rem nl Pi Lniiiilmilzi viii us. " sliowctl itsvll lu he ll LUIIIIJCLCIIL group til missile' ine-ii hy hiiililing xi glglllllll imlwl ship its qi tluoixiliuit lin' than it ple-tlgc alanine this Igill. Guests All thc tlgintu lmssul lJL'llL'illl1 the ninclx' lmil high ship tis thu ciitr-tml thc lttllll tlonia, liousu, which was rlcun':iu'cl lu gippezu lilse' thc mgihin ol .i space' ship. ln Qitlclilioii to ciiiuyiilg ai slmrlaling stiiigil scgisoii, thc Pi l,aiin's tolmpul ull lhcii ailhlclit aial1ir'x'eineiils hy i1lIJllll'lllQ liisl plane' aiwgmls in llllllllllllllll swim ming, ping lining, :intl wicsllingesliow- ing at gltlll tlivcisity nl llllfllll Jules. Oettinger, president Faster than the speed of lightning-"Ohl Ouchl" Pi Lambda Phi Pledge Are Onl "Taking up pace" 4' ,, 'llop Row: Jerrold Ezgur, Jay Rosenberg, William Gelrnan, Burt Mendelson, John Hokin, Art Liss, Alan Levin, Edward Kreines, Robert Kahn, Jerry Kalman, Myles Borshell, Ronald Chez, Charles Tipp, Donald Weissman, Norman Leven Third Row: Howard Ross, Ronald Preblsh, Michael Kleiman, Steven Helfand, Stanley Pantowich, Jason Stern, Edward Greenberg, Beniamin Steinberg, Earnest Orlove, Martin Bresler, Arthur Gillis, Arthur Bluestone, Donald Shapiro, Leonard Gelstein, Allan Markle, Stuart Glantz Second Row: Leon Rischall, Erwin Epstein, Stuart Ferst, Jerry Belson, Michael Greenfield, Jules Oettinger, Mrs. Isaacson, Howard Simon, Leon Lipson, Sheldon Kabaker, Martin Faber Bottom Row: Larry Milner, JeFlrey Levine, Mark Evens, Alan Lockett, Myron Sternstein, Sheldon Reznik, Gerald Diamond, Sheldon Sirosky, Barry Kelner, Arnold Doctor Not in panel: David Lipson, Richard Linkeiner, Michael Silverton ZOO lt r' - . , , x LL Will lriziiiis iii llignwii'iii-ilfiiiiiii.ii1rr H--U tiiiitz llNtlllllIll4llIISt.lllllt'lStA,t'.1JllIll.ll Ilia- Iiqilt-iiiiti liirlrls lla qiiiiiii.iI 'if1ti.iiirl 9 ova-I sullllzill l1'llIllt'. l'.xi'txuiii' willi .i l iii . , Al llSlll'll1llllllllflllfltbllill siliirlziisliilr liiiiil sc-lvcseeeewliii know lligil, Qiiiirriig llii-ii .iluins :irc mcii like Nt-lsmi Rirtlwlvllvii, clUIillL'llllS Vziiitlctlmilt, :intl irilivis, Serious intent's an asset even in a bridge game! Robert Pfeiffer, president ember ol Psi Upsilon Engage 'n ii " umber Game" ff Ml I Top Row: Samuel Armato, Joseph Mountioy, Randy Stotler, Sheridan Lee, Phillip Wilken, Martin Lower, Terry Villwock, John Moelmann, Stephen Svvard Third Row: James Thomas, Jay Siegrist, Duane Haning, Nils Soneson, Roland Yeast, Richard Johnson, Henry Novvicki, David Gantt, Howard Iber Second Row: Ranse Kesl, Guy Fraker, Thomas Sykes, Sidney Frisch, Robert Pfeihler, Duane Haning, Robert Olson, John Henbest, Juel Lee Bottom Row: Marvin Marquart, John Hyde, William Scheivve, Donald Best, Robert Dallach, Gary Olsen, John Garrison, Daniel Collins Noi in panel: Neil Sterling, Ralph WesthoFf. 201 l Fight lux- with tire? X'Vc-ll, thz1t's not ' vxztctly tht- wary tht- SAIQR would do it. ,Xt the lirst zilztrin, the litnt-rgency Fire Brigade would spring into action as two pledges would lli1Ii1L'lllZllCly shut up the tclcpliont-s to nutkc sure no one could cull the lotul fire depztrtincnt. Ol course. the proper authorities un- doubtedly would be notilicd-at letter would probably bc sent to the Arizona: lain would help spread thc llzunes. Wllly are the SiXli's so concerned about their house? lt couldn't ltzivc- anything to do with the lzut thztt the house is one ol the oldest buildings on cznnpus. . Play, brothers, playH-referring to bridge, natchl John Stevenson, president ,,... igma Alpha Ep ilon Find a Ca ual Wa to Fight Fire Top Row: Thomas Freeman, Frederick Garrett, Harlan Johnson, Paul Ek, Kenneth Love, Jerry Modzelewski, Barry Beste, Phillip Hunley, Frederick Hunter, John Robards, Russel Dawson, Charles Sprowl. Michael Fesler, Kanneth Harrigan, Tom Ruppert, Edward Sestak, John Allen, Richard Strom, Earl Walters Fourth Row: Jack Racl-cow, James Timberlake, John Williamson, Richard Pease, Ronald Craig, Richard Warner, William Dubinsky, William Ryan, Thomas Riggs, William Ray, Thomas Newton, John Pickrell, Charles Bogue, Gordan Kaplan, Brack Duker, William Hubbard, Thomas Noggle, David Seiberling, Jack Manley, Roger Meyers Third Row: Phillip Peterson, Bruce Dahltorp, Allen Doughtery, Kenneth MacMorran, John Greathouse, John Stevenson, Mrs. Edwards, Joseph Laske, Oliver Stufflebeam, Bruce Pieifler, Terry Sands, John Attebery, John Ruhl, John Norton Second Row: Nekete Mlade, Steven Wessling, Michael West, Philip Gregory, Bruce Lilieros, David Bruun, Thomas Sollenbarger, James Dyer, Wallace Heil, Robert McCormick, Albert Fleming, James Ray, Paul Ashby, Scot McMannis Bottom Row: Duane Carlson, John Joyce, Robert Landowski, David English, Michael Lahey, Thomas Hayes, Frank Culbertson, Robert Andrews, Thomas Dow, James Paddock, John Glass, Raymond Hadley Not in panel: Edward Markham, John DeAno, Allen Steigerwald, Roy Schmeissing, John Pierson, Richard Peterson, Dominic DiOrio, Raymond Walters, William Tuttle, Eugene Bergeron, Gary Kolb ,.i 202 Fire Depzirtinc-nt. ln the nicztntinic, 11' it 9 n ' f- yur Fa? if w l '91 X l 9 ,iff ff li? . " 9' ' i i i 'l 'tl-H'-r-ii fill 'liirtlil rl :nu .trims it h.lXlII5t uit, .ii ts rt nr A A quilt, lot' lltc slrrtx is lllxl lwgiiiiiiiig. ', jig," ll ' Y , . ' i lu ' 1:-f' tu in lltc sltgipv ol rin orlaigoii, hut ilu iii K tional gowi'ttiitr'tit ol thc ltzilctiiitx lx lornlcil, also, on :ui mlxlgultlt il si ilt l"ii1'tltci'n1oi'c, thc iiziliriiinil Illllgllllllt' til llu' group is cillilluleyoii gucsscml illfa--A the Orslaigoiiiziii. lt su-nts llmt this sun bul CLINIC lit-urn thc ciglll louiulr-is ol SAM. During lJ4ul's Day, the Iiillir-its put on ai lzisliion slum' lot the liriusc. Arthur Alpert, president Some music connoisseurs listen to--felulie London? Figure Eight rin he lair iii the igmt Alpha iviii Men Top Row: Michael Aufrecht, Arthur Thieme, Arthur Arkin, Stephen Gold, Morton Oloerlander, Jeff Larnpert, Bruce Lerman, Ray Cohen, Warren Wollheim, Ronald Rosen, Robert Kayton, Allan Korsovven, Paul Glick, Sheldon Gornherg, Allen Barnett, Robert Goldwasser, Donald Friedman, Edward Colby Third Row: Michael Adler, Joel Piell, Stuart Laff, Arnold Rosenbaum, Larry Kane, Barton Lipofsky, Arnold Goldstein, Gary Klow, Frederick Baker, Ronald Rubin, Robert Siegel, Fred Fabricant, Michael Fishman, Howard Levy, Jerrold Robin, Lloyd Levin Second Row: Herbert Golden, Edward Lewis, Kenneth Broun, Alvin Martin, Jay Silver, Arthur Alpert, .lack Lifshin, Harry Sangerman, Mark Klein, Lester Baker, Leonard Mawrence Bottom Row: Joel Kanter, David Perkins, Stuart Greenberg, Arvin Kash, Ronald Erlfes, Leonard Flax, Herm Greenberg, Stanley Mayer, Howard Boehm, Norman Ross, Murray Favus 203 dl I lil i Top Row: Dale Altmtn, Robert Gordon, Carl Allison, Robert Robinson, Henry Hegener, Richard Higgins, Leonard Pierce, Michael Riley, Johnathan Wells, William Hunt, Norman Carrier, Edward Cleveland, Jerald Dycus, Richard Fletemeyer, Steven Brown, Lon Rademacher, Loren Sanders Fourth Row: James Govaia, Joseph Hoyler, Peter Jackson, David Rademacher, Robert Cornelisen, Richard Dudley, Michael Miller, Frank Sheley, Austin Furlong, Christopher Lavick, Edward Harsh- lnarger, Kenneth Schmidt, Robert Watson, James Brady, Richard Knox, Michael Wilson, Richard Ruth, Ronald Stasell Third Row: Carl Faust, Gary Estep, James Hart, Richard Thomas, Richard Mcvvard, Stuart Galland, Bruce Hart, John Wessels, Ward Adams, David Thomas, James Maiors, Lawrence Anderson, Chester Elias Second Row: Jerome Burdick, Robert Osterman, Ivan Seele, Thomas Clark, David Swanson, Donald Dobbins, Truman Esmond, James Dobbins, Richard Udlock, David Wilson, John Light Bottom Row: Charles Kegel, Lloyd McClure, Charles Cassell, Joseph Sommer, Gary Hinman, Norton Williams, Carl Zocholl, Charles Dehner Not in panel: Denny Swanson, John Davis, John Easterbrook, Robert Schmidt, Melvin Romani fri? igma Chis Are All In at Whirl 0ver the Game oi Fri bee , , Q c ,, ' 3, x . ,.Y, , ,. H5613 " f t ' ,L ' - EW L5 xt Chester Elias, president Lift that hammer, tote that pail-build a house! livct sec xt Sig without at lrishcc in his hztntlf Stu h gt sight is titre itttlcctl. lol'L'X'C1' sintc tht- tlist ns-like sport hit thc lLlIlllJllS some ycztts ztgo. thc titlc lrislmcc' hats bt-Q11 :tlntost synonomous with Sigma Chi! ,Xt tiny rattc. tht- Sigs ltxtu' lottntl it to bt' at it-:tl int- lain-ztlxct on L-xt ltatngcs with sorori' tics. The ggttnt' :tlso guts at lot ol pmt lint' on thc homt- liont, in thc- atnnugtl Sigma Ilhi intt'1'-hottsc l"t'islJc't''liott1'lt:ttl1c't1l. Not only tlo two llllrallll' tutnts CHIIIIJUIC lot' ll ttopltxi, hut xt "Most Vitlllltlllt' l,lllX'Cl'H is 1 1 sc-lcttc-tl git tht' untl ol thc- ganncl Otht-tr news is thgtt thc Sig gttltlition :mtl hfitisv it-ntotleling gnc- now ttttclt-twzty. 204 ,faq- tn Ft ,et Top Row: Richard Ellis, Jon Geerlings, Dennis Anderson, Larry Tinberg, Charles Walther, David Meinert, Alvin Voellcner, Peter VanDyck, Guy Williams, William Essex, Michael Dykstra, Dennis Carroll, Noel Workman, Michael Myers, Lawrence Keim, Larry Barton, David McFadyen Third Row: Karl Keller, John Werner, Robert Leslie, Denton Karle, Jeffrey Butler, JeFtrey Roski, Thomas Dolan, Richard Stafford, James LaVelle, James Clark, John Richardson, Daniel Vittum, Dean Langford, Donald Sommerville, Charles Heath, Thomas Polston, Ronald Kuykendall, Delwin Coufal, Alfred Pinger Second Row: Paul Gaecke, George McKinney, Terry Geiling, Urban Weidner, Paul Bowman, Mrs. Barnhill, James Huck, Bruce Johnson, Ronald Lisick, John Bledsoe, James Norton Bottom Row: Gordon Titus, Darrough Diamond, Tom Wiltrakis, Frederick Harris, Douglas White, David Schaeffer, James Nowlan, Nicholas Chipain, Gary Meyer, John Jacoby Noi in panel: Paul Golazewski, Robert Lenz, Patrick Murphy, Frederic Collins, Jerry Curless, Gary Brown, Robert Mors, Robert Snow, David Jahn, Ronald Woods nat Ye Indeed, igma Nu Uss Sand en Dining Room Fleer-H X, i lt's always great to have one of the alums back. Paul Bowman, president - - that is lor their Beztehcombefs Bull! ,,, Almost twenty-Eve tons ol sand were L put on the dining room floor to give at H y L AVVA bench ellect. Another Sigma Nu dance M 'dvi is the zmnuztl TfVhite Rose Formal, in Q, which :ill the lellows' dates move into jf 4 the house: ztpproprizrtely, this dance is i ,W ig 1' ff termed :rn "overnight"! Oh yes, the guys I move out, incidentlyl The entire Sigma Nu pledge class in jail? Yes, this did hzippen-luckily. the fellows were on the right side ol the bars! This event took place lust year. as the pledge clztss literally drenched the Cliztnipziign City .lztil by ivusliing the cells :md walls there. ZO5 NVQ' ltgntt- lrcvn tultl iliiit thc Sigma: l'hi r llvltqt lttrust' trrniiiins thc git-attest unn- glttllltdllllwll ol 'itlofileymii'scllct's" on J 5, tguiitlmsfatittl this unity well hc, tuiistalciv ing the lhgit thc ntcn :nc :ill Cn- . , . . . , . ginccis! lo prow that this isnt :ill iusl tlicuty, thc int-n ligne wurlwcl athout the lmiisc, tluing things like putting in tt-ilings, litnclstztping. lixing the TV, hnilcling at ltfrnsc stereo, working on plninliing-gttul oven inciting the clrivc' wine mei llll'L'L' It-ct - tlnilc at cltnrel lCx'ci'ytliing is not along the tlo-it-your se-ll line, limu-x'ci'. The pinning sltowers lllL'X'll1llJlt' linen into sltmve-its lint every- one in tht' liutiscl Ronald Johnson, president A friendly greeting can make the visit pleasant. l 1 vel' , ember of igma Phi Delta Are "Do-It-Your eller " 'sift Q ts tlsazlilgirgitfiizeoff. I Top Row: Robert Hermann, James Bruen, Earl Severson, Clark Bright, Theodore Johnson Fifth Row: Thomas Screen, Allan Barger, Richard Bolton, Philip Nelson, Bradley Horton Fourth Row: Robert Ingram, Ernest Karras, Morris Gross, Keith Kidevvell, Louis Bergandi Third Row: David Prescott, Phillip Monzo, Eugene Parry, William Hanko, Albert Ashurst Second Row: James Spachman, David Hartnett, Ronald Johnson, Terrill Hicks, Robert Beals, M. S. Helm, advisor Bottom Row: Duane Mealev, Alan Cash, Rav Heunemeier, Leonard Prescott, William Roose, Glen Zumvvalt i it l i if ' lf'- if n. ,s va- 206 1 . u A jrwjaf',i'r5r,g,g:i,,,-fr.-',1w,I put, ' -- i l l lid' llllairlv 'x J' Q 5 I I v 1 H ' .1"': . 'I v VY, - i JIi,ttt,r",.3'llllla' ' ' - , ,,',.,A.f4, 5 ,. , . . Nagy:-"',. gf--' ,.. fin , Hts" .fx 9916, ri,i,5 Q ' ' u Q ' , I H ,if all A" I X K JJ i ss... -. a. it ay i viii . , il, X'ullrsix'.ig5i'ii llii- plvilgt--, ilu ifli-il In lvl vii . ' rut g,, V . f ,H,jfl.,-.f llltlll' in-ulilv lciirnx' ul luis im-.tits til tmtin NY' lt N ,, llilb' til ll lnnllmll ggiiiiiy .tml Ilivii ilinxi- ll ltlltls :mil liiilli gis lliitiisgiiirls nl sim lilllllh Slll'1Illll'1l ln. liwllgirtwl 'limi Illfbllllllly icgislc-it-tl liis mi :iii ilvlll llizil lic liziil iiiiiillr-il." l'iYl'liy Sig lip liuusv is iiianilwml ln its ical ilnni :intl Ilia- lic-:nl :ilinw il. ,Ks ilu' liousc pin is lIl'llll sliziln-tl, Sig lip suplmils Ilia- lltlllil luntl, :is wvll :is tliivi- sunimci' rzniips Int tliililiirn. lt often isn't quite as easy as it might appear! Donald McSorley. president igma Phi Ep ilon Finds ovel W of Ad erti ing Crime if Top Row: Thomas Carr, William Nelson, Keith Thompson, David DyroH, William Schweizer, Duncan Cooper, Russell Koss, Edward O'Bradovich, Edward Jenkins, Gerald Zimmerman, Donald Cobb, Richard Helgren, Terry Klaus, Paul Georgopulos, LeRoy Kraus Third Row: John Diserio, John Weinman, Dennis Denny, Kenneth Luke, David Selders, Gerald Vermeulen, Joseph Rutgens, Milan O'Bradovich, David Lunch, Douglas Tonkinson, William Brown, Truman Hix, Bruce Martin Second Row: George Thomas, Lawrence Showley, Robert Troutt, Mac Churchill, Norman Krause, Donald McSorley, Arthur Aldridge, John Ohslund, Eugene Racek, Harry Hartel, Kenneth Larson Bottom Row: Robert Cosme, Kenneth Donofrio, Donald Bowden, Jack Stout, Roger Bierman, Lawrence Mosner, Jacob Rechsteiner, James Heisler, Seaborn Smith, Virgil Kuehling Not in panel: John Call, Harris Vayo, Wilfred Robinson, Thomas Knox, James Heil, Glen Cartwright, Jerome Blankenship, William Erickson, Edward Dellin, Michael Rosenow 207 ,. ,, r E 'iv .wM.aa..s.a..a...,, U ,I lm ,fm -, . , ' we' " ' , Top Row: Larry Chapman, Mark Glidden, Stephen Allabaugh, Rudolf Dorner, Julian Burn, Bruce Johnson, Alan Davidson, Robert Craig, Edward Berchert, Robert Srodon, William Clinch, Keith Sorensen, John Caravello Fourth Row: Leon Bennett, James Walker, Andrew Cox, James Kaminski, David O'Meara, Michael De' Stefano, Barney Upton, James Colwell, William Norsworthy, Henry Amann, Edd Ghent, Carl Lambert Third Row: Dennis Klay, Reaugh Eaton, Walter Hopkins, Paul Player, Richard Regentz, Kent Marthaler, Paul Paben, Robert Will, Brian Carey Second Row- Kenneth Grohar, James Jackson, Arnold Allen, Timothy Startup, Paul Jette, Harry Dixon, Max Schmidt, Gary Lovested, Jan Berezniak, John Albright, James McDowell Bottom Row: Charles Janssen, Gary Burton, Wayne Schuetzner, Claude Cox, Gerald Schultz, James Heise, Stephen Nelson Not in panel: George Utz, Anthony Parrilli, Joseph Krakoski, Ernest Kumerovv, John Lannon, William Spaulding 9 if-W5 en ol igma Pi "Go ative" and Back Again-and Quick! 'at lqqlt Richard Regentz, president Looking very official, the Sig Pi's open bidding. llncler ai huge czniopy extending lrom i the Signigi Pi portli there was it beauti- l l lul Hziwziiizin setting including such rarities flu Illinoisj :is iniportecl willow trees, urtliicls, gi pond with gnltlhsh, and at waiterlzill three stories high! Soon to appear nn the stene were the lellows in Berniutlzi short-like tuxeclos ztntl with flutes clressetl equzilly cooly. Now, this nigiy suuntl hne :incl picttiresque, but this lizippeiiecl to ouur on ll night when winter nizitle it lzist return to cziiupusl All present soon inovecl into the house to tltince on the living room lluor :incl zitlinire the tlecoraitions lroin steamed up living rmmin windows. 208 as f'5 fn Top Row: Jerry Brinkerhofl, Donald DeChris1opher, Leonard Czarnecki, Thomas Walters, David Lange, Elclred Olsen Third Row: Milton Nevrenchan, Anthony Guepin, David Berman, Kenneth Stimeling, Robert Schroeder, Julius Zschau, Eugene Capes Second Row: Alan Grubman, George Roman, Roger Banning, Albert Kleist, Joseph Kral, Harold Kincaid Bohom Row: Robert Pokorny, Theodore Thomas, Raymond Galka, Dale Dornblaser, Darrell Nelson, Tommy Brinlcerhofzf Not in panel: Larry Lusz, James Thomas, Lawrence Hengehold igma Tau Gamma amber Find Everything Againt The Tommy Brinkerhoff, president Not that this picture is very posed. No, not much! XfVhen at lellow is in at hurry. whzit wi 'T N T ' , does he want the least? High on his gen 'Q K ol T list is probably 21 teinperzunentznl shower X ' that changes lrom hot to coli! with i fickle ztbztnclon. But Sigma Tatu Gzunmzt has such zt shower! Luckily, their house is completely and sounilly wired lor electric blzmlaets, so those exlrzt coli! showers aren't too horrible! An annual event ol the house is the Toilet Bowl gzune between ziluinnzie ztnil active members. The sport. which is staged during Homecoming weelaenil, must involve some sort ol "puyol11"-it seems 21s though the ztlums invztrigibly win the event! But the ztctives keep trying. 737775 'YY ' X . 'l It 5. fl t 1 in 'i O' 1 il. l :Vx Top Row: Alan Kessie, Mitchell Krieger, Melvin Hecktman, Kenneth Schaner, Stuart Dinken, Richard Stucker, Arthur Rissman, Robert Fuerstein, Keith Solit, Allen Alderman, Martin Ftschlaein, Howard Schachter, George Goldberg Fourth Row: Herbert Dacks, Barry Semer, Michael Stein, Hillard Garlovsky, Avrum Krause, Paul Asiwlenaz, Benard Cherry, Robert Stern, Gerald Symon, Sidney Margolis, Charles Shallat, Richard Nelson, Robert Scadron, Gary Morgan Third Row: Bruce Schultz, Ronald Vlfinchc-ll, Fred Dularowsky, Michael Weininger, Leon Reivitz, Jerome Heller, Dennis Rosen, Howard Bluestone, Leslie Bell, Jerome Brodlie, Edward Stone, David lflayner Second Row: Gerald Berke, Lee Feldman, Barry Davis, Allen Schwartz, Michael Goldstein, Richard Baum, Robert Krockey, Norman Light, Jeffrey Sherman Bottom Row: Ronald Shallat, Martin Nathan, Allan Resser, Charles Laff, Gerald Chiss, Joel Greenblatt, Arnold Sutker, Owen Deutsch, Myron Silver Not in panel: Leslie Appel, Raymond Moldovv, Stuart Brand ,L , J , o 9 ll The Tau Delta Phi Know What to Do lor Cold S ower Jerome Heller, president Just a bunch of good guys, that's what they are. Um' L'Yl'lllllg, tht- Tatu Dt-lt's SllllllClllh R H in .awlff ' wt-rc lgttctl with :tn um-xpcttt-tl lmmlmlcinz A X ' J l tht-ii hot wtttt-i lit-tttc-1 hzttl just larokc-n W tltiwlt, ltllllllg llttf ljttys ltr lxtlic' llttlt' '.,' ' G7 t slttm't'l's1tl tht- lttttt-tnity next tlnnr. Both li 1 linttstts hgttl thvii' spring ltnrmxtls that night, whith only gttltlctl to thc quita' nlnititis iiitniiwttit-lttc' tn atlll XX'h4tt "littlt- things" mztlat- thc Tatu llclt lttittst' tltllcivitt linnm :ill otltclsf lm: tint' thing. thc mc-1t1lJt-ts will swcztr tht-it Xx'ztlL'l cooler hats tht' tnltlt-sl Xx'.tlt't tm tgttiiptts. NIUIVLWJYCI, they ltitw tt sixty-liw ytnti' nltl IJttl'lL'l' who lmsscsst-s hut tint' tnnth, tts wcll :ts at tlchnilcly gtsttitnitlittg lritiglil Top Row: Lee Goldstein, Ronald Sandler, Sheldon Lazar, David Herbst, Alvin Goldberg, Marc Passman, Ronald Rashkow, Edward Victor, Kenneth Deutsch, David Sidell, Michael Levinson, Mitchell Klein, Keith Wallach, Stuart Shapiro, Robert Malkin, Larry Glick, James Schwartz Third Row: Stephen Margolin, Leon Cooke, Michael Price, Arthur Berman, Howard Rothberg, Eugene Sagerman, Donald Waldman, CliFlord Janoft, LeRoy Fine, Jerrold Aronson, Lawrence Wolt, Richard Rosenberg, Richard Altschul, Sheldon Shapiro, Jack Drexler, Edward Shulman Second Row: Bernard Petchenik, Joel Fischer, Myron Warshauer, Roger Mandel, Ray- mond Levine, Joel Slutzky, Jay Chapman, Alan Sandler, Aaron Levine, Michael Schwartz Bottom Row: Peter Levy, Barry Weinstein, Monte Strusiner, Edward Golden' berg, Barry Friedman, Shelby Kanarish, Michael Masser, Steven Sandler, Barry Karlov, Ronald Stone, Arnold Feinberg Not in panel: Michael Kien, Eugene Brodslfy, Samuel DeNosaquo, Ronald Emmerman, Joseph Levine, Harvey Cole, Gene Slutkin, Eugene Bernstein, Laurence Pearson . . l' " -And the Flood Came, Thank to the Tau Ep tlon Phi' 5 lt takes six big men to hold down one little dog! Raymond Levin, president 'Iihe time: Mzty ul ltl5!l, gi ittutnetttutis ll tlziy in Ll nt l ltistury. .Xt that time. L the Al'llltll'yl llrmt' wats ttttnecl into little more than at mutt pit. lt seems tts il the TlCI"s haul hogistecl thztt they were going tn bring At latke tu Clltattnpqtigtif- :tml they clicl. Their elzihwtztte Slteeriuntt lmoth, whirh incltuletl :tn Qtttugtl wgttet booth :incl its neigltlmts with wgitet. letters ol apology to :ill grnttlis with l Q? ne 1-ff ff' tlering what the 'liIiP's will fintl to gtzite its with this yeast! Zll l1tll,beg:tn to leztla, soon siitirttttttlittg the , However, the 'Ii1CP's titzingtgerl lu iight l :ill wrongs by sending nicely wrmletl l -ztrhy lmoths. Now the tztmpits is won- The poor Teke's. Somehow, situated where they are, they can't help but end up in the middle ol every water and snowball light that rocks campus. Ol' course, the Teke's themselves have nothing to do with starting the events. lt's understandalile that a complete remodeling ol the hrst floor ol' the house is being planned lor the summer. It seems that, during the annual Teke Cafe Carnation Rouge formal, the inside of the house is made to look like a garden -complete with llowing stream and waterfall. However, other decorations, such as a colorlul canopy, have not deteriorated the house as much! P -rv dr!! lways Smack Dah in the Middle l Tau Kappa Ep ilon Top Row Robert Brunsman Walter Crowley John Eaton Tom Watson Rodney Snerman Phillip Siegert, Gary Danna, Stephen Born, Knoefel Jones, John Wander, Robert Luerrlng Frederick Heasley James Farley .lay Day Robert Johansen Third Row Dale Dufour Albert Mulberry, Frederick Gustafson, Allen Schmidt, William Howarth Jim Roberts David Middlemas Bruce Bunkenburg John Wicks William Wagner Lowell Schmidt Clif? Higerson, George Brown, Phil Dechow, William lce, Wayne Keller Second Row Dean Scheafler Charles Boos Wtlllam Lewis Dick Keough Louis Landt Robert Ashbrook, Gordon Malstrom, Larry Rostetter, Vern Alt- meyer Bottom Row James Ague David Niemann James Llessmann David Norberg John Ruble .lay VanSlce, Bruce Miller, Denny Bettisworth, Simon Sfanfleld, Paul Boldy Larry Elston Not in panel Russel Putmam William Guetchovv Larry Shrader Joseph Watson Charles Stayart, William Eick, Frederick Phillis, Walter Justice, YS Slllllf liciiiiziiil, is :ilmiil llii' inns I lan' hail lil-lm' im min ms si ili -i lt' "mp ' I 1 it 1 R ,nd Mlflmilll t1llltliillllL'S haicl licltri' lm-l1.iii' I-'ji liill' nlclcail il the wcll Liiiiwn ming is iimiiiiizilcill 'l'helzi Clhi is trying lo lcccli up with CLIIIIIDUS lrziclilioiiellicy liaiw lust two ll'CCS lroni thc llulcli lilin ilisvgisc. In imlcl' not to lmcunm' uiiiiplclc uinlinin- islS. liowcvc1'. they hiilil sonic tilclly unique L'VClllS-ll "Cin to Hull" llqimc. lm' CX1lllllJlC. But they still hang on lu some trzulition in that they claim lu have illililil6ll Mollicrs Dany Nfilcc-lac-iiil :it the University ol Illinois. Sri who says imlivicluzils unit he uniloriiiisls? Jerry Langkammerer, president lt's the Great Old Man himself with the Theta Chi 0X Proves Sell Popular Both at Theta Chi and on ampu' Top Row: Clyde Benford, Bruce Milligan, Gerald Swanson, James O'Brien, William Stephenson, James Cocagne, Frank Koster, Richard Stack, Donald Fritz, Richard Haines, Donald Hartter Third Row: Robert Hancock, Robert Latko, Gayland Scott, George Antonelli, William Brown, Gary Cooper, Robert Mayor, Edwin Gay- lord, Richard Willy, Robert Tewes, John Limber, Ronald Viemont, Charles Swanson, Philip Kellogg, Paul lngerson, George Stoutin, Harry Doyle, Niclf Landt Second Row: Larry Snyder, Jerry Latta, William Dooley, Dave Anderson, Jay Lytle, John Moss, Donald Whitsitt, Jerry Langkammerer, Bill Blake, George Smith, George Van Wagner, Ron Pearce Bottom Row: Richard Allers, Howard Williamson, David Winter, Michael Henry, Robert Thomas, Peter Songnefest, Jerry Beaboot, Robert Jacobsen, Albert Krusemark, Norman Stoehr, Jerry Blair, William Haggerty, Albert Taylor 213 .E Wlu-ii lhv pool, Rnl1v1'1 lfmsl. tin zilum 1 nl 'llllL'lll lltllll llhi, visilctl lhcil' lm- It-iiiily linusc this yL'Lll', lic was given ll tniiiplclc tom ol the huiltlingg quilt- . aiplnitilfiaizilcly, this tour mtulc thc lihrailty nl thc lmust' tht' larsl stop. liul lllCl'L' tht- glcgll mtm tziusul lhc 'lllu-tai Dolls not gi lilllr- L'llllDlIl'l'llSSIllL'lll when they c aislxt-tl him lu zilimgtztpll at umpy ol mic' it ul his lmrilcs. lluwcvct, il scuius lhail Ihr-x' Lllllllil llzippcn to llaivc ll copy in 1 their lllJl'All'y7X-Vllill ii limo to lmcl that null Q'l'lit'5'w simc 0l'llL'l'L'Kl ll rupyj ll thc illlltltt Dells lrmlc lirul. its In'nlJ4ilJly ln-raitlsc nl thc cxlrc-illcly luucl , r , vxlmusl lam lnuml in lhn-ii 4lrn'initn1'y. , John Schelkopf, president "Keep informed" seems to be the Theta Delt motto P' r 4 F 'W ,tim Theta Delta Chi Llbrar Found Lacking at a Crucial Time Top Row: Terry Tvaroh, Glenn Baird, Charles Peterson, Henry Crone, Donald Gronloerg, Paul Tyner, Floyd Dollerhide, James Smith, William Andrews, Garrett Winter, Jackson Read, Keith Larson, Neil Wylie, Robert Boscher Third Row: Stanley Karamanol, William Downey, Donald Newcomb, .lames Prell, Robert Reese, Leonard Kemp, Stephen Bergman, Thomas Janiec, Jerry Reusch, John Cairns, William Hodgson, Ronald Love, David Atwood, Michael Livingston, Robert Burokas Second Row: James Blakely, Kendall Fugate, Thomas Roley, John Schelkopf, Jon French, John Randolph, Richard White Bottom Row: James Jerz, Wendell Miller, James Malek, George Kreici, Clinton Phillips, James Arcus, Gordon Thorson, Charles Marsh, Achilles Filios :V ? all HQ S4 '39 214 These fellows keep the phone company in business! i Ronald Biick, president lltrll in lliv llltiiitis Slttitifg lX.llf'l llr'sllX.ll. Nutt' txt' lsllllld xxltwiti iw' tv l1tIlt.iitl lint lltllrltlj' its g t itil ill fruit IVIISIHIIS, ltltl is lllls it strut, l.:1sl stating, tltt' lttiiisi- sititiwli-'l iii tllllrtuvlllg it glut! rltznl, srlifrlnslti illts r llclpul, tiizixlrvr llii- rligiltlii was .ilsft si-u' units, gn Ngilitmgil liitlilix' lm Ilii- Extra: their xi Reveal the 0riginator tt writer Ftghii Scharff, Edward Weis, Richard Eddy, lrvin Schafer, Charles Sommer, Robert Milton Otto, Nils Fagerman, Glenn Malmquist, Ronald Biick, George Daughters, Wilfred Cadwell, Edward Lyons, James Heiligenstein, William Payne, William Downer, Todd Parkhurst Bottom Row: Michael Giancarlo, Todd Puller, Ronald Hays, Fred Moyer, Ramon Pellegrini, Joseph Klieber . , , , ,, ss, ,Wi ,,. ,, .L Q.,-,.-...-.,.,.f , . ,,. . ,,,, .,,,.,,.,s.7,,7.Z.,,...Z7...2T?:..g..To....T..i.77,,,W s..,,...:7.,.o.,-..W , f f f To 1' fn -, , fur t , an-sy-f vamlf, K' X Q A as ,, R, x lf: J - R T 35 f ' 1 A Top Row: John Held, Paul Fagerman, Richard Kresse, .lohn Ramey, Robert Fahey, William Purdy, James Tough, Rogert Serson, Robert Jugenheimer, James Thomas Smith, Orville Krumdick, Jan Gray, Richard Kammann, Charles Akers, Roy Buckner, Thomas Colman, William Simmons, Edward Rezelr Fourth Row: Sapp, Richard Sanders, Bertil Larsson, William Fischer, David Wilson, David Johnson, Donald Sittnick, David McDowell, Beniamin Franklin, Arthur Fitzgerald, Radtke, Bruce Kelley Third Row: Robert Czaglmowski, John Hoinaclfi, Richard Ollila, Richard Tate, Carl Baumann, Louis Spizzirri, Robert Brand, Ronald Harris Second Row: Mahoney, Henry Isaacson, Ronald Sawyer, Leonard Litvan, James Simpson, Jerome Shevlin, John Murphy, Robert Park, Donald Zix, William Holmes Not in panel: George ,4 ,, '1 h R ay 1 'Lf -Q 1 Knapp, Nlerle Robert l '24-vw .. , , 7 wfgwwfw-w'w'wvffwffffwff-A-r--rdwe rx f f 70 f ,W M lr L " ff f 7 ,HJ R v..- -. -.,,u.....4,.,.4..,..N.,...sac..i..- .,...-,... ...J 2l5 Top Row: Warren Broll, Kenneth Lindgren, Charles Mistretta, Michael Pisterzi, Robert Geiser, Thomas Wendt, William Kotrba, Bob Hartleroad Third Row: John Unison, Richard Class, Darrell Giese-king, Stephen Colburn, John Ames, Carl Gruber, Donald Schlueter Second Row: Donald Benson, Seymour Van Deursen, Bruce Anderson, Herbert Riedemann, Robert Anderson, Walter Okon, William Schaulin, Bottom Row: Richard Stone, Richard Ehrman, Dale Fencken, James Stewart, Stanley Danek, Abdul Talukdor , ,,,. Q1 vu.. o 0 0 0 ref The Golden I ltdel Rule Direct the Live el Triangle Men 1, 11 Bruce Anderson, president The question is-is he really playing or isn't he? lest wc lotgctesttttlyitig is still :tn inttcgztl lxttl ol tnllegc lilcf tltnuglt well nltctt like tn lutget il. il' only our lnnls wntiltl let my is :tn ztxinttl ptxtttitecl by the ittctttlmcts ol 'litiatnglc ltzttc-t'itity. lalcrc, tts at spokcstttztn states, "the thing tltztt tltzttxtctctifcs this gtntip lrom ntltet' lixttcrttgil vmti ns is tltztt Jctltgt as we sttttlx 5 1 ltgittlct' tltxtit thc 1lX'Cl'll"6 vtuti J. lJCl'llllSC' t in wc attc gtll aspiring cttgittt'ct's." It must 'l'ltct't-lnt'c, it is pretty czisy to stty tlittt tltt- slitle ttilc must lac 'I'riztttgle's swtttlmnl. just tts it is ol cvvtey Cl1QglllCCl. t-xt-tynitc kttuws tltztt the slide tttlc is :tn citgittccts gtitl in tttaniy ptulmlcittsl 216 tl i i i l 1 l W---v--a-.-..V . . -W x Top Row: Ralph Mandell, Laurence Novick, Hebert Abelson, Gerald Pines, Myron Sidon, Robert Pass, Stanley Rosenthal, Stuart Cohn, Allen Sigolofl, Norman Kelin, Steve Wales, Don Sirnborg, Barry Weiss, Henry Klausman, Harry Stern, Ronald Pass, Howard Portugais, Andrew Shanfield Fourth Row: Theodore Friedman, Joel Schwartz, Arthur Glassman, Alan Jaffe, Paul Lederer, Michael Bloch, George Gruner, Marvin Lipofslay, Sandford Jaffe, David Sherman, Harry Mathews, John Metz, Richard Lazar, Stephen Lang Third Row: Jerome Davis, Ronald Fellheimer, Stuart Goodman, Paul Hofman, Paul Kuplerberg, Larry Leiken, Donald Bernstein, Mrs. Epstein, David Baum, Jay Gellerman, Paul Shapiro, Michael Goldman, Dennis Zeitlin Second Row: Richard Durra, Michael Neff, Michael Ratner, Saul Foos, Bruce Singman, Robert Mayer, Larry Schramm, Steven Wollack, Richard Leiken, David Traub Bottom Row: Daniel DeMarco, Howard Blackstone, Richard Abrams, Kenneth Rawson, Paul Lieberman, Alan Fox, Richard Jacob, Ted Bristol, Michael Leroy, Kenneth Schwartz, Sanford Mintz The Men ith the mbrella Are Zeta Beta Tails, Natch! maxi ? All that glitters isn't goldebut it's irnpressivel Donald Bernstein, president ll llicrc is gi liuiisi- on ciinilzus lligit cm lx lip il is lu l,c'it'iu- lliiil wuulil pmlmilmlv lx' Zclzi lic-lzi 'l'1iii. ,Xl lH'L'SL'lIl. llu' lailcsl ZIST kick is pipe sniiilxiiigee wliicli ailwziys iliml li-ml ii lllNIlIlglllsllL'Ll 5 gin' to gi mgin. Blzulg iiiiliicllgis lllik' :ilw very muili in virgin' xiioiinil llic Zlll i liuiisi-eliaill ul the im-iiilavis ligiw Ilia-itil i Ilic Llll s lixiil siiiiiclliiiig wit un- J usual lizippuii to tliciii mir' vxmiiiiig XX'llt'll I they gill Wvlll to pic lx up llip-ii ilgilcs, iinlx Y. -V mr. 'Ib linil c,ft' D the girls, thc lc-llinix ligiil In liillim' gi 'I In lllc llllluimil lxiillcl lxlltlx Lillnl lim, A i . .1 lc' s Y , X K if 952, ' WW? 3,-K Q' f, sz If , .fn ,fm ,nq2,,, on-,z - ' -Fk3Si?'vaf11cAa,ix s f mf EM -f ' t f 21 7 J.. !Z"'- .,'v4'9 , -'fit 1 f ', f'.zt " 3 V V fm:jIr':.rvg Q' , . ' '77 if f- , ,, ' ' I t - t 4 ' if Lin Top Row: David Drolet, Stephen Leong, Allen Larson, Michael Coleman, Ronald Linden, Harry Rentnters, David Storer, Larry Kroff Third Row: Ronald Mizer, Gorden Rosenberger, John Murray, Robert Druktanis, Earl Rettig, Thomas Holntes, David Voelpel, Richard Dandurand, Karl Weinner Second Row: Paul Bennett, Norman Lawrence, John Lane, Neal Bridgewater, Edward Franklin, Kenneth Lussenhop, Kent Rothrock, Victor Lukas Bottom Row: Wayne Machnilc, John Kiellstrom, Joseph Coddington, Earl Schneider, Joseph Cannon, William Baldwin, William Hollis Not in panel: Raymond Pitton L H st I th it ti M t t P ' P t A orse ea e at lan oml at e at 1 ar xicu ilsfif Edwin Franklin, president "Dear Mom: l'm really studying hard this year. . . Now, it tttqty st-cnt strange to see at ltfttsc on qlttltll Sttcctflatttt even sttztttget VVZV 5 'r's ,ii. L 'X 4 is it to st-Q gt "Zc'tc Hunt" ticlittg on tltc , lt scents .ts tl tttcluclctl on tltc fy, , as Lctgt Psi smtztl utlc-tttlittt is gttt event Q, tcttttctl at Kctttinkv Dt-tlty Patttv, utttt- Itlcti' tvitlt at putt-ttttttttgtl tvittclow, tn ittleps atttcl ztutltctttic aletlty Itmgtaztttts. NIut'cm'crt', the activity takes plant' tlutittg Mutltcts Dzty Wleekt-tttl. This ycut, one ul tltc tttotltets 'ilftst ltet' sltitt gmt tltc tztcc-" gttttl wits oltligctl tol'icl61l tltrttwtttglt- lttecl ltittse dotvtt the cetttct ol Ioltn Situ-teen sight itttlcccl! .Xttfttltet ntrttc lztntiliztt sigltt ott tztnt- tnts is liitk, tltc feta 'l'GIFittg Gtcait Dztnc. v Top Row: David Mulvain, Paul Piovesan, Richard Martino, John Riley, John Modica, John Roberts, Evar Miller, Robert Switzer, Dan Scharlach, Daniel Wickiser, Raymond Walters, John Corsten, Edmund Kilga, Robert Haskins, Castro Duran, Michael Kamen, Lenard Geraci, Bruce Miller, Norman Dean, Harold Dvorin, Paul Appen- brink, Roger Loudon, Roger Mclntire, Rodger Bennett Third Row: Daniel Clay, Stephen Ranes, David Crone, Michael Lapin, David Dubbink, Theodore Feineis, Gary Meyer, Robert Scharlach, Gary Drenk, Norman Birndorf, Daniel Oherle, Peter Swanson, Stephen Heller, Larry Neemann, Robert Awe, David Grieve, Louis Woznialf, Steven Dilts, Richard Carr, Jerome Skuba, Burdette Boers, Ernest Uebler Second Row: Stuart Cohen, Arnold Hirsch, James Doyle, Gus Mthalopulos, James Hrouda, Richard Horwitz, Sheldon Becker, Seymour Gutzait, Bruce Phillips, Herman Neuberger, Robert Somers, Paul Steward, Thomas Hornsby, Joseph Karr, Terrence Holton, John Rozinsky, William Carr, Irwin Javinsky, Irvine Thom Bottom Row: David Hastings, Robert Shewmaker, Richard Stamm, Paul Harms, Darold Shirwo, Gerald Clein, Melvin Greenspon, Bruce Brammer, John Croll, Roger Karsk, William Stark, Duane GriFFis, Douglas Schwantes, William Fuqate, Lee Bobert, William Watrous Not in panel: Louis Bahor, James Colleen, Gerald Epstein, Ronald Garavalia, Charles Goldstein, Wayne Gorski, Leonard Hilary, Kenneth Jesiolowski, Thomas Merchant, Donald Morris, Daryl Morse, John Muncy, Ronald Peterson, William Pokorny, Donald Ryan, Warren Utsinger. uoooss Follow Luck and Hard Work at rmory Houo When the men say they mean business-they dol Evar Miller, president .Xltliuiivlt .fXin1m'x' llntisc is i'clzitix'clx' tffgiofgr xffk -tgqetey, V- gmgm it D 1 1 .,,, " gt zf g f' Q: gm, Q- ., "FKQ'20,F2 , V , , , , , -, new to nut uiiiipiisetlttcc to-.ns is the ilkiif T M tfigae his - A - L T lllc spun nl lltc l'L'SlCll'IlQL'fllll soils nl ' f: '5?,g - . . - nice things liztw luippcitecl. Prizes welt' , J lzikcn in ntginy Itllsl t'vt-nts, ntnsl nl . 1 which wctt-, iiiiiit-iix't'i', lingo- sczilt- unn- f r'ort mi,ifff si ft . . of 'wf J' 'F ef' ft. : ' - ' - ' ' l ' ' , - - -. Ml pus utnts, sui.i .is Slitttitinii, Hltlllt winning, ztnil sn lnitlt. Ol iiiiitsc, tltc Hne results lizivcnt lwcn iitciclx' luck 351' xf l - - - 1 1 lmul llllllilllt' lawn living T ' V' A 25223 1 ' ' . ' H . K , thc saying lliztt gill good things unnc ' ,, f -- - - so to hu whit, wliiclt ls whirl .Xl'llltlI'X' has of iff - ' ffqfi o been mining tltcst- lhtsl tlncc yt-Litas! .ng - . . . . . i g - -anxx .X inure tzingilmlt- aicqiiisitinn is zi new ' L, j TT , . L . f f . 4 . 1, . . ' S V lmnso tltsl. l lu lixt lat llllft iluign if 'fgqfe rfb, , . . . Y in t-itlivcmwl lit at sliivlzl nl pt-inls. i . , 2 S ,,,W,i,,, 3 yr I 4 A S L Jw? ,, . 5. 'Q 1,1 ,tux A 1 N9 , ii i? A lliel um N.lX XHII llQlkl llle' lrluw? lliix ix nnlliing llIllINll.ll il ll l1.1I1l11-11x tl1.1l Hill .llL' .1 ll'Nl4ll'lll nl ll.lllllHllIl filllll. I1 Nk'L'lIIN lll.ll llll' i1ili.1l1il.111l5 ll.lXl' QI I1.11l1lin1111Ig1x1i1g.1xx'111I1-1 I111111.1l 1'x'1'1x wgii. Nln11w1x1'l. .1 lllllllgk' in lllt' lllL'llll' ix i11 1111l1-1 I111111 x1-.11 111x1-.11. Now, lliix i11 ilwll ix Illll 1wi11'1i.1llx llllllNll.ll. lm lll.llIX Hlllk'I l.lllll3llN 11-Ni1l1-1115 llQlXk' mimi' l.ll 11.11li1i1111x. l'l11- 1liIl1-11'1111- lim in llll' lll1'llIl' itwllf lh1- lll5l 1lQ11111'. K'lllllli"l llllll' l'i.IIll.lNN. lk'lllk'lk'll illllllllll lxluixll 1l1-1111.1li1111x l1l111'ligl11i11gi11 lv.11li111lg11. XX'l1il1' thc 1l.lIlM' Mllllltlx Inu-lx. xlill il lllllNl ll.lXl' In-1111 .1 xlimlx lu llLlXk' ll lllllk' 1l.ll1'l 'nge' Xi-,,-A,M en of Balmoral lub elebrete 0 ll Serenade in Blue Top Row: Clyde' Sclwminle, De-mini Bovle, Daniel L1-vmc, Paul Gatons, Robert Jossinli Dmwll, Climlvs L1-onard, Rtclmrd Ke-wley, Donald Finlayson, Edward Maloclxi, Stvplioiw Schvclx, Michael lehlwerf, James l"lL'lllHCIGf, Edward Spezlo, John Chnnelina Poli, James Tlminah, Ronald Cnslcton, David Gmane, Donald liigoning, Allan Gorgal ilg it if T1 i 'I , ,co 'ITG ww J 'se' Cox, Robert Be-dal, John Touhey, Stephen Burdette, Bruce Alverson Second Row: Ronald Pineda, John Dystrup Bottom Row: Robert Fitch, Gerald Goyeneche, Not in panel: Theodore James, Dominic DiOrio, Arthur Carlson, Roy Smith, John R- N... 220 K -h 'Tx so A Num we I x X W It fa A J 1 il ill . 1 i IQ, lis.i IIHIl1HrXX1'llloIl4rtx'Il l.iiI lli,il llii " 1, . 4 tX'HllllN lN'Nl llll'lS .ll4' IlIl'll ill llllllltl , lIltil4illliIi'illX' livgiiii ln. .i iii.iii,, l'iiili gllilx lllSltll4'll lax Ill.lI sl.ili'iii4'liI hilt i f i lr' 1 i ' tlii' :iii-ii iil liiillvgi- ll.ill wliii ilr-iiiliwl iii Ili' Nftlllflllllll' I llllli' fill! ul lliit iiiill J ,' hi' i . , Q iigiay mi Nlrillii-i s It.iy NNN-ll.:-iiil. lliii l'llli'lIJllSllIl,1' htlllllg lllf'll, ll Ni't'llIS, llltl i iiiily gzivv si iliiiiii-i iii liriiiiii iil llivii in-el iiiullivis gil Iligil limo, lflll iwoii iimkrwl must liziu- lll'l'Il tlllllt' :i slifiik Iii Nluiii. lligiiiks tri long limits iil song 'nan llll' llic liiviillic-is iil fiiillc-gi' llzill we-iv zililn' Iii sL'lL'llJlill' llii- swaw-llivziil ril si iiiciiilwi' Ima llii' vc-rx' liisl limi-l That's a powerful team-six fellows on one side! Loren Strohman, president en of College Hall Prove Their Worth to Their Mom Top Row: Richard Klingbiel, Everett Smith, Raymond Eden, Kay Johnson, John Doria, Richard Ambrose, Warren Suzuki, Richard Alexis, Glen Hudrlik, James Rosen, Tin Aye, Frank Keough, Ronald Alexis, Harold Schmidt, David Shinsato, William Mossner, George Maniatis Fourth Row: Larry Clark, William Dunwoody, Charles Miller, Ralph Dillen, Alan Kluender, John Flynn, Glenn Speigel, Jerry Kapp, James Lester, Ted Strawzek, Sherwood Anderson, Dale Miller, Thomas Shepperd, Paul Plier, Michael Harshbarger, William Clark Third Row: Phillip Gritten, Harold Guard, Jerry Stout, Edward Kirk, Aurelio Jazo, Ronald Holloway, Ronald Durrett, Loren Strohman, Harold Tokuio, Donald Tremper, Howard Hill, Charles Paine, Steven Smith Second Row: Alan Whitman, Oliver Doe, Stephen Gritten, Dennis Coe, Claude Wiatrak, Rollin Strohman, Jerry Haynes, James Verb, David Gawlinski Bottom Row: Theodore Maniatis, James Keith, Glenn Irwin, Robert Wine, Ronald Haky, Richard Miyake , , ,. , , , .W-, ,.H.,,. K me fm to or 'E N v n ,Nb 221 "Swim-lliirig new" :incl wi Usnnlclliing 1 J L nhl" is one wziy in clcscrrlmu ar recent arcqiiisiliiin nl Urzinxiclzr Clulmezr house 111-sl. lnsliirc-ml by lllC llznnilv crest ol 1 one P1-1li1i rlc' cifllllllllll, llll ulilcn clziy Moiirisli prince, thc IJIDCSCIIL lJ2lllCl'll was ilizrwn up lay ai litem in lznglzrnil. 'l'li:i1 most lovc-nl ol :ill llowers, thc msc. l'R'lgllL'Kl NLIIDICITTC 111 the Rose Room lomizrl clgrncc- given by G1'a111111l:1 Club in thi: lzrll. 'l'l11' linings wars 1lcco111tc1l with zippmxiiiizrlcly lilly rlolcn mscsg 2lllLCl' the rlxriicc, the girls were lrcc to luke the llnwc-rs limne with them! Moreover, Zl large sign llzishul out thc nzunc ufifilllflilil Club." To do or not to do, that certainly is a question! John Bado, president Ancient Moorish Cret I Taken Over b Granada lub Top Row: Joaquin Cicero, Richard Kleinbeck, Kent Crippen, Melvin Rhodes, John Owen, William Baker, Alvin Reitz, Roger Guslotq, James McGuire, Timothy lseyes, John Parrish, Elmer Jacobs, John Trubshaw, David Bekermeier, Lawrence Werries, David Nordahl, Dennis Graden, Allen Stewart, John Mego Fourth Row: Lester Harris, August Chidichimo, George Frey, James Wright, Richard Albright, Richard Schroeder, Joseph Tovarek, Robert Johnson, Earl Sexton, George Turner, David Ash, Bruce Botsforcl, Richard Collier, Lee Steur, Gary Hacker, Dean Spielman, Thomas Schapanski, Roger Meyer Third Row: Charles Camplin, Harvy Sarnat, James Keiser, Rudy llight, Eric Orkild, Ronald Helms, John Maslan, William Johnson, Jack Wemhoener, William Pollack, Robert Beyaert, Dwight Shank, Max Pearson, Dale Walsten, Thomas l-'l09fQ Second Row: Richard Eicksteadt, Joseph Cicero, Lawrence Martling, John Seymour, Larry Mittendorf, Robert Reger, John Pettigrew, John Bado, Joseph Kellen, lames Lacivita, Thomas Cleckner, Robert Tate, Robert Kralcir Bottom Row: Carl Little, Basil Montgomery, Harold Jepson, Lawrence Kerrick, Dallas Kent, Kriss Bowers, Donald Smith, Gerald DeGarmo, Kenneth Konecnik, William Zahrobsky, William Keenan, Leonard Sorsen Not in panel: Michael Atkinson, William Bomball, Terry Bots- ford, Norman Browning, John Groenier, Tory Hickey, John Hollenbeck, Robert Howell, Roger Kirkwood, Gerald Levin, James Merret, Jerome Mock, Thomas Pullen, Jackie Riddle, Robert Ritchey, Ronald Sanderman, Rodney Sturm, Thomas Truckenbrod, Robert Wittman 222 "lX'ln-rn' gm- num' llllclsrls wc-'xv jus: wars xr gnml sirlv ln llll' lnrrlrlvllli Ihr- lmlulwls nl wzllvl rullvrlr-ll wmlxr-rl lJt'.lll lsuinunizr, an urnllr-lgrlixc' llUllSi', is zrssocizrlml willl thc' ll1lix'v1'sllx' lrrpllsl Clhurcll. XX'l1ilc- only Ull tllllllllh lm' six 'Y' .ff ' h, In ll wzrrs, il 5001115 lo ln- quill' zrcliw- :rs lllcy pgrrlicipqrlc' in llHllIl'lUllllllQ :rs uc ll :ls sL'vcl':rl zrllllc-lic 1'Yl'lllN. XVilllill Illc lmusc. lhcfl llzru- Ilurrrvrurllilw rnrl 5 NImn's :Incl lJz1cl's llny lizrnqrrvls, mllnncls XVllllSll'1lllvOl'llllfJllSl',2llHlllllll2llC'll1Illfl'b. Leak Roof Help Bring About Water Fight at Koinonia Top Row: James Ashley, Ke-nneih Kreirner, Gerald Krellner, David Talman, Rodger Rolherl Third Row: James Fuller, James, Ellnoll Rodnefy Small: Julmrr While, Ronald Thurman, Wayne Lundberg Second Row: Bruce Bueschel, Larry Gillingham, Roy Vllachler, Michael Mourning, Polnerl laylor, Wulllam FQJfJf:Y3f:l'i 'Bottom Row: Clayton Miller, Homer Wrrqht, Robert John, Dona'd Gubbs, James Lesar, Robert Hansen, Manfred Rong Noi in panel: Harold Hoyffr, Stephen Gay 223 1. ,fp 'EV' sl 3 +V! .if of , 4 15' 3 1 fn.. J id A fel' 'lr' I l 1 Jw, Top Row: Wayne Brunzell, Kenneth Knepper, William Gufowsky, Neil Rendall, Theodore Mauger, Marc de Peo, James Hedstrom, John Hall, Joseph McConaghie, Gary Wir! Bottom Row: William Colby, James Wallaert, Charles Hook, Donald Bartel, Kenneth Dirks, Ronald Schmidl, Edward Enstrom ina a Define Purpo e and Rea on Mingiwzi, ll lmmc lor Cllrislizm young -J ff' Donald Bartel, president Y X 5.37-J V V -,Q 571 Q-A 7 ,xrllflilf A , gl". :J ggi J Q IHCII ill thc U ul l. pixwiilcs :in uppor- iqgr fa' -. -A H M I llllllly lm' bible sluily, lltllll iniliviiluzll- ly :mil with gruiipn. licxiilcs their llllCl'lllll xuliviliw, lllL'll1lJL'lxS lJ1ll'llL'llJ1llC znclivcly SML in miller 11-ligimis inggiiiifglliuiis. XVII' mon gnu' aivaiiliilmlc :mil OlJlJ0l'llll'llllCS anisc. im-nllmcis arc hflll in lu-anlmy com- J munilics. lu hi-lp with aliuuli scrviccs in' yuulli grmips. 5' 'llhc lIlL'll ul Nllllilwll bmisl that their lim-eil cwnl nl thc ycau' is lhc Mmns Dany l3illlllllCl. hclil iluring Mollu-1"s Daly wccl4cml on KQIIIIIJUS. Nut only :irc thc im-iiilmcias' onlin' lgnmilics invilcil but fl lJl'UllllllL'Ill gui-sl speaker also cmnes. 224 L ll limi ri 751.35 gg ,gg 2 L- if: l ' ' 1' Q 'ill , ' 55 , .. , . 'x fr -' in C ' ' WF, , E 'J 134 , I for It llrganization E 'I 1 4 1 ' i-ff Q ' ' 'ff' "f" -' V i"r MF'-l'l -'.4,..-.....- i ' J 5.15. rl ' l Top Row: William Fedor, Robert Nolan, James Dierkes, John Benson, John Fruin, Franlc Rizzo, Arthur Daniel, Alfred Knoll, Louis Lanzeroni, Michael Hippler, Charles Rehling Third Row: Jack Marcellis, Brendan Nelligan, George Stewart, Thomas Shilgalis, Palmer Lee, Richard Brugger, Peter Philhower, John Nemsick, Thomas McGlenn, John Huttenhoft, Robert Anthony, William Biallas Second Row: John Berney, John Henry, Francis Gannon, Reverend Martin, Reverend Kelly, Reverend Mac- Kowiak, Phil McLaughlin, Paul Huttenhoff, Theodore Ciasto, Edward Kuch Bottom Row: John Robinson, Robert Weinert, David McCracken, Ronald Knoerzer, Gordon Long, John Nelson, Donald Passaglia, Edward Phelan, Eugene Snyders Fun and Frelie Help Speed e man Hall Year 0n ard Help from a higher up can straighten out problems. Francis Gannon, president Again playing lmst :ll Clltristmxis time lo the orpltzins ol ,Xiinlwl Huling Klcinu- .l . s ul NCWA main Hull. lm fvllllllfill, ilu- Incsiclvtil. J Dc-lmlmie. who ingnlzigctl to walk away with J lUll5lllCI'lllDlC' lout by 0Xll'2ltLlt1g QI lurilll Qwltmc, XN'Cll6 not quite sump in limit ul gill the pzirtyguc-is llicrc. NL'lX'lJlllll Hull cam gilm clgiim xi grunt llllliulll lm' the pq: iizillies. This is clue in 111111 to the lxul llizil scvcizil nl the lllCCl4lC2lllC'l'S sump lmy the cgilclciizi lllllillg hll1JlJL'l'llll1C. .XllOlllCl' tcuiwii sl llllfjlll he lltll lltp llllf tllllt nuts llmiugll several wnilc-tts' ltnuse-sl Aloe zai' I XQ fi lli l is Tl? Top Row: Dennis Grantham, Donald Koch, Larry Campbell, Kim Stein, Charles Peddicord, Henry Schenk, Warren Haake, Ronald Balzer Third Row: Glen Benoy, James Marelka, Jerome Barbieri, Rodqer Boqardus, Joe Hill, David Bethke, John Risher, John Miller Second Row: Gerald Zak, Edward Uzgiris, Richard Riley, Edward Pettegrew, president, Wayne Malon, David Spindler, Donald Nichols, James Ruffolo Bottom Row: Dean Wooden, Lloyd Chase, Bert Trilling, Lyle Wyman Noi in panel: Paul Boeing, Lynn Church, James Frithiof, Warren Geyer, Robert Hari, Lawrence Hue-sing, Aloys Litfe-ken, Dennis Lifz, John Moore, Donald Powers, Gene Sullivan, Carl Vaupel, Charles Williams 226 Top Row: Ronald Worstell, Anthony Richards, David Anderson, Wayne Mara, Paul Clark, Dale Ewen, Richard McCormick, Homer Tice, George Oros, Thomas Heffernan Second Row: Robert Gronquist, Larry Keefe, Frank Mason, John Marshall, Walter Ginthers, president, William Hefternan, Kenneth Shafler, Donald Coulter Bottom Row: Richard Wallin, Gary Jones, Robert Beatty, Kenneth Marshall, David Speers, Robert Stout Calhoun Hall Campu View Lodge Top Row: Lloyd Scott, Max Mitchell, Stewart Veeck, Russell Davis, Scott Me-land, Lloyd Jones, Robert Fisher, Steen Munter, Charles King, Charles Boyd, Paul Adkins, Eric Strauss Fourth Row: Richard Carlson, Paul Martin, Arthur Skvverski, William DeVey, Paul Franciscovich, John Hocking, Gerald Johnson, Gene Ahlquist, Bruce Criley, Jerry Nofsinger, Peter Gilster Third Row: Harvey Chaplik, Richard Mitchell, Robert Burgoyne, Edward Gray, Robert Duffy, president, George Freese, Carroll McGinnis, Elmer Reis, Robert Fruland, Robert Holtz Second Row: Robert Reber, George Eicl-celman, Albert Nagele, James Shanklin, Alan Wilson, Eugene Boros, Ross Mcliendrick, Robert Yamamoto, Robert Stanford Bottom Row: Robert Shive, Edwin Loomis, James Wright, Brady Hancock, William Grosball, .lack Joines, Darrell Oyer, Larry Balden, Paul Hocking Not in panel: William Alton, Robert Curry, Clyde Hiss, Philip Pavlik, Peter Pawlak, Robert Piper, David Preves, Arthur Reisman, Keith Sims, David Ulfeng mf? "'1'i ff? ?f i . i ' ,i 3 5 1 -- , t cfm, -,af ,,+,,,4f. ,, V L - A L -Lxihvsfg' ,Z :L ., 'nr X 'WA , z wi, Q IQ Xibfiw ' files-'Sw' ,Z ' s A VTE 3 X g,,+ .. ffl , , ff- an " ' xii, . W ,Q 3 xi .X I' Kr 5 ea 3 Lffy X ,glqel lj' H2 ,S :gli-Q35 Top Row: Robert Turner, John Karstens, Arthur Tuveson, Owen White, Husain Khan Third Row: Rona'd Zung, Raymond Petkus, Algerd Monstavicius, Michael Moses, Khaia Zuhuruddin Second Row: Sharda Sinqh, Karel Liem, Burleigh Branch, Gary Tally Bottom Row: Michael Leavitt, Gary Abernathy, Forrest Tellis, Mohammed Safiuddin Not in panel: Samuel Martin, Craig Campbell Co mopolitan Club xmoor Hall Top Row- Raymond Tomasko Pa l C t l ' . , u aseein, Harry Sachrison, Kenneth Anderle, Terry Marlow, Fred Pocock, Carl Dockendorf, Lawrence Hoyle Third Row: Philip Nelson, Lloyd Ambrosius, Lloyd Ackland, Merrill Orns, David Dekker, Harold Clarida, Donald Manprisio, Timothy Kraft, Samuel Coe Second Row: Curt Perkins, Paul Anderson, Fred Anderson, president, Mrs, Pierson, Theodore Johnson, Robert Buser Bottom Row: Milton Haefner, Anton Carollo, Steve Heller, George Leno, Ronald Colwell Not in panel: William Corbett Ynvvft-T"'f F 1 i 1 l i l l l l l l l 228 ZX lin, S7 ,af lil . 1 - I l , ' 2 i t . P1 uh ,tx P ti-.JA-4 . .. :fl A Top Row: Anthony Henderson, Robert Aye, George Muirhead, William Pursley, Lowell Kranclell, Walter Bilisoly, Howard Bers, Jam:-s Rrfrrd, Robert Strflver, Hideo ldehara Third Row: Michael Donovan, Llewellyn Culoltt, John Solma, Peter Loschky, Ronald Bowman, Carl Strand, William Te-rpstra, Donald Dodson, Michael Culumlner Second Row: Lanny Bender, Melvin Hassebrock, Marion Pasierbovvicz, Harold Harris, William Brieser, Charles Stoll, Thomts Steften, president, Clifford Harper, Richard Seilheimer, John McCabe Bottom Row: William Gard, William Decardy, George Kaplanes, Auclrys Sidlauskas, Mrs. Jackson, Paul Jackson, Morton Jackson, house director, James Burgess, Darrell Stoll, Robert Coleman Four Column Garmen Top Row: Gerald Quade, Roy Thackeray, James Schneider, Ray Anderson, Ray Youmans, James Dodge, Robert Kukla, Allen Huston Second Row: Larry Brown Mark Templeton, James Frieclrichs, Mrs. Garms, James Matthews, president, Harry Windland, Stuart Hawbaker, Richard Kodis Bottom Row: Daryl Feldner, Robert Placki Brent Davis, Ronald Bellrose, Charles Tromblee, David Fletcher, William Schmittel Not in panel: Robert Doepp ' rr-gsm , I X X l . . I 1,5 vw,-. H., N. ,. . V h . 's . .vi s sit . ' 41- 4 . ' 71:2 ' 2' '-1 ,- ,pw- Y. X tn. Top Row- Don McCormick Larry Bandy Walter Younker, Rober , faerie sf t if ,,,, T' N t Henss, Robert Brackebusch, Ralph Burke, Delbert Dahl, Norman Wesson, Wayne Blunier, Ken- dall Cole Second Row: Floyd Roberts, Max Welbel, Heston Wesson, Thomas Gelwicks, Merle Hodel, Robert Sipp, Lamar Fesser, Donald McAtee, Charles Bickelhaupt Bottom Row: Elmer Eckert, .lame-s Gay, Donald Meyer, James Bogg, Jerome Bradley, Bert Fringer, John Woods llli-Dell iiiiknighi Top Row: John Riemer, Lanny Wells, Larry Wheat, Larry Fehrenbacher, James Blome, Robert Willard, Edward Gegen, Robert Parkison, Raymond Powell, William Long, Donald Gaul, Joseph Clegg Second Row: Dean Dunbar, Victor Ferrante, Gary Wells, Robert Baker, president, John Koepke, William Johnson, John Hipskind Bottom Row: Robert Ellis, Robert Fay, William Clark, Richard Welton. Branson, David Bouque, John Delaney, Frank Trombetta, Daniel Quane, Charles Ptacek, James l. J it J ' esuwam 1 ba. V t S a 3 f 1 l i i l 'wi 1' i N , M l l l l 1113 -'Q 5... Top Row: Jerry Davis, Larry Simmons, Daniel Adami, Joe Hickman, Frank Stewart : e, Car S Donald Fischer, Bill Sanders, William SCOTT, Douqlas Pihl Second Row: Kenneth Sfickel, Charles Clover, Gene Brieser, Bottom Row: Robert Kocolovvski, Michael Diercouf? Third Row Edward Eb I l King' Katlo Lookout anor Top Row: Ronald Luiz, Ronald Kriake, Robert Crum, president, Orvill T k S B Q . . , Wil ealaurg, Gerald Thoeminq, Donald Kush, president, William Keeicfer, James Gibb e es e econd Row: Larry Ross, William Ingram, John Clickener, Raymond Crum otiom Row. Raymond Burton, James McVicker, Phillip Rush Kf5?"r . ,J W l Mfg 4 l 'S H Top Row: Donald Baudino, Frank Reichenbach, Larry Grammer, Jerry McCannon, Thomas Mihm, Thomas Burkhart, Fredrich Rohatsch, Gerald Theodor, Richard Widmer, John Maenpaa Third Row: David Bachelor, Clarence Lindsay, Lonnie Ellis, Edward Kanak, John Reher, Michael Harkins, Richard Flaherty, Frank Hendrickson, David Fishlyurn, Michael Kiefer, John Winthrop Second Row: Richard Sigrist, William Heacock, William Kubitz, Milton Fistel, president, Richard Maede, Donald Partney, Lambert Taylor Botom Row: Donald Kurtz, Albert Melone, Dale Renken, Robert Payelick, John Viera, Wayne Montgomery Not in panel: John Anderson, Daniel Blake, Michael Charous, Dale Cini, Charles Davison, William Etter, Richard Govvrue, Thomas Hiatt, Larry Howard, Dennis Koeple, Alan Lovitsch, Glenn Mikyska, Joseph Morgan, Romald Saloallus, William Stephens The an ion edea Lodge Top Row: Keith McReynolds, Jack Joynt, Roger Jarand, Richard Daems, James Kolar, James Liss, Lyle Smith,, Thomas Pacer, Dan Hosken, John Lemak, Martin Haas, Francis Novyik, Gerald Jack, Algimant Skirpstunas, John Warsa, Grant Reichard, Robert Link, James Murphy, William Steiner, Clifford Nelson, Eugene Wodka Second Row: James Domino, Willard Stanley, Roy Biondi, George Bush, Rein Laane, Craig McGuire, James Lewis, Kenneth Lindblom, David Mayhak, Gerhardt Mohr, Stephen Chen, John LaCost, Joseph Rohaly, Harold Martin Bottom Row: James Vernon, John Striet, George Miller, president, Ronald Larner, Joseph Adams, James Wabol, James Albrecht, Edmund Radavicius, Bernd Temmler, Larry Phillippo Not in panel: John Smith -fan Ni,-,, 1 -- ,V +,. .wi me - -M 1 :ap BM, A 4 3, 1 , ' i W 3 A - , -:,:,,,L,. t :S t ii . .riff f., 1 F322 4' ,wg 53,559 mae ' sexe J effigy 5 If .1"' ' r"""t, ,M 'X37 'ls 'Vi Q-as W""-Y' Q' Y ...Q 5 . 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Y A-Zh ""'?!1 - w",3'f.:.. , ' A, , Top Row: James Munton, David Close, Gary Flickinger, Leonard Higgs, Charles Washburn, Gordon Gollalrson, Lawrence Dicrevaer, Edward Johnson, Alvin Wire, William Cole, Vernon Brazle Second Row: Emil Pischel, Gerald Miller, Mark Zimmerman, James Schoonaert, Rolnc-rt Reiners, Donald Benz, Rolaort Balfer, Michael Lippincott, Jerry Brookhart, Robert Coffman Leon Turner Bottom Row: Glen Broom, Raymond Duewc-r, David Christopherson, Roger Higgs, preside-nt, James Melton, Thomas Melton, abor Hou e Park Lane Lodge Top Row: Richard Mulvey, Michael Fisher, Lonnie Navis, James Vasconcelles, David Matlock, Fred Holbert, Carl Linkinhoker, Allen Svpherd, Ronald Davidson, Ronald Busby, president, Richard Williams Fourth Row: Myron Baker, Robert Clow, Dan McVickar, Hilmar Gruendlinq, Amos Chenovveth, William McVinnie, Steven Roman Third Row: Charles Perrin, Larry Spears, Kent Monroe, Robert Gorski, Richard Olson, William Parlrer Second Row: Donald Cassel, John Wayden, Everett Mur- dock, Morris Luck, Joseph Dilleon, Herbert Roskamp Bottom Row: William Sillman, Lanny Anderson, John Bunting, William Wood, William Schmidt, Donald Mathews Not in panel: Harold Austin, Anthony Divan, William Hinds, Don Larson, Ward Makisch, James Nugent, Frank Schmieder, Lawrence Martin r i i l l i r ,fm-,. 'sf tt W " f 5 4 6 H l ' C2 'F-I , ' i , Q Aixiliti, ,ff 5 ,.r"' Q 171, r ' i t ,' 'v- ry, lr, N. 14 , 9. t S , Q 'fit' 1 ' 1 . I t . tl I 'tic' ' Q 4 ""ij'A ., f ' J W 1 tts ' 'u IM, J i A' '44 A ,VA e 1.4 ' ir ST .4 ,V A . l A it Top Row: Larry Rochester, Wendell Rhine, James Antczak, John Williams, Jerry Spaugh, Jan Munch, Jack Buxton, Donald Meyer, Frank Cerven, William Harris Third Row: Robert Pitchford, Jamgs Stallman, Michael Sch'ueter, James Stein, James Lindsay, Jack Lundy, Tom White, Olin Foehner, Jon Dixon, Randal Braun, James Aikman Second Row: Ralph Hocking, David Tovvnley, Charles Hawley, Donald Neihel, Donald Galitz, Mrs. Henry, Linn Peterson, president, James Tonium, Dale Snedaker, Donald Huiztnga, Robert Loeyen, Carl Tassistro Bottom Row: Dan Wiedznan, Carfer Erantner, Joseph Florini, Roland Leisch, Arthur Lampitt, Roger Petty, George Armstrong, Wayne Msrquardt Not in panel: John Dechow Price Club Hou e ot Roojah Top Row: Norris Lang, president, David Imig, Dale Larson, William McGuigan, David McCarty Bottom Row: Don Torgersen, Elson Sims, John Fullerton, Cecil Van Dyke, Tim Miller, Berlin Kelly Not in panel: William Hughes .K 3 rin, fwfr-as 'n , i , 'W ff l 'T' I I ii, 1 I' RUN 2. - 7' I MA. , N 1 2: ax Top Row: Lindell Furlovv, William Mcllrath, Leslie Miller, William Lane, Gilbert Knap, Clarence Davis, David Macomber, John Rathe Second Row: Lloyd LLl'iri Neal Wright, Roy VanOstrand, Harold Schroth, Kenneth Wright, Gerald Schmutzler, Oscar Wright, Thomas Mesetz Bottom Row: Ronald Klein, president, Richard Gardner, Theodore Moeller, Mrs. Sons, David Clement, Hiram Bracken, Lyle Gerdes Not in panel: David Dumhaugh, Harold Evans, William Lentz, Milton Trommel on' Home Ten-0-One Club Top Row: Asa Roberts, William Reinders, Clarke Neal, Alison Cotton, Glenn Trcka Third Row: Richard Westgard, Bart Swanson, Wayne Jordan, Fred Kramer Ray Buhrmester Second Row: Don Steinlcamp, Rolland Ekena, Terry Rose, Dwight Heckert, Dale Storck, president, Richard Williams B Carlos Garcia, Frank Zukosky, James Cummins, Kenneth Knoles Not in panel: David Abrahamsen, Rohert Bleclc, William Christensen 1001 's C-L? rm QA 4, 5 ., - -T Ai mi J V I ottom Rowz John Trei, Don Smerk .wifw 'J' . I ' - .,., - i , .4 " ' 'i C f l'l-,EJ by -1. :, We 5,- If s me ' '. .3 '22 4 IJ' f J . A of 4 ff , 7 W f .1 mfr ,s ,I Z3 if B i " ,f 5 Q f Fr-2 ' ,, lg x f .V 7h v ff' T in E tate 0 rg " , -z ' WA N- ---- - -w .r N - M 1 qty' ' K xr, un, . rt mek Aw' ' L- P ' 4 Nl lg ' Q. x ' y Q , 5 i , j--- x Xi ,H-L , 'M R -,i i . .. Q 1 'f'--' t-3 1-5 X - 0014 x, sip- Sf' Xf Top Row: Marshall Parriott, John Hoyme, Larry Bearman, Richard Balash, Lawrence Strope, Gerald Kadovv Third Row: Charles Mund, Thomas Pearcy, Robert Foisy, Clyde Parshall, Frank Gould, Gary Pope, William Vaught Second Row: James Adams, James Philblad, Thomas Liston, Charles Philblad, president, Richard Thorpe, 'Terence Jacobs Bottom Row: Bob Mitchel, Bart Bertolino, Jack Marcacci, Dale Shindewolf, Lance Bachli Not in panel: Harold Watters, Larry Parke, Stanley Piszczek, Martin Huss 236 'i it l tl i l ' N x f- s l ll M I ll il CS, rn Pi rw rw rw pq i 1 ll I i V . , ,. . 1. ' T . i -' 'i . ,l 1 l N F ' lt .ill " . Hi Tgzizj- , .J ,i i 4 S ,QA '! i uf.. 1 5 " J 5 i 3 Top Row: Clifford Ganan, Harry Dyner, Gerald Silverman, Richard Goldman, Joseph Podolsky, Barry Lippa, Rodney Hambug, William Weitzman, Calvin Behr, Sidney Zipperman, George Gerstman, Richard Strauss, Lawrence Lieberman, Richard Strimling, Michael Gordon, Richard Horwitz, Lawrence Cohen, Paul Willis Second Row: Alan Schenk, Louis Feingold, Marvin Fruchter, Stuart Goldsand, Arthur Reisman, Barry Polsky, Michael Lapin, Harvey Pine, Charles Bley Bottom Row: Howard Pattis, Michael Platt, Kenneth Branch, Henry Katz, Donald Margolis, Fred Rothenberg, Irvin Rosen, Michael Orlove, Fredric Mussman, Harry Levin, Arthur Berman Nothinl pagelz Mark Abrahamson, Harvey Chaplik, Lewis Collens, Herbert Goldman, Bernard Green, Emanuel Hurwitz, Daniel Schwartz, Frank Sulhoft, Marvin Weiss, Mic ae Sc wartz The Praetoriank Mai' hing Song It it Key to Their Rein Sometimes impromptu singing is the most fun of all, Arthur Reisman, president E "" ' "One, two. llll'6C'. lnurl :intl now at .,,,,, f tzilc ol P1':ietui'i:1n lore is how the I P1'11etinizi11's lIl1ll'fl'IlII" srnw ffocs. The L i 5 f'S 15441 lore thxit tlicxtte singing gilmut is, in- : in if . I' -' ' clcc-cl, quite interesting. lt scents thzit " 'Via l . . . . . "' the titlc ul thc Uliglllllllillflll is clcieiwctl i 'K l' 'l ly :1 lJliUlJC'l' nznncaetlic nznnc ul the ahicl x Q l , ol the Rontzin guzirtls. This is cctetgtinh i zu YOHILIIILLC lJCQQll1lllllgl P1i1lCL0l'i2lllS is quite :in uniistitil gmup. Not only do they not ltzivc :in nllitiail glory hcl no lining NYSKGIII wlt1itCx'ei'l lhe lust is very unusuail in itsc-ll. Imtn tht- wnnl "l'1':ietu1"' which is tu tuzile rcsidemc, but they also have no coin- pnlsorv events lm' their incnihers ztncl. 237 e e1Ll'7f5'T? I l e t t 2 l lt l i t t i l Q -i Top Row: Keith Romack, Charles Coleman, Chung Park, James Hayvvard, John Bumgarner, Earl Neumann, Richard Jamison Third Row: Gary Cox, Harold Carr, Kenneth Kohlstedt, Terry Maurizio, Eric Koch, Randolph Nichols, Clifford Lawrence Second Row: Bruce Keck, Wayne Gruen, Earl Evans, president, James Harvey, Richard Smith, Joseph Miller Bottom Row: Jay Mitchell, Neil Nelson, Richard Doris, Judson Parker, Richard Farmer Not in panel: John Hawley We men Lou- ae Lodge Top Row: Stanley Crull, Albert Walters, John Crabtree, Roger Wesley, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Brian Telander, Thane Allison, John Sprude, Larry Barnes, Robert Condon Second Row: Lyle Martin, Loren Hall, Kenneth Helgeson, president, Donald Sperry, Roland Scholl, Richard Marrs Bottom Row: James Lawson, Gary Lawson, John Ryan, Benny Caplan, Tom Book, Lamar Evans Not in panel: Michael Levitt, Donald Foss, Finis Schultz - M 'Wy W f "E ' 1 ,,d, -...., t C ,v . 1' 2 A 1 Top Row: Brian Bland, James Blankenburg, Joseph Michalcik, Charles Rudow, Charles Jeffries, John Petlicki, Ronald Roller, lval Toepl-ce, Thomas Bentley, Richard Sutton, Wayne Reichard Second Row: Michael Ohler, Ron Fritsch, Jordan Danforth, John Hogan, Floyd Roush, Joseph Chen, William Maurits, Paul Ruzicka, Clyie Smith Bottom Row: Larry Mayo, Richard Peterson, Paul Duckworth, Stanley Anderson, Martin Shatter, Thomas Mueller, John Wellman, Jeffrey McFadyen, Carl Vac etta Barton Place, .R.H. Barton Heights, Top Row: Walter Craigle, Donald Bernadin, William Sanneischield, Ronald Mraz, Eugene Holda, Harry Smith, James Bond, David Doney, Allan Sylacs, William Parrish, George Courter, Edward Bross, Claire Payne, Robert Czyszczon, Leroy Hardy, Robert Swalek Third Row: Ronald Eisenberg, James Halstead, Brian Lewis, William Sears, Lawrence Schwartz, Larry Roseman, Walter Gilmore, Dale Anderson, Kenneth Malysh, Robert Spry, Dale Ebers, John Sweetnam, Jon Sandberg, Stephen Katz, Thomas Smith Second Row: Robert Hyten, Robert Fisher, Gary Packard, Richard Hanna, Peter Olson, John Becker, president, David Carter, David Orr, Robert Fox, George Fleerlage, John Fisher, Stuart Posse-lt Bottom Row: Hobart Riley, Jerry Powell, James Place, Roger Pittman, Dale Weaver, James Walker, John Heath, Lyn Peterson, Richard Coon, Philip Bailie, Eugene Fowler, Gregory Stinnett, Lawrence Hickler Eyf,f72'r Top Row: John Fornot, Larry McCoy, Robert Arthur, William Petit, Leonard Gonsewski, Roger Pletsch, John Greene, Stephen Hirsch, Douglas Ruhmann, Olaf Nesheim, Raymond Hauschild Second Row: Gerald Kvinge, Joel Greenman, Stewart Clark, Theodore Plucinsl-ci, Dennis Gordon, president, John Pitzer, John DeLong, Russell Reid Bottom Row: Terry Coomer, David l-ludgins, John Hillebrand, James Hammond, Gordon Reynolds, James McQuilkin, Cheng Ngok Chou Clark Hou e Il, .R.H. Clark Hou e Ill and IV, .R.H. Top Row: Jay Markwardt, Robert Schall, George Reese, Robert Gritton, Gary Fredell, Henry Spellman, Robert Friedman, Elmer Goetsch, David Hillis, Lawrence Mueller, John Poshek, Eugene Peterson, Michael Stoddard, William Dankers Third Row: Mark Monahan, Dale Drum, Lawrence Tarson, Charles Lansford, Frank Gamble, Frank Prichodko, Kenneth White, Charles Peterson, Henning Speyer, Raymond Hippard, John Lavorini, Joseph Saviano, Meredith Zellers, Kenwood Gilafhorn Second Row: William Simpson, Alfredo Gonzalez, Kasimir Kazmierski, Anthony Slade, Charles Garber, John Dent, president, George Bruninga, James Riester, Neil Siegel, Knud Berge, Donald Brumlik Bottom Row: Eskandar Nahouray, William Flexman, Leonard Blakesley, Karl Matsushita, William Neltls, Stephen Epstein, Howard Addis, Barry Doan, Peter Greenberg, Melvin Blanton, Douglas King .1 , 1 . Top Row: Kent Smith, William Otten, Ronald Entzminger, Richard Lange, John Ward, William Lundell, John King, James Skinner, Clifford Schwartz, Gabriel Forero, Carlos Galarza Second Row: Rudy Frank, Gerald Kortness, Bruce Solberg, Donald Steinmetz, Thomas Tully, William Schuyler, president, Kenneth Viste, Charles Stenberg, David Potter, Robert Fuss Bottom Row: Alan Drum, Roy Johnson, Charles Phillips, Donald Kasnak, Raymond Fortin, David Remely, John Pozdol, Gary Hunt Not in panel: Ralph Gauvvitz, James Rissky, James Remer, Edward Quinn, William Radecke, Carmen Orsetti, John Fine, Richard Harding, Frank Garratt, Esteban Quintero, Donald Hall, Robert Wilcox, Terrell Vaughan, Richard Owczarski, Hallett Baile Forbe I, .R.H. Forlie II Wet, .R.H. Top Row: Theobald Kauth, Allan Olson, James Karnes, William Muhlstadt, Karl Lindberg, Robert Jones, Vernon DeSelms, Barry Gale, Thomas Piper, Lawrence Wolfiey, Roger Roney, Robert Novotney, Jack Engbrecht, Sheldon Altshul, Joseph Galbraith, David Miller Third Row: Robert Becker, William Shriner, William Ayer, Thomas Balla, Byron Beck, Theodore Lotz, Alevander Gaydasch, Robert Eiermann, Sidney Zipperman, Charles Bley, Raymond Niccolai, David Selig, Robert Belna, Daniel Dickinson Second Row: Joseph Gregorich, Kermit McKemie, Irwin Rosen, Gerald Kitchen, Thomas Mosillo, president, George Nassos, Richard Jones, John Werner, Joseph Borgra Bottom Row: Richard Lucksinger, John Wissmiller, Edward Kaiura, George Mishos, Dale Kopp, Frank Morrell, Dennis Kuchenmeister, Gerald Bork, Lynn Elder, Mineo Fuiii ' , r',k ' I . e Ji .b ..,,:iiV ,, ,LK T 1 - , ,f , O Q ,V lit aw, llilf if iv, milf? ltlig' UW E ' V l lr , J J 5 i l ra l , ' 3, l 3 '-ffl rim' 1 i l l 1 Top Row: Jack Joseph, Lawrence Hodash, Richard Truelick, Clint Cleveland, James Harsh, Bradley Hoffman, Ralph Shemik, Bruce Hoffman, Jeffrey Klenn, Richard Malek, Brian Hickey, William Plank Third Row: Lester Jensen, Stanley Sklar, Bruce Strimling, Dennis Ash, Roger Stromsta, James Trefil, Thomas Arzt, Alfred Blatter, Gera'd Hoff, Michael Breza, David Arkin, David Smith, Vernon Miller, Jonathon Rehnberg, Ronald lkan Second Row: Kenneth Burch, Alexi Zakson, Adolph Fields, Albert Wanninger, president, Kenneth Altera, Raymond Burfeind, Jerry Ettinger, Thomas Lowe, Theodore Beastall, Jeffrey Hauptman, Norman Opper Bottom Row: Kenneth Zohrer, Edward Asato, Herbert Johnson, Myron Shapiro, Gary Dworak, Harold Schisler, David Lamb, Lawrence Miller, Harvey Shepard, Stephen Gilmour, Robert Burnett Not in panel: Robert Hollerback, John Cleveland, Francis Saliamonas, Alfredo Karam, David Moeller, Richard Brewer, Barry Vishny, Jeffrey Galin, Aurum Mendelsohn, Joseph Kolar, Ronald Peal, George Crane, George Brooks, Friedoon Hakimian, Stephen Krashen, Alan Krug, Jon Bauman, Mark Anable, Gilbert Singer, Robert Vernetti, Steven Kaye, Ray Berg, Richard Stanton, Eugene Dinkin, Howard Smulevitz, Richard Liston Forbe Hilt n, .R.H. Forbe III We t, .R.H. Top Row: Philip Spielman, James Bove, Roy Ericksen, Dan Ridenour, William Weitzman, Charles Novosad, William Lax, George Auchampaugh, Dale Schroeder, Richard Van Der Linden, Alan Miller, Allen Ginsberg Third Row: Milan Blaho, Lars Larson, William Huston, Cal Myer, Robert Howe, Frank Schilling, Ra'ph Hodek, Dennis Durko, Daryll Hersemann, Larry Sorenson, Robert Dixon Second Row: Glen Carls, William Evans, Ralph Jacobs, Harold Edmonson, Stephen Morse, president, Robert Barsky, Barry Seiller, William Waterman, Elwyn Henning, Rodney Jacobs Bottom Row: Frank Alterio, Henry Till, Gary Stevens, John Danko, Michael Carter, Phillip Doppelt, Robery Korst, Richard Bergquist, John Pennington, Howard Levin ,wa-Q. f i-'yi I I 7 Q 33 li, I Top Row: Thyron Marshall, Walter Weaver, James Cahill, Charles Schafer, Harrison Church, Ronald Topp, William Komarelf, William Strasser, Richard Sylielveclf, Robert Hopewell, Charles Daigh, Ken Rodeck, Gerald Johnson Third Row: William Brown, Michael Salkxn, Ernest Richau, Jeffrey Durrie, Jack Cavanah, William Miller, John Fisher, Raymond Powell, William Olsen, James Millar, Alexander Sorton, Thomas Elliott, James Hall, John Riemer, Joseph Deal Second Row: Philip Kennedy, Ronald Fox, James Carberry, Dennis Novak, LeRoy Hasselbring, William Abel, Bradley Martin, John Deal, Karl Gardner Bottom Row: Paul Claudon, George Puzey, Stephen Young, Thomas Edwards, Stanley Glazer, Dean Rogeness, Donald Schrader, Barry Goldman, Emil Isaacson, Steven Tuma, Donald Perrero, Richard Ellis Not in panel: Andrew Flagge, Stephen Young, John Yokley, Philip Hupter, Arthur Mazza, Kenneth Krzyzek, Wil'ian1 Krueger, Harden Troue, David Taft, Rondell Hodel, William McCraigh, John Sbarbaro, Timothy Swiecki Forbe III Ea, t, M.R.H. Forbe I We I, lVl.R.H. Top Row: Chester Goodrich, Terry Lewis, Otto Gaus, Roger Helm, William Storz, Gerald Deasy, David Killey, Charles Burgner, Michael Danoft, Robert Gold- man, James Salley, Allan Anderson Third Row: John Blanke, Paul Hermes, William Schallhammer, Thomas Daniel, Robert Biller, Allen Ciesiel, Jermoe Strots, Clifford Tiedemann, Dennis Chirikos, Dennis Fruhaut, William Turner, Robert Stephens, John O'Donnell, Dennis Keck, Robert Weihl, Richard Boeving Second Row: Albert Johannsen, Sheldon Kramer, David Gale, Michael Wilson, Thomas Mansfield, president, David Winkelmann, David Isaacson, David Levin, Marvin Levin, Larry Milanovich, Donald Cohan Bottom Row: Richard Marks, Larry Feurer, Richard Smith, William Zuinstein, Franklin Phillips, William Warner, Roger Crawford, Michael Merel, David Graham, Philip Greene, Ray Kipnis, Robert Stein Not in panel: David Apter, Lloyd Bradley, lon Branna, Alan Ca'dvvell, Glenn Chertlfow, Ralph Converse, Hector Crocker, Lee Drefus, Howard Fohrman, John Johnson, Carl Rosenbaum, Gary Schwartz, Jermae Solar, Joel Swartz, Richard White Top Row: Alan Berkovitz, Sherwin Rosenfeld, Lawrence Svab, James Murray, John Kirk, James Shunk, Richard Weinstein, John Duncan, Steven Mitchell, James Hudson, James Peterson, Philip Hupfer, James Boyd Third Row: Edward Thompson, Robert Ellis, James Adell, Robert Hume, Michael Rosenow, Joseph Fleming, Peter Fox, Timothy Swiecki, Ronald Fairbanks, Charles Chicon, Martin Rink, David Buser, Wayne Sampson, Walter Lynge Second Row: Roy Zaver, William Beckman, Jeffrey Finkle, Charles Ptacek, Jack Jelinek, James Muskal, Kurt Ledebuhr, Ken Archer, Robert Auler Bottom Row: Walden Lewis, Bruce Strimling, John Bradley, Matthew Sosnowski, Richard Raymond, Harold Folberg. Robert Rada, Jerome McGeorge, Mark Miller, Marvin Citro Not in panel: John Ardente, Peter Urso Forbe IV Ea t, lVl.R.H. Flagg Hou e Top Row: Robert Mages, Robert Munson, Stanley Lotterman, Michael Hochberg, David Moore, Richard Knox, Christian Andreasen, George Dixon, Marvin Han- sen, Howard Wolfman, Roy Lilly, Ronald McCord, Walter Hornberger, Rodney Hamburg, Jay Holloway, Thomas Niemeyer Third Row: Robert Richert, Paul Reger, Robert Andersen, Harold D'Orazxo, Stuart Brostofl, Harry Simmons, Richard Mack, Ronald Koerner, Justin Himel, Charles Meyer, James Partyka, Eugene Kravitz, David Harris, Peter Duskey, Paul Webb, Raymond Voss, Stanley Spamer Second Row: Dennis Huffington, Saul Klibranow, Richard Holmgren, Samuel Goldberg, Merril Eisen- stein, Thomas Murley, president, Wade Freeman, Ronald Weiss, Stanley Weiss, Gene Boos, Jere Murphy Bottom Row: Jeffrey Moy, John Iltis, Robert Terrien, Arthur Lasin, Ira Lerner, Edward Kaufman, Roger Rose, Joseph Pendergast, William Monge, Joseph Salvato, Gordon Mulholland, Gary Rosenthal l i i l .4 Xi Top Row: Byron Bekiares, George Hill, James Jeanblanc ,Donald Irving, Lloyd Schwanelseck, Robert Drevv, Donald Johnson, William Smiih, Lovven Berman Second Row: Stephen Jones, George Rost, Hilding Carlson, David Stafford, Carmen Pietralesa, Lawrence Shelton, Donald Fof, John Fzop, Clarence Lal-'e Bottom Row: Frederick Driscoll, David Sturgis, John Kurinsky, president, William Holly, Harmon Washington No! in panel: Thomas Linde, Ronald Faolsticli, James Wolfe, Kenneth Lernke, Roger Sugg, Gery Erwin, lra Frank, Donald Grazier, Clarence Stein, Leon Keller, Frank Vecera, William Stewart, Jack Spring, Roger Robinson, John Ewing, David Ager, Robert Gangala, Byron Grant, Bob Anagnostopoulous, Robert Hutchins, Noah Stewart, Roger Bredek Garner I, .R.H. Garner II Ea t, .R.H. Top Row: Harold Friborg, Kennedy Rhea, Gerald Starybrat, George Svihla, John Shotton, Robert Togtman, Terrence McCormick, Raymond Uecker, John Duff, Kwang Tan Third Row: Robert Scarloeck, Richard Bringmann, Ronald Grali, Paul Alexander, Karl Bartelsmeyer, John Stevenson, Jacl- Schmidt, Roy Freeman, William We-seloh, Frank Scherschel, Charles Bischofl Second Row: Jerome Zis, Charles Dukes, James McClintock, David Hunsaker, John Antonson, Richard Kasten, Marc Stick- gold, Hary Westfall, William Stach Bottom Row: Philip Deckovvitz, James Klus, William Sangerman, James Glavan, Dave Livingston, Tom Fouts, Russell Keune, Richard Weiss, John Luxton Top Row: Robert Turner, David Shafer, Darwin Abby, Ross Bunting, Ronald Stange, Charles Hendrix, Norman Trezek, Thurman Bertoleit, Arthur Kuhn, Philip Greenberg, Donald Greenwood, Robert Fosdick, James Tully Third Row: Norman Patterson, Gus Kozina, James Kohler, Donald Henderson, Gary Jenkins, Don Ericl-son, Robert Adams, Warren Silver, Harold Baker, Leon Kowalski, Stan Brunsman, John Kurtz, Joseph Calusio, John Bardsley Second Row: Gary Betourne, Craig Ahlbercr, Karl Steclfman, Dale Drolet, Martin Chasen, president, Manrique Echenique, David Mason, Carl Kowalski, William Lukas Bottom Row: Jerome Traltszelis, Woltred Biorl-man, Wesley Schumacher, David Jordan, Martin lgnazito, David Elowson, Daniel Lassman, Alan Schenk, Alan Knopf, Richard Wiseman Not in panel: Thomas Garnhardt, Bruce Stafford, Richard Dindia, John Walker, Jackie Cornell, Jules Millman, Ronald Klein, Roger Cooper, Harvey Borisof, Kenneth Brown, Norman Bezane, Howard Dixon, Steven Riser, Richard Barnett, David Baumgartner, Ralph Bauman, Donald Baumgartner lEati'nei'lll .R.ll. Gst1'nei'Gari'et, .R.ll. Top Row: Robert Forty, Gerald Moseley, Lee Huey, Donald Huckstadt, Stuart Pettigrew, Henry Bogacki, James Gunderson, David Luensman, Knoefel Jones, Bruce Zurnbahlen, Leonard Bertagnolli, Roy Anderson, Gerald Gross, William Payne, Kenneth Bolen Third Row: Peter Bertoncini, Vernon Deason, Peter VanEllin, John McMichael, Michael Esselstrom, Toby Chapman, Tony Sinskey, Walter Bock, Robert Fitzgerald, Howard Wagner, Ronald Cable, Stuart Schulman, Warren Petritsch, Andrew Boston, John Christie, Ralph Hannon, Charles Rix Second Row: Roger Carlson, Marc McMannis, Daniel Garver, John Rettenmayer, Robert Cheatham, Robert Philipp, president, Gene Slater, Roger Silverstein, Robert Cotner, Steven Hughes Bottom Row: Kenneth Saracco, William Griffin, William Short, Ralph Holm, Russell Rudolph, Stephen Satre, William Shafer, Trevor Bissey, Robert Matheson, George Mills, David Howarter Not in panel: Marc Allison, Robert Armstrong, Gary Boeke, Robert Bohlen, Jewel Butler, Lawrence Cohen, Stuart Cohen, Kenneth Epstein, Louis Fabbri, Thomas Franks, Kenneth Gehler, Lloyd Goodleigh, David Gordon, Lloyd Holm, David Iclfow, Allan Lamos, Bill Lieber, Richard Olson, Victor Polich, Joel Poplawski, Conrad Saltenberger, Gene Sandler, Selwyn Schwartz, Bruce Strausberg, Harry Targ, Larry Taylor, Floyd Tuler, Jerry Van Ness, Robert Zimring .nv- .. L t 1' Top Row: William Howell, Charles Wynne, John Tomlinson, Ronald Malcolm, John Rea, Donald Wilson, Robert Hayes, Clayton Halerkamp, Floyd Hayes, Walter Kelly, Robert Hacker, Robert Slater, Kwanshei Chen, John Luse Third Row: Roy Hubert, John Rishling, Robert Mountz, James Klosovvsli, Thomas Hough, Ellis Sanderson, Algis Stankus, Karl Kuhlmann, Richard Birkenbeuel, Roy Kotynek, Robert Cusey, Earl Rericha Second Row: Norman l-lintz, Fred Rothenberg, Franlr Chen, Frederick Zikas, Jules Falzer, Frank Bachenheimer, Harry Levin, Neil Kaplan, Kenneth Jauch Bottom Row: Bernhard Binner, Kenneth Jalolinslfey, Rohert Tlioniiz, Casimir Oleszkiewicz, Robert Hurt, Allen Swanson, Kenneth Zwierz, Donald Marszalek Garner III Ea t, lVl.R.H. Garner uites, M.R.H. Top Row: Stuart Neumann, James Judek, William Butler, Merrel Booker, Robert Ward, Jerry Johnson, John Littlemeyer, John Curley, Dennis Conley, Robert StaulTer, Dave Mussulman, Kurt Schiecke, Walter Hecht, Larry O'dell, Raymond Lucas Third Row: Edward Leonard, Frederick Blanford, Fred Marcus, Harold Meister. ling, Robert Gaston, William Schofield, Richard Betker, Charles Slack, David Mades, Michael Cogurn, Myron Covvill, Neil Richter, Rudolph Bernhard, John Ellingson, Daniel Woiwode, Alex Collins, Owen Lee Second Row: Paul Trapp, John Walrath, Stephen Barnett, Russell Chan, William Unverterth, James Dudle, Darrell Rutter, president, Ray Hinchman, Robert Fennell, Robert Wolfberg Bottom Row: Andrew Seacord, James Kashnner, Leonard Doinid, James Cox, David Shotts, Charles Boschek, Bert Sweat, James Boyd, William Walsh, Richard Edwards, Larry Colver Not in panel: John Bicklein, Ronald Borl-, Robert Busick, Thomas Chinnock, John Davis, Stephen Englaerg, George Highsmith, Marvin Johnson, Thomas Kennedy, Ronald Kilnghiel, Konard Schieche, Edvvin Smith, Grant Strandliierg, Andrew Szady, Richard Watson, Ronald Witek, Bernard Wolfe, Duane Wood, Raymond Lukas Top Row: Thomas Cotton, Stephen Barkan, Gary Chesney, Russel Reuter, Joseph Pruitt, Raymond Possehl, Robert Dennis, Jon Zemans, Edward Leppa, Thomas Lonqwell, John Webber, Gary Watt Third Row: Curt Kurse, Carson Brown, Thomas Hecht, Martin Knott, Donald Fulton, Roy Anderson, Jon Weinzierl, Stephen Byer, Kenneth Thompson, Robert Jobst, John Abendroth Second Row: William Smith, Charles Schmitz, Ronald Temple, Robert Liverman, Richard Geer, Jacob Zouganelis, Jack Warner, Richard Wilkin Bottom Row: James Atwood, Hartley Chelin, Alan Morris, Philip Woodhouse, Paul Anderson, Henry Carriger, Frank Biersach Not in panel: Edward Lawton, president, Kenneth Taishoft, Bobby Colvin Garner Inn, .R.H. Hopkin I, .R.H. Top Row: Russell Mosny, John Schlafer, Wiles Holt, Walter Huber, John Van Brandeghen, James Heil, Wayne Prigge, Grant Eddy, Martin Naumann, William Amundsen, Jerry Nix, Francis Neruda, Henry Merkelo Second Row: Paul Sones, Thomas Sherman, Joseph Lavite, Charles Whitman, Daniel Wachtel, Dean Ridenour, Donald Zimmerman, Raphael Haley, Peter Rudock Bottom Row: Raymond Yeh, Ben Alexander, Charles Gregg, James Dresmal, Terry Neff, James Westney, Conrad Miczko Not in panel: Francis Woicehowitz, Rimantos Liagominas, Alden Monro, Kurt Dzinich, Charles Watson, Lowell Groninger, John Marti, George Caddy, William Richard, Steven Unger, Francis Neruda l x in-in M- ' S -X! I Top Row: Howard Chapman, Melvin Schnitz, Paul Lee, Kenneth Boris, Roy Dillard, Avery Dee, Murray Krelstein, Robert Datz, Roy Egawa, Robert Kipp, Dale Eisenmann, Robert Zeppi, Lester Golbeck Third Row: William Collins, Earl Collymore, Cordell Reed, John Hazen, Richard Zimmerman, Daniel Siblik, Michael Gamble, Thomas Jurlga, Charles Stewart, Barry Childress, Donald Dominic, Paul Chamberlain, Paul Sebenik, Ted Kuflerschmid, Clint Tilton Second Row: William Chmurny, Robert Mason, Harl Ryder, Michael Zissman, Richard Wu, Frank Marousek, president, Robert Pirman, Gerald Arbetman, David Wahlgren, Ronald Benes Bottom Row: Robert Mouritsen, Robert Ryan, David Osmundsen, Walter Wendell, Richard Chierico, .lack Mooberry, Ermel McElwee, Gaylord Campbell, Barry Neidort Not in panel: Donald Sherman, Robert Wixom Hopkin Il Ea t, .R.H. Hopkin Il We t, .R.l-l. Top Row: Robert Reints, Thomas Finch, Frederick Plous, David Hembrough, Thomas Miron, David Miller, James Rorah, Lawrence Smalec, Thomas Munns, Lowell Hoffman, Clyde McLaughlin, Herbert Schmitt, John Winings, Pierre Ruiz, John Zimmer, Jarvis Rich, Richard Prodehl, Earl Townsend Third Row: Donald Everist, Charles Howe, Renold Schilke, James Herner, David Garrison, Leroy Baranowski, Edward Stehno, Mark Westerland, John Bolden, Timothy Ter Meer, Marshall Dapin, Lawrence Labuda, Theodore Ehrlich, Maris Roze, Daniel Bozin, Robert Parshall, Robert Daniels, Bill Smaller, Gilbert Simon, Lonnie Frye Second Row: Peter Foster, George Millen, Vince Peterson, Dennis Read, John Temple, Joseph Hobbs, Robert Burton, Gordon Taubenheim, president, John Ogden, Kenneth Kelley, Donald Weaver, Winfield Scott, Karl Kelley Bottom Row: George Hart, Jerry Minnear, Mark Basset, Stephen Curry, Gerald Miller, Ira Pritzker, Glen Ludwig, Victor Lill, Robert Richter, Marvin Rebuck, Ira DuBrow, George Moy, Agapito Santos 5 li ti it mf: tif! fli. lit' 5 ?'f,..f. L J 2 Top Row: Roger Montgomery, James Florreich, David Marvin, Robert Meek, Frank Strainis, James Mading, Ronald Haedike, Allan Etheridge, Richard Johnson, John Kruk, Richard Masur, Richard Miller, Guillermo Menendez, Robert Murray, James Plankenhorn Third Row: Charles Smith, Sheldon Copleland, Curcic Slobodan, Donald Ekstronn, Michael Larkin, Joseph Bores, Thomas Dahlgren, Kenneth Boehm, Fred Sauter, Gustav lsgren, Charles Lacina, Richard Vicars, Arthur Price, Paul Parmet, Marshall Kerschner, Richard Strain Second Row: Herbert Weiss, Donald Feldman, Michael Popik, William Kerr, Lee Harvey, Donald Miller, president, William Best, Jay Katz, Murray Zimiles, Carl Sigel, James Macdonald Bottom Row: Richard Biby, William Lesser, Martin Scliachner, Joseph Thracher, Cliftord Ruderer, Dennis John- son, Gerald Leeb, Vincent Rieck, John Hill, James Fink, Nicholas Runde, James Stavish Not in panel: Gabriel Galvis, Edward Kein, Michael Malloy, Harprit Sandhu, Arthur Mazza, Eugene Bergeron, Fred Psyk, Michael Melleby, James Griiahn, Robert Strauss, Michael Gallagher, Richard Goldberg, Donald Crumback, Milton Murasaki, Richard Walsh, William Lundquist, Bruce Bailey, Richard Goddard, Henry Carl, Stephen Emanuel Hopkin III Ea t, .R.H. Hopkins Valhalla Top Row: Paul Regan, Charles Geiger, Carl Skilbred, Dean Sammons, James Bush, Lance Herning, Bruce Bailey, Jettrey Ferguson, Leonard Cutler, Jay Werth, Lee Freedlund, Douglas Jackson, Stephen Madden, Douglas Swanson, Leonard Olson Fourth Row: Neal Anderson, Robert Wangerow, Patrick McNeill, John Thean, William Schultz, Jerome Gustafson, Gregory Paradovyicz, David Morrison, Earl Salsman, Gary Melnicove, John Seavy, Stephen Kurth, Emil Frein, James Morrissey, Richard Ziccarelli Third Row: William Herzing, Alan Schroeder, Theodore Rose, Kurt Simon, Peter Setzer, Roger Vossler, Kaye Dyal, Dallas Navolt, Sylvester Scott, Stacy Fendrick Second Row: Donald Payton, Robert Scolli, John Punzak, Donald Johnson, William Orr, Smith Toulson, James Tira, Donald Wolverton, Dennis Kim, Delvvin Goode, Warren King Bottom Row: Kenneth Thomas, president, James Kraft, Victor Cushing, Ronald Raben, Gail Gary, Kenneth Montone, Jerry Crum, Richard Weihl, George lsome, Robert Rowley Not in panel: Julius Rothschild, Joel Bloom, Thomas Schmidt Top Row: Donald Zebroski, Frederick Fox, Joseph Krenovsky, Gerald Johnson, Kent Pinter, Manley Keeler, Alfred Christiansen, Dick Williams, Anthony Frigo, William Kraiec, Arthur Hammar, Donald Horn, Leo Haberer, John Ray, Frank Tse, Richard Gordon Third Row: Thedoroe Vicklund, Vincent Nauseda, Thomas Neal, Trevino Herrera, Stephen Mooney, Richard Fenoglio, Gerald Womeldorft, Gordon Wilson, Carl Carlson, George Burdi, Richard Ramsden, Stuart Shater, Edwin Reschlfe, Roland Holm, William DeLuca, James Youngren, LeRoy Plummer, Lionel Young Second Row: Robert Witkowski, Donald Magdziasz, Robert Donaldson, Ronald Mason, Kenneth Roberts, Lawrence Kopp, president, James Buncher, Jon Fulfs, William Witt, Marcus Marlin Bottom Row: Kourosh Zaimi, Robert Arndt, Richard Babcock, Jerry Rawlinson, Marvin Rogers, Michael Kramer, Allan Falk, Edward Olsen, Charles Zeigler, James Laude Not in panel: Donald Magura, Max Beavers, Alan Berger, Ronald Carter, Michael Everett, Dale Fogle, Jerald Friedman, Charles Godat, Bernard Harrington, Hugh Holland, Roger Jaenke, Thomas Kamis, Ronald Katz, Ronald LaPorte, Jerry Mason, Joseph Meyer, Jerry Mosbarger, Meredith Nelson, Sherwin Olken, Manny Price, Steven Rosen, Stuart Stern, Gordon Wine, Larry Woiwode, Willard Woodward Hopkins IV We t, lVl.R.I-l. Hopkin I Ea t, Top Row: Jonathan Berkson, William Westall, David Uhring, Maynard Bender, Allan Reisner, Leo Goluba, Richard Spencer, Donald Wood, Lawrence Doty, Herbert Singer, Mark Jezisek, Dennis Getz Third Row: Donald Stahnke, Ben Rosenthal, Timothy Smith, Michael Rouille, Richard Terchek, Owen Hein, Charles Standring, John Beecher, Lawrence Knauft, Carl Soneson, Daniel Cornell, Howard Sobezak, James Gilmer, Daniel Hedden Second Row: Terrance Huff, William Rice, Stanley Kowalczyk, Charles Jones, Hugh Palmer, George Moutsatson, Marion O'Leary, president, Robert Gernant, Kenneth Evans, Sanford Hoftman, Alan Olschwang, Louis Frase Bottom Row: Richard Gordon, Martin Levy, Raymond Wolski, Edmund Landgerg, Joel Orlinsky, Lawrence Weller, John Lixvar, Roger Thryselius, Charles Eggerstedt, Charles Klatt Not in panel: Frank Zelip, Harold Witt, Burton Lichterman, Edgar Folkers, Wallace Dunn, Edward Wendrow, Richard Hudson, Louis Biskup, David Gold- berg, Richard Sugita, Douglas Finlayson, Edwin McLaughlin, Bernard McCullough, Donald Smith, David Flax, Michael Friedman, Michael Bielicki, Robert Murphy, Roger Stein, Roy Marinell, David Korman, Leonard Rovner, Marvin Gerstein 5' llilllil Top Row: William Mercer, Ronald Pine, Frederick Boch, Walter Chonovvski, Perry West, David Law, George Henry, Robert Sindelar, Chester Laskovvski, James Hoge, Bruce Mmier, John Elam, Stephen lvens, William Herb, James Spudich, William Bruce, David Masters, David Leong, John Heneghan, Lyle Espenscheid, James Burcham Third Row: David Stavlund, Allen Mardis, Marvin Wahl, Roy Kutsunai, David Knapp, James Kouzmanoft, William Smith, Stephen Cohen, Stephen Cawelti, Donald Peling, Ronald Biggerstaff, Sidney Bernstein, Wendell Winters, John Roth, William Kran, Raymond Oakley, Amado Castro Second Row: Gerald Kouzmanoff, Harvey Whitfield, Arthur Fournier, Stephen Henderson, Terrence Stringer, Philip Martin, Robert Martin, president, Terry Wiebenga, Gary Fish, Paul Schneider, Bruce Cacciapaglia, Zalman Usiskin Bottom Row: Lanny Richter, David Lembke, William Winget, Robert Gainsberg, Daniel Cohen, Victor Bezman, Robert Havice, David Klingebiel, Eddie Young, John Marxen, Clint Magill, Larry Bender Lundgren Lodge, .R.H. Lundgren Tower , lVI.R.H. Top Row: Robert Pechinski, Patrick Kenny, Roger Jokisch, Richard Koler, Joseph Sommer, Raymond Herzer, Doral McGee Second Row: Kenneth Louderback, Joseph Wodarczylc, Richard' Wallace, Edmund Ficek, Clyde Baumgardner, Thomas Salzgeber, Gerald Kita Bottom Row: David Sebastian, Bob Nakamura, Robert Holzer, Kenneth Kloss, Samuel Bedrick, president, Donald Freeman, Richard Herbster, John Williams iii on-'1' X. Top Row: Terry Roberts, Jerry Catlett, Donald Millman, Thomas Robbins, Carson Culleton, Richard Laxen, William Collins, Richard Thompson, Richard Wright, Barry Hoffman, Loren Jeter Second Row: Sheldon Hofifenberg, president, James Penny, Roland Pearson, Lynn Gosnell, Alvin Knutson, Lee Zindell, James Rasmussen, Alan Varner, Eldon Whittaker Bottom Row: Daniel Dutz, Don Aukemp, Richard Kloubec, Richard Petrowich, Kenneth Meiners, Gerry Nelson, James Messer, Howard Hyden oble I, .R.H. oble Knights, lVl.R.H. Top Row: David Miller, John Wilcox, Ronald Kennedy, Peter Rosella, Clare Merwin, Edward Schmidt, Donald Falk, Frank Ahlstrom, George Bezkorovainy, Peder Finnberg, Jerome Handlon, George Pierce, Thomas Specht Second Row: Mladen Diuricich, James Ragusa, Roger Franks, August Banknieder, John Nekolny, president, Kenneth Schoeck, Jon Stemples, Ervin Zander, Mark Archer Bottom Row: Larry Jensen, Charles Sanders, Milan Beliic, Alien Bollman, Andrew Dierf, Albert Wicks, Robert Galloway, James Granger, Michael Hanner Not in panel: Patrick Kelly, William Schmadebeck, John DeAno, Ronald Walkington, Stephen Yost, James Neece, Patrick Rea, James Kalas, Phillip Kupritz, Roger Benson, John Counts, Melvin Meyers, Calvin Wheeler, Allan Munch, Ralph Madden, Ronald Gross, Norman Malone, Ronald Bulin, Larry Gross, Gary Haddock, Robert Crownson, Robert Harrison, Top Row: Glenn Young, Paul Eldredge, John Wheatland, James Kahle, Joseph Gilkison, Stuart Stern, Michael Festen, Jerry Yundt, John Collie, David Stantel, Charles Pigg, Gary Stahl, Melvin Mann Third Row: Leland Loquist, David Lynch, Edward Fryman, Ronald Senate, James Knoll, Kenneth Tunstall, Lawrence Feder- inan, Norman Schmidt, Thomas Ford, Dale Haan, George Tampa, Philip Okun, Barry Hargis Second Row: Donald Coronos, Donald Frederick, Kenneth Neumann, Joseph Spadaro, Ronald Otto, president, Wendell Whitlow, Martin Lewin, Joseph Hasman, Robert McAdams Bottom Row: Blair Glulzia, David Yates, Stephen Lucas, George Sherer, David Hilst, John Hall, David Gilchrist Not in panel: Maynard Bender, Robert Bloom, John Broomfield, Richard Courtney, Louis Hepner, Richard Hopper, Roger Lederer, Alvin Lipman, Michael Monita, Perry Olsen, Richard Tursman, James Zimmer oble Penthou e, oble oo, .R.H. Top Row: Barclay Boirun, Robert Kirkpartick, James Kopycki, Gene Okeson, Glenn Hass, Thomas Brennan, Marshall Zandell, Robert Zemaitis, Richard Dubberke, Robert Hunt, Simon Winchell, Howard Herbin, Joseph Kosinski Third Row: Jerome Goldstein, Joseph Leshyn, Jerry Placko, Steven Rothacker, Daniel Weaver, William Burwell, Ronald Harris, Carl Knable, Ronnie Hoyt, Lester Wlodarczyk, Thomas Slaninka Second Row: Charles Larsen, James Young, Jerald Howard, Virgil Reed, president, James Mitchell, John Hubert, Brian Sandberg, Richard Flint, Donald Roupe Bottom Row: Joseph Nedlin, Allen Stiefel, John Sullivan, Duncan Gilchrist, Leonard Tuttle, David Erickson, Harry Bowman, Howard Ellegant, Leigh Beube Not in panel: James Fuiitani, John Golec, Kenneth Guth, John Higgins, Earl Johnson, Lawrence Neimarlc, Sheldon Rudnick, Kenneth Ullenius, Norman Willis an Doran, lVl.R.H. Top Row: Thomas Degenhart, Albert Belgrado, Carl Becker, Richard Erikson, William Bunch, Jeffrey Lenz, Walter McElligott, Robert Dziadula, John Bateman, Ross Grossman, Arthur Struss, Ronald Laechelt, David Dean Second Row: James Eclfman, Keith Robinson, Paul Symanski, Ronald Parsons, Randall Dagis, Charles Dutton, president, Vincent Caputo, John Hasemeyer, Gerald Klein Bottom Row: Leslie Downing, John Lehn, Ronald Dice, David Soo, Edward Barnes, Joseph Brewer, Charles Beard, Richard Price, Siham Adra Not in panel: Gary Grohmann, John Konya, Larry Kerkholyt, Earl Hughes, Peter Karl 255 MAMA ""'--Q -inn: F01--1 GT-an-an ' 1 , , . ? i is Y' " ff P-le '?"" -Z: 2-lbw kfm' 'B i 2:24 , 4-1:4 nf'-1' 1:-tv" ML, y MJ ......,, ..... 7 if nl, , A -- . ki, if 5 ., tf 51 4 1-J me M-wr. , ,y..t4z'1v, , '11 fm K.. 'ix Q , f "1 7- W -JI' vi? New V., mv .X '9 "-'Leis-' ,. !mr .Ann Ferry, President Marilyn Mann Martha Virginia Coombe Kay McLey Joan Greenberg Suzanne Haines Carol Hay Esther Hirsch Ruth Hoogerwerf Betty Jo Hulka Ardith Lamps ' Carol Leonard 3 gi :EA r 'N 1 jf.- , 5 ' ,, ss'nr..f.. A ' Bonita Melnick Betty Millan Margaret Molitor Virginia Riser Barbara Ropers Sally Swanson Sarah Wrobke - Qi' 7 J Q ' ' " 4' 'f,I1 All f " , Daniel Wilde, President Stuart Goodman Richard Archbold Robert Backoft Kenneth Branch John Clem Donald Doherty Stanton Dotson Bruce Duff John Forsyth Albert Herman Mannie Jackson Alan Jaffe Robert Johnston George Kerr Ronald Kollman Richard Kreitling David Lindstrom Stephan Lucas James Lytle Russell Martin David Millis Patrick Sheehan Ronald Stein Dennis Swanson Urban Weidner Ronald Winchell If I V . 0 . Q -T 'u Q. ,. U .' . , . -1 - ,.: - .M '.' mm, 1- . .N , 4 eg . 