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-, ,,,. -f 1""H V P b , 1 1' X 1 .an--"""',V r r -. wil" , X 1, 1 Y I . AQ --.,,,,Nk wir? ' f tw' , . , U a N Ng ,, A ',HU'U"t'1' '11 ,, UW, W' 'H ax y'g'sf xN'hm g 'IIN ' 'UW MM sh V '1 as d llqg' :' sm pxu II! I . s I I " I 1 ' 5 xv x x K qt I,gu x .ll'.it'Ln,' yxxsx kxxxx 1 1 5' '- J-ATF!" + ' x NJN IJQH4 ,qu Vu N . fu MX 3 w .p ' gil l."9l'Ilf XG Us I Ill' ' E ,fu S ll" ': 'N X - L ' , s I , N , f "M 1 "" Vx M Z ,ff ., ' ,, f""7"' ' ug, E A--"'i"'?' Lv. W.- - - s - f nw. J,-.l M 44' go X U i. , . :L ff ... 0.4. ,f - .Q - Q7, 1 5 1 '-Q93 4 .2 Garb, L.: Q ' L' ,f , I ' .ffagplp ,Q ' ff' w r ,'..' 'fj fi 023 ,gv 'gi l 3 I . fi ' : fA-5604-EK-L , 6 7' -,,, "55f:1... -.1 f ,V 4 .1'.--- -' -L- - .m.M?.: f , -2- f -5- - - ' -3 ' azf E 3 -.. -ni uw 1 " -1 " AP: S551 1 -:-3 ' x 4A5?1f-Z' QM - ' 1 1 fi Z .. - - J - 'i' f- 1 ,.. 'KF'x . 1-S gr 1 -A a is-1 . . M .sim 'Z - 1 ff M In i - Q ff-- E - E,--'f K -Q 45221 W 2 ' q . 4 ----. liltlils f . , ' ix 5 43 ' T ef . 1 ' h : -IIH IIHHI. 1 5 'lf',j 3 :,'i,.?jf. ,,'q,3, L prx ' - ' ' ff ii - Fifi? . : "3- di - YQ., 7 ' - 5.13 I - ' S, , 9513.1 ug ' 'V 1 n 1 - ' ff. 3- V Q59-.',' ff. . vt-yff L 13.12 ' YM19 'lf F Q '51 1 ""'l1.... 1 - ,, .-" ? ?91p---......:,LM-'-I- :,-I Q+:,4,! 3 4. -f-"4 "fa--H ' .lf ff? ern , 2 . -2 ' ,A ,af-4 ': : L-. - . js 'A 5' : if M- ' ' o""'0 EE!-..'7"7-5 4' l ' f vwv y qv ggzifx - E V2 ff. Ms f ' 'P' ev w '- ,-. -- - 1-.E+ 1.32 """"'-'----- '-.aa-aux ' 1 if Q f-. , !s. l: I I 7,0 " A me ' 255- X A X A 0 1' 0 fra' , ' A A A - JUN6 ""- ' "-'uf A 519 , EL.- A v-.. L9Uxhf--Q -'M nkvmb IM "Fatal, Q? I r s,,'Y eggs. Aj, A gr 9 1 f A K, J x NX B yr, t s f I , y, Z . 'ij VCJLUME 62 U ' Q " or A D K 'N wh -Uurs9fe'-55,3 -1' ' Y 7L17QQ3 5 'aI'..cb QC' A Q .!l'Q V if - ' 4X H ILLIO 3' 'N '3 5' ll xl'-'E MX P - 9' ,- Carole J. Truckenbrod ..... ........... E ditor Elaine M. Skadberg .... .... B usiness Manager Carol K. Umbach .... . . .Associate Editor Elizabeth A. Vier. . . .... Associate Editor Susan J. Wold ................. Associate Editor Yvonna L. Devall ...... Associate Business Manager Gustave A. Weber. . . ....... Chief Photographer Donald J. Mulligan. .. ............. Artist Richard S. Roof .... .... A rtist UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CHAMPAIGN URBANA f. M . . , '- ' -v 1- Q 1 'NFGTS wi' M' , ,. , Lg H 'M XM 5 fn "A ,m., Mfjk' sv, V "., Q' L P Q S Q. 1 , A I fm 'Y 'wi ,fi-M an ew wi, , MW-a,. WV Q A 'F e' ' wiv' ' Yi' .,. A ' A '3 r'H z I' 4 . . -In A ' " 'M ' maui' f - G ' n it 15.9 JM s 11 - , M W M ,M W' If s I ,tr - , , I 2 fu L H K ' a U if gvw-1w 'V 1 +V' me "W" 1- fn 4, , H . L , , , fi , A 3 kim L W 5 :YV V. 2 : I' ' , , 'Q J ,i Y X, X A U ' . ,A 'J :ff-vigfkma E Ki 2 U I Q M K 4 , Y E N 5' A 1' ' - an "'f"L",4" n "M 1 O 1 LW I "L ' ' www' "Mr V A f 'W r :mu g V 'J 5 I 343 tix A I ff N ,A ,. , W 1 1 'xx ff , ,. . , . , f -H rf' - A . f ,i ,Q :fs J - fm 'K i Q :irish ff. , - 7 ff, fig ' hlwiff' iw. .V ,MQW .V L A-1.3 3 Q' A. L. .k,,A.j,,,,A,4,,M,,.,W L WL V . K 'Q T 5' ' '.QJf.I4,J jfdilfl Q q , mi f 1 XE ,aw ' P- , 6151 7 ,A R ...jg ' ' ,, 7' ff, Y ' r ij a ' y S J , V W--4 h 1- - pm M "" - v - my , 'A fy.: .. . 1 , : gg rm . i 1' 51-4 4 W " , JY' . - .., f k ---a,.x:w a-,1AfF,, 'I' " .,....Kl 'vffvf w L - M F Q ' . 0 f 1 . gi 5 ... 1, . 53, L J 1 1 -A 4 .1 A 14 A ' - 7 'E' , -5 "J Q 6 A s m"" "M" . I "J v 5 , U. WW W g 'Q . I 'LQ 1.3 gg 5? In 7 , 'Wm "f'f,A,Q sg-a W TWfM'1W-Q -Q--M-- W A W V A M -, I W. ,ffxwwsm H WN, 2 1 ,, f .M f ,pm 5 .Q F' 'K . Lk un'-Q? Q . ' f A 9 ,,,-5, ..k,- .5-, K . , -, V ,EW as 5 x -1 'Z' Ns M 5 www. fx.: M- 1 if if M324 fe -L:. X gfiii' 'S U, K ,, sf ' as 5 11 '4' k , Q 'ff bww-f ff. '35 as -Q ,E . f W is QS' A".. S1 ,1'.. sf-. .3 as 5-- 5356: 'X g 4 nr vs Q, si 4 ,www tix F' MN ... ' , :IL th Ill Ill ll 2 ,gsm if" Yuma. 5' 4 ., ki ye G . r A, QV, LZTSSI3 95? if gig. a Kiev 'Q Z? 235 -W4 -Q My "'- M -wi' K , ,,,Hg,M sw M W 6 P 'Li' Q 3 in 1 x 1 . -. fa Is -97 " 5' B9 Q' + . M QWWQR Q iije fm W 43355 4 H ,i 5 L , ... L .1,.: , Q A - ' is WA -ffm wb. J Army ws Q A i. .,,,., ,, ggi 3 'Vi f 'new' as Q-JU 24 '7'5'iiB .... .,. :pw - 4 Q S Q 1 lg Q P Qs' ,Q , ,- w V Ng Q Q . K i 8 3 3 1jf, f:Q,2ff I. V Q V 2 Q 5 ' ff "-:: i ii ffl-iif if h ,h.,l Q- f 6 QS 'Q J -I mm", ff'm" ? W 5 H 5 my L My f Q L Q. 3 H, like ,LL A ig ef N . .551 K , kf ff g Z 5 ,V 533 ff' Q ,A Q ' Q .E f -. ,. 1, ia if , J K. .,,, A af A ai :,v.: A 3 Q 1.- .,, 3? ' 1 Q f as f 5 if "'A' H S 2 Q if ki my 5 l Q I s,3,f4+" 5 ,Q J ., Wg, 5 ff agp we , ,Q W W Nb ,iw f pf Q ff if L '5' A A S f A, Z' , fy , , bf k I M iq, gg7 ,4f3f 1 F 5 1' ,X , A , gf ,fm gffw, mg 2 4. e ff is . 5 if 2 - 2, E f gf? ff, 4 .A -. Mi 5' ,wi :N g Q " 4 f g -5 4, QM' f f L , f . .f A 4: ,Y f' ' f m1'k Q 11 K W , I 5 W S! , K G53 f:'- Niljsikc .J K ya ,I K ,fv 5? ' 1 i 3 3,5 , . ,gjiff h M' N fi If, Sf ,' :iff A 1, uf' 5 Q 63 5 :.,, is I VL jf' Yi kf,,L,, fg, A I f 51 Q ' ,QP P' h' 'Ll if 'fa R ' 5 9 U is ,mmh Q W ' l- 7"f 5 '2wi5,l 'Q-gig ff as . Qi .mig , 5 V 7 J .' fm? gg . , y . f 'f ,M 53 'Q -b 1 ,f L, g ,gf YQ 4 ,gy V - 2 1 ? ff 533, 'f W . Q -' .ff ?l'3Q K' Lg A 'ASL fig if M- Q: K V ? V aa if 3 Er L V QF xg, I ry W 2' 2 I-L f I K K W f 5 W - fi. nf ' In , ii K 3 5 X Xia if 2 ,5 Q 2 5 M 1123 2 'K' Q il wc THE LIBRARY ATTRACTS SCHOLARS 8 SOUTH CAMPUS BECKONS OTHERS N45 if BUT EVERY ILLINI WILL ALWAYS BE . . 10 1 - i r Q i , U I ,. i -M, xv . W img, ' , .,,.,..w-AM" K tk -9,-avXf'FxfAig,.u.,-421-f"f"'V . I ' V -:,z.., . w -Q. . Wigs-wp: ,sqm 31.1-V -7 A J I.. .. -' mfr" M --, . .,w,, if V ., 1 .1 g.gv,:g,::,.Q,,.Q,,,aa, ,,-: ,- Q. . 5 yr . - ' A W. K -4 V .A z Qfw ,L A ,. W xr: .Q c A N Q -,y-mf" - ,A+-f f -3' .3 r' - I 'Q A ,1...L+g,1s,,wQ I PFK ' f: Q,,,l,k,As,.q,i2 M - 'L 'Z' ,wi-WL' PROUD CDF HIS ALMA MATER. Q W f - II . vxX Y,-f rf f fa' x 1 -4 X F 42" - I xf X. -x. Alaaghx-'qAT':r?kT'Jl'f' 14 X x, A LJ an ' NX --- IQ 7, x 1-1' '-1' F ,154 1 Lili: --f-' ,, x , 9 - , I Vfwgm 7' X an -If rhsi ! 1,1 A ' -N iq':fZ'T"..,f i-- - - ,I5 Yi, .1 ff R4 Q. ' -Ll er' EZ' --I '- -.1 -1- A I, ' X ' Q' - ,- f - I 'A ,lf '51 Q ,M X 'X fri. .77 5 'J' "vi ' ' iq xg 1' I A. ,-. 1 A ,-6 rv GJ f'lAx:f Kxxff ' ' r' , 7 X X .A " hu" -. S5 fp H P .,-1' 1- ' Y ' A Z 1 I gl 1' ',f'f f A f my f-uf ff f av 5 , xx Q, PJH "' A x, 4.,,, x, .E - 13' D " H34 . f YN un '5f5:' " 'S . ' ' I ,ws Jf!S'fIx , , . w, 1 k,A: b.. . L - ,-wg ' -Q. I If '1 A. nl U TQL 'X A. ' A -4 I' ' V1 'P fr -Q f 'I I X Q , J --I I 4,1 '.l,'-mb. X t.-. V . , . 5 J . f ,AX . . w-if -1- 1 A , 3, 3-1 A 'WIKI' K x ' x A s . I 8 F 'I III ' Q 'LW4 1 I-I A I uw I I '1 CCDNTENTS UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATICDNS ATHLETICS ILLI-NCJISE RESIDENCES SENICJRS CHICAGO PRCDFESSIONAL COLLEGES ,fzsx X f'X?9 ' 4 .'s""v 4 Sw f 1 W ' swjl U 51"-3 3 'ff -v-V ly- Eg rgyf., g I ,X , -1-.-41----' w , f 9 I Xxx, 1 "W, W- H v fxi KW J A dM T0 THE READERS OF THE 1955 ILLIG I appreciate the opportunity extended me by the editors to present this brief message. All lite is multitold - intellectual, physical, social, cultural and spir- itual. A full development and a continuing experience in each of these areas are essential to produce a truly educated person and to provide a full lite for each individual. The University of Illinois tries to place within the reach of all its stu- dents opportunities for such development. In addition to providing a broad range ot academic programs, it also encourages students, after they have given adequate attention to their academic work, to partici- pate in other activities which develop them in personality, character, and physique and make them better fitted for their respective professions and vocations. The 1955 ILLIO is a fine record ofthe accomplishments of many stu- dents during this year in our University life. I offer my congratulations to all those who have made this volume possible. I congratulate all those who by their efforts have brought success to the many activities which are here reported. Finally, to the seniors and others who soon will leave the University, Mrs. Morey and I extend our best wishes and our hope for success and happiness for every one of you. May you always hold your Alma Mater in your attection. .NN President O S Nix 3 i NK.. 1 0 Q , P Springfield v Gnse PkLg1 RbtZHk CI WWId l1.i TRUSTEES Herbert B. Megrcn president of the Board of Trustees ELECTED Herber+ B. Megran, presidenr. .Harvard Anflwony J. Janafa, secrefary .... Urbana Herberl' O. Farber, compfroller. .Urbana Clarence W. Weldon, +reasurer.Cl'1icago Wirf Herrick ............... Clinfon Roberi' Z. Hiclrman. . .... Danville 5 :Qi 0F 'N I ex- j 'UQ Q- .was c H. I 9'NxA"l"llffff,,'1 Q I Q Y' Q' 2 ,pie ' . A 'Q fl lCu- 'Lo , 9 M f l GR LSCMNQ. E' 1. , fa 4 - -Lf. if on 3 S 5' 3 4 WX 3 5 4 F I ,Qc A 5' W., QQ . - 04 5 l 'Q Q1 50 3: RTERE9 sf MEMBERS Mrs. Frances B. Wa+kins ..... Harold E. Grange ..... .... Wayne A. Jolmsfon .... ..... C hicago 'l 0" ' Cushman B. Bissell ..... ..... C hicago . Flora .Chicago .Chicago Mrs. Doris S. Holf. , . .... . . .. Parlc Livingsfon .... .... F ranlclin Park M D S H It H b ri O. F rber Mrs. Frances B. Watkins Cushman B B II ir! Herrick ris F 'fs ? 1 rf3xlX Vx.,-4 s.,..f A1hyJJl' Gerald W. Peck acting director of the coordinating placement office , I Arthur C. Willard president emeritus UNIVERSITY CDF ILLINOIS ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS Miodrcg Muntyan Ralph F. Lesemann Josef FI Wright director of the university press legal counsel director of public relat Fra , - Mrs' - f Em , ' director of the institute of aviation dir for Anthony J. .l t 't It th D 'd t The task of the University's adminstration is two-fold: to bind the organization together and to anticipate and plan for the future. Instead of merely working as a collection of colleges, schools, divisions, and experiment stations, the University must function as a unit. The operational pattern of a great university is very complex. Functioning in the interest of the citizens, and largely financed by tax funds from them, the University must seek efficiency, yet must never lose sight of its purpose in edu- cation. The University carries on its work through extension, demonstrations, publications, motion pictures, and radio as well as through class- room, laboratory, and library. The facts from research plus the newly acquired knowledge is made available to students in the classroom and to people everywhere. The University touches almost every field of human interest and activity from the classics and arts to government, agriculture, health, engi- neering, science, and business. The tasks of the president are to carry out these policies and to administer the University directly. Assisting the president are the vice president, the deans and directors of the various units, the comptroller, the provost, and the board of trustees, who selects the president and directs the general policies of administration. Henning Larsen provost Leslie A, Bryon J T, Lendrum 071165 lie of the small homes uncl T ii 45 E , 5 ifiiii Q ....l.ll4 --4, l l 1 l X 1 1 if "'l H-me Robben W. Fleming, director of the lnstitute of Labor Lester M. Dyke, director of the Health Services Edward F. Pottholt, director of the Bureau of ' and Industrial Relations Institutional Research l Robert Browne, deon of the summer session Vernon L. Kretschmer, director of housing lyden Dangerfield, director of the Institute of Govern- Charles S. Havens, director of the Physical Plant George P. Tuttle, director of admissions and records ment and Public Affairs r ,.,...,...,-- .,f xvk. hifi A BUREAU AN DK? we-rv-0' Donald E. Dickason, director of nonacademic personnel Marietta Stevenson, director of the School of Social Robert G. Seymour, director of the Bureau of Business Work Management DIVISION HEAD l William P. Mclure, director of the Bureau of Herbert R. Kobes, director of the Division of Services Educational Research for Crippled Children Charles W. Sanford, coordinator of the Council on William M. Gilbert, director of the Student Counseling V. Lewis Bassie, director of the Bureau of Economic Teacher Education Bureau and Business Research ll H B tt f' Id t director James C. Colvin, secretary F Glair, president Wi iam . u er ie , execu ive UNIVERSITY CF ILLINOIS FGUNDATION The University of Illinois Foundation, a non- profit corporation, was established in 1935 prin- cipally to encourage and receive gifts for the benefit of the University. Since that date the Foundation has received many contributions- some in the form of substantial bequests-in support of scholarships, research, library and art acquisitions, and other phases of the educa- tional program. The Illini Achievement Fund, annual-gift pro- gram of the Foundation, was established in De- cember, 1948. Total contributions to the Fund during its first six years have amounted to more than S500,000. t D L g st nt treasurer H. O. ar er, reasur r The Foundation also has an active patent- management program. Numerous inventions by University faculty members have been turned over to the Foundation, and several have been found to have commercial possibilities. The University of Illinois Foundation has an elected membership of 148 alumni of the University. The Board of Directors has nine mem- bers: Joseph R. Ator, Chicago, Joseph B. Camp- bell, Nashville, Illinois, George T. Donoghue, Chicago, Eugene D. Funk, Jr., Bloomington, Illi- nois, H. F. Glair, Flossmoor, H. B. Megran, Harvard, Illinois, Lloyd Morey, Urbana, Amos H. Watts, Chicago, and Leslie B. Worthington, Chi- cago. F b t e Amos H. Watts, vice president Joseph B. Campbell, president ............ -. ..,..,.., -..-.-...- -..,.,,, THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Since i873 the Alumni Association has worked to build a greater University of Illinois and to serve the alumni and students. More than 18,500 Illini are dues-paying members of the Association, making it the fourth largest alumni organization in the nation. Through its elaborate record maintenance system, the Association keeps in touch with the more than lO0,000 living members of the vast Illini 'family throughout the world. Address and biographical information on any alumnus are available to all Illini. Across the nation and overseas the Alumni Association serves Illinois alumni through a net- work of Illini Clubs which bring alumni together for fellowship and to cooperate on projects of assistance to the University. Nine times a year Alumni Association mem- bers receive their copies of Illinois Alumni News with its stories and pictures of University life and happenings. To help bridge the gap between campus and everyday life, the Association is cooperating in producing a new motion picture of the campus in color and sound to be released in 1955. In addition to the central alumni otlice in the Illini Union, the Alumni Association has a repre- sentative on the Illini Center in the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago to serve the thousands of Illini in that area. R I1 rd K. Rodgers, assistant field director James C. Colvin, editor of the Illinois Alumni News William H. Rice, director of F Id I t Fred H. Turner, cl Mary E. Harrison, assistant dean of Richard E. Hulet, assistant dean of independent women independent men ean of students Agnes G. Tandberg, associate dean freshman women of Q THE DEANS Edward E. Stafford, dean of men Miriam A. Shelden, dean of women Howard G. Neuberg, assistant dean of fraternity men Gerald W. Peck Calvin S. Sitterd Eunice M. D 'stant dean of men and acting director of the assistant dean of students istcnt dean of residenc h Il I g Placement Bureau The great responsibility of providing for the welfare of each student at the University of Illi- nois lies with the deans. The unifying and co- ordinating official is Dean of Students, Fred H. Turner. His staff consists of Gerald W. Peck, acting director of the Coordinating Placement Office, and George H. Bargh, assistant dean in charge of foreign students. Dean of Women, Miss Miriam A. Sheldon, has as her assistants Miss Agnes G. Tandberg, asso- ciate dean of freshman women, Miss Mary E. Harrison, assistant dean of independent women, Miss Eunice Dowse, assistant dean of residence hall counseling, and Miss K. Patricia Cross, as- sistant dean of sorority women. Aiding Dean of Men, Edward E. Stafford are Howard G. Neuberg, assistant dean of fraternity men, Richard E. Hulet and Calvin S. Sifferd, as- sistant deans of independent men, Gerald W. Peck, assistant dean of student employment, and V. James Hampton, assistant dean of student organizations. All of the deans work to see that relations are good among the students, the faculty, and the citizens. lf a University of Illinois student seeks help with any problem, he will receive aid from the deans. George H. Burgh V. James Hampton K. Patricia Cross assistant dean of foreign students a sistant dean of student activities rstcnt dean of sorority l i 27 Y Q ,A Y VK f. - 4' 2 K J K, i, r ' r fic Q ,'x.3.. ' CHICAGO UNDERG RADUATE DIVISION The Chicago Undergraduate Division of the University of Illinois provides the opportunity for study in the professional fields of architecture, architectural engi- neering, and physical education, and otters a program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. In addition, courses in liberal arts and sciences, com- merce and business administration, and engineering furnish education in the pre- professional areas. Both the basic and advanced courses in ROTC are included for men. The division was established at Navy Pier in I946. ln general, the courses are identical to the ones altered on the campus at Urbana, and its students hold the same status as do the Urbana stu- dents. 28 The College of Agriculture prepares men and women for successful careers in agricul- ture and home economics. It is made up of nine departments oFFering courses open to all qualified students in the University. These in- clude work in Agriculture Economics, Agricul- tural Engineering, Agronomy, Animal Science, Dairy Science, Food Technology, Forestry, Home Economics, and Horticulture. These de- partments have in common an interest in the production, processing, sale, and use of food and clothing materials, and a direct approach to higher levels of living. The work of the Agriculture Experiment Station and the Extension Service helps to keep the College in close contact with the cur- rent problems in research and practice. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE qs I CCLLEGE OF CCDIVIMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The main function of the College of Commerce and Business Administration is to develop in its students the abil- ities necessary for careers in business economics and administration. This is ac- complished through training in modern business practices and in the fundamen- tals ot economics. The College is organized under the departments of Accountancy, Business Education, Business Law, Economics, Management, and Marketing. The Bureau of Economics and Business Research directs an organized research program. lts discoveries are published in Ill Illinois Business Review, a monthly summary ot the business conditions tor Illinois, and l2l Current Economic Com- ment, issued quarterly. 30 M. Green 4 M. Dodds The College of Education prepares stu- dents for careers in teaching, special education services, and administration. The courses are supplemented by super- vised practice teaching in school systems in co-operation with the college. Special undergraduate programs are offered in such fields as the education of mentally handicapped children, music education, home economics education, and indus- trial education. Direction of school surveys is one method the Bureau of Research and Ser- vice uses to conduct research in the field of education for the College. University High School, Urbana, offers opportunities for experimentation under controlled conditions. COLLEGE CDF EDUCATICJN Gregory H ll H COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING The primary aim of the College of Engineering is to prepare men for pro- fessional work in engineering and for responsible positions of a technical and semitechnical character in industry, com- munity, and government. The curricula are built on a general foundation of sci- entific facts and theories applicable to many different fields. The College is composed of ten such curricula: aero- nautical, ceramic, chemical, civil, elec- trical, general, mechanical, and mining and metallurgical engineering, physics, and theoretical and applied mechanics. The College of Engineering encourages participation in extracurricular activities. Scholarship is promoted by several hon- orary fraternities. The student Engineer- ing Council serves to co-ordinate the numerous functions of the member pro- fessional societies. The students publish and manage an engineering magazine, The Illinois Technograph. 32 The Departments of art, architecture, city planning and landscape architecture, and music make up the College of Fine and Ap- plied Arts. The College offers courses de- signed to increase esthetic appreciation and to portray the role of the arts in civilization. Besides its formal instruction, the College offers public recitals by students and faculty, concerts by the University orchestras and choral groups, and art exhibits. The School of Music sponsors weekly radio broadcasts over Station WILL. ln co-operation with other campus departments, the College annually sponsors a festival of Contemporary Arts. COLLEGE CDF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS GRADUATE COLLEGE The essential aim ot the Graduate Col- lege is "to develop the power of inde- pendent work and the promotion of the spirit of research." These are the words of the first Graduate Dean, David Kinley. The Graduate School, with a separate faculty and administration, was organ- izedin l906. lts steady growth has been aided by scholarships and fellowships established by the University Board of Trustees. Many of the graduate students hold positions as instructors in undergraduate courses ot their specialized field. 34 ld Tippo E l 4 1 DI! or Fredrick Siebert Instruction in iournalism at the Univer- sity was begun in 1902 as part of the courses in rhetoric. The School of Jour- nalism was established in 1927 as a separate unity and then in l95O, its name was changed to School of Journalism and Communications with divisions of iournalism lnews editorial work and pub- lication managementl, radio, and adver- tising. The program is based on the convic- tion that the student can best profit from a course of study that permits him to inte- grate professional subiects with general subjects. SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATIONS Gregory Hall . M I ,xfw - I ' l geld H COLLEGE CF LAW The College ot Law aims to provide a pro- gram which will prepare students for becom- ing iudges, legislators, teachers of law, and administrators in government and private business. It considers its responsibility as more than the learning of legal terms, rules, and formulas. The College aims to guide students in appreciating the functions of law in social order, and in aiding the law to keep pace with constantly changing conditions. Founded in l897, the College ot Law has continually striven towards the improvement of legal education and for higher admission standards to the United States Bar. 36 The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences serves several major purposes. It provides for the traditional liberal education, and also offers programs leading to professional de- grees. The College is divided into the following groups: Division ot Biological Sciences, Di- vision ot Humanities, Division of Social Sci- ences, and Division ot Physical Sciences. The general curriculum requires a nucleus ot courses in these groups and a certain amount of concentration in the subjects chosen as maiors and minors. It leads to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science de- pending upon the field of concentration and emphasis of study. COLLEGE CDF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBRARY SCHOOL The University of Illinois Library School, one of the oldest in the country, was established in l893. Originally located at the Armour Institute of Technology, it was moved to the Urbana Campus in 1897. The aim designated by the Library School is to prepare its students for jobs as assistants and administrators in public libraries, libraries of various schools, colleges, and universities, and specialized libraries such as agriculture, chemistry, law, and music. The school offers both undergraduate ancl graduate programs. The undergraduate pro- gram is oflered as part of the curricula ofthe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the College of Education. A fifth year's work for M.S. and L.S. Degree is the minimum academic requirement for professional libra- rianship. Students with the necessary quali- fications may continue work for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Library Science if they so desire. 38 will Director Seward C. Staley The School of Physical Education at the University of Illinois was established in 1933. It is made up of two major departments: Phy- sical Education for Women and Physical Edu- cation for Men. Professional training is offered in the divi- sions of physical education for men and women, health education for men and women, recreation for men and women, and dance for women. The school also provides a pro- gram for all University students who are re- quired bythe University to earn four semesters credit in physical education. The School is well known for its research in the fields of motor and organic fitness and diagnostic fitness tests for both faculty and students. SCHOCDL CDF PHYSICAL EDUCATION HiTGy The Armory DIVISICN OF' SPECIAL SERVICES FOR WAR VETERANS The Division of Special Services tor War Veterans oFFers veterans an opportunity to re- orient themselves academically through the aid of refresher courses and reduced pro- grams. The Division also helps them to obtain an educational olaiective involving subject matter ogered in several colleges. lt aids and advises those whose special needs are not met by existing material altered within a spe- cific College. ln addition, the Division studies the needs of returning veterans and informs the veterans of all services of the University. 40 Acting Director Frank B Q75 The Division of University Extension is an All-University organization that has as its purpose to extend the educational resources of the University to those who are not enrolled for study in residence. The faculty ofthe Division is made up of members of the faculties of other schools and colleges in the University, together with a small administrative stati. The students participating in this pro- gram are residents not only ot the forty- eight United States and its territories, but also of many foreign countries. DIVISION OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSICDN mm ,- . Mapu-1 Q mn-ue.: fn. m ummm -mg-,inuz 41.4-A. y Medicine Building COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Originally made up of a two year pre- veterinary program, the College of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1944. In Sep- tember, 1948, a four-year professional pro- gram was initiated. ln order to protect the livestock industry and to safeguard public health from animal diseases transmissible to man, the College trains its students in the prevention and con- trol ot animal diseases. The College also includes programs of ex- tension, graduate study, and veterinary re- search. A disease diagnostic service and a veterinary clinic and hospital service provide animal patients and specimens for instruc- tional purposes. 42 - me mar' ' li? K' 5 i 'G .ff vi N 1' -RS ew Q W N5 fy .- is i 'IQ W .fx 45 Q. MQQFWP A-M 0 'FEB f, . F v.,,: '- Ilan Anus, S A 1-5 gn. 1 ' -' " A" '. ' F Q, ..Q:S.w -p 5:4 -1:35 igmiol 4,"ylgwy: -.,mI.f ,M UM 19' ' Ln Q , .. - A-j wx I W. .I1f!' yr A. 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"': Ml 35225 3: 4 ":' " w g V -I'-ff , . , QSM :: : :' :Jr ::'i:.:: '32 Q ,Resign 1 2,w5a .:i'f?, if 551,55 . -: - 2- :-- ear-5: 4--' rrrr rr r ryyr, rya,., ,y NIGRT BOAR LaVaun Sue Anderson Miriam Behrens Joyce Chalcraft Lynda Couch Anne Davis Gail Furnall Marilyn Gustafson Ernestine Hanks Phyllis Hasse Diane Johnson AR D Schild, president Doris Knox Doris Krull Mary Ann Lifherland Charlene Lynch Sherle Olson Carol Osborn Gene Sfimarl Nina Temple Carole Truckenbrod Carol Krause Umbach Donna Wilson William Graham president Ronald Ammons James Bickhaus Dean Blehler Roger Bielefeld Bruce Brothers Ronald Carlson J C Caroline Paul Curtis Roy Diesner Daniel Dudas Robert Eberhart Frederick Figge Samuel Foster Stanford Glass John Greene Jacob Grossman Robert Hall Charles Hamilton Frederick Heyl George Howard John lhrig Paul Judson Frank Larala Emerlt Llndbeck Daniel Llrot John Murray David Nightingale David Peskmd Stanley Peskmd Charles Quantock Jay Sheffield Alvm Sokolow Gaylord Spotts Lawrence Ten Pas Gerald Totall Herman Velasco Ronald Walaitis Robert Waltz Arthur Williams Robert Wiman TCJRCH Joanne Lucey, Joan Alderson Diane Amundsen Carol Andrews Gloria Andrews Elizabeth Armin Barbara Baxter Nancy Bowen Shirley Bradshaw Jeanne Brunkow Lynn Bryant Charlotte Bunn Miriam Carpenter Carol Firch Joanne Forsberg Eileen Frieburg Josephine Hendricks Norma Jean Hertzmann Vera Jacobson Jane Jones Cynthia Jordan Roxanne Kamm Shirley Krull Doris Lokay Carol Lundin Joan Lundstrom president Ruth McNabb Nancy Lee Miller Barbara Morris Barbara Mueller Carol Oliver Betty Purnell Shirley Randels Marilyn Reinhart Martha Rosebraugh Carol Schaefer Carole Scherwat Martha Schueler Yvonne Seadin Merle Smedberg Mary Jane Stark Doris Strickland Virginia Thompson Alice Van Dyke Margaret Vest Mary Wehner Phyllis Whitehead Marjorie Wiegand Rhoda Willey Helen Wilson Dorothy Wolf a Pbolor by Olnn-Milli Sludio 1 Larry Chapman Co-Circulation Director, Daily Illini Senior Class President 50 Ann Lifherland Elaine Skadberg President, Illini Union Business Manager, lliio Wally Faster Presidenl, YMCA .Mk Donna Wilson Max Fulling Associale Direclor, Campus Chesl Senior Baseball Manager Z 5 . '-si. Sherle Olson Tom Rowader President, WAA President, Interfruternity Council l LEADERS S i Piwfm by 01111-,llllli Slmliu I Jan Smid Captain, Varsity Football 'r .QA 'fd' , ,gk !,Q...x K Q, IN f -,' I ,f+ a-15 ' 1, X x 'V 'IZT7 K N4 iff? M' ' Qi Q ,Xu ,JN Q " ' 'X' l. .,v"" X ' Al Orput Dora Jean Fishel Anne Davis Head Varsity Cheerleader Co-Manager, Star Course General Manager, University Theatre 51 ,WW M Mawr X Wa, Lorraine Borman Properties Manager, University Theatre CAMPUS Pbalof by Olfzn-Mill.: Studio iii f,,o.,.,. Gordon Cash Presidenl, MIA 275 MOTBQLL Charles Finn Senior Football Manager av Ti , AW 5 WY, A I 3, , , :ze . 'vi L' 1, L, . 'Y A E l r,,, ' f A f e VVVV V- ,, in M 4 il '- ..,,,. N M , ' kwwwwsuvwmwwvh 1 . ' , ff 1 ' 1., f- if i Y V iereo l , l an M .Nz , H ": . ,. . wil? 1, f I 'V - f ' 7,'r, , ' ' 'i" li Gail Furnall Don Maylaih Carol Umbach President, Panhellenic Direclor of Public Relations, Illini Union Associale Edifor, Illio 52 ,135 ' " ,M 1 i mg-all " i 5 xg, L Q 4 J -Wo' X - ,.. ,,Y, W-WI" ' C E . .,,L f "1 , Y: -ws, H V, i ,aww ,qw f f in xx at?-f' 4 A M : , Q r , , ' I ,Nil wi .- N. v., . 35 5311 f ,yy Q Gene Siimclrf Harvey Greennein Vice President, lnferfrafernify Council Presidenf, YWCA Rita Bishop Direcfar Number Three, Illini Union LEADERS Phoiof by Olaf:-Millf Studia Z 9 ,avr E "' - ,ni i ,ji i W," K ' ,, ' x k ,,,, i 5' V V W ,4 Bob Trumbull Betty Priggie Ed Jackson Co-Circulafion Manager, Daily Illini President, WGS Captain, Varsity Wrestling 53 Carole Truckenbrod Marv Graves Edilor, lllio Cuplain, Varsity Baseball CAMPUS Photo: by Olan-,7llill,r Yludin Joyce Chalcraft Adress, University Theatre Student Senafar , WEE?" if 5 1 i ff ,. Q sw k ,awww John Hoy? Mary Marmion Tom Gardner Adverlising Director, Daily Illini Director of Personnel, Illini Union Cqpfqin, Gymnqgfigg 54 K Wal? Waits Jim Ellingscn Senior Basketball Manager Viqe President, MIA LEADERS W Pholfu by Ulm:-Jlill.1 Sfudio Jane Waelfersheim Personnel Manager, Universify Thecire M' H EG K . fn ,WK H, My ' Q seam? 'Sr Ks- f ff? S, 1 3 W, rx MMV, z JV' I f' K 2' Q -S L Q, Bud Paolasini Yvonna DeVaI! Phyllis Hasse P h Il ' Co-Manager, Shu Couusr Associate Business Manager, lllio Vice Presidenf, an e enuc l.l- Pbotox by 56 Jack McCarthy Direclor, Campus Chest CAMPUS ,, Av , 'Ewan SP5 Olmflecd v Diane Johnson ASSUCIUIE Edllflf, llllv Director Number Two, Illini Union qv M xf 934 34 . Higfiii 1. 'f Kim' 'sf s 553' " A ,lr . ' .9 . , , I -.r. ff I :iii Willy Thomson Caplain, Varsity Track Gordon Rapp Director Number One, Illini Union Jock Olson Senior Intramural Manager Li ...W . N J, S- Warren Wolfson Russ Bolton Editor, Daily Illini Vice President, lllini Union M3- ll. 1 my -' I ., Y if Tug-..L fo, a .ll ,.,f-l,.'A:g:.,, A ,fir 4-',',1 11 ,i Q if diem! f. 1 .- v .-."'fff l 'V UQ Q.: -:,. 5 1 Y l-Q1 1 iflffl 5 ' 2 f"MiM f Q. I lg? ,f M , E 1 A liz Vier Associate Edilor, lllio fy-if 'Si Q wi, 5 new 3 les Bryan Don lawfer Senior Track Manager Director Number Four, Illini Union LEAD RS Pboiof by Ohm-.lliflf Srudio WSW . i Jerome Jaffe Senior Recreation Manager 57 Qixjgslk 12? ,rf THE lI..LlNl UNION x , 1 K, The Illini Union was established as a center of campus life for the use of students, staff, alumni, and friends of the University. Equipped by the Board of Trustees through the co-operation of the Uni- versity of Illinois Foundation, the Union was made possible by a grant of funds from the Federal Government, a sepa- rate loan, and contributions from alumni and friends of the University. Vernon Kretschmer, director, Earl Finder, assistant director UNION ADMINISTRATION Top row: Warren Ramshaw, Russell Bolton, Robert McNabb, Earl Finder, Kenneth Rhodes, Vernon Kretschmer Bottom row: Charles Wertz, Irene Pierson, Mariorie Arkwright, Alice Hurt, Stella Cameron, Arthur Sawyer 4 UNION BOARD Russell Bolton, vice president Union Board-faculty-Top row: Harry Fuller, Charles Bowen Earl Finder Bottom row: Irene Pierson, Robert Mayor, Mary Ann Andrews ILLINI UNICDN SOCIAL DIRECTORS I 3 Ai f 1WW,fw AVLL A ' I A Ia ' Irene Pierson social dlrecior ,Q jgfwf b-"' U Wh S QMS ' I 85712213 P- W 3 I f I 322 Illini Union ,, fm loluwi wb uf IW H hifi W 9, W. QM f 'eip 4 X, ii' 11430. 3' if NWI, sf x' Q'-an 3 A ,,,. KX- I X, 5 . s I, -f I I I EI i """k Assislani social directors-Top row: Robert Alexander, Sheila McMurray Bottom row: Norma Crow I w. 5 . I ' ' 2 ' " ' sf ' . -3 qv--,.m:if1:' 'IJ 3 . myqsfa k fu: Q -. shefmi' , I -- 4 , T 'i 5 -fi? A 1' if , H ,Wm Igftggi I' I f , , ,W'i,., . .2151 f 2 95,7 I vii? I I 3 3 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC RELATICNS Mclior ch en: Janet Mockus, Richard Wolfe Nov in D I Ray Duewer Sub-chairmen-Top row: James Kennedy, P Bottom row: Joan Vlcdcr, Sally Fischer Sub-chairmen-Top row: Henry Moorehouse, Richard Besser, Roy Bender Bottom row: Barbara Brcg, John Armsfrcng, Joan Heberlein hillip Miller , 1 Donald Mclylcth, diredor House Publica+ions News and Adverfising Open Houses and Banquefs M Mary Mcrmion, director Personnel DeveIopmen+ Personnel Management' Campus Talent - 1 Q . -:rr f 'KV' 1 R 4 DEPARTMENT OF PERSONNEL ,Q-f-...,N Mnior chairmen: Betty Onstcd, Tom Richardson, Mcriorie Wiegcnd i K Sub-chairmen-Top row: Thomas Chilcott, Jerome Tonkel Bottom row: Diantho Spires, James Archer Sub-chairmen-Top row: Grcnt Weichbrcdt, Robert A. Po Bottom row: Joon Brunkow, Adele Monterastelli ,Q-Q fav-f .pu ww , , . " "" K rsons, Fred Monolli 'ww ff -ia. DEPARTMENT CNE UWB 1? p-.4 Major chairmen-Top row: Delores Brence, Roger Baskes, Carol lundin Bottom row: lna Aronoff, ,lane Burkharl Nol in panel: Charles Goulschy Sub-chairmen-Top row: Basil Sherlock Bottom row: Eleanore Szymanski, Marilyn Daly Sub-chairmen-Top row: Harry Goern, Paul Thiessen Boflom row: Sharon Beckmeyer, Sarah Katz, Clarissa Adams X Gordon Rapp, director ln+erna+ional Fair Spring Carnival Jazz-U-Lilce-ll' Barbershoppers Pep Rallies 'E Diane Johnson, director Dads Day High School Circus Club Commons Union Movies '-H+ . DEPARTMENT TWG X i i K Block I Foreign Sludenl' Group Maior chairmen: Roger Carlson, Mary Hartray, Gaylord Spotts Not in panel: Brad Hamilton, Charles Quantock, Rafael Roa Sub-chairmen-Top row: Robert Emmons, Elizabeth Kercher, Larry Thomson Bottom row: Lynn Just, Patricia Helper Sub-choirmen- Bottom row: B 72 v V117 Top row: Robert Witherspoon, Bernard Rechter, Anthony etty Onstad, Joyce Prosser, Judy Brunknw mi A Hi-emaowmsrw.v Lekas, John Carson vu 'bf C an UNICDN '----...S INFORMALS F MBP QT -Q . ,Sri ,323 ,, , 1, J .. Fx 4.32 as 'Wi W3-,,g3t , 1 W' we DEPARTMENT THREE Q Q : is ,A V 'O 1 5 ,-2 sr ,, H Maior chairmen: Shirley Heinz, Carol Oliver, Robert Hoff, Barbara Baxter, Jane Pritchett Not in panel: Bruce Baxter Sub-chairmen-Top row: Richard Hurckes, Deborah Fay, Neil Sorensen Bottom row: Gertrude Gassmann, Rhea Peterson Sub-chairmen-Top row: Burton Grant, Nancy Grafigny, Jean Kreger, David Saidel Bottom row: Barbara Sears, Sally Fischer, Diane Nutty ""'.? ftp of Qlv-B--a., ""'h-, Rita Bishop, director Homecoming Spring Musical Social Dance Coffee Hours Union Music Hours Red Cross L fc fi wax an lvan Lawfer, director Sl'un'r Show Molhers Day Social Forums Service Dances Fine Arls 45 DEPARTMENT FCDUR iaii i c T 'ff , 1 4 w . , L5 .7 .N N i - " ' 4 Niro EF-' if V Q ii L 2 A 'i L3 yu' NX Maior chairmen: Jane Herskawilz, Palricia Jewell, Joan Pilol, Barbara Arnold Sub-chairmen-Top row: Alvin Belsley Bottom row: Mariorie lles, Carolyn James Sub-chairmen-Top row: Lura Lee Sutton, Nancy Cosler, Alice Mayer Bottom row: Diantha Spires, Sandra Mazin 1. S wif' 1 7' aff- M.-4' ,dm 'VW on Y Q, ,' V, .Q' " . ,,. TTWWVTTTTT "Y XM ' D W lson, associate director Jack McCarthy director Campus Chest is a comparatively new organ- ization on campus. lt was established at the University of Illinois to eliminate the inconve- nience of individual student and faculty dona- tions to numerous charities. Each tall a general drive, which includes con- tributions to all of the maior charities, is con- ducted. The proceeds from this drive, as well as those from the Spring Carnival, are allocated to charities recommended by the Allocations and Advisory Board. This board, composed of representatives from maior student organiza- CHEST tions, representatives trom the Chest, and three faculty advisors, controls the proceeds from the drive and from Spring Carnival. Other drives with which this organization is concerned are the book drive and the clothing drive. These are conducted every year and have proven very successful. Another project is the orphanage Christmas party, which is as much fun for the sponsors as for those being enter- tained. These yearly events serve to keep the eighty members busy. Mayor chairmen-Top row: Craig Hart, Paul Hayes, .lack McCarthy Bottom row: Lee Purnell, Suzanne Elfgin, Donna Wilson, Martha Schueler f A 2 CAMPUS .xr :fn Y 4 1- 1 r 4v""' -rr rm f' , Allocations Board-Top row: Robert Waltz, Jack McCarthy, Dean Bargh, Craig Hart, Robert Hirsh, Walter Faster Bottom row: Donna Wilson, Mary Marmion, Thomas Felke, Suzanne Elfgin, Mary Campbell, Margaret Remacle Subechcirman-Top row: Richard Besser, Marilyn Reinhart, Rhea Peterson, Timothy McMullan, Marilee Schmidt, Helen Rosetti, Leslie Afor, Michael McCroy Bottom row: Deborah Fay, Patricia Halper, Suzanne Brunkow, Helen Wor- sham, Mary Sonderskov, Sheila Bitfmcn 1 C?" 9 ,fw- 1 Haw' '. Ml'l.', ,lf ., ,W ,A ,, s, ,w..v,,1. 4923? ,,.. nzf. vs. -,i I vi is :ff .. igu .M -F fit 7 ,555 '-. , 4 I vue is , z,L.'n.v fglsz 1 M' Q an YA' J' 'fr w -vK-'4 n . ,N Hx J. f 5 xsane .a'i ,4 i'3d1li5i5i2'zi " - Il' ,Wa 'rv Carole Truckenbrad, editor """'jf'fff, , has naar' Susan Olmstead, associate editor A ILLIO EDITORIAL STAFF Top row: James Kennedy, James Otto Third row: Simeon Trotter, Bruce Ladd, Richard Baird, Cecil Stradley, Barton Ladd Second row: Diane Martin, Anne Miller, Nancy Dowling, Carol Muenler, Barbara Sears, Nancy LeConte Bottom row: Lianda Kleppinger, Mary Lindsay, Fylis Mandell, Diane Kellogg, Judith Cleary, Elizabeth Seago Nat in panel: Mary Lee Johnstone, Joan Heberlein, Pat Pieschel, Gail Hively, Wesley Lindberg, Gay Bonham, Mary Wise, Elizabeth Rich, Charles Shumon, Phillip Nafiziger, Jack Hendryx, Jacqueline Mudra, Doris Lapp, Elizabeth Edwards, Carole Kamin, Joan Winkler, Sally Fischer, Irwin Cohen, Audry Veazie is f at - K Qxfh , Il,,L ii r I i V ,J . L Q i -kim, ww, ' 'lm Carol Umbach, associate editor LC? . Elizabeth Vier, associate edilor Art staff-Top row: Donald Mulligan, Richard Roof Bottom row: Prof. J, William Kennedy ln QR Four senior editors supervised the plan- ning and the production of The 1955 lllio. Thesefourincluded an editorandthree asso- ciate editors who tried to bring to the stu- dent body a reflection of the various phases of life at the University of Illinois. The staff tries to produce a book which will benefit the interests of all the students and staff members. The eleven iunior editors were responsi- ble for the supervision of the eight sections composing The lllio. These sections are: Chi- cago Professional Colleges, Sports, Resi- dences, Activities, Seniors, Organizations, llli-noise, and University. These assistant editors assigned and directed the work of 73 -sm,.,,i, ,, .bi X if K Y ors: ary Miller, Constance ir into om son, ara no- the freshman and the sophomore staff mem- bers, who typed, filed, cropped pictures, wrote copy, and planned layouts. Each spring the freshmen and sophomores at- tend a workshop, in the lllio office, to receive training in the many phases of year- book work. Assistant editors: Carol Andrews, Jeanne Jaraez, Alice Von Dyke S f? Junior business managers-sales: June? Smith, Diane Amundsen, Joanne Forsberg ,V rw' Junior business managers-sales-Top row: Eileen Friedburg, Frank Laroia Boffom row: Virginia Sfrohm ,gif- J js --NJ' ru. 'uf YEJI' if llfb Junior business managers-adverfising: Dorcihy Wolf, Frederick Figge n...... Fixx 'J W we 4 Mn aims- ,ialszlilllllllllll Elaine Skadberg, business manager Yvonna Deva if 51" 's""s"fY' ll, associate business manag r ll.LlO BUSINESS STAFF The responsibilities of the lllio Business Staff are the advertising, sales, and circulation of The 1955 Illio. The staff is kept busy with registration sales, "Turkey Sales," and other special sales- drives conducted throughout the year. The Illio Beauty Contest, held every fall, is under the su- pervision of the two senior managers who also direct the iunior managers in their work. The eight iunior managers are divided into two groups, advertising and sales. These man- Top row: Jack Carlson, John Lytle, George Van Dusen, Richard Gustafson Third row: Jame D wnin Walter Hoel I ven h James F w tt agers handle the general office work which constitutes a large part of getting The Illio dis- tributed. They organize all of the data, set up the work for the freshmen and sophomores, and supervise their activity. These freshmen and sophomores on the Illio staff have the responsi- bility of selling the books and doing general office work such as filing and typing. All of these students work to enlarge the distribution and to keep the popularity of The Illio high. s o g, , Se Stro , a ce Second rovf: Helen Worsham, Jo Ann Bryson, Georgia Dacik, Marilyn Doty, Lois Sabine, Arden Rhodes Batrom row: Margaret Caskey, Barbara Barnes, Nancy Dufour, Marian Webb, Barbara Hall, Loretta Barclay Q Q , .fs , Fl fs eg 1 1 5452? , T 1 - if if gs, Q w EDITORIAL STAFF Alvin Sokolow executive news editor John Scheldrup, sports editor Editorial staff-Top row: Robert Marks, Anita West, Margery Warfield, Lucy Breger, Sandra Dalgonas, Joanne Goldblaft, Geraldine Celusnak, Barbara Gilbert, Robert Frisk Second row: Peter Weitzel, Thomas Moore, James Whitelaw, Robert Utz, Joseph Conover, David Monthey, Leroy Christensen Bottom row: Barbara Leskey, Alice Potts, Carole Dolesh, Janene Johnson, Roberta Resnick, Marilyn Ebel, Jaan Wasniewski DAILY ILLINI Editorial staff-Top row: Madeline Genovesi, Marilyn Boehme, Carol Boeringa Janet Brakenslek, Sara Mitchell, Gloria Muczynski Second row: William Jones, Roland Wulbert, David Heindel, Lewis Zutowsky Larry Lee, Warren Kellogg, Charles Novitz, Coryl Crandall Bottom row: Jean Rankin, Ruthann Reinhard, Nancy Hendrix, Maryiane Ever sole, Patricia Gerrily, Mariorle Fasnacht Staff editors: Patrick Malone, university editor, Larry Schoffel, city editor Mary Jackson, activities editor, Joanne Lucey, copy editor MW Mx 623' Vw wr' 'beef mm. Robert Trumbull, co-circulation director CIRCULATION STAFF The circulation statt of the Daily lllini is in charge of the distribution of the newspaper on campus and to out-of-town subscribers. The staFf keeps a record of the sales and subscriptions of the student news- paper. Under the supervision of the circulation di- rectors, the staFF determines how many papers are to be printed each day. The staff is divided into two groups. The promotion staff solicits all subscriptions and has charge of the mail and delivery service. The oFfice staft handles all clerical work connected with the mail and delivery service. Circulation stat? Tap row Thomas Cull ns Harry Goern Frederick Bartelsmeyer Second row Sandra Rosen Duane Zolt Nancy Dufour Jacquel ne Mudra Sondra Spero Bottom row Delores Engelklng Marsha Vnere Nadine Kessler Sylvia Cayten, Judith Fishel an HNF Senior managers: Earl Rubin, I Y ll I INI Miriam Lamar, William Palmer ADVERTISING STAFF The solicitation and layout of advertisement is handled by the advertising department of the Daily Illini. This staff also offers special services to the advertisers and selects the best type of ads for the individual advertisements. The three groups that make up this staff are the classified, display, and dispatch sections. The display group sells space, solicits for the adver- tisements, and plans all of the layouts. The classi- fied section handles classified ads and the dis- Junior managers-Top row: James Smith, Ronald Walaitis, Marvin ' A patch members rnonoge The omce rouhne' Bottomnilifv: Rosalie Wolinsky, Sally Zang Advertising staff-Top row: Albert Simon, James Blackwell, Terry Wade, Marvin Angus, John Doyle Second row: Judith Beatty, Maral Weireter, Gail Shanks, Karna Bloomberg, Joan Johnson Bottom row: lynn Tobin, Sylvia Naranick, Alice Weber, Katherine Colovos Don Kesler, editor V fs, 2 -'tit 'x James Smith, business manager TECHNCGRAPH The student publication representative of the Engineering Department is the Technograph. Any engineering student interested in obtaining practical journalistic experience can find such work by becoming a member of the staff of the Technograph. These writers, as well as the read- ers, benefit from the wealth of knowledge con- cerning current technical and industrial problems in our world of science. The Technograph, which is published monthly, includes coverage of all engineering fields. Spe- cial reports by staff members and well-known specialists are included in each issue. These arti- cles will be of special importance to those of you who are just beginning your career in engineer- ing. They will help to give you some idea of the phase for which you would be best quailfied. The editor and the business manager run the Technograph in conjunction with the activities of the Engineering Council. Experience is gained in technical journalism. Top row: Robert Lenz, John Wenner, David Templeton, Robert Webster, David Kamyathy, Donnie Snedeker Second row: Paul Davis, James Piechochi, Melvyn Green, James Anderson, Lowell Mizl, Harvey Endler, Jack Siebert, John Freeberg, Fred Horwitz Bottom row: Millard Darnall, associate editor, Donna Rudig, assistant editor, James Smith, business manager, Craig Soule, make-up editor, Thomas Brody, assistant editor Don Kesler, editor, Larry Kiefling, circulation director, mx f 1 Gus Weber, llI'o phot Tucker Nason, D ly Illini photo chief PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF The Photographic Staff is a unit working inde- pendently of any campus publication. It is di- rectly responsible to the board of directors of the Illini Publishing Company and has exclusive coverage of events for all three ofthe maior Illini publications. The Daily Illini, The lllio, and The Technograph. The staff members are not expected to pro- vide their own cameras, and the rest ot the ma- terials which they may need are supplied by the IPC. ln the basement of lllini Hall, the photog- raphers work in their new ottice and dark room. Top ro Robert Gercas, E1mer Switzer, Wallace Gruenberg, Richard Reichelt Bottom r - Charles Keller, Kenneth Derby, Curtis Allison, Eldon Constant Not in pa I Charles Shuman, Robert Elliot in use - The staff members work under the direction of the photo editor of The lllio and the photo editor of The Daily Illini. lt is the iob ofthe editors to supervise and assign work to the stat? members. This group works in cooperation with editors and stat? of each student publication to produce better newspapers, yearbooks, and magazines. In addition to this, the staff conducts a training program for student photographers, preparing them to assume stat? positions the following year. , gif., 2 Frank Senger, general manager R Frank Schooley, chairman ILLINI PUBLISHING CCDIVIPANY Chartered by the State of Illinois, the Illini Publishing Company is a non-profit corporation which is in charge of printing, publishing, and distributing student publications at the Univer- sity. It operates under a board of control headed by Professor Frank Schooley, chairman, Frank Senger, general manager, and Paul McMichael, business manager. The board is made up of four students and four faculty members, who serve without com- pensation to help give student publications good T p P I r Tomaras, St I y P k nd, Robert Mautz, Alf ed Kobak B H . Joseph Sutton, I y, Frank Schooley p ident, Jessie H Ih Not in panel: Thomas Felke printing ata very low cost. The four students are nominated by the Student Senate and elected by the board for two-year terms. The four faculty members are appointed for four-year terms by the President of the University upon recommen- dation by the Dean of Students. These faculty members control the finances and appoint the senior editors and managers for the different publications. These publications are the Daily Illini, the lllio, and the Illinois Technograph. p d I 22" d The Y.M.C.A. offers a program of various ac- tivities that will balance a student's education with a deeper and more spiritual meaning. It operates a building whose doors are open to anyone. Its well-equipped campus center pro- vides comfortable Iounges, quiet study rooms, the new Kaeser refreshment and recreation room, a modern darkroom and crafts shop, hometown newspapers and current magazine files, and meeting room facilities. The Y.M.C.A., a non-denominational organi- zation, gives its members many opportunities "nfs I ,ca ,rv Y.IVl.C.A. to work on the more than twenty committees connected with the "Y" proiects. With the Y.W.C.A. it sponsors a varied program of social recreation. First in the field of freshman orien- tation many years ago, the "Y" sponsors a wide program for freshmen and is a pioneer and campus leader in its program for international students. Each year a freshman orientation pro- gram is planned and carried out. The "I" book, which supplies University information to stu- dents, is published by this organization. Top row: John Witherspoon, Roland Westerlund, Jay Shenk, Preston Harwell, Earl Carlson, Frank Thorp, John Wills, Ronald Faster, Louis Gauen, Deane Biehler, Harold Ingalls, general secretary Second row: Howard Ammermon, staff, George Zahrobsky, Douglas Pierce, recorder, Walter Faster, president, George Howard, vice president, M. I. Cauldwell, stat? Bottom row: Orville Kimball, John Burbules, Donald Nelson, Merle Miller, William Whitfield, Delmar Wedel, program secretary 1 Walter Faster, president 21 1 Er e 2 .5 3 w-few .K ,. fwiiwfx i 2 'S M...