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-'it . ii 3 I - wa ! J , ii ' f lx' I in 1' i , ff, Q , Y-,lllrn ,Y A M - ,'1I-Q. , .V - -H ',..,.-:-I y ,217 Q' ,J i I 5 I P x i 6 K fi ..-J I , iQ 2- :XL N ,I-uf I--, 4 , P X 1 AA ,MN , '. .IWW l 1 , r W W N U UNIVERSITY -.2 ILLI-NOISE 40 ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATEONS 74 ATHLETICS 232 RESIDENCES 276 sENIoRs 428 CHICAGO PROFESSHQNAL CUEIEGES 536 allge' " Marlo L Ann Hosteftle I0 Fylis Mandel ' ' I3U6f Sheaifef- ' Barbara William met Nichols. - - lack Kenward . - Rhodes MYBIS' ' Walter Liflne- ' UNIVERSITY or ILLINOIS URBANA ILLINOIS 2 I' I2 40 74 232 276 428 536 Marlo Lange .... Io Ann Hostettler. . . . . . F ylis Mandell. . . janet Sheaffer. . . Barbara Williams janet Nichols .... jack Kenward. . . Rhodes Myers. Walter Linne. . . ..........Editor .Business Manager . . . .... Associate Editor . . . .Associate Editor . . . . ...... .... A ssociate Editor . . . .Associate Business Manager . . ....... Chief Photographer . . . . . .Assistant Photo Chief ..........Artist 31-1-1- .LINOIS LINOI5 From Freshman Days on, our Alma Mater has guided us. Through the rich and traditional heritage of our University we have discovered broader horizons and have acquired convictions that will help us to fulfill our responsibilities in a complex society. From enriching experiences and treasured friendships we have here accumulated countless memories-memories that need not be for- gotten. For here is our campus, as we remember it: the tree-bordered quad- rangle, the chalk-white spi-re of the lllini Union at night, casual, yet friendly greetings of people you knew, the profs who endlessly graded papers, activi- ties and organizations that claimed your time and devotion, the sports you couldn't miss, the "home away from home" where you studied half the night, and the seniors, whose faces you'll miss next fall: all memories that will con- tinue to live in one volume, the 1958 lLLlO. -M' Classical Greek the most tangible architecture, to th which we live. C the results of the Greek people. i science, philosopl' and understand t Feeling that the versity and a greg these classical root 0 Classical Theme, love of simplicity he liGS created an deslgnf Contrastir of Greek qmiqui ments Present in Tfcif fgf.- -- . i f - - - e f , , ,n ,h,,w4,.,,. ,,.-...yr - N.. - - - .- . . . - , - ' trough the rich 'oader horizons sponsibilities in iriendships we red not be for- rordered quad- 1I, yet friendly papers, activi- the sp0ffS You half the night: s that will con- Classical Greek influence extends from the most tangible things, such as campus architecture, to the modern democracy in which we live. Our university thrives on the results of the influential ideas of the Greek people. Among these results are science, philosophy, and art as we study and understand them today. i Feeling that the foundations of our uni- versity and a great part of our culture has these classical roots, the artist has embodied a classical theme. By introducing the Greek love of simplicity and clear arrangement, he has created an over-all feeling of formal design, contrasting the classical elements of Greek antiquity with the classical ele- ments present in our culture today. Q v f ur m Ma, II :QI ..f-,.,,I. f QQ: 'EES-' V. ,,V:I.a1 1' fir? ,1-i1?V L. ff'-ers., ,,,gg... .,,,.g, V , ma..-a ww ' it ,I 553 'f -4 ,if ' 2 , ,. 1. . .I I , '1 .,-' - Q xi' J IV:-,VII I . IIIIIIII . ,LQVGVJ ., .W -A 1, , 5-45?-if-IV' h ' A : 4' 'Z ' - H jx- -V gg x w- - fini: 1- fy. , . 4. --'nj V.. ,.,,, - ' . 1 - fr 2. -VVTJ' ,g.-.,., V' af, , f , " . . ,, ,Va:st1Vf.'- , . , JR -' -. V1 1" -. .. f V M .'f..fg,. ' ..f74fV'i.:- ff-V V ., -T ,V1. V ' . "f. 'fx it 1 V-M.. ' A ' ., -4 , V .V ' mf. ,"' .ac . -H, , ,--QV1 V , ,. - J- A-wwf. jf ,Q-. , Nw, .V f. ' ,, ,. V-53.1 y ' shi -- ':V.:- V 1 , V Va VV V Vw,.:. - ' 1-f 4, -aw -VF 1, ' V- V. - QQ - -V--'V,V.-fffVf'- . .V ,V -- V A V- ,.'J: ' , H-'ff' ., -. -2 1 : 4 '- - '25 2, .agfx ,ff ,, 4, '-'5y.U -64-72-M " --V -K., ' If - W - I - V. V -. fn , ,' .- V , .V fy " ,. --,N .. , X , W, 4 - r- --I, ,, -ff-. I - -. f,V-M, .Vi . .W I ,gy .,,m.d,. -V g.V-1,-,IVV ff pc'-'-V 5 ' ' V' .,xV- V mf ' -VM-.,.':'Et'1fy-f" , - 4 - . -e'-Eff,Vf-wfepsif-Q' ',',fiw ",f55V1g.,z- -5, .Vff I wi . Q ' G - '-SMF:-I f . 1 V' Vf fim-'-f"'-'+. .'-Ak'e'2!.'Lf',''P'5'xff-TFQYWV. '4-.. Fi' 'L , I , ,,,,- V , , .2 Vu. , . ,g 4 . I . ,., ,I , ,. ., I .- I - 1 . .L,.Jn-M,wI,I . I j fa H 1 .Is , X ' 'mf " ""'1, ' -5' ' ' -1 - .."Mg". . .' ,,. 'f 1 'PA 2 '- V,V-- '--Mp,--A-7'Z , rv .- " .1 ' ' 1 ,. Af, .. ' Q Ig ., V J I If:-K, iff- -. ' V I V ' . qs'-,, If - V, ...Vg 51:-ff-TBI.. f' It ' V . ' V . - 'Em . ' I -KW '. -.-2. .,,,I - 'i'v,.f? -wp 1 I II.. I ,II fl- I IV ' I , . N gf-hh . ,g - 'va -, we I A Q - :I 335551, 9,5 'I .I-.Im ,ll . ,.... . . fm . ,V . , . .. 5 - , I - ., 'f - ,q - I 4. . ..gIxgfI,.IL w fI.. f - .f -I-I+ - I QM, ,I II - ' n. V V ' ' '1 -7 " -V:-GQJV. -'-VIL: -. ., -fp, f --21.545 , '. 242' 'fhJ"' I '1 - V ' , 'fv'W-'1.i5'5?f' 7 'U' -'45--'1" . "uf'K'7ffV'2?f"A ' 4 - 1 - .- - ' K nz - "' '.. f .51 .. -0 vw , Vff- 5 ,IQ iw- ..,,.,.j . I.-.--mx - 1-Ii JII- I I, , M -- 173. 3, -if ' 'Vf,f-,xg I 'AI -:II 1, V 'qv I. V Vx? I,.,. II A ,II 41. WI-LMI ' "' :'e",,-.' haf". ' 'V W Qs V WQHS V X7':t'J'J - 'ff-1.5" 3- 'ir-1'ff ' ' . V I Img VI,iII.IHI -WM? . IIIIQVIIII V 5 Q, MIXFEII JIIWIIIII. iw. I IMI.. mv YI- nity, .V If. WI ,493- ,VI, . . ,V QI ,,.. I I I I I . I .-,, . I , ,II I ., ., I :I Nj, MII. I,,,.Iy:IIInI - IM I. 1 III IWIIRIF., " Q' -Q ,Q W. .wqflwg rg, II .ms 1'-UP' +V fi 1' U ' NN -:mf ,-ci." JV' -w Q- ,Fl ' 'EQ f ' K ,QV ffjifig " -ss, r-pklf, A SUV., ' 5 fr ,A .V 45.-1..f ". ., A "' gf- " V. 1- g .wr -fr.VV,fwf' . f- mr:--. I 'Q ' nw " V - V, ' ' -R" - ' "' M 'W -v' wx." 4' , V. M- X " I I x - I ,I . 4, L- .z " .I X- p ' I5 . ,I , Q, , L,IMIj.vi1,... Ih---I ' V -V V. -V w 1 , 1. we-, 1, 'J ' fi-:VV 0. vrzblwfg, ' I 5,1 I! . 2, X? I. , ' , W ' 1 4 I ,,-f LII?-gh: -433, ,V . , II I I I . ' :V 'f wh Ig- .V Q -I ' :I , -1 . V- 3 'I .gf .V 5. .T . I - I 1 z - ' I I I ,V-MI I , ,,.- I ,Q I -I - I ff M " 1. .'- I. 5- X., 'W M' .. H -nw' w W qu , ' f V V iv 4 2. ., ' ,A ".3.7,g4,nMgJ-v '- Ig-g,4:"-'+ Q sy, .W Ik, Wg , In gk , MV, ,fs WV., , Yi . AIIQ. .III III ? M, , " -V Q- Q' 1-aj. -I f' F mf' ' ' -wg A.. ,. Q V -2?fj3'Sff-fm- -Eau-,f,IpVg f y .I 1 WI ' I , . , K 'Hg-4 , I A I, I -1. ' " ov I? .Kf'ff.'4V,x . VIJQAQ' l' , -, I, . , jf -. .-.I NWI.. I, 2 ,II .- 4 1 ' '. ,- .,4q.,,, 'F U Q- .. -- ",1 ' I 1. i.. 7 - N - A Q" ' V 9 .- - If ' :,?vfi1V.,. ' V . ' V 4 4 , ... ,,. if .. 1 . . ,Sql ..,.. . 1 3. , . - V " Wi:,f-gg-- K . ,I ,im I I I kk I, III I ...I I.,-I I...-VN I I. V, . I . V V , I I I. .- . V . ,V V . ,J ,-I, -M. V "-' II ' Q, ' ,g ' 4 ' V M 'M-V., eQ:'.,:gsL',I ' 1- " V f - , " ' 'iM,fz.'fE- ' 5 -Q .. . I III., . IIIIII'w5'I,..I,jKI9IIIIII5m,2I MIIIII I II . - . I 4 MII' ,I '- ,. ' - 1, , . V -1 41 I ,w I 5 " ,193 '. .VZ ., 1 'F' " 2-:V::'-sw: ' - , I - -f , ' - ru . I' I III .I . , 4 I .- I .- .3 I -'-'tg f ' , n V1 . ' . '3'sZ.f V ' . -3 . 'T ' X I ..T "' ,If f ". S V ' , 'Q '-.Za ' I I 4' I Ib- I I, ' A, .19 gf, M. 1: f- "gf I , .Q ' .. :fm . F . 1. -1-5? W -M - vw-. .if ' , ' I.:I, is 'Q . .Vim I . 1 I, ff.:- uf 1 .1 I ir? ' xg N 1 X DI ly x '-3 V ,. -- H. 1' V 1 V I . .s ' . ' ff-'7 1, .,f.,!, . ., 4 ' -kl- . -1, f , . f Y 56 an F l Ihc dumcs of Altffeld H111 mulx t 1 O une tnoughout the cfxmpus One of tl ld ld me 0 est U1l1V61S1ty bul H1852 O It fO1I'l1Gl1V housgd the Colle 76 of Law f 7:7-"."'7-w,r"??1 271' U1 hu e 5 and 15 now occupled bx the Math Depaxtment g A Schogl Qu vvvxfl 3,4 CHS rw J A - i ' ' , , . - . u Q Q L L C . ' ' 3 7 g . - H ... x."T' .., ,fu--1' r nw'-.v,,-K JF , - .. fl- A....-:,7y-15:-1:1741ffgj3-r.1:p-.7-'U--15,13-njaqy 1.x-7:f1yywyf.:-j..y,:y,g,,5.L,--V7-.,-V. . 3--V ,.- V - W1 -. .- , . , . ., , . . .Y . VY - ., ,diI1S5f Our huge Armory houses the R.O.T.C. units, indoor track and other athletic events, registration, High School Circus, and the Illini Union spring event. 9 A5 5 .?'Qf I ,. Luxuriant Allerton , ers1ty, annually attracts thousands for retreats, conferences, and picnics. Park, an estate operated bv the Univ ' 10 In ti Univ Obse Servi fl' , .. W. .4 X S 1 l' ' ISHU In the very heart of the campus, the Alma Mater stands as a symbol of the traditional heritage of the University of Illinois to students, alumnae, and guests. Over the years, Lorado Taft's sculpture has observed the constant growth and development of an institution founded by a handful of people and now S serving many thousands. 11 ,S ff I i N I . 5 1 A x x X. xx R I 1 1 GFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Un1vers1ty of Ill1no1s Urbana Ill1no1s Dear Students The ILLIO lS a graphlc presentatlon of llfe at the Unlverslty of IlllHOlS The 1958 staff have caught the sp1r1t and personallty of a great 1nst1tut1on and are to be congratulated for thelr achlevement The ILLIO should be somethlng more than an album of pleasant personal recollectlons The memorles of frlendshlps of happy events of excltlng experlenoes are lmportant outcomes of college llfe but they are not very meanlngful unless they serve to ldentlfy one w1th the ongolng work of the We hope that th1s year book w1ll be a permanent remlnder to all who see lt of the baslc lmportance of the Unlverslty to them and to others That the Unlverslty OCCup1GS a central place ln the welfare of the State and that 1ts strength and future growth are v1tal to all the people 1S a thesls whlch requlres contlnulng emphasls The Un1vers1ty lS a partnershlp of many 1HdlVldualS and many groups We hope that you w1ll always be proud to be ln that company and that your membershlp w1ll be an 1nsp1rat1on to you all your llfe Slncerely G-Waco Presldent University itself. Xxx STATE NN I fl f I 1 x f N-':-"-E3-gf 'N 123+ i aff, lk NX 2 6TH 15 xxNNxx ,o".s 8 s x 1 ,J ,.. Xx lf ., A H xx , 54 " lr' 1 lf--x 4 1 Mist' 5 E ? -F955 gif? f ' : is-,r 52" ug . -i'.r-s- .sf K 1, ., Y, Y fgpgrg I U, '. -ri' 'LA ' -Q1-1-f -H F: I Q .n E - .- , r feeftrv f . n.. I ' I n , -.,, If ,:' isis... Vernon L. Nickell TRUSTEE THE BOARD OF William G. Stratton, Governor of Illinois EX-GFFICIO MEMBERS William G. Stratton . . . Springfield Governor of Illinois Vernon L. Niekell . . . Springfield Superintendent of Public Instruction Clarence W. Weldon Wayne A. Johnston Mrs. Frances B. XV tk' ' ' h an B- a ins VV1rt Herrick C115 m Kmnfi' E. Pre Park Livingston, I Anthony I- Ianata. Herbert O. Farber Clarence W- Welt Clfshman B. Bisse Wifi Herrick Williamson Cu5l1I11aD ARI OF TRUSTEES ' x x OF ' f '99 Q Y' tgXmq'?fL'1 cn W I E, 'ff' wp '2- 5 Lfgtxsa i fffixwxi Us 9 0 Am 'c QTERED M x5XxxxssS' ss ,J . . Park Livingston President of the Board of Trustees Park Livingston, President Nfirs. Doris S Holt Anthony I Janata, Secretary Earl M Hughes Herbert O. Farber, Comptroller Wayne A. Johnston AHfh0HYl Janata Clarence W. Weldon, Treasurer Timothy W. Swain Cushman B. Bissell Mrs. Frances B. Watkins Wirt Herrick Kenney E. Williamson Bgenney E. Williamson Mrs. Doris S. Holt Timothy VV. Swain Earl M. Hughes Herbert O. Farber YA, Q ADMINISTRATIVE CDFFICIALS Lloyd Morey Arthur C. Willard President Emeritus President Emeritus H iniiir D . Director Herbert O. Farber Gordon N. Ray I ic ersonnel Vice President and Comptroller Vice President and Provost Vernon F. Kretschmer Director of Illini Union of the Ma ' tt St nf d Housing Division Director of tllg Saclzoclelvcllylgsgjclleial Work Dean oci?h12j1I:fiSgI311Eadn:lrHecords . Charle D1 SE: Flwln rector of Public Information Q -X T - I-is i Charles H. Bowman Administrator of Health Service 'fl Morey nl Emerifuy - v A V , Donald E. Dickason Director of N onacaclemic Personnel 1 Charles E. Flynn 5 W. Slum Director of Public Information nissi0H-90 Charles S. Havens Director of Physical Plant Leslle A. Bryan Director of Institute of Aviation Robben W. Fleming Director of the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations Ralph F. Tesemann Legal Counsel Royden Dangerfield Director of Institute of Government and Public Afairs Fred H. Turner Dean of Students THE DEANS Edward E. Stafford Miriam A' Sheldon f ed S solllfaeas Counseling Dean of Men Dean of Women The great responsibility of providing for the welfare of each student at the University of Illinois lies with the deans. Their job is diflicultg often they receive bitter attacks and little praise for their efforts. screening process is not an easy job for this large campus. "Ex-officio" duties are also part of the hectic job. Someone always gets picked to serve on a All petitions for scheduled events must be care- fully approved by Dean Fred H. Turner, who heads the Committee on Student Affairs. Often approval must be made in the face of conflicting recommendations. Petitions for all social events must go through the Dean of Womenis Office. The contest judging committee. The bid for an all- campus dance always lists the deans as guests. Many times they must take part in a debate in a meeting of the housing group they advise. The deans Work hard in performing the neces- sary functions of their oflice and maintaining good relations on all levels. in ? Robert Assistant L Howard G. Neuberg Eunice M. Dowse R bert A Schuiteman Asmffant Dfzankgf Men Assistant Dean Of Women Assistant Dean of Students Mmfgricia Cross mtefmtll en Heszdence Hall Counseling International Students 9011 S0101-ity Women lfldepen Omen S Miriam A Shelli Dean of Women not an easy job for this large are also part of the hectic -5 gets picked to sewe out mittee. The bid for an ahh Js lists the deans 25 guests' art in a debate i112 ,st take P , it group fheY adm' Calvin S. Siffered Assistant Dean of Students Residence Hall Counseling Mary E. Harrison Assistant Dean of Women Independent Women Gerald W. Peck Assistant Dean of Students Student Employment i h S i E . 3 5 , ,. 'xx g ' l l 1 , ard pCl'f0l'mmg the new Robert W. Culp Ann J. McNamara d aintajnjng good Assistant Dean of Men Assistant Dean of Women 1- 0fHC6 all m Independent Men Freshman Women Vern I. Hampton rt Asdluitt ,K. Patricia Cross Assistant Dean of Students Robe my Assistant Dean of Women Student Organizations Mgttgigmlsw Sorority Women F m E I E QWJ' bzzb , -fgf I! X! Ki Amos H Watts Eugene D' Funk, Jr' President Vice President ffl Herbert O. Farber Treasurer UNIVERSITY OF ILLINCJIS FOUNDATICDN The University of Illinois Foundation, which has 168 members, is a non-profit corporation Whose function is to encourage gifts for the purpose of assisting the general educational and research pro- gram of the University. Through its Illini Achievement Fund, organized in 1948, and the income from its endowment funds, the Foundation has supported many projects of major importance to the University. One of the Foundation's opportunities for serv- ice to the University and the state is to provide thousands of dollars in grants which encourage re- search and aid staff members who have special training and talent in certain fields. Each year the Foundation provides scholarships for students who need Hnancial help to further their education. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of high academic attainment and deinite financial need. Another major division of the F oundationis work is library enrichment. Many important collections have come to the University Library through this program. Special projects, such as memorial funds, are carried out by the Foundation to meet specific needs of the University. The projects augment facilities provided by state funds and expand the services of the University to its students and the citizens of Illinois. XVilli 'lm H Buttcrficld 1 . - I H James C. Colvin Executive Director Secretary Charles C. DeLong Assistant Treasurer Walter C- Leek THE A Since 1873 the Alun to build a greater Ur sewe the alumni and s Illini are dues-paying r making it one of the lr in the nation. Through an extensi' sociation keeps in touc throughout the world. information on these to all Illini, Across the nation an sociation, through a ner I Hmes C. Colvin fin. N52 si I O- Farber 7'e0Surer NDAIION financial help to further scholarships are awarded cademic attainment and of the Foundations work any important collections sity Library through this as memorial funds, are ndation to meet specidc . The projects augment te funds and expand the y to its students and the OFFICERS VV alter C. Leck ............. President Stewart D. Daniels First Vice President Leslie B. Wortlrington Second Vice President Paul K. Bresee ............. Treasurer Charles E. Bowen. .Executive Director James C. Colvin Editor, Illinois Alumni News Cene Vance ........... Field Director Walter C. Leck Charles E Bowen THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINCIS ALUMNI ASSCCIATICN Since 1873 the Alumni Association has worked to build a greater University of Illinois and to serve the alumni and students. More than 19,000 alumni together for fellowship and for cooperation on projects of assistance to the University Publishing the Illinois Alumni News is another Illini are dues-paying members of the Association, making it one of the largest alumni organizations in the nation. Through an extensive records system, the As- sociation keeps in touch with the vast Illini family throughout the world. Address and biographical information on these alumni is readily available to all Illini. Across the nation and overseas the Alumni As- sociation, through a network of Illini Clubs, brings James C. Colvin service of the Association. Eight times a year its members receive this publication with its excellent coverage of University life and events The Student Alumni Board, consisting of one member from each class and a representative from the I.U.S.A., is an important liaison unit between the student body and the alumni of Illinois Through its varied activities it symbolizes the vital interest of alumni in student affairs and gen- eral well-being. Gene Vance ig fr J 1 I 5 The College of Agriculture trains men and Women for a variety of careers in agriculture and home economics. The instruction offered by the College on the Urbana campus makes up only one of three major divisions in the College. It also conducts the Agricultural Experiment Station for research in agriculture and home eco- nomics and the Extension Service which car- , ries the results of this research to the people l in the State. ' The ten departments of instruction are Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engi- neering, Agronomy, Animal Science, Dairy Science, Food Technology, Forestry, Home Economics, Horticulture, and Plant Path- ology. , l By finding and teaching better Ways to l produce, process, and sell food and clothing . ' Dean Louis B. Howard materials, the College helps to insure a higher ' 1heproblemsofnati0HHlincome are standard of living for the farmer and city E people alike. 5 i courier or AGRICULTURE CUL L The ability to judge animals is tested through competition among teams such as the one pictured below. The College of C1 W tldministration is org: .X 't mg departments of v as Education, Business ,vjfrglwh A nance, Management, Q 1' x t, ' . . . . A 7 eq? The mal0f aim of 1 The College of Agriculture carries on research to bring about V var- t improved qualities of food products. ' h1ey0fC0l1I'SeS in a Sould of equip studenn b ffvefyday living ag USIHCSS, egonomics, b inches of gOVernmG ri Ough framing in Q - es and in the funda ounded m AWSH-r 325531 training sit. Cla' ing in Va - . The C011 nous E the B ege also Q fl Breafreau of cor f r. t. 't 4 . i B Of Busine iv 24 conomie at-3 ' xatx V t.., FA . e , lely of caree trims megan mms- rs In agllcqlhu E Il Ogefed th r e SEJUS lilalieg up Ogollegeon .ons in the C011 Yoneof rrcultural Expern 636. lt agriculture angI1intStau0n Extension Service Gen. Y this research to thelch Car- gflcultur D90ple Iafimen f0no ' . 011 ar Dm IIl1CS,' Agncultural Eng Y, Animal Scienc . fs of instruqti Technology, Forest? gall' Irticulture, and Planl PTR: :nd teaching better ways to 'S, and sell food and clothing ollege helps to insure ahighe, 'ing for the farmer and city is tested through Competition among the one pictured below. A szewezffg-'.f'i42 ' f it I I The problems of national income are discussed in an economics class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The College of Commerce and Business Administration is organized under the teach- ing departments of Accountancy, Business Education, Business Law, Economics, Fi- nance, Management, and Marketing. The major aim of the College is to offer a variety of courses in a broad curriculum which should equip students to meet the problems of everyday living as Well as for careers in business, economics, and the administrative branches of government. This is accomplished through training in modern business prac- tices and in the fundamentals of economics. A Well-rounded program includes basic and general training With opportunities for spe- cializing in various iields. The College also conducts three bureaus- the Bureau of Commerce Placement, the Bureau of Business Management, and the Bureau of Economic and Business Research. Dean B. L. Dodds Students in the College of Education are potential leaders in the fields of teaching, special educational services, and school ad- ministration. In the teaching field, under- graduate curricula are offered for both high school and elementary teachers and for teach- ers of the mentally handicapped and deaf or hard-of-hearing. The student gains prac- tical experience from the practice teaching system established by the College. Curricula draw on the broad resources of the University for general education. Gradu- ate courses are offered for the development of appropriate fields of specialization. Research is also a major facet in the Work of the College of Education. The University High School provides facilities for the de- velopment and testing of new programs and teaching materials, while the Bureau of Re- search and the Office of Field Service con- duct programs of aid for public school systems in both fundamental and applied problems. COLLEGE CF EDUCATION An elementary school where Education majors can receive actual experie11CC Students discr ss educational problems with an instructor. Learning to use an essential ' CC The College of En eleven departments, ol ough professional educ state and nation. Cla instruction is supplerr active research progra members can fullill hal For students, the C Sonal contact with in range of student act onor societie eleven h lesslonal gr0UPS, and Oil to Coordinate and body Opinion. These. Engneering Qpen the twln cities and esocialrealm, St . lilsored all-Uni v Weekend. IS c - . resear li-Ombmatlon X ' , 1 t . ls The Illinotg Techno . ' 1 S C balanced V1 ofl1h0neSfeH0WS a .lull un1Versit 11111ty fgr thos YP depth- . 6 W 111 their educ the Q frs ' Ouege of Ed ll Onal Se . eldS of ln th rvlcesr and Nula e teaching Heiglllllll ' are , rental-y tggied for both ntall C, SYS and Y liandlca ring- The .e fro student U1 the - hed b Practice 'aw Y the College- Oll the broad Ofleredf ldS of S or the Pecialization, also a major facet in th Of Education, The p1'0ViCl6S fagilit' f it ' ies estmg of new prog-mms 6 Oflice of Field Service fOr resources gains 6 01' the .of 3.1Cl f01' pllllllc SCl100lSySl6liiS Learning to use an essential tool of the trade mental and applied problems. .TION Education II12i0f5 can receive actnli A demonstration conducted during Open House COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING The College of Engineering, through its eleven departments, offers its students a thor- ough professional education for service to the state and nation. Classroom and laboratory instruction is supplemented by a large and active research program through which staff members can fulfill balanced roles. For students, the College emphasizes per- sonal contact With instructors and a wide range of student activities. These include eleven honor societies, sixteen student pro- fessional groups, and the Engineering Coun- cil to coordinate and represent the student- body opinion. These are supplemented by The Illinois Technograph student magazine, Engineering Open House which each year in mid-March draws some 15,000 visitors from the twin cities and the state at large, and, in the social realm, St. Patis Ball, an engineering- sponsored all-University dance on Open House week-end. This combination of sound teaching in a research-balanced atmosphere and contact with one's fellows amid the diverse resources of a full university presents an unusual oppor- tunity for those who seek both breadth and depth in their education. Dean William L. Everitt I The College of Fine and Applied Arts offers a wide variety of opportunities by teaching aesthetic knowledge and apprecia- r tion as Well as preparing students for pro- fessional careers. There are more architecture students at r Illinois than in any other school in the United States. The other teaching departments in the College are Art, City Planning and Land- scape Architecture, and Music. In addition, the Small Homes Council and the Bureau of Community Planning carry on research and extension Work. The University Bands are I a separate division of the College. To promote interest in music, the College presents concerts by the various orchestras, choral and chamber music groups, recitals, public lectures, performances by the Opera V Workshop, and year-round exhibitions in , , A Dean Allen S. Weller several campus buildings. The School of , Music sponsors radio broadcasts over Station I WILL. Distinguished visitors in the various l teaching fields are frequently brought here. l The College is also instrumental in the plan- i ning of the biennial Festival of Contemporary Arts. I CCDLLEGE OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS , Architecture students sketch the new biology building 2 Preparation for one of many concerts A graduate student conduct Graduate studies at uois began in 1892 Wf. tees authorized four graduate work to ". , , ments the idea and h the academic year School Know College lished as an educatiol SKY- From a small b body has gm Student largest college on the Graduate programs and individual di .lhed in Over six f llilslons of the te owships authorize ees have been in stautial number oil' gnusual Pf0mise 0 ronal ability gag, V s tilllch lxpefiense t G asslstantshi raduate C I Ds W Slqlout 1462 H636 3 at t , ldoctorafes digg olle Wide I llle and Jesthetigrfgl' of Aplilied M eu as Owled p - se fareers. repanng Students ire mn innxlre architecture le Oth Yotherschool, A el' teaching In ligne Aft, CRY Plannin , ecfure Said 71011163 f Pl ' and llie vorkllmfng can? OH ge gf he U . divisi mversltl' Band Jte . on of the College' ls Ult61'CSf 111 m . uslcx the L Herts bl' the vaiioug C02 ps mesa performances by the an year-round exhibiuo - . ns Elm blflldmss. The School s rad: b 0 foa . dcasts Over Slalllll A graduate student conducts research in speech. ingui-Shed visitors in the various qs are fTequentIYbf0Ugl1il1erf. is also instrumental in th , . eplan- lennial Festival of Contemporar- JPLIED ARTS GRADUATE COLLEGE Graduate studies at the University of Illi- nois began in 1892 when the Board of Trus- tees authorized four fellowships for post- graduate Work to ". . . stimulate in all depart- ments the idea and habit of research .... 'i In the academic year 1907-08, the Graduate School Cnow Collegej was officially estab- lished as an educational unit of the Univer- sity. From a small beginning, the graduate student body has grown to 3,600, the third largest college on the campus. Graduate programs stressing independent work and individual research have been es- tablished in over sixty-Eve departments and divisions of the University. The four original fellowships authorized by the Board of Trus- tees have been increased to provide a sub- stantial number of awards for students of unusual promise. Other students of excep- tional ability gain valuable teaching and re- search experience through the many part- time assistantships which are available. The Graduate College has recently conferred about 1,462 Master's degrees per year and 281 doctorates during the last calendar year. I- I y. I I j I I I I I 1 I ,. L u if 1 I I I I i I I I if A new name and broader activities are the results of reorganization of the former School 0fIOuIn3.liS1T1 and Communications, approved by the University Board of Trustees in june, 1957, and effective last September. The new College takes over the Institute of Communications Research, which was formerly under the Graduate College, and continues to administer the Division of Uni- versity Broadcasting, formerly called the Oflice of Broadcasting. The three instructional divisions of the Col- lege offer students professional training in journalism, advertising and broadcasting. Housed in Gregory Hall, the College makes available an outstanding library, special class- room and laboratory equipment, AM and FM radio stations and a VHF educational tele- vision station. Courses in journalism have been offered by the University of Illinois since 1902. The School of journalism was established 30 years ago, and the name changed in 1950 after the addition of the radio curriculum, since ex- panded to include television. COLLEGE OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATIONS journalism students gain experience through operations of the university radio station WILL. 5 uiiiuuie is one Of the newest ad Since its founding 3 Law has been in the ment for improvemer education and admis United States. Training men and of law is the primary Hr,-f j Dean Theodore Peterson I I I ! I. i I I In typography lab, students learn one of the many phases in the field of journalism. BMS Pf0gram is also become judges, legig IHW, for administratq for executives in priv guide students in a of law in the social law to keep Pace i is responsibility e 1 . inr men and Women th c0mmunIIY Servi ought. st Ifhe fan of 1955 a and faciht. modern buildinging ro lganizatio ader aclivir I1 of th 'Glare and COIII - efonlle the rsity Boagllunlcations aIEScl0ol iifjgve last Sggtglggte Pro. catfoi tiies over flle Im. ler th esearqh Whi hlule dm-Q Craduatelc Ch no SC tmster the Divisglege HS ' I1 ad formerly callof C3.SL111g. ed nstmctionaldivisiom E idents professional ff ., advertising and mmf l'Cg0ry Hall, ,utstandjng library Jratoll' equipment, AM L and a VHF educational the College loumalisrn have been olleredby 5' of Il.LlIl0lS SlIlCC The The law building is one of the newest and most famous campus landmarks. malism was established 30 yells Dame Changed in 1950 afterlle he radio curriculum, since ex- :lude television. SM AND JS gain efpelience tl1r0U8h Opelmh rivmiry .radio swoon WILL' The law student spends a large percentage of his time gather ing material in the spacious, modern library. COLLEGE OF LAW Since its founding in 1897, the College of Law has been in the forefront in the move- ment for improvement of standards of legal education and admission to the bar in the United States. Training men and women for the practice of lavv is the primary purpose of the College. But its program is also valuable for those who become judges, legislators, and teachers of law, for administrators in government, and for executives in private business. It seeks to guide students in appreciating the functions of law in the social order and in aiding the law to keep pace with changing conditions. Its responsibility embraces much more than the mere learning of legal rules and formulas, it provides part of the educational foundation for men and Women who will become leaders in community service and directors of public thought. The fall of 1955 marked the moving of the staff and facilities of the College to its new, modern building on south campus. Dean Russell N. Sullivan Dean Joseph R. Smiley The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences serves several major purposes. It provides for the traditional liberal education and also Of- ferg programs leading to professional degrees, Work in the College is divided into the following general areas: biological sciences, humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. The general curriculum requires a nucleus of courses in these groups and a cer- tain amount of concentration in the subjects chosen as majors and minors. It leads to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science de- gree depending upon the field of concentra- tion and emphasis of study. The College also functions as a service unit for other colleges by offering curricula in pre- professional training for nursing, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law, and jour- nalism. This training includes Work in Eng- lish, foreign languages, sciences, and social sciences, which constitute established all-Uni- versity requirements. CCDLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND A botany class moves outdoors for first hand information. Experimentation in a chemistry class leads to progress and increased understanding. 3' 1 Discussions add vafiefi' to L The University of i established sixty-five oldest professional s Campus. lt has alumn union and in at least ts Sll1d6I1fSElI6 prepay. for careers in all types sollege, school, publi HS more than four 1 . ' f l are numerous lead sion, at home and a Pre'Professional l Offered at the under Eatron and Liberal lzsgimal Program is Pli' mg to Master 4 iisophy degrees. un 6 home Of the Vefslfy Librar can univers. I yn l C HY llbra oilgir three mllhon V 1T1gulShQd C011 P0rt1ng th e e ments. Work Th 'V ge 0f . es setleralm Liberal 3 alol' p Arll Rslrigrargglligefal oses. . Of' ' 'Hgt owingm the Collegz . na ' - genefal ar ls miles, Social 638 11063. Sc' leus ofqdle general Xeno UfSes ' am U1 llr :en ount of concen H I as majors and muahonin 'C Or of A 1110rs.1t depend' ns or Bachelor ol and em llpon the of P 3818 of es: le College also ther colle . gf-rsh - lssnonal trainingoglefmg If - StU',veterina1y nursing, ll. tra- . . ford I ming lncllrdes gn anguages sci I , J ellffes, WCS, which constitur fiesta ' -, Y fequirements. Discussions add variety to Library Science training. The reference room of one of the largest libraries in the world ARTS AND LIBRARY sCHooL my class moves outdoors for firstlwllllf The University of Illinois Library School, established sixty-five years ago, is the third oldest professional school on the Urbana campus. It has alumni in every state of the union and in at least twenty foreign countries. Students are prepared in the Library School for careers in all types of libraries: university, college, school, public, and special. Among its more than four thousand living graduates are numerous leaders of the library profes- sion, at home and abroad. Pre-professional library science courses are offered at the undergraduate level in the Edu- cation and Liberal Arts Colleges. The pro- fessional program is in the Graduate College, leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The home of the Library School is in the University Library, the third largest of Ameri- can university libraries. The Library contains over three million volumes, among which are distinguished collections in many iields, sup- porting the Work of all University depart- ments. Dean Robert B. Downs Director Seward C. Staley The College of Physical Education is com posed of four Departments: Physical Educa tion for Men, Physical Education for Women, Recreation, and Health and Safety Education. Each of these Departments conducts profes- sional training programs in undergraduate and graduate Work for both men and WOIHCD. The College also conducts a service pro- gram in physical education for undergraduate students Who, by University regulations, must earn four semester hours of credit in the sub- ject. This program is pointed at developing competency in the fields of sport, dance, and exercise, improving physical fitness, engen- dering appreciations of physical activity, and, for some, correcting or ameliorating physical defects or deficiencies. Established as a School at the University in 1933, and changed to a College in 1957, it is outstanding in conducting a program of fundamental research in motor, organic, and physical fitness, and formulating fitness tests for youth and adults. CCLLEGE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATICN Badminton is typical of the courses which offer a pleasant change of pace from the ordinary classroom. The members of a weight-lifting class will testify that P.E. builds as well as relaxes. E 5 2 test .Lal . - holds 2 Director Bndgewter . - - -N veterans enrolled rn this d1V1S1 DIVIS The Division of Spa Veterans has served I1 emi Of World War Il ancg orientation to the will veterans as well rogilgile Division, ine individual C catronal objectives l and interest, elimin, C 'e rsion assist urricr tiolra sam ltfmpllasrs on 1 9 . for a mimi' the Drvis seienc e -rounded e mniciiilumallities 10113 Su ' c Pfogr CC Seie am leads to tl Q 1 for we fiom the Di 21 'll I'8S68l'Cl111'1 Director Bridgewater holds a conference with one of the many motor 0rg3ll1C RIIU veterans enrolled in this division. DUCATIGN DIVISION OF SPECIAL SERVICES FDR WAR VETERANS The Division of Special Services for War Veterans has served Illini Veterans since the end of World War II. General counseling and orientation to the University is available to all veterans as Well as to the veterans en- rolled in the Division. The Division assists its students in prepar- ing individual curricula to meet specific edu- cational objectives based on need, aptitude and interest, eliminating some of the tradi- tional emphasis on required curricula. At the same time, the Divisionis regulations provide for a Well-rounded education in the fields of science, humanities, social sciences, and com- munications. Successful completion of this program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science from the Division of Special Services for War Veterans. v i'l"2sf' Established in 1946, the Chicago Under- graduate Division of the University of Illinois is now in its twelfth year of service. Students on the Chicago campus have the same status as those on the Urbana campus, they are offered the same courses, credit for which may be transferred downstate for continua- tion of study in their chosen fields. The Chicago Undergraduate Division of- fers: fly the complete pre-professional stud- ies necessary for admission to the professional colleges and schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law, journalism, library science, and nursing, QZD the complete fresh- man and sophomore studies in liberal arts and sciences Cincluding chemical engineeringy, commerce and business administration, engi- neering, architecture, physical education, ele- mentary and secondary education. By means of its educational, social and cul- tural program, the Chicago Undergraduate Division provides its students with the same high degree of service and excellence of edu- cational opportunity which are a tradition of the University of Illinois. Dean Charles C. Caveny CHICAGO UNDERGRADUATE DIVISION Students in the park 5 I if as Z V A student learns bl DIVISIDI The Division of Uni vides the University 0: wide campus through who cannot study in rl By means of short cc tramural classes, and ci last year it extended University to nearly Ihlougliout the state a' ofthe world. The Division admin glibrary of Q est lendin ates Allerton House, ference center near M tural and educational Wmusic groups t iacul 0utI' ' S ll1no1s,and opera Hiilllmlwoutll Music si hlgh school musi T: Programs in 0 . iis eugh IIS P0506 ' , ef t dnvelflandmg pro Iirin - education reggmg higher st I 9I1tS Of Illinois Rllbert B e Division Since led in 1 . h 9 Division Ogg, Elie Qhicag e 0 0 yeal-0 se n s e Urbaflflladf th am Ill IHS erred Susess Cl' Y 111 their Oflmstafe f C380 U C 03611 Hel 16 com Ildergraduate for 3511? te pre Pf0fe s l lsslon to ille- EIOOIS of medic' ' ne mine: law, joumm. lnUI'S11lg3 K the Com - e nd business administrj ugecturei Physical edu efzondall' education, of its edu Ifatwelfth Flversihmlllf- g Cam Wi is C Q0 PII .f ei I' ' I I d e all I , i .. .. 132.1 'z 4:::: 4::::l Ll: cational, sggji nl, Undergraduate A student learns by correspondence. v1des 1ts students with the sans Jf Service and excellence oledul 'nmifywlichafeaiadiiiilif DIVISION GF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION y of Illinois. p The Division of University Extension pro- is assisted by a small administrative staff, vides the University of Illinois with a state- augmented by members from the faculties 'E wide campus through its services to citizens of various schools and colleges of the Uni- Who cannot study in residence. versity. By means of short courses, conferences, ex- Dean Browne is also Dean of the Summer tramural classes, and correspondence courses, Session. last year it extended the resources of the 5I10PeD'SaffCl3-is University to nearly 22,000 adult students throughout the state and in many other parts of the World. The Division administers the worldis larg- est lending library of educational Elms, oper- ates Allerton House, famed University con- ference center near Monticello, arranges cul- tural and educational tours by student and faculty music groups to communities through- out Illinois, and operates a series of tvvo-Week Summer Youth Music camps for gifted grade and high school musicians. Summer exten- sion programs in art attract hundreds. 'Through its Police Training Institute and its expanding programs in firemanship and -driver education training, the Division is 'bringing higher standards of safety to all 'residents of Illinois. Dean Robert B. Browne, who has headed :the Division since its establishment in 1933, Dean Robert B. Browne I We work and play at Allerton House The broad scope and diverse responsibili- ties of Veterinary Medicine today require training of students toward both the basic and applied sciences. The problems involved in preventing and alleviating diseases that attack both wild and domestic animals as well as man are many and continuous. The chal- lenge to intellectual and scientiiic curiosity and the opportunities for service in the many areas of veterinary medicine are virtually un- limited. Graduate study, extension education, and veterinary medical research are also integral to the College's program. Instruction utilizes animal patients and specimens from the resi- dent and ambulatory clinics, and the research and diagnostic service centers. The Veterinary Medicine Building was completed in 1952 and a new large animal clinic was opened in 1955. COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Determination by X-ray of fracture of dog patient l liverse 1'esp0nSibihN cine today require ard both the basic E problems involved ating diseases that estic animals as Well Ftinuous. The chal. curiosit r scientific Y service in the many in ' ' e are vrrtually un. sion edu rch are also cation, and integral tilizes Instruction u imens from the resi- rcs, and the research inters. icine Building was la new large animal l DICINE tj Ill of fracture of dog pa e mu 'u Al'-11 f--xx f--1 I f-iv --7 w -. J w xx , ..,,,'- L.,,J ..,,WY,f ,...1 w A A. 41 U If x 1 + 4' f ,f ynsviffk, i 7 , Q , ' , y f M rr 'LW ' hz. W XX If 1174 'ff'-uv. , - iw A N Q WJ, Z , V, X f x ,yf ' x ,gi ff N x S W .,,,.m Al' fl' rf' W' L, www x w ,V- 'W A 'lf QQWNX M , ,, :fry 4 Inav. 'A -My-U. an Q2 1 'K f x .- v lmgrvoic ES, lau ghler, le amlory engu fo f all males lfs reglsmhon REGISTRATION sounds to usher in the new term- sighs of the confused, groans of the frustrated, chuckles of the satisfied. . . . The armory is masqueraded with direction signs, snow fences, checking stations, instruction desks, cameras, cashiers and an endless number of students. First come the upper class- men, achieving their plateau of pri- ority through past struggles with IBM cards, closed class lists and conflicting schedules. Sophomores and freshmen follow on their heels. During these brief hours spent in the armory, all the technicalities of being a U. of I. student are taken care of: such things as identification cards, insurance, and tuition fees. Thoughts of registration are forgotten, as students literally dance into the new semester at the Registration Dance which climaxes the week. A rare ID card uPut your ID number here' ,f ,f WAaaona..,,,M Some are able to sit back and relax during the rush That long awaited break Efficiency counts. 43 1,14 A hard work out by the glee club to maintain 21 national reputation I Many work late to get the HGWS to the CHTHPUS by rnornmg. A service to our state Below. Student Senate and a YMCA International Supper PV , .- 1 1 ' ' A Halma, left: Illio Beauty Finalists Sue Drendel, Fran Wilhel, . Yeager, Barb Langley, Peggy 6'I0cI:1mZse, lower right: Laurel Bs R52 ,Q ACTIVITIES sounds of the student body outside the 1 we I . ,I . , I,..,,,,l , C cassroom-the rap of a Senat I h 1' k f the I6- porter's typewriter, the music of a sin in - . e gave ' t e C 10 O 44 S S Campus, the dlscussion of a campus problem , , , The Isthe classessoilgered On mterested in ered, T1 S Hctivitie ,sz-A-ar.-anaavaewufnaiduini' - f 'FP'?"'1'7I"I ve-ff-Y.-1,-.. . .,--,,,, ' 5 E .X 1 -X by A service to 0l11' state Relaxing between scenes at University Theatre Campus Chest takes a break for some fun. Right The University Theatre stage crew provides muscle. Below, right: A session at the regional meeting of student unions held last spring Below, left Ilho Beauty Finalists Olockwzse, lower mght cornea, outer circle. Alex Crane, Mary Sue Drendel Fran Wilhel Liz Hamilton Pat Bou hton Pat Lon Barb Morrison Dee 1 1 S 1 gr Yeager, Barb, Langley, Peggy Phillips, Nancy Cook Olockwise, lower right: Laurel Baier, Shirley Moore, Audrey Carnes, Ann Kretchmer, Kay Kibler he Cll ck Of the em--' Ie' The activities offered on the campus are as varied as the classes offered. The serious-minded student, interested in campus politics, may choose from Student Senate, Illini Union committees, and the MYD organizations. For someone in Search of ex- pression through the arts, there are opportunities in Orchesis, University Theatre, and the glee clubs. 45 2 i i L l 1 HOMECOMING: sounds of a high-spirited, happy crowd of alums and students-the approving Whistles for the smiling campus queen and her court, the Wild cheers for the orange and blue at the Saturday game, the hearty applause for the talented entertainers at Stunt Show . . . Homecoming Weekend is the climax of Weeks of preparation, anticipation, and suspense. Excitement rises as the pep rally nears, bringing with it the coronation of "Miss Illinoisv and her court. With grotesque monsters and menacing Indians to assure the returning alums of a "sure Win" in the big game of the Week, greek and independent houses compete for coveted trophies in the annual house decoration contest. The casual informality of after-the-game open houses is the setting for mem- ories re-lived and tales of days gone by. xCAClAS XG EQ OUR STARTS I OO PM iiillii PROGRESS Afv1.f2wea5,.p 46 X . 5 . NX Queen Carlotta and Number 77 A cheer for the orange and blue The Homecoming Court: the people's choice Stunt Show: weeks of fruitful or fruitless practice The 'lnnu l Dolplun Show AUTUMN: f b t rn us the frolicking laughter 0 21 gf P ' 0 , F f ou raking leaves the shouts and c 1'1- Soupds O a usy' ac we Ca P th first round of hourlys. They began as fusion of the annual turkey run, the means that acc0mp211'1Y e the momentary beauty of Indian Summer lu picnics, street dances, and pajama raC6S- Abooe, left: The campus pauses at 11:00 a.m. on November 11. Above, right. The nationally famous Block I presents its traditional stunt. Left: Cold weather and class spirit drive the pledges on- ward in the P-I races. Below: .Necessary chores become an opportunity for fun and socializing, To the winner of Turkey Run res students from libraries and labs for a Hnal round of W5 D5 cial Wee 4 50tlUdS of 3 deliIi0l1S back homeithese Comblne Sill? 'lust nevef knew en ' - Peek-a.b is the Shout urlys. The? 21:1 con. for a anal roilgai o DAD'S DAY: sounds of a special Weekend-the cries of Welcome when he arrives, the excited chatter of everything back home, the delirious uproar of the football afternoon, the enthusiastic applause of the concert at Smith . . . these combine to make Dadys Day Weekend a very special Weekend on the student's cal nal stunt. endar. Just never knew what a Wonderful pal and buddy Dad could be. Peek-a-boo! Above: A familiar sight, and President Henry A big Welcome for the money man ssc mvou The pause that refreshes for crushesj ffl? 1' f fl' ,AV . 9 1-,I f I h d in one of the Hnest and largest libraries in the world. Few students realize that t ey stu y f. Offfffi .f f'I Ili, E U ,... . The Terrace becomes a place of study IU warm weather. uuulsovvf sou -tl ove the in 1 cos 'EW1 pec stu am bac to noi Ori o'c lal: lec lah me ina tul uw fin ch 21 II ou I m mOl'e 1 ., .., ,max-.,,..z,,,?, .M r , , ,,,,,.,-,,,117i'f"i'Z?X'gr?x-f-,g.,,.. ,,,,,,NY in the World, I ws.s,,fm',1L,1 , , X The first Physics course is always the longest. STU DY AND LEARN 'wmvmw sounds with a purpose and potential the heated but friendly discussion f""'N- over the last problem on the exam the steady scratch of the pen at three 1n the morning the frantic plea of the coed to postpone the assignment just two days Each year thousands of people Hock to the U of I to teach to study and to work to the classrooms and lecture halls to the l1bra11es and back to the house for that final step to absorb and comprehend those notes Many and varied are the mem- ories which classes recall-that eight o clock softball class that three hour lab Saturday morning and that dry lecture late in the afternoon Yes, labor and learn, for all too soon se- mester exams roll around, and socializ- ing bows out to seminars and dates turn into study sessions. Coffee and "No-Dozv go hand in hand with those final cram sessions, when the only chatter heard is the hurried clatter of a typewriter down the hall as it taps Occupational Therapy Class Daddy grinds out a report. ce becomes a p veatllef- lace 0 f shldl ...A out that last lab report. I'm more important, Dad! Time out for Suzy 51 2 2 e 5 el 2 l...-I I i Art 118 on location at the Biology Building Surveyors enjoy the good weather. A deserted St t H ' fee -i uminated by fire from midni . ght oil r . 52 '..n..g:,f"-'.- -,. ,. ,H r U -xr -in A DGS class goes star-gazing. Food for the midnight snack r overth 3 camp f uuds 0 50 t easfkthg VA Wd' 3 uS P ' th DUIIIGYO of Y6chuckl8 of the har? the unusual mes lf, prl2rl,1poran60U5 speaker ' ex life is I10t entirely 1089 akg coke dates be 7 , out the week, but come " TClFiI1g Ed tribulations ol b00kS, rofs are foreign to th' lttitude of the student ' iudheer are in order as 2 quilizer for any lingering Troubles and cares rlissoi refreshing glass, a lust songs, a throaty laugh o the next table, as studen traction and relaxation. howling with the gang Union, rushing for the weekend at home, 01- 3 Wllll llle boys in Kanfg relax and Thank God, I us ii! o an time again' e heads of beer A DCS class goes star-gazing ized for the midnight md TGIF: sounds of a campus uninhibited, re- laxed, at ease-the voluminous roar of the numerous participants, the happy chuckle of the Wealthy pro- prietor, the unusual message of the extemporaneous speaker . . . For col- lege life is not entirely academic. Coffee breaks, coke dates, and house exchanges make for variety through- out the week, but come Friday-and itis T GIFing time again. The trials and tribulations of books, classes, and profs are foreign to the exuberant attitude of the student body. Pizza and beer are in order as an easy tran- quilizer for any lingering headaches. Troubles and cares dissolve in a cool refreshing glass, a lusty round of songs, a throaty laugh of the girl at the next table, as students seek dis- traction and relaxation. Whether it's bowling with the gang at the Illini Union, rushing for the 4:45 and a weekend at home, or a "short one" with the boys in Kam's basement- relax and Thank God, It's Friday! Dim smiles over the heads of beer Off with the coat, have a seat . . . and a glass 'vw' iss, There's stronger brew in the Kaiser Room. Right. Many see the Combesmen in action ,ag Q s. 3. S, EE J? f ff 45+ , fd 2' t ,K , A Z ,Wg ' lt ' ' Hark! The Herald Angels shout, Two more days til school is out! The Union puts on a festive air. WINTER: sounds of a festive campus bustling with activity - the merrymaking and gaiety of Yuletide activities and par- ties, the steady undertone of assign- ments, and those inevitable finals . . . as the thermometer gradually sinks downward, and snowy, rainy weather becomes the daily forecast, as the gridiron garb is packed away and stu- dents realize there are only thirty- five more days before finals-these are the annual events that usher in winter on the U of I campus. Seldom does the student's life gain such momentum as through these busy Weeks prior to the holidays. Academically the list includes volumes of reading, term papers, hour exams, quizzes, themes, and headaches. On the lighter side, the season is a whirlwind of concerts, dances, parties, and basketball games. With Christmas in the background, the campus is trimmed in festive lights . OUVCI1 any we ,565 U1 Right: Parties are held for the underprivileged , fp-me and greenery, and groups of campus carolers are not uncommon at the neighboring hospitals and homes. It's a busy, happy life with everyone an- ticipating the long awaited vacation, yet all is toned down by the nearing finals of january. A h Cavy SHQW, a Goodnight The Military puts on a display for the campus. Above: The Panhel Ball crowds the Hoor of Huff. Left: The dance must go on, in spite of the weather. Below: A pleasant twist in dating The long line for the show on weekends DATING: sounds of evening on the campus-the music of the dance band, the jazz session, the record player turned low, the laughter and gaiety of the casual date, the silence of the front hall at twelve Hfty- Eve .... To the "happy medium" collegiate, a college education means studies and social life. And dates on the campus come in assorted shapes and sizes. Costume parties, picnics, movies, and formal dances are just a few. The Panhel and Military Balls are highlights of the year's social calendar. But whatever the occasion, there is al- ways that all-important telephone call and the planning of what to wear. As the time approaches, the hectic scramble begins: the men try to get that extra smooth shave while the girls attempt to beat down that loose strand of hair. The effort is worth it, for those fleeting hours of gaiety and laughter are pleasant interludes to the ever-con- stant grind of studies. A short ride, a show, and coffee are a standard date. 57 The long gray lin e for McKin1ey's late service. A larg and new-fallen snow. I ,uv -Jifgwjf' I ,,,,i.x'Q lk A13-iiidiiinlndgai - ,,,-.-fy, ' - -z""'. 1'HQ.v,,. .,...,. ,Uh e turn-out is aided by crisp weather Feeding the masses at Supper club tQ g ir Sl is 7:1 3. tf 't S 'I I i 1 1 W Commu ed bye lisp Weath EI The reading of the scrolls of the law fTorahJg the central point of the weekly Sabbath service at Hillel RELIGION: sounds that rise above the din of the campus life, the reverent hush of the student chapel, the quiet Qand some- times heatedj discussion that searches lg the masses at SUPPQ' for answers to real problems, the choir of voices lifted in songs of praise and thanksgiving. The various churches and religious groups on campus offer all students inspiration as well as fellowship. One's sense of duty toward his fellow man is sharpened through worship, work and play with others. The Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A., organizations based on the Christian way of life, sponsor ac- tivities ranging from the Annual Doll Show to the International Supper. The yearly Hillel Seder highlights the Passover Festival Celebration. Al- though typically celebrated at home, there is a large communal celebra- tion at Hillel so that those away from home may participate in this meal. In the silence of a chapel, in the peacefulness of the organ prelude, or in the beauty of the campus in any season, one receives an awareness of an Almighty Power and an assurance of an Eternal Partner. Communion at the NLC center The Lutheran Student Center socializes. The Seder setting: the unleavened bread CMatzahD, the greens, symbol of spring and redemption, the egg, symbolic of the Paschal Sacrifice of the Temple in Ierusalem, the bitter herbs, symbolic of slavery. Mass at Saint Iohn's Catholic Chapel The Union terrace comes ahve. 'lv . N 44: M9 NV' un 453' s un .Q I J ,.f...... U' :IIS IICH -...J' 'v In the center of the Quadrangle, where thousands of students work two persons find time to be alone together. , 60 Studying moves outdoors. SPRING: sounds of a campus moving to the out-of-doors-the strains of the con- cert band across the quadrangle on a quiet Wednesday evening, the laugh- ter of the strolling couple discovering again the beauties of the campus in April, fanciful melodies of the sere- nade Heating on the night air . . . spring time on campus is delightful romance. Sudden cloudbursts, steady drizzles, and just plain rain are fa- miliar bywords of spring on campus. But thereis magic under those thick grey clouds, and soon bright green buds adorn the trees, which only 3 short while ago were barren and naked in the winter sky. As nature awakens a drowsing campus, so stu- dents leave their hibernation in stuffy classrooms for fresh air and sunshine. Instructors yield to the temptation and lead their classes out-of-doors. Evidence of spring fever can be found under almost every tree, Where a Stu- dent, attempting to study in the C001 retreat of the shade, lets a book Slide from his fingers as his head nods ifl a dreamy doze. We study harder SV , moves outdoors, Bampus moving to the the strains of the con- rss the quadrangle ona day evening, the laugh- lling couple discovering ruties of the campusin l melodies of the sere on the night air . .. in campus is delightful lden cloudbursts, steady just plain rain are la- ls of spring on campu- thick ragic under th0S6 and soon bright green he trees, which Oulla and ago WSIS b21IT9U , As nahlfe winter Ski' sm, fowsing caII1iPU5:' 50 my ieir hibernation 111 Shine r fresh air 2111? 11353505 . e 'reld to the i indoors. 3. 0 pfrngfevefcaf an CIC every tree, W, thecgol ting to Study In kslidl e shade' letlridallohodsil ZC. Duke Ellington plays for one of the many spring dances, All Illini remember the twilight concerts We study harder -1 1, v x X . Q - r ik mr. I' . A , x New leaves are of interest. ING F ENGINEERING OPEN HOUSE: SPR hlgll SPH-1 ' ds of a 1naS5' , . d t h 10 4. . . annually the engineers on campus Open 501111 fthe sliulldg that Suigest lfvzllhlgfiajjiiiglilhileiiilgeresljtcin lgodeilelopments and unusual phenomenon in their l U10 clfirgfl bizafredb t clorslitcld Gigi? 1i1gi1'1CG1'S enjoy a day free from classeS, and the general Pubhc 13 treated to an ill- Maud d by h0ufS an par ICU ar e s. e e e teresting exhibition in a Wide variety of H6ldS- PW X.:-we Above, left: A lesson in casting is given for the layman. gbolvie, right: Sanitation Engineers do the impossible: Bone Yard water is purified for rin ing. A visitor is fried by the electrical engineers. 'ljhe ceramic engineer has an interest in the domestic side of things. Hwhylwf H question asked by au. MA yollllg manxs fancy tums ,.u mgmeefson SPRING FAIR- Sual Pheno campuso ' 1 men - Pi -Publlc is treats? mllltir sounds of a high-spirited, laughing campus-the swing of a snappy jazz band that sets toes tapping, toallin. the clamor of the masses that circulate among the colorful sideshows, the persuasive cry of the char- latan from his bizarre booth .... S rin Fair is an afternoon and evenin of festive entertainment P 3 E preceded by hours and hours of planning, constructing, assembling and a little socializing. F5 It .ne Yard water is purilieflfvr atic "A young man's fancy turns. . . .D Students let off steam by playing music or smashing cars. A place for everything Females attract males-and the almighty dollar. 63 Right: The orchestra and the leads Spring Musical: A scene from Finiarfs Rain- bow The Terrapins culminate weeks of practice. Right: Uncle Sam needs you! 64 MOTHERS DAY: sounds of a special weekend honor- ing great ladies-the excited welcome of a happy reunion, the deserving ap- plause for those recognized at honors day, the murmured approval of the lovely queen as she passes by . . . it's a busy Weekend for Mother and her coed, often beginning with a Friday evening at the annual Shi-Ai Sing, or an entertaining visit to University Theater for its special performance. The calendar is filled with numerous activities and programs for the hon- ored guests. Saturday morning finds Mother meeting her associates at a coiiee hour, then assembling on the quadrangle for the Mother's Day Queen Procession and Coronation. Next on the ladies' agenda is an eve- ning of entertainment which again in- cludes a schedule filled with outstand- ing events - the Watcheka Sing, the Terrapin Show, and the Spring Musi- cal. Seldom does the campus see such an array of talent, and when could it be more appropriate than the Week- end the University of Illinois honors its Moms. nfl Cade ts brave USB . 5 ln Four. th?V00l UBI-f01'm Sue H1 ililase Mom' Bnlllltoxv X l Mother 4 Adv- ish 1 r, ,U s- 'W' S ini, 'x 41 . I . 1 9 . 1 I, lm f ,al ,Lax 'lr . xg, w 15,3 ,f,, 'EH Caqx C.-H K I-S .,, lf -Y ,.. f Y X x S'- XS. 4 xi? z 5' Wi Q2 W '44 ff? f Q Q ,U 1 W: 31 ,R 4 Y wz , , 3 K .P ,A ff 41:-SWZW , QV ff , x fifw ff fx? 3 Sf 1 fqf :," L A as ff lf Wm Y gf . a 3 X Qi lv Q N54 'Cf w I I I A v, . X '-'gc Ai X 4 ' 5 ,, gx ,, ' ' X new .N t- ,JXW 1 - ga ,R f M5655 M ' 79 HW. gig X ' as Q 5, V 4:1221 M i,,,,.X, W A , ffl J.. 1 my ,, X XR The long hard grind of finals A quiet place The water riot breaks the monotony ' Getting ahead OH the summer Sun EXAMS, bring ano sounds thattlle low, rn l S01 so 2 C0 first glan . OH emsssedop of the S silence . . hrlbitious, bafhmg Su nan to be Cfammmg' of water that later S? into conllllete and 6 , exam Week den fights, gallons of .COD pe, day, nerves strame ing pains, the longes sessions of a lifetime, 2 day when it's all over a has only to await the 1' h But for those W os have led them upwaro goal, the finish of fev- linals brings other "Illi- inspiring message of tl ment speaker, the trai across the platform, as sincere congratulations s happy family. Thus, these brief hos flium climax, for many, the heights of educatio hom the knowledge 4 Sfoduate has gainec i0 his charas nces on the Unix the stadium is big enough -'r'7'r:--,,.,-.,.-L F567 il ...- rl' A quiet place EXAMS GRADUATION sounds that brlng another semester to a close the low mournful moan emitted upon first glance of the final the silence of the sundeck where ambitious bathmg suit clad coeds claim to be cramming the first splash of water that later sends the campus into complete and delightful chaos exam week denotes sleepless nights gallons of consumed coffee per day nerves strained to the break 1I1g po1nt the longest three hour sessions of a lifetime, and finally that day when it's all over and the student has only to await the results. But for those whose aspirations have led them upward to the final goal, the finish of feverish week of finals brings other Kllli-noisev . . . the inspiring message of the commence- ment speaker, the trail of footsteps across the platform, and finally the sincere congratulations of a proud and happy family. Thus, these brief hours in the sta- dium climax, for many, the climb for the heights of education. But, aside, from the knowledge attained, each Four years of hard work ID order to walk the last mile graduate has gained depth and breadth to his character from his experiences on the University campus. Only the stadium is big enough. Waiting 67 w AUDREY CARNES 1 .fi ,.,. gf E. 'E Q E. -Q. - E. E-. IE. .qi 9 IEL X-Q. 'EL E Q' .ra Q. Q .Ei .Lf-, Q E fl uv-1 , Q. E1 E Ed", Q-, E4 E E 1 ' R ,Af if H.: -v 'J 'I -..J Y-1 -74 Q ma El E. -r E: E. -r 1 1 K ' Y N E 1E 1 -J .4 3 ,J A-I A , w K A E , . .A , nl -F r J ' , Z t W f 9' 'Z .f ' K rg! E NANCY COOK 5 N , , .El ..., , . .. ,'k- ff f. f ,aff 9 vm ,H ,f ,.-Wf-MMC! f w fx -,xfef -f ' , ,V ff- af, x 4WQSWvW-1 Km, G,n'Q-JSWN Qu B , f, , -, nf' fifff E A X ff !2Y'vf4?f3Z"-' 3 2 f 1 ans'-wi1f ?2' ' ' 5 1 xi.: QA! 9 f T " A LS ,Q .....- 151 E E E V... Stud 0 1 I os hx I P110 N ...f- ' vu 1 . 1 r ELIZABETH HAMILTGN A ' f if Q 1 JW ' iz fx fig' . ' ' 5" 324751-?'9?iWf,' 5 -1 wa 7 N. ,wr f,7Q'4,f.,'S,f f. , .A L ,Q,,,f,+'f,,Qw,,,. f X: 11,-' 'ie-3 .f,:,,. 2a,zm4fg fy? f f ff I 1 ff . ,fit f ' , ,Jw ,f,,, f , .YV f I of Final Judging by Garry Moore h ffx fig L' T' F7 Y' Lig., 1:5 in J L..J is T'-F'-fg f-0 Linjl f N1 gs kilf X--J' ---1 I..,...4, ...YT F' ,,,.,,f f:...,4 H-rf E4 .if fill lg,l im QE. ig? EM Q-1: WEL QL Ein SCJ QED EJ' .qi Q3 gr 5-lit QELE' "jul JEL ii in ELS lf 5 Hx 'EH' -.. i r LU 1 lil 1 ml nd MIT T01 FJ va 5125 Elf : gm, , 1 535 gggr LE' I ll U 1 xl fi: 'rm Y l' 1: TA W .B 1 4 7 if xr ' 1 S A QR -wa , si 32 1 'f wif Lf: I 3 K-1 A .f ..- 6 1. L- :- 5 .J 7. , LL S 'Q 1' , 1 5 ,- 5 ,- A- X ,JJ -...Q 41' J X.. r -..... I -+1 nj M f T., .1 .J La' E E L3 Ee gg E, '-1 . ' an .nd qi E 2 ' ai f 1 4-y Y.-4 Q ff iqffj E Q u! 4 41- 1... V... ,1- .1 T-. V... -- V... r.. ,11 .1- 4-1 -L2 2 Q Q ,-1 .4 Z V. ,D VJ cv 2 P-4 1 5 vig .jffg 19 z XXWSQ 2? ANN KRETSCHMER wi L M4 W. 9 9 ,, lx X ,W 4 A X 0 X f M, fe xv gf Q 2 M -3,51 , Q 1 V7 'Q 93 S X QI if fax' 5 -Q , fix f Aix? , Mm. , , ,, , H 'fy fQ,5-am y-zfw rf , fy ! ff! 4-Q ,. .X X . Q QJQIA I ' , -' f f 5, ,Wh W4 , 1 w , swf fs x V W I f v QQ . I J 1 5 S3 'fi ' ' fu ,f '+ 7 if l , -Qlfgi, M' , .. gl , ' " A ,f Q lf' , F lgilfgliiiiff K 5 lg -. f f i jgjff' .ggf f 5, , ,, , -. 9131354 f J. 5 :, 'MQ 1 if '12, , 'ff E4 : Y - W' L . ,.. , . 86 ' if 4 , ' if ,r , , yf' f". ' V A . Q Q ,gg Q " J 5 ' WWA . 'fi ' , .f " RY4N Al l W5 9 3 V 9 J , tx QQ '1 ,ykiif k A 1 1, Q Q 5 ,aw A MZ .gr ,J ., 'N --.J ..,f..... S DEE YAEGER LW Hg gcc.. 4 f f K l 4 X X 9 X1 W 6 X X A f 41 dum. Z: W 5 f Sf f lf 4 X I , 73 X f 1 'P x 'f i' NA, ,ff QQf4 11?yf , -Ike' ff 4 ff? ,, f y . if ' J Q : ff of g 1, 9 ' 5 , HA ,, Q ,- in -Q ,V gofef. if . z, 4 S j xii. ,Z Liooro Jxxdghxg by G arty FXHIXX i 1 51 .sq B, I pf Z 9-A B f""1 fl-2 i W 3 fi 4 E5 9 Q1 Eg E I' 1. is 741. 1 -I E K2 El: ...- F...- IEW Tl V.. f-4. -ps G" E E EI ? , -us- Q5 QE! Illini Studio Photos by E' QI I I I L, QI 1, II, QI 'I ,. I I I I I I ll 5 I I I I I. I Ii lf' ik I I ,I I I ,I I I f I . ', In I ,I V if , I X , i I H I I I' I f' Iohn Paul, President Lowry Bayley, Ir. jack Beaupre Frank Hailand Sheldon Hauck Dale Houston Gordon johns Thomas Johnston Fred Linkon Martin Maguet David Marblestone Ronald Maris Kenneth McKee Frank Millspaugh Alan Nudelman Donald Ohl Frank Schwartz, Ir. John Smith Iohn Sprague William Sullivan Simeon Trotter Alfred Urbanckas john Voelpel Peter Weitzel Gene Wineland Russell Youmans 1' s B S I at VK 'l 'N ,, , MA-wAN-nA i I I Gall Wonderlin, President Mary Adsit Ray Barclay Dorothy Carter Marilyn Ebel Mary Ann Elson Io Ann Hostettler Helen Hughes Jeanne Iohnston Eleanor Kenny Marlo Lange Mary Ann Lilja Barbara Luehring Freddie Mitchell Sara Mitchener Anne N aranick Iudy Biemenscheider Barbara Seyler Nancy Taylor Sara Vaughn Barbara Williams o Ann Williamson Senior Wornen's Act1v1ty and Scholastic Honorary Wil' Q f! ARD Nancy Io Schrader, Sharen Armstrong Duanne Bean Deborah Blair Dorothy Brunkow Martha Davison Dianne Doolen Barbara Evans Madeline Genovesi Ann Gulder President Sandra Halliday Joyce Hildenbrand Marion Hunter Rose Kehart jane Lombard Fylis Mandell Lois Minute Sara Mitchell Dorothy Moore janet Nichols SHORTER junior Women's Activity Honorary Peggy Nolan Claire O,Connell Noreen O,Connell Janis O,Dell Marguerite O,Neil Nancy Paxton Ann Stewart janet Turney Wanda Wyllie Ann McNamara, Honorary Membel 'dent yth, P1651 WWI Fors url Budelslql uhevdore Gaiam l eg, Covldng W we Corlel' etll Cullen u chu DMS ,Wm Gabbfifd lessg Hale soduvl Hanson B 0 A R D Senior Women's Activity Honorary TORCH Carolyn Meadors, President Patricia Albee Carol Bahls Diane Baumann Nancy Beauman Kay Benedict Betty Blewett Nancy Boldt Edith Boyd Carol Brandt Barbara Brown Sue Buchheit Mary Lou Bush Sallie Cappa Patricia Clailin Patricia Clover 78 f --V --... , Delores Darby Linda Duncanson Ioan Eggenberger Rochelle Ezer Patricia Freehill Lois Grant Linda Hale Margaret Heino Iudith Hively Joanne Inness Barbara Isakotf Geraldine Johnson Sue Kahl Karen Kelly Grace Lemke Diane Nasiatka Margaret Otto Joyce Peters Gerry Rader Barbara Reardon Lois Rucker Mary Schumacher Maria Scofakes Janet Sheaifer Margaret Sisk George Ann Smith Iudith Smith Nancy Swain Sue Teegarden Barbara Watkins Orra Lee Womeldorfl Plllllip Dressel, President DOIIB Alspaugh David Cade Ceffy Carlson Slepllen Calmean Nicholas Cams Tlwmas Chandler NlCll0lag Dermugh lack Diederich Mall Dllfchslag Richard Ekin Pllliv Field Gabliard George Thomas Ilell 111311 ,N eil I e Wa, Honoraly M William Forsyth, President Carl Budelsky Theodore Caiazza Kenneth Cocking Gene Corley Kenneth Cullen John Davis William Gabbard Jesse Hale embel Rodney Hanson Ernest Humphrey John ,Kating William Kirchhoif Kenneth Kirk Donald Long Norman Margolin Robert Mitchell Carl Noble Arthur Schankin Joey Schwaegel William Shaffer John Stanley Thomas Stark Cecil Stewart Larry Tompkins Ruxton Tucker John Voyda Harvey Wittenberg Robert Wood lon :her s mith l IIS 1elClOI'E SACHEM Phillip Dressel, President Donn Alspaugh David Cade Gerry Carlson Stephen Carmean Nicholas Carras Thomas Chandler Nicholas Derrough Jack Diederich Mark Durchslag Richard Ekin. Phillip Field George Edgell Thomas Gabbard WA NA SE Leonard Gertler Hugh Graham Abraham Grossfeld James Grubsl Thomas Haller Richard Hoff ' Alphonse Holtmann David Hunsaker Bradley Johnson Solomon Kamm David Kennedy Everett Kimmel A Robert Klaus Richard Koeller ,K ' "James Leach J. Kent McHose George Niva William Oifenbacher James Pinney John Ravencroft Charles Redmon, J Norman Smith Edwin Snow David Stewart George Swift Roger Taylor ,Kent Whitten 79 , H .. L, -X Peter Weitzel Editor, Daily Illini Gail Wonderlin Associate Director, Campus Chest Dale Smith Football Captain .f,,. 7--.: ,-.-p-fpfff--- -- Marlo Lange Editor, I llio David Marblestone President, Student Senate 1 'Y 4 of i r ff? in , Mary Arm Elson President, VVomen,s G roup System -A-W-1-.m,'1,- ff l Sheldon Hauck D E L H' Hayley 'f ' 1 President, Illini Union rfmdiif, 1"'f'f"'fe"' V u N Ns... Sheldon Han - ck . PTeS'dent,1lliniUn1bn L. H. Bayley Io Ann Williamson G01-don johns President, Interfraternity General Manager, University Theatre Student Director, Illini Union Q Rodney Hanson President, Tribe of Illini Barbara Williams Associate Editor, Illio 'fl i 1 X. K I ISN, . M, ,. -, - . 4. , f ...- J-yl" " " 2 ,QW 1' . J 'r' ld 6.5 N ., - ,L x ,j im if TJ. . - 5' ' wf , 1 we , '12 , ,,ff'T..i -P ' ' "Q sl ff-fb ' 'if V r 'fl Y 1 52,1-. gym " ' :uf ' fFv:f" A. ff, , . . - . fc, . , w .5, A,- F 1 '-Ne,-xii' - J rv f-wtf ,- ' ,sf ' vi". ' A i A I, ,NV ,Veil-1 'tgps 1- ,DX : .-X' eff , r .. , L51 'Ka Q' 2 ' 3- X 'Z' if e '7"f?'v' R xff. i, ,rngfsg ' ' 51 1 ""7 o 1 l i i 3 l ..-,..- ... .N ..,.,....i,,....- ..V.. ...............T..,......,..........4.-. .-,-.,- ..i,.- .... ,...., ., ,.,, -- ,..n ,. W Photos by Helleo-'s ,Studio John Paul I Basketball Captain I0 Ann Hostettler Business Manager, Illio Harvey Wxttcnberg Sports Edztoz Dazly Illzm Freddie Mitchell ' . President, Womerfs SPONS Assocmtmn Alan Nudelman Director, Campus Chest S I Nancy Tflylor I W w john Voelpel Y rank Hajland Co-Manager, Star Course F ,Q j . f -4A . Track t W - r e ' ' "t'A""t""A i ' tuc ent Director, Illini Unian C I W l0l1I1 Voelpel M 0 anagensmfclf Frank Hailand Fylis Mandell Track Associate Editor, Illio William Sullivan Student Director, Illini Union F, 1. T 1 l l V n i 1 f V L l l x f l l E l l l A l v l 4 l L.,-f Larry Tompkins Head Cheerleader Barbara Seyler Production Manager, University Theatre 'ima- X ll ,ff DY! 39 . 1 . ,C . .--gg ., J. .-1: 19: , .fa-: Q 1 , .- fm ' ' . A Y .141'bFg6 - 1 -., .V Photos by Lleller's Studio H V Y ' Ronald Maris President, Y.M.C.A. I X 12' if Shirley Moore Stuclent Director, Illini Union 84 Raymond Thonn Baseball Captain Janet Sheaifer Associate Editor, Illio Thomas Johnston Co-Manager, Star Course Sara M1tChCH6f President Panllellenzc .....,.........- Kenneth McKee lvmimlisllglltig Council Senior Football Manager Ffu'il0f'lfA'me v-IJ., a . -mk:u,,i,5H,A,L.W,,3,,vAg5g4 1 --V - A ..,, ., Kenneth Mc Senior Football lla.. William Shaffer Marilyn Ebel ms President, Armed Forces Council Executive News Editor, Daily Illini Arthur Schankin Fencing Captain jesse Hale President, M enis Independent Association Barbara Luehring Vice President, Illini Union -'1-mi' + Y . - . P -es. PM ifl-V 'uf fgg fzm' if ,x '-' '- I '. Q 4 'X' '- .if " . .55 5-' tsli, ' Q.Q3f'v5 , ,, 1 'uljl -1 ' 9 f '5":,?-4 i " il' I 1 wi . .ns Lx: 'Q .. fi -I 54, 'YP3'3x 'f- in ,f A n ff-fs .. I ff " if Q55 .ilmff Q -il " Ugy u l.-,s. A . ,h , if-i s" ' ' I . 5 '1 iv. C V21 fl 1 ' '-'. I - if ' ,lm . . 1, f if tfvffn. ,X ,ugh 1.1 Ja, ..: r F- -354' S gf ','f1'?i11""' , - ,Jef-1.w . f b a' I- if .f -' 5, - . ff' ff' :.Ji',.' . ..f' 1, ' nn 'f Q ,j.f"M' W ,Lai5f.- Photos by Hellea-'s Studio I .Y,q I 4 , -I I . ,IIN II i'I I I I I I I I I I I il, I - I I 1 I I I I Q Simeon Trotter janet Nichols I Personnel Manager, University Theatre Associate Business Manager, Illzo Dorothy Br k M 1' M Student Director, uglicnllv Union zum aguet I ntra-mural Manager 1 "ist x" YV' ..,,.,, 1..,T,,,,.,.,..,..,....,.....-- - -.ear Robert Norma G Corley Wrestling Captzlln Plmdentgfienis Glee Club .iii I. I "' rv ' I NMEJQW A . ,X - .-s fvk xl X an NSN- 3, sv I -,r- i N lames Hubbard 1 I I I Manager, Student News and Information Orralee Womeldorff Meyer Bureau Secretary, Y.W.C.A. A gg .HfZ155!?'7 J, it vglobert Norman restlmg Captain Gene Corley Janet Braltensiek Terry Wade President, Merfs Glee Club Campus Editor, Daily Illini Business Manager, Daily Illini I Jack Beaupre Vice-President, Student Senate Charmaine Tourville Student Director, Illini Union , ff-si so-, I -wr: fws'-.-wwf favs . I Ir' S Qsffff "Fu ,f tfy g,- ,ff 4 ,'f'ff-f- Q4 I vi, ,, an-:.f ' 5 z. - ,fn - ago ty. -X x 4 5 iifxy' xref-I ' - 15? "g if 'W 3 f mu' , ' J' ,- 3 1 .L - , 5 .1-'ff qi f I -yr ..-- fc, f, tif, 'Rf 5' , js? ':,.1 -H' 1 if rf- ' 'it , J: 1,1 . ,Q fry-.1 vu ' 4 :sf .sit '4 4 "Q , .,,,fJ1j- , gras 'Q' 23.1 - sf: 1' ' ff. t- V S AX, ,pf U R: , . - ywgf.,-'QQ E +? , KN 7" ' 4 mfrnsaza,-it Q ' f, f 1' 11' is f fwfli-1 '.-'f ' ., A ,A M" sjhs . git-. !" '13Q!-fi' , K '-'2' 1- ' .f ., X - f Q, whips ,.,,f,. 1- Q' s :f V3 Qvfx "5 gn 5 ,J ,1.??53..-fi , I. gif tL,'?g?v1 , 4 Photos by HelZe'r's Studio STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate is the representative undergraduate governing body for the Uni- versity. The membership includes twenty- eight district senators, two being elected from each of the fourteen districts by stu- dent vote, and fifteen ex-officio senators, selected by student organizations. This year the Student Senate provided for an addi- tional ex-oflicio position by including in its membership a representative from the Asso- ciation of International Students. Student Senate's function is to represent the student body to the administration and faculty, to appoint the student members of various University committees, and to exer- cise general policy-making authority over campus activities in conjunction with the Committee on Student Affairs. The bulk of Student Senate's work is car- ried out through an extensive committee structure. These committees formulate policy on many problems which face students. David Marblestone, president Top giiiioggack Beaupre, Jack Peterson, Jack Bedore, George Lackey, Donald Long, William Mavity, David Brown, Thomas Johnston, Robert Seconrl row: Joyce W'eissman, Freddie Mitchell, Frank Millspaugh, Jeremiah F ' Th Xaughan, Stephen Thomas David Powell Thomas Chandler Audres Ri k' rug' h lffmfls Stark, William Kirchhoffy Philip McClure' Michael Baum wwf Sandra Hailiaayf Jean McConochie, Al -'S M' h ly c irc vrin' 09 e 6 Zer- - Valentine Jobst, Barbara Luehring, Geraldine Kdzrhbsa, lgaficlara llllnoderf2fldbd,rtIl'la1fifnfnEe'0lL3Klsldf1ky Prof' Halbert Guuey, Davld Marblestone, Prof. 88 as .COIIU Under 2 thrjid pri mitteeS Stuclgc and sai ields aS lla' line Stud 5nidentd1S01P cient . ' 1 Sill ' intemaflolaa - l Stuc , tona 1'lCl1ll1ma hal ' h311gCS ln and the Code on -1. The distriCt Councl' Senate's vice P repfesentatives fr . each of the fourteen dl aclose tie between 'tht vidual students. One ofthe IHHHY ed dent Senate u11dert00k Relations Confer6I1CC eign and American stun bers participated in : the worldwide signiiic in the United States. residei 0m 01 Executive committee T0 ,- p row Bottom row: Alexis Michale, S S th :ming b iifepresentaut-Q Jershi y for lllti tor P Includes We u h S: two being el mf' riprteen districts byeitid . en - I . 0 ex officio Senators rgamzationg, This I , 2- provided fgr an Sell .1t1on by including esentative from the anal Students. Alt functi ate i 3 th on is to represent 9 Hdmmistrationand Udent members Qt the st C0mmittees, and to exer- fmakiifg authority over ui conyunction with the lent Affairs. ent Senateis work is em. an extensive committee nmittees formulate policy which face students. -own, Thomas Johnston. RM -chhoff, Philip McClure, Michel euney, David Marbleswne. Pref- Under a three-commission system, com- mittees study and propose action in such fields as trafHc and safety, human relations, student discipline, student economic Welfare, international student affairs, class and cur- riculum, National Student Association proj- ects, and changes in Student Senate by-laws and the Code on Student Affairs. The district councils, co-ordinated by the Senate's vice president, are composed of representatives from organized houses Within each of the fourteen districts. They establish a close tie between the Senate and the indi- vidual students. One of the many educational projects Stu- dent Senate undertook this year Was a Human Relations Conference held in October. For- eign and American students and faculty mem- bers participated in a discussion regarding the worldwide significance of discrimination in the United States. Committee Chairmen-Top row: Stephen Thomas Fourth row: Robert Backoff, Geraldine Komosa Third row: David Brown, Alexis Michale Second row: George Lackey, XVilliam Mavity, Jean McConochie Bottom row: Thomas Chandler, David Powell Not in panel: Jeremiah Fruin Executive committee-Top row: Frank Millspaugh. David Marblestone, Stephen Thomas Bottom row: Alexis Michale, Sandra Underwood, Jack Beaupre, Audrey Rivkin, Deborah Blair Freshmafn. council-Top row: Robert Aten, Burton Friecllander, 131111011711 DOYYICT, James Umskly Robert A1'mSt1'01'lg, Rlfihafd K9011gh, John Carr, Alan B -kl s, Allan Samson, David Rademaclrer, David Abrahamson g . . 1 Y . A Bottorviliojz: Carla Kogan, Melinda Bresee, Sharlene Pearlman, Lesta Elliott, Judith Johnson, Beth Dohme, Judith Morley, Bonita Anderhub, lxiarcla Morgan, Patricia XVagner, Elissa NVeaver The Freshman Council, chosen to "pro- mote the general Welfare of the freshman class and to assist the Student Senate in its duties," was selected by interviewing at the beginning of the first semester. Realizing the problems that freshmen en- counter When entering the University, the Councilis activities this year centered mainly around freshman orientation. Two commit- tees were organized, one which planned state-wide tours for pre-freshman orientation, and one which handled the problems of the freshman foreign student. "The Senator" goes to press. Below left: Student Senate meeting in session Below: Relaxing during a committee meeting srUDENl ruee On ' C Ulm The Ot-he UI'b21Ua'C mittee ofd fan the ful corrlllfise 0 mpus. . -Urbana ca Pilii of eiehf Studi grudent Senate, eflghe raarlrrchamw' Chr db the Urbana' ' terrhi' Committee on d' Wgf ana V150 eDean of oupillf k' g to th Idliaidlpalgn Senate' C of extra-curricular 3Ct1 ciple Contact Points b the student b0dY, the tration. The purpose of CS services to the student setting up plans of ser social events and actir of personal responsibi ricular activities fron progress, and helping living conditions Whit moral for college stud TGP row: Prof. R ll , - Bottom row: Franllqpdiidliggff W 5011, Sandra Halliday, Ma . rn panel: Dale Dillard, ng- Richard Keough MHC . ' an y, 1th M - . . ' '- orlel. Bonita Anderhub MPV Council, chosen to Mpyg. Welfare of the freshman the StudentSenmemi ed by interviewing at thy irst sernester oblems that freshmeuen- Bring the University, the this year centered mainly mrientation. Two commit- Led, one which planned tire-freshrnan onenmhn ndled the probhnnolh iudent. . - ' n late meeting m 565510 3 Committee meeting I COMMITTEE ON STUDENT AFFAIRS The Committee on Student Affairs is a com- mittee of the Urbana-Champaign Senate, a body comprised of all the full professors on the Cham- paign-Urbana campus. The committee is com- posed of eight student members chosen by Student Senate, eight faculty members, and a faculty chairman. The faculty members are elec- ted by the Urbana-Champaign Senate. The Committee on Student Affairs serves as an advisory group in administration and policy- making to the Dean of Students and the Urbana- Champaign Senate. CSA also Works in the field of extra-curricular activities as one of the prin- ciple contact points between representatives of the student body, the faculty, and the adminis- tration. The purpose of CSA is to provide valuable services to the student body such as assisting in setting up plans of self-government, supervising social events and activities, encouraging a sense of personal responsibility, preventing eXtra-cur- ricular activities from imposing on scholastic progress, and helping to organize and maintain living conditions which are safe, healthful, and moral for college students. 3 Prof, Halbert Gulley, chairman The Committee on Student Affairs, in con- junction With the Student Senate, formulates policy and regulations which are based on the aCode on Student Affairsf, This code is a set of standards and regulations which guide and direct the individual and organizational activities of the students. Top row: Prof. Ralph Mutti, Thomas Chandler, Donald Long, Prof. Thomas Hastings, David Marblestone Bottom row: Frank Millspaugh, Dean Miriam Sheldon, Dean Dorothy Litherland, Dean Edward Stafford, Prof. Halbert Gulley, Prof. Ralph John- son, Sandra Halliday, Mary Elson, Jack Beaupre ' Not in panel: Dale Dillard, Prof. Walter Johnson, Prof, Wendell Miller l 5 Frank Millspaugh, chairman Top row: Prof, Walter Johnson, Jesse Hale. .lohn Voelpel. lVilliam Kirclihoff, Michael Vaughan I ottom row: Deborah Blair, Rochelle Ezcr, Frank Millspaugh, Barbara Luehring Not in panel: Prof. YVendcll Miller, Dean Vernon Hampton CCDORDINATIGN CCDMMITTEE The Coordination Committee, a sub-com- mittee of the Committee on Student Affairs, is responsible for supervising and adminis- tering regulations for dances, concerts, and other general University events. All petitions and speciiic details of the events must be submitted to the Committee for its approval before any further contracts or arrangements for the events can be made. Each spring the Committee prepares a calendar of events for the coming year, which is submitted to the Committee of Student Affairs. The Coordination Committee is composed of two faculty members, the Dean of Student Activities, and eight students representing various activities on campus. The Commit- tee, now in its tenth year, has been instru- mental in preventing program conflict and undue competition among student organi- zations. IF in session BOARD FRATER AFFAIRf 'fowl-Top ww: time B t Daniel Seller, G01-don 0 tom row: Dean Franci Gardner Not in panel: Albert Lore ltio omnuttee Ons ia or supervisingtudent all H? for dances C d niversity evenis Titus e eVeI1ts ter contracts or 'ares 21 Cale 't3lllS 0f th 9 Commi Hdal' of evem ra ' R ' sub student Affairs mitted to tion Committee is lembers, the Dean eight students V S OH campus- The Commt tenth Year, has been inn Ttlng Pf08THII1 contlictu :lon among student cigar, Of Studu fepresentip- IF in session BOARD GF FRATERNITY AFFAIRS Discussing the IF honoraries such as Skull and Crescent The Board of Fraternity Affairs, composed of three faculty fraternity men, three local fraternity alumni, the Interfraternity Council Executive Committee and the Dean of Fraternity Men, advises the IF Coun- cil. Besides acting as a board of appeals for the judicial committee decisions, the Board formulates the general policy of the Interfraternity Council. The fundamental aim of the Board is to help fraternities to take their proper place in the University. Board-Top row: Michael Vaughan, Paul Edgell, Phillip Dressel, George Smith, Delbert Denby, Paul Dittlner, Arthur Murray, Donald Long, Daniel Seller Gordon Kaplan YV1lll3.IT Hayes Louis Baslev Bottom row Dean Francis Koenig T C Moones James Julian Prof Williarn Fel uson cl atrinan Dean Honald heubeig sectetavy Piof Karl Gardner Not wr, panel Albert Lorenz Lowry Bayley, president Ixccuttvc committee Top row: Michael Vaughan, Howard W b d ', - P1'1' Bottom row Gordon Ixaplan, Daniel Seiler, Paul Dittmer, 13oli1ualdrTloi11gTNElice7o!rge lgrirrithlhessel INTERFRATERNITY CCDUNCIL The Interfraternity Council is the govern- ing and supervising body of all social fra. ternities at the University. This group has the notable distinction of being the oldest and largest organization of its kind in the United States, and in 1957 it was selected as the most outstanding council in the Na- tional Interfraternity Council. The Council is the legislative body of the fifty-seven fraternities on campus. Its func- tion is to protect and promote the individual houses. Current problems such as scholar- ship, activities, rushing, house finance, pledge training, house management, and public re- lations are discussed at regular meetings. IF Council is composed of the president and a junior representative from each fra- ternity on campus. These representatives serve as legislators and also on such com- mittees as pledge training, scholarship, Creek Week, intramurals, rushing, and public rela- tions. , Albert Lorenz, Paul Edgell, Lowry Bayley s . G il 'I P1Presentatlve6'T01' 'ow' B A Allen Andlrrsegnodle, Ralmolll ll1irdrow.:'JoI0lim Rowe' Fred L11 Snood row. R bert Baekolf, Frat line Schneider During the year the sponsors such events as Races, and Christmas p children. IF also sends throughout the state ar munity projects, llfprisetitatioes-Top TW, , Geo f Nj I . - . 1' BMWTUW. Paul Dittmer, Chas row: Silas Strode, Louif 2 X' A i .,,A ' wfaxff 'Im v ':- -T 2, Silky gig " "fQ.' W' ' 19? X 1:1 Si 5 Y ,QTFQH . f .112 iififfx fi Q wx. sky' K , ,SEX ' A ,xwwf Q fn . is ., A xx ggi XX X, 0 wx f :ff 3. 5, . i ' K I -W f K wav!! ...- 1 I UQ! Mm V ,, 051512 X56 'W 3 ww? Q X , . S ' X i il , 3 W, HQ-S.. sg W5 . 51,9 .:. .QR aa EZ - 1 X 1 ,ff 5 JW . 'X 51 A -Q1 ,.4,.?:f. v ,sg ', 'f .4 ' l 31 1 T 111 f T.,f-Sulf, f if 4. 'fi f , 2 wifi, Q. Q " :ff cf f 'f CM.-, I x '4 -Q ,g , 1 fvef. ' I ' f f MM A M , Z 5 AM z-. ' V fw gg, ,vim we 1 if an 2? ."1:s,w- CH fry XTSHQNKQ X1 , N f4wfw4-e1y.ff': f 4 , an 1. . ' f"'? H39 , 1 X 1 Q2 nf -1 , ,f f W , ff , V M , A ,5 ty. ? ' x Q' u -4-' - P '. y Q- .X f ve 14 ,, ,, W7 V-.XZ fx- f - av ' H ,f , ' Z V , Q-ff? , ,mm-, , ff f , sy jg. g , f, mae, V f Q ., -gy' . wg.. 5, f f, f' ., ,f . , W .Q,, Q 1 Aw, , MM f x ff f ,my , w. A ' fd? , 'f .4267 ' Y 1 . ' ' 145. ,, wwf f 3' , , W, y W5 , fha! 4 5 f , N5 .44 1 , is , ., ,X 714, I H , ii, 'if I x ffm K V ' 'z . Ag 5 We .all-:lawn .U-L.. ' .ma aim-4 V Q A li Q Q . X' Y Af , . 5' , T ! W! -a r it F ..'.....- ., .fp J, f Wifi W ' f Q xegilz mfg., 5 . 1 5 E h V I gf ' jf f , A i 3 'J 2 I , '-umfsnvff-ww Jw .. A. if I s 1 a ff? ff W ,jx S fi Y f Q-Vffff - x Mix -X Q - Wifi ' X N Q 1 X 1 X ...:g.. :r.sN'f ix x,,,A, I X is 1: f A . x ff.. , .. nf f 152115 'i '- an X- X :fam L91 r r 1 s I I Q4 1 i 1 if JUNIOR INTERFRATERNITY CCUNCIL Besides serving as a training ground for Senior Interfraternity activities, junior Inter- fraternity Council has three main objectives: the stimulation of pledge class interest in the affairs of the University, the maintenance of pledge class grades on a satisfactory level, and the investigation and improvement of rushing and of Creek-Independent relations. The Council consists of one delegate from every fraternity pledge class. Its affairs are conducted by committees. The executive committee foimulates policy, and the activi- ties committee deals with social and scho- lastic problems of fraternity pledges. The Council planned the annual junior Interfraternity dance, "Pin and Paddle Ballf' and sponsored a queen contest in Ianuary and the Easter Egg Hunt in the spring. On Homecoming Weekend pledge classes main- tained barriers on one-Way streets to insure the smooth How of traffic. David Rademacher, president Covnwil-Top row: Edward Ryan, Roger G1-oth, William Lawrence, Steven Bostwick, Gerald Frank, Melvin Gerson, Daniel Maclllasters, Jerry Frey, Donald Kendeigh, George Daughters. Darrel Junker, Ronald M0Kee Third row: Alvin YVagner, John Snter, Robert Tertel, Douglas Duffield, Raymond Choeholek, Lawrence YVitt, David Sciberling, Gordon XViSS, J0llT1 Schrader, John Diserio Sccoml row: Lionel Gornherg, Martin Losoff. Arthur Serck, Daniel Sighand, rice pre.sidcnt,' David Radernacher, president, Stewart Hollocker, sacre- tarlf-trmvzzrfr' Xian lim-klcs ?Pl'QI'Il7lf!lf!lI'7llY T1 ICR Potter Paul C' l C , . - It , A 1 N :. 'f .1 - -,' 'z Q , . vaecie, 'armen Napoli Iiottoqir row: Ivohert Reese, lunnl SIIIIEICTI, Leonard Webster, Henry Gentsch, Alan Lopatka, Terence Tucker, Harvey Cole, Michael Lane, Robert 1 ay-or A3 lflfllf 6 highf Wen - , A Smaiglfiililterhaleimti fi for U16 lfaom the ceillnghwi ' r Hangriligesoncampusi ii lies My Spn nd his orch wood VHe1TI13n 3 Dancing to Wood fl . Emlfimfjogarow: Gerald Ford, G95 Bram row- Gmond CMH' Bruce Du ' We Smith, chafman, I f 'I V ,, N X + , K i -ur-5- iw' .ax 'fi 11 , . " ff Q ' ' , ,V AL, A , X Q A 1 A7 x, . 2 A . Vf,, 1, , Q ,,,, H Qi 5 X, , 2 R xv: Q, Lia N x' ' 0, 'xqww , X5 . I VQQK pw ' 'C 211 Z f fm Q 3 2 J ..,, . Wi, Q. " f ., f' X A " , 4,42 M 5' qv b , ,QL , wi' ,, 4',,4?g7,",ff' f N Nw X ff3ZZY'7ffsw--:'7fW2-0, . X 1. M5 -.Wm ,X MWMA U-H9 ,, 4 Q qu b b 1 ff 5 ,4f..,,,,'fypg2.f71.. ,Q png, 'aff .W 5. W V ,, "" f I , Www' ,4 f. 1.:,- ' w e A +f:?e.S1 1 ,WJ "'j:'f:sf' f ,J i li 1 li l l i l I 0 In nl --.. 2332, ' ' l. if PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic is the governing and policy- making body for the twenty-eight sororities and the Panhellenic housing for sorority transfers on campus. Good scholarship, high social standards, and participation in worth- while activities are the goals of Panhellenic. The Executive Committee serves as the co-ordinator for the various departments in Panhellenic. It makes policy recommen- dations to the presidents of the houses in Presidents Council, the legislative body of Panhellenic. Executive Committee is com- posed of the four oflicers, the senior chair- men and the pledge advisers of the Hve i c departments, the Shi-Ai president, the public relations chairman, and the senate repre- sentative. The live divisions of Panhellenic are pledge, social, scholarship, activity, and rushing. M. XXX Sara Mitchener, presiclent Top row: Barbara YVntkins, scholarship chairmang Virginia Riser, junior activity chairmang Marion Hunter, rash chairmang Joan Anderson, pledge presidents adviser, Adlon Dohme, Shi-Ai president, Ann Alcott, Panhellcnic Ball Chairman Middle row: Nancy Evans, junior social chairmang Ardith Lamps, junior scholarship chairman, Patricia Carroll, pledge advisers chairman: Deborah Blair, senate erepresentativeg Sally Klein, Greek Week chairman Bottom row: Dean Patricia Cross: Sara Mitchener, presidentg Barbara Reardon, assistant rush chairmang Sandra Halliday, vice presidevztg Jeanne Johnston, treasurer, Mary Adsit, secretaryg Beverly Maslnn, social chairman Not in panel: Gerry Rader, public relations chairmanf Carolyn Meadors, activity chairman .X lunior Panhelleni rority pledges 01'l C2 ments of junior P2 dents, pledge activi chaimien, and the Each department cai all ideas and projeci Iunio1'Panl1ellenic I lunior Panhellenl pledges become aw campus citizens am Junior Panhellenic office?-Q. xoczal chairman 5' Marg TWG! NHE C0 is the . gove ' tor the fwenlnmg andlllf lielleni lielglltsr -Q mpus. Q 3 fOr sms is ood sgholarshi 7 and I I S a lpallilllm f . fe the goals Ofp ll ive Committee geniezheul ,O1' the various depaflli l It Ilaakes policy recom , presidents of the homie ' lllti lhincil, the legislative both, Lxecutive Committee, -I tour oiii .M cers, the sem bf Pledge advisers of he Shi-Ai president,tl1epji man, and the s il 2 five divisions ofPan11Ql1re LlENlr Uris cial, scholarship, activity l rter, rush chairmang Joan Andersirg Carroll, pledge advisers chainnargl! rg Sandra Halliday, vice preridrrigf- liar? Presidents of all the sororities on campus meeting for their weekly conference junior Panhellenic is composed of all the so- rority pledges on campus. There are four depart- ments of junior Panhellenic: the pledge presi- dents, pledge activity chairmen, the pledge social chairmen, and the pledge scholarship chairmen. Each department carries on separate activities, and all ideas and projects are coordinated through the junior Panhellenic Executive Committee. junior Panhellenic is organized to help the pledges become aware of their responsibilities as campus citizens and as members of Panhellenic. New pledges first come into contact with junior Panhellenic at the All-Pledge Welcome in the fall. Projects sponsored throughout the year are events such as the Pledge Banquet, the House Mother Tea, and the Easter Egg Hunt. Aside from projects, each junior department de- votes time to strengthening the quality of leader- ship among its ovvn members. Many discussion groups provide for an exchange of ideas and as- sistance in solving common problems. Junior Panhcllcnic officers-Loft to right: Beth Dolrme, pledge scholarship clraiwnfang Bonita Andcrhub, pledge prcsidentg Kay Peters, pledge .social chairman, Margaret LaBar1-e, pledge activity clmi-rman SINHELLENK V HAI l 33 the held on N nameollllllf' OI . :l a rustiC bIi31g5er9.II'II,- Ii H starry Sky legtandall mg- Music was Hsoutla and. PT0I'1d9d I Conf d 6 6l'3,Ije umf Of ' - , mmf low ceremonies presenting each of the tml -ainpus Selection ol the Jersonality, scholarship L. ' I II' 195, Elppeara In ' . nee, and Com iresentation, Noel Bien, U Sly Ideal cif1,J'aidIigIQ, altz of the Ideal Girls." LITTLE INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW The thirty-second annual Little International Horse Show Was held on Dads Day, November 2. This annual event is sponsored by the Hoof and Horn Club, an agricultural student society. Seventy entries competed in seven classes in the Stock Pavilion. This year Karen Roberts was chosen as queen of the 1957 Horse Show. Queen, and court-Left to 1-ight: Dianne Oros, Mary Drendel, Judith Krubl, Karen Roberts, queen, Judith Ent, Sandra. Dewar, Carol Clapper Horse Show Committee-Top row: Allen Hoffman, Lynn Trucken- brod, John Key, George Tjardes, Dexter Norton Third row: John Bossingham, John Sprague, Charles Bliss, Dale Rnckman Second row: Allen XVag-ner, Jimmie Bell, Charles Lane, David Ash, Dick Snodgrass, Dale Hedrick Bottom row: W'ilbur Nelson, Gene Potter, Don Pinney, Philip Phar, Richard Hughes, Glen Gullakson r the stars Karen Martin, Carol Green, :la Jones weg, Barbara Small at r. Joyce Lutz, MHP? IIUUIW' in Moore, Sharon Dexter, 303125953 -anson, Jane Lombard, Lori Jlfhllh . Sno-Ball Committee-Top row: Roger Erickson, Harriette Ellman John YVoods Gwendolvn Haves Bud Kirk Bottom row: Patricia McCartnev co-clza,iv'mcm- Kenneth Branch co-chairman Not in panel: David Joseph Below: Kenneth Branch Kay Reese queen SNO-BALL Sno-Ball, an annual Winter event, is co-spon- sored by Womeiiis Group System and Menis Independent Association. This year a sell-out crowd danced among snovvllakes and snovvballs to the music of Dick Cisne's band. Kay Reese was selected to reign as the queen of the Sno-Ball. She will represent the Univer- sity of Illinois in the sweetheart contest at the National Independent Students Convention in Oklahoma in the spring of 1958. IOI WCMENS GROUP SYSTEM Womenis Group System is the organization of all the independent, undergraduate women on campus. By developing leadership, en. couraging fellowship, and promoting high scholarship and interest in campus activities, W.G.S. attempts to further a fuller and richer life for its members. The Executive Council is composed of the officers of W.G.S., the major chairmen, and the faculty adviser, Dean Harrison. Its func- tions are to advise the social, activity, schol- arship, and freshman programs, to formulate general policies of W.G.S., and to make rec- ommendations to Second Council. Among the various events sponsored by W.G.S. are the scholarship and activity awards teas, coffee hours, and mixer dances. Every year W.G.S. joins M.I.A. in planning the Dads Day Revue and the annual Sno- Ball and in publishing their own newspaper, The Indee News. 1 ottom 1010 'NI'ux 1 'rnasik Belnedine COIHOII Patiicm Shugar Karen Kellx Rochelle Ezer me 2 9 - WGMEM GRO SYSTE OUP System is th mend 'Want gy dent,lH1tlergfaduatew0l . ey elopmg leade hit lowship, and Prom rs ll: d interest in campugilgt. 0 lit fuller and - mts to further a nbers. ll- iVG Council is C0 CS., the ma' h Hlposedol. lor C allllltllg Hanison. Iggy Llvise the social,acti1in-,Q eshman programs, to ,gm es of W.C.S., and to male' s to Second Council, 2 various events sponsored the scholarship and att coffee hours, and mixerdt V.C.S. joins Nl.l.A. inplar ty Revue and the annualf nblishing their mm newspq Visef, Dean CICS. K- Second Council-Top row: Joyce Snyder, Elaine Rosen, Patricia McKinney, Sylvia Jacob, Betty Kurkjian, Susan Terrill, Barbara Druhan, Margaret Laldxsin Barbara Crandall Jeanette Roth Dlalle lvtsiatl 1, Third row: Marylan Hubbard, Karen Le1111ne, Sheila Keyes, Jean Fishburn, Mary Lewis, Audrey Sllllgily, Carole Dolesh Marv Hennessy Kay Asax Eleanor Masters Eileen .BICXV1lll'IIIlS Anna Hallbeck D1l1S1llT Sunnis Joan BIllxOllfl Second, 'row' Joan Dimperio, Mary Dueland Bernedine Gernon, Sally Sol111e1, Nancy Reynolds, Rochelle EZC1, Ann Stewart M'i1y Llson, Margaret Otto Patrlcla Shngar Karen Kelly Pat11c1a McCartney Patllbli Glller Roberta Lake1 Bottom frow. Sally Parkmson, Janet Maynaid, Doris Carlbelg Alice Antliews, Dorothy Creenwald Audrey Rivlin, Joyce Fink Marguerite Davis Mlrlam Roberts Alyce Tallman Dorothea Cloos Suzanne Sklai Barbara Freckelton Be111t'1. Moline C'110l Steiner Not tn panel. Glor1a Fenner Mary BRHHSIK Blindall Berest Joanna 501115 Beverly Erlandson Rhea Dans Anna Kanellos Barbara Ingold Jud1tl1 Hancock Nancy XVillia1ns Karen Clark Kathleen GOTIll'1l1 Composed of the presidents and representatives voting the following Week. from all W.C.S. houses, Second Council discusses the group's activities and receives announcements of campus aHairs. The Council votes on campus issues, or representatives take questions back to their respective houses for consideration before Freshman Board is an organization of freshman Women from all the independent houses. Its pur- pose is to voice the problems of freshman Women and to encourage them to become active in W.C.S. programs. Freshman board-Top row: Corinne Kozol, Marcia Bradley, Judy Kavka, Muriel Garvin, Norma Strube, Sue Fehrenbacher, Alberta DiGiovanni Fifth 70711: Joyce Anderson, Judith Zavodny, Juditl1 Osborn, Ruth Cunningllanr, Nathalia Payne, Doris Knoche Fourth row: Lorna Armstrong, Ruth XVeihl, Jean Prachar, Margaret Kropp, Renee Meckler, Flora Estes, Sally Brenner Third row: Brenda Wolin, Jane Cook. Roberta Schwartz, Shirley Smith, Margaret McCloskey, Evelyn Brown, Audrey Carnes Second row: Patricia Hutchings, Marilyn Strobel. Carole Engle, Corinne Epstein, Doris Lum, Jeanne Bleuer, Leah Meyer Bottom row: Judith Pence, Sylvia Fisher, Iris Poliski, Andrey Huck, Jo Meiklejolm, Carol Rovin, Nancy Reynolds, Nancy Minnis, Beverly Arent jesse Hale, president llorzrd of directors-Top row: Eugene DePesa, Jeremiah F ' H ' Cl l . G L , - - - Bottom row: John D'Asaro, Jesse Hale, Walter lVierwillerulgelnneillirllocliilxilgesl eorge ackely Phllhp Field Not m panel: Dale Dillard, John Arends MENS INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION The Menis Independent Association repre- sents the organized independent menis houses on campus. Active in promoting scholarship, athletics, and social events, MIA attempts to give the independent male student a solid background in all aspects of campus life. The Association gives the independent stu- dent the opportunity to have a voice in campus issues affecting him. The Monday Council, composed of representatives from each of the member houses, discusses and evaluates the campus problems brought be- fore it and formulates MIAis official position. Acting in an advisory capacity to the Mon- day Council is the Presidentis Cabinet which consists of the Associationis officers, commit- tee chairmen, and special representatives to other campus organizations. 1' eighty JF' '- M mf 'Mr WM, Advisory Boarr Among the H1 during the schow Revue, the Snot awards banquet mixers are spons other organizatit Representatives-Top 1 Nelson, Ronald La Ronald Otto Fourth row: Isaiah C Tl. Grant Eddy, .Tame urd row: Herbert S Afends, wiuiam 15 Secontl row: Robert H llam White, Ronal Bottom row: Sidnev l DAVIS, Robert Con' MEN' UCIATION fpendent Cl ilidependent . je in promoun Ilal eygnts, ,l aspects of Campus Mol-1 - e 1 gives the inde ' unitY t pendemshi Association ,em 11161135 hom g 5Cll0laf5hjp IA aitem ts A tfecting cliiiiiwerii voice ' 6 llond, ed of representatives hp' nber houses UPUS problems broughii., ,lates NIlA's oiiicial positif lYiS0o' Capacity to the it e Presidents Cabinet with ssociation's oiiicers, mini' , discusses 313. ,d special representatiresi ganizations. 1f"'s Faculty Advisory Board-Left to right: Eugene Scoles, Thomas Morgan, Duane Branigan, Calvin Sifferd, Robert Culp, ca: oiicio Among the major activities sponsored by MIA during the school year are the annual Dads Day Revue, the Sno-Ball dance, and the scholarship awards banquet. In addition, coffee hours and mixers are sponsored by MIA in conjunction with other organizations. As a result of its efforts through the years on behalf of independent students at the University of Illinois, MIA has achieved outstanding recog- nition among other members of the National Independent Students Association as one of the finest independent student groups in the nation. Representatives-Top row: Robert Arroyo, VValter Tenclinger, Ara Corrigan, Robert Hechler, Kenneth Stickel, Robert Cooper, Donald Mahafy, Robert Nelson, Ronald Larson, Ronald Shoel, Floyd Roberts, Richard Hutchison, Michael Lukert, Donald Marek, Edward Schwab, George Eleftheriou, Ronald Otto Fourth row: Isaiah Curry, Robert Nelson, Thomas Stark, James Trefil, George Lackey, Thomas Dearden, Ivan Read, John Elliott, Kenneth Bonnem, Grant Eddy, James Cotten, Dean Peterson, Arthur Daniel, John XVard, Alvin Melliere, Everett Feldkirchner, Bruce 'vVarden, Robert Jackson Third row: Herbert Salisbury, David Depperman, Charles Anderson, Carl Gak, Jeremiah Frnin, Jesse Hale, Dale Dillard, Gene DePesa, John Arends lVillia1n Bevers, Robert VVilliams Second rowl: Robert McCormack, Neil Polit, Raymond Vanlfatta, Richard Summitt, David Levy, Don Margolis, Edward Stanton, Philip Gritten, NVil- liam VVhite, Ronald Hofmann, Andre DuChateau, Paul Smothers Bottom row: Sidnev Sachs. John Kokan, Ronald Hayden, Harold Rieches, Leslie Goldstein, Thomas Dziubala, James Smith, Howard Maiers, Clarence Davis, Robert Coffman' ILLINI UNIGN ADMINISTRATION Over fifteen years ago, in 1941, the Illini Union Building was opened to the students, alumni, faculty, and visitors of the University of Illinois, With the mammoth purpose of serving everyone. Since that time, the Union has been used by hundreds of thousands of people, all of them adding impetus to the reason for its existence. The Illini Union Administration is composed of eleven people including the director, the assistant director, the social director, and three assistants to the director. The proper functioning and the co- ordination of the operations of the Union is the re. sponsibility of the administration. Through the efforts of these people, the Illini Union has gained Wide renown as a service center for the University. The Union Building is a place where students can come to rest, relax, study, or participate in the social, recreational, educational and cultural services which it offers to all University students. Above: Vernon Kretsclnner, director Below: Earl Finder, assistant director Union Administration-Top row- Artliur Saw W Bottom row: I P' VH yer' -Wren Ramshiiwz Robert McNabb, Earl Find , K th R Not in panel: gsgila dgfsglngn ernon Kretschmer, Alice Hurt, Margorie Arkwright er enne hodesr Charles Wertz 97 IIIINI U' SOCIAL . ' 'U The Social Dlfjii three Program fl l ultural recreationfi csts of the Student, Eirupose is accolrilpll . - I I,IICIIa1d In f fm provide Ollportlm in human relat1or1S- The staff is Coflffef classroorl outside the grams with the Soi are concerned Wlf coming H vital Pers' aliry, The social, l fine art of living I recreation a part of By helping the st use of leisure time 1 tribute most to the i Social Programs D1 pose. of C ff 1-1. Z Ili! ' W L! 153 ,'Z 5 mf ll L YPQQ' 1 5 s ,fm f A xx-. , 95z 17 ' 71 'f3'l19Zl3S fziigggi -J ,- 1, wX,x V, V X 4 w '17, ,yy v X 'mfg gxfxggi If W f f- ,fmt Q, Q' 2 3 L pa rfedsitdiflil' H f 4:19 2 , 1 if ' " f 2 X . 1 pf- 'fig wwf ,Jaxx f ' .......... X f A Q Y if Qgf QV" f :.:. 5359-, 4 Q fi 3 Sif"X ' " ff. ,:,'.,.,?fEWf-If I , f 3 , IZ: L f 7 5 gm gg: Qvizzf, -1 X ,g Zigi! , A ISI ' ' 45 fix! ' 5 V,5:k N ..A. I , ,Llf I 5455 .X .. , K -' Off? X q L Lg . , p -4 ,M tau- ' A,,.L-,- ---ff-f' - ..- 1, I Y Q , .,, ,,,, LL.,L,,, 1' F' " 2 E ' ' Q 2 :qc M Hifi f , in I Y 5 4 1, 4 is v, J 'Q' J 1 Tm: f ff - - f' 53? , X - , "'. ..-af ' . ' 'ff ' 'X I A pf-g,:u . - 5' 'A 3 "' V f V ., , -'ff ,fw 7 I . 5 6 V Q 4 , x 5- - J' IV? .,.,. ,i . , A I , ul A Q, 4 ' LJ, :pq QQ s sg Y 5,4 Q 5? F E 151. . Zz - X ,V 5 ffl? A ' f, 21 . . 3, ' 3 'H' V. V EQ, ',. 5 L' fl if g 4 ' 3 1' Q " JE ' ' f X2 I l - 1: -2725- 7 C , ' " Sheldon Hauck, presiclent ILLINI The Illini Union is the community Center of the University of Illinois, serving the en, tire University family of students, faculty and staff, alumni, and guests. Besides having many services and facilities, the Union is an organization with a well-considered and Well- developed program of activity designed to foster and encourage the sound cultural and recreational life of the students. The Illini Union has often been referred to as the campus "living roomv for students, It provides a central meeting place for both individuals and groups. Throughout the day the Main Lounge is dotted with students reading and relaxing. Many coffee hours and receptions are held in the building. On such special occasions as Homecoming the Union is the headquarters for the festivi- ties, with informal gatherings of alumni in the morning and dances in the Ballroom in the evening. Union Iomd Top row: Arthur Murray, W'illiam Sulli a J d'th H ' D th , - . f , , - ,- Ann Stexvirt Mary Adsit, John Arends, Gordon Jol1lhsn'Solhrnon Kfalnefn Oro y Brunkou' Shlrlel Moore' Lancs Taylor' Charmame Tom-Hue' Pattvm rou Robert Mayer, CllHI'l6S BOWCH, Sheldml Hallek, Barbara Luehring, David Day, Irene Pierson, Earl Finder, Robert Harvey 0 CP? UNION Qf the more runes Cafpusifef onthe Union-C tl dents alS0 9311? rd i 13 al-ljrflilsn EFEG comfo ro - colonial R dinner with Pawn 322 'fl of Stllde 00111 Pl In 300m evidence University with ne rograms. . 6 p Union Studt be an integral an' Students' educati0 More than 800 ranging and execi weekend events si Show, Mothers Da weekly progra1'r1S Union Movies, D Executive Council Myrna Second row: Zucks, Susan lfvliqm row: Delbert W U' Panel: Barbara Illllrry the Q0 In . 3f Illing' mulllllwe. . 15, Serv mil msily of Studelilg thee,- .n s f guests, B . r Hrrlr. facilities, theeildfs hating r well-C01rSid mon I5 Hr ered , U of 8.Ctivjt anfltrell. Y d ' ge the Sound esrglledrt, the Students cultural tri I 1135 often - . 9611 living roomif referred . Orgtud Q al meetllig place for auPS. Tlrroughoutth is dotted with ell g- Many coileeh 111 the building, occasions as H lis Sllltlent 0LllS and 0lll6COIlli1rg .adquarters for tlre lestirrf p gatherings of alummr, ,ances in the Ballroom Nancy Taylor, Charmaine Tuurrif rl Finder, Robert Harvel' UNION Of the more than 19,000 students on the Illinois campus, many rely almost exclusively on the Union cafeteria for food service. Stu- dents also enjoy the facilities in the bowling alleys, the billiard room, and the browsing room. The comfortable atmosphere of the Colonial Room provides an ideal spot for dinner with parents or dates. In Room 322 the Illini Union offers daily evidence of student activity to provide the University with nearly thirty recreational and service programs. This activity program, the Illini Union Student Activities, attempts to be an integral and contributing part of the students' educational experience. More than 800 students participate in ar- ranging and executing the big campus-Wide weekend events such as Homecoming, Stunt Show, Mothers Day, and Spring Musical, and weekly programs including Social Forums, Union Movies, Dances, and Music Hours. Barbara Luehring, vice president Executive Council4Top row: Solomon Kamm, Perry Rudman, Carol Walker, Adlon Dohme, Nancy Evans, Sandra Giannoni, Geraldine Johnson Myrna Brand, Dorothy Brunkow, Nancy Taylor, Nancy Kott, Linda. Hale, James Leach, Edjvrn Snow. l Second row: Sue Keagle, Grace Lemke, Barbara Brown, Nancy Swain, Shirley Moore, Charmaine Tourvrlle, Barbara Luehrrng, Edith Bovd Virginia Zucks Susan Teegarden, Terrv Butler Bottom roto: Delbert Denby, Leonard Arentsen, Donald Lisenby, Sheldon Hauck, Deane Haning, Gordon Johns, XVil1iam Sullivan Not in panel: Barbara Gordon director Jlajor chairmen-Lreft to right: Edwin Snow, Spring Evcvztg Sue Keagle, Dads Dlljlj Edith Boyd, I'er.so1z1icIg Donald Liscnby, Fine Arts Dorothy Brunliow, DEPARTMENT A Dads Dcly Spring Elfenq Personnel Fine ANS Coordinating the many events taking place on Dads Day Weekend is the job of the Dads Day committee. The members handle the King-for-a-Day Contest, sell "Illini Dad" derbies, and compile Dads Day programs, Planning conferences at Allerton and in the Union building for Illini Union personnel are part of the responsibilities of the person- nel committee. This committee also organizes the annual Key Banquet, held in the spring to honor outstanding members of the Union. The Fine Arts committee organizes all art shows, contests, and displays in the Union. This year the committee held a slide contest, photography contest, and an undergraduate competition in oil painting. Each year the Spring Event committee sponsors a spring event for the campus. This year i'Sheequonv was the 1958 campus-wide spring event. SlIlI'C1LllfI'llll'lIiT0lI row: Rilt'llI11'!l Hollolmow, Patricia Mullownev Barbara Conwa- S P. - r , , l Iiottopm. row: .Ie-ssira Potter, Carol Theodorow, Susan Barnett, Jiidv Ent, Patricia,'Arh1Z?ii?oiig?atti Judlth xollesi Jelome Caruso not in panel: Iirgrnm. Bauman, Allen Dougherty, Mary Inwood, Roberta Johnson K DEPAR Homecoming Coffee Hours For f0ftY'SeVe has cele of Went 6 decoration nbimw is done mittee. Coffee and 3 ingreClieI1tS for Cotlee HOUYS' P' phere for studerl quainted, the C0 every Thursday 1 A night club each weekend ai Commons room i of Club S0pl1iSfiC1 dances for Unive To further iris between America Union has an Ir mittee. Through tee brings stud atmospheres. Illinois plalllllng hous t Sub-chairmen-Top you lfflflqm row: Nancy G1 M in panel: Marsha RTMENT S . prlng Evei Fine Ani he man X , Y Gve t ,. elsend is the tallrrgphn The members Dig Contest, Sen kmandlefl lrpile Dads Dav H11 Da. erenceg at Alierlgrogfan ng for IHiniUni0n0I1 audi lfiponsibilities gf rs committee alsoom Banquet, held in thee 'fp ding members of the committee organizes ANI and diSPlaYS ill the tml r nmrttee held a slide Conti rtest, and an undergradur il painting. 3 Spring Event conimjn, 1 event for the campusll pwas the 1958 campus-iii .-les, Jerome Caruso DEPARTMENT B H0meC0mlnQ Club Sophisticate Coffee Hours International Programs For forty-seven years the University of Illinois has celebrated Homecoming. The planning of events such as the queen contest, house decorations contest, and nation-wide publicity is done by the Homecoming com- mittee. Coffee and a friendly smile are the two ingredients for the successful Illini Union Coffee Hours. Providing a pleasant atmos- phere for students and faculty to get ac- quainted, the committee serves free coffee every Thursday afternoon in the Union. A night club atmosphere may be found each weekend at Club Sophisticate in the Commons room in the Union. The purpose of Club Sophisticate is to provide inexpensive dances for University students. To further friendship and understanding between American and foreign students, the Union has an International Programs com- mittee. Through various events this commit- tee brings students together in friendly atmospheres. fi Charmaine Tourville, dir ector Major cliairmen-Left to right: Leonard Arentsen, Club Sophisticate N E , Cafe Hoursg Susan Tee arden, International P'o ancy vans e Q g 1 grramsg James Leach, Homecoming Sub-chairmen-Top row: Marlene Poole, James Gustafson, Douglas' Tonkinson, Ralph Meyers, James Byrne, Christine Kurth Bottom row: Nancv Grant, Suzanne DeVos, Mae Mirto, Diane Pettrngell, Jean Brummer Not in panel: Marsha Hanscom, Ardith Lamps, Jeanne Klier, William Goldman iv' Stunt Show Music Hours Wfillizun Sullivan, director Major chairmen-Left to right: Perry Rudman, Jazz-U-Like-Itg Ger- aldine Johnson, Stunt ,Slmwg Carol NValker, Music Hoursg Sandra Giannoui, illothcrs Day DEPARTMENT C Mothers Dqy Jazz-U-Like-It The oldest of the Illini Union Student Activities is the Music Hours committee, This group plans, publicizes, and arranges programs of classical and contemporary music each day in the Union. For one Weekend in May, the Mothers Day committee plans special events to honor and entertain the mothers. It sponsors a queen contest and coronation, Illini Mom Contest, coffee hour, honorary procession, and numerous displays and programs. Every Thursday evening the jazz-U-Like It committee supervises jazz programs in the Commons of the Union. Members contact bands and special performers and arrange for publicity. Each year this committee also puts on one special program of jazz. Stunt Show, a highlight of Homecoming weekend, is organized by the Stunt Show committee. This committee handles publicity, physical arrangements, judges, and awards presentation. Snb-chairmen-Top low: Ronald Fink, Maurice Weaver, Robert Gronquist George Geis Kenneth Johnson v0ff0l7L 2:1 . hiiginin Zuchs, DIHILIH Kittilsen, Suzanne Jeffries, Carolvn Stueker Janice Lanktgn Ant in prznwl: Myrna Briind, Joseph Bartulis, Deane Huning, Betty Millan, Patricia Harvey yi! 'OMF' i 4, QV . cl 5prinQ MWC Social Forums HTC Social Forunlsf T through their in Ol . nsofgocial Cllstoll iliac W for. Ol ForumSff13Ybe give national Stud 35 inter . Intemational Fan. sored bl' the uhm exhibits are Set UP Plain customs, food countries. Students display their talents One of the mail Day weekend is Sp is produced mainly and the cast is entirl Public Relations mittees of the Unit on all methods of each committee to grams most eilectiv licity is held each Sub-chainncn-Top my-. - Qfliilllll row: Leticia Xiete 'U lltlllaiiel: Keith Poole Mitchell, Karen Domk, ,A RTMENT Molllers lGZz.U,mE of the lllini U, the Nlus' lion Still ' 10 Ho lans, b- . HIS 00mm pu licizes it assical an t and any he U U dconteiilpomn, mon, -ll Sckend A. ' 9 ll l e pilans spec1ale,.entSt0fill. I 9 mothers It l in Var th . I' Coionation Hi- - X x e llour' honofall process dls I P ays and program sday evening the jazz-UL llpervises the Uni Tial Pfirformers and ananifl ll year this committee alig- Pf0gram of jazz. a highlight of Homecor rganized by the Stunt Sl s committee handles public: gements, judges, and ara: lm Pf0gramsii1 on. Members wi. DEPARTMENT D 30CiC1l Forums Public Relations , Social Forums are Well known on campus through their informal, after-dinner discus- sions of social customs and manners. Besides being given for organized houses, Social Forums may be given for special groups such as international students. International Fair is an annual event spon- I sored by the Illini Union. Many shops and exhibits are set up in the Union which ex- plain customs, food, and dress from foreign countries. Students from different countries display their talents. One of the main attractions of Mothers Day Weekend is Spring Musical. This show is produced mainly by University students and the cast is entirely composed of students. Public Relations is one of the basic com- mittees of the Union. Informative material on all methods of publicity is released to each committee .to aid in publicizing pro- grams most effectively. A Workshop on pub- Shirley Moore, director l1c1t IS held each ear. Y y Major chairmen-Left to fright: Nancv Kott Public Relations' Linda Hale, International Aiairs, Deane Haning, Spring Musical, Nancy Swain, Social Forums Sub-chairmen-Top row: Jules Cogan, Jerry Manion, James Staes, VVilliam Davenport, Jaime Morales, William Goldman Bottom row: Leticia Nietes, Barbara Cohn, Diane Croll, Constance Brand, Terryl Lash, Elisabeth Pelcher, Llyn Forrest Not in panel: Keith Poole, Gerald Langkammerer, Sharon XVillia1ns, Mary Siebert, Janina Wojciechowska, Marcia. Hathorne, Margaret Heino, Ann Mitchell, Karen Domke it l 5 in it if i It I 1 l ,s if -not i Dances DEPARTMENT E High School Circus Illini Relation Pep Rallies 5 Gordon johns, director Major chairmen-Left to 1-ight: Barbara Brown, Pep Rallies, Virginia Zucks, Danccsg Adlon Dohme, Illini Relations Not in panel: Barbara Gordon, High School Circus "Pop Purduef, 'iRetire Ohiof, and "Ground the Cophersv are typical themes of the Friday night pep rallies before each home football game. The Pep Rallies committee makes all the arrangements for the band, cheerleaders, and speakers. Homecoming dances, fall and spring regis- tration dances, and football dances are spon- sored by the Union Dance committee. The committee also holds a record dance in the Union Commons four times a week. High School Circus provides entertainment for visiting high school students attending the statewide "Elite Eighty basketball tourna- ment in March. Shows, food booths, and games of skill provide opportunities for fun between games. To acquaint the incoming University stu- dent with the Union activities, the Illini Relations committee organizes open houses, displays, and panel discussions. It also spon- sors the 100 Banquet, honoring seniors in activities and athletics. Sub-chairmen-Top row: Ronald Lamson, Thomas Nola J l B ' ,- Bottom row: Christine Kurth, Barbara C l G 'l R nl hom 'uqglllgeri John Bossmgham' Maynard Buttan om, ai tt , Ix XV Not in panel: Maribellc Bergstrom, Jerome Bacchetti u en erg ancl llson 'Xen if DEPARW BIOClt l Union Movies The University I f 2200 Stu posed 0' 1 section 111 the comin members are kept Son designiflg into OPWUOH' . The Union MOVICS the Friday and Satr American iilmS and of foreign films- Th ood entert the Sl provide g to students. Forums and T owr programs as "Speaki Hourf' and "Forum responsible for Dr. li entation of Dicken's 1 The Campus Rela' Activity Night, the n activities are present committee also uncc on campus for use b organizations. Mf Bottom row: Ann Fern- M- PARTMEN SCl'1Q0I Relay fa ISF? ibm . 108 t I llies before Glnesolthef. 'ep Rallies Cgifhlhome ln: mit . rents for tlle haul ee male . d, cheelltii. n g dances, fall and gpm S, and f00tbau dances on lies: Union Dance eommmeepi record dance ki SO holds a ions four tim rl Circus provides entemm Hgh school students I Elite Eight' hasketballln' rch. Shows, food boothe l provide oppoitunitiesln- es. GS a week. atlen at the incoming Unii'ersin' ie Union activities, the l imittee organizes open hn panel discussions. ltalsog Banquet, honoring senin athletics. fittan DEPARTMENT F Block I Forum ond Town Meeting UFIlOf'l Movies Compus Relations The University of Illinois Block I, com- posed of 2200 students, is the largest card section in the country. Block I committee members are kept busy during football sea- son designing the stunts and putting them into operation. The Union Movies committee arranges for the Friday and Saturday night showing of American films and for the Sunday showing of foreign films. This program attempts to provide good entertainment at a low cost to students. Forums and Town Meetings include such programs as c'Speaking of Books," "Readers Hourf, and "Forums.', This committee is responsible for Dr. Paul Landis, annual pres- entation of Dickenis C hristmas Carol. The Campus Relations committee handles Activity Night, the night in which all campus activities are presented to the students. The committee also uncovers and files all talent on campus for use by University groups and organizations. Nancy Taylor, director ,ik Major chairmen-Left to right: Myrna Brand, Forum and Town Meet ingsg Grace Lemke, Union Moviesg Terry Butler, Campus Rclatio Delbert Denby, Block I Sub-chairmen-Top row: Merrill Hahn, John VVeisenberger, Charles Bliss, Jack Murray, Richard Buesinger, Daniel XVi1de, Marvin Barnburg, Nancx Z. lk I Bottowll rhlhg: Ann Ferry, Margaret Buchanan, Judith Coleman, Carol Lang, Marsha Marsh, Judith Simonson Club Commons in the evening Stunt show finale ILLINI UNION EVENTS Homecoming pep rally International Fair display Illrni Union ballroom dance Class 'Y -1 ,V f N -1 UNIVERS THEATRE ution As the Purpose i Sl2ll05, tional a, it d QHOI ted studerl and SXT the Constit for llllefes tical frilifllng . d Students regrstere S eech" and related f pThe Universrty Tl nt Boar! faculty-stude this board is to estah dures of the or Any regularly enrc tryout for roles in The various product: numerous opportunii professional directior groups of one-act pla' the Theatre produced The Theatre also prc hundreds of student: work. pl'0C6 TUP row: W- - Bollom row: llhlizgle Y fs 5252 X 4 wifi ,Q V NW5 "" H. ,Q g . X XX SA VS x 5X ' YNQN ? X S fb X, M, .. W ,,, S 5, QW 3 7 J, Q ' pl ' Left: joseph Scott, executive director Right: NVebster Smalley, supervisor of Playwrights lVorkshop Left: Genevieve Richardson, costznniere Right: Mary Arbcnz, production director Left: Charles Shattuck, production director Right: Clara Behringer, production director Left: Barnard Hewitt, production director Right: George McKinney, technical director UNIVERSITY FACULTY STAFF The direction and supervision of the work of University Theatre is conducted by a faculty staff. The executive director, Mr. joseph Scott, supervises and CO- ordinates the work of the faculty staff and the student staff. Direction of the seasonis regular bill of plays is handled by four faculty mem- bers. This year Mary Arbenz directed "The Larkf, Barnard Hewitt did 'ijuno and the Paycockf' Charles Shattuck handled "The Tragedy of King Richard IIIT and 'The Skin of our Teeth," and Clara Behringer directed "The Birds." Directors Arbenz and Behringer also su- pervise the Workshop Theatre. In addition to the play directors, the faculty staff includes a technical director, costurniere, and a director of Playwrights Workshop. A group of eight graduate students act as technical assistants for the Theatre's productions. ZiigiffiiogffisgflQMSETOIQ ""3f"'.11?1?1laLfa 31913, CH-1'lf3Ilyn Yeater, Robert Whitlatch, Katherine Ettla. I our ooc 1, rum ou ei nzro apolr Not no panel: Turner Edge , K 1 ......, fi? 7 'N-.1 l fi- HEATRE 'UDENl . sity Tll Tie Univegirection . the 3 0- This Staff is li CICWS- A1111 er lo innllag' f ers p remaining manag , personnel II12Uager'B business fnanagen duction manager? G and Suzani shoP Theatre 1112111-ag' In addition to the I there are d6Paftment various crews includ bor oilice, scenery cor house management, 1 playbill, properties, painting, stage mana shop theatre. Any int participate on these valuable experience i plays. managefi Dfllllfilttellitll mana M Sisk, Jean Drahgi-TTDP phil "mf New Born, r Wnel: Judith Belt, UNIVER ACULTY Sri 'he dir . ectloll i - . fl . le of Universitv Thsupemh .1 faculty Stag .Th eatreimp joseph Scott CGXECUUW inates the work ZlED6n'isesL the student St the lad' Direction of th ag' . 6 Seas ' mlayg is lmndled bv fooni in - . ,N 8, k 5. This year M .V till d .- T l the Paycockyb Clllziptl Clleil 6'Tll8 Tragedy of and "The Skin of oufrejf ra Behringer directed Th? ectors Arbenz an rise the Workshop Theatrl, A n addition to the plavdm .ilty stall includes a teelnicili zumiere, and a director of Pli- rkshop. A T group of eight graduate stu!- technical assistants for thel ductions. d S 6 THEATRE STUDENT STAFF The University Theatre student staff provides the direction and manpower for all of the production, stage, and business crews. This staff is headed by a general manager, To Ann Williamsori. The iive remaining managers are Simeon Trotter, personnel manager, Ernest Humphrey, business manager, Barbara Seyler, pro- duction manager, George Swift, stage manager, and Suzanne Peterson, Wo1'k- shop Theatre manager. In addition to the six senior managers, there are department managers who head various crews including advertising art, box ofiice, scenery construction, costumes, house management, make-up, personnel, playbill, properties, publicity, scenery painting, stage management, and work- shop theatre. Any interested student may participate on these crews and obtain valuable experience in the production of plays. Left: ,lo Ann VVillia1n- son, general manager Right: Simeon Trotter, personnel manager Left: Ernest Humph- rey, business' manager Right: Barbara Sey- ler, production man- ager Left: Suzanne Peter- son, workshop man- ager Right: George Swift, stage manager Departmental managers-Top row: Nancy Friedl, Nicholas Derrough, Ann Sognefest, Linette Gleason Katherine Kendelgh Paul Helmle Margaret Sisk, Jean Draegert Bottom row: Nancy Boldt, Merrill Hahn, Carol Brandt, Margaret Heino, Lee Carnahan Not in panel: Judith Belt, Irene Anderson, William Denhart, Mary Culp, Evan Buck 1 l i l 1 l l I . 