'l gxuvu, ey Evil' -.fl-v 'E in lm' ,f'lN'.':'l""Q' 332, Mae Mirto, President Bonita Anderhub Lynn Bell Nancy Grant Bell Sally Blocker Linda Bond Helen Culkin Marylin Daly Margaret Dempsey Nancy Dixon Miriam Donath Llyn Forrest Carol Green Merrill Hahn Katherine Hameder Barbara Hummer Mary Ann Inwood Suzanne Jeffries Bonita Anderhub, President Carolyn Daily Loretta Alfonsi Mary Jo Aller Emma Lee Anderson Marie Anderson Carolyn Babcock Melissa Blanke Mary Brenda Braun' Melinda Bresee Marianna Brow.n V Mary Brown Sharon Crowley i Carolyn Curtis Beth Dohme Lesta Elliott Carolyn Franks June Fritsch Julia Gates Carole Luehring Janet Meadors Anida Miller Janet Monier Marcia Ann Morgan Ju?lith Lynn Morley 1 Juanita 'Neal Barbara Johns Barbara Keough Mary Kamlynn Keyes Thelma King Diana Kramp Kay Lash Mina Maish Elizabeth Michener V Catherine Miller Joy Miller Maigaret Nelson Clotilde Phelps Janet Reeves Roberta Rosenstein Alice Shoger Carole Stackhouse Jenna Vaught Katherine O'Brien Karen Person Jean Ratcliffe Mary Frances Ryan Virginia Seiler Patricia Sheahen Sally Smith Martha Solomon Dorothy Stark Carol Ufkes Susan Vaughn Kristina Wanberg Elissa Weaver Mary Geissman Martha Gilkerson Marcia Glasgow Lisa Grable Audrey Gronert Beverly Kimes Carla Kogan Phoebe Kosfeld Margaret LaBarre Elizabeth Lawler Conrad Lantz, President David Broadbent Thomas Anderson Stephen Barnett Reginald Bean Kenneth Broun Lewis Collens Adrian Crook Robert Becker Dan Dannenteldt David Bender Richard Eberhardy Paul Bennett George Bossa rte Joseph Epkins Alan Gosnell Edward Griswold Terrance Gillinger Paul Hardy Maurice Jones Richard Kemmerer Garry Kenworthy Douglas Lapp Richard McWard flags, Alan Buckles, President Robert Armstrong Kenneth Bonnem Gary Bronstein Robert Brown William Brown i Charles Coane Arthur Lempke Evan Lloyd K Daniel Mesch Michael O'Laugl1lin Forrest Paxton Raymond Pi,tton Donald Quest 4' 'ikichard David Rademacher . ' Richamfurtiss John Reger Harold D'Orazio John Reynolds Laigtnce Kuzelaif Richard Ruppert - i , an y Joseph Rutgens Simon Sheridan Daniel Sigband James Stein Thomas Sykes Everett Thomas Gary VanWinkle Frank Voris Qfglin Wessels John Westover John Easterbrook Joseph Miller John Nelson Edward Perry Ronald Robbins James Ruyle David Thomas Thomas Trousil Us William Flynn Paul Foreman Donald Friedman Roger Groth Donald Hartter William Hogate Richard Hutchinson David Kuhn ' Ernest lQpmerow BD' r..,1 " A 4 EMA ILT-V 3' ,W . .5 O -9 1950 liilif f' , iii' gill' ' in Daniel Wilde Carol Leonard President, Union Associate Business Manager, ILLIO 5 if aj- Ha ILl.l OIS Jenna Vaught Personnel Manager, Theatre We 'S A -- i A ' i 1 I M6 i -x- Wlffws Xssgyi f W, n ,F M 1, .. Y :Sf W aa- f ,f A .f yn., 12 . Q gps , digs RI' v Axe! gl, Y if is , ge is s Aff' sf ' A f big -. V , .,.. 4. .3 ' - M , ,. at ' , , ' 4. f Q 6 ' P ff- ff ga YL ' 2 ,f .Xa Mk A 5 ' sh '4 Q, 1:5 4' f R , f K.. 1 to gt.,ws,. W1 iii Q T , wx, A , i 1 ' .1-me-' John Clem Kathy Manning Albert Herman Business Manager, ILLIO Associate Editor, ILLIO Associate Editor, ILLIO was mswrtiivtf SW B W E' , , ,I 4- .U J. I M' 4 " . -1 v- hi.: - :Q 1, 7.7-VL, M ' - A , f of ,D . .3 5 lf, Q ., I Aux , ., , X 1 --rv ,.,-, 4 ., , - M, Q lv ' fzsywvrgrwf-pf D 1 Www. a -aff - r 'L'-N, X. William Burrell Football Captain ,s iv . A .4 -7" x ki 1X1lVl N David Lindstrom President, YMCA x v " ,w-YU, Aw-,A L., s 'X , lb A f , T , "" '4",.!l ' 1 . - ' ' lf ' F ' ' f Q , ' ,T is " V 2 ' - , X i . y' f :sz-,J 1 0- 12 M -ff fr ux f fl lf 5 , X, 'f - ,4 ' lm!- ! f i 4 ,JW4 , 5 5 , 4 f , V K ,Z ,ff-fs A 2' ' , , , i X ' - " J, r- 'T 'K' 4 Prix , f 5 ERN K' : 1 l f ' 1 - 0 . X, ' , 5' x x X . 1 ""Qm. ,.,, , 1 -Q W . , ,. riff ' Marylin Daly Editor, ILLIO 'eww' 1 K2 xy, 5 x e ls Wglll C ,J j is ' Lf' V, "'g 1' A' 'lffgm X 5 Dennis Swanson Basketball Manager lf , ,,,, ..5 ,L Ruth Hoogerwerf Mannie Jackson Business Manager, Theatre Basketball Captain 1 , lin, A A , lfllflf' ,,,,f A ,M : .1 ,1,, ,.r' -"F,2'a"t,j wr, rv, ' "' Pal , 24:4 ,ff . If :,, 4:1 Aff" lj, 'MI' 'TMJ aw: W K1 l ,V ry " lfntmeyi ,iffllie 1 2 :wr rx-as ,- .rm .- 7' Q, 1 Photos by Heller's Studio f Q .V ifll 14 ,C ' J - G , Y f " 5 335' ' 'lf95??F':1'li?' .ff ,-mn 1 Y. ' ' 'Tf?i4L"' Mg. , W W Em,T,W,w, Ja , -nr " ' Vhvfmbkif , f1?"5'5 'M' Qfiif :A 1 ' 'L mfggg Q! F119 5- ,A , gi + , - -1. fi'-in N VX gf,-..1 NI rf 'tl . f. ,uw A ., my! -,x,K,5, , ,M -J .I k'f5s w" L".' 9' r Jxki 4 ' Y xi ie. as N, f "N JMXN , 4.-. WV - K ii. lg 5' ia .. ' F f.-ZR f 1 . g, ,1 .A--. ' ' i ., v an W"-' 3' James Bowers Track Captain X A .W X x '7 -- - Mat' -' --. 1:-F QQ V, fu. XR:-Dm' tvgiuiigwr iikxfdfffiii fr NfQ'7V"f"'g"iQ-v. :MuT'-Flagigckif''53-Si:ga5'fi fifigiiikr V ' i .-:,, gf ,l Q 1 3, ., V i -.-if! Fm. fA.sfm?gv:5fiTifl5,-sgziQ7f5'1?",siM-'g?,ig1is1g':3P5 r er, Q-f waist M5 tra.-zmtiaz-ra: Kay Lash Student Director, Union , 'ins is. ,- A 45. I V Ira. W- 'tu'--01 ',.pgt?., X- James Lytle Business Manager, DAILY ILLINI L OS V V,. N ,SM 3 . 1 any ru " "W " 4- alll! Samuel Skinner Margaret Molitor Robert Johnston Treasurer, Union Executive Editor, DAILY ILLINI Co-manager, Star Course Y - - f s I 2 A I VN 5 uf' .Vs- i i Alan Jaffe Robert Backoff President, Interfraternity President, Student Senate wind? lf -v-'rw-g. S mf., air' , ' W sw 45 if. 6 1,35 1:, 'Z is NV in :aunt :iris :gp 'Ali I X 1 I 11 H Immun Marilyn Mann Richard Archbold Student Director, Union Editor, DAILY ILLINI e 5 , '1.'1:1'f , Q? ,is ' fffg :- f Alice Shoger Stephan Lucas R 4 ' . 1.3 President, Women's Group System President, MRHA 52 Qi'?'Lf f?5 " 'ik ' - Q, ififf ' ,, 35W V i .A H f A Photos by Hellefs Siudio ' It 114'-.y-Q. W fsffv. -'idk-.rfrv 'we T' 1 wi- 'fri .1 - " , - :v"'s,a .1 in N:-1.. 3 .ITL 1, 1 wif: fc-:f,gi-'1-,m? ' "7 ,Tf""iv11 ""ffSw f . :ts 'Q A vi -MY, , is JH William Lewis Donald Doherty Q Q sgiygi-1' Chairman, Armed Forces Council C'o-manager, Star Course Y:-wwgfvwr: we fi S Ill 5: i ILL DIS Mina Maish President, Women's Sports Association .530 .- W I 1' A w fr" f .NJ '?' ' :J 'fi -if-N I ,ff .eq f rs: X V' vc? f 4 , -if-is David Bmw" Mary SUB Dfendel Stuart Goodman Vice President, Student Senate Head Cheerleader Director, Campus Chest I "Q, W New Urban Weidner PM Patrick Sheehan nf. Intramural Manager President, Men's Glee Club S nb I9 ff MQW? X1 ' trails., ,.". 'T 22. 71' 72: I 1 I 'wx iff' an . J 'q 'ef JI 721 , 3WLQ.'Jlff."'f, If-t::": ii ' Victoria Feit Kenneth Branch Associate Editor, ILLIO President, MIA 3'qc3M,-bigfegavf f 411 W- ,f-1. . -diff ci ffl-',,'. ,ow I wa: , i,1'f,fs 'silt ,ffilir 1 cg-Eg f u 4 ' , ty . .za 1 kf,f:,:g:f,-Q -Reign, 2v?.2m3'2f'f' . . ' , f ,ae may -X f ,ligfm f'f'f'cz:,., 'cfm r. , ,, 4, - f , at :inf ff 'V ,,1 2:42 A r 'f 'Ja'-U' ' 'gem f Vw- ,-Iwi: 43. A'Qf.,w, ww' f ' Q ' ., -' gxlf' 11,135 IL:-fc- ,hi'?.r a a1.:'f4zQwc',::f-5.41-: ,f.,s2G'X ?5ff4,f ,, .4 ft I A. .J- a .ff J Lei," . Vkllf Carol Green Robert Hickey Associate Manager, Theatre President, Tribe of Illini Photos by HeIler's Studio I I V V 1,621.31 PZVQ 4, Yzifl , xgjfg W, , Y A l 1' f I , af?-3 'J fx z L, I ,Lf 2.55, I ,, ll . , cm, "Y ' iii! f 31 ,. 953531 gf., grixfg, B" ' -qi: ' 11 gf H 'J f A5345 wil, A A, .,.,,w-., .w,A,.',,.Y f A i i -- ..n frywtf Hin , .1 H U ,Lage , , qv 1 n VOUTBAXLL Stanton Dotson Linda Bond Football Manager General Manager, Theatre Nancy McMiIIen President, YWCA f ly, " N, I 22' C iii at John Nelson Student Director, Union Ill' ii XX ', x'E,5Ncv, -. . diff-L x ILLI--CIS AX tx Cla'-'dia 105.70 John Donohue President, Women's Glee Club Swimming Captain 1 .4 MTF"-T rl xx . ,,.l H 4 I r "NWI qv H, ' - F . . i . Y Y nl. '..--.wa gy.. , Rm .- -.1 il ' M, 1 Q 4 If i' A I ii W .H Ii ' a P Q 1 Richard Adams Director, WPGU ' f I i i 1 ' i- 1 M '4,'.v- . in I' X mg,--.', Voir'-n,, ' ., , i an ' "' ' ,,' U . " ,V QQ 'ff'-..' 1 . ' , 1 fl "4 f' . ,i-, ,Q Inna . I. A V Q 'til it ii 3 if il np I L H' 'VA 'S ggi- I I B I f ,Q '- K' n K , . A ' I, w 1' li 5 i W' l Y ' m-mfagtnuv 'M , ' .,. ,.f' 1 ' ' Q -1114. f , , ,. 1, .Ky- ,., , ' .1 10. , 4 9 1 Y ' 4' ' if 3" A fn "J f ,, A I ij l r, ,.- wal .-A ,avi ,. mt' 'i 1 Al ' X v ,-I vc' fa, , Yo- ri, 1 IN f' I i 1 I V .,:c i . X ap-ug ui . - 'si QQ g tj .J 'i ,,' ,B , "il, ,J A M55-ws. twasngw' 4 4 2 gif i Helen Dangerfield K' X Student Director, Union W 5 T a X. 7'- .. v,.. f f,C..,,' f S r' .r. w w I 6. i i 1 2 I J .,,,, fy A i Q if '21 ' A ,KC v 'L 4 , Janet Reeves Walter Gilmore Student Director, Union i Photo Chief, Illini Publishing Company , , .iirif 475 - ,f . if ag' i - , , f' ' I ' Vi tu ' " ,fr 5 QUASX1MYek W gb lqvl, A, wwe. . , ,,,. I Minka, X 4 'MW-1-M'75 1 1 4 Q Virginia Riser Kenneth Broun 1 ' T,-I ,, i if 52 ' S z. ,f si. ,Q ,,.X?,.i Lj,, - W, v!,,, J , , , -4' President, Panhellenci M News Editor, DAILY ILLINI fl i 1 5 4 ,VI ' 'IE 1, if J A 1 ,3 1 1 l x Shi . " "Y J .QW f. 3, mf: ' 4,15 N 4 ,fi M, -w ,av N ff. - ,iffy ,sms . -1239 ' Vu" 4 f ' 'UM6 "if 'f". . .QD I ,-vu 5,j1 ,,,,, V, , f,,wv , V . , , 41-fgaiiffxi, 415 . 5-', , g H" y Photos by Heller's Studio v'z?4Qfww:? ef :M Q 4,1 4- ,' if -, c ua' " We 1 viiiimw 'iv qiz' "5" gyp9L.5ZE,.2,,Q.g,,- -f, 'f'1ffQ,f,l ma! 5 f' ,fy , fig 14:95 , dai , ,V 5 W fi J 4 Q , ,f.,,.,- , ,,,,,,,,.'A ff'-1 'fe K H V a V 'een' 4'x'4'e it 2 ea gygif 5525 use iii? 2225 mr iii? '30 grin Hi' i me eifgig get .Q Wulf It 1 4 fm uw elm sin me HSE Union Beehive Buzzes With tudent Activity- . , 'fra Y"" ve "H 55:35 WEE? rss? 5 . , WEEE? rl if - 5. ,Jil RHI! Bill ill! ill! llii' ilyiiaiiiiis ol lliiixii-isili lili- aim- Iii-isoiiilivil iii llii- .iilixi lll'S1lllll laiililii-s ol llii- Illini lltiioii. 'lllit' laiiiiliai ioloiiial 'wlylf' stttitttnt- lotalt-il al tlit' iioitli i-nil ol tlii- tllllltllilllglt' olli-is si-ixiii-s ranging lioiii a laigi- i-lliiivnt cali-ti-iia aiioiiiiiioilatiiig llioiisaiiils ilaily to an olistiiii' lost aiitl loiinil ilt-pailiiit-til iii Ilii- iolllrl ul tlii- lmilliatils iooiii. 'l'lii'oiigli n-tilt-atioii, thi' llnioii liillills that pail ol a sliiili-nts lilt' lltbl satislii-tl by liooks. A lmccllivi- ol sliitli-nl aitixvily, tlii- lliiioii n'ovttlt's ali o 1 ioittinit to lla raiils, ilu-ss, xiii 1- non I, ilivi Li-is, l Y lsl l-, anal hilliziicls. lliost' sttitlcnts iiilt'i't'slt'tl in iiioii- aitiw it-iii-ation lincl at their disposal a nioilvin t-iglil-lane howling alla-yi. Cltilliiral activities aint' also available llnoiigli displays ol olll- stantling stuilcnt att work on tht- grouncl llooi' ol tlic- Union Musicallyvinintlccl stutlt-nts may play the pianos, ciiloy it-coiil con- it-rts in the NVQ-clgcwooil Lounge, or check olll i't-cords lioiii thi- lcntling lilJi'a1'y in the Browsing Room. Several lounges, some with ratlio oi' Iclcvisioii piovitlc' ailtli-il social l'L'lilX1lllUll lol' stutlcnls, latulty, ancl guests. livery wvvle a lull sclictlnlc ol' dances gives students an excellent ilianct' Ioi' lim- ClllC1Al2lllllllClll. The IDITJPCI' ltinc tioning and coorclinating ol' thc Union's opera- tions is a tin1C-consuming task involving many people. 'lilnioiigli the oflicc-rs and stuilcnt tlircctors ol' thc Union, the stiiilcnt activity prograins are properly balancetl with the acaclcinii i't-qtiiu-iiit-tits ol thc University. The more than thirty prograins ol' tht' lllini Union provide the Uiiiwrsity with its varied and spiritcil social ialenclar. The quadrangle view of the Illini Union is more than a daily sight to U. of I. students. It is a landmark of campus activities from pep rallies in the tall to ping-pong in the spring. Within the Union doors are opportunities for recrea- tion and service activities so welcome to students. pon tiring 0 er Thirt Major Campu Event I +3 'X' 12- as . ,N '1- . . Mr 271 Q W or Jr. ve' VERNON KRETSCHMER, director EARL FINDER, associate director taii ei nion Adviser Preserve Continuity, 'l'o preserve tlie continuity ol the Union stall, faculty service is iiecessgiiy, lor the student leiidersliip is in the liginds ol dillerent students ezitli yeznt. The Illini Union Adniinistrzltion, composed ol' eleven inenilmeis including the director, associate director, social tliiuloi, :ind tint-t' zissistaints to the director, is tlixirged Union Staff-Top Row: Kermit Clark, Robert McNabb, Clarence Leverenz, John ?'.,x,." . 'Q A with the responsibility of coordinating and supervising daily services und activities ol the Union. The zidministrzition has organized it most adequate Union progrziiii, where :ill students can come to rest, relax. study, or pzirticipfite in cultural. recreational, social :ind educational prograins. Balogna Bottom Row: Art Sawyer, Irene Pierson, Alice Hurt, Charles Wertz 5-Qi V? 272 Q "if i l ' i lt? ii is i lf- f 4:11 , Advisers: Ettabelle Schwartz, Edgar Barth, Barbara Duncan, Jo Anne Kirk IRENE PIERSON, social director H l t d t t t'l. IJ ' H S i . I The Social Programs Department ol the Union helps Illini Union Board provides continuity und admin- the student make the best use of his leisure time while istrution lor the many zutivity prograuns. The liozxrd contributing to his individual personality. membership consists ol eight senior dire: tors. five student Programs are set up which :iid in leadership and pro- representatives ol University housing groups, three lm' vide opportunities lor students to develop skills in ulty members, an :alumni representative :und the Director human relations through associations with other students. and Social Director of the Illini Union. Union Board-Top Row: Professor Robert Harvey, Kenneth Branch, Samuel Skinner, Stanley Pierce, Gene Vance, John Nelson, Walter Schramm, Lars Larsons, Daniel Wilde Bottom Row: Betty Millan, Llyn Forrest, Helen Dangerfield, Irene Pierson, Janet Reeves, Kay Lash, Nancy Swanson 273 as t t l 5 ,J u Y l "Q: s K . X, JEAN RADCLIFFE, tit-pail nmmfffw t ht-.ul Block I, tunt 274 it J l. t t l l 4 1 i '4 Block I-Top Row: Leon Lipson, Alvin Reitz, Martin Johanson, Wayne Stephens, Andrew Bonior, Rtdmicl Cndtluuitoit Bottom Row: Nancy Mckibhin, Rosalind Novak, William Yontz, Helen Rode-mer, I'.itiu'i.t llisluwp Not in panel: Eldon Matticls, Nancy Townsend ho Gi e piritt Fall Campu lllntla I, tlu' ltngcst tgirtl set tinn in tlu' t'otinti'y. is st-un in Mt'nun'itil Stqulitnn git cwty lumu? loot- littll gzinux 'l'lu' ltlntk l iluittittittec designs tnlntlttl sltlltls ztiul puts tlu'tn into opcttttioti. llu' stunts ant- tnnitliitattctl with tlu' lmanul :nul uiitli tlu' tvntizil tlu'nu' til tlu' twclcctttl. 'l'lu' tlnnlilc ltltuk I scttitins nl 2.200 sttulcnts nn luitli sitlcs nl tlu' stgulinin pitwitlt' intuli ol tlu' spirit :ttul ttrltii nl Inntligill scatsnn. 'lllu' Stunt Slum' llnniitiittcc luttullcd :ill tlu' Iitililitity, titkcts, itulgcs. :tiul aitutiigcittcitts lor this watt"s Stunt Slum: .Xtt ntstltcstrzt wats pro- vitlul lm' picesltmi' c'iiu'i't:iiitnu'itt :ttul lot' the liqulcgintiiul nutsit. llui linzil slum: at highlight nl tlu' llnnu'tuniing Xtbclwtttl. was Citjoyed by :ill gitul wats t litnzixctl in tlu' :itvatrtlitig nl' trophies lttlllt'Xt'lIlIllI1g slunvs. 'l'lur tiitlu'licx'tilmlc' noise. tnlur, atiul spirit ol tlu' Xtinnrx cvctw sitting is tlu' result nl' lllOIllllS ul lmivpgttxttinii lm' Slicctitioii ln sttulcnts :tiul the Slu't'tituni Coiniiiittcc. The ilninniittct' tsonrtlie tizitus tlu' t'ntci'tgiitittu'tit :tiul 1it'i1titgt'iiu'itts which into stwn ln' llubllsxtlttls til lliiix'c1'sitx' sttulents. l'itut't'tls Irwin hlicmittnit gn tn tltzttstty. :nul tlu' Nlllill'lIlN l'i'll'lXU lllll llltll l'Xl3Cl'lClliC. Stunt Show-Standing: James Brady, Judith Higgins, Donald Bern- stein, Terry Heads, Robert Karton, Jacques Schinoll Seated: Marcia Morgan Sheequon-Top Row: Leon Reivitz, Wade Carll, Martin Johanson, Robert Caughey, Keith Thompson, David Sager Second Row: Nancy Mclkrbben, Karl Krauss, Helen Rode-mer, Jacques Schmoll, Rosalind Novak Bottom Row: Martha Mullilsen, William Flynn, Max Schmidt, Mary Isel Not in panel: Michael Yates, James Parochetti, Ronald Fowler la' ' Q, l 'l 3 , 1, rf, I International Programs Mary Jo Florio, Genevieve Genles, Frances Swartz, David Johnson, Marianne Burgbacher, Betty Flamm Not in panel: Bonita Bovvron While International A lrienclly :ilniosplieie lui ,Xinericzin illlll lui' eign sluclents is creailecl hy the llllflillilllfblllll lJ1'0gl'1llllS Clrnnniillee. 'lhe sm izil pmgrziiiis spun- sorecl by lhis filblllllllllfi' :ire liigliliglill-cl by style slimvs, exchange lllllllC'lS, :intl zi IJCII-liill progrznn-aill clesignecl lu lmrni zz closer liienll- ship hetween lureign :incl Alnericzin Sl,llilClllS. The lirsl week in l,CtCIlllJt'l is Iiiteriizilimizil Wfeek, lillecl with an llllClll2lllUIl1tl lillll, ex- change dinner, :intl Ililglillll. ll is :i week lin lforeign and Aniericzin slutlenls to sligne in un- derstzrnding :incl mutual lun. Nlziny people liuy novelties lrmn lioreign countries during the lzzii to use as Cllnristnizis gills. The profil is useml in set up loreign stuclenl loans :incl intlivitlugil seliolzlrsliips. During the Slillff llziskellmll 'll0lll'Il2llllClll in March, the Elite Eight Clunnnillee pmvicles en- tertainment and activities lor the high srlinol students visiting our cznnpus. The events in' clude 21 cheerlezicling mnlest, zi queen uinlesl, the tournrnnent clzlnce, ai vziucleville sliuw, :intl 21 concession :intl llllflllllilllfill lmoulli. ,X lmzinquel for the cheering squads gnnil queen lUllll'Slillll's climax the weekend. International Week Committee--Top Row: Sheryl Clayton, Martha Hanson, Carol Feige, Elizabeth Michener, Carol Crout, Helen Rash, Reva Schmiler Bottom Row: Joyce Hale, Jacquelyn Moore, Eugenia Smith, Margaret Brown, Deanna Davie, Patricia Gleasner Elite Eight Carnival-Top Row: Stanley Browne, Robert Swanson, Alvin Re-itz, April Marn Bottom Row: June Fritsch, Linda Franlf, Nancy McKil'Jlain Not in panel: Marcia I-lance, Jon Prael Program . . l i A-4. l i w i i W ' i ,y , ,,,... - V ,QW , , :QL Ag' '1 'f For ' q I v I 1" l ' A 1 . l i lnfil 4 l 3- 41 l QA " 1 ,zwuwi l, -- ,tl A , l ity, 4 inf.. -i ,,-. , '1 3 , V Vr3f,e5,3,u' f ., - l Ain-e.ilQF.A,,fr'li' ' I, ,trji if ,ii I qbg-1" l X l ,'ff,rf55,t 1,11 iw' ef ,. ,V 1 .- . rf,-53 eel ,.1v,'1,,',a,'I',4,lakgtff Lf, , gi-,.5'gffgqt , ,eff'rf,.,.',f+' ,Q - ,g,,a are f' f'e, 1 '-. - fx' - 9'-f f , J, ' ifrieffhf fi47!"'if7'l'fl'g71 fn' f ft 5,11 J 'egg-Q 211: ,f fifty , ii 1 . y .He in 4.1. ' 7-fe 4, Ve il ,Wig 'A ft QQQQ, , P .fa 1 Q 1'.ligfr:ef.igC 123554. ig. ,HJ-'e', r 'g 12, -5.241533 ,ftswa ,fjg 4, -fl 1. ' t'gf"f'ffs1f., jg, :AL ' 3-,Q . . M, 4..v,,. Q., Q ,veffmgft 1, 5, Q N liffn' 5, rf"e-21-13 '55, 'SIS gift ,J b.2e'g,'x,"-4 , 0 5,115 . fi rfff'r1f43" ' .2 .,n':vf8-'fg?'..f ' 'ffg lrlfviif' ,-, .,.- "x,' 'ff' t:f'fI'ef' 1555, 1' '1"iSf'3.xit v' af 'gf ..,, , ,.' L Lfl. '1., ii . rw, 1-,l rr, W, '-f.-ww, :-- V ,f L4 1-Wifi .':3ig14,'i,lnl iipp r 1.12: V, ,ff J " K ings, 3 'Ml' I Y? 6 I If 1 'li 8 it X ry z lb as ' f t" ' "' aff f 'fit' 1, as ,. ,j' V, ,, i 'i '- , -f,f f"' wir- V r.Lv -.wer 'X L. '.e'af.ff gg? - ' f CAROL OLIN, department hr,-arl Fill Entire Year ,ijgwr ,A J, . "ig" XX l li - I - - 3'Tx iii 275 V7 Til l 3 ' ve Spring Musical-Top Row: Carol Strickland, Robert Philipp, Michael Riley, James Brady, William BRUCE STEGMAN, department head Gray Bottom Row: Mary Hale, Frank Voris, Kenneth Bonnem, Elizabeth Sterret, Linda Joy Committee Work to Plan and Produce Aeti itie Spring Musical is one ol the big attractions of Mother's Day weekend. A student cast with professional directors combine to produce the spectacular. The Committee on Spring Musical makes the physical arrangements, selects the musical, casts, costumes, and is responsible lor publicity and tickets. Five times during the school year, the Night Lights Committee converts the ballroom old the Union into a night club. The ballroom is hllecl with strains of music lrom a featured band and also serves as a show case tor campus talent. Every weekend, the Dance Committee makes "dance" the word at the Union by provicling dance facilities and music. The Committee also sponsors dance les- sons. special hops. and. of course, the big campus Union dances. The Campus Talent Committee auditions and keeps files ol campus entertainers lor the use of Union Committees and other organizations. Night lights-Top Row: Betty Dyer, Evelyn Brown, Sandra Schwab, Dances and Campus Talent-Top Row: Elaine Anderson, Linda Creamer, Janet Haning, Sue Fahrenbache,-, Carol Carlson Bonom Row: Keiih Thompgonl Allen Barnett, Margaret Fleming, Susan Olson Bottom Row: Douglas Tonkinson, Carol John Lesak Marvin 276 Elf? Y,-f"K - 'qi' fl? ,ff if -it I .1 4 Illini Relations and Pep Rallies-Top Row: Ellen Reimann, Judith Stearns, Wade Carll, Gail Van Deventer, Keith Thompson, Marina Lucco, Marcia Hence Bottom Row: Marilyn Pulley, David Sager, Kristina wsnbefg, Judy st. Clair, Charles Didrickson JOHN CONANT, department head l'0lll il llllltllillllllll 0 llflll ll lliil 0 , F F ll ll ' i ' lVl ' l Sh Activity Night, planned by the Illini Relations Com- collee hout helore the Honietotning game. mittee, started oil the Union activities this year. The Social Forums Connnittee is designed to ht-lp every Committee plans tollee hours, the NNI Banquet, and student help himsell in making sure he is sotially tor- othet' events involving Union personnel. rect. The lorunis, in the Iotni ol discussions, are held As Homecoming approathes, house decorations with in any organized house on campus. colorlul designs and slogans appear on campus. The Pep Rallies on the quadrangle helote every home Homecoming Committee organizes a tontest lot the hest loothall game bring enthusiastit students. 'llhe Cloni- house decorations and lot' Miss Illinois and her tourt. mittee on Pep Rallies arranges lol' the appearance ol It also publitiles the weekends events and sponsors zt athletes, clieerleadets, and the hand. Social Forums-Top Row: John Schrader, Fred Niemi, Stuart Posselt Bottom Row: Carol Feige, Judith Stader, Norma Foster, Barbara Mueller Not in panel: Sue Owens, Ted Fried- Homecoming-Judith Stephenson, Michael Yates, Carla Kogan, man, Karen Richardson James Lashbrook Not in panel: Katherine Mueller, Everett Thomas 4-L . -' -.. ,y I X 'W i 5 'Q ' itw, 04 ,M ,. X 1 2 l X i, l . A if 'fl 1 l . . z 3 277 . .Hi N l QQNM: C ' I .' a t i 'gg 1 ,., . 378' " 4:1 3 'I B... Cinema International and Union Movies-Top Row: Mary Halem, Fred Rose, James Prell, Myron Gross, Charles Adams Bottom Row: Elaine Anderson, Joyce Cleaver, Beverly Kimes, Katherine O'Brien, WILLIAM YONTZ, CIeparIlT16l'lT head Marilyn Markus, Charlotte Scoville Dad' llerbie , Foreign Film , Bridge Game , Films sponsored by the Cinema International tlommittee make it possible lor everyone to visit a loreign country via the movies. The variety ol' loreign Elms shown enrich students' W' experiences and provide many entertaining evenings during the school year. Every Friday and Saturday night the audi- torium is filled with excited students about to see a number-one movie brought to campus by the Union Movie Committee. The low Cost of admission is an added inticement lor thrifty University students. One dad becomes King-lor-a-Day, but the Dads Day Clommittee plans a royal treat for all the dads. YVearing their derbies, the dads attend a pep rally, a pre-game collee hour and a Dads Association gathering. King Dad is crowned during hall-time oi the football game and a banquet is held in his honor. The Committee on Games and Tournaments arranges lor bridge lessons, special co-recreational bowling tournaments. and supervises billiard and bowling tournaments. Students are given the opportunity to improve as well as practice their skills in these Fields. -IJQQW fi A Q Qf ' ft Dad's Day-Top Row: Seymour Melnik, Gretchen Garthe Bottom Row: Jean Judge, Martha Mulliken, Linda Creamer Not in panel: Christina Shaw, Thomas Eovaldi Games and Tournaments-Top Row: Donald Kibble, Bruce Stegman, Allan Markle Bottom Row: Nancy Heselbarth, Juanita Jacobs 278 Jazz-U: Charles Mullet, Judith Neal, Kenneth Bonnem, Neal Martin No! in panel: Janet Peterson, x -Q B19 ' ., "'.- f Aw-N., ...II A fv 1' I ,qa4's73Z, . :,"'ff X , l ul l I ,Q V 1 if l v - 4 ' Ns ,M ' '11, wx ,ii i A ,4 1 J til mmuuq ,.4h...s Roberta Narker MARCIA MORGAN, department head nd Jazz-U A mbol of nion V rsa ilit The Alan-U-Like-It Committee contracts com- bos and special performers for appearances on exery Thursday evening in the Union Tavern. Besides supervision ol the jan programs, the Committee also conducts a "lust Alan" contest every March in which combos lrom many or- ganized houses compete in presenting their in- strument versatility. Putting good art before the students, lac ulty. and townspeople. is the objective ol the Fine Arts Committee. Art appreciation is promoted by the use of coffee hours, lectures, and a com' plete lending-library system. Many students pass through the Union Gallery in the basement and stop to admire the types ol art work displayed there throughout the year. Classics to contemporary is the order ol music played from 3:00 to 5:00 in the VVedgewood Lounge of the Union. A lending library old music is also available to University students, and several special programs highlight the school year. Every Christmas special programs. several of which feature nationally known artists. are presented for the enjoyment ol' campus music lovers. Fine Arts: Susanne Oehler, Bruce Kriviskey, Sharon Thompson, Elizabeth Fieder, Lynn Temple Music Hours: Richard Ruppel, Shirley Hill, Betty Zinser, Virginia Chandler Not in panel: Anita Affolter, Phillis Muhlernburch, Karen Smith 279 ll' 4 X1 'rw LARRY KUZELA, department head ADA JONES, department head Frequent E aluatien el Finance and Pnblicit Advising the Union committees on good pub- licity is one ol' the big tasks ol' the Internal Pub- licity Committee. lt holds publicity workshops lor all Union Connnittees and also publishes a yearly publicity handbook. The Public Inlormation Committee, in charge ol external publicity lor Union events, advertises through newspapers, TV, and radio. The Com- mittee publishes a Union newspaper called the "Blue Dial," takes pictures ol' all campus activi- ties, and prepares the Union display lor the Illzfo. Two very important phases ol Union activi- ties are the workshop and orientation program conducted by the Personnel Training Committee. Alter an activity is linished, the committees then have an evaluation program to seek improve- ment lor the coming years. The Personnel Committee has the responsi- bility ol keeping the Union's Committees sup- plied with members. The Committee develops enthusiasm and interest in the Union by spon- soring an activity night each lall, particularly aimed to interest incoming lreshmen. Publicity and Public Information-Top Row: Mary Ann Bucher, George Sellers, John Frank, Sandra Grassi Bottom Row: Janet Peterson, Walter Hopkins, Mary Kay Fitzgerald Not in panel: Bruce Wheeler, James Clark, Robert Ashbrook Personnel Training and Personnel Recruitment-Top Row: Elizabeth Frank, April Marn, Alexandra Crane, Suzanne Roche Bottom Row: Joyce Hale, Janet Meadors, Gail Pierce, Ellen Reimann Not in panel: Katherine Mueller 280 if W! ' fl , :' ,. 1 ,Q fl ii? 5 MARILYN STEPHENSON. department head Lead to Impro cement The newest and smallest connnittee in the Union is the combined connnittee olf Sales and Finance. Finance con- ducts a watchdog position over the Union's monetary affairs. It also takes inventory and does research into financial matters in hope ol finding Il1CKl1OLlS lor greater economy in Union activities. The Sales Connnittee is charged with supervision and records ol' all Union activities' purchases and sales through- out the year. The connnittee sells Honieconiing liaclges, Dad's Day clerhies, and has the concessions at the Elite Eight Tournament. Illini Union, operating Financially in the realln ol' a large business enterprise, has a clehnite need lor the advice to be gained from such a coinmittee. Sales and Finance: Jack Wildholm, Dave Boerner Mc 4514549 lf! ' -1 sc i f .. y , s 1 . ,: Q ,fx f 11' 4 in cz fr, 3? l , gc ,Q W 54 3 5 I i f J Laurie coyly tlirts with Jud Fry in an attempt to make Curly jealous in the early part of the musical, "Oklahoma," presented by an all stu- dent cast. 281 4',- iff: i 3 tud nt enate Empha i e Academic ttitutle, Student Senate is the unclergraduate student govern- ing body at the University. Its sixty rnenibers, serving 5 staggered ternis, represent all phases ol' campus lile. ' Senate's program is similar to that ol the United States National Student r'Xssoci1ttion, ol' which it is a member. l Senate's work this year has been priinarily directed at raising the students' acaclernic attitude and develop- ing a sincere interest in political and international allairs. To initiate this prograni, Senate president Robert liaclcoll addressed student leaders and academic personnel on "The University in Perspective." This "State ol the University" report outlined problems in student-laculty relations, academic standards and achievenients, and student obligations in college policy lUI'lll1lLl0ll. Suppleinenting this address, student senators who 'GPX X t had attended the USNSA National Congress partici- -R patc-cl in a speakers program which brought this academic emphasis to the various housing groups and organizations. ROBERT BACKOFF, president Student Senate-Top Row: Jaines Shonlcwiler, Leonard Gelstein, Kenneth Spangler, David Raclemacher, James Wright, Howard Berline, Charles Daigh, Allen Mardis, Norman Kelin, Ronald Link, Gary Mowder, Donald Simborg, Richard Hutchison, Joseph Podelsky, Simon Sheridan Third Row: lra Frank, Michael Willson, Bernard Bishop, Michael Harnblet, Walter Schranwm, John Nelson, Leonard Pierce, Peter Duslcey, James Clark, Lee Harvey, John McEnroe, William Rosing, Carl Zon, Joha- than Borus, Donald Doherty, Howard Walker, Stuart Goodman Second Row: Hugh Tyndall, Patricia Billings, Michael Neff, Marcia Morgan, Nancy Dinnella, David Brown, Robert Backofl, Sharon Garman, Gary Bronstein, Lewis Collens, Prof. Valentine Jobst, Prof. Thomas Hastings, Prof. Robert Scott Bottom Row: Alice Shoger, Florie Koqen, Mimi Maish, Judith Osborn, Jean Goodmon, Betty Millan, Marian Eggers, Judith Waitzman, Sandra Thornton, Clotilde Phelps, Barbara Gaul, Sandra Poll, Karen Bunde Not in panel: Kenneth Jauch, Judith Lemma, Ronald Winchell wc Q,-L -t t ,- mc, F!! 282 Pushes Bond Issue and ew Student Pro ram 8' sf , ,.' 1 Q, Executive Committee-Standing: Hugh Tyndall, Lewis Collens Seated: Marcia Morgan, Sharon Garman, Nancy Dinnella David Brown Robert BackoFf Gary Brownstein, Michael Neff The newly organined Political Al- lairs Committee initiated a program to arouse student concern on the Illinois State School Bond Issue to be considered by the voters in the tall. Students were encouraged to ac'- quaint themselves with the specifics ot the issue, and to persuade voters to pass the relerendurn. "Fair Play All the VVay" was the slogan adopted by Senate in its at- tempt to prevent discrimination among local merchants. Qne significant acc ornplislnnent was the development ol a new student week program which was initiated in the February Orientation X'Veelc. Alter hearing an address by Provost Gordon Ray, the new students as- sembled in groups to discuss the chal- lenges ot the speech. The Senators listen attentively to the presentation ofa bill by one of the members. During the weekly Wednesday night meet- ings, Senate attempts to follow the decorum ot the United States Senate in the formality of procedure. lt Six Committee Chairmen-Standing: Ronald Link, Hugh Tyndall, Michael Hamlnlet, Donald Simloorg, Sandra Thornton, Barbara Gaul, Leonard Pierce, Karen Bunde, Howard Walker Seated: James Wright, Bernard Bishop, Michael Net-T, Joseph Podolsky, Richard Hutchison, Simon Sheridan Fr hmen eminar and Committee Inve tigate .X nmdetn termd was eltzthlislted, with rivet' 5,tltltl vu tllsl in the hill St-nztte elertinns. lilectiun tlrnnnlittee ellmts rind gt utters guide tnelmietl hy the pnhhc 1'el.ta trnns stgtll lnfnertetl rgninmtgtt issues gtnd tqnulidante nlninrni tlnnuglirnit the rannlmus. I he RU l t. ltniestigztlmii t.1nnnntlee tnndur ted at Stll- dent Ullllllttll Imll. Nlzlle students welt' :lslsed tu slatte their views un the Rtflitl lllttgllllll git lllinuis. 'l'he results were itnrnpntxtterl intn gt unnntittee report with nthet l'nix'eisitv Rttltl ltl'ttQllllllS. The lt'llttll will he used in runsulettng the linssrlnlltt ul teltlzuing the Ines- ent twubxegit tttlllltlllhttlt lnngtgnn with at x'uluntgnx' one , , 1 f 'lhe newlx' hnlned Student Resegntlt lillltilll hella student llllXt'l legnh gt new liegtk. 'lhe Iillltilll zirtztng tlnee student llights tn litnutte gtnd sttessed USNSX slmnnsrnetl student turns. 284 tes Student senzttors, lzuulty and atdnlinistrattive ollicers diseussed lll2lllCl'S ol University concern :tt the zmnual ,Xllettrm Clnnlereme. Another rnnlierence in the tall, tnnsisting ol' student senzitors :ind l'ClJI'C'SClll2lllVE'S ol' the live housing groups, ltlfllllllillell :ind coordinated the yegn's pmgtzrnl. The mnl'et'ence ull t'2lllllJllS included the "tIhz1llenge" pmgrztnls sponsored hy Yule University and the Foreign Student l,e:ndet'ship Pl'0,lCl'lQ'S evaluation mnlerent e held :tt Trenton State VliC2ltl1Cl'S College. l'il'CHlllll1lll tlountil hzts heen rmnpletely reorgzlnized. Now under the nznne nl Freslnnatn Sentinzny the group is at rmninittee nl' Student' Senate :ind nleets in SCI'Ilill2ll' session unte at week to discuss the pmhletns ol' higher educaitinn. XlVith their own constitution and business nieetings, the gtrnip zutluires lnuuticztl experience in otgztnifattion development. .. Aix. D, u .Il EU 'S tt Vi 'Q xt- - gkqls,-, f ' L A 'XX s, c - I RM , , . 'M-4 . siimiiri, ' 2, - 52 ft, ix 'G' tix ! :gs Q lt' 3 '57"T? Freshman Seminar-Top Row: Robert Hatch, Thomas Clark, Patrick Rea, John Jacoby Third Row: Dennis Ryan, John Frost, Alan Metz, Lawrence Hansen Second Row: Leanne Bauman, Kathleen Edler, Linda Turner, Evelyn Ebbert Bottom Row: Barbara Stanley, Earl Brown, Nicholas Bosen, .Ioan Agrella Not in panel: Robert Perkins, William Allison Propo ed Bill and Execute enate Program Much of the research work of Student Senate cannot be done by the group as a whole, but investigation must be lett to committees. Here the Senate is seen in discussion groups, attempting to organize subject matter which will appear later on the Senate floor. mmm ,.,. ..ii, ,Tam .,i, at s i,i. I ,. we 285 66 Code on tudent Affair " G0 ernedb C A l Composed ol' nienibers lroin Student Senate, the ll housing groups, and laculty nrexnbers, the Com- r nrittee on Student Allairs lornrs a representative legislative body. The conlniittee establishes poli- te cies lor the supervision and guidance ol extra- r 2 r 1 h Q curricular activities and the allairs ol' undergradu- r ate students. i In coordination with Student Senate, CSA pro- poses and adopts changes to the "Code on Student l , Allairsf' the regulations and standards governing the extrztcurricular activities ol' undergraduate students. All Student Senate legislation is considered and voted on by the LISA belore it is presented to the Dean ol Students. Difliculties encountered in maintenance ol proper balance between catnpus activities and academic lille also come under the jurisdiction ol the Com- mittee on Student Affairs. PROFESSOR J. THOMAS HASTINGS, Chairman Standing: Van Miller, Robert Bohl, John Nelson, David Rademacher, Joseph Podolsky, Hugh Tyndall, David Brown, Carl Knox Seated: Frances Van Duyne, Nancy Dinnella, Betty Millan, Miriam Shelden, Alice Shogar, Robert Backoff, Thomas Hastings, Robert Scott, Walter Johnson Not in panel: Lloyd Phipps, Aurelio Florio 286 Coordination Roviow Quoon Contot Proooduro Quztlilitzitions lor cotnpliint'iitztt'y titkct lists :und ,-1.,-.. 2 thc slit-ttilics ol' the tlttct-it tontcst policy wt-rc two :gg-f,,+g5,,y :treats in which tloortlitizttions t'xpi'cssutl inititttivt' th is yen in This cotittiiittce platntit-cl the caunpus catlciulztr W . . . 5 Lind pievciitt-tl nun' cztlztnnty when Mihtztry liztll so :ind St. Pztt's Bull sought conllicting dates. mf J lm The Coortlinztliotis Cnnnnittet' eslztblislies und enl'o1'c'es the regulations thatt govern the niztny cannpus events thatt are spnnsoretl by the rcciog- W nized student Ol'gllllllllll0llS und bognds. , s, n, 1 Coordinzttions is :tn iniportztnt Sllll-t'Ul1lllllllCL' ol Student Senate: its l'llllll'Ill2Ill is selected lrotn znnong the l'l1CllllJCl'S ol' Senate. Advised by the Dean ol Student Activities, repre- sentatives from the live housing groups and the Union plan and grunt perniission lor dances, Sill- dent-sponsorcd musicals. :ind sports cur shows. HUGH TYNDALL, chairman Standing: Robert Bohl, Walter Schramm, Howard Berline, James Wright Seated: Hugh Tyndall, Judith Waifzman, Jean Gooch-non, John Nelson Not in panel Dean Vern Hampton, Vernon Zimmerman, Robert Johnston, Ronald Winchell l, L..- s......,t,, H , im ea L. L..-.. - ., .. , . -'--Xml sara:-yr we' M- ! Q Wa , J ,Q SPP' -iff 1' E!!! 287 f ,IL -A-...,' ALAN JAFFE, president Stholarship intproveinent in lpolh the active and pledge areas ol lraternity lile was eniphasifetl by the l959-l960 Intetlraternity Council. 'l'he lnterliaternity Council is the governing and SllpCl'- visoi y hotly ol all liltyeseven social lraternities at the Uni- versity. Largest antl oltlest in the nation, the Illinois Clonncil holtls an important position as a leader in Ira- ternity government. 'llhe president and a junior representative lrom each Iraternity tonipose the IF ilotnnil. They serve as legis- lators anal nienilmers ol the various rommittees such as pledge training, scholarship, Creek Wfeek, intramurals, rushing, and publit relations. Greek ltVeel4 was again sponsoretl this year with Pan- hellenit lor the purpose ol' promoting sorority and lra- ternity lile. A monthly newspaper, the Illigreek also calls lor cooperation between Panhellenic and I. F. lnterlraternity Council also plannetl the lall Pajama Races again this year and arranged lor Christmas parties lor tnnlerprivilegetl mhiltlren in the Champaign-Urbana area. Speakers were sent to high schools throughout the state to explain the Greek system to incoming freshmen. ehelar hip Emphasized for Active and Pledge Executive Committee-Top Row: Donald Metzger, Gregory Liptak, Robert Schmidt, Dennis Stehluk, Richard Dandurand Bottom Row: William Gray, Frank Voris, Conrad Lantz, Alan Jaffe, presudenfg Daniel Sigband, David Rademacher, Walter Schramm TJVU 2.88 t egtfgf 1 t l E t l i . E if ls, i E l..,,.,.,M,,, r t fx L' r . ' - HT " "flax ,f 4 ,U 't 1. t gi if bandit' iii IF Council Representatives-Top Row: Ronald Blick, Russell Dawson, Richard Diedrich, Donald McSorley, Bill Burke, Jerry X ,f 1 ,gy is 'sim ,M 1 1, L yi' H ff " r. 4ffill'l fi: . Il: fill fr i .X Vi. ig t ,i l f lt 'E IB , . , r 'I ww. " V ,J X , Manley, John Dodson, Jerry Lang kammerer, Dennis Rosen, Bob Reis, Tom McKnight, William Lawrence, Les Bell Second Row: Greg Liotak, Walt Schramm, Joe Oberto, Roy Fonda, Arthur Bower Rollie Earley, Bob Pokorny, Paul Fagerman, Gary Devine, Peter Buckeley, Gerald Weinberg, Don Metzger Bottom Row: Dennis Stehlik, Frank Voris, Dave Rademacher Danny Sigband, Dean Eldon Park, Alan Jaffe, Connie Lantz, Bill Gray, Bob Schmidt, Dick Dandurancl ith IF Council upervi in Fraternity Life IF Council Representatives-Top Row: John Forsyth, Ronald Johnson, Carl Sinder, Thomas Hecht, Gaylon Lathrop, Julian Oettinger, Richard Schwarzlose, James Holden, Jerry Manion, Steven Sample, Raymond Levin, Lawrence Kuzela, Max Schmidt Third Row: Bruce Anderson, Terry Romack, Allen Larson, Donald Bernstein, Leo Castlein, Carl Allison, Walter Crowley, Mark Buch, Glen Thorson, Joseph Atkinson, Kendall Fugate, Reginald Yeatman, Charles Marshall Second Row: John Steven- son, John McCIory, James Huck, Simon Sheridan, Carl Marrone, Albert Till, Richard Button, Robert Young, Robert Aten, Paul Malven Bottom Row: William leuter, Robert Pfeilzfer, James Bowers, Gerald Vermeulen, Allen Barnett, Fred Guyton, John Schelkort, Thomas Rowley, Jimmy Keller 289 1 1 Alumni and tuden Board im to Improve IF r Top Row: Daniel Sigband, Alan Jaffe, Frank Voris, David Rademacher, Conrad Lantz Bottom Row: Oskar Kubitz, Alvin Lang, Professor William Ferguson, Dean Eldon Park, William Julian, T. C. Mooney 3 Basic policies ol' the Interlraternity Coun- cil are lormulated by the Board ol Fra' lernity Allairs. The aim ol actions taken hy this group is to develop each and every lraternity so this system may take its proper place in all phases ol the University. In addition to acting in an advisory capacity to lnterlrateriiity Executive Council, this hocly also serves as the board of appeals lor .luclicial Committee decisions and is linal authority on violations ol' interfra- ternity rulings. The Board is made up ol three faculty members who are alumni ol lraternities on campus, three local alumni, the live elected olhc ers ol Interlraternity Executive Council and Dean ol Fraternity Men. Left: An example of fraternities competing to- gether in friendly rivalry is the lllini Grand Prix. Sponsored by Delta Upsilon, the event is held an- nually in May and attracts many spectators to wit- ness the grueling four-hour race. 290 -lunioi' liilei'li':ilei'iiily llouni il hats lol lowcil llu' goal set hy llllt'l'll'1llt'lltlly Clouniil in :timing lot higliei' siholau- ship in :ill lizitciciiity plc-algo iliissi-s iluie ing lSl5El-lfltill. Sllllllllilllllg :uul innin- lllllllllf' high soiizil slaiiulamls :nul cul- N 1 tivziling lresliiugui iiilcicsl in inlcilizte ternitx' :incl lliiivc-rsitxl :ulivitics wvii' also olm-icitixes ol the Olgllllllllllllll this il year. A newly loiinecl Puhlii Relations Cloininittee was largely respoiisililt' loin Q, jr publiciling the various projects :incl cn- SN' cleavors ol' the group. Jamlnry again witnesscil the ainnuzil "Pin and Piulcllen Bull, sponsored by Junior Interl'i'zite1'nity Council. Junior Interl'1'z1le1tnity Council is train- ing not only lor the Inte1'l1'ziternity Council, but also lot' other positions ol student responsibility. LAWRENCE HANSEN' president Junior! Train Lailer iorCampu Work Top Row: Dimitri Beres, James Rozen, William Patton, James Davis, William Dunn, Kenneth Lindgren, Ralph Gruenewald, John Monson, Julius Zschau, James Gott, Gary Young, Robert Smith, John Read, Robert Bush Fourth Row: William Rich, David Bruun, Charles LaFf, Neale Cloyd, James Boyd, Stanley Schaumberg, John Slazyk, William Tasker, Richard Coe, Don Livingston, Daniel Lennon, William Dunbar, Glenn Hansen, Edwin Denson Third Row: Alan Lockett, Robert Dallach, Delbert Packwood, James Schneider, Thomas Tuttle, Lawrence Hansen, Lloyd McClure, Carl Zocholl, Robert Mayer, Wayne Tenenbaum Second Row: John Buente, James Haddon, Lynn Dueser, Simon Stanfield, William Mahoney, John Rosenberg, Richard Peters, David Winter, Edward Cornell Bottom Row: Murray Favus, Raymond O'Brien, Shelby Kanarish, Alan Cash, Lynn McGill, Alan Metz, Dennis Ryan, Philip Kucera !1l7'1 291 19' 'sc e--ff A- 19-1- 'N , V an 19, Standing: Virginia Pagels, Karl Grieter, Rita Levey Seated: Barbara Keough, Gregory Liptak left: William Lawrence, Janice Johnson, Vivian McMullen, Carol Palmer Monthly "IlIigreek" Paper Publishes Greek ews af' - s-we . X l 'turf House meetings are slightly disrupted during one meeting each month by voices discussing the latest copy ol IHliQl'f'l'lr'. x'Vl'lllCIl and distributed by Panhellenic' and Interlrqitc-rnity Council members. the paper con- tains news items and leziture stories ol' interest to both groups. Subscriptions are sold at the beginning ol' each year lor this monthly Greek newspaper. Each lall the lirst issue ol the'f'l'k is de- voted to pictures ol' all the sorority pledge classes on campus. Male students scam its pages in search ol' laces and phone numbers for future weekend dates. Giving added publicity to such Greek events as Pfmhellenic Ball, Interfraternity Ball, and Greek YVeek is a necessary job ol' the paper. In addition. llligrc'c'l.' states the Creek stand on cur- rent campus issues and gives credit to outstand- ing Greek students. "Views trom Mt. Olympus" is at popular inlormal column presenting the viewpoint ol Illinois students. Above left-standing: Ronald Norton, Rita Lauterbach, Tom Janiec Seated: Theodore DeRousee, Mary Potts Left: Elizabeth Hendrick, Linda Hibbott, Robert lzard, Judith Jacobson, Gerald Wolin Greek Week Featur lfillecl ' ' ' ' ' with iltlIVllICS, C-reels X'Veel4 opt-lic-cl lrztternitv gintl sorority doors to give the pulillt urntpris hle through open houses :intl ll new ol exrlizuige dinners. Un buntlziy an Iutkeoll lmn quet was helcl lor representtzitives ol :ill Greek houses, various SlllllClll exetutives, zintl lzuully advisers to the Greek system. The week incliulecl meetings lor ollitt-rs as well as :activities on the lighter sitle, such as the llliolympies anal the MLLBOCI contest. An zitltli- tion this year was the selection ol Outstgimling Greeks. hzisetl on superior zichievetnent in sc holur' ship, activities :incl athletics. In an attempt to zicquzrint all with the Greek organifzition, the coitrririttees strove to incorpor- ztte all cziurpus lunctions into the variety ol events. They tlemonstrzitetl ways in which Greeks are actively trying to achieve their goals ol lurthering srholzirsliip, developing lezitlership. promoting social 1lVVLll'CllC'SS and supporting philf zintltropir projec ts. Above right: Getting into shape tor the tug-of-war, these girls practice for the Illiolyrnpic games. Right: Exchange dinners are one of the most popular features of the week, as Greeks eat at other houses. Committee-Standing: Judith Miller, Barbara Conant, Richard Brown, Stuart Cohn, Ronald Viemont, David Voelpel, Michael Marina Lucco Seated: Stanley Rosenthal, Julie Olds, Robert Schmidt, Margaret Belsey, Robert Bitter, Katherine Wagnum llliel mpie, Open lleuu --ug-av Ratner, Marianne Burgbacher 293 IX A ,Q 1 Activities Committee-Top Row: Sanford Jafte, Philip Siegart, Dennis Stehlik, Stuart Bloom, Dennis Anderson Bottom Row: Fredrick Koester, Thomas Welch, Larry Banker During the evening couples danced around a central billboard portraying the queen candidates. Dance music was by Richard lVlaltby's Orchestra and intermission music was by the "Eight Balls." IF Ball in Early pring Takes Marlboro Theme Interlrztternity Brill held on April ll, in Hutt Clyinnzisiuni. Contest posters ol the "lVIztrlboro Main" decorated the gyin. Put Houghton wats chosen IF Bull queen from znnong the nominees selected by each lrziternity. The czindidzttes were interviewed by at panel ol judges und the other Hnailists made up the queen's court. Clolorlul posters zippezired on tznnpus during the week previous to the dance, advertising the queen cztndidzites. Voting was done by tickets :it the ball. Noniinzrted by Sigma Phi Epsilon, Put was crowned with the traditional purple velvet crown, which contains the pins of all the frzt- ternities in the Interlirziternity Council. Winner ol the title ol' "Marlboro Man" was David Livingston, who received recognition dur- ing the evening. Richztrd Mxxltby and his orchestra furnished the music lor the widely-:ittended occasion. The "Eight Bulls" ol Delta Upsilon fraternity sang several modern numbers during the intermission ol the dzince. 3 Pat Boughton was crowned queen with the traditional 3, L- L 3, J 1 crown ot velvet and fraternity pins. 294 Q' . W A. -jygmvfr"'-"""" , 53,145 rx , W, ,f 'Qt . v ' 'site Ltlizerwi I Hurry,-,,A.,4 FWBYZ' Jilirfii L H- 'PiK'T54 V ,, Y-in 'lei "M Panhellenic Ball Committee: Patricia Dominic, Deborah Gentry, Nancy DeLaurenti, Ruth Lance, June Fritsch, Gervaise Steffen Right: Balcony observers peered down at the Panhellenic Ball through a white false ceilin 1 - g. A Halloween spirit was created by the black magic theme. JI ystieal Hallo een Mood Felt at Panhel Ball For that ulysticztl Halloween mood, the l959 Pan- hellenic Ball, "That Old Blank Magic," was clecorzttecl in abstract designs ol' silver, black, blue, and purple. Don JSFIS and his orcliestru C0l1Ll'llJLllCLl to the ztttnospliere olf the dance with his sentimenlztl music. During the inter- missions, the Gogieltnten sung popular tune selections. The highlight ol the evening wats the presentzition of the twenty-seven ltleztl Sorority Girls. lizicih lcleztl Girl was chosen by the members ul her house :ts the girl most representative ol the high iclezils, slztmlztitls :tml gtizils sei lorlh by her sorority. The girls were intrutluciecl by Alain xlztlle, President ol' lnlerlrziternity Council. The Ideal Girls were ltunuretl ul at banquet :tl which Miss .loan Cocltrun, Dean ol Sorority Xllluitteii, gttlclresseil the group. Each lclezil Girl received at silver brztcelel in reiuiml her ol' this lmtmr. All profit receivetl lrmn Patnhelletiit' Bull goes tnwzirtl sclmlzirsltips for untlergrzuluzite women. Top Row: Charlotta Kaiser Betty Millan Carol Leonard Judith Moss Margaret Krie e Ida B rtl t ' J E , , , , g , a es ein, oan dmonds, Marilyn Stephenson, Shirley Hill, Barbara Buente Second Row: Carol Olin, Carole Stackhouse, Karol Porter, Margery Hamilton, Deanna Africk, Theresa Leonard, Therese Perri, Diana Kramp, Reya Stone, Molly More Bottom Row: Ann Ferry, Judy Ent, Barbara Golden, La Verne Young, Nathalia Payne, Linda Bond, Julia Jenkins fm! ffg :Vit we , A v v '50 3753? of 'ls In .U i., . ,-I M5 8 Wig 9 f l if M' 4 2 5 , ,f ef, we 9' 7 Panhel A ti ities ari d, nily Sororit Girl Ford, Blank E P4tnltellenit's ztctitities tliis year included the ztnnuzrl All- Pledge XXI-ltotrte lield during lfztll Registrzttion Xlleek and Patn- liellenir lrlzril in Or tober. Prolits ol filltlll lrorn tlre Brill were used lor tlit Ptnlttlltntr Sclrolrtrslrip lurid. Pztnlrellenie participated :grin in tlre internattionzrl lfoster-Patrenl Plain by supporting :tn gt underprivileged child in Greece. M P.tnlrellenic is tlre governing :ind policy-iiiztleing body lor tire twentyseren sororities :ind the lwu Pztnliellenic Dortns at Illinois. Activities ol the 'ltrnior and Senior levels ol Pztnhellenic ' :ated by the lixecutive flonnnittee wlrirlr is composed I I in eluted rllrcers, senior tlrztirrnen, senior pledge advisers ol tht Int dtptttnrcnts, Sliiaki President, public relations ehztir- tnztn, :ind Henaate representzttive. 'I'lte lixecutive Cioninrittee also rnzrkes policy retornniendqrtions to l'resident's Council. Presi- 'lls Ciortntrl. consisting ul :ill tbe lrouse presidents, IS the legislzttive body ol Pztnliellenic. All sorority pledges belong to Qlttnior Pzrnlrellenic wliicli is sub-divided into Iottr .lunior Depztrtrnents. Purpose ol junior Pztnlrellenir is to tnzrlae tlre pledges ztwarre ol their responsibilities is t tnrptts trtrftns :ind rnetnbers ol Pgrnliellenie. VIRGINIA RISER, president Top Row: Deborah Rothlwolz, Frances Swartz, Martha Mollikin, Beth Dobme, Carolyn Babcock, Margaret Goodmon, Joan Greenberg Second Row: Georgia Arclrth Lamps, Virginia Riser, Joan Cochran, Betty Mrllan, Anna , Mary Braun Leimlbach Bottom Row: Melinda Bresee, Mary Sue Drendel, June Fritscb Not in panel: Melissa c 'Cai' r,f A-, aa' ....,of 1 .41 296 1 I l l fl 'T' , r l L - '21 3 nw' -L l ,. l t G fr 42 'all 3. M l 'W l l I .lunior Panhellenic executive committee-Standing: Terry Davis Seated: Rita Brandt, Barbara Elder, Judith Berg Top Row: Karen Yeager, Susan Thomas, Suzanne Haines, Carolyn Peterson, Diana Kramp, Nancy Wilson, Carol Peterson, Margaret Molitor, Carla Kogan Third Row: Laverne Young, Shirley Hill, Molly Moore, Judith Moss, Betty Martin, Ann Ferry, lda Barlelstein, Sarah Wrobke, Barbara Keough Second Row: Julia Jenkins, Merle Kuyrkendall, Ardith Lamps, Virginia Riser, Miss Joan Cochran, Betty Millan, Anna Leimbach, Carol Olin Bottom Row: Joan Edmonds, Carole Stack- house, Theresa Leonard, Clotilde Phelps, Reva Stone, Barbara Golden, Maris Freed, Carlotta Kaiser 297 3 l rev.. K m f , ff yi ff? Officers-Standing: Judith Roudez, Mary Braun Seated: Deborah Rothholtz, Sandra Curtis Frehmen pirit Liited B an Advisor Program 'lihzit "lost" ieeling common to liresltmzin women is curbed by the work ol the Freshman Advisers. These "big sisters" tire concerned with assisting lreshmen women in making a s:itisl':ic'iory ircljustmc-nt to the University by fzmtiliarizing them with czimpus stzinclzircls and customs. Selected or electecl lrom their respective houses, the ad- visers cire prepzirecl lor their position through workshops held zu the beginning ol eztch semester. The workshops are planned by the Freslnnzm .Xclvisers lixecutive Committee and its ad- viser, the ,Xssistunt Dean ol Freshman XiVomen. 'liltrough this group, including both members of Panhel- lenic' zuicl VVomen's Group System, information tables are mziintgtinecl on cuimpus during New Student Week. The Freshmzin Advisers also serve :is hostesses lor the Presidents reception :incl sponsor the All Freshman lixchzmge. Rowe, lris Charvat, Janice Gangwer, Judy Lynch, Janet Lantz, Phyllis Jaffe, Barbara Top Row: Marilyn Wolf, Patricia Murphy, Mary Alice Poag, Barbara Hamm, Judith Leonard, Phyllis Dannells, Sylvia Hardin, Evalynn Bryant Fourth Row: Kayla Chase, Mary Jane Geheber, Sofia Hurwich, Judith Beason, Marcia Murray, Andrea Friedman, Adair Hayden, Mildred Morris, Rosalynn Jenkins, Ann Montgomery, Carole Abrams, Hildegard Schroeder, Marilyn Mitchell, Myrna Loring Third Row: Helene Vogel, Mary Schaal, Linda Krimmel, Barbara Hoffman, Judith Delp, Carol Joos, Mary Ann Inwood, Dorothy Bell, Helen Rash, Darlene Clever, Carolyn Winstead, .lo Carol Larkin, Carol Wysup, Patricia O'Loughlin, Judith Knudson, Rosemary Schuster, Susan Packard, Patricia Dominic, Judith Rouclez, Sandra Curti Smith, Jean Eaton, Joan Wilkinson, Beth Dohme, Frances Swartz Bottom Row: Gayle Haglund, Mary Glenney, Emma Pippins, Sylvia Karlak, Evelyn Shouse, Virginia Shive, Diane Malmberg, Sally Williamson, Anna Leinibach, Judith Morley, Loretta Priscilla Fell, Virginia Weibel, Gail Spero Second Row: Carol Heim, Alice Gregory, S, Mary Braun, Deborah Rothholtz, Ann McNamara, Marshal Hearst, Adele Sable, Patricia :5L....,,.....o, A I t o n s i i H " Q , fzltilfza V " . 'fi-i9j,1'L ' if we . ,A as ' '4 r ff , L F' " , Q x ,K 1 af.- 5 if 5 Q .W ll ii if X X ,s ka a f. ,W annual! ' li may iii? i ' . ,tits Q 298 tl, 'X 'ill lYc'C1mil1l" wins llit- IIIILIQIIILIIIXQ' llivim' iliosi-in Im llzulk llgix llvxlllc lliis win. lfuui slums, imlililvli- will: a'l4lllin'gili' urs . l NYmlln'l1's CQiui1lxSislt'i11. llu- loin slums 1lmIll:lllX slzlgul wma' ilu' ivsiill nl t'lii1lili.iIimis iluiing IIN ullls in Otlulmcl. Xllcr llu' lgisl lM'llUllll1lllll'1lIISllllllllllylllglll,llUIJlll4'S WCl'R'llWLll'll1'll ln ilu' larsl Lllltl si-umil Imlgna' slimvs. XX'ill- lll'liS wc-lx' tlL'lL'l'llllllt'll In ilu' lultil iiiiinlit-i ul INJHIIS Saillmlzny nights. I 1 Directors: Louise Weisberq, Judith Braun, Lyle Rosenthal A strange combination of characters ioined voices for the finale of the l959 winning show. all We Could" Pre ented b Dad' Da Revu i .. Stops and starts ot dress re- K ff, hearsals are agonies well-known 41' ,il to this group of determined stu- i ,f dents. Final revisions by show di- , f' ,f rectors and orchestra produced polished stunts. 299 , Y . A , . .,.,.,, Y V V ,V.--.Y,-,, , . , , , t is utilising iulilnllllllv 1311391 rinsing m 'LF' 15'f1,,. if F' ALICE SHOGER. president VVorking to promote leadership, lellovvship, high stholarship, and interest in campus activi- ties, the lEl5Sl-l96ll VVomen's Group System con- tintted many ol its past programs. The activities and lunctions engaged in by independent under- graduate women are supervised by the sell- governing M705 Council. The lixecutive Council is made up ol' the ollicers ol' WGS, the niajor chairmen, and Dean Harrison. laculty adviser. This Council handles scholastic inquiries, assists in the planning olf various ac tivities, and atts as an advisory board lor lreshman programs. An organizational newspaper was published again this year by YVGS to keep the girls in- lornied on important events and to stimulate interest in controversial issues. Teas were given lor the presentation ol scholarship and activity awards. Other lunctions initiated by the or- ganization were an adoptive tutoring system, collee hours, and mixer dances. Freshman Board was set up lor the purpose ol voicing the prob- lems ol lreshmen girls and encouraging them to become active in WCLS. Dad's Day Revue and Sno-llall were sponsored this year with Mens Independent Association. W S rges Scholarship and L atler hip . . . Sealed: Judith Hildenbrand, Judith Roudez, Judith Waitzman, Lyrtore Rossetti, Alice Shoger, Gail Emlund, Barbara Hodan, Sandra Curtis, Linda Kahn Standing: f .1 Dean Mary E. Harrison, Linda Evans, Marlene Forland, Sandra Jones, Bonita Melnick t if t, iw ' 23, 300 'Q' Davy gg Freshman Board-Top Row: Judith Augustine, Patricia Moller, Jane Burnham, Roberta Gross, Sandra Jones, Janette Johnson, Judith Carlson, Helen Johnson, Eloise Romano, Anah Higgs, Karen Goodall, Roberta Taub, Joy Rickert, Brenda Yolles Second Row: Judith Roudez, Patricia Scott, Susan Miller, Lorena Divan, Carol Harris, Joan Rasmussen, Sue Clotkin, Diane Goldstein, Sharon Sneed, Marie Renz, Judith Labow Bottom Row: Evelyn Siegel, Pamela Tracy, JoAnn Zuinlan, Margo Ridg- way, Nancy Babbitt, Rachel Diamond, June Kruger, Judith Abrams, Patricia Verklan, Laurel Sandberg, Carol Lopay, Marilyn Turck oorilinate Activitie ol Inilep nde t iimen Second Council-Top Row: Barbara Kumler, Nancy Lanier, Patricia Goodman, Suzanne Campbell, Diana Chiles, Karen Person, Georgia Allen, Marlene Goembel, Janet Abell, Anna Price, Donna Reed, Carole Kosvick Third Row: Sandra Seegren, Carolyn Fleming, lrys Kogen, Jennie Boston, Sara Ulrich, Judith Killian, Ann Rankin, Shirley Kroenke, Carol Smith, Lynn Maller, Evelyn Brown, Marilee Mommsen, Phyllis Dannells, Jane Jones Second Row: Carole Chanock, Zoanne Lum, Vide Jucas, Corinne Epstein, Mary Kassube, Janice Gangvver, Judy Wyatt, Eileen Goldman, Rita Stackhouse, Lucia Thomas, Sandra Foster Bottom Row: Peggy Scott, Keladence Gardner, Mary Beauchamp, Noreen Crane, Patricia Harris, Rosalynn Jenkins, Barbara Schubert, Clara McGinnis, Janet Evans, Elaine Coorens, Judith Schliesmann 301 i l l ui 'l il V, , fl ri ,l ,i V KENNETH BRANCH, president DEAN RlCHARD O'LEARY, adviser lA Go ernment Convent: in Monday Council Starting ull gi yegii cal imprm'ement zincl progress, thc' Xlc-n's lnclepenclent .Xssciciztticm usecl its it bctsis the Spring 'Till lixxtltiaitimi ilcmlc-ience to correct sevc-rail ztspects nl its ciperqtticm :incl tn strengthen its mternztl 5tl'llclLll'C. I he iclprc-seiitgitivc' bocly nl thc' cirgztnizecl men's inclepenclent licitises nn cgtmpus nmv leels thztt it czin clo at better icib nl wnrlciiig lor the interests nl the men not living in HRH. Dectn Richztrcl O'I,c-:try was ztppointecl the new Ltclwisel' tu NIIAX. Mcinclaty Council, the governing power ol the group, chzingecl its ccinstruc tion lrum at bnttrcl ol'clirec't01'S to that til having eight vice presiclents. This was clone in orcler to lorm an more closely knit group. liztch vice president now hits chztrge ol at certain ztrezt such :ts personnel, ex- ternal gtllztirs, ctncl public relzttions. To stimulate par- ticipation in Monclzty Clotmcil, MIA began ziwztrcling a one-hunclrecl clcillzir scholztrship to the best representa- tive eau-h semester. Executive Council-Clockwise from Bottom: Stuart Havvbaker, James Wright, Roger Higgs, Kenneth Branch, Roger Gusloff, Robert Roger, Joseph Podolsky, James Schoonaerl, Earl Neumann 302 IS Monday Council turns out in full force to discuss an important matter demanding action which has come under ITS iurisdiction. To Discuss, Plan Activities and Exchange Idea Attempting to gixe the independent niatlt' student at solid llzickgrotiiitl in all :tspetets ol tzunlius lile, MIA is active in proinoting scholztrship, athletics, and sotiatl events. One ol' the IIIOSK iinportzult lunctions ol MIA is that nlemht-rsliip provides the students with at direct channel lor having their opinions heztrd in those int- portant orgztnifutions on cztiillms, suth us lllini Union Board, CSA, and Student Senate, which do not lizive immediate contact with the living units. Faculty Advisory Board: Dean Clyde Jones, Dean Gibbon Butler, De-an D Duane Branigan Sno-ligill, to-slitiiisoit-tl with Wonien's tL1'oup System it-inqtined one ol tht- top sutigtl events ol the taunpus ljlly Revue, ztlso init-seiitetl with XVGS, wats at spetiz sotiztl events, tollee huuis and inixers :ue held in con iunt tion with other Ulig1lllll2lllOl1S. Nll.X hzns iseteivctl oulstguiding nzitionztl recognition its elloits nn the ht-hzill ul independent students. avid Opperman, Dean Robert Culp, Thomas Morgan, Gaylord Hatch Not in panel 303 yean cts inditzited hy its lirstftlziy sellout ol tickets. Dzttl's tl highlight oi IJ1id's lilly Weekend. In ziddition to these lol Ye r-old RHA E aluates, Then Enact hangin Mu., ,r :W ' ,maj fiSQlt,gLLa71f' a A I c 7 ,v ..3.,., ,- .,,-..YA,..,,,, ,..-,,,,,..,.W,.m5,.,,,,..,,,-..-...7v,,mc ., 'A suit--1. f: 0'-Q an -e S- ,zq :f,.,.7X.,gjgx Q ,IA Vvrsg, ,fx yr Q ,I ..5,i21gge4,5,?fg 35? fs 1 X5 35',,:l,.if-4551521 ffQ"lQ,"w9' I ,digit ,Q 'jgf'1??S?,9l' we 4, ,A '?if.edl'4!" . '-if 555 AN . .. , . , , ve: E135 , f .sf X, L, 'TWA i txfi xg I f "hwy Q ix s A t t Y. fast. ggi, 13' sa, STEPHEN LUCAS, president f ff' After each meeting of the Presidents' Council, the individual house M + presidents pick up printed material, supplementing what they have dis- ,.,, ,M " Cussed in their meeting, to be taken to the members of their houses. Executive Council-Standing: Lars Larson, Howard Berline, Ronald Otto, James Young, Allen Mardis, Robert Burnett Seated: Kent Smith, Michael Coburn, Harold D'Orazio, Stephen Lucas, James Tre-HI, Donald Brumlik, Ronald Fritsch 304 For Re iclence Hall Progress and lmpro emtn Only in c'xistc'ncc' Icn unc' rcun, Nlllll.X, thc' YUllllU'Sli'l' ol thc' Inc' housinc' cfioups hzis gonc' , 21 hh ' lc lair lcnx'an'cl rc':ulnng, its goal ol inzilcnig bc'llc'i llltlllLlCS1IllQl oppoitinutics lot tlu' tncliruluzils resicling in thc' nu'n's clorins. :incl rc'prc'sc'nting them to thc' rc'siclc'ncc' hull lllllll1lgt'lllL'lll, lixe enlpliliying their progress is thc' new litergiry iuzigafine, limlglil. :incl thc- crcurtion ol thc' Calvin S. Sillercl scholairships. Mc'n's Resi- clence Hull .Xssociznion also lormc'cl the MRH Clee Lllub and compiled an olluers' hzuul- book lor more elluient house gox'c'rnment. The group through which HRH,-X operates is the Presidents' Council meeting every Mona day. The NRHAX constitution has been com- pletely rewritten to create a unicrameral government. with the .Iudicial Code evaluated and changed. Another structural change was the formation ol ai secretariat to better dis- seminate inlormation to the large member body of MRHJX. A Residence Halls Council, composed ol representatives lrom MRHA Executive Coun- cil and the presidents ol the X'Vomen's Resi- dence Halls acts lor the coordination ol both programs. Members ot lVlRl-lA Presidents' Council listen to a question being debated during their weekly meeting, Presidents' Council-Top Row: Donald Miller, Robert Burnett Kent Smith Thomas Murley Martin Chasen Roger Vossler Robert Marlin Virgil Reed David Ahlberg, John Nelcolny, Thomas Mansfield, David Gale, John Becker Albert Wanninger Leroy Hasselbring Second Row James Muskal Lawrence Kopp Ronald Fritsch Alden Mardis, Robert Philipp, Kurt Dzinich, Franklin Bachenheimer James Young Stuart Posselt Marion O Leary Howard Berline Lars Larson John Antonson Ronald Otto, Sheldon l-loftenberg, Darrell Rutter, Stephen Morse, Gordon Taubenheim Bottom Row Sant Narkinsky Hilding Carlson Donald Brumltlc James Trefil Stephen Lucas, Harold D'Orazio, Michael Coburn, William Schuyler, Samuel Bedrick Not in panel Kenneth Burch Harvey Shepard John Dent Bri ht Future eeu for ewet Huu in Group X .J M eh' 7 5,11 'J-UNA! N 'fijff' Xu, Secretariat: Philip Okun, Martin Lewin, Kent Smith, Donald Coroneos Judicial Board-Standing: Philip Martin, Gerald Holi, Roller! Martin, Robert Burnett Sealed: Willi 6 Plans to take ellett soon in MRI-IA include a re-emphasis ol' the freshmen advisers and speakers programs so they will better serve the residents in the days they spend here getting an education. Soon, too, there will be music hours in the Clark House Lounge, and a booklet lor orientation ot lreshmen. The HRH newspaper, The Rez Her- ald. this year took on a new format as part ol' the improvements in existing pro- grams ol this year-old housing group. For the First time. MRHA residents will have an ohficial pin. The design for this accessory was approved by the groups Presidents' Council recently. It is busy in the Noble House base- ment where the olht es of the Association are located and the many impending plans lor the improvement and better- ment ol' the men's dorms are put into action lor continued progress of MRHA. m Strasser, Arthur Fournier, Harold D'Orazio, Karl Lindberg 'i '5' -Y ..-M, .44 306 WT ,IVY txlas 1 wb, - -rs 0-4 ,HL 'V ,, ,., ElizaI::eth's regal, composed appearance during this scene from Mary Stuart is deceiving to her court, for she is faced with a difficult decision concerning her prisoner, Mary Stuart, If she chooses to give Mary her freedom, the safety of her throne may be in peopardyg if she decides in favor of lVlary's execution, she may face the condemnation of the English people for her inhumane act. Acting, Producing, Directing Oiicrcd b Thcatrc "Five great plays lay live great playtiglttsf' statecl pre- SllIJL'lVlS0l' aticl thc' co-cnclitiatcn' ul thc' wcntlc ol the season publicity lm' thc' llniversity'llieatrc-. Sttlzscrihing laculty stall with thc- stuclc-nt stall is thc- executive to the beliel that thc-tc' is only time to IJTCSCIIL the best clirectcng M11 Alcisc-pli W. Scott. plays, the 1955?-liltitl'l'lic'atre glflllll pic-sc'tttc'cl 1.cmwjm The Stttclcnt Stall ln'm'iclc's thc' pc-tscnitiel clitcctioti Lcme, tllccry Sinful, Tllc' Hciiry ,clllny ancl You Nc'1fc'i ancl tiizttipcnvet lm' all 'Iilic'ati'e pmclttcticms. This stall C1111 TWH. is heaclecl by I,lllllll Gail licmcl. the gc'ttc'1'al manager. The Ofgllliilllllflll is cliviclecl into two stalls: the stu- The lltiivetsity 'llliCAllI'C lmmvicles practical training. clent staff ancl the lacttlty stall. The lilllllly stall clirects ancl cclttcaticmal and t'c-ctcaticmal c-xpc-tic-ncc' in the and sttpervises thc' opetaticms ol thc- 'l'hcatt'e. The theatre llot'll1iix'c'i'sity stuclc-nts. JOSEPH SCOTT, executive director LINDA GAIL BOND. general manager ,V c . i lf"'f5 , I i I .,,:5l',,,i N Y 11 , 4 l " ff " If v f , L4 N11 - , Mtg, - , I E 'ov 1 1t..,.J' 3 .... 307 Fac lt and Students Work "B hind the een " inn an :ninnnn .,,, :mx mm N fm ml University Theatre Board-Standing: Bernard Hewitt, Turner Edge, Joseph Scott Seated: Jenna Vaught, Ronald Winchell, Cameron Gullefte, Linda Bond, Allan Holaday l l l A l l Senior Managers-Standing: Ronald Winchell, Ruth Hooger- l wert Seated-Top Row: Jenna Vaught, Catherine Miller, Linda Bond Second Row: Carol Hay, Carol Green r l l l l r l A mad scientist conducted his experiments on l humans in Condition Ill. Theatre experimented by using a divided stage for the first time. lil xg sm.- A 19 9-1960 Theatre Casts Pre ent . Faculty and student stalls work together to make the lliitreisity lheatre Zlll activity providing the richest theater entertainment lor Illinois students. Students handle the acting and protlncing: the laculty stall does the directing. The direction ol the lll5fl-llltitl season ol' plays was handled by lour laciulty members. This year's season began with the play Iamr' for Lrmr' by vvlllllllll Con- greve, direeted by Charles H. Sliattuck. rlllll' second production was Marry Slzmrt by Friedrich Schiller, directed by Clara Behringer. The third production ol the season was Thr' Ilurry Apr' by Eugene O'Neill, directed by Charles ll. Shattuck. You ilVI'Z71'l' C1111 Tull by Bernard Shaw. directed by Mary Arbenz, was the linal production ol the playbill. The student stall is divided into lour major divia sions: the Senior Manager division, the .junior Man- ager division, the Sophoniore Assistant Manager divi- sion, and the division ol' crew inenibers. Each of these stalls is in turn divided into several subdivisions and minor coinniittees. Above Right: Junior Managers----Carole Luehring, Loretta Alfonsi, Sharon Crowley, Ruth Ann Hoogerwerf, Nancy Schaudt Not in panel: Karol Porter Right: Personnel Stal?--'Carolyn Franks, Jenna Vaught, Melissa Blanke, Susan Vaughn Below: Faculty Staff--Bernard Works, Genevieve Richardson, Mary Arbenz, Shirley Davidson, Barnard Hewitt, Clara Behringer, Joseph Scott, Charles Shattuck W ' - ' - - tf-" v'1:.f 1, ,.' .,'- 7 za.-Mff. 1.2 ,,-s.- ,J UA , ,y ,,, . , t,,.,, .. il? ,r pw M f tae? 3 ' sr fifli is . 4 X Il, r 'fi its we j v, fix I ? 1? ,. ,. .M h A E x ,L,,,L.'-Nik .Tx ,J 5' 2 5 f jgs,a2,.f1,:Q . , U , X ,gg a ML? , ' if -fax-3 .H 'W' 3. I of bv-s Sophomore Assistant Managers-Top Row: Mary Lee Hale, Marilee Mommsen, Evelyn Brown, Kenneth Smith Second Row: Ellen Reimann, Lois Rose, Linda Joy, Elizabeth Harryman Bottom Row: Dorrell Turley, Mary Lou Caughron Not in panel: Wads- worth Giller, Mary Bulfin. Beverly Scherer, Arnold Naiman 610 e lor Love," 6'lVlati:hma XX y 1 X l l A l , 1 Sophomore Assistant Managers-Top Row: Nlaryl-may O'Grady, Joyce Bozarth, Louise Darby Second Row: Michael Welge, Mary Ehler, Carolyn Wilson Bottom Row: Barbara Sterna-man, Karen Kohes, Terry l-leads Not in panel: Mitchell Rhodes, Larry Schafer, Irene Arnos, Cheryl Potter kerj' and "Conilition Ill" A ladies' hat shop at the turn of the century was the colorful stage setting for The Match- maker, a rollicking comedy presented by the Theatre in the spring of l959. as J' , ,, ., - V l l Q i , 1? Q ' 4 rs- X' ,S fufi ,X 'f ' ',o, .5-,Zi Ra Y . l. - . , Ama... ,,,, ,. ,. W, , , -...,..i....4Li3::i A family ot "Soc Characters" descended upon the stage of another play and provided an eerie interruption to the practice session in progress. Pirandello, the playwright, used new innovations in stagecraft to produce this play in the early Twentieth Century. Enthusiastic Drama tid nt Writc, Act, Dircct Graduate assistants: Jean Cutler, Norman Newberg, Raoul Johnson, Carolyn Griftith, Roger Meersman, Ronni e Trent, Robert Whitlatch t 01. ' s Four plays rounded out the spring and sunnner season ol 1959 productions. Six Cl'lllltI1'ft'l'.S in Swriirli of an Author was directed by Charles H. Shattuck. Piran- dello's "play within a play" proved to be 45 a highly stimulating perlortnance lor Uni- versity Theatre goers. 312 XVebster Snralley directed one of the N59 stnnnier productions, The C0116 Dwell- ers, by xvillllllll Saroyan. Hunror and pathos blended in displaying :1 rich pano- ranra ol' delightlul Saroyan characters. Bernard Hewitt directed Cmzdition III, Peter Bown1an's prize winning play, for the 1959 Festival ol' Contemporary Arts. This play is one in a series of original scripts which have been given their premier perlorniancel by the Theatre. Thornton XVilder's rollicking larce. The tlltclrliitmlfw, gave a eolorlul climax to the H158-1959 season. Mary Arbenz was the director ol the play. Workshop Managers Beverly Kimes, Judith Lyman, Mary Divan, Carol Green The laughter ot this hurnorless clown was accompanied by electronic music. Professor Lajaren Hiller of the School ot Music wrote the score N especially for the Theatre Worlcshop production, Blue ls the Antecedent ' of lt. The effect of this play was totally theatrical in showing the plight ot modern man who appears to be losing his religion. S'x Work hop Theatre Produc ion Pe Year The Cave Dwellers. a realistic fantasy about people who find themselves on the stage ot a New York theatre which is about to be razed, was a summer production ot University Theatre. The lives ot these people gain new meaning through this strange experience. 313 Canadian-born prodigy Glen Gould has dedicated his life to perfection of his musical talent. His mother began his formal musical education by instructing him an piano when he was three years old. At the age of ten, he began to study under Alberto Guerro of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, After four years of study under Guerro, Gould made his formal debut in a concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Since his first American appearance in a Washingtoim, D, C, recital, January, l955, his career gained momentum. An internationally acclaimed artist, Gould displayed his versatility and depth of talent when he appeared as piano soloist at the Stratford, Ontario Music Festival in l956 and heard the first concert performance of his string quartet at that festival. Glo Gould and Robert Sha Chorale Featured Concert and Entertainment Board: Morris Carter, Murray Krleger, Donald Doherty, Suzanne Haines, Peter Yanlsvvich, Duane Branigan, Paul Bennett, Douglas Lapp, liolgieit Johnston, Charles De-Long Not in panel: Thomas Johnston, Harold Lancour A: 4 ,sim BQ, 7 "'!KU..'T' -.t,.,,.-.gnglvd H-- "-X ...qgsb 3l4 DONALD DOHERTY, personnel manager ROBERT JOHNSTON, finance manager In tar nnre Panorama ot Prominent Artists varied progrznn ol Iiolmlzn' and classical tumt-its in the lields Ajvl Vim: y ul' music, dance, :ind drgnnzi. This yr-1ir's -,cries toms-its in- ' ii cluded Inhzll, Dunne Tliezttre ol' Israel: XVilli:nn Piiiniose, 6 A l violistl Robert Shaw Cllwrzlle: Cilenn Gould, piginist, and the , 'P r' " Cllevelund Synrpliony c,liLllCSll'Ll. Featured in the 4-xngi uin- certs were the Allred Ueller Trio: Stun Kenton, .june Cllnisty and the Four Freshmen: Michel Senechzilz llnl Holhiookg lirroll Gzirnerg Mgirlltzt Sthlznnniez iXlnngul .lznlnnqxlg und the Pliiladellnhiu Synrphony CJl'illCSll'il. Student lVl2lllllgCliS handle Slzn' Course ziclivilies with two senior lnunzigers serving as the over-ull directors. Aside Ironi working with the hoard to lornnilznle general politics, they work out the plains und hndgets whith proviclc an working pattern lor the Clllllt organization. The Robert Shaw Chorale, now in its twelfth year of uninterrupted activity, has received world acclaim through its concert tours, radio ap- pearances, and recordings. It has appeared in twenty countries ot Europe and the lVl:ddle East, and conducts yearly tours in the Unitcd States Through the originality and brilliance of its founder and choral director, Robert Shaw, it has bccorne one ot the brighteit attractions in the mu- sical world. 315 angement for Tickets, Adverti ing, Per onnel , an 1:3 f' rig .4 BTW? .S sf-f-1, Q. Sophomore Managers-Top Row: Ronald Koerlge, Slanley Weber, George Montgomery, lhcnus Eovaldl Third Row: Jerry Manley, Jeanne lklns, Donna Johnston, Genevieve Glass, Rose Nlcllllullen, Michael Hanwblel Second Row: John Lundsten, Joann Tresseli, Charlotte Scoville, Judith Miller, Charles Henness Bottom Row: Marla Jurgensmeyer, Alice Gregory, Diane Courlright, Barbara Brown, Harriet House, Jerome Taverna E 'N f , .,,- 4, 5, 165 Q., La ii . ei rl, A ,J ll 1 1 5 P5 , ffftii gi ga S5 f- rl 1 vm S ,, ,W1':.,f,s' 2 ttjiw l -'fl' 'J' lv"-W' 4 . till: l A - ' V- Aff, it Z 5,?,.','uqlQ ji ' Q iw' ' , 515, rl , 1V,, W 1 A My al X f fttaef H 1 ' lf K. Ty X . , ,551 mii e' f, ' , Y ' JEQG or . iiasi J Q, f if 1 , raf t B X f . 316 Left: Sophomore and freshman managers work rnclustriously on details for a coming concert. No person has done more than William Primrose to re-establish the eminence of the viola as a solo instrument, Glasgow-born, he began his career as a child prodigy on the violin, for- bidden to touch his father's viola. l-le had well established himself as a violinist before he was allowed to change to the viola and work to the unparalleled position he holds with that instru- ment today. In his concert for Star Course, as soloist for the University Symphony Orchestra, lVlr. Primrose played superbly the famous "Harold in Italy," by Berlioz, Hs e Varied Job oi tudent tar Cour e Stall l XL-v - - w --i XN,.....,., A.. James Stein, physical plant: Lisa Grable, public relations Right: Martha Soloman, publicityg Thomas Roos, advertising The Yemenites migrated to Israel from the Southwestern corner of the Arabian peninsula 2500 years ago. Isolated from the Jewish world, they pre- served their traditions. After Israel became independent, Miss Levi-Tanai organized lnbal, Dance Theatre of lsrael, resulting in a unique blend ot ancient Yemenite dance torrn and aspirations of modern Israel. 8 Q If NWN ay i Q-33'-wt s " e' " .- . -, . ,v,"Sf,, ,. 1. . H ,NN 4 ,EQ "' U -. . " f ,xx ,A , .xml - A . I . A , . , Q - v:- -ns V . 5 . , 'ti ' if K ' i f A 5. , .WX UA A 4 U J, , - rt .,i?"Ii:" Q, ,. 7 .1 t Carolyn Curtis, personnelg Alan Lopatka, concert arrangements Left: Donald Quest, ticketsg Karen Person, staff secretary Cleveland ymphon , June Ch isty, S an Kenton concluctecl on ni non-profit bzisis. All finances tire controllecl by the University Concert :incl lintertziininent llozircl, at group coniprisecl ot six lziculty nlenibers :incl six students. The boztrcl is responsible lor such nizitters :ts policy, selection ol progrzuns, :incl finzinciul budgets. Alter the bozircl has htincllecl the c'ontrz1c't- signing procc-clure, the nizinzigers have eight cluties to perlorni lor ezich concert: publicity. Qiclvertising. ticket sziles, public relations, con- cert zirrzuigenic-nts, personnel, physiczil plzint zir- rtingeinents. :incl ollicc' nizinzigenient. Each ol' thc-sc' clivisions is hzincllecl by at -lunior hlzinztger who in turn is responsible lor clirecting the work ol the sophomore stsill. Artistic devotion and technical precision of the mem- bers of the Orchistra coupled with the musical brilliance of conductor George Szell have resulted in the Cleveland Orchestra becoming one of the world's greatest symphony orchestras. Illinois students who attended its Star Course performance were lust as delighted with the Orchestras music as were those who heard it in the musical capitals of the world. 318 l l l l l i l l 1 l i l I t l i i i l l l l l l r f i l i I i l 1 l l .l111'1C Christy, 11111-11111111 y111.1l1s1, 11-11111111113 -11.11, .11111 nightclub attraction, 110141111 l1L'I'C3fCL'1A Ill 1111- 51.111 K1-1111111 N band. Kenton, one 111 1111- n111st 111111111111 .1111l 1.111-1111-11 hand leaders, l1.1s lr.1vClC1'I 111 the C11nt1111-111 s1-V1-1.11 111111--1 for a widely-h'-1'.111'1C11 S1-1111s of 0111111141-111c111s. l'11- 1111-1 l givniw many y1111ng artists .1 start in show 1111s1111,--1-1. 1111- 'V Four FrCshm1n, 111'1w firmly 1-st.1blisl1C1'l as 0111- 111 1111- lop . I - 1 acts in show b1is1nCss, were assisted by him 111 1111-11' 011111, x ,' '. Career. All of these artists COl11lJIIWC1'l 111 give .1 11111 S1.11 e i' Course per1orn1.111cC. 4 l'Hl'l1' s11l111111111111- 111111111g1-is 1111111 1111 1111- Yllli- 11111s 1111111111111-1-s. 1111111-1' 1111- 11111-1111111 111 1111- 111111111 111:111z1g1-rs. li1'1-111' 111-1-11 11111- 1111-111111-1 111 1-11111 1111111111111-c 11111111-s 111 4111111111-1' 11111-. 1111- s11l111111111111es 111111 11s111-1 111 1111 S1111 CZ11111's1- 11111 CCHS. g1'1111l1s 111' lwclvc. ' ' ' 5 ' 1. 111 '- ' -11116 "e - -' 1 "1" ' .'e:1r1-11 1111111-11s 11111161 1110 11111-1 111111 i 1111- s11 - - f 111111111-s. T111-se 111-111e11s give S1111 ll11111's1- 111111111111- lli 1211 111-s11i111-11 111.111.1e1-is .111- 11111111-11 11111, if 1611 K - - 11111111 1111-sc gioiil s 1 ll lx 1 1 111 1111 11 111111 1111 1111111 g1111111s 111111 1111 3 nes 111 1311 fd A iv 111111 s11111 as wl1i1'11 1111-1li:1 111 111111-1'1isi11g 1111- 1111181 4? C111-11116 211111 111111' 1110 1111111 111111-1 11i'i1es111i1111111'1- with 11111se 111 1116 1111111-1-1 series ill 11111e1' s1l111111s. E111-ry 1111111111 these g1'111111s 1'111:111- 111 give 611111 1'1'es11111z111 the 111111111-11111i1y 111 1111-Ct, 1111 1111- per- s111111el. to 11'Ul'1i 1111 1-41111 111111111i11eQ. 111111 111 116- 5' W J 1111116 3111111111111-11 with 1111 1111:1s1-s 111 hlllli C.11111'se. I Arri 11 Due 111 the Work 111 earl 200 Students Sophomore Managers-Top Row: Klaus Wei11ma1111, Michael Dykstra, Carl Allison, Steven Sample, Jonathon Bows, Cass Apple Second Row: Mary lheolnald, Sally Johnson, Carol Oyster, Sandra Schwab, Barbara Sternaman Bottom Row: Judith Stader, Joan Aikin, Susan Sterrett, Beverly Hall, Susan Olson Not in panel: Penny Greenwood, Herbert Abe-lson, Worth Giller, Robert Jacobsen --s Clif " -122' 319 tk . .3 'Iv 1 we - . '-f'Y.'g-:,,k'i5fH?Et mol? -'N' i xstltx FRANK SCHOOLEY, chairman PAUL MCMICHAEL, general manager IPC llvorsoo Production ol Compu Publication Clliartered by the state as tt non-profit corporation, the Illini Publishing Clonipany tarries out its purpose ol printing, publishing, and distributing student publica- Iaculty members. tions. Operating lroni the basement ol Illini Hall, IPC uses its own modern printing plant to do a variety ol' tonnnercial printing lor student and University con- Board-Sfanding: Arthur Wyatt, Joe Sutton Seated: David Brown, Larry Leiken, Frank Schooley, Jesse Heathman Berline -tm: , if ,'r. XM Q., ""'l4f IICCICII Ol'g21llIZZlIIOl1S. TIIE' KXOIHPZIIIY OIJCTZIIQCS UHCIC1' Z1 board ol control composed ol' four students and foul Besides printing The Daily Illini' and Illinois Teflz izograplz. the IPC Board is also responsible for admin istering the Illio and radio station VVPGU. Not in panel: David Rademacher, Howard 'Q ,uv L-.-- - -- L.,-,..l . agar, -.-Q . . .J ,......... - xv...-.l I, a ,aaa 1 I, , t .-FAM, yfr rf Wy - A f . ltr. -, t .ISE-vt l. 4 0 4+ , . 1 legs Staff photographers-Top Row: Sheldon Becker, Martha Brie-ser, Louis Aronson, Barry Coomber, Michael Pisterzi, Peter Wohld Bottom Row: Kenneth Vtste, Lynnette Photo tall Pictures Campus lor lllio an DI Serving both the lhilly Illini and the Illio, the photo stall is under its own organization as part ol the Illini Publishing Company. Throughout the year the photo stall works to take pictures for the DI and the Illm. While the hulk ol' the lllio pictures are taken in the lall, there are still spring shots that must he taken lor the following year's hook as well as pictures taken every day lor the Daily Illini. Mlorking under the direction ol a photo chiet, two assistant chiels, and Five night editors, the stall works many long hours walking lroni one end ol' the campus to the other carrying out the whims and pleadings ol the Illlo ii i l ii i i and DI editors as to the pictures that they want taken. Besides the battle with uncooperative suhjet ts and other adverse conditions there are always the eternal jobs ol' developing and printing. I , Above right: DONALD HUIZINGA and HAROLD' ALFORD. assistant photo Chiefs Staff Photographers: Ronald Brown, Richard Osborn, Margaret Smith, Harold Alford, Thomas Osborn 321 Q14 .x 'Mile' if MARYLIN DALY, editor-in-Chief Nvf JOHN CLEM, business manager I1 was lane ill nigln on Nlllllll IE, llll1llWllClllI Flnully l14111111-11e1leee1l1e lQl5l lmge ol the lllm was 1'o111pletecl in lf1l'lll lor ll1e IJl4llllCl'. XVo1'l4 on the Ifllill lllm begun Iwelore the end ol' the Nlililllg NL'lllCblCl ol IUBU, 1x'i1l1 1v111'ksl1ol1s gnncl 1'et1'e11ts lay the lmusiimss llllll e1li1o1'i11I SlQlll5 in OI'tlCl' lo t1'z1in new lJCl'S11lllICl. Full was the time llhli taking pl1otog1'a1pl1s, if7lll'illIlg 1111esli11111111i11es, llllll selling yezirlmooks, Soon 11 was cllll'lNlllllIN. I1111 1l1e "l1oli1l11ys" were spent by the s111ll i11 Illlllly l1Ulll'S ul 11'1'i1i11g copy. XVi1l1 the new s1-111eslc-1, illlllt' llCllllllllL'S 111 write Zlllll IIIUINC lJlt'llll'CS lo 111111. A Hnnl illl-Hlll L'llUl'l was still 11e1essz11'y lo get 1960 Illio Gee to Press at March 12th Deadline VICTORIA FEIT, copy editor KATHY MANNING, personnel director 322 A . CAROL LEONARD, associate business manager An attempt to record tznnpns Iile in all ul its phases was the motivating Iorce Irehintl the lllfn stall. Plrntng- raphers were assigned to cover all events, antl conversa- tion antl news were ahsorhecl lor the presentation ol a tmnplete cainpns pittnre. Although the business antl editorial stalls heltl separate meetings, the two stalls worked together in protlttttion ol the book. XfVeekIy meetings sometimes took the in- lormal lorm ol a pina party. Perhaps the Illtill lllfn will mean just a little inure to members ol' the stall, lor they alone realize the worry antl sweat that are part ol the nialaeup ol every section ol' the hook. 'csc if -Q-, i1 Q- WR I AL HERMAN, picture editor 4" GINNY BATTLES and MARIANNA BROWN, personnel Not in panel: MARCIA GLASGOW When Stor ol Illini Year I Completed b tall CAROLE LUEHRING and SUSIE VAUGHN EDDIE GARNER and CLIFF HIGGERSON MARGIE ALLEN and BOB Seniors organizations ASHBROOK university life A Jer 5 .,. .., , W P' ee I... - A151 X '-1 I ' N... lijj M I 7Qup 'Na '29 ,,,, Neff I ..--ern' ii YM J!! I its- i ai Nf 3.14 Editorial staff-Sophomores-Top Row: David Win- klemann, Dale Pearson, James Levy, Richard Blair, Eleanor Beauchamp Second Row: Kathryn Elfrink, Edith McCarty, Mary Ann McGuire, Judith Orndorff, Florence Ge-gel Bottom Row: Diane Dovvdall, Anne- marie Klink, Joyce Bozarth, Linda Hunter, Virginia Pagels I GARY VAN WINKLE, JANET MONIER and TOM SYKES, sales Y arbeek I Discussed During Week! Meeting SALLY WILLIAMSON and BOB TELLEEN, activities BOB BROWN, JULIE GATES and JIM RILEY, advertising 'WC' ls.. l I.:-N 1,-J, an l- lf.. Q' 4- 1, V' ' fr f . Q Y sf- 'uv Emir Sophomore Business Stal?-Top Row: Carol Ostrom, Steven Helfand, David Butler, Donna Sunkel, Wnnifred Mofielcl, CJlF'li Bott-ny Bottom Row: Zin- Potts, Judith Miller, Lyn Forestner, Marilyn Albert, Ginny Battles ffm' ,ga ery, TOSHI UTAGAWA. artistg PROF, KENNEDY, art advise-rg BUNNY LaBARRE and JUDIE NEAL. residences JACK BLEDSOE, artist Coordinatin Problem a d ork ot Two Stall Freshmen-Top Row: William Rich, William Aiken, John Brubaker, Stephen Schneider, Brooks McNel'Jb, Daniel Melting, Jack Rudy, Marc Dilatush, Kenneth Evans, Phillip Wilken, Gary Sather, Earl Cook, Lucius Diflerson, Patrick Elks, Clarence Mack Fourth Row: Joan Sanders, Ellie Nedsmith, Cynthia Stocks, Clara Burt- hart, Janet Shuman, Bessie Dukeson, Nancylee Smorgson, Nancy Owen Third Row: Joan Christopher, Diane Althoft, Ann Hyde, Judith Hood, Linda Peterson, Janette Johnson, Betsy Buttermann, Susan Arnold, Judy Schreiner, Barbara Hermling Second Row: Clara Sturies, Jane Fuesting, Sara Dammerman, Carolyn Beaty, Nancy Gamlin, Ann Sergel, Lorinne Ostermeier, Jane Howard, Ellen Lieloovich, Sally Frye Bottom Row: Brenda Vines, Lynda Middendorf, Nancy Mees, Kathleen Stoeckel, Stacia Woods, Sue Reissman, Janet Burkland, April King, Louise Bellem, Laurel Cappa 519 Shit.. -i ti' ,, ' 5' a. Hwarr ,Wil A aa as- J 4+ 1 sf' 'K 1,1 V, ' Q ,wwf if we-My -. ff' if V ua' if it I I ' TFL ,i . . gi 36, Q0 ' it I X I if-A - fa ,Q ra nj? ' V X I 1 -A P' 1 .5 xjlh union 7x I 'I 'ff X 2 ,pity X ' Wo,ke::'Y gtier ffl, 4. JO E I W cum: l , ,A v ' 1 . i U.S. Sggeindus " , lc' A Iire breaks out in two illiainpaign lumber ' I R-Qlec 'je' I tonipaniesg llniversity students begin throwing if 'V 4 waterg Iiill Burrell leacls Illini clelenseg Khrus- 1, gi, X I K I IX I I ., Q ilrev QIJIIICS to llie llnitetl States. asa. . Q I lliese .ne examples ol stories that made y I ,X in l 'Q' 'l'l1f' lhzlly Illini lieatllines in the past year. A 8 New Serving tlie Ilniversity lor alniost a century, the g,,,f . xxxxh A uc v publication has attained the level ol a business I 'I 'A Xt .XXXTK N I W Q90 ' .Q ' ratlier tlian an activity. X ,A I er Hit Long, hours go into the carelul preparation I xy' .F R, y A HC,y tQ3fx- W'wfgiif2f.W5naofe ol news lor the I2 to 32 page paper appearing iifiksgi-2 -'12 Be I fs. live tinies a week. Deadlines nlust be niet, ad- M Qtripx I I " Q we xtertisers satislietl, and the news brought to the ' - I tanrpus. Suppleinenting tlle work ol" the student 'I' pg Jn A' Q stall is tlle Assoiiatetl Press Wlire Service, na- fffisx I if ls' ' M ,J , tional columnists, antl the Cliitago Daily News 7 it ,ds I A Foreign Servite. W 'jaw ' 'flu' lhnily Illini is supervised by Illini Pub- XX ' vsgi xml' .1 1- lisliing Co., but tlie editorial policy is cleterminecl 1 6 S9 f is by the stntlent stall. -afsans fxxilxu ' ills..-' UTh Dail Illinii' tall ork ight and Da, RICHARD ARCHBOLD, editor-in-chief JAMES LYTLE, business manager WILLIAM STEPHANS, city editor , PHOEBE KOSFELD, activities editor WILLIAM WHITE, sports editor hIl!"""'i"Y WTR ' -3? IT .fr wi' rr 'W RQ' . 5. ff- gif WV, - ' N 'Mia 1" rv., .l', 6 -1m s -Q s- gags-tv , v as gg, Q X'-is W1 25-in .Ah 'f 1 ,?',.5wA?5i 4 Q wi , ' -Hwy ia 3, a gp: 2115.5 K is "'6'Z8?'vx, ,la Q gs JOY MILLER, Copy Editor Activities staff--Standing: .loan Schmidt, Charles Kerchner, Dana Kellerman, 5 11 Williams, Joyce Garbe, Natalie Lewin Sealed: Phoebe Kosheld, Barbara Brown, J Johnson, Linda Turner Not in panel: Michael Schepke, Ellen Haqelovv Bring atet ws to ampu Each ornin DONALD FRIEDMAN, Campus Editor MARGARET MOLITOR, News Editor KENNETH BROUN, Executive Editor 327 JANICE' WRIGHT, Associate Business Manager W,-,qwwy---.. , .. AUDREY SHAW, Circulation Manager JOAN DILATUSH, Classified Manager . .- e V Y ,-.W , -. , , i313 rr, ll' 'i , i' Nil' Hi, ' I , - X. l. l'f ll-' W F. f. vii' in ' L f i , IZA' 3-1 , -. ls' l' ' .1-we ,,,, ag Copy stair: Su-grin Galbraith, Rulh Jones, Joy Miller, Charlene Flaclf, Christine Czurylo, Ruth Schoenbeck DI Qu lily Score . 35 v, X Plllrlrll Wm we A r , Q , ' , 1 "-J V f ,T J lk., r l 1 Sports swf?-Standing: Glenn Chertkovv, Taylor Bell, Richard Stahler, James Rys S:-ated: Edward Lewis, William While Not in panel: Ray Cohen, David Young, William Tunslla Hi h in ational ompetition 5. 1 .3 - ar: 2' 'kg LS' 5+ I l ld - J 7 as ,,, ,Q , ,, y . fs 512 W' Sf l xv 'fs ,Mm l V' 1 l, . fur, 5 'lf l ., . ,. .ufijf Q: 1 '14 is , 1 1, A' ' ' ' A l City stafr-Top Row: Merle Martin, Melvin Runge Third Row: William Stephens, Donna Shapiro Second Row: Norman Bezane, Howard Smulevitz Boffom Row: Sharon Creamer, Michael Whalen Campus stalif: Anna Overton, Karen Lucas, Mary Conour, Myrna Baker, Nancy Kolenberger, Thomas Shilgalis, Donald Freidman, Joan Koza, Bonnie Byrns, Robert rfdqims, Ann Meek, Sylvia Smberg, Penelope Nichols Noi in panel: Wade Freeman, Eugene Bryerton Q! 'Wx xl J ,fivi Advertising staff-Top Row: Kurt Kazmierski, George Bossarte, Ann Ranlbn, Martha Molltor, James Lytle, Donald Passaglia, Steve Forester Bottom Row: Ralph Quartetti, Janice Wright, Elaine Coorens Through mooth Divi ion of tail Re pon ibilit Divisions of stall responsibility enable The Iluily Illini to fulfill its daily obligations elhciently. VVhere the academic side is concerned, the Cznnpus Stall takes over by reporting on classes, curricula, enrollment, and administrative actions. Big Ten chanipionsliips, Elite Eight tournaments and intranrurzrls are covered by the staff of sports writers. The City Stall covers the happenings ol the local cities of Champaign and Urbana, and the state, giving the DI more than just a campus-wide coverage. Nllilh solt pencils in hand, copyreaders provide the official check lor errors in spelling, punftuation, liact and general content ol' each news story. As a morning newspaper, The Ihzily Illini is "put to bed" in the late hours by a special night stall. The ljuily Illini, scoring high in national competitions, is rated among the finest college dailies. O :. 0 c m Z. O : Ill .. nr T' sn -. D :I E :r QQ Z 5 O! YT! D V- 3 QI N: CD DJ - U' GJ -. D! W c -Q G 3' :m fl Q. uv ro DJ .. 0 Q. 3 at I, GJ 3 I w fo P JP c Q - rn 4 cn I Q1 ? F .1 -. O 2. OJ Z? L0 Classified s1aH-Top Row: Row: Joan Dilatush, Suzanne Susan Gelfand, Carolyn Parkhorst Bottom Schuettner k l wi M6 'ga if X . ry , 5 A .A-, na K ,-., - ' V My Far!!! 'wi -1- at talk if C-A YU' Y' gf, wr lin, i ' X ' 3 L 1 Z 5 K Q' ,f 5 i Q 1 ' i r 2 1 , I .3 4,4 4 w Q' x 'X s li , 3 V 'qgwijvl 'K X. ,e 'Yu' time Tech, Engineer' egezine, Enjoyed en Campn . l 3,65 A1 V' V, Q f kl ,, ,V 'li ' ""'S ,Inu-9, f' KN. . 1 ' y A Sq' if H if fn N x , .. ' M l , ,vie ,. ,i A effiiie lien STEPHEN EYER. circulation manager ROGER HARRISON. business manager Standing: Marilyn Day, James Printer, George Carruthers Seated-Top Row: William Andrews, David Yates, Gene Lindsey Fourth Row: George Venorsky, John Dough, Marylin Daly, Catherine Zakas Third Row: Gary WaFHe, Judith Ondrla, ,leHrey Golin, Robert Fulton, Jeralyn Jewett Second Row: Paul Cliff, Barbara Polin, Grenville King, Samuel Saexy, Stephen Dilts Bottom Row: Theodore Mole, John Kurtz, Joseph Weidemann, Charles Adams, Charles Jones 330 l And Throughout the tate ilunslguuly striving in iiuluxwe lllk'1llllIllly ul ilu' lll1lglIlllll', u1elulu'rs ul' 'l'lu' llllllUlSiliK'lllllUgl'1lIJll'S slgrll llllbllllll In present the engineers on tguulmus with an publuguum whuh is bulb in- liUl'lIl1lllX'L' zuul entertaining. Besides lecluliuul :ulules that ilearl with the vanriuus pluzses ol the l'l1glllt't'l'llIQ lu-Id ruul engineering zu the Universily, 'l'lu' 'l'eil1nugr:lpl1 enllmluys lighter relxuleil zlrticles, ediluriztls. guul some lution Iaieies. 