-. Q . " f z -,i Hi M. X .f-- ug Gene Sfimcrt, president Execufive Council-Top row: Dorothy Parsons, Jane Thiem, Peggy Vesf, Lynda Couch Bohom row: Elaine Skcdberg, Gene Siimcrv, Sue Anderson, Jcnece Tippy -O' .l 199 The Young Women's Christian Associa- tion offers University women an opportunity to work, play, share, and grow with peo- ples of many races, religions, and nation- alities. Work is done in many fields with services reaching beyond the immediate community to Chanute Field, where craft and recrea- tion groups are sponsored. Annual events undertaken by the "Y" are the bake sale and the doll show, a favorite Christmas event. Cabinet-Top row: Eureath White, Dorothy Parsons, Elaine Skadberg, June Helfer, Marilyn Reinhart, Kiyo Yoshimura, Dorothea lahey, Charlotte Hogan, Marilyn Scherer Second row: Phyllis Whitehead, Nancy Hiatt, Stella Lyman, JoAnn Farley, Gene Stimurt, Sue Brunkow, Patricia Thudium, Janice Heil Bottom row: Judith Zink, Mary Stark, Peggy Vest, Janece Tippy, Nancy Simons, Sue Anderson, Jane Thiem, lynda Couch gig a, fi- ,, 2 e ff F E ls 7 W i i i i STAR wwf 'ff'-L--Q-'gs so Dora Fishel, senior manager 'unior managers: Robert Hall, Josephine Hendricks L...J Junior managers: Jeanne Brunkow, Leonard Walberg W s w-o Concert and Entertainment Board-Top row: Prof. Morris Carter, Prof. Edward Davidson, Prof. John Frey, Arnold Paolosini, Richard Bronom, Prof. Duane Branigan Bottom row: Dora Fishel, Prof. Rubin Cohn, Emily Ward 1 5 4 E CCJURSE 'c rs 1, , T l J 11. ii 4 ,r 'Nw Junior managers: John lhrig, Nancy Bowen The Star Course is a student organiza- tion which is operated on a non-profit basis. It is sponsored and controlled by a student-faculty group, the University Concert and Entertainment Board, which makes all final decisions and supervises the appointment of staff members. Throughout the school year, Star Course presents an interesting and educational series of concerts. Two senior managers lead and direct the organization. Under them are eight junior managers, chosen from the pre- vious year's sophomores. The freshmen and sophomores usher at all concerts and help backstage and take care of routine work. 87 Arnold Paolasini, senior manager 'vsmitu music HALL ,, mon. avr. Nov. s 1 Junior managers: Ronald Beck, Carole Scherwot ,............4.-nm--w-X - N -' muff tmp 5 ' -, pun hm ff . N...-p HKD VlRGlNl NOVKMBE ,W Sophomore managers Top row: Marilee Schmidt, Sharon Lappin, Richard Hagen, John Tingleff, Roger Vaughn, William McNair, Julia Smilh, Virginia Willke Bohom row Caroline Shlnkle, Susan Howarth, Janice Heil, Dorothy Garland, Karlyn Kelfelkamp, Susan Black Sophomore managers Top row: Merle Darlene likens, Barbara Babcock, larry Harman, James Crealh, John Armstrong, Harris Horweler, Bliss Walker, Dianvha -3 1 X 1 3 el' t . E r 5 Richard Besser, Helen Wor- afq a., ,., , , if I .P 1 3 f S 2 1 h 5 'IIS-1 New York Philharmonic Symphony I'Ff d C . . CI or Urzon Dimilrl Mltropoulos, conducfor xii? Q STAR CCJURS ARTEST 89 STAR COURSE ARTISTS Fred W rang Andres Segoviu STAR COURSE ARTISTS UNIVERSITY TH EATRE PLAYS Blood Wedding W Clara Behringer, director Blood Wedding Mary Arbenz, diredor UNIVERSITY TH EATRE PLAYS The Enchanted 1 93 ,.- .4 --........,, 'F if e Enchanted my-... ,Wy , N. if Rmnurd Hewiff, divedor UNIVERSITY THEATRE PLAYS ,,-xx., Turiuffe Anne Davis, student staff general manager Prof. Joseph Scott, supervising director Jane Woeltersheim, student staff per- sonnel manager UNIVERSITY TH EATRE The University Theatre has provided enter- tainment for the campus and community for over thirty-one years. This organization has striven constantly to expand and improve its services by sustaining a program ofciistinguished modern plays and classic masterpieces, and by providing expert theatre arts training for its student workers. It is a maior extra-curricular activity for hundreds of students every year. The University Theatre Board, composed of both students and faculty, is the governing body. Direction and technical direction of the program is furnished by faculty staff managers, each is in charge of a separate department of theatre activity. The Theatre has three types ot workshops: the actors' workshop for more advanced members, a showcase workshop for beginners, and a work- shop for the performance of student written plays. Board of Control-Top row: Prof. Karl Woiloce, Prof. Joseph Scott, Anne Davis, Prof. Ciaude Vicns, Prof. Cameron Guliette Bottom row: Marie Garvey, Prof. Aloner Knight, Jane Woelfersheim Not in panel: Eva Hildesheimer A ,E Em e q Charles Francis, construction Marylou McGowan, paint 96 Andrew Ekblaw, stage management George McKinney, technical director Technical assistants: Gordon Beck, Kathleen Preston, Donald Hewson, Patricia Anderson, David Batchels ler, Jaan Morehouse, Ronald Feldman Not in panel: Jamil Toubbeh .efnw.Y: f. ,E 7-. 1 93 ' i if 1- Qi V, ,r 5. 5, A , 22 ff , znwawmacscf-w: Q, + 'silk ,lf Shirley Bradshaw, costumes Carol Schaefer, costumes N 1 -X 22 Gretchen Gibbons, make-up -Ti l ', , xy FN 4 mm if ...NO Dr. Genevieve Richardson, costumiere Changing scenes at workshop theatre H955 f 'A -,M -u. 5 97 Barbara Schedel, workshop theatre UNIVERSITY Associate managers-Tap raw: Carol McCradie, Shirley Gaghen, Patricia Jensen, Norma Hertzmann Bottom raw: Roger Fitzgerald, Joan Burch, Beverly Dornott, Mary Schurla, John Rithmiller Not in panel: Nancy Albee, Paul Curtis Assistant managers-Top row: Helen White, Harold Gates, Johanna Madigan Bottom row: Robert Hagemeyer, June Kraus, Mary Hagi, Donna Glenn, Edith Brockman, Mary Young, James Carroll Not in panel: Joan Guyer, Phillip Miller, Marie Mitchell, Shirley Epstein, Judith Friedman, Nancy Glidden, Sylvia Karaken, Irene Matthews A l Marie Garvey, house management THEATRE Associate managers-Top row: Eva Hildesheimer, Fruma Borow- sky, Jean Anderson, Joan Marmel Bottom raw: Carolyn Jones, Priscilla Perry, James Elmer, Sirella Schwartz, Roxanne Kamm Not in panel: Martha Glisson, Fred Herschelman Assistant managers-Top raw: David Herr, John Wilson, Allen Bradley Bottom row: Lois Lackner, Myrna Matusen, Elene Schiermer, Judith Nelson, Joyce Alblinger, Cynthia Carlson Not in panel: David O'Bryant, JoAnn Silverstein, Jack Stumpl, Mary Lindsay, Johna Glaze, Patricia Coyle, Isabel Francis, Mary Gloria .4 My S -f ,lf W-9 V? 'WY J fi. 3 Q? iflglfrt ,ga g 'ffFM' V ,. 1 Arthur Williams, playbill and box omce Lois .W..,,, AK. xi Q 1 ' I 9 l fed?" 'sfo O vlwzrfn ' "vw I :Fir Six choral groups comprise the major vocal music organizations of the University. Paul Young is in charge of the University Choir, the Men's Gleo Club, and the Gratorio Society. Ker- mit Breen directs the Women's Gloe Club and the Junior Men's Glee Club, Ruthann Harrison conducts the University Chorus. The most advanced group, the Choir, pre- sented a Fall "Pops" Concert, and went on two tours, extending to northern and southern llli- nois. Haydn's "The Creation" was presented by the Chorus on December 5. . PRX Paul Young, director . Kermit Breen, director A tour ot the East was highlighted by an ap- pearance on Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the Town" forthe Men's Glee Club. Along with the Junior Men's Glee Club, they presented a Homecom- ing "Pops" Concert and gave a Christmas pro- gram at Chanute Air Force Base. The Womens Glee Club ioined with the Choir and the Men's Gloe Club for a Christmas Concert on December I2. "St, Matthew's Passion," by Bach, was presented in the spring by the Ora- torio Society. UNIVERSITY CHCIR Sopranos: Mary Collins, Andrea Hansen, Mariorie Howard, Marianne Ivey, Erncstine Lawler, Jewettc Reynolds, Wilma Stack, Mariorie Stuclae, Dc-loses U"':'ele, Phoebe Varvayn, Jo Bellmar, Frances Cox, Rachel Day, Bunny Duskin, Carmen Edmundson, Glenda Lichtenberner, Judith Locke, Barbara Nave, Charlotte Pizner, Susan Spahn, Frances Star, Patricia Waller, Gerthalene Hines, Altos: Susan Black, Marna Carr, Gayle Coodin, Paula Gerspacher, Doris Knox, Evelyn Lange, Mary Ann Lilia, Mimi Reznick, Judy Riemenschneider, Barbara Soderberg, Iris Arend, Nancy Arnesen, Reina Cohn, Juanita Follmer, Harriet Godeke, Sally Kietzman, Nancy McCleery, Jantina Noorman, Nanette Swartz, Barbara Zizek. Tenors: Leon Heipol, Bob Rogier, George Sell, Darwood Shiplett, Kermit Breen, Paul Finney, William Graham, Robert Martin, Butch Smith, Robert Stoker, Bernard Van Emden, John Pettit. Basses: Jack Brennan, John Cowen, Paul Edwards, Paul Gaskins, George Mead, John Murphy, Philip Samuelson, Donald Shawl, Lewis Sanger, Fuhrer Dickey, Dunne Cropp, John James, David Larry, John Larson, Donald Moreland, Rudolph Nekovar, David Pease, William Perenchia, Dewayne Richardson, John Rinedollar, Dennis Serdahl Sopranos: Lucile Allen, C. Anderson, Miki Borcheis, Marilyn Boehme, Gloria Breieha, Corinne Burton, Lesha Bellows, Patricia Crummy, V, Carlson, Janice Dattilo, Sopr Haller, Audrey , Inna Priede, . Auben, Jean Phyllis Bleck, Hoge, Martha Alta Mitchell, Jean Smoots, Priscilla Dettrnar, Johnnita Daniels, Joan Dvorchals, Joan Eaton, Marianne Fry, Jeir Gage, Patricia Giller, Anna Gillespie, Katy Heitkotter, Elynor Holland, Joanne Hissong, Joanne Hoover, Gretchan Johnson, June Kurz, Virginia Lange, Sue Moss, Patricia Naidert, Joan Paulin, Janet Penneman Patricia Plummer, Virginia Quaife, Nada Rowland, Jean Ruston, Barbara Shellgrew, Shirley Temple, Lea Thompson, Sally Thompson, Marylynn St Simon, Marilyn Waters, Bonnie Wahlstrom, Joan Weaver, Nancy Womeldarf-F. Altos: Elizabeth Allen, Barbara Bales, Enid Ball, Vivian Beneditti, Luella Broaddus, Agnes Bures, Celia Davidson, Sandra Edelman, Elizabeth Edwards, Kay Ent, Dora Fisble, Judith Friedman, Dolores Gubser, Judith l-larnbrick, Shirley Hunter, Joan Johnson, Margaret Kelly, Lucretia Kolanczyk, Ruth Leachrnan, Elizabeth Learner, Mary Mangeooang, Carolyn Mitchell, Elaine Oderkirk, Margaret Ober:an, Marcia Painter, Gail Perry, Joyce Pisor, Patricia Reis, Lucretia Robinson, Lola Sanner, Janet Skiles, Marion SoFter, Virginia True, Sandra Teokert, Lavon Sprath, Joan Stallings, Ravae Sharp, Suzanne Shaw, Barbara Stevens, Barbara Wescott, Carol Wroblewski, Ruth Wulfi, Carol Zuckerberg. Tenors: Dan Butterfield, Carl Biel, Donald Cizek, Roger Crawford, Roger Evans, Philip Giambri, Thomas Gauger, Gerald Hansen, George James, Paul Joiner, K. Kay, Barbara Lee, L. Leighton, Arthur McCoy-Rutgers, Charles Klindera, Paul Sutton, Leonard Poppratte, Elvin Warrick, George Belfi, Jay Allen. Basses: Neil Arends, Bruce Barkley, Jay Becker, Uldis Blukis, Patrick Collins, Dwayne Denhart, Roland Dick, Robert Facka, George Green, Uri Groneman, Harold Harris, Al Hecht, John Johnson, Kenneth Kani, Leonard Levy, Roger Marquard, William Mavheny, Joseph Miller, R. Norton, Henry O'Neill, Robert Plagge, Joe Rice, Wallace Riley, Myke Rogers, Steve Schatz, Jack Ruina, Joe Schwaegel, Edward Schwartz, John Schwegler, William Salter, William Sorgatz, John Swanson, Joel Thrawl, John Winking, Willis Umheet, Dick Worthington, B. Schertzer. UNIV RSITY CHCRLJS GRATCJRICD SOCIETY anos: Jo Bellmar, Florence Brown, Frances Cox, Dorothy Dyle, Rachel Day, Janette Dillavaus, Bunny Duskin, Carmen Edmundzon, Harriet Godeke, Joyce Hilden- brand, Mariorie Howard, Annabelle Hubbard, Marianne lvey, Ernie Jawler, Elaine Pizner, Mary Roberts, Shirley Ross, Dolores Uebele, Patricia Waller, Barbara Zander, Mariorie Stucke, Marika Adam, Margaret Brengle, Maryella Collins, Constance Curtin, Pearl Helms, Glenda Lichtenberger, Judy Locke, Barbara None, Mary Rausch, Jeanne Redems, Flay Rowland, Norma Schroeder, Wilma Stack, Frances Staff, Phoebe VanVayn, Elizabeth Daysdale. Altos: Linda Allen, Gayle Gcodin, Elaine Hall, Diane Haskell, Gerthalene Hines, Martha Johnson, Peggy Larowe, Jean Lokke, Nancy McCleery, Jantina Noorman, Mimi Reznick, Judy Riemen- schneider, Lorraine Robe, Barbara Soderburg, Susan Spahn, Nanette Swartz, Phyllis Thompson, Doris Vogt, Barbara Zizek, Carol Zuckerberg, Iris Arend, Nancy Arnesen, Katherine Belleft, Susan Black, Beverly Bouwsma, Jacqueline Breen, Lois Brighton, Norma Brooks, Mama Carr, Reina Cohn, Wanita Follmer, Paula Gers- pacher, Roberta Hickman, Edith Jones, Sally Kietzman, Doris Knox, Jean Krause, Maryann Lilie, Myra Lytle, Barbara McCrimmon, Virginia Sargent, Betty Shull, Katharine Weller, Carol Marling, Betty Tankwich. Tenors: Kermit Breen, Willis Cupery, James Douglass, William Graham, Jim Keehner, Richard Krause, Charles Manske, Robert Milliken, John Pettit, Wesley Sell, Joseph Shiplett, Fred Kahout, Rhan Stan, Carl Drumheller, Clark Findley, James Florini, David Fricker, Donald Fricker, Edward Lantz, Leighton Lindquist, Clinton Nelson, Robert Rogier, Rudolph Schattke, Robert Stoker, Bernard Vanemden, Robert Wilhoit, Franklin Williams, Joe Fritchle, Paul Finney, Ermett Mueller, E, Spieglemann, Phranc Wilyoms. Basses: Richard Anderson, Clyde Barth, John Campbell, James Celaries, Rudolf Frasca, John Hill, William Jennings, Lowell Kelly, Robert Kadder, William Kreuger, Robert Samm, William Mavity, William Quinn, Dwayne Richardson, George Swift, Bertram William, Phillip Wintergust, Peter Yankwich, Ronald Crowell, Paul Geskins, James Albright, Charles Bednar, Paul Edwards, Larry Hill, James Holt, Stuart Langdon, John Larson, Humbert Lucarelli, George Mead, Don Moreland, David Pease, Dana Pratt, Michael Rogers, Philip Samuelson, John Voelpel, Don snow.. ---.....,,,..a -WS, ' , V V H .6 , -, ' Y , " ' ,. C -,,.Ms., ..,o..s......,W,,N W, M,,,,,-gmguwgr, ,W K M,,,,,H,,,W,,M,,,, WW. K I g A , L rr' - r it ffl J . t J , -' , ,Yr I X K .V 4 V 7, V W, b r e ,rgi,,i,,. K f,,,,r!,t,,:ri,1,.,. , L 5 A . 7, 1, wma 3l,.q r M" s.sL.,rrs , ,r r 'A ,gr First Sopranos: Mary Boss, Lillian Balozs, Vivian Carlson, Judith Gates, Janet Grill, Kathryn Gronberg, Annette Gulder, Nancy Hanks, Nathalie Irwin, Suzanne Kaye, Beverly Lee, Elaine Melcher, Hazel Mendenhall, Nancy Richburg, Janet Turney, Emily Valentine, Saundro Wilcox, Sandro Kent Second Sopranos: Karen Brown, Joan Dvorchok, Mary Even, Mary Gibson, Donna Hawks, Jean Holdermon, Louise Knight, Mariann Nolta, Virginia Quaife, Nada Rowand, Sherry Rossiter, Patricia Schnulle, Norma Schroeder, Doris Vonis, Penny Walker, Karol Weihl, Joyce Weissman, Carol Whitlock, Lois Hexdall, Donna Kreiter, Norma Linkow, Colleen Patton, Marge Work First Altos: Harriett Harmstrong, Karen Biddle, Margaret Borchers, Rachelle Goldberger, Jane Greene, Betty Hoffman, Jean Kruase, Carol McCrodie, Judy MacCorquo- dale, Virginia Minnie, Molka Mirvis, Mariorie Nelson, Carol Scheibe, Karen Vaupel, Marcia Zipay, Carol Zuckerberg Second Altos: Lindo Allen, Archalene Amos, Jane Corrigan, Carol Grady, Sally Johnson, Dorothy Kehart, Sondra Layton, Jacqueline Leddy, Jean Schroth, Nancy Schmidt, Barbara Shillond, Nancy Smith, Barbara Stevens, Beverly Wright Accompanist: Camilla Lyon WOMENS CE-LEE CLUB JUNIOR lVlEN'S GLEE CLUB Orville Alper, John Bidner, James Bruno, Glen Burger, Alfred Chiprin, William Clark, Jon Culton, Thomas Davis, John Floyd, Gene Fooks, Robert Furry, Charles Gilkey, James Hubbard, Richard Hubert, Gardner Jones, Bradford lngels, Douglas Jackson, Thomas Johnston, Joseph Jones, Jerry King, Harold Klatt, Lawrence Larson, Richard Larson, Raymond Levy, Alvin Linn, Robert Litvan, Lawrence Loew, David McGinty, Richard McGuire, John Morzuke, Robert Metzler, Donald Miller, Ronald Mohr, Charles Moore, Joseph Olinger, Thomas Oliver, Gerald Peterson, Robert Rankine, Donald Rimsnider, Louis Rogers, James Rohl, William Shaffer, Arvin Shaarago, Sheldon Silverman, Philip Smith, James Solomon, William Sommer, Floyd Sours, James Terwilliger, Simeon Trotter, Kermit Wells, Robert Wingard, Gerald Wisner Wi ' ,ip i lst Tenor: Thomas Bone John Bourke, Ronald Carlson, John DeFries, Vernon Eidmon, Donald Fricker, Curtis Gabbard, John Gill, Leon Heiple, Robert McTrusty, Clinton Nelson, Keith Purviance, Robert Rogier, Charles Shutt, Gene Van Winkle, Ronald Walling. 2nd Tenor: Thomas Bonwell, John Brown, Robert Brunsen, John Calkins, Donald Cohan, Richard Duvic, David Fricker, Daniel Fritschle, Franklin Gutowsky, Roger Little, Richard Provines, Karl Putnam, Eddie Smith, James Sokolowski, Robert Staker, James Steider, Paul Swanson, Anthony Thompson, Eugene Urbaniec, Richard Walters, William Weber. lst Bass: James Bartell, Clyde Barth, Ruel Becker, Carl Bornholt, Richard Cowart, Roger Cowen, Eugene Dramm, Donald Drummond, William Ekvall, Richard Gronquist, David Haas, Roger Hoffman, Fred Kohout, John Murphy, Philip Palmer, Arthur Price, Jesse Sommer, Clarence Teagarden, Robert Watts, Jim Whitelaw, Keith Wright. 2nd Bass: Richard Branom, Gene Corley, Fuhrer Dickey, Robert Ellison, James Ferguson, Howard Getz, Burt Grant, John Kemp, Sam Kirk, Bob Kloster, Frank Laraia, John Larson, David Lowy, Robert Martin, Don Mueller, Rudolph Nekovar, Bertil Pearson, Charles Pittman, Ray Richner, Everett Schleter, Dennis Serdahl, John Sharp, Gordon Turnbull, Edmund White, Ronald WisthuH, Russell Youmons NlFN'S GI FF CLUB F iiftgtiimi--if " '- Q, ' - " 4sr-is 155,-.Wt it W T 'R ., Howard Getz senior manager Sam Kirk publicity Clarence Teagarden secretary Roger Little treasurer Dennis Serdahl president Burt Grant rumor manager Not In panel Gordon Turnbull lunlor manager -T15 .. .- . -Q : tyflse "-7'- , of gogt, ii, E 5 55 Q il JE- l fr , 4 X Derry Deane, John Wehlan, Robert King, Dwight Dyer, Joel Gimpel, Sanford Reuning, Margaret Kelly, Nancy Selle, Lucretia Kolanczyk, Gertrude Ulbrich, Harriett Arndt, John Wirtz, Julia Deskins, Lawrence Smith, Stuart Langdon, Ann Winters, Joyce Putnam, Audrey Schulz, Grace Beckett, Myron McLain, John Shroyer, George Honig, Assar Zaky, Janis O'Dell, Joseph Ceo, Lynne Belville, Florence Bergathon, Dorothy Arndt, Royce Koors, Janet Schulte, Martha Parker, Faye Gill, Rosalind Davidson, Roberta Rezits, Joan Mcletchie, Jerry Gold, Camilla Lyon, Elsie Krumpe, Elizabeth Dillon, Julie Wells, Berenice Anner, David Hamilton, William Tisdall, Edith Brockman, Carolyn Mitchell, Barbara Wescott, Elaine Pohl, Mariorie Nelson, Joyce Adler, Stephen Allfree, Arthur Stone, Myra Bloxom, Beniamin Williams, Alice Mahler, Carolyn Hauptman, Humbert Lucarelli, Dave Ernest, Sandra Zartman, William Huntington, David Welker, James Fleisher, Howard Wasserman, Harold Greinke, Richard Boerlin, Joe Buchanan, Carolyn Foy, Wayne Phillips, Martin Tiersky, Ted Thayer, Richard Suddendort, Richard Tolley, Glenn Mortenson, Jacauelyn Brown, lloyd Farrar, Richard Bilderback, Gordon Palmer, James Ferguson, Albert Payson, William Olson, Warren Smith, Thomas Siwe, Marlene Shepard SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra ranks with the best college and university orchestras in the country. The members of this group are students as well as townspeople and faculty members of the University. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each year for those who are interested in is iff! becoming members. L H Throughout the year, the orchestra presents various con- f wmv, certs for the benefit of the people. lt includes in its programs contemporary as well as classical works. Making up the orcl1estra's many activities are out-ot- town concerts, a performance during the Contemporary Arts Festival and other performances on special week-ends. Twice a year all the choral groups perform together. Bernard Goodman, conductor T04 ,,- ,ggw . ass Mark Hindsley directs the University ot lllinois Concert Band, the most advanced of the three bands. lts members are those who have attained the highest level of technical proficiency, and are selected from new students by try-outs and from the ranks of the Regimental Bands, which serve as a training ground for the Concert Band. One hundred twenty- five musicians comprised this year's roster. The band participates in the University Band Clinic and presents an Anniversary Concert each year. ln coniunction with the Regimental Bands, it helps present the Twilight Concert series played on the Auditorium steps each week during the spring. Everett Kisinger and Guy Duker are assist- ant directors. Mark Hindsley, director Clari CCDNCERT BAND nets: William Huntington, Austin McDowell, James Fleisher, Roy Johnson, David Welker, Bennett Reimer, Howard Wasserman, Kenneth Snyder, Judith Turner, Robert Bradbury, John Winking, Richard Provines, Mary Rosborough, Emerson Shultz, Joseph Lenart, Leonard Behling, Audrey Rezits, Glenn Anderson, Paul Pizner, John Foster, Donald Reichel, Ronald Lee, Richard Dellert, Warren Cndstad, Richard Larson, Frank Lescher, David Dobberman, Ralph Ashcroft, Marian Sotter. Bass Clarinets: Richard Worthington, Eugene Urbaniec, Roger Hull, George Foster, Robert Wall, John Henry. Contrahass Clarinetst Richard Hull, Donald Bender, Duane Wickiser. String Basses: Edith Brockman, Audrey Veazie, Grace Sexton, Edward Krolick. Harps: Marlene Shepard, Margaret Griggs. Flutes and Piccolos: Gerald Stone, Jane Rigney, Franklin Williams, Ben Williams, Barbara Brown, Glen Riggin, Joan Berkowitz, Carol Michael, Glenda Lichtenberger, Ruth Moyle, Virginia Blevins, Luella Broaddus, Dorothy Arndt, Faith Roubik Robert Resek. Oboes and English Horns: Carolyn Hauptman, Herbert Kuehne, Sandra Zartman, Hubert Lucarelli. Bassoons and Contrabassoons: Harold Greinke, Jackson Root, Gerald Burakoi, Iva Eadie, Lynn Horton, Sandra Beushausen, Helen Nichols. Saxophones: James Cobb, Ervin Schawacker, Barbara Zander, Herbert Bayley. French Horns: Joseph Buchanan, Wayne Phillips, Edwin Thayer, Martin Tiersky, Roy Cousins, Carolyn Foy, Richard Cowart, Donald Filzen, Elwood Willey. Comets: Jacouelyn Brown, Richard Tolley, George Reynolds, Robert Meridith, Robert Morrow, Angelo Cucci, Thomas Prickett, Glenn Mortensen, Paul Rossok, Joseph Andronowitz, Mitchell Bender. Trumpets: Richard Suddendorf, Haskell Sexton, Gerald Anderson, Donald Fatheree. Trombonesz Lloyd Farrar, Gordon Palmer, David Pierce, Dennis Galle, Ronald Slonneger, Richard Bilder- back, Oliver Dubre, Walter Ross. Baritones: Sally Pierce, James Blood, Charles Runyon, Roger Fitz-Gerald, Mark Foutch, Rex Crago. Tubas: Myron McLain, Douglas Kline, Leroy Tungett, William Phillips, Harvey Davis, Robert Kelley. Timpani: Albert Payson. Percussion: Mervin Britton, Paul Price, William Olson, Thomas Siwe, Fred Schon, Dennis Thompson r Clarinets: David Albert, John Beaty, Phillip Davis, Bernard Burnett, Howard Gerber, Ronald Griesheimer, Martha Hoerdl, David Kocher, Fred McCullough, Phillip Miller, Alan Olson, Joe Rice, Allen Robin, Leonard Schaider, Wallace Schrath Jessi Sommer, Howard Vandenhurgh, Frank Underwood, Steve Wuntzke, Roger Derby, Howard Leftwich, Harold Lewis, Claude Lintord, Richard Michael, Gerald Monroe Bass Clarinets: Ralph Getz, Norman Thorpe, Robert Wilson Flutes: Shirley Berfield, Beverly Blacksher, James Erkman, Suzanne Kaye, Keith Prater, Karen Reeder, William Sommer, Loretta Nagel Oboes: Thomas Bonwell, Richard Claywell, William Hyde, Joan Patton Bassoons: John Hall, James McComb, Martin Robertson, Carl Shook Saxaphones: Robert Butkus, Charles Dixon, Richard Gronquist, Marshall Harris, Kenneth Kay, Jerry L, Kermicle, Edward Paul French Horns: Nancy Smith, Kenneth Wagner, Ted Abrens, Richard McConnell, Phillip Palmer, Robert Rogers Cornets: Merle Bengston, Phyllis Blech, Donald Dean, Warren James, Robert Watts Trombones: Donald Deditius, Robert Ellison, Joe Gitfin, Larry Hill, John Hodsan, Sam Kirk, John Morgan, Sheldon Rosenberg Trumpets: Howard Carson, James Douglass, Lloyd Fox, Jim Follenshee, Frank Heckler, Billy Link, Milton Okeon, Daniel Rees, Harold Robertson, Roger Wegehenkel Baritones: Richard Angus, James Finley, Paul Kermicle, Claude Land, Robert Munneke Tubas: William Klaproth Sousaphones: Charles Wolfe Percussionsr Julian Bockserrnan, Quinton Bowles, Charles Bradkorb, Allan Kleinbeck, Geraldine Kruger, Marcia Painter, Arthur Price, Richard Snyder, Warren Smith FIRST REG-IM ENTAI. BAND The First Regimental Band, with a membership ot lOO, is conducted by Everett Kisinger. The band serves to prepare musicians tor membership in the Concert Band. Not restricted to music school students, the band members represent every college and school in the University. The band's activities are somewhat curtailed until Decem- ber, since many ot its members are in the Football Marching Band, which is active throughout the football season. On January l3, they participated in the Music Festival, and joined with the other bands after Easter in presenting the Twilight Concert Series. The Regimental Bands performed at the Honors Day Revue, Mothers Day ceremonies, and Commencement. Their annual teature concert was presented in March. I Everett Kisinger, director R , X W LJ. 07 f Z rr The Second Regimental Band, also directed by Everett Kisinger, is divided into two groups. Band A includes 92 members, Band B is comprised of 47 members. The two groups form a beginning from which musicians can advance to the First Regimental Band and to the Concert Band. This year's membership was considerably enlarged from that ot previous years. The Second Regimental Bands furnished music for the football pep rallies and other group programs such as the Veterans Day presentation. They ioin with the other band in presenting the Twilight Concert Series in the spring. SECQND T EGIMENTAI. BAND Band A+Clarinets: Robert Bailey, Edgar Barnes, James Campbell, Harold Collins, Haroli Drubin, Diane Deeg, Warren English, Shelby Feinerman, Ronald Ferguson, Harold Jatile, Joseph James, Gordon Johns, Ann Loane, Shirley Melms, Donald Millman, Dale Noble, Leonard Papproth, Charles Reed, Philip Samuelson, Wilbur Shebeck, Lawrence Smith, Phyllis Swanson, William Tschudy, Richard Yark, William Zartman Comets: Ronald Bates, Richard Dannells, Richard Hubert, Richard Husman, Philip Lambdin, Donald Keim, Richard Stone Basses: Robert Fisher, Richard Reichelt Baritones. Robert Bereman, Bernadine Bernhardt, Edith Pes- chang, Lewis Sanger, William Yerkes, John Young Oboes: Carolin Connell, Ceorge Gerhoid, Mariorie Moss French Horns: Richard Adams, Gerald Embry, Robert McCullough, George Mead Saxoohones: John Doalin, Barbara Grammer, John Herschelman, Richard Hotzlman, Jim Keehner, Paul Steinberg Trombones: Louis Antonelli, Robert Bertoni, Richard Cridlehaugh, William Edwards, Lano Frank, David Kamm, Neil McDonald, Richard Peterson, Stephen Trelease, Robert Vandervoort Trumpets: Howard Ackerman, Mitchell Bass, Thomas Bertalino, Gerald Brown, Gerald Eisenstein, Edwin Finch, Max Finkel, Gerald Maki, Matther Napoli, Donald Shawl, William Sorgatz, James Swan, Richard Swift, John Vilven Flutes: Shirley Baumann, Fred Luscombe, Carol Marling, Patricia Plummer, John Westall Tubas: Joseph Conover, Arthur Grommer Drummers: Seth Davis Percussion: Clair Davies, Arlene DePesa, Thomas Gauger, Kenneth Gronert, Lloyd Lowder, John Lytle, David Weaver Sousaphones: Gilbert Fink Band B-Baritones: Frank Allen, David Fritschle, Lowell Golden Comets: Jon Erickson, Joseph Kennell, John Morse, William Parker Saxophones: Allen Cassens, James Edens, Theodore Griffins, Art Karwacki, Roger Oberndorf, Donna Rudig Percussions: Paul Blonke, Herbert Langendorlif, Alfred Niederman, Rex Reed, Winfield Scott, Richard Siegle, John Vandyke French Horns: Jim Albright, Neil Arends Tubas: Gary Wieting, George Honig Trumpets: Edwin Fuller, Richard Glassey, Russell Hanna, Lloyd Heisler, John lppensen, Edward Nagel, Charles Romser, Thomas Rothget, Donald Schatz, Richard Smith, William Steinohrt Trombones: Margaret Keramen, Charles Laihle, Donald Rimsnider, Wilfred Robinson, Joe Schwaegel, Kenneth Tenny, Gerald Boss Sousaphones: Richard JolliFf ,W " , A ririr wr Q-' J fi lieu! ?'tJ,r'7W"4'f5P'1?iv' 7' Chief llliniwek, Gaylord Spotts FOOTBALL The University of Illinois Marching Band, with a roster of l9O members, thrilled football fans with over fifty pre-game and half-time formations this year. Among the highlights was a sequence of formations honoring John Phillip Sousa, first spelling out SOUSA, then illustrat- ing several of his marches, including Sabre and Spurs, Northern Pines, and George Washington Bicentennial. At the Ohio State game, the band saluted the l-Men with a winged foot, then with moving formations kicking a football and throwing a basketball. w .am -sms:-fmuuxm..m4s:aanu'a1nexsm ammzfsmfmzamslmsmxwwcmihwsfsii . - , . . , L a . . . K . 1 Y , n j' -4 " fel wwe, ,S .T w . ' 7 1 l i , R.. 4 W , W ,. ,L W. q- ,, 1v..,M , R - .1 , v. ...", .M ' 'Z 'Y 4 s " . ,. ..,,- 'Z.:.:.,.: .' i ' "" isfti . , w r A- -' -W . 1 m H A W. L1,iil,k.,5.5, , , ,s ,,,H, ,.., y ,X , , -. ll., . - - - .. ., - as t'li- ift ""f' g Tiff' ' 1 5152? ,ISV " Vg? fl , ,.,. , ,M . A - we-V' j,f2ff, j 1 5, 1: , :f"jgfif,. 'fs -at 2219 .,.s2'is' sf' 'vi-'iii I Zdsfrnzlf "-wf'l.?, z,5. ,,2f'fa1,sV U .M QVQL, 7 sqgkisj :,3kCqV,M, -f5Q:::1w,- ,j,: sacks-z.1"1f xTf1fY"fZtA.-SNL,:'V':?sflzTfi,, fiwagw.?,4z..s,sim.-rsa:4::.x1ws:,.: f-,.gs,,5.,,,Lf,,wi 51-jfdf bf-xi:-H -::.-Qi-.v,,.'f:3 1-1,i:,'bj.w.1w,-,: . s- g'rwf- ,ev fs s,-:aff ,ia- i nf., 1- ,. 6. A SHP ta-ftggu All ,.,.,. , ,, .. A L., V, H . ,. ,gg its-:,ser:.:5::f3:,,.:',- 2 , V f':,3,'g,f,:: .' ' W V 2 I L -A , - , :x..,,..,., I, , A 5 f up ' Zfiisif' v U Us N','Y'r'E"f":'..-irwuu::s-r.fHf-f- ' D ',.-qzgwrt-1, mfa':'::i9 " ni 7 im' NIARCHING BAND The portrayal of "what we like best from Dad" lSSSl received many chuckles at the Syracuse-Dads Day game. Eagerly awaited each game was the performance of Chief llliniwek, Gaylord Spotts. The band was ably led by drum major Paul Rossock. Each year, the band journeys to one out-of-town foot- ball game. On October l5, they boarded a special train for the trip to the University of Minnesota, where they gave one of their finest performances. O Stanford Gloss, president The Student Senate, the official representa- tive body of the students, is composed of thirty-eight members. Twenty-four of these are elected by the student body and fourteen ex-officio members represent various activities and housing groups. The most important pur- pose of this group is to promote the general policy making authority over student affairs with the Committee on Student Affairs. Any student on campus may attend a Sen- ate meeting, voice opinions concerning the business at hand, or present and support a legislation. A special branch of the Student Senate is Freshman Council, which is made up of a group of students. This group helps freshmen with any problems which they may have. STUDENT SENATE Top row: David Gray, Bruce Barkley, Robert Jacobson, Betty Priggie, Delores Hughes, Herbert Hudson, Roger Baskes, Jennis Bapst, Phyllis Hasse, Joyce Chal- craft, Bruce Bower, Sherle Olson, Prof. Karl Gardner, Lynn Bryant, Halbert Gilley, Margaret Lynett, Prof. Valentine Jobst Second row: William Graham, Diane Prentiss, Phyllis Hiob, Stanford Glass, Ann: Davis, Ann Litherland Bottom row: Richard Branom, Robert Emmons, Thomas Ainsley, Merle Miller, William Yeager, Edward Levin, Charles Finn T i W . - V J. 1 swam:-,mM..,x,.mM, he.-ww ,,,mmw W wum1rnm ww , 'luv H1 X' Freshman Council-Top raw: Fernando Whorton, Richard McEIhiney, Noel Biery, William Farsyfh, John Jenkins, Kennefh Johnson Second row: Barbara Fowler, Sara Mitchener, Maurice Pickard, vice president- Jame S I 'd - I Wessmun, Barton Ladd Bnffom row: Barbara Dixon, Norma Lyss, Constance Evans, Sharon Dexfer rf 'E g., ..- fr. ,N dry f , if Q YS! Q , s oomon, pres: enf, Mar ene Beck, secretary-ireosurer, Lowry Bayley, Calvin agp' ,ww .ns 4-,E-gn .f x f f -If 'lr- eo- YJ Top row Bottom ro The Co-ordination Committee was set up to prevent unnecessary conflict and compe- tition between the programs and events spon- sored by various student organizations. Among their responsibilities is included the consideration of student petitions and the scheduling of a time and location for student- sponsored programs. They are also responsi- ble for compiling an annual calendar of events, planning the budget for many Univer- sity functions and handling tickets. Organizations which are affected by the Co-ordination Committee are the Illini Board ot Control, University Theater, men's athletics, women's athletics, lllini Union, Concert and Entertainment Board, Campus Chest, Fresh- man Council, and the housing groups. This committee was begun by the Student Senate and it is in its seventh year. CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE The Committee on Student Attairs is a part of the University Senate. The Student Senate appoints nine faculty members to this committee. With the help ot the Senate, it writes the "Code on Student AFFairs" which is a set of regulations concerning the operation of all student organizations. lt serves as an advisory group to the Dean of Students. The major duties of this committee are to prevent outside activities from encroaching on your studies, and to help students main- tain good living conditions. COMMITTEE ON Top row: Jennis Bapst, Prof. Phillip Gorman, Joyce Chalcraft, Stanford Bottom row: Robert Shelton, Prof. Ludwig Audrleth, Dean Edward Staiord, Halbert Gulley i Prof. Karl Gardner, chairman STUDENT AFFAIRS William Grahn A Betty Prigg ngelina Pietrangeli Prof. Karl Gardner, Robert Mitchell, Dean Miriam Shelden, Phyllis Hasse, YI? x ws. Top row: Yvonne Seadin, Bernard Pechter, Susan Olmstead, Margaret Scranton, Marilynn Kelin Second row, Marcia Leuchter, Diantha Spires, Gloria Andrews, Priscilla Perry, Lynn Marchok Bottom row: Arthur Lerner, James Ciarlo, Myron Miller LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES L tacilitates student-taculty relations CCMMERCE COUNCIL provides professional, social, and educational services tor commerce students Top row, Wayne Schneider, Harold Harrigan, Emmerson Cammack, advisor Second row, Bernard Filler, Roger Baskes, Raymond Pitchtord, treasurer, Ross Rolander Bottom row: Jane Solomon, Diane Zaremba, secretary, Joseph Cicero, president, Mary Ann Uffelman Not in panel: Richard Earlix, vice president, Alan Sumberg, Leonard Bettinger, Edward Levin QS? 5 Top row: John Cortland, Dan Dees Bottom row: Vavae Sharp, Frank Thorp Not in panel: Charles Andrews, Herbert Farber, Dean Vern Hampton, Lyle Dahlenburg, Dean Fred Turner STUDENT ORGANIZATION FUND controls funds of 200 student organizations ENGINEERING CCDUNCIL promotes closer cooperation among the various engineering societies Top row: John Replogle, Robert Bucksat, William Mebes, Donald Baumgartner, James Smith, Charles McDonough, Richard Stern, Edwin Jackson, Robert Rohde, Jerome Rachner, Walter Rehm Bottom row, Raymond Allen, recording secretary, Howard Hadler, corresponding secretary, Richard Bemis, Engineering Open House chairman, Keith Yarborough, president, James Briggs, St. Pat's Ball chairman, Howard Wakeland, faculty advisor, Robert Bohl, faculty advisor, Stephen Trelease, Edward Rzewnicki, Fred Snyder PANHELLENIC CCUNCIL Panhellenic is the governing and policy-mok- ing body of all the sororities at the University of Illinois. lt strives to bring about a closer friendship between sororities and also between the sororities and independent associations. lt works to further high intellectual accomplish- ment and create sound scholarship among its members. Panhellenic activities include the Fall Scholar- ship dessert and the Spring banquet, when indi- vidual and house scholarship is honored. The council also sponsors the Pledge banquet every fall. One of the biggest events of the school Gail Furnall, president year is the annual Panhellenic ball which the council presents in the fall. The governing bodies of Panhellenic are the Presidents' Council and the Executive Committee, the latter of which includes council officers, a faculty advisor, and fourteen departmental and iunior departmental chairmen. These depart- ments are social, scholarship, rushing, pledge, activity, public relations, Shi-Ai, and senate. Junior Panhellenic consists of all sorority pledges. The organization and purpose of Junior Panhellenic is patterned after that of Panhellenic itself. Panhellenic Executive Committee-Top row, Suzanne Cuthbert, Kappa Alpha Theta, senior rushing chairman, Katherine Stobbs, Alpha Omicron Pi, public relations, Dolores Brence, Alpha Chi Omega, iunior pledge chairman, Mary Werner, Delta Gamma, senior activities chairman, Joan Groth, Pi Beta Phi, iunior activities chairman, Virginia Thompson, Kappa Alpha Theta, Shi-Ai president, Enid Weinstein, Sigma Delta Tau, senate representative, Rosalie Librach, Sigma Delta Tau, iunior scholarship chairman Second row, Terryl Delong, Kappa Delta, senior pledge chairman, Betty Purnell, Gamma Phi Beta, senior social chairman, Barbara Baxter, Delta Gamma, senior scholarship chairman, Carol Schaefer, Zeta Tau Alpha, Shi-Ai sing chairman: Janet Jones, Zeta Tau Alpha, iunior rush chairman Bottom row: Patricia Cross, advisor, Elizabeth Yanson, Gamma Phi Beta, secretary, Phyllis Hasse, Alpha Chi Omega, vice president, Gail Furnall, Pi Beta Phi, president, Margaret Remacle, Alpha Chi Omega, treasurer i..'s1"N Panhellenic Presidents' Council-Top row: Margaret Pool, Pi Beta Phi, Marion Achor, Kay Stobbs, Alpha Omicran Pi, Joan Berkey, Alpha Delta Pi, Jane Sweidal, Delta DeLong, Kappa Delta, Marilyn Andrews, Chi Omega Second row: Joanne Miller, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Mary Jane Gibson, Theta Upsilon, Epsilon Phi, Dolores Reizner, Iota Alpha Pi, Marietta Brothers, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Gamma Delta Bottom row: Joan Lundstrom, Delta Gamma, Donna Wilson, Kappa Alpha Theta, Eli dent, Phyllis Hasse, Alpha Chi Omega, vice president, Jackie Remacle, Alpha Ch Nat in panel: Sirella Schwartz, Delta Phi Epsilon, Jo Ann Scraggins, Alpha Xi Del Alpha Phi, Mary House, Delta Delta Delta, Nina Temple, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Zeta, Eleanor Laureys, Pi Kappa Sigma, Phyllis Birtwell, Sigma Kappa, Terryl Enid Weinstein, Sigma Delta Tau, Dorothy House, Phi Mu, Joan Drucker, Alpha Geri Ryndale, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ann Barnett, Phi Sigma Sigma, Margie Bezio, zabeth Yanson, Gamma Phi Beta, secretary, Gail Furnall, Pi Beta Phi, presi- i Omega, treasurer, Lucille Higgins, Delta Sigma Theta td Junior Panhellenic-Top row: Sara Vaughn, Nancy Schrader, Martha Ruvel, Iris Altschuler, Nancy Carlson, Mary Beth Sawyer, Terry Butler Second row: Carolyn Snader, Kay Reeves, Gloria Hemker, Johanna Madigan, Carolyn Biggs, Joan Dunbar, Joyce Cohn, Sally Johnson, Janice O'Dell Bottom row: Janet Parker, Christine Muse, Susan Woods, Darlene George, chairman, Francine Jaffe, Bernie Boyer, Mary Reed, Diane Martin Nat in panel: Janet Brakensick, Joan Proudy, Ina Scheckman, Jane Lombard 117 VWDMENEHSRCUP SYSTEM The Women's Group System is the or- ganization for independent women on the campus. All women living in residence halls and organized houses are voting members of W.G.S. A council of the house presidents of these groups meet to discuss the group's activities, receive announce- ments of campus events, and take back to their houses any questions needing the opinion of the individual members. The ex- ecutive council, made up of officers, maior and district chairmen, and advisors acts as a supervisory and legislative body. The Women's Group System strives to aid independent women, especially freshmen, with their campus problems. lt tries to pro- mote higher scholastic standing, greater activity interest, and a general spirit of co- operation Executive Council-Top row: Bottom row: Charlotte Hoga Q gl! 3,f ' an ,yy Dean Mary Harrison, Marilyn Monne, Gloria A cl Ch n, Carol Firch, Betty Priggie, Virginia Ch h ll Betty Priggie, president The freshman advisor's program in W.G.S. gives assistance to each freshman. In a Freshman Board, composed of a fresh- man girl from each independent house, freshman problems and interests are dis- cussed. W.G.S. sponsors the Watcheka Sing, a Mother's Day luncheon, and teas honoring outstanding scholarship and activities. lt ioins the Men's Independent Association in publishing their own newspaper, the lndee. Clem, Mary Campbell, Lynn Bryant, Audrey Veozie, Ruth Hering Second Council-Top row: Bebe Bowers, Patricia Renken, Marion Knol, Mariorie Headley, Nancy Postlewait, Marcia Leuchter, Eleanor Rollo, Jan Briggs, Lorna Hoge, Beryl Ragins, Margaret Baskey, Toby Nobick, Barbara Leskey Third raw, Laura Rhodes, Pearl Hanebutt, Rita Miller, Geraldine Taymor, Mary Mclnnen, Lillian Jenkins, Noretta Kaertge, Charlene Geminn, Ruth Hortin, Carol Kirkeby, Ruth Shamberg, Carla Smith, Margaret Scranton, Yvonne Berntsen Second row: Jeannine Lobaugh, Renee Freedman, Marilyn Marchok, Mary Vachta, Itoko Katayama, Sandra Epstein, Eileen Golb, Joanne Limestall, Virginia Frank, Vera Shevchuk Bottom row: Anita Simkin, Joyce Totten, Ruth Barkley, Lucille Davidson, Gwen Suckman, Ruth Hering, Beverly Blue Freshman Board-Top row, Jenny Quesnell, Ursula Dayenian, Barbara Fautz, Shirley Kruger, Leah Levin, Edith ZlaskoFt, Jaan Long, Lois Sakelsont, Nancy Neimeier, Dolores Skowron, Donna Lewis, Marcia Zipoy, Bernedine Gernon, Mary Anne Elson Second row, Lieba Beube, Bonnie Silverman, Gloria DiCesare, Marilyn Sherman, Verna Mae Vogt, Sylvia Arakawa, Marnie Meltzer, Pamela Shepherd, Nancy Moore, Barbara Fairbairn, Paula Gerspacher Bottom row: Carolyn Stehrheim, Donna Cottrell, Janet Cisna, Nancy McCleery, president, Carol Sweda, secretaryetreasurer, Mary Lewis, vice president, Kay Ent, program chairman, Sandy Thomas, reporter, Virginia Klatt, Marguerite Jones, Peggy Jo Hann, Joan Hengels ll9 IVIEN'S INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATIGN The University of Illinois Men's Independent Association is the representative body for the independent men on campus. Established and administered by students, it organizes these men and enables them, through united effort, to in- fluence formulation of policies affecting student welfare. The MIA includes and represents all independent men on campus through organiza- tion of all houses with eight or more residents. One representative is sent from each such resi- dence to the MIA Monday Council. This council decides all issues of maior importance and is the policy-making body for the group. The Associa- tion's executive body is the President's Cabinet, and it is composed of officers and committee chairmen. Incentives and opportunities for independents in all fields of student activity are provided by Gordon Cash, president MIA. This body awards trophies for scholastic achievements, aids student participation in sports, and encourages its members to leader- ship in the organization's varied recreational program. The MIA is also an active member of the National Independent Student Association. Cabirjetjjop row: John Kabala, Donald Kaufman, Robert Stephan, Daniel Patterson, Richard Hull, George Foster, Edward Levin, Kenneth Krueger, Bert Wolfe, Allan aco s Bottom row: Adrian Fox, Robert Waltz, treasurer, James Ellingson, vice president, Gordon Cash, president, William Wolfer, secretary, Jennis Bapst, senotorg Richard Hulet, advisor Not in panel: Bruce Barkley, senator Y l.l........J Faculty Advisory Board-Top row: Earl Seyler, Joseph Ewers, Duane Branigan, Calvin Sifterd Bottom row: Charles Bowman, Herbert Farber, Richard Hulet Top row: Robert Stephan, Adrian Fox, Arthur Bell, Donald Taylor, Robert Adelsperger, Lee Vanderhulst, Charles Salesman, David Weaver, Richard Dannells, Donald McMasters, Keith Frey, Robert Cawthon, Maurice Snow, Thomas Leitzen, Paul Mayer, Peter Torchia Third row: Daniel Pattarson, William Ekvall, Gordon Cash, Merlan Johnson, Harold Dean Baker, George Jaeger, Rossell Earnst, Thomas Bear, Charles Foley, Phillip Jones, Richard Hull, Dieter Rodrian, Howard Getz, Willard Parr, Edward Bingley, Theodore Christensen, Robert Overby, Stuart Posselt Second row: James Miller, Ronald Maris, Bernard Friedman, Edward Levin, James Bruno, Ocal Eastham, John Kurzrock, Burton Wolf, John Rapasky, Allan Jacobs, Richard Hulet, advisor, Jennis Boost Bottom row: William Wolfer, secretory, Sam Myers, Donald Kaufman, Roger Funk, John Cobala, Robert Waltz, treasurer, John Curtin, Leland Bergstedt, James Ellingson, vice president, George Fuster, Kenneth Krueger -- . . -+-I J K . " ' 1 a . . W. 1 Q li f' 'K t ' fe.-ff ' 5 , ., , . my :MQ K l 2 121 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The lnterfraternity Council is the gov- erning and supervisory body of all social fraternities at the University. Such current problems as scholarship, activities, house finances, house management, and pledge training are studied by the council. The Council is composed of two chapter representatives from each of the fifty-eight fraternities. It is the largest as well as the oldest such group in the country. Each fra- ternity is represented by a iunior and senior representative. Regular weekly meetings and committee meetings provide the setting for getting acquainted and disseminating constructive ideas for fraternity operation. Various activities may be attributed to the Council through its officers and committees. Thomas Rcwader, president The Council functions are effected by the actions of the following committees: activ- ities, house managers, judicial, pledge training, program, intramurals, and execu- tive. A board composed of three staff frater- nity men, three local fraternity alumni, and the Executive Committee advise this group. The members of this board form the Board of Fraternity Affairs. Supervising the Inter- fraternity Council is the assistant dean of men for fraternities. Executive Committee-T p row: Gordon BI mberg, William Suter, Th T ylor, Robert Jacobson, Robert Hir h Ronald Carlson, Robert Klaus, John Greene Bottom raw: William Faude, treasurer, Howard Neuberg, advisor Th R der president Harvey Greenste ce president, David Peskind, secretary Not in panel: Thomas Dye, William Graham WVU' 3 - it gf- , v Www i 3 Top row: William Peters, Andrew Ekblaw, Howard Gleason, Bruce Barnett, Joseph McCook, John Tingleff, Wayne Schneider, Arthur Kruse, Thomas Stifler, Donald Mahiberg, James Parker Third row: James Dandurand, William Nelson, Ellis Reid, David Landrcm, Robert Gasaway, Claude Teagarden, Fred Noe, Bruce Thomas, James Buckner, Robert Jacobson Second row: Jack Hendryx, Lyle Dahlenburg, Thomas Taylor, Stanley Brandon, Frederick Figge, Ronald Carlson, Edward Peterson Bottom row: Peter Traver, Carl Steiner, Roger Baskes, Salvatore Grisafle, Howard Book, Gene Bergschneider, Anthony Leukas Top row: Lloyd Heisler, Don Zugschwerdt, Richard Peterson, John Wilson, Dana Eastman, Ronald Kraft, Donald Carr, Robert Klous, John Greene, Paul Goldstein Third row: Richard Newberry, Carl Hoftee, James Blakely, Russell McClellan, Charles Hruska, John Greene, Robert Bradbury, John Witt, Robert Renier Second raw: Robert Hirsch, Vance Fraley, Ray Beckman, Robert Shorr, Michael McCroy, Thomas Boyd, William Stocking, George Andreas Bottom row: Sidney Granat, James MocShane, Gordon Bloomberg, Richard Foster, Charles Nagel, William Stewart, David Peskind 4 JUNIOR IF' COUNCIL ln its first year on campus, the Junior lnterfraternity Council had one primary ob- jective: the improvement of pledge classes in the building of character as well as in the strengthening of scholarship. A president, vice-president, secretary- treasurer, and sargeant-at-arms, each with a term of one semester, comprise the core of the governing body. Their iob is to keep the meetings running smoothly, maintain order, iron out financial problems, and see that the committee heads are appointed. Two main events are completely planned by the Junior lnterfraternity Council. One is a dessert, to which an invitation is ex- tended to all fraternity pledges. The other Nl' L, H. Bayley, Jr., president is the Junior lnterfraternity Ball, held in the spring, which is only for pledges. Junior lF started a new proiect this year -the publishing of a newspaper twice a month. ln this newspaper is found informa- tion on fraternities and sororities, pinnings, recent school proiects, IM sports, articles on outstanding students, and news concerning campus events, such as Stunt Show, Spring Carnival, etc. Top row: Robert Moyat, Gay Lloyd Lott, Philip Smith, Milton Kreml, Robert Patton, Robert Heckler, Ronald Houcher, Lowell Mize, William Terry, Arthur Hall, Dennis Schmidt, Charles Fink Fifth row: Richard Harder, Thomas O'Brien, Gene Leighty, Charles Nagle, George Rosen, James Carr, John Hultberg, Jerald Thompson, Ermett Mueller, Bernard Reizner Fourth row: John Blankinship, W. Keith Weinwurm, John Winchell, Norman Wolf, George Farra, Robert Waddick, Richard Bursell Third row: Philip Schulman, Robert Walcott, Charles Evanston, Orville Asper, Burton Reckles, William Gullet, Carl Schlageter Second row: Jerald Friedman, Joseph Salem, Robert Luetie, Richard Gray, Philip Turner, Kenneth McKee, David Simmons, James Ezop, Philip Bisesi Bottom row: James Thomas, George Smith, Edward Belzer, Maurice Pickard, L. H. Bayley, Norman Fombelle, Gene Johnson, Dale Walwark, Robert Hirsch 3 sasrmicsxbg L sl' Top row: Susanne Williams, Robert Kully, Prof. Halbert Gulley, Herman Stelzner, Wayne Brockriede Fourth row: Robert Chambers, Harvey Roth, Monte Viner, Reva Tackel, Carol Scheibe, Harald Grupe, Gerald Wisner, Daniel Pattarson, Alfred Hecht Third row: William Hess, Shirley Sanders, Frank O'Connor, Ralph Hale, Alyce Adesko, Joseph James, Herbert Lassiter, Theodore Elbert, Stanley Barton Second row: Gene Mills, Kathryn Sprague, Richard Reichle, Madonna Miller, Joseph Boianowski, John Bubon, Ellis Reid, James Bowen Bottom row: Thomas Glatter, Carl Steiner, Earl Kesler, David Gray, Nancy Albee, Herbert Hudson, David James, Sam Myers lL.L.lNl FORENSIC ASSCDCIATIGN The Illini Forensic Association is open to any University of lllinois student who is interested in developing his speaking ability through par- ticipation in debate, discussion, and public speaking events. lts program aims not only to improve speaking ability, but also to arouse interest in current events. The association sponsors a weekly Student Forum on station WILL and monthly Parliamen- tary Debates, as well as regular intercollegiate speech events and activities. lt also supplies speakers for demonstration debates and work shops. The membership, chosen by try-outs, is com- posed ot eight varsity and sixteen junior varsity members. An executive council ot students, faculty advised, manages the Association. David Gray, president, Earl Kesler, vice-president, Nancy Albee, secretary-treasurer N-...... Gray .-an-w 'W f--U Varsity Debaters-Top row: Hermann Stelzner, David James, Robert Kully, Carl Steiner, Prof. Halbert Gul ley, Wayne Brockriede Bottom row: Sam Myers, Earl Kesler, Frank O'Conncr, Nancy Albee, Thomas Glatter, David ww i Yu mmm :ZZ ...,,-... X, W mimi ew. 'Bite I M :riff KH- -:isae ., V .Lvl ' ll I . . If - 1 2' : l .hnngll 1, A I .,,::5W.l . Lg: B Q- Lz lgmizaif' If ' W miggigjfrlf '- LITTLE INTER- NATICDNAL HORSE SHOW f.-,. f-R ,, 4 ,M Ns Qi Rcsinc Alexander, Helen Nichols, Kathryn Allen, Kay Bowman queen, Marvha Craft, Joan Lebwick, Carolyn Land C19 saw Commillee-Top row: John Chestnut, Max Fulling, Richard Simms, lrvan Lawler, Carlyle Greafhouse Botlom row: Richard Rayburn, Terry Great house, Emily Beggs, Ira Gardner l F BALL Q g.,?l .YL I ,LQ v fe Q Committee: Richard Wolfe, Thomas Rowoder, John Greene 5 it 2-53 .K -l Phyllis Kennedy, Arlene Freed, Diane Pren- tiss, Margery Burger, lanel Greene, queen: Lura Sutton, Alice Stewart, Jerry Bond, Virginia Thompson ,,, Q' ls. Chivalry was blooming at the ln- terFraternity Ball this year. It was truly a "Night of Knights" as Ralph Flanagan and his Orchestra played against a background of medieval castle walls. The mood was set for the big social event of the spring season. The big moment of the dance came when Janet Greene was crowned Queen of the Ball. Soft music was played by Flanagan as Janet was presented. lt was a beau- tiful sight that could never have been duplicated in medieval days. l27 Committee-Top row: John Hoyt, Frank Geroce, Robert Trumbull d Bottom row: Clare Lueking, Lawrence Chapman, Jerry Bon SENICDR BALL A successful Senior Ball was held this year. For the first time in twenty years, it was moved off campus to the Moose Club. An excellent meal, complete with dinner-hour music, was followed by the dance, in a setting not outdone by the most lav- ish night club. Dick Cisne's music proved to be the most danceable of the year, spiced by a professional comedy act which provided an en- tertaining floor show. 128 PANHELLENIC BALL 5' 3 we Panhel Ball Commiffee-Top row: Paula Miller, Glenda Oranr Botlcm row: Alice Baker, Joan Innis, Serena Leber ' 'XF' S -..A 1' 41? 