1 1 15 E In W - - . . 1 ff ' Dunham Michael Filerman Assistant manaigers-Top row: Jon Krblcr, Maishall Kessler, Ronald Magnussen, William , . Middle frow: June Hutchcraft, Ruth Hoogerwerf, Cynthia Thompson, Nelda Stacell, Linda B.011d, Sllfiel ilelm Bottom row: Donna Trccce, Catherine Miller, Diana Kramp, Jeanine Sandqulst, Elsie Robison, aio 0315011 Not in panel: Carol Hay ww' The behind-the-scene Work of University Theatre is done by the assistant managers. These members of the student staff Work on various crews painting scenery, constructing sets, building props, making advertising post- ers, developing costumes, and distributing publicity. Above left: The stage management crew awaiting sound and light cues back stage Lower left: Make-up artistry Below: "Lark" cast members relaxing in the Theatre Green Room between stage entrances UNIVERE THEATR PRODUC yy by William directed Mari' Ar l Hnu ary l F I qi! V ,ixxi 'I - ' s V , ,yy li .,' -Z S? QNX av V .vw qi- - Z --.SQN-NW my-MM-'W,W,..f f 1 f V , , 1 X 3, . 1: P 1 M E ' , qi W f 1 5 5 . YY ' 5 4 4? fi , Z W I V , 1, , f KM r ff . V 4 ! A Vi 5 V' ' nl W. A P' W' I Fw: pw , ,Q ff? ag f' f W X 1, W Q e -I 4 ix Xix, f..ylK A, sis U ! Af' ff M N kv Wei my ffflf ' 'NM , Q 'a if " -S ' ?F2fi "M ' 5ii5Q?Ei!aQ -Z, , X Hwviwf f f, ' gms X X HX .Q K X , 7- 2 5:Zgif:X"', i f-AX E A ,. www 'WHS' ml a5'9 2 A sh ' ZEFEIIB ,,, .. I 5 X if WW ' 4.52, 'f h 'FAYAYAVAVAQA v .. - vzzbizkfff, f ,W-2 NW hz i'xwi? ,Si Quk ,lqy A ? -W 5 Q X Q--H-. ff 1 mxx 1 Q 1 if kr .CL Q53 2 . X X i ,W. ii. 1 1 rf'--. V1 J A H 7' k, -M... N , -,X wr W..-4 rnuvl' 1 'fwmjvff-:.'7i-iff .-...,. , ...--...,.....,..,..... .-.... .. ,,,,,,,.,,, Mm, A - . , , ' -. xl ..- 1:45-,Pb5:1,':1L 1 -, V t x . q,.,'-m'-1,,- ,H , -. ,QR f 'X 1, - Q, , f 1' 'DX Ed , Z lzfgg' , 15,3 .9 '- ff, AA Km. - y , ' fx- , 'xv -, yi :. fg,f3gz,m :fr 4 fa 4: .ms In vwiaqq , , X ' .,., 917: fl W: , K f f f 5:2 +27 if T 5 .1 K x ,WP-3 f wi 1 W' ,S . X M EAW ,K,, ,g , MQSQEZR, ' ,J wa W, y xx X 2,951 'em . N 2 ., 'wmlfv fc f Lv., . H V ' 1 .QQ f . , Z' iv X .1 . ' , Q '-213 f. V., M . ,114 Q ' 'XJ 4 my . ,Q ,, 5 yum-:,a . 4 JSZN N , ,w "hiv:-X41 7 f MN. ,M ig J fl? 4 fmwx fm: xxw X, Af! . x .Ng if S 'M U ,N KRW , , W ,fwfr Q 2553, f 1, f EX W7 ' 6 AA M y ,, M X, ,v A - ' Silk 'wgx M, , x Wffxf N,m,wmf ixvipg wx., , -W zfpfw, ' A ' - fxfsm 4 W ,, - f, , X: h ' A Sify X 4' X W .5 3 My , "-i m f A fx H , , , ' .......,.. LWM, v, S,-f ffxv t 5 5, 41-I im 51' , , 6 ff:-f i fg iv " A , mms-a' 1 , ,mf A f- ,, ',,, f W ax 1- , , W- M -QM - X 1 mms vi v, Q My of , Q 57. M, 1, , MA W , ,I N ,. ,,,,vIW ,1,3,-5 x 5 X X 3 WWW? f' 44 ' f -X, - W, , sf, . . .V 1' ' , x ' ' , ' M,-:,.f:i,-.,-..,. , . ,i f X , ' 4 ZW' - 4.-N XLQ, WEL fa, rfxu y 4,2 , A ew.. kj x- f ,hr W fy gk 2 5 X f 4 V 4' Q zfff, W N A A ,, ,.,w'2,Jv ww 1 G , 6 S' 1'Ql2',-1 2' 1 - M D X 1 ,',fff,fg ' ,, wvxwk vnwv ,wwf ' wxvmxmf 451, , ,W Xv,4g:.-X ,,,, , 1, fviwff- ,, fm it s 3? xf jf 4 Wk Gigi? ixwfg. f-Fw d. f 1 W- :f,f,.,:.-.g.-f -:pf 'W ,VX 4 AQN y 'YQKX W V., .,- iffmffi - N. ,QMS M5333 1 4 . .X X X Q 1 1 .MVA NX MU! X XT ,, N ,MEM 5 J , .,,, . F . 4 . wx ' 'Pk ,X , Q ' Q 4 1 f ' , if ' jk j Y X X XS ' I f V 3 5 f,. ,.,. fx, 1, iw 9 X fi N A Q z .,+.,-. ....,... -..M STAR For sixty-seven years, Star Course has .gif presented to the campus the finest artists in the fields of music, dance, and drama. A Well-rounded program of both classical and popular music is included each year in Stal- Course concerts. The artists featured in the 1957-1958 series included the NBC Opera Companyis English version of "La Traviataf' the Bach Aria Group With Jan Peerce, the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Antal Dorati, Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians, and "Jazz for Modems" with George Shearing, Gerry Mulligan, and the Australian Jazz Quintet. Star Course is a non-prolit student organi- zation, operating under the auspices of the University Concert and Entertainment Board. This board, composed of six faculty members and six students, selects the artists and makes all final decisions concerning the operations of Star Course. Two senior managers are the overall directors of Star Course, one in charge of finance and one in charge of personnel. These seniors are automatically members of the University Concert and Entertainment Board, Student Senate, and Co-ordination Committee. .S'1'u.ior Jfulzflgrrrs-Loft lo right: Tliornas Johnston, yiersonnclg John Yoel- pel, fizmnvc Senior managers, Tom and Jolm, greeting Fred Waring at his concert gippoegt 7a61iLl:Ii3rte1'tgin1izen1g Bfoagi-Ijorz Tour: Thomas Johnston, Prof. Peter Yankxxrich, Kenneth Kirk, John Voelpel DCI Ong an 1101, T0 HTF5 511101, Prof' Clarence Befdflhl, Jenny Wei-theim, Prof. Andrew Carter, Prof. Duane Branigan, Prof. Charles Not in panel: Helen Hughes sibl if6Cty . - j Dire eiahf IW . argewise Publicity! SU ceft relati0US' Toiit and hvsical Pa ' -ur Ph- duty of the 1 l 5 ' H each Cflncert mio singing for staging, r . and securlflg accom 1 IGSPOH James Caebe, concert 4 Lois Rucker, public rel nf S sixt ted to t lleal' I Sr Sr +lds of 16 C.H1npuS tl lllr inns 16 E1 innded IC, dame ll progra ' and df 1' nrusi - . m0f1,0th c is rnclud fir, Th, aa 9.38 Series 1 ar-tistsfeai INS E I included the lr Ch A153311 version of r . r lpolls Slfnlplldg fwllll lar Per 'H Of Antal Dol rlllchelhaur rnsvlvaHiHHS an?1lQ Fred ltr eollge Shearing C lazz lot stralian Jazz ', elflliullig Course i Qumlel' S H 110n,pl.0Ht 91361-alillg Ulltler the ity Concert and Errtenamllliy ard, composed Of sir faclllhrgp, students, select decisions conce S the adigglm mlllg the r Course. Two senior ll manager, Lirectors of Star Course, oneir C6 and one in charge of W, eniors are automatically mar lversity Concert and Enterti Student Senate, and Cori' tee. K' k, John Voelvel - w irfllv Carter, Prof- Duane Bnllgml' T Nw COURSE +--- A e Directly responsible to the senior managers are the eight junior managers. These students supervise publicity, advertising, tickets, public relations, concert arrangements, personnel, physical plant, and oflice management. It is the duty of the junior managers to organize each concert into a smooth-running unit, ar- ranging for staging, lighting, and programing, and securing accommodations for the artists. his Joseph Glass, tickets, Io Ann Ivens, mice management STAR COURSE JUNIOR MANAGERS James Gaebe, concert arrangements, Lois Grant, advertising Delores Darby, publicityg Richard Carlson, physical plant Lois Rucker, public relationsg Norman Smith, personnel ,-oe 4-162 af .yn y f rvgafg K, . ,, f gig R Q? To row: Sonja Alexander, James Gustafson, Clarence Hurt, John Mount, YVilliam Schaulin, Paul Bennett, Peter Gustat, Allen Dougherty, Emilie I7 Gillespie, Plelwarcl Schloz l , 1 . k K - - , H,,,,m,, ww: Jmwt RMm,,SS0,,, Suzmmc Jeffries, Lila lxeleher, Suzanne Haines, Carole Stackhouse, Sharon Par er, atherme Hirt, lllarguel-,te BIf'llralli, .lunct Wnllierg The Star Course sophomore managers, totaling forty- nine in number, comprise a very essential branch of the activity. This sophomore staff is divided into four groups each of which is headed by two junior managers. In order to acquaint the sophomores with each phase of Star Course, these committees rotate, Working on a dif- ferent assignment each month. Each Week the managers attend a brief committee meeting at which assignments and general instructions are given. Besides ushering at concerts, sophomore jobs include typing, making and de- livering posters, and counting tickets. Twp rfw': Blnrilvn Morgan Diana Krninp, Claudia Joslyn Lawrcn A l - G STAR COURSE SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Virginia ,lwnlylvu Ann 'PONY' John Molvinl David -limi, ce nceison, lenn lloutsr-ll, George Goodall, Donald Doherty, Douglas Lapin Ilnlfrmi row: l'Iliz:1lwtli Mit-lwin-i', Kay McLey, Karol P l t. K. 1 M,l,.L,m.Of Krimc tower s, atilccn Duffey, Nornm Colegrove, Nancy Rockwood, Diane Croll, Nancy Irwin, 4 -QA 5lAR CQURSE ARTISTS .llrhollgh illness with his famous S cl" into the ci1'ClC 01111 Aren own - . . i ed violinls g3.V6 an can Bach, Be 3 G ustat, Allen Dougherty E ker, Katherine Hin MA . T mp. COURSE SOPHOMOREM X MANAGERS D ,H D1 'Ll Douslnwlllf- 11,11 01915. . 11, Diane Crolly Mnfllm X, STAR COURSE ARTISTS GEORGE SHEARING Although illness prevented Shearing's appearance with his famous sextet, he has played his KShearing Soundv into the circle of topflight jazz progressionists. JOSEPH FUCHS A renowned violinist throughout Europe and Amer- ica, Fuchs gave an impressionable performance of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart on his 'Cadiz Stradi- varius. 1 27 Fmt FRED WARING Fred VVaring and all the Pennsylvanians created 1 new sensation by adding the third dimension Hi-Fi Holiday swf it 3 f lx C C99 . K 7. .e gg I l.?., ? ,Q f 'M X 5, Q N 'n iz 1- .., 1' YQ.. THE NBC OPERA COMPANY presenting "LA TRAVIATAv The NBC Opera Company presented an English Version of this classic romantic opera This per- formance was the first opera presented by a pro- fessional opera company in Urbana Champaign. GARY GRAFF MAN One of America's most gifted young pianists, Gary Graifman thrilled his audience with his highly expressive interpretations of compositions by Chopin and Rachmaninoff. Owing to his exceptional talent and long years of training, he is repeatedly greeted by critics as "a brilliant pianist in the great tradition." 129 M Y.W.C.A. "To realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of Godn is the purpose of the Y.W.C.A. Through its program of service to the campus, the community, and the world, the "Yu endeavors to fulfill this goal. The work of the "Y" is divided into four main areas with a major chairman for each one. The Membership Area is responsible for membership drives and new member orientation. The Personal Life Area is concerned with the social, mental, and spiritual growth of the students. Discussion groups, activities for fun and fellowship, and religious services are sponsored by this area. Service to the community is the aim of the Effective Citizenship Area. Members work in homes for the aged, read to the blind, and provide entertainment for youngsters in children's homes and schools. The International Area seeks to bring American and foreign students together through discussion groups and social gather- Aoevef Dia iiii e Baun ifiilii, pf-malaria ings. The Hfty-second annual Doll Show was held at Christmas. In addition to the doll exhibitions, a party was given for children of the community. Below-Left to right: Bettie Gabehart, associate directory Marta Carlson, vice presidentg Orralee Meyer, secretaryg Barbara Wilford, treasurer: Dianne Baumann, president Cabirgpgipgizzgr: Nancy McMil1en, Jo Hostettler, Kay Benedict, Dianne Doolen, Marta Carlson, Jeannine Rhine, Alice Johnson, Jane Faulkner, Bottom row: K1-leen Schoen, Bettie Gabehart, Mary Gabb t, M th R b D' - - ' Not in panel: Mary Morrison, Carol Heath, Nancy Danielcgr ar a. osen erger, ranne Baumann, Eula. Redenbaugh, Barbara Wilford sex 5-0' T W.. 3 S 4. v.M.Ct' ity of 'Theiggivihhr and eighfilhe University, woe to the Campu ihdient Ofganizatioll in dynamic and groin Y'M,CiA' P h 1 tare HOW 3 The "Y" ran the first. vided the first 6111 initiated the illielmt Through their P3 program, Students hi velop leade1'ShiP' T divisions include GHG M emphasis, inter United Nations, SC national friendship, i orientation, faculty- membership. Located at the hu: Chalmers streets, th stantial physical plar building contains me and visiting groups study. Recreation fat the Kaeser Room is tions tha S . nnday evening Intemau vnu-vuu H e mit... 1 1' .,, ,. -s 1 1. .WQ Q tive life dl is the vors to fumhi and through a pulllliie gram gf this divid fllalfma ed into four I1 for each rea is re Spg nd new HS1le melnher is concerned with QlI'ltl13.l grgwth of 3f0f1PS, activities l religious services iiti' is the aim ef Area. Members ., read to the blind, 3 for youngstersin ols. ea seeks to bring tudents together and social gather- Q Doll Show was .dition to the doll given for children 2 Johnson, Jane Faulkiiiir barbara Wilford Y.M.C.A. The University of Illinois Y.M.C.A., in its eighty-fifth year and only one year younger than the University, has a long record of service to the campus. Although the oldest student organization at Illinois, the "Y,' is a dynamic and growing activity. The Y.M.C.A. pioneered many of the func- tions that are now handled by the University. The "Y" ran the Hrst student dormitory, pro- vided the first employment service, and initiated the international student program. Through their participation in the "Yu program, students have opportunities to de- velop leadership. The Y.M.C.Afs program divisions include effective citizenship, Chris- tian emphasis, international suppers, Little United Nations, social recreation, inter- national friendship, freshman Weekends and orientation, faculty-student relations, and membership. Located at the busy corner of Wright and Chalmers streets, the "Y" occupies a sub- stantial physical plant for entertaining. The building contains meeting rooms for students and visiting groups and numerous places to study. Recreation facilities are available, and the Kaeser Room is a favorite coffee spot. Executive Committee-Left to right: Richard Koeller, vice presidentg John Price, Y.M.C.A. Stay, Herbert, Krause, recorder, Robert Lenz, Byron Marlowe, Ronald Maris, president Cabinet and Staj-Top row: Neal Harmon, Joseph Schmid, Thomas Chandler Bottom 1-ow: XVilliam Lauer, Cecil Stewart, Howard Ross, Alan Her- man, Donnie Snedeker Registration for freshman camp Sunday evening International Supper exhibits SD0f1S01'ed bY the Y-M-C-A 2 wtmlilvtazu B'RiTl5H I 2 1 r, ,. 'ffl ' viewer 'I JI ,i i, f 1, ,. iw' W fi 1 , V- A a ,rfi Q .117 ,Q 6'--wi'5"f' "ei 1. ll lv ll i i E ,. ? F. 20 pw 1 M 4' , 1 A it. 3 U 5, 39 X 63 ax N .. , 1 - w . ., A if Www, Q7 X. S.N.I.B The Student News and Information Bu. reau, called SNIB, is the College of Agri, cultureis student news service. Through the press, radio, television, photography, and visual aids, SNIB publicizes the activities of the students in the College. Any student in the College of Agriculture or any interested student may petition for a position on the staff. SNIB press activities include publishing a news-letter every two weeks and printing a pamphlet of the activities of the twenty home economics and agriculture clubs on campus, The television staff produces, directs, and supplies talent for weekly shows on WCIA- TV and WILL-TV. The radio staff produces three weekly radio shows. The photography staff gives picture cover- age of all the events in agriculture and home economics. The visual aids statl provides exhibits in campus buildings. flaw , Above: Ojicers-Left to right: Carl Becker, director for agricultaref Sharon Hoffmann, press editor, Phyllis Floyd, radio directorg James Hubbard, bureau. manager, Owen Glissendorf, adviser, John VVoorls, chief photographerg Shirley Hunter, visual aids directorg Nancy Kauth, television director Not in panel: Mary Jane Beattie, director for home economies Below: Planning a radio program Stay'-Top row: Raymond Carmichael, Mary Schrader, Ardis Hill, Richard Snodgrass, Robert Henson, Forrest Gillespie, Richard Freitag, Georgia . Allen, Bert Frrnger Tlrzrdmrolcg.-Axariaritagfxnlllerna ligggziei' Griffith, Glenna Blunier, John Rithmiller, Julene Wright, Nancy Turner, Roger Gillespie, Savilla Anderson, Rosa- Seeond rgrrg Marguerite McGrath, Thomas Hudson, Shirley Hunter, Carl Becker, James Hubbard, Phyllis Floyd, Phil Jones, Edward Comisky, Ed- war ax or Bottom row: 'James Bowers, David Boerner, Richard Curtiss, Dale Johnston, Linn Eaton Robert Coffman Elmer Eckert N08 13 panel: Donna Graham, John Heider, Shirley McKee, Virginia Hathorne, Richard yHughes, Sandra' Rayburn, Carole Colvin, Paul Shuman, UHHC SCh1'09d91', Gary Whltfflkefr JRIHGS Whlttaker, Nancy Kauth, Harold Harms, Nancy Funkhouser, Mary Beattie, Patricia Hall ILLINGIS TECHNO rked l mgf publ xeirnvtffllfhf a ltudl regerfrrewfulg' s the oldest Inagazl ThiS Year utive Year oi eoufllfy' b most eng read Y Ch mo H1 ber' to l lished once 63 of a technical Hlld humor, and the latest Teclrnogwpli Pfovidl with 2111 UP'l0'date Sl The Techrnogwilh ' girreering Council 1 societies in holding onthe engineering cr The stall of The T primarily of student dent is eligible. Se ishased on personal staii members. The Technograph the high schools in l ggi-Top ron: Dennis Bre V Qmrow. Kather-in H' hot igclyiranel: Candace? Cllr? James Koerlger Kir rf' , . E, s l . r Sill, hlews B, ' mlat' H ls the College lull 6.Ws service. Thro Agn .6V1si0r1, photo Ollgll 5 Publicizes thegrapli, i, the College, achiiliesi 86 oiA and Info 1 the Colle , l student m .mh- H tivities include V two weeks anguglllml. activities of the twentvhlg griculture clubs on p stail produces, difecisl or weekly shows uuiilfl FV. The radio stailpmml dio shows. phy staii gives picuifm., ents in agriculture and lui 3 visual aids stall piui pus buildings. orrest Gillespie, Richard Freilliilil l rr, Roger Gillespie, Savilln 1511401501 Floyd, Phil Jones, Edwafdcmd' k rt , - " aHIl1gll.i1'l?,c Clarole Quinn, Pail SL , Mgiy Beattie, Pamm Im ILLINGIS TECHNOGRAPH This year marked the seventy-second con- secutive year of publication for The Illinois Teehnograph, a student magazine of the Col- lege of Engineering. The Teohnograph is one of the oldest magazines of its type in the country. From October to May The Teohnograph, read by most engineers on campus, is pub- lished once each month. In presenting articles of a technical and semi-technical nature, humor, and the latest industrial releases, The Teohnograph provides the student engineer with an up-to-date survey of his field. The T echnograph cooperates with the En- gineering Council and other engineering societies in holding an annual open house on the engineering campus. The stail of The Teehnograph is made up primarily of student engineers, but any stu- dent is eligible. Selection for membership is based on personal petition by prospective staff members. The Technograph is also sent to most of the high schools in the state. Top-Left to right: Robert Bohl, adviserg James Kries, editor Bottom-Left to right: Roger Harrison, business manager, Peter Phil- hower, circulation director Staj-Top row: Dennis Brennan, John Tascher, David Moore, Dennis Lantz, Lowell Bur-gin Bottom frow: Katherine Hirt, David Yates, VVil1iam Penniman, Theodore Gaganidze Not in panel: Candace Clifford, Michael Coleman, John Ehrmantraut, James Gerstle, Dorothy lock, James Koertge, Kira Krock, Mary Roe Hiatt, Arlene Hornick, Frank Hunyady, George Knob 435 1 I I I i as, Walter Linne, I llio artistg Prof. Kennedy, art adviser Marlo Lange, editor I 0 I' I I it EDITORIAL -I , I Above: janet Sheafter, associate editor I I Below: Barbara Williams, associate editor I I I A The organization and production of a yearbook I ,I I such as The Illio is an all-year job. Preparation of I The 1958 I llio began early in the spring of 1957. Four seniors, an editor and three associates, were chosen i to organize and supervise the entire Work of the staff. The artists for The I llio were chosen from the results of an art contest judged by the senior staif. As soon as the layouts are drawn and decided upon, the junior editors must obtain pictures. The twelve juniors are responsible for the complete pro- duction of each of their sections. Sophomores are taught early in the year how to do such things as draw layouts and crop pictures. As the pictures are collected, they are cut down to the I -I .4, Fylis Mandell, associate editor , - . Patricia .C Junlhhllgmifcicicsf E112 ortion 1 correct Prop The eiigravers will "picture prooff, 2 P size and shaPe that The picture pr00f in the correct positi sistance of soph0II10 section. When the ci tion for the picture the entire page is t out to the printer. At the printer's, tl inthe form of "peg tumed to-the edito mar, spelling, and tiual okay on each p result may be seen 3 entire year are retui S0PIl0morc mm . ge Sccoilgchard Bxjelvgiilhllnlzzrh B row: ictqria Feit, tml ww' Mafllyn Dalxj Stailgneli James Kimi T a' Carol Hay, Ma: 'fi Pr of. Kennedy, UT? advise iiuo FDITORIAi STAii oduction of a yearbiei Year job. Preparatiorii . the spring of1957.Foui i associates, were chose the entire work ofthe Tio were chosen lromile lged by the senior stil are drawn and decidri 1st obtain pictures. Tir ile for the complefelfi ions. rly in the year how to di s and cr0P Plctulesl hey are cut down i0 lf 2 edif0f Junior editors: Patricia Clatiin, activitiesg Jill Wallace, organizationsg Patricia Miller, activitiesg Elizabeth Blewett, organizations correct proportion and then sent to the engraver. The engravers return the pictures in the form of "picture prooff, a print of the picture in the exact size and shape that it will appear in the book. The picture proof is cut out and put on the layout in the correct position. junior editors, with the as- sistance of sophomores, write and edit copy for the section. When the copy is finished and the identifica- tion for the pictures is checked for spelling errors, the entire page is typed up and sent With the lay- out to the printer. At the printeris, the page is composed and printed in the form of "page proof." This proof is then re- turned tothe editors for a Hnal check for gram- mar, spelling, and general appearance. With the final okay on each page, the book goes to press. The result may be seen in the spring as the efforts of an entire year are returned in the form of The Illio. Nw. Above .- Junior editors-Top row: Mark Templeton, Illi- Noiseg Allen Drachman, sports Bottom row: Susan Kahl, seniorsg Alice Carlson, seniors Below-Junior editors: Beatrice Matukas, Chicago pro- ssiomzl coll es- ' oma Roxl - Hu h K - fe eg , Ph s vey, sports, g el logg, residencesg Mary Lou Bush, residences Sophomore managers-Top row: John Brandenberger, Richard Meddish, Jane Allison, LynnfvSkeen,.Nina Noubar,,Marsha Finkelman, Carol Speers, Richard Brewer, Robert Pokorny Second row: Victoria Feit, Betty Hulka, Janet Reeves, Barbara Citti, Marcia Debs, Norma Colegrove, Arlene Panek - ' ' nnin anic Lankton Barbara. Ro ers Lorraine Haubold Bottom row. Marilyn Daly, Joan McDearm1d, Kathryn Ma g, J e ,a p , Not in panel: James Kimmel. Charles Truckenbrod, Clifford Wilderman, Marguerite Frank, Judith Corley, Mary Pichon, Albert Herman, Joy Starka, Carol Hay, Mary Eubanks iz vi i i. i i yi ILLICD BUSINESS STAFF The Illto Business Staff has some very en. joyable responsibilities and also some tedious jobs. Among its more pleasant tasks, the Business Staff is in charge of The Illio Beauty Contest in the fall of every year. The contest, judged by a Well-known panel or celebrity, is under the direction of one of the six junior managers. One of the more tedious but important jobs for the freshmen and sophomores is that of indexing. The page on which each name is found in The I llio must be entered after that name on an alphabetical list. Besides these two very different responsi- bilities, the staff handles the advertising, sales, and circulation for the book. Advertis- ing which is to appear in the book is solicited from local businessmen by the members of the junior staff. The responsibility of selling books falls to the sophomores and freshmen, but juniors organize the numerous sales campaigns. Io Hostettler, business manager Janet Nichols, associate business manager Sophcggtofi. malriagcgfls-Top row: Donna Goldberg, Nancy Grant, Barbara Conway, Nancy Pierce, George Trull, John Heidbreder, William Blake, rrs me ur Bottom row: Peffgy Kurzweg Carol Leonard Joanne Lutz Carole XVilliams Ada Jones Thelma Kin . l O ' . '. v , , -, g, Irmgarde Dodegge Not m panel. John Clem, Clotllde Phelps, Rita Levey, Mary Love, Judi Rakar, Carol Olin, Dorothy Baran, Nancy Dinnella, Nancy Herman -Z Alter I l f s Junior motte' Abovo fl9hi'Ju One 6Il0I Stail is that Hnjghed bor the staff ml to the studs The fresl the junior a Asenior ma vise the ov ofthe two the work oi editorial an ing, and sef. All of the: tion and to Freshman mana. Second row: g Bottom row: N ILLIQ SINESS STAFF has S0 - also 30 leasant t Us 'lf The nz Year- The H16 ijedio asks, the i0 Beauty C0ntest, ebrity, lllnior Panel or gel 16 of the Six but imP0rtant jobs Jomores is that of hich each nameis entered after that ist. different respongi. B the advertising, he book. Adveitis. he book is solicited y the members of msibility of selling Jres and freshmen, e numerous sales Eieidbreder, William Blllh nella, Nancy Hermnll 1 Jwmoz vnanagms Janice Camp Muibeth Lutz Above vzght-Jumon 'llLCl'Il6l-JGIS: Jidith Hn elg Pitiicia Clover Ixicholas Cairns One enormous duty which confronts the Business Staff is that of distribution. In the spring when the finished books arrive 1n the basement of Illini Hall the staff must provide a method of delivering them to the students and faculty. The freshmen on The I U10 staff are responsible to the junior and senior members of the Business Staff A senior manager and associate senior manager super- vise the over-all activity of the business staff. One of the two senior managers is in charge of directing the Work of the freshmen. Freshmen help both the editorial and business staffs by filing, typing, index- ing, and selling. All of these students Work to enlarge the circula- tion and to keep the popularity of The Illio high. Freshman managers--Top row: Dean Sheaffer, Gerald Stafford, Miles Hyde Thomas Sykes Donnell Schwarz Second row: Susan Willets, Judith W1'ight, Margaret Belsley, Susan Vaughn Carole Luehring Judith Lyman Bottom row: Mary Aller, Margaret LaBa1'1'e, Beverly Kimes, Sharon Crowley Joan Ellacott Eduina, Gainei svgyyf, WM'-, QL?-fi Peter Weitzel, editor-in-chief Marilyn Ebel, executive news editor DAILY ILLINI EDITORIAL STAFF The Daily Illini is an activity-business, nearly as old as the University. Since the University's third year, The Daily Illini has reported and interpreted campus and local news. During the eighty-seven years since that iirst year, the newspaper has seen many changes in style, structure, and personnel. But the basic purpose-to inform the campus and to give editorial space for the free How of ideas and opinions-is still the same. Structurally, the editorial staff of The Daily Illini is split into six divisions. The campus staff handles academic news and the activities staff, the non-academic aspect of campus cov- erage. City reporters are responsible for se- curing the news of Champaign and Urbana outside the campus area. All athletic events are covered by the sports stahl. The stail in charge of reading and correcting all stories is the copy desk group. The sixth division is the photography staff which services the adver- tising staff as well as the editorial department. ita editors Top row: Harvey NVittenberg, .sports d't '- S -t t - . . v - - lgigijiizdicjoofaljes, acgvgties editorgditichard Arihiygliify P01i9eIi9rit17I-Iaglmogowvvilflorgalghgglleli, Charles Sotir, James Clark, Arthur Weinstein, 1 i rg oyce eers, cop e ,. , ' . - ' Bottom row Janet Brakensiek, callnpud llaltlitor Bottoglialflr-lg.BillharIc Durchslagy Richard Kemmerer' Edward Stanton' Thomas Glbhm ter on Eachillilllaf and MIIB I neW5 fell Ctlflng aillves estab This IHII sollf lation Wlth hey W T ews and writi IDE II , - 'ni hy inrlivrdllal Irdlh ' and SPGCC eellng . In ture Wfitmg' elurther trainillg the Produ work, such H5 PEN wire editing, ant I member Works a. roductioi rleniS in lonrliltg P Daily Illini t0 80 to The Daily Illini r news via the ASSOC was the first colle service. Each stall is heat tum is responsible and ultimately to tl the entire Daily Ill Editorial policy i board of about four editor-in-chief, exe' tors, and top repoi is in no way subsi editorial policy is : University control which emphasizes news coverage ani cism in The Daily Cl IIhIIli:nT91-"d'fi,w: wil' Boil ' el rled ' Om row: Richardmgp H-Y lllllnq Slnn S 8.11 acti - vii, . Uliiversityl lsllglsllltli, ra The D ' Tlellll :ated ca ally Nl"'ll1n Ulpus 3 hty-Seven Hd lm Spaper h lctufe, an d P6rS0nngl' he fret? llnn' 'to inform Space for t 'IS the Same torial stall of The Dail divisions. l The campy news and the actinntin : aspect of campus co, are responsible lnrse- mmpalgn and Urbana ea. All athletic event orts staff. The stall in correcting all storiesis fhe sixth divisionisthe ch services the adver- e editorial department. nes Clark, Arthur weinswm ard Stanwll, Thomas GMD, Each reporter on The Daily Illini is assigned a definite beat and is held responsible for se- curing all news related to that particular beat. This involves establishing a good working re- lation with key sources of news on each beat. The experience which reporters gain in secur- ing news and writing stories is supplemented by individual training in such special areas as meeting and speech coverage, interviewing, and feature writing. Further training is necessary to prepare stu- dents in the production aspects of newspaper work, such as proofreading, headline writing, wire editing, and page makeup. Every stall member works at least one night a week per- forming production tasks in preparing The Daily Illini to go to press. The Daily Illini receives its state and national news via the Associated Press wire service. It was the first college daily paper to use the service. Each staff is headed by a staff editor who in turn is responsible to the executive news editor and ultimately to the editor-in-chief, who heads the entire Daily Illini operation. Editorial policy is determined by an editorial board of about fourteen members, including the editor-in-chief, executive news editor, staff edi- tors, and top reporters. Since The Daily Illini is in no way subsidized by the University, its editorial policy is formulated independently of University control. It is this independence which emphasizes the necessity for objective news coverage and responsible editorial criti- cism in The Daily Illini. Activities stay-Left to right: Susan Teegarden, Marshall Kessler, Carolyn Daily, Carla Kogan, Margaret McCloskey, Mary Russell, Mary Dommers, Constance Brand Not in panel: Mary Schumacher, Judith Coleman, Judith Sliulman, Roberta Tripp, Ruth Black Copy staff-Left to right: Virginia Bolin, Judy Hedger, Betty Shubert, Emma Pippins, Phoebe Kosfeld Not in panel: Gayle Haglund, Sarah Turner Campus staff-Left to right: Margaret Molitor, Michael Glass- man, Jeri Simmons, Carl Bell, Thomas Barber, Janice Eich- - - . ' ' M' h 1 XVI 1 , R' h d I , K neth horn, Helen Milecki, Donald Friedman, Martha Graves . City gay Tg77d"i,w.'dxY'::1am Stephens' lc ae la en lc ar Cen en Not in panel: Mary Siebert, David VVard, Thomas O'Be1rne, rown, e rie a Bottom row: Richard Archbold Patricia Matsumoto, Roger VVeissman Junior man George I Terry Wade, husiness manager Richard Schwartz, associate business manager DAILY ILLINI BUSINESS STAFF Though The Daily Illini is a student news- paper and its staff is composed of students, it is a business. And as a business it has the responsibility of making a profit. This means that circulation must be maintained and that The Daily I lliniis advertisers must receive the best possible results from their advertise- ments. In order to meet this responsibility, The Daily Illini has a business staff composed of three departments: circulation, classified, and display advertising. It is the job of the circulation department to maintain and increase the circulation of the paper. This department handles most of the paper's clerical Work and plans all pro- motional projects to boost sales. The classified department is responsible for receiving, Writing, and handling all classihed ads to be run in The Daily Illini. The display advertising department exists primarily to service the advertisers of The Daily Illini. 413'70t'f9TL9fC 60 right: Victoria. Feit, Jay Lytle, Classified stay-Top row: Janice WVright, Carla Kogan, Karen Van Cleave 'osbar e Bottom row: Victoria Felt UNIVERSITY STAFF d la' The c0PY ann th GSUP a . nd mak aiI1t3m is ffl Contact mbers of bt thealllleorl each ll who reSP0U5ibih is dleretailefs are 9 lhlhg in the Daly H advertiSing Spacetvl The di5Patch S a be fun m6IllS to d proofs of these ak? it inet' . pThe cornblfled eh detennine the eifec as a business and 15 obtaining all lflcom The result IS 'th members of the ll their work as 2 lob and hard w0Ik, in is run, and me Above right: Girculahkm Patricia Webb, Carr Muirhead, Joyce Drys Below right: Meeting Dispatch stay-L . nz in panel: Jill ii,,Q 'LY in ,U rr SINESS STAFF llinii som ha Studenlneiir, S E sed of Students H ' . , usiness lt has the 8 3 Ptoiit. This mem e. maintained and th tisers must receive ,Es from their adve Iiiss is reSP0HSibiUtr,r1rr ess stall Com nlat' -posed of ion, classified, and lrculation department se the circulation of nent handles most of 'k and plans all pm. mst sales. rent is responsihlelor randling all classified ily Illini. rg department exists f advertisers of The Iaren Van Cleave The copy and layout staff creates, writes, and makes up all the ads for local advertisers. Contact is maintained with these advertisers by the members of the advertising sales staff who call on each advertiser periodically. It is their responsibility to make sure that the local retailers are satisfied With their adver- tising in the Daily Illini and to sell additional advertising space Whenever possible. The dispatch staff proofreads all advertise- ments to be run in the paper, distributes proofs of these ads to the advertiser before it is run, and makes the page layout of the paper. The combined efforts of these departments determine the effectiveness of the Daily Illini as a business and is ultimately responsible for obtaining all income that the paper receives. The result is that it is necessary for the members of the business staff to consider their work as a job that requires intelligence and hard work, in addition to an activity. Above right: Circulation and classified stay-Left to fright: Patricia Webb, Carolyn Babcock, James Lytle, James Muirhead, Joyce Drysch, Sandra Johnson . Below right: Meeting those deadlines - , - . M ith' J S , N W t spl 1 doe t s' q tajf Leftt ght Arh al Leo a glzblpgvlclplaifegllq Jeff llfagllcght. Lynne a les, ames aer ancy e Ge tl Na cy Step M chael Mlle Barba a Hu ur 143 Frank Schooley, cllaifmlm Paul McMichael, general manager d ad f R bert Mautz, Joe Sutbo , D ld L B tt H hm a k Schooley, Ann Funkhoiriser Ona Ong ILLINI PUBLISHING COMPANY The Illini Publishing Company operates a modern printing plant in the basement of Illini Hall, manned by union printers and pressmen. A variety of commercial printing for student and University-connected organ. izations is printed there along with The Daily Illini and Illinois Teclfmograph. A non-profit corporation, the Illini Pub- lishing Company was chartered by the state for the purpose of printing, publishing, and distributing student publications. The company operates under a board of control. The board is composed of four stu- dents and four faculty members who serve Without compensation. The students are nom- inated by Student Senate and elected by the board for two year terms. The four faculty members are appointed for four-year terms by the President of the University. PHOIOI 5'AFF The Illini Publishi an irideiwndent acl one all Pictures W Illini and the 1I1f0U Photographer Splild night a week 011 I 6 time needed I0 Goff The stall IIHS IW' Graphics, but many work with their OWU room is thoroughly aswell as sheet Elm and processing aids assignments. All photographers cameras, darkroom 3 the Fairchild Scan-. staii engraves all D4 ing is a specialty of in natural, bounce, : Stan-L or ' . Shifghii silt! 12:-x , ,, N F . 3? f ,,,f ' I 45 47 , f ZW , , .is f xr V! 554 2 -5 'K V ,K if Y www'- fr ,...-vw I 2 : A L3 .I . ,tis Q :v 4 we ff .mm .f ,...- - . ' 'i 4505? ' 1 K4 12 5 'L ' L.. - a.- f -rf - .- . BE T A ' ,mgw-' .L - ...f - M' , ,. fe 'al-192 . . Q 'T' ff: --JMTN? -' - ?'- L , . .s f'fxF?'- Fl ' 2' iF" I . . I 1 ,,g ,-"'11q?:i' 'fu-iv V x' Q 5 5 N ff. - 9 Q - 4"g51-' Hug' ' hwy ". -3 ,., A 1 . ,IJ ut fain 1 fb sw 1 1 AVA F' I f f ' 3 " If.' ' , I' , '- ' 4. :'::.':.'Q'?.4"i !":N'fFlf" ' 33.3 1 vgaii 5 ' 4 ,-ev---.31 1-.' ,- , 1 -.4 , 'gg-11.1, .L rAU1'M".lI,., .5, 2 41.3.1 1.1 .'v,.gI' It l ",1f'lTr37,x 1 4- 'lnxIvs,,.., . AU.,,. fur 41 'ir ? I., , --' , h iv V l :Wiki .Q 7 3525 rlig 'bfi fgfnf MW : F3 .Q i .Asif gif' w kg,-: H I ' 2?w.,,QTm,1 X 'L :F '-2,11 'I 'N -- 1 ii i QW A "MT '+L ' -Hia-R., nl' "' 1 .x 'lv ,Mi a ,ei ' 2 . Min 423' .. V -f R . A 'xiii'-r!'x3:"fXA Q '53, Y ew A- ,V 1, , . . ,g ,,, ' 'A .V xii X il. x x ' li xx x 'Ak .. .HY ,fr . A f-X - I figs -15" - X 4535 QQ-513 X J T ,. 3333: 7 5564-E. .3555 mi.. Q,-tag xml TAM " 'if If ng .. .R lay? i3.2ffhv5". ,b t ipaq. 'jwiim ' : C. K-ilfrq Ref ,bff..i-Y" '31 Qi Vgxiil 's ,iw A xii.,-I 2 - F?" if f17f?4 j f f' 0 tff'iI. '.4w5,' ff I , --25 ... ' P-, jgfifi- jjfr , ,,fLfQ'-5521 ig. ,,,w.f-:,,h,,3i 1 bs P- n ..f-J fg'1I"' 4, ' lxxffnggi ' M31 -. Mm.. , sf Q' 3 '1j,f'.' 'i "H i 321 .. -"Z 2 V3 3. '1 z,-3 HHH REGIMENTAL BAND The First Regimental Band, despite its military title, is a concert organization of over one hundred members. This group, directed by Everett Kissinger, studies serious concert band literature, as well as being a nucleus for the 'gMarching Illinii' and a train- ing organization for the Concert Band. This year the First Regimental Bands perform- ances included the Band Festival Concert, the Amer- ican Bandmasteris Association Concert, a formal con- cert on April 16, the Spring Childrens Concert, and the Twilight Concert on May 14. Besides regular concerts, the band takes part in j military events such as Veteran's Day on November ll and the Honors Day Review in May. The annual spring concerts may be heard over the radio on station WILL. Above: Everett Kisinger, director Below: Tympani section practicing Members: Richard Adams, Roy Andreotti, Peter Arvedson, Jerome Bacchetti, Ray Baum, Robert Bchnke, William Berta, Julian Bocksermanr John Bolz, Thomas Bonwell, Arthur Bower, Quinton Bowles, Michael Brainin, Charles Braly, Barbara Breece, Charles Bush, Mary ,Campbpllr Cornelia Carnes, Wayne Chilcote, Norbert Cieslewicz, Mike Cleary, John Clem, Candace Clifford, Nancyjane Darling, Conway Davis, Phlllll Davis, Margaret Dempsey, Karen Doughty, Charles Douglass, Earl Dowell, Robert Dvorak, Michael Esselstrom, Douglas Farr, Richard FGBFS, Barbara Fitzgerald, Seth Flanders, Judith Forte, Richard Gardner, Richard Geiger, Donald Gerig, Donald Grigsby, Robert .Gfr0HClUlSlr Jon Grushka, Glen Gullakson, Richard Haines, Frank Heckler, John Hodson, Sarah Hofsas, John Holmes, Lester Horwitz, William Hubbard. David Hutson, Richard Jarrard, Harold Jepson, Kirby Johnson, Walter Justice, David Kamm, Larry Kinsella, James Knapp, Carol liokeh' sparger, VVilliam Kunz, Donald Lacy, David Lantz, Patricia Leach, Larry Lewis, hVilliam Lonacre, William Lyon, Marshall Mable, Elizabeth McHose Donald Molnar, Charles Morehead, Miles Nelson, Thomas Noggle, Richard Noland, Rubv Nyenhuis, Roger Oberndorf, VVlll1am Olson, E'illiMI1g0Wfi:1. Xviwafil gxilen, Edith Peschang, Robert Plamondon, Sandra Rayburn Jerrv Rehberg James Rilev Donald Robb William Rogers' a h' "l d rry . c rr , r re c uemann, Frank Shoufer, Harry Simmons, Lewis Simonf Max'Sinkler, Renjamin Steinberg, Edward Sweda, Robert Tripp, Ronald VanMy1ren, Neil VViley, William VVruck, Noel Zabriskie, Judith Zukerman REGIME BAND I The Second Be H35 is a concert 0 0 eniafl0n' Ek jg dividof' r to 0119 inSUUm wlill th the gfllull Y rsrx mifbriunclioll V' the Second Begum' ceris including the. an ne spring TW' also poffiflillftltes ln, The Second Rogl mental Band to 'G parades and to bro The band also pr home football gaml llembers: Carl Abegg, Ge' Bernhsrdt, John Bert David Bunting, Larry Ross Coons, James Co Endres, Bruce Fink, Thomas Grontage, Joh Hyde, Jack Jolley, B3 Herbert Klein, Phyllis Luker, Marshall lllarcr M9lVU1, Joseph Mende Peterson, Kenneth Pet Rafi, Charles Rhodes Smllh, viern Soukupl rrson Thor-nley, Rgbg Youll, Richard York, if 17--L f -4 7,55 . , ' ' '- ' 'WW' 7 PIlC6rt 3 f FIRSI ENTAL BAND des ' - f pll6 its niilitan- hllllllfgll t Kissin Y EV6ret teratufe, as w llgm' e ig Illini" and a tr ,aj r Band, am' fal Bandig H i Concert, the Amer. Perform d ' Omlill C011. - rens Concefrand band takes pam, 'f Day 011 November un May. .y he heard over the Berta, Julian Bocksermm irles Bush, Mary .CWM ing, Conway Dav1aP1lf11l uglas Farr, Richard Fell! ny, Robert GNHQUISL 'lo' lorwitz, William Hubbml imes Knapp, Qml mu' Marshall Mable, EIIUW Oberndorf, William 0l-WL inald Robb, William B095 rg, Edward Sweda. RM SECCJND REGIMENTAL BAND The Second Regimental Band, with a membership of 135, is a concert organization with almost complete instrumentation. Everett Kisinger conducts the band with the assistance of James Fleisher. For facility the group is divided into two divisions with approxi- mately sixty to one hundred members in each. In conjunction with the other University bands, the Second Regimental Band presents several con- , certs including the Festival Concert on January ll Il and the Spring Twilight Concert in April. The band also participates in the Mothers Day program. The Second Regimental Band joins the First Regi- mental Band to take part in military events and parades and to broadcast concerts over WILL. The band also plays for all pep rallies held before home football games. it . . ll Practice makes perfect for the brass and woodwind sections of the band. , Members: Carl Abegg, George Adams, Donald Andrews, Constance Ashmore, Richard Barnett, Donald Bartel, Robert Bauer, Neil Becker, Bernadine , Bernhardt John Bert Richard Berutti, Harold Blue, Harold Breece, Robert Brennan, Thomas Brinkerhoff, Richard Brock, Bruce Bueschel, ,g David Bunting, Larry Burk, Arthur Callahan, Donald Carlson, Allen Cassens, Richard Childers, Thomas Clark, James Clayberg, William Colby, I Ross Coons, James Cooper, Jack Cornell, Dan Dannenfeldt, Dennis Denny, Glenn Dodd, Franklin Dooling, Dennis Duiiield, James Ellis, Robert "E Endres, Bruce Fink, Robert Firebaugh, Robert Fisher, John Forsyth, Glen Fotre, James Fry, Julia Gates, Edwin Gaylord, William Gray, 1 Thomas Grontage, John Haertel, John Harrer, James Hayward, Rod Herbig, Larry Hoffman, Fred Hubbard, Jean Hughes. Richard Huston, Miles Hyde, Jack Jolley, Byron Jones, Maurice Jones, Larry Jost, Anthony Kardis, Wayne Kerchner, Nancy Kerr, Marshall Kessler, Daniel Kirchhoi, , ,I Herbert Klein, Phyllis Knight, Peter Kresl, Walter Lacey, Dennis Lantz, Ronald Larner, Paul Lindstrom, Alan Lopatka, Dennis Lory, Richard 'ft Luker, Marshall Marcus, Byron Marlowe, Charles Marshall, Kenneth Marshall, Thomas McAuliffe, John McCarty, Carroll McGinnis, Georgia-Lee Q Melvin, Joseph Mendera, David Metzler, Joseph Miller, Robert Miller, Albert Mulberry, Larry Neeman, Daniel Peck, Roger Perrin, Wayne Peterson, Kenneth Petrovic, Wayne Petticrew, Robert Pickett, Gerald Pilcher, Donald Quest, Robert Radtke, John Randolph, James Reedy, James ' V Reid, Charles Rhodes, William Rojas, Gary Saben, Kenneth Schaefer, Anthony Schaeffer, Lonnie Schunk, Edward Schwab, Donald Smith, Robert Smith, Vicki Soukup, Loren Strohman, Thomas Sykes, Corinne Tabor, Susan Tazewell, Walter Tenclinger, Robert Terry, Richard Thomas. Har- rison Thornley, Robert Warfield, Bruce XVeber, YVilliam lVhite, Jerry 'Williams, 'William VVis, Sara Wold, Bruce lVolff, Robert WVorner, William Yontz, Richard York, Arthur Yuenger, James Zinser I, -1 ll I - ' l v I l 9 1 li 1 l 7 CONCERT I BAND The University of Illinois Concert Band is recognized as the finest college symphonic band organization in the nation. Conducted by Mark Hindsley and composed of carefully selected musicians, the Concert Band per- fonns the best music in a professional man- ner. For several years the band has made a tour to various sections of Illinois or neighboring states. This year the band visited several towns in southern Illinois including Alton, Metropolis, and Carrni. During the first week in March the Concert Band participated in the dedication of the new band building. Besides the tour and dedication ceremony, the band appeared in the fourth annual Festi- val of Concert Band Music, the sixty-eighth Anniversary Concerts, the fifty-ninth annual Twilight Concert Series, and the June Com- mencement. Mark Hindsley, director Members: Gerald Anderson, Dorothy Arndt, Jan Bach, Richard Bayley, Lida Beasley. Patricia Bell, XVesley Bentrude, Barry Berman, Alfred Blatter, Kenneth lsonnem, Francis Bowen, Lnella Broaddus, Edith Brockman, Forrest Buchtel, Robert Bntkus, Julia Cash, John Clark, Judith Cotter, Patricia Davies. Harvey Davis, Charles DCamp, Joyce DCamp, Carol Dick, Kathryn Dieterich, Oliver Dubre, Norman Duenslng, Carl Ellis, Ronald Fink, James Fleisher, Gene Fox, Judith Frees, James Frigo, George Froek, XVillian1 Gallo, Thomas Gauger, XVarren Gedstad, George Geis, Gerald Grose, Jack l-lansen, James Havens, Linda Hawkins, lVillard Hayworth, Robert Hindsley, Orland Holmes, Harold Huber, Robert Huston, Warren Jarnes, Carlyle Johnson, Robert Kelley, James Kelly, Mary Kelling, Howard Kennedy, Thomas Knox, Fred Kolojay, George Koonce, Frank Kral, Herbert Kuehne, Donald Kush, Robert Lansford, Richard Larson. Paul Lawrisnk, Kenneth Luke, Fred Luscombe, Emily Martine-c, Austin McDowell, Jack McKenzie, Ralph ltlerten, Danlee Mitchell, James Molenaar. Milton Mojzis, Marty Moore, Charles Mullett, Clifford Nelson. John Nemeth, Sonya Oyan, Philip Palmer. Gilbert Papp, Judson Parker, Thomas Reeder, Douglas Rettig, John Reynolds, Joseph Rice, George Riggins, Marjorie Robertson, Kenneth Rooker, Jackson Root, Faith Roubik, Grace Sexton, Haskell Sexton, John Skroder, Judith Smith, Richard Snyder, Bernard Steinberg, Arthur Stone, lidwin Thayer, John Thieman, Richard Tolley, Dale Traxler, Gail Tunimelson, Richard Vandament, Carol VanHorn, James Vohornik, David Voelpel, Linda lVall, Ronald Ward, Mark VVellek, Owen W'est, Edmund Williams, Stephen XVillianis, Bonita XVilson, Jolm XVinking, Jnlene Wright, Phyllis Younger, Sally Zachay, James Zuidema, Judith Zukerman ""'v'z::fzy""'msi YMPHC l di HES C . . 'ty 0' Un1Vef51 . The numbering chesfa' includes ni SJ f . In otlief Stu 10 undCf l def1lS recent Years Old 3 Beecham, Leop W her and ot I mel' " t1oI Under the llllec its conductor mans the orchestra has il as Ioseph Fuchs' ' Hostal. The symPh0HY h cordings in the Still rording Series whit student radio StHti0 An annual higlili tivities is the Benei in the spring to ra for music student senior and graduatr to embark on profe: llembers: Doris Alderman. Bell, Sanford Berry, P Carl Ellis, Lois Elsnel Jack Hansen, Valgene Barbara Kilburn, Nui Fred Luscombe, Luci-i Metzger, Shirley Mere PHQD, Janet Pssch, Wi smith, Bernard Steinb Edmund Williams, Sur inois QOH st collegecirt Banu, ie iiationl ggnlllionii Coinllosed of ilduflti e ConQe,.t Banrleltil, n . , e. a Plofessmnal pi min. band has made at Illinois 0, mei in balld Visite ,nOis includ gllhomg il Settrd ing Alton, I in M31'Cll the Concert the dedication of th, . dedication ceremont ,ie fourth annual Fail 'lusifb the Stitv-alll, the fifty-ninth fs, and the lune Com, 2. Barry Berman, Alfred Elite: fash. John Clark, Judith Cute: Norman Duensing, Carl Eh r, Warren Gedstad, George Gi Elohnes, Harold Huber, lloifr as Knox, Fred Kolojay, Gang, th Luke, Fred Luscombellg. r Moore. Charles Blullett.i'u1vY. ig, John Reynolds, J059Dl1R-'f n. John Skroder, Judith SM cler, Gail Tun1n1elson.liltltY.i in-en West, Edmund lllllltl a, Judith Zukerman SYMPHCDNY ORCHESTRA The University of Illinois Symphony Or- chesra, numbering approximately ninety players, includes music students and any other students from the University who can qualify. The student symphony has appeared in recent years under the batons of Sir Thomas Beecham, Leopold Stokowski, Eugene Anser- met, and other World-famous conductors. Under the direction of Prof. Bernard Cood- man, its conductor for the past seven years, the orchestra has accompanied such soloists as Joseph Fuchs, Leonard Rose, and Max Rostal. The symphony has made a number of re- cordings in the School of Music Custom Re- cording Series which are broadcast over the student radio station. An annual highlight of the orchestra's ac- tivities is the Benefit Concerto Concert, given in the spring to raise funds for scholarships for music students. The concert features senior and graduate students who are ready to embark on professional careers. Prof. Bernard Goodman, director Members: Doris Alderman, Gerald Anderson, Charles Aschbrenner, Jan Bach, Esther Ballinger, Stan Ballinger, Rule Beasley, Grace Beckett, Patricia Bell, Sanford Berry, Phyllis Bleck, Ann Brainerd, Edith Brockman, Barbara Cash, Charles DeLaney, Gale Dick, Lucas Drew, Norman Duensing, Carl Ellis, Lois Elsner, Carole Engle, Natalie Fefferman, Ronald Fink, Joan Flynn, Judith Frees, George Frock, Thomas Gauger, Janice Gilbert, Jack Hansen, Valgene Hayworth, Judith Hembrey, Orland Holmes, Nancy Hutchinson, Carlyle Johnson, Jean Kelly, Margaret Kelly, WVilbur Kent, Barbara Kilburn, Nancy Knosher, Phillip Koonce, Perrti Korpi, David Kozelka, Richard Larson, Bernard Lemoine, Jeannette Lohbauer, Fred Luscombe, Lucretia Luscombe, Camilla Lyon, Alice Mahler, Lutz Mayer, Constance McElroy, Margaret McKean, Stanley Meret, Claretta Metzger, Shirley Meyer, Carolyn Mitchell, Danlee Mitchell, Marla Mutchler, Marvin Mutchnik, Samuel Nachenberg, Robert Nehgen, Gilbert PHDD, Janet Pasch, William Pittman, Neil Polit. Joyce Pollard. Julia Porter, Roslyn Rensch, Alice Robertson, Janice Small, Karen Smith, Lawrence Smith, Bernard Steinberg, Theodore Thayer, Richard Tolley, Donna Tredrea, David Ulfeng, Richard Vandament, Barbara WVescott, Ann VVider0e, Edmund Williams, Suzanne Wilson, John Winking, Phyllis Younger , ,W ,f . ., , 'ff 1 im 4,4 gig, QM 4-6.31 ...,.,.sv-" Aaovr Iefl to vrflzt lied Kohout, .senior vnanagcrg William Corley, lclo left to right Nirles 'XVhitten, junior manager, Simeon Trotter, Measure: Stephen Webb Junior marmgerg Delbert Denby, secretary, baree Slider publicity cooidnurtor MENS GLEE CLUB Recognized as one of the top collegiate menls glee clubs in the country, the Univer- sity of Illinois Varsity Menis Glee Club, Con- ducted by Professor Harold Decker, has reached a standard of excellence in per- formance rarely achieved by this type of organization. The clubis repertoire includes the Hnegt music available for men's voices, ranging from sacred and classical Works through opera and operetta, folk songs, spirituals, and contemporary choral arrangements. Membership in the Menis Clee Club is open to any qualified male singer enrolled as a student in the University. Of the present seventy-five members only nine are enrolled in the School of Music. The remainder represent almost all the schools of the Uni- versity. In addition to campus activities, each year the glee club gives several oil-campus con- certs and takes an annual spring tour. .llembcrs Robert Anderson Erurn Arends, NVilliam Bogard, Robert Burns, Delano Cox, Vernon Eidman, John Guthrie, Richard Hamilton, Leonard Hays, Joseph Jones, Richard Kewley, Norman Mayer, Gene Noland, Joe Olinger, Robert Piper, John Reynolds, Jerald Rhine, Robert Speth, Ed- ward Ashley, Roger Chirpe, Delbert Denby, Allen Devleschoward, Russell Duttweller, Stanley Eden, Richard Hubert, Bruce Kincaid, George Kocher, Fred Kohout, Thomas Loew, Daniel McNabb, Philip Palmer, John Reinhardt, Jackie Riddle, Louis Rogers, Charles Shutt, Simeon Trot- ter, Ronald YVorstell, Charles Wolven, Allen Anderson, David Broadbent, Lloyd Burling, Thomas Dolan, Carl Esslinger, Donald Gerig, Robert Gronquist, Donald Hartter, George Henkel, Richard Koeller, Charles Laible, Fredrick Lincicome, Kerry Newman, Ronald Page, Myron Reaman, Peter Schuetz, Dennis Stoller, Walter Taft, Joseph Beckerman, Allen Cassens, William Colby, William Corley, David Dinsmore, James Fry, Robert Johnston, David Joseph, Donald Lee, Floyd Oster-man, Anthony Petullo, Joe Rice, Thomas Rothgeb, Edward Ryan, William Sawtell, James Schertz, Garee Slider, Edward Stapp, Steve NVebb, Stephen VVeiser, Miles VVhitten, Dean Wilson no rrfomefs choral organist of classes and IU ou' are We hers. hlcmlbefs are ,Ch ' n heslrmilfl Week 1 onlv Picked for the musical ability. The main Purpu Club is to Pfomoth through Singing an edge while doillg Si bers can gain expe music. In the fall the Odgen and Cham before Christmas t nute Air Force Ba concert. During tht Club made two tot surrounding area. llembers-First Sopranos: W Mary Huntley, Lois . Aeconfl copranos: Nancy llarlene Litwiller, Bla .tLto.r: Anita Atfolter, B: Martha Jones, Claudi Ama gchar, Ruth S K N. 'Jw 1 K , V , VND., V R AR M V' V r X Y lg ff A fi K ... Q Q 'gf Q 2 ' , H' M x lf 3' 5 ' Q V V ' V V z A In Q- , . f- - 'K A M '1 1 " ' i. 1? W 1 , ' g , New , , X it x 3 I , , n X, I .5 I V, 4 I 1. f ' J Q, Qrrl N V' X Q 1 V ' K y I f v if 'Q f' ' if . ik? I Y . w 0 ,. fa- f . 1 few, 4' wa ' rwdff' ' , " 4. , X- ,4 ,,, ,k ivy? A412 N791-1 VM' ,. AN 7':fv'f-1 x Mww .mf f , , 2 +, f"'7Z 5W"'w - . - Uf,J'f'.,,h nk gi EK50' .WCW ,f . , .Er-4 ' 'iQ,Qf'2Qf 'Rf . "ffm gYL.'0?"f .IQ . ' ' ' f f , Q Q ' , - . ,-my,-,f. Af' .J ' 'W - .w-.rzfxv Q, . w',"'X!a+ih1wfzf PM ww-.ef , , QM f :www Q1 fem Aw 1. f f . N ff V. K- ' 2 ' . UNIVERSITY af CHOIR The University Choir, novv in its fourteenth year, is the most advanced singing organiza- Q tion on the campus. The sixty-five members of the choir are some of the most highly skilled singers in the University. Many are voice majors in the School of Music, but there are representatives from almost every school of the University. The organization performs a varied repertoire, representing all types of musical literature. The choir, directed by Professor Harold Decker, is under the auspices of the School of Music. This year was Professor Decker's first year as Choral Director and as director of the choir. In past years the University Choir has made extensive tours of Illinois, singing at high schools, conventions, and community activities. This year the Choir traveled in both Illinois and Iowa, singing for a wide variety of audiences. The organization also performed for many campus activities and functions and for groups in the Champaign- Urbana area. px Above: Officers-Top row: John McCauley, junior manngorg Paul Gaskins, pi-esidentg James Sincox, senior manager Bottom row: Jenny Wertheiin, junior manager, Lois Rucker, treasurer: I1-is Arend, secretary Top ron--Left to right: Maurice Jones, Doris Miller, James Sincox, Charlotte Seils, Robert Piper, Donald Paschke, Barbara Langley, Paul Gaskins, Grace Hnhhen, Alfred Houkoin, Joyce Looflmourrow, John McCauley, Randolph VVa.tson Third row: Larry Taylor, Deanna Davis, Richard Hamilton, Mary Lutz, Peter Schuetz, Doris Osmond, NVilliam XVOrth1ey, Patricia Dunn, Norma Schroeder, Michael Murray, Frederich Huelster, Marian Gronke, Paul Love, Delores Powder, Corrine Tabor , Second row: Larry Hill, Joan Gntowsky, Judith Braun. Kenneth Schofield, Anthony Thompson, Charlotte Harlin, Joyce Hildenbrand, Mafllfn Sherman, Ronald YVorstell, Lois Rucker, Dorothv Hanning, Frances McNeil Bottom row: Jenny YYertheim, Geraldine Guren, John VVard, Martha Gilkerson, Marilyn Petke, Eugene Grunbv, Betty Brentner, Iris Arelld, MYTOI1 Gross, Marc-ia Pintold, Daniel McNabb, Barbara Reuter, Andrea. Raible, Harold Decker, director I Not in panel: Mary Ross, Dixie Rodehaver, Bruce Bueschel, Kenneth Hudson, Robert XVilhoit., XVilliam Simpson S ,, A I rs: Beverli mlfargafef BWI Smith. Jaan! Bleuer, I-toms Kitover, cfm Sharron lon' Cnrol J. Edw nimberh, Hu 0'L0ugl1lin, I macher, Bon James I-102371 sebum, Bw Grimm, Gm Lanny McClr Harold Schnl Charles Broil UNIVE University training groi izations. MI strate a real Directedl a wide varir ence as po: concert eacf Me Members-Top 1 Met Jones, Brown, Joy Fourlh row: L Paul Reyno U Barbara Bi Thml row: Ja' Renate Opl TIJUWPSOH. Diane Berl Second 1-ow: C Gerald Bai Marian S01 Bottom row: J Robert Kid Mar'o ' Soloist,e:I fins CHOll lloir 1 ' . W 111 llSf dvanced , I IS. T1 .Singing or le Slxt E ii some of ,Il Vemenlls the Uiliversitymtxf ligli ' School of Music Aballe: 'i fl'OI11 ahnost ev: lltlllfj The - , ellitlll- . H pellott Ing all Ofgalllzaho D represent cted by P 16 auSPices of the Schail. vas Professor Deckefs ,V E, ector and as directorsfg l'OfeSS0r H3 . .16 University Chm urs of Ill1Il0lS,SlI1gjn0, rentions, and comin, ar the Choir traveledg owa, singing for allil ps. The organizations ly campus activities li. groups in the Champaigta lke, Barbara Laugley,PaI11GSlT m Worthley, Patricia DWL ll? arlin, Joyce Hildenbnllfl Betty Brentner, Iris AIEIIUW if Blass sf 03120 ,ae u s 1' ,g,' ws as 3 T 5 H tvs., ik 4 Ilfembcrs: Beverly Arent, Sandra Ayers, Sandra Bonjean, Mary Canlabell, Harriet Chas- 1: -' " - ' - . ' , .w . - . Margaret Eyer, Vtfinifred Gcndon, Una Gr1'9IllIllGlS, Ruth Hadler, Mzirtha llaves, Judith clllooifeil tcutilgfllIilfislillgfgIflllbilitlnliliffiitliljiiltl' gioHllq'tDgugiafb' Smith, Jaeklyn X7lSlllill'2L, Sue 1Vatkins, Genevieve Zell, Edna Ulllrick, Deanna Afrit-k liareildrXl'J,,twn' QQ,-.,l, Afflll 'M,.L.fl fflulffli-l fveln Bleuer, Louise COll6l1, Suzanne Franks, Norma Green, Frances Giilllllllll, Qll'2illlllQ Gl-'illill klill'0l H-illell Lkillilllk' lillbl-ll Al flu 1,1011-All imma Kitover, Carol Knosher, Mary Morrison, lrmgard Pesler, Sandra I1OSClllIl0Olll,l'lllg0lll11 Slllllfll lmslmsrSllxfflel'K 1lltlX: DifEllLl1'0dTf'll'Sllllihfngt L-inllim Sharron Vondracek, Linda XXYCTKIIIZIII, Betty 1Vilk, Sandra 1Volf, Roberta Alll'C'llS, Joan Baer Naknvv lil1l'l'0llRl1S 'Elililv tlllsilf iff' umi' Carol J. Edwards, Carol L. Edwards, Carcnc Erwin, Emily Fessler, Susan Hastings, Marv Hahn Jean Il'!lSlllHlYl'n:s:r M-Ufy Hell, peflft lireligl-05' Elizabeth Hubbard, Margaret Hubbard, Audrey Huck, Ruth Keil, Dixie Kelly, Judith' Lauber lhlarilvn Miller 1'l'ett-lleilifhlfqle-0 potlilqii' O'LOUglllil1, Carol Palmer, Sylvia Polovitch, Suzanne Roclle, Judy Sider, Karen Sit-gl-ist, 811515111 S,-1,,,jm,,, 'y.,,,fCe 'll-,,,,,..,t,, Avi2,ii:,l1a ilvlluii macher, Bonita 1Vilson, Judith Zitzler, Ronald Burkey, Alan Dl'll1n, Roland Dekker-Yan Ghvl Pllillin G1-ini-it Roffm- ffimlell dl, -1 Hen? James Logan, James Mading, Kenneth Marsllall, Lenard Meyer, Xvilllillll Painter, Frederick Roerzker Ilgtmpg RQ,eCkgf',. DO,'f.fl',i Iiiutzil Legg Schultz, Brad NVilliams, Peter Aikman, George Brooke, Evan Buck, Frederick Bunning, Bud Carlsoln David lf'elf"ar lAl'illl1fl' flill0'Il'lf'llY12.Ol1'1l1 Grimm, George Hadfield, Kenneth Harbison, Janles Havens, 'Walter Hopkins, David J0llllVS0ll, Robert Kennedy DavidlKllhn Roheiit lilmschuitz Lvnnl' lucclungl Dfmald MiCl1fi9l- KBIIUGUI Millor, R0bort Parker, Forrest Paxton, Thomas Peterson James Pllillllad Tallies Recd l0llY1A'gl'lllIll'l.Il, Harold Schatz, Kent Smith, Kenneth Telleen, Joel YVesson, Russell Ziegenhorn, Richard I'Il1it'lllSOlll Daniel Dllxvell, ,Flqlllii ,ll'lllllll JonkDoslier' Charles Broughton, Roger Luman, David YVilke, James Neal, David Moss, Jolln Ripley, 1Villiam Hanko 3 1 1 1 A l UNIVERSITY CHORUS University Chorus, numbering about 150, is a training group for the more advanced choral organ- izations. Members must audition and also demon- strate a real interest in choral singing. Directed by Russell Mathis, the Chorus performs a Wide variety of music to obtain as much experi- ence as possible. The group participates in one concert each semester. The Oratorio Society is composed of students, faculty, and townspeople with advanced vocal ability. This group, composed of 130 members, presents two major choral Works every year under the direction of Mr. Harold A. Decker. On De- cember 17, 1957, the Oratorio Society presented Haydn,s Imperwl Mass assisted by the Symphony Orchestra. ORATGRIO SCCIETY Members-Top 'rou': Carolyn Cabalek, Nadine Covert, Virginia Svach, Margaret Brengle, Elizabeth Edwards, Marilyn Brown, Helen Sellwarz. Marg- aret Jones, Helell K0lllHl9y'91', Mary Birk, Barbara Pullman, Shirley Carlllal-k, Ruth Johnson, Jo Colvin, Dorothy Trotter, Paulette Klillg. Sue Brown, Joy Thomas, Hattie 1Vinfield, Sandra Sanders, Susan Ball, Katharine YVeller. Margaret Larson Fourth row: Lucile Allen, Evelyn Kaminstas, Donna Chiles, Sharon Reese, Doris Osmond, Shirley Breidenstein, Betty Lynch, Donald Paschke, Paul Reynolds, John Fitzgerald, Eric Kat-h, Louis Svach, Peter Yankwieh, Jerold 1Vright, Joyce Marlin, Diana llaskell, Editll Jones, Joan Roberts, Barbara.Bakl'er Marv Rockstad Anna Kanellos Third row: Jacqlieliile Leng, Janet Britt, Theodora Kanellos, Bonita 1Vil:on, Evelyn Krueger, Elixabetll B1t'fil'0E0l', Constance Curtin, Shirley Hill, Renate Oppenlander, Jolln Rund, David Mills, Edward Ashley, Roger Norton, Robert Gronquist, Riellard XYissell, Norman Knable, Anthony 1"l l C l 1"anks, Phyllis Simmons, Marjorie Beane, Elf'llfJl' DLXIUIIO, Frieda Runser, Alice Collins, Thompson, Linda Anderson, Frances 'ls le, aro yn '1 Diane Berkowitz Second row: Carol Brown, Jllflitll Hoover. Mary Roberts, Margaret Dempsey, Mary E lllll'2ll'llf, Rebecca Patf-hin, Janice Camp, Mary Auhertin, Gerald Bakker Jack Ruina, Ronald 1Vorstell, Kenneth Rinehart, Charles Lynch. Allilll Anderson, Doris 11l'Xll0ltlS, Ann Dick, Frances Hadley, Marian Soule, Ellen Dempsey, Lois Merritt, Clotilde Phelps, Marion M ller, Bl2ll'llH'ill Bottom 7'0'LU.' Jeanette Chang, A1111 Mason, Franr-es Williams, Florence Gooill-iell, John E Robert Kidder, Edward Lantz. Jay Allen, xvllllillll 1Vorthley, Sidney Murray, Laura onn Paula Silverman Carol Atllllln Lutz lll'lll2ll1, George Sanders. 1Yilliam f'arloel:, 1ilt'll?1l'tl Huggins, Sawyer, Joyce IAl0Cl10llSl0lll, Zoe King, Jessica lxramer, Marjorie H , . ., ' , z .' - i Soloists- James Bailey f6'I107',' Margaret Rice, SOIIIYIIIO' Harold 'L Decker flll'l't'f0l" Dol-otllv Clark ullo- Rollei-t l'1ln0ll, buss l OPERA WORKSHOP The Opera Workshop at the University of Illi- nois was formed in 1948. Its immediate purpose is to give voice students in the School of Music prac- tical experience in operatic literature and stage techniques. Furthermore it serves to introduce the student body and the campus community to opera as a living art expression. VV ith twenty-six students, most of which are in the School of Music, Opera Workshop presented Above: Scene from Cosz Fan Tuttc by MOZ2lff Left: Scene from Caualleria Rusticana by Mascilgni with Marjorie Stucke and Certhalene Hines Two principals, Dorothy Han- ning and Rachel Day, with Director Zirner during 3 re- hearsal for a scene from Cogi Fan Tutte three programs this year in November, March, and May. Each production contained about eight scenes from various operas. Since its inception, Opera Workshop has pre- sented twenty-three operas, including sixteen con- temporary works and ninety-four different scenes from the standard repertoire. The Workshop is under the musical and artistic direction of Ludwig Zirner. Queen and court-Top row: Mary Schumacher, Bonita Melnick. Renee Meckler liolfnm row: Grace Chechyk, Marlene Delveaux, flllCl'llj Joan Kraft i I 'f MRH DANCE On the evening of November 16, 1957, Men's Residence Halls spon- sored their first all-University dance, the Moonlight Formal. Over 200 couples danced to the music of johnny Rinaldois band in the ballroom of the Illini Union. The highlight of the dance came during intermission when Marlene Delveaux was crowned as queen. She Was chosen from six candidates by 3 vote taken in the men's residence halls. 156 The 1957 St" P neering Icounclt aslufll- T e galir3nPatrick'S DQY ding the- green pT0Vi The customafi' Ce' top seniors ill flfe S during intermission- Each year H quee' For the 1957 danCC, Kflighting one of the t 7:4 K? T T ' ' . msg? rgngclpals, Dorothy? Directon .Rachel nr r Zum d VP. gearsal for a Scenunllli. fm Tune effort e' - ' ar IH November, Mah rtion contained abow eras. Opera Workshop has p- aras, including sirteeiiuc 'metl'-four different scent rtoire. ,er the musical and artit ner. MR ST. PATS BALL The 1957 St. Pat,s Ball, sponsored by the Engi- neering Council, was held in the spring in Huff Gymnasium. The gym was decorated in a typical Saint Patrickis Day style with shamrocks and kelly green providing the color. The customary ceremony of knighting the twelve top seniors in the School of Engineering was held during intermission. Each year a queen of the St. Patis Ball is chosen. For the 1957 dance, Laurel Baier reigned as queen. Decorations at the 1957 St. Pat's Ball Knighting one of the top twelve seniors in the School of Engineering Committee T01 Io s A tonell D1 d ell Botton w Grego v Jordan Ray or d Porell P x B01 hous, VVilliam Brow Not in panel: Daryl Strahan, Sully Bonansinga, Maury Kalnit Crowning Laurel Baier queen DANC vening of Novembffl : Residence H2115 irst all-University 1, Over Zhi Forma -ofjolwli llroonl Ol lt ed to the mum 1d in the ba ight of the dancmiii mission Whenueen gi S . 5 cr0Wneda bt afjdldates 'lrl men's fesldeui rom six C in the Z HONCRARIES f h ll ' the University has one or more honoraries c01T1P05ed of Students who have high lliollchshirl ciicjvliimgllisalle made outstanding achievement in their Particular Held' Some honefafies, 511011 sc ar ' - -. - han one college. , '- ' h Ch' , d' then members from more t . . i qs rE:gSi1hi1I1i1,1:iSaencoigge lliivdership S61-Vice research, greater understanding of the subject, and high n ' i . - . - ' ' d h' t. professional ideals. They strive to promote scholarship, cooperation? fr1SHdSh1P, an .tae 1eVemeU . Many of the societies are chapters of national orga11iZ2lfi0T1S, While Seme have ellgmated at the Unl- versity of Illinois to fill the needs of the students. National honoraries have also originated at the UHIVCI- 't f Ill' 's as did Al ha Lambda Delta. S1 Sltlldenllsugnd closer shjcial and professional companionship and fuller deV610Pment .ef Character and personality through membership in these groups. They have the 0PP01'tUf11t3i1 fo expeglfiient ln PTHCUCHI application in their future profession and to exchange ideas with others in t e szlme pd. b D A student elected to membership in an honorary is able to increase his own now e ge y Worklng with other students of high standing. Through Tflembefshlp ln these groups, Studeets End Closer 500131 and professional companionship and fuller development of character and personality. ALPHA C H RON This organization honors independent sophomore women for outstanding work in activities. Top row: Gail Hoy, Sue Brown Thelma King, trcasu,1'e1-5 Patricia Montgomery, Karen Hiscox Trld-HK' . Y . 111 wow apetta Sinks, Patricia Goodmon, Ruth Hoogeruerf, Louise Volkstore, Mina. Maish, Marian Vreeland Sevorirl row: Susan Aterrill. Peggy Mason, Mary Helper, Barbara Johns. presizlentg Marsha Finkclman, Margaret Buchanan Iioltom row: Anne Price, .vvcretaryg Marjorie Schwarz, Patricia Armstrong, Phvllis Younger, rice president- Frances Bamburg, Donna Searing Not in panel: Barbara Keough, Nina Sanders, student adviserg Dean Mary Harrison, adviserg Barbara Bailey, Susan YVhite ? I ld Crook, T row: D0113 -lb th rllfillfmhlaiil nr ' is Gerald Van Treeck,R Z Szcaniielgfslgy Egllglfrlgilg Eli Baum row: Jamesltflfggpi l'oti11PWlf Dona Through contact vw sidual growth and This organization 1 record, and have Coruicil. Member: lap row: D0l0res Madsen vnltqm ron: Pat Albe M lol an panel: Mai-leneeyFil if students Wh h . 0 . d. Some honoraave ries HS of the Sub i' and 3Clllev We ori ject ement. . ginated at o originated at theme lopment of C to expefiment in hilfacter zsame Top row: Donald Crook, David Paap, Roy Laner, Kenneth Stach, Michael Sasso, lVilliam Hancock Donald Glmbhn Donald Johnson Richaid , Grandchamp, Gilbert Mochel, Jr. n knowledgeb . Third row: Charles Coleman, Robert W'hittenbarger, Arthur Murray, Thomas Johnston, Clifford Nelson Gordon Johns Paul Clancy 'lhomas Tiffanx yW0l'lqnc Gerald Van Treeck, Patrick Mahoney students li fl I 3 Second row: Raymond Rezutka, Keith Poole, Francis Malone, Richard Ferry, Richard Christopher, vice plemlent Gerald Broun pzaszdent Du ight D COSQISOQH Delaney, treasurer, Michael Economos, .sccretwryg Robert Wilhoit, William Pickard Sonart " Bottom row: James Holt, Ronald Lememager, Daniel Ewing, Daniel Thom, Leonard Marino, Roger Eshleman Donald Asken Stephen Sutton 1 Y- Not in panel: Donald Davis, John Dorsey, David Jelinek, Everett Kimmel, Richard Lindrooth, Lawience Morrissey Robert Rittei Through contact with men, recognized for their scholarship, this group promotes fellowship and 1nd1 vidual growth and strives for the advancement of business education. This organization recognizes junior and senior Women who have maintained an outstanding scholastic in activities record, and have demonstrated leadership and service to the organizations of the Sports and Dance C ' , . . Council. Members are chosen by recommendations from this council and appioval of all members l Top row: Dolores Madsen, Martha Davidson 1 1-gt Buchanan ., Bottom row: Pat Albee, Mary Leigh, 'vice presidentg Eleanor Kenny, prcstclentg Carol Aronson, Freddie Mitchell rggrances Bamburg, DODDHSUKF Not in panel: Marlene Filip, .secretary-trcasuraf' y, Susan White new 0, .,- ,,,, .ff 2 ' ,H W hx iam' yi vi, xx? f ML. X J 5-'wk f' va f efhyx 'Q NV if 3, V, ,Q is AL-:V S ' :fi g 5.2 V T 51 ' - , V' f , V AA- 1' sfmifswf g qi X, A ' -l r ' 4 ,,,51?gWV' 5- 7 5 QQ 1 ' A ff l , wg A Mfg ww, V ' M- U - Y Q Q 529, ' my .1 ,. Ikmlyx . , , 2 1. 31, ' A f v at ffhwfl ,fw fi hiv, -1,,,,,-3 X Q, . fi, 2 V235 au x-'Ef22' . ' . ' ' w f' V-vw ! ' Q. XX , 5 ,.,,.k,, X ,?ffgg03?g5S,?y W N -315:1 1 -,pf,f,. , fv- 35559, M L A . , Ugg 7 " 7515 . 'aj ' ' v xNvwu X ,..+w,, -,-4.."f-J'..L.'..gjj'-Q,,,,A X U' I gg 45? 4" is ff . ,JN We iff 1' M G -if me 'M Q' 4? S ,gash fi, x ,ig 'Gs nik: ' , f, f ff 'f ' 1 .V , ti ,Z '41 1 fy 4 A ak z . , , S W ig, Q Q . 523 Q 1 in :.,l ..,, sv, .W 2 1 ' , A Q 6 , X 1 , l fx 5 fig S sstif' 1 yx Alf f 1, ledge fefllliftmerl V to participle ' A furlllellpp lve active ali gencies and meg ing Club, senl and regionilo lation of Amen ADS. ,ay mes Mullen if' e J 3 if is C3 -" f 3,-4 f Q Y Ojicers-Top row.: Deanna Africk, treasurer, Nancy Wilson, secretary, Virginia Riser, vice presidentg Ardith Lamps, assistant chairman Bottom row: Betty Millan, president, Dean Ann McNamara, adviser Alpha Lambda Delta honors freshman women. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is the freshman women's scholastic honor society. This national organization of eighty-two active chapters was founded at the University of Illinois in 1924 by Miss Maria Leonard, then Dean of Women. Membership requires the student to attain an average of 4.5 While carrying Hfteen academic hours her first semester or thirty academic hours her first year. A special tea is held first semester for all freshmen Women attaining an eight weeks average of at least 4.0. Special recognition is given to senior Women who maintain the Alpha Lambda Delta average through- out their college Work. Alpha Lambda Delta offers a scholarship assistance program Without charge to any freshman Woman. Top row: Martha Graves, Janet Boyer, Sheryl Clayton, Gail Dent, Elizabeth Hamilton, Lynn Spaulding, Marie Eigenrauch, Marion Klajnik, Phyllis Knight, Ruth Campbell, Joan Parkhill, Barbara Johns, Nancy Shipp, Janet Abell, Alice Shoger, Carolyn Stucker Second row: Nancy Dinnella, Jean Brummer, Ardith Lamps, Virginia Riser, Betty Millan, Nancy WVilson, Deanna Africk, Linda Mooberry, Janice Hawkins, Constance Ashmore Bottom row: Phyllis Appell, Alice Helm, Carol Leonard, Jenna Lambert, Therese Perri, Beverly Gardner, Gayle Haglund, Nancy Knosher, Patricia Webb, Kay Reese, Ida Bartelstein , Not in panel: Joan Anderson, Barbara Bailey, Marsha Balaban, Lynn Bell, Vivian Brown, Janet Chumbley, Judy Citterman, Barbara Cohn, Grace Coplan, Rose Czekala, Sylvia Dean, Constance Eckman, Beverly Finkelman, Judith Gelman, Roberta Golden, Linda Goldstein, Marcia Hathorne, Mary Helper, Barbara Hirsch, Virginia Hommel, Janice Jack, Nina Jacobs, Eunice Keller, Mary Kelling, Marcia Kittilsen, Diana Kramp, Margaret Kriege, Priscilla Laird, Barbara Lord, Marleen Lungren, Laurie McClure, Sheila McMillan, Mary-Dell Matchett, Janet Matheny, Shirley Meyer, Jean Moore, Masayo Nishimura, Mary Trautman, Joanne Ruck, Carol Stickler, Linnea Swanson, Sally Swanson, Barbara Tobor, Donna Toika, Donna Tredrea, Glenna Winkleman, Janina Wojciechowska, Barbara Buente, Cynthia Cunningham, Mary Hahn, Betty Hulka, Donna Lindstrand, Carol Olin, Elaine Sukman i 6 ,Q ! Top row: John Bidner, Leland Wells, Arthur Buesking, Morris Huck, Donald Youngkin, Delmar Schleder, Lawrence Gardner, Peter Thomas ' V ' ' L D Eu ene Trautvetter William Hull L W Third row: Carrol Bolen, XVay ne Pillen, Kent Durbin, Thomas Sarrells, awrence uewer, g , , ee est, Vernon Brazle , I Second row: Marvin McDonald, Lyonel Ourth, David Oakes, Hubert W'alls, James Reed, John Feddersen, Donald Miller, Richard Basestri, Edward Gillespie, Edward Scholz I G Bottom row: John Craddock, adviser: Thomas Frey, treasurerg Eldon- Sparrow, secretaryg George Arensrnan, 'vzce prcszdentg Charles Thompson presidentg Marvin Damron, Dale Ruckman, Ronald Seibel, Billy Rich, Joseph Hodges, Richard Faxrgrieves ' This National professional honorary agricultural education fraternity strives to develop a professional spirit in teaching agriculture and to train teachers to be rural community leaders. ALPHA TAU ALPHA ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta recognizes outstanding students in agriculture with selection on the basis of scholarship and activities. Top row: David Ash, All B k D 14 R - - . . Second Tow' Donald Pimigv, lggbgie Mgr? uckraxara, giogcer Chisholm, Edwin Hawklnson, John Bossmgham, John NV00ds 1 - I rman, ar ec er, John Rehn Jose h H l V ' bottom Tow: Arljn Rah d Y t , l , , 1 D CIHS, ernon Eidman, Charles Burrus Guuakson l 1 eau Teasurerf George Anselm, Uwe president, Lynn Truckenbrod, secretaryy George Tjardes, Raymond Carmichael, Glen l 6 Andersor T0prlrlilinzc'i:ul'i?Jf. Charl6S lllird row: Pr0f. Robertvl Seiond row: Laurngce SN? Boltomrow: Alan 0111 Ya! in MMI: P1'0f' cial I A Kenneth Perl? Hlramt Sdiolsser. Rffbm Mau Jasper, Patrick KQULPY Cecil Worrells, mlllllp Reed, Harold Rleches, Beta Alpha Psi ent Chi Epsilon recogn neer. Founded at r r0Pro1f- Phill' G 5, M" M ID Olllfl, if Boiim lou: J0S9Dh Sidor QOG bm if ow' George Gundi X Q 25' 5 .Q .55 if fr.. 7 'f ,W , '53- , J , 1 Y xx Q , H D fi K P fl 1- Q X '- , 'SV ' Q1 'X ' X. Sf - V A N x , X , 4 . - nw g 2 . . 11' , ,, 1 " Q-f' -Q , - , X S r 3 Q , 4 + 1 l I v iz , if 1 , . .' x sf . X N - X x 1. . - - N 4 , . - - X A. , . X Q , Y x -X V1 1 f ,ff-1 4 f rw . ' R 1 ' '? ' ,.. : f , V i Q N . , . H ' Q , 3 f A ' ,fy X M t is Y ,, 9' As 'tax 19. Q W Y Sr k f 1 ff , I2 1-'fl Q ' " f ff S 'f N l QV' gm! K 3. 1 . ' 'ggjfx ' . , f. .,,' 4 X ' W 1 xi , rm ,I I Q swf-rf 4 Q ,'A'1 q '-fVi i f if X I ' , , , , W , qi v:..: f - K ' . , -. V F e' ak w Z, 1 N ' z , d NL V, 1 x x , ,w-3' . 4 N TC -Q 'Q 4 , nn V W W lg' ' KZ? 2 - 'G' J W-5 +V ,W 4521 42,1 ' A :QM ii ,S -Q S 5 f v.ZfX U ,Q XB I 2 A ki--.JR ' V Qu ' if If Y N 95? , . i I I L gg f 4' ' ,A T 3 A '-K I fy, , Q' 1 sg GR Q w .V x x ., -'fx . f Yi? agp at 2 Qi' si? ,gy gy, b Jimi , g Q .LY Xixgxy. , V A ' - w i . i x Top row: Theodore Peck, James Tetrick, Conrad Lantz, Marshall Mabie, Robert Aten, Marshall Drues, Donald Puchalski, Charles Berndt, Donald Mar- golis, Barry Kerns, Gone Kostick, Norbert Chutrau, Richard Greer, Joseph .Huyler, John Trimble I Third row: Elbert Rhoades, William Forsythe, Malcolm MacLean, John Valentine, George Bockwrnkel, Robert Stallman, Sidney Zipperman, Donald May, August XVisnosky, Lawrence Moore, Thomas Bartuska, Dennis Carlson, Thomas Lorenz, Donald Berg, Robert Fahlbeck, YVilliam Yonan, Her. man Schafer, Lon Rademacher, Jay Muntz Second row: David Brill, Lawrence Gahan, Owen Ackerman, treasurer, David Hunsaker, Thomas W'aIker, presidentg Robert Hunt, vice president. Richard Eberhardy, secretary, John Fix, Richard XVhittaker ' Bottom row: Nils Soneson, LeRoy Gurd, Thomas Krucker, Robert Hintz, Dale McDyer, Ronald Pearce, Jerry Reich, Donald Nelson, Leon Scott Robert Stusrud, VS'illiam Sheppley, Keith Miller, George Trull ' Dolphin Fraternity is composed of men desiring fellowship in participating, studying and promoting an all-around swimming program at the University of Illinois and throughout the high schools of the state. DCDLPHIN FRATERNITY GAMMA ALPHA CHI Gamma Alpha Chi, a national advertising fraternity, is dedicated through "Truth and Servicei' to pl-ac- tical education of Women in advertising. Top row: Mary Darst. Susan Lee, Nancy LeConte, Cal-01 COX, Sanl. T1 V. Sammi row: Delores Young Shirlev Moore San lra H ll' gm wmqqr Wilillia Davis, Susan Teeffarden Dora L . A - . , d Y A -. - 1 - , D r ee Q,"i"i"1 ""ff'2 Ji1,Hf3Nf1'KIl01', Susan Gliessmnn, Kahin Yhgliiiriisl 1g0vI'fIary,- Sandra Baker, treasurer, Paula Basner - 0 U1 7111110 : r. 1111165 Mullen, urlviscm N -' A -- f-. . .- A ' ' eeves Speymver P, 111115 11fl01'b0l1, 1100 77'0'5ld07lf,' Dorothy Carter, Patricia McCartney, Alice Patterson, Judith Belt, Patricia A' . u was I. , f V, L X .V 2 Q V . W , ,img i 1 Q if 3 Y at ' 4 1 -, , of I fr Mi fx 'S Wul- : Carlton DeW0ll W giiircau Wiedemnnn, : 1' .-mond U Srroqjdopzgdruilfilzl Toth' r Bottom row: Scott 59814 Thun Gargoyle Society i hstic standing, a r architectural interr ilu Phi Epsilon is promotion of high Election to memh gmrrfrr ,nite rnhrrr, . 1 T02, , ld Puchalski, Charles 7911 Stallman, gd fra, Robert F I nil 5l1?Pfrmiii,. Bhlbecli, Wllhm Yom president 5 Rohm Hum F, W u, Y Y 1 J erry Reich, Donald Nelson 5, Studldng and promoting the high schools ol the so "Truth and Service" to li 5arden. Dora Lee 5 -3 Baker, treasurer, Paula Basie . rj zney. Alice Psttersvll, Judllh M I Top row: Carlton Dewolff, Marvin Bamburg, Joan Englis, YVilliam Meyer, John Vukovitz, Ralph Duddles, Philip Gardner, Richard Schwarz, Duncan XViedcmann, Robert Mocll, Alfred Lange, Arnold Schwartz. Dar Socdarman, Fred Miles Second row: Raymond DiPasquale, Robert Hsiung, secretary, Richard Zeiner, treasurer, NVilliam Acheson, president, David Rogers, 'vice presidcntg Prof, Edmund Toth, adviser, Prof. Robert Link, adviser Bottom row: Scott Seaton, James Hall, Paul Helmle, Robert Pechnick, Philip Locashio, Donald Courteau, Thomas Green, Edward Cohan, Hans Thun Gargoyle Society invites into membership upper class students in architecture who possess a high scho- lastic standing, a reputable character, and professional promise. The aim of the Society is to advance architectural interests and to promote good fellowship. GARGOYLE SOCIETY MU PHI EPSILON Mu Phi Epsilon is a national professional sorority which seeks the advancement of music in America, the promotion of high standards of musicianship and scholarship, and the development of a true sisterhood. Election to membership is based upon scholarship, musicianship, character, and personality. Top row: Alice Mahler, Joan Mcloetchie, Carol Koehn, Nancy Hutchison, Marianne Ivey h I Bottom rote: Deanna Africk, Nancy VVilliams, vice president ,- Barbara Kilburn, treasurer,- Faith Roubik, .vecretaryg Sherry Rossiter, Donna Tredrea Not in panel: Barbara English, president, Geraldine Guren, Linda Hawkins, Claretta Metzger, Edith Peschang, Ann W'ideroe ' G? fy. 'Fw ss, 67 , . 5 Ref we N 4.e'iY? 3, w -. aff' 0 if M ' W gg? y 'J gk W if , J X 11.1.5 . . Q l'! 9 561 , 1 'v 1 Qi . XZ N f , .gg:v, , A X , if , ,F , f 14 'Rf x if , 'L' 5 N, 3 fi 5. Q. 65 f x H 7 I ' :ff '4 Q v we 5' 3 , 1 2 - " .5 K I 4 f 53 1 K 1' v x 1 ' Z 5, A 1 ,, . Q, , x X 5 0 , I , 2 , K 'X U Wu ? 4 A, ,- lg Q, l . Q1 Hwy... -5 x .v ',S C v .9 af 7 1? A 57 .Q t 'I I 9 I ' Q Iwi! O F 3 .. 44 Ivy- 7 fx: My ,gs L fiszggff - gk f W f ia fsbw 'Y f v :J l 6 ff fvf ! 1 M7 ff! ZA' , K Q f ul ,gf i f ,, 1 J, .gf U T5 "max 1, x 4 ...-ngsq' 4:11 ...naw-audi 5 ws ,V f i! .,lV.. -? 7-1-5 ,,' ,, 33. Vi -f + vs' 45 1 f t , .4 V ij? 22' -.-.........,...........,.........44L .E J ,Hai i f .mm ,N X ' 1 1 V Y '29 .1 X . . C 7' li ' 4 , ard, f , vw A Q. 0 , 1 iii- X,,,, f f, A -' f 'f V X I , r I Q + Q, - ,f is Q A ' A, 'N . X X , N 'A 79 x ., M 1' , V I I 'L Q 7 ek ' f b , , ,, , H - n -- ' y -ff' x ' '-f' ' :S ,VM 5 ,J F I S Bds listen and lean, O promote a better undq, of their future proiagigi 'elevant programs imlud. Pi seeks to stimulate aid net each spring a twent- outstanding work inlis sponsors tours of publirl' Mack, Daniel Stinson. we Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman menis scholastic honor society, was founded in 1923 to encour- age and reward high scholarship attainment among college men. Alpha Chapter at the Uni- versity of Illinois was admitted in 1937 to mem- bership in the association of College Honor Societies. Any Illinois freshman who attains a grade average of 4.5 or higher, either during his first semester or his first complete school year, may become a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Most of the Work of Phi Eta Sigma is con- cerned with promoting scholarship-. The chap- ter sponsors a booth at the annual Freshman Week Activity Night, honors those freshmen Whose eight Weeks grades average 4.0 or above with a smoker, and holds an exchange with Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman Women's honorary. V ts , Oftcers-Top row: Walter Justice, 'lfgistorzkzng Robert Backoff, t1'caszu'e'r,- Dean Boclnar, secretwrjj Bottom row: Reginald Bean, vice president, David Roseman, president PHI ETA SIGMA Top row: Arnold Galloway, Paul Bowman, Eric Koch, Dan Dannerfelot, Charles Reinhardt, George XVhitney, Robert Madix, John Jails, Robert Bell, Loren Sanders Third row: Larry Zimmerman, Richard Snodgrass, Manfred Pagel, William Bradley, Jon Brodd, Robert Guziec, Ronald Avery, Paul Malven, David Brown Secorgd Miro: LJohn Pennington, David Penniman, Robert Backoff, David Roseman, Reginald Bean, Dean Bodnar, YValter Justice, Roger Harrison, tep en ucas Bottom row: Richard Vatthauer, Harold Abramowski, William Field, Gene Potter, Thomas Anderson, Vernon Mueller, David Yates Not in panel: Hubert Alpert, Sayre Andersen, James Armstrong, Richard Balsam, Robert Banash, Arlo Bane, Lowell Batson, Louis Beardslee, Joseph Becherman, Don Bienfang, LeRoy Bimstein, Jr., Roger Blind, Irwin Bliss, Richard Branson, Ronald Brown, Warren Brunton, John Clancy, John Clark, John Clem, Maarten Dake, James Degenford, James DeHass, Burdett Dunbar, Harry Dyner, Grant Eddy, Norman Ehlers, Ronald Engel, Richard Fairgrieves, Ronald Feingold, Glen Ferguson, Kenneth Fordham, Carl Gak, Franklin Garrison, Jr., Caeser Ghilarducci, Edward Gieszelmann, Michael Goldman, Stuart Goodman, Edward Gray, Anthony Guepin, Glen Gullakson, Byron Harman, William Harrison, David Harshbarger, William Hartley, Michael Haynes, Charles Heathman, Leo Heinikoff, Jon Hinrichs, Michael Hoit, Donald Hufaker, Alan Imielinski, Leon Keller, David Klingel, James Koertge, Horst Konrad, Charles Koptis, James Kunkel, William Kunz, Robert Lansford, Douglas Lapp, Larry Leiken, Frank Leingang, Keith McCloskey, Keith Lentner, Frank Lichtenstein, David Lipson, Richard Mack, Louis Marchini, Arthur Mattson, Glendon Meyer, Orville Miller, John Mills, Charles Morehead, David Morowitz, Alan Morris, Mati Nomm, James Osborn, Judson Parker, George Pease, Leaton Perkinson, Robert Pokorny, Gene Reck, Thomas Reeder, James Rehiak, Stanley Russel, Jr., Mark Saberman, Ronald Sade- water, XValter Sanders, Robert Schaefer, Roger Schmitz, Richard Schwartz, Harvey Shepard, Norman Smith, James Stephens, Robert Stievater, Ronald Stone, Marshall Thompson, Robert Thornberry, James Trefil, Bruce Velde, John VVelch, John VVhite, Daniel Wilde, Carl Wilk, Jerry Williams, Roger Williams, Gerald Winkler, Edwin Wollerman, Homer VVright, Tai Te VVu, Dennis Zeitlin , , his f Qy 5 1 AA, f. f, , Z1 ,wi M ff ' 16:8 f -22 ,V 4? 194 , , Q I W fix 4 r xx , iris? 'ifffs' 'W ' "Rv ffl, '44 -1?-lm - ' Q, T' ff??i',i5,2g"" a f f ffiiv S Q 2 , yay 2 44 ff r M4 - 4x ., K Q: 7 J, J if - Q 1 ' 291' xy 494: yy fjtsil' RTL Q JK ry- x 1 . v f K Q : :J A- ,Z . f K+, - if yi .fa - xx X x fi sf ,1- f 1 ,. , 1' www' , 'M"'2Tfii'm 1 'ff gin , - xg. V , V 7 ,fm W v Z4 1 , wa, 1 U! F ' I 'xf. A V., - 1,2553 If X! lk n 6? , 4 .3421 3-T: M x x is X A PQ Wir? , .,, . i ax 3 X X I " 6: ,fx l +4 ox Q tl Y iv 5 if Q ti 4 w x . V , 4, , ,xX. X 1 Q X ,, K N , ,,,. A - 2 4, ,ws i n 1 g,- ' " f U Q 'K v, X X 9 1' fi 1 5 , . C3 X fa Y. gh 1 fx K3 - 5 .., . w V .ff-Q , Z if " 'R if , " V .. Q Z , f S ,Q X 9 ff Q in b .,, ,, . ' - fQQ?4 Y x X E s 5, X W H114 . ' ,fr 1 W '-'K ll tx E , 1 2-1 Y.-F E- I k I 3" nv 1. 1 ply' 1 l NW? w. 3 . 3 1,4 ! Q , ,, n. ' 1 ,Ax -.-ffkw I' Ti, -me mmf x Yin f '. ,' W! - fy, GA , A A 'fs , v MPN Q A 'W 'SM ....A I - - - ' f - - - Adlon Ojizccrs-Left to rzght: Joan Hoffman, secretary, 1 I Dolnne, president, Carol Brandt, 'vice president, 1111211119 Bernstein, treasurer Carol Brandt awards Shi-Ai skit winners. SHI-AI Shi-Ai, the sophomore activity honorary for sorority women, works to promote and strengthen friend- ship among the sororities and to encourage interest in campus activities. The group holds exchanges with Alpha Chron, Star and Scroll, and Skull and Crescent. Established jointly in 1920 by Illinois and Northwestern, Shi-Ai holds bi-monthly dinner meetings and participates in many service projects. This honorary sponsors Shi-Ai Sing during Mothers, Day weekend and provides four one hundred dollar scholarships for needy sophomore girls with the proceeds. Every spring, each sorority chooses two freshman girls outstanding in leadership, activities, and schol- arship to represent them in Shi-Ai. Top row: Carol. Olin, Ann Ferry, Virginia Riser, Carole lVilliams, Connie Brand, Sarah XVrobke, Betty Millan, Mary Love, Suzanne Peters, Carol Hay, Katherine Hlrt, Joan Greenberg, Katherine Miller, Carol Sagett Second row: Joan Anderson, Marcia Kittilsen, Carol Leonard, Margaret Molitor, Frances Fishel Karolvne WVorcester Nelda Stacel Barbara John- son, Pat Bell, Judith Randell, Sue Greenberg ' A ' ' Bottom row: Mae Mirto, Arflith Lamps, Julia Jenkins, Cerna lVeiner, Judy Ent, Susan Pollack Diane Pettinffell Suzanne Haines Carolvn Stncker, Maxine Poslosky, Susan Lipp, Lorna Klorfine ' C' ' ' ' Not in panel: Barbara Cash, Nancy XVilson, Margaret Kriege, Patricia Tiedie D ll NV. - D' K' N -f - - I' Niorrow Pat Rutter, Nancy Fnnkhouser, Joan Gutowsky, Patricia Dunn, Sonia 'H'ersl3Jeai'g, Lli1illi'11el?d?111glamp, Mau Dommelsi Guendolne 1 ,vw i A new member rece Sigma Tau, eng be of sewice to attainments of CI ment of fellowsh, Membership is scholarship, lead Tau offers a fellc The Illinois cl opportunity for Twp row: James Marti Third row: Bruce Ell' Sfffmfl row: William llang Bottom row: Da,-id A Springer D idt awards S11i.Aisldtwhmm omote and strengthen iriey, 0 gr0up holds exehangeiif monthly dinner meetingsr ,uring Mothers' Day weele Qs with the proceeds. idership, activities, and sci niimm, Mary L0v0,SH11'1ltPK""" ie Worcester. Nelda Smal' Bum ' Sir: ttingell. Suzanne Haines, Cinln Kp' Mary Dommel-5, Gwendolyiellfr 0FiCe1'sfTop row: Lawrence Zuppan, Jr., secretary, James Kries, historian, Alfred Uhalt, Jr., treasurer, Kenneth Heyda, pyramid correspondent Bottom row: NVayne Springer, president, Prof. Robert Bohl, adviser, Lyle King, vice president A new member receives his shingle from Prof. Bohl. SIGMA TAU Sigma Tau, engineering honorary, was founded in 1904 at the University of Nebraska with the desire to be of service to engineering education. The objectives of the fraternity are the recognition of personal attainments of engineering students, promotion of the interests of the engineering college, and encourage- ment of fellowship among students training for the engineering profession. Membership is made up of junior and senior engineering students who meet the required standards of scholarship, leadership, and character. In recognition of outstanding Work while an undergraduate, Sigma Tau offers a fellowship which can be used to finance post-graduate study at a recognized university. The Illinois chapter of Sigma Tau was established in 1914, and since its founding has offered an opportunity for the development of professional contacts and friendships. Top row: James Martin, Lewis Svach, Lynn Fisher, James Martin, TVilliam Sharp, Orin Pearman, Lyle King, Robert Cook Third row: Bruce Elliott, Neil Felmus, Norman Roden, Dennis Krenz, James Bobis, Ronald Lee, Chao Suan, VVilliam Nowak Second row: VVilliam Schaecher, Richard Capek, Arwin Lindquist, Larry Stickler, Alfred Uhalt, Jr., Lawrence Zuppan, Jr., Lyle Grider, Carl Wa Bottom 2520: David Ahner, Natale Scarpell, Edward W'alsh, Michael Spafford, Kira Krock, Jack 1Vinnick, XVilliam Myong, Kenneth Cohen, VVayne Springer 75 m, , on 'ffff' -- -X ,rx fx 3 ff, b. 4 ty, Q Q2 ' V - - Q, , ,V mf? 5. ff -0, Mg? 5145 v 5 Y F' 1-if X f ,mf '77 ' we '. ., was 59 , E S hu., X 4 i f 'Xi-5 C ' 217' we ,,,,g,,g,,A K I X ff-'Q Mr x ' P? ' L' 3 I' , I . Xml All x, ,Q Q L if s R V i Q, X x f Y Mya' 5 . 1 , i N ,X x x f xiv.f5J.5 ,, ,,, ' 66.95 1 - r- A ,IW ' fi fs E, F 5 K 1 . ., N. Q 2. QL, Q' ' YP' 1 .QR T if A 4 rw H , ' 3 QR ffji f 19 . 5425! Z 0 f . BM . . af J. Y J . is ? " fzfgsx " f- X . fi Wwe" s .. Q f' ,, f mv 1 ,Q - fg,, ,gxi x x ' 3? X . N s My ' ' Sig ad if 3 - ' 1 I . Y i sf. f 4 4, N, xv -5 7 C 7. .guyz z,Q,Mg,.. Mkwyff " " 511265, 'Xl14i.-N55 'W' ' M Q ,QW Ni, ,459.yA..m,.y,g,.N ,Q gf, ,,, X H g m 1' ', A W .. ,K , ' - 2 wwf W A fx, 1 , me V 22? 5 B ., f M? 602 4 ., yi 4 . ,wks . , , - f W . I5 , -vwgx, , f 1, f X45 X 12 A V ' ' ' -I 1 S f ' is f ,Q P- , " -x W' f I .Y - I f- . Q , y 5 X 5 x QM fir gi? 4 we ,if 4' 'M ,f lf f' 'sr gv., ., 'V ' 4' f wf' W . f , M. ' X 3 ' . 2 C' Q z l x ,Af W. 1 3 'Q . . . ff' ., J K 1 fx , 35. ' ig 'f I V SX F ' 74 . ?.1f' f. ' ' A ini ' " .ff N j I kk .Z My 1 . 6 V f -I 1 Y f , X A A . . ,, , vi 5 3 ' X T ., , V y . 5 s 1" ' -1 2 ' 2 lf f 9' :ip ' Q Q K . . . g, X ,, J C, -. E Q- f ' ... X . 1 x 1 ' . -f ,. ,, " , , .- ,fx ,, H5 , " X .if K 'Q ' fs X f f jf' ' Aw' ,iff fn?-3 Qignk 'W-ji xi 'V 5 K J ' 'S' , gffiggffi MQ X A , f K is , Q .v . - ZZ? V V vw, Y, . , W y Q i 'C Y . ' J 0 x X 'XX . Q2 x . .-.. '1 E 5 ,gffvy 'X 'YY 7 Fourth row: Carl Schlagcter, George Grubb, Robert Guy, James Aikman, Charles Price, George Leech, Richard McCrary Third row: Phillip Gould, .Jerry Hogan, Howard Cochran, James Sharp, Thomas Walker, Richard Snyder, John'Hultberg, Kent Kelling Second row: Keith Quai-kenbusli, capiuiitg Captain James Davy, adviser, Glenn Musgrave, honorary member, Lieutenant Richard Edris, adviser. XVilliam Gahbard, snr-nrirl Ii!'7llfPIlllflLfj Marvin Myers, first .sergeant I Q ' Bottom row: Edward Bailey, Robert Ed, Donald Alexander, Roger Nichols, Carl Baumann, Richard Lindeman Not in panel: James Toth, Captain Robert Chamberlain, Ronald Ahrens, Larry Arndt, Gus Sthas, Lowry Hayley, Charles Bednar, James Carr John Dibble, John Donohue, James Eggerichs, Norman Fombelle, Stanley Fritz, Robert Furry, Ronald Hamelberg, David Heindel, Jerry Hogan' John Huck, Lowell Jolmson, Joseph Legru, Aldrich Liplca, Ronald McConkey, Robert Merrill, Thomas Moore, Merle Mulvaney, Allan Pickus 'Frank Robinson, John Salomon, Paul Smith, Phillip Smith, Stewart Trimble, John Brinker, Edward DeLong, NVilliam Forsythe, Jimmie Furno 'Thomas Gabbard, Larry Garrison, Ken Gunji, Pete Hudd. William Huffman, Everett Kimmel, Donald Long, Paul Prehn, Ronald Shipka, Joseph, 'Watson Michael Negley, Leonard Arentsen, Norman Smith, George Edgell, Stephen Safly, Lon Rademacher, Edward Cleveland, Loren Sanders ' Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society composed of advanced corps cadets from Army, Navy, and Air Force with the intention of fostering closer military relationships between cadets and midshipmen. Scabbard and Blade provides a sabre arch for university functions. SCABBARD AND BLADE SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota is a national professional fraternity for women in the field of music, which furthers the lnghest standards of musical performance and appreciation among Women in music, Third row: Paila S'l', . , NI ' ' R -, - - .. Colette Homfan Uorlmn A afwfle ODQHSOI1, Barbara Lltfell, Julia Cash, Mary L1lJa,, Dorothy Arndt, Emily Chval, Judy Riemenschneider, Second row: Zoe King, Marjorie Nelson, Elaine Coady, Mar aret K 11 , Sl' 1 , M Bottom ,.0,,,, Carol Adams Sandra Emmrd Jovce H11 I E5 .9 .Fi nr es l eyer, Judith Frees, Mary Lutz, Nada. Rowand Sl Y N , H1 , I, , N ' ,4. ' lfelllrallfli presuleritg Mary Dueland, vice presizlentg M ' A R k - M 'l'n Not Anierrnan: En? Z axlfs, t7'0llSll70'i,. Jean Lmser, Judith Macfio-rquodale, Jenny Wertheim an HH OC Stad, Secfetfbfy, U15 1' pane ozerti uens, Patil lil B ll, NI B . , , . , , Soma Own' Lois Ruckwy Marjoriz Smskeylhfiarsilvnichgzeieliliylhs Blecls, Llsnor Haller, MarJo1-le Howard, Nathalie Irwin, Marlene Litwiller. 'QP T YQ l ow ' George Willl Top James Rutledgsrd H - 41 ow: Ric ,. tecoikeazel, Carl Sgllllla Bottom row: DQVII Bal yog in panel: MB Sigma Delta Chi 1 Campus activities The Society of Illi art as well as coir artists and faculty Toll raw: Y' . Second rozvi lctllfriizss ?l'm Wim row: Louise .oi ut panel: Lawrence Richard Mccmrv 1 Ydef. Joh ' eember: liiman Syler, Ch uelberg, Daageigifillxr, Jimistiy ore, 'Merle Mulvane, Ajlleffl Ilogt S William F0 " 'With ldul Prehn Rzsythe, Fnmhi If advanced caps Qadep ' relationships between ir ty functions. ld of music, which further in music. lrndt, Emily Chvll, Judy Rienuvil N d Rowand . 3 Iggy fm: R0ck51,ad,tttViIWIi . 'I oward, Nathalie IIWM MIIIMI' ,, W ,wear M - I , m ' 'fi :save .. v Y , A Y 4 6 A 1 W 3 ,,.V 9 .Q ,. K 2, 4' ,ww r , r , , ,Q fs: . ,J Q . di May? jf ,W fir fa J' , A, in fr , fi Z X , V . ,ws X' -1, 'Q' ' ' Qs. 9 r ,lf I P I 1 J ' I . ' 1 K ' , i?4'A'5'W3' Ma an was ' V -'W ,fi , , . f ' yas' ,K 4. T fi r i lil ac Us 5 431: ' 2 1' 11. LJ Top row: George NVillhite, Morton Engelberg, Robert O'R0urke, Ralph Reno, Bruce Johnson, Hans Massaquoi, Richard Atwood, David Frazer, James Rutledge Second row: Richard Hildwein, adviser, James Hubbard, Dennis Brennan, Richard Smith, James Murphy, Jack Colwell, vicc president, Pete Weitzel, Carl Sotir Bottom row: David Lange, Kenneth Brown, secretary, WVayne Painter, Victor Rodriguez, Mei-win Sigale, Michael XVhalen Not in panel: Neal Ball, president, Patrick Conlon, treasurer, John Nelson Sigma Delta Chi is a national journalism fraternity promoting the principles of talent, truth, and energy. Campus activities of the Illinois chapter include publication of "Tumor" and the Gridiron banquet. SIGMA DELTA CHI SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS The Society of Illustrators promotes the ideals and interests of art and artists with emphasis placed on Hne art as well as commercial art. The members have the opportunity to discuss their views with visiting artists and faculty members on an infonnal basis. Top row: Nicholas Britsky, Sandra Gierke, Sharon Reeves, Sara Balbach, Wayne. Timm, Ronald Kolish, Roy Rauschenberg Second row: James Tansley, 'vice president, Jean Krause, Paula Basner, Edgar.G1lbert, president, Dorothy Carter, Harry Gates, Rosetta Solomon Bottom row: Louise Schultz, Dolores Lnrnport, Katherine Kendeigh, Elaine llehling Not in panel: Lawrence Loew, Susan Gliessman, secretary, David Lierman, treasurer l L l .s+To row: Barbara XValker, S1l7LCh'l'0'ItiZ6d swimming Omcccrhairmrfng Barbara Mitacek, guppies chairman: Kaafen Hiscox, historian, Dourelle Kweder, Pfeslfdfmti J'1,n9t Lindner, vice presideatg Peggy Ing8llS, Sffcfefflfgli Patflffla Dunn, treasurer, Miss Beverly Wilson, advaserg MISS Joan Sanders, adviser The water's finel TERRAPIN Terrapin is an honorary swimming club whose chief objective is the promotion of interest and pro- ficiency in aquatics. All women students are eligible for membership in Terrapin. New members are selected by tryouts on the basis of their swimming skill. The annual events which highlight the year are the Inter-House Swimming Meet, the High School Clinic, andthe Mother's Day Water Show. The High School Clinic aids various high schools in Illinois to start or improve their swimming programs. In the Inter-House Swimming Meet there are three events, a marathon swim, speed swim, and form swim. Terrapin also offers an educational service fund which awards cash prizes to graduate women for proj- ects relating to the interests of the Terrapin Club. Top row: Beverly Wilson, Joan Sanders, Dixie Chandler, Betty XVenz, Lynn Skeen, Carmen Dominguez, Norma Christiansen, Merle Anderson, Frances Stewart, Sheila Lindsay, Barbara Pullman, Barbara Miller, Karen Kent, Nancy Swikle, Patricia O'Day u , Third row: Aliceanne HOE, Nancy Dixon, Donna Harry, Joanne Hahn, Diane Leherissey, Judie Paris, Katherine O'Brien. Lucia Andrle. 11015 Waters, Sally Lehman, Camilla Larsen, Mary Dell Carter, Marilyn Nauney, Diane Wehrmeister, Coralee Dennis, Nancy Veach, Ann Lindemann Second row: Susan Rypstat, Maribeth Hamp, Deborah Cummings, Marilyn Schaus, Patricia Sheahen, Sally Langhaar, Anne S0gnef0St. Loretta Piazza, Judy Kahle,.Sharon Conant, Anne Mathis, Janet Klecka, Marion Klajnik, Mary Hennessy, Kathryn Lawrence Bottogndroriiir Kaairen Hrscox, Janet Lindner, Barbara Walker, Eleanor Shook, Patricia Dunn, Peggy Ingalls, Barbara Mitacek, Barbara Johnson, u y ancoc Not in panel: Carole Kutz, Idelle Leitner, Dourelle Kweder Tomahawk is freshman studerr members to ev Through its act Tomahawk cl organizations. I scholarship, chaj llembers: Conrad Ari Bayer, William c Michael Filerman, g!0DhGn Lucas, D. Wild, Kenneth 1 Heston Wessgn '19 fda Dccszszeg The water's fine! 'omotion of interest ahdg lbers are selected hytfi, ing Meet, the High Stl trious high schools inllh g Meet there are threeeiti : to graduate women for Norma Giristiansen, Mfflt ni' 0'Day , . 1. aliatherine 0'Bnen. Lucia 5 Dennis, Nanfb' leach' Alulmif ill? Langham me Soil' ' Lawrence I 1: Barbara Mltacek, Blrhml Left to right: John Clem, Kenneth Qualheim, Vernon Miller, Judson Parker, Roy Dinsclrel TOMAHAWK Tomahawk is a national sophomore honorary activities society which gives recognition to independent freshman students for their outstanding work in campus activities. Tomahawk also serves to inspire its members to even greater heights of service and achievement during their remaining school years. Through its activities, Tomahawk developes greater bonds of friendship among independent men. Tomahawk chooses its members from church groups, band groups, athletics, and many other campus organizations. In addition to acting as a service organization to the university, it also provides for a scholarship, chapter exchanges and unlimited fellowship among the members. Membera: Conrad Arnolts, Ralph Beal, Theodore Beastall, William Bennett, William Beyers, Alfred Blatter, Roger Blind, Daniel Bures, Daniel Buyer, William Camp, John Carlson, John Clem, Arthur Daniel, Roy Dinschel, George Dixon, Jack Donahue, John Donahue, Robert Fahlbeck, Michael Filerman, John Goodrich, Robert Hartley, Donald Hobbs, John Hocking, Henry Katz, Horst Konrad, Robert Lansford, James Loblaw, Stephen Lucas, Donald Mahaffy, Richard Mayeur, Joseph Miller, Vernon Miller, Jr., Fredrick Mueller, Bruce Overson, Judson Parker, John Pound, Kenneth Qualheim, Gerald Silverman, Fred Soady, Jr., Dennison Staub, Stephen Thomas, Alvin Tolle, Bruce Velde, Philip Weilber, Heston VVesson Top row: Miss Ida Levinson, Margaret Kelly, Beverly Erlandson, Sue Bandy, Mrs. Jane Archer, Hester Foster, Marne McGrath, Myrna Mackev I t K ibel Har aret Heine Barbara Seyler, vice presidentg Miss Frances Johnson, adviser, Barbara Williams, president, Second row: .ane ornge , r g , Terryl Lash, Petina Allen, Mary Lou Bush, Gloria Albert U ',.' . Bottom row: Nancy Taylor, Ida Boughner, Diana Kramp, Bethanyanne Plnnell, Mary Jo Emlg, Elaine Stein, Patricia Freehill, Sharron Murray, 47 Renee Mell Not in panel: Jo Ann XvilllIllllS0ll, lrcasurerg Adlon Dohme, Nancy Hurt, Anne Alloway, secrctaryg Carol VValker, Miriam Lamar, Laurel Baier Jean Draegert Zeta Phi Eta, national professional speech arts fraternity for women, strives to build a philosophy for women in the speech profession, to aid speech students after graduation, and to encourage speech enterprises. Among its projects are International Fair and a fellowship for a graduate speech student. ZETA PHI ETA , f we as 3- '-1 X X all I qsqg wif-!,,,0gVH 'Q tglfbdlly-Q iffbflfi' , , , was. is 9' tl. Q 'iff' X - 1 X Dolphin queen ami court: Joanne Rotter Na N' dl' G h M' h S Keagle, Joanne Lutz, Diann O ,C ncy ir mger, retc en IS er, .ue Boughtony Sheila Robinson, Doiiphifhoslgleeyonstance Leber, Marcia Rosen, Patricia Wm' aw- Xiff ' Sigma Alpha Iota rush r 5 V i, 'Kli1x,,2Q,,i' A . ,,.r. UM ,,,,, w wkik Ttwmwmwm N k M M David Allffee David Dale AIVCY Iames Cabel ArChel Carolym Alice Backi Frank William Baul PaulBe1'I1St6iI1 Thomas Rosche Ber Raymond Frederick Ioan Patton Bicknel William Edmund B Ronald E. Bloomqu Alan George Bodine CNY Denean Bone P31112 Bresee FfedDav1d Breuer David Emory Carla lna Dale Cepenas lilnice Oveiman Ch lla Hemi Clark ludith Catherine C Robert Harry Cris! lallles Plltjhard Dax K Cnlletll Wolcott I I G rklmgmm P Fmhm riam Lum' hu, ld a philfmpg CIl00Ul'3g9 ite speech ghfi ,awww fm nw I I .uc r ff, 3413, NX X I K5 ga' ' wtf:-E Ml . M ' .W , 2, Ls.. 2, 'Pi 1 smaarrgi David Allfree David Dale Alvey James Gabel Archer Carolyn Alice Backus Frank William Bauling Paul Bernstein Thomas Rosche Bertolino Raymond Frederick Beuligmann Joan Patton Bicknell William Edmund Bicknell Ronald E. Bloomquist Alan George Bodine Gary Denean Bone Paula Bresee Fred David Breuer David Emory Carlson Ina Dale Cepenas Janice Ovelman Christiansen John Henry Clark Judith Catherine Cleary Robert Harry Crispin James Richard Davis Kenneth Wolcott Derby BRCDNZE TABLET l957 These students are especially honored for sustained excellence in scholarship during their junior and senior years. Nancy Anne Dowling Henrique Drews-Arango Donald Rae Dudas Dennis Gene Eksten Steven Joseph Fenves Robert Raymond Ford Mary Louise Frederick Iris Lillian Garland Rochelle Suzette Goldberger Paul Edward Goldstein Roger Anthony Gorski William Graziano James Milton Hackett Clarence Wilbur Hauschild Lois Harriet Hexdall Norma Jean Hilderbrand James Rogers Hill John Alan Hobbs Philip Lee Hodge Sandra Kay Hoffman Dennis Dean Horn Joan Mary Hradek George David Irwin Robert Frank Janninck Marla Kelly Jerry Lee Kermicle Ronald Stuart Koehler Jerry Wilbert Kolb Lois Marie Lackner Joseph John Lang Lawrence Tilford Larson Serena Stewart Leber Donald Levy Glenda Lee Lichtenberger Herbert Diehl Marbach Fred Owen Martikan Robert Thomas McCall George Clarence Mead John Francis Mester Sung Moon Thomas Edwin Mueller Betty Lou Mungai Jens Erik Nielsen, Jr. William Anders Nilsson Donald Vernon Paschke George Algis Paulikas Sheldon Mark Pekin Susan Spahn Petreshene Alice Louise Potts George Richard Powers Frank Gordon Reeder Robert William Resek Jackie Ray Rexroad Thomas Dale Robertson Ralph Leslie Robinson David Larry Sachs James Edwin Schlosser Shirley Ann Seiler George Robert Stevens Theresa Jean Stine John Burnier Tinglelf Audrey Elizabeth Veazie Benjamin Vinar Ronald Aloysius Wade Robert Eugene Wall Roger Kay Wegehenkel Edgar 'Whitehead III James Ralph Young 183 1 I N l For the man students to Whom the nucleus of college life is the membership in campus organizations Y the University of Illinois has an impressive number of these organizations tailored to fit every tastel There are clubs which promote modern dance to the study of nuclear physics. Through work in an organization Whose activities pertain to the studentis chosen field the student is given the opportunity to relate and apply the theory learned in the classroom to the type of Work in which he will be engaged in the future. He may meet and converse with prominent men in his chosen profession, participate in field trips, and keep himself informed of present trends and developments in his field. Important also is the fact that the student has the opportunity to develop his personality and char- acter through participation in the numerous social activities held by his organization. ow: Top l-Iarv Third TW ward Second N Egan: Bottom 10 J hn o N06 in Pa' Accour inthe 1 We all have bad days. "Say it with Bowers." It's as easy as that MON l The Ag Agiicul TOP row: Second rm Bollom for Jership in ions t '1 Campllsorg -e 'YSics. C ai ored to Et e , v ntls chosen Held the L ,ssroom to the type E 3 Prominent men 0 i trends and develolgmlgh, felop his personality ,iS or ' - audi gallizatron, Kin Top row : Gerald Brown, Ronald VVallace, Richard Wold, David Klopfenstein, John Grace, John D'Asaro, John True, Robert Winnett, Donald Wemer, Harvey Olken, Harvey Medvin Third row: Joseph Olinger, Lawrence Grill, John Amberg, James Burk, Gerald Weinmann, George Tillmann, Daniel Rodgers, Robert Anderson, Ed- ward Lazinski, Donald Rieck, Thomas McGuire, Ronald Hamelberg Second row: John Chaput, Prof. Cecil Moyer, Prof. Kenneth Perry, adviserg William Wiessing, vice presidentg Barbara Johns, Elmer Beamer, Gene Egan, Joseph Miller Bottom row: James Johnston, Thomas McDonald, Arlan Willock, Donald Snyder, Fred Karberg, Rodney Fraher, Marshall Goldsen, John Henbest, John Greisman Not in panel: Robert Brunson, treasurerg Gordon Johns, president Accountancy Club, which is open to all students interested in accountancy, seeks to promote knowledge in the science of accounting. ACCOUNTANCY CLUB AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL The Agricultural Council governs and coordinates the student clubs and activities in the College of Agriculture. Top row: Raymond Carmichael, John Gesell, Robert Frank, John Sprague, Dale Ruckman, George Arensman ' Second row: Arlyn Rabideau, Dale Helms, James Hubbard, John Feddersen, Charles Seibold, Dr. Ambrose Burger, advzser Bottom row: Vernon Eidman, Byron Marlowe, treasurerg Carl Becker, presidentg Merle Mulvaney, mee preszdentg Allen Wagner, secretary usay Hom' is t 6 . - - - H - - " Doetzel T El 'd C 'I j, Clifford Beatty, Richard Bell, lVllll3.IT1 Miller, Orval Kerchnei, David, P . Fglljh Tgdlv: Mzllrlttlii TVfel'rEies Kenneth Riecks, Jack Suddeth, Max Langham, Alan Hole, borest btoim, lay Sims I Fourth row: Gene Gudeman, Edward ComiskYy Rivllurd Geschwind, Joseph Steiskal, IDVVU1 lollmlllkelll John heehtell Robert Heed, H3-Teld TIDDCIY, 1' ""ll,. 'hF' , . - . Thin? :.f,1ELlmly0g,l:11lgiltllllsillelfrglllallles lgllxll-us, William Thomas, William Craig, Frederick Hubner, James Myers, Roger Higgs, Leonard Higgs, Thomas M l . . Secoillellgnt:JuCIlErSrleseClliglmento, Dorrence Brucker, Paul Huth, Gefeld Gfeg01'Y, Mllfen Hallbefgl Flfmklln Boyer, Carl Clayton, R0b6l'IZ Wetherell, L 1 ll , . , . , Bottdjlurenllxl: lllbjfell Mcliaught, Loren Maxey, lVayne Tomlinson, Bruce XV1-ight, David Franz, Lee btanipe, David lose, presldentg Edwin Hawkin- son, secretary-treasurer, Vernon Eidman The Agricultural Economics Club promotes interest and understanding of current problems in the field of agricultural economics. A faculty-student chicken barbecue opens the group's fall activities. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION CLUB This group aids and encourages students to strive for greater achievement in agricultural education. Top row: John Roth, David Myers, Arthur Buesking, Marvin Damron, Bobby Vilhittington, Morris Huck Norman Virden Charles Thompson, TI Donald Youngkin, Darrell Beazly, Leland lVells, Ronald Seibel, Delmar Schleder I L zird row: Thomas Yan Horn, Kent Durbin, Thomas Sorrells, Cl B '41 E141 S - v Lt V - lf E Tant- vetter, Xvlllllllll Hull, Lawrence Gardner, John Bidner, Lee lllesfuence ella! I on parlolly 'ulrence Dueller, James Bugb' ugene r Second 'row' Hurshel Craig, Carrol Bolen, XVayne Pillen, Da "d O k . H b t NV ll . R ' " ll M'll r, r Peter Thomvas, Richard Balestri, Kenneth Harms, Edward' Sclisoljgl u er a sy James eed' Llonel Ourth' John Feddersen' Dane I e Lottczttvrrogtlif Rf2':1x0iI:1 L1I12:,iE,3i.!zTZ?lI12 xcliongdi iganliey Rilzey, Bert Fgnger, Igflward Gillespie, George Arensman. president, Richard Langengeld, v ' 'il - ' 1 - . 'N 07'lj ae uc man, ram- -5 Q1 '11 V ' , - ' - , ' 3 ey 30,5 m panel: Prof' John Matthews' adviser: Dr' Lloyd Phipps? miqgitw ona l 1 er, Joseph Hodges, Richard LlC11lgI'l8X6S, Bill Rich, Thomas r W, William I Top llllerett Thoflxesg Second row: -la k John B- Clqrh' I Bottom row: Ric 1 Kidol Fred Hu Not in panel: Dona The purpose 0 of the Scout 0 The student li lt publishes a Top row: Bill Toll Thtrd row: Elwin V Hanson, Johu Second row: Prof, dent: Thomas Bottom rouw Dwi, lictor Tennery 656 Q fx sf... E' ohn Fechter, Robert H I 004. Hum 3. Yers, Roger L In Boyer, Carl 6. David Y current problems in 53.5 ETOUP S fall activities. CLUB CLUB in agricultural education. k, Norman Virden, Charles ll! rnce Duewer, James Bl1ggvEIIImii. 1 ounh, John redeem. PM .rensman. pfmlllfllin Rlfllfl lard LicuigrieV0S. Blll Im' M wnardgigg. Clarion, Rohm Wf- ose. presidmi Edwin Top row: lViIliau1 Channell, David Selders, George Bryan, NValter Schramm, D 'd Allb ' D 'ld B. S 'th J S l'l A S Eierett Thfmas, Yitgiam Jfi3ei5Jl?1-HQIL. Williams, Michael Gordon avi 1 eig, oua mi , ames cutz, ndrew Urban, econ row: ames o aw, 'era n s, yichael Cavallo, Bruce Velde, I' G ", - 'd tg J XV'1t' I -t . R b tc t . John B. Clark, Robert lliagner, NVarren Danzer, William Schwebke Xen uml mem an ames 1 Jer Secle ary' 0 er oons' Teasurer' Bottorrc row: Richard Radel, Gary Hampsch, Richard Duesterhams, Marvin Lipofsky, Thaddeus Swiecki, Robert Nakamura, XVilliam Barrv Wayne Krdo, Fred Hubbard, Lawrence Gahan ' ' ' Not m panel: Donald Tiedeman, vice presidentg Philip Tigan, Gerald Lewy, Russel Deliberto The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men with scouting experience in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity. ALPHA PHI OMEGA AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY The student branch of the American Ceramic Society is organized as a professional and social function. It publishes a yearbook, sponsors an annual banquet, and organizes various student functions. Top row: Bill Tolliver, Robert Pell, Daniel Baker, Charles Delott, James Bearden, David White Third row: Elwin Johnson, Prof. Robert Beals, Prof. Arthur Friedberg, John Lane, Richard Norsworthy, John Trogolo, George Bowman, David Hanson, John Van Horn, David Carter, Paul Tyner, VVilliam Bratschun, Joseph Meindl, Charles XVilliams, Leone Murphy Second row: Prof. Fay Tooley, Mr. James Nelson, Glenn Ziegle, treasurerg Raymond Capek, secretary: Prof. Alfred Allen, Richard Herbst, presi- dentg Thomas Nielsen, vice presidentg Richard Sanner, John Krumwiede. Prof. Andrew Andrews, Prof. Ralph Cook Bottom row: David Kessel, NVilliam Staffeld, Ronald Bart, Raymond Reschetz, Charles Hall, Donald Romine, David Wirth, Jr., Robert Finkel, Victor Tennery MZ 7 ve 1 w Q f H. in 'n ,, .W W 3 6,74 M , i' x ' , V .W N ,5 1- " WJ' x. 1 W, ,, gl , , K Nl wi gs J 1, -'N 0434? fly ca W vgsg, .4 , ,Goya-,bl Q.. f Y ,f f I. W' ' , 4 fi N L, sivizkx fy ,I mx 'N I is ii .2 ,K R- ' if V p tx Q Y '65, 7 2-I ,A ga 4. 4x . Jflffgi s' , 54125- if mf F . J 5 Ei? ff Q if 3, 'R is 5 A J ,ly iggmq Wy, , , Wi f M PWD 'Z fnzhvf Af 1 ,, f mf f 7 E20 Q ff, ,rg vm . ff U ? Zz? M , ff JH I ,rf ,f fm ff W Q , A ff fu - -rjfigyffffi , ' , 'f 1' :V 22 Z ff ' fy, 22 cg ff n T, . ,,f , , 2514, , WMWW-fM Y ' QW f Q ' 4 ' 2 , K' .Q , - ' '+,,29' , 'vc amy- ,u,.,, Q f,-ef Y -wif ,K , gg -5 V , . f ,ff Alf? -,I f,,. f V K , ,ff 4 nw, f 3 I f V 7 1' 'Z 9 " f f , Eff 3 ' f ' f' ' 4' 'V .1 ff' f 'J , ' ff .6 f 3.4,-' ,ff ,yff . Mffalr ,may Y ,Az W 1 I zz: S' W V34 '. -XL' 1 gf L 0Hiccr.v+Top rozv: David Kalnni, Philip McClure, engineering 1-ounuil Richard Foster, C0T"0'il'0Vl'lZlt1U secretary to AIIJE U r Bottom row: Robert Fusinati, secretary, Prof. Paul Schwart- lose, IRE adviszrr, Donnie Snedeker, chairman, gale Penrmnn, vice vhairman' Alfred Nystrom, correspon ing l . .vvrrretrtry to IRE , GO ahead, plug It ln- AIEE-IRE The combined student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers is affiliated with the national organizations of the same name. Its purpose is to promote interest in the electrical engineering profession, and to further student-faculty relations outside of the classroom. Talks are given throughout the year by outstanding men in the engineering profession. This program is designed to give AIEE-IRE members an insight into the electrical engineering profession, showing what the electrical industry is doing today, and what it will be doing tomorrow. The AIEE-IRE sponsors the senior-faculty banquet, picnics, inspection trips, intramural sports, and participates in St. Pat,s Ball and the Engineering Open House. Top row: Glenn Jacobs, David Alexander, Clarke Neal, Rob t J " Alb t L . s ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 't . Thomas Bertrand, Mark Lieberman, Richard Hnitema, Gilbert Jailiies Enrique Hernandez' Vllmars Belmkls' Wllllaln Maw y, Tlltrfimfigicg:Failma,niingefximrkvflgllcjliiifeylkbpafford, Melvin Krejci, Alfred Nystrom, Dale Walsh, Charles Womack, Frank Dalissandro, Luis Calderon, Ser-om! row: Alvaro Lega, Frank Koide, James Poll, C ' All R . - - , . Bottom 1-ow: Jolm Norris, John Muginot, Cal-l VV2f1ig3?qDoilglt'I Sanedqers,Ofgglitezflltlddgony Joseph Semmer' Xvllham Mclwnahan' Jerry Clmk , . R'chB.l'd H np Miguel ililqsh. ,. Edwln th row .p FourH,lilam1en, Rig Third wwf John We Patricia H0ZeK vi Second row: Pe! FC Bottom row: Jvm treasurer Student chal students to em continued thro Talks by prt by movies or s A.S.C.E. is 1 neering Open Social activi neering Ball. T019 tow: Ke th Ihird roto: Exsto' Second row: Thom, Bottom row: Vim, Wilma ,l x . i 5 K ,-5 hz. , . 1 ... I s 'Q fri! V' ' A 1' Q 4 3 I, X Ji .sf 3 ig W ,M ef 2 4 31 . xXx Q 0 wk I A ' 5 nf X , . , -ff 4 Q' f ,Jig M.-vifff' rr Wi ww 1 'Qt V -f 1 ff M514 W 4 ,m :fa W iff , fb f ,f V 1 ff -- has fm- M u mi ' s W, V Q 1'-,f --4 1' yi A 3" 1 vi v4 x I Y z ,M 23? , ,... -"' . ,f , W ,wa ., 9 gx ,WI , A V j Z, , VJ.. 119 ,- , f ', Q I lk ,. Q , Ay, " ' I fi ,, ,, f L ' I if Q .. If ' . lx 45 ,Q E , ,i.,!. N Q if -ybtsgpf, GE sf., , - ' ' r hur Zabierek, Wa ne Peterson, Webster Dollahan, Raymond Dietz, Kenneth Stone, Rebel- Top 71ig3DNabliaerl-5cbliaitdclld-IshnlziutnaglclirTnSliiiia,Gggdyplilsllivogdf Donald James, Esdwin Wallace, Finis Schultz, Kent Francis I I t Third Tow. Qubyn pea,-n Qrviile Teskg, Glenn Pontious, Donald Fadden, Marvin Gerdes, Joseph Beckerman, Gary Cummins, Joe Rosenstiel, Jr., James Allen.Walter Roll Rollin Su-Ohman, Larry Huggins, Wilbur Renken, Perry Bolhous, Ronald Carver, John Chapman I Second ,,.0Q,,. Gene B1-feser Warren Brown, Bobby Fry, Clyde Hogendobler, Herschel Klueter, vzce presutentg Ronald Holt, treasurer, Richard Pro- vart president' John P-rennan, secretaryg Charles Ricketts, James Loftus, Delbert,Pigg, Dorland Smith, Gerald Voss Bottom low: Robert Peart, adviser, Roger Mayhew, Ralph Gee, Henry Auchstetter, Richard Vogler, John McMunn, AJJamp111' A Swamy Rao, Arthur Not xugidllidigi tEdtiixSdg7EcTi?rIifeJames Gastel, Robert Reints, Jr., scribe, Loren Maxey, Fazlollah Elahi, Neal Chamberlain This organization strives to promote professional interest and social activity among agricultural engi- neers. Activities include discussions with professional engineers and an inspection trip. AMERICAN SOCIETY GF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The American Society of Mechanical Engineers sponsors technical lectures and an annual student paper contest to increase students' interest and knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering. Top row: Robert Williams, Gerald McGinnis, XVi1liam Lockhart, David Wade, Dean Peterson, Robert Medrow, Byron Stutzman, Edwin Snow, Jerome Mockenhaupt, Rodney Wallace, Donald Herda, Edwin Zemke Fifth row: Gene Hyland, Warren Jensen, Siegmar Gresch, Raymond Ruff, John Schoeberle, John Middleton, Edward O'Donnell, Philip Bennett, Robert Enstrom, Jerry Palla, Charles Pedersen, Norman McCormick, Frank Hunyady, Charles Metcalf, David Felgar Fourth row: Robert.Biven, Robert Westbrook, Theodore Miller, Peter Christy, Milton Klayum, Charles Lansden, Steve Wutzke, David DeMartelaere, u Roy Goern, David Ahner, Frank Sherrilglover, Albert Hosler, Charles Heimann, James Kemper, John Dickson, Robert Gaither Third row: Norman Eurick, Bobby Scheller, Edward Koertge, William McLenahan, Harry Dombroske, John Koch, Joseph Svatos, James Ragusar VVayne Springer, Larry McMullen, James Neal, NVilliam Parker Louis Bentsen Albert Cannon Second row: Norman Reinbold, John Wilson, Bruce Stahl, Ronald IKnapp, Robert Eoons, Arnold Gordus Joseph Marchello, Joseph Castronovo, Amos Kese, Madhusudan Bhatt, Glen Eng, Roy Moeller, XVill Brown, Leonard Peterson ' Bottom row: Neil Felmus, treasurer, XValter Ser eant Phil' V h ' - g , ip oor ees, preszdent, James Svoboda. 'vice presidentg Ronald Lawwill, secretary .. Gustavo I row. Tot' Herman de Ili: Third row: H9' Oscar Gutierrez Second row: EIYM Carnzosa, we Bottom row: Alvarf enez, Leonardo Xot in panel: Enrr The purpose I students on tl Commerce C Administratio tion of the C TOP row: Robert Frturth row: Loui Third row: Rober Second row: Brut Bottom row: Rut' NW '11 panel: Ric 'haul Rdymo d . , Kent Frallllis Dietz. Kennerlgim. ian, Gary Cumm. -1 PF, John Chapmggs' 'los Rvsengnk 346711, R0 1 mn, emi? ifollf 'wwf in h , ..5 n Mclllunn, ,tmmpur A sm iii: sal Chamberlain :tivity among agricum, u inspection trip, QAL ENGINEEE AL ENGINEERS lctures and an annualsig . of mechanical engineerig edrow, BYTUH SWlmll1lEdmsm"' ldleton, Edgxard 0'DonndL mi? - lf D 'd HU - . Aiiahsdzlii Steve Wuilkt, DIMM hn Dickson, Robert Gaither JM, John Koch, Joseph lm' s Joseph Marchello, Joseph Wm g president Ronald Top 'I'0LU: Gustavo Patino, Arturo Diaz, Enrique Rodriguez, Silvio Baena, Abraham Murra, Carlos Escobar, Ivan de la Cuesta, Oswaldo Medrano, Herman de la Cuesta, Alfredo Usubillaga, Donald Gaiter, Uldarico Posada, Alvaro Infante, Rafael Gonzalez, treasurer, Enrique Haftel Third row: Horacio Cardenas, Harry Klein, Dario Vega, Francisco Puerta, Eduardo Aldana, Manuel Ancizar, Hernan Duque, Hernando Lesmes, Oscar Gutierrez, Alvaro Barrera, Alejandro Valencia, Hernan Buitrago, Heberto Pachon, Benjamin Martinez Second row: Elvira de Mejia, Lorraine de Klein, Rosita Diaz, Tamara Patino, Luz do Patino, Eduardo Mejia, Jaime Morales, prestdentg Alfredo Carrizosa, vice president, Mario Santacruz, secretary, Lina Gonzalez, Isabel Sanabria, Maryane de Buitrago, Luis Calderon Bottom row: Alvaro Lega, Carlos Garcia, Ramiro Gomez, Juan Garcia, lvan Gomez, Humberto Marino, Nazario Guzman, Hernan Yepes, Julio Jim- enez, Leonardo Gomez Not in panel: Enrique Hernandez, Heraldo Soto, Gabriel Barbosa The purpose of the Colombian Students' Association is to promote fellowship among the Colombian students on the university campus. COLOMBIAN STUDENTS' ASSCDCIATION COMMERCE COUNCIL Commerce Council is the governing student organization of the College of Commerce and Business Administration. It strives to foster a closer relationship among the students, faculty, and administra- tion of the College. Top row: Robert Naiman, Donald Andrews, Joseph Hoffmann Fourth row: Louis Luscietto, Richard Barker, Joseph Ament, Kenneth Telleen Third row: Robert Stift, Lawrence Smith, Gilbert Mochel, John D'Asaro, Howard Carney, John Dorsey Second row: Bruce Duff, Sue Leichtman, Audrey Ostrom, Anne Price, Carolyn Konneker, David Llpson I Bottom row: Ruth Hadler, secretaryg David Jelinek, 'vice presidentg William Pickard, presidentg John Dibble, treasurer Not in panel: Richard Christopher, James Coleman, Prof. Robert Schlosser, Prof. Arthur Wyatt 'A' Pfv 4 ,sf if Top row: XVilliain Yingling, Thomas Melton, John Gesell, Larry XVest, Harold Tippett, Oral Booker Fifth row: Alvin XYire, Leonard Higgs, Robert lVetIokinll, Harold Harms, Darrell lieazly, John Stanley Fourth row: Miss Mnriun Syinpson, Charles Aper, Joseph Jopek, John Bidner, Raymond Mofhtt Tlzirfl row: Ruth Rohl, Linda Mooberry, Muriel Garvin, Robert Coffman, John Fedderson, Floyd Roberts, Vernon Brazle Second row: Elsie Robison, Carol Robison, Jean Rushton, Barbara Strunk, Mary Cooper, Eleanor Masters, Carolyn Moody Bottom rofui: Roger Chishohn, treasurer, Sylvia Wineland, vice prcsirlcnty Kathleen Redington, secrctaryg Marvin McDonald, James Melton Martha Rosenberger, Robert Frank, PVC-ViIiCIl-L ' Through the Cooperative Extension Club agriculture and home economics, students become acquainted with the organization and objectives of the Illinois Agricultural and Home Economics Extension Service. COOPERATIVE EXTENSION CLUB DAIRY PRODUCTION CLUB The Dairy 'Production Club works to promote interest in dairying and dairy science by meeting prom- ment men in the field of dairying, and holding showmanship and dairy judging contests. Top row: Terry Ellis, Robert Cone, Fil ' d B 'I A . . Second rozfr: Kevin Lyons James XVlinar ral iw' nel? Hoffman' CMI Gustafson Front roi' Prof l'nn'n ttI0 ' t llmkery CHX erne Gillespie' John opelka Charles I aurv J: . 3 e rnns on, ll v',':-5 - 1 X . . . . ., ' f - , . h , Dr. Richard Brown, rzzlvixrz' 1 MH reolgc' lhuk' t'm"U'L"f JOSQDI1 HGIYUS, 'uzcc president: Richard Methews, president, kenneth Esgar, if Dr. Joseph Top l'iJ1ii1awa!'v Horacg Fourth row: DI".RgI Third row: Edvwm Szcond 10101 Wmon lioltmn row: George The Dairy TCCI Its activities in gl'011p pfol Top row: Timothy N Th, Rowe, Eva Boud ini 1'01v: John Mi ce laiean I. con row: Geor Thomas J ones gi Bollom row: Thofna, Bellows, vige mg A x I LT . R ,ZLL MY zcviw if g .4 ' 1 'Jw ,. 7. H 5 V R :il F.. Q Lau. ,V w ny 5 A - , ei 'avg S14 x Q' ISIN I 'fs' 2 2 ,W ' 'iv 'f 4 fa' flpf ff 1 f f "' , G E31 - I 9 ' , gy, 3 - A1f , f f"'i"7 'Q . ,T I, ' 4 1 4? .X Lf ' u A112 , ,LX 1 ! i L .. ,, ,, , 'i V f",' A , 'Q 1, Vifff, WQJ es S 'Y al 5 J, r'g 55 It sim f IJQHQQ: I , ' l f I I' t 2 ,-.' -'F' , V 4 E' 535 IQ N S' , gf' f f, K, k Q 5 1" x' xx: V X ff,., 1 ' H :xv Ya 1X , X911 M.,-' , ffh U-L 1 , A Q ' x Q ? . l F ' 1 li 'np f -1 f . ' 1. in MV' WM , 44 I I I I i I I I I I I I' I IQ I It I I I I Ii I' I, I . I I fl I EI 1. I I II I I I Iv 96 . h f l D 'd Salbego, Raymond Borelli Top row: Robert Hun' Alb?.Ci1n'RZn'tfff'I22mOhfgrgfiinkifllfnnllllige'vifliiiifi Elfiinazfixieglianivliicllard Riccetti, Raymond Kulxyiec, Michael Coleman 25,2372 QxxyilgngugijerihgeglODarly1mgu1Eva,f vice president, Arthur Stellmach, president, John Schoeberle, secretary, Richard Sanner, treasurerp Prof. XVilliam Hull, adviser Not in panel: Walter Sergeant The Engineering Council is organized to promote a closer relationship and coordination between the various engineering societies. ENGINEERING COUNCIL FIELD AND FURRCDW CLUB Rated by the American Society of Agronomy as the outstanding agronomy club in the nation, Field and F urrow Club advances the study of crops and soils through activities such as a crops judging contest. Top row: Ambrose Burger, adviser, John Fechter, Robert McKinney, Elmer Readle, Wayne Tomlinson, Lee Stampe, George Hall, Joseph Jopek Fifth- T0'W! Roger Gallup, Carl Clayton, Eflwa-Nl Qomisky, Lynn Truckenbrod, Harold Fort, Edgar Beyer, Robert Phillips, Thomas Clements Fvwfh TWH James G0-Y, Neal Seichelll Gefirge Smith, Richard Snodgrass, Robert Henson, Ervin VonLanken, James Dolan, Charles Heathman, John Rutger Third row: Ronald McKee, James Myers, James Allen, Fred Awalt, Robert Heavner, Charles Ballard Robert Cassens Hubert Walls, James Mills Secoviii naw: Gene Gudeman, Howard Maiers, Richard Vatthauer, Jerry Strohm, Larry Casey Chuclf Luker Raymond Moffitt Jack Suddeth, Richard ug es I , , Bottom row: Richard Walter, Donald Hoffman, Geo C tl, VV'l1' B f 1 . , , - . , . , , Id, -' 0 President: Earl Sayers, sem-eta-rl!-t1'easurcr9 Vlfillliggn Xl6ll.S3Tllll61.mIn1 mlln' 'Tom Sprague' Melle Mullanel' president' Mullin Remo S Ur Top row: Second r0 Bottom T0 Foslel The F II of their ducts I The Hz develol Top row: Kido Second ro Ilollom ro . Amr Ml in pm Shins 'cc Nav R XX fm- -wr ffl? .....