'lihe slzrll also uses 5lllllJlCI1lClll1ll','lJliillllL'S2llllllll1lgl'1llllS lu illustrate stories. Regular liezrtures in the llhlgilllllk' are the nuruthly lecluum-iutiel "lu- dustrial Slillllllllllgdi which presents the latest mlevelupnlenls in industry: "Br:1inle4rsers": the joke page, zuul "lit-gged, Bm'mwerl, And . . The Tecluumgrarplr, lounded in 1885, is ll chzrrter nlenlber ol the Engineering College Magazines Assoc izuion, ll national organi- zation lor engineering lllZlglllll14f'S on runny campuses. ECMA is designed to elevate the slzuulzrrds ol college engineering publi- cations so that they nizry be helpful to engineering students. ECMA gives awards lor the best publiczltions and lor the best articles that appear during the school year. Each month, ll qualified critic reviews the magazine :uul sends El marked issue back to the staff. Published monthly lroni October through May, The Techno- graph offers stall nienibers valuable pmcticzrl experience in the fields of editing, business, lmlumtoglaplry, zuul art. Editorial staff: Barbara Polan, Charles Adams, Stephen Dilts, Judith Ondrla, Marilyn Day 1 gp-.M ,!,..,.r' ROBERT BOHL, adviser DAVID PENNIMAN, editor L ew, -Qfme. xr, i 'xfnffi :ii .. ! A ri Board-Standing: James Buncher, Edward Harris Seated: Richard Biby, Richard Adams, Patrick Kenny In its sixth your ol' tontintious service to ll. ol I. stutlt-nts. XYl'Gll hits ziqgiin iiiilmmxt-tl its pingiutiiiiiig :intl t-xtcnsitiii ul t i 1 tovciuigt- tu ciiimitpatss mm-is titltlll stntlcnts in the rcsitlente hulls. l"c1itui'iiig gi lull qllhgllllll nl nnisit. ncivs atntl sports, YVPGU this will iiizttigurzttctl at series ol tgipetl lt-zitures ul ititctviews with f 1 tvlt-htitit-s in Clliitzigo. ln llL'Wl1lSllIlg. the ziiinonnccrs hzivc Atl- ttfiiiimtctl to llllllg their listciicts xi witlei' tuverztge ol ttnitptis t-vt-iits. While stniiitlinooling Qintl ietlt-torzttiiig lizivc iiiilmivctl 1 g I A . . . . . 7 , , . . . . Record librarians Diane Zalants and Forrest Tellis check existing lzitilities. WI C.ll is looking loiwzutl to its new studios. Over Wpguis large assortment of records- W rking Hard to Pro ide the Bet Radio Lit nin , Staft-Top Row: Fredrick Plous, Michael Larkin, Howard Wolfman, Frank Gaides, Robert Auler, Robert Pernau, Robert Endres, Gregory Paradowicz, Roy Ander- son, Walter Heimerdinger, Marc McMannis, Arnold Goldstein, Richard Schiffman, Patrick Coburn, James MacDonald, Marvin Melton Third Row: Paul Anderson, Myron Shapiro, James Bond, Dennis Linsley, Martin Minow, lrwin Rosen, John McCann, George Dixon, Edwin Steinam, Lawrence Radley, Howard Pattis, John Dyben, Dennis McCann, Paul Synianski, James Klus Second Row: Patrick Kenney, Leonard Sendrofl, Richard Royster, Philip Greene, Gary Olson, Gary Waffle, Ira Frank, Philip Deckowitz, Marvin Rushing, Larry Urich, Charles Breitweiser, Phillip Brown, Smith Toulson, Forrest Tellis, Jeffrey McFadyen, William Abel, John DeLong, William Tran- quilli, James Buncher Bottom Row: Edward Harris, Marilyn Wagner, Sylvia Ruble, Rhoda Boros, Georgia Broadrick, Sharon Scott, Diane Zalants, Joan Rasmussen, Gloria Laner, Barbara Gruner, Barbara Tripp, Marvin Kasten, Beverly Armstrong, Judith Lutzhofff, Judy Schaeffer, Richard Biby, Richard Adams 33.2. - ,H , Nw" in l' 'JT Nz , X i Supervisor-Top Row: Fredrick Plous, Paul Symanski, 1 , Robert Pernau, Michael Larkin, Richard Schiffman, Howard 1 - - - , 4 so Pattis, James Klus Bottom Row: Forrest Tellis, Leonard -iivwu ,A-5 i xy' X Sendroff, Barbara Tripp, Martin Minow, Marvin Rushing 'A C' 'U' if 'W-I Engineer Harvey Whitfield takes care of the controls during a program of mood music. WPGU Eager! Anticipate Mo e to ew St dit Two staff members pause on the steps of the well-worn entrance On the other side ot the glass wall, disk lockey Paul Johnson to H1241 Euc!id" before entering and starting to work, describes the background of the music about to be played. SIUDH RHDII i 510 Gfzyw 1241 HJC fL,, , F" Playing and inging at Their Be t, The Marchin Rs ig: ,' 55 . a 'f'iVf' I , Although seen at rest during the playing of this number, the kettle drum- mers always provide numerous highlights to each show as they race around the field in order to be in their proper place for each number. Again Illinois' marching band, the oldest and one ol the largest in the nation, thrilled football enthusiasts with its pre-game and halftime shows. Long recognized as one of the hnest m arching, playing and singing groups ol its kind, the "Marching Illini" capitalized on long hours ol' hard practice and behind the scenes planning to present a new show for each of the five home games. Composed of men students from the Con- cert Band, the First Regimental Band, and the most qualified members ol the Second Regimental Band, the marching band, di- rected by Everett Kisinger, hacks up its regular marching lormation and instrumentation of over 175 with a reserve squad ol fifteen extra band members. Led onto the field by drum major Rick .Iarrard and spirited by Chief Illiniwick John Forsyth, the band builds up Illini spirit and keeps it going throughout the game by play- ing during timeouts and after touchdowns. At each of the live home games the band per- forms a new show ol intricate marching for- mations and smooth playing. Featured during every perlormance is one semi-classical or classical number that has become a unique tradition for Illini band lovers. In addition to their heavy schedule of home games. the band this year traveled to Cleveland, Ohio lor the Penn State game. Feet, horns, and hats line up in the front row as the band presents one of the traditional parts of its half-time show. The playing of one classical or semi-classical number has come to be a very popular feature and is sufficient proof of the bands' concert-band tone. Illini Topped Great eason by alutin lla Eliot .Xl llic' laisl lininc giinic. llic Nlanxliing Illini wcii- lnivilvgm-cl .Xlwziys si Ilnill In Illini Inns, slnilc-nts ginil to lioiiin' llnguli Ray lilinl nn liis l'l'lIl'k'lllK'llI :is uni- ul Illinois' zilinnni :ililu-, is llii- In-ilniiiiqimv ul Iiliivl Illini IIIUSI iiislmiiciliniiail uigulics. 'I'l1c lizinil lollnwcml ilnauli I'Qlinl's wick. ,Xs ilu' lliiilm-nlli iliivl lu l1'IJlt'S4'llI Ilii- Clll'CL'I' lmni xi sign' lunllizill Imlgiyci' llnungli lo winning llnu' "Spirit nl lllinniy' nn llir- giicliinn :ix 'Hill ul Ilii- Big 'I'cn lillvs, Iwo Rose' liuwl ggnncs, :inil UIIIIIDICICQI llic' liqinil slmw, .lnlin lfnisylli limli:iyc1l llic- iliii-I in szilulc' willi Iiliol slicllcil in llic Imiin nl an Inollizill. Aiiollici' liciililirnizil lnclizin umlniiic-. ol' tlic licsl slums was llic Inst unc' ol' llic yczn' wlicn Ilic "N:n'1liA ing Illini" XVCICUIIICLI llie ,Xriny "Ii4iyclcls" lo llic Illini cann- pus :ind liellmul sol llic tonc lor llic lirsi Illini uliscl ol thc ycznp 4 2 'elf' . 4. 9- , . . I , . I' 3" , -1 . r i f if-ff' I Kr: 1 kv if ?4x7ii9u4,'nf is '35 iff'-wsfw I ,,, 1 WFS J r ix AHA. J I I , '1' " i ' i' ' 1 'if y. fa F Ai V 4 I 1.4.4 'mitaf 335 .,i 1 Nalin im 1.4 v' 'I - Firt and econd Regimental Band ork Man f,l'g1lllllCtl as a concert group with a membership ol around one hunclretl members. the First Regimental lizintl carries out its purpose to study serious concert , ,. banil literature. both traditional :intl contemporary, 1' fp-E , .intl to perlorin good banil music on various occasions u, is . . , fps, V throughout the year. As vacancies occur in the Con- pg cert Band, musicians who have spent a year or two in the First Regimental Band are promoted on the basis ol ability. llighlighting the year, the bantl, conducted by liverett liisinger. perlormetl at the Sixth Annual Festival ol Concert Band Music on January 9. Other concerts ol the year were a formal Spring Concert on April 7, :intl a Twilight Concert on May ll. Besides these many concert activities and playing at several ROTC reviews in the spring and at the Veterans Day service on November ll. the First Reg Band forms the nucleus ol the Marching Illini. Several ol' the concert programs are re-broadcast over the raclio on station XVILL for the listening EVERETT KWNGER' dheclo' pleasure oi local residents. First Regimental Band-Flutes: Margaret Dempsy, Donna Lambird, Phyllis Hansen, Carolyn Beaty, Sara Wold, Marie Going, Mary Elliott, Jerome Bacchetti, Carole Jezek, Mariorie Dodd, Barbara Elder Oboes: Robert Ward, Janet Thebaud English Horn: Sandra Rayburn Bassoons: Philip Corlew, Karen Fredrikson, Harry Simmons, Sarah Whiting Clarinets: Wayne Chilcote, Lloyd Scott, James Boyd, Wesley Schumacher, Laurence Svab, Michael Gamble, Donna Jorstad, Morton Oberlander, Lois Steban, David Anderson, William Rogers, Kenneth Christian, Ronald Weber, Earl Salsrnan, Laurel Conrad, Larry McGinnis, Charles Smith, Charles Rhodes, Gary Haddock, Peter Pappas, Ronald Van Mynen, Ronald Lerner, Charles Boschek Bass Clarinefs: Fonda Wilson, Carol Harris, Alan Berger, Don Lockhart Alto Saxophones: Harold Jepsen, Earl Walters, James Colleen, William Outhouse Tenor Saxophones: Thomas Scannell, Martin Grose Baritone Saxophone: Ronald Durrett Cornets: Jerry Williams, James Reedy, David Kuntzi, Lester Johnson, Richard Jarrard, Larry Neeman, John Randolph, Norbert Cieslewicz, David Metzler, Jerry Nofsinger, Brian Pennington, Robert Warfield Trumpets: Dale Hopper, Edward Kroll, Joe Gaylord, Carl Reiners French Horns: Kirby Johnson, Norah Gernand, Ernest Lenzi, Robert Kirkpatrik, Lewis Simon Trombones: David Dyrofl, Loren Dietrich, Robert Hopewell, Donald Gubser, Homer Tice Allan Loek Milton Janosky James Felts Bariiones' Robert Behnke, Michael Myers, James Fry, Delbert Disselhorst Tubas: Richard Haines, Bruce Keck, Allen Edwarids, Leslie Lemon, Frank Mynard Percussion: Sharori McCauley, Alan Lopatka, James Stutsman, Dean Wade, Tommy Ward'ow .W 5 s, i . S . 2 J t l i 1 , . -2 E ,i s v . tl g Q ' l : - r M lr -3 5 ei' X 4 "1 1 Q Q pa. fx," ' Q . 1 .. it , i Ns l 336 Hour Providin Band Music at C input E :tits Xllith at memhetship ol Ititl, the Seroml Rt-gimeittztl ligand is at tontert orifztnifgition which llzls irrowit this to F1 yeztr to littve one ol its ht-st instrtimentgitions. Chin ducted hy lQverett liisiitger, with the gtssistaime ol lam liztth, the group ts divided into two divisions ol hetiveen sixty and one hundred memhers in ezuh division to lzttilitztte przttticing. l'roviding at vatried musicztl experience lor its members in the tomposi- tions played earth year, this group, like the other hands, stttdies stzindttrd hztnd lilerzttttre. The Second Regimental liatnd, in coiiitiiictioii with the other university hatnds, presents several concerts including the lfestivatl Concert on .Iztnuziry El :ind ll Spring Twilight Concert in April. liztch lull the Second Reg Bzmd provides music lor the pep rallies held belore each home gzime :ind also pzirticipzttes in the Mother's Ijily program in the spring. Another important lunrtion ol' this hzmd is to sup- ply some of the personnel lor the tnarcliing hzmd besides playing lor military reviews held in the spring lor dl-ill display. Mr. Everett Kininger conducts a Second Reg practice session Second Regimental Band-Flutes: Marvin Rogers, Margaret Coogan, Stanley Glazer, Betty Kuykendall, Maurice Borasky, Susan Srnalla, Barton Lipofsky Oboesz Linda Matheson, Janis Henkle Bassoons: Joan Anderson, Nancy Gobert Clarinets: John Christie, Allen Whited, Michael Stoddard, Jeannette Johnston, James Wormley, David Norberg, James Kashmier, Otto Gaus, Gerald Epstein, David Olson, Kenneth Mills, Jonathan Thomas, David Perkins, Everett Triefenbach, George Henry, Arthur Schechtman, Ronald Grant, Jermoe Zis, Marvin Levin, Edward Snyder, Virginia Hubert, Ralph Hoffman, Raymond Sergo, Wayne Peterson, Robert Picket, Robert E-ndres, Melvin Borg, Peter Bulkeley, Jerry Wiatrowsky, James Ellinger, Reid Lewis, Edgar Folkers, Dwight Heckert, Chris Sarlas Bass Clarinets: Rodger Bennett, Martin Schachner Alto Saxophones: Kenneth Konecnik, Barry Doan, Stephen Morse, Joseph Wunar, David Garison Tenor Saxophones: Larry Hodash, Terry Klaus, Ronald Ward Baritone Saxophones: Alan Kessie, Henry Hegener Comets: Larry McCoy, Harold Hixenbaugh, James Tira, Janetta Johnson, Dale Hicks, Kent Mowe, Norman Browning, James Heisler, Ronald Mizer, William Gibbens, Charles Standring, Amos Chenoweth, Joseph Furstenberg, Royce Lorentz, Paul Burkhard, James Ellis, Paul Clark, Alan Varner Trumpets: Jon Winston, Robert Staufler, Jeffrey Golin, Harold Schroth, Wayne Peterson, Edward Hines French Horns: Robert Stehman, Jeff Foote, Ruth Duesterhaus, Lee Bobert, William Clark, Mariorie Sullins, Andrew Seacord, David Levin Trombones: Michael Carroll, Stephen Madden, David Giften, Howard Beyer, David Lembke, Stephen Berry, Ryland Koets, Brady Hancock, Fred Hubbard, Harvey Pastko Tubas: Wayne Mara, James Carson, Robert Dahl, Donald Colwell, Chester Goodrich, John Kirk, Peter Van Dyck, William Zahrobsky Percussion: Barclay Boirun, John Eddy, Richard Huston, Lloyd Jones, Gary Pope, Robert Seyler, Allen Sypherd, Roger Thryselius, Robert Weihl Baritones: Gilbert Singer, Dale Walsten, Jon Fulfs, John Leman, Constance Ashmore, David Macomber, Larry Gillingham, William Gleason " V 119771 ttf l 3 fi i 2 if f -'ec 337 'ms The lfl5fl-till Concert Band season was high- lighted hy the rettnn ol' Director Hindsley to the podium alter a seinester's leave of absence C spent in liuropean travel and research work here in the States. The bantl's one hundred Iourteen selett wind and percussion players can look hack with satislaction on a highly Success- lul season ol tlelightlul music and stimulating edutational musical activity. Band directors and inusic lovers from all over Illinois arrived on campus to attend the January Festival ol Concert Band Music and the spring seinester's Seventieth .Xnniversary Concerts. The annual Twiliglit Contert Series attracted many appreciative listeners to the lawn of the quad- rangle. The band also participated in the Corn- inencenient Exercises this spring and presented The Presidents Concert on Conrnrencenient eve. The Band again inade long-play records from some ol' their practice tapes. MARK HINDSLEY, director Hindsley Return, Directs Concert Band Season Flutes- John Reynolds, Julia Frock, Dorothy Hubbard, Linda Wall, Patricia Bell, Judith Tracy, Robert Ruckrigel, Janice Corum, Thomas Eovaldi, Alice Summerbell, Melvin Flood, Robert Adams, Eli lmberman, Janet Barker, Cornelia Carnes Oboes--Janet lrick, John Lundsten, Evelyn Getz Saxophones---Patricia Davies, Donna John- ston, Richard Bayley, Lynclel Davis Clarinets George Townsend, Austin McDowell, Harvey Hermann, William Huntington, Bonita Wilson, Clittord Nelson, Robert Hinclsley, Marta Moore, James Kelly, John Nemeth, Carlyle Johnson, Eddie Allen, Roger Warner, William Smith, Frederick Troppe, Smith Toulson, Richard James, Kim Richmond, Harold Huber, William Butler, Barbara Meyers, David Voelpel, Sharon Neeman, Adrienne Kole, George Highsmith, Mary Haterkamp, Nancy Blackmore, Thomas Jevvett, Thomas Garnhart Bassoons Mary McHose, Jane Myrick, Judson Parker, Connie Barcus, Ronald Dewar, David lmig Bass Clarinets-Seth Flanders, William Kunz, Judith Cotter, Leon Adams, Elizabeth McLeod, Carla Knepp Contrabass Clarinets Donald Bender, Richard Dresser, George Sanders Bass--Grace Sexton Comets- Richard Vandament, Haskell Sexton, Stephanie Dieterich, Robert James, George Gels, Thomas Knox, Michael Esselstrom, Donald Robb, John Skroder, Allan Hoffman Trumpets John O'Conner, Peter Boor, James Huff, Gaye Hatinger French Horns Jan Bach, Alfred Blatter, Kathryn Dieterich, Susan Staunton, David Shaul, Charles Douglass, Judith Hill, Laurel Hovde Trombones- Gerald Grose, William Gallo, Melaniusz Gienko, Jack Hansen, Richard Bilderback, Marion O'Leary, Charles Ranta, Ralph Shumaker Baritones Earl Way, Robert Huston, William Kisinger, David Marchand, Roger FitzGerald, George Ritscher Tubes- Stephen Williams, Albert Rainey, Aaron Johnson, John lyon, Robert Bleck Harps- Ellen Warren, Mary Kromer Timpano- George Frock Percussion-Danlee Mitchell, Jack McKenzie, James Vandament, Franklin Dooling, Roy Andreotti, Juanita Randall 338 All gulixx- iUlltl'll siluwliilc' luitli ini tlu' miiilnis xiiul llllilllgllllllll llu- slgiu' lizis lu'i'n lllLlllllllllll'll ln' ilu' lliiixvisilx' . , . M ul llliruns Minplunix Oulu-sligi. ivliuli ligul gilnuist nriu'lx' , 5p,, ,f,':f3:+ ' L . A ,. . I ' 'Vwf ' l!lLlNk'l'5 llils Xl'AIl. Six iqiinliiis iinui-its iliitinu llu- siluuil iq V' .T 'A ' , . . - gilvflxgs waits iiuliuli-il ilu- zinnugil qipluxiigirui- nl ilu' Oiiluwiigi mi ' , , . . . . nfl? 'i' Ilu'blz1l'L.iuirsr' svru-s, li-giiinrrig ilu' iviunviuwl vurlzi vrilliiusn jr? .L ,. XYilli:irn l'riri1rnsv. .X llll't't'-iltly' livin ul ilu- iunllu'in pant ' Qi nl llll' slriu' in l'k'ln'imi'y lnuuglil nuisu In lunulii-ils ol liigli J F scluuml Sllllll'lllS, :is wr-ll :is lu llllllll iIlIilli'Ilil'N. ' "fl ' ' 'F 9 i 'L ' A f This yr-airs oiilstaiiuling guest unuliuiin' wars luluis llcr- 3 . . . . ' sr lord. .X ruiu-il liguli giullurrity, lu' siilu't'x'isi'il in llu' pivliniiaia 7773 . , H, , , . ,, . . ,, . ft s tum ol llu' bl. Mgilllww Pgissurn, lncscitlcil in llu- spring at . , . ay rim? ' by ilu- Orziinrin Smu-ly zuul ilu- Oulu-sliui. Qi. Wi- t' 1gCl'lllll'll iiiuulnizm, llu' Lll'lllL'Sll'1l s rcgulzn' unuliu line wats 4- r sclcclccl this your by Dr. LLL-urge Sfcll. Liflllilllilill' ul ilu' '57 fda, , Llcvelziiul O1'clu'slrz1, lin' mu- nl ilu' Iwo lcllowsltlps ol ilu' l.,V -. . ,ir5gg15q,-,,,qa,ryg2,,- , it , s . - 'AH ,.:ri':i'i. Ixulzis Iuuiiulzriiott, ziwziuli-il in young rXriu-ruxni unuliulurs . f cra m- ,gg,i,a J ol llllllblhll IJIUITIINL. g ' , Y, gras- 733 ::-'-?'f ' ,,g' ,4 f V L ., C 1 A -' -'-' nw :st ',.-ten , 15,-" ff' ff ,, -f BERNARD GOODMAN, conductor me ,, 1, A ff l---, , - ' pring Tour Take Orche tra to High chool First violin-Ronald Stoflel, Donna Tredrea, Virginia Kellogg, John Bielenberg, Alice Krentzman, Betty Zinzer, Susan Sterrett, David Preeves, John Whelan, William Mullen, Martha Wendt, Joseph Giewartowski Second violina- David Moskovitz, Lawrence Smith, Collette Sroka, Paul Gorski, Lila Fairchild, John Williams, Amaryllis Fletcher, Paula Roth, Eleanor Tarrasch, Grace Beckett Viola- David Ulfong, Nancy McCandless, William Zartman, Gerald Levey, Jane Binkele, Elizabeth Hubbard, Susan Tiegler, Toby Goodman, Dennis Murphy Cello- Peter Brown, Melissa Brown, Dorthea Jump, William Skidmore, Roger Drinkall, Judith Green, Abbie lsraelow, Lynn Nail, Lawrence Tarson Bass--Olly Wilson, Timothy Byrne, Rosemary Fagan, John Brahms, Wesley Reeder, David Ward-Steinman, William Brahms, Gary Zwicky, William Douglas Flute-V Frank Bowen, Patricia Bell, Dorothy Hubbard, Judith Tracy Oboe-- Carl Ellis, Janice lrick, John Lundsten Clarinet George Townsend, William Huntington, Albert Kavanaugh, Eddie Allen Bassoon- Robert Brown, Connie Barcus, Jane Myrick Horn---Richard Ely, Alfred Blatter, Susan Staun- ton, Martin Tiersky, Judith Hill, Kathryn Dieterich Trumpet-Richard Vandament, Stephanie Dieterich, George Gels, Thomas Knox Trombone Lilzorrio Arcuri, Richard Bilderback, Gerald Gross Tuba-Ronald Bishop Harp-Kathrine Corbin Piano John McCauley Percussion-George Froclc, Roy Andreotti, Dorcas New- ton, Thomas Siwe, Juanita Randall, James Vandament 339 Patrick Sheehan, preside-ntg Robert Johnston, senior manager 6' inging Illini" The trnditionzil 1J1id's Day Concert of the Varsity Mens Clee Club assumed even greater proportions this yr-:ir through the guest appearance of the Uni- versity ol' Michigan Mens Clee Club. The "Singing Illini," under the direction ol Professor Harold Decker, und the Michigan Glee Club, directed by Professor Philip Duey, combined to thrill a capacity Hull Gym crowd of students and dads. During their stay, the Michigan Club were guests :it un informal reception :ind attended the Illinois- Pnorizssoiz HARoi.o oscicizn. director Mifltigim f00fbHll game- Top Row: Norman Mayer, Paul Lindstrom, Wayne Madsen, David Doering, John Schlafer, Ronald Page, Ronald Larson, Kenneth Heineman, Robert Telleen, Larry Lewis, Franklin Bachenheimer, William Stephenson, David Kuhn, John Hocking, Gary McClung, Lonny McClung, William Ayton Fourth Row: Melaniusz Gienko, Phillip Cartwright, Robert Robinson, Gerald Langkammer, Lloyd Burling, Richard Jarrard, David Shaul, Franklin Stroud, Stanley Eden, George Novy, Joseph Dowell, William Colby, Stephen Weiser, Dean Wilson, George Patterson Third Row: Robert Young, Jerry Latta, James Ray, Richard Pease, Ronald Burkey, Edwin Gaylord, Arthur Bower, Joe Hill, Charles Sprowl, Peter Aikman, Thomas Goettsche, Richard Haines, William Payne, John Winings Second Row: Terry Klaus, James King, John Reynolds, Donald Hartter, Clitztord Wilderman, Stephen Farish, Kent Smith, David Metzler, Dale Fahnstrom, James Holder, Willard Ice, James McDonald Bottom Row: Patrick Sheehan, Leigh Beube, Myron Gross, Kirby Johnson, Gerald Shriver, Dennis Stoller, Myron Reaman, Jan Munch, Gary Krauss, John Lundsten, Ryland Koets, Robert Wertheim, Anthony Petullo ,-,-'--- L ' 'c i r - - it .Ti ., 'mmmimm-ce. - T' ,,'..' i l j 'I ll 1 l Jlivll :ii 'ei .. ggsi if K. hos- -...Q A few members of the Michigan and lllinois glee clubs recall Over a cup of coffee, the directors ofthe two singing groups dis- some delightful experiences from their concert tours in Europe. cussed the concert which was to be enioyecl by Illini Dacls. .l'dblVl'h'g GllDd'D ' Spring breezes lound the Clee Club heading south to enjoy The two clubs joined forces and climaxecl the concert by the weather and sing lor the Civic Music Organization in Smgifig together Spirited Songs Ol boil' Schools' Lexington, Kentucky. The spring tour included additional concerts given along the way in lllinois, lndirinzi, Ohio, and Kentucky. Among other Clee Club activities were ll social exchange program, un orientation period lor new nienibers, the zin- nual Christmas and Spring Concerts, und numerous perlornl- ances for business and civic groups in the Cllllllllllllgll-Llfllllllfl urea and throughout the state. New Blazer outfits, purchased lor morning und afternoon concerts, enhanced the :ippezirunce ol' the Glee Club. Officers-Standing: David Kuhn, Norman Mayer Sealed: Lonny McClung, Donald Harrier, Richard Bayley ll 341 omen's Glee Pleases Audience ith ariet Officers-Top Row: Martha Gilkerson, tour manager, Marlene Washington, treasurer Bottom Row: Margaret Dempsey, vice president, Claudia Joslyn, president, Mary Jo Tews, secretary lleziril :intl seen niziny tinies nzitionztlly over raitlio xtntl television, the XVOIHCILS Glee Club hats heroine well-known tlirougliotit the coun- try. 'l'heir tours this year inclutletl visits to llzivettpnrt. Moline, Rock Islzintl, and Bradley University in Peoria :intl other cities in North- western Illinois gintl eastern Iowa. They per- lorntetl lor the Governor :intl local Chztntbers ol Clotnnierie, in gttltlition to their campus ttrtltefls. Aware ol the saying, "Variety is the spice ol lile." the women choose numbers to please every listener. Their music varies from the spiritttztl :intl clztssiczil to the contemporary types. This vziriety niztintztins quality through the versatility ol the group director, Russell Mzithis. Besides entertaining their zintliences, the Cilee Club olleretl special enjoyment to its ntenthers :tt this ye4n"s ztnnuzil Christmas Party :intl the Honors Banquet. Helmi Alde, Carol Benson, Sally Blair, Mary Blenker, Bonita Bowron, Ruth, Britt, Betty Burch, Linda Creamer, Barbara Crump, Margaret Dempsey, Glenda Eshleman, .loan Evans, Sue Fehrenbacher, Judith Feutz, Sally Fritz, Joyce Garbe, Mary Jane Gehelaer, Martha Gilkerson, Genevieve Glass, Meribel Halcrow, Lynn Hamer, Judith Harrington, Lois Harris, Roberta Herout, Judith Higgins, Barbara Horton, Elizabeth Hubbard, Margaret Hubbard, Martha Jones, Claudia Joslyn, Linda Joy, Dorothy Ke-hart, Judith Killian, Janice Kornst, Mary Kremer, Judith Lawless, Margaret Liddicoat, Judith Linkovv, Mary Lutz, Carol McQuilkin, Barbara Malcolm, Janet Meadors, Dorcas Newton, Cynthia Patterson, Phyllis Peterson, Doris Pogue, Bonnie Potthoft, Suzanne Roche, Judith Rohmer, Sandra Schwab, Virginia Shive, Marietta Skyles, Mary Jucl Smith, Barbara Sternaman, Mary Jo Tews, Jean Toedte, Nancy Voorhies, Marlene Washington, Suzanne Watkins, Julia Wentz, Phyllis Worthington, Nancy Wertheim, ith Yanetta 'Ps .qv HAROLD DECKER, CllI'E'CiOr Standing: Bruce Bueschel, Grace Habben, Judith Braun, Mary Morrison Seated: Maurice Jones Uiiiversiy Choir I Honored Twice in him 0 'T University Concert Choir began its special activities this year with a concert tour to Chicago sponsored by the Illinois Branch of the Music Teacher's National Association. Later in the SCIHGSIGI1 during the holiday season, a Christmas concert and television broadcast on WILL-TV provided entertainment for audiences in the Champaign-Urhana area. The Choir is the most advanced ol' all campus choral organi1,ations. The sixty-live nteinhers, pri- marily students ol' the School ol Music, are under the direction ol Harold Decker. The Choir made a second trip to Cjliicago during the spring semester, when the Cllticago Alumnae Club represented them in a concert downtown. The tive- day singing tour gave an opportunity lor the Choir to present several concerts in the area, cliinaxing another successllul season. Top Row: Maurice Jones, Don Edson, John Duitsrnan, John Leman, Kenneth Modesitt, John Reinhardt, Kenneth Marshall, Robert Piper, Robert Kuzminski, Richard Bielawa, Thomas Reeder, Robert Fulmer, William Schmidt, David Lantz Third Row: Corwin Holmes, Lawrence Rickert, Bruce Govich, Richard Clark, Keith Johnson, Thomas Walters, Ronald Reinhart, Stephen Emanuel, Lawrence Weller, Bruce Bueschel, John Williams, John Walker, John Kramer, Ronald Pritchard Second Row: Ruth Riddle, Beverly Davis, Nancy Odurn, Karen Crane, Jewel Jones, Barbara Baker, Joyce Loofbourrow, Grace Habben, Penny Eichen, Margaret Decker, Beverly Armstrong, Martha Rotter, Arlene Verbeski, Virginia White, Doris Pogue, Judith Roudez First Row: Sharon Neemann, Judith McGlade, Mary Morrison, Georgie Swartz, Myra Rubriitz, Barbara Meyers, Janice Kuykendall, Judith Braun, Terry Shull, Linda Wall, Rebecca Cassity, Donna Johnston, Haven Palmquist, Ruth Cortright, Margaret Liddicoat, Susan Ent Not in panel: Richard Coddington, Judith Kramp, Ronald Ward, Susan Chamberlain y FT ,, -r' re ' 4,3 t if fbi as fa 'Qi :P 44 I-i ival I li Nl i 'W l l f I l it l 4 'K 1 l iv il JN l ,, t t , 1, , t , f z t , r, 'fm .ir 't 'lv-N ,,,, 343 ,V l 'I r "' E t i, . lt' , ' 1, Q3 i I J ,. K Y, ,. " A 92 . Lil , iii W , , ,' , r , , Q. ' 4 K .- VQQHK r--' g I ' V . A t Q ,m 'mf fe 'K i J i L . '7 . K V 5 if , ,, L Ji 4 , an Top Row: Bonnie Baymiller, Lorna Armstrong, Lynn Mommsen, Dona Anderson, Annamarie Klink, Mariorie Ross, Marilyn Fluss, Brenda Gleason, Margaret Walker, Marlorie Moretz, Barbara Mosser, Carol Peternel, Sandra Young, Joan D'Arc, Nancy Meirheid, Stephanie Sheets, Patricia Drake, Kristina Hedengren Fourth Row: Joan Adams, Margaret Coogan, Janet S-human, Ellen Hand, Patricia White, Dennis Venzon, Terry Harris, Charles Taylor, Mark Gaynor, Martin Naumann, Michael Lahey, Cherry Cross, Heidi Eastman, Pasha Xkzed, Dorothy Grant, Janet Hall, Janet Moody, Peggy Abbott, Jane Kinser, Nancy Wood, Paralee Perkins Third Row: Nancy Goldberg, Gladys Zirbel, Glenda Rhodes, LaDonne Bender, Thomas Lowe, Kenneth Harbison, Warren Baker, Gary Stephens, Gary Sweatman, Jeffrey Graubart, Robert Dahl, Sheila Webb, Joan Whitney, Lucille Karpiv, Cleo Neely Second Row: Claire tluretski, Judith Schafilenacker, Karen Spitzer, Carolyn Howard, Suzanne Schlemmer, Jurgen Seyer, John Klobuchar, Leslie Miller, Kenneth Smith, John Miueb, Phillip Raistrick, Larry Clark, Walter Weaver, Carol Piper, Sandra Brewer, Karen Goldblatt, Dianne Lewin, Karen Siegrist Bottom Row: Sheila Enoch, Kathleen Healy, Sandra Hodurek, Jane Nethery, Michael West, Glenn Hansen, Harry McCulloch, John Marsicek, Robert Chaylco, Richard Marsho, Russell Anderson, Charles Helwig, Koleeta Moyes, Catherine Wineland, Virginia Munson, Karen Schmidt Choro Concert Footur d on ation iilo Radio Naitionwitle 1'zulio1u1tlienc'es hezuatl the 1959 Christtnas The Chorus, cotnposetl ol nearly two hundred mem- Contett given hy the University Chorus. The concert, hers selected by Dr. Russell Mathis, tli1'ec'to1', after audi- lezittuoing "Lz1utl4t Sion Salvutotaenf' by Dietrick Buxte- tioning, included students from ztlinost every college on hutle, wats presentetl in conjunction with the University the tuinpiis. These students ineet for rehezirszil on Mon- Oiuttorio Society. clay and Tuesday nights. Top Row: Myrna Loring, Franca Rowland, Lenore Kowalczyk, Tom Wisniewski, Wayne Bradtke, David Braden, Kenneth Schwartz, Lamar Fesser, Jerry Johnson, Steven Hughes, John Fisher, George Rugge, Jerry Kortman, Thomas Metzger, Zalman Usiskin, Larry Brown, Cecilia Krcmar, Julianne Lawler, Ruth Fesser Fourth Row: Marlene Schenberg, Virginia Latshaw, William Hays, Philip Sharp, Richard Cochran, Robert Hovice, Samuel Armato, Henry Lawrence, Robert McElwain, Joseph Mount- toy, Mike Esselstrom, William Uhlman, Stephen Schlein, Robert Hilgenburg, Julianne Lawler, Nancy Grant Third Row: Mary Williams, Marylee Chval, Myrna Baker, Karen Groft, Sheryl Conard, Nancy Thomson, Barbara Wielgosz, Frieda Durkin, Dorothea Jacobson, Margaret John, Elinore Neeleson, Judith Wingfield, Gloria Senkus, Carol Hoepe, Andrea Arnold Second Row: Rena Martin, Eloise Morris, Gail Eldred, Elsie Yarham, Deanna Davis, Rosilla Audo, Barbara Engquist, Diane Horwitz, Beverly Ball, Ann Sirgel, Karen Goodall, Carol Jezek, Anita Schwortz, Margaret Close, Judith Vicari Bottom Row: Barbara Close, Virginia Hubert, Lois Ann Weihe, Judy Gene, Carolyn Shettron, Nancy Judd, Gayle Morgan, Carolyn Lorbur, Karen Peterson, Elaine Coorens, Arlene Monroe, Patricia Rounds, Elizabeth Brown, Linda Ellis Q swf 15 3' 1 , , , ll 25 f' 1 C X ' . Y" Committee-Standing: Heston Wesson, Mary Peter, Paul Sanquist, James Buzz Seated: Donald Smallvvood, Elennor Guy, Savilla Anderson 1,01- r 1 Malvern, Karen Bossert, Walter Griffith, Jeanine Masters, Leonard Higgs, Jo Ellen Putt, J'mes Lv 1 QQ I. 33314 ll' 6 iw r Donald Snwallvvood places the flovverefl crown on Ruth Watt, queen of Plowboy Prom. Plo bo Pr m Career Conference Sponsored jointly hy the Agriculture Council :intl the Home Iiconmnics Clubs, Plowhoy Prom highlights ol the year lor the stutlents ol the Agriculture tollege. This yeur's tlztnce, heltl in April, leztturet theme, "Moonlight 'I'rztil." -Iulrnny Bruce ztncl his or- chestra lurnishecl the music. During the evening, Miss Ruth XV:ttt queen ol the Plowhuy Prom. Committee--Standing: Dean Gera'd Peck, Dennis Fox, Leo Obrecht Seated: Maris Freed Warshaw, Patricia Rollins is one ol llle over till heltls ul Alter at pmrrrotiurrzil contest to nzune their new nrztsmt, tlgtreer Clnnlerente tlrztirrntrn ltlzinnetl at IJl't7gl'LIlll in which eirtleztwn' were representetl. Slmkesrnen l the lor the vgtrruus llltlllSll'lCS. prolessumns. gtntl other Ellllllllls tions timnwergetl on the tznnlmus in ezrrly Nlturt h tu slmentl two lull tlzns explaining their ttneers to prnslmettite wars trmfrnetl employees. , Myrna R udman, Barbara Rashbaurn, Karen Van Doren, Rachelle ,Win wife will l Hllolidays Around the orId"i Doll ho Theme ' Cabinet Top Row Carol Herman Mwric And rson Martha Coombe loyc Bozarth Joan Ne-et, Mildred Hudqins Bottom Row: Pe-qqy Parks, Sharon Thomp- Hllolitlgtys thotiiitl the XVoi'ltl" wits chosen zts the theme lot' the hlty-l'otu'tl1 zumual X'XfVCl,fX Doll Show. Mzuty oigzmifed houses competed in the event which sent originally- tlressetl dolls to orplizuiztges zuul Cl1llll1'Cf1lS homes in the CIhzuupztign-Urbzuizt ztrezt. A sttttly ol existentiztlism wats chosen by YXYCLX tubiuet lot' tliseussiou tluring the past year. This topit was suggested :tt the Y Con- lereuce lieltl iu liecgttur. The cabinet is com- posed old the vgtiious :neat chztirmeu, the execu- tive committee, :mtl the tlirettors. These people ltleel weekly lot' business :uid discus- sion periotls. The Little Uuitecl Nations wats sponsored atggtiu this yezu' by the YXVCA :mtl YMCA. This model assembly is heltl once at month guul is pzuternetl :titer the UN General Assem- bly. People lrom vztrious countries ztttendecl the sessions :uul cliscussetl such topics as L'Re- solved: The Peoples Republic ol' China should be quliuittetl to the UN." These assem- blies aut' unique to the U. ol. l. KZIIHIJLIS. Upper left: One of the issues regarding Red China's recognition by the UN is discussed by the Little UN. Lower left: Many hours of committee preparation are involved in making the Doll Show a yearly hit. ml C." gr i i. i f lt? , ,em 2+.e.,fi,.s Cabinet-Top Row: Steven Sample, Alan Buckles, Davis Hess, James Ellern, Edward Nestingen Second Row: John Price, Donwld Leak, Philip Reinh-ear, David Lindstrom, Gerald Miller, Richard Curtiss, Frederick Miller Bottom Row: Harry Smith, Jon Winston, Daniel Bures, Richard Hutchinson, Thomas Scannell, Aklfihebbal Nagarai, Donald Young YM A S rves A a Meeting Place on Cempu it is F1'CSllll12il1cilllllID1 ii is lnlcinxnionzil 51113126151 ii is and hclp imliviiliizils gain gi be-llci' nmlcistzniiling ol rezicling thc hometown IICWVNIJLIIJCI' in thc lounge: it is nailionzil and iiitcriizitioiiail issues. forums on thc Colcl Vvlll' temlziy: it is coke :intl music' in Thc YMCA is ilividccl into ciglilc-cn spuilir ziclivily the Kassel' Room: it is ll sc-ininznf on cxisleniiailisnig it is :irc-:is which work li-uni gi icntrzil misc. All siuilcnts :nc ll ping-pong lrnirnznnciiiz il is thc Lillie' Uniigil Ngnions. welcome lu scrw on the vzirioiis mininittccs oi' p1ll'liL'iIJ1llL' Through its many :intl vzneictl progiziiiis, thc cannpns in rlicY'szictivi1ics. YMCA ciiclczivors lo cinplizisifc all phases ol cznnpus lilc Board of Directors-Top Row: John Price, Howard Jackson, Frank Milspaugh, Donald Leak, Thornton Price, Robert Sutton, Edward Nestingen Second Row: Walter McMahon, Edward Griswold, Bruce Keck, Robert Backofi, Robert Lenz, David Lindstrom, David Lindtsrom, Arthur Scott, John Cribbet, William McPherson, King Broadrick, Ralph Hay Bottom Row: Phillip Ross, Richard Hutchison, Frederick Miller, Dean W. L. Everitt, Hobart Movvrer, Upson Garrigus, William Oliver, Gerald Brighton Not in panel: Herbert Farber, Prof. Robhin Fleming, Prof. Halbert Gulley, Tom Hamilton, Thomas Hastings, Prof. Chester Jackson, Walter Johnson, Harlow Mills, Thomas Page, Harry Tiebout, James Byrne, Richard Curtiss, Robert Liverman , R ,E L-1'-IJ' ' J fs, t, Q 'as i 't J' 4... A Staff-Top Row: Brenda Fisher, Kendall Cole, Katherine Hunley, Jim King, Cheryl Mathre, Edward Leonard, Harriett Gross, Gerald Gehlbach, June Schierner, David lnslteep, Le-la Potter, Lyndell Guthrie, Phyllis Reenter Third Row: Charles Alt, Joan Tomlfinson, James Adams, Larry McCrery, Lynn Eaton, Ruth Lento, John Pitzer, Barb Horton, John Solltvan, Marcia Mtirphv, John Lelyeck, Patricia Harris Second Row: Virginia Temple, Donald Meyer, Nancy Turner, Walter Griftith, Carol Ufkes, Rohert Cohlman, Carolyn Peterson, Leslie Flatt, Hadley Read Bottom Row: Charles Patrick, Leslie Simpson, Thomas Pearcy, William Fugate, Stanley Eden Noi' in panel: Glenna Blttnier Richard Alntqutst IB Publicizes Acti itie of the A tudettt News telegtses tontettting the sttttlents ol the College ol' Agl'iCllllLl1'C wete sent to ltotnetotvn ttewspztpers, tuttlio stations, :intl television stations this yeztt' In the Sttttlent News :intl Inlotntzttion Burezttt. The litin-zttt. tontinonly cztlletl SNIB, sights news releases as only one ol its ntgtin ltinttions. SNIIS lnovitles at training tentet' lor students intetestetl in the lteltl ol' totntttttnitzttions, with lzttilities ztvztilztble in t ttlto, press, television, pltotogrttlilty, gttttl exltihits. W! Wu! Q7 Above Richard Almqutst Eldrtc Sechrest John Wood Directors: Rolitert Colintang Donald Meyer, Nancy Turner, Leslie Flatt, Carol Utlces, Walter Grifhthg Carolyn Peterson, Ptchard Altnqtsist, Owen Glissendoit, advise' 343 s Annual Campu llri c Gi ct Fund to Charities .YJ ',.5l ,f l 5. f l V l l Allocations Board and Maier Chairman-Standing: Mary Harrison, Anna Lambach, Robert Schuifeman, Marilyn Mann, Frank Vorris, Roger Hrggs, Jody Miller, Linda Evans, Julia Bodman, Boyd Jackson Seated: Donald Sommeryille, Margar.t Sloas, Jane Allison, Stuart Goodman, Martha Shane, Barbara Pashbaom To ztvoitl many small Charity drives throughout the school year, Clutnpus Chest locuses its attention on one ztnnttztl luntl- rztising czuitpuign heltl every spring, The contributions, mantle by every person connected with the University, ure put into one iuncl which is ztllotzttecl to num- erous charities ol' local, nzttionztl. and internzttionztl scope. Two charities which share hull' the total donations :ire the NVorlcl University Service ztntl the Uni- versity Scliolursltip Funtl. Stuart Gootlmun. direc tor. :intl jane Allison, associate tlirectoix coorclinzttetl the cotnnlittees this year. They were assisted hy stu- dent representzttives who seryetl in positions ot major chairmen, sub-rlmirmen. :tml committee members. The lllillily members also willingly supported work ol all cillllllilh Chest activities. Sub-Chairmen-Top Row: Noel Worlfman, Mucha-el Nei-T, Myron Stdon, James Clark, James Cunningham, Lee Duran, Hugh Folger Bottom Row: Marilyn Pulley, Margaret Flemtnq, Nedra Thomson, Merle Mlller, Jolie Williams, Barbara Conant, Rosalind Novak, Marlon Bttmslw 349 Dno'DaII + '53 1 'S .J- l -- 1 ,J gi. J. Top Row: Jmvws Gay, Romer Hucygs, Glen Broom, Heston Wesson Boliom Row: Anita Afffoller, llwrcl Clwrusloplwreon, Helen Gall, Arlene Crnlnb c47l El , x . R 2 Xml' Kl.llIl ing xlillln-ls xml lIAl'5lll5-IJl'L'SSL'tl luxcmlus mgulu lllcil' waxy an nhl' l'lv'l Slmhlrlznll Ull Num-111ln'l QI. The lzulx ol mon' clicl not llgunlwll llu NlJll'll5 ul llln' mmwll ul NlllklClllS wllull llllul ilu Illml D T l mlm lrlllllnulll lu llglmc In lulmnxl lxnlnlllux ffHllL'Sll'Ll. Tho kl'UWll- mg nl llulmlm lXUlllll gms thc Illswil Suu-lignll iIlll'l'll was ilu- lIlLfllllQllI ul ilu' k'Xl'lllllQ Slmelinll lSlH-SIJ4lllMll'CKl1Illllll2IllV by thc Nlcn 5 lllllL'lJl'llllClll ,Mme ll.lllHll gnml lllc XX ' '1llllL'll'Nfll'UlIll Sync Llulm Slmllglll. lu-lml ln ll Nl'IlQllklllL ltlnlll pmvlmlul I lllmgl nl 'mu' lm' lllllllllg Iwi, ll plane In sul clown 'xml l'L'l'lX. vlllny ll soil llrmk. null llwlfll In lm' llcznn :xml his u Dlll BARBARA KOZUB, Sno-Ball Queen no-Ball Thrill Dance Cro d Presentation of the court-Patricia Brockman, Anne Price, MCKM-lnev, Linda Evans, , I 3 2 l 'rf . .Jr R ' ' 1 -'Y , lg: - , . l 4 li X X' -1 'si , ' . "'z-,Ma V. lr - -,qgnwww x 'Lf , :fr ' - Tia, ' l 3-, ' 5, - A L-L ga. I 'f gi Q' ,x, 5142.1 . . . Y ll , 4 y I f All ' 1 ' l 1. V 1 "ery-w 1 1 ,Q A i ,,f1'?-191 , v I . Q7 I I E Q 1 -sf' S V l , ,, 34' 4 'f ,. , lr .4 mn , M xl g 'I Q Q Diane Lesinski, Barbara Kozub, Helen Gall, David Christoplwerson, Patricia 1113 4 ,T .5 .. ..., ...Wx iz' 350 l .-"3" An enthusiastic engineer iolcingly places the traditional green hat on his date's head. St. Pzitricls, the llklllllll saint ul stuilt-nl en! ginecrs, is lionoretl ut the St. Pa1t's Bull. A highlight ol' this clzlncc is the iniluttion ol lilteen top engineers into the lim1o1'1ii'y "Knights nl St. Pat" society. I'1'ol'esscnn Cl. Dale Grelte appears with top hzlt, cane :intl whiskers to knight the men in a fitting Ct'l'CIll0ll2,' bclure the cmwzl in Hull Gym. ullnight ol i. Pai" Dance Commitfee-Standing: Thomas McGlenn Sealed: Robert Thomas Reeder 'S v l' I v. 1 'N'-"5 ,EMU fv. MARY SUE DRENDEL, St. Pat's Ball Queen Tapped at Colorful Dane Persak, Philip Weibler, Lyle NlarTin, James Cooper, Brendan Nelligan, John Nernsick i - - -.T ........,.i MP' X ' 1 ik.- '75'?T?2- . -2 -- --1 1 W, ...MY I , ,W g ...... i 1 .41 , -Q I X, i i i S l 5. 3 t Q i l it F 2 'ie' 5 X , 351 nv- ,,,u.,.'--1. 1 , '11 'K P fa -1 S s, P x 4 AY ,, "KEY-1 c 'i " G'fw1yAA.", J .f Va., '6wfgfg,,if,, W: -' . j?71j'sf ' ,r , V1 X1 ft ' J' V514 S vi' W, A. 4,--1'SrGf1.yrw.4.' -Lil +1 -P fx- ,f,1i,.:..s:xl5,g ,. gba 'wilfi-'+'3"i? 'vfbffflmifiku 7 . Gwzzgf' if Mya . M' If I ,N . 'f.3:74?.5,i2' m ,ef I 'W Q ',,, ..'4. . LA, lf" 6 4 k..'Y I 0" X 352 ' MK v .fl r, , 7 FREE.: ,A4.,,5--,K i.g:n!,,. .. ,Q np, K :- -'. f an t ,. A I .,.4vQ',:f4m.L .. riff' ,L ff F K' in 'H' x Q. I ., H - - . .qr"' 2 , ' 13 . ,..,,,M,.U, P I ' I M z I 7 5 we ,' K 4 f z Y 4 .1 7 1, ff, .-5-H -fef?,fg5fwv,ff1fi:'. . ' 3 f " Q W S+ 'Y l f 1 f ' . v I ' , A, ,. we fvahv M,..,,fr , 5, Q 1 X , , fl, . U O 1 131 vw ,E 'K IA' ' V, .,aaz,.4,,..., W .I fri' NTRAMUR 0R'l' VA TY PCR if 'mf "bf, f 'I.- ,V"" - v" x . 2 Y AM in H' f B. M iwkwhm 9, 5 vp Wkesrri- P' X , 5 at 9 l aw , .V z ,I F ax Q 'sv V Y X. ,W P If ' ' Q , ' T. , , '5 Vx if 'Fi ' . Y' as ag ,v ,Ja .- Vg, gg, . , WM-gg ' " ' ' M , ww' Q , M..,,4Lw-1, nab, Q. Q w H 1 W 'w if 'WZ or port ...a Part of tucl nt Life Athleticts play an exciting ancl Important rolc' in thc' lilc' ol thc- llnivc-i sity of lllinois . . . they provicle thrilling enteitaiinncfnl for stuclc-nts, bling national recognition to the University, give a sensc- ol piiclc' lo the stuclc-nt bocly ancl alums, ancl unite the llniversity community behincl a common interest. Nothing can surpass the thrill of watching the football team score a last seconcl touchclown for a victory . . . the excitement of a cloublc- over- time basketball game . . . the pricle ol the stuclent bocly in having an All-American athlete . . . or the spirit ol all the Fighting Illini teams, those teams that never quit lighting no matter how unsurmountable the oclcls may be. The year between February, ISIBEI, ancl February, lfltitl, pioclucc-cl its share of thrilling athletic contests ancl exciting triumphs lor the Illini. At the encl ol the 1958-lfl59 school year it was announcecl the Illinois teams hacl been the Hlclst successful in the Big Ten that year by winning two conference titles ancl finishing seconcl four times. The gymnastics team was the most successful as it won an unprece' clentecl tenth straight conference crown ancl hnishecl seconcl in the NCAA. Other winter sports also farecl well . . . the incloor track team placecl seconcl in the Big Ten . . . the fencers also finishecl in the runner-up spot in the conference ancl aclclecl a fourth place in the NCAA . . . the wrestling team took filth in the Big 'lien meet . . . ancl the swimmers placecl sixth in the conference championships. YVith the arrival of spring came more exciting victories for Illini teams. The track team receivecl national acclaim by setting a worlcl's recorcl for the sprint meclley relay while competing at the Drake Relays. An exciting upset victory in the Big Ten meet ancl a ninth place hnish in the NCAA were other accomplisliments of Coach Leo yIohnson's team. Alter starting oll the season with sixteen straight wins, the baseball team hnishecl with a fl-li conference recorcl, goocl for a seconcl place tie. Finishing seconcl in the conference championships was the tennis team while the golfers ran into a little harcl luck ancl finishecl last. The N59 football season meant something extra to the Illini . . . it markecl the encl of the successful eighteen year coaching career of Ray Eliot . . . ancl the team proclucecl many exciting moments. An upset victory over Army after a clismal opening game loss to Incliana . . . a great clefensive game against Ohio State that proclucecl the first victory over the Buckeyes in many years . . . a last seconcl touchclcmwn to cleleat X'Visc'onsin, the conference champions . . . ancl a resouncling 28-fl triumofi over Northwestern in the game which enclecl Eliot's career '... all thee showecl the true spirit of the Fighting Illini. The player who was largely respwnsible for these victories. All-American guarcl Bill Burrell, became a campus hero . . . whether making a crushing tackle or an appearance at a pep rally, he receivecl a tremendous ovation from the stuclents. To rouncl out the year, the lflbfl-IEIWI basketball team aclclecl its share of' thrills. Althtough they lackecl the big men that other teams hacl, the cagers macle up for this with a strong bench ancl sheer cleterminaticm. Few who saw it will ever forget the excitement of the Illini's clouble overtime win over Purclue . . . this game typihecl the spirit of the team ancl its ability to come from behincl when the game appearecl to be lost. 355 . , - Www i 5 at , "jf 5' ., f 2123 -A - ff' - .17 it ' 3 a, -4 ' ' ' S . s lf, 5 A as -' , , Qibf W 'Ali . . of ts.. I' ' ' ttf? ii' -'ti . 1 -w..:.j..gyf .1 Q., , 1 D 'N P .s " t ii ' X4 W f i ti 'lil XLR i i l i , l t l 1 i t-. In preparation for a rough season the men of the football team put in long hours of hard practice. Here one of the white team back- field men tries to get around a blue team linebacker. lt's this kind of backbreaking effort that makes victory for the Illini possible. Eli t Look To ard '59 Season With Optimi m Day after day the interior linemen pound each other in prac- ticeg reflexes and power are ground to perfection. Weeks of this kind of work are responsible for the powerful Illini line. 356 Cloach Ray Eliot in his final year as head coach of the Fighting Illini looked toward the 1959 season with a great deal ol optimism. This outlook called lor an abundant use ol sophomores and juniors. The iinniediate problems that laced Eliot were the weaknesses at the end and quarterback positions. The opening of the latter position was sure to create a rugged battle among sophomore Mel Meyers, letter- men Johnny Easterbrook, Bob Hickey, and Russ Martin. The 1959 season could find Illinois with one of the strongest lsront lines in its history. Heading this list ol talented linenien was, ol course, captain and All-Aineritan candidate Bill Burrell. Names like joe Rutgens, Cllill Roberts, Darrell DeDecker and Don Yeafel were expet ted to appear often in the 1959 season. The Illinois coaches looked lorward to the back- field with optimistic views also. Speedsters like Mar- shall Starks, Dejustice Coleman and sophomores .johnny Counts and Ethan Blackaby were expected to give the Illini a swift running attack during the sea- son. To round out this hopeful outlook. Ray Eliot had the services ol .lim and Bill Brown, both posses- sing great potential at the tullback spot. l l l l . l l l l l i l l 1 l l I l l l l l l l s l l l i A i. l l i l ll ll i, l l i l Hoo iers Defeat Illini '0-0 in Sai on? llpencr rs Il wats gi Ixul mlaixr lui' ilu' Illiiii All Illooiniiigloii. , I ,girlf-ff-I,-""4,!ffy,L'q'JL'M"1'g?'Q,f'l'' ,.g....""":g . . .ur -v -I I I- - a..--7 ' Iiuluiiizi, lmlli iii lei-ins ol we-nillu-i giiul ul lnolligill. :- xr-"g,-' ,.:" JJ" '.r"f .rin 1' .w Pr q -,G----'vrk---' , . . . - . 'I' -" ,-1"',----"'.' I 551 533 if -5-.v1 "'.' WH.,-r.f'-'T'-1"""....,..t""-"' II1lI'lk'L'II Illinois Iuinlmlcs. liw ii-uiwi-eil In Iiuligiiizi, .:,3,.,,"-?"""f" .lll. ,,,'gC,,s1 ,,.mt 4:5 or afY.r'-'-'pr .-,,r.,""'..".'f"""',.-.. f'F2. f""',-.- ' .i i 'I' .DY -I .i .i Lf -f if ff"-51, ff '-f"fff."7r-... were :ill lliail were iu-eilcil lo iiiin ilu- gqniu- into gi 4, ,:, fr it Kiwis -if if tibia!! ,,,.:.....,,!.'v,i.,.,1'!....,.'!.'....,! I . . i.u-r ,,,,,...1 vi-we f I - , . - . Af 5-are .YM-' 20-ll Yll'lul'Y Ima ilu- Iloosuis. rv9j,1g,j',,!1,,,.,rgfmjfsrsf fiptffg In llie liisl Iizill. ilu- Illini luinlmlul eight IIIIIUH ziiul -1,-3,-.-"'7'M'H,,l3 tj' jf gi' rp" a- I . .I , , ' , V , 'Zinn' jf! JV: r' pillar pr-f : Y"'f'LY'ff".?1'j'f".Y""' YP".m,q,?L DV, IICYCI' IIILIIIAIQUKI to get into Iiuligingi lt'l'lllUl'X'. Ilu' , ,QV-at v" . , ' . . , ' . qv-1' uf I ni" '. 2 ., i Hoosiers luule zulvziiiiaigc ol Illinois inislatlxes lo store 55' 'Wg 'A - . ' ,i'TQ,Y'TTg,Y'n"",y7'j,','gq55?' I, ,-- livo lniiclulowiis lui' gi I.I-ll Iuill llIllL' Ictul. -3 I riff ' At, g f ,A nf., .ga A- '. :g,",':"' rf "1 hail! in the svuillil lizill. ilu- Illini mgulc llu-ii IIl'Sl I 5' x g I all ll' I " md I . . '. :Y ' , g ' , - , strong olrlensive iiuwe. lliulei' ilu- guulanuc ul sniilui- F , f f" , Kev I' I I I V '-F , , Qkf ' L I4 8 .VL :rl 'var ' more qi1u1'lci'ImzuIx Mel Meyers they inoveil tlowii ilu- I 'T , ' , , 'Mt'-qw ' if kiwi Iiclcl Iroiu ilu' Iaicluill io Iiulizini s Ili xlznxl Iiiuz IX In M 'wg' I 5 . A Q A' .r,.,f M yzircl penalty :iiul Qin iiileiteplioii killed ilu- clrivc. M . U M GY P ' 1.24 in I li- I mules .llL1 I IL llll Melt nm mg on LIL cool "t wo, X , if I ,A , .,ff,qfMM,Z.,,i,W, again when Mzirslmll Slgnaks luiublt-al into ilu- Iiguuls -2 A , f a ' x 1 U N M NI M H, , ' L M xx' 'L 'WV A I rV:LL,,,:,f5.?v 1, ...whz ol :in Iiulizinzi plzixreix A tumble in llu- Iourlli qiigiriei .K , , A 'ff f' 1 .,.. 1 I stopped ainotliei' 0lJlJHl'IllIIIll'. Following lliis, ai - - - - S I I Hoosier ciul pu Iac-ml ull Iiob Hu Iacv s :ilu-inplecl sc teen f . . . f , ' ' . . f' fl llll , pass on tlu' .Sli yzml Iiiu-. I Inu' plans Iziu-is the Iiulizingi to ,ifaed . 1 I , , . : rf ,I 1 , ' fi ALV, W ff I tfwfszr 'L '5""9f? f f sf -- 4 ' V- 1 - f - - . ' f 'Wffl'Wf?re+f- r,1wf,r2,f-r-- w-aw"-"'r H ' ' ldllb-'ft 'MW -' It i-'H' lfH'f"1"'ii'i W it-'ml :titer the lntlclulrnvii was iiizule giiul tlu- linzil more rczul 20-II. Sharp tackling and hard running characterize a scrimmage be- tween the Blues and Whites at Memorial Stadium, Scrimmages like this one help to determine the starting eleven for the Illini. Filled with a capacity crowd of loyal Illinois fans, Memorial Stadium is the scene of an exciting football game between the fighting Illini and Northwestern. The beautiful bright weather addfd to a perfect afternoon as the Illini scored a smashing 28-O victory, '- HW I swf 5. . ' 'ey ,rm 1 --I-145.4 - f M535 I ll Ii I I I i I I I I I I I I 357 I 1 5.62-'fyzfnvfgf itll Mx A if , ,. ifyv ' vi' lu. W7 QS' s. ,sy . ., . s ,.. v , -Y, , s , ,, -fy . I t e,w1 'Q slim., W.fh:. ,AL3' b A 1, ' 5, .-fx,i' 1. D5f il A ,lx v,l l s' f f ', 'EV'.' 'M "' A' 3' V ., , si 4f':f'f"'f "' 7 'M' ii Q. z'?M5Y' if Q 'L 552.54 5 ffl.: ct: i t- is - -- ' uf' ' 'Aff ,, 'ffl - VY l if A Q A NV N V w hifi 4-423 ' gm it M sf W6 'Uiiti ' t5ff'0s?a"',-W 1:53 'P 'rf Er wfti 'P mis sri K ,i,.A,:,, h .3 age' Q53 f- 33 ,K s,,,w.f was Q5 ,i sg r,f,f5r i g A E Q, ,QQ ,Rd saws 3 ,4!H,,.fN,,Lv, , w9,,f, ,.fff A5.'f:f, -.Q i -2.s-.J12:c.S' rfQmv.'ft's.2.xsfLi?2miV.i12953 as assets ,c,s59"fs.Q,fsg5c.'Li.Q'gss sa . s swat Halfback Johnny Counts l4-8l carries the ball for the lllini Visiting dignitaries from the United States Military Academy against Army. Waiting for COunts is Army back Glen Blumhardt. attentively watch the game between Army and illinois, Illini Upset Cadet, 0-14, in Firt Home Game Halfback Deiustice Coleman ldark jerseyl is brought down by an unidentified Army defender after successfully catching a pass. Other players in the picture are Army guard Charles Butzer 1601, Army end Otto Everbach l82l, and lllini halfback Ethan Blackaby l4ll '1 t 7" 2ff."' vyv. if ' y .rl'f.s--'G 7' v "ff"-1 '-f"" ""l ' r ,f i ' V Q w, Yi grim f 5' y 'A ,Y K is -1 Q :fri S3 ' "Q W? fqwft xx' 1 J :jim I ik A ' 'F -" If 3. M, ,xy A Wit. - i'f'i5iffr2.t-iii slat? fir ff tif filler'-' er: A riff ff inert ,ra is A f- ,R ' :., gr. Y V . .N . - ,.,L S ,, I ,fx RV ' ' 1 U . -+ ,L DF A0 V M V i ,. H nf A ' W u r gg? 614,43 -Qin: 38 is by 41,4 sw' 5 5, 7 'ff afl"'X'i'! G 2 A fixup ' ,fr ' r, .5 . qi' 'J . g -l 1 gr Q. i wif ," 1 A-' ig, f i ,194 g :ff 0: ,V ,Q ,g , t ' lg 3' .?".,xJvg:3:ai1 .,L,,:,f?!gAii',7L V I A ' if fi?-fist Mufti.. 1 , Avg, 1 if lv, vt M L 'ivy 2 ' 1'9" , Vs, 'i 1' ' we f 'X I S " "7" -' Luz.: fvrgx Y , 'ifalg'G?x.ft3wh2..K ylfi. vi , yzcw sz. i Y it ga! ,. ' Rfk i A is A fl' 'E' N' .r 'f' Z f lff fi" vfgfsi K' l will M .tffyilf A Fw sir? 15.3-4-5 fl' y 'ff 2' ft fi: :r"'t3f 55 Wir f":fa,'g ,. 'Alf' fl y Q,-5,:,,w?l 3 'T'-e fl W ' E 4 if fgfidxfia ff ,1 4' 4' f f. st "T" A ga fl' 55,1-, sf. wiifierfftsfl lr i ,fwfr it ff-fries 6,1 ft +L MM liz. T 'gs ',.,f,f' wr f ' It Us ""',f,-'Q ' "tJ.rH ' W' -'iw 'tr f it if s'i8':,i as -2. - .if .f . w his ' 1324 54,11 .is V' ff""?:f52vi"i"i'z yi ' ft ' ,li Q 1,yyv..a-,fggfuu ,fggiw Mar, gf , N. "sjf?'a' wr' 'F .i fi if 'ru M' - :,' r gvs, 1 P , s .. - L f I "l- f . ,, ' ii ,Q i' W if ' W if Ep ,.,. Vg, Q IVQV if 7 ,Q -r is , r fr '--Q M- -'z 5 if i i , A -I at 8. iii!! 5, 1' , t?!Qi'1"y, fi 1' V, 4 -.,,,, , .' Qs ' . . sw. 4 m 5, , , 4 rw iw, "ww ., , at WWMMA, .,.,f 2 i X 5 f ,. ft,ifghiQi: J . Nw , 22 an If 'TW' ,.s - -- . ,... , 1,....,,,Z'. - .... va .A- E ' if 1 I W '-wwf. V . 3' i , .ii...fgQm'x 4 .- 'W 4 . 1 .1 358 l - .Q- 1 Pav rs PN 'W ,fl 7, AQ- """'- an 'ST' ...., 006. WM xii' .lm The cadets from West Point stand for the opening kickoff of the Illinois-Army game, The academy's entire senior class arrived on the campus early in the day, then marched in formation to the stadium, and entertained fans with a military drill before the game, Illinois, in its first home appearance, looked like an entirely dillerent team. A three touchdown under- dog, the Illini upset the highly regarded Cadets ol VVest Point, 20-14. Sophomore Mel Meyers led the early attack by completing his First six passes and finished the game with eight Completions in ten attempts lor ll5 yards. One of these was a sparkling ell yard pass to hallback. Johnny Counts, lor the lllini's lirst touchdown ol the afternoon. Gerry XNood's kick was good and Illinois led by an upsetting score ol' 7-ll. The lllini weren't through scoring in the first quarter. Their second touchdown was set up by one of the four recovered Cadet lumbles. A bone-c rushing tackle by captain, Bill Burrell, caused Army hallback Bob Anderson to tumble, the recovery being made by Doug 'vVallace on Army's lo. ,lim Brown carried the ball over lrom the one yard line. VVood's cone version again was good and the score was ll-ll. In the setond quarter, the Cadets shortened the lead by scoring on a 74 yard drive. The Fighting lllini concluded their outstanding olfensive perlorinance in the third quarter by march' ing 45 yards in I3 plays tor their third touchdown. The score was made by Bill Brown on a one yard plunge. ln the lourth quarter Army tallied once again to make the final store 20-lel. Army's left end Don Usry l89l receives a jarring tackle from an Illinois defender after quarterback Joe Caldwell completed a pass to him. Number 44 for Army is reserve halfback Glen Adams. 359 Illini Defeat Buckeyes With 75 Yard Teuehde it Illinois' center, Tony Parrilli l5Ol, drives across the Ohio State line as he tries to block a punt. Rough, hard, and determined play was instrumental in the lllini victory over the Buckeyes, The Illini niaclc- it two consecutive wins lor the season hy downing the Buckeyes ol Ohio State be- lore a crowd ol Hfillllli in tlolunihus. lvlidway in the Inst quarter, cpiarterliack Mel Meyers went hack to pass and appeared to he trapped deep in his own territory: however, he managed to get rid ol' the hall. Alter being dellected hy two Buckeye delenders, the hall was caught liy 'lohnny Counts who sped across the goal line lor the only touchdown ol the game. In all. the play covered 7.5 yards and gave the Illini a ti-tl lead which they never relincinished. Illinois rolled up an unbelievable total ol' 369 yards, while the highly respected ollense ol Ohio State was held to a niere 79 yards on the ground, the fewest it has hc-en held to in live years. The greatest delensive stand caine just alter the second hall' got underway, when the Illini stopped the Buckeyes alter they inter- cepted a pass on Illinois' lil yard line. Late in the final quarter, Don Yeafel added some insurance to the Illini lead with a field goal, making the linal score El-ti, and giving the Illini their first victory over the Buckeyes since lll52. .Foe Rutens l79l, versatile lll:ni tackle, shovvs his The Buckeyes pounce on Illinois' halfback, Marshall Starks l22l, tremendous oovver as he continually crashes through the as tackle Don Yeazel l78l tries to come to his rescue. Cooperation Bticlceve line to harass the Ohio State quarterback, of this type sparked the Illini to victory throughout the season. 360 "iWf'f-. , ' 1, 'IIN 1 M ' -mr F s l ,U f Wilma M xg Halfback Ethan Blackaby i4ll speeds towards the Minnesota goal line after a l'5 yard run as he scores the llIini's first touchdown in their l4-6 homecoming victory over the Gophers. Running interference for Blackaby is lllinois' All-American guard Bill Burrell i68l. llllf tanding Illini Deion e Defeat opher 14-6 The Illini, before a near capacity Homecoming crowd, defeated the Golden Gophers of Minnesota 14-6 for their third consecutive victory this year. Illinois' first score came on a well executed play with Ethan Blackaby carrying the ball over from the fifteen. The conversion was made and the Illini led 7-0 until the fourth quarter. The game was dominated by outstanding defensive play by both teams. Minnesota was held to a meager 82 yards rushing while the Illini could only pick up 121 yards against the rugged Gopher line. The Illini pass defense was also very good, holding the Gophers to seven completions in 29 attempts. Illinois' secondary came up with five interceptions to cut off Gopher scoring threats. In the fourth quarter both offenses began to open up. A determined Minnesota team moved the ball down the field for a touchdown. However, they missed the conversion and the Illini's lead was pro- tected. On the last play of the game, a very deter- mined jim Brown smashed over the goal line. The point after the touchdown was good and the Fighting Illini, with this 14-6 victory, made this year's Home- coming another wonderful success. 361 Unable to pass, Illinois quarterback Johnny Easterbrook tries to run around end to pick up some yardage. Attempt- ing to bring Easterbrook down is Minnesota guard lerry Shetler. Block I members display the traditional Indian head during the halftime of the homecoming game. The two Block l sections, composed of l IOO students each, perform during the halftime of every home football game. Po erlul ittany Lion Hand Illini 20-9 Deleat Illinois' All-American guard Bill Burrell graciously accepts the Big Ten's most valuable player award, a silver football, from NN lfrid Smith, the sports editor of the Chicago Tribune. it 362 evil? .. -Tiff si 4' . AEN Illinois took tinie out lroin its rugged Big Ten schedule to play the nationally rated Penn State Nittany Lions at Cleveland, Ohio. However, the Illini weren't "up" lor this assignment and lost to the Eastern tc-:un 20-9. The Illini took an early lead as Bill Burrell re- covered a lunible on Penn States I2 yard line. After the Illini lost two yards in three plays, Cliflf Roberts kicked a field goal lor a 3-ll lead. However, the Nit- tany Lions, led hy All-American quarterback Richie Lucas, bounced hack with two quick touchdowns and led ll-fl midway in the second quarter. just belore the half ended the Illini got their only touch- down. Hallhack lithan Blackaby intercepted one of Lucas' passes on Penn States 22, and plays later Bill Brown plunged over from the one. The try for the extra point lailed, and the hall' ended with the Illini trailing lelell. In the third quarter, Illini halfback, Gary Kolb, intercepted a pass on 'his own two yard line. Brown then luinbled on the first playg Penn State scored on the next play to take a 20-9 lead. This proved to he too great lor the Illini to overcome as they were unable to score in the rest ol the game. Purdue lloltl lllini to 'l'he Fighting Illini were held to a 7-7 tie hy a powerful Purdue team. 'I'his was the game Illinois needed: at victory would have given the Illini a share of the Big 'l'en 'l'itle. Purdue drew first hlood hy taking an early 7-II lead. Illinois came hack strong. I-Iallhack qlohn Counts led the drive picking up Iilty-two yards in six carriers including at twenty-one yard touchdown run. X-Vith the score 7-ii in favor of Purdue. quarter- back Meyers decided to play sale and kick the extra point. NVood made the point and the game was tied. The determined Boilermakers time alter time in- vaded the lllini twenty yard line. Each time the in- spired Illinois' defense, led by All-Anierican Bill Burrell who made twenty-six tackles in the game, held them scoreless. Twice Purdue tried lor field goals, and twice the Illini line crashed through to block or deflect the kick. The Boilermakers took revenge on Illinois in the last quarter. VVith seconds remaining in the game, Illinois had advanced to the Purdue twenty. A field goal was in order, but the Illini didn't have a kicker on the Field. No more time outs were lelt so Illinois took a penalty to get the needed man on the field, and Mfood had to kick from the thirty-two. The ball fell short ol' the goal post hy six inches, leaving the final score 7-7. 'Ihe weather was dark and dreary as the Illini played Purdue to a 7-7 deadlock. In the above picture an Illini ball carrier falls forward after being hit by a Purdue defender. 7-7 Tie in ulVlu i" Gamt: W FI Nix- I. sv' 'iii I' I Q, 'fs if 9 if I -' V . .' 4 A 9 1' K?',,a'Q'5" -1-" 'lhe Reamers, a Purdue honorary, explode the Boilernnaker Spe- cial. Members of Illinois' Tomahawk honorary and the Reamers have an annual exchange for the Illinois-Purdue football game, I I WN' if ' I The referee raises his arrn to signal that Illini halfback Johnny Counts 1489 has stepped out of bounds. On the ground is Purdue halfback Clyde Washington, who side-tracked Counts. 363 PM ' I 1 tml iii' was M In , vqf,jK5'9'hl9 Q f 4-fi' Haifback Marshall Starks IZZI prepares to take a pitchout from quarterback Mel Mevers II7I in the Illini's ZO-I5 loss to Michigan. Running interference for Starks are fullback Jim Brown I37I, guard John Grerner I63I, and tackle Joe Rutgens Ito the right of Gremerl. Title Hopes Vanih ' I0-1 Loss to ichi an 'I'he IfVolverines ol Miehigatn threw at wrench into the tnztehinery ol the Illini title hopes by ttettettting the Iiliotnien, 20-15. Illinois got oil to at flying stttrt by picking up nine points in the first nine inintttes ol play. A held goal xtnd at lollow-up touchdown stztrted the Illini on what looked like at storing holidziy. Michigan. however, hgtd other ideals on how this hxtttle would turn ottt. The lVolves, toward the end ul the setond httll, drove the hztll down to the Illini thirteen yard line. For three plziys the Illini held. On the Iztst down. Mithigztn lztked at Iield goztl und passed the pig over lor six points. Iittrly in the third tptttrter the YVolves intercepted at patss on the Illini twenty-six. This set up their setond tottthdown, :ind gztve the IVolverines the leztd, III-II. Mithigttn now sttw tt thatnee lor vietory: fighting httrd, they scored :tgztin in the third quarter and lengthened their leztd hy seven points. XX'ith the Iottrth qttttrter under wary, the Illini showed their lighting spirit. Meyers engineered at storing drive lor Illinois ttnd the gzip was shortened to QII-15. II'ith time running out, the Fighting Illini tried to ttike the leatd, but it wats till in vztin. 364 I I Hitting Michigan's left halfback Benjamin McRae I43I and causing him to drop the ball is Illini defensive halfback Dejustice Coleman. Prepared to help Coleman is halfback Marshall Starks. I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,. II I I I ,I I I I I I I I I I I 'I It It I I I I I Final ecoiid ouchdo Ups ts lladglizrs, .l-l' i i Illinois Iirotlnietl one ol the st-:isons biggest np- r x-I-, 4,,. rv' 4'-'ei' 'V 1'-'W' t' P I 4 sets hy deleailing the ll'istonsin Ivzitlgets. lmig len lootlxill tliinnpions, fl-li. lffzirly in the lirst iluiiiier, the Illini were stopped on the ll'ist'onsin six inch line. llowex'er, on llfiston- sin's lirst plaiy the Illinois delense trzipped ai Iizidger behind the goal line lor at 2-ll lezid. XVistonsin tanne bztcls to store ai tontlidown, but the Illini line stolmpetl the try lor at two-point conversion, :ind the score wus li-2 until the end ol the gzinie. XVith live minutes to go, Illinois took over the hull on their own twenty-two. Yzird by yiird, qttzirterbzult Mel Meyers zind lulllxick Bill Brown moved the bzill toward the lfVisconsin gozil line: with only seconds lelt, the Illini reziched the Badger one yzird line. The Wlisconsin defense dug in: Illinois hit their line once and it held. Time remained lor one more plziy. Meyers gave the bztll to Brown :ind :is the gun sounded the big lullback went over for the winning touch- down. The extra point wats good, und the Fighting Illini recorded one ol their truly great victories. i - 'I .I ' n. n ' . ' A" B' '1 ,ini ' ff ' gf if ,li A ll lugwfi - " f?4-ig' 4M.,1",dl4g' V hw A' I ,,-h N... .xg 0 .. 4 'Jr IH? 1 , ii f.L L If VL, rl il: :,J'qs,..f,d.g , 4.9 .ui . - "' mi v "fig 54 'il Q . iw ig 1 li- 'lg AIAAK J -vs-.i , LQ' hal If 41 AA I Q L li I I L I 4 .1 ' 4 AL., 1 ., t 45 li! Qlilvwpnohuvwno A-,MN ef far u I awww ff- am' rirvefvrev ails M c,x1a'DfFs vb , .... -,,4,..,,,,,, ,Q sf .V - .,.'O' ,-fi '-r ' Wi ,alfa An Illinois lineman blocks out Wisconsiiw's All Big Ten guard Jerry Stalcup l6Ol to prepare the way for another ot the frequent lllini gains through the center of the rugged Badger defense. Fullback Bill Brown l39l plunges forward to give the Illini valuable yardage in their last minute touchdown drive against Wisconsin. This drive was culminated by a last second touchdown by Brown to give the Illini a 9-7 upset victory over the favored Badgers. asf' I 2 ,W f Q' ffl? 5 agar, 365 I 7"'s.h W "Smelting roses" are lllini stars ltrom left to rightl Bill Brown, Bill Burrell, Johnny Counts, and Gerry Patrick. However, their hopes vanished when Wisconsin clinched the Rose Bowl bid. Right halfback Ethan Blackaby l4l l attempts to cut loose from the arms ot a Northwestern tackler while halfback Johnny Counts of the Illini and tackle Gene Gossage ot the Wildcats look on. Team Pay Tribute to Eliot ith 2 -0 ictor The Fighting Illini closed the I959 season with their most impressive showing ol the year, and brought Ray Iiliot's eighteen year tareer as head coach to a finish with a smashing 28-tl victory over Northwestern. It was evident from the start that the Illini were not going to be stopped on the sunny November alternoon. Alter Illinois lumbled twice deep in Wlild- cat territory, halfback Dejustice Coleman returned a punt to the Northwestern nine yard line. Bill Brown plunged over lrom the one yard line two plays later. Iiarly in the second quarter the Illini covered 45 yards in nine plays to give them a lrl-lJ halftime lead. In the third quarter, .lohnny Counts climaxed a 42 yard drive by scoring on a brilliant cut back run from the 17. The Final score came in the fourth quarter when Bill Brown romped 69 yards from scrimmage for a touchdown. In all, Brown gained 164 yards in I9 carries to highlight the powerful IlIini's offensive attack. On the other hand, Northwesterns vaunted offense never got started as the Illini line held the swift rushing attack to a total of only 36 yards. This game was a fitting tribute to the end of Eli0t's career. In fact, after the game most experts agreed that Illinois had the strongest team in the Big Ten. Johnny Counts scores after a brilliant cut back run from the seventeen yard line to give the lllini a Zl -O lead in the third quarter of their 28-O victory over Northwestern. Wildcat haltback Ray Purdin l-467 attempts to catch Counts but his efforts are wasted. f , I .ai .ay F 3 2 ?c C 'H -:Q.'.s.,.,. Jn PJf2Sis?5ss'ZILt' - 4' :x337!5f"'f"l3kYl' Coach Eliot's Last Day... Prayer, Conierenees, Anxieties, Victory . .. Ends an Eighteen Year Era K agp. t f'x"'iv.7"""n e,.5.P "As we gather here today- we take a moment, Lord, to pray- that You will guide us in our play- and show us how to go Thy way. Make us honest, fair and true- in this game and all we do." -hVl'lliCll by RM' hun l l is f, Line coach Chuck Studley and Ray Eliot discuss the team Before going out to challenge the Northwestern Wildcats, lllirii Sifafggy long in advance of the approaching football game. players are given a last-minute strategy lecture by their coach. Wav The coach offers a few words of advice to junior quarterback John Easterbrook before he goes in for the Fighting Illini team. 368 The hnish ol the 1959 lootball season marks the end of a great coaching career. It marks the end of an eighteen year era. lt marks the end ol Ray Eliot's tenure as head coach of the "Fighting Illini." But it does not mark the end of the respect that the hun- dreds ol thousands ol' Illini hold for the determined leader ol' the Illinois football team. This respect will not fade: it will grow into a legend, a legend that will be supported by the Big Ten championships ol' lllelli, l95l, and l953, by the Rose Bowl victories ol I9-16, and 1951, by the eight All-Americans that were tutored by the Dean ol' Big Ten Football. and by the reineinhrance ol' the inany major upsets that Ray Eliot has produced. It can certainly be said ol' Coarh Eliot that whatever he has done, he has done very well. True, his ellorts did not always result in victories, hut the record he has made is a good one. Ray Eliot's inspired teains have won eighty- three gaines, lost seventy-two, and tied eleven for a .533 percentage. N'Vhen the time span ol' eighteen years is considered, this record becomes not only good but outstanding. Although Ray will be leaving the bench. he will still he on the lC2l11l.,CIOZlCl1 Eliot will be taking over the position of Assistant Athletic' Director here at the llniversity ol' Illinois. From past performances alone, we know that Ray Eliot will do a fine job in his new position. ' my . 5 is ,R QU, ,N .rw N -nut, Vg- ag 3. i During the high tension of a Big Ten game, Ray Eliot talks to two outstanding Coach Eliot fensely watches the action in a pose members of his Illinois football team, seniors Bob Hickey and Don Yeazel. familiar to all of the Big Ten football favs. Ray Eliot has had a great career at the University of Illinois. He has had his tips and downs, but he always came out first in the hearts ol the team and lans. In 1942 when Ray became head coach he was determined to produce Fine men and through them fine teams. He has succeeded admirably by producing such greats as Agase, Young, Vohaslca, Tate. Brodsky, Karass, Caroline, and Burrell. He has tutored these All-Americans and other nationally prominent players such as Mitchell, Woodson, and Krietling. These men and all others that played with them profited trom their association with the "Coach" Through these men the Dean ol' Big Ten Football has produced winning teams: teams such as the 1946 eleven which tromped UCLA in the Rose Bowl -15-lfl, and the l95l griclmen who rolled over Stanlord 40-7 in the post season classic. In l95l Coach Ray liliot was chosen "Coach ol the Year" in the national polls. Ray came close to captur- ing the title again this year. He was named "Midwest Coach ol the Year" and placed third in the national voting. The hnal season ol Ray Eliot's career as a coach has been a litting one. He captured the third place slot in the Big 'l'en Clonlcrence: the team was ranked eleventh in the nation. For the final time Eliot paces the ground on which he spent many anxious moments during his eighteen year career with the Illini. Y u . , 4 1 .4 , Q f 'ha its fs' . , .til ' i , x V 'l'tf'A, 7, "'xil:7 Q I ii' ' """l l h A ? , Z .l 5 2, R,-Y ir! D ,T A Y, we 3, mf . ,, ,,.,.-,Mm-qqw-f..rgne'wlillli""WW' Triumphant team members carry thexr coach off the fneld after they made hms final game a big success wnth a glorlous Z8-O victory, Eliot hugs his fullback Bill Brown l39l ln appreciation for his tremendous EIiot's familiar portrait is complete with sun play as Marshall Starks l22l and other lllmu celebrate in the locker room. glasses and has trademark, a well-worn brown haf. 'vi 370 Pete Elliott uooeetl Ray Eliot a Head Coach The Fighting Illini i'et'eivt-tl niany 'most-season honors alter their snccesslul Illhll ranipziigit. By Iinisliing np with successive wins over XVist'onsin and Noitliwesterii, the team tied l'tn'due lor third place in the Big 'l'en. In addition, they were rated lotneteentli in the national polls and linished eighth in the country in total de- lense. Many individual honors were also awarded to the Illini. Ray Eliot, in his last season, was nanted "Midwest Coach ol the Year," and took third place in the na- tional "Coach ol the Year" selections. Guard Bill Bur- rell received 29 individual Iionorsg he was named to nine All-American teams, received the Big 'I'en's Most Valu- able Player Award, was named United Press HIJIIICIIIZIII of the Year," and played in three post-season games. Ioe Rutgens and Bill Brown rnade the First and second All Big Ten teams, respectively. Shortly alter the season ended, Pete Elliott was natned to succeed Ray Eliot as head coach ol the Illini. Elliott, a native of Bloomington, Illinois, was the only twelve letterman in the history ol the University ol' Michigan. He starred as both a hallback and quarterback from 1945 to 1948 and helped lead the Wfolverines to two undefeated seasons and a Rose Bowl victory. After graduation, Elliott served as an assistant coach at Oregon and Oklahoma, and then was head coach at Nebraska for a year and at California lor three years belore coming to Illinois. 'Illlt' lnoslwtts lol Itlliottls IIINI season :tl Illinois att' very good as then' att' Zti lt-llt-init-n ietnininia lltilll tlii- Iflnll leant, Ilie enliit- liatlclielrl will it-tinn and will lit- led liy captain-t-It-tt Bill Iliown antl lns lnotlit-i, Inn, .it Ittllliatk, ritiatteilratk Mel Meyers, and liallliatlcs Iolinny Ctonnls, Nlaishall Starks, antl Iatlian Illatlgaliy. .Xltlionglr the line will snllei lieaxtily lioin the loss ol lltiiit-ll, it will be bolstered liy the it-Linn ol two Ing tarklt-s, lot' Rnlgens and illill Roberts. Big Ten Football tantlings Xl' I, 'I' XVistonsin ,.e... 5 2 tl Michigan State , el 2 tl ILLINOIS ,,e, I 2 l Purdue ,,,e,ee,,e rl 2 1 Northwestern .ee. tl fi ll Iowa .,ee..Y fl fl ll Michigan e,.. 3 rl 0 Indiana vee.eY S. 2 I I Ohio State .eee .. 2 all I Minnesota ,, I 6 0 Top Row: Coaches Burton lngwersen, Steve Sucic, Ralph Fletcher, Charles Studley, Melvin Brewer, Jim Valek, William Tate, Head Coach Ray Eliot Seventh Row: Marshall Starks, Donald Bush, Gerald Rosengren, John Lennon, John Easterbrook, John Austin, Richard Wooley, James Beckmann, Lou Amsberg, Edward O'Brado- vich Sixth Row: Roland Pearson, Richard Newell, Gerald Oberndorfer, Stanley Yukevich, William Brown, Larry Lavery, Gary Hembrough, Melvin Meyers, Jerry Parola, Bruce Aronld Fifth Row: Darrell DeDecker, Jerry Cripe, Bruce Cacciapaglia, Robert Creviston, Cliflord Roberts, James Brown, Gary Kolb, John Rizek, James DiGirolamo, David McGann, John Luse Fourth Row: Kenneth Chalcraft, Dennison Staub, Dick Cast, Gerald Wood, Russell Martin, Paul Golaszewski, Robert Mountz, Melvin Romani, Ethan Blackaby, Stephen Thomas Third Row: Joseph Geraci, John Kruze, Joseph Wendryhoski, Gary Brown, Anthony Zeppetella, Richard Nietupski, Calvin Wheeler, John Counts, Robert Young, James Entwistle Second Row: Howard Plautz, Edward Reed, Patrick Murphy, Joseph Rutgens, Anthony Parrilli, Douglas Wallace, Joseph Krakoski, Joseph Mota, Robert Salata, Robert Lanzotti, Bruce Beckman Front Row: Donald Yeazel, Kenneth Gehler, David Ash, Gerald Patrick, Deiustice Coleman, William Burrell, Robert Hickey, John Gremer, Ernest McMillan, John Stapleton, Lindell Lovellette 'vfflimn ,Citi " in ' 'r :lv if- ir' 1- plug:-an , '11 KW - -ffe f T,,,-,- Y 5. nnnqpinusuq M ,. .., i. I-. ' -I 1 . 4- 4 3. ,L gf , f V ' V. , s - V 1 -, ,, N a- J 1, y .i,5,-E D y ' 1 b 31. I 4,5 nun l i.. . l'- I ...M 5' ,., I fi .I J , Q .v L" if ff"ft'2'f , r ' . ' ,, -ii 171' . it ' . ! N if-is ' . 1 371 , .., Q .w .- MPL G . 'Wk gixglf K 'Q f -I n "" ' ...............,. ,mm-' , A z' fan Q 1 ,- 92 5 'Y V, gf 4x.:,,, . . 'ifmf Q2 4 "ff ,mv 7 VT." Center John Wessels, who specializes in hook shots, barely eludes the determined defense of Michigan State ace, Lance Olson. Dave Scott t l 3l and Horace Walker tl5l are hoping for a rebound. -ws-w-gg 4? ,Ting Inconsistent free throwing spelled disaster tor Illinois more than once this season, l-lere Al Gosnell is readying himself for a bonus toss, under the vvatchtulness of teammate Ed Searcy l-l2l. eteran Ba lcetball quad Cap ure 11 0 Firt 1 The biggest headache lacing Coach Harry Clombes as he began his lfith season as Illini cage mentor was that ol' hncling a replacement lor last season's play-making guard, Roger Taylor. In general, though, the Illini tuture looked bright as back into the lineup came eight letter- men. Three seasoned starters were Govoner Vaughn, a seniorg this year's captain, Mannie lackson: and .lohn IfVessels, a junior destined to lall scholastically by the wayside. Other lamiliar laces were Ed Perry, Vern Alte- meyer, Bruce Biinkenhurg, Lee Franclsen, Lou Lanclt, and Al Gosnell. Gcvoner Vaughn makes it apparent just who is controlling the "boards" on this particular shot. ln tact, the Govoner made a habit of snatching onto rebounds as he led the team in this field. The cagers started the season in typical Illini lashion by winning the First six nonconlerence games and then chopping one to Clalilornia, paced by its rXll-,Xmericaii center Darrel Imholl, in the lirst Pacihc Coast Tourna- ment played by the Illini. Ol the three midwestern schools that went VVest lor the tournament. Northwestern, Michigan, and Illinois, all were soundly beaten by the host teams. Coming hack under Big Ten nets, the Illini lost two consecutive starts. to top-ranked Ohio State led hy their sophomore All-American glerry Lucas, and, in an upset to Minnesota's Gophers. Then, seemingly, the Illini got their leet back on the court ancl won three impressive victories over Purdue, Michigan State, and. in a return match, the Golden Gophers ol Minnesota. 373 A-.. attain., 'W"""" Ed Perry finds htnwgell all alone and takes advantage of the situ- ation tn typical Illtnt ttnsltttgm, The speed and drive of the team gave them many Chances for Doss -stealing or tastebreaktng. M, M Q 2? 374- lllini Produce Thrill , As happened last season, mid-semester break lelt Coach ilornlres with a lew grey hairs. The Illini five carrie hack to deleat a strong Notre Dame team, but alter the game, it was learned that starting center .john ltVessels had become ineligible. Alternating lid Searcy and Vern Altemeyer at the post, the cageiis came up with a key win over ltlichigan to give them second place in the conlerence. Then against Michigan State, Illinois lost a hearthreaker. Trailing by eleven points, they came within one point ol the Spartans when the clock ran Otll. Coach llornlaes rarely used the same starting live in any game, but relied heavily on his powerful bench. .lackson and Vaughn were the only two who saw continuous action. Lee Frandsen and Irou I.andt were the heroes ol' an exciting 93-89 double overtime win over Purdue. Throughout the last ten minutes ol the game. they sparked the team and scored the two final baskets. Next on the agenda was an encounter with the Ohio State five. The Illini might as well have stayed home as the Buckeyes romped to a lllfl-81 victory. Strategy . . . strategy . . , and more strategy. The next but the bench, rated one of the strongest in the conference, n Wcsscls I Joh " ,.1 111.111 W 111 Vwillll l.ll't'Il1il'1l .Ill .111w1f111, l.11.rgI1n Wlll1 .111 vr111.1llV :If-I1-11111111-rl IVI ', ll Irliiyfw llll' .itll-111 ,,,.l,1,.,, lt' llf' lll'lTllV1lc't'Ifl1'1l.1'. lllk lllllIlIl1',II'1 711-alzirw glyr, Npiynl, I,,,lI' 'l'l1m' trip to XVis1o11si11 lnoxeml to hc lllNilNll'lHllN, as . ' . . , ,.., .U thc il'llLll llwvlllllg lmaclgers upset the lll1111 111 a mah., win. l11 lllllylllg host to lllillllllll. llllllUIS stootl hx as Hoosier 11-1111-1' Walt l'it'llllllly 1111111111-tl i11 lil points to set a new llull Gym storing recortl i11 a U2-78 I11clia11avictory.'l'l1e llli11icamel1ackl11o1111l1csc three cleleats to product' victories over Iowa. Allllllgllll, and Nortl1weste1'11 i11 the last games ol the season. l11 the Iowa victory, lXl2llllllC llacksoirs star shone lJl'lgllll'l' than at any other time i11 his Illinois mage career. He 1 DL I set the season! scoring mark with 51 points melore Iouling out late i11 the gaine. Govoner Vaughn hit his three year high l1yscori11g fill points against hIic'l1iga11. The llli11i Big 'l'e11 stancling had heen tlangling he- tween second a11tl sixth place tluring the season, hut the hnal tally put the team i11 a third place tie. The end ol' the season was also the end ol the careers ol the iuajority ol' the ltllill tffillll. XVith only .lohn Xllessels I'CIlll'I1lllg lI'0lll the Slllfllllg five, Coath ciOIlllJt'S is relying 011 next year's crop ol' S0lJl1OIH0l'CS and juniors. few seconds could very possibly tell the tale of the game seems to be pondering the latest jokes or last nigl'1t's date. L- Mannie Jackson. sharpshooting lllini team Captain, catches the defense tlatfooted with a quick leap for two points. He set the in' vidual season's scorlng record with 32 points against lovva. 375 W Lee Frandsen, often a team spark plug, lays in two points against Ohio State, whale the OSU, great, Jerry Lucas, watches trom the free throw lane. Forward Ecl Perry l22l, battling tor a loose ball, typifies the spirnted and aggressrve stvle ol basketball coach l-larry Combes' men are famous for. 376 Al Gosnell looks back, seeking a "friend," as the scoreboard glows a healthy nine point lead. Govoner Vaughn gets just enough of his fingers on the ball to spoil G.S.U.'s Dave Furry's shot. Sophomore standout, Jerry Colangelo, calmly steals the ball from a wide-mouthed and clisbelieving opponent. Cager Capture Third Place, Pet 16-7 Record Sezrsoifs Record ILLINOIS ,rrr rrrrrr S fi ILLINOIS 93 ILLINOIS rrrr .r.,., S SI ILLINOIS rrrr ....., 8 5 ILLINOIS ..., rr,rr. 1 30 Culilornizr .rrr,r ,.,.r. I 32 ILLINOIS rrrr rr.... E I2 ILLINOIS ,,.. rrrrr. 7 Al Ohio State ....... 97 ILLINOIS rrr, 90 ILLINOIS ,r,, ...... 8 I ILLINOIS .... 96 IXIIIIIIGSOIZI .... ,..... 7 7 ILLINOIS .r.. .,r.., 7 I ILLINOIS ..,.,r,........, 75 Michigan State .....,,r 78 ILLINOIS ..,r..r rrrrr. E I3 Top Row: Coach Harry Combes, G V Howard Braun Second Row: ovoner Jerry Curless, Douglas Mills, Sam Leeper, IIIIIICI' ,C , , W'esle1'rr Iienlucky hILlI'tIlICllL' . rrrrr , Ohio lhriversily I Oklzilmmzi ....,,r ILLINOIS .... rrrrr, INOI'lIIIX'CSlCl'll ,,rr,v SIZIIIIOIII rrrr,r,, ILLINOIS r.rr Minnesota vv,. Purclue ..r.,.,.....r Michigzm Sllllff .. ILLINOIS ...rrr. r.rrrr Notre Dame rreee eee,.. Mic higzm rrrrrr rr.,,, r i ILLINOIS rrr. ....., Purdue ,... ,..... William Mohlenbrock S-ge Swv: 75 ISU 77 79 57 AIS 79 73 62 82 88 70 457 lil 77 89 Ohio Slailc IVISQUIISIII Imliqingi II.LINOIS ILLINOIS ILLINOIS Ohio SILIIC , IIIII ,-.. V 1.1 U2 S5 I , UU . Sl reee rig Imlizinar ...e., ILLINOIS Mirrrrc-mtg: North western r.,rr Iowa rrrrrrrVrr,,rrr Puuhie ..rrrrrr.,...rrrr Nlimlrigrirr Searle rrr,rr KVM onsin Michigarrr rrr, I II.I,INUIS ILLINOIS ILLINOIS Iowan Nur'lIrwr'slc- 'Ien SIEIIIIIIIIQS Manager Dennis Swanson, Robert Schmidt, Robert Sfarnes, Lavern Ahemeyer, John We-ssels, Alan Gosnell A sia 1 C Ch aughn, Louis Landi, Edward Perry, Captain Mannie Jackson, Bruce Bunkenbuig, Lee Frandsen Boftom Row: G Id C I g 0 ww ,, -, ,, r' 4.2 I 1 4" ,. M 5 ' , gl .ig .Wg K . I meg? I 4 ,Wg , if 59223529 I Qrrmegg ree dey? EE frewee xy Iaa I 1.5 , " x eg '.yN-241, Q 1 If li. z ,AM by wr 'fx if ,. s- , Z Q- uw' f X623 U W . Xe 4 , 1+ c '3.. ' H . if-Q3 si. lE"?'IgX Ima' 'ss'-'. '24 ,V ' X ' , M, 1 fav- " ' Q, Q4 .- - 423 +,,,w1..g: 4 1 V 1 ' 11" ' of .1511 1 V .H 2 1 5 Suk 11 11 - 'F I 7 ff! fm! 1 f ff T1 ' 1 l .Ae ,.., ,Ml 1 ., AA A 1. George Kerr breaks the tape ahead of Tony Seth of Michigan as the lllini defeat the powerful Vxfolverine quartet in the mile relay. Indoor Track quad Loses Conloronoo Cro 11 The Illini capture another first place finish as they edge the fa- vored Michigan Wolverines 641,12 to 5855 in an indoor dual meet The star of lllinois' outstanding 1959 track team was middle- distance runner George Kerr topposite pagel who won the 880-yard run in the NCAA and set a Big Ten Meet record in the same event. 111116 15159 1111111 11111111 se1151111 wats l11gl1l1gl11e1l l1y llll ll1JSCl 1A'l11 111 tl1e Big Ten Ollllltllll' 1111'1't. ll 11111111 1111111- l1111s11 111 tl1e NKLXA, ll w111'l1l 1'e1111111l 51l1l11C1'1I1g 11011- 1t11'lllllI1lC by 1110 s111'i11t lllCl11L'y 1'el11y 1L'llIll, 111111 1111 1111tst1111111ng 1111l1y11l1111l 11e1'l111111111111e l1y f1Ct11'gL' K1-1'1y ,11l1L' 11111111111 511111111 8111111611 Sllt'tL'SS11l11y w1tl1 1111 1111- 1JllChS1YL' s.1111w111g 111 seven 11151 11l111e l1111sl1es 111 111C AAU Open Meet. 'l'l11'y t11e11 w1111 111111-e 5t1111gl1t 1111111 1111-1-ts x'v1l.l1l1l1l Ll loss, tleleztting Pl1l'k11lC, Nlltlligltli 111111 clllltl Stztte. 111 111C Big 'lien Meet 110111 :tt 1V1s11111s111, tl11' 1111111 Hnishing s1-1111111 111 Alltlllgllll 1111111 only tw11 lnsts, tl1e1'el'111'e l'11111ng 111 116111111 their title. 1'i1lllt' l'l111sley 111111 llllll M111'l1ell t1e11 I111' 111111 111 tllt' l11g11 111111113 wliile L111'1'y S11-w1111 w1111 1111- 511111 11111. f1lllL'I' 1111111 w1111 111111111 1111111 were c1L'U11QC Kt'l'l'. 51-1111111 111 1 1 111C tl-ltl 111111 S80 y11111l 111115, lxen 151'11w11, 51-1111111 lll the 1111le 111111 1111111111 lll 111C tw11 111111-, P11111 1'Ul1L'lll2l1l, se1- 11111l 111 111C 1311111111 Ailllllll. The 1111111 l'111le1l t11 11l111e 111 Nix 11-ve111s, while hllflligitll 1111111-11 111 1111 lllll 11111- 111 score 71 points. l1'111l11w111g the Big Ten Meet, sew-11111 1111-111111-ts 111 1111- te11111 1'11111e 1111 with 1111tst11111l111g 1JCl'101llllll1ltL'S 111 1111111111111 meets. K1-11 l51'11w11 w1111 the college lllllt' Lllltl lirnle H111sley1l1el11gl1 11111113111 the Milwztttkee111111111111 Relays. Brown 11ls11 Witbll tl1e tw11 11111e 111 tl1e Cle11t1'11l .MXU Meet 111 Cl1i111g11, while Hziixley H1115l1e1l 11151 in t11e I11gl1 11111113 111 the Chicago Daily News Relays. 379 8?-J : iftwe, -. iafganftt A .,.g:5-1-'fv,,A f. Q .4'32',1g::-1, ,' , . .7 "eq .4 ., .tm I a. r ' fu ,,:1?9 wr ff' J 53 Y . . T I ' If ,, . .4- fs 4 Big Ten Indoor Standings Ivlichigzm .,,. 71 ILLINOIS .... 48 Ohio State .... 253A Indiana 255 Wiscolisiln .....,. lfiyi Michigan State .t,, I3?A Minnesota .....,, 13M Purdue .,.., IOM Iowa ............., 4 Northwestern .... ZMZ Del Coleman tlettl passes the baton to teammate Ted Beastail M, as the lllini run ahead ot their opponents in the mile relay. 3 .M L sg Q Q' :'s",:,? :.,.15 V j , F' ' 3 -5 x. , V ' . t ry T .. 4' 'I , M H ll' . I Crossing the finish line of the two mile run is sophomore Ken ,Running "leCk and NCCI! with an ODPOYWGVW. George Keff Brown, who placed second in this event in the conference meet. lflghfl makes B CISSPGY-BTG attempt to be first to bfeak The Tape- 380 'T - .sv.l',T"',,:""5iJ.?:,""'4IQ.T,""1":Ev1lI'f.',':':x -.4. """" ' an-------A - V-.'.:3' I"-sT"':f?f-'T-- -331 ?:.r".r1f'4'i-3. 1"""I 71 :MIIB f"""1' ll I ,.,.m.,,m,,.-:.:nzk,ki,:-x-:.u.:,.'.,g51a-glrlsl L: -...- 1-'1 1.-In 1.1 111 3.-1 'u-19 5-is-,,..'v.:g,:uf..,-,lux X ... ur'-"' """-,,,,' 1""'l -,,,,,,,,,,,,U-up 300' ll""""""" 1 "':.'1--ruse:--.-.1-f'fl""""" Q ru' U""""""' rf g----nv gf--uw We W I i "'2,1":-if-:'f'... ' J1hq.,- 13 y 'if' M N 5"l-.""L..t""i""'i"""l""-'Q lil: . - g""'l' W' f 1 ,J A ' as c I - ' , if f 'r Q 1 at We is- l all 2i31""twQ' , I vkQ-- H . , -I ' , - la. i, - f" ---.- --W . .V hw , x.., k , , A .I as. .ly 1. 1 -. .p . 'M A ,K ' A :sis I i W We 5 I .. ' , I 'l,E?1lFf5ffZ4e,ll9 W 1 Z 0. as . - I I .. f n! -3 ' f Lee Frandsen leaps over the high hurdles a fraction of a step ahead of his opponent from Ohio State. Frandsen, who is better known as a valuable reserve on the '59-'60 basketball team, helped the lllini in several meets by picking up points in the hurdles. print Medic Rela T am Sets World Record The Illini opened the outdoor season by winning a dual meet against Missouri and then taking ll out of I4 events in quadrangular meet with Iowa, IlVis- consin, and Northwestern. At the Drake Relays, April 24, the Illini made track history as the sprint medley team, consisting ol Del Coleman, John Lattimore, VVard Miller, and George Kerr, set a world record ol' 3Zl7.8. Kerr ran the final half mile in a blazing l:4li.5, well under the world record lor that distance. Kerr also ran a terrific anchor lap in the mile relay to give the Illini a second place Finish. Other lllini to place were Ernle Haisley and Ron lXfIitchell, second and third respectively in the high jump, Bill Brown, fourth in the shot put, and lim Bowers, filth in the mile. After the Drake Relays, the Illini defeated Purdue and Ohio State to extend their unbeaten streak to I3 straight dual meets. In the NCAAfchampionships, Kerr won the 880 in l:47.8, only .6 second over the meet record. In addi- tion, Paul Foreman Finished lourth in the hop, step, and jump, Miller placed sixth in the 100 yard dash, and Mitchell tied for sixth in the high jump to help the Illini finish ninth in the NCAA. Posing with the baton are lfrom left to rightl Del Coleman, John Lattimore, and George Kerr, members of Illinois' outstanding medley relay team. These three, along with Ward Miller, set a world's record of 3:l7.8 in the medley relay last April. t Q11 . . .ff ,..'5,J,, ,h it -s : 1' -. . gi'-',',, I ' 'V - .f '-5, , ' " if I 'fa 7 . J pf . :L 4' ' , 'Bt , 211 f. , ., If v' to 2 ' V Q , I, -' 1, .5 , ,g 'A ' ' J . Yu' j1g"i's."'Q,',.'f gf, 'if ' 3 " ., 2,"'fz"'2i . . ' 4 'I 1 .rg-an s-if 1' 'sa -"4 Q vga' li -zgjf'-.'f,1'ri,f2P rg-,,-Jr-,, r I' , if ,. .. lE27Vl2?f ir5 It 'A I I 'i 1 . I ,lf 1.15 ' - " Mt: 'ka X i - 'f' "W a 05" fif',.- .. 1. f- B' 'fs ' s' i if if F ' 5' ' l 4,,1.fg?afaf t' V I . W 1,55 5 ,xs- riffsg' , , ,Q , ff ,yr cf Mp, .,., fa,-,,fQ,glJf,, V . 1 ff' . I c - c at 57 1 'Q f 3' 1' :'fZiff- iz' I Ha. ,lvl , ,A -'-s We ' ' "1 in , 381 I 'N' "NW: 1. .mr 221, "w,. , S 2' .-5 ' el ' Q. gf W :W Q " f-- 1 LA '15 'QGQ5 "" sim .. W? aft'-wt l annuity, of was ' 3. . .vw ', .gwsssitifi .W e Starting the mile relay for Illinois is sprint star Del Coleman. Coleman placed in both the I00 yard dash and the 220 yard dash in the Big Ten Meet in addition to running in the relay. Harold Harris appears exhausted as he approaches the finish ot the two mile run. I-Iarris was a consistent point winner for the Illini and placed third in the two mile in the conference. gum .J-"'? NJ'-.qlil it X 5, N99 r ,W-6 Courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times an Hitting the tape is Illinois track star George Kerr as he fin- Q ishes first in the 400 meter run in the Pan American Games, in , L y which he competed for his home nation, the West Indies. Mis' I is I 4 I fgl 1, 9 ' I . . 3, 1 Big Ten tlutdoor tandings rw ,ju -'wg 5 Q 11,1.1No1s ,. . 4.1. 