1 rd 4' wi. K .aa 2 40 ideal Sorority Girls--Top row: Enid Weinsiein, Joan Lundslrom, Marion Acluor, Marilyn Andrews, Diane Zolt, Nina Temple, Elaine Skod- berg, Sue Anderson, Terryl Delcng, Roberla Friedman Second row: Mary House, Mclrgare! Rcmacle, Geraldine Ryndak, Joan Rush, Mary Vibort, Eleanor Laureys, Fay Nichols, Jaan Derkey, Halen Mcfarland Bottom row: Archclene Amos, Phyllis Birlwell, Jane Woelfersheim, Lor- raine Bormcn, Sirellu Schwartz, Jane Pomerenke, Winifrcd Phillips 129 k , 1 XE 'fa gb: Q 0 41' ik X K4 A Y F X xztv 3 V5 57 an Nic. 6,6 Na I ,j ' W - f 'K ' fn "9 3? C jg ASR xy 75 F1553 3 Q Ak 'US 9? i?,3q xx I i N N ORGANIZATICDNS ef' 'og 'C 35551 i A QRX . S . ' Q EI L R-J Cp N2 '3 u or ,Q 'B N A , V, K , X I Q 4 Y HONORARIES Students who are outstanding in their fields or who have maintained high scholarship make up the University honoraries. Scholastic attain- ments, like interests, and notable achievements in their fields are the common qualities of the members. The goals of the honoraries are to promote scholarship, cooperation, friendship, and achievement, and to encourage leadership, service, research, greater understanding of the subject, and high professional ideals. While many of these societies are chapters of national organizations, others have sprung up from within the University itself to fill the needs of the student. Closer social and professional companionship and fuller development of character csnol person- ality are by-products of these brotherhoodslof common achievement. They provide their mem- bers with a chance to experiment in the practical application in their future professions, as well as offering an opportunity for exchanging new ideas with others of common interests. furthers the interest of women in architecture and allied arts Top raw: Barbara Standard, Kira Krock, Ruth Hook, Joann Wahl, Nancy Wear, Nancy Moore, Cira Torruellas Second row: Gail Buckmastcr, president, Grace Wilsan, advisor, Anna Mae Bozis, vice president Bottom row: Jolene Winsauer, secretary-treasurer, Catherine Cho, Judith Klepinger, Joan Englis No' in panel: Joan Sides, Joan Cl-iapin, louise Wcodroofe, Marlene Kucera, Sinee Sinadyodharaks w G57 A clock surrounded by a date book cmd wings signifies fleeting time, efficiency, friendship, and Alpha Chron. Alpha Chron recognizes independent sophomore women who have done outstanding work in house and campus activities during their freshman year, and have attained a grade average of at least 3.5. The purposes of Alpha Chron are to en- courage further work in campus activities, to promote a truer friendship among mem- bers as well as among other students, and to engage in programs which will stimulate leadership among members and other stu- dents. Alpha Chron members serve as ushers for Dads Day Review and as hostesses at the Women's Group System scholarship tea. They also sponsor Watcheka Sing, the inde- pendent women's sing given during Mothers Day Weekend. Dean Mary Harrison, advisor, Yvonne Seodin, treasurer, Carol Firch, vice president Charrnian Clem, secretary, Lynn Bryant, president Not in panel: Pearl Hanebutt, student advisor ALPHA CHRON Top row: lma Bassler, Ruth Barkley, Audrey Veazie, Ruth Behrends, Iris Garland, Mariorie Stucke, Barbara Boyd, Donna Hawks Second row: Alice Beling, Margaret Boswell, Barbara Goldman, Helen White, Alice Mayer, Ann Wolfenstein, Barbara Zixek, Martha Massie Bottom row: Joanne Helms, Pamela Gillespie, Dorothy Kramer, Ravae Sharp, Elizabeth Hoff, Janene Johnson, Ruth Stapels Not in panel: Naomi Utschen .6 1. 539133 1 -. . 3.-Q-,I ,gh i ,si M, -N-4-sw.: ..,. , .. Q P 4552:--11' , ,. o lsgefv BQ: to K 3 t g l , 2. jfs,-'zllmf t-,fr ..:. ,, .wmv , - l f x If ,Ars Q. fm Top row: John Hoyt, treasurer, Robert Trumbull, president, Louis Baier, vice president, Robert Stephan, secretary, John Maguire Bottom row: Hugh Sargent, Leslie McClure, Allen Brown, Richard Gentry, Lawrence Chapman, Frank Senger Not in panel: Jordon Sachs, Albert Ellis, Mike Stillermonn, Melvin Jacobs, Charles Sandage D promotes campus advertising proiects associates aviation students with leaders and executives in the industry Top row: Richard Klick, Reggie Rasner, James Vliet, Kenneth Newstrom, Edward Cushman, advisory Jesse Stonecipher Second row: Santo Giuffre, Claude Kellogg, Ralph Nelson, Wendell Williams, Derrence Smaage, James Richardson Bottom row: Farrel Rasner, Stephen Kolish, Ronald Saucier, historian, Frederick Bagley, president, John Schoppman, vice president, Sam Mantellos, John Mylin, advisor 7 ' A-'I Li., 4 tw yr Top row: Edward Bollomley, William Faude, Paul Yahner, Rolf Cedorwall, Sfclnley Palrilla Second row: Prof, Robert Mehr, Robert Pahon, James Smokorske, Richard Helfrich , John Furman Bottom row: James Dandurand, master of rituals, Franklin Heurich, secretary, Arlh ur Hollz, presidenl, Charles Schuliz, vice presidenlg James Traube, lreasurer Not in panel: Prof, Paul Van Arsdell, depuly councilor, William Blair, John Carll and, David Ferris, Walter Gabeharf, Donald Seifferih, Robert Thorpe furlhers +he in+eres+ in and l'he clevelopmenl' of commerce honors women in physical educa+ion Top row: Marilyn Guslafson, presidenlp Margaret Scranfon, vice presidenl, Ruth Wylie, secrelary-freasurerg Nancy Berquisl, Marylcu McGowan Baflam row: Belly Webb, Shirley Searcy, Jane? Moeller, Sherle Olson Alpha Lambda Delta is the freshman W women's scholastic honorary, founded at the University of Illinois in i924 by the Dean of Women, Miss Maria Leonard. To- day this national organization has 73 ac- tive chapters. To be eligible for membership, the stu- dent must attain an average of 4.5 during her first semester while carrying 15 aca- demic hours, or during her first year while carrying 30 academic hours. Alpha Lambda Delta members hold a Christmas tea for all freshman women who have attained an eight-weeks average of 4.0 or better. Coffee hours and picnics are also sponsored by the organization. This group has a scholarship assistance program which is offered without charge to all freshman women who are having diffi- culties with their studies. Suzanne Brunkow, freshman advisor, Judith Brunkow, treasurer, Janice Wilkes, vice president, Diane Prentiss, secretary, Jean Kreger, president ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Top row: Marina Steggerda, Jean Innis, Audrey Veazie, Nancy Fuhrken, Adele Monterastelli, Priscilla Perry, Echo Rhodes, Nancy Webber, Lorraine Snyder, Geraldine Celusnak, Nancy Shrendt, Nancy Dowling, June Kraus, Marilyn Jones Third row: Mary Palmer, Jean Cooper, Elaine Hovorka, Glenda Lichtenberger, Norma Hilderbrand, Suzanne Eovaldi, Carolyn Backus, Mariarie Helman, Marilyn Isaacson, Lois Hexdall, Dixie Daymont, Jacqueline Smith, Ruth Miskovsky Second row: Alice Mayer, Deborah Fay, Janice Wilkes, Judith Brunkow, Jean Kreger, Diane Frentiss, Suzanne Brunkow, Rhea Peterson, Joan Brunkow, Donna Glenn Bottom row: Janet Myers, Sondra Schwartz, Arlene Dubrove, Cynthia Levin, Dona Fletcher, Shirley Seiler, Joyce Totten, Martha Craft, Mariann Harper 6 Top row: Roger Quinn, Marvin Carbonneau, John Gill, Ronald Rilott, Harold Walter, Edward Runge, Richard Stone, Richard Rayburn Second row: Vllilliam Whiltield, Joseph Umbach, secretary, Verlan Heberer, treasurer, Rvbert Holloway, president, Richard Vial, vice president, Roger Carlson Bottom row: Richard Bell, Gayle Wright, Robert Emmons, Duane Swarts, Robert Dodson, Donald Nelson Not in panel: Donald Cook, Donald Denby, Eldon Dilworth, James Elmer, lra Gardner, Ralph Goodman, William Gossett, Allen Jcesten, William Tinsley, Walter Watts, Richard West, David Doetzel, historian, Freeman Marti, James Meyer, Walter Richner, Edward Shuman, Jerry Steffen recognizes scholarship and leadership in activities among agriculture students B honors outstanding accounting students Top row: Gaze Lukas, Donald Skadden, Philip Fees, James Smokorski, treasurer, Marvin Lieberman, William Thomas, Norton Bedford, faculty vice president Third row: Arthur Wyatt, Floyd Windal, Charles Andrews, Hale Newcomer, Glen Berntield, Billy Barnes, Richard Swanson, Robert Dickey, Cecil Moyer Second row: Jerome Sheppard, Roger Baskes, Phillip Cooper, George Marinakis, Robert Mautz, Ben Forbes Bottom raw: Harald Arnett, president, John Cortland, Christ Marinakis, Ronald Starkweather, secretary, Gerald Brighton, Alexander Woodbury BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honorary society for students in Commerce and Business Administration was founded in 1913. Alpha Chapter of Illinois was one of the three found- ing chapters. Membership is restricted to stu- and upper four percent of the iunior class. Elec- tion to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest scholarship honor that a student in Com- merce and Business Administration can win. Members of this group are: dents in the upper ten percent of the senior class Charles Andrews Roger Beckett James Bray Nancy Carter Richard Davison Prof. Robert Dickey Robert Drew Prof. John Due Shayle Fox Sam Frankel Robert Gebhart Charles Glass Paul Gold James Jackson John Jordan Edward Kercher Marge Kincius Lester Kramer John Leudtke Mary Litherland Joanne Martie Donald Powell Ellen Rhode Janice Rosenberg Ruth Sabine Robert Shaw James Slovick Russell Sohn Harold Tenney Mariorie Ornellas Arthur Nordenberg Frank Van Overstraeten Robert Pasik Leland Wise Robert Woelfel recognizes outstanding scholarship in civil engineering Top row: Robert Cordes, Algis Pabarcius, Albert Wendt, Stanley Paul, Norman Kouba Second row: John Morgan, John Variakaiis, James Wymer, George Leung, Ying-J Shieh, Alan English Bottom row: Norman Nelson, corresponding secretary, John Michel, vice president, Keith Yorborough, president, Joseph Guyton, treasurer, Ralph Jensen, recording secretary, Robert Hahn Dolphins, a swimming fraternity, is open to all men who have an interest and show superior ability in water skills. Improving the swimming program of the University of Illinois and throughout the State of Illinois is their main interest. The Dolphins started this year with a splash with their presentation of "Holi- daze," their annual water show presented on Dads Day and Homecoming Weekends. One ofthe highlights of this aquatic carni- val was the Coronation of Dolphin Queen who acts as sponsor for the organization for a year. Besides co-operating with Terrapin, send- ing representatives to the National Aquatic Forum, and olticiating at University swim- ming events, they sponsor such activities as swimming clinics and water polo. Robert Carey, treasurer, David Hansen, pledge trainer, David Mersbach, secretary Robert Clemons, president, George Gfraerer, vice president DOLPHINS Top row: Charles Tompkins, Michael Karon, Thomas Skinner, Ralph Moore, Michael Bouchard, Clarence Teagarden, Donald Dowd, John Garland, John Glezen W D N M' h I N' F d l' k l ' G ie nie Earl Horwitz John Trimble Peter Bartu Robert Hunt Thomas ynn, ean ess, rc ae nec, re in on, ours o n , , , , Third row: Edwin Schultz, Richard Gray, George Gallati, Robert McNally, John Farrow, Robert Miller, Roger lewis, Donald Keenan, John McDowell, Nelson loar Merle Willmann, Alfred Kobok, Donald Larson, Leroy Sterling, Harry Holtrnon, William Kerns Second raw: Arnold Caiet, Donald Sammons, David Hansen, George Gfroerer, Robert Carey, Robert Clemons, David Sterrett, Frederick Fahey, David Mersbach, Jacob Grossman, James Voorhees Bottom row: Raymond Unger, Raymond Essick, Pete Gray, Fred Kallsen, Frank louis, David Mersbach, Alon Dean, Howard Ackerman, John Bone, Gene Lewis Top raw: Uri Gronemann, Louis Nardi, Sanford Stein, Donald Lebrun, Albert Wavering, Thomas Haig Third row: Charles Childs, Anlhony Mellas, Edward Stark, John Slrathman, Algirdas Avizienis, Franklin Kuo, William Lichlenberger, Kenneth Fairbanks Second row: Joseph Killpafrick, bridge correspondent, James McMahon, Jreasurerg Richard Obermayer, recording secretary, Paul Hudson, Donald Heid, president, James Briggs, corresponding secretary, Richard Bemis, vice presidenv, Donald Arnold, Carl Solar Boltom row: Larry Smith, Edward Huber, John Arfhur, Raymond Brown, Evangelas Argoudelis, Thomas Hedvig, Hing So No! in panel: John Buchla, Richard Kenyon, Ennis Kuhlman, Paul Lallner, Charles McDonough, Laurel Reber, James Rudolph recognizes eleclrical engineering sludenls who are oulsfanding in scholarship and leadership pgovides praclical experience in a verlising Top row: Lavaun Schild, Doris Drew, Diane Zaremba, Carolyn Holmsirand, Patricia Sievers, Shelia Parrish, Joan Goodmiller, Sarah Katz Bollom row: Renee Dvore, Barbara Apperson, president, Charlene Lynch, freasurer, Clara Downs, Bonna Lederer, secrelaryg Ann Shilladey, vice presidenl, Jane Penn, Marlha Hynds . ,,. A A Top row Ald n Orput Remberl Alley George Magee Richard Belman Herbert Schneider Alglmanias Zemalhs Harry Newman Third row Baron Whaleley Aden Lauchner Andrew McPherson John Sundene John Thomas John Schmid! Richard Donohue, Charles Boldon No! in panel Prof Edmund Toth advisor Donald Koss Vreclsurer Charles Galhers Richard Cogley Thomas Hubbard Danuel Bleck, Stanley Roulh promo'l'es archileclural and allied MU promofes musicianship and friendship among women s+uden+s in music school -TE- more 'F' 0 Top row: Robert Miller, vice president, Eugene Howard, initiation chairman, Fred B f lt ll arnes, ocu y counse or Bottom row: Mary Virginia McDougle, treasurer, Florence Alston, recording secre- tary, Eugene Nichols, president Kappa Delta Pi is the only national co- educational honor society in American edu- cation that includes both undergraduate and graduate students and members of education and allied faculties. This frater- nity is an honorary organization which en- courages high professional,intellectual and personal standards, and recognizes out- standing contributions to education. There are now 195 chapters of this fraternity throughout the United States. lts official publications are: The Educa- tional Forum, The Kappa Delta Pi Lecture Series, and the Kappa Delta Pi Research Publication. At the Annual Spring Initiation, Alpha chapter presents an award to the outstand- ing senior in the College of Education. The name of the recipient is placed on the bronze tablet in the office of the College of Education. KAPPA DELTA Pl Top row: Eugene Howard, Queenie Mills, Robert Miller, Raymond Debus, Eugene Nichols, Alice Nichols, Fred Barnes Bottom row: Hulch Smith, Mary McDougle, Grace Wiley, Florence Alston, Margaret Dees .mc . . L, . K ,. , . .. , . 'J Top row: James McNally, Ronald De Wald, John Finch, Gerald Silverstein, Charles Lifschultz, treasurer, Howard Crombie, Jerome Jacobson Third row: Robert Karns, Thomas Layman, Lee Vida, William Grubb, Joseph Gulick, Thomas Hamilton, Paul Duftey, Paul Goldstein, Robert Flinn, John Bender, Robert Jenkins Second row: Ralph Hale, Myron Miller, Eugene Goldman, Charles Chase, Victor Feldman, John Larson, John Powell, Robert Rockey, Robert Hickerson, Charles Nagel Bottom row: Richard Freeman, Irwin Schiller, Ocal Eastham, Jay Ellenby, John Best, president, Doris Krull, vice president, Margaret Francis, Mary McKenzie, Carole Kamin, Ludovica Luinys, Max Finkle, Stenhen Schubert Not in panel: Richard Phillips, Kenneth Swanson, Franklin Ames, Robert Gottlieb, George Humphrey OM provides social and educational privileges tor pre-medical students 'Fosters high ideals tor women in business careers Top row: Dorothy Parsons, Phyllis Tipp, June Eichler, Alice Solomon, Audrey Laznika, Carol Magnon, Dorine Chancellor Bottom row: Mildred Reed, advisor, Rae Grcsch, vice president, Helen Kausic, rushing chairman, Arline Ekstedt, treosurerg Judith Konneker, recording secretary, Constance Berutti, corresponding secretary: Barbara Lowis, president, Elizabeth Vier, social chairman Not in panel: Marilyn Doty, Joyce Anderson, Libby Bruinin, Peggy Bates, Norma Hilderbrand, Mary Lindsay, Barbara Postlewait, Betty Jurasitz So. Top Bottom row: Herbert Hudson, president Mem ss-me Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman men's scho- lastic honor society, was founded in 1923 to encourage and reward high scholastic attainment among college men. Alpha Chapter, at the University of Illinois, was admitted in I937 to membership in the Association of College Honor Societies. Any Illinois freshman who attains a grade average of 4.5 or higher, either during his first semester or his first complete school year, may become a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Most of the work of Phi Eta Sigma is con- cerned with promoting scholarship. The chapter sponsors a booth at the annual Freshman Week Activity Night, honors those freshmen whose eight-weeks grades aver- age 4.0 or above with a smoker, and holds exchange with Alpha Lambda Delta, the Freshman women's honorary. row: John Armstrong, vice president, Francis O'Connor, treasurer, Richard Cline, secretary, Dean Edward Stafford, advisor PHI ETA SIG MA bers: David Albert, Harry Allen, John Armstrong, James Archer, John Anderson, John Arthur, Burt Bassler, Donald Bates, Flank Bauling, Jay Becker, Charles Bell, Dwight Bennett, Arthur Berman, Paul Bernstein, Gary Bone, Joseph Boianowski, Philip Brown, James Bumiller, William Bunte, Milford Casteel, Robert Chambers, John Clark, Robert Clark, Richard Cline, Irwin Cohen, John Corey, James Creath, Mohamad Darkazonli, Roger Deakins, Kenneth Derby, Daniel Dudas, Donald Dudas, Roger Duitsman, Bertwin Einfalt, Dennis Eksten, C. Neale Elsby, Robert Emmons, Victor Feldman, David Fewkes, Max Finkel, Roger Fitzgerald, Leon Florschuetz, James Foresman, Irwin Friedman, John Funkhouser, Curtis Gabbard, John Garland, Harry Gates, Sheldon Getzug, John Gill, George Glenn, Eugene Goldman, Harold Gluskoter, Paul Goldstein, Paul Gottschalk, Burton Greenberg, William Grubb, Richard Hagen, Ralph Hale, Robert Haymaker, Earl Heacock, James Hobart, Melvin Hoch, Philip Hodge, Dennis Horn, Herbert Hudson, Paul Joiner, Clive Kamins, Ronald Kareken, Jerry Kermicle, Duane Kessler, Allen Kief, Larry Kiefling, William Klaproth, Eugene Kumpf, Frederick Kurz, Richard Kurz, Joseph Lang, Ronald Lee, Wesley Lindberg, Robert Little, Robert McCall, William McLenahan, Wayne Mayo, George Mead, Julio Melendez, Vernon Mullikin, James Norris, Francis O'Connor, John Pearson, George Powers, Charles Quantock, Jack Rexroad, Wayne Rhoades, Ronald Rogers, William Rohr, David Rosenstein, Claris Roth, Charles Runyan, Jerrold Sager, Richard Sandberg, David Scheuring, Wallace Schroth, Arnold Schwartz, Maxwell Schwartz, Edward Shore, Stuart Hadley, William Smith, Edward Stephanick, Robert Standler, Gregor Strein, Kenneth Swanson, David Swift, Jerome Tankel, Charles Terrell, Paul Thistlethwoite, John Terrence, Marvin Trautwein, Thomas Varner, John Verkcde, Beniamin Vinar, Ronald Walaitis, Donald Walker, Robert Wall, Robert Walton, Ellsworth Warmbir, Gravenor Weichbrodt, John Wills, John Young, John Zieserl 4 4 ,K . . vt v ' X J A f . W in -s ,gg J fi if Top row: John Parmenter, James Fleisher, Glenn Morlenson, Paul Rossok, Duane Wickiser Third row: William Olson, Harold Greinke, Mitchell Bender, Robert Staker, Jerry Gold, Fred Luscombe Second row: Howard Carson, Stuart Langdon, Milton Moizis, Edwin Thayer, Walter Ross Bottom raw: Richard Cowart, warden-historian: Paul Pizner, president, Prof. Austin McDowell, advisor, Jerome Brillhart, vice president Not in panel: David Welker, Jack Wirtz, secretary: Lloyd Farrar, treasurer, Lewis Sanger promotes the mutual wel- 'Fare and brotherhood of men in music encourages scholarship, profes- sional aH'il'udes, leadership, and service Top row: Merle Smedberg, Carole Truckenbrod, Gene Stimart, Margaret Ray, Willa Mitchell Third row: Audrey Nelson, Phyllis Birtwell, Jean Webb, Roberta Noor Second row: Patricia Jewell, Marilyn Morine, Sally Parsons, Charlotte Hagan Bottom row: Rosella Ervin, Elizabeth Oakes, secretary, Adele Haven, president, Janrie Whitaker, vice president, Jean Dinsdale, Donna Wilson, treasurer Not in panel: Betty Priggie, Carol Umlaach ,I I N 1 I N -.404 Q, Top row: Bernard Verna, John Bond, president, Derrolle Haugen, Anton Gapp, Robert Hering, Richard Stern, Thomas Regul, John Schneider Second row: James Nagle, Gabriel Amitai, Parker Badger, Leroy Engel, treasurer, Allan Jaupas, Alan Goettig, James Boyne, advisor Bottom row: Donald Batha, George Milum, Laurence Moran, Frederick Goetz, Ramualdas Viskanta Not in panel: Thomas Banks, vice president, John Burnett, Charles Erb, Thomas Gbad, Leonard Graifl, Eugene Lewis, Kenneth lahbauer, Robert Neidl, John Randolph, Francis Sweeney Pl tosters high ideals in the mechanical engineering pro- tession encourages better acquaintance with tields ot psychology Top row: Norman Kantor, Phoebe Monnel, Grace Komosa, Henry Hochberger, Ronald Cunat, Carl Floden, Janice Pinsky, Dorothy Foster, George Potter Bottom row: Geraldine Fekete, Carol Hofmann, Donald Ferguson, vice president, Pietro Marchetti, advisor, Marilyn Dunn, Adrienne Smith, president, Kenneth Frederick, secretary-treasurer, Roberta Weitzman, Eileen Golb lA 4 Shi-Ai, the sophomore activity honorary for sorority women, works to strengthen friendship among the sororities and to en- courage interest in campus activities. They also hold exchanges with Skull and Cres- cent and Star and Scroll. Established iointly in T920 by Illinois and Northwestern, Shi-Ai participates in many service projects among which are a Christ- mas party for the Old People's Home, a milk fund for needy Champaign-Urbana families, and donations for the Miriam Shel- don Scholarship Fund. They also sponsor the Shi-Ai Sing during Mothers Day week- end. Every spring, each sorority chooses two freshman girls outstanding in leadership, activities, and scholarship to represent them in Shi-Ai. Virginia Thompson, president, Allene Brodnax, vice president, Sirella Schwartz, treasurer, Carol Scherwat, secretary, Carol Schaefer, Shi-Ai Sing Chairman SHI - Al Top row: Deborah Fay, Alice Potts, Elizabeth Thomas, Joan Winkler, Barbara Babcock, Jo Farley, Carol Muenter, Vivian Peuckert, Ruth Green, Donna Rudig, Nancy Glidden, Jean Stacy, Sandra Fralick Third row: Carole Rose, Jean Anderson, Helen Worsham, Marilyn Gamlin, Nancy Dowling, Johna Glaze, Roberta Resnik, Suzanne Brunkow, Jeanne Kreger, Julia Smith, Diane Prentiss, Dianthu Spires, Marna Carr Second row: Sue Howarth, Janice Heil, Darlene Likens, Barbara Brawner, Sonya Clark, Dianne Albert, Shirley Baumann, Rhea Peterson, Donna Glenn, Elinor Haberle Bottom row: Sirella Schwartz, Carol Schaefer, Virginia Thompson, Carole Scherwat Not in panel: Allene Bradnax, Patricia Halper, Susan Sherman, Jo Ann Silverstein, Joan Brunkow, Judy Brunkow, Elizabeth Roe, Libby Brainin, Gertrude Weiner, Paula Miller, Fruma Borowsky x Q .Sava Top row: Anne Willman, Lorraine Geittmann, Elizabeth Yanson, Marie Garvey, Susan Olmstead, Lorraine Borman, Mary Marmion Bottom row: Margaret Pool, Ruth Wylie, treasurer, Joan Drucker, vice president, Alice Woelfersheim, president, Carmen Cunningham, secretary, Elaine Skadberg, Barbara Lowis Not in panel: Jane Klitzing, Yvonna Devall, Patricia Povlis, Betty Priggie, Phyllis Hill, advisor honors senior women outstanding in leader- ship and service turthers the advancement of high journal- istic standards Top row: Robert Kite, Melvin Bookstein, Leroy Christensen, Elmer Switzer, James Coleman, Donald Hanes, Franklin Lakins, David Nightingale, Charles Albright, Vernon Albright, Myron Hoey Third row: Ira Lurvey, Wayne Conery, Warren Kellogg, Edward Yalowitz, Robert Arterburn, Bruce Nelan, Bruce Odom, Arthur Nauman, Earl Anderson, Gerald Rosenberg, Larry Schaftel, Theodore Elbert, John Egan Second row: Gordon Williams, Robert Lahendro, Richard Kemplin, Patrick Malone, vice president, John Trebilcock, Donald Maylath, secretary, James Pyatt, treasurer, Ralph Hough Bottom row: Alvin Sokolow, David Smith, Donald Nelson, William Jones, Donald Schellie, Warren Wolfson, Wayne Sutton, Charles Novitz Not in panel: Steve Anderson, Gene Quirini, Roy Small, president, Byron Zalken, Gerald Szumski Eire QNX? ' - .if S435 Q 14 4 Sigma Alpha Iota is a professional music fraternity for women. The purpose of the organization is to further the highest stand- ards of musical performance and apprecia- tion locally, nationally, and abroad. The Sigma Alpha Iota Foundation provides mu- sical scholarships for deserving young peo- ple. The American Music Awards program offers encouragement to young American composers. Through the International Music Fund the fraternity provides music materials, instruments, books, manuscript paper, and educational leadership in hospitals, orphan- ages, and schools at home and in war-torn countries of the world. Outstanding women students in music are elected to membership on the basis of scholarship, musicianship, character, and congeniality. Q: , ' : Top row: Judith Turner, corresponding secretary, Margaret laRowe, recording secretary, Ruth Moyle, treasurer, Martha Parker, chaplain, Sandra Zartman, editor Bottom row: Iva Eadie, president, Carolyn Foy, sergeant at arms, Marilyn Petrini, vice president, Dolores Uebele, historian SIG MA ALPHA IGTA Top row: Judith Turner, Margaret LaRowe, Ruth Moyle, Mary Rigney, Carolyn Foy, Glenda Lichtenberger, Martha Parker, Marv Gibson, Joyce Adler Second row: Iva Eadie, Edith Brockman, Nancy Broaddus, Joan Bellmar, Dolores Uebele, Marilyn Petrini, Clare Mackey, Barbara Brown, Shirley Krull, Maureen Smith Bottom row: Sandra Zartman, Elizabeth Dillon, Peggy Hoover, Roberta Rezits, Donna Hawks, Roberta Hickman, Joan Lamberty, Jane Greene Not in panel: Wilma Stack, Dora Fishel, Elaine Pohl, Jeannette Tucker I -ig' is if Top row: Prof. T. P. Torda, advisor, Prof. Henry Stillwell, Phil DeProtine, president, Harry Hilton Second row: Fred Snyder, treasurer, Jerome Rochner, Ronald Brush, secretary, Richard Somerville, vice president Bottom row: James Baker, Frank Morton, Latry Allen Not in panel: Prof. Robert McCloy, Prof. Zbigniew Krzywoblocki, Prof. John Coon, Allen Ormsbee, James Xerikos, Gordon Booz, Hassan Hassan, Winthrop Gustafson M honors students outstanding in the field of aeronautical engineering 'furthers interest in industrial manage- menl' and engineering Too row: Albert Ogle, Charles Blundell, Arthur Susman, Richard Hull, Louis Stahlman Third row: William Vetter, Christ Marinakis, Norman Lefton, Eugene Kumpf, Theodore Puckorius, Lloyd Billard, George Millner Second row: George Marinakis, George Barr, James Trabue Bottom row: Marvin Andrews, secretary, Borie Saxberg, Prof. Arthur Anderson, Prof, Merton Mandeville, Jerome Sheppard, president, Harold Arnett, vice president, Clinton Spivey, John Furman, treasurer Not in panel: Abdalla Ibrahim, Roger Etaskes, Allen Bradley, Norman Dunn, Edward Levin, Arthur Nordenberg, Rolando Quiros, Leland Spragle, Hassen Tewtik, David Kiell, Dean Paul Green, Dale Greffe, Prof, Harvey Huegy, George Maxey 'l5l a 5 Y i 5 ml' i ""' ' eg, g filf.-3 5 '99s fi :VV Sigma Tau was established at the Uni- versity of Nebraska in l9O-4 to honor scholarship and professional attainment in if Xb ,Ig engineering. The pyramid in the symbol ot the organi- zation stands for stability, the sphinx for silence as opposed to self-advertisement, the rail section tor progress. Membership is selected from students in the upper one-third of the iuniors and seniors ot a recognized engineering school. Further selection is made on the basis ot practicality and sociability. f"' Sigrno TCU Offers on opportunity for 1-he Tap row: Pro'f. Winston Black, advisor, Norman Kouba, corresponding secretary, Robert Bean, treasurer, Stanley Paul Bottom row: Norman Nelson, recording secretary, John Morgan, president, James Wymer, vice president Not in panel: Parker Badger, historian formation and development of professional friendships among the members, as well as an opportunity to expand and temper their own ideas through the contributions of others. 'w 1 Xl: V 'wp- f f ...Q . i ll . 5 , , mi I SIGMA TAU Top row: Ronald Brush, James Kuczma, Russell Bolton, Anton Gapp, Bernard Verna, Donald Schuhrke, Duane Young, Jonas Variakoiis Third row: Richard Somerville, William Fanning, Wayne Hall, Kenneth Lohbauer, John Arthur, Charles McDonough, James Briggs, Charles Childs Second row: Jerome Rachner, Jack Bland, Donald Koss, John Strathman, Louis Nardi, Norman Lefton, Terence Miwa, Thomas Liu Bottom row: Stanley Paul, Robert Bein, John Morgan, Prof. Winston Black, Norman Nelson, Norman Kouba, Franklin Kuo, James Wymer Not in panel: Parker Badger, Robert Beesley, Chang-Sun Chang, Walter Faster, Algis Pabarcius, John Schmidt J i J ' -1 i 3 , 3 Q Q, L, QQ ' ,QQ is M' E. ,se ""' f.:-eww sg -t.i""F5r 2--s + 5 - 9-. N ' ' 'f N. ' ' J uh T A J J ,, ff' ,ss 5 a' , . f.-sn" ' 3, ' -9 ig ' ' " ' ,L ' 413' . , W M ga , - 3 93. , 'ami ,fi 'Q 1 , 4.5. N. - AT" ,eo :L ' -4 v J i ., 'fs 'sl 'T' X S 1 1 Skull and Crescent, which chooses its members from the twenty-five oldest fra- ternities on campus, is a national fraternity honoring sophomore men who have gained high achievement in scholarship and activ- ities. lts primary obiective is to create and promote inter-fraternity fellowship and to encourage freshmen to excel both in schol- arship and in campus activities. Among the annual activities of the or- ganization are a paiama race in the Arm- ory, a formal dinner dance at the Urbana- Lincoln Hotel, a pledge banquet, an ex- change with Shi-Ai, and a contest with Tomahawk. Each year the new initiates earn Skull and Crescent pins, which are passed down from the previous members. In return, the initiates award each alum with an honorary paddle. Top row: John Boyd, vice president, John Kunz, treasurer Bottom row: Charles Hruska, president, Howard Book, secretary Not in panel: Thomas Ainsley, sergeant at arms SKULL AND CRESCENT Tap row: Robert Haymaker, Robert Little, Ronald Keller, Jerry Meyer, James Blakely, David Landrum, Edward Peterson, Walter Browning, James McAuley, Donald Mclean, Jerome McCarthy, William Asper, James Backoft ' Third row: Allan Cady, Thomas Ainsley, Charles Larson, Charles Eastman, Edward Paul, David Barry, Key Pittman, James Lyons, Mark Creviston, James Whitelaw, George Paulson, Allan Anderson Second row: Richard Kauth, Gary Newtson, Robert Klaus, John Boyd, Charles Hruska, Howard Book, John Kunz, Harry Gates, Ellsworth Warmbir Bottom row: Kenneth Derby, Wayne Martin, Henry Thumann, Kirtley Wilson, John Bauer, Howard McCracken, Richard Maxwell Not in panel: David Sterrett, Richard Besser, Craig Soule, Herbert Hudson, Sidney Hormell, Kenneth Byerly, Richard Hagen, Ronald Bowen 152 Star and Scroll is an honorary composed of two sophomore men from each of the seventeen member fraternities. lt was founded at the University of Illinois for the purpose of promoting inter-fraternity fel- lowship, raising freshman scholastic stand- ards, encouraging freshmen in activities, and perpetuating the traditions of the Uni- versity. Members are selected every year on the basis of their scholastic standing and po- tential success as campus leaders in extra- curricular activities. The coronation of a queen at the annual Star and Scroll formal dance is one of the highlights of the year's activities. This group also participates in student activity night, the Sweet Sixteen Circus, and a Union Coffee hour with Shi-Ai. Top row: Stanley Peskind, sergeant at arms, Alden Orput, advisor, Walter Richner treasurer, Michael Kohn, advisor Bottom row: Paul DutTey, vice president, Dennis Serdahl, president, Thomas Taylor secretary STAR AND SCROLL Top row: Bernard Filler, Mark Novak, Thomas Potter, Richard Baird, Robert Hirsch, Danald Peterson, Marvin Angus, Donald Snyder, Donald Peters, Donald Woodward John Huck, LeRoy Morcheschi, Edward Paul, Thomas Soderstrom Second row: Leon Florschuetz, Donald Thompson, James Fawcett, Walter Richner, Thomas Taylor, Paul Duffey, Dennis Serdahl, Stanley Peskind, Alden Orput, Michael Kohn, Thomas Torke Bottom row: larry Thomson, James Mahon, James Swift, Robert Troy, Robert Wirth, Phillip Dressler, Carlyle Greathouse, Stanley Brandon, John Rithmiller Not in panel: Charles Shuman, Richard Gronauist, John Hath, Thomas Varner, Rodney Franklin, Carl Hoffee, Gary Kastel 479 tt? 'GSI Top row: Harry Kunesh, David Templeton, Nicholas Britsky, Prof. John Rausenberger, Charles Dietemann, Thomas Wilson, Bruce Peterson Fourth row: Nancy Grcitigny, Barbara Peecher, Katina Ekstrom, Mariorie McMahon, Beverly Chubat, Joan Andrews Third row: Jeanne Mann, Lynne Johnson, Dolores Holmes, Joann Pergrem, Carolyn Davenport, Dolly Brence Second row, Eleanor Kraus, Joan Goodmiller, Virginia Kolence, William Carter, Mary McKee, Mary Young Bottom row: Marie Garvey, president, Barbara Dostal, vice president, Emily Brown, secretary, Roberta Weiner, pledge trainer Not in panel: Robert Deere, treasurer, Larry Mitchell, Rosemary Mitchell, Carol Petefish, Joann Rezny, Phyllis Hasse, Mary Conto, Patricia Fraser, lubov Babeno, James Hogan honors arl' students who maintain high scholarship l l l A improves the working conditions for women of the iournalism profession Top row: lrene Osvald, archivist and Matrix correspondent, Joanne Knoch, treasurer, Joe Sutton, advisor, Galey Shappert, president, Carol McCradie, secretary Bottom row: Ina Aronofi, Betty Onstad, Lavoun Schild, Matrix Table chairman, JoAnne Glenn Not in panel: June Peterson, vice president 154 Tau Beta Pi, a recognized engineering honor society, was founded at Lehigh Uni- versity in 1885 "to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergradu- ates in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engi- neering colleges of America." At present, Tau Beta Pi has ninety-six chapters with a membership of over 81 ,O0O. Alpha chapter of Illinois, established at the University of Illinois in 1897, was the fifth chapter founded. Juniors and Seniors in all branches of engineering who meet required standards of scholarship, leadership, and character are eligible for membership. Top row, William Lichtenberger, president, William Perkins, recording secretary, Jh O b d' t o n ver ey, correspon Ing secre ary Bottom row: Phil DeProtine, cataloger, Algirdas Avizienis, vce president, Joseph Barkson, advisor, Edward Stark, treasurer TAU BETA Pl Top row, Lloyd Leffers, Charles Gathers, Richard Luders, Eugene Hubbard, Thomas Haig, James McMahon, Larry Smith, Kenneth Rose Third row: Stuart Boyle, Charles Mahn, John Strathman, William Wilson, Robert Schaefer, Wayne Hall, Jack Tisdale, Kenneth Zeman Second row: Leroy Engel, Phil DeProtine, Algirdas Avizienis, Joseph Barkson, William Lichtenberger, Edward Stark, Richard Bemis, Donald Bitzer, Algis Pabarcius Bottom row: Leonard GraiH, Jerome Rachner, Ronald Brush, Thomas Liu, Jonas Variokoiis, Keith Yarborough, James Wymer, Kenneth Fairbanks Not in Panel: Gabriel Amitai, Thomas Regul, Thomas Good, Charles Childs Terrapin is an honorary swimming club for University of Illinois undergraduate and graduate women. The aims ofthe club are to further proficiency in aquatics, promote a spirit of good sportsmanship and friend- ship, and encourage interest and participa- tion in aquatic activities at the University and elsewhere. Pledges are chosen on the basis of swimming and potential water bal- let skill. One highlight of the year is the Mothers Day water show. Terrapin sponsors the Women's lnterhouse Swimming Meet, sup- Top row: Paula Strohl, Guppies co-chairmang Patricia Pavlis, treasurer: Joan ports Swlmmlng events on Cofnpus, and acts Moran, Guppies co-chairman, Nancy Upsall, assistant vice president: Auguste , Lehman, seffewfv as a parent to Gupples. Bottom row: Ann Twardock, vice president, Joan Novak, assistant vice president, F' Unfe S 5'eW""f "'eSi"e"' ln September, 1952, Terrapin olilered for the first time an Educational Service Fund designed to assist students in research work connected with aquatic activities. TERRAPIN Top raw: Jacqueline Murray, Nancy Harvath, Helen Andrews, Julia Huber, .Ioan Novak, Elizabeth Pearce, Lois Hexdall, Elizabeth Wahlstram, loan Sanders, advisory Doris Bullock, advisor, Iris Garland, Marlene Filip, Helen Soghigian, Barbara lenell Third row: Nancy Berquist, Mcrylou McGowan, Dawn Bagnuolo, Mary Heinicke, Betty Jurasitz, Marilyn Reinhart, Leonide Gaines, Patricia Pavlis, Auguste Lehman, Patricia Twardock, Frances Stewart Second row: Phyllis Siegert, Patricia Lawder, Carolyn Jones, Dourelle Kweder, Jaan Moran, Doralie Flutcher, Susan Biran Bottom raw: Jean O'Neil, Flay Rowland, Priscilla Davis, Elizabeth Jenner, Nancy Upsall, Paula Strohl, Nancy Kauth, Patricia Firebaugh Not in panel: Barbara Babcock, Patricia Butler, Barbara Calvert, lerralyn Carter, Joanne Gernant, Jean Kruger, Virginia Myers, Helen Nichols, Carolyn Smith, Winifred Lang, Vivian Peuckert, Theresa Kaplan l l i 57 Tomahawk, a national sophomore ac- tivity honorary, was founded at the Uni- versity of Illinois in l93l for the purpose of giving recognition to independent freshman men who are outstanding in activities. Its main interests are to build greater bonds of friendship among independent men and to help the freshmen selected reach greater heights in service and leadership. The Illinois chapter advisor, Calvin Sif- ferd, is advisor to the national organization, which at present consists of six chapters. Past members of the local chapter are now national officers. Tomahawk sponsors a scholarship given to a deserving sophomore independent who is not a member of Tomahawk. In addition, it provides ushers for Dads Day Stunt Show and, in cooperation with its Purdue chapter, sponsors a traveling trophy presented to the winner of the lllinois-Purdue football game. ,, ,-. ,a Us Top row: Ronald Kareken, secretary, Lewis Klindera, historian, David Fricker . .d vice pres: ent Bottom row: Calvin Siflerd, advisor, Robert Watts, president Not in panel: Robert Lippe, treasurer TONIAHAWK Top row: Robert Resek, lewis Klindera Fourth row: Richard Dannells, Robert Cochran, Carroll Grandt Third row: Emerson Klein, Ronald Kareken, John Stratton, Francis O'Conner Second row: Robert Watts, Maxwell Newport, Fredrick Fahey, Donald Kaufman Bottom row: Donald Fricker, Charles Allen, Alan Holz, David Fricker Not in panel: David Arnold, John Baird, Robert Lippe, Carlton Campbell, Peter Deuel, George Faster, Charles DeMay, Vernon Johnson, Charles Keller, Robert Munnere larry Timmons, John Wills swan llflddlsnk 'il xx gy PN if fl- .q-wr 'immerse Top row: Ida Levinson, advisor, Jane Burkhart, International Fair chairman, Judith Desch, corresponding secretary, Clarissa Adams, recording secretary, Joyce Chalcraft, Ruth Hortin. nresident Bottom row: Norma Hertzmann, Vera Jacobson, treasurer, Donna Dice, vice president, Sharon Beckmeyer, marshal Not in panel: Beverly Dalton, Sylvia Muirhead, Marylou McGowan, Elanore Szymanski turthers ali worthy speech and dramatic enterprises f...,.,1nmsmrmwwwfA wvgwrh- V Q - russian:-wr 15 5 CRC-ANIZATIONS The role which organizations and societies are playing is becoming increasingly important in modern progressive education. Through them the student is able both to demonstrate and to enioy the knowledge gained in the classrooms and from books. The many organizations, clubs, and societies represented on the campus attord the student an unexcelled opportunity to develop a well rounded personality and social adeptness which will help him evolve into a leader ot the tuture. In selecting an organization, a wise student will be caretul to choose one which pertains to his chosen tield. Through his association he is able to meet and converse with prominent men, participate in field trips, and be up to date on the latest advancements in his maior field. Through these dilterent organizations, a stu- dent has the very important chance of applying and thereby increasing his classroom knowledge through practical situations. Equally important to this, however, is the opportunity attordecl the student to engage in the numerous social ac- tivities held by his organization and thereby to have a chance to develop his personality and character as well as his knowledge ot his chosen tield. The following pages contain the organiza- tions and societies here at the University ot Illinois. It is hoped that through this section in the lllio the students will recognize the work and accomplishments ot those who are active members. AGRICULTURE COUNCIL promotes interest in agriculture Top row: Richard Kesler, Robert Dr t I ann, Maxwell N p t Rchard West, Terry G th J Ellis, Donald Denby, Paul Luedke, Forest Storm, Robert Hollo- way Bottom row: Melvin Schlueter, ' p dent, Prof. Wilbur Budd meier, William Whittield p d 1 P f Up G rigus, Merle M'Il t ry, V lan Heberer, reusurer 7 Not 'n panel: Duane Sworts, Donald Johnson, Prof. Karl Gardner Prof. Fred Slife Top row: Prof. Arthur Wyatt, advisor, John Cartland, treasurer Bottom row: Charles Andrews, president, James Smokorski, vice president The Illini Accountancy Club is an organ- ization designed to promote interest in the science of accountancy and to aid the stu- dent in receiving information of the ac- counting activities in the business world. Membership is not limited to majors in ac- countancy, but the program is designed for them. Normally, six meetings are held each year. The subiects of income tax, cost ac- counting, public accounting, controllership, and general accounting are discussed. A speaker, prominent in the branch of ac- counting to be reviewed, is invited to attend the meeting and comment on the present activities in his field. A field trip to a large industrial firm in a nearby city is planned and executed during the year. ACCCDLJ NTANCY CLUB Top row: Frank Cools, Algirdas Olis, Henry Foley, Eugene Kumpt, Allen Kief, James Trabue Second row: Charles Schultz, Emil Rould, Donald Dvorak, Robert Gainer, James Smokorski, Charles Andrews, Prof. Arthur Wyatt Bottom row: Jack Ewing, Robert Reitsch, Donald Houk, James Burrell, George James, John Cortland lo J --. 5 1 ' 2 I if ' ,W 9 X f bbbai 5 5 " 'kv S? 9 , Q' iV 'E QE? Wt, T152 X sf A42 ,w ,.,: A,2,,, , 1 L .A i si? 1 39551 , an W pk 5 www is in Y ,QM , Us 9 L....,.,W,.- f ...w Q Top row: Raymond Brown, Fennimore Bradley, Julian Lauchner, Victor Tennery, Robert Kaelin, Robert Cowan, Gary Winter, Loren Day Third row: Robert Beals, Walter Rehrn, Harry Carpenter, Robert Hallse, James Glastord, Jerome Rosenthal, Gordon Fales, John Kerr, Glenn Ziegle Second row: Eugene Lynch, Ralph Cook, Keith Kappmeyer, treasurer, Harold Bennett, vice president, Roger Arnold, president, Elwin Johnson, secretary, Russell Bolton, Prof. Andrew Andrews Bottom raw: Andres Friedman, Donald Beebe, David Kessel, Robert Sands, Daniel Boker, Raymond Capek, Ernest Karner, Richard Hottman Not in panel: Alfred Allen, Arthur Friedberg, John Sincere, William Robson, Clarence Hoenig, Franklin Wang, Irvin Goodman, Kenneth Eckrote, Randolph Lund, Robert Pettyiohn, David Ports promotes tejlow- s ip an earning among ceramic stu ents AMERICAN FOUNDRYMEN'S SOCIETY acquaints students with opportunities in the toundry industry Tap row: Benedict Ondrak, vice president, George Haley, president, Donald Ellingson, James Parker, Arthur Canney, Kenneth Lehner, John lipnicke, Robert Hirsch, John Young Third row: Charles Foley, Fred Buenik, Marvin Robbins, David DeMartelaere, Gerald Ploeger, Sydney Frey, Myron Bernard, Prof. James Leach, advisor Second row: Robert Rollins, Roy Ross, James Swanson, George Powers, Robert Graham, Frank Heckler, Kenneth Robinson Bottom row: Kenneth Mills, C. Kevin Williamson, Robert Kerwin, Robert Ammann, Charles Allen, Melvin Eide, John Resh Not in panel: Robert Whitmore, secretary, James Freyder, treasurer lk M .,Lr'?1'7" ,- , ,. 162 Top row: Harold John, Howard McCall, Norman Johnson, Robert Larsen, Donald Williams, Carlton DeWoltT, Warren Anderson, Lane Swanson, John Suedel, Standley Naysmith, Arthur Schwartz Second row: Melvin Beckman, James Knudstad, Donald Olivieri, Glenn Abel, Robert Teegardin, William Shaw, Richard Engle, Earl Wardrum, James Peterson, Judith Klepinger Bottom row: Donald McMasters, John Manachek, James Rigsby, treasurer, Donald Michaelis, president, Raymond Di Pasquale, vice president, Anthony Pawlowsky, secretary, Ruth Hook Not in panel: Nancy Wear, historian AM ERICAN INSTITUTE CDF ARCHITECTS establishes direct contact between students and practicing architects AMERICAN INSTITUTE CDF CHEMICAL stimulates professional growth in chemical engineering students Top row: Aldrich lipka, Ronald Bates, Richard Buckley, Duane Faletti, Howard lngber, David Kearns, Edward McCarthy, Fredrick Shair Third row: Terry Funkhouser, Robert Kabel, Paul Weller, Richard Angus, Orville Kremmer, Donald Houser, John MacKenzie, John Heumann, George likander Second row: Stewart Chalem, Raymond Ratay, Gerald Shinville, John McKay, Hushang Nabavian, Bruce Geisert, Ihomas Dvorak, Robert Metcalfe, Samuel Vickers, Joseph Marchello Bottom row: Carl Vinson, Prof. Thomas Hanratty, advisor, John Topolowski, treasurer, Keith Knott, president, James Hollis, secretory, Robert Bucksot, John Broman, vice president I I 5-,I A Top row: William Lichtenberger, treasurer, Robert Rohde, vice chairmanp Gene Sebasky, secretary, Donald Heid, AIEE correspondent Bottom row: James Briggs, engineering council representative: Prof, Paul Schwarz- Iose, advisory Richard Bemis, chairman, Prof. Ernest Reid, advisor, Charles McDonough, engineering council representative Not in panel: Albert Rosanes, IRE correspondent, Robert Woodward, WHATMETER editor The combined Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers func- tions under the auspices of the national organization of the same name. Its pur- poses are to provide a general picture of how electrical engineering is applied to industry and to further the professional de- velopments in the field of radio. Member- ship is composed of students in the fields of power, communications, and illumination. Talks given throughout the year by visit- ing engineers and other outstanding men in the business world afford the members an opportunity to obtain a broader picture of the electrical industry than is possible through iust the classroom work alone. The AIEE-IRE sponsors the St. Pat's Ball, the engineering open house, and the senior- faculty banquet. AIEE-IRE Top row: Paul Contos, Allen Herbeck, Edward Huber, Dennis Rezabek, David Alexander, Harry Dahl, Milton Mann, Charles Highsmith, Donald Jeschke, James McMahon Seventh row: John Arthur, James Tangney, William Vanier, David Stuker, Robert Overby, James Fingleton, Melvin Klein, Richard Shively, Andrew Esker, Harold Croyts, Herbert Hann, Richard Milum, William Henebry Sixth row: Robert McNabb, Anton Soeller, Thomas Elwell, Donald Buhrmester, Raymond Brown, Louis Long, Robert Woodward, Richard Skulina, Robert Arndt, Uri Gronemann, Ronald Grosch, Fernando Garbrecht Fifth row: Richard Goedeke, Louis Braun, Norman Alexander, Howard Wright, Hryhorii Melnyk, Fred Tourtellotte, Wayne Austin, Stuart Higgs, Abul Rashid, Robert Randolph, Marshall Kingery, Otto Capek Fourth row: Terence Miwa, Walter Michel, Kenneth Padgitt, Elias Schwarz, Robert Goodman, Anthony Mellas, John Woythal, John Baker, James Svoboda, Perry Bolhous David Sauder, Norbert Wollack, Donald Perry, Albert Chamberlain, Third row: Arvydas Kliore, Raymond Babickas, Daniel DeSimone, Alexander Janushevich, Miles Hlavin, Paul Engler, George Tsuda, Evangelos Argoudelis, James Powers, Mohamad Dorkazanli, Richard Reichelt, Abraham Jacobowitz Second row: Robert Vaulman, Charles McDonough, Albert Rosanes, Donald Heid, William Lichtenberger, Richard Bemis, Gene Sebasky, James Briggs, Robert Rohde, Irwin Borin, Choyim lsraelevite Bottom row: James Whitt, Luther Hampton, Robert Feldman, Martin Plonus, George Eleftheriou, Paul Perks, George Alexander, Viclmantas Variakoiis, Wayne Albrecht, Henry Burke, George Webb my-.7 f-244.3 '--"sl 5 f - - :....:: 1.- Top row, Takeshi Harada, Clarence Girtch, William Kallhauge, Fred Reich, Carl Hartmann, John Schuster, Charles Hoeter, Donald Ebarp, Ralph Steele, George Mc- Ardle, Donald Garner Third row: Judith Gilman, Mary Frye, Dorothy Olson, Nancy Schaefer, Elizabeth Thomas, Martha Ruckman, Marlene Glassman, Martha Ruvel, Than Pennington, Robin Johnson, Mary Granberg Second row: Kenneth Kim, Bruce Brantingham, Marylou McGowan, Darleen Kennedy, Patricia Twardock, secretory, James Holste, president, Lura Sutton, treasurer, Sarah Corrigan, Lorraine Borman, Maria Thys, Kenneth Harris, vice president Bottom row: Mary Shuman, Catherine Enright, Judy Martin, Marie Davidson, Joan Johnson, Theresa Kaplan, Elsie Patterson, Charlotte Crumbaugh, Carylsue Covert, Gerry Brence Not in panel: Elynor Bernstein, Patricia Coyle, Jean Cox, Michael Falconieri, David Pitzele, Barbara Rhody, Peter Anderson, Joan Beatty, Shirley Heinz, Roger John- son, John McDowell, Fredricka Teer, Walter Vernasco, David Brademas, Raymond Cook, Dana Harlow, John Woodworth AMERICAN RECREATION SCCIETY imProves the quality ot recreational services and opportunities AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS promotes professional interest, social ancl educational activities among agricultural engineering students Top row, Ronald Holt, Perry Balhous, Earl Woodrum, Alfred Wilde, Richard Hamilton, Irvin Eickmeyer, Lloyd Curry, Mark Creviston, Phil Jones, Marvin Gerdes, Howard Hadler, Fred Knapp Second row: Earl Sonnemaker, Walter Newlin, Abdul Ahmadzai, Jack Davison, Kenneth Stone, Clarence Jones, Earl Evans, Clyde Hogendobler, George Swift, Maurice Paul, Carl Nelson, Joseph Stevenson, John McMunn Bottom row: James Allen, Prof. James Curtis, advisor, Gerald Cohron, treasurer, James Smith, president, John Whitaker, secretary, Byron Fortney, scribe, John Replogle, vice president, Ronald Yeast, Frederick Crang, Gordon Wilber, Prof. Emil Lehmann Top row: Stanley Skutnik, Biarne Lund, Steven Fenves, Roar Irgens, Larry Brett, Roger Werner, Martin Cawley, Robert Grulke, Eugene Joerns, Perry Tanner, Larry Martin, Robert Stubblefield, Ronald Leahy, Dale Sonney, Philip Seges, Kay Milvevc Third row: Prof, Eugene Daily, advisor, Chandler Parsons, Frank Smith, Robert S'powich, Richard Capek, Edward Ladewski, Miroslaw Noyszewski, Clyde Fuller, Ray- mond Eichenlaub, Richard Martson, Robert Beesley, Norton Murphy, Norman Zeter, George Ellis, Stanley Rolfe, Arthur Bader, Hikmet Basik, William Schulz, Robert Myers Second row: Raiendra Jain, Frederic Saviski, Robert Hahn, James Spyros, Eliahu Cohen, Joseph Casserly, Robert Randolph, Robert Sachs, Jamal Samiany, James Calhoun, John Fooks, Donald Loft, Richard Sutton, Neal Parmenter, Alan English, Raymond Larson, Kenneth Warren, Joseph Battaglia Bottom row: Jonas Variakoiis, Thomas Harvey, president, William Baldaccini, Attilio Scotese, George Blanke, Warren Liebman, Stanley Paul, William Mebes, engin- eering council representative, Otis Michels, Clarence Hauschild, Ralph Beshur, Vello Hansen, secretary, Gus Pappas, Loren Clark, John Doe, Philip Voegtle, James Wymer, treasurer, Norman Nelson, vice president AMERICAN SOCIETY OF' CIVIL turnishes constructive activities and opportunities tor pro- tessional association AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL intorms members regarding new developments in the tield ot mechanical engineering Top row: William Thomas, secretaryp Gilbert Sommer, Clayton McDonald, Rafael Roa, Miguel Alvarez, Harvey Patterson, Richard Norris, Oliver Smith, Donn Brace, William Evans, Harvey Karpiel Fourth row: William Loyd, Robert Sparrow, William lahrman, Edwin Haas, John McConnell, Bernard Verna, Fred Buenik, Thomas Regul, Orvel Clausen, Richard Teutsch, Charles Foley, Walter Glitzenstein, vice president Third row: Norman Leflon, Howard Warshawsky, Milton Varous, John Kurzrock, Joseph Baltrusoitis, Joseph Melone, Herschel Watson, Ronald Reder, Richard Stern, Arthur Langas, Antanas Dundzila, Romualdas Viskanta, Charles Hill, treasurer, William Stoecker Second row: Michael Chen, Donald Bokenkamp, Frank Watts, Harry Aschan, John Witt, Parker Badger, Gabriel Amitai, Tet Pang, Frederick Ju, Harold Nero Bottom raw: Paul Stephens, Harold Greer, Harold Tom, Parviz Nabavian, Donald Carr, presidentp Glenn Zieman, Anthony Vilona, William Heyduck A-MQW ' ft 166 67 Juniors and Seniors-Top row: Arthur Twcrdock, Thomas Mauldin, Howard Peterson, William Hopkins, Gordon Iverson, Robert Dodson, Alexander Winter, John Shiels, J. D. Kerr, James Fitzgerald, Robert Keough, Wallace Brandt, Harvey Schneider, Norman Jones, vice president Fourth row: Merrill Ottwein, Vincent Chattee, Charles Lewis, Paul Leondis, Albert Griffiths, Charles Josepnson, James Larsen, president elect, Ralph Ziegler, Carl Ferrell, James Allison, Lloyd Helper, John Clayton, president, James Finnell Third low: Paul Quinn, Gregg Taylor, Gilbert Fischer, David McConnell, Marlin Kleckner, secretary, Mike Pellock, Thomas Driie, Paul Johnson, Ralph Holstein, Russell Smith, Charles Esser, Walter Schwalbe Second row: Wayne Sanderson, Mariarie Thompson, Ronald West, Warren Anderson, Howard Hobson, John Rosborough, Robert Morris, Theodore Wagy, Donald Osborne, Daniel Cohen, Thomas Phillips, George Sheets, Darrell Jessen, Prof. Lorenz St. Clair, advisor Bottom row: Robert Kern, Charles Rossi, David Warren, Richard Brown AMERICAN STUDENT VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSCJCIATION maintains the espril' d e corps of I'he College of Veterinary Medicine Freshmen and Sophomores-Top row: Benton Allen, Marshall Slingerland, Walter Mumme, John Gerdes, Robert Kennedy, Neal Nelson, Ralph Vinson, Ira Aves, Peter Smith, Lyle McCullough, Joseph Leveaue, Eugene Nelson, John Palenskz, Bernard Cahill, William Davis Fifth row: Norman Cornelius, Paul Arndt, Delwyn Meyer, Joe Meller, Slanley Kadlub, Robert Fetzner, Vernon Cockerill, Stephen McQuilkin, Lawrence C'ark, Delano Ohaver Fourth row: James Meyer, Robert Young, Philip Zclnd, .lack Maddox, Joan Owens, Robert Graham, John Schmidt, Edward Symonds, Alon Springer, Edward Short, Jack Boer Third row: Gale Taylor, Allen Bernie, Wesley Zehr, Walter Myers, Jorg Hoogeweg, Richard Goode, Paul Brown, George Buchal, Robert Willand, Charles Anderson, Richard Caster Second row: Nancy Wood, Betty Walters, Donald Singletary, Paul Trovillion, Richard Schiltz, Allen Joesten, LeRoy Biehl, Jerry Steffen, Albert Koltveit, Erwin Small Bottom row: Frank Riley, Marcus Brown, Jerrold Michaels, Robert Goodin, Armand Laufier, William Lovett, Jason James, Charles Miner, James Pulliam, Ray Dieter, Lois Stansbury, Arnold Taft Dairy Cattle Judging Team-Tap row: Earl Kingman, Prof. Emmetl Orminston, Donald Plote Bottom row: Rolland Main, Christopher Kunkel Since its establishment here at the Uni- versity of Illinois, the Dairy Production Club has worked hard to encourage and promote interest in dairying and the field of dairy science. They hold monthly meetings to which prominent men in the field of dairy- ing are invited to attend and take part in the program. They also hold an annual Student-Faculty Smoker and Dairy banquet, a Spring Showmanship, and a Dairy Judg- ing Contest. This organization, as well as being prom- inent locally, has won acclaim nationally. This year the College Dairy Cattle Judging Team placed third at the National Dairy Cattle Congress at Waterloo, Iowa, and first at the International Dairy Show in Chi- cago. DAIRY PRODUCTICDN CLUB Top row: Keith Miller, lloyd Clindworth, William Campbell, Harvey Hortik, Allen Hoffman, Marvin Gerdes, Harvey Weyen, Richard Knight, Earl Kingman Second row: James Hoepker, Marvin McDonald, David Wyatt, George Irwin, Roger Stack, Kenneth McKee, Irwin Lawfer, Donald Dean Bottom row: Donald Keim, Duane Harris, Charles Fink, Gordon Ropp, Jon Ellis, Christopher Kunkel, Maxwell Newport, Rolland Main, William Mellen , .0 , M4 P' a Wxw. m.' VSV ,. ,.. S, . I 1 P' y . 