-iusf' d Kulwie . Ury: Richlrclh illllf 01522 ' VU rflination betweenlh b in the nation, Fil ch as a crops judgi yy George Hall, JOSEDll JW Phillips, Thom-S Clmm , s Dolan, Chhrles Hesllwllfi ,s, Hubert Walls Jw! lil nd president: Mmln Remus f Moditt, Jack suaaeil lff Top row: Charles Oberle, Roy Jenkinson, Thomas Harcharik, Sidney Rutledge, John Schwab, Anton Vilt Second row: James Hayward, Carl Klehm, Ervin Bundy, Robert Norman, Joseph Kellen, Dr. James Kamp Frank Pokornv Bottogt row: Dr. Frederick VVeinard, Carol Roller, secretary, Charles Seibold, 1n'esirlcnt,- Lawrence Mobre, trca.s'u.rcr,' James Fizzell Mr Gail os er ' ' The F loriculture Club seeks to promote the use of flowers and to make the university community aware of their contribution to gracious living. The club sponsors several flower shows during the year and con- ducts the campus observation of National Flower Week. FLORICULTURE CLUB HAWAII CLUB The Hawaii Club, open to all who are interested in Hawaii, fosters greater fellowship and encourages the development of cultural understanding of Hawaiian social and traditional ways of life. Top row: Hiroshi Abe, Priscilla Berganio, Paul Kong, XVarren Suzuki, Michael Yuen, Roy Kutsunai, David Shinsato, June Kawamoto, XVayne Kido Secoml row: James Mark, Amy Yoshino, Jeanette DeYVolf, Carlton DeXVolf, Christine Reams, Helen Hikido, Nancy Kim, Frances Ebisu Bottom row: Charles Lee, president, Ann Acree, 'vice president, Frances Tge, .vccreta1'y,- Professor Bruce Mainous, Zo-Anne Lum, Doris Lum, Amy Ishibashi, Jackson Gin, treasurer Not in panel: Patricia Matsumoto, Joseph Naruishi, Tadashi Tatsui, Herbert Nagata, Robert Nakamura, Fred Horiuchi, Ruth Muraoka, David Shinsato, Hideo Idehara, Michael Suzuki, Mrs. Michael Suzuki, Tuck Lee, Mrs. Tuck Lee, Norman Ishikawa, YVarren Matsui, Henry Mark 7 1'-L t -'1t: A lgn Rabideau, ylresiflentg Wilbur 0mceNels0Yl?fivr:c'i?ei!1iPiZli Dale rllellllw A-'7' Council rc""'eScntilU.vlij . Charles Burrus, vice President: Myron Dempself t"m'W'6' Judging day John Key, reporter HOOF AND HCJRN CLUB The Hoof and Horn Club is an organization compo sed of agriculture students interested in livestock and the animal science field. The experience and knowledge which members encounter in this organization is a valuable supplement to their classroom Work. Included in this yearis activities were the Little International Horse Show, annual Spring Barbecue, honoring an outstanding senior member, and awarding keys to the outstanding livestock judges in Ani- mal Science 101 and 103 classes. In the spring semester, the club sponsors and participates in the Spring Iudging Contest, Meats Con- test, Showmanship Contest, and Senior-Faculty softball game. Top row: Roger Bossingham, Larry McCrery, David Lakamp, Charles Lane, Harold Jepson, Richard Snodgrass, Kent Sprague, Allen HOEIIIHN, Lynn Truckenbrod, Russ Youmans, George Tjardes, Dean Harfst, Richard Bangert, Robert Cassens, Vernon Reich, Roger Evans, Jim GRY, Kent XVesson, Dale Johnston, Gary VanWinkle, Larry Smoot, Ray Carmichael Fourth row: Forrest Paxton, Jack Roby, Don Pinney, Robert Wilson, Lawrence Duewer, Roger Gillespie, Gerald Pilc-her, Max Olson, LaVerI16 Gillespie, Dave Ch1'istopherson, Dave Bliss, Tom Brandt, Merrill Dierker, Tom Young, Phil Phar, Gene Potter, David Ash, James Bugg Third row: G. Fred Hadfield, John Burrus, James Bowers, YVilliam Gray, Ronald Kollman, Robert Mohrman, Herbert Nelson, Paul Hemhorst, George Anselm, Don Garrigan, Merle Haas, Ronald Allen, Kenneth Harms, Glen Gullakson, Dale Hedrick, Bob Martin, Terry Ellis, Dale Larson Sccoml row: XVilliam Lamont, Jim Bell, NValter Younker, Arlen Higgs. Carl Becker, Dick Petrowich, Robert Hughes, Neal Eckert, Don Small- wood, IValter Griffith, Merle Mulvaney, Gary Cooper, Richard Hughes John Huftalin Jim Reed Don Meyers Dale Ruckman Bottom row: Jon Dee Proehl, Don Hoffman, Allen IVagner, XVaco Albert: Stuff Adviserig John Key, Myron Dempsey, Arlyn Rabideau, Wilbur Nelson, Dale Helms, Gary Whittaker. Bert Fringer, Roger Steiger, Scott McXVhinney, Dexter Norton, Jr., Dick Freitag, Herbert Carmichael Repl Illini Young The club's develop potei to national ai Aside from functions con T017 row: Ron Ha Second row- Carl Bruce Socks Bottom ,-owl Dom M. ,, ' Q, - X., N r . p 1 Udging Clay L 5 interested in livestock hunter in this organmi V, allllllal Spring Bam, g livestock judges ink. ,ging Contest, llleatstls 'asS, Kent SPNZUC. Alfl non Reich, Roger Evans,In.I mid ringer, Mu Olmklf 'otter, David Ash, J11H'SB,3'f?,,,,, n, Herbert Nelson, WD Bob Martin, Terry EWS' D0 in rt Hughes' 3951 Eckert, nr ers, Dale Ruckrnan , E D Sey, Al'ly'Il Rilbldull' emp rick Freizag. Hffbffl CWM Ojiirrcz-.sfTop 7'Ulf'J Bernard Narusis, Robert Morgan, vice , praxuluntg XYilliam -Getxen, Prof. Jerry llolmrovolny bottom, row: Regina Firant, 1lI'U8ltlCILlj Ted Smith, .sum tary, Carmen Dominqucz Republicans on the campus ILLINI YGUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB Illini Young Republican Club membership is extended to all students Republicanly inclined. The clubls basic purposes are to foster and stimulate political thought among the members and to develop potential party leadership for the years after graduation. Its political interest is not confined to national and international matters, but includes state and local matters as Well. Aside from general business matters, speaking programs, conferences and conventions, and social functions constitute the clubls annual calendar of activities, a newsletter is published monthly. Top row: Ron Hamelberg, Lyman YVilmot, Barbara Evans, Geraldine Appanaitis, Nanny Owens, Sunclra Thomas, Barbara Hunt, Bernard Narusis. Bruce Socks Second row: Carl Steiner, Roger Sugg, Prof. Jerry Dolirovolny, Ralph Yunker, Ronald Klein, John Morse Ilotfnm row: Donna Seuring, Richard Schultz, Regina Firant, Ted Smith, Virginia Naylor, Shirley Gardner, James Blakely O Icp row: Kay Heplcr, Sayilla Anderson, Joyce Lutz, Carolyn Peterson, Jeanine Sanquist, Ruth Six, Linda Hale, Marlene Peterson, Coena Blair, Janet Rutherford , , , Seventh row: Helen Reed, Jane Brill, Nancy Turner, Mary Brown, Rosalynn Jenkins, Mary Beattie, .Nancy Owens, Alice Patterson, Joanne Spaide Marilyn Ransley, Mary Anne Fries, Marilyn Higgs, Susan Kahl, Sylvia YV1neland, Jeanne Frederick, Judith Fahnstrom, Jane House ' Silvth 1-ow: Patricia Damron, Constance Hulin, Martha Johnson, Ann Tice, Patricia Harris, June Schenner, Jean Hunt, Sylvla Hardin, Patricia Marx, Patricia Beadles, Eleanore Janssen, Kay Asay, Helen Flewellyn U . ' . Fifth 1-ow: Barbara Forgy, Sandra Vernon, Barbara Harris, Lela Potter, Linda Mooberry,, Janice VVlll1iLIIlS, Carole Mitchell, Alicia Laible, Glenna Blunier, Mary O'Mally, Jane Anderson, Joan Branch, Glenda Landers, Janis Finley, Martha Rosenberger Fourth row: Marjorie Hoerdt, Barbara Duncan, Marsha Lusk, Kay Kibler, Phyllis Howell, Caryl Harrington, Peggy Honn, Nancy Moeller, Jane Cole, Mary DeFrates, Janice Tullock, Norma Struhe, Judith YVeeks, Kaye Taylor, Saundra Yournans, Mary Moore Third row: Angie Putt, Barbara Strunk, Karen Bossert, Becca Hosford, Julene W'right, Shirley Leltzen, Peggy Anderson, Julia Fedderson,Ma,rga1-eg Allen, Deloris Gregory, Mary Hahn. Verna Vogt, Marjorie Swanson, Alice XV6IlStl'0ITl, Mary Doyle Second row: Audrey Mathews, Patricia Harper, Mary Cunningham, Phyllis Floyd, Joanne Miller, Janet Turney, president, Arline Rothgeb, vice presi- dent, Sharon Hoffmann, secretary, Carole Grant, Shirley Franklin, Ruth Rohl, Nina Sanders, Janice Hawkins, Mary Babler, Carol Dick Bottom row: Katherine Niemeyer, Joann Franck, Rosamund Ashwill, Sandra Rayburn, Marjorie VVood, Elaine Chang, Nancy Reynolds, Judith Mitch- ell, lrene Vogel, Carolyn Curtis, Elizabeth Austin, Elsie Robison, Carol Robison, Zo-Anne Lum, Carolyn Moody Not in panel: Pamela Shepherd, treasurer The Home Economics Club promotes friendship and furthers interest in home economics. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ILLINI CAMPUS AMVETS POST NO. 202 The purpose of the Illini Campus Amvets is to perpetuate the interests of student amvets of World War II and Korea. Top row: XVavne Painter Ronald Sheedv Richard Allen Gerald Sampson A ostina Ala ' ' ' ' , ' y , v ' , - ' . 1 , e , " gna, 'William Hamilton, Riel a d Sl e er, Donald Rapp, Leon- gg,.,3f,T,lI3O6l,it11i?f,Z,,,fxNl122g2,,,1AX2E,,iQ!sE3EgiE:ii'lH glans Dickson, RonaldbGrace, Eugene Monahan, James Sla::kT Lairgnce Berleman, William Tlzirrflgnpwi-Y ffagold Hefison, tgiimeslligqiiire, John Rutger, Alfred Bonfiglio, John Elliott, David Mccartv Jerrv Bam, Edward Zemkey Bradley Hon, , 'PGY erry, ,ames ' uxe, omert Jurewicz Ronald Spitzer Bruce Stahl Frank Ke - N ' ' ' , . . .. 1 - . , ' v , Dpelei, Herbert Stein, J . K- p Sew7ilif'lgif-.Q CsiiiilftfflgfloiiimEilwilfilffiiyiiliiiis3t2iidLf3fn?1'fl Aiilemong Roufllfl Black, fudge fldvvvates Robert Des F0rgg??vZ1'vi2ESSUiCef: Jerri' Wilsfmf B John lioweS, Nicholas Fiorillo, Richard Kimem! eng lg-gs' Hind vice com7'7'an'de"7 Joseph Chandler, fl7lf1'flC9 OFZCCVI James HHWIWS, allfufami ottom row: Eugene Uttenweiler, Thomas S ' ,T VH- - , , NVilliam Mcmnahan, Robert O'Harr-, 'Biiiiilif lk1gli,al1i0iJSif ilicifiiiarghomas McDonald' Glen Fawn' Marcus Staloff' Damn Frank' J., f f . 1 rofv: Richal W Patrick Harlj Bottom row: H9 Daniel Bllfef The Illini F sors the Uni' cussion paI16 The Illini In: bflllg Univei tical side. T1 T017 Nw: Jerome Q Paul Uhlenhc tecond row, Ba, Karten, treast Bottom row: Cal- 52 -.Q 4 n' 59' K , ffi. , 'xy 'ft .1 1 K 5' rt n if P ,.,. ,f- f.-.Af , .X v 4 few? ,W ' ' 42' , G: 'T fffiilg , , Q" x N1 , ' -X ,X 2, ' 51. - A f , 1 wx 5' 1 f 1 5 . X ',QQ,f4QQQ'f'8 9, .1 ., I ' av , 4 ,321-fg,zff W ,, QW ' , ,S ,W , ,, I W ff V ,wziisfffi ' .4 . GI' , I N V, y ,X 4,, ,M , ' Q M' I 2, 5 f, 757 WV -9 " V :?gj?2'5y4 X 3 ,I W , ,, fn: 5-W -5 ,, ,A , an '. J, if 4 3 1 f 1 ,I-,A f. xy , ' - 0 ,E Q Wgyfgfpy, ,X ,. g'y?f,fj M, 4 HA 4, 4, 25 1 , ,.. lyy-5 fx ,f , ,,:' s" 4 f Q Q- f , J f, ,aging fy W: f Sw, , .,,, if ww , 4, V , . W f' " . 4 , f M - ,Zami A ' f .1 ' ', f 'Q ' W 2 -7, Q,Q4,f ff , H ,M -W f' A, 1, - 1 f, lg 5 ,1 , , , .J :,' 14 . ..: A. 15:55 A 7, f 'ZW K fvffz' , A 4,-Q 44 2 , M 4 ff ,, 1 Y 2 Q1 . - , f 4 G ' 1 4- , nz X . - - ' '-fflflf? n X 4 i is I Top row: Robert Arnold, Richard Barker, Donald Lee, XVarren Creviston, George Steffen, Robert Lewis, Mrlbert Deener, Thomas Sullivan, Fredfigh Will, NVesley Syren, Robert Stift, Stanley YVebb, Gene Hagemerer, Jerry Junas, David Hofstetter, Carl Schuetze Fifth row: Charles Walters, Irene Outlaw, Betty Kurkjian, Nancy Daniels, Xhllram Godfrey, Keith Poole, James Huxel, Fred Perry, Ronald Aron, James Mahon, Milton Ellenwood, Thomas Moore, YVilliam Bailey, Merle Sollars, Kenneth Brandt, Robert Ady, Prof. Paul Converse, Roger Esh. leruan, NVayne Tegecler , , , . Fourth row: George Hartman, Audrey Ostrom, Gregory Ganakos, Richard Malone, John Cocalas, Dalia Ozelrs, Francis Emmons, XV1lliam Louglunan, Gael Kowalski, Terry Costello, Robert Kline, Ronald Caprini, Paul Clancy, YVilliam Meyers, Stanley Porter, Richard Ferry, Richard Costin Third row: Robert Jackson, Francis Cheatham, Fredric Freeark, Everett Kimmel, Ronald l3olcl2l, TIIOHIPIS MOON, Joseph Klesken, Kenneth Eklof, John Chaput, Harvey Olken, Richard Foster, Herman Roling, Robert Lrngle, Fredrrch Glebrrch, Joseph Banky, Robert Doran, Harry Christopu. los Second row: David Mieher, Richard Sherman, Richard Aston, Ross Smith, Roger Harrison, Roy Laner, 'vice presidentg Marjorie Wood, secretary- treasurer, Kenneth MacFarland, Richard Hill, faculty .sponsorg John Anderson, president, James Coleman, Donald Phillips, vice presidentg Robert Richman, Ronald Jaskolski, XVilliam Herman, Jack Bedore, Tsutomu Tokunaga Bottom rorw: XValter Ogilvie, Robert Greenfield, Dale Bridges, Owen Ackerman, Gene XVallace, Aubrey Goers, Conrad Hewitt, David Sturhahn, Wil- liam Kliesner, Richard Bradley, Alpha Tebbetts, Gerald Sampson Not in panel: Gerald Prekwas, John Kotaska This organization aims to keep members abreast of current developments in the business World. ILLINI MARKETING CLUB ILLINOIS SOCIETY OF GENERAL ENGINEERS The Illinois Society of General Engineers acquaints its members With job opportunities in engineering. 2:2rifgiiilvfi3I?:i?5?g?I,fFc4rEEd1?TEEI?lIQgIbQEfQZmlzieldjil, jawtell, Isaac Cooller, 'Kenneth B'urch, John Foster, Douglas Pihl, Ray Howland, William Roger Stephens 1 -A , ., ndrpkowskr, James Wolff, Marvin Mrnka, David Allen, Vililliam King, Phillip Kenner, Thmioiijuiiaiggiiidcxni-Sli?rilolmlgirlali-ciieliier' Roger Bushnick' John Carsonf John Gfeg01'Y, 5011 P93033 Belvwrd Buckner, Dale Kempf, A11breyM0H' Illahtzy Jeffrei' Fritzlen, Dennis Stehlik, Max lVhitman, Leon Florschuetz, Randal Smith, Richard Hogan, secretary: Walter Holm, James GaffngiifVintgiiilySiligizlzllelieiierry Dobrovolnyi adviiwri Jesse Riggs' prwmenti Olga Ercegovac' Jerry Top row: Alfred Hgh ro'u': JOI1? Fiurlh row: II 3152 Third rvlff Theo Second row: gllgge l1ottomf0lf'f I ' The Institute in all sciences IAS-I This is the la Law for thirt Top row: Donald Harry Keefe, . A Lieberman, Jar Third row: David Arthur Schille V Traub, Donald Second row: Elme Prof. Nelson X Bottom row: John V president, Mil lot rn panel: Har mllhfl Harmon Thorpe. Faris fum fl D9 ietze eller' Th0l11LsS'1lliYll.h ES Hu! Q XG. Fred p 1 'fit fiirsriit Fra ', Raciiim EMM-,Wnin nf, rd FQYTI, RI,-hard I, T5-N more. Joseph mesh ,G-.L Uk! Ruben D IL MW1 Oral Hurry if Pmillent- Xlnjom W ' A . Lilo.- ian, Donald Phmipsq ,Ryu Conrad Hewitt, Dum gmm, n the business world. GINEERS Jportunities in engiieft Douglas Pihl, Ray Hllfllli if Allen. Willilm King' Pllllif 'd Buckner. Dale Kempl,liEr41 ' 'H 2, ron Florsclluetz, Randxl nm. ZZM P mimi: 015' ffm v Top row: Alfred Uhalt, Larry Kinder, Peter Philhower, Richard Hill Fifth row: John Zdebski, YVarren James, Jerry Lundry, Charles Case. Billy Sr-hwegnian, Neil Jolmson Fourth Vow: YVallace Hanlon, 'vivo lf1lflTI'Illfll1j Ermett Mueller, Thomas Dziubala, Ronald Fross, Arthur Burgelis NVilliam Nowak Third row: Theodore Jamison, George Levin, Lawrence Zuppan, Donald Beck, Kenneth Houp I Second 7'0lL': Russell Brewer. Harold Marthinsen, XVoodrowe Beck, Thaddeus Swiecki, Leon Knowles Bottom rozv: Prof. Harry llilton, aflviscrg James T. Martin, clinirmcuig John Nedelk, trerzszzrwg Gary G1-ody, secretary The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences represents engineers, designers, and technical specialists in all sciences related to the design and development of airborne craft. IAS -INSTITUTE OF THE AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES LAW SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS This is the last class to have begun its training for the bar in Altgeld Hall, home of the College of Law for thirty-five years previous to the erection of the new law building. Top row: Donald Griffith, Karl Hoagland, Stanford Gradman, Keith Hyzer, Edmund Shlens, Charles Abbott, Clarence Teagarden, XYilliam Gentle. Harry Keefe, Jr., Clive Follmer, Roger Clark, Jack Brown, Jr., Bernard Narusis, Hugo Schmidt, Calvin XVampler, Bruce Chelberg, Marvin Lieberman, James Parker. James Mackin, Joseph Fribley, George Lewis. Joseph Morrissey, David Burke Third row: David Zwanzig, Frank Edwards, Allan Blau, James Capel, Jr., David Anderson, Harold Mt-Kenney, Ronald Grossman, Samuel Garber, Arthur Schiller, Alan Sumberg, Roderick MacLeod, Ralph Norton. Robert Juckett, Darryl Lein, XVilbur Johnson, NVilliam Sholem, Harvey Traub, Donald Potter, Richard Richman, Thomas Metskas, Robert Brown, Chellis Taylor, Ronald Polston Second row: Elmer Collins, Jr., Carl Sturies, WVayne Bickes, Allen Mitzenmacher, Prof, Zelman Cowen, Prof. John Cribbet, Prof. George Frampton, Prof. Nelson Young, Therese Engelmann, Mary Ann Litherland, Prof. Robert Looper, Prof. Edward Cleary, Prof. Rubin Cohn Bottom row: John Lindsey, Emilio Vitucci, James Almeter, Glenn Blair, Jr., XVilliam Palmer, fI'6!lNllI'6I',' Roger Bjorvik, .vecretaryg Donald Norton, prcsidentg Milton Miller, VVilliam Young, Edgar Twine, vice ywcsizlentg Robert Nelson, Donald Tennant, Bernard Segatto, Carl Hoffee Not in panel: Harley Anthony, Robert Bowman, Ray Breen, Richard Eagleton, Robert Emerson, Charles Fair, Vance Eraley, James Guthrie, Ed- mund Harmon, Helen Kalil, Vincent Lopez, Robert Mathis, Frank Merrill, Peter Nordingian, David North, Bill Seiller. Andrew Stecyk, Norman Thorpe, Faris Croxen, Eugene Duban, John Demos, Sheldon Goldtlam. Melvyn Green I , w 'lf-1" W f Vx fi Q QSM Ja Giga ,rf X s ,aa ax, e Q W as at ,t sf ,sa wi no ' M Mi, as t M X t es V . gggtsi iss? ?-tettsfii i . . . . s are ,. k fs 1 f 5 tl A 203 - Wmgim l f V , ff' ,: ' is f"2f 4,1ff, . . M" k ,R' t D' on's, Algis Ripskis, Raymond Matulionis, Daila Stanaitis Ra,imonda.Ba1-tuska, Vitalija Vilutis, Top lgallia T13eJi'llJlxdillgg,s Rii1ligzEdaZSAlisT1I4:k:s, pllegiddntf Grazina Stepaitis, vice president, Saruna.s.Uzg1r1s, Ereasuv-arf Kita Cerskus, secretary, Irena Paulius, Lione Liskunas, Vida Jucevicius, Roman Bartuska, Yytautas Rubas, Mmdaugas Klygis, Sauhus Jameikxs . ' H Second row: Ina Cepenas, Jura Gelazius, Evelyn Kannnskas, Dalia Tallat-Kelpsav Aldona Mvgems, Dalia- 029115, Theresa Matllsevlclus, NlJ0le Jas- Th K'1 k,M"Stk,A1d A'ienis . , , H H Boggoeyltmibw: ejffggmal1ft:,gsS?zfpka1?s4l?a?s, Jiulitlis Ligilaalcasrlgllfred Zeikus, Algimantas Urbutis, Kestutis KlFV8ltlS, Modestas Jakaitis, Juozas Liubinskas, Albert Bartkus, Robert Gruodis, Vito Miliauskas, Paul Abelkis, Jonas Tamulevicius The Lithuanian Student Society promotes cultural and social activities among college students of Lith- uanian descent. LITHUANIAN STUDENT SOCIETY MASK AND BAUBLE Mask and Bauble is an honorary that recognizes those persons who have contributed to the University Theatre. Membership is gained through Work on stage or backstage. Top row: VValter Draper, Jerald Ketchum, Mary Arbenz, Joseph Scott, George McKinnev geignd wwf Eggiiet Hliglphfey, JOAD!! WITIIHHISOD, Jeanne Johnston, Margaret Sisk, Katherine Kendeigh, Ann Sognefest, Judith Belt o ogtimggplf.TrotgtlnianliriChgglghBi,rr1gI1e2slideg,iilSgzZr.garet Hemo, vzce preszdentg Suzanne Peterson, Carole Brandt, Barbara Seyler, Irene Anderson, Not m panel: George Swift, Gabrielle Walters, secretaryg Evan.Buck,.Anne Alloway, Deborah Blair, Sara. Vaughn, Marion Hunter, Clara Behringer 1451121135:S2f'7ggg?fJ?hBIfn12ggiFl?g':ltIE,gllllglgah Hlller, Genevieve Richardson, Jamil Toubbeh, Webster Smalley, John Swanson, David Tillemfli ,gain WN: Q 4' wail 304 1 Q W Orchesis i tunity for cl dance as an in the comn Each yeai its members Orchesis me Orchesis symposiums T011 row: J d' Db I u 11 ,V onati -Necond TOM: I MUS' Bake: Bottom row, It Joanna Zu' Officers-Top row: Lindley Crouch, production. manager, Modern dance! Joan Ernst, vice president, Frances Hamburg, treasurer Bottom row: Jane Bergeson, production manager, Martha Davison, presidentg Rosemary Olsen, secretary Not tn panel: Barbara Cohn, publicity chairman ORCHESIS Orchesis is an organization which offers to both men and Women students of the University the oppor- tunity for creative dance study, composition, and perfonnance. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in dance as an art form and to foster standards of performance, appreciation, and understanding of this art in the community. Each year, Grchesis sponsors two concerts to benefit a scholarship fund which enables one or more of its members to study dance during the summer. In the fall, a guest artist is featured, and in the spring, Orchesis members present a concert of their own Works. Orchesis also sponsors concerts in conjunction with the Festival of Contemporary Arts and organizes symposiums in which other colleges are invited to participate. Top row: Judith Zukerman, Anna Kanellos, Barbara Jorgens, Laura Quihn, Toby Wiley, Judith Buehler, Barbara Cohn, Beatrice Carlson, Miriam D tl Secondfnimlf Hertha Binde, Rose Kehart, Phyllis Johns, Margrajean Black, Patricia Myrberg, Lindley Crouch, Vivian Fullmer, Jane Bergeson, Mary Baker, Louise Bruyn l . Bottom row: Margaret I-Iyden, Frances Bamburg, Judith Krubl, Roberta Grimes, Martha Davison, Joan Ernst, Rosemary Olsen, Nancy Baggio, Joanna Zubaty O6 rolr' Lllrrv LIPI Top row: Olll Arora, Manavasi Parthasaratlli, Charles Casey, Henry Mueller, Henry Oberle, Marsh-all Meyer, Charles Hoover, Donald Romani, lvllllillll AIOSNIIIJF, Glenn Canfield, Jr., Dean Baseley, Stanley Pugh, George bchauner, Ronald Llllt.fW21ll I . v . Illirrl row: Kalinath Rll1lill0l',lQ0, '1'l1leodora- Iioppcnaal, Ronald liradle, JZXIIIPS Idanafee. Dallas Pasley, lnarl illodt, Alfred Bonhgllo, lvllllam Buegowyi John RI1ll'KGllZlt', John ldwing. Darryl Allmrigllt, Donald Hise, JZIIIIGS FUl'fll31', Joseph Legru Y ' Second row: Bernard Rickl-tts, XValtcr ll5l'lll'lCI10l', Michael Coleman, Rolert llull, lxaye Johnson, sezrrcttzgryg James Cost, ylresldentg Ronald Larggny 'vice prcsillclltg Robert Stusrud. Il'01z.vl1l'rf1', ':I.ll10Il12lS Read, fflflllfflll sp01t.s'0r,- Floyd Wrlghtx Rud0IllI1 D11Ql'ke1',. hall! Cl1ilk1'lLN:'61'fY lloltolll row: Donald S2lllllStl'0Il1, Carl Janis, Edwin Hoi-ak, Shozo Saito, Devendra Gupta, NX alter Class, Hldeakl Kawabe, Piltlt Sinha, Kent B,.0,,.,,, Larry Hayes, Richard Stranscr This society is composed of mining and metallurgical engineering and petroleum geology faculty and students. It promotes better understanding among present and future members of the profession. MINERAL INDUSTRIES SOCIETY SCARAB Scarab is a national, professional, architecture fraternity honoring members for probable success in architecture. Karnak Temple founded at Illinois in 1909 is the largest of ten temples in the country. Top for: 131 etl Wag L: m l.- - ,I - -. . . . ,. . Scipkatgijlgllol VallillfwlrmlgllllllijmitfgiifilgilP6481 ILINIIUIII, Henry Blenllan, Andrew Toth, RllCll3.l'tl IXIIISIC, Robert Klein, Donald Johnson, Robert Second rolllg Prof. Vabriol Cnzvr k' C, XV'll' 0 .1-. ,- . . . .,,. , X . , , , Pwllflll I"c"'m""l'f Pmf-I fltiwlj Illlflgell Italolahllilaliil hon' Dmld Mdllfh, '5UfI6fflI1f,' Glenn Johnson, 1H'L'-5'lflG7lL,' Richard Wolf, vice prcslderltg Robert linllom row- James Iasper llenry ll'll ' F' ' ' '- - Y I f- - ' - I , , 1 ll led XX cgcncr ll31'l'il1 Larson xhllllll X - - V . 1 - . An! U1 IIIIHFIJ Donald Brown, Clark llntts V l I I ' ' H Alelel' Fmnl' spml' J 'I up I ' ' S Third row: llgnigms .iecollfl row: Igchm ff ' rmll: H0 otlilbhert, Ralph Q No! ill panel: JOHN The Secretarial of its memb6rS gram. SOCIE The Society fo Tap row: John Sulli Jerry Barr, Mar' llird row: Robert E mond Rezutka, Phillip scllmlll, Sfcolld row: Allen I Judith Hucko, R Bottom row: Leslie I I Slift. president, lol in Pllnel: John Walter Carl, Jos Dtllell, Thomas Hffhler, William Hd Hutfmlln, R Kllolhase, Jon L Malone, Dennis J IIDS. Edward P0 Sfhelblli Richar llafdl Donovan QI., 1' YL? ?e' A 5 gi 'Y 7 . ? , 1 1 . is F2 Fi! R? ii , - . ' J M Cl' to k, Phillip Ostrand, Richard Baker, Gerald Johnson Joni' Chilli? gggg1,uc15'1-Hagslhll Fglhtelfhgoocciielliedgnglfrirtllglyandimlgtinslffxclijl Rcobert Ulman, Dannel McCollum, James Aikman, Lyndon B911 Seddnzlvgghd: Cdinnar Rearsoh, cape. Fred Rankin, Jr., ,HOWHIYI Xviilkefs Jeremiah Mollnhauerf Edward Cleveland' John Cleskof Wllllam Camo, JI'-I Lt Col Glen Shaw F . ,' .- 'U hToV ,RI 'tF' l ,VVilliam 'ox . Iggfuioi? 7Z'ffel- RI2E?i1rfe?IY1gg1?f:dyDIdf'lald1 JIgzfhcri?:nClaLf'iSeJeri'yahdggtcrs?111118 Sfifliik J0S9Dh Vitt, Thomas Ffeiffer, George Marris, Frank Llilka, Noflnan .Roden, WVilliam 'Corley, Delbert, Aden, Robert Ashbrook, Francis Bricker, Edward Gohan, John Ewing, John Gray, James Hrouda, Gerald Hoff, Robert Johansen, Alfred Hendron, James Keohane, Russell Keune, David Lasky, Robert Patton, Jay Poling, Timothy Riead, Eugene Snyders, Ronald Vorrla, Lyman XVilmont The objects of this society are to advance knowledge of military engineering and to develop relations of helpful interest between the engineering profession in civil life and that in the military service. All regular male students of the University of Illinois are eligible. SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS The Society of Automotive Engineers acquaints the student with professional aspects of automotive component design, development, and research. The society regularly invites outside speakers for meet- ings and provides technical paper presentation competition for members. TOP Tow: Lehevl IRCKTIVMSY- Albeff 0110, Jack Sdimiflel, JOSSDII L011iS, W83'H6 Sprinffor, Frank Simak, W'illiam Cunningham, Dale Brinkmann. Arnold GOIKITIS 'D Thzrdlvlxgg8I-eG5e:Ln:ncSgioligitggggxhgigipgl Bennett, James Fletcher, Peter Christy, John Middleton, Joseph Kennell, Jerry Palla, Donald Robins, Secorlogmopovjosglhelisiiifdrclggi-Shall, vzca chawmcm, Richard Lewis, Richard Maxwell, Stephen Davis, Albert Cannon, chairman, Silas Strode, treas- Bottom row: Paul Payne, Ronald Westb ook, D ld H d M'1 ' I ' ' , - , Not in Panel: Ralph Jennings, secreta-1'1!r Ona er a, lton Dlehmk' Vvllham Parker, James SX Obodas Wlll Blown . , Donna N4 Third rowerfeldy Pats, Somm Second rowr, A4616 GCHOVGSI, Dlane Bottom row: FrnnCeS pondgosg secretarll Jeanette Howard, Not in panel: Dr. Jai The Student Ed ship for those p C x STUD The Student In understanding 4 Topfwf Jon .Dickso: D J01Sk.Dan1el Mag 'oltoon row: Marvin M 'I' Panels Louis gilwafd Fox, Rog Sligo Floyd Mm, PC Uh, Arthur St. mf' George Har A K F 1 .Q A ,lg H 2. 1 rr Qs X v yguiggf V 5 f fc, ,Qw -'mm -Q N 'klffviikfl , W. . X -WV. za ,gg , H, K JA QQVZS VV5fv www X I I N4 if .X- V if H' 'z 3E A i QMS 2 Office:-s-Ireft to right: Louise Yolkstorf, !5.lff1'li77l'lLl'fll'COUIICLZ Qllfflf' HIGH: Joanne IIIIIGSS, llIfVOIIlIlI'fll FIIHIICIIV I'flf1ll'lHll'Ilj 5ilillll XYl'Ollk9, SF!?I'!'f!1I'jl,' Freddie Mitt-llell, 1?l'C'-Sllifllfg Rlllltl Mlllsll, fI'I'IlNlll'l'I'j Kaaren His:-ox, pulzlic l'0l!lfi0IZN r'll!11I'Hlll1L Not in panel: Dolores Madsen, vice president Freddie Mitchell, president WOMEN'S SPORTS ASSOCIATION The Women's Sports Association, formerly the Womenis Athletic Association, offers a diversified pro- gram of sports and recreational activities for all undergraduate and graduate Women. The aims of the organization are to provide recreation through participation in a sports program and to promote leader- ship in such activities. The W.S.A. program includes field hockey, basketball, bowling, volleyball, fencing, golf, softball, tennis, apparatus, badminton, and ice skating during special seasons of the year. Membership is based on pal'- ticipation in the various sports, either individually or as a member of a team representing a house. In addition to the regular intramural program, W.S.A. sponsors Sports Days with other colleges and universities. At the annual W.S.A. dessert a trophy is awarded to the house having the highest percent- age of participation and a plaque is awarded to the house which has accumulated the most points in team competition. WSA llll,-gm , Sllorlx lIa1lrlf7c1'.s+T012 row" Barllara Peters inlrrlnlural bavlwtb ' ' ml council" , A . A l . ., all- Dean l D ' - . V . . . - - - . - b slcclball Q ' - kamiy Parkw' mfmmuml baxkpllmll 1 l l onovln, mtlamulnl lzalslletball, Salah GIPSOH, l.7lfI!l121lL7!1l a 1 Mdyghilllz Le? l'H "1 Xl-R.'.'1'l.' '- , 1-- ' -- ' . - . . '. ,ff B' .0 uni IIPUV l film mst mf. ,lalllre qallcllllavllv, zz-c shlflllg, Katherine JIll'ki0l'l, Imu-IUW5 Om-015-H Flominff' 1,m1ml,,g,,,1,. Bm-hm-a Kranlef, U1 Elph - mee- lmmulnl brulnlllrlll, llfllgllj lldlllllfflll, bowling -' limo. 3 GIPSOH, P lllarmw: Sue M Eery Hamiho l - I 'Af I Q' QQ? Q Freddie Mitchell, pmuem sociation, offers a dinnlf naduate women. The ml IS pr0gram and to pronolel- 'ball, fencing, golf, soitlnlte rar. Membership is hasedit l team representing about rts Days with other cnlegf louse having the higliestg :umulated the most poinhil - , 'nrninrf ni-mari, Sarah Wu" -, liudminwnz B"""' ,yn Fleminz. ' L.. Prfictice makes perfect. Reach! WSA ACTICDN A bull's eye, please ll 1 , ii l l 'I 1 1-1 Iiztramural Council-To 1-ow: Barbara Kumler Patricia Treutelaar, Doris Snerer, Terry Cohn, Nancy Parker Ann Lindernann Sandra Sells f 29 y f , , Sheila Levy Middle row: Janice Sauerman, Katherine Jackson, Barbara Kramer, Jeanna Lambert, Harlene Schneider, June Hefter, Deann Donovan, Rose Kehart Sarah Gripson, Phyllis Younger Bottom row: Sue Mittendorf, Barbara Peters, Hildegard Schroeder, Ada Ross, Carolyn Fleming, Patricia Albee, Janet Schmidt, Herta Zauke Margery Hamilton, Maria Amoruso lim T F . B tamante Douglas Stephens Ted Blathieu Robert Ostermeier, Carl Strauss, Bernard Murphy, Fred Wrtthaus, Melvin op row: rancisco us , . , 3 ' , ' . S trains? sara sizufzzesaslsrsrrfstiir testator tfsarrrfshorder, Cm- econ 1-ow: aron a e, , 1 ' V St , V eta J , ' l F k L b Bottomorjtowoesrgogssg-tr Rgnis, Paul Kudirka, Charles Kowzan, John Koxszan, Peeter Hansen, Lrndell Fur ow, ran am The University of Illinois Rifle and Pistol Club teaches all interested students to respect firearms and to use them properly. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR CLUB The Women's Physical Education Major Club has as its major objective the provision of guided profes- sional opportunities and experiences for students enrolled in Physical Education, Dance, Health Educa- tion and Recreation. Top row: Joiene Lansen, Jean Ikeda, Nancy Swikle, Marlene Moll, Peggy Merideth, Freddie Mitchell, Eleanor Kenny, Barbara Mitacek, Ola Bundy, Rose Kehart, Patricia Wilken, Rosemary Olsen, Barbara Dixon, Lois Fox, Laurel Madsen, Eleanor Inness, Phyllis Piotrowskr Fourth row: Barbara Peters, Marge Hamilton, Barbara Kramer, Linda Sorrells, Dorlene Sample, Joy McCollum, Marsha Kain, Barbara Bradburn, Pat Albee, Patricia Dunn, Marva Lee, Sarah Wrobke, Carolyn Fleming, Nancy Hurry, Mina Maish, Ann Lindemann, Sandi Sells . 1 Third row: Virginia Seiler, Cecilia Damotte, Nancy Parker, Fran Handrock, treasurerg Sarah Gipson, secretary: Barbara Berner, 'owe preszderlii Miss Marjorie Souder, adviseo-5 Joan Morvis, presidentg Nancy VVestefer, Janet Lindner, Maureen Charles, Judith Krubl, Judith Franzen Second row: Judith Olson, Doris Sherer, Martha Bucher, Kathryn Garman, Carolyn Tillema, Ann Whitely, Patricia Brewer, Ruth Dechant. Nancy Weaver, Jean Bower, Sue Mittendorf, Carol Packer, Joel Willis Bottom row: Toby Wiley, Mary Ryan, Bonnie Adams, Jeanette De TVolff, Jean Schumaker Not in Panel: Kay Kirk, Alwilda Sellers WPCU is the student stall, Wh The radio stat of operations is equipment is hui Recently Colle transmitters. Th WPCU enjoys broadcasts to ov l5,000 with the which is longer UP row: Charles Loe Howard Wolfman, Fourth row: Arthur r j . Elldfes, James Kr llrrd roto: Jack Garr , Breen. Heddie str -,ecard row: Ronald 1 Anderson, Bette S Bottom row: Nana B! w A 4 r 1 I r7f 1 . mfug ' 7 ,V Y'-lf' QJ a . F-Y m1L'T' 1 ki 4 1, ' fe' et wmv g m QW. . . 5352 1 X y 6 Q . W . 1' , . ' A , V,Qf-,,,f . , V 1: 'f . X me , H ' 7 Z' V ,:-,X f Wa N-rm W 4, W9 fn. ,Q A , piwizg' fy ' wi ,ff 4 11 I I 5 9 ' X. r N-. 'SQ - 4 f 1 B 'Q 'wg .1 A. M, jjwizvisr f ,Q fb, ,, fi G . ,,'A I , J- x 21 x gd. .-fs," 4 Mi 4' i A 9 Fu X , ' Q 4 sr ix X f r K 143073 8' N 9 'xt 9 as X , 5 9' 'Q , ,4 v v , , 1 QQ 5 N' Y 4 -ft. Q Hg A M f U 'f' 1 , 'xv ' IF' ' 2 ' ff Yi A X ' -TW'-. ff ' r. X 114 f fs . I I, f gf wx I Q' 'f' x 4 Q, 1 As' A gg W - M 6 , xi 2' x x 1 'X viw BL Q' , X 1 15 Q , A ,-'I . ,. , , X 5 . ,G K f I , w 2 v- W x E255 ,W 5 ,Z 351 , gig , .wg - ' V , 4 i 12 'N fl If, H 'i.,,'41- W 5' 3 W V' Q Jig 'A 'S ' X ' fl ' , , V zi p ,N 'L N' , . ,, .-4 S ,,,, AK- Q N 5, 4,4 iw 3, .X M 4, ygy df fi, - J 4 , ' 4 , X :ki O 6' M 7, , 44' .,.,.., 2: .r Qww A, V 'ix' in 'X , 4 eww x i x if N?-5 X 1 5 Q Wi N Y 5 aff 4 K t f pg! -i i I Q1 W V N E1 4. 4 1 2 'r 'x H Wu :V I W M 1 4,4 K w W X A f rI'l of In I I I- I I I l I . 9 I I I I I I I I I I 4 RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS The Church is important in everyoneis life, and students are no exception. Through participating in the activities of the religious organizations on Campus, students enrich their lives by the fellow- ship vvhich they share. The students help govern these organizations through student councils com- posed of church staff members as Well as students. These organizations are primarily striving to supply the spiritual needs which cannot be found in the classroom. Each of the foundations con- ducts services, gives credit courses in religion, and maintains libraries which contain religious litera- ture. In addition to their religious emphasis, the organizations are rich in cultural and social life. Contributing to the cultural aspect are choral groups, forums, discussion groups, and lectures, Coffee hours, picnics, mixers, and supper Clubs provide social life. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is an organization promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention for the benefit of college students. It rs devoted to the coordination of religious, social, and educational ideals into a framework of spiritual development. Top Tow: John Chang, '1'-dl' B ' - R 1 - L. . - - . . , Clarence Hmmm 9 '10 10V 11, Ofelt Blllll, Phillip Johnson, Bill Jamison, Norman Vn-den, Archie Hooser, 'vice prqsidcntg James Holt, Bottom 1-nw: Jes.: Peppll, -- ,-'1 5- C - 1. r - , , - , , , H . . adviwr N t preszrcn , arogn rllllllS, sccrctarytrcasroreo, Alma Middleton, Judith Gabel, Edith Magee, directory Dr. James Martin, r H ,J row: Bradlel follrlh row: L0l1l?nc llirdfow: Mem t Second row: Kenne F, S, Arverlsofl, Bottom row: William Dowdiflgy We PI Canterbury ASS and service art The Christian Chfisf, Scientis T017 rozo' Third rm Second 1-ou.. Bollom row. William l'0Ns ri C . ie IIICIII collrses S Which C0I1lajn I0 their I . li .Q rich in 1 the cultural and discus ' IIIIIII Sion gmu IIS, CTS, and 0ICnics, mix ife ON ihem Baptist Convention! us, social, and educational Archie Hooser. 'If' P"'I'W5II: ,beI. Edith Mm. 4f"f"'f III' 'iwnaef Top row: Bradley Honholt, Edwin Snow, Alan Schilsky, Donald YVil1ard, John Berton, Vincent Lopez, Charles Hwa, Robert Thomas Fourth row: Louis Gaiennie, Virginia Haworth, Thomas Brady, Robert Riggs, Zay Mc-Coll Third row: Mervyn Haycock, Frederick Kent, Camden Pierce, Mary Fredrick, Barbara Cable, Peggy Stamer, Robert Arroyo, Robert Wilhoit Second row: Kenneth Smith, Carl Ellis, James Lu-Meng, Judith Brandly, Nancy XVallace, Mary Geissman, Jane Dugdale, Astrida Kalnmalis, Mrs. F. S. Arvedson, David Erickson ' Bottom row: NVilliam Schuyler, David Frederick, Arwin Lindquist, trcasuzcrg Christopher Pottle, president, Dorothy Ramsey, secretary, Fielder Dowding, vice prcsirlentg Father F. S. Arvedson Canterbury Association of the Episcopal Church Foundation promotes Worship, fellowship, education, and service among Episcopal students at the University. CANTERBURY CLUB CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Organization at the University of Illinois is sponsored by the First Church of Christ, Scientist. It holds Weekly testimony meetings and maintains a study room. Top row: Carole Jiroch, Patricia Sholder, Faith Paul, James Zinser, Floyd NVindal Third row: Marion Dahl, Jean Blue, Roger Healy, Marjorie Schmidt, Janet Gronberg, Ruth Schubert Q Second row: Lois Hoeft, secretary, Esther Fuenning, Barbara Farrell, Marian Gronke, Ross Latham, Richard Brewer ' I Bottom row: Miles Nelson, trermurerg Lawrence Zuelke, chairman, Lynn Schaller, Barbara NValker, Peter YVenzel, Douglas Orput, Jo 1hI9lklBJOhIl, 'William YViI1iams, Claude Smith, Patricia Jordan H' L yw- 215 N , ', N wsgxh VW 4,55 gyig,-5 W "' 1 E fa M .Z x... A K pk .7 in Q Wf Q-0" mu f M72 1 Q 1 A 4 x. , 712. QS-va 4, . yy " fx J 'N " f ' v as- Q " 2" - Z. K' ' 6 51 7 W A - 'ff S .. . ,.,. x -.gk.,v, - W - x L5 -i if .Q I f ' ' .5 VAN W. . ,, ,M . ,,,,A A .4 fw- Q, he ff ,er 'mi S ww V4 M' az V ,,. : kd? , W '-WJ vf wi 'A,,Q. z , ,,., V, 'W mx' vw if A 474342 ww 965 441: , faaym , ,wid fo , .M 'z , . , 0, e 'i 1 I ,f fx , .lj Ny, vw 1 , 1 ' nj ww! Q Q! - .5 , Qff: -' . ...- ,A Vfy, 47,2 W, f 'LW' f f ,W f Av fw, , H jf' 7 . I ' wt Q I wi Q' , Q M f W T' fyyx ff Z! My V.,- 45. xi 6 l 52. . ,, il " 3.1.1 Rf., Y - A M fr 1 ? , vi A any 1 . A nf 4 . ff f ag g 4g if f f 6 I + f w ,ZWTK My AW 2 ' :Y iifvszfy 'Z Q 1 ,. k Q1 K ,. . I 2 X v 'S """1 MDM Pound, Hamid 14,,a,i refaryi Joseph Pm 'e . , mana Mmm iogfam which 51116 in tiieiri ter for the ia! ish life in Amfia be CT ., u gndnvslF,l1"U" V Lb Top 1-ow: Delbert Karmeier, Robert Sudbring, Lawrence Duewer, David Butts, Kenneth Harms, John Steben, Robert Monsell, Fred Bahr, William Keel, Robert Meierhans, Robert Marks, Henry Bahr, Fred Wolter Fourth, row: Ernest Karner, Thomas Marquardt, Frank Bruhns, Haward Langhoff, Thomas Hecht, Jack Gaither, Fred Olin, David Scheiter, Ermett Mueller, Charles Scheck, Ronald Haky Third row: Carla Sommerfeld, Margret Otto, Marilyn Fris, Bethany Hage, Paulette Kling, Roberta Bliss, Judith Hage, Henry Bojarzin, Walter Martin, James Kruse . Second, row: Carole Grant, Deloris Gregory, Betty NVilk, Dora Gilmore, Frances Handrock, Lynn Matthies, Audrey Gronert Bottom row: Dale Smith, 'Uwe president, Rev. Erich Heintzen, Mary Boerger, treasurer, NVilliam Blase, president Not in panel: Barbara Barthel, secretary, June Drzik, Richard Haiker, Herta Zauke, Robert Herschbach, Thomas Wegener, Robert Groemling, Jean 'Wol1enweber, Alan Holz, William Mossner, Gerald Berchtold, Joseph Doninger, Kenneth Shaeffer, Vincent Schmeckpeper, Norma Strube Gamma Delta, lnternational association of students of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, fosters a program of Christian knowledge and Christian service. The local Upsilon Chapter provides Sunday evening fellowship meetings, mid-Week vespers, discussions, recreation, and service projects. GAMMA DELTA UNIVERSITY LUTHERAN CHAPEL University Lutheran Chapel and Student Center is sponsored by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and serves as a training parish for students. Top row: Darrell Gieseking, vice president, John Schroeder, Thomas Hecht, William Blase - Second row: Robert Meierhans, Max Moeller, president, Rev. E. H. Heintzen, pastor, Werner Essig, treasurer liottom ro-zu: David Pagenhopf, Henry Bahr, John Steben, Mrs. 'Werner Essig, Jean Wollenweber, Judith Hage, Audrey Gronert, secretary .Not in panel: Arthur Murray, Ove Uggerby 1'7" 4 X fl! 217 5 i r i 1 I 1 ,i i gi i 2, H. e u I i W? T '- 11: Linda Beztlek William Colby, Roland Hanson, John Hugh, Rohert XVagner, Edmund Mason, Joanne Nemec, Karen Person, Norman o :ot , p Lindblad, Suzanne NVilson, XVillard Hayworth, Roger Gerig, Marian Wikholm, Gordon Thorson, John Sahlin Fourth row: James Bledsoe. Cornelia Carnes, Jess Pepple, Ralph Jacobson, Duane Knail, Tom Liljegren, Neil Grant, Edwin Hawkinson Bonnie Malcor, Carol Pierson, Ronald Crowell ' Third row: Jackson Root, John Lockner, Judith XVeeks, Allan Anderson, Susan Hastings, YVilma Hollenback, Mary Gabbert, Annetta Sandman Ethel Liechenstein Daniel Mvstrand T ' Second row: lValter Roll, Susanne Campbell, Richard Noland, Richard Dix, Norman Roden, Tsutomu Tokunaga, horma Fuqua, Daphne Ham Cai-01 Edwards, Lucy Liu, Jacqueline Henderson, Patricia Hudson, Mary Bohi ' Bottom row: Richard Hamilton, YVarrcn Jensen, Edward Rapinchuk, Marilyn Rapinchuk, Dorothy Stark, Sara McMillan, secretary, Thomas Stark treasurer, Charles Haley, Ann Mathis, John Hade, vfce president, Jed Metcalf, John Hall, Jean Moore ' Illini Christian Fellowship presents the claims of jesus Christ and manis relationship to Him. ILLINI CHRISTIAN FELLCWSHIP LUTHERAN STUDENT FOUNDATICDN The Lutheran Student Foundation, the agent of the National Lutheran Council at the University, exists for the spiritual, moral, and social enrichment of all members. Top row Jl Jhi R ' .. - - , TI - 591521111 fixigrsc?11,lSlglll1s Bing?lJlgIhZrtDS!2h1n1ElZhT'0nY Chfford Smith- J011r1 Swanson, Ronald Ady, Ronald Kloss, Thomas Sykes, Roy Emrickl LIT row: ' 1' ' S V K N ' 1 ' , , , ' Patricia Lifillgrlgjalgvalfggli llffg.lifttE2g33fi1lT:8h Carol Schaack, Ruth Holstrum, Frances Melnders, Jean Pease, Lois Vlleber, Margaret Larson, Second row: Mai-v D 1 1 'W' -f. , Y . I I Gobbel, Dawxi5Esl!lE1:eli,yH0i?L,?,fflSe1?liti-Cgin, Roy Dinsthel, treasurer, Ronald Ferguson, president, Priscilla Laird, secretary, Rev. Roger bottom row: Bruce Kelley, William Johnson,'Vernon Rushoom, Edward Xyolfv David Schaefer Richard Martin Alvin yvire ,, Edward PH lilfioflif-f JQQWE Second FW' l'5f,'.'l1f, Nano' JO ill ma, 41, oan Hating 1331119 Devosy gi W fn pantl: DY- im,-il, Jams G1 McKinley FOHH Irs puipose is t MCK Seabury Found: helps the meml Ttp row: H , Third rout: Eglesetlga .Strand ,wr Samir MW' l'0ll': Phrllig M "l Panel: Elizahg fww ziwawx s' x . A A if 5 3 f My , x :S WU, fix T - c ,ry VW. , f '4'if"' Q f Z r Mlm. 3 Ag. U, Q ,Jizz ai it , Qi? 2 fi 2 f Q, .M 4 if X QE 'Q' ' YZ? Wg, 5' 4, 122 1 Wt? 14 X.. 25. ..., 5 ' ' ' , , ' W ffggg ,J 11x , QAQJA ,,fff'. ll f W H QW V,A - f -L- ohm,-A--1'0p row : Rev. Joseph Mackowiak, Rev. James Martin , linllom. row : Rev. Edward Duncan, directory Rev. Fidward Christmas is in the air. THE NEWMAN FOUNDATION The Newman Foundation is the Catholic student center at the University, providing aprogram spiritual, educational and social in nature. Foremost among the F oundationis activities is the work of St. johns Catholic Chapel, the heart of Catholic liturgical and sacramental life on campus. As its contribution to the intellectual life of its members, the Foundation offers a series of accredited religion courses, conducted by the priests of St. john's, including classes in philosophy, theology, the spiritual life, social problems, church history, scripture and liturgy. An important affiliate of the Foundation is the Newman Club, the official organization of Catholic students on campus. A member of the National Federation of Newman Clubs and through it united with more than 500 other such groups on campuses throughout the nation, the local club offers Illinois stu- dents a widely diversified schedule of events including lecture series, discussion groups, dramatics, an annual Christocentric Arts Festival, choral activities, refreshment hours, intramural sports, outings, dances and other socials. The Graduate-Faculty-Staff League of the Foundation carries on a separate program for interested members of the campus community. Director of the Newman Foundation is the Reverend Edward I. Duncan, who is assisted by the Rev. Edward W. O,Rourke, the Rev. James B. Martin and the Rev. Joseph B. Mackowiak. ., Ronald H Top Qllliiles Gaffney, I Third row: Esther l mix, JOYCE L00 James Bledsoe, Second row: James . Scholl, Susan H4 Bottom row: llllauncj Scholl, 11160 PW' yo! in panel: Bettl' The University Through fellow Wesley Found: days through vs TDP QW: James Gag Nicolas Lotz, 11.34 Second row: Bnrbas B George Buchal, C Ollom rom: Beverl . lUCll'Weitz,W'i1' l"l "',D11nel: Richa huni.v1g,f H QA! x X X' x N' , x. ,j ,RL-M N. is . ' Q, Ka, wat ', 4 4 if Q 5, ' x xA ww , Nw Q - ,Q ,Ex X S S ff .3 Xu if Q ag 1:5 ,X 'Z Tw if if ,Jr Z ,1. ..,, f 'Q 1 , I Qu.. -1--11-'-'-"1 fffi fm ARMED FORCES COUNCIL Through the Reserve Officers Training Corps unit here at the University of Illinois, one may obtain a commission in either the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Coordination of the three ROTC units is achieved through the Armed Forces Council. This Council is composed of the Army Cadet Commander and his Executive Officer, the Navy Midshipman Com- mander and his Executive Officer, and the Air Force Cadet Commander and his Executive Ofhcer. In addition, each unit provides a junior to serve on the Council and the ROTC unit in charge for the cur- rent year provides a commissioned officer to act as adviser. Functions of all three ROTC units include the Military Ball, Camid Hop, Veteran's Day Ceremony, and the Honors Day Formation. Top row: Everett Kimmel, Robert Hendel, Paul Prehn, Jr., Richard Schaeffer Sfrovid -row: Capt. Norman Kolm, Herbert Tygett, Robert Eggers, Dale Hicks Bottom row: XVilliam Shaffer, Keith Quackenbush, YVilliam Gabbard Keith QuackenbuSh, The Army Res was establishes Colonel Pau University. At the press The Cadet g from each of tj Phalanx, and l hody between presided over lou 0 '- Bottom Cdl Ter U- Chau-le if Illinois, one may abr vrces Council. Thisfrg 2 Nair Nlidshipmant rl his Executive Olin: I unit in charge forthe Veterans Day Ceren 1.016-a-swap Ahgg Col Patil Steinbeck army commanclant Keith Quackenbush, cadet colonel Shirley Moore, army Sponsor ARMY The Army Reserve Ollicers Training Corps came into existence at Illinois the same year the University Was established and has constantly grown in strength and popularity throughout the years. Colonel Paul Steinbeck, senior officer and academic head of the Army, is Commandant of Cadets at the University. At the present time, seven branches of the United States Army are represented in the Cadet Brigade. The Cadet governing body of the Corps is the Military Council, which consists of ranking senior cadets from each of the seven branches and delegates from the three military honoraries: Scabbard and Blade, Phalanx, and Pershing Rifles. The group acts as a sounding board for student affairs and as a liaison body between the Commandant and Corps of Cadets. During the 1957-58 school year, the Council was presided over by Cadet Colonel Keith Quackenbush, Brigade Commander of the Army ROTC. Army Couxncil-Top 1-nw: David Fraigr. John Dorsev. Charles Ivey, Larry Stickler Bottom row: Charles Blahous, Keith Quackenhush, Robert Eggers, Marv n Meissen W ,Wa l s LMLL r r l l n l Combat maneuvers NEW SUMMER CAM he 001015 P Highly technical instruction The usual evening occupation The aftermath of chow in the Held 5 s li E .s is r i i X I n i 1 E 8. .fl i 1 i 4 N 1 r i I s L L 226 Col. James Howder, professor of air science Audrey Ostrom, air force sponsor William Shaffer, cadet colonel Top row: Thomas Micklos, information services ojicerg Herbert Tygett, deputy wing commander-5 Everett Schleter, 'wing o7Jc'raii0M Ofifef Bottom row: Bernard Paul, group comrmmderg Robert Elliot, group comrnanderg William Shaffer, 'wing commande-rg Preston Ransom, group commandcrg William Gullett, group comrnartder Mt, Yvy,...... . . - h d Muitar Dumhgihdhegt, William The primaiy of which the I From the W and guided an bility as possih duty. Besides clas i opportunities William Sl1aifer,mdmg Everett 361119307 ww WWW' Distinguished Military Students-Left to right: Arthur Stellmach, Robert Rankine, Everett Schleter, Col. James Howder, XVil1iam Shaffer, Bernard Burnett, YVil1iam Sullivan The primary source of officers to lead our Air Force is the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps of which the University of Illinois has one of the largest wings. From the Wing Commander down to the freshman basic, the Wing is operated by the student officers and guided and supervised by the regular Air Force personnel. The cadets are given as much responsi- bility as possible so as to train them to assume positions of responsibility when they are called to active duty. 1 Besides classroom and drill floor instruction, field trips to Air Force bases and orientation flights provide opportunities for the cadets to become more familiar with the primary mission of the Air Force-Hying! - "fi' Col. James Howder with Cadet Lieutenant Barbara Wilford, the first female ROTC cadet. Miss Wilford hopes to be com- !! missioned in the Women's Air Force. ww in Qraa, ,K V 1 sig X , ,,,.V ,A a,'-,,4,i'Q'-fiaiiiff. as' is Honors Day parade 227 if ' 5 ist' Xe Drill team stacking arms AIR FGRCE ACTIVITIES ROTC student before summer camp T-33 '0 Uld88"j S'mIIJiIIian1 Fo: nnfafowf Ma Gene Burst Second row: C Webber Bottom row: D The Nav of commissi The lllin JR? Air Force ROTC display Display at high school circus preparing fr During ti midshipmel background Upon gre the Marine OI Ioeker Batterton, pfofesl 1u1zuoa21 eww Y 'ki A: ' 5 , , xx EQ ,Z Q., it I ff X L 'PW r-Q F an .ull X, P I, N I. x A i A 'f r" r '1 I X . Hu f . .v ,,. ., ... ... ,lu L s z Q , I 3 J ul- Y 3 515. ,gli ",,,. -ww- s Q 1 fm. 1 1 ""-.34 , .7 J I ii, A it I V .rp 5 ' ' . H Q ' Q 1 n i . 0 if C Q v s 5" I X l! 0 ' . 8 , g ..2M A v:: E N , xg., Q S2 . . ffm -V ? Q V dk , 2 --C' .vvgg-, T h Q. .4 ., V Q. YM. 'gm , 4 .c L 1 f 5, A QL K' 5 va , ' 41 'Q if 'S if . if f if , V' "' N' ' Q S' A S Q I , I 5 ' 7' wg' M , . X K ,, I Q 1, gf K 1 Z -2- . Q O ,, I X. Q .,... .L A 3. 0 Y J l Bartulis Paul Uhlenhop Trident Aaval Honorary-Top row: osepx U V 3 'Webster Dollahan, Peter Philhower, Stephen Groves, Donald l'1ede- man, Richard Hoard, Walter Heimerdingcr Second row: John Crawford, Lon Rademacher, Edward Cleveland, Harry Simmons, Robert McNabb, Philip Nelson, Frank Pollack, James Wil- liamson, Joseph Long Bottom row: Leonard Arentsen, Loren Sanders, Stephen Sutton, Edxyard Bailey, Roger Berg, vice president, CDR. James Mason, admsorg Craig Webber, president, Philip Giambri, Thomas Gabbard, Julian Bockserman Trident was founded this year as a Naval honor- ary for juniors and seniors in NROTC. The purpose of Trident is to promote interest in NROTC ac- tivities and to present informal discussions on cur- rent events in the Navy. This year Trident sponsored the First Annual Tri- dent Ball at the Urbana-Lincoln Hotel honoring the oH'icers of the unit and Ann McCartney, Trident sponsor. Awards presentation by Col. Boeker Batterton Grouped underl NAVY RCTC RECEIVES RECOGNITION Navy Council-Top row: Arden Taube David Thomas Richard Brent Donald vvarner, Richa'd s h ff ,'L R d h' - . ' B tt Leo XV0tanRCraig Xvebter c ae er on a emac er, Richard Hoff, o om row: ichard Hoard, H ld H' k W"l' Uhlenhopv Roger Berg aro ic s, iham Gabbard, Paul WISCONSIN stanc and President Herr The midshipmel cruise which inclur two NDS Ihwllgh CauaIZoneg and U I957 s 230 Naval Battalion Sflllf-T011 row: Robert McNabb, Charles Mayer. Alan Dean Bottom row: Harold Hicks, John Adams, William Gabbard Crossing th Grouped under the forward 16-inch gun turret of the USS WISCONSIN stand midshipmen from the University of Illinois and President Henry. The midshipmen departed from Norfolk for the training cruise which included an eight-day visit to Valparaiso, Chileg two trips through the Panama Canalg three days at Balboa, Canal Zoneg and two days at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 1957 SUMMER CRUISES row Robert Mt-Aibb WW Crossing the equator on board USS Albany ts ls ff ,D 4, , :gf Q 2 . Si, K ! 3 , 11 M, X E 6 1 1 xx. X f - H p . , it ' ,1 ., .N 1 ' 1 , . i , ' A ll ,i 1, 1 il r ff! Ii iz' p' , LI ,i 1 I . W V 1 I 2 1 I I I l ,, l i I I I A ll 1 i I i, . Delustice on the loose I 1957 BIG TEN FOOTBALL STANDINGS 5 W L T Ohio State .... . . . . . . 7 0 0 I Michigan State . . . 5 1 0 5 I Iowa .... ...... . . . 4 1 1 I Purdue.... 4 3 0 - I VVisconsin . . 4 3 0 Michigan . . . 3 3 1 . y ILLINOIS . . . 3 4 0 I Minnesota . . . . . 3 5 0 Indiana...... 0 6 0 I Northwestern . . . . . . 0 7 0 I l Head Coach Ray Eliot "It is impossible to predict how well this team will do on the Iield through nine tough games because of the great number of ques- tion-marks which still existed at the end of spring practice," Coach Eliot reliected in a pre-season statement. No words could better explain the Hnal record of the 1957 Illinois varsity football team. Suffering heavily from graduation losses of a 1956 squad which compiled a 2-5-2 record, the "Fighting Illiniv finished the season with a 3-4 Big Ten record and a 4-5 overall record. The 1957 season, which had many ups and downs for the Illini, included a smashing 34-13 Homecoming victory over Minnesota, then ranked one of the nation's top teams, a thrilling 20-19 triumph over Michigan, a heartbreaking 19-14 loss to MSU, ranked one of the top two teams in the nation all seasong and a revengeful 27-0 victory over North- western. The Illini were led by Captain Dale Smith, playing his iinal season at halfback. End Bod Hanson was named most valuable player, and fullback jack Delveaux was elected aS Thats I1 Illinois, oll the fourth ql to catch an il Illini took a I opener. Illini hnnl two Bruin tl make the sci A third q Illini was un opened they Tom HaIler': Kreitling an center puncl d0Wn to the was good for was gained I Basl captain for the 1958 team. Bill Oifenbecher :le to predict Ehrihleield through mums I great Illlmherol l h still existed at thas: Coach Eliot reieuedhf nent. ' lld better c lain 957 Illinois xtllarsitytleiull 5 heavily from grim 5 squad which compiled, ie "Fighting Illini' Engl, a 3-4 Big Ten recorduli d. on, which had many nur Illini, included asnuhi ing victory over Mirah e of the nation's topic t triumph over Miclihu I-14 loss to MSU,r1111f1lf' yarns in the nation alot ul 27-0 victory over ltd b C taiuDaleSni eled Y RP ackw season at halllw rmed most vduabllewti ck Delveaux Wi-i ll958 few' That's not in the rule book! UCLA Illinois, off to a slow start, started to click in the fourth quarter only to find it was too late to catch an inspired UCLA football team. The Illini took a 16-6 trimming in their 1957 season opener. Illini fumbles and other miscues set up the two Bruin touchdowns and the field goal to make the score 16-0 at half time. A third quarter comeback attempt by the Illini was unsuccessful, but as the final quarter opened they completed a 91-yard scoring drive. Tom Haller's 22 and 11 yard passes to Rich Kreitling and Rod Hanson, interspersed by center punches by Ray Nitschke, got the ball down to the Bruin 23. Then a pitch to Hanson was good for 15 yards. The remaining yardage was gained by Don Crothe in two short drives. Basketball, anyone? CCLGATE Bouncing back from defeat in the season opener, Illinois brushed up for its conference debut with a convincing 40-0 victory over Colgate. The Illini climaxed an 80-yard march from the opening kick-off with Ray Nitschke going over for the first TD. Several minutes later, a pass to Bob Mitchell boosted the margin to 12-0. After a second period lull, the Illini surged forth with Nitschke scoring early in the third period on a 10-yard pass. A recovered Colgate fumble, two more plays, and Nitschke scored again. Then a startling 42-yard run by Don Crothe made the score 33-0 going into the final quarter. With Tom Haller doing a masterful job of directing the attack, the Illini operated swiftly and smoothly while allowing Colgate to penetrate Illinois territory only twice in the entire game. Bill OHHW' Ron H ll George Utz 5 Complet l Haller to Kreitling Dale Smith S destepping Bob" Paul Adams OHIO STATE After showing great promise by their 40-0 victory over Colgate, the Illini succumbed to Ohio Statffg power plays and met with a 21-7 defeat in their first Big Ten encounter. Ohio State clearly dominated the first half of the contest making 14 first downs to Illinois, seven and advancing 165 yards to the Illini's 54. They had pos- session of the ball 48 times to Illinois, 19. Yet, the Buckeyes were only able to penetrate the Illini goal line once-and that wasn't exactly easy. Twice in the second period, Illinois took over on downs after Ohio State had advanced to the one yard line. Doug Wal- lace, Bob Delaney, and Bill Burrell were among the outstanding Illini defenders on these occasions. The brightest moment for the Illini came early in the third period as Don Grothe's 18 yard sprint re- turned the kick-oil to the Illinois 42 yard line. A long pass from Tom Haller to Rich Kreitling, who made the catch at full speed on the Buckeye 20 yard line dashed across the goal line, accounted for the Illinfs lone TD. Haller's place kick tied the score. Two costly fumbles in the last half ended the Illini threat. Ray Nitschke 6 i After 3 ra, Illll sate, the , Gllllllellsr 3 te: Ten football! possillll' a H what ohanf lteam to win br af 1' But the Cha plays before I Homecoming, The llllnl f much Superior in the season. blocking WHS 5 sive and realli' backing of T0 to another an Illini walloped The Illini ma firsttouchdowi 45 yards in thr lead as Delvea alumble set u The entire f exhilarating gr ing to Haller heralded by MI powerhl 1 Adams I STATE rromise by their M SLlCCl1IlIbQd to Ohi j th a 211 . I defeat ml M ninated the first hr! downs to Illlrwis' SE the Illinis 5.1, Thu. lti g 1 rail rmes to Illinois! I9.Irzl rr 2 to penetrate the I ft exactly easy. Trrlrrg ok over on dorms iltrr re one yard line. Dong Bill Burrell were amor Iers on these occasion i for the Illini earner! I Grothe's 18 yard nrt a Illinois 42 yard lint- -I Z0 Rich Kreitling, rin L on the Buckeye iliaf ine, accounted forthe rick tied the score. TWA ended the Illini til Ray Nirschke lp?- I MINNESOTA After a rather uninspired game against Ohio State, the Illini were to face Minnesotais Golden Gophers, a team that seemed on its Way to a Big- Ten football title, a trip to the Bose Bowl, and possibly a national championship. What chance did the Illini have against such a powerful team? On paper, Minnesota was favored to Win by at least two touchdowns! But the charts simply don't count when Illinois plays before the alumni. This was itl This was Homecoming, and its spirit was electrifying! The Illini eleven played a brand of football much superior to any they had displayed thus far in the season. Their tackling was rugged. Their blocking was sharp. The whole team was aggres- sive and really clicked, working under the quarter- backing of Tom Haller. All of these factors led to another amazing Homecoming upset as the Illini walloped the big Gophers 34-ISI The Illini marched 82 yards in I2 plays for their Hrst touchdown with Tack Delveaux accounting for 45 yards in three plays. Then the Illini took a I4-0 lead as Delveaux added a second touchdown after a fumble set up the score. The entire Illini squad received praise for the exhilarating game with special Commendation go- ing to Haller, Delveaux, and to Bob Mitchell, heralded by Minnesota's coach as a Hne runner. Stop that Gopher! ilu 'I "A Place in the Sun" All right, who's got it? ? J 1' 4 237 Final score: M.S.U. 19, Illinois 14 Bob Allen Dick Nordmeyer MICHIGAN STATE Playing before a capacity Homecoming crowd and out for revenge after last yearis 20-13 defeat at the hands of the Illini, Michigan State was Well prepared to meet the Illinois eleven. But the Spartans were surprised at the effort it took to get their 19-14 win over the Illini. The triumph over Minnesota caused Illini fans to speculate-Was the win a true indication of Illinois, capabilities, or was it merely the big game of the season? All misgivings were erased, how- "He'll never get away-" ever. In spite of the loss to Michigan State, the Illini played an excellent game, overcoming a 13-0 margin at half time to gain a 14-13 lead in the third quarter with Tom Haller and Bob Mitchell doing the scoring. The iinal blow was dealt by the Spartans on a 36-yard trap play as their 9.7 second 100-yard sprinter cut clear and scored. The 3Va remaining minutes of play were not suflicient for the Illini to complete a successful drive. ., 5 9' ,fr rats? . i ,. Since the Ia mis had resu was much ant the Boilermal dampened no ofthe players feat for the Il The game j all statistical game of Pur Illinois. The: the Boilenna touchdowns, vulnerable, w Yard march. rage of mistal Tom Hallcr loss to Michigan Sti- game, overciir to gain a 1l13leai4 Tom Haller and Bob li' vas dealt by the Spatial as their 9.7 second it and scored. Theiliirilh ere not suiiicient for thel :ful drive. Bob Mitchell PURDUE Since the last meeting between Purdue and Illi- nois had resulted in an uninspired 7-7 tie, there was much anticipation about the 1957 game with the Boilermakers. However, the dismal weather dampened not only the crowd but also the spirit of the players, and the game ended in a.21-6 de- feat for the Illini. The game proved to be quite contradictory to all statistical predictions. The vaunted ground game of Purdue rarely made headway against Illinois. The supposedly weak pass department of the Boilermakers provided Purdue's first two touchdowns. Purdue's big line, supposedly in- vulnerable, was punctured by the Illini for an 83- yard march. These antagonistic facts and a bar- rage of mistakes blended well to provide a dreary Dodge'rn Bob Birds-eye View Dad's Day game. The Illini highlight of the game was the 83-yard march for the Illinois score in the opening period. Two 11-yard charges by full back lack Delveaux and a series of off-tackle gains by Bob Mitchell rolled up six straight first downs to Purdueis 10. Then Mitchell climaxed the drive with a 10-yard scoring dash. Bob Hickey attempted to awaken Illinois, pass attack and did succeed in covering 54 yards in the fourth period on two completions to halfbacks Gene Carr and Defustice Coleman, but the Illini lost the ball on the Purdue 12. As the game ended, Hickey hit Ed jerzak with a 38-yard aerial, again on the 12, but time expired before Illinois could run another play. VVho jumped the gun? V I Snag'um, Bob! Ron Delaney -lack Delvea l l il l . , 240 , r, , ,, 2 I li il ,l v l Dick Perez ux Don Grothe MICHIGAN Playing before an enthusiastic I-Men's Day crowd in Memorial Stadium, the Fighting Illini squeaked by with a 20-19 win over Michigan's Wolverines. After compiling a 20-6 lead with only one minute elapsed in the fourth period, the Illini withstood a two-touchdown Michigan assault to win by only one point. Two blocked point-after-touchdowns by Bob Mitchell in the iirst and fourth quarters provided the Illini with their margin of victory, While quarterback Tom Haller converted the important PAT's twice for Illinois. Michigan Was handicapped seriously in its running game when Jim Pace, halfback All-American candi- date, vvas forced to leave the game in the first quarter after colliding with Illini fullback Ray Nitschke. Pace averaged 10.4 yards in five carries and managed to rip off one run of 48 yards While still in the cont6Sf- Although Michigan outgained the Illini in total yards 338 to 322, the home team led on the ground 311 to 213. Nearly all of Michiganis yardage gained through the air came in the last period as the Wolver- ines struck back with their ace senior sharpshooter, qUH1"f61'back jim Van Pelt. A stiff 30 mile an hour wind hindered passing and punting all during the game, and Michigan wasn't able to unloosen its paSS' ing attack until the fourth period when it had the wind at its back. Illinois' rushing advantage Was shown clearll' bY the averages of its backs for the afternoon: Hauer' 7.3, Mitchell-4.8, L. T. Bonner-7.0, Ray Nitschlie -7-55 and lack Delveaux-6.0. Halle A spectacul utes of the g but didnt clof victorious ove The last m Bob Hickey picking up a 15 yard pass the ball on th this one snag the hall to the Then came tl Illini as Hick. Coleman witl Child! Schrade. Don Gmilie Haller on the option. IGAN isiastic I-Mens Da,-U, Micl1igan's Woli'eriie5, lead with only one ni: riod, the Illini n assault to win byonlyr it-after-touchdownsbyi-. ourth quarters proiideii I victory, while quaint e important PAT s mir? sped seriously ill ilSfUf1i ilfback All'Al1l8l'lG1ll the gaIIlC lil llle fullback Ray Nitschlf, ive carries Hlld rls while Still in ntgained the Ulm' 'l led on lit? me team -' F nlicliisiufs Ymdagez he l2Sf Period as 'hcl .eir ace SCm0l and Punmlgnloosgyllif dt able t0 when ip! 1, ,th period shawl! ltagg w2lS ooh. : f 1' the aaelnllfln' o . BoI1He"7'0' ,,o.o. Bob Henderson WISCONSIN A spectacular aerial assault in the closing min- utes of the game decreased Wisconsin's margin but didnit close the gap, and the Badgers emerged victorious over the Illini 24-13. The last minute 76 yard drive engineered by Bob Hickey was made strictly on passes after picking up a iirst down on an option play. A 15 yard pass from Hickey to Doug Wallace put the ball on the Illinois 49 yard line. Another pass, this one snagged by Delustice Coleman, brought the ball to the 27 yard stripe in Wisconsin territory. Then came the brightest spot of the game for the Illini as Hickey completed his touchdown pass to Coleman with two seconds to go. Chuck Schrader y While Hickeyis play calling accounted for the final Illinois touchdown, it was Tom Haller who engineered the first Illini score, which came in the second quarter, after Wisconsin had taken a 14 point lead. The Illini took over on the Wisconsin 28 yard line when Rod Hanson blocked a Badger punt. Jack Delveaux smashed his way to the Wisconsin 17. Haller then passed to Rich Kreitling for the touchdown and kicked the extra point. Strong line play set up the Hnal Wisconsin touchdown early in the last period. Then a Wis- consin punt put the ball on the Illinois 24 from where Hickey started his aerial touchdown drive. "Open that hole, guys!" I I I Great shades of Grange! 1 i I I I I Rod Hanson I Dan Wile l I I I Who's leading the interference? Ken Sutter NORTHVVESTERN For the iinal game of the 1957 season, the Illini, acting as host for the Northwestern squad, defeated the Wildcats by a rousing 27-0. Early in the first period Ray Nitschke, aided by Dejustice Coleman and Rich Kreitling, sprinted 84 yards for a touchdown. Tom Halleris kick for the extra point was good. As a thrilling climax to a second Illinois drive, Kreitling recovered Nitschke's fumble on the two-yard line and went over for the touchdown. Stunned by this early scoring of Illinois, North- western didn't even pick up a Hrst down until thirty seconds after the start of the second quarter. Until then, their deepest penetration had been to the Illi- nois 45-yard line. Sparked by Chip Holcomb, the Wildcats attempted a drive in the second period but were halted on the 14 yard line by a fumble. This was the only North- western threat of the entire game. The dominance of the Illini was even more obvious in the second half as Illinois, spearheaded by the running of Nitschke and Delveaux, retained almost complete control of the ball. Despite several penalties, the Illini continued marching in the second half with Nitschke climaxing an 80-yard drive with a three yard touchd0WH Plunge. Then 16 plays and 57 yards later, DelveauX dove over the goal line from the one yard stripe to score again. Both attempts for the extra point WSIS good. Defeating Northwestern was a great way for the Illini to end the season, particularly for the Senifff members of the squad. F ullback Ray Nitschke Ch' maxed a brilliant career at Illinois with his greatest At thg High kepfteumg With 23 lem itiilmf it 10016 s zlItheI19CeSH eV6I1 Started' that ium 2 contender' loam signed to San FIZHCISCO 0fSCl100l- BesideS5T1d SOHIS team, C the problem 0 for graduating Captain Dale East-West Shi fair, Fullback son, and tacklf North in the Nitschke and Senior Bowl cw the game's h while Hansor player. With captai ing to lead th the 1958 edi should improi place showing TDP IW: Backfi 1 mmm mini SW! row: Rich U Plautz Filth 6010: Ernie Fvurthoug Wallace' row: Dick . I-Oveleit Second ,ow G. Eoumlrolam S offensive game, going 170 yards in 21 carries f0f an 8-1 Yard average and scoring two touchdoWHS- 242 Kell Sutter 1THWESiEl game of the Q957 se,,,,,,, Jr the Northwestems ,l a rousing 27.0, first period Ray Nitschke,, nan and Rich Kreitling, lchdoum. Tom Halleishl s good. As a thrilling ,pp drive, Kreitling recovemll two-yard line and went Oli' quit . this early scoring ollllmi even pick up a first don ci he start of the second quir- pest penetration had beenl' ie. jhip Holcomb, the lllildcata' secgnd period but were hir a fumble. ThiSii'1Sllff'l ofthe eniife game' nee of the Illini was event tsclike and Deli'eaux,Iflill T01 of the bail' the llilll' :eral Penalfillfesiidi lilliiliit tllfee a Y 16 second h lrive with a , ,16 physagffdf, for ll . goal lille wait Northwestern -all the S6350n'Pi,,,a1ll1acl the Squad' atmmo ,izlflt careefm ytfds 16, going ringtill ,age and sw i958 3 At the end of the 1957 season, Illinois fans kept telling themselves, 'cWait till next yearly, With 23 lettermen returning for the 1958 team, it looked as if the Illini would have all the necessary ingredients for a Bose Bowl contender. However, before spring practice even started, Illini fans were disheartened to learn that junior quarterback Tom Haller had signed to play professional baseball with the San Francisco Giants and had dropped out of school. Besides finding a quarterback for next sea- sonis team, Coach Eliot is also faced with the problem of finding capable replacements for graduating halfbacks Bob Mitchell and Captain Dale Smith. Mitchell played in the East-West Shrine game in a post-season af- fair. Fullback Ray Nitschke, end Bod Han- son, and tackle Paul Adams competed for the North in the annual North-South tussle. Nitschke and Hanson also played in the Senior Bowl contest, and Nitschke racked up the game's best ground gaining average, While Hanson was named most valuable player. With captain-elect jack Delveaux return- ing to lead the team from the fullback slot, the 1958 edition of the "Fighting Illiniv should improve considerably on its seventh place showing of last year. Top row: Chuck Studley, Bob King, Ken Miller, Chuck Boerio, Mel Brewer Bottom row: Ralph Fletcher, Ray Eliot, Burt Ingwersen, Chuck Purvis Ron Nietupski Carl Johnson Top row: Backjicld Coach Ralph Fletcher, Line Coach Burt Ingwersen, Assistant Freshman Coach Ken Miller, Freshman Coach Mel Brewer, Assistant Freshman Coach Chuck Boerio, Line Coach Chuck Studley, End Coach Bob King, Baclsyteld Coach Chuck Purvis, Head Coach Ray Eliot Sixth row: Rich Kreitling, Carl Johnson, Bill Jaslowski, Denny Staub, Bob Henderson, John Schwiete, Bruce Dollahan, George Utz, Curtis Plautz Fifth row: Ernie McMillan, Dave Cadwallader, Bob Hickey, Harold Hussung, Don Yeazel, Ray Gibson, Jim Entwistle, Joe IVendryhoski, Ed Jerzak, Doug VValla.ce, Tony Danosky Fourth row: Dick Hendrickson, DeJustice Coleman, Bill Burrell, Art Krumrei, Jim IVadlington, Ken K1-aml, John Stapleton, Dave Rewerts, Lindell Lovelette, Bob Lewis, Ed Reed, Bob Bronson Third row: Ken Gehler, Bob Davis, Bruce Beckmann, Jim Brown, Ron Hill, Larry Stewart, Jack Delveaux, Tom Haller, Jim Franz, Rod Hanson, Joe Bellefphant, Russ Martin Second row: Bob Allen, Gene Cherney, Mel Nuss, Kent Brennecke, Gerry Patrick, Bob Lanzotti, Dave Ash, Don Grothe, Gene Carr, Jim Di- Girolamo, Chuck Schrader, Bill Offenbecher A I - . Bottom row: Ray Nitschke, George Brokemond, Dick Nordmeyer, Paul Adams, Dick Perez, Captam Dale Smith, Bob Mitchell, L. T. Bonner, Ken Sutter, Dan Wile, Ron Nietupski, Bob Delaney t l I ll 1. l t ' l I He went thataway. jk 6 t ,lt BASKETBALL Losing four three-year lettermen through gradua- tion, Coach Harry Combes faced a tough situation at the beginning of the 1957-58 basketball season, With such former Illini mainstays as Harv Schmidt George BonSalle, Hiles Stout, and Bill Altenbergell graduated, Coach Combes looked to his sophomores for help. The 1957 team had Won 14 games and lost 8, al- though it finished seventh in the conference with a 7-7 record. The team averaged 84.1 points a game, second highest scoring average in history, exceeded only by the 1956 team. Its record included victories over Butler, Dayton, and Notre Dame. A Win over San Francisco ended a 61-game winning streak, the longest in collegiate basketball history. The record-breaking 1957 team was led in scoring by BonSalle and Schmidt. Although BonSalle did not compete in the last eight games due to scholastic ineligibility, he had the highest average per game, 19.8. Schmidt was named most valuable player by his teammates and led the team in total points scored with 414. Seven all-time records were tied or broken by the 1957 team-most points, one game, most field goals, one game, most points, both teams one game, highest shooting percentage, one game, highest shooting percentage, one game both teams, and most cg., Don Ohl free throws, one game Ctied twicel. LEW rl .,, ,Q ,-Q. . r ..l., Qi c, 1 Roger Taylor , 4 ' Sl 5 ' S :ir I r r tr - s 1 isaer :Lilith tt an I es l t 'TWT ' I l 3 i Q i t i X t """' K has V. ,N pg 5 X is so t L' 5' t 5 H , c r S s- ,., . I .N S Xt- X l -- ' 'Pr'-V-N -2..a We-V W- M- ' S ..,. N , l . ,wwf ffrq.-2 AWN X 1? X- fr , '- t rf fr I ' r- junio ,Elia at gu was Shifts? E needed 3 0 man" for th Iuinils most record Prove' Forced lol d at Center an other folwan est team ill ll ruin to be 0 Illinois histor Ted Caiazi on for at lea his knee in P play baslcetbt Illini consider serve forwarr season when tract. Injuries fu: Taylor both l crucial conte wrenched his tered a shoult Sophomore as the numbr sophomores forward Bmo Bol - E Q55 '- . 13 if .,fa:5I.'E ' ' .wvkemsg if ' azff. 'Vie 3' of fi. 'year lette Cfillfllmes faglgcinallifonghgr T t 0 F Hnne 195158 batkllhll V. mamslays as rlles Stout and BHQUW Sornbes logked to illisflltejt so at eventh ' games andjm tm Hvergllgetflkminfpielttt- mg average in historlzlsag am. Its record mcludehnte 1, and Notre nam, All d 2161- - .' It game ments e basketball history, ing 1957 team was lem rchmidt. Although Bomb last eight games due to rl,-l l the highest averagewl, named most valnableplr led the team in total pain, .-time records were tiednl most points, one game nn- rost points, both teams neg percentage, one ganeg t e, one game both teansg nl: me ftied twicel. Roger TW With junior Roger Taylor and senior Don Ohl re- turning at guard, along with captain john Paul, who was shifted from guard to forward, the 1958 Illini still needed a forward and center. Lacking a good "big man" for the center position appeared to be the Illiniis most pressing problem. And the season's record proved this to be the case. Forced to rely on 6-316 sophomore Govoner Vaughn at center and 6-2M sophomore Mannie jackson at the other forward, Combes fielded the fastest and small- est team in the Big Ten. This lack of size caused the Illini to be one of the most unpredictable teams in Illinois history. Ted Caiazza, 6-7 senior center, who was counted on for at least reserve duty at the pivot, reinjured his knee in pre-season practice and was not able to play basketball. His height would have helped the Illini considerably in the rebounding department. Be- serve forward Tom Haller was also lost later in the season when he signed a major league baseball con- tract. Injuries further handicapped the Illini. Paul and Taylor both had to be replaced as starters for a few crucial contests in the middle of the season. Paul wrenched his back against Miami, and Taylor suf- fered a shoulder separation at Wisconsin. Sophomore Al Gosnell took up some of the slack as the number one uiiremanv in early games. Other sophomores who saw frequent action were 6-316 forward Bruce Bunkenberg and 6-5 center Ed Perry. Bob Brown Lee Frandsen 245 Let's go, Illini! Tom Haller While Winning only Hve of fourteen games in the Big Ten for a share of seventh place, the Illini still managed to Wind up with an 11-11 season rec- ord, thus making it the iirst time since 1938 that Illinois did not have a winning season. The team won six of eight games against non-conference opponents, losing only to Notre Dame and Iowa State while triumphing over such powers as De- Paul, Butler, and Rice. The 5-9 league record was Illinois' poorest since 1944, when Doug Mills' war- time team posted a 5-7 mark. Al Cosnell The oblecl of The seas- the Illini. i of Rice, a 1 and 6-8 acri over Purdu- a thrilling l of a much on the team The seasc lllinis tall lndianais if ins, and M days again Tom H3115 only five of foirrteengm, share of seventh plan, thi 'ind up with an ll-llsengg it the first time since 1931 we a winning season, The games against nonenia only to Notre Dame anli iphing over such powenn Rice. The 5-Qleaguerernrf nce 1944, when Dougllills a 5-7 mark. Al fnzf The object of our affection . . . The season held many high and low points for the Illini. A seemingly impossible 85-82 conquest of Rice, a team of giants Who towered 6-10, 6-9, and 6-8 across the front line, a decisive 99-84 Win over Purdue, which finished in second place, and a thrilling 102-98 overtime victory at the expense of a much taller Northwestern squad were high on the team,s list of accomplishments. The season's lows, as expected, came against the Illiniys taller foes. N orthWestern's Joe Ruklich, Indiana's Archie Dees, Notre Damels Tom Hawk- ins, and Michigan Stateys johnny Green had Held days against the shorter Illini. Larry Breyfogle Top row. Howie Braun, assistant coach, John.Pa.u1, captam, Don Vaughn, Roger Taylor, Gene,1Nmeland, senior manager Bottom row: Coach Hurry Combes, Lou Landt, Bruce Brunkenburg, Probably the two biggest individual highlights of the season were the standout performances turned in by guards Don Ohl and Roger Taylor. This back-court combination gave the Illini prob- ably the top set of guards in the conference. Ohl contributed the most to the Illinois scoring attack, tallying 431 points for a 19.6 season average. Taylor won the Ralf Woods free throw trophy, sinking 54 of 64 free throws in Big Ten play for a .843 percentage. Ohl was among the top 40 scorers in the country, and Taylor's free throw percentage placed him among the nation's top ten. As a result of their Govoner Vaughn Z 'EZ 3 fiffw "' I ff , 1, :mai Larry B1-eyfogle, Jim Dorris, Mannie Jackson, Lee Frandsen, Govonel- Tom Adams, Al Gosnell, Tom Haller, Bob Schmidt, Ed Perry, John Homeier stellar performances, Ohl was voted most valuable player, and Taylor was elected captain for the 1958-59 team. Sophomore Govoner Vaughn performed well, playing against centers who were much taller and more experienced. The teamis third starter from Edwardsville, Mannie Jackson, turned in a fine job at forward, although a bit erratic in his scoring. Captain john Paul, besides averaging 14.1 points a game at the other forward, helped supply the spark for the drive and Ere which enabled the 1958 Illini to live up to its fighting tradition. John Paul for two Govoner 1958 ILLINOIS II ILLINOIS 7! ILLINOIS 9f ILLINOIS 61 ILLINOIS 85 Iowa State 61 ILLINOIS 95 ILLINOIS 61 Iowa 70, ILI Indiana 89, I Wisconsin 71 Notre Dame ILLINOIS 1 Ohio State 7 Michigan 88 ILLINOIS Q mchigan St IQLLINQIS E Iowa 83, In ILLINOIS 2 llliliana 96, .lI0IIl1WeSte1 S01LIur,,,,! Eli, Ed Pm!! mia voted nm yi ted Uillliill iz hm periormd- 'ere muchhh- 'S siarigi , tumedinai- ratic in his rc veraging Iii Q , helped srpd which erirhh itiug iraditiir W0 Govoner Vaughn in action 1958 SEASON RECORD ILLINOIS 100, Marquette 90 ILLINOIS 75, DePaul 70 ILLINOIS 91, Butler 75 ILLINOIS 64, Colorado 46 ILLINOIS 85, Bice 82 Iowa State 68, ILLINOIS 60 ILLINOIS 93, Miami 75 ILLINOIS 64, Wisconsin 49 Iowa 70, ILLINOIS 68 Indiana 89, ILLINOIS 82 Wisconsin 71, ILLINOIS 70 Notre Dame 81, ILLINOIS 67 ILLINOIS 102, Northwestern 98 COTQ Ohio State 78, ILLINOIS 70 Michigan 88, ILLINOIS 81 ILLINOIS 99, Purdue 84 Michigan State 69, ILLINOIS 56 ILLINOIS 94, Minnesota 87 Iowa 83, ILLINOIS 79 ILLINOIS 88, Michigan 75 Indiana 96, ILLINOIS 86 Northwestern 88, ILLINOIS 72 1958 BASKETBALL STANDINGS W Indiana... ,, 10 Michigan State .... 9 Pu1'due....... 9 Ohio State .... 8 Northwestern . . . 8 Iowa........ 7 Michigan . . . . 6 ILLINOIS . . . 5 Minnesota . . . 5 Wisconsin . . . 3 L 4 5 5 6 6 7 8 9 9 11 Q I Q , Q 1 . f K, , S r o gg J , My 7 , ' 1 I Q I , 1 FSA r i are , ' . ' pf ' I ' V -X Mannie Jackson Bruce Bunkenberg xvxvrgz'-w 'J - -- xv:-I 7.4-..:-.-,Ni a.f,s- -fm, . . it X WW: 4. 113.354 l fx, log M . 1. ,af f -an -i-f::g-er,-,,.,,f:.- s.-1-mtv ,fx - 7.-Mwggg, A , . -.HW M-Q -, M , , W, , r wr- 'L SY 'W ,- X M ' .X -"1 1-wh, se: 1 1' - i. .i-""+C,f'- 'k:'i:":.s. :-. I 1, . , ,,,,., ,,, . , 7 'v,, ,,,,. , gy, i at ..,.v SX. .' Mwst.-ffl K , if ' is-Gus r- X-frm X -X , 1 '- Quaid, V. ww sf - rr .mags 4- V X: -QW ' X- rw - -wwxian'- . " " -:-'maqaass f , ess r 2 -' ft -We-I 4 f r f , , Q Q X N Wwhfs , , Nvgxt U EJ 5 1 5 Q 475 x x ,, 5 Qx Q X we X M' K ,,, , . Xyff, W5 Q M1 M li X X i 'M ,Six X r fir ,ssxzx Vx xx x z K iw? 4 v xx XX QNNQX A + V ,ff ,- "hi:sirS':.wfQ X -I .. , 135, SN ,,t1,,-.wx 35178 Lf , . f , 'Efrffiaif-' K , . , W3 ix ,hjrj V ,ri , Y , 1-3 ,454 W N as:9f,f ' it X' W ':x:if"iSQxfXs 5 7 " 1 '. pf K f'fxvzX2?,w-NX ' 4. L"f,.ksv,' P X ' " A 1 . 'X , , Q3 l gs:i?yJXs,f -X Y qv , - ,V A ,,,,a,Q3g,tg,,,,,i, ,J .,,, X ., 1 ' , , Ag,,SNM,b,,,,R. , 'wif' r tea, , ' , -- W' f H" w ,K ,, N gfgiff 1 ,X ,QQ H Ig-gi Q, 'iff iii L' if 'WF' 'Q "'F'f..' i,c.L'.f- 24.:k ' A 5.2. ' Q 4 4. PM f. NVVU, tx, . , . V 'hdisft 2. -I f 2 4 - 1- , X - r -- - - - . f Q . - .q,,,.w 1 ' s - A . , s-gd , 'X A ggi:--f iz, . 5 M it as ,X I V 8 ' ' - . gf 1.9-.,,,. 3 1, , A -r V s is --,sr gas 3ya,,a9d.,M3,,' 1 ,. ,,,, X ,r r 10 1 I I , X A f .X rw .f . ' .,,, ,,,. J ,. . . r , N 249 "Somebody give me a drinkin TRACK Illinois' indoor track team had some bright mo- ments in dual and triangular competition but sank to a tenth place finish in conference championships for ucet 1957 1 Indiana . - - Ohio State . Michigan Sf the iirst time in Coach Leo Iohnson's 20 years with the Illini. The Cindermen totaled the most points over Pur- Michigan . . 5 Bob Dintelmann due and Northwestern at the only home indoor meet but didn,t prove so skillful against other Big Ten contenders. Even with the individual gains of Capt. Bob Dintel- mann, Karl Ionsson, Larry Stewart, Al Urbanckas, Bob Mitchell, Jerry Stanners, Frank Hedgcock, and Ron Maris, the Illini sank from Iifth to tenth place in indoor competition. Northwester Iowa... ... Purdue . . . . Wisconsin . Minnesota . ILLINOIS . my Stewar Laffy Staff Stan Woods ':Cet it while it's hot." IACK li 163111 had 801116 bright, ngular competition butaj Conference champiqmhil, lr Leo Ioliusons Qllym, aled the most poinigor-Hi 1 at the only home indoor: skillful against other Bigf idual gains of Captliolalli' Larry Stewart, Al Uimri 1957 BIG TEN INDOOR TRACK Indiana . . . Ohio State . . . Michigan State Michigan . . . . Northwestern . Iowa... Purdue . . . . Wisconsin . . . STANDINGS a 371!2 311!2 3036 273!s 24 203k 1936 14 In the meet against the Michigan Wolverrrres Dmtelmfmn won the 880 yard run and the one mile run for the third consecutive meet but other Illinois blue rrbbon winners were scarce Stanners tied for top ranking in the pole vault, and Mitchell won the 65-yard low hurdles for the only other Illini victories at that meet. A new conference record was set by Illinois, champion high jumper, Urbanckas, who leaped to 6-83A1. Few Illinois track teams in recent years have been plagued by as much uncertainty as the 1957 squad. Much of the success that they did gain, however, can be accredited to a large group of talented newcomers such as Ernle Haisley and George Kerr, former Iamaican Olympic team members, Iohn Lattimore, and Charles LeCron. The success of this group and possibly of re- turning squad members, Duane Forter and Iohn Ravencroft, certainly helped determine Illinois, place in 1958 Big Ten indoor championships. Tom Luker tanners, Frank Hedgurl: sank from fifth to terthi . Woods Minnesota . . . ILLINOIS . . . Larry Stewart 13 , 1 13f5 251 Bob Pellant 1957 BIG TEN OUTDOOR TRACK STANDINGS Indiana... Ohio State... .--..82 Michigan... . .....25 ILLINOIS. .. ...--19 Purdue... ..... 'HU16 Michigan State . . . . , I I i .16 Northwestern . . . .IH-15 Iowa... ..... ,HH15 Minnesota . . . ,IN-15 Wisconsin... 9 . l T row. Ed Sllzond WW- B Bottom row: 3 The Illin place in Ni Enals, elim Second rati A1 Urbankas Illinois placed fourth this year in outdoor track activities which is a surprisingly good gain over last year's seventh rating. Young Larry Stewart set a new varsity shot put mark in the N.C.A.A. championship meet with a toss of 54 feet and 378 inches. This year Al Urbankas won another feather in his cap by setting a new conference high jump record of 6 feet 33A inches. Illinois had a Hne season once again in track. Jerry Stanners f x X-,W-.. ' also claimes Karl lone cross-counti lonsson fini the seasonis Also con cock, Tom Sheuring. Prospects B R TRAC is year in outdoor tracii: mod gain over lastyeaii ampionship meet iiithi: wart set a new varsity iis year Al Urbankasiroi ing a new conference iii 5. Illinois had a line sen K STAMJINCS Top row: Ed Fuller, Stan 1Voods, Hugh Jackson, Duane Foster, Bob McKown Second row: Bob Pellant, Al Urbanckas, Ted Caiazza, Larry Stewart, Larry Staff, John Ravencroft, Karl Jonsson Bottom row: Mmmgcr Robert Hayruaker, Ron Maris, Torn Luker, Bob Dint The Illinois cross-country team captured fourth place in National Collegiate Athletic Association finals, climaxing a very successful 1957 season. Second rating in the Big Ten championship was also claimed by the Illini harriers. Karl Ionsson, senior, Was top performer for the cross-country team and finished 35th in N.C.A.A. Jonsson finished in first place three times during the seasonis dual meets and took second once. Also comprising the team were Frank Hedg- cock, Tom Luker, Bob Dintelrnann, and Verlon Sheuring. Prospects for developing the 1958 Illinois track Bob Mitchell elruanu, Bob Mitchell, Ed DeLong, Frank Hedgcock, Coach Leo Johnson team into a chief Big Ten contender looked good if Coach Leo Johnson could keep his group of newcomers intact. Hopes were high for raising the 1957 Big Ten Standing. The Illini should have the finest trio of high jumpers in the Big Ten if Al Urbanckas returned along with Ron Mitchell and Ernle Haisley. Bob Mitchell was expected to become a big point Winner in dashes and low hurdles, as well as in broad jump, While sophomore Jim Bowers should have shown excellent possibilities in the two-mile and one-mile runs. Bob McKown Ieffy Sta-liners .Nm BASEBALL ma ,N Q Ray Thonn lla What now, ump? 1957 was the best baseball season for the Illinois team since 1954. The Illini squad vaulted from last place in '54 to a very impressive second place finish at the end ofthe '57 season. Coach Eilbracht sparked the Illini to an overall 17 to 9 Win-loss record for the season, including non-conference opponents. The season ended in success due to the high spirit ofthe team led by a fighting captain, Dave Williams. Dave Williams, Coach Eilbracht. Rolla NIcMu11en 1957 Bl' Northwesteri ILLINOIS . Iowa . . . - Minnesota. . , Purdue . . . . Michigan Sta Ohio State .i Wisconsin. . Indiana. . . Vic Pet 254 i what WW. ump? : baseball season forthei le Illini squad vaulted hp y impressive second phfg season. Coach Eilbmcht rall 17 to 9 vrin-lossmf: g nonconference opponent :ess due to the high sph ng captain, Dave William Dick Vorreyer 1957 BIC TEN BASEBALL STANDINGS I PCT. Northwestern . .714 ILLINOIS . . . .636 Iowa . . . .... .636 Minnesota . . . . .545 Purdue . . . . . . .500 Dave Williams Michigan State . .455 Ohio State . . . .444 Wisconsin . . . . .300 Indiana . . . .231 Vic Peneshene James Flynn John Kafmg Rolla MCM' M4 . ' 1 Thonn Jim Vermette Ron Richards Don Siw k T : R ' B , La Warren, Vic Petreshene, Casey Barszcz Frank Schwartq, Ray .1 , g Y , ec Sggovigurozu: e1iE'aualrB5i1rgesIsTyBob Klaus, Don Lukaszcwski, Tom Haller, John Bozrch, Jllil Flynlz' JH? E1'1lhE9l?Jf' Daik gf?11'1'e1g'-'ik VV Bottom Tow: Robert Lime, Senior ,nanageri Bob Shoptawl Dave Williams, Rolla McMullen, oacr ee 1 xac , r y 0 , ayne McGee, Bob Tedesco, Richard Pawlow Effective pitching gave Illinois the necessary drive to make the jump to second place. Only eight runs were given up in the last eight confer- ence games, four being unearned, for a combined earned run average of one-half runs per game. Eilbrachtis uBig Three," lim Flynn, Bob Tedesco, and Frank Schwartz, did most of the hurling dur- ing the eight game stretch. Schwartz paced the Illiniis pitching staff with a solid six won and two lost record. Sophomores played an important role in the diamond-men's success. As many as six first year men were often in the starting line-up. Shortstop Bob Klaus, one of the fastest players on the team, strengthened the infield and slammed out a .394 batting average, fourth in the Big Ten. Fast Rich Pawlow covered the territory in center well. Wayne Lanter backed the plate as a regular and showed good power and a good arm. Tom Haller at iirst base lettered in his third sport. Richard Pawlow Bob Klaus Tom Haller Illinois op over V21lPaff mp, Wlillllll other compf beat Wheatc games to th- lllinois Norm During or out 46 runs senior right the hittingc ference play ing fireman, 6-2 record. pitching, He responsible Don L Ill, Jim ve Jim Friinnfmmt' R011 Ri . D' i ach Lee Ei1graCAi?giB whm . Img Played an lmP0flaHtiol L success. Ag manyasm Fl in the starting linem 2 of the fastest players oil- he iniield arid slammedif e, fourth in the Big Ten. l. ed the territory in coli backed the plate asara tower and a good ann. Tr' tered in his third sport. Tom Hill' A Aj' --fl I M 1 H Out by a milel Jim Frillman Illinois opened the season with an 8-2 victory over Valparaiso, then it went on a Southern road trip, winning seven games and losing two. In other competition outside the Big Ten, the Illini beat Wheaton and Illinois Wesleyan, but lost two games to the class "D" Decatur team and one to Illinois Normal. During overall conference play, Illinois belted out 46 runs to their opponents' 38. Jim Frillman, senior right Helder, proved an important figure in the hitting department with a .304 average in con- ference play. Frank Schwartz was the tearnis lead- ing fireman, finishing the season with an excellent 6-2 record. Good all-around performances in the pitching, iielding, and hitting areas were mainly responsible for the team,s iine showing. Don Lukaszewski Frank Schwartz Wayne Lanter Bob Shoptaw i Andy Kostick Don Tomy IA 1957 BIG TEN CYMNASTICS STANDINGS ll ILLINOIS . . . ...... 14316 , Michigan . . . . l11V2 It Michigan State 6816 ' Iowa . ....... 68 Q ohio state . . . zovz I Indiana .... 1616 X Minnesota . . . 1016 Wisconsin . . . 9 Northwestern . 0 Mike Karon GYMNASTICS Almost out of habit, Coach Pond's Illini gym- nasts won the Big Ten title for the eighth con- secutive year. The University of Illinois team managed to obtain a total of 14316 points against 11116 total number of points for Michigan. The team also remained undefeated in the dual meet competition. In addition to winning the Big Ten title again, the Illini, with a narrow margin, were defeated for the N.C.A.A. Championship. The team en- countered some trouble due to the fact that the all-around-star, Don Tonry, was unable to attend because of illness. In the A.A.U. meet, the Illini gymnasts Hnished second. i f. T0 Bc Abe Cro: collegiate Q winning H i to be the I gymnastic t won nation the side-hoi Mike Ka: to Don Toi from Brook only two s Heil. Asus on top in a Abe Crossfeld twgmwtoh N .avg XSTIC iHCl1 Pond' ie for thesem.. ersity gf of 14355 point its for liichig :ated in the he Big Ten it margin, weiei Jnship. The it le to the laclt , was unable ii, A.A.U. meett Top row: Abe G1-ossfeld. Allen Harvey, Robert Heil, Mike VValters, John Davis, Frank Hailand Bottom row: Coach Charles Pond, Andy Kostick, Ed Gombos, Mike Karon, James Blazek, Don Tonry, Assistant Coach Dick Zuber Abe Grossfeld, a sophomore, won the national collegiate horizontal bar championship. Besides Winning a national championship, he is considered to be the most valuable member of the 1956-1957 gymnastic team. Other Illinois gymnasts who have won national titles this season are John Davis for the side-horse and Frank Hailand for his tumbling. Mike Karon, 1957 captain, will pass his title on to Don Tonry, next year's captain-elect, who hails from Brooklyn, New York. The Illinois team will lose only two senior lettermen, Andy Kostick and Bob Heil. As usual, Coach Charlie Pondis men came out on top in all fields of endeavor. John Davis Robert Heil Frank Hailand 59 I v ie I I Y. I I I II I Y I I Z I I I 260 1 I I I I "Love You To Piecesi' Bob Norman WRESTLING Nine returning lettermen and a number of prom- ising sophomores gave Coach "Pat,' Patterson's 1956-57 squad depth and experience. The matmen ended the season with a six won, three lost, one tie record. The Illinfs big, quick heavyweight, Bob Nor- man, won both the N .C.A.A. and Big Ten Cham- pionships in his class. He became Illinois' Hrst na- tional collegiate heavyweight champion. Sopho- more Werner Holzer compiled an outstanding record in his first year on the team. Entering the Big Ten Championships unbeaten, he wrestled his way to Hrst place in the 147-pound division. Letterman Dave Moore also proved to be a main- stay for the Illini, placing fourth in the N.C.A.A. finals. Blu Gabbafd Tom Gabbard Harold Brownstein 1957 BI' Minnesota. , Michigan . . Iowa. . . . . . ILLINOIS . Noithwester Indiana. . . Michigan St Wisconsin . Purdue. . . Ohio State . T011 row: Coaci Don P' Bottom 7-01,3 lug' Werner Hoi P l pew- Bob N0l'm3n vywveight champioai Er compiled an outa.. ir on the team. Entert: ships unbeaten, he rf e in the 147-pound are also proved tobear acing fourth in the li Harold Bfomldl Werner Holzer 1957 BIG TEN WRESTLING STANDINGS Minnesota . . . . . . .55 Michigan . . . . . . .54 Iowa...... ....39 ILLINOIS... . . . .87 Northwestern . . . . . . .28 Indiana...... ....18 Michigan State . . . . . . .18 Wisconsin . . . . . . .14 Purdue... ....10 Ohio State . . . . . 8 Top row: Coach B. R. 'KPat" Patterson, Harold Brownstein, Tom Gabbard, Don Pierre, Bill Muther, Dave Moore, Don Bay, senior manager. - Bottom row: James Hull, Bill Gabbard, Bob Norman, Steve Szabo, captalng Werner Holzer Steve Szabo l Bill Muther Top row: Coach Ralph Fletcher, Jack Voyda, Chair es orre Bottom row: George Niva, Tom Orsi, Ronald CXV1kllIlSkl 1957 BIC TEN GOLF STANDINGS Wisconsin . . . Iowa . . . . Michigan . . . Ohio State . . Purdue . . . Minnesota...... Michigan State ILLINOIS . . . Northwestern . Indiana . . . . . 1 C Il, Dale J. Smith, James Slothower, Assistant Coach Art Wyatt 1512 1520 1534 1536 1545 1558 1564 1575 1600 1611 Jack Voyda, Charles Correll, Dale I. Smith, James Slothower GOLF Coach Ralph Fletchefs team slipped from sixth to eighth position in the Big Ten Conference, even though the team won eight of its eleven regular seasonal meets. The team was defeated by Pur- due twice and once by Wisconsin, the Conference champion. The Illini golfers ended the season with a total point number of 1575 while Wis- consin's, the Illinfs roughest contenders, total number of points was 1512. Competition this year, as last year, was much improved over the previous year. Charles Correll played in the number one spot this season, compiling a dual meet record of seven wins and two losses. Correll was also the team's medalist in the Conference meet with a 304 for 72 holes. The team will lose four of its lettermen: Charles Correll, Robert Pell, James Slothower, and Dale I. Smith. Tom Orsi, Ronald Cwiklinski, George Niva Riel The llliI10iS meet records i and losing on Winning all sc meets. The I standing as cc Braun's team team was nar contender, Inv pion, Northw teams escapir improving ll junior Car gave Illinois regular seaso and Dick M1 Richard McDonald TENNIS The Illinois team compiled one of the best dual meet records in Illinois' history, winning fourteen and losing only two. The team has a record of winning all seven and losing two of the Big Ten meets. The Illini ended the season with a fourth standing as compared to the fifth standing Coach Braun's team held at the end of last season. The team was narrowly rooted out by the third place contender, Indiana. Michigan, the Big Ten Cham- pion, Northwestern, and Indiana were the only teams escaping defeat at the hands of the rapidly improving Illinois team. junior Carl Noble and sophomore Al Holtman gave Illinois a potent one-two punch during the James VanTine Carl Noble who will not be back next year. Carl Noble, who possesses an excellent record, will serve as next year's captain. 1957 BIG TEN TENNIS STANDINGS Michigan . . . .......................... . .78 Northwestern . . . . . . .44 Indiana. . . .... . . . .30 ILLINOIS . . . .... 29V2 Iowa . . . ........ .... 2 8V2 Michigan State . . . . .... IOVz OhioState.... ....I0 Minnesota . . . . . . . 9 regular season. Jim VanTine, this year,s captain, Wisconsin . . . . . . - 8 and Dick McDonald are the only two lettermen Purdue . . . . O Top row: Coach Howard J. Braun, James VanTine, George.Bilmore, Carl N0bl9, B013 Bronson Bottom row: A1 Holtman, Richard McDonald, Bob Breckenridge to ' . f,.fi..f.gZ . Captain Dave Sterrett Bob Hunt 264 Nick Karpinchik 1957 BIG TEN STANDINGS Michigan State . . . SWIMMING Coach Klinge1's team compiled the Illini's best dual meet record in history with a 8-1 record, losing only to Ohio State. In the Big Ten Swim- ming Meet Dick Whittaker placed fourth in the 1500 meter race and set a new Illinois record. joe Michigan. .... ---f 7 9 Hunsaker placed Hfth and fourth in the NCAA Ohio State I I n A l I .71 100 and 200 yard 'breast stroke events. r1il'101lll1'l1S most valuable swimmer, Nick Karpinchlk, service Indlana - - - ---- 5615 returnee, placed fifth in the 100 yard free style. ILLINOIS . . . .... 23 The 1958 team will be under the leadership of Wisconsin D D . . ' ' ' .23 Bob,Hunt, captain-elect. The .prospects for next years season look hopeful with nearly all the Northwestern . . . .... 21112 swimmers who placed in the conference meet re- Iowa u . I I . i . ' I I ' .20 turning. All, with the exception of Karpinchik, will be back next year. Jack Garland, Ned Loar, Purdue - ' - ---- 10 Nick Karpinchik, Bob Miller, Don Larson, Dave Minnesota , I i 0 . U I 0 Sterrett were the Senior letter winners. Top gozfgellcoach A1 Klingeli D011 Larson, Ned L01113 Captain Dave Sferrett, Nick Karpinchik, Ai Rubenstein, Assistant Coach Don Van giifffft 22751 linigklialiflihglilf,lflggtizlfiliaifiGigiif31111961130'inifigniifeiihiegyrfrffhfskgillan' Bob Miller ' 14 15 . , , J. Although maintain last the season W with a fifth I Coach "M team Arthur foil matches this years m All-Americal The seuio Hunt, Don dota. :Morne team compiled the in history with 3 81, Vliittalcer placed fowl Cl Set a new lllinolireoig Hfth and fourth llllligl rreast stroke events. Th nmer, Nick Karpinchlre ith in the 100 yarcllreer will be under the lenln 1-elect. The prosper-tsl 1 hopeful with nearly .cecl in the conference r the exception olliin year. jack Garland, Neil Bob Miller, Don Lana Senior letter winners. enstein, Assisran! Comb M lil zo r 4 J State. In the Big pn. "Parry four during a tournament FENCING Although the fencing team was not able to maintain last year's sensational record, it finished the season with a second place in the Big Ten and with a Hfth in NCAA. Coach "Mac" Garrett has as mainstay of the team Arthur Schankin, who Won 39 consecutive foil matches. Schankin, next yearys captain, and this year,s most valuable fencer, was named to the All-American team for the second time. The senior letter Winners were Captain Tyler Hunt, Don Fricker, Gerald Haselhuhn, Paul Ka- dota. .M M I' -vs. TY1Cf Hunt, Captain Arthur Schankin 1957 BIG TEN STANDINGS Wisconsin . . . ILLINOIS . . Ohio State . . . Michigan State Iowa . . . Indiana.. ...35 ...27 ...27 ...23 ...I7 6 Top row: Tyler Hunt, Ronald Delisrnon, Gerald Haselhuhn, David Kennedy, James Williamson, Lee Sentman, Paul Zutz, Senior Manager U Bottom row: Coach Garrett, Paul Kadota, Arthur Schankin, Herb Murowitz, VVayne ip.: 'Xt 1. -t ,V fe ga tt , Rothgeb, Martin Kramer, Donald Frieker 7 x V' ii' ' 1. eq' t . 2 ' 'ez' -I S . ef ' M . X . me 1 f , . , frame-Lees . ,, 5 V 4 f' ff J .fe ' 'ft ' nic- ' 2 -eff, X 1 W' "1 'ex . .A f ef Af , - v f V. I gg' ' ,. Z4 7.3 ' ' 'Q -1. 'Y -e K 4 0. X . ,nf ' , ,.. ,is e xt, f 3 ' 7 ' If X '2 A K? f' " if - f Y. ...V v t o - ,. ,p p I. ,r X . 'fa . ,Nix af- S 5 'iffiff ' ' f . E' ,, r ' 5 s a . 1 I f an , . i V r i f H f i is , at A 1, I S, I 1 i . FN! 65 ! Charles Flynn, athletic publicity director Douglas Mills, director of athletics Howard Braun, tennis Charles Pond, gymnastics Ralph Fletcher, golf Allen Klingel, swf"1"'f"5 Harry Con MMU Cami, fencing Fl5Tln, athletic ' Harry Combes, basketball Lee Eilbracht, baseball Leo Johnson, track g0 Alek Maxwell Garrett, fencing Buel Patterson, wrestling 1 Raymond Eliot, football 267 fn a E I A . ,, 2,9 "t'rM wrffwt f QE , f 4 at ' , 1 It ff' di f' "co, iiunir' Victory dance CHEERLEADERS The 1957-58 Illini cheering squad led students, faculty, alums, and fans in cheers of encourage- ment and victory chants for the football and basketball teams. After three days of practice and instruction, these cheerleaders were chosen by a Cheering Board during competitive tryouts. Each member was chosen for a term of one year. Dressed in new uniforms and headed by Larry Tompkins, the cheerleaders heightened the spirit among Illini rooters with enthusiastic pep rallies in back of the Union every Friday night before home football games. The Illini gridiron team battled its opponents amid the cheering and competitive yelling of both "Block I's." As the claim that "East is East, but West is Besty' echoed through the stadium, east block members chanted defiant replies to their rooting rivals in West block. guilt row: DGHQLII DOIIOQII, Richard Hoff, Ron Field, Charles Wirth Karen Martin 0 om row: irginia ommel, Larry Tompkins, I Z I -1 d -.' WL . . 71' .- . - , Not in panel.. Dial-ty Kalnitz, Nancy Shappert wal New ea GI' l ngulet ulege' Jeul Blodle' Sam Duncombe ' 'Nat 231 or j t'V ,A t r V as , .fp ,M Q -,.f V Vlyy , I f 3, I 2 t"' I fi ff , My I I 5 I p X c r , i .X 5 as . CTX' Senwf Allamfq Second V010-I cg Bottom 1010-' J yot pictured. The Illin of hard wc for the sum University. and teams, all sports. When th agers for e all Hnancia of their m ,usiastic pep H1115 'nday night before ttled its opponents tive yelling of boil "East is East, but , the stadium, east nt replies to their 3 4 GW-it er Senior illainagcrs-Top row: Dave Tillema Second 7'0lU: Gene YVineland, Russ Youmans, Ken McKee, Kent Sprague Bottom row: liob Molirman, Richard N. Dick, Gene Gudeman Not pictured: Jim Mueller MANAGERS The Illini athletic managers spend many hours of hard Work in performing the tasks necessary for the successful presentation of sports at the University. United in their loyalty to the coaches and teams, these men work behind the scenes in all sports. When their team leaves town, the senior man- agers for each sport are responsible for handling all financial affairs involved in the trips. As part of their many duties, these seniors pay all the bills, make all the reservations, and take care of all the other little things in order to make the trip as easy as possible on the players. They are also responsible for all reports that the Athletic Association requires each sport to turn in. Being in charge of the junior, sophomore, and freshman managers, each of the nine senior man- agers is assisted by two juniors and several under- classmen. Ju'nio1'.s lllomagors-Top row: Dick Ekin, Jim Neff, Dick Schaeffer, Jerry Dycus, Mike Berz Second row: Ron YVright, Al Tobias, Dave Boling, Gerry Carlson Bottom, row: Kent Kelling. Jon Book I Not Pictzorcrl: Roger Maupin, Hugh Graham, Richard Koeller 269 TRIBE OF ILLINI Oiiccrs: Charles Schrader, l1'0LlSlLl'01'f Rodney Hanson, president, Frank Rob- inson, 'vice president i H ,, Not in panel: Jack Voyda, secretary, Dick Whittaker, sergeant-at-arms, Pat Patterson, faculty sponsor The Tribe of Illini is a social organization for all men on campus who have earned a varsity letter in intercollegiate athletics. An 'T' man takes pride in being a member of the tribe because of the hard work and long hours which are in- volved to achieve this goal. This organization helps to foster good fellowship between the student body and varsity letter winners. New members are elected after awards are presented in each sport. The tribe strives to maintain the true fighting Illini spirit and practices the Illini Code of Sportsmanship in intercollegiate athletic competition. Top row: Ted Caiazza, John Paul, Dale Smith, Ron Peterson, Frank Swartz, Roger Taylor, Ron Nietupski, Owen Ackerman, Joe Hunsaker, Bill Forsythe, Tom NValker, Jim Williamson, Bill Gabbard, Tom Gabbard Third row: Ken McKee, Tom Haller, Dick Vorreyer, Werner Holzer, Bob Allen, Bill Offenbecher, Richard Dick, Bob Breckenridge, Bill Bolk, Jim Flynn, Casey Barszcz. Dave Tillema, Gene Wineland, Ron Kaiser Second row: Russ Yoiunnns, Don Pierre, Vito Iovino, Bob McKown, Charles Schrader, Ron Hanson, Frank Robinson, Ed Gombos, Ray Thonn, Ed B it DeLong, Tlpm Ogsl, Don Iixukaszexvgci, Ron Delismon, Ken Sutter, Bob Mohrman o om row: ent prague, endell ull, Ron Cwiklinski, Gene Gudeman, Al Har , ' ' ' , Bob Klaus, Bob Tedesco, Dick Pawlow, John Fix, Bob Norman, George Utz Vey John Davis' Frank Halland' Dick Eberhardy Wo W35 Abe r Playe , fum te of 5 V0 00, in tl 0 Elf ufltez W squad as 3 le Catcher- adi: Vl Shrine gan his East AW, Most Va team was 4 the school achieved 1 in two po the North, Daugherty ln the Sei his all-aroi a South pi the game? Bob Dllllellnann, G SE OF lilINi n e e l. er er rl E Il Ackerman, Joe Hunslkmli ob Breckenridge, Bill Boili: nn, Ed Gomlws, 3477101115 id, Dick Eberhnrdy, BMI! Abe Woodson, outstanding trackman and football player, was named Illini Athlete of the Year by popular vote of students and faculty last spring. A january grad- uate, Woodson made his last contribution to the track squad in the spring of 1957. Then, he was outstanding as a 70-yard low hurdler. In football, Woodson excelled as a leading scorer, punter, ground gainer, and pass catcher. Woodson also played in the 1957 East-West Shrine game in San Francisco, scoring a touchdown as his East Squad lost 14 to 13. AWARD WINNERS Most Valuable Player of the 1957 Illini football team was end Rod Hanson of Harvey, a senior in the school of Physical Education. Hanson, who achieved three varsity letters, also participated in two post-season bowl games. He played for the North, coached by Ray Eliot and MSU,s Duffy Daugherty, in the North-South game in Miami. In the Senior Bowl contest at Mobile, Alabama, his all-around defensive play and timely block of a South punt, led to a North victory. He received the game's most valuable player award. ' Abe Woodson, Athlete of the Year Bob Dintelmann, Conference Medal Winner Rod Hanson, Most Valuable Player Robert Dintelmann, senior in the College of Agricul- ture, was awarded the 1957 Illinois Conference Honor Medal for proficiency in scholarship and athletics. Dintel- mann was captain of the 1957 Illinois track team and won three letters in that sport. He was an outstanding competitor in the 880-yard run and in the one-mile run. He maintained a 3.91 scholastic average to complete his qualifications for the title of Illinois, top athlete-scholar. 271 1 Tr 5 I 1 9 . G i I l I P f Ii 4 I I INTRAMU RAL SPCDRTS Among the students' favorite extra-curricular activities are those offered by the University of Illinois Department of Intramural and Recreational Sports. The IM program, including competition on both the group and individual basis, supple- ments academic work with stimulating physical workouts in the form of wholesome recreational activities. The department includes Intramural, Recreational, and Co-recreational programs, all sponsored by the Athletic Association. Junior managers-Pete Evanson, Dan Kimmel The IM department furnishes healthful and exciting competition among the rival fraternities and independents groups. Pre-season coaching and practice sessions are held before competition begins in the events. For those interested in sports for "Athletics" sake, the Recreational department provides many interesting activities with special tournaments and programs for graduatae students and staff mem- bers. 272 Sophomore ma'nager.s+Top row : Bud Rosbrook, John Ellsworth, Roy Etnyre Bottom row : Tom Anderson, Jim Flint, Dave Thomas Sports i1 in cornpeti ment. Am bowling, ai The IM, supeivisor, and Recrez the supen junior man tion, and Coiuicil, li participatin up all of t test board. . x .M Qui- X .. ,gi E 11 , ,db 2 X 142 , ff , Rwsw f. J A X K 1 l ,J 1. ,.f If 1 lm:- fi? aw W lu fif- , ,f . my. . 'OOF' - 'Q f,Zf.,w-Q Q, z, 5, 2 .M ,M . W ,, , If .. - X f 1 4 2 ,, ,.f, W 72 s f if , f 41-.ff ww C . . x' ,:!k ' I V QV vs -3. -A ' :V X , 4 , I ff wfy ,f wx fl' , .. :fgi if-' MQ, f f ff f an 5- i f jf ,Y A2 2 ,1 A. , gm . A412 51 f yy S1625 - 'Vx FQ, 3 A 5 Q B AS, Q , f ,1 17,99 . ,, N ,fu f .vm .V M, . .M I r 15177 Nz, H .N,, asiZ'Q meg, v M- sb 3: M ,, . 5 .2 gt 'fm' Q f ,, f f f " ' 'I -' -f -12 R 5 za ' ,M , . qv 5 5 lf- ,mv- ,. .-.h hx , ., , ,L , 'qv f . ,, ,..,f , , mam-m g Q X A.. .. i 'f L" H' L it Q i 1 la i v 1 .1 I l 4 n ll if 4 It l tl Ll 1 VVhat, me worry? Basketball Varsity . Pledge ....... Rec .... 1957 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Alpha Tau Omega Unknowns . . . .Kappa Sigma .Phi Sigma Kappa Softball 12 inch .... .... D elta Chi Vet Club 16 inch .... .... S igma Nu Amvets Track Outdoor. . . ..... Kappa Sigma Indoor ..... ..... K appa Sigma Tennis Singles. .Mesch, Phi Delta Theta Riley, Delta Upsilon Doubles .... Mesch and Bronson Phi Delta Theta Volleyball ........ Phi Delta Theta Latvian Students Swimming ..... ..... S i gma Chi Bowling. . . ............. M.R.H. Golf ..... . .P1owe, Alpha Delta Phi Horseshoes Singles .... Carpenter, Delta Phi Doubles. . .Lippman and Lipkin Phi Epsilon Pi VVrestlin g ...... Alpha Tau Omega Table Tennis Singles Holtman, Phi Delta Theta Doubles .... Holtman and Noble Handball Phi Delta Theta Singles .... Laser, Tau Epsilon Pi Doubles. . .Brownfield and Novit Noble Hall Gymnastics ..... Phi Gamma Delta Badminton Singles .......... Chen, M.R.H. Doubles. .Chen and Tan, M.R.H. VVater Polo ......... Beta Theta Pi Football ......... Delta Tau Delta Detergents And up stepped Casey ..., X X 1955 Phi Delt Alpha T: Sigma Cl Delta Ta Sigma N Sigma Delta Evans Clfvms , Latvian A1TH01'y Ballon Alpine ONS .MC afpenler ' ' 'LiPDIHa nis Alpha Tau Il and Jlhlwu, Ph l Delta Phi Delta - - -Laser, Tau 5 Phi - - . . .Chen, llllll . .Chen and Tan, M35 Tip . .Betallelal . .Delta Tau Deli -olt Detergfi: Careful, it's incligestible. 1957- 58 First Semester Point Leaders Greek Phi Delta Theta ............. Alpha Tau Omega .... Sigma Chi .......... Delta Tau Delta ..... Sigma Nu ........... Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Phi Sigma Kappa .... Delta Upsilon ..... Phi Gamma Delta .... Tau Kappa Epsilon ............. Independent Detergents . ................ . . Evans Scholars .... Gloms . . . .... . . . . Latvian Students .... Armory House .... MinaWa.......... Barton 3 and 4 .... 307 Club ....... Ten-O-One . . . Alpine Lodge . . . 173.5 163 133.5 122 119 104 91 81 76 71 55 50 45 45 43 43 35 35 35 30 Swatting flies? Wow, what forml 275 1 5 Q I --v,.-- . 1 I n I y 1 I 4 if 76 E 5 J I"f'f w :N r v ..4. ,..,.v., . XX- x XX J X N ,Q 1 4 L-..,..... X rn .-1f 1 'f74 TX '1 VT Y"3 'M F :H x34,Q,SA..l .J .vi 41131 LJ --1 L4 ., . HV' 7 w ' f I ..,-........f r""A' f"NN 1 lf! K 1 T-I 1 , wk 1 1 if D V 1 X KYN' tx X-. h EQ ,L ' v- Q52 gf 'x w . fx ? 9 A Y. i :Nw Q 'x . -. -HN..-.r-...NX , Q' -Vi 277 f f ., ff . at J ,w,,,, ff ff A , Mn wg, 'if Morris treasurer' Nancy Swain -896071-CL 11166 Pfeiidqlt Y 0 Bottom row: Barbara Evans recording S9U7'Um7'!lI filllaliff Walker fi,-St 'Dfw president- Carolyn Mcndors 11I66Lf en I Q at s 4 4 I S 9 5 A 1 O -' 'A 3.9 ' K , . . - . an 1 - - ' . Omcers-Top row: Sandia Giannoni, soctal chairman, J el 'sq' ' 1 I V ' 9 1 E I l i ' 1 . ' ' I 1 Nancy Taylor, correspomlzng .secretary ALPHA CHI GMEGA 904 South Lincoln 83 Active Chapters Top row: Anne Ferrell, Patricia Boughton, Edith lloyd, Margaret Heino, Peggy Ingalls, Nancy Grant, Sonja Alexander. Lucia Andrie, Sharon Wil- liams, Kathryn Manning, Mary Ann Inwood, Rosemary Just, Jane Pugh, Susan llasedow, Joann Mary Boucher, Nancy Pierce, Janet RGSVGS, Janet Tennyson, Ellen NVitl1erspoon, Nancy Dinn, Katherine 0'Brien ,, Thirrl row: Karen Roberts, Ardith Lamps, Helen Kay Dangerfield, Nancy Evans, Sandra Underwood, Sandra Giannoni, Judith Belt, JOXCG Wil- liams, Nancy Stufllebeam, Delores Darby, Nancy K. Martin, Ann Ferry, Virginia Temple, Janice Lankton, Helen Culkin, Susanne Dev0S, Jean Drummer, Patricia Gallagher, Judith Smith, Peggy Kurzweg, Karol Roberts Sc:-om! row: Helen-Ijlutchinson, Nancy Taylor, Barbara Seyler, Carolyn Meadors, Mrs. Dalev Barbara Evans Jan Morris Karen Martin, Alice Patterson, Patricia Thell, Barbara YValker, Nancy Swain by y , Bottom row: Patricia NVagner, Mary Jo Aller, Judith Ready, Janet Meadors, Margaret P-elsley, Alice Fisher, Anida Miller, Norma oprholt, Mar' lene Stickel, Jacklyn Vismara, Elissa YVeaver, Patricia Allen, Suzanne Roche 1202 ll Top row An Third r Rh Second ler, Bottom NO! in x f-M K 'fi J JI V' J iff' L - incoln 83 Active j i, 5' fl' ,fi ' , tr P ,,,,,-4 r '--JVM", , ' ,,, slllllllm ander, Lucia Andrie, :hen Nancy Pierre, Janet . llf' elen Culkm, Sugnne 9 Jan Morris, Kmn mm M . it nida Miller, Nm' or Wayan- . 'rx :rdf , ' ' ,i fi . ., y " X 0l7lCe"S'L0ff to right: C3-1'0l Jean Schmitt, corresponflinly ' -Y6'Cl'UUL'I'jjj Jeannene Rose, secretary, Karen Domke, hom-c ' manager, Carol Koehler, president, Kay Ent, vice presi- rlentg Joanne Inness, lfl'0ll,-SlH'0I'j Marv Schumacher social C1lllfI'lllllIL ' ' J .V A , Xl -'I , -x' Nav I N ' ' X ALPHA DELTA PI T011 row: Carol Ekstrom, Carol Adams, Barbara Bornhoeft, Margaret Dempsey, Marilyn Scanzoni, Georgia Ford, Arlene Panek, Carol Jean Schmitt, Anne Mahler, Marv Allen, Frances Aulisi, Karen Domke, Sheryl Clayton, Judy Ent Third row: Marv Tews, Patricia Clover, Sarah Turner, Pauline Gambill, Mary Schumacher, Nancy Kott, Betty lVold, Joyce Peters, Diane Croll, Rhoda Baker, Barbara Oliver, Carol Lang, Gail Dent, Nancy Funkhouser, Helen Wittenborn Second row: Rosemarv Stanton, Janet Altman, Gloria Dinnella, Dorothy Moore, Linda Coxe, Beverly O'Dell, Jeannene Rose, Kay Ent, Carol Koeh- ler, Joanne IHIIQSS-, Barbara English, Jean Zinser, Janet Brakensiek, Sandra Baker Bottom row: Patricia Hall, Patricia Gorman, Mary Cornman, Ruth Britt, Marilyn Jones, Lois Johnson, Janet Tansley, Sybil Burgin, Nancy Klindera, v Judy Elliott, Carol Singer, Jean Hashbarger, Sandra Olsen hot in panel: Phyllis Swanson f, if 'Q f-,qi ,wi K 3 , 3 4 1 r l I r 9 i n ' l l 1 , rl + l l 'l i 1 l r l i 5 .,k.?A.,x 0-,.-, ' I' .. . .4101 M. . - -- 1 i . 1' ' hairman' Judith Omcers-10p 1-ow: Roberta Feldstcin, soczal c T . 1 I Schimmel, scholarshzp glzlflrmfllli M3413-INN L3-Imam' home manager- Myrna Bran , rcaswrer . Bottom row:' Merna Gurvey, 'vice prcsidenti Martha RUVCL presidentg Sandra Berns, sccrelllfy ALPHA EPSILCDNIPHI Top row: Gwen Rabin, Linda Miller, Nancy Regenstreif, Sharon Offner, Susan Lipp, Barbara Cohn, Roberta. Rosenstein, Linda Goldstein, Carol Lesak, Susan Pollack, Nancy Cook, Georgeann Horwitz Third row: Carole Schamberg, Nancy Zalkind, Lois Reiff, Rhoda Berke, Joanne Rotter, Carole Taradash, Helen Lubin, Evelyn Werfel. Diane Hirsch, Sydell Shapiro, Sharon Greenberg, Shelley Ruben Second row: Roberta. Feldstein, Phyllis Levin, Sandra Berns, Merna. Gurvey, Mrs. Mann, Martha Ruvel, Myrna Brand, Judith Schimmel, Madalyn Naiman Bottom row: Barbara Golden, Saundra Grossman, Marcia Harris, Louise Cohen, Bari Gold, Nancy Nirdlinger, Sheila, Kaplan, Marcia Rubin, Marjorie XVeiss, Margaret Herzog Not in panel: Joan Hoffman, Harlene Schneider, Linda Zeligman, Sabre. Goldfine, Gloria Edelman . K I -LSI' -s-aazsmvzse K, "E -4-' Home - if f ,A-V' 1106 Top T3 Third J Seca s Bott Not i zstein, Linda Goldsiiill Cd Lubin, Evelyn Werm' Dim el, Mn M5 gd, Judith Schimm Zaplfw, MW' Rm' ,..,.,f -. CL, Lf 1 X' Y V -,' 41 ii 6, Z T I I Qui 0fiCe"S'T9P Tow: Peggy XVax, treasurer, Barbara McGill, T V - recordmg secretwry . X Bottom wrow: .Lois Fox, Erst vice president, Sally Hoffsted, soctal chorrmang Janet Sheaffer, president, Adda Robison, second 'Uwe president i ii ,Sufi 'fi -9 : ' ff Q1 0 5. Q. , ' 1 f , 1 Q' . 1. f ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Top row: Margaret Reese, Julianne Richardson, Nancy Holdsworth, Jean Bjorkman, Susan Moldal, Jane Allison, Linda Bennett, Judith Krubl, Ar- leen Schoen, Joan Gutowsky, Judith Rochellsf Laverne Young, Ann Rogers Third row: Kathleen Sclunidt, Judith McWard, Sue Sarver, Betty Brentner, Melba Carlson, Patricia Mullowney, Nancy Stepan, Mary Ann Leonard, Judith Orr, Lynda Gustafson, Paula Berlet, Patricia Holm Second row: Lenore Bersell, Nancy McKinney, Anja Kuoppala, Sally Hoffsted, Janet Sheaffer, Mrs. Tyrrell, Lois Fox, Barbara McGill, Adda Robi- son, Peggy Wax, Virginia Bauman, Mary CoEman Bottom row: Carol Haller, Joy Straka, Karen Arentsen, Susan Owens, Lois Geary, Edwina Garner, Jane Anderson, Genevieve Gentes, Elizabeth Ervin, Ruth Bursik, Donna Gleason, Margaret Sloas D Not in panel: Audrey Gronert, Donna Lindstrand, Aurelia McCormick, Bertie Bonnell rv Ojiccrs-Top row: Barbara Gray, troll-Qu1'6I'i 1213119 Kellogg, ,, W1 - president, Janet Reissen, 'vice president, Loreen OCon- .3 Y nell, secretary l , Bottom row: Nancy LeConte, social charrmang INancy.Kaut11, --5... ,. , corresponding secretary, Joanne Glaeser, rush chan-man y gg' , 61 ,1 ne J W f ' N O 14, i' 6 ' r is 'gi-e 71 - .fb 'Q' tw iki? IH, , X51 s ,T ALPHA OMICRON PI 706 South Mathews 63 Active Chapters 5084E Top row: June Fritscli, Joan Dilatush, Virginia Bobeng, Janice Blaze, Karen Van Doren, Flora Sick, Carol Towner, Phyllis Powell, Judith Ochwat, Constance Hulin, Carol Green, Sandra Dryseh, Kaye XVendell Third row: Linda Bond, Patricia Tesar, Marsha Hanscom, Carol Peterson, Joanne Glaeser, Carol Clapper, Phyllis Floyd, Frances Fishel, Barbara Gray, Katherine Kendeigh, Janet Reissen, Carole Colvin Second row: Carol Cox, Nancy LeConte, Noreen 0'Connell, Marion Hunter, Mrs. Mead, Diane Kellogg, Shirley Hunter, Nancy Kaufh, Elaine Maclntyre, Irene Anderson Bottom row: Julene Wright, Karen Yag, Kathy Forbes, Deborah Cummings, Julie Strusrud, Carolyn Babcock, Janice Wright, Carolyn Franks, Poll? Benefield, Nancy Turner Not in panel: Constance Brand, Lee Ann Carnahan, Audree Cassens, Margaret Sisk, Ellen Hamp, Mari Beth Hamp J fl ,af '61 'F-rf Top ro: Zu Third r 0'l Second Lo Bottom Ba Not in 1, ,A ' 5 ., ,VA up .4 'n- JCRONPI er, Phyllis Powell. Jlldlll Mn' is Floyd, Frances Fiillfiml ' Hunter, Xlllfl' ml' I nit lt? ice Wright. CIW ll' np f53"" 0550628-T019 roto: Arthurene Russell, scholarship chairman, 5 is Nancy Serv1ne,' treasurer, Patricia Speyerer, 'rushing . , chairman, Priscilla Fisher, social chairman , .. , rg. Bottom row: Linda Duncanson, pledge trainerg Patricia Reis, , yn., I prcszzlent ini' ' Ch ,ref c Lui, Rib Q , Q . 1 t X lf' 'wt K. 5 J lah. Q ALPHA PHI 508,East Armory , 56 Active Chapters Top row: Frances XVells, Donna Matheson, Carol Maris, Jessica Potter, Priscilla Fisher, Marifrances Sgro, Linda Lawless, Elaine Danley, Virginia Zucks, Susan Knight, Elizabeth Parkhurst, Judith Scott, Ellen Brockway, Judith Higgins, Hilda Malodeczky, Ann Harmeyer Third row: Julia Jenkins, Mari Mansfield, Nancy Forsyth, Alexandra Crane, Susan Davis, Christine Kurth, Jeanne Kelly, Stephanie Cole, Patricia O'Neil, Mary Havel, Mary Love, Janet Schmidt, Janet Lindner, Billie Ribbentrop, Patricia Allison, Marcia Landgren Second row: Linda Duncanson, Vicki Bunting, Barbara Parsons, Dolores Lamport, Arthurene Russell, Mrs. Harlin, Patricia Reis, Nancy Servine, Lois Kyle, Peggy Kelly, Barbara Sears, Valerie Downes Bottom row: Karen Kent, Jane Scott, Jane Cowling, Jean Ratcliffe, Jacqueline Greenawalt, Gloria Boyland, Carol Sue Willman, Gayle Leabhard, Barbara Miller, Merle Anderson, Mary Linn Larson, Jane Pickering Not in panel: Patricia Speyerer, Nancy Cohernour N- I A 4-7,1-a.,,g lf Q , ff 'W l Q ' zl, ' V17 1 Rx S Ojiicers-Top row : Sara JOY, Secfefaryf Rosemary Olsen' rush chairmaxng Jean Draegert, soczal cltazrman I W It Bottom frow: Judith Romer, pledge tramerg Gabrielle not-i2'S. presidentg Carmen Edmunson, ffeasilf-'Wi Donna m' vice president ALPHA' XI DELTA Top row: Sara Joy, Elizabeth Oakwood, Helen Roupp, Mary Ann McDonald, Carole Williams, Marion Stuenkel, Janet Zacharias, Mary Cl8yt01', Barbara Small Marcia Payne, Gail Kusenda, Cynthia Crose, Mary Houle Third row: Doris 'Vanis, Carmen Edmunson, Judith Romer, Carol Olin, Ann Sognefest, Carol Clauser, Carol Smith, Judith Meyer, Constance Splllge' macher, Bernice Ferguson, Sara Balbach, Nancy Friedl Jean Draegert, Sharon McNerney Second row- Donna Olin, Roberta Tew C 1 L h fR . es' am 0 rengeli Osemary Olsen, Mrs Field, Gabrielle Walters, Nanc Anderson, Roberta. Rhinesmilh, Sondra Stron Marion Ra ' Y 3, Y Bottom row: Kathryn Deneen, Susan Stuck, Peggy Merideth, Frances Swartz, Janet Rogers, Joanne Prio, Susan Brands, Patricia Block dh .57 Wi V Q X W 'tw f Q 4- 439 pe WN 'H -1 1-3321 I 1 gl Eg. ' K 907 Sou1 Top row: Pame Third rou Carol Second ro Debo Bottom ra Elliot NDC in pa UW" -' '... 017iCe115JETf1Z13eggig7it Ann Funkhouser, vice president, Marilyn v... , .fm Bottom rowf Sharon Zirbes, secretary, Dolores Hodges, rush- W9 chairman: Nancy Jo Schrader, pledge trainer g Dorothy Dale, treasufrer ff: fu ' I f' ' ...,ft'?Ee ff 1- - ' if 1. qv- ,,,4,: .i I ' 4 f 1,5 A 3 s j XI Dill, CHI QMECEA 4 ri 'Q , Y A! t a Janet Zlthlfili Nw Judith Mew. CGW' W Anderson. BOW uw Bundy, Pliftil BW T, Top row: Stephanie Koelling, Ann Stanley, Barbara Patterson, Suzanne Jefries, Carole Stackhouse, Virginia Davis, Diane Teter, Elizabeth Michener, Pamela Piszek, Barbara Johnson, Jacqueline Heape, Carol Luczak, Shannon Mora, Beverly Krieg, Suzanne Haskins Third row: Elaine Coady, Alexis Michale, Marilyn Muir, Mildred Hepfer, Beverly Bowman, Audrey Ostrom, Janice Sauerman, Louise Middlemas, Carol Hay, Marilyn Williams, Judith Voyles, Judith Feaster, Lois Grant, Kay McLey, Lynn Fox, Aliceanne Hoff Second frofw: Dolores Hodges, Marjorie Felix, Nancy Jo Schrader, Dorothy Dale, Ann Funkhouscr, Mrs, Ross, Marilyn Ebel, Barbara Berner, Deborah Blair, Sharon Zirbes, Nancy Tyner, Patricia Carroll, Patricia Lay Bottom row: Betty Glenn, Janet Fratia, Sharon Crowley, Judith Terp, Patricia Randolph, Virginia Baker, Sally Langhaar, Martha Solomon, Lesta Elliott, Gaye Prutsman, Sara Crew, Melissa Blanke Not in panel: Ann Gallagher fy mr- ,FW T M . .,k., V Officers-Togv row: Barbara Luehring, 'mm-mal? Sylvia' Wme' land, chaplain, Jane Faulkner, house vnanaflef , Bottom row: Sara Vaughn, P7'6SillU7'Lfi.1l13rY ,Jane Beattlef vice president, Carole Brandt, social chairman, Susan Kahl, treasurer N A-L'o gf. ,fi 1 l DELTA DELTA DELTA 508 East Chalmers 102 Active Chapters Top 1-ow: Elsie Robison, Carol Robison, Nancy Wile, Alice Carlson, Suzanne Haines, Jo Ann Ivens, Constance Eckman, Roxana Kentish, Barbara Ropers, Sue Keagle, Mary Baker, Martha Graves, Marguerite McGrath, Carol Keller, Marguerite Buchanan, Nancy Schaudt, Susan Vaughn Third row: Janet Walbcrg, Betty Brown, Karen Bergstrom, Catherine Miller, Rachel Leimbach, Darlene Baker, Marian Trilk, Barbara Bradburn, Sharon McGarvey, Victoria Feit, Ann Reeder, Clella Shrier, Karen Siegrist, Judith Mansager, Susan Gliessman, Susan Albrecht Second row: Alice Longo, Alice Weber, Gail Bnlthrope, Marilyn Skoblin, Sara Vaughn, Mrs. Harlow, Mary Beattie, Barbara Luehring, Dorothy Natho, Susan Kahl, Jane Faulkner, Carol Brandt , Bottom row: Joan Ellacott, Karol Porter, Julia Feit, Sandra Sellers, Linda Morrell, Lynn Bell, Constance Peters, Joyce Bullock, Carole Luehring, Susan Lewis, Sharon Conant, Saundra Youmans Not in panel: Sylvia XVineland, Carol Bender, Virginia Blum 'ff sf 'T eg ,ii , Y o c J ia 'er or i, y , r S es, 190 1 'Kb 7 N x y Q I Q ,- . . I 'la 'ww T i ' lf A g Y' 1 -' 'V 5 9 1 K 1 e . I-ss ,Z 'all' 1207 V' Top row Pon Third ra Han Second 5 Riel Bottom 4 Mor N06 in p .TA DEUA halmers ' 102 Adm CLE? , ,J -i e Eclnnan, Roxana Kenlti B111 , Nancy Schaudt, Smnmi, r, Marian Trilk. BUWBWA' ssman, Swv -UWM. W, Beattie, Barbm LWW5 ' ers, Joyce Bullod, Carole Ui? ,... MM , l J 'fa Q if '-.I x,a:w""Vf'fdw X f. z 'd f EZ:-721 X. , hm,,,1, 4 4' s W ,, Oficers Left to nght Lenaxe Gabel secretary Judith Rie A ' menschneider president Barbara Reardon pledge tramer Jow Cullen rush chmvman Margaret McCarthx treaszner Janet Korngiebel vice pzesident DELTA GAMMA 1207 West Nevada 85 Active Chapters Top row: Carla Kogan, Jane Johnston, Jean Davis, Judith Lenz, Jane McMahon, Margery Hamilton, Barbara Burdon, Carolyn Stncker, Ellen Powers, Susan Langston, Janet Johnston, Mae Mirto Third row: Susan Barnett, Mary Cooley, Sandra Sherman, Claudia Joslyn, Judith Reichle, Julia Williamson, Joyce Agress, Ann Ehrlich, Charlene Hamann, Mary Jo Wharmby Secomi row: Kay Reeves, Ann Mitchell, Carolyn Snader, Barbara Reardon, Margaret McCarthy, Mrs. Robinson, Judy Riemenschneider, Nancy Richburg, Janet Korngiebel, Hester Foster, Barbara Bein, Elizabeth Ludwig, Joy Cullen Bottom row: Nancy Gardner, Josephine Lodato, Nancy Kircher, Janet Boyer, Mary Ann Dell'A1-inga, Barbara Goeke, Kaye Eberhardt, Donna Moran, Christina Shaw, Carol Zamudio, Brenda Hamilton, Leslie Simmonds Not in panel: Susan Teegarden, Lenaye Gabel, Lynn Fairchild - - mer- Mari- , N' . 0 - Left to right: Gail Ruttenberg, P10499 mo f. , , ft , - mCelIy?ITH0ltZlHHll, presidentg Lisa Golflenberg, rush clzazrgbtwgbi .eq --m".457, Elaine Bernstein, secretaryg Gail Newman, 11100 P7931 en I - ' ' ' ' ' J- 'I Sym 3 'Q' ,if qf Cl ' 1 Y- P -I ll -lf fn.Qf"p -ol.. A xo ,be Marie Goldman, treasurer " ' 'A" 'J J I DELTA PHI EPSILON Top row: Beverly Silverstein, Geraldine Guren, Merrily Handler, Joani Rifkin, Diana More, Dolores Sutcher, Joanne Fishlove, Joyce Carmel, Susan Polonsky, Judith Kanarish, Audrey Heuberger, Esther Singer . , Second row: Marilyn Rosen, Leigh Nathanson, Deanna Africk, Lisa Goldenberg, Gail Ruttenberg, Marilyn Holtzman, Mrs. Davls, Gail Newman, Elaine Bernstein, Marie Goldman, Maxine Poslosky, Marcia Shapiro, Naomi Calisoi, Dee Ann Pepper Bottom row: Nancy Berman, Carolyn Moses, Carol Janofsky, Judy Eber, Sandra Weitz, Arlene Perlow, Barbara Hoffman, Aleza Bloom, Deborah Rotholtz, Maris Freed, Shirlev Gerber Carol Finne Not in panel: Barbara Hirsch, Reva Krivi, Judy Citterman, Barbara Winick, Sue Greenberg E 905 We T011 fow: Mart Second fl B0u07ll, T4 NO! in pg 44 '?"'F .E s .gin " if Tffx' ' 235315 ,1-Ps Y 3, Vie ii, I ' 1, Z1 ffl.. . Ea iii?-N EPS me rismove, Joyce CIM , Mrs, Davis, Gil W' mann, Aleza Blww- PM Xe ie off . ?"n iii- 0173006-iQ'opnro1v: Alma Riley, cow-respomling secretary, 'lelmple Lartt, t7'6ClSLL7'67'j Elizabeth Swann, social chair- 'Hl 'IL Bottom row: Lovie Jackson, 'vice pe-esiflentg Freddie Mitchell, prcszdent DELTA SIGMA TH ETA T012 row: Beverly Blacksher, Mary Smith, Elaine Lawrence, Sonya. Monroe, Mauvolyene Rollins, Irene Outlaw, Marva Hinton, Patricia Payne, Martha Johnson Second row: Elizabeth Swann, Tempie Tartt, Freddie Mitchell, Mrs. Terrell, Lovie Jackson, Alma Riley, Emma Pippins Bottom row: Shirley Alexander, Dolores Pollard, Barbara Norris, Gerthalene Hines, Barbara Boozer Not m pwnel: Joyce Maclin i:X"'-N.- , --sl Ojicers-Top row: Nancy Swikle, Pledge Wam?"i 113112523 Anderson, presidentg Kay Jones, T7-0-971 0710177710711 Zanetakos social chairman, . Bottom row: ,Jacqueline Orth, treasurer, Harriette ISEQVSOLIL, .standards chairman, Terry Butler, scllolflfbhllf C awma 710 West Ohio 122 Active Chapters Top row: Sandra lippard, Vivian Brown, Sharon Reeves, Nancy Hannaman, Carolyn Peterson, Helen Cvengros, Mary Huntley, Audrienne Kozlol, Ann Tice, Gayle Haglund, Phyllis Peterson . , , Third row: Gloria Johnson, Penelope Heale, Barbara Seed, Darlene Zielke, Elynor Haller, June Hefter, Colette Holman, Patricia TiedJ9, Marlowe Gallagher, Barbara Skalski, Carole Green, Ruth Townsend, Barbara Horton , Second 1-ow: Jo Ann Bothwell, Joan Smith, Harriette Rawson, Alice Zanetakos, Terry Butler, Mrs. Distelhorst, Marjorie Anderson, Nancy Swlkley Kay Jones, Jacqueline Orth, Carol Gansz, Joan Chapin Bottom row: Genevieve Zeh, Frances Gemmill, Therese Perri, Patricia lVells, Carol Diez, Patricia Brewer, Leah Schrotberger, Judith Potts. Martha Gilkerson, Judith Denton t 3 , vw , 'F-W4 5 1, fd 'V Rv Va Q , 1110 W Top row: Janet Third ron Lang Second rg B1-oa 110110711 11 Dell Not in pa "'J"r+-, , Q ,, lhio 122Aaive 1 llarl' Huntley, Audrienne had olman, Patricia Tifflifl nriorie Andersvll, mf? Sd' im Pom WN hrotbefgff- Jul ,rl A A 45, M f I ff? , 'UVA i , N ,m:',,.9 5 'X i'!'f,mg'Qg- f ew ygvj' Rf' ' wh QM-' 0175607-S-T010 TOM: Barbara Farrell, recording sccretaryg :M Dianne Doolen, pretvzdentg Nancy Boldt, pledge trainerg w Carlotta Hagen, soctal chairman bottom row: Marylele Marbry, house manager, Jeanne John- ston, correspomlmg sec'reta1'y, Luella Broaddus, treasurer . "W GAMMA ,PHI BETA Top row: Georgia Jackson, Nancy Wallace, Marilyn Jenner, Alice Johnson, Lindley Crouch, Mary Ann Pichon, Mildred Kaulfuss, Joan Anderson, Janet Rasmussen, Diana Kramp, Janet Pomerenke, Marla McCormick Third row: Cynthia Cunningham, Donna Treece, Joy McCollum, Dianne Baumann, Suzanne King, Nancy Boldt, Phyllis Neal, Nita King, Barbara Langley, Jeannine Rhine, Carol Sutor, Valerie Gerlach, MaryLou Bush, Anna Otiepka, Judy Litsinger, Sara Edgell, Lila Keleher Second frofw: Janice Swedberg, Peggy Nolan, Joel Jarvis, Marylee Marbry, Carlotta Hagen, Mrs. Hicks, Dianne Doolen, Carole Mitchell, Luella Broaddus, Nathalie Irwin, Jeanne Johnston, Helen Migely Bottom row: Toby Wiley, Lynn Morley, Marianna Brown, MaryAlice Ehrlicher, Susanne Oehler, Linda Mowrer, Joan Hottes, Doris Miller, Mary Dell Matchett, Doris Kaulfuss, Carol Mitchell, Margaret LaBarre, Karen Sjostroin Not 'in panel: Dorothy Brunkow, Carolin Connell, Barbara Farrell, Gerry Rader , Q ' Q, 1 rg. if 'v H' f 4 i C t , W N ,, " J- 2 N- ' '. ,,g f if . M arf ' J 2 q ' f 11' Ks Q11 Officers-Top Tow: Joyce gusch, hriuse manager, Susan Levine, treasurer- Muriel RQSIIL 809112 'WU . . Bottom 'row:'Ccrna XVQIHCY, 'vice 12'1'0Slde7"-fi Rmheue Green span, presiclcnt nom ALPHA PI Top row: Roslyn Sheck, Gail Sandman, Gail Spero, Ellyn Lakin, Sharlene Pearlman Barbara Gelman Barbara S ei al Barbara Kellner , , D S 1 . - Thzrd row. Janet Greeniield, Joy Shaykin, Reva Stone, Roberta Golden, Bette Freitag, Lorna, Klorfine, Sheila Robinson, Deanna Mintz, Shell!! Schwartz, Merle Berkovsky, Susan Nashban, Lois Schwartz . , Second row: Geraldine Field, Wilma Gillman, Joyce Busch, Susan Levine, Rochelle Greenspan, Mrs. Smith, Cerna Weiner, Muriel Rosin, Sondra Ripes, Marilyn Frankenstein Bottom row: Sheila Pianko, Sharla Waitzman, Nancy Spiegel, Judith Mesirow, Francyne Batt, Phyllis Dvore, Naomi Bitterman, D0riS Siegal l s 3 3.5 a NME! NU 611 East Top raw: Molly Stenhc Third row. Judy f Second rm Suzan Bottom nn Jones, immh .wkx , 3 'gn1, Barbara KQUW . Rgifinsoll, DMM' M M nn Weiner, Muriel Mn' sm 1 Bizermn. Dori' W ,-, Q rl Uficers Top row Sandia Halliday 'vice pvesnlent Gail XVOI1d91llI1 house manager i ... 