3 F I -' , Min liigzm .c... liiilizmzi .,,c I iw: ,L:"T5+1+:fi2Wff77Q 'W "H" l l 1rmwukw'1'1'- g ' , , Oliiu hlzilc ' ., 'f7?':fi':'?1." ' Minncsolzi ,c,c. lYu1'll1wc'slc1111 5361, lVisco11si11 l,lll'llLlC ,ic. 382 Nlicliigzm Slillk' 65W 115 I9 17 my! I3 516 IQW im 8 7 5X6 Illini ueeessiull lleiend Bi Ten 0utdeer Title The Illini suttssslully deleiuletl their Ilig len Oul- door lillt' hy storing tihlff points to second plate hIicI1ig:1n's -I5 points. Xl'xn'tl Miller linished Inst in the I00 and 220 yard dashes: George Kerr set zi con- ference record while winning the H80 yard run: Iiinie Haisley delended his high junip title quid Alohn Latti- more. Ted I-ieaislaill, Del Colt-nizui, and Kerr won the mile relay. In addition to helping the Illini in their meets, Kerr turned in some outstanding perlorniainces in national meets. He won the H80 in l:-lllrl in the Los Angeles Coliseum Relays and won the ll0 in :elli.3 in the Midwest AAU Open. Kerr represented his home nation, the VVest Indies, in the Pan Americzin Gaines which were held in Chicago last summer. I-le hnished first in the 1100 meter run and a close second in the 800 meter run. In addition, he anchored the Wlest Indies' l600 meter relay team which set at new record. The luture for Coach Leo Wlohnson's team is very bright as Ron Mitchell and Larry Stewart were the only seniors on the '59 team. The other I9 lettermen will return in 1960 to help the Illini defend their Big Ten title and aim for at higher NCAA hnish. .i W- ei, ,, 1,5 X .ff I Illini track star George Kerr takes time out to relax in the center of the Memorial Stadium track. On the same afternoon Kerr set a stadium record ot l 1499 while winning the halt-mile. .Top Row: Trainer Donald Arseneau, Harold Harris, John Brown, William Nichelson, Edward Schmidt, George Nitsche, Roger Derby, Donald Tiarksen Second Row: Richard Mason, Captain Ronald Mitchell, Erwin Adderley, Armand LeCrone, Charles LeCrone, Norman Ehlers, Joseph Krakoski, Paul Foreman Bottom Row: Coach Leo Johnson, William Brown, Vernon Miller, James Bowers, Theodore Beastall, Einle Hais'ey, George Kerr, John Lattimore, Delbert Coleman Not in panel: David Stewart, Lee Frandsen 383 ixteen Game Winning -treak Begin Campai n Sophomore Dave Gantt gave the Illini unexpected help in the pitching department as he compiled a 2-I record for the I959 sea- son. Gantt also struck out 31 batters in 29 innings pitched. Strong pitching and brilliant delensive play com- piled a 22-9 season record lor Coach Lee Eilbracht's baseball team. The Illini tied Xftlisconsin for second in the Big Ten with a 9-6 record, their best since IQ47. The Illini held spring training in Florida while competing in the Iflorida State Tournament in March. They won the hrst game, but then lost to Florida State lti-9. However, the Illini won the remaining lour tournament games to take the unofficial title. After returning home. the Illini won seven straight non-conlerence games and opened the Big Ten season by deleating IiVisconsin, taking a double-header from Northwestern, and two games from Purdue before Finally losing 8-2 to the Boilermakers. This game ended the lllini's I6 game winning streak. The Illini remained in contention for the Big Ten title during the fest of the season due to a sparkling defensive team, which led the Big Ten in fielding percentages. However, they could not compete with Minnesota's championship team because ol weak hitting, which placed them eighth in the Big Ten hitting statistics. The Illini lost all hopes of a title by losing a double- header to Indiana on the final day of the season and had to settle lor a second place tie. Pitcher Jack Delveaux fires over to first baseman Bill Offenbecher in an attempt to pick an opponent runner off base. Delveaux was a dependable moundsman for the Illini while Offenbecher shared first base with Lou Ryniec and compiled a .304 batting average. V.. xi -I XR 384 Second only to Terry Gellinger was sophomore pitcher Paul Arneson. He won five and lost three, ranked second in innings pitched with 57 IX3. was also second in strikeouts, and a creditable 3.l6 earned run average. Highlighting the season was the splendid job turned in by Bob Klaus at shortstop and at the plate. He batted .364 and finished second in the Big Ten. He was unanimously named as the Most Valuable Player by the Illini, as he led them in almost every batting statistic. Klaus was also named to the NCAA district all-star team, the first All-American team, and was selected for the third year to the Big Ten all-star team. At the end of the season. Klaus was signed to a major league contract by the Cincinnati Redlegs. Terry Gellinger led a sturdy Illini pitching stall' with a 9-0 record. He also had a 5-il record in Big Ten competition to tie for the top pitching record in the conference. He led the team with 6-l strike-outs and pitched a one-hitter against Nlfisconsin to open the Big Ten season. The Illini have been hard hit by graduation, but it is predicted that the 1960 season will be a good one, for there is a last developing group of sophomores and juniors to take over the positions vacated by graduation. A couple returning regulars will be Cap- tain-elect john xlurasevich, who led the 1959 team in runs batted in, and Terry Gellinger. the Illini's num- ber one pitcher. T7 ' l f 'f'fw. 1 Q - Q Wx W" ily'-wiv. 5331, . Q N- ' iii, ,'f,'i4sif"vxX.5 .iii rfhsffxqi .j,f,'yl5fij:g,'lii" , ' ai-21 ts., , A ,.g,',Qk'f-is?Q!i.,fQ. 'W it ' 51' ff 1 A it , lif"f'i,f"'f' ll- I t':'fil.V " ft 'llxfx ll .4 ,sri ii- it AI ." bl any it l X jfi fl at lm Lou Ryniec shared the tirst base position with Bill Otfenbecher while posting a .232 batting average for the season. Only a sophomore, Ryniec will probably be a regular in l96O. 1 Junior Bob Madix was a valuable utility man for the lllini as he played both second base and all outfield posi- tions. lvladix had a creditable .270 batting average for the season. 385 The Illini s leading pitcher was Terry Gellinger who had a Senior Don Harvey turned in an outstanding defensive performance 9 O won lost record and who won fav games in the Bug Ten as the Illini's regular second baseman during the i959 campaign. Illini Diamenilmen Place eeend in Cenierenee Final Big Ten Standings W L Minnesota ..... .. 10 2 ILLINOIS ...,, ll 6 Wfiscoiisiii ..,.. .. 9 6 Inclianzi ..,.......,, .. 8 7 Michigan State .,,c.. .. 8 7 Northwestern ..... .. Ii 8 Michigan ..,, .. 5 7 Purdue ..,.. ,. 5 8 Iowa .,.,,,cc,c .. 5 9 Ohio State ...., .. 5 10 Captain of the 1959 team, Casey Barszcz lleftl, is shown with Coach Eilbracht. Barszcz was the regular third baseman. rf-r-, l , ' l . ' 4 , "riff," ,, ,f ,f S s Regular left fielder for Coach Lee Eilbrachfs l959 Team was Pitcher Jack Delveaux. also captain of the l958 football senior Jim Vermetfe who aided the Illini by batting in ten runs team, won three and lost three as both a starter and reliever. Top Row: Coach Lee Eilbracht, Paul Arneson, Lynn Palmer, Stephen Molaro, John Delveaux, Ernest Kumerow, Louis Ryniec, Russell Martin, Manager David Boling Second Row: Terrence Gellinger, Freddie Crolser, Daniel Vinum, John Jurasevich, Casimir Barszcz, James Cvik, William Oflenbecher Botfom Row: Harold Tokuio, Philip Caralano, David Gantt, Robert Madix, Richard Harvey, Robert Klaus, Richard Ebefhardy. 387 Patrick Bird demonstrates his skill on the still rings. Bird took third place in this event at the Big Ten Championship Meet. G mnasts Take Tenth EWS 5 1 i 5 2 i l I Patrick Bird, 1960 Captain, displays his versatility by perform- ing on the side horse. Bird also competes on the parallel bars and rings. He scored at the Big Ten Meet in these events. 388 Tom Ruppert displays his flowing grace of movement to per- fection as he executes the back somersault on the trampoline. traight Big Ten Cro ii The 1959 gymnastic season saw Coach Charles Pond's team compile a 9-1 season record, take their tenth consecutive Big Ten title, and place second in the NCAA Finals. After suflering their lone dual meet setback, a 58-54 loss to Michigan late in the season, the gymnasts bounced back in the Big Ten meet to score 143 points for a strong First place finish, while Michigan tallied HMM, for a distant second place. In search of their second straight NCAA titleg how- ever, the Pondmen fell short of their goal when a strong Penn State team swept the meet with a 152 point total to the lllini's second place 87y2 points. Lack ol' manpower was the lllini's big drawback again this year, but the lack was in part made up by the exceptional versatility and talent of the team members. Abe Grossfeld, team captain. and Don Tonry, both national title holders, led the team in scoring throughout the year with brilliant all-around performances. A host of specialty performers, Alan Harvey, Pat Bird, lim Blazek, Gordon Claycomb, Tom Ruppert. and Ed Combos, rounded out the teams list of consistent scorers. For Coach Charlie Pond, whose teams have never lost the conference title. it marked another successful season, but the loss of many top-flight men could put Coach Pond in a tough spot in 1960. Big Ten G mnastic landings ILLINOIS I INIic'l1igan lXIIC'IIIg1lII Slate' Iowa ..w..I,,, . 5754! dxf, Minnesota Indiana . 22m Ohio State . . -l XIVISCOIISIII fi M as 1 I Performing on the parallel bars is Jim Blazek. Blazek placed second on the side horse in the Big Ten Meet. Top Row: Tom Ruppert, Edward Gombos, Donald Tonry, Allen Harvey, James Blazek Botiom Row: Coach Charles Pond, Gordon Claycomb, Abraham Gross- feld, Patrick Bird, Lynn Wilson 1-vw Hfmy 'Lal - '-1,323.5 .af . we f' W ' 'L iff 'FS 5 " :Qi Eff Q , ff? E942 -M 4 ,, , ff T ' If a 1 fx , ,A .4 1 Q ,5 "" Q ' ' '12 , .1-5, e ,, .-f - ar, --5-la, , ,- .V :za . 'ff -' X, ai f .:.,-sf? ' V ' Lf .rf f I .. 4 - A -. 'I 254 ' , l . , x I N, ., N-N aa fo A 389 Illini Swim Team Has Successful 19 9 Sea on 1 5 i l Illinois diver Dick Eberhardy executes one of the compulsory dives in a dual swimming meet, The iudges, seated at the tables, attentively study Eberhardy's dive and award him points for it. Once again Coach Al Klingle came up with a power- lul tanlc team: hut once again Big Ten competition stillenecl to unprecedented heights and when the final tally sheets were in, the Illini tankers were sixth in the conlerence. However, the swimmers finished the season with a good 7-2 duel meet and tied Ior twelfth in the NCAA meet. " During.the regular season the Illini won five dual meets against Big Ten competition and two against non-ccmlerence loes. while losing only to Ohio State and Indiana, In the Big Ten meet the Illini scored l4it,43 points. Their perlormances would have ranked higher in other years, but the Big Ten, led by power- lul Michigan, put up the best competition in history. 'joe Hunsalcer placed second in the 200 yard individual medley and Iourth in the 200 yard breaststroke to lead the Illini scorers. Owen Ackerman and Rock Sharer added points with sixth place hnishes. The 400 yard medley relay team. composed ol iXclcer1nan, Sharer, -john Donohue, captain-elect lor l000, and Hunsalcer, placed lourth. In the NCAA meet, Hunsaker lailed to defend his title by hnishing third in the individual medley. He also accounted lor another point by finishing sixth in the 200 yard hreaststrolce. Ackerman's sixth place linish in the 200 yard haclcstrolce accounted for the Illini's other point. While relaxing between their events, members of the Illinois swimming team closely watch as other swimmers compete in the butterfly. ,-L 390 ,g,-5 " i a,,vs X, - Q, A PM ll :l:t svn rr I 4 rift? K Top Row: Coach Al Klingel, Thomas Walker, Dean Hallerud, David Hunsaker, Lorin Whittaker, Owen Ackerman, Assistant Coach Donald Sammons Second Row: Donald Puchalski, Dennis Carlson, Rock Sharer, Nils Page-rman, John Donahue, Bela Sandor Bottom Row: Joseph Hoyle-r, Patrick McDermott, Dale McDyer, Michael Bouchard, Donald Drever, John Fix, Richard Eberhardy. Pacing this year's team were Captain Dick VVhit- taker, Joe Hunsaker and Owen Ackerman. Through- out the season, the Illini depended on VVhittaker lor those all important points in the 220 yard free style and the 150 meter free style. Perhaps the most Olli- standing member ol' the squad was -loe Hunsaker. Aloe had an exceptionally hue season by bettering the Big Ten and N.C,A.A. mark in the 200 yard individual medley with a time ol' 2:llli.El. Ackerman Finished the season with two records to his credit, setting meet records against Loyola and Northwestern. A bright liuture for the Illini tankmen is promised by the underclassmen. The sophomores are paced by Bela Sandor, breaststroke and individual medley, and -Ioe Huyler, diver. The most encouragement is found in the freshman class in the personage ol Larry Mich- elson and Peter Stelton. In the 220 yard lree style, Michelson shattered the old record ol 2118.8 with a clocking ot 2:l5.3. Right on his heels was Stelton. hitting the poolside in, These underclassmen should help the Illini build ri stronger team in luture years. 391 Churning the water tn the backstroke event is a Purdue swim- mer. Despite his efforts, the lllini defeated the Boilermakers V 'lay Y . 1 .. rf . 3 , fe ' I' . . ' if , Q, , -"-' . at J 'MW ' iii . ,,.i , or . , , ,.,,. yqf, ,3,,,- lliffwm Q X "nr ' Q " "' ' A Life-at: -rf fi. ' Upper left: Attempting to pin an opponent is lllini wrestler Mike Q me O'l.aughlin lon topl, who placed third in the Big Ten Championships. in ltr -ee " W Lower left: Tom Trousil ltopl demonstrates one of his holds on Ken ' , Krarnl while the wrestling team practices in the lVlen's Old Gym. 'fe " " " -K ,-. ,, ff! ' . .Q, , Q C A im i lx Y .. 'll 1 , , . . . . , fi.n.f! lhe Illinois wrestling squad, although hit hard ' Q' , 'A A l by injuries, sucteeded in tapturing filth place in the ri Big Ten Championships. Coach B. R. "Pat" Patter- E ,f e son's matsmen won tour, lost seven, and tied one in dual meet competition. The Illini grapplers scored 26 points in the l-Zig Ten Championship matches on . ..-we-'. I' If ,' ,,q,'+1:i5"'l"' . 'Sr QW. 43 v 1 A March ti-7 at Iowa City to make their position secure. The biggest blow to the Illini was a shoulder in- jury sullered by Captain XiVerner Holler in mid- , fi'i ' . lanuarv. As a result, Holler missed all but tour dual -We " i' Ft, meets, and he was unable to suctessliully delend his M i -'fi Q ' ,Q ref jf . V .,' tg' . . ,- . . . . t M me Big Ten 1-lf-pound championship. Alter winning ,.. 4 three straight in the preliminaries, he was beaten , M 1 Q ' in the linals by XVISCOIISIIIS lim Innis. I f 4' 3,5 XfVith a 7-lei record, sophomore Tom Trousil was ' , gs "W t, the leading wrestler in regular competition. Coach -as eflfweir-.!.,g.? -,g ' , ' Q 7 . L' - - - 1 I, ,V 5' x r Patterson also got an assist lrom heavyweight Bob jf w N Salata, who pinned opponents in three of his last g ' V 1 "1 tour dual meets. f NY "J 5 el Captain-elect ol the H360 team is Rex Wllitlateli ei Q 5 and Tom Gabbard was chosen most valuable squads- " W.,..,f ' 4 man by his teammates. The Illini hope to improve awwelw in the l9ti0 season, as Trousil, Salata, and several other lettermen will return. I O O O O l lllini Grappler Place Filth in Big Ten Meet stead, Top Row: Allan Tobias, Forest Devor, Thomas Trousil, Robert Salata, Werner Holzer, Charles Rasmussen, Coach B. R. Patterson Bottom Row: William Hemp- Donald Morrissey, Harold Brownstein, Thomas Gabl:-ard, Michael Olaughlin, Frederick Szymanslci Not in panel: Kenneth Kraml 4 f r' e W4 . R y lloguli Klux fi1lllt'l'S It-iurrs llzul lIIltlllll'l SlIt4t'NSllIl st-Arson in lilfill, winning t-ight ol tlu'ii Iwi-lint' nu't'ts, plauing st-roiul in llu' llig 'lk-ii sunulings, inul tu-ing lot lointli in tlu' NCZXX lingils. llliliois, with Dzivt' lit-nluuli winning tlu' cpu- title, totgrlvrl tliiitxe oiu' points in tlu- tonlt-iviut' lingils lint wus nosvrl ulll hw lX'istonsin's tliiitx-suit-ii. 'lllu' lllini It-iuvis gu- cnninlgitt-rl lilly-six points in NLIXX tonipt-minion lu rzink lu-liincl Nitty. New York, :nul Cloltnnhiai. Illinois' rcgnlzn' st-grson lotnul tlu' lt-iuing Illini x'ictot'iotls in eight tluatl nuvts. 'l'lu' lllini tlclt-gilccl KQHISLIS 25-2, filllczlgo QI-ti, Nlirliigzin Stain' 20-7. znul Notre Dainu' lelelfl. llu- lotn' losses, gill on tlu' ioaul. were to tlu' ,Xir lfortt' .Xtzult-nit, Iinllailo, XYuyiu', :nul XiVisconsin. Lezuling tlu' lllini were Ahlu-y Silwitoiu: lfllill czlptzliil-elect, :intl licinuetly, tlu' lL'lllll'S niost xutlnzible player, both ol' whom were nzinuwl to tlu' suoiul All- AlllC1'lC2lll Tc-ann. lit-niu-tly also won the Big 'lien cpe-c title and finislu-tl lotnth in NCAA nu-ct. Silvctstoiu- linishecl lotirtli in Big 'Ibn cpu- znul in NCLMX loil competition. Both ol these lCllCC'l'S will lu' it-turning in '60 to give tlu' Illini at good nucleus. 'W Q' 7' - K ' , -. A r ' rx. Q ,l 1-33 i . ' l ' .4 , , :T T. i . 2.23 ' i 1 M ,f. ... is 'X XG 1 'lr 'VP N 1:-Q., 1 it Top Row: Doane Lempke, Charles Campbell, David Kennedy, Robert Tripp, David Harris, Ronald Shiplca Second Row: Coach "Mar" Garret, Robert Beclfer, Capt. .lames Williamson, Abbey Silverstone, Ronald Wright Bottom Row: Fred Guyton, Warren Danzer, Martin Kramer Fencing Team Compile Out tending ' 9 Record Coach "Max" Garret takes time out to demonstrate and make corrections in the positions. movements and uses of the foil, while members of the fencing team observe the lesson. Practice makes perfect. The members of the Illinois fencing team know this, and they devote long hours of practice that will pay off when the National and Big Ten meets roll around. 393 . aes , rn 2 l J Q .J ' 'ln A IQ Top Row: George Gilmore, Robert Bronson, Robert Lanstord Bottom Row: Robert Breckenridge, Named fo captain 1-he 1960 Team was joe Alphonse Holtmann, Joseph Epkins, Daniel Mesch, Coach Howie Braun Epikins who had a fine lO-3 record in l959. Tennis Team Places Second in Big Ten Meet V s - Q?52"i:I"'w'f6l -f'2'.ikf?I4f."'w 71. 7,3 ,pfv ,fuiiyf , 'n-f0:63Q,4'4Q . v, Q 1 -, 'Qin-f,.s3"' 'f'a?'f'6' if ,"'3'b4,'4'4v 9 ' x?',i"459 'tj' ff "0,'s QW: if 'a-'O 'ff . aff' 'fe 19 ,Q ,my 4 si 1959 captain AI Holtmann filled the number one singles spot for the Illini and had a lO-5 season record. l-loltmann teamed up with Bob Breckenridge to win l l and lose two doubles matches. 394 Illinois' netmen finished the '59 season with a 12-3 record in dual meets and hnished second in the Big Ten Meet lor the second year in a row. Captain Al Holtmann filled the number one singles position and finished the season with a 10-5 record. The hrst doubles spot, hlled by Holtmann and Bob Brechenridge, had an ll-2 record. Breckenridge and Danny Mesch. the only newcomer on the experienced team, tied for the honor of high man on the team with lfi-2 records. The only match Coach Howie Braun's powerful team lost in Big Ten competition was the last match ol' the season against Michigan. This was a real dis- appointment alter a season highlighted by four shut- out meets against midwestern teams. lllinois finished second behind Mighigan in the Big Ten Championships. Breckenridge, Joe Epkins, and Mesch all lost in the single finals, while the doubles teams ol George Gilmore and lipkins, and Mesch and Bob Lansford also placed second. The formidable Michigan team compiled a perfect score ol 87. Next seasons teamlwill be captained by Epkins, a junior who compiled a 10-3 record for last season. Also returning will be Gilmore, who had a 9-6 record, Mesch, and Lansford, who had a Ill-5 record. Golfer Win Four' nd L0 e Eight Dual ect IIIIIIUISIQOIIVll'lllll,Ilk'll1IC'lI I1y'l'orn Ursi with at 7--I-I record, conrpilecl at el-8 season retorml in mlnal nteel competition, but slipped to last place in the Big 'I'en CIIZIIIIIJIUIISIIIIJS at the llniversity ol' Mielrigxrn. 'lille Illini were successful against Wzrhaslr, fillg to AILQ, twice against NVLISIIIIIQIOII ol St. Louis, IH to 8 and IISM, to IM, and against Bratlley, I7 to l. Captain Toni Orsi, in atltlition to lraving the best won-lost record, led the teznn with zr total ol' 37 points to his opponents' 29. Other Illini golfers who cornpilecl winning records were Ron Cwik witI1 7 wins and 5 losses and George Niva with a ti-5-I record. At the Big Ten Cliarnpionslrip Meet tl1e low 1111111 on Coach Ralph FIetche1"s tearn was Bob Almquist with a score ol 328 for 72 holes. Almquist was elected captain of the 1960 team. Letters were awarded to Orsi, Almquist, Cwik, Niva, and Clem Georlett. Almquist and Georlett will lorrn the nucleus of tl1e 1960 team. Left: While winning his third varsity letter, George Niva had a 6-5-l record and outscored his opponents 33V2 to 32V2. ' Far left: Captain of the '59 team Tom Orsi posted the best l dual meet record, as he won seven, lost tour, and tied one. r Top Row: George Niva, Beniamin Waldie, Robert Almquist Bottom Row: Clem Georlett, Joseph Cwik, Thomas Orsi, Coach Ralph Fletcher vm engulf , it 'vhs ? 395 Pom-Pom ectitiii Adds Spirit to Cheer l l l i Enthusiastically leading the fans in a cheer during a time-out ot l , . 5 :tn Illini basketball game is Cheerleader Lesley Simmonds. i ..-, Wearing their Illini Indian heaclbands, Pat Sheahen tleftl and Joy Lauterbom cheer the Illinois basketball team on to victory. Watching tense football action with an Army Cheerleader are ltrom lett to right? Illini cheerleaders Elissa Weaver, Camille Flores, Jo Freehill, Mary Sue Drendel, and Mary Jane Callahan. 396 ,Xltei ti lwti week pnitess til eliniinzitiun, eleven regttlztr gintl loin gtltetniite tlieeislezitlers were chosen lot the vznsitt stltiaitl lrnin ai trx-out group ul' approxi- I I K nizitely fltlll. This stptaitl then przitlitetl three hours at week in tittlt-is tn iiiipttwe their clit-ers :intl to tlevise new ones. 'l'he tlieerlezitlt-is eiiitiyt-tl the privilege ol' being :ihle to lit in at lliiiteisitt tlligittert-tl Plzine to the ztwaty lfitithzill gznnes. ln anltlitiiin, they lt-tl the pzirzitles lti the pep raillies, :is well its tht- clleers :tt the rallies atntl Lit the gznnes. lligliliglititig the cheering group att hunie lootbzill gzinies wats the new ptini-ptini section. The section, ttinsisting ol sixty sttitlents. wats selettecl hy process til eliniinzititin, litini it group til httntlretls. This see- titin servt-tl xxtrintis ptniposesait instilletl spirit in the tmwtls ln' tlieering. zitltletl color to the graintlstzintl hy waiving laltie :intl orznige pnni-punts. :intl most im- ptirtzint ul zill. the int-inht-rs lezntnetl the cheers with the zttttniipzinyitig intititins so that they would be Well tittitiztiiitt-tl with tht-ni lin spring tryouts. Assisting the tllL'L'l'lL'llllL'l4N were two tttniblers. Alvin ligitxistli :intl llsntiltl llnlnies, at Patti-Aiiieiticztii tuni- laling tliznnpitin, pei'ltii'nit-tl viiriutis stunts during the gtnnt-s. .Xt the heginning ol earth ggnne, they led the lnntlizill tennn into the staicliiini while perlorniing their lllllilllllg Ieatts. Elissa Weaver leaps high in the air to climax a cheer in an effort to spark the Illini to a victory over Ohio State. llio lrilx' ol Illini is il sorrgil rnggrriifgilirni ruin! posul ol gill men rin rannpus wliri ligiw cunm-rl zi rngrim' "l" in vzirsily aillllclirs. 'l'ln' 'I'rilmr- liars :is its purpose llle ziiin ol losluring rr-lzilirins lmclwecn "I" incn :incl 4 lllc l'L'Sl ol llll' srurlr-nr burly. llns loslriirrg ol reclai- lionslrips wars slirnvn larsl spring when llrr' rncrnlJr'rs ol' the Tribe Lrirlcrl llrc lliiiversily ullrrizrls in lncukiirg up the zrnnuzrl unnpns waiter' riot. The plains ol the I-men lor the morning ye-an' inclurlc rlicir zrnnuzil picnirp llic selling ol Illini pillows, zlnrl once signin stopping ova-1'-fczrlous slurlcnl UllilJlll'SlS conccriiirig waiter. ln zicldirion. the Tribe presents Ll trophy ezrrli ruonth to the Illini athlete who has lurncrl in the most outstanding performances than month. rf, Jr fu roar,-um Robert l-lickey, presidentg Jim Bowers, treasurerg Cliff Roberts vice president Not in panel: Donald Yeazel, secretary Tribe oi Illini Member Break up Water Riot Top Row: Dennis Swanson, Allan Gosnell, Norman Ehlers, John Bandson, Bruce Beckman, Vern Altemeyer, James Brown, Bruce Bunkenburg, Edward Perry Louis Landt, Robert Lansford, Russ Martin Second Row: Dave McDyer, William Burrell, Richard Mason, Robert Hiclrey, Joseph Rutgens, Cliff Roberts, Richard Tripp Ernest Kumerow, Paul Arneson, Ward Miller, Dave Boling, James Vermette Bottom Row: Stan Dodson, William Brown, Fred Goyton, Richard Eberhardy, Joseph Eplfins Paul Jenkins, Tom Nolan, James Bowers, Del Coleman r the 397 One ol the best linemen in Illinois lootball history is guard Bill Burrell, captain ol' the l959 team. Burrell received 29 awards lor his outstanding work as defensive center linebacker and ollensive guard. By being named to nine major All-American teams, including AP, UPI, and Football VVriters ol America, he became the eight- eenth consensus All-American from Illinois. The Big Ten coaches selected him as the most valuable player in the conference, for which he received a silver lootball Irom the Chicago Tribune. In addition, Burrell was named "Lineman of the Year" by the United Press, and he tied with Dale I'-Iackbart of Wfisconsin for the "Mid- west Player of the Year" award. Burrell competed in three post-season bowl games and was named most valu- able player in the Copper Bowl. . R 398 be Grossield timed Gymnastics star Abe Grossleld was voted Illini Athlete ol' the Year in 1959 by a poll of students and liaculty, and he received the Lion Gardiner Memorial Award lor this honor. It was the First time that a gymnast has ever won the award. Grossfeld also re- ceived the 1959 Illinois Conference Honor Medal which is awarded for prohciency in scholarship and athletics. As captain of the gymnastics team, Gross- Ield led the team to their tenth straight Big Ten title and second place in the NCAA. He repeated as all- around champion and won the still ring title in the conference meet, and Finished lourth on the parallel bars in the NCAA. Grossleld was also named IDOSI valuable member ol the team. -xg N' ,. "Mika ' s I , Runner-up to Grossleld in the Illini Athlete of the Year voting was track star George Kerr, one of the best runners in the country. Kerr anchored the Illinois medley relay team which set a world's record, and ran the last half mile of this race in a blazing l:4tS.5, well under the world's record for that distance. In the conference meet Kerr won the 880 yard run in a Big Ten record time of l:50.l. He led the Illini to a ninth place Finish in the NCAA by winning the 880 in l:l7.6. During the summer Kerr represented his home nation, the West Indies, in the Pan American Games and won the 400 meter run and Finished second in the 800 meter run. Athlete el The Yer , 1 , . C-ovoner Xanghn tnppei righll was those-n as the niost valuable player lor the past haskelhall season. Vaughn took the Rall Nlloods ineniorial trophy lor the best lree throw percentage at 675, and he had a shooting ax'ei'age ol .el5El. For this season, Vaughn had -lll points and a total ol l,lllll points in till QLIIIICS. This makes hint the third highest scorer in Illinois basketball history. The baseball team was well represented in honors due to Bob Klaus, senior shortstop. Klaus fcenterj was on the Big Ten all-star team lor the third year, the NCAA district all-star team. and the hrst telllll All-American. In Big Ten competition Klaus batted .364 and finished second. He was unanimously chosen as the most valuable player by his teammates. Joe Hunsaker flower rightj was chosen as the most valuable player by his teammates. In the 1959 season Hunsaker set several varsity records: 100-yard free style, 51.03 200-yard individual medley, 2:06.85 and as part of the 400-yard medley relay which finished in 31544. In the NCAA Championships Hunsaker fin- ished third in the individual medley and took sixth in the 200-yard breast stroke. Basketball captain Mannie Jackson flower Ieftj totaled 32 points against Iowa to lead the Fighting Illinois team for the most points in a single game. Jackson compiled a .413 shooting average for the season. He totaled F578 points this season and has 922 points for his career total. In the 79.6 points per game Illinois scoring average. klackson and Govoner Vaughn provided 31.5. ,awilu Sis' ,QB Def yi 2 .far-ummm ek .,"""',.'e4 ZX Elie N -Q Z xt lei-il . lritramural -An Integral Part ol tutlertt Lite M , Q? Mi 'tif yan The intramural track meet offers to all amateur trackmen a chance to test their prowess. All those who compete in pole vaulting, broad and high jumps are put to a severe test of their skills. Every track sport except the shot put and discus are engaged in by students. The backbone ol the Intramural and Recreational Sports prograrn consists ol the IMREC Board and the sophomore and junior managers. The three groups are responsible lor the well organized, smooth running. sut- tesslul organization that is synonymous with the l-M program today. The competitive spirit and never-say-die attitude ol the Illini make every game a thrill to watch. I-M and recreational sports draw hundreds of spec tators who give their undivided support to their lavorite team. Next to varsity tompetition, I-M and recreational sports are the most popular activities on campus. Co4Recreational sports otler men and women a chance to combine their talents in producing a well rounded team. Through the combination ol these ellorts, Co-Rec sports can be the most interesting activity lound on the Illinois campus. The Co-Rec sports program provides an opportunity for the coeds to reveal their athletic prowess and lor men to try to delend theirs. Faculty and stall members also are given an oppor- ttinity to show their athletic ability. Through faculty sports, they can compete with athletes ol their own caliber and endurance. Here is where the faculty and stall pursue the sport they favored in college. A short pass over center sparks the drive in a hard fought intramural football game. Often the only way to move the ball is by pass- ing. A few yards on a short pass or a well-executed long pass may bring the offensive team closer to a touchdown and perhaps victory. 400 Because of the touch tackle rules, intramural football is mainly a passing game. Pass defense becomes one of the major goals of competing teamsg a team with a good pass defense can go far. Moving in for that all important shot brings anxiety to the face of this player. l-le is being well guarded, and who knows what drf ference a couple of points will make? It may mean the game Phi Delis And E ans Scholar Are 1- Champ Phi Delta Theta ...... .... 2 98 Sigma Pi ,.,..........,... ,,.. 2 00 Phi Epsilon Pi ........., . 1841 Phi Gamma Delta... .. . 179 Alpha Tau Omega ..,.... , 172 Sigma Chi ,cc,c,., . . 171 Tau Epsilon Phi ...... , 166 Phi Kappa Sigma, S 163 Sigma Alpha Epsilon cc,i,c . 153 Kappa Sigma,.,cc, , 152 Evans Sc liolxirs ...,,c.. Newman Hall Arniory House P1'z1etoi'ians ,,,,,. Media Lodge so Cranzula Club Knight Club ,c,c 1, Exmoor Hall ..,. 1 llllll Club .....c. College Hall .... Off the floor and up in the air for two good points. Rough, rugged, hard fought play characterizes most intramural basketball games mils Wfggnm an N. . 1?- In I,M.'s it takes an effort to keep the defense out, Without A score! This is the thing that makes a player feel good Often protection a quarterback, no matter how good he may be, is useless. that extra point is the difference between victory and defeat Hard Colle .,,.. ,, Wrcslliiign. XV:1lc1' Polo lfuiillxilll ,,..,s ork Pay ,ss,,LQv1111s Stliolznrs Xlphn rllllll f,lllCg2l Xlphn Yllllll Omega 7 l1i lilmsilun Pi 1'. H1114 .xssllllllllfbll 'l'c11nis Singles cscsc,s ...sss P l1i Della 'l'het:1 l3o11lmlesc ,s...,ssssss Siginu ilhi SXX'llllllllllg.. 1, s,Nc-111111111 Hull lilllllllllllllll Singles .,...... ...,, l 'illlililll lrlcights Doubles ..,,, sPhi Della 'llllCl2l ali for Indi iilual Champion Volley Bull ..Y.....Sig111z1 Pi llllll Cllnh fLy11111z1stic's i.s,ss .,,,, S iginzi Clhi 'I'111ck llltlllfll ',,,,,,, ,,1111,,,,,,, S ignm Pi Hem Theta Pi O1lulor11 'sss,s l QCLZI Theta Pi lS:1skellJz1ll,s,,. Phi Della FIll1L'l2l H11n1lh11ll Singles ...,.,, v,sY. l 'hi Klllllbll Psi Dwlihles ...i... .sss' l 'L111 lipsilon Pl1i 'llilmle Tennis Siiiglese, Doubles, Howlilig i...1 Sol 1l1z1ll IZ" .... Ili" Hurseslioes Singles. ,, Doubles, As in all sports, there are grim moments as well as happy ones. Here a player is iniuredg the game is stopped while the referees do all they can for him. lt is easy to see that even though l.lVl. sports are played fairly, they are, nevertheless, played aggressively ., P sv 'V' .1 , . ll' ' ' -' our ,, ac KWW- ,A .. !'if'H1'h."4 -R2 "ra l'ZA l'l K2'llF"al WAVE. WP l t,.t ,F if . ' 91.9 Vhf fl u 5J i QTEK' f' Q t i i At the intramural outdoor track meet, held every spring, the participants put forth their mightiest efforts, To win in track is a double honorg the championship honors the individual and his house. Along with the honor goes the more tangible reward of all-a trophy. The intramural program at the University of Illinois is one of the broadest in the Big Ten. The program is divided into three main categories: intrarnurals, recrea- tion, and faculty staff. This provides all members of the student body and staff with an organized, competi- tive program to enjoy during their time of relaxation. All three categories are coordinated by the IMREC staff headed by Al Klingle. The intramural division encompasses major sports which are based on an annual point competition basis. Most organized male houses. Independent and Greek. are active in the program. Competition is tough: the house compiling the most points gains possession of the traveling intramural trophy: all houses strive to attain this honor. Last year Phi Delta Theta received the trophy in the "Greek" divisiong Evans Scholars captured A good handball match provides for fun, relaxation, and the knowledge that you are playing in a competition for first on campus. the Independent crown. A competitive non-point program for students is pro- vided by the recreation category Organized houses, both male and female, compete in sports such as volley- ball, bowling and baseball. Trophies are given to the champion in each sport. The Co-Rec program provides an excellent opportunity lor socializing: what better time to ask for a date, than after an afternoon of baseball? The facility and staff are given a chance to work off their extra steam by playing organized sports. Sports, ranging from tennis to basketball, comprise the faculty- staff category. VVhat better way is there to spend a Saturday evening than bowling with the team? All members of the facility and staff are invited to par- ticipate in the program. M- H1-" is iff F V A ' ' gf' , jr , . A g I 53:55 'iii . A . WYE .. ' ff f' -V Mfr? ' T at 'il A 53 ' "ls . Q 2 ...gig Q fam X .,-'E-fQl,'-WI' 0' W vgijggxk -.5 i P ga t Q . H 3 "1- Lf' 5' V' i. sf f . xlf at W3 Moments of tension build up rapidly at intramural football games. The faces of the spectators reflect the tide of the battle. 403 RG rnlt Al . In J. V 7'!'fff5-fi, ' 'V 1.59 If 'v ' , V, A auf v - v' . W2 .v -L ,WX yf',w-NJ ,gf ' j,1",,4A " ,C f ,N . 1 A: yy fs .1 14- . . -'fa L," hy X ef' I . 1 . -'rf ,I-A n if X 1 ,1 H0 llll RY 0llGA IZ Tl0 lor being honored by election, he owes something to the University community. Therelore. most honl orary organizations perlorni outstanding service proj- ects. For example, Alpha Lzunbdzt Delta, sophomore scliolarship honorary, in connection with the ofhce ol the Dean ol Vllonien, provides ll lree tutoring serv- ice lor lreshmztn women. These women are recom- mended by the Dean of lflfomen for this service. Phi Eta Sigma, which is the mens sophomore scholarship honorary, perlorms a similar tutoring service which is made available to all ireshman men who are recom- mended lor it. Several honoraries direct their service projects toward deserving non-University agencies. Theta Sigma Phi, lor example, collected used books to send to children in other countries this year. lpha Chron XV uchclti Sing pitscntcd on Mother s D ty weekend standing. Exchanges with other honorary groups v s tic Jig tctlXllX sponsoict by this Ulqllllltll 1 provided many interesting parties for the members. liottcds ol this pro 1 tm vxcic used to finincc t num Members ol' this sophomore activity honorary are or wonlc ol ibovc licshn 1 selected by residences whith are members of WGS. Top Row Marlena Baldrrdge treasurer Carol Elson Linda Passent Donna Johnston Linda Kannmacher, Barbara Crump, vice presidentg Marilyn Hawkins, presi- dent Third Row Sally Fritz Mary Harri on adviser Bernadette Londak Judith Laird secretaryg Patricia O'Rourke, Karen Bunde, Margaret Williams, Mary Geheber, Gail Enlund Second Row Barbara Hodarn Lynore Rossetti Anna Overton Janaan Olson, Diana lambert, Ruth Cortright Bottom Row: Diana Carter, Elizabeth H' l f- .a tg - GN 0 li - V ' ' Y srl vm? an l 5 i c i A Top Row: Laura Quinn, Virginia Seiler, Lindley Crouch, Sarah Wrobke Bottom Row: Frances Stemmel, Ada Ross This organitation is designed to honor the inost out- deinonstrated leadership and given outstanding service standing women from Orchesis, XlVOlI1Cl1'S Sports Asso- to their respective organizations are eligible lor mem- ciation and Terrapin. Junior and senior women who bership, Also, they must have shown outstanding have maintained an outstanding scholastic record, service to the Sports and Dance Council. Alpha igma Alpha Tau Alpha Activities of this group included a chicken barbecue, cultural curriculum are eligible for nieinbership in the annual banquet, and a square dance lor agricul- this honorary. Members learn to become rural leaders ture students. The group also sent delegates to the with a good prolessionzil spirit through participation national convention. Men in all branches of the agri- in the activities of this group. Top Row: Burton Swanson, Elmer Holt, Edward Turner, Dale Larson, Porter Martin Second Row: William Uhlman, Harold Evans, Richard Petrowich, Vernon Brazle, Ronald Myers Bottom Row: Lawrence Duewer, Dr. Lloyd Phipps, adviser, Allen McCowan, Neal Setchell, Thomas Sorrells Not in panel: Lloyd Ackland, Norman Fechtig, Bert Fringer, Bruce Fryman, Robert Heavner 111111111-1' s1-111 ll 1lCWS1L'l1Cli 111 1111-sc 1'1l1lIJlL'l'5 i11 Lhc mining i111-us liftl' I11'og1'11111s 111111 have been used 111.111 11111111-11 11'i1h ll -1.5 llYL'l'llgC 111 111-1111111- 1111-111- 111-is. 111i1i411i11n lL'liL'l1lUlllCS were 11111-11-1le1l by al lJllllL1ll1'1 wi1h Phi 11121 Sigma. 1,....,...v,,.a...-.H A-'---AA -- r .....,W, W... ,,,.,,M fe-A- A---- sa 3 ,1 L, VXI, dx l ,iA, lx ,gf 't "iilil ' . U ,, .y , if - -ff Vi' A F "1 1 if i 1 1 1 ,, a 1 1 ri 1 A 1 1 1 111 1 - K1 fl 191 A rifiiiir L- 11 1 if lib, -1 1 W ' er- 1 . 111 1 , wr v 11- av . 1 ea! 1 , N,-. , ar- A P Q 1 if Q ' 5 1 1 1 1 .1 1 -in 1 ' - -1..,, -li 1 +A- 1 fi 1634, ' 1 Q 1- P3 fi 1 -af 1 f . 9 r ' 1 i 1 vias, a or H Y 'V 113-ll Top Row: Donna Johnston, Carol Ostroin, Dorothy Hubbard, Sharry Simerl, Margaret Williams, Sofia Hurwich, Diana Jecmen, Judith Tidd, Eileen Hoffman, Sheryl Fiester, Janice Johnson, Helen Rash, Karla Peterson Third Row: Florence Gegel, Judith Stader, Mariorie Brown, Barbara Lindh, Ruth Klotz, Mary Hoge, Marilyn Peterson, Bernadette Londak, Vesta Schwarm, Marilyn Taylor, Alice Adams, Virginia Charny, Patricia Edwards, Virginia Harker, Barbara Evers, Geri Harnish, Bonita Brusatori Second Row: Glenda Lane, Joann Tresselt, Diane Abt, Bonnie Byrns, Karen Richardson, Marilyn Wagner, Dean Ann McNamara, adviser, Shirlev Livesay, Nancy Townsend, Lois Nestle, Susan Wade, Charlotte Tate, Judith Miller Bottom Row: Sandra Fee, Julia Finley, Dale Wagenheim, Sherry Endliss, Joyce Singerman, Kathleen Healy, Jacquelyn Moore, Ann Jones, Janine Lawrence, Carla Walborg, Ann Macke, Judith Laird, Jeanette Aagard, Barbara Hodam, Renny Greenwood Not in panel: Julia Bodman, Geraldine Berman, Dorothy Coburn, Diane Cook, Louise Darby, Sylvin Debysingh, Janet Engler, Linda Evans, Betty Flamm, Diana Fogler, Sharon Garman, Gail Garvey, Sharon Ginsburg, Jane Goldenberg, Adrienne Gordon, Beverly Hall, Barbara Hainrn, Martha Hanson, Marsha Hearst, Elizabeth Himes, Emily Howald, Carolyn Hughes, Barbara Hutchens, Barbara Jones, Lynda Koopinan, Lenore Kovvalczyk, Marian Kurash, Nancy Langham, Elinor Lerner, Marina Lucco, Sarah McKown, Judith Melich, Barbara Meyers, Karen Middleton, Judith Morse, Roberta Natker, Dorothy Ostema, Carol Oyster, Linda Passent, Reva Pollack, Patricia Pulsford, Donna Rose, Robin Ruth, Suzanne Schuettner, Peggy Scott, Nancy Simmons, Mary Stengel, Judith Stephenson, Sharon Sweeney, Mariorie Tepper, Karen Strack, Gaila Grubb lpha Lambda Delta P111 ide Tutoring ervice 101' Fra hman Women Officers-Top Row: Nancy Townsend, treasurer Bottom Row: Shirley Livesay, vice president, Bonnie Byrns, secretaryg Marilyn Wagner, president, Karen Richardson, freshman assistance chairman This 1-1-411 t',X1p1111 1,1llllSii CUlll1llLlCkl 1hci1- '- 11-1-s11n1:111 :1ssis1:11111- lJl'0gl'llll1. Girls with schol- gnship 111111111-1111. W1-ic 11-111111111c111l1-11 111 the 111- ' pf. 4 'S aw - . glllliflllltlll llllltllgll thc 131-1111 111 X-V111111-11. The , i ,i,"1:"l ".X1IJllLt 14111111 11ssis111111'e l1l1l1l'1Il2lll 1111-11 111o11e1l 5 ,L I 11111111g11 111-1 1111-5 to sec wl1i111 l11L'llllJC1' ol the Q g' iiii ff 9,51 gioup XVtllllll 111- 111-sl quiililicml 111 111-lp the girl ig, iv, 2',':f:fr K7 rf in 1111- I1111'1i1111111' 1o111's1- i11 whi1h wl11- 111111 111111 ff 1 1' 1li11111111y. The Uixllbllll Lllllln llltllllltl' 1111-11 con- A , ' lllllL'Kl 1111- git-1 111 Llllilllgt' lllllhlilllg l1IIlCS. gg-M 5. '111 111-lp 11lll1DlL'1'S ill o1111'1' 111111-g1-s 111 111-111-lit 2 P 1155 1, 1111111 1111-i1 1-X111-1'i1-1111-s, lllL'lIllJL'l'S ol lhe lllinois It 'S' 11111. lll 1'1-111111, 1111-1 11e11-iv1-11 11111111-' 1CLLL'l'S con- ln 1111- 111111-1' 11lllIJlCl'S. '1'his s11111111s1i1 111'g1111if111io11 i11x'i11-11 :111 l1'1-sl1- 408 -F 'ist Xi' !s...f"", f. , ll. Q, lr 1, 'f 1 1' 1 .-1, ' Ar 1 , i U, Mx Top Row: Betty Burch, Lynn Kreuzberger, Marilyn Wagner, Sally Blair, June Wagner, Sandra Thornton, Penny Peterson, Patricia Bulneclr, Helen lforenchin Second Row: Ellen Brockway, Janaan Olson, Emilie Gillespie, Valerie Downes, Norma Jones, Barbara Calloway, Becca Hostord, Sharon Sweeney ite spring ol' lll5!l. at new czunpus lblgllllllllllflll tlutletl :acting its hostesses :rt llonors llgny Iorniing n s born: Angel Flight was lorinecl in orcler to serve clrill tc-gun tinil helping lu holil the "blur ii Jonsor corps to Arnolil Air Society. Clhzirtei lVorksliop," at progignn tlesignetl lo help luluic Xu iubers soon begun their active progranu which in- lforce wives in qiclitisling to their new ro A Jia Zeta is :in honorary lrziternity which is com' was the Ill0sl importztnt project ol the xc ii lot thc posed ol the lllflsl outstzincling stuclents in the College nienihers ol' this Olgllllllllllfbll. On the soci il stile thc OfAg11CxllllLll'C. Selection ol the outstztncling instructor pleclges plzinnetl lor the zictives :in exchtng Ji and heslnnzin stuclent in the College ol Agriculture with ll home etonoinics lionorgiry. Top Row: Heston Wesson, Robert Reiners, David Christopherson, Donald Meyer, James Bugg Second Row: Donald Smallwood, Tilford Cline, Richard Vatthaoer Jack Widholm, Gordon Sissing, Richard Huston Bottom Row: Dr. Albert, adviser, Walter Griffith, Paul Malven, James Melton, James Gay, Dr. Moeller .,.,,3,. ,cg -H.. ..a.r,.4..J . " -.A vfafn-N .amy - -,-. t X, ,, an ' ' 4-pw fp li M 11 A ,3Z,,..,I ,. ,L was 4, 1 as -, 4. .fa he is y , .,., V 'W' uw. ,y iv an 'av , so 3 te law ' -' sequin I .walt-Y. -, 'slim I , 1 wr... fi tl: if it ' s .. N ' f ' f rn s ' 1 1 1 -- Mit Top Row: Donald Bader, Jerry Johnson, Delbert Post, Jerry McCannon, Howard Kravetz, Richard Wellek, Edward Wahl, Dennis McCann, John Dyben, Sam Jones, William Millis, Bruce Strangeland, John Seavey, John Daniels Fourth Row: Edward Gieszelmann, Gayland Scott, Larry Clark, Charles Miller, William Ingram, Terry Schaede, Bruce Creamer, Edward Gegan, Philip Field, Robert Gibson, Edwin Holzhauer, William Hunsicker, Michael Kirtley Third Row: Francis Bowers, Phillip Gritten, Joyce Williams, sponsor, Lt. Col, Paul Imig, adviser, Paul Hasz, John Weisenberger, Richard George, Donald Wolverton, Ray Anderson, John Culver Second Row: Donald Johnson, Frederick Driscoll, Richard Royster, Harvey Sarnat, Philip Greene, Dennis Keck, Larry Simmons, Everett Smith, Steven Rosen Bottom Row: John Legendre, Joseph Sims, Bruce Fryman, Ronald Frazier, Hall Virgil, Robert Coplan Not in panel: Edward Bucnis, Stanley Danek, Merrill Dierker, Lawrence Fahrenbacher, Philip Heacock, Roger Jones, Gary Kenworthy, Frank Krempski, George Nitsche, Robert Reis, Glenn Rosbrook, Glen Walder, Maurice Weaver, James Zaruba, Robert Bloechle, Frederick Hunter, Stanley Karamanol, Darrell Lohmeier, Jerry Mason, Jack Riddle, Harry Carl, Bruce Bailey, Homer Dyal, Jack Eden, Kenneth Jablinskey, Donald Krumin, LaVerne Newman, Frank Sullivan, Warren Suzuki, Kenneth Thomas, Robert Wilde, Edward Wilson, Larry Zimmerman, Alan Davison, Leslie Dean, Philip Greene, Stener Mitchell, Ernest Adam, Joel Bloom, Earl Brown, Gerald Grose, Marc McMannis, Stuart Pettigrew, Donald Spellman, Richard Watson, Lyle Wyman lliiiczer Lilies Slcimish With Life iiziii at ritelil Air Society Meeting OFi'icers-Standing: Donald Wolverton, I, S. O. ofticer, George Rich, personnel officer, Ray Anderson, comptrollerg John Culver, chaplain, Phillip Gritten, operations officer, Francis Bowers, special protects, John Weisenberger, executive otghcer Seated: Joyce Williams, sponsor, Paul Hasz, commanderg Lt. Col. Paul lmig, adviser Niectings ol Ainolcl Air Society this yetit' WL'l'L' till very thotiglit-picWoking. Especially so wats the tneeting :it which thc- flying szilety oihcei' lroin Cliziiiutc- lfielcl cletnonsttxttecl sztiety equips inent. He tieiecl, with no success, several tiines to inilztte at supposeclly sell-inllcitzthle lille Tztlt. .Xt lgtst, quite cliscourztgecl, he lookecl ztt his c-Ltget' xiuclience ttncl conclucletl thait he woulcl not inzike zinothet :ittc-inpt, lot' ct pilot trying to in- llqtte such it iztlt woulcl cctetztinly he cheownecl gtltet' such at clelaty. At other meetings Col. Bzighy spoke :thottt A'Nlohile Foxtrot," :incl Ll. ol 1. physicist Cllinc' XVittenlJuiy clisc ussecl ztetoclynznn- ics gtncl the icc-titty ol inissile nosc- cones into thc' L'lllLlilS aitniosphc-t'e. The co-sponsorship oi Angel Flight :incl .Xinolcl ,Xiie Society ztclclecl "spice" to at clctnce. picnic, hook cliivc-, ctncl High School Circus clis- plciy. In atclclition, this society presented :tit eclu- , ctttion spc-c-chcs to high school stuclents. 410 ..- .. -Y..- ,,,,....,, . i Y Pg ., L if i , bill? V v. ,l l P w L.- Top Row: Bernard Grace, Leslie Buhrmester, Roy Allen, Raymond Basten, Robert Anderson, Franlf Morrell, Leroy Baranowski, Walter Lenz Bottom Row: Donald Kurtz, Howard Croinbie, Donald Nagel, John Blakslee, James Schrader, Richard Miller, Gilbert Nicoll, Richard Brugger, Allen McCovvan ationttl tincla e ol Chi Gamma liitti Held on the U. ol I. Caiinptts Omcers: Donald Nagel, corresponding secretary, John Blakslee, secretary, James Schrader, president, Richard Miller, vice president, Gilbert Nicoll, treasurer 'Iihc husx' lpmcgiztiii nl Clhi CL.1111111.1 ltrltt this 1 1 yL'2ll' imlttcletl thc SIJUlISUliSllllJ ol sc-vc1'a1l tcz1111s 111 111t1':1111111'41l sports lllltl sttplmit ul civic :111tl tz1111l111s wt-ll:11'e 1111111-tts. Ill attltlitmii, the migttiii- fzition wats host to the 111111011111 tuiitlttvc whith wats zittcntlctl hy tlclegzttcs ll'Olll thc cltziptcis ol 1 lthi Cvtlltllllll Iutgi which :tic l11t.1tctl :tt tttlleges tlimttgliotit thc lltiitctl Sttitcs. Three lItlliCX'CIllf.'lll xtwgiitls were picsciitctl hy thc o1'gg111if11tio11. Thcv wwe .1u.11tletl to the 1 1 nutstattitliiig lllCllllJL'l', X'ClClillll llllll xitlvziiitetl ROTC student Clll'tJllCLl hcrc ltl the Uiiivcisity. Fottiitlctl i11 l9il7 tit the l711ix'e1nsity ol Illinois, tl1is lllllilillill i111g4111if:1tio11 Cllt0lll'LlgCS stltolztstit :1cl1ieve111c11ts ul scisvitciiicii on thc c:1111p11s :tml assists them i11 keeping 1llJl'CllSl ul their privi- leges z111cl clutics its vetcigtiis. Nlc111l1C1'sl1il1 is 1'6- sttittctl to 111'111t-tl Iu1't't's lDL'l'SUllIlCl, vct61'1111s, lllltl z1tlx'1111t't'tl ROTCI tattlcts who htvt- tihtgiiiictl git lt-gist ll stltulgistic' aiu-txtgc. 4ll ON., Q i Top Row: Donald Blum, James Cummins, vice president, Ronald Ward, James Cox, Achilles Filios, Arnold Allen, Ronald Mraz, Curtiss Floyd, Chris Sarlas, Jewel Butler, Richard Chroman Third Row: Vernon Deselms, David Law, Lawrence Schwartz, Theodore Ehrlich, Gerald Stonecipher, Brady Hancock, David Arehart, Meredith Zellers Second Row: Melvin Borg, Larry Mittendorf, Richard Martino, president, Dr. Ci. F. Kolar, adviser, Myron Sidon, treasurer, Eugene Boros, secretary Bottom Row: Ronald Heflin, Shelton Altschul, Ronald Mueller Not in panel: Robert Pokorny For this gltlllli, tht- oulslziniling CVCIII ol thi' your licssion. Xllith this type ol llltiglilllll. thc orgzmizittion was is lit-lil tiip to tht- lliiivt-isity ol illinois College lioiiul to tl'LflllL' lcllowship :among thc llIltlCl'gl'ItClLlZ1LC ol Dt-nlistii ist llliittigii. .Xt the ic-giilzii nic-ctings, thc lllCll1lJL'l'5 :incl provide them with ai better unclerstziml- group pit-si-iitc-il ti sc-tics ul guests in thc clc-ntzil pro- ing ol thc ilcntul prolcssioti. Delta Delta igma Gargo le Mc-iiilmcrsliip in Ggiigoylc is icstriitt-tl to students in tcrclizingc ol iilczis :irc Gzirgoylos purposes. A unique xiirliitcttiirc who liaiw sliown cxcscllciicc- in scliolzir- cw-nt ul thc group iluring thc past yuan' was the senior ship, iliztixutci, :tml zmliitcrtiiiutl zihility. To ziilvztncc lnacaiklaist hclil :it thc L-ml ol the your to honor its the pmlcssioii ol ziixliitt-itiiit' :incl to imnnotc an in- grzuliigititig seniors. Top Row: Russell Keune, Algimantas Tamasaulras, Jean Budinger, Warren Edrninster, William Davis, Robert Zweifel, James Grisolano Third Row: John Reynolds, Richard Hartung, Albert Eichsteadt, Prof, Fred Miles, Prof. Granville Keith, Prof. Rudard Jones, Ronald Labinski, Fred Guyton, Wilbert King Second Row: Prof. Alan Laing, Prof. Edmund Toth, adviser, Janet Gronberg, secretary, James Dierkes, president, Tom Bartuska, vice president, Phillip Gold, treasurer, Prof. Olaf Fielde Bottom Row: Anthony Marchertas, Robert Hotvedt, Ronald Bork, Valdman Heitur, Richard Diedrich ' Qui! - T1 Q3 fx Alaupovic, Arlene Brumlik, Georgia Allen Second Row: Karen Branch, Sh Semianczuk, Dora Lee Bottom Row: Diane Leaf, Ann Rominger, Barbara Bu man, Karen Bunde, Susan Teegarden, Prof. L W. McClure, adviser This year Gamma Alpha Chi members who are either majors in advertising or who have hatl at least one advertising course, attended Champaign-Urbana Advertising Club meetings. Through their national i ,, 'fa Top Row: Zven Vyianovych, Nancy Kircher, Mary Ehrlicher, Linda Timrnel, Marylin Daly, Rila Levey, Cheryl Clark, Marikay Fiizgerald, Cyrelda Tarter, Alexandra irley Hill, Ellen Powers, Doris Siegal, Linda McGrath, Nancy Kohner, Claire Johnson, Helen rdon, Sara Ferris No! in panel: Britt Lilieros, Barbara Ropers, Karol Porter, Deonna For- ofhce, the organization aitlecl seniors in hntling em- ployment in the advertising hc-lil. Outstanding events of the year inclutlecl the lormal rushing tea antl the Held trips to advertising agencies. Gamma lpha hi Mu Phi Ep ilon A convocation program heltl at the Smith Music Hall was one of the several special musical programs presented throughout the year by Mu Phi Epsilon, an organization which seeks to advance music in America and to promote high stantlarcls ol musicianship and scholarship, The election to membership in this na- tional music sorority is basetl upon scholarship, musicianship, character, anal personality. Elaine Holmes, Mary Carloye Bottom Row: Nancy Top Row: Carol Knosher, Helen Gloyd, Virginia Shive, Deloris Maulding Second Row: Deanna Alrick, Knosher, Lois Doniger, Devorah Rabnick .g,,,fi'.'1---f,..i::., , G I AT, by Q 'Z -ff:-1 sux., 3 .i-1 ,fr in th f E .1 -Q '55, - nr: i , 'K' f i' 75 Tv? Q s x Y i 5' 1 2 "V ,, A . E T ., W., A , , Q , VJ, ri-Z7 V ' ' , f 4 Y Fx ,W I H X, nt ,Q F ' Qi, ' ,. E 'iff ', ' . U ,i . Z , V .I we M- ' ' dv, . L, ' Q I 'A , ,K , +1-it ie s ,W D " Z1 ' - y 'x Q Yaoi' ff , ' V , i . 'sm A a ' o r Yi - . F l f. 9 1, x sw LLMJ '-f v Top Row: Robert Hrulay, John Hyde, Michael Silbert, Donald Drever, Jeftrey Arnold. Terry Villwock, Richard Ellis, Terry Harper, Robert Pfeifter, Joseph Som- mer, Martin Klrngel, Donald Dobbins, James Dobbins, Samuel Armato, John Kaufman, Robert White Fourth Row: John Helledy, LeRoy Gurd, Jack Thornton, William Adams, Richard Udlock, Charles Weber, Richard Ashworth, James Spreitzer, Brian Bertha, David RawcliFFe, Thomas Nelson, Nils Soneson, Douglas White Third Row: Larry Michelson, Peter Stelton, Donald Sammons, Alvin Voelkner, Dennis Anderson, Richard Eberhardy, David Hunsaker, Dale McDyer, Lawrence Gahan, Robert Hunt Second Row: Lloyd McClure, Larry Smith, Gary Burton, Jacques Bollier, David Irish, Robert Eiermann, Brian Heath, Ronald Fowler, Bruce Harrison Bottom Row: Philip Siegert, John Fornot, Richard Dooley, Edward Kral, Brian Ruchalski, Ernest Schalk, Van Austin "Nliilillc ul gin lslgtmlu was thc lillL' ul thc Dolphin tiring lot' this show, which was ptcsctttccl on Home- ziquiitic sltuti' this yczit: the Polyttesigiti theme was ruining and Darla Day wc-c-lac-ttcls, :irc the main activi- tvllcmlcil in the clciutigitimts giticl in the swinmiing tics nl this group which was luuttilcil lui' the sole PIII'- itscll. 'lltc lmuilnling nl sr-ts :ittml ilcmtxiliutis :tml przic- pow ul ptumutitig giqiizitic activities. Dolphin F1'atet'ttil, lluppiei Simi' liiiliiiivs is :iii lllllilrfllliik' Qlttllll nl 'l'c-itgtpitt, itiilmtnw thi-it syttrliiutiifeil switntitiiig skills. lil the sittrltiinitifr-rl switnntittg giuiiii, thc ultintatu guqil lui' sitting, thc grunt: clispluyc-il thc-sc skills by lJCl'll01'l11il1g wlitrh muh Cliiliiitc-s tnctitlmr-i is mlltlwllg is lllL'ltllJL'1i- it ruitlittc in thc' zmltuzil 'IlL'l'l'lllJll1 SXVllllIlllllg Show ship in ilk-t't:ipiit. This ic-:ir ttti-tttltctas wuilgcil hgirrl lu wltich was hc-lil on Mntltcfs Dany wcck c-ml. Top Row: Carolyn Bookey, Andrea Biere, Joyce Burlfhardt, Andrea Blanda, Beverly Wilson, adviser, Carol Sandstrom, Alice Adams, Betty Rothaclrer, Mary Mead, Barbara Conant, Sara Bourque, Yvonne Lanslfy, Barbara Rowe, Helen Hewitt, Diana Dittmann, Judith Kleppinger Second Row: Sharon Traynor, Margit Ohrn, Louise Wolf, Sylvia Fisher, Judith Edlund, Diane Kontos, Frieda Durlfin, Karen Kraaloel, Dawn Anderson, Marie Heineken, Susan McMullen Bottom Row: Diane Dowdall, Karen Crenwteux, Maureen Murrin, Lynn Rotter, Susan Geltand, Theodora Andros, Jo Quinlan Not in panel: Joyce Opalicky si, 5 2 aa J 4 7 My VZ ', . 553 La I T P' v L 5 K an 5' 4-:Ng W fm. g.i'yi1 J , gif? h N, 4, In 1 Mc: xgagmfiiiitf' ,Yr if ,,t2 ,r i W kexv .,, ng' A 5 ear- , ,Q se Tlwlil , 17 ' N ,Q J " It -3, if 4 ...l A af, 'flirt' .- ,. ., .. s .i,a:L'm!m1L, 'Qu - f: 4. rn ,.... I t i Top Row: Prof. J. Harlan Shores, adviser, Terry Denny, president historian Not in panel: Richard Salzer, vice president Prepzirzttion is being niziile by the Iiztppzt Deltzt Pi IllCI'tllJC'1iS lor the c'e1ehrzttirn1 ul its Colden Anniver- sary in lfltitl. Alpha chapter is especiztlly pruutl ull the event :intl is planning to obtztin at lftlillignn C. Jj,, Bottom Row: Hope Labisky, secretary, Mary McDougle, treasurer, Suzanne Collins, Bagley Mentorizil lecturer. This service tllglllllllllltlll hozistetl :t six point prugrzitii line the yeztr. which leztturecl speakers ztntl inlrnnnattive panels on niutters ol' t'rnicern to all those in the teziching prulessiim. Kappa Doha Pi atk and Bauble Menibersliip in Mask :intl Bautble is tletertnineil nifes lmth qttstlity :intl iittzintity ul work clone. The by the znnount ol work alone in University Tliezttre, pttrpuse nl the orgzniifgttirm is tu lfiflgllllc' utttstzintl- either as zt cast member or as ll crew worker: selection ing stutlents in theatre work :incl to larrniiute lrientl- is clone on the basis ul' ll point system, which recng. ship :timing stuilents interesteil in the theater. Top Row: Dr. Joseph Scott, Catherine Miller, Jenna Vaught, Linda Bond, Carol Green, Ruth Arbenz, Melissa Blanke, Beverly Kimes, Mary Brown, John Reynolds, Raymond Pitton Saundra Youmans, Loretta Alfonsi, Michael Filerman, Elizabeth Harriman Bottom Robison, Carol Luehring, Elsie Robison, Judith Lyman Not in panel: Dr. Genevieve Behringer, Prof. J. Wesley Swanson, Dr. Charles Shattuck, Dr. Barnard Hewitt Second Row: Row: Stephen Hoogerwerf, Carol Hay, Ronald Winchell Third Row: Mary Sharon Crowley, Carol Towner, Carolyn Franks, Barbara Schubert, Barnett, Elissa Weaver, Patricia McKinney, Mary Divan, Carol Richardson, Elizabeth Roberts, Adrienne Zahler, Margaret McDonald, Dr. Clara ws. 5'5- , Qi fav K, Wfff .Wxj ,i " ,Qt 1 VV vvg FG 5 'Hr Top Row: Richard Ruppel, Robert Donner, vice president, Michael Pagones, Robert Erickson, corresponding secretary, Erwin Lawson, Reginald Bean, James Delrlass, Stephen Lucas, John Kampmeier, .lon Gealow, recording secretary, Kenneth Jones, president, Edward Ernst, adviser, Albert Longnecker Bottom Row: Joseph Chen, treasurer, Eugene Kalley, William Kunz, Roger Pyatt, John Huttenholzf, Donald Habing, James Degenford litct lizippzt Nu was orgzinifecl to honor electrical This yeztr the society established an information enginec-rs who have inziintztinc-cl at 11.0 ztverztge their center tor new electrical engineering students who are senior yezu' :incl to honor graicluztte students who niztin- interested in gaining inliornizttion about engineering tctinc-cl three units ol 5.0 or tour units ol 4.5. courses and possible czireers in this held. Eta Kappa i atienal Collegiate Player Recognition is given to students lor outstanding :tn honor point system. The Alpha chapter, estab- pztrticipzttion in University 'l'hezttre und lor achieve- lished here :tt the University ol' Illinois in 1922, heads nic-nt in thezttre courses by selection lor metnbership the list ol filty-two other such 0lAgllIlll2lllOllS located in in Naitioiml Clollegiztte Players: selection is hztsecl upon colleges throughout Aniericzt. Top Row: Dr. Clara Behringer, Joseph Scott, Mary Arbenz Second Row: Robert Whitlatch, Linda Bond, secretary-treasurer, Raoul Johnson, president, Ruth Hoogerwerf, vice president, Ronald Winchell Bottom Row: John Reynolds, Jenna Vaught, Carol Green, Catherine Miller, Michael Filerman Not in panel: Dr. Genevieve Richardson, adviser, John Ewing, Diane Burke, Dr. Richard Wallace, Prof. J. Wesley Swanson, Dr. Charles Shattuck, Webster Smalley, Scott Craig, Dr. Walter Draper, Bernhard Works, Dr. Karl Windesheint 9 as lwfiivi Aff W f t, , , l Q". l ,il t J . xi , i i X ' , i t l 'lit i r... ' , . E Top Row: Frank Cipriano, Robert Metzger, William Bogard, Allen Devleschovvard, David Magnus, Donald Simlborg, John Werner, Michael Charous, Leon Lipson, James Breyer, Stephen Morse Third Row: Stephen Lang, Allen ArieFf, Charles Glover, James Snow, William Rogers, John Ey, Jack Bourland, Carl Bailey, Herbert Abelson, James Krotzer, Stephen Gold, Ronald Tellor Second Row: Ronald Cranford, William Stach, Jan Gray, publicity chairman, Nancy Wertheim, secretary, Keith McCloskey, president, Jane Dugdale, treasurer, Harvey Whitfield, vice president, Gerald Vermeulen, Ira Frank Bottom Row: Marianne Burke, Judith Lang, Judy Wyatt, Mary Glenney, Iris Cooper, Judith Higqins, Jane Kinser, Robin Ruth The highlight ol' the year lor members ol' Omega Beta Pi was the lielil trip to the University ol' Illinois Medical School. Other meetings featured doctors and professors who spoke on recent developments in the metlical worltl, :intl films ol operations and hirths. In order to aitl its members in their atziilemit work, the organization matle available to them laboratory animals and extra laboratory sessions. Omega Beta Pi Phi In order to welcl the atlvancetl Corps catlets ol the Army Quarternlzister Corps into a more compact and consolidated group, Phi Chi Eta was lountletl at the University ol Illinois. This national military Eta lrziternity heltl its regular meetings once at month anti at these times presentecl guest speakers til' military status who spoke on tlillerent inlormzitive suhiects tonterning military techniques :intl stanilzirtls. Top Row: Barry Polsky, Jimmie Smock, James Russell, Mac Churchill, Richard VanHam, Allan Newman, treasurer, Kenneth Bryniolfsson, secretary, Terry Henry, Carter Brantner, Anthony Quirini, Frank Voris, Ronald Viemont, Larry Snyder, Manfred Rorig, Dennis Fox, Herbert Crane, Arthur Glassman, David Neupert Third Row: Peter Aikman, Bruce Martin, John Lesak, John Henbest, Vernon Brazle, David Lipson, William Davis, Richard Schiffman, Michael Lapin, Ronald Koerner, Michael Maguire, James Carney, Thomas Wiles, John Hocking, Frank Lupi, Rodney Sherman, Thomas Liston, Sanford Jafte Second Row: James Lytle, Kenneth Kraml, Paul Hofman, Capt. Joseph Shiely, Daniel Seiler, president, Kristina Wanhurg, sponsor, Joseph Laske, vice president, Mai. Foster Hetzel, adviser, John Herrmann, Larry Leiden, John Means Bottom Row: Gary Van Winkle, Alexander Tourlakes, Thomas Melton, Gordon McCandlish, Donald Kendeigh t 4 ' ' :,,,mM,. ..,, .,.,,,,....... aa.--.----Q, H--f- --f----f -F----W duo. a- -U-. - '-'n " ' M' m""'a"' i ' ,, 4. 4... . .. William Abel, Jan Bach, David Baker, Michael Bayles, Byron Beck, Donald Beitz, John Bergman, Jonathan Borus, Jack Bourland, Jerome Bradley, Roger Breclek, Jamr-s Breyer, Robert Brown, Ronald Camden, Larry Cannon, Francis Cardulla, Ronald Carmean, Dennis Carroll, Ronald Chisenhall, Marvin Citro, James Collins, Ronald Cranford, Leslie Dean, Vernon Deason, Carl DeMarco, Robert Dennis, Stephen Dilts, Delbert Disselhorst, Edward Dunphy, Ronald Durrett, Robert Dvorak, Homer Dyal, David Dyrofi, Jerry Eberhardt, James Ellern, John Ellingson, Elmer Engleman, John Finical, George Fisher, James Fisher, Ronald Fowler, Charles Frederickson, Wade Freeman, Ronald Fritsch, Curtiss Giller, James Govaia, Stanley Green, Thad Harshbarger, LeRoy Hasselbring, Robert Helfinstine, Howard Hill, Ronald Holloway, Niles Holt, Allen Huston, Harry Hyndmann, Rodney Jacobs, Charlton Jones, Arthur Junkins, Sheldon Kabaker, William Keefer, Oren Kesler, Robert Kinkade, Roger Koontz, Frank Koster, David Kuhn, Larry Lane, Theodore Larson, Thomas Lasser, Paul Lee, Ernest Lenzi, Charles Liang, James Lockwood, William Lohner, Thomas Longwell, Michael Lower, John Lunclsten, Terrance McCormick, William McVinnie, Joseph Mackoviak, Marcus Marlin, Robert Martin, Robert Matheson, Robert Miller, Charles Mtstretta, Gary Mowder, Michael Myers, Michael Neft, Robert O'Neill, Joseph Oyama, Stanley Pala, Eldon Park, Robert Pfeifer, William Plank, Roland Popken, John Porter, James Raden, James Ranallo, Ronald Reinhart, James Rice, Anthony Richards, Neil Richter, Donald Riviere, Joel Robbin, Terry Romack, Steven Sample, Larry Schaler, Stanley Schaumburg, Ronald Schmidt, Ronald Schroeder, William Schultz, James Shannon, Donald Simborg, Kurt Simon, Leonard Smith, Richard Smith, Philip Spielman, Bruce Stafllord, Bruce Strangeland, Carl Stubenrauch, Merrill Swanson, Larry Thomas, Eqidtius Uzgiris, Dennis Venzon, Thomas Von Foerster, llmar Waldner, Robert Ward, Jacl Warner, Richard Wenglarz, Charles Whalen, John Williams, John Wissmiller, Lawrence Wolfley, Gerald Wolin, Manuel Xanthakis, Michael Yates Phi llttt Cigttta lllitl-seiticstcr Smoker Prttttttttc' lieshmttn lchttlat' hip OFficers-Standing: John Williams, treasurer, Charles Liang, secretary, Ronald Link, adviser Seated: Robert Helhnsttne, historian, Larry Schafer, president Not in panel: Gary Mowder, vice president Dining thi- lzill, Phi litgt Sigma nictnhcis spon- sntrctl ai stiinkci Int' itll liar-sliinztii mon whnsc T stltnlttstit itwtaztgcs :tt initl-sL-tilt-str-1' l'L'IlCllL'll :tt ln-gist lll. 135' incatns nl the stiiiilaciy the nrgztttifzt- ttnn ltitiml Iii L'ltuillt':tfJ,L' thcsc mcn to nhtgnn thi' ilcgtcc nl sihnlztstit L'xtcllL'tttL' which is ti'- tittitul lm' tht-it' initigttinn into its titi-tiilmcisliip. ,Xt thc t-ntl nl tht-ii' In-slttitziti yn-in, ntcn who hzttl L-znnc-tl Atl li-:ist at l.5 stltnlztstit ztvc-titgc were ine xttt-tl lu inin the lt':ttL't'nity. On Uttnliui' twctity-tltiitl gtnil twciiti-lnit1'tli, lllfill. tht' Phi Etzt Slglllil trltttptct' til tht- Llttivcttsily was host tn thc ttnnnztl l'L'glOliill tiiiilcirvttce ul this nittinnatl sclinlgistii li'zttL-rtiity. Dining this witty Phi litti Sigma tntitlittlc-cl at t ,t i sttttusslttl tutoring piitgtrtitii which wats rtvgtilathli- tn gill lit-slttngtn inc-n cnrnllt-tl in the lltiiwisitx. f lu ltnthci' this lrcslnntin gissistztntc prngixtiii. thc' li.nL'initi iinhlislicil it hnnklr-t giving ltclplnl stntli hints Into new stntlcnts. 418 L iw, ,ig ,NV 5 ma M, .- W 'HA P tiff! til' 5 K, ' ill' T- t . I ll, . i i , 1 , g . W, 1 1 - s'4Il'1?V ,ww-m Top Row: Linda Mooberry, Mariorie Swanson, Judith Fahnstrom, Lura Stoedefalke, adviser, Carolyn Peterson, Barloara Johns Second Row: Marian Vreeland, Rosalynn Jenkins, Mary Babler, Savilla Anderson, Sandra Rayburn, Carol Robison Bottom Row: Myrna Rea, Carol Ufkes, Anida Miller, Nancy Turner, Bobette Eckland, Margaret Allen This year nientbers of Phi Upsilon Oinierun zieted scltolzistic ztverztge. An iiiipnitziiit event nl the yezn' as olllieiztl sztleswonien ol' Beviei' Hull stationery: pro- lor the Phi U's was the FOLlllLlCl"S Dany Bzinqtiet, zil Ceeds horn sales provided at seliolztrsliip for the sopho- which active :ind ziluninzie inetnbers inet loin zi unn- tnore home econoinics student with the highest mon purpose-to honor the lonnders ol this group. hi psilon tlmicron Pi Tau 'igmat This group, whose purpose is to liimnt otitstgimliiig ezicli innnth in the Meihziniigil lingineering Depart- tneeltaniczil engineering students, provided ll vittil ment. For lingineeiaing Open House, the group pre- link between students :ind lzictilty. An iinportzint paired :tn exhibit to inlorin the tzintpus nl the develop- projeet was the selection nl :tn outstanding iiisttttctor ments thzit have utetirreil in the field ol engineering. Top Row: Norman McCormick, Dean Kuehl, Byron Stutzman, Stanley Weiss, Robert Holtz, Donald Huffaker, George Kuhlman, William Sharp Second Row: Edward Wu, John Matheis, Juan Barretocaipa, Kenneth Ullenius, Dale Brinkman, John Becker, James Bayne Bottom Row: Daryl Thomas, Michael Martin, Philip Nelson, Alan King Not in panel: Edward Baumann, Knud Berge, Jack Bronson, Donald Carlson, Russell Funderburg, Carlos Garcia, Steven Groves, Roy Hlavacek, Hideo ldehara, Richard Koss, Donald Miller, Thomas Mosillo, William Penniman, Richard Schaeffer, Thomas Steffen, George Wisniowicz, Joseph Wiswall, Frank Wright Em A ggi T " -1401 E-mu was R , I Q, Top Row: Jerry Smith, William Muhlsradt, Randal Smith, Robert Dellerr, Robert Kraiewski, John Henbesf Second Row: Roberr Edwards, William Bogard, George Fischer, John Sweetman, John Hocking, Fred Pocock, William Wiitman Bottom Row: John Herrmann, Michael Maquire, Virginia Hommel, sponsor: James Carney, John Kong Not in panel: Beniamin Brown, adviserp John Hawkins Field Trip to Deien e Work Highligh Year lor Phelan ember NIL-inhcrs ul Plrzilainx saw first-hzincl thc work- ings ul' our rizilicniul ilclcnsc system when they risiiccl nczirhy Illilllilliy' iiislullzilimisg one such liclil trip was nrzulc in ihc Orilnznicc lhlllllllllll- lion Clmnnixinrl nczir Alolicl. Illinois. 'lihis nriliiury ll0llUl'lll'y l01'lIlCLl ll rillc tcznn this ycair. The lcznn invilcil rillc squads nl other nriliixiry nrgznrifzilirms lu uniipctc in rillc niziichcs, 'Ib lurlhcr social inicrcsls, the group he-lil ai ilinncr hclurc ihc Military Bull lor meni- hcls zinil ihuir clzilus. Plrgilgnix iricxl ihis ye-ur in prepare its incin- hcrs lor their ycanx ol military scrvicc. Many nl lhc mer-rings ul thc group lcziiurcil spccclics ln lllilllllliy pr-rwiiiicl. Topics ul lhcsc spccclics range-il Irwin purely lllililllly subiccls to topics .ihout L'YC1',llLly lilc :is l'Cl1llCil to military lllCll1CS. Ai Nlilitairy Horrors Dany in May, Phzilzinx giivc sewixil giwgirils which 1'CUlgl1llCtl nulstziniling ROTC students. 420 Officers--Top Row: John Sweetman, John Herrmann, James Carney, John Kong Boitom Row: Michael Maquire, Virginia Hommel, John Hocking Wh : Q.. c sw ff X tt. murrfm , i-.. W - te -:M - sw -:nhl f H., .nv hu, in v f f t'- "' - .W ' ' - ' ',QtW'gg5:',.' .tin wk-,c 1 - 49 Lean, A' - r , A , 4 1 ,. ,, ntww'?P1' 94' "' "Y yi ,Q ., . we W 1 J s f J, L H t vl I 1. ml! 1,"2 If V3 1 X 'auf' 5 j 5, ' -i '4 I I i l' ,, ci ' ,J t I 4 li Q -N i, , gt . .- ,fl . Ru' ,--rv 1, ' , 11. 1? Q lvt, . f W A W6 1-an 4 Top Row: George Adams, Ernst Philippson, Richard Lutz, Richard Kimbrough, Thomas Cahoon, John Benson, Brian Wittenkeller, Beniamin Carr Third Row: Tom Bartuska, Richard Diedrich, Fred Guyton, Leland Shaw, James Hrouda, Joe McKay, William Doyle, Bruno Ast, Ronald Harris, Robert Kennedy Second Rowz Prof. Richard Williams, Prof. Gabriel Guevrekian, Prof. Jack Baker, Prof. Edmund Toth, Prof. Olaf Fielde, Prof. George Hodge, Raymond Cain Bottom Row: Wayne Oltoson, Larry Rauen, Fred Moyer, Max Schmidt, William Cook, Paul Kupferberg Pztrticipation with the Fine ancl Appliecl Arts meetings leaturing cliscussions concerning current Council in sponsorship ol' the animal Beaux Arts Ball problems ol architecture ancl relatecl hc-lcls were hc-lcl :incl an annual spring sketch hike were the two major lor the members who are all sc-lc-ctecl on the basis ol events of the Scarab fraternity this year. Regular probable luture success in these careers. carab cabbard and Blade In seeking to develop in its members the qualities In aclclition, members took part in the sabre arch lor that will make them efhcient military ofhcaers, Seah- Military Ball, Honors Day, ancl banquets. Selection bard and Blacle proviclecl programs on military topics ol' members is lrom the top one-thircl ol the Air lforce. at its meetings which variecl from movies to speakers, Navy, ancl Army classes. Top Row: Donald Hartter, Eugene Santi, John Ryan, William Lowry, Roger Derby, Donald Sittnick, Lloyd Lehn, Richard Kammann, Dennis Hall Third Row: Richard Lacquement, Angus More, Lawrence Miller, Keith Miiler, Harold Diercks, Carl Baumann, Roy Buckner, Joseph Atkinson, Robert Lewis Second Row: Jerry Rain- bolt, Richard Sanders, second lieutenant, David Johnson, first lieutenant, Thomas Colman, captaing Nancy Kircher, sponsor, Mai. William Fogel, adviser, Joseph Klieber, first sergeant, Berti Larsson Bottom Row: David Dow, William Blake, Gerald Gegel, Fred Guyton, Thomas Swan, Lester Olds, Myron Gray, Ralph Love me tr L - A... F' fr?-+-. F -4 fir: 1' 'I - Y . - fr! '+V ,, l , t ,X l yg Top Row: Dorothy Hubbard, Georgie Swartz, Barbara Meyers, Patricia Davies, Annette Esser, Mary Haferl-zamp, Linda Wall, Donna Johnston Second Row: Bonita Wilson, Kaye Wendell, Patricia Bell, Barbara Frocls, Gwendolyn Hayes, Anita Affolter, Helmi Alde, Barbara Crump Bottom Row1 Prof, Velma Wilson, adviser, Martha Gillerson, Karen Smith, Barbara Williams, Margaret Dempsey, Suzanne Watkins, Suzanne Wilson, Janet Meadors, Dr. Colleen Kirk, adviser Not in panel: Earleen Barnes, lxatlrryn Corbin, Lisa Grable, Dorothy M:Le-nclon, Mary Morrison, Judy Harrison, Carol Oyster, Dixie Rodehaver, Betty Zinser lhis tern Sigrrtgi .Xlphtt lrrtzr hcltl its zrtinttgrl xrlumni with thc rillrct' music ltrrtrrrrxrliics, arntl musical pin- lnt-grlXl.rst tltitirtg lloirtctrrtrririg wt'cl4t'iitl. Uthct' arctixi- grains ptrsc-lrtctl t'x'c'1't 'lilturstlzn mt-1' XVILL. This ties itrtltttlul gr irirnrrtgrtirrii git Smith Mtrsit llzill, at gmttp is part-t nl' the trzrtiritiail music sin'ot'ity which wt-liorttv lot' list-slrrrrcir musit sttrtlcnts whith wars ht-lil works lin tht- zitlvztrrtctrrvitt ol music in ,Xrrtc1'iCzr. Cigtttai Alpha Iota Skull and ,retcent 'l'ht- gntntizil lgill pgtigurtgi mat- was thc biggest event putt-tl in thc tance. This tc-att Kgtplm Sigma won the ul Skull xrtttl Clit-stcritk yr-:rip lfqrrh ol the lLVL'llLf'-llX'k' imc' :intl thc trnlnliy. ln thc- spring, the ttlflllllilllfiflll rrlrlest lrxitt-t'rrities on the tgrrrtlitrs, who sc-lt-tt rm-rrtlmvrs hc-lil at tlitmc-t'-tlgrrrrc to tutrtrcl ull its Qtr tivities. ,Xt tht- lnr' this srrlrlrrirrintt- tnt'n's :ittixitt ltmtnr':rt'y, pgrrtiti- tlzrtttc at qttct-it wars clrnscn. Top Row: Renard Bollier, Douglas Nichols, Duane Haning, Edward Harshbarger, Gresham Brebach, Neil Anderson, Charles Bateson, James Colvvell, Leonard Peirce, Donald Rainey Third Row: Michael Yates, Alan Davidson, Kenneth Kreutzrger, Kenneth Macmorran, Richard Smith, Philip Siegert, Kenneth Harrigan, John Eaton, Keith Asher Second Row: Sidney Frisch, William Johnson, David Dandurand, Arthur Hasse, David Johnson, Richard Kerby, Larry Shelby Bottom Row: David Sager, Ronald Linden, Ronald Mrzer, James Barker, Carl Turnqulst, Michael Rlnney, Thomas Boatman, Ned Tyler r'1'nun X W 'r r - - - 7. lt rmiwsvzufwvvmrrwwmwv-n f it A. -ac' 4. .W L: . x :1 -1: S s '14 V5 I1 , su - i t Q jf, J- 3 t N ., Y an t l. - ' V Q .. Q, . fs - A M 'ia . of v ' s., ' f ' We - . R 1 41 5 Top Row: Janet Engler, Rosalind Novak, Donna Shapiro, Ellen Reimann, Doris Pogue, Nancy Heselbarth, Janet Reese, Carolyn Wilson, Julia Bodinan, Harriet Elman, Betty Zinser, Sandra Poll, Audrey Shaw, Beverly Kaminski Third Row: Sharon Sweeney, Jeanne lkins, Janet Peterson, Sheryl Fiester, Sharon Gerson, Nancy Bear, Martha Mullikin, Meredith Magenhetmer, Carol Ostrom, Virgene Anderson, Linda Matthews, Barbara Conant, Marilyn Rank Second Row: Merle Lezalf, Sandra Thornton, Barbara Rashbaurn, Susan Sterrett, Marilyn Wagner, Marianne Burgbacher, Judith Miller, Marina Lucco, Vivien Durbin, Fredna Ray Bottom Row: Carol Oyster, Nancy Van Tuyle, Pamela Cohen, Gail Van Deventer, Linda Creamer, Barbara Sternaman, Penny Peterson, Ann Macke, Barbara Auble Not in panel: Bettt- Griffith, Linda Joy, Bonnie Brown, Judith Stephenson Shi- i Combinet With achem lot' Annual lllother' Dat Weekeitd Sing Officers-Top Row: Beverly Kimes, Melissa Blanke Bottom Row: Deborah Roth- holtz, Beth Dohme -iw For tltt' lirst titnt' sinct- their lnttntlings, Shi-.Xi Q if ' Q gtntl httclicnt tmnlntictl tlit-tt' cllnrts lnr tht- pres- . Q i ,V X 1 1- A ' ' . N l ' Q A, Q.. Cllllllltlll ul tt Motlictss Dani wt-t-kt-ntl sing. lzgttli '-. Ta- g 3' 5' J --"eng-tt, V 5' . ' . ,-','gggs5g ,,,, , group sclcctctl at cliztittiitztti to tlnsctt tlit' plttns A " - . . .R A S,-ef f 3 , Int' tlic very stttccsslttl t'YCIll. J-f W ' 1' I . V ' L ,f -. f if S . t - - ' my if -- . Nlctnbt-is ul Slit-.Xi ant' tliust-n lay tlit' tannptts I ' J ' sum1'itit-sg this vt-att' czttli sutwnitx' st-lt-ttt-tl thc ' f "M , 'P ' . ' . lwtt tilt-iiilxcts nl its supliuiiiuit' clttss ivlitm wt-tt' " 1 '7' . ' J T A t niost utttstttntlin f in :ittivitit-s. ln n'cx'iutis Vtills. 4L'Qv...ii" VW ii , t A 'J A . t . , , - gf. 1- ..-7 wggsag, , if . I , ,, , k , 1 I Q K. Qf ,Wk ,lyq 3 .1 L , '1 ' tllt' two lllCllll3L'ls ltolll ll sttltnllt' wuikt-tl tn- ,ip ,C 22' Q' , . ln ' 1 , . gL'lllC'l' to prcscnt il skit tis at pgtit ul tltcit plutlg- ' V' ,A 'fa..,.?i 1 fl 5 , .H pi ing tlntics. This ytllli, two sumritics wcit' pgtirctl J f , gif lui giving tht- skits. Tlit' gmttps ul Intna girls .1 ,IA .,. VNN, 3- 1 '- :Y g f -. . . . , z i :J 1 N, it Q tlicn pit-st-iitctl tlit-tt' skits att ont' til thc lllttllllgs t, 2. nl tlic group, wlicrt- they wt-tt' ltttlgt-tl. 'Iilit' -st it to . , . . . . . 15,2741-i ' i 3 Q 4 winning skits lmtn tlic canst ztntl west sitlcs til I tlic cznnptts were tliuscn :intl trnpltics gtwgtttlctl , r f ' S ' to the pztrticiptttits. The tlinnvi limits ul all ta, 4 , I, gi ' ctnnpns stmmrtttt-s wt-rc tlicn ltvt-nctl by tlit' A prcscnttttiun ol tltt-sc winning skits. 423 AW cr Top Row: Leo Barnes, Marvin Newport, Irvin I-Ieckmann, adviserg Clarence Sims, Lester Jensen Second Row: Robert Wilcox, Irene Lange, Ronald Nelson, Iaines Lytle Bottom Row: Lorna Klorhne, Lawrence Baggerly, Janice Fields Illinoi Chapter ol igma Iota Ep ilon Install Chapter at Wayne tate liznly this yegn' .tlphzt chztpter ol Sigma lotat Epsilon, which is Iotzttecl on this cznnpus, wats ztsketl hy the nzitionztl organization to trztvel to XV:tyne State llniversity to instzill xt chapter there. 'lhe new cltgipter is the ninth hrztnch ol the orgtnnftttion to he trezttetl. Nlenrherslrip in this honorzny and prolessionztl tngtnztgenrent Irztternity is liinitecl to students who have att least at junior standing in any tollegt-. at scholastic ztverztge, :tntl un active interest in the Iieltl ol rnztnztgetnent. The Illinois thztpter ol Slli was chosen during the Inst semester to publish "The NIztnztger's Key," at IIIQIQLUIIIC containing articles written hy prominent hnsinesstnen and stholzirs. This pith- liunion stntlies problems in the Iieltl ol main' LIgL'IlICIll and ollers solutions lor them. Meetings ol the Uliglllllllllltlll were higlrlightt-tl In spec-tlies hy severgil nten who :ire known ngitiongtllt lor their work in IIIHIILIQCIIICIIL. 424 Officers-Standing: James Lyfle, treasurerg Robert Wilcox, vice president Seafedz Ronald Nelson, presidentg Irene Lange, secretary i I i I l I I I i I 1 i I l I I i IS A -'wc ft fi r png Top Row: Harold Ahlberg, Michael Pisterzi, James Philblad, Carl Gruber, Laurice West, Boris Seidel, Roger Whitson, Harold Martin, Donald Huizinga, Thomas Pound, Anthony Wu, Robert Jones Fourth Row: William Huston, David Bertetti, Ronald Parsons, John Ohslund, William McVinnie, William Meyer, Richard Nord- sieck, Robert Lansford, David Sellmyer, Karl Gardner, Walter Okon, Robert Parker Third Row: Randall Dagis, Daniel Murphy, Robert Svvendsen, Bill Langford, Louis Lanzerotti, Prof. Robert Bohl, Darrell Gieseking, David Miller, Eugene Kalley, Alan King, Edward Wu Second Row: Carl Peters, Ronald Salle, John Huttenhoff, Robert Anderson, Herbert Riedemann, Kenneth Luke, Francis Greeley, Donald Carlson, Edward Strougal Bottom Row: Randal Smith, Douglas Malewicki, Joseph Chen, David Massi, Joseph Podolsky, Thomas Follensbee, George Mah, Joseph Cudzik, William Wolz Not in panel: Charles Becherer igma Tau Recognize tint tending tudent in All Engineering Fieldi Officers-Standing: Louis Lanzerotti, Pyramid correspondent, Charles Case, treasurer Seated: Bill Langford, secretaryg Darrell Gieseking, presidentg Prof. Robert Bohl, ad- viser, Francis Greeley, historian Not in panel: John Meece, vice president i ! i i l +9 it ' ,. W ,X Sigma Tatu was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1904 with the purpose oi honoring outstatncling students in :ill fields ol' engineering. The Illinois chzipter was established in 191-1, :incl since its louncling has ollered an oppor- tunity lor the develoiintent ol' ptettt'c-eeiatni con- tztcts :ind lriendships. Sigtnqi Tatu on our cinnpus hats over one hundred ztctive ntenihers. The :tctive ineinhers ol this lrztternity were selected on the bztsis ol seholztrship, leadership, ztncl chairztcter. Siginzt Tatu recognized the per- sonztl ztttztinxnents ol engineering students, en- courztgecl lellowship znnong the students and the lztculty in the engineering clepurttnent. and :td- vztncecl the interests ol engineering. ln order to recognize outstanding under- grgtcluztte work Lind service to the engineering clepztrttnent, the group presented lellowships to outstztncling students which nrzty be used lor post-grztcluztte study at recognized universities. 425 V7 'Swv inf-4' 'K CQ' gn ,-.a Top Row: Barbara Tripp, Carol Palmer, Mrs. Glenn Hanson, Arlene Brumlik, Valerie Neville, Beverly Kimes, Margaret Smith, Carolyn Daily, Virginia Temple, Margaret Molitor, Sara Ferris Second Row: Linda Craig, Vernalie Moberg, vice president, Linnea Pearson, president, Eleanor Blum, adviser, Gayle Haglund, secretary, Helen Semianczuk, treasurer, Gloria Clin Botton Row: Barbara Ropers, Janet LaChance, Doris Siegal, Edelgard Eichholz, activities chairman, Cynthia Brown Collecting childrens books for the children's homes in the :treat was the mgtior proiett ol' Theta Sigma Phi. womens prolessiongtl journalistic' organization. Those women enrolled in journalism, extrzt-ctirriculzn' journ- Theta zilistie activities or those planning to make journalism a career :ire eligible lor membership. joint meetings were sometimes held with Sigma Delta Chi, mer1's professional fraternity. igma Phi Tomaha As Z1 result ol' the 1958 victory of the Purdue football teznn over the Illinois team. the Illinois cltttpter ol' Tonitihtiwlt presented the Purdue chapter with at cannon :it this yeztr's Illinois-Purdue game. Other k activities of this sophomore independent men's activity honorztry intluded providing hosts for several Univer- sity lunctions and carrying out ll work project at the Clunninghznn Home early this spring. Top Row: Robert Orr, Richard Isaacs, Allen Mardis, John DeReu, Murray Zimiles, Allan Wolff Second Row: John Fullerton, Larry Gillingham, Robert Martin, Kenneth Kreitner, David Matlock, Stephen Gay, Dean Calvin Sifilerd, adviser Bottom Row: Smith Toulson, Gerald Miller, treasurer, Gerald Rocke, secretary, Jerry Weibel, president, Robert Kunzman, Charles Perrin, Glen Broom Not in panel: Harvey Bass, Roger Gusloff, Harvey Lee, Arlin Higgs, Thomas Hecht, Niles Holt, Michael Larkin, Arthur Lasin, James McDonald, historian, Jay Mitchell, vice president, James Schoonaert, Gary Vogt, James Wright Q,4' l 2 I 1 ' ' ?i5'?6S ,9f .1 i.. , l ' wrt, 'N -s Top Row: Mary Forster, Beverly Wilson, adviser, Betty Shriner, Maredith, Gibson, Janet Greenberg, Penny Luckado, Mariorie Harris, adviser, Louise Volkstort, Mary Mead, Darlene Clever, Susan Rypstat, Patricia Wall, Jean Even, Hope Kunin Second Row: Nancy Thomson, Barbara Baker, Virginia Kucera, Janet Ellis, Barbara Harris, Diane Teeter, Roberta Abell, Sandra Olson, Barbara Beina, Valorie Loar, Sandra Smith, Carol Ohrn Bottom Row: Patricia Sheahan, Cynthia Owen, Louise Leasure, Diane Norolin, Carol Stern, Terry Shull, Dorothy Shipley, Anita Getman, Marilyn Austin, Ragnhild Hiscox, Barbara Evers, Christine Oberheide, Olympia Dyer Mother, Day Swimming Show Highlights Ye' r tot Terrapin amber' Officers-Top Row: Janet Greenberg, vice president Second Row: Barbara Harris, secretary, Patricia Sheahan, president, Darlene Clever, treasurer Bottom Row: Janet Ellis, historian Members ol Terrrtpin Swim Club saw their year long ellorts climztxetl by the presentation oi their zinnuznl aquatic show on Mother's Day weekentl. The theme ol' this yezu'-"motion"- was well representetl in synchronized swimming routines perlormetl by Terrztpin members. ln October, the orgunifzition sent three girls :intl an zulviser to ll swimming conlerence in Massachusetts. Prior to the trip, the girls re- ceived at phonograph record lrom oihriuls ol the conlerence :intl were toltl to prepare at swimming routine to suit the recortl. Swimming groups on two other czunpuses received similar instruc tions. At the conlerenee, the three routines were utlgetl :intl trititzilly zinulyzecl. Terrztpin members took part in symposiums heltl git several nearby colleges. Members were olten so busy that several times they called upon their :apprentice group, Guppies, for ztssistzince in carrying out their projects. 427 W QV 'fb' "n""'1"""" Top Row: David Rademacher, Richard Costa, Walter Hopkins, Phillip Trast, Richard Russell, George Smith, Larry Showley, Gerald Langkammerer, Donald Veir, James Griinson, David Thomas, James Staes, Jackie Faro, John Schrader, Bobby Hartleroad Second Row: Richard Weiss, Joseph Atkinson, Carl Reinhart, William Brovvn, Fiank McOmber, Julius Zschau, Richard Brent, John Conant, William Levvis, Commander V. M. Dickerson, William Carlson, Douglas Pihl, Myron Gray, Charles Dukes, Dennis Chamberlin, Jerry Latta, John Dodson, Arden Taube, Leslie Horve Bottom Row: Gary McClung, John Greathouse, William Shaulin, Anthony McCarthy, James Loblavv, Kenneth Stimeling, Bruce Overson, Randolph Watson, Donald Doherty, John Bledsoe, Reginald Bean ln Felm1'ii:t1'y, Trident heltl its gttmuzil All-Navy speakers on naval tzictics :intl ollicers' duties, the Daunte, :in event whith :ill nietnbers ol this travail group lelt that it ziccotnplishecl its purpose by helping lronoratiy Ulgilllllllllttli gtntitipzitetl anxiously. Through caiclets ol the NROTC progrzinr to prepare to become its regular meetings. whith tonsistecl ol movies :mtl hetter olliters alter their grzicluzttion. Trident eta Phi Eta Nleinhers ol Zeta Phi Eta were in cltzirge of "Poke Illinois chapter acted as hostess. Members of this :tml Tote." the runnnztge stile at the lnternfttionztl prolessionul speech sorority :ire chosen from speech, Ifziir this yegtr. The Illinois tznnpus was the scene ol speech correction. and theatre students who have at the initlwest tonclzuie ol Zetzi Phi litzr :it which the lezist an ziverzige of -1.0 in speech courses. Top Row: Jenna Vaught, Marguerite Frank, Carol Swanson, recording secretary, Sharon Skoglund Third Row: Reva Shmikler, Elizabeth Michener, Linda Bennett, Catherine Miller, Sheryl Clayton Second Row: Frances Johnson, adviser, Joanne Rotter, treasurer, Diana Kramp, president, Mae Mirto, vice president, Ruth Hoogerwerf, corresponding secretary Bottom Row: Lois Rose, Carol Green, Patricia McKinney, Mary Divan, Linnea Swanson Not in panel: June Raymond, Eleanor Grogg f ..s' 2 at 4 l Q 1 QA T" ' dt " " -WL . ORGA lZATl0NS There is an organization to suit the interest ol every student. These varied organizations are a inajoi lactor in making our University the great institution that it is today. The campus emphasis upon organi- zations is second only to the emphasis upon acadernics. There are good reasons lor this emphasis upon par- ticipation in organizations. An organization gives the student training in his chosen lielcl ol' study that the classroom cannot always give. Through an organization, the student has an opportunity to apply his academic knowledge. For example, almost all of the engineering organizations put their education to practical use by building ex- hibits for Engineering Open House this year. In an organization, the student has opportunities to hear inc-n speak on the lllusl rc-cc-nt clc-vtc-lopnients in his held ol' stuclyeclevelcmpntc-nts not likely to bc- coverecl in a textbook. As a result, einployc-rs olten preler to hire thc- college graduate who has had a background in organizations. The value ol participation in an organization does not lie wholly in personal gain. Organifations olten perlorin service projects which benelit the llniversity or worthwhile local organizations. .Xlpha l'hi Omega, tor example, works primarily through the local Boy Scout Council. In addition, many organizations help to sponsor university events such as Faint and Home Festival. Participation in organizations is an integral part of the lile oi the well-rouncled student. Agricultural Economic Club An inlormal student-faculty barbecue began the activity-filled year for the Agricultural Economics Club. Qutstancling speakers presented such topics as livestock marketing, farm management, farm credit and iolm opportunities to round out this year's pro- gram. Tlnaough these programs and participation in various student activities, interest was promoted in agricultural economics and related fields. Top Row: Richard Balls, Richard McWard, Kenneth Riecks, Howard Pratt, Ronald Junker, Terence Jacobs, Max Shabe, LaMarr Evans Third Row: Roger Bottrell, Mengesha Worlceneh, John Gesell, Lovell Green, John Brucker, Dale Walsten, Robert Clark, Neal Wright, Clarence Davis Second Row: William Uhlrnan, John Goodrich, James Hart, Thomas Melton, secretary-treasurer, Milton I-lallberg, vice president, William Condon, Myron Reaman Bottom Row: David Yeager, Kenneth Wyatt, Leonard Higgs, James Munton, Addis Anteneh Not in panel: James Meltoa, Lawrence Duevver , Qotaooolst Q ofotep 2 ""' t t Top Row: Louis Wagner, Lawrence Duevver, Burton Swanson, Harry Bourn, Merl Holt, Larry Clark, Allen McCowan Third Row: John Boyer, William Uhlman, Hubert StaFl, Harold Evans, Richard Petrowich, Vernon Brazle, Robert Fay Second Row: William Gengenbach, James Balzer, Dr, A. H. Krebs, Edward Turner, William Sinclair, Charles Dyson, Neal Setchell, Jesse Heischmidt Bottom Row: Thomas Sorrells, Curtis Kiddoo, Rodney Doyle, Ronald Myers, Donald Morrissey, Richard Treat, William McMurtry Sew-tutl lmnul tlistussinns higltlightetl the progrzttns :tnotltcr panel cliscussetl the highlights ol the FAA pit-scttttml :tt meetings ol the Agrirttltttttztl litluuttion convention. Throughout the yettr :tt various times, Llluh this yt-Qtr. One pgtnel cnnsistetl nl tnctnbers who this orgztnizzttinn held severatl tmnhinerl meetings with htttl rt-it-ntly tnttlpleteil their stutlt-nt tctulting period: tnctnbers of Alpha Tau Alpha. Agt'icttltttt'ttl Etlucatiott Club gt'it:ulttt'e Cooperative E ten ion lttb l't'nlt'ssint1ztl extettsinn wnrlu-rs uL'XlL'l1llCLlH speecltes nl the Illinois Agliillllllllf ztntl Home Economics Ex- In the Cltinltctszttive Extcnsintt Kllulm. gtgriculture :intl tension Service. As 1111-pztttttintt for the extension ltnnte ctnttntttits stutlcnts, sn ttu-tnhctns cnultl heroine heltl. tnetnbers cnntluctctl training sessions through- :uqttztintctl with the Oliglllllllllilbll :intl the nlajeclivcs out the state lor -1-H :intl rttrztl youth groups. Top Row: Ernest Anderson, Donald Meyer, John Gesell, Lamarr Fesser, James Melton Bottom Row: Robert Coffman, Barbara Strunk, Glenna Blunier, Virginia Wesoloski, Leonard Higgs 'fha il Co? it "0 'X ' Y 'xl ' 'E mt 'lf' Hz' if , t Nz, t vw ,- . -X K - za as ' .ll J t "l 'N 4 f Top Row: Robert Wilson, Lawrence Duewer, Lyle Funkhouser, Paul Malven, Roger Steiger, Richard Snodgrass, Roger Gallup, Thomas Sorrells, Robert Coffman, William Sinclair, Lyle Martin, James Wiltier, Donald Morrissey Bottom Row: Ernest Anderson, adviser, Donald Meyer, Floyd Roberts, Donald Smallwood, Walter GriHeth, John Gesell, David Christopherson Climztxing the yeur's program wats the ztnntutl Plow- :ire enrolled in the College ol .Xgrir ultute. liy coortli- boy Prom sponsored by the tllgllllllllllilll. The purpose nztting the various prollessionztl activities in this college, of the Agriculture Council is to serve as a coouli- students were ztble to gain the maximum vztlue pose nating and governing body representing students who sible from their year on campus. griculture ouncil lpha Kappa P ' During the semester, several speakers were engaged mote better unclerstztttcling between these two groups. by Alpha Kappa Psi to etlucztte :tml interest its mem- .X dance :md fl hay ritle were among the special social bers in the various phases ol' business. Stutlent- activities. Members ol the group provided guided laculty luncheons held bi-weekly were provided to pro- tours lor businessmen visiting the campus. Top Row: Lester Jensen, William Naylor, John Rozinsky, William Lieber, Donald McSorley, Julius Zschau, William Smithing, Charles Sommer, Thomas Smith, Cliliford Wilderman, Juel Lee, Wendell Thackeray, David Buyher Third Row: James Kunkel, Norman Lawrence, William Stauter, Mac Churchill, Ronald Nickel, James Nussbaum, John Reyer, Richard Marrs, Richard Barker, David Elowson, Robert Wilcox, Tom Brinkerhof? Second Row: Donald Hall, treasurer, William Ure, Prof. Lloyd Morey, David Allen, president, Herbert Wright, Neal Fulk, Martin Chasen, secretary, Stuart Brostoff, vice president Bottom Row: Gordon Rosenberger, Chester Stewart, John Ramey, Robert Fahey, Ronald Wacker, Richard Dandurand, Charles Brown, Clifiord Boggs Not in panel: Brack Duker, Paul Gaecke, Donald Gibbs, Walter Ginther, Phillip Kellogg, Charles Lewis, David Lynch, Fred Nadzieia, Paul Pirtle, Thomas Roley, Laurence Rubens, Robert Scharlach, Joel Segall, Ted Smith, Matthew Vigliocco, Orville Wiseman , 1 Y , . s .. -... Y -. . ., , LW, . . 1-WA. , W ...,..,... : , zf-o., ,...,a,.....a.i.aa.f...:e,.s.i.t.,..., ,,...m:uu,- :gif ,, M-- me , , 4 ii ll .. if fi L. wut 7 li i S ,-is 2 2, Top Row: Vernon Miller, William Wheeler, Ronald Winchell, George Bossarte, Robert lsackson, Myron Berman, Richard Carlson, Vahan Tatoian, Glen Waltrip, Frank Biba, Howard Babbs, Alan Sandler, Miles Kaplan, David Biba Second Row: Ralph Quartetti, Thomas Noggle, Robert Ashbrook, Gordon Malstrom, Dale Smith, Hugh Sargent, adviserg William Tushaus, Charles Keller Bottom Row: Lee Hill, Marvin Boehm, Jack Manley, John Attebery, James Kobs, Anthony Quirini, William Lax, Joseph Spadaro Not in panel: Jerry Belson, Norman Bezane, Roger Mandel, Keith Ryan, William Ryan, Joel Segall, James Shapiro, Michael Welsh, Raymond LeBlanc, John Bledsoe, Leonard Sendrofl, Cliftord Helrich, Gordon DeCook, William Holman Alpha Delta igma Wins National Recognition at California Con ontion Omcersz Robert Ashbrook, public relations: Charles Keller, vice president: Dale Smith, president, Gordon Malstrom, secretary, William Tushaus, treasurer The high point of the Alpha Delta Sigmafs i year was the nzttionztl Convention held this year :tt Cztlilornin. At the eonvention Dale Smith, the president ol' the ehztpter. wats elected nrt- tionztl vice president. Also, at the convention the chapter wus voted runner-up lor the nzttionztl ,omg chapter proficiettcy ztwztrdz :ind the chapter news- letter, "The rXDScribe," was selected the lop .M publiczttion ol' its Class. The initizttion liees ol Alpltu Delta Sigma pledges were pztid Dot in money this yeztr, but ratther in time spent carrying sandwich boards on which 2lllYCl'llSll1g spztee had been sold to loczil merchztnts. This yeztr all Illini ztwzxited ztnxiottsly the publishing ol ezteh issue ol Tuiiior, gt humor mgtgztfine published by the lrztternity :ts :tn :additional source ol income. Through its projects Alpha Delta Sigma lelt that it succeeded in presenting to its members advertising in practice, not in theory alone. 