82, 326 ":' 4 ,'.,. 5 1 VIH '1 Q! s Q iisk, as S 1 ,?Ql' , Xia? W x ,f Q if 2 M," H 1 us N X' 3 aiu L 1:55, .uf-w:' L5w :, if 'Sa 3, ww si 5 -1. ri 1 2, ' - - Q . ' 'Q , RK K sg 5' if-, Lff. ' 3- :Wi . 5 H, 1 - Q 1-,, gf - ,- ,' - ,' .V ., . ' ' lA'5'x,. 1f?lf ': ,sn ML' . . - fx X lb, R gg X f' ,M . , ' V. 1 . f Nxy. Q f 1 ff' ? K H5 . 4 , Q 4 Q 4 1 1 v . v g, , 1 4 9 Q ' 1' S , L+: ., kv ' ,f. ag A ! ,, R 1' ' if af 4 cm . K V N' a Q' X ,Q ' . av-f HL QQ! .xv by IW 1 fy z ,Hx k aw ff 4-,A Z X5 2. f VV:L,-' J-ff, F. ' , ff "" V' "' 7 .fs 35222 he Top raw: Edith Brockman, Ruth Hook, Douglas Montague, Thompson Dyke, James Erkman, Warren Anderson, Charles Bergstrom, Melvin Beckman, Marvin Bamburg, .Ioan Gcodmiller, Marilyn Nelson Bottom row: Virginia Lange, Alden Orput, vice president, John Ruttner, president, Iva Eadie, secretary, Richard Donohoe, treasurer, Prof. Walter Keith, advisor, Marie Garvey Not in panel: Marlene Shepard, Paul Pizner, Prof. Jack Baker, advisor, Prof. Arthur Pulos, advisor FINE AND APPLIED ARTS COUNCIL co-ordinates the work of all ar'l' organizations R E B stimulates interest' in the floriculture Tap row: Eldon Ahner, Carl Enge, Theodore Eck, James Karas, James Hauser, Harold Vlilkins Second raw: Henry Emota, John Bleck, Frederick Siebold, Herbert Hannagan, Eugene Dramm Bottom row: Prof. Frederick Weinard, John Walter, president, Marvin Carbonneau, secretary, Waldo Donaha, Neil Flynn, vice president, Prof. John Culbert, Charles Ackerman Not in panel: Richard Malmgren, treasurer, Prof. James Kamp, Gail Fosler Top row: Lois Longmire, Carole Leverty, Donna Meils, Gene Stimart, Nancy Womeldortt, Elizabeth Shinn, .loan Guyer, Marcia Brown, Mary Madigan, Janice Franklin Jo Farley, Carol Muenter, Mary Jensen, Lila Ricketts, Mary Lindsey, Sylvia Williams Fifth row: Marilyn Huber, Elizabeth Oakes, Lois Oberle, lrlene Parrill, Mary Herman, Janice Whitaker, Carolyn Brewer, Judith Gates, Marie Putnam, Carolyn Camp bell, Carol Walker, Jane Behringer, Nancy Monroe, Juliann Ankenbrand, Gladys Grommet, Geraldine Taymor Fourth row: Delores Hickman, Betty Priggie, Carmelita Konzen, Angie Putt, Mariorie Hoerdt, Barbara Arning, Mildred Player, Doris Williams, Vivienne Huffman Patricia Paxton, Eleanore Janssen, Carol Underwood Third row: Merle Kaegy, Ann Laane, Patricia Schnulle, Elizabeth Armstrong, Irene Vogel, Carolyn Moody, Clara Neylon, Ellen Eastburn, Verna Vogt, Shirley Bailey Janet Turney, Natalie Wiggers Second row: June McGregor, Madelyn Wyss, Joan Wight, Florence Schwartz, Ann NemeroH, Audrey Swanson, Mariorie Headley, Nancy Brown, Dorothy Kramer, Karen Vauoel, Barbara Boyd, Carol Firch, Jean Rushton Bottom row: Charlotte Hogan, Leona Webb, secretary, Marilyn Morine, lma Bassler, Rosella Ervin, treasurer, Carolyn Campbell, vice president, Jean Dinsdale president, Phyllis Stolz, Ruth Behrends, Pearl Hanebutt, Corinne Maloney, Elaine Oderkirk, Delores Read, Nancy Judd E promote,s friendship and urt ers interest in ome economics tosters interest in the tield ot horti- culture Top row: Prof. Arthur Colby, Prof. Norman Oebker, Prof. Joseph McDaniel, Prof. Roy Simons Second row: Paul Rieke, David Bossert, Bobbie Weiss, Richard Vial, Paul Luedke Bottom row: Melvin Schlueter, Robert Dintelman, Harvey Hartik, Donald Keim, James Glessner, John Attebury Not in panel: Duane Swarts, .lack Bottenfield, William Cinnamon mlm. , sur-ge., w e-y-.J..1mmw- l72 Hoof and Horn is a club for those agri- culture students who are interested in the field of animal science. One of the purposes of this organization is to enable students to become better acquainted with their fellow students and professors. The experience and knowledge gained in the organization can be applied to classroom work as well as to actual use on the farm. This year some of its activities included sponsoring the Little International Horse Show, holding the annual Spring Barbecue, honoring the outstanding senior club mem- ber, and awarding keys to The OUfS'l'Qnding Carlyle Girevilhozusle, dsegretgry, Ro:land Main, vice president, Terry Greathouse, presi en, ic ar air , repor er livestock ludges in the Animal Science lOl No' "' P""e': B'1bb'e WW' ffewfef and lO3 classes. Highlights of the spring semester in- cluded the Spring Judging Contest and the Livestock Showmanship Contest. HOOF AND HGRN CLUB Top row: Louis Rogers, Phillip Naffziger, Bruce Dempsey, Allen Hoffman, Arlen Speckman, Richard Duvick, James Stevenson, George Tiardes, James Clapper, Vornon Argo, Richard Showalter, Kenneth McKee, John Gill, Herbert Engdahl, Russell Youmans Fifth row: Donald Rice, Lawrence Gardner, Donald Denby, Don DeBolt, Richard Baird, John Feddersen, Paul Rieke, Charles Kietling, Charles Swope, Jack Leftwich, Charles Baker, Arlyn Rabideau, Bruce Wright, Gene Gudeman, Gayle Wright, Theodore Zindors, Howard Parr, John Chesnut Fourth row: Walter Tarleton, James Adams, James Rea, Theodore Bruzas, Marvin McDonald, Richard Vial, Charles Lane, Charles Shuman, Frederick Heyl, William Dehority, Charles Fink, Roger Wegehenkel, John Mueller, Eugene Trautvetter, Paul Curtis, Duane Swarts, Richard Milas Third row: John Carson, Raymond Duewar, Richard Stone, David Mobley, David Bossert, Lyle Truckenbrod, Max Morris, David McGinty, Don McNeely, Roger Schlicht- ing, Raymond Carmichael, Keith Frey, William Whitfield, Raundle Ericson, Jon Ellis, Richard Rayburn Second row: Richard Simms, Gordon Ropp, Walter Watts, Emily Beggs, Donald Wissmiller, Walter Van Winkle, James Wenstrom, Carlyle Greathouse, Rolland Main, Merle Miller, Wilbur Nelson, William West, William Wilson, Kenneth Ellis, Paul Briney, Robert Hunt, Robert Bower Bottom row: Max Fulling, Robert Knudson, Dean Smith, Karl Kobel, William Harrison, Bobbie Weiss, Richard Dick, George Wolf, Robert Dintelmann, Jack Botlenfield fl Top row: Earl Rodgers, Robert Rosenthal, John Engel, Donald LaCross, Algirdas Olis, John Hamilton, Allan Reniche, Dennis Kolzow, Walter Kempa, Paul Edwards, John Kolb, Gordon Iverson, William Cummings, Lyndel Matthews, Raymond Kramer Fourth row: Donald Dionesotes, John Spran, Paul Deutschle, Joseph Jancuska, Albert Stanley, Kenneth Paull, John Linster, Jock Bass, Theodore Pulkownik, Jerome Benisek, William Hubona, Robert Nicolette Third row: Stanley Vail, Farrell Fox, Ronald Guild, Roger Hughes, finance officer, Rudolph Reiners, commander, William Baldaccini, vice commander, Donald Gutowski, Curtis Ketcham, William Ristow, Frank Thomas Second row: John Daniels, Gerald Munley, William Martens, Edward Goodard, William Darlington, adiutant, John Squire, Harold Chevrie, Curtis Tack, Stephen Hlavach Bottom row: Robert Carter, Richard Rush, James Hollis, Max Weinblum, David Woodrult, Robert Lorenzen, Wesley Wiesland, Leonard Boles ll.l..lNl CAMPUS AIYIVET FCTOSTI 202 unites veterans in socia activities an in mutua sc o astic assistance lLLlNl INSURANCE SOCIETY brildges +he Qzpfbf-J tween c assroom an ie Top row: William Tozer, Charles Gauen, William Trunck, Jon Hunt, Robert Most, Walter Gobehart, Emerson Cammack Third row: William Maybrook, Richard Reichle, Ronald Moll, Joseph Cicero, Prof. Robert Mehr Second row: Ralph Symons, Simon Kelly, James Lomhokis, John Furman, Owen Giblin, Bornie Abell Bottom row: Robert Lorenzen, Joseph Trautmon, treasurer, Sheldon Levy, president, James Fuhrman, secretary, Harry Peterson, vice president, Wayne Weber, Prof. Robert Hedges, advisor Not in panel: Jerry Bradshaw, Charles Keaton, Frank laraia, Loren Mann, Herbert Petterson, Richard Pingry, David Levy S L- ' 174 T75 Top row: William Ambrose, Donald Beebe, Charles Hubele, Freeman Schrodt, Robert Campbell, James Clapper, Ronald Bowers, John Strickland Fifth row: Charles Chimento, William Cellini, John Sullivan, Thomas O'Brien, George Walsh, Roger Wegenhenkel, Prof. John McCallum, James McCollum Fourth row: JeFfrey Summitt, Robert Cook, Don Peters, Gerald Pullen, Richard Lower, David Snyder, Teddy Dickman, John Schmidt Third row: Kritan Dinou, Paul Telle, Roy Brizz, Jack Wilson, Ronald Stone, Larry Routledge, Joseph Pintar, Leonard Davis Second row: Alden Olson, Robert Tess, William Smitley, Roger Duitsman, Roger Schlichting, Wallace Mitchell, Robert Cochran, William Karpel Bottom raw: Bruce Raney, program chairman, Emil Kubalek, vice president, Gerald Brown, treasurer, Thomas Krizan, advisor, David Albert, secretary, Marvin Carbonneau, president stimulates interest in the conservation ot natural resources and wildlite INDIAN STUDENT ASSCCIATICN promotes good will and better understanding among international students Top row: Shrincth Kalbag, Abdemunnon Bandukwala, Sushil Gupta, Raghovendra Rao, Mohomad Dar, lndar Luthur, Dineshchondru Sheth, Dhirubhain Desai, Ananth Narayan, Gopalo Murthy Second row: Udhishtro Sharma, Sovak Taraoore, Charaniit Roi, Rhea Das, T. Muniyappan, G. Nallckrishnan, Jogdish Doshi, lachhmon Setaram, Roo Chonnapragudu, Sardar Khan, Rothnnm Songs, Syed Reza Bottom row: Vasant Bhaleruo, Sotyancrayan Gupta, Roiendra Join, Sidagouda Khot, Modhu Sahasrubudhe, Saroiom Mankau, Debobroto Choudhury, Nuvinchandra Rupani, Mohonon Nair Top row: Fred Cohan, Robert Gruner, Louis Oling, John Gibb, Frank Kranz, Thaddeus Woitowicz, William Nicholsen, Edmund Bender, Gerald Kinroth, John Con- nolly, Robert Deem, Daniel Dudas, John Kurzrock, Robert Shanahan, Russell Hopps, John Kistenbroker, Alfred lnselberg, Gary VanSant, Raymond Kramer Fifth row: John Doe, Donald Teague, Warren Walski, William Starkey, Fred Horiuchi, Jerry McDonald, Arthur Hall, Chris Kipfer, Wesley Williams, Lyle Sconzert, Robert Marks, David Hargis Fourth row: Jack Koga, William Carleton, Milton McAuley, John Sydorenko, Hugh Jackson, Ross Childers, James Piechocki, Lawrence Kral, John O'Grody, John Barr, Maurice Garnholz, Franklin Postula, Lee Sentman, Charles Jackson, Richard Dudkiewicz, Harry Allen Third row: Larry Allen, Theodore Jamison, William Russell, Glen Moore, Prof. Harry Hilton, advisor, Prof. Henry Stillwell, Phil DeProtine, president, Prof. T. P. Torda, Donald Daly, Daniel Cichy, John Allen, Paul lkhtiari, Jack Burk Second row: Gerald Chrusciel, Maynard Cusworth, Paul Douglas, Fred Snyder, engineering council representative, James Kuczmo, vice president, John Locke, secre- tary, Jerome Rachner, engineering council representative, Ronald Brush, Wallace Hahn, Jack Bland, Eugene Siemons, Harold Weaver, Robert Clark Bottom row: Frank Morton, Charles Goebel, James Sanger, Robert Murray, Roger Oberndorf, Richard Somerville, treasurer, John Holmquest, Harvey Roth, Joseph Voda, Harry Kirschner, James Baker INSTITUTE OF THE AERONAUTICAL promotes friendship among aeronautical engineering students LAW SCHOCDL SENIOR CLASS includewhe grad- uates tor the school year l954-l955 Top row: Christian Heiligenstein, Merwin Auslander, Terrance Mitchell, John Norton, Bernard Reese, Richard Holscher, Walter Peirson, Donald Henss, Donald Ward Seventh row: Donald Adams, James House, Robert Trone, Robert Brodt, Leroy Duncan, Richard Neagle, Orla Adams, Gus Svolos Sixth row: Ronald Miller, Donald Winne, David Marewitz, Max Rose, Elmer Hawkins, Thomas Harrington, John Metzger, Hestin Richards, John Favero Fifth row: John McCullough, William Chamberlain, John Hedrich, William Webber, Wayne Johnson, Richard Thies, Alvin Bush, Robert McKnelly, James Wilder Fourth row: Richard Yung, Jerome Fireman, Gerald Elliot, Donald Venturelli, Allan Mendelsohn, Stuart Greenberger, Harry Sonnemaker, Howard Snowden, James Cummings, Gary Coftey, Marian Martin, secretary to the Dean Third row: James Gorman, Austin Buchanan, Alan Greiman, Ernest Nassos, Robert Brennan, Prof. Charles Bowman, Prof. Russell Sullivan, Prof, Merrill Schnebly, Prof. George Frampton Second row: Dean Albert Harno, Prof. Harold Holt, Prof. J. Nelson Young, Prof. Edward Cleary, Prof. John Cribbet, Prof. Richard Faletti, Prof. Kenneth Carlston, Prof. George Weisiger, Prof. Walter Summers, Prof. William Warren, Prof. George Goble Bottom row: Harry Armstrong, Norman Share, Marvin Berman, Lyle Whitledge, John Leskera, Joseph Perozzi, Frank Galvin, Richard Sawislak, Willard Shonfeld, Gilbert Niznik Not in panel: George Chandler, John lambright, Pete Pelafas, Howard Sanders, Robert Smith, Philip Ward, William Wells 77 ' Zig ii t Q is 25 eg M W z' .v-a Top row: Albertas Vaitaitis, Remigius Gaska, Albinas Vaiciunas, Juozas Koncius, Julius Smulkstys, Mindaugas Jazbutis, Benediktas Zemaitis, Algimantas Ze- maitis, Kestutis Germanas Fifth row: Leonas Sabaliunas, Kestutis Mikenas, Reinoldas Fipyne, Algis Bokaitis, treasurer, Leopold Treciokas, Kestutis Jecius, Raymond Korzonas, Joseph Manelis, Kazys Labanauskas, Raymond Babickas, vice president Fourth row: Stasys Neimanas, Edward Verba, Jonas Variakoiis, Antanas Dundzila, Vytautas Suopys Third row: Algimantas Paulius, Algirdas Avizienis, Algirdas Olis, Algirdos Marchertas, Zigmas Viskanta, Sigitas Zubkus, Bronius Budginos Second row: Joseph Baltrusaitis, Romualdas Viskanta, Regina Pemkus, Liuda Kaupas, Bridget Betkauskas, Vida Goskaite, secretary, Dalia Ozelis, Ludovica luinys, Danute Dirvianskis, Kazimieras Ripskis, Arvydas Kliore, Bruno Juodelis, president Bottom row: Allan Kaupas, Vidmantas Variakoiis, Julia Bendikas, Danguole Sabaliauskaite, Cunegunda Garmus, Romana Vebra, Prof. Gilbert Kettelkamp, advisor, Dolile Valancius, Monika Sirmulis, Dangira Laukys, Danute Jurevicius, Niiole Velza LITHUANIAN STUDENTS' SOCIETY acquaints members with the American and Lithuanian cultures B promotes student interest' in the field of mar- keting Top row: Thomas Lazar, William Smith, Daniel Pattarson, Earl Kesler, Prof, Robert Cole, Donald Schneider, Allan Bluestone, Fred Salkin, Harvey Greenslein, Earle Bitzer, Alan Anderson, James Burrell, Ronald Lopoty Ninth row: James Ellingson, Joseph Warner, Lawrence Marshall, Wayne Matusiak, Glen Wilmes, Frank Newton, George McBride, Jerald Much, Stuart Musick, Robert Zaruba, Bert Anschel, Gerard Nugent, Frank Thorp Eighth row: Thomas Guthrie, Edward lazowski, Donald Schilke, John Gepford Seventh row: William Prescott, Wayne Adams, Walter Moy, Allen Kreitzer Sixth row: Lawrence Calhan, John McCarthy, Ernest Degenhardt, lee Curtiss Fifth row: Anthony Roy, Jo Farley, James Clevenger, George Fotopoulos Fourth row: Helen Kausia, Dolores Engelking, Austin Fasnaugh, Conrad Staudacher Third row: Rae Grcsch, Theresa Ruth, Wesley Wiesland, John Doe Second row: Marie Putnam, Robert Seiler, Charles Francis Bottom row: Margaret Remacle, Robert Trumbull, Lawrence Chapman t f K W4h 3 Top row: Ronald Ammons, Prof. Clara Behringer, Patricia Anderson, Joyce Chalcraft, Arthur Williams, vice president Fourth row: Andrew Ekblaw, Roxane Kamm, treasurer, Anne Dovis, president, Nlncy Bowen, Marie Garvey, Paul Curtis Third row: Gloria Andrews, Annette Hankin, Jane Penn, Shirley Gaghen, secrelary Second row: Eva Hildesheimer, Genevieve Richardson, Carol McCradie, Gretchen Gibbons, Alice Waelfersheim, Lorraine Borman Bottom row: Prof. Joseph Scott, advisor, Vera Jacobson, Norma Hertzmann, Marylou McGowan, Martha Glisson, Shirley Bradshaw, Carol Schaefer, George McKinney Net in panel: Joan Marmel, Nancy Albee, John Herschelman, Nancy Glidden, Donald Hewson, Lois Cohn, Prof. Wesley Swanson, Mary Arbenz, George Gunkle, Susan Brown, Prof. Barnard Hewitt, Prof. Charles Shattuck, Barbara Schedel tostirsha greater appreciation ot goo t eatre MINERAL INDUSTRIES SOCIETY encourages better understanding between Mining and Metallurgical Engineering students and faculty Top row: Kenneth Wilson, Orville Kimball, Jose Romero, Gerald Robinson, Harold Gegel, Robert Wells, George Haley, Charles Robertson, Kenneth Zemon Bottom row: Andrew Kish, Ira Potovsky, Howard Friedman, Ronald Meindl, John Wishart, Howard Savage, Robert Hull Not in panel: Jack Tisdale, Kaye Johnson, Donald Romani, Earl Carlson, Dean Biehler, Paul Stalter, Ronald Nylen, William Albert, Ralph Wells, Edwin Jackson, Donald Holmes, Joseph Enrietto, Michael Gedwill, Don Killpatrick, Carol Verseman, Robert Bean, James Becker, Ernst Huschke, Paul Sprehe, Prof. Thomas Read, Prof. William Chedsey, Prof. Bernard Ricketts, Prof. Robert Bohl, Prof. Rudolph Wuerker i7 79 NATIONAL COLLEGIATI? PLUAYERS h gives recogni+ion or exce ence in crea+ive 1' ea+rc Top row: Mary Arbenz, Joyce Chalcraff, president Second row: Charles Shafiuck, Clara Behringer, Genevieve Richardson, advisor, Joseph Scott Bottom row: Murylou McGowan, Anneite Hankin, secretary-ireasurer Nor in panel: Susan Brown, vice president, George Sunkle, Karl Wallace, Severina Nelson, Karl Windesheim KW. Orchesis offers men and women of the university the opportunity for creative dance study, composition, and performance. Also of primary importance in Orchesis's goal is to stimulate interest in dance as an art form and to foster standards of performance, ap- preciation, and understanding of this art in the community. A yearly concert in the spring, given in coniunction with the Contemporary Arts Festival is the major activity of this organi- zation. Each year Orchesis sends one or more of its members on a dance scholarship Top row, Arlene Polsgrove, publicity chairman, Karlyn Kettelkamp, secretary, durlng vocahon to U School of thelr own Ruth Wylie, president, Johna Glaze, properties, Virginia True, vice president . Bottom row, Geraldine Clup, properties, Ravae Sharp, treasurer Cl'lOOSIng. Not in panel: Geulah Abrahams, work-shop coordinator Orchesis also sponsors concerts by visit- ing artists and organizes symposiums in which other colleges are invited to partici- pate. ORCHESIS Top row: Arlene Palsgrove, Burton Palmer, Karlyn Kettelkamp, Johnc Glaze, Sidney Desser, Ruth Wylie, Sherwin Baim, Willis Gaskin, Ravae Sharp, Daniel John Fourth row, Lois Merritt, Nancy Kuehn, Evelyn Gutzeit, Cunegunda Garmus, Sharon Armstrong, Geraldine Culp, Janet Moeller, Virginia True, Beatrice Dvorak, Clara Smith, Joanna Zubaty Third row, Elaine Nelson, Anne Alloway, Jo Ann Markland, Phyllis Gordon, Kay Reeves, Rosalyn Wykes, Nancy Berquist, Caryl Harrington, Frans Guepin, Camilla Lyon Second row: Irene Nakamura, Susan Zakoian, Joanne Sherwin, Miriam Weisbord, Diane Klafter, Dorothea Sherman, Miriam Farrell, Judith Tibbits, Cindy Monroe, Sheila Mason, Mary Frederick Bottom row: Sadie Poinsett, Kay Bowman, Rhoda Goldman, Janice Schallman, Margret Dietz, advisor, Mrs. Ronald Dirsmith, Dorothy Marlin, Reba Wright, Jean Simon Not in panel: Geulah Abrahams, Jaci Grear Top row: Leonard Schaider, Donald Esarove, Robert Carper, Phillip Lincenberg, Lawrence GratT, Philip Cohen, Selwyn Shapiro Second row: Alan Sered, Jay Becker, Leslie Morris, Gerald Merzon, Richard Earlix, Norman Hollenberg, Robert Migatz, Howard Leftwich Bottom row: Alan Jacobs, Mitchell Bass, corresponding secretary, Martin Goldstein, recording secretary, Harold Gluskoter, vice president, Marvin Miller, president, Herbert Fisher, treasurerg Phillip Sokol, Sheldon Rosenberg 'liurthers the social and cultural well-being of its members increases knowledge of architecture Top row: John Ruffner, president, Don Brown, treasurer, James Jasper, Richard Donchoe, Richard Merhar, John Henderson, John Suedel, Charles Gathers, John Rule, Nicholas Weber, Gilbert Hensey, Donald Voss Second row: Thomas Hubbard, Donald Pyskacek, Roland Schapanski, Andrew McPherson, John Wood, Gabriel Guevrekian, Driver Lindsay, Cyrus Palmer, Prof. A. Richard Williams, advisor Bottom row: David Pickard, John Logon, Melvin Beckman, Paul Stevens, Thompson Dyke, William Heinzman, William Tippens Not in panel: Charles Boldon, Michael lmlay, Victor lsaksen, Denis Keith, Edward McCrary, Robert Mast, Jack Quell, Arthur Sestak, Andrew Toth, vice president, Donald Olivieri, secretary, Jack Baker, Prof. Turpin Bannister, Prof. Granville Keith, Prof. William Kinne, Prof. Elmer Love, Prof. John Replinger, Prof. Ambrose Richardson, Prof. Walter Keith, Prof. Karl Lohmann, Prol. Stanley White Top row: Sarita Alexander, Sarah Robinson, Juanita Bailey, Ruth Baughman, Frances, Francis, Paul Manahan, Raymond Moehle, Charles Foley, Donald Ellingson, Bert Second row: Audrey Springs, Patricia Anderson, Lillian Kirk, Joyce Day, Sandra Mclver, Eleanor Larson, Evelyn Geptord Bottom row: Mariorie Ashby, advisor, Judith Konneker, president, Helen Kausie, secretary, Myrna Krug, vice president, Patricia McGath, treasurer, Joan Reichen- backer, Marcia Davis Not in panel: Sherrill Hart, Janet Myers B provides valuable practice and experi- ence tor commercial students SOCIETY FCJR THE ADVANCEMENT OF promotes the concepts ot scientific management Top row: Don Norford, Frank Michalec, George Fotopoulos, David Simmons, Charles Francis, Paul Manahan, Raymond Moehle, Charles Foley, Donald Ellingson, Bert Anschel, Charles Blundell, Jesse Thornton, Raymond Maslanka, Charles Carter, Thomas Guthrie, Paul Stephens, Lee Curtiss Third row, Gilbert Sweet, James Norkewicz, Earl Takach, Nick Michas, Daniel Pattarson, William McEldowney, Michael Lesh, William Cummings, Charles Gauen, Benediktas Zemaitis, Bruno Juodelis, Joseph Warner, Robert Fenstermaker, Charles Crain, George Bolin, Carl Lane, Frederick Gress Second row: Robert Sick, Conrad Staudacher, Philip Bisesi, Fred Becker, secretary, Arthur Susman, president, Prof. Merten Mandeville, Prof. Paul Dauten, Arthur Holtz, vice president, Richard Earlix, treasurer, Eugene Kumpf, Alfred Tracy, Earl Kesler Bottom row: James Larsen, William Lomonaco, John Berg, Kenneth Davis, Charles Schultz, John Baldwin, Borie Saxberg, Wesley Froehlich, Donald Harding, Curtis Brainard, William Menke, Glenn Green Top row: Tet Pang, Frank Watts, John Schneider, John Halloran, Charles Foley, Bernard Verna, Walter Glitzewstein, Harvey Patterson, Donald Carr, Robert Sparrow Bottom raw: Miguel Alvarez, Rafael Roo, Harald Greer, Paul Stephens, Thomas Regul, vice president, John Witt, president, William Evans, Anthony Vilona, Harold Nero Not in panel: Prof. William Hull, advisor SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS develops interest in the automotive, aircratt, and gas turbine tielcls UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS FLYING CLUB stimu ates interest in aviation Top row: Jesse Stonecipher, advisor, C. Neale Elsby, president, Dorothy Moriarity, Sandra Schaub, vice president, Donald Manthei, James Dewey, Linton Kypta, secretary-treasurer Bottom row: Harald Weaver, Carl Carlson, Peter Bodett, Harrison Killam, Donald DeShazo The University of Illinois Rifle and Pistol Club is chartered and recognized by the National Rifle Association of America. Membership is open to the students, staff, and employees of the University who are in- terested in competitive shooting. For new members who want instruction, there are National Rifle Association Instructors to help them. Rifles and pistols are furnished to members at no cost. Top Bottom row: Paul Bordignon, Allen Johnson, treasurer, Nancy Mays, secretary: Mem Throughout the school year, members compete within the club. Each year the club sponsors the Annual University of Illi- nois lnvitational Rifle Match. This year the Illinois State Gallery Championships were held here. The purpose of the club is . . . MORE AND BETTER SHOOTING SO THAT AMER- ICA MAY ONCE MORE BE A NATION OF RIFLEMEN. row: James Clopper, vice president, Robert Mumm, Bruce Raney, Master Sgt. John Petersen, William Darlington, Robert Hickey James Cooney, president, Walter Juneau LJNIVE SITY OF' ILLINOIS RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB bers: George Anselm, Robert Albright, Stephen Arnold, Ignacio Avellaneda, Harvey Allekian, James Adams, Ralph Allen, William Black, Melvin Blaurack, Robert Bartz, Roger Bainbridge, Beverly Ballein, Burl Baker, Neil Butterfield, Barbara Bales, Alan Blankfield, Judith Blanktield, Joel Barnes, John Baumgarten, Udell Bernstein, James Clopper, Luis Cifuentes, Carmen Cunningham, Raymond Chiastri, Joseph Cannella, Robert Cordes, Mark Connell, Stanley Crane, John Darby, Edna Dick, Adam Doty, William Darlington, John Eccles, Walter Eichelberger, John Frye, James Freyder, Joyce Faw, Lorne Fitts, Duane Faletti, Harold Grupe, William Graham, Alvaro Gil, Rodrigo Gutierrez, Walter Glitzenstein, John Genn, Reyes Garcia, Robert Gercas, Ruth Hook, Timothy Hughes, Ralph Hale, William Henebry, Fred Horwitz, Charles Hammil, Grover Herring, Arturo Henao, William Heitmann, Eugene lgnatov, Alfred lnselberg, Naomi lshino, Saulius Jameikis, Seymour Jay, John Jurik, Harlow Jahnke, Clarence Jones, Charles Kilboy, Douglas Kline, Robert Landolt, Dan Lindrooth, Bruce Lund, Elizabeth Laslo, Richard Milash, Charles McDonough, George McDonough, Eric Maxon, Alyce May, Wallace Mitchell, David Meadows, Jack McHugh, Dolly Marsh, Paul Nickoley, Leroy Owens, Robert Overby, Paul Poe, Ben Patterson, Albert Petrie, Leonard Rich, David Randolph, Robert Robertson, William Rumsey, Theresa Ruth, Gloria Runge, George Rohel, Wayne Rothgeb, William Ristow, Arthur Stellmach, Agris Slesers, James Schmitt, Lee Sentman, Freeman Schrodt, Margaret Scranton, John Schrum, Cynthia Soter, Roy Sudhotf, Maurice Sabath, Al Sedgwick, Alvin Shkoler, Carol Schmutzler, David Schriftman, Norman Schlang, Edward Skal- isius, Donald Schilke, John Schnibben, Roger Schlichting, Kathleen Schaub, Gerald Stuyvesant, Michael Simpson, Donald Satterthwaite, Arthur Sorbitz, Donald Teaque, Anthony Vilona, David Vase, John Van Dyke, Donald Wolfgram, Robert Waddick, Denny Weichman, Charles Willis, Mary Weston, Jolene Winsauer, Margaret Work, Laurence Zuelke, Donald Zagars 4 5 swf 50 .H new MNH o s yul rec e lc ou o thus' V Lost, one cool I don'f think it works this wcyl Guarding the Irophy Have you got your hunting license? Look! No hands! ,Ma awww v Wx, lu: 1-,f-ww-f, ,ww f,,f,:-.wx :Jrff:,mw1s4afi2 f'?Z:1f:1ffkXwefQ,, 2 2 1 Q f If if 522216 .3 . EL SLI A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS Important in the life of students on campus is their church. Representing this interest are the religious organizations which are student gov- erned and supported. They all have a student council which is made up of students and church staff members and which governs and oversees the activities of the foundation. The primary obiect of these organizations is to supply the spiritual needs which cannot be found in the classroom. Each respective founda- tion seeks to instill the importance of religious values through the conducting of services, by giving credit courses in religion, and by main- taining libraries which contain religious litera- ture. Besides their religious emphasis, these organi- zations radiate a very important secondary serv- ice-namely culture. Choral groups, forums, discussion groups, and lectures all help to con- tribute to the development of a well-rounded personality. The churches also work to provide for students another very important item-namely a social life. These churches provide such social activities as coffee hours, picnics, dances, mixers, and sup- per clubs. At these supper clubs the students can obtain good, well-balanced Sunday evening meals for a very small fee. Besides the meal, they are furnished with constructive discussion groups, entertainment, and a chance to meet and talk with other students. All the campus foundations are open to any and all of the students who wish to use them, and all of them have libraries, recreational fa- cilities, and a nice friendly atmosphere which all students are free to use, share, and enjoy. ln the following pages of the lllio appear the religious foundations on campus which represent many religious denominations. D N provides opportunities for worship, fellowship, study, and service among Baptist students Top row: Kentaro Taguchi, Toshio Tsuzuki, Hachiro Koyama, Herbert Lassiter, Satoshi Tanilrawa, Richard Baker, Zeno Kopecky, George Stevens, Don Smith, Richard Angus, Jerry Hogan, Robert Ford, Robert Forbes, YuWen Han, William McDonal, Akira Uchiyamo, Yukio Soda Fourth row: Neal Chamberlain, Gerry Tuveson, Robert Fusinati, Suey Fong, Richard Pople, Robert White, Herbert White, Lowell Kelly, Louis Antanelli, Hester Gaith- man, Armand Peterson, Edward Bingley, Donald Mulkins, John Nighswander, Freeman Marti, Tomoo Ito, Morikazu Shikata, Harry Lim Third row: Doris Crist, Lisa Galam, Kaye Greenwood, Esther Davis, Beverly Blue, David Weaver, Leona Webb, Clarence Beatty, Charlotte Hogan, Claude Land, Margaret Boswell, Esther Kennedy, Mrs. Ruby Minton Second row: Doris Williams, Carlene Somers, Marilyn Petrini, Sadie Poinsett, Barbara Hazard, Linda Lee, Mariann Nolta, Judy Gates, Dorothy Roberts, Eleanor Berry, Marilyn Spitzer, Helen Carter, Evelyn Harner, Bernedine Gernon Bottom row: Yoshiko Tsuzuki, Glendora Mougin, Rev. Pierre Tangent, Lawrence Sallberg, Leroy Owens, Janice Cocking, Takako Amaha, Mikio Amaha, Shoroku Kato 6 7 Top row: Malcolm Campbell, Robert Stoddard, first vice president, Robert Waggener, Leland Smalley, third vice president, Teddie Brown, Vernon Entrekin, state student secretary Second row: Barbara Boyd, Charlene Grant, Mariorie Smalley, Sandra Layton, Kendra McKemie, Janet Cox, Shirley Sanders Bottom row: Mrs. Ruth Penrad, William Penrod, president, James Burrell, second vice president, Nancy Judd Not in panel: James Baxter, Harold Borror, John Claxton, Kenneth Comer, John Cowen, Joan Patton, Donald Satterthwaite, Donald Stakes, Jimmy R. Thompson, Rex Wright, Glenda Emrich encourages enlistment in Southern Baptist churches ot Champaign-Urbana promotes tellowship, worship, educa- tion, and service among Episcopal students Top row: Cameron Allen, Clyde Young, George Sell, Vincent Lopez, Will Brown, Frederick Kent, Kenneth George, James Topps, Peter Arvedson, Louis Gaiennie, Arwin Lindquist Third row: Second row: Arvedson Bottom row: Rev. George Hoffman, Lee Williamson, David Wine, Howard Cheeseman, John Berton, Betsy Byrns, Tet Pang Mrs. George Holtman, Janet Nakamura, Mrs, Fredrick Arvedson, Judith Swineheart, Mary Thomason, Barbara Bowers, James Herget, Rev. Fredrick Geraldine Day, Mary Beckmeyer, Mrs. John Berton lil Ili! K5 xx' QQ! v-Nl' in The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation en- deavors to further the knowledge and ap- preciation of the Jewish religion and cul- ture. It offers students Jewish life and fel- lowship through the observance of the Sab- bath and other Holy days, establishes an all-inclusive community framework for Jew- ish students of varying interests and opin- ions, and cooperates in the interfaith pro- grams of the University. Hillel Foundation is open to all students on campus. They are welcome to make use of the library, lounge, recreational facilities, erm.. 223221..iosslzp.'::f":J.1i,:5fn::.'si .2121 2:23:21 25525321 SfUC'Y rooms' fecofd C0"eC'i0"' O' GUY other HQ'0"' G"'fk0'e'f We Pfesidenf of the many services of the foundation. Bottom row: Martin Goldstein, president, Judith Rand, administrative assistant, Harriet Kraus, corresponding secretary Hillel is governed by a Director, his staff, and student leaders who comprise the Hillel Student Council. Hll.l.El. FOUNDATION Top row: Jordan Cohn, Allen Hochfelder, Richard Bass, Arthur Golden, Mitchell Bender, Arthur Goldstein, Howard Leftwich, Eliahu Cohen, Sheldon levy Third row: Myrna Brodsky, Judy Levine, Sheldon Rosenberg, Norma Linkow, Bonnie Dolins, Allen Sered, Malka Mirvis, Leah levin, Benita Homer Second row: Rabbi Beniamin Rudavsky, Thomas Stern, Joan Schultz, Horriet Kraus, Martin Goldstein, Sheila Kopple, Harold Gluskoter, Gerald Libmon, Nissan Rand Bottom row: Judith Snyder, Corinne Travis, Reta Reznick, Rhoda Goldman, Nancee Farber, Jacquie Cohen, Leah Stern, Judith Rand l l l . -' ?!4"5.!,6il iig 1: ai 9 Top row: James Latimer, Charles Price, Jack Cook, Edward Kearns, Milton Barker, William Warner, Donald Warner, Wilma Sherwin, Richard Dix, Jeanne Jaracz, Arwolt Kehle Fifth row: Richard Reichelt, James Celarier, Dr. William Godden, James Beatty, Lloyd Lange, Sara McMillan, Ruth Bauner, Phillip Wahlbeck, lrma Wessels, Charles Morrill Fourth row: Clarence Ammerman, William Morrison, Richard Matteson, David Rash, Ronald Erwin, Barbara McClain, Mildred Anderson, Fred Mayerle, Rudolph Schat- tke, James Larsen Third row: Thomas Emrnering, Prof. Aldon Jensen, Lowell Anderson, Daniel Wystrond, Ronald Crowell, Joyce Conner, Norma Hildenbrand, Jeanette Hoover, Norma Brooks, Betty Larsen Second row: Thomas Gyori, Paul Johnson, Joseph Corbett, Roger Johnson, Charles Haley, Gwendolyn Cantrell, Donald Reeves, Muriel Stark Bottom row: Vivian Carlson, Phyllis Anderson, Kenneth Stone, Marilyn Johnson, Joann Neburka, Kenneth Nordlct, vice president, David Mayer, president, Jed Met- calf, Hizabeth Oakes, secretary, Gerald Miller, treasurer, John Replogle lL.l.lNl CH RISTIAN FELLOWSHIP inveS+i9a+eS claims ot Jesus Christ and considers his challenge to college students LU-l'l'l ERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION provides worship, fellowship, and counseling tor Lutheran Students lNLCl Top row: John Brown, Norman Malm, Robert Hunt, Neale Elsby, William Dankert, Don Burhmester, Wayne Ahlberg, David McGinty, William Miller, Roy Emrick, Robert Facko, Yngve Hendrickson, Conrad Christianson, Thomas Munday Third row: Donald Franke, Richard Bursell, Roar lrgens, James Smith, Warren Cuplin, Robert Munnecke, Roger Martini, James Anderson, Kenneth Hartweg, Ivan Lawfer, Lee Moser, James Plymire, Arthur Schwartz Second row: Richard Hutson, vice president, Lois Weber, Penelope Molina, secretary, Mary Heinicke, Alice Rudwall, Merle Smedberg, president, Rev. Roger Gobbel, Mrs. Roger Gobbel, Marion Daus, Roger Schlichting, Viola Wolken, Rose Hammer, Nancy Mongerson, Joan Novak, Richard Levon, treasurer Bottom row: Marilyn Gamlin, Carol Peterson, Ann Laane, Carla Smith, Patricia Schnulle, Dorothy Carter, Margaret Larson, Virginia Gerhardt, Ruth Newborgh, Roberta Ruhling, Mary Lilia, James Kurtz Top row: Rev, Harry Johns, Charles Dow, William Wolbrinck, John Wills, Dr. Ja.nes Hine, Robert Blissard, William Tozer, John Kreer, Jerry Kuykendall Third row: Vivienne Huffman, Doris Lapp, Dwight Ringhausen, Jane Behringer, Barbara Cochran, Carolyn Brewer, Phyllis Murphy, Carole Patrick, Sally Kietzman, Mariorie Hensley, Phyllis Slolz, Ernestine Lawler, George Sumrall Second row: Marilyn Kerchenfaut, Eleanor Rollo, secretary, David Slolz, vice president, Doris Knox, president, Dorothy Rosecrans, treasurer, Jennis Barry, Ruth McNabb, Clifiord Long Bottom raw: Enid Ewing, Suzanne Brunkow, Nancy Gratigny, Audrey Nelson, Georgia Doak, Alice VonDyke MCKINLEY FOUNDATION STUDENT provides Presbyterian students with fellowship with God unites students attending 'lhe congregational, christian, and evangelical and reformed churches Top row: John Hill, Harvey Davis, treasurer, Donald Stratton, Roberr Schultz, Louis Klindera, vice president, Ronald Hamelberg, Richard Snyder, Dieter Rodrian, Verlan Heberer, Philip Jones, Richard Cobb, Vernon Eidman, Lee Vanderhulst, Dennis Thompson Third row: Richard Dannells, Robert Ayer, Edwin Thayer, Richard West, president, John Schierhaltz, Andrew Nordyke, Warren James, Loretta Nagel, secretary, Marvin Gerdes, Mariorie Hoerdt, Ima Bassler, Marvin Girardeau Second row: Donald Goa, Shirley Berfield, John Stratton, Barbara Mueller, Orville Schroer, Mrs. Russell Tuttle, Russell Tutlle, George Mizuguchi, Allan Randall, Ray Fukumoto, Paula Gerspacher Bottom row: David Chun, Niel Krueger, Theodore Zindars, Brian Larson, Mary Haimbaugh, Verna Vogt. Bernard Paul, Leo Arms, Robert Murray, Jo Ann Hostettler Not in panel: Barbara Borine, Nelly Lee, Janet Cobain, Robert Dintelmann, Gail Fischer, Vello Hansen, Eleanore Janssen, David Herberer, Patricia Naidert, Robert McTrusty, Jimmy Roan, Charles Nauert O Newman Foundation, the Catholic stu- dent center, works to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal life of its members. Saint John's Catholic Chapel is the focal point of the foundation. Mass is offered daily and Sundays, and the students are given opportunity to receive the Sacraments frequently. Students serve as members of the choir and ushers, and are in the Altar Society. Newman Club is the student group which, directed by its officers and committee chairmen, plans religious, educational, and social programs for its members. Corporate communion breakfasts, lectures, discus- sions, an arts festival, dramatics, intramural sports, a spring formal, and varied socials are some of the club's activities. There is also a special league for graduate students and faculty members. NEWMAN it H Top row: Rev. Edward Duncan, Jean Vertovec, Rosemary Bauer, William Bildhauer, George Kron, historian, Amelia Sisul, corresponding secretary, Richard uresident, Catharine Dages, treasurer, Carol Loftus, Charles Beck, Conrad Skimina, recording secretary Bottom row: Fred Loccabue, les Bergschneider, James MacShane, Jean Ayson, Joann Rezny, Joanne Helms, Mildred Jemilo Not in panel: Emil Diewald, vice president is l , . ' . i i -az, L Top row: Rey. Erich Heintzen, Roland Schwanke, Robert Hagemeyer, Ralph Benck, Erich Heintzen, Allan Weihe, Earl Sonnemaker, John Brandt, Wayne Tegeder Third row: Alan Halz, Norman Nelson, Arthur Eggers, Ruth Romcser, Dale Wachtel, Judith Tarr, Teddy Dickman Second row: Diane Deeg, Norma Brooks, Shirley Searcy, Frances Schiesser, Robert Bachmann, Ruth Behrends, Sharon Leisch, Rudolph Schattke . Bottom row: Judith Hoge, Donna Kreiter, Ruth Keller, Pearl Hanebutt, Renate Oppenlander, Eldon Ahner, John Haug, Edward Schumann, John Schmidt Not in panel: Walter Heintzen D promotes Christian knowledge and Christian service UNIVERSITY LLJTH ERAN CHAPEL provides opportunities for worship and prac- 'rical training in church work Top row: William Schaller, Ruth Romoser, Dorothy Kumpf, Gerald Wisner, Raymond Miller, Ernie Adam, Earl Sonnemaker, John Brandt, Ralph Benck, Arthur Eggers, president, Sharon Leisch, Ted Dickman, Erich Heintzen, Don Gronert, Allan Weihe, treasurer, Wayne Teqeder, Rev. Erich Heintzen Fourth row: Patricia Gustafson, Martha Schaller, Ruth Kumpt, Charles Manske, Norman Nelson, John Haug, Roland Schwanke, Robert Hagemeyer, Barbara luehring, Myrna Mackey, Nancy Torma, John Schmidt, William Gronert, Jerome Miller, Dale Wachtel Third row: Nancy Lachmann, Muriel Mueller, Howard Petersen, Ruth Behrends, Janice Whitaker, Pamela Shepherd, Gretchen Johnson, Frances Schlesser, Judy Tarr, Mrs. William Gronert, Audrey Gronert, Stanley Paul, Jeanne Paul, Shirley Searcy, Edward Schumann Second row: Anida Baxa, Robert Bachmann, vice president, Rudy Schattke, Norma Brooks, Donna Kreiter, Renate Oppenlander, Diane Deeg, Judith Hage, Sydney Gronert, Ramona Hesterman, Pearl Hanebutt, Alan Halz, Eldon Ahner Bottom row: Ruth Keller, secretary, Harold Reichers ,mx I9 klli, ,,,... Th' tl h 't W ne H Il, Peter Woo, David Fishel, Jerome Hardesty, William Campbell, Rev. Ralph Dunlop, John Crump, David Top row: Jerry Kermicle, Paul is et wal e, ay c L h Williams, Peter Kloeppel, Jahn e mann Second row: Mrs. Rondol Downing, Ruth Robinson, Judith Zink, Martha Parker, Carolyn King, Elsie Patterson, Barbara Rohdy, Willa Mitchell, Shirley Jorgensen Shirley Melms Marian Davis Bottom row: Carolyn Campbell, Robert Madison, vice president, Beverley Hill, president, Barbara Lowis, secretary, Gordon Wakey, treasurer, Mary Campbell, Alice Beling Not in panel: John Juergensmeyer VVESLEY FOUNDATION STUDENT provides leadership, fellowship, and religious growth for Methodist s'l'ucleri'l's 4' - , , more -, , ,.:.. ss. The Wesley group exercising the old vocal cards. Life in HiIlel's basement! "More coHee" is the order of the day at Newman's open house after the Home' coming game. Some McKinIeyites and Lu- therans taking a rest at their "Hobo Party." ...Q NX fs, 1 A .,Q,msg,,, K K ,i,kkz,4 ,s"eg,-N ,3 Hi,,,Fg'Z:f1-fe ' V get , W if 5 ix C Martha Sanford, army sponsor - LK I -A-.Nb ,fy-f N W 4 Q Sara Barry, air force sponsor ARMED FORCES Through the ofticer's reserve training corps unit here at the University of Illinois, one may obtain a commission in either the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Coordination of the three ROTC units is achiev- ed through the Armed Forces Council. This Coun- cil is composed of the Army Cadet Commander and his Executive Officer, the Navy Midshipman Commander and his Executive Officer, and the Top row: Stanley Routh, Richard Rayburn, secretary Bottom row: Eugene Friederich, Curtis Gabbord, Byron West, treasurerg Mai. Not in panel: Bruno DaICorobbo . ,W arm 'airs Mary Alexander, navy sponsor Air Force Cadet Commander and his Executive Ofticer. In addition, each unit provides a iunior to serve on the Council and the ROTC unit in charge for the current year provides a com- missioned ofticer to act as advisor. Functions of all three ROTC units include the Military Ball, the Camid Hop, the Veteran's Day Ceremony, and the Honors Day Formation. Ronald Stewart, advisor, Herbert Blodgett, president, Alexander Booras, James Ciarlo Xl 4 i, 7,1 ' of X, 5 ' , E J E 1- T1 - so 'fi , 'f" f f it , A' 5 D it .A Wi, 4 at ik rx F K f " V. , if L . f' y Q ' ky' i ' V Col. Frank Leakey, Commandant Coordinator of A xl-H-3"M 4 I 1 . 'wi as Richard Rayburn, Cadet Colonel The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps has been in existence at Illinois since the University's establishment and has constantly increased in strength through the years. Colonel Frank Leakey, senior officer and aca- demic head of the Army department, is Com- mandant of Cadets. The cadet governing body of the Corps is the Military Council, which consists of ranking senior Martha Sanford, Army Sponsor ARMY cadets from each of the service branches plus delegates from the three military honoraries: Scabbard and Blade, Phalanx, and Pershing Rifles. This group acts as a sounding board for student affairs and as a liaison between the cadets and the Commandant. During the T954- 55 school year, the Council was presided over by Cadet Colonel Richard Rayburn, Brigade Com- mander ofthe Army RCTC. Military Council-Tod row: William M:Nier, Frank Battuello, Richard Haynes, Leo Jasien, Gerald Strehlow, Gerald McKay, Gerald Brown, Louis Fancher Bottom row: Gordon Williams, Frank Thorp, Richard Rayburn, Stanley Routh Not in panel: Albert Steflens, Bruce Bower as a Armed Force atrium' ,Wm Q WMF? f W4 +A mfg? .MXH '32, A iigfafeilgy , 5 1?'?Q Z g ..:.,,:.. 1 WW' 4' A6 .2 ' , .offyng an O 6 I 'Q A U f s an , I .....,., E 3 -,gg 3 -an ,g:f.r:f,:m.,.,4: . , , - .s:'.3:i+gE ns-- I if w ,Fi 4535. -. J Q LQ A A '. 14 342. x X' , -. .fag Cf , X: Q ' ., --,V ,,MfL .,g '75 :-.X Qi WH-'C' r- :ln " xgai-' tj. ,. ' I. .9553 ,gf t. w gifs' K. T. . ,, .W h xxmb'-"'v ,C T? . has x f .,.' AN'-O.. V-0.7: n . J, 1 x - Vi me 1 'AV' g f' ., 'A 'iw' -4- . -.Aw x gr--1. ' X .' ' ' A . L ' YQ :If if . ,, ,,, ,,.,.3a., igxr! ML, in ' ' 1 He1'f"'?f-- 1 X K ' , X. ' iz- f g' x'W"f"-4. n' s. , '. .' 5 Y -1 , I I, S " L , , ,W H ,L , . V ," E .Q ,. -, , , 'gy ' -' . 'N -ff .L W 1, -. ,M ,- , ,,': wg, . me Dill ,. ,- N ' 1 ,. , , M. ' , ' j Q X, -, ' ' :X 1' ' 1 X K f .. ,N If 21 ' ,f'igr,Q ff 1 'Z w fN.4 Q ' 'Q I W ,J " ft 7. ' X74 Y ' - ff ' if' 1 1 ' 1 .lfl'9- "5 -',: 1. , 1,1 , f,. I " rmg?"f.' , .5 fi ' .,. f Q.- v S Ms? ' ef " fi.?'9Yfi!z L S 1 ., , v' 1' 'sig i .:"'Ei:l::. N' N.. ' if M' -W v l , " - f' . V m 'li AL,. 1 . A W" Hy. f P H I ww M' 3 "'-H'-v V ' .5552 ff' 2 WK X - A 1 we? A 1 , .. ..,. A .,.,, . -V . , 5 3 f ' ' was 4 5' ' ' Q -W , . V ,2:g,f5fy5v.-1: Q 4. A ' ..',L,' f 'mf' - I -M' if . .- .......,..,,.. , . , ,. .. ,,, . , is Herbert Blodgett, cadet colonel -4. 1-M'P .V , Vk,, ,, ,QW 'ig " ami mms, kf4',...--1 AIR FORCE The primary source of otticers to lead our Air Force is the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps of which the University of Illinois has one of the largest wings. From the Wing Commander down to the freshman basic, the Wing is operated by the student officers and guided and supervised by the regular Air Force personnel. The cadets are Sara Barry, air force sponsor Col. Harvey Davison, professor of air science given as much responsibility as possible so as to train them to assume positions of responsibil- ity when they are called to active duty. Besides classroom and drill floor instruction, field trips to Air Force bases and orientation flights provide opportunities for the cadets to become more familiar with the primary mission of the Air Force-flying! Wing Staff-Top row: Joseph Warner, personnel oHicer, James Ciarlo, execilive officer Bottom row: John Juergensmeyer, commander, group 2, Louis Gouen, adiutant, Ronald Peterson, commander, group 4, Herbert Blodgett, wing commander, Herald Stockton, public information officer, Charles Andrews, commander, group lp Gerald Woadcock, commander, group 3 ...4' .iq 45, N fi! 'iff ,f ge, 'T "' A J rss ecfiiimtff' 'fa MMF 19 W Aw y ifi rl- W-. '- O . 1 -Y ff LQ! 0 k F 5 r . . ,. ,- . r- all TL'- Q x '. ?v4 ' ' 1 1' I Uiksskg,-", LV, , WX, ,, n I .. JD . MQ 'Q' ll f I ,M-n..-1. X... .v.,.,.i. 1 . 91 FH F , 1 W fzw N . fffx .wx iam gy Y 5 QNX I xx' viz: if '1 K 3 5 r x 9 t 5' M 1 3 l 3 3 I xi in R V ? X ! . E, . P W 'Q ew 5 1 ' AP ff ' 1 ff Q , gf ig' ,ge 4- if - ' . ' Y if V ,V tv 7 9 33. x 1. 2 ' 91 5" ' xv 2 'I' gg ! 'P' fg Q Q x f 'V f vi N' -nw. 1' r 'fx . .Y .'p'v v'K':'1 -ip ' " 'S 1 lx .tk F"'VX Q M .f X 1, rfkylx. B X 'fix ix " . of W' '- oz 5 A X f ' 5 ' . F1 Q: 0 .1 1' Kenneth West, batlallon commander The youth of America today have a challenge in The opporruniry 'ro serve The nafion as oFiTcers in The fighting 'Fleer of the Unifecl States Navy. The Naval Reserve Ofiicers Training Corps at the University of Illinois is composed of 280 mid- shipmen who are required 'ro study tweniy-four academic hours of Naval subiects which are in- We I . Mary Liz Alexander, sponsor T HE NAVY Tegrated vviih iheir regular college curriculum. Upon graduarion, a miclshipman receives a commission in The Navy ar The rank of Ensign or in The Marine Corps as a Second Lieufenanl, and is Then immodiaiely assigned To aclive duly in his respecfive service. Navy Council-Top row: Robert Bein, John Hodson, Tom Camburn, Curtis Gabbard, William Ahlenius, Charles McBride, Lenos Murei, Phillip Kenner, Jerome Tankel Bottom row: Eugene Frioderick, Lt. Miko, advisorf Kennelh West, chairmong Henry Dougherfy 3 mf' Captain James Leno, professor of a I sc on 51 is ,I 6' 15' E far L idx! tg -, Si x . SL gw B I fl. 'il pi. L, il!-Q 'gs U X I if 7 6 .- I UQ wi 5 f . I . . f if . .3 H155 gwiw s 0 O 0 1 I r Q 9 9 ..- S '5 ' c ni, - . d : . , 4 g . O V S01 +I Q ' 0 ' Q ix X ,f--1 PF 'QE e R 'm as 41 ,v M wifi?