1 liottomvroio: lNanc3 Shappert cowesponrlmg secretary' Sue , Leichtxnan treasurer- Susan Moore president' Pat Kem. 'I ' ner 'recording secretary ol KAPPA ALPHA THETA 611 East Daniel 91 Active Chapters Top row: Barbara Burnie, Marcia Kittilsen, Katherine Hirt, Mary Nankervis, Emily Gillespie, Patricia Harvey, Marilyn Morgan, Sandra Sunkel, Molly Moore, Elizabeth Sterrett, Elizabeth Eastman, Lynda Larnbrecht, Sybil Peterson, Marilyn Mann, Virginia Hommel, Constance Leber, Janice Stenholm, Janet Chumbley, Patricia Gates Third row: Sally Quackenbush, Geraldine Johnson, Barbara Watkins, Sara Duncombe, Carol Smith, Mary Culp, Barbara Brown, Katherine Morf, Judy Langille, Marilyn McWard, Mary Ellen Drenckhahn, Susan Lee, Virginia Robson, Catherine Tiffin Second row: Marjorie Day, Gail Wonderlin, Annette Wylie, Sue Leichtman, Patricia Kentner, Susan Moore, Mrs. Fletcher, Sandra Halliday, Suzanne Hadler, Nancy Shappert, Emily Stipes, Yvonne Nyenhuis, Joan Van Der 'Vliet Bottom Tow: Ann Drenckhahn, Judith Johnson, Marcia Morgan, Dorothy Lewis, Julia Porter, Melinda Bresee, Alice Ingersoll, Sandra Sanders, Ada Jones, Margaret Phillips, Sandra Peterson, Susan Ball, Maribelle Bergstrom V' :1"l". '41 : X A 35' Li ' , 41 - .- 1345! W at Y f' .swf ii' fl ,naw fw-.M O "gd Z , 'D M - Q 4 -T 1' w: Carol Heath, treasurer: MHTY Relid, fwuse 0mci:5z1ta9Zeg ?Jeanne Brissenden, cditorg Nancy Irwin, mem- h' h ' an . Botto?iftTj'oZ1,:c Jgiggara Gordon, vice prcsidentg Mary Morrison, presidentp Jane Bergeson, secretary L fi'- xl C I . F' nr , . 1 -'Y ie' of 63, KA I. .1 7. V A .W R' O 'Vi' 4,- Qv Q 8' 1"'s? I qi I KAPPA DELTA 1204 South Lincoln 94 Active Chapters Top row: Judith Hively, Nancy Rockwood, Deirdre Linder, Sara Connelly, Barbara Viergutz, Carol Palmer, Lynd Wertheim, Marlene Lusk, Frances Wertheim, Emily Chval, Patricia Dominic, Maryann Masley, Doris Fugate, Betty Holpuch, Nancy Hurt, Nancy Irwin, Ann Orr Third row: Barbara Cash, Barbara Gordon, Sandra. Potts, Susan Rettko, Mary Ann O'Neil, Janice Korfist, Deanna Yaeger, Elizabeth Garrett, Nancy Linn, Faith Cremieux, Virginia Riser, Nancy Steidner, Carol Heath, Charlotte Duckworth, Georgia Marshall . Second row: Mary Recd, Marsha Lusk, Kay Kibler, Marlene Hirstein, Jane Bergeson, Mrs. Connell, Mary Morrison, Marguerite 0'N9l1, MMT Good' man, Doris Brissenden, Jane Manka, Caryl Harrington, Ann McFarland . Bottom row: Carole Swift, Lois Henderson, Sara Pearman, Nancy Thorson, Marcia Crosby, Sandra Birk, Jo Ann Higgins, Judith Rakar, D055 Vanda rift Carlotta Kaiser Karen Bfirla e EC y , 1 fg Not in panel: Patricia Nelson 1102 So Top row For: Third ro llarl P1104 Second 'I Lom Bottom 1 V dorf Aot in p 4 " 1 ' ii 4 PA DE if :if , Lmwln 94 A I id Wenham Mlflfle LM ncy Irwin, A1111 011 K ,Deanna YMSU- mm he glgffhiiifgwize 0'NtiWlf!i' Ann Higlini- Jam mm? Omceff-Left to right: Janet Nichols, house chairman, Marilvn Larlland, soczal chairman, Andrea Lombard, presideritp Maylorie Bean, 'vice presidentg Margaret Moots, pledge to-ameri Jane Park, treasurer KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 1102 South Lincoln 84 Active Chapters Top row: Karin Williams, Judith Clark, Jill Wallace, Marilyn Narland, Patricia Miller, Jane Park, Adlon Dohme, Mary Siebert, Beth Dohme, Llyn . Forrest, Anne Pickett, Mary Shurtz, Margaret Moots, Judith Hansen, Barbara Angell, Joan Davis, Jane Burnett, Carol Walker Third row: Karen Kaufmann, Norma Colegrove, Judith Corley, Bonita Anderhub, Nancy Derrough, Annabel Vogt, Martha Murray, Laurel Baier, Barbara Conway, Betty Millan, Sarah Wrobke, Marta Carlson, Kathleen Duffey, Nancy Jones, Sally Smith, Lynne Nelson, Patricia Cunningham, Phoebe Kosfeld Second row: Martha Davison, Barbara Dixon, Ethelann Cole, Barbara Burr, Janet Nichols, Isabel Burgess, Marjorie Bean, Mrs. Aube, Andrea Lombard, Sharon Gray, Mary Adsit, Marlo Lange, Helen Hughes, Sara Mitchener, Ruthann Reinhard Bottom row: Martha Forsyth, Judith Wright, Ann Kretschmer, Susan Willets, Mary Collins, Lisa Grable, Linda Pickett, Joan Seright, Sue Mitten- dorf, Nancy Veach, Lesley Bork, Joan Parkhill, Carol Clemmons Not in panel: Ann Overshiner, Joanne Williamson X gm' it, Nw, S, , -M bqy fgwzi I, ., . '- - Norma Q 'lf' fi ' Officers-Top ,-010: Betty Dnilice 1ush chauman, t. . Christiansen, secretary, N01'Ill8:,SCh1'00f1l3l', PZCIIIIQ dllfctff Bottom row: Donna Graham, UICC P"051dc'lti Jolce Ju Z' '44 'ifxf presirlentf Judy Coleman, treasurel' 9 1010 South Third 76 Active Chapters Top row': Sandra Vernon, Diane Skidmore, Alice Helm, Carol Leonard Jea tt L hb , ne e 0 auer, Savilla Anderson, Celia Reitz, Camilla. Larsen, Margaret Molltor, Nancy Parker, Nancy Herman, Merrill Hahn Second row: Marsha MMS11, Judy COIQUIBH, Norma Christiansen, Joyce Lutz, Mrs. Jackson, Donna. Graham, Norma Schroeder, Betty Durkee, Joyce Winter Bottom row: Patty Beadles, Joanne Lutz, Corinne Tabor, Mary Lou Birk, Ann Dockendorf, Jeanine Sanquist, Mary Gannon, Mary Alice Shaughnessy Not in panel: Kay Taylor PH Top row: Third row Meiste Second roi man, Bottom my Y Wolf, hot in par ,.f- ' n 1 Third 76Miyf ,' - ' i ql I elia Reiil. Cwilll hm' my .ml schmeaer.Bvff1 WJ' ,ry Gsnlwllv Mm Mi' my Oiicers-Left to right: Adrienne Kaufman scribe- So d a S' " ' 'J MM' Rosin, bwsav-g Sheila Weinberg, archoizg Enid Korsbiie, 'vice archong Joyce Tunik, 'member at large PHI SIGMA SIGMA To row. L nne Tarrson Katherine Benesch Ellen Baum Ann Rothman Jill G1eens an Florie KOUOII Q ' Y i , l 1 ' P 1 Thzrd row: Toby Bandalin, Lorraine Roitstein, Judith YVeininger, Frances Meyerstein, Donna Holrwitz, Sonia Hershherg, Luclci Nimerov, Judy Meister, Maxine Stavins Second frow: Annette Roos, Rita Stone, Adrienne Kaufman, Joyce Tunik, Enid Kosbie, Mrs. Heymann, Sheila XVeinl1erg, Sondra Rosin, Linda Free- man, Suzanne Goldstein, Lois Glick Bottom row: Judith Feldman, Dolores Fishman, Barbara Bass, Lassie Spira, Judith Moss, Judy Sider, Carole Newburger, Dora Morris, Sandra XVolf, Phyllis Burkons Not in panel: Marilyn Ecker, Gloria Krashen J bus... . H , . - . . . . - ll' Olivers-Top row: Judith Dansoll, 10f'0lfI171-7 'f0"f'5f'f'fQl:0E3mlj Cappa, pledge .wupervisorg Lois L90 Rllvlxel, f01lff5l ,vwi-1fl1z1'r1g Patricia Claflin, frf11.wzr1'r Y linrlnm. wmv: Helen Bn-hols, 1110 1110-flflfllf, Shamll Dexte f IH.t,vW',1,.,,f: ljmlm 1315-nn' r1l.s'lL 1'111l11'111Il1L Top rnw: Kristina XvR.llb9l'g, Jean Pigott, Jeanne Klier, Sharon Skoglund, Gretchen Misher, Ri-url, Jacqueline Boehner, .loan Winelanfl, Deann Donovan, Margaret Kriege, Sharon K1-llinq Thirfl mu-f Mary Long, Arlinv lim-gquist. Ann Howard. Patricia Long, Margaret Redgwick, Lois Lee Rucker Diana Flvnn Patricia Clafiin, Mary Forsyth, Iringurile Dodegvo, Sallie Cappa, Suzanne Althoff, Dixie Roclehaver, Jacqueline S,-frmfl 1-mv: Marjorie Howard, Judith Dawson, Verelle Murphy, Carol McAdoo Sharon D llldfllc-, Lynn Tobin, Barbara DeVry, Anno Allowav, Svlvia Lord , linllam fruw: Susan Tazewell, Sarah NYilliainson, Juanita Neal, Dianne Oros, Viola Thompson, Elizabeth Roberts. Susan Boodin. JO Mary Lee, ,. , , . . M415 lmldlv. Sandra liongean, 131'0!lll1l. Hnyer, Ann NVhltcley Not in panel: Merilyn Bc-ver 305 Eas Top row: ner, Second in Bottom 1 Not ill, p4 AWPHl ancv Wilson C0115 s Leonard. MUS 5 Patricia Cllliil H17 gow lu aghirley HDUNIK1' lloodill. 50 Mm lf '24 QE 'iff A -Q if 5:4-' Ojicers Top row. Maly Ellen Kgellgren, mee president, fs. - .4-- June Brummel, prestdentg Lois Kilberg, house manager sur. Bottom row Judie Karp, soczal chan-'ma'n, Patricia Crummv, vccozdzng aecretafy, Virginia Tea1Jen, treas uae: PI KAPPA SIGMA n, Marilyn Zoscllke, Karolyn XVOrcester, Jane Hurst, Mary Foer Top row: Delores Biddle, Sandy YVeiss, Paula Terry, Laurel Lohman, Jeanette Wilso ner, Arlene Miller Second row: Barbara Kopecky, Marjorie Kilberg, Mary Ellen Kjellgren, Mrs. Sisk, Juno Tirumlnel, Patricia Crummy, Virginia Tearjen Bottom row: Kay Daly, Judie Karp, Linda Lusk, Carol I-Ieim, Jacque Mullaue, Judi Talbert, Karol Warren Not in panel: Suzi Peters, Marcia Zipay, Alice Mahler L AD' fx' w 1 5 I +-- .. . f - - - - Fvlis Man- , ' , to right: Nancio Masoi, secretary, . , U . 1 , V dell, scholarship chairniang Beverly Muslim, Pfefldentf .JA Carol Sagett, pledge trainer, Sally Klein, i7'9f1A5'u'e' -A . b xx . .lil CJ SIGMADELTA TAU Top row: Sue Smnors, Helane Rayman, igIll'bZ11'H. Livinffston, Svln ' Pfk I B , ,Q ei 1 ll a, arbara Cassell, Susan Lavine, Ruth Marcus, Frances Schoen, Myrnl Schneider, Linda Spiegel, Charlotte Cohen , Third row: Bonita Hoi-win, Arlene Schoenbnrg, Arlene Samuel, Harriet Lang, Ida Bartelstein, Nancy Chatz, Jane Goodman, Marcla Rosen, Ellell Schwartz, Ellvn Bold Sfmml row: Joan Greenberg, Myrna Shure, Nnncie Masor. Sally Klein, Fylis Mandell, Mrs. Mize, Beverly Maslan, Carol Sagett, Donna Goldberg' liottom row: Judith Miller, Bernice Sc-lirzulsky. Judith Meltzer, Barbara Simon, Sharon Pucker, Coralie Hirsch, Marcia Pressman, Katherine Mare- mont, Judith Shulman. Charlene Sherinan, Linda Schein Not in panel: Jill Garland, Lorna Green, Diane Levitt, an 'WV ,bm , f ff 5 713 V Top 'roi M: Third ' Hi Second N Bottom S4 u J c Q Mix R, ELTA Nevada Ruth Marcus, Frames Jane G0 Golfiii ,1 , Carol Sagelf, Donn' ,M glinllarcia Pressman, Klllff Schfe: Odmgn, lllftll limi D l E H 1 j . . - F . 4 W X -1-'GJ , 'P , tix, -- 3 ....., ' ' ' K ',. SIGMA KAPPA 017i,cc1'sfTop row: Marilyn Dangwillo, tvnasttrery Georgene j Smith, corresponding secretary bottom 7'0'LC,: Ann. YVillis, 'l'6C0'I'Ilfllg secretary, Carol Ewing, stanrlanls CllfH,'l.7'7DlU,'l7,,'.P3,lL1'lQliL Nicol, president, Barbara xVllll8,IllS, pledge mlvasca-g Virginia Hathorne, registrar Top row: Martha Slayman, Dixie Chandler, Judith Rowley, Betty Hullca, Mary Jo Emig, Susan Pratt, Mary Schrader, Ardis Hill, Priscilla Thorpe Marcia Hathorne, Margaret Pentelow, Patricia Lowman, Barbara Hummer, Barbara YVilford, Sandra Rayburn Third row: Judith Hodges, Judith Frees, Patricia Dunn, Beatrice Matukas, Nelda Stacell, Patricia Hunter, Dourelle Kweder, Marlene Litwillei Herta Zauke, Nancy VVightman, Patricia Bell, Marilyn Waters, Carol Johnson Second row: Virginia Hathorne. Marilynn Dangwillo, Ann W'illis, Barbara Williams, Mrs. Brockmeier, Patricia Nicol, Carol Ewing, Georgene Smith Nada Rowand Bottom row: Joan Edmonds, Margaret Allen, Joanne Cartland, Lynn Skeen, Patricia O'Day, Peggy Anderson, Margaret Nelson, Donna Fitch, Vicki Soukup 'Cuff X f . l 4 51 3 x t , fig, .t :cj-' 1 2 P M, ,-. Nvmkifw it CEXAQ . '. A-V 9 ' 2355 is, ..., 5 - , 'S 'W ' bug'-ETEEX.I, 2 gf VI, I C 5 'U fi Olficezus-T012 row: Mary Bablel C0I'."0-91107115719 Sec"ctaW7 Janice Tullock, house 'managerg Lois Jacob, Lrvllelltf iie ij ,Uottont l'0Z!'i Patricia SQYCHSGYI, 'l'000"fllf1!l Secfqfflfll, 0115 N6 Schultz, pnfszflcntg Dianne Kesser, Uwe 1"'0-Yldcnt an H9 Xin' f -Q .uf I.- I, " "sn- ,fi 1,-A ,ln 423 E"'?i 'tv - , , 92' 1,7?""'2 :N ',.,jI-,fQrvf."-1.4, it lv, H. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Top row: Patricia Marttila, Carol Swanson, Shirley Franklin, Eleanor Hiatt, Gail Brefeld, Kay Lash, Linda Brenneman, Ann Rankin, Barbara Cable, Janice Hawkins, Carolyn Younglove, Marilyn Stephenson S'vr'onri row: Sara Mitchell, Mary Babler Loi J b L ' , s aco , ouise Schultz, Mrs. Decker, Dianne Kesser, Patricia Sorensen, Janice Tullock, Frances Wil- helm liottom row: Barbara xVllll1l.lllS, Claire Johnson, Marilyn Zeiter, Carol Dick, Mary Bieschke, Linda Lynch, Karen Yeager 1 v 303 Ea Top row Ken Third ro: Judi Second 1 erim Bottom I St'll Not inl i Q SIG 1 44 ialmers 54 Active Brenneman, Ann Raukit Bain nsen, Janice TRW' PMN: d Yeager . a . J , if .er if . gg ,O 017iCeo'sf1'op row: Catherine Enright, secretctryg Judith lVal- f-9 bright, pledge trrmzerg Judith Miller, president- Elizabeth il, ' j Uram, alumnae vice presidevit ' bottom row: Charmaine Tourville, editor, Arlene McGrath, ehaplaiezg Elaine Buciak, t1'ea.yure1- THETA UPSILQN Top Tow: Patricia Dorgan, Sheila Conlon, Julia Gates, Karen Linden, Joan McDearmid, Marylin Daly, Mary Kay Fitzgerald, Elaine Kropp, Lois . Kenney, Kaye Taylor, Carolyn Cory, Hildegard Schroeder, Mary Gower Thzrd frow: Shirley Hill, Marytena Johnson, Karen Smith, NancyJane Darling, Elizabeth Fiedler, Susan Fitch, Patricia Kendall, Beverly Kimes, Judith Menke, Bonnie Morrison, Joanne Hahn, Karen Branch, Sharon Thompson Second. row: Joan Droy, Dorothy Carter, Arlene McGrath, Elaine Buciak, Charmaine Tourville, Judith Miller, Mrs. Raith, Judith NValb1-ight, Cath- erme Enright, Elizabeth Uram, Diane Pettingell, Judith Randall, Shirley Ashton Bottom row: Judith Lyman, Lucia NVinslow, Patricia WVebb, Diane Love, Virginia Chandler, Sylvia Hill, Joyce Kinsall, Gail Phimister, Sally Stiller, Judith Fribley Not m panel: Sally Hodson, Janet Klecka :V mf- 5,7 f 1791 - -feces. :r,:.a.,t.,' .V '-f 77' - ' -1.7 , ii ZA i-if Ah . . . those new fashions PANHELLENIC - ' - Jane Omcors-Left to right: Sandra YOD1kuS-y WEGSUTBT, , - Bitterinann, vice presidenty' Joyce Erickson, soctal chatr- qnani Janet McQueen, prcstdzmt, Linda Burkhart, secre tam J DORMITORY WALNUT HALL 1107 South, Third Top row: Charmaine Hess, Barbara Burnie, Lynda Lambrecht, Paulette Kling, Sally Trinkle, Virginia Robson, Faith Cremieux, Sandra Brem- horst, Martha Barber. Gayle Anton, Rhoda Berke, Anastacia Sullivan, Laura Quinn, Jean Chumbley 1 , Second row: Marie Poston, Joyce Johnson, Marilyn Wilson, Doris Fugate, Sue Prillman, Carene Erwin, Elizabeth Lloyd, Georgia Marshall, Eliza- beth XVakefield, Katherine Parker Janet McBain Ruth Six Connie Segur Elizabeth Miller Dorothf Lawrence v i 1 y 1 5 , Bottom row: Mary Robson, Lois Ryan, Sandra Yonikus, Linda Burkhart, Jane Bitterrnann, Mrs. Frodin, Janet McQueen, Joyce Erickson, Jane McGrew, Virginia Bates, Alice Longo Not in panel: Deane Cortwright, Sally Diamond, Charlotte Duckworth, Gloria Edleman, Sabra Goldfine, Roberta Goldstein, Sharon Greenberg, ginda Linglc, Nancy Linn, Helen Lubin, Ann Magi-ill, Lucy Neet, Mary Jane Pietsch, Joan Skogland, Karen Smith, Carole Taradash, Linda eligman ,fi all wr- 'xi Y J 808 l Top roi Third r Ma Second Ma Bottom Lu M 5 Nliizl' L3 ,,'.'4. '.,. 'Lu' ' ' 5 ,Ylj . QLIQEH' ,. 'fllfrtz 5- -'Qfa' ry 7 f 'HL J 'S dxf 1' ' 1'i'fgj', 305 lShi0n5 um kv Q . 27 'mi .i ,i JT HA' Hill if ...H D mn cremieu Swdrllff' loyd, Gwrgil Mmm EE' Queen, JOFC0 Elifm' Jw G ldst in, Shmn Gmm nigh Em-ole Tandssh, Luv - X s y if -0 .., ' T' 5 A Q54 , .X 1 . . . ge., , , 1,4 x M- ,,-. , N. ,, :vifa-iw, fb, ' i in , , , ,vw-,w,L,,.,-,,s,gg3,:..,,Lsn, ,. . N J in agfiv ff" " mimi , ' - '1 'N ', - ' is ' , , 1 we 5 2. - 2 -.f E fs J - v ' : 1 i - . ,Wg , ,. , . ,V .- 1 -. '- -f ,max ' . ' f E 0 'N ri ,I . Q, -, J jf' i f tl 'r.Q k,-1s.sfNx,h, F. nl V lv ,Q Ar, ' , wywxw Q 2 .- 4, Y' Ywff-"ll ' 3-153'-'54 ' V , FT' Y it x JVC , A " .L Y ' ' 1' 5 - N , f.-,... ,, ,,. , A i,-liww V , I N 1 "' A ,'11ft1s,Ae-.W-ere-,sqm. . r 4. -new gfg.,,,yl,-- ,,- 511,119 . ' J , -- ,, ww.-...-+,,, ,. .,, .-Q . ... . . V u --f -we--wwf ..,n.4aa ,.,v Q , ,,, . - , ef K' QZUA bi- ' 9.5 S ff X ii X OMCWSLTUP row: Nancy Staudinger, treasurer, Linda Ram- 'AF 9 'QQJQJ Sey,-Shmclrlffls chazrmang Joan Johnson, 'rush chairman, - 1- Judlth Dickinson, secretary, Jean Krause, guard, Bottom row: Sonya Oyan, president, Barbara Buente, 'vice prestdent Not in panel: Rita Boi-ri, recorder ZETA TAU' ALPHA Top row: Mary Blenker, Irene Turek, Janet Monier, Betty Condos, Diane Werner, Sandra Watson, Bette Lund, Doreve Alde Thzrd row: Janet Sleasman, Gretchen Rapp, Jeanette Smith, Ann Alcott, Marilyn Petersen, Joan Schuster, Dixie Minton, Nancy Sturies, Pat Pauly, Martha Skiles, Janita Ragsdale S060'lii rowI5 Jean Krause, Joan Johnson, Judith Dickinson, Sonya Oyan, Mrs. Long, Barbarn. Buente, Nancy Staudinger, Linda Ramsey, Rita Borri, ary ommers Bottom row: Helen Korenchan, Lynn NVright, Merle Kuyrkendall, Patricia Treutelaar, Sharon Aubrey, Marquita Herrington, Thara Boxdorfer, Joan Lundahl, Marilyn Miller Q, 'Y Y .- 4 '21 f n ,J X z ' t,,,,,r! N , s ' V :J V' -. si, . 4 QW' , U C7 , 'K 7 sum!- we 6. ug lf' ' f -1 1 fi FQ' gy . r "" fx Oiicers-Top row: Anne Eastburn sccreta1'yg.P6gEY Homl, ' " "" second vice prcsizlcntf Mary Diieland, Pfesldenfi Yvonne --'lm "1 1- Barta, jirst 'vice president , , . I " j ' 4 Bottom row: Coralee Dennis, trcasurerg Gloria Mikuta, socza 'rum chairman, Jewell Winkler, social chairman BUSEY HALL Top row: Nancy Weaver, Frances McNeil, Isolina Gonzalez, Patricia Kulovitz, Marsha. Burley, Carol Theodorow, Phyllis Marlow, Danna Ryan, Betty Shubert, Judith Hancock, Judith Lauber, Sara Bockwinkel D I , Third row: June Wagner, Kay Bradshaw, Rosalie Schnoor, Betty Bradshaw, Nancy Warner, Marilyn Bolchert, Nancy Baggio, Alice Baulmg, Mary Shelton, Maria Scoofakes, Daila Stanaitis, Nijole Jasenas, Barbara Drinnon Second row: Phyllis Howell, Kathryn Gronberg, Helen Nass, Phyllis Levin, Lois Minute, Miss Farrar, Pauline Schrott, Phyllis Pepper, Myrna Ten- enbaum, Milda Brencius, Sara Jane Tapp Bottom row: Dorothy Erickson, Doretta Boyd, Elizabeth Wasson, Jeanette Behner, Betty Foster, Suzanne Foissotte, Barbara Pierce, Menora Maslan, Sharon Madden, Bonnie Spries Not in panel: Ellen Schneider, Roberta Pearlman, Diane Stepien, Terry Cohn, Iris Turner, Regene Blazine, Laura Maguire, Elayne Scoofakef. Lorraine Cornick, Iris Siegel, Bernardine XViczer, Barbara Katz, Thelma Fite, Mary Moss, Vivian McFadden, Judith Baird, Anne Ehret, GIONB Gold, Wilma Spainhour, Evelyn Stephan, Fredette Stiernberg, Donna Meador, Margaret Reillv Barbara Philander Barbara Sapp, Mary A1111 iialitejrnrab Geraldine Myers, Mary Rasmussen, Eleanor Sandler, Barbara Hall, Sharon Spaulding, Mary Helper, Shirley Hantack, Louise Flacks, ris aco s 7x 1111 Top 3 3 Third l l T Secon l l Botto 3 'I fix, l iii EY Ha o 'ggi 5 11111 ., F rllis Marlow, Damn Bm, Cy Baggio, Alice Blllillif il-7 on, Phyllis Pepper. MFNTZ' 351-bm Pierce. Melon . la M guire, Elliilf Sal, iiinn ima. Aw El,'f,fifQ ,del-, Barbara Sllllli , M Shirley Blum MW , Z, I ' ,, 4 L l - U 1 ' ' g ig E' I. A What? No studies? Q ' f I If I Q 1 BUSEY HALL Top row: Linda Cordogian, Donna Fordon, Elizabeth Pelcher, Vita Cerskus, Nancy Weinstein, Judith Gimple, Mary Sue Drendel, Jane Cole, Marlene Mazer, Sylvia Schlueter, Marilyn Kating, Carol Crosby, Sally Osborne, Judith Zavodny, Adrienne Berger, Sandra Seegren, Mary Hennessy, Marion Klajnik, Barbara Mitacek, Carol Magee, Carol Fredrickson, Lee Miller, Joan Brown, Patty Lou Woodcock, Susan Hitz, Eleanor Benson, l Jean Moore, Carla Sommerfeld, Diana Sowinski, Ella Young, Dorothv Stark, Beverly Bruce Third 'r0'w: Helen Klinn, Dorcas Baker, Joel Willis, Joann Katz, Ellen DeVroeg, Eleanore Liskunas, Irene Paulius, Judith Weitz, Patricia Hourigan, Marilyn Figura, Barbara Smith, Rosalynn Jenkins, Ida Boughner, Cynthia Kassin, Ruth Dechant, Kay Benedict, Carol Kolenda, Carolyn Carlson, Susan Jordan, Tema Rimland, Barbara Gaul, Darlene Bock, Mary Stern, Beverly Beutel, Eleanor Varner, Carol Daniels, Janice NVilliams, Joanne Weaver, June Schiemer, Helen Weihl, Judith Strauss, Diane True Second row: Esther Boroff, Harriet Crane, Marjorie NVood, Donna Neely, Shirley Lindsay, Sara Nicely, Shirley Sanders, Evelyn Saam, Nancy Bru- baker, Virginia Vida, Suzanne WVatkins, Lucy Andrew, Lorraine Truzynski, Susan Abbott, Marion Dahl, Frances Bamberg, Beatrice Klazmer, Frances Bryniarski, Pat Sholder, Regina Kohl, Shirley Kagan, Carmen Dominguez, Joanne Von Stoeser, Frances Krotz, Ellen Hoenicke Bottom row: Frances Calomeni, Lucile Lant, Judith Moreen, Karen Rover, Linda Van Leer, Diane Sandberg, Helen Nushart, Bonnie Brienza, Patricia Hutchings, Patricia Sheahen. Janet Schleper, Marjorie Schmidt, Cynthia Lee, Donna Nelson, Vivian Fullmer, Vera Kozij, Barbara Bailey, Jean Ikeda, Carol Tomlinson, Patsy Patelski, Patricia Harris - - 1- - " Phyllis Opipm-.5+Top 'rouw Cynthia Thompson, treasurer, McCormick, social chairman, Dorothy Halllllllg, -1001111 chairman ,. . , -- Bottom row: Mary Dalby, secretary, Nancy WIIIHHHS, 711931 dentg Judy Morse, vice president VJHS 2 7 Hill 71 J' ' gf, 3 'if"i 5Q'. .iW'1 .Q 1' 1 ' , "V 1 Q W' ,, 15,7 - EVANS HALL Top row: Jenna Lambert, Marion Eggers, Sue Shapiro, Margaret Otto, Mina Maish, Donna Reed, Joan Smith, Mary Madden, Ann Acree, KBYBU Dahltorp, Jane Humphrey, Cynthia Heinz Beverly Konigsford, Mary Herman, Janice Lewis Carolee Lander Bett Deuss Ruth Ann Kiddoo, . 1 , 1 Y 1 Claudia Goldman Third row: Rochelle Ezer, Beverly Duncan, Candace Clifford, Rebecca Patchin, Hope Wilson, Sandra Gierke, Rose Marie Czekola. Sandra Greenleaf. NancyHRorer, Rita Levey, Nancy Moeller, Deloris Maulding, Marguerite Verley, Mary Blewett, Judith Shipman, Helen C. K. Lin, Bee Leng TBD, Mary uguet Second row: Frances lge, Constance Bennett, Joan Braught, Dorothy Hanning, Barbara Druhan, Phyllis McCormick, Mary Dalby, Judith Morse, Nancy Williams, Cynthia Thompson, Elissa Greenfield, Barbara Beritch, Gloria Fenner, Elizabeth Edwards, Irene Outlaw Bottom row: Sharon 0'Neill, Elizabeth Bouceil, Virginia Jankauskas, Patricia 0'Loughlin, Lynn Racine, Norma Carter, Judith Lyon, Caro1WyS11P- Sally Cleary, Wendy Rigler, Iris Clark, Artha Loy, Mary Dennesaites l' 1115 Top T4 L E Third D Secom 14 Bottow ,..F 'Il ' it an 'L 1 Private seminar session A2 Q i U ' JI' f l ,-if? Hall - Q. 1 . ,A X-:,c'.' EVANS HALL Top row: Sharon Silver, Mary Fries, Nancy Mathis, Norma Schwartz, Nancy Hanks, Mary Rockstad, Linda Steiner, Lucille Hoffman, Elizabeth Lawler, Roberta Littell, Katherine Photopulos, Karen Gotts, Karen Rock, Jolyn Kagan, Suzanne Franks, Donna Isted, Revonda Archer, Marilyn Higgs, Beverly Arent, Delores McCoy Third row: Frances Sears, Mari Klemola, Barbara Brooks, Beth Pearson, Barbara Raczkowska, Arlene Hornick, Dorothy Hanning, Norma Butler, Diane Fries, Kay Wolff, Joyce Gordon, Barbara Cunningham, Anita Hughes, Jane Cook, Martha Johnson Second row: Lorraine Baran, Karen Clark, Ann Stewart, Flojean King, Frances Bernhardt, Betty NVenz, graduate a,s'sistant, Mrs. Cotter, head resident, Laurellen Porter, graduate assistant, Roberta Beck, Joyce Hildenbrand, Marilyn Sherman, Jane Thompson, Ann Mathis, Eve Statland Bottom row: Sherree Gonsky, Vivian Kredenser, Jenifer Moberley, Myrna Siegel, Janie Shless, Judie Paris, Carole Shein, Dorothy Allen, Judith Roudez, Loretta Alfonsi, Carol Clement Not in panel: Susan Galbraith t -5 Z ' , ,g an J 3 Ojiccv-s-Top row: Wirlifred Gif1Sb91'g, f"0aSW'01'5 Merle Weiss' 0 A V- 'fl 3 - . t Bottozncergzzoisllfrretta Schatz, correspondmy Secfefaryi BOHIWQ ' Moline, presidentg Rozanne Millman, soczal chgbvfrrliflfgl, Marlene Silver, recording secrctaryi Sharon new ' freshman advisor l J E. K. T. - 1106 West Oregon Top row: Sandra Gould, Sandra Cohen, Rozanne Millman, Brenda VVolin, Sharon Adler, Barbara Tobor, Gail Lenhoff Third row: Esther Krooth, Ettabelle Slutsky, Debra Pickman, Sharon F1-ielich, Judith Doppelt, Jeryl Meyerson, Shirley Rosenberg, Ruth Medwa- dowsky Second, row: Loretta Schatz, Bonita Moline, Miss Friedlander, Merle Weiss, Winifred Ginsberg, Marlene Silver Bottom row: Sari Brown, Judith Eisenstadt, Joan Kostinsky, Harriette Jacobson, Sheila Levy Not in panel: Frances Braverman ws , X 202 T 11 Thin Seca Botti 0 aw an 'Rf 2' .2'..,'5fiN,,- Olhcers-Left to right: Eleanor Janssen, house managerg Mary EISOU.. Secretary, Nina Sanders, vice president, Sally 1.11, ,.- Parkinson, -presulentg Mary Leigh, treasurer, Georgia W Allen, comnussar 175 ,, ", .hr "X: 0 e oE Shirley R0 senberg, Elm IW Y A-H HOUSE 202 East Green Top row: Mary Watson, Jane House, Mary Irwin, JoAnn Gish, Ruth Cunningham, Georgia Allen, Georgia Wemhaner, Carol Katcher, Carol Mc- Quilkin, Barbara Duncan Third row: Sandra Sells, Sharon Hoffman, Peggy Mason, Kay Hepler, Carol Jean Reed, Mary Cunningham, Audrey Potts, Nancy Hurry, Coena Blair, Judith Fahnstrom, Alice Shoger, Jane Stutz Second row: Jean Rushton, Jea-n Kornegger, Eleanor Janssen, Nina Sanders, Mary Elson, Mrs. Stahly, Sally Parkinson, Patricia McCartney, Marjorie Hoerdt, Angie Putt, Mary Leigh, Susie Melton Bottom row: Carolyn Sumption, Karen Bossert, Rosemary Schuster, Carol Ufkes, Patricia Torok, Joan Lloyd, Mary 0'Malley, Mary Plankenhorn, Glenna Blunier, Virginia Seiler P. L . i ll i n 1 tile 1 I A 'Hx i Oliiccrs-Top row: Judith YVright, froslmzan uflviwrf Uilrbara Bass, .xwrvlrlry I . V lioltonz row: Karon Shure, SCrf01Lrl I 'UIUC TFVU-f1fI""t.f Sta-iner, prnsiflcnfg Ruth Goldschmldt, ,Hirst vue pifmsuron., Marsha Balabun, social chairman, lava Mandl, tzcaauvel INDECQ Top row: Barbara YVolf, Barbara Fox, Sandra Duberstein, Paula Basner Sheila Davis Shirlee Rich Sand G lt . , , , . ra o er Y Fourth row: Eileen Glaser, Frances Murray, Marion Banish, Carol Miller, Carol Miller, Moreen Alexander, Judith Gelman. Claire Kaplan Third row: Nanette Bogin, Cydnie Shapiro, Diane Stein, Beverly Finkelman, Diane Morgan, Barbara Rosen, Maureen Mark, Leah Meyer, Blrbaffl Alexander, Carole Hirsch Second row: Marsha Balaban, Barbara Gitler, Barbara Bass, Eva Mandl, Karen Shure, Carol Steiner, Mrs. Godfrey, Ruth Goldschmidf, Carol Letwin, Judy Wright, Sylvia Skar Bottom row: Helen Lovin, Helene Myers, Judith Cohen, Rita Brookstone, Sima Heftel, Barbara. Lazar, Frances Greenspan, Myra XVol0shiny Judith Slonim, Judy Spero, Rhoda Rosenfeld Xnf in panffl: Judy Turmoil' !. IJ Top ra al Third M Seco Bottrilij INDECO noe sllllllllil ri' f. , Cl ' e KHDIIU iliagiarklvlleah Meyer, Bnrlui rey, Rum Goldschmidl W5 nspan. MU' wolosm' hm 91 .-,...,,,.., ...Q N' 'X 1 N- ' - - Y ' . U-f11CC'y101f 'ow-, BIFTHHA D. Jacobson, jfrcshman azlvzscrg Caiol 1JQiIf,.'l7l.CCvl7l'0SlllC7ltj Suzanne Sklar, president, , Joan Franklin, .social chairman bottom, row: Geraldine Suskin, trea.su1'crg Rayna Kaminskv, secretary, Roberta Ramen, house manager LAUREL HOUSE Top row: Iris Goodnick, 'Wende Feitler, Corinne Epstein, Judith Greenstein, Marlene Kempner, Ruth Solomon, Sandra Shapiro, Ruth Decker, Ger aldine Suskin Thifziarojlfif: lgyrna D. Jacobson, Ruth Simon, Myrna A. Jacobson, Anita Kleifield, Sheila Agay, Ferne Isaacs, Muriel Goldsmith, Roberta Kamen arm yn erger Second row: Rayna Kaminsky, Suzanne Sklar, Mrs. McDowell, Carol Leaf, Joan Franklin Bottom row: Sandra Isaacs, Norine Berman, Nancy Singman, Velma Klein, Marcia Friedman -L t t 'ht: Janet Douglas, secretary, Suzanne Omcejztersgfl, ziggy president, Miriam Roberts, president, ,, Arlene Bedau, treasurer I ll 3, i. I V E 1, 1 ill' l'2 ,, 'l I Top row: Karen Johnson, Donna Murino, Linda Miller, Georgia Doak, Ann Vanderpoorten, Laurel Trueman, Mai-ibeth Lutz, Ina Owen Third row: Patricia Schultz, Kamlynn Keyes, Ruth Pitelka, Marilyn Jaros, Gail Seibert, Ann Brandenburg, Shirley Whitaker Second row: Bette Aimone, Marcia Pinfold, Janet Douglas, Suzanne Peterson, Mrs. Smith Miriam Roberts, Arlene Bedau Nancy Moore Bottom row. Peggy York, Doris Gould, Judith Baldwin, Corine Kozol, Alice Atwood, Jeanne Elder, Carol Tremaine, Judy Chidester Not in panel: Nancy Ault, Marilyn Ross l L l XI 216 Top Thi1 Secl B021 a ,X Q 3 ,l , 4 , . 5 , 2 Oficel'-5'TL0ff t0v right: Marilyn McCall, freshman adviser' Adrianne Nudelman, social chairmang Joyce Fink, vice president, Audrey Rivkin, president, Virginia Zachgo, flfgiqgli-SQZQGT, Yvonne Vish, secretary, Joan Kraft, freshman 1 LGDGEJ LINDEN HALL, ARBOR SUITES 309 216 Gregory Top rowf Roberta Sones, Shirley Smith, Margaret Livernash, Alison Sime, Donna Snyder, Carol Rose, Penelope Willens, Dixie Kelly, Nancy Bur- . roughs, Sharron Vondracek, Renee Meckler, Judith Feutz, Phyllis Delveaux, Elaine Goldberg, Joan Johnsos, Lenore Stevens Tlwrd row: Linda Light Kathryn Kov Judith Young, Joan Branch, Sheila Platt, Marilyn McDermott, Karen Kuncl, Ruth Black, Gerda. Link, Najla Lutz, Ina Owen Bonahoom, Susan Ieler, Marilyn Wolf, Deane Leherissey, Judith Weeks, Mary Wehner, Patricia Kenna Linker Second, row: Doris Light, Joan Kraft, Adrianne Nudelman, Yvonne Vish, Mrs. Ross, Audrey Rivkin, Joyce Fink, Virginia Zachgo, Marilyn McCall, nu Nancy Moore Barbara Fisher, Phyllis Treby, Carolyn Bakos I 1 ' - Bottom row. Shelle Kramen Bonita Copeland, Charlene Mortell, Carol Crossett, Harriet Merlander, Eileen Goldman, Roberta Cook, Sidonia Deutsch, d Cel ' Y y dy Chl es Dorothy Grinin, Tanya Cohen, Kathlene Gooch at .ov V Qgvnis val' . Officers-Left to right: Ruth Campbell, secretary! Sarah YQ -e llofsas, vicc president, Mary Beauchamp, 002'f0g9P0ndl"'9 '15, i if ,af xccrelaryg Carolyn Konneker. t1'?l1S1H'Wg MM-l01'1e Swan' 1-ff son, social chairman, Mary Lewis, president 'B-e 6: ' u Y 'tiff MCKINLEY HALL Top row: Janet Ostermeier, Lois Bunting, Martha Coombe, Carolyn Fleming, Emma Anderson, Barbara McFeeters, Gloria Hine, Joan Bolin, Virginia Bolin, Simone Drake Fifth row: Anita Gorr, Marjorie Swanson, Mary DeFrates, Judith Delp, Barbara Dellenback, Constance Bednarz, Patricia Montgomery, Marcia Bradley, Joy Spartin, Marie Anderson, Helen Hondros Fourth row: Joanne Spaide, Judith Kannmacker, Alice Atteberry, Linda Kannmacker, Naomi Wilson, Beverly Terry, Marilyn Strobel, Charlene Prosse, Glenda Landers, Barbara Lane, Kay Franklin, Janis Finley I Third row: Rosamund Ashwill, Jean Kam, Gretchen Meinert, Patricia Wallace, Marilyn Ransley, Sue Fullerton, Nancy Jesperson, Jean Fishburnf Mary Arndt, Arthurline Grana, Mada Beauchamp, Dora Lee Second row: Sarah Robinson, Barbara Reace, Marjorie Swanson, Carolyn Konneker, Mary Lewis, Mrs. Stone, Sarah Hofsas, Ruth Campbell, M817 Beauchamp, Yoonhee Suk, Jayne Miller, Nancy McMillen, Karen Strack , First row: Beverly Blacksher, Janet Turney, Elaine Behling, Andrea Raible, Alice Robinson, Mary Fahrnkopf, Bernice Shor, Marilyn Kleaver, Eliza- beth Shinn, Helen Chick, Lois lVeber, Frances Quint, Sharon Smith, Rachel Day L 607 Top 1 rm Secoi Bottti Not F P Hine, Joan Bolin, Virzilil ,tricia M0lll80m91'Y1MUd' Marilyn Strobel, CMB' Jesperson, Jw! mm' visas, Ruth CIUIPML M lor. llilfilin Klemr' mn' Ojicers-Top row: Carol XValker, public relations, Nadine Janes, secretary, Mary Moore, treasurer Bottom row: .Beverly Erlandson, president, Helen Flewellvn, ence president ' Not W Panel: Dolores Skowron, social chairman PALAMAR 607 East Daniel Top row: Sharon Spriggs, Patricia McLaughlin, Margaret Baldwin, Sue Brown, Ruth Moats, Linda Knox, Theresan Healy, Claudette Burmester, Marjorie Young, Judith VVilletts, Barbara Hunt, Anna Giuffre, Marian Kadlub, Carolyn McMicken, Judith Franzen Third row: Mary Smith, Marilyn Lubbers, Mariett McCall, Sharon Reaper, Jane Lewis, Claudia Lippert, Yvonne Griffin, Roberta Johnson, Rosemary Raake, Gloria Savitch, Sandra Thomas, Lila Martin, Barbara Keeler, Charlotte Rist, Norma Montavon, Gail Elwell Second row: Dorothy Stanley, Marilyn Brusati, Carolyn Swope, Pamela Shepherd, Dora Craig, Delores Skowron, Mary Moore, Mrs. Daniels, Beverly Erlandson, Anne Flewellyn, Nadine Janes, Carol Walker, Beverly 0I'Bi, Carol Anderson, Sondra Frichtl Bottom row: Elizabeth Eastman, Lezlie Morgan, Marlene Koester, Marcia Mathy, Mary Glenney, Carol Wood, Patricia Szczepanik, Judith Orndorlf, Ada Price, Donna Kearins, Merle Matson, Judith Olson, Evelyn Brown, Doris Sherer, Judith Buehler Not in panel: Ursula Dayenian, Phyllis Bleck f A .Q ' l 4 L 1 I l E 4 Q li I I V Y ll 'N ,, ,. I gl, N , :"1r'.':fL"Q'f':' - - ' ' ' - Barbara KK' , Ojicers-Left to nght: Bonnie Tidd 'vice Plfesldenf, , X Q Duncan, secretary, Karen Lemfiie, P"0Sld9"'-fi Sue Jeanne - ,, ft Bandy, social chairman, Elizabeth Austin, freshman ad- V' V 'viseo-p Melva Gage, treaswrer , , lu- 9. X N 5 ' B' tips, 2: 505 X ,LL- ., fy ,. 'l as ., ,.s -. Q ' PRESBY HALL Top row: Terryl Lash, Nancy Shipp, Charlotte Harlin, Gwendolyn .Hayes, Linda Hawkins, Patricia Armstrong, Margaret Morton, Sally Blacker I Carole Cousley, Barbara Bryan, Alwilda Sellers, Nancy Jo Williams l l , Third row: Martha Johnson, Linda Hale, Wilma Schoenweiss, Judith Taylor, Eugenia Smith, Jane Lemme, Nancy Scott, Sylvia Smith, Judlth Spatz, Nancy Cubbage, Patricia Goodmon, Barbara Duncan, Joyce Moody , Second row: Barbara Bailey, Anna-Marie Holladay, Nancy Kuehn, Jean Sumrall, Mary Cooper, Bonnie Tidd, Mrs. Jordan, Karen Lemme, -Tull! Huber, Sue Bandy, Elizabeth Austin, Melva Gage, Barbara Stevens , Bottom row: Suzanne Alton, Lucy Montgomery, Sondra Pearson, Eleda Klugman, Lois Eisner, Carolyn Curtis, Becca Hosford, Jean Bower, Maxim Ayres, MaryHelen Cravens, Jean Goodmon ' fre' 2 " M 1' .-, ', w 1.4, ' ' ,in . L T' X , L "VV Tw I 313 ll Top ro Sc Third i A1 P Second to Bottom Li Not in 405East , Mom, sim BW' 1, syiva smim Mill D, Karen IAUWI M' Td, Jw, Bower, Him' l'll, f.. in P ' v 17 x ' '-a 1 . Omcefs-TOP row: -Nancy Davis, vice presidentg Barbara Freckleton, prestdent Bottom row: Nancy Lanier, treasurer, Janice Hermann, social chatrmang Marlene Schopp, secretary SH ERWOOD LODGE Top row: Janice Camp, Martha Williams, Jennie Holmes, Barbara Keough, Joan Wilson, Katherine Jackson, Barbara Johns, Thelma King, Mary - Schaefer, Carolin Cross, Margaret Buchanan, Donna McCandlish, Louisa Semerdjian Third row: Sue Keidd, Carolyn Spees, Janet Beard, Barbara Cole, Patricia Cole, Bette Mudie, Grace Lemke, Margaret Petersen, Nancy Carlson, .gnrze Eurnett, Patricia Peterson, Virginia Hollenbach, Peggy Stamer, Bethanyanne Pinnell, Carol Boren, Garland Borne, Lois Schauer, Judith ie sc Second row: Donna Maddox, Elizabeth Agrimonti, Nancy Davis, Dorothy Baran, Janice Hermann, Marlene Schopp, Mrs. Dornoff, Barbara Freckel- ton, Arlene Fitzgerald, Nancy Lanier, Margery Rouleau, Stefania Steiner, Diane Hansen Bottom row: Sandra Nei, Margaret Kropp, Judith Reynolds, Jean Prachar, Frances Fuller, Lorraine Haubold, Bevra Bice, Suzanne Tevebaugh, Linda Weiss, Marie Tomasic, Earleen Barnes Not m panel: Suzanne Bergeron ,R 'QTY Officers-Top row: Mardclle Krier, social chairman, Susan 'QT if Hastings, fI'6lLNlLI'l5l'j Janet Ruthe1'f0l'd, 671017101715 Joanne gm, :Y'f,,x,f- Miller, commix.vur I 'f I N Bottom row: liernadine Gcrnon, vice president, Karen Kelly, 'QW' f" prcsirlentg Phyllis Younger, .secretary L ff .,' Q ol it f .sr . ,Wd '-rv ' 'n E1 1115. ,-A STRATFQRD Houss Top gow: FRae Turnbull, Sandra Spitzer, Nancy Marti, Donna Chiles, Wai Won Chin, Mary Pristash, Janice Roeth, Lena. Chang, Mary Carter. Bar' ara itzgerald Second row:llJanet Rutherford, Mardelle Krier, Bernadine Gernon, Phyllis Younger, Karen Kelly, Mrs. Minton, Anita Boughan, Susan Hastings, J0- anne Mi er Bottom row: Joyce Loofbourrow, Jeanne Bleuer, Marilyn McCloskey, Danielle Burton, Patricia Marx, Marylan Hubbard Carol Seal Not in panel: Joan Toxnkinson, Dimitra Tzannes ' r ' X- t 'Wt 7 W...-.4 ,If-2-"8 909 W J l Top roi Na Second Bottom Sh 1 l I 1 cms, Mm W' B" ghul, SUSIE JV Enrol Seal gg, ., ' f 9g1:l , ' ,,,,,,.,7 VL, , ,V '31 I V . , M y f f -if 1. , A ,AN ' V' 5 ' - -., QS ,-Q. wg, . f , 4.1 1 ,..... a I f .x , 0l7LC0II,:S'j1'0p row: Amy lintler, first vice prg,gi,1g,,ti Priscilla P It organic, secretary, lulaine Chang, sm-om! vim: ywesidant io otnl row. B8I'bii1'H Illgflld, Pfqszzlentg Carol Schmutzler, zeasurerg Eleanor Master, .social chairman WESCCDGA 909 West Illinois 30 Active Chapters Top rowf Amy Yoshino, Elaine Holmes, Arlene Tuttle, Audrey Huck, Kayetta Sinks, Vernalie Moberg, Marcia Marks, Rebecca Pizante, Ruth Miller, Nadine Covert, Jane Anderson, Margaret Eyer, Elizabeth McHose Second row: Eleanor Masters, Carol Schmutzler, Elaine Chang, Mrs. Holton, Barbara Ingold, Amy Butler, Priscilla Berganio, Harriet Albin BottogrItl'rf1w:J Beulah Randolph, Barbara Kumler, Mary Garlich, Jean Hughes, Lois Kroencke, Frances Andresen, Priscilla Crowe, Mary Campbell, ir ey ones Q sb' l- 'Vf' igifxf i 1' fc! Y . ! N l sl I f X 'M 'Ka-v , ' will i Q tif, 'E Q, 3 YQ' Wm in iii? ' KE- . - - . ' h O e .s+Left to mght: Dorothy Hulsmgal WGGSUTGT, Judit- mc ltlucko, soczkzl chairman, Alice AHIITCWS, 1H'9S'd?'nt1 Pauline Quince, 'vice presulentg Janice Keren, Committee coordinator, Ruth Hoogerwerf, secretary LINCCDLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, NORTH Top row: Carol Vanhorn, Marcia Gerrib, Heddie Solomon, Susan Stover, Marie Eigenrauch, Audrey Smigay, Marilyn Yerkovich, Diane Ritter, Gall Hoy, Barbara Crandall, Jeadenia Nelson, Joanne Mitchell Sixth row: Louise Weisberg, Pauline Quinci, Grace Lasterie, Joanne Olofson, Irene Allmeyer, Barbara Johnston, Gloria Laner, Margaret Koen ' Fifth -row: Myrna Mackey, Marietta Skyles, Cheryl Matthews, Jacqueline Morey, Muriel Karp, Deborah Kite, Mary Schnobrich, Arlene Brumlik, Nancy Feingold, Jeanette Howard, Elizabeth Sonnemann, Patricia Roth, Virginia Long Fourth row: June Rabito, Roseann Ginther, Patricia Balton, Lisbeth Steinhauer, Janice Hopper, Carole Wiehe, JoAnne Flynn, Anna Cooksey, Patricia Johnson, Kay Kirk, Barbara Peters, Una Gremmels, Merrellee Kirkland, Gail Smith, Jo Neely Third row: Miss Connell, Mrs. Grinnell, Margaret Jepson, Sylvia Fisher, Patricia Miller, Sara Samson, Fern Levy, Marjorie Robertson, Sharon Reese, Illglartha Rosenberger, Patricia Wallace, Judith Lichter, Renee Kaufman, Margaret Sodaro, Sue Ungerleider, Faith Roubik, Norma Hill, Eva oudrean Second row: Louise Fortman, Dorothy Huisinga, Katherine Niemeyer, Phyllis Voy, Karen Lambert, Susanne Allen, Eleanor Cypress, Bonnie Mc- Manus, Miriam Pcmburn, Frances Luther Bottom row: Rosetta Solomon, Carol Heller, Julia Ebinger, Marlene Washington, Linda Fenstad, Nancy Love, Elaine Kramer, Beatrice Millnerv Helen Jacobs, Louise Middleton W Ax ina ii -.sp-ff ,E i. LIT Top row Pov Kat Fifth ro Ros Fwfrlh 1 Mil Third ri Mai Second l Bai Botwm Sim H5 i l l ' 1 1 . l 1005 Soulii ' i i XIOR kovich, Diane Rit1er,Gli , Margaret Koen iilciiaiich, Arlene Brumll 9 Flynn, Anna Coober, Robmson, Si1ll'0lliiBC9w oubik, Norm H11 El' ior CYPYW- Bom' Me :ramen Beatriue llillner. f l t it ,J N- O17iccrsiTop row: Susan Terrill, treasurer, Diane Nasiatka, social chazrman, Elaine Rosen, sccrctary Bottom' row: Charlotte Smith, committee coordinatorg Kath- erine Goldberg, presulcnt, Marijo Ellingboe, social chair- man LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, SOUTH Top row: Janice Scribano, Donna Toika, Sue Sanders, Marilyn Schaus, Alice Sklenicka, Barbara Barthel, Nancy Sychowski, Joan Kotfila, Delores iozxilder, IIt1I1leen1SteEen, Carol Zuckerberg, Judith Neal, Rebecca Burkett, Petina Allen, Judith Rotter, Barbara Polan, Margaret Keranen, a ryn oppe Fifth rowf Zona Kraft, Rita Kraft, Patricia Geary, Sally Brenner, Patricia Link, Joan Slavin, Barbara Fleeger, Susan Locke, Marjorie Schwartz, Rosalie Krulan, Norma Haerr, Dalia Tallatkelpsa, Aldona Mogenis Fowl-th.row: Judith Schmidt, Eleanor Gore, Deanna Davis, Martha Hoerdt, Rosalind Cooper, Pauline Giglio, Darlene Giuffre, Mary Ryan, Sally i Miller, Barbara Beckwith, Louise Lockwood, Patricia Hudson, Susan Shilgalis, Mary Boerger Third row: Barbara Goloff, Sharon Fink, Roslyn Pinsky, Bethany Hage, Ruth Joiner, Marilyn Berkowitz, Margaret McCloskey, Diana Landsman, Marian Lance, Roberta Schwartz, Marilyn Markus, Joanne Mathers, Alice Wenstrom, Mary Dax-st, Janet Warner Second row: Sandra Grassi, Barbara Kramer, Jane Banasik, Diane Stebbins, Theresa Leonard, Grace Papendick, Carol Rovin, Joanne Schneider, Barbara Hefter, Doreen Sandau, Marlene Peterson, Sophie Sarlas, Rita VVood, Anita Affolter, Masayo Nishimura Bottmrt row: Elaine Rosen, Judith Hage, Marilyn Markbreit, Claire Diamond, Audrey Sacco, Dale Slavin, Sandra Karpin, Elizabeth Sanders, Bette Simon, Anita Klitzky, Asuncion Alicea Top mln- Jeanette Thier Karen Fredriksen Joan Ernst, Harriette Ellman, Jeanette Gulick, Constance Swenson, Lucille Olmstead, Sandra, FifthY3f3Zr.1a1gu50i?l0I3f2f- 1gf,ii2,15E,Zl,CI3H:1Ig1eh?g:isls,F1?1a1E1g1lc:gn,oMg1rsy Pilch' Clara Reldlin, Elizabeth Hamilton, Ruth Halligan, Gail Beavers, Janice D VV .11 J XV 115 y P t XVise, Hilah Sanders, Sharon Stinson, Florence Oml-75011 v , , ' Four-the miie? Siiig Ediirigfgn, Caardilaiiokensparger, igudhy iinbudsonj flgarin, gzzrlole Ifqalillziiaulggrcilirgcylljfnnlggoxgtioshscilandra Slutzkm, Beverly Addis, - 'f - , - 1 , u 1 uc o, I , , , , , Th'dNaui4i1?Fiffiteeiufrild1-Exhrlelzda1x?hi1zi'lziO'lX22ilIriiahV0I5lois D-diuiggr elisarbara Jartstein, Launa Cramer, Jeanine Greene, Judith Slotniktotf, Diane Allswang, wcaqglexjine Tiojanus Mfuicem Bissi Ruth'H00gerwe,-f, Jban Kerr, Betty Hoffman, Ann Whitaker, Karen Person, Geraldine Komosa, Felicia Baran Lvnn Roth' . - ', - v - 1, GI ' S hl k, D ' Carlberg, Alice Alderson, Michelle Trop,.Barbara Norton, Barbara Boudreau SeCo71L3dar11?,g.,1 qggfigj'n8XrfQa1gg'nS1?1?1:g,aIlGaEgi1gLeIizrusgliia liizsrjgrii Shcagsn, W'iIma Liss, Renee Berof, Stephanie Sibley, Mary Doyle, Judith Greenwald: ' ' k . . FirstGreo01:EmIlLIa?i'ziii'i X1giatngnaSihhwartz, Janice Keren, Iona Pelzman, Carole Kosvick, Janice Zwoll, Sondra Gold, Judith Greenfield, Carol Packer, Geraldine Niva, Diane Johnson, Joan Makoutz LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, NGRTH LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, SGUTH 1005 South Lincoln Top row: Mrs. NVells, Sandra Reynolds, Carol Pierson, Judith Lewandowski, Adrienne Englehart, Karen VanCleave, Miss Thackray, Carline Schwegler, Marguerite Frank, Sandra Sumners, Heidi Sauter, Beverly Pruitt, Judith Johnson, Janet Smith, Mary Schiemer, Florence Rauworth, Elaine Pappas, Sandra Bullock Fifth row: Vicci Young, Lenore Glanz, Patricia Tribett, Shirley Courtois, Myra Loring, Benita Greenberg, Charlene Robin, JoAnne Spinello, Ellen Kneafsey, Beverly Brown, Lucretia Gayden, Patricia Hogeveen, Bett Christ P B f y ensen, atricia Cavin, Marijo Ellingboe, Diane Nasiatka, Sharon ancro t Fourth row: Katherine Goldberg, Joan Raschke, Adrienne Stulz, Judith Novak, Darlene Berger, Carolyn Ryan, Alice Grundwag, Jane Corman, Judith Berlinsky, Patricia Payne, Yvonne Edwards, Rosemary Kowalesik, Deanna Foreman, Marilyn Simpson, Elizabeth Oda, Annette Barshefsky, Joan Burdick, Lois Gollay Third row: Linda Ayers, Frances Edelman, Susan Budinger, Susan Peerce, Elaine Chinsky, Carol Goldsmith, Carol Loftus, Lillian KaPl15tkPI ggrothy Cuson, Sandra Buckley, Daphne Ham, Bette Henlein, Sandra Mamatt, Maria Laracuente, Susan Terrill, Anita Alter, Cecile P06, C0118 rams Second TOWI EQTQII EILPNCIQ, JHHOL Lime. Rosemary Schnipke, Donna Weisinger, Marjorie Kerchenfaut, Ruth Thomason, Barbara Hanley, Charlotte Smith, Patricia Hambright, Marcia Hediger Bottom row: Louisa Gwinner, Maxine Mack, Kathleen Gorman, Marjorie Haines, Carol' Sl' l ' L ' - .. .ble , H d , L t R ell, Al1c1aLal Thelma Sterling, Gabriele Lachmann, Loretta Glaser, Maxine Kessie, Phyllis Appell,3.ixo5'celpBi2ziclinucene ar In ea rice uss I AL Top row: Shirlm Fourth roi Diane Third 'rou Duanl Mary Second ro Schul Dru: Bottom fn Joyce Sand' 'Cine 0lmstead .ni Gail B93 i Sllldn mi-llllice lutzkin, Beverly Adm nik aldine Kommr FEM Off, Diane Aljsm on, Barbara Bimdm vile, Judith omwiil' lxdith Greenfield, Cm 1005 South Lincoln SOUTH 1005 South Lincoln Iiss Thackray, Cirline ner, Florence Rauwonl, JoAnne Spiuello, Elf! Diane Nasiatka, Shim , J e Corman, Judith i:Enetx1Barslieisky, Jill ig , Lillian KlPlfll!i Ailler, C0030 PW' W rbara Hanlef. Cllflm' e Russell, Lllblfv WGS Oyicers-Left to right: ,Joyce.Snyder, presidentg Hope Clark, secre.tary,- Joan- D Implerio, committee coordinator, Mar- guerite Davis, vice president, Brindall Berest, .social chair- man Not in panel: Dorlene Sample, treasurer ALLEN RESIDENCE Top row: Sharon Franzin, Gerri Rio, Roslyn Lieber, Shirley Ward, Maureen Charles, Judy Cermak, Janet Haning, Joanna Gaines, Myrna Simon, Shirley Moore, Grainne Griffin, Bernadine Bernhardt, Sharon Feldman Fourth row: Judith Kaplan, Diane Wishnick, Leah Stolman, Lois Giese, Mary Row, Jane Buland, Mary Geissman, Barbara Birks, Lynne Matthies, ' Diane Wehrmeister, Mary Millea., Helen Milecki, Mary Campbell, Nancy Stevens Third row: Mary Ross, Sylvia Schwartz, Dorlene Sample, Nancy Jevert, Lynn Harazin, Mildred Hyman, Phyllis Piotrowski, Barbara Milesko, Duane Knafl, Elaine Marcus, Symma Kitover, Pearl Elovitz, Barbara Gray, Helene Fisher, I-Iermine Naktin, Rachel Bilow, Constance Alexander, Mary Gardinier, Margaret Walther Second row: Margo Helton, Myrtelina Radriguez, Yvonne Burnjas, Barbara Busch, Renee Stein, Andrea Kastel, Carol Heft, Jane Dugdale, Barbara Schubert, Delores Toler, Estelle Kuklin, Sheila Lechin, June Drzik, Margery Hoener, Jacqueline Finley, Lynne Alderman, Aviva Katz, Sandra Drury, Harriett Frank, Ann McDonald, Marilyn Tris Bottom row: Beatrice Bien, Patricia McCormick, Carole Minkus, Susan Friedman, Gail Ackerman, Marsha Marovich, Lois Rose, Sharon Goldman, Joyce Siegel, Barbara Hletko, Sylvia Washtien, Flora Estes, Andrea Friedman, Hope Clark, Carole Goldblatt, Donna Gordon, Phyllis Kaplon, Sandra Rakowsky, Marsha Lesser, Iris Groner, Grace Chechyk if Top row: Joan D'Imperio, Donna Nowack, Charlene Gabbert, Marilyn Day, Margie Cunningham, Helen Fligelman, Donna Zverow, Kay Gomsm Fifth row: Susan Barnett, Maurine Caddy, Sharron Gibbons, Elizabeth Evan, Barbara Chivinksy, Karen Schloemer, Judith Franzen, Nancy Ragn Ellen Pinchick, Lauris Goff, Judith Goldstein, Carol Flanim, Sara Ulrich, Barbara Albright, Marilyn Mauney, Elinor Pletka, Ann Swanson Fourth row: Charmaine XVilliams, Nina Noubar, Elda Dribin, Sheila Spitzner, Sandra. Romano, Barbara Reuter, Constance Nation, Doris Halper Judith Osborn, Irene Pinkerton, Janice Gangwer, Sandra Curtis, Vivian Garren, Sandy Schuster, Brindall Berest, Diane Horwitz Third 1-ow: Marva Lee, Virginia Zolla, Mary Harmon, Jane Jefferson, Judith Wren, Gloria Mashkes, Claudia Arnold, Joan Baer, Sharon Depp. Lorna Armstrong, Claudette Pochel, Marguerite Davis, Judith Spitzner, Barbara Pullman, Theresa Kizlauskas, Jura Gelazius, Marija Sta' Judith Schwartz, Marcia Hoffman, Patricia Karas, Sharon Sanders, Marilyn Miletich ' Second row: Grace NVilliams, Joan Topor, Georgia Rose, Cynthia Peterson, Jean Hunt, Carolyn Darch, Elaine Schindel, Maureen Wolf Di Krueger, Marlene Barliant, Judith Kahle, Brenda Bilinsky, Phyllis Rutberg, Adrienne Asher, Aldona Avizienis, Alberta DiGiovanni Carol' Peti son, Sally Zachay, Abby Dubrow, Frances Ebisu, Sharon Prasuhn ' Bottom- row: Diane Loomis, Loralei Shapiro, Dorothy Lehrer, Joyce Goodman, Gay Margolin, Judith Zeid, Sandra Goodman, Vesta Alford Hel Hikido, Edith Wolper, Gail Gordon, Marilyn Leff, Francine Shapiro, Myrna Shellist, Miss Jean Hill, head resident, Joyce Snyder, Barbara,Logz Sally Gelstein, Nancy Lykins, Edythe Gerstein, Nancy Kim, Angeles Artugue, Marcia Debs, Sandra Zimmerman ALLEN RESIDENCE 1005 West Gregory New Lounge . . Old St . . . ory Zverow Ka Fiauzell, Xaxiefgiggm I H. Ann Sli-am Y, Nation, Doris Hal . llilorwitz Wm 397, Sh -elgz' am? DDPPGII 1115. Maru, Sake: .Maureen Wolf no 1Gxovanniw Qamfpeigi 11, Vesta All Fllrder, Barbzij' li a g ' we 'f XQ5 Q EflIXf7 'in' , ,X N, 5 if Vx ! ...K ,,,.-,-an-to ww-as SQ-K ,K 5,9 V I Wav' . at-:X w X , UM, I A . ' , X, px JVM, r . , , - 1 5 x in N Q , X . . Y 5 ' wi 3 A .s 5 ss x ,sf , - .2 I R ,X f Q . .,k. K N X N x 1 A 'X ' - . ' S "5-x"s..4,a-v-rnu....... 4 I" J X 5 Top row: Phoebe Burt, Louise Volkstorf, Margaret Paffrath, Gloria Rajewski Third row: Nadine Everett, Muriel Garvin, Carol Brown Second row: Vivian Bass, Susanne Campbell, Bonnie Adams, Gertrude Buchta Bottorrl row: Patricia Albee, social. chairmang Julia Fedderson, 'vice presidentg Dorothea Cloos, presidentg Ann Redington secretarz-treasurer' Linda Mooberry, freshman advzser J ALPHA HGUSE BETA HOUSE 901 South Lincoln Top row: Phyllis Colyer, Judith Gabel, Carolyn Tullis, Hildegard Ulbrich, Maureen McKernan, Dionna. Locke, Mary Kyalla Second row: Edith Peschang, Jean Knol, MaryLou Parrish, Shirley Meyer, Marilynn.Brown, Doris Knoche, Hagel Gholson, Margaret Hyden Bottom row: VVi1ma Hollenback scholarshi chairman- Susan Rypstat, freshman admserg Frances Handrock, vice prescdentg Carole Dolesh, presi- , P 1 . . . . dentg Evelyn Rupprecht, social chairmang Eleanor Shook, secretary-treasurerg Joan Knol, actwitzes chairman Old St0fY Y 2 A 9 'Q' X Q 6 WW' 27 l . . . y Q R. 1 d C . I C,-dl baugh Donna searing, Norma, Foster Rosalyn Wolfe, Laura Lee Wheeler Top 51101 Agfflxgnet ZZIQLEZIE'.,?ui1:51erE:fifLaff6,.Eci?Q?1 DL?1i13ia?,G1-?31gl1en11Z6?g161', Leota Bastien, Valerie Sansone, Qlstrida Kalnmahs ' Third rgzjy Delo1'Zs,,Wallac22 Patricia Gornell, Ruth lKeil, Donna Kaiserman, Valerie. Neville, Carole Dunham, Sh11'1eY Dean, Jayne Lub H, Carolyn . II 1, J 1f M lman, Roberta Linsky, Nancl Powers ' I Sgg0r1l3115g:g'- SI11fISaa1?1 i1I111gse11arS11i11?lceLgYaGfg'111?z!rn Slmzxpgi Ko21:c1i1i1fe? l1Van22y Thompson, Judy Ahern, Kathy Hamederv Drusilla Slmms: Almyra Havenhill, head ,,e'Sidem?7Pat1.ici8I Gmer p1-esidgngf Grace Habben, vice preside nt, Barbara Morrison, sccretaryg Mary Mecke, treasurerg Sally Sohner, Nancy Reynoids, Ada Ross, Jean McConochie Bottom row: Harriet Chase, Martha Bucher, Phyllis Horwitz, Nathalia Payne, Sharon Silberman, Penny Bernstein, Elaine Krinsley, Judith Mitchell, Judith Braun, Janice Tencate, Nancy Minnis, Beverly Hudgens, Barbara Kozub CEDAR HALL, ARBCDR SUITES Not in panel: Lillian Fitzwatcr MAPLE HALL, ARBOR SUITES 1113 Soud1Tbkd Top roto: Bonnie Brauer, Doris Lum, Arleen LaMaskin J d'tl P ' 1 , u 1 1 rmce, ris Poliski, Geraldine Schuldiner, Dee Hockenberry, Marjorie Tostberg, Gall Golan, Janet Britt, Judith Cotter, Elizabeth Becker l Third row: Amy Ishibashi, Doris Katzman, Gilda Eisenberg, Priscilla Mohr, Joyce Schaefer, Irma Cefalo, Miriam Herda, Judith Bleiweiss, Lois YVaters, Mary Morrison Second row: Donna Schultz, Sandra Clarke, Carol Cox, social chairmang Eileen McYVilliams, freshman adviserg Marlyn Leverance, freshman afl- 'giserg Miss Farris, head residentg Bonadine Parkinson, presidentg Nancy Pilot, vice presidentf Marlene Mendelsohn Patricia Kordek Patricia ugar Bottom row: Zoztnne Lum, Sally Lehman, Barbara 'Wild, Dorothy Donda nville, Joan McCabe, Ellen Zimbler, Idelle Leitner, Rose Mecke Not tn panel: Elizabeth Bates, Gwendolyn Morrow, secretary, Katherine Bliss, Elizabeth Butterfield, Clementine DeRosa, Ruth Hadler, treasurer: Anna Hallbeck, Elaine Jesmer, Sharon Keyes, Carole Kutz, Ann Lindemann, Janet Mackin, Judith Mathewson, Brandyn Pastor, Toni Pfeffer, Donna Rott, Terese Stack, Barbara Vesely Top j nm Secoi Bono 1 1110 1 1111 Top r 1 Third C Seconl ll d Battov N G v E 1 i I fe, L alis aura L99 lllltelo, , Jayne Luba. CHUM runs. ,umm H 'ea.s'urer- 'Q mum ' haul Stllnet, rmsley, Judith Mimi sono 1113 South Third '1-y, Marjorie Tosiberg Judith Bleiweisi. hi everance, freshman itricia Kordek, WW Rose Mecke I MW th Hadler, If , ' 2 Pastor, Tom Pm' lene Schultz, Marlene Owzzarzak , , ifled Gendon, Helen NX allace, 51118, Jacobs, Elaine Kasen, Victoria Aasbrein, Mar- PINE HALL, ARBOR SUITES EYCAMORE HALL, ARBCR SUITES Top 'row:. Karen Rowland, Sandra Ivan, Bridget Messino, Audrey Carnes, Thelma Wiernik, Carolyn Zaremba, Mollie Douglas, Harlean Hoffman, I Marcia Marchello, Ruth Nelson, Sylvia Powell, Hilma Ivey, Olga Ercegovac, Sandra Rosenbloom, Sandra Arnopolin, Adele Mostow Third row: Irene Chalmers, Rose Ann Kajkowski, Mary Mead, Anita Narajowski, Dixie Kroencke, Mary Ross, Judith YVeaver, Kirby Johnson, Diana Clarke, Janet Dubisky, Maria Amoruso, Nancy Norman, Martha Hambrick Second row: Betty Scholl, freshman adviserg Sandra Spitzer, freshman advixcrg Beatrice Sciarini, 'vice presizlentg Jane Farrow, activities chairmang Mrs, Hart, Sheila Keyes, president, Vivian Peterson, sec1'etary,- Anita Anderson, social chairman, Ruth Heimerdinger, treasurer, Rita Everwijn, rllsciplimzriang Mary McConkey, scholarship chairman Bottom row: Gretchen Bauer, Catherine Joslin, Linda Sorrells, Rosa Turner, Ethel Sar, Barbara Gilby, Janice Soladay, Dorothy Robinson, Glenda Y Gladville, Berenice Puchkoff Itot m panel: Stevonne Gulley, Sonja Peterson, Una Allen, Sue Fehrenbacher, Mary Fulton, Louise Zimmerman l Nik SV Y til HSIINM In , 0 mf" E ,J K '75 W 6 1" "' ,,,, ,, W s . ,es , A W : CHX? w t S , f ., ' S. fl 1 K 5 . . . . TOP Top row: Barbara Glow, Peggy Hughes, Joan Van Der Vliet, Sarah Gipson, Joan Morvis, Lois Player, Barbara Harrison, MRTJOTIG Day Second row: Sue Hatch, Catherine Tiffin, Karen Rydin, lfatricia. Jones, Beyerly Barr, Elena Berezaluce, 'Nancy Westefer h Q Bottom row: Joiene Lansen, treasurerg Pat McKinney, pireszdentg Mrs. Warwick, Judy Langille, vice president, social chawmanp Jean Hamilton, secrelaryg Barbara Nesselrod Thir Seco HOSTE HOUSE W 404 N 506 T017 1007 South Fifth TW Seco Top row: Janet Faubel, Judith Pence, Mary Stefanich, Helen Hew'tt A 1 tt St M L' ' iegztzzgi Zcziqzzi iaggele Z1iZ111n5cge,C?Jui:El1n?5hA1g1Ianxi16 Geraldine Aigpaiiaigs, lfifoiig Qiieizs, l:?:rs5,Schx?r11EE, MIa1ryPE'i31l1x5F3?aralee Perkins Bott' - , re, 'vlce res 5 ' . - - ' . ', President: Joanne Storer, soczkzl chairman: Arlerga ZGIEEYIS, secgggzriy amahcky treasurer, Noreen Baldly scholarship chairman' Johanna Norm Not 5 3 1 R E E i dMaTi0rie Da, Z Top row: Alice Urie, Jeanne Luker, Winifred Enicksen, Audre Mathews ' ' . - ainMn7J95HHll11il10r. Thirc?1'1T11g?nSShirle5' Laubschen Rose Keliart, Nancy Sindelar Niforma Stru,beMaETl6eua Wennmacher, Tflvlen Lee" Carol Glam, lflamyn Petke, Kay Barbara Mccaslin, Betty Wilk i , n Homann, Natalie 'wVallent1ne, Frances Meinders, Jean Pease, Not in panel: Diane Deeg 1 , , e Fredrick, June Raymond, Margaret Larson, Marietta Hamilton -IOUSE PHILEA 404 East John VANLIG Top row: Jeanette Roth, Jean Schroth, Marcia Zipay, Edna Krist, Laurel Madsen, Theodora Kanellos, Cynthia Thompson, Martha Tsao, Jane Liu, . Donna Tredrea, Vida Yucas 1007 SOUlh Fiflb Third row: .Sally Thompson, Kathryn Heitkotter, Eleanor Gregory, Dorothy Frey, Joan Michals, Ruth Holstrum, commissarp Ann Wideroe, secrctaryg Carol Vissering, Angela Perez Second row: Margrajean Black, Marne McGrath, social chairmafng Ruth Kirchner, sports chairman, Patricia Tredrea, Mrs. Rohl, Anna Kanellos, president, Jean Fan, Sally Campbell, Nancy Daniels, Martha Wollenweber . - Bottom row: Mary Gabbert, Laura Heffley, Beatrice Carlson, Rena Ranieri, vice president, Eileen Smith, Anne Price, Carol Edwards, Emilie Cun- S Wt ningham, Virginia Naylor innanf Johlvlll-0 l Not m panel: Jeanine Elliott, Jo Ann Hostettler, Adele Jo nson, reaszm- , h t er' Alice Kim, Mary Rafferty, Sherry Rossiter, Marjorie Stucke un' M1 Ojiccrs-Top row: David Hunsaker ilmim' dean: Wafrelf James, .senior deang NVarren Gedstad, venerable dean, David Goodmon, ruslzing chairman , Bottom row: Robert R0g9l'S, -WCVUCUVUJ Ronald Flckeli t1'ea,.vu1'er ACACIA 501 East Daniel 44 Active Chapters Top row: Conrad Lantz, Richard Baker, Roger Gulick, Larry Lewis, Ronald Hamelberg, John Corliss, Harold Plautz, Edward Ashley, JBJUBS RUPP, John Revell, Clifford Nelson, William Dunham, Jan Hall Charles Wolven Ronald Wright Llovd Allison Stuart Reiter Douglas Sparks Third row: Marshall Mabie, XViIliam Denliart, Max Schmidt,,Joseph Long, James Tetrick, Richard Smith, 'Maurice Jones, Larry Adams, Ch8I'l0S Broughton, Stephen Norton, Howard Pratt, John Reutter, Jerry Riva, Kent Kelling, Roger Evans, Kenneth Bowers, James Degenford, LYnd0n Bell, James Banton Second row: Harry Gates, Craig Webber, David Tillema, Ronald Fickel, David Hunsaker, Robert Rogers, NVarren Gedstad, Warren James, Dfwid Goodmon Daxid O'B t R b H , ' ryan , 0 ert agemeyer, Dennis Hudson, Philip McClure, Robert Drabik Bottom row: James Tucker C 1 Ab ' . 111' egg. Robert Firebaugh, Douglas Coulter, John Pound, Ronald Helms, James Loftus, James Hockenhull. Bela Sandor, Carl Bell, Harold Birkey, Miles Hyde, NValter Bergfield, David Bach fi A ji ALF Top row: C Third row: Second rowg Bottom row V Harold Iiot m punei ACIA 'x r 9 59 Aly, .win 1 iiigti Om , . , , , Zhu A h ' CCT-SETUP row: Willliam Sullivan, vice presidentg Richard ' 44 B Buesmger, chaplamg Charles Blahous, president .V . 4,1 143 Oftom row: James Spoor, treasurer, John Blakslee, ritual .Af i5iig,aa',6 oiicer lz' L1 ' 'A ,I .ad xt " 'tum " we W ALPHA CHI RHO 44 Aclivgchglm 311 East Armory 24 Active Chapters rd alleys JTSPS Hui, Douglas PU Larry Adams, UW lmes Degenlord, LEW Warren James' M Iames Hockenhllu. Bd' T01? row: Charles Mullctt, David Carver, Richard Buesinger, Paul Gaskins, George Boschky, John Weisenberger, James Rehak. Donald Molnar Third row: Edward Blahous, Edward Kionka, David Abramson, Raymond Schroeder, Robert Klocek, George Geis, John Blakslee, James Anderson Second row: James S oor Phili Turner Charles Lon William Sullivan, Charles Blahous, Richard Gronquist, Robert Kafka, Donald Whitmore P , P y E, Bottom row: George Sellers, Kenneth Kessler, James 'vValden, Robert Behnke, Wendell Knickrehm, Walter Taft, John Gregg, Nelson Grernmels, Harold Eshbaugh Not m panel: William Yontz, Jerry Cleary, Dennis Galle, Richard Fairfield ,I "vi N Oficers-Top row: Albert Herman, house manager, W'arren , Friberg, rushing chairman, John Rowe, presulevltf Roger 2 ' . 1 Nichols, treasurer ' ' f 7 U Q ' a i - ' , '- 1 5 O, 4 Bottom row: Roy Sudhoff, secretaryg David Tolle, vice pvesi U I dentf Max lierns, social chairman ' I-' f I ' ,Z ' ALPHA DELTA' PHI Top row: Frederick Dean, Alhert Herman, William Boros, Paul King, Michael Keenan, David Irish, Isaac Coolley, George Bockwinkel, John Kim- hark, Alvin Tolle, Hugh Czerwonky Third row: Max Berns, James Saer, John Brandenbcrger, Donald MacArthur, Richard Schwartz, Charles Mosher, John Kibler, John McDougal' Richard Lee, XVilliam Sawtell Second row: NVarren Friberg, David Brown Roger Nichols Tohn Rowe David Tolle R0 Sudhoff D I M C , , J, ., - , , y , anne c ollum, Thane Halstead Bottom row: Richard Brewer, Larry Pugsley, William Novak, Joseph Halasz, John Heider, Winston Scott, Freddie Neal, Clyde Mulcahy ALF Top ww: B Young, Tan-son, Third row: Berz, Bi Swmd row: William Bottom row: Feldmar Not in panel Orenstei 1. . ,n IA, PHI Bockwinkell JOM Ulf Iibler, John MCDUUZUI Halstead lyde Mulvlhl' 53'f'!?6QGjQl!2If'iI 1 di si 1' "M'9'i 'Via' M EF.. we 'nit the 4",,g.,n.L.Ri' g""'ff Q13-be-5 O " WU- W061'-S'-Top row: Robert Gordon, exchequer, Bernard Schaner, scribe, Peter VVeiss, master Bottcxlnasvggqvff: Jordan Bloom, parser, John David, lieutenant ALPHA EPSILQN PI Top row: Hayward Garrett, Edward Gerch, Charles Dresner, Abbey Silverstone, Morton Barnett, Barry Goodman, Steven Stern, Gary Laser, Jay Young, Michael Joss, Marvin Brustin, Ronald Feingold, Michael Gurvey, David Browne, Ronald Robbins, Russell Davis, Leslie Sussman, Ronald ' Tarrson, Howard Sinton, Harvey Goldstein Tlwrd row: Richard Rosenfield, Allen Carney, Lewis Simon, Richard Rosenberg, Bruce Brenner, Allen Mandell, Jordan Listick, Robert Rosen, Michael Berz, Barry Lobcrg, Jerome Purze, Joel Segall, Alan Friedman, Alan Balter, Errol Levy, Kenneth Davis, Michael Lowy Secondjow: Stanley Horn, Allen Fagel, Bernard Schaner, Jordan Bloom, Peter Weiss, John Davis, Robert Gordon, Michael Kohn, Norman Baskes, William Littman, Allen Solomonow Bottom row: David Kirshner, Henry I-Iechtman, David Russ, Ernest Gross, Gary Silverman, Lawrence Field, Michael Nusinow, Martin Losoff, Gary Feldmar, Kenneth Stein, Charles Goldstein , Not m panel: Gerson Joseph, Richard Shapiro, Robert Richman, David Holleb, Allen WVeiner, Barry NVQISS, Howard Springer, Irvin Gross, Earl Orenstein , ,,.l, , f:ffge.,1,,Q Omccrs-Top row: George Anselm, S0C?'0lfU'U! R-ay111011d Cal" 4' michael, presizlcntg David Ash, alztmm-sccrotalvf Bottom row: Jerry King, vice 2J1'6Sffl6Wf,' R0be1'tt Mohrmlmf treasurcly' lVilbur Nelson, 1'0P0"t0' . n"'fQi A , 1' f ,,-2,121-." ,W ,,,, 6,5 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Top row: Gene Potter Merrill Dierker Thomas Brandt , , , J. D. Surber, Richard Freitag, Max Olson, Charles Bliss, Gary XVh1ttaker, Donald Myel'S, XValter Griffith, John YVilson ' , , h R hu Third row: Dale Helms, George Muck, Roger Steiger, David Ash, Philip Phar, Joseph Helms, Edwin Hawklnson, Forrest GIUSSPIS, JO U e 1 Herbert Carmichael, Delbert Denby, Roger Gillespie, Jimmie Bell, Thomas Janik, Dale Hedrick l , R b rt Second row: Carl Becker, Arlyn Rabideau, Thomas Hudson, Herbert Nelson, Louis Rogers, Jerry King, Raymond Carmichael, XV1lbur Nelson, 0 0 Mohrman, George Anselm, Donald Garrigan, James Hubbard, James VVhittaker I Van Bottom row: VVilliam Gray, David Boerner, Gary Cooper, Jon Proehl, Dean Harfst, Dale Johnston, Scott McYVhinney, Jack VVldh01m, GUY XVinkle, Terrence Ellis, Joseph Beckerman, Linn Eaton Not in panel: Kenneth Hunt All Top row: l Reeder Third row: William Second Tow Bottom row Harpei Not in pam V Q., F jfwf AX 1 Q ff -I4 Vyx I V xf L., .f r ' V F 1 ' E If-X .Xi N L -fr 'l,,,...r,.a i IVE jf 47-1f,f"'-X E-i M V K M V ,'. MD' 'i. 'W Vx if S. W MA. "MW SX ffl--5 vi-lff'V.jr!x7 ff'X'H 1 X,f'KiD71SX ' TN X X 5 1 I ti r 1,-,. . ffm f J X3 lg J jg ,ziT?,LfLibggfXy,fmTj4 Ly , 1 , J v 4 W ,. ,M M' XY W. x F I Q ,X ,Cx ix hi ga: ,KAN if X wa . X Nzmxfw ei A X' x '-'uf' Q is by N wi., X , V N Q X ' Y mx xy , J ' F , N- Vki Q N X ,,, N K M Q Q gr g I xx , . fifx 0 I A .121 ,Ill M652 E W' if I ' V' " 'ff W .vm I " K X , M 'h 1 ' F ff D '1 'gn A E it f4.ff.:,, V 0 Q f 4 .- f . J A -,, , X 42.5 5 Qxgwlx vw uf 1: ' ' J' S, V ' Y .4,.'qfAi.,,Tw 7.j,,4g6jh N . . im 1 .A ' ' w v ,wi ,rx ,Sm In 1 w ' ' v ' AV ff . - 1 1 5 ,Q W M ag , 5, -... f V 15 4 nik . 1 ' X " ,V M - 'S Q 4 v 4 Q Q1 0,2 K iff W 'N A 1 :Q ,, I 2 ,, Q , lf' X E i t i I Q i i r. Lv o 'MRM , , ' " 'a- ,ew-. ..,,- . 1 0mce,,S,.T0p Tow: William Davis, worthy as-soczate archttactf Ken Prengel, Efth 'member of board , Bottom row: Marvin Bamburg, worthy archztectg James Kurtz, worthy estimator, Anthony Bonavolonta, worthy clerk ALPHA RHQCI-u Top row: Anthony Szyszkowski, Richard Diedrich, Sandford Furman Cl k L f , ar o gren, John Richards, Ross Potter, Charles Wirth, Fredrick Zimmer- mann, Henry Carroll, Anthony Bonavolonta Third row: John Pavlovich, Richard Emrick, Jack Mendelson, Robert Hsiung, Howard Noel, Richard Hague, Kenneth Prengel,.Donald Evel1S011 Second row: Professor Allan Laing, Joseph Pappalardo, Carlton DeVVolff, Harry Betley, William Davis, Miss Hamilton, Marvin Bamburg, JMHGS Kurtz, Professor Jack Baker, Professor Ralph Line, Robert Potter , Bottom row: Bruce Kincaid, Raymond Chocholck, Bertil Johnson, Robert Engelke, John Hague, Neil Frankel, Harold Peckham, Robert LamD0I'f1US. XVilliam Schaefer, Richard Haynes I Not in pang: John Doolen, John Heartel, Joseph Legat, Peter Lendrum, Anthony Pawlowsky, Leonard Peterson, Ronald Piotrowski, Richard Tater' Larry aylor x. .,-Y .171 ALF Top row: Thema: Third r0w: Robert Second roig Rhodes Bottom 1-ou , Robert hot in pan, Laine: E 62 1 sf , Q if 16' ' :M S, X 'Vai fx 1 'f -LQ ig - ':f5:3'g,F, - 5 145-7'i-s 1 Q Q 9 ' if A if ,, r-aff, . :M b N - -. by' ' is' ' W HT 4 'I I Q " ' X " 2 E' f an f Y Q Ut-f Cv,-Q NIV: AW, 'VVFHW f' V f I ' V ' , -mv 1 -, 2 :HK X H , , -v r ,S f 1 4. 4 . A .-ff Ra.. f. 2 , I pk 0 K 0. '- I 1 ,Q j W f x ww . ' .. W I .L Q f ,Q -2 X ' K' ' 2 'W N405 1 X . A W' I ,. H ' f-fi ' '74 " , ' 1 .3, 1 If , 4 W' X ,L Q. m - - ,L f , Q 1 .fz 'lv K 'slr' yf-Lf X Q. M W 9 Y S? V rw' Hy ' - L H 4 .v I - N E If ' E ' K M.. I .p if, I , ws f 4 LX, Kawai f t I I A I 3 Y. mi QXQYJI L, u x ixiwi ' ' 4 LW ' ' LL ' 1 ' ,vu ,, L ' ' .,,f'?f' 'fxlwi m V if X , ,aff 3' 1 ' b Q Q h ' G 'C ' g 1 " , If 4 -f ,yf S ' X 7 X , 1 f, - fi X 4 V 5 94" . mf '92 dev Q " ff X mx f ' Q 'Y QQ gk N 4 yr! l ' . . x Q ' . V ' 4 Q 'X 1 , , f ' f V ,f X V, 4 'M-' I x Q ,Q V . ' , ,iff -W f , V ' 4 Y if - I, W5 P L , 3. ff W MX s ' V ' Y 4 if 7 y I f f-,Y La 'lj - .1 ' I Mg , S 'L' Viva ,,, f , , , , ,., K ,, Q , , .W s . 2. W' , ' , - - gif ' Mm ' Wax S'3"".fvfg,.J"j',, ',,, 'lr fr - Q1 ' ' M f X ff .W ' 'tm ,NA -w,,WM4g,,,3,,9g1 5 W.f"'i5 ,V it , , . , f 3 , , Q 4 ,., fyM6d,'5::a5f...,. X I ,M 3 - -. 'L u in w - pf fu, .sw ,,,,, I 1'+ar-, ,f ,4 ,mf .af4,g ,Q-' ' ,, fig . Qymzv f ffwffq.'fN" 'J vfv H 1 14'- , iii: init? fif' 1, 'ff if 5: Q if 1 i- -A Lu, 1 J lv fy ' 'EQH ,, I 'Nd ,:- Q v LJ" . E - - T - - - -- Thomas ogiw,-S-Top a-ow: William' 1Nau1nrm, flvlwuwlf v 1 XJ: Anderson, sccrrflaryg David FW ade, ILPUW 7Hg'l3lU3'Brin,,er ' 3 I Iiollont l'0ZU: George Hawker, vice pzjasulvzzt, om x , V prcsiclcntg Kenneth Schwab, -W.'llfllll'l If ,, ALPHA TAU CDMEGA 1101 West Pennsylvania 116 Active Chapters Top 1-ow: John Monroe, Ronald Henson, Peter Fernandes, Eugene Pitcher, Gary Kortkamp, Richard 1Valbaum, Darrell Duncan, Xvllilglll CarlQ0l1, Peter Evanson, Bennye Burkett, Richard Koffarnus, Frederick Schroeder, Louis Jones, Robert Frisina, Richard Rathbun, James Flint, William Evanson, Robert Smith, YVilliam Grant, Roger Perrin, Elton 1Vag11er Third row: Michael Negley, Richard Swanson, James Simon, Kent McH0se, LeRoy Frederichs, Ernest Hanson, Robert YVerner, Thomas AndB1'S0l1. John Brinker, YVilliam Nauman, Kenneth Schwab, George Baker, David YVade, Forrest Buchtel, John Allison, Kenneth Kraml, VV1ll1am Beabout, Michael Farrell Second row: Teddy Smith, Charles Schrader, John Donohue, Charles Bartholomew, Glen Skaggs, Fuhrer Dickey, Robert 11011tg0I1l9l'Yi Robert Allison, Kent Ramm, 1Villiam Muther, Donald Pierre, Rodney Hanson, David Koehler . Hallam row: Richard Treat, 1Vayne Pearson, Frank Rice, Jerry Hutson, Roy Rodgers, Stephen Bucklev, Dennis Dahl, XVilliam Carson, DQIIIIIS Schlemmer, Philip Haskell, Harry Leonard, 1Villiam Simpson Y ' Not in Panel: George Cameron, Jack Jordan, Bruce Rod ers F d ' F 'l g , re ric reeai c, Richard George, NVilliam Mohlenbrock, Leonard 1Vebster ,., . 80650 Top rot Third r Scl Second bri' Bottom' V He Iiot in +5 v -M ,A - l ' ii!! A xi' ar P l Q' - '4 " ' 'lv' Dix. All ..,. I TY l16 Active ncan. William CBM. ii, James Flint, Wllllill . Th as Anderwll. 23131, iggiiam Beabullh :rt Montgomerli RM William Carson, Dem ard Websfef wr-Q N M iv .V ,G s W Qs. ' ' 'J' '1' 2 .-.QP 1' B265 6 AS .stef .K 0 BETA SIGMA PSI Ojiicers-Top row: Leonard LiSS,'17lCflg0 trainer, Carl Strauss, house 'nzanagerg Lldon Mattick, rush chairman, XVilliam Kell, fI'CClSZLl'l57' Bottom row: Ronald Bollinger, corresponding sccrotaryg John Knodle, president TDI? Tow: Dale. Brinkmann, Robert Herschbach, Robert Thornberry, Donald Robins, Robert Jacke, James Zaruba, Ernest Korner, Darrel Junker Third row: VV1lbert Rueter, Delbert Karmeier, Ronald Junker, Thomas Xifegencr, Howard Seizinger, Robert Ostermeier, Richard Hacker, David Scheiter, Robert Werth, LeRoy Mosny, Donald Metzger Charles Mayer, Eldon Mattick, Carl Strauss, John Knodle, Mrs. Hardesty, Leonard Liss, YVilliam Keel, Robert Sud- S6C0'TLd.7'0'l.0: Orville Larson, brm Ronald Bollin er S, g Bottom row: Robert Bloechle, Hecht Not an panel: Don Bienfang, s h Thomas Edward Bucnis, Richard Remmert, NVayne Larson, Joseph Donninger, Charles Scheck, Raymond Fritz.c e, Robert Monsell, Jack Drews, Donald Sommer-fold ff x HI . 3 vi' Ojlccrs-Top row: Charles Redmorl, t"C'lSui"eTf N091 'Maison' waz? .wccretaryg Hugh Graham, pledge trauwff John en' I .social clzaimzrln , , . Y 5- ' ,Z Bottom, row: Robert Hunt, ll0lfS0 'fPH1'f1flU6fi lvlllmm Folsnh' in rf. president, Donald Trull, vzcc president 6 .X BETA TH ETA PI 202 East Daniel 96 Actlve Chapters Top row: Donald Hess, Thomas Breen, Gene Fox, James Gustafson, Kent Karraker, Thomas lValker, Paul Edgell, Lawrence Ray, Robert Henderson, Jerry Manion, Paul Uhlenhop, James Leach, Norman Smith , , Third row: Bruce Trull, Kerry Newman, Noel Thyson, Gerald Exline, Gerry Dondanville, James Byrne, Ralph Meyers, August XV1sn0sky, Laurence Stewart, Richard Koeller, James Mitchell, James Bell, Lawrence Gahan Second row: Stephen Sally, Phillip Hubele, Thomas Loew, Jerrell Babb, Charles Redmon, lVilliam Forsyth, Mrs. Butner, John Allen, Robert Hunt, Allen Cassens, Thomas Thompson, Robert Munnecke, Donald Ohl d Bottom raw: Ronald Link, David Loyet, Fred Brightbill, Robert Dvorak, John lVestover, Steve Knapp, XVade Buckles, .Tames Rhodes, Charles For Not in panel: Donald Trull, Dean Skadberg, Ronald Maris J ' T ' ' ' , ames oth, Donald Cline, Lpron Harmon, Hugh Graham, Dave AbrahaIllS0f1 . W' ,1 I1 .Vw 'qv I . 1 91 'T Ag, I I if 15' e, ln .f'..'f'f2 , "Yu: ll f'l , ' A 4,' ' l V' 1 l Z 1 303 East Top row: Mordi Third row Denni Second fro: De er B0ff01ngrg Not in pm ETA Pl ay, Robert Henderson, l Wisnosky, IJWW' 11 Allen, 30W Hum' Rhodes, Charles Poll AbrahBITl50l1 jlnuun e-3, f UPU 34 Oiicfrs-Top 7-ow. Ed . . . f , J. gal Madsen, sclzolut I, ' - i H emherlyy pledge trainer as ic czauman, James bottom rowi Joseph Jones, secretary, XYai-ren Malone, presi- gent, 'lheodore Allison, social chairman, George Podlin 'C'fl.S'lll'01' ' CHI PHI 303 East Chalmers 34 Active Chapters Top row: Michael Simpson, James McAuley, Ned YVheeler, George Niva, James Riggs, Alan Swanson, Frederick Heinemann, William Taylor, Robert . Mordini, John Lennon Third row: Larry Lessen, Donald Reuter, VVayne Chilcote, Charles Stonberg, Robert Hanson, Walter Heimerdinger, Larry Hill, Edward Peterson. Dennis Mutton Second row: John Riggs, Edgar Madsen, George Podlin, Theodore Allison, James Weatherly, XVarren Malone, Joseph Jones. James Overaker, Ricliaril Degener Bottom row: Donald Hacke, Charles Roche, Brian Berg, Alan Gossard, Charles Speyerer, Thomas McDaniel, Frank Hann, Robert Hoffman Not m panel: Walter Simmons, Darrell Nicholson, John Hadley, Paul Clevenger, Larry Andris ,Q v 4'-Hrw4,, DEl Top row: 1 Bitzer, Third row: Gerald Second row Kohout Bottom rou' Frank Not in panel Charles lllil IN Q 4 -. .J dvuqixc. 61... 5 -1 .HI PSI 27 Active Chapters Tilb Coultas f,-gn,mJames Anderwm win, Stephan Shephilli l W ' W- N 1' 1111 South First 44 Active Chapters Ulliwg-T011 1'Q4lL'.' .Fred Kohout, can-eslaozzrling secremryg ayinond Lorelll, trea.su1'er, Daryl Strahan, sergeant- at-arm: 7 . , bottom row: James Gaebe, owe president, Ronald Clayton, prcszclentg Gregory Jordan, sccretctry T039 row: Ronald Mosetich, Patrick Sheehan, WVilliam Bean, Jerry Jamieson, Jimmie Smoek, Albert Landeck, Albert Lorenz, John Breyer, Earle I Bitzer, John Mount, John XVilliams Third row: Frederick Lincicome, William Huffman, John Bussjager, Louis Beardslee, David Snyder, Charles Nash, Gerald Unks, Henry Hosman ' Second row: William Lyon, James Carr, Robert VVilson, Robert McGregor, Raymond Borelli, James Gaebe, Ronald Kohout Darvl Strahan John Huck John Farrow Bottom rowy: Patrick Clarke Larrv NVi1born Dennis Stehlik, Rein Schumann, Thomas VVelch, Thomas OyBeirne, Frank Voris, James Bruhn, Albert Till y Not in anel: Allen Harve Larr Hausmann, Charles Hoover, Gerald Johnson, P , Charles Wolfe y y Gregory Jordan, NVilliam Steinhort, Albert Inwood, David Dearie, Clayton, David Gillespie, Fred Paul Tingleff, Jerold Wright, James Tibbets, Frank Vermaat, X . . , I I ' fa 1 K 'is' ' 4-Faffg f z 43161 A .I X..,, I W, l ,vw AM O cers-Top row: Stephan Shoemaker, rushmg chalrmtlfl.. In Barry Lewis, vice presidentg James Hobart, treasurer, Larry Kinsella, corresponding SeCf0H1l'!l , Bottom row: Michael Yaughan, -secretalryg Edward Lieske, presidentg Edward Sahel, .social chairman get 'XX f 327mm , DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Top row: VVilliam Charles, Kenneth Nelson, Stephen Shoemaker, William Stone, Thomas Moore Third row: Clark Cogswell, William Newton, Gary Devine, Donald Lyddon, Douglas Richardson, Larry Kinsella, Daniel lXIacMaster, Robert Johnson, John Hynes , , Second row: Michael Vaughan, James Hobart, Edward Sabel, Barry Lewis, Mrs, Orton, Edward Lieske, VVilliam Harryman, Richard Koshel, W1lll8lD Schnell Bottom row: David liroberg, Paul Biernat, Jack Klug, Alfred Langos, Dennis Johanson, Lawrence Schildgen, William Foisy, Donald Spatny Not in panel: Robbie Jones, Joel Roach -fl .0 Al,'l.' ,AQ Q" '1'3i"9 f ifsf 923' W W ' 1, 3119 af 1 I I 1008 Sou TUP row: . Rebel Third mfw lace, S6C0'lld rg Willit B0ff0m ro Pet Not in 7: 'SILON AYVAAT .cllIaster, Raben Johnson, , Richard Koshel, Wim igy, Donald SPHWY YQ I f-. l l l l l so-. .ft 'flzfaf 3 'fs1v.'- . sr , "Fil 72 5 . 0J?iCG11SfLcft to right: Richard Adams, treasurer, Robert .-x M r11'lDP, social chairman, John Fixmer, president, Jerome ,.l13:,N Bacchetti, rushmg chairman, John Freeberg, rice presi- Qg,'J,Jj , dent 1008 South Fourth 15 Active Chapters T011 row: William Pike, Clifford Brouk, Jerry Stelle, XVilbur Knutson, Charles Evans, Ralph Magin, Donald NVeihl, Robert Jurs, XYillia1n Spealman, . Robert Bauer, Donald Anderson, John Beem Thzrd row: Robert Miller, Myron Carpenter, James YVallace, Alan Schilsky, William Wruck, Robert Tripp, Robert Hendel, Ted Smith, Rodney Wal- la-Ce, Edwin Snow, Steve NVutzke, Jerome Bacchetti Secoigilriow: RJohn Domanus, Sanford Young, Roy Goern, David DeMartelaere, Richard Adams, John Fixmer, John Freeberg, Lowell Mize, Joe Rice, 1 iam umsey Bottom row: Owen Knutson, Michael Modde, Dennis Lory, Willialn Pearson, Robert Aten, Norman Rickard, Terry Harr, Louis Luscietto, Richard Peters, Michael O'Laughlin Not m panel: Douglas XVallace, Jonathon Flowers, John Homeier YP fs. Ojiicers-Top row: Edwin Matney, t1'casu,1'erg' Charles Glb- fried, 'vice president, Louis Antonelli, prestrlcnti 111011135 Maltas, secretary , . N Bottom row: Raymond Pittman, 'rush chaL'rma1zg'Lee Brldg- man, plcdgemasterg William Burke, social chazrman '- 4 I R 5 .... Exif DELTA SIGMAPHI 106 East Daniel 92 Active Chapters Top row: Leon Florschuetz, Joel lVesson, XVilliam Burke, Carl Klehm, Joseph Schuber, Richard Barnett I , Third row: David Rathje, Richard Shoemaker, Robert Willson, Robert Fusinati, Leslie Miller James Gardner Don Sto t G or lV1th Richard 1 a u r e ge e Y lance l Second row: Thomas Maltas, Raymond Pittman, Jr., Charles Gibfried, Louis Antonelli, Mrs. Cryder, Mr. Albert Tillman, Edwin Mat11eY, Lee Bridgman Bottom row: William Lorenz, Robert Tertel. Richard Srch, James Maltas, Naman Carter, Wallace Ramsay, Ernest Lippens Not in panel: Bufford Fullhart, John Bratzler, YVilliam Hogate, Glenn Foltre, Harold Breece, Donnie Snedeker, Irvin Kovalik, Lee Boye, Ralph McCormick T . li? , 5371 , . Tyla, '-Cfiaa? 5-ug V :'.'.'f'l'Y 'Q--"Wi It 'kfjg -7.11 'PQ . Jg M-5.5, 'ixirip ,. Y .,',.. ffnlifl-,w 955, . , q 1' 'nz fluff ' '- 302 Easl Top row: Robe Third 'rm Bern Second rl Issel, Bottom ff Y John Ilot in pg Jalnm lf. Q, Y. P41 N E M ff 8.4 , QA. 'I 1 ,IF Q if -v A' MWA 5, ' um meg ,,-new my 'AU Lf 1. r I I 1 I gs- I I we I I I I I I X 1 0'fflf'FI'.9TT0j? row: Rircliznd XVinton, pledge trainer, Larry 5 ' Arndt, vim? prvsirlcnt H . .., ,,.,, ll , Iivlfoln row: Ronald Anglo, Irm.wzrr2rg Ruxton l11Ck0l', 71"0-Sl' ' Ilrnlg Cc-oil Stmrlley, sw-l'cl11l',ff . r """'T ' I I gfifm I 'fl' L I I ' I I , , I 1 I L II ' 312 East Armory 74 Active Chapters I ' I' II I I I Top row: XVayne fgtoson, Ji1mesR1XSlls, Eulius Monge, Roger Chirpe, Thomas Rees, Alan Cork, Nicholas Derrongh, James Kimmel, Robert Kennedy, Robert Amico, lenn Anile, 0 ert arence, Bradley Johnson ' , .TIli7'lgz'I'0lU: lllonald Mace-Ak, Bartog Meayg, Terryil Pritchard, John Ripley, Steven Stroll, Henry Lang, Thomas Daniels, James Shotliff, Henry Dralle, onald Iagnussen, con Ric artz, ennis isenhy, Harry Kellogg, Frank Moschella, John Clem, Raymond Nadenik A I I Second, roftvl: 13.1511 Iglelmlet IrE1ohe13tlLitvan, Barton Ladd, Ronald Angle, Larry Arndt, Ruxton Tucker, Cecil Stradley, Richard VVinton, Simeon Trot- . ter, .om 1 , tewar rimue I Bottolm rowkqlamef QgIC.fH'l0IllO?i Hugh Foglcr, B6I1cekKriviskcy, Donald Kendeigh, XVilliam Sanders, James Riley, Stephen Stigleitner, Glenn Timmons, ' Eugene . c mi , '1 iam mun sen, lames ar I , Not in panel: Larry Xlloodcock, John Dibble, Arthur Rommel, YVi1liam Barr I hill FAI Top row: Third row: Second row isky Bottom mu NIP! in pan glow umel, Robert Keuuedli Shotliff, Henrl Dnuei , Winton, Simeon Trot' leitner, Glenn Tilnmolh ga, A W..-T at 7 'e S Q, ' f " iSfi"i'l"i if L 0-mcel?-Left to Tight: Dexter Norton sergeant at arms Musseu Youmansi Secretary, Gene Gudeman, president .erle.Mulvaney, corresponding secretary, John Sprague -V 0 hwtonan, Lynn Truckenbrod business manager Q ., , ,' QF ' my C ht 'M 9,5 V w er J . V l Tx Q I Zia , ' FARM HCDUSE 809 West Pennsylvania 17 Active Chapters Top row: Richard Vatthauer, James Bowers, Harold Jepson, David Main, Ronald McKee, Fred Hadfleld, Ronald Kollman Thzrd row' Neal Eckert Clarence Walter, Paul Shuman, John Shuman, Norman Ehlers, Richard Snodgrass, Harry Simons, Byron Marlowe cl G Grudeman, Russell Youmans, John Sprague, Merle Mulvaney, Edward Com Second rmh: John Bossingham, Dexter Norton, Lynn Truckenbro , ene isky Bottom row: Forrest Paxton, Jack Roby, Myron Reaman, John Burrus, Richard Curtiss, Robert Hughes, Donald Hoffman Not in panel: Duane Schroeder Oyiccrs-Top row: Donald Greenlee, vice prcsidentg Tll0lllILS ' X' fl Tntulu, S6I?l'CfU.I'jl , , 'f Iiottoni row: Henry Curtis, prcsulcntg 000139 Bfokcmolldi trea.s'urcr 'Q 707 South Third 204 Active Chapters Top rnu-: Demarce Barm-s, John Cooper, Ozcll Langley, Randall Pelkey, Loon Scott, Raymond Jolmson, Delano Cox, John Lassiter, Curtis Gris- wulrl, Edwzlrcl Johnson, Earl Doty V liutlom row: Sidney Millvr, Donald Greenlee, Thomas 131-aidlcy, Thomas Tatum, Henry Curtis, John Everett, James Thomas Not in panel: Charles livorge, Ronald Stewart. Buford Macklin, George Bv1'0liGlll0llIl, Leslie King 1 V . . f , I l . ,Q ,., 1110 Soutl T011 row: Q lloltom row 305 in pane 104 Active Chapin: Lassiter, CWS Gm 1 W A X, f, E, ,A . , i A. 1 ' get OAUz1re1w+Lcft Lo rzyht: XVillian1 Gullett, plfwlgc traincrg Hou X 'N ' ard Dovro, housr: Tllflllllglilj Robert Sullivan, president Frederick Roland, sccretaryg John Hulson, treasurer KAPPA DELTA RHO - v f ' - Swallow Norman Sobic-sk T010 row: James Nessl, Arthur Power, Terrence Fl'H11C1S. Stanley Woods, fl19maS 01103105 Rlchmd '. .1 ' , R-1 Bottom row: Wendell Hushaw, John Hulson, Frederick Roland, Robert Sullivan, Hmlflld DOVTGI Wllhdm Gullett' Jameb lm Not in panel: Max Allison, Williard Molitor K "1-'---mi li-41.11 H Olfcers-Top row: Charles Tompkins, vicc prcsidcmtg Robert I I 6 . . ' ' A ' Boltolyaegdzilz Iligiwiriillda, secretary, Franklin Cwutowsky, PVZSL' 410115, XVilliam Drury, social chairman KAPPA SIGMA 212 East Daniel 128 Active Chapters Top row: Henry Wolf, Noel Zabriskie, Douglas Johnson, Erwin Blatter, VVilliam Westernian, Francis Dohm, Jerome Roeske, Thomas Kasten, Rich' ard Mueller, Jack Lynch, Richard Simon, Eugene Reed, James Harris, Arno Myers, Nicholas Adam, Russell Hanna I Third row: Richard Pierce, Robert Reader, Andrew Rochells, Jerome Bonkowski, Charles Applegate, Charles Kunde, James Neil, Romeo Mura, George Rantis, Gregory Belding, Kenneth Handy, Eugene Alfonsi , , Second row: Robert Faulkner, John Boyd, Ralph Learnard, Richard Hubert, Robert Wehrle, Charles Tompkins, Franklin Gutowsky, William Drury, Roy Fonda, Donald Turnquist, Theodore Caiazza, Robert Finneran, Edward Hall Bottom "OW: David Milligan, Peter Aikman, Keith Hayes, Roland Peterson, Charles Coane, Donald Boodel, Roger Groth, Richard Russell, Walter Jacus, Ronald Benhart, David Hutchison, Robert Becker Not in panel: John Deleveaux, Webb Hill, John Woodruff, Richard Funkhauser XI LAI Top row: t David Third row. Richar Second rom Foresti Bvllom roi, Carrol NUC in pay IGMA ll28 Active e, Thomas Kristen, Rich- nes Neil, R011190 Mm utowskfi William Dm' Raimi Bissell Wllffl 'Q same. 5-we G6-'.'Q,'..r . " ' 'w X 9 X , li . i OliiCe"'9'T0l7 '?.'02U:- Robert 'XVallhaus, pledge trainer, NVillia1n P Shaffel ""'Uflll-SL' David Forestner, social clzairnmn Jotiont row: John Cross, tl'6ll-Slll'01'j 'William Gibson, presi- V , '9 P9 dent., John Auneinaker, SCCl'Cfll1'jj,' Robert Gibson, vice X prcsulcizt 1 ' -:P . Q1 'lf' Z,-ll . 1 'I' A I glfils, ,"x ' ' X a ,viiuylga , LAMBDA 'CHI ALPHA Top row: Stephen Berrv, Patrick Clark, Gordon McCandlish, Karl Holm, David Moss, Ronald Krug, Stanley Sydlowski, John Bolz, Jimmie Furno, . David Fischer, Edward Symonds, Richard Clarke, Joseph Brewer, Arthur Yuenger Thzrd row: Philip I-Iaffner, Ronald Berry, Ermett Mueller, Valentine Zadnik, Marvin Heffington, George Toniek, Jerry Norton, John Martin, Richard Montgomery, Edward Harris, David Klingel, Jimmy Keller, Royace Prather Second row: Charles Campbell, Lloyd VVolf, Robert Stih, Robert Wallhaus,.John Nunemaker, Robert Gibson, lVillia1n Gibson, John Cross, David Forestner, Roger Tinney, William Shaffer, Nicholas Pamel, XValter Martin Bottom row: Robert Gobel, Henry Gentsch, Donald Selinger, Charles Moss, Charles Oldham, Joseph Schauer, Warren Smith, Roger Gauen, Don Carroll, Warren Robbins William Fisher, Richard Brock TQ' , A-gr.-:gi ,l L: i l Not in Panel: Richard Keminerer, John Paulding, Richard Verkler, Larry Wellman ly f' I! fbi'-if" 1 , ' . . ! gi: , Oyieers-Top row: James Hull, secreLtfl'!!i LIQQ f1l15l0'llv QIIUP' 4 f -'N , Laing Evans Mank, president, Richard Lkin, ILIMOIIIIPI, -A Gene XVineland recorder 'lf ,gg fi Bottom row: Phillip Dressel, house oazanagerg Carl Noble, 'f'l,"', VP, pledge trainer , 'I Not in panel: Leonard Arentsen. 1"0HN'U'0" , ' Ax PHI DELTA THETA 309 East Chalmers 120 Active Chapters Top row: Gerald Tietz, Joe Mc-Kay, Tlioinas Gabbard. Stephen Bostwiek, Hugh lVeisenstein, Phillip Lincoln. XVilliam Stiekney, Robert Shaver, Jack llronson. Terry Lappin, James llull, Toni Lindquist, 'William Forsythe, lVillia,m Bonansinga, John Even, Thomas Nolan, Thomas Krucker, Th0ID21S Morrison. Sain Yan Sc-oyoe, Alphonse Holtmann Ilfirfl row: Erie XVilson, Fred Guyton, Leonard Arentsen, Paul Pirtle, R iehard Ekin, Fred lVhain, Alan Gosnell, John Ellsworth, Frank Pellant, Daniel Seller, Ronald Stein, Robert lireekenridge, Joseph Bartnlis, Clark McDaniel John Crawford Michael Martin Dennis Dadant, Joseph 7 Y Y lupkins , , Secoml row: XYilliain Gabbard, John Mr-Cord, David Crane, Carl Noble, Dale lValwark, Sully Bonansinga, Evans Mank, Gene lvinelfiildy Phllllp Dressel, Max Cisne, Sidney Little, Frank Raymond, Robert Hoininel, David Mieher Hotfnm row: James Slack, Dennis Chaniberlin. James Allen, Rir-hard Kell, Harry Bobbitt, David McKee, Harrel Hagner, Herbert Crane, Frederick Hirsch, Joseph Atkinson, Earl Parrish, Daniel Mesch, Andrew Hurter rl 4flJ r l' Q , . 'z 1 1 r 907 South Top row: John I Third row: Jerrolm Second roq, Levin, Bottom rm , David Allf lll 11111 kney' Rqbert Shaver. , Thomas Kfllfkeff Tm: Eiisworm Fmt WE lv Dennis Dgdam, ulvfv L Gene Willtilndv Mi Herbert CHEF, Pima 4' '38 H, ' 5 ga. Q , 5 fi f ,ff , kv A, K, Oyiceff-'TOP VQIVI Martin XValdinger, corrcsponrling xecrctrzryg Rlchard W 011914, 7L0llSc manager, Mark YVeIlek, c0mmis.warg Stanley House, 'recording secretary Bottom 'COZCI Richard Goldstine, trerzs1zrr'r, Lec Lippnmn Tlreszdzmtg Ronald Schwartz, vice president i 907 South Third 35 Active Chapters T017 row: David Schulman, Richard YVellek, Marshall Goldin, Martin YValdinger, Theodore Goldstein, Alan Yurman, Steve Marcus, Joshua Berman, . John Mills, Stanley House, Irwin Bliss, Glenn Goldman, Gerald Sherman, Ronald Spivack, Robert Lazerson, Robert Judelson, Daniel Sigband Thwd row: Mark Saberman, Leonard Ades, Michael Kahn, Robert Shapiro, Thomas YVerner, Richard Fleisher, Richard Marks, Bernard Kirsner, Jerrold Kaplan, Stuart YVerner, Howard Kravefs, Norman Marcus, Robert Baum. David Myers. Arthur Lang, Michael Schneir, Leo Henikoff Secorfl row :H Burt Skolnik, Laurance Nathan, Jon Isenberg, Richard Goldstine, Lee Lippinan, Ronald Schwartz, Mark XVellek, Robert Shapiro, Allan evin, arv Bottom 1'-ow: Stephen Klafter, Ronald Fleisher, Max Tyson, Micliae issner, David Tunick. Richard Lewis, Joel Ross, Paul Pevsner, Arthur Serck Not m, panel: Robert Hirsch, Stanley Rubin, Steven Conhain, Robert Ostron ey Pool 1 L' Howard Blumenfeld, Michael Polen, Seymour Melnick, Mark Buch. 1 5 'Sr' 5 X . X X. , X . 0151-of-.Q-Top row: Cnrl Ostrand. recording secretary, James " X fr Solomon, ywosizlciitg Daniel Damon,.trvzuvurer D I1 - Hf Bottom row: Owen Ackerman, historian, Kurt Lauridsen, . . ,H lt corzovponding secretary I I I ,' l , eww: I. 4 l Q , A I l . V I 1 PHI GAMMA DELTA A- 401 East Iohn 83 Active Chapters l N 0 I l n Q I l D ', , . I ' ll, , I' Top row: Edward Nagel, Edward Gombos, Leo Wotan, Garee Slider, Gerry Carlson, Russel McDonald, Robert Fischer, Gerald Lippold, Robert Pas- , saneau, Lawrence Bankart, John Jenkins. Thomas Johnston, Anthony McCarthy, Elby Wallace, James Robertson, Robert Johnston, Carl Remhart, W i Richard Xen. Jewett Cole, Gerald Ford. Jack Diederich i ' t Fourth row: David Zwanzig, Robert Sliissler, James Keehner, Dean Bodnar, James Ruyle, John Bone, Frederic Martin, Kent Brennecke, Rlchard ' Schaeffer, Ronald Peterson, Thomas Tanson, George Whitney, James Eggerichs, David Cade, Peter Hasselmann, William Fox, Maurice Weaver, David Geist, Robert Madix f Third rozv: James Shively, Robert Byers, Robert Little, John Pettit, Owen Ackerman, Kurt Lauridsen, James Solomon, Daniel Damon, Carl Ostrand, l Richard Peterson. James Babcock. Dean Brandt. Frank Hedgcock , I Second rozr: James Russell, John Busch, Donnell Schwarz, Richard Bayley, Robert Reuter, Robert Armstrong, Melvin Jager, Steven Hoepplleff James Graham, Robert Hindsley X Bottom row: Richard Green, Robert Young. Donald Larson, Neal Kottke, David Neupert, John Ey, John Helledv, Dennis Fox ' Not in panel: Kenneth Pawlnk, Vialter Baker, Daniel Barry, Kenneth Hovland Henrv A . Q , , Housh, George Smith, Kenneth Sutter, James Corrigan, Jerry Roberts, Joseph Zalar, Villiarn Arinstrong. John Christensen 1'1- 8l0 East C Top row: William Secorg row alun Bottom roi Not in pm-4 Horst 'Q , 'X L ' ,W , -S ,rf S, , i N ', l 1 e-ati L 'i DELTA -rald Lippold, Robert Pu- t Johnston, Carl Relllhlri Kent Breuneckfi Kim im Fox, Maurice Weaver, miel DENON, CHI omni Jgger, SINGH HWPPWI ifgiiner, JIM Cum ivvws "V" PTT, a 0fl'iC0ESfLcft .to right: XVilliam Blake, secretary, Henry B 'a11S0l1, 11106 president, Paul Dittmer, secretary x ottom 'I'0'lU:nInQ9 Frerker, pledge master, Roy- Brin prgwi- dcntg William Rronhle, treasurer ' Y Y V I 1 f , R emi s Q 4- h . r' ,"b',i3l' hi' X, .C' ,ii -i,.',-s - ez: neil, - vgx -1 liq,, i U, e A ?Q.euin i i-A' ' 1, . 0' .J 310 East Chalmers 86 Active Chapters T012 701115 David Leyden, Patrick Conlon, YVillia1n Loughman, Thomas Killian, Robert Hartman, Richard Perez, XVillia1n Marshall, Patrick Mahoney, WV1111am Thomas James Ezop, Lawrence Luther, John Hocking, Jerome Caruso, Frank Mc0inber A B ll Ro' Brizz, Robert Carlson, Paul Dittmer, David Jelinek, John Secoml row: Terrenhe McMahon, Gael Kowalski, Lee Frerker, XVil11am rouie, 5 Baumgarten, Gerald Hankes Bottqm row: Richard Schubert, John VVoods. Michael Malatesta, Thomas Keefer, John Brennan, Patrick Hahn. Kenneth Buhle, Ronald Szymanski Not V11 panel: Joseph Kinson, James Dean, Ronald DiM0nte, Evan Lloyd, Waltel' Dudek, Michael Marmion, YVilliam Thompson, James Patton, Horst Hamann, Alfred E. Newman 59' ,-,."f"'Yp,,'. , - -xr " -if-. Ojicors-Top row: NOFIIHIII Mayer, cllupI11in,- Douglas Wands- A worth, C0l'l'0SlJOIldfIIfl .sec1'otur31, Gary Reeder, "3C0V'dU1U f ',, ,' 'SCff"0ffU'!lf Stephen Johnson, historian if ,.-. 'M 'Q Bottom row: Alan Swanson, lI'Cll-Yltlzlifj John Ravencroft, ' 17l'0NllI6Ttfj Ralph Larson, 'vice prawzzlczzt gf" ,. ' l . 1 f' . 1' i..?qoY:,,, ,., 911 South Fourth 60 Active Chapters Top row: Melvin Fink. George Mace, Jerry lVilli:uns. Theodore Pristash, George HRIIIOHZ, Thomas Anderson, Norman Mayer, Edwin Tomaszewski, Raymond Rendell, Robert Hickev, William Johnson Thi:-al row: David Boling, Ronald Grayheck, Thomas Mn' S. D R ye on reeder, George Ramsay, Harold Sill. James Lomont, Clifford YVi1derman, Dennis Jereh, John Fix Second row: David Martin, Douglas WVadsworth, Gary Reeder, Ralph Larson, John Ravencroft. Alan Swanson, Stephen Johnson, John Valentine, XVilliam Yonan ' Bottom row: David Ash, Fred Nascitti, Raymond Gibson, James Brown, Vfillarrl Nelson, Alexandre Jankowskv, John McDonnell, Emil Squeteri Not in panel: David Nogle, Kenneth Telleen ' fx-,,!,, PH 313 East Tap 1-ow: Janie Fourth fra Janie Third ral, Dum Second ff. Willi Bottom 1- Not in pl ii X 9 if' Q. ... 1 1 s 5 x v P... ? gm. 5 ff 4. ,, 'X ff? K fggg as 'J fs 9 wif? wir! wr Hifi 5? 4 Y if Q54 we vfiwn x 7 ' M M, I Q Z 'N M K its. ,nv ww me f 5 'Nv- Oiicers-Top row: Thomas LiVil1gSt01l3 Secfefaflli James FVU' liamson, pleflgemasterg XVill1am Miner, house managev t Bottom row: XVarren Moss, treasurerg John KPOHVIIU, vice president, James Hardesty, presirlvnt I Not in panel: David Livingston, .wot-ml cliairmarz 310 East Gregory Drive 71 Active Chapters i I Top row: Stuart Mclienty, Carl Freddy. Richard Meddish, Donald Doherty, Carl Enlow, Charles Bills, Edwin Holzhauer, John Bartsch, Alan L0- patka, Albert Sittaro, John Melvin, David Livingston, Clarence Klaus Third row: George Bossarte, NVilliam Graham, Vernon Gillespie, Charles Marshall, Carl Miglin, James Kennedy, Marshall Olson, XVilliam Cook, Glenn Goetsch, David Boone, Fred Huelster, Donald Tyler, Donald Bonacorsi I Nrcond row: Carl Budelsky, William Miner, John Kronvall, James Hardesty, James Williamson, Thomas Livingston, Allen Drachman, Richard Carl- son, John Conant , Bottom row: John Carson, Roger Bushnick, Stephen Schaefer, Donald Rohn, David Hardesty, Keith McCloskey, Gregory Gelmhart, William Painter, Thomas Ludwig Not inhpancl: Robert Bartlett, James Kornwolf, Roger Martin, James Off , William 'NI N '- R' ' ' ' ' 1 R gg i c an, ichaxd Miller, Richard Ixorman, Harod osen- xxmkel, Kenneth Kirk, Vi arren Moss, Thomas Chilcott 'A ilu ', John Bartsch lllll If hall Olson, William CWK n Draclmlnlll Ridmd Em' ' Gebharf, Wlmm Pmw' 1 soma. Hmm W' rd L Y I x x,t N2 1, - an-Na . TA, ad af, I ,li ara-'fx ,5,'fmr: -vm Q-6 ' O17icers-Top row: Perry Rudman, vice master fratcr, Jules Bouogggflny fnalfitel' ffflforg Michael Lowenthal, treasurer I-iL.?0I'Lll. axrold Fishbem, Junior member executive coun- lf 4 A , ester Xeinstem, senzor member executive coumrilg QA3, Robert Lazarus, 'mcndzcr at large ,v -at-ang, PHI SIGMA DELTA R' h d Levine Gordon Schlifke Harvev Coustan Roger Brooks, Phillip Penner T011 '1'0w: Alfred Chiprin, Burton Schmarak, Howard Pollock, ic ar , , , , . , Marshall Patinkin, Robert Naiman, James Pritikin, Daniel Ragins, Leon Lolne, Arnold Goldstein, Michael Holi Fourth row: Solomon Kamm, Miles Kaplin, Marvin Herman, Steven Targuln, YVilliam Goldman, Arnold Miller, Robert Glaser, Robert Meyerovitz . Myron Stone, Robert Jackson, Larry Goldberg, Michael Green, David Schnitzer, Seymour Taxman, Irwin Frazin, Barry Gross, Arnold Perl Thwd row: Martin Kramer, Morton Engelberg, Harold Fishbein, Robert Lazarus, Perry Rudman, Jules Cogan, Michael Lowenthal, Lester XVein stme, David Saidel. Donald Goldstein, Lawrence Sager, Ronald Goldberg, Leon Bender Second row: Michael XVasserman, Gordon DeCook, Murray Kalis, Donald Newman, Martin Rudman, Marvin Kamensky, Alan Mayer, Monty Feld man Elliott Lisnek Abraham Besman Michael Turner J ' Steinberg, Allen Arieff, Joseph Hurwitz, Gerald Newman Bottom rowr Gerald Frank, Herbert 'XVei1istein, Charles Simon, Melvyn Zahn, err5 Not zn panel: Abraham Grossfield 1 , ,.,. Ojiiccrs-Top row: O1'ville Asper, social chairman, Ralph Gee, scntinolg Richard l-Iartnng, rush chairman, Gary Bell- .wx feldt, vice presirlentg Kenneth Lebermann, .secretary ff f Wir . Nfl-5.,,g ',,,3w. X, Bottom row: Roger Lilly, ll0llS8.'Hlfl7lflgC1'j Robert Denning, ',, t1'oa.m1'erg Gail Thwing, prcsulcut PHI SIGMA KABPPA Top row: Tom Krainovich. Robert Almqnist, Charles Cameron, Richard Lutz, Thomas Nielsen, Donald Miller, Peter lVohld, Thomas Orsi, Arthur Carlson, Thomas Stablein, Daniel Wilde, Walter Carl, Donald Roberts, Robert Polston, Larry Dunlap U I , Third rozo: Kenneth Fritz, David Karas, Ronald Ellerbeck, Donald Boles, Larry Spahn, Charles Didrickson, John Kating, Ronald Cwiklmski Arthur I Klavlter, Richard Coddlngton, Richard Allie, Arthur Larson Second row: XVilliam Skaggs, Robert Baraekinan, Robert Rodine, Roger Lilly, Gary Bielfeldt, Gail Thwing, Kenneth Lebermann, Richard Hartung, Robert Downing, Ralph Gee, Orville Asper, Donald Zalesky , Ilottom row: Gary Reid, Kevin Lyons, David Maloney, Thomas Dasso, XVilliam Lawrence, Edward Daly, Sam Swanson, Robert Kirkpatrick, Dennis Hall, Roy Hollerbush, Richarrl Rox' Not in pcmel: Jolm Lee, George Moeller, Ronald Mohr, James Sokolowski, John Togolo, Denis Johnson 102 H Top rl 11 Secon I Bottov b Not i1 6: :-flbil if :vi Juni? ir 'Phi 'gf KAPPA V - J' 'X OULCUI'-91.T01J 'l'0'lL': Marvin Dennis, tI'8Il8lLI'6l'j Jay Severance, K iwesizlclltg Richard xV6iS1Rl11Ill, pledge muvsterg Russell hu Echlele, house manager, Samuel Skinner, asshstant treas- on -A v rc: Lottom low: James Bergschneider, .vccrcta,ry,' Edward Strasmzi, fig' - m IL at P 43 .ax gs v- cf .social cliairma ri PI KAPPA ALPHA 63 Active 102 East Chalmers 118 Active Chapters 2 A ld, Thomas 0rsi,311i1U lonald Cwiklinski, WW -mann, Richard Hlfiwi .bm Kirkpatrick DEW TOP row: Glen Thorson, Gary Miner, John Suter, XVil1iam Lowry, Roderick Herbig, John Reinhardt, Jerry MacAfee, Richard Smith, Kenneth Mil ler, Thomas McKnight Second row: Charles Hendrickson, Ralph Kraus, Richard Statham, Jolm Thomson, Robert Sievers, John McChesncy, Harry Kropp, Barry Hough Eldon Durr Walter Dalitsch Frank YVvdra James Swanson 1 J S nce James Bergschneider Richard XVeis Bottom row: Earl Schaefer Sanruel Skinner, Marvin Dennis, Russell Schicle, Edward Strasma, ay evera , . , - Y haum, Raymond Kizi0r,'Robert Heckler, Richard McCrary A05 'm Panel: John Opelka, George Scherrer, Joseph Hodges, VVilliam Robb Oyiccins'-Top row: Everett Schleter, chapluing Glenn Cuerdell, 2 A, ,Q Secretary-yy Fredrick Jaronitzky., lzixlorzrrlrz . V Y .:q.',,Xi Bottom row: Ralph Sanders, prcszzlentg Jack Sehmidely Neue' Not in panel: Milton Dieflrick, fzvarzlen 6, I. 1 Jinx 43791 ew YQ 'fn rig' . ,qi-,.,,:, 11 urer nf . . -4" 'wg,g-1- Q K- 801 West Illinois 66 Active Chapters Top row: David Doetzel, Robert Hasnian, Carl Guxtafson, Edwin Hamilton, Richard YVilson, G1-aydon Hinton Thirfl row: Kenneth Janowxki, Fred Finlu, Douglas Deuss, Richard Bangert, Robert McKenzie, Larry Kresin Second row: John Baker, Fredrick Jaronitzkv, Glenn Cuerden Ralph Sanders Jack Schlnidel Fverett Schleter lioltont row: Terry Burke, Carl Mnrrnne, Xvlliillllll Schaeht, Douglas Duffield, Larry Fink, Arnold Smith Not in panel: Edwin Morris, Leonard Perkowski, Milton Diedriek, Lelon Leech, Harold Gehrig, Scott Seibert PI 52 Ea Top 1 I Third I Secon E Botto' S Not i1 PA PHI 66 Ac1iveChapmg 'Img' f' We. ,.f ef? , ,-, 1. one -Ffiifkligg O K ll 3-3 'Fiji 0173006-T01J,T01v: Arthur Kroft, Q1I'6SllZ87lfj Burton Malow, .H Q., , vzcc presldent .3 Se bottom row: Jerry Belson, 'nzarshallg Richard Hollobow, ll SQ S601'6lary,' Irwin Greenberg, fl'0fl3lll'CI' ,Ji . Yi. if 3 , PI LAMBDA PHI 52 East Armory 33 Active Chapters T011 row: Erwin Epstein, Donald w'6iSSlllHl1. Leon Eisenberger, Edward Kreines, Allen Schuman. Leslie Nathan, Sheldon Kabaker, Jeffrey Orlow, l Lawrence Elowitz, Ronald Prebish, Stuart Karlin, Mike Greenfield, Don Aldort, Lawrence 'Weinberger Third irow: David Brill, Howard Simon, Stuart Ferst, David Bogan, Benjamin Steinberg, Julian Oettinger, Howard Breslow, Allan Levin, David Lipson, Edward Levin, Martin Swidler S0C0'lld row: Sam Berger, Martin Brozosky, Jerry Belson, Irwin Greenberg, A1'thur Kroft, Mrs. Beggs, Burton Malow, Richard Hollohow, Ronald Gonsky, Ronald Stone, Ronald Mehlman Bottom row: Howard Ross, Jerold Ezgur, Jay Rosenberg, Charles Berndt, Theodore Peck, Edwin Nanberg, Jerry Altshuler, Lionel Goniberg, Sidney Schwartz, Berton Imberman Nvf m panel: David okeon V"P s.,-N V4.1 L ,IV -4 'l H. ,Af '. " ,V Q ,,.-f,., I " ,+ ' P' .,, f 5 A fvf 4 to-.W M M. ,I I XV' ' , f ,E t 7 . 1 4 'E fa 'E' N,.,,4N., Ma., -: x:"' ':"':? Q5 .1 ,, - f veil, ...k 3 5, ' X 'la Xb X6 if sk A f -sa 2.1 N W V H u?u,X tp in ni ' 5 ,ix 9 0 ' f 5 X 7 f X XX, Q K XX vf M Oyicgy-,v-Top row: Melvin Katten, scrholastzcl clzazrmang David , Ward, vice president, Irwin David, president, M3:l-ITB' Kal' I , nitz, social chairman, Howard Bass, athletzc chazrman I Bottom row: Harvey lVittenberg, correspomtmy S0C1'0fa"!l, Sheldon Switkin, social chairman ij, X LJ PRAETQRIANS Top row: Donald Margolis, Daniel Schwartz, Richard Myers, Sheldon Silverman, Leonard Lickerman, Donald Barliant, Henry Katz, Milton Field, Donald Herman Third 1-ow: Mark Abrahamson, Murray Hauser, Gerald Heichnmn, Sheldon Becker, Ronald Goodman, Sidney Zipperman, Robert Frankel, Herbert Goldman, Daniel Greenbert, Michael Schwartz, Sidney Sward 1 , Scconrl row: Melvin Katten, Harvey YVittenberg, Phillip Migdal, Dr. Robert Janes, advisory Irwin David, David lVard, Sheldon S1V1tk1!1, Bernard Fruchter Bottom row: Sherwin Malis, George Gerstman, Marvin Sornmerfeld, Maury Kalnitz, Howard Bass Martin L v n. on H r' ' Cl lik , e e S , a Ney lap Not m panel: Ross Blumenfeld, Alun Hersh, Leonard Relcm, Arnold Schwartz, Bernard Steinberg, Philip Zand, Eric Levy 4677 M-1 4' W 1 313 Top W Thin Secol Bottc Not A iii, 4 Achve Chiplgg BRIAN, Hem Km, llillon lirll. 1, Robert Frankel HUM Sheldon snfkii FHM vey Cllllllllk VY A ,W at Om .. 91' EX C63-Left to- fright: Josenh Miller, treasurerg Sheldon f IIS '-,lx Baucky P'I'6S1d9'nig James Jacobs, ,first 'vice presidentg John 34' e1'ESU'0m, Secffliafyg Robert Klecka, second 'vice president 1- .M .1 313 East Armory 31 Active Chapters TO? 'r0'w: Robert Newth, Warren Creviston, Paul Vondrak, David Dinsmore, James Thomas, James Stein, Cornelius O'Donnell, Ronald Gruenberg, . Gregory Miller, George Pease, Carter Sarver Thvrd row: John Faust Guy Fraker, Fritz Blayney, Richard Newcomer, Deane Hanning, John Henbest, Richard Johnson, James Mueller, Joseph Bush, Robert Pfielifer, John Trimble, Robert Stiven, Nils Soneson Second row: James Fairhead, Wallace Gruenberg, Ronald Yeast, Donald Larson, John Bergstrom, Robert Klecka, Sheldon Hauck, James Jacobs, Joseph Miller, John Gill, George Steffen, Neil Sterling A Bottom row: Walter Ginther, Edward Thompson, Walter Ford, John Horn, Jay Siegrist, Jon Anfinsen, Brack Duker, Ranse Kesl, Charles Scurlock, Kent Fry Not in panel: Fielder Dowding, Roland Yeast, Gary Western, Andrew Machata Ojicers-Top row: James James, rush chairman: Edward QQ? Markham, socikll chairman, Thomas Freeman, Secfetafyd Z. .N Bottom row: Milton Simantel, treaswrerg Richard Hoar, president, John Blankinshi-p, house manager 'g 11' fy Not in panel: Joseph Kater, vice preszdent 2, X, CZ? XX ,f X , 1 SIGMA ALPHA -EPSILON Top row: Joseph Firrantello, John Attebery, Terry Sands, Larry Johnson, Gordon Kaplan, Bruce Dahltorp, Phillip Kenner, John Greathouse. Michael Gray, Peter Gustat, Phillip Schwiebert, James Timberlake, William Allen, Thomas Noggle Third row: Richard Warner, Edward McCall, George Grubb, John Stevenson, Peter Carveth, Allen Dougherty, William Dubinsky, Joseph LHSTKB, Robert McC1ary, David McMackin, Roger Sterling Second row: Michael Deschner, Guy Seymour, James James, John Blankinship, Joseph Kater, Mrs. Curry, Richard Hoard, Milton Simantel, Thomas Freeman, Thomas Crays, James Chengary Bottom row: Ralph Rossman, Kenneth Damgaard, Gordon Williamson, Barry Beste, Bruce Kolaska, James Moluf, Paul Montgomery, Edward RYM1' Terry Ave, Ronald Warren, David Seiberling Not in panel .- Edward Markham, Donald W'arner 805 , Top 1 Third 1 Secom Betta Not i JSILON enner, John Gmtlww, nubinsh, J0SfPl W' Milton Simlllldf new Edward Bill' Olltgmnerlir -e Q,-,' X ,J 0FiCerS: Herbert Shulman 'r o d ' R ld E ' - Bruce Block, exchequef ec T er' Ona Angel' prior' SIGMA ALPHA MU 805 West Pennsylvania 51 Active Chapters T012 row: Richard Gottsegen, Paul Lapping, Robert Mided Harvey Lambert, Howard Siegman, Harvey Haddon, Michael Kriozere, Ian Levin, l Sheldon Brodsky, Myron Reid, Robert Terry, Arnold Klein, Edward Lewis, Alvin Martin, James Kubby, Stuart Mann Third row: Marshall Dobrin, Herbert Golden, Howard Mindell, Lester Baker, Louis Blacher, Lawrence Kayton, Jerald Lavin, Stuart Strongin, Cl1H'ord Levitan, Robert Porges, Kenneth Broun, Michael Lipsich, Leonard Mawrence, Donald Golan, Paul Krouse Second row: Raymond Baum, Neil Bluhm, Judd Malkin, William Greengoss, Bruce Block, Ronald Engel, Herbert Shulman, Eugene Berns, Sheldon Silverman, Edgar Gilbert, Phillip Gould Bottom rouf: David Cooper, Stuart Shanoff, Robert Goldwasser, Jay Silver, Bruce Lehrman, Arthur Alpert, Stuart Friedlander, Howard Noel, Mel- N yyn Libman, Donald Friedman, Elliot Milstein, Michael Pink, Gary Brainin 06111 Panel: Paul Friedman, Mitchell Meltzer, Michael Rosen S Ojicers-Top row: John Marzuke, secretary, Samuel Hill, pledge trainer, James B68-llmollty fffiasuref Bgttgm row: James Hotchkiss, 'vice' prestdent, Paul Landgren, president, James McNally, soczal Ch,0f1'I"l7Lll7L ,fx 17, ' 2 1 . f'y"'fx ,f , , if ,X I . J J T, 3' Q L-, I Qfiitfg fr: - g 4110 East John 128 Active Chapters Top row: Richard Thomas, Keith Miller, Bruce Hart, Stuart Galland, Clifford Roehm, Richard McWard, Lawrence Anderson, Glenn Rosbrook, Frank Cheatham, David Thomas, Peter Hess, Stuart Hall, John Ruth, Ward Adams, Robert Schmidt Third frow: John Wessels, Fred Stark, Robert Cornelisen, Thomas Jordan, Michael Walters Clyde Nielsen, Thomas Olson, Edward Cleveland, Lon Rademacher, Derald Braclcmann, Stephen Brown, Everett Kimmel, Richard Fletemeyer, David Lierman, Thomas Seemayer, Paul Prehn, WGSICY Lindberg , Second frow: Herman Schafer, Robert O'Connell, Paul Meginnis, David Powell, Frank Robinson, James McNally, Samuel Hill, John Marzuke, Paul Landgren, James Beaumont, James Hotchkiss, Roger Maupin, Loren Sanders, Richard Jenks, Richard Hoff, Carl Faust . , Bottom -row: Roger Derby, Kendall Anderson, Jerry Hamilton, John Rooney, Howard Schmidt, Franklin Sheley, Leo Blankiield, Mlchael Miller, David Rademacher, James Pierce, Austin Furlong, Christopher Lavick, Tracy Potter, Joseph Huyler , Not 1777, Zonal: John Buley, David Cadwallader, Robert Cagann, Howard Carr, John Easterbrook, Ronald Goerne, Richard Hendrickson, Richard Till 6I'.u1?liChHid MCEUUHGY, Cyrus Nichols, William Oifenbecher, David Roseman, Walter Shaw, Richard Smith, Donald Tjarksen, John Voydav or-in itta er lA CHI L28 Active Chapin Glenn Rosbrook. FW Ed d Cleveland, Im ,L 'gui Prehn, W1 ll, John lin-zukf. PW! meld, Michal lfillfff llichlrd Hendriclim- Tjukm' John Vvylll, x "'T"V"w t r1T4a'ff:,:.'v:tf,g" Y . L ' 4. 'f g.QN"Ec!l. , J 5693 73? K. sehfl 1 . xgtxfqf EQQR, gg- Oficegigfop Cow:lXVilliTa1n llogtmnsky, house manager, James 3 e,-,xr ' 012. 0001:-ere ames ' 1 bons treasurer B0Cf06lLH?0tv. Scott Nifalker, lzeutenaat comnuzndcrg Richard lf, ax., 0 ms, comnumder, Paul Bowman, .social chairman A-5. , ,K SIGMA NU 1009 West Pennsylvania 123 Active Chapters T011 T0fwf Jarnes Huck, Robert Hartsock, William Wood, Thomas Dolan, Daniel Vittum, Jeffery Roski, Denton Karle, Paul Slavens, Thomas Sowka, Kirk Maslm, Terry Gerling, Urban Weidner, Karl Keller, John Bledsoe, Bruce Johnson, Jeffery Butler Third row: Gregory Brondos, James Norton, Frank Hailand, Robert Snow, James Johnston, William Neary, Bruce Karr, Jon Busse, Donn Alspaugh, Donald Norlander Ronald Woods Ronald Miller Robert Kinney, Saunders McCord, Larry Hooker, Thomas Polston Second row: Vito Iovino, Wayne Gleirn, John Paul, 'Paul Bowman, Richard Collins, Mrs. Barnhill, James Gibbons, James Skinner, W'illiam Bon- cosk L y, awrence Stasaitis Bottom row: James Roberts, John Harris, Rondall Skinner, Ronald Blumenshine, Charles Heath, Donald Sommerville, Ronald Kuykendall, Anthony Schaeffer James Childers James LaVelle Richard Stafford, John Werner f N05 in Panel! Theodore Beastall Keith Blanydford Thomas Chandler, Paul Gaecke, Paul Golaszewski, David Jahn, David Klingel, Dean' Lang ord, Robert Lenz, Robert Leslie, Robert McBride, Gierald Moser, Thomas Rhodes, George Silvest, Thomas Simpson, Scott Walker, David Wicker-sham fefk E .-ff' .4 X 2' -Q Ojicers-Top row : John Morse, plertge mastery Francis George, A if ' 1 " vice president, John Perry, busmess manager ' 6, 1, 'QI ,,.a'2?' L Q A 542 0 , I "1 Bottom 1-ow: Silas Strode, president, Dan Duwell, c01'1'eSP07ld' if ing secretary J- i 0990- l 4 l I .4 ' 1 l v 1 2 mf W lf 1 1 'B 'T Ili 1103 West Illinois 11 Active Chapters 1 ,- , ,lj 2. ll, J rw ,l l l . , , 1. X 4 Top row: Eugene Parry, William Hanko, Lester Newberry, Kenneth Qualheim, Clark Bright, Ronald Swallow, David Hartnett, David Bunting, Frank Thompson Second row: Robert Ingram, Delos Kittoe, John Van Horn, James Bruen, Joseph Kennell, Jack Barr, Phil' N l B dl H J G hk ip eson, ra ey orton, on ruS B Bottom row: John Morse, John Perry, Silas Strode, Francis George, Dan Duwell, Prof. A, R. Knight, Prof. M. S. Helm Not in panel: Louis Braun, John Holmquest ! 2 l F . 4 k '03 1 E 5 l 4 l 5 'D Qs 3 4 R 1105 S0111 st Top row: V Robert Tmfd f0'w g Troutt, 560013 row cube, 30lf0m row , Victor lot in pam Q5 W1 ELTA David Bunting' Funk Horton, -70" Gmhk' K2 Once"-9'L9ff to Tightf Kenneth Larson, secretary, Conrad Hewyitt, 'vice presidentg Fred Ducey, presidentg Dennis TBDISZ, comptrollerg Dean Jones, historian SIGMA Plfll EPSILCN T017 row: John Convey, Donald Graham, Arthur Aldridge, Albert Baugher, Truman Hix, Robert Jones, Peter Kresl, John Adams, James Grimson, I Robert Gaston, Marion Lyons, Jed Orme, John Diserio Third row: Glen Cartwright, Thomas Knox, David Brown, Harris Vayo, Kenneth Larson, Dean Jones, Edward Williams, Richard Kinst, Robert Troutt, Robert Dunworth, Edwin Dobbs, Harry Hartel, Dennis Denny, Lloyd Atwell Second row: Arthur Murray, Richard Haimbaugh, Gordon Johns, Conrad Hewitt, Fred Ducey, Dennis Tabisz, Eugene Racek, John Steben, Norman Hoube, James Mahon Both? :Mvgt Donald McSorley, Larry Showley, Arthur Kulans, Donald Roznak, Douglas Tonkinson, James Zuidema, Richard Kurz, Mac Churchill, ' ic or rang Not m panel: Lawerenf-e Garrison, Darrel Kahl, VVilfred Robinson -ww' piatiw SJ - '.:1',9,, , .iy'iT'Q3 Oiicers-Top row: William Davenport, treasurer, Anthony Danosky, heraldg Miles Whitten, secretary Q ',,:. ,i-J' 'fits Bottom row: Donald Long, Pledge tfameff George Bowman' 21a,9,":if'1P.9Jl president: John Nelson, 'vice preszdent .9 WLQIMKQ 402 East Armory 60 Active Chapters Top row: Denzil Morehead, Bruce Sigler, Robert Lanzotti, Paul Player, Edwin Henn, Allan Post, Ray Barnes, Donald Williams, Ronald Jourdan, Frank Kral, Robert Lochen, James Kaminski, Rudolph Dorner, James Klopfleisch Third row: Charles Barter, Robert Will, Richard Regentz, Anthony Danosky, Paul Paben, George Utz, Robert Colwell, John Moran, Bruce New- comb, Ronald Primmer, James McMillan, Donald Gilkison, Reaugh Eaton, Joseph Cusirnano , Second row: Robert Frisk, Kenneth Spengler, Ronald Morris, Arlyn Renkes, Lowry Bayley, John Nelson, William Davenport, Donald Long, M1195 Whitten, Terry VVhitten, Robert Regan Bottom row: NVayne Hecht, Joseph Schmidt, Gerald Konrad, John Dabler, Lonnie Schunk, Robert Pearson, Lawrence Witt, Leslie Braun Not in panel: George Bowman, Jerry Algeo, Robert Luetje, Stephen Webb, Robert Speth, Ronald Shipka, W'ilbur Near, Richard Correll, Charles Dexter, Robert Srodon, Joseph Mendera, David Metzler, Thomas Coulson, John Sanford '27 SI 1109: Top for Third Second ottom Not in ne v i,' E S f ,MA PI V1 D .tm 34 :mm BQnaIdJourdll1. John Blom. Bruce New- port, Donald MBE- MM ' ' Lgjje Brlull 'timnfrd fbfffll UW 375 377 , x yy- -- ,f-- -,+,,2..e -0 3 er hi? Oficef-9-Tqp row: Robert Wilhoit, treasurerg Richard Ber- Qgxwi, in B nardlnl, secretary kip'-.x vbffggeggiggt Raymond Rezutka, president, Gene Meurer, 'vice I SIGMA TAU GAMMA ggi? row: Irwin Staller, Jerry Frey, John Crosette, Anthony Guepin, Gerald Van Treeck, Richard Grandchamp, Larry Lusz mi row' Robert Bellman, Donald Davis Kenneth Holian, Richard Vissei-ing, John Rhea, David Berman, Kenneth Kamber, James Wolff ' ' M V' t Schmeck eper, Thomas Fennell Second row: Harvey Unison, Robert Wilhoit, Richard Bernardini, Raymond Rezutka, Gene eureixi, incen p . . I . lglvftqm 1-ow: Stuart Stein, Alan Grubman, Dave Lange, Wayne Painter, Martin Schlossman, Harry ein of W' Panel: Bernard Aronson, Daniel Colbert, Herman Delacuesta, Ivan Delacuesta, Byron Eggemeyer, George Loacker, Donald McE1f1-esh, Ken- neth Row, Kaye Johnson 'FSS IX ,fff A Rig is? 9'- Av -:LQQL Ojicers-Top ro-zo: Philip Liss, qgaestori Ronald Field, vice' I5-ZQ9 A: -Qkw consul, Frederick Klein, rushing chatrman ,Gfgf Bottom row: Ronald NVinchell, soczal chawmang Jerold- Heckt- .gr- man, consul, Jerome Heller, house manager, David Kay- 'I-T9 ner, commissar T fig Yi TAU DELTA' PHI Q l Top row: Laurence 'wVeinstock, Mort Segall, Robert Chanan, Arnold Grauer, Shelcbn YVeinstein, Richard Gold, Tamas Acel, Burton Turek, Alan Comm, Robert Colen, Melvin Hecktman . Third, row: Merrill Greenberger, Bruce Schultz, Robert Nimz, Edwin Gooze, Harold Bierman, Murray Simpson, Robert Boyar, Leon Reivitz, Richard Karlov, Jay Hechtman, Barry Semer, Allen Rubin Secorig row: Alvin Becker, Jerome Heller, David Kayner, Ronald Winchell, Jerold Hecktman, Ronald Field, Frederick Klein, Philip Liss, George osen Bottom row: Herbert Kanter, Melvin DeGraff, Burton Handler, Arthur Rissman, Bernard Cherry, Melvin Gerson, Elliot Peskin, Gerald Silver Not in panel: Jerome Brodlie, Herman Diesenhuus, Melvyn Markon, Bernard November, Leslie Bell, David Belson, Stuart Brand, Raymond M0ld0W I X TA Tw grow: sen Mini row Laura Samu SOC0'nd ro' Erkes Bottom fo Lawr. N rl PHI gl, Burton Turelt HH ,, Leon Reiviih Riflwl Ban, Philip Us W' - Sil er 2:51:31 xg' if K SP if ir 21 F Ojicers-Top from Ell' ' ' , , 'f t Z . Q IN f B Michael Fox, bwrsar-:0Mo1'11iIaflmlNil.1ncllli,n:sc1l?I'i271iLbeT at large' 0ff0gZfa2!213i0rCharles Hirsch, chancellor, Richard Erkes, 'vice A Ie if Q We nfs if 105 East Armory 43 Active Chapters Top row: Gary Adeunan, James Futterman, Judd Missner, Earl Holtzman, Robert Ross Philip Reinstein, Dan Weiner, Edwin Shapiro, Howard . Rosenfeld Aaron Levine, Jordan Fishman, Michael Schwartz, Alan Sandler, Ronald bamask, Joel Slutzky Thffd frow: Eugene Brodsky, Michael Iseberg, Morton Goldsmith, Jay Chapman, David Feingold, Joel Fischer, Ronald Emmerman, Marvin Gitler, Laurence Pearson, David Weinberg, Bernard Petchenik, Benjamin Simon, Raymond Levin, Joseph Levine, Spencer Schwartz, Elliot DuBois, Samuel DeNosaquo, Neil Agruss S ki Laurence Rubin Elliot Zimmerman, Michael Fox, Charles Hirsch, Richard Second row: Ronald Kaiser, Larry Pollock, James Fox, Morton ap n, , Erkes, Morrie Much, Stuart YVallace, Larry Berkley, Jay Bishov, Robert Sharp, Sheldon Migdal Bottom row: Leonard Aronson, Herbert Gould, Jerrold Aronson, Gene Slutkin, Howard Rothberg, Alvin Goldberg, Leonard Goldstein, Harvey Cole, Lawrence Wolf, Clifford Janoff, Leroy Fine, Roger Mandel " 3' wi., 4' " X Q ',,:'-w "W x, ,,fz"f'f 2195 ,f1IJ',f ' Kb f A I 2147 -' ' . ' . 45 we N'-i '3 Jsiffww - v -4 Q' if iam i '63 33Q3j,w,. '- 'V",'Z fW-' X., ,x la? . L 4 v -55 2 E4 ,dex 1 Q may , A, Ta Riu., ' I iw l, -, - -r' ' r . J Q- ' 5-wi 'T ri V firffi ,L '-V. , '75 ve: .i. L ff' " Y if, s. gg 'ewiga ' fix ns ,+ X , , 4, t f, N, ,.s?Ci,.,,. 5 "Wiki X' ."f7?r'2 Z M. fi 75+ f " 1 -Lf , " A . ,Jw , ,ix ,f . su . ,,.s. ,., ' J- My-1' f- ff-2, V 1 -V H . f. .nf , -Q - V . :N '.g'.,?5,, fs ' N w, 1 1 1-fl, , ., f fifizwf , vc f' 1 w 5'-s,. ,5g,,,, X e, iw . fx, 3, ,bag ,- V, 5 iw - Y I 5lZ g bg,, My .V T. ,-,fx M : ,jg ie. :rl ' fjs . ,. ',i, ,g ig, wg rf ,fr .,, 5 1 5 .- 55'--Q5 'Sill' 'X if f :'- ,. f ' x M, 1 www ll -'11 . -.' ,.:,f,g ffe.? vQ 1, Y ffff ,fx f , ani ' ig ,I I. 2 ' ' l mf gm-. 4 7 .I r- , fi ' .f '29 .3 '43 2' ' 'I' "" J J" ' ' J. ff-' . i , Z1-nl. ' i ll' ,J " ' f-wi fi . ' ' 7 In -' ft' 'alfrffil ,ffm -W we- . " .-:af -Sgr 'sz ' e. - "- f 4' f if , -' " .Qia7ff2w,95f-Jx- '--'f, fit' ff ' 'J .-'ni ,.- -5' 3 , 'f ,g- Jiri' , ,e,,fy,, ff' 1447. ,---'w,,, i.s- -, :f i ,' -- . -' it , .--Aff'-ak. , F ,qzafyogef gin, fr ,, -w :+V 1' -' ' '16 -fv- qrx i, dijfgjgltr - 1,-'fig ,ga of WW. I V ,ir yy , iiM,,.,,,-. -,ns , ,, ,. A 'A' i l, f , ,i f ,, , 4 ' ' . ,,,, s A ,Q,y,,Z' 'fi ,gf Q- - . . N' " ',,M.sQzi.2:w:a1f2f'vff -av-0-M f if - M 1" -yan' M A f - 'J' 'os Oiicers-Left to right: XVi1liam Meisterling, treasurer, Robert Wmgz-, Siegert, pledge trainer, David Herr, sergeant at arms, f ,654 Joseph Vogg, vice president, Jack Lusk, prestdentg George X, Q , Sher, secretary, Russell Putnam, chaplain H? l Not in panel: Charles Bednar, historian 1 , ,f TAU KAPPA EPSILQN Top row: Lowell Schmidt, Robert Haymaker, Charles Peterson, Louis Landt, Thomas Kruchten, Bruce Bunkenburg, David Middlemas, Walter Jus- tice, Hans Eklund, Robert Ashbrook, Norman Glenn, Richard Lansford, Charles Boos Fourth row: Albert Mulberry, Larry Rostetter, Larry Schrader, Donald Edwards, Gordon Malstrom, Dennis Ackerman, William Middleton, Norman Fombelle, John Stelzer, Kenneth Plambeck, David Heindel, William Lewis, Paul Elmer, Wayne Keller, John Tucker, Joseph Watson Third row: Harold Bextel, Charles Bednar, David Herr, William Meisterling, Joseph Vogg, Jack Lusk, George Sher, Russell Putnam, James Bigley, Frederick Naegele Second row: Robert Sarsany, Davis Keeler, Larry Jost, Ronald Larson, Thomas Hilligoss, Rodney Sherman, Robert Phillips, Richard Keough, John Bray, James Joehl, William Trotter Bottom row: Jerald Rhine, Raymond Godsil, Ronald Kolish, Allan Schmidt, Jerry McCannon, Bradley Bransky, Larry Mitchell, Harold Meek, Dale Dufour, Frederick Gustafson Not in panel: Robert Siegert, XVayne YVebb, Joseph Legru, John Voelpel, XVilliam Clark, Fred Crowe, XVilliam Gutschow, Noel Lehner, John Aulvin, Roger Roderick, John Paulson, Charles Eastman. Dean Sheaffer Top row: La Thifd rw Cushi Szcfmd ro' Starn 30lilnn ro Hain: Not in pa SILON L41 leave cum Middlemas, Walter lus- iam wddlliwlli Mmn ' h WU . leligutnagn, James Blzlft 5, Ricard Keovthi Ml hen, Harold M2012 W' el Lehner. Mn Mm ,Xa ffi -2 ' 5s,W h- N - -,li-.x"'GVflf'wf Xe Qjicer L ft - . . '-,JP ,X V H 0 to rzght: VV1ll1am Blake, secretary- Henry A f-aff. Kapell, treasurer- Win' H Y Q '. - ,N If 9, ,- L . i lam ay es, presulefnt, James LL: A ' XX, if 3-l11'ltS9Yl, pledge 77LClTSh0.llj Ernest Humphrey, 'vice presi- : 5 ff, x- ' rg 'L 15. . dent X 505 East Chalmers 121 Active Chapters Gerald Ulrich, John Schill, Donald Koenig, Keith Lichtenwalter, Harold Fort, George Van Wagner, , LHTYY Snyder, Frederick Stuber, James Lewis, I'hi1ip Roberts Thwd row: William Blake, Nicholas Carras, Larry McMullan, Ronald Viemont, Ronald Parks, David Anderson, John Milne, Robert Tewes, John Cushman, George Smith, John Moss, James Lytle, Byron Connell, Paul Ingerson, Roger May, Harry Doyle Secofngiarow: David Salbego, Charles Curry, James Lauritsen, Henry Kapell, William Hayes, Ernest Humphrey, Noel Biery, William Terry, Richard x-mann Bottom row: Edward Willis, Gary Cooper, John Carr, Tom Samuelson, Gerald Langkammerer, Richard Elliott, Jerry Latta, Robert Mayor, Richard Haines, .Alfred Schmidt - . N0f m panel: John Frank, Bill Greenwell, Thomas Haller, Carl Johnson, James Mmrhead, XValwyn Trezise Top row: William Barnstable, Edwin Gaylord, L , 1011 50' Top row: Abel, gecwrd ro ottom ro Not in pa t 99' Aclive Mitchel, Donald Bunk rt Stubbs R Thomas Rolf? ' 1 l L -,-,, ,. . New 0Ficer.s+T R h gs . A .OP 10711: ic ard Foster, secr L , J 11 M . V B tt chettl, Preszdentg David Laufer, pleggenlrainirn ar 0 fiyzlszbvggr George Fatta, 'vice presidcntg Gerald Podlin, THETA KAPPA PHI T011 row: Ronald Kozan, James Fraher, A rthur Callahan, William Heiser, Harold Hayward, Carl Miklas, Charles Schmidt, Abel, Richard Lyons, Lawrence Sennello l l , Second row- Alfred Davis Richard Eberhardy, David Laufer, George Fatta, John Marchetti, Rlchard Foster, William Kerns, Gerald Podlin Tucker, Allen Trojnar, Gregg DeWo1f gottofrn row.: Thomas Lorenz, Ralph Blust, James Laufer, Terence Ot W' Panel: Leroy Marcheschi, William Puskac Lawrence Duchene, Joseph wif YJ u"'!',S-- 'f 7' ' ' .1n', ll :f'7 Y'Sg 017icer.s+Left to right: Vernon Falkenhain, hoase 'managerg Milton Otto, treasurerg Fred Hayden, preszdenftg James Qs: Tough, secretaryg Carl Bauman, social chazrmang Fred qpsgu, Moyer, vice president 'PJf'g'fJ' 205 East Annory 55 Active Chapters Top row: Terence Harkness, Robert Jones, Robert Serson, David Wilson, Raymond Becherer, Thomas Colman, Richard Ollila, Donald Sittnick, William Hartman, Ronald Harris, David Johnson, Richard York, Warren Gabhart, Charles Akers, Richard Sanders Third, row: Douglas Heyn, Anton Stepanek, Paul Hagler, Jon Peacy, Richard Hamilton, Edward McNamarra, James Sincox, Jack Bryer, Stewart Reiman, Monte Fullerton, Adrian Banky, Charles Ramser, Bruce Vogel, Paul Wilsey Second row: Carl Schlageter, Michael Economos, John Hoeksema, Vernon Falkenhain, Carl Bauman, Milton Otto, Fred Hayden, Fred Moyer, James Tough, Max Whitman, George Psalidas, James Sharp, John Benisek Bottom row: Billy Rojas, David Henderson, Robert Lower, George Daughters, Thomas Smith, Robert Fahey, David McDowell, Lawrence Miller, Nils Fagerman, James Knapp, Patrick Harris, Ralph Merten Not in panel: Gus Athas, Roy Buckner, Jon Comp I 2 1 Mfr '1 1 1 . I I I 5 ,I -. 'Q TRIP Tw f0'w: RU Louis La 54401141 row 1 BUHOM row: Q NNW TAX , 1'-l Jlliln, Donald Sittnifl. g Jack BW- sum en, pred Mom, Juw wen, L.,-me liillff. 3 .-1 F4 no E11 . N 59, U E 1 P-4 on 'Zi 6 O B' 'U PW' cn G 0173005-5'-T010 row :' WVilliam Mavity, house mamzgerg Richard Hyder' comm!-5'-5'aT!li S0!'m0ur YanDeursen, corresponding B tt secretary, Arthur Stellmach, 'vice president o om row: Richard Foster, treasurerg Ronald Lee, presi- dent! Bruce Anderson, recording secretary TRIANGLE T011 row: Richard Bergholz, Harold Collins, Henry Timmer, Darrell Gieseking, John Pearson, John Hultberg, Aldrich Lipka, Richard Plummer, Louis Laske Second row: William Mavity, Richard Snyder, Bruce Anderson, Ronald Lee, Arthur Stellmach, Richard Foster, Seymour VanDeursen, James Suhre ' ' ' ' S Joh Unison, Robert Geiser B0Zt0m row: Gary Donnell, Carl Gruber, Clarence Hurt, William Schaulin, Perry Olsen, Alwm orensen, n i " 'V 1 fx . ' 'vw- P , in " - , Y . N - W H 1.1 ' f 1 f:'f.' 1' . G fi ' , a. ' 1 asia -.nw A904 V -...W 1 'I 'SL 0Wcer.s+Left to right: Paul Kupkerberg, housemang Edward A- 0 ,nr Colion, 'vice president, Fred Linkon, preszdentg Norman b. Lvl Margolin, treasurer, Alan Tobias, secretary, Alan Nudle- A. YBY W, ' - , ' sw I man, hzstorlan I.. L Tru, '1 1 .rx Q' Mr. ,U-Jr., . ZETA BETA TAU Top row: Jerome Davis, Robert Smith, Paul Lederer, Ronald Fellheimer, Roger Weissman, Stuart Goodman, Alan Jaffe, Donald Bernstein, Michael Goldman, Dennis Zeitlin, Ned Cowan, Fhillip Cowan, Jay Gellerman, Larry Leiken, Paul Shapiro, Paul Hofman, Michael Brainin, Paul Kupfer- ber , David Baum I Third rgw: Richard Lazar, Leonard Gertler, Robert Silberstein, Allan Tobias, Allen Gerstein, David Marblestone, Howard Wechsler, Sanford Rich- man, Edward Cohon, Maynard Brittan, Edwin Goldman, Mark Durschlag, Barry Greenberg, Alan Nudleman , Second row: Julian Molinas, Peter Herrmann, Eugene Dreyer, Howard Carney, Norman Margolin, Fred Linkon, Mrs. Epstein, Donald Goldstein, Stephen Harrison, Julian Bockserman, Albert Simon Bottom raw: Jeffrey Perkins, George Gruner, David Sherman, Marvin Lipofsky, Sanford Jaffe, Arthur Glassman, Gordon Wiss, Ted Friedman, Joel Schwart, Neil Smalkin, Ivan Zuiback, Burton Friedlander, Herbert VVolfe ' Not in panel: Richard Shapiro, Sidney Copilow ZETi T011 row: Jo Maloolm Swag mv: an L Boiiom f0fw?l , HHH. Sze Mt in Panel: ww 74 3.4-'Tw-' -.1 A TW 'Q X ww nm an ak 'iw if fkay f 'Q X 45' sm f W ,,,,, ff r, Omcers-Left to 1-ight: Neil Arends, intermural chairman, Raymond Van Nat-ta, 'vice president, John Neblurka, presidentg Gilbert Trock, .social chaiv-many Michael Lapin, treasurer, Herbert Goldman, scholastic chan-man: Harold Becker, secretary ARMORY HOUSE Top row: Diamond Dettore, Gus Mihalopulos, Erwin Gold, James Lloyd, Robert Haggerty, Joel Smith Sheldon Becker, Bruce Wolff, Richard Boyle, Thomas Matalin, Jack Marks, Bruce Jensen, Bernard Feldman, Joseph Karr, Robert Scharlach, Thomas Kaleta, James Gerstle, Robert Peterson, Robert Bruce, Allan Fishman, Robert Smid, Richard Schlaadt, Alvin Solomon Fourth row: Peter Swanson, Arnold Hirsch, Roger Sugg, William Carr, Robert Yackel, David Snowden, Frank Gazdziak, Walter Schramm, Peter Hudd, Robert Reuss, Gerald 0'Bryan, Donovan Essex, Russell Kalfas, Milan Gnjatovich, Edward Bauer, Arnold Freund, Stanley Eden, Bruce Phillips, Seymour Gutzait, Terrence Holton, Raymond Willem Third row: Bruce Diershaw, John Schwab, Sidney Rutledge, Charles Faust, Herbert Jensen, Joseph Pauly, Michael Spafford, Walter Gunn, Jerry Reich, Ronald Goodman, Harvey Geerts, Daniel Dilts, Edward Stapp, VVilliam Flynn Second row: Ronald Rubenstein, Gary Meyer, Karl Pierson, John Gallo, Daniel Oberle, Robert Awe, Lance Lindeen, Theodore Feineis, Robert St- Clair, John Cozza, Richard Craig, Gerald Jahnke, Dennis Norbeck, Paul Steward Bottom row: Marvin Dunaway, David Salapatek, Robert Switzer, Roger Matoushek, Larry Neeman, Walter Jagiello, Roy Shellow, Paul Piovesan, Gerald Vermeulen, Ronald Villani Not in panel: Thomas llrndy, Theodore Crackel, Louis Gaiennie, Joseph Garpiel, Howard Radlove, Jerry Raiubolty Charles Rising-er T011 row: Pa Aldridge, Szcorid row: red B' 1 30flMn rowis Stone "R+-., mee Woiii, Riclllrd WH, 5 Gmane, am mm ' Walter Schrmml PM Ba Sunley rm. HM ford, Walter Gm Jeff! Egdore Feineii Kilim 3 Mow, Paul Piovwi Risillgff 0150256-Top 2210: William Ripley, scholarship chairman, Da'W?'enC9 112913. Secfetaryg Donald Finlayson, treasurefrg B tt aniel Doyle, house manager 0 07" Towi, Earl Sayers. 20l'GSid01Ltg Lawrence Branianti, Uwe p7'0S'Ld6'I'ttj Paul Rowe, socml chairman BALMORAL CLUB 402 East Daniel TOP 'f0'lUJ Paul 'Watson, Leslie Wieduwilt, John Simons, Paul Giberson, John Keegan, Carroll Homann, Paul Arneson, Gerald Donahue, Frank S Aldridge, Robert Watson, Ronald Hall 900715 101115 Paul Rowe, Daniel Doyle, William Ritson, Lawrence Kuzela, Lawrence Bramanti, Neal Ball, Mrs. Roth, Earl Sayers, Donald Finlayson, B Fred Bishop, William Ripley, Hans Kensbock, Richard Kavanagh D ottogiovlllgw: Edward Malecki, Ora Hausser, John Hendricks, Thomas Lasser, Lester Harris, Terry Marlow, Anthony Naimo, Joseph Leigh, Norman N 'Y -.4 .r 5: Oliiccrs-Top row: Robert Mietz, secretaryg John Rymarcsuk, athletics, Robert Wexler, treasitrerg Jack Polnbert, social chairman , Bottom row: Francis Emmons, president, Edward Behr, soczal chairman, Tom Dziubala, vice president CAGLE HALL Top row: Stephen Chen, Robert Trunnelle, Gerald Hawkins, Ted Mathieu, Bernard Keerbs, Paul Pearson, Jeffrey Pauly, Lester Jensen, David Lasky, William Thompson, Edward Herron Third row: Richard King, Irving Ferrias, Robert Sheeler, Louis Rosen, Marshall Lipson, Howard Janssen, Peter Wenzel, Elmer Ciesiel, George Doering, George Schoenbacher, Fred Witthans Second frow: Robert Sweidel, Robert Mietz, Neal Kludy, Ronald Nickel, Edward Behr, Jack Pombert, Francis Emmons, William Cunningham, Robert Wexler, John Rymarcsuk, Thomas Dziubala, George Virgil Bottom row: Ronald Nelson, Michael Kirkpatrick, Arthur Schultz, Robert Feuerstein, Eugene Barasch, Vladimir Abramchik, Norman Miller, Joel Downey, Richard Kirkpatrick, Richard Hengl, Bart Bertolino 1008 South Tw row: R, Sorrells, Second row. Bottom rowi : HAH , Lester Jensen, DVM l, Elmer Ciesiri GW iam cminshm PM dk, Norman lli1ler,M CALHGUN HALL Omcegs-gift tv Tight: Allen Anderson, intramural chairrnartg lag?a gefigue, soctal chawmang Jerry Lundry, Scho. Micifaolc Igtamctgg tGer?ld Totall, GMIA representative, , fe ary- reasurerg eor S ll dent, George Hicks, 'vice president ge umm , mem d H n, Donald Kraatz, Jacob Seibel, David W'hitfield, Thoma TOP ww: Raymond Sturm, Charles Pugh, Robert Finck, Lowell Burgin, Raymon age S Sorrells, Douglas Zolper econd row: Gerald Totall, Allen Anderson, Michael Hill, George Hicks, George Sumrall, Donald Teague, Jerry Lundry, Richard Ferry ' G uist, Frank Shoufer, Robert Cicigoi BOCl0m row: George Talbott, David Surbeck, Robert Post, Robert ronq 3,24 ai 'Y' 552355. Ojicers-Top row: Gary Camenisch, social chairrrtanp Gene DePesa, athletic chairmang Robert Piper, counczlor ' Bottom row: Jesse Hale, counwilorg Ivan Read, preszdentg Louis Huhsman, .secretary-treasun'cr CAMPUS VIEW LCDGE ff' 1-116 West Nevada Top row: Peter Turner, David Starcevich, Tommy Clark, Dee Brooks, Charles Frank, Robert Fisher, Ronald Anderson, Alf Houkom, John Hocking, John Rosendahl, William Hemesath, James Forrester, Donald Stoll 1 Third row: Gary Cummins, Darrell Marlow, Leon Minkof, Jackie Faro, Robert Cone, Robert Henson, Paul Franciscovich, Ronald Melvin, David Butts, Christian Andreasen, Lee Jensen, Fred Kramer g Second row: Victor Williams, Ronald Moss, Kenneth Johnson, Jesse Hale, Louis Huhsman, Gene DePesa, Ivan Read, Gary Camenisch, Robert Piper, John Swanson, Gene Ahlquist, Robert Gant Bottogi row: Norbert Sipiera, Bruce Kelley, Myron Gray, Ralph Derango, Wayne Schultz, Ronald Williams, Richard Vogler, Ronald Hemmer, Walter con Not in panel: Charles Aschenbrenner, Joseph Dechario, Carl Ellis, Robert Doran, Larry Garrison, Donald Hausnecht, Harold Huber, George Koonce, Danlee Mitchell, Donald 0'Connell, Kenneth Petrovic, Gaylord Weaver, Edward Williams, Roger Williams ,ws 392 'l H Em Gr Top rowg R45 Oberl J. Pwflh 103: Steven S1 Tlirdrow: I Slillwell, Sm row: Snap, DE BUMMII mm: Slmhmgn .ODGE l L, ' Houkom, John Hocking i, Ronald Melvin. Dllli Camenisfhv Rohm HW' . Ronllfl Hmm' Wm ld Huber, GSW Km' Once?