432 i i i l l l, ti ,i l t l l i il lt It t li l t l t i l i i l i l l V l l li l lliilll l tili' ,it hi 4 iiyil ti? 1 :J "H 1 at 1 t ' tr fi V itil i 1 - ' i"""n,.i b itil. ft . ' 5. lm of X i H . l g ' , i ' 'Ettijll-N dl l-It ' t t l Top Row: Earnest Chapman, Harry Smith, James Pohlig, Anthony Bliss, Charles Orr, Milton Forsberg, Edward Cox, David Matlock, John Kirlf, Ralph Clemente, Kenneth Christian, Fred Hubbard, Robert Pickett, Robert Woltberg Second Row: Michael Bays, Leslie Sussman, Jonathan Berkson, Evar Miller, Paul Piovesan, Craig McGuire, Bruce Johnson, Michael Kirtley, Corwin Holmes, Charles Perrin, Wendell Winters, Timm Smith, Philip Deckovvitz Bottom Row: James Lolalavv, Ken Gunn, David Reyes-Guerra, adviser, Richard Hull, adviser, Charles Walters, adviser, Norman Nester, adviser, James Seybold, Warren Danzer, William Banta, Richard Duesterhaus Alpha Phi Omega opened its yezir hy welcoming at the activities ol the group. which included gi stc-:ik lry new group of pledges at the pledge banquet. Candi- and various service projects on the campus, in loczil dates for initiation were required to observe Z1 pledging hospitals. and in connt-c tion with the locztl count il period. Once initiated they were fully included in of Boy Scouts of America. Alpha Phi tlmega American F0undrymett's Societ The arts and sciences relating to the manufacture in foundries, :ind hc-ztrd speakers who hold important and utilization ol' metal cztstings :ire advanced through positions in the foundry industry. At several meet- this society. The group took Field trips to foundries. ings, members sztw movies which showed the lzitc-st had programs to help members ohtziin summer iohs developments in the loundry industry. Top Row: Dale Pearson, Harpit Sandhu, Robert Douglas, David Hillis Third Row: Charles Phipps, Dalson Ravagnani, Dennis Novak, Lynn Palmer, Morris Dent, Charles Frederickson, Charles Schubert, Earl Johnson Second Row: Roger Budd, Joseph Usievvicz, Charles Schafer, Jim Newcomb, L, D. Shotts Gary Stahl, Paul Evans Bottom Row: Hugo Paz, Ronald Crook, Gerald Jones, secretary, Max Adainski, chairmaag Sfanfcy Danek, treasurer, John Henry, Charles Ernst, Gerald Rocke l 'x -,uw Top Row: Richard Wu, Gerald Orr, Friedoon Hakimian, William Lindsey, William Fosse, Patrick Landi, Bohdan Gerulak, Jonathon Rehnberg, Warren Bauer, Herbert Gould, David Isaacson, Harold Schatz, Nick Honcharuk, Carl Skilbred, Ralph Shaw, Robert Kumlin, Charles Dille, Jerry Sheerin, Jon Von Achen, Frederick Sutter, Raymond Chocholek, John Nekolny Fourth Row: George Mangan, Kestutis Vaicius, James Grisolano, Rodney Coenen, Warren Edminster, William Schacht, Julian White, Joel Scheckerman, Richard Michael, Harold Hoyer, Paul McKim, James McClintock, Everett Conway, George Albers, William Davis, Harold Peckham, Fred Fiala, Bruce Harrison, Bernhard Binner Third Row: Janet Gronberg, Elta Ozolins, Wayne Shaw, George Mills, James Carberry, Gerald Grethen, historian, Paul Kaefer, treasurer, Robert Glaser, vice president, Thomas Tully, Seymour Frolichstein, president, Sherwin Braun, secretaryy Raymond Matulionis, Vytautas Reklaitis, Prof. Raymond Di Pasquale, adviser Second Row: Louis Stankaitis, Russel Keune, Kenneth Norling, Jack Stephens, Edwin Cosek, Peter Setaer, Jerrold Brim, Carl Colombo, Sam Swanson, Melvin Kantor, Kenneth Neumann, Valdmar Heitur, Richard Bonslett Bottom Row: Hamad Lingawi, Roy Yamachi, John Bruni, George Bloome, Richard Brzaziclci, William Miller, Phillip Gold, Lawrence Lundy, Charles Lundy, Charles Kelly, Gary Sweatman, Arthur Schwartz During the year, this group maintained an active program ol' lectures and discussions concerning prob- lems related to arclritecnture by presenting a series ul guest speakers at the regular semi-inonthly meetings. nunican lnsitute In titute oi herni .Xll students who are enrolled in chemical en- gineering can obtain membership in this organization Included in this years program were five guest speak- ers who discussed the latest developments in theory l t E t t i t tWZ5 t Q. YVith this wide variety of speakers, the organization was able to provide its members with interesting and inlortnative reports on questions which are currently important to the field of architecture. oi rchi ecti cal Engineeri and equipment of the chemical industry. In order to acquaint other students and facility with the club's activities, these chemical engineers sponsored an ex- hibit at the Engineering Open House. -- ..t. 25420 --332' 3 'DS img -if rig'-. owe 3:oCD.g ,"m f'll-:I seem: p,'13'x.- 523545 G! 1255- 35 YE GQ? 3 5 glTlDg5S'.rD wo" Mal? :am Q P5-252 EQQJEZ ---.E F' : 'U -Jo 90922 agmg: -c Q. CU nc? 202' -t :IPSE- B2-"'w9r :r 31203 w 'DI -33,9 .,m-. S72'3g gal rn-. -.f'Dt.n'4:' 434, o :ff-C7 !T'ggg' 39.70.413 0Jg:o33 Tfmqg ,,,J:5'? 'HEMOQL 3ro:i-LEO :-,,,m- 'lf-7553 o CDE. ID mt-13213 o.rn7Q3-,D :.1C-Q 't9m:'-E Fragm- ,,, - Davey gm Og -.:sO:r,, Q.:fm:- 3 .. I" fungi: 92322 O-0.7 reed- ,--. Ermieg 39133: claim-4 C-9 ,Q '39 "fb tn 750: rD.,0grn 50-013 :DQS U1-rn? c rn 3230. F-300 .M , -asa U1- 5'-,T-1 nv---:r ,mm woes m3-.rn Cy-mn? wuts' 3 f"rr1 -i - Svsg Cmur ease :ferr 0-.Ig- 52 - 043 113-OL' o 2536" "Y0mC' yo ESEO1 43mg 3-00.1 23591 -144331 w I- 3 6' E E. P P Donald 5 Ronald 5 ra ly M- ' if I , , , t ty' L t , t i JM" 1' 4' x -v an I X l i 1 l Lf EmeewZ,,ff K Top Row: Mary Frye, Gloria Boyland, Rita Stackhouse, Judith Rotter, Courtney Read, Carol Spears, John White, Deborah Cummings, Sondra Sapora, Bonnie Dallman, Patricia Kortkamp, Catherine Gladen, Jacqueline Wolf, Edward Heath, Dr, Howard Weaver Third Row: Charles Brightbill, Janet Langley, William Adams, Judith Moreen, William Clinch, Eileen Goldman, Eugene Kirby, Brenda Koenig, Henry Chapman, Cynthia Crose, Judith Terp, Webbs Norman, adviser Second Row: Dr. Allen Sapora, adviser, Joane Clever, Martha Forsyth, Marilyn Alexander, Allen Sigoloft, vice president, Jerry McDonald, president, Barbara Gilby, secretary, David Gossard, treasurer, Judith Warren, Astrida Drullis Bottom Row: Andrew White, Marvin Heiiington, Barbara Goeke, Richard Fletemeyer, Nils Fagerman Highlighting the meetings ol the Atneticztn Rec- recreation curricttlunt becanne qittitiaiintetl with their reation Society this yezir were lectures by outstztnd- instructors on :tn inlorntztl bztsis :ind were ztble, ing field workers in recreation. This orgztnizzttion through inforntztl discussions, to leztrn more ztbout the acted as it medium through which students in the problems :ind rewards ol their chosen field. meiitzznt Remtttiiiiit Societ meiicatt Sticiet or t-igriculiurztl llitgiiteeri The cztmpus Christntzts tree sztlesinen this year were lor zigritulturztl engineering clztssrooins. ln ziddition. ntentbers ol' the Atnericztn Society ol' ,Xgriculturztl the group published zt yeztrbook, entered the coin- Engineersg revenue gained front sales was used to buy petition lor the Fztrtn lfquipment Institute ztwztrds. wood so that the group could build work-benches :ind hztd :tn exhibit in lingineering Open House. Top Row: Herschel Klueter, James Messer, Delmar Nelson, Stanley Crull, Jaime Moreno, Larry Bandy, Kent Francis, Robert Martin, Arden Weiss, Jerry Fritschle, Harry Remmers, Jerry Weibel, Jerome Green, Robert Reints, Donald Smith, John Pinkerton, Clarence Haugh, Barney Huang Third Row: Wayne Peterson, Joseph Clegg, Ray Gould, Wilbur Renken, Rolland Scholl, Earl Reinlfensmeyer, Rollin Strohman, Jose Dow, John Rosendahl, David Massie, Paul Anderson, Curt Perkins, Dean Nelson, Finis Schultz, Stephen Wood, David Schmid, Arthur Greiner, Yaron Sternberg, Merle Hodel, Floyd Herum, adviser Second Row: Richard Werner, Charles Spillman, Erwin Arends, Douglas Bauling, Leo Haberer, Orville Teske, Lyle Martin, secretary, William Schubert, treasurer, Lyle Funkhouser, vice president, Gary Wells, presi- dent, Donald Fadden, scribe, Earl Evans, national president, Eugene Leach, Richard Hook, William Cole, Jerry Brookhart Bottom Row: Bartlett Butler, adviser, Roberto Hernandez, Roger Montgomery, German Arias, Gabriel Monge, George Puzey, Gerald Ouade, David Olson, Elmer Eckert, Frank Hayward, Patrick Duffy, Joseph l-lawkey, Truman Owens, Kenneth Smith, John Luxton Not in prnelz Herschel Read WY C R i 2 so , asf i,oseee1e sive . 3 t 3 t f i K fsu-4eefe K it j l . it J, ni J ,Ar,,,-lM-....Q ' fi l Q lla l -,Q ' 'W " ' 4 " it . Q 3 l Uruvr-znstrirf' ILLINOIS Q f-if-'g-r ,.c,,, , - ' ,Q Sfunztn Banca fl Nisnicni Soctsrr Q gg V L , I Wwnwll , Aeatcutxunatt ' V ,wt ' 'I' . E A 1. Top Row: Donald SheFFer, George Hansen, Rolf Demoll, Ronald Crowell, Gaylon Lathrop, Fred Moyer, Harold Budka, Richard Van Weelden, Robert Marks, Gerald Hott, Andrew Kowalski Fourth Row: James Wallaert, Olin Foehner, James Aikman, Richard Drogemuller, Thaddeus Gdala, John Hawthorne, Russell Schiele, Harold Clarida, John Martell Third Row: Daniel Kistler, Robert Hettick, David Jahn, Melford Dahl, Tin Tun, Richard Bolton, Raymond Tomasko, Arnold Sealourg, Milton Fistel Second Row: James Salley, Robert Scaggs, Rex Livingston, Harry Windland, James Matthews, Norman Riordan, Jack Meece Bottom Row: Henry Gill, Thomas Kennedy, Randell Van Dykes, Stanley Bennett, John Healy American eeiety oi Ci il Engineer Holds Senior Reire her Ceur e During the pzist spring. the American Society ol Civil Engineers held ll relresher course for its gradu- ating members: through this course, the members prepziretl themselves lor the prolessional engineering exziminzttion which the State oi Illinois requires that :ill engineering grztcluzites tzike. In seeking to bring the lzrculty and the students into closer contact, the organization sponsored facul- ty-student athletic competitions. At the regular month- ly meetings, both students and laculty of the civil engineering department heard professional engineers discuss topics ol current concern in the field. Through held trips to nearby industries and construction sites, members saw first-hand what their luture profession will involve. The purpose ol' this organization is to acquaint luture engineers with the problem and the responsi- bilities they muy face in their 1ile's work. Top Row: Arthur Horkay, Christian Andreasen, Abdul Talukdar, Darrell Lohmeier, Richard Echardt, Gabriel Galviscerra, Robert Jones, Harold Abramowski Third Row: Eugene lgnatov, Howard Dunteman, James Girard, Douglas Schwantes, John Bado, John Riemer, Howard Reeves, Allen Fehr Second Row: Walter Allen, Dick Peterson, Leroy Peterson, Haro'd Birkey, Ivan Berk, Robert Wesley, Carl Klaus Bottom Row: Gregory Lockhart, vice president, George Rogan, secretary, Prof, Eugene Chesson, Marshall Thompson, president, Barry Dempsey, treasurer 52: 1 vt 5536- - - ill H 19- ll V '00v . Q0 10-' V -I ,, .tsajf 'ffi'4.,,,f 5-iff--9 2 f af "-' fi Wv'c'F' ' - F... ,., cp? Jkt Top Row: Thomas Church, Alan Nestlinger, Lyle Gronemeier, Robert Grubb, Stanley Weiss, George Kohlman, Donald Jarlce, Milton Gardiner, Lawrence Abbott Second Row: Richard Stone, Roger Obenchain, Darryll Boas, Mendi Bahadori, Gus Treslo, Richard Bertoldt, Michael Rotter, Philip EQIZIO, Lloyd Wilson Bottom Row: Paul Chan, Robert Gaston, Carl Willc, Robert Nolan, Norman Reinhold, John Vaolato, Arlan Martin, Jon Kimberlin, Ronald Crook American octet otlVlechan1cal Several members ol the Illinois chapter ot the American Society ol Mechanical Engineers :tttenclecl the regional convention ol the orgztnizzttion this year. Prior to the convention, the niemhers wrote technicztl papers concerning lll1llLCl'5 which hztcl been cliscussecl in engineering seminars or wctrls clone in reseztrcli. The members ol' the chztpter chose the best two ol these papersg these two were then presented in cont- petition for cash ztwztrcls :tt the convention. Engineer Publishes Student Paper The nzttionzil chztpter ol this yeztr pre' sentecl ll scholznship to one ol the inc-tiilters ol the Illinois orgztnifattion. Applicqttits lor such zt scholane ship must meet very high stztnclctrcls ol scholanshili :incl chgtrztcrter helore consiclc-rc-cl lor such ztn ztwrtrcl. This Ulgillllltlllttll cttteniptecl this yc-an' to ztclxxtncc' lcnowleclge ol the theory gtncl prztctice ol mechctnicztl engineering hy presenting sc-retitl tc-chnicztl lecttnes. one ol which concerned casting ol ntetztls. Top Row: Norman McCormick, John Mathers, Ralph Kammermeier, Edward Wu, Harold Bermingham, Donald Schloeter, Robert Geiser, Richard Van Pelt, Daniel Kowieski, Richard Olson Second Row: Charles Hiatt, Guy Castino, John Larson, Bradley Horton, Rolziert Boser, Egon Babler, Bruce Statqord, Fernando Caballero, Leo Strzelecki Bottom Row: Charles Reh'ing, William Biallas, Thomas Mosillo, Donad Carlson, Theodore Abell, Ronad Weber, Robert Woltberg tsCZt , K 1-3-r wc - ,- ing , fp , . A I I, 5 ,5 . , .2 .t -fu, .L,..'s Ji it .R rv, , .Q - I ' ,aff ii.ffeaZ1f' 3 ' , gif'-rggysg , A ' ' ' M .edrifigff Iygiefjzt 5 ,- 't f 55' -Lfiixilgf any ,4- '1 Nb. .- arf at W5 ' ' si, "" Q. WB? ' 1 1. fe.. ,, Y W K, . , sl 'si tn-411. eff'-' , G, tw' '- A-I -Q :Vi 4' Y if . 1 v- , 351' 19' 1 -- 'a ami-i' wigs .Bmw K' ' Ai -Q'f'4!,f1M, f-'el Q ' ,, .K , :Sf ' ff' "":'s.....w ' ,. - ., , fr-H' , C-H .i .,. M Vg' ' 5 , .,1.4 -2 ,: , ,V.. ..,,, sr Y , fe - - W., ,eff V .., an ww, ,,,,,,,N,,,,,,,.,. ,, .,. ...Q ,,.-n,, B , ,, W ,u,,.,, 1 ,,,,,'.15li5f.-Fang ...SM sliffw 'A-we J , 5.15 , I J rc r.. Q' . ' .' " . r . 1' , Top Row: Phillip Brown, Ronald Larner, James Kunkel, James Carney, Louis Audi Third Row: Lora Barker, Margaret Morton, Sandra Padgett, Judith White, Marlene Koester, Judith Kannmacher, Marcia Crosby Second Row: Joyce Johnson, Nancy Brown, Barloara Engquist, Nancy Lantz, Nancy Wood, Harriett Scheldt, Leona Pedigo, Beverly Gardner, Jeanne Elder, Donna lsted Bottom Row: Barbara Elder, Kathleen Timmerman, Eleanor Burstein, Audree Cassens, Carol Leonard, Salvatore Dispensa, Carol Enrico, Lorna Klortine, Revonda Archer, Harriet Albin Ifgnully Qinil sluilc-nts in the cornineriiul hclcl cn' iinporlxinmc ol sliorllrzinil, ginil reports by held repre- pjoycil the gronp's Cllrrislnigis party. Other activities si-rilzilivcs on lrnsincss L'KlllC'llliUIl. People interested ol the club were pzincl ilisrussions on problems in the in qonnnercizil lc-zicliing or in secretarial training are business Field, ll talk by Dr. Arnold C. Condon on the invited to join this group. Bu iness Education lub Bela Al li S' Members ol' Bela Alpha Psi are selected lironr slll- inilizilcil ill two invilzitionzil banquets during the fall Qlt'lllS in the ziciouining curriculum who have aiclricvcil anal spring senicsicrs. This national honorary and high scholastic :ind prolcssiongil 1llI2lll1lHClllS in the prolcssioniil lrzilcrnity rccognifed high moral and lin-lil nl zruouining. This yczir new incnrbcrs were smholzislic zuliicvciiiciits in zicuiunting. Top Row: Joe DeMaris, Ronald Nickel, Philip Fess, Harl Ryder, Bernard Coda, Vernon Zimmerman, Herschel Anderson Second Row: Gerald Brighton, Nicholas Dopuch, James Vickrey, Norton Bedford, Mervyn Wingfield, Christopher Moye, Nancy Shipp, James Giese, Cecil Worrells Bottom Row: William Ferrara, Charles Griflin, Thomas Williams 123 2 DIN X,X .lm 'fl "'n""QA . 1 'I' . n I Na' Top Row: Jairo Naranioroias, Aleiandro Valencia, Juan Barretocaipa, Augusto Bernal, Alvaro Penuela, Raul Arbelaezuribe, Fernando Caballero, Dario Velascnic-z, Angel Rodriguez, Alfonso Pinzoncastano Second Row: Uladislao Prieto, Anibal Osorio, .lose Barragan, Alberto llian, Alfredo Usubillaga, Kamal Dovv, Manuel Ancizar, Guillermo Yepes, Armando Politimendoza, Carlos Esmeral Bottom Row: Roberto Hernandez, Carlos Garcia, Leonardo Gomez, Jaime Moreno, Alvaro Pardosanclwez, Abraham Murra Not in panel: Leon Abaclarango, Luis Archila, German Arias, Gabriel Barbosa, Alvaro Barrera, Mario Carrillo, Anne Carrillo, Alfredo Carrizosa, Her- nando Duran, Gabriel Forero, Gabriel Galviscerra, Javier Martinez, Hernando Medellin, Gabriel Monge, Vicente Noero, Edilberto Otalora, Hernan Pargaberduga, Segundo Rubiano, Jorge Ruizlara, Leonor Ruiz, Pedro Salazar, Ruth Salazar, David Saponar, Alberto Sasson, Alfredo Soto, Hernandez Urdaneta, Oleianoro Zapata Tltrnttgltottt this y'L'1ll', the group ptcsentetl Latin spring, incinlncts ol tht- club spmtwit-tl xi Cnloinbizin American dances, piovitlctl lice wc-ckly Spztnislt les- tlinnt-i' :tt thc Y.M.CI.,X. TVitlt tlit-it piingrztiii. Ilii- sons, :intl was in clmrgt- ol the cntcrtziintnent at tltc group ztttcntptccl to slum' tht- iXllll'llilllT stttilt-nts the Copacabana Club at the International Fair. In the different aspects ol Colombian culture. Colombian tndont's Association C mmoroo Council Contmcrcc students, on the basis oi scholfistic Liver- zicquziint thc ntctnlmcts with thc vitriotls Fields ul coin- age, activities :intl interest, may bccoinc tnentbcrs ol nictcc. The purlmosc oi the Oiglllllllllltill is the lot'- the Commerce Council. During this your, industries wiirtling oi stutlcnt views to the attlininistiizttion :intl sent 1'C1J1'C5CllIZllll'CS and clisplttys to thc CHIHPLIS to proinoting bt-tic-1'sttulcnt-lztctilty rclzttions. Top Row: Barry Shere, Thomas Tatnall, Harry Sachrison, Jay Folberg, Charles Thomas, Theodore Smith, Jon French, Clittord Boggs, Thomas Roley Third Row: Martha Molitor, Diane Krupp, .lon Brodd, John McEnroe, Craig McGuire, David Buyher, Ardeth Clawson, Marcia Crosby Second Row: Sharon O'NeilI, treasurer, Prof. Robert Mitchell, adviser, Richard Barker, president, Prof. Robert Black, adviser, Stuart Brostofl, vice president, Carol Enrico, secretary Bottom Row: Shirley Livesay, Nancy Shipp, Nancy Wilt, Donna lsted, Mariorie Dodd, Margaret Morton Not in panel: Clifford Vllilderman, Janice Fields, Janet Chumbley, James Viclfrey I WL... I S -ef L , . . t I H If az' 'give ,ta ,-.- My EM ,. ,N A I is V Yes ff, fy V XX Q. f Q v W M .1 ' 5 'M muff ""l1w..iJ"' -rw- r sam, Snllwl, 'Hi an dui M i ff," . W tyammwwq ,DQR .awk ,, ,., I Top Row: Kevin Lyons, president, George Rankin, reporter, David Macomber, Paul Malven, David Sager, secretary, William Palm, Marvin Schlomer Bottom Row: Robert Thompson, Gordon S-issing, vice president, David Christopherson, treasurer, Richard Wissell, David Doering, Donald Benz, Franklin Kenyon, Gerald Palm, Dr, Richard Brown Not in panel: Delbert Dahl, Harold Jepson, Robert Morrissey, David Hartley The llgtiii Piotluttion illnh sponsored University :tn zillilizite thztpter ol the Ainericztn Dziiry Science ul lllinois llqtiry ,lodging Teztnrs ztt the lnternzttionzil .Xssocizttiotr staged at banquet in February at which llollegittte llgiiiy xludgiiig in ltltterloo, lowzt :ind ut dztiry judging ztwztrds were presented and an out- the lnternaitionail llaiiry Show in Cliittaigo. The club, standing lreslnnztn :ind senior were honored. llair Production Club lloir Technology Sooiot On October 5, in competition with twenty-three dairy technology ztlurnni, encouraging scholarship and collegiate teanns git Nliztnii, Florida, the University ol lostering good relzttions between students and faculty Illinois Ilztiry .lodging Team wus chosen "National promoted :tn interest in the dairy industry for students Cliqnnlmionsf' ln zultlition, sponsoring luncheons for in the dairy technology curriculum. Top Row: Kolar Ramachandran, Ashok Ganguly, Kageaki Aibara, Francis Earl, George Muck, Gary Flickinger, Ray Speckman, Jaime Villarroelobando, David Henning, Yasuo Azuma, John Homeier Third Row: John Hocking, Murty Rao, Ram Chaudhary, John Colmey, Ronald Montgomery, John Kibler Second Row: Henry Sherman, Ralph Burke, David Niemann, Patricia Crater, Harold Wilson, Lloyd Witter, Stewart Tuckey, Judith Osborn, Kenneth Roberts, Harold Schroth, Dennis Gordon Bottom Row: Ernest Herreid, Joseph Tobias, Scott Seibert, Joseph Merriell, Edward Lawton, Robert Schvvarberg, Paul Silvio, Leon Langhauser Q nu fi' T36 as 3'4"o'I4 ALL PRODUL TS who f . . . fem frfzwit tt., V ff-not Watt A32 4 'Y' Qi: ' 2 m I -I Top Row: Dr. E. D, Pepper, Rudy Frank, Linda Ellis, Anita Alter, Elizabeth Brown, Virginia Harrell, William Richard, Wayne Prigge, John Konya, Patricl' Lavite, Dolores Gutierrez, Marolyn Miller, Gloria Gibbons, Joyce McCurley, Bette Henlein, Joan Woltzen, T. J. Nugent, Dean Trembly, Kenneth Clarke Third Row: Margaret Csicvara, Miriam Pemburn, Shirley Radle, Daniel Wachtel, Elizabeth Fuss, Robert Fuss, Charles Whitman, Stephen Jones, Helen E-yard, .lanece Burlfe, Lowell Groninger, Robert Hutchins Second Row: Ruth Webb, Thomas Sherman, Kenneth Viste, Marlys Sternberg, Sharon Hovey, George Rost, Dean Ridenour, William Haley, Elizabeth Moles, Jerene Christensen, Lynda Koopman, Katherine Niemeyer, Jack Spring Bottom Row: Donald Zimmerman, Katherine Mario, Ralph Gauvvitz, Janet Little, David Stafford, Sylvia Bellows, Thomas Linde, James Seybold, Roberta Edwards, Marshall Wall, Clarence Lake, Mary Berger, Kathryn Grise Wheelchair Ba ketball Team Spotlights Year for Delta Sigma tlmicren . Officers: Roberta Edwards, membereatvlargep James Seybold, vice president, Thomas Linde, president, Sylvia Bellows, secretary, William Richard, treasurer This year Dt-lla Sigma Umicron, thc tlisalmlctl stutlents' organization, SlJ0llSUl'L'll ll hroatl Illllgt' ol activities both on aml oll tht- campus. 'I'lit-sc activities imlutlt-tl the nationally lillowll Gin Kitls whcclchair basliclball lt-am, intramural lootlmall, baseball, square dancing and bowling. .X high point ol thc year lor rut-mhcrs ol tht- Uligllllillllitlll was thc annual llaroltl Scltarpcr Awards Banquet which was hclml in Otlohcr. At this lmarrciuul outstamling tire-nrlxcrs ol' Dt-lla Sigma Omirrou were honorctl lor their srclricvc- me-rits aml lor their services to thc organization :mtl to the University. Delta Sigma Oruitrorrs men and women are enrolled in almost every curriculum ol the lini- versityg its alumni have made notable tontrihu- , tions to all helcls ol hoth the prolcssions anal l the arts. liach member gives vitality to thc leeling that it is ones ability that is most im- portant, not ones tlisaltility. 441 Top Row: Leslie Bell, Thomas Doudera, Cecil Neal, Albert Smith, John Mount, David Gotch, Donald Passaglia, James McGuire, Henry Sachrison Third Row: Clyde Jones, Asst, Dean, Leon Reivitz, Peter Hess, David Sullivan, William Allison, Norman Jones, Jon Brodd, William Peterson, Raymond Wallen, Robert Wallis, Prof. Emerson Cammack, adviser Second Row: Carol Hamilton, Richard Eicksteadt, historian, Jack Marcacci, secretary, Donald Brumlik, vice president, Ronald Brown, presi- dent, Daniel Kintner, vice president, Norman Gustafson, treasurer, Alan Gibbs, Alvin Martin Bottom Row: Salvatore Dispensa, James Ranallo, Phillip Brown, Robert Firebaugh, John Johnson, Robert Piskie, Floyd Hallberg .X litstitwttitttti lrziternity, Delta Sigtnzi Pi restricts senttttives ol' the business worlcl who explztinecl their tneniliersliip to tnule stuclents enrcillecl in the scihcicil ctl coinpzinys plzins zincl iclezis. During the yeztr, tnetnbers Clonttiretce who have ll 3.5 ztlleuniversity schcilgistic sznv c'cinnnerc'e hrst hgtncl by visiting the Peoria Journal average. This year, meetings were helcl with repre- Stcir :incl Keystone Wit'e Co. Delta igma Pi Engineering Council Members of this council. composecl of representa- :annual Engineering Open House featuring exhibits tives from the different engineering societies, coordi- that cletnonstrzttecl scientific concepts in simple tertns. nate the stuclent's and lz1culty's activities and eiiorts. Socially, the group sponsorecl the ztnnuzil St. Pats Brill ln the spring semester, the council presentecl the cluring the spring semester. Top Row: Louis Lanzerotti, Gerald Cohen, Dale Brinkmann, Brendan Nelligan, William Westerman, Heino Tamm, Ronald Sprague, Kenneth Valentas, Philip Nelson, Bradley Horton, Thomas Reeder Second Row: Norman McCormick, Lyle Funkhouser, Howard Hill, Adrian Crook, president, Bernard Ricketts, adviser, Prof. Jerry Dobrovolny, adviser, Prof. Finis Schultz, adviser, Richard Nordsieck, Rolland Scholl Bottom Row: Russell White, Martin Manning, Ronald Moss, Robert Jones, James Cooper, Wayne Gruen, Joseph Usievvicz, John Nemsick l l Q ties H .. il I xiii. .M-W' s., MT' get i -is L ' H -: i 1-sf 1 2. i .ws 9- - b pn pg av 'rn I Top Row: John Huttenhoff, chairman of high school publicity, Norman McCormick, secretary-treasurer, Ronald Haky, chairman of physical arrangements, Thomas Murley, vice chaiman of publicity Bottom Row: Philip Weibler, chairman of art and photography, Louis Lanzerotti, general chairman, John Ratfil, vice chairman of departmental representatives The Central Coordinating Committee publicized and coordinated all Engineering Department plans lor the annual Open House which was held this spring. Visitors attended from rnany high schools and coni- rnunities throughout the state and lronl other univer- sities. The purpose ol the Open House was to give students and the publie a thance to observe tangible results ol engineering principles being taught. Engineering Open Hou e Field and Furrow Club This year the club sponsored a crop judging contest. soil judging and evaluation contest, speech contest and a faculty-student volleyball game. In the spring, mem- bers had an exchange tOtll' with the Purdue Agronomy Club. Members are selected on the basis of interest in crops, soils, and other branches ol' agronomy. In monthly meetings, nienrbers learned about the work being done in this held. Top Row: Kenneth Bolen, Robert Sipp, Wayne Peterson, Daniel Gouwens, Donald Hobbs, Roger Roney, Thomas Melton, Larry Lewis Fourth Row: Jack Cavanah, Jay Mitchell, Marty Rink, David Winkelmann, William Payne Third Row: Mark Simmerrnan, Jerry Fritschle, Roger Higgs, Robert Greive, Wayne Blunier, John White Second Row: Harry Satterthvvaite, John Hubert, James Parochetti, Harry Beattie, Donald Mapes, Donald Beitz Bottom Row: Gordon Sissing, secretary, Richard Snodgrass, president, Dr. Burns Sabey, adviser, Steven Smith, reporter, Roger Gallup, agriculture council representative 1 ,, ,. -nv- ff? -W ., HV' l l i i i i l i -ee i , , a . l l im sw tl: tl' lvl H- I . l I l l t 5 i l i l a 1 fgfllmt .1,s,:i ' 2 , 'fwfr 32.23 - 1 , 1, ?lW'l- Wt f i' ' "ia ss fi3??3?'f2fi We ut, ,,, M54 5 ,G ,Wk i my r 1 yt 1' if Z I Q .ad I 4 LJ. ,li g J :J 'f Top Row: Jack Shannon, Gail Fosler, Donald Saupe, James Kamp, Frederitk Weinard Third Row: David Winkelman, David Hartley, Lawrence Hoyle, James Sandeno, Daniel VanSlyke Second Row: Kenneth Knoles, John Wellman, Richard Owen, Joseph Kellen, Joseph Bores, Joseph Soukal, James McLaughlin, Harold Wilkins Bottom Row: Charles Oberle, James Hayward, Herley Thompson, Elizabeth Hubbard, Carol Roller, Sylvia Fisher, John Held, James Koval Not in panel: Wei Lu, Robert Armstrong, Merle Krause, Eugene Eckebrecht, Frank Nudge, Max Allison, Donald Selinger, Joseph Leshyn l l l i l Lust llrll the lfloritulture Club prornoted National in May, nrenrhers entered their own znraingernents lor lflower NVQ-ek hy setting up ll store window displzry, judging in the spring flower show. Members assisted i sending airtitles to lotzrl newspapers and staging flower in at short course which the University offered lust fall l shows on the cznnpus. During Mother's Dany weekend lor florists ol Illinois. l l l Fl ' ll l ll 0l'lCll lll'0 ll , i . l llli- ota Ilnsoccupqrtionzrl therapy Ofgllllllllllllll participated Illinois Research Hospital and presented films and in the tzunpus Cllrristtnzts whirl this year by sponsoring speakers at their regular meetings. By working with at party lor orphzrns in the connnunity. During the the hzindicupped, the lHC'IHlJCl'S gained a realistic in- , yt-air, the group took at lield trip to the University ol terest in their luture occupations. l Top Row: Gladys Zirbel, Marcia Herbstman, Emily Krueck, Harriet Segel, Arlene Burk, Stanley Kapusick, Meredith Magenheimer, Pat Geissman, Dorothy Havens, Linda Kahn, Susan Shackter Second Row: Rayna Michael, Carol Crandall, recording secretaryg Susan Packard, corresponding secretary, Helen Pan, secretaryg Judith Roberts, treasurer, Louise Toppe Bottom Row: Beverly Westrom, Judith Zitzler, Joan Winzler, Donna Schekerman, Patricia Harper, Gail Emlund i i l l l l l A i A I ' is 3 Q l f l H in 3 444 l i l - i Top Row: Gordon Thorson, Scott McWhinney, Phillip Dollahon, Lamar Fesser, Kenneth Sauers, Robert Baker, Michael Lippincott, James Schoonaert, Dan Gouwens, Richard Hanson, Thomas Gelwicks, George Courter, William Flynn, Robert Sipp, John Fisher Third Row: James Munton, Gary Cooper, Gordon Gullakson, James Woods, Jon Proehl, William Gleason, Max Webel, Walter Younker, Norman Wesson, Gerald Palm, John Daly, Robert Caughey, David Inskeep, Robert Brackebusch, Charles Beckerhaupt, Wayne Blunier Second Row: Walter Griffith, William Beeler, John Burrus, Richard Vatthaoer, Roger Steiger, John Wilson, Heston Wesson, Miles Hyde, Dr. Waco Albert Bottom Row: Ralph Mason, Curtiss Giller, Lawrence Drewer, Donald McAfee, Robert Hatch, Gary Starvvalt, Edward Stokes, Donald Livingston, John Land, Richard Rehn Not in panel: Max Whitney Hoot and Horn Club Hold 34th Annual Little International Horse Show . Omcersz Jonrt Burrus, historian, Heston Wesson, reporter, John Wilson, secretary, Richard Vatthauer, vice president, Dr. Waco Albert, adviser, Roger Steiger, president Not in panel: Richard Freitag, treasurer q,- ' ,ie,-ret t'ff9L4v' gl ee The major understanding ol the Hoof and Horn Club this tear was the presentation ol its atmtuatl l,ittle lnternzttionztl Horse Show. This show leattured three gztited, hve gzrited, and pleasure horse elxtsses. During the intermission, the queen, Heather Hansen. was trownedg and her court wats presented. During the spring semester the members ol' this 0l'g2lllllllLlOll sponsored xt fzttstoek judging contest :intl at ments judging contest which all students in the College ol' Agrifulture are eligible to enter. Hoot :md Horn Club ended its year with at lztrge bztrbecue. At this bgtrberue, the names of the outstanding senior member ol the organiza- tion and the outstgmtling alumnus were an- nounced. Also reveziletl :tt the barbecue was the nztme ol' zm ltonorztry Hoot :md Horn member. Members of judging teams were also honored for outstzmtling records git iutlging meets. 445 ,r we - , s, ,Wi tw' will-.' 'Virr fi' ,uri 'N TFT Top Row: Ronald Boyer, Lynn Holmes, Paul Lederer, Ilmar Waldner, Brack Duker, Gordon Honegger, Charles Goldstein Second Row: Vivian Beeler, Mary Theobald, Judy Bell, Patricia Edwards, Janet Dubisky, Joseph Cicero Bottom Row: Gary Haddock, Norman Sobiesk, Jerry Carson, Arnold Perl, James Ellern, Frank Gaides To encourage interest in current political, social YMCA a series ol' parliamentary debates. The club and moral problems and controversies, the Illini provided training experiences in debate, discussion Forensic Association sponsored weekly programs on and public speaking for its members through par- NVII1,-Rzulio and co-sponsored with the University ticipation in debate tournaments, and meets. Illini Foren ic Association Illinois ecretarial 'lub The requirenient lor inembersliip in the lllinois liducation Depzirtment of the College of Commerce Secretarial Club is participation in a cainpus ollice and Business Administrzttion. This year the organiza- position at least twenty hours weekly. Members of tion devoted one meeting to a job supervisors dis- tltis organization are work trainees ol' the Business cussions ol' the rewards ol' his particular field. Top Row: Ralph Mason, adviser, Karen Meyers, Georgia Brown, Mary Gabbert, Kathleen Timmerman, Barbara Hardy, Martha Welch, Margaret Wilfong, Nancy Tetzlaft, Sharon Kilpatrick Second Row: Leona Pedigo, Harriett Scheldt, Lora Barker, secretary, Mariorie Dodd, treasurer, Linda Kannmacher, president, Mada Beau- champ, vice president, Janice Kessler Bottom Row: Maureen Buck, Sandra Svviatoweic, Eleanor Burstein, Marcia Crosby, Sandra Padgett, Judith Kannmacher, Carolyn Karthan Not in panel: Barbara Lapington, Jolene Marcacci, Carol Veihman, Irene Arnos, Marlene Carlson, Jack Marcacci, Glenna Powers, Janet Schleper, Karen Strack -RTT' for N I' ,K fer Y , ig: F' ' - X 4 1W""57' lmli Top Row: Robert Kelly, Bonnie Anslow, Kay Oltmanns, Carolyn Tillema, Annette Haskett, Richard Storer, Lee Fisher Fourth Row: William Stewart, Richard Makarski, Barbara Horton, Vivian McMullin, Arthur Fournier, William Krueger, John Littlemeyer Third Row: Horst Seyferth, Paul Flynn, Barry Gage, Robert Ferguson, James Tatnall, John Pazdera, William Schmiegelt Second Row: Donald Huizinga, Gordon Phillips, John Drennen, Alice Shoger, Stephen Lucas, Don Mueller, Ron Fritsch Bottom Row: Ted Smith, Roger Sugg, Stephen Sward, James Nowlan, Lita Hornstein, Thomas Sykes, John Tascher, Robert McAdams, Dr. Edwin Dale Not in panel: Alan Cutler, Floyd Dierzen, Mary Kleis, James Kline, John Michela, Madelein Marti, Timm Smith, Wesley Wooley Illini Yeung Republican llelp Bring Voter te Pell' in Lcail Prinia,riei Top Row: Horst Seyterth, publicity chairman, Donald Huizinga, treasurer, Ted Smith, state president, Arthur Fournier, membership chairman Bottom Row: Alice Shoger, secretary, Robert Scott, president, Robert McAdams, vice president Q 1 , ' .5 'Xi ,QQ ,:',.g f' lgtvlgrf As one of the inost physically active organiza- tions on the cznnpus, the Illini Young Republi- igins inzulc- numerous contacts with members of the Llliznnpziign-Llrbzinzi ronnnunity this year. Belore each priniury election, members clid ll great clezil ol "footwork" in conducting extensive cznnpziigns to get voters out to the polls. Members :also contluctecl polls on campus concerning cur- rent political topics. Activities ol the group were not confined wholly to the inuneclizrte vicinity of the campus :is was eviclentecl by the number of members who :ittentlecl the Midwest Convention, Illinois Con- vention. :incl National Convention. ,X few meni- bers were privileged to zittencl the Youth Political Conference in X"VIlSlllllglOIl, D. C. Meetings ol the Illini Young Republicans were olten in the lorin of political rallies which fea- turecl Republican oflice-holders or party workers :is spezikers. 447 Top Row: Ronald Placek, adviser, Prof. Wayne Shick, Harrison Streeter, adviser, Prof. Jerry Dobrovolny Fourth Row: Gorden Martin, adviser, Kenneth Mac- Morran, Prof. Robert Jewett, Claude Johnson, Kent Movve, Richard Wilen, Donald Kibler, Gerald Peters, Ronald Woiewoda Third Row: Gordon Mulholland, Douglas Pihl, William Kee-fer, Thomas Prickett, Kenneth Burch, James Bruen, Robert O'Leary, Harold Andrykowski, John Wadhams, Melvin Jager Second Row: Francis Saliamonas, Dean Jackson, Wayne Chisenhall, Lyle Gerdes, John Punzack, Max Quigley, William Littmann, William Tuttle, James O'Toole Bottom Row: Davis Reyes- Guerra, adviser, Marvin Mrnka, vice president, Ronald Zachary, treasurer, Thomas Hartley, adviser, Russell Hurliman, secretary, Jack Diederich, Harold Trout, president Highlights ol this groups year were 114lJOWl1lTg tournament between the members and the lziculty in the monlh ol February and participation in the En- gineering Open House, which is held lor high school students. Also, the group held seven meetings and toured an industrial plant. Improvement of industrial knowledge and faculty-student relationships are the :rims of this general engineering society. lllinoi Se iety of General Engineer I abel Be ier Home Economics Club lingaging in an variety ol activities, the group spon- sored ll Cllnoistinzis party lor the loreign students and helped to sponsor Plowboy Prom. Another project for the year was the Honors Dessert where outstanding home economics seniors were honored. One of the high points of the year for the members of the Home Economics Club was a Field trip to the Illinois Power Companys demonstration laboratories. Top Row: Norma Strube, Deloris Gregory, Judith Weeks, Ruth Devries, Eleanor Drake, Karen Cremieux, Mary Knuppel, Mariorie Swanson, Joanne Spaide Fifth Row: Jeanne Frederick, Kolleeta Moyes, Bonnie Swanson, Roberta Ackerman, Pauline Seeteldt, Ann Montgomery, Beverly Gallup Fourth Row: Beverly Folkers, Sharon Wilcoxen, Brenda Fisher, Carla Kunkel, Rita Lauterbach, Mariorie Erickson, Bonnie Van Buskirk, Nina Eastman Third Row: Karen Bossert, Martha Bliss, Nancy Mason, Rebecca Van Deventer, Carol Dick, Kathlene Gooch, Jean Eaton Second Row: Barbara Strunk, Marilyn Higgs, Glenna Blunier, Cheryl Mathre, Jo Putt, Margaret Williams, Patricia Long, Linda Mooberry Bottom Row: Rosamund Ashwill, Florence Gegel, Mary Blair, Mary Babler, Mary Mather, adviser, Mary Watson, Coena Blair, Judith Heffelfinger, Rosalynn Jenkins l s ' 1 i 5 I sf", li 1 4 " N M ,J , .Xi Mi, 'Es J V KK? l 54... .r Si, . i1asmmsew,-.' ,- - f iiiygr. Avi, 3.1, f if--es V ,Q-A , ' 2 i ft . - ,V .- "s g 1 i . nv., 1. A. it G i ' 'J Q. s x '--M A W Q , . - . H V Y. , tr v i 'gk v '.-r 1 EMM.. , A Q R -,K--H43 s N I' - 'riffs' . , , , ,. 7 T X -at 4. .4 if A V -J . 4 E-4...-viii, 'V in is I A WJ' wi' fi ble! f 'QA hy., Z A iff, 3, .1 'f-Ufvifiw 12 ' " 'Y 'iff lf 0' fi as 'wwf i in gi. ig 1 my t iz . Q f .et- , f ,tif 'iff?1XN:?1i'-fs"iJf'C'29f . iff' 1. E' p,,'v "jy4,,: 1. g , V ,3- fe .- We 1 MA WA .fmxss ' U- ,Hi al. gg Q M f Xyiesegffisws- ,,i..,.,r,w: 'i f 1. g' an ., .1 n-Lf' 5 J ' 5, " il A "i'1zJ-f e f '- I L X-Ikiiiiifn 4 it Top Row: George Vytanovych, Dean Rogeness, Dennis Read, Joseph Salvato, Myron Gray, Miguel Garza, John Astorian, William Harley, Robert Wittman, Alan Krug, George Mah Third Row: Walter Rose, Chuan Wei, Denes Bardos, Neil Richter, Alfred Bonfiglio, Roy Diesner, Paul Steward, Giuseppe Ratti, Danier Stoltz, Charles Jones, Chin Cheng, Frederick Mueller Second Row: Kenneth Wood, Ronald Sprague, David Carl, Richard Lotter, Russell Duttvveiller, Bernard Ricketts, Thomas Read, Rudolph Wuerker, Walter Voskuil, Walter Bruckner, Daniel Bronkhorst Bottom Row: George Schauner, Joseph Yadron, Donald Raetzman, Richard Peterson, Gerald Fisher, Gabriel Forero, Thomas Drews, Thomas Follensbee, Thomas Finch Not in panel: Michael Coleman, Eldon Mattick, Richard Larson, George Roman, Harry Levin, Harold Korte, William Karwoski, Marshall Meyer This Ofgllllllillltlll consists ol' both lztculty :incl stu- dents who are engaged in metztllurgicztl, mining, and petroleum engineering. Members propose to foster better relations between students :incl faculty :incl In identify themselves with the outstztncling pmliessionztl society in their Field. This year the regular monthly meetings ieztturing semi-technicrtl lectures helpecl to promote this fellowship. literal lndu tries Society 0mega Tau igma At each meeting ol Omega Tatu Sigma, speeches rounclecl progtzun for the members ol this organization. were given pertaining to the field ol veterinary mecli- ,X series ol social events such :ts picnics, exchztnge eine. Such topics as "Small Animzil Pr:tc'tic'e," "Veteri- dinners :incl :i dinner clztnce made up it lull year ol nary Research," :incl 'Space Nleclicineu proviclecl ci eclucation :incl lun forthe club members. Top Row: Louis Landau, Edward Dick, David Huxsoll, Kenneth Altera, Donald Ferlicka, Fred Olin, Bruce Hansen, Roger Hill, Robert Hampton Third Row: Wesley Knutson, Robert Reichard, Lester Thomson, Robert Bratthauar, Richard Bradbury, Louis Strack, Edward Phelan, Marvin Cosnow Second Row: George Kleist, David Rash, Warren Brunton, Max Lang, Max Hughes, Richard Spira, Robert Russell, Lawrence Rocler Bottom Row: Dr. Erwin Small, Melvin Geiger, Byford Wood, Stephanie Koelling, Neil Becker, Donald Feldman, Dennis Mann Not in panel: Lawrence Friedman, Nelly Lee, Kenneth Kopecky, Phillip Watson, Leroy Erickson, Farl Montgomery, John Horn fl lil Hill Iwi limi limi N155 IWW IQ ts I ' if: 'S A , 1 tlfw, 'W' . e if i tl ' X Cmiyrw. Top Row: Ann Ward, Toni Zieff, Pat Bethel, Sue Manley, Mary Bulfin, Diane Dowdall, Roberta Coburn, Rosemary Elsasser, Ruth Riddle, Terry Davis, lna Gaines, Judy Baus, Joann Mosetich, Iris Lederfine, Sandy Schultz Third Row: Eugene Anderson, lvan Scheier, Robert Shannon, Lynne Powell, Sandra Kopp, Clarice Welge, lrene Pilafas, Lindley Crouch, Jan Harter, Bonnie Vanata, Bonnie Maiewski, Virginia Jinks, William Langudge, Lahugh Russell, Jack Tapp Second Row: Alan Thomas, music adviser, Nancy Zaharke, adviser, Willis Ward, adviser, Mira Rodwan, art consultant, Margaret Sprehe, workshop coordinator, Laura Quinn, vice president, Miriam Donath, president, Rick Szwiec, treasurer, Bonnie Auble, secretary, Violette Georgas, Marlene Cooly, Connie Barcus, Eiia Urpalainen Bottom Row: Frances Stremmel, Judy Krubl, Kathe Howard, June Thorson, Camille Kearns, Marilyn Ross, Gloria McCormick, Marla Powcar, Martha Turner, Beverly Dennen, Sandra Marlin Not in panel: Marilyn Rank, publicity chairman, Barbara Auble Orchesis olfers to men and women of the University lor the May 12th Spring Concert. The proceeds from of Illinois the opportunity for creative dance study, the concert were given in the form of a scholarship composition, and performance. This year members which allowed one of its most talented members to met weekly in two workshops where they practiced study dance during the vacation months. 0rch 1' Perlnng Rihei On Mziith 12, our LZIIIIPLIS was the scene of the .Xpproximately iilty-live teams competed this year in largest college drill meet ol its kind in the country. exhibition, regulation and individual events. Also, The meet and the hzinquet which lollowed were the Pershing Rifles sponsored a bivouac in May and con- higgest projects ol' the Pershing Rifles organization. cerned itself with military movies at meetings. Top Row: Merrel Booker, Martin Reese, Timothy Kraft, William Bradheld, John Drennan, John Biederman, John Bellmar, James Law, Bruce Johnson, David Hilst, William Hodgson, David Henning, Harry Smith, Thomas Brown, William Welch Fifth Row: Ned Bacheldor, Larry Thomas, Lynn Gosnell, Robert Lawse, Lynn Sweet, Charles Woltz, James Gray, Charles Lozar, John Arewd, James Chambless Leonard Bertagnolli, John Williams, Howard Hyden, George Armstrong, Gerald Johnson, John Clickener Fourth Row: Robert Rada, Robert Vernetti, Maurice Schennum, Paul Schneider, Daniel Cohen, Ronald Kurtz, James Penny, Larry Rochester, Alan Bramson, Ronald Raben, Charles Scott, John Williams, Marshall Zandell, Richard Raymond, Sam Jones Third Row: George Botek, Charles Horn, William Gohring, Mart Nurmet, James Fink, Fredrick Schooley, Owen Lee, Edward Cornell, Michael Wagner Second Row: Wolfgang Stemmler, Carter Brantner, Lawrence Residori, James Adell, James Florreich, Jeffrey Durrie, James Pohlig, Robert Kunzmann, Warren King, Michael Gallagher, Dennis Omundson, Dennis Peterson, Robert Dunbar, John Fullerton, Richard Lunde Bottom Row: Ronald Michelson, John Frank, Eugene Snyders, John Leidenheimer, executive officer, John Geisinger, company commander, Joan Neet, sponsor, Capt. Leon Livingston, adviser, Lt. John Tiderman, adviser, William Bradley, John Lesak, William Dunbar, Clint Tilton HT 451 2 l l t l t F Ln- , , W' -nw. i " :rt "' " . 1 l ras' has ...- -Va Qt. 'wma Top Row: James Jarrard, Robert Ward, David Metzler, .James Kelly, Earl Way, James Vandament, Norbert Cieslewicz, Arthur Bower, Ronald Worstell Second Row: Larry Neemann, Lloyd Scott, Francis Bowen, John Lundsten, Kirby Johnson, Gerald Grose, William Gallo Bottom Row: Eddie Allen, Robert Hindsley, treasurerg Michael Esselstrom, president, Carlyle Johnson, vice president, Alfred Blatter, pledge trainer, Dr. Robert Gray, adviserg Carroll McGinnis, Edwin Gaylord Not in panel: Richard Bilderback, Lyndel Davis, Seth Flanders, George Frock, Donald Heitler, Maurice Jones, Kenneth Marshall, secretary This national professional music lraternity, iouncletl Mu Alpha-Sinlonia presented a series of lilteen-minute in 1898, worketl to advance appreciation of music in radio programs over XVILL featuring solos and en- America. This year it provitled a one hundred dollar sembles. Also, the lraternity gave two convocation scholarship to a deserving freshman. Members of Phi programs at Smith Hall. Phi Mu lpha-'initiniti Poultr Scien'e Club Noted speakers were presented at the Poultry Sci- lighting the year were several chicken barbecues. ence Club programs to create interest and enlighten During the spring. the club took a trip to a large the members on the many clilferent aspects ol poultry poultry larm. Mentbership in the club is open to raising, marketing and other phases of this Field. High' those majoring in poultry science. Top Row: Robert Morrissey, William Payne, Floyd Roberts, Donald Morrissey, Kenneth Bolen Bottom Row: Donald Bray, adviserg Alvin Wire, John Gesell, Mark Zimmerman, Samual Ridlen, adviser ff'-f 'T C4 . Yr -fl s-IN 'UN CE' H-1 N, .ff r li ls 5 f l l 1 Top Row: Gene Gunsalus, Donald Hamre, Maynard Suhre, John Barnett, Harprit Sandhu Edward Simonis Third Row: Rickard Blomgren, Charles Boschek, Herman Becker, David Duncan, Kirby Second Row: Nekete Mlade, Andrew Cox, Gerald Leszczywski, Robert Damerow, Harry Arthur Rissman, Raymond Berg In sports car: Fred Fiala, president, Sally Trinkle, sports car que Studeriai lllro provided at connnon meeting place lor lllini sports can' enthusiatsts. Such events as the testing of the skill and :u'ci1t'z1cy of the sports cztr driver were included in this ye:ir's progrznn. A queen was WZIS lect , Timothy Termeer, Thomas Kennedy, vice president, Thomas Ross, James Perrin, William Alborg, Terry Burke, Henry Chapman, Eugene Westfall, secretary, Martin Ignazito, Steve Sanderson, Dennis Keck, en Not in panel: Ronald Pass, treasurer chosen in conjunction with their Concours, which ll display of antique autoniobiles in almost per- condition. This event attracted 8,000 Midwest- erners to the U of I campus this year. cuderia Illro enior Class, College ol La The Lz1wSchool Recognition lizinquet was one ol standing speakers engaged in the field ol' law to the highlights ol the yezir. .Xt this banquet the out- acquaint the students with some ol the problems in standing students in the College ol l,2lX'V were honored. their prolession. In the held ol' athletic endeavor, The group also sponsored weekly at series ol out- the group won the LM. football cliznnpionship. Top Row: Maurice Hebert, Francis Novvik, Lawrence lnglis, James Gende, James Kelly, William Fisch, Paul Blanke, Thomas Stifler, Richard Hull, Charles Shep- herd, Donald Andrews, John Keating, Doane Trone, Fred Bartlit, Richard Lannon, John Ewart, Delbert Lyle, Donald Cohan, J. David Andrews Third Row: Lois Harris, Louis Olivero, Kirtley Wilson, Richard Larson, Sheldon Rubin, Richard Stevens, Edmund Ficek, Jack Carlson, Willis Tribler, George Stevens, Allen Pesmen, Bernard Eisen, Louis Lemp, Richard Teas, William Snively, Thomas Bolen, Ralph Brill, Marian Martin, law secretary Second Row: Prof. Eugene Scoles, Prof. George Fraser, Prof. Charles Bowman, Prof. Rubin Cohn, Prof. John Cribett, Prof. J. Nelson Young, Dean Russell Sullivan, Peter Denger, president, Prof. Harold Holt, Prof. Frederick White- side, Prof. Kenneth Carlston, Prof. Robben Fleming, Prof. Richard Stephens, Prof. Victor Stone, Prof. Paul Proehl, Prof. Wylie Davis Bottom Row: Rodney Thorson, Charles Fechtig, Mort Segall, Lee Boye, David Murray, James Friedman, secretary, Charles Hines, vice president, John Armstrong, treasurer, Thomas Brzyski, Leo Struif, James McRoberts, James Gillespie Not in panel: Charles Covey, Norman Fombelle, Harry Hartel, Thomas Lamkin, James Oyama, John Bergstorm, James Crawford wt. up fy- sang fa. . in "" 1 A 4- ' rv A W I L.,..v' -.. t l Top Row: David Lange, John Woods, William Jackson, Jerome Modieski Second Row: Thomas Brown, Melvin Runge, Merwin Sigale, Eugene Bryerton, Kenneth Broun, Edward Stattmann Bottom Row: John Finley, president, George Calamaras, vice president, John Reddy, treasurer, Hans Lustig, secretary, Michael Whalen, Howard Smulevitz Not in panel: Marvin Scott, Stuart Kaminsky, Manfred Pagel, William Lawrence, Richard Bayley, Richard Smith, Donald Skgold, Richard lcen, Brnrp Johnson, Peter Kendall, Stephen Barnett, Dana Kellerman, William Starkey Ont- pruicct nl this prnli-ssioniil juurngilisni lrzttcr- on our iznnpns higliliglitc-tl the yi-4ir's :ntivilit-s lor nity is lcriown cznnpus with-1 thc- :innurtl publiititicin ul tht- lrattt-itiity. My-iiilx-is also zittciiili-il tht- iigitiniizil "The College Tiiinurf' at cziinpns humor ncwspzipcr. uiiniciitiuii in lniliztnii iluring thi- lgill ginil pri-svirtt-il The 1959 Sigma Delta Chi District Commition hcltl thi- Criilirun litinqiict in thc spring. igme Delta Chi eeiet for Ad aneement el Management Highlighting the cvcnts ul tht' Society lur .xllYLllltL" nrnlcrstgiinliilg til thi' principles nl quvcriiiiig Illllllllgkh , . . c .C ment ol lVl2lIT2lgCll1t'lTl was the lic-lil Itlp to Clntzigu into-nt thruugli tcsumli, iliscussiun zinil ptiblitattiuiis. where various types ul' businesses were olnscrvc-cl. The This your thc urgxinifiitiuti also puhlishcil gi hi-wt-t-kly purpose ol the group is lu pimitotc- thc study gtnil inguigigt-nicnt newsletter hir its inenihers. Top Row: Lester Eames, William Ure, Robert Lewis, John Phillips, Frank Wydra, William Carr, Aaron Tabin, John McCloskey, John Weides, John Podeszwa Fifth Row: Prof. Merten Mandeville, William Mercer, Judith Schmidt, Mary Schaefer, James Nuellen, Martin Girb, Robert Steiger, Robert Holzer, Charles Vohs, Douglas lngraham Fourth Row: James Lewis, Thomas MacNeish, Vahan Tatoian, William Schvvade, Juel Lee, Donald Hallen, Michael Hippler, Lawrence Marlewski, Charles Nichols, Ronald White Third Row: Jerry Stout, Virgil Reed, Ronald Lisick, John Antonson, Jerome Lavely, Lavern Altemeyer, Kenneth Stimeling, Julius Zschau, Charles Malicki Second Row: Frank Lupi, Daniel Seiler, Fred Anderson, Lowell Schmidt, Charles Phillalad, Bruce Karr, Henry Dralle, Jan Berezniak, John Kurinsky Bottom RoW:hDcEuilAas Chester, vice president, Phillip Kellog, treasurer, Shirley Live-say, secretary, Gerald Brodsky, vice president, Charles Thomas, president, Richard Adams, osep p ins ras v l .. .I 'i Top Row: Norman McCormick, Donald Schlueter, William Sailors, Willard Stanley, Leon Zeter Second Row: Norman Reinbold, Richard Stone, Robert Neth, George Miller, James Mading, Donald Robins Bottom Row: Adrian Crook, Paul Payne, secretary, Stephen Davis, adviser, David Prescott, president, Linn Peterson, treasurer, Dale Brinkmann The Lllllllllll KUlllIJL'llllUIl with Brzulley llniversity Yl'lHlJIllL'lll til eiigineeriirg sliiilents interestetl in the lor the hesl lL'Lllllltlll paper 1llVLll'il highlighted the lllllllk liiqets ol z111to111oti1'e technical work. During yeair lor the Society ol' .Xutoiirolire Engiiieers. 'l'his l'lllglIlCCl'lllg Open House they operzrtecl ull displays org1111ifa1lio11 seeks lo Slllllllllllk' the prol'essio1111l ile- i11 the lllltfllllll fitbllllJllSllUll liiigine I,:1lJor:1tory. ociet ol utiimiitivelliigiiieiiix 1t11de11t,B1'a11cl1 merican 1z1micSi1ciet The big social event ol the Soeietys year was its liusketball team. Meetings ol this orgzinization pre- unique Pig Roast. Members ol the group also pair- sented the top men in the cserzimic intlustry as fea- ticipzitecl i11 the liirgiireering Open House. helped with tureil lecturers. Aiiother project ol the group was the the iilllllllll St. l'z1t'sBz1llg1111l 11111i11t:1i11etl 1111 S.B.A.C.S. piihlicaition ol "'llhe llli11i Cerzimistf' Top Row: Medford Parks, Clifford Ruderer, Gary Paulson, Geoffrey Davis, David Slaw, Valentine Patarini, Chester Connors, Dewayne Seets, Robert Parkison, John Willi, Robert Radtke, Steven Colburn, Frederick Reven Third Row: James Laird, Dr. James Nelson, William Whitman, William Muhlstad, James Spachman, Richard Brown, Donald Chow, Larry Fehrenbacher, William Long, James Blome, David Carter, Edward Clausen, George Pecoraro, Arlin Doering, Milton Otto Second Row: Victor Tennery, Betty Shinkevich, Dr. Ralph Cook, Dr, Andrew Andrews, Robert Baker, Dale Gieseking, Leone Murphy, Gail Eldred Bottom Row: Howard Hill, David Sturgis, William Walker, Robert Vernetti, Cecil Van Dyke, Allan Brink, James Davis lqfi. K Hai. . 'Rl H -IW!-1 ll 1 -lDllDJ- I 3' at ik! rg. if 1 ' 1 MJ Top Row: Dr, Nelson Harris, guest speaker, Judith Gabel, Judith Weitz, Elizabeth Fiedler, Alfred Davis Fourth Row: Carol Getz, Evelyn Hammel, Sharon Hart' ley, Marcia Smith, Betty Wilk, Carolyn Smith, treasurer Third Row: Lauris Goff, Mary Hennessy, Shirley Kroenclce, Kirby Doyle, Deanna Vanlileef, Rebecca Nash, Lenore McCord, Kathleen Smith Second Row: Jeanne Casey, Janet Walberg, Florence Clauson, Donna Reed, Marcia Rubin, Virginia Weibel, Vivian Nogle, Karen Peter- son Bottom Row: Bessie Kallas, Sylvia Huffman, Sandra Gilbert, Lynn Bell, Joan Wilkinson, Beatrice Millner, Patricia Smith, Jane Stutz, secretary Not in panel: Dr. John McGill, adviser, Dr. James Rybak, adviser, Donna Searing, president This was the hrst your thztt the Student litlttrcttiriii Sllllt'UtllVCllll0llllLX"VllL'lllOl1 College tin Nutt-iiilit-i Q43 Association wats :i Selllllitic' grottp lroni the lfutuise wlit-it' Clic-ttlit-n Zeiglei' wats clettcd static' prcsitlt-tit, Teticlieias ol' Ainericzi, at high sclirml rwgziiiifgitioii. The Also, ti Cllnistnizts party was given lor int-ntzilly liztntli' newly separztted orgzinizzition sent inenibers to the tztppctl thiltlrcn in the Cliaiiilxiigii atrezi. tutlont Education Association ttutlont lntluttrittl En inooring tooiot The members of this ttligllllllilllljll pziiticipzited in engineering. The grottp zilsri spinisored ll grill' tottrnti- the Engineering Open House by developing displays nic-nt and bowling tetini, and niztintziined :ind pub- on matlteniztticztl statistics. industrizil szilety, plaint lane lished ti newslcttei lm' :iluinni which listed :ttltltesses out, motion and time study, iirt- piaritcttiriii, :ind totil :ind pri-st-nt eiitlmlriyim-tit ol ziluntni. Top Row: Prof. George Harper, Karl Kolb, James Morris, Richard De-Camp, LaVerne Spencer, Craig Soule, Donald Reichman, Joseph Strode, Roger Heath, James Wheeler, Richard Berbaum, William Yung, Lloyd Linde, Ronald Walling, Wayne McClosley, Robert Lavvse, Thomas Slaninka Third Row: Rodger Bogardus, Floyd Miller, John Delaney, Philipp Gritten, Robert Colter, James Arends, Richard Lazar, Donald Kurtz, Harold Forst, James Sullivan, Thomas Rossing, Michael Liberta Second Row: Jerome Cohen, Alan Cash, David Fischer, Robert Zeter, William Westerman, Martin Sheahan, William Banta, Martin Bonoan, David Brown, Jordan Rotheiser Bottom Row: Frank Zubosky, Raymond Cosyn, Donald Volk, James Ghighi, Prof. Leo Pigage, adviser, Barbara Kozub, Robert Young, Jyotirmoy Beneriee Not in panel: Paul Anderson, Thomas Arzt, Daniel Bartell, John Flershem, Alan Grubman, Andrew Hennas, John Nelson, Sidney Sachs, Prof. George Schrader, Michael Seef, Prof. Morse Singer, Robert Smith, Prof. Kenneth Trigger, Raymond Zeller l -...N If . 1 my mom rs, . wrmxmfi omni , ' p 4 'tix .' . -Qillflgz ,t . . ,sa m uilkfj, T, ' ., iq? if - ' ' I , , ' I 'Zz "1'?"f ff : . tJ,-:- 7- .' lv-2' gf, if .A Nl ' "fir Y l 9,1 i 'Y'-'li :WV N,4.,s.a...ig.1 mga li:.,t.,t.. .. ' ,.,, .-.iiteafeizktdii 2 s-'WV' A - f - l if-tr 'is' I T., A.-........ A... .-.,. .H Ye- muig- -A-I -Y-1+ ,perk -H HAM- W , Top Row: Robert Fisher, Robert Foisy, Charles Stewart, Ralph Bauman, Billy Fry, Robert Snyder, George Brooks, Steven Cawelti, Carl Budelsky, Paul Chamber- lain, Carroll Pedersen, Eugene Thomas, Robert Wangerow, Bruce ZumBahlen Third Row: Richard Sanders, Hobart Riley, David Taylor, Ronald Russell, James Whitting- ton, Andy Diert, William Luban, Robert Kipp, Lynn Gray, James Carson, James Wilticr, James Clayton Second Row: Manrique Echenique, William Cowen, Willard Bruggen, Jerry Nilsson, Alfred Herbster, Allan Mickelson, Frank Morrell, John Duft Bottom Row: Ashley Owen, Rudolph Dorner, Robert Burton, Joseph Newcomb, Milton Trummel, Larry Rose, Dale Dufour Publishing a yearbook was the special project ol Serviie. .IX bonfire in the lall, an intereschool conclave, the University ol Illinois I"oresters. Une ol the and a piinic helped the nienibers to develop their monthly meetings was highlighted by a talk pre- prolessional outlooks and become better acquainted sented by the personnel director lor the Ll. S. Forestry with other nieinbers ol the organization. U. ot I. orester Radio-Television Work hop livery other Friday evening found ntenibers ot this vision work appeared at their meetings. Members organization producing a television program in which gained experience in radio and television production they lilled all ol the non-technical jobs. Guest speak- through lield trips and by serving as personnel for ers who are active in prolessional radio and tele- the 9:00 IPM. news program on YVILI,-'l'V. Top Row: John Bobicz, Harvey Schwartz, Robert Endres, James Haddigan Third Row: David Lange, Cyrelda Tarter, Charles Pettit, Peter Kendall, Harold Blue, James Schroeder Second Row: Diane Malmberg, Jerome Modieski, Eva Thorburn, Michael Filerman, Pat Tiedie, Stanley Sowers Bottom Row: Jeanne Klier, Viola Thompson, Beryl Smith, Emily Lapin, Steven Barnett, Jesse Barr, Patricia Marttila Not in panel: Richard Adams, Melvin Grant, Thomas Guback, Richard Maginot, Daniel Niemeyer, John Ravencrott, Arthur Skwerski, Dennis Swanson, James Vetos, Michael Welsh, Warren Adams PW, QT 'TC s., ww-n QT ' 4715 I 2355. 'lift' r-5 " ,es fi fire I 1 l M.-.u..,,, 0' ie? ., 1.5-,t i84.,iWn,i1::,-5h,t Q Q j fs, --tilt .155 ,f ,- ' : ri: " I , F Q -. , - ,,4. V .- . V nf ,, 1 U 'A I Ft, S I' fig., '4 x Y "T A if J .5 .i . ' Y . s.. f si ts st? fir -no 's 1" -nf 5 l 'fri Top Row: Marlyn Rank, Zelinda Bennett, Kay Kirk, Judith Krubl, Nancy Parker, Mina Maish, Barbara Brinker, Sarah Wrobke, Ada Ross, Louise Volkstog, Carolyn Fleming, Carolyn Tillema, Judy Franzen, Roberta Bennett, Helen Hewitt, Joel Willis, Rebecca Adair, April Marn Third Row: Hope Kunin, lone Cribb, Betty Shriner, Barbara Calvert, Linda Grunden, Joyce Wold, Judith Kleppinger, Mary Kenney, Sandra Fairchild, Virginia Gerhart, Judith Edlund, Leta Ackerman, Marlene Cramer, Marlene Lance, Bonnie Cravens, Kenlyn Gay, Lois Nestle, Marlena Baldridge Second Row: Mary Williams, Mary Ryan, Marie Orwig, Mariorie Brown, Linda Sorrells, Mariorie Souder, adviser, Margery Hamilton, Elizabeth Oakwood, Barbara Peters, Kathryn Deneen, Alberta Zelinski Bottom Row: Susan lsted, Lois Kenyon, Patricia Mense, Janet England, Judith Thurau, Sandra Pope, Jane Anderson, Rita Farley, Jane Lueking, Penelope Pope, Linda Pedersen, Janice Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Susan McCullen Not in panel: Maureen Charles, Carol Fredrickson, Hildegard Schroeder, Ann Whitely, Sue Mittendort, Melsa Bobrich, Shirley Palpusky, Christina Graham, ,leraldine Young, Beatrice Andrews, Nancy Weaver, Jacqueline Whalin A camp Out held at the beginning ol the year to welcome all lreshmen was one ol the unique activities ol this organization. Other special events were the Christmas party and senior party. Inlormal collee hours were a part ol the activities, also. This is a prolessional club providing laboratory experi- ences which broaden the understanding ol the role each must play in the teaching prolession. Women' P.E. Major Club Zeta igma lpha This year Zeta Sigma Alpha prepared armor cadets in the ROTC advanced cadet program to accept re- sponsibilities alter becoming Second Lieutenants in the United States Army. Members learned the uses ol modern armor warfare and the operation and maintenance of tanks. They also worked in coopera- tion with the Military Ball Committee and displayed tanks at University functions whenever possible. Top Row: John Parker, William Blake, Richard Lacquemont, Kenneth Gitzendanner, Stuart Hall, Joseph Klieber, Dean Hallerud, Robert Reiners, Bruce Hart, Donald Mapes, Vernon Reich, Michael Mason, Joseph Peters, John Att Second Row: Earl Neumann, Robert Edwards, Ronald Christensen, Michael Joss, Donald Hobbs, Keith Miller, Paul Paben, Robert Welch, Lionel Stirrett, David Dusendschon, Larry Roth, William Smith, Roger Higgs Bottom Row: Arthur Fournier, David Sager, Richard Ander' son, Samuel Skinner, Capt. John McNamara, adviser, Capt. Richard Meyer, adviser, Paul Gaecke, Eugene Sagerman, Stuart Hawbaker, Eric Orkild Not in panel: David Baum, Anthony Parrilli, Howard Bluestone, Robert Lewis, Robert Heavner, Forrest Evans, Carroll Useman new ' 'K lu- s- 1smm4' l ll RII1 o Womens Sports Association Program tliior Hou o Competition, va fr K Officers-Top Row: Marlena Baldridge, secretary, Ann Brown, extramural council chairman, Virginia Sellef, A,R,F.C.W. president-elect, Sue Mittendorf, intramural council chairman Bottom Row: Jeraldine Young, treasurer, Mima Maish, president, Alberta Ze-linsl-ci, vice president, Carolyn Fleming, publicity chairman As one ol the most active organizations on the campus, VVomen's Sports Associa- tion has at least one member in almost. every organized women's house. The task old these members this year was twofold. They spent a great amount ol' time and ellort in preparing lor the convention ol the National Athletic and Recreation Fed- eration ol College Women. The University ol' Illinois chapter will be hostess lor this convention which will be held here in the spring ol llltil. Virginia Seiler is president- elect ol the national organization. Second- ly, members evaluated their present pro- gram and then enlarged it. Campus women were invited to par- ticipate in the new program which ollfered organized activities in many women's sports. Top Row: Nancy Weaver, Marie Orwig, Marilyn Krause, Mary Knight, Harriet Underwood, Beatrice Andrews, Mary Ryan, Judith Franzen, Helen Hewitt, Bonita Snyders, Lucille Blanc, Mary Kenny, Marlena Baldridge, lma Harp Second Row: Marilyn Alexander, Patricia Hutchings, Karen May, Letitia Summer, Kathleen Stoeckel, Ina Gaines, Patricia White, Marcia Hagman, Bonnie Cravens, Rebecca Adair, Judith Kleppinger, Alberta Sweitzer Bottom Row: Emma Stumf, Nancy Culbertson, Hilde- gard Schroeder, Francis Foster, Zelincla Bennett, Paula Purtz, Rachel Cochran, Nancy Blackmore, Sandra Barnstable, Julie Jewett, Gaylene Litney 458 Intramural , Extramu als lhe list ol extramural sports ollcred ln- cluded held hotkey. basketball, volleyball. and soltball. Basketball. volleyball, bowl- ing, tennis, tumbling, apparatus, gymnas- tics, trampoline, badminton. ice skating. and goll' were the intramural activities pro- vided. This year the ,Xssociation also or- ganifed inter-house competitions in several major sports-basketball, volleyball, bowl- ing and swimming. This year, the lX'omen's Sports Associa- tion sponsored both the Inter-house lXlara- thon Swim and the Inter-house Swimming Meet lor the first time. All members ol' organized women's houses were invited to enter either or both ol' these events. The busy schedule ol this group included acting as hostess lor the Southern Illinois Distritt Field Hockey Sports Day. ln the spring, besides carrying out pro- grams in seasonal sports such as golf and softball, the Association presented the an- nual WSA Awards and Installation Dessert. The high point ol' the evening was the presentation of awards to the houses which had previously won the X"V0lllClliS Sports Association inter-house tournaments. Other awards were given to the houses which had participated most regularly in VVSA activi- ties and inter-house competitions. For all extramural, intramural, and in- ter-house events, the members ol' the organi- zation chose a chairman and an assistant chairman. These two girls did all ol' the organization and paper work that was nec- essary lor the presentation ol a successlul program in their particular sport. Through its extensive program, x"VtJIllCll'5 Sports Association lullills its threelold pur- pose. This purpose, as stated in the con- stitution ol' the organization, is uto create, promote, and maintain interest, in sports by providing opportunities lor participation and instruction in a supervised program ol team and individual sports: to provide opportunities lor intramural and extra- mural competitive play: to oller opportuni- ties for the development ol student leader- ship in the administration ol' such a sports program." iw- f .A g g: Archery enthusiasts "aim for the gold" during a WSA intramural tournament. Up, up and into the basket goes a shot made in a WSA inter-house competition, 459 Top Row Kenneth Bruhon Robert Wilcox Yoshrtsugu Yamada W lliam Blake Thomas Sherman, Frank Biba, Hans Schmucky Fourth Row: John Cole, Paul Neuhauser Frank Clinton Robert Duffy William Stauter Harold Trout Lawrence B rgnach Lee l-lrll, Elaine Kropp Third Row: Thomas Lackovic, William Ure, William Smtthtng Richard Marrs John Kurinsky Charles Vohs Allan Carney Gerald Brod ky Linda nmmel Second Row: Walter Heintzen, Robert Selvey, Charles Brown, Carolyn McMicken Vahan Tatoian William Bryant Edward Lawton William Lavin Fred Nadzieta Harvey Cohen Bottom Row: Christine Chauveau, Christian Chauveau, Nancy Telford Robert Telford John Mount James Dodge George Cameron Charles Phrlblad Roy Thackeray, John Phillips Illini Marketing Club Witnesses Indianepeli Business Firm in Action lXfIembers ol the Illini Marketing Club began the yeztr by holding at smoker att which all stu- dents were welcome. The purpose ol this meet- ing was to interest students in membership in the orgztnimtion. Progranis ol' sucteeding meetings were devoted primztrily to activities concerning the marketing protession. The November meeting featured at pztnel ol' marketing representatives lirom Carson, Pirie, Scott 2: Co., Independent Grocers' Asso- ciation :md Ll. Penney Co. An account execu- tive spoke :tt the December meeting. The most important event ol' the year was the field trip to Indizmapolis, Indiztnzt. During the trip, members ol the group visited the Kroger Co., Eli Lilly Co., Stokely-Vztn Camp, at depart- ment store und the National Hzirdwztre Associa- tion where they witnessed marketing in action. 461 ll LlGl0 S OR IZATIO For the student who is away lrom his home, re- ligious organizations provide something familiar, something that is universalgan emphasis upon how one ought to live in God's world. Some individuals seem to leel that the student loses the religious heritage he has previously acquired when he comes to college: however, our campus religious organizations leel that the opposite is true. On the average, the college student thinks more about religious and spiritual matters than any younger per- son: he begins to think more deeply into such matters than ever before. The concern of the college student for religious matters is demonstrated by the number of active participants in the programs ol the campus religious organizations. Many students each semester enroll in credit courses ollered by the various Iounclations. However, the concern ol' the religious organizations is not purely academic: weekly suppertlubs combine the social aspects with the acaclemicg aspects ol re- ligion. Foundations provide activities that on the surliace may seem purely social. However, activities such as square dances are almost as much a part ol' spiritual education as Sabbath Day servicesg they teach the student to apply his religious teachings. Religious organizations fulhll well their purpose by supplying to the college student what college itself may overlook-spiritual education. Baptist Student nion This branch ol' the Southern Baptist Church is established to give its members a better understand- ing of their church. Programs presented by the group this year included seminars, discussion groups, and worship services. Christmas was celebrated at a party held for the children of members. Periodically, throughout the year, members sponsored work camps and ministries to county nursing homes. Top Row: Ronald Shelton, advise-rg James Holt, John Stroehlein, Max Sinlcler, George Turner, Edward Turner, Harold Murphy, Lowell Hedges, George Teramoto Bottom Row: Mary Gabbert, Judith Gabel, Deloris Maulding, Carolyn Tullis, Donna Johnston, Nell Magee, director Noi in panel: Ora Hausser 'wrfswf - 4 ' il! "'Iv"mvrfwnmv.1l 1. s -c rf-f.' .. ' fl' liiliin I -71 uf Mk ,M Top Row: Margaret Hubbard, Boyd Coats, Rev. Richard Corliss, Bruce Bueschel, Dorothy Hubbard Bottom Row: David Hoover, Rev. W. Haydn Ambrose, Robert John, Diana Chiles, Larry Gillingham, Katherine Hunley, Manfred Rorig 'l'lit- Baptist Stntlcnt lfnnnilzitinn, represc-titetl in lellmvsliip in worsliip. stntly, evznigclisin and mis- tltia pittint- hy tht- Stntlt-nt Clnttntil, welxs tn lnllill ainiiury ntitieztcli, it nurtures at Clliristiztn iaith relevant tht- apiiitttgtl net-tls nl the lzttnlty, the stztli, gtnil tht' tn catch intlivitlnzil, tn our university conniiunity and xtuilt-nu in their tlnirtli linnie nn tznitliiis. 'I'ln'nngli linqilly lu the nation. Bapt' t Student Foundation Gh O O O 0 C O C ri tian ciente rganization 'I lnnngli weekly ineetinga this year, iiieinlaers ull in which the speztlaers were nieinbers ol the Board of thin gmttlm lt-znnt-tl to liraittite the lbflllilljltn tztnglit I.t-ctttresltip. On lnntlmztll wt-ekeiuls, the group was in Cllnistiztn Stir-nttx Nitin c'X't't1ls ul the yt-gn' were host att social events :it which visiting Cliristizin Science the :tnttnnn :intl spring rccelitinns gtntl two lL'Cllll'L'N students were entertztinetl. Top Row: Harmon Washington, Claude Smith, Jack Thornton, Hall Virgil, Rogene Buclaholz, Allan Otto, Peter Rhodes, Miles Nelson, Gene Conway, William Radeclre, Fredrick Driscoll Second Row: Joyce Burkhardt, Margaret Abbott, Ruth Haynes, Rosalle Bohnenstiehl, April King, Kim Richmond, Richard Lee-ver, James Swift, Betty Zinser, Barbara Trickey, Merle Kuyrkendall, Diane Courtright, Clarice Welge Bottom Row: Robert Radtke, Sally Grimes, Dale Primrose, Janet Gronberg, committee co-ordinator, Marian Gronlre, recording secretary, Susan Nelson, Faith Paul, Gerald Fowler, chairman Not in panel: Raymond Kotrba, corresponding Secretary, Richard Lanyon, treasurer far- Tr 5 ti l A fir'-ff he a. 4 X - . - V f , f , x 1:7 H . nies v' l Aff. A Jflfjt Walnut " ' 23377513 A ' 1 QF' 'Yi' W' 55? Pre Q 3 i.tzaai .a-3.x ' . 'W 2 W E81 me Im ki' 1 l. lx A WEB? lat 1-,lt -M-, 11' 5 Top Row: Russel Knight, Jesse Srnart, Marie Eigenrauch, Richard Bradley, John Hocking, John Wood, Myron Cowell, Susan Stover, Paul Hocking, Robert Lenz, adviser, Albert Ashurst Second Row: Miriam Pemburn, Judith Baldwin, Bonnie Van Buskirk, Franklin Gathman, Judith St. Clair, James Fry, Virginia Harrell, George Patterson, Sandy Schwab Bottom Row: John Pemberton, Meredith Gibson, Phyllis Regnier, Ruth Jones, Billy Richardson, Richard Gorsuch, Judith Harrell, Barbara Arnold, Jane Kinser, Nancy Stanley, Jon Regnier A trip to the national conlerence at Association Camp, Colorado, was the highlight of the year for members of the organization. On the way back from the conference, the bus on which the members were riding broke down, and the students were loiced to spend the night on the floor ol a church parlor in Kansas. Other activities included a supper club on Sunday evenings and seminars on world religions. Di Une tHudmmgFeH0wlHp eabur Members of Seabury Foundation were hosts this year at the annual spring conference of similar loun- dations throughout the state. They also assisted with another conference held at Camp Howard. The group Foundanon sponsored two retreats held second semester. By send- ing delegates to campus councils such as the Fair Play Council, this group sought to concern itself with students oli all laiths. Top Row: Robert Taylor, director, Michael Hoy, George Longenecker, John Culver, Richard Dart Bottom Row: Nancy Hyer, Phyllis Keene, Barbara Hamm, Diana Fogler, Sandra Ayers Not in panel: Diana Lambert, Donald Huizinga, Mary Smith, Diana Carter, Douglas Pihl, Mary Cowan J i -'i su., X? 1 .f'wr Top Row: Virginia Warsaw, Carol Rubin, Sheila Greenberg, Warren Wollheim Nlarrin Chasen Janet Greenb rg Sabra Goldh 1e Bottom Row Frank Bachen heimer, Lorna Klorfine, Rabbi Hirsch Cohen, Barbara Rashbaum, Erwin Epstein Noi in panel Ada Suiker Alan Kes ie Mcnibcrs ol H1111-1 Fo111111z11i1111 pg11'1i1ipz111-11 lli11YL'1? 11111111111 111 111011 H1111 D iv s111111s 11111 101 1116 Feast i11 1111' religious 111111 11111111111 13-v1'111s 111 111c A11-wish 1 1 le 11 11 1 Slllxlxt 11 Xlsrm 1116 1116111315 year. CD11 1'111si111, they 111-111 ll l1l1l'l11Yll1 111 1c11-111':111- 111111111 1 1 1 1111 1111111.1111s 01 1116 a Queen 1551110138 l1'1l1llllJ1l over Hz1111z111. The gl'OlllJ 111111 1w1s1 111 s111ff1110 11111 11111111 Hillel Foundation Lutheran tudent Association Members of 1116 1111111011111 5111110111 Asso1i:11io11 11111- 11'ib111c11 10 1110 61111111115 :111ivi1ics 11115 y1-111' by llflltlillg 101160 11Olll'S several 11z1ys 611111 week 111111 6:1111 112ly 1l111'i11g 13111111 1'xz1111i11:11io11 wc1-14. This yezn' 1111-111b1'1's Top Row: William Nelson, Donnell Nantkes, Byron Marks, Orlan Horgen Jerry Tvvedt Paul Swanson Stewart Hendrickson Robert VandeVen Wendell Rhine Herbert Hardwick Second Row: Edward Wolf, Bonnie Swanson, Linda Krimmel Donna Jorsrad Mariorie Swanson Carol Hay Marilyn Pasternock Aaron Johnson Ronald Schroeder Bottom Row: Shirley Brattland, Bonita Anslow, Byron Jones AlVII1 Wire V rnon Busboom Rev Roger Gobbel Karen Peferson Virginia Lafshaw sv 374591 ' 'ju N-VK llulll I lf- ewhkff ff- -94 .,. ... f 1 ,WY-,,,L lil 'li J l ,I V X t . r r tl ' 'T ,L l',,.tl DJ J f ' , lftfl c s ,ix ,,, l t. 'Aki gs' Top Row: Bernard Brakenhoft, Lamar Fesser, Gerald Kvinge, William Banta, Carla Sommerfeld, Robert Marks, Keladene Gardner, Deloris Gregory, Robert Perry, Barbara Klopp, Frank DeSandre, Arlin Doering, Jon Neumann Third Row: John Haertel, James Heise, Edwin Kuhr, Wayne Wolter, Herbert Kuehne, Marcia Starvel, Roger Vossler, Robert Gernant, Norma Strube, Dale Smith, Robert Dahl, Everett Goettech, Thurman Bertolei, Dale Renken Second Row: Mary Burnham, Ruth Fesser, Lorayne Nissen, Robert Biller, treasurer, Peter Duskey, vice president, Rev, Raymond Eissfeldt, Charles Scheck, president, Carole Fris, secretary, Janice Mailand, June Panknen, Larry KerkhoFf, Carl Stubenrauch Bottom Row: Arnold Werling, Hans Zell, Richard Maede, Lois Steben, Bethany Haqe, Sandra Kopp, Janet England, Caro'e Grant, Kay Oltmanns, Judith Schafifenacker, Audrey Mead, Keith Beatty, James Koval, Donald Graf Not in panel: Joseph Doninger, Charles Poneleit, Mary Farley, Marvin Graunke, Beverly Folkers, Kenneth Bockman, Archie Schoenbeck, Ellis Seavey, Bonnie Dammerman Gzunntzt Deltzi pruviclecl Sunclziy evening lelluwship activity ol Gqnninzt Delta this ycrzir wats painting the meetings :incl niicl-week vespers tor the stuclc-nts ol the University Luthc-rain Clhztpel bzisc-inc-nt. 'lihe stuclent Lutheran Church. The service project lor the year center proviclecl gcmcl library :incl t'c-ct'c-attirmztl lztcili- was reacting assignments tcm blincl stuclents. A unique ties lor ztll ul its nientbers tu enjoy. Gamma Dolta Mollinlo Foundation Student Council This year the Mcliinley Fcittnclztticm Stuclent Clcmun- latith. Xleeklt Sunclziy c-'cc-tiitig supper clubs, stucly c'il, the legislative hocly ol Mcliinley Presbyteriztn groups. University crc-clit c'uursc-s in religious suhyic-cts, Church, proviclecl at plztce lor stuclents to gather lcit gincl church :tncl cutninunity service groups were super- lellowship :incl at better unclerstzincling nl the Christian visecl by the inc-nihc-rs ul thc' council. Top Row: Jerry McDonald, John Simons, Allen Millis, Charles Cline, Daniel Fullerton, llmar Waldner, Kenneth Harbison, James Bugg Third Row: William Hughes, Neil Grant, Gloria Hine, Anne Mahler, Virginia Vida, Carol Crout, Ruth Cortright, Barbara Barley, John Wissmiller, Michael Stewart Second Row: Mark Hanson, Carol McQuilkin, Katherine Cline, Sally Smith, James Ruyle, Julia Bodman, Jack Patterson, Judith Reynolds Bottom Row: Suzanne Friedmann, Laura Heftley, Marie Anderson, Beverly Hall, Charlene Flack, Evelyn Shouse, Anita Gorr, Judith Tidd Not in panel: Jean Prachar, Mark Templeton vit, , 1 ,Q -1 , tl 'F' N Y Top Row: Allan Kemsen, Thomas Shilgalis, James Merret, Gloria Gausselin, Shirley Zarzycki, Mary Schneider, Maureen McKernan, Joyce Deering, Carl Reiners, Robert Tobey, Raymond Huston, Emil Pischel, Sheila Rooney, Lawrence Lundy Fourth Row: Brian Bonne, Charles Oberle, Thomas Mitzgen, Elaine Steimel, Ruth Duesterhaus, Carol Elson, Eileen Massallelc, Arlene Monroe, Collette Sroka, Kathryn Cooper, James Cooper Third Row: Robert Daniels, JoRene Steinmann, John Lee, Gerald Grerhen, Eloise Morris, Diane Lesinski, Ronald Knoerzer, Lawrence Smith, Norman Trezek, David Drolet, Louis Wagner Second Row: John Eberhart, Delores Tutierrez, Judith Inman, Margaret Coogan, Mary Bergmann, Betty Shinkevich, Theodore Schneider, Robert Henss, Thomas Miron, John RaFfl, Nobert Hartman Bottom Row: Shirley Stadnick, Carol Macander, Jean Appleman, Sandra Hodurek, Mary McGuire, Rev. Martin, Rev. Duncan, Rev. Mackowiak, Adrian Crook, Robert Kunzmann, Elizabeth Lawler, Thomas Sheehy, Richard Duesterhaus, Arthur Daniels Chri ima at e man Club Coordinate the Religioui and the Fe tive Top Row: Rev. Edward Duncan, Richard Duesterhaus, treasurer, Adrian Crook, president, Arthur Daniels, recording secretary Bottom Row: Elizabeth Lawler, Mary McGuire The Christinais pzirty :it Newinzin Club wus ti "never-to-he-lurgentten" event. There wzis inusic lui' tlaineing niost ol the evening, except when Szintai Claus zirriveil. 'l'he jolly gentletnzin cznne bringing gills lor the chzipel priests. Latter every- one gznthereil giriiunil lfzither Duncan :it the piztnn tu sing cziruls. Newinzin Clluh spunsiireil other soiiail events tliruugliout the yezirg these inclutletl hziy riiles, Wiener riigists. lish lries :intl iee skating pzirties. The iiigaiiiifxitiiiii serveil ilunuts :intl rullee ezirh Sunilziy zilter iniiss :intl iluring the lzill :titer ezich limthzill QUZIITIC. ' lnezitetl on seculzu' tzinipuses, the chzipteis ul' s J. I. . -A ie ligious lile ol its ineinhers. Members were in- xiteil to :itlenil leitures on religious themes: tnenihers zilsii pulilishetl "The C1ll'llilTlll,H zi iniinthly newsletter, which is sent tri Clzitliolie stuilents living on the egintpus. 466 lr'.1r 1-ww" ' . 1 , , , 3.111 1, gm, - 11.33. M 1 1'1"1,Y ' cl? 411 'V ,K 1 15' Z' 211 ,' , 1 af 11 Top Row John Fassler Harvey Kebschull Ralph Folkerts Kenh Lenfner S cond Row Carole Grant George Tagge Laurelle Tagge Thomas Wegener Bottom Row Audrey Gronerf Norman Cllloert Rev Ralph Crssfeldt Delons Gregory Nof an panel Raymond Frlfzsche Mark Raymond Chwrles Scheck Tw U111x11s11x 11111161111 C,111I1 1 18 8131111801111 111 11 1111s IS 1 ll lll1lI1Q 11111s11 1131 11111 111111 s 1116 111111111111 Q11Ll111l 111 1111 M1ss111111 511111111 11 11111 ll 111111111 11111 11111 1111111111 z111iv1111s W v1111m 111111511111 lellowshlp 11111 1111111s111111v 1111 1111 111111111111 1111 1111 81111111118 11111111g11 weekly 1111111119 L11111e1a11 51111111115 of 111C 5111111111 11 011111161111 11 11o1s111l1 s11x1c1s 11111 s111111 g1111111111gs. '111e111g1111g11111l 1111 XL 11 ll 1115111 111111111 1111111 was ll 1, Q 1 111 1 1111'111111:111s11111 11115 111C 11a11111111111 X1 01111 1:,11g11s11 C l111s11111s 151111111111 ll IL 11111111 1111111 111181111 1 SL 014111 111'11g1 11118 W111111 w 15 111111111111 YV1111 11111611111 l1111111111g F1116 1111 111 1111 1 est 111 111'1':1s 1 5111 101111111111111 s11w1s 18 1111 1XI111111111s1 111111111 1111 1111111115 11111 111111 11 11111l111111s 111111111s 11111 11-11gi1111. Top Row JUClI1l'l18I'1Q Wayne Gruen Jay Mnchell James Harvey Roger Whrrson Davld Lamb Mark Juergensmeyer Sharry Srmerl Second Row Newell Dav1s Nadrne Covert Joseph Muller Vlrgrnla Wellyel Roger Hlggs Sh1rley S1 John Bottom Row Elleen Baumerster Margaret Jepson Ruth Cunningham Barbara f' 9-fs 1 ,: , L if 1 I Mt V l1Z'jif9 Y i fxcxfl 531' gi . -g H 1. A 3 L. xy, -, 1, ,T .IL f W EL- ,--' ' A, . L, .' 1 - 5: J. TMS vin- . . ylgwfi QA pl. G.f 4 K V., .-. ., H g , 15 ' A -- X 7 4 i J, - ,V .T f 11 t E ,l A s . I '. f- I .5 Q Q , ' ' if x W1 . ' 1 i' ' ' ' '1 , . 1 X afsffwh ,i-. TC K 5 ' , i V .4 ' i. ' f .. , ' , 4 -a i- 7 -5 3 4, fi N T xi- l ' if 1 tg f2rAW""""-fc T 1 ' ii .--. .- i .rf ,N ' r , 1' .V W, 'fy if -my gy r f 'fggggm f for -,A-1 A as , or - in 4 . . ,fa J' Top Row: Everett Thomas, Edward Gieszelmann, Garry Kenworthy, Joseph Watson, John Geisinger Bottom Row: Arden Taube, William Lewis, Lt. Comm. Klinker. Armed Foroo Council Coordinate Military Branoho, Plans Military Ball William Lewis, chairman 468 at-Wa i The purpose ol' the Council is to coordinate the activities and training progrznns of the three ROTC units. Members of the Council include the Army coininzinder and his executive officer, the Air Force coininzrntler and his executive ollicer, and the Navy coininzrnder and his execu- tive ol'l1cer. ln addition, to the student officers, il connnissionecl ollicer is chosen as adviser. The adviser is :tn ollicer provided by the ROTC unit in charge lor the current year. Some ol' the activities sponsored by the Coun- cil included El inilitury bull :ind several mili- tziry lunctions. Also included in the progrzun lor this ROTC unit were pzirztdes and reviews lor Honors Daly and Veterans' Day. Other iinportzint lunctions ol' the Council in- cluded inziintzxining the high stzrndzrrds of the ROTC training progrzun und, secondly, keeping the ROTC progrzi-in up-to-date and efficient. Since inzrny ol' the officers needed lor the Armed Forces ure drziwn lroin ROTC units, the Coun- cil served si vitzrl lunction by providing quali- hed, competent officers to serve us leaders in our inilitziry forces. s Top Row: Richard Snodgrass, Capt. John Burns, John Geisinger, Michael Maguire Second Row: Everett Thomas, George Fischer Myron Carpenter Bottom Row: William Blake, Joseph Watson apablo Cadet tltticor Direct Active and Thorough Arm ROTC Program The Army Reserve Othcers Training Corps on this campus is divided into seven branches: Signal Corps, lnlztntry Corps, Quztrtermzister Corps, Ordngtnce Corps, Artillery Corps. Armor Corps, and Corps ol' Iingineers. Senior cadets from eztch ol the seven groups make up Army Council which is the governing hocly ol the Army. This hoard is in chztrge ol all Army ROTC ullztirs on the campus. Among the 2700 men in the Army ROTC, E575 ure in the :td- vztnced corps. The dillerent corps sponsor two military purzides in the lull :ind three in the spring. One ol the spring pztrztdes wats the honors day event in which men outstanding in the Army were ztwzirded lor their service. Socially. the Army ROTC Corps helped sponsor the ztnnuctl Military Bull with the other ztrmed lorces groups. The coed sponsor ol Army attended :ill lunc- tions und ztcted :ts hostess :it the meetings. This year, Sully Trinlale wzts chosen sponsor lor this brztneli ol ROTC. She ztlso was hostess :tt their weekly collee hours, which were held eztch Fri- day :it the Illini Union. ,-,.,g,j pq I ' 4. " ciskifffw r W ' gf J- y 51, of 2 lf. no , ..,..,.-7 3 I I . t .4 woe. Ci' f f ,fl f 1 fax M y t, , si' I 5 is if - ' - A., ,ir-L 1 -f, 'ff' Sally Trinkle, sponsor PQ N. ,vaio ' .,b ' f' 5 t, t. if . r- iff fr Z f :N fe Q ffm- 1" - s - J '79 , . gy sv 1, ff A,f'!Zf,5fLW '42 7 ' v57fffFiYs, y 1 K. -f " fs' c ,ze if f wif pftlr ffi ,Q it 'Cir .15 ,.,.1 i, llfffi J' ef- f 24: , NT ,f P.. E . , , f i Army ll0TC Leaders llversee Rounded Military and Social Programs Army ROTC cadets take time out from their military training at summer camp to enjoy dancing to tunes provided by a local ba 'S 'Yi xx ,,.1 .. ff r f 'S Army cadets learn modern survival practices for chemical warfare. Members of the engineer corps construct a pontoryn bridge ummer Camp Gives Cadets Prae ,ical Militar Training for Future Army ROTC cadets fake time our after a grueling session on the rifle range while attending summer camp at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. if ff' , , :Lf r .sqm Fu? x gf I i ' : ' . 1... 5 gpg., V .'- ' "'i . 2 g N- . eff Win Q ri 47 I it mfr -t f, Col. Leonard Rohrs Cadet Col. Edward Gieszelmann Air Force li0TC Expands Program From Wing to Division Level Plan June Wagner, sponsor 472 The expanded enrollment in the Air Force ROTC made feasible their expansion from XfVing to Division level organization. The emphasis upon a flying program for advanced corps cadets was carried further under the direction of Division Commander Edward Gieszelmann and his able staff of cadet ofhcers. The first two years of the four year Air Force ROTC program for prospective Air Force officers are devoted to the basic studies which survey the role of air power in the national defense program. Advanced train- ing in theory, leadership and related air skills begins with the junior year. Under the overhauled training program, chances for officer development are offered earlier than under the old program in order to enable the AFROTC to turn out Second Lieutenants who possess abilities in the areas of confidence, poise, military bearing, military courtesy, voice and commands and who are ready to take their places in our national defense program. I l I ew' 1- , V i. If i " ' Air Force Council: Robert Johnson, director of personnel, Lawrence Martling, administration ofticer, Garry Kenworthy, vice division commander, Daniel Wilde director ot operations, Roger Jones, director of material, James Zaruba, information services ofticer. Cadet Participate Activel in All University Activitie Air Force drill team shows precision during an inter-school meet. Air Force ROTC cadets stand at parade rest during the presentation ot honors and awards at the Honors Day Review in the spring semester 473 uf' am some , hhhguu-d,gslHlj' L. .AWN f At high school circus, the public views a trainer plane. Pull the lever and it's takeoff time, almost, in AF demonstration High chool Circus Displays and enior Flight ark High Points oi Year Illini naval ROTC alumni vvill not soon forget the troop plane which carried them on their senior flight to Texas. xi X3 M... E . .fb-' .Y 'A' I ' zvmx. r , . A WW Xhlthhh i ""'-N-tx Y , 1 1 ---vwwnsau....,.'- A "v-'lxsw-we-vp...-.. - . f y 474 Top Row: Terrance Stringer, Michael Cline, Bruce Johnson, Charles Orr, Michael Popik, Charles Vrhel, James Johnston, Myron Gray, Joseph Atkinson Bottom Row Donald Doherty, Philip Trost, William Lewis, Lt. James Blaising, Reginald Bean, Anthony McCarthy Drill Team I Product ol Program Directed b aval ROTC llilieer All ol' the personnel ol' the Nzrvzrl Reserve Oflrcer Training Corps. headed bv Circlet Conrrrrzrntler Wlillitrrrr Lewis, pzrrticipzrtecl in ll brozttl :intl interesting lJl'Ugl'Zlll1 for this yezrr. The rrrerr in the Corps were provitletl at elrzrnce to pzrr'ticip1rte in vztriotrs activities connected with the progrzrrn. :rs well :rs receive the trzrirr- ing which is neetietl lor the men to becorrre able :intl eornpetent ollreers in the United States Navy uncl the Unitetl States Murine Corps. Alter grwrcltrzrtiorr, the nren received eorrrrrrissions grntl were given irnnretlizrte ars- signnrents to zretive tlntv. Czrclets were given :rn opportunity to becorrre nrenrhers ol the two tlrill teams sponsoretl by the Nzrvzrl ROTC. These drill teztnrs corn- petetl with tlrill tezrrrrs lronr other universities in ll series ol' rrreets heltl tlrroughout the yezrr. Another ztctivity sponsored by the Nzrvy pro- grzrrn wars ll rifle tezrrrr. which eornpeterl with units lrorn other stlrools. The czttlets Heltletl rr lrzisketbull tetrnr which conrpetetl ir1 the intrznrrtrrtrl progrznrr. At the entl ol' the season, the tezrnr played in the arn- rrtrzrl ezrtlet bzrskethzrll tonrrrzrrnent. The czrtlets also sporrsoretl tr Nzrvtrl Dance. :intl co-sporr soretl the Military Bull. Elissa Weaver, sponsor ,WQ ,A as I 'ELQL I il I, -"--Q i,' fHI' all Naval ROTC units pass in review during the military parade which is held each year on University Honors Day during the spring semester. 5 v-1-Trgvgzvrti .in V- ,k ENE' N " 5 I 5:5 'f e 1 ,,4, .V ., ,.,,,,,a.,,M ,.,x Q 1 "Y wwfw.. f p ffgife ff' ' K A ff c ,c c c . : f X, I X, ,. f i H f , c , ef ' r c Practice Make Perfect in Nav A V f e ' 33:2 1 ,f Q Wfaeagmi yi mi ' 41 M M 'f" ii"sffIv 1 ,W Q 'I " ml K v f 4 ,,,, , ,--. N .4 i .,,,- in M IQ ze ,wi ' L 4,-,fe '. 1 Z.. , ,125 fc if f -i 19 , " 13' L " Q I F c ef? an 'ie x i , fy -if' lk , sf , as ,, , ' ,g"i..e '19 J 'S ,. Aa ic af ,es F f iw , W t t " ' an 'jf g Q I, , as We-A vw " . 5 1 4 151.-r .Li -,. Lima M, W 1,4 In cruise uniform, midshipmen view intricacies of a naval plane, Midshipmen get ready, aim but never fire this gun in class. x ' aww 'viii . 5 ,Q ,' Y -:,,:Q'....,1 f. S' "iE:i4,fQ2-ie: 3 Y' ff-I 7? in ,,gzg,ixga,g4 -iz, V f P -wa T W y .s . 3jZqc3ggeqf ' ix. f,lgg,g,i,..:iQ3 ,A n ' iff x ,, ig-.Wi Y 1 Si' in ....., A Lo ,. :N Kyra' . f 476 , V . , I, The climax of the training cruise comes when the men cease to be midshipmen and at last become ensigns in an impressive ceremony. All is Net Work for Midshipmen On Annual Navy Summer Cruise A shipboard dance is the best way to relax after days at sea. Midshipmen find Nova Scotia's scenic spots well worth photographing fs"""" 477 'iii , L . .RM A7 Nl .-,. 1-.' it : xfum, z .V ,, 'gs - tw, S., Th ,A-3z1m, . M -gf y- ' -Kr., Q' ---- . wt: ' .- -'... 2 .. f if -i n -,gi-:L . A .lt 'f PW u:zc.. .., a-ff' X .V x . 1 . ,. ,ff L 478 s 1 1 1 ,,- Q 1 i I X I I E E 1 f 479 ABBOTT, LAWRENCE ALLEN .,.,. CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., Thornton Junior College. ABELL, JANET KAY ..,.. ANCHOR, B.S. in Secretarial Training, LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Union Committee 131, Freshman Adviser 121, Honors Day 111. in- 9 is ' gift ABELL, THEODORE LEE, JR ..,,., ANCHOR, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, A.F.S., A.S.M.E. F -"af A NA 0 X 2-rg ,,vqk XF N 1 Ati Q it " l L ABRAHAM, EUGENE VICTOR ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, THETA DELTA CHI, Skull and Crescent, A.S.M.E. ABRAMOWSKI, HAROLD JOSEPH ..,.. CICERO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, Engineering Council 121, A.S.C.E., I.T.E., Honors Day 111. ADAMS, JOHN YATES ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.S. in Mining Engineering, ALPHA SIGMA PHI, M.I.S., Honors Day 131. . 3 .. , , ' ' I ADAMS,iWARD THOMAS ..... WASHINGTON, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, SIGMA CHI, House President 131, Basketball, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Mustering Petty Officer, NROTC 13, 41. ADES, LEONARD STANFORD ..... CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, PHI EPSILON PI, Star and Scroll, Junior Interfraternity Council 111, Freshman Council, Hillel Foundation Student Council 121, Freshman Week Committee 131, Freshman Adviser 131, Fine and Applied Arts Society, Spanish Club. AFRICK, DEANNA LOUISE ..... OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE, B.S. in Music Education, DELTA PHI EPSILON, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, Illini Union Committee 141, House President 131, Panhellenic Board of Affairs 13, 41, University Chorus 11, 21, Oratorio Society 141, Hillel Foundation 11, 2, 3, 41, Fine and Applied Arts Council 131, Honors I Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. ia. I , AIKMAN, JAMES HENRY ..... MATTOON, B.S. in Civil Engineering, PRICE CLUB, Scabbard and f Blade 131, Society of American Military Engineers 131, A.S.C.E. G 1' ALBERTIN, WILHELM ..... ELMWOOD PARK, B.S. in Economics, INTERNATIONAL STUDENT it CO-OP, Marketing Club, German Club, Spanish Ciub, Long Beach City College. I ALBIN, HARRIET AILENE , .... DECATUR, E-.S. in Commercial Teaching, WESCOGA, Sno-Ball , Committee 111, Business Education Club. '. 