-swvgwam 1 -s ff 1 r 1 4' r x 'Nl " '5 fr Q Y :Q 5.3 2 f -X ... A .. f J Top row: Burl Baker, Richard Haynes, Ronald Christianson, Dean Willmann, Donald Harwig, John Hurley, James Clapper, James Rose, John Mccozzi, Geraid Strehlow Second row: Robert Twohey, president, Bruce Peterson, Thomas Taylor, Marion Barron, Bernard Winsberg, Lee Polowick, Vincent Berkman, Peter Minerva, George Northcott, Edward Tanous, Mai. Ralph Mclntire, advisor ' Bottom row: Louis Liddi, Wayne Weber, Donald Demski, Lyle Dahlenburg, vice president, Walter Shigihara, Myron Dachniwskyi, Richard Swanson, secretary-treasurer, Allan Jacobs, Wesley Walters honors the outstanding advanced ROTC cadets in anti-aircraft artillery liurthers the mission, tradition, and concept' of the United States air force Top row: James Bartell, Donald Denby, William Klink, Jack Pettis, Russell Welker, Donald Lanier, Jacob Grossman, Ronald Fuchs, Samuel Shockey, Henry Wiesen- eck, Howard Malstrom, David Albert, George Warner, Alan Cole, Viesturs Vilips, John Birky, James Hase Fourth row: Edward Tucker, George Wells, Richard Jirus, Norman Thorpe, Carleton Weber, John Green, John Whitman, Don Debolt, Richard Ewan, Richard Lee, Harold Walden, Richard Lower William Henbest, Alexander Booras, James Rank, James Whitt, Leslie Bryan, Herbert Blodgett, James Hinkle, Roger King, Richard Ogawa, John Kirages, Third row: William Gassett David Chun, Hale Bartlett, adiutant recorder, Richard Meeks, Mai. Walser Harms, Jerry Bond, Mai. Clarence Odum, Thomas Harvey, squadron commander, Second row: Joseph Warner, squadron executive officer, Wesley King, Gerald Woodcack, financial officer, David Clark Bottom row: Charles Highsmith, Bennie Coffman, James Ellmore, Albert Wendt, James Ciarlo, James Miller, Richard Bray, Roy Fenstermaker, Joseph Umbach 204 Pershing Rifles, a national honorary mili- tary society, is one of seventy-seven com- panies all over the nation. Company C of the Third Regiment ofthe organization was installed at Illinois in 1931 and since that time has maintained a reputation of hav- ing one of the largest and most active units in the country. Members are selected from the basic ROTC cadets of all three branches of serv- ice and the qualifications sought are mili- tary scholarship, leadership, ability, and interest so that the national ideal of pro- and efiiciency in Top row: Richard McCready, finance ofiicerp Richard Fair, commander, Robert , , , Schmeltzer, executive ofticer fqcflcs IS Cgrfled Quf, Bottom row: Frances Corcoran, sponsor Pershing Rifles has an organized rifle team but most outstanding is its three drill teams which include the regular, crack, and German Castle Guards. PERSHING RIFLES Top row: Donald Ball, Daniel Wax, Joseph Abel, Robert Smith, Dennis Patera, Melvin Neumann, James Solomon, Richard Bruce, Lawrence Coert, Mark Greviston, David Tillema, Eldon Cullison, Richard Smith, Ronald Delismon, James Jacobs, Robert Resek, Harry Lamb, Glen Wilmes, Delmos Hasse, Paul Perks, Dean McCreight, Ronald Kaiser Third row: Marvin Angus, Stuart Jaffe, Richard Mann, Alfred Combs, Raymond Ratay, Ronald Yeast, Edwin Wollerman, James Thomas, Philip Joy, Thomas Griftith, Billy Rich, Marvin Rawski, Charles Detwiler, Edward Bedard, James Rohl, John GriFfith, Anthony Thompson, James Murdoch, Robert Stanek, Robert Heck, Richard Florey, Ronald Galowich, Jerald Galowich, Jack Winchell, Robert Trilling Second row: Allan Bluestone, John Schram, John Vilven, Thomas Leitzen, Arthur LeBlanc, Jerry Warren, Robert Wood, Jon Steffens, Alvin Hicks, Nelson Wood, William Seright, Eugene Baethke, Joseph Diario, Joseph Kalley, James Fizzell, Robert Caswell, David Salbego - Bottom row: William Trunck, John Gill, Emil Kubalek, Roger Derby, Edwin Wolfer, Franklin Lakins, Robert Schmeltzer, Frances Corcoran, Richard Fair, Richard McCready, Gustave Weber, Albert Stelifens, Earl Heal, Everett Faitz, Charles Keller i Top row: Fred McDowell, finance, Richard McCready, adiutant Bottom row: Henry Dougherty, lieutenant commander, Mai. Ralph Mclntire, advisory Gerald Strehlow, commander Phalanx is a national military honorary and professional fraternity which was es- tablished at the University of Illinois in 1925. Its members are chosen from the ad- vanced corps cadets in the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC program. Membership is based upon the recommendation ofthe Unit Directors of these various branches and the active members of Phalanx. As stated in its constitution, "The purpose of this fraternity shall be to promote the interest of military training, to foster the spirit of fellowship among military men, to aid in the preparedness of this country, and to implant in its members the discipline so necessary, not only in a military enterprise, but in every walk of lite." PHALANX Top row William Stewart, Vincent Berkman, Irving Stansell, Robert Alford, Armand Andre, Gilbert Marx, William Baird, Ronald Ayotte Second row: Richard McCready, Gerald Strehlow, Mai. Ralph Mclntire, Henry Dougherty, Fred McDowell, Walter Tarleton Bottom row: Fredrick Bercher, Gordon Rapp, Glenn Abel, Raymond Chiostri, Fred Tourtellotte, Joseph Corbett 'M s -.. . , ,. f as 7 -, .. I , -,:,sQ 2sk.:.4unnv A 207 wq Y- The purpose of Scabbard and Blade, national military honorary fraternity, is to unite in closer relationship the military de- partments of American universities, to have a more active part and a greater influence in the military affairs of the community, to encourage good qualities in officers, and to promote friendship among the cadet of- ficers. Organized on the Illinois campus in l909, it now has a national membership of over 62,000. Members are chosen yearly on the basis of merit, leadership, and all around ability from the advanced corps of the Army, Naval, and Air Force ROTC. Scabbard and Blade is active each year in the Military Ball, the Camid Hop, and in awarding outstanding military students . Top row: Allen Green, first sergeant Bottom row: Ronald Peterson, second lieutenant, Gerald McKay captain, Robert Oie, first lieutenant SCABBARD AND BLADE Ton raw: John Michel, Robert Hall, Robert Kabel, Patrick Solla, James Ellingsen, Bruce Dempsey, larry Mitchel, John Randolph Third row: Charles Childers, John Gerbel, Walter Faster, Robert Plozay, Stanley Peskind, Robert Bates Second row: James Crain, Thomas Taylor, Ronald Peterson, Gerald McKay, Robert Oie, Allen Green, Samuel Sax Bottom row: Ralf Cederwall, Richard Rayburn, Roger Carlson, Walter Van Winlrle, Donald Hanes, Jon Ellis Not in panel: Larry Allen, Jeff Austin, Donald Buhrmester, Donald Elliot, George Gtroerer, Stanley Routh, Albert Steffens, Herman Velasce, Wayne Weber fmasibseubwgrfss -ww 0 , .hm 'if ' W ii 5 6 . Aix " N 13... ff ' ay? - ' X ' 'ffiff-if T 1. 4- . ' . ,. J, , . - K ' 2 " ig mi WK 1 4 U 1' gg. 1 .A x . ,, E 4. lf ik: ? ,W O Q 9 - ' vm M- 17 fs ff.141',f2wz..,i.14,g.,iiqf ffswwgqffg Kg-r33:g,g gfghggwfy -, -V " ' f V. .L . E ,. z .. . - T - 523 5? , . ,Q Y 5 ' 1. ' A'-"..5L'v1'L:i S -. ' - . . , ,. EL A 'W H, W , 3 qu I, . ,--. V b-,, . .., , ,. . .LL. Nw ...:.. , A . .K J ,M . ...Qt 1 I: ,Q A Q B .Uv 2 , x i . , U3 . . ,.. ww , " ' Q ' - ., ' - .U ,... .- an I , 3. . . . , b - 0 ' V K U ' nf 1 1 u.. ' 0 1' 0 . 0-. Y' 0 -1 A ei' . 1 gg' 'ft 1 6-VI . ' SE: K I' ' A' J il LEE., " Y - 0 V , 1 . 4. Q f ' . f ' ' iw. gp ww K' M' " 3' ' ,J , . ir K xx A22 7, A , . ,ff 1 Q' ': "K -f , . , X' W V "' i 5-. ...,, Q 3' -"K -it , M fl' 'NT R QL , K , O ' ' . Q ' lun. W.. ,R ' . Q .iv ai Q ' ' 0 , Q u ' I . 3 O t i , a Q ,I N t .. Q ., . lx ,Q X A A, . Q, 5, , 9954 - wwf - , . 5 . 'LW - ' 3 6 X ,fi C A , . 7 'M L , 21 . 1.14. ' aw 'T -vip '15 'Y ' fl vwgx ' my . E ' ' ' S. .f -'A gi-D2 v P., ,uf ,wr 1 IF V - gig s fb 5' 7 af -5.2 g . sp. 1 i g. WM... ,Y 1 f Q ..,h 11 fs. J: K if Q25 ' 7 W .- ig' 52? xi Q ' ' ffiaz: X31 -' 5, f -' K x .M ' ffie. 5 V 'ZA' L' 2 209 Le! me see-do I turn this o right or left? Hey-dig Ohese crazy suspenders! I'm sure Vhofs what the book scid. Dcmucu-Wha1's 'dis Vhing? fry: ug. ' Q 7' 55 N3 if ' 'un' - .- . Maxx. f , YQ . I ' ' 9 9 ' l 1 1, 1 I V ',-. I ' -1315.3 A f f .L :-N,L L 2' ,. , .L .,.7fI wgf 1 ,kv, ' WT- y H W- A MMM qv! Vhcf Ohose Hugs con'0 be heavy Hop QA A mf as 4 ' 'QPU lu. Q A ZQ -L-:.'14QBa f , ,, .4 -'w ,. f f.y.5,.,-.,:,'-,.: I. . N- . ,ff1s, ,43G -x'.-V4-1-V . ' "' 7 , mf", f' .. ' "ff . ' 192, f W' ' V- 143' ,M , s M1 A, A , , W q- I .W ' - WHL ,V , 1: .WV I A 143. - it S-21, ' " ' - n f? W M s V f ' .V 1 V V , V ,' A Q gk- ,A ,ff V, 3,1-. -f. ,, K , K A sfs2'i.if51Q'A':f11..ft9' sg ' Q A, I W' as-ft M , W to in mccmsd, mm my u and then I said-I'm s 'hot Hey Mom!- N?- r " Get o load of this! X 4 0140 Zffl fi 0 f rx 4 1 l ip 4? fi F' X. gm l x . !' ,A O' i , j, 36 XX UW, K 1 ,Z 3' A -Q ,T -N 4 2 4 C'2jIP2'd-'44 0 0 . 0 0 X , 9 . 0 se R v Golf. gojcu Y IQ C Udgff Og X Jr fwvwa-,fix L15 XX Xu If K Min 1 Q A sg I 4 W 1 4 K if 5 is 4 ++ 76 L O qi 4 Q f X X g! Egxw A 1 mu mar' R L""""'ZL3g9 of 1 6 6 C , . f v - O oxg 1 al 6 ? 'W , ATHLETICS X , K 1. V ,wi if-Q if 42"+f-ff" . 1 M I V., Wi' MN wifi- 1. ak "" 1 R: K 72.43 , Y JVA I A Ccptcin Jon Smid tackles another sf? E 'Q Top row: Robert Kin ends- Melvin Brewer, freshman couchg Charles 9, I Puris, bccksg Louis Agcse, line Bottom row: Ralph Fletcher, bccksg Roy Eliot, head cocchg Burt 2 lngwersen, line 12 as 23.4111 iff MK' , .HW if it Li sw, PENN STATE A record Illinois opening day crowd of 54,094 watched in surprise as Penn State nipped the Illini I4 to I2 at Memorial Stadium. The Illini scored first after 4:10 of the opening period. Abe Woodson made the touchdown, and J. C. Caroline attempted the extra point, but missed. Penn State replied with a touchdown and extra point eight minutes later. The visitors again pushed over in the second quarter. At the half the score stood Penn State I4, Illinois 6. The final score came iust ten plays after the second half began, as Woodson roared over from the I7 yard line. Bob Wiman's try for the extra point struck the crossbar and bounced back onto the field. The heralded Illinois running combination of Caroline, Woodson, and Mickey Bates failed to perform as ex- pected. The Penn State defense played superbly, thereby smothering many Illini scoring efforts. .1 ' '-ww' if fy i. fl. .rs-W, do all? f is 'A' fr ' V 4' " H' ? '+"'f-'f "fy 's Hx' wff' v1Zf'fQi,i'-I 14' 1 f 95 4. 4' Q. '11, f'f'l'f x fb. 1 1 ftigfgr 5.l:g5+'?w,, xfif. , ff... 2ffvs..r. -. I -f g -,,f,fi?ifi, rfgfu Ir rf r 4 sffffffyff-f ff . If .K P , . . te' A ,t f, 9' ss ',1',5'.i 97'lf' f i ' 29--ZMM ..-. 47 Q V 1 f 'L'3f"""54'57 -K - 'rs OHIO STATE Ohio State took vengeance on lllinaois and butchered the Illini 40 to 7 before 70,000 "I" Men Day spectators. It was nearly a duplicate of last year's 41 to 20 surprise Illinois win over Ohio. Bob Watkins paced both teams with 112 yards and two touchdowns. J. C. Caroline, Illinois' lone bright spot, ran a total of 81 yards which represented all of Illinois' total rushing except for two yards. In the first quarter, Watkins sped 41 yards for the first touchdown. Tad Weed kicked the extra point. Six plays later it was 14 to 0. In the second quarter, Watkins scored again. Weed kicked the extra point making the score 21 to 0. Any hope for the Illini van- ished when Ohio went 99 yards for its fourth touchdown. Weed converted. .lust 21 seconds later, Ohio again scored but missed the placement kick making the score 34 to 0. Illinois scored its only touch- down in the fourth quarter. Caroline intercepted a pass and scored. Jan' Smid kicked the seventh point. Ohio evened that touchdown with its last score of the game. 214 Bucky Tale J. C. Caroline f .5 3 R, 4.5 .gg.r, 1954 BIG TEN STANDINGS Ohio State .. Michigan . . Wisconsin . . . Minnesota . . . Iowa ..... Purdue ..... Indiana ..... Michigan State Northwestern ILLINOIS .... MINNESOTA N' I wwf, sf Bob Gongola Minnesota twice capitalized on Illinois' errors, converting fumbles into touchdowns, as they edged the Illini I9 to 6. The Illini marched 73 yards in the third quarter for their only touchdown with J. C. Caroline scoring from the third. Jan Smid's extra point try was blocked. Minnesota scored once in each of the first three periods. Statistics showed that Illinois was much im- proved over the first three games ot the season, but the Minnesota backfield ran well, and by tak- ing advantage of the Illinois errors, managed to plunge over three times. Illinois' offense, in a season-long paralysis, came to lite just once during the third quarter scoring drive. 2l.5 PURDUE The Fighting Illini lost a 28 to l4 battle to Purdue at Ross- Ade Stadium before 46,000 Purdue Homecoming fans. Despite the loss of All-American halfback J. C. Caroline, out because ofa shoulder iniury, the lllini played their finest game of the season. With Abe Woodson turning in the best game of his career, the lllini running attack gave the Boiler- maker defense more trouble than had been anticipated. Bill Murakowski scored the initial Purdue touchdown in the first quarter. Len Dawson kicked the extra point. The Illini marchecl 7l yards to the Purdue 14 yard line, Woodson then ran over the center of the line for the score. Dawson passed to end Lamar Lundy for a score in the second quar- ter. The score stood 14 to 7 at half-time. In the third quarter Purdue tallied again, making the score 21 to 7. Em Lindbeck then hit Mickey Bates and Dean Renn on two passes, moving the ball to the Purdue 23 yard line. Ken Swienton swept around left end for the score. Murakowski bullied his way downfield for the final score. if fe , 1' 3 Adnfgp t je Q Q Q me S-sf 5. at I 3 at Ag '59-34 , 'fi ts I I MICHIGAN Michigan used the "transcontinental," the cross field pass play, with 20 seconds to play in the second quarter to score the deciding touchdown in the I4 to 7 battle. Illinois gave this game everything for its first E-ig Ten victory, but fumbles and other errors hurt the cause. A penalty nullified a 61 yard run for a touchdown by Abe Woodson in the second quarter. Illinois scored first when Woodson climaxed a 72 yard drive by shooting the final six yards. Bob Wiman kicked the extra point. Michigan immediately tied the score. Lou Baldacci ran over from the six yard line. The extra point was made. Then came Michigan's 89 yard move and its climatic "transcontinentaI" pass to forge ahead to stay. There was no scoring in the second half. Michigan outgained the Illini 285 yards to 275 yards. Illinois led in rushing, I9O yards to I73 yards, however, they were deficient in the air, 85 yards to I I2 yards. Harry Jefferson carried the ball 2I times for 93 yards. ,ref-fmmsr' sf Bob Winman I 1 8 Imoth wminiwrwnpggfw, m,wf-,,,.,,i,,,,,,,,,,, sq if QQ It 7 fl 5 LQ .aff we. '24 fir I if H Rudy Siegert A 'sf ,pnnw HI St I Percy Oliver Wisconsin had to come from behind twice as it defeated Illinois 27 to I4 before a capacity Homecoming crowd. The Illini maintained a I4 to 7 lead at half- time, but Wisconsin pushed over three times in the final quarter to win the game. Two good plays by Illinois contributed heavily to its defeat. Number one, Charley Butler rushed in and blocked a punt in the third period, but the ball bounced into the possession ofa Wisconsin half- back. This led to a Wisconsin score. Number two, Em Lindbeck intercepted a pass but an interference penalty gave the ball back to Wis- consin on the Illinois I4. From there Wisconsin scored in three plays. Captain Jan Smid was credited with I4 solo attacks and seven assists as he stopped a Wis- consin player every three minutes. The unlucky breaks suffered by Illinois virtually handed the game to the Badgers. s. N is , xi? Q 1 it M M Aa 1. 'W 3532 NCJRTHWESTERN Illinois ended its football season by losing to Northwestern 20 to 7 in Memorial Sta- dium. J. C. Caroline pounced on a Northwestern fumble on the Northwestern 30 yard line in the first period. Benefited by a pass inter- ference called on Northwestern, Harry Jeffer- son scored from the one foot line. Bob Wiman added the extra point. Hardly three minutes had elapsed in the second period before Northwestern recovered an Illinois fumble on the Illini four yard line. It took them iust three plays to score. North- western tallied again in the second and third quarters. FI yd MAf GyF SYRACUSE Chl Bll The Illini took matters into their own hands and beat Syracuse 34 to 6. In the second quarter, Em Lindbeck pitched to Abe Woodson for the first touchdown. Bob Wi- man converted. J. C. Caroline then whipped around right end on a double reverse for the second touchdown. Wiman again made the ex- tra point. In the third quarter, Woodson crashed over the line for the third touchdown. Wiman's kick was blocked. Jefferson ran 89 yards for the fourth touchdown. Wiman again converted. Illinois' last score of the game was made by Bob Graeff. Caroline converted. aeiflfi .V . S552-'F iVvgJ"f"" if 'im' 'Q 'N STANFORD Illinois lost its first game to a Pacific coast team under Ray Eliot by losing to Stanford I2 to 2. Illinois got its only points on a safety. Bob Wiman grounded Ernie Dorm in the safety zone. In the second quarter Stanford scored twice. The team marched 80 yards in ll plays for the first touchdown. The kick was blocked. The sec- ond touchdown was scored on a pass. The extra point was missed. 220 CI ce De Moss I lllullllllr , ' ii' Y ss,,5s J me-I-za ' g- . . V,., . ...,, . ,-,-,. .. . ,cw , . .. ,Q i...,. .. ., .,., .. .,.. V,.W, . .. .,.A -..,...m..... -, .......M, . ..-...,... ....,,,,,.,,...,.:...s.M. 5 MW.. ..s.s....W,,,.. ,,.,....... .-a.'-1, ' v 'lop row: Chuck King, coach Sixth row: Vito Oliver Fifth row: Michael Graeft Fourth row: Ralph McAfee lhird row: Robert Fred wilmoih, Second row: Richa Bottom row: J. C. Chamblin, Bob Finn, senior manager, Lou Agase, coach, Ralph Fletcher, coach, Burt lngwersen, coach, Chuck Purvis, coach, Ray Eliot, head coach, Bob lvino, Robert Delaney, Mike Guinan, John Everett, Robert Baietto, David Schmidt, Melvin Nuss, Robert Norris, Francis Burnier, David Walker, Percy Dick, Edward Muldrow, Harold Black, Gordon Kerr, Charles Butler, Hiles Stout, John Heniff, James Bronson, Tom Miller, Rolla McMullen, Robert Nelaon, Jack Jordan, Clem Ryan, Richard Stearney, Robert Alexander, Paul Furimsky, Harry Jefferson, Kenneth Clark, Sam Kovacevich, Floyd O'Donnell, larry Pasko, Richard Rosenberg, Robert DesEngants, Gus Mackris, Philip Brumbaugh, Richard Sotzing, Gary Francis, John Gremer, Jerome Torrian rd Ohls, Em Lindbeck, Dean Renn, Rudy Siegert, James Minor, Herb Badal, George Walsh, Abe Woodson, Ron Yochem, Baird Stewart Caroline, Mickey Bates, Clarence DeMoss, Ken Swienton, Steve Nosek, Bob Gongola, Jan Smid, captain, Roger Wolf, Walter Vernasco, Jack Wiman Despite excellent individual performances of several Illinois players during the I954 season, the over-all team accomplishment fell short of the composite record of the opponents in most depart- ments. In passing and punting, the Illini showed definite superiority over the nine teams they faced. The one-two passing punch of Em Lindbeck, the Big Ten's most accurate thrower, and Hfiles Stout, t E . . 3 who proved himself with I3 completions for 259 yards against Northwestern, proved a distinct ad- vantage for The Illini pared with the opponents 663 yards. Illinois punters averaged 37.4 yards in 4l kicks compared with 35.3 yard average for the opposing teams in 35 Although iniuries, Abe Woodson led the team in scoring with 42 points. J. C. Caroline was the leading punter, averaging 40.4 yards in 'I7 kicks. Twenty-nine players of the i954 football team received Iett by his team-mates. Jack Chamblin was selected the most val the Illinois aerial game. gained IOI6 yards by passing com- tries. he missed several games because of ers. Caroline was elected I955 captain uable player. 221 'J I , I 4 Z, an 2 BASKETBALL 3351 A Q , X h7?f4',w LEEEQQQ Q 'Q' , Ur EM will WR. Nu-.ff L W 'lww hX , if ttiii l ' NM g K i, Paul Judson For as long as most of the students here at the University of lllinois can remember, they have always been able to be extremely proud of the basketball team. lt must, of course, be admitted that the Fighting lllini do not consistently bring home Big Ten Championships, but they are al- ways with the contenders in the one, two, or three positions. Coach Harry Combes is the per- ew 63' -A ln-QP"v ..,.,,,.,c""' l George Bon Salle son responsible for this remarkable and envious record. This years proves to be no exception. Starting oft the year with five quick wins, the Fighting Illini showed the fans that they were in tor a tremendous season. This was especially true since one ot the opening games included a romp over Missouri which was rated very high in the AP polls. .-.W ,.,.,. ,, .. ,r ,,A, .-,...- . The season, when it had iust started, produced some sparkling highlights. Prime among these was setting a Big Ten scoring record in the beat- ing of Northwestern, and not to be overlooked was the crushing blow dealt to Indiana where the Illini came close to making one hundred points again. The Big Ten race was close when Illinois went up to Minnesota to play oft the tie in the number one slot. Minnesota who seems to excel in over- I Morris Slernick times lthey had iust previously beaten Purdue in six overtimesl managed to win a lead in the second overtime against us and hold it. The thing which hurt Illini fans the most was that the final gun went off a traction of a second before the ball left Bill Altenberger's hands with what would have been the winning basket. The way it stands now, Illinois would have to win the re- mainder of its games, and Minnesota would have to drop one. Bill Altenberger Harvard Schmidt Elmer Plew ,N N 6 PG Ar 'E' A Af ' i Mi l. 5' fm I Q I i fe will 4 1 4 B K Ls 2, I H" if LING nf X. I 9 HR , ' wi we B 1.1 as i E , as - :Z tiii ' A T- " ,ifwslv 'Y '- , . f, ' I ,,, 1 Q ' in NE J 7 gf tg' Nw, A ' 'I I.'FP, M., I fl l K .,- W- ' ' ' ' If ' 5 ii . ii I t 'Q li I jf " 5 4 6 Z rms ' I , gf ' W' . jf f , r ' - Af' u ' 5 V A I Q P I it I I 4 it 7 -M 'mm I ' , - :": I' QQ x , A ,,,, H , - , L 5, " f rslr' Q " ' - f I I fri, - W ei' rr,r , , . g?'k't', 'l ' , I I, K 7: .L , ,,,,w,gg,-r 'l"f"i9i " f ' A ff' B ' A 'V V ,, ,,.. , V ,.,. -. . - ' ,',i 2 g,,-E , gm , L, N I MM V7 hr , . k k L , A, N ii ., . ,,., Msfszsff M -, ' " " 1, -ed ,-.-5 new . .- . . . . 2t2a',limQlg,, rf ff-swzsg I Az z , if rt jf, ,XQ ww V tr t ll! vi K. 9 ts J ta 11:1 s .4 1' were s as rs? 5 Ai , vs ,Wt -fs.. 5 . a-Q , Q ff an ' S L1 gif- . H 5 ' A ,, , kvqmf 3 . Y U, 'sv A JIM? , Q! , eww xx f 1 gig. 1 3 Hiles Stout 1 ,t I- I N . 4 ,ts hm BMS P 3 Richard Rapp It seems proper at this time to make mention of the great athletes and sportsmen which Illinois has for its representatives on the basketball floor. George Bon Salle and Hiles Stout both turned in excellent play in the center position. Doing outstanding pivot position playing and com- manding the rebounds was standard procedure for these two. Bill Altenberger, Bill Ridley and Paul Judson seemed to match their brilliant de- fensive play with remarkable dexterity in shoot- ing set shots and working the fast break. As for Bruce Brothers, it seems enough said that he has 11331, as M Lima 1,- ,,,. ,,k. as , ' f f-",-f 1 .,t- .-, - ,- ws A' 1 fr., . - ig. , If 'vw -Elf J ' " ff-mffiwwfsi e 'L 32,9 X W .. . Q "W-45'f" V A ffffs f.f"'tff'5f'9'f', B'?T5S'0 'A' 'M " ' '..,gjp1ff -f rn-af -' --r7.L-2fE5ix?ii32f'e?iIfbi1N l'iit.15QEir, git! , -, .N..:.4. . - , . . ,,.,,,,., f,frf'fm,,,, , .,,, I f 3 , :,. , ,3 3 r , I A Phill d all those qualities which produce a great basket- ball player and was one of the mainstays of the team. Adding the final touches that make the team great, Phil Judson, Harvard Schmidt, Morris Sterneck, Elmer Plew, Jim Burks, Richard Rapp, and Bill Bosnak fitted into the team so well that an onlooker could hardly notice when one of the starting members was absent. Since the majority of the team will be coming back, the students here can look forward to next season which could be sensational. 5? M . J EMA E Q Eg 2 awiax Ji S23 3 J in 91 Y' , 2, 5 JW 'I x XR, 27 .4 A? 'fl 2 Cirilo McSween Willa rd Thomson Gene Maynard TRACK Seeking their fifteenth lfourth in a rowl Big Ten championship the lllini trackmen went into the 'I954 season in top form with such conten- ders as Willie Williams, Cirilo McSween, Captain Joe Corley, Jim Wright, and Ralph Fessenden. For the first time in history, three new dis- tances-300, 600, and lOOO yards-were in- augurated. Thirteen lllini qualified for the Big Ten Indoor Track championship. lt was no surprise that lllinois won the meet for the fourth straight time. They won six first places and piled up a total of Corley, Gene Maynard, and Fessenden, set a Drake record at the Drake Relays. They ran the mile in 3:l2.6, which cracked the record set by Kansas in i952 by half a second. lllinois topped the Big Ten Outdoor Track meet with 57 points, winning eight out of fourteen events. The "Rose Bowl" of track, the annual contest between the Big Ten and PCC was held at North- western. Led by lllini Williams, Corley, Fessen- den, Maynard, and Willie Thomson, the Big Ten upset the coast trackmen 74-58. 55 points. In the N.C.A.A., lllinois placed second follow- The four-man-mile relay team of McSween, ing the strong Southern California tealm. T p row: Al Andrews, trainer, Les Bryan, iunior manager, Cirilo McSween, Jim Wright, Ralph Peterson, James Nagle, Jack Healy, senior manager, leo Johnson coach Bottom row: Willie Williams, Ralph Fessenden, Gene Maynard, Ron Mitchell, Richard Wham, Willard Thomson, Joe Corley, Dale Foster s ""lZ9B John Bauer Dale Foster Richard Wham Jim Wnght ff' f -ww W , W. Z5 5213. I' IZIEQEQ . qc' I M. U if f ,, iii IQ ,, M' giwe at 1, 'QL T, , an sig M J?,e4.,1f I- I, ,c, x,,4,x,-1z,s:L?g ,, it 5 til'-7' , M. 342 JY I'+f':f4.c,f?,w1' sister' I. wif' - - iffiv, we is " - ww :Tse Wx .. HN. M 1 'M ,f ,,, if ei . yew,-...w fr. X9 . ,,1:,fe.-1 V. A . . I 3'E2?Ifs+MQ:fr:f2fiefa11fi1 I Q 2 ., ,V g,Q1Aw1Esfif:,i:'JF5'?'2,,i-1-5' risks? ? 5,:,'f1 4 ' in ' r ,ee jiffvgv rj'4"j-Ss A ., ,avr ggpw. rw' - e fr ,Mfr-ww! av Qc. at 4 an oe es, -,,,-. ,Q -v , fi w ay 'W I .Mgt eg, I ' if, , 1 .,.-Jfgg, ,. eb W X 'r i' 't it f '- 6-f ., . V, , as , fg,,,- 'Mis 'iw W ,, . sf M, , , -,, if, i?f'4fT'i'f3l5zg1"' "fr ' 5' E A I' I ff H ' .hifi 1954 BIG TEN INDOOR TRACK STANDINGS ILLINOIS . Michigan . Purdue ,.... Michigan State Iowa . Ohio State . . Northwestern . . . Wisconsin . Minnesota . 55 42Vz 21 V4 I9'A I6'A I2 II 83A 2V4 ffl R Mhll Rlhp 1954 BIG TEN OUTDOOR TRACK STANDINGS ILLINOIS . . . Michigan . . . Michigan State Indiana .... Iowa ...... Purdue ..... Northwestern Minnesota . . Ohio State . . Wisconsin . . 57 4 O If 3 7 IM 2 7 If? 12173 I 2 I I 1034 5 IA 214 fi WIJ b IohSbIk J B BASEBALL With eight lettermen and one rookie in the starting line-up, Illinois began the 1954 base- ball season with a good chance of becoming the I954 champions. The team had been hampered by bad weather, getting outdoors only five days before the opener withiValparaiso. They beat Valpo 2 to l, also, Glenview ll to 5. However, all thoughts for the Big Ten cham- pionship were dimmed when the team played poorly, losing four and winning three, on its southern trip. Pitching appeared to be the main problem. This proved Coach Eilbracht's predic- tion that pitching would be the key to the suc- cess ofthe Illini. Illinois beat Iowa in its first loop game 6 to 5 with great relief pitching by John Sabalaskey. Due to his splendid relief performance, Sabalas- key was given a starting berth. Unsteady pitching and fielding were the fac- tors that caused the team to drop two games to Minnesota, 4 to O and 2 to l. Shuffling the line-up for the lllinois-Wesleyan game brought results for Illinois. Behind the pitching of Elmer Koestner, the team won 3 to l. kh R:anUltes Jh Sbl ky Mi...-Q 232 lv J . it ,ix f l 1 an l QNK j K an .li ' "" 'H 'wil Q. 'K il ' 2, j U' 'ij N' K no Cl Q J 1, Z gg Q K A 5 . A 1 Q , wi, ' Q 1 W ' . l V QR' Q K , V1 - M-me 'F S "A Q . , i . AAp-,wgAWgfVwwswiiffwff-1fi?w-fafnlflwwf71'xA ' Q, 1 rw M1 V ,, mg La ,gga1ee1 ,Q wXa5ifvgaf2fv53':, ,lmQ2f,h,f,ifg,:e1 fesw iii 12? iffy! AflL,Ki'5fw3g?g5'1?zi,ggf?f?"'-1:fELf55ffV6:g 5r Qf53,ipfiif'r ff7fft21Q 23,155f3TQ'yv?'g'T1f5EA3Eji? :ii'3Q2-3" 1 - Q 1 f V :ve ' 'X ,. , ' -' ,... V M, ms: gig ,N 1- . - ff M wwf K J Y. . - A 5 xjkiw, 'W , - , gx I Y N! an any O!! - fvfil , ?vl"1.,g,w in was -I ll 5,441 'wfiy -53 B, MQW' X W Q M :Q 555 . 'lx ' , 8 -A 3 A N 1" ' A X' , . '. :gif i in Z, 4,6 X . K, 'M I P ' - . A ,, x A ,Y - ff? - im QP! Q r Gerald Smith T ln the next three conference games, the Illini again turned loser by losing to MSC 7 to 3 and Michigan 6 to l and 3 to 2. Apparently undaunted by non-conference teams, lllinois went on to win from Southern 7 to 4 and Arkansas 8 to 7. Indiana ended its losing streak at 28 by trouncing lllinois 7 to 5. The team split a double header with Ohio State, winning the first 4 to 3 and losing the second 7 to l. By losing to Northwestern 4 to O and Wisconsin 6 to 5 and 3 to O, the lllini t Mike Maksud brought their losing streak up to four straight. After defeating Normal 4 to 3, lllinois battled with Purdue to escape the cellar in a three game set. However, both teams ended in a tie for last place. The last two games of the season were vic- tories for the team, beating Peoria 8 to 2 and the Chanute Air Force Nine ll to 5. For the entire baseball season the team won i6 and lost l5. They had a l2 to 4 record against non-conference teams while a 4 to ll record against conference teams. JhHt Top row: Joe Fitzgerald, Em Lindbeck, Robert Wimon, Elmer Koestner, Jim Flynn, Tony Johnson, Steve Sbo Jack Gockel Second row: Lee Johnson, Jim Bickaus, manager, Gerry Smith, Marvin Graves, Gerald Light, John Vciyda V nce Fe gen t R g r Schnoor Danny Du as Bottom row: Max Hooper, Charlie Fort, Ron West, John Sabalaskey, Mike Maksud, Ron Ultes, John Heste Lee Ellbrac t co h Joe Fitzgerald was the 1954 batting champ with a .317 aver- I 'W age. Mike Maksud and Tom Scott followed with .297 averages. Three pitchers came through with winning records: Marv Graves, 1-O, Elmer Koestner, 3-1, and John Sabalaskey, 5-3. Captain Ron Ultes lecl several offensive departments. He scored the most runs, 18, tied for the most doubles with Ron West, 5, hit the most homers, 4, tied for the RBI leadership with West, 14, and tied with Maksud in stolen bases, 17. The Walter H. Roettger Memorial Award for the most valuable player was presented to Tom Scott. Marv Graves is captain-elect for 1955. Jim F nn Joe Ftzgerald 236 GYMNASTICS Again the Illinois gymnastics team proved itself superior by taking the Big Ten cham- pionship for the fifth time and placing sec- ond in the NCAA champion moot. Tom Gardner, Frank Bare, and Jett Aus- tin paced the Illini in the Big Ton meet. Bare regained his siolehorse title, Gardner gave the evening's best performance to become a surprise champion in the parallel bars. Austin outclassed all others in tree exer- cises. Bare's iniury in the preliminaries for the NCAA held back the chances for the Illini to gain the title, but the team finished in second place, with 68 points, behind Penn State with I37 points. Dick Browning cop- ped the tumbling championship. In the season opener against MSC, Bare and Austin led the team to a 55 to 4l win with five first places in six events. The Illini closed the '54 season by defeat- ing MSC 52 to 32, Indiana, 57Vz to 38Vz, and Ohio State 57Vz to 38Vz. Coach Pond presented eight men with letters at the close ofthe season. Tom Gardner was elected 1954-55 cap- tain. Tom Gardner Frank Bare l G11 Brinkmeyer Ken Stone 1954 BIG TEN STANDINGS ILLINOIS . . Minnesota . Michigan .... Michigan State . . Iowa ....... Ohio State . Indiana . Wisconsin . . 125 V2 73 V2 73 V2 71 66 V1 26 8 6 Top row: Tom Gardner, Jet? Austin, Don Lirot, Ken Stone, .Ion Culbertson, Eric S f .15 If my za. or QQ Jef? Austin tattin, Charlie Pond, coach tain- ' ' G'I B Bottom row: Wiiliom Leonhardt, assistant coach, Dick Browning, Frank Bare, cap Richard Jirus, I rinkmeyer, assistant coach In Vi,., 775 i 51'-, '? ' T5 45-I ' ' ' ' - - - - - . .staff L 'iii In - -' - - . . . . . 1.f2?nF'-in . S I 7 is 5 I ' I cleft 'J' ' I' ' ' I i I Q :I 1 s n 5 I .I f , ' , ,ii il. I ' , '- . 1.. f ,I i I L- ' l ' I 0 I A ,, ,, as I - I-M .- ,V 1 n xr u s ,L gf, - 'fy g 'ssh in F 1 ... L K I. , A .Q . ,K K I . Z ts., 7 M' . I -1 , '?. , ' ,rf u . I Q Q -x u n q ,L ,,. at - 1 I s is - f,, - I 5? q N 534, ssi ,1Tit"s' f+':','-I so X f.. ' .... 2' .. - ' I I ' 1 I 7 I A 1 , ' rr V , I , rv if f I - f 31113162 rw 4.4216 . tl g Q g. mir, R 1 J gg ,gmvg 'X iw 5 I 3 I I its . rn... if, J ' ' M V Y mwsiu b D -'v.,j'jd3..,. ., ,.,g-W, I " VA b s,,.,x........ P WM' M p 7 , -" '. Q , If ' '. MN 7 if' asf' . K X I 5 ,N sg, 1 , 1 1 , , ' X ,. V, ' f-,,. Qi 1 ' ' ,,,. ., - - , ,pf 1 51 f,,,V:,,j ,', V I 53.5 ' ,L-1. g Q fbi? ff 1 ' 1 I 1 Q 52 f ' Qfwi ti , S I -. -amos I I I wh 'A lf at . 43. N ,hw 5? .. ,Tw Q WRESTLING Five lettermen formed the nucleus of the 1954 wrestling team. Due to the recur- rence of iniuries, the team did not do as well as predicted. The mat-men won their first three meets, which were against Great Lakes Naval Training station, Cornell College, and In- diana Itheir first Big Ten opponentl. Michigan, the 1953 champs, beat the Illini 19 to 11. However, the Illini again showed their spirit by defeating the Badg- ers 21 to 11 and the Gophers 18 to 14. The mat-men ended the season by losing to Oklahoma A. 8. M. 26 to 4 and winning from Northwestern 20 to 6. In the 24th Annual Big Ten champion- ship wrestling meet at MSC, Illinois placed sixth. Illinois placed fourth in the NCAA meet held in Norman, Oklahoma. The team came in twelfth with 12 points. Twenty-five schools were entered in the meet. Larry Ten Pas became the first sophomore to win the Newt Law Award for the most valuable player. He also won the Paul Prehn trophy for scoring the most points during the season. He was second in con- ference play and third in the nation. Ed Jackson is the 1954-55 captain. Q - rsit I . . - .x. ,' .. . V .,.. . . 238 A i ,.. R 1- s. I 239 Larry Ter:Pas Ed Jackson T954 BIG TEN WRESTLING STANDINGS Purdue . . . 26 Michigan .,.. . 22 Michigan State . . . 20 Iowa .... . I7 Wisconsin . . IO ILLINOIS .... 9 Northwestern . 6 Minnesota . 5 Indiana . 4 Ohio State . O Top row: Mike Reuter, assistant coach, Richard Pople, Ed Jackson, Paul Mechling, Peter Van Schaak, Jr., Gerald L. Myers, Bottom row: Charles GuiHre, Yukio Matsumoto, Frank Kastor, Larry TenPas, Bill Turner, Bill Mellen, John Ontiveros as X, R... Frank Kastor senior managerg "Pat" Patterson, coach -:lb 5'-4 ,xx 2 "f NNXX Z 24 Kenneth West GOLF The 1954 golf team spent another year in improving rather than being a title con- Haynes Hawk 1954 BIG TEN GOLF STANDINGS Ohio State . . . Iowa ..... tender. Hindered by the loss of two letter- Minnesota . . men and their captain, Haynes Hawkins purdue lIllino1isdStEte An:a!teurlChI::1mpionl,tll':etearrL ILLINOIS . D D I . coac e y Ra p Fetc er won t ree o Northwestern . their twelve games. They finished fifth in I d. Big Ten competition, three steps higher than ni 'anna ""' in 1953. Illinois bettered its stroke count M'Ch'9Cn Slate by nine in 1954. Ken West was captain- MICIWIQUU '--- ekctfor1955. VVBcondn .. T R Iph FI I h h K nneth West, Rob tT I h J P t O M tt Th R d B tt H y H k pt ' Carl Dil F kK k 1527 ... 1529 ... 1551 ... 1555 ... 1556 ... 1567 ... 1572 ... 1576 ... 1580 ... 1609 M yy R 55, I -142.1 Doyle Class Steve I II 1954 BIG TEN STANDINGS Coach Howie Braun did a creditable iob in 1954 even though he lost five Iettermen. His prediction of a building year with improvement was accurate. The team finished its season with seven victories out of its ten games and man- aged to wind up fifth in the Big Ten tourna- ment, two higher than in 1953. Conrad Woods, a transfer who is captain-elect for 1955, was number one in singles. Stephen Hill and John Greenleaf also got berths. Indiana .... Michigan . . . Michigan State Iowa ...... ILLINOIS . . . Northwestern Wisconsin . . Minnesota . . Purdue . . . Ohio . . . Top row: Conrad Woods, Harry Brandt, Roger Bielefeld, Steve Hill, Howard Braun, coach Bottom raw: Doyle Glass, Ed Feachous, John Greenleaf 52 V2 36 34 V2 34 30 V2 29 20 V2 7V2 4 V2 1 4 Bob Bob Krump M T954 BIG TEN STANDINGS Ohio State . . Although Coach AI KIingeI's swimming team Michigan ,,,,, was small, it managed eight victories out ot its Michigan State ten meets. This was an improvement over last ILLINOIS ' ' . . . year's record of seven out of ten. Purdue The team placed only l7th in the NCAA Wisconsgnii but placed fourth in the Big Ten. Team-mates N th 1 ' or wes ern George Gfroerer and Donald Sammons deserve individual praise. Bob Clemons, captain, was Iowa ""' chosen the most valuable player for I954. IWCIIUUU - - Gfroerer is T955 captain-elect. Minnesota . . T p AI KI gel, h d hg Dave Mersboch, George Gfroe D k H b h A Caiet, George Sonnenlelter B ll J B ll H t h J b Bolton? ro Jack Moskiewicz, Don Sammans, B b Krump, Bob Clemons Bertil Mattson, N k Karpinchick, lake Gros ,IM 4 FENCING Sparked by All-American Herman "Pete" Velasco, the 1954 fencing team became Big Ten champions for the fifth straight time. Notre Dame stopped Illinois' consecutive game-winning streak at 36 games by winning 15 to 12. At Chicago in the NCAA meet, the Illini placed eighth. Velasco led the team with 21 points. Piling up 14 points, Velasco placed second in individuals. Hailed as the most promising sophomore to come along in years, Velasco won a position on the All-American fencing team. Jim Bell, sabre star, is captain for the 1955 team. Velasco was voted the most valuable fencer for the 1954 season. 1954 BIG TEN STANDINGS ILLINOIS ....................... . . 40 Wisconsin . . . 31 Ohio State . . . . . 30 Northwestern . . . . 23 Iowa ........ . . 21 Michigan State . . . . 15 Indiana ..... . . 11 Top row: Jim Sandstrom, Jim Bell, Bill Shewshuk, captain, Anthony Zombolas, Richard Cohn, James Dammann Bottom row: Max Garrett, coach, Kent Harris, Jack Boyles, Pete Velasco, Larry Kauffman, Jay Sheffield, Lerby Hall, senior manager I I X' f 155 fi 1 1? Q I , . , x A it I.. 0 U. L Hmry Combes, boskelboll Q x . Wxvwf ' -0 39 sim, - 1 gk, 5.,ggL'f: ,sv AE ,-M, fr Q ADMINISTRATORS Ray Eliot, foofboll -vvv"W"'1'f 1, W-,....,,,, 2113 2 egggfejlf ' 4 A A 4 7.3,-Q1 i - yf A 244 , .. 3 L W' 3 A 5 eo Johnson, lrcck Douglas Mills, director of athletics Lee Eilbrcchl, bosebcll Allen Klingel, swimming Ralph Fletcher, golf Charles Pond, gymnastics Max Garrett, fencing Chuck Flynn, athletic publicity director Howie Broun, tennis Buel Patterson, wrestling 45 TRIBE CF ILLINI The Tribe of Illini is a social organization for all men on the campus who have earned a Major "I" in athletics. The recognized goal of every Illinois athlete is to win his "I" and be- come a member of the "Tribe," This organiza- tion gives the members a chance to get better acquainted and fosters good relations between the "I" men and the rest of the students. New fl' Top row: Ken West, vice president, Arthur Wyatt, advisor Bottom row: Wally Vernasco, sergeant at arms: Bruce Brothers, treasurer members are elected and initiated after awards are presented in each sport. The men leading this year's Tribe oder a representation from five different sports: Bill Turner, wrestling, Ken West, golf, Bruce Brothers, basketball, Wally Vernasco, football, and Jim Sandstrom, fencing. Top row: Dale Foster, Mike Maksud, Baird Stewart, Robert Kabel, Fred Most, James Bickhaus, James Flynn, Charles Finn Fourth row: Elmer Plew, Ralph Fessenden, Stephen Nosek, Kenneth Norquist, Paul Judson, Robert Reitsch, Robert Wimcn, Dan Dudas, Lawrence TenPas, Jack Olson, Leslie Bryan Third row: Edwin Jackson, Stephen Hill, John Greenleaf, Carl Ehler, Morris Sterneck, Arnold Caiet, Donald Sammons, Richard Jirus, John Culbertson, John Vayda, Cirilo McSween, Vlilliam Ridley Second row: Edwin Rechous, Jack Chcmblin, John Ontiveras, Eugene Maynard, Jeff Austin, Dan Lirot, Donald Peterson, Lawrence Cross Bottom row: James Bell, Kenneth West, Arthur Wyatt, Bruce Brothers, Willard Thomson, Marvin Graves, James Sandstrom, Alden Orput, Walter Watts .Q -ag' l p,.4lsQirx-a1N...o-I-norm 'fears'-'zwmnmpanv Q ew THICK' 1.-tai. JL Nvd"9r l...'!'1lHf 'U-'G Senior Managers-Top row: Les Bryan, track, Jack Olson, l.M.g Max Fulling, baseball, Jerome Jaffe, recreation, Larry Cross, gymnastics Bottom row: Charles Finn, football, Walter Tarleton, wrestling, Carl Ehlers, fencingg James Voorhees, swimmingg Walter Watts, basketball 247 The Illinois athletic teams are managed by some of the hardest working and most vital men in the entire sports system. Be- hind the scenes they perform the tasks necessary for successful presentation of all athletic events at the University. There are ten senior managers who are each assisted by two juniors and several underclassmen. Junior Managers-Top row: Clarence Teagarden, Robert Roush, Chuck Foster, John Bryden Second row: Frank Sternard, Robert Waltz, James Blattner, Fritz Heyl Bottom row: Robert Shewchuk, John Murray, Don Ball, Richard Stone, Roger Gomien MANAGERS 5? T p Larry Thomson, AIG AIO I J H A t B N row: Sandy Froli Ic El E q J It M h CHEERLEADERS The Illini cheering squad, with cheers, yells, and acrobatic stunts, led the students, faculty, and alumni in backing the football and basketball teams. Headed by Alden Orput, the cheerleaders in- creased the spirit among the Illinois rooters with enthusiastic pep rallies every Friday night before a home football game. Several cheerleaders followed the team on out- of-town games. Another "Famous First for the Illini" was the double Block "I"--the first double cheering section and the largest in the nation with 2200 students ts W ,,.f' ' VP?-3 I Flin ranwfih , fe, G cyl taking part. Block "I" was responsible for the film- ing of Block "I", the band, and the campus by 20th Century Fox movie studio. 9 ,P New Most Valuable Player Jack Chamblin, line backer on defense ot the Fighting Illini, was chosen by his teammates at their annual banquet as the most valuable player. His stellar defensive play made him vital to the team. Athlete of the Year J. C. Caroline, one ot Illinois' outstanding toot- ball players of the l953 season, was chosen the athlete of the year by the University of Illinois stu- dent body. J. C. was also named to the All- American team. Conference Medal Winner Bob Lenzini was honored by being named the Conference Medal Winner of l954. This honor is given to the University of Illinois' outstanding scholar-athlete. While participating in varsity toot- ball and track throughout the school year, he main- tained an impressive scholastic average. 249 -...- Senior Managers: Jerome Jafte, Jack Olson The University ot Illinois' Department ot Intra- mural and Recreational Sports plays a vital role in the extracurricular activities of the University student. The IM program furnishes the recrea- tional activities a student needs to supplement his classroom work. By participating in intra- mural activities, a student receives the relaxation gained by a stimulating workout. The IM sports roster provides for competition on both the group and individual basis. This department, sponsored by the Athletic Rec Board-Top row: Fritz Heyl, Frank Sternard, Jack Olson, Jerome Jaffe, Roger G Bottom row: Burt Wolf, Stanton Chcirney, Gordon Bloomberg, Stanley Felderman Missing from panel: Allen G. Klingel -wtf' 1 omten INTRAIVIURAI. SPORTS Association, has Intramural, Recreational, and Co-recreational programs. The IM Rec Board, with Allen B. Klingel as faculty supervisor, directs the department. The Supervisor, Assistant Super- visor, Senior and Junior Manager, Chairman of the Officials Association, and representatives of the Intratraternity Council, Men's Independent Association, and the participating Independent and Greek houses make up the Board. This Board sets all program policies and acts as a Protest Board. .A-w,,.g -g.,....v I .f i OFFIGALS BUlLETlN Junior Managers: Roger Gomien, Stanton Chcinev, Frank Sternard, Fritz Heyl The IM department provides clean, whole- some competition tor the students with a keen rivalry existing between the fraternities and the independent houses. Pre-season coaching and practice clinics are held before the competition begins in the various sports. The recreational department provides activi- ties for those interested in athletics for their own Sophomore Managers-Bottom row: Larry Ericson, Thomas Neay, Leon Bonneu Second row: Donald Welbourne, Richard McCaw, Ronald Minda Top row: Wayne Marthaler, James Lundergan, John Melaniphy r sake alone. Graduate students and the statt can enter in the special events and tournaments open for them in their own program. The Co-Rec department provides sports where both men and women can team up in competi- tion. Such co-rec sports are volleyball, bowling, and softball. Special activities clubs are formed by students showing a special interest. 1 'T ,.,. T g i r ix f gf 1 97 'Sl 4-aww dw' M If QS JOWSW 252 Q . J ,f"""! muilfu T954 Intramural Champions T954 Point Leaders Basketball . . . ....... Sigma Chi Bowling .... Golf ..... Gymnastics. . Horseshoes Evans Scholars . . . . . . . .Alpha Sigma Phi . . . .Womack, Lonesome Pine ......SigmaPhiDelta Howard-Garlanger, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Softball T2 inch.. T6 inch. Table Tennis. Track Birky, Acacia .Alpha Gamma Rho, Kumonami . .Alpha Epsilon Pi, Newman Club . . . . . .Sarro-Serdahl, Delta Phi Alter, Phi Sigma Delta Indoor .... .... P arade Ground Units Outdoor .................... Hawks Badminton ........ Oei, Chinese Student Club Oei-Fay, Chinese Student Club Football ........ .......... P hi Epsilon Pi Misfits Handball ..... Coppel-Cole, Sigma Alpha Mu Chaperian, Theta Chi Tennis ........ Anderson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Volleyball ............... .... S igma Chi Lituanica Water Polo .... ..... S igma Chi Wrestling... ...Phi Kappa Sigma Swimming .... . . .Phi Delta Theta Greek Sigma Chi .... Phi Delta Theta. . . Alpha Tau Omega... Beta Theta Pi ..... Sigma Pi .... Phi Epsilon Pi ..... Sigma Alpha Epsilon. . . Phi Gamma Delta .... Zeta Beta Tau ..... Tau Kappa Epsilon. . . Independent Evans Scholars . .. Barton West .............. Newman Hall Residence Hall. Vet Club ................ Newman Club ... Kumonami . . . 300 267 T92 T90 T87 T74 T6T T53 T4T T38 T27 TT7 TTC 9T SC 75 253 ,wi W. A. A. Sherle Olson, president 4 wN,A.A. Board-Top row: Helen Moody, treasurer, Helen While, house representative, Helen Andrews, Terraping Nancy Parent, publicity i chairman Bottom row: Virginia Reds, sports chairman, Ann Badges, secretory, Sherle Olson, president, Patricia Renken, vice president 1 1 in l W.A.A. Sport Managers--Top row: Cynthia Traughber, Kay Kenner, Joyce Ballard, Mary Ellen Heinicke, Maria Thys, Barbara Goldman, Bebe Bowers Second row: Betty Kessler, Barbara Thiel, lris Garland, Joanne Knoff, Virginia Fortney, Eleanor Kenny Bottom row: Ginny Peterson, Jaan Evans, Darlene Miller, Leanide Gaines, Judy Lutz Not in panel: Nancy Judd, Barbara Stegar W. A. A. The VVomen's Athletic Association is responsi- ble for the outstanding program of athletics available to Illinois co-eds. This organization believes in offering sports to women on campus in order to establish a deeper appreciation for the aesthetic value of sports. W.A.A. offers recreation for all undergradu- ate and graduate women in volleyball, swim- ming, archery, table tennis, bowling, field hockey, fencing, golf, tennis, softball, basket- ball, and apparatus. lt also sponsors Sports Day, grammar school and high school playdays, and other athletic functions during the year. Two trophies are awarded yearly, one to the house accumulating the most points in team competition, and the other to the house having the highest percentage of participation. After each girl completes one sport season, she is eligible for initiation. lf a girl completes twelve sport seasons, she is eligible for her major "I", the same as the men's varsity award. W.A.A. House Representatives-Top row: Phyllis Sullens, Maria Thys, Julia Huber, Kay Bowman, Judy Lutz, Olga Sleznick, Joan Moran, Phyllis Larson Third row: Rae Reierson, Mickey Paschen, Carol Peterson, Cynthia Traughber, Martha Wahl, Ethel Katsoulis, Miriam Bern, Betty Maresh Second row: Ellen Schlek, Paulette Masloon, Barbara Holsman, Sandra Jeakut, Betty Kessler, Donna Graf, Edith Bulgart Bottom row: Mary Parent, Charlotte Crumbaugh, Arlene Shaddock, lrene Outlaw, Janice Roeth 'QUC' 2 fi reg if-' ff fs Q Top row: Phyllis Siegert, Nancy Barquist, Sherle Olson, Rhoda Goldman, Marlyn K asson, Betty Webb, Barbara Thiel, Barbara Steger, Mickey Gaza, Ruth Vllylie, Janct Moeller, Phyllis Miner, Carmen Cunningham, Barbara Berger, Mary Parent, Alice Gaines, Nancy Neimeier, Doris Musick, Erlus Ableiter, Jan Baker, Miss Nancy Wilder, advisor Fourth row: Kathleen Crinigan, librarian, Barbara Goldman, Lou Ann Marshall, Pat Pink, Jean Ritter, Joan Novak, Claudette Bendit, Betty Kanaly, Kay Jenner, Anne Bages, Helen Moody, Dorothea Sherman, Evelyn Gutzert, Paula Strohl, Jaci Grear, Ann Vodak, dance representative, Joann Neburka, Barbara Lenell, Betty Kessler, Lois Fox, Virginia Reda, Shirley Jackson, Jane Davis, Helen White, Joann Lahey, Janet Parker Third row: Elizabeth Wahlstrom, Rae lfeiorson, Joan Evans, Karon Gerhardt, Danna Orr, Virginia Peterson, Janice Schallman, Virginia Fortney, treasurer, Jane Klitzing, president, Shirley Searcy, secretary, Pat Brinlzs, vice-president, Pat Coyle, recreation representative, Maria Thys, Phyllis Sullcns, Joyce Connor, Julaine Brayford, Ola Bundy, Constance Mitchell Second row: Paulette Mastoon, Carole Rose, Nancy McCord, Duane Peterson, Jeine Soghigian, Elaine Hatala, Iris Garland, Judith Lutz, Dorothy Marlin, Barbara Winters, Jeanne Johnson, Colleen Tibles, Laurie Madsen, Barbara Reynolds, Corlene Sistrom, Bebe Bowers Bottom row: Eleanor Kenny, Frances Handrock, Janet Altman, Eilen Lyman, Sharon Armstrong, Carolyn Snader, Pat Plummer, Arthurene Russell, Rosemay Olsen, Jean Swanson, Marie Mitchell . E. NIAJORS' CLUB Open to women in Physical Education, Health, Recreation, and Dance curricula, Physical Education Maiors' Club is one of the professional organizations of the cam- pus. Speakers from the various fields of physical education highlight the meetings held throughout the school year, while con- vocations serve to promote better relation- ships between the students and faculty of the department. lntra-class competition in soccer, volley- ball, basketball, field hockey, and softball provides experience in skill and teamwork as well as enioyment for all club members. A program during Mothers' Day weekend and a reception at Homecoming are two of the highlights during each year. "Shorts," a club member project, is published four times a year. 257 ,, ,, iw? Z3 fvfff E X NX 65' P-' GO We ,Q L X 7' ,Ji aww , T? 0-5:75 - f' ,Q C C! 5 N N X N 11.1.1-NQISE 41411 X, . :ik My views are Strike! N-.X X sf!! 9,35 fi Confused organization Organized confusion if A uf Q ' ,W Lf- , 4. ',,-',M5- f 4 A , ,qw i"'ifA.ffi-SSW ' isfff- Q E Dramafized football :ff y.,.4f,wP"f,,i 'W' gr, x"ffJ , - gi' IHE"'ff,9 ' If'fff"'-. -.aug VM' f'.........f X 260 K+. Grub your partner Pretfiesi ballot in town 5:3 alma . Flying saucers? , Y E .sb ' in f "C QI 0 QQ I-" gl .H 4 xx, I ix I 'S pr krb :W '11 - s . fi: r b H r . E121 M f A . M, iffy' , ,N ' ,s7,a:5:f'ig,:r:k in Wg,g5M:1f ' ' 5 Wzgwffi, Q-ffzzwfi nlwfzgi ' ,,uwff,gi,if , VW,?C' , J, , 5:28:39-,f..v1,? In , k,4h,y1.QAr X. ,Q " Q-3-'gy ,LQ f Qi 1, ,vpn fm?-,ww ' yu: aff., 1 'Qui g gif .. , ikmv- fh rmraprwxfrrr- A i?g,i,?7ki M- f wifi? f" rf 'M .aWaf"" L ' 44 'l:f"'1f14QLiFL '4?',.2k.e'3l'?i1W,-lil I Jr : -rn' rv- Y Y Q, , L gg sf 'au 5.4-M f yjgrfvf 2,9 , 1-f -if View' -2335-2J5,,.x, - V ,! f,i'.5w,'v -,Q QA My 24 3- Qu-Q,gg:fif:l9,p A I --"2 .. Q ev . ,. W ' ' , 54' 'H7' 1' A if 2: ' A in I - ij , xp,-n,r ., v L M Q Iwffifxik 3 - w figs, X Nii' ' V .JU Uv. 1951- fs' 'i"1f"fe-- 'ALL in 1. 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U P. rea ,W fx 'S U il 1 I 3,7 ml 9 4 ,K Mia . an iran if 9 fwlwlmg .Wm-. " 'FY , M jf'J'i:ari-Q X' an 1- 1 A fl' 5 " Q2 V 1 I X X COSTUME PARTIES Oh, boy! Nummy-noos Mix your own The lady who's known as Lou Y Xi ...4 Hang onl Down, boy, down 267 M1 A. F WW ,... ,,.. . , - gi' 1' v, K 2. 7 :A L 5' z 1 3 if Q gf l :H N 1 . xf tii s VW' .Q '-1. 'f ' 1 A . , M' Q , 12265 W , '.',fx4 Mfr, S" :W A'-QA ' 6, ,Q vii, L af ' lv k if jg 4, .., 1 .,Ag 35653 X f' 1 i I 'xi' 'Eli ff? -gnilafsf :lizagf ff! J -f., 9.1 if f Sf at n,V., :V x .1 U. C . ,fix-L G54 U . 'K' It ? R g , if QP. f 1 ,. . Q-'vefflffx ' 'QS' . ek Q6 ,W I ,ixfwl-,, 3. at s -3 Us 7 ?-MTW fxg , hgh W, .A 'S I my ,E if Q, Q., .5 .ang R W , " in , x .S ,I Maybe if M3322 Q35 fi H I if , , 5, Wim f3'E mils xibli VH ff, 23325 4 5 e Y J 55 Eg 5s s 5 ,ik 6 ,, Li V U, Y Cl was W' 'V mr 'X' .y 2' , I Em Y? X 'TERQ 1 1 ' L .. ? my ffii, .V MQ. qi' i f .Q 'fx f xl 1 I ' S as M af fi? CQ - . ll, ,Z K M T NESS" .fyfx 334' 3 nr Vx. 1. sm.. 1. N. 4 ,J -1,,. if 'ff' gi ,l 54, A. qui.. ky, 235:55 5.5, H? is N 1 -a i . If Q X .X G GP More booze The pause that refreshes Musicians at work Another gutter ball I pass s. ,...4a:,A,, . ,,...,.s 3, ,MM-W 7 4 If -n Color contrast Mirror, mirror, on fhe wall WINTER Skating figure Wg-pf 7 27 a-vm. Where' s George Gobel'9 Kill iv Sanfa's helper , men, iv's moving . gm W, Go for broke 5 ,N,k in 'K Do come in . ...Q sk I Q1 mwli ' fliffxfxe VV -:awfiffs , ,Q ,L nfs , P5 1' if ' xt . 1 ,J uiifbitl U Anvil' J ' W . a ' V Q11 ,'L'- .N W qmf?'i'-n - lf! 3 if 1' 1, - 123351 1 X,- Q ,4 , . ,, -1 ' 1 . 4 9 ,Z A. ny- 'R I HGH ' g L 3 5 55 E 3 , 24' ,z J as LA ,V ,gk .f Q , Q. x in Q, "W ae 1 n ju Q. 'QL 413 is QQ. iff i 4 Q, 5 I 1 w 3 91 'QCIQW wulbl-, x a X n Qjsf? 5, Y- ..-.-..-... Q-v . 1 ,ig W , .1 ,, ,- 4- ,P.,f3,,.fs tw ." z ik . an M- A.. ' my M, J Ag id. Aw .V ' if A . 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K 5 ,rf pw. nf lem, '51 V---1 'T "iQ'li K Q , WZ m .,,, L.A, A -an W H'fw5f ?f 4 Smurf freshmen How boring MOTHERS DAY Armed forces on review Mus! be dress rehearsal But I con'1swimI ,.,. mpuawn, - xxx vb L 'Q ' :ST 1 X 'if 3: :i L5?'Fef 5:21-am NNN, 15-IKE ff , ,L ,Rf wwf R , sini?e5,i egg?-gf Q in 'avi ,. ai K if- 7::, 4,13 EQ vw . V v 1 ' mu M! W ms. Q..- if wi 3 . , as, 'V M.: xxx 1- ,WW ' Q' W' ' 9 AA L W it-L wmv - in 'Yi wi X' f ,A ' . '+ ' """"k.. ,fl ':Q"'. 1721- 'in Q ,W Q33 KJ' 2:5 D 'lv' - .. .may at " , W sed? ,. , NM, N., 'Q 0 6 if 5 V2 ,I ef, wr if is .Ln b F Q 1 00 po so Joan Solomon, Mollwers Day Queen Phyllis Wade, Plowboy Prom Queen Jerri Gerber, Miss Illinois Ruth Wylie, Dolphin Queen Janet Green, I.F. Queen 5,,Q-'w Sara Barry, Air Force Sponsor, Mary Alexander, Navy Sponsor, Martha Sanford, Army Snonsor Kay Bowman, Horse Show Queen ROYALTY Illia Beauty Finalists-Top row: Ann Barnett, Ruth O'Neil, Ka' Bowman Second row: Birnie Boyer, Donna Jack, Rosanne Allen Third row: Ruth Wylie, Carlotta Hagen Fourth row: Martha Sanford, Floy Rowland Fifth row: Pat Osgood, Shirley Moore 5lXfll FOWI PSQSY Scott, Adele Haven, .lean Kreger Bottom row: Marie Mitchell, Sally Barton, Louise Wieselman Birnie Boyer, Pershing Rifles Sponsor Main attractions of the day , 'o Q W f f1:m:1' A n A was , vw. ivimmgf ,,...g,,. 