-9'T0P T0w: James Stillwell, athletic chairman, David osephv t,'ea-WWTF Kenneth Branch, social chairman, B ttphlllp G1'1tt?H, MIA representative 0 07fL row: Michael Terstriep, vice president, Donald Magd- ZWSZ, Prestdentg James Harvey, secretary COLLEGE HALL 311 East Green R ld Alexis Loren Strohman John Bartley, John Schwegler, Gary Rittenhouse, Henry T011 T0117: Robert Sands, Walter Ginther, James Gardner, ona , , F Oberle, Jerrell Clark, Robert Pashe, Gerald Glaub, David Shaw, Robert Hechler, Roger Berg, Harold Tokujo crwrth row: Joseph Nixon, William Ruschmeier, Allan Anderson, John Lockner, John Richards, Robert Robinson, Ronald Schmitz, Donald Tremper, T , SWVGH Smlfih. Robert Wadsworth, Richard Welin, George Coward, Robert Blasdell, John Moore, Gary Leaf, Robert Ulman, Sherril Glover hifd 'Ij0w: Philip Bowen, Philip Davis, Philip Gritten, Kenneth Branch, James Harvey, Donald Magdziasz, Michael Terstriep, David Joseph, James S Stlllwell, Ronald Lawwill, James Gastel econd row: Larry Blankenship, Paul Ballard, Larry Rose, Gerald Todd, Donald Miller, Lyle Bremmer, Russell Funderburg, Phillip Johnson, Lee B Snap, David McConkey, Ronald Hallendorff ottogrz raw: Glenn Irwin, Edward Kirk, Donald Riviere, Clifford Holtz, Wayne Hill, Saul Consuelos, Richard Lamb, Charles Pedersen, Rollin ro man Q x Ns up . 3 0HicerHLeft to right: William Doyle, vice presidentg Alan ,H i Sons, president, Phillip Field, treasurer, John Brandt E X senior adviser, Gerald Goettsche, secretary I l I i l x l i 4 , I lp wil I K I I I K l.: , Q, 1' 206 East Green 6 Active Chapters li .I li . Y I 1 Top row: Walter Lenz, Edmund Liss, Melvin Krejci, Wayne Timm, Charles Simon, Charles Guyot, Irvin' Garlovsky, Herbert Klein James Care 5 , Y' Ronald Quentin, Edward Sarsha, Francis Bowers, Edward Starzyk Third row: Thomas Tirado, Gaylord Rogeness, Samuel Smith, Kenneth Shenfish, Guy Marella, Robert Stanek, David Hanson, Donald Mahaiy, Michael Cleary, Richard Lewis, Gordon Owens, Robert Wozniak, Walter Wierwille, Thomas Ewald Second row: Donald Stanek, Donald Tyrcha, Phillip Field, William Doyle, Alan Sons, Gerald Goettsche, John Brandt, John Blassick, Roger Erick- son, Frank Hendricks Bottom frow: Thomas Giblin, James Utaski, Alan Kaur, Robert Krajewski, Simon Sheridan, Matthew McBride, Jason Morgan, Thomas Volk, Frank Cipriana, Duane Weis ' Not in panel: Francis Sekyra r F GRA Top row: Phil Ronald For Robert Kos Pwrthrrno: R Puffy, Alb Vbllght, Gm Thvdrow: Ja James Mol. Swomd row: l Scharff, E1 EDU001 fllwg 'J Swphen Pa Hrd Marek NG! in panel: bills en Klein, James Carer. lgmon, Donald Mimi' ii Blassick, R083 EM' aa Tl10l1ll5Y0lLFm1 0fi09I':f9ffT0p row: Frank MQG1-ail, sergeant at arms, Richard B tt IIILBHIH, treasurer, David Stanger, secretary 0 06" 'wwf DHFTYI Albright, mtramurat chairman, Michael efkleli IPTB-Sfdentg James Molenaar, social chairman, Nel- son Prose, Uwe president GRANADA CLUB TOP 70101 Philip VVilS-On, Boyce McWard, Robert Mills, Bruce Jewell, Lynn Van Dyke, John Gedelman, John Harris, Barton Roffee, John Shepard, ' ' E S ith Walter Pratt, David Sellmyer, Paul Nickoley, Ronald Fowler, Richard Kuck, Earl Sexton, David Kuhn, Lawrence Marthng, ugene m , Robert Kostal Halsey Matteson, Vaughn Kurtz, George Eierdam, Clarence Nelson, Ronald Ladley W b K n th Tiernev Jon Jenkins August Rymut Robert Fourth row: Richard Blakeley, Donald Muerle, Eric Orkild, Joe Dodson, Oliver eene org, en e ,, , , Furry, Albert Thomas, Lyle Jensen, Joseph Kellen, Larry Mittendorf, John Furno, William Brzegowy, Joseph Sidor, Mark Powers, James Al- bright Gary Hacker Robert Pringle Roger Cote N l Prose Michael Verkler, Darryl Albright, Thvrd row: James Eyre, James Fry, Jackie Riddle, John Pettigrew, Robert Kramer, David Stanger, eson , James Molenaar, Richard Huitema, Frank McGrail, Robert Schroeder, James Hogan Second row: Donald Bader, Theodore Igel, Joseph Gill, Bruce Botsford, Luke Larocca, Allen Swan, Robert Miller, Glenn Truckenbrod, Robert Scharff, Edward Janke, Fred Grayless, Joaquin Cicero Bottom row: Thomas Pullen, Robert Whittman, Michael Germano, Thomas Smith, Thomas Pfeiffer, Ronald Schmidt, Paul Schlake, Roy Dinschel, Stephen Paluch, Norman Browning Not W Panel: Sherwin Braun, Robert Butkus, Thomas Cleckner, Richard Cobb, Roy Dodd, Neil Hawkins, John Herendeen, William Johnson, Bern ard Marek, Donald Marek, Arthur Peterson, Charles Rhodes, John Ritchey, Kenneth Schaefer, Michael Sovereign, David Wrone Oiicerx-Top row: Neal Chamberlain, treasurer, Donald Levandoski, social chairman, Jerry Hogan, commzssarg Robert John, chaplain Bottom row: James Reiter, 'vice president, Ronald Gebhardt, house managerg James Gaffney, president ly' Q 1 1 3. 1 LN ,.,., 1' ,jpg I la! 1 1 4, B 1 ,lf 1 K O 1 KOINONIA MIN 11401 East Gref 409 East Daniel ., Q 1.-. vs, 7011 rw: Dona aldBme1, Top row .- Donald Sample, Zeno Kopecky, Robert Ford 5660114 row: R Fourth row: Henry So, YVillie Scott, James Filler, James Elliott Hnll,Wgm Third row: Riley Walters, Frederick Bunning, Patrick Downey, Robert Taylor, Donald Lindholm, Carl Lundstrom, Ronald Hafer 3090111 row: L Second row: Ronald Lingwall, Sok Taek Kim, Robert John, Donald Gibbs, Ronald Gebhardt, Mathai John 3011111 Tgkm Bottom row: Robert Hansen, Horner NVright, James Reiter, Jerry Hogan, James Gaffney, Donald Levandoski, Neal Chamberlain l'01inp.m,1, I WW il' i . ,S 0!7iC0gi92ET5JJfe61EzcZuWft Tlflmni Liljeirelim, colmmissarg Norman Lind- , ' 5 orman o e , 1 - ' B ttRe1chelt, treasurer n mme manager' Richard o om row: John Holmes, se ta' - S l B' ' president and chapLain are ry' amue lrkey' ww MINAWA LGDGE k Ro er Gerig, Kenneth Stults, William Johnson, John Anderson, Don- T0 0 1 D ld G ri John Lehmann, Anthony Wauterlek, John Wauterle , g P T w Ona e g, ald Bartel, Norman Fuqua . . 30001141 row: Ralph Jacobson, Don Nelson, Tom Liljegren, Samuel Birkey, Norman Lindblad, John Holmes, Norman Roden, Richard Reichelt, John Hall Warren Mason K n William Colby, Clifford Stabler, Charles Hook, Allan Anderson, John Hade, Tsu- Bottom row: Lenard Meyer, Paul Lindstrom, Raymond oopma , Hlfff tomu Tokunaga N05 in Panel: Donald Berg erlain Ahki Doing homework for chemistry NABOR HOUSE Top row: Alvin VVire, Lamarr Evans, James Myers Fowrth row: Mark Zimmerman, Thomas Melton, Edward Turner, David Christopherson, James Rakestraw, William Yinglinger Third row: Leonard Higgs, Vernon Brazle, Roger Higgs, Robert Reiners, James Melton, Lawrence Duewer, Robert Coffman Second row: Dale Burton, Harold James Robert Frank Eldon Sparrow, Francis Barton Larr Baile , , Y Y Y Bottom row: Jerry Stoller, secretaryg David Hartley, pledgemastefrg Vernon Eidman, presidentg Dale Ruckman, 'vice president, Glen Gullakson, treasurer 9? 1. 45 NEV T011 row: Ar Creighton sW0'lld 7010: Rev. E. Bottom row: Robert J he f l i x . 'XX 811 Wet Oficeg-9-T020 row: John Arends, social chairmang Jack Be- B tt Ore, Pfesldeflfi Lawrence Morrissey, vice president 0 Gin Tow: J0S9Ph Mirabella, 'sports chairmang Michael asso, secretaryg Donald Malmowski, treasurer NEWMAN HALL Top row: Arthur Paolini, Michael Puharich, Thaddeus Boduch, John Zdebski, Arnold Gordus, Hurley Reed, John Styles, Lawrence Morrissey, Creighton Warren, Joseph Marchello, Charles McClellan, Robert Beaulieu, James Johnston 1' Second row: David Mack, Gene Wojciechowski, John Shea, Michael Sasso, Donald Malinowski, Arthur Williams, Rev. J. Martin, Rev. E. Duncan 'll Rev. E. O'Rourke, Jack Bedore, Gregory Ganakos, John Chaput, Gerald Honey, Donald Kubose, Henry Judeikis, George Rosinski Gumm, Bottom row- Joseph Mirabella Peter Bianco David Kamm, Philip Lembo, Donald Pries, Donald Gurney, Armand Ferrini, Edward Lazinski PWM? Glen Robert .Jurewicz, Thomas McGuire, Harvey Olken af Vx Ojicers-Top row: Ramsey Melcher, co-social chairmang Ralph Leuschke, co-social chairman, Herbert Salisbury, MIA representative, Donald Neibel, intramural chan-man Bottom row: Max Taggart, vice presidentg Ross Millard, president, Joseph Pound, secretary-treasurer PRICE CLUPB Top row: Leslie Shaffer, Herbert Salisbury, Larry Wolfe, Dale Snedaker, Ralph Leuschke, Dennis Hamma, William Savitch, Gerald Gersey, Robert Morrison, Randolph Nichols, David Coulter, Joseph Pound, Ross Millard, Jerold Deener Second row: Max Taggart, Ramsey Melcher, Robert Stallman, William Hughes, Michael Siegall, Lloyd Hanna, Richard Kesler, James Johnston, Hall Virgil, Dennis Burke, David Clement, Dennis Murphy I Bottom row: John Pohlmann, Donald Neibel, James Lindsay, Vern Shelton, Alexander John, Thomas Vincent, William Houser, John Martell, David Alessi, Daniel Lies, Richard Missel, Edward Yerxa Not in panel: Ronald Kloss . .vw ll ill L lllf ,,.,.,-- ,,,.....-A-, ,.,....-+1 ,.....-.- 'K i , 1 I ii ,5- , i l 1 si Full l Gerald Gersey, Robert , J amos J ohnslon, Hall r, John Martell, David PROPOSED MEN'S HGUSIN PARA G DE GRQUND AREA E an A, E591 yin .H :nm F'--.. r 9 E S Z 0 f I E, , . - of , . - . ,X -. ---. .Xa-'fy is 8 551: Qi'fQf- '3'1S9ff'X5f 'TX' "Q x 'fr . :r rghfi- T - 2 3 Q-:Sgg.fg 55 N no ,L A 1 5 8 -Lani.-M 9.4-y.,.z.p,.,ggSi5,.,fn N65 -X, X A -- L g . K MWMK W.....,. M.. X i - - , g , y. - """"-'WM n. - -W--.WM ..n.. , g . ., Q 9 ., ku. .... V ' . .,.. , ....,.,A,,n, W., .... -. , I I .. F 1 ..,,-., ..., ,,,,,,VW I sg? Y f f' AQ ,!?' gf . S Q " x 'ff sg, 'ff Q Xfff i by 11,5 ,, , -wt, v M ' I ,, 4 Y 6 v , f "" Q X V fgfy- ,I W' , uf T X' nc .- v f fs QM - X M 4 , 5:54 'X 'Z Y, V K v 0 yy ,I - , I ,lg f' Zgfjw ,, fl 'ff ff ff' 1 2 W f f ' gf? Q K, f x? f fy If . f A 1 if 5 X ,K ,fy A Z A 1 If X A , Q f L,,, . 'E n O iQ , 4-' S Q 7 f 'W YQ, In ultl, William Hmm :mes Yrentax, E,1,,.m 79 Pffsident, Wilmm, W9l'n9T, Hisao Karla 72 Active Chapters 304 East Armory' Montgomery Campbell' ,....a, X i il t i i xl l i I x 1 3 Top row: Donald Plack, Robert Eustice, Lee Carffill, 'NV'l1', K H, . - Bottom 1-ow: Carl Helledy, Donald Janson, Frangis Greielrfiylllioigifllii Hlirbi Xvmdianill Jaime? Keohanc' Roger Mayhew BEAU CHATEAU 't 0 inxnn, Richard Mayeur THE BROWERY gow: Richard Harris, Ronald Duclos, Paul Kittie, Melvin Hendricks, Thomas Godfrey, Samuel Carmer, Bernard Ruder, John Weber Sec? draw: Calvin Beatty, Ernest Slaughter, YVil1iam Gossett, Robert Briggs, Ralph Gantz, Jerry Fritschle Bonn Nw: Gerald Johnson, Robert Martin, Mrs. Brower, Donald Freeman, Robert Kuncl V tom row: Loren Wickert, James XViltjer, James Reed, Louis Lefke, Wayne Peterson U U . A 0 m Panel: Richard Burton, Henry Sechrest, Jack Donahue, Robert Mieher, Martin Reidy, William Zbmden 403 404 l 'if Top row: Paul Joab, Kirby Johnson, Rodney Buffington, Allen Howard, James Wiltwer, Richard Van Ham Second row: Darrell Jolmson, Lee McNeil, Leroy Diem, Billy YViser, Dale.McConehie D Bottom row: Roy Allison, Karl Wendel, secretary-treasurer, William Jelinek, presulcntg Charles Vohs, Theodore ourns, Joseph Gaunt Not in panel: Roger Bohm, Robert Brown, Thomas Brown, Robert Henriques, Lawrence Hornbeck, Jerry Norrls, Raymond Rendell CHEZ Nous CGSMOPOLITAN 605 East Daniel 19 Active Chapters Top row: Martin Alexander, Charles Gear, Orin Pearman, Arthur Tuveson, Nelson Dyer, Jacques Romain, Garv Tallv Second row: Ole Jansson, sergeant at arms, Peter King, pledge presidevztg Theodorus Ruys, vice president, Lawrence Leavitt, presidentg Bernard Shapiro, treasurer Bottom row: Hemant Sathe, Ronald Madge, corresponding secretary,- Samuel Hare, Roberto Andreu - Not in panel: Kenneth Hudson, recording secretary, Reuven Mora, John Karstens up ww: Jr Third wwf Sammi 'Wi Bottom VW' AnrlerS0l Mg in panel 210 East If lOl 305 East ,lc UP r0w: M5 Wald , Third rowin l Wetterim Sldllld mu-: R b llollorr? 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Roger Gallup, Donald Corbett Second row: .Roger Bottrell, Lyle Martin, Nils Nilson, John Efaw, Keith lVilson, George Tully, Michael Grose, Roger Rhoads, Louis Landau, B Lionel Stlrret, Arthur Buesking, Dean VVilson, Robert Edwards , v I 1 ottom. row: Stanley Dziacko, Raymond Capek, Leland Shaw, Richard Marrs, Lyle Grider, Glenn Dodd, prcsldentg Beal Setchell, social chazrmcmf N Kenneth Helgescn, Accrotary,-treasurer,' Howard Maiers, vice prrcsidentg Lynn Grady at in Panel: Jon Anfinsen, Charles Detwiler, Neil Richter, Monte Oberman, David Kurash, Gordon Thorson 635 ..-4 423 424 Top row: Donald Rimsnider, William Mcllrath, Lindell Furlow, Lyle Gerdes, David Franz, social chairman, Charles Chimento, Bruce Wright, vice president, Edward Gillespie, secretary , 1 , , Second row: Stanley Riley, Vernon Hall, Robert Watts, Richard Gardner, Robert Huston, Marvin Gerdes, Ronald Klein, Oscar XVright, Clarence Davis, MIA representative , Bottom row: Lawrence Gardner, Thomas Fenton, Thomas Vanhorn, Paul Huth, treasurer, Douglas Lynch, sports chan-many John Talbott, Robert sorsrs Home Whittenbarger, presidentg Neal Wright Not in panel: Kenneth Luttrell TARA HALL Top row: Jon Dosher, jntrarnfaral director, James Koertge, Everett Feldkirchner, MIA director, George Frock, Paul Lakamp Second row: Thomas Piper, Siegmar Gresch, Donald Fiedler, Kermit Wells, vice president: Robert Pahlmann Bottofm row: Raymond Winters, presidentg John Fechter, secretary-treasurer, Thomas Gauger Not zn panel: James Allen, socml chairmang Martin Owens, David Simpkin, Roger Stockley, Charles Shriver, Gene Roberds - Geora fpp 1010- i Suomi WW' E 500007015 , minPf1"f'- I009 West Ci WE, 1301 West S TUPWIU: Hai Tlud row: J4 SYt'Ulll0T0wg 4 Bottom row: . 330195 Ha 000 anel: x WS Q wg. +f- aa fl 0' -. 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HAUQ- -MXN ,fx J v+'+H1 If 1' , f .1 rf A - wfgiwb v 11: 125 ff: , 'fn-A ,Z ,R 3.533 yi 51 W 1' ,rv-1 fgxi- -,grid Li- 1' mf'--NY 37 -wiigwfcz 7? -735, ,, ' Xu," 577-Q1f.'5i".f2'H'v :YVXX2 fi-5 21,5-t'ffX ' R5ir"r,'f:'?5 "mil 'Y fjyf -,,,,,,ff .1 ,fi?iQ,J,'2'-x 4-,xvx N,-,, K: iff N 1- ff I ,?,n. ,ff V1 il -,,g1f3f-..y - ,,NX.,w -:Wlf X: - -1- ff, , 1 mix 1 ,fun Q--1 f -"J Hkfl' J ffm ,,,4 wv- 'flaw A"-if51735j'?5'ff4'?Xr1L,if"fv :fuvf1f7'-'sin '---'iff ' 'L'fl1N IQ- fu' FR 'JV'--7 HMQTL, -2 , Ap ,iid J. aa' 4 s , M lr..,., ," f I 1 I,-,Q is SN X fk""' 1, S Ki! N X ..,1 1 W 429 NEIL ROGER A.xRoNsoN ......... 01601100 Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Clark House German Clubq Navy Pier Alumni Associa- lion Navy Pier Extension of the University' of Illinois IUROSHI ABE ........ Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.l.A.g Hawaii Club University of Hawaii CELIA ABR.t1NIS ................ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Sno-Ball Committee 135 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois XVILLIAM ROBERT ACIIESON Hammond, Indiana Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle President 147g A.I.A. Indiana University HIXRVEI' DENNIS ACKERLIANN .... Lanark Commerce Insurance Tau Kappa Epsilon Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Beloit College WALDIMA ADAM ........ Cincinnati, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry A.C.S. Honors Day 123 CHARLES KENNETH ADAMS ...... Chicago Engineering Physics The Mansion House President 141 DALE HUNTER ADAMS ........, Chrisman Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Ensign, NROTC 11, 2, 3, 41 RAYMOND GEORGE ADAMS ...... Metamora Engineering Mechanical Engineering The Mansion Pi Tau Sigmag A.F.S.g A.S.M.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 35g University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key MAX JAMES ADLER ....... , . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Barton House Men's Glee Club 1315 Accountancy Club Honors Day 123 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Mun' HOUSTON ADSIT .......... Pontiac Liberal Arts and Sciences French Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Boardg Torchg Alpha. Laxnbda Delta: The Illio 11, 2, 33, Illini Union Board 1455 Illini Union Committee 115.9 Star Course Manager 1175 Panhellenic Executive Council 13, 43 Honors Day 11, 25 LEONARD CALVIN AFREMOW ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Noble House A.C.S. 12, 3, 413 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Honors Day 133 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICIIARD M. AIILGREN ......... Roclcforfl Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Triangle rX.T.Cll.E. North Park College ROBERTA MCKINNEY AIIRENS .... Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Iotag Concert Band 1535, University Chorus 12, 3, 41 MacMurray College DKVID JOSEPH ALBRIGIIT. . .Lawrenceville Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Society of American Military Engineers 1413 A.I.A. Eastern Illinois State College WILLIAM DON ALBRIGHT. . .Lawrenceville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha, Chi Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilong Engineering Council 11g A.I.Ch.E. GEDON DON ALDORT ...... . . .Evanston Commerce Management Pi Lambda Phi Illini Union Committee 131 3 Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Clubg Debate Squad Northwestern Universityg Hebrew Uni- versity: Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- versity of Illinois DAVID CARROLL ALEXANDER .... Roclcforil Engineering Electrical Engineering VVesley Foundation Student Council 1235 A,I.E.E.-I.R.E. EIARTIN M. ALEXANDER Brooklyn, New York Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Cosmopolitan Varsity Gymnastic Squad 13, 45 Brooklyn College JERRY ALAN ALGEO ........... . . .Joliet Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Pi Sigma Tau Joliet Junior College wh""' ol0 new gy C NN I Illin J A3155 Mft' Tar' Alllh' TWO Fm-folll Honofs PBTINA Lincl psi Chi Crew 4 Ffellth mini A,I,E,fI Honors RAY L Club House R0fl'C 41 Q F: Club Rom' Alpl Skull A Union lnterfi fraterr Roy I Che Lieute Sigmg Honor Schola ANNE Pi Mask Player Social Unive ynive El'S't' omit Knut Ollleg. Medic Honor JAXEV All Illini Sity 'Hitte Real lei- i I it I 1 x l in I 4.1 4 RIMGAUDAS AL1s.xUsK.-is ...... .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lithuanian Students Club, Presidentg Soci- ology Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ' JAMES BUTLER ALLICN ,.......... Carmi Agriculture Engineering Agricultural Science and Agricultural Engineering Tara Hall Alpha Zeta3 House President 125: Illinois Technograph 1453 A.S.A.E.3 Field and Furrow Honors Day 11, 35 PETINA ROSE ALLEN ........... Harvarll Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Psi Chi3 Zeta Phi Eta? University 7111168-ll'6 Crew 115 3 Y.VV.C.A. Connnittee 11, 25 3 French Club ROBERT MAY ALLEN. .Nash'uille, Tennessee Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 115 R.-XY LEON ALLISON ............ Fairfield Agriculture Agricultural Science Club 311 House President 1453 Captain, Army ROTC3 Infantry Club 1153 Phalanx 13, 453 Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club ROBERT HOWARD ALLISON ....... Summit Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Tau Omega Skull and Crescent3 Omega Beta Pig Illini Union Committee 1153 Campus Chest 1159 Interfraternity Council 1253 Junior Inter- fraternity Council 115 ROY LELAND ALLISON ..... .... F airneld Agriculture Agronomy Chez Nous Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC3 Zeta Sigma Alpha 13, 453 Field and Furrow Honors Day 12, 353 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ANNE CAROLYN ALLOWAY ..,... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Pi Beta Phi Mask and Bauble: National Collegiate Players: Zeta Phi Eta3 Major Chairman Social Forums, Illini Union Committee 135 9 University Theatre Manager 11, 2, 35,3 University Theatre Cast 11, 2, 3, 452 U111' versity Theatre Crew 1153 WILL 13, 452 Orchesis 11, 25 KENNETH PAUL ALTERA ....... Riverside Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Omega Tau Sigma3 Student Veterinary Medical Ass'n Honors Day 11, 25 JANET M.XRIE ALTMAN .......... Chica90 Physical Education Recreation Alpha Delta Pi . Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 452 U111,Ver' sity Theatre Crew 1153 Y.W.C.A. Q0111' mittee 115: W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 452 A11101'1Cim Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chap- ter3 Physical Education Mal01'S Club JollN Wll,l,I.xxI AMBERU ..... Quincy Division of Special S,.,.,,im,x ' VI 1 Accourntancy 'll 1lalulnll Iola3 Aqgounmncy Club, mini 12lllll5llS Amvets Post No 200 llonors Day 13, New Mexico Vtlestern JOsEPIr DANIEL AMENT ..., .... C ,Mango Commerce Accountancy Barton House Alpllll1Zeta3 Phi Eta Siglllill Bl-in Alpha PS' 5111110111 Senate 1353 Hillel Twinla- llon Student Council 13, 433 C0,,,,,,,.,.,.0 1111111011 1453 Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 35: University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University Of lllinois ' Mmm JOSIQPIIINE AIKIORLTSO ,,,,, 01,5,.,,,,,, Agriculture 1 Home Economics SY1'3lll0l'0 Hall XVright Junior COllege3 Navy Pier RX. tension of the University of Illinois JOHN RICHARD ANDERSEN ....... Chicago Commerce . Market Research W.P.G.U. 13, 453 Commerce Council 1453 Marketing Club, President 1453 Navy Pier Activities: Tennis Team 125 Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALLxN EUGENE ANDERSON ....,.. 01lil'flg0 Engineering Civil Engineering Minawa Lodge University Theatre Crew 1453 University Choir 13, 453 Men's Glee Club 1453 Ora- torio Society 13, 453 Illini Christian Fel- lowship 13, 453 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 A.S.C.E. Illinois Institute of Technologyg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CAROL ELIZABETH ANDERSON ...... Olney Commerce Secretarial Training Delta Sigma Epsilon Illini Union Committee 12, 353 Major I 1253 House President 1253 University Chorus 11, 253 Business Education Club EUGENE WILBERT ANDERSON Franklin Park Commerce Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi3 Accountancy Club Honors Day 135 Wheaton College JAMES LEE ANDERSON ......... Rel-Iuford Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Chi Psi Skull and Crescent3 Intramural Manager 42,3 ltfajor, Air Force ROTC3 Arnold Au' Society NANCY KAY ANDERSON .... .. .Geneva Journalism Advertising Alpha Xi Delta I . Gamma Alpha Chi? Theta Sigma P1111 Prefi' dent 145: Daily 1111111 1211 Umvcrsity Theatre Crew 1353 1111319014 141 Honors DRY 115 ROBERT DONALD ANDERSON .... ,.C17iPllfI0 COIllIllCI'C0 Accountancy b Menls Glee Club 13, 453 I.U.S.A. Barrel . , . it shoppers 1155 Accountancy Club' gout y for the Advancement of Management Q Navy Pier Extension of the UlllX'0l'S11y of Illinois . al. zkleax ID ID .l U III ID 432 ROBERT WARREN ANDERSON ...... Chica9'0 Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Lundgren House A.l.A. ALICE BIARTHA ANDREWS ........ Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall House President 1453 Future Teachers of America Honors Day 125 DONALD EUGENE ANDREWS ...... Chicago Commerce Law Commerce Club 13, 453 Illini Campus Am- vets Post No. 202 New York University3 Stetson Univer- sity JAMES ARTHUR ANDREWS ...... Evanston Commerce Accountancy Massachusetts Institute of Technology3 Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois NORMAN G. ANDRUS, JR. Oneonta, New York Division of Special Services Advertising Alpha Delta Sigma3 I.U.S.A. Barbershop- pers 11, 25 GEORGE ENOCH ANSELM ...... Taylorville Agriculture Agricultural Science Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta3 Men'S Glee Club 1253 Agri- culture Club3 Field and Furrow3 Hoof and Horn Club3 Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day 125 J ERRY APPANAITIS ............ Westville Liberal Arts and Sciences English Education Lowry Lodge University Theatre Cast 1253 Y.M.C.A. Committee 12, 3, 45 3 French Clubg Spanish Cillbi Young Republicans Club Millikin University IRIS DIERLE AREND .......... Champaign Journalism Advertising University Choir 11, 2, 3, 453 Oratorio Society 11, 25 GEORGE PHILLIP ARENSMAN. . .Metropolis Agriculture Agriculture Education Bachelor Arms Alpha Tau Alpha3 House President 1353 S.N.l.B. 12, 353 Agricultural Education Club, President 1453 Field and Furrow Kemper Military School .IOHN HAROLD ARMSTRONG .... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Delta Theta Campus Chest 11,3 Illini Sportsman! 1'lub3 Junior Bar Association MYRON EUGENE ARBISTRONG .... Reynolds Engineering Electrical Engineering Chi Gamma Iota, President 1492 Sigma Tang Tau Beta Pl: Phi Eta Sigma3 Eta Kappa Nu3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 25 ROBERT FRANK ARMSTRONG. . .Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering DOROTHY JANE ARNDT .... Downers Grove Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Sigma Alpha Iotag Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 453 University Sinfonietta 11, 2, 3, 455 University OrCheSt1'B 11, 2. 3, 47 LARRY KEITH ARNDT ........... Newton Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Upsilon S86h6lIl: Skull and Crescentg The Illio 1153 Star Course Manager 11, 2, 351 Y.M.C.A. Committee 115: Lieutenant Colo' nel, Army ROTC3 Military Council 14512 Scabbard and Blade 13, 45 3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.1L. Honors Day 11, 25 RONALD CHARLES ARON .... . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Men's Residence Hall Addition 3 M.I.A. Executive Council 1353 House President 1353 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Phalanx 13, 453 Society of Ameri- ganb Military Engineers 1253 Marketing lu Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NORMAN CHARLES ASHCRAFT Arlington Heights Education Industrial Education Illuminating Engineering Society, Presi- dent 135 Honors Day 125 Kendall Junior College SHIRLEY JEAN ASHTON ....... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Theta Upsilon The Daily Illini 1353 University Theatre Crew 1253 Y.W.C.A. Committee 125 MacMurray College ORVILLE PAT ASPER ............. Chenoa Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Sigma Kappa Skull and Crescent3 Junior Interfraternity Council 1153 House President 1353 Fresh- man Varsity Baseball Squad3 Men's Glee Club 1153 Ordnance, Army ROTC Honors Day 11, 25 WILBERT EDWARD ASPER ......... Chenoa Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Skull and Crescent3 Student Senate 11, 25 3 Freshman Varsity Track Squad3 Engineer- ing C011ncil 135: Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC3 Phalanx 13, 453 A.I.Ch.E. RICHARD EWART ASTON ..... Crystal Lake Commerce Sales and Advertising Marketing Club Elgin Community College W 5,113- nwl' 0 O11 J, U FW new Plli E nies Hon0f- Mor senior HAROL A.F.S. Fm Field I JAMES Phi Scaral l 2 l 9 Amen Juixi Eva Alpha Hono Scliol Roni Univ Thea Chu: HOI11 Wu. P. YM Pre: JAC Tau IR Hoi XVILLIAM CUsTAs ATH.XS Wavtbrool- llaine Division of Special Services Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Society for the Adva11ce- ment of Management Orange County College, Mississippi South- ern, University of California FRED GRANT ATTEBURY. . .East St. Louis Fine and Applied Arts Art Education DONALD SIAX AULYVURM ..,...... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappag Physical Education Majors Club Honors Day 12, 35 Morgan Park Senior Collegeg XVilson Senior College: Roosevelt College PI.-XROLD XVAYNE AUTER ..... . . .Danville Engineering llechanical Engineering A.l5'.S.: A.S,M.E. FRED LEE .XWALT ..... . . . . . .Berwyn Agriculture General Agriculture Field and Furrow JAMES ALBERT BABCOCK .......... Galva Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Gamma Delta Scarabg Inter-fraternity Executive Council 1255 Captain, Army ROTCQ Society of American Military Engineers 145g A.I.A. JUANITA BAILEY ............. DuQuoin Commerce Secretarial Training Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Delta 115g Secretarial Club Honors Day 12, 355 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT CLYDE BAILEY .......... Allerton Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech University Theatre Cast 1353 University Theatre Crew 1453 Orchesis 1455 Illini Christian Fellowship 125 Honors Day 115 WILLIAM EDSEL BAILEY.Caney, Kentucky Division of Special Services Marketing Parade Ground Units Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 1255 House President 1253 Marketing Club JACK Room BAIRD ........... Colchester Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma! A-I-E-E" I.R.E. Honors Day 125 DANIEL ROBERT BAIQER ...... Champaign Engineering Ceramic Pnginforinq Ktrwmos, lresident 145 A Honors Day 125 ' ' JOIIN DAVID BAKER, JR. .... .. lui-om Engineering l 7 Electrical Enginrwi-ing P1 kappa Phi First Lieutenant, Army ROTC ' I.R.E, Honors Day 11, 2' 3, 3 A.l.l',.E.- SANDRA IIARIE BAKER ....,.. Joel.-xonville Journalism Advertising Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Alpha Ciiig The Illio 115: Illini Umon Committee 1259 University Theatre Crew ill? Y.5V.C.A. Committee 12, 355 Student Senate 125 WALTER EVERETT BAKER ....... Jlattoon Commerce Accountancy Phi Gamma Delta Star Course Manager 11, 253 Accountancy Club? Marketing Clubq Young Republic-ans Club JAMES AVILFED BARLE ......... Evanston Division of Special Services History Alpha Delta Phi Skull and Crescentg Freshman Count-ilg Young Republicans Club 'MZARY SAMAIoNs BALESTRI ...... .llagnolin Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall Kappa Delta Pi Honors Day 115 RICHARD SIICHAEL BALESTRI ..... McNabb Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Twin Estates Alpha Tau Alphag M.I.A. Executive Council 135 3 House President 135 5 Agricultural Education Club NEAL BALL .............. .... C 'liicago Journalism Editorial Granada Club V1 Sigma. Delta Chi, President C451 ,he Daily Illini 12, 3, 45: M-I-A EXGCHUW? Council 13. 453 University Chorus .145, McKinley Foundation Student Council 13, 453 Young Republicans Club University of Chicago GAIL VVINIFRED BALTHROPE. . .Collinsville Education Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta Ilniversify of C0101'ftd0 gpmviy ARTHUR BAMBURG ....... Glencoe Fine and ADDHQQ Aff? Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Star and Scroll: il E 5 I Tau Igeta Pig Illini Union Committee 13, G T Ovleg Sigma Tang 1 t 155: Fine and Ap- 4, 55 3 House P1'0Si4011 plied Arts Council 1253 A-I'-AM D l 4 Honors Dill' f nois Scholarship KCI' 1, 2, 353 University ot Illi- , 4 n f f , E ZF' ' 2 1, J f A -i 5 Q , 1 , Q fy A2 K was ff A 2? 5, I t .beg 0 Y fe wi -mn.. .:.. 4 . IJ NW 6 FLORIAN L.-XWR-ENCE B.xNoER'I' ..... Tonica Division of Special Services Agricultural Economics Agricultural Economics Club RICIIARD FRED BANGERT ...... Carlinville E Agriculture Animal Science Pi Kappa Phi 5 Star and Scrollg House President 1355 Illini Sportsman's Clubg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 115 I A AnnI.xN LEON BANKY ...... .... C hicago Commerce Industrial Administration Theta Xi Displaced Persons Committee 1353 A.F.S.3 Society for the Advancement of Manage- mentg Young Republicans Clubg Baseball Squad 125 Honors Day 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOSEPH JOHN BANKY ...... .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Mar- keting Club DONALD WAYNE BARAK .... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Theta Delta Chi Skull and Crescentg Accountancy Club Purdue University FELICIA JEAN BARAN ............ Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Loyola University, Saint Mary-of-the Woods College LORI MARGUERITE BARAN ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Studies Evans Hall Illini Union Committee 1457 Student Sen- ate 135 llonors Day 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALLEN VAUGHAN BARKER. . .McLeansboro Agriculture Agronomy Knight Club Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Tau Alphag Platoon Leader, Army ROTCQ Phi Chi Eta 1353 Agricul- tural Education Clubg Field and Furrow UOHOPS D3-Y 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key IVILLIAIKI JAMES BARON ....... St. Joseph Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design JACK RUSSELL BARR ...... . , ,Atlanta I F 5 ' Engineering Mechanical Engineering ' . Sigma Phi Delta A.F.S.g A.S.M.E. Blackburn College if 'SQ' 1 l i ' 434 JERRY DEAN BARR ........ .... F ithian Commerce Management Esquire Club House President 1352 Illini Campus Am' vets Post No. 2023 Society for the Ad- vancement of Management DANIEL ROBERT BARRY .... .... Q uincy Commerce Management Phi Gamma Delta Illini Union Committee 1131 Footlmll Man' ager 11, 253 Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management WILLI.-XB! HORTON BARRY .......... Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Alpha Phi Omegag Illini Insurance S0- cietyg Rho Epsilong Young Republicans Club Joliet Junior College RICHARD ALDEN BARTH ........ Marengo Commerce Accountancy Kozy Den Accountancy Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES ROLLIN BARTIIOLOMEW. .Chicago Commerce Marketing Alpha Tau Omega Marketing Club Navy Pier Activities: NVrestling 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinoisg Coe College ALBERT ANTANAS BARTKUS ...... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Lieutenant, Army ROTCQ Alpha Rho Tau: Society of American Military Engineers 11, 253 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 125 FRANCIS LEO BARTON ......... Wyoming Agriculture General Agriculture Nabor House Plowboy Prom Committee 125 JOHN GWINFORD BARTON .... McLeansboro Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.A.E. Southern Illinois University NORMAN PAUL BAsI+:Es .... Highland Park Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Epsilon Pi Hillel Foundation Student Council 1453 LAS Council 11, 3, 45, President 1453 French Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PAULA LEE BASNER ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising and Design Indeco Gamma Alpha Chig Society of Illustrators: Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 35g Univer- sity Chorus 125 NNY Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 7 Y 'o ly 70 li rs W 0f0 ,Mk ii: 341: g5lfY 00170 nfs' ivef ,Sm VIRGINIA HAUG BATES .......... Rochelle Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Chi Omega University of Colorado EDWARD GEORGE BAUER .... . , .Aurora Journalism Editorial Hendricks Dormitory Sigma Delta Clii3 The Daily Illini C35 JOHN RAYMOND BAUMGARTEN .... Chicago Commerce Finance Phi Kappa Junior Interfraternity Councilg Illini In- surance Society3 Society for the Advance- ment of Management LOWRY HINCH BAYLEY, JR.. . .Norris City Agriculture Economics Sigma Pi Ma-Wan-Da3 Sachemg Board of Fraternity Affairs C2, 3, 453 Interfraternity Executive Council C2, 3, 45, President C453 Presi- dent, Junior Interfraternity Council C153 Student Senate C253 Freshman Council C153 Campus Fair Committee C453 Fresh- man Week Committee C2, 353 Greek Week Committee C25 3 Illini Traditions Committee C353 Interfraternity Ball Committee C253 Military Ball Committee C253 Captain, Army ROTC3 Alpha Rho Tau C3, 453 Scabbard and Blade C3, 453 Agricultural Economics Club3 Field and Furrow EDWARD NELSON BAYLOR ..... Lee Center Agriculture Dairy Science S.N.I.B. C253 Dairy Production Club IWARJORIE DUANNE BEAN .... Washington Education Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Shorter Board3 Torchg Shi'A.i: Illini Union Committee C1, 253 Star Course Manager C1, 2, 35 MARY JANE BEATTIE ............. Sparta Agriculture Home Economics Education Delta Delta Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron3 Illini Union Com- mittee C1, 253 University Theatre Crew C153 Star Course Manager Cl, 253 W0- men's Glee Club C153 S.N.I.B. C2, 3., 453 McKinley Foundation Student Council C3, 453 Plowboy Prom Committee C2, 35? Home Economics Club ROBERT JEROME BEAULIEU ..... Naperville Agriculture Animal Science Newman Hall T0ll13,llil.XVkQ Arnold Air Society C353 Fly' ing Club JACK RAYMOND BEAUPRE. . . .... Bradley Commerce Insurance Alpha Kappa Lambda I Ma-Wan-Da3 Alpha KSIDIQH Psi: P1 T?-u Sigmag Illini Union Committee C15 3 JUH101' lnterfraternity Council C153 Student Sell' ate C2, 3, 45 3 Committee on Student Affairs C453 N.S.A, Senate Subcommittee C3. 47' Freshman Varsity Track Sqjw-di First Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Illini Insurance Societyg Rho Epsilon Honors Day C15 ROBERTA SYDELL BECK ......... Chicago Education Elementary Education Evans Hall Future Teachers of America Honors Day C15 1 3 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WOODROW ELDRIGE BECK. . . . . . Chicago Engineering LAS. Aeronautical Engineering N5-YY Pier Extension of the Universitv of Illinois ' CARL EUGENE BECKER ......... St Elmo . Agriculture Vocational AU1'fCUltu1'e and Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta' Alpha Tau Al . 1 . pha3 Y.M.C.A. ggmmigtee .4251 Junior Interfraternity tu uilcl 3- C2, 3, Agricul. AHaA 001111011 13, 45, President C453 ' g Field Day Committee C2 3 45- Flowboy Prom Committee C35 3 Y Agriculi Era? Educatwn Club! Agriculture Club: H00 and Horn Club3 Little International orse Show Committee C2, 35 Honors Day C15 ARLENE JOY BEDAU ........... Glenview Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Leeman Lodge Phi Kappa Phi3 Phi Beta Kappa3 Young Republicans Club Honors Day Cl, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key JACK CARL BEDORE ....... . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Newman Hall House President C3, 453 Student Senate C453 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Intramural Manager C1, 2, 353 IM Rec Board C153 Marketing Club De Paul University ELAINE ADRIENNE BEHLING ....... Elgin Fine and Applied Arts Painting McKinley Hall Phi Kappa Phi3 Alpha Lambda Delta3 Society of Illustrators3 Illini Union Com- mittee C353 University Theatre Crew C25 Honors Day C35 Illinois Wesleyan University BARBARA L. BEIN ............... Chicago Education Elementary Education Delta Gamma Illini Union Committee C1, 253 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet C253 Y.W.C.A. Committee C151 W.A.A. Board C253 W.A.A. C2, 353 Gamma Delta: Horticulture Club3 Future Teachers of America Honors Day C15 VILBIARS BEINIKIS ......... Mount Morris Engineering Electrical Engineering Noble House House President Cl, 2, 353 Society Of American Military Engineers C25 3 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E.3 A.S.A.E.Q Illini Sportsman's Club JOHN FRANCIS BELLUSO ........ Mantcno Division of Special Services Advertising De-Sign Parade Ground Units House President C25 CLARENCE NEWTON BENARD. .Mt. Vernon Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture ' University Chorus C453 Southern Bapflsf Foundation Student Council C3, 452 1111111 Christian Fellowship C3, 453 Agflcultuml Education Club? Field and Farrow Centralia Junior College N BENDER. . . . . . . .Bloomington CAROL AN , Liberal Arts and Sc1enCeS Social Studies Delta Delta Delta 'WW 5 i VI: -1 ta fl MM I- ez- af, .,:1-.fare 'I ... -,.. 435 DOXAIID XVILLIAM BENEDICT ..... ChiCf1U0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology JouN PAUL BENISEK ......... Brandi-icu' Physical Education Physical Education Theta Xi l.U.S.A. Barbershoppers C353 Displaced Persons Committee C253 IM Rec B02L1'd C353 Physical Education Majors Clubq Young Republicans Club CONSTANCE VALAIDA BENNErr...Chicago Education Elementary Education Evans Hall Future Teachers of America Roosevelt University RALPH XVILLIAM BENNETT ..... McHenry Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi House President C451 Illini Union Com- mittee C151 Interfraternity Ball Committee C253 First Lieutenant, Army ROTCL A.S.M.E.3 S.A.E. ELEANOR LOUISE BENSON ...... Evanston Education Elementary Education Busey Hall University of Michigan LOUIS JESSE BENTSEN .......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BARBARA ANNE BERETICH .... Palos Park Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Evans Hall Rosary College ROGER LEE BERG ....... Islip, New York Engineering Metallurgical Engineering College Hall Phi Eta Sigmag Lieutenant, NROTC3 NHVY Council C453 A.I.Ch.E.3 M.I.S.3 lVestern Society of Engineers Honors Day C15 ALICE CATIIERINE BERGER Patchogue, New York Liberal Arts and Sciences History Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall RICHARD LEE BERGER .......... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Cyclotliem Club3 RiHe and Pistol Club Belleville Junior College ROBERT JAY BERGER ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Flagg House Sociology Club I I Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JANE ANNE BERGESON .......... Streator Eine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Kappa Delta Illini Union Committee C353 Y-VV-C-A Committee C353 Orcliesis C23 3, 453 Pan- hellenic Ball Committee C25 RICHARD ALAN BERGGREN ...... Hinsdale Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. JAMES LEo BERGSCHNEIDER ..... Ashland Agriculture General Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha Illinois State Normal University LARRY BERNARD BERKLEY ....... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Tau Epsilon Phi The Illio C153 A.I.A. RICHARD WAYNE BERMES ...... Greenfield Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau3 Eta Kappa Nu Honors Day C25 Oregon State College RICHARD WILLIAM BERNARDINI Tinley Park Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Tau Gamma A.I.A. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BARBARA ANN BERNER ...,,..... Chicago Education Physical Education Chi Omega Illini Union Committee C35 3 VV.A.A. Board C35g W.A.A. Numerals C353 'wV.A.A. C3, 453 Physical Education Majors Club University of KVisconsin FRANCIS LOUISE BERNHARDT .... St. Peter Agriculture Retailing Evans Hall Gamma Delta3 Marketing Club SANDRA ELLEN BERNS ...... Bloomington Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Epsilon Phi University Theatre Crew Cl, 2, 353 WVILL C11 2, 3, 453 Panliellenic Ball Committee ill? Young Democrats Club C253 Home- coming Court C25 Gil Al. LEW A Sitf Hon ll Hu T Scbl B BU A Tau Sig! Hon nois Em: Chi Hon PM N N oil HEI Dai' Il MAI P Sigl C011 C15 Hon lim V Orcl Ciati N Iota N of 1 CHA KA 51' Jun Er Lim CB, Eine l 0 ,go GENE CARLIN BERRYMAN ..... Springfield Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. LENOEE HELEN BERSELL ....... Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Alpha Gamma Delta Sigma Delta Pi Honors Day 435 Marquette University HAROLD 'VAN CLEVE BEXTEL ...... Skokie Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Tau Kappa Epsilon Scarabg A.I.A. BRUCE ODIEL BEYAERT ........ Galesburg Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha. Chi Sigma Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Chi Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilong A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 41, 2, 35g University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key EDGAR HERMAN BEYER ........ Maywood Agriculture Agricultwral Science Chi Gamma Iotag Field and Furroxv Honors Day 41, 25 PETER BIANCO, JR. ............. Chicago Division of Special Services Political Science Newman Hall Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HERBERT INIAYES BICKNELL .... Lovington Agriculture Dairy Science Dairy Production Club Illinois VVesleyan University DIARY KAREN BIDDLE ....... Bloomington Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Pi Beta Phi Sigma. Alpha Iotag The Illio 4153 Star Course Manager 425g XVOIllCl'1'S Glee Club 415 Honors Day 425 BIARGRAJEAN BLACK .......... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish and French Vanlig Orchesis 43, 45g Navy Pier Alumni Asso- ciationg Spanish Club Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis 41, 255 Iota Pi Sigma 41, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES PAUL BLAHOUS, JR. .... Chicago Engineering Ceramic Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Keramosg Illini Union Committee 425: Junior Interfraternity Council 4153 House President 445: Tribe of Illini 42, 3, 452 Varsity Squad Fencing 425, Letter 4253 Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC: Phalanx 423, 45: Society of American Military En- glneers 445 Jeux GORDON BIDNLR p,,,.,,,, ,--f ,,,-HU, Agriculture ll, 7 . fi . . . facie: lraining 151, g1f,,-g5.,,15,,,,f, Alpha Tau Alpha' Hens C10 ' i . v A - .Q Agricultural Education Club Club 4153 s 4 GARY IQEITII BIEIIFEIIDT. . , , A,,,.,,U,. ' Agriculture Agricultural Lan' Phi Sigma Kappa Varsitv Football S 41 -- C1113 4252 F' 1 Vgfsgr Football Squaii rresiimiisiiiliif '-E35 b aifketball Squadg Freshman Varsity Roffca Squad! First Lieutenant, Army .XVESLEY GERHARDT BIEn1Tz .... Yorkville Agriculture Animal Scicncc Park Lane Lodge House President 4353 Universitv Chorus 42, 3, 453 Iuini Om-isiiim Fellowship 41, 25 Honors Day 435 HAROLD BIEEMAN .............. Skokie Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Tau Delta Phi Interfraternity Council 41, 2, 3, 455 Inter- fraternity Ball Committee 425 JAMES LEWIS BIGLEY ....... Granite City Commerce Management Tau Kappa Epsilon University Theatre Cast 415 g Campus Chest 4253 Orchesis 4453 Marketing Clubg So- ciety for the Advancement of Management IQAMIL A. BIKUL ........ Ankara, Turkey Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. St. J0hn's University JERALD EDWARD BINKLEY ..... Ridgefarm Agriculture Agriculture Education Agricultural Education Club MICHAEL BIONDO ............ . .Chicago Division of Special SerViC6S Psychology SAMUEL EDXVARD BIRKEY ...... . . .Pekm Agriculture General Agriculture Minawa Lodge , . House President 42, 375 Illini Chflsml' Fellowship 41, 2, 3, 45: Ae1'iCH1fum1 Eco' nomics Club? Young Republicans Club JAY Brsuov .................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Tau Epsilon Phi U Navv Pier Extension 0 of Illinois f the University 437 JANE SYLVIA BITTERMANN ..,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Gamma Phi Beta Phi Alpha Theta University of Chicago3 Ohio Wesleyan University BIARYANN DRosT BITZER ....... Maryville Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi Honors Day 135 St. Louis University ROBERT LEWIS BIVEN ............ LeRoy Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. STANLEY THEODORE BJURSTROM. .Mattoon Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Four Columns Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad 115 SARAH BLACHER .... Appleton, Wisconsin Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Evans Hall Illini Union Committee 12, 353 University Theatre Cast 1353 University Chorus 1253 WILL 12, 3, 453 Illini Forensic Associa- tiong Future Teachers of America University of Wisconsin DEBORAH IWARGARET BLAIR Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Chi Omega Shorter Board3 Torch3 Mask and Baublep Illini Union Committee 1253 University Theater Manager 1353 University Theater Cast 11, 353 University Theater Crew 11, 2, 353 Panhellenic Executive Council 1453 Student Senate 12, 3, 453 Coordination Committee 13, 453 N.S.A. Senate Sub- committee 135 IQEITH BLANDFORD ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Nu Sachemg .Skull and Crescent3 The Illio 1153 Mayor Chairman Spring Carnival Illini Union Committee 1353 Illini Union Council 1353 Illini Union Committee 11, 253 A.I.Ch.E. JOYCE LOUISE SMITH BLANKE. .Kankakee Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in History Chi Omega Shi-Ai3 The Illio 11, 253 Star Course Manager 1253 Freshman Council 115 Honors Day 125 PAUL FREDERICK BLANIIE ..... Kankakee Commerce Prelaw Alpha Tau Omega Skull and Crescentg Campus Chest 1253 Second Regimental Band 11, 25 JOHN TIIOIIAS BLANKINSIIIP, JR, Mun-physboro Commerce Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon Campus Chest 1153 Finance Club3 Society for the Advancement of Management WILLIAM VVALTER BLASE ......... Hamel Engineering Mechanical Engineering Theta Xi Pi Tau Sigmag University Lutheran Chapel 13, 453 Gamma Delta, President 145 Southern Illinois University oHN E BLKSSICK ..Chicago J Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Evans Scholars A.I.A. PHyLL1S CLAIRE BLECK .......... Aurora Fine and Applied Arts Music Palamar Sigma Alpha Iotag W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 451 Concert Band 12, 3, 453 First Regimental Band 11, 353 University Orchestra 12, 3, 453 University Chorus 115 Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key JAMES VINCENT BLOOMQUIST Downers Grove Engineering Electrical and Mechanical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 A.S.M.E.3 Illi-Knights VIRGINIA LUCILE BLUM ....... Collinsville Liberal Arts and Sciences English Delta Delta Delta The Daily Illini 1153 Orchesis 1253 Mc- Kinley Foundation Student Council 13, 45 Honors Day 115 JAMES PETER. BOBIS ............ Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALAN FRANCIS BOBKA ..... ...Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Noble House M.I.A. Executive Council 1353 A.S.C.E. Wright Junior Collegeg Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois EDWARD ALLEN BOBRICK. . . . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Marketing Club JULIAN Ross BocKsERIIAN ..... Galesburg Commerce Accountancy Zeta Beta Tau Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 453 First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 453 En- sign, NROTCQ Accountancy Club DAVID EUGENE BODELL .... .... B elleville Commerce Accountancy Kappa Sigma The Daily Illini 125, Illini Union Coln- mittee 1255 Accountancy Club Belleville Township Junior College ROBERT WILLIARL BODIE. . . . . .Oak Park Commercc Accountancy Phi Kappa Phig Beta Alpha Psi5 Account- ancy Club Honors Day 115 Wilson Junior Collegeg Colorado State College of Education 'FIIADDEUS JOSEPII BODUCII ...,. Lombard Commerce Business Education Newman Hall Business Education Club5 Future Business Leaders of America Wilson Junior College ROBERT MARTIN BOJARZIN .... Springfield Commerce Industrial Administration Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Springfield Junior College PERRY RICHARD BOLHOUS. .Prophctstoiun Engineering Agricultural Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Engineering Council 1355 Captain, Army ROTC5 A.S.A.E. SULLY WILLIALI BONANSINGA ..... Quincy Engineering Industrial Engineering Phi Delta Theta Skull and CreScent5 Illini Union Com- mittee 11, 255 Ensign, NROTC5 S.I.E.S. WILLIAM LEWIS BOND .... . . .Wilmette Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Kappa Psi5 Varsity Wrestling Squad 1255 Accountancy Clubg Young Republi- cans Club JOHN CLARK BONDS ...... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Delta Sigma Pi Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club THOMAS LEE BONWELL ....... Ohampaign Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia5 Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 453 First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 455 Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3l? Oratorio Society 135 ORAL THOMAS BOOKER ..... . . .Bugalo Agriculture Extension Noble House I.U.S.A. Barbershoppers 125 5 Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC5 Agriculture ExtenSi0Il Club STEPHEN BOOKSTDIN Br007l1l?1 L1be1 al A1ts and Sclcnces Political Science Phi Alpha Delta Ph1 Alpha 'lheta Flesh man Varsity Baseball Squad ROBERT LAVERN Boornnoro. .Rock Islfmfl Engineering Electrical Engineering Colonial Arms A.I.E.E.-I.R.E, RAYMOND FIORE BORELLI ........ Ol4.if-age Engineering Industrial Engineering Delta Chi Tllini Union Committee 11, 255 Engineer. mg Council 145: Captain, Army RO'.l'C5 Armed Forces Amateur Radio Club 11, 25 5 Scabbard and Blade 13, 455 A,S,M,1z5, CAROLYN JANE BOSTIC .......... Mattmni Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spanish Rosewood Zeta Phi Eta5 House President 1355 Uni- versity Choir 115 J 0 ANN BOTHXVELL. Jndianapolis, Indiana Agriculture Home Economics Delta Zeta JAMES HAXRLAN BOTTRELL ....... Winflsm- Physical Education Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon, President 1455 Phi Epsilon Kappa5 Physical Education lvlae jors Club Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key JAMES HENRY BOWER ........... Quincy Physical Education Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa Tulsa University QUINTEN OTTO BOWLES ...... 0hLl'l7l.p1l.tf1ll Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Spring Musical 1455 Football Marching Band 1555 First Regimental Band 1573 University Chorus 115 CHARLES TRENNACE BOWMAN, JR. Champaign Division of Special Services Management JOHN THOMAS BOYD .......... . .Chicago Commerce Sales and Advertising Kappa Sigma Star Course Manager ill? p Cam us Chest eg X in 6, , X f ,aa .,t xt.. 5, It N V Aw 115 5 Interfraternity Council 12, 35 Z Junior ii Interfraternity Council ill 9 Intefffafefw' Ball Committee C353 Marketing Club LED ALAN BOYE Highland Pall Liberal Arts and Sciences Political SCMYLCG Delta Sigma P111 Star and Scroll Phi Eta Sigma The Dalli Illini 127 Honors Day 117 il f i 2 ' 'V -" M. TIIOAIAS JOSEPH BRADY, JR. .--- Evfln-9f0n Liberal Arts and ScienCeS English Armory House Canterbury Foundation Student Council 13, 455 LAS Council 1455 Young Repllb' licans Club Cornell College JANET SUE BRAKENSIEK .... ...Quincy Journalism Editorial Alpha Delta Pi Shi-Aig The Daily Illini 11, 2, 3, 43, Campus Editor 145 ALEX BRANK ............ . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD XV.-ALTER, BRANZ ........ Streator Division of Special Services Accountancy Phi Eta Signing Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 25 ROBERT EDYVARD BRA'r'rHAUAR St. Charles Veterinary Medicine T'ete1-inary Medicine Student Veterinary Medical Ass'ng Omega, Tau Sigma JOAN BIARILYN BRAUGHT ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Evans Hall University Theatre Crew 13, 45g I.U.S.A. Barberettes 135 3 Future Teachers of Amer- ica IVright Junior College NVESLEY JOSEPH BRAZAS. . . .... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois H.XROLD EDWARD BREECE ....... Knoxville Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Delta Sigma Phi Second Regimental Band 13, 45g Agri- cultural Education Club XVestern Illinois State University DONALD CARL BREITENREITER .... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Parade Ground Units Freshman 'Varsity Football Squad PIENRY HIGGINSON BRENNAN. . .Evanston Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Delta Tau Delta Scarabg Star Course Manager 115 University of California P,11'LA BRESEE ............. Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences History Pi Beta Phi K Ph' - K 1?h'g Phi Beta appag . 1 flight iifillii., Tim mio cm: Iuim Umon Board 1353 Major Chairman Music- Hours Illini Union Committee ,l3l? UHIVGTSIW Choir 1253 Oratorio Society 12, 35 . . Honors Day 1253 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Pomona College RUSSELL CLAY BREWER ......... Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering The Mansion I.A.S. Illinois Institute of Technology, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANCIS E. BRIEL, JR. ........... Ottawa Commerce Industrial Aclministration Phi Delta Theta Accountancy Club: A.S.M.E.g Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Illini SportSman's Club: Rho Epsilon: Society for the Ad- vancement ot' Managementg Young Demo- crats Club ' G Purdue University JOHN WILLIALI BRIGGS ......... Neponset Agriculture Animal Science IVikia, Major, Air Force ROTCg Arnold Air So- ciety 13, 45g Pershing Rifles 12, 3, 45 BRUCE EDWIN BRILEY ....... . . .Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Elagg House Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Gymnastic Team 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JUNE ARMSTRONG BRILL ......... Chicago Agriculture Home Economics Education Home Economics Clubg Future Teachers Of America. Honors Day 11, 35 RALPH LEXVIS BRILL ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Men's Residence Hall Addition 3 Phi Alpha Theta Honors Day 125 DORIS JEANNE BRISSENDEN ...... Pontiac Liberal Arts and Sciences History Kappa Delta The Illio 1155 Star Course Manager 11, 253 Y.M.C.A. Committee 145 BIAYNARD MICHAEL BRITTAN ..... Chicago Journalism Advertising Zeta Beta Tau Tlfe Dalli' Illini 13, 453 Illini Union Com- mittee 13, 45 University of Arizona Rox' LEWIS BRIZZ .............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Phi Kappa House President 145 3 Newman Foundation Stuqent Council? Illini Sportsman'S Club 55 1'iZl1t Junior College LUELLA BROADDUS .............. Tama Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Lambda Deltag University Theatre C1-ew 4233 Concert Band 41, 2, 3, 433 University Chorus 41, 23 Honors Day 41, 2, 333 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key XVILLIAM RICIIIXRD BROUIILE ...... Aurora Commerce Marketing Phi Kappa Marketing Club Saint Mary-'s College ALTON ROE BROWN ......... Brownstown Division of Special Services Geology GERALD EARL BROXVN ..... .... M aywood Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Psi, Football Marching Band 42, 3, 435 First Regimental Band 41, 2, 3, 435 Second Regimental Band 413 Honors Day 41, 23 JACK BROWN, JR. .... San Antonio, Texas Law Law Phi Alpha Deltag Student Senate 4333 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Illini Insurance Society: Junior Bar Association: Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Millilcin University KENNETH LEE BROWN ........ ...Viola Journalism Radio and Television Sigma Delta Pig XVILL 43, 433 WPGU 4335 Rifle and Pistol Club RICHARD GEORGE BROWN. . . . . .Enfielcl Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Clubg Field and Furrow Honors Day 423 SHIRLEY JOAN BROWN ....... . . .Lansing Liberal Arts and Sciences History Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall , Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Lambda Deltag P111 Alpha Theta l Navy Pier Activities: Aetivitles Honor- ary 4235 University Dance Committee 41, Honors Day 41, 2, 339 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key I , Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois YVILL KENNETII BROXVN, JR. ..... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering All-Ways-Home A.F.S.g A.S.M.E.g S.A.E.g St. Pat's Ball Committee HAROLD BROWNSTEIN .......... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Tribe of Illini 42, 3, 43: Wrestling Var- sity Squad 42, 3, 433 Wrestling Letter 42, 3, 435 Freshman Varsity 'Wrestling Squadg Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Physical Education Majors Club JosEP1I CHARLES BROZ ...,. ., Chicago Engineering A-SIQB Civil Engineering Navv Pier Evtensioi - - , 1 Of 11 ' A. , of Illinois 10 Lllllfllilij FRANK BIAURICE BRUIINS. . ,Schillc Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E.g Gamma Dclm 1' Park PHILIP CARL BRUAIRIUGII West Milton, Ohio Engineering Civil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Varsity F00tb2111 Sfllllld 4235 Freshman Football Varsity Squadg A,S,C,E, THOM.-is DUANE BRUMLEVE ...... Mattoon Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Eastern Illinois State College J UNE KAY BRUMMEL ....... .... 0 hicago Commerce Accountancy Pi Kappa Sigma Campus Chest 413g House President 443 Honors Day 413 DOROTHY ANN BRUNKOW ..... Glen Ellyn Agriculture Home Economics Gamma Phi Beta Shorter Board: Phi Upsilon Omicrong Illini Union Board 443g Major Chairman Coffee Hour Illini Union Committee 4339 Illini Union Council 433 3 Union Committee 41, 233 Star Course Manager 41, 233 Y.W.C.A. Committee 4133 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 443 3 Mar- keting Club ROBERT EARL BRUNSON .... Lawrenceville Commerce Accountancy Delta Upsilon Sachemg Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Baseball Manager 41, 2, 333 Men's Glee Club 41, 235 Accountancy Club Honors Day 41, 33 THEODORE EUGENE BRUZAS. . .Mullceytown Agriculture Agriculture Education King's Kastle Agricultural Education Clubg Hoof and Horn Club PEGGY HoovER BRYAN ........ Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Voice Alpha Omicron Pi . Sigma. Alpha Iotag Illini Union Committee 41, 23g University choir 41, 2, 33: Oratoflo 4253 Spring Musical Cast 433 ' University of Arizona! Phillips Umver' sity? Baylor University ANNE REGINA BUCIIUNAS ........ Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence H2111 Future Teachers of Ameriw Honors Day 427 George Washiiigton University s 'ff , 9? ,H 1, X.. . Z ' f if 0 ' '-'Qs -- "::"a 3 ef . .- W .. -ea. fig, A F' Qs . L' ..-nv? Qzgzrr Q. 2 2 is--, nv . 3- ,g :ge -. ,Ay ..-Q, i wj gg, Q ? l un-- fee 4' ' I B v ,. . , I -455 s 441 Q lv ,f v 5 Sk Q a or .5-7 X N:.:h jr , . .' .:,,., W an ID Q ,Q H U -1- .4 1 S itil i , ., .ul .. S W ,xy , -' J il : . 442 EDAINE CLAUDIA BUCIAK .... .. .Worth Education Elementary Education . Theta Upsilon The lllio C355 University Theatre Crew C255 W.A.A. C1, 2, 3, 455 Terrapin C253 Future Teachers of America S.xNDR.x JANE BUCIILEY. . ..... Waukegan Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Alpha Lambda Delta5 Iota Sigma Pi5 A.C.S., President C355 Young Republicans Club Honors Day Cl, 35 ROBEIET WORTH BUDDEMEIER ..... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Tomahawk5 Phi Eta Sigma5 Phi Lambda UpsiIon5 University Theatre Cast Cl, 2, 3, 455 University Theatre Crew Cl, 2, 355 A.C.S. Honors Day Cl, 35 CARD ALBERT BUDELSKY ....... Elmhurst Agriculture Animal Science Phi Kappa Tau Wa-Na-See5 Illini Union Committee Cl, 255 Baseball Manager C355 Hoof and Horn Club DoNAI.D GERARDE BUECHE ....... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club5 Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Wilson Junior College JOHN RICHARD BUGG ............ Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences French Four Columns Annex French Club5 German Club5 Marketing Club5 Sociology Club ROBERT ANTHONY BUGLER ....... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall A,S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois limcox' GEORGE Burut ...... East St. Louis Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S.5 A.S.M.E. University of Missouri l'21cvlN CADES BUNDY ....... . . . Urbana Agriculture Floricultu-re Floriculture Club Oux MARIE BUNDY .......... Champaign Physical Education Physical Education W.A.A. C1, 2, 3, 455 Physical Education llujors Club VICKI JANE BUNTING. Jaclcson, Michigan Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Phi DePauw University RONALD GEORGE BURGESS ...... Brookfield Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.5 Illi-Knights Lyons Township Junior College JAMES E. BURK, JR. ..... . . .EFEHQILQTYL Commerce Accountancy Chi Gamma Iotag Beta Alpha Psig Account- ancy Club Honors Day C25 Taylor University5 Eastern Illinois Uni- versity LINDA LEE BURKIIART ....... . . .Aurora Education Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi Northern Illinois State University5 Al- verno College JOEL LEON BURMAN ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Premedicine Men's Residence Hall Addition 4 Omega Beta Pi C25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BERNARD BULLARD BURNETT. .Springfield Engineering Mechanical Engineering Wesmen Football Marching Band C1, 255 First Regimental Band C1, 25 5 Major, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Societyg A.S.M.E. Honors Day C15 RICHARD H. BURNS ............. Dwight Division of Special Services Accountancy Accountancy Club5 A.I.A.5 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 BARBARA MARIE BURR ........... Ottawa Education Education of the Deaf Kappa Kappa. Gamma University Theatre Crew C155 Y.NV.C.A. Committee C1, 25 CHARLES ENOS BURRUS ..... Williamsville Agriculture General Agriculture Farmhouse A119118 Zeta 1. University Theatre Crew C15 5 Eecond Regimental 'Band C15 5 Agricultural conomics Club5 Field and Furrowg Flying Club! Plowboy Pr0In'Committee C155 Hoof and Horn Club5 Illini Sportsman's Club ESTIIER ANN BUSH ........... Brookport Education Elementary Education ,, , 25, ,. , at 'l We , qi A Y' A uf .I 7 04.4 V Z' Ei I i ix ' 5 gig . . q .C s., 'Y ' ,a li C .5 gut! i1i""' . MSE IKE UW WW R pn. Zew 5,313 .M-ft' H0125 uhixllncil Unjolloo . l1r2'3'4i!iv i'viliAG'e'kc hillenic Bag- o wi ,2l'imi Q 1 gang Demon pullrll' ALLAN ll Hal simpson C Alwuvmcy mom Mt Ph Ph Kant' Sign' Wu-M5997 -ty Bgskeib ig, 45: vlnl war C2. 31.4 Squldi Physlc Lms ALIONSO Elec A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. ciation, Presid University c Nloul RUTH Fine Ad Delta Phi Gamma Alpha Winn Drmm Ge Agricultural li Wilson Jun AWN Rica, Liber Mews Resil Joliet Jllllln Sluy Mmm Libe- lllin' 5 I Christia Nofthwgste ALBERT HE l . M Entlneeringe: President M Ao- ,ef J V an Q, fy , 'W FRANCISCO ANTONIO BUSTAMANTE Caracas, Venezuela Engineering Electrical Engineering Triangle A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. TERRY RUTH BUTLER .......... Saybrook Physical Education Recreation Delta Zeta Chi-Ai: Major Chairman Campus Rela- tions lllini Union Committee 1451 Illini Union Council 145 3 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 3, 45 3 University Theatre Crew 115 - Y.W.c.A. Committee 1353 W.A.A. 11, 21 3, 455 Greek Week Committee 135: Pan. llellenic Ball Committee 115: U. of I. Stu. dent Chapter of the American Recreational Society: Physical Education Majors Clubg Young Democrats Club PHILIP ALLAN CAETI. .... . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Simpson Hall Accountancy Clubg A.I.A. THEODORE IWARTIN CAIAzzA Western Springs Physical Education Physical Education Kappa Sigma Wa-Na-Seeg Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 453 Var- sity Basketball Squad 12, 3, 453 Letter 13, 45: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Varsity Track Squad 12, 3, 45: Letter 12, 3, 455 Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Physical Education Majors Club LUIS ALroNso CALDERON Bogota, Colombia Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Colombian Student's Asso- ciation, President 145 University of the Andes NAOMI RUTH CALISOFF ......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Alpha Chit Society of Illustrators VVARD DENNIS CALONDER ........ Chicago Agriculture General Agriculture Agricultural Economics Club Wilson Junior College ARLEN RICHARD CAMPBELL ...... Lemont Liberal Arts and Sciences Premedicine Men's Residence Hall, Addition 3 Joliet Junior College SALLY MEYER CAMPBELL ..... Park Ridge Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 45 Northwestern University ALBERT HENRY CANNON ..... ...Ui-If Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Council 145 3 A.S.M.E-2 S-A-E-i President 145 11710, RWMOND GE A ORGE , CXPEK. .... ,,,1g,.,.,,,,,,L Engineering ShawneeCcramzc Engineering Slgma Taug Keramos, A,C,S , - , Honors Day 11, 35 1' RICHARD CHARLES CAP-EK. h Cicero Engineering S' Civil Engineering lima Taug Chl Epsilonq Second Lieuten- 311 , NROTCg Pershing Rifles 413 . A S C E Honors Day 11, 33 ' "" RONALD GUIDO CAPRINI .... .... O icero Commerce Marketing Marketing Clllbq Society for the Advance. ment of Management Morton Junior College WALTER LOUIS CARL ..... East St. Louis Commerce Marketing Phi Sigma Kappa , , Marketing Club: Society for the Advance- ment of Management I N ' ' McKendree Celleees Belleville Junior Col- . legeg Southern Illinois University M X auf' 4, Q CARL WILLIAM CARLSON, JR. .... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarabg Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Wright Junior Collegeg Technological Institute of Monterrey EMRIK HERLIAN CARLSON ....... Chicago Commerce Marketing University Chorus 13, 453 Accountancy Clubg Illini Sportsman's Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management North Park Collegeg Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois IVIELBA HARRIET CARLSON Brentwood, lllissouri Education - Mathematics F V ii'-" - Alpha Gamma Delta ta? A -A - fe University Theatre Crew 13, 45g Campus in A ,, ,- G Chest 135 1 '7 1 Missouri University '1" Xe, Ns' 4 ,, ,, 9 ROBERT EUGENE CARLsoN...Blue Island A, , V Engineering I , Aeronautical Engineering i'2'i'A' Phi Kappa Skull and Crescentg I.A.S. ' , RAYMOND MERLE CARMICHAEL. .Hegworth ,Q A riculture , , ,- , g '," X A fs" 1 Agricultural Economics Alpha Gamma Rho Star and Scrollg Alpha'Zetag The Illio 11, 25g Illini Union Committee 11, 251 HQUSO President 1453 S.N.I.B. 13, 45g'Agrlcul- tural Council 13, 453 A11'Ag F1914 Day Committee 11, 2, 353 P10fVb0Y Prom Com: mittee U' 253 Major, Air Eorce ROTC, Arnold Air Society 1359 Agricultural Eco- nomics Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Clubg Illini Sportsman's Clubg Lltlle International Horseshow Committee . Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illl- nois Scholarship Key I-IOXVARD SOL CARNEY ..... . . .Peoria Commerce Finance Zeta Beta Tau U 2, Campus ' ' ' C mmittee Z 33522 'iimtlloswdent Se-me fl- 252 Freshman' Varsity Golf squad fl, 1?-C4111 Commerce Council 1455 Greek Wee 0 , - " B ll Committee 135 . 2 3 Military Ia - - Edi:iJer?diLieutenaut, A11'.F0Tce ROTQ' Ar' H0141 Air Society 135 :.F1ll8,!1.C6.Cil1b1:I Insurance Society? Llme Umted a 44 ID ID .1 U I Ill UI I I .. 1 J 4 , 1 ,gg T 444 JAMES GROXVAO CARR ........... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Delta Chi Star and Scrollg Junior Interfraternity Council C153 Interfraternity Ball Com- mittee C153 Military Ball Committee C352 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau C3, 453 Scabbard and Blade C3, 45: Accountancy Clubg Finance Club KENNETH RONALD CARR .... .... TV oz-th Engineering Electrical Engineering IVesmen IVesley Foundation Student Council C453 Captain, Army ROTC3 Society of Ameri- can Military Engineers, President C453 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 German Club Honors Day C35 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JANE ANN CARRIGAN ............. Catlin Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Fehner House House President C253 XVomen's Glee Club Cl, 33 DOROTHY ANNE CARTER ...... Barrington Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Theta Upsilon Mortar Boardg Gamma Alpha Chig Society of Illustrators: Major Chairman Fine Arts Illini Union Committee C353 Illini Union Council C353 Illini Union Committee C2, 353 University Theatre Crew C153 Fresh- man Council C153 Illigreek Art Editor C353 Newman Foundation Student Council C3, 453 Panhellenic Ball Committee C25 CARL ERNEST CARLSTON ........ Chicago Engineering Engineering Physics Phi Kappa Phi3 Tau Beta Pi, President C453 Pi Mu Epsilong Physics Society: Young Democrats Club Honors Day Cl, 2, 35 IVright Junior College, Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois ALLEN ROBERT CASSENS .... .. .Hamel Commerce Accountancy Beta Theta Pi Phi Eta Sigmag Star Course Manager C1. 253 Swimming Manager Cl, 253 Football Marching Band C2, 3, 453 Second Regi- mental Band C1, 2, 3, 453 Men's Glee Club C2, 3, 453 Accountancy Club3 Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day C15 Josnrn JAMES CASTRONOVO ...... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Council C45 3 A.F.S.3 A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MICHAEL ANGELO CAVALLO .... Mundelein Journalism Advertising Club 311 Alpha Delta Sigma3 Alpha Phi Omegag House President C453 Marketing Club Honors Day C25 WILLIALI BIARVIN CAZIER ....... Decatur Engineering Civil Engineering House President C453 A.S.C.S. Millikin University IRIIA JOAN CEFALO ....... .... C icero Education English Maple Hall Future Teachers of America Morton Junior College NEAL CARLTON CIIAIIBERLAIN. . .Pittshelfl Engineering Agricultural Engineering Koinonia House President C453 University Bfllltist Foundation Student Council C2, 3, 473 A.S.A.E. JOSEPH JOHN CHANDLER ....... Freeport Division of Special Services Management Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 So- ciety for the Advancement of Management Honors Day C15 ELAINE YEN CHANG Taipei, Taiwan, China Agriculture Home Economics VVescoga Phi Upsilon Omicron3 University Chorus C2, 353 Chinese Students Clubg Home Eco- nomics Club Taiwan Normal University3 East Texas Baptist College SAIFOOK CHAN-MAEDER ..... Ipoh, Malaya Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design A.I.A. JOHN JAMES CHAPUT ........... Chicago Commerce Accounting and Management Newman Hall Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg So- ciety for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANCIS VVOODY CHEATHAMI. . . . . .Ava Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi Marketing Club University of Tulsa GRACE ETHEL CHECHYK Washington, D.C. Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Phi Sigma Sigma George Washington University JAMES DANIEL C1-IENGARY ....... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull and Crescent3 Varsity Basketball Squad C2, 3, 453 Freshman Varsity Base- ball Squadg IM Rec Board C453 Physical Education Majors Club HELEN JUNE CHICK .......... Metropolis Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry McKinley Hall Disciples of Christ Foundation Student Council Cl. 253 German Club Honors Day C15 Ross EDWARD CHILDERS ........ Mendota Engineering Mechanical Engineering Garmen Second Regimental Band C253 Lutheran Student Foundation Student Council C253 A.F.S.: A.S.M.E. w 8011's Home minisllo c of Wm We s. .FB-2 A' A Wilwn Jun mm 1-:ow All clark Hou H non DW iiiright Ju Mmm I-PMI Moc ri Tw Si ' students Chl Okilllmm more Cfluege Ronin' Hoo E14 Southern f CHARIJIS DI Flagg Hou Accountancy Honors Day Jorcn Em El Pi Beta I Campus Che il, 2, 353 I Wi: Greek Honors Day RICHAXD P Phi Kimi Alpha Kap, 432 Accoul PWR om A.r,s,, in Navy 11 Varsity F0 ,Navy Pi 0 Illinois - 1 Mlior In . , I A Mllltar U Y I 4351 A.I.1 V Hhtement Nm, P of Illinois I S A 1. U ,N 1 at I ei Yu CHARLES XVILLIAM CIIIMENTO. .Spring ld Agriculture General Agriculture Sons Home Illini Sportsmans Club WAY WAIT CHIN ............... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S.g A.S.M.E. XVilson Junior College THOMAS EDWARD CHIZER. . . .... Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Science Clark House Honors Day 135 Wriglit Junior College ALBERT I-PAO CHO ....... Peiping, China Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.F.S.g A.S.M.E.g Chinese Students Clubg S.A.E. Oklahoma Baptist University: Swarth- more College ROBERT HUGH CHOATE ........... Anna Engineering Electrical Engineering Southern Illinois University CHARLES DELBERT CHRISTENSEN, JR. Chicago Commerce Accountancy Flagg House Accountancy Club Honors Day 125 JOYCE ELAINE CHRISTENSEN. .Waukegan Education Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi Campus Chest 1153 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 353 Fine and Applied Arts Council 1253 Greek Week Committee 135 Honors Day 11, 2, 35 RICHARD PETER CHRISTOPHER Rock Island Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Kappa Psig Commerce Council 13, 453 Accountancy Club 13, 45 PETER CHRISTY ............... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S.g A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Navy Pier Activities: A.S.M.E. C259 Varsity Football 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN F. CIESRO .......... .... L arising Commerce Industrial Administration Major, Army ROTCQ Society of Americim Military Engineers 12, 3, 45, President 135g A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Society for the Ad' vancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ' NI AXWELL , G r.xRD Lisvit ..... ig,-i,,,,fg,, Commerce Accountancy and Mana - t Phi Delta Fheta gemen Honors Day Q15 PAUL CLANCY ........... .... F reepori Commerce Marketing Alpha KHDDH Psig Illini Cam u A Y D S invet: Post Bo' 2027 Marketing Club: Societv ioi the Advancement of lllanagement K IVest Virginia NVesleyan College KAREN LOUISE CLARK ......... Rockford Agriculture Home Economics Evans Hall Home Economics Club Northern Illinois State University CARL KENNEDY CLAYTON ..... Murrayville Agriculture Farm Management University Theatre Castg Agricultural Eco- nomics Clubg Field and Furrow Illinois College JERRY PATTON CLEARY ..... .... E lPaso Commerce Accountancy Alpha Chi Rho Illini Union Committee 125 3 Captain, Army ROTCg Phalanx 13, 45 Honors Day 135 THOMAS EDWARD CLEMENTS. . .Welliiigtori Agriculture General Agriculture Agriculture Education Clubg Field and Furrow Club DOROTIIEA RITA CLoos ......... Hinsdale Education Elementary Education Alpha House W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 455 House President 1455 Future Teachers of America KENNETH EUGENE COOKING ........ Eric Agriculture General Agriculture The Mansion Wa-Na-See: -Illini Union Committee ill! M.I.A. Executive Council 13, 459 Field and Furrow JULES GERROLD COGAN .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Prelaw Phi Sigma Delta Ll I IH' l U - . h ' J zz-U- ice- t 1111 . H' ?g:,JcCo:r?mzi'1:geIgag145 Union Committee 5 H ,President 13,'-4l2.I11U'l rgiirgl 41tllanagJe,rse115g LAS Council 127 Spanish Club I O De Paul University DON BRINEE C01-IEN .... . . . . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Barton HOHSG Accountancy Club 4 ' n of the University Navy Pier Dxtensio of Illinois eww f 'ua ,A ,,,....,,,,r, iv ,, ,- E ,ff . sz? 5 . W 'Kia '41 3 UI ID .I U M Ill ID 44. 44 IQENNETH JEAN COHEN Hollywood, Florida Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug Engineering Council C455 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Illuminating Engineering Society, President C45 Georgia Institute of Technology PHILIP EUGENE COHEN ....... .Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science El Patio Navy Pier Alumni Association5 Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EDXVARD 151.-XRVIN COHON ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Zeta Beta Tau Gai-goyle5 Sigma Tau5 Tau Beta Pi5 Illini Union Committee Cl, 255 Major, Army ROTC5 Phalanx C4, 55 5 Society for Ameri- can Military Engineers C4, 555 A.I.A. Honors Day Cl, 25 ETHELANN COLE ............ Champaign Agriculture Home Economics Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Illini Union Committee C25 Honors Day C15 CHARLES IRA COLEMAN, JR....Sp1-inggeld Commerce Industrial Administration Wesmen Alpha Kappa Psig A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Society for the Advancement of Management GYVENDOLYN EDITH COLLINS ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HAROLD JAINIES COLLINS ....... La Hai-pe Engineering Physics Engineering Triangle Sigma Tang Phi Eta SigIna5 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C255 Y.M.C.A. Committee Cl, 255 Young Republicans Club Honors Day C1, 25 JACK JOSEPH COLWELL ..... .... O ttawa Journalism Editorial Phi Eta Sigma5 Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini C2, 35, Night Editor C35 Honors Day C1, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ROBERT DOUGLAS COLYVELL ....... Peoria Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Pi Scarab EDNVARD JAMES COMISKY .... , . . .Streator Agriculture Agricultural Economics Farmhouse S.N.I.B. C3, 455 All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee C45 5 Plowboy Prom Committee C35 5 Agricultural Economics Club5 Field and Furrow ALAN HOWARD COMM ........... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Tau Delta Phi Illini Union Committee Roosevelt Universityg Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois STEPHEN BIICHAEL CONHAIN Long Beach, New Yorl.: Liberal Arts and Sciences Prelaw Phi Epsilon Pi Omega Beta Pig Illini Union Committee Cl, 255 Junior Interfraternity Council C155 Freshman Council C155 Freshman Week Committee C255 LAS Council C255 French Club5 Young Democrats Club CLAIRE O'CONNELL CONLIN. . .Bensenville Education History Alpha Omicron Pi Shorter Boardg Torchg The Daily Illini C1, 2, 355 Illini Union Committee C155 Panhellenic Executive Council C355 Greek Week Committee C35, Major Chairman C35 PATRICK OWEN CONLON. . . . . .Chicago Journalism Radio and Television Phi Kappa Sigma Delta Chi5 Illini Union Committee C155 University Theatre Cast C3, 455 Uni- versity Theatre Crew C355 WILL C3, 45 Honors Day C35 CAROLIN CONNELL ............ Hinsdale Liberal Arts and Sciences History Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Lambda Delta: The Illio C153 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Y.W.C.A. Committeeg Second .Regimental Band C15 McKinley Foundation Student Council C255 LAS Council Cl, 25 Honors Day Cl, 25 University of Paris5 Sweet Briar College RALPH YVILLIAM CONRAD ......... Skokie Division of Special Services Accountancy Chi Gamma Iota5 Phi Eta Sigmag Ac- countancy Club Honors Day C2, 35 ROBERT ROY CooNs ............. Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Wesmen Alpha Phi Omegag House President C455 Illini Traditions CoInmittee5 A.F.S.5 A.S. M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARY ALICE COOPER ........... Riverton Agriculture Home Economics Education Presby Hall Home Economics Club5 Future Teachers of America ROBERT ALLEN COOPER ........... Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Flagg House STANLEY AUSTIN COOPER. .Cherry Valley Commerce A Industrial Administration lpha Phi Omega5 The Illio C15- C dt galltiain, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold aAii- Societl' C3, 432 Illini Sportsmanis Clubg mfglgzity for the Advancement of Manage- ii-H2131 Bef' F gn mil! J . ov. ,iiWv,,:iity if ie' Ulla, A1156 ii: ,,. pill 1 GAL Rom Libe Shsinee 1' Vu-Sill Tr: liolilly Tr WILLIAM GE mph' KW .Ng-3092. igpvi Pm' Phi Ev: 355' r iliinigi-M-C:' senate WL president i. ROTC: gl? 51:22 Dfiy iiois Scholll' git-:nur LF Chi Gamma Eastern Il CHARLIE RI' Ei Sigma Pi Phi Eta Sig Varsity G01 4455 Letter sity Golf ROTC: Ar AI.E.E.-I.R Texas Agi Janis GUN E Knight Cl iLI.E.E.-I.R Honors Day Tiinononn l U 1 3181112 Delti Honors D35 Canon ANN 1'-1Dha 0, student Se Couuniiies Miami U LINDA CAR I Alllha D alpha Lu, .TSS Illini H08 Colm' Hors Da HWSHEL 5 A , Tao gflculturl Eastern Slate Non if ' if-me 1 SIDYEY ALLAN COPILOW ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Zeta Beta Tau The Daily Illini 121' Campus Chest 111' Junior Inte1'f1'atern1ty Council 111' Cem- mittee on.Student Discipline 131- Fresh. man Varsity Track Squad' Freshman Var. siti Weigllt Lifting Squad' Mens Glee Club 121' Illini W'riters 121' Infantry Club 121' Flying Club 121 Los Angeles College' University of Ari- zona ROEERQ GALEN COPLXN ........ Keicance Liberal Arts and Sciences I conomics Shawnee House Y8,1'Sll25 T1'8.ClC Squad 12 31' F1'eSh11'mn Varsity 'lracl' Squad XVILLIAM GENE CORLEY ....... Shelbyville Engineering Civil Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Wa-Na-See' Sachem' Star and Scroll' Phi Kappa Phi' Sigma Tau' Tau Beta Pi' Phi Eta Sigma' Chi Epsilon' Star Course Nlanager 111 ' Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 131' Y.M.C.A. Committee 12 31' Student Senate 131' Mens Glee Club 11 2 31 President 141' Lieutenant Colonel Army ROTC' Society of American Military En- gineers 13 41' A.S.C.E. Honors Day 11 2 31' University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key STANLEY LEE CORNELISON ....... Paxton Commerce Accountancy Chi Gamma Iota' Accountancy Club Eastern Illinois State College CHARLES RICHARD CORRELL Robinson Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Pi Phi Eta Sigma' Tribe of Illini 12 3 41' Varsity Golf Squad 12 3 41' Captain 141' Letter 11 2 3 41' Freshman Var- sity Golf Squad' Captain Air Force ROTC' Arnold Air Society 13 41' A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 'lexas Agriculture and Mining JAMES GUION COTTEN .......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Knight Club A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.' A.S.C.E. Honors Day 11 21 WILLIAXNI Rn' CRAIG' ' - - - - C'hris'man Agriculture 1 Animal Science Agricultural Economics Club Illinois State Normal University DAVID KELLEX CRANE ...... .... A no-ora Commerce ilIarl'cting Phi Delta Theta Petty Officer NROTC' Navy Council 111' Marketing Club FREDERICK EUGENE CRANG ....... Clinton Engineering Agricultural Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma, Freshman Council' All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee 111 ' Freshman Week Committee 11 cultural Economics Club' Agriculture Club' A.S.A.E. ' Dairy Production Club' Horti- culture Club THOMAS COLLISON CRXYS ....... Rossville Commerce Finance Sigma Alpha Epsilon Campus Chest 111' Finance Cub JAMES VALENTINE CREEN ..... .Chicago Conmierce Marketing Marketing Clubg Society for the Advance- ment of Management Spring Hill College' Purdue University HARRY SKILLMAN CRITCHELOE .... Athens Agriculture Agronomy Lincoln College MQ ui A.,:, Af' I A I Y-A Y I E s l 'E . , I I iq 4 Q Q Q , ' i 415 1 ' l f . ' , 'YSL' ' x V ' Y X I sl i ' ' ' , , 7 gb, i ' ' 1 i ' ' I v 9 in iw E Y 1 Y ' : Q 1 I .gg F , , ' , 5-'A I . X ' L . ff H , 1 I 1 ' 1 1 g 1 , , , asa ! W 4. 1 , x I J . 1 . Y 1- J M' J 1, ' 21, Plowboy Prom Committee 111g Agri- " , 7 1 W 3 , I I , ' V I 7 l v 7 i ' 1 , 7 I A l 1 v 1 ' , yn 1 I ' if I . A 3 i A A 1 ' I r 4 5 if , L Q-1 ' i r . I 5 1 Y , . . , ! Y D 1 3 I ,L ! l 1 1 i 9 N 1 'K l i I l . ' I 4 , Si 1 i i 35, r ' ii 41 QQ' 1 I xi u 1 I Ah: ,Q ii i -.1 . I ' i ,4.' ,,- ' 7 iw, 4 l I 4 1 I E E i THEODORE RONALD CoUcH ....... Chicago Journalism Radio and Television Sigma Delta Chig W.P.G.U. 121 Honors Day 121 CAROL ANN Cox ............. Des Plaines Journalism Advertising Alpha Omicron Pi Student Senate 13, 41g Panhellenic B9-11 Committee 131 Miami University LINDA CAROL COKE ............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Painting Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Deltag Society of Illustra- torsg Illini Union Committee 131: UUWFT' sity Theatre Crew 1115 Fine and ADD11041 Arts Council 131 3 Young Republicans Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 HURSHEL EUGENE CRAIG ....... Chrisman Agriculture Teacher Training in Aflficulwfe Agricultural Education Club u l Eastern Illinois State College? Iumols State Normal Universitb' DONALD EDWARD CROOK. . . . . . . .Waterloo Commerce Management Alpha Kappa Psig Sigma Iota Epsilon? Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Honors Day 11, 2, 31 JOHN S. CROSSETTE, JR. Auburndale, Massachusetts Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Sigma Tau Gamma Psi Chig Young Republicans Club Boston College DONALD EUGENE CROTTEAU Evergreen Park Fine and APPH941 Arts Architectural Design A.I.A. . Navy Pier Activities: A.I.A. 115, Pres" dent 121 g Varsity Tennis Squad 1213 VM' sity Swimming Squad 429 , . Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ABETH CRUMMY...Chicl190 Journalism Editorial ri Kappa Sigma . . The Daily Illini 131: The 11110 41' 23' Iorus 111: Newman Fonda' PATRICIA ELIZ University C1 tion Student Council 12, 3, 45 ... i f - J, H, U... N Q ' 1 I X, fax A ur -" X: . t,.,a'X, V43 " YW ii ,:-' A fi Q. 447 IQENNETH ARTIIUR CULLEN .... Glen Ellyn Education History Phi Kappa Sigma Wa-Na-Seeg Sachem, President 4355 The Illio 41, 255 Illini Union Committee ill? Board of Fraternity Affairs 42, 3, 493 Interfraternity Executive Council 42, '33 455 Illini Traditions Committee 4355 Illini SpOrtsman's Club HUGH EDXVARD CUMIIIINS..,EZiZClZ28l77.t01L'7'l Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Southern Illinois University5 Trinity University JOY ANN CUNNINGHAM ...... Des Plaines Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Chi Omega Baker University XVILLIAM EDWARD CUNNINGHAM Edwardsville Engineering Mechanical Engineering Cagle Hall Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Engineer- ing Council 43, 455 S.A.E. GEORGE XVAYNE CURTIS ...... Champaign Agriculture Agronomy Field and Furrow JOYCE :MARY CURTIS ............ Bement Commerce Commercial Teaching W.A.A. 41, 2, 355 University Chorus 4155 Business Education Club ELEANOR JOI-IANN CYPRESS ...... Harvey Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Young Republicans Club Thornton Junior College DOROTHY ANN DALE .......... Elmhurst Commerce Secretarial Training Chi Omega Terrapin 425 Miami University DAVID DEE DALENBERG .... South Holland Commerce Industrial Administration Phi Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescentg Commerce Council 4, -153 Society for the Advancement of Man- agement Purdue University, IVestern Michigan University ARLEN KENNETH DALHAUS. .Edwardsville Engineering Industrial Engineering A.F.S. Indiana University :MARVIN ARTHUR DAMRON ...... Hamilton Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Junior In- terfraternity Council f3l? Ag1'iCullu1'al Education Club5 Hoof and Horn Club Western Illinois University PATRICIA ANN DAMRON .... . . .Hamilton Agriculture Home Economics Education Home Economics Club Western Illinois University :MARILYNN ANN DANGWILLO ..... Chicago Commerce Business Education Sigma Kappa Business Education Club CAROL INA DANIELS ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Busey Hall Herzl Junior College5 Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois ROBERT WILLIALI DANNER ...... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Men's Residence Hall Addition 3 Freshman Varsity Gymnastids Squadg Navy Pier Alumni Association5 Physical Education Majors Clubg Teachers-in-Train- ing Club5 Future Teachers of America. Navy Pier Activities: Gymnastic Team 41, 255 Letterma.n's Club 41, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois MARY ALICE DARST. ..... , . . .Eureka Journalism Advertising Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Gamma Alpha Chi Illinois State Normal University ROGER CURTIS DART .......... Waukegan Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Parade Ground Units Long Beach City College JOHN JOSEPH D'ASARO ........ Oak Park Commerce Accountancy After Hours Phi Eta, Sigmag Beta Alpha Psi5 M.I.A. Executive Council 43, 455 House Presi- dent 13, 4-li Commerce Council 43, 455 Accountancy Club Honors Day 41, 2, api University of Ini- nois Scholarship Key STEVE DAsovIcII, JR. ........... Nokomis Division of Special Services Accountancy Chi Gamma IOta5 Accountancy Clubg Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 41, 35 ARNOLD JOSEPII :DAUKSAVAG Physical Education Physical Education Varsity Basketball Squad 4355 Varsity Baseball Squad 425 E ...... Elgin aim' Live' Hrs Tskfregid lille' coli' Prisiddnl fy Hollofs D. eww' OL S0n'S Hom' Illinvls sw JoHN mm wr-si-Sei 1 Gymnast. 'i yan: FWS CAV! PHILIP Libe' Ch College Ha Football Ma' First Begun' II.Ch.E. K3 Mmru FRA Liber Kgppa KH Shorter B08 Delta P1111 Theatre Man ire Crew K2 dent l4l Honors Day Radclife C Bm DAVI1 San Mar House Presi Bradley I J Unmi Dm Ei Pi Beta I Illini Union ill Christ F4 2' 3: 4li Fi Honors Day CAROL Mrri l Alpha Om Alpha' Cllroi Lambda Del Theta! The Illlittee 413. lgli Y.w.: eglmental Simi 01 sr Q diss Ed qnors D H015 Scholl? M-worm 1 E Kappa A. Fulllrg Beloit 43 Teal o RACHEL L1 F Ugcklhley Worst Sominllieg lillslty Cho i 01- t . 511013 Qlaafl. arf' ' ' 4 IRWIN THEODORE D.XY1D ......... Cllii-ago Liberal Arts and Sciences Clienzislry Clark House House President 1353 Hillel Foundation Student Council 1452 A-C.S.3 Praetorians, President 145 Honors Day 135 CLARENCE OLIVER DAVIS. .. .... Elkhart Agriculture Science Son's Home Illinois State Normal University JOHN DAVID DAVIS ....... .. .Slcolcic Commerce Finance Alpha Epsilon Pi WH'N8-S061 Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 453 Yar- sity Gymnastics Squad 12, 3, 453 Letter 12, 353 Freshman Gymnastics Squad 115 PHILIP CAVIN DAVIS ............. Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering College Hall Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 453 First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 451 A.I.Ch.E. 13, 45 MARTHA FRANCES DAVISON ...... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences French Kappa Kappa Gamma Shorter Boardg Mask and Bauble3 Pi Delta Phig Sigma Delta Pig University Theatre Manager 12, 353 University Thea- tre Crew 1253 Orchesis 12, 3, 45, Presi- dent 145 Honors Day 135 Radcliffe College BART DAVIT ............... Collinsville Journalism Advertising San Mar House President 135 Bradley University JUDITII DAWSON ........... Champaign Education Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 353 Disciples of Christ Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 453 Freshman Vtfeek Committee 115 Honors Day 135 CAROL MERCER DAY ...... .... 0 rion Education Business Education Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Chrong Beta Gamma Sigma3 A191121- Lambda Delta: Mask and Bauble3 Phi Chl Theta3 The Illio 1153 Illini Union Com- mittee 1153 University Theatre Manager 1353 Y.'vV.C.A. Committee 115 1, Second Regimental Band 11, 253 University Chou' 11, 253 Oratorio Society 11, 2, 3, 473 Business Education Clubg Commerce Coun- vii 125 , Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key 135 MARJORIE RUTH DAY ....,. .... C hicaU0 Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Future Teachers of America Beloit College RACIIEL LUCIA DAY ............ Bement Fine and Applied Arts Music Education McKinley Hall University Theatre Crew 1453 Y,W.C.A. Committee 11, 253 WV.A.A. 11, 2, 453 Um: versity Choir 11, 3, 452 Mfldflgfll Chorub 1353 Oratorio Society 11, 25 3 Opera Work' Shop 12. 3, 45 ALAN JAMES DEAN ...... ..TT,-,.., ,-.MXHUO Liberal Arts and Sciences I Q Q English Lieutenant Junior Gluldc YROTC Pl ' - - . .2 ia- lanx 13, 459 Dolphins 11, Q, gg 43. VVPUU Radio 13, 45 ' ' GEORGE ROBERT DEARBORN..,Er1.vt Jloliizc Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.I.Ch.E.3 A.S.llI.E. M Saint Ambros C 1 lege e 0lege3 Augustana Col- l IRGU3 ALFRED DEARDUFF, JR.. .Laennezfz Education Industrial Education Eureka College EMMETT GEORGE DEAVIES, III Washington., D.C. Engineering Electrical Engineering RICHARD LYDDAN DEGENER ..... Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Chi Phi Tau Beta Pi3 Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilong Interfraternity Council 1253 House President 1453 Engineering Council 135.3 Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC3 Military Council 1453 Phalanx 13, 453 A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key LEHEL DE KRIVATSKY ..... ...Peoria Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.l5f.E.Q S.A.E. NORBERT VVILLIAM DELACEY ..... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., President 145 Northwestern Universityg Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois RONALD JOSEPH DELISMON ...... Lansing Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Twin Estates , House President 1453 Tribe Of Illini 13 I Varsity Fencing Squad '135, Letter 1355 Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: New: man Foundation Student Council 1251 I.A.S.3 1111-Knights , . Indiana University: Pllfdue Unlvefslty ROBERT ERNEST DELL .......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. CHARLES ROBERT DELOTT ....... Chicago Engineering Ceramic Engineeiing A.C.S. Wilson Junior College 25? f 3 SK si. t ,git It ", S ' " . 1 M il 3 4 .gw 4 . in V if 293- 5' Ann 5 3: 3 , fr, S, A N " l 449 DAVID LEROY DEMARTELAERE Rock Island Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delta Phi Illini Union Committee 11, 455 A.S.M.E-3 S,A.E. MYRoN ALBERT DEBIPSEX' ...... Galesburg Agriculture General Agriculture Wikia Dairy Production Club5 Field and Furrowi Hoof and Horn Club5 Young RepubliCM1S Club VVILLI.-XM LEWIS DENHART .... St. Joseph Engineering Mechanical Engineering Acacia Tomahawkg University Theatre Manager 1455 University Theatre Crew 12, 352 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1155 S.A.E. D.XVID LOUIS DENOVELLIS Chicago Heights Commerce Accountancy University of Arizona GENE PAUL DEPESA .......... Brookfield Commerce Management Campus View Lodge M.I.A. Executive Council 1455 IM Rec Board 1455 Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES THOMAS DERWENT ..... Durand Agriculture General Agriculture Wesmen Agricultural Education Club MICHAEL CHARLES DESCHNER Prospect Heights Commerce Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.F.S.5 Finance Club5 Society for the Ad- vancement of Management University of VVyoming EDMUND DOUGLAS DEUSS ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Pi Kappa Phi Illini Union Committee 115 BARBARA DEVRY ............ Kenilu-orth Education Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi Pnnliellenic Ball Committee 115 C.xRI.'1'oN l'lDVt',-XRD DEWOLFF Fairport, New York Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Gargoyle5 Fine and Applied Arts Council 13355 A.l.A. llonors Day 125 New York State Maritime College5 George 5Vasl1ington University JOHN CHARLES DIBBLE .......... Urbana Commerce Personnel Management Delta Upsilon The Daily Illini 1355 Illini Union Com- mittee 1155 Illigreek 1455 Commerce Coun- C51 43, 455 Major, Air Force ROTC5 Ar- nold Air Society 13, 455 Scabbard and Blade 13, 45 5 Society for the Advancement of Managementg Young Republicans Club RICHARD NELSON DICK ...... Beardstown Agriculture Marketing Phi Delta Theta Sachem5 Tribe of Illini 1455 Football Manager 11, 2, 355 Senior Gymnastic Manager 145 EDWARD NIEL DICKSON ....... Wauconfla Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. 13, 455 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 13, 45 RICHARD WAYNE DICKSON ........ Bristol Agriculture Agricultural Science Park Lane Lodge House President 1455 Illini Christian Fel- lowship 11, 25 JEROME IRVING DICKSTEIN ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry A.C.S. Navy Pier Activities: Baseball Squad 115 Roosevelt University5 Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois MILTON LESTER DIEDRICK ...... Marengo Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Star and Scroll5 House President 1355 Captain, Air Force ROTC RAYMOND Louis DIETZ ......... Bradford Engineering Agricultural Engineering Alpha Zetag A.S.A.E. GLORIA ANGELA DINNELLA ...... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art Alpha Delta Pi The Daily Illini5 The Illiog Major Chair- man Social Forums.Illini Union Com- mittee 1355 Illini Union Committee 11, 2. 3. 455 D0lDh1HS 1155 Fine and Applied Arts Council 125: French Club5 Future Teachers of America GEORGIA MAE DOAK ....., ,,,,, M egamoru Education Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi Shorter Board5 Torchg The Illio 12, 35: SW Course Manager 1155 Y.YV,C.A. com- mlflele 125 I First Regimental Band 11, 25 3 l35gCFEffl?tg0?'2lJ11nclation Student Council 12, RoN.xLD FRANCIS DOIIAGALA ..... Chicago Education Elementary Education German Club! Future Teachers of America Navi' Pier Activities5 Activities Hon- orary 135 Honors Day 12, 35 Navi' Pier Extension of the Universitv of Illinois K D Hin! 5 IW' phi DA' , P1119 LSJLE.. aw EW , WM size? 1 11122: lil, B of Illinois ri W LEE lloluw Fine ,W sem' AIAA Dell!! ' lflnlvelhswckh mini WI mm il f llli: The Da 5 puma KW Elm Gamma Phi Shorter Bqnrf ion COIIIIIIIU9 Crew ll. 25 il President 13. 255 House P ligious Counc lowship 13, 4 Jour Bnoox Alpha Kappa 45: Military First Lieuter Council 1455 Phi Chi Eta lllillikin U THOMAS Jon 311 Club Accountancy Pier Alumni Allvaucemenl MWF Pie: 'll lllinois Tonivgk SC ' E Sigma Tau: fl.l.E.E.-LR H0nors Da, Carnegie' Western Un College EDWARD T5 Industrial A ALLEN FE Li Phi Ka 1 The lllio I A3111 JOIIN HENRY DOMANUS .... . . .Chicago Engineering Industrial Engineering Delta Phi A.S.M.E.g Physics Society HARRY EDWARD DOMBROSKI ..... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD LEE DONEY ......... ...Quincy Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Delta Sigma Omicron A.I.A.g Delta Sigma Omicron Culver-Stockton 1VILLIAM ARTHUR DONLON. . .Des Plaines Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics The Daily Illinig Finance Club DIANNE IQEYS DOOLEN ......... Lincoln Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta Shorter Boardg Torchg Shi-Aig Illini Un- ion Committee 111g University Theatre Crew 11, 213 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 12, 3, 41, President 1313 Y.VV.C.A. Committee 11, 213 House President 1411 University Re- ligious Council 1315 Illini Christian Fel- lowship 13, 41 JOHN BROOKS DORSEY ....... Champaign Commerce Economics Alpha Kappa Psig Commerce Council 13, 41g Military Ball Committee 12, 3, 415 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Military Council 1415 Pershing Rides 12, 3, 419 Phi Chi Eta 13, 41 Millikin University THOMAS JOHN DoRscH .... . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy 311 Club Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg Navy Pier Alumni Associationg Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois TOLIVER SCRIPPS DOWNING ..... Macomb Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa N115 A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 111 Carnegie Institute of Technologyg North- western Universityg Western Illinois State College EDWARD THOMAS DRABIK ....... Streatoir Education Industrial Education Industrial Education Society ALLEN FERRIS DRACHMAN ..... LaGrange Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Kappa Tau The Illio 131 F . RED BAi,IiTH0L0ME1V DUCEx'...Rio1mioni1 lberal Aits and Sciences I Geology Uslgmil Phi Epsilon mverslty Theatre Castq House President C412 Cyclothem Club Michigan State University ANDRE PAUL DUCHATEAU. .Highland Park Education History Whitehall House President 13, 41 Honors Day 11, 31 RALPH MILLARD DUDDLES, JR.. . .Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Gargoyle Navi' Pier Activities: Varsity Swimming fl, 213 Lettermen's Club 121 Honors Day 11, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois :MARY ELIZABETH DUELAND ....... Morris Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Busey Hall Sigma Alpha Iotag NV.G.S. Executive Coun- C11 C415 House President 141g University C11011' C2, 313 Oratorio Society Honors Day 131 St. Olaf College GEORGE FREDRICK DUFFY ...,.... Chicago Journalism Advertising Alpha Delta Sigma Honors Day 11, 31 VVright Junior College, Navy Pier Ex- tension Of the University of Illinois LAUREN EDWIN DUANAWAY ...... Dakota Agriculture Dairy Technology Nabor House First Lieutenant, Army ROTCg Phi Chi Eta 13, 413 Dairy Technology Society Honors Day 111 JOHN JOSEPH DUPUIS .... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Twin Estates Newman Foundation Student Council 1319 Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTCQ Society of American Military Engineers 11, 2, 319 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. ROBERT MICHAEL DUszAK ....... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. CHARLES LEW DUTZ ............ Lincoln Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. THOMAS BURTON DUVAL .... . ..... C'hicaU0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpine Lodge . House President 1313 WPGU MJ' Young Republicans Cluh I U . rsit Navy Pier Extension of the nive Y of Illinois 24234 ai' STANLEY DzI.xCKo, JR. .......... Chicago Eine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Shawnee Captain, Air Force ROTC3 Arnold Air S0- ciety 1453 A.I,A. Navy Pier Activities: Concert Band 113 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NORMAN LESTER EARP .......... Cornell Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Kings' Row Omega Beta Pi President 1353 HOUSE President 13, 45 IXIARILYN ELOUISE EBEL ..... Washington Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Chi Omega Mortar Boardg Torch, President 1351 Phi Kappa Phi3 Phi Beta Kappa3 Alllila Lambda Delta: Pi Sigma Alpha3 The Daily Illini 11, 2, 3, 45, Executive News Editor 1453 Y.VV.C.A. Cabinet 1253 Y.YV.C.A- Committee 11, 253 House President .1451 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory lloard 125 . . Honors Day 11, 353 University of Illinois Scholarship Key CARMEN BARBARA EDMUNDSON. .Fox Lake Commerce Secretarial Training Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee 11, 253 University Theatre Crew 1153 Campus Chest 125: University Choir 11, 253 Oratorio Society 11, 253 Spring Musical Cast 135 DONALD EUGENE EDWARDS ..... Palestine Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Y.M.C.A. Committee 1153 Baseball Man- ager 115 ELIZABETH ANN EDWARDS ..... Charleston Fine and Applied Arts Applied Music and Music Education Evans Hall The Illio 125 3 Student Senate 12, 45 3 Uni- versity Choir 13, 453 University Chorus 1253 Women's Glee Club 1353 Oratorio Society 12, 3, 4, 55 Eastern Illinois University GENE PAUL EGAN ......... . . .Aurora Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club University of Denver3 Northern Illinois State University ROBERT EARL EGGERS .......... Centralia Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Tau Delta Phi Eta Sigma3 Eta Kappa Nu3 Mu Phi Epsilon3 The Illio 125 3 Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC3 Phalanx 13, 453 A.I.E.E.- I.R,E. Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key VERNON ROY EIDIIAN ........ Mascoutah Agriculture Agricultural Economics Nabor House Alpha Zetag House President 1453 Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 453 Agricultural Coun- cil 13, 453 Army ROTC3 Phi Chi Eta 13, 453 Agricultural Economics Club Honors Day 12, 35 CARL RICIIARD EK .............. Marissa Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech XVikia University Theatre Cast 1453 University Theatre 1'rew 1453 House President 1453 Newman Foundation Student Council 1353 Flying Club IQENNETII EKLOE . . .... . . . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Marketing Clubg Young Republicans Club Honors Day 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GEORGE BILL ELEFTHERIOU Athens, Greece Commerce Management Noble House M.I.A. Executive Council 1453 Committee on Student Discipline 1353 IM Rec Board 13, 453 Society for the Advancement of Management Business College of Athens3 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HOWrXRD LEE ELFORD ...... Melrose Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma3 A.C.S. KEITH EDWARD ELKINS ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Northern Illinois State University BIILTON GLEN ELLENWOOD .... Barrington Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Carleton College BRUCE DONALD ELLIOTT .... . . .Godfrey Engineering Electrical Engineering Men's Residence Hall Sigma Tau3 Tau Beta, Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nu3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key 135 ROBERT BRUCE ELLIOTT ........ Magoun Commerce Industrial Administration I:P.C. Photography Staff 11, 253 Univer- Silly Chorus 1153 Military Ball Committee 135.3 Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC3 Soclsty for the Advancement of Manage- men SALLEE AGNES ELMORE ...... Beardstown Liberal Arts and Sciences History Lowry Lodge ROBERT KEITH ELSE ........ . . . Chicago Engineering Engineering Physics I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DIARY ANNE ELSON ........ . . .Chenoa Education Elementary Education 4-H House Igortar Boarclg Torch3 Alpha Chron3 Illini X niorr Cofllmlftfie 127 I Campus Chest 125 3 V.Cr.S. Executive Council 13, 45, Presi- flegtcffll 3. Panhellenic-W.G.S. Coordinat- ing onnnlttee 12. 3, 453 Student Senate 15133 Committee on Student Affairs 1453 Bowman Foundation Student Council 125 Honors Day 125 HABB ow W, ww' Si? Delnvnion gg',,,.t, U- W' W 1 Hill Cot amsid 50 i:ketiDB CZ men! of ML 1 wh' Twin Em. Joliet Jam Gnu' SHA0 Mem pi Tru Sigm University' BARBARA JL Fi: Alpha Del Alpha Ltllli President 14 Onwrio S04 tion Student Honors Day Cirmm i l Theta Up: Shi-Ai3 The Block I Illii Union Conn mittee 11, win. 11, collfmlftee 300161 U. o Education I Romr V14 M1 Intramural Fellowship 4 mi A.S.N Honors Da, Navi' Pie of Illinois KW Vmcn Lib Aloha De The Illio Student Sen zii McKin mi Sn0.Ba DONALD RI L Ofifhesis Purdue 1 WINIFRED 1 Phil Y-Woii Sai.: Luthm ation Stu' 0131: you ivy P. of Iliinois' I 5 E 1 4 l 1- --.. V-.- E 2 5 5 ll 5. 44, . "E ,-,L-4 v 'Ml 1 5' l,'f,x get ,wif !'Vg 15. le:--' i' 1. f 5:1 g can lit:- lf? t . rf :Wi if , x xx f Y.. x 'it' , on gtg, 5-:,, 'V , , 'lf A ' 1 GAIL LOUISE ELXVELL ......... Oak Park Education Elementary Education Delta Sigma Epsilon Illini Union Committee C155 Y,XV,C,A, Committee5 University Choir Cl, 25 FRANCIS ASBURY EMAIONS ....... Berwyn Commerce Marketing Cagle Hall House President C2, 455 Ensign, NROTC5 Marketing Club5 Society for the Advance- ment of Management JAMES HARRIS ENDERSON ......... Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology Twin Estates Joliet Junior College GLEN SHAO ENG ....... Esteoan, Canada Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. University of Saskatchewan BARBARA JANE ENGLISH ....... Winnetka Fine and Applied Arts Applied Piano Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta5 Mu Phi Epsilon, President C455 Star Course Manager C155 Oratorio Society C255 McKinley Founda- tion Student Council C1, 25 Honors Day C1, 25 CATHERINE P. ENRIC-HT ......... Chicago Physical Education Recreation Theta Upsilon Shi-Aig The Illio C255 Major Chairman Block I Illini Union Committee C355 Illini Union Council C2, 355 Illini Union Com- mittee C1, 2, 355 Campus Chest C155 W.A.A. C1, 2, 3, 455 Panhellenic Ball Committee C155 American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter5 Physical Education Majors Club ROBERT VICTOR ENSTROII ....... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Intramural Manager C355 Illini Christian Fellowship C2, 3, 455 Engineering Council C255 A.S.M.E.5 Flying Club5 S.A.E. Honors Day C35 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois KAY VIRGINIA ENT ............... Cairo Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Delta Pi The Illio C25 5 Illini Union Committee C25 I Student Senate C255 University Chorus Cl, 255 McKinley Foundation Student Coun- cil5 Sno-Ball Committee C15 DONALD RICHARD ERBACH .... Des Plainw Engineering Electrical Engineering Orchesis C355 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Purdue University5 Loyola University WINIFRED CATHERINE ERICKSEN. .Chicago Commerce Advertising Philea Y.W.c.A. commiaeeg University Chorus C353 Lutheran Student Association FOIID' dation Student Council C3, 453 Mafketmg Clubg Young Democrats Club ' Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROGER LEE ERICRSON. .. Sl'o7'ir ' ' ' - v - - - u I , Engineering Civil Engineering S4Evans Scholars i tfgfmg Tau.: Chi EDSilon5 M.I.A. lawn- mgft Orlggcllsigli Freshman 'Week Com. 09 5 no-Ball Coinn'1f fm A . A.s.c.E. U QQ fr 21" H0l101'S Day Cl' 37 HAROLD CARL ERICSON ..... , , ,C1,5,-,,U,, Engineering -N y General Engineering Residence Hall, Addition 3 N3-My Pier Extension Of the Universitv of Illinois ' BEVERLY LORRAINE ERLANDSON . TVilmingfon Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Palamar Kappa Delta Pi: Zeta Phi Etag House Pfesldlent C455 Wesley Foundation Student C0'1n011 445: Young Republicans Club Northern Illinois State University ROGER ALLEN ESIILEMAN. . . . . .Onargn Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi5 Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club5 Society for the Advance- ment of Management ROBERT ALAN ESTERLUND ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Clark House Phi Kappa Phi Navy Pier Activities: Orchestra Cl, 25 1 A.C.S. Cl, 255 Phi Eta Sigma Cl, 25 Honors Day C355 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois NORMAN CARL EURICK ........ Champaign Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S.5 A.S.M.E. Honors Day Cl, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BARBARA JEAN EVANS Fort Wayne, Indiana Education Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega Shorter Board: Campus Chest C2, 353 I.U.S.A. Barbershoppers C155 Future Teachers of America. JOHN EDWARD EVERETT, JR- Gary, Indiana Physical Education Physical Education Kappa Alpha Psi . House President C355 Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Physical Education Magors Club CAROL JANE EWING ..... .... ..... I 6 C1806 Education Elementary Eductlti01L Sigma Kappa Illini Union committee cl, 25: Y-W-C-A Committee C255 Campus Chest ill? H0919 Economics Club DANIEL FREDERIC EWING Arlington Heights Commerce A ccoantancy Noble House Alpha Kappa Psi? Accountancy Club: Mar' keting Club . Navv Pier Extension O of Illinois f the University ,, i , ,ir rv 5 f , A I 5. 'f 1 X Y' W, 42 i ee rg? ' .6 Ci' 5 453 ROBERT IRVING FACKO ...... Blue Island Fine and Applied Arts Music Men's Residence Hall Phi Eta Sigma3 University Chorus 413 Honors Day 4333 University of Illinois Scholarship Key :MARY KATHLEEN FAHRNKOPF. .Champaign Commerce Accountancy McKinley Hall Omega Beta Pig House President 4435 Illinois Disciples Foundation Student Coun- cil 41, 233 Marketing Club Honors Day 41, 23 CAROLYN BIGGS FAIRBANRs. . . . . .Joliet Education Elementary Education Sigma Kappa The Illio 41, 233 Illini Union Committee 41, 233 Y.W.C.A. Committee JAMES WALLACE FAIRHEAD ...... Chicago Commerce Marketing Psi Upsilon Basketball Manager 4233 Floriculture Club3 Marketing Club JEAN JONE JEN FAN .... Shanghai, China Agriculture Home Economics Vanlig Phi Upsilon Omicron3 Chinese Students Clubg Home Economics Club GEORGE MICHAEL FARLEY ......... Alton Physical Education Physical Education Phi Delta Theta Baseball Varsity Squad 41, 233 Physical Emlucation Majors Club BARBARA KENT FARRELL ..... Champaign Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta Phi Kappa Pl1i3 Kappa Delta Pi3 Alpha Lambda Delta3 Illini Union Committee 41, 233 Campus Chest 423 Honors Day 42, 333 University of Illinois Scholarship Key LEROY FRANCIS FARRELL .......... Joliet Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Joliet Junior College JOHN YVORTHINGTON FARROW Fox River Grove Physical Education Physical Education Delta Chi Dolphins 41, 233 Captain, Army ROTC3 Infantry Club 41, 2, 333 Scabbard and Blade 43, 433 Physical Education Majors Club CHARLES ROBERT FAUST .... Lawrenceville Commerce Accountancy Armory House First Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Phi Chi Eta 43, 433 Accountancy Clubq Military Ball Committee 4433 Marketing Club JOHN HENRY FECHTER ...... .. .Carmi Agriculture Farm Management Tara Hall Agricultural Economics Clubg Field and Furrow Honors Day 433 JOHN HENRY FEDDERSEN ....... Thomson Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Illi-Dell Alpha Tau Alpha3 Agricultural Council 443: All-Ag Field Day Committee 41, 2, 3, 433 Plowboy Prom Committee 41, 233 Sno-Ball Committee 4233 Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Agricultural Education Clnb3 I-Ioof and Horn Clubg Poultry Science Club 42, 33, President 443 JOHN THOMAS FEENEY ........ Ivensdale Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Loras Col1ege3 St. Ambrose College NANCY CHARLOTTE FEINGOLD .... Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall WPGU 43, 433 Future Teachers of America Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EVERETT HALE FELDKIRCHNER. . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Tara Hall Alpha Phi Omegag Campus Chest 433 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARJORIE ANITA FELIX ......... Fairfield Liberal Arts and Sciences English Chi Omega Southern Illinois University NEIL LESLIE FELBIUS New York, New York Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Taug Pi Tau Sigma3 WVPGU 41, 2, 333 A.S.M.E. Honors Day 41, 23 GLORIA JEANNE FENNER ....... Ingleside Liberal Arts and Sciences Anthropology Evans Hall Alpha Chron, Presid.ent3 The Daily Illini 42, 3, 433 The Illio 4133 Illini Union Commlttee 41, 233 I.P.O. Photography Stuff 43, 433 W.G.S. Executive Council 4433 Student Senate 4333 French Clubg Anthropology Club 43, 43 ARMAND FERRINI, JR. ............ Cicero Commerce Sales and Advertising Management Newman Hall Phi Eta Sigma3 Sigma Iota Epsilon3 Lieu- tenant Colonel, Army ROTC3 Alpha Rho Tau 4333 Marketing Club Honors Day 41, 2, 333 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key RICHARD ALLAN FERRY .... . . .Clinton Commerce Marketing Calhoun Hall Alpha Kappa Psig Marketing Club www' R .,,, cl sigma aw' PM Illini Dr If Fuel Hf' Pi TW 5,13 me F' . illnlilfu I ll fpporm Alvlu Ch' wvbdl D' ll, 2' 3' 4 ortofl' Ord H0n0l'S D' Scholarshill ytosrni' E' Ebel Ha Hoof and Illinois 5 Hnnsznr ll Flagg H Junior Bt ents Navy Pi of Illinois Cnmnzs ll Alpha G Star and Council 42 and Horn RONALD L Alpha G Campus 4 Pl-0 Club WAYNE E Sigma Ta. HOHQI-5 D1 Noi-they-3 BARBARA X L. 'AI'b0r S Marquel LYNN AD Sigma Ta Purdue onlillg ' 0 Z' 1. -dh XVILLIAM RAYMOND FERRY ..... Waukegan Engineering Civil Engineering Knight Club Sigma Tau5 Chi Epsilon, President C455 House President C455 A.S.C.E. MILTON DAVID FIELD ....... Lincolnwoorl Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flagg House Pi Tau Sigma5 Lieutenant Colonel, Air F01-ce ROTC5 Arnold Air Society C355 A.S.M.E.5 Praetorians MARLENE RUTH FILIP .......... Batavia Education Elementary Education T-Dorm Alpha Chrong Kappa Delta Pig Alpha. Lambda Delta5 Alpha Sigma Nu5 XV.A.A. C1, 2, 3, 455 House President C355 Rep- ortory Orchestra5 Terrapin Cl, 2, 3, 45 Honors Day C355 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT EUGENE FINCK .... .... G ridlcy Agriculture Animal Science Ebel Hall Hoof and Horn Club Illinois State Normal University HERBERT FINE ........ .... C hicago Law Law Flagg House Junior Bar Associationg Young Demo- crats Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES MELVIN FINE .......... Beacon Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Star and Scro1l5 Junior Interfraternity Council C25 5 Dairy Production Club5 Hoof and Horn Club RONALD LAVON FINK ...... . . .Beason Agriculture Dairy Science Alpha Gamma Rho Campus Chest C255 Agriculture Club5 Dairy Production Club5 Hoof and Horn Club WAYNE EUGENE FINKBONER .... Freeport Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau5 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day Cl, 2, 35 Northern Illinois State University BARBARA JEAN FISHER ............ Elflfll Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Arbor Suites WPGU C45 Marquette University LYNN ADRIAN FISHER. . .St. Ma1'y-9, 07150 Engineering Mechanical Engineefifly Sigma Tang Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Purdue Univcrsityg University of Wy' oming RICH. ' . . XRD PREDRIC FISHER .... Villa Grovr' Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club TIIELMA LEE FITE .............. Watnqu, Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Busey Hall ARLENE JOAN FITZGERALD ....... Chicago Education Elementary Education Sherwood Lodge Phi KHPDH Phig Kappa Delta Pi5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 Illini Union Committee ill? University Theatre Crew Cl, 2, 355 Future Teachers of America Honors Day Cl, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key JOIIN PIERRE FIXMER ........ Springnchl Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Delta Phi Star and Scrollg Phi Eta Sigma5 Alpha Phi Omega5 Illini Union Committee Cl, 355 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C255 Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee Cl, 25 5 Interfraternity Council C45 5 House President C455 Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Phalanx C3, 4.5 Honors Day Cl, 25 DALE HOMER FLACH ........... W'atseI.'a Physical Education Physical Education Delta Tau Delta First Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Alpha Rho Tau C355 Phalanx C3, 455 Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management Indiana University GEORGE WILLIAM FLECK. . . .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Clark House Accountancy Club Wright Junior College EDWARD CONSTANTINE FLEISCHLI, JR. Springhclal Liberal Arts and Sciences History Newman Hall University Chorus C15 Springfield Junior College BARBARA DODDs FLEISHER ....... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Xi Delta ' K Ph'5 Phi Beta Kappa: Alllllfl igmbdzpligelta 51 Y.W.C.A. Committee C153 University Religious Council C35 Z, MCKU1' ley Foundation Student Council Cdl: t Club , Young Democrf S2, 355 University of llli- Honors Day C. nois Scholarship Key JAUMES LEONARD FLETCHER ' Chicago Hcz97'1S Engineering Mechanical Enginee1'i'H9' Noble House A,S.M.E.5 S.A.E- Navy Pier Extension o G of Illinois5 Wilson Juniol' College f th University DONALD EL-WOOD FLYTE. . . . . . . .Hinsdale .Io urnalism Advertising U Al ha Delta Sigma: Sigma Tom EPS'l0n5 Sgiietv for the Advancement of Manage' ment . Lvons Township Junior College? Um' versity of Ma1'y1al1d ,A ,,.. f,,,. E ,, j we. ,H V. --'Mra'.r,-.mite A ,t -:I 4 ' Z i I 'NM A 2 es : r . ,ff if - 1 x 1 Kg' F zz fra, A as 5 1 , , at ,f R f 1 1 v v , we e eg sw Qt if l 4 ml i i , A 455 5 Y f "' R' if 96 a ie' is is a s 4 , N ' ' my Y 4 W NANCY ELIZABETH DANIELS FLYTE Oak Park Agriculture Home Economics Delta Gamma Y.IV.C.A. Committee 13, 455 Unive1'SifY Theatre Castg Little United Nations Purdue University ROBERT :HENRY FORD ..... East St. Louis Education Industrial Education Koinonia Industrial Education Society BARBARA JEAN FORGY .......... Pittsneld Agriculture Home Economics Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Phi Upsilon Omicron5 Newman Foundation Student Council 135 5 Home Economics Club5 Future Teachers of America5 Young Democrats Club ROBERT EDYVARD FORSLEV ....... Chicago Commerce Management Barton House Society for the Advancement of Manage- Inent5 Spanish Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois XVILLIANI DONALD FORSYTH, JR. Springfield Commerce Insurance Beta Theta Pi XVa-Na-See, President 1455 Star Course Manager 1255 Campus Chest 1355 House President 1455 Freshman Council 1155 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 1355 Midshipman First Class, NROTC5 Navy Council 12, 355 Illini In- surance Society, President 145 CLIFFORD DUANE FOSTER ..... Champaign Physical Education Physical Education Delta Theta Epsilon5 Phi Epsilon Kappa.: Varsity Track S uad 12, 3, 455 Freshman Varsity Track tSquad5 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Phalanx 13, 455 Phi Chi Eta 13, 45 Honors Day 11, 25 RICHARD VVARREN FOSTER ..... ...Buda Engineering Electrical Engineering Triangle Star and Scroll5 Sigma Tau5 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day 125 JAMES HOWELL Fox.. .Cartliage, Missouri Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES PIIILLIP Fox ............ Chicago .Iournalism Radio and Television Tau Epsilon Phi Skull and Crescentg Sigma Delta Chi: Illini Union Committee 11, 255 University Theatre Cast 1355 Star Course Manager 1.1, 2, 3, 455 Junior Interfraternity Coun- C11 11, 255 Intramural Manager 11, 2, 3, XVILL 1455 Greek XVeek Committee LLOYD FRANKLIN Fox ......... Reynolds Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Football Marching Band 11, 255 First Regimental Band 11, 255 I.A.S. LOIS ANN Fox ................ Marshall Physical Education Physical Education Alpha Gamma Delta The Illio 1155 Illini Union Committee 11, 255 W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 455 Physical Edu- cation Majors Club CHARLES ALBERT FRANCOIS ..... Centralia Division of Special Service Personnel Management Sigma Phi Epsilon Centralia Junior College5 Southern Illi- nois Universityg Evansville College SYLVAN LORRAIN FRANKLIN ...... Deland Commerce Prelaw Phi Alpha Delta5 Captain, Army ROTC5 Ordnance Club 13, 455 Scabbard and Blade 13, 455 Illi-Knights, President 1355 Junior Bar Association Honors Day 135 FRED MARTIN FRANKSTEIN ...... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Clark House Illini Union Committee 1455 Hillel Foun- dation Student Council 13, 455 Account- ancy Club Honors Day 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DAVID KARLTON FRANZ ..... .... N ormal Agriculture Agricultural Economics Son's Home Agricultural Economics Club Illinois State Normal University BARBARA JEAN FRECKELTON ..... Chicago Education Elementary Education Sherwood Lodge Kappa Delta Pi5 Illini Union Committee 1455 House President 145 Thornton Junior College CARL NICHOLAS FREDDY ........ Atkinson Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Phi Kappa Tau Star Course Manager 11, 25 Honors Day 135 NORMAN RICHARD FREEMAN .... Robinson Agriculture Dairy Technology Dairy Technology Society JUDITII HELEN FREES ......... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Sigma Kappa Sigma Alpha Iota5 Concert Band 13, 455 University Orchestra 145 Carleton College JACK ALFRED FRENCH ........ Springneld Commerce Industrial Management Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 45 5 Football March- mg B9-Hd 11, 255 Society for the Advance- ment of Management .aug 2.1 :V Li' "W aim mmm wwf 1 I-it univffs' efi of Ani' Rivers" 11103155 L1 Zell tal: AW cullllfal E1 Western SONDBA U Li' Delta Si Zeta Phi E mm B Lf Brooklyz University sion of the JINICI: Sn Alpha ll University Chest 115 Navy P of Illinois JAMES FR Phi Kal Northwe- Rosrnr D, Li Sigma 1 and 'fi 33- Iu v Ktxyym Phi Si I-U-SA. I site 13, 4 WllS01l STAXLEY L Phi A ROTC 5 and B1 a d ilp 'Q' . 1 xi . Q1 il. it x .,.-fe, r I 3 5. ,. . gi i L , Q ,.,A ,. . K I' 1 . 'bl LEE BERNARD FRERIIER .... . . .Carlyle Journalism Advertising Phi Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma DOROTHY LOUISE FREY. . .Downers Grove Education Elementary Education Vanlig University Orchestra 1353 Future Teach. ers of America University of Dubuque THOMAS LEE FREY ............. Carthage Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag S.N,I,B, 1355 Agricultural Economics Clubg Agri- cultural Education Club Illestern Illinois State College SONDRA LYN FRICIITL ...... Calumet City Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Education Delta Sigma Epsilon Zeta Phi Etag Campus Chest 125 HARVEY BURTON FRIEDLANDER Brooklyn, New York Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Brooklyn Collegeg New England Collegeg University of Buffalog Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois JANICE SILVER FRIEDMAN ..... Champaign Education Elementary Education Alpha Epsilon Phi University Theatre Crew 115g Campus Chest 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES FRISINA, JR. ...... . . .Taylorville Commerce Management Phi Kappa Psi Northwestern University ROBERT DONALD FRISK. .Arlington Heights Liberal Arts and Sciences English Sigma Pi Skull and Crescentg The Daily Illini 11, 2, 355 Illigreek 13, 45 :KENNETH HOWARD FRITZ ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Phi Sigma Kappa I.U.S.A. Barbershoppers 11, 2, 3, 453 FOI" site 13, 45g A.I.A. IVilson Junior College STANLEY GARY FRITZ .......... Freeport Liberal Arts and Sciences History Phi Alpha Theta: Lieutenant, APIHY ROTCQ Pershing Rifies 1259 SC21bb31'd and Blade 13, 45 PAULA FROOMAN .... chica Education g , , Elementary Education Phi Slgma, Sigma Future Teachers of America ROBERT JA ' F 'X ROOMAN ..... . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi Alpha Delta Sigma: Varsity Football 1259 Freshman Varsity Football 9Freshm V ' an arsity Baseball Squad Squad Squad RONALD XVILLIAM FROSS ..... . . .Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering lllanion Engineering Council i352 St. Pats Ball Committee, Chairman 135 Navy Pier Activities: I.A.S. 115, P1-esi. dent 125 Navy Pier E.t of Illinois vension of the University BARBARA RABIN FRUCHTER ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Sociology Club University of Miamig Navy Pier EX- tension of the University of Illinois JEREMIAH EDXVARD FRUIN ....... Gilman Agriculture Agricultural Economics Clark House Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigmag M.I.A. Ex- ecutive Council 13, 45g House President 1255 Student Senate 12, 3, 455 Agricul- tural Economics Club Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key EDSVIN BERTRAN FULLER Wichita Falls, Texas Liberal Arts and Sciences Prernedicine Flagg House Varsity Track Squad 12, 3, 453 Freshman Varsity Squad 1153 Second Regimental Band 11, 255 Midwestern University ANNE MARTIN FUNKHOUSER. .Harrisburg Education Elementary Education Chi Omega Kappa Delta Pig Illini Union Committee 11, 253 Campus Chest 11, 2, 353 Glifek Week Committee 1353 Illini Publishing Company Board of Control 13, 455 Pan- hellenic Ball Committee 135 Honors Day 12, 35 NORMAN BERENT FUGUA .... . . .Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Minaxva Lodge Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 45 g A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Fournier Institute of Teclionology ROBERT RAY FURRY .......... Sp:-inghelal Commerce Management Granada Club I Captain, Army ROTC? Pershing Rmes 1253 Scabbard and Blade 13, 43? 59m Sigma Alpha 145 S Societl' for the Advance- ment of Maiiagement Dowymy CHARLES FURTKAMP. . .Staunton Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics 'W- , , , 'ff ve, I " A51 , Q f- f. ,fi ' XV X i -'ii is zg'Q.s'2 A 'ri 'ii:A'M:i. ng'- -,Q sae ffl' U ' li an 453 1 M e , V4 5 ,Q S A , il 1 RQ! S53-I we .' a g: i 12 : 3 P ' .. - A 1 , ' - i f X ,-ia. if- YM fiwffiirf 457 J. W ,. 'r 'R ar e ' 1 i a A - .. A f Q9 K S5 me l if f C: :fl .3 i r ' fl ' tl .K . if f if C-M E " : V , .ff -f -' e .L.x 458 ROBERT DOBIENIC FUs1N,x'rI. . .Christoplier Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Taug Eta Kappa N112 A.I.E,E.- I.R.E. Honors Day 115 ROBERT LEROY FUSON, ......... Decatur Division of Special Services Economics Wi1.i,I,mI DUDLEY GABDARD. . .Champaign Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Wa-Na-See5 Sigma Taug Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 455 Varsity W1'estling Squad 12, 3, 45, Letter 1255 Midshipman Captain, NROTC5 Navy Council 145 5 Armed Forces Council 13, 45 5 Scabbard and Blade 13, 45 DENNIS PAUL GALLE. . . . . .Joliet Engineering General Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Concert Band 12, 3, 455 Football March- ing Band 12, 3, 455 I.S.G.E. DONALD GENE GAMBLIN .... . . .Belleville Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi5 Marketing Club5 So- ciety for the Advancement of Management Belleville Junior Collegeg University of Tennessee GREGORY GREGORY GANAKOS ..... Chicago Commerce Marketing Newman Hall Illini Forensic Association5 Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CAROL JEAN GANsz ............ Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Delta Zeta University Theatre Crew 1155 Y.W.C.A. Committee 1155 NV.A.A. Numerals 11, 255 German Club RONALD ARLEN GARBER ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Noble House Phi Kappa Phi5 Phi Eta Sigma5 WPGU 1455 A.C.S.5 A.I.Ch.E.5 Young Democrats Club llonors Day 11, 35 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LAWRENCE ALBERT GARDNER .... Kempton Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha5 Agricultural Education Clubg Agriculture Club llonors Day 115 ROGER, BRISBANE GARDNER. . .North Pekin Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Mathematics Bradley University SHIRLEY ANN GARDNER. . . . . .Danville Education Elementary Education Arbor Suites Future Teachers of America5 Young Re- publicans Club Danville Junior College JOIIN PAUL GAREISS ...... .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JIjf1fY DALE GARLICII ......... Okawvillc Agriculture Agricultural Science IVesley Foundation Student Council 1455 Agricultural Council 1355 Captain, Army ROTC5 Poultry Science Club 11, 2, 3, 45, President 145 Honors Day 125 DONALD STEPHEN GARRIGAN ....... Galva Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Illini Union Committee 12, 355 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 255 S.N.I.B. 13, 455 All- Ag Field Day Committee 11, 255 Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 355 Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Clubg Little International Horse Show 125 Western State Teachers University JOSEPH RUDOLPH GARTNER ...... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall Sigma Tau5 Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES FRANCIS GASTEL .... .... I '1-eepori Engineering Agricultural Engineering College Hall A.S.A.E. BEN GATCH, JR. ........ Chicago Heigliix Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Thornton Junior College IIARRY IRVING GATES ............. Elgin Fine and Applied Arts Painting Acacia Skull and Crescentg Phi Eta Sigmag Mask and Bauble5 Society of Illustrators5 Uni- versity Theatre Crew 11, 25 Honors Day 11, 35 JOSEPH WILLIAM GAUNT. . . . . .lllanliav Agriculture Dairy Science AlDha Zeta5 Alpha Tau Alpha5 Dairy Pro- duction Club Honors Day 115 RONALD PAUL GEBII.xRDT. . . Agriculture Agronomy . . .Peoria Koinonia Field and Furrowg Young Republicans Club l 5 l l il x i l l s 5 i 5 i 1 s Aww., 2 1l.,f, ,rj l ? f '-,' -1 Y If . 3 l i l i i ,Ahh y' 34 4 AQAI F hihi l www' I wi' A . M11 ni Con, signin! I Clllb api H0505 HWY A Argwfy THU y,R.E- Hllllors Bell' D, AI Di' DWID Kendall M,mbIFl I Linwlll The Dail! tre CNW man FW Future 'I FMNCIS l Sigma lnterfratl dent 133 St. An R061-:ii I Minam Second Christian Horn Cl Taylor Bzimrni Stratf llV.G.S. ligious Foundat Teacher: Club WILBER llarketiz Wrigl GERALD I i Price 1 Newma 1 West JAMES l Sig rlccou 1 Nav. ' 'lf llli FY? is . I 2 l- .. it 'E W A, if ig' ' i 1 I i 'rl .,, V ff A? if 5, 'X SA at -I N 23. . A V VVARREN RUSSELL GEDSTAD Sioux Falls, South Dakota Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Acacia Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia3 House President 1453 Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 453 Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 453 llferfs Glee Club 12, 353 Oratorio Society 135 Honors Day 135 HARVEY ALLEN GEERTS .......... Fulton Engineering Electrical Engineering Armory House Tau Beta Phig Eta Kappa Nu3 A.I.E.E.- l.R.E. Honors Day 12, 35 DAVID ALLEN GI-:HRIG ......... Evanston Division of Special Services Landscape Architecture Kendall College MADELINE MARIE GENOVESI ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Classics Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall The Daily Illini 11, 253 University Thea- tre Crew 11, 2, 353 Shorter Board3 New- man Foundation Student Council 13, 453 Future Teachers of America FRANCIS ALAN GEORGE ..... DeWitt, Iowa Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Interfraternity Council 1353 House Presi- dent 1353 M.I.S. St. Ambrose College ROGER, LARUE GERIG ....... .... G 1-itlley Agriculture Animal Science Minawa Lodge Second Regimental Band 12, 353 Illini ChI'istian Fellowship 12, 3, 453 Hoof and Horn Club Taylor University BERNEDINE LOUISE GERNON .... St. Anne Education Elementary Education Stratford House W.G.S. Executive Council3 University Re- ligious Council 1353 University Baptist Foundation Student Council 13, 45 3 Future 'geachers of Arnerica3 Young Republ1CaI1S lull VVILBERT EDWIN GERSOII, JR. .... Chicago Commerce Marketing Marketing Club NV1-ight Junior College GERALD BENJABIIN GERSEY ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Price Club Newman Foundation Student Council 145 WGSte1'l1 Illinois State University JAMES DONALD GIBBONS .... .... C' hirzago Commerce Accountancy Sigma Nu Accountancy Club3 Rho EPSUOU , Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES PHILIP GIDERII-:D ...... Palotinf- Commerce Personnel Dlctnagg,,w,5 S Delta Sigma Phi I t . I11?yllia?i1 Sicyrfnlilfrpsldeflt 135: The Daily 2 3,. ig ' ml UHIOD Committee 11, Ift 1 Oard of Fraternity Affairs 145' Clgrelrfrateanity Executive Council 14,3 Boarpdus Chh?St Allocations and Advisoi-1' ' alrman 145' Freshma W fig Committee 12, 45 ' H UL ROBERT GIBSON ........... . Chicago Division of Special Services . Management Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Wright College FREDERICK LEWIS GIEBRICI-I ...... Oregon Commerce Personnel Management Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 So- Clety for the Advancement of Management Northern Illinois State Universitv EDGAR CHARLES GILBERT ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Sigma Alpha Mu Society of Illustratorsg The Daily Illini 12, 3, 453 Illigreek 13, 45 JANIS O'DELL GILBERT ......... Rockforil Education Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta Shorter Boardg Shi-Ai3 University Theatre Crew 11, 2, 353 University Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 453 McKinley Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 451 Homecoming Court 1353 Social Forum 11, 25 Honors Day 135 JOHN MARSHALL GILL ......... Elizabeth Engineering Civil Engineering Psi Upsilon Wesley Foundation Student Council 13, 45 I Captain, Army ROTCQ Pershing Rifles Cl. 2, 3, 453 A.S.C.E. Chairman, 1957 Career Conference 1553 Spring Musical Cast 135 Honors Day 115 PATRICIA JANE GILLER ...... Park Ridge Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Studies Cedar Hall .W.C.A. C mittee C453 Execu' live Council0ni453 House President 1453 Student Senate 115 9 UHQVGTSIW Ch01'uS U' 2 353 Sno-Ball Committee C433 Future Teachers of America3 Young R6D11bl1Ca1l5 Club Honors DRY ill EDWARD EUGENE GILLESPIE- - -00""Ue7'UiUe Agriculture Teacher Training in A!7"iC'wmWe Son's Home , Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club , , Illinois State Normal University BING GIN . ..,........ .... 0' hicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Wilson Junior College JACKSON GIN ........ : ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design A.I.A.3 Hawaii Club Y . l '- Wriglit Junior College? IW-VY Pier Ee tension of the University of Illinois 1 I ww .se ,I i N 1 , if fd J 5 3 M I -s Ng, 459 D 'P 1 5 9- an Y E .. 5 in In .I U Ill UI 460 JOHN CHARLES GINGERICII. . .Farmi110f071 Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 115 ROSEANN SOPHIE fGINTHER ------.- Lyons Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Kappa Delta Pi Honors Day 115 'l'iIOu.xs DURXVARD GLADDEN Sherman, Texas Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Barton House LORETTA FRIEDA GLASER ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall IVright Junior College IJINETTE K.-xr GLEASON ....... St. Charles Education English Alpha Xi Delta University Theatre Manager 1453 Univer- sity Theatre Cast 1353 University Theatre Crew 135 Bowling Green State University SUE ANN SARVER GLEIM ......... Ottawa Education Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta Terrapin 1353 Freshman NVeek Committee 1453 Panhellenic Ball Committee 135 Illinois Vilesleyan University XVAYNE LOUIS GLEIBI ....... Grand Ridge Agriculture Agricultural Engineering Sigma Nu Major, Air Force ROTC3 Agriculture Club XVAYXE CARROLL GOAD Paducah, Kentucky Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Paducah Junior College ROY FRANZ GOERN ....... Elma-ood Park Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delta Phi Illini Union Committee 11, 253 Illinois Teclmograpli 1153 Freshman IVeek Com- mittee 1253 Captain, Air Force ROTC 1XI'BREY JEROME GOERS ......... Altamont Division of Special Services lllarlrcting University Theatre Crew 1253 Marketing Clubg Young Republicans Club NORBERT WILLIABI GOLCHERT .... ChicaU0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Men's Residence Hall Addition 3 Navy Pier Extension of the Universifb' of Illinois DOUGLAS LASHER GOLDEN .... .... F lora Agriculture Dairy Production Captain, Army ROTC3 Phalanx 13, 473 Dairy Production Clubg Field and Fur- row Honors Day ill MARSI-I.xLL ALLEN GOLDSEN ...... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Clark House Accountancy Club? Navy Pier Alumni Association Honors Day 11, 2, 35 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD ALLEN GOLDSTEIN. . . . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee 1153 Accountancy Club DONALD NATHANIAL GOLDSTEIN. .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Campus Chest 1253 Interfraternity Coun- cil 135 ROBERT BENNETT GONGOLA Elmwood Park Physical Education Physical Education Tribe of Illini 12, 353 Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 11, 2, 3, 453 Letter 12, 35 DIARY IQATI-IERINE GOODMAN. . .Champaign Commerce Secretarial Training Kappa Delta Star Course Manager 11, 253 Student Senate 1153 Newman Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 45 RONALD BERNARD GOODMAN ..... Chicago Commerce Personnel Management Praetorians 'WajNa-Seeg Hillel. Student Council Founf dation 13, 453 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Navy Pier Alumni Association: Praetor1ans3 Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Activitiesg Pier Illini 11, 25 Santa Monica City College3 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois IR1s HELENE GOODNICK ...,..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Laurel House Sociology Clubg Young Democrats Club RICHARD HARVEY GORDON. .... ..PaIatirie Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Blackburn College MWA A 11v""1'u S-M'E'l J bmw EP. of Illinois mmm Lincoln ELBANOB Li Lincoln pina Sig' Honors D Join! Eol D1 Beta Allll Elgin C Dorm J Phi M1 Universitl Committei Economic RICHARD Sigma Alpha Ka Tl10I'Dt4 Simon Kappa. Illini Un Illinois ELAINE ' Lincoli Future T CWS Clu H0noi-s 1 Ci-ROLE . Delta fllbha. L lllini U cll0I'l15 4 Navy 3 il, 25 . Holluri j Navy of Illino DANIEL graetofia Ollors ARNOLD ALLEN GORDUS .... ,.., Q 7liC,,,,,, Engineering Q Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall V A.S.M.E.3 S.A.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ' IfATHLEEN ANN GORAIAN. . . . , ,Dia-on Education Elementary Education, Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall ELEANOR FRANCES GORN'ro H0pG1L'C1l, Virginia Liberal Arts and Sciences English, Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Delta Sigma Omicron Honors Day C33 JOHN EUGENE GRACE ........... Dundee Division of Special Services Accountancy Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Elgin Community College DONNA JUNE GRAHAM ....... . . .Athens Agriculture Home Economics Phi Mu University Theatre Crew C213 Y.XV.C.A. Committee C135 W.A.A. Cl, 455 Home Economics Club RICHARD EARL GRANDOHAAIP. .Blue Island Commerce Marketing Sigma Tau Gamma Alpha Kappa Psi Thornton Junior College SHARON LEE GRAY ........... Waukegan Education Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Illini Union Committee C35 Illinois VVesleyan University ELAINE MARI.A1I GRAUER. . . . . .Chicago Education English Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Future Teachers of Americag Young Demo- crats Club Honors Day fl, 21 CAROLE ANN ADRIAN GREEN ..... Chicago Journalism Radio and Television Delta Zeta Alpha Lambda Deltag Theta Sigma Phi: Illini Union Committee 147g University Chorus C357 I.A.S. Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illinig ChoruS ll, 255 Iota Pi Sigma Honors Day fl, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DANIEL GREENBURG ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Indilstrial Design Praetoriansg I.S.D.A. Honors Day 413 IRYYIN L05 IS GREENBERI: .... .5',,,.inMUm C0llllll0l'C0 Retail ,lIarl.'cl' Pi Lambda Phi my V- ' - , 11315 Golf Squad 42 LU. German Club: Illini Spoi-tsman's Clubg jimkmiug Club ELISSA LIARILYN GREENVIELD ..,, C1,gC,,,,,, Liberal Arts and Sciezicbs ' Psgchologg Evans Hall 4 :Navy Pier Aflfivitiesz Pier Illini . Roosevelt Universityg Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois WILLIAM GREENGOS S ---- - - -... Chicago Commerce Marlcetinrr Sigma Alpha Mn it Marketing Club DOROTHY LOUISE GREENWALD New York, New York Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science T-Dorms House President Q45 St. Louis University CHARLES ALEXANDER GREGORY. .Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences English JACK GREISIIAN .......... . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Flagg House Hillel Foundation Student Council 443: Accountancy Clubg Finance Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management George 'Washington Tjniversityg VV1'ight Junior College KARA LEE APPLEGATE GRIDER. .Monmouth Education English Pi Beta Phi Monmouth College LYLE DELBERT GRIDER ........ Galcsburg Engineering General Engineering Shawnee Club Sigma Taug House President C472 ANDY ROTC, Second Lieutenantg Societl' Of American Military Engineers 43, 4l3 I.S.G.E. Honors Day fl, 23 JACQUALINE FLORENCE GRIFFIX .... Cairo Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in, Social Studies Alpha Kappa Alpha v , , Tennessee A and I State Lniversityg Joliet Junior College LAWRENCE JAY GRILL ,.,, A . . .Chicago C0llllllC1'C0 Accountancy Clarl' House . xccouniaucv Clubs Navy Pier Alumni Asso- , , N . ciation -I 's Day C'-3, 33 , , . 1 OQZZV Pier Extension of the lY.lllYCl'5ltl' of Illinois 4 it . 461 RQBERTA LOUISE GRIMES. . . . . .Marion Education Speech Orcliosis 135 Southern Illinois University K.-XTHRYN LOUISE GRONBERG ...... Dixon Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Busey Hall Woman's Glee Club 11, 255 Orchesis 1155 Cyclothem Club5 Riiie and Pistol Club? Young Republicans Club RICHARD ALFRED GRONQUIST ..... Aurora Journalism Editorial Alpha Chi Rho Star and Scroll5 Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini 1355 The Illio 1155 Illini Union Committee 1355 Football Marching liand 11, 255 First Regimental Band 11, 255 Men's Glee Club 11, 255 Oratorio Society 135 Aurora College JAMES FRANCIS GRUDER ......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois YVALLACE COLLINS GRUENBERG, JR. Brooklyn, New York Engineering Mechanical Engineering Psi Upsilon l.P.C. Photography Staff 125 5 Petty Officer First Class, NROTC5 A.S.M.E. ROBERT WILLIAM GRUPE ..... Forest Park Division of Special Services Economics-Management Chi Gamma. I0ta5 Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management llonors Day 115 GENE FREDERIC GUDEMAN ...... Magnolia Agriculture General Agriculture Farmhouse The Illio 1255 Illini Union Committee 11, 255 House President 1455 Tribe of Illini 1455 Senior Tennis Manager 1455 Tennis Manager 1355 S.N.I.B. 1355 All-Ag Field Day Committee 12, 355 Athletic Council 1455 Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 352 Field and FurrOw5 Hoof and Horn Club JEANETTE LOUISE GULIcR..Calarnet City Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall W.A.A. 115 GEORGE GUNDERSEN .......... Glen Ellyn Engineering Civil Lundgren House Sigma Taug Chi Epsilon5 A.S.C.E. Illinois Institute of Technology XVILLIAM BRUCE GULLETT ....... Paxton Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Kappa Delta Rho Star and Scroll5 Phi Eta Sigmag Junior Interfraternity Council 1155 Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society 13, 45 llouors Day 11, 25 JOHN EDXVARD GUTIIRIE .... . . . Viola Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agricultural Education Club Western Illinois State College FRANKLIN JOIIN GUTOXVSKY ....,. Sluol.-ie Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Kappa Sigma Spring Musical Cast 12, 355 Junior Inter- fraternity Council 1155 House President 1455 University Choir 11, 255 Mens Glec Club 11, 2, 3, 455 Major, Army ROTC? A.I.A. ROBERT ROLAND GUY ..... .... R ockforfl Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Psi5 Gymnastics Sophomore Manager 1255 Military Ball Committee 45 5 Captain, Army ROTC5 Military Council 155 Pershing Rifles 11, 2, 355 Scabbarfl and Blade 13, 455 Marketing Club RAYMOND JOHN GUVETTE. .East St. Louis Engineering Electrical Engineering Barton House House President 13, 455 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. JON BURTON GUYTON ........... Canton Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigma5 Star Course Manager 11, 255 House President 13, 455 Illini Chris- tian Fellowship 1255 Military Ball Com- mittee 13, 455 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC Honors Day 115 ROBERT CHARLES HAASE ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Barton House German Clubg Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SUZANNE CAROL HADLER ....... Wilnlelle Agriculture Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Illini Union Committee 1255 Terrapin 125 Q Panhellenic Ball Committee 125 University of Wisconsin GORDON PIIILLIP HAOLEY ...... . Wheaton Commerce Economics NORMA JEAN HAERR ......... Deer Creek Commerce Retailing Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Illinois State Normal University JUDITH X7IRGINI,X HAGE ........ Yorkville Agriculture Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall University Chorus 11, 2, 355 I.U.S.A. Pfarberettes 1255 S.N.I.B. 13, 455 Univer- sity Lutheran Foundation Student Coun- Cll 13, 45 5 Gamma Delta5 Home Economics Club W1 W" Phi En, Honors Navi' of wma' poshw Phi Skull ", Swinlmn' HilleS GN lil Rooia Mn-ketii merll of Hanrl FRANK Sigml M3-WMI Fresllmf er tt G' 145: V sical E1 sical CE RICHAR Sigm Illini l Varsity J iss: l Para Wa-Nm ll.I.A. House Piiiisi A.S.C.l Web J .DIES Society i45 5 5 Uni' VERNQ Son Alpha Illil KENN Y.M'f No, 2 ROBERT JOHN H.XGEDORN ...... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Newman Hall Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day C17 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois C1, 25 DONALD LEE I'IAGEMASTER Chicago Heights Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescentg Track Manager C153 Swimming Manager C1, 253 Pershing Rifles GENE MARK HAGELIEIER ......... Aurora Division of Special Services Marketing Roojah Marketing Clubg Society for the Advance- ment of Managementg Flying Club Hannibal-LaGrange College FRANK MZARTIN HAILAND ........ Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Nu Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemf Phi Epsilon Kap ag Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squadg Iyar- sity Gymnastics Squad C253 Gymnastics Letter C353 Gymnastics Squad Captain C453 Varsity Swimming Squad C353 Phy- sical Education Majors Club3 Spring Mu- sical Cast C25 RICHARD EDWARD HAIMBAUGH Woodstock Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Illini Union Committee C253 Freshman Varsity Football Squad C15 JESSE ROBERT HALE ........... Belleville Division of Special Services History Parade Ground Units Wa-Na-See: University Theatre Crew C255 M.I.A. Executive Council, President C453 House President C153 WPGU C1, 2, 35 PI-IAIsAN HALILAMIEN Bangkok, Thailand Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Weber College JAMES WILLIAM HALL Yakima, Wasliivigton Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Society of American Military EngineerS C453 A.I.A. University of WVashington VERNON LEROY HALL ..... . .--Iuka Agriculture Animal Science Son's Home Alpha Tau Alphag Hoof and Horn Club Illinois State Normal University IQENNETII LEROY HALLBERG .... Rockford Commerce Management Y.M.c.A. C153 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 LoTUs :MILLER IIALLBERG Rocyfo Z - . . . . . g 7-f Liberal Arts and Sciences English VXQAA' C11 25? Illini Christian Fellow- S IP uf 25? Spanish Club Naiyy .Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ' ELYMAR IUARIE HALLER .-'.' Mount Olive Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Delta Zeta Sigma Alplfa' Iota: University Choir C1, 2' F355 Umvefsity Ch0l'1lS C153 Oratorio Society C1, 25 Honors Day C15 NVILLIAM FRANKLIN HALLETT, JR. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry College Hall A.C.S.3 A,I.Ch,E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SANDRA J o HALL1DAy. . , . . .... Chicago Journalism Advertising Kappa Alpha Theta Shorter Board: Gamma Alpha Chi, Presi- dent C453 Illini Union Committee C153 Y.W.C.A. Committee C153 Panhellenic Ex- ecutive Council C3, 453 Illini Traditions Committee C3, 453 Panhellenic Board of AEairs DAPHNE SUE HALI ....... .... C hicago Commerce Secretarial Training Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Illini Christian Fellowship C3, 45 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARTIIA MAYLIE PIAMBRICK...Sp'ri'l'Lgfiel1l Agriculture Home Economics Sycamore Hall W,A,A, Cl, 2, 353 University Chorus C15: Home Economics Club: Marketing Club RONALD MELVIN HABIELBERG .... Antioch ,D , Commerce Accountancy 3 Acacia . . U 1 h kg Ph' Eta Sigma: 11111131 1110" Igggfniltlgeie C35 31 Seabury Foundation Stu- I ' dent Council Cl, 2, '3, 453 Lieutenant, 133 Army ROTC3 Phi cm Eta 63, 49: Swlr bard and Blade C3, 45 3 Accountancy Club! 'Y' Young Republicans Club, President C25 I 3 r.f2.'F-ga -.4 1 Honors Day Cl, 25 '-if DALE MONTGOBIERY HADIILTON ..... Joliet Fine and Applied Arts Music Education . 5 Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band 42, mvulfx . A 3 3, 45 -5 A f Joliet Junior College pf, KENNETH ALLEN HAMILTON. .... Brvcfvil Commerce Accountancy Alpha Sigma Phi I University Theatre Crew C153 Captafuj Army ROTC3 Accountancy Club? 1111111 Sportsman's Club RICHARD ALAN IIAMILTON ..... Robinson Fine and Applied Arts Music Theta Xi . . , . 5 3 UH1Ve1'Slty University Theatre past- 43 Ch - C35 9 Choir K3 47 5 Unwerslty OIIUI? Isons , ' 3, 4 ' Displace 8' x Men Sgieiae Cg1i1PIcndiari,Students Club: PH' ggfelngeachers of America: Spring Muslcal Caitldggria, Central College i 463 RICIIARD Josizrlet HAMILTON. . .Glen Ellyn Engineering General Engineering Granada Club Illini Christian Fellowship 11, 2, 3, 451 Physics Society VIRGINIA DAvID :HAMILTON TVilberforce, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences English University Theatre Crew 1153 French Clubg Spanish Club VVAYNE ARTIIFR HAMILTON ...... Chicago Engineering General Engineering Chi Gamma Iotag A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g A.S. G.E. VVilsOn Junior Collegeg Northwestern University RICHARD BERNARD HAMMER ..... Chicago Commerce Jlarketing Marketing Clubg Young Republicans Club Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini 11, 25 5 Dance Committee 115 g Activities Honorary 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES EUGENE HANAFEE ..... Champaign Engineering Metallurgy Engineering Alpha Sigma Mug Illini SpOrtsman's Club? M.I.S. AVILLIAM PATRICK PI.-XNCOCK. .Villa Grove Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg So- ciety for the Advancement of Management Illinois College FRANCES ARLENE HANDROCK Crystal Lake Physical Education Physical Education Beta House Y.W'.C.A. Committee 1153 WV.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 45g Gamma Deltag Physical Education Majors Club NANCY ANNABELLE HIXNIQS ...... Hudson Fine and Applied Arts Jlasic Education Evans Hall Sigma Alpha Iotag University Choir 13, 45 5 XVomen's Glec Club 1153 Madrigal Chorus 12, 352 Oratorio Society 12, 355 Spring Musical Cast 1353 Opera AVOrlc Shop 125 llonors Day 125 DIANE CAROLYN HANSEN ........ Oglesby Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spanish Sherwood Lodge lllini Christian Fellowship 12, 3, 455 Spanish Club LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College RODNEY FRED HANSON .......... Harvey Pliysical Education Physical Education Alpha Tau Omega XVa-Na-Seeg Saclicmg Tribe of Illini, Presi- Ilent 12, 3, 152 Football Varsity Squad 12, 3, 455 Letter 12, 3, -153 Freslnnan Varsity Squad-Captain 115 SHIRLEY JOAN HANTACK. .Chicago Heights Agriculture Retailing Apparel Busey Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee 1155 Marketing Club: Young Republicans Club TIIOAIAS GEORGE HARCHARIR .... Streator Agriculture Floriculture Pi Alpha Xi, President 1455 Floriculture Club Honors Day 135 IIARVIN LEO ITARDING ......... Rockford Engineering Engineering Physics Rock ford College RICII.lRD DICGREXV HARDY ....... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 115 EDYVARD RAY HARENZA .......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Men's Residence Hall Addition 3 A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PATRICK LEO HARLION .......... Monica Agriculture Agricultural Science Agricultural Economics Clubg Agricultural Education Club: Agricultural Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horny Illini Foren- sic Associationg Young Republicans Club Bradley Universityg University of XVis- COllSlll. HAROLD EUGENE HIXRRIS .... . . .Onarga Agriculture Agricultziral Extension Illi-Del S.N.I.B. 13, 453 Plowboy Prom Committee 125: Agricultural Education Clubg Dairy Production Club LeTourneau Technical Institute CARYL JOAN HARRINGTON ....... Chicago AgricultuI'e Home Economics Kappa Delta Phi Upsilon Omicrong Illini Union Com- mlttee tl, 2, 355 University Theatre Crew t2, .353 W.A.A. 115g S.N.I.B. 135g Or- chesis 1153 Home Economics Council 1455 Home Economics Club Honors Day 135 JOIIN HENRX' HARRIS Nashville, Tennessee Engineering Engineering Physics Men's Residence Hall Addition 3 Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Mu Epsilong Pershing Rifles 11, 25: A,I.E,E.-I.R.E. U11lV9TSif3' of Alabamag Case Institute of Technology ROGER FAI' HARRIS ....... .. .Atwood Agriculture Mechanization Illini SpoI'tsrnan's Club Wil-U vel Illin' MW 00111111 HW' Si! CIIUP cowl' A5506 H9110 Nl' Illillo we size' i011 I ' Hono ,ma Pe All So' Snsi St Kim Univ of Ai GI VIRG Si The mitti Unic SHE' Pi Ma-I Dail dent Circ Uni1 Unit fl'8t1 145 J 1 MUI P Acct N Illir CHI Clip Illil Hoi HEI Sig Al Ho: ii fi i . JH- 1 f I z r I l I 2 I, fx lg 1 , I 'E' ll? N I .4 l , a 'in 33411, il? WIIILIAINI RIDER HARRYIIAN .... Charleston Agriculture General Agriculture Delta Kappa Epsilon Illini Union Committee 1353 Junior Inter. fraternity Council 1153 Plowboy Prom Committee 135 HARRY DONALD I-IARTEL ....... Mandelein Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Campus Chest 1155 Junior Interfraternity Council 1153 German Clubg Junior Bar Associationg Young Democrats Club Honors Day 135 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RONALD DEAN HARTWICII ....... Vandalia Engineering Engineering Physics Sigma Taug Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Mu Epsi- loug Physics Society Honors Day 11, 25 JAMES EDWARD HARWARD ..... Carbondale Engineering Electrical Engineering Petite Maison A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Southern Illinois University SUSAN ELIZABETH HASTINGS. . .Brookfield Education Elementary Education Stratford Kappa Delta Pig Y.W.C.A. Committee 1453 University Chorus 1453 Future Teachers of Americag Young Republicans Club Grinnell College VIRGINIA ANN HATHORNE ...... Elmhurst Journalism Editorial Sigma Kappa The Daily Illini 1153 Illini Union Com- mittee 12, 353 Student Senate 1353 Illini Union Bronze Key SHELDON JOSEPH HAUCK ..... New Lenox Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Psi Upsilon Ma-Wan-Dag Skull and Crescentg The Daily Illini 1353 Illini Union Board Presi- dent 1455 Major Chairman High School Circus Illini Union Committee 1353 Illini Union Council President 13, 45: 1111111 Union Committee 11, 2, 353 Junior Inter- fraternity Council 1153 House President 1453 Young Republicans Club Joliet Junior College INIURRAY DAVID HAUSER .... .. .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Praetorians Accountancy Clubg Praetorians Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES STEWART HAVENS ..... .Urbana Commerce Accountancy Captain, Army ROTC3 Phalanx 13,439 Illini Sportsman's Club Honors Day 125 HEBER'E HICNRY HAYES ....., .. .DeKalb Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nui A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 115 WILLIAM RICIIARD HAYES, , , l , ,DuQu,,i,, Commerce Management Theta Chi 'Illini Union' Committee 115 3 Board of Fra- ernlty Aff2111'S 1455 Interfraternitv Execu- tlve Council 1453 House la. -d't 4 . IM Rec Board 44, IGSI en 1 5, ROBERT LEE I'I.XYMAKER Indianapolis, Indiana Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescentg Phi Kappa Ph" T gels Pi? Phi- Eta Sigma: Eta Kapyia Nllli BTI 6 of Illini 1453 Freshman Varsity f1Sebe11,Squad: Basketball Manager 11, 2, 353 Senior Tra-ck Manager 1453 Athletic gg:1lg11CfJ4151:,lL?3utiIgan5,I NROTCQ Armed C1 o, 3 ' - Scabbard and Blade 13, 2575, Council MJ' HonorsDay1l,2,3 4 -U' .- ,f Illinois Scholarship Key, D' nwemti 0 PENNY NANCY HEALE ..... Franklin Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Delta Zeta DAVID FULTS HEBERER ........ Belleville Engineering Engineering Physics Lundgren Hall Sigma Taug Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Mu Epsi- lon Honors Day 115 ROBERT LEE HECHLER ........ Galesbarg Commerce Management College Hall M.I.A. Executive Council 13, 455 Society for the Advancement of Management Iowa State College FRANK WEBSTER HECICLER, JR. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Engineering Mechanical Engineering Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 453 First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 453 A.F.S-2 A.S.M.E,g Young Republicans Club JEROLD ALLEN I-IECKTMAN ....... 0hica00 Commerce Marketing Tau Delta Phi House President 1453 Society for the Ad- vancement of Management HENRY RICHARD HEGNER .... .... 0 were Engineering Electrical Engineering . Morton Junior Collegeg Illinois Insti- tute of Technology NORLIAN I-IEICHMAN ..... Chicago Commerce Marketing GERALD Praetorians , Freshman Week Committee 145 I Marketing Club? Praeto1'iaI1SZ S0CietY for the Advance, ment of Management ROLLAND LOUIS HE A , Engineering Electrical E'fL9i"lW"m9 Medea Lodge A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. IEN ........ M t. Olive arji' V gif' .La ' A .1 ., 2. 1-whit :F sf... 'ga 5 ff , -pm, A95 6 .Mp V Q as I gifs? S 465 CHARLES .IOSEPXI IIEIMANN .... Mascoutah Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S.3 A.S.M.E. D.tVID SPENCER QHICINDEL .... .... D ixon Engineering Civil Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon l . Sigma Tau3 Chi Epsilong The Daily Illini 11, 2, 353 Engineering Council 135 3 MQIJOT, Army ROTC3 Scabbard and Blade 13, 45 2 Society SOE Ekmerican Military Engineers 145 3 A. . . '. Honors Day 115 IQATIIRYN DONOVAN HEITKOTTER. .Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Torch: The Iuio 11, 2, 35: Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 353 University Chorus 11, 253 French Club3 Future Teachers of America3 Young Democrats Club3 N.C.T.E. JANET ANNE HELMER .... ....... C hicago Agriculture Institutional Management T-Dorms Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT CLARENCE HENDEL .... La Grange Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Phi Sigma Tau3 Eta Kappa Nu3 Y.M.C.A. Committee 12, 3, 453 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Armed Forces Council 13, 453 Pershing Rifies 11, 2, 3, 453 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key FRANK DUANE HENDRICI-Is. .North Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Evans Scholars Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Industrial De- sign Student Association MAX XVADE HEPLER ............ Streator Agriculture Animal Science Exnioor Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club XVestern Illinois State University DONALD RAY HERDA ........... Riverside Engineering Mechanical Engineering Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 453 A.S.- M.E.3 S.A.E. Lyons Township Junior College DONAIID EPIIRAIM HERAI.XN. . . . . . .Aurora Coininercc Accountancy SZICIIBIIIQ Phi Eta Sigma3 Illini Union Committee 1253 M.I.A. Executive Coun- cil 1253 Student Senate 1253 Coordination Committee 1253 Committee on Student Dis- cipline 13, 453 Hillel Foundation Student Council 1253 First Lieutenant, Army Roilici Accountancy Club3 Praetorians Honors Day 11, 25 INIARY IQEATING HERMAN .... ...Antioch Agriculture Home Economics Evans Hall The Illio 1153 XV.A.A. 12, fl, 453 Heine Economics Club3 Future 'I'L-acliers of Ann-rica WILLIJKLI THEODORE HERMAN ...... Peoria Commerce Management Newman Hall Alpha Phi OlllCgl'tQ Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Illini Sportsman's Clubg Marketing Club? Society' for the Advance' ment of Management3 Sociology Club Bradley University ENGRIVE GUILLERM0 IIERNANDEZ Bogota, Colombia Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 Colombian Students' As' sociation University of the Andes PETER JAY HERRMANN .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Zeta Beta Tau Star and Scrollg Phi Beta Kappag The Daily Illini 1153 Campus Chest 1153 Com- mittee on Student Affairs 11, 253 Fresh- man Varsity Basketball Squad 115 3 IBRS' ketball Manager 1253 Illini Traditions Committee 145 ROBERT NELSON HERSCHELRIAN Glen Ellyn Commerce Management Pi Kappa Alpha Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Miami University CONRAD XVILLIAM HEXVITT ......, Shefielfl Commerce Finance Sigma Phi Epsilon Tomahawk3 Alpha Phi Omega: Illini Union Committee 12, 353 Commerce Council 12, 353 Major, Air Force ROTCQ Finance Club3 Illini Sportsman's Club3 Marketing Club DOUGLAS WAYNE HEYN .... .... C hicago Agriculture Agricultural Science Theta Xi Field and Furrow Xxyflgllt Junior College RICHARD LEWIS HIATT ........... Cicero Engineering Electrical Engineering Chi Gamma, Iota Honors Day 115 DePauw University3 Indiana Univer- sityg Navy Pier Extension of the Univer- sity of Illinois. JOYCE ANN HILDENBR.iND ..... Thawvilie Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Evans Hall Shorter B0ard3 Pi Kappa L8.IIliJd8,Q Alpha Lambda Delta3 Sigma Alpha Iota, Presi- dent 1453 University Choir 11, 2, 3, 453 Oratorio Society 11, 25 Honors Day 11, 35 JOIIN GARNETT I'IILL Indianapolis, Indiana Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Delta. Upsilon University Theatre Mazinger 1353 Univer- sity Theatre Crew 12, 3, 453 Basketball Manager 125 3 Intramural Manager 13, 45 3 Forsite 12, 3, 453 Landscape Architecture Society Young Democrats Club JorIN JAY HILL ............. Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Kappa Lambda Football Marching Band 11, 2, 353 First Regimental Band 12, 353 Second Regi- mental Band 1153 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC LARRY MICHAEL :HILL .... . . . .Cltanlpaign Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi M11 Alrlw-Sinfonia: Football March- ing Band C1, 2, 31 3 First Regimental Band Cl, 21 35? UmVe1'SitY Choir C3. 413 Madri- gal Chorus C2, 31 3 Oratorio Society- C1, 213 University Religious Council ' C213 McKinley Foundation Student Council C41 3 Illini Sportsman's Clubg Musical Director of Dadls Day Revue C3, 413 Choral Direc- tor of Spring Musical C2 31- Yeun R publicans Club , Y g eh LARRY Osoxn HILL ............ Robinson Journalism Azl'Uerti.wing Chi Phi House President C413 Freshman Varsity Track Squad C213 Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Pershing Rides C2, 3, 413 Market- ing Club CAROL KOEHN HILI.hI.KN ....... Mansfield Fine and Applied Arts Music Busey Hall Mu Phi Epsilong University Chorus C2, 3, 413 1Vomen's Glee Club C41 Eastern Illinois State College GERTHALENE PATRICIA HINES. . .Decatur Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Delta Sigma Theta University Choir C1, 213 Oratorio Society C1, 213 Orchesis C113 Opera IVorkshop C1, 2, 3, 41 MARLENE JOAN HIRSTEIN ........ Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Kappa Delta Beloit College JAMES WILLIABI HLAVACEK .... ...Niles Physical Education Recreation Phi Kappa Sigma Junior Interfraternity Council C113 Grynjf nastics Manager C1, 2, 313 Magor, Air Force ROTC3 Arnold Air Society C3,' 419 Phalanx C3, 413 American Recreational Society, U. of I. Student Chapter ANNE NARANICK H0.XGLAND. .Jacksonville Education History Pi Beta Phi Mortar Boardg Torch: Shi-Aig Phi Kappa Phi3 Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Lambda Delta3 The Daily Illini C113 Illini Union Committee C113 Panhellenic Executlve Council Cl, 2, 313 Student Senate C313 Committee on Student Affairs C313 Cheer- leader C313 Greek VVeek Committee C213 Panliellenic Ball Committee C113 Navy Sponsor C 31 I 3 Honors Day Cl, 2, 313 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key RICIIARD Louis HOARD ....... Glen Ellyn Engineering General Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull and Crescentg Campus Chest Cl- 25? Board of Fraternity Affairs C313 Inter- fraternity Executive Council 1313 House President C3, 413 Lieutenant,'NROTC1 Navy Council C2, 3, 415 Military Ball Committee DOLORES ANNE HoDGEs .... ...- U rblma Journalism Radio anzl Television Chi Omega Theta Sigma Phig University Theatre Man- ager C213 University Theatre Crew fl, 27 ELLEN ALICE IHOENICKE ...... Palos Park Liberal Arts and ScieI1C0S Teacher Training in Biolollll Buscy Hall German Club Navy Pier Extension of the Universitat' of Illinois INIARJORI i 1 E LL5-N HOERDT .,.... AI!!-VCOILUIIL Agriculture Home I 4-H I-louse . . acononm-.v Eflucrrlion Ph' ' - agdr ICIEII-0IhVOm1cr0'l3 Star Course Man- Chorus C1 QA? 'ily' 2, 31: University Student C' '. 5- 593-b11l'V Foundation 0llllCll C1 -v 3 .' . D.1 . ,H. 1,AlI-AgF11 mmest?nfSu,1tgee fm? Plowboy Prom Chili- . Iome Economics Club MARTHA ANN HOERTYI' ..... . . .Mascoulalt Liberal Arts and Sciences I Hixlory Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall gh? Beta KU-P1935 Alpha Lambda Dcltag hi Alpha Theta? First Regimental Band C1 2 31 H nois Scholarship :Key UMTS Day Cl, 2, 31g University of Ini- CARL OTIs HorFEE ..... .... F airfelfl Law Law Triangle Star and Scrollg Phi Delta Phig Junior Interfraternity Council C215 Captain, Ail- Force ROTC3 A.S.M.E.3 S.A.E. Honors Day C11 ALLEN WAYNE I'IOFFM.-KN ....... Gardner Agriculture General Agriculture Illi-Dell Y1M.C.A. Cl, 213 All-Ag Field Day Com- mlttee Cl. 2, 313 Plowboy Prom Connnit- tee3 Sno-Dall Committee C213 Agriculture Club3 Dairy Production Club3 Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club DAVID GLENN Hors'rE'r'rEn .... Oak Park Commerce Marketing Marketing Club3 Society for the Advance- ment of Management DePaul University3 Northwestern Uni- versity CLYDE KENNEDY HOGENDOBLER Villa Ridge Engineering Agricultural Engineering Ensign, NROTC3 A.S.A.E. RoBEn'r BERYL HOGUE .......... Ashmore Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Slgmag Eta KHDDH N113 A-I-E-E-' I.R.E. Honors Day Cl, 2, 31 Eastern Illinois State University? Ohio State University SAMUEL EDXVIN HOIIULIN ...... Goorlpelfl Fine and Applied AWS Industrial Design Ten-0-One Club Society of Illustrators Honors Day C23 RICHARD ROBERT I-IoLB.xcI-I ...... Chica00 Engineering Electrical Engineering Barton House A.lf.E.E.-I.R.E. . Navv Pier Activities: Varsity Football . . up S d rl, 21, Letter Cl, K' i , qgiavy Pier Extension of the UlllX'Gl'Sltd' of Illinois ANNx Marina I'IOLLAD.-XY ...... SI77'i'l7fUfi6l4l . . Physical Education Recreation - b t "an Hall - NXVIZZT 23511435 AlllCl'if'fln Rccrcmlonnl SO- cietv U. of l. Siildellt Chapter th UI .I U I Ill ID th In -I U I Ill ID l i s mlgggya Q X Q.. ks , in fl' Y ,gk , .fav i i 1 gauge Q, FRANCIS GENE HOLMAN ..... Cedar Point Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club: Society for the Ad' vancement of Management State College of Washingtong LaSalle- Peru-Oglesby Junior College RONALD CLARK HOLT ........... Potomac Engineering Agricultural Engineering Sigma Taug Captain, Air Force ROTC? Arnold Air Society 13, 455 A.S.A.E. ANDREW DONALD HOMA ...... Springfield Commerce Marketing Marketing Clubg Society for the Advance- ment of Management Springfield Junior Collegeg Bradley Uni- versity GERiXLD JAMES HONEY .......... Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Newman Hall A.S.M.E.g Society for the Advancement of lifanagement Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PEGGY JO HONN ................ Tolono Agriculture Home Economics Education Busey Hall Phi Upsilon Omicrong Star Course Man- agerg Home Economics Club Honors Day 115 ROBERT EUGENE HOOD .......... Sullivan Agriculture Agricultural Economics Disciples Foundation Student Council 11, 255 Agricultural Economics Club CHARLES ELTON HOOVER ........ Chicago Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Delta Chi Star and Scrollg The Daily Illini 1155 M.I.S.g Rifle and Pistol Club YVright Junior Collegeg Mary Hardin- Baylor Collegeg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DALE CARNEY HOPPER ....... Champaign Division of Special Services Social Studies ARLENE IIORNICK .,........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Evans llall Alpha Lambda Deltag Illinois Technograph 145 -NPWY Pier Activities: Editorial Chief, Plc-r Illinig Student Congress Honors Day 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois .JOEL LEON HOliRELL ..... West Frankfort Engineering Ifleclrical L'11ginvcring Southern Illinois University: McKendree College ALBERT DONALD HOSLER. .. .... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S.g A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Jo ANN HOSTETTLER .... Barrington Hills Journalism Advertising Mortar Boardg Torchg Alpha Chron: Theta Sigma Phig Gamma Alpha Chi: The Illio 11, 2, 3, 45, Business Manager 1455 Illini Union Committee 1253 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 12, 3, 453 Y.W.C.A. Committee 115: Campus Chest 1357 W.A.A. 1153 Seabury Foundation Student Council 11, 253 WPGU 1253 Little United Nations: Mar- keting Club NORBIAN ROLAND HOUBE... .... Chicago Commerce Management Sigma Phi Epsilon Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment KENNETH ALFRED HOUP Coral Gables, Florida Division of Special Services Aeronautical Engineering Arnold Air Society 1355 I.A.S. Carnegie Institute of Technologyg Boston University MARJORIE ANN HOWARD ...... Mt. Vernon Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Pi Beta Phi Sigma Alpha Iota: Illini Union Committee 11, 253 University Theatre Crew 1153 Star Course Manager 11, 253 University Choir 1155 Oratorio Society 1159 Opera Work- shop 125g Spring Musical Cast 135 Honors Day 11, 2, 35 SYLVIA GERALDINE I'IONVARD ....... Olney Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Pi Beta Phi Psi Chi NANCY ANDERSON HOWELL ........ Carmi Education Elementary Education Delta Sigma Epsilon The Inio 115 PHYLLIS JANE HOWELL ........ llIcHenr,u Agriculture Home Economics Floriculture Clubg Home Economics Club Cornell College RONALD HUNTER HOWELL ....... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delta Kappa Epsilon Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 255 A.F.S. Honors Day 135 JAM1-is JOSEPH IHUBB.-XRD ...... Carrollton Journalism Agricultural Journalism Alpha Gamma Rho Sigma Delta Chip The Daily Illini 11 255 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 259 S.N.I.B., Edi- t01' fill: Agricultural Council 13, 453 All- Ag Field Day Committee 13, 453 Plowboy Prom Committee 1353 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Zeta Sigma Alpha 13, 45 46 llo of lla en lie mi ner ill y ll : Bl'- lgg ge' ialu ton RON ttee Star 1oir irk- my l rml HTH uh U90 Hon Ili? .U kv 3 .Tit 4-,ye J, 6 i 5 L we ' 1 4 t 72 , 'Of 51, l v.'f , -far: mNnx- ' up ff 5, 'tri f 2 ' Ri fluff .. l , . s . l it '15, , 1 iz it-, V 4, L, 'swf CHARLES PHILLIR HUBELE .... . . .Carmi Agriculture Animal Science Beta Theta Pi Skull and Crescent5 The Illio 11, 255 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 255 Junior Inter. fraternity Council 1155 Greek Week Com. mittee 1255 Agricultural Economics Club5 Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club' Illini Spoi-tsman's Club ' 1M:nDERICK CHARLES HUBNER ..... Milford Agriculture General Agriculture Lookout Manor Agricultural Economics Club5 Hoof and Horn Club JOHN FRANCIS HUCK ....... Granite City Engineering Industrial Engineering Delta Chi Star and Scroll5 Illini Union Committee 1155 Army ROTC5 Scabbard and Blade 13, 455 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Illini Sports- nian's Club5 S.I.E.S. RIORRIS GLEN HUCK ........... Nashville Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Phi Eta Sigma5 Alpha Tau Alpha5 Univer- sity Religious Council 1355 Wesley Foun- dation Student Council 13, 455 Cadet Cap- tain, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society 13, 455 Agricultural Education Club5 Field and Furrow Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key JUDY ARLINE HUCRO ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Little United Nationsg Society for the Ad- vancement of Management5 Young Re- publicans Club Navy Pier Activities: Dance Committee 11, 255 Activities Honorary 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DENNIS LEE HUDSON ........ Wood River Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Acacia University Theatre Manager 1255 Univer- sity Theatre Cast 11, 2, 3, 455 Umversitl' Theatre Crew 11, 2, 3, 455 Junior Inter- fraternity Council 1155 University Theatre Workshop Director 145 PATRICIA ANN HUDSON. .. .... Moline Education French Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee 1355 Illini ChriS12i2n Fellowship 13, 455 French Club North Park College THOMAS PAUL HUDSON ....... Hindsboro Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho S.N.I.B. 13, 455 All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee 145 5 Field and Furrow Eastern Illinois State College DONALD RICHARD HUFTALIN ....... Malia Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho University Chorus 11, 255 All-Ag Field Day Committee 12, 355 P10Wb0Y Prom Committee 12, 355 Agriculture Club? Hoof and Horn Club SAUNDRA JEAN HUFTALIN La, Canada, California Agriculture Home Economics Presbyterian Hall Alpha Lambda Delta5 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1255 Women's Glee Club 11, 2. 379 Home Economics Club Honors Day 11, 35 HELEN SHUMA Liberal Arts and Sciences K Rhetoric and English Composition M FPIWBKQIDDII Gannnn, or M' Oafdi Star Cours M . ?i1ig2erekP8-alsellenic Board gf AllfliiliIg5113l515 Association B' 01-chesls ll' 2,5 Alumni t t - Oard 435: Concert and En- ygguifgnigt 12?.a'rd itll: LAS Council 1255 Final-t ml lcfms Club: D0lphin Queen 15 125 , Illio Beauty 135 RICIIARD LEE HU N HUGHES ---- . ll'0Ocl.vI0r'l.' ITEMA ......... Lansing Engineering Electrical Engineering Granada Club A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT BOYD HULL ........... Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Alpha Siem Mu: The Daily Illini 1255 Engineering Council 1455 Mrs, Honors Day 11, 2, 355 Universit' of l ' . . Clinton . 3 ll - nois Scholarship Key I WILLIALI LEE HULL ......... Carbondale Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Agricultural Education Club Southern Illinois University JOHN ARTHUR HULTBERG ...... Kankakee Engineering Mechanical Engineering Triangle Interfraternity Council 1355 Junior Inter- fraternity Council 1255 Captain, Army ROTC5 Scabbard and Blade 13, 455 A.S.- M.E.5 S.A.E.5 Synton ERNEST CHARLES HUMPHREY South Bend, Indiana Journalism Radio and Television Theta. Chi Wa-Na-See5 Sachemg Mask and Bauble5 Sigma Delta Chi5 The Illio 1155 Major Chairman, Spring Musical Illini Union Committee 1355 Illini Union Council 135.5 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 3, 455 Uni- versity Theatre Manager 13, 45 5 University Theatre Cast 125 5 University Theatre Crew 11, 2, 355 Illigreek 1455 WILL 1455 Greek Week Committee 1255 Spring Mu- sical Cast 12, 35 WAYNE LOUIS HUNERKOCH .... Metropolis Agriculture Agronomy Moore Hall Field and Furrow Southern Illinois University DONALD EDWIN HUNT ....... Wood River Commerce Industrial Administration Marketing Club5 Society for the Advance- ment of Management TYLER RODNEY HUNT .......... Kewanee Engineering Electrical Engineering Wa.Na.See5 Fencing Varsity Squad f2, aim, captain co, Letter 43, 411 A-I-E-E-' I.R.E.5 Scimitar .Park Ridge MARION HUNTER ....... . . Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Omicron Pi h Ill' ' U ion Coin - T : 1111 H 1 Sl?3:Iell?r11I,5J?rqUuivtg'gity Theatre Managel ml 3 - University Theatre. Crew. 115, l2, l 1 - C eil 145 Stu- Panheuenic Execulwe lgllll k Comhnittee dent Senate 12, 35 1 GreeBoa53 52. 3, 125 5 University Thea-We T' -v 1. 1 -,,, - Jyi T' ,ffl --'it ,,,,. ' 5 , i S I ,1 f I Al X i I I X 4? T A B I, . ...,, A " : '-', X tm. ..,,., ,, j I N ,x ' A I ., 1 'it it l 'ev' :S 469 s sp 1 l i ' ' l I L l Q K 1 I , AS' l 5 ad if we f 5 470 SIIIRLIGY ANN PIUNTER ........ Sl. Joseph Agriculture ITome Economies Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Upsilon Omicron5 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet tl, 255 University Chorus 1155 S.N.I.D. 13. 45 Honors Day C15 ITELEN VIRGINIA HU1'CIIINSON East St, Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Hl.Vf0I'lll Alpha Chi Omega Belleville Junior College PAUL GEORGE HUTH ........... Saybrook Agriculture Agricultural Economics Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha lllinois State Normal University JAMES DONALD HUXEIJ ........ Waaconda Commerce Ilfarkcting Marketing Club Illinois State Normal University AI4l"I!l'ID SAMUEL INSELBERG Athens, Greece Engineering Aeronautical Enginceiring Sigma Tang Pi Mu Epsilon5 Sigma. Gamma 'l'au5 Hillel Foundation Student Councilg Greek Students Club5 I.A.S.5 Riiie and Pistol Club Roy LESTER ION ............... Chicago Divison of Special Services Economics Flying Club5 Rho Epsilon5 Young Republi- cans Club Ohio State University YI'ro JOHN IOVINO ....,........ Chicago Commerce Sales anrl Advertising Management Sigma Nu Tribe of Illini C455 Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 45, Letter C455 Freshman Varsity Football Squad NATIIALIE GAYE IRNVIN ....... Jiridgeport Fine and Applied Arts Jlusic lfrlizealion Gamma Phi Beta Sigma Alpha Iota5 The Illio tl, 255 Illini Union Committee 1155 University Choir tl, 2, 3, 455 5Vomen's Glee Club fl, 25 Ki-:NNE'r1t ALLEN ISSEL .... .. .Deei-held Engineering Civil Engiiiecring Delta Tau Delta Vaptain, Army ROTC5 Society of Amer- ii-an Military llngineers 43, 455 A,S,C,E, Iowa State College Axriioxx' Josiamt Iuno ......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts .il 1'i'hiffw'fl1f'f: A.l.A. XVrigl1t Junior Collegeg Navy Pier Exten. sion of the University of lllinois THU JAANIKS ............. Jlelrosc Puri: Fino and Applied Arts Art Eilucation Concordia American Academy of Art Lovin RUTH JACKSON ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in French Delta Sigma Theta Phi Delta Phi5 N.S.A. Senate Subcommit' tee Q3, 455 French Clubg Spanish Clubg Cheerleader tl, 255 Orchesis fl, 25 Honors Day tl, 35 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois IIARILYN JEAN JACKSON ........ Mahomel Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Majors Club ROISERT CHARLES JACKSONH ---Amb0!l Commerce Marhetivzg El Patio House President 1355 Marketing Club? Young Democrats Club Honors Day tl, 35 ROBERT HOXVARD JACKSON Cleveland Heights, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosoph ll Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee fl, 255 Junior Interfraternity Council 4155 Freshman Council 1155 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee C15 5 Freshman Week Committee 125 5 LAS Council tl, 25, President Q25 Western Reserve University THEODORE ALLEN JACKSON ....... Moline Engineering Mechanical Engineering College Hall Sigma Ta.u5 Illini Christian Fellowship fl, 2, 3, 455 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 A.S.M.E.5 S.A.E. Honors Day C15 SYLVIA ELIZABETH JACOB ....... Dixnzoor Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology Teacher Training Gamma House Illini Union Committee C3, 45, House Presi- dent C45 GLENN EDWARD JACOBS ....... Spi-ingjielil Engineering Electrical Enfzinecring A.I,E.E.-I.R.E, Springfield Junior College KENNE1'H JACOBS. .Kansas City, .llissoari Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Epsilon Pi A.I.A. Honors Day Q15 MYRNA ARLENE JAt'onsoN. . , .. .Chicago Educ-ation Social Sliulies Laurel Student Senate C35 5 Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council 13, 455 Future Teachers of America lVright Junior College IAF wp MW' Phi E fs Honmholzy n0l5 Sc WHUSF TW BG Siglgl Fo, hsmm H0norS D noiS Scho Acafl' et! ll cttw Gu ,l,I.Cl1-E- Morwn Emxoli Phi UP till! A1 Plowb0Y nomics FRIDBI Dairy Associ Jost G lllin' The Crei Pan Ro. Al ll HAROLD DEAN JAiIEs ......... Buncombe Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Nabor House Phi Eta Sigma5 Student Veterinary Med. ical Association Honors Day C1, 2, 355 University gf 1115. nois Scholarship Key VVARREN ROBERT JAMES .... . . .Peoria Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Acacia Tau Beta Pig Phi Mu Alpha-SinfOnia5 Sigma Gamma Taug Concert Band C1, 2, 3, 455 Football Marching Band. C1, 2, 3, 4.55 First Regimental Band C155 I.A,S. Honors Day Cl, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key CARL GEORGE JANIS ....... ...Cicero Engineering Metallurgical Engineering A.I.Ch.E.5 M.I.S. Morton Junior College ELEANORE RUTH JANSSEN ....... Minonk Agriculture Home Economics Education 4-H House Phi Upsilon Omicrong University Chorus C255 All-Ag Field Day Committee C255 Plowboy Prom Committee C255 Home Eco- nomics Club FREDRICK CARL J ARONITZKY .... Egingham Agriculture Dairy Technology Pi Kappa Phi Dairy Technology Societyg Illini Forensic Association5 Illini Sportsman's Club JOEL DIANE JARVIS ........... Flossmoor Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Gamma Phi Beta Illini Union Committee C155 University Theatre Manager C255 University Theatre Crew C155 Greek Week Committee C255 Panhellenic Ball Committee C35 RONALD THEODORE JAsI:OLsKI .... Chicago Journalism Advertising Alpha Delta Sigmag The Daily Illini C453 Marketing Club Wilson Junior College HARRY JEFFERSON White Plains, New York Physical Education Physical Education Omega Psi Phi sachem, Tribe of Illini C2, 3, 41: Vflrsify Football Squad C35, Letter C355 Freshman Varsity Football Squad DAVID LLOYD JELINEK .......... Chicago Commerce Sales and Advertising Management Phi Kappa Alpha Kappa Psi5 University Theatre Cast C3, 455 Newman Club Foundation Student Council C3, 455 Commerce Council C3, 45? Marketing Club Navy Pier Activities: Pier Plflyhouse Manager C25 Honors Day C15 Navy Pier Extension of the University 0f Illinois VVILLIAM ROBERT JELINEK- ' - - ' ' ' 'Cary Commerce Accountancy Chez Nous House President C455 Accountancy Club: Flying Club Marquette University? Nomhwestmn University JOHN BRIGGS JENKINS. . ...... Elmliurwl ' Commerce Management a Phi Gamma Delta S Yiivliicifndc I?-rescent' Plfsfdenn 125: mittee'Chairii1met tml Y'M'C'A' Com' Affairs C25 .an 4259 Board Of Fr-tn-nity Counfgil 42 I Interfmte1'n1tY Executive ordinat' J' Student Senate 4252 CO' Council 1f'f'J,C1Q5mm1ttee 4253 Freshman fly. Gr k W .S.A. Senate Subcommittee Chili- Sie ' eek Commlttee 425: Finance M ' 0c1etY fOr the Advancement of management? Interfraternity Council C1, nfl Finance HERBERT GEORGE JENSEN ....... Freeport Commerce Marketing Armory House UnlV91'Sity Theatre Crew C155 Illini For- ensic Association5 Marketing Club SHELLEY BARRY JERAL ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Y5M.C.A. Cabinet C455 Y.M.C.A. Com- mlttee C455 Second Regimental Band C2, 355 Sociology Club Navy Pier Activities: Concert Band fl, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NANCY HELEN JEVERT .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Illini Union Committee C2, 355 Home Eco- nomics Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GORDON IVIALCOLM JOHNS ....... Wilinette Commerce Accountancy Sigma Phi Epsilon Ma-Wan-Da5 Phi Kappa Phi5 Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta. Sigma5 Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha Psig Illini Union Board C455 Major Chairman, Public Relations Illini Union Committee C355 Illini Union Coun- cil C3, 455 Illini Union Committee C1, 253 Football Marching Band C2, 355 Second Regimental Band Cl, 2, 355 Accountancy Club, President C45 Honors Day C1, 2, 355 University Of Illi' nois Scholarship Key RONALD JACK JOHNS ............ Herrin Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Phi Omegag University Theatre Cast C453 University Theatre Crew C3, 45? French Club5 Illini Forensic Association ADELE LOUISE JOHNSON ......... Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Vanlig University Theatre Cast i452 University Theatre Crew 13, 45 Carleton College ARTHUR LOUIS JOHNSON. .. ..., Sorento Engineering Cieil Engineering Rogers l'l0llS8 Chi Epsilong A.S.C.E. Honors Day Q25 BRADLEY ROBERT JOHNSON Kingston, Ontario, Canaria Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Delta UPSU011 , . 5 Seal-ab5 IlllHl.UIl10H 'Commltliee ?2L5:rienBOard of FraterI11f2Y.Affalrs qw? 45 3 y Interfraterniiiyg Ezgfcugmzrgglylzcg 4, Z 4 - Forsite 12, , 5 ' -I Sho-i3'all Committee C151 Landscape Archl tecture Society CARL WIIIIIELAI JOHNSON, ' 'Wheaton Liberal Arts and Sciences P- . Extension of the University of Sociology Psi O11i5 Sociology Club Navy 1e1 Illinois ,,,, ,. .4 e 4, ' 42 8 'ka A ' ' ,-I wifi ' :VT U' 7 I 5 C 5 V KU? f D' lil n f, to 'AQ ' nl Gs . . F X3 A ix iii 5.5 if "iv Q S M 2 f X - 'vw-.. 4 th. 4 if A " it sf. 'P' :tv A , N. 2 f R .ns 1 i R . . ' - 'J E 1 1 ' fi rf ' - ,feel 'K .s. 2 W, I Q .et'....sf- rg V fan. . . 4, ,, ., 'dx - me jyv 3 ' till? :SN R Sq x 1 is gig! i"' . A 47l 1 f ,r is ff i lb Ill .I U I Ill ID 47 if I wzf' 8 323' DIGNIS EADS JOHNSON .......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts I'ml11.vlrial Design Phi Sigma Kappa Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad IJONALI1 BIARSIIALL JOHNSON .... Chicago Commerce Management Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Club5 So- ciety for the Advancement of Management lil-:Ic.xLD FRANK JOHNSON ......... Lelanrl Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology l irowery llouse President 1415 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Society of American Military Engineers 1415 Cyclothem Club, President 141 llouors Day 121 1iIlilllBR'1' FRED JOHNSON ...... Oak Lawn Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Illini Campus Amvcts Post NO. 202 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GLORIA FAITH JOHNSON ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Delta Zeta Student Senate 1315 Home Economics Clubg I.A.S.5 Rifle and Pistol Club Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini 1113 Iota Pi Sigma 11, 213 Chorus 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ll:-IRBERT GARDNER JOHNSON ...... Morris Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Society of Illinois Bacteriologists Greenville College KIGNNETII JAMES JOHNSON ...... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Clul15 Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Baseball Squad 11, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Niall. JOHNSON. ...... .LaGrande, Oregon Engineering Aeronautical Engineering l,A.S. Pit llilill' EUGENE JOHNSON. . . . . . .Salem Engineering Civil Engineering College Hall A.S.C.E. Centralia Junior College RXYAXIOND ERNI-IST JOHNSON ...., Chicago Engineering Metallurgy lllinois Institute of Technologyg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois THOMAS FREDERICK JOHNSON Champaign Division of Special Services Advertising Alpha Delta Sigma: Marketing Club 1Villiam and Mary College WALTER CARL JOHNSON, JR-- ' -East Lynn Physical Education Recreation Alpha Sigma Phi University Theatre Crew 12, 411 Fresh' man Week Committee 1213 SI10'Ball CON" mitteg 1115 American Recreat1Onal.SO- ciety U. of I. Student Chapter Presulcul 1415 Physical Education MaJors Club YVAYNE EMANUEL JOHNSON .... Roclufrnvl Commerce Management Barton House House President 1415 Marketing Chili: Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment YVILLIE EARL JOHNSON ..... . . Champaign Division of Special Services Chemistry JAMES JOSEPH JOHNSTON .... .... J oliet Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Club Joliet Junior College JEANNE KAY JOHNSTON .......... Duron Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spanish Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Boardg Torchg Shi-Ai5 Phi Kappa Phig Phi Beta Kappa5 Alpha Lamblla Deltag Mask and Baubleg Sigma Delta Pi! University Theatre Manager 12, 315 Uni- versity Theatre Crew 1115 Panhellenic EN- ecutive Council 13, 415 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 13, 415 LAS Council 121 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ROBERT PICKERING JOHNSTON Mt. Prospect Engineering Mechanical Ifnginecring Navy Pier Activities: Lettermens Chili 121g Track Team 1215 Cross Country Team 121 Kansas Universityg Bradley UniverSity5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois THOMAS WATTS JOHNSTON. . . .Shelbyville Commerce Finance Phi Gamma. Delta Ma:-Wan-Dag Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Kappa PSIQ Illini Union Committee 1115 Star Course Manager 11, 2,-31, Senior Manager 1415 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1115 Interfra- ternity Executive Council 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Stu- dent Senate 141g Men's Glee Club 11, 2. 315 Concert and Eentertainment Board 1415 LAS Council 111 HQHOPS Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key CLARENCE FRANKLIN JONES .... Eldorado Agriculture Agronomy Agriculture Noble House U. of I. Rine Team, Captain 131, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41 JACK KENNPJTII JONES .......... Ranloul Commerce Imlastrial Administration Marketing Club5 Society for the Advance- ment of Management Honors Day 111 E f ,we , V , 1 0 if pw, Jos::a'gci W' 1J"""A1it:1""V .yu . mini Un flu Thaw, 'ernigy Inleffya 41: ff Axtillf ly' f 21 Gu' Ciiiiinish Club ll: H, 13. A B"'sJiig:icu1f'1fe my lfcchanilatioil . s.N-I-B' W' M561 Arnold AU :Sn my tsl in! JOY. l'lm.1P WlCKWEnl!ineeYlf'5 Civil ' A .W Thgllfb CTW lievf4"""! U 2' all W ol 13' ll IIKIS - Y silo! -WD lim LibenIAru and Chcmialfll yamiin HHH l.C,S. . wr Pie Extension of ' lllinoii ymnxcx Enxlsr J neerin Civil wifwf De Paul Universitl' Jim Lion JUNAS .... imer 'keti lIen's Residence Hall, llirketing Clubg :rent ol Management Aurora College llosm Etrcnxg Electrical Newman H311 iI.E.E.-1.R.E.g niini Par So. 202 NW Pier Activity H0115 Administrative my Pier Extension Illinois Jon KACILQREK Hiiiuiicolumns V elta Pm ho -ullllluiliks 5 . Nm Pigciatio flliver' Pll'2s1i??yX:f mltrsity of lillllm, Illlllois WILLIAM Elect ' l.i,E'Eq'g:Etho ROXAL D STEWART T 11:2 EDSil0n Phi Uniimstrpii ghlllger mmlltee ,f'1Hil.11i1- 21 13, cliff il: 32" Qin iff' Giffflle '15 Club' Rho lil Ill all' lll ' 50- lll, ral ll ' 1 Q. gli het WH Jpzl Jlln Pi ' i nl- IEY- lCSl il 2 illi- cl lull lrv fy! of 1116 71311 tal' 291' ln" t u. 4 l is A Q il Q 'l l Josxzrn EDWARD JONES ........... Dixon Liberal Arts and Sciences History Chi Phi Phi Alpha Thetag Illini Union Committee 115: Junior Interfraternity Council 1153 Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 453 Oratorio So- ciety 13, 453 Spanish Club PIIIL BRYAN JONES ........... Richoiew Agriculture Zllechanization 'l'omahawk3 S.N.I.B. 1453 Captain, Air Force ROTC3 Arnold Air Society 13, 45 Honors Day 135 PIIILIP VVICKXVARE JOY, JR.. . .Villa Park Engineering Civil Engineering University Theatre Crew 1153 University Choir 135: Men's Glee Club 13, 453 First llieutenant, Army ROTCQ Pershing Rifles 11, 2, 35g Scabbard and Blade 13, 453 Society of American Military Engineers 13, 453 A.S.C.E. ll'lcNRY SIMON JUDEIKIS. . . . .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Newman Hall A.C.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FREDERICK ERNEST JULIANO Melrose Park Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. De Paul University JERRY LEON JUNAS ....... . . .Aurora Commerce Marketing Men's Residence Hall, Addition 4 Marketing Clubg Society for the Advance- ment of Management Aurora College ROBERT EUGENE JUREWICZ ...... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Navy Pier Activity: Finance and Opera- tions Administrative Committee Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN KACMAREK ....... .... 0 hicago Commerce Marketing Four Columns Alpha Delta Sigmag Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Marketing Club: Navy P191' Alumni Association C Navy Pier Activities: Basketball Squad 1, 23 . University of Californiag Qhio State Universityg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT WILLIAAI KAEKA .... . . .J 01161 Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. RONALD STEWART KAISER I Clayton, Missouri Journalism Advertising Tau Epsilon Phi I . Star and Scrollg Alpha Delta Sggmai 1111111 Union Committee 11, 2, 3, 413 tal' Coulfse Manager 11, 25g Junior Interfraterngty Council 115g Student Senate 12, 315 Trip? of Illini 13, 453 Cheerleader 1255 Chled Illiniwek 1353 Illigreek 139: Dlsrggcek Persons Committee 1353 Freshman .60 Committee 1253 Greek Week 'Committee 125: Pershing Rifles .1113 1111111 SPONS- Inan's Clubg Rho Eps11011I Young Revu llcans Club MAURY CHARLES KXLNITZ Uhfm 1 . ....... , go lunglncering hlndusg,-,al E7,gmcc,.mq I'raetOrlang ' Ch l . . d eer eader .145 ..Praetorlans3 Student ln- lijligmeerlflg S0C1etY, President 145 ARS.. xer Activities: Debate: A,C,S,1 Honors Day 115 N f ' 1 , . of Iiihioigler lmensmn of the UH1Ve1'Sifw KENNETH THOMAS KXIIBER. , .... Cliff-nm, Engineering - Metallurgical Enginecdng I Slgmv- Tau Gamma Nggegiraternlty Executive Council 1459 Ilson Junior College, Illlnols Institute of Technology DAVID ANTHONY KIMM ..., ...Chicago Engineering 1 Electrical Engineeamg Newman H311 alpha P111 Omega: Football lsiai-clung ,img 131' 311349: First Regimental Band , , , 5 ngineerin C '1 . A.1.E.E.-IRE. g Dum 131 41' THOMAS JAMES KAMPWIRTH ...., Chicago Physical Education Teacher Training in Physical Education The Dim View Future Teachers of America Wilson Junior COllege3 DePaul Univei., Sftyi Navy Pier Extension of the Univer- s1ty of Illinois ANNA KANELLOS .............. Chicago Education Elementary Education Vanlig Kappa Delta Pl: House President 1453 Oratorio Society 13, 453 Orchesis 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois THEODORA KANELLOS .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences General Speech Vanlig Oratorio Society 13, 453 Orchesis 125 MARVIN VICTOR HYBIEN KANTER. .Chica90 Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Lundgren House Omega Beta Pig House President 145 Honors Day 11, 25 University of Chicago3 Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois FRED CHARLES KARBERG Park Rapids, Minnesota Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club RONALD SAMUEL KAREKEN- -- ---- 011115011 Engineering General Engineering Triangle S rl . .D 3 T mahawk' .igma I 'DAL lflgeggilglt 8,1353 0Tau Beta PII3 Phi Eta Sigma' Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 13, 453 Il.M.C.A. cabinet, President. 14.52 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 21 313 Umvefslty Chorus 11, 2, 35 3 Lieutenant J'un1or'G1i1d0, NROTC2 Pershing Rif19S 1157 JUIUO1' Bm' Association: I.S-G-E Honors Day 11, 2, 39 LIICHAEL JOSEPH KARON .... Rock Island Physical Education Physical Education Zeta Beta Tau . - 3S chem: 1 P . - ' Th?ibx27aoIi1ISini B13, 453 Gymnastics Vdl'S1t1' squad 12 3 41 Cuptug114l2t.LetgG1',fff D ' ' ' - , a ICS qu c : 45 , Freshman Xlarsgzyuainlnnsg Freshman Ph' E silon Kappa' Varsity Swimm. 8 S uad: Physical Edu. Varsity Swimmlllg fl cation MIIJOTS Club :Elf gg, Q5 V. ' , 24, 51 1 l Q A ' I :- -f i , Y '.,. - I 1 if 1 fr ' Tf'LZefff-ei 'W l 473- th lb .I U G KENT MILTON KAILRAIQER ...,. Champaign Journalism I?a,iIio and Television lleta ',l'ln-ta Pi t'l1eerle:ulcl' 1212 MQHVS C100 Club f3l llonors Day 11, 135 Rllflllxllh MASON KASII ..... . ..Ui72sdl1l6 Engineering Electrical Engineering Chi Gamma I0ta3 Sigma Tau Honors Day 115 Knox College JOIIN FREDERICK KATING. . . .... Chica!70 Commerce Zllarlceting Phi Sigma Kappa Wa-Na-See3 SZICIIGIIIQ Skull and Crescent: Tribe of Illini3 Varsity Baseball Squad 13, 45, Letter 12, 353 Freshman Varsity Base- ball Squad IIIELVIN LEROY K.'XTTEN .... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Praetorians Accountancy Club3 Marketing Club: Prae- lorians3 Society for the Advancement of Management Thornton Junior College ADRIENNE GLORIA K.xTz ......... Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Future Teachers of Americag Young Demo- crats Club FRIEDRICI-I JOACIIIM KATZ Sao Paulo, Sp, Brazil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Portuguese Clubg S.A.E. RENEE JUDITH KAUFMAN ........ Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Future Teachers of America Roosevelt University3 Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois N.xNcv K.-xTIILI-:EN K.-xI'TII ....... Slrcator Agriculture Retailing Alpha Omicron Pi University Theatre Crew 1153 1.W.C.A. Committee 115: S.N.I.B. 12, 3, 453 Terra- pin 11, 253 Panhellenic Ball Committee, Major Chairman 12, 353 Home Economics Club MacMurray College3 Syracuse University KENNETII CHARLES KAY ...... Collinsville Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Football Marching Band 1453 First Regi- mental Band 145 WILLIAM RICIIARD KEEL ...... Collinsville Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Chemistry lieta Sigma Psi A.C.S.3 Gamma Delta, President 135 BARR-1R,i ANN KEELER ........-- Ohiwyfl Journalism Radio and Television Palamar I Theta Sigma Phi3 Illini Union Committee 1153 University Theatre Crew 1253 Young Democrats Club ROSE MARIE KEHARH' ........... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Philc-21. Shorter Boardg Kappa Delta P13 W.A.A. 1353 Orchesis 13, 453 Physical Education Majors Club Navy Pier Activities: The Pier Illini 1153 W.A.A. 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RUTH ANN ICI-JLLER ............ Winslow Commerce Secretarial Training Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Cheerleader-Gizz Kids fl, 255 U11lVe1'SitY Religious Council 1153 Lutheran Founda- tion Student Council PRESTON WooDsoN KELLEY ...... Chica90 Engineering Civil Engineering Alpha Phi Alpha, A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Basket- ball 11, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DIANE MEREDITH KELLOGG ..... Oalc Park Journalism Advertising Alpha Omicron Pi Torch3 Shi-Ai3 The Illio 11, 253 Illini Union Committee 1153 University Theatre Crew 1153 Star Course Manager 11, 251 Campus Chest 1353 House President 145: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 135 3 Illini Traditions Committee 145 EDWARD EUGENE KELLUM .... East Peoria Engineering Electrical Engineering Chi Gamma Iota3 Eta Kappa Nu3 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day 135 JAMES PATRICK KELLY, JR. ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology LI.-KRGARET LORENE KELLY .... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Alpha Phi Sigma Alpha Iota3 Zeta Phi Etai Illini Union Committee 13, 453 University Sin- fonietta 11, 253 University Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 453 University Chorus 115 Honors Day 11, 35 TIIoM.xs JOSEPH KELLY ..... ...Chicago Engineering Industrial Engineering A.F.S.3 A.S.M.E.3 S.A.E.3 S.I.E.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES IYIARTIN KEMPER ......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day 11, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GW" Imyngoglflf not ' 1111550 I Kilim! Fine and Hip lm lmN.yln0 House msg 'd pt 14 INS' Preiilxiior College Wil-90" fnivefS"" 0 . fthe I M5109 0 :MIB lylflil-IP L55 K 0 Englfmerm Gfnrral 19 Ep5l0l'l tigllll Aga: Commne llllfmgndey SROTC N will ll Genervl Engm Soc KLHXOI A-VN T-D0Yl'15 - Torch mmf BOHIL Klppl Delta Pi! Alpha on l4l: W-A-A Bon npin 121: Phffiftl Honors DIY izl mimi' JAN: Lheral A Lincoln Avenue Psi Cl1i3 Second nam Kznrus Fine an tIA.3 Lithuanian St Lithuanian Technica EDWARD MICHAEL K Liberal Arts HCM: Chemical E '- --1 ioung De Sl Joseph' C 1 Follege S 0 leg li-ntim BARRY Physica Physical T , iqiliim kappa Phi uid llrsitv 45 31. 2,' out Q ' . ilifniiouncll tl blots Jing ELLA Llllrfgln Av Torrapin cayenne N orth Central D1-W "E Kin H P ntlta Tau hi Eta Si bill il 3 Sfllla .gm l Hbnori jigankh 5' ll5 51" EFX F e ssl? of Geoff" Kgvx Y Physical Edu Ph ysical Ed Knm 90 -99 ll g 190 .A. ion iini ,ity 0lU sity cla- igo tet- sity ark lini itre 23 9 43 1 sory 143 aria ago iign llini 'Sin- il. ,ago sity 4190 sit? lm . .5- i'T"?"?F. . turf-F if :niet f I DALE KEMPE ................. Roanoke Engineering General Engineering llliknights lllinois Society of General Engineers KENNETH TXIITSUO KENMOTSU .... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Flagg House House President 143 Wilson Junior Collegeg Navy Pier EX. tension of the University ot Illinois PHILLIP LEE IQENNER. Fort Wayne, Indiana Engineering General Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Military Ball Committeeg Lieutenant, Junior Grade, NROTCQ Navy Council 1233 Society of General Engineers ELEANOR ANN KENNY .......... Berwyn Physical Education Physical Education T-Dorms Mortar Boardg Torchg Alpha Chron: Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Sigma Nug Presi- dent 143g VV.A.A. Board 11, 2, 333 Ter- rapin 123 g Physical Education Majors Club Honors Day 123 IWARGARET JANE KER.ANEN Clarendon Hills Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Psi Chip Second Regimental Band 113 ALBERT KERELIS .............. CfL1'CCly0 Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A.g Lithuanian Students Club Lithuanian Technical College EDWARD MICHAEL KERN ...... Springnela Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E.g Young Democrats Club St. Joseph's College: Springfield Junior College XVILLIAM BARRY KERNS ........ Oak Park Physical Education Physical Education Theta Kappa Phi House President 1335 Varsity Swimming Squad 12, 3, 435 Letter 1333 Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad 113: 130111111115 11, 2, 3, 433 Newman Foundation Stu' dent Council 11, 2, 3, 433 Navy Pler Alumni Associationg Physical Education Majors Clubg Young Democrats Club JOAN ELLA KERR. ............. Naperville Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Terrapin 133 North Central College DUANE IQEITH IKESSLER. . . . . . -Irvillgfon Commerce Personnel lllanayenwmi Delta Tau Delta Phi Eta Sigmag Freshman Varsity 13359 ball Squadg captain, ROTC: Phi C111 Em 13, 43 3 Spanish Club Honors Day 113 JOHN MAURI 1 . ' , fi? ".'?5- - W ' CE KEX .......... Chanfpnigfi - 'fs' ' ' ,M-. f ef-,:1,'. Agriculture 1 ' H General Agriculture - V , Y - oof and Horn Club 1 I SIIELIA ANN IQEYES ........... .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences 1 Teacher T"ai""i"'1U in Social Studies Sycamore Hall House President itll! Y011I1g Republicans Club Mundelein Collegeg Cardinal Stritch Col- lege KAY SYLVIA KIBLER ........... Evanston Agriculture Home Economics Kappa Delta The 11110 il, Zll S-N-1.13. 1233 Home Economics Club FRANCIS KICZUK. . .Ha1'tf0rd, Connecticut Engineering Electrical Engineering Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad 113 3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 WILLIABI EUGENE KIENE ........ Genesee Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics St. Ambrose College MILLARD JULIAN KIDIERY ......... Neoga Division of Special Services Zoology and Chemistry Chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigmag 01110321 Beta Pi, President 143g Young Repub- licans Club Honors Day 113 CHARLES DU.-KNE KING ........... Tunica Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Taug A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College FLOJEAN MAE KING ...... . ..... Harvard Agriculture Foods and Nutrition Dietetics Evans Hall Phi Upsilon Omicron s Northern Illinois State University JERRY DALE KING ............. .Oneida Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho 4 IH- ' Union - ' 1n1 CxiiI31iiii41itiZ1ea,1'2:ii??Sgl1?DIdiCili'. Goinmittee 1395 Mm Gm Club 42' 3' 4? -S'ii1TQiB' Iiieiti Agricultural Councll 13- lf . g C . D Committee 1337 Plowboy Pmm -om fig rl 2 33, Chairman fgli Agflcul' gE.eeE61ub'g Dairy Production Club W LLI nr MONROE KING-- ---- 07Wml'f"i9"' 1 l I Engineering Machine Design Sigma Aillha Epsilon Illini Ulli011 A.S.G.E. Committee C159 Flying Club: ,gli-ltr. .Q V 1 fa PK ,f-'Rr 'M' X -1 3 c - J. 1 ,. ...4 I, P ,W 5 2175 ZOE RENE KING ............ Washington Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Alpha Lambda. Delta.3 Sigma Alpha Iotag Y.W.C.A. Committee 1153 WoInen's Glee Club 11, 2, 353 Oratorio Society 1352 Future Teachers of America Honors Day 11, 25 XVILLIAM HAYES ICIRCIIHOFF Downers Grove Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Sigma Phi Wa-Na-See3 Sachem3 Skull and Crescent3 Mask and Bauble, President 1453 .Phi Lambda Upsilon3 Pi Mu Epsilong Univer- sity Theatre Manager 12, 353 University Theatre Crew 1153 Student Senate 1439 Coordination Committee 145 . Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key RUTII HENRIETTA KIRCHNER ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology German Club Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis 115 3 Pier Playhouse 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois IfIRIO TERUO .......... Honolulu, Hawaii Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois KENNETII WILLIAM KIRK ..... .Maywood Engineering Physics Phi Kappa Tau Wa-Na-See3 Tau Beta Pi3 Phi Eta Sigma3 Alpha Phi Omega3 Illini Union Committee 1253 Star Course Manager 12, 353 Inter- fraternity Executive Council 1253 Concert and Entertainment Board 145 Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ROBERT TosHIo KIYUN.h Honolulu, Hawaii Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Tomahawk Lodge Hawaii Club University of Hawaii3 University of Cincinnati RAYMOND JOHN KIZIOR ....--..... Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha The Daily Illini 1153 A.I.Ch.E.3 French Club RICHARD GEORGE IQJELLAND ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Men's Residence Hall Alpha Phi Omega: University Theatre Cast 13, 453 University Theatre Crew 13, 453 XVILL 13, 45 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Playhouse 11, 253 University Choir 11, 253 Pier Illini 11, 253 Dance Committee 1153 French Club 11, 253 Student Musical 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois IXIARILYN ANN KLE.hVER. . . . .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy McKinley Hall Illini Union Committee 1153 W.A.A. 11, 253 A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT ALLEN KLECRA. ..... .Broadview Engineering Mechanical Engineering Psi Ilpsilon Illini Union Committee 12, 353 Junior Interfratcrnity Council 1153 F'reslimnn Varsity Baseball Squad: Men's Glee Club 1153 Military Ball Committee 1353 A.S.- M.E.3 Illini Sportsman's Club3 Young Re- publican's Club EDXVARD JOHN KLEIN .,......... Berwyn Agriculture Food Technology Food Technology Club PETER ALLAN KLEIN .......... Evanston Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Tau Delta Thg 111i0 11, 253 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 353 Star Course Manager 1152 Campus Chest 1153 Freshman Varsity Gfilf Squad: Greek Week Committee 1.353 Mili- tary Ball Committee 1153 Captain, Army ROTC3 Phalanx 13, 453 A.I.E.E.-I.R.lf,., Illini Sportsman's Club3 A.S.G.E. ROBERT PAUL KLEIN ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarab3 House President 1353 A.I.A. Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Tennis fl, 27 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SALLY ELAINE KLEIN. .Des Moines, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences English Sigma Delta Tau Alpha Lambda Deltag The Daily Illini 135, Illini Union Committee 1353 Panhelleuw Executive Council 1453 Greek Week Com- mittee 13, 453 Panhellenic Ball Committee 135 3 Spanish Club State University of Iowa MARCIA FLIGELMAN KLEINBERG..Chica!l0 Education Elementary Education Busey Hall The Daily Illini 1353 University Theatre Crew 12, 353 W.A.A. 1353 Future Teach- ers of America JOSEPH JOHN KLESKEN. . . . . .Cicero Commerce Management Marketing Club3 Society for the Advance- ment of Management Herzl Junior College DEXTER WILLIAM KLEISNER ...... Chicago Commerce Marketing Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Mai'- keting Club3 Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Wright Junior College ROBERT EDWARD KLINE ......... Chicago Division of Special Services Advertising Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Mar- keting Club hVilson Junior College3 Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois HELEN ROBERT.-X KLINN .... ...Chicago Education Elementary Education Busey Hall University Theatre Crew 12, 3, 453 Fresh- man Week Committee 1453 Future Teach- ers of America JOIIN ALLAN KLOBUCHAR ........ Canton Engineering Electrical Engineering Air Force ROTC3 Arnold Air Society 13, 45: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.Q Illi-Knights3 Synton President 135 Honors Day 11, 25 .Fr 4 1 f . lege estern wifi ,,.i If nfl' W 'sew' IJ ohufal .dn ,X Ml I xiexif Worms' Cou'ieiinivff"' Cgllege' Vine' , , APP- ' ' VIKXOF ns and Plllc 1 ch city Camisa, IM lieilfacllnrffy Co NW' mo- K Dum RICHARD Gommer Acgounm cull HW - Stud FOUMMIOU Sufmfn . Force BUT CIPW' it? Club3 Soci WWW ,gemen ,nam ent of mn ssl KXOLL. . - Comme? Marketi gmw J' nel HH' . Him Ball Commlme mpg- Phalanx hill! ' mb: Society fm' the gmgement lm Aunt KNUTSON Physical Ed Physical Ed sign, Alpha Epsilon Ph Epsilon Klppai lhjors Club Drake University Rom BL! KNUTBON Engine Civil Engi Phi Kappa PlIi3 A.S. Honors Day 135 Northern Illinois S Films Ku' Kocn Liberal Arts Che Inns Hall Pin Klum Phi- SW Pi: A.c.s. HW Day 11 2 nous Scholarship Key C-WL ANN Liberal Miha Deli P- Thlillio 8 I Ehcillbj Young onorg Day Q23 University of DWID Joh Liberal Tau Cornell College Sum ON BARR-ml Fine Alpha D Art Norghw elm i l KLUTDI F Pub . for ICU W 1 99" holoyll . , -X 4' .S ,f f GI 5 S3 2 EVERETT IMAURICE KLOTZ, Ja. Carpentersville Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science American Society for Public Administra- tion Carthage Collegeg Mexico City Collegeg Elmhurst Collegeg University of Arizona GENE VERNON KN:XPP ....... Granite City Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Long Beach City College, Belleville Junior Collegeg MacMurray College DAVID RICHARD KNEZ ........ Palos Park Commerce Accountancy Cagle Hall Newman Foundation Student Council 1153 Captain, Air Force ROTC 11, 2, 3, 453 Accountancy Clubg Society for the Ad- vancement of Management GERALD JESSE KNOLL ...... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Ebel Hall Military Ball Committee 125g Lieutenant, Army ROTCQ Phalanx 1355 Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management JOHN Annon KNUTSON .......... Dundee Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Epsilon Kappag Physical Education Majors Club Drake University ROGER BLY KNUTSON ...... .... D eKalb Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phig A.S.C.E Honors Day 135 Northern Illinois State University FRANCES KAY KOCH ........... Tremont Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Evans Hall Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma Pig A.C.S. Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key CAROL ANN KOEHLEE .......... Glenview Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Alpha Delta Pi The Illio 115 g House President 145 3 SP8-ll' ish Clubg Young Republicans Club Honors Day 125 University of Wisconsin DAVID JON KOEHLER ..... -.-. B flffiflgfofl Liberal Arts and ScienCeS Philosophy Alpha Tau Omega Cornell College SHARON BARBARA KOEIINKE. . .Glen Ellyn Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Alpha Delta Pi Northwestern Universityg Elmhurst Col- lege EDWARD ANDREW KOERTGE .... .Litchfield M Engineering echanical En ' ' Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Taugmeermg Honors Day Q15 Sigma: A.S.M.E. HENRY HEEMAN IQOERTGE ..... ...Olney Engineering I Sanitaly Fnginecrin 1 o A.S.C.E.g Mu-San FRED JOSEPH KOHOUT ........ Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Delta Chi University Choir 1253 Men's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 45: Oratorio 12, 35 FRANK TAKAYUKI KOIDE Honolulu, Hawaii Engineering Electrical Engineering WPGU 1457 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Hawaii Club: Synton University of Hawaiig Illinois Institute of Technology FRED JOHN KOLOJAY ...... . . .Chicago Commerce Management The Mansion Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 455 M.I.A. Executive Council 1355 Concert Band 12, 3, 45g Football Marching Band 12, 3, 455 Sno-Ball Committee 12, 3, 45 Honors Day 135 Wilson Junior College GERALDINE JOAN KOMOSA ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Student Senate 145 Mundelein Collegeg Loyola University CONSTANTINE KONSTANS ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science ROYCE PAULA KOORS Dobbs Ferry, New York Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall House President 125 g University Orchestra 1153 University Chorus 12, 373 Future Teachers of America Honors Day 117 JEAN LYNN KORNEGG-ER ....... Crossville Agriculture Home Economics 4-H House Phi Upsiion omicron: UHive1'SiW Chorus 135, All-Ag Field Day Committee 1352 Home Economics Club Honors Day C17 JANET CONSTANCE KOENGIEBEL. .Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Delta Gamma Zeta Phi Eta Danville Jlllliof College 'et-2? up l. v ..A-Ni 12, , A 'V :- N f ,V .Aug www! -y i t l 1 We l 1 f I ' 1 i , ,aW.?"' I Nefzss. JM' 4 . Nfl - f - i , 477 W. L 5 . wld Liber! C'.xRoL ANN Koss ............... LaSalle Libcrnl Arts and Sciences Spa n ish McKinley llall Phi Kappa Phi5 Spanish Club llonors Day C235 LaSalle-Peru-Oglcsby Junior College Ronicm' Al.llICli'1' Koss ..... . . .LaSalle Commerce rll'C0llllf!lIlI'IIf Newinan liall Accountancy Club5 Society for the Ad- vancement of Management LaSaIle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College JOHN IVAN IQOTCHERIIA ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Ukrainian-American Students Club Presi- dent C455 lnternational Relations Club GAEL ARTHUR KOWALSKI. . . .... Chicago Commerce Jlarketing Phi Kappa Freshman Varsity Football Squad5 New- man Club Foundation Student Council C255 Marketing Club RONALD EDNVARD KOZAN ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Theta Kappa Phi University Theatre Crew C15 JOAN MARY KRAFT ............. Chicago Physical Education Recreation Arbor Suites Illini Union Committee C2, 355 Campus Chest C155 W.A.A, C1, 2, 3, 455 Cheer- leader C2, 455 Orchesis C1, 255 Newman Foundation Student Council Cl, 2, 3, 455 American Recreational Society, U. of I. Student Chapter5 Young Republicans Club5 Cheerleading Coordinator THOMAS JAMES KRAINOVICII ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Sigma Kappa GLENN ADDISON ICR,-XMER, Valencia, Pcnnvylvania Commerce .lla 1-lceting Marketing Club5 Society for the Advance- ment of Management JEAN BIARIE IQRAUSE .........,. Wilmoitre Fine and Applied Arts A dnerlising Design Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Alpha Cfhi5 1Yomen's Cilee Club C155 Oratorio Society C155 Newman Foun- dation Student Council C1, 255 Fine and Applied Arts Society lJoNN.x Rrrn 1fKICl'1'ljli ........ Chillicolhe Liberal Arts and Sciences l3'll4ljfi.N'll l',ih'l'1Il1ll'c Phih-a lY,A.A. Cl, 2, Zi, -155 xV0llll'll,S lilce Club Cl, +155 Illini Christian Fi-llowsliip C3555 Gamma Delta Dicsxis LYLIQ KRENZ .......... Mendota Engineering Mechanical Engineering XViki1L Sigma, Tau5 Pi Tau Sigma5 A.F.S.g A,S.M.E.5 Illini Sportsman's Club5 Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day C27 LARRY RUSSELL KRIQSIN .... .... 1 'ILSUOCCI Agriculture Animal Sciczzce Pi Kappa Phi EDWARD Josizrn KR1sT1N. . . .... Chicago Commerce Illanagemcnt Marketing Club KIRA VLADIMAIRA KROCK ...... New York Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Gargoyleg Sigma Tau5 A.I.A.5 Russian Language Club Honors Day C35 Universidad de Buenos Aires JOHN EDXVARD KRONVALL. . .Calumet City Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Kappa Psig The Illio C355 Illini Union Committee C255 Star Course Man- ager C1, 255 Campus Chest C155 Cheer- leader C255 Military Ball Committee C252 Accountancy Club Honors Day C15 THOMAS GEORGE KRUCIITEN ..... Chicago Commerce Management Tau Kappa Epsilon DONALD AKERN KUBOSE ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry A.C.S., President C25 Honors Day C15 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NANCY CAROL KUEHN ..... East St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Presbyterian House Sigma Delta Pi5 Unive1'sity Chorus C155 French Clubg Spanish Club5 Young Re- publicans Club RAYMOND ALEXANDER KULWIEC. .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Clienzical lfngincering Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma5 A.I.Ch.E.5 German Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois M,xRs1r.xLL LEE KUBIBIIIIA. .. ..., Chicago lflngineering Ceramic Engineering lflagg llouse S.lS.A.C.S. ri' mhliiowiivuse Psi C lfs Club Siiiiiii JN' 0 MTA K nbef' Sl Illillols K FgplllIC Fine and Alphg Kll-lp mKjnl6 Qi Joan Electrffal lima Air Force BOT wi, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Domus JAY KWE Agri Dairy Sigma Kappa Tempin Cl, 2, 3l, Technology Society' Lois Enuxn KYLE Liberal A Alpha Phi University Theatre llmger C155 Gem Mn Lnnn .,., , Ae ' Home Lincoln Avenue MPM Lambda Del Regimental Band Club Honors Day C1 2 Ginlzlxng Liberal I T Cache Llnco Gerfnall Club Any Pier lllmois BARTON DYER Delta U . Alina neitpmon Army ROTC flpha gieiilstle M9113 l Tl Fino Soflemv C3 din Kvyfla 1 Affs UPC! B1-rl U . 1Aff5 Fff me ' TDD Pier Elfensm VY sdvertpflf n Lam v Foundation FBEITAG A b WILLIAM KIT' Engl!! D Yarsilt' G' ROBERT W. IQUNCL .............. Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology The Brewery Psi Chig House President C455 Illini S1'J01'lISIll8.I1,S Club Morton Junior College RUTA LIGITA KUPCIS ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French T-Dorms Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FREDERICK FREITAG IQURTII ...... Minim- Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Alpha Kappa Lambda McKinley Foundation Student Council C1, 25 JOHN WILLIAM KUTZ ......... Northfield Engineering Electrical Engineering Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squadg Ma- jor, Air Force ROTCQ Arnold Air Society C353 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. DOURELLE JAY KXVEDER ....... Waukegan Agriculture Dairy Technology Sigma Kappa Terrapin Cl, 2, 35, President C453 Dairy Technology Society Lois ELAINE KYLE .............. Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Phi University Theatre Crew C153 Star Course Manager C153 German Club ANN LAANE .............. . . . .Polo Agriculture Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag VV.A.A. C153 Second Regimental Band C1, 251 Home Economics Club Honors Day Cl, 25 GABRIELE RENATE LACHMANN .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in German Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall German Clubg Future Teachers of America Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois BARTON DYER LADD ....... . . .Chicago Journalism Advertising Delta Upsilon Alpha Delta Sigmag Student Senate Cl. 25 I Freshman Council C153 Army ROTC First Lieutenant, CHARLES ARTHUR LAIBLE. ..... Rock City Agriculture Agricultural Science Kings Kastle Alpha Zetag Second Regimental Band Cl. 253 Mens Glee ciub Cl, 2, 3, 45: Ow- torio Society C353 Dairy Production Club? Field and Furrow JON BICBIAHON LARING Arlington, Vii-Umm Coininei-Q0 Personnel , Mana eq- Society fm. the A 9 'mm ment U 'f ' V - . IllX9I'Sli! of Mianng George Washington University: Lincoln College dvancement Of Manage- JOHN DOUGLAS LAMIOT. Carrier Mill . .... S Llberal Arts and Sciences , P-vycholo Chi Gamma Iota: Omegaygeta Pi Honors Day C25 YVILLIALI FRANKLIN LAMONT. . .Crossville Agriculture Animal Science Hoof and Horn Club RITA LEE LAMPAsON.x ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Mundelein College? Navy Pier Extension Of the University of Illinois DOLORES JANE LAMPORT ....... Elmhurst Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Alpha Phi Society of Illustratorsg Illini Union Com- mittee C1, 253 Star Course Manager C253 Panhellenic Ball Committee C25 RONALD KEITH LAMSON. . . . . .Newton Commerce Accountancy Theta Delta Chi Chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psi, President C453 Sigma Iota Ep- silong Illini Union Committee C3, 453 Cap- tain, Army ROTC3 Phi Chi Eta C3, 453 Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg So- ciety for the Advancement of Management, Young Republicans Club Honors Day Cl, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key LAXVRENCE JAY LANDESMAN ...... Chicago Engineering Industrial Engineering Men's Residence Hall Student Industrial Engineers Society Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PAUL WILLIAM LANDGREN, JR. Indianapolis, Indiana Engineering General Engineering Sigma Chi Sigma-Tau: Tau Beta Pig Interfrateiigiitgz Council C453 House Piesident C45, n versity Chorus C15g Platoon Commander, NROTCQ Pershing Rifies ' ' and Blade C3, 455 I.S.G.E Honors Day C1. 2, 3, 45 Illinois Scholarship Key C15 , Scabbaid lg University of BIYRON LANDSMAN . ..... , . . . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Flagg House Dlt S' aglllini ni I iililfa cfmim-im Council was Marketing ' U 'on Committee Chggvy Pier Activities: Pier Playhouse 2 . . clliaify Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES EDWARD LANE ....... Shelbyville Agriculture Agriculture Education Illi-Dell lggphaguzetiililitalzbf Ball Committee C35, Plfywbogl Prom Committee C2, 352 Seioalfl Lieutenant. Army ROTC? 2214 Sigma A P in C3 45 - Agricultural Education Club: AS' riculturo Clublg Field and Furrowg Hoof I-Ildlnolrlsrsaghili 2- 373 University of Im' nois Scholarship Key A1lAg Field Day Connnittec if I CW' 5 ,A-rs' 2 M. , . ' 2.1-.. ' . f- ll' ., 5' C, asf -K Q 1 ' 3. ' -Y I ' I ' . l .f 479 UI In .I U M Ill ID JOHN ROBERT LANE ........... Kankakee Engineering Ceramic Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Student Branch, American Ceramic So- ciety3 Illini Ceramist St. Mary's College ROY I'Il'IR1IAN LANER. .... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Noble House Alpha Kappa Psi3 I.U.S.A. Barbershop- pers 1313 WPGU Announcer 1311 Finance Club3 Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois STUART HOLLIES LANGDON .... Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Music Cosmopolitan Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag University Sin- fonietta 1213 University Orchestra 12, 3, 41? University Chorus 1213 Oratorio So- ciety 131 Denver University MARLO JEAN LANGE ............. Moline Agriculture Child and the Family Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Board3 Omicron Nu3 Alpha Lambda Deltap Phi Upsilon Omicronp Illio 12, 3, 41, Editor-in-Chief 1413 Y.W.C.A. Cab- inet 1313 Y.W.C.A. Committee 12, 31: Home Economics Club Honors Day 131 Iowa State College RICHARD LANGENEELD ....... Springfield Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agricultural Education Club3 Field and Furrow Illinois State Normal University CHARLES TOM LANSDEN ......... Decatur Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi A.S.M.E. Millikin University DAVID ROBERT LANSKI ........ ..Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois IIIGNRY CARL LANTERMAN .... . . .Elkhart Commerce Marketing lilnrlieting Club l"lt.lNK LUKE LAROCCA .......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Tau Gamma Western Illinois State University3 Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois RJCIIARD CHARLES LARSON .... Waukegan Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Mu AlI1l1E1'Slllf0IllilQ Concert Band 11, 2, ll, 41: Football Marching Band 11, 2, Ii, 413 University Orcliestrii 13, 41 RONALD CHARLES LARSON ...... Rockford Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Barton House Men's Residence Hall, Executive Council President 1313 M.I.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JULES IWARSHALL LASER .....,... Chica90 Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Tau Epsilon Phi Star and Sci-oll3 Illini Union Committee 121: Freshman Week Committee 1213 Rho Epsilon RONNY DEAN LASH. ............ Findlay Agriculture General Agriculture Campus Chest 1213 Freshman Week Com- mittee 12, 313 Plowboy Prom Committee 1313 Field and FIITTOKVQ Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 111 JOHN LASSITER ............... Chicago Commerce Statistical Economics Kappa Alpha Psi Junior Interfraternity Council 131 Roosevelt University HAROLD WAYNE LASWELL. . . . .Springhelzl Agriculture Vocational Agriculture ARTHUR NEAL LAUDEMAN .... Bloomington Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Clubg Illini Sp0rtsman's Club WILLI.AlI BURT LAUDERDALE ....... Joliet Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Concert Band 131 Joliet Junior College JAMES EUGENE LAURITSEN .... .. .Joliet Agriculture General Agriculture Theta Chi Army ROTC3 Phi Chi Etag Agricultural Economics Club3 Hoof and Horn Club 111 KATHLYN ELAINE LAWRENCE .... Chicago Agriculture Hospital Dietetics Delta Sigma Theta Tefrapln 141: Home Economics Club RONALD CLELL L.xWWILL ........ Herrin Engineering Mechanical Engineering College Hall Sigma Tau3 Pi Tau Sigmag House Presi- dent 131 5 Second Regimental Band 11, 21 3 A.S.M.E. Honors Day 121 smut invicta' n House ilfrffiuic LAZI I EDWABD Comm Ac00""t JOSEPH an Hall yewm Ne My Atwllnu Jnnl0l' Co eg Wllwn CO' will ' Journ Adveri Pi po mr LF ha Omicron - Gllll-Um 'l'0l'CllI I The lujo 1 1112, 3ln millet! ill I sm noon LID Ll Liberal AUS Chemical rings Home First Lieutenant, A is li: SOUMY of . t A nee!! 13, 'il ' I Illinois Institute Ciniurs LH- - - Liberal liawnii Club University of College Doran RUSSELL Jo Ad Alpha Delta Si llen's Glee Club llarketing Club Northwestern U Jour HAMILTON Clark House Plnlnce Clubg Ri JOHN HEATON Sigma Ka Mawr: llllance Club. KELLY EDITH , V Llllcoln :llph 3 Lambda S0clBll0n Honors DM, t ROBERTO All- si Wal' C gllla Tau nl' in i i l 6 Q9 5 l li j it-f 5 , ' A Af' I 'tile l U ,, g ROGER SMITH LAYMAN ........... Moline Engineering Electrical Engineering Lundgren House A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. Park College EDXVARD JOSEPH LAZINSKI ....... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Clubg Newman Students Club Wilson Junior College NANCY DOANE LECONTE ....... Kankakee Journalism Advertising Alpha Omicron Pi Torchg Gamma Alpha Chig The Daily Illini 41, 2, 35 5 The Illio i157 Illini Union Com- mittee 115 LESLEY ROGER LEDERER .......... Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Flagg House First Lieutenant, Army ROTCg Phalanx Q3, 45 3 Society of American Military Engl- neers C3, 45g A.I.Ch.E. Illinois Institute of Technology CHARLES LEE ...... Milwaukee, Wisconsin Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Hawaii Club President 645, Spanish Club University of Wisconsing Wright Junior College DONALD RUSSELL LEE ..... ...Alton Journalism Advertising Alpha Delta Sigmag Alpha Phi Omegag Men's Grlee Club 13, 455 French Clubg Marketing Club Northwestern University JOHN HAMILTON LEE ........ Springfield Commerce Finance Clark House Finance Clubg Riiie and Pistol Club JOHN HEATON LEE .......... Harrisburg Commerce Finance Phi Sigma Kappa Major, Army ROTCQ Phi Chi Eta C455 Finance Clubg Young Republicans Club NELLY EDITH LEE ......... West Chicago Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Omega Tau Sigma! W.A.A.g Student Veterinary Medical As- sociation Honors Day Cl, 25 ROBERTO LEE ......... Sao Paulo, Brazil Liberal Arts and ScienCeS Chemical Engineering All-Ways Home Sigma Taug House President C359 Al-' ChE.p Chinese Students Club RONALD NORMAN LEE. Hariisb . .. ..... - my Engineering " A ' Ph ' -- Triangle ll-9168 n Ph' - . . I K2 C31 4?iaHSlgma' Iilterf1'ateTHity Council 5. N . 3 ,f ill Bajnd , ouse President 13, 453 Concert f. C1 2, ll, 25: Football rim-ailing Band " Honors Day Q15 X in GEORGE LELON LEECH .... Zion Commerce u Marketing P1 Kappa Phi .Stag and Scroll, Captain, Army ROTC, p 8' Rho Tall C255 Scabbard and Blade I 13, 453 Marketing Club i l l FRANK CRAGG LEEMING ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C155 Campus Chest Q15 RICHARD KENNETH LEEMON .... .Marissa Engineering , General Engineering ' 'M I.S.G.E. Southern Illinois University , K 1 T 'N 1 M YW? i gr, f Q, LOUIS WVILLIAM LEEKE ' Whippany, New Jersey Engineering Sanitary Engineering Theta Chi Engineering Council 13, 45g Society of American Military Engineers C359 A.S.C.E.g Mu-San ALVARO LEGA Bucaramanga-Colombia, South America Engineering , ,, Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Colombian Students' As- - . I ,. , .. , , sociation Universtiy of the Andes l t . JOSEPH EDWIN LEGRU ............ Pana Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Taug First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Scabbard and Blade 13, 45g Society Of American Military Engineers C455 Mis- JOSEPH RICHARD LEHNEN. .... Naperville Division of Special Services Accountancy SUE ANN LEICHTMAN .......... Danville Commerce A A+- O Marketing Research Kappa Alpha Theta 2 , ri Phi Kappa Phi! Beta Gamma Sigma: if f -g ig Alpha, Lambda Deltag Sigma Iota EDSUOHS " ' Star Course Manager i273 Y-'W'C'A' Com' ' mittee C155 Commerce Council C43 N , - U ' Isit of Illi- - fir Honors Day cl, 2, 35, mve' y ..,.l, X, , X ' 9 ,yr M nois Scholarship KEY - . - .Q if .Sparlancl , MARY OLIVE LEIGH .... . . . , - - . Liberal Arts and Sciences V. Teacher Training in llfathematies I , " as .. 1 r 4-H House - Al h Lam iiorihwir A.1A.aCl, 2, 3, 412 German Club Hiilms my 41, 2 SJ: Unwslw Of Illi bda Deltag Alpha Sigma 1 ae nois S0h01aTShiP Key 439 ,, N M-N1 e L , 3 .I U I E 3 i l I I Kxvs , 'PW H' I I i , 4 l i In ID . ,li Q .N ' 'L sw.rgQ ,?:g . . 1 w ,iff I ffetlfafzi f 65s , j i ' ,LM ,, . 482 RONALD WILBEIQT Liaison ....... Danville Commerce Insurance Gai'-Men Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance So- rietyg Illini Sportsman's Club SIIIRLEY IVIAE LEITZEN .... .... K ent Agriculture Home Economics Erlucation Home Economics Club Alverno College 'l'noMAs ROYAL LEITZEN. . . . . . .Kent Commerce Personnel Management Captain, Army ROTC3 Infantry Club tl, 233 Pershing Rifles tl, 2, 3, 433 Phalanx 453, 43 Honors Day C13 DAVID BRUCE LELLINGER ...... Naperville Liberal Arts and Sciences Botany Iiunors Day C23 ALISERT BERNARD LEMANSKI ..... LaSalle Engineering Electrical Engineering Kellogg House A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College .PHILIP JosEIfII LEMBO ........ Oak Park Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Newman Hall A,I.A. Art Institute, School of Art3 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RONALD GENE LENIIART ......... Sterling Agriculture General Agriculture KIIEAN NYEAN LEONG ...... Ipoh, Malaya Engineering Mechanical Engineering A,S.M,E. XVALTEI: EDIIUND LEPPIN ....... Altamont Agriculture Dairy Science Lutheran Foundation Student Council 1333 Agricultural Economics Clubg Dairy Pro- duction Club3 Field and Furrowg Gamma Delta liiuni-'oun FREDERICK LEsCnER. . .Chicago Physical Education Physical Education, Men's Residence Hall, Addition 3 Navy Pier Alumni Associationg Physical Education Majors Clubg Teachers-in-Train ing Clubg Future Teachers of America Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football Squad tl, 233 Varsity XVrestling Squad t233 Varsity Track Squad t233 Letter- man's Club tl, 233 Spring Carnival Com- mittee C23 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALLAN EDWARD LEVIN ...... Lincolnwooil Commerce Accountancy Phi Epsilon Pi I Campus Chest Q333 Junior Inte1'frate1'nlf'5' Council3 Freshman Councilg Accountancy Club GEORGE ALLAN LEVIN ...... .... C lm-ufw Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Flying Club: I,A,S.3 Illini Campus Amvels Post No. 202 Wright Junior College PIIYLLI5 LEVIN . . . ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Busey Hall Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BIICHAEL JERRY LEVINE ..... . . .Chicago Engineering Engineering Physics Flagg House Phi Kappa Phi3 Sigma Tau3 Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigmaj Pi Mu Epsilon3 Physics Society, President 1333 Young Democrats Club Honors Day tl, 2, 333 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ADELE JOYCE LEVY ........ ...Winneltl Education Elementary Education Y.YV.C.A, Committee t233 Future Teachers of America DONALD LEVY . . . ............. Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design A.I.A.3 I.D.S.A. Honors Day 13, 433 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois IIIARY ALICE LEWVIS ........... Hemman Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology McKinley Hall Y.W.C.A. 4133 House President t433 Mc- Kinley Foundation Student Council Q33 PHILIP S'rUAn'r LIEB ..... ...Chicago Commerce Management Flagg House University Theatre Crew flip: Illini Tradi- tions .Committee i433 Illini Forensic As- sociationg Marketing Clubg VVPGU, Com- mercial Manager Navy Pier Activities: P.K.D.3 Varsity Track3 Varsity Tennis3 Varsity Debate IH'Na.yy Pier Extension of the University of inois IIIARK DAVID LIEBERMAN .... ...Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day tl, 2, 33 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Doms GRACE LIGHT ....... ...Pontiac Education Elementary Arbor Suites U'liV01'Sit5' Chorus t433 Future Teachers of America Machiurray t'ollege3 University of 'Wis- cousin IMD Toi B0 fin uint' iliii 915011 HS A 1 I , . - t Honors pa: Jos Dios Ll jlac pi KBPP' ' 5 NLE- A. ,I . H GODFKI W Libe Phi ICSPP" P Lambda Dem Honors DBY H035 Sciwllfsl XoinuN R06 Met Minawl l House Presl lowship iz, ' North PHI' ABWIN' BBU E ' Canterbur Sigma Tau Honors Day Northwest 5: ., . I , l 2 RICHARD A Zeta Psi Skull an The Daily I Young Rep Bryn FRED Zeta Society WALTER The Illi HOIIQI-S GERALD Y-51.04, Force ALLEX tim Omega Honors Nav Illinois E istlln I! 7 I I Iv v I ei rf F Ton ROLAND LILJERUREN ......., Moline Fine and Applied Arts A rch il ect-ilre Minawa Lodge Illini Christian Fellowship 11, 2, 3, 4, 553 A.I.A.3 Young Republicans Club Honors Day 115 JON LEON LIL-IEQUIST .... Mount P1-Mpeg-L Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha A.S.M.E. RUTII GODFREY LINDAIIL ......... Morris Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Phi Kappa Phi3 Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day 11,2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key NORMAN ROGER LINDBLAD ....... Chicago Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Miliawa House President 1453 Illini Christian Fel- lowship 12, 3, 453 M.I.S. North Park College ARWIN BRUCE LINDQUIST..C'll1'pent6'rS'Uill6 Engineering Electrical Engineering Canterbury House Sigma Tau Honors Day 125 Northwestern University RICHARD ALVIN LINDROOTH ..... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Zeta Psi Skull and Crescentg Alpha Kappa Psi: The Daily Illini 12, 35 3 Accountancy Clubg Young Republicans Club Bryn Athyn College FRED MARTIN LINIION .... .. .Centralia Commerce Marketing Zeta Beta Tau Ma-XVan-Dag Sachemg Daily Illini 11, 2, 3, 453 House President 1453 Dolphins 11, 253 Major, Air Force, ROTC3 Arnold Air Society 1253 Marketing Club XVALTER. JAMES LINNE .......... Danville Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Phi Sigma Kappa The Illio Honors Day 125 GERALD AUGUST LIPPOLD ....... Yorkville Agriculture Animal Science Phi Gamma Delta Y.M.c.A. committee 1353 Captain, All' Force ROTC3 Arnold Air Society 13, 45? Agricultural Education Club ALLEN IRA LIPSEY. ........ . . . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Scienc0S Premezlicine and Chemistry Men's Residence Hall Addition Omega Beta Pi Honors Day 11, 25 Navy Pier Extension O Illinois f tlIe University of DONALD DENNIS I.IsI':NRx' ...... TVc1,10,, Liberal Arts and Sciences PN!lCIt0l0Ijll Delta Upsilon Th? .Hilo .1153 Major Chairman, Fine Arts Illini Union Coinmittee 14,- Illini U 3 I Committee 11, 2 3 45. QHCA gin . 1 1 i -A .o. . n- glymee U, 259 First Regiinental Band 12, PI . , -- IIIIP I Iss .... ........ .... C . MMM Coininei-oe v Accountancy 'lan Delta Phi Ph' Em SigII'la3 Illini Union Committee i355 Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 25 ENIWY Pier Ext9l1Si0n of t.lIe Univcrsitv of Illinois ' WAYNE ARTHUR LITTLE ......... Chicago Engineering I'll!lllSM'l!ll Engineering S.I.E.S. ROBERT DAVID LITVAN ......... Pillsficlzl Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Delta Upsilon Scarab! Illini Union Committee 1153 CUUIDUS C1195 fl, 253 Men's Glee Club 125g A.I.A. JANE SCHOLASTICA LIV. .Shanghai, China Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Marymount College TIIOIIAS WILLIS LIVINGSTON. .Wood Dale Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Kappa Tau Shimer College GEORGE HUGH LOACIIER ......... Chicago Fine aIId Applied Arts Architectural Design Sigma Tau Gamma A.I.A. Illinois Institute of TeclInology3 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES RAIIION LOCRE ..... Lincolnwood Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. . - ' . 'tv , of Navy Pier Extension of the UnIveIs1 5 Illinois ELIZABETH JOANN LOCKH.-xRT..l'Vuuc0n1la Agriculture Animal Science Evans Hall Horn Club Field and Furr0W3 Hoof and I'IOl101'S DM' fl, 25 LLEN LOEW. . . .... . .Urbana LAXVRENCE A . Fine and Apllhed Arts Advertising Desiylb Theta Chi u ' ' t of Illustrators, President 135, I5I0l1,S Glee Club 1151 mittee 1353 Phi Chi Em' f3f 4M TC tenant, Arlllb' R0 S . -fr I owe 5 - Military Ball COIII' Lieu- if? at I. L , 483 A A is th an -I U I Ill ID ,, 4 1 1 is 'Qi V' i ' W it K? 54 I X . is , 'M N 4. 9' 5-J? 3 ,mf Tiioxrns GERALD Lonw ..... .... A urora Commerce Management Beta Theta Pi Star Course Manager 1255 Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 1155 Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 45 CAROL ANN LOETUS ............ Antioch Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Newman Foundation Student Council 115 CAROL JOYCE LOHRENGEL. . . . . .Chicago Commerce Secretarial Training Alpha Xi Delta lllini Union Committee 11, 255 University Theatre Crew 1155 Terrapin 135 ANDREA JANE LOMBARD ......... Decatur Journalism Radio and Television Kappa Kappa Gamma Shorter Boardg Torch5 Theta Sigma Phi5 Y.W.C.A. Committee 1155 Campus Chest 12, 35, Secretary 1355 WILL 1455 House President 1455 Junior Panhellenic Coun- cil 15 CHARLES ELLSVVORTH LONG Hammond, Indiana Commerce Industrial Administration Alpha Chi Rho House President 1455 A.I.A. University of Chicago5 Colorado State College of Education JOSEPH LORD LONG .......... Beardstown Commerce Marketing Acacia The Illio 11, 255 University Theatre Crew 1155 Y.W.C.A. Committee 1155 Petty Offi- cer, First Class, NROTC5 Young Republi- cans Club5 Marketing Club ALICE ANN LONGO ........ .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta Young Republicans Club Beloit College ROBERT JOSEPH Loos ........... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Chi Gamma Iota5 Tau Beta Pi5 Phi Eta Sigma5 Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key GILBERT LonENz, JR. .... Utica, New York Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy XVILLIAM JAMES LOUGHRAN ...... Pontiac Division of Special Services Management Sofiets f0l the Advancement of '5lan'i ment Josnru EDMUND LOUIS .......... Dwight Engineering Mechanical Engineering S.A.E.5 Newman Foundation Student Council 115 HENRY LOWENTIIAL .... ...,... C hicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Flagg House VVPGU 12, 3, 455 Sociology Club ELIZABETH ANN LUDWIG ........ Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Delta Gamma Illini Union Committee 1255 Y.IV.C.A. Committee 1355 VV.A.A. 12, 355 University Chorus 1255 French Clubg Future Teach- ers of America5 Young Republicans Club Maclilurray College BARBARA :MARY LUEHRING ...... Maywood Education Social Studies Delta Delta Delta Mortar Board5 Torch: Shi-Ai5 Illini Union Board 1455 Major Chairman, Stunt Show, Illini Union Committee 1355 Illini Union Council 13, 455 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 355 Student Senate 1455 Coordina- tion Committee 1455 LAS Council 11, 252 Gamma Delta ROBERT EDMOND LUETJE. .Hamilton, Ohio Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Sigma Pi JAMES LU-INIENG .......... Canton, China Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Barton House Canterbury Student Council Foundation 13, 455 Chinese Students Club5 Little United Nations Honors Day 135 University of the Philippines JERRY LEE LUNDRY ........ . . .Canton Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Calhoun Hall Sigma Tau5 Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Sigma Gamma Tau, President 1455 I.A.S. Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key CARL ERICK LUNDSTROM .... ...Dundee Commerce Insurance Koinonia University Baptist Foundation Student Counci15 Illini Insurance Society5 Society for the Advancement of Management Elgin Community College JACK EDXVARD LUSK ....... ...Alton Commerce Advertising Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Delta Sigma5 Illini Union Commit- tee ill? Campus Chest 1155 Junior Inter- fraternity Council 1155 House President 1455 Marketing Club BIARSIIA LUCINE LUSK ...... Lake Zurich Agricultuze Genezal Home Economics Ixappa Delta The 11110 C15 YWCA Committee 135 Home Economics Club Future Teachers of IXIIILIICB, Club I ---im .,... -W . mr C0 nicht' . S. Lijiriei-iilv of Ran ipl ' gllcy liege sl- ' " 5 Lan 'nl . Cl-Jhgjgbnggginlgf 1nd"" . 5.1.5-5- .1l0"1 Wls"""'-...ring cm L ?1w5"" AE- goo, .RU X, . . . - V Lwglngineefing Enai""'i"g PW CA- Committee 147 film gocietf P-, - 0fRal1S00n Umv6l'5lty DNN A ,. 4 5 x PHES LYLI. X5 ,M niunr STE Ag,-icultur Agriculture L PM Sigma KBPP5 l lllini Union Cownmee ' Agricllullral F7 I A Son's Home Agricultural Economics ' , I Illinois State Normal 5 1'0" 1, 1 K i . 5 if Wnnuu Dinnow 4 l l i inn cn Liberal Arts Ynrsitv Baseball Squid' Cgmmiliee my Junior B Donoms CNG LYNCH ' - Agricultu NROTC 5' RICHARD J osrm Liberal A1-ts ' C Tm' Kappa Phi - , - ' ' Club- , Young ' ELAINE CAROL Kai-lphn Omicx-on PDR Delta P5 1 Florida Sou Divin WALTER Liberal Illini Union Regimental Band 11, Honors Day 11, 2 35 they-n Newman H 1 Freshman vaisl. D Wlg B mn them Club ltr Omega T Medlcal u tm., 484 h Celliral I f in, 'Sf :gi X f 'I if 1' 'f - 'L LESTER CHARLES LUTHER -... New Lennox Engineering Indzmtrial Engineering Accountancy Clubg S.I.E.S. Joliet Junior College CHIT LXVIN ..--....... Moulmein, Burma Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E,g S.A.E. University of Rangoon YAN NAING LWIN ...... Rangoon, Bur-mn Engineering Engineering Physics Y.M.C.A. Committee C455 German Clubg Physics Society University of Rangoon DELBEET STEPHEN LYLE ........ Newark Agriculture Agriculture Law Phi Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee C355 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Military Ball Committee C255 Junior Bar Association DOUGLAS CRAIG LYNCH .... ...Granville Agriculture Agricultural Economics Son's Home Agricultural Economics Club Illinois State Normal University WILLIAIKI DARROW LYON ......... Harvey Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Delta Chi Illini Union Committee C2, 3, 455 First Regimental Band Cl, 2, 3, 453 Ensign, NROTC Honors Day Cl, 2, 35 RICHARD JOSEPH LYoNs ......... LaSalle Liberal Arts and Sciences History Theta Kappa Phi Illi-Knightsg Marketing Clubg Spanish Clubg Young Democrats Club LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College ELAINE CAROL MACINTYRE. . .River Forest Education Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Delta Pi Florida Southern College DAVID WALTER MACK ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Newman Hall Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad! Cyclo- them Club D.xvID BARD MACKAY ........ Mt. Carroll Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine I Omega Tau Sigma? Student Veterinary Medical Association North Central College JOHN Hiicroie M.xCKENzIE. . . .... Joliet Engineering ilICflllIlll'gf1'fll Ijnq' -' A.l.Ch.E.g A.s.M.E, imwmg Joliet Junior College BIYRNA IAORAINE BIACKEY .-... . Waulteyrlri Liberal Arts and Sciences . Teacher Training in Speech Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Zeta Phi Etag University Theatre Cast C23 4l5 University Theatre Crew, 41, 2, :I Simi Ball Committee C35 BUFORD ARNOLD LIACKLIN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry KHDKNI Alpha Psi Lieutenant, Army R0 TCQ Infantry Club C355 Phalanx C35 JOYCE ANN MACLIN ............ Decatur Education Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta lV-A-A- 13, 472 Orchesisg Teachers-in' Training Clubg Future Teachers of Amer- icag Young Republicans Club Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State University JAMES STANLEY :MADAR-Y ........ Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Navy Pier Alumni Associationg Physical Education Majors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONNA JEAN MADDOX ........... Chicago Education Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta Future Teachers of America Knox College PHILIP PETER MADONIA ...... Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. DANIEL MAGANIX .... ..... . . .Chicago Engineering Industrial Engineering Noble House Orchesis C251 Spanish Club C45 Herzl Junior College? N9-VY Pier Exten' sion of the University of Illinois JOHN J05EpH MAGINOT, JR.. .Calumet Citi! Engineering Electrical Engineermg A I E E -1.R.E.: Illini Campus Amets Post No. 202 Thornton Junior College 11-IN Lx NN M AGUET .... Decatur' Mu , , A .... .. . Physical Education Recreation Delta Tau Delta C Manager KD. . rse f rglbgjq Senior Intramural Manager Atillemg Council. C453 Lieuterialk 1 icnh ROTC. Phi Chi Eta C3. fEJt,deI3W6hap. Recreational Society U. of I. H ter ,A ,, hi 5 2 5 -5 3 it? , 4 lb ID .I U I lu ID 3 ,J , 3. I- 'Z ' 1 ,Sk . Q: ' 'MPYYV '- - if 486 li0lll5R'l' DENIS DIAIIER. .. .... Cicero Commerce illarlrefilig Norton Junior College PATRICK EIJMUNIJ I3I.-XHONEY ..... Chicago Commerce Illzlrlreling Phi Kappa Skull and CYQSCQIIIQ Alpha Kappa Psi3 Commerce Council 13, 433 Marketing Club IIARRI' DoN BIAIN ........... .. .Altona Agriculture General Agriculture Agriculture Economics Club3 Field and I'llll'l'0XVQ Hoof and Horn Club XVestern Illinois University GERALD ORVILLE I3IAKI ........ Waukegan Engineering Civil Engineering Second Regimental Bandg A.S.C.E. JOAN ANN MAKOUTZ ............. Skokie Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Newman Foundation Student Council 13, 43 Marquette University3 Northwestern Uni- versity3 Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- versity of Illinois IIOBERT EUGENE IYIALIIEREK ...... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GEORGE JOSEPH INIALINA .... . . .Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Barton House Engineering Council 143 3 A.S.C.E.3 I.T.E.3 Mu-Sang St. Pats Ball Committee Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DoN JOSEPI-I BIALINONVSKI ...... Lockport Commerce Economics Newman Hall Finance Club3 Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club! Rho Epsilon3 Society for the Advancement of Management Joliet Junior College JEROME DAVID DIALLER. . Washington, D.C. Commerce Accountancy Illini Union Committee 1133 Accountancy 1'lub3 Society for the Advancement of Rltill2ig0lll6llt RIVIIAKD AN'rIIoNY INIALONE ...... Peoria Commerce .llarlreting Pershing Rides 11, 233 Marketing Club T1IoAIAs .IOSI-IPII BIALTIIANER. . .Rockford Engineering Civil Engineering r3.g.C.E.Q I.T.E. Illinois Institute of Technology li.XliBAR.X CLAIRE DIALVIN. . . .Lincolmeooil Physical Education Recreation Laurel House Hillel Foundation Student Council 1-139 American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis 11, 23 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FrI,Is JOY IVIANDELL ............ Pontiac Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Sigma Delta Tau Shorter B03,1'1lQ Torch3 The Illl0 fl, 2, 33, Associate Editor 1433 Illini Union Com- mittee 1133 Illlini Traditions Committee 13, 43 EVANS Rox' BIANK ............. Belleville Division of Special Services Marketing Phi Delta Theta House President 1433 Illini Insurance So- ciety Belleville Junior College JANE REDFIELD MANKA ....... Richmond Commerce Secretarial Training Kappa Delta The Daily Illini 1333 Y.W'.C.A. Com- mittee 143 Lawrence College DAVID BAMBERGER. IWARBLESTONE Taglorville Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Zeta Beta Tau Ma-Wan-Da3 Phi Kappa. Phi? Student Senate 12, 3, 43, President 143 3 Committee on Student Affairs 13, 433 Coordination Committee 1333 N.S.A. Senate Subcom- mittee 13, 433 Major, Army ROTC3 Pha- lanx 13, 43 Honors Day 133 Knox College IYIARYLEE BIARBRY ........ . . .Robinson Journalism Advertising Gamma Phi Beta The Daily Illini 11, 233 Illini Union Com- mittee 1133 University Theatre Crew 1133 Student Senate 13, 433 Concert and Enter- tainment Board 133 JosEI'1I AVILLIAM MARCHELLO. . .Coal City Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall A.S.M.E.3 S.A.E., President 1433 St. Pat's Ball Committee JOIIN ROBERT DIARCIIETTI ..... Springfield Engineering General Engineering Theta Kappa Phi Stal' and Scroll: Junior Interfraternity Council 1233 House President 1433 Intra- mural Manager 1333 Engineering Council 1133 3 At.S.M.E.3 Illini Campus Amvets Post INO 209' Marketln Club Youn Re uh- licans Ellubg I.S.G.I3. l g P RIARION FRANCIS LIAREK .... Mt. Prospect Commerce Accountancy Honors Day 113 NORMAN Elmira IAIARGOLIN ....., Chicago Commerce 1 Accountancy Zeta Beta Tau Wa-Na-See5 Sachem5 Beta Alpha psi. In, tramural Manager 12, 3, 455 39,1501-'1M. Rec Manager 1455 IM Rec Board 12, 3, 455 Magor, Army ROTC5 Ordnance Club 1355 Accountancy Club Honors Day 115 LEONARD DIARIND ......... . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi5 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Marketing Club5 Society for the Advancement of Managementg Young Democrats Club Wright Junior College5 Loyola Univer, sitv RONALD WILLIAM BIARIS ........ Urbana Liberal Arts alld Sciences Philosophy Beta Theta Pi Ilia-Wan-Da5 Sachem5 Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors, President 1455 Y.M.C.A. Cabi- net 135 5 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1255 Campus Chest 1355 Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 455 Var- sity Track Squad 12, 3, 45, Letter 12, 3, 45 5 Freshman Varsity Track Squad5 Fresh- man Varsity Basketball Squad. 1155 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 135 ,TO ANN BIARKLAND .......... Champaign Education Speech Alpha Chi Omega University Theatre Manager 11, 255 Uni- versity Theatre Cast 1155 University Thea- tre Crew 11, 255 Star Course Manager 1155 Freshman Councilg N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 1155 Orchesis 11, 2, 355 Freshman VVeek Committee 115 Honors Day 115 University of Hawaii IAIELVYN B, IYIARKON ....... .... C' hicago Commerce Accountancy Tau Delta Phi Junior Interfraternity Council 1155 Ac- countancy Club DAVID ALAN :MARKS ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarabg A.I.A.5 Rho Epsilon University of Texas5 Monterrey Tech- nological Institute of Superior Studiesg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN Fmrn MARQUIS ........ St. Charles Engineering Electrical Engineering Gar-Men A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 115 RICHARD LOUIS 'DIARSHALL Worchester, Massachusetts Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.5 S.A.E. Indiana Technical College JOLANTA BOZENNA BLIARSZALK. . .Evanston Commerce Statistical Economics Honors Day 11, 25 Northwestern Universityg Navy Pier EX' tension of the University of Illil10iS S'rANI,IcY CHARLES INIARSZALK. . .Evanston Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Northern Polytechnic5 NPLVY Pier Exten' sion of the L'niversity of Il1i1'l0iS HAROLD FRKNCIS MAKTIIINSEN. . .C1,5Cf,gf, l'1lIgineeI'i1Ig X . Am-onflirlical1f71gmcc,.57m lungincering Council 145 A NavvP5.. 5 525 . ll Activities. I.A.S., President Navy Pier Fvtcns' 5- J- :ion of th U u . of Illinois 0 lllvclsltp JAMES TIIonAs MARTIN ...gnhi Ringwuod Engineering Aeronautical Enginee -' Noble House Img :ilgnm Tail: Tau Beta Pi! Sigma Gmmna au' Presulent 4355 House President 1355 I.A.S., President 145 Honors Day 135 YVilmington College KAREN LOIS IXIARTIN .......... Hoopesfmi Physical Education Recreation Alpha Chi Omega Illini Union Committee 1255 Star Course Manager 115 5 'NV.A.A. 1155 Cheerleader 13, 43 5.Te1'1'aPi11 ill 5 American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter LILA K.XTHERINE MARTIN ......... Toluca Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Palamar Honors Day 115 ROGER ESRIOND DIARTIN ...... Mt. Morris Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Kappa Tau Star and Scroll NANCIE JOY BIASOR ............. Chicago Physical Education Recreation Sigma Delta Tau The Daily Illini 11, 255 Illini Union Com- mittee 11, 255 Campus Chest 1355 W.A.A. 1255 Orchesis 11, 255 American Recreaa tional Society U. of I. Student Chapter-5 Physical Education Majors Club M WNARD LEE BIASSA ............. Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Wikia French Club RIICIIARD STANLEY IVIATEJA ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Four Columns The Daily Illini i4l5 University Theatre Crew 145 Wilson Junior College, Navy Pier Exten- f the University of Illinois sion o XVILLIABI Jonx MATHESON, JR.. . .Chicago Division of Special Services Zoology yvright Junior College, Brigham Young University RICHARD DALE BIATHEXVS ....... Huntley Agriculture Dairy 11u.sbandrU Tara Hall I Iiouse lrrcsident 12, 35 Agl-1CUltl11-gil Council 145 5 Dairy Production Club Presl- dent 145 487 ID ID -I U lil ID ANN ELIZABETH MATHIS. . . . . . . iw' . f 1 ,gif ai 1 1 .4425 ! X 33. X.. 141' - '?' ' ' . 1, Q - , V N 5 52 Q V-is , .-.. P i f nm if 5 1 L., ' x. ,a.e.,, l V V 488 Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences Physiology Evans Hall xx'0men'S Gmc Club 12, 335 Terrapin 12, 3, 435 Illini Christian Fellowship 12, 3, 43 Purdue University .IOIIN RICIIARD M,vrrIIEws .-.. Clfffmlmiyll Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Kappa Lambda Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 1335 Y.M- 1I.A. Cabinet 133 XVILLIABI CIIARLES :MAVITY ....... Peoria Engineering Electrical Engineering Triangle Star and Scroll5 Sigma Taug Phi Eta Sigma5 Student Senate 135 435 Men's Glee Club 12, 335 Oratorio Society 11,235 D15- ciples Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 43, President 1335 Engineering Coun- cil 1335 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 23 LOREN ROBERT MAXEY ......... Freeport Agriculture lllechanization Engineering Council 12, 335 Agricultural Economics Clubg Agriculture Education Club5 A.S.A.E. Illinois State Normal University DoN.xLD IXIITCHELL MAY ....,.... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Theta Xi Phi Epsilon Kappa5 Swimming Freshman Varsity Squad5 Track Freshman Varsity Squad5 Dolphins 1435 Gamma Delta5 Phy- sical Education Majors Club Wright Junior C0llege5 Roosevelt Uni- versity CAROL LEE MCADOO .............. Peoria Education Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi Illini Union Committee 1235 University Theatre Crew 1235 Student Senate 123 Pine Manor Junior College IEICIIARD ARNOLD DLICCANDLESS Des Plaines Commerce Sales and Advertising Management Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANCIS DICCANN ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English XVilson Junior College PATRICIA ANN IVICCARTNEY. .White Heath Agriculture Home Economics 4-H House Alpha Chron5 Gamma Alpha Chi5 Illini Union Committee 1235 VV.Gr.S. Executive Council 12, 3, 433 S-N.I.B. 1335 sno-nail Committee 13, 435 Home Economics Club VVILLIABI BRUCE BICCARTNEY. .Homefzcood Engineering Electrical Engineering Exmoor Chi Gamma Iota5 Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nu5 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 23 VVilson Junior Collegc5 Illinois Institute of Technology J,-.CK LEE MCCASKEY ..... .... 0 anton Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club NVestern Illinois State College CHARLES ELLARD MCCLELLAN ..... Moline Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Phi Eta Sigma5 Beta Alpha Psi5 Sigma Iota Epsilon Honors Day 11, 2, 335 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key JOHN PHILIP BECCLURE ......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Acacia Sigma Tau5 Student Senate 1435 Engineer- ing Council 13, 435 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Gamma Delta Honors Day 11, 23 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DXNNEL MCCOLLULI ......... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Delta Phi Wrestling, Varsity Squadg Captain, Army ROTC5 Society of American Military Engi- neers JEAN ALICE MCCONOCIIIE ..... Glen Ellyn Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Cedar Hall Student Senate 1435 N.S.A. Senate Sub- committee 1435 WILL TV 1435 WPGU 1435 LAS Council 13, 43 Milwaukee-Downer College5 DePauw University PHYLLIS ANN MCCORMICK ....... Ottawa Agriculture Home Economics Evans Hall Newman Foundation Student Council 13, 435 Home Economics Club Northern Illinois University RICHARD Fn.xNicIs MCCRARY. . .Glen Ellyn Commerce Management Pi Kappa Alpha Star and Scroll5 House President 1335 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Scabbard and Blade 13, 43 BIXRVIN LEE Roy 13ICDON:XLD. .Shelbyville Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Illi-Dell Y.M.C.A. Committee 1235 House Presi- dent ,1435 s.N.I.B. 1335 Agricuitui-ai 091111611 12, 3, 435 All-Ag Field Day Com- nllttee 11, 2, 3, 435 Agricultural Educa- UOH Club: Dairy Production Club: Field and Furrow5 Horticulture Club RICHARD KEIRS :MCDONALD ...... Dwight Engineering Mechanical Engineering S.A.E. RUSSELL NEIL IYICDONALD. . . . . .Arthur Commerce Inzlustrial Admintstration Phi Gamma Delta Football Marching Band 123: F51-St Regi. mental Band 1235 Second Regimental Bend 4153 Society fOr the Advancement of Management ,iw X' -.N 9 f 4 U nw 3 ,...'e """' ' , f 'i I . s 'M fr , i v if 2 V ijt., l : I 15, 5 -' 1, l ,jr 3 r . ' J. -' ' J 1 v l i i . l l l l . l IX GSA E Q 1 , ig' if ,P . if . t I fs 4 l I V .- zz. 53 - Ii' si is L rf ' 1 E l 2 T i .X L l i f i if ft"':v "" F i t 5-A f i l i l 5 i l 'PROM AS MICHAEL BICDONALD Northbrook Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Clubg Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Society for the Advancement of Management Maryknoll College DONALD CAPEN IYICELFRESII. . .Palos Pai-It Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Tau Gamma A.I.A. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN ELLSWORTH MZCGAUGHEY Lawrenceville Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Tau Omega Duke Universityg Vincennes University: Illinois Institute of Technology VVAYNE EARL NLCGEE ........... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Varsity Squad Baseball 12, 33g Freshman 'Varsity Baseball Squad: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Physical Education Ma- jors Club lIonor's Day 113 BARBARA ESTELLE IVICGILL ..... Riverside Education Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta I-lonors Day 111 GERALD EDWARD MICGINNIS ...,... Ottawa Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.F..g S.A.E. LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College FRANK :MATTHEXV :MCGRAIL ...... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Granada Club A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Activities: Engineering Coun- eil 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN ROBERT MCGOREGOR ....... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Delta Chi IIAS Council 12, 353 Cyclothem Club, President 1435 Anthropology Club Cornell University JANE BICGREW ............ . . .Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences History Kappa Alpha Theta Young Republicans Club Lawrence College 'l'uoMAs JOSEPH WICGUIRE ....... Chicagv Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Club VVilson Junior College KENNETH BIERLYN MCKEE. . , , , , I',,,.,,,, Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House cill Football liiiipiigrerlliherfraternity Coun- Etzgtball Iylanagerg 1455 Setrggnf A1.m3,tlCRg'g.16rfc11 QUE First Lieutenanti Field a d Y DHITY Production Club: U Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club SHIRLEY JOANN McKEE ....... Eyinylimn Agriculture L. Home Economics Education Phillgoln Avenue Residence Hall . psilon Omicrong Illini Union Coni- wttee i253 Y,W.C.A. Committee 1355 S -A-A- ill! Freshman Council 1155 -N-I-B- f3, 453 Home Economics Club Honors Day 135 CHI-OE ANN MCKEEVER .......... Urbana Education . Elementary Education University Theatre Crew 115g Spanish Club NFIWY Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIAM WARREN MCKEEVER .... Chicago Division of Special Services History Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NANCY JEAN MCKINNEY ....... Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Gamma Delta Star and Scroll Queen 135 Marquette University ROBERT EUGENE MCIQINNEY. .White Hall Agriculture Animal Science Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club Illinois College ROBERT WAYNE MCKOWN Western Springs Physical Education Physical Education 2, 3, 41, Letter 12, Varsity Track Squad 1 3, 413 Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 43 WILLIAM HOMER MCLAUGHLIN, JR. Chicago Commerce Accountancy University of Omallil . .Freeport WILLIAAI LEE MCLENAHAN. .. Engineering Electrical E'flUi'fWe7'mtl i ma Iota' Phi Eta Sigma: .' at fe 'S-5 3. Y ,.- ,gg-it f s I I is I Q -if l . .:,, get X. .4 -2,2 ef' 'U'- A up I ' s if f 4.4152 9 . -J' .kg we gb 4- 'lr I S , A ms ' ' G , ,. ihfEEa:IIiR.E.g A.S.M.E.g Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 mi Honors Day C17 1 .. 1 BONNIE LOUISE MCMANUS. .. ..... Chicago 1 M Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Physiology A Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall 4 Delta Sigma Omicl-Ong Spanish Club r Honors DRY C23 t ilt . A St- f is I , , 3 '- 5 mv f ,,l,,"s, Ch .L u E ' I l ik. 51" 4, . ' 6 - i- M I . V V V la su f s l - cf? ' 490 DLXNIEL JOHN INICNABB ............ Joliet Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Roojah Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag University Chorus C3, 433 Men's Glee Club C3, 433 McKinley Foundation Student Council C433 Young Republicans Club Joliet Junior College C.xRL ERNEST INICNAIR .... .... L ena Agriculture General Agriculture Wesmen Tomahawkg House President C333 Illini Christian Fellowship C2, 3, 43 Honors Day C23 JAMES VOTAW INICNAIR .... . .... Lena Commerce Industrial Administration 3Vesmen House President C333 W'esley Foundation Student Council C233 Rho Epsilon LOWELL LANDON MCNAUGIIT .... Waverly Agriculture General Agriculture Chi Psi Agricultural Economics Club SHARON KATIIRYN IMCNERNEY Indianapolis, Indiana Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Epsilon Deltag Army ROTC Sponsor C33 Purdue University ITIARVEY NORMAN MEDVIN .... . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Clark House Accountancy Clubg Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARVIN FRANCIS MEISSEN .... . , ,Durand Agriculture Agricultural Science Phi Eta Sigmag Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC3 Military Council C433 Pershing Rifles C233 Field and Furrow Honors Day CI, 2, 33 XVILLIAM ROBERT INIEISTERLING Prospect Heights Journalism Ailvertising Tau Kappa Epsilon Illini Union Committee C233 Y.W.C.A. Committee C133 Junior Interfraternity Council C133 Interfraternity Executive Council C333 A.I.A. RENEE IQUGLER. :MELL ........... Chicago Education English and Speech Zeta Phi Etag Orchesis C2, 333 Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SUSIE BIINNIE ARLENE INIELTON Kirlrzvood Agriculture Home Economics 4-H House Home Economics Club 3Vestern Illinois State University EIITCHELL JAY MELTZER. . . . . .Skokie Commerce Finance Sigma Alpha Mu Senior Ball Committee C133 Finance Club! Illini Insurance Society3 Rho Epsilon M.XRLENE JOYCE IWIENDELSOHN. . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Arbor Suites Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinoisg 'Wilson Junior Collegeg Univer- sity of California LOIS MERRITT .......... Chicago Heights Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Kappa Alpha University Theatre Cast 'C3, 433 Spring Musical Cast C43 3 University Theatre Crew C3, 433 VV.A.A. C133 Women's Glee Club C133 Oratorio Society C3, 433 Orchesis C15 J UDIE MARILYN ZMEYER. .Munster-, Indiana Journalism Radio and Television Alpha Xi Delta Purdue University ORRALEE MEYER ............... Decatur Education Elementary Education Sigma Kappa Torch3 Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Lambda Delta3 University Theatre Crew C1, 2, 3, 433 Y.VV.C.A. Cabinet C2, 3, ,433 Y.W. C.A. Committee C133 Gamma Delta Honors Day C13 VVILLIAM HENRY EIEYER ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Gargoyle3 Phi Eta Sigmag Scarabg A.I.A. Honors Day C333 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT INIORRIS NIEYEROVITZ ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Premedicine Phi Sigma Delta Omega Beta Pi Honors Day C1, 2, 33 VVILLIAM JOHN MEYERS. . . . . .Streator Commerce Management Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Illini Forensic Association3 Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment JOAN JUDITH :MICHALS ..... .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Vanlig House President C333 O1-chesig C233 French Clubg Future Teachers of America Navy Pier Activities: Pier Playhouse Honors Day C13 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois XVILLIAM H. :MICHEL .......... Rushville Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design I.D.S.A. St. Ambrose College . I I .'QV! fl Q I fl i 2, 25' X !r2,f"Q'Y ...3, - 4 t 4 Y 4 x c. -,. . ' ig, S Y . Sf b Q s as . 1' J ,V X 2. H' . , X .. In r n ,.. Yes. V Tvfx c '-: x 4 M X ti e Y 4 'Q Iyw, . is . ,fa Q -. , X f- 15 gi sz.. ' , -i 1 , EI aW' 1 ,Afri- pn' 42, il Joni I I A an mu ww niiU'uvCY Ch mncfiiiwn Juni aim Wim I Gale Hui Jolie! Junior SHILDON FAU! Tu! Epsilon Junior Illwfi Foundlliim St' my Mrnngementl Honors DBY i no Paul U1 sion of the UI HELEN Vnicn Education Gamma Ph Illini Union C nina i232 Y.W.C.A. Cor Committee C3 Hmm SEDW Eli University ' Forces Aman dent C333 A Honors Day Illinois In Jow STANI Libs Slgllm Ka mini Union Theatre C1-e GLORLC R0 I Bnsey H Elini Uni, alllpu W.G.S.sES Chorus U Qin Allo. iv C0l1ce1 F1110 and B ll Cab: fiom nt' ITAL0 Joi S0111-nb: I i433 Ai President Xavy I L0l'0ln oi the UI Bllny ARD lifcgunta H0l10I.S 1 lkie lb 5 lgg ity 31" ts lg W Ib l a 4 i -xx 'fa - Ii xi 11 'i he '4 , I L.,,' I if 1 ,gi X A iff A "- H' E' I .fl 'Z' 2 f ' W? I .' " 11 ? I 'ei ' ' LH, uf' , . I , x' I i I., 5 l M. E C 51-.5 gf' 5 If, JOIIN NORMAN LIIDDLETON .....,, Urbana Engineering llfechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.5 S.A.E. Honors Day C25 RICHARD JOHN IMIELCARZ Chicago Heights Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Clubg Illi-Knightsg Market- ing Club Thornton Junior College ROBERT WAYNE :MIETZ ..... ., ,Joliet Commerce Accountancy Cagle Hall Joliet Junior College SIIELDON PAUL BIIGDAL. . . . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Tau Epsilon Phi Junior Interfraternity Council5 Hillel Foundation Student Council C355 Account- ancy Clubg Society for the Advancement of Managementg Young Democrats Club Honors Day C15 De Paul University5 Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois HELEN VIRGINIA EIIGELY ........ Chicago Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children Gamma Phi Beta Illini Union Committee C15 5 Y.M.C.A. Com- ' W.C.A. Cabinet C2, 355 mittee C255 Y. Y.W.C.A. Committee C155 Freshman Week Committee C35 HENRY SEDXVICK MIILLER ....... Wilmette Engineering Electrical Engineering University Theatre Crew C255 Armed Forces Amateur Radio Club C3, 455 Presi- dent C355 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Synton Honors Day C35 Illinois Institute of Technology JOAN STANLEY IMIILLER ........ Wilmette Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee Cl, 255 University Theatre Crew C155 Spanish Club GLORIA ROSE IWIKUTA ........... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Busey Hall Illini Union Committee C1, 2, 3, 477 Campus Chest Cl, 255 W.A.A. C2, 3.53 W.G.S. Executive Council C455 Universlty Chorus Cl, 255 Orchesis C155 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board Cl, 25 5 Concert and Entertainment Board C35 9 Fine and Applied Arts Council C459 S1f10' Ball Committee C255 Home -Economics Club5 Future Teachers of America ITALO JOHN IWIILANI ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarabg Fine and Applied Arts Council C455 A.I.A., President C555 A.I.Ch-E-, President C45. Navy Pier Activities: A.I.A. Loyola UnivcrsitY? Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BERNARD LEON :MILLER ..... .. .Streator Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day C15 DARRELL ALVI N MUJLEH ---- ---.. L incoln T V Agriculture Agriciilfgigfqlvl mmnig U" Ag"ic1"ItW'c . ' JCOHOYUICS Clubg Agricultural Education Club F' J lcld andF -- - Honors Day C35 uiiou JUDITH :MAY MIL LER ............ Chicago Education Elementary Education Theta Upsilon Illini Union Committee C3, 4li University Theafre Crew C235 HOIISQ President C455 MCKUUGY Foundation Student Council C25 5 Panhellenic Ball Committee C35 Navy Plel' Extension of the University of Illinois ' MARIE LIEYERS MILLER ...... M Agriculture . Home Economics Education Pln Upsilon Omicro - S,N 71, .I.B. C355 Home Economics Club t. Sterling RONALD FRANK MILLER ..... . Journalism Radio and Television Sigma Delta Chi5 WILL C4 5 Elgin Community College .... .Elgin SALLY MAE MILLE Liberal Arts and Sciences Rhetoric Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Psi Chi5 W'.P.G.U. C35 R ............ Chicago THEODORE IVIARSHALL MILLER .... Morton Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Sigma5 A.S.M.E. Honors Day C25 JAMES COMMODORE MILLS ..... Greenville Agriculture Dairy Science Greenville College MARVIN DAVID MILLS. . . . . . .... .Chica90 Commerce Commerce ancl Law Barton House Junior Bar Association Navy Pier Extension of the Universltl' Of Illinois ROBERT CLARK INIILLS ......... Belvidere Education Social Studies Granada Club A.I.A. Honors Day Cl, 35 FRANK ABBOTT INIILLSPAUGIF' ---- -DOWN Liberal Arts and Sciences English Newman Hall 5 , - - ' Board C351 lgaainvlgillgllgiaest gllrPDI.g1X?!ExecugV6 C9314 5 ' 45 - onnni ec C11 C359 Student Semltf? K3' .d" t'on Com- on Student 'Af?gikC4geng?g1 gggciuninitteo mittee - C19 1 Ian Foundation Student Coun- C'3, 45 5 Ixewg m us Chest Allocations and XClvl3o1'3?JBoa1fLd IC357 The Daily Iuml My qu- . I r , -Q " "t .i 5 e X 'Q it M .5 491 LOIS MINUTE . , ............. Chicago Liberal N and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology Busey Hall Shorter Board5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 New- man Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 43 Honors Day 11, 23 Wright Junior College5 Roosevelt Uni- versity5 Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- versity of Illinois JOSEPH FRANCIS MIRABELL1X .... Wheaton Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Newman Hall Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Fresh- man Varsity Baseball Squad5 Flying Club RUTH ANN MIsK0vsKY ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics 'l'-Dorms Phi Kappa Phi5 Alpha Lambda Delta: Illini Union Coinmitfoc 1135 University Theatre Crew 1335 W.A.A. 1135 Young Democrats Club Honors Day 11, 23 l3.xRB,xRA LOUISE MITACEK ,....... Lyons Physical Education Physical Education Busey Hall XV.A.A. Board 1335 W.A.A. 12, 3, 435 Terrapin 12, 3, 435 Physical Education Majors Club Morton Junior College JAMES FLORICE MITCHEL ...... Charleston Agriculture General Agriculture Theta Delta Chi Eastern Illinois University ANN F. MITCHELL .......... Granite City Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Delta Gamma Shi-Ai5 Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 43 CAROLE ANN MITCHELL ..... .... B irds Agriculture Home Economics Gamma Phi Beta University Theatre Crew 1135 Campus Chest 1135 Plowboy Prom Committee 1335 Home Economics Club CAROLYN JOYCE MITCHELL .... Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Music University Sinfonietta 11, 2, 3, 435 Uni- versity Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 435 Women's Glee Club 113 FREDDIE EIARIE MITCHELL ....... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Delta Sigma Theta Mortar Boa.rd5 Alpha Sigma Nu5 W.S.A. Board 13, 43, President 1435 W.S.A. 11, 235 House President 1435 Student Senate 12, 435 Physical Education Majors Club Honors Day 123 HOWARD ALLEN MITCHELL La Grange Park Engineering Industrial Engineering Chi Phi A,F,S. SARA MITCHELL . . . ............. Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Sigma Sigma Shorter Board5 Torch5 Alpha Chron! Alpha Lambda Deltag The Daily Illini 11, 2, 3, 435 House President 133 Honors Day 113 SARA HARTFORD :MITCHENER ..,... Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences French Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Boardg Torch5 Shi-Ai5 Panhellenic Executive Council, President 143g Pan- hellenic-W.G.S. Coordinating Committee 12, 3, 435 Freshman Council 113 Honors Day 113 RICHARD MIURA .... .......... C hicago Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Barton House Honors Day 133 LOWELL THOMPSON MIZE ....... Belleville Education Mathematics Delta Phi Star and Scroll5 Illini Union Committee 12, 33 5 Future Teachers of America JOHN MARTIN MIZIALKO ..... . . .Chicago Agriculture Agronomy Wright Junior College GILBERT CHARLES MOCHEL, JR. Downers Grove Commerce Insurance and, Finance Phi Eta Sigma5 Alpha Kappa Psi5 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1135 Commerce Coun- cil 13, 435 Illini Insurance Society, Presi- dent 133 Honors Day 11, 2, 335 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key GEORGE EUGENE MOELLER ...... Nokomis Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Kappa The Illiog Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad Honors Day 123 RONALD PAUL MOELLER ......... Addison Engineering Mechanical Engineering Knight Club A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RONALD HONCE M01-IR. . ..... Broadlanrls Agriculture Animal Science Phi Sigma Kappa Men's Glee Club 11, 23 5 Field and Furrow5 Hoof and Horn Club ROBERT KEITH LIOHRMAN. . . . . .Quincy Agriculture Agricultural Science Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta5.Freslunan Varsity Wrestling Squad5 Senior Wrestling Manager 1435 WfeSt11Hg.Manager 12, 335 s.N.1.B. 1335 AH'A8. Field Day Committee 12, 3, 435 Athletic Council 1435 Plowboy Prom Com- mlttee 42, 333 Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 113 lsr I 'gg ., l If l Q-:R Q., 'K I I 1 1 1 . X :Q I i I A 3 lil A-. ,-., , , JEREMIAH ROBERT MoLLENIIAUER.Ohicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Flagg House Captain, AYIYIY ROTC! Phalanx: Society of American Military Engineers, President C45: AIA. Navy Pier Extension of the University of IlllYl0lS ' EUGENE RICH,-xRD BIONAHAN .... Dlvcrnon Division of Special Services Accountancy Accountancy Club: Illini Campus Amvets Post NO. 202: Marketing Club AllBREY EUGENE DIONSON ...... Hampton Engineering General Engineering l.S.G.E. JOE SHELDON :MONTGOMERY Biloxi, Mississippi Division of Special Services Electrical Engineering Florida Southern PAUL JOSEPH BIONTINO .,... Melrose Park Liberal Arts and Sciences P1-claw Cornell College CAROLYN J oycE Moonv ............. Erw Agriculture Home Economics Education Presby Hall Phi Upsilon Omicron: McKinley Founda- tion Student Council C2, 35: Plowboy Prom Committee C2, 45: Home Economics Club SARRIS LEON MO0R:XDIAN North Attleboro, Massachusetts Division of Special Service Personnel Management University Religious Council C25: Society for the Advancement of Management: Ar- menian Students Club Boston University: Northeastern Univer- sity: Latin American Institute: Brown University DAVID JOHN MOORE ............ Danville Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Tribe of Illini: Varsity WVrestling Squad C3, 45, Letter C3, 45 DOROTHY JANE MOORE ........ Galesbury Education Education of the Mentally Handicapped Alpha Delta Pi Shorter Board: Torch: Shi-Ai! KHDP9- Delta Pig The Daily Illini C1, 25: Illini Union Committee Cl5: Student Senate f2. 3, 45: Young Republicans Club NANCY ELEANOR MOORE, ,........ Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Leeman Lodge Cyclothem Club SHIRLEY :RAE MooRE. . . Oamml, Journalism . Arlvcrtisiny P1 Beta Phi Shorter Board- T Al 11 '. 1 Orch: Shi-A15 G 111ijn1aUci11ifih 'iight' .DWY Ilhni Cl, 2i1m3rivi man Internati01:l12IdPg'52JgrilI fllgajor Chan.. n ' . ms . . . gslmmlttee C35: Ill1n1 Union Cciiii1cilTmC0EiT Star Cours M . .. Forensic Association.agiggliatilli 1111111 ternational Students i C lon of In SUSAN NIESERVEY MOORE U Alexandria, Virginia Llberal Arts and Sciences History Kappa' Alpha Theta, Phi Alpha Th illi House President C45 Honors Day C15 eta: Illini Union Committee Tnoxms GARFIELD INIOORE .... Park Ridge Commerce Marketing AIDIFIW KHPDIL Epsilon p a Delta Sigma: Th D 'l 111' - . The Illio C1, 2 e my lm ul' Council f2l9 Marketing Club i 5: Junior Intel-fmtemitv INIARVIN GLENN MoosE ..... .... A aburn Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agricultural Education Club Southern Illinois University CLARK EDYVIN MORRIS .......... Harmon Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Tau Alpha: University Theatre Crew C45: Y.M.C.A. Committee C1, 2, 45: Sec- ond Regimental Band C1, 25: University Chorus Cl5: Illini Christian Fellowship C45 : Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society C35: Agricultural Edu- cation Club: Agriculture Club: Dairy Pro- duction Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club: Theater Workshop Cast C45 JAN LOU MORRIS ............... Tuscola Physical Education Recreation Alpha Chi Omega Y.W.C.A. Committee C25: Campus Chest C25: W.A.A. C25: N.S.A. Senate Subcom- mittee C3, 45: Illigreek C35: Panhellemc Ball Committee C25: Senior Ball Com- mittee: American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter: Physical Education Majors Club Honors Day C35 . ' Illinois State Normal UH1VeTSlty LAWRENCE EDWARD INIORRISSEY ..... Joliet Commerce Management-Marketing Newman Hall Alpha Kappa Psi: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management MIXRY ANNETTE MORRISON ..... Princeton Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta Y.W.c.A. Cabinet 645: Y-W-C-A- Com' mittee Cl, 2, 35: House President C47 HAROLD HOBIER IMORSE, JR. ....... Dwight Journalism Editorial 907 Club House President f4l9 VVILL Southeast Missouri State College RSE ......... Gfrayslalrc Jo1IN EUGENE M0 ' Engineermg Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta 4 Second Regimental Band il. 233 A-I-E-E-' IRE ' Society for tl1e Advancement Of Mmaaggment. Synwng Young Republicans Club , I .3 I ol ,, :GJ wg X fi -J.: " s n rv , ,V .iv-': N , 5 1 , - , v - . , ,., s -,. 1, I' ,s ' if' . Q I 1 xv- .Q ' 251 .f ' -We v " I -, 1.5324 mf' th ID .I U I 493 ID lh .I U M Ill ID ,I '., 494 .Toss DIARY liloicvis ....... .-.-- - Cl'i"f'U" Physical liduc-ation I7lI.IljSll?!ll lfzluration Hoste llouse XV,A,A, 13, 43, Physical Education Ma.l01'S 1'lub, President 143 Navy Pier Activities: O1'Cll9SlS 123 I Navy Pier Extension of the Universlil' of Illinois GERALD LEE lilosan ........ .. .Elgin Commerce Marketing Sigma Nu The Illio 113, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management XVILLIAM GORDON BIOTZER .... Mt. Vcrnml Division of Special Services History McKendree College, McNeese State Col- lege A ERMETT THEODORE MUELLER .... Waterloo Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Junior Interfraternity Council, Oratorio Society 11, 23, Ensign, NROTC, I.A.S. JAMES Scorr MUELLER South Fort Mitchell, Kentucky Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Psi Upsilon Tribe of Illini 143, Senior Swimming Manager 143, Swimming Manager 12, 33, Dolphins 12, 3, 43 EARL BURNELL MUIR ...... Johnston City Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Southern Illinois University LEE EDXVARD INIUIR .,.......... Coal City Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Geography Citidel House President 133 Joliet Junior College .IicrQUicLx'N :MARIE MULLAN1-3 .... Belleville Education Elementary Education Pi Kappa Sigma Illini Union Committee 143, IVesley Foun- dation Student Council 143 Lindcnwood College, Belleville Junior College hilililil-I LEROY BIULVANEY ..... Taylor:-illc Agriculture Agronomy Farm House Freshman-Varsity Track Squad? Fresh. man Varsity Cross Country Squad, 5.11, 1515- 12,1335 WILL 133., Agricultural Louncil 13, 43, All-Ag.F1eld Day Com. 1113190 Q, 2, 3, 43, Military Ball Coni- lllmefi '16, 439 lf10Wb0y Prom Committee 11, 2, 6, il, Chairman 133, Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC, Alpha .Rho Tau 12, 33 , Scabbard and Blade 13, 43 , .Field and Furrow, President 13, 43, Hoof and ll0i.u Club, lllini Sportman's Club, Kitie and Pistol Club Roisignr C. MUXNIQQRH .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences I'hilo.vopliy Beta Theta Pi Phi Eta Sigma, Illini Union 1'oniniitlec 123, Star Course Manager 11, 23 , Cgiinpng Chest 1223, NSA. Senate Siibi-tnnniittee 1135 llunors Day 11, 2, 153 Esrnnn KIYORO IVIURAOKA .... . . .Chicago l Arts and Sciences English L ibera T-Dorms University Theatre Crew 13, 43 Navy Pier Extensio of Illinois n of the University RUTH Ennio MURAOKA ........ . .Chica90 Liberal Arts and ScienCeS Mathematics T-Dorms University The Chest 143, Home Economics Club xtension of the University atre Crew 13, 473 CUHPUS Navy Pier E of Illinois OSEPH MURPHY. . . .Homewood Engineering Electrical Engineering CHARLES J Triangle A.I.E.E.-1.R.E.: Society for the Advance' ment of Management Navy Pier of Illinois Extension of the University JAMES EDWARD :MURPHY ,,,, , . .Belleville Journalism Editorial Sigma Delta Chi, M.I.A. Executive Coun- cil 133 Belleville Junior College BIICHAEL JAMES MURPHY Jersey City, New Jersey Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, German Club, Future Teachers of America, Young Democrats Club Honors Day 113 SHARRON WOLFER MURR.XY ........ Pekin Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa., Alpha Lambda. Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, Illini Union Committee 123, University Theatre Cast 133, University Theatre Crew 113, Y.33. C.A. Committee 113, W.G.S. Executive Council 123, Student Senate 123, Illini Christian Fellowship 113 - Honors Day 11, 2, 33, University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key 133 WILLIAM RALPH MUTIIER ...... Wilmelfe Commerce Marketing Alpha Tau Omega NVa-Na-See, Sachem, Tribe of Illini 12, 33, 3Vrestling Varsity Squad 12, 332 XVrestling Letter 12, 33, Marketing Club BERNARD ALOYSIUS NABORONVSKI. .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Club Wilson Junior College, Loyola Univer- sity FREDERICH DONALD NAEGELE Indianapolis, Indiana Eine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Varsity Golf Squad 112, 43, Freshman Varsity Golf Squad, A.l.A. EDWARD FILLMORE NAGEL ...... Elmhurst Commerce .llarlrcting Phi Gamma Delta Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 1353, Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee Cl, 23, Second Regimental Band il, 23, Marketing' Club 0 ltv Uo 11S ity orl le HELEN IJRXNCES Nxss LllJ8I'8.l A1tS 'illd Sglencpn Social Studies Chicago DVHIIT ici T Nirsov 11101111 LXLllfllllll1Q Busew Hall U Arnzlllllllml Ffzfrllglgn Navy P1e1 Activities: P er Illini 115 ,lnriglllg cvlrmmm Rho Navy Pier Extension of the Unixersity Agricunmve Club' 'Hoof and Horn Clullg of Illinois me 13491151011 Club Iowa State College LAUEANCE PAUL NATHAN. .. . . .Chicago J. CRAIG NELsoN. . M 1 ..... . . . . . ailoon Aggxjgxi Ce Journal i sm ' 71611 Radio and Tcleviyi Phi Epsilon Pi Sigma Pi ' on Eriiaoiligii, Accountancy Club Siggnia Delta Chi-5 Illini Insurance Society Y HSf01'n Illinois State Uiiiveisny DOROTHY LYNN NATHO .... . .... Chester DIARJORIE ANN NELSON ....... .. .Alirom Education Fine and Applied Arts Elementary Education Music Education Delta Delta Delta Evans Hall Illini Union Committee 145 5 Y,'XV.C.A. Phi Kappa Phig Pi Kappa Lambda' Alphfi Committee 1855 Terrapin 135 Lambda Deltag Sigma Alpha Iotag lliiivoi.. Lindenwood College Slty Orchestra 11, 255 Womens Glee Club ill? Delta Sigma Omicron HQHOYS Dal' fl, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key VIRGINIA LEE NAYLOR ..... . . .Quincy R F Journalism ALPH REDERIC NELSON Editorial B0'Ue"l!li MQSSHCILU-Y0lf-9 Vanng Division of Special Services Young Republicans Club SPWCIL park College Alpha Elo Rho: University Theatre Cast 1353 llI.I.A. Executive Councilg Flying Club STANDLEY JAMES NAYSMITH XVILBUR. EUGENE NELSON ...... Cambrillgc Evansville, Wisconsin Agriculture F1110 3-Hd ADPHGI1 Arts Animal Science Arcllitecture Alpha Gamma Rho F13-gg' H0uSe Interfraternity Council 12, 353 S.N.I.B. House President 1355 A.I.A. 1g7f5,1d4lJ5 Aglgcultural Council 135: All-Ag U' -' f ' ' 10 i HY ommxttee 1355 Greek Week niveisity 0 XVISCOHSIYI Committee 425: lnlowboy Prom Committee fl, 2, 3, 453 Agriculture Clubg Hoof and Horn Club: Illini Sportsmalfs Club JOHN WILLIALI NEBURIIA ...... LaGrange RICHARD BRYANT NEV ,,,,,.,,... Quincy Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences Sooioloey Political SCIi6TI.C8 A1'm01'y House Phi Gamma. Delta House President UU? Illini Christian Fel' First Lieutenant, Army ROTCg Finance lowship 1255 Sociology Club Club Lyons Township Junior Collegeg Whea- Ifnivei-sity of Ioyva ton College I JOHN NEDELK ...............-. Chicago LEsTEE WAYNE NEWBERRX', Jn.. .Glcllvlclc N Engineering Engineering A Aeronautical Engineering Electrical Engineering ,lg Engineering Council 1155 I.A.S. Sigma Phi Delta ' lj , k Navy Pier Activities: Engineering Coun- Intramural Manager 145 5 Major, Air Force ffl! . cil 115 ROTC' Phalanx 13 45' A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. i, l , , Navy Pier Extension of the University Navy Pier Activities: Swimming Squad. N of Illinois letter 1255 Tennis Squad 125 - A- Navy Pier Extension of the University ' of Illinois CARL DAVID NELSON ....... . . .Chicago l V Engineering GAIL LOUISE NEVVMAN. .......... Chicago 1 Mechanical Engineering Education ' V Studio Club Elementary Education f , A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Delta Phi Epsilon - B H A Illinois Institute of Technologyg Navy Aloha. Lambda' Delta' PanheuenEcA an fi if Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Colflmlttoo ill? Future Teachers 0 mel ica. ffil li . E . ,la ,f if . pawn' . c. . . i DONALD KEITH NELSON ..... Forest Park Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD GILBERT NELSON. . . . . -07LiCfl.00 Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DANIEL YrXT-CIIIU NG. .Hong Kong, B.C.C. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Lundgren House Alpha chi Sigmag RiHo ond Pistol Club McGill University HELEN LOUISE NICHOLS ....... Galesbllrg Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Chilzlren, Pi Beta Phi Kappa Delta Pig Star Course Manager 425 I Concert Band fl, 25 3 Terrapm 11, 'll J,.,3' .1 ,4 1 Y., , .gi f. .. c .A-. AZN if I 7' K li, of? dick ..r i 5 :34 415 'il if' . 1 ,in N ,gn dig, 95" x . A 5 f' x . ' A 3 r e 5 495 A V ,, X P ' ities 3 " SL gm' 1 K N ' 5- s NN 2 f ini 1.5. , A -at ee, 1 -',v i Q. 1 in V, .-3 C , s 496 JANET NICIIOLS ............... Tascola Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Kappa Kappa Gamma Shorter Board3 Torch3 Tlie Illio 11, 2. ll. 41, Associate Business Manager 141 PAUL ALAN NICKOLEY ........ Waukegan Agriculture General Agriculture Granada Club First Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Illini Sportsman's Club3 Rifle and Pistol Club lf.l'I'RlCIA ARNOLD NICOL ........ Lombard Agriculture General Home Economics Sigma Kappa Shi-Ai3 Phi Kappa Phig Omicron Nu, President 141: Alpha Lambda. Deltaj Phi Upsilon Omicron3 The Illio 1213 Illini Union Committee 11, 21Q Y.W.C.A. Com- mitteeg House President 13, 413 Home Economics Council 1413 Plowboy Prom Committee 11, 21: Home Economics Club Honors Day 11, 2, 313 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key DIYRON PHILIP NIDETZ ...... Hazel Crest Commerce Finance Flagg House Finance Club3 Navy Pier Alumni Asso- ciation3 Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Activities: Navy Pier Play- ll0llS8Q Navy Pier Choir Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HOWARD STRUDWICR NOEL Roanoke, Virginia Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Alpha. Rho Chi Society Of Illustrators 12, 3, 41: Fine and Applied Arts Council 1213 Industrial De- sign Students Association, President 121 Virginia Polytechnic Institute BARBARA ANN NOGLE ........ Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences English lllinois Wesleyan University PEGGY BRIDGET NOLAN ..... . . .Ivesdale Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta Shorter Boardg Torch3 Star Course Man- ager 12, 313 Illini Union Committee 111 ILICIIARD NORMAN NOLAND. . . . . .Laura Education Elementary Education Minawa Lodge Football Marching Band 12, 3, 413 First Regimental Band 12, 3, 413 Second Regi- mental Band 1113 Illini Christian Fellow- ship 13, 41 LARRY DONALD NOODEN ........ Riverside Liberal Arts and Sciences Botany Clark House Pershing Rifles 1113 German Club Honors Day 12, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIAM JAMES NOIQDELL .....,. Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi3 Chi Epsilon3 A.S.C.E., President Honors Day 131 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RJCXIARD BULLIS NORMAN ...... Evanston Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Kappa Tau A.I.A. Ripon Collegeg Lawrence College BARBARA JUNE NORRIS .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Delta Sigma Theta Student Senate 1213 Orchesis 141: New' man Foundation Student Council 1413 French Club3 Young Democrats Club JOANNA JOY NORRIS ....... .... P eoriu Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children Lowry Lodge Campus Chestg House President 1412 I.U.S.A. Barberettes 1313 Spanish Club Bradley University RICHARD GEORGE NORSWORTHY. .Fox Lal.-e Engineering Ceramic Engineering Phi Eta Sigma3 Keramos3 American Cera- mic Society Honors Day 11, 41 DEXTER FOWLES NORTON, JR.. .St. Charles Agriculture Animal Science Farm House Sachem3 Star and Scroll' Y.M.C.A. Boar-I of Directors 12, 312 Y.1Vf.C.A. Cabinet 12, 312 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 3, 41Q S.N.I.B. 1313 Agricultural Economies Club3 Field and FUTTONVQ Hoof and Horn Club3 Young Republicans Club DONALD EUGENE NORTON ....... Earluille Law Law Phi Delta Phig Senior Law Class Presi- dent 141: Junior Bar Association Honors Day 121 Bradley University HERBERT DEAN NOSKER .... .... S heldon Journalism Editorial ALLAN ALBERT NOSTWICK. . .Ll'fl,C0l'IL'lU1lfHl Engineering Electrical Engineering Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIABI DONALD NOWAK ......... Cicero Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Men's Residence Hall Addition Sigma TRIIQ I.A.S. Morton Junior College RICHARD PATRICK NUGENT Highland Pnl-L' Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Operation Landscape Architecture Society3 For-site 12, 3, 41 John Carroll University wnfm ow' 'ini U Enlluh nh' Ti' me Phi 1 L naw' Collfge ' C103 S will H Eng Euclflfa' E-.l.K.E- nl- K om Align Bl Co Mi mn Hfluse ,jug Club , llll' . Extg no PW' of Illinois 121 nom -if-is 0,3 l Alpha, 0111lCI'0n shaggy Board! Tl mio uv 2, 31: up Universill' Univtrsllil' Theatre Committee 131 BIYIU-Y IRESE 4 E Elemenl Alpha Delta Pi The Daily Illini 1 Illini Union Con Republicans Club Eowinn STEPHEI E2 .llechani Noble House Pi Tau Sigmag . Joliet Junior 1 ll'ILLI.nI YICTOP A Acwumlmcl' C11 uncement of M DONALD JAY 01 B J ell Theta P lla-Wanna: S 3' 4li Varsitv letter 12, 3 ' 4 kenbau Squali Gionni HISAS 5.l,E.E.-Iilfgct Enivmifi' of J AMES RICHA The Tllgpers 11 fm C011 7 ' Market. H011 Daily mg Ulu V1-Yton Mayo New. C412 :Orin l i415 lh lake ern' flex an-il C2, 41 9 nies Ol'll :HIE asl- lon ml ily ru ,C YVONNE NYENHUIS Hudsonville, Illichigan Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Kappa Alpha Theta Phi Kappa Phig University Th Hope College ALFRED VICTOR NYSTROM .... ..Lock ort If Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. ALFRED BEN OBERLANDER. . . . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Flagg House Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois C21 NOREEN JEAN OlCONNELL .... Bensenville Education Biology Alpha Omicron Pi Shorter Boardg The Daily Illini C315 The Illio Cl, 2, 31g Illini Union Committee C119 University Theatre Manager C213 University Theatre Crew C11 5 Greek XVeek Committee C31 BEVERLY IRENE O'DELL ....,, Springfield Education Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi The Daily Illini Cl, 213 The Illio Cl, 215 Illini Union Committee Cl, 315 Young Republicans Club EDWARD STEPHEN O'DONNELL ..... Jolie! Engineering Mechanical Engineering Noble House Pi Tau Sigmag A.F.S.g A.S.M.E.g S.A.E Joliet Junior College XVILLIAMI VICTOR OGG-ERO. .... Springfield Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Clubg Society for the Ad- vancement of Management DONALD JAY OHL .......... Edwardsville Commerce Management Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Tribe of Illini C21 3, 41g Varsity Basketball Squad C2, 3, 41. Letter C2, 3, 413 Freshman Varsity Bas' ketball Squad GEORGE HISIXSHI ORUBO Honolulu, Hawaii Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. University of Hawaii JAMES RICHARD OLDEN ........ Kewanee Journalism Ad'vertising The Daily Illini C315 I.U.S.A. Barber- shoppers Cl, 215 Newman Foundation Stu- dent Council C313 Delta Sigma Omicfolli Marketing Club eatre Crew DONNA JEANNE OLIN ........ Cliicggo Education Elementary Edz cat' Alpha Xi Delta L um Shi-Aig Illini Union C0 - . mnuttee C11- Uni. versity Theatre 0,-ew cl A Y V 1 mittee Cl, 2, 41 J' A 'OA' Com' JOE OLINGER . ..,........ . Bement Commerce Accountancy Ph' 1 ' - I Eta S'gma' Beta Alpha- Psig Y.M.C.A. 0l'1'S Glee Club C2, 3, Committee C113 M 45 3 Accountancy Club Honors Day Cl, 23 HARVEY BURTON OLREN. .. .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Club Navy Pier Ext ' ension of the University of Illinois ROSEMARY ELLEN OLSEN ...... Oak Park Physical Education Dance Alpha Xi Delta Torch: Illini Union Committee C115 W'.A.A. Cl, 2, 3, 419 Orchesis C3, 415 Terrapin C2, 315 Physical Education Ma- jo1's Club RONALD HAROLD OLsoN ......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Sigma Taug A.I,A. Honors Day C21 GERALD LOUIS OyNEILL ...... Champaign Agriculture General Agriculture Delta Tau Delta Captain, Army ROTCQ Zeta Sigma Alpha C3, 41 ISABEL BURGESS O'NEILL ..... Champaign Education Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Star Course Manager C11 BIARGUERITE ELIZABETH O'NEIL Downers Grove Commerce Secretarial Training Kappa Delta Ul- . dy T hg Shi-Aig The no ?l1012?r Bllugmlllini of-Tiiion Committee C15 J Y,llV.C.A. Committee Cl, 2. 4,li Sfudffllf Senate C115 Newman Foundation Studeu, Council rl, 215 Commerce Council 645, Panhellenic Ball Committee Cll Honors Day fl, 23 GEORGE LOGAN ONION. ...... ..Abin!7fI071 Agriculture General Agriculture Agriculture ExtenSi0H Club . Clarendon Hill-9 B ERL1' ORSI ......... - . EV Liberal A1-ts and Sciences Psychology Palamar North Central College L PF' it I ' 4 2 s ,W 5' .W 1 Ill ID 497 ID ID ul U HI ID i a 5 498 JACQUELINE LEE ORT11 ....... Woodstock Commerce Accountancy Delta Zeta Illini Union Committee 11, 25 3 Accountancy Club CHARLES GEORGE OSBERG ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. VVright Junior College JAMES EUERT OSTBERG .......... Chicago Division of Special Services Speech and Journalism University Theatre Cast 13, 45 3 University Theatre Crew 13, 453 Cross Country 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LYONEL LEE OURTH ............ Nauvoo Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Alpha. Tau Alpha3 Agricultural Education Club Graceland College IRENE OUTLAW ........... East St. Louis Agriculture Retailing Apparel Delta Sigma Theta W'.A.A. 11, 2, 353 Home Economics Club GORDON CHARLES OWENS ...... Westmont Commerce Finance Evans Scholars Illini Union Committee 1353 Commerce Council 11, 3, 453 Accountancy Club: Finance C1ub3 Rho Epsilon Florida Southern C01l9gEQ University of Miami SONYA OYAN. . .Sioux Falls, South Dakota Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Alpha Iota3 House President 1453 Concert Band 12, 3, 45 3 University Chorus C25 Honors Day 135 Luther College DALIA MARIA OZELIS ........... Manteno Commerce Foreign Marketing Displaced Persons Committee 11, 253 Ger- man Club3 Lithuania Students Club3 Mar- keting Club EDGAR HERBERT PAGLEE ....... Wilmette Engineering Electrical Engineering Four Columns Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 453 House President 1353 Men's Glee Club 12, 353 A.I,E.E,-I.R..E. University of Notre Dame THEODORE JOHN PAJOR, JR. ...... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flagg House Illini Union Committee 125 3 M.I.A. Execu- tive Council 1353 House President 1253 A.F.S.3 A.S.M.E.Q WPGU Newspaper Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JERRY JOSEPH PALLA ........... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Barton House A.S.M,E.3 S.A.E. FRED :HARRY PAOLICCHI. . . .... Ohica.f10 , Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Honors Day 135 ARTHUR JOSEPH PAOLINI .... . . .Chicago Journalism Advertising Newman Hall Alpha. Delta Sigma3 The Daily Illini 1453 Captain, Army ROTC3 Pershing Rifles 1253 Phi Chi Eta 1453 Young Democrats Club JOSEPH FRANCIS PAPPALARDO .... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Illini Union Committee 14, 553 A.I.A. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DAVID SAMUEL PARISI ......... For Lake Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIAM BURDETTE PARKER Lancaster, Pennsylvania Engineering Mechanical Engineering Football Marching Band 12, 353 Second Regimental Band 11, 2, 353 Wesley Foun- dation Student Council 12, 3, 453 A.S. A.E.3 A.S.M.E. DELORES BONADINE PARKINSON Oentralia Education Elementary Education Arbor Suites House President 1453 Home Economics Club3 Future Teachers of America3 Young Republicans Club Centralia Junior College3 Southern Illi- nois University SALLY JANE PARKINSON ......... Warren Agriculture Home Economics 4-H House House PI'6Sld6I1t Home Economics Club BARBARA ANN' P,ARSONS ......... Atwood Education Elementary Education Alpha Phi Star Course Manager 1153 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 125 DALLAS HUDSON PASLEY. .Emmett, Idaho Engineering Metallurgical Engineering lXI.I.S. LeTourneau Technical Institute 4. y5IWWEa ew"""" pwlfgdption 14" Ll w'Zt'ZZ5'L3 Ngimin Haut, . i ' 0 1-A-of gall-I' AIJUBA A nan chi 0158 mm a, -on 41: 1' m-M00 un li, 3. 435 Home 5,N,I.B. i PAT DOF RDBIBT E Eleclri Dila Chi ,LLE.E.-1.B--E- BBNABD ADW Liberal sabury Founda Lieutenant C010 nold Air Societ cans Club Jour EDWARD Ph! PM Sigma Nu Ma-Wan-Dag S Illini 13, 45, w 3. 45, Captain man Varsity 1 Marquette I Join: DAVID 1 Liber: Llmbda Ch University JON Lnnor G Theta Xi Theatre 133: gl: Y.M,C-V he 425: l S1495 Il of Geiiei-Trigg Orin 13 ALE C E S. osmolloli l gill Delta? .1311 I Mfg' hi Muithyhg Chairman. Er! Band' minors D1 is Schola CALVIN PE Div Omega J licililo cicago icago 143 9 Rifles Cratg lltago rsity Bake rsity amh ond Jllll' A.S. ahh uics 1111! mi. fell tics nod im- hi? Q I 6 4 V ,Z V A i PATSY PATELSKI .............., Aurora Education Elementary Education Busey Hall Wesley Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 43 ARTHUR :PATOFF ....... . .... . . . Chicagg Liberal Arts and Sciences History Newman Hall Phi Alpha Thetag Hawaii Club Wright Junior College ALICE RACHELL PATTERSON. . .Champaign Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega S.N.I.B. 13, 435 All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee 11, 435 Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 3, 435 Home Economics Club DON ROBERT PATTERSON ..... Mt. Sterling Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Chi A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. BERNARD ARTHUR PAUL ...... Mt. Carmel Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Seabury Foundation Student Council 1335 Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC5 Ar- nold Air Society 13, 435 Young Republi- cans Club JOHN EDWARD PAUL. ............. Elgin Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Nu Ma-Wan-Dag Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illini 13, 435 Varsity Basketball Squad 12, 3, 43, Captain 143, Letter 13, 435 Fresh- man Varsity Squad Marquette University JOHN DAVID PAULDING ......... Vandalia Liberal Arts and Sciences History Lambda Chi Alpha University of Kansas JON LEROY PEACY ........... ...Zion Engineering General Engineering Theta Xi Illini Union Committee 1135 University Theatre Crew 1135 Star Course Manager 113: Y.M.C.A. Committee 12, 33g Campus Chest 123 5 Interfraternity Executive' Coun- c11 1335 Illini Christian Fellowfship .12, 3, 435 Pershing Rifles 113 5 Illinois Society Of General Engineers 143 ORIN DALE PEARIIAN ........... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Cosmopolitan Sigma Taug Tau Beta. Pi5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nui Major, Army ROTC5 Society of Amerwan Military Engineers 1335 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Chairmang University Orchestra 13 33 CDH' cert Band 133 I , . Honors Day 11, 2, 335 University Of Im' nois Scholarship Key CALVIN PEARSON. .Mt. Vernon, New York Division of Special Se1'vi06S Industrial Arts Omega Psi Phi GUNNAR ALFRED P Finehanfl Applied Arts TC itectural D ' FF19-88 House estgn Angst .L1eutena.nt, A1-my ROTC: Societv of YO ericafig Military Engineers 12 3 QLD. ung epublicans Club' Am 'i ' .' tute of Architects erlcan Insh- Navy Pier ' Of Illinois Isl y EARSON - ...... Chicago Extension of the Unive 't JOHN LYNDON PEARSON ..... Jacksonville Engineering l Electrical Engineering Triangle Sigma Tau5 Phi Et S' . Ihllug First Lieutenant?Arggui2f0gf3a. 535123 foiriiiixgateur Radio Club 11, 23 3' Society ton vancernent of Management: Syn. LEE EDWARD PEARSON I Escanaba, Michigan - Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering El Patio Sigma Tau: Phi Em Sigma: A.I.oh.E. Honors Day 113 DONALD WALTER PECK ....... St. Joseph Physical Education Recreation American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter CLIFFORD RICHARD PEDDICORD. .Marseilles Liberal Arts and Sciences Premedicine LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College CHARLES RICHARD PEDERSEN .... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering College Hall Illini Christian Fellowship 1435 A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ELISABETH ANN PELCHER ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Busey Hall Torch5 Alpha Chron5 Illini Union Com- mittee 11, 2, 3, 435 Y.W.C.A. 11, 2, 3, 433 German Club ROBERT EUGENE PELL. . . . . . . . .Joliet Engineering Ceramic Engineering Sigma Taug Tribe of Illini 143: Varsity con squad eo, Letter 141: A-S10-E-, , Joliet Junior Collegeg Northern 111111015 State University FRANK ROBERT PELLANT ......, Rockford physical Education Physical Education Phi Delta Theta I Football Freshman Varsity Squad ill! Track, Varsity Squad 12, 3, 43, Letter 12, 3, 433 Freshman Varsity Squad 113 JUDH-H THERESA PELZMANN ..... Ohicrwv Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin American Studies Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Spanish Club . . Navy Pier Activities: University D9-me Committee 123 Honors DSW fl, 29 , . Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois R y F' N is 5 . f f' W t 'ig Q I 'J E .,,,.,,., R 4 ft ! Q 1.40 rf 'Q X . 1 e 'PS . . 1 YW' 3 5 , W.. gf' at .- A 4 't VX, 4 ID ID -I U I Ill ID 5 THEODORE SCOTT PEMBERTON ..... Peoria Division of Special Services History and English Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 JOIIN FRANCIS PENN ........ Champaign Journalism Radio and Television WILL-TV 145 PHYLLIS MAE PEPPER .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Busey Hall Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ANGELA TERESA PEREZ .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Vanlig Spanish Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD BEN PEREZ ....... .... A urora Commerce Management Phi Kappa Tribe of Illini 13, 453 Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 45, Letter 13, 45 FRED EASON PERRY. . Jackson, Tennessee Commerce Marketing Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 Mar- keting Clubg Young Republicans Club Lambuth College JACK GILBERT PERRY ........... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. RONALD JOSEPH PETERLIN ....... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Lieuten- ant, Army ROTCQ A.S.M.E. :MARILYN ELEANOR PETERSEN .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Zeta Tau Alpha Tho Illio 1153 University Chorus 1155 Illini U11iOn Committee 115 CHARLES THOMAS PETERSON ...... Skokie Commerce Management Tau Kappa Epsilon Campus Chest 1153 Basketball Manager 1155 Society for the Advancement of Man- agementg Young Democrats Club Honors Day 115 DONALD GEORGE PETERSON ...... Batavia Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.I.A. GERALD MARTIN PETERSON' Elmicoocl Park Liberal Arts and Sciences English The Daily Illini 115 g House President 125 2 Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 35 g Lutheran Foun- dation Student Council 12, 3, 45 Honors Day 115 OTIS GRANVILLE PETERSON .... Galesburg Engineering Engineering Physics Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pip Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilong Physics Society Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key 135 RICHARD ALBERT PETERSON ...... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Noble House House President 1455 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Il- luminating Engineering Society Wright Junior College RICHARD ALLAN PETERSON ....... Paxton Engineering General Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Phi Eta Sigma: The Illio 11, 253 Illini Union Committee 11, 25g Interfraternity Council 11, 25g Student Senate 13, 452 Football Marching Band 125 5 Second Regi- mental Band 11, 25 g Athletic Council 1455 Marketing Clubg Young Republicans Clubg I.S.G.E. Honors Day 115 RONALD NICHOLAS PETERSON South Holland Commerce Industrial Administration Phi Gamma Delta Varsity Baseball Squad 1353 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Captain, Army ROTCQ Infantry Club 135 g Ride and Pistol Club SUZANNE ARLINE PETERSON .... Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Leeman Lodge Alpha-Chrong Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Playersg Zeta Phi Eta: Univer- sity Theatre Manager 12, 3, 453 University Theatre Cast 135 g University Theatre Crew 115: Young Democrats Clubg Dad's Day gegrue, Director 1453 Assistant Director Honors Day 11, 25 VIVIAN CHARLENE PETERSON .... Kewanee Agriculture Home Economics Sycamore Hall Illinois Wesleyan University JOIIN MELVILLE PETTIT ...... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Phi Gamma Delta Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Play- ersg.Un1verS1ty Theatre Manager 125 5 Uni- versity Theatre Cast 11, 2, 3, 453 Univer- sity Theatre Crew 11, 25 3 University Choir 11, 25g Oratorio Society 11, 255 I.U.S.A. Barbershoppers 115 Marietta College CHARLIE WAXLTER PETZOLD ....... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Taug Phi Eta Sigmag Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Swv, f f 1 l Q it up G X if , Lu.. ,,,..- - ' . I., 5 A A if All '-L , , . X u si .fgffli Aff? if .A wwf: Bonn 193105 lofi Fllffc Fllginuis grate and www' wi' Hphg KBPP' I ui' Commucf Finincg Club, 1 me Sociefii N Universili' of WHALLUI N551 Fine Ir Acacia mini Union ' Theatre CIBW n.o.T.c.: 1.0-l Evansville C DONALD ABTH' Elec Alpha Tau 4 Sigma Tang l silong Tribe c Wrestling Sqn A.I.E.E.-I.R.E Honors Day I iiois Scholarsh Mm JANE P Delta Zeta DePauw I DHLBEIIT LEG Ayr Sigma Taug Western of Denver Nam AN, Ed Arbor S Kava Dei Morton J MKRCIA J L Ijeenian University lsy xvigms RICHARD Illini Ch . , 1' N01-th Qtq-via Park V25 : FOHI1. ibllrg gmag ' Illi- icago 5 I1- N071 Illini -nity 45 9 legi- f4l I lub 5 and nan YUIY stol ord nal rer- sity 'ew lay tor we yn X' U. rl" ir L YU I f deep! 'K 4 4 .- 5, .Q G kms 1 f 9 6 I V, I at 1 2 -vm. , S f wg A' . 5 as I DONALD XV.-XYNE PFEIFER .... . , ,Au,.0,.a Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Northern Illinois State Universitv ROBERT IMI.-KRION PHILLIPS ........ Toulon Agriculture Agricultural Science Field and Furrow Illinois State Normal University XVILLI.-XM EARL PICIIARD. . . Commerce Finance Alpha Kappa Psig Illini Union Committee C155 Commerce Council, President C455 Finance Club, President C455 Illini Insur- ance Societyg Marketing Club5 Rho Epsilon University of Hawaii . . . Urbana XVILLIAM NEEL PICKLE. . . . , . Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design .Champaign Acacia Illini Union Committee C255 University Theatre Crew C355 Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C.5 I.O.S.A. Evansville College DONALD ARTHUR PIERRE ...... Champaign Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Tang Eta Kappa Nu5 Pi Mu Ep- silong Tribe of Illini C2, 3, 455 Varsity IVrestling Squad C2, 3, 45, Letter C255 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day Cl, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key MARY JANE PIETSCH ........ Bloomington Education Social Studies Delta Zeta De Pauw University DELBERT LEON PIGG ............ Macomb Engineering Agricultural Engineering Sigma Tau5 A.S.A.E., President C45 VVestern Illinois Universityg University of Denver NANCY ANN PILOT ............. Berwyn Education Education of the Mentally Handicapped Children Arbor Suites Kappa Delta Pi Morton Junior College MARCH Joxr PINFOLD ......... Belvidere Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Leeman Lodge l University Choir 43, 45: 01'Ht01'i0 Society C35 Wisconsin State College RICHARD DUANE PIXLER ........ Rockford Education Elementary EdMG0lii077f Illini Christian Fellowship C3, 45 North Park College REBECCA PIZANTE A ............, Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences S ' 1 Xvescoga 17117113 i Hillel Foundation . St d t ' . Spanish Club u en Council lm' N - . , . Imnzglsy Piei Extension of the L'nive1,Sity of RONALD JOHN PLACEII. . . , , , H ' - .Chicago Engineering P. .Mechanical Engineering H1 Tell Slgmag A.S.lll.E. onors Dey C35 ' Univ r 't ' f ' ' Scholarship Key , e S15 O Iumols E,Louisiana State University-5 Xa-,T pier xtension of the University of Illinois ROBERT YVILLIAM PLAMONDQN I Nashua, New Hampshire Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Football Marching Band C455 First Regi. mental Band 43, 455 Second Regimental Band C25 Lois MARILYN PLAYER ....... TVQ,-,mwille Fine and Applied Arts Painting Delta Gamma Panhellenic Ball Committee C45 Drake University RICHARD LEE PLUMER 5 New York, New York Engineering Engineering Physics Triangle Sigma Taug Phi Eta Sigma5 Junior Inter- fraternity Council C255 Freshman Week Committee C255 German Club Honors Day C15 CECILE RUTH POE .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall University Theatre Crew C3, 45 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini C25 Honors Day Cl, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GLENN HAROLD PONTIOUS, JR. .... Chicago Agriculture Farm Mechanization. Gar-Men House President C255 A.S.A.E.: Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 KEITH LOWELL POOLE ........ Mt. Carmel Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Psig captain, A1'mY ROTC? Phalanx C3, 455 Accountancy Club5 Mar- keting Club STANLEY OSGOOD PORTER Windsor, Vermont Commerce Management rim-Raine Club: Society for Advancement f NI a ement I . O Naaiiy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DELoREs ANN POWDER ..... .. .Rockford Education Elenientfzfll Ed7"'Cah0"' Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall . University CTIOPUS 41- 2' 3' 4?l Omllnli Society Cll? Newman Foundation Stu en Council Cl, 2, 3, 44l?.W'P'G'U 42' 35' Illini Forensic Association Honors DRY U-7 if X' 5 f A sf , X R '."-,:. 1 f 5 f - A-I C: 5 if-I is C X J, l 55555 L .J 501 S ii I Q A-r N.. t. -Q s S 0' A th sn -I U IH ID 73" if 4' - , g or A M2 , 502 BERNARD HENRY PRANGE. . .New Douglas Engineering Industrial Engineering ROger's House A.S.M.E.g S.I.E.S. SUSAN JOAN PRATT. .............. Joliet Education Elementary Education Sigma Kappa l The Daily mini 145, The Illio 135: 1112111 Union Committee 11, 2, 3, 45? Unwerslty Theatre Crew 11, 45: Illigreek 1453 01" chesis 125 GERALD JAMES PREKWAS .... . . .0hica!10 Commerce Marketing Lundgren House House President 1355 Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SHEILA ANN PRESCOTT .... .... M endota Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee 145g Future Teachers of America Illinois State Normal University CHARLES FRANCIS PRICE ....... Galesburg Agriculture General Agriculture First Lieutenant, Army ROTCQ Scabbard and Blade 13, 45 RICHARD CARL PRICE ....... Lake Zurich Agriculture Agricultural Economics Roger House Gamma Sigma Delta DONALD MILES PRIES ...... . . .Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois TERRY ALAN PRITCHARD ........ Geneseo Commerce Personnel Management Delta Upsilon University Theatre Crew 125 9 Junior Inter- fraternity Council 1255 Second Regimental Band 12, 35: Men's Glee Club 1353 Illini Sportsman's Clubg Society for the Advance- ment of Management Augustana College WILLIALI GERALD PRITCHARD .... Fair-bury Agriculture Agronomy Alpha Kappa Lambda Star Course Manager 11, 25g Field and Furrowg Illini SpOrtsman's Club NELSON :MACK PROSE ....... Morrisonville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Granada Club A.I.Ch.E. GEORGE GUST PSALIDAS ........ Oak Park Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Theta Xi A.I.A. Bradley University ROBERT PSENKA ............... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Shawnee House Scarabg House President 135 Q A-I-A- Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MICHAEL JULIAN PUHARICH ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Newman Hall Football Manager: Newman F0um111ti0H Student Councilg German Clubg Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 FRANK Roy PULICE ............ Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Four Columns The Illio 115 University Theatre Crew 115 I House President 135 3 Newman Foundation Student Council 125 3 A.S.C.E.: I.T.E. ANGIE LOU PUTT .............. Lebanon Agriculture Home Economics Education 4-H House Alpha Chrong Phi Upsilon Omicrong All- Ag Field Day Committee 1255 Home Eco- nomics Council 12, 353 Plowboy Prom Committee 11, 25g Home Economics Club KEITH DAVID QUACKENBUSH ..... Tuscola Commerce Marketing Armory House House President 1355 Military Ball Com- mittee Chairman 145g Cadet Colonel, Army ROTC: Armed Forces Council 1455 Milif tary Council 145: Phi Chi Eta 13, 453 Scabbard and Blade 135, President 1452 Marketing Club Honors Day 125 ELAINE VIRGINIA QUINT Syracuse, New York Fine and Applied Arts Voice Opera Workshop Cast 125 Syracuse University ARLYN WAXYNE RABIDEAU ....... Bonjield Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Phi Kappa Phig .Alpha Zeta: Chi Gamma Ifmi? Phi Eta Sigma.: Agricultural Coun- cil 13, 45: All-Ag Field Day Committee 1453 Plowboy Prom Committee 13, 45, Mayor, Army ' ROTC: Agriculture Clubg Dairy Production Club: Field and Furrowg lg-Bolof and Horn Club 11, 2, 3, 45, President Honors Day 1355 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JUNETTA RABITO .............. Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Women's Glee Club JEANNE SUSAN RACKAUSKAS ..... Chicago Commerce Personnel Management Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Navy Pier Activities: University Choir C1, 255 Activity Honorary Society 1253 University Dance Committee 11, 25 Honors Day 11, 25 NFWY Pier Extension of the University of Illinois fe f . .... Y 4 'ef , ,P ,fs S4 YQ f J ie 11 W., N' . Y N 1 We V ' J ll iw' R iv wry wiki' 'dell aeimifuui splice' wafer llllnvn my grail' ns Hall Hgyfier Alum NIV! Illinois Pier E' R DAVID W Liberal Joliet J11Dl0l' loam DONAU Gil my norc: 1 nwnm Join Edu H an McKinley H1 University Cho 1455 Newman 1459 E.M.H. S Doll Show Cc Decorations Cl: Pasadena Ci Donors? LIN Liber Zeta Tau W0men's Gle Foundation S Cottey Juni R0BlB'1' MARS 1 Tlleia Deltg mini Union 1 Theirs Ore ur zli XENA Emmy El Vllnlig Nlvy P' Illinois mr Rongm DU 1,E':"S M anfgelllent Iullwig ROBERT RI Delt Chi Gjmrfs il? Soqi' Malo iiouors . Da J u i 0 1 ll In ll- 10' 1111 ub ala m. 113' iii- IJ 1 .3 . wk Lelrl ,ma un- ttee 43 5 ub: QW 1 ilent mois 1090 .ag0 age' ihoil' .qzli my of I bi up l will tl 1 Y I i i b ,. ii, I F . r., ,gg ' 'x xiii- I ai x ,. K I RONALD LEON RACSTER ........... Carmi Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Wikia House Presidentg Finance Clubg Illini Sportsman's Clubg Rho Epsilong Young Re. publicans Club Honors Day 123 BARBARA REGINA RACZIQOWSIIQX. . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Evans Hall Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN DAVID RADKE .............. Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences Preinedicine Twin Estates Joliet Junior College JOSEPH DONALD RADZEVICH ...... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Army ROTCQ A.S.C.E. ANDREA J OANNE RAIBLE San Diego, California Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children McKinley Hall University Choir 13, 433 Oratorio Society 1433 Newman Foundation Student Council 143g E.M.H. Students Club 1433 Y.W.C.A. Doll Show Committee 1333 Homecoming Decorations Chairman 133 Pasadena City College DOROTHY LINDA RALISEY ..... Griggsville Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Zeta Tau Alpha Women's Glee Club 13, 435 Canterbury Foundation Student Council 13, 43 Cottey Junior College ROBERT IYIARSHALL RANDOLPH .... Beason Engineering Civil Engineering Theta Delta Chi Illini Union Committee 11, 23g University Theatre Crew 1135 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 233 A.S.C.E.g Riiie and Pistol Club RENA ELIZABETH RANIERI ....... Chicago Education Elementary Education Vanlig Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT DU,XNE RANKIN ...... Champaign Commerce Industrial Administration A.S.M.E.g Society for the Advancement of Management Illinois Wesleyan ROBERT RICHEY RANKINE Arlington Heights Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Tau Delta Chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigma: Menys Glee Club 1133 Greek Week Committee 1339 Major, Air Force ROTC? Afnold Alf Society 13, 43 Honors Day 11, 23 Jo HN HURST RANNELLS, JR.. . . .Maywood Engineering Electrical Engineering Lundgren Towers Intramural Manager 113 5 A.I.E.E -I R E JOHN PRESLEY RANSDELL. . . . , . .Franklin Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Theta Delta Chi Slcull and Crescentg Alpha Phi Omegag So. vancement of Managementg ciety for the Ad Young Republicans Club Illinois Collegeg Univers ity of Colorado EARL ALVAR RANTA .......... Waukegan Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flagg House A.F.S.g A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Marquette University EDWARD JOHN RAPINCHUR ...... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Minawa Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad 1333 A.S.C.E. Wheaton College JOAN SUE RASCHKE ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Omega Beta Pig Young Republicans Club Honors Day 123 DAVID MILTON RASH ........... Genesee Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Park Lane Lodge Phi Eta Sigmag Illini Christian Fellowship 11, 2, 3, 435 American Veterinary Medical Associationg Student Veterinary Medical Association Honors Day 11, 2, 335 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key BERNARD JOHN RASKAUSKAS ...... Canton Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. MARYANN FRANCES RASMUSSEN Barrington Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Busey Hall A University Theatre Crew ill? Tefmpm 113, Rina and Pistol Club 115: I-D-S-A ICHAEL RAVANESI. .Melrose Park Engineering Electrical Engineering Das Haus House President C3li AI-E'E"I'R'E' RALPH M RAWIE ...... Champaign GEORGE EDWARD U Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. ' 'X 2 X . if ear 9' xiii' s i Xie 51: ',s,,'6tZ6a-i, L ' gf- ffl -' . ,,r,,DoQ4ur1Qe. le. QQ, W l , f"'fi ,f l -. W N Q6 .I 4 F: A +1 ' sv ,iff-, -4 3.11131 at ,lv t 1 . 0 f Z' S l e g.. j :i f ' I A fr X' Q :- W P? X 2 l 503 5 m il "Eff U HI I0 504 'P BIARION LOUISE RAY ......,... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in History Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee 13, 43g University Theatre Crew 1335 Y.W.C.A. Committee Q23 g Campus Chest Q23 Knox College DIANA RUTH REA ....... LaGrange Park Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Phi Kappa Phig Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Lambda Deltag W.G.S. Executive Council 13, 435 Little United Nationsg Future Teachers of America Honors Day Q1, 2, 33g University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key University of Mexico BARBARA ANN REACE ........... Chicago Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Lambda Deltag Illini Union Committee 1235 University Theatre Crew Q13g Y.W.C.A. Committee 1135 Campus Chest 1335 W.A.A. Q1, 2, 33: University Chorus Q23 Honors Day 11, 2, 335 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key BILL GENE REDNOUR ...... .... R 10 Agriculture Animal Science Hoof and Horn Club HURLEX' CHARLES REED .... .... A urora Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Clubg Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Q43 RIARY LEE REED ........... River Forest Liberal Arts and Sciences French Kappa Delta Shi-Ai: Sigma Delta Pig The Illio 1235 Illini Union Committee 133g University Theatre Crew Q43g Star Course Manager 1135 Y.W.C.A. Committee Q3, 43g House President 1335 Student Senate Q13 REX HOWARD REED .... Oedar Falls, Ioiva Commerce Accountancy Four Columns Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Second Regimental Band Q1, 235 Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 33g University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key DON DAVID REEDER ...,.... . . .Dixon Engineering Engineering Physics Phi Kappa Psi Phi Eta Sigma: Junior Interfraternity Councilg House President 1433 Physics Society Honors Day Q13 KAY REEvEs ................. Maya-ood Education Elementary Education Delta Gamma Kappa Delta Pig Illini Union Committee 113g University Theatre Crew 113g Junior Panhellenic Executive Board Q13 Honors Day 11, 2, 33g University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ALLAN STANLEY REIIM ......... Hinsdale Liberal Arts and Sciences llfathelnatics Kirby Hall University Theatre Crew Q23 5 House Presi- dent Q33 University of Oklahoma REICHERT ....... Emngham Education Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta Terrapin 123 Monmouth College CAROLE ANN MARGARET ANN REILLY .... .... C linton Agriculture Home Economics Busey Hall Home Economics Club Incarnate Word College RUTHANN REINHARD .......... Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Lambda Deltag The Dailb' Illlnl 1135 Orchesis Q33 Honors Day 113 PATRICIA ANN REIS ........ Sainte Marie Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Studies Alpha Phi Illini Union Committee- Q2, 33g House President 1435 University Chorus 1132 Newman Foundation Q1,. 2, 33 Z LAS CUUYE' cil 1235 School of Music Student Council 113 Honors Day Q1, 33 HAL LOWELL RENSIIAW. .. .... Oarmi Commerce Accountancy Second Lieutenant, Army ROTCg Phalanx 13, 433 Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 23 JOHN LERoY REYHER ........ Oak Forest Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Thornton Junior College MARLYN BEVIER REYNOLDS ....... Altona Agriculture General Agriculture Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Clubg Illini Sportsman's Club NANCY DIANE REYNOLDS ...... Charleston Agriculture Home Economics Education Cedar Hall NV.G.S. Executive Council 1435 Plowboy Prom Committee 133g Home Economics C1ub5 Freshman Advisor's Executive Coun- cil Q43 Illinois State Normal University RICHARD PIERRE REYSA ...... Lake Forest Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. RAYMOND ROBERT REZUTKA ...... Chicago Commerce Management Sigma Tau Gamma Alpha Kappa Psig Interfraternity Council 143g House President 143g Society for the Advancement of Managementg Young Dem- ocrats Club Navy Pier Activities: Football, Varsity Squad Q13 Honors Day Q33 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois pl! - I s rpm rw . vel' Slgfzthern ll site' .nil ROBFBT R Ell ,l l'E'E"I'llll naw' A. . R0 lunml Libl LinC0lll Al ' l Illini UW' live C0llnc'l lil: A-CS' RICHAKD EU Lib C 143g A.E.Cl Honors DW Navy Pie! Illinois Joll DEAN l F Delta Phi Illini Union Freshman Band 13, 4 Z, 3, 433 I University 12, 3. 43 JOHN GOEII l Alpha Rl Rifle and ll WILLIAM I A l.A.S. Navy Pi llllI10i5 NANCY Ln Delta Campus ill: B115 HOHOI-S D Bradley ROBERT Alpha lllierfl-at 'll-lllior I C0uy1tanc lol' the PATRICK A Bllrtol -'lifcgunt Post N0 of Mana l-Ocky Q, A +A--. if . 1, , ...icy 3 A 3' 's 9 JOHN ALLAN RIIEA ..,......,. Paw Paw Journalism Erlitnrial Sigma Tau Gainma Sigma Delta Chi3 Young Democrats Club Northern Illinois State University ROBERT RANDALL RIIEA Harlan, Kentucky Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Eastern Illinois State University MARTHA ROSE RIIINE ........ Waggener Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Illini Union Committee C25 3 W.G.S. Execu- tive Council C35 3 Second Regimental Band C153 A.C.S. Cl, 2, 3, 453 Flying Club C45 RICHARD EUGENE RICCETTI ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma3 Engineering Council C453 A.E.Ch.E. Honors Day Cl, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOE DEAN RICE .............. Monticello Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Delta Phi Illini Union Committee Cl, 2, 353 Fencing, Freshman Varsity Squad C253 Concert Band C3, 453 Football Marching Band C1, 2, 3, 453 First Regimental Band C1, 253 University Chorus C153 Men's Glee Club C2, 3, 45 JOHN GOERING RICHARDS .......... Peru Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha. Rho Chi Rifie and Pistol Club XVILLIAM MERTON RICHARDS ..... Cliicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NANCY LEE RICIIDURG ..... .... I 'eoria Commerce Commercial Teaching Delta Gamma Campus Chest C153 WoInen's Glee Club C15Q Business Education Club Honors Day C15 Bradley University ROBERT NAI RICHMAN. . . . . . .Ohicaov Commerce Marketing Alpha Epsilon Pi Interfraternity Executive Council 127: Junior Interfraternity Council C175 ACA countancy Club3 Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Managcmellt PATRICK EDWARD RIDGLEY .... Brilly0P01'f Division of Special Services Accountancy and ETlym0fWL'f'fU Baiton House Accountancy Club Illini Campus Amlets Post No 202 Society foI the Advancement of ltlamtgement Young Demociats Club Lockyeu s Business College PIAROLD RAI' RIECIIICS. . . .A Tr,,tgc7.a . , , , 3 Commerce Accountancy Lookout Manor B -. . . Hcta Alpha Psi, Umverslty Theatre Cast: ouse Piesldent C2,. C M Honors Day C2, 35 Y I ccoumami Club Northwestern University DONALD LARUE RIECR ........ Springfield Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Springfield Junior College ROBERT RONALD RIEDLE .... .... C' hicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Sigma MUJOT, Air Force ROTC3 Arnold Air So- ciety C3, 45 Northwestern University JUDITI-I ANN RIEIIENSCHNEIDER. .Paxton Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Delta Gamma Mortar B-oardg Torch3 Sigma Alpha Iota: Ill1nI Union Committee C253 Stay Course Manflgel' C1.53 House President C452 Uni- Versltl' C11011' Cl, 2, 3. 453 Oratorio So- ciety C15 Honors Day C15 JESSE FLOYD RIGGS ......... Edwardsville Engineering General Engineering Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 I.S.G.E. President C45 Southern Illinois University HARLAN HQXLLADAY RIGNEY ..... Freeport Agriculture Agricultural Science Chi Gamma Iota3 Y.M.C.A. Connnittee C453 S.N.I.B. C3, 453 Agricultural Eco- nomics Club Florida State University ALMA JEAN RILEY ......... . . .Chicago Agriculture Home Economics Education Delta Sigma Theta University Theatre Crew C35 3 Orchesis C353 Home Economics Club3 Phi Upsilon Omicron Philander Smith College DONALD ORIN RIAISNIDER ...... Hinckley Liberal Arts and Scif-211065 Geology Son's Home Second Regimental Band Cl, 255 M0113 Glee Club C153 Cyclothem Club Honors Day C2, 353 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ALGIS LEWIS RIPSKIS .... Chicago Height-9 Commerce Management Parade Ground UI1itS House President C273 11111211100 Club3 Mar- keting Club3 Society for Advancement of G.U. Activities Cliairman Managementi P- I o PGU Disciplinary Comnnttee C25 CA5 3 . . . Thornton Junior College , , . . .Peoria CIIARLOTTE ELLEN RIsr.. Commerce Lconomics Palamar Acc Republicans Club Mt Holyoke College ountancy Club Finance Club Young 1 i 1 I l C th th ..l U I Ill ID 05 J QQ s 1 A 'B' 5 , nf- s if ,M 'x ,' j' A X ,., A A ff. UI ID .I U I Ill ID if ,, ' JZ- ' nigga is 506 GARY EUGENE RITTENHOUSE ..... Chester Engineering Civil Engineering College Hall M.I.A. Executive Council 1253 A.S.C.E. ROBERT EUGENE RITTER ...... Springfield Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Psi AUDREY ANNE RIVKIN .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Arbor Suites House President 13, 453 Student Senate 13, 453 Hillel Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 45 Purdue University JIMMY LEE ROAN .............. Greenup Liberal Arts and Sciences History Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC3 Alpha Rho Tau 13, 453 Junior Bar Associationg Young Democrats Club Honors Day 115 LOWELL MONROE ROBBINS ...... Decatur Journalism Advertising 311 Club Marketing Club3 Society for the Advance- ment of Management Millikin University DARRELL DON ROBERTS .... New Windsor Agriculture General Agriculture Field and Furrow 115 Monmouth College MIRIAM FAYE ROBERTS ...... Park Forest Commerce Economics Leeman Lodge Phi Chi Theta3 House President 145 Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key HAROLD GIDCUMB ROBERTSON. . .Eldorado Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Football Marching Band 11, 2, 353 First Regimental Band 11, 2, 35 JOIIN BLAKE ROBERTSON. .Downers Grove Engineering Electrical Engineering First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Armed Forces Amateur Radio Club 125 3 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. CHARLENE ROBIN ......... . . .Chicago Education History Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall W.A.A. 11, 253 Orchesis 1353 Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis 11, 25 Roosevelt Universityg Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois ALICE KAY ROBINSON ........ Homewood Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology McKinley Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee 13, 45 Cottey College FRANK ALLEN ROBINSON Atlanta, Georgia Liberal Arts and Sciences Rhetoric and Composition Sigma Chi University Theatre Cast 1353 Student Sen- ate 1253 Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 453 Varsity Football Squad 12, 35.3 Freshman Varsity Football Squad? Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 35, Letter 1253 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad3 I.U.S.A. Barbershoppers 1153 Second Lieutenant, Army .ROTC9 Scabbard and Blade 13, 453 Illini Foren- sic Association JEAN ANN Ronnvson ........ Agriculture Home Economics Presby Hall Alpha Chrong Phi Upsilon Omicron3 W0- men's Glee Club 11, 35 3 McKinley Founda- tion Student Council 1353 Plowboy Prom Committee 1153 Home Economics Club ADDA SUE ROBISON ............. Clinton Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Gamma Delta Illini Union Committee 1253 Campus Chest C35 Sweet Briar College MARY FRANCES ROBSON ....... Cambridge Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Xi Delta Home Economics Club Monmouth College NORMAN CARL RODEN .......... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Minawa. Lodge Sigma Tau3 Chi Epsilong Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 453 Captain, Army ROTC3 Society of American Military Engineers 1253 A.S.C.E.3 I.T.E. Honors Day 1353 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois , ROBERT STANLEY RODINE ........ Chicago Commerce Marketing Phi Sigma Kappa Gynmastics Manager 1153 Marketing Club VICTOR RODRIGUEZ . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago Journalism Editorial Honors Day 11, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JANICE DENISE ROETH ......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Stratford XV.G.S. Executive Council 1353 Freshman C0l1HCi1 1353 University Baptist Founda- tion Student Council 1453 Sno-Ball Com- mittee 1253 Y011ng Republicans Club GAYLORD GRANT ROGENESS .... Hollywood Engineering Electrical Engineering Evans Scholars Sachem3 Sigma Tang Phi Eta Sigma3 Eta Kappa Nu3 House President 1353 Basket- ball Ma-U3-gel' 12, 353 Major, Air Force ROTC? A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 I.A.S. Honors Day il, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key If ww BW slim AW Gfrhr . Co Unaflewn gs prim Piqua Fin Gifloylfi I., eil in' A' JHKOIJD E Socie Honofg DUT Syrmse . wn Ulmer" Nav! Pief E minois Louis FHM' A111110 GU YMCA 00 frlwfmw 0 committee 1 lions 91101 Q1 and Horn C Rosm KI- Libr Acacia Illini Union Band 11, 2 253 Illini I Enwm J 0 Syracuse issippig Na versity of l HUMAN I MDM Del Western WAI-'mm 1 1 Mlrklai T811 Beta dent 13, 2, 3, 45. A-.E. H0Il0rs I nois Sem DONALD Main, A tem- Rad Blade SHIRLEY A-1Dha The Q23 3 A till-e l7'l-5' J0- la- lim n ton iest idge lcago ,stian DTC neers linois ersity M1190 ' Club hiellllo versity lhiellgo 3511111811 ioundli' u Com' lb uuwood QB ' Eta Biskei' Fvffe i' of Illi' ANN ELIZABETH ROGERS. .Downers G1-Ove Education Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta University Theatre Crew 133 Carleton College DAVID PEERS ROGERS .......... Rockford Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle5 Fine and Applied Arts Coun- cil 1435 A.I.A. JERROLD JAMES ROGERS .... .... C hicago Engineering Engineering Physics Physics Society Honors Day 133 Syracuse University5 George Washing- ton Universityg XVright Junior College5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Louis FILLMORE ROGERS ...... Yates City Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho Y.M.C.A. Committee 12, 335 Junior Inter- fraternity Council 1135 All-Ag Field Day Committee 12, 335 Campus Chest Alloca- tions and Advisory Board5 Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 335 Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Clubg Horse Show Committee ROBERT KEITH ROGERS ........ Wheaton Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Acacia Illini Union Committee5 Football Marching Band 11, 233 First Regimental Band 11, 235 Illini Forensic Association EDWARD JOSEPH ROHN ..... . . .Cicero Commerce Finance Syracuse University5 University of Miss- issippi5 Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- versity of Illinois HERRIAN BERNARD ROLIN8 ..... Savanna Journalism Advertising Alpha Delta Sigma Western Illinois State University WALTER MATTHEW ROLL ....... St. Elmo Engineering Agricultural Engineering Markland House Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag House Presi- dent 1335 Illini Christian Fellowship 11, 2, 3, 435 Engineering Council 1335 A.S. A.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 335 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key DONALD CARL ROMANI ......... Roclcfvfd Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Major, Army ROTC5 Armed Forces Ama- teur Radio Club 11, 2, 335 Scabbard and Blade 12, 3, 435 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 M.I.S. SHIRLEY JEANNENE ROSE ....... Mattvvn Education Elementary Edulrlltiml Alpha Delta Pi - The Illio 11, 235 Illini Union Committee 12, 3, 43: Y.W.C.A. Committee 1435 FU' ture Teachers Of America- -TOHN LOREN RosEBn Agriculture u , Agricultural Science Illini Sportsman's Club RRY. . . . . . .Riverton ELAINE ROSEN ...... Liberal Arts and Sciences . Zoology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Alpha Lambda Delta5 Illini Union Com- mittee 11, 23 Honors Day 11, 23 ..........ChiCago KENNETH CHARLES ROSENBERG Cromwell, Connecticut Engineering Electrical Engineering Southern Illinois University SANFORD I. ROSENBERG... .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day 133 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARTHA CATHARINE ROSENBERGER Woodlawn Agriculture Home Economics Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall University Theatre Crew 1235 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1435 Y.W.C.A. Committee 12, 333 Wesley Foundation Student Council 1435 All-Ag Field Day Committee 1435 Plowboy Prom Committee 1335 Home Economics Clubg Rural Life Club5 Future Teachers of America Lindenwood College HAROLD FREDRICK ROSENWINKEL Maywood Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Kappa Tau Scarab5 A.I.A. Navy Pier Activities: Tennis Team Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GEORGE MARION ROSINSKI ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Newman Hall Phi Lambda Upsilon5 A.C.S. Honors Day 11, 23 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SHERRY JOANNE ROSSITER Arlington Heights Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Vanlig i Alpha Lambda Deltag Mu Phi E-DS110fli University Theatre Cast 133: UHIVGTSIW Chorus 1235 Women's Glee Club 1132 I.U.S.A. Barberettes Director 12, 33 Honors DH-Y 1 nois Scholarship Key 133 1, 2, 335 University of Illi- JAMES PIERCE ROTHERMEL. . . . . .Chicago Division of Special Services Speech University Theatre Cast 143: FJniV91'SltY Theatre Crew 1435 Illini Forensic Associa- tion Wright Junior College THOMAS CARL ROTHGEB .... . . .Brookfield Commerce Marketing Delta Sigma Phi t' C ncil 13' ' E uive 011 5 - ggggirafiggigint T335 Second. Regimental Band K1 23: Men's Glee Club 13. 43- ' Council 12, 3. 43? Marketmg erggciety for the Advancement of Management th ID .I U I III ID 6 A r J.. A 3 Ag. K Us X ik, rf . n. ID ID -I U Ill ID ey Sw? 3 ..,'. , ' V ' aft. ' A ,, . 3, Ar v Q. fl 0 FAITH Jovf'E ROUBIK .... Clarendon Hills Fine and Applied Arts .llzzsic Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Mu Phi Epsilon3 Concert Band Cl, 2, 3, 43: Second Regimental Band C233 Uni- versity Chorus C1, 2, 33 NADA JEAN ROWANU ............. Melvin Fine and Applied Arts Applied Voice Sigma Kappa Shi-Ai3 Alpha Lambda Delta3 Sigma. Alpha Iota3 Illini Union Committee Cl, 233 Uni- versity Theatre Cast C33 3 University Thea- tre Crew C2, 3, 433 Star Course Manager Cl, 233 University Choir Cl, 232 Univer- sity Chorus C133 IVomen's Glee Club C132 Oratorio Society C2, 333 French Club: Spring Musical Cast Cl, 23 Honors Day Cl, 33 JOHN XVESLEY ROWE, JR.. . .... Peoria Commerce Economics Alpha Delta Phi Skull and Crescentg Junior Interfraternity Council3 House President C433 Varsity Golf Squad C2, 433 Freshman Varsity Squad3 Commerce Council C133 Captain, Army ROTC3 Phalanx C3, 433 Phi Chi Eta C3, 433 IM Golf Champion C33 Honors Day C1, 23 PAVL ROGER Rowe ........ ...Ohio Agriculture Agronomy Balmoral Club Captain, Army ROTC3 Zeta Sigma Alpha C3, 432 Field and Furrow ROBERT HENRY RUB ...... . . .Joliet Commerce Accountancy Clark Joliet Junior College LAURENCE HUGH RUBIN ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Tau Epsilon Phi Star and Scroll3 Omega Beta Pi3 Illini Union Committee C333 Star Course Man- ager C333 Fine and Applied Arts Council C13 STANFORD K. RUBIN ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Eta Sigma3 Junior Interfraternity Council C133 Freshman Week Committee C233 LAS Council C233 French C1ub3 Young Republicans Club Honors Day Cl, 2, 33 PERRY RUDMAN ........ . .... Joliet Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Delta Major Chairman Jazz-U-Like-It Illini Un- ion Committee C333 House President C433 University Orchestra C333 Accountancy Club Joliet Junior College JACK EUGENE RUNYAN ........ Riverdale Engineering Electrical Engineering Clark House Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LAWRENCE JAMES RUPP .......... Genoa Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Northern Illinois State University JEAN ELIZXBETII RUSHTON ..... Jlinoolcn Agriculture General Home Economics 4-I-I House Y.XV.C.A. Committee C2, 3, 433 CBJHDIIS Cheat C233 University Chorus Cl, 2, 339 Extension Students Club3 Home Economics Club3 Little United Nations AR'1'nL'RENE ANN RL'ssELL Franklin Park Education Elementary Education Alpha Phi rI.'0l'Cil3 Shi-Ai3 WV.A.A. Cl, 2, 3, 433 Illini Union Committee Cl, 233 I.U.S.A. Bal'- berettes C233 Physical Education Majors Clubg Future Teachers of America Honors Day C23 University of Colorado LEATRICE RUSSELL .......... TVaul.'egan Liberal Arts and Sciences History Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Blackburn College JOHN JOSEPH RUTH ....... .... D ixon Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi Alpha Kappa Psig Campus Chest C232 Junior Interfraternity Council C133 Stu- dent Senate C233 Committee on Student Affairs C233 Freshman Council3 Football Manager C133 Major, Army ROTC3 Pha- lanx C2, 333 Phi Chi Eta C3, 43 Honors Day C13 Smxex' GEORGE RUTLEDGE. .. .... Alpha Agriculture General Agriculture Armory House Floriculture Clubg Young Republicans Club Augustana College XVILLIAMI MICHAEL RUVA ...... ...Joliet Engineering Electrical Engineering 309 Club House President C433 Captain, Army ROTC3 Ordnance Club C333 Pershing Rifles C3, 43 Honors Day C1, 2, 33 MIARTHA RUVEL .... Kansas City, Missouri Physical Education Recreation Alpha Epsilon Phi ' Illini Union Committee C1, 2, 333 Univer- sity Theatre Crew C233 W.A.A. C133 House President C433 American Recrea- tional Society U. of I. Student Chapter3 Physical Education Majors Club Lois ANN RYAN ............ Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Walnut Hall House President3 Newman Foundation Stu- dent Council C33 Springiield Junior College JOHN JAMES RYBIARCSUK. . . .. .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Cagle Hall Intramural Manager C43 Wright Junior College AUGUST FRANK RYMUT, JR. ..,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Granada Club Omega- Beta P13 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Plllllanx C3, 433 Young Republi- cans Club .ei 1- ' f 2' l 4 .45 'Orr 1 "V if f K 'md f A f 1, sr .A " .. ix A X C Z i f' 1, A K K. EVELYN DIANE SAAM ......... Walivlccgavz Commerce Secretarial Training Busey Hall Illini Union Committee C15 EDWARD LEROY SABEL .......... Chicago Division of Special Services Speech Delta Kappa Epsilon Y.M.C.A. Committee C253 Freshman Var. sity Football Squad3 Varsity Football Squad C2, 353 Marketing Club3 Young Republicans Club Thornton Township Junior Collegeg Uni- versity of Alaska AUDREY IRENE SACCO ...... Calumet City Liberal Arts and Sciences English Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Illini Union Committee C253 W.A.A. C35 CLIFFORD LEO SAGASER Jamestown, North Dakota Engineering Civil Engineering Kappa Mu Epsilon St. John's Universityg Eastern Illinois State College LAWRENCE SAGER ....... . . .Chicago Commerce Economics Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee C1, 253 Rho Epsi- lon JOHN CALVIN SAHLIN ....... Tinley Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Bethel College GERALD P. SAMPSON ............. Morris Division of Special Services Marketing Chi Gamma Iotag Accountancy Clubg Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2022 Marketing Club Honors Day C25 University of Kansasg Washburn Uni- versity PHILIP RAYMOND SAMUELSON. . .Mahomet Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Second Regimental Band C1, 253 University Choir Cl, 21 31 453 Men's Glee Club C2, 3, 459 Madfigal Chorus C2, 353 Oratorio Society C1, 2, 45 ALFONSO PENA SANcHEz. . . . . . . .0hi01190 Engineering ' Mechanical Engineering Moore House House President C453 Young Democrats Club Wilson Junior College AES., A.S.M.E.? ALBERT RAYMOND SANDEFER. . . .Danville Education General Edu0llfi0YL Danville Junior Colleg0 RALPH XVETZEL SANDERS ,.,., ,gt0,,,,,g,0,, Journalism ' Radio and Television P1 Kappa. Phi Star and Scroll: HOIISG President 4 S.N.I.B. C3, 45 K Ji SHIRLEY FAY SANDERS ..... .... P eo:-ia Journalism Advertising Busey Hall Gamma Alpha Chig NV.A.A. C1, 2, 3, 453 French Club3 Illini Forensic Associationg Marketing Club? Young Democrats Club WALTER JEREMIAH SANDERS ..... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nug Interfra- ternity Executive Council C153 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day Cl, 2, 35 DONALD JAMES SANDSTROM ...... Chicago Engineering Metallurgical Engineering I.A.S.3 M.I.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PER ALLAN SANDSTROM ......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Illini Union Committee C353 Sno-Ball Committee C253 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 Young Republicans Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois J AMES WALKER SANFORD. . . . .... Urbana Division of Special Services Agricultural Entomology RICHARD DEAN SANNER ........ Ai-genta Engineering Ceramic ETI47i'fWe'l'i1'b.f7 Keramos3 Engineering Council C3, 431 A.C.S. MoR'roN IRv1N SAPKIN ....... . .Chicago Commerce Advertising and Sales Tau Epsilon Phi Hin I - i f trnity Council C25: 1 0 F133i'l,cl.ailgnerSItauclent Councail 1613126 FTEZIH 'tte C2, 3 3 HWY man Week C?sIllm1Ftirst Lieutenant, Army ltitonrlglftliralianhe Clllll 435: ,f,XCQQ11n?'1gf,P' Club? Marketing' Club' Rho PS1 On' ti ciety for the Advancement of Managemen 1 Young Democrats Club Honors Day ill . . . .Decatur ROBERT EUGENE SARYER .... Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.3 I.T-E- Santa Ana Collegeg Long Beach City College NHCHAEL JOIIN SAsso ..... .... J oliet Commerce Management Newman Hall I Alpha Kappa Psi? Swety for ment of Management Joliet Junior College the Advance- 5' i Y, ml zf gg-GB 'Q wr X, bs? - ff Wi y X A ef? i Le . A 2... tl. 6' 7'1" X x A X ' 9 NORMAN FREDRICK SATHER ..... Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Zeta Psi Skull and Crescentg Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilong Junior Interfraternity Council C135 IM Rec Boardg Intramural Manager Cl, 2, 333 A.I.Ch,E. Honors Day fl, 23 GLORIA ANN SAVITCH ...... Spring Valley Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children Palamar Young Republicans Club Northern Illinois State University: La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College EARL ROGER SAYERS .......... Rock Falls Agriculture Agronomy Balmoral Club House President C433 Field and Furrow WILLIAM SCHAECHER ........ East Moline Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day C13 JOYCE ANN SCHAEEER ...... ...Oicero Education Business Education Maple Hall Business Education Clubg Future Teach- ers of America Morton Junior College BERNARD EDWARD SCHANER ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Epsilon Pi Interfraternity Executive Council 433: LAS Council CB, 43 ROLAND CLIFFORD SCHAPANSKI Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarab University of Miami INIARILYN YVONNE SCHEIBE .... East Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology T-Dorms Sociology Club Blackburn College GARY SCOTT SCIIIENEMAN ...... Evanston Commerce Accountancy and Finance Accountancy Clubg Finance Club Honors Day fl, 2, 33 LELAND A. SCHLABACII .......... Arthur Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Phig Chi Gamma Iota, Presi- dent f33g Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nu Honors Day 42, 33 PAUL WILLIAM SCIILAKE. . . .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Granada Club Accountancy Club Honors Day 123 Purdue University DELMAR WAYNE SCHLEDER .... Hartsburg Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club Illinois State Normal University ROBERT EDWIN SCHMELZER ..... McHenry Agriculture Animal Science Ebel Hall Poultry Science Clubg Illini Sportsman's Club ANTON Josnrn SCHMID, JR. ..... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering JACK ALBERT SCHMIDEL ...... Monticello Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. HUGO CHARLES SCHMIDT ...... Brookfield Law Law Phi Alpha Delta: University Chorus 13, 433 Junior Bar Association Navy Pier Activities: University Choir ll, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT LEE SCHMIDT ........ Springfield Commerce Economics Marketing Club Springfield Junior College MARY SUSAN SCHMITT .......... Hebron Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Women's Glee Club Q33 Alverno College PHILLIP THOMAS SCIIMITT Two Rivers, Wisconsin Commerce Industrial Administration ' Chi Gamma Iotag A.I.A.g Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day Q23 University of Notre Dame RONALD GEORGE SCHNABEL ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Flagg House Phi Alpha Delta, Infantry Club C233 Pershing Rifles C23 g German Clubg Junior Bm' AS-50Cif1ti0T13 Future Teachers of America! Young Democrats Club NRVY Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Tgolls J ww' Mariner ruff iwv I Puflde 1180 Pl Hosouthel HARLEY Student I Auzusl Universit PATRICIA B T-Don W.A.A. I nomics C WALTER Navy of Illino Join: J Enginee M.E. Honors STANLE The Univer Council f3l : A Corn CHARLI AIP situ Varsit, f33 5 First DON-A Sigma Public Eas NANC ShChi 0 lei Exei Conn Econ C 13 fi, I if AE We Y 3. li. , iff .4I , ,4 - 1:1 J' relief' i ,,i?. 1 'UIQ are 2 . 1? 5 W L If .. is , ' . ' - .- . , , 3 A 1 .N l , ., THOMAS JAMES SCHNEIDER.. .ML Sterling Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Quincy College ROBERT AUGUST SCHNELL ....,,, Nokomis. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Parade Grounds Units House President C433 A.I.Ch,E, Southern Illinois University HARLEY DEAN SOHNOWSKE .... Cambridge Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Student Veterinary Medical Ass'n Augustana Collegeg Illinois State Normal University PATRICIA ANN SCHNULLE .......,, ,Polo Agriculture Home Economics Education T-Dorms W.A.A.g Women's Glee Clubg Home Eco- nomics Club WALTER THEODORE SCHOCH ...... Chicago Commerce Economics Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN JOSEPH SCHOEBERLE ..... Brighton Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Council C3, 433 A.F.S.g A.S. M.E. Honors Day C13 STANLEY EDWARD SCHOLL. . . . . .Dixon Engineering Civil Engineering Theta Xi University Baptist Foundation Student Council C33g Illini Christian Fellowship C335 A.S.C.E. Cornell College CHARLES WESLEY SCHRADER. .Champaign Physical Education Physical Education Alpha Tau Omega Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illini C335 Varsity Football Squad C2, 3, 43, Letter C339 Freshman Football Varsity Squad? First Lieutenant, Army ROTC DONALD EUGENE SCHRADER. . . .... Olney Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Young Re' publicans Club Eastern Illinois State College NANCY Jo SCHRADER. . . . . ..... . .Tascola Agriculture Home Economics Educati0'fL Chi Omega Shorter Board, laresiden 2, 1 . Upsilon Omicrong Illini Union Committee C23g Y.W.C.A. Committee C133 Pflnhellemg Executive Council C337 .Home Econgmxe Council Cl, 2, 33, President C23, 0 n Economics Clubg Plow BOY Prom Quee 13 t Torch ' Phi ROBERT LEROY SCHROG ..... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences . E ' Belleville Junior ngdiligge NORMA JEAN SOHROEDER ........ Cowling T fnberal Arts and Sciences cac zer Training in Social St ri. Phi Mu a ies Star Course Manager C1 . 3: Fut T - irs. of America: University Chldii? CSM? S2,5ietlZ,V'-HBUZSDIGQEQG Club C139 Oraibrad Spring Miisicaly C2Q3ung Republicans Clubi ROBERT GEORGE SCHROEDER ..... Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Granada Club I.A.S. PAULINE HARRIET SCHROTT, . . . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Busey Hall Cyclothem Clubg Gamma Deltag Young Republicans Club ROLAND PETER SOHUCK ......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. DePaul Universityg Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois CARL JACOB SCHUETZE JR .... . .Oak Park Division of Special Services Marketing University Theatre Crew C133 Pershing Rides C135 Marketing Clubg Young Re- publicans Club RICHARD CHARLES SCHULTZ ..... Chicay0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Men's Residence Hall Addition 4 Young Republicans Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WOLEGANG WALTER ScHULz. . . . . . .Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Lambda Upsilong A.I.S. Joliet Junior College JOHN ALBERT SCHWAB . ......... Sterling Agriculture Floricaltare Armory House Eloriculture Club JOSEPH ROYCE SCIIWAEGEL .... .Srnithton Fine and Applied Arts Music Education N vman Hall . W -ga-Seeg Tomahawkg Phl M11 Alpha' Siiifoniag Second Regimental Band, Cl, 255 University Chorus Cl, 21 39 as ir Q 1 PM 3 W ' -Q ga ig 4 . ig '2 'i yr T ,W .mi A is x Ah INIICHAEL SCHWARTZ ...,....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Praetorians LEE H XVLIIY SENTNIAN 111 .,.... Decatur Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Theta Delta Chi Sigma Tau' 'Iau Beta. Pi' Sigma- Gamma Tau' University Theatre Crejv 11 23 T ibe Of Illini 13 4l' V31'S1l3Y Fenclng as 1-'tv fi- , , , , My :L Ju ai , I , if f l Psi Chi5 Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad? Y f. E , I in 1 V' Y y 1 ig, 3 1 I f r , . 4 f l 5 ,Cl f 1 ' ' 1 f 1 In In .I U Ill ID 5' . '-'ff if hs .. y My f ,' 512 JOIIN FREDERICK SCIIXVEGLER Rock Island Engineering Industrial Engineering College Hall Sigma Tau5 University Theatre Cast 1333 University Chorus 11, 2, 335 McKinleY Foundation Student Council 1435 A.S. l3I.E.5 S.I.E.S. Honors Day 113 THOMAS MICHAEL SCOPELITE .... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Army ROTC5 A.F.S.5 A.S.M.E. DIARY CARMEN SCOTT ......... Maywood Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Sigma Theta Y.M.C.A. Committee 1335 Orchesis 11, 23: Sociology Club BARBARA ANN SEARS ......... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Phi The Illio 11, 235 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 335 University Theatre Crew 11, 232 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 33 DEAN IVIILLER SEARS .,.......... Normal Agriculture Agricultural Economics Acacia Alpha Zeta5 The Illio 123 5 Football March- ing Band 12, 335 First Regimental Band 12, 335 Agricultural Economics5 Field and Furrow Illinois VVesleyan University5 Illinois State Normal University ROBERT MADSEN SEEKATZ ..... Lake Villa Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon Scarab Florida Southern College5 Lake Forest College5 Technological Institute of Mon- terrey5 University of Texas ERNIE GLEN SEGGEBRUCH .... .. .Onarga Engineering Mechanical Engineering Army ROTC5 A.S.M.E. Honors Day 123 XVheaton College GAIL RUTH SEIBERT .......... Kankakee Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature lleeman Lodge Lawrence Colle 76 5 Josm-II XVILLIAIKI SEMBIER. . .Forest Park Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.l11.E.-I.R.E.5 Navy Pier Alumni Asso- ciation Navy Pier Activities: Baseball Squad 11, 235 Letierman's Club 123 Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois S und 13 43 Letter 13 43' Freshman 3-arsity Fencing Squad? Newman Foundaf tion Student Council 11, 2,.3, 4l3 I-A-S-1 Rifle and Pistol Clubg Seimitar U Honors Day 11, 2- 352 UniV01'SifY Of Im' nois Scholarship Key WALTER EDWIN SERGEANT ...... Palatine Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag M.I.A. Executive Council 123 5 Engineering Council 13, 435 A.S.M.E. Honors Day 113 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois5 North Central College NANCY ANN SERVINE ........,... Moline Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spanish Alpha Phi Shi-Ai5 Illini Union Committee 11, 235 Star Course Manager 1135 Spanish Club JAY ANTHONY SEVERANCE Davenport, Iowa Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha House President 1435 Ensign NROTC Miami University BARBARA ANN SEYLER ....... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Boardg Torchg Kappa Delta P15 Mask and Bauble5 Zeta Phi Eta5 Univer- sity Theatre Manager 12, 3, 435 University Theatre Cast 123 5 University Theatre Crew 1135 Star Course Manager 1135 Illini Forensic Association GUY EINIIL SEYMOUR II ..... ...Mattoon Journalism Radio and Television Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lieutenant, Army ROTC NVILLIARI CRAVENS SHAFFER Bujalo Hart Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science and Speech Lambda Chi Alpha Wa-Na-Seeg Phi Eta Sigmag University Theatre.Cast 1135 University Choir 123 University Chorus 1135 Men's Glee Club Q, 2, 33: Oratorio Society 123 Colonel, Air Force ROTC5 Air Force Council 1435 Armed Forces Council 13, 435 Arnold Air Sofllefb' 13, 453 French Club Honors Day 12, 33 RUTH HJXICDIE SHANE .......... Elmwood Fine and Applied Arts History of Art Pi Beta Phi Purrlue University ROBERT LOUIS SHAPIRO St. Paul, Minnesota Commerce Accountancy ' Phi Epsilon Pi Illini Union Committee 1135 First Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC5 Phalanx 13, 43 NANCY DIANE SHAPPERT ....... Belvidere Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Cheerleader 11, 2, 3, 43 .-11,' gr r... , , 5' 7 I in ef ,- gn. - I I. Kaine, s 1 it A , . , I+ ' K V N ,kv at S Pg . , V J S . i NI '... ,. ' 7 -'-- I l I wi tr 1,,y 3 B A3313-1 A f Phi Sig? Cglllpus C row re Tea Rossa-r -lt Tm, eps ll Alplll ., Junlfl cm, an Ration Club! Jun' lJ Iqllilnvffi D' Roszivr F' T811 EPS 1uiniUH'0 frgtefllity l Marketing eiation Navy' .P of Illinois WILLIAM l l Sigma Tal Honors 13 Scholarshi Winnie l Sigma I Alpha Ph 235 First bard and Jnnzr L1 Alpha Torchg SI Illio 11, Illini Um dent 143 1135 Illig Honors I ROBERT ' Accounta Post No, Wright KENNETI Evans Sno-Ball an nt Honors ' PAMELA Psulain Field '11 Chest A1 Home I PTOIII C Club, Y STEPHAJ Chi P Phi Et: Ulllon 1 gel llama Spring Honors WI' wx' S-. L. 'i fiif na, Q lg I , an gil Y. . i la- S-: i Ili- ' ' ne I l cil 1 i E. A ity 5' A l 'Ile " 1, " if X, wa gn Fig er- ity ew ini on zrl 3 K ity 525, if ,lx - f' nil, gf! " .x J :Q V' 3 air 1 rod ala IC i all' W .ff -i e fl? f 'R BARBARA ANN SI-IAREIIAN ....,, ,Chicago Education Elementary Education Phi Sigma Sigma Campus Chest C15? House President ,335 Future Teachers of America ROBERT JAY SIIARFMAN ......... Chicago Commerce Commerce and Law Tau Epsilon Phi Alpha Delta Sigmag Phi Delta Phi- Psi Chig Junior Interfraternity Council 'C15' Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad- Hillei Foundation Student Council C155 Finance glulgg Junior Bar Associationg Marketing u Honors Day C15 ROBERT FALENDER SHARP ....... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Tau Epsilon Phi Illini Union Committee C359 Junior Inter- fraternity Council C353 Accountancy Club: Marketing Clubg Navy Pier Alumni Asso- ciation Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois YVILLIAM FREDERICK SHARP ..... Roclrforil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Taug Pi Tau Sigma Honors Day C355 University of Illinois Scholarship Key WALTER NORDGREN SHAXV ........ Paxton Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi Alpha Phi Omegag Men's Glee Club C1, 253 First Lieutenant, Army ROTCg Seab- bard and Blade C3, 45g A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. JANET LOUISE SHEAFFER ......... Dixon Liberal Arts and Sciences Dietetics Alpha Gamma Delta Torchg Shi-Aig Phi Upsilon Omicrong The Illio C1, 2, 3, 45, Associate- Editor C455 Illini Union Committee C155 House Presi- dent C45g N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee C15g Illigreek C25 Honors Day C15 ROBERT VINCENT SHEEN ....... Maywood Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Clubg Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Xvright Junior College KENNETH LEROY SHENPISH ...... Skokie Engineering Electrical Engineering Evans Scholars Sno-Ball Committee C259 A.I.E-E-'I-R-E-3 Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day Cl, 25 PAMELA A. SHEPHERD. .... . ...Morton Agriculture Home Economics Palamar My Phi Upsilon Omicron, President 3 W.G.S. Executive. Council C355 AWA? Field Day Committee C2, 35: Campus d Advisory Board C35 , Chest Allocations an I b V Home Economics Council C45 2 Plow .011 Prom Committee C25 9 Home Economm' Clubg Young Republicans Club STEPI-IAN COVENTRY SHEPHERD Evanston Liberal Arts and SCi9I1C0S Prenzezlicine Chi Psi Phi Eta Sigmag Omega el I Union Committee Cl, 2, 35? Star Course Manager C153 Intramural Manager izii Spring Musical Cast C35 Honors Day C15 B m Pi' Illini MARILYN JULE SIIERMAN ...... Chicafo Fine mid APDl1ed Arts Music Education Evans H311 ifgfua Alpha Iotag W.A.A. C1 2 3 43- unixgefsity Choii- C3, 45: O1.at01.i0 Society GERALD r-PERRANCE SHINVILLE. . .Sterling Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma alpha Chl Sigma? First Lieutenant, Army 0TCg A.I.Ch,E., President C45 RICHARD LEE SHIPPY ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Navy Pier Activities: German Club Honors Day C15 N3-VY Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANK GERALD SI-IOUFER ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Calhoun Hall Football Marching Band C455 First Regi- mental Band C53 Second Regimental Band C25g Young Democrats Club XVilson Junior College PATRICIA MAE SHUGAR ........... Cicero Education Elementary Education Arbor Suites WV.G.S. Executive Council C3, 455 House President C355 Young Republicans Club Morton Junior College THOMAS JAY SI-IUTTER .......... Decatur Division of Special Services English Sigma Alpha Epsilon JACK ALAN SIEDERT .......... Springfield Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug Eta Kappa Nug Illinois Tech- nograph C2, 3, 455 Petty Oflicer First Class, NROTCQ A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day C15 SIIELDON LEON SILVERMAN ...... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Sigma Alpha Mu D niveisitv Choir C25' Oratorio Society U ' . I C255 Accountancy Club '- Honors Day C15 .Q . be bl I 4? eff' J E C, S 1 . .tow mg M 'A x f - yr M ,f rg K s V U is ,C ri? , 'r I ee? f FRAIQIK JERRY SIMAK ........... Chicago ,L Engineering f Mechanical Engineering Section Eight H A.F.S.g S.A.E, ' XVright Junior College U XVILLIAM EDXVARD SIMMONS ....... Carmi Division of Special Services Entomology 5 9 Q' M1 ui i ii ,Q get 1 us ,, fl nd U M .rg M - Nur' f lx , .5102 i, gl 'ii lb ALBERT SIMON III ........ Highland Park Commerce Accountancy Zeta Bela Tau Sigma Iota Epsilon: The Daily Illini 1113 Varsity Track Squad 1213 Freshman Var- sity Track Squadg Freshman Week Com- mittee 13, 415 Captain, Army ROTC5 Ordnance Club 12, 3, 415 Phalanx 13, 415 Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 31 Northwestern University ROY M. SIMON ........... .... C hicago Journalism Advertising Flagg House Navy Pier Activities: Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois STUART HADLEY SIMON ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pig Football Marching Band 1213 First Regimental Band 1213 Second Regimental Band C11 DANIEL JOSEPH SIMONEIT ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Men's Residence Hall Addition 3 Cyclotliem Club Navy Pier Activities: Freshman Varsity Baseball Team 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MIKE JOHN SIMPSON ....... West Chicago Agriculture Dairy Technology Chi Phi Captain, Army ROTCg Dairy Technology Societyg Rifle and Pistol Club North Central College JAMES REED SINCOX ............ Warren Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Theta Xi University Choir 12, 3, 41 5 Men's Glee Club 121 Joliet Junior College NIERLYN CLARENCE SINN ........ Marissa Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Southern Illinois University JOSEPH FRANK SIPKA .......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. WILLIAM JOSEPH SISILIANO ..... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. VV1-ight Junior College JAMES LEWIS SKINNER. . .Lincoln, Kansas Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Phig Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Phi Lambda Upsilong A.I.Cl1.E.g Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Honors Day 131 Kansas Slate College JALIES STANFORD SKINNER ...... Chicago Physical Education Corrective Therapy Sigma Nu Phi Epsilon Kappag Varsity Swimming Squad 1213 Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Dolphins 11, 2, 3, 415 PhYSiCf1l Education Majors Club SUZANNE SKDAR ............... Chicatw Physical Education Recreation Laurel House W.A.A,g House President 1413 Orchesis 11, 215 American Recreational Societyg Physical Education Majors Club M:kRILYN EDYTHE SKOBLIN ..... Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Art History Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Beloit College JOIN ARDELI. SKOGLAND ......... Geneva Liberal Arts and Sciences French Arbor Suites Alpha Lambda Delta Monmouth College DOLORES CLARICE SKOWRON. . . . . .Cicero Education Elementary Education Palamar University Theatre Crew 111 JANET LEE SLEASMAN ..... .. .Dixon Education Business Education Zeta Tau Alpha University Theatre Crew 13, 413 Y.W.C.A. Committee 141: University Chorus 1313 Orchesis 1213 Terrapin 1413 Accountancy Clubg Business Education Club: Future Teachers of America Augustana Collegeg Northern Illinois State University LYLE HERMAN SLEEMAN, JR.. .Oak Lawn Division of Special Services Geology Navy Pier Activities: Track Squad 11, 21, Letter 11, 21g Cross Country Squad 11, 21, Letter 11, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DAVID MARTIN SLONIM ..... . . .Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Clark House House President 141 3 A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOSEPH ROBERT SMIDT ......... Lombard Agriculture General Agriculture Illini Sportsman's Clubg Young Democrats Club AUDREY ANN SMIGAY ...... ...Joliet Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Illini Union Committeeg University Thea- tre Crewg Newman Foundation Student COUHCU 13,41 5 Future Teachers of America Joliet Junior College Siu' cali' sgberll A xi Deli! Alllhf Th9l' Unjvdfslty lzifonmoulh CDU wolf' mum Rows ,i,s.i.E- Wegtefn Glomlgg G. lta Kavvl De d Uni0l1 Boar America Honors Day chan 1 Joliet Jmy LEON House Joh: TH Delta l IHini Un Teachers Club JOHN Di Ma-Wan-f 41. Capt Quincy IMWREN1 Second 1 Slty S' my 2 inf co ioinifnc MARILYN Lincol Illini U Navy Illinois PAUL Illi- WWNQ. 41 5 H Army Club K Illi-KH. l70 ls ls ral 90 sis 55' 5 ord eva aero 'iron l ,C.A. 13l : ancy Iture linois Zawn l 11, iquad ity of ,icago l ity of nbdfd Doral-5 Ejglldl Thea' ruden' new I ,. A . i' 1 ,W s l -s v lv . . A ,fz l ,Q iz - Q f , ---zu -.N CAROL SUE SMITH ............. Macomb Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Xi Delta University Theatre Crew 12, 355 W.A.A. 125 Monmouth College DORLAND WORTH SMITH ......... Topeka Engineering Agricultural Engineering Rogers House A.S.A.E. 'Western Illinois State College GEORGENE G. SMITH ......... East Alton Education Elementary Education Sigma Kappa Kappa Delta Pig The Illio 11, 255 Illini Union Board 11, 255 Future Teachers of America Honors Day 125 GERALD ALAN SMITH ...... .... J oliet Commerce Management Joliet Junior College JERRY LEON SMITH ........ Carrier Mills Engineering Civil Engineering House President 12, 355 A.S.C.E. JOAN THERESA SMITH .......... Chicago Education Elementary Education Delta Zeta Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 355 NV.A.A. 11, 2, 353 Rifle and Pistol Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Young Democrats Club JOHN DALE SMITH .......... Georgetown Physical Education Physical Education Ma-Wan-Dag Varsity Football Squad 13, 45, Captain 145, Letter 13, 45 Quincy College: North Dakota State LAWRENCE ANTHONY SMITH, JR. Savanna Commerce rban Land Economics U Second Regimental Band 11,.-253 Umver' sity Sinionietta 1155 University Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 455 Commerce Council 145: Ao- countancy Club: Finance Clubg Rho EDSI' lon, President 145 MARILYN KAY SMITH .......... Chica90 Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Illini Union Committee 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PAUL OVERTON SMITH ......... St. Elmv Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Illi-Knights I Wa-Na-Seeg M.I.A. Executive Council 13, 453 House President C353 Lleutennnf' Army ROTCQ Armed Forces Amateur Radio Club 1253 Scabbard and Blade 13, 455 Illi-Knights PIIILLIP PALMER SMITH, Dlmhw L , - - . . . . ' 3 Libei-al Arts and Sciences , Chcmixtrl, O Sigma Phi Epsilon A me - . . Couriill Beilta Pl' ,Junior Infeffraternitv ens Glee Club 11, 2,1 Cul 7. Captain, Armv Ouncll C353 Scabbard 4 J' M Oratorio S " t. ROTC: lliilijtczisvb and Blade 13' 45 Cornell College THOIKIAS CLULEY- SMI Commerce Finance TH, JR.. . . .Chicago . Granada Club Finance Club CAROLYN JEAN SNADER ..... Crystal Lake Ph5'Sical Education Recreation Delta Gamma Torch' Shi-Ai' M8f50r Chairma N ' - - Y. Itl ' Ilgnx Union Committee E13,l:oIq??-n? mitton fl-H1011 12, 3l: Illini Union Com- Ame9 4 , 2, 35: .Student Senate 12, 355 S erican Recreational Society U, of 1, joggdgqgbchaptefi Physical Education Ma- DONNIE EDWARD SNEDEIIER. . .East Alton Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Tau' Alpha Phi Omega' The D 'l 1114111 115:'Y.M.C.A. cabinet 13, 455 iiiif 11015 Techrwgraph .11, 35.1 Military Ball Committee 1253 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phalanx 13, 45: A.1.E.E.-I.R.E., President 145 Honors Day 11, 25 DoN SNEIDER ................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Clark House House President 145 3 Navy Pier Alumni Associationg Spanish Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois THOMAS MICHAEL SNOW, JR. .... Chicago Division of Special Services Economics Phi Gamma Delta Sachemg Illini Union Board 1253 Illini Union Council 125g I.U.S.A. Barbershop- vers 125 Northwestern University JAMES LEROY SNYDER ......... Centralia Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Sigma Taug Interfraternity Ball Commit- tee 1253 Major, Army ROTC: Ordnance Club 13, 45g A.I.Ch.E. BRUCE JOSEPH SOCKS .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics German Clubg Young Republicans Club Illinois Institute of TechnologY3 Wash- ington University? College Of Great Fans? University of Californiag Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois KARTODIMOELJO SOEDARMAN I Blitar, Indonesia. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Ga1'g0y10l A-I-A' . Bandung Institute of Technology, Um' versity of Indonesia SALLY ANN SOHNER. . . . . . . . . . .Moline Physical Education Recreation Arbor Suites 1 Ill' ' 115' YW C A Committee Tile 3a1ibllVGlISl Exel:utive'Council 12. 31 4 " Pahhellenic-W.Gr.S. C00TdiI1atmg Com' daft 145- Freshman Week Committee ml ee - ' ' n Recreational Society 62' oi' in Qtlsfgigtfiscaflhapterg French Club! Young Republicans Club Du. N J ,ffl A E 5-f ' . il' . ,A 3, L. ' I if 4 u i 'A 3 A Xi 1 iv : ' X '- -yy I x I, ,, I sv ,lima ..,', Ai 'sein' ' xi 1. , , 515 A 4 if ' 3 3 Zh' Y? 190 In mn .I U . X . - s ,A i X lk! N 1 l.. If S512 1 'f' S X I 4 f As ff 1 Ill ID 516 INIERLE LOUIS SoLL.xRs ..,.... Wellington Division of Special Services .llarkcting Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Mar- keting Club5 Society for the Advancement of Management JAMES BIILTON SOLOMON. .. ...Peoria Agriculture Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Skull and Creseent5 Alpha Zeta5 Gamma Sigma Delta5 Phi Eta Sigrna5 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 11, 255 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 25 5 Board of Fraternity Affairs 135 5 Inter- fraternity Executive Council 1355 House President 1455 Student Senate 11, 25? Freshman Council, President5 Alumni As- sociation Board 1255 Campus Chest Allo- cations and Advisory Board Chairman 1355 Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day 11, 25 ROSETTA JUNE SOLOMON ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Painting Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Society of Illustrators Honors Day 125 ALAN HENRX' SONS ........ .... H aruey Commerce Accountancy Evans Scholars Phi Eta SigIna5 Beta Alpha Psi5 House President 1455 Intramural Manager 1155 Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key MICHAEL LEWIS SPAFFORD ..... Oak Park Engineering Electrical Engineering Armory House Sigma Tau5 Eta Kappa Nu5 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinoisg University of Chicago WILLIA ROSE SPAINHOUR ........ Canton Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key WAYNE ELBERT SPANGLER. . .Ames, Iowa Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. State University of Iowa5 Iowa State College ELDON LEROY SPARROW ..... .. .Niota Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Nabor House Alpha Tau Alpha5 Agricultural Economics Club5 Agricultural Education Club Western Illinois State University WILLIAM HARRY SPEALMAN .... Chadwick Agriculture Agricultural Education Delta Phi Illini Union Committee 12, 355 Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 1455 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 355 Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 3, 455 Baseball Manager 1155 Agricultural Eco- nomics Club5 Agricultural Education Club: Hoof and Horn Club5 Illini Sportsmanls Club RAY ARTHUR SPECKMAN, JR. ..... Ottawa Agriculture Dairy Technology Dairy Technology Society, President 1455 Agricultural Council 145 Bradley University THOMAS DALE SPENCER ....... Broolcheld Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Barton House P ' C1 " Future Teachers of America Sl'Tav?,Pier Activities: Pier Illini 11,' 25 2 University Dance Committee 125: Mlhtari' Council 1255 Activities Honorary Socety 11, 25 , . . . Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois IiENNlCTlI CALVIN SPENoLER..Wateo-man Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Pi Skull and Crescent5 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1255 Basketball Mani1g'91' 11, 253 UniV01" sity Choir 11, 255 Men's Glee Club 125 Honors Day 135 PATRICIA ANN SPEYERER ...... Brookfield Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Chig The Illio 1155 Illini Union Committee 125 JOANNE MARIE SPINELLO .... .. .Chicago Commerce Management Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Phi Chi Thetag W'.A.A. 11, 2, 35 Honors Day 115 St. Louis Institute of Music5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANK HENRY SPINK ........ Homewood Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Theta Delta Chi Gargoyleg Sigma Taug Scarabg House President 1455 Fine and Applied Arts Council 1455 A.I.A. Honors Day 11, 25 JAMES EDWARD SPOOR ......... Sycamore Liberal Arts and Sciences - Psychology Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Phi Omega5 The Illio 1255 Illini Union Committee 13, 45 JOHN KENT SPRAGUE ....... . . .Hull Agriculture Agronomy Farm House Ma-Wan-Da5. .Y.M.C.A. Committee 1255 Tribe of Illini 1455 Baseball, Freshman Varsity . Squad5 Baseball Manager 13, 45 5 Senior Baseball Manager 145 5 S.N.I.B. 1353 Agricultural Council 13, 455 All-Ag Field D9-Y Committee 1255 Athletic Coun- Cll 1455 Plowboy Prom Committee 1255 Llelltem?-nf, Army ROTC5 Agricultural Economics Club5 Agriculture Club5 Field and Furrow5 Hoof and Horn Club5 Young Republicans Club Honors Day 125 THOMAS ADOLPH SPRAIN. .Downers Grove Agriculture Farm Mechanization University Theatre Cast 1355 Universitv Theatre Cfellff 135: House President 1455 A.S.A.E.5 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 lllin' S t ' 1 - ' Pistol Omg por smans Cub, Rifle and WAYNE ELWOOD SPRINGER Elba, Nebraska Engineering Mechanical Engineering 3151118 T8-11, President 1455 Pi Tau Sigma, Pfesldent 1459 Engineering Council 1455 A-S-M-E-3 S.A.E.3 Engineering Open House, Chairman 145 Honors Day 11, 35 University of Nebraska THOMAS LEO ST-ARLEIN ....... Galesburg Commerce Management Phi Sigma, Kappa Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Knox College il rl . 1 7 . 1 4 l l 5 I I 'i" T. of - Bile' N no 1lli0 115 JOHN on House P' vancemen LEE HO' lnfrantry ics Club Horn Cl Club DONALD Evans rn Epsi cal EdI1C DAVID I Grana Alpha I Theatre 135 I S' Phalanx Dolzoru Palau W.A.A. tar HENRY Para House JOHN Wes Wg-N Counc Exten Rosa Al The I won, EDW Ar Men' Club E 'n EE lfi ni Q0 ner Jud use lrts wre lini Hull 25 : man C3, LB, 1-Ag aun- I2l 1 ural lielll lung T005 ll'Sllfl" 145 5 No. and asker till Ilpen tbufl mage' BETCE ALAN strap. .. The Illio ' ini I-Zllill COIIQ' tl" Joris CARL Sr,ursi'1.1s. . . . . Conzmerce lfa rztigfmfrnt House President C35: Society for the Ai. vancelnent of Management LEE HklW,XRD Sraxrrl: ...... ..SIiipm,m Agriculture .-Lnimal Science Infrantry Club C155 Agricultural Econom- ics Clubg Field and Farrow: Hoof and Horn Club: Physical Education Majors Club DONALD AVALTER STANEK ....... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Evans Scholars Phi Epsilon Kappa, President C453 Physi- cal Education Majors Club DAVID PHILLIP STANGER ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Granada Club Alpha Phi Omegag Psi Chig University Theatre Crew C3, 455 House President C353 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phalanx C3, 453 Young Republicans Club DOROTHY JEAN STANLEY ...... Kankakee Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Palamar W.A.A. C255 Rifle and Pistol Clubg Seimi- tar HENRY STANLEY Jersey City, New Jersey Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Parade Ground Units House President C2, 35 JOHN HENRY STANLEY ...... .... P aris Agriculture General Agriculture Wesmen Wa-Na-Seeg Wesley Foundation Student Council C3, 45, President C453 Ag1'iCl1ll111I'0 Extension Club ROSEMARY ELLEN STANTON ..... Newman Education Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi The Illio C15 3 Illini Union Committee ill 1 Women's Grlee Club C15 EDWARD MILTON STAPP III h Lawrenceville Commerce Accountancy Armory House Mews one ciub cz, 3, 47: Accountancy Club - Eastern Illinois University NAS XTLSQX STVQX 1 g- . S L ' K Lasers..Xr:s:it1.iStic-p N."if:f." Q . . XX-Ali-',.s R955 K X-K. 'trail xxikiitiob K: C Flexi-5092 Tgjjjslixxx-k. Cry X ,X r-n ' 11- ... : 'szzi i Sgxgntx.. A Klgusfx yzllcshlczn MQC , gui : ,.J,".'lCg-1 sir ue.irt1a::s:i.m is .' vscv ton:-.1-v1,W -N .lC"'t,::'i L R-.g.:.V, FK:,,0Miy R. .. .. .. C-. L, . 4 .. .. ,lzzp Cl " " -x- - l50,ttoC-rats Cshw: XA.-X K, ix -X. X: lg 15 ,crm ccizzzx-9 C-k,,ml.:y ' ' '- -1- K- 1- lk- 3-WCY TAYE Surnixtzrn. ,. ...U l'fdnc:iti.m -V Jlafttwzafiss :mm lnn .xlxxha Cam in: ' - . X ., l N K llobi C15 . Ulu,-0 lonshcrs 6 America N: ' ' 5' 1 ,- - . E t lf? 1 101' Lxtcnsien or the 1 ,,iC.,,,.ShX ,Cf l.llll10lS ' JOHN D,5YlI5 Srrtmtx ..... , ,,,,. 11g,,X,g,, , Liberal Arts and Sciences Physics Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Phi Oincga: Pi Blu 1.jl,S,hm: l-niwr. slib' Lutheran Chapel Foundation Stntlcnt 9-Oullfll K3. 453 Gamma Delta: Physics Sn- cxety Valparaiso University FRED Jonx Srrri-'EN .... , . . . . . . .I-ilain Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Scicncr Sigma Nu Skull and Crcscentg 5Yrcstling Frcslnnan Varsity Squad GEORGE ALBERT STE!-'i-'EN ..... La orange Commerce Ma rkeli ny Psi Upsilon University Theatre Cast Cl, 25: University Theatre Crew C15: Junior lnterfrntcrnity Council C155 University Choir C353 Mcn's G-leo Club Cl, 2, 3, 453 l.U.S.A. l3arlmcr- shoppors C253 Newman Foundation Stn- dent Council C1, 2, 3, 45: Finance Clnlvg Illini-Knights: Marketing Clnbg Young lic- publicans Club FRED JOHN STEFFENS .......... .Ulm-uyo A,f:ricultnre Dairy T0l'llll0l01Ijl Newman Hall Agricultural Council C355 All-Ag Field llny Committee C355 Dairy Tcclinology Society, President C353 Illini Campus Amvcts Post No. 202 ROY A. STEEFENS ......,....... Oliicagm Fine and Applied Arts Art NVriglit Junior College :HERBERT JOSEPH STEIN ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Physics Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma Honors DM' C25 , ,- NIA OLGA STEINER SPDBA Hollis, New York Education Elementary Erlucalion S' ma Sigma Sigma WAgA C155 Womon':-i Glue Club U32 American Recreational Society U- of I' Sw' dent Chapter' 'Feaclmrs-in-Training Club Oswego State Univcrsily i QNH, , ,,,, ,llulgffllzivi B,muAR.x JEAN STEVI I Liberal Arts and Sciences English I. 1, ' n Hall n A I I I C15 i I i ' I -N 1 an 517 NANCY CANDACE STEVENS ....... Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Navy Pier Activity: Debate Team 121 Wheaton Collegeg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ANN STEWART ............... Rockford Education Elementary Education Evans Hall Shorter Boardg Torchg Illini Union Board 1415 W.G.S. Executive Council 13, 41: Freshman Adviser's Executive Council 131 RALPH CECIL STEWART ....... Monmouth Agriculture Agronomy Wa-Na-See: Tomahawkg Alpha Zetag Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 13, 413 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 3, 41? Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 3, 415 Mc inley Foun- dation Student Council 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 12, 31 JAMES RICHARD STEWART ....... Oakland Agriculture Agronomy Colonial Arms Captain, Air Force ROTCQ Arnold Air So- ciety 13, 413 Field and Furrow RAY CLIFFORD STEWART ...... Mt. Vernon Engineering Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Southern Illinois University LARRY LEE STICKLER .......... Vandalia Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug Illini Christian Fellowship 12, 3, 415 Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Synton ROBERT GEORGE STIFT .... . . .Chicago Commerce Management Balmoral Alpha Eta Rhog Commerce Council 13, 41 9 Finance Clubg Flying Club: Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management, President 141 Lyons Township Junior College 'DANIEL TERRILL STINSON .... Springheld Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Omega Beta Pi SANDRA GAY STINSON. .... Gary, Indiana Fine and Applied Arts Painting Little United Nations EMILY ANN STIPES .......... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin Kappa Alpha Theta Smith College KENNETII EUGENE STONE. . .Sainte Marie Engineering Agricultural Engineering King's Kastle First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: SCiLblJ211'd and Blade 13, 41: AAS-A-E MYRON LEE STONE .............. Skokie Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Phi Sigma Delta Omega Beta Pig Young Democrats Club ROBERT LEE STONE .......... Champaign Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club RONALD STONE ........... .... C hiea90 Commerce Management Pi Lambda Phi Phi Eta Sigmag I.P.C. Photography Staff 131: Major, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society 1413 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illini Sports- man's Society: Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 111 ARNOLD EDWARD STOPER ........ Chicago Engineering Engineering Physics Flagg House Sigma Taug A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Physics So- ciety Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Tennis Squad 111 Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD JOSEPH STRADER. . . . . . .Danville Commerce Management Finance Clubg Society for the Advancement Of Management CECIL WILLIAM STRADLEY ....... Decatur Engineering Sales Engineering Delta Upsilon The Illio 11, 2, 313 University Theatre Crew 11, 213 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1115 Campus Chest 11, 215 Junior Interfra- ternity Council: Engineering Council 131: Interfraternity Ball Committee 1213 Young Democrats Clubg I.S.G.E. ROBERT JOSEPH STRAIN ......... Urbana Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day 131 Indiana University CARL RICIIIXRD STRAUSS ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Beta Sigma Psi Interfraternity Executive Council 1319 A.I.Cl1.E.g Gamma Deltag Ride and Pistol Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES STEWART STREET ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology CYCl01l1em Clubg French Clubg Rifie and Pistol Club YVrigl1t Junior College wt' GHG sormm ai G""I"' H0005 Div SL 1,0015 Alpha X' w.A.A. U Realm D Theta D MARJOBIE Alpha Chr House P ll. 2, 3, ' Hosta H I r Ronin' 1 Noble I A.C.S. Mina A.S.C.E HARRY Par House Na. lllinoi JOHN Nex Acco H0no WAI. N Illin slfl' on WAI J EA ii-:NNET Ie 'd ie 7n ,gg ali ir .nt :go So- nis I of ville lent ztur atre 13 2 'fra- Bl: ung 'GHG LE.- C090 137 I 'iswl Ly of M90 and MAX JOSEPH STRIEDL ...... . . .Batavia Engineering Highways GREGOR WALDEMAR STRIEN ..... Mt. Olive Engineering Electrical Engineering Chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 23 St. Louis Business College SONDRA JEAN STRONG ........ Champaign Education Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta W'.A.A. 11, 23g Illi-Sota ROBERT DAVID STUBBS ..... . . .Wilmette Commerce Management Theta Delta Chi BIARJORIE KAY STUCKE ...... Beardstown Fine and Applied Arts Vocal Music Hoste House Alpha Chrong Sigma Alpha Iota 12, 3, 439 House President 1333 University Choir 11, 2, 3, 435 Oratorio Society 12 33 ROBERT LOUIS STULL .......... Sherman Liberal Arts and Science Chemistry Noble House A.C.S. KENNETH PATTON STULTS .... Springneld Engineering Civil Engineering Minawa Lodge A.S.C.E. HARRY ERIC STURBI ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Parade Ground Units House President 153g A,I.A. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN CARLO STYLES- ----- - - -Chicago Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Clubg Finance Club Honors Day 123 VVALDEMAR STANLEY STYzINsKI..0hicag0 Engineering Civil Engineering , Navy Pier Extension of the Universlty of Illinois CHAO AN . , DRI: SUAN ..... Hongkong, 01,f,,,, Liberal Arts and Sciences u Chemical Engineering Sigma Tang Campus Chest 1135 A,1.Ch-E, DARLL DEAN SULLIVAN. l D l U . u 'Kcwmwc Engineering Electrical Engineering College Hall Iiouse President 1133 I.U.S.A. Barber- SIOPPGPS fl- 233 Engineering Council 13, 43g Illuminating Engineering Society JOHN LEO SULLIVAN ..... ,,,, K incaig Commerce Management Rogers House M3-Tketillg Club: Society for the Advance- ment of Management Sllfillgiield Junior College THOMAS NIICHAEL SULLIVAN. .Park Ridge Division of Special Services Marketing Marketing Club University Of Notre Dameg University of NVisconsin WILLIAM JOSEPH SULLIVAN ...... Chicago Commerce Management Alpha Chi Rho Ma-Wan-Dag Star and Scrollg Illini Union Board 143 3 Major Chairman Block I Illini Union Committee 1335 Illini Union Com- mittee 11, 233 Interfraternity Executive Council 1335 Major, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society 1437 Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 113 GEORGE ERNEST SUMRALL ...... Danville Engineering Electrical Engineering Calhoun Hall House President 1435 McKinley Founda- tion Student Council 12, 3, 433 First Lieu- tenant, Army ROTCg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. MELVIN GILBERT SUNSHINE ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Barton House Young Democrats Club Honors Day 113 . Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois KENNETH FREDRICK SUTTER. . . . . .Peoria Commerce Marketing Phi Gamma Delta Tribe of Illini 13, 433 Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 43, Letter 1333 Lieutenant, Army ROTC LOUIS ANTON SvAcH...0maha, Nebraska Engineering Engineering PhySiC-S' Sigma Taug Oratorio Society C3. 453 I.A.S. Honors D9-Y C25 U Omaha University JQSEPH DONALD SVATOS ...... Brooknelzl Engineering Mechanical Engineering Ilia-Icnighis A.s.M.E.: 111i-Knights Qt EIL u .,gAm n Wa. I KEQIQE ag? Ilvv W , Q z ' gl E g K W rx I f of X 95152, - i E, sw' xi l l Etifiiixi ' 5 '1 .- 1 "' xt ---s. we QQ in th .I U I Ill ID 5 5 N .i al- Q 4 'Q E '41- fr- 11 5 JAMES ZOLLER SvoBoD.x ..... Mount Olive Engineering Mechanical Engineering All-lVays Home Sigma Tau5 Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Sigma: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 A.S.M.E.5 S.A.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 315 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key 13, 41 ELIZAEETII SUE SWVANN ....... Wanlfcgan Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Sigma Theta Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 415 Orchesis 1115 Sociology Club PHYLLIS ANN Sw,xNsoN ...... Galesbarg Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Alpha Delta, Pi University Theatre Crew 1115 Second Regimental Band 111 JANICE PAULINE SVVEDBERG .... Sycamore Journalism Advertising Gamma Phi Beta The Daily Illini 11, 215 Illini Union Com- mittee 1115 University Theatre Crew 111 TIIADDEUS EMU. SWIECKI. .. .... Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Illi-Knights Alpha Phi Omega5 Major, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society5 Society of American Military Engineersg Flying Clubg I.A.S.5 Illi-Knights5 Navy Pier Alumni Association Illinois Institute of Technology5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN FREDERICK SXVINDELL ...... Skokie Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois5 Evanston Community College SIIELDON WILLIAM SXVITKIN ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Praetorians Praetorians5 Sociology Club Jo CAROLYN SXVOPE ......... Martinsville Agriculture Home Economics Palamar lXIcGarvey Foundation Student Couneilg Home Economics Club5 Extension Club XVESLEY KARL SYREN ...,. ...Chicago Commerce Management Illini Village Alpha Eta Rho5 Illini Union Committee 1215 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1215 Intramural Manager 1215 Marketing Club5 Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois EI0lI'lJ llucu 'l'.xErs,x.'x ..... Gaza, Pali-,vtinc Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C,E. Cairo University DENNIS LOUIS T.xBIsz ..... ...Chicago Commerce lllarlreting Sigma Phi Epsilon Marketing Club DALIA IXIARIE TALLAT-IfELl'S.X .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Future Teachers of America5 German Club5 Lithuanian Students Club5 A.I.S. Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois AIIYCE JOYCE TALLMAN .... ...... ll loline Liberal Arts and Sciences Prelaw Concordia The Daily Illini 12, 3, 415 W'.A.A. 11, 213 House President 1415 Seabury Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 415 Illini Chris- tian Fellowship 11, 2, 3, 415 French Club: Young Democrats Club JAMES ROBERT TANSLEY ...... Glen Ellyn Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Society of Illustrators Marquette University5 Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois SARA JANE TAPP ............. Carrollton Agriculture Retailing Busey Hall Illini Union Committee 1115 Star Course Manager 1115 Home Economics Club INIEILUTE ONA TAPULIONIS ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Fehner House Phi Kappa Phi5 Sigma Tau5 Alpha Lambda. Delta Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NZICIIAEL PETE TARAS. . . . . .Madison Commerce Commercial Teaching Delta Sigma Pi Interfraternity Council 11, 2, 315 House President 1315 Commerce Council 1315 Business Education Clubg Illini Sports man's Clubg Marketing Club Brown's Business College TEMPIE ANN TAR'r'r ,.......... Maywood Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Sigma Theta Student Senate 1315 Sociology Club Tuoxms E. TATUM ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psycyhology Kappa Alpha Psi Navy Pier Activities: YVrestling, Captain 131, Letters 11, 2, 3, 415 Concert Band 111 5 Letter Men's Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Los Angeles, California Illinois HARRY Kivo SHI TAYAMA Ag1'icnlture Floriculture Noble House Pi Alpha Xi5 Floriculture Club5 llaxvaii Club XVright Junior College rife' Honors VISPW Honors D Brrvl ll Alpha The 111 WAYNE Marketir Society ment MYBNA Campu Na Illinois Buse VF Enwim l Phi E keting of Ma Hono Illino JOHN Ros Ter JE Ae 11 Il Yof gl : l0ll Illris- lllb 3 lllyn :ten- llton nurse icago nbda ty of iison louse C33 9 forts- wood icayo ptaill Band ty of WW ,wail I vii 'xiii I m T' W ,ia 5 it e -U1 Age 'JS ' NANCY ELLEN TAYLOR ........ Eglqlgham Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board3 Torchg Shi-Ay Alpha Lambda Deltag zen Phi Eng Iuifn Union Board C453 Major Chairman, Club Sophis. ticate, Illini Union Committee C35- Illini Union Committee Cl, 2, 353 Unfvel-sity Theatre Crew C2, 353 Star Course Mau. ager Cl. 25 Honors Day C15 VESPER LEE TAYLOR ............ Decatur Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Honors Day C15 BETTY WINGLER TEGEDER .... Champaign Education Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi The Illio C153 University Theatre Crew C15 WAYNE HOWAXRD TEGEDER .... Beardstown Commerce Marketing Marketing Clubg Riiie and Pistol Clubg Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment MYRNA WEBER TENENBAUM ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Busey Hall Campus Chest C35 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EDWARD IRVING TERRY ........ Kankakee Commerce Industrial Administration Phi Eta Sigma3 Sigma Iota Epsilong Mar- keting Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day C15 Navy Pier Etxension of the University of Illinois JOHN ELMER TERWILLINGER .... Virginia Agriculture Vocational Agriculture IVestern Illinois State University RoBERTA LEANN TEWES. .Chicago Heights Agriculture Textiles and Clothing Alpha Xi Delta Shi-Ai3 Illini Union Committee Cl, 233 Terrapin C35 JERRY ROGERS THALL ...... .... C hicagv Commerce Accountancy Barton House Accountancy Clubg Finance Club Navy Pier Activities: Baseball Squad C153 Host of Illini C1, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the Universitb' of Illinois MAUNG TUN THEIN .... Moulmein, Burma Engineering Mechanical Engineering University of Rangoon PATRICIA ANN TIIIEL .... LaG7.ange PMI, L Education dlementarij Ed 5' Alpha Chi Omegax um um Universitv Theatre C1 eyv ' ' C4 3 W. , - Future Teach f 5 AA' 145 ' ers 0 Am - . H v publicans Club erica' Youns Re Lyons Township Junior College JOHN FREDERICK THIEMAN . . . Quincy Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Newman Hall gggsergyaand C251 Football Iini-ching Quincy College JEANNETTE LILLIAN THIER ..... Waterloo Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Phi Upsilon Omicron3 YV.A.A. Cl, 25g Home Economics Club Honors Day C2, 35 ALBERT FISHER THOMAS ...... Lexington Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Granada Club Illini Union Committee C153 University Ch01'l1S C3, 453 McKinley Foundation Stu- dent Council C353 Sociology Club3 Young Republicans Club JAMES NATHANIEL THOMAS ...... Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Kappa Alpha Psi House President C353 I.A.S. Navy Pier Activities: Track Squad Cl, 25, Letter Cl, 25 Illinois Institute of Technology3 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PETER EDWARD THOMAS ........ Sandoval Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha3 Agricultural Education Centralia Township Junior College SANDRA ROSE THOMAS. , . . .Spring Valley 'f?Z' . ' 'Q A fm 's A Journalism giy, A Advertising , ' Mik Palamar as , Alpha Lambda Deltag Theta Sigma Phi3 f- ",, Y.W.C.A. Committee C253 Young RGD'-lbli' X 'iii ' X cans Club 1 W Honors Day Cl, 35 -3 WILLIAM DEAN THOMAS ...... Barrington Agriculture General Agriculture 11 kg Y.M.C.A. C2, 35: 1i'00tb'111 "5d0zii'1ghiaii'gBand C1, 2, 33 : First Regimental Band C353 Second Regimental Band Cl, 25' W'esIey Foundation Student COHHCII 421' 3, 45 3 Agricultural Ecoonmics Club CARL RUSSELL THOMPSON.. .... Freeport Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club University of Colorado CHARLES LEWIS THOMPSON .... Browning Agriculture Teacher T-raifbillg in Ag"iculw"Z6 I A1 ha Tau Alpha, President 44,5 D1SC'P'eS P . . . Foundation Student Council Cl, 25, A311 cultural Education Club Y, in ea as 9 ri. fl ID UI .I U I 'ik AA if A A 2. A i J ,- we ,Q un 1 -I U ' or H " . III "'1 I0 522 CHARLES YVILMER TIIOMI-SON .... Palatine Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Theta Delta Chi Illini Union Committee 1255 Junior Fenc- ing Managcrg Alpha Rho Tau 125 Honors Day 115 CIIARLES XVILSON TIIOMPSON ..... Chicago Journalism Radio-Television Phi Kappa Sigma Sigma, Delta Chig Illini Union Committee 1155 Campus Chest 1155 Captain, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society 13, 4l FLORENCE CYNTHIA THOMPSON. .Steward Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall University Theatre Crew 1255 Wesley Foundation Student Council 1255 Future Teachers of Americag N.C.T.E. Monmouth College5 College of Vlfilliam and Mary JANE ELISABETH THOMPSON. . .Lake Villa Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Evans Hall Newman Foundation Student Council 145 ROBERT THOMPSON ........ . . .Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Rihe and Pistol Club THOMAS LLOYD THOMPSON ....... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois XVILLIAM FRANCIS THOMPSON .... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappag Navy Pier Alumni As- sociationg Physical Education Majors Club Navy Pier Activities: Football Squad 115, Captain 1155 Host of Illini, President 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HANS HERBIAN THUN, JR. ....... Sheldon Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. Honors Day 135 RAYMOND RONALD THONN Elmwood Park Physical Education Physical Education Noble House Tribe of Illini 13, 455 Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 3, 45, Letter 12, 3, 45, Captain 1455 Varsity Baseball Squad5 Physical Education Majors Club JEANETTE GRACE TIIORNBURGII Mansfield Liberal Arts and Sciences History Palamar Y.XV.C.A. Committee 1255 Spanish Club Honors Day 135 JANET RUTH TIIORSON ...... Forest Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction St. Olaf College BONNIE ANN TIDD ........ . . .0sioeH0 Education Elementary Education Presby Hall The Daily Illini 1255 Student Senate 1352 Future Teachers of America DONALD LOUIS TIEDEMAN. .East St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Barton House Alpha Phi Omegag Freshman NVeek Com- mittee 1455 Ensign, NROTC5 Cycl0th9lll Club THOMAS CHARLES TIFFANY ...... Lincoln Commerce Management Alpha Kappa Psi5 Society for the Advance- ment of Management Lincoln College DAVID ALAN TILLEMA ......... Louisville Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Acacia Sachemg Mask and Bauble5 University Theatre Manager 1355 University Theatre Crew 1155 Senior Fencing Manager 145: Athletic Council 1455 Young Republicans Club GEORGE LLOYD TILLM.-INN .... .... .I oliet Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Joliet Junior College JACK DONALD TINKLER ......... Lansing Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Kappa Phi5 Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Chi Sigma5 Phi Lambda Upsilon5 A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key HAROLD JAMES TIPPETT .......... Galena Agriculture Agricultural Economics Agricultural Economics Club Honors Day 125 GEORGE VVARNER TJARDES .... Gibson City Agriculture Animal Science Illi-Dell Alpha' Zeta? All'-Ag Field Day Committee 12, 3, 472 Plowboy Prom Committeeg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 115 LYNN TOBIN ............... SP7'I:7l.gflL'l1l Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Studies Pi Beta Phi '11-310 Daily Illini 1155 University Theatre BUHEOI' 135, University Theatre Crew 125: McKinley Foundation, President 145 Honors Day 12' 35 .ff , 3 ...W-:At , 72'- tg v. i' - 5 ' ,gi .wal wg' lim' PM null' aww ill Thang: Club, gewnlge owl' VI BIISCY 1 Wesley F' Home EC' WAYNI 'I Agricultu Furr0WI Camus Kappa Wa-Na-E Theatre Council 145 5 Fo 3. 45 2 Ricaiuz Phi l The Illi House vancem MARJO Arb Futur public versit GER C Sac Hou van Cu. r Io M Ini Ill U b t L 'lc 9 0 5: Lis ln. em iln ce- ille .ity tre ll 9 ins liet ing Eta bds llli- 67111 Tiiy H69 loof Held atre 1-ew 44l .W fe", . s. -1 e. , ji I 4 li , 4 X ii., 'N 3' ,W 5 . 0 ,, V Je Z , . e u I f y 6 1 E GERALD VINCENT TODD ...... Forest Park Engineering Industrial Engineering College Hall - -Da' M. . . ' - gl?a4gv:nNexvIi1an 1F!ciunE:l:.t5i:d11iuS2cucdieil1t1c1'i01i?1l cil 12, 353 Campus Chest Allocations and AdViSQ1'Y Boafd 12 35: Freshman Week Committeesggilg Industrial En. Eiizleci-SXIPEI-esidenty'145 es ern Society of Engl- Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GERALD NELSON TOLLEFSRUD. . .Rockford Commerce Personnel Management The Daily Illini 115 3 Illini W'riters 11, 25 5 French Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management CAROL VIRGINIA TOMLINSON ..... Urbana Agriculture Home Economics Busey Hall Wesley Foundation Student Council 145g Home Economics Club WAYNE TOMLINSON ........... Rushville Agriculture Agronomy Agricultural Economics Clubg Field and Furrowg Industrial Education Society CHARLES LARRY TOMPKINS .... Galesburg Fine and Applied Arts City Planning Kappa Sigma Wa-Na-Seeg Skull and Crescent: University Theatre Crew 115: Junior Interfraternity Council 115: Cheerleader 13, 45, Captain 145g Forsite 11, 2, 3, 455 Dolphins 11, 2, 3, 45g Illini Traditions Committee 13, 45 RICHARD GEORGE TORPE. . .Elmwood Park Commerce Management Phi Kappa Sigma The Illio 115 3 Illini Union Committee 115 5 House President 145g Society for the Ad- vancement of Management MARJoR1E ANN TosTBERG. . . . . .Quincy Education Elementary Education Arbor Suites Future Teachers of Americag Young Re- publicans Club Park Collegeg Western Illinois State Uni- versity GERALD ROBERT TOTALL. . . . . .Waukegan Commerce Management Calhoun Hall Sachem' M.I.A, Executive Council 125: I House President 1153 Society for the Ad- vancement of Management CHARMAINE PAULINE TOURVII-I-E Park Ridge Agriculture Home Economics Education Theta Upsilon Iota Delta Pi' Illini , , ' Major Chairmaii, Dances. Illini 11111011 Comf mittee 1353 Illini Union Council 13, fl: Iuini Union committee 11, 2, 351 111112 Union Student Director 145 5 .I.U.S.A..Bar. berettes 1159 Home Economics Club, F11 ture Teachers of America- Union Board 145' LILLIAN MORRIS TOWER. . .Downers Grove Liberal Arts and Sciences 1 Teacher Training in Mathematw-S' Northern Illinois State University EUGENE L AWRENCE TRAUTVETTER. .Tioga Agriculture Alpha T Vocationaliyricultilre 135- A Alpha? Agricultural Council u 3 1' ' S 1 Honors Day 135 ml portsmans Club STEWART ARMSTRONG TRIMBLE. . .Urbana P Commerce ersonnel Manage g Delta Upsilon men The Daily Illini 11 . - . , 5 Univ t Th - at Mase ie: Junior G dom-mlttee 1259 Lieutenant, Blade Q3 12.9, NROTCQ Scabbard and of Ma ' 5' Society for the Advancement nagemelllii Young Democrats Club SIMEON Ross TROTTER ......... Carthage Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Delta Upsilon Ma-Wan-Dag Sachem' Mask and B bl ' Thelnaiiy num mg' The Iuio 115?uU1fi1 geifsity Theatre Manager 13, 45 5 University eatw Cast 135 I University Theatre Crew 1253 Mens Grlee Club 11, 2, 3, 45: Com. 513253 23313011 13, 459 University Theatre PHILLIP LEE TROUTMAN ........ Decatur Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau Millikin University LYNN CHARLES TRUCKENBROD. . .Mendota Agriculture Agronomy Farm House Alpha Zetag S.N.I.B. 125g Agriculture Council 135g Agriculture Economics Club: Plowboy Prom Committee 1253 Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Clubg Illini Sportsman's Clubg Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day 11, 2, 35 JOHN CULLEN TRUE .... Davenport, Iowa Commerce Accountancy El Patio Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 353 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key ALBERT AUGUST TUBINAS ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A.g Lithuanian Student Club Wilson Junior Collegeg Roosevelt Uni- versityg Navy Pier Extension of the Univer- sity of Illinois ICHAEL TUCKER ...... Champaign JOHN M Commerce Accountancy Tau Kappa Epsilon l J ior Grade, Chi Gamma Iotag Lieutenant un NROTCQ Accountancy Clllll Honors Days 11, 2, nois Scholarship Kel' 355 University of Illi- RUXTON TUCKER .......... . Crystal Lake Engineering Electrical Engineering D it Upsilon . Wwiyrgeeg Skull and Crescentg The 11110 1159 Star Course Manager 1255 President 1452 Mens Glee Club C ' A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. TUREK .......... Berwyn Education Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alplla Illini Union Committee 135 f Miami IRENE LORETTA University 0 Wbgc a 9 ,S mx' fix. 31 QRS,-I 'M . , 7. i , il Y yan if , 'if-'r .h iv 'i . . f .............,-..n.M..... , L.. .x,,., -.. .. nun- we X 1 , ,, H V Q ,, . le ID ID .I U M Ill Uh 4 RAE DELLA TURNBULL University City, .Missouri Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Stratford House Ottawa University RL'ssELL CLARENCE TURNER, JR.. .Oswego Agriculture Agricultural Science Park Lane Lodge House President 1453 Field and Furrow Honors Day 125 JANET LEE TURNEY ......... Cerro Gordo Agriculture Home Economics Education, M1-Kinlcy Hall Shorter B0il.l'tlQ Alpha Chrong Phi Upsilon OllllC1'0l1Q Illini Union Committee 115i Nv0lll6l'lyS Gleo Club 11, 2, 353 5Vesley Foundation Student Council 1253 Home Economics Council 1453 Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 353 Homo Economics Club, Pl'QSl1lCllt 145 ANTOINETTE DEN1sE TSVINI-I ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Kappa Alpha lV.A.A. 11, 253 House President 1351 Orchesis 11, 45, President 1253 French Clubg Future Teachers of America Navy Pier Extension of the University ot' Illinois IIICRBERT CHARLES TYGETT ....... Hci'i'iii Commerce illarlccting Alpha Sigma Phi Interfraternity Executive Council 1251 Military Ball Committee 1453 Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC3 Air Force Coun- cil 13, 45: Armed Forces Council 1451 Arnold Air Society 13, 455 Marketing Club NANCY JOAN TYNER ......... Champaign Education Elementary Education Chi Omega Illini Union Committee 115 Honors Day 115 ALFRED HUNT UHALT, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Taug Arnold Air Society 13, 453 I.A.S. Millsaps College SHIRLEY JEANNE UIIER ......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering T-Dorins XV.A.A. 115 Navy Pier Activities: Engineering Coun- cil 1253 A.I.A. 11,25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PAUL BTISCHER. UHLENIIOP .,... Litclrrielil Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Sciences Beta Theta Pi Student Senate 11, 2, 3, 453 NSA, Senate Subcommittee 11, 2, 2353 LAS Council 1153 Military Ball Committee 12, 353 Lieutenant Colonel, NROTC3 Navi' Council 11, 453 Spanish Clubg Young Democrats Club Bi-:NEDICT UN1,aAIt ............, Chicago Libcrul Arts and Sciences Clicmistrg Four Columns New York Universityg DePaul Univer- sity GEIQLXLD UNKS ....,...... .... J lorton Education Civics Delta Chi Alpha Phi Omcgag Mask and Baulllei Uni' versity Theatre Crew 13, 451 Junior Inter' fraternity Council 133 5 Young Republicans Club ELIZAEETII JULIA URAM. . . . . .Ch M1500 Education Elementary Edin-ation Theta Upsilon Illini Union Council 11, 25: University Theatre Crew 1353 Future Teachers of America RICII,XRD ANTHONY URBAN ...... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 ROBERT BIAGIO URZI ....... . . .Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S.3 A.S.M.E.3 I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the I.'niversity of Illinois EUGENE GEORGE UTTENWEILER. . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club3 Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Texas 5Vestern Collegeg Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois ROMAN JOHN VANAGUNAS. . . . . .Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 Lithuanian Students Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOAN VAN DER VLIET ........ Homewood Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Studies Kappa Alpha Theta McKinley Foundation Student Council 145 Colorado College EDNVARD XYAN DRUNEN .... South Holland Agriculture Floriculture Pi Alpha Xi: Freshman Varsity Track Squad3 Floriculture Club Calvin College DORIS MARIE A7ANIS ............ Bern-gn Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Xi Delta 5V,A.A. 115: 5VoInen's Glee Club 11, 2, 3. 451 I.U.S.A. Barberettes 125 ALBERT LESLIE XYAN 1IAEL12...SpJ'i7lgfi6lfl Engineering Mining Sigma Alpha Epsilon Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society Springfield Junior College JN' so new Si Sclrgbi Delta Mortll' pins The DH ing LAWBEN Delta Junior 1 Glee Club Spring sacola I Emu M PHILIP 1 Men's Navy l of Illinoi ANTON llli-Del loricult TALIJ, T-Dorr Wilson tension CARoLrI Theta Illini U Honors M.iRvvIN S.I.E,g, Honors 't0n Ili- ter. HHS Q90 sity of Ugg Vets Cdgg nrsity Cayo ivets Ex- Ecago Club rsity wood t4l 'land 'rack 'zvyll 2. ffm V I .fl V 8 ,JP JAMES NORMAN X7AN PRAAG ..... Decatur Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Delta Sigma Phi Scarabg Major I 425g A.I.A. SARA JEAN VAUGHN ............ Lincoln Liberal Arts and Sciences History Delta Delta Delta Mortar Boarclg Torch: Shi-Ai, President. Alpha Lambda Delta, Presidentg Mask anti Bauble: Phi Alpha Theta: University' Thea. t1'e Manager Cl, 2, 353 University Theatre Crew il, 25 3 Star Course Manager Cl, 25 ' Y.W.C.A. Cabinet C255 Panhellenic Execul tive Council 42, 353 Panhelley-,ic.W'G.S. Coordinating Committee C3, 453 Hollse President C452 LAS Council tl, 253 Pau- hellenic Ball Committee i153 Panhelleuic Board of Affairs K3, 45 Honors Day 6.1, 2, 35: University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Q35 ELLIS VEECH, JR. ............ Bcllcrillc Journalism Advertising The Daily Illini tl, 253 Campus Chest tl, 255 Illini Sportsman's Clubg Market- ing Club LAXVRENCE WILLIAM XVENABLE Springneld Division of Special Services Insurance Delta Tau Delta Junior Interfraternity Council 4255 Men's Glee Club 12, 353 Illini Insurance Society Springfield Junior Collegeg Tulane-Pen- sacola University EDNA MURIEL VICK ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature PHILIP EDWARDS VIERLING ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Men's Residence Halls Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ANTON LAD 'VILT ............. Coal City Agriculture Floriculture Illi-Dell Floriculture Clubg Marketing Club VITALIJA NIJOLE VILUTIS. . . . . . .Chica!J0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology T-Dorms Wilson Junior Collegeg Navy Pier EX' tension of the University of Illinois CAROLYN DUMONT VILVEN ...... Rantoul Education Elementary Education Theta Upsilon ' Illini Union committee ci, Bl: Uniwslfl' Theatre Crew tl, 25 Honors Day C15 MARVIN VINAR ,............ Rock ISIIHIIZ Engineering Industrial Engineering S.I.E.S. Honors Day C25 CHARLES JOSEPH VITALE S .- . . . . . p ld Commerce Hngfie Mflrlceting AlDha.KaDpa Psig Marketing Club Springfield Junior College IRENE TRESA VOGEL .... ,, ' ......Bcnson Agriculture Home Economics Education Rosewood Home Economics Club LERor ALLEN Your ........ . Elgin Engineering . Electrical Engineering Elgin Community College VERNA MAE Voor ............ Metropolis Agriculture Home Economics Philea S-N-I-BH i2, 353 Home Economics Club il, 2, 3, 45 JAMES ANTHONY VOLZ ...... ...El Paso Commerce Accountancy Das Haus House President C455 Accountancy Club RICHARD XVALTER, VORREX'ER ...... Cicero Physical Education Physical Education Alpha, Sigma Phi Jia-Wall-Dag Tribe of Illini 1355 Varsity Baseball Squad 135, Letter t35g Freshman Varsity Squadg Physical Education Majors Club JAMES SAM VRENTAS ........... Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Kappa Phig Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta. Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilong A.I.Ch.E. . Honors.Day tl, 2, 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key RY M msn SLL WADE Columbus, Ohio TER : -' A - ' Journalism Advertising Phi Kappa Sigma Al ha Delta Sigma 445: The Daily Illini P . Business Manager C459 Flfst Lieutenant' A1-my ROTCQ Phi Chi Eta C3, 45 mm- W ILTER W-XGNER ........ Marissa AL ll : - Agriculture Animal Science Illi-Dell I b Agricultural. COUHCII 431 f-Q ilt Pliflgsfoii . tt 3. 45: Aglwu Ula 11ioIii'1rii:sCCii11TJ1i Agriculture Club? DHJTY Pro- ' Club: Hoof .and Horn Club dugteiilgville Township Junior College GENE ALLEN XVAGNER. ...... Shnmalay Engineering Electrical Engincerillfl A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors D21-Y C35 .QQEE wd gdg, 4 I l i l ,,.c. ' ,9w,i.j: f ,I ...c ,. ilk ,495 lx z s'S"j1' igiggg f A TB-kgrg 13" if-' l 525 th lh -I U M Ill UD RIOBERT FRED WIXGNER. . .Evergreen Park Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Phi Omegag A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day C13 Valparaiso Technical Institute DONALD CHRISTOPHER WAIILE. .Evanston Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club: Marketing Club3 So- ciety for the Advancement of Management Honors Day C13 Northwestern University JUDITH ANN WALBRIGHT ...... Metropolis Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Theta Upsilon Illini Union Committee Cl, 2, 333 Univer- sity Theatre Cast C333 University Theatre Crew C133 WILL C433 Freshman VVeek Committee C43 CAROL JOAN WALKER ...... Spring Valley Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Palamar Zeta Phi Eta: Young Republicans Club LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College ANNA M. PORTER WALL Fulton, Kentucky Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Sociology Club3 Young Democrats Club Fisk University JOHN WILLIAM WALL ..... . . .Glenview Commerce Management Illi-Knights North Park College RONALD GEORGE WALLACE ...... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Wright Junior Collegeg Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois STUART CHARLES WALLACE ...... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Tau Epsilon Phi Junior Interfraternity COuncil3 Account- ancy Club NATALIE IDA WALLENTINE ........ Moline Education Elementary Education Philea Future Teachers of Americag Young Re- publicans Club Augustana College HUDERT CLARK WALLS ..... ..... P aris Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Das Haus Alpha Tau Alpl1a3 House President C333 McGa1'vey Foundation C3, 433 Agriculture Education Club3 Field and Furrow DALE MARTIN WALSH ....... .... P ekin Engineering Electrical Engineering Noble House Illini Union Committee C433 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. EDWARD LENORD WALSH ........ Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Taug Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2023 I.A.S. Honors Day Cl, 2, 333 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key Wright Junior College3 Navy Pier Ex- tension Of the University of Illinois GABRIELLE WALTERS ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Xi Delta Mask and Bauble3 University Theatre Man- ager C33 3 University Theatre Crew C2, 33 3 House President C433 Young Democrats Club Loyola University MICHAEL WILEY WALTERS ..... Winnetka Physical Education Physical Education Tribe of Illini C2, 3, 433 Varsity Gym- nastics Squad C2, 3, 43, Letter C2 ,3, 433 Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad C13 Lake Forest College DAVID MILTON WALTZ ........ Springfield Commerce Accountancy Wesmen Accountancy Club3 Marketing Clubg So- ciety for the Advancement of Management DALE MILLER WALWARK ....... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Delta Theta Skull and Crescent, President C233 Illini Union Committee C133 Junior Interfrater- nity Council C13 3 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC CALVIN KE-MING VVANG. .Nanking, China Engineering Civil Engineering Tomahawk3 Y.M.C.A. Committee C133 A.S.C.E.3 Hawaii Club3 Chinese Students Club3 Little United Nations CARL CHANG-TAO WAXNG. .Hankow, Hupei Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pi3 Pi Mu Epsilon: Chinese Students Club Honors Day C1, 23 Taiwan National University DAVID LLOYD WARD ....... .... C hicago Journalism Advertising Praetorians Alpha Delta Sigma: Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini .C133 House President S333 Illini Forensic Associationg Market- ing Club3 Praetorians3 Society for the Advancement of Management Wright Junior College RANDALL WALTER WARD Daytona Beach, Florida Division of Special Services Economics Honors Day C1, 33 rf awww DAVID H, rw Siam' ml Chiii ell 0 . NB eric.. gfnlgnlidn U nga lfge' K, i veriliy Wrizh' sion vf the DeP"1l EV Newman ri i s . . 11111 ' c I BB, Jo: Vo T811 Hi? ROTC Sign, Alpha culmal Edu Club ALA! Divll Wright J MARILYN Sigma K Sigma AIP C133 Firs University l2, 33 PHILLIP Tau Student Omega T Easter Romn- S0n's omaha 'mega 3 lax-chin mental Band Illini A Lmo Alpha. IOANN Si Un STAN Mar Then N as AJP 5 S Jun' 'kin E.- lgg '0st lllli. Ex- ago Ian- 3l: rats :tka YU1 Lil: 115 lield So- nent ville llini ster- Im? hina Ill 5 lents 'upei lloni 2:1190 Chi' 1 idenf fkef' the ,fide DONALD ROBERT XVARNER .... Blue Island Commerce Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon Campus Chest 125g I.U.S.A. Barbersho . pers 1253 Military Ball Committee 123 Ensign, NROTCZ Navy Council 1455 Fi: nance Club: Society for the Advancmem of Management CREIGIITON STANLEY AVARREN .... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall DePaul University, Kansas State Col- legeg Kansas Universityg Colorado Uni. versityg Illinois Institute of Technologyg Wright Junior Collegeg Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois JERRY JOE VVARREN .............. Flora Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Tau Alphag Second Lieutenant, Army ROTCQ Pershing Rifles 11, 25g Zeta Sigma Alpha 13, 45, President 145g Agri- cultgiral Education Clubg Dairy Production Clu DAVID ALAN WASHBURN ........ Chicago Division of Special Services Psychology VVright Junior College :MARILYN ANN WATERS ......... Mattoon Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Sigma Kappa Sigma Alpha Iotag Illini Union Committee 1155 First Regimental Band 11, 255 University Chorus 1155 Oratorio Society t2, 35 PHILLIP DEAN WATSON ........ Westfield Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Tau Kappa Epsilon Student Veterinary Medical Association: Omega Tau Sigma Eastern Illinois State University ROBERT STUART WATTS ........ Rochelle Commerce Marketing Sonfs Home Tomahawk, President 1253 Alpha Phi Omega: Drum Major 12, 3, 453 Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 453 First Regl' mental Band 12, 3, 45g Second Regimental Band 1255 Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 472 Illini Sportsmanls Club HAROLD EDGAR WEAVER ...... Champaign . Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Alpha Eta. Rhog Flying Clubg I.A.S. JOANNE LOUISE WEAVER Bufalo, New YM70 Liberal Arts and Sciences History of Art Sigma Kappa University of Buffalo STANLEY NEWELL WEBB ....... Allendale Commerce Marketing Marketing Clubg Society for the Advance- ment of Managementg Spanish Club National University of Mexico CRAIG RANRIN XVEBBER ........ Urbana Commerce , Mfmflflement Acacia S l - aciem, Skull and Qrescentg The mio gi Ensign' NR0TCi Navy Council ' 0 Epslloni Society for the Ad. vancement of Management ALICE ANN XVEBER ..... , ..... Sfm Jog Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Deltag Illini Union Com. mittee 11, 2, 35 Honors Day 11, 2, Lois MIAE VVEBER .......... .... M elvin Education Elementary Education, McKinley Hall Lutheran Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 45, President 135 ROBERT GENE WEDEKING ...... Raymond Agriculture General Agriculture Wesley Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 455 Agriculture Extension Club University of Maryland FRED CHARLES WEEKS .......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Alpha Sigma Pi University Theatre Crew 1153 Interfrater- nity Ball Committee 125 FREDERICK FREEMAN WEGENER Evergreen Park Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarab 12, 3, 45 GROVENQR GRANT WEICHBRODT Frankfort Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Theta Chi Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilong Illini Union Committee Cl, 233 A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day Cl, 33 ARTHUR DAVID WEINSTEIN Highland Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Lundgren ' l Nu Beta Epsilong The Daily Illml 11, 2, 3, 45 WEINSTINE .... Sterling LESTER SEYMOUR I Liberal Arts and Sc1eI1CeS Political Science Phi Sigma Delta I f St d Scroll' Campljs Chest? flier ra: teI?' Councll 11, ,2, 331 FNS? man Councilg Varsity TCIIDIS Squad i S 357 Greek Week Committee 1273 LA Chuncil 125: Finance Club E WEISBIXUM ...... Chicago Agriculture Food Technolollll ' K a Alpha l 1 nil at Bgjza Pi. The Daily Illini fl, 217 RICHARD BRUC O Z ' , I.U.S.A. Barbershoppers uf 25 ' Young Democrats Club 4 1 2 i l . 1 1 3 - 1 l i 1 A. .di ..,.....--.....1- 527 ID UI .4 U M Ill UI DONNA LYNN XVEISS ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Alpha Chron5 Psi Chi5 University Reli- gious Council 1255 Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council 1255 Young Democrats Club JOYCE ROBERT,X XVEISSMAN ....... Skokie Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Psi Chi5 Student Senate 1455 XVornen's Glee Club 11, 255 Oratorio Society 135: Sociology Club, President 1455 National Student Congress Delegate 13, 45 GEORGE JAMES XVEITH Perrgville, Missouri Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Delta Sigma Phi Scarab PETER ANDRE YVEITZEL ...... Park Ridge Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Kappa Sigma Ma-Wan-Da5 Sachemg Skull and Crescentg Sigma Delta Chi5 The Daily Illini 11, 2, 3, 45, Editor-in-Chief 145 Honors Day 115 KERIIIT REED YVELLS ...... Lawrenceville Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Tara University Theatre Cast 1355 University Theatre Crew 1455 University Choir 11, 255 Oratorio Society 11, 255 Military Ball Committee 1355 Major, Army ROTC5 Al- pha Rho Tau 1255 Young Democrats Club 1355 M.E.N.C. 145 Honors Day 135 Kroeger Conservatory of Music LELAND CLARK WVELLS ........... Farina Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Gar-men Alpha Tau Alpha5 House President 1355 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Phalanx 13, 455 Agricultural Education Club RICHARD EUGENE WVELLS ..... Port Byron Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology Augustana College EARL ALLEN WERNSMAN. . . . . .Vernon Agriculture General Agriculture Honors Day 12. 35 BARBARA ANN XVESCOTT Meadville, Pennsylvania Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Fehner House Phi Kappa Phig Alpha Lambda. Delta5 House President 1355 University Orches- tra 11, 2. 3, -L55 University Chorus 115 Honors Day 11, 2. 355 University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key GARY XVAYNE XVESSON ...... .. .Leland Agriculture Soil Conservation Illi-Dell Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 45: Field and FurrOw5 Hoof and Horn Club Illinois State Normal University KENNETH EDYVIN WEST .... ...Ottawa Engineering Civil Engineering Footbah hlanager 11, 253 AHS-C-E- RONALD GLENN VVESTBROOK ...... Peoria Engineering Mechanical Engineering Medea House President 1455 Basketball Manager 1255 A.S.M.E.5 S.A.E.5 "Indee" Co-editor 145 NANCY LEE WESTEEER ......... Wyoming Physical Education Physical Education Hoste House Major I 1355 lV.A.A. Xnmerals 1255 W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 455 House President 135 I Physical Education Majors Club ROBERT AIILTON WETIIERELL. .West Union Agriculture Farm Management Agricultural Economics Clubg Field and Furrow HILBERT EMANUEL XVEVER ...... ChicaU0 Commerce Economics Society for the Advancement of Manage- Inent Navy Pier Activities: President Student Congress 1355 Activities Honorary Society 135 Navy Pier Extension Of the University of Illinois JORDAN DIARSIIALL WEXLER ...... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. GEORGE PENNEL XVHEATLAND Glenside, Pennsylvania Commerce Marketing Stadium Terrace Marketing Club Honors Day 115 JosErH CLARKE WVHINERY ....... Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Music Education University Choir 1155 Oratorio Society 115 Honors Day 12, 35 ROBERT R. XVHIPKEY ...... Lawrenceville Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Pi I.A.S.5 Ride and Pistol Club Honors Day 125 Eastern Illinois State Collegeg Vincennes University DONALD PIIILLIP YVHITE .... .... 0 regon Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Taug Chi Epsilon5 Captain, Army ROTC5 Society of American Military Engi- IWUYS 13, 455 A.S.C.E. Norwich University 5 University of Southern California Q ,, 3 .iz ik -S iw L" Them xi Maw' I. G in IlS'G.E- S Jnnsgllff I nilger K JAMES Y.M.C MlAZ Pro!!! nomlcs P odllc Alpha J i 1 l' and H0 TERRY Sim' Bra San Jo Roster Son Alpha li0BBl llapti dent tion Loma Agrii Ron Phi UU. Pia gel' IOI' lllg 7, . 35: lion 31111 :ago age- dent tiety rsity 'cago rania rbana ocieft' endif 00111195 Qrlgoll Arllll' . Engl' iv of . yea X , A 'Y I ,, ,, Wx, l ' 1 . . C, l if i W 5 I I if I my f 'fb 515' I , 5 m 3 Y ,, , if 'ff C, f , W , MAX LEE YVHITMAN ........... Cameron Engineering General Engineering Theta Xi inioi' I C453 Ti-ibe of Illini mg sem,- Gymnastic's Manager C455 Gymnastics Manager Cl, 2, 355 Athletic Council C455 l.S,G.E. JAMES BTORROW VVHITTAKER ...... Toulon Agriculture Agricultural Economics: Alpha Gamma Rho Y.M.C.A. Committee C255 S.N.I.B, C3, 455 All-Ag Field Day Committee C255 Plowbov Prom Committee C355 Agricultural EC5. nomics Clubg Agriculture Clubg Dairy Production Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club5 Rifle and Pistol Club TERRY CARLISLE VVI-IITTEN ...... Havana Division of Special Services Marketing Sigma Pi Bradley University5 Hancock Collegeg San Jose State ROBERT LEE WHITTENBARGER Chatsworth Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Son's Home Alpha Kappa Psi5 Synton l-BOBBY LEROY WHITTINGTON. . .B-raeeville Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Illinois Baptist Student Union House Baptist Student Union Foundation Stu- dent Council C3, 455 Agricultural Educa- tion Club Joliet Junior College LOREN IFORD WICKERT ........ Plymouth Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Browery Agricultural Economics Club Vtfestern Illinois State University ROBERT HENRY WICKERT. . . .... Peoria Commerce Industrial Administration Phi Eta Sigma5 Society for the Advance- ment of Management Honors Day C15 RICHARD FRANK WIcRs .... McLeanSbv1'0 Agriculture Teacher Training in A9l'i0UlW"'e Agricultural Education Club5 Field and Furrow Southern Illinois University WiLLI,x:xI WIDUGIRIS, JR.. . . . . .Cliicuyo Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta A.I.E.E.'I.R.E, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DITNKAN XVILLIABI WIEDEMANN ' VVestern Sprniys Fine and Allplled Arts Architectuire . Gargoyle? Sigma Tau? O1"1f01'10 Somew C455 A.I.A. n 5 f Ri on College' Navv P161' Extension 0 P i ' the University of Illinois LESLIE RUDOLLH WIEDUWILT JR. Y V Eflwllrrlslgillrf Engineering Civil Engineering llalmoral 1" 'Q ' I kll9t.L1GUt0llt1l1t, Army ROTCQ Smlimy or american Military yqngineers 545: ,XS .3. ' ' ' ROBERT G' XVIENEKE ---- - - - - - .Gcrzrzwra Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. W'este1'n Illinois State Teachers Collegc5 Augustana College L XV.-XLTER YVERNER, XVIIGRXVILLIC Uincinnati, Ohio Engineering Electrical Engineering Evans Scholars Pt Kalllm Lambda! Sigma Tau5 Tau lleta P13 P111 Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug MIA. Executive Council 43, 435 A.I.E.E.-I.R,.l'l. HQHOTS Day Cl, 2, 355 Univei-sity of mi- nois Scholarship Key WILLIAM JOSEPH W1Ess1No. . .Spriqiyjielfl Commerce ACCOUNTANCY Beta Gamma Sigma5 Beta Alpha Psi5 Ac- countancy Club5 Marketing Club Honors Day C35 Springfield Junior College ROBERT DEAN YVILIIOIT ..,........ Paris Division of Special Services Management Sigma Tau Gamma Chi Gamma Iota5 Alpha Kappa Psig Uni- versity Choir C1, 2, 455 Madrigal Chorus C2, 355 Oratorio Society Cl, 255 Seabury Foundation Student Council C355 Society for the Advancement of Management PATRICIA RUTH WILREN ,...... Wlieutoii Physical Education Physical Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall VV.A.A. C1, 2, 3, 455 Second Regimental Band C155 University Chorus C155 Phy- sical Education Majors Club FREDER-ICK SCOTT XVILL .... ...Zion Commerce Marketing Frazier and Helms Dormitory Alpha Phi Omegag Illini Sportsman's Clubg Marketing Clubg Society for the Advance- ment of Management5 Young Republicans Club BARBARA ELLEN WILLIAMS ..... Edinlnirg Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Sigma Kappa K D It P,- 1 -15 Board' Torch! RDP? 9 5 '.' :AghZrLambda,,D61f9i? Zeta Phl Eta- Piles" dent C45 ' The Illio C1, 2, 3, 45, Assocmfe Editor C155 Illini Union Committee CZ, 3, 455 Y.VV.C.A. Committee C37 Honors Day 42, 37 ROBERT RICHARD XVILLIAMS ..... Peolone Engineering Mechanical E'fL!Ji?lW"i7l9 Pi Tau Sigma5 A.S.M.lf.. North Central College THOMXS MARTIN XVILLLXMS .... Belleville , Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin American SMHIIUS Parade Ground Units . . 2 House President Cl, 255 Giza Kids CI, , 3 43 ' Delta Sigma Omicron C1, 2, 3, 45 A S f WE' W.. f., - bi 1 . if , . i .-l.We KCC at K . fa '- 5 Jo ANN WILLIAMSON ........... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Boardg Torch3 Kappa Delta Pi: Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Play- ers3 Zeta Phi Eta3 University Theatre Manager 42, 3, 453 University Theatre Crew 4153 McKinley Foundation Council 4253 University Theatre Board 445 Honors Day 41, 25 l3,'xuE,xn.x ANN WILIYIS .......... Urbana Physical Education Recreation Sigma Kappa W.A.A. 42, 353 Terrapin 4153 NVesley Foundation Student Council 4453 Iillfll Christian Fellowship 43, 453 American Recreational Society U. of I. Student Chapter Honors Day 41, 25 Oberlin College JOHN PIIILIP XVILSON ......... Knoxville Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E.3 Illini Sportsman's Clubg Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day 445 LEE OLIVER WILSON ......... Champaign Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Armory Ilouse I.U.S.A, Barbei-shoppers 4353 American Veterinary Medical Association OWEN D.xLE WILSON ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology The Mansion Cyclothem Club XV:-ight Junior Collegeg Sacramento Junior College3 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RAYMOND GALE WIIJSON ...... Glen Ellyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Physics Physics Society Morton Junior Collegeg Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois ROBERT ALLEN XVILSON .......... Normal Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Delta Chi Illini Union Committee 4353 University Theatre Crew 42, 353 Football Marching Band. 41, 2, 353 First Regimental Band EESZA 353 Young Republicans Club: GENE KENT WINEIYAND ...... .... F lora Engineering Mining Engineering Phi Delta Theta Ma-Wan-Da3 The Illio 4153 Tribe of Illini 4415? Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 43, 453 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 4353 Y.M.C.A. Committee 41, 253 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Basketball Manager 41, 2, 3, 453 Senior Basketball Manager 4453 Athletic Council 445 3 Freshman 5Veek Committee 435 3 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 M.I.S. Byicisaiz.-I JANICE WINICIC ........ Chicago Education English Delta Phi Epsilon Junior Panhel Council 4153 Hillel Founda- tion Student Council 4253 'l'eachers-in- Training Clubg Future Teac-liers of America JICXVEL ELI-1.xNon NVINKLER ..,..... Alton Liberal Arts anal Scioiircs Speech Correction liusey Hall University Theatre Crew 4153 Illini For- ensic Association JACK SHERLE WINNICK ........ Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Tau3 A.I.Ch.E.Q Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Activities: Tennis Team 415 I Engineering Council 41, 25 Honors Day 41, 25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOYCE ANN XVINTER ....... .. .Chicago Agriculture Home Economics Phi Mu W.A.A, Board 4359 Ul1iVe1'Sify Cl10i1' 415: Home Economics Club RICHARD SXVIFT YVINTON ....... Chicago Commerce Management Delta Upsilon Interfraternity Executive Council 4253 Junior Interfraternity Council 4153 Mar- keting Clubg Society for the Advancement of Managementg Young Republicans Club LARRY RAY WISEMAN .......... Robinson Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science First Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Alpha R110 Tau 43, 453 Junior Bar Association George XVashington University XVALTER. P. WITIIOVICH ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Honors Day 415 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HARVEY NVILLIAM WITTENBERG. . .Chicago Journalism Radio and Television Praetorians Wa-Na-See: Sigma Delta Chi3 The Daily Illini 43, 453 WILL 43, 453 Hillel Stu- dent Council Foundation 43, 453 WPGU 43, 453 Navy Pier Alumni Associationg Praetorians Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini 4253 Football Manager 41, 253 Varsity Wrest- lcigg Squad 41, 253 Varsity Tennis Squad GENE HENRY WOJCIECHOWSKI Calumet City Engineering Engineering Physics Newman Hall Sigma Tau3 Tau Beta Pig Physics Society Honors Day 435 Illinois State Normal University RICHARD EMIL WOLD ........... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Chi Gamma Iota3 Accountancy Club Honors Day 41, 35 GEORGE XVILLARD VVOLI-' ....... Mansfield Agriculture General Agriculture Illi-Dell Alpha Zetag Y.M.C.A. Committee 41, 253 All-Ag Field Day Committee 4253 Plow- boy Prom Committee 4253 Dairy Produc- tion Clubq Hoof and Horn Club3 Rifie and Pistol Club Honors Day 415 SAM ROBERT WOLF ............. Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flagg House A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Activities: Student Council C25 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 'MA' .S 18534, H L ,ff ' 23,11 o In ,. 'LS , 1 , . 3 X N453 l, I Y i x ii? W 5 X N 5 E Q I 'tif re, 1 CH ""'1 nor' Milli v l Cl PY' nd 42. Deli! T: 2' 3. 4 .Arms HOWARD 1 Wright DEIS E Phi El' ROTC I Rilles U H0n0rS Jossrli A.S.C.E NIV! of lllil Grill: Kappa Morta' Kappi ll, 2 sity l Foun. Camp Boaru Hono BYFC Stud S1 of ll Mu Y. no Pi H R X Llgo 25 3 I.. ent lub won Rho 'cago II-sity icago Daily Stu- 'PGU Ition 3 125 3 llrest- lqund : City Jciell' Iicllllo igjidlll , 25 : Plow- dl.lC' in iclldo nllicil el-glil' I 1 1 fit l J af f 1 . ' lx V K. ..- 3. gt' ll 11' 2 j l X ' S 'R I A it , ..i .:. 1 f 4 'Qt , 12" , v. , Q? f 4 ,-ef:-, , him 'VX 1 CHARLES NVILLIS WOLI-'E. . . .. .Decatur Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Chi House President 1355 Fgotball Marching Band 12, 3, 453 First Regimental Bang 11 2 3 45' Universitv Chorus 115- Ca . , I I I , Y p. tain, Army ROTC3 A.I.E,E,-I,R,E- IJOXVARD WILLI.mI XVOLFF. . .Lincolnicoofl Commerce Economics Wright Junior College DEAN EDWIN YVOLLERINIAN ...... Ranwey Agriculture Agronomy Phi Eta Sigmag Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Military Council 1355 Pershing Rifles 11, 2, 3, 453 Field and Furrow Honors Day 115 JosEriI EVERETTE WOBIBLE ...... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GAIL DONNA VVONDERLIN ....... Decatur Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board, President 1453 Torchg Kappa Delta Pi3 Illini Union Committee 11, 253 Campus Chest 12, 3, 455 Univer- sity Religious Council 12, 353 McKinley Foundation Student Council 12, 352 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 145 Honors Day 115 BYEORD EARL WOOD ........ Wayne City Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Student Veterinary Medical Ass'n Southern Illinois Universityg University of Maineg University of Alabama MIIRJORIE ANN Woon ...... ...Sullivan Agriculture Home Economics Busey Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee 1153 Home Eco- nomics Clubg Marketing Clubg Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day 11, 25 ROBERT DEAN Woon ........ Mt. Carmel Agriculture Agronomy Wa-Na-Seeg Major, Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles 11, 2, 3, 455 Zeta Sigma Alpha 13, 455 Agriculture Education Club? Field and Furrow Honors Day 125 DONALD YVOODCOCK ....... . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Club! Fi' nance Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 11, 25 Roosevelt Universityg Navy Pier Ex' tension of the University of IlliH0iS ROBFIRT EARL Woons ........ Mt. Carmel Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Honors Day 135 MARVIN' , . . GEOIIGL XVORLEY, JR, ,,,' C,,i,,,,!m AFin.e and Alliflicd Arts Ju l ' rchitectural Engineering 11101 Intelfiatel-mt, Cou . J -1 - Navy Pier Extcnsiol UU 135, A.I.A. I f tl '. , of Illinois 0 l0 Unneisitg IQORI-ll1'l' T -V , S -KNLM YVOANIAlx. .Blue Island Engineering 1 Civil Engineering -luvaus Scholars Sigma Tau3 Phi Eta Signing Chi Epsilong S'i0'iillll Committee 12353 AASVCIEI Honors Day 11, 2, 351 University of llli- nois Scholarship Key iil'3RNiCE EUGENIA WRIGH1' ...... Chicago Fine and Applied A1-is Art Education Alpha Kappa Alpha 0l'f'ii0SiS 1453 French Cluhg Future '1'0uC1,. ers of Aineriga UniV0i'SilfY of Southern Californiag Art Institute of Chicago BRUCE IIALL YVRIGHT ...... . . .Henry Agriculture General Agriculture Son's Home Agricultural Economics Club RONALD Woon WRIGI-IT ........ Louisville Commerce Management First Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 Society for the Advancement of Management AKNETTE ELAINE WYLIE ..... La Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Kappa Alpha Theta Elmhurst College FRED JQHN XVYMER ........... Oak Pork Engineering Electrical Engineering Chez Nous Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma! Eta, Kappa Nu3 House President 1253 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. . Honors Day 11, 2, 35: Uiiiversity of Uh' nois Scholarship Key GEORGE EIICIIAEL WYSUP ...... Mayn-oozl Engineering Electrical Engineerilltl Lundgren Towers Captain, Army ROTC3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the UlllV91'SitY Oi Illinois JABIES FREDERICK YAHNKE .... Plainfield Commerce Accountancy Clark House Joliet Junior College . , YANG GEORGIAN.-K PEI FANG . D Shanghai, Chwlfl Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence Chinese Students Club 13, 453 Home ECO' nomics Club 13, 4.5 Boston University an ID .I U I Ill ID ,.,.............---Q.:-. ...fu v.. .. , Q . l l l UD on .4 LJ it Ill GD 532 Davin GUY Ynras .........,..... Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Kappa Lambda Y.M.C.A. Committee 1153 Wrestling, Var- sity Squad 1253 Illini Sportsman's Club? Young Republicans Club RONALD DEWITT YEAST .... ...Atlanta Agriculture Agronomy Psi Upsilon Men's Glee Club 12, 353 A.S.A.E.Q Illini Sp0rtsman's Club SXNDI ANN YONIKUS .......... Decatur Education Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha Millikin University RICHARD LOUIS YORK. .Arlington Heights Journalism Advertising Theta Xi The Daily Illini 1353 Football Marching Band 13, 453 Second Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 453 Illigreek 135 RUSSELL CLARK YOUMANS ..... ...Ogden Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Ma-Wan-Da3 Sachemg Y.M.C.A. Commit- tee 11, 253 Tribe of Illini 1453 Track Manager 12, 3, 453 Senior Track Manager 143: Men's Glee Club 11, 253 Disciples Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 453 All-Ag Field Day Committee 11, 2, 3, 45, Chairman 1353 Athletic Council President 1453 Plowboy Prom Committee 11, 2, 3, 453 First Class Petty Oiiicer, NROTC3 Agriculture Club3 Field and Furrow3 Hoof and Horn Club ELLA MARIE YOUNG ........... Highwood Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Women's Glee Club 13. 45 Honors Day 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN WILLIAM YOUNG ........... Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences History Bradley University M.XRCI.X ANN YOUNG ............. Casey Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech, Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall University Theatre Crew 115 3 Student Sen- ate 115 3 Young Republicans Club IXIIIITON JESSE YOUNG ..... .... C hicago Connnercc Industrial Administration Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SANFORD TYLER YOUNG. .Western Springs Liberal Arts and Scienccs Chemistry Delta Phi Alpha Phi Ornega3 Illini Union Committee 41, 255 A.C.s. YU ......... 0heKian9, China C1-IIA-NIEN Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry A.C.S.3 Chinese Students Club! Als- La Salle College3 National Taiwan Uni- versity RALPH HENRY YUNKER ......... Mokena Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.3 Young Republicans Club Monterey Peninsula Collegeg Joliet Junior College JULIA ANN ZACKERY --.--- - - -C'7MHHWi9'l Education English Alpha Kappa Alpha ALICE Z,-INETAKOS ............. Chicatw Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Sciences Delta Zeta Illini Union Committee 145: University Theatre Crew 1353 Student Senate 1353 Terrapin 1153 Illini Forensic Associ-ation3 Sociology Club3 Young Democrats Club HERTA ELIZABETH ZAUKE ....... Chicago Education Elementary Education Sigma Kappa Y.W.C.A. Committee 13, 453 Gamma Deltag Future Teachers of Americag Choir 115 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Faux Z.iLsAnzKI . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Noble House Accountancy Club3 Finance Club Honors Day 125 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN HENRY ZDEBSKI .......... Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Newman Hall First Lieutenant, Army ROTC3 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E.3 I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD VVILLIAIKI ZEINER. . . . , , , , . , . Waupun, Wisconsin Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Barton House Gargoyleg Sigma Tau3 Tau Beta Pig House President 13, 453 A.I.A. Hon'-WS Daly 13, 453 University of Illinois Scholarship Key University of Wisconsin ARLENE RHODA ZELLER .... .... C hicago Journalism Editorial Lowry Lodge The Daily Illini 13, 45 9 I.P.C. Photography Staff C455 University Theatre Crew 11, 25 ALAN EUGENE ZENGEL .......... Quincy Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Delta Tau Delia A.I.Ch.E. C. swf' E Epsil crv' uli medal T9 Sod Y 33, 43 JOHN HSN J SALE. Nav? P viri- A. 'll , K Navy P minois JEAN Zn A111112 pi KHPF Second l 01-cl1eSlFTl HonorS l Knox SHARON Chi C Thor! Gnonei Nav Illinois ELLIOTT C. ZIMME1mLxN University City, Missouri Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Epsilon Phi Illini Union Committee 11, 253 University Theatre Manager 1253 University Theatre C1-ew 1155 Hillel Foundation Student Council 1253 Engineering Council 1455 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illuminating Engineering Societyg Technical Director of Stunt Show 13, 45 JOIIN HENRY ZIMMERMAN ....... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Activities: Student Senate 125g Varsity Track Team 11, 25, Letter 427 . . . Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JEAN ZINSER. ............... Ohillicothc Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Alpha Delta Pi Pi Kappa Lambdag Sigma Alpha Iotag Second Regimental Band 1155 University Orchestra 1353 Women's Glee Club 13, 45 Honors Day 12, 35 Knox College SHARON ESTHER ZIRBES ..... Tinley Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Chi Omega Thornton Junior College GEORGE ZOSCAK ............... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois The library-9. fam BRUNO CHARLES ZUBnzYc1ci .... Belleville Commerce Management Societl' f01' The Advancement of Manage- ment LAURENCE WILLIAM ZUELKE Melrose Park Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Theta Xi I-U.S.A. Barbershoppers 11, 25g Forsite f2, 3, 45, President 1455 Landscape Archi- tecture Societyg Rifle and Pistol Club LEWIS EDXVARD Zurousnv ..,.... Chicago Journalism Advertising Tomahawkg Alpha Delta Sigmag The Daily Illini 11, 25 Navy Pier Extensionvof the University of Illinois R1MAN'1'As DIRVONIS ........,.. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Newman Hall Captain, Army ROTCg Lithuanian Students Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN RICHARD WANKA. .... Schiller Park Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall Sigma Taug A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Basketball Squad 125, Letter 125 Honors Day 125 . , l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois il n V-A ar place to all seniors 534 VI I z ' V j I I I .,..Sf',I I flf I I I A Veterinary medicine students practicing for their profession in the small animal clinic. VETERINARY MEDICINE SENICDRS ' BERNIE LEE ALLEN ........... Eldorado Veterinary Medicine CHARLES GUSTAV ANDERSON .... . . .Joliet I Veterinary Medicine I Joliet Junior College LEROY GEORGE BIEHL ..... ..West Salem Veterinary Medicine .ff r-'ff MARCUS LAR.-xYE'r'rE BROWN, JR.. .Enfield Veterinary Medicine GEORGE FRED BUCHAL ......... Ingleside Veterinary Medicine Colorado State University Q O! cg .I ' 1 NORMAN FREDERIC CORNELIUS. . . .Melvin Veterinary Medicine I I I I VVILLIAM THOMPSON DAVIS Thompsonville Veterinary Medicine Southern Illinois University ek, O ROBERT EARL FETZNER. .... . .La Grange - Veterinary Medicine V Augustana College JAY A. Fmrn ................. Delai-an Veterinary Medicine ROBERT BURNS GOODXVIN ........ Canton Veterinary Medicine Joi! .N Jo v Zi? f 4. fff I 5 1 JOHN OSCAR HARRIS ........... .Mendota Vei0"i'm"y Medicine Joke H. HOOGEWEG .... . ........ Urbana Veterinary Medicine Hochschule Passau ALLEN JOESTEN, JR.. ........ .,R0che11e Veterinary Medicine BETTY WALTERS KJELLSTROM Bujalo Hart Veterinary Medicine THEODORE ERNEST KJELLSTROLI Bujalo Hart Veterinary Medicine ALBERT JUNIOR KOLTVEIT. . . .... Pontiac Veterinary Medicine J Q IRROLD STUART MIQIIAIQLS. , , , JOSEPH IRVING LEVEQUE. ....... Urbana Veterinary Medicine NANCY WOOD LEVEQUE .......... Urbana Veterinary Medicine Michigan State University WILLIALI WINTIIROP LOVETT, JR. Geneva Veterinary Medicine York LYLE S. BICCULLOUU-II ....... Little Veterinary Medicine it f'fC"fHf1r1f Jrmzfmw . .Chivuyu CII,uzLEs ARNOLD DIINER, J1i....E1m1m,-NL , D Vefvfifwry Medicine Umverslfb' of Nebraska JAMES DODDS PULLIAM ......... Auburn Veterinary Medicine FRANK CHARLES RILEY ....... .. . Veterinary Medicine Kappa Delta Rho A uro ra :RICHARD ANTHONY SCIIILTZ .... Elizabeth Veterinary Medicine JOHN EDWARD SCHMIDT ...... Park Ridge Veterinary Medicine Carleton Collegeg Bradley University ALAN LEE SPRINGER. . . . . . . . . . . Veterinary Medicine . Berwyn Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EDWARD ROBERT SYMONDS .... Veterinary Medicine PAUL LARUE TROVILLION, JR.- Veterinary Medici-ne Murray State College ROBEIQT CHARLES WILLAND. .. Veterinary Medicine . . Victoria . .Golconda . . .Chivago l I A if l A 1 l 3 i i li ill All -l il ',w .i -0 :ii ,I N ll, A vb A S Q' 1 l 5 I Wiki 4 I I l I ,, Er ' l 2 , I- nl E 1, 4 8.1-,Lyn ' I ,lulll 'l-'VL fvfifil li. .ylpwl Wg-5 Tlij' AVWN, fi fig - 4,111 gy I li' "4 , 1 .5 pl 1' I il 'IL' Im' I l .l Vi l 5 Y U H l -uf. L :-5.1 l' 1 ,Lge ,ff W1 X-1 3 'WW x K-'XX L 4' I ! f Vx f - f ff 1 . 2,4 f N "J , f f. SN-.WJ XJ LJ XNKMJ L,,f""LL r f f- H- Q,-. Vw .M ,f e fax rx I'L.,.,1I I -Jnj 1' 'T 1 -X X I xxxlx. I 1 3-.J S ix XKJ, Hy I VJ I- ,XJ 5 ffl, 1 gt Kxjfijj Uxxll ! .4 X I-1 1-J X-lx 'K-.J' L-i 'x.,f' '-NMJ xm,,,f' ' " Lgfn-'L' 2-,ig,J X sm Q ' E ij! j 53 'g xy: iw! L..-1:-fj kj L3 kkij 1 . .' I VE S TY W an - 4,-sf.. . fa lg: 5 ,-2 1 new L wk' 7 fi .R 'lu Q 2 'IVA 4 M,,,..,-,.-mum M ..f,MWWw'Wf'f'- -, A, MTS 1 , , ., AV, aw f f-Jw Q ' 69,1 .X ..,..-n.,2sw iii 1' 'NAL ES SIGNAL in - QOL' 1lO1S C0llSl1iute Qment f O llllll0i3 Dgfamg in REED- MACY, Nuns. RAPY, SOCIAL STRATION, the elationships with ltutions. RY and student Ole in advancing ieir contributions rsic scientific re- ition. From the DES and those of AND EDUCA- .as been a steadily md experience oi a division of the 'xg-nav . cl' l cli- Franklin C. Dalla, director of Maurice I. Galbraith, dean of Hooker Goodwin, director of Donald J'RCs3Sl21Z, gil lgdluca- liousinff and the Chicago Illini student afairs Illustration Studios flex? fgosgitals and associate D Union Egan of the College of M eclicme LLECE, research to advanced de- ft E. Longeneclter 1 S I N I I V E C . 1 , I7 ' H G. Higgins, administrator DM Howqrd A mlalriligelm usmess ofalillrel Research and Educational C I E Hospitals G F G F, VI Gregor, associate eoclgfector lofc non-academic Mflfgafet 'D- l0hUS0Y1, f00d personnel service manager 1 oc We pa . H, WVorthingt0n, manager Harry W. Pearce, - D 101111 , , t. George R. Moon, examiner and Superintenjent 0173 Cgwldmgs Wilma Troxel1 libmmm of public Informa mn recorder an gmt' i a ,...slf5l S 539 YW ff'7""w f 'WW V' 1 2 42 1 Q. :,. I ' MJ 4 Mu. v.. -2 j. 1 f "'- r' - .. N' A 5177 " QC' ,. , , .u.""' . , X7 qw" ,QIZC-4. I.: , , . ,X ,, , " ' J 1 , . 1 .. , xx L N ., 7 1 , . if ' 1, v I 4 :W I 6. lx '1 LV E L., 'Fr . x XX if M 1 2 U Friendly conference University of Illinois Chicago Professional Colleges present a diversiiied picture of campus life. Here both graduate and under- graduate students recieve their professional training. Half of the student body com- mutes to school, While the other half lives on campus. Nearly a third of those enrolled are married. The campus atmosphere as a Whole encourages individual initiative and thinking. Please be gentle . . . Medical Research V , Quine Library Punch hne Indrvrdual attentron A breath of air Spacious city streets Bread line 44 Chain gang Before examinations WA - f Daddy is a doctor. bx. 4 Dental Building Operative Clinic 44 iw- Hamm... couror our NTIS The College of Dentistry, aHiliated with the University of Illinois since 1901, became an organic part of the University in 1913. In 1937, the college moved into the Dental- Medical-Pharmacy Building Where it now shares facilities With the College of Medicine. The expansion and improvement of both clini- cal and laboratory space in recent years has permitted the College to accept ninety Hrgt- year students for dental training. The purposes of the College are: 1. To prepare dentists to diagnose and treat diseases of the oral structure, and, so far as present knowledge permits, to prevent these diseases. 2. To prepare graduate students for the practice of the oral specialties such as oral surgery and orthodontics. 3. To add to the existing knowledge of the normal processes of the body, and of the eti- ology and control of disease. What the alumni missed i 4. 'l are qu tice, t 5' I tion e llique In z the U for th wlleg Same ill bo Co durin ical 2 Year, sllldf 00ur: slllds of df lurnlli missed te 3 LLEG st Lnce 901 bedlrllllllle nixersrtt In lg? ed into the Dirt ldlllo' uhere It a 6 College of X fl ION Slllelli of both hm c ce ur recent tears has to accept nineti fi al tialnnig Ill College 316 ts to dia iucttu e, and so la 2 l' HS 1TU1lS, to prevent these Eor 15 alflllated gnose and treat ,duate students for the specialties such as oral tics. sisting knowledge ol the he body, and of tlieeti- disease. . Q, v N 4, . if ' .. -. If 4 DENTlSl-RY Chair side assistant 4. To educate teachers and researchells ll? are qualified to pgepafe Miers for denta P ti teachin an researc - I . . , cg? To brig to practicing dentists irgfofrgli- tion concerning the latest theor1GS an e ni ues in dentistr . , lln achieving thdlse goals, cooperation arglgrlli the University Colleges that Prepare Stuqjhese for the health professions, is important? .n the colleges and the l1OSPita1 are house olciated same or adjacent buildings: and are ass in both research and teaching- . 'b ted Courses in the basic sciences are. drstrr Ellin- during the four years of dental trarnmile mst ical and practical Work are begun to the year, with increasing r6SP0nSib1hty,g1YenOf the student each year. Through Qroxlmlty ience courses in science and Pfacucal .expir field students learn the value Of each In t 6 of dentistry. Instrument please! Dean Isac Sclrour -- - at-' x.,.:- ' ' Y , "l:?3:i.,vg,xr,n:.,v-1.A.- - 1 54 B.S. B.S. COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY CLASS OFFICERS 546 SEYMOUR L. GOTTLIEB ........... Chicago ROBERT EARL BRYANT .......... Berwyn B.S. Class Presidentg Student Councilg Class Vice President C35 3 Dean's Advisory Com- mitteeg Psi Omega BENJAMIN LOUIS FARNUM. . . . .Wilmette Class Vice President: Student Council C3, 453 Executive Student Councilg Alpha Omega ANDREW GEORGE ToLAs ......... Chicago B.A., B.S. Class Secretaryg Delta Sigma Deltag Class Treasurer Q35 Q Senior Announcement Com- mittee MARVIN SIIERWIN WALDMAN ..... Chicago B.S. Class Treasurerg Alpha Omega HOBIER LEE ALLEN, JR.. . . . . .Robbins B.S. ROBERT F. ANDERSON .... .... M oline B.A. Psi Omega ROBERT E. BLAOG .... . . , .Marshall B.S. Delta Sigma Delta Student Council 42, 3,455 Executive Stu- dent Councilg Class President C255 Dean's Advisory Committeeg Delta Sigma Delta THOMAS MICHAEL HORRIOAN. . .Springfield B.S. Student Council 43, 45 3 Delta Sigma Deltag Dea.n's Advisory Committeeg ILLIO Com- mitteeg Newman Club DONALD H. NEWELL ............ Chicago B.S. Student Council 13, 45 5 Delta Sigma Delta: Class President 1355 Illini Union Social Committeeg Interfraternity Council IRWIN BROWN . . . .... Chicago B.S. FRED E. BURKHARDT. . . .... Chicago B.S. Psi Omega DONALD 0. CARLSON. . . ...East Moline B.A. Psi Omega vii. WI-DLIAII B.A-, Deli! Si Join! T B.S. Delta L STAN? BJ Delta Demi HU1 IE J0 D4 S CF IRWIN CHAIKEN. . , B'S. .... Chicago YVILLIAM K. COOPER .... H I d B.A., B.S. m ale Delta Sigma Delta, JOHN DAVID COUGHLIN. . . .... Harvey B.S. Delta Sigma Delta STANLEY LEE Cnoss. ., ......... San Jose B.S. Delta Sigma Delta: Student Council C253 Dental Christian Medical Society HUBERT JOSEPH DORION LaFayette, Louisiana B.S. J OIIN H. DUFFY. . . .. .Chicago Delta Sigma Delta SAMSON SoL FLoREs .... . ...Evanston D.M.D. Delta Sigma Delta: Omicron Kappa Upsilong Dental Christian Medical Society: Association of Philippine Graduate Den- tistsg American Association of University Professorsg Academy of General Dentistry HOWARD ALLEN GERSTEIN. . I I .Winnetka B-A-. B.S. Alpha Omega! Varsity Tennis BERTRIM FISCIIER GOODIIART .... Chicago B.A., B.S. Alpha Omega EUGENE ROBERT GRANDEL ....... Chicago B.S. Psi Omega NATHANIEL HAMILTON ......... Chicago B.S. Dental Christian Medical Society BENNETT HARRIS .. .... Chicago B.S. STANLEY MILTON HELLLIAN ...... Chicago B.S. ROBERT EDWARD HOEIINE. . . . . . .Chicago B.S. Delta Sigma Delta, Omicron Kappa Up- silon Scholarship Award 11, 25 I Class Vim? President C253 Class Secretary 4153 Ski Club JACK RODERT HoLT ............. Amboy WILLIAM ALLEN Fox. . . . . .ChicaU0 B.S. B.S. Delta Sigma Deltag Class Secretary Q25 ........Wheato11 WILLIAM CARL GEIBER ........ Spfiflvlwd RIEHSRD BURTON Hom B-s- Delta -Sigma, Deltag Dental Christian Med- Delta Sigma Delta. ical Societyg Ski Club 54 CHARLES STEPHEN JAMES .... . . .Chicago NLELVIN MARLO MACLIN. . . . . .Chicago BIS- B.S. Delta Sigma Deltag Varsity Golf CALVIN M. JOHNSON ..... Clarendon Hills RICHARD JOSEPH MACRI. .. ...-- Chivaw B.A. B.A., B.S. Delta Sigma Delta Dental Christian Medical Society STEVE J. KAKOS ---. ...- 0 hicago GERALD DONALD MAGNES. .. . ..Chicago B.S. B.S. Psi Omega, Alpha Omegag Senior Key Committee DONALD S. KANEOKA ....... Hilo, Hawaii MELCIN BURTON MARooL1s ...... Watseka B.S. N B.S. Senior Key Committee Alpha. Omega, JOHN F. K1ssEL ...,.. . . . . ,Sfreator ALIBED CARTER MCGEE . . . . . . . .Chicago Senior Key Committee D,S,C, ROBERT NEIL KLEIN ........ Ifincolmvood JOHN JOSEPH MICEK ---- ---- 0 hicaav B.S. B-3- Alpha. Omegag Interfraternity Council: Psi Omega- Senior Announcement Committee JORDAN BERNARD KRAMER ....... Chicago JAMES DANIEL MORGANEDI-I ----- 071101190 B.S. B.S. Alpha. Omegag Interfraternity Councilg Sh1dBHfS C011IlCil im Class Treasurer Q21 RAY S. KRUG ....... . . ...... Christopher ABRAHAM NEIMAN . . . , , ,Chicago Delta Sigma Deltag Student Council 1255 B.S. Class Secretary C37 Alpha Omega JOHN PHILLIP LEE ...... West Frankfort HOWARD ALLEN OSER ---- -- -0750090 B.S. B.S. Psi Omega Alpha' Omega' wig R g,B. DONALD B.S. RAYHC B.S. Enw B Delt Tl D 0 Z6 yo lgg 090 7Gg0 mo 'R-MQ' Egfr Top row: Leo Bieser, Arthur DeVo1, Roger NVolf, Dean Bradley, Thomas Horrigan Second row: Robert Bryant, Burton Willis, Robert Fox, Ralph Decker . . Bottom row: Claude Sime, treasurer, Benjamin Fai-num, vice presidentg Seymour Gottlieb, presidentg Anthony Castrogiovanni, secretaryg Allen Drysch Not in panel: Stephen Mele, Donald Newell, James Spires DENTAL STUDENT COUNCIL I B kner, fmmflnidlfjcosjllinthol WW: Gerald UUYW ' t 1f"?Sl'1Kii51e Salle' wang: Leo lmndbl The Dental Student Council is a group very representative X of the student body. It offers every student the opportunity X g to participate in the administration of the school, thus bring- X5 ing about a better spirit of understanding. It is an independent governing body having its own constitution and by-laws. QW: James Hage, -'tl row: Bruce Mow: 'ml row: James Cr . P-lFl110ud Swayne , .1 'li4'0lUj James Bu ll70ld5lEll1, Wayne V-Ufpflnel: Dennis? lreltnnan, Robert ' 1 In thc lib Open Wider, please During practice 550 xt At, i A I vanni, ggcrelaryi Allen ery representative t the opportunity :hool, thus bring- is an independent and by-laws. 11 Wider: P lea5G s F If Q ' 5 - l J' -s. I t rr ,A aw. , , , g", N, A. . B ,qv-rn f lx A , tw of ,ST K A " a I , " A .F Q ,pq Aa X Q Ely F alfffl i, 9 - V .VS AQ? If tk , Q 1 wg , H , A -i:y,,? , X. in A t ti.. r , 4' QL 5 L" . 5 H f f Ka ,S " .. 1 V 'cfs ' - V. , Y iq! , 1? ,, 3 ,fo 0 A Q E., 5 f gy. pxygr r J 1 1 if . Q, , ' it V F . t Q! 'A . l L' 5 , gs .Z Z gt ' E i X if J, A? , l. 3 ,."' 1 . 'C as -,1 1 2 x Top row: James Buckner, Claude Sime, Joseph Gruber, Clifford Kuwamoto Eugene Aikman William Lcndenberg Robert Challenger D0 ld R. ' ' 1 - . ' , na ice William Dracos, Anthony Castrogiovanni, James Cramer Secomi Tow: Gerald Ullman' H9m'Y Baer, Iwing Leonard, L60r18.1'd Evanson Robert Bradbury Albert Jackson Daniel Nielsen Bruce N10 t ' -1 - 1 -' , r wa , Kenneth Keats Bottom row: Nijole Salkauskas, John Wells, Larry Perlis, W'ar1'en Pett' R NI' h 1 t . - V . presidentg Leo Lundberg, secretaryg Tracy Bryant, Leonard Fischbazh, 13522lrafatifffknaffflftuiilfzifllen DI-Bschy premdent: Roger V OH' Uwe DENTISTRY JUNIORS TOP 'r0w: James Hage, Alvin Medvin, Charles Sholes, Milton Isaacs, Cyril Friend, John Hudgins, Richard Glenner Thtrd, row: Bruce Mowat, Joseph Gruber, Claude Sime, Joseph Stachniak, John Riedlingcr, Jerry Hill, Gerald Sc-hanlon ' ' C 1 A' ld Sufalko, Arnold Clevs, Edward Brenner, Frank Degaetano Second row: James Cramer, Leonard Frschbach, David Gordy, Bernard oe, zno Ravmond Swavne d N 'man YVahI, Donald Ore, Gunther Kazalla, Robert Flamer, Arnold Bottom hrow: James Buckner, Arthur Flicker, Larry Hochman, Lee Silvergla e, or Not in ptanelf Dennis Barber, Erwin Barrington, Alfred Ferdman, William rym Kfelflman, R0be1't Larsen, Anthony Reinert, Irwin VVeinstein, VVill1am Zerin Q l .,i.,, ,,, ,5 , W ' A fs , , ff ' 5,5 J K, ! . 'sa si A' Q Goldstein Wavn G'l e lmore F ire, Robert Humphrey, Barry Janov, George Kennedy, Morton E 'SS X . ey? up NSA " IQ- ,.,, Q I , '1 'rf 5 ':'1 it A if 4 f 354334 'R ,, M , , ,gr ,, . ,V . . X- , U B ge ,, A ,Q 5 4, , , 4 3 P' " LH 5 , gig if f , J 4 s We V f S L , 4. ' X, , i ff ' Q J W 1 3 l ' v ,J my . , re fe Q J 5 ff f Afft ff Yi f he J . aiv JJJJ , Jit Top row: Philip Kahlert, Norman Heisner, Windfield Morgan, Harold Dreebin, Marion Creed, Donald Hackman, Helmut Haberstroh, Norton Jacobs, Harold Reckrey, Edward Kaminsky, Christopher Costis ' l Third row: Calvin Borchardt, John Gouwens, David Paset, Donald Saltzman, Marvin Berman, Sidney Peskin, Louls Jansky, Samuel Dyer, Edward Artz Second row: Roger Kline, Donald Findlay, Leonardo Giannone, James Schaller, Spencer Toppen, Donald Hillock, David Ross, Donald Valentine, Marvin Johnson, Michael Karagianis D Bottom row: David Fishel, Thomas YValsh, Donald Krzyzak, Richard Sakamoto, Arthur DeVol, president, Francis Powers, treasurer, Leo Bieser, 'vice presidentg Stephen Mele, James Nelson Not in panel: Richard Baker, James Cravens, James Criscione, Rudolph DePalma, Robert Elirich, Ira Fleischman, Mary Foster, secretary, Jerome Gassel, Marvin Gorenberg, Don Josephson, Earl Ketchum, Frederick Linzer, Robert Manus, Morton Shapiro, James Spires, Mesayoshi Yogi DENTISTRY SCJPHOMCDRES Top row: Robert Morris, Maurice Shively, Charles Gorman, John Murray, James Klein, Alan Kaplin, Howard Rose, Victor Bigford, John Fremouw Second row: Vifesley Watanabe, Rodney Sippy, Hugh Burke, Richard Lord, W'illiam Prusin, James Reader, Ralph Decker, Gerald Larson, Benjamin Hoekstra Bottom row: Eugene Yale, James Lekas, Sherwin Strauss, Thomas Emmering, Ogden Munroe, Joseph Kuhar, Henry Kluka Sl Q A M S X 5 -9' , - 'V i' "fav I at e - Q S f s, sg Q X 1 1" f it t , , ' 'TW , ff 'X' of J ,ff-ar S: X rf Q' , Y LS Q 5 .M f ' 1 fi N ,, , it 4 , . X rj, X , A 41 ' K ' X Ki? , . ,' N TM , 517, 3 , X' 2, QNX? 3 K5 Q . If. :. j V' I , A - X I 5'-'tai'-3' , -'ws 'ki I 'dvi X 9 Q it ff 2 L S +A f E J or Q ' S rr , S J , . 2 ,AIV . f i i! si x if . .+ if Y 4 if ,X i 1 Dan Kumv-lim uw W1 Jerome RIHH Jrlmw: Richard Bl wr Dewey BCI ill! W 221010: Gerald We Fwd row: Joseph E 'W ww: James l claim POW: Jerome Wlwnel: Barry 'oil David Herz' E1Hdel1,R011ie L wderling, Richa .t Haberstroh, Norton Jacobs, ansky' Samuel Dyer, Edward :ld Ross, Donald Valentine, wers, treasurer, Leo Bm, STV Foster, secretan I J' Jero Spires, Mesayoshi Yogi me Victor Bigford. John FTUQWW cker, Gerald Larson, Benlmm - Klnka DQ Po E 4 Top row: Dan Kumarich, Norman Spears, Vincent Los't , R ld P A A ' - . . . , , Second row: Richard DBa1ley, Joel Montalbano, Joseph Bison, Al DeSVerth. Charles Berg Warne Jihnfon Bingo alll? 'R gain Marquette Hvflvm "OW: Dewey Lensonv Ra-Ymond Skony, P3111 E1'iCkS0Y1. Eugene Schklair, George Karnes LesterkLibv Toivlb Maklisl Beciiefirlligoarilgberg DENTAL FRESHMEN T012 row: Gerald Weiss, Robert Endicott, Louis Taglia, Ralph Sacino, Emil Rigg, George Brent, Robert Zacovitch Third row: Joseph Kenston, Kenneth Groskopf, David Liebman, Bernard Maram, Donald Sandcrcock, Jordan Borns , Second row: James Miller, Richard Ciechanowski, Charles Polk, Larry Quuckenbush, George Smith, ldanl Swade l30ttom row: Jerome Simon, Fred Mattka, Alfred Urbanckas, Joseph Catasca, Ivan Pelton, Mitchell Friedman, Paul Landman Not W Panel: Barry Altenberg, Billy Alter, Lewis Baskins, Braxton Coles, John Dennis, Everett Ellin, Robert Forney, Barry Gordon, Gordon Hamil- l ton, David Hcrzon, James Hickev, Ralph Horton, Harrv Knox, Kenneth Koch, Donald Kowalski, Vytautas Kulikauskas, Tom Lanka, Stephen Llndell, Rollie Lyman, Joseph Maver, David McClelland,' Robert Meyer, Zane Mnhl, Larry Peterson, Morgan Powell, Sterling Scales, Bruce ' ' R b t S 'no Richard Shockev Thomas Vaughn Sodefliflg. Richard XVel1s, Robert Williamson, o er capi , ., f l , LQ, '- 8.41 or 55 5 Q 5 L x A ' M ,cf 5 ,5 M we , s Qt , . 5 M T L' ' , ff A M, 4, y X. I I ,, V ,M f,.-, 5 Q , ,Q JJ ' ' j X A V T 555' i ine 'if Jef f 7567? X 'egg' ' W " fig is A ees If fs WM K5 DQ, :Y 31,53 , ' , :Hy 1, X W re N T I T A f I , , W 5 fi i T T r T , T f Top row: John Kissel, Donald Kaneoka, Irwin Brown, Edward Schaefer, Fred Burkhardt, Stanley Hellman, John Micek, Dominic Vitucci, Homer Allen, Eugene Grandel, Leonard Teicher I I Fourth lrow: Melvin Margolis, Melvin Sered, Thomas Horrigan, Egon Schein, Steve Kakos, Donald Carlson, Robert Blagg, BenJa.m1n Farnum, Calvin Jo lnson Third row: Richard Macri, Irwin Chaiken, Raymond Salvino, Melvin Maclin, William Geiser, Richard Holt, Robert VVilliams, Roland Rudnick, Howard Gerstein, Bertram Goodhart, Hubert Dorian, John Coughlin Second row: Stanley Cross, Donald Salk, Jack Holt, Raymond Krug, Michael Videka, Edward Tye, Arnold Wax, Robert Klein, Thomas Schafer, Lawrence Tinder, Charles James, William Fox, XVilliam Smith, Abraham Neiman, James Morganelli Bottom row: Alfred McGee, John Duffy, Nathaniel Hamilton, Robert Hoehne, Seymour Gottlieb, 'vice presidentg Robert Bryant, president, Marvin VValdman, t-reasiwerg Andrew Tolas, secretary, Bennett Harris, Howard Oser, Jordan Kramer, Ronald Szilagy Not in panel: Robert Anderson, William Cooper, John Lee, Gerald Magnes, Donald Newell, Perry Voornas DENTISTRY SENICDRS DENTAL INTERFRATERNITY CCDUNCIL Top row: Daniel Nielsen, Marvin Waldman, Benjamin Farnum Bottom row: John Lee, secretary-treasurer, Robert Klein, presidentg Donald Newell, 'vice president ill W, Sidney P01 Mliavid Paset d 1 1iirdr0E: Bei-nar P S . cfflllfrroiv: Davld 4 Kramer, A1vin,M ymmrow: Melvin president, Marv Tlinpanel: Irwin .TLPHA OMEC i1l908. The A PSI OMEGA established oi ITP f01q : Louis 'J Weiss, Harold Mfiilrow: Vine ,IHI11-die, Rogez linrdrow: Willig S John Wells, li W"df0W: Jam , Ringl linligm row: Wi 1 MNH Lee, pr 1 l gnanel: R Q Ronald Cai-ls ' alilh Decke irensurer, y Hamilton, N, ' ggmuil, Josi j E P911 Mon mil Rims. 1 Spencer To, I X 5 ., R Dominic Vitucci, Home, enjaniin Farnum, Calvin liams, Roland Rudnick, Klein, Thomas Schafer, Wilt, 1770-llflelllg Marvin JNCIL .3 ,nnn as savvy arrow tiki? A f ,eg 1..i,,, ,,. g 'gjitf " v r ff 5' ,riff .,af,f.s. Q ,F V Q- f f 2 7.5, f skew at 4 ie' M, X Y is , fa 1 ' fs , Tayjqg v se , i f ' R sa Q5 f"' . 5 ' - - ' 1' ' "1 , . ' ' f ff' 12' 5' fag, ' 'X s Q' f of -."TfA.:f - 5 N if , Vg inf! 1 5 T in Wynne , Q . ' 'HQ W H' ibn if 5 , , -f n nn ,T E ' l' 51" Mer' i Q ' J, ir ' f-' ' is ff W: at 1 . A -.., - 1 r ' 5-' it ' i 'swf - - , f- Q, ., . X ' f . , . ,Q I J X X- deff' ,yy ,A X Q n vi. af 5 ,i kg ,f - ,579 M50 'Q ang te- .4 ' ' f ' .vga , ir , L k' k 1 . J 53803 Henr Baer Morton Kreitzman, lndwaid Brenner, Lee Silverglade, Marvin Berman, Donald Saltaxnan, Top row: Sidney Pes in, ac -, y , David Pasct C B Thtrflhrlom: Beina-rd ole, arry'Jan0v, Howard Rose, Alan Kaplin, Howard Gerstein, Bertram Goodhart, Kenneth Keats, Gerald Ullman, Larry S0601igilgl'1gri PR3XldMEf3b?g', Melvin Sefedy Gerald Maenes, Irving L90nard, Eugene Yale, Larry Hochman, Abe Neiman, William Prussin, Jordan Bottom 1-ow: Melvin Margolis, James Klein, sergeant at arms, Irwin Weinstein, rec fi' . - t if - R b - K1 ' - . - prestdentg Marvin lValdman, treasurer, Seymour Gottlieb, historian and ediliormmzxlligde lfghgss, cotl"rZhgJo'rt45hllgi Howard Oserl mcg Not m panel- Irwin B3P1'1Hgt0ll Leonard Fishbach, Robert Flamer, Richard Glenner, Allen Goldberg, David Liebman, Leonard Teicher ALPHA OMEGA Was founded at the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery and Maryland University in 1908. The Alpha Alpha chapter was established on this campus in 1928. There are 88 active chapters. ALPHA OMEGA PSI OMEGA in 1892. The Beta Alpha chapter was 1903 There are 35 active chapters PSI OMEGA was founded at the Baltimore College of Surgery established on this campus in . . T011 'l'0'lQ! Louis Taglia, Alvin De'Weerth, Robert Endicott, Perry Voornas, John Micek, Steve Kakos, Thomas Vaughn, Robert Williamson, Gerald Weiss, Harold Wolsztyniak , . Fourth row: Vincent Losito, Gordon Lofgren, Robert Forney, Eugene Schklair, Thomas Walsh, Ronald Putzler, Leo Bieser, Dan Kumarich, Robert llurdl R M' h l Thing 131103 VVcill?d1m EOS? dgllymond Skony, Joseph Mayer, Richard Rudi, Marion Creed, Richard Ciechanowski, Joel Montalbano, James Murray, 0 ll R 'f Y' Second 1l?o'w:e danigdmallgcliggiflaglph Horton, Paul Erickson, Stephen Lindell, Donald Kowalski, F1-ed Mattka, Arthur Devel, Chai-les Scholes, Jerome Ringl . . . . Bottom row: William Lindenberg athletic chairrfman' Roger Wolf editor, Eugene Aikman, social chairmang Robert Bradbury, chzef. mqazsttorg J1 L ' , - ' - - . ,-' . . ' ., , -t 1 5 J . Ll ,guavclicmg Thomas Lanka, WVayne Gilmore oin ee president Michael Videka, moe pvesulant, Robeigl31iyarE6rS5pgidfZ1UDGRNSIIHQ-adieiglsGlenllgoasy Tracy Bryant, Frederick Burkhmdt, J s Cravens James Crisione, Not ffl Pll7l0l', Robert Anderson VVilliam Ater Dennis Barber avn , Donald Carlson' Anthonv Castrogiovanni Joseph Catasca Robert Challenger Christopher Costis, James Cramer, ame 1 - V, . ' R ' ' ' ' '- - . i D-1 1, S, l D,'e', Robert Ehrich, David Fisnel, Cyril Friend, alph Decker Frank Det-iaetaino' Rudolph DePa1ma' Wllllam Dlacosl lueG31'i1liifhd51Ei1glgh1ee Grzlnllel, Donald Hackmane Janie? Hage, GGoild1on ' ' i' - - - nrnes, un er traaswrer- Wyilliam Frvmire John Gonwens Kenneth Giosskopf Josepl ' - ' v ' f ' - y v - , ' 'l K. .k. M .ha l Kaiagianis, eoige H ll k John Hmlgins, Robert Hiuipl1ren.F'rlua1L iggllglzegqgy ifglmss Miner, Zane Mum, Win6e1d.Mqrgan, Ildlggdlltonj Loral? Hebner' Dmiim J-IOC Y K R b t L F d 1 ck Linzer eo a, osep n to , R 1' 'J no ', o er arsen, re e 1 , H Robert.Mor1-is, Jadnds lSelsdE?rDaxi:l, Niggeh, Hagry Peterson, NYa,1'ren.Petty, Charles Rolk, 'Iiauy Q5agl2inb1jsjlg5Jis.mgeFa5ieiigii1, Elle:-lyglfflnglllpggig, Emil Rlglr. Gerald Scanlon, Robert Scapino, James Sr-hallor: lllmirwe Sl1"'r:l". fllziayi-1 Szme, ames p , p , , Spencer Toppen Edward Tye Alfred Urbanckas, Dominick Vittuccl, Rlchwd e 5 W J 555 l i. il ll l l 'EJ' 5 DELTA SIGMA DELTA was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882. The Rho chapter was established on this campus in 1901. There are 40 active chapters. Officers-Standing: Charles Gorman, house manager, Thomas Hor- rigan, historian, Calvin Johnson, senior page Seated: Robert Hoehne, secretary, Benjamin Farnum, 'vice president, Donald Newell, president, Jack Holt, treasurer DELTA SIGMA DELTA v ,. -fa . ' sf We ,FQ 9 v l' K hl t Ch l s James, Thomas Emmering, Thomas Schafer, Dewey Benson, Charles Berg, Ben Allison, Top row: Andrew Tolas, John Duffy, Phil ip a er , are Lawrence Tinder Third row: Toivo Maki, Stanley Cross, William Geiser, Leonard Giannone, Dwain Marquette, Richard Holt, Rodney Sippy, Calvin Johnson, Nicholas Konjevich Second row: John Murray, Charles Gorman, Richard Baker, Thomas Horrigan, Stephen Mele, Joseph Kuhar, Ray Krug, Richard Lord, Hugh Burke, Gilbert Ross Donald Krzvzak R b H h Donald Newell, Benjamin Farnum, Bottom row: Dr. Pedro Guevarra, Dr, Samson Flores, Norton Jacobs, Ogden Munroe, Jack Holt, o ert oe ne, Dr. Robert Coberley, William Cooper, Dr. Howard Kubacki, Wesley Watanabe Not in panel: Edward Artz, Robert Blagg, John Couglin, John Dennis, Donald Findlay, Barry Gordon, Jerry Marvin Johnson, Don Josephson, Donald Kaneoka, George Kennedy, Kenneth Koch, Vitautas Kulikauskas, o l Manus David McClelland Bruce Mowat Donald Ore Morgan Powell Francis Powers, Donald Rice, Richard Sakamoto, Edward R na d , , ' , ., , Schaefer, George Smith, Ray Swayne, Norman Spears, Donald Valentine, Mesayoshi Yogi Hill, Ben Hoekstra, Louis Janski, Clifford Kuwamoto, Rollie Lyman, Tap rot Associatio pine dent DEP Dental C Saviour, Tvp row: Second 'row Bottom mu Flores, founded at the hallfer ere are The Rho C in 1901. Th A Charles Berg, Ben Allison, y Sippy, Calvin Johnson, tichard Lord, Hugh Burke, Newell, Benjamin Farnnm, 1 Hoekstra, Louis Janski, Kuwamoto, Rollie LFIUHH, chard Sakamow. Ellwd I fi 'is H ire, in 'UK :fa l'5 vs ' , 995 vm- Top row: Fernando Castro, Jr., Samson Flores, Pedro Guevara, Leonora Bueno Association of Philippine Graduate Dentists acts as a discussion and advisory board and keeps Philip- pine dental schools and dentists informed of scientific advances. ASSCDCIATION OF PHILIPPINE GRADUATE DENTISTS DENTAL CHRISTIAN MEDICAL SOCIETY Dental Christian Medical Society aims to present a positive witness of God our F ather, jesus Christ our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit to our associates in the profession. go? row: Warren Petty, Richard Macri, Charles Berg, John Wells, Stanley Cross ' 1 7 Becond row: Spencer Toppen, Eugene Aikman, Ma ' Y ' ' J h ottom frow: Dwzun Marquette, Thomas Emrnering, FIUTPS- fflfulfll adviser rvm Johnson, Albert Jackson, Iwathaniel Hamilton, Wayne o nson ' ' f ' ' 'd t- Dr. S. Sol secretary-treasurerg Richard Holt, president, Roger Michalsen, 'utce presi en , ,f in I 1, f is is 'T' f I ,- f an rf 42' 415 Q" faire iw, QQ y 557 5 X COLLEGE QI! ,yertitv Of 111if10iS,' ilttifiitifvf Illinois he located QPWOXI fn Chicago 111 the : eollllelargest m' 'lt inthe Medic 1 italS Ellcounw Hospital, wgogpital, and P1 wedeitensixfelyf 1I1 mjnisnation Hospi Medical center is gitleteachirlg pf0gf2 we more than 1,201 ltntliing stall of the lntely 900 of these ltetlie University wi llegeol Medicine c lished in 1913 whei eons of Chicago, ' University since 185 'ersity of Illinois. 'ated with the Uni -lesculapius, God of Mel F MEDICINE 1 1 1 l Ii 1 it N-nf A 1 The University of Illinois College of Medicine, along with the University of Illinois Research and Educational Hospitals, is located approximately two miles west of downtown Chicago in the Medical Center District, which is one of the largest medical centers in the world. Other hospitals in the Medical Center District, includ- ing Cook County Hospital, West Side Veterans Ad- ministration Hospital, and Presbyterian-St. Lukeis Hos- pital are used extensively in teaching. The Hines Vet- ei-ans Administration Hospital located several miles west ofthe medical center is also used to a considerable extent in the teaching program of this College. There are more than 1,200 physicians and scientists on the teaching staff of the College of Medicine, and approximately 900 of these are practicing physicians who serve the University without salary. The College of Medicine of the University of Illinois was established in 1913 when the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago, which had been affiliated with the University since 1897, became an integral part ofthe University of Illinois. Presbyterian Hospital be- came atHliated with the University in 1941, and mem- Aesculapius, God of Medicine ..! F 4,5 .Q 4? , ,Z W "lid Dean Granville R. Bennett bers of the faculty of Rush Medical School be- came members of the University of Illinois Col- lege of Medicine faculty. Recently the agree- ment between the University and Presbyterian Hospital has been extended to St. Luke's Hos- pital which is now being merged into a single hospital known as the Presbyterian-St. Lukeis Hospital. In 1958 two hundred students will be enrolled in the freshman class. For all its medical stu- dents the University provides an unexcelled opportunity for the study of medicine in an area with outstanding facilities for teaching, 1'eSG2l1'Ch, and patient care. 559 COLLEGE CDF MEDICINE BRUCE HAMILTON BAILEY. . . . . . .Chicago B.S. Class President5 Student Councilg Class Secretary C355 Pi Kappa Epsilon OLGA JONASSON ............... Chicago B.S. Class Vice Presidentg Alpha Epsilon Iota5 Alpha Omega Alphag Class Secretary C255 Executive Student Council C355 Student Council C35 CARL STEPHEN ADAMS ........ Braidwood B.S. Class Secretaryg Phi Beta Pi5 Varsity Basketballg Senior Announcement Com- mittee JoI-IN N. HACKETT ................ Polo B.S. Class Treasurerg Phi Rho Sigmag Senior Key Committee JACK THOMAS LASERSOHN .... Harrisburg B.A. Student Councilg Phi Beta. Pi5 Alpha Omega Alphag Pi Kappa Epsilong Class President C25 JAMES L. MCELHANEY ....... Collinsville B.S. Student Council C3, 455 Executive Student Council C3, 455 Phi Rho Sigmag Class President C355 Class Vice President C255 Illinois Union Social Committee ROGER ALLEN SLATER ........... Chicago B.A., B.S. Student Counci15 Alpha Kappa Kappa.5 Class Vice President C35 5 DANIEL H. ABDULIAN ...... Kessab, Syria B.A., B.S., M.S. Sigma Xi DAVID LOUIS ABRAMS .... .... 0 hica o RICHARD KAY ALBERS. . . . .... Eureka B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa 9 JAMES RICHARD BAIR. . . . . . . . . .Decatur B.S. B S Phi Delta Epsilong Pi Kappa Epsilon N11 Sigma Nug ILL10 committee C25 iw' C' WBA. Nu B mime Fgnnillc B,A'l B Wesley Fo BWNABD B.S-, P Phi B818 Announce Invma I B.S. Phi Lam' MAI-LIE B.S. Alpha E N CARL R B.A., Pi Kapj ROLLAII B.S. Alpha Pi Kay FRED B .A Phi B MARS B . A-lph Gil ROBERT CLIFFORD BALDWIN..Bl00mingt0n B.A. NU- Sigma N119 Senior Announcement Com. mittee FREDERIC D. BALL. . . , , ,Ottawa B.A., B.S. Wesley Foundation BERNARD JOSEPH BALTES ..... . .Wheaton B.S., Ph.D. Phi Beta- Pi? Pi Kappa Epsilong Senior Announcement Cpmmittee IRVING DAVID BARAN. . . . . . .Chicago B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa MALLIE L. BARCLAY. . . B.S. Alpha. Epsilon Iota . . .Chicago CARL RUDOLPH BARTHELEMY. .Glen Ellyn B.A., B.S. Pi Kappa Epsilon ROLLAND ELMER BETHARDS II. .Rivefdllle B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa: Alpha- Omega Alpha? Pi Kappa Epsilong ILLIO Committee FRED WILLIAM BIEKER .... .. .0hica90 B.A. Phi Beta Pi MARSHALL LEE BLANKENSHIP. . .St. Elmv B.S. Alpha Kappa. Kappa: Interfraternity Coun- cil ALBERT GENE BLEDIG. .. B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa. GEORGE BONK . .. B.S. Phi Beta Pi MARK J AY BRAUER. . , . B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa ROBERT Ross BRINEY. .. Alpha Kappa Kappa . . .Galatia . . . .Skokie . . . .Chicago . . .Chicago JAMES T. BROWN, JR.. . . .Mount Prospect B.S. Nu Sigma Nu MANDEL BUCHBINDER .. B.S. . . . .Peoria Lotus ROBERT BURGER ..... ...Springfield B.A., B.S. Phi Rho Sigma J AMES PAUL CALLAWAY - B.S. Phi Rho Sigma ABRAHAM M. CHERVONY B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon: Alpha ....Pa'wnee . . . Chicago Omega Alpha' 562 GERALD COHEN ...... . .... Chicago B.A., B.S., M.S. Phi Delta Epsilong Alpha Omega Alpha LEON ISADORE COHEN .... .... C hicago B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa ROBERT GENE COLLIER .... .... C hicago B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa JOHN BROOKS COURTRIGHT. ..... Milford B.S. Phi Beta Pi RAYA CZERNER . . . ..... ...... C hicago B.S. Alpha Epsilon Iotag Alpha Omega Alpha JOSEPH RICHARD DAVIS. .. .... Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon LOUIS EDWARD DONDANVILLE ..... Moline B.A., B.S. Alpha, Kappa Kappa KAREN KRAL ENGELBRECHT .... Kankakee B.S. Alpha Epsilon Iota DONALD WALTER ERNST ......... Chicago B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappag Class Treasurer C31 ROBLEY D. EVANS. . . . . .Chica90 B.A., B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa RICHARD CI-IARLEs EY ..... Mount Pulaski B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa: Alpha Omega Alphag Pi Kappa Epsilong Student Council Q31 CHARLES JOSEPH FAGAN .......... Joliet B.S. Phi Rho Sigmag Pi Kappa Epsilong Stu- dent Council C11 JERRY SHELDON FARBER .... . . .Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon MEL WARREN FEINBERG .... .... S kokie B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa JAMES MARTIN FISCH ........... Chicago B.S. Phi Lambda Kappag Pi Kappa Epsilon WILLIAM H. FRALEY ........ Granite City Alpha Kappa Kappag Alpha Omega Alpha ALEXANDER HOWARD GLAssMAN..Chicago B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa: Alpha Omega Alphag Pi Kappa Epsilong Varsity Basketball C11 BERNARD GORDON . . . . .Chicago B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa Tliolffts E' B.S. N Nu SEZ: comm' NOBUAN J' B.S- . Beta Pl GERALD Am B.S. Pi Kapptl El CEAELES H Es. I Nu sigma T' GERALD E. I B.A., B.S Phi Rho Sig GEORGE EDI B.A., B.S Nu Sigma. IN HOWARD L, B.S. Phi Delta ll ROBERT V B-A., M. Kap ROBERT P B.A. gfbha Kap 1 KaDDa THOMAS E. GRIFFITII ........... Sterling B.S. Nu Sigma Nu? Phi Mu Phi? Senior Key Committee NORMAN J. GROBE .... B.S. . . . . . .Elmhurst Phi Beta Pig Senior Key Committee GERALD ALAN GRONERT .... B.S. Pi Kappa Epsilon CHARLES HAMMOND . B.S. Nu Sigma Nu GERALD E. HAMMOND. . . . B.A., B.S. Phi Rho Sigma GEORGE EDWARD HANSON.. B.A., B.S. Nu Sigma. Nu HOWARD L. HEcII'r............ . . . Chicago . . . .Chicago . . .Centralia Elmwood Park .Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epsilong Pi Kappa Epsilon ROBERT VERNON HILL .... . . .Park Ridy B.A., M.s. Alpha Kappa Kappa ROBERT PEARSON HOD 6 AM. .... . . .Bement Al ha Omega Alpha? B.A. Alpha, Kappa Kappa: P Pi Kappa, Epsilon GEORGE D. HOLZRIAN .... Nu Sigma Nu JOHN LOGAN HUBB.XRD.. B.S. Alpha KHPDB- Kappa WILLIALI A. JACKSON. . , , , , B.S. Medical Center Chorus WILLIAM A. KAMM. . . . B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa DAVID C. KAY .... .... . B.S. Christian Medical Society .Slreator . .Minonlc . .Chicago Carbondale . . . Urbana ROGER POPE KENNEDY. .Arlington Heights B.S. Nu Sigma Nug Alpha Omega Alphag Pi Kappa Epsilon CHARLES MARSHALL KENNEY. .Springfield B.A., B.S. Alpha. Kappa Kappa EDWIN EVERETT KERR. . . . . . .Cordov B.S. Phi Rho Sigma KENNETH B.S. Rho Chip Newman Club G FRANK KESSEL ..... .Brookneld Fax Boss as. rw Ilfmbd' p JOHI B.S. Phi Beta I Xig Interh FHANKLIN B.S. Phi Rho E Jozm H, B .S. Alpha K1 Alum. B.S. N11 Sig! MAURH B.S. RAYM. B. Phi Ulitte JQH B. Alp Ho P g ROIIZESTI' MYRON MALIiUS ......... Chicago Phi Lambda Kappag Pi Kappa Epsilon FRED JOHN LIARASSO ............. Joliet B.S. Phi Beta. Pig Alpha Omega Alpha.: Sigma Xig Interfraternity Council FRANKLIN A. MATTIG. . . . . . .Knoxoiue B.S. Phi Rho Sigma JOHN H. MCGLOTHLIN ....... Springfield B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa ARMIN DANIEL MEYER Bhawani Patna-Orissa, India B.S. Nu Sigma Nu MAURICE MILLER. .Michigan City, Indiana B.S. RAYMOND HENRY MQELLER. . . . . .Chicago B.S. Phi Beta Pig Illini Union Social Com- mittee Q21 JOHN R. MoRRAY .... -- -WDW B.S. Alpha Kappa. Kappa Maywood HOWARD ALLAN MUELLER. . . . . - B.S. Phi Rho Sigma DAVID C. NADEN. . , , B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa . . . .Geneva THOMAS YVILLIAM NICHOL ..... M onmonth B.S. Nu Sigma Nu WRXRREN R. NICKERSON. . . .... Ottawa B.A., B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa, JAMES W. NICKLAS. . . . . B.S. Phi Rho Sigma EARL JAY NUDELMAN.. B . S. Phi Delta Epsilon KENNETH A. PEART. . . . . . . B.S. Nu Sigma Nu GEORGE THOMAS PERRY. . . B.S., M.S. Student Council CID WILLIAM LEE PHELPS ....... . B .S. Alpha Kappa Kappa? Committee G, SHERMAN PORTER- Alpha. Kappa KYAPPB . . . .Chicago . . . .Chicago .Kewanee . East St. Louis Carbondale Illini Union Social , , . . .Berwyn A ' i"WT7?l 4 . D -I W, ,,1..4,s l Wig? eff' t iff A X S- VA ' if 'fly " 'Fri X, :QQ 112:15 'Q' l .. 56 110115510 Dm BA" Biggs rm W' 2, 3? Nommf EU' B.A., B 5 Nu Siglllll N Jmwm Hm B.S. Phi Lambda ROBEB1' FBI B.A. Phi Beta Pi KENNETH B.S. A111118 Omeg JAMES STI B.S. Phi R110 Sf FLOYD ED. B.A. ROBERT P B.S. hx Rho F , , F5 fa 3 9 i m 1 5 4 I av f L90 3 017ice'rs-Top row: Leo Fitzgerald, vice president, James McElhaney, president, Donald Gustafson, secretary-treasurer The Medical Student Council administers the student government of the College of Medicine. It is composed of the president, vice president, past president, and two representatives from each class. The Council is an important instrument for communication between the students in medicine, the faculty, and the administration. It is the Councilis responsibility to discuss problems of stu- dent interest, present recommendations to admin- istrative groups, and to act as the official voice of medical student opinion in faculty-student re- lationships. Each year the Medical Student Council spon- MEDICAL STUDENT CCDUNCIL sors the "Golden Applev Instructorship Awards. The Council also contributes to the Henry G. Poncher Student Aid Fund, from which loans are made to students in emergency situations. Recently the Council has been concerned with sponsoring an annual student research forum in cooperation with the faculty. Areas for increased alumni-student contact are being explored, and a subcommittee has been formed to work with a faculty group in bringing students and faculty together socially. Another subcommittee is cur- rently working on the feasibiltiy of an honor sys- tem within the Medical School. Top row: Glen Tomlinson, Peter Baker, David Sackett, Melto Goumas Third, row: Donald Gustafson, James Pinski, Leo Fitzgerald, William Caro Bottom row: Olga. Jonasson, James McElhaney, William Kramer, Roger Slater Not in panel: Bruce Bailey, James Creath, Jack Lasersohn 56 5 ' :- i . .. ' NIT mfffglman mm INS le Raymond B. All lenlpplen Award vw aol expressing appre swho sincerely endez baton, of recognizing gmring excellence in i iiards are made at a :elledical School. A f0Sl1man winne 9 UDENr :IL worship Awards, to the Henry m Which loans are V situations, Sn concerned with research forum in Xreas for increased Hg explored, and a d to work witha rdents and faculty Jcommittee is cur- iy of an honor sys- l. "WI DT- Myers- Freshman winner DT- M- J- C0lli61't, Iunior winner Dr A Littman junior winner INSTRUCTORSHIP AWARDS The Raymond B. Allen Instructorship or "Golden Apple" Award was set up in 1948 as a means of expressing appreciation to faculty mem- bers who sincerely endeavor to further medical education, of recognizing helpful instruction, and of honoring excellence in individual instructorship. Awards are made at a general assembly of the entire Medical School. All students vote for the Dr. Krakower, Freshman winner FfHf1CiS L- L ffiwa eder, Senior winner DF- O- Pa instructors whom they deem worthy of the award. The Freshman and Sophomore classes eacli select one instructor, the Junior and Senior classes vote for two, one clinical and one didactic, respec- tivel . This award has now come to be one of the Y most sought-after honors in the College of Med- icine. ul, Senior winner 70 00icer.s'fSta0zding: Georgia Kost, secretary, William Kramer, representative, James Pinski, president Seated: Charles Lane, treasurer, Vxfilliam Caro, representative Not in panel: Leo Fitzgerald, representative, Donald Gustafson, vice president MEDICAL JUNICDRS Top row: Gerald Hoffman, William Robinson, Ralph Frazier, James Tosetti, Ronald Kowalski, Leslie Shanoff, Don Wasserman, Gerald Glantz. Larry Keer, Richard Harelik Third row: George Aurand, Murton Strimling, James Eshenaur, Lee Vida, Alan Kahn, Donald Fishman, Jerome Jacobson, Morton Miller, Jay Ellenby, David Hochman Second row: John Larson, Roger Quinn, Edward Zukowski, Hannah Goldsehmidt, Alfred Kobak, Wilbur Rowley, Robert Bonus, Gerald Silverstein, Thomas Sussex Bottom row: David Krans, Charles Seibert, William Caro, James Pinski, Georgia Kost, Charles Lane, NVilliam Kramer, Everett Grahn, Gordon Bloomberg en xv! , My ,- 5, Q ' " 1: , T it ' 1 e"' E 42, W, x 1 E Wk K1 l Q' "' if Nix? .Si Q 'im 1 r ,4 r 1 . Y ,V ,' mi 400 7 QQ' W, mf I 4 ,go rv 2 in is ' 71 an 4 ' re .Q 12-if rw rg, ,. r -,,. Q , 'QSNL G Q v ,Tw off':,,,,,,,, Bolwfll 'ow' Ml iadilbert, Donald nlinlnm, Larry l Ein Hoch, Arnold Qu. Edgar Peldmn blind Goldstein, E nn, Sandford Mer, Put Gottlieb, liar 'Win Donald K1 .W HHISCOTI1. A: 111401 Glen Toml lllllliale, James has Glitter. D i, n Wasserman, Gerald Glnti. Jacobson, Morton Miller, JI? bert Bonus, Gerald Silverstein ramer, Everett Grahn. Gordon Q . i Oyiccrus-Top row- David S'1cl'ett 1-eJ c ' ' ' Y tt ' - ' - . . . A Sec,.em,.yi Molto Goumasyrvice pglgssjglit.tvaal-Eetiicfialeslv, o0..U1e.sentataveg Allan Graham, Bottom row: James Creath, representative, Glen Tomlinsoiie MEDICAL SOPHOMORES D ld J h son David Fouts Donald Miller Paul Gottschallc, Frank Ames, David Sackett, Roy Schayes, Edward Top row: Charles Gilbert, ona o n , , , I Shore, Allan -Graham, Larry McKnelly, James Mathis, Charles Crusinberry, Peter Baker Ftfth -row: Melvin Hoch, Arnold Kaplin, Edward Corder, John Anderson, Richard Phillis, Stanley Bngaieski, Ocal Easthman, David Taylor, Melto Goumas, Edgar Feldman, Noel Bass, Michael Sigband, James Olson, Therron Scobbie Fourth row: Edrvard Goldstein, Herbert Cibul, Donald Bunnell, Donald Gore, Robert Rockey, Bernard Blaauw, Lewellyn Baba, David Yashon, I Paul Goldstein, Sandford Mer, Allan Nelson, Ronald Shlensky, Isaac Weiszer, Paul Berns Third row: Robert Gottlieb, Marvin Trcpton, Allan Cady, Richard Flores, Robert Hickerson, Leland Ellis, Charles Salisbury, Arnold Brody, l Sisk ' ' " 1' A l rson, Kenneth Swanson Donald Knapp Howard Allen, Hal XValgren, Char es Harold Labinski, Jeanette Hoover, Mark Lakin, Eveyn nce Second row' Ro er Hanscom Arthur Goldstein, Jack Nestor, Robert Karns, . b t . Stanlev Brandon, Glen Tomlinson, Asta Palshis, Janice McGowan Y , , J h Manelis, John Peters, Ralph lxettelkamp, Carroll Loomis, Edward Thels, Arthur Bette? roelf: Ralph Hale, James Gray, James Creath, osep agmllrl, Thomas Glatter, Daniel Conrad 57 Top row: John Barton, Maurice Pickard, Richard Abbuhl, James Zuckerman, John Royer, Joseph Rogers, Adam Prymula, John Bort, William Chamberlain, Arnold Gilberg, Gerald Freidman, Lester Salens Fourth row: Richard Suhs, Donald Hinderliter, Homer Groves, Bernard Cahill, James Gartner, Norty Sokol, John Gerdes, Carios Bumzahem, Roderick Huber, Bruce Burgess Third row: Emory Sobiesk, Marion Johnson, secretary, Theodore Cohen, Wallace Miller, Richard Nighswander, Perrer Dunn, Edward May, Arthur Eggleston, George Hord, John Buser, Gerry Tuveson, Forest Smith Second row: Lester Soyka, Nancy Gubisch, John Hunt, Glen Hudgens. John Just, Ronald Blumenfeld, Raymond Handier, Richard Dhenowith, Dorothy Peaslee, Phyllis Barnard, George Callati, president, Joseph Zbornik, Vytautas Uzgiris Bottom row: Reginald Belyea, Florence Williams, Robert Baller, Dennis Thompson, Gunther Sonnenfeld, Merton Bernfield, John Lowitz, Gerald Lasin, Noel Volberding, Ronald Downing, XVilliam Hester MEDICAL FRESHMEN Top 7'0'l.U: Jay Gordon, Joseph Frydman, Harvey Levin, Donald Aaronson, Howard Levinson, Mitchell Trubitt, David Mutchnik, Jack Fagan Fourgi Gow: Glen Gustafson, Allan Jackson, Norton Fishman, Perry Rudich, Robert Vertel, Arthur Gronner, David Robbins, Neal Spero, Michael or on Third row: Raymond Bauer, Donald Moore, Charles Limp, James Wolf, Ralph Ascher, Jules Shapiro, Marvin Fishman, Leslie Garland. Joseph Schmidt, Marshall Hirshman Second frow: Arthur Abbott, Frank Ogren, David Ott, Ronald Albercht, Melvin Katz, Gary Draper, Morton Dubnow, Harrv Soloway Bottom row: Robert Harner, Gerald Petersen, Rebecca Moore, Catherine Probst, Samuel Kunin, Seymour Levin, Terry 'Hansen WSMQ A A Kgunedfy i wdgm, lt Mud Bellllil' ,L Wilmer L' vmdgfven Egg gleatures 4 Epsilon is 1 hsersohn, iiifr Kennel ljflillfi Balt! .rin Beg. " 55111. J ai 433- Lee ll: Mud Tod mf Y' "- - -4? irt, William my Rmlericl HAY. Arthur Dhenowim erald Lasiu, 'agan iero, Michael and. JONPI1 M y W i as if , if I Top row: James Pritchard, Abraham Chervony, Robert Williams, Gerald Cohen Second row: Roger Kennedy, Jack Lasersohn, Irving Shipkowitz, William Fraley, John Hackett Bottom row: John Leedom, secretaryg Ernest Weis, 'vice president, Robert Hodam, Morton Schulman, president- Dr. Nicholas Cotsonas counselor N05 in panel: Rolland Bethards, treasurerg Eugene Borchart, William Caro, Harold Conley, Richard Ev Michael Frank Alexander,Glassman Olga Jonasson, Wilmer Larson, Richard Levinson, Fred Marasso, David Rothstein, Raya Schapiro, Bernard Schenker Alan Steen Donald Sum: mers, Kenneth VanderVennet ' ' d l t hose members arm to foster the scientific and Alpha Omega Alpha is an honorary me 1ca soc1e y W res of the medical profession by participation in various projects. ALPHA CMEGA ALPHA Pl KAPPA EPSILCDN rnit Whose members are elected by vote of the student Pi Kappa Epsilon is an honorary medical frate y philosophic featu body. Top row: Jack Lasersohn, John Leedom, Carl Barthelemy, 'vice president, James Pinski ' geiimd row: Roger Kennedy, Morton Shulman, BruceHBaSeyLWp6esiderIg5, Carl i?I45aJrL1ls,Iga3H1g,Abrams, secretary 0 Om row: Bernard Baltes Robert Hodam Howard ec t, 1 iam ramer, . . - u 1 ' . . . ' W' lt Cl k , J h C lttenden, James Crouse, Richard H d' Bethards' Wllllam Caro' Wendell Ca1terGJMl15 Cfgrhtrlyert aDgl-1aldarGtl1staflSsimrh, lgonald Kowalski, Gordon Lucas, Y M ton Strimling, Donald Not gr piL3rf1el.1 Jcihn Best, Ro an h L F ld A1 d G1 man era Y, ares agan, James Fisc , eo itzgera , exan er ass , Q RobertQMalkus, Lee Malmed, Sherman Minkoff, David Rothstein, Bernard Schencker, Rffbelt Sewell, Russell SHOW, UT Summers, Leonard Todd, Joseph Velek, Richard Wham ' v if I 'WW' ,e -, . -M ti X on Y ,W f l I r A ,Q 12 1 ,Q x Q i ' v 574 3 -1 lv- 'Kits 2 - 'gap fb f " 'i A 1 , 4 A fe w f fi 3 LJ . i'.4..,, , Y' I I Z I K ,rg ' V' W' 1'op row. John Best, secretary, Fred Maraso, Russell Snow, 'vice presiclent, Thomas Glatter, Richard Wahl, president Center: Marshall Blankenship Bottom row: Ronald DeWald, Richard Wham, treasurer MEDICAL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL PHI LAMBDA KAPPA Top 112110: Myron Susin, Kenneth Brandt, Stuart Lerman, Donald Fishman, Mel Feinberg, Roger Slutske, Saul Borash, Michael Sigband, Larry eer Second row: Peter Leffman, Richard Levinson, Robert Malkus, Edgar Feldman, Martin Blumberg, Hubert Cibul, David Rothstein, Ronald Fishman Bottom row: Jordon Trafimow, Alvin Langer, Jerry Stern, president, Lee Malmed, vice president, David Taylor, treasurer, Leonard Berlin, secretary, Howard Allen Not in panel: Irving Baran, Mark Brauer, David Brown, Leon Cohen, Ross Feldman, James Fisch, Alexander Glassman, Bernard Gordon, Arnold Kaplan, Ronald Kite, Howard Klapman, Robert Lee, Shelley Nasatir, Wilmore Neiditch, Earl Sabin, Irving Shipkowitz, Ronald Spinka, Manuel Warsaski, Isaac Weiszer i. , , fs' w ,, 3 A i I fa M, ' if if - F? 1 K 1. 4 J- lk , M I , ' i' XX , , g Q , A . I I i""IE2' 5 Iii! I ' , I f c 2 5 Ap, ,- , ag - ' V , 1 I if 'lf' 1 "gg . .,-,N -r, N, f - W is - , 1. fly I If .wsfpyf Xa- tw, . I fzf' xx 'ii-1. 4 f , .- -I Il unded af Da ter W3 The iii 1899. There fo Waigta Chap ALPHA I fimii. Charles Patton, David D fiulfki I-lvnence Mlecko Ch l Gul Schiuene, James Heck, fd-his Gmifff, Paul G tt h - ,Men John Besto sc alk, Pete atv, , l JUNCIL ash, Michael Sigband, Larfi id Rothstein, Ronald Fislunin treaaurerg Leonard Berlin, mn, Bernard Gordon. Arnold owitz, Ronald Splllkly Mmld Alpha Kappa Kappa was founded at Dartmouth College in 1888. The E-ta chapter was estab- lished on this campus in 1899. There are 44 active chapters. Omccgzgfifigiigyil Igiainrl Fonts, chaplain, Allan Graham vice prmi. 1 i c ne y, 1'cpre.se1tft' , R I , '. - Scatcnianii 'Quan Cadbl orlfllwlrzzll I I we 0 ,art Rockei' social chan liert, scdcgetdgreity president: Paul Duffel tfeflxllfffry Charles Gil- ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Top Tow! Kenneth Curtis, Charles Patton, David Discher, Arthur Eggleston, Robert Mathies, Reginald Belyea, Raymond Bauer, Glenn Hudgens, I Charles Sisk ghwd row: James Clark, Lawrence Mlecko, Charles Limp, Glen Tomlinson, Richard Corzatt, Charles Crusinberry, Alex Doolas, George Gallati ecofifiieglzg: Edward Schauerte, James Heck, John Just, Donald Bunnell, Donald Gore, John Decker, Delbert Huelskoetter, Allan Cady, William d Ma Marshall Blankenship, David Fouts, Charles Daisy, Rex Crago, Allan Bvfwgc row: Charles Gilbert, Paul Gottschalk, Peter Dunn, Edwar y, faham, P21111 Dulfey, John Best 3 4 1 'S 5 57 Nu Sigma Nu was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882. The Eta chapter was established on this campus in 1892. There C Q 1 fe? 'Z are 45 active chapters. f i X , 1 qw " ' f W . ' 'sfs31'xfi:, 'efiz'C'r Omcers-Top row: Frank Ames, athletic chairman, James Brown, vice president, Alan Holderness, historian Bottom row: Richard 'vVham, president, Robert Bergeron, secretary: John Heiken, treasurer, Ronald DeWald, rushing chairmang William Cavender, social chairman fre 1, .Ii-fa' 's NU SIGMA NU 4158-'V 3,11 :J . . , Y., Top row: Stanley Bugaieski, Richard Nighswander, George Holzman, Alan Holderness, Richard Flores, Dennis Thompson, William Cavender, Lee Ellis, Donald Johnson, Richard Abbuhl Fourth row: Robert Morris, John Barton, John Royer, Walter Miller, George Hord, Peter Arger, Homer Groves, Daniel Fisher, Thomas Nichol Third row: Bernard Cahill, Ronald Albrecht, Robert Hart, John Heiken, Joseph Rogers, Roger Quinn, Ocal Eastham, William Cox, Duane Dodd Second row: Lee Vida, Ronald DeWald, Adam Prymula, Bruce Burgess, Edward Zukowski, Carl Johner, Frank Ames, Stanley Brandon, Ralph Kettlekamp, Robert Bergeron Bottoin iowa DChaiu'les Seibert, Thomas Griffith, Charles Hammond, Kenneth Peart, Norman Taylor, Richard Wham, Roger Powell, Eugene Borchart, ic ar ur and Not in panel: James Blair, Robert Baldwin, Robert Barnes, James Brown, David Bruce, George Bryar, John Cabala, Edwin Carey, Wendell Carter, Delano Collins, James Creath, Joseph Crittenden, John Dymond, Robert Flinn, Ernest Fordham, Lawrence Grant, Ralph Hale, Robert Hanscom, George Hanson, Larry Harman, Robert Hickerson, John Hill, Roger Kennedy, John Larson, Leslie Lindberg, Armin Meyer, David Sackett, James Sanderson, Roy Schayes, Fred Schultz, Richard Schwerdt, Therron Scobbie, Robert Sewell, James Stripe, Donald Summers, Robert Swengel, Richard Taylor, Hal Walgren, Stuart Wilson as ,. 576 1 i W1-9 EB eUn A at fh 'Wg Iota chap .In C fjpters. Pl l jtrdllzrtens, Richard Wahl, W: jlnl llarasso, John Leedom, Ray Qlfflhliukanpic, Herbert Longnec Fllfll Hamilton, Fred Richburg l'1l'flMH11s, Karl Bader Ch ' ,i??PD,ASH1'0, James Elms, Louis Miilwy Tamge, Robert Und ded he gtthe Uniliersiry Phi Beta Pi was founded at the University pus ina chapter was of Pittsburgh in 1891. The Iota chapter was 1892 There established on this campus in 1902. There are hompson, William Cavender, In laniel Fisher, Thomas Nichol am, William Cox, Duane Dodd , Ames, Stanley Brandon, Ralph Roger Powell, Eugene Borclnrt la Edwin Carev, Wendell Carter. ff R 1 11 Hale,'RobertHIHSNl1 E, Azgnlin Meyer. Dilld Sum' tripe, Donald Summers. RM 45 active chapters. 15 'wt fmaaianaapaaammmsradmmefDwaewe Bottom row- Fred Richbur amssof "W ml!! Chalfmfwl - 'g, 11 ' fl - ' - . N George 3,101-nin, treasurer 106 PIUSI ent, Richard NVahl, prcsulent, 05 W' Panel: Jack Chitty, secretary ,+:I:,. 53' Th ,I mv.. I BEI!X PI QW? 'iv..q:-1545 1" AQ' ff? TOP iaifighaffgchard Martens, Richard Wahl, Wayman Holder, Lloyd Spencer, Leon Kuhs, William Robinson, Phillip Boren, William Abell, James Thirzdhaggrzgil Fred Marasso, John Leedom, Raymond Moeller, John Pretto, Wilfred Watkins, George Bonk, Wilbur Rauch, Donald McRaven, George ieignd row: Louis Lukancic, Herbert Longnecker, Fred Bieker, George Lott, Robert Schneider, Thomas Peyla, Charles Terrell, Frank Cavallaro 0 OIZZJSEE. David Hamilton, Fred Richburg, Norman Grobe, David Boyce, Gene Hoerr, Noel Volberding, Walter Wigert, Dan Schaff, Ronald 1 1 B ard Blaauw Robert Bonus, Jack Chitty, James Cusack, John Court- Not 11" Panel: Carl Adams, Karl Bader, Charles Baker, Bernard Ba tes, ern , Tlght Ge01'ge D'Asaro James Elms Louis James, Donald Kudlerstrand, Harold Labinsky, Jack Lasersohn, Wesley Norman, Wilbur Raxwleg, Richard Sassetti, Elroy Tatge, Robert Underwood, Warren Wunderlich 577 University in 1904. The Alpha Alpha chapter was established on this campus in 1918. There are 78 active chapters. 017icers-lloltom row: Jay Ellenby, treasurer, William Caro, presi- dent, Alfred Kobak, vice president Top row: Raymond Gomberg, historian, Mitchell Tarkoff, sergeant- at-avrmsg Arthur Goldstein, secretary PHI DELTA EPSILQN Top row: Allan Jacobson, Stuart Burstein, Seymour Levin, Richard Nachman, Donald Norris, Wayne Konetzki, Samuel Kunin, Mitchell Tarkoi, David Yashon, Noel Bass f Fourth row: Jerry Farber, Melvin Goldstein, Jules Shapiro, Leonard Kosova, Donald Aaronson, Marvin Kaplan, Mitchell Trubitt, Arthur Gronner, Alan Turow, Joseph Frydman, Maurice Pickard, Murton Strimling, Arnold Brody Third row: Edward Goldstein, Harvey Levin, Lester Salans, Robert Vertel, Donald Williams, Leslie Garland, Neal Spero, Paul Berns, Marshall Hirshman, Marvin Fishman, Earl Nudelman, Richard Levin Second row: Ronald Blumenfeld, Joseph Schmidt, Jerry Burbriek, Arthur Goldstein, Theodore Cohen, John Lowitz, Charles Lane, James Pinski, Donald VVasser1nan, Gordon Bloomberg, Victor Feldman, Robert Karns, Michael Gordon, Gunther Sonnenfeld, Gerald Brody Bottom row: Arthur XVagman, Donald Miller, Raymond Gomberg, Burton Green, Harold Swartz, Alfred Kobak, William Caro, Jay Ellenby, Barry Goldsmith, David Abrams, Gerald Cohen Not in panel: Merton Bernfield, Stanton Charney, Abraham Chervony, Irwin Cohen, Joseph Davis, Ronald Demovsky, Morton Dubnow, Robert Epstein, Jack Fagan, Max Finkel, Michael Fisher, Norton Fishman, Michael Frank, Harvey Freed, Jerry Friedman, Arnold Gilberg, Robert Gott- lieb, Paul Goldstein. Howard Hecht, Melvin Hoch, George Honig, Jerome Jacobson, Alan Kahn, Arnold Kaplan, Mark Lakin, Maurice Lebowitz, Gerald Leef, Howard Levin, Robert Levin, Bruce Mer, Edward Miller, Morton Miller, David Mutchnik, Allan Nelson, Robert Nopar, George Raab. Stewart Rosenfeld, Perry Rudich, Harold Saferstein, Leslie Shanoff, James Sharp, Ronald Shlensky, Edward Shore, Morton Shulman, geralclASJilvf1'steh2, Richard Spellberg, Alan Steen, Benjamin Stephan, Philip Taxman, Eugene Trager, Marvin Turk, Jordan Waxman, Ernest eis, ra iam ' ol Phi Delta Epsilon was founded at Cornell 3' iorihwestem aedafb ,gin h2Pte' fileiew Gimmgl 'rhefff girli- PHI RH! Robert Webb, Charles Fagan, Ric eil Farrell Mock, Edward Corder, ' flfmm Donald Buser, Joseph Zborni Hmev Knaak ig-391125, Pitrick Chamberlain, Emory iderliter giant Thomas Layman, James C EElRfl1110I1d Bessemer, Peter Bc 'mon' 50591511 Guhck John Ha- .Einrdlluell J N2 . M James xvgiielames . icklas, XX 5 E li 4 l 57 W A S wg gg 5 1 Wg'-'K fix-fl aim ti r .' ni J .,,. X A X4 b W 1 .JQN 3 Phi Rho Sigma was founded at Northwestern 1. University in 1890. The Beta Gamma chapter was established on this campus in 1894. There are 27 active chapters. ,wi rl' -or O ic V ,. -, - - 17 eglfmifll? il0li,. lR1chard Phillis, Itouso rrzanagcrg Thomas Glattcr, wma? td Ollll Anderson, .soczal -chairman, Joseph Lilunoch, revident' en: James Callaway, vzcc prcsulcntg Russell Snow, p . , Not Zgtrfancl: Thomas Layman, C0NHHi-wtlrg Peter Leonarnlson, .were- .-JTQTTW 4' 55. H., .N 'bfi rat, gg Q .nf 'z N12 1' rg .utr Kxsl-lflgtffkf '-4, 1'i'.1.'-3 " Top row: Larry Samuels, Robert Webb, Charles Fagan, Richard Logan, Victor Oberhue, Ralph Frazier, Robert Bort, William Jewell, Gene Kuehn, Charles Salisbury P ll G d M Foarth row: Jerry Cargill, Farrell Mock, Edward Corder, David Ott, Paul Brant, Joseph Poggi, David Kammeyer, John urne , or on essmore Third row: Charles Hoffman, Donald Buser, Joseph Zbornik, William Simms, Richard Suhs, Roderic Huber, Gerald Sauer, Charles YVilliams, Eugene Blaum, Forrest Smith, Harvey Knaak Second row: Elroy Engeling, Patrick Chamberlain, Emory Sobiesk, David Petty, Peter Baker, Don Knapp, Allen Kaalaas, Gerry Tuveson, Lester Soyka, Donald Hinderliter Bottom row: John Anderson, Thomas Layman James Callawav, Russell Snow, Thomas Glatter, Richard Phillis, Peter Leonardson, Joseph Libnoch Not in panel: John Bender Raymond Bessemer' Peter Boelens, Louis Burger, Harold Conley, James Crouse, Arnold Curnyn, Karl Davidson, Bert- win Einfalt, Ronald Erickson Joseph Gulick, John Hackett, Gerald Hammond, David Hockman, Edwin Kerr, Gordon Lucas, James McElhaney, Franklin Mattig, Howard Mueller, James Nvicklas, William Richardson, Charles Shean, Fred Storner, Lorenzo Strader, Leonard Todd, James TOSOUI, Joseph Velek, James Volkel QV, PW' X -we l if 3 2 P' h s f gm ia.. fe - it . gf gr.: 579 580 4 M 1 i at ofa ' : f ' ,, ,' I ' ,, , , .." zp , fe, f ,nsfiv - ,,,, fr 7, 1 55 , , pf' ' fi f I ,an xf " , "vi ,Q 2 We w.,,,,si ,- , f 'V ' xv.- ,aff i f X, ,W PM 3 Wa, ! ' 5 ' be 1 ja I mggyv' - 'I if If ' 57 xx i 2 . yifx Jam, , A ,A t si: R Q27 X 4 A I , g A M rf g f , X f , l Sift . isa! ' if .,,,, 44 J' ,. Y I , 3 K ,f , , fe V ,if Ja , k , NK . it -W, Y -, 4 , I , , -X f",,, f - z , m ga , A f , fd i ,. ' . f . W HE K 1- 1. , 'f f M. f T ' fy i 2 ' ' i ' fi ' ,. .V ' I Ji' ' 7 ' - x 3 PTP jf: . A 'X if - ff 4 3 ' ' ff , A ,wllv ik qf VJ V Y .te 1 , 3 , NY, V g MQ , f ,V I 1 r I In I W ... KQV Qxv V wi, frm . ' ii, A J , J , S we ' I e X I 4 ' rf X I , , I 1 1, C ' ' , ,, nj ,- , .za yf V A, V -I 6 .7 Top Sylvia Arakuwa, Marilyn Rains, Susan Strandin