7HpJi.ii .. ALDEEN, DONALD ROBERT . .... JOLIET, B.A. in L.A.S., History, Junior Bar Association, Joliet .1 1 Junior College. :Q ALDRIDGE, ARTHUR WILLIAM ..... OAK LAWN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, SIGMA PHI A EPSILON, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. J' ALEXANDER, BARBARA ..... PARK FOREST, B.S. in Elementary Education, INDECO, Illini Union 4 QAV, it' I Committee 11, 31, Hillel Foundation Student Council 111. ALEXANDER, MARILYN MARIE ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in Recreation, The Illio 111, American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter, Scimitar, President 131, Honors Day 131. ALEXANDER, SONJA MARIE ...,. ST. CHARLES, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHI CHI OMEGA, Torch, Star Course Manager 121, Campus Chest 11, 21, Illini Union Com- mittee 111. ALLEN, DAVID JOSEPH ..... BLOOMINGTON, B.S, in Management, Alpha Kappa Psi, President ww ALLEN, GEORGIA RACHEL ..... CARMI, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, 4-H HOUSE, Gamma Alpha Chi, The Daily Illini 111, Illini Union Committee 111, House President 13, 41, S.N.I.B. 11, 2, 31. t. TT ALLEN, MARGARET ..... DELAVAN, B.S. in Home Economics, SIGMA KAPPA, Shi-Ai, Phi Upsilon 1 Ornicron, The Illio 12, 31, S.N.I.B. 111, Freshman Adviser 121, Greek Week Committee 111, Plowboy Prom Committee 111, Home Economics Club. ,LJ ALLEN, ROY LEE ..... LITCHEIELD, Bs. in Civil Engineering, M.R.H.A. tit, A.s.c.E., Chi Gamma 1 Iota, Honors Day 131, Florida State University, University of California. ALLISON, JANE ELIZABETH ..... KANKAKEE, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA GAMMA Egg DELTA, The Illio 11, 21, Campus Chest 11, 2, 3, 41, Campus Chest Allocations and H xi Advisory Board 141, Freshman Adviser 131, Panhellenic Ball Committee 111. ki, It ALLISON, JOHN RICHARD . , . . . SUMMIT, B.A. in l,.A.S., Speech, ALPHA TAU OMEGA, Illini .,vs', my -, V - I GN Union Committee 111, University Theatre Cast 11, 21, Campus Chest 121, Junior Inter- ' f' 1 fraternity Council 111, Freshman Adviser 131, Greek Week Committee 121, Interfraternity .Qu 1, Q' Ball Committee 121, LAS Council 121, Little United Nations, Spanish Club, Young "Z""" , Republicians Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 1 X :Q ALLISON, THEODORE EDWARD ..... LINCOLN, B.S. in Economics, CHI PHI, Skull and Crescent, V3 J if 9 or Trident 141. 1, 1 a ALLISON, WILLIAM BRUCE ..,.. LOCKPORT, B.S. in Marketing, Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club, Joliet Junior College. ALMQUIST, RICHARDIAELA? ..... WESTERN SPRINGS, Bs. in Agriculture, THE MANSION, S.N.l,B. 1 , , , 41. ALPERT, ARTHUR ALAN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L A.S., History, SIGMA ALPHA MU, University of Miami, Drake University. 480 ALT, CHARLES ROBERT ,.... CISSNA PARK, ILS, iii Aiirirultun-, I'HI KAI'I'A IAU, SN I II. 1fI3, ANDERHUB, BONNIE LUCILLE ...,. ROCKIORII IIS iii luiiliitiit nl bymltisli, KAl'l'A KfXItI'A GAMMA, Shorter Board, Torch, Prvsiclenl 1ll3, SIIIAI, Alpha larnlula Ili-lt.i, Sirinm Delta Pi, Pnnliellcnic Iixvcutive Council 1I, 23, Council, l'ii--.linini fxrlvi-at-r". Executive Council 123, Honors Day 1I, 73 ANDERLE, PATRICIA ANNE ..... CLARENDON I-IILIS, ITS in Home Iconoiniv. Irlurttint, ANDERSEN, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON, ANDERSON ANDERSON, ANDERSON, 1 r 1 r 1 1 KAPPA DELTA, Home Economics Club, Coe College, Nortlivvestorn University. ROBERT THOMAS . . , . . HIGHLAND PARK, B.S. in Food Technology, FLAGG HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 1l, 2, 3, 43, Rifle and Pistol Club. ANITA MARIE ..... MONEE, B.S. in Elementary Education, PALAMAR. BEATRICE JOY ..,.. CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., French, LINCOLN AVENUE RESI DENCE, Honors Day 1I3, Illinois Wesleyan University, Navy Pier Extension ol the University of Illinois. BRUCE COLEMAN ..... GENEVA, BS. in Electrical Engineering, TRIANGLE, Junior Interfraternity Council 113, House President 143, St. Pat's Ball Committee 133, A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. DAVID EARLE ..... DECATUR, B.S. in Agriculture, THETA CHI. DONALD HARRY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, DELTA PHI, Illinois Union Committee 133, Y.M.C.A. Committee 1I, 23, St. Pat's Ball Committee 113. EDWARD LEON ..... WAUKEGAN, B.A. in L.A.S., Economics, Finance Club, Young Democrats Club, Lake Forrest College. GENE SCOTT ..... WHEATON, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, Junior Bar Asso- ciation, Marketing Club, Young Democrats Club, Honors Day 1l, 2, 33, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. JAMES WILLIAM ..... WILMETTE, B.F.A. in Industrial Design, DELTA UPSILON, University of Kansas, Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. KAREN DAE ,.... CHICAGO, B.S. in Physical Education, DELTA ZEITA, W.A.A. 13, 43, Physical Education Majors Club, Young Democrats Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. NANCY JONES ..... ROBINSON, B.A. in L.A.S., French, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, Illini Union Committee 123. PAUL ROGER, .IR ...... WHEATON, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, EBEL HALL, A.F.S., Blackburn College. RAY HENRY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, GARNER HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 1l, 2, 3, 43, Illinois Technograph 123, Freshman Adviser 12, 33, A.S.C.E. ROBERT ROY ..... PECATONICA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, TRIANGLE, Chi Gamma Iota, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Illini Union Committee 11, 23, A.l.E.E.-I.R.E., Rockford College. ROY VERNON . . . . WAUCONDA, B.S, in Electrical Engineering, GARNER HOUSE, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. SAVILLA WILLIAMS ..... ALTON, B.S. in Home Economics, PHI MU, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Illini Union Committee 1l3, University Theatre Crew 1l3, W.P.G.U. 123, S.N.I.B. 123, Canterbury Foundation Student Council 13, 43, Home Economics Council 143, Plowboy Prom Committee Chairman 12, 33, Home Economics Club. THOMAS RALPH ..... AURORA, B.S. in Accountancy and Management, ALPHA TAU OMEGA, Wa-Na-See, Sachem, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Campus Chest 1l3, Intramural Manager 12, 33, Senior Intramural Manager 143, Athletic Council 143, IM Rec Board 13, 43, Honors Day 1l, 2, 33, University of Illinois Scholarship Key 133. ANDO, KENJI GEORGE . . . . . CHICAGO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, ANDRESEN, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, I.A.S., Honors Day 133, University of Illinois Schol- arship Key, Navy Pier Extension of the Universtiy of Illinois. HANS .IENS ..... MARENGO, B.S. in Agriculture, Field and Furrovv, Northern Illinois State Teachers College. ANDRLE, LUCIA ANN ..... ROCKFORD, B.F.A. in Art Education, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Campus Chest 1l3, llligreek 1l3, Terrapin 12, 3, 43. ANGELO, NORMAN BRUCE ..... CARLINVILLE- B.S. in Chemical En ineerin- ALPHA CHI f 9 9, SIGMA, Sigma Tau, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.l.Ch.E., Blackburn College. ANNES, GEORGE PAUL ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S. Histor - BIRCH HALL- Phi Al ha Theta' 1 yr 1 P 1 M.R.H.A. 123, House President 123, Pre-Law Club. ANTHONY, ROBERT BRADFORD . .,.. DOWNERS GROVE, B.S in Marketing, NEWMAN HALL. ANTONSON, JOHN ROBERT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Management, GARNER HOUSE, W.P.G.U. 1l3, M.R.H.A. 13, 43, House President 13, 43, Freshman Adviser 12, 3, 43, A.F.S., Society for the Advancement of Management, Young Republicans Club. 3 If! Q. '3' ' 'f f in f 3' -H N 3 ,fi 'STX K .1 'C i . 'f 'U .A--v . A-Q. .pu 4' aw ' f .1 IE uw. f RN, fi s Q Ti K A 1 nf I lr q"'Yh ...aa-au, ' i i all if? A N 1 -6 ' I Q, e it I Igg--N... I 'S 1 ,cl V ' . fir'--2 'in I , fu-of if I I "-A -6'--4--'W 55 . WW 'fix 4 'ie ,. aa-Mn , 5' WLS ax .Q fm' QQ 'Wd' A I I ffftf, 5, ' iii? - Y ,Z . , ' V V, Inq, HQ. Q - 48I ,Ip sa? 4 l an 5 . 'v"W fi ti. I E .A " V- , .gk - W?-E K W . F S I .1 1 V' . Ss, v- bf , i . : 4 APER, CHARLES ROBERT ..... SAN JOSE, B.S.. in Agriculture, ILLINI LODGE. T APPELL, PHYLLIS ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., French, LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, Alpha t I ' Lambda Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Honors Day 123. APPLEGATE, CHARLES ALLEN ..... NORTHFIELD, B.S. in Marketing and Management, KAPPA SIGMA, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Junior lnterfraternity Council 1l3, A.S.M.E., Marketing Club, Honors Day 1I3. ARCHBOLD, RICHARD ANTHONY ..... LOMBARD, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, PHI KAPPA SIGMA, Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Skull and Crescent, Sigma Delta Chi, The Daily titans 11, 2, 33, Editor 143. APPLEMAN, JEAN ..... URBANA, B.A. in L.A.S., Philosophy, Junior Bar Association, Little United Nations, Rifle and Pistol Club, Georgetown University, University of Wiscon- sin, Laval University, Catholic University, L ARENDS, ERWIN ONNO ...,. SIBLEY, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, Men's Glee Club 13, 43, A.S.A.E., Iowa State College. ARGIRES, CONSTANCE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, CEDAR HALL, Uni- versity Chorus 143, Student National Education Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. ARIEFF, ALLEN IVES ..... WILMETTE, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, PHI SIGMA DELTA, Omega al Beta Pi, Illini Union Committee 12, 33, llligreek 143, Hillel Foundation Student Council 123, University of Michigan. " ARKIN, DAVID MYRON ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, W.P.G.U. 13, 43, M.R.H.A. 13, 43, Track, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad 123, Navy Pier, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. .Q 'tx 7 ARKIN, STUART ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, Beta Alpha Psi, Commerce Council 143, ' J ' Accountancy Club, Wright Junior College. ' 73 'A' ARLOFF, WILLIAM ERNEST ..... ST. CHARLES, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, Northwest Missouri A' V l State College, Chouinard Art Institute. A' ' V , ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM JOSEPH ..... ST. CHARLES, B.F.A. in Industrial Design, PHI GAMMA T' " DELTA. iam avri ' rf 'K Lie - ARZT THOMAS LADENDORF ..... CHICAGO' B.S. in Industrial Engineernig- FORBES HOUSE, Captain Army ROTC 13 43' A.F.S.- A.S.M.E.- Student Industrial Engineering Society, , DePaul University. , 3 I ASATO EDWARD EISHO CHICAGO BS in Electrical Engineering FORBES HOUSE, . ASH DAVID MILTON ..... HARRISTOWN- B.S. in Agricultural Engineering- ALPHA GAMMA f. RHO- Star and Scroll- Alpha Zeta President 143- Illini Union Committee 123, Agri- culture Committee 13 4t- All-Ag Field Day Committee 1l 2 3 43- Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 33- A.S.A.E.- Honors Day 1l3. f 'W it I , i , , , 1 th! . . , i I , ..... , . . , Vw., L gf Q Q M.R.H.A. 143, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 43, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Honors Day 113. 'Swv' H 4 , , , 4 I fl 1, I I I I f 1 f B' ASH, DAVID ROY ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in Architectural Engineering, GRANADA CLUB, A.I.A., Golf 1l, 23, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. ASH, JUDITH GAIL ..... WILMETTE, B.A. in L.A.S., English, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Law- rence College. ASHBROOK, ROBERT MICHAEL ..... ROSSVILLE, B.S. in Communications, TAU KAPPA EPSI- LON, Alpha Delta Sigma, The Illio 143, Illini Union Committee 123, Illini Union Publicity Board 143, Society of American Military Engineers 123. ASHMORE, CONSTANCE MARIE ..... PEARL CITY, B.A. in L.A.S., History, LOWRY LODGE, Alpha Lambda Delta, Second Regimental Band 1I, 2, 3, 43, l.U.S.A. Barberettes 1I3, Freshman Adviser 12, 43, Honors Day 1l3. R, ASHWILL, ROSAMUND ..... ARTHUR, B.S. in Home Economics, MCKINLEY HALL, Illini Union Committee 11, 23, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1I, 2, 33, S.N.I.B. 12, 3, 43, Freshman Week Committee 133, Freshman Adviser 12, 33, Plowboy Prom Committee 1l, 2, 33, Sno-Ball . Committee 123, Home Economics Club. AUDO, CARL PAUL ..... SPRING VALLEY, B.S. in Industrial Education, Alpha Phi Omega, Football Marching Band 12, 43, First Regimental Band 12, 43, Industrial Education Society, St. Bede College. 159' -A 'JD AYRES, MAXINE LEE ..... MORO, B.S. in Education of Mentally Handicapped Children, PRESBY HALL, Illini Union Committee 1l3, Sno'BaII Committee 1I3, Student National Education Association. BABLER, EGON STEFAN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., Navy Pier Alumni Association. BABLER, MARY JANE ..... MT. MORRIS, B.S. in Home Economics Education, SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Illini Union Committee 133, S.N.I.B. 123, Home Economics Council 143, Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 33, Home Economics Club, President 143. BACCHETTI, JEROME ALLEN ..... BELLEVILLE, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, DELTA PHI, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Illini Union Committee 123, University Z 'P'-5' Theatre Cast 133, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 123, Y.M.C.A. Committee 1l, 23, Football Marching Band 1I, 2, 3, 43, First Regimental Band 1l, 2, 3, 43, Freshman Adviser 123, A.l.Ch.E., I Honors Day 123. BACHENHEIMER, FRANKLIN S ...... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, GARNER HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 143, House President 143, University Chorus 133, Men's Glee Club 13, 43, Hillel Founda- tion Student Council 13, 43, Freshman Adviser 143, Pershing Rifles 1I, 23, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BACHMAN, JOSEPH REXEL ..... RUPERT, IDAHO, B.F.A. in Industrial Design, DELTA CHI, University of Washington. BACKOFF, ROBERT WILLIAM ..... WEST LATAYTTTE, INDIANA, B.A. in L.A.S., Pnliliml Srienu-5 PHI -KAPPA SIGMA, Ma-Wan-Da, Sachi-m, Gargoyle, Phi Et.: SIIIIIIII, Y.M.C,A, Iiimrrl of Directors 141, Junior lnterfrnternity Council 1I1, Studi-nl Senate 1l, 2, 3, 41, l'ri-sirlf-vit 1417 COIIIIIILIICC O11 SIUCIOHI Alinirs 13, -11, Coorrliimtiun Coniinittee, CIHIITIIIHII 1111, genale Siabcornnrittee 1I, 2, 31, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Phi Chi Eta 13, 41, Honors ay , . BACKUS, LUCIA IRENE ..... EAST PEORIA, B.A. in L.A.S., French, VANLIG, University Tliealri- Crew 121, French Club, German Club, Honors Day 131. BADO, JOHN ERNEST ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, GRANDA CLUB, House Presiclent 141, Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Society of American Military Engineers 13, 41, nl.S.C-.E., United States Naval Academy, Navy Pier Extension of the University ol inois. BAER, RUSSELL E., JR. . . . . . DECATUR, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, Millikin University, West Texas State College, Amarillo College. BAILS, ELMER RICHARD ..... HARVEL, B.S. in Agriculture. BAKER, DARLENE JANET ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, DELTA DELTA DELTA, The Illio 1I1, Illini Union Committee 1I, 21, University Theatre Crew 1I, 21, Student National Education Association, Honors Day 131. BAKER, HAROLD GEORGE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, GARNER HOUSE, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, Navy Pier A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., President 121. BAKER, LESTER SIDNEY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, SIGMA ALPHA MU, The Daily Illini 13, 41, A.S.C.E. BAKER, ROBERT JETHRO ..... DAYTON, OHIO, B.S. in Ceramic Engineering, ILLIKNIGHTS, Tau Beta Pi, Keramos, House President 141, Engineering Council 13, 41, Honors Day 121. BALDWIN, MARGARET LYNNE ..... WESTERN SPRINGS, B.S. in L.A.S., English, LINDEN HALL, University Theatre Manager 131, University Theatre Crew 121, Cornell College. BALZARAS, VYTAUTAS ..... CHICAGO, Bachelor of Architecture, A.l.A., Lithuanian Students Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BALZER, JAMES PHILIP . ..... LIBERTY, B.S. in Agriculture, Agricultural Education Club, President 141, Honors Day 1I, 21. BANASH, JEANNE GANTT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education. BANASH, ROBERT CHARLES ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, A.F.S., Honors Day 111. BANE, ARLO GREGORY ..... LEROY, B.S. in Veterinary Medicine, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Veterinary Medical Association. BANISH, MARION ..... HIGHLAND PARK, B.A. in L.A.S., Psychology, INDECO, Illini Union Committee 121, Campus Chest 13, 41, Little United Nations, Honors Day 131, Ohio State University. BANKNIEDER, AUGUST RONALD ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Veterinary Medicine, NOBLE HOUSE, Freshman Advisers 131, German Club, Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BANNISTER, ANNIE PEARL ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementry Education, ALLEN HALL, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Student National Education Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, BARGER, ALLAN RUSSELL ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Engineering Physics, SIGMA PHI DELTA, Junior Interfraternity Council 121, Physics Society, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BARNES, BARBARA ELIZABETH . . . . CARMI, B.A. in L.A.S., English, BUSEY HALL, MacMurray Co ege. BARNETT, STEPHEN S ...... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, GARNER HOUSE, Wa-Na-See, Mask and Bauble, Sigma Delta Chi, University Theatre Cast 12, 3, 41, University Theatre Crew 12, 3, 41, M.R.H.A. 121, WILL 13, 41, Freshman Adviser 131, German Club, Honors Day 111. BARNSTABLE, BARBARA JOANN ..... DECATUR, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychologvi VANLIG, Wesley Foundation Student Council 131. BARR, JESSE WILLIAM ..... LITCHFIELD, B.S. in Communications, University Theatre Cast 12, 31, WILL 141, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BARRETO, JUAN PABLO ..... BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Colombian Students' Association, Uni- versity of the Andes. BARTELSTEIN, IDA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, SIGMA DELTA TAU, Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Union Committee 1I, 2, 31, House President 13, 41, Greek Week Committee 1I, 21, Honors Day 1I, 2, 31. BARTSCH, JOHN RICHARD . .... GALENA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, PHI KAPPA TAU, Star Course Manager 1l, 21, Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, A.U.S.A. 13, 41, A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. BARTUSKA, THOMAS JOSEPH ..... BERWYN, Bachelor of Architecture, NEWMAN HALL, Gar- goyle, Tau Beta Phi, Scarab, Swiming, Freshman Varsity Squad, Dolphins 1I, 2, 31, Honors Day 12, 41, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, Illinois Institute of Technology. KJ r . Q' a' -. 1 UV I X Fwy, 'V I , fs. Q , 15 ' " ' f-:P fl Tb V 04,1 39 , I ' .1 1 J rg, av- fm , I . VL 'W' .3 1' .. A- I f PM A r,is , e. . ""' i If Q7r it 6' 2 E is, A X I A91 Q I wi? P K ff.. "2 '.f:--5119, f ' . r nf-u 719 ,. 1.5, , ,i . K V1 . if 4-l f MVR if 1 f f, 3 A I 1, " 'S1,,, 1, 7 r ld ,wt 483 f . , 1 . 5 ,,,e Sglfifd, WM, , LAM Ajmf,.,R 1 mx , .w.,' '- W , BASEDOW, SUSAN ANN .,... PARK RIDGE5 B.S. in Elementary Education5 ALPHA CHI OMEGA, A ' 'J , ' The Illio 11, 215 Illini Union Committee 11, 215 Star Course Manager 111. L f ,JA ,st BASTEN, RAYMOND FRANCIS ..... WAUKEGAN5 B.S. in City Planning5 Chi Gamma Iota, 'f ,, nk, 3 Y ,M Forsite 12, 3, 41. yr ' 'l"'T"' H --M.- ' fr ' ' V BATSON, BILLY BOB ..... COVINGTON, KENTUCKY5 Bachelor ot Architecture5 A.I.A.5 Western V, 11.25, State Teachers College5 University of Kentucky. N Wi? BAUM, DAVID HAROLD ..... CINCINNATI, OHIO5 B.S. in Communications5 ZETA BETA TAU5 Sigma Delta Ch15 The Dany Illini 11, 215 W.P,G.U. 11, 215 Fencing, Freshman Varsity Squad5 llligreek 1315 WILL 13, 415 Hillel Foundation Student Council 1315 Freshman Week Committee 1215 Freshman Adviser 12, 315 Greek Week Committee 1315 Inter- fraternity Ball Committee 1215 Journalism Council 1415 Military Ball Committee 1315 3 1 Zeta Sigma Alpha 13, 415 Young Republicans Club. 3 I BAUMAN, CARL WILLIAM ..... OAK PARK5 B.S. in L.A.S., Geography5 THETA XI5 Wrestling, --P ' Freshman Varsity Squad- Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, 415 Scabbard and Blade 13, 41, ' ' President 1415 Physical Education Maiors Club. BEARMAN, LARRY LINCOLN ..... MT. MORRIS5 B.S. in Civil Engineering5 TWIN ESTATES, . ' Phalanx 1115 A.S,C.E.5 Luther College. BEAUCHAMP, MADA ANN ..... GALESBURG5 B.S. in Secretarial Training5 McKlNLEY HALL5 ig Star Course Manager 111. BEAUCHAMP, MAPY ANN ..... GALESBURG5 B.S. in L.A.S., Psycl'Iology5 MCKINLEY HALL5 Star Course Manager 1115 House President 1415 LAS Council 1315 Honors Day 111. BECK, RICHARD KEITH ..... PEORIA5 B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science5 Bradley University. ,-1 ... , - ' BECK, ROBERT JAMES ..,.. CHICAGO5 B.S. in Physical Education5 ILLINI LODGE5 Navy Pier , I 1 Alumni Association5 Football, Navy Pier5 Lettermen's Club, Navy Pier5 Navy Pier K i:': Extension of the University of Illinois. 673 :X I 415:54 ,SN . ...-. H . u l . ' BECKER, HAROLD NEIL ..... LA MOILLE5 B.S. In Veterinary MedIcIne5 ARMORY HOUSE5 1 X, g V 'V' , ' , . Football Marching Band 121- Second Regimental Band 11, 215 Student Chapter Veter- , A . 1 gag 'L X 'Q 3 inary Medical Association5 Omega Tau Sigma. 1 , .f . - ' f'fj1l'i' A ,,,. 5 BECKER, JOHN OTTO ..... DES PLAINES5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, BARTON PLACE5 l,-'jg MZ "ts, , " Phi Tau Sigmaj M.R.H.A. 1415 House President 1415 A.F.S.5 S.A.E. -1,r.w'.- 5 , . ., , Q ws BECKER, SHELDON THEODORE .,... SKOKIE5 B.S. in Electrical Engineering5 ARMORY HOUSE5 ,,, The Daily Illini 1415 Y.M.C.A. 1315 Illinois Technograph 1315 A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. 5 BECKERMAN, JOSEPH WILLIAM .,.. MOUNT CARMEL5 B.S. in Agricultural Engineering5 ALPHA GAMMO RHO5 Phi Eta Sigma5 House President 1415 Second Regimental Band 121: 1 5 me 'K Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 315 Madrigal Chorus 1115 Freshman Adviser 1215 St. Pat's Ball at 1 Committee 1315 A.S.A.E.5 Honors Day 111. A 45 Q' BELL, LYNN ELLEN ..... OSWEGO5 B.S. in Elementary Education5 DELTA DELTA DELTA5 1 Shorter Board5 Kappa Delta Pi5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 Illini Union Committee 11, 215 University Theatre Manager 1315 University Theatre Crew 1215 Panhellenic Executive X Council 131: Freshman Week Committee 1315 Freshman Adviser's Executive Council, Chairman 1315 Society of American Military Engineers, Sponsor 12, 3, 415 Honors Day 11, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key. BELL, NANCY GRANT ..... WATSEKA5 B.S. in Marketing5 ALPHA CHI OMEGA5 Shorter Board5 Torch5 The Illio 11, 215 Maior Chairman Dads' Day Illini Union Committee 1315 Illini ,3 ax I Union Committee 11, 215 Panhellenic Ball Committee 1115 Marketing Club5 Honors Day 111. X if BELL, PATRICIA MARIE .,... CRYSTAL LAKE5 B.S. in Music Education5 SIGMA KAPPA5 Shi-Ai5 Sigma Alpha lota5 Panhellenic Executive Council 12, 315 House President 12, 31- Concert Band, 12, 3, 415 First Regimental Band 1115 University Orchestra 13, 415 University Chorus 111. BELLOWS, SYLVIA DEAN ..... LOUISVILLE, KENTIICKY5 B.A. in L.A.S.,. PSYCITOIOQY5 LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE5 Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta5 Delta Sigma Omicron5 Honors Day 11, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key. BELSLEY, GLENN wAYNE ..... MORTON, B.S. in Physieei Education, PHI SIGMA KAPPA5 Phi Epsilon Kappa5 Bradley University, University of Wisconsin. BELSON, JERRY JAY ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Communications: Pl LAMBDA PHI5 Alnha De"1 Sigma5 The Daily Illini 12, 3, 415 Illini Union Committee 1115 Freshman Adviser 1115 Marketing Club 13, 415 Honors Day 1115 University of Wisconsin. BENNETT, PAUL GEORGE ..... MORTON GROVE5 B.S. in Agriculture: ZETA PSI5 Wa-Na-See: Sachem5 Alpha Phi Omega5 Star Course Manager 12, 315 Y.M.C,A. Committee 1115 Agricultural Economics Club5 Honors Day 111, I --5, 1 , 'A .. ' IzENsoN, JAMES WILLIAM ..... vvILMINcToN, Bs. in Management5 PHI KAPPA Psi, Society , ' .,,,, ' 1 for the Advancement of Manag6ment5 St. Joseph's College. W gtg, tj BENSON, JOHN ALBERT ...., STERLING, Bachelor of Architecture5 NEWMAN HALL, seereh, Foot- Q I '11 --, 5 1 ball Marching Band 11, 215 First Regimental Band 11, 215 Honors Day 111. ' . , U, 1' L, 5 .Ti ',.,, , BEREZNIAK, JAN PATRICK ..... NORTH RIVERSIDE, as in Management, SIGMA PI5 Marketing qw Jfgit' , I - ing s Club5 Society for the Advancement of Management5 Young Republicans Club5 Roose- iwf .' velt University. ' ? .-v"7 . if I,gi:?i'rQ. 5 BERGE, KNUD OTTAR ..... HARWOOD HEIGHTS5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineeringy CLARK HOUSE: Pi Tau Sigma5 A.F.S.5 A.S.M.E.5 Rif1e and Pistol Club5 Honors Day 1315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BERGNACH, LAWRENCE CALVIN .... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Marketing5 Marketing Club5 Navy Pier Alumni Association5 Navy Pier Baseball Team 11, 215 Navy Pier Letterman's Club 11, 215 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BERGSTROM, KPREN LOUISE ..... MORRIS, B.F.A. in Art Education5 DELTA DELTA DELTA5 The ll io 111. 484 BERK, IVAN PAUL ..... CHICAGO, ILS. in Livil kIILlIIIt'K'l'Illl1f M.R.II.A, IQ, 31, A.S,C.I.., WIl'SIIIII'I, Letter Navy Pier II, 21, Illinois lnstitiitx' ul Ioilinoloiiy, N-ivy I'ii'r Exit-ttstoiv. ul 1Iii- University ol Illinois. BERLINER, FRANCINE ..... LAKE VILLA, ILA. in Tuailiinr, ol Fniilisli, CEDAR HALL. BERMAN, DAVID IRA ..,.. CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A,S., Economics, SIGMA TAU GAMMA, llni versity Chorus II1, First Lieutenant, Army ROIL ifi, 41, Illini Forensic Association. BERMAN, NANCY R ...,.. CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching of English, DELTA PHI EPSILON, Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Union Committee, llligrc-ck il1, Hillel Foundation Stuclc-nt Council iI1, Honors Day LI1. BERMINGHAM, HAROLD MARTIN . . . . THOMASBORO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, A,F.S, A.S.M.E. BERNAL-JIMENEZ, AUGUSTO ..... BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A.l,E.E.' l.R.E., Colombian Students' Association, University of the Andes. BERNEY, JOHN PETER ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Engineering Physics, NEWMAN HALL, A.l,E.E.- l.R.E., Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Physics Society, Navy Pier Extension ot the University ot Illinois. BERNSTEIN, DONALD HUGH ..... HIGHLAND PARK, B.S. in Accountancy, ZETA BETA TAU, Illini Union Committee i41, Campus Chest iI1, House President i41, Accountancy Club. BERTOLDI, RICHARD JOHN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., Illini Sportsman's Club. BETKER, RICHARD CARL ..... CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Landscape Architecture, GARNER HOUSE, Forsite I2, 3, 41, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BETTS, MARLIN KEITH ..... VERNON, B.S. in Civil Engineering. BEX, LESLIE ERNEST, JR ..,.. BATAVIA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, House President i21. BEZANE, NORMAN GILBERT ..... OAK PARK, B.S. in Communications, GARNER HOUSE, Alpha Delta Sigma, The Daily Illini i41, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Young Democrats Club, Young Republicians Club, Honors Day II1, Navy Pier Extension ofthe University of Illinois. BIALLAS, WILLIAM CLAUS ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BIENFANG, DON CARL ..... ELMHURST, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, BETA SIGMA PSI, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Mu, Illini Union Committee i41, Fencing, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad i21, Gamma Delta, Honors Day il, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. BIESTER, GERALD NELSON ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BIGGERS, JAMES PAUL . .... OLNEY, B.S. in Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E. BINS, MILTON ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, Captain, Army ROTC I3, 41, Pershing Rifles l2, 3, 41, German Club, Student National Education Association, Illinois Institute of TechnoIo9Y: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BIRKEY, HAROLD EUGENE ..... WALNUT, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ACACIA, University Theatre Crew K31, A.S.C.E., Illinois Wesleyan University. BIRKS, BARBARA ANN. .... ROCKTON, B.A. in Teaching of English, ALLEN HALL, Wesley Foundation Student Council i311 Freshman Adviser i2, 31, Young Republicans Club. BISSI, MILLICENT LORREN ..... SKOKIE, B.A. in L.A.S,, English, CEDAR HALL, W.G.S. Executive Council i31, Freshman Adviser i21, Freshman Adviser's Executive Council i31. BITTERMAN, NAOMI YAIDA ..... CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, IOTA ALPHA Pl, Illini Union Committee iI1, University Theatre Crew i31, Indiana University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BJICK, RONALD LLOYD ..... ELGIN, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, THETA Xl, House President i41, Junior Wrestling Manager i31, Freshman Adviser i31, Illini Traditions Committee i31, A.S.C.E., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BLACK, MARSHALL WILLIAM ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, M.R.H.A. l31, Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois. BLACKER, SALLY LOU .... . NORRIS CITY, B.S. in Elementary Education, PRESBYTERIAN HALL, SHORTER BOARD, Torch, Illini Union Committee, Student Senate II, 2, 31, N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee, Freshman Adviser i31. BLAIR, COENA BLOSSOM ..... FOOSLAND, B.S. in Home Economics, A-H HOUSE, S.N.l.B. l21, Plowboy Prom Committee i21, Home Economics Club. BLAIR, MARY JEAN ..... OAK PARK, B.S. in Home Economic Education, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Delta Sigma Rho, Home Economics Club, Illini Forensic Association, Albion College, Qi . ...Ma 'H 71, .Vg i " 'refer J . if I ni , 'SQ f i , V42 4 ,L 'R N: ,. .ri ,N-. 'sf-1 ,rw ,... Q, WW QW K . '1 za--f-'qt Y s .f inc 'Q . A-5 ' 4 X f Rx I, cu' to Q.. lat' I 5, 'ztvijbl V 'A .ca " -' rim glib" . we i .i.ii'v- ", I i "s. ..- fo- rv ...Q time Y A 'I 2 aft' it f 4 ,, . 3 .,,, . , ,' ls x. ff 7 x, - f . Y Q4 'legit' . as - . 5 ff in -:ay-T . f...f 4 it if .. 4-N' .....s.c.. , ', S 'TS M' -Q p s ' dh rt? lffnf Tc ., .. .4 -1' if 5 A i 'ts- s Q " .gs i fini If at I 'W' X I Xl' 'K - s .- X4 .. f mi' i' i f 4- la. BLAKE, DANIEL BRYAN ..... WESTERN SPRINGS, B.S. in L.A.S., C Honors Day 1l, 31, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. . -N BLAKE, WILLIAM LAWRENCE ..... BUSHNELL, B.S. in Marketing, THETA CHI, The L Illini Union Committee 121, House President 131, Military Ball Committee 131, . 1 Army ROT'C 13, 41, Military Council 141, Scabbard and Blade 13, 41, Marketing I I BLANFORD, MYRNA KAYE ..... LINCOLN: B.S. in L.A.S., Bacteriology, LINCOLN RESIDENCE, Lincoln College, Illinois State Normal University. Geology, THE MANSION, Illio 121, Captain, Club. AVENUE A BLAZ, NORMAN YALE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., History, The Daily Illini 121, Junior Bar 6' Association, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Young Democrats Club, Pre-Law Club. bw N ,L i ,,.., BLEDSOE, JOHN FRANCIS ..... MANHASSETT, NEW YORK, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, 6 if lin' 1, :T SIGMA NU, The Illio, Art Director 141, Ensign, NROTC 13, 41, Trfdent 13, 41, Spring 4 V B ' 5' ,x 1 Musical. ' 'C' sl "7 'P T BLOME, JAMES CLEMENI ..... Belleville, as in ceramic Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, ,V ' -' U JMD! Keramos, Illinois Technograph, A.C.S., llli-Knights, Illini Campus Amvets Post 202, fr . E V Belleville Junior College. 2 - , fi g. "' we . if to 1 If Q s , a I H ., A 'N' AV ut- BLOMGREN, RICKARD MAROLD ..... ROCKFORD, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Flying 1 Club, I.A.S. an In BLOMQUIST, JAMES CARL ..... IRON MOUNTAIN, MICHIGAN, Bachelor of Architecture. I- T BLOOM, EILEEN RIQUI ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, MAPLE HALL, German Club, l ff X, Social Work Club, Roosevelt University, Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension . ' of the University of Illinois. "-.sf If I T -. 3' xi? 5 ,six rx, .,4 S v Y 4- 131, University Chorus 1l1, Honors Day 121. Training Club, Young Democrats Club. BLOOM, JAMES CIFFORD ..... NOBLE, B.S. in L.A.S., Geology, TWIN ESTATES, House President BLUE, EDWARD ALFRED ..... EAST ST. LOUIS, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, Teachers-in- BLUESTONE, HOWARD I ...... CHICAGO, B.S. in Recreation, TAU DELTA PHI, Fencing, Varsity Squad 12, 31, Freshman Varsity Squad, Rifle Team, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Freshman Varsity Squad, Maior, Army ROTC 13, 41, Pershing Rifles 121, Zeta Sigma Alpha 131, American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter, Rifle and Pistol Club. Qfgfqlg , , ' ' R .,, !"""' selves' 6. , .... 1 ,IQ it I BOEHM, MARVIN JAY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, Alpha Delta Sigma. 'Ti 'FTE' Y ' ' .3 fl" , , nl 1 f ' mr ' an BOLDEN, JOHN ROBERT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ALPHA PHI ALPHA, A.S.C.E., 3 , J f , Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. c 1' ' 1 .,,' '. 1-5 I - ,Q X- BOLEN, PATSY THREEWITT ..... BENTON, B.S. in Home Economics. .kt 1 vi famlqyf , I BOLIN, JOAN SHARON ..... BLOOMINGTON, B.S. in Home Economics, THETA UPSILON, The 'A ' Daily Illini 131, Illini Union Committee 1l, 21. '- I , llu A.S.C.E., Joliet Junior College. 5 5 Committee 131, University Theatre Crew 131, A.S.C.E., University of Chicago. . Z' if s "' Hg. A' ,, , E A Theatre Board 141. -we BONFIGLIO, 'Kali . . I U of the University of Illlnols. Economics Club, Field and Furrow. mittee 1l1, Illini Insurance Society. A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. mittee 121, Student National Education Association. Crew 1l1, Illigreek 131. f W.P.G.U. 131, William Woods Junior College. BOLLAND, TERRY WILLIAM ..... JOLIET, B.S. in Civil Engineering, PHI SIGMA EPSILON, BOLTON, RICHARD ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, SIGMA PHI DELTA, Illini Union BOND, LINDA GAIL ..... GENEVA, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA OMICRON Pl, Shorter Board, Mask and Baublep National Collegiate Players, University Theatre Manager 12, 31, General Manager 141, University Theatre Crew 1l1, Star Course Manager 1I1, University ALFRED JOSEPH ..... SKOKIE, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, SIGMA NU, Illini Campus Amvets Post 202, M.l.S., Northwestern University, Navy Pier Extension BOOKER, WALLACE DUANE ..... SULLIVAN, B.S. in Agriculture, S.N.l.B. 1I, 41, Agricultural BOONE, DAVE HOWARD ..... NORMAL, B.S. in Finance, PHI KAPPA TAU, Illini Union Com- BORGRA, JOSEPH ANTHONY ..... JOLIET, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, BORNHOEFT, BARBARA JANE . .... WESTERN SPRINGS, B.S. in Education of Mentally Handi- capped Children, ALPHA DELTA Pl, Illini Union Committee 121, Greek Week Com- BOSSARTE, GEORGE PRYOR . .,.. JACKSONVILLE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, PHI KAPPA TAU, Wa-Na-See, Alpha Delta Sigma, The Daily Illini 1l, 2, 3, 41, University Theatre BOSTON, JANNIA LOU ..... SALEM, B.A. in L.A.S., English, LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, BOTTRELL, ROGER KEITH ..... WINDSOR, B.S. in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics Club. BOWERS, JAMES SCOTT ..... MORION, Il.S. in Atlriuillliru, FARM HOUSIQ, Sarltunt, fllilf anrl Scroll, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 131, Y.M.C,A. Cominitti-u 12, 31, House l'ri-siili-nt 141, lriln- of Illini 12, 3, 41, Track, Captain 1-11, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, li-tli-r 12, 3, 41, ntan Varsity Squad, Cross'Country, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, I.vtti-r 12, 3, 41, Fri:'.ltnian Varsity Squad, S.N.l.B. 121, All-Ag Fir-lil Day Connnittuv 1l, 21, Ficlcl and lnrrnvv, llnol and Horn Club. BOWMAN, PAUL DEAN ..... LA GRANGE PARK, ll.S. in Electrical Engine-vrinili SIGMA Nll, Skull and Crescent, Tau Beta Pi, Plti Eta Simnna, lfta Kappa Nil, Honsi- l'rc--aid:-nt 13, 41, Military Ball Coinntittee, Major Cltairinan 141, Ensign, NROIC 13, 41, Honors Day 131, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. BOYD, BILL RAY ..... ANNA, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineernig, University Thi-atrv Crew I, 2, I.A.S. BRADSHAW, KAY HELEN ..... GRIGGSVILLE, B.S. in Home Economics Education, BUSEY HALI, Home Economics Club. BRAND, ROBERT JAN ..... BERWYN, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, THETA XI, The Illio 131, Junior Interfraternity Council 131, llligreek 141, Freshman Adviser 141, Xavier Uni- versity, St. Joseph's College. BRANDT, THOMAS HARRISON ..... ATLANTA, B.S. in Agriculture, ALPHA GAMMA RHO, Junior Interfraternity Council 1l1, Agricultural Economics Club, Hoof and Horn C'ulJ. BRAUN, SHERWIN JACK ..... CHICAGO, Bachelor of Architecture, A.l.A., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BRAZLE, VERNON LEE ..... BROWNSTOWN, B.S. in Agricultural Education, NABOR HOUSE, Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Tau Alpha, Freshman Adviser 121, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Phi Chi Eta 13, 41, Agricultural Education Club, Illini Sportsman's Club, Honors Day 1I, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. BREEZE, MARILYN MARGARET ..... DECATUR, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Social Work Club, Millikin University. BRENNER, BRUCE HARTMAN ..... OAK PARK, B.S. in Accountancy, ALPHA EPSILON PI, House Piiesident 131, Men's Glee Club 12, 31, Hillel Foundation Student Council 141, French C ub. BREWSTER, JOHN ALDEN .,... JOLIET, B.A. in L.A.S., Sociology, Sociology Club, Honors Day 12, 31, Joliet Junior College. BREZA, MICHAEL JOHN ..... MT. OLIVE, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, FORBES HILTON, M.RSH.A. 1I, 2, 3, 41, Freshman Adviser 13, 41, First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC 13, 41, I.A. . BRIDGELAND, WILLIAM MacGREGOR . . . . WINNEBAGO, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, Lake Forrest College. BRIGHTBILL, FREDERICK STAMM ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology, BETA THETA PI, Sachem, Omega Beta Pi, Illini Union Committee 121, Franklin College, Marshall College. BRINKER, BARBARA DIXON ..... WESTERN SPRINGS, B.S. in Physical Education, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, W.A.A. 1I, 2, 3, 41, Terrapin 1l1, Physical Education Majors Club. BRINKER, JOHN ANDERSON ..... EVANSTON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, ALPHA TAU OMEGA, Skull and Crescent, House President 131, Ensign, NROTC 13, 41, Scabbard and Blade 12, 31, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Trident. BRINKERHOFF, TOMMY J ...... REDMON, B.S in Accountancy, SIGMA TAU GAMMA, Alpha Kappa Psi, House President 131, Second Regimental Band 111, Accountancy Club, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. BRINKMAN, DALE CHARLES . .... CARLYLE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, BETA SIGMA PSI, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Campus Chest 121, Student Senate 131, Engineering Council 141, S.A.E., President 131, Honors Day 131. BROCK, CURTIS GILBERT ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in Agriculture, Agriculture Club. BRODD, JON LANDIN ..... ANDOVER, B.S. in Finance, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Honors Day 1I, 21. BRODLIE, JEROME FLAGG ..... FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology: TAU DELTA PHI, Cheerleader 1I, 21, Baseball, Varsity Squad 121, Illini Tradition Com- mittee 121. BRODSKY, GERALD JACKIE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Northwestern University. BRODSKY, SHELDON BERNARD ..... EVANSTON, B.S. in Accountancy, SIGMA ALPHA MU, Star and Scroll, Alpha Kappa Psi, Illini Union Committee 1I, 21, Junior lnterfraternity Council, Commerce Council 13, 41, Freshman Adviser 131, Accountancy Club, Young Democrats Club. BRONSON, JOHN ARTHUR ..... BLUE ISLAND, B.S. in Mechanica Engineering, PHI DELTA THETA, Pi Tau Sigma, Footbal, Freshman Varsity Squad, Tennis, Freshman Varsity Squad, Intramural Manager 131, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41. BRONSTEIN, GARY MARTIN ..... STAUNTON, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, FORBES HOUSE, Sachem, Tomahawk, W.P.G.U. 1I1, M.R.H.A., President 121, Student Senate 12, 31, N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 131, Freshman Adviser 13, 41. BROST, DAVID LEE ..... SPRINGFIELD, Bachelor of Architecture, A.l.A. BROSTOFF, STUART SPENCER ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, FLAGG HOUSE, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Iota Epsilon, M.R.H.A. 141, Student Senate 141, University Chorus 131, Commerce Council 13, 41, Accountancy Club, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Society for the Advancement of Management, Honors Day 131, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, Football, Varsity Squad 121, Navy Pier. silt .41, iw, 'PJ - 'ic 1 , ta. r., 7 , , .. .. .W ff in Q TQgQT"'3s, 1 f- I 4 , I ' Q.: ,X w e :QM ff. . .A Al 'few' at 'tai' . gf fa s tg. J Q . i 4 qs . .s 1' I 15-'H -ki of I fF ARI 4 .7 . ,... ,. ir: ii' ,gf 4. Q Q 2 , ,I 4 .2 5 i 3 tm fi 2 ' ' ' M, 4, 4 fi . it 1 s 1- . , A A 'weft' -' wr at f 1 'I .. ,, h . 487 011135, ABQ'- if 'QM 4' f. If 'itil NK X tbl ,V X56 ,. , .W X if 'Vx Y r .1 'ii' ii yi' r . , - fe as 'zbq , - it - A f S2 1 . Q ..,:- 1 ,- 1 Y A 51 ' p 1 , I 1, . fy f tg. .- Tlx L ' ,..- I as ,- A , 1 - . 1 , 't"9F" ' A T' J , " .tx A A 477, .cw 1 ' i . . -..z,. 5' ,Q , x - t frm I ! 1 M... e ' d - ,. ., F az, il 'TTT' .I -fl' Wf- , - - .1 X -' - fa lf, W 'P :E',isr:Q. La: . 488 BROUGHTON, CHARLES OMER ..... PEORIA, B.S. in Physical Education, ACACIA, Y.M.C.A. Committee 121, Interfraternity Council 131, House President 131, Football, Freshman Varsity Squad, Baseball, Freshman Varsity Squad, University Chorus 1l, 21, Oratorio Society 131, McKinley Foundation Student Council 12, 31, Illini Sportsmen's Club, Physical Education Maiors Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Young Democrats Club. BROUK, CLIFFORD OTTO ..,.. BARRINGTON, B.S. in Civil Engineering, DELTA PHI, Illini Union Committee 1I1, Y.M.C.A. Committee 1l1, A.S.C.E. BROUN, KENNETH STANLEY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, SIGMA ALPHA MU, Wa-Na-See, Sachem, The Daily Illini 1l, 2, 31, Executive Editor 141, Junior Intertra- ternity Council 1I1. BROWN, CHARLES PATRICK ...,. CHEBANSE, B.S, in Marketing, Alpha Kappa Psi, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Marketing Club. BROWN, DAVID FREDERICK ..... CARBONDALE, B.A. in L,A,S., English, ALPHA DELTA PHI, Sachem, Slcull and Crescent, The Daily Illini 131, Junior lnterfraternity Council 111, Student Senate 1I, 2, 3, 41, Committee on Student Affairs 141- N.S,A. Senate Sub- committee 12, 3, 41, Illini Board ot Control 12, 31, L.A.S. Council 121. GRCINN, KATHRYN VIRGINIA ,.... BARRINGTON, B.S. in Industrial Administration, ALPHA Xl DELTA, Delta Sigma Rho, Gamma Delta, Young Republicans C'ub, Freshman Steer- ing Committee 1I1, University of Wyoming. BROWN, PHILLIP WILLIAM ..... RANTOUL, B.S. in Commercial Teaching, Delta Sigma Pi, President 131, Accountancy Club, Business Education Club. BROWN, SEYMOUR AARON ..... CHICAGO, BS. in Chemical Engineering, Navy Pier Exten- sion ot the University of Illinois. BROWN, STEPHEN RALPH . ,... WEBSTER GROVES, MISSOURI, B.S. in Communications, SIGMA CHI, W.P,G.U. 141, Vanderbilt University. BROWN, VIVIAN NAN ..... URBANA, B.S. in Secretarial Training, DELTA ZETA, Alpha Lambda Delta. BROWN, WILLIAM ALBERT ..... COAL CITY, B.S. in Agriculture, THETA CHI, Illini Union Committee 1l, 21, University Theatre Crew 131, Basketball Manager 121, All-Ag Field Day Committee 1l1, Ensign, NROIC 13, 41, Agricultural Economics Club, Agriculture Club, A.S.A.E., Field and Furrovv, Young Democrats Club, Trident. BROWNE, CYNTHIA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, GAMMA HOUSE, Theta Sigma Phi, House President 141, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BROWNLEE, DAVID ALLEN ..... SKOKIE, B.S. in General Engineering, SIGMA ALPHA EPSI- LON, A.S.M.E., S.A,E. BRUBECK, SALLY JEAN ..,.. SPRINGFIELD, BA. in L.A.S., English, ALLEN HALL, Springfield Junior College. BRUEN, JAMES PATRICK ..... CHICAGO, BS. in General Engineering, SIGMA PHI DELTA, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Honors Day 13, 41, Baylor University, University of Cali- fornia. BRUGGER, RICHARD MICHAEL , .... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, NEWMAN HALL, Chi Gamma Iota, German Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Honors Day 1l, 21, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BRUMLIK, ARLENE ELLEN ..... CHICAGO, B.S, in Communications, LINCOLN AVENUE RESI- DENCE, Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BRUMLIK, DONALD JULIAN ..... LINCOLNWOOD, B.S. in Accountancy, CLARK HOUSE, Delta Sigma Pi, M.R.H.A. 141, House President 131, Accountancy Club, Illini Insurance Society, Junior Bar Association, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Young Democrats Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BRUMMER, JEAN CAROL ,.... PARK RIDGE, B.F.A. in Art Education, ALPHA CHI OME-GA, Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio 1l1, Illini Union Committee 121, Campus Chest 12, 31, Honors Day 1l, 21. BRUNTON, WARREN RICHARD ..... WEST FRANKFORT, B.S. in Veterinary Medicine, FLAGG HOUSE, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Veterinary Medical Association, Omega Tau Sigma, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. BUCHANAN, BOFETTE ANN ..... URBANA, B.S. in Recreation, Y.W.C.A. Committee il, 21, All- Ag Field Day Committee 1l1, American Recreation Society U. of I. Student Chapter. EUCANAN, MARGARET LAWRENCE ,.... BLUE ISLAND, BS. in Elementary Education, SHER- WOOD LODGE, Alpha Chron, Illini Union Committee 1l, 21, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1l1, Sno-Ball Committee 1l1. BUCNIS, EDWARD HENRY ..... HOMEWOOD, B.S. in Economics, BETA SIGMA PSI, Y.M.C.A. Committee 121- Junior lntertraternity Council 121- Military Ball Committee 131, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, 41, Arnold Air Society 13, 41, Spanish Club. BUDDENBAUM, JAMES ALBERT .,... CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, American Acad- emy of Art. BUDKA, HAROLD GENE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois. BUDKA, SONYA CELESTE ..... WINAMAC, INDIANA, B.S. in Speech Correction, ALPHA Xl DELTA, Purdue University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BUENTE, BARBARA ANN ..... GRANITE cirv, as. in Home Economics, ZETA TAU ALPHA, Alpha Lamba Delta, Honors Day 1I1. BUHRMESTER, LESLIE WALTER ..... NASHVILLE, ILS. in Llvrtricnl EITKIIIIIIOTIITYII A.I.E.E.-I.R.Ii., Memphis State University. BUHRMESTER, RAY LOREN ..... NASHVILLE, B.S. in Agriculture, TENAO-ONE CLUB, Gamnm Sigma Delta: Y-M-C-A COITTITIIIICC 12, 3, 41, Agricultural Economics Cliilw, Dairy Technology Society, Illini Sportsman's Club, Honors Day 121. BURCH, KENNETH WILLIAM ...., JOLIET, B.S. in General Enqinccrinry, FORBES HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 141, Freshman Advisor 1-11, A.S.G.E., Illini Forensic Association, Wriiylit Junior College, Navy Pier Extension ol the University of Illinois. BURDON, BARBARA ANN ..... GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN, B.F.A. in Advcrtisinc Desirn, DELTA .1 I GAMMA, Gamma Alpha Chi, President 141, Pi Delta Phi, Illini Union Committee 12, 31, Terrapin 121, Newman Foundation Student Council, Honors Day 12, 3, 41, Rosary College. BURDON, SHARON ..... LOWPOINT, B.A. in L.A.S., Spanish, DELTA GAMMA, Spanish Club, Beloit College. BURKE, SARAH ANNE ..... OKEMOS, B.S. in Education of Mentally Handicapped Children, SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA, Student National Education Association, Illinois State Normal University, Western Michigan University. BURKE, WILLIAM JOHN ..... OTTAWA, B.S. in Agriculture, DELTA SIGMA PHI, Star and Scroll, President 131, Alpha Phi Omega, House President 13, 41, Military Ball Com- mittee 1I1, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, 41, Phalanx 13, 41, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BURKHART, THOMAS HENRY ..... AURORA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, THE MANSION, Honors Day 131, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. BURLEY, MARSHA ANN ...., BEARDSTOWN, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathmetics, CEDAR HALL, Honors Day 121. BURRELL, WILLIAM FORD ..... CHEBANSE, B.S. in Physical Education, Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Tomahawk, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Tribe ot Illini 12, 3, 41, Football, Captain 141, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41, Freshman Varsity Squad, First Lieutenant Army ROTC, 13, 41, Young Republicians Club. BUSH, GEORGE RAY ..... LOCKPORT, B.S. in L.A.S., Political Science, MEDEA LODGE, House President 141, Student Senate 121, Young Republicans Club. BUSBOOM, VERNON EUGENE ..... GIFFORD, B.S. in Agriculture, Field and Furrow, Spanish Club. BUSCH, BARBARA FRANCES ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.A. in L.A.S., English, ALLEN HALL, University BUSSE, JON Theatre Crew 13, 41, German Club, DePauw University. HENRY ..... ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Bachelor of Architecture, SIGMA NU. BUTLER, AMY LOU ..... ASTORIA, B.S. in Home Economics, WESCOGA, Disciples Foundation Student Council 12, 31, Sno-Ball Committee 1I1, Young Democrats Club. BUYHER, DAVID SMITH ..... OAKLAND CITY, INDIANA, B.S. in Marketing, Tomahawk, Alpha BUZDYGAN, CABALLERO, Kappa Psi, Baseball, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad 13, 41, Commerce Council 141, Marketing Club. CHRISTINE ELIZABETH ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, CEDAR HALL, Newman Foundation Student Council 13, 41, A.C.S., German Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. FERNANDO ..... BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, DELTA SIGMA PHI, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Universidad De Los Andes. CAIN, RAYMOND FREDERICK ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.F.A. in Landscape Architecture, PHI KAPPA SIGMA, Scarab, House President 141, Forsite 121, lnterfraternlty Ball Committee 131, Landscape Architecture Society, University of California. CALAMARAS, GEORGE PETER ..... JOLIET, B.S. in Communications, Sigma Delta Chi, Illini CALVERLEY, CAMPBELL, CAMERON, CAMPBELL, CAMERON, Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Joliet Junior College. DAVID LAKE ..... MOUNT CARMEL, B.S. in Accountancy, ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA, Illini Union Committee 111, Accountancy Club, Honors Day 1I1. RUTH ELIZABETH ..... MT. STERLING, B.A. in Teaching of French, MCKINLEY HALL, Torch, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 12, 31, Wesley Foundation Student Council 141, Honors Day 1I, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. SARA DUNCOMBE ..... RIVER FOREST, B.S. in Recreation, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, W.A.A. 1I, 21, Cheerleader 12, 3, 41, Orchesis 1l, 21, Physical Education Maiors Club, Young Republicans Club. CRAIG STEWART ..... DETROIT LAKES, MINNESOTA, B.F.A. in Landscape Archi- tecture, Iowa State University, Kansas City Junior College. GEORGE ALAN ..... WHEATON, B.S. in Industrial Administration, ALPHA TAU OMEGA, Interfraternity Executive Council 121, .lunior Intertraternity Council 1l1, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. CANNON, JAMES CALVIN ..... ELMWOOD, B.S. in Agriculture, Phi Chi Eta 13, 41, Field and Furrow, Honors Day 1l1. CAREY, BRIAN ERIC ..... ZION, B.A. in L.A.S., Economics, SIGMA PI, Illini Union Committee 13, 41, Campus Chest 141, RitTe and Pistol Club, Young Republicans Club, Beloit College. P' In y rc. an 'I' 'Kd .I its I t .,. W.. txt.- , 1 2, K .,..,wf Ab .. .hh y 1 i T aff 'S' ,,"wii'Y is S s f . 43' . ag- V, 1 sa-v .A 4' ' ty 1a.,..:-ra. W' '- ., f 1 I 3 ar 1 .ek , . if 'I .191 . N f,, 'JI' K , I ,Ig ' 'Q f, I 's 1' ' 5313 T" ji" 3 ' 5 ' to fs . 1 fi ' W: . ,V lui " 1" 'J' R .. E I- , Q we ' th- .Q ft zz- . K Q?" r QQ. rg. -'tg 4 L 'gf fi 'fps . . I, '. fs 'W , ,c 14 Q, 'a 1".. . -- V -EL 4' Y., : S59 '1.,,." 4 ' ' " ' sf of-:1:P'f1'.i':Q2t2.'r 1-. '- V " I' 1 R .3 T7 A - I I .. . -'Q 4 ,get I .,f - - 'r. , . , 4 . 'Ili 489 T. F7 .ta .:,,,.ws 1 -sr, 1 .W-v , .A he x4 I' . MQ, . ri 1 ox: X ' I I JC u,...f, l I yi ,X . .ar I in ' 4 xbxax 'Il .I vu , ,f B ' X"""' ' I , gal 1 I It .I i 'II 229115 5 Qi? frfxfcg 2' at X " ' iii . ,AQ my W W, . W M' , V. Y' 7" ' -- Y ,Q .1 ., , gf its axis .. - rf ti' It -. "" fQ'? as A 'I -sew, x .-...Q flies ap' 'A P' ,fn .Q ' 2 , .2 t . . . 5 ,,,.. 'ZTTZY' fu '. xv. 490 nrt CARLSON, cARLsoN, CARLSON, DALE ELMER ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Animal Science, EBEL HALL, Wright College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. DONALD EARLE ..... TAMPICO, B.S. in Engineering Mechanics, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, Second Regi- mental Band Il, 21, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., Honors Day Il, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key RICHARD EARL ..... KEWANEE, B.S. in Communications, PHI KAPPA TAU, Wae Na-See, Alpha Delta Sigma, The Illio Il, 21, Illini Union Committee II1, Star Course Manager I2, 31, Illigreek I41, Freshman Adviser I2, 3, 41, Marketing Club. CARLSON, WILLIAM ROGER ..... HINSDALE, B.S. in Marketing, ALPHA TAU OMEGA, Ensign, NROTC I3, 41, Trident, President I41, Flying Club. CARNEY, ALLAN HERBERT ..... SKOKIE, B.S. in Marketing, ALPHA EPSILON PI, W.P.G.U. II, 21, Junior Interfraternity Council II1, Student Senate I31, Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council Il, 2. 31, Commerce Council I21, Freshman Week Committee I41, Fresh- man Adviser I41, Pershing Rifles II1, Accountancy Club, Little United Nations, Mar- keting Club. CARNEY, JAMES CHRISTOPHER ..... ROCKFORD, B.S. in Commercial Teaching, ALPHA SIGMA cARouo, PHI, Alpha Phi Omega II, 2, 3, 41, Junior lnterfraternity Council II1, Phalanx I3, 41, Phi Chi Eta. ANTON JOHN. .... LOCKPORT, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, EXMOOR HALL, A.l.Ch.E., Joliet Junior College. CARPENTER, MYRON ARTHUR ..... PLEASANT HILL, B.S. in Accountancy, DELTA PHI, Phi Eta Sigma, Maior Chairman Forums and Town Meetings Illini Union Committee I31, Illini Union Committee Il, 21, Y.M.C.A. Committee II, 21, Freshman Adviser I21, Maior, Army ROTC I3, 41, Accountancy Club, Honors Day II1, CARR, WILLIAM JOHN, JR ....,. DOWNERS GROVE, B.S. in Economics, ARMORY HOUSE, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Finance Club, Society of the Advancement of Management, Synton, Young Republicans Club. CARTER, DAVID WILLIAM . . . . JOLIET, B.S. in Ceramic Engineering, BARTON HOUSE, Keramos, CASE, CHA President I41. RLES THOMAS ..... OGLESBY, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Sigma Gamma Tau, I.A.S., St. Bede Junior College. CASEY, JEANNE MARIE ..... BERWYN, B.S. in Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Student National Education Association, Northern Illinois University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CASEY, WILLIAM ROBERT ...,. CHICAGO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engneering, l.A.S., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CASSENS, AUDREE MAE ..... HAMEL, B.S. in Commercial Teaching, ALPHA OMICRON PI, Illini Union Committee I21, University Theatre Crew II1, Business Education Club, Honors Day II1. CASTINO, GUY THOMAS ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CATALANO, PHILIP . ..,. CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, 6lI CLUB, House President I41, CAVANAH, CENTANNI, Tribe of Illini I41, Baseball, Varsity Squad I2, 3, 41, Letter I3, 41. JACK ALLAN . .... ALEDO, B.S. in Agriculture, FORBES HALL, Field and Furrow, University of Missouri. JAMES DANIEL ..... CARY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Newman Foundation Student Council I3, 41, A.I.E.E., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CERSKUS, VITA ANTANINA ..... EAST ST. LOUIS, B.S. in Management, BUSEY HALL, Lithu- anian Students Club. CHADEN, RECILLE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Speech Correction, LOWRY LODGE, Young Demo- crats Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CHAN, PAUL ..... HONG KONG, CHINA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Chinese Students CHANOCK, Club, Oklahoma Baptist University. CAROLE RAE ..... CHICAGO, B,A. in L.A.S., Psychology, ALLEN HALL, Honors Day I2, 31, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CHAPLIK, HARVEY ALLEN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Philosophy, CAMPUS VIEW LODGE, CHAPMAN, University Chorus II1, Praetorians. HENRY LLEWELLYN ..... PEKIN, B.S. in Recreation, ALPHA SIGMA PHI, Skull and Crescent, Alpha Phi Omega, The Daily Illini II1, W.P.G.U. I41, Interfraternity Execu- tive Council I21, Junior Intertraternity Council II1, Baseball, Freshman Varsity Squad, Baseball Manager Il, 21, WILL I31, Interfraternity Ball Committee, Co-Chairman I31, American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter, Bradley University. CHASEN, MARTIN MAX ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, GARNER HOUSE, Alpha Kappa Psi, M.R.H.A. I3, 41, House President I3, 41, Hillel Foundation Student Councils I3, A1, Freshman Adviser I31, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC I3, 41, Pershing Rifles Il, 21, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Honors Day I31, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CHEN, FRANK CHING YOU ...., HONG KONG, CHINA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, GARNER HOUSE, Phi Eta Sigma, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E., Chinese Students Club, Honors Day II1, CHEN, JOSEPH ZUEN-YUEN . .. .NORWALK, CONNECTICUT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, BARTON HALL, Eta Kappa Nu, A.l.E.E.-I.R.E., Little United Nations. CHILDS, ELIZABETH ANN . .,.. CHICAGO, B.S. iii I.A.S., Mlrroliiolimcgy, ARIIOR SIIIILS, Illliii Cliiistmii Ft-llowsliip Ill, All, Tri-nili Iliiti, Ntivy l'ii-r Alumni A-.-,mi.itimi, Nnvy l'u-r Ixtvtinion ol the lliiiyi-rsity ol Illinfn-.. CHILES, DIANA KAY ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.A. iii lr-.irliiiiig ol EIIlIIl'iIIj SIRAIIORIJ IIOIJSI, W.A.A. lfll, House Pres.dvnt itil, Oratorio Society l3l, Baptist Iminilatinn Stiirlitnt CHOCHOLEK, CHOW, HENR Council I-ll, lllini Christian Fellowship lfll, Ottawa University. . . . . . PEIPING, CHINA, B.S. in Electrical Eiifyiiieeriitq, Signia Tau, Ftn Kappa Nu, CHO, ALFRED A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Chinese Students Chili, Oklalioma Baptist University. RAYMOND STANLEY ..... CHICAGO, Bachelor ol Architecture, ALPHA RHO CHI, Illini Union Committee l2l, Junior Interfraternity Council l3l, A.I.A., Fino anrl Applied Arts Society. Y SHUI-CHING ..... HONG KONG, CHINA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Y.M.C.A. Committee l2l, Campus Chest l2l, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Chinese Students Club, Rifle anal Pistol Club. CHRISTENSEN, ARNOLD LOUIS ..... SANDWICH, B.S. in Accountancy, Football, Freshman Varsity Squad, Accountancy Club, CHRISTENSEN, RONALD FRANK ..... SHERRARD, B.S. in Agriculture, Second Lieutenant, Army ROIC l3, Al, Field and Furrow. CHUMBLEY, JANET MARIE. .... PARK RIDGE, B.S. in Accountancy, KAPPA ALPHA THEIA, Alpha Lambda Delta, lllini Union Committee lll, Y.W.C.A. Committee Ill, Accountancy Club, Honor's Day Ill. CHUTRAU, NORBERT ,.... BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, LUNDGREN HOUSE, Swimming, Freshman Varsity Squad, Dolphins Ill, l.A.S. CICERO, JOSEPH BENJAMIN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Philosophy and Political Science, GRANADA CLUB, lllini Forensic Association, Little United Nations, Pi Kappa Delta, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CITTI, BARBARA LOU ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA PHI, The lllio l2, 3l, University Theatre Crew l2l, Mundelein College. CLAMAGE, BARNEY DAVID ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, FORBES HOUSE, CLAPPER, PA Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. TRICIA LEACH . . . . MAHOMET, B.S. in Music Education, First Regimental Band ll, 2, 3l. CLARIDA, HAROLD GLENN ..... GALATIA, B.S. in Civil Engineering, EXMOOR HALL, Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E., Southern Illinois University. CLARK, LARRY LYNN ..... TOLEDO, B.S. in Agriculture, COLLEGE HALL, Lieutenant-Colonel, Air Force ROTC l3, 4l, Arnold Air Society l3, Al, Agricultural Education Club, Hoot and Horn Club. CLAUSON, FLORENCE MARIE ..... ROCKFORD, B.S. in Elementary Education, EVANS HALL, Student National Education Association, Young Republicans Club, North Park College. CLAY, DAVID GEORGE ..... ROCKFORD, B.S. in Engineering Physics, FLAGG HOUSE, Phi Eta Sigma, M.R.H.A. l3, Al, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC l3, Al, Physics Society, Honors Day QI, 2l. CLAYTON, SHERYL FAE ..... POLO, B.S. in Speech Correction, ALPHA DELTA Pl, Alpha Lambda Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 3l, Freshman Adviser l2, 3l, Honors Day ll, 2l. CLEARY, MICHAEL DOUGLAS ..... INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, B.A. in L.A.S., Philosophy, EVANS SCHOLARS, Football Marching Band ll, Ql, First Regimental Band ll, 2l, Junior Bar Association. CLEGG, JOSEPH JOHN ..... JACKSONVILLE, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, A.S.A.E., Illi- CLEM, JOHN CLEVELAND, Knights, S.A.E., Illinois College. RICHARD ..... GURNEE, B.S. in Engineering Physics, DELTA UPSILON, Ma-Wan- Da, Tomahawk, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, The lllio l2, 3l, Business Manager llil, Football Marching Band ll, 2l, First Regimental Band ll, 2l, Physics Society, Honors Day ll, 2, Sl, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. EDWARD CRAIG ..... WEBSTER GROVES, MISSOURI, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, SIGMA CHI, Campus Chest ill, W.P.G.U. l2l, University Choir Ill, Men's Glee Club l2, 3l, Oratorio Society Ill, Greek Week Committee l3l, Military Ball Committee Ml, Lieutenant, NROTC 13, dl, Navy Council l4l, Scabbard and Blade I3, dl, Society of American Military Engineers l'2, 3, 4l, President l3l, A.l.E.E.-I.R.E., Trident l3, Al, President Ml, Honors Day Intl. CLEVER, DARLENE JOANE ..... BATAVIA, B.S. in Recreation, SIGMA KAPPA, Terrapin IQ, 3, Al, American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter, Northern Illinois University. CLIFFORD, CANDACE RUTH ..... OTTAWA, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, EVANS HALL, First Regimental Band l2l, Second Regimental Band lll, Illinois Technograph l2l. CLINE, CHARLES HENRY ..... GLEN ELLYN, B.S. in Communications, SIGMA CHI, Basketball Manager l2l, McKinley Foundation Student Council Ml, Pershing Rifles l2l, Marketing Club. CLINE, KATHERINE HIRT ...... INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics, CLINE, mro KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Torch, Shi-Ai, Star Course Manager l2l, Y.M.C,A. Committee Ill, W.P.G.U. l2l, Illinois Technograph l2l, McKinley Foundation Student Council ll, 2, 3, 4l, A.F.S., Honors Day Ill. RD ROBERT ..... VIRGINIA, B.S. in Agriculture, Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, S.N.l.B. ll, 2l, All-Ag Field Day Committee l3l, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club, Honors Day II, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. I ff '75 ,V -rs. ..--, ,tive re' w , 1.- 4' H, Q ,K 2, Q f Wi ra N Y if Vt. J .Q g " Q ..f21fi'4'5v' H R.. ...,.-:,t:,ag.ftz.?.gZ- fig- . I , 1 -cr is ,wr-fr il u ,X l ,viii KV . I - N. 'VO J EJ 1,-2-fl' INT 6 WQ :li -lrxgrf' i V ', Lf A ' I iw' V li V 1 ., '. .Eff I' 1 .2 fr if M!! is ' f' ' fc-L-e::afrf.1 .V " "ft M ,f ' f I I ijt. :Y tif. ill 'I' twat. i l , Q-E tftt . ' I 1, . f 'lt -A f x . Y, , A W xg, .1- 4 ,Ml t . 1 '13 y f , sm. . -5 5- 1 ,gas A c I 'f , - ' 49 , ",,.. A . it ffritfgka ,g gf ' f -in surf' ,. . 5 an r I --,w KV f Tgii, g -git I 1 . yi " ' ,Q 1 ,xi wt .,"" I ,ri . -.J f ., M . ' 1+ 4:21 - ""': I mf.fLs3"I.,.-' -at Q2 .1 6' I vs- : " A . ,,, ' -nc... M tx.. . , X' 4- 'Sf-xv " . - I .feb ' 1 - .W I .2 Vljf. V. in 5 531 V gf.. 1 f, in 9 tw 'Q' I 4 fr' , N- J' X 1' , M., ,- f Ti 1 Q' 's 4 i W V fe :- Q. an -, X 'W ix ,Q I ' in 'A is 6 ff' 'eff . 43 ui. x If z 2 , fr ,:- Y. ., M ' zur' . g , at 52 A 4 cg Q Y I ii it l fl 24 S ' itat sa' ' 41, A 'testi' Al. -5' ' J- fits' f ' ' . ,- , 1. f l i' ve., , , . 'i v ' 5 "' I. -' f ' if Y t . . I. E1 4 ,N I 11 , ,ff COGGINS, WILLIAM R.. ..MARGARETTSVlLLE, NORTH CAROLINA, B.S. in Electrical En- gineering. COHEN, STEPHEN JOEL. .... TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK, B.S. in Accountancy, LUNDGREN HOUSE, Illini Union Committee 1l, 31, Freshman Week Committee 141, Accountancy Club. COHEN, TANYA Z ...... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, PINE HALL, Student National Education Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. COLBY, WILLIAM ANDREW .,... ATKINSON, B.S. in L.A,S., Chemistry, Second Regimental Band 1I, 21, Men's Glee Ciub 12, 3, 41, Illini Christian Fellowship 1I, 2, 3, 41, A.I.C.E. COLEGROVE, NORMA LOUISE ...,. B.S. in Chemistry, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, Iota Sigma Pi, The lllio 1l, 21, Star Course Manager 1I, 21, Honors Day 1I1. COLEMAN, MICHAEL GARM ..... PEKIN, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, ZETA PSI, House President 131, llinois Technograph 1I, 21, Engineering Council 12, 31, M.l.S. COLLENS, LEWIS MORTON ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, Wa-Na-See, Illini Union Board 131, M.I.A, Executive Council 12, 31, Student Senate 12, 3, 41, Committee on Student Affairs 131, Coordination Committee 12, 31, N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 13, 41, Fresh- man Week Committee 141, Little United Nations, Praetorians, Society for the Ad- vancement ot Management, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. COLOMBO, CARL LEO ...,. BARTLETT, Bachelor of Architecture, FORBES HOUSE, A.l.A., Elgin Community College, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. COLVIN, BOBBY JOE ..... WAVERLY, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, GARNER HOUSE, Black- burn College. COMSTOCK, DAVID PRESTON ..... LA GRANGE, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, ALPHA SIGMA PHI, Illinois Institute of Technology, Lyons Township Junior College. CONANT, JOHN CHARLES ..... JACKSONVILLE, B.S. in General Engineering, PHI KAPPA TAU, Star and Scroll, The lllio 1I1, Chairman Homecoming Illini Union Committee 131, Illini Union Department Head 141, Junior lnterfraternity Council 1I1, Military Ball Committee 131, Ensign, NROTC 141, Navy Council 131, Trident 141. CONDICT, RUPERT DEWAYNE ..... EVANSVILLE, INDIANA, Bachelor of Architecture, VAN DOREN HOUSE, Scarab, A.l.A., Evansville College. CONNOR, PATRICIA ANN ..... DOWNERS GROVE, B.S. in Elementary Education, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, llligreek 131, Beloit College. CONRAD, LAUREL ANNE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, THETA UPSILON, Illini Union Committee 131, First Regimental Band 13, 41, Student National Education Association, Young Republicans Club, Cornell College. COOK, ROBERTA ROBIN ..... NEW YORK, NEW YORK, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, PINE HALL, Illini Union Committee 121, SnoeBall Committee 121. COOMBE, MARTHA VIRGINIA ..... OAK PARK, B,A. in Teaching of Social Studies, MCKINLEY HALL, Mortar Board, Phi Alpha Theta, Illini Union Committee 1I1, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1I, 21, W.G.S. Executive Council 131, Sno-Ball Committee 121, Little United Nations, Young Republicans Club. COOPER, MARY LINDA ..... BERWYN, B.S. in Elementary Education, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Stevens College. COOTS, .IERALD WAYNE ..... HAVANA, B.S. in Management, SIGMA PI, Accountancy Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. COPP, GLORIA MARY ..... WESTCHESTER, B.S. in Elementary Education, LEEMON LODGE, Student National Education Association, Illinois State Normal University. CORBIN, KATHRYN JEANNE ..... MUNCIE, INDIANA, B.S. in Music Education, PINE HALL, Sigma Alpha Iota, University Orchestra 1I, 2, 3, 41, Ball State Teacher's College. COWMAN, GARY LAVERNE . . . . MAQUERL, B.S, in Agricuture, DELTA SIGMA PHI, Hoof and Horn Club, Western Illinois University. COX, DELANO KINIBERLING ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Biology, KAPPA ALPHA PSI, House President 141, Men's Glee Club 131, Wilson Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. CRAIG, LINDA MILLER ..... HERRIN, B.S. in Elementary Education, Theta Sigma Phi. CRAIG, PAUL WILLIAM . . , . HERRIN, B.S. in Accountancy, Southern Illinois University. CRAIG, RICHARD LYNN ..... GRAYSLAKE, B.F.A. in Industrial Design, Alpha Phi Omega. CRAMER, LAUNA RACHELLE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching ot English, CEDAR HALL, Freshman Adviser 131. CRAMER, SHARON ANNE ..... FREEPORT, B.S. in Communications, LINDEN HALL, The Daily ll ini 141. CRAWFORD, JOHN WICKHAM ..... CLAYTON, ilnilii-lor nt Arcliiti-cturi-, PI-ll DELTA THLIA, Star Course Manager 1l1, Junior lnti-rfmtr-rnity Council 1I1, Ensign, NROIC 13, 111. CREMIEUX, FAITH MILDRED ..... HINSDALE, B.F.A. in Art Education, KAPPA DELTA, Smit-ty ol illustrators, University Theatre Crew 1-tl, Panlii-llonlc Ball Coniinittirt- 131, Littli- Uniti-rl Nations, Honors Day 131, Lawrence Colli-qi-. CRILEY, BRUCE BENNER .,... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A,S., Zoology, CAMPUS VIEW LODGE, Honors Day 12, 31, Navy Pier Extension of thi- University ol Illinois. CROSBY, MARCIA ANN ..... ROCKFORD, B.S in Business Education, KAPPA DELTA, Illini Union Committee 121, Commerce Council 13, 41, Business Education Club, Honors. Day 121. CROSS, CYNTHIA ANNE ..... WILMETTE, B.S. in Recreation, ALPHA XI DELTA, Illini Union Committee 1I, 21, Terrapin 1I1, American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter. CROUCH, LINDLEY JANE ..,.. WESTERN SPRINGS, B.A. in L,A,S., History, GAMMA PHI BETA, Alpha Sigma Nu, Honors Day 131, Columbia University, Connecticut College School oi Dance. CROWELL, RONALD DENNIS ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.S. in Civil Engineering, PHI SIGMA EPSILON, Second Regimental Band 1I, 21, Oratorio Society 111, Illini Christian Fellowship 1I, 21, A.S.C,E. CROZIER, WILLIAM ROBERT ..... WAUKEGAN, B.A. in I..A.S., English FLAGG HOUSE. CUERDEN, GLENN ALAN ..... NAUVOO, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, PI KAPPA PHI, Star acid Scroll, House President 141, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Chicago Academy o Fine Art. CULKIN, HELEN MARY ..... SHELDON, B.S. in Home Economics, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Shorter Board, Torch, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Illini Union Committee 1I1, Campus Chest 1I, 2, 31. CURRAN, THOMAS FRANCIS ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A.l.E.E.-I.R.E., Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. CZARNECKI, LEONARD CHESTER ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Economics, SIGMA TAU GAMMA, Rifie and Pistol Club, Honors Day 111, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CZEKALA, ROSE MARIE ..... ARGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Spanish, EVANS HALL, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club, Honors Day 1I, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. DABNEY, ADOLPHUS ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in the Teaching of Social Studies, HOPKINS HOUSE, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. DAHL, MELFORD ARTHUR ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, A.S,C.E., Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois. DAHMAN, HOMER MARC ..... ARENZVILLE, B.S. in L.A.S., Economics, FORBES HOUSE, Junior Bar Association. DAIGH, CHARLES FRANCIS ..... LEBANON, B.S. in Teaching of German, FORBES HOUSE, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Senate 13, 41, German Club, President 141, Belleville Junior College, Reed College. DALLMAN, BONNIE MARIE ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.S. in Rcreation, PI BETA PHI, Illini Union Committee 111, University Theatre Crew 111, Panhellenic Ball Committee 111, American Recreational Society U. of I, Student Chapter. DALY, MARYLIN ANN ..., CINCINNATI, OHIO, B.S. in Communications, THETA UPSILON, Shorter Board, Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, The Illio 1I, 2, 31, Editor 141, Illini Union Committee 1I, 2, 31, Panhellenic Executive Council 131, Freshman Adviser 131, Freshman Adviser's Executive Council, Chairman 131, Spanish Club, Honors Day 1l1, University of Cincinnati. DAMERON, ELDON WAYNE ..... CHENOA, B.S. in Industrial Education, DELTA PHI, Illini Union Committee 1I1, Alumni Association Board 1I1, Illinois State Normal University, University of Georgia. DAMON, DANIEL ALDEN ..... PEORIA, B.S. in Restaurant Management, PHI GAMMA DELTA, Illini Union Committee 111, Y.M.C.A. Committee 111, Campus Chest 1l1, Intramural Manager 1I, 2, 31, Greek Week Committee 111, IM Rec Board 12, 31, Military Ball Committee 1I1. DANGERFIELD, HELEN KAY ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.A. in L.A.S., Speech, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Illini Union Board 141, Maior Chairman Forums and Town Meetings Illini Union Com- mittee 131, Illini Union Committee 1I, 31, University Theatre Crew 1I, 2 ,31. DANIEL, ARTHUR JOHN ..... CALEDONIA, B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics, NEWMAN HALL, Tomahawk, Pi Mu Epsilon, Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 41, House President 131, Newman Foundation Student Council 141, Freshman Adviser 131, Sno-Ball Committee 13, 41, German Club, Honors Day 131. DANZER, WARREN KEITH ..... EAST ST. LOUIS, B.S. in Management, Alpha Phi Omega, Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 41, Fencing, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, ,31, Scirnitar. DARNELL, JESSE LEWIS ..... GREENVILLE, B.S. in Economics, Commerce Council 13, 41, Ac- countancy Club. DAviEs, PATRICIA suE ..... VANDALIA, B.S. in Music Education, PALAMAR, Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Band 12, 3, 41, Honors Day 131, Illinois Wesleyan University. DAVIS, ALFRED STEWART ...., STREATOR, B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics, PHI KAPPA THETA, I.A.S., Illinois Campus Amvets Post No 202, Student National Education Association, Honors Day 1I1. , : ,iz ti 1' m'35,,'Q4fy A ' ' Y J' . 1 A Q, lt .lat a W' WJ' 1--va iamm' iii r pt' S Q ,11 'Q .. . C2 'X T P ' fi. I 1" .Z ,K .f : ki 'AST-c , M M il 'iii' Q, V.-QW lg . ' :..M X A I : 2.4 . i nl , 5504 Q., I , A .aw .M 'J -Al - li ,I fy .- L. . 'jx , V194 -A ' wa. fa , . Sh ...JF ,Qi I ,-1 -'1' JW it f I, 493 Wt' Ax f X 'S 'Q as 'qw it . im A 1 . A , A ' 3 if t , ,wg ,X w .1 1 A TB' - ,Q . I . .Ljh,,,gn."" fierce' ' 1' ,ct , ' "V , '- h' fiffft 'H I 1 'I-v if ,. l",.ya , 'X 4 x J E35 Q5f1f5ii.1,:s 494 DAVIS, JEROME HOWARD ..... MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, B.A. in L.A.S., Philosophy, ZETA BETA TAU, Campus Chest 11, 21, American Recreational Society of U. ot I. Student Center. DAVIS, WILLIAM KASE .... . ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, Bachelor of Architecture, ALPHA RHO 'I N , CHI, Star and. Scroll, Gargoyle, Phi Eta Sigma, Junior lntertraternity Council 111, I C It 1 ' ' ' ' W .3 ' Freshman Adviser 12, 31, Quartermaster, Army ROTC 13, 41, Phi Chi Eta 131, A.l,A., Honors Day 11, 2, 3, 41, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. M' oscnmstovi-IER, DONALD Jossvi-I ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology, SIGMA TAU i 'l l." K - ' ti' .cf ' f . i f,.-.. I, ,H . f 'Tx P I N .,. , .C . what . fe. .. iff-is ,. ff y A GAMMA, Freshman Adviser 141, German Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Rifle and Pistol Club, Baseball, Freshman Varsity Squad, Navy Pier, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. DEGENFORD, JAMES EDWARD ..... PEORIA, BS in Electrical Engineering, ACACIA, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, University Theatre Crew 111, A.l.E.E.- l.R.E,, Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. DEHASS, JAMES LAWRENCE ..... KEWANEE, B.S in Electrical Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. DELANEY, JOHN MICHAEL, .... DAYTON, OHIO, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Newman Foundation S'udent Council 13, 41, Industrial Engineering Society, llli-Knights, New York State Maritime College, University ot Dayton. DELLENBACK, BARBARA KAY ..... HINCKLEY, B.S. in L.A.S., ZoolOQY: McKlNLEY HALL. DELLERT, ROBERT CHRISTOPHER ...., DECATUR, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Phalanx, A.S.M.E. DELP, JUDITH ANN . .... SHABBONA, B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics, MCKINLEY HALL, Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman Adviser 131, Honors Day 11, 21. DEMPSEY, BARRY JO ..... AVON, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Society of American Military Engineers 141, A.S,C.E., Honors Day 111. DEMPSEY, MARGARET ELLEN ..... CARLYLE, B.S. in Music Education, ALPHA DELTA PI, Shorter Board, Sigma Alpha Iota, President 141, University Theatre Crew 11, 21, Stu- dent Senate 12, 31, First Regimental Band 12, 3, 41, Second Regimental Band 111, Women's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Madrigal Chorus 13, 41, Oratorio Society 121, Fine and Applied Arts Council 13, 41, Honors Day 131. DENEEN, KATHY RAY ..... MARENGO, B.S. in Physical Education, ALPHA XI DELTA, W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41, Physical Education Maiors Club, Young Democrats Club, DENT, GAIL MARJORIE ..... SKOKIE, B.S. in L.A.S., English, ALPHA DELTA PI, Alpha Lambda Delta- The lllio 111- Illini Union Committee 11 21- University Theatre Crew 121- Y.W.C.A. Committee 141- Illigreek 121- Honors D y 11 21. J I I I I I ,A ' ' a ' , H 'W so Dsscoukousz, JAMES CLARENCE . . . CI-IICAGO,.B.S. in Physical Education, CHI ILLINI, 4 , . 1 1 If if - 576. 2-'C . , ,,,, ,,, I gg... q5Bx:1. .f:Q as si -'S W' " 5.23" . E. , .3 ,K 4 it .I f 3 " 9 A Y Pi J 5 A gf I fn A .. -,A Football Manager, Navy Pier 11, 2t, Wrestling Manager, Navy Pier 11, 21, Track Man- ager, Navy Pier 111, Lettermen's Club, Navy Pier, President 121, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. DEUEL, JAMES PETER ..... ELGIN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Lewis College of Science and Technology. DICK, CAROL DIA ..... HAMMOND, B.S. in Home Economics Education, SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA, Illini Union Committee 13, 41, Concert Band 121, First Regimental Band 111, Home Economics Club. DIEFENTHALER, JACK LEE . . ..OCONE-E, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, COSINE CLUB, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. DIERKER, MERRILL OTTO ..... FOREST CITY, B.S. in Agriculture, ALPHA GAMMA RHO, Star and Scroll, S.N.l.B. 11, 21, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, 41, Arnold Air Society 13, 41, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club. DIERKES, JAMES PAUL ..... QUINCY, B.S. in Architectural Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, Gargoyle, President 141, Scarab, Fine and Applied Arts Council 141, Honors Day 11, 21. DIESNER, WANDA WYLLIE ,.... DWIGHT, B.S. in Elementary Education, ZETA TAU ALPHA, Shorter Board, Torch, The Illio 11, 2, 31, Illigreek 131. DILLE, CHARLES ERNEST, Ill ...., CAIRO, Bachelor of Architecture, ROOJAH, House Presi- dent 121, A.I.A. DINNELLA, NANCY MARIE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in the Teaching of English, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio 11, 21, Illinois Union Com- mittee 11, 21, Campus Chest 11, 21, Student Senate 12, 3, 41, Committee on Student Affairs 141, N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 13, 41, Honors Day 11, 2, 31. DISPENSA, SALVATORE ANTHONY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Commercial Teaching, Business Education Club, President 141. DITTRICH, ALFRED RAYMOND ..... DES PLAINES, B.S. in Accountancy, Loyola University, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. A DIXON, NANCY ELIZABETH ..... DOWNERS GROVE, B.S. in Elementary Education, DELTA GAMMA, Shorter Board, Terrapin 12, 31, Honors Day 131, Western Illinois University. DODGE, JAMES URBAN ..... MASON, B.S. in Marketing, GARMEN HOUSE. DOHERTY, DONALD PATRICK ..... WEST CHICAGO, B.S. in General Engineering, PHI KAPPA TAU, Ma-Wan-Da, Sachern, Star and Scroll, Phi Eta Sigma 111, Illini Union Committee 111, Star Course Manaqer 12, 3, 41, Concert and Entertainment Board 141, Student Senate 141, Lieutenant, NROTC 13, 41, Navy Council 141, Trident 13, 41, A.F.S., Honors Day 131, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. DOMINIC PATRICIA ...., STREATOR, Il.A. in l.A.S., Slwvili, KAl'I'A DLLIA, Illini Union Cunt mittee il, 2, 31, University Ilteatit- fit-W il, 7, IT, 41, Star Course Manamiur II1, Orchesis II1, Freshman Adviser itil, llanhr-Ili-nic Ball Committee III1, littlr- Ilnitt-rl Nations. DOMMERS MARY VIRGINIA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Eli-inc-ntary Education, ZETA TAU ALPHA, Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini IQ1, lllifyreek il, 71, Newman liounrlation Sturlvnl Counril il, 9, 3, 41, Greek Week Committee IQ, 31. DONAHUE JACK DAVID ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.'h., Gr-olocly, Tnniallawll, Alpha Plii Omega, University Theater Crew II1, Cyrlothuin Clulm, I-lonors Day I31. DONDANVILLE, GERRY LEE ...,. WILMINGTON, B.A. in L.A.S. Political Science- BETA TH T , , E A Pl, The Daily Illini IZ1, The lllio IT1, Junior Bar Association, Honors Day I31. DONIGER LOIS IRENE ,.... CHICAGO, B.S. in Music Education, PINE HALL, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, President I41, University Orchestra I41, Women's Glee Club I3, 41, Oratorio Society I31, Fine and Applied Arts Council I41, Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key, Navy Pic-r Extension of the University ot Illinois. DONOVAN DEANN KATHERINE ..... GALESBURG, B.A. in L.A.S., English, Pl BETA PHI. DOTSON LEWIS STANTON ..... TUSCOLA, B.S. in Agriculture, Bachelor of Laws, PHI DELTA THETA, Ma-Wan-Da, Sachern, Skull and Crescent, Tribe ot Illini l41, Football Manager II, 2, 31, Senior Football Manager l41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC I3, 41. DOUGHERTY ALLEN LEE ..... CHICAGO- B.S. in Finance- SIGMA ALPHA P IL N- kull , , E S O , S and Crescent, The Illio II1, Illini Union Committee Il, 21, Star Course Manager IT, 21. DOUGLAS JANET LYNN ..,., CICERO, B.F.A. in Painting, LEEMAN LODGE. CHARLES WILLIAM ..... ADAIR, B.S. in Music Education, Concert Band l3, 41, Football Marching Band il, 2, 3, 41, First Regimental Band Il, 21, University Orchestra IS, 41, Young Democrats Club. KAY WHITLOW ..... GOOD HOPE, B.S. in Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Campus Chest II1, Young Democrats Club. KAMAL IBAGUE COLOMBIA BS in A ricultural En ineerin ASA . ..... , . 1 , ., g g Q, .. .E., Colombian Students Club, University of the Andes. DOWNS ROBERT WARREN ..... BELLEVILLE, B.F.A. in Industrial Design, Belleville Junior College. DOYLE DANIEL DEAN ..... PEORIA, B.A. in L,A.S., Political Science, BALMORAL CLUB, W.P.G.U. II, 21, House President I31, Bradley University. DOYLE KIRBY JOHNSON ..... SHENANDOAH, IOWA, B.S. in Elementary Education, PALAMAR, House President I31, Student National Education Association, Christian College. DOYLE RODNEY RAY ..... MILTON, B.S. in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics Club, Agri- cultural Education Club, Delta Sigma Omicron, Western Illinois University. DREWS JACK WILLIAM ..... DANVILLE- B.S. in General En ineerin - BETA SIGMA PSI, 1 9 Q, l.U.S.A. Barbershoppers il, 21, I.S.G.E. DROGEMULLER, RICHARD ALLEN. . . . ELMWOOD PARK, B.S. in Civil Engineering, MOORE HALL, A.S.C.E. DRULLIS ASTRIDA VIJA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Recreation, BUSEY HALL, Orchesis il, 21, American Recreational Society U, ot I. Student Chapter, Physical Education Maiors Club. DUBBERKE RICHARD WALTER ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, NOBLE HOUSE, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Marketing Club, Honors Day I31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. DUDLE JAMES ARTHUR ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, GARNER HOUSE, Marketing Club, Basketball Nvy P' r I 21 Tennis Nav Pier I 2 Nav Pier Extension ofthe ..,a,ieI,: ',v'I,1:v University ot Illinois. DUEWER LAWRENCE ALVIN ..... WAVERLY, B.S. in Agriculture, NABOR HOUSE, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, Y.M.C.A. Committee I2, 31, Agricultural Council I3, 41, Freshman Adviser I31, Plowboy Prom Committee I21, Sno-Ball Committee l31, Agricultural Economics Club, Agricultural Education Club, Gamma Delta, Hoot and Horn Club. DUFF BRUCE NIXON ..... BLUE ISLAND, B.S. in Accountancy, DELTA TAU DELTA, Illini Union Board I41, Maior Chairman Sheequon Illini Union Committee I31, lllini Union Council I31, Illini Union Committee I21, Junior lntertraternity Council IT1, Commerce Council I21, Intertraternity Ball Committee I21, Accountancy Club. DUFFY ROBERT JAMES ..... NORRIDGE, B.S. in Marketing, CAMPUS VIEW LODGE: House President I41, Accountancy Club, Marketing Club, Wright Iunior College, Navy Pier Extension ot the University ot Illinois. DUNBAR DEAN ARTHUR ..... KEWANEE, B.S. in L.A.S., Biology, ILLIKNIGHTS. DUTTWEILER RUSSELL EDWIN .... CANTON, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, TOWN HOUSE, House President I21, Men's Glee Club il, 21, Military Ball Committee il, 21, Pershing Rifles Il, 21, M.I.S., President IA1, Young Republicans Club. DYNER HARRY BERNARD ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, SIMPSON HALL, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau, House President i31, Freshman Adviser i2, 31, I.A.S., Praetorians, Honors Day IT, 31. .Q A ' 1--1 If Nb Q N 1321. '-C. "' ta..i-'a- wr'--r K 4 I. .XM ,3?'f'-if fe fa, 'far' 1 rw I 59? . it l S2 fetus? V ! 'f "Vis 4'-rg . . 1.2 'ft Vfw. ,gn 4. I :A ra N, L, g .. if T A AA , , . .I I I . PWM 'Mn , as . 4 T .. . 11, am. ia . . 5 .f-A ,.,. x 'X , wx SY 5 4 7 A X . -ir' 'Sq I bf W '-'yn " 1 f ive' ' A A ' 2. frrq s 1 352' as gl' gs .bit I- +3 1, g 31 1 I x 31 v A-6 A A . s . 1 1 t E ,. , 'F vs' s ,Lag ' . xg . i VFLIS in-...I ' ' i M .H wav 1, ,KA ,,, 1 , sa.. .F . X , is , . A A .. 'M ,ay - ' ig. ,A 1 -5 ,5 gg I .,.,, , . '-'ui' " ,4 "avi" it 'Wm Q 5:-as "rr-' Wa'-X W. 1 iq. fm -will 'YQ' ,ff'?"a,li Sum? t 9 ts f :K " ,T 6 'r .Z 'gi U ' M " I 'FSS I ' I., I WL . 2 .1 'Sf .Z 5. -I -:J 555gg,j,'5QY'f's . , wg I Y S. i' ' . 1 0,1 0- an A fi ' :J " f' - j 2:55, V , -4' ,, js x . Q . J, fi. i 5 fn.: .. ' . . H .A ,,gi1z3,., yi, 1556 , ' ' -2' -'?Ef..'.e5.5z?" ' .' 'Fi i -.. M52 Q " 41.51 fi arg' vi 1 r xv ,551 5- ,I .v 1, ,- V, ' 1 95? 5. V" , 14. V 14-Li .Y DYSON, CHARLES BENTON ..... SAVANNA5 B.S. in Agriculture5 Agricultural Education Club, Western Illinois University. EADIE, WILLIAM ROBERT ,..,. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA5 B.S. in Marketing5 WHITE HALL5 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Marketing Club5 Society for the Advancement of Management5 Millikin University. EASTBURN, ANNE ...,. WATSEKA5 B.S. in Elementary Education5 BUSEY HALL5 Kappa Delta Pi5 The Daiiy Illini 1l15 Freshman Adviser 131. EASTMAN, ELIZABETH REYNER ..,.. ROCKFORD5 B.S. in Speech Correction5 KAPPA ALPHA THETA5 Zeta Phi Eta5 Illini Union Committee 1215 Campus Chest 1215 University of Wisconsin. EATON, REAUGH C ...... FLORA5 B.S. in General Engineering5 SIGMA PI5 Junior lnterfraternity Council 1215 Young Republicans Club. ECKMAN, CONNIE JOANN ..... WOOD RIVER5 B.S. in L.A.S., Dietetics5 DELTA DELTA DELTA5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 The Illio 1I, 215 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 315 University Theatre Crew 1I, 215 Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 315 Campus Chest 1I, 215 Illigreek 1115 Home Economics Council 1215 Panhellenic Ball Committee 1I, 215 Home Economics Club5 Young Democrats CIub5 Honors Day 1I1. EDELMAN, GLORIA JOAN ..... LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY5 B.S. in L.A.S., PsycholOQYi ALPHA EPSILON PHI5 The Daily llini 1215 Illini Union Committee 1215 University Theatre Crew 1215 Miami University. EDEN, STANLEY RAY ..... STOCKTON5 as in Agriculture5 ARMORY I-iousE., Mens Glee Club 12, 3, 41, s.N.i.B. 141. EDMINSTER, WARREN GEORGE ,... . WYANET5 Bachelor of Agricuture5 Gargoyle5 A.I.A.5 Knox University5 University of Maryland. EDWARDS, ROBERT THOMAS ..... PONTIAC5 B.S. in Industrial Administration5 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA5 Sachem5 Alpha Phi Omega, President 1215 lntertraternity Executive Com- mittee 12, 315 Gymnastics Manager 1215 Greek Week Committee 1315 Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 415 Pershing Rif1es 12, 3, 415 Phalanx 13, 415 Illinois Society of General Engineering5 Illinois Wesleyan University. EGGERS, MARION ESSIE ..... RIVER FOREST5 B.S. in L.A.S., Biology5 THETA UPSILON5 Illini Union Committee 1l15 University Theatre Manager 1315 University Theatre Crew 1215 Student Senate 13, 415 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 13, 415 WILL 1I, 2, 3, 415 Student National Education Association5 Young Republicans Club. EGIZIO, PHILIP JOHN ..... JOLIET5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering5 A.S.M.E.5 Lewis ColIege5 Joliet Junior College. EHLERS, NORMAN FREDRIC ...., MENDOTA5 B.S. in Agriculture5 FARM HOUSE5 Gamma Sigma Delta5 Phi Eta Sigma5 Tribe of Illini 13, 415 Track, Freshman Squad, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 415 Agricultural Economics Club5 Field and Furrow5 Hoof and Horn Club5 Honors Day 1I, 21. EICHHOLZ, EDELGARD ..... JOLIET5 B.S. in Comrnunicationsp LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE5 Theta Sigma Phi5 The Daily Illini 1315 Ritie and Pistol Club5 Joliet Junior College. EIGENRAUCH, MARIE ANN ..... CENTRALIA5 B.S. in Accountancy5 LINCOLN AVENUE RESI- DENCE5 Beta Gamma Sigma5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 Beta Alpha Psi5 Sigma Iota EpsiIon5 Illinois Disciples Foundation Student Council 1215 Accountancy Club5 Business Education Club5 Society for the Advancement of Management5 Honors Day 1l, 2, 315 University ot Illinois Scholarship Key 131. EKDAHL, KARIN LOUISE . . . . VILLA PARK5 B.S. in Home Economics5 DELTA ZETA5 University of Texas. ELIAS, CHESTER GEORGE ..... PERU5 B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science5 SIGMA CHI5 House President 1415 Freshman Council, Freshman Adviser 1215 Greek Week Committee 1315 L.A.S. Council 131. ELLIS, JANET MAXINE ..... ROCKFORD5 B.A. in L.A.S., Spanisl't5 ALPHA CHI OMEGA5 Campus Chest 1315 Panhellenic-W.G.S. Coordinating Committee 1315 Terrapin 13, 415 Purdue University. EMMERMAN, RONALD ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Accountancy5 TAU EPSILON PHI5 Accountancy C ub. ENT, JUDY ..... CAIRO5 B.S. in Commercial Teaching5 ALPHA DELTA PI5 Torch: Shi-Ai5 Sigma Iota Epsilon5 Maior Chairman Mothers Day Illini Union Committee 1315 Illini Union Com- mittee 1I, 215 McKinley Foundation Student Council 1215 Business Education Club. ENTWISTLE, JAMES FRANCIS ..... OGLESBY5 B.S. in Physical EduCati0n5 PHI SIGMA KAPPA5 Football, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41. EPKINS, JOSEPH WAYNE ..... PEKIN, B.S. in Management5 PHI DELTA THETA5 Wa-Na-See5 Sachem5 Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 415 Tennis, Captain 141, Varsity Squad 1I, 2, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 415 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 415 Society for the Advancement of Man- agement5 Association of U. S. Army. EPSTEIN, ERWIN HOWARD ..... LINCOLNWOOD5 B.A. in L.A.S., Philosophy5 PI LAMBDA PHI5 Phi Eta Sigma 1I15 Hillel Foundation Student Council 1I, 2, 3, 415 Freshman Adviser 1215 Junior Bar Association 1415 Honors Day 1I15 Northwestern University5 Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. ERICKSON, DAVID ALBERT ..... EVANSTON5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering5 NOBLE HOUSE5 A.S,M.E.5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. s ESPINOZA, RICHARD JEROME ..... GURNEE5 B.S. in Electrical Engineering5 CLUB TOPPER5 Newman Foundation Student Council 1I, 415 St. Pat's Ball Committee 1415 A.l.E.E.