35,,?2m,3M, , Y '5if,?1fHff.1zhE W w'Qffs",-' A 7 xx, ,N , W3 SY I V V ,im 5 'xiimwlzir :MHS 2 ,f--gxmx mvggsz:5,gigQ5gfm5wffZ2z,?g. W ':1:w,v,4 . . iw ? ff., , I ,v gffiiliismg f ' I 5gs3f3?41ig22Efm.?i4 W 1-'11 -fQwsm2"2n -1. .fmwfiggk f Y?2Aviff,:?1".. 1,,Q:,f,,g,?2f4 01755922 A 'k,'iL4:2gf?5,g Q: Aig,Qeg1f'f:giEg1ggw ' ,fwnw ,, -W J, fqggmf - ' 1 W v ,, ff "" i was . ' 3 w,g4i55f?f,k7 l'lmfn by Tb? Ima' Slmiiff Final Judging by Conover Modeling Agency Kay Bowman 1 5 5 B. Pbolff by The I.wSInd1a Fincl Judging by Conover Modeling Agency ROSGHHC AHC!! Plwm by Tlu' IM' Sfndin Final Judging by Conover Modeling Agency Birnie Boyer Pham by The Lee smm Adele Haven Final Judging by Conover Modeling Agency k fg,, sgs,- . 7s,.mg-:,,',wA: V ,1-,,E,.41:f.,f, ,fr . 'ff5ie,zfv, .4 l' In In .S.,.N,,, Ruth Ann O'Neil Final Judging by Conover Modeling Agency I'fw1a by The Lie Sfmfio FEnnI Judging by Conover Modeling Agency atrlcla sgoo P ' ' 0 d N 1 vmwm My Q Ax A- f i, fi W ix we , Ms ,,,,M.w..,wWWw ,UV 51 T 3?52Q1vw ,fi Q N Qhwwvmamw W 'mm ,Q , YW, ,,M...Ww,ml A ,X W-Www 4 MA AQ f S , Q3 Q ,ff X1 ff if wmkfwwfafs - ,, X 'wxpfws-. N f W '..X A -, I 2 1 1 A ,,.,,Wf fm V KAw7'i?,.w,aw.-' f, 1 1615552 w hi 3 QSM? L w ww xi?-V , Miki, 'Sig , A . 'A ' Enwigggxggiqa' sib5g8s21,ag?',gQ1 gg Q ...- ,Li , L, Lsgggwwg N W fi m wi? 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" '05-f ' O ,o. , .H ' .'C .,,, -V M' ALPHA cl-ll OMEGA Top row: Marcia Rieckman, second vice president, Patricia Edwards, corresponding secretary, Mary Waxler, recording secretary Second row: Mary Canto, rushing chairman, Phyllis Hasse, social chairman, Patricia Osgood, Hrst vice president Bottom row: Cynthia Wallace, treasurer, Margaret Remacle, president 292 Q , Top row: Jessie Siepker, corresponding secretary, Carol Hofmann, treasurer Second row: Joan Berkey, president, Mary Collins, recording secretary Bottom row: Marilyn Scheuer, chaplain, Carol Spoonhour, vice presi- dent ALPHA DELTA Pl 1202 West Nevada Top row: Nancy Buckles, Margaret Perlin, Nancy Cresto, Worden, Helenn Reitsch, Barbara Moore, Sonya Clark, Third row: Powers, Second row Collins, Bottom row: Boker Carol McCarthy, Jane Benson, Alice Van Dyke, Mary Even, Rochelle Davis, Nancy Ruehrdanz, Robin Johnson Jean Dinsdale, Janet Schmitt, . Jessie Siepker, 'Joan Seoring, Dolores Bultinck June Burton, Dorothy Moore, Gloria Dinnello, 82 Active Chapters Lieselotte Borchard, Janet Brakensick, Denise Moody, Janet Altman, Julia Nita Baker, Sara Donahue Arlene Elliott, Nancy Fuhrken, Linda Allen, Patricia Brothers, Lillian Marion Huebner, Donna Rudig, Patricia Folton, Marilyn Scheuer Carol Petefish, Carol Spoonhour, Joan Berkey, Carol Hofmann, Mary Susan Strandin, Phyllis Swanson, Beverly O'DelI, Shirley Rose, Sondra Not in panel: Sandra Moore, Carol Marling, Roberto Murdock, Carole Stuk, Mary Long, Myro Long, Mariorie Moss 293 4 s 1 Q., QFHKQ9: ii EP ,Q N. 7 Q fn 5 sf.. P 333,34 we sp Dry! XJ 1, 'Q M J Top raw: Judith Desch, activities chairman, Mary Granberg, house manager, Sally Walker, recording secretary, Lois Limberg, treasurerp Helen McFarland, social chairman, Patricia Burt, scholarship chair- man Bottom row: Mariorie Bezio, presidentg Audrey Johnson, vice president ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 1106 South Lincoln 64 Active Chapters Top row: Sonia Kuoppala, Nancy Nemeth, Karin Schneberger, June Wheaton, Dolores Anderson, Phyllis Fisher, Margaret Sangster, Marilyn Young, Mildred George, Altha Montague, Judith Swinehart, Ann Hawkins, Beverly Shanle Third row: Sue Pearson, Mary Ogelsby, Carol Cockerill, Shirley Trueblaod, Sally Walker, Lois Limberg, Amy Hagen, Joan leb' wick, Doris lokay, Marna Carr, Mary Amsteen, Phyllis Fisher, Joan Rodrick, Donna Anderhub Second row: Judith Desch, Patricia Burt, Joan Tedrow, Elsie Kubes, Audrey Johnson, Mrs. Tyrrell, Mariorie Bezio, Jane Herrmann, Janette Herrmann, Bonnie Bartley, Helen McFarland, Mary Granberg Bottom raw: Margaret Ryan, Barbara McGill, Carol Grady, Janis O'DelI, Patricia Pollock, Lois Fox, Marie C Christiansen, DoriS Musick, Janice Dattila, Julianne Murphy, Mary Roselli Not in panel: Helen Moody, Barbara Brawner, Diane Katzinas 295 Top row: Lucille Herreld, Catherine Davis, Alfredo Phelps, Clara Smith, Eleanor Seorles, lrene Outlaw, Harriett Dawson Second row: Archalene Amos, Susanna Jones, Joanne Miller, Miss Gordon, Minnie Talley, Sylvia Rainey Bottom row: Elizabeth Burrell, Winifred Wallace, Lois Merritt, Christine Muse ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Minnie Talley, tamiochous, Archalene Amos, anti-basileusg Joanne Mil- ler, basileusp Susanna Jones, epistoleus, Sylvia Rainey, social chaire mon 296 l .QQ-' -. ,,,,,:,,. 1 1 ev, 221 Anne Davis, corresponding secretary, LaVaun Schild, vice president, Katherine Stobbs, president, Nancy Brock, recording secretary, Mary Malantis, social chairman, Martha Peters, treasurer ALPHA OIVIICRON Pl , 706 South Mathews 57 Active Chapters Too row: Martha Craft, Shirley Bradshaw, Carole Connell, Elaine Johnson, Mary Madigan, Patricia Firebaugh, Mary Heinicke, Georgia Doak, Jo Ann Bryson, Barbara Babcock, Carol Michael, Marian Hunter, Joan ScharaFm, Joan Freitag, Marilyn Hagi, Darlene Likens, Peggy Heberling Third row: Nancy Mongerson, Peggy Hoover, Wilma Allen, Marcia Brown, Frances Shaw, Beth Brahana, Carol Dunnivant, Martha Rosebraugh, Marilyn Perry, Mary Marshall, Nancy Potter, Barbara Morris, Eileen Sampson, Phyllis Williams Second raw: Mary Malantis, Nancy Brock, Dora Fishel, Sharlene Mayer, Ernestine Dewhirst, Anne Davis, Mrs. Mead, Katherine Stobbs, laVaun Schild, Martha Peters, Nancy March, Shirley Huber Bottom row: Joan Gattaneo, Nancy Klopfenstein, Marcia Davis, Sandra Seborg, Nancy Kauth, Claire O'ConneIl, Noreen O'ConneIl, Diane Kellogg, Shirley Hunter, Nancy LeConte Not in panel: Florence Spencer 0 xv o- A, 5-f -. I 5 in " ca fx: K- V g X Q7 V , we 297 Top row: Joy Kirtland, Donna Dice, Maria Thys, Adele Menterastelli, Mary Welch, Ruth O'Neil, Patricia Whealon, Carol Anderson, Suz- anne Jones, Barbara Sears, Barbara Nove, Sara Knodell, Nancy Hoover, Shirley Ralston, Nancy Cosler Third row: Nancy Moore, Jo Melahn, .lane Herberger, Charlene Reich, Patricia Thudium, Barbara Nelson, Jane Naylor, Laurel Smith, Joan Brunkow, Penny Walker, Judith Brunkow, Patricia Speyerer, Joan Guyer, Mary Barrie, Nancy Simons Second row: Rita Bishop, Susan Brown, Janet Mochus, Gloria Belvel, Mary Young, Diane Johnson, Eleanor Surber, Mrs. Mclean, Marion Achor, .loan Enderson, Ann Simons, Kay Ekstrand, Lynda Couch, Dorothy Parsons, Carol McCrodie Bottom row: Sally Doran, Lois Kyle, Nancy Wahl, Carol Wroblewski, Dolores Lamport, Alise Boyland, Janet Parker, Nancy Servine, Mariory Wolfe, Arthurene Russell, Barbara Parsons, Elizabeth Quick, Margaret Kelly 508 East Armory 54 Active Chapters Top row: Eleanor Surber, first vice president, Kay Ekstrand, rushing clmirman, Mary Ellen Young, treasurer, Diane Johnson, second vice president Bolfom row: Carol McCradie, chaplain, Barbara Nelson, social chair- man, Marion Achor, president, Lynda Couch, recording secretory T' . If -vs . A., ag, J 1, 'fi n 9 1-v Top row: Caroline Holmstrand, rush chairman, Joanne Scaggins, presi- dent, Charlotte McDonald, vice president Bottom row: Joan Danielson, treasurer, Mary Ryerson, nlzdge trainer ALPHA Xl DELTA 715 West Michigan 66 Active Chapter: Toe row: Carol Lohrengel, Joan Prouty, Ann Mannhardt, Marilyn Cygan, Rita Crose, Dolores Cass, Sarah laBeIle, Mary Keiser, Marlene Shreeve, Susan Ayers, Chrisanthe Marinakos Third row: Donna Graf, Charlotte McDonald, Dawn Wolfe, Sandra Cole, Karen Kusenda, Adrienne Eames, Jean Stacy, Genevieve Wallen, Marian Wagner, Joan Sadorf, Nancy Glidden, Muriel Tucker Second row: Norma Martin, Charlene Lynch, Mary Ryerson, Carol Halverson, Ruth Mashek, Mrs. Field, Joanne Scoggins, Joan Danielson, Fay Nichols, Diane Zaremba, Patricia Firebaugh, Carol Holmstrand Bottom row: Patricia Condon, Margaret Barthel, Rosemary Olsen, Sondra Strong, Roberta Tewes, Donna Olin, Nancy Cummings, Barbara Dodds Not in panel: Mary Gabrielli, Nancy Gratigny 299 N, L 5 F Top row: Martha l.andis, Donna Glenn, Juanita Roberts, Rebecca Koelling, Nancy Wear, Diane Springer, Helen Worsham, Barbara Russell, Jane Collins, Dorothy Graneu, Marsha Viere, Janet Pritchett, Barbara Hall, Delores Medcalf Third raw: Mariorie Knudstad, Lynnette Briggs, Sora Barry, Nancy McCord, Nancy Taylor, Diane Pierre, Shirley Gaghen, Carol Carlson, Joan Burch, Beverly Darnoh, Margaret Vest, Diane Nutty, Jacqueline Wilson, Irene Matthews, Martha Glisson, Marcia Pritchett, Joanne Lucey, Gwen Edwards Second row: Arlys Nitsche, Barbara Schedel, Catherine Cartland, Patricia Killey, Mary Marmion, Mrs. Ross, Ruth Andrews, Jane Eliot, Sandra Schoub, Joyce Chalcratt, Peggy Andes, Helen Lombrakes, Maureen Smith Bottom row: Kathleen Vance, Carol Kenyon, Nancy Tyner, Joyce Smith, Marthel Schweikert, Nancy Scrader, Barbara Tyner, Doborah Blair, Ann Funkhouser, Sue Raushenberaer Not in panel: Marcia Robinett, Karen Lauridsen, Caroline Landis, Kay Bowman, Jill Hanafee, Alice Rhodes, Dolores Hodges CHI OMEGA 907 South Wright 'l'I6 Active Chapters Top row: Mary Marmion, vice president, Marilyn Andrews, president, Marcia Robinett, treasurer, Jane Eliot, secretary ,,.LwP""' i U' Bottom row: Sandra Schaub, pledge trainer, Patricia Killey, rushing All chairman, Shirley Gaghen, personnel l if 5 is J at ts,, at is H la: 300 l ,v-ve.--. OBO A "ri w :S ,, 8 -Q .-0 5 , 3 I lj . mv, X,- " '- 1 T7 35' Joan Schmidt, vice president Diane Amundsen, treasurer DELTA DELTA DELTA 508 East Chalmers 96 Active Chapters r ,Hgl i riff l'-,it 4 f R: . 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K, Top row: Gloria Fogarty, Barbara Standard, Judy Peterson, Joan Winkler, Virginia Peterson, Joanne Northrup, Jacqueline Northrup, Mary Noland, Ginny Wren, Carolyn Snader, Marilyn Frette, Nancy Schaafer, Kay Reeves, Judy Riemenschneider, Barbara Fowler, Bette Winans Third row: Janet Royse, Marianne Schrader, Charlotte Bunn, Ann Keith, Elizabeth Thomas, Judith Gilman, Janice Kisten, Kathryn Sprague, Barbara Arnold, Mary Werner, Harriet Arndt, Marlyn Ebert, Dorothea Lahey, Deborah Dolly Second row: Barbara Baxter, Sue Schurman, Pat Moore, Joyce Hansen, Barbara McNeill, Joan lundstrom, Mrs. Clymer, Joyce Armsworth, Marilyn Mumma, Carole Owens, Betty Robinson, Marilyn Shaffer Bottom row: Suzanne Carlson, Marilyn Hays, Nancy Richburg, Joy Cuilen, Marilyn McCall, Joan Kraft, Virginia Dorsey, Margaret McCarthy, Ann Mitchell, Jean Huddleston, Lenaye Gable, Sharon DELTA GAMMA EL 'Il A .. -. '.. -. vu , ,"" Joyce Armsworth, vice president, Barbara McNeill, pledge trainer, Joan lundstrom, president, Joyce Hansen, recording secretary, Marilyn Mumma, treasurer 302 'wig Tap row: Ina Aronaff, secretary, Sandra Schwartz, treasurer Second row: Sirella Schwartz, president, Anita Bitkower, vice president Bottom row: Babette Dennen, pledge mother DELTA PHI EPSILON 47 East Chalmers 22 Aciive Chapters J- -31 Aff' .QT ll .el . x IQ'-' Q 'ap .aff ga, 1'1" . " 'X . , . . , .pf:'+"ff:'?:':0. Top row: Jacqueline Goldman, Judith Ball, Sandra Fralick, Gall Hechtman, Joan Ruther, Joanne Sherwin, Veta Tolmadge, Karen 2 'of-1 ".1'1H"'JS Friedman, Margery Feder, Ester Schaffner, Sonya Silverstein, Evelyn Weinstein Third row: Elaine Shanott, Judith Friedman, Donna Alspector, Sandra Kaplan, Eva Hildesheimer, Carole Rose, Sarah RaE, Arlene Dubrove, Nancee Farber, Anita Kassner Second row: Barbara Loman, Ann Nemeroff, Babette Dennen, Anita Bitkower, Mrs. Schulman, Sirella Schwartz, Jane Penn, Sandra Schwartz, Louise lurie Bottom row: Lillian Goodman, Debra Pollack, Joyce Cohn, Muriel Feingold, Sue Efron, Elaine Goodwin, Judith Shapiro, Jill Fischer, Harriet Rosen, Roberta Weiner, Rochelle Bitkower 303 Top row: Freddie Mitchell, Lorraine Brooks, Doris Cheatham, Shirley Turner, Beverly Skyles, Peggy Williams, Barbara Teer, Barbara Cook, Betty Walker Second row: Jewette Reynolds, advisor, Barbara Lawrence, Dorothy Hooks, Edna Higgins, Fredricka Teer, Winifred Phillips, Evelyn Jones Bottom row: Barbara Norris, Rolinda Skyles, Barbara Turner, Barbara Dunbar, Constance Bennett, Carole Young, Shirley Temple DELTA SIG MA TH ETA Top row: Dorothy Hooks, treasurer, Freclricka Teer, vice presidenlf Barbara Lawrence, social chairman Bottom row: Edna Higgins, president, Winifred Phillips, secretary w,-:..fw" Wg.: Nfl vga urs wi, if . txitlfi -'dtflslieiesidia X 2Q51:if'5'5'ZilfxfjflfJf ,give 1 ,lrariff o , bgilsigrywm If -f 5 if, Bai, fif I nf sa vQ 5 o f :ln ra a'al"f'ral+ at S' 1 l friwilfi " .rf- 5 , 2a " W'35ssfsf'i " W "5 ,, viii law 1 ,aww ' "'i ga ,,v A' at Q - A " , Q82 Q25 5 ,' ,' 'r f , sg,..mm1 . A - . - in Q 1-. 1 f1l-- if "si m f 1 sims? Y 4 , X, T Top row: Joan Beatty, rush chairmanp Elizabeth Roe, secretary, Anna Fruin, treasurer, Elsie Krumpe, pledge trainer Bottom row: Betty Briney, governess, Jane Sweidal, president, June Kuetemeyer, social chairman DELTA ZETA Top row: Joyce Rieger, Sandra Ullom, Marilyn Frew, Kay Evans, Donna Orr, Johna Glaze, Karen lhlebeck, JoAnn Bothwell, Elsie Krumpe, Shirley Heinz, Ruth Caldwell Third row: Marylou Magowan, Janet Brown, Phyllis Larson, Marjorie Stroberg, Stephanie Kusek, Jacqueline Orth, Carol Gansz, Barbara Pyle, Barbara Shellgren, Roberta Johnson Second row: Marianne Krieling, Sarah Beggs, Joan Beatty, June Kuetemeyer, Mrs. Bleser, Jane Sweidal, Anna Fruin, Elizabeth Roe, Betty Briney, Danna Ruys Bottom row: Dawn Bagnuolo, Alexandra Williams, Alice Zanatekos, Jane Page, Terry Butler, LouAnn Marshall, Vivian Benedetti Not in panel: Mary Vibert, Marion Hakonsen 305 V ' ",'1f ' sg,-I W , - csv, g A s 'V . J 1 rv, . 1 1 A I fi, fi 1' ,Qrgf D of 5 w A 1 in n a at ,J , , . K J W' 4 E P L, ,k,k . Y W K 1' . L ,. 1 ta, . - . . . Y, A , f -pq 15 g ,Q fr? if ,W Q5 1.35. , rv 134 Top row: Peggy Nolan, Jeanne Johnston, Nathalie Irwin, Virginia Willke, Sherrill Hart, Dorothy Garland, Karlyn Kettelkamp, Echo Rhodes, Sharon Cruthers, Alice Potts, Jean Anderson, Judith Harbaugh, Joann Wahl, Carolyn Smith, Tirzah Kane, Dorothy Brunkow Third row: Marie Mitchell, Vera Jacobson, Eileen Frieburg, Nina Collins, Beverly Menz, Betty Doyle, Jaci Grear, Phyllis Hiob, Jolene Winsauer, Miriam Lamar, Sally Johnson, Shelia Godfrey, Sandra Cox, Helen Migely, Kay Coultas Second row: Shirley Krull, Carolyn Land, Betty Purnell, Norma Bean, Carol Spoerl, Mariorie Ornellos, Sarah Mefford, Marietta Brothers, Eliza- beth Yansan, Susan Koch, Carol Osborn, Joann Buske, Nance Bowen, Carol Peterson, Mary Sonderskov Bottom row: Helen Murdock, Sheila Bittman, Janice Swedberg, Carlotta Hagen, Joel Jarvis, Marylee Marbry, Sally Bills, Carole Mitchell, , X Dianne Doolen, Roberta Osborn, Carolin Connell, Patricia Pieschel, Barbara Farrell V.,--Q31 Not in panel: Diane deVry, Clara Downs, Diane Parker, Gene Stimort, Virginia Strohn, Alice Woelfersheim Q ' 1 -ak QQUK-QQ, sa' k '9 ,a- '. - GAMMA Pl-ll BETA Top row: Joann Buske, rushing chairman, Nance Bowen, scholarship chairman Second row: Carolyn Land, treasurer, Carol Peterson, social stand- ards chairman, Elizabeth Yanson, vice president, Marietta Brothers, president Bottom row: Mariorie Ornellos, house manager, Betty Purnell, pledge advisor 513, f y . l N ' l f all,-6" J if 9' if 1 t Q? .sf sb '16- 56 306 W A 6 val' :W X , x li N Top row: Charlene Bennett, vice chancellor, Diane Zolt, secretory Friedman, pledge mother IOTA ALPHA Pl lt i 't A H 1 ' I A H if Bottom row: Judy Simon, bursar, Dolores Reizner, chancellor, Ilene Top row: Loris Rissman, Sheila Rohr, Norma Shmikler, Sondra Rosin, lna Scheckman, Sandra Spero, Marilynn Kelin, Thelma Cohen, Harriet Ruskin Second row: Ilene Friedman, Judy Simon, Charlene Bennett, Mrs. lewlson, Dolores Reizner, Diane Zolt, Barbara Litman, Eileen Hollander Bottom row: Marilyn Lieberman, Sherry Caplin, Lois Wertheimer, Karen Spolin, Sandra Edelman, Nadine Kessler, Mona Mazer, Helen Kallison 3 07 Top row, Barbara Lee, Serena l.eber, Marion Johnson, Dee Beebee, Suzanne Brunkow, Marilee Schmidt, Susan Black, Betty Stilwell, Alice Huggins, Janet Brown, Mary Siemer, Virginia True, Marguerite Wilson, Mary Alexander Third row, Marilyn Reinhart, Martha Schueler, Virginia Thompson, Patricia Keleher, Marilyn Beinhauer, Ann Miller, Shirley Randals, Janice Donagher, Noel Hurd, Sandra Haussermann, Ann Ridinger, Miriam Redpath, Alice Bower, Sandra Maurer, Jean Simon Second row, Virginia Blevens, Susan Olmstead, Doris Drew, Galey Shappert, Judy Hoggatt, Donna Wilson, Mrs. Fletcher, Jerrie Bond, Sue Anderson, Kathryn Kile, Suzanne Cuthbert, Evelyn McCreery, Clarisse Adams, Jean Kreger Bottom row, Rachel Boys, Julie Ingersoll, Catherine Parkhill, Susan Woods, Sue Leichtman, Martha Link, Susan Moore, Sondra Halliday, Nancy Shappert, Sandra Kinney, Gail Wonderlin, Suzanne Stanley, Rosamond Olmsted, Patricia Kentner, Judith Cleary Not in panel: Jeanette Mathews, Patricia Twardock KAPPA ALPHA TH ETA 611 East Daniel 80 Active Chapters Top row: Patricia Twardock, chaplain, Sue Anderson, vice president, Galey Shappert, corresponding secretary Bottom row: Suzanne Cuthbert, treasurer, Donna Wilson, president, Susan Olmstead, recording secretary 2 308 we A02 , 4, N. QQ? xx Wi' 1- ,y , ' nj.. f fgfw. 1 5 WZ.. - Mi, .lu Top row: Julia Smith, assistant treasurer, Ella Albert, treasurer Bottom row: Mary Stark, editor, Dorothy Wolf, rushing chairman: Frances Davidson, secretary, Terryl DeLong, president, Barbara Rapp, vice president KAPPA DELTA l204 South lincoln 84 Active Chapters il ll A V fs sl' W Top row: Kay Kibler, Mary Morrison, Marguerite O'Neil, Carolyn Owens, Mary Reed, Joyce Heath, Juanita Follmer, Judith Hen' nig, Mary Miller, Lois Longmire, Pamelia Palmer , q Third row: Eleanor Kraus, Margaret Lynett, Barbara Crow, Donna Jack, Elinor Haberle, Donna Amos, Silvia Williams, Lynne John- son, Elene Schiermer, Loretta Barclay, Gail Hively Second row: Jane Weigand, Dolores Holmes, Joanne Knoch, Dorothy Kaufman, Frances Davidson, Barbara RGPD, Mrs. Hicks, Terryl Delong, Ella Albert, Julia Smith, Mary Stark, Dorothy Wolf Bottom row: Mary Goodman, Anita Nolen, Marsha Lusk, Rosina Alexander, Glenda Merchant, Judith Herdien, Audrey Armstrong, Martha Keen, Mary Keen Not in panel: Marika Adam, Georgia Miller, Judith Peterson, Mary Rigney, Yvonne Culverson, Norma Lyss rl .gg 4' c p f 9' Q ' K Al" ft 'gp fm ,. " figs' 1 309 Tap row: Mariha Gross, Barbara Burr, l.aVerne Paschen, Sally Berfon, Janice Heil, Susan Howarlh, Gayle Gundlach, Roberta Olson, Caro line Shinkle, Pairicia Butler, Carol Gruenwald, Margery Burger, Mary Adsii, lsabel Burgess, Jo Ann Williamson Third row: Carol Wendnagel, Allene Bradnax, Judy James, Margaret Scon, Doris Vogt, Virginia Halligan, Suzanne Elfgen, Elizabeth Grimn Celia O'Keefe, Peggy Handley, Barbara Russell, Shirley McVicar Second row: Mary Kremple, Helen Holliday, Doroihy Rumsfeld, Margaret Reeder, Claire Vogt, Mrs. Jordan, Nina Temple, Eleanor Mayne Leslie Aior, Ruih Wylie Bolfom row: Eleanor Palm, Karen McCarthy, Nancy Paxton, Mariorie Bean, Andrea Lombard, Jane! Nichols, Sarah Mifchener, Helen Hughes Pairicia Bliss, Barbara Dixon, Rulhann Reinhard, Pairicia Hagan, Mary Wemecke Noi in panel: Shelia Fallon, Joyce Wiese, Eleanor Machin, Catherine Howard, Judy Munnis, Mary Marvel KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Top row: Claire Vagl, house manager, Judy James, pledge trainer: Virginia Halligan, ireasurer Baiiam row: Eleanor Mayne, vice president, Nina Temple, presideni 310 'fl . 'A m nf a mug" in vrliygf 1-sh, i?'-Ls-5. 51 5 4: .JF if yf, ,J Q. ,, -3 . 1 'Q .. 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V,,V, , , f,. f-heew,,,,.u,,,5....-Vans,-f,,.,,--iVf:f-V 'ffsiiasf-, e:iifV 555, se? ,, - l J A 63,46 M., ,Y.,,,,,, 4 . . ..,-"L--'-25 ' "Mill .7f5'-fri-11 , , ,. . - , -, ., . - ff -- ,- ' ' N--i'1f?' r'f:V 'L-'ew'-A 'fi -ffwrfrv-211. +.5fww---rf .-Q " V ' , -,. r if? f- W' .' ' "H 'U f w.. Pets?-V vi, - .f "1'f0ff4?'fr' If 'J 131 -' "V 33 -15 'f ff xg j Tg,,kagl,:,-ES44f,,,,,.., -.,V Ist, . s fra , 'gl .Lk ' pf l H ' Q , ,f ' , , Him i1'5a,:,,f L ., A f wwtw- 1 -fifgwffewQefifffff11eifrfii V- if H4 viii-.inn .. . . Q 4-V .'.- f-- T: may Q- '- PIBETA PHI y 1005 south wright 102 Active chapters . J , 1 - , y. 'V is ..-, Vfg.,,,f3L xfifw, . .-u '1'f'?"f". J' 1 1 - ' V -' ' -'R ,' --.- mr ra:-1 B ,..,.a.,....-f-f-v:J"'V-Ve . V , S, V. L- , .,.V,, A' 4- ., 43. , r,--e-Vf -V-f1 fvr- 1- .V -, .- , " '- , " f .1 3 1 " fgr, 1 ,?,.,-4-.VF J V v t , . . . 5 . , , V, - -, I .V 2 V.-in l . " tg ' 2- xy ,. egg-+es:c1Qz:a1ml'igf Q rl ' 1 'e Nancy Fischer, Jane Redgewick, Carol Hoflier, Molly Cremer, Ruth Hawkins, Rhea Peterson, Mary Johnstone, Mary Lawrence Third row: Marlene Beck, Mary Hartray, Ann Gaskins, Sharon Beckmeyer, Jo Ann Stork, Joan Groth, Constance Tazewell, Alice Stewart, Doralie Flutcher, Josephine Hendricks, Carol Lundin, Ann Winters, Mary Sanford, Martha Sanford, Rebecca Ayers. Jeanne Brunkow, Jean Washburn Second row: Jane Theim, Gail Furnall, Jo Ann Davidson, Lynn Miller, Marlyn Kasson, Emily Ward, Ann Shilladey, Margaret Pool, Mrs. Taylor, Elaine Skadberg, Gwen Peterson, Donna Cadwallader, Judith Beatty, Martha Hynds, Cynthia Dolan, Joanne Larsen Bottom row: Mary Sawyer, Mariorie Howard, Shirley Moore, Judith Dawson, Sylvia Naranick, Barbara DeVry, Patricia Amlin, Rae Barclay, Kay Litherland, Judith Reinhard, Marlene Brown, Sylvia Lord, Helen Nichols, Lynn Tobin, Rebecca Chase Not in panel: Constance Kull, Mary Litherland l 2 l Top row: Anne Alloway, Mary Hagebush, Mary Biddle, Sharon Dexter, Alice Baker, Paula Miller, Nancy Webber, Sally Fischer, 1 ' , 04' 0 V ,, M. y ig, :JV in V 1-,gi G I - f- , ,Y 99 f ' ' QQQ9WW?geeQ 2 P . - 3 if 2 V ' Rim -ae pol if-up A 3 'H' ' A "F ff Q f V 0 V J QV - we ve l ,er S .., M Q W, ,vs , ,, eg , -V W 'S' 'Y Q ' ' A X ,Q W 'Vi' 5,4-ed f ' . xref A,,f,, , ff A . V "., all 0-.LB - ' V V 'er' , r , ,,tt V ,bw A M 313 'Sail' .WT . Z P' 5 v Y . , .-,gr Rl' .23 'ii :Si ,.,,,f Top raw Valerre Fredenburg Carole Wilkins Judith Vogel Loretta Nagel, Judith Nelson, Norma Wade Marlorle Krlberg Shirley Han Second row Rosemary Bauer Alice Mahler Margaret Ford Mrs Edith Raith, Eleanor Laureys, Elaine Kuhn Mary Glorlo Marulyn Lescure Bottom raw Dianne Mrnnoch Shirley Ham Parlhenia Sage Ethel McHenry, Gloria Haemker, Virginia Viclorlne Irene Run: Patricia Crummy Pl KAPIPA SIGMA 314 7' , X Shanberg, treasurer SIGMA DELTA TAU Beverly Wright, secretary, Rosalie Librach, scholarship chairman, Renee Dvare, vice president, Enid Weinstein, president, Jean Top raw: Judith Fishel, Judith Bromberg, Elaine Spigelman, Fyllis Mardell, Joan Listick, Judith Gallub, Francine Jaffe, Jacquie Cohen, Ruth Boraks, Barbara Becker, Marilyn Isaacson, Constance Sugar, Sandra Weisman Third row: Rosanne Nachbar, Charlene Brown, Sandra Rubin, Patricia Sher, Diane Eisenberg, Roberta Resnick, Judith Rosenberg, Fruma Borowsky, Sue Traxler, Marlene Brody, Rissa Margulius, Nancy Masor Second row: Judith Starsky, Deborah Gollub, Jean Shanberg, Renee Dvore, Mrs. Rose Tiger, Enid Weinstein, Rosalie Librach, Bev- erly Wright, Roberta Skolnik, Doralu Kohlman Bottom row: Jane Weinstein, Sandra Novack, Merle Block, Arden Friedman, Mimi Reznick, Barbara Brensley, Marlene Kaden, Can- stance Peters, Evelyn Allen, Barbara Morris Not in panel: Toby Greenman 315 l vie. Top rowy: Barbara illlilliahmsf Nancy Simasogn, Joan Stanley, Lucretia Robinson, Adrienne Pilibosian, Alike Peterson, Georgene Smith, Marilyn' Waters, Patricia Nicol Third row: Barbara Barnes, Marie Fisher, Ann Vodak, Mariorie Wiegand, Meline Pilibosian, Myra Bloxom, Merle Smedberg, Alice Rudwall, Carol Andrews, Penelope Malina, Nancy Dowling, Alice Klingensmith, Marilyn Gamlin Second row: Carol Peterson, Carole Truckenbrod, Emily Beggs, Beverly Galvin, Carole Crisp, Mrs. McMahill, Phyllis Birtwell, Susanne Ewing, Joanne Forsberg, June Eichler, Lois Beckenbaugh Bottom row: Nada Rowand, Carol Ewing, Marilyn Dangwillo, Carolyn Biggs, Margaret Borchers, Audrey Holland, Patricia Ryan, Enid Schubert, Virginia Hathorne, Dourelle Kweder SIGMA KAPPA 7l3 West Ohio 64 Active Chapters .Se a We 'Viv ,J ,V 5 wr- 316 Q ' iw rr e gi ,i,: ,Q ', . ,TV n 1. ' if -115922 ' A iz ' Q V -n-.f wkzi Qfg--LQ: 1 , '1,'f, ,iff-,wi-is W ff.-5 V191-.45-4 W, ,Au J vw were 5 1 , yeh- :Auf 'G i,4ffl,E:,t.A if ' --:L + 5 ' - xi. 3155, f. R .Wi Q , 1.1 - Q .fs fu, .5 -zz Eiiifzil ei f- ., J x - 4 -q5'?4,-Q21-,L.3f:'e,. .,., ,. rf,, 1- ' 1 4 -4 g :LFG 2 5 rir, Q j1 rl 0 Q x 'ggi J C1 may N Slf 21,5 v YT? J . f I Tap row: Elizabeth Kercher, editor, Rae Grosch, treasurer, Arlene Huddleston, alumni vice president, Joan Rush, secretary Bottom row: Marilyn Ganschow, chaplain: Mary Gibson, president, Carolyn Brewer, vice president TH ETA UPSILGN Top row: Artemis Satirakos, Lois Kudrnovsky, Cynthia Carlson, Ja Farley, Carol Muenter, Judith Walbright, Mary Thomason, Susan Biron, Grace Prappas, Judith Martin Third row: Joan Bordes, Antoinette Paulavish, Marie Putnam, Clara Putnam, Caroline Martin, Nancy Holtz, Mary Plys, Bette Ham- mond, Marilyn Jones Second row: Arlene Huddleston, Suzanne Eovaldi, Joan Johnson, Elizabeth Kercher, Mary Gibson, Mrs. Trankle, Marilyn Gonschow, Carolyn Brewer, Rae Grosch, Joan Rush Bottom row: Phyllis Lincke, Jeanne Erickson, Jo Ann Williams, Joyce Alblinger Dianna Johnson, Catherine Enright, Mariorie Kenyon, Arlene DePesa, Shirley Campeggio, X A 3 2 hi s .Z 1 K E ,fu J t an ' - -ff. - ff' ,fa- .-ea . gt . ' C it, Q 3' lt 2 1 L -if , Q 4-If tk Z is i L, 317 - 42 i wiki r we "' . .uw wm- hu Top row: Carol Schaefer, Janet Jones, Virginia Rexroat, Lois Sabine, Carol Newton, Dianne Albert, Shirley Baumann Third row: Lillian Balazs, Joan Vladar, Darlene Diekman, Virginia Gerhardt, Elaine Pohl, Marilyn Petersen, Joan Truckenbrod, Betty Onstad Second row: Sheila Parrish, Marianne Biestek, Darleen Kennedy, Betsy Byrns, Mariorie Gower, Mrs. Gertrude Brockmier, Geraldine Ryndak, Alice Ogden, Lorraine Roulette, Carolyn Blackard Bottom row: Harriett Armstrong, Marian Brewer, Jacqueline Mudra, Mary Taylor, Virginia Quaif, Carol Lakalt, Marian Webb, Carolyn Smith, Birnie Boyer, Anne Wesner Not in panel: Arlene Stauber, Lois Kilburn ZETA TAU ALPHA 808 West Vermont 96 Active Chapters P ,. Virginia Rexroat, guard 5 53 Bzttom row: Geraldine Ryndak, president, Janet Janos, ftandards 1 Top raw: Carol Schaefer, historian, Dianne Albert, rushing chairman, chairman, Alice Ogden, secretary, Mariorie Gower, vice accident ' at fe we pw Q ii ef Flint ' Ji QQ, 1 I -I , l x'i7v'UL .,:',. Z :Sf-U9 .0 0 i ' Sk 5 6 . E i in W, 'Q 63? L' '-2 L.,, . N , . ag , ZW' .-f ' I, ul N 433' H tb-if 12,335 0:5 13, is if if -'f" 1 W , Ty-- Y "Mr W2 'Jr gym' I -mf., .-l ,i , ,V .5 , g 5 1 ' gum rfa-1rs2e4- -wins? ' 'f A ' -. 'f' ' h 1' -J . .- 'we --I s. -m,,:,,- .R . . fewer 1' fziw' I -5 ., aw ,. , 5 'gif Q . ,- xg L4 , . f K if nf :' -- ' L it , , -A'gf'1g",f ' ,gr wat. w23::3 -2, ,553 'A , A E , Pj, vf,.f.fa41,a. ., I ff' 5- '-1' " x . 1 2 . . ' ,M A :Ji-al' 5:-:.-Q' , "!"'- AFL- ' "f5:"'.'t. ' f wfiiifi Tv i .,, .. "4,r' T L 4 ' r . ,gy -':j.f-' "if Q .1 .u X ., , , , , Q f -,Jw 'ftrifi -. 1. ' L- tl 1' we f i-at S ' 1 'Ml A :ni ', -S2 5 zo. , fr, 1 L14,:,p"-ffl-'L 'fs ' 1 3 ' gl L' - 'f I, Q - is .L 15.595,-.. .lA3,,.,5g,- X455-5 A V W p4:,,t?,,f-,mfg , 1 ., U , ,r X X ,.1,,,,e5y5-J fi : 7'23QT'Gf"'e!E --z - ri, .. gk , 39, 3 Ur i, ,.1,,,a, Si j ' , ,rijgaml ,kmfsfli 2. T V -, I 55.5 .1 , he ., 1A J-'V5.'ygf,.- ' 4, 'Q5k.k,g 4,, 1 1: - " , ,.:: .. -'ffl' 318 Q77 W, of CM, f -. -uv- , AW, 1- J to , if for XYZ!-Q X 1 'lx'-so NX Q, ,f Top row: Barbara Beatty, social chairman, Karol Weihl, secretary, Sydney Edelstein, outside vice president, Phyllis Tipp, treasurer Bottom row: Joy Kranzow, social chairmanp Yvonne Bernsten, president, Virginia Reda, inside vice president BLJSEY HALL ll l l West Nevada Top row: Patricia Naidert, Donna Larson, .loan Wight, Chrisanthe Karzas, Betty Buffington, Merida Stoke, Judith Locke, Geraldine Celusnak, Jeanette Engelbrecht, Lois Jett, Sharron Gibbons, Marilyn Ebel, Karen Vaupel, Zoe Skalafuris, Rita Cohen, Grace Komosa, Sherle Olson, Audrey Springs Third row: Doris Pryor, Pauline Schrott, Marion Daus, Doris Brissenden, Dolores Stephan, Katherine Pinkley, Evelyn Saam, Char- maine Tourville, Patricia Klein, Carol Friend, Iris Goodnick, Marge Schmidt, Marilyn Tesmer, Adrienne Kaufman, Nancy Berquist, Dorothy Schlilt, Nancy Hiatt Second row: Kathryn Gronberg, Michaeline Costabile, Alyce Moy, Noelle Rich, Frances Freeman, Donna Evans, Judith Bassel, Joan Weiselberg, Mary Rubenis, Suzanne Pcrtnoy, Clementine Brienza, Alberta Wolfl, Mary Montana, Patsy Patelski, Margaret Flowers Bottom row: Cynthia Soter, Judith Cohen, Naomi Brooks, Nancy Brook, Arlene Gordon, Janet Moeller, Ellen Berolzheimer, Elisabeth Pelcher, Iris Garland, Ruth Moyle, Caryl Harrington, Eiko Hibiya Not in panel: Lorrie Reusso, Nancy Black, Beatrice Katsulos, Antigone Chalmers, Jane Klitzing, Marcia Zipay, Gloria Mikuto, June Kurz, Laverne Janes, Derrilyn Knudtson, Mariory Katz, Janet Penneman, Velma Sleight, Christine Catalano, Marilyn Scherer it gl-at 2 aft J 319 Top-frowrwilone Davis, Anna Rennes, Frances Rizzo, Sora Tcpp, louise Brown, Lindo Coxe Mlrella Meier Elizabeth Richardson, Joan Brelchc Marilyn Third row: Cayten, Second row Regina Bottom row: Schleh, Noi in pun Pick, A 4 F' X 1:93 -r 'Ffa 5,3118 ' 'Y-lp' X 5 J 1 H 1, ,b,,,V,,.- Y. 3" -3 W .1 ' 1 .41 f,:. 2-gffirf X r r . f.,f?'.a,' WGS 1? Eileen Golb, presidenlp Eve Edelslein, corresponding secretary, Eileen Fish, treasurer, Joan Werner, social chairman, Elhel Naiditch, vice president, Marlene Harberg, freshman advisor, Carolyn Lamel, recording secretary . K. T. CLUB llO6 Wesl Oregon Top row: Judilh Reimer, Sandra Romanoi, Belly Kessler, Diana Gli:kman, Barbara Dubinsky, Merle Sachar, Bonnie Dolins, Marlene Pines, Gail Plusker, Merle Ward, Marilyn Green Second row: Eve Edelslein, Eileen Fish, Elhel Naidilch, Sarah Friedlancler, Eileen Golb, Joan Werner, Marlene Horberg, Carolyn Lamei Bollom row: Sharon Sugarmcn, Audrey Kipnis, Barbara Lieberman, Leah Levin, Barbara Feuerzeig, Joan Shops, Carol Markle, Arlene Prolus A Y, , lp f Y i V X . A P' Q. ' .M fs ,W N .,V vff K- ii V l 321 6 3 Y Top row, Emma Lou Vier, Patricia Mulvey, Joan Sukowicz, Marcia Williams, Madonna Miller, Ruth Godfrey, Barbara Jacobson, Gloria Fenner, Patricia Fourth row: Frances Starr, Mary Tomlinson, Anita Morrell, Dorothy Barclay, Marlene Kueera, Gretchen Johnson, Mary Herman, Elaine Heytow, Roberta Adler, Juanita Bailey Third row: Ann Caine, Doris Krull, Helen Shabino, Ethel Kotsculis, Janet Sm Betty Conreaux, Second row: Shirley Judith Friedman, Roberta Gistenson, June Armstrong, Claudette Bendit Mariorie Byron, Roxane Kamm, Ragnhild Hiscox, Nancy Anderson, Ewald, Gloria Muczynski, Carole Kamin, Elizabeth Edwards Barbara Bein, Virginia Glass, Audrey Veazie, Eva Gawronska. Schlesinger, Agnes Bures, Sylvia Arokawa, Myrna Matusen, Joyce ith, Anita Magona, Anette Buesking, Mrs. Cotter, Michkey Gaza, Lorraine Geittmann, Helen Andrews Bailey, Arlene Berg, Marilyn Gallop, Dona Fletcher, Judith Jones, Bonita Bernard, Helen Martinson, Dorothy Berkey, Bottom row: Patricia Waller, Susanne Williams, Helga Ross, Shirley Jackson, Yvonne Seadin, Elaine Grossman, PSQQY Hue. JOUY1 Rl'-Ymoiklf Louise Wieselman, Lotus Miller EVAN Tap row: Elizabeth Vier, freshman advisor, Ruth l'lort'n, president, Rae Starr, secretary, Bernadine Bernhardt, treasurer, Mrs, Cotter, head resident, Joan Smoots, social chairman Bottom row: Lynn Bryant, social chairman, Delores Hughes, hall council, Mary Richman, vice president rv :nv W "1 as 2' S HALL . V l'g'S'-'I' . Y, Y A74-awful?-fQ2f53 ,-- .Hwllrf"' ,J ,J . dx, S - liwxinsfsv ,V 1, ,gf Q I ICJ 322 qt fa i d v J F'3'?'5 4 u ivansyfi- li H'll '- "W . 1 ll G5 '15, J Q V: EVANS HALL l'll5 West Nevada Top row: Karen Brown, Marian Weisbord, Della Lyons, Bettye Walker, Marianne Ivey, Janene Johnson, Mary Hetzel, Winifred Stone, Joan Eaton, Frances Berhardt, Patricia Kane, Kendra McKemie, Marlene Bress, Marylynn Komarek, Lillian Jenkins, Joyce Green- field, Barbara Wolfe, Ilene Lewandowski, Jean Krause, Darlene Whalen Fourth row: Rosalyn Nitzkin, Kay Koch, Francis Gambill, Carolyn Kay, Mariorie Nelson, Jeanne Jaraez, Constance Berutti, Emily Kampert, Barbara Fretwell, Mary Walton, Judith Malek, Helen Rossetti, Ann Stewart, Virgini Churchill Third raw: Audrey Schulz, Sarah Katz, Sandra Gimpel, Delores Hughes, Rae Starr, Ruth Hortin, Mary Richman, Bernadine Bernhardt, Joan Smoots, Lynn Bryant, Janet Cox, Jane Burkhart Second row: Joan Pilot, Mary Fennessey, Gloria Whalen, Shirley Thomas, Johnnita Daniel, Mary Fung, Dorothy Fung, Jane Thomp- son, Barbara Postlewait, Marilyn Sherman, Anita Lydigsen, Johanna Grites Bottom row: Barbara Spencer, Judith Johnson, Martha Parker, Joyce Hildenbrand, Gloria Graves, Wanda Wyllie, Shirley Pelch, Pat Tower, Lucille Papke, Nancy Ahrendt 323 Top row: Joanne Helms, Charlotte Hogan, Mary Hogan, Angie Putt, lrlene Parrill, Ruth Behrends, Marilyn Huber, Lila Ricketts, Marlys Loth- son, Gladys Grommet, .lulionn Ankenbrand, Patricia Paxton Third row: Nancy Judd, Ima Bassler, Donna Hawks, Martha Massie, Janet Johnson, Barbara Boyd, Mary Jensen, Jane Behringer, Kathryn Allen, Mary Elson, Cynthia Troughber Second row: Margaret Francis, Audrey Nelson, Elizabeth Jenner, Marilyn Marine, Leona Webb, Patricia Renken, Judith Kanneker, Nancy Monroe, Carol Firch, Rita Schertz, Phyllis Whitehead Bottom row: Mariorie Haerdt, Mary lindsay, Mary leigh, Jacqueline Webb, Rila Thomson, Sally Parkinson, Jean Rushton, Patricia Mc- , Cartney, Eleanore Janssen, Carol Underwood gt..4a,..,,s. .t.l , -M . 4 - H H 0 U S E P' E .P 52 3 View -ff.,s,. A., ,. , ,V E- i , i ri LW. eff, f se. , xffl--ft1fl995iiy'9b11'li'Li?!!9lES!" f- sm,1,..L...L,..L,cL,w.i...w.e..xg..r..1..Q...4..,,,., TC? East Green Tdpfi 1 CCl'9lfEfRTl:'7i'QiCilll ' chairman, ,Marilyn Mori ne, corresponding ,, if-",.,iecrotaryi'I1igdi?IrIldqrjnelgeg-QQ treasurer 'A -. , N E H Second-'ft'oWeA'.AQ4?drQY'ifN6ls61i, 'recording' secretdryi Kay Jerifher, hQuss J- manager? "'. - yjfQ"Q Q, A c K " ' V fQB62tQm"frow:,'Ng!l1:7' Monroe, cammlssor, Patricia '-Renlken, presidlnt: 5?-N Vw -v:-'7- V T7 'CZ- 324 flair 4 Q WGS is I I 'N V ,wk K k,,,.l 5 , , l A . is sf frfa. wail . .A qfilh LC' .f'ga5d . :'.'wifg,iZ .,jj:'i' A-,Off INDECCD 1106 South Third Tap row: Danna Ehrlich, Nancy Cooperman, Francine Skar, Rochelle Goldberger, Judiih Frank, Sandra Stupner, Carol Spilzer, Merle Klapman, Marnie Mellzer, Marlene Stein, Frieda Lome Third row: Phyllis Garber, Merle Panlowich, Shirley Sfein, Shirley Spielman, Joan Lieber, Sandra Eisenslein, Barbara Manlell, Rulh Bazar, Malka Mirvis, Marilyn Siegal, Norma Linkaw, Sandra Mozir, Banifa Homer, Balfura Henkin Second row: Temma Rubenstein, Ellen Manowilz, Charna Sugerman, Geraldine Taymar, Enid Levy, Susan Greenfield, Diane Pinsky, Jacqualine Greenblalf Ballam row: Lila Goldberg, Joanne Fleisher, Alice Mayer, Tirzah Simon, Leah Levin, Miriam Bern, Naomi Ulscher, Darlene Schwartz, Suzanne lseberg, Judith Shapiro, Rebecca Chramon Nol in panel: Eleanor Cowan, Sherie Grass, Ann Meyer ,sir 325 W. .A-f, EQ .er,, 1 , , , 'nidriifVT,,.lif!lfQ?iWv5e'Q5iPi1!'I:fwGl6'l'if , flii!1iiif5'i,f?4Uf4,'1illif9-9 ,, ' .,.."i?lIE41?'.r'fg'- 5:?ii'i'3 ' 1 X. 1z,'?5's"',-gggfgfgfi-yg.. guy "!0U35'imaihgEi,33y,-uri, 7c'.-g,'.L1:mg:rg ,QT-, rs ., ,Bottom row: ,Enht'l1bvYi4,actlVi1les clrairmdnpm GQl'ildf!ll'!TBYl!l9fQ r-f'.f?j"j5f7f, i dem, Charna: Sygervnan, vice presidenfi 'Ellen Manowllzf li V r ' , ' , wi- jig, .,c ,341 f, U, ,, . .v..,.. - - - .,-,, "f-"r1.'r','lQ- ,- f 'L .-, . L-EW ,f ,..L..-x-.p.e,g,,g3 -e-.fe-fm-reign , L F Top row: Caryll Ellman, Kay Levinson, Beverly Bersen, Jaclyn Ordman, Sandra Ableman, Nalalie Saxon, Judy Ellman, Arlene Levy Third row: Joy Novil, Thelma Kempner, Rhoda Dunn, Joan Gold, Joan Rosenbloam, Marlene Goldstein, Beverly Kanfor Second row: Edith Slater, Estelle Abrams, Sandra Epsfein, Mrs. McDowell, Renee Dobkin, Sheila Jacobson, Ina Brown Bollom row: Mariorie Tunick, Arlyne Barov, Carole Waifzman, Marcia Martin, Francine Winerf, Helen Cohen, Suzanne Sklar Nol in panel: Rubey Frasier, Eva Klein, Sandra Vloy LAUREL HOUSE fs x il-1. , l,,XXM,,,, Renee Dobkin, vice president: Sandra Epslein, president, Estelle Abrams, social chairman, Sheila Jacobson, lreasurer 326 WGS XX, 1 45" :TQ-'F' ,t , WGS ,wwf Q4 1 , M A. we ...nw-V --' M Top row: Cynthia Jordan, vice president, Evelyn Gepford, treasurer Bottom row: Mary Larson, secretary, Virginia Frank, president LEEIVIAN LODGE 309 East John Top row: Martha Wahl, Arlene Bedau, Barbara Heideman, Suzanne Peterson, Patricia Jensen, Betty Nicholson, Josephine Vyse, Shirley Barber, Joan Johnson, Donna Jones, Carol Sims Second row: Gayle Furman, Diane Pershing, Nancy Moore, Jean Kornegger, Mary Crider, Donna McGath, Gail Anderson, Patricia McGath, Darby McGinty, Mary Jackson, Janet Sn-ith Bottom row: Patricia Ritter, Eleanor Larson, Duaine Krug, Suzanne Kennedy, Carol Boeringa, Virginia Frank, Marlyn Douglas, Eye- lyn Gepford, Cynthia Jordan, Mary Larson, Margaret Ray 327 7 1 'ra5"raw. 'Shirley' Maclrall, Barham Hayer, Margaret Schlaeger, Mlldred Jemilo, Nancy Torma, Martha Rhine, Joan Smirh, Betty Hoffman Sixth row: Sandra Mgtzkin, Lois Zittler, Gail Perry, Millicent Proptl, Mary Kocher, Wilma Frostenson, Margaret Schumann, Jean Wehner, Carol Hamlin, Sandra Beushausen ' Fifth row: Barbara Bieszczat, Barbara Goldman, Janet Placek, Ruth Miskovsky, Violet Ward, Carole DeWalI, Myrna Mackey, Phoebe Varvayn, Mary Beckmeyer, Roseann Ginther, Norma Schroeder, Nancy Hanks, Jane Berges, Kathleen Gorman, Barbara Fautz Fourth row: Vivienne Rose, Joyce Poggioli, Joyce Gill, Gloria Sledem, Joyce Putnam, Sandra Stinson, Mary Pavlavich, Carolyn Moody, Irene Vogel, Irene Nestorowych, Jean Schroth, Patricia Trotter Third row: Mary Rousch, Myma Campbell, Phyllis Miner, Carole Clark, Theresa Ruth, Lenore Smith, Miss McNamara, Miss Thackray, Sandra Morgan, Jeanette Hoover, Susan Boyd, Marilyn Marchok, Norma McClure, Bonnie McManus Second row: Sandra Chadwell, Rosetta Solomon, Arlene Kruslak, Sherry Rossiter, Judith Klepinger, Sandra Barnbaum, Arlene Greenberg, Janet Cobain, Patricia Skelly, Bebe Bowers, Nancy Dufour, Penelope Heale, Joan Reichenhacher, Juloine Brayiord Bottom row: Sally Goetz, Elinor Hixsan, Elizabeth Dusch, Kay Helde, Lucretia Kolanczyk, lois Sakelson, Joyce Totten, Shirley Scherer, Loretto Brouk, Roberta Weitzman, Ruth Perls Y' 'Kill If fp 6 if :tif 1: L LINCCDLN AVENUl: Rl-SIDI-NCI-, NORTH 1005 South Lincoin Hoover, coordinator, Susan Boyd, neue,-... U chairman, Marilyn Marshals, presi- ,, !y,,f 5 . nqir-+V'-"f'. l ls., E, ,J eu- fikgfll ' ,... .M hx? 3.6 -' ,Sify 'l A Q iii?-I l it Y .flfffff 2 ,tjirify if if J. - :..g ,Q jfygta r wall.: -was 'vi -4 uv A-5" H.,- V ,J Top row: Vernette Nelson, secretary, Marcia Leuchter, vice president: Marilyn Krueger, committee coordinator Bottom row: Marian Pavlik, social chairman, Janeth Briggs, president, Dorine Chancellor, treasurer LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, SCDUTH , r 1 fy, 4 if . ,7 ' 6-11,65 l O05 South Lincoln Top row: Constance Mitchell, Judith Schultz, Mariorie Smith, Joyce Torii, Constance Wachs, Vivian Shay, Patricia Hoqeueen, Eleanor Anderson, Janice Wilkes, Judith Harding, Margaret Gher, Loretta Benner, Marcia Silver, Dorothy Kehart, Nancy Kuehn, Mary Shoecraft, Marcia Leuchter, Paulette Mastoon, Janice Schallman Fifth row: Betty Brown, Nancy Mays, Martha Haerdt, Ann Mundy, Elizabeth McCoy, Naomi Calisott, Barbara Kovitz, Adrienne Siegel, Patricia Miller, Shirley Garrett, Enid Levien, Nancy Anderson, Vida Gaskoite, Audrey Kiell, Luella Broaddus, Eleanor Popovsky, Susan Harthmen Fourth row: Mary Lilia, Rhoda Adams, Ruth Gronert, Beverly Blacksher, Barbara Wolf, Stella Olfonos, Janey Engbring, Diane Deeg, Danna Cary, Evelyn Samuels, Marilyn Zeal, Bridget Betkauskas, Faith Roubik, Donna James, Dolores Madsen, Mary Stick, Lois Lackner Third row: Molly Hammett, Enid Hilstein, Arlene Gaby, Charlotte Rollin, Caryn Singer, Joyce Horvath, Florene Pell, Dorothy Arndy, Bernadette Sexaponas, Joan Reilley, Vernette Nelson, Diane Oliver, Margaret Keranen, Patricia Ryan, Miriam Roberts, Jean Mateika, Audrey Sacco, Suzanne Myers, l.alo Sanner Second row: Clara Neylon, Dorothy Chambers, Nancy Wilson, Barbara Forgy, Joan Phillis, Ramona Hesterman, Elaine Paxinos, Alosia Eichelberger, Beverly Sturt, Ellen Eastburn, Lorraine Brodsky, Peggy Maiors, Anita Simkin, Betty Mungal, Elizabeth Seago, Petina Allen, Judith Hoge Bottom row: Paula Gerspacher, Zina Berman, Adrienne Cohen, Sandra Dolgonos, Arlene Oeozes, Lillian Nishida, Dorothy Kato, Etianna Gulbenkian, Joan Warp, Marilyn Rubenstein, Anne Singer, Patricia Powers, Anne Melamed, Barbara Lukes, Gloria Sin- clair lil? -...Nw 329 Top low: Julie Ellis, Mariorie Jacobs, Ann Farrell, Joyce Peterson, Doris Rodd, Jeannette Thier, Barbara Hoffman, Audrey laznicka, Fatricio Giller, Dixie Meyer, Lorraine Snyder, Junetta Rabito, Sandra Thomas, Mary Fulton, Carol Horton Sixth row: Norma Richardson, Carole Cremer, Phyllis Marshak, Olivia Batteast, Kothlyn Lawrence, Patricia Plummer, Barbara Soderberg, Joanne Rowley, Betty Brown, Phyllis Janus, Helen Laczynska, Mary O'Connor, Janet Skiles, Janice Simpkins, Virginia David, Jean Doherty Fifth row: Gail Fischer, Audrey Vetter, Annette Glatt, Ann llaane, Patricia Harbarger, Nancy Lorenz, June White, Mary Mangooang, Janis Baker, Susan Pratt, Roberta Weiner, Mary Hanafin, Nancy Neimeier, Gloria Corduon Fourth row: Patricia Schnulle, Elaine Hatals, Delores Read, Elaine Oderkirk, Edith Fenington, Carolyn Bostic, Cornelia Fechtner, Doris Lapp, Tempie Tartt, Eleanor Willstead, Lillian Kirk, Doris Vanis, Elizabeth Thomas, Barbara Simon Third row: Jacquelyn Hotitman, Adrienne Katz, Carolyn Campbell, Mary Brown, Renee Freedman, Judy Detina, Barbara Peterson, Audrey Swaney, Sue Gordon, Shirley Zetcher, Annie Toles, Elaine Mehlman, Edith Brockman. Willie Frazier, Elizabeth Perry Second row: Marguerite Wilson, Lenore Leven, Mary Goldman, Barbara Brog, Judith Kelch, Jeanette Gullick, Jo Hostettler, Geraldine Fekete, Marvene Baker, Frances Berg, Mary Novosod, Carol Rosenthal, Donna Dover, Rose Maier Bottom row: Barbara Reed, Margaret Caskey, Nadean Braner, Karen Fooks, Barbara Grammer, Carol Haiicek, Marcia Painter, Joan Rademacher, Sharron Wolfer, Paula Wasserman, Elaine Grauer, Rosemary Marzee LINCOLN AVENUE RESIDENCE, NORTH LINCOLN AVENUE V RFSIDFNC ,SOUTH Top row: Jeanne Josephson, Marilyn Krueger, Arden Rusch, Frances Szymanski, Anna Bozis, Nancy Schilf, Nancy McCleery, Joan Heberlein, Barbara Winters, Nancy Phelps, Joan Shaw, Lois Hexdall, Jean Ayson, Pearl ShiH, Marian Reininger, Etta Jacobs, Barbara Berger Fifth row: Ruth Shamberg, Susan Shirley, Janice Bacon, Carol Anderson, Carman Edmundson, Janice Briggs, Annette Hankin, Patricia Gustafson, Nancy Lachmann, Janet Collins, Nancy Sellers, Norma Dystrup, Thelma Chapman, Joan Raschke, Dalia Ozelis, Barbara Lenell, Madeline Genovesi, Maral Weirette Fourth row: Janet Cisna, Marsha Kanzelbaum, Lucy Breger, Harriet Karm, Carol Bernstein, Dixie Daymont, Charlotte Konneker, Harriet Arndt, Gertholine Aines, Marcia Young, Barbara Luehring, Irene Seligman, Diana Rea, Joyce Allen, Emily Robinson, Donna Murins, Ruth Keller Third row1 Devera Friedman, Bonnie Wahlstrom, Betty Priggie, Mary Palmer, Jean Cooper, Carole Leverty, Nancy Arms, Phyllis Bkezina, Lucille Teagleld, Dorine Chancellor, Jorice Lamos, Eileen Belcaster, Gail Arfstrom, Nancy Neely, Carol Metz, Carol Whitlock, Irene Rassrnussen, Arlene Marovic, Marilynn Dunn Second row: Margaret Bacon, Lois Stansbury, Barbara Feit, Joan Schultz, Gloria Jamito, Darlene Van Haren, Gail Elwell, Marilyn Babb, Alice Weber, Marcia Fligel- man, Karen Platt, Carol Zuckerberg, Marian Gentes, Mariorie Iles, Verna Doris, Dorothy Hamilton, Janice Dunn Bottom row: Sandra Buckley, Marian Pavlik, Judith Bremer, Toby Birndort, Joan Chapin, Joanna Pano, Nelly Lee, Mary Jaloyee, Adele Crane, Sydell Schoene- man, Carol Loftus, Constance Sucherman, Barbara Scott, Renee Lebo, Elaina Hovarka 30 on 4 I 3. 0535- .vft ' i' Q 'QS' ff 'Nurs -35. 1 f ,Jil wp , ff 293. 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Dolores Strode, treasurer, Rosella Ervin, vice president, Nance Postle- wait, president, Dorothy Kramer, secretaryg Judith Zink, social chair- U 4 man MCKINLEY HALL 801 South Wright Top raw: Mary Campbell, Shirley Berfield, Patricia Anderson, Barbara Shroyer, Polly Kunath, loan Swanson, Mary Uflelman, Joan Patton, Marilyn Jones, Janet Bradley, Phyllis Sullens, Marilyn Daty, Carol Walker, Ellen Bell, Martha Ruckman, Teresa Damoto Fourth row: Olive Durham, Janece Tippy, Constance Randles, Edna McCue, Lillie Canterbury, Betty Hadley, Deloris Hickman, Margaret Smith, Daloris Engelking, Shirley Melms, Helen Kausic, Jane Greene, Virginia Hallowell, Nancy Brown, Elizabeth Armin Third row: Betty Gabriel, Eleanor Bunting, Jean Reace, Mariarie Headley, Virginia Scott, Dorothy Kramer, Rosella Ervin, Nance Postle- wait, Mrs. Phelan, Dolores Strode, Judith Zink, Elinor Lueking, Barbara Lawis, Lorraine Upton, Jane Jones Second row: Carol Mercer, Sharon Smith, Nancy Womeldortt, E.aine Buciak, Sarah Robinson, Mariorie Swanson, Judith Miller, Mary Sammons, Sheila Henry, Rachel Day, Mary Lewis, Ruth Baughman Bottom row: Lois Weber, Barbara Reace, Margaret Cronkrite, Helen Chick, Marilyn Rains, Helen White, Elizabeth Shinn, Gloria Rib- nek, Janice Franklin, Joyce Day, Anita West, Judith Tibbits Not in panel: Beverly Hill, Karen Tippy, Mary Soper 331 rr Top row: Elizabeth Steger, Ramona Anthony, Mary Schurlu, Barbara Bowers, Victoria Razmo, Doris Rosenau, Joyce Faw, Arline Ekstedt, Joanne Limestoll, Marilyn Gillison, Patricia Gerrity, Caryl Bantz, Olga Sleznick, Betty Ohlson, Barbara Steger, Mary Eversole, Nancy Emig Third row: Dorinda Stanis, Janice Whitaker, Betty Webb, Sappho Colovos, Gloria Haemker, Eunice Richmond, Carole Reid, Frances Schiesser, Gretchen Gibbons, Elizabeth Lacy, Barbara Dostal, Margaret Oberzon, Margaret Stansfield, Romayne Goranson, Barbara Brown Second row: Irene McCarthy, Donna Cottrell, Helen Moore, Charlotte Laurine, Margaret Fasnacht, Shirley Searcy, Jane Eaton, Anna Williams, Mrs. Phillips, Barbara Brandt, Sharon Borger, Susan McGillivary, Barbara Moore, Dorothy Cummingham, Kathleen Schaub Bottom row: Carole Kullen, Christine Matheos, Grace Schlaeger, Kathleen McMillien, Barbara Fritz, Barbara Arning, Patricia Johnson, Verna Dushek, Sally Zang, Josephine Faso, Patricia Davis, Patricia Sheehan, Joanne Kamradt, Jeannette Thorndike, Caroleen Updike, Corrinne Maloney Not in panel: Gloria Barkley, Sandra Stinson PALAMAR 607 East Daniel Top row: Barbara Steger, secretary, Joanne Limestoll, president, Joanne Kamradt, treasurer, Carole Kullen, public relations Bottom row: Verna Dushek, vice president, Betty Ohlson, social chair- man vu we-, 11? X' 332 WGS l 5 I 1 1 4 I I o I 41- , rs 'v ,Q -.n., voir A V if I , . ,.,,i,..4...-. Cr I 'X C "CF fs . , .Qc , Y ,sl sb Q sd. -if 542.4 QR.: iff: xy A 535 X, .NJ I 3 0 ,ui SA' lil N U' -4 'ua I . ,, . 3 e .Kg fv as t is Q Top row: Eleanor Rollo, president, Sally Kietzman, treasurer, Joyce Armstrong, social chairman, Ruth Schertz, secretary Botiam row: Audrey Swanson, vice president, Beth Feldman, freshman advisor PRESBYTERIAN HALL 405 East John Tap row: Kay Ent, Donna Edwards, Leanna Nolz, Patricia Coyle, Barbara Ransdell, Barbara Tucker, Phyllis Stolz, Barbara Cochran, Carole Patrick, Chairmian Clem, Virginia Fortney, Ann Rasmussen, Enid Ewing, Ruth McNabb, Carol Carmean, Beth Feldman, Joann Shuman, Virginia Meech Second row: Joan Stallings, Anna Holliday, Helen Meyers, Martha Serven, Harriet Godeke, Joan Bellmar, Julia Huber, Joyce Arm- strong, Linda Aldridge, Alice Beling, Sally Kietzman, Janet Knight, Sandra Wilcox, Mary Cooper, Carolyn Burrus, Ruth Schertz, Mary McGrath Bottom row: Barbara Shack, Jean Holderman, Sally Ross, Ann Matthews, Doris Knox, Ellen Abbott, Eleanor Rollo, Audrey Swanson, F. Geraldine Knight, Marla Kelly, Mariorie Nugent, Mariorie Giles, Annette Gulder -UL ,M ,-., - . .. , N .H X- ., , ,., S , , .a sf 27 ,V J Hb J ,U J , A 3 my -L---v-,vwsw-fr:-av ' ', , J' 'f 1 Q ' ' , V- 'f',51 ' i - I 1- "s.":' ,, t ,L ,,: af 1, f Y" "f ' Q' ,'QX'gfLff3 sg4f53Jf?l3Tc'f.Lj'if5.?i,JfE'2iQ'd3c , '- ' -. 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Top row: Wilma Hickman, Karyl Sellmyer, lrene Osvald, Jacqueline Smith, Vivian Carlson Third raw: Niiale Velza, Alexandra Poiedinok, Joan Dvorchak, Alice Carpenler Second row: Marguerite Jones, Sally Hull, Mae Hasegawa Bottom row: Nadia Slrolshunk, freshman advisor, Rela Mller, presl ent, avae arp, s y ALPHA HOUSE 'I 'd R Sh ecrelar -lreasurer, Lolila Woodard, social chairman, Anne Bages, president BEL-AIRE 1104 Wesl Illinois Too row: Marilyn Trexler, Lois Oberle, Alma Norris, Bernedine Gernon Third row: Opal Cowan, Nancy Arnesen, vice president, Kaye Greenwood, Joyce Hellslrom, Blanche Fairbanks, Jan Grill, Alyce Wheelock, Joyce Mclnlyre Second row: Susan Lyman, Sallee Elmore, Barbara Gofarlh, Maria Baez, secretary, Glenda Lichlenberger, Frances Scales, Sally Barrick, Elynor Haller Bottom row: Jane Purdy, Marilyn Shirey, Barbara Gerber, Judilh Swain, Jeannine Lobaugh, presidenl, Joan Wasniewski, Dorothy Marlin Nol in panel: Delores Davis, Bonnie Grassnickle, Jeanne Johnson, Treasurer sl' vice 5 A xo. ,K xii Top row: Margaret Work, Marcia Marks, Shelley Goodman, Eunice Myers, Barbara Anderson, Ellen Zinner, Frances Steiner, Joan Fettig Second row: Pamela Martin, Henrietta Virkau, Eleanore Szymanski, Judith Hedge, Mary Venciova, Sharon Vetter, Gloria Andrews, Kayla Goldman, Abigail Hage- man Bottom row: Parthenia Sage, historian, Sandra Teakert, Carol Sweda, Geraldine Parsons, treasurer, Sheila Courter, vice president, Carla Smith, president, Ann Wolfenstein, secretary, Lauri Wright, social chairman, Irene Rizzi, chaplain BEAU CHATEAU BETA HOUSE 9Ol South Lincoln Top row: Carol Kushino, Donna lewis, Camilla Lyon, Vivienne Huffman, Doris Naumann, Patricia Sergent, Alice Shepherd, Barbara Huck, Frances Handroclr Second row: Edith Peschang, Adele Haven, Judith Smith, Myra Kolditz, Dorothy Sutz, Mary Parent, Mildred Larkin Bottom row: Ludovica Luinys, social chairman, Ruby Nakagawa, secretary, Janet Vaughn, vice president, Marion Knol, president Not in panel: Carole Dolesh, Gayle Goodin ,fs ps o i E 51 "fH 951 ' ' 'x ZW I -r Q , W . -if- r 5 5 ' 'V ii r 'l V ,X A -, , 4' ?W!5'?3.e Mis? g ' i ri W-----W :Q Q T S' ir S - K J - 5? 5 ............m. 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Ni K S e J S A J S as J issi 3 fi Q. f , , if Top row: Morylynn St. Aubin, Lorna Hoge, Nelle Mattingly, Alice McKenzie Third row: Betty Bradshaw, Judith Sellmyer, Barbara Fairboirn Second raw: Sylvia Jacob, Jane lkeda, Nancy Thorp, Irene Nakoumra Bottom row: Carol Scheibe, social chairman, Joan Martin, vice president, Marilyn Nelson, president, Jean Kruger, secretary-treasurer Nat in panel: Nancy Albee l2l0 West Springtield HARMONY HOUSE ll2 East John Top row: Beryl Ragins, secretary, Judith Alfend, Diane Zlutnick, Florence Steinberg Fourth row: Rita Freidin, Kay Cohen, Rhea Shifrin, Edith Leber, Sandra Levitt, president, Sondra Frankel Third row: Helene Levitan, Myrna levy, Marilyn Freedman, Miriam Factor, Sally Miller, treasurer, Florence Krause, vice president, Dorie Sopeer freshman advisor Second row: Sheila Kopple, Judith Singman, Marcia Zolty, Jewel Mandell, Sheila Kirschenbaum, Joyce Weissman Bottom row: Donna Zimbler, Lesha Bellows, Wilma Klein, Rita Resnick, social chairman, Jacqueline Bloom, Charlotte Schlessinger Not n panel: Zelda Kleiman 339 40 Top raw: Joan Pettingell, Elizabeth Learner, Nancy Newman, Mariorie Stucke, Virginia Smith, Jane Klinger, Babette Reibscheid Second row: Mary Leitherer, Constance Prescott, Tobe Novick, president, Mrs. Tillitson, Mary Mahin, secretary, Donna Heinz, treasurer, Carol Wallers, vice presiden Bottom raw: Lieba Beube, Carolyn Fox, Cecilia Damotte, Loretta Hawks, Margaret Novak, Nancy Westefer, Harriet Shed HGSTE HOUSE H16 West Nevada Top row: Florine Gelman, Joanne Puckert, Sondra Hirsch, Sandra Shureft, Roslyn Brodkin, Elaine Tattleman, Cecelia Richter, Betty Siegal, Sherry Lohman Second raw Sharon Bottom row Pamper, Barbara Rappapcrt, Merle Turbav, Barbara Folberg, Merrilyn Bell, Elissa Friedman, Sandra Simon, Barbara Levine, Bonnie Silverman, Sandra Wolf, Mages, Dolores Curry, Sara Spritz Renee Silverman, Judy Levine, Edith Bulgart, Ilene Malman, Veta Reizner, treasurer, Gwen Suckman, president, Janice Boss, vice president, Maureen freshman advisor, Lucille Mintzer, secretary, Marion Diamond, Shirley Karlin, Carol Trachtenberg Top row: Mary O'Connor, Audrey Diakiw, Marianna Wood, Joyce Benning, Valerie Roberts, Joanne Leonard, Norma DeBiasio Second row: Phyllis Rowley, Patricia Reis, Ann Forrestal, Joan Wolter, Ginger Paulson, Joan Mennel Bottom row: Jenny Quesnell, Rae Reierson, treasurer, Margaret Readey, secretary, Joanne Steffens, social chairman, JoAnn Padgett, vice president, Barbara Leskey, LOWRY LGDG E president, Rosemary Kapps Not in panel: Barbara Stevens PRICE CLUB 707 Sauth Sixth Top row: Ann Harris, Sally Schafer, Roberta Willis, Hazel Davidson, Marianne Fry, Kira Krock, Virginia Giacherio Second row: Diana Friedman, Shirley Kruger, Barbara Keeler, Carole Frey, Barbara Kastcn, Janice Locher, Julia Bendikas Bottom row: Helen Franks, scholastic chairman, Mary Frederick, secretary, Priscilla Dettmar, song chairman, Marie Davidson, president, Pauleen Dombrosky, freshman board representative, Gay Bonham, social chairman, Patricia Byrne, activities chairman, Beverly Salzman, vice-president, Karen Taylor, treasurer 045' T -Q. 