- I.R.E.5 Young Democrats Club. ESSER, ANNETTE MADELEINE ..... WASHINGTON5 Bachelor of Music5 CHI OMEGA5 Sigma Alpha lota5 Fine and Applied Arts Council 1315 Colorado Woman's College. EUBANKS, MARY ANN ..... URBANA5 B.A. in LA.S., French5 The Illio 121. EVANS, CHARLES CLARK ...,. PARK RIDGI, 11.5. in lili-alrirnl IIIL3llN'l'I'lI1lI, IIIIIA l'Ill, Illini Union Committee 11, 43, W.P.G.U. 12, 33, A.l.E.C.AI.R.I'. EVANS, EARL EUGENE . .... MACON, I1.S. in Aiiricultuinl Iiiiiiiiim-riiin, WISMIN, L,illlIl!lI'i Chest 143, House President 153, Vlfcsli-y FouniI.itiun Slucli-nl Council 1113, Lniiini.-i-init, Council 133, St. Pat's Ball Comniittvi' 1113, A.S,A.I',, iii-lil .incl lurruvv. FAGO, DORIS DALE , . . . WINTHROP HARBOR, ITS. in Hninr' Lcnnoniics, lnvvii Slnli' Univi-r-.ity. FAHNSTROM, JUDITH ANN ..... VICTORIA, HS. in Huini' Economics Lcliicnliiiii, fill HOLISY, Phi Upsilon Omicron, President 143, Panhcllenic-W.G.S. Coordinating Cnmmittvi- 123, House President 133, Home Economics Council 143, Plowboy Prom Coniinittne 11, 23, SnoeBall Committee 113, Home Economics Club, FAIRCHILD, LYNN KATHLEEN ..... CHAMPAIGN, I3.A. in L.A.S., Enqlisli, Tliu Illio 11, 23' Illini Union Committee 123. I FALZER, JULES DAVID . .... CHICAGO, ELS. in Electrical Engineering, GARNER HOUSE, AIS., A.I.E.E.-l,R.E., Illinois Institute of Technology, Nfivy Pier Extension of th: University of Illinois. FALK, ALLAN HERBERT ...,, CHICAGO, BS. in L.A.S., Zoology, HOPKINS HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 143, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. FARR, ORA DONALD ..... SWAN CREEK, B.S. in Agricultural Education, DELTA SIGMA PHI, Agricultural Education Club, Western Illinois University. FECHTIG, ALLEN D ...... ENFIELD, B,S. in Agricu'ture, Field and Furrow, Southern Illinois University. FEDOR, WILLIAM LAWRENCE ...., THAYER, B.S. in Industrial Administration, NEWMAN HALL, Ensign, NROTC 13, 43, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. FEHR, ALLEN EUGENE ..... DAKOTA, BS. in Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Honors Day 113. FEINBERG, PAULA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, CEDAR HALL, Kappa Delta Pi, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. FEIT, VICTORIA KAY ..... CHENOA, B.S. in Home Economics Education, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Torch, Phi Upsilon Omicron, The Daily Illini 11, 23, The Illio 11, 2, 33, Associate Editor 143, University Theatre Crew 113, Honors Day 113. FEITLER, WENDE WALTA CLAUDIA ..... RIVERSIDE, B.S. in Home Economics, LAUREL HOUSE, W.A.A. 11, 23, Orchesis 113, Freshman Adviser 133, Home Economics Cub 143, Phys- ical Education Malors Club, Spring Musical 11, 2, 43. FELLHEIMER, RONALD KATZ ..... PONTIAC, B.S. in Finance, ZETA EETA TAU, Illini Union Committee 133, Campus Chest 11, 23, Baseball, Varsity Squad 123, Intramural Manager 11, 23, Greek Week Committee 123, Finance Club, llllarkenng Club. FENGERS, ANITA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Teaching of Social Studies, LINCOLN AVENUE RESI- DENCE, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. FERRY, ANN MACLAY ..... ELMHURST, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Mortar Board, President, Torch, President, Shi4Ai, Major Chairman Pep Rally Illini Union Committee 133, Illini Union Committee 11, 23, Star Course Manager 11, 23, House President 143, Committee on Student Discipline 143, Freshman Council, FERST, STUART GERALD ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychologv: Pl LAMBDA PHI, Uni- versity Theatre Crevv 133, lnterfraternity Executive Council 123, Junior lntertraternity Council 113, Freshman Council, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. FIALA, FRED WADE . .... BERWYN, Bachelor of Architecture, Pl KAPPA PHI, Junior Inierfrar ternity Council 113, lnterfraternity Executive Council 123, A.I.A. FICKEL, RONALD GENE ..... ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, ACACIA, Skull and Crescent, Star Course Manager 113, House President 143, A,l.Ch.E., Presi- dent 143. FIELDLER, ELIZABETH JEANNE ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S, in Elementary Education, THETA UPSI- LON, Kappa Delta Pi, Illini Union Committee 13, 43, Oratorio Society 13, 43, Studfnr National Education Association, Honors Day 11, 23. FIELD, PHILIP HENRY ..... GLEN ELLYN, B.S. in Marketing, EVANS SCHOLARS, Vila-Na-See, Sachem, Tomahawk, M.l.A. Executive Council 133, Freshman Adviser 13, 43, Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC 13 43, Air Force Council 143, Arnold Air Society 13, 41. FIELDS, ADOLPH, BELDEN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, FORBES HOUSE, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Pier Illini 123, International Relations Club, French Club, Honors Day 12, 33, University of Illinois Scholarship Key, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. FIELDS, JANICE JEAN ..... BUSHNELL, B.S. in Accountancy, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Accountancy Club, Honors Day 11, 33. FILERMAN, MICHAEL H ...... SKOKIE, B.S. in Communications, GARNER HOUSE, Tomahawk, Mask and Bauble, National Collegiate Players, University Theatre Manager 123, Uni- versity Theatre Cast 11, 2, 3, 43, University Theatre Crew 11, 23, M.R.H.A, 123, WILL 12, 3, 43, Freshman Adviser 133. FINKELSTEIN, HAROLD ..... NEW YORK, NEW YORK, B.5. in Accountancy, Accountancy Club. FINLEY, JOHN ALLEN ..... RED BUD, B.S. in Communications, "O" HOUSE, Sigma Delta Chi, President 143, House President 133, Second Regimental Band 11, 23, l.A.S. 2 l cz ,Q ,Q O "ZIP ,ji :- I. L33 'v. 7, E, ! 'W .9 vc- I 'I .1 Hi .lm fi , . 1 if I 1 6 ,L ,ggi ,r 1 'C 4- ' ' T..-J" ,.. E' A-Q' it Ls A' it , f l . vs Q y 'ai 'T W-if of 'Q 5511 U' if ,, Bl' ,,,,n. .lf 1 of iw 1 - 3 'Q -wired as lv Y ...ef 3. H!" s, 'fi' i ., ffilxlg 526. '-f, A A ' A375 ,, pu. 8- . f QU! . I X. gy ,LQ . !"Eli.z,,, 498 59' i- in 511 :Z 9, s ' tv 22" A nt- o 44. .1 A, E A . 'R fs. . 1:21, f wr' FISCHER, DAVID LEWIS ..... KEWANEE, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, Illini Union Committee l2l, Campus Chest lil, Student Industrial Engineering Society. FISCHER, GEORGE ARTHUR ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Biology, Fencing, Varsity Squad lil, Armed Forces Council lil, Phalanx l2l. risi-mum, WILLIAM Roaster ..... FREEPORT, Bs. in L.A.S., Psychology, Sociology Club. FISHEL, FRANCES JUNE ..... TOLONO, Bachelor of Music, ALPHA OMICRON Pl, Shi-Ai l2l, Illini Union Committee l2l, University Theatre Manager l2l, University Theatre Cast lil, University Theatre Crew lil, House President l4l, Oratorio Society li, 2, 3l, Honors Day lil. FISHER, MARTHA ROSE ..... FITHIAN, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, Illinois Wesleyan University. FISTEL, MILTON SUMNER ..... WINTHROP, MASSACHUSETTS, B,S. in Civil Engineering, THE MANSION, House President l4l, Engineering Council l3l, A.S.C,E., I.T.E., President l4l. FITCH, DONNA JANE ..... WINNETKA, B.A. in L.A.S. in Political Science, SIGMA KAPPA, Illini Union Committee l2l, University Theatre Crew li, Zl, Young Republicians Club. FITZGERALD, MARIKAY ..... PARK RIDGE, B.S. in Communications, THETA UPSILON, Gamma Alpha Chi, The Daily Illini l3l, Maior Chairman Publicity Illini Union Committee l3, Al, Illini Union Council l3, Al, Illini Union Committee l2, 3, 4l, Newman Founda- tion Student Council l2, 3, dl, St. Mary's College. FLANDORFER, MAX CHARLES ..... NEW YORK, NEW YORK, B.S. in Chemistry, A.I.Ch.E., Marketing Club. FLATT, LESLIE TERRANCE ..... CARROLLTON, B.S. in Agriculture, PHI SIGMA EPSILON, S.N.l.B. l3, 4l, Agriculture Education Club, Illinois State Normal University. FLERSHEM, JOHN WHITNEY, .... CHICAGO, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, ILLINI LODGE, Campus Chest l3l- Junior Interfraternity Council l3l, St. Mary's College, Illinois Institute of Technology, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. FLEMING, CAROLYN SUE .,... SULLIVAN, B.S. in Physical Education, MCKINLEY HALL, Illini Union Committee l3l, University Theatre Crew l2l, W.S.A. Board l3, 4l, W.S.A. ll, 2, 3, Al, SnoeBaIl Committee l3l, Physical Education Maiors Club. FLETEMEYER, RICHARD GEORGE ...., DETROIT, MICHIGAN, B.S. in Recreation, SIGMA CHI, Tribe of Illini l2, 3, 4l, Swimming, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad l2, 3, 4l, Letter l2, 3 Al, Dolphins ll, 2. 3, Al, American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter, Illini Sportsman's Club. FLEISHER, CAROL SAGETT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Speech Correction, SIGMA DELTA TAU, Shi-Ai, Campus Chest lll, Freshman Week Committee l2l, Freshman Adviser l2, 3l, Panhellenic Ball Committee lil, Northwestern University. FLYNN, JOANNE STORER ..... BREMERTON, WASHINGTON, Bachelor of Music, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Sigma Alpha Iota, University Orchestra ldl, University of Puget Sound. FOERNER, MISSY ..... EVERGREEN PARK, B.S. in Elementary Education, CEDAR HALL, Campus Chest l2l, W.A.A. lll, W.P.G,U. l3l, S'udent Senate l2l, Student National Education Association, Young Democrats Club, St. Xaviers College, Roosevelt University. FORD, GEORGIA ANN ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, ALPHA DELTA PI, Panhellenic Executive Council l3, dl, Panhellenic W.G.S. Coordinating Committee l4l, Panhellenic Board of Affairs l2, 3, Al, House President l2l, Student Senate lil. FORERO, GABRIEL ..... BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, B.S. in Mining Engineering, FORBES, Ml.S., University of the Andes. FORLAND, MARLENE MARY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Teaching of Social Studies, ALLEN HALL, W.G.S. Executive Council l4l, Douglass College, Rutgers University. FORSYTH, JOHN WILLARD ..... OLNEY, B.S. in L.A.S., PsycholoQY: CHI PSI, Ma-Wan-Da: Skull and Crescent, Illini Union Committee ll, 2l, Star Course Manager lil, House President l4l, Chief Illiniwek li, 2, 3, dl, Second Regimental Band ll, 2, 3, 4l, Mc- Kinley Foundation Student Council ll, 2, 3, dl. FORT, HAROLD DUANE ..... ARMINGTON, B.S. in Agriculture, THETA CHI, Illini Union Com- mittee l2l, Campus Chest l2, 3l, Football Manager li, 2l, Universty Chorus l2, 3l, Men's Glee Club ll, 2l, Dairy Technology Society, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club, Spring Musical. FOSSE, WILLIAM HAROLD ..... OTTAWA, Bachelor of Architecture, TOWANCO CLUB, Platoon Commander, NROTC l3, Al, A.I.A FOSTER, NORMA JEAN ..... GIBSON CITY, B.S. in L.A.S., French, ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, Maior Chairman, Social Forums Illini Union Committee l4l, Secretary, Spring Musical, Illini Union Committee l3l, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet l3l, DePauw University. FOURNIER, ARTHUR ROBERT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Political Science, LUNDGREN HOUSE, Illini Uinon Committee l4l, M.R.H.A. l3, 4l, Captain, Army ROTC l3, 4l, Zeta Sigma A'pha l4l, Little United Nations, Young Republicans Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. o FOX, WILLIAM LYLE ..... WATSEKA, B.F.A. in Industrial Design, PHI GAMMA DELTA, Illini Union Committee lll, Captain, Army ROTC l3, 4l, Society of American Military Engineers l3, 4l, A.S.I,D. FRAKER, GUY C ...... WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK, B.A. in L.A.S., History, PSI UPSILON, Phi Alpha Theta, Illini Union Committee ll, 2l, House President l3l, Junior Bar Association. FRANCIS, DIANA RUTH ..... WHEATON, B.S. in Teaching of Biology, PHI MU, The Daily Illini l2l, University Theatre Crew l3l, Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 3l, Canterbury Founda- tion Student Council l2, 3, 4l, Wheaton College. FRANCIS, KENT RUSSELL ...., QUINCY, ILS. in Aigiiiiilliiml ElILIIIl1'l'lllll1j AL AKIA, l.ipl.nn, Army ROTC I3, -11, Scalxlmrri .incl Blatli- ill, -ll, A.S.A,E. FRANK, MARGUERITE ELLEN ..... NEW BERLIN, ILA. in Tr-.iiliinri ol Spf-I-cli, IINCOIN AVINIII RESIDENICE, Zeta Phi Eta, The lllio II, 21, Univnrsity Theatre Crow I2, fl, 41. FRANKEL, NEIL PAUL . .,,. RIDGEFIELD PARK, NLW IERSIY, Ilacltelni ul Aiilnii-ftnn-, All'llA RHO CHI, Star .incl Scroll, Scarab, Illini llnion Cnnnnitti-I- VI1, W P,G,II, 171. FRANKLIN, SHIRLEY JEAN ..... MORRISONVILLE, ILS. in Home Economics, SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA, S.N.l,B. I21, Home Economics Cluh. FRATIA, JANET ANN ..,.. PAXTON, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, CHI OMEGA, Illini Union Committee K21, Univcrsity Theatre Crew I21, Campus Chest II1, French Clulm, Little United Nations. FREED, MARIS LYNNE ..... PEORIA, B.S. in Elementary Education, DELTA PHI EPSILON, Slat Course Manager II, 21, House President I31. FREITAG, RICHARD ROSS ..... MINIER: B.S. in Agriculture, ALPHA GAMMA RHO, S.N.I.B, I21, Lieutenant, Army ROTC I3, 41, Hoof and Horn Club. FREITAG, ROBERT HENRY ..... TAYLORVILLE, B.S. in Accountancy, WHITEHALL, Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Club, Marketing Club, Honors Day I31. FRENCH, .ION DALE ..... SULLIVAN, B.S. in Accountancy, THETA DELTA CHI, Fencing, Varsity Squad I31, Commerce Council i3, 41, Accountancy Club, Young Republicans Club. FRERICHS, ALMUT KATHARINA ,.... EVANSTON, B.S. in Chemistry, PALAMAR, Tufts Univer- sity. FRIELICH, SHARON ELAINE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education. FRIS, CAROLE JOYCE ..... JOLIET, B.S. in Home Economics, LINDEN HALL, Gamma Delta, Home Economics Club, Joliet Junior College FROCK, BARBARA CASH ..... URBANA, B.S. in Music Education, KAPPA DELTA, Shi-Ai, Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Band Il, 2, 31, University Orchestra I2, 3, 41. FROCK, GEORGE ..,.. DANVILLE, B.S. in Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Concert Band I2, 3, 41, Football Marching Band Il, 2, 3, 41, First Regimental Band II1, Second Regimental Band II1, University Orchestra Il, 2, 3, 41. FROLICHSTEIN, SEYMORE REES ..... CHICAGO, Bachelor of Architecture, A.l.A., President i51, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, University of Colorado, FRUCHTER, MARVIN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, FLAGG HOUSE, Hillel Foundation Student Council t31, Accountancy Club, Marketing Club, Praetorians, De Paul Univer- sity, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. FRULAND, ROBERT MILLS ..... AURORA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, CAMPUS VIEW LODGE, A.S.M.E., Aurora College, Illinois Institute of Technology. FUCHS, WILLIAM CHARLES ..... BARTONVILLE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, SIGMA NU, A.S.M.E., S.A.E. FUGATE, KENDALL MORGAN ..... BLOOMINGTON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, THETA DELTA CHI, Fencing Manager il, 21, Freshman Adviser I41, Captain, Army ROTC i3, 41, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Young Republicans Club. FULMER, MARK THEODORE ..,.. HOMER, New YORK, Bs in L.A.s., Geology. FUNKHOUSER, LYLE ELBERT .... . CARMI, B.S. in Agriculture, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, A.S.A.E., Honors Day I21. FURDERBURG, RUSSELL EDWARD ...,. NEW HOLLAND, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, COL- LEGE HALL, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E., Illini SportsmJn's Club, S.A.E., Honors Day I31. GABEL, JUDITH KAY ..... WARSAW, B.S. in Elementary Education, BETA HOUSE, Illini Chris- tian Fellowship II, 2, 3, 41, Freshman Adviser I31, Student National Education Association. GAECKE, PAUL FREDERICK ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Management, SIGMA NU, Alpha Kappa Psi, Illini Union Committee il, 21, Junior lntirfraternity Council II1, Captain, Army ROTC I3, 41, Zeta Sigma Alpha I41, Marketing Club, Society for th: Advancement of Management, University of Michigan GAHAN, LAWRENCE WILLARD . . . . . DANVILLE, B.S. in Physical Education, BETA THETA PI, Fencing, Freshman Varsity University Theatre Crew II1, Star Course Manager II1, Squad, Varsity Squad I41, Dolphins Il, 2, 3, 41, Physical Education Maiors Club. GALE, DAVID MARK ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Chemistry, FORBES HOUSE, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, M.R.H.A. I3, 41, A.C.S., Fren:'1 Club, Honors Day II, 2, 31, Uni- versity of Illinois Scholarship Key, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, GALL, LEROY CHARLES ..... BELLWOOD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Baseball, Freshman Varsity Squad, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. 5 . Us X I J' H-If X33-L ,, Hi ps. f 1 QQ ,fi 1 n 1. -N v o"T"' .Ml -11 ' Q7 ,sw II ' .ef , - FMT ' 5' ' , . "..- , , 21:32 V .'T1. ' ., 'W - '-1 "1 r , ei- ff-, , f i. 5 ' 4-sf , ' ff,-4. A if fm?-ek ,f M: . Fx A.. y ,n ..- ,v vs ' .- 1 4.1, I WP .i.--1- 1 7 I ' J I fi on Y . wr Q, wa. rf its Z2- ,Y r 1 H I? U .,...s,,.ig, 1 ur--,, -i f 'lxiif ' Q x, fir'-A-2' ,Q ,W V fi., ...Tec ,' ' wtf-if ag -fi-wife. if ,- - " ' J, . Q A '53 B Qtr! 1 if 2 we. . I- , ,AW X, ASR 499 -47 'sl z 8 rf -Sf . may if' ' . 'Y' 'if X I I I it 4 'ai gf? Qs. is ,A M im I it K s I , f i. ' .af " f S?-,.' Q, '- , --,123 if ' at ' ,,,. . 1. ,f i- X il.- . q i -I CE ug 411910 . is "FW-45 KZ I 'ahidhrfj 5.. A . sl jg, ft . 'YB 44A-L 1. 5- 'I ' l? ' ' fmwb. , 'L ,. E ,44- -2-"far i 5- I' "-'L . .. 5 "5 'G A", 5 M . . wx l A-4 .1 is "Q 1 .X I 4 I H in A gi. 1 ' GALLAND, STUART sauce ...,. ROCKY RIVER, OHIO, as in Management, SIGMA ci-II, Freshman Council5 Football, Freshman Varsity Squad5 Baseball. Freshman Varsity Squad5 Commerce Council 13, 415 Freshman Adviser 1315 Greek Week Committee 1l, 215 Military Ball Committee 1415 Lieutenant-Colonel, Air Force ROTC 13, 415 Arnold Air Society 13, 41, GALLINGTON, ROGER WAYNE ..... CARBONDALE5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering5 LES MISERABLES5 House President 1415 Mayor, Air Force ROTC 13, 415 Pennsylvania State University. GALLUP, RCGER HOWARD ..... CHILLICOTHE5 B.S. in Agriculture5 FARM HOUSE5 Alpha Zeta5 Gamma Sigma Delta5 Phi Eta Sigma5 Agricultural Council 13, 415 Agricultural Economics Club5 Field and Furrow5 Hoof and Horn Club5 Honors Day 1l, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key. GAMMILL, CARROLL EDWARD.. .,PRlNCETON5 B.S. in L.A.S., Geography5 University of Maryland. GARDINER, MILTON JAMES . . . . HARVEY5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering5 A.F.S.5 A.S.M.E.5 S.A.E. GARDNER, BEVERLY JANE ,.... WASHBURN5 B.S. in Secretarial Training5 ALLEN HALL5 Alpha Lfmbda Delta5 Honors Day 1I1. GARDNER, KARL ROBERT ...., CHICAGO5 B.S. in Engineering Physics5 FORBES HOUSE5 Sigma Tau5 Physics Societyg Honors Day 1I, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GARDNER, RICHARD EUGENE ..... KEMPTON5 B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering5 SON'S HOME5 Sigma Gamma Tau5 House President 1315 Football Marching Band 12, 3, 415 First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 415 Second Regimental Band 1I15 l.A.S.5 Honors Day 121. IRVING SAMUEL ...,. CHICAGO5 B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology5 EVANS SCHOLARS5 Omega Beta Pi5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, JAMES EDWARD ..... ROBINSON5 Bachelor of Architecture5 M.l.A. Executive Council 1415 Ensign, NROTC 13, 41. NICOLE. .... GLENCOE5 B.F.A. in Painting5 CEDAR HALL5 University Theatre Crew 121. GARTHE, GRETCHEN. .... ROCKFORD5 B,S. in L.A.S., Speech Correction5 THETA UPSILON5 Illini Union Council 13, 415 Illini Union Committee 13, 415 Marquette University. GAUMER, DAVID ROBERT ..,.. DANVILLE5 B.S. in Communications5 PHI GAMMA DELTA5 Sigma Delta Chi5 William Jewell College. GAY, JAMES CLARK. .... ROCKPORT5 B.S. in Agriculture5 ILLI-DELL5 Alpha Zeta5 Plowboy Prom Committee 1l, 2, 3, 415 Sno-Ball Committee 1l, 2, 3, 415 Field and Furrow5 Hoof and Horn Club. GEBHARDT, ALFRED ERICK ,.... BERWYN5 B.S. in L.A.S., BacteriOlogy5 Illinois Institute of Technology5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GEER, RICHARD PERLEE ..... TAYLORVILLE5 B.S. in Chemistry5 GARNER HOUSE5 Alpha Chi Sigma5 W.P.G.U. 1315 Swimming, Freshman Varsity Squadf Dolphins 1l, 2, 3, 415 Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41. GEHLE, DON EARL ..... CAPRON5 B.A. in L.A.S., Zoology5 Illini Sportsman's Club5 Indiana University. GEILING, TERRY LEE . . . BERKELEY5 B.S. In Agriculture5 SIGMA NU5 Ensign, NROTC 13, 41. GEISER, ROBERT JAMES ..... FREEPORT5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering5 TRIANGLE5 Junior Intertraternity Council 1215 A.S.M,E.5 S.A.E. JOHN LAWRENCE. .... ALBUOUEROUE, NEW MEXICO5 B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering5 Sigma Tau5 Military Ball Committee 1415 Lieutenant-Colonel, Army ROTC 13, 415 Armed Forces Council 1415 Military Council 1415 Pershing Rifles 12, 3, 41, Com- mander 1415 A.l.EI.E.-I.R,E.5 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Honors Day 1I, 215 Washington University5 UCLA. GELAZIUS, JURA ..,.. CHICAGO5 B.S. in L.A.S., Biology5 VANLIG5 Lithuanian Students' Club5 Teachers-in-Training Club5 German Club5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GELLERMAN, JAY MICHAEL ..... MOLINE5 B.S. in Marketing5 ZETA BETA TAU5 Campus Chest 1I15 Captain, Army ROTC 13, 415 Ordnance Club 1415 Phalanx 1415 Marketing Club. GELMAN, JUDITH ILENE ..... LINCOLNWOOD5 B.S. in Elementary Education5 INDECO5 Kappa Delta Pi5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 The Daily Illini 1115 House President 13, 415 Freshman Adviser 1215 Student National Education Association5 Honors Day 1l, 2, 315 Univer- sity of Illinois Scholarship Key. GELSTEIN, SALLY ...., CHICAGO5 B.S. in Elementary Education5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GENDRICH, RONALD LEE ..... FOX LAKE5 B.S. in Chernistry5 M.R.H.A. 1315 House President 1315 A.C.S.5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GENGENBACH, WILLIAM LA VERNE ..... MT. CARROLL5 B.S. in Agriculture5 Agricultural Edu- cation Club5 Western Illinois University. GERBER, ZANE ..... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK5 B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering5 l.A.S. GERCH, EDWARD LESLIE ..... CHICAGO, ILS, in M.lrIsi'Iliti1, AII'IlA II'filION I'l, Iiili'iIi-ilviiiily Executive Council 13,105 House Pri-siili-nt 13, Ill, Si-iiiui Iviirinri Mniiniii-i itll, llnivri sity Religious Council 13l, Atliletlc Council 1-ll, Iri-sliin-in Wi-I-It Cmiiiiiiltiw- lftl, Freshman Adviser 11Il, Acrnuiitanry Cliih, Illini Init-ii-sir Association, M.irlf-'limi fluli, Honors Day 1ll. GERSTMAN, GEORGE HENRY ,... . FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK, ILS. in Eli-cIrir.iI TIIijlIlf't'IIIIKIj Illinois Teclinograph 13l, A.I.E.E.-l.R,I'., I'r.wtnri.ins. GERULAK, BOHDAN OLEH, ..,. CHICAGO, Idnclii-lur ol Arcliiti-ituru, AIA., Lllsiriiiimii Slit dents' Club, University Orchestra, Navy Pier, Navy Pia-r Extension ul tlii- Uiiivi-i.ily of Illinois. GESELL, JOHN ANDREW ,.... BELVIDERE, ELS. in Agriculture, llI.l-DELI., Ioniiliivvls, Aririciil tural Council 12, 3, dl, All-Ag Field Day Committee 1ll, Plowhoy Prom Comniilw-ii 1I, Ql, Sno-Ball Coniniittee 1l, Yl, Dairy Production Club, Field .incl Iiiriow, Hull and Horn Club. GETZ, CAROL JEAN ,.... ROANOKE, B.S. in Elementary Education, BUSEY HALL, lllii-oi Wesleyan University. GHIGHI, JAMES LEE .,... LA SALLE, BS. in Industrial Engineering, Engineering Council Ml, S,I.E.S., President 14l, La Salle-Peru-Ogleslny Junior College. GIAMALVA, VINCENT ANTHONY ..,., ROCKFORD, B.A, in LAS, Spanish, PHI KAPPA THETA, Campus Chest 12l, University Choir 12l, University Chorus 1ll, Sociology Club, Spanish Club, Teachersrin-Training C ub. GIARRIZZO, FRANK CARMELO ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, Newman Foundation Student Council 13,4l, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GIBBONS, SHARRON EILEEN ,.... CANTON, B.A. in Teaching of English, ALLEN HALL, Illini Christian Fellowship, French Club, Gamma Delta. GIBBS, ALAN JOHN ...., LA GRANGE, B.S. in Management, HOPKINS HOUSE, M.R.H.A. E - ecutive Council 13l, House President 13l, Lyons Township Junior College. GIBSON, ROBERT KEENEY ..,.. CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. GIESEKING, DALE EDWARD ..... HARVEL, B.S. in Ceramic Engineering, Tomahawk, Keramos, A.C.S., Agricultural Education C'ub, Gamma Delta, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202. GIESEKING, DARRELL LEE, .... HARVEL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, TRIANGLE, Star and Scroll, Sigma Tau, President 14l, House President 13l, Engineering Council 14l, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, -Il, Scabbard and Blade 14l, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E,, Gamma Delta, Honors Day 1Il, GIESZELMANN, EDWARD LOUIS ..... COLLINSVILLE, B.S. in Engineering Physics, PHI SIGMA KAPPA, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Adviser 12, 3l, Military Ball Committee 14l, Colonel, Air Force ROTC 13, Al, Air Force Council, President 11-tl, Armed Forces Council 14l, Arnold Air Society 13, Al, Physics Society, Honors Day 1l, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. GILBY, BARBARA ANNE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Recreation, ALLEN HALL, Orchesis 1Il, American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter, Physical Education Maiors Club. GILKISON, DONALD CHARLES ...., DE KALB, B.S. in Physical Education, SIGMA PI, Illini Union Committee 1Il, Freshman Week Committee 12l, Freshman Adviser 12l, Captain, Army ROTC 13, Al, Scabbard and Blade 13, Al, Physical Education Maiors Club. GILKISON, JEAN PIGOTT ..... DE KALB, B.S. in Economics Education, Pl BETA PHI, Illini Union Committee 1ll, Freshman Council, Freshman Week Committee 12l, Panhellenic Ball Committee 1ll, Plowboy Prom Committee 12l, Home Economics Club. GILLER, SANDRA NADALIN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, PINE HALL, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Student National Education Association. GILLESPIE, EMILIE JENNIE ..... URBANA, B.A. in L.A.S., French, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Illini Union Committee 1ll, University Theatre Crew 1ll, Star Course Manager 1l, 2l, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1ll, LAS Council 13, 4l, Angel Flight 13, Al, Illio Beauty 1ll. GITLER, BARBARA CECILE ..... CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Art Education, INDECO HOUSE, Illini Union Committee 12l. GLASER, ROBERT JOEL. ,... UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, OHIO, Bachelor of Architecture, PHI SIGMA DELTA, Illini Union Committee 1ll, A.l.A. GLAUB, GERALD ROBERT . . . . WASHBURN, B.S. in Communications, Honors Day 13l. GLEASON, DONNA JEAN ..... DES PLAINES, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, Illini Union Committee 12l, University Theatre Crew 1Il, Newman Foundation Student Council fl, 2l, Freshman Week Committee 12l, Spanish Club, Honors Day 1ll. GLENN, NORMAN LEONARD ..... DIXON, B.S. in Civil Engineering, TAU KAPPA EPSILON, Campus Chest 12l, Tennis, Freshman Varsity Squad, A.S.C.E., Northern Illinois Uni- versity. GLINZ, JOYCE DIANA ...,. JOLIET, B,S. in Agriculture, ALLEN HALL, Joliet Junior College. GODFREY, CHARLES ERNEST ..... EAST ST. LOUIS, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, M.l.S., Asbury College. GOFF, LAURIS ELIZABETH ..... PARK RIDGE, B.S, in Elementary Education, CHI OMEGA, Kappa Del a Pi, Illini Union Committee 12, 3l, McKinley Foundation Student Council 13l, Panhellenic Ball Committee 13l, Home Economics Club, Student National Educa- tion Association, Young Republicans Club, Iowa State College. nw, off 4' sf 1, ' .. 5 L", N it L 4 I-31 , I 4' ,L Q, ,R . X , i c . iz VJ .1 ii Nr-v ' -' " gf 1 ' Hi-'iiiffi ' ' ' -O I V i , I I. T' 't . it ' 5 A , -ft, f 3 - , . , .. Q Q 9 .J , of-2' I . .J V' Q 17 I Kms, -I V F s .f 1 , 4 n- .HN 42 av. -.. 3' .f it Q - fa' Q Tue.. ' f'1jIfXjffi3f5r ' L 1 " if ff " , ' .'t:fi'25fZ'ziL ' ,, , ' Q ., .. t ' vi i . i 9 I' M, 67' 1 '-15? 'ITT 551-3251 u. .. I , , . x, f -,figvi . is iss- .. A' f , an-xg 1:1 ' is .. A f 1 ' "?i9i'f4.. is is . T . 7 E... , .ft ,3S'Q,. ' , 653, 4 - ts.:-if .F Q A -..J ' --..-ar N I f ff-f A .. iv: ii lI i if .. 19 Q:-I .fine g.1:.,j 42 4 Q S --+ I .-- X f . ,1 ..- S I Tai Q 'Qffig f 'L ie- :ef 'vcr' +1-' 551, '- il ,A '-v D ': AIA, P - 1 . , ,. f . .fb X f 1 ' f1.A A I iaiah...i3-.summit IM., i .,..,a.' ',,.gg-M' 2,1 ,Aft . ' fm, ,. A, 502 GOLDBERG, GOLDBERG, ARLENE MYRA ..... CHICAGO: B.A. in L.A.S., Sociology: CEDAR HALL: University Theatre Cast 121: University Theatre Crew 121: Sociology Club: Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. SANDRA ANN ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Elementary Education: LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE: Illini Union Committee 13, 41: Freshman Adviser 141: Teachers-in-Training Club. GOLDEN, HERBERT FRED ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Accountancy: SIGMA ALPHA MU: Illini Union GOLDFINE, Gowrme, GOLDMAN, GOLDMAN, GOLDMAN, GOLDMAN, GOLDMAN, GOLDMAN, GOLDSTEIN, GOLDSTEIN, GOLDSTEIN, Committee 111: University Theatre Crew 131: Accountancy Club. LEE MITCHELL ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology: Navy Pier Student Con- gress: Navy Pier Extension ot the University ot Illinois. SABRA ..... CHICAGO: B.A. in L.A.S., Sociology: ALPHA EPSILON PHI: Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 41: Hillel Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 41: Social Work Club: Sociology Club, President 141: Miami University. BARRY ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Chemistry: FORBES HOUSE: Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsiion: University Orchestra 111: A.C.S.: Honors Day 11, 21: Navy Pier Extension ot the University ot Illinois. EILEEN ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Recreation: LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE: Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 41: Hillel Foundation Student Council 121: University of Wisconsin. HERBERT CHARLES ..... B.S. in Accountancy: PRAETORIANS: Illini Union Com- mittee 1I, 21: Hillel Foundation Student Council 111: Freshman Adviser 131: Account- ancy Club: Marketing Club: Praetorians: Society for the Advancement of Management: Honors Day 111. MICHAEL ROBERT ..... CINCINNATI, OHIO: B,A. in L.A.S., English: ZETA BETA TAU: Phi Eia Sigma: Phi Alpha Mu: Illini Union Committee 11, 21: Campus Chest 111: Junior lnteriraternity Council 111: Freshman Council: Men's Glee Club 111: Freshman Week Committee 11, 21: Freshman Adviser 11, 2, 31: Freshman Adviser's Executive Council 121: Greek Week Committee 121: Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University ot Illinois Scholarship Key. RICHARD STEWART ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Chemistry: Campus Chest 131: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Praetorians: A.C.S.: German Club: Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. WILLIAM IRWIN ..... CHICAGO: B.S, in Communications: PHI SIGMA DELTA: The Daily Illini 141: Illini Union Committee 131: l.P.C. Photography StaFf 141: llligreek 121: Freshman Adviser 131: Honors Day 111. ARNOLD DAVID ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in L.A.S., Economics: PHI SIGMA DELTA: Illini Union Committee 111: Student Senate 111. EARL ,.... CHICAGO: B.S. in Marketing: KlNG'S ROW: Navy Pier Alumni Asso- ciation: Navy Pier Baseball 11, 2, 31: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. THEODORE B ...... CHICAGO: B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology: PHI EPSILON Pl: Omega Beta Pi: Campus Chest 111: Dolphins 121: Freshman Adviser 121: lnterfraternity Ball Committee 12, 31: Spanish Club: Young Democrats Club: Honors Day 111. GOLTER, SANDRA DAVITTA ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Elementary Education: INDECO: Kappa GOODMAN, GOODMAN, GOODMAN, GOODMAN GOODMAN, GOODRICH GOODWIN, 1 1 Delta Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Freshman Adviser 121: Student National Education Association: Honors Day 11, 2, 31. FRANK PETER ..... ROCKFORD: B.A. in Teaching of English: NEWMAN HALL. JANE ELLYS ..... CINCINNATI, OHIO: B.A. in L.A.S., English: SIGMA DELTA TAU: Campus Chest 131: Illigreek 11, 21: Greek Week Committee 11, 21: Panhellenic Ball Committee 111: Young Republicans Club. SIDNEY HERBERT ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Chemical Engineering: A.l.Ch.E.: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Student Congress Navy Pier 11, 21: Honors Day 111: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, STUART LAUREN ..... CHICAGO: B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science: ZETA BETA TAU: Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Alpha Mu: Phi Alpha Theta: Illini Union Committee 111: Campus Chest 11, 2, 3, 41: W.A.A. Board 141: Junior Intertrarernity Council 111: Student Senate 13, 41: Basketball Manager 121: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 141: Freshman Adviser 12, 31: Junior Bar Association 13, 41: Spanish Club 111: President's Panel 141: Committee on Student Relations 141: Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key. PATRICIA ELLEN ...., WELDON: B.A. in L.A.S., English: PRESBYTERIAN HALL: Alpha Chron: Campus Chest 11, 2, 31: Panhellenic-W.G.S. Coordination Committee 141: House President 13, 41. .IOHN IRVING ..... NAPERVILLE: B.S. in Agriculture: Tomahawk: Gymnastics, Varsity Squad 13, 41: Letter 141: Freshman Varsity Squad: Dolphins 121: Agricultural Economics Club: Field and Furrow: Honors Day 111: North Central College. ROBERT IRWIN ..... BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA: B.S. in Industrial Education: ln- dustrial Education Society: Indiana University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GORE, AUDREY SUE ..... SKOKIE: B.S. in Recreation: LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE: Illini Union Committee 131: Campus Chest 131: American Recreational Society U. of I. Stu- dent Chapter 12, 3, 41. GORE, SAMUEL HOUSTON ..... MT. VERNON: B.A. in L.A.S., English Literature: SIGMA CHI: GORMAN, PATRICIA MARY ..... WILMINGTON: B.S. in GOTHARD, LOUIS JAMES ..,.. NEW YORK, NEW YORK: GRACE, BERNARD ..... WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS: Greek Week Committee 121: Wabash College. v Home Economics: ALPHA DELTA Pl: University Theatre Crew 121: S.N.l.B. 12, 3, 41: Plowboy Prom Committee 121: Home Economics Club: Mount Mary College. B.A. in L.A.S., Psychology: ILLINI VILLAGE: Channing Murray Foundation Student Council 13, 41: San Antonio College. B.F.A. in Landscape Architecture: BRIARWOOD: Chi Gamma Iota: Forsite 12, 31: Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202: Young Democrats Club: Honors Day 131. GRAHAM, GERRY ALLEN .,... CASEY, IIS. in Mininsi l.iiiitiii-irttiiii, AlI'llA KAI'l'A IAMIIIIA, University Tlwntri' Crirvv 1I3, MIS, Hnnnrs Itny 1l3. GRANT, CAROLE DARLENE , .... MAHOMLI, B.S. in Home Economics Erliicnlimi, IIIIIA IIIA, Lutheran Foundation Student Council 133, Plowlwny Prom Cninniittiii' 133, Ilnnii- Economics Club. GRANT, MICHAEL EDWARD ..... CHARLESTON, B.S. in Meclmnicnl Etiqim-i-riiiq, SIGMA IAII GAMMA, S.A.E., Eastern Illinois University. GRANT, NEIL GEORGE ..... NORTHBROOK, B.S. in L,A.S., Botany, ROOJAH, House Prusiclunt 123, McKinley Foundation Student Council 13, 43, Floriculture Club, Honors Day 1l3. GRAY, DAVID MARTIN ..... SYCAMORE, B.S. in Physics, Cyclothem Club, I.A.S., Marketing Club, Physics Society. GRAY, EDWARD RAY .... LOCKPORT, B.S. in Engineering Physics, CAMPUS VIEW LODGE, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Fencing, Varsity Squad 123, Physics So ciety, Honors Day 11, 23. GRAY, MERLE PATRICIA ..... CRYSTAL LAKE, B.A. in L.A.S., English, ALPHA PHI, University Theatre Crew 133, University Chorus 133, Marquette University. GREEN, BETTY JEAN ..... BELVIDERE, B.A. in L.A.S., English, Freshman Adviser 12, 33, North Park Junior College. GREEN, CAROL VIRGINIA ..,.. ALTON, B.A. in L.A.S., Speech, ALPHA OMICRON Pl, Shorter Board, Torch, Mask and Bauble, National Collegiate Players, Zeta Phi Eta, The Daily Illini, Illini Union Committee 123, University Theatre Manager 12, 3, 43, University Theatre Crew 113, Panhellenic Ball Committee 12, 33, Honors Day 12, 33, Southern Illinois University. GREEN, JOHN RUSSELL ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.S. in General Engineering, PHI KAPPA PSI, Interfraternity Executive Council 12, 33, House President 133, Tactical OIT1cer, Air Force ROTC 13, 43, Arnold Air Society 13, 43, A.S.A.E., German Club, Honors Day 113. GREEN, LOVELL LLOYD ..... LITTLE YORK, B.S. in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics Club. GREENBERG, JOAN FRANCIS ..... LADUE, MISSOURI, B.A. in L.A.S., English, SIGMA DELTA TAU, Mortar Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, President 133, Illini Union Committee 113, Campus Chest 113, W.A.A. Board 113, Panhellenic Executive Council 12, 3, 43, House President 133, Freshman Council, Hillel Foundation Student Council 133, Freshman Week Com- mittee 113, Greek Week Committee 123, Panhellenic Ball Committeee 123, Little United Nations, Honors Day 11, 2, 33. GREENBERG, SUE VELMA ..... CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, BFA. in Art Educa- tion, DELTA PHI EPSILON, Shi-Ai, Gamma Alpha Chi, The Daily Illini 133, Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 33, University Theater Cast 123, University Theater Crew 11, 23, Campus Chest 113, Student Senate 123, Hillel Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 33, Fine and Applied Arts Council 133, Greek Week Committee 113, Fine and Applied Arts Society, Litt'e United Nations, Young Republicans Club, Honors Day 113. GREENMAN, JOEL BURTON ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology, CLARK HOUSE, Omega Beta Pi, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GREGORICH, JOSEPH EDWARD ,.,.. JOLIET, B.S in Electrical Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., St. Joseph's College GREGORY, DELORIS .IOANN ..... EASTON, B.S. in Home Economics, PHILEA, Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 143, University Lutheran Chapel Foundation Student Council 143, Freshman Adviser 143, Gamma Delta, Home Economics Club. GREGORY, GERALD WAYNE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Physical Education, ILLINI LODGE, Stu- dent Senate 143, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Physical Education Maiors Club, Dean's List of Superior Students, Navy Pier, Baseball 11, 23, Cross Country 113, Letter- men's Club 123, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GRETHEN, GERALD .IAMES ..... LINCOLNWOOD, Bachelor of Architecture, BARTON PLACE, Alpha Phi Omega, A.I.A., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. GRICE, MARCUS LLOYD, .IR ...... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., BioIoQY: KAPPA ALPHA PSI, Wilson Junior College, University of Philippines, Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- versity of Illinois. GRIFFITH, MARJORIE ANN .,... HARVEY, B.S. in Elementary Education, SHERWOOD LODGE, Thornton Junior College. GRIFFITH, WALTER EUGENE ..... GALESBURG, B.S. in Agriculture, ALPHA GAMMA RHO, Illini Union Committee 113, Y.M.C.A. Committee 113, S.N,l.B. 11, 2, 33, Director 143, Agricultural Council 13, 43, All-Ag Field Day Committee 11, 23, Freshman Adviser 123, Plowboy Prom Committee 11, 2, 33, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club. GRIGG, CHARLES DENNIS ..... LITCHFIELD, B.S. in Civil Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, President 143, A.S.C.E., Honors Day 11, 33. GRONEMEIER, LYLE LEITH ..... BLOOMINGTON, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, A.F.S., A.S. M.E., Illini Sportsman's Club, S.A.E., Illinois State Normal University. GRONKE, MARIAN BERNADINE ..... ELMWOOD PARK, B.S. in Music Education, PINE HALL, University Choir 123, Madrigal Chorus 123, Christian Science Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 43, Opera Workshop, Spring Musical. GROSE, GERALD KERN ..... YORKVILLE, B.S. in Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 43, Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 43, First Regimental Band 1l3, Honors Day 1l, 23. GROSSFELD, ABRAHAM ISRAEL ..... NEW YORK, NEW YORK, B.S. in Physical Education, PHI SIGMA DELTA, Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Cheerleader 113, Gymnastics, Captain 143, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 43, Letter 12, 3, 43, Freshman Varsity Squad. GRUBER, CARL LAWRENCE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, TRIANGLE, A.I.E.E.- I.R.E., Illini Sportsman's Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Q-t 5 . v F Q Q., I 'ft ,tl T g , 1 I J i, ij, of ,. 'ite 1' ' ,wow P' -V . II... .Q ,-.. .1 .... A D I in 1 H, ,E I A as New ,, if 2' it - if I I -,z,,.- L " -t 4 : 5 if Q9 "V 'r - .. , , , - ' seen: f 3, 2 W. K 4 1, , ff , 4 I y S , A f f' t f ..". it we j .F Wg' ,f A I I V ' ' if . f .., ,f 5+ if H 1 vw fs V ,K-. -L i f gl T it Q . Q6 'UA ef . 1 Q 503 f , S K : AWN . a s I if ' G its L ,I 'QW' . yi gs M ,.. 'L ., gmt-cv., A ' ,Q ' .C n Q aff K fr istmiw 'Wifi s X if R vw 'W S as . E WW, . . la i , .F-ff' . i- 1522" ,i 'sa- s of 'lf 1 5 'nf s m f :,:2 N ' 2 at sz MQ 47. if S 1' Z '5' QQ, If .6 , f it I , ., , l ia 6 X. , . 'fzsxv f 5 " C" .V 4' s 4' 'S X s .ann- . -1-ff ' L V x -. . "A, 'lma- GRUENBERG, RONALD JAMES ..... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, B.A. in L.A.S., History, PSI UPSILON, Campus Chest 1ll, Junior lnterfraternity Council 12l, Illini Union Com- mittee 12l, Battalion N.C.O., NROTC 13, dl, German Club. GRYNBAUM, HENRY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, House President 13l, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E., French Club, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. GULICK, ROGER KENT ..... MENDOTA, B.S. in Mathematics, ACACIA, Illini Christians Fellow- ship 12, 3, Al, President Ml, Military Ball Committee 12l, St. Pat's Ball Committee 1Il, Ensign, NROTC 13, Al, German Club, Honors Day 1ll. GUREN, GERALDINE WENDY .,,.. GILMAN, B.S. in Music Education, DELTA PHI EPSILON, Mu Phi Epsilon, University Theatre Crew 1ll, University Choir 12l, University Chorus 1ll, VVomen's Glee Club 1ll, Oratorio Society 13l, Orchesis 1ll, Young Democrats Club, Spring Musical 13l. GUSTAFSON, FREDERICK ALAN. .,.. MAYWOOD, B.S. in L.A.S., PSyChOIOQYi TAU KAPPA EPSILON, Y.NI.C.A. 12l, Northern Illinois University. GUSTAFSON, JAMES WILLIAM ..... LIBERTYVILLE, Bachelor of Law, BETA THETA PI, Sachem, President 13l, Skull and Crescent, Maior Chairman Stunt Show Illini Union Committee 12l, Illini Union Committee 1l, 2l, Y.M.C.A. Committee 1ll, Junior Bar Association, Marketing Club. GUSTAFSON, NORMAN CORBIN ..... HIGHLAND PARK, B.S. in Accountancy, Accountancy Club, Finance Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Pre-Law Club. GUSTAFSON, SHARON SPRIGGS ..... DEERFIELD, B,A. in L.A.S., History, Beloit College. GUTZAIT, SEYMOUR ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, ARMORY HOUSE, Accountancy Club. GUZZARDO, MARIANO DOMINIC ..... LA GRANGE, B.S. in Management, KAPPA SIGMA, Skull and Crescent, President 12l, Alpha Delta Sigma, Star Course Manager 1I, 2l, Junior lntertratenity Council 1Il, Wrestling, Freshman Varsity Squad, Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 12l, Commerce Council 13l, Intertraternity Ball Committee 12l, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, Al, Arnold Air Society Ml, Flying Club, Society 'for the Advancement of Management. HAAS, JEROME FRANK ..... ALBERS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, PHI SIGMA EPSILON, Baseball, Varsity Squad Ml, A.S.M.E., Southern Illinois University. HAAS, WESLEY CHARLES ..... NEW LENOX, B.S. in Accountancy, Accountancy Club, Joliet Junior College. HABBEN, GRACE MARGARET ..... ROYAL, B.A. in L.A.S., English Literature: ALLEN HALL, University Choir 1l, 2, 3, 4l, Oratorio Society 1ll, Young Democrats Club. HACKER, RICHARD WAYNE ..... DANVILLE, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, BETA SIGMA PSI, Arnold Air Society 1'l, 2l, Gamma Delta 1l, 2l. HADDIGAN, JAMES MICHAEL ..... PEORIA, B.S. in Communications, NEWMAN HALL, Sigma Delta Chi, WILL Ml, St. Bede Junior College. HAEFNER, MILTON ALVIN ..... NEW ATHENS, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, EXMOOR HALL, Sigma Gamma Tau, l.A.S., Southern Illinois University. HAERTJENS, BERNARD LEE ..... EAST MOLINE, B.S. in Physics. HAGLUND, GAYLE FRANCES ..... MORRIS, B.A. in Teaching of English, DELTA ZETA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, The Daily Illini 1l, 2l, Illini Union Committee 12l, University Chorus 13l, Illigreek 13l, Freshman Adviser Ml, Illini Forensic Association, Honors Day 1l, 2l. HAHN, MARY LEE .... . METAMORA, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, University Chorus 1l, 2l, Home Economics Club, Honors Day 1l, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. HAINES, SUZANNE ..... DUQUOIN, B.S. in L.A.S., Political Science, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Mortar Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, Illini Union Committee 1Il, University Theatre Manager 12l, University Theatre Crew 1ll, Star Course Manager 12, 3l, Panhellenic Executive Council 13l, Panhellenic Board ot Affairs Ml, House President Ml, Student Senate 12, 3l, Coordination Committee 13l, Greek Week Committee 12l, Panhellenic Ball Committee 1ll, Concert and Entertainment Board Ml, Illini Forensic Association. HAKIMIAN, FRIEDOON ..... TEHRAN, IRAN, B.S. in Architectural Engineering, FORBES, A.I.A., Kansas State Teachers College. HAKY, RONALD JACK ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and B.A. in L.A.S., Psychology, COLLEGE HALL, Pi Tau Sigma, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., Gamma Delta, Honors Day 1ll, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot llinois, DePaul University, Roose- velt University. HALFORD, GARY ROSS ..... METAMORA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. HALL, JOHN CLIFFORD ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Management, MINAWA LODGE, Oratorio So- ciety 12l, University Baptist Foundation Student Council, llini Christian Fellowship, President Ml, North Park College, is HALLBERG, MILTON CHARLES.. ..BIGGSVlLLE, B.S. in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics Club. HAMBURG, RODNEY LEE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, FLAGG HOUSE, Wilson Junior College. HAMEDER, KATHERINE ..... CRYSTAL LAKE, B.S. in Physical Education, ALLEN RESIDENCE, Shorter Board Ml, Torch 13l, W.G.S. Executive Council 13, Al, Freshman Week Com- mittee 12l, Freshman Adviser 12l, Sno-Ball Committee 12l, Physical Education Maiors Club, Honors Day 1Il. HAMILTON NIARGERY LOU ..... CRYSIAI IAIKI., US. ni l'Itvsir.iI lrliic.iIion, IIIIIA MAMMA, W.S.A. Il, Q, fil, HOIINP I'ivsirIi'iit I-Il, I'Iiy-, Icliirnliiin M.iiiir-. I liili, I'ii---itll-iil itll HANINIEL EVELYN ROSEMARY ...,. Cil-IAMPAIGN, ILS. III Ili-niiinlrir lilnitilton, I4.iii.i Ilvllii Y I I Pi, University Chorus IIII, Studi-nt N.ition.iI Ecliirnlioii Assorialioii. HANNING DOROTHY JANE.. ..HARRlSlIURG, Ikirlii-lui nl Music, l'lNI' HAIL, Univi-inily Choir Ll , QI. HANSCOM MARSHA ELAINE ...,. AURORA, B.S. in Eleinc-ntnry Education, ALPHA OMICRON Pl, The lllio Ili, Illini Union Coininittce Il, 21, University Chorus lli. HANSEN JACK PAUL ..... WAUKEGAN, B.S. in Music Education, Concert llrincl ll, Q, 3, fit, Football Marching Band ll, 2, fl, dl, University Orchestra ll, Qi. HANSEN MARVIN ARTHUR ..... CLIFTON, B.S. in Agriculture, FLAGG HOUSE, All-Ag Fic-lrl Day Committee i3I, Agricultural Economics Club, Field and Furrovv, Hoof and Horn Club, Junior Bar Association, HANSEN PHYLLIS JEAN ...., ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, B.A. in L.A.S., History, LINCOLN AVE NUE RESIDENCE, Alpha Lambda Delta, First Regimental Band II, 2, 3, Al, Honors Day ll, 2I. HANSON DAVID CHARLES .,.... DOWNERS GROVE, B.S. in Ceramic Engineering, EVANS SCHOLARS, Keramos, Sno-Ball Committee III, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC I3,4j, HARDY PAUL J ...... WARRENSBURG- B.S. in Ph sical Education- Wa-Na-See- Tribe of Illini 1 Y 1 , IAI, Senior Gymnastics Manager 143, Junior Gymnastics Manager t3J, Athletic Council Mi, Physical Education Maiors Club. HARMAN BYRON NEAL ..... PEORIA, B,S, in Chemical Engineering, BETA THETA PI, Sachem, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Star Course Manager ll, 23, Y.M,C.A Cabinet l2J, Y.M.C,A. Committee III, A.I.Ch.E., Honors Day II, 25. HARNETT DAVID EDWARD ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in General Engineering, SIGMA PHI DELTA, Bradley University. HARRIS JAMES WILLIAM ..... RICHMOND, B.A. in L.A.S., Philosophy. HARRIS JUNE LORETTA ..... ELMHURST, B.A. in L.A.S., History, ALPHA DELTA PI, Presby- terian College, Mercer University. HARRISON BRUCE WILLIAM ,.,.. HARVEY, Bachelor of Architecture, TOMAHAWK LODGE, A.I,A., French Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. HART DAVID ELLIS ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Management, NEWMAN HALL, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Society for the Advancement of Management, St. John's University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. HART JAMES PAUL ..,.. LEE, B.S. in Agriculture, SIGMA CHI, Gymnastic Manager I2J, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club, Young Democrats Club, Northern State Teachers College. HARTLEY KAY REESE ..... ABINGDON, B.S. in Elementary Education- A-H HOUSE' Ka a I 1 pp Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Chorus III, Oratorio Society i2I, Disciples Foundation Student Council, President I2I, Student National Education Association, Honors Day ll, 2, 33, University of Illinois Scholarship Key, BARBARA RUTH ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, CEDAR HALL, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. HARVEY JAMES DONALD ..... HARVEY, B.S. in L,A.S., Physics, WESMEN, University Re' ligious Council IAJ, Wesley Foundation Student Council MI. PETER M ...... GLENCOE, Bachelor of Architecture, PHI GAMMA DELTA, Y.M.C.A. Committee ill, Track, Freshman Varsity Squad, Captain, Army ROTC l3, 45, Society of American Military Engineers l3J, MARCIA ROSE, ..., ELMHURST, B.A. in L.A.S., English and Spanish, SIGMA KAPPA, Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio III, Illini Union Committee ll, QI, Honors Day III. HAY CAROL ANNE ..... URBANA, B.S. in Elementary Education, CHI OMEGA, Mortar Board, Torch, ShifAi, Kappa Delta Pi, llini Union Committee Ill, University Theater Manager IQ, 3, AI, University Theater Crew III, University Chorus III, Women's Glee Club ll, QI, Honors Day ll, SI. HAYES GWENDOLYN ..... PARIS, B.S. in Music Education, PRESBY HALL, Sigma Alpha Iota, Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 31, Madrigal Chorus IBI, Sno-Ball Committee l2I. HAYWARD FRANK EDWARD ..... FAIRFIELD, B.S. in Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering, Second Regimental Band ll, 2I, A.S.A.E. HAYWARD JAMES DONALD ..... FAIRFIELD, B.S. in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, WESMEN, Second Regimental Band ll, 2I, Floriculture Club. HEARD RICHARD ALLEN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Industrial Education, EBEL HALL, House President ISI, A.l.A., Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Industrial Education Society, Young Republicans Club. HEATH ROGER KENNETH ..... ELBURN, B.S. in Industrial Engineering. .av e.'43ra1 4 a ,Qi ,.,,,,i . .Q Y...,, is -" -tw , wiv t""w x . .,, X 5 INQX 5 fillet x X -Ieilfxrmtia. QSM, My 4 I f 'Q' V ' . Q V gx N .. af 'EZ '-'wav . Quit? ' f .au 1 A gi , A, "-4' wx ,Q 'lf z an Q? ,,i in w 'fin 1 .1-V 'F ia 'R I 5 I I' r ' A sa' ,,,'. 1 . I 'RAB sd 'im at as A ,,,,. ,X ' I ' , ogy? i it 4 s ' ...,, H , 1 ijt ' Wggigw . ,,,fi 1 ms .. 1 W, bi I , 'yy lv f ii ' .X - nj 2' , i In J '21 ,elif 4. I 1' 1 I ww HEBERER, WAYNE JOEL .,... BELLEVILLE, B.S. in Agriculture, ALPHA GAMMA RHO, Alpha Zeta, Honors Day 1I, 2, 31. HECHT, THOMAS ERWIN ..... LANSING, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, BETA SIGMA PSI, Campus Chest 131, House President 141, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Gamma Delta. HECKLER, BARBARA BECKMAN ..... SULLIVAN, B.S. in Marketing, The Daily Illini 131, Y.W.C.A. Committee 131, Marketing Club, University of Southern California. HECKLER, ROBERT LOUIS ...,. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, B.S. in Marketing, Pl KAPPA ALPHA, Star and Scroll, The Daily Illini 121, Junior Interfraternity Council 1I1, Foot- ball Marching Band 1l, 2, 3, 4, 51, Second Regimental Band 1l, 2, 3, 4, 51, Illini Sportsman's Club, Marketing Club. HEFTER, JUNE LOUISE ..... WILMETTE, B.S. in Home Economics, DELTA ZETA, University Theatre Crew 1I, 21, Y.W.C.A. Committee, Campus Chest 1I1, W.A.A. Board 1I, 21, W.A.A. 1'l, 2, 3, 41, University Chorus 1I1, Freshman Adviser 131, Panhellenic Ball Committee 1I, 21, Marketing Club, Young Democrats Club. HEIMERDINGER, WALTER LEE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, CHI PHI, W.P.G.U. 13, 41, Illinois Technograph1I1, Pershing RitIes1I, 2, 31, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Honors Day 1I1. HEINTZEN, WALTER LEONARD ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in Marketing, PHI SIGMA KAPPA, Gamma Delta, Illini Insurance Society, Marketing Club. HEIT, LYLE DEAN ,.... TUSCOLA, B.S. in Agriculture, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club. HELGESON, KENNETH WILLIAM ..... SYCAMORE, B.S. in Agriculture, LOU-MAC LODGE, House President 141, Field and Furrow. HELGREN, MARGE ANNE ..... WAUKEGAN, B.S. in Elementary Education, DELTA ZETA, Illini Union Committee 131, University Theatre Crew 13, 41, Student National Education Asso- ciation, Young Republicans Club, Beloit College. HELM, ALICE CARLENE ,.... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology, PHI MU, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Theatre Manager 121, University Theatre Crew 1I, 2, 3, 41, Honors Day 1I1. HENNESSY, MARYALICE ..... FRANKLIN PARK, B.S. in Elementary Education, BUSEY HALL, Terrapin 121, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Student National Education Association, Young Democrats Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. HENSON, RoBERr LEE ..... IUKA, as in Agriculture, House President 13, 41, s.N.i.B. 11, 21, Field and Furrow, Hoot and Horn. HERBSTER, RICHARD EMIL ..... SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, B.A. in L.A.S., History, LUNDGREN TOWERS, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. HERMAN, ALBERT WILLIAM ..... ANTIOCH, B.S. in Accountancy, ALPHA DELTA PHI, Ma-Wan- Da, Sachem, The lllio 12, 31, Associate Editor 141, Junior lnterfraternity Council 1I1, Malor, Air Force ROTC 13, 41, Accountancy Club. HERMAN, MARVIN L ...... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, PHI SIGMA DELTA, The Daily Illini 131, Illini Union Council 1I, 2, 41, Junior Intertraternity Council 1I1, Sophomore Fencing Manager 121, Hillel Foundation Student Council 131, Accountancy Club, Finance Club, Marketing Club. HERMAN, NANCY MARIE ..... LOCKPORT, B.S. in Home Economics, PHI MU, Phi Upsilon Omicron, S.N.l,B. 121, Plowboy Prom Committee 131. HERRMANN, JOHN EDWARD ..... STEWARD, B,S. In Agriculture, ALPHA SIGMA PHI, S.N.I.B. 121, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Phalanx 13, 41, Phi Chi Eta 13, 41, Agricultural Economics Club, Field and Furrow, Northern Illinois University. HERWEG, MARY LUCILLE ..... PEORIA, B.F.A. in History ot Art, ARBOR SUITES, The Illio 111, W.P.G.U. 131, Freshman Adviser 121. HESS, NANCY JEAN ..... UTICA, B,A. in L.A.S., English, EVANS HALL, LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College. HETTICK, JAMES ROBERT ..... GREENFIELD, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA, Star and Scroll, Illini Union Commvhee 1I, 2, 31, A.S.C.E. HIATT, CHARLES ARTHUR ..... KANKAKEE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Council 131, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., President 141. HIBLE, ROBERT LESLIE, .... DANVILLE, Bachelor ot Architecture, ALPHA RHO CHI, Honors Day HICKEY, ROBERT VERNON ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Speech, PHI KAPPA PSI, Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 41, President 141, Football, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41, Freshman Varsity Squad, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41. HIGGS, ROGER LEE ..... BRIMFIELD, B.S. in Agriculture, NABOR HOUSE, M.l.A. Executive Council 13, 41, House President 141, University Chorus 121, Wesley Foundation Stu- dent Council 13, 41, Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 3, 41, Sno-Ball Committee 13, 41, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club. HILL, ARDIS ELEANOR ..... DOWNS, B.S. in Home Economics Education, SIGMA KAPPA, Phi Upsilon Omicron 13, 41, S.N.I.B. 1I, 2, 31. HILL, LEE EARL ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, Alpha Delta Sigma, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. HILL, SHIRLEY ..... DES l'lAlNlS, ll.h. in Lniniiiiniiiations, IIIIIA UPSIION, If-niiin.i Alpliri Clii, Tlivla Sienna Phi, llir- IJ.iily Illini 1l1, llir- Illin 1271, Mayor Clirillni-in Munir llnniu Illini Union Coniniittvii 141, Illini llnion Council 1-I1, llnii-.v I'ii-'iirlr-nt 12, 'l, -I1, Ui-itiiiin 1 Soriuty 1I, 71, I-lonors Day 1l, 21. HINDS, WILLIAM S .,.... PARK l2lI7C3I:, ILS, in llr-iliiial I,iiiyliivi-riiirl, All'IlA IAII OMITHA, Skull and Crescent, Junior lnlr-rliritt-riiity Criiiiiril 1l1, Crm-lr Wi-I-ls Criiiiinittvr- 1I, 21, Puicluv University. HIPPLER, MICHAEL VINCENT ..... OENIPSIYO, B.S. in lnclusliial Amliiiiliiutratioii, NIVVMAN IIAII, Sorir-ty lor Ilii- Aclvriiiuiiiuiit ol Man.u1i'nii-lit, Ynuni, Dr-iiioiiat-. Cluli, HIRSCH, ARNOLD LIPPERT ...,. CHICAGO, B.S. III Llwniistiy, ARMORY IIOUSL, A,L.S, RIII4- and Pistol Club. HIRSCH, ESTHER DIANE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Eclucation ol Mentally Hanclicappigcl Cliilrliuii, LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Dir-Ita Pi, Illini Union Committee 1l1, W.G.S. Executive Council 131, Studi-nt Senate 12, 31, man Advisor 121, Freshman Adviser's Executive Council 131, Young Drfnioirats Cliili, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key, HISE, SHAN RICHARD ..... RIDGEVVAY, B.S. in Ariountancy, Accountancy Cluh, Honors Day 1l1. HLAVACEK, ROY GEORGE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Wa-Na-See, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, l.P.C. Photography Staff 13, 41, Photo Chic-t 141, Honors Day 1I, 21, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. HOFF, GERALD CHARLES ..... WAUKEGAN, B.S. in Civil Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, Clit Epsilon, M.R.H.A. 1I, 2, 3, 41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Society ot American Military Engineers 12, 41, A.S.C.E., Honors Day 131. HOFFENBERH, SHELDON ZISSE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, NOBLE HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 141, House President 141, WILL 141, Young Democrats Club, Navy Pier Band, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, HOFFMAN, BRADLEY PAUL ..... ROCKFORD, Bachelor of Architecture, FORBES HOUSE, Foot- ball Marching Band 1l, 21, Second Regimental Band 1I, 21, A.l.A,, Illini Sportsman's Club. HOFFMAN, EDWARD LEE ..... DOLTON, B.A. in L.A.S., Psychology: PI KAPPA PHI, L.A.S. Council 13, 41, Illinois Institute of Technology. HOFMAN, PAUL JEROME ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, ZETA BETA TAU, Basketball Mawager 121, Captain, Army ROTC 141, Phi Chi Eta 141. HOLLOCKER, STEWART WAYNE ..... LAKE VILLA, B.S. in Accountancy, ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA, Illini Union Committee 121, Star Course Manager 121, Junior Intertraternity Council 121, Accountancy Club. HOLMES, ELAINE MERRILL ..., , NEWIONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS, Bachelor of Music, FEHNER HOUSE, Mu Phi Eps Ion, Oiazorio Soc ety 13, 41, Seabury Foundation Stuclent Council 121, Fine and Applied Arts Council 13, 41, Sno-Ball Committee 1l1, Spring Musical 131. HOLMES, ROBERT WENDELL ..... MCCONNELL, B.S. in Agriculture, 907 CLUB. HOLT, CORALEE DENNIS ..... OLNEY, B.S. in Elementary Education, BUSEY HALL, ierrapin 121. HOLT, MERL ..... DECATUR, B.S. in Agriculture, Alpha Tau Alpha, Agricultural Education Club, Illinois State Normal University. HOLTON, TERRENCE CHARLES ...., CHICAGO, B.S. in Chemistry, ARMORY HOUSE, Alpha Chi Sigma, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. HOLTZ, ROBERT EDWARD. .... AURORA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, CAMPUS VIEW LODGE, Pi Tau Sigma, Aurora College. HOLZER, ROBERT LEE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Management, LUNDGREN HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 13, 41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 1l, 2, 3, 41, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Society tor the Advancement of Management, Young Democrats Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. HOMANN, ARTHUR KARL .,... DUOUOIN, B.S. in Agriculture, DELTA SIGMA PHI, Agricultural Economics Club. HOMMEL, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH ..... BEARDSTOWN, B.A. in LAS., English Literature, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Star Course Manager 1l1, Cheerleader 12, 31, Phalanx Sponsor 12, 3, 41, Rifle and Pistol Club, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key 131. HONCHARUK, NICK, JR... ..CHlCAGO, Bachelor of Architecture, AIA., Wright Junior College. HOOGERWERF, RUTH ANN ..... ATKINSON, B.A. in Teaching of Speech, PALAMAR, Mortar Board, Torch, Alpha Chron, Mask and Bauble, President 141, National Collegiate Players, Zeta Phi Eta, Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 41, University Theatre Manager 12,.31, Business Manager 141, University Theatre Cast 131, University Theatre Crew 1l1, W.G.S. Executive Council 131, Sno-Ball Committee 121. HOPPOUGH, RICHARD SCOTT. . . . ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A,l.E.E.-l.R,E. HORNBECK, LAWRENCE FARMER ..... WHITE HALL, B.S. in Finance, Finance Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Young Republicans Club, Western Illinois University. HORTON, ANN HARLIN ..... GLEN ELLYN, B.S. in Elementary Education, PRESBY HALL, Uni- versity Choir 1l, 2, 31, Madrigal Chorus 131, William Woods College. Ia 'K Un' Z . 2'-.I 'K I . 1 I 'X I i,. ri.g:l v ' I 'lum- r I 'FWF' i9""' my 5 ...J al .22 0 gg ff' 1 fs' Q., ,"i".7 ' Q f I, 'fn ,3 il .J F Q. Q-+1 sf' A W If I P" , . X X 1 ,K QE! 4 .L A ac. ' A , , 5 , ., l Q ,Q 1. ix I ,M rf-5i!ZiQf5 I- ,it f :ti . 1 ii,s2.g.jg, Fi , Ti? A f'- C4 Q cgi, , 2 an 1 l 1' S . kr- G 'U 1 VXI' 'ff 4' 1 aj O , it HORTON, BRADLEY BURR .,... GLEN ELLYN5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering5 SIGMA PHI DELTA5 Alpha Phi Omega5 Engineering Council 1415 Captain, Army ROTC 13, 415 A.S.M,E.5 I.S.G.E. HORWITZ, RICHARD HERSCHEL ..... CHICAGO5 B.A. in L.A.S., History5 ARMORY HOUSE5 Hillel Foundation Student Council 1415 Praetorians 13, 415 University of Michigan. HOY, GAIL ELIZABETH ..... RIVER FOREST5 B.A. in L.A.S., SocioIogy5 ALPHA PHI5 Alpha Chron5 Illini Union Committee 1I, 2, 315 Freshman Adviser 12, 415 LAS Council 13, 415 Honors Day 1I1. Y, HUBBARD, ELIZABETH ANN . ,... URBANA5 B.S. in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture5 'YEA Pi Alpha Xi5 University Chorus 1I, 2, 315 Women's Glee Club 1415 Floriculture Club5 X' H Spanish Club5 Honors Day 131. W' V A I ' HUBBARD, OTIS EUGENE ..... WILMETTE5 B.S. in General Engineering5 SIGMA NU5 l.S.G.E.5 J U S Lake Forest College5 Northwestern University. if li ,,s...,xM 'I . " H ' HUBERT, JOHN LOUIS . . . , . ASHKUM5 B.S. in Agriculture5 NOBLE HOUSE5 Field and Furrow5 r ' ' ' , Hoof and Horn Club, L ? .null I - . sg HUCK, AUDREY CAROL ,.... NASHVILLE5 B.S. in Home ECon0mics5 SIGMA KAPPA5 Alpha ,. f'?'j' " . Lambda Delta5 University Chorus 1I15 Oratorio Society 12, 3, 415 Sno-Ball Committee . t-W . 'T ' ' 'X 2 1 1l15 Honors Day 1I, 21. , . -sr , i t s Huck, JAMES MICHAEL .,.., RIVER Foiecst, Bs, in Finance, sioMA Nu, campus chest 5 ' Nl' 1I, 215 Junior Intertraternity Council 1I15 Finance Club. .,- qw E - ,I ST ,ka HUFFAKER, DONALD C ...... CHRISMAN5 B.S. in Engineering Mechanics5 Chi Gamma lota5 S 1 ef' "' Sigma Tau5 Tau Beta Pi5 Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma5 A.F.S.5 S.A.E,5 Honors Day Y 4, ' " 1'I, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key. I ...V L. I A ' A A 75' '- Wt Ls'-iid" sn 'TE' v nib HUFFER, CORINNE TABOR ..... TUSCOLA5 B.F.A. in Art Education5 PHI MU5 University Theatre Crew 1315 Concert Band 1215 University Choir 12, 3, 415 Fine and Applied Arts Society5 Eastern Illinois University. HUFFMAN, SYLVIA KAY ..... TAYLORVILLE5 B.S. in Elementary Education5 THETA UPSILON5 Maior Chairman International Programs Illini Union Committee 1315 Illini Union Com- mittee 1I, 2. 3, 415 Y.W.C.A. Committee 12, 315 Campus Chest 1215 Freshman Week Committee 1215 Student National Education Association. HUFFMAN, WILLIAM HENRY ...... OAK PARK5 B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering5 DELTA CHI5 The Daily Illini 1I15 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 1415 Scabbard and Blade 13, 41. HUFTALIN, JOHN GEORGE ...., MALTA5 B.S. in Agriculture5 Hoot and Horn Club5 Honors .V in Day 1315 Northern Illinois University. HUIZINGA, DONALD DEAN ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Electrical Engineering5 PRICE CLUB5 Sigma Tau5 Phi Eta Sigma5 I.P.C. Photography Staff 13, 415 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Navy Pier 56 X 'sw iii Alumni Association5 Young Republicans Club5 Honors Day 1I, 2, 315 University of llinois Scholarship Key5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois5 Navy Pier Track Team5 Navy Pier Cross Country Team. HUMES, JOHN MACCUTCHEON ..... URBANA5 B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology5 PHI SIGMA KAPPA5 Illini Union Committee 1215 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1215 Honors Day 1l, 31. HUMMER, BARBARA JEAN ..... WAUKEGAN5 B.A. in Teaching of Social Studeis5 SIGMA Qs " . iw' x Wings , 'E I 4 -u"'+'nP' xi! i ,sa p I 112 f aj Q ff' A fmt vfiifl. 5:5 M , A V, 1.195 ""t"" . '31, fmt. 508 KAPPA5 Shorter Board5 Torch5 The Daily Illini 12, 3, 415 Illini Union Committee 1215 Y.W.C.A. Committee 1I1. HUNT, ROBERT LOMBARD ..... CINCINNATI, OHIO5 B.S. in Mathematics and B.S. in lndus- trial Engineering5 BETA THETA PI5 Sachem5 Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 4, 5, 615 Swim- ming, Captain 141, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41, Freshman Varsity Squad5 Dolphins 1I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 615 Honors Day 1I1. HUNTER, PATRICIA ANN , . . . . ELMHURST5 BS, in Elementary Eclucation5 SIGMA KAPPA5 The Illio 1I15 Illini Union Committee 1I15 University Theatre Crew 1I15 Campus Chest 121. HURWITZ, EMANUEL ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics5 PRAETORIANS5 Junior ,M Interfraternity Council 1I15 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 415 Honors Day 1I1. t 1 HUSTON, ROBERT BRUCE . . . . . PLAINFIELD5 B.S. in Chemical Engineering5 Phi Lambda UpsiIon5 Ig, Q Concert Band 13, 4, 515 Football Marching Band 1I, 2, 3, 4, 515 First Regimental Band 1l, 215 University Chorus 1I15 A.I.Ch.E.5 Honors Day 12, 31. " HUTCHCRAFT, JUNE ANN ..... MOUNT PULASKI5 B.A. in L.A.S., English5 PRESBY HALL5 University Theatre Manager 12, 315 University Theatre Crew 1I15 McKinley Foundation Student Council 121. wi' HUTTENHOFF, JOHN HARRY ..... NEW LENOX5 B.S. in Electrical Engineering5 NEWMAN HALL5 ' Sigma Tau5 Eta Kappa Nu5 Honors Day 1315 Lewis College. HUTTENHOFF, PAUL LEO ..... NEW LENOX5 B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics5 NEWMAN HALL5 Lewis College. HYMAN, MICHAEL ..... NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK5 B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering5 THE MANSION. IEUTER, WILLIAM CHARLES ..... OTTAWA5 B.S. in Finance5 PHI GAMMA DELTA5 Campus Chest 1I15 House President 1415 Wrestling, Freshman Varsity Squad 1I15 IM Rec Board 1215 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Illini Insurance Society5 Young Republicans Club5 Long Beach City College. ILIAN, ALBERTO ..... PEREIRA, COLOMBIA5 B.S. in Civil Engineering5 Colombian Students Assoctatiom University ot the Andes. INGRAHAM, DOUGLAS RAY ..... WHEATON5 B.S. in Management5 Flying Club5 Society for the Advancement of Management. INGRAM, ROBERT WILLIAM ..,.. SUIIIVANJ ILS. in Ili-iIi'ii.iI Imiiiii-i-iliiii5 SIGMA Illll IJIQLIA5 House President 1415 Frvslnnan Arlviwi 1415 Mnlui, Ai: Inirv ROIC 13, 111, Arniilrl Ai: I sont,-ty iam, A.i,r.r. i.R.r. INWOOD, MARY ANN 4.... GRAYSLAKE5 II 'S in Hninif Iiriiiunnis IrIiir.ilmii5 AlI'IlA CHI OMEGA5 Shorter Bo.ird5 Phi Upsilon Oiiiicroin Illini Ilinon Coinnnttvv 1I, 215 Iii--.liniiin Adviser 1-115 Home Economics Council 121, Pri-sirli-nt 11l15 Honors Day 12, 31, IRVIN, THOMAS EUGENE . . . . CHAMPAIGN5 H,I.!X. III Iniliistilal Dr-siiin. IRVING, DONALD CHARLES ...,. BUCKLEY5 B.S. in I..A,S, Encilish5 GARNER HOUSE5 University of Notre Dante, Loyola University ol Chicago. ISAAC5, GLEN HOWARD ..... NIT. VERNON5 Bachelor ol ArchitecIure5 ALPHA PHO CHI5 Intui- lraternity Executive Council 1215 Freshman Adviser 1215 AIA. ISACKSON, ROBERT STANLEY.. ..FOREST PARK5 B.S. in Marketing, Alpha Delta Signia5 Marketing Club5 Navy Pier Extension ol the University of Illinois, JACOBS, HELEN MAE ..... WAUKEGAN5 B.A. in L.A.S., English5 LINDEN HALL5 Alpha Chron, Phi Kappa Phi5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 Illini Union Committee 1215 Star Course Manager 1I, 215 Freshman Adviser 1215 French Club, German Club5 Student National Education Association5 Honors Day 1I, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key, JACOBSEN, ANTHONY VALDEMAR ..... CHICAGO5 B.F.A. in Painting. JACOBSON, CAROL ANN ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Home Economics5 LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE5 Freshman Adviser 1315 Home Economics Club, Wright Junior College. JAFFE, ALAN . .... ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI5 B.S. in L.A.S., PsychoIogy5 ZETA BETA TAU5 Ma-Wan- Da5 Board of Fraternity Aftairs 1415 Interfraternity Executive Council, President 1415 Student Senate 1315 Committee on Student Affairs 1415 Illigreek 1415 Freshman Adviser 1415 Greek Week Committee 13, 415 Interfraternity Ball Committee 1315 Spanish CIub5 Washington University. JAHN, DAVID ERIC ..... CRYSTAL LAKE5 B.S. in Civil Engineering5 SIGMA NU5 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1I15 First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC 1315 A.S.C.E. JANUSONIS, GAILE ANTOINETTE ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Chemistry5 ALLEN HALL5 German Club, Lithuanian Students Club5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. JARKE, DONALD CHRIS ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering5 LES MISERABLES5 M.I.A. Executive Council 13, 415 M.R.H.A. 1315 Varsity Track Squad 1415 A.F.S.5 A.S,M.E.5 Track, Navy Pier 1I, 215 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. JASAS, LILLIAN ..... CHICAGO5 B.A. in L.A.S., EngIish5 BUSEY HALL5 Newman Foundation Student Council 13, 415 German Club5 Lithuanian Students' Club5 Navy Pier Alumni Association5 Honors Day 1I15 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. JASKOLSKI, LEONARD JAMES ..... PERU5 B.S. in Civil Engineering5 LaSalle-Peru4OgIesIJy Junior College. JAUCH, KENNETH MAX ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering5 GARNER HOUSE5 M.R.H.A. 1315 Student Senate 1415 A.F.S.5 A.S.M,E.5 l.A.S.5 Navy Pier Alumni Asso- ciation5 Young Democrats Clulo5 Honors Day 1215 Wright Junior CoIlege5 University ot California at Los Angeles5 Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. JEFFRIES, SUZANNE LYNN ..... KANKAKEE5 B.S. in Home Economics5 CHI OMEGA, Shorter Board5 Phi Upsilon Omicron5 The lllio 1I15 Maior Chairman Night Lights Illini Union Committee 1315 Illini Union Committee 1215 University Theatre Crew 1115 Star Course Manager 1215 Y.W.C.A. Committee 1I15 Panhellenic Ball Committee 1l1. JENKINS, JULIA ELLEN ..... ELMHURST5 B.A, in Teaching ot Social Studies5 ALPHA PHI5 Shi-AE5 Illini Union Committee 1215 Star Course Manager 1l15 Y.W.C.A. Committee 1215 PanheIlenic4W.G.S. Coordinating Committee 13, 415 House President 1415 Freshman Adviser 1315 Little United Nations. JENNINGS, ALVIN WESLEY . .... CHICAGO5 B.S. in L.A.S., GeolOQYi BARTON HOUSE5 Football, Freshman Varsity Squad5 Freshman Adviser 1215 Cyclothem Club. JENSEN, BARBARA GAYLE ..... CHICAGO5 B.A. in L.A.S., Psychology5 ALPHA OMICRON PI5 DePauw University. JENSEN, LESTER ARTHUR ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Finance5 FLAGG HOUSE5 Beta Gamma Sigmag Alpha Kappa Psig Sigma Iota EpsiIon5 Freshman Adviser 1315 Finance Club5 Navy Pier Alumni Association5 Honors Day 1I, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Keyp Navy Pier Extension ofthe University ot Illinois. JEPSON, HAROLD LEE ..... DUNDEE5 B.S, in Agriculture5 GRANADA CLUB5 Football Marching Band 1I, 2, 3, 415 First Regimental Band 1I, 2, 3, 415 Agricultural Economics C'ub5 Dairy Production Club5 Dairy Technology Society5 Field and Furrow. JESMER, ELAINE JOYCE ..... WINNETKA5 B.S. in Communications5 DELTA PHI EPSILON5 Greek Week Committee 1315 Panhellenic Ball Committee 1I1. JOHANNSEN, ALBERT SCOTT ..... CRETE5 B.S. in Electrical Engineering5 FORBES HOUSE5 W.P.G.U. 1I15 A.I.E.E.-l.R,E. JOHN, MARGARET ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in Elementary Education5 LINCOLN AVENUE RESI- DENCE5 University Chorus 13, 415 Navy Pier Alumni Association5 Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois 1I, 21. JOHN, ROBERT WILLIAM ..... CHICAGO5 B.S. in AgricuIture5 KOINONIA5 Alpha Phi Omega5 House President 1415 University Baptist Foundation Student Council 131, President 141. JOHNS, BARBARA MARILYN ..... WILMETTE5 B.S. in Home Economics5 MAPLE HALL5 Shorter Board5 Torch5 Alpha Chron, President 1215 Omicron Nu, President 1415 Alpha Lambda Delta5 Phi Upsilon Omicrong Maior Chairman Campus Talent Illini Union Committee 1315 Illini Union Council 1315 Illini Union Committee 1I, 215 Home Economics Council 1415 Honors Day 1I, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key. .mx . 4 4' 'J :S- w l .. 'th g K qu 1 flu. , I ' 'fl"'T'ii'. Y , foray fl. 1 47 Lf' Q I 4 9 ty, -.1 I Q ,. 3 V . I 4, 'rag f-f . "5 fi 5 fmt Pl I at -nf-'Di 9 'I C exif 1. y 'Eli 5 ii. iz 'A- in x if 3, BO' 'j YL, . av . , 4, g.,. , mow? x I Ib N 4 nl , A , Q 'gee :rg-9' I bi 122' 35 M. .av-, 'Qwwt . f I ,Q x.. 1 as as vs ri' 1 1. vm fy 53, ,ag , """tsLff' ,M as I t , I 4-SE' ff 'WWTF' Sf lt . . 5 V is 5 A . .AQ ,K M fi 'Q JU. if 1? 1 -,,f4H I I 7137! 3 as cis, is JOHNSON, BRUCE KERMIT ,.... PARK RIDGE, B.S. in Finance, SIGMA NU, Skull and Crescent, Illini Union Committee 111, Campus Chest 121, Finance Club, Rho Epsilon. JOHNSON, JOHN GORDON ...., MAPLE PARK, B.S. in Marketing, FORBES HOUSE, Delta Sigma Pi, House President 131, Honors Day 131, University ot Illinois Scholarship Key. Isa? .3 Wi M. ef- .- sa if mf ,f 'X' 5' u 'i .j SP2 News ,V 'ws f' '1.,f,,,:, .1 is taxi, f- sm.-lf, .fgsmz A 1' 1. is K JOHNSON, JOYCE LOUISE ...,. BLUE ISLAND, B.S. in Commercial Teaching, ALPHA OMICRON PI, The Daily Illini 121, Panhellenic Ball Committee 121, Business Education Club, W.S.A., Northern Illinois State University. JOHNSON, RONALD CHARLES .,... MAYWOOD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, SIGMA PHI DELTA, House President 141, University Chorus 111, A.I,E.E.-l.R.E. JOHNSON, THEODORE JOHN .,... DEERFIELD, B.A. in L.A.S., German, PHI KAPPA THETA, Star and Scroll, University Theatre Crew 111, Illigreek 141, German Club. JOHNSON, WILLIAM HENRY .,.,. MOLINE, B.S in Mechanical Engineering, MINAWA LODGE, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, 41. JOHNSTON, ROBERT CHARLES ...,. SHFLBYVILLE, B.S. in Accountancy, PHI GAMMA DELTA, Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Star Course Manager 1l, 2, 31, Senior Manager 141, Coordination Committee 141, Committee on Student Discipline 141, Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 31, Senior Manager 141, Alumni Association Board, Senior Chairman 13, 41, Concert and Entertainment Board 141, Freshman Adviser 121, Lieutenant-Colonel, Air Force ROTC 13, 41, Accountancy Club, President 141, Honors Day 131, JONES, ADA LEE .,.,. ELMWOOD, B.A. in L.A.S., Speech, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, The Illio 121, Maior Chairman Personnel Illini Union Committee 131, Department Head Personnel Illini Union Committee 141, Illini Union Committee 121, Illinois State Normal University. JONES, BERNICE LORRAINE ..,,. HOMEWOOD, B.A. in L.A.S., German, PINE HALL, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Women's Glee Club 131, German Club, Honors Day 1I, 2, 31, University ot Illinois Scholarship Key, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. JONES, MAURICE ALLEN ..... EDWARDSVILLE, Bachelor of Music, ACACIA, Wa-Na-See, Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, University Theatre Cast 11, 2, 3, 41, Second Regimental Band 121, University Choir 11, 2, 3, 41, President 141, Madrigal Chorus 12, 3, 41, Oratorio So- ciety 1l1: Baptist Foundation Student Council 121, Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University ot Illinois Scholarship Key. JONES, NORMA LOY , . , . PITTSFIELD, B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics, Pl BETA PHI, Campus Chest 131, Greek Week Committee 131, Panhellenic Ball Committee 131, Student Na- tional Education Association, Angel Flight, Illinois State Normal University. JONES, RICHARD MELVIN ,.... KIRKWOOD, MISSOURI, B.S. in Civil Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, M.R.H,A., A.S.C.E., University of Colorado. JONES, ROBERT MILLARD ..,.. URBANA, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Engineering Council 141, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Society of American Military Engineers, A.S.C.E., Senior Engineering Council Representative 141, Honors Day 12, 31. JONES, ROGER ALLAN ..... SALEM, B.A. in L.A.S., History, ALPHA SIGMA PHI, Skull and Crescent, The Daily Illini 111: .Iunior lntertraternity Council 111: House President 141, Military Ball Committee 131, Lieutenant-Colonel, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society 13, 41, Young Republicans Club. JORDAN, GEORGIANA GERALDINE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Speech, EVANS HALL, Zeta Phi Eta, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. JOSLYN, CLAUDIA ROSE ..... SKOKIE, B.A. in L.A.S., Spanish, DELTA GAMMA, Illini Union Committee 111, Star Course Manager 121, Women's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, President 141, Choristers 13, 41, Oratorio Society 111, Greek Week Committee 131, Little United Nations, Spanish Club, Junior Panhellenic Council 111. JUCAS, VIDA MARISA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Home Economics, VANLIG, House President 141, Lithuanian Students Club, German Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. JUNKER, RONALD ERNEST ..... VARNA, B.S. in Agriculture, BETA SIGMA PSI, Agricultural Economics Club, Iowa State University. JUST, ROSEMARY. .... RIVER FOREST, B.F.A. in Art Education, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, The Illio 111, Illini Union Committee 1l1, University Theater Crew 11, 21. JUSTICE, WALTER SAMUEL ..... EDWARDSVILLE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, TAU KAPPA EPSILON, Phi Eta Sigma, Star Course Manager 121, Football Marching Band 12, 31, First Regimental Band 12, 31, Second Regimental Band 111, Honors Day 111. KABELE, MARCIA ALICE .,.,. CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, DELTA ZETA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Union Committee 131, W.P.G.U., Lutheran Student Foun- dation Student Council 131, Wittenberg College. KADLUB, MARIAN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, PALAMAR, Honors Day 111. KADOW, GERALD ANTHONY ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching of German, German Club, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. KAEFER, PAUL FRANK ..... CHICAGO, Bachelor of Architecture, A.l.A., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. KAISER, CARLOTTA PAULA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, KAPPA DELTA, Illini Union Committee 121, Y.W.C.A. Committee 12, 31, House President 141, Illigreek 12, 31, Newman Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 31. KALLEY, EUGENE FRANKLIN ..... MAOUON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, University Chorus 1l, 21, Honors Day 11, 31. KAMINSKY, RAYNA JOYCE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, LAUREL HOUSE, Freshman Adviser 141. KAMMERNIEIER, RALPH FRANK ...,. CHICAGO, Bb iii Ml'C.lIrIIIiKsII IEItQ1ltIi't'I'iItl1, NIQVVMAN HAII, M.R.H.A. 131, Sturlont Senate 131, A.I'.S., A.S,M.E., Navy Pier Alumni A'x'ami.iIiriii, Navy Pier Extension ol thi: Univ:-rsily ol Illinois. KAMPWIRTH, RICHARD JOSEPH ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Iifncliinri ol Iiiolorly, CIIIII IOl'I'IR, Newman Foundation Student Council 1-11, Younfi Democrats Club, Navy Pit-r Extension of the University of Illinois. KANAK, EDWARD LEE . . . . RIVERSIDE, ITS, in Eli-rtrirnl Enqineorinq, THE MANSION, A.l.F.E.- l.R.E. KANETAKE, THOMAS TOMOO ..... KAILUA, HAWAII, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A.l.F.F.e I.R.E., University ot Hawaii. KAPLAN, INA HARRIET ..... SKOKIE, B.S, in Elementary Education, LINCOLN AVENUF RESIDENCE. KAPLAN, MILES BARRY ..... SKOKIE, B.S. in Communications, PHI SIGMA DELTA, Alpha Delta Sigma. KAPLAN, NEIL IRWIN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, GARNER HOUSE, Freshman Acl- viser 131, Accountancy Club, Navy Pier Extension ot the University ot Illinois. KARAS, PATRICIA ..... HARVEY, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, ALLEN HALL, Illini Union Com mittee 1I, 21, Student Senate 1I, 21. KARPEN, JULIAN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, MOORE HALL, House President 141, Accountancy Club, Roosevelt University, University of Chicago, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. KARPINSKI, MARILYN CECILIA ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching of English, LEEMAN LODGE, Newman Foundation Student Council 1I, 21, Pier Playhouse 121, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. KARR, BRUCE LOVELL ..... ELMHURST, B.S. in Marketing and Management, SIGMA NU, Delta Sigma Omicron, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. KARR, JOSEPH PAUL ..... ASHTON, B.F.A. in Landscape Architecture, ARMORY HOUSE, Scarab, Forsite 12, 3, 41. KARWOSKI, WILLIAM JAMES ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mining Engineering, Gymnastics, Fresh- man Varsity Squad, M.l.S. KASEN, ELAINE .IUDITH ..... CHICAGO: B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, CEDAR HALL, W.P.G.U. 121, Honors Day 1l, 21, University of Wisconsin. KASTEN, RICHARD JOHN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, GARNER HOUSE, Freshman Ad- viser 121, Finance Club, Junior Bar Association, Marketing Club. KATZ, HENRY ..... NEW YORK, NEW YORK, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Tomahawk, House President 131, Hillel Foundation Student Council 1I, 2, 3, 41, l.A.S., Praetorians. KAUFMAN, CHARLOTTE ..... CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Art Education, EVANS HALL, Sno-Ball Com- mittee 131, Navy Pier Alumni Association, W.A.A. 1l1, Honors Day 131, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. KAY, .IOHN WILLIAM DIXON ..... URBANA, B.S. in Chemistry, Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 41, Wheaton College. KAYNER, DAVID .IULES ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, TAU DELTA PHI, Omega Beta Pi, The Daily Illini 111, Illini Union Committee 1I, 21, lnterfraternity Executive Council 121, Junior Interfraternity Council 1l1, Accountancy Club. KAZMIERSKI, K. KURT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, CLARK HOUSE, The Daily Illini 141, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Illinois Institute of Technology, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. KECK, BRUCE LEROY ..... MEDINA, OHIO, B.S. in L.A.S., Geoloqvi WESMEN, Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 141, Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 41, Football Marching Band 13, 41, First Regimental Band 13, 41, Wesley Foundation Student Council 13, 41, Cyclothem Club, Young Republicans Club, Otterbein College KELLEN, JOSEPH MATTHIAS ..... DES PLAINES, B.S. in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticul- ture, GRANADA CLUB, Floriculture Club. KELLER, CHARLES HENRY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, Alpha Delta Sigma, Toma- hawk, The Daily lllini 1I, 21, The lllio 1I, 21, Freshman Adviser 12, 41, Pershing Rifles 1I, 21, Marketing Club. KELLER, LEON CAROL ..... MANTENO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, GARNER HOUSE, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau, l.A.S., Honors Day 1I, 2, 31: University ot III-inois Scholarship Key. KELLER, WAYNE FLOYD ..... MAYWOOD, B.S. in Marketing, TAU KAPPA EPSILON, Campus Chest 1I1, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, 41, Marketing Club, Rifle and Pistol Club. KELLY, .IAMES ALAN ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in Music Education, ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA, Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Tennis, Freshman Varsity Squad, Fencing, Freshman Varsity Squad, Concert Band 1I, 2, 3, 41, Football Marching Band 1I, 2, 3, 41, Honors Day 1l1. KELLY, JEANNE FAITH ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.F.A. in Art Education, ALPHA PHI, University Sinfonietta 1I, 2, 3, 41, University Orchestra 1I, 2, 3, 41. 7 4g..' bl gnu- xv 'rw-e-' 'Aol ... 4 .0 Sv? I 4--.x .L vm. 5 ' 1, 'I an 'W ,Q . 1 KKK , we 11' AJ ,., ., 1 , v. X I ,nf 'L if 71 f? Jw J 21 P' .- I V ,199 X Y . .Sz ..i,,.. : :-. 'M . . .R ,gy vi -.if Q' L' wg 1' il , t tw- N He E3 1. 'SBU Vx ...124 Q - ff , aa- iq A M t r ' rch aus.. M1153 .1 I i " 'Sv Il ,P HZ", 1,1 Q.. , Nw 'R 1 I-iv W: 151.513, ' . 5 '13 A Sis? - ' 4? l 1 , ,gps ' s V si! c G5-. .,s,piP'i" A A I . 1 I . , Mg ,.....s, A ,. x ,f l 1 1 N as 551 iv 1 X I A 'X 'sa yd we 0-'yin tl' 1 HL at I . sa . f -J. I .i ,l Q. A-A.. , , X tv'-'fQ?'cJ:M - Q 1. -tg - If," , j' J-'t' ' A i V' l-'lbs-1- i . 4 - ".' .. WN .ti K Xf,..,x1 I9- sq ""' tv-'fry' Ei I x ,W MAP -'.?ii" , i-W i. ' 8 I . . - 'YK 2.21111 r ' .flak yt 1 W vi X' 512 I YYY' 1 ,,,, gf . f KEMMERER, RICHARD DEAN ,.... DECATUR, B.S. in Communications, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, WaaNa-See, Star and Scroll, The Daily Illini 11, 21, Illini Union Committee 141, Basket- ball Manager 121, Senior Fencing Manager, Junior Fencing Manager. KENDALL, PETER LANDIS ..,.. MUNCIE, INDIANA, B.S. in Communications, DELTA TAU DELTA, Sigma Delta Chi , WILL 141, University of Cincinnati. KENNEDY, THOMAS WILLIAM ..... PARIS, B.S. in Civil Engineering, SIGMA Pl, Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E., Eastern Illinois University. KENNEY, Lols CATHERINE ..... EVANSTON, Bs. in Elementary Eaucatiah, Tl-IETA UPSILON, Illini Union Council 131, Illini Union Committee 12, 31, University Theatre Crew 121, Panlhellenic Ball Committee 121, Student National Education Association, Mundelein Col ege. KENTISH, ROXANA A ...... HOMEWOOD, B.S. in Elementary Education, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Illini Union Committee 11, 21, University Theatre Crew 11, 21, W.P.G.U. 111. KENWORTHY, GARRY VERN ..... CRESTON, IOWA, B.S. in Management, Wa-Na-See, Military Ball Committee 13, 41, Colonel, Air Force ROTC 13, 41, Armed Forces Council 141, Arnold Air Society 13, 41, Belleville Junior College. KEOUGH, BARBARA ANN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., History, ALPHA DELTA Pl, Shorter Board, Alpha Chron, The Daily Illini 111, The Illio 12, 31, House President 13, 41, Illigreek 12, 3, 41, Editor 141, Honors Day 12, 31. KESL, RANSE WALTER .... , NORTH RIVERSIDE, B.S. in Management, PSI UPSILON, Illini Union Committee 131, Campus Chest 131, Society for the Advancement of Management, Cornell College, Lyons Township Junior College. KING, JACK, JR ...,.. VIRGINIA, Bachelor of Architecture, ACACIA, University Theatre Crew 111, Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC 13, 41, Society of American Military Engineers 13, 41, Honors Day 141. KING, THELMA LOUISE ..... MARSHALL, B.S. in Education ot Mentally Handicapped Children, GAMMA PHI BETA, Shorter Board, Torch, Alpha Chron, The Illio 11, 2, 31, Illini Union Committee 11, 21. KINSELLA, LARRY LEE ..... TAYLORVILLE, B. S. in Finance, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Skull and Crescent, Campus Chest 111, Football Marching Band 11, 21, First Regimental Band 11, 21, Indiana University, Southern Illinois University. KIONKA, EDWARD JAMES ..... . LOMBARD, B.S. in L.A.S., PsyCl'tOlOQYi ALPHA CHI RHO, Illini Union Committee 121, University Theatre Cast 111, Freshman Adviser 12, 31, Junior Bar Association, Honors Day 111. KIONKA, SANDRA SELLERS ..... VILLA GROVE, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, DELTA DELTAIDELTA, The Illio 111, University Theatre Crew 111, Freshman Adviser 121, LAS Counci 11, 21. KIRCHHOFF, DANIEL WILLIAM ..... SCHILLER PARK, B.S. in Marketing, ALPHA SIGMA PHI, Football Marching Band 11, 2, 31, Second Regimental Band 11, 2, 31, Marketing Club. KIRK, EDWARD LEE .,... NORRIS CITY, Bachelor of Architecture, COLLEGE HALL, A.l.A. KIRK, KAY JEANNE ..... MCHENRY, B.S. in Physical Education, McKlNLEY HALL, W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41, Physical Education Maiors Club. KIRKSEY, EARNEsrlNE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Psychology, DIET HOUSE, Navy Pier Extension ot the University ot Illinois. KITTLE, PAUL ALvlN ..... LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, B.S. iii Chemistry, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.c.s. KLAJNIK, MARION ELIZABETH ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Secretarial Training, BUSEY HALL, Alpha Lambda Delta, Terrapin 11, 2, 31, Freshman Adviser 121, Young Democrats Club, Honors Day 11, 21. KLAWITTER, JAMES MARLOW ..... NORMAL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, KlNG'S ROW, House President 131, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Society of American Military Engineers 141, A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. KLAZMER, BEATRICE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, University Theatre Crew 121, Marketing Club. KLEIFIELD, ANITA ETHEL ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Teaching of Mathematics, LAUREL HOUSE, House President 131, Roosevelt University. KLEIN, RONALD THEODORE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Physical Education, CHI ILLINI LODGE, House President 141, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Football Navy Pier 11, 21, Cap- tain 121, Basketball Navy Pier 11, 2, 31, Captain 131, Baseball Navy Pier 11, 2, 31, Captain 131, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. KLEIN, SELBY PHILLIP ..... STREATOR, B.A. in L.A.S., Social Studies. KLIBANOW, SAUL HOWARD ..... CHICAGO, Bachelor of Architecture, FLAGG HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 11, 2, 3, 41, Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, lntantry Club 13, 41, Pershing Rit'1es11, 21, A.l.A. KLIEBER, JOSEPH MICHAEL ..... STREATOR, B.S. in Accounting, THETA XI, Military Ball Com- mittee 131, Scabbard and Blade 13, 41, Zeta Sigma Alpha, Honors Day 111. KLIER, JEANNE MARILYN ..... MOLINE, B.S. in Communications, PI BETA PHI, Illini Union Committee 11, 21, WILL-TV 13, 41, Terrapin 111. KLORFINE, LORNA MAE ..... CHAMPAICVN, IIS in lr.iininti, IIIIA AIl'I'lA I'l, Torcli, Shi-Ai, Sittinn Iota Epsilon, Illini Union Iniiiiiiitti-it Il, 7, III, t.iinpii-. thi--.I ' ' I lounrlition Studcnt Iciiniil II 'I 'I It Iii irlint III Illini liiiliti n I I2, JI, I-lille . . ' i ,.,.,1,"-.