'P . 'f be ' 1 iq- VL i 5 V , 1- - , ,, . . . 2 , N., , V l 5 5 N: Top row: Carolyn Campbell, Carol Schmutzler, Ruth Robinson, Willa Mitchell, Joann Neburka, Carolyn Dunham, Catherine Cho, Vasaloloa Taualii Third row, Georgeana Jung, Sally Ann Thompson, Irene McCabe, Marian Davis, Jean Washburn, Clara Yochem, Joan Weaver, Mary Weston, Phyllis Yeaman Second row: Estelle Buder, treasurer, Nancy Selle, secretary, Setsuko Kalayama, vice president, ltoko Katayama, president, Helen White, social chairman, Eliza beth Hoff, social chairman Bottom row: Lynn Graham, Carolyn King, Ruth Voss, Corinne Bruner, Janet Turney, Natalie Wiggers, Doris Moore WESCQGA 342 1.1, , , .4 1 R H' -My 34 x X 1 Top row: Kenneth Wagner, Kenneth Golan, Keith Wright, Robert Brush, Allen Kleinbeck, William Bailey, David 0'Bryant, Charles Haas, Edward Schmidt, David Tillema, Samuel Shockey, Warren Gedstad, James Spencer, Robert Rogers, Richard Ewan, Ronald Hoercher, John Merritt, David Jareo Third row: Richard Rayburn, Harry Gates, Robert Hanes, Homer Koop, Paul Weller, Richard Rapp, James Terwilliger, Sam Kirk, Mark Crevis- ton, Richard Angus, Robert Hagemeyer, Ralph Hough, Richard Smith, Donald Foerder, Ronald Slonneger, Gordon lverson Second row: Leon Heiple, Frank Falley, William McGee, John Birky, Robert White, John Spitler, Rolf Cederwall, Howard Gleason, Richard Cowart, Donald Mueller, Donald Hanes, John Beatty, David Fishel, Paul Monahan Bottom row: Ronald Maurer, Craig Ivers, Burl Boker, Robert Ruppel, Norman Zanin, Craig Weber, Douglas Sparks, Robert Smith, Dennis Hudson, Robert Caswell, Joseph Long, William Seright, Warren James Not in panel: Paul M'Claughlin, Andrew Ekblaw, Eugene Segin, Richard Drain ACACIA Top row: Howard Gleason, rushing chairman, Richard Cowart, secre- tary, John Birky, senior dean Bottom row, Rolf Ceclerwall, treasurer, Robert White, president, Wil- liam McGee, social chairman 344 1, . 54 ". 1 Donald Griflith, president, Ronald Ayotte, chaplain, Thomas Taylor, ritual officer, Arthur Stone, secretary, Thomas Richardson, vice president ALPHA Clfll RHO , Top row: James Fawcett, James Stewardson, Francis Morris, Gary Winter, Joe Conover, Richard Gronquist, Roger Hull, Joseph McCook, Philip Turner Third row: David Breuer, Charles Brown, Arthur Stone, Charles Quantock, Fred Burghardt, Richard Luettich, Robert Weiss, Clifton Zabka, Roy Cousins, Jerry Cleary, John Morse Second row: Walter Gabehart, Eugene Borchart, Russell Bolton, Robert Kennedy, Ronald Ayotte, Donald Griffith, Thomas Taylor, Dean Anderson, Thomas Richardson, Irving Stansell, Donald Davis Bottom row: Shelby Feinermon, James Steider, Burt Grant, Edward Kafka, Dennis Galle, Robert Lutz, Robert Kafka, John lppensen, William Sullivan Not in panel: Charles Blahous, Paul Brown, Gerald Gersey, Lester Ottinger, John Sundene, Vincent Tylman 'Q .- eu A ' ' 'PK' , . ':"--mfs: Q, xi'- I. , ,,:, my , . , .L ,gs I . 1 tg, ,V ,i 4 V7 K x , ,Q .1 ,K , ,- , Y V my ,,.- A e L, ki N ,L , ,, MM, , V , W, .5301 , K .,,'r, I ,?r,..,.q by 1 'QV A, 47, . f I M H fi rd,,,,,., ,t W My Z W, K As. 1 I L Q, 4 k K . Vi i 5, 'fu .,.,, ,Em A H, I . HV 4 g,q,M.,,MmV A in K '- M x ' if 'Q W ' ' ', ' sl, fly! ' , ei, wir' A r ' J x HU .Y VA' f f f ,- . ' Em' 'fy v' A stiff J' K ,A rw "f, ' ' ,V ,Q 'X L ww at-"Zf.'5 K d.,g,' e - . ,yi ci,-f 'pairs'-J - ,, ,, 1, , W , W, f M ff: ,,. Q1 Q '1, . , f,rs'.,'! ,g ,m5:,,, if M 3: . - ' Q of V f me , L ., , gf., , .. 1, ty ,f-A li r il, an w,345,,,A,,w i if 's,.,.,, ,L -, w' , X img' -7 4 Aye A , f-Mama-H121 345 -. Tap row, Milton Kreml, Bob Lenz, James McCollum, Chartes Ririe, John Rowe, Rudolph Botel, John Stout, Thomas Wilson, George Paulson, David Hill, David Tolle Third row, Dee Shaffer, James Sands, Timothy Hughes, Roy Sudhoi, Adam Doty, James Freyder, Allen Stillmen, Joel Heinemen, Paul Tour- ney, Craig Soule, Art Wyatt, Roy Weisenburger Second row, Thomas Stifier, Clark Dean, John Wennor, Joel Barnes, Robert Whitmore, Thomas Brody, Ralph Fisk, John Mason, Kenneth Eckrote James Crain Bottom row, lawrence Ten Pas, John Bonties, Eugene Mikolaiczyk, Larry Lino, William Grube, William Knuth, Charles Duffy, Gary Stone- . , A broker, John Greely, Ronald King ' , A, Not in panel: Raymond Ebbert 5 g .. 3, Q xl E 'SAN me ALPHA DELTA Pl-ll -4. ar' . 1 Thomas Stiller, treasurer, Joel Barnes, corresponding secretary, Ralph V- N Fisk, vice president-pledge trainer, Thomas Brody, president, Ken- I Q55 ' 'f neth Eqkrote,,recordlng secretary, John Wenner, house manager' - . ...xLQ.i.fL.-,Ls:J.i.....,.,QAM ,dftwa .,,, ,W .,,t,,-..L.,' .,,K.,..m.,, .. ,.,. ,, ., , .. , . . 310 East John 28 Active Chapters WF? 46 ,, ' . fnlH K 1,-wake. N, M , I?'f71ii'f.' aff' Hiiiizivxl-'f'w '.:-K -f A--51 Pgk5?1'CT5'3 1 4? llfl'-Ib"1fl,!. ., B, V,H,,, W7 f was P121 Q 'vol :s'5g5t3'QKg,f5 Vtfhipgw . . riinilelg f?f1ii:v if ii X lc' gs fiillfti 2:13 Qiwlirfii 4 "Pirie L J .U fe'a,u,4 if 'so ' I" I U c o 4 o 9, lo G Q e'.'l P Q l 54 I N N ifflm si ,J I I V we ao, ' ff' JM ex W ui 4. '. ' -"'-izf' . Tab' roirnm-Roger inagiiei. scribes- Gerald' Eisensleirh exchedlllerf Melina' l ' ,J . Korey, member at large, Lawrence Cooper, lieulenanl masler ,, f Q Bottom row: Stuart Rdliel, master -I ' ' 1 Q f V 1 'S L un if fl-M err.-1f,mg,, A ., , , , , ' "N -,..aY..g ' A ' ' ' ' ' . ' ',',ff1,1fv ..J,e:3isv4ii3,,,L.,g'Ifg.7:QQL.-Q?,i5jQi,i,fi31Fw 1, 1-.4 wii i .. ALPHA EPSILCDN Pl 302 East Gregory 60 Acfive Chaplers Top row: Ellioll Zidell, Bernard Schaner, Roberf Goal, David Rosenslein, Alfred Wolf, Charles Corn, Richard Wishner, Ronald Cohn, Reber! Richman, Arlen Schor, Harold Jaffe, Kenneth Baygood, Roberl Heller, Herb Murrie, Howard Narofsky Third row: Alan Sumberg, Leonard Sanlow, Nowell Korey, Gerad Galler, Marvin Segal, Arlhur Golden, Ronald Soble, Jack Ruth, Warren Levins, Kenneth Denberg, Robert Norris, Gerson Joseph, Elliolt Alper, Don Keller , Second row: Howard Krom, Lewis Edelslein, Melvin Korey, Lawrence Cooper, Mrs. Jordan, Sluart Raffel, Gerald Eisenslein, Roger Baskes, Dave Cohen, Sheldon Levy, Jay Strauss Boflom row: Bernard Asher, Stanley Bornell, Paul Lewison, Burl Slolky, Neil Melcher, Gary Venezky, Jerome Harl, Joseph Roden- berg, Richard Shapiro, Norman Wolf, Norman Boskes Not bin- eanelr- Michael Kohn, Norlon Baron, Fred Wolf, Phil Boll, Philip Graff, Ronald Popeil, Roger Lel-I Q 347 F f-v we,,,,,N. . ' , . .. 1-..e,e,,,,,,,, 1,3 M X Q as sts, , m ,mweuw4,pmwsw.m+MN.wwwws,w.,,, .,.,, L , Q A. ,:c,.i5. - ' . 1: ws,-,.,,g,,, 1 ,Wy fs, Top row: William Wilson, Jerry King, Charles Fink, Earl Kingman, Roger Wegehenkel, Donald McNeely, Louis Rogers, David McGinty, Billie Renshaw, Phillip NaFFziger, Raymond Carmichael, James Adams, Paul Briney, Richard Bell, Kenneth Ellis Second row: Robert Emmons, Rollcmd Main, Roger Schlichting, Donald Danby, William Lovett, Leo Bergschneider, Richard Baird, James Clapper, Donald DeBoIt, James Wenstrom, Carlyle Grealhouse, Wilbur Nelson, Donald Rice, Robert Hunt, William West Bottom row, Verlan Heberer, Charles Lemker, Walter Tarleton, William Whitfield, Terry Greathause, Raundle Ericson, Jon Ellis, Merle Miller, Walter Van Winkle, William Baird, Ruel Becker, William Mellen, Walter Richner ALPHA GAMMA RHO 58 East Gregory 33 Active Chapters Top row, James Wenstrom, reporter, William Whitfield, alumni secre- tary, Walter Torleton, usher, Robert Emmons, chaplain Bottom row: Terry Grealhouse, vice noble ruler, Raundle Ericson, secre- tary, Jon Ellis, noble ruler, Merle Miller, treasurer , in ' 1 A51 sir: X Qc I 'sa ies'-Q f C- ' 'Y 348 p .374 fs!! f" 4 ,gm o , rg.. Vt. 5.53, -'J' 3.4. 22 -- 'K ' .::,. lL.'1 s s I Top row: Clarence Windal, house manager, John lhrig, corresponding secretaryg Richard Malmgren, vice president Bottom row: Donald Snyder, treasurer, Cecil Worrells, president, David Bennett, commissarg Charles Blomquist, recording secretary ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 401 East Daniel l2 Active Chapters Top row: Wayne Leighty, Robert Blaydes, William Pritchard, Joseph Malleck, David Bennett, Dale Chambliss, Robert Lindgren, Jack Beaupre, David Hamilton, Jon Guyton, Robert Guy, Carl Hinrichs, Albert Fincham Third row: Douglas Wolfe, Larry Hill, Henrique Drews, louis James. Bruce Baxter, Stanley Brandon, David Albert, Donald Snyder, Donald Lanier, William Zartman, John Cory, Clarke Woodruff, John Lane, James Temple Second row: Charles Andrews, James Needham, Larry Lawler, Joseph Guyton, Cecil Worrells, Richard Malmgren, Charles Blomquist, John lhrig, John Juergensmeyer, Clarence Windal Bottom row: Thomas Griffith, Thomas Micklos, Warren Harris, John Braswell, Robert Edwards, Vernon Johnson, David Yates, Fred rik Deboer, John Matthews, Frederick Kurth, William Corley, .lon Culton, Edward Saldecki Not in panel: William Abell, Allen Joesten, Gene Philbrick, Richard Weeks 349 V F?qi1'7'3sr-v-7-...N ,, ,. , fll".2'ff-' ' ll' v 's. .-Ac: . Top row: Albert Porter, Abel Smith, Robert Patterson, Elmer Bailey Second raw: Frank Smith, Gay Lott, Virgil Dorsey, Carl Wolley, Donald Fisher Bottom row: David Jones, Wilborne Bowles, Daniel James, Rudolph Mcragne, Edgar Twine, Lionel Dyer, Warren Smith Not in panel: Emerson Brown, James Buckner, Preston Ransom, Frank Stanley, Wayne King, Edward Hubbard ALPHA Pl-ll AL., HA Top row: Lionel Dyer, chaplalng Daniel James, vice presidenty Rudalbh Moragne, president: Wllborne Bowles, recording secretaryp Edgar Twine, social chairman Bottom rawxn Vllayrrenfmithhcorresponding.lsecretalryl J V I N V H , Q, E B311T2'51v 1' '1- A X 1-,iv 5 f i -, .l-ff..,l.,1-...-. 4-- - M' ' s.-..-.rtagow-...s.. rep' "FAQS"'5i3ZliiS9?"R2Qili'f'7h?iiT'iiiQrii'SilT 255982521 Q"'n5H2i'la WESQEFJ iigiitiyf' estlmater' Raimund Shlaustas, worthy clerk . ' .' '- f" , V X Bottom row: 'AldenfOrput, worthy architect, George V-Mugee,'worthy.' ' r i- Mi 1 . fqrfws-e-+7,g17,'gif5a'z2:n . ,. . . fffinfl f i associate architect ' , .aw 5 N5 ' ' .9 'P PQJX 1 W A ' L,. 1' 1 'fg :WJ ' '. VH' ri 'f "viii, 9' .. mire ,f ye, ff S ' r -it r -'iZgQ,"51.-yr! . L.,..,.'Lf'Ef:ZL,L,:ii, .. 3 . , ALPHA 0 Ci-ll 1108 South First ll Active Chapters Top row: Arthur Py, Ronald Anderson, Thomas Kosturik, Anthony Pawlawsky, Richard Emrick, Charles Schroeder, Jerry Goldman, Robert Maina, Robert Procter, Thomas Wrona, Joe Koerachnus Third row: Jack Baker, Marvin Bamburg, Milan Olagh, Nathan Carras, Aden Lauchner, Donald Williams, Edward Jaskowiak, Donald Michaelis, Charles Hough, Kenneth Kurtz, Robert Wirth, John Challas Second row: James lendrum, Robert Link, Thomas Starke, Stanley Routh, Donald Koss, Alden Orput, George Magee, Raimund Shlaustas Kenneth Prengel Peter Landrum, Olat Fielde, Ralph Line P t M i Smith, Kenneth Wittsitf, Bottom row: 'Walter Shigiharai William Yaschke, Richard Stratton, William Gaul, Ross oter, ar on Dale Munday, Richard Harder, Wayne Wagner, Brian Owens, Richard Hansen I I I I I I I II I I 351 5, Top row: Frederick Ellenberger, Richard Powers, William Frank, Donald Ball, Harlow Blum, Lynn Arheen, David Dunniway, Harold Burgdorf, - , Ralph Bennett, Michael Dougherty, Donald Fischer, Charles Heard, Richard Rein, Jerry Hauter Fourth row: Ronald Olson, Keith Peterson, James Snyder, Tommy Glenn, Wilbert Asper, Jerry Meyer, John Gray, Theodore Hager, John Cline, Edward Roelafs, James Burks, Charles Scott, Bruce Odom, Arthur Kruse, Charles Prohaska, Richard Jirus, Robert Johannes Third row: John Walter, Roger Johnson, Harold Murray, Robert Leigh, Mrs. Harlan, lawrence Vroman, Cyrus Yonan, Richard Zander, James Holste Second row: William Thomas, Charles Shutt, Richard Gallagher, Donald Banks, Donald Strand, Glenn Albin, James Barnes, Herbert Cox, . Kendall Slusher, Eugene Johnson, John Eskey, Kenneth Hamilton ,J ' . ' ' .JJLHW W W 2. Bottom row: Ralph Tissiere, James Gelvin, William Kirchoff, Edward Ziener, Wayne Hammerton, James Erdmann, Walter Johnson, Fred- erick Weeks, James Hlavacek, Kenneth Meinhart, Charles Ferguson Not in panel: Charles Taylor, Carl Hartmann, Frederick Davis, lee Vida, William Ridley, .lack Gwin, Donald Mahlberg, Harry Bishop I R, , f 'js ,fl V. A my .f 1' Q. ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2ll East Armory 80 Active Chapters pyifsf.-fr , . . . . ' 11'-2r2'.C,i. 'V ' R . 1' 41 '- ' ' ' QV segf' Q Rs .K mm NV 3 'ir ki. H J, rgweerrw-, ..,., ...rr m'i1viyeQgZse f 4 ia, ' ' f ' ' " ' "W ifllf K L " l 4:3 X3-3, ' 1 t lawrence Vroman, president, Robert Leigh, vice p-resident, .John 'Walter, y ,fn kmglixi vnfjx ,J f-'jf' or , ,Qi '- secretary, Robert , Johannes, ftreasurerg. -Harofldt,-'Murray, pled-ge I I A ,j ,jg 'V W "ff W E' I 2 Fe? . , . ffqinvfr Donald Belly liwle Qmdriodier- ., 5 .3 i 'J-wi 'W ' -f ' J' -E Z 1' 7 ff- A-.z,-E M1 --sang.'fw,r..i,.s,.,tf..t-.,,,,'.r , .,-- . fx.-. 4,-, ..Jin,i,.ff4,..,f..-,.4.,,..,L'.,.-2-asag.,..-,..r:,.'.',-.:s.,i+,..i...,,.,:mr - V- A V' 32- 'g' 'f '-W.wr1qg,, Sw- 1',,mUNq'H" 5 . ' ,f',rff3f,i-,lakh F X -V 70 4, H W -- J-,-rr-we:-119--f'ft. V-V ,V ' . ' ' ' 1 'H' M . F1 v 2 -5.55 -Q ' ' f 'tiff f ig: H if 4 ga,e 'F---,Q 5 I ,, ,, . f- A53 xiii?-V 3 ,,, rg ff f, -I sw... i- - isa of i saiif 5 ' wif- it - '-,, f:'f1:,Q:f,,r,Qg , V ..,,, my A -' - Q - - I-v' V X, , A gr, ,M M, , . L 44 ,. , Y -Q Marr, .Plein . -,, ree. + , S .. 4 A' ' -,Es F 531 5 Wifi? 5 ' ii- " 'if' 459' W. wx. - 4 sq Marx 2 it-.cfm -f, '71 ' 'i - - - we ' -1 fry V f- 4 is: Q -I ., ,. A 'it urfrxr-as when-we My ,ff'kx as ,Y -. 'K ' - ., " ' f' ' ,.,,,,,.W X,f5,, 'D N' K ' " , , ,,..,,,-eseaa,eQQf iff 352 , t 1 i , f.f,fs5f'v,i " ,-'Y . Ulf,-7 ikwwl a ,uilirf L'-11 32 . is iii 'i?Zfi?Z5 3' 3,1 gf1.':1j5,,,g- 3 . f,,,,-r'4+e4, t .N , Q mqygf- gswqf ..c ,r:,tn:aI5'Xag, gg Qsffsfg-iii: 1- if kdiiffiifizii Ei? emi?-5,922 . - .H ,- 2, . 25 Lt. .....,,g,g W. " V -X if oft K - -us. fi' rx:--,vf,'Xi?,"'3"'f . ,eeftffi .J 5 . t , S 3 it ,ly if T f 1-if 5 ' '15 Q V f -' N 2,-KU . Lf 4 If , RX f ,l'2..fl '1 si... Li., ,-1 Eff' Ff 55135115 fr 'K' 1-'trail-rely. z:5:,gC.g,:xf,:gg.g: ,- - ,. 3- ia ,LA :g.!3?11g13,ifziu f ' ' fazatg feud, 112.727 ff mail. ,-.,,,,, 1 0' Q., -,f.,,.,,,, a""". v . , 4. QL' 4' J .K ". V' . rf. ' fr, ,., .. V fu . , - ' fr' . 3 K - ' 1 . ' "255f375i:i . . in 5.-1 r2313e1ffi2fE5srS4fpf 1101 West Pennsylvania ll7 Active Chapters Y,,,,,,,..,.W--ff-vrpffjf' -, Z I A, 1 ' -,1-Inf,ygL,.-v-,:g:'j-v,A1E.'tg.,,QfwWW, I ---r--A-V '-" ""' ' ' ,L .- i.- ' H54 T"-".'-'-"V-A"Fei-57-"3,i4i?2a'+ri-J ' f , 'ml Top row: Edward Smith, Donald Dowd, Lowell Johnson, Julius Grooser, Richard Siegle, John Heath, John Glezen, Bruce Brothers, George VanSchoik, Fughrer Dickey, David Barry, Howard Clelf, James Burg, Jack Jordan, William Dietrich, Jerry Williams, Bruce Rodgers, Michael Gafiigan, Howard Landon, Tom Whiston, Arthur McKay Third row: Alfred Koeller, Walter Browning, William Hinkle, Richard Voell, Richard Kurz, Richard Carlson, Ronald Carlson, Bruce Carlson, Robert Montgomery, Charles Barnett, Alan Brown, George Dixon, Alan Ross, Robert Welton, Paul Hayes, George Roberts, William Marbry Second raw: Kenneth Kellerhals, Kenneth Nordquist, Stephen Hill, John McCarthy, Robert Towhey, Frank Kastor, Richard Swanson, Hugh Davidson, James Earl, John Mclaughlin, Richard Miller, William Blake, William Brinker, Robert Bolick Bottom row: Everett Spence, Robert Allison, Paul Blanke, Charles Evanson, John Rice, Kent Ramm, Harold Collins, James Palmer, James Huyler, John Evans, James Pitcher, Bruce Burgess Not in panel: Stanley Bush, Marvin Andresen, Edward Huber, Ronald Yachem, William Altenberger, Peter Zivcovic, Donald Pierre, - Charles Schrader, William Whitield V. K. I E Q , M .V .Q . , ,- . . .. .. 4, -2 , . . ,. .M . , . 1, ,. W...,...,..,,,.,,,.es,,,-o.4,,oo...,.1.-,:.-.,..x-....e..e..f...,,-,c....,.,.- 4 'itiss-vW""i3 Q?" ' 'ww 353 1 ALPHA TAU OMEGA , y 'EY 'J bf Top row: Lucien Kopp, James Dammann, Keith Kappmeyer, George Eberle, John Finch, Clarence Teagarden, Carlton VanDoren, Roy Small, Key Pittman, Stuart Dawson, Ronald Faster, James Johnson, Noel Grady, James Gale, James Nagel, Richard Branom, Frederick Bercher Fourth row: Hale Bartlett, Samuel Erwin, George Howard, Harold Walden, Frederick Figge, Donaid Bitzer, Patrick Malone, Jack Carlson, Jerry Stanners, George Gfroerer, Glenn Blair, Robert Hickerson, Larry Harmon, Richard Besser Third row: James Hord, David Lowum, James Creath, Richard Flores, Thomas Leonard, Walter Faster, Mrs. Porter, Ronald Peterson, John Randolph, Robert Hall, Robert Roush, John Cortland, Donald Cook Second row: Thomas Loew, George Huggett, Donald Trull, Charles Hubele, George Gallati, Allen Cassens, Jerrell Babb, Alfred Urbanckas, Ronald Maris, James Toth, William Forsyth, Paul Uhlenhop Bottom row: Kent Karraker, Grant Maclaren, Robert Henderson, Thomas Thompson, Robert Munnecke, Donald Ohl, John Allen, Jerry Thomp- son, Robert Hunt, Stephen Safley Not in panel: James Dutcher, Robert Cook, Edward Barthell, Robert Clemons, Jerry Hay, James Bray, Frank Burr, James Neal, Dwight Bennett, George Naiim ETA TH ETA Pl 202 East Daniel 97 Active Chapters 'J 1-fp'iff?fT?I'2.'f'lsXf3,s-uw'..1,-..,, . . . l .1'lfo'j:ix7r4-.4-stirs'-ff3Ronan!dFP6tferwWg7pneside9t5,,gtQ3-rp-os.'Leonurd, vice president, . 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Q.,- ? 1 354 sf u 54795. .f ,Q Lat' f xi- A, Fifi, 41"-Jr X Q Qi? 0 v 'Q M 1, f 'Q v flll Top row: James Riggs, historian, Paul Armstrong, social chairman Bottom row: Harry Casler, pledge master, James Bonde, treasurer, James Calder, president, David Mersbach, secretary i 'SSM 1 1: - m f ,5 jystf X3 'Q ,lg 1 'Q -CLILU. ,S CHI PHI 303 East Chalmers 34 Active Chapters Top row: Neil Barr, Alan Anderson, Richard Degener, Richard Williams, Richard Abrahamson, Harry Frette, Edward Peterson, Howard Mitchell, Dixon Meuller, Peter Bartu, James McAuley Fourth row: Donald Brooks, John Riggs, Joseph Brownlow, Lowell Parker, James Rose, James Grogan, Gary Anderson, Leonard Miller, James Gray Third row: Paul Clevenger, John Korngiebel, David Mersbach, Paul Armstrong, James Calder, James Bonde, Harry Casler, James Riggs, Duane Pedriono Second row: Francis Van Sickle, George Baumgarn, Louis Landt, Glen Wilmes, Fred Kallsen, David Johnson, Lowell Biorklund, Arthur Karwalki Bottom row: Thomas Walsh, Walter Moore, Richard Gray, Rolland Kelley, Joseph Jones, Lawrence Marshall, Leonard Lass, John Huntley fx wo. Q3 5, if ,fi 'fviffi 5 " f' ,. H . RF 355 Top row:"4Harris Howeler, John Campbell, Ellsworth Warmbir, James Christensen, Richard Bosshard, Donald Eckert, Fred Thur, Norman Ander- 'A ' sen, Paul Gambino, James Peterson, Robert Chambers, Richard Ascher, James Clark Third row: Anthony Lekas, Ronald Francis, Arthur Leasure, Ronald Jerit, Alan Cole, Roger Kline, Lyle Cain, William Bowen, Frederick Helmer, Christian Wold, Roger Gomien, John Fosha, John Kitch Second row: Paul Leetz, Jack Olson, Karl Anderson, Stanley Rolfe, Ronald Beck, Paul Przypyszny, Salvatore Grisaffe, Donald Maylath, Rich- ard Malmquist, Ralph Fessenden, William Walcott Bottom row: Stephen Shepherd, James Anderson, Socrates Christopher, Rodney Nilsson, John Pike, Roger Mleynek, Henry Schmitt, John An- derson, Robert Walcott Not in panel: Lester Bryan, Lawrence Hopkins, Charles Borden, Carl Hulick 912 South V Ilfiixs Second 26 Active Chapters 'JY' K r I "1 fiwri Q 'N ,7'i!,"'ggQg Jaeger ,xl A s'l'5"tQQ .ss V -V Mr! eallgn Rm, .xmas . n Y J 'if-fu: 'f:'l:'2y7Q1ff?5 P' 49 ffgfiiagirifsfiifi fe: gas-f3va:gns1s5Bf'wh -if was 'f1',.?r: f-f,':gli'?7'gifen?U sis' 35:12 N--ir J .Q , , iyfigs-,I Fsgy3:Yi'uSl:1Xw-.' 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'Me-' wir., ew gn -my We 4 -Tf 'ES AX' "xi-dsl. ,-,.Q?2 ' . 5-1 'f . wwf, NY 5 fi? 343, ff' n, favs: .- , ea sy-i t 1,32 ef so is ii ifisfo 2.9, 4 I sa' gm ' V' , ' Q x -jf ' . , , s - , 356 we l . s i U s ff J 'S , .et ii Y -1 Frank Mclka, vice president, Charles Wolfe, secretary, Bruce Bower, presidentp Robert Kastelic, treasurer, George DeLong, sergeant at arms llll South First 42 Active Chapters f its j X X A Top row: Wilson ldzal, William Korbus, John Farrow, Robert Wilson, Franklin Rouleau, William Eccleston, Rodger Johnson, John Tm Tinglei, Kenneth Buel, James Lyons, Raymond Borelli, John Huck, William Tsclwdy, Paul Swanson Third row: Roger Anderson, James Lemke, Robert McNally, Gerald Clark, Robert Foster, Eugene Dromm, Marvin Liberto, Donald Woodward, Jahn Scheldrup, Herbert Badal, John Cazel Second row: Joe Scott, Gilbert Hensey, Bryce Sides, Robert Kastelic, Frank Melka, Bruce Bower, Charles Wolfe, George DeLong, Eugene Urbaniec, Richard Nash Bottom row: Raymond Unger, Earl Bitzer, Robert Friday, Dario Gomez, Ellis Veech, Robert Loos, James Carr, John Doyle, Robert Broucek Not in panel: Robert Goodman, Robert Goltermann, Robert Benbow, Wayne Binkley 357 Top row: William Harryman, John McGiveran, Ronald Howell, .lack Kuncl, Fred Noe, Gary Newfson, Richard Koshel, David Jewell, Joseph Ziretta Third row: Philip Nienstedl, Clark Cogswell, David Potter, John Mulholland, Andre Olson, Willard Hadlock, Walter Ford, Walter Rehm Second row: John Bauer, Alan Helverson, Donald Hooker, Mrs. Orion, Bruce Thomas, David Bartrutf, James Hobart Bottom row: John Connolly, Roy Reid, Robert Johnson, Arthur Hall, George Potter, John Spellman Not in panel: David Bailey, John Barr, Hikmet Basik, Kenneth Gillespie, James Holquist, John Logan, Mark McDonald, John Randolph, Wil- liam Pearre, Donald Mulligan DELTA APPA EPSILON Top row: John Logan, scholarship chairmanp Bruce Thomas, vice presi-Q 1' dent, Phil Nienstedl, rushing chairman ' - Bottom row: Donald Hooker, presidentp Albert Helverson, social chair- 5 ,..M,mfmr,-49meS,Jlebertf.,ffssfsefsrn J Y l 3 .717 N 2. -.57 Y-'L .Eff , Q,-l,:,v5w -lrfz 5, al. ,51 'e of-, 1. -V 5 f.T"f4ff7 lf' F,-fy'-1' 4' R '-..A.rn,-:f.'l" v f - is tr, ,W 5., S3 I, X17-Sf" 3 ff'-f .V T 11.1 3,5 fs-3 ' f- 1 U-,T 3.1! ST 5 rg.. . 358 A ,,.,. .oN,,.,.N,,.-. M.. 'f ,.s.s.,,,.......,.f..,,,.s-.W---we--'fe--V--"W-offu' W' :if f , ' T on T , 535 '.'.',,, .WE if 71 rv L -. , 1 fix ax sf 1 1 i E Af? 'ref-fyz'g"vf:Yr' z .Q 5,5 1 'Z if 'mflfp si was if 'v - f- f. -' J .- giuissf-if - ' at .l Y' 1 lf H I ' -. 'K if: ' ' nik 1 s A, fm, - 'Qi ' 3. T' - f sgfr ' qv. -1 ' ' ' - 1 P4 K. , " 'J ' f. 'A "if " f , ' A X' 'fig , ,y B ij .l uffw"o':d:f..,.-,ff--f""o N T A if . -',,g-u!P,.- f -- bf"-,gif- ' .,' .' rrsriiigj' V" ixfgff? l W -, of- -.. -s ,-..,., . nu. . .,-gl, I ,ms - If 1'3" "1--f, ss ermlwff. . lixgfmrv . 1 Q ,,,, ', ,... V ' 'NTS .pr 3,2 K J. ft- was A 3 V :Q ,sr t, w Thomas Soderstrom, rushing chairmanp Thomas Glalter, vice president, ' ' . 1 Z.. ln -,12 in A 'Ss ' Millard Darnall, president, John Bryden, treasurer . ' i if ss. - f t 2 'if 'W , 4,1 l0O8 South Fourth l6 Active Chapters ,uh ,ft -1-.4 3 U '5'cQ,,T"f4 gf' fi M 1 A Q " 1:5 T 'r . V 5 .tt . , sr +112- 5-af. -f'I1- .',. Spealman Top row: larry Geer, Eldon Dameron, Robert Wall, Harry Goern, Stanley Walus, Kenneth Shields, Roy Goern, Peter Wolf, William Third row: Wayne Gruben, Peter Traver, Bertel Henriksen, Donald Peterson, James Gallaugher, John Garland, John Domanus, Howard Velzy, Russell Fulton Second row: Jerome Atkinson, John Kerr, John Bryden, Millafd Darnoll, Thomas Glatter, Thomas Soderstrom, Lloyd Fray, David DeMartelaero Bottom row: John Freeberg, William Nettz, Frank louis, Lowell Mize, Dale Meador, Robley Heninger, Robert Hendel Not in panel: John Fixmer, Sanford Young, Stephen Stinson, Harry Ashack, Charles Ramsar , , 4 , , l J l 59 Top row: Thomas Whitten, Robert Parsons, Robert Pinnow, Jay Stevens, Larry Dowell, Ralph Allen, James Dandurland, Bruce Peterson, Leon Florshuetz, Dan Hursh Third row: Ronald Peterson, John Schmidt, James McCracken, Howard Sanders, Marvin Angus, Helmer Nelson, Daniel Rees, James Lueck, Thomas Stucky Second row: Robert Gainer, Robert Coleman, David Pease, David Templeton, Paul Lattner, Al Tillman, John Mecozz, Charles Wright, Charles Schultz Bottom vow: Ronald Van Parys, Charles Gibfried, Jack Peaslee, Roger Olson, Robert Wilson, William Appel, Frank Gunderson, Douglas Jackson, Keith Weinwurm Not in panel: Aryl Aldred, Edwin Block, Robert Cochran, Robert Utz, Donald Yara DELTA SIGMA PHI Top row: Robert Pinnow, sergeant at arms, Ralph Allen, social chair- man, John Mecozzi, secretary, David Pease, treasurer Bottom row: Paul Lattner, president, David Templeton, vice president -...,,,,,qm0v .il ffl il ze :Q-1446 6 jam EY A M ig, "f77xQg'g!Q1K an ,qw NY an 'kstna Bl " 5 Q 4 Q' , f,v , 51 J lt? ffl -'Q'-679 secretary, Raymond Pitchford, treasurer Charles Recka, president: William Pingel, pledge trainer, Ross Rolonder, DELTA SIGMA Pl 402 East Daniel 84 Active Chapters Top row: John Rezabek, Donald Shanks, Richard lindenmeyer, John Whitman, Wayne Schneider, Richard Mazyrack Second row: Rufus Oldham, John Hall, William Pingel, Charles Recka, Ross Rolonder, Raymond Pitchford, Richard Knippel Bottom row: Thomas Kelly, Harold Harrigian, Thomas Rothgeb, Robert Mayat, William Miner Not in panel: Emerson Commack, advisor, Ernest Dynda, Joseph Cicero, vice president: John Mattingly, Raymond Martin, William Knapp 361 x rl E 4 Top row: James Lowenstein, Donald Kull, Dick Merhar, Tomas Miller, Peter Lando, Gerald 0'NeilI, Russ Blake, James Chldester, Fred Robison, Donald Simroth, Kurt Hahlbeck, Barton Regelbrugge, Charles Robers Third row: James Jasper, William Coates, Thomas Hall, Jack Gordy, Herbert Depke, James Whitelaw, Ronald Dempsey, Robert Most, David landram, Duane Kessler, Richard Renfrd, Richard Oakley Second row: Peter Koch, George McFarland, John Gwin, Howard Humphrey, Robert Gosaway, Jack Bland, Jon Culbertson, Harold Tenney, John Shonkwiler Bottom row: Stephen Sutton, Richard Daniel, Fred Warrick, Bruce Ernst, William Sillick, Martin Maguet, Robert Eggers, Richard Michalski, q- MJ, A Robert Ronkine, Edword Delong, Lowell Bower '-'Em-z,M:,,,M,Ei,Q,4Q,gm" Nat in panel: Verle Besant, Dennis Keith, James Capel, Dan Wile, Robert McKown, John Cortland, George Frazier ' N qA'g3 sQ V ATA ?'9i5us.J'9f' E, 455-WZ, ' ' M4-,k.iQ1'll,r., ' U 'Ye ' X"' -1--tiki ' DELI A IAU DEL I A 302 East lohn 84 Active Chapters as QSQQQKQ 1 V K , ,I V I QV Rx I Top row: Harold Tonney, secretary, Jon Culbertson, guide, Howard Humphrey, vice president, Fred Robison, exchequer . A U V ,Bottom ,rowr Robert Gasqvraydpresidentg- Jack Bland,l-treasurer . Q Q. ., ,J x A i if 5 ,. I.-5 F , 62 M , DME, . T f if '? ,qipl,.,f" ' j M K' X IQ Wits, 'Q V J , L' ,. ., ., if ' ..,, x. 5 X -Hz 'ii' lf' A44 l r .V gill V , "' Mrgbhr ., Q, -I ,f , 3 ' V ' fa ' " as 1 54 l I " 'X ' ." 1iif"' . V ' fi" 'L fi' ri W. Q 1 I , X -in Q t 1 3 .iff ijifedvlg 'L , fiw- i . S 1 e 5 Q ' z- Wie? ' is j 1 r ""'-,ri ' ,5- " ,,, "' ., A. . ' ,, 4 , if 'W' A g, " 1 W 7 Y -1 f? 11. .. . ' -E tl 1.5 " ' . A,,-' '9 !-h' ' .. , X ,. , , . ,, . ' "" " Q , A 1 i I ' Q ' 4 g i f A Eugene Stunard, treasurer, Larry Smith, secretary, Dan Dees, president, v 4 G . . ff' " T. , 'fr ft Roy Diesner, vice president, Roy Fenstermaker, pledge master , - 1 .V . rf' 'U "5"'.'-+"" 53 af- iff-i". ' V J . . ' 3' I 43:3-zhf..'-ig? 51 TEX , -wi K' 5 ' K , , 1 .rs s . , 2 ' T , . R 4, . V 4 3' f 5,1 'Rip ,MN W wk W :X 1.- . ':si?em,,..,,e ..-- t M, ,lg A Y 'A Y V N., N , Q M ,Z 1 .Qs gb ' 'S 'V .1 ivy., it ly..- Q-....,' -.ctuwt an A .sw:w.f.vr.t"f -- M mf-wft.5 .. i my,- J., ,,hkV , . pf Y Ejcbff. V, 3,5 Veg. 1 , ,.. 312 Armory 71 Active Chapters Top row: Harold Ericson, Paul Helmle, Wayne Rathgeb, Steven Stroh, Howard Anderson, Barton Ladd, Richard Winton, Richard Hubert, Larry Arndt, Fred Buenik, Roger Kallal, Jim Carrol, Piet Kooistra, John Leamon, James Maier, Vernon Meadows, Donald Smith, Leon Richartz, Raymond Schwebel Third row: Robert Brunson, Roger Fitzgerald, Robert Litvan, Donald Kiesbuy, George Mead, Gerald Groebe, Barton Meays, Ronald Ammons, Richard Walthers, Joseph Kainz, Charles Goding, Richard Hagen, Jack Hendryx, Joe Gitifin, Donald Hortberg, Robet Weldon Second row: William Collins, Dwight Pence, George Boyden, James Bergstrom, Lawrence Potter, Tom Fenstermaker, Eugene Stunard, Dan Dees, Roy Diesner, Murry Philp, Richard Donohoe, Howard Anderson, Tenney Boyer Bottom row: George Swift, Ronald Schoeberle, Donald Lisenby, Sim Trotter, John Holrnquest, Stewart Trimble, Ruxton Tucker, Bruce Ladd, Norman Nelson, Philip Griesbaum, Cecil Sfradley, Charles Dawes Not in panel: Curtis Marsh, William Brunkow, Herbert Hudson 363 Top row: John Rithmiller, Gary Thomson, John Herscholman, Leon Bonneur, Paul Curtis, Kenneth McKee, Donald Dean, Paul Awe, Gayle Wright, Godfrey Bergschneider Third row: Raymond Duewer, William Britz, John Carson, Paul Loifz, Robert Knudson, Charles Shuman, Frederick Heyl, Richard Stone, Wil- liam Dehority Second row: James Day, Joseph Stevenson, Stephen Mcquilken, Gordon Ropp, Irvin Lawfer, Ivan lawter, Max Fulling, Harold Walter, Walter Watts, Darrell Jessen Bottom row: Ted Roth, Gene Gudeman David Workman, Max Morris, John Gill, John Sprague, Russel Youmans, Dexter Norton Nat in panel: James Elmer, Howard Wallace ,- 3: fi V f. v'..,: Q5 S? JN - 809 West Pennsylvania I4 Active Chapters ,e do Tap row: Max Fulling, vice president: Gordon Ropp, business manager Bottom raw: Irvin Lawfer, president, Ivan Lawfer, secretary, Joseph Stevenson, ex otiicio 364 . .QW T w.....,'f'o- W . Top row: Frank Riley, house manager, Herbert Templeton, pledge trainer Bottom row: Robert Troy, treasurerp Paul DuFfey, vice president, Nor- man Kouba, president, Wayne Conery, steward APPA DELTA RHO 1 D 1 ,ji '1 ,Q C' ln fc, 0915 . " ' ' yds Top row. Lay Covey, Gale Shrllmgton, Norbert Sargent, Robert Wagner, Carl Larson, Stanley Woods, John Lundqunst, Foy ours, Robert Reichard, Ronald Hawkinson, John Hill, Ronald Mcllhznny, Allen Bard Third row: Robert Groenveld, Frank Perry, Joseph Gruber, Robert Jacobson, Don Peters, Benton Warder, Roderick Carlson, Lorentz Haugseth, Robert Paul, William Becker, Richard Taylor Second row: Frank Riley, Walter Norton, Neal Parmenter, Wayne Conery, Norman Kouba, Paul Dufiey, Herbert Templeton, Robert Alford, Robert Troy, Frank Fiala Bottom row: Thomas Berdelle, Gene Buist, Howard Douvre, William Gullett, Bradford lngels, James Heilenbach, Nick Franck, Paul Lebloch, David Hubbell Not in panel: Eric Stattin, Don Gugliuzza 365 A. , . M.-Y, . x., .' .. - , ,JM-Ae. ,-:gimp X. ,I if "iflla'Jlf1f1-:,"iQ-f . f ,""'Yi' "fli5ifU"""'W'f'i , fqagzq? can r J N at I 3'n L, 5115? ,':,,a Q .g.1,wsL',,+-f. 7j:.f:tq,'J,5 s S zz? ., r, . Z Q. 3 L' 1 Top row: Daniel Petersen, Thomas Cullins, Roger Vanadestine, Richard Ehlert, James Thompson, Robert Clower, Martin Taft, Jahn Oehler, Arthur Williams, Kreider Woods, Paul Messer, Donald Sampson, John Boyd, George Floss, James Hayner, William Drury Third row: Richard Southard, Russel Hanna, Clarke Gauger, Cornelius Van Schaak, Kriton Dinou, Richard Darschler, Henry Hunken, Marvin Syren, Franklin Gutowski, John Bone, Tony Guzzarda, Charles Tompkins Second row: Thomas Tucker, Carl Eichstaedt, Robert Rassmussen, Davis Raeske, Dan Simonsan, William Starnes, Stephan Simon, Thomas Archbold, lee Brown, Robert Barcik, Robert Faulkner Bottom row: Peter Stodder, Larry Williams, Arthur Buckingham, William Heston, Tarry Erickson, John Abeles, William Cheokley, Donald Turnquist, Daniel Clinard, Frederick Bartlesmeyer ' , ykffp Not in panel: Fred Schone L los. J' r., 545.5-1 -A ' hr- ANR ' nfl: lv 1117. 'QNTQJV' -.1 ' 'I "J , -. :.QNQQEf3af-1-lf If-,,.,LY?' 'iff ' V--'Qt Y2i.2Jl'11hf9-5'i""'"7"'m:""' 'I I 212 East Daniel 126 Active Chapters ' if 'Y' ' "fe ,.1 'V 1. sf' ' if 2 A X ,i,, X X .xc -r . 1 - , ,fy ,X T -N .1 -1 f , ,M V - ,ey iv ' ' , , X r it ,,,, . X .L V W ii ' ',f'f54,. J . is rv , C . J ,ff ,ig 'Q 4, , . P 1 I Ly, ,Q XT' V. g f,f:g,f gil 3ff,1E53Q,fQ2,si! r I, s , J ll J J Qfgaeif' ,offgif iiw'Qf.fVr'.fN4 'fe wr' , ,ri MV. f. ff2m'f'ia1'fr2353g . if fik-:LC iirii gear :"? fi J QKVJJS :iv Fsiiljiff ff E51 . f,,j'1,j-,Wi A ,tx X -'1iiEj:.1f- iwr'5g,,3g 5 jp '1 7,1 fa. 1-'I E f .fs Ui. C I4 2 i rig- lil i v r r ,. Vw 4, V-',.p:,k-:T, '.,:55.b,va V , ,I tgf gffft P ,gf fi . f ' ,i'?f-Lf 4- L ,Q k g t i l'-i'il52':, 9, 1 VJ, ' J I nt- - 'f,f." of 4-J V, M- - 127135 'J : V - ' . W ag, 5, , fi ,, . arg.:-W5 1 H 'irr- T- 366 S .1 i lirl li f.rf:,:,, -V-. .nf Erf F:-5 252,141 't 'U LN 'fm ,.-f -,r,f,,.-- Lgffjpif. fi' isr- ry ,gf U' 'L f ff' . 4, ,., if Emil! 'YfZ1igi5s '-'laicfoi Ti x miiiifbi ifvjg' 1 gp Zi' ' , T 'te-1:.q.. ".1'. 1 f A, , 27, Y ,ry S If i i l l . X 3251.2 r -. . ,. gr, W, ,.g , if ' rug -le, fr rv sf W ,g-yr -f f 1 iii 5 Tap row Bruce Barnett treasurer, Thomas Wagner pledge trarner, Ronald Wilson social chairman Bottom row Louis Gauen vice president David Hill president Roy , Bender, secretary xr fb, Q' 5 O ir-4 Y 'fi-V' 01913, .- All ' - X V LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 209 East Armory l47 Active Chapters Top row: John Billstrom, William Edwards, Robert Evans, Rolf Spamer, Ermett Meuller, William Kraemer, Ronald Spamer, Ray- mond Wood, Charles Wolf, Robert Eberhart, Charles Vogel, John Wolf, James Hackett Fourth row: James Brady, James Pierce, Edward Symonds, William Albert, Ralph Vinson, Fred Elsasser, Brice DeVos, Robert Wilson, Thomas Zimmer, Russell DeLong, Robert Frink, Robert Fouchard Third row: Jon Erickson, William Peters, Charles Gauen, Ronald Wilson, Bruce Barnett, David Hill, Roy Bender, John Strathman, Donald Plate, John Thomas Second row: William Chrlsty, Charles McDaniel, John Martin, David Binder, LeRoy Spalt, Dean Peckham, Keith Totten, Donald Savickas, Joseph Foulk Bottom row: Robert Stlh, Richard Goadnor, Richard Evans, Edward Gafligan, Richard Verkler, William Mead, Warren Miller, Danny ima "A'Ryan,, Frank Leeming . 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Z: , 42. -5 ' ,,,j GQ- my Carter, commissar, Marvin Lieberman, vice superior Bottom raw: Bernard Burnstine, corresponding secretary Pi-ll EPSILON Pl Top row: Harold Goodman, superior, Alan Kaplin, recording secretaryp David Goodman, house manager, Arthur Berman, treasurer, Allen Top row: Stephen Conhain, Howard lsenberg, Myron Berezin, Michael Gordon, Roger Lewis, Gary Kastel, Ralph Slavins, Gordon Rubin, Alvin Samuels, Robert Rashkow, Ronald Kaplan, Bernard Harwich, Maxwell Schwartz, Michael Schwartz Third row: Robert Osfrow, Robert Nachenberg, Kenneth Jacobs, Michael Kohn, Bernard Burnstine, Jerry Appel, Robert Hirsch, Alan Kaplin, Robert Miller, Bruce Mer, Philip Kaufman, David Mulchnik, Jay Spak Second row: Allen Carter, David Goodman, Arthur Berman, Samuel Sax, Marvin Lieberman, Harold Goodman, Fred Rubin, Robert Levy, Michael Spigelman, Bertram Garskof, Richard Wezelman Bottom row: Maurice Pickard, Stanley Kantar, Robert Shapiro, flanford Rubin, Ronald Blumenfeld, Kent Gerber, Paul Keeshin, Irving Burnstine, Harvey Pool, Allen Hochfelder, Stanley Elster 69 lm 1 i F43 fc ' :ffl .ZE G3 y lf Z i Z JP U lTl l' -l ID Top raw: Carl Ostrond, George Smith, James McGill, Donald Bowers, Roger Streibich, Ronald Westbrook, Paul Priebe, Richard Hill, Richard Peterson, Jim Keehner, Robert Little, William Hoimon, Robert Byers Third row: Daniel Lirot, William Ieuter, Donald Drummond, Thomas Ainsley, James Babcock, William Buddig, Jerome Groniger, Paul Becker, Robert Jenkins, Kenneth Pawlak, Larry McKnelly, John Armstrong, Richard Sapler Second row: Lee Curtis, Thomas Felke, Richard Little, Frank Strachotd, Albert Arnold, William Bayley, William Bingham, Edward Bruce, Paul Z b k Stephens, Floyd or oc Bottom row: Frank Hedgcock, Daniel Damon, Russell McDonald, Edward Nagel, John Jenkins, Gregory Voros, Peter Koeppen, Daniel Berry, John Pettit Not in panel: Jeff Austin, Walter Baker, Don Brown, Harry Childress, Roderick Ellis, Robert Hershbarger, Thomas Johnston, James Kahlert, Richard Lacy, Jay Larson, Robert McKnelly, Donald Nagel, Ralph Nelson, Robert Nesbit, James Solomon, Peter Tomoros, Alan Weaver 401 East John 82 Active Chapters 370 Wifffl .I1A..' t q. an ,, Q , .1 sw-. ,iz .. 2,5 , illifl' , mi 11, iifkillerfllf' gf. f'Q?'?" -fs ,15- :.,:v:U 3-xr E-:Qi 3' gr, -- 3,4 -ix fx,- of'-.',:"gcj2 ' f z L Jas 1 , . rr? .r:,,g , 1125.1 ' U, ,1 . war.:-2. ,gh Q, :S 'Ffa'-TTY: . .yew 3' ,,s Fil'-' 5 in W ..A. ,. fwi 'ffrilh -4 tg 1,12 ff -f Qu, 4? 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Tllllli 9 ' .All 1.41353 il f x 3lO East Chalmers 35 Active Chapters Top row: Kenneth Flemlng, Patrick Mahoney, Thomas Rank, Ronald Kraft, Robert Carlson, George BonSalIe, James Bickhaus, Tam Fredrick, Anthony Lawless, Richard Kauth Kenneth Brinks, Frederick Heckenkamp, John Donahue, Jerome McCarthy, Stephen Magac, Gene Gagliardi, George Wood, Third row: '31, :Pr N 4 ih qqf .. 'mt L-' e H, . 4 ,r . 1,74 Martin Second row: William Murphy, Thomas Riordan, Arthur D'Ambrosio, James Fitzgerald, Charles Wolfenberger, John Egan, Edward Thomas Killiam, Larry Smith, John Murphy, Joseph Ceo R. Swingley, Gael Kowalski, Gerald Stawick Q Schulte, Bottom row: Thomas Richardson, James Ezop, Maurice Klingle, Francis Emmons, Paul Telle, Lee Frerker, Roy Brin, Henry Geise, on , Patrick Conlon V . , ,, f Y el. Vincent Norris George Pavlissen, Robert Hartman, Thomas ,Wynn, George Haley, JQhIt.'EllfB. , J:1.:f4F'.--f,,S3y,f1-. ,K ,, , ,.,,..,.,,,..c.,..,.,,4..-c...J-o-..1e.s. Knmam.mmmfnQz4anwAMa m!kp1. he V Coyne, 371 1 Top row: John Dennis, Terrance O'Neill, Brian Voth, Waller Doyle, Donald Page, Darrel Horter, Daniel Simpson, David Buswell, Robert Mihm, Philip Wyatt, Harry Summers, Peter Ford, William Prescott Third YOWC Jack SYGPHGHS, RUd0lDl1 Schmidt, Rudolf Frascc, Ralph Jensen, James Lyons, William Stocking, Kenneth Schlomann, Darryl Lamps, Randy Thomas, Walter Vernasco, Frank Damore Second row, Orin Steinhaus, Stephen Trelease, Don Reeder, John Green, Clark O'Halloran, Daniel Miollis, Thomas Tuck, Robert Most, Ed- ward Prichard, Robert Palermo DesEnfanls John Koester "' l Y Q Bottom row: Curtis Truckenbrod, John Knobel, Glenn Johnson, Beniamin Waldie, Bill Alplanalp, Sidney Gorham, Donald McKinley, Robe.t fwx "'v1 f' 11 J , PH KAPPA PSI Top row: Stephen Trelease, sergeant at arms, Robert Mast, scholar' ship chairman, Orin Steinhaus, chapter messenger Bottom row: Edward Prichard, historian, John Green, vice president, Clark O'Halloran, president, Don Reeder, corresponding secretary, Daniel Miollis, treasurer 372 - js:'fvl,. .N 'Q 'ii m-ixxa-sa, rsszmf -- Us and ' 3 x r if Donald Foley, pledge trainer, Gerald Lohey, second vice president, Robert Pasnau, president, Jerry Maisenbacher, vice president PHI KAPPA SIGMA 313 East Chalmers 44 Active Chapters Top row: Donald Dubas, Edward Johnson, Howard Book, George Ellis, John Gratchner, Jackson Rosskamm, James Downing, Larry Martin, Lester Schnake, Ronald Gilbert, James BackoH, Ronald Watkins, Thomas Alexander, James Sindt Third raw: William Frisbie, Lee Warrick, Keith Quackenbush, Allen Barring, Norman Zeter, Elliott Moore, Raymond Page, Donald Kudzma, Charles Enderby, Dick Taylor, Donald Hagemaster, Paul Gottschalk, Banfield Copron, Richard Torpe, Leroy Dawson, Richard Shelby, William Shade, Thomas Brownlee Second row: William Coleman, Walter Newlin, Richard Stream, James Stocker, Donald Foley, Gerald lahey, Robert Pasnau, Jerry Maisenbacher, Ralph Grauer, Jan Smid, James Wilgus, Thomas Dicks, William Gray, Thomas Wheeler Bottom row: Peter Weitzel, Thomas Moore, Frank Pontious, Robert Lacher, Thomas O'Brien, Charles Thompson, Herbert Jensen, James Murdoch, Kenneth Cullen, Walter Gunn Not in panel: Joseph Devall, Carl Groen, Richard Gustafson, Donald Hardin, Edwin Pratt, Clement Ryan, Thomas Slater, Terry Wade, Dennis Weichman fi .5 fmfbfs fx s s .4 ,r- ,,... , My-w ,f , iw ,Q .X MH . 3,4 '-, , ' , J .V ,W D f' 5 373 Top row: William McNair, John Horan. Kennelh DiPrima, James Wright, Roger Martin, James Kennedy, Sherman Lawrence, Richard Miller, Joe Meller, John Shepherd, David Holmes, Rene Gaiennie, James Kornwolf, Charles Bauch Third row: Carl Freddy, Alvin Belsley, Larry Thomson, Richard Swanson, Craig Johnson, Thomas Chilcoll, Richard Hodges, Armand Andre, Frank Larala, James Brubaker, Harold Rosenwinkel, John Pelko, Richard Cooper, Phillip Dressler Second row: James Ollo, Wesley Deimek, Roberl Neidl, Charles Gaulschy, Allen Bradley, James Voorhees, Leonard Walberg, Phillip Miller, Roger Vaughn, Richard Hangren, John Thompson Bollom row: Ronald Wiles, John Kronvall, Carl Budelsky, James Hardesly, Bryce Bollon, Arl Daniels, Vernon Gillespie, Wallace Franken- slein, James Wall, Donald Thompson, Jack Winchell Not in panel: Gus Mackris Pl-H KAPPA TAU Top row: Charles Gaulschy, house manager, Allen Bradley, lreasurerg Phillip Miller, secretary Bolfom row: Roger Vaughn, social chairmang James Voorhees, presi- Uu , denh Leonard Walberg, vice president 7007 if 1 1 . V l My l.. 7.4 P? ill A E5 were 374 ,s-'li' H Q if Ii 'ffl H13 fisk, J' 'im' . A gg, ,ir-H , .l 1, 1 A -fe 3. :ti-new re , it Kimi' gf? We X N 1 1 'fi ww, f 'lil 1. , ,, A Q ' f' Top row: Jack Nitzkin, iunior member, executive council, Darryl lem, ' wfxlfr senior member, executive council, Melvin Jacobs, vice president, "M ' ' Marvin Lipschultz, treasurer " Bottom row: Edward Abrams, member at large, Bernard Alpert, presi- dent Pi-ll SIGMA, DELTA Top row: Arthur Lerner, Donald Norris, David Saidel, Lawrence Sager, Lawrence Schwartzberg, Melvin Newman, Mitchell Bender, Jack Nitzkin, Jerome Tankel, Marvin Factor, Udell Bernstein, Norman Dunn, Donald Goldstein, Robert Karns Third row: Jerrold Siegel, David Birkner, Jerome Zeldes, Jerome Brody, Allan Nelson, Peter Lawrence, Alan Toppel, Arvum Dan- nen, Eli Levin, Victor Feldman, Arnold Kanter, Fred Kanter, Charles Gannon, Arthur Nordenberg Second row: Darryl lem, Jerome Shatter, Irwin Alter, Edward Abrams, Melvin Jacobs, Bernard Alpert, Mrs. Belle, Marvin Lip- schultz, Herbert Weintraub, Sidney Kaz, Allen Engerman, Howard Solotroft Bottom row: Arnold Zimmerman, Alfred Chiprin, Burton Reckles, Marshall Ruttenberg, David Lowy, Bernard Turek, Lester Weinstine, Theodore Gertz Not in panel: Lawrence Slutsky, Morris Witney, John Klowans, Donald Lasser, Floyd Nadler, Gerald Stearn, Philip Taxman, Bernard Winsburg , K 375 Top row: Jack Nordin, Dennis Johnson, Bertram Clarbour, Richard Lee, Harold Jenson, Paul Judson, Carl Bornholt, Richard Maxwell, Her- cules Zagoras, Lloyd Heisler Fourth row: Harold Mooberry, John Marquis, Robert Thorpe, John Elliott, Arthur Price, Lenos Muret, Marvin Graves, Lono Frank, John Tragolo, James Sokolowski Third row: George Gellert, George Binder, John Murray, Donald Zugschwerdt, Robert Bein, Robert Thurnblad, Richard Hoag, James Holt, Dave Lively, Jack Artigues Second row: Tom Krainoyich, Robert Barackman, Walter Grogan, Orville Asper, James Hanson, Bruce Meltmar, Erich Heintzen, John Lively, Robert Rodine, Lewis Gessler, Donald Zalesky Bottom row: John Kating, Richard Gunn, Ronald Mohr, Gary Willms, Ray Timm, John lee, Ralph Gee, John McWilliams, George Moeller Not in panel: Thomas Baker, Melih Dural, Frank Madonia, Kenneth Swientan PHI SIGMA .KAPPA A .c ge Top raw: Richard Hoag, treasurer, James Halt, secretary, John Murray, rushing chairman, Donald Zugschwerdt, commissar Bottom row: Robert Bein, vice president, Robert Thurnblad, president , Y, . ' 376 ' ,f..:i....n.u.,u4i-.....4-1r"" 2 '..:-J-.-. New V. Q' ,. '45 'z , , if 11' '31 ii gil i Efafilg X ima Qlfqfi Sli? ' fx" 11. ff 4 :VL 'B R: 4 .-N -fmrgypfx fig Yfelltr 5 '22 ' emga f we . ,311 I-'f'1.l wr- Y , V M ima I Q gigs?- AL53? . X or , .X ' f A' M5515 Ve :AEM 4 V., 'gn 4 3315 KJ' K: H If B gg Q 55 , 3 like gr ads nf, f au, 1 - 4 1 rirflwv Ijfbfliif, Emivfsuwfhi-1 'I-'iflf ,Q j I ,Mir ,.r .4 I, I 'Q "x . 4 , r f ff Q W Q' XF qs gt d' 4' ex- Fl 'lt 1' A crux' X, sg X if A x l l 4 V... 1. . v.- l ,Elf Q r i" 8,3 HTF P ,,, 5 3 , li " "3 Q5 "Y-:vf'?"5"?fa3f 1 Alflgr-Zwlif aff' lv frami ng 35? VW? 'f , I , ' ' 'SS , 4,44 V' if 5111: "N . f-f f f' , 4, fs . r 'lF'.rslfl'h Q W ,rg 'Q rfqgfwii V ,5 ,.. .sf ,ge 3-, ,Q ,, 3, Q , Q,,,, . - " ,. 1 f !2f'g.fg'f V r ,, ' x , A ,. 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Q v Wgzf' X395 7 I' W2 VY' 1' ,V .-. k2.,: 1 Y.-iii. 7.-V3 .Q ., .U f.,Qq,j,.kg". , '. gi: g i -1. 5, I W E .z Q YS g s, W- N 2' W in 331-i5iw2g?Vfi3f11 gif' 3 I IA I K K Jzgwww, M.- Q,..,. 4 , . ,x . . I . , K.. .. U ,.,1: . ., , if ' -ff-, as gm ! ' Q ggi. ,X K 3- ,J ,f 4, 4 X x, f 'RQ 19' X ,J i l gen if 'E 2.1. 14619 Mmm 'A h . Q 'Mtv ,. .93 3,1014 lj' ll I 'il 4. ff' 3 0 1" ' .ij Q, . . it AQ, of YE, '. if .TNI V ff grim A ef' , Q: Q -5,4 William Sider, vice president, Jerry Fishman, treasurer, Allan Brown, secretary, Sidney Desser, president, Leslie Helter, marshall Pl LANIBD PHI 52 East Armory 37 Active Chapters Top row: Harald Dreebin, Herbert Oberlonder, Sanford Graw, Corwin Gross, Alan Kurtzman, Howard Malkin, Leslie Kipnis, Ronald Stone, Milton Okeon, Larry Fernstein, Sidney Granat Fourth row: Myron Stillerman, Herbert August, Burton Berman, Allen Cohen, Richard Stiegel, Henry Wieseneck, Ira Lurvey, James Blattner, Robert Mell, Barry Shipp, David Kurzbond Third row: Morris Levy, Merwin Auslander, Spencer Strellis, William Sider, Sidney Desser, Jerry Fishman, Allen Brown, Harold Wag- man, Burton Palmer, Sherwin Baim Second row: Manfred Wise, Jules Cohen, William Cohen, Stuart Katz, Sheldon Sandman, Sol Hara, Melvin Berman, Gerald White, Bernard Reizner Bottom row: Alon Levy, Robert Trilling, Jerome Maller, Michael Goodwin, Basil Kromelaw, David Rice, Maurice Levy, Thomas Snyder Not in panel: Leslie Hefter 379 - ,- gs. 5 -we -Q" - - - J cf -, Q - ' f 'HI S- 'J xl f 4 we . w f- ffxssfys 4 1 , , A li K 4 5 A . . - A . Q N ,H P L, i. , at V A , 3 ff 3 xl, V .5 1 6 - . as fav-'A e' e T A 4 J f wil-,J ri'a4wl1-G .J 1' 7 f f J -. . wr so 1 A -V , ., .1 sf, 5, V . 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I, 1131! ""' " f H .-'gw .,. , -1 : 6 1: g f 1 if f 7 I gf X . 46 X, 12, Q 1 my ff 'Q' 'fa ' f W 2 "" f 5 , X X' ' X 2 " H9 5 'R My A DV 112214 1 N 4' x my J'- HTQZW nf 4 1 9' A ' M my xn af X 4 w -1- Lffi SQ 1' V 3 ., Wig? Q ., X . K xx, w Q U. 5g M. 17, . 4? f 4:17 4? f' af Q ' ' if 2' -:iw 2 My x t gg Q 'fkfftf' A as 1 W fx' . 5 ,, ,,, ra fl Q , X fw1""-f-ovI'Y" 'V ' ,Y 52 J . ff! F4- ZQM W 1 7? ai 7 ' - w ,Mgr A, . ,a . . . X 1-' " 7'-ff' 1' V ' '.'1Q,.f , ., il ,11- V 11:3 32 if ,, -.U ' Q A Q AA A ,1 4 1- ,v f,, Q31 1 V- P .V X A iv- .N 1 .V W-.Z ,rx J V:-.',,, ..,, V! -, 9 - ning , . - .. V ,- ' 43 1 ,, ":."5,f.' ,ig . - I - V 3:5 J ' , ,z E-rd, ,, r:,L,,,' .. ,4 ' xg QF, F l s 3 , . f ain A A 3 V 1? 5 Q if is if ff .3 'wi' gf f JP 473. QL , A X Q g ,E , Q If it J HCL! 3 .J wf' fa 7 , Q" .4 Ri X 1 553- A D Top row: James Pinski, Larry Kaufman, Ronald Pinski, Harold Shavell, Burton Sherman, Marvin Feig, Bernard Ashen, Richard Waller, Barry Janov, Joseph Siegman, Arnold Martin, James Carmel, Thomas Stern, Arnold Vidis, Frank Sommers Third row: Earl Rubin, Jerold Steinman, Leonard Abrams, David Levy, Joshia Pais, Jason Silverstein, Donald Schaumberger, Richard Schaum- berger, Jerome Pollan, Joel Carlins, Jerome Bold, Hubert Weinstein, Michael Rosen, Charles Brusso Second row: Hyman Shapiro, Burton Rosenberg, Ronald Katch, Merton Silbar, Harvey Greenstein, Gordon Bloomberg, Alex Broun, Roy Smith, Irwin Katz, Joseph Aronstam Bottom row: Edgar Gilbert, Mitchell Meltzer, Phillip Schulman, Gene Barns, Martin Berns, Paul Friedman, Howard Sider, Robert Handler Not in panel: Arthur Zimmerman, Jerome Zelden, Leonard Lirtzman B05 West Pennsylvania 48 Active Chapters Merton Silbar, exchequer, Harvey Greenstein, prior, Gordon Bloomberg, recorder 382 A--W x 35 9 YY- 1.55. A 452 S 5 ,ia 'YY Y 1 ff mf ,,. .- M - ,1 Va' W , AQ. . 1 'nz H N 7 ,..:,g.L.g f,,,5,g 7, ,, . .,.,v,w, Y .Oh rn gy i' ij 'A az' W V ks? Top row: Robert Van Treeck, Frank Hailand, Richard Lewis, Jack Sieburg, Richard John Floyd, Richard Grittith, Conrad Kies, John Paul, George McKinney, Robert Third row: Warren Moulds, David Overaker, Donald Lurtz, Robert Ekedahl, George Donald Westerberg, Kenneth Lohbauer, Wilfred Landreth, Richard Pedersen, Second row: Herbert Engdahl, Robert Clark, Bruce Struckman, James Hartman, Willia William Suter, Charles Westphal, Robert Burns Bottom raw: Fred Rabe, Lawrence Stasaitis, Larry Meyers, Vito Iovino, John Lund, Schmidt, Michael Guinan, Robert Delaney, William Frank Not in panel, William Aufderhaar, Kent Beauchamp, Joseph Casserly, Paul Thiesse Verret, David Stephens, Dennis Tucker, James Gibbons Newberry, Matthew Kelch, Richard Barber, Clark Niss, Young, Keith Blandford, Donald Heneise Andreos, Roger Kantola, Thomas Neary, Ronald Nylen, Donald Gribble, John Melaniphy, Neil Murphy rn Thomas, Mrs. Barnhill, Hugh Giertz, Donald Niemann, Henry Thuman, Robert Kennedy, James Skinner, Dennis n, Gerald Moser, Robert Friedrich, Melvin Dewey, Charles 1009 West Pennsylvania 'l'l9 Active Chapters Top row: Robert Ekedahl, rushing chairman, Robert Clark, house man- ager Second row, Hugh Giertz, lieutenant commander, William Thomas, com- mander Bottom raw: Donald Niemann, recorder, Bruce Struckman, treasurer we S x A-' fx 'Af tc.: ,JJ X x :sf K Wifi 5.5 I NW ui Q1 61-:Y xt xx 384 'T-i,Vi- 1 w? or 4' of Q42 .fx YZ 5' . 2, 4,1-A 'lt s JZLILZQZVLXQP- Top ro Second Bottom Not in John Witt, secretary president, Harold Nero, historian-chaplain SIGMA Pl-ll DEl.TA Top row: Donald Carr, vice president, Phil DeProtine, pledge master, Bottom row: Richard Yates, business manager, Walter Glitzenstein, w: Ronald Swallow, Glenn Ziemun, William Evans, Richard Day, James Desch, Robert Gondry, Anthony Vilona, Ronald Lee raw: Henry Stillwell, Phil DeProtine, Donald Carr, Walter Glitzenstein, John Witt, Robert Beals, T. P. Torda, Harold Nero row: Perry Tanner, Richard Yates, Charles Hill, Joseph Salem, Robert Waddick, Horold Greer, Miroslaw Noyszewski panel: Ted Truske, John Holmquest 5 h 5 E Q., fi -az ,, W3 5' A X ' il K 2' l I S E, ,.- fi f b f 4 S 2 UQ' f gk , X Q 4 X li ff K, X ,X vb' .1 mr: '55 M1331 ,ye 4 1 A 1 W , A, 3 M ' A 1 0 .rw E ff 2 41 A ,,,.,x,., t W ,- -uf- 1 9:3 3 51:1 P' Q fn Om gg, 4 I . .W if , ..............--- ff"""""'T.,i'L ' E 'fx ri agfhff' -gd? N .JNL Q .,.- :.,,Q...-.W , .f.., .A b-5,35 ,.,f -lhA.3, 0: gy, 'Qwii E , .. tx x Q fax , X 55, 1 gg EV w ' 1 ':"'f' . 4, ff, . - 'QQ-,Milk F S . . 5 X' vm .: I ,ik M ,. v 1 we ,gllwv .gr , ' sf!! 'fy - 'jr' ,f my 2 , ffgi 9 -an ya 'li mls ..g R '1.Y,.f'x ' 4- '9"5"W' 515' 6 di 0 'J Ti 2 le HJ v 'VGC' .. ,. 9' if -. . f'. 