-1, trim Coininitli-i' IQI, Sciinitar, Honors Day Il, III KLOSS, KENNETH WARREN . .. .CHlCAGO, Ilnflii-lui ol Arclillc-rtilrv, ILINIIUI-'IN IIiIWll?'i, House President ILII, Navy Pier Extension ul tlii- Univi-r-:ity ol lllinni-.. KNOLL, ALFRED GEORGE MICHAEL ..... HOMIWOOII, IIS. in LAS, Gi-ulniw, NIWMAN HALL, Chi Gainnm Iota, Wrvstliiiq, Varsity Squad, Cycliitlii-ni Cliili, Ilnnniu Day I3l. KNOSHER, NANCY KATHRYN ..,.. CHAMPAIGN, B.S. Ill Music Education, Plii Kappa IIIII, l'i Kappa Lambda, Alpha Lanibda Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, University Orcliiislra IQ, 3, III, McKinley Foundation Student Council IQI, Honors Day II, 2, HI, University of Illinrii-. Scholarship Key. KNOX, THOMAS RAY ..... WHITE HALL, B.S. in Agriculture, PHI SIGMA EPSILON, Aqricnl tural Council I3I, Agricultural Education Club, Dairy Production Cluli. KOBES, KAREN ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology and Occupational Therapy, DELTA GAMMA, Illini Union Committee I3I, University Theater Manager IH, III, Terrapin I3, AI, Illi-Sota, Lawrence College. KOBS, JAMES FRED ...., GLENVIEW, Delta Sigma, The Daily Illini Col lege, Northwestern Univers KOCH, ERIC NEAL ..... DECATUR, B.S. Sigma, House President ISI, Illinois Scholarship Key. KOEHLER, ANDREA ..... DES PLAINES, Lambda Delta, Beloit College. B.S. in Communications, COLONIAL MANOR, Alpha I4I, W.P.G.U. IAI, House President I4I, Wright Junior ity. in Engineering Physics, WESMEN, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Oratorio Society Il, 2I, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., University of B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, PI BETA PHI, Alpha KOENIG, DONALD MORRISON ...,. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, Bachelor of Architecture, THETA CHI, Gargoyle, Illini Union Committee Il, 2I, University Theatre Cast III, Interfraternity Council I3I, Ensign, NROTC I3, LII. KOEPKE, JOHN ALBERT ..... MT. PROSPECT, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, A,S.M,E., Illi- Knights, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. KOGAN, CARLA KAY ..... KANKAKEE, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, DELTA GAMMA, Torch, Shi-Ai, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Daily Illini II, QI, Maior Chairman Home- coming Illini Union Committee ISI, Maior Chairman Town Meetings and Forums Illini Union Committee IQI, Illini Union Committee Il, 2, 3I, University Theatre Crew III, Star Course Manager III, Y.M,C.A. Committee III, Campus Chest III, Freshman Council, Freshman Week Committee I2I, Greek Week Committee I2I, Junior Bar Association, Honors Day III. KOGUT, JOSEPH ANDREW .,... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, University of Kansas, Illinois Institute of Technology, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. KOHEN, RAY WALLACE ..... LANSING, B.S. in Economics, Marketing Club, Young Democrats Club, President IAI, Purdue University, Indiana University. KOHL, REGINA ANN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A,S., Bacteriology, BUSEY HALL, Spanish Club, Student Veterinary Medical Association. KOHNER, NANCY MARIE ...,. CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, CEDAR HALL, House President IAI, University Chorus I3I, Women's Glee Club I4I, Oratorio Society IAI, Newman Foundation Student Council I3I, A.l.A., Fine and Applied Arts Society, French Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Young Democrats Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, KOLLER, FRANKLIN RALPH ,,... BERWYN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A.l.E.E,fl.R.E., Mor- ton Junior College, Illinois Institute of Technology, KOLLMAN, RONALD ADNEY ..... HARVEY, B.S. in Agriculture, FARM HOUSE, Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Baseball Manager I2, 3, 4I, Senior Baseball Manager IAI, Agricultural Eco- nomics Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club. KORFIST, .IANICE LEE ..... LAGRANGE PARK, B. A. in L.A.S., Spanish, KAPPA DELTA, The lllio Il, 2I, Women's Glee Club Il, 2, 3, AI, Freshman Week Committee Il, 2I, Little United Nations, Spanish Club. KORNWOLF, JAMES DAVID ..... RACINE, WISCONSIN, B.F.A. in History of Art, PHI KAPPA TAU, Scarab, Star Course Manager I2I, Men's Glee Club III, University of Chicago. KOTECKI, DON KENNETH ...., SPRING VALLEY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, ARMORY HOUSE, A,l,E.E.-l.R.E., Honors Day II, 2I, LaSalle'Peru Junior College. KRAMER, ESTHER ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, DELTA PHI EPSILON, Student National Education Association, Honors Day I3I. KRAMER, SHELDON JAY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.C.S,, A.I.Ch.E., German Club, Pier Illini I3I, Honors Day II, 2, 3I, University of Illinois Scholarship Key, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. KRAMKOWSKI, RICHARD STANLEY ..... LA SALLE, B.S. in Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., La Salle- Peru-Oglesby Junior College. KRAML, KENNETH WESLEY ..,.. HINSDALE, B.A. in L.A.S., History, ALPHA TAU OMEGA, Tribe of Illini I3, 4I, Football, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad IQI, Wrestling, Fresh- man Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad I3I, Letter ISI, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC I3, AI. KRAMP, DIANA JOYCE ..... ELMHURST, B.S. in Speech Correction, GAMMA PHI BETA, Shorter Board, Shi-Ai, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mask and Bauble, Zeta Phi Eta, President IAI, University Theatre Manager I3, AI, Star Course Manager I2I, Panhellenic Executive Council ISI, House President I4I, Student Senate ISI, Coordination Committee ISI, Women's Glee Club III. KRAMP, ROBERT CHARLES ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A.l.E.E,-l,R.E., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Q I 11 I' . i f .L ,ri .ISI . NX -cn ' 4 . 9 . is . I 3 A , 2. F . ' .4'k..a., 1- I g . igr I .. . F: A V Q Q 5 yggf 'W . , rs, 7. We x , cl . r lei rt c 11+ if -J .jay S. A ' ,IV 'X wmv -. i"i I- - . 7- R. I I -, U If qt HIV.. A-5.- 6. Iam I, 'rw X .A -on-. , tv 15 , -if sa J 2' Q31 F 1. Y 3 if , . few , fp ,,....? V17 so-4-0 .G 'SF I, jd? ' as I 'ey 4 1 1? Q .Q ,tex te M -M- hi-.av i, : 'T' it .. ri 4 I. qv Iggy. Y WM --4' 23 x 4' ,I A., Ae' ia E WI. v,. . -s r :of KRAUSE, NORMAN CLYDE ..... EAST ST. LOUIS: B.S. in Finance: SIGMA PHI EPSILON: Campus Chest l31: Accountancy Club: Finance Club: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club: Society tor the Advancement ot Management: Pre-Law Club: Belleville Junior College: Culver-Stockton College. KRAVCIK, JOHN WARREN ..... BERWYN: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: A,I.E.E.-l.R.E.: Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. KRAVETZ, HOWARD LEE ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Marketing: PHI EPSILON Pl: Military Ball Committee I41: Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC l3, 41: Arnold Air Society 13, 41. KRAVITZ, EUGENE PAUL ..... CHICAGO: B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science: FLAGG HOUSE: M.R.H.A. ll, 2, 3, 41: Junior Bar Association: Pre-Law Club. KREINES, EDWARD DAVID ..... WINNETKA: B.S. in City Planning: PI LAMBDA PHI: Phi Eta Sigma: Student Senate l41: Forsite l3, 41: Honors Day IB, 41: Indiana University. . ' KRIEGE, MARGARET MARY ..., .. EDWARDSVILLE: B.A. in L.A.S., Spanish: Pl BETA PHI: Shi-Ai: ' Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Delta Pi: University Theater Crew II1: Star Course Man- ager ll, 21: Panhellenic Executive Council l2, 31: Varsity Cheerleader IQ, 31: Women's Q , Glee Club ll. 21: Spanish Club: Intertraternity Queen II1: Honors Day ll, 2, 31:Uni- QQQX versity ot Illinois Scholarship Key. N..-qv It ,459 5 . WS 4-9 ' ' - Ti""i KRIEGER, ROBERT PAUL ..... CHAMPAIGN: B.A. in Teaching ot Social Studies: German Club: . ' Teachers-in-Training Club: Young Republicans Club: Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202. ' a Q " KROENCKE, SHIRLEY JEAN ..... HULL: B.S. in Elementary Education: ALLEN HALL: House 1 .. President I41: Student National Education Association: Western Illinois University. KROLAK, ROGER VINCENT ..,.. PERU: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College. ....-v wi.. X 'P fa? x fits 5 KRUBL, JUDITH JOAN ..... BROADVIEW: B.S. in Physical Education: ALPHA GAMMA DELTA: Star Course Manager II1: Orchesis ll, 2, 3, 41: Fine and Applied Arts Council I31: Physical Education Maiors Club. Kraus, RONALD s ...... SPRINGFIELD: Bs. in L.A.s., Psychology: LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. 'tw- 9' f J fix KRUGER, VERNON CHARLES ..... MONROE CENTER: B.S. in Physical Education: University of Wisconsin: University ot Northern Illinois. fi R 3 ' ' -' an ., f. A iff! , Uv iw? -11.1 .-f a . KUEHL, DEAN JAMES ..... MENDOTA: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma: Trinidad State Junior College: LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College. ' KUHLMAN, GEORGE CARL, JR ...,.. BARRINGTON: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: Tau Beta ' Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E.: Honors Day l21: Ripon College: Northwestern University. titre- 2: it iiQ1"t3' 1' I KUKLA, ROBERT WILLIAM ..... DANVILLE: B.S. in Teaching ot Mathematics: GARMEN HOUSE: i"Wf."""' f House President l31: Maior, Air Force ROTC IS, 41. V KUNCL, KAREN LENORE .. ..CICERO: B.S. in Chemistry: BUSEY HALL: Illinois Wesleyan ,Y . University. 3. il KUNKEL, JAMES ANTHONY ..... KIRKLAND: B.S. in Commercial Teaching: MOORE HALL: Phi t 1 Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Business Education Club: Marketing Club: Honors Day fm -s,' R' ll, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key. t f Y 4 .iff ' . KUNZ, WILLIAM EDWARD ..... PEKIN: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: KING'S ROW: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: House President I41: Concert Band I3, 41: Football Marching Band ll, 2, 31: First Regimental Band ll, 21: A.l.E.E.-l.R.E.: German Club: Illini Sportsman's Club: Honors Day ll, 31: University ot Illinois Scholarship Key. KURINSKY, JOHN ROBERT ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Marketing: GARNER HOUSE: Marketing Club: Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. KURTH, CHRISTINE MARIE . .... BLOOMINGTON: B.S in Education of Mentally Handicapped Children: ALPHA PHI: The lllio ll, 21: Illini Union Committee ll, 21: Panhellenic Ball Committee II1. 'J'P'P" KURZWEG, PEGGY M ...... CHAMPAIGN: B.S. in Elementary Education: ALPHA CHI OMEGA: The lllio ll, 21: Illini Union Committee II1: Panhellenic Ball Committee l21: Student National Education Association: Northwestern University. KUSENDA, GAIL PATRICIA., ...,. WILLOW SPRINGS: B.S. in Home Economics: ALPHA XI DELTA: University Theatre Crew ll, 21: Orchesis l21. LACIVITA, JAMES, JR ...... CHICAGO: B.S. in L.A.S., Physics: GRANADA CLUB: Maior, Army ROTC I3, 41: Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. qw 'A'-'V' LACKOVIC, THOMAS PETER ..... RIVERSIDE: B.S. in Marketing: DELTA KAPPA EPSILON: Football, Freshman Varsity Squad: Marketing Club. LACQUEMENT, RICHARD ARLYNN ..... FLORA: Bs in L.A.S., PsycholoQY: ALPHA KAPPA PK g: LAMBDA: Junior Intertraternity Council: Lieutenant-Colonel, Army ROTC I3, 41: X I "'f Scabbard and Blade 13, 41: Zeta Sigma Alpha C41: McKendree College. Ei, if ,QQ LAM, SOW .,... CHICAGO: B.S. in Accountancy: Hawaii Club: Chinese Students Club: Navy ' , A 1 it J' Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. wx, L M f T - A Eu, J C. ,fl .,.. LAMB, DAVID PORTER ..... OAKLAND CITY, INDIANA: B.F.A. in Advertising Design: FORBES ug , ' X 'V 4:7 HOUSE: Wesley Foundation Student Council 43, 41: Honors Day II1. A SI4 LAMBRECHT, LYNDA LEE ,.... I.lI3ERlYVIIll:, ILS. in l.A,S,, I'--yiliolnciy, KAl'l'A AII'lIA THETA, University ol Colorado. LAMPS, ARDITH LOUISE ,.... PERU, B.S. in Igli-ini-nI.irv Iclurnliung ALPHA Cl-ll UMICIA, Mm tar Board, Torch, Sl1i'Ai, Kappa Delhi Pi, Alplm Lnnilmrlii Dc-lla, Illini Union Cont mittee 1l, 21, Panltellenic Exocutivi- Council 1I, 2, 3, 41, llligri-1-k 131, Pitnlii-Ili-nit Board ol Ailnirs 131, Junior Pniiliellvnic Ext-iiutive Contniittei- 1l1, I'lunoi'. lttiy 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinoi-. Scliolnrsliip Key. LANDT, LOUIS LAWRENCE ..... BERWYN, B.S. in Mnimcicim-tit, IAU KAPPA LPSIION, Skull and Crescent, House President 141, Tribe of Illini 13, 41, Bnskvtlmll, I'ii-sliinmi Vai-.ny Squad, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 13, -11, Society lor the Aclvtinu-ntl-nt ol Mnnnciement. LANEAR, JOE EDWARD , . . , OLNEY, B.S. IIT L,A.S., Geology, Honors Day 1l1, Eastern Illinois University. LANER, GLORIA ANN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A S., Spanish, LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, W.P,G.U. 1l, 2, 3, 41, Spanish Club. LANG, NORRIS GLEN ..... TUSCOIA, B,A. in l.A.S,, Anthropology, HOUSE OF ROOIAH, House President 141, Danville Junior College. LANGE, DAVID LEE ...., HUME, B.S. in Communications, SIGMA TAU SIGMA, Sigma Delta Chi, WILL 12, 3, 41, Eastern Illinois State University. LANGE, IRENE LYDIA ..... CHICAGO, B.S, in Marketing, BUSEY HALL, Sigma Iota Epsilon, German Club, Lithuanian Students' Club, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Alumni Asso- ciation, Russian Language C'ub, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. LANGFORD, BILL KAYE ..... CARMI, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Chi Gamma Iota, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, A l.E.E.-I.R.E., Honors Day 1l, 2, 31. LANGHAAR, SALLY LOUISE ..... URBANA, B.S. in Elementary Education, Illini Union Com- mittee 111, Terrapin 1I, 21. LANGHAUSER, LEON HENRY ..... BREESE, B.S. in Dairy Technology, Dairy Technology Society. LANGKAMMERER, GERALD W ...... BERWYN, B.S. in Communications, THETA CHI, Sachem, Alpha Delta Sigma, Maior Chairman Publicity lllini Union Committee 131, Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 41, Junior Intertraternity Council 111, House President 141, Men's Glee Club 141, l.U.S.A. Barbershoppers 131, Illigreek 141, Ensign, NROTC 13, 41, Scabbard and Blade 141, Trident 13, 41 LANIER, ALICE STEVENSON ..... ARCOLA, Bachelor of Music, Alpha Chron, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, University Chorus 1l1, Oratorio Society 1I1, University Re- ligious Council 1l, 21, Disciples Foundation Student Council 1l, 21, Honors Day 1l, 21, University of Kentucky. LANIER, NANCY ANN ..... MANSFIELD, B.S. in L.A.S., Bacteriologvi SHERWOOD LODGE, House President 141, Sno-Ball Committee 111. LANSFORD, ROBERT MAURICE ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in Engineering Physics, Tomahawk, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Tribe of Illini 141, Tennis, Freshman Varsity Sciuad, Var- sity Squad 13, 41, Letter 13, 41, Concert Band 1l, 2, 31, Football Marching Band 1l, 2, 31, Physics Society, President 141, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31. LANTZ, CONRAD WALLACE ..... ROCKFORD, B.S. in Accountancy, ACACIA, Wa-Na-See, President 141, Skull and Crescent, President 121, The Daily Illini 1l1, Board of Fra- terity Affairs 13, 41, Interfraternity Executive Council 13, 41, Junior Interfraternity Council 1I1, Dolphins 12, 3, 41, Interfraternity Ball Committee 121, Ensign, NROTC 13, 41. LANZEROTTI, LOUIS JOHN ..... CARLINVILLE, B.S. in Engineering Physics, NEWMAN HALL, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Engineering Council 141, Physics Society, Engineering Open House, General Chairman 141, Honors Day 131, Blackburn College. LAPP, DOUGLAS MARTIN ,.... SPRINGFIELD: B.S. in Engineering Physics, ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA, Wa-Na-See: Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Star Course Manager 1I, 2, 31, McKinley Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 41, Concert and En- tertainment Board 141, Physics Society, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. LARSON, JAMES CLARENCE. ..,. LYONS, B.S. in Mining Engineering, CHI PSI, University Theatre Crew 121, Star Course Manager 1I1, House President 141, M.I.S., Young Re- publicans Club, A.I.M.E. LARSON, KENNETH PAUL . . . . AMES, IOWA, Bachelor of Architecture, SIGMA PHI EPSILON, Ensign, NROTC 13, 4, 51, Iowa State University. LARSON, RALPH GEORGE ..... BARRINGTON, B.S. in L.A.s., Geology, PHI KAPPA Psi, Skull and Crescent. LASH, KAY LINDA ..... DANVILLE, B.S. in Elementary Education, SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA, Shorter Board, Illini Union Board 141, Maior Chaiman Union Movie Committee 131, Illini Union Council 131, Honors Day 111, House President 131. LASKE, JOSEPH DEXTER ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, The Daily Illini 1I1, W.P.G.U. 1l, 21, Intertraternity Executive Council 131, University Chorus 1l1, Greek Week Committee 1l1, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Pershing Rifles 1l, 21, Phi Chi Eta 13, 41, Gamma Delta, Honors Day 1l1. LATCHFORD, RAYMOND JOHN ...., POINT PLEASANT, NEW JERSEY, B.S. in Electrical En- gineering, A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. 13, 41, l.A.S., Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202. LATHROP, GAYLON KENT .... . LA PRAIRIE, B.S. in Civil Engineering, PHI SIGMA EPSILON, House President 141, A,S.C.E., Western Illinois University. LAUFER, DAV.:,gEPrEATER ..... ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, PHI KAPPA LAVELY, JEROME PATRICK ..... JOLIET, B.S. in Marketing and Management, KAPPA SIGMA, Alpha Kappa Psi, Junior Interfraternity Council 131, Marketing Club, Society tor the Advancement of Management, Joliet Junior College. Q vs, I 6 wr- I t .P if T f it J f fa, 'V ,H , Eff . ta H- N 1, . I K 'TEL' ' 16,9 6 'Z '. ' 'av 'Ss'-,f 1 X' A, QU 3' W A i A 1 'B I r i if f sz' I A F it f-fe Wan t, 4 P' yr- Wipe, kiewwt . 1 , A ' n , -A -ef ' T -. f .E MK if 'X-14V - SIS wx, 'TZJLQ' hr: AW LAWTON, LAWSON, LAWSON, LAWSON, LAVIN, WILLIAM JOHN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. LAWRENCE, NORMAN RICHARD ..... HINSDALE, B.S. in Commerce and Law, ZETA PSI, Skull and Crescent, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, University Theatre Crew 12, 3l, Y.M.C.A. Committee 12, Sl, Junior Intertraternity Council 1Il, McKinley Foundation Student Council 1l, 2l, Commerce Council 13, 4l, Junior Bar Association. DAVID EBER ..... AUGUSTA, WISCONSIN, Bachelor of Architecture, THETA CHI, Illini Union Committee 1ll, Pershing Rifles 1ll, A.l.A., University of Wisconsin. ERWIN CLAIR ..... URBANA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Honors Day 13l, Northwestern University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. ROBERT EUGENE ..... EAST ST. LOUIS, B.S. in Music Education, University Choir 13l, University Chorus 13l. EDWARD ALBERT, JR ...... DIXON, B.S. in Dairy TechnOlOQYi GARNER W.P.G.U. 12l,M.R.H.A. 13, Al, House President 14l, Freshman Adviser's Executive Council 14l, Dairy Technology Society, Marketing Club, Young Republicans Club. LAZAR, BARBARA ANN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., BacteriolOQYi INDECO, University Theatre Crew 1ll, Hillel Foundation Student Council 12l, Honors Day 1ll. LAZAR, RICHARD SANDER ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, ZETA BETA TAU, Star and Scroll, Illini Union Committee 1ll, Freshman Council, Freshman Adviser 12, Ill, S.I.E.S., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. LAX, WILLIAM PAUL . . . , CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, FORBES HOUSE, Alpha Delta Sigma, The Daily Illini 13l, Marketing Club, Young Democrats Club, Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. LEBAN, MARX ISTOK . .... CHICAGO, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, A.l.Ch.E. . LEBLANC, c P ,fx0v:m,. 4 1 -'M All RAYMOND ARTHUR ,,... TOLEDO, OHIO, Bachelor of Architecture, Alpha Delta Sigma, Forsite, Northwestern University, University of Toledo. LEDEBUHR, KURT LEROY ..... EVERGREEN PARK, Bachelor of Architecture, FORBES HOUSE, M.l.A. Executive Council 13, Al, A.I.A., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. i ,af-,.+iif fT.., . I LEE, PALMER DEWAIN ..... INDEPENDENCE, rviissouiei, as in Economics, NEWMAN HALL, f ' P I Young Republicians Club. M .f--g 'ibn-.Y K ij- LEEB, GERALD ALAN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, HOPKINS HOUSE, Accountancv I ,, E 9 I Club, German Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Society for the Advancement of . ' ,j K ' Management, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. , ' gf 'f.5,5'5 .4 I ' 1-ff' 'M " xx" LEGAT, JOSEPH JACOB ..... WAUKEGAN, Bachelor of Architecture, ALPHA RHO CHI, Maior v" I ' ,Mtn Chairman Graphic Arts Illini Union Committee 12l: A.l.A., Fine and Applied Arts Society, Lake Forest College. ,,g'r-I- .fill-vi Q 7 Afgif ' S 2 4. - W- B . f M i'C,."" , X ' 5l6 , I vt ' ' w.o.,:'h f f .1 . , . E J -cf f ' we -er ' :I LEIDENHEMER, JOHN LAWRENCE, JR ..... HERRIN, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, LES fr PM 'Z' I TY X I Swv 5 fix LEONARD, MISERABLES, Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC 13, 4l, Pershing Rifles 1l, 2, 3, 4l, Flying Club, I.A.S. LEIKEN, LARRY MERWYN ..... EUREKA, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, ZETA BETA TAU, Star and Scroll, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, The Daily Illini 1I, 2l, Illini Union Committee 1ll, Campus Chest 1ll, Junior Intertraternity Council 1Il, Freshman Adviser II, 2, Sl, Illini Board ot Control 13, dl, Maior, Army ROTC 13, 4l, Phi Chi Eta 13, 4l, Junior Bar Association 14l, Honors Day 1l, 3l. LEIMBACH, ANNA RACHEL ..... ALTON, B.S. in Marketing, DELTA DELTA DELTA, University Theatre Cast 1Il, Panhellenic Executive Council 14l, Campus Chest Allocations and Ad- visory Board 14l, Freshman Adviser 14l, Marketing Club. LEMAK, JOHN CHARLES ..... ELMHURST, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, MEDEA LODGE, House President 14l, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. I ic LENTNER, KEITH JOHN .,,.. DES PLAINES, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, "O" HOUSE, Phi Eta Sigma, Illinois Technograph 12l, Lutheran Foundation Student Council 111l, A.l.E.E.- l.R.E., Honors Day 1ll. LENZ, WALTER .... . CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Geography, EVANS SCHOLARS, Chi Gamma Iota, Wright Junior College. LEONARD, CAROL JEAN ..... BELVIDERE, B.S. in Commercial Teaching, PHI MU, Mortar Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio 11, 2, 3l, Associate Business Manager 14l, Illini Union Committee 1ll, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1l, 2l, House President 14l, Business Education Club, Honors Day 1l, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. JOANNE ALDENE ..... BETHALTO, B.S. in Home Economics, Pl BETA PHI, The lllio 1ll, Star Course Manager 1ll, Panhellenic Ball Committee 1Il, Honors Day 13l. LEONARD, THERESA ROCHELLE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, DELTA SIGMA THE-TA, House President 13, 4l, Freshman Adviser 12l. LEONG, STEPHEN MUN YOON ..... KUAIA LUMPOR, MALAYA, B.A. in L.A.S., History, ZETA PSI, Chinese Students Club, Little United Nations, Russian Language Club, Middle- bury College. LESSEN, LARRY LEE ..... LINCOLN, B.A. in LA.S., Political Science, CHI PHI, Skull and Crescent, Junior Interfratternity Council 1ll, LETWIN, CAROL PHYLLIS ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, INDECO, Kappa Delta Pi, Illini Union Committee I3l. LEVEY, RITA ,.,.. HOLLANDAII, MISSISSIPPI, ILS. in Mark:-tin-i, IOIA ALPHA l'I, Ilii-lllio17,1tl, Illigrc-ok 13, 41, Illinois IvcIinofir.ipIi 171, Llnivvr-sity Ri-liriion-4 Ci-initial 111, In-' Adviser 121, Marketing Cliili. LEVINE, ALLAN ...,. SKOKIE, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Sui-nrt-, HOPKINS HOUST, MRIIA 131, House President 131, Junior Bar Association, Navy I'lL'r Aliiinni Assorintmn, Yoiinvt Democrats Club, Honors Day 121, N.iyy Pu-i Lxlension ni thi- University ol Illinois. LEVINE, AARON BART .,... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, B.S. in Accoiininnry, IAU IPSIION I'lIl, LEVIN LEWIS LEWIS LEWIS uswis, Lewis, 1 Accountancy Club. RAYMOND LEE ..,.. CHICAGO, B.S. in Coinniunicntions, TAU TPSILON PHI, Siiinm Delta Chi, The Daily Illini 141, House Presiclr-nt 141. EDWARD STEVEN ...,. HARTSDALE, NEW YORK, B.S. in Marketing, SIGMA ALPHA MU, The Daily Illini 13, 41, Illini Union Committee 111, Basketball Manager 121, llfisi-Imll Manager 111, Hillel Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 31. ELMER EUGENE ..... ELMWOOD PARK, B.S. in Engineering Physics, Sigina Inu, Phi Eta Sigma, McKinley Foundation Student Council 141, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Physics Society, President 131, Honors Day 11, 21. LARRY FRANK .,.,. URSA, B.S. in Agriculture, ACACIA, Football Marching Band 121, First Regimental Band 121, Second Regimental Band 111, Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 41, Oratorio Society 121, Agriculture Council 131, All-Ag Field Day Committee 121, Field and Furrow, President 121. RICHARD CARL ..... DOWNERS GROVE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, EVANS SCHOLARS, Illini Union Committee 131, Sno-Ball Committee 121, A.l.Ch.E., A.l.E.E.- l.R.E., Little United Nations. WILLIAM LEE ..... JACKSONVILLE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, TAU KAPPA EPSI- LON, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Military Ball Committee 141, Battalion Commander, NROTC 141, President, Armed Forces Council 141, President, Navy Council 141, Uni- versity ot Colorado. LEWY, GERALD DAVID ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, Alpha Phi Omega, The Daily Illini 11, 2, 31, l.P.C. Photography Staff 11, 2, 31, M.R.H.A. 111, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Infantry Club 12, 3, 41, Phalanx 141, Junior Bar Association, Russian Language Club. LIEBECK, ROBERT HAUSCHILD ..... WHEATON, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, l,A.S., North Central College. LIEBERMAN, LAWRENCE HERMAN ..... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, BARTON HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 12, 31, Praetorians, Social Work Club. LIESKE, EDWARD ALLEN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, DELTA KAPPA EP- SILON, House President 131. LILJEROS, BRITTA ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, KAPPA DELTA, Gamma Alpha Chi, Illini Union Committee 131, Northern Illinois University, LILLY, LAWRENCE GREGORY . . . . OAKLAWN, B.S. in Accountancy, Phi Alpha Delta, Account- ancy Club, Junior Bar Association, Honors Day 131, LINDER, DEIRDRE LOUISE ..... GLENVIEW, B.S. in Home Economics, KAPPA DELTA, The Illio 121, llligreek 12, 31, S.N.I.B. 121, Panhellenic Ball Committee 111, Home Eco- nomics Club. LINDSTROM, DAVID GUSTAF . . . . URBANA, B.A in L.A.S., Psychology, Ma-Wan-Da, Univer- sity Theatre Cast 121, Y.M.C.A, Board of Directors 141, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41, Presi- dent 141, Y.M,C.A. Committee 12, 3, 41, Wesley Foundation Student Council 121, Fresh- man Adviser 141, LINGLE, LINDA LEE ..... SPRINGFIELD, B.S. in L.A.S., Biology, ALPHA DELTA PI, Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 41, Lake Forest College. LINK, GERDA LENOR ..... JERSEYVILLE, B.S. in L.A.S., Geography, BUSEY HALL. LIPSON, DAVID EARL .,... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, PI LAMBDA PHI, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Illini Union Committee 11, 21, University Theatre Crew 131, Junior lnterfraternity Council 111, House President 13, 41, Intramural Manager 121, Hillel Foun- dation Student Council 121, Commerce Council 131, Freshman Week Committee 12, 31, Freshman Adviser 12, 31, Greek Week Committee 131, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Phalanx 131, Phi Chi Eta 13, 41, Accountancy Club, Honors Day 11, 21. LIPSON, MURIEL ROSIN .... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, IOTA ALPHA Pl, Illini Union Committee 11, 21, Campus Chest 121, House President 13, 41, Hillel Foundation Student Council 11, 31, Greek Week Committee 121, Panhellenic Ball Committee 131, Student National Education Association 141, Honors Day 11, 31, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. LISNEK, ELLIOTT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, PHI SIGMA DELTA, Star and Scroll, The Daily Illini 121, Illini Union Committee 12, 31, House President 13, 41, Freshman Adviser 131, Military Ball Committee 131, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Pershing Rifles 111, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. LISS, EDMUND JOHN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, EVANS SCHOLARS, Campus Chest 121, Sno-Ball Committee 111, A.S.M.E. LOCKHART, ROBERT GREGORY ..... GREENVIEW, B.S. in Civil Engineering, House President 111, St. Pat's Ball Committee 141, A.S.C.E., President 141, LOEB, SANDRA .IEAN .,... OTTAWA, B.S. in L.A.S., Sociology, DELTA GAMMA, Drake University. LOHBAUER, .IANETTE LEE ..... ELGIN, B.S. in Elementary Education, PHI MU, Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 111, University Orchestra 12, 3, 41, Oratorio Society 13, 41, Orchesis 111. LOHMAN, LAUREL ALICE ..... WESTERN SPRINGS, B.S. in L.A.S., Spanish, BUSEY HALL, Little United Nations, Spanish Club. Zi "3 45:1 4 I R W' ',-E312 Y rgpv ' 'W . 'fdiititllni-"" 5 l l 31 mm, -w A,.,., 15111111 0 'IU .31 2. :Qs 'I fe' -'-3115 - li! 1' . ff I f - 73' Q -af 1.2 l . xx, i 5 4 .4 S f 1 1' ti, w f ., . gf k , 15 . , .M , M ' 92 ai " 7' s ' 'D by ,gf u. '..,'. . gif ,W- , gk 6 1 ' I N i ff"- fl .. D , 'N' x . 5 I 'I ' I UW g 11 . 43 1 if 'W 0 as ' .., 4 , A 4 2. f ,-7, 517 K Y ' r I I ,' A lr. ,U ., W i lv. . 1 1 X P 2' . ,u 1-:iv 'ns I . "ti, 3 in f' ' i pl . . . ,,. I .F ax - Ng 1 J, hw X Ii ff as i ff ii Ty 'I"'T? 'rv Q! "' i f PM . ' Zitvtfxi - 1 .qt 'L ,.'6 XX ff' R X, f fix V. Q, .231 alalrfzff. ' Q it 's V .,t'i 'reflex SI8 LONGNECKER, ALBERT A ....,. JOLIET, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, A.l.E.E.- I.R.E., University of the Philippines, Joliet Junior College. LOTZ, THEODORE VICTOR ..... EAST ALTON, B.A. in L.A.S., History, FORBES HOUSE, Southern Illinois University. LOWMAN, PATRICIA ANN ..... FLOSSMOOR, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, SIGMA KAPPA, The Illio 1l, 31, Illini Union Committee 111, Young Republicians Club. LUCAS, STEPHEN BARRY ..... JOLIET, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, NOBLE PENTHOUSE, Ma- Wan-Da, Tomahawk, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, M.R.H.A. 13, 41, President, M.R.H.A. Executive Council 12, 3, 41, House President 121, Student Senate 121, Wrestling, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Society for the Advancement of Management, Young Republicans Club, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. LUCZAK, CAROL ANN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in the Teaching of Spanish, CHI OMEGA, Illini Union Committee 1I1, Star Course Manager 1I1, Greek Week Committee 1I, 31, Spanish Club. LUEBKE, CHARLENE ELIZABETH ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, Blackburn College, Chicago Teachers College LUKER, CAROL WROBLEWSKI ..... URBANA, B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology, ALPHA PHI, Illini Union Committee 1l1, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1l1, University Chorus 1l1. LUSTFIELD, CHARLES DAVENPORT . . . . LA GRANGE, B.S. in Mathematics, MOORE HALL. LUSTIG, HANS ALBERT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, Sigma Delta Chi. LUTHER, LAWRENCE ALEXANDER ..... MAYWOOD, B.S. in General Engineering, PHI KAPPA THETA, University Theatre Crew 131, Junior lntertraternity Council 1I1, Lieutenant, NROTC 13, 41, Trident 131, l.S.G.E. LYNCH, JOHN MICHAEL ..... JOLIET, B.S. in Finance, KAPPA SIGMA, Alpha Kappa Psi, Uni- versity Theatre Manager 121, University Theatre Crew 111, Campus Chest 1l1, Junior lntertraternity Council 1I1, Committee on Student Affairs 131, Commerce Council 131, Interfraternity Ball Committee 121, Accountancy Club, Finance Club, Society 'lor the Advancement of Management. LYONS, KEVIN JOSEPH ..... GRANVILLE, B.S. in Agriculture, PHI SIGMA KAPPA, Dairy Pro- duction Club, President 141, LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College. LYTLE, JAMES CRAYTON ..... WINNETKA, B.S. in Finance, THETA CHI, Ma-Wan-Da, Sigma Iota Epsilon, The Daily Illini 1l, 2, 31, Business Manager 141, Illini Union Committee1I1, Star Course Manager 1l1, lnterfraternity Executive Council 131, Junior lnterfraternity Council 1I1, House President 131, Golf, Freshman Varsity Squad, Commerce Council 12, 31, Intertraternity Ball Committee 13, 41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 1I, 2, 3, 41, Phi Chi Eta 13, 41, Finance Club, Honors Day 1l, 21. MACHON, GRAY FREEMAN ..... PARK RIDGE, B.S. in Industrial Education. MACK, RICHARD NORMAN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Philosophy, FLAGG HOUSE, Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pi, Honors Day 1I1. MACKEY, JO ANN ..... EAST ST. LOUIS, B.A. in Teaching of Speech, ALLEN HALL, University Theatre Cast 13, 41, University Theatre Crew 13, 41, Newman Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 41, St. Louis University. MACNEISH, THOMAS BRUCE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Industrial Administration, SIGMA NU, Society for the Advancement ot Management. MADING, JAMES EMMETT ..... CLAY CITY, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, HOPKINS HOUSE, University Chorus 131, St. Ambrose College. MADSEN, WAYNE ARTHUR ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, President 141, University Chorus 131, Men's Glee Club, Navy Pier 141, l.A.S., Tennis Manager, Navy Pier 121, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, MAGDZIASZ, DONALD MICHAEL ..... CALUMET CITY, B.A. in L.A.S., Economics, HOPKINS HOUSE, Sachem, House President, College Hall 121, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Young Republicans Club. NIAGINOT, RICHARD ANTHONY ,... . CALUMET CITY, B.S. in Communications, WILL-TV 13, 41. MAGUIRE, MICHAEL EUGENE ..... CAMPUS, B.S. in Finance, Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC 13, 41, Army Council 141, Phalanx 13, 41, Phi Chi Eta 13, 41. MAH, GEORGE ..... FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, M.l.S., Honors Day 121. MAHLER, ANNE ELIZABETH ..... ELMHURST, B.A. in L.A.S., Rhetoric and Composition, ALPHA DELTA Pl, The Illio 1l1, Illini Union Committee 1l, 21, Student Senate 1l1, llligreek 1I, 21, McKinley Foundation Student Council 141, Young Republicans Club. L MAISH, MINA ..... FLUSHING, NEW YORK, B.S. in Physical Education, EVANS HALL, Shorter Board, Torch, Alpha Chron, W.A.A. Board 12, 3, 41, President 141, W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41, Student Senate 141, Physical Education Maiors Club, Honors Day 1I1. MAKARSKI, RICHARD ALLEN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, GARNER HOUSE, French Club, Young Republicans Club, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. MALAVOLTI, EMIL . . . . PEKIN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, TOWN HOUSE, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. MALLINSON, ROY CHARLES .,.,, DANVIIII, IT'-, iii Inilu-.trial Irlrrtatiurr, I'IlI lsAI'I'A IAII, Ili.- Illio 1211 Frlirfalinir Surir-ly1 I1.rnviIlr- liinini Irilli-rw MAI-MBERG. DIANE ELIZABETH ..... CHICACIU, ILS. in 1trnrnrinirialluring l'lll Mll, IIIIIVVI'-lly' lhcatrc Crew 1311 W.l'.G.Ll. 131: Ilriivr-r-.ity til ltirlirrrlitrg- N.ivy l'ir-r I' 1-l thi University ol Illinois. MALNIQUIST, GLEN AARON ...,. VITRL2NAj II.S. tn Flr-rtrir.rI liiqitir-rrrittrli IHLIA XI1 A l.I..l. I.R.E.1 Honors Day 1I1. MALSTRONI, GORDON EDWARD ...,. CYALIESIJUIJCEQ IIS. in Coninnlnir.itiimns1 IAII lkAl'l'A EPSILON1 Alpha Delta Sigrna1 Sifynm Delta Chi1 lnti-rlrfrli-rnity Iixvrulivi- Ciuiinirl 121, Junior Interfraternity Council 1I11 Golf, treshrriiin Varsity Squad, Varsity Siliitul 12, 3, 41, Letter 13, 411 Wrestling, Freshman Varsity Siguacl, Varsity Squad 12, 311 Mrulfr-tint, Club. MALVEN, PAUL VERNON ...,. KINGSTON1 B.S. in Aqriculture1 ALPHA GAMMA RHO1 Phi Kappa Phi1 Alpha Zeta, President 1411 Phi Eta Sigma1 Junior lnterlraternrty Council 1211 Agricultural Council 13, 41 All-Ag Field Day Committee 1311 Plowhoy Prom Comniittet- 1311 Dairy Production Club1 Honors Day 1I, 2, 311 University ot Illinois Scholarship Kc-y. MANDL, EVA ANN ..... AURORA1 B.S. in Elementary Education1 INDECO. MANION, JERRY ROBERT ..... MT. VERNONj B.S. in Manageme-nt1 BETA THETA PI1 Sacherm Illini Union Committee 1211 Marketing CIub1 Society tor the Advancement of Man agement. MANN, MARILYN ELIZABETH ..... KANKAKEEj B.F.A. in Painting1 KAPPA ALPHA THETA1 Mortar Board1 Illini Union Board 1411 Maior Chairman Homecoming Illini Union Committee 1311 University Theatre Crew 1I1j Terrapin 11, 21. MANNING, KATHRYN LUCILLE ..... LADD: B.S. in Home Economics1 ALPHA CHI OMEGA1 Torch1 Phi Upsilon Omicron1 The Illio 1I, 2, 31, Associate Editor 141. MAPES, DONALD ROGERS ..... OAKLAND1 B.S. in Agriculture1 M,R.H.A. 1311 Military Ball Committee 1411 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 411 Zeta Sigma Alpha 1411 Field and Furrow. MARCELLIS, JACK CHARLES ..... CHICAGO1 B.S. Il't Civil Engineering1 NEWMAN HALL: A.S.C,E1 l.T.E.1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. MARCUS, STEPHEN LARRY ..... CHICAGO1 B.S. in Accountancy1 PHI EPSILON DI: Baseball, Freshman Varsity Squad1 Freshman Adviser 1311 Accountancy Club. MARELLA, GUY JOSEPH ..... BERVVYNj BS. in Civil Enginee-ring1 EVANS SCHOLARS1 M.I.A. Executive Council 1311 A.S.C.E. MARQUARDT, WALTER OTTO ..... CHICAGO1 B.S. in Electrical Engineering1 Concert Band 1I11 A.l.E.E.-I.R.E.1 Wright Junior College. MARRS, RICHARD KENT .... TUSCOLA1 B.S. in Accountancy1 LOU-MAC1 Alpha Kappa Psip Freshman Adviser 13, 411 IM Rec Board 1411 Accountancy Club. MARSHALL, CHARLES EDWARD ..... SOMONAUKj B.S. in Agriculture1 PHI KAPPA TAU1 Alpha Phi Omega1 Football Marching Band 1211 Second Regimental Band 11, 211 Newman Foundation Student Council 11, 211 Honors Day 1I1. MARTIN, ALVIN .... ,SKOKIE1 B.S. in Accountancy1 SIGMA ALPHA MIJ1 Delta Sigma Pi1 Football Manager 1I1. MARTIN, ARLAN GENE ..... HOPEDALE1 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering1 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, A1j A.F.S.1 A.S.M.E.1 S.A.E. MARTTILA, PATRICIA M ..,... CHAMPAIGN1 B.S. in Communications1 University Theatre Cast 13, 411 University Theatre Crew 1311 WILL-TV 1411 Illini Board of Control 13, 41. MARVIN, HARRY NICHOLAS ..... EVANSTON1 B.S. in Mathematics. MASTERS, JERRY RICHARD ..... FREEPORT1 B.S. in Civil Engineering1 Chi Epsilon 13, 411 Society of American Military Engineers 1I, 211 A.S.C.E. MATSUI, WARREN M ...... WAILUKU, HAWAII1 Bachelor of Architecture1 A.l.A.1 Hawaii ClulJ1 University of Hawaii. MATTICK, ELDON ARTHUR ..... ELMHURST1 B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering1 BETA SIGMA PSI1 Illini Union Committee 13, 411 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 411 Scabbard and Blade 13, 411 M.I.S. MAULDING, DELORIS LOUISE ...,. MT. VERNON1 Bachelor of Music1 PINE HALLQ Mu Phi Epsilon1 University Choir 1311 Women's Giee Club 12, 311 Madrigal Chorus 1311 Baptist Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 411 Mt. Vernon Community College. MAURER, HELEN STATIA ..... STREATOR1 B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology: GAMMA I-IOUSE1 House President 1311 Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 411 Honors Day 1311 Bob Jones University. MAYER, NORMAN EDWARD ..... ELMHURST1 B.S. in AgricuIture1 PHI KAPPA PSI1 House Presi- dent 1411 Track, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad 1211 Men's Glee Club 1l, 2, 3, 411 Agricultural Economics Club. MAYER, WILHELM KARL ..... CHICAGO: B.S. in Industrial Education1 Illini Union Committee 1311 Campus Chest 1211 W.P.G.U. 1111 Committee on Student Affairs 1311 Freshmm Council1 Men's Glee Club 1l, 2, 3, 411 Dolphins 1I11 Plowboy Prom Committee 131. Wo, . f 'xr 4: T fi rp, 3 f. 1 I ll! I4 W , 'D 5" . .Lx ,, 1 . vgl-H" 4.1, , . 7 L 1' ' ' ' '5 , , 1 .Q .f 4 j '-1, I9.':ifi'2fh t?'f5'I -- 'i3'f.v, Y -.1 :ax . D 4.3 I 5? I sf, 4, , ...W . 57.217 'vm' I 1 I f + mfr .f . tf 5. 1 TI 1. miift ft 1 - 1 4 e'i2-5- ' I .HJ'5i..i1.,2e.:,.c-..i.ciI1zas,4... :Z 4,22 , v . 1. I, .1 , '75'-pt. ix 61 vi M 5 :ff . 'TM f'x:52' , "-'7 ,' . M ' ! 'Y ' at ' f' .1. , 'ig ff - ive ff sr 'E I 'tr .' ' 5 f 1 f . ff " . .. 1 L , 'S fm . ing' ' C . A .f . -.5 ua' las Es: 4 .sn sr' .Q ,W .1 , . N , 1 QL? 1 V, cg ft 'r-. ' id ,X 5 .1q,q ' 1 . 291.-. 5 1' an "', 5. YV! ,A . ,dd 1, , If rv, Q . ' f I , .,4 .1 rar , I 3 frm' Gt .4 W' A ,W J., ,-1.135 519 ff .4-..--r . -1,- Tr f,.S3-Slim, .. - F .T Q .. L ik, i , ' w, I-, A 4 .v w . A 1 nf:-fa." , . Nh,-.5 ' , -J' ' 1 A il Q ' I " f f , - f"'f5v if My ' 1' I .. 3 .: if 4 'aff aaa Q -as 1 " sz 1 wiv. Rs 'tri , ,af I , -.. . , tw- A 1 'I i 1 1 I X ' Ai 2 1 I 3 . Qi W 550 : I I I Xfire--f I sa-Y ,F 1 Z hx . -,X . .- 520 7 a x." , N Q 4' B f W 6 X my 2 S 1 Q " .g l-. ,M' A Vs, f 1 1 , as m A. 'F f- 52. E' 4' 4 12,3 1 .V A ., Q 1. why -I Q 6 'I 11? 2, '1 Swa y. 1 . ..y.5-.- W., wg.-. f -A ' 'itfffi' fj1fvf"gf'j:Df , r 1 . I-H 151 f Q., I W- ,gf uf 'EFX QYQTM, 1555.1 MAZE, KAY ...., AURORA, B.S. in Elementary Education, DELTA ZETA, Illinois State Normal University. McBETH, DALE EDWIN . . . . ELMWOOD, B.S. in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics Club. McCABE, JOHN RAUD . . . . WAYNE, B.A. in L.A.S., English, FOUR COLUMNS, Wabash College. McCARTNEY, WILLIAM WARD , . . . CISCO, B.S in Agriculture. McCASlIN, SANDRA CAROLE ..... ROCKFORD, B.A. in L.A.S., Psychology, STRATFORD HOUSE, Northern Illinois University. MCCLORY, JOHN PATRICK ,.... CHICAGO, B.S. in Marketing, PHI KAPPA THETA, House Presi- dent 141, Baseball, Freshman Varsity Squad, Illigreek 141, Marketing Club. McCLOSKEY, KEITH RICHARD ..... PORTSMOUTH, OHIO, B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology, PHI KAPPA TAU, Phi Alpha Mu, Presient 141, Omega Beta Pi, Presient 141, Illini Union Committee 141, German Club, Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University ot Illinois Scholarship Key. McCORD, LENORE MARIE ...,. LAKE VILLA, B,A. in Teaching of English, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Illini Union Committee 131, Beloit College. MCCORMICK, AURELIA MARY ..... RIVER FOREST, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, Gamma Alpha Chi, University Theatre Crew 121, House President 121, Newman Foundation Student Council 121, St. Mary's ot Notre Dame. MCCORMICK, NORMAN JOSEPH ..... NORMAL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, President 141, Engineering Council 13, 41, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University ot Illinois Scholarship Key. McCOWAN, ALLEN CHESTER ..... ELMWOOD, B.S. in Agriculture, Chi Gamma Iota, Alpha Tau Alpha, President 141, University Theatre Crew 13, 41, Agricultural Education Club, Joliet Junior College. MCCULLOUGH, BETTE MERLENE ..... SALEM, B.A. in L.A.S., English, ALPHA OMICRON PI, University of Colorado. McGLENN, THOMAS RICHARD .,... KEWANEE, B.S. in Accountancy, NEWMAN HALL, Alpha Kappa Psi, Accountancy Club, Honors Day 111. McGOVERN, ELMO JAMES, JR ,..,.. ROBINSON, B.S. in L.A.S., Geology, EL PATIO, Cyclo- them Club. McGRATH, ARLENE C .,.... CHICAGO, B,A. in L.A.S., Rhetoric and Composition, THETA UPSILON, Illini Union Committee 12, 31, Panhellenic-W.G.S. Coordination Commit- tee 12, 31. McGUIRE, RICHARD OLIVER ..... BENTON, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Alpha Eta Rho, University Chorus 12, 31, Men's Glee Club 1l, 2, 31, Flying Club, I.A.S., Ri1'1e and Pistol Club. McINERNEY, JAMES FRANCIS .,... CHICAGO, B.S. in Physics, Physics Society, Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois. McKEMIE, KERMIT MONROE ..... BENTON, B.S. in Agriculture, FORBES HOUSE, Southern Illinois University. McKINNEY, PATRICIA RUTH ..... ROCK FALLS, B.A. in Teaching of Speech, HOSTE HOUSE, Mask and Bauble, Zeta Phi Eta, University Theatre Manager 131, University Theatre Cast 121, University Theatre Crew 12, 3, 41, W.A.A. 111, House President 121. McLEY, KAY SANDRA ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.A. in Teaching of English, CHI OMEGA, Mortar Board, Illini Union Committee 111, Star Course Manager 11, 2, 31, Women's Glee Club 111. McMICKEN, CAROLYN AGNES . . . . PLAINFIELD, B.S. in Marketing, PALAMAR, Marketing Club. McMILLEN, NANCY DARLENE ..... LINCOLN, B.A. in Teaching of Social Studies, MCKINLE-Y HALL, Torch, Illini Union Committee 111, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 11, 2, 3, 41, President 141, Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 3, 41, Wesley Foundation Student Council 11, 21, Pre-Law Club. McNAMARA, JAMES PAUL ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Physical Education, ILLINI LODGE, House President 141, Navy Pier Varsity Football 11, 21, Navy Pier Varsity Baseball 11, 21, Host of Illini, Physical Education Maiors Club, Navy Pier Extension of the Univer- sity of Illinois. MCQUILKIN, CAROL MILDRED ..... HENNEPIN, B.S. in Music Education, 4-H HOUSE, University Chorus 111, Women's Glee Club 13, 41, McKinley Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 41, Honors Day 131. Q MCSORLEY, DONALD VINCENT ..... WAUKEGAN, B.S. in Accountancy, SIGMA PHI EPSILON, Alpha Kappa Psi, House President 141, Accountancy Club, Honors Day 111. Mi:VICKAR, DAN BRUCE ..... SUMNER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, PARK LANE LODGE, A.F.S., A,S.M.E., S.A.E., Eastern Illinois University. McWARD, RICHARD ALAN ..... GLEN ELLYN, B.S. in Agriculture, SIGMA CHI, Wa-Na-See, Basketball' lglanager 11, 2, 31, First Class Petty Omcer, NROTC 141, Agricultural Eco- nomics C u . MEAD, MARY LOUISE ..... ROCKFORIW, ILS. in IIi'ini'iit.iry lrliicntimi, AIIIN IIAII, Ii-impair I l 13, 45, Bowling Green State Univi-rsi y MEANS, JOHN BARKLEY ...,, KANSAS CIIY, MISSOURI, ILA. iii L.A.S., L.iliii Studies, Pl KAPPA PHI, Star and Scroll, Sigma Delta Pi, Junior Inti-rlriiti-riiity CUIIII cil 125, McKinley Foundation Student Council 125, L.A.S. Council 13, 45, Iirst lim-uti-n.iiit, Army ROTC 13, 45, Phi Chi Eta 13, 45, Spanish Club, Young Repiiltlicniis Chili. MECH, ROBERT JOSEPH ..... HARVEY, B.S. in M-iimgemi-iit, ALPHA DELTA PHI, N.ivy Pu-i Extension ol the University ol Illinois. MELINDER, RICHARD GEORGE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, Illini Union Committee 145, Campus Chest 13, 45, German Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Teachers-in-Training Club, Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois. MELNICK, BONNIE SUE ...... WILMETTE, B.F.A. in Art Education, MAPLE HALL, Mortar Board, Illini Union Board 145, W.G.S. Executive Council 135, House President 125. MELTON, JAMES ORA ..... KIRKWOOD, B.S. in Agriculture, NABOR HOUSE, Alpha Zeta, House President 135, S.N.l.B. 12, 35, Wesley Foundation Student Council 135, Agri- cultural Council 145, Sno-Ball Committee 135, Agricultural Economics Club, President 145. MELVIN, JOHN WILLIAM ..,.. PEORIA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, PHI KAPPA TAU, Star Course Manager 125, House President 135. MERCER, WILLIAM STUART ..... DECATUR, B.S. in Accountancy, Accountancy Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. MERKELO, HENRY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, HOPKINS HOUSE, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Honors Day 125, College Moderne and Technique de Reims, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. MERLANDER, HARRIET MARGIE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Speech, MAPLE HALL, Uni- versity Theatre Crew 135, Sno-Ball Committee 135, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. MERRIELL, JOSEPH ALBION ..... CLINTON, B.S. in Dairy Technology, NEWMAN HALL, Dairy Technology Society. METTA, SAROJA SRIRAMULU ..... HYDERABAD, INDIA, B.S. in Home Economics, Indian Stu- dents' Association, Women's College, Osmania University. METZGER, DONALD LEE ..... EAST PEORIA, B.A. in L.A.S., Policitcal Science, BETA SIGMA PSI, University Theatre Manager 135, University Theatre Crew 1l, 25, lnterfraternity Executive Council 145, Junior Interfraternity Council, Adviser 145, House President 135, Gamma Delta, Junior Bar Association. MEYER, BARBARA HANLEY ,.... MATTOON, B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology, Delta Sigma Omicron. MEYER, CHARLES HENRY ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, FLAGG HOUSE, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, 45, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MEYER, GLENDON SHELBY ..... HINTON, IOWA, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Delta Sigma Omicron, Junior Bar Association, Honors Day 1l, 2, 35, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. MEYER, WILLIAM ANTHONY ..... BROADVIEW, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, LES MISER- ABLES, Sigma Tau, Sigma Gamma Tau, Flying Club, I.A.S., St. Ambrose College, Navy Pier Extensoin of the University of Illinois. MICHAEL, RICHARD DALE ..... CHAMPAIGN, Bachelor of Architecture, Football Marching Band 1I, 2, 35, First Regimental Band 1l, 2, 35, A.l.A., Honors Day 1l5. MICHALSKI, CHARMAINE NANCY ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., English, LEEMAN LODGE, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. MICHELA, JOHN FREDERECK ..... HIGHLAND PARK, B.A. in L.A.S., Political science, ALPHA SIGMA PHI, Student Senate 125, Little United Nations, Young Republicans Club, St. Louis University. MICHENER, ELIZABETH LOUISE . .... TUSCOLA, B.S. in Speech Correction, CHI OMEGA, Shorter Board, Zeta Phi Eta, University Theatre Crew 1I5, Star Course Manager 1l, 2, 35, Y.W.C.A, Committee 1l, 25. MIHALOPULOS, GUS, JR ...... CHRISTOPHER, B.S. in Accountancy, ARMORY HOUSE, Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC, Accountancy Club, Southern Illinois University. MIKYSKA, GLENN JOSEPH ..... RIVERSIDE, B.S. in Economics, THE MANSION, Accountancy Club, Lyons Township Junior College. MILETICH, MARILYN JOAN ..... CHICAGO, B.F.A. in Art Education, ALLEN HALL, Illini Union Committee. MILLAN, BETTY ANN ..... PEORIA, B.A. in L.A.S., English Literature, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, Mortar Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, Alpha Lambda Delta, President 125, Illini Union Board 145, Illini Union Committee 1l, 25, Panhellenic Executive Council 13, 45, Student Sen- ate 13, 45, Committee on Student Af-Tairs 13, 45, Freshman Adviser 135, Greek Week Committee, Maior Chairman 135, Illini Traditions Committee 125, Honors Day 1l, 2, 35, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. MILLER, CATHERINE ANN ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in Speech Correction, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Shorter Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, Mask and Bauble, National Collegiate Players, Zeta Phi Eta, Illini Union Committee 145, University Theatre Manager 12, 35, Production Man- ager 145, University Theatre Crew 1I5, Home Economics Club 115. MILLER, DON EDWIN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, PHI SIGMA KAPPA, Skull and Crescent, Pi Tau Sigma, Illini Union Committee 125, Campus Chest 125, Honors Day 1l, 25. F J "FYI . L, ti? ln? vq -3 J 'TY sn- 'LF-il 1 ' - . ' .. . I 33 ' ' ' 4 V 0 V ' '1 -...- ...Y . yu., . was .V aan-sw-5 ' Q , 71 ,75 ., .i 1? , 1 W'-U' fi .... 1 W5 X' " t ,. - i. MN ,Vx ,ff is. - . 5' w x , - I 'T' i, ' 'V , ,M it , U I W e ' . ' 'Sir ,' 4 I ,za ,sae HW 4? x '13 j '51 . ,, .-...Q v S . sy , fig? if if It '.,.u- I' if 1 D .ai , inlay, ei f ' 1 5 f x fur 'W'--wi' ss JN -.. , . 'rf Qx s'1"' N' L -li'-i : - ,ww 'ix , i 5,1 fv 7 1 , , if, f , I falts 'TF w--5 . R 1 . .-E, ji I . V 1 Ca.,- -QM C , .fr t... 1"P' Sq' , . , if ,ggi ' ' " cw !. ' x u- GY 'x I, jiowf 1 J ,c 1 M rm: .A X +4 . ' -3- m Q 1 va k r I N 'ZS dnt . fx. 1 T I M5 ' I I 1,71 f 'T -L ' .wife , if wg ' 2 MILLER, DONALD EUGENE .... CRETE, Bachelor ot Agriculture, PSI UPSILON, Skull and Crescent, Men's Glee Club 1I, 21, A.l.A., Kansas State University. MILLER, DONALD MORTON ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., ZooloQYi HOPKINS HOUSE, M.R.H.A. 141, House President 141, Northwestern University. MILLER, GEORGE EDMUND ..... ELMHURST, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, MEDEA LODGE House President 141, A.S.M.E., S.A,E., North Central College. MILLER, JOSEPH CONRAD ..... LINCOLN, BA in L.A.S., Philosophy, WESMEN, Wa-Na-See, Tomahawk, House President 131, Football Marching Band 1I, 21, Second Regimental Band 1I, 21, Wesley Foundation 1l, 2, 31, President 141. MILLER, Iov DIANE ..... aLooMINGToN, ELA. in L.A.S., English, MAPLE HALL, Shorter Board, The Daily Illini 13, 41, DePauw University. MILLER, KEITH .,.., MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, B.S. in Marketing, SIGMA CHI, Swimming, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad 121, Dolphins 12, 3, 41, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41, Scabbard and Blade 13, 41, Zeta Sigma Alpha 141, Marketing Club, President 141, Honors Day 131. MILLER, LAWRENCE CHARLES ...,. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, FORBES HOUSE, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Scabbard and Blade 13, 41, St. Ambrose College. MILLER, LEE N .,.... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, BUSEY HALL. MILLER, LESLIE WARREN .... . NORMAL, B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics, DELTA SIGMA PHI, Star and Scroll. MILLER, LOIS RAE ..... WESTERN SPRINGS, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, HOSTE HOUSE, Colorado College, American University. MILLER, RICHARD WALLACE ..... HOMEWOOD, B.S. in Civil Engineering, PHI KAPPA TAU, Chi Gamma Iota, A.S.C.E., Mu-San. MILLER, ROBERT RAY ..... PEKIN, B.S. in Accountancy, DELTA PHI, Y.M.C.A. Committee 121, W.P.G.U 1l, 21, Track, Freshman Varsity Squad, Football Marching Band 12, 31, Second Regimental Band 1I, 2, 31, Accountancy C'ub MILLER, WILLIAM LOWELL . . . . INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, Bachelor ot Architecture, A.I.A., Ilini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Honors Day 111. MILLIS, DALE EVAN ..... PALESTINE, B.S. in Agriculture, FARM HOUSE, Ma-Wan-Da, Junior Intertraternity Council 1I1, Tribe of Illini 141, Track Manager 12, 3, 41, Senior Track Manager 141, S.N.I.B. 1I, 21, All-Ag Field Day Committee 121, Athletic Council 141, Field and Furrow, Hoot and Horn Club, Young Republicans Club. MILLMAN, ROZANNE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALLEN HALL, House President 131, Hillel Foundation Student Council 1I1. MILLNER, BEATRICE ..... CHICAGO, B.S In Elementary Education, LINCOLN AVENUE- RESI- DENCE, University Theatre Crew 121, W,P.G.U. 1l1, Student National Education, Honors Day 131. MIRTO, MAE ANTOINETTE ..... ROCKFORD, BS. in Communications, DELTA GAMMA, Shorter Board, President 141, Torch, Shi-Ai, Zeta Phi Eta, Maior Chairman Personnel Illini Union Committee 131, Illini Union Committee 1l, 21, University Theatre Manager 121, University Theatre Cast 1I1, University Theatre Crew 1I, 21, House President 141, Panhellenic Ball Committee 1l1. MISHER, GRETCHEN IRENE ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, PI BETA PHI, The Daily Illini 121, The Illio 1I, 21, Illini Union Committee 1l, 21, University Theatre Crew 1l1, University Chorus 121, llligreek 12, 31, Panhellenic Ball Committee 1l1, Honors Day 121. MITTENDORF, LARRY RAY ..... METROPOLIS, B.S. in L.A.S., Geology, GRANADA CLUB, Delta Delta Sigma, Second Regimental Band 121. MIZELLE, MARGUERITE CECILE ..... SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, B.A. in L.A.S., German, GAMMA PHI BETA, Pi Delta Phi, Maior Chairman Fine Arts Illini Union Committee 131, Illini Union Committee 121, German Club, Honors Day 131, Indiana University. MOBERG, VERNALIE ANN ..... EAST MOLINE, B.A. in L.A.S., Rhetoric and Composition, LOWRY LODGE, Theta Sigma Phi, The Daily Illini 1I1, House President 131, University Theatre Crew 121, N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 131, Channing-Murray Foundation Student Council 12, 31, Sno-Ball Committee 121, French Club. MOLDAL, SUSAN RUTH ..... OLYMPIA, B.S. in Education of Mentally Handicapped Children, ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, The Illio 1l1. NIOLDOW, RAYMOND E ...... FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK, B.A. in L.A.S., English, TAU DELTA PHI, House President 141. NIOLDT, ELVIRA ANNA ..... NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK, B.A. in L,A.S., Economics, ALPHA OMICRON PI, The Daily Illini 141, Spanish Club, New York University. 5 MOLE, PAUL ANGELO ..... JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK, B.S. in Physical Education, PHI KAPPA SIGMA, Phi Epsilon Kappa, President 141, Football, Freshman Varsity Squad, Physical Education Maiors Club. MOLITOR, MARGARET ..... ELGIN, B,S. in Communications, PHI MU, Mortar Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, Theta Sigma Phi, The Daily Illini 1I, 2, 3, 41, Campus Chest 12, 31, Honors Day 111. MOLNAR, DONALD JOSEPH .,... SPRINGFIELD, B.F.A. in Landscape Architecture, ALPHA CHI RHO, Football Marching Band 1I, 21, First Regimental Band 1I, 21, Forsite 13, 41, Honors Day 11, 21. MONGE, JOSE GABRIEL . .,.. BOGOTA, COLOMIIIA, ILS. in Agricultiirnl Lnrtinr-1-iitiq, Ah A,I , Colombian Students Association, University nl tht- Andi-s, MONROE, JOHN WILLIAM, II ..... BENTON, B.S. in Agriculture, AIPHA IAU OMEGA, C.i,i tain, Army ROTC 13, 41. MONTAGNO, ELIZABETH ANNA ..,.. CALUMEI CITY, B.A. in Tc-acliinq ol Social Sturlii--., ALLEN HALL, Illini Union Committee 13, 41, Frvncli Club, Thornton luninr Collc-qv. MONTGOMERY, RICHARD DAVID ..... CENTER HARBOR, NEW HAMPSHIRE, B.S. in Recruit tion, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, Illini Union Committee 131, University Theatre Crew 131, f Military Ball Committee 121, Pershing Rifles 1l, 21, American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter. MONTGOMERY, RONALD LLOYD ..... SESSER, B.S. in Dairy Technology, PHI SIGMA EPSILON, 'L Dairy Technology Society. .,, MONTICCIOLO, JOSEPH DOMINECK ..... BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, Bachelor of Architecture, House President, W.P.G.U. 1l, 21, A.l.A. MOOBERRY, LINDA LEE ..... MACKINAW, B.S. in Home Economics, 4-H HOUSE, Omicron Nu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, W.A.A. 1I, 2, 3, 41, Freshman Adviser 121, Plowboy Prom Committee 121, Home Economics Club, Honors Day 1I, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. MOORE, DAVID EDGAR ..... ONEIDA, B.S. in Agriculture, KlNG'S ROW, Agricultural Eco- nomics Club, Field and Furrow. MOORE, MARTA ANN ..... CUBA, B.S. in Music Education, ALLEN HALL, Concert Band 1I, 2, 3, 41. MOORE, MOLLY ..... ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, B.A. in L.A.S., Politcial Science, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1l1, Campus Chest 121, House President 13, 41. MORENO, JAIME ..... BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, University of the Andes. MORGAN, MARILYN JO ..... BLOOMINGTON, B.A. in L.A.S., English, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Illini Union Committee 131, University Theatre Crew 1I1, Star Course Manager 1I, 21. MORLEY, LYNN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching of English, GAMMA PHI BETA, Torch, Shi-Ai, pg NA 'lib A Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Union Committee 1I, 21, Star Course Manager 1I1, Stu- 1 A dent Senate 1I, 21, Freshman Council, Freshman Adviser 131, Honors Day 121. I MORRIS, MILDRED ANN ..... HIGHLAND PARK, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA EPSI- as .. LON PHI, Freshman Adviser 141. . ' J i. MORRISON, MARY BAKER ..... HIGHLAND PARK, Bachelor of Music, Pl BETA PHI, Sigma -.1 Alpha Iota, University Choir 12, 3, 41, University Chorus 121, Young Republicans Club, Honors Day 131, Oberlin College. MORTON, MARGARET ANN ..... MT. STERLING, B.S. in Commercial Teaching, McKINLEY HALL, Y.W.C.A. Committee 131, McKinley Foundation Student Council 121, Commerce Council 13, 41, Sno-Ball Committee 121, Business Education Club. MOSILLO, THOMAS OWEN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, .. . Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, M.R.H.A. 141, House President 141, A.S.M.E., Honors -- Day 1I1, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MOSNY, LEROY CARL ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., English, BETA SIGMA PSI, University W -. Theatre Crew 1I1. - -4 I f if I c , 6? wr MOSS, JOHN HARRY . . . . WILMETTE, B.S. in Marketing, THETA CHI, The lllio 12, 31, Freshman Adviser 13, 41, Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Marketing Club, Society for the Ad- vancement ot Management, University of Michigan. MOSS, MICHAEL HERBERT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, ALPHA EPSILON Pl, Hillel Foundation Student Council 141, Drake University. MOUNT, JOHN THOMAS ..... CARLYLE, B.S. in Marketing, DELTA CHI, Star and Scroll, Delta Sigma Pi, Star Course Manager 1I, 21, lnterfraternity Council Executive Council 1l, 21, Freshman Adviser 121, Marketing Club. MOY, RAYMOND YIN CHEW ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering. 'ts 3 MOYER, FREDERICK DERR ..... CHICAGO, Bachelor of Architecture, THETA Xl, Gargoyle, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Scarab, Junior Interfraternity Council 1I1, Second Regimental Band 1I, 21, Fine and Applied Arts Council 14, 51, Freshman Ad- ' A, viser 12, 3, 41, A.I.A., A.S,C.E., Honors Day 1I, 2, 41, University of Illinois Scholar- - 'egg v-' V ship Key. Eg a, MUELLER, DON LEROY ..... PEORIA, B.S. in Engineering Physics, BARTON HOUSE, Pi Mu I ,- Epsilon, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Young Republicans Club, Honors Day 111. nfQf"!-F' A i,,5..,,,e-. MUIRHEAD, JAMES SEGNER ..... PLATO CENTER, B.S. in Chemistry, THETA CHI, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key. i f""Q:i MUIRHEAD, PATRICIA wean ..... URBANA, B.S. in chemistry, THETA UPSILON, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma Pi, The Daily Illini 121, Honors f' , Day 11, 21. 5 I . MULBERRY, ALBERT ERVIN PIKE ..... MOUNT AUBURN, B.S. in Physical Education, TAU KAPPA .. EPSILON, Baseball, Varsity Squad 12, 41, Football Manager 1l, 21, Second Regi- mental Band 121. ' Y 42' 'I' "' i' ff .' " .1 . , G iw., . ' I I 2 '3 f ja ., yi? V -- J , I-"" . " f ii 1337 r Q I ., V s 3, Q., 545. K l ky' .. V i A E ,Q . , QM In or I W v iz ' 'V' 7 S.. si lf' 'I fn s' xr. - f ,. ,iff Q ff, 'rr-' 5 ' -r " 24" .ef , , i:,,,,,4fs"' A. 1 ,Tub 5 .K ZZ., ' at ' I I 6 Q' r L It 4 I na' of 3 vs ' Qs. . X it 4 1 '. gif. res, - I xy 1 32.3, - . ,A ' T' It ' .,. 'lil' - ft 421.7 I If -tort " It" if if ' R '7 1 523 yt WLM , .v. hav' 1 in A 'if ...ff X I tx in E ui' u-Q. . . AUT' swf, r 21 ,F 1 .Snr-. x ' 53,5 . QQ , . .ss H C" all f 5 gi 1155, ,y f M YN . 9' 011 , as my agmf x A ri ' e 4 ' -f ',,.A' I . 9 2,1 'T pl- 4 1 I . .. : ,if td aa., wi . Q, ts., t' wr r", x A 'I .pf 3 N 6 S 1 1' ' I F ' Wm 'YT' . C' . ' ' 1 'ff-'K V-ir ts-af r ' 5 'Q ft - . - I 15 , . V 4 I .. it , .. i Q A . A , f six'-Q-f if if ! I 'Wu' 'J V:-va' .I Q - i ZR Nm vv 1 .4 1' :G tx 1 th-ft ti!"-'Y' MULLETT, CHARLES EDWIN . .... SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, ALPHA CHI RHO, Star and Scroll, Illini Union Committee 13, 41, Campus Chest 121, House President 141, Concert Band 11, 21, Football Marching Band 11, 21, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. MURDOCK, ROBERT CARL ..... URBANA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41. MURRAY, DAVID EUGENE .,,.. THOMSON, Bachelor of Laws, PHI SIGMA KAPPA, Phi Delta Phi, President 141, Trinity College. MURRAY, JOHN SHERIDAN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Illini Union Com- mittee 12, 31, A.I.E.E.-I.R,E., Navy Pier Cross Country 111, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. MUSKAL, JAMES ..... EVANSTON, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, House President 13, 41, A.S.M.E., Navy Pier Extension of the University of I1linois. MUSSMAN, FREDRIC PHILLIP ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, University Theatre Crew 111, Accountancy Club, Honors Day 111. MYERS, PHILIP MARTIN ..... CAIRO, B.S. in L.A,S., PsychoI09Y: LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, MYERS, R NADZIEJA, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41, Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 41, Young Republicans Club. ONALD KEITH ...,. GRIGGSVILLE, B.S. in Agriculture, TRI-M HOUSE, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, Agriculture Education Club, Western Illniois University. FRED RONALD ..... CHICAGO, B.S, in Marketing, Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing Club, Wright Junior College. NASH, REBECCA LEE ..... DANVILLE, B.S. in Elementary Education, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Student National Education Association, Iowa State University. NATHANSON, LEIGH ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., English Literature, DELTA PHI EPSILON, NAYGEN, Illini Union Committee 131, Panhellenic Ball Committee 111, Little United Nations. JOHN MICHAEL ..... CANTON, B.S. in L.A.S., Psycholoovi PARK LANE LODGE, Honors Day 111. NEAL, JAMES PRESTON, IV ..... CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, KAPPA SIGMA, Y.M.C.A. Committee 131, University Chorus 12, 31, Greek Week Committee 131, A.S.M.E., Ohio Wesleyan University. NEELMAN, GERALD EUGENE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., History, FLAGG HOUSE, I.P.C. NEKRITZ, Photography Stat? 12, 3, 41. BARRY B ...... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., Political Science, VAN DOREN, The Daily Illini 111, Illini Union Committee 11, 21, Junior Bar Association, Pre-Law Club. NELLIGAN, BRENDAN THOMAS ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, Engineering Council 141, St. Pat's Ball Committee 141, A.S.C.E., Mu-San. NELSON, CLIFFORD MELVIN, JR ...... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Geology, MEDEA LODGE, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 13, 41, Society of American Military Engineers 131, Presi- dent 141, Cyclothem Club, I.A.S., Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. NELSON, DELMER REYNOLDS ..... CORDOVA, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, KOINONIA, A.S.A.E-. NELSON, JOHN ERIC ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, DELTA UPSILON, Wa-Na- See, Illini Union Board 141, Maior Chairman International Programs Illini Union Com- mittee 131, Student Senate 141, Committee on Student Affairs 141, Coordination Com- mittee 141, Wright Junior College, Pensacola Junior College. NELSON, PHILIP ALAN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, SIGMA PHI DELTA, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Freshman Adviser 131, Lieutenant, .I.G., NROTC 13, 41, A.S.A.E., S.A.E. NELSON, RONALD WARREN ..... OAK LAWN, B.S. in Management, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Presi- dent 141, W.P.G.U. 111, Society for the Advancement of Management. NEMSICK, JOHN JOSEPH ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Civil Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, En- gineering Council 141, St. Pat's Ball Committee 141, I.T.E., St. Mary's College. NEUHAUSER, PAUL GEORGE ..... SKOKIE, B.S. in Marketing, MOORE HOUSE, House President 131, Freshman Adviser 141, Marketing Club 141, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. NICCOLAI, RAYMOND JOSEPH ..... OAK PARK, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, A.l.E,E.-I,R.E., St. Joseph's College. 7 NICHOLAS, PAUL PETER ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry, SHAWNEE, A.C.S., German NICHOLS, Club, Honors Day 111, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. CHARLES DAVY ...,. CHAMPAIGN, B.S. in Management, DELTA UPSILON, Foot- ball, Freshman Varsity Squad, Society for the Advancement of Management, Lawrence College. NICKEL, RONALD ..... GLENVIEW, B.S. in Accountancy, FLAGG HOUSE, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, President 141, Freshman Week Committee 131, Freshman Adviser 131, Accountancy Club, Honors Day 12, 31, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. NICOLL, GILBERT MATHEWS .,.... JOLIEI, ILS. in Ii-.icliinii nl Mtitlivintilir'-, Llii Cniiiiiiiii livin, M.R.H.A. 135, House President 135, lrvsliinnii Wm-Is Coiiiiniltvt' 135, l' Aflvini-i 135, Pershing Rifles 1l5, Rifle -incl Pistol Cluli, Ti-.iflii-rs-inlmiiiinii Cliili, lnlii-I lirnini College. NIEMANN, CONRAD RICHARD ..... ELMWOOD PARK, ll.l'.A, in lnrliistrml Ili-siiin, IJLLIA SIGMA PHI. NIEMI, DORIAN ARVO ...., NAPERVILLE, ILS. in Civil Liisiiiir-iiriiiri, A.S.C.l.. NILSSON, JERRY RAGNER , .... CHICAGO, B.S. in Forestry, M,R.H.A, 1l, 25, Housr' Prvsidc-nt 135, Forestry Club, President 145. NOERO, VICENTE ...,. CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA, B.S. in Civil Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, A.S.C.E., Colombian Students Association, University of the Andes. NOLAN, ROBERT JAMES ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, House President, Cosine Club 135, A.F.S., A.S,M.E., Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202. NOGGLE, THOMAS BRUCE ..... ELMHURST, B.S. in Communications, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, Alpha Della Sigma, W,P.G.U. 1l, 2, 3, 45, Concert Band 145, Football Marching Band 1l, 2, 3, 45, First Regimental Band 1l, 2, 35, WILL 13, 45, Marketing Club, Young Republicans Club. NORDSIECK, RICHARD ARNOLD ..... URBANA, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, PHI SIGMA EPSILON, Sigma Tau, Sigma Gamma Tau, Engineering Council 145, I.A.S., Honors Day 13, 45. NORTON, JAMES AUSTIN ..... ROCK FALLS, B.S, in I..A.S., Geology, SIGMA NU, Freshman Council, Captain, Army ROTC 13, 45. NORTON, STEPHEN LEONARD ..... SIBLEY, B.S. in Food Technology, ACACIA, Second Regi- mental Band 125, Men's Glee Club 1l, 2, 35. NOUBAR, NINA ARMEN ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Home Economics, BUSEY HALL, The lllio 125, Illini Union Committee 125, Sno-Ball Committee 125, Honors Day 1l5, Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois. NUDELMAN, ADRIANNE ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L,A.S., Social Studies, ALLEN HALL, Young Democrats Club. NUSSBAUM, JAMES GORDON ..,.. JOLIET, B.S. in Accountancy, MOORE'S HOUSE, Alpha Kappa Psi, Accountancy Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Joliet Junior College. OAKWOOD, ELIZABETH DOROTHY ..... WESTERN SPRINGS, B.S. in Physical Education, Illini Union Committee 125, W,A.A. 115, Physical Education Maiors Club. O'BRIEN, NANCY FUNKHOUSER ..... CHARLESTON, B.S. in Agriculture, ALPHA DELTA Pl, Shi- Ai, Phi Upsilon Omicron, The Daily Illini 1l, 25, S.N.l.B. 12, 3, 45, Plowboy Prom Committee 125, Home Economics Club. O'DONNELL, JOHN WAYNE ..... JOLIET, B.S. in L,A.S., Zoology, FORBES HOUSE. OGNIBENE, JUDITH ANN.. ..CHICAGO, B.S. in Chemistry, ALLEN HALL, Wright Junior College. OHLSON, JUDITH LOUISE ..... ROCHELLE, B.S. in Elementary Education, PRESBYTERIAN HALL, Ilini Union Committee 135, University Chorus 1l5, Student National Education Asso- ciation, University of Illinois College of Nursing, University of Wisconsin. OKON, WALTER JOHN. ..,. JOLIET, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, TRIANGLE, Sigma Tau, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. O'LEARY, ROBERT THOMAS ..... OTTAWA, B.S. in General Engineering, l.S.G.E., I.aSalle-Peru- Oglesby Junior College. OLIN, CAROL JUNE .... . CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA XI DELTA, Shi-Ai, Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio 1l, 25, Department Head, Illini Union 145, Illini Union Committee 1l, 2, 35, University Theatre Crew 1l5, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1l, 25, House President 145, Military Ball Committee 135, Honors Day 1l5. OLLILA, RICHARD GILBERT ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, THETA Xl, Illini Union Committee 1l, 25, Military Ball Committee 135, Maior, Air Force ROTC 13, 45, Scabbard and Blade 13, 45, I.A.S. OLSON, MAX ..... ALTONA, B.S. in Agriculture, ALPHA GAMMA RHO, Junior lnterfraternity Council 115, Agricultural Council 135, Plowboy Prom Committee 125, Dairy Production Club, Hoot and Horn Club. OLSON, ROBERT WILLIAM ..... EVANSTON, B.S. in Finance, PSI UPSILON, Alpha Kappa Psi, Illini Insurance Society. ONDRLA, JUDITH JOSEPHINE ..... BERWYN, B.S. in Communications, ALLEN HALL, Illinois Technograph 145, Morton Junior College. ONODERA, ROBERT KOJI ..... HONOLULU, HAWAII, B.F.A. in Industrial Design, University of Hawaii, Art Institute of Chicago. OSMAN, MEREDITH ..... GLEN ELLYN, B.A. in L.A.S., SociolOgYi KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Beloit College. fl' 1 'A Ft! is i E l .i!. x, .fit pi.. 1 J ' :C ok w -rf u.j3T5'.-1. , A ' it-t., X ' F U . i ' fy 70 V037 ' .V ' XV A 49' 4 I Q ,aa , nr ' L -. .e: SM "9 b e 5 .Q . L ,"?"' . ar, -vw.. is . 'V , -is , ' 1 "Lf . - A r i -F Q . -v s ".- Q tin ' 0 4 4 Jr 4 ' 'ra ,st 'W Q. 1 -Xguv V ,A "" . ,2- if 525 ' l "Th f ri,,.a:1g,s,,, I-'trait .. , ,, I - H,s,i,? Va.: -:if in K- 1. ., ,. .:" 4515 uk ,.wmNg?. it, Kg, .- if -me s N.. x ck K: C 'gin xii. .LMI J, IT' f -Qi. l Q Q 7 wc I e Ad E . . af' Q: ff' if ' r 3' LB A. 1 , ,JJ W ,Ks , OSORIO, ANIBAL ..... BOGOTA COLOMBIA BS in Industrial Engineering Colombian Students' Club, University of the Andes OSTERMEIER, ROBERT CHARLES CHATHAM BS in Agriculture BETA SIGMA PSI OSTROWSKI, ALFRED JOSEPH CHICAGO BS in Physical Education ILLINI LODGE Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Football II 21 Letter I21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois OTTO, RONALD LEE ..... LOCKPORT BA In LAS History NOBLE HOUSE MRH A Execu tive Council I41, Hou e President I41 Student Senate I31 Society for the Advancement of Managementg Young Republicans Club OZOLINS, ELFA ..... CHICAGO Bachelor of Architecture McKINLEY HALL AIA Wright Junior College: Roosevelt University PABEN, PAUL THOMAS . , . QUINCY BS in Marketing SIGMA Pl Skull and Crescent Pres: dent I21, Intertraternity Executive Council I21 Junior Interfraterntty Council II Freshman Week Committee I3 41 Malor Army ROTC I3 41 Pershing Rifles I21 Marketing Clubg Honors Day I31 West Point Military Academy PALM, PATRICK JOSEPH . . CHICAGO BS in Marketing FORBES HOUSE Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PANEK, ARLENE VALENTINE CHICAGO B S in Education for Mentally Handicapped Children: ALPHA DELTA Pl The lllto I21 Illini Union Committee II1 Freshman Adviser I41, Young Democrats Club PARK, CHUNG HO ..... SEOUL KOREA BS in Chemistry WESMEN ACS Honors Day II 2, 311 University of Illinois Scholarship Key PARKER, JUDSON FLOYD . . LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA BS in LAS Physics WESMEN Tomahawk, President I21 Phi Eta Sigma Concert Band II 2 3 41 Football Marching Band II, 2, 311 Wesley Foundation Student Council Honors Day II1 PARKER, NANCY KAY . . . MAROA BS in Physical Education PHI MU Illini Union Com mittee I2, 315 Y W C A Committee II1 W A A Board I2 31 W A A I Freshman Adviser I41 Physical Education Malors Club PARMALEE, JANET MAE . . WATSEKA BS n LAS Mathematics EVANS HALL Elmhurst College-1 Illinois Institute of Technology PARRISH, JOHN BRETT.. . PO TIAC BS n LAS Economics Phi Kappa Phi Phi eta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma Illini Campus Amvets Post No 202 Honors Day I2 31 PASSAGLIA, DONALD LOUIS Pig The Daily Ill PASTERIS, ROBERT FRANK , Junior College. PATTEN, CLAUDE ALFRED . Joliet Junior College PAWLUS, JOHN JOSEPH . . ROCKFORD BS in Marketing ALPHA SIGMA PHI Alpha Phi Omegag Gymnastics Varsity Squad I21 Freshman Varsity Squad II1 Marketing Club Society tor the Advancement of Management Young Republicans Club PAYNE, CHARLES CIFFORD . OAK LAWN B S tr Chemistry COLLEGE HALL German Club Illinois Institute of Technology Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois PAYNE, MARCIA JOAN . . . LA GRANGE BS in Elementary Education ALPHA XI DELTA University Theatre Crew II 21 PEARCE, RONALD DEAN . . JACKSONVILLE BS In Accountancy THETA CHI Swimming Freshman Varsity Squad Dolphins II 21 PEARMAN, SARA JANE . . . PARIS BS in Home Economics KAPPA DELTA Stephens College PEARSON, LINNEA JUANITA BLUE ISLAND BS in Communications CEDAR HALL Kappa Tau Alpha, Alpha Delta Sigma Theta Sigma Phi P sident I41 The D ly Ill II, 31, Elmhurst College PECKHAM, HAROLD ADDISON MADISON WISCONSIN Bachelor of Architecture ALPHA RHO CHI: Freshman Adviser I31 Captain Army ROTC I3 41 Phi Chi Eta I41 A I A University ot Wisconsin PENNER, PHILLIP BRUCE . . CHICAGO BS in Marketing PHI SIGMA DELTA Illini Union Committee I31, Greek Week Committee I21 Marketing Club PENNIMAN, WILLIAM DAVID KIRKWOOD MISSOURI BS ID Mechanical Engineering PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma Pl Tau Sigma Illinois Technograph II 21 Editor I3, 415 Honors Day II1 PENNINGTON, JOHN WILLIAM SPRINGFIELD BS in Electrical Engineering FORBES HOUSE, Phi Eta Sigma Eta Kappa Nu Campus Chest I31 MRHA I2 31 House President I21, A I E E R E Honors Day PENNINGTON, KENNETH, JR C'-IICAGO BS in Aeronautical Engineering ALPHA PHI ALPHA, l.A.S. PENUELA ALVARO ..... BOGOTA, COIOMMA, ILE., iii fivil iiiilinr-iiiiin, IIIIIA T-IIIMA I'IlI, A.S.C.E., Stuclvnls' As-ao.i.IIIin, UIllVl'I'illV III thi- Anili--. PERKINSON, LEATON DEE ..,.. PEORIA, BS Ill AI'IIiriIlIIiI'.Il lin.InIii-, NUIIII IIAII, Ci.IIIIIiIi Sigma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Illini CIIIINIIIIII Fi-Ilowraliin 1l1, Aiiiiiiillunil lrnririiinr Club, Honors Day il, 2, 31, University ol lllinni-. Srliiilrirsliili Ki-y. PERRI, THERESE MARIE ..... CHICAGO, HS. in I,A.S., fooloriy, DFLIA XI IA, Alpliri lrllllltilil Delta, The Daily Illini 1I1, Illini Union Coniniilliw- 1I1, Ciiiipii-. flu-st 171, llrmfiiu Day 1l1. PERRY, BARBARA JOAN ..... CHICAGO HEIGHTS, ILS. in Elvinuntary Ecliicntioii, IHEIA UPSI ION, Illini Union Coininilter- 131, Siuclunt National Erlucatlun Assucintioii, Rosary College. PERRY, EDWARD EUGENE .,... SALEM, BS. in Physical lldumtion, ALPHA SIGMA PHI, Wa NanSee, Phi Kappa Epsilon, Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 41, Basketball, Fresliniin Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41. PERSAK, ROBERT ANDREW ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, ALPHA CHI SIGMA, Sigma Tau, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E., Honors Day 121. PETER, MARY KATHRYN. ..,. MINERAL, B.S. in Home Economics, MCKINLEY HALL, Wesley Foundation Student Council 121, Home Economics Club, Plowboy Prom Committee 131, MacMurray College, University of Colorado. PETERLIN, FRANK ADOLPH ..,.. OGLESBY, B.S. in Civil Engineering, A.S,C.E., LaSalle-Peru- Oglesby Junior College. PETERS, BARBARA JANE ...,. ST. JOSEPH, B.S. in Physical Education, McKINLEY HALL, W.A.A. Il, 2, 31, Physical Education Maiors Club, Young Repub'IcJns Club, Honors Day 1I1. PETERS, SUZANNE ELAINE ...,. LA GRANGE, B.F.A. in Painting, CEDAR HALL, Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini 1l1- University Theatre Crew 1l1: Campus Chest 1l1' Young Republicans Club, Honors Day 1l1, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois. PETERSON, CAROL MARIE ,.... CHICAGO, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA OMICRON PI, Illini Union Committee 1l1, University Theatre Crew 1l1, Campus Chest 1l1. PETERSON, CAROLYN MARIE ..... LYNN CENTER, B.S. in Home Economics Education, DELTA ZETA, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Illini Union Committee 131, House President 141, Women's Glee Club 12, 31, S.N.l,B. 12, 3, 41, Home Economics Council 131, Plowboy Prom Committee 1l, 2, 31, Home Economics Club. PETERSON, CYNTHIA ANN ..... ROCKFORD, B,A. in L.A.S., Spanish, DELTA GAMMA, Illini Union Committee 121, Spanish Club, Northern Illinois University. PETERSON, LEROY DAVID ..... LOMBARD, B.S. in Civil Engineering, EVANS SCHOLARS, Sno-Ball Committee 1l1, A.S.C.E. PETERSON, LINN ALBERT ..... BLANDINSVILLE, as in Mechanical Engineering, PRICE ciua, House President 141, A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Western Illinois State Col'ege. PETERSON, SYBIL RUTH ..... LOMBARD, B.A. in L.A.S., English, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, The Daily Illini 1l1, llligreek 121. PETTIGREW, JOHN CUNNINGHAM ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in City Management, GRANADA CLUB, Forsite 1l, 2, 3, 41, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. PETTINGELL, DIANNE PRISCILLA ..... PARK FOREST, B.S. in Elementary Education, THETA UPSILON, Shi-Ai, Maior Chairman Coffee Hours Illini Union Commitee 131, Illini Union Committee 1I, 2, 31, Universtiy Theatre Manager 121, University Theatre Crew 1l1, Y.W.C.A. 1l1, W.A.A. 1l1. PFLUM, CHARLES EDWARD . ..,. VILLA GROVE, B.S. in L.A.S., Geology, Cyclothem Club, PHELPS, CLOTILDE YVONNE ,... . CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Sociology, ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA, Shorter Board, The Illio 121' House President 12, 41, Student Senate 13, 41, Oratorio Society 1l, 21, Social Work Club. PHILHOWER, PETER PHILIP ..... EAST MOLINE, B,S. in Mechanical Engineering, NEWMAN HALL, llinois Technograph Il, 2, 31, Engineering Council 141, Military Ball Committee 1l1, Chairman, St. Pat's Ball Committee 141, Ensign, Navy ROTC 13, 41, Navy Council 121, A.S.M.E., I.A.S., Honors may ni. PHILLIPS, BRUCE ALAN .,... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology, ARMORY HOUSE, Fresh- man Adviser 131, Armed Forces Amateur Radio Club 12, 31. PIERCE, NANCY GAYE ..... MOLINE, B.S. in Elementary Education, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, The Illio 1l, 21, Illini Union Committee 1l1, University Theatre Crew 1l1, Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 1l1. PILCH, MARY ANN ...., CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., English, THETA UPSILON, Illini Union Committee 141, University Theatre Crew 121, Wright Junior College. PINE, HARVEY STANFORD . . . . LINCOLNWOOD, B.S. in Accountancy, PRAETORIAN5. PINES, GERALD MARVIN ..... BLOOMINGTON, B.S. in Communication, ZETA BETA TAU, Sigma Delta Chi, The Daily Illini 131, W.P.G.U. 12, 31, WILL 141, Miami University. PINNEY, ROBERT IVAN ..... SPRINGFIELD, Iss. in L.A.S., Geology, Cyclothem ciao. 1 i 'iv' ' 'Q yv. I :I " E?-. 19, i an 1, -I I . ' ve, Bdixf 5 QW .I oi . :Y 3 xxx X 5 , 'M ' ' ir ref? . ?ql'i',?f 3 'W N" I , A f . X iw?" na. w Ill' .- s fee? ,:, 31537 , 1-Q, ,w s -ir. 1 V : :j-'fe aeigkztt I, inn? In VXUEZ 'm i r . 7,g:.., ,, sith? 'lim If -. 1 ' N if swf f 'I xmzgz fel i, iv I '33, ' f gr t g fm, Y Iifiggs n f " :mf 'Q so an vu 41 4 .tis ' . .vgg -5514 5' x' "' 1 Weir' I lag . 7 ...- r .A I . 4 .-A182414-. lee . ,f 4- I1 I ex ,Mug gtk ww ,Q :WW In 527 PIPPINS, EMMA L ....., MAYWOOD, B.A. in L.A.S., English, DELTA SIGMA THETA, The Daily PISZEK, PAMELA ANN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in Teaching of History, CHI OMEGA, Illini Union Committee II1, Campus Chest II1, Panhellenic Ball Committee II1. :TT PITELKA, RUTH ANN ..... BERWYN, B.S. in Home Economics, LEEMAN LODGE, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 131, Y.W.C.A. Committee il, 21, Freshman Adviser I31. 5, -. ,, PLACKO, DUANE RICHARD . . . . CHICAGO, B.S. in Communications, Marketing Club, Wright Junior College. at ' fax., PLAUTZ, HAROLD CURTIS ..... PROPHETSTOWN, B.S. in Urban Land Economics, ACACIA, Football, Freshman Varsity Squad, Varsity Squad IZ, 3, 41, Captain, Air Force ROTC Kg? I3, 41, Arnold Air Society I3, 41, il W PLEASANT, MARILYN LEE ..... NEOGA, B.S, in Communications, PHILEA, Theta Sigma Phi, W N Honors Day l21, Southern Illinois University. 514. Slit- . - . PLESKYS, BIRUTE ALDONA , .... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Physiology, ALLEN HALL, Omega Beta Pi, German Club, Lithuanian Students' Club, Honors Day II1, Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois. de PODESZWA, JOHN JOSEPH ..... ROCKFORD, B.S. in Management, WIKIA, Alpha Kappa Psi, NB House President I31, Society for the Advancement of Management, Young Republicans VT Club, Honors Day ll, 31, University of Kansas City. K 1. as PODLIN GEORGE JOHN . . . . CHICAGO, B.S. in Accountancy, CHI PHI, Skull and Crescent. 5 i PODOLSKY, JOSEPH LEONARD .... , CHICAGO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, FORBES HOUSE, Delta Sigma Rho, W.P.G.U. I31, M.l.A. Executive Council 141, Student Senate l41, Committee on Student Affairs I41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC I3, 41, A.l.E.Er.-l.R.E., Illini Forensic Association, Praetorians, Honors Day KI, 21, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. ici ' POKORNY, ROBERT JOSEPH ..... BERWYN, B.S. in L.A.S., Botany, SIGMA TAU GAMMA, -5 Phi sro sigma, The Illio I2, 31, Honors Day II1. . . POLKOFF, ELEANOR CAROL ..... CHICAGO, B.S. in L.A.S., Political Science, BUSEY HALL, 'W' University Theatre Cast I31, University Theatre Crew l31, W.P.G.U. I31, WILL I31, if I QL German Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University ji mi" of Illinois, gash., s. POMBERT, JACK LEE ,.... KANKAKEE, B.F.A. in Advertising Design, CAGLE HALL, House k A 7, I President I31, Captain, Army ROTC I3, 41, University of Dayton. ,. saga, A 4 'TW' 55' 'iw Pool, LARRY Jos ..... st. FRANCISVILLE, Bs. in Electrical Engineering, EL PATIO, A.I.E.E.. i E .. l SEAN I.R.E., Eastern Illinois University . T' if " POPP, JOAN LOIS ..... NEENAH, WISCONSIN, B.A. in L.A.S., Sociolo9Yi University Chorus V V' ' I31, Sociology Club, Marquette University. rf --rr. ,, .o POPPE, RONALD MARTIN ..... ANCHOR, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Af U POSLOSKY, MAXINE MARSHA ..... CLAYTON, MISSOURI, B.S. in Communications, DELTA PHI ff . EPSILON, Shi-Ai, Gamma Alpha Chi, Junior Panhellenic Executive Council II1, Pan- 'T' ' hellenic Ball Committee II1, Young Republicans Club, Honors Day II1. POSSELT, STUART LOOMIS ..... MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, Bachelor of Architecture, BARTON PLACE, Illini Union Committee 151, M.R.H.A. I3, 4, 51, M.R.H.A. Executive Council 151, r' A.l.A,, Young Republicans Club. POTTS, SANDRA LOU ..... PEKIN, B.A. in L.A.S., English, KAPPA DELTA, University Theatre Crew II1, Y.W.C.A. l2, 3, 41 POWERS, BRUCE FRANK ...,. CHICAGO, B.S. in Chemistry, EBEL HALL, I.U.S.A. Barber- shoppers, A.C.S., German Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Honors Day I3, 41, C Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. ,'1"""" POWERS, ELLEN hCARlYL ..... STREATOR, B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology, DELTA GAMMA, Gamma Alp a C i. PRESS, JERRY LEE ..... KIRKWOOD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E., Western Illinois University. 0' 'fs . 4, 9 PRICE, ANNE MARIE ...,. NEOGA, as in Secretarial Training, PI-IILEA, Alpha Chron, House ' 5 ,gg X. President I41, Commerce Council ll, 2, 3, 41. vi V rM':.jr ' .Q ,t,,:y,- l if ffs,,j'H: PRIETO, ULADISLAO ..... VILLAVICENCIO, COLOMBIA, B.S. Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon, X A.S.C.E., Colombian Students' Club, University of the Andes. X g 5 Jia .I 7 ' PRIMROSE, DALE ..... RIVER FOREST, B.S. in Elementary Education, CHI OMEGA, University of Kentucky. PRUITT, BEVERLY ANN ..... CHICAGO, B.A. in L.A.S., English, DELTA SIGMA THETA, Uni- versity Chorus l31, French Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Student National Education Association, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. PU, ARTHUR TA-SHIANG ..... TAIPEI, CHINA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Alpha Phi Omega, Chinese Students Club, Hamline University. - ft Qgmvli ' h . JN? r xx.- PURZE, JEROME . ..,. CHICAGO, B.S. III Mtirlu-tlnii, AIPIIA LPSIION I'I, Ii.--,lim.iii tiiiiniil, Marketing Club. PYATT, ROGER ALLEN ..... PINCKNEYVILLL, B.S. in Igli-ftricttl I.iic,ini-I-riiiii, Siiiiim l.iii, l.iii Beta Pl: EIB KHDDO' Nu, Honors Day IS, -11, University nl Illinois ''.lii,i Ifity, Bronze Tablet, Harris Teachers and Junior Colin-qv, Ilnylor Univi-rnity. QUARTETTI, RALPH WILLIAM ..,.. CHICAGO, B.S. in Mnrki-Iinci, Alplm Ili-lt.: !,ii,in.i, llii- ll.iily Illini I3, 41, M-trketinmi Cliih. QUINN, LAURA ELEANOR ,.... CHICAGO, B.S. in Physical Education, PI BETA PHI, Siiiinii Alpha Nu, Orchesis Il, 41, Bradley University. RADEMACHER, LON DIETRIG ..... HILLSBORO, B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology, SIGMA CI-tl, Funtltall Manager CI1, Dolphins I3, 41, Greek Week Committee I21, Ensign NROIC Ill, 41, N-ivy Council I31, Scabbard and Blade I3, 41, Trident i3, 41, Honors Day I31. RADER, LYNNE DIANE ..... LA GRANGE PARK, B.S. in Home Economics Education, PHI MU, Illini Union Committee I2, 31, S.N.I.B. i2, 31, Illini Christian Fellowship I2, 3, 41, Home Economics Club, Lyons Township Junior College, RAJEWSKI, GLORIA ANN ..... ELMHURST, B.A. in Teaching ot Social Studies, SHERWOOD LODGE, Illini Union Committee I21, University Theatre Crew il, 21, Y,W.C.A. Com' mittee I21, W.A.A. Il, 21, L.A.S. Council Il, 2, 3, 41, Sno-Ball Committee il, 21, Young Republicans Club I21, University of Wisconsin. RANTIS, GEORGE CHARLES ..... OAK PARK, B.S. in L,A.S., Political Science, KAPPA SIGMA, Football, Freshman Varsity Squad II1, Track, Freshman Varsity Squad II1, Young Democrats Club. RAUEN, LARRY JOSEPH ..... CHICAGO, Bachelor of Architecture, Scarab, AIA., Wright Junior Coll