'irrw ' H: ll zsflfi rllg Puig QQ EQ . '-gif ' RQ!!! Top row: Robert Ole, secretary: Richard Lcnnon, trcasurerg Stanley Felderman, sergeant at arms Bottom row: Harry Maynor, vice president, William Faude, president, David Pickard, pledge master SEGMA P 402 East Armory 51 Active Chapters Tap raw: Kenneth Mullen, Kenneth Quirk, Howard Vandeburgh, Charles Hamilton, Robert Luetie, William Graham, Donald Long, Charles Hruska, Robert Calwell, Larry Marthaler, John Moran, Glenn Groth, William Boyd, Wayne Martin, William Pickord Third row: Gordon Reichert, Ronald Hewitt, Kenneth Spangler, David Nightingale, Ronald Grosch, Franklin Schrage, John Michel, James Minor, Douglas Reynolds, John Schmidt, Stuart Sherman, Duane Swarts Second row: Rodney Ruch, Bob Buckles, Richard Lannon, Harry Maynor, William Faude, David Pickard, Robert Oie, Stanley Felder- man, Bill Turner, Thomas Rowader, Keith Prater Bottom row: Beniamin Davenport, Jerry Algeo, George Bowman, Lowry Bayley, George Morris, Donald Joslin, Gary Montgomery, Paul Swode, Roderick Rahn, Charles Correll, Edward Bayer Not in panel: Lawrence Breyfogle, James Cameron, Richard Dancey, Charles Finn, Roderick Fraser, Robert Frisk, John Kaindl, Ronald Klopatek, Robert Leonard, James Pettinger, Joseph Pulliam, Richard Ward, Donald Harris, Ronald Renn ' Nm., 1 387 w 3 Top row: Ronald Bennett, Jerry Edeistein, Carl Levine, David Shawenstadt, David Bloom, Barry Altenberg, Charles Lewis, Seymour Levin, Melvyn Mozinski, Gene Erlich, Joel Miller, Jack Libby, Burton Greenberg, Theodore Schechter, Charles Glick, Bruce DeMar, Paul Goldstein, Charles Hirsch, James Fox, Jerry Friedman Third row, Elliot Zimmerman, Larry Berkley, Robert Sharfman, Sidney Robin, Richard Bass, Morton Lerman, Joseph Dixler, David Rosner Stuart Wallace, Charles Goodman, Jerald Much, Henry Gould, Jerold Sager, Leonard Kaplan, Robert Lyon, Allen Gerrard Second row: Lewis Worth, Jerry Markbreit, Ronald Karzen, Stuart Musick, Arnold Kominsky, Jerrol Harris, Walter Weiss, Jordan Sachs Arnold Cohn, Eddie Randell, Jay Ellenby, Sorrel Stein, Stewart Gartner, Myron Cholden Bottom row: Edward Harris, Larry Pollock, Myron Greenberg, Arnold Gilberg, Morton Sapkin, Harold Pines, Ronald Kaiser, Joel Kruger Howard Schwarzbach, Earl Sigoloff, Laurence Rubin, Jay Bishov, Richard Levinson Not in panel: Jay Bolin, Charles Horwitz, Robert Echt, Sherwin Strauss U ,X , 'S , tk , , re . fu 5 ,se lr rl 9' ,. we E P' 9 9' TAU EPSILCIN PHI Walter Weiss, scribe, Jerrol Harris, chancellor, Arnold Kominsky, vice chancellor, Stuart Musick, bursar -' - - ' fff l ssr no W W 1: 'ri -me-W -f a. l' 2 J if . fm 'm v W is 5 'f-32 'M 1,3255 ,ms ' ' wH1rS5r,:?f1 :wks ' X Q - S 'f ',k- .' ,? 'X k' , ' ' N "' -' Fr:-'rylif 1, t9f'f!E5 . 'EXW '- Y- Y , , A ,'.. l'lQ3fi3" . H197 V fl , 5: 'K like irc . 5- ,, L -"'. ry, 4'f'f3 - 1 if- s it m ' if ' W 5 ,Q Sw fs- 2 ,, sg -,,1:.w+'f ' 1 -sq sr 1 r ,wir JNICI X so s . Pt5'i'5?-'tW5l""9f W1 ' . ,, . , ,s x v,,. 2- , V J- ,el . 3, T- , ,M - H -'f sa-M" ' -2 -' wi MM mfr' ' wr, W, , .1 A . ,Stag . ,, ' ' i ,.r-Nfxf 'ref' I, -' ' .:., f 134 '11 'iz qfsn, "sm: -. , N, X it J- 25 - rf,,,g' .,.-glqrs::'.- 1 A A YF ,, ' j f QT? Ei , ,V '2. i , - ,, V 5' Top row: David Spencer, secretary, Jack Shockley, pledge trainer: "i , . V 1 be-' James Goadwine, vice president, Arthur Nauman, historian j igs' rar, ,iff . , ---sfzsrn, u- - ' 0' H Second raw: Paul Lauschke, president, Deane Biehler, chaplain n U ' 'qgqf A WQTO 'gb v? .. ,X I NK, -A 1 Bottom row: Samuel Gillespie, sergeant at arms, David Enright, treas- r A 't urer 53' , -ffl? I TALJ KAPPA. EPSILON Top row: John Paulson, Richard Husman, Jay Fitts, Walter Hoel, Charles Van Tassel, Theodore Dorward, John Wilson, James Big- ley, Gary Burton, Rudolf Siegert, Victor lsakson, John Murray, Robert Bean, Charles Eastman, Robert Walbaum, Robert Forsythe, George Fluegel, Dale Biehler, David Herr, Harry Bextel Third row: Paul Beeson, Norman Fambelle, William Shaw, Jack Lusk, Lorne Fitts, Larry Livengood, Thomas Keech, Randell Cox, Kenneth Lehner, Kenneth Sale, Earl Carlson, Gerald McKay, Charles Bookstaver, Frederich Naegele, Richard Pisoni, Rodney Bru- ner, Arnold Ruskin, William Phillips, Virgil Fieber, Robert Seed Second row: Paul Pastlewaite, Jack Shockley, James Goodwine, Arthur Nauman, David Enright, Paul lauschke, David Spencer, Samuel Gillespie, Deane Biehler, Robert Haymaker, David Sauder Bottom row: Daniel Kuhn, Paul Carr, Leonard Johnson, Thomas Justiz, John Voelpel, Allan Orr, Noel Lehner, William Rousey, Robert Horton, Charles Bednar, Donald Edwards, Charles Peterson, William Meisterling Nat in panel: Roger Crump, George Sturmon, Thomas Fife, Donald Klick 389 X Q , ' . . ' ,W 1 ,tw-A XEFV 'Q 4 iii W.. We if-fm x ,A Q-i J 'Q U A R xy if ' ' 65 - .- Y 1 f - ', f .kg 41, ,- , , , if ,. S K X ' 'ff f'.f I Vina mf 1 li -F ,iff inyfff ' f' 5?5f M ' . 1 k,Mi,, 'W- , fy, fly. , g, A ish, W .1 -is 'Q ,qv A. .. 4 5. 1 f N lr i f V H, 3 ilk-. Eta: j, . Lf' ll e' -' V A George Huminhreig vice ' president, Steven ' Borik, president , A v Bottom row: Jon Hunt, treasurerp- Harlan Stubbs, rushing chairman, W A Robert Sachs, corresponding secretary - ' ' W 'ills 'YAQJI' A 12635 EiA'f56""e2Efi5i538F,"'HA3A-M2523-7iEE,f'yEi2Sir?1'iti3''5E2Fe?aF99'f' 7' ' 1 " 1 1 ' W fi F E ss --is: so R s oooo N .afgpeal L if E i E A H l 5 H- f P- -J , O01 som second so Active cr.g.pygr,,,,,, ' t A Top raw: Robert Randolph, Charles McDonough, Michael Uron, Lee Sentman, Gerald Haselhultn, Dennis Shafer, Reginald lngrassia, Ernest Bozzy, James Piper, Robert Sachs, Roland Travers Third row: Michael Thornton, Robert Gercas, Ronald Lamson, Allan Schultz, Melvin Blaurock, Donald Barak, Robert Stubbs, laurence Moran, James Blokley, Herman Velasco Second row: Harlan Stubbs, Jon Hunt, Ronald Bowen, Fred McDowell, Walter Shaw, Steven Borik, George Humphrey, Frank Fior- enza, Ross Confer ' ' Bottom row: Niel Krueger, Edwin Greenwald, Riley Walters, James Smith, Brian Larson, George Roth, Richard Bursell, Donald Brice, ,V H Frank Spinkf, Charles Osterholl' ' 5- , V. , Q .K ,A - ' N ' Hifi- ,n , ' 2 I fx L Jiemn. .99v9'a,,R9m-119.,Q-.S?ar'.'Jm..liaezlillfm E!:25!1'f'1!,e,.,-s.e,:i..,...,,.Mtg,r,,..'fgf:g..,'fe..a,' 391' 1 x 5 ' A -- --v- J., ,.',-.,1,.ai f ,,.. .kv , ' ' Toi i'oW:"'Gd6r96 Tdila, Michael Calligan, Ronald Koran, William Hergonrother, Daniel Yavorsky, leRoy Marchescki, Lawrence Lee, Thobnai' ""f'i'Z Varnor, Richard Fosler, Carl Miklas, John Hanson Third row: Frank Merlo, William Kerns, Frank Minster, Louis Pierolli, J Alvin Slowik ames Schaefer, Donald Kaiser, Ronald Zachary, Bruce Verkruyse, J Second row: Raymond Haslanka, John Donahue, Robert Reyner, Reverend O'Rourke, louis Liddi, John Grabowski, Thomas Mizera, Ronald Zionfs, Edward Truschke Bollom row: Ronald Minor, Charles Delwiler, Joseph Abel, Marvin Rawski, Lawrence Sennello, Herbert Fitzgerald, Gerald Podlin Nol in panel: Edward Bedard, Clyde Grimm, John Hardgrove, Lawrence Kral, Raymond Thompson 4 P ia:flii1AQLQLx..1fk.i-'iso-awfkvf' ' " J I I 1011 South i -1 'lhqzff' I Q- P 1 , -W e Q Q 1 1. 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R ' lr. L: 1- . 4.2 '. Top row: Robert Lahendro, social chairman, Arnold Paolasini, presi- dent, Daniel Bleck, vice president Bottom row: Russell Welker, corresponding secretary, Richard Christo- pher, treasurer, Giacinto Dercoli, house manager G85 5 PQAQZ, .q1'.k,i.. if is' -r,' . ' fn " ' 1' THETA Xl 205 East Armory 53 Active Chapters Too row: George Psalidas, Donald Arnold, Maurice Garnholz, William Jones, George Walsh, Gerald Strehlow, John Hoeksema, Elmer Koestner, Robert Trevarthen, Larry Cross, Robert Pheanis, Girard Yaccino, Albert Saia Fourth row: Doyle Wilhite, Gerald Pullen, John Robinson, Richard Lower, Wallace Schroth, James Monteleone, Gilbert Marx, John Urich, Donald Anzelmo, John Williams, Lawrence Gerske, Don Lukaszewski, Max Whitman Third row: John Reichwein, Robert Gabrielli, Henry Dougherty, Russell Welker, Arnold Paolasini, Daniel Bleck, Robert Lahendro, Gia- cinta Dercoli, Richard Christopher, William Stewart, Edward Benesh Second row: Kenneth Swiatek, Jerry Fiordelisi, Jon Peacy, Carl Schlageter, Joe West, Louis Hackney, Richard Tucker, Robert LeFevre, Robert Wildman, John Graves, Ronald Harris Bottom row: Richard Sarmont, Peter Klein, Leroy Davis, Robert Sanchez, Robert Marks, Richard Hess, Geoffrey Campbell Not in panel: Robert Wiman, Charles McBride, Calvin Kinsley, William Kinsley, William Robson, John Whitman, Charles Schaefer, Eugene Muzzarelli, William Quinn, Robert Holloway, Ted Morrison 393 Top row: Ronald Lee, James Wood, James Suhre, Frank Moolin, Charles Luman, Ronald Kareken Third row: Theodore Hebner, Charles Banler, John Hullberg, Edward Swargulski, Alfred Ryden, Donald Walker Second row: William Dankerl, Phillip Lee, Sluari Boyle, Carlos Garcia-Reyes, Roberi Turner, John Slrickland, James Upchurch Bohom row: James Swift, Robert Haver, Donald Buhrmesler, Bruce Geiserf, Frank Morton, Thomas Regul, Carl Hoffee TRIANGLE ll? East Daniel I6 Adive Chaplers X....' no "4 it' 9 n .4 I. , jig.. 37, ff' 'J - .Pi ' . ' no X Top row: James Swift, Commissary, Frank Murfon, lrecsurerg Carl Hoffee, recording secrelary Bollom raw: Bruce Geiserl, president, Thomas Rogul, house manager, Donald Buhrmesler, vice president QQ Z li? f Q 3,5 394 ,,..,-- W-X X-K Top row: Robert Renier, treasurer, Wallace Cohen, vice president Bottom row: Paul Sachs, secretary, Ronald Easley, president ,sf '5-' Q 9 :jf 'ff Taq!! pq-up 54 sS"f I .Il sr feaaeasg-:fm .xi SIGMA TAU GAMMA 'l'lO9 South Fourth 46 Active Chapters Top row: Gerald Page, Albert Klein, Detlee Baumgaerter, Robert Blissard, Donald McElfresh, Van Ravensburg Goeler, Kaye Johnson, Thomas Trotter Second row: James Trabue, Arthur Gabler, Paul Sachs, Robert Renier, Ronald Easley, Wallace Cohen, Edward Stark, Kenneth Row Bottom row: David Morewitz, Bernard Aronson, lawrence Leonard, Matthew Napoli, Richard Granclchamp, Robert Bellman, James Thomas, Enrique Villa gm-sly I, ? 1, ls . - 5, i E, 1 f H gli l if i 395 'Q My-4 f Ag, , 1. 99' fi if E? rv' ,.f ,, L wg W ,, 3 1 1:41 n, ., x y 550585 'U' -.hw 1 ,,4QM X, 'gig sg.. YZ? 'WW council treasurerg Frederick Koempfor, supreme council 201 East John 32 Active Chapters iffy E Tap raw: James Smith, supreme council, Louis Christensen, supreme Bottom row: Carney Allen, vice president, Edward Bottomley, president- Tap row: Robert Nevin, Winfield Morgan, Robert Furry, David Bump, Richard Phillips, Charles Nagle, Norman Sather, William Gaf- tield, Allan Cady, Kenneth Byerly, John Young Third row: Theodore Brickman, Charles Cassey, Charles Mitch, Robert Bradbury, Howard Bump, William Strawbridge, Ralph Lan- phere, Robert Brittain, Thomas Walton, John Shroyer Second row: Charles Lindrooth, Bruce Brantingham, James Smith, louis Christensen, Edward Bottomley, Carney Allen, Fredrick Kaempfer, William Hiller Bottom row: Howard Sauerman, Fred Myers, Jon Shuh, Claude Kellogg, August Rymut, John Best Not in panel: Charles Bottomley, William Powers, Richard Lindrooth, Donald Mulkins 97 Top row: Anthony Pitochelli, William Drinkard, Douglas Meyers, Robert Shinn, William Bull, Robert Crawford, Frederick Owens, Glenn Cullen, Burton Wilson, Clar- ence Schimelfenig, James Sloneker, George Dawkins, Charles Cupit, John Miller, Robert Nowak, Richard Burg, Marion Hersman, James Economy, Larry Hall, Melbert Peterson Third row: John Little, Carl Kammeyer, Ulrich Scheibler, Charles Roberts, James Winefordner, William Timmons, Robert Fraser, Robert Rau, Hans Muller, Kenneth Conrow, John Rassweiler, Perry Yokum, Edwin DeYoung, John Almlot, Paul Shaw, James Florini, Jerry Heeschen, Emmett Kaelble, William DePierri Second row: Harrison Killam, Harold Matsuguma, Allan Hay, Joseph Dunbar, William Samuels, Richard Thamm, reporter, John Broman, master of ceremonies, William Lowden, vice president, Robert Eby, president, Tom Wathen, secretary, Louis Tichacek, commissar, John law, treasurer, Edward Slifer, Norman Bates, Robert Wiederkehr Bottom row: Bruno Vittimberga, Harley Ross, Richard Sneen, Ronald Sauers, Fredrick Winter, Kenneth Benson, Anthony Lowery, Chui Liu, Edward Cantroll, Frederick Wassmundt, Clarence Stevens, Louis Haetele, Edwin Quinn Not in panel: William Fox, Robert Scherrer, John Topolewski, Robert Wendt ALPHA CHI SIGMA 606 West Ohio 48 Active Chapters 605 East Daniel 26 Active Chapters Top row: Sayed Ebadi, Olanduntoye Fashola, Stuart Langdon, John Graham Second row: Kyung Won Lee, Shoii Yamada, John Karstens, Ying Jer Shieh, Raiendra Jain Bottom row: Harold Hutchinson, Carl Steiner, recording secretary-treasurer, Moses De La Paz, vice president, George Haramy, president, Alan Barry, Richard Sub- lette, corresponding secretary, LunShin Wei, sergeant at arms Not in panel: Borah Reines, Gerald Veach, Sylvan Wiley, Robert Patton, George Mizuguchi, Donald Ferguson, Mehm San, Harry Lim, Rudolph Yeh, Akira Uchiyama, Tetsuiiro Hara, Ted Kelz 98 -"' 1"f,,4g' .n 'V r'W' 99 f t I Top row, Robert Johnson, Lorenzo Martin, Wesley McClendon, John Everett, Paul Davis, Charles Butler, Buford Macrun, David Simmons, Leroy Howell Second row: Maurice Glover, Lester McKeever, treasurer, Richard Freeman, James Ferguson, Ellis Reid, president, Roscoe Mitchell, secretory, James Montgomery, sergeant at arms, Harold Brandin Bottom row, Leonard Neely, James Whitehead, Ronald Stewart, William Hayes, Herman lngrcm, Gerald Brown, Toussaint Toole Not in panel: Theodore Manuel, Henry Curtiss, Melvin Bates, Edward Muldrow, Samuel Sutherland, Clyde Bell, vice president, Abraham Woodson, Leo Clay KAPPA ALPHA PSI 707 South Third 204 Active Chapters 'llO5 South First 30 Active Chapters Top row: Robert Gottlieb, lawrence Friedlonder, Jerome Richter, Alvin Roidbard, Earl Leaf, Rodger Mitchell, Eugene Jacobson, Paul Bernstein, Miller Kalom, Michael Mallen, Paul Rossan Third row, Fred Widian, Paul Goldstein, Donald Millman, Jerry Weinstein, Aron Marmett, David Pitzele, Myron Fischer, Howard Walder, Morton Goldstein, Alan Comm, Thomas Lazar Second row: Martin Brody, Carl Cahn, Gordon Williams, Paul Monka, social chairman, William Reder, rushing chairman, Norman Perlmutter, vice consul, Allen Green, consul, Glen Beinfield, auaester, Robert Steiner, house manager, Loren Lyon, Alan Loman, Ronald Lopaty, James Davis Bottom row: Lawrence leventhal, Robert Boyer, Harold Brownstein, Seymore Foitell, Ralph Kaufmann, Allan Robin, Harold Bierman, Jerold Hecktman, Edward Schwartz, Arnold Baron, Stephen Margolin Not in panel: Phillip Cooper, Clive Kamins, secretory, Melvyn Markon I? 'Div 'XX Top row: Ronald Christianson, Robert Kular, Dennis Cwik, Leo Rohach, John Crimmins, .lock Fritz, Charles Omarzu, Robert Stusrud, Adam Prymulo, Lionel Goff, Howard Ritter, Vincent MacDonald, Allen Urban, Steve Scates, Thomas Franke, John McCIendon, Alvin Nottz, Floyd Abraham Third row: Norman Earp, Edward Scott, Curtis Bevington, Richard Paul, John Ewart, Roger Hoff, Byron Marks, Donald Roznak, John Tinsley, Thomas Proctor, Donald Buser, Robert Salzwedel, Howard Getz, Jack Tinkler, Ronald Ferguson, Ronald Oswald, Robert Wittenkeller Second row: Robert Staker, David Wilfong, Harvey Geerts, Burt Bishop, Robert Forbes, Delbert Lyle, Wesley Warner, James Schyberg, Leon Timmons, David Knez, Clark Findley, George Yung, Frederick Tucker Bottom row: John Robertson, Richard Berggren, Richard Hare, Daniel Myers, Raymond Chmelik, Neil Arends, Gale Pierce, Robert Wilhoit Not in panel: Frank Brennen, Ronald Ahrens, Gordon Cameron, Sydney Pray, Robert Cochran, Robert Crider, William Donahue, Eugene Goldman, Paul Horwitz, Robert Kular, Ted Mitchell, Marshall Goldsen, Donald Novak, Charles Shut, Robert Prieve, Milton Whiteman, James Yao, William Yckus CAG-LE HALL Top row: Lawrence Solberg, treasurer, Leo Rohach, activities chairman, Robert Stoker, music chairman Bottom row: Jack Harazin, social chairman, Howard Getz, vice presi- dent, Ronald Christiansen, president, John Robertson, sncietaryg Sydney Pray, social chairman ' Y. 3Ol East Armory l 400 , QQ? Qi rg f My , - . a, Q- x ,E . . Q ? ,S Z' 6 V uk J : ' 1 'N Q I f 4 H i f x 2 Km, , E Q 3 j N .gi , 'R ff " S X 1 in I IAVA , X ' fx S QKW Q .b z Q m Q - , L, Z . ,,, ff iw Ki , , ww. S ' 5 iff Vv"' f wr' N ? v ip - . f E H I A S. V W gi- JZ a sf? My , A T wgsefsb lg- , -' ' -V gf 4 12 j d ,A W -:. ,., - M 3 ' , , ,Z Q - 1-1,5 se . f' Siam Q , , ,U , 2 f assi' WW ..-mv' Wir.. - ' R j fg' r .. , , , ,, ,, , .. .. , r . r , ,,.,, .W , c., Ltr: . A-,.lJ,.s..iZa-.W ' Qgitg-,'-fr .fi -' e..ucRf..,.rs..1..Lz.:,g4-,,Jg.., -, , Qtr, g,',t,jg1'., ' W . 3 ,ff-.4 1,12-1.53 :xg-rf.Q,:,, ,mg :X N N .,.,...-..,a,-t......, ,,Q.M,, N Q7 I r . V, ,AQ-.. wife, ers.,-,L1-,f ,M.,,,,r,',r.3g.l .i 54,-g,.,., ,. . . .A ,,.,,u,.,s,,,x .. .. ,m:,f:'f- ' ' . me : -M. M 'vw V .,.,ts,,,4g,,5,,6,M .mf ,t,,.,,,, W Tap raw: Thomas Dvorak, Richard Muerle. James Hasan. Clyde Murray, Richard Wolgamoft, Richard McGuckin, Davld'Parisi, Robert Richi-Q' ardi, Leo Jasien, Patrick McGuire, Charles Swisher, James Bueche, Alan Cordell, Bruce Nelan, Albert Thomas, Bruce Burgess, Daniel DeSimone, Robert MacDonald, Robert Mattox, Howard lbele Fourth row: Robert Schroeder, Arthur Peterson, Keith Ehersold, Roy Schayes, Philip Voorhees, Harry Brunner, Robert Lenz, John Kemp, Wesley Lackey, James Wrathall, Harvey Endler, Richard LeVon, Fred Horwitz, Dale Sonney, Donald Eckmann, Philip Sages, Kenneth George, Robert Kittaka, Henry Terada, William Langley, Earl Heacock Third row: Donald Pennington, Donald Heid, Wendell Abern, Miles Hlavin, Robert Deere, Donald Demski, Robert Pringle, Gerhard Gauger, ., l Gerald Poklap, Louis Raffel, Thomas McNamara, Jerry Weimann, Peter Minerva, Richard Hull, Roy Corcoran, Thomas Leigh X 3 Second row: Robert Mills, Gordon John, Ronald Hamelberg, Lee Vanderhulst, Constantine Konstans, Roger Cote, Michael Verkler, Richard Cobb, fe , ,, l Thomas Pfeiffer, James Albright, Don Auten, Nelson Prose, Philip Simmerer, Kenneth Machata, Paul Nickoley ff' K' v l Bottom row: Lamar Bundy, James Hogan, William Taylor, Andrew Haupt, Richard Walters, David Stanger, Donald Scherer, John Decker, 9 .V V .N Robert Jackson, Thomas Zinkus, James Giger .'t""'M" A' ,. 9 if +,, h , .. Q 3 , ,,,,.,..,........,.,.... 4.-.1 3 ., ' -, .e.-..-- Q - dfg V4 ' 3'f'i. ' V , t. . . . . . A .- ' ' ew-L :.,.:A..b-4a..,..r-,-..- GRANADA CLUB my-y-3-,,,g,.f1 V- ,N ,V L .-W as .......L...,.w,...-1-1-we an L iff,.3f,fej,ei ig ilk 11- - -- ,4',,,..,o..lm.. ........a-4 chair' , M. 3? 1 402 ..f...c: a . 1 if ' fi , fl!-3 .1555 vwffil ff- ,122 tifilmfs if 2,2 1.11 5 T, 13' 'f V1.5 Y 4ii'gZ?gi5u wiiifiiiii riififfsfrzifff .- ,mei 'P Ei-ffl :f n AE if 2.53 f , E13 "iff2v:lw, Qi 'ii 'i" k 15237525 wif, ,, F. J is'i','lw .Af M ' so Q :fy S r' Q .gl 'ggi . Af 2 X- , fig! J ' 'S ,r in f iw ", gi: -siiglgiffg. d Y-. lu N 'PZ it Ir' L2 fs C.. .T ssh ,115 Ei' no 1, f' Q Ss" V' o E 1 y 51 -'H .1 'wie i"'Xl?35'1'Y'n- da't7g,gfL,1 ffxiifhi '1',,' 31Z'f.a,' Q w"ff-I.-1 ffiilif . 231 V"-g Lf3f3'.L 2, ,- i. if , ' ffqfajg S5451 .mfg 'f.:,,. ,I nga H Ile! 1 P335 is mC: 1 A ' 51254. :Vi NW ' ? rg-gfxlig 555.155 , , l w -f-xl 3. ,-z W . ii M-ef...... Rig, , 4 ? A L Q ' s A . J R is 5 l :Z 1 3 Tom WI E h G E ,ww-1eff--e-ff-'W'1'.f"F'QE ,, -e' ' 212 Engl Chalmers V ,. " I '- 'i f 1'3- I 4' Fwssfb C 'O Q Top row: David Gray, Jackson Roof, Richard McConnell, Sfen Lundgren, John Morgan, Norman lindblad, Kenneth Johnson, Wayne Brei, Henry Stone Third row: Marston Swanberg, Richard Dix, Gordon Palmer, Ronald Bates, Paul Johnson, Randolph Lund, Kenneih Stulls, David Mayer, Donald Reeves, Sfanley Johnson Second row: Tom Liliegren, David Hislop, David Kiell, Richard Matteson, Norman Olsen, Walter Nelson, Theodore Jackson, Rudolph Schatike . Boifom raw: Fred Mayerle, Kenneih Nordlof, Fred Colby, Samuel Birkey, Howard Sahlin, .lack Rice A , .,"lQ,'f 5' 17 -. . ' fffi 'QE 2 . CL 'l - 3, f J .J M .sf 'V ' Es x1. - -', E9 ffl 4' ..' J NO' w P4-19!a.,W'l!'9m, Rankin. Row Jqh-Jfom ,R-chord RQ1f!'?llfl.E2rfe5' l22HS'!,Q'?Y-.,1.L.e,.4.s 403 E5 P' l . , HE 35 I fx X. 2 am, fx?-an-v my 1 wr mi 'S Q, 1-"Y 1 ' 9, mimi: fff ,K . ! 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I v .y""' " fx" ' W f' ' f' ' ,. l I.,-,,,-Q.: , I 25.1.75 ,YJI 1 , f S 4 L fri A K-O--M ,..- A - , 1 f . 24- w R Qlxh 'Q 34, -, git X :GS ,, .kf, ,-cw C U. .,. 405 Council-Top row: William Bailey, vice president, Vilmars Beinikis Second row: Robert Bates, Eyerth Johanson, Richard Blechschmidt, treasurer, James Sheffield, Richard Schmitz, social chairman, Louis Herman Bottom row: William Brooks, William Gelston, president, Harry Ashcck, Robert Freres, secretary, Thomas Simpson, Irwin Borin, athletic chairman John Calkins PARADE GRCLJND RESIDENCE ASSOCIATION 24l Gregory Drive Unit presidents--Top row: Walter Bauer, Cyrus Johnson, Lawrence Leonard, Vilmars Beinikis, Robert Livingston, Raymond White, Charles Janosik William Brooks Second row: Everth Johanson, Geithman Hester, William Edwards, Eugene Trautvetter, Thomas McDaniel, Richard Schmitz, Carl Bell Robert Oppermann Robert Bates Bottom row: Joseph Gaziano, Harold Fue, Anthony Coniglio, Harold Ashack, Sandford Furman, Elliott Goldman, Leo Clay, John Calkins Thomas Williams Q ws. -.J W fc-ffz, 2 -,mil g R D t X ' Q G, Q, ag 1, 3, fkfy i XR, Tap row: Robert Rockey, social chairman, William Westbrook, Roger Voss, James Neuschwander, Donald Kuhlman, John Ohlendorf, Fred luscombe, Keith Miller, John Larson, Charles Laible, Donn Brace Second row: James Lekas, Lloyd Klindworth, Gerald Bertchie, Paul Hopson, Richard McGee, Walter Lippmann, Karl Putman, Stephen Schubert, Thomas Metzger Bottom row: Thomas Munday, secretary, Thomas leitzen, MIA representative, Befilamin Harnish, social chairman, Warren Cuplin, president, Donald Smith, treasurer, Clarence Fluegel, sports director, Ronald Welling, vice president 907 CLUB THE BROWERY ill? West Oregon Top row: Frank Newten, Dan Kern, president Fifth row: George Hast, secretary-treasurer, Ronny lash, Robert Olafson, Louis Buier, vice president, James Tappe, Donald Johnston Fourth row: Raymond Olsen, Melvin Hendricks, John Bouseman, Victor Tennery, Fanas Simasathien, Jerome Van Ormer Third row: Herbert Schneider, Robert Stcndley, Frank Ames, Archie Owens Second row: Herbert Wodtke, John Chura, Larry Kiefling, Sam Schmall, MIA representative, Donald Singletorv Bottom row: Bruce Scofield, Richard Brown, Phillip McConnell, social chairman, Francis Woolridge, George Wickham ,KM 406 ,AQ 407 Y -L., r RQ 5' -12 2 25 i 54375 vw Cz UQ? Nr Tap row: Dwight Ringhousen, Guillermo Garcia, Edwin Wolfer, Richard Ferry, Jack Littlemeyer, Richard Haynes, Jerry Lundry, Noel Wintien, Bernie Allen Second row: Richard Clarke, sergeant at arms, Ocal Eastham, Paul Londrigan, Allan Weihe, president, Richard Davis, secretary-treasurer, Robert Delance, social chairman, Therron Scobbie Bottom row: Leon Harrast, Calvin Moor, Ronald Devereux, George Sumrall, Malcom Stewart, James Houser 509 East Chalmers CGLONIAI. ARMS 'llO8 West Stoughton Top row: Gerald Kinroth, Norman Emmerich, Leslie Doleis, Albert Wavering, Beniamin Krasinski Bottom row: William Lahrman, Ronald Richards, Roger Hausvick, Calvin Sondgeroth, Raymond Reckamp, Jerry Smith We 'cs Hi. WW with My QM' A M ,qw 48 .yew Q. 40 fi' 75115 '- lm l if ss it 55 Top rowz Alfred Tracy, William Duncan, John LaFlamme, Marvin Siensa, Robert Sheridan, Roy Shewe, William Davis Third row: Randall Benson, Paul Finney, Edwin Friesendorf, John Beaty, Richard Ellis Second row: William Pfeifer, Ernie Seggebruch, Larry Larsen, Leslie Wieduwilt, John Klages, Walter Fritz Bottom row: Edward Bingley, Frank Watts, secretary-treasurer, Harold Klatt, Jahn Halversen, vice president, Ronald Vermeulen, president, Larry Hill, Richard Vogel Ronald Krolak Not in panel: Robert Baalman, William Mayfield, James Siegfried, Kenneth Thies CCJLONIAI. MANOR CLUB ESQUIRE 806 South Fifth Top row: Marshall Harris, social chairman, Delmer Hall, Richard Pertel, Gordon Turnbull Fourth row: William Miller, Jerry Barr, Richard Vorreyer, Theodore Martin, Robert Fisher Third row: George Morris, Donald Stratton, James Smokorski, Leonard Coury, Earl Karges, Samuel Winett Second row: William Cinnamon, John Geisler, Robert Shoptaw, Shirley Mitchell, president, Gerald Ploeger, vice president, Eugene Polino, Joseph Snyder Bottom row: Kermit Clifton, social chairman, Arnold Mass, treasurer, John Stratton, Warren Kellogg, Robert Smolenski, Eldon Ahner, secretary, Paul Smothers Not in panel: Norbert Bielat, Russell Cramer, Roger Cummings, John Defries, Richard Elson, Dan Holder, Robert Klocek, Rudolph Krolopp, Paul MacMurdo, James Purdue, Edward Rosenberg, Jerome Toman, Gordon Wilber, Jesse Young .f"" W ,w,:sw,p I if t. xi L ve N e....,.,.. A fr I x: ,rs 5' f, my '-de. 1. ,,. 1 ...4 .W Top row: Jerald Peterson, Fred Salkin, William Pochek, Leslie Long, William Ferry, Stephen Dabler Third row: John Rudolph, Ronald Piotrowski, Raymond Buvala, William Schulz, Tnomas Shurla, James Aitken Second row: William Rumsey, David Scott, Donald Todosichuk, Richard Hanks, Jann Aimone, Stewart Chalem, Ralph Cook Bottom row: Stephen Spudich, social chairman, Jack Dixon, Jerry Caress, secretory-treasurer, Walter Sawyer, president, Robert Harner, vice president, social chairman, Jerry Cunetare, athletic chairman Not in panel: Sheldon Fisher FIRESIDE FOUR COLUMNS 305 East John Tap row: Richard Fields, Richard Sharp, Ronald Hicks, James Ludwig, Elmer Kolusek, Rex Reed, Fred Morris, louis Antonelli Fourth row: Duane Schumacher, Ramunas Karoziio, John O'Grady, Bruce Beyaert, Robert Neathommer, Charles Elsy Jack Young, Third row: Dale Hamilton, John Gingerich, William Johnson, Richard Buskohl, Raymond Rogers, Lloyd Lowder, Frank Pulice, Gordon Gee Second row: Robert Fusinati, Richard Reyso, Dominic Managlia, Jack Hanson, Will Brown, Otis Peterson, Charles Heinzman, Vernon Mulikin, Stanley Biustrom Bottom row: Samuel Gotcher, Bruce Raney, social chairman, William May, president, Lyle Grider, vice president, Ronald McArthur, secretary, James Bottrell Nat in panel: Val Krulconis, Warren Liebman, Joseph Seyl, Michael Shepherd, Richard Erkes, Beniamin Weiss, Walter Shaftner, treasurer 'ff ft: 'Z' 3133 -T mn 409 N Rana adm Ulu Top row: John Brodbeck, Glenn Sword, Donald Anderson, Duane Mcbert, Harold Tippett Fourth row: Robert Hammer, Robert Schaeffer, Don Patterson, Robert Cawthon Third row, Herman Stricklen, Elbert Medcalt, Joseph Geers, John Gill, John Engel Second row, Robert Grendel, Thomas O'Leary, Charles Wilson, Harold Borror, secretary-treasurer t . Bottom row: Clarence Girtch, Leighton Lindquist, Bruce Barkley, vice president, Donald LaCrosse, Robert Bucksot, president GRAHANILODGE , 204 South Goodwin ILLPDELL 706 South Goodwin T : All Hoffman, Ronald Rilott, George Tiardes, Peter Smith, James Stevenson, social chairman, Frank Thorp op FOW en Fourth row: James Haepker Robert Trotter, Wendell Cleaver, Charles Kieftung, Marvin McDonald h F Third row: James Meyer, Richard Vial, historian, John Weidert, Charles Lane, Donald Wissmiller, Jo n eddersen Second row: Gordon Schenepper, David Bossert, Maurice Snow, Bobbie Weiss, sports chairman, David Mobley Bottom row, Maxwell Newport, treasurer, Rodger Quinn, vice president, Paul Rieke, secretary, William Gossett, president, Freeman Martin, chaplain, Howard Walker, commissar 410 4 M, Top row: John Chura, Kent McDaniel, Ronald Thomas, Gene Nelson, Joseph Lenart, secretary, Richard Brown, Gordon Cash Bottom row: Clyde German, Robert Campbell, president, Paul Smith, vice presideent, Jack McClellan, John Vassen, treasurer, Ellis Schmidt ll.l.lKN1c-HTS Not in panel: Robert Adelsperger KOINCDNIA 409 East Daniel Top row: Neal Chamberlain, William McDonal, James Gaffney, Robert Chien, Albert Fuson, public relations chairman, Zeno Kopecky, David Weaver, chaplain, Lowell Kelly, Robert Ford, Clarence Beatty Second row: Gerry Tuveson, Leroy Owens, Anthony Thompson, David Edmondson, Richard Nighswander, Donald Mulkins, Yu Han, Armand Peterson, Jerry Hngan Bottom row: Donald Smith, social chairman, George Stevens, house manager, Richard Baker, commissar, Emerson Hilker, president, Claude Land, vice president, Richard Pople, treasurer, Guy Puccio, secretary Not in panel: Robert Ellison 4 Top row: Earl Sauerweln, Jack Drews, Loren Stoeckel, John Dodge, Dale Wachtel, John Knodle, Harold Suhr Third row: Frederick Hubner, Robert Johnson, David Schoonover, Melvin Neumann, Ernest Karner, Clarence Scarbrough, Harlow Jahnke Second row, Charles layfield, James Hyatt, Bradley Johnson, John Schmidt, Dale Rust, Gary Grace, Charles Ferguson, Wayne Tegeder Bottom row: Robert Stephan, MIA representative, Wayne Meierhans, house manager, Norman Gross, vice president-social chairman, Edward Schumann, membership chairman, Howard Schroeder, president, William Bunte, secretaryvtreasurer, Teddy Dickman, sports chairman, Arthur Eggers, scholastic chairman KUMONAMI LCDNESOME PINE 509 East Daniel Top row: William Henebry, George Eckardt, John Laughlin Fourth row: Roger Strock, Joe Rice, secretary-treasurer, Dean Moss, Richard Nichols Third row: Theodore Bruzas, James Bruno, Kenneth Newstrom Second row: Ralph Jones, president, Robert Hutchison, Kenneth Harris, Carl Calwell, James Ellingson Bottom row: Duane Harris, athletic chairman, James Rea, John Baker, Marvin Trautwein, James Flohr, social chairman, Jack Schmidel 5 X as i HW R9 Top row: Merlan Johnson, Marlin Meyer, Lowell Anderson, Harold Rieches, Robert Mumm, Daniel Pattarson, Robert Mullen, Elwin Johnson Bottom row: William langtahl, social chairman, Gerald Miller, Donald Kaufman, president, Donald Meyer, vice president, Donald Muehling, secretory-treasurer LOOKOUT MANCDR THE MANSICDN 410 East Green Top row: Donald Stark, Hugh Jackson, Daniel Nystrand, Donald Higgs, Ross Childers, larry Huges, Thomas Kubitz, Richard McKinley, Ed Hubele, Daniel DUH, Frank Burke, Gerald Andrews Third row: Jose Florez, Donald Miller, Louis Braun, Dennis Krenz, sports chairman, Jerry Cargill, Robert Waggener, Gordon Guth, Kenneth Cocking, Leroy Noe, Charles Allen, Wesley Watanabe Second row: Roy Cameron, Toru Fuiii, Ralph Bain, controller, Thomas Layman, social chairman, Thomas Flamma, president, Norman Hoube, vice president, Edward Gloppen, treasurer, Attilio Scotese, Charles Szlesmon, MIA representative, Warren Olson, Henry Burke Bottom row: Ronald Moore, Allen Masters, Thomas Snow, Stanley Barton, secretary, Charles Adams, Raymond Adams, Daniel Butterfield, Robert Anderson, Donald Epley, Iulius Stahl Not in panel: Roger Ehrhardt, Jesse Osthus, Claris Roth so-Kwan-M ..m,,Mm, W. .. . Y ,Y . ,. . , , . ,,.-. 2 ,W,,,f New 255951404 413 at Top row: William Oggero, Bruce Stegman, Neil Butterfield, Robert Kostal, Robert Baker, William Mavity, Robert Schmeltzer, president, Patrick Narlgle, David Salbego, Edward Maddox, John Spran Second row: John Anderson, Donald Frandsen, Richard Bruce, Richard Vernon, Ray Allison, Robert Bower, William Thompson, John Cange, Ronald Vanata, Avron Magram Bottom row: John Brittain, Robert Shaddock, Donald Depew, Joe Srsnick, Richard Record, Lawrence Coert, John Kurzrock, vice president, James Edeus, Rolland Heien, Bruce Meyer, Tomy Endo Not in panel: Roy Allison, Lee Boye, Joseph Bryan, David Frey, Ronald Kamp, Henry Kraus, Harry Lamb, Robert Leach, Walter Link, Wayne Lohman, Earl Martin, Maynard Massa, Donald Sibrel, Phillip Wintergerst MEDEA LODGE MOCDRE HALL l l I2 West California Top row: Felipe Aala, Robert Albright, James Blackwell, Thomas Humes, Stuart Popkoff, Herbert Honnagan, George Perrero, Herbert Kabiolka, Romulo Tirambulo Second row: Richard Yund, Milton Kostner, Edward Keating, John Keorins, Richard Drogemuller, athletic chairman, Ernest Lidstrom, Ronald Gonsky, Glenn Mueller Bottom row: Michael Henry, James Rudolph, Elroy Tatge, Clayton Fox, president: William Palmer, social chairman, Robert Klasler, secretary-treasurer, Donald Hausman Not in panel: Howard Elford, Andrew Stecyk, Carl Lassiter, Murl Eddy, James Johnson, Claude Wilkerson 414 415 Top row: Gerald Meyers, George Van Dusen, William Tozer, James Hinkle, Ralph Hale, Leslie Sandlow, Charles Aikman, Allan Zuckerman Second row: Allan Jacobs, Norman Edelstein, Richard Penly, Marshall Rod.n, Michael Economos, Edward Bedard, George Mayeske Bottom row, Allan Sered, James Fields, vice president, Richard Engle, president, Louis Keith, secretary, Richard Kohl, treasurer Not in panel: Melvin Green, Robert Walker, Earl Silverman, Donald Morris, John Tobey, John Litser, Allen Haarr, Raymond Moehle EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF lVl.R.H. FLAC-G HOUSE, M.R.H. l2l5 South Fourth Too row, Roland Wulbert, Leonard Behling, James Huggins, John Suedel, Patrick Sollo, Arthur Holtz, Philip Cohen, Donald Graves, John Goles Fourth row: Standlev Naysmith, Robert Finkelmon, Gerald Kessler, Donald Granbois, John Melvin, Allan Bluestone, Stephen Gilbert, Theodore Christensen, MIA representative, Ned Kohn, Richard Spellberg, Leonard Mason, Charles Mahn Third row: John Wisniewski, Robert Freitag, Charles Brodkorb, Glenn Grosch, Philip Lincenberg, Robert Migatz, Donald Reichel, Robert Seiler, Norman Nelson, Donald Schneider, William Nilsson, Michael Morgan, Bekele Kebede Second row: Louis Keller, Raymond Kraley, Robert Marks, Fred Blazine, Stuart Jatie, John Hoiem, Julius Schreiber, Donald McMasters, MIA representative, Herbert Tygett, Charles Morrill, Raul Del Muro, Thomas Hooker, Leopold Rother Bottom row: James Andrle, Paul Deutschle, Louis Glickmon, treasurer, Emil Kubolek, secretary, Alan Zuckerman, president, Oliver Colvin, counselor, Irwin Weinstein, activities chairman, James Williams, social chairman, Burton Hirsch, George Papamarkoff ' z, mSg3'gv-gzesr --A - A ,..mu1...1n--.-. ,tw f -- .,, .E ..,, ,MV '. Top row: James Hinkle, John Grifilith, George Van Emden, Charles Christansen, William Lyon, Richard Mann, Donald Tiedeman Second row: Cecil Gosnell, Henry Emoto, Raymond Guyette, John Hahn, George Kiefer, Stephen Kolish, Ronald Gibson, Daniel Wax Bottom row: Charles Dow, scholarship chairman, Carl Ehlers, vice president, William Tozer, president, Harold Rifken, counselor, Walter Myers, treasurer BARTON HOUSE EAST, M.R.H. BARTON HOUSE WEST, M.R.H. l2l5 South Fourth Top row: Altred Wilde, John Niebrzydoski, David Heberer, Leslie Simon, Larry Graft, Kenneth Altera, Donald Whitmore, Ronald Welter, Charles Kogan, Thaddeus Flis Third row: Dale Braxton, Donald Prather, Erwin Ziemer, Richard Miura, Javin Taylor, Henry Kluka, William Hartman, Howard Holzman, Conrad Taudacher, Richard Haimbaugh, Jerry Pallo Second row, David Rogier, David Chun, Donald Gordon, Donald Herman, Roland Gibson, Richard Lerner, Frederick Jaronilzky, Leroy Davidson, Robert Bratthauar Bottom raw: Herbert Lassiter, scholastic chairman, Richard Norris, secretary, Allen Sered, treasurer, Allan Jacobs, president, William Young, counselor, George Richards, vice president, Mark McDonald, activity chairman 1, A -X f i . ,f ' I , t R Top row: lrwin David, Gerald Hardt, Victor Havel, Kenneth Kirk, George Chandler, Douglas Golden, Roger Stange, Alfonso Golderos Second row: Jerry Warren, John Lee, Michael Taras, John Doe, Alfonso Cuevas, Albert Petrie, John Doe, Alberto Ruiz Bottom row: Jose Olivo, vice president, Samuel Frank, social chairman, Joseph Vitt, MIA representative, Omar Cardozo, Barry Barr, athletic chairman, George Mayeske, president, Joseph Clark CLARK SECCDND HOUSE. lVl.R.H. CLARK HOUSE, Nl.R.H. l2l5 South Fourth Top row: Robert Tamaskiewcz, Arlen Hagen, Richard Norris, Dean Stanley, Charles Foley, John Benisek, Joe Goddard, Standford Gradman, Bertil Person, Robert Vandervoort, Richard Engle Third row: Ronald Keyser, Duncan Livingston, William Yerkes, Andrew Nordyke, Paul Berns, Raymond Moehle, Donald Esarove, Lewis Leonard, Marshall Teichner, Jerry Moessner, John Smith Second row: Richard Kohl, Raymond Ratay, Robert Fronkenbush, Lawrence Fretzin, Richard Earlix, Edwin Friedrich, Dewey Pape, Frank Bauling, Richard Gridle- baugh, Arthur Friedman Bottom row: Louis Keith, Angelo Cucci, counselor, Michael Economos, president, Walter Moy, treasurer, Mike Monaco, athletic chairman, Daniel Motyka, social chairman, Robert Resek, Lionel Rippie, William Rimmke 417 Top row: Joe Kosut, Eugene Brazis, Irwin Greenberg, Ron Albrecht, Joel Borck, Alan Zengel, Morris Fisher, John Kulge, Robert Klopfer, Phil Locascio, Frank Heurich, Herb Fisher Norman Edelstein, Anthony Pauletto, Michael Cavallo, Natale Scarpelli, Jerry Bornstein, Marvin Bornstein, John Stambulis, David Fricker, Donald Second row: Fricker, John Martinex, Eugene Malecki Bottom row: Adrian Fox, Mandel Moeckler, treasurer, Zan Skolnick, Joseph Fekete, counselor, Ralph Hale, president, Ronald Appel, vice president, Norman Zim- merman, Allen Mitzenmacher, Walter Sugar, Sheldon Bernsen, secretory, James Neu LUNDGREN HOUSE EAST, M.R.H. LUNDGREN HOUSE WEST, lVl.R.H. l2l5 South Fourth Top row: John Bleck, David Marks, Roger Bainbridge, Ralph Moore, Robert Ellman, Martin Robertson, Warren Anderson, Robert Baluka, John Lipmicke, Arnold Schultz Third row: Robert Semmelroth, San Frankel, Rudolph Polacek, Sheldon Rubin, Emerson Klein, vice president, Charles Aikman, Martin Weiland, James Tolch, John Lassiter, Norman Hollenberg, Robert Miller, Ignacio Lopez Second row: Robert Cooper, Myron Chubin, Art Soder, Lowell Le Febvre, Bruce Schildt, John Weythal, Edgar Barnes, Fernando Whorton, Lewis Frazier, Oscar Castro, Larry Hess, Fermin Augilar Bottom raw: James Fields, Leon Wexler, activities chairman, Richard Penley, scholastic chairman, Philip Hawes, social chairman, James Erkman, secretary, George Van Dusen, president, Ralph Hines, counsel, Harry Henderson, MIA representative, Raymond Gollian, athletic chairman, Robert Rosenthal, Jack Justen, treasurer 4l8 4l9 Top row: Edmund Mason, John Tobey, James McComb, Jerome Miller, Earl Thomas, James Kuykendall, Roger Buckalao Third row: James Campbell, Gregg Warmbier, Rudolph Habben, John Dollen, Ralph Easley, Robert Gelakoski, John Schierholtz, Edward Markel Second row: Jerome Yochim, Ronald Aron, Allen Haarr, Calvin Wang, Donald Standish, Blake Waterhouse, Harold Hicks, president, George Lehker, John Bugs Bottom row: John Litster, William Garrett, Richard York, Wendall Baumgartner, Vincent Lopez, counselor, Jack Not in panel: Michael Hertzberg, Charles Denny, David Meadows, William Nicholson, Chris Kipter, Robert Scott Hansen, Bertram Leyden, Arthur Laudeman NOBLE HOUSE, lVl.R.H. First' and Second Floors 'l2l5 South Fourth NOBLE HOUSE, lVl.R.H. . Third and Fourth Floors l2l5 South Fourth Top row: Alexander Wade, Dieter Rodrion, Charles Anderson, Earl Silverman, president, Edwin Goldenberg Third row: Eric Levy, Robert Stull, Melvyn Green, Sidney Leavitt, Frederick Davis, John Brothers, Robert McKown Second row: Kenneth Tenny, Martin Plonus, Paul Schulstad, Arthur Tonelli, Sumbad Konlian, Gordon Thomas, Owen Bottom row: Jerald Galowich, Ronald Galowich, Marshall Rodin, Frederick Neiser, counselor, Philip Giovanny, Gilbert Sweet O'Neill, Darwin Phillips counselor, Francis Gallagher, Gerald Meyers - .-1 fi 1+ 1151 1 420 Top row: Daniel Fritschie, James Rahl, Thomas Oliver, Arlen Speckman Third row: Donald Jones, Billy Rich, William Burgess, Donald Keim, commissory, Ronald Seibel, James Glessner Second row: Harold James, Francis Barton, Charles Willman, Harvey Hortik, Vernon Eidman, Louis Schairer Bottom row, Jerry Steffen, pleclgemcister, Robert Dintelmann, treasurer, Richard Duvick, president, Howard Malstrom, secretary, Melvin Schlueter, social chairman George lrwin, historian Bll West Oregon GAR-MEN A09 East Green Top row: Frank Montagnino, Henry Nowers, Dale Adams, William DoePD, Bertwin Einfalt, Donald Foerder Second row: Carroll Grandt, social chairman, Charles Albright, secretary-treasurer, Ralph Swett, president, manager Bottom row: Leon Ncflziger, Leland Wells, David Moore, Graham Browning, Gerald Lippold Not in panel: Robert Bornarth, John Curtin, Willy Holm, Robert McCall, James Nolan, David Walker George Wells, vice president, Ronald Leisch intramural 43' uv , an . -sv-' 'N Wk' Y' 1"" Top row: Richard Foster, Raymond Vilutis, Wilbur Seelye, Thomas Cahoon, Richird Mitchell, William Rea, Donnie Snedeker, Richard Marlin Bottom row: Robert Overby, vice president, Elmer Balls, secretary, Dale Smith, p esidentg David Anderson, treasurer, Charles Manske SECTION EIGHT Not in panel: Neil Hamilton SHAWNEE Top row: James Gorman, Larry Gulick, James England, George Anselm, Lynn Truckenbrod, Daniel Siders, Otto Capek, Charles Madory, William Cunningham, Dewayne Miller, Raymond Capek, Robert Shanklin, Richard Pteifer Second row: Robert Caster, William Meyer, Jack Ross, Stanley Dziacko, William Larson, Ronald Schmitz, Harris Hammer, James Stome, Joseph Blair, Jack leftwich, Norman Silcox, John Richards, Jack Maddox, Marlyn Reynolds, Byron Fortney, Donald Doney, James Celarier, James Madory Bottom row: Gerald Mclntash, Robert Hartmann, Robert Duszak, sports chairman: Anton Schmid, social chairman, Robert Psenka, president, Mrs. Brown, Keith Frey, vice president, louis Klindera, social chairman, Glenn Abel, treasurer, Edwin Thayer, Robert Soltwedel Not in panel: Richard Balestri, David Dobberman, Merle Mulvany 4 "N -1. K 5.-.s if A X 5 . x Q4 ll C at U 7 X , 5 S R7 Y i 1- ,L xt ,f f i Q 'i f 'L ,M X5 3 6 ' W i R gg, 3-is ' 'A ,Ei ,,,,j9! E, or ls , JM L . X +"' ----f f' ' A- Y , . -f A A, . ,fe M 'w.,yg,, it 'F 2' R as 9-V , ,f Q, fhA X x Q? R2 53 yi .ff -X X '1 I , Top now: Willard Parr, Richard West, Maxwell Forbes, Lloyd Bryant, Robert Milligan, Morten Anderson, Marvin Gerdes, Fred Krause, Robert Skinner Second row: Charles Engelhardt, Jock Deoton, George Hudelson, Robert Willand, Charles Morine, John Talbott, Robert Whittenbarger, Henry Lisheid, Donald Rim- snider Bottom row: Robert Clark, Christopher Knunkel, treasurer, Robert Lahne, president, John Mills, vice president, Ronald WisthuF, Roland Schwanke, secretary Not in panel: Thomas Steele, Paul Wallem, Robert Watts, Larry West some I-IQME TARA HALL Top row: Richard Mathews, Daniel Stuber, Kermit Wells, William Hodgson, Dovid Snyder, Gerald Monroe, Robert Stubbletield, Robert Leslie Second row: William Woerner, Eugene Nelson, Thomas Piper, Fred Snyder, Richard Baker, Danny Smith, John Fechter, Gordon Cash Bottom row: Roger Funk, Bernard Johnson, Donald Nelson, secretary-treasurer, James Allen, president, Orvel Clausen, vice president, David Hutchinson, George Piper Q l i""' ..- 42 Top row: Lawrence Larson, Douglas Kline, social chairman Fifth row: Julian Anderson, vice president, Richard Crowe, athletic chairman Max Hocrr, Edwin Haas, secretory-treasurer Fourth raw: Aldrich Liplia, James Fcliensbee, Norwood Olivzr, A,thur Bell, MiA rearesentatixe Third rowi Joseph Hunt, Richard Lorscn, Maxwell Foper Second row: Robert Msnsell, Gerald Panzer, Harvey Brown, Robot Crispin Bottom row: Roger Johnston, David Lellinger, Allied Krause, prssldantg Richaxl Perdue, Ronald liuderko TW N 'ESTATES Not in panel: Francis Vlochi WESIVIEN 1301 West Stoughton Top row: Bernard Burnett, Gordon Wokey, Paul Kermicle, John Lehmann, Gene Fixon Third row: Corl McNair, Moon Sung, Robert Waltz, John Stanley, Peter Kloeposl, athletic chairman Second row: Pak Cheong Woo, Jerome Hardesly, David VValtz, Franklin Kuo, Theodore Jamison Bottom row: Donald Taylor, Robert Madison, social chairman, .lamss Esarey, president, Jerry Kermicle, vice president, Harry Harding, treasurer, tary Not in panel: Richard Ahrenkiel Gerald Trimble, secre- 44-a .f 5 ff , .,,.w' Q 3 , r T 95? Inf iii 9 o I is 'if .Fe N? wi Q53 K faq 'S f ' 'W ef 3 QD 1-rg ga 2 p WW? E 1 X I xfb 1 D R . 1 ' I N L. " SM'lI f v I W 31 W dill 1 I ls X . 'WWWDJJ 1 iq X Wi SENICDRS QQ 2 'W W AX w F"! W f L WWE ff X154 as N1 .4 sz Llw. y, .st some-M ELLEN ABBOTT .,,.....,......,.,. Carbondale Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Presliy Hall lilini Union Committee Il, 2lg University Theatre ri, 215 w.A.A. ri, 2, 3, Ai, was. nx- fcutiva Council Ill: Anthropology Club: Illini l'orensic Association GLENN FREDRICK ABEL .....,., Big B:-nd, Wis. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Shawnee Alpha Phi Omegap House President Uilg Maier. Army ROTCg Ordnance Clubg Phalanxg A.I.A.g Rifle and Pistol Club NVENDELI. SAMUEL ABERN ,......,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Composition Granada Club Honors Day Ill EDWARD MICHAEL ABRAMS... .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Delta Campus Chest 1215 Interfraternity Council I3lg Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg Hillel Foun- dation Student Council Ill: Accountancy Club MARION ACHOR ............ .,.. Q uincy Commerce Personnel Management Alpha Phi House President Intl BRUCE EUGENE ADAMS ...... ...EI Paso Commerce Management Phi Delta Theta Baseball Manager: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTCg National Defense Transportation Associa- tiong Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment CLARISSA BARLOW ADAMS. .Birmingham, Mich. Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Phi Eta Denison University ART AFREMOW .....,,.,............ Chicago ,s 'L 3 Q F .. -iv. 'W' fa' W ts f 'L . tm? x i 'E ffie f 3 . 7., is W ,m r A. nt ,. Aw . 'fix N f .6 ' 1 ' ' ' me-niij P Q 3+ I , 2, W 2 ,.. Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Economics Barton House Honors Day I3I WAYNE HAROLD AHLBERG .... .... L a Grange Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Clubg Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion 426 Gm? ls? .. .fr J, iii? F W , J WILLIAM MATHESON Al-ILENIUS ,...... Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Illini Union Committee I2lg Freshman Week Committee I3lg Military Ball Committee 1315 Lieutenant, NROTCJ Navy Councilg Pershing Riflesg Spanish Clubg Young Republicans Club AVINASH KUMAR AHUJA ..,.... Bombay, India Engineering Mechanical Engineering University of Bombay CHARLES RAY AIKMAN ..... ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House House President ISI: Freshman Varsity Wres- tling Squaclg Men's Glee Club 1315 Junior Men's Glee Club 121, Freshman Vleek Committeeg Accountancy Club: A.l.A.g Society for the Ad- vancement of Management EDWARD HENRY ALBRECHT, JR ......... Dolton Division of Special Services Political Science Thornton Junior Collegeg Northern Illinois State Teachers College VERNON JOHN ALBRIGHT .,.......... Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Journalism Sigma Delta Chif Illini Union Committee Idlg Illini Rural Observer 12, 3l5 Plowboy Prom Com- mittee Ililg Agriculture Club BRUCE LENORE ALDENDIFER ...,... Waukegan Liberal Arts and Sciences English Lincoln Avenue Residence Delta Sigma Omicron SAMUEL JAY ALEX ......... ...Chicago Commerce Management and Marketing Honors Day II, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CARNEY GAINES ALLEN ......... Paducah, Ky. Commerce Accountancy Zeta Psi Freshman Week Committee Ml Paducah Junior College JOHN EUGENE ALLEN ....... ...Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering First Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois A L I rt no i LARRY EUGENE ALLEN ..,... ...chaiiaccihe Engineering - ' 1 ,W Aeronautical Engineering , Sigma Gamma Tau, First Lieutenant, Army 'I V rk ll ii . M Rorc, swbbmd and Blade A ,:., " ' Knox College 7' H -I , 7 ,K i rf 2 RAYMOND JACK ALLEN., .... ...Wood Rivci ' Engineering Civil Engineering Football Marching Band l2, 3, 41: First Regi- , . I mental Band I2, 3, 41, Engineering Council X is, Ai, A.S,C.E. Southern Illinois University i :'i il 5 5 MIGUEL ALVAREZ ..,....,.. Bogota, Colombia Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall A.F.S., A,S.M.E. University of the Andes JAMES EDWARD AMBROSE ....,.., ,.,. D ixon Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Gargoyle I3, 41, A.l,A. Honors Day ll, 21 GABRIEL AMITAI ,....,....... Tel-Aviv, Israel Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, A.F.S., A.S.M.E. Honors Day l31 Milwaukee School of Engineering ARCHALENE AMOS .......,... Chicago Heights Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Alpha Kappa Alpha W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41, First Regimental Band ll1, Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 31, School of Music Student Council l31 BARBARA ANN ANDERSON ..,.....,.. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Beau Chateau Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois DEAN MARTIN ANDERSON... ..,. Rockford Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho A.l,E.E.-I.R.E., Captain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day ll1 KARL STEPHEN ANDERSON .... .... R iverside Journalism Editorial Chi Psi Sachem, Sigma Delta Chi, Illini Union Com- mittee ll, 31, Board of Fraternity Affairs l2, 31, lnterfraternity Council ll, 2, 31, Intramural Manager ll, 2, 31, Freshman Week Committee I2, 31, IM Rec Board l31, German Club, Illini Sportsman's Club 1-as -'ms 'X W 1 P IJ .IS Air in I an W . 'gs'-27" 1,,...., 2. Q 1 ggi. tm' vs Q' fi i 'fi' ,-A A--or-ar i H. G2 ui.. two., it la., 'of' 'W' 3 fx if 'K , wk is fi MORTEN HANS ANDERSON .... .... E lgin Agriculture General Agriculture Son's Home Men's Glee Club I21, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club Elgin Community College PAUL EDWARD ANDERSON .... .... P axton Commerce Accountancy Phi Eta Sigma, Infantry Club, Accountancy Club Honors Day ll, 21 PEGGY SUE ANDERSON .,......... ...Dixon Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta, Society of Illustrators, University Theatre Manager ll, 21, Star Course Manager ll, 21, Coordination Com- mittee l21, Junior Bar Association IA1, Young Republicans Club Honors Day ll, 31 ROBERT FRANCIS ANDERSON ..,. .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Wright Junior College ROBERT FRANK ANDERSON... ...La Grange Commerce Economics and Management Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Commerce Council l31, Accountancy Club, Agricultural Economics Club, Finance Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Illini Sportsman's Club, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Young Republicans Club Lyons Township Junior College SUE ELIZABETH ANDERSON .... .,.. O ck Park Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board, Shi-Ai, The lllio ll, 21, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet l2, 3, 41, Y.W,C.A. Committee ll1, W.A.A. ll1, Campus Chest Allocation and Advisory Board l3, 41 Honors Day l31 WARREN CARL ANDERSON ........,.. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Lundgren House Gargoyle, A,l.A., Anthropology Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARVIN JOHN ANDRESEN ...,..,..,. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Alpha Tau Omega Campus Chest ll, 21, Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squad, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, German Club CHARLES JACK ANDREWS .,.. ...Canton Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Lambda Ma-Wan-Da, Star and Scroll, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Illini Union Board l3, 41, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Star Course Manager ll, 21, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet I21, Y.M.C.A. Committee II1, Colonel, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Accountancy Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key 427 QS? 45 YN'- 'xx NJ' rv-5 xg 'sa u .A -1 DAVID ANDREWS ...,............. Mattoon Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Chi Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Military Ball Committee 131, Colonel, Air Force ROTC, Air Force Council, Arnold Air Society, Scob- bard and Blade Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key FRANKLIN ANDREWS . ,.........., . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology lnterlraternity Council 121, Cyclothem Club, Illini Sportsmon's Club HELEN WRIGHT ANDREWS ......... Utica, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Evans Hall The Daily Illini 121, w.A.A. Board 441, w.A.A. 13, 41, Terrapin 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 111 JOAN MARCIA ANDREWS ,........,.. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Pointing and Illustration Alpha Chi Omega W.A,A. 131, Fine and Applied Arts Society MARVIN ARNOLD ANDREWS. ,, ...Kewanee Commerce Economics Chi Gamma Iota, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma lata Epsilon, Y.M.C.A. Committee 121, American Society for Public Administration, Finance Club Honors Day 12, 31 RUTH MARILYN ANDREWS ......... ...Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta, lata Sigma Pi, The lllio 1l1, Star Course Manager ll, 21, House President 141 Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key BERT ANSCHEL ,...,.,..... ..,Wilmette Commerce Marketing Barton House University Theatre Business Staff 131, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini, Business Manager, Track Manager Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RONALD MELVIN APPEL Kew Garden Hills, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lundgren House BARBARA JOAN APPERSON. .. Journalism Advertising Alpha Chi Omega Gamma Alpha Chi, president 141 WAA ll, 2, 3, 41, Journalism Council 13 University of Arizona ...Urbana . I 'Y , . , , 4 4 . 41 V' V I 'Y' 428 t fl r 1 - f , 3 gi'-'ws .vw 'H W J . Q, .f ee A --H 'I 12 se n 4 lg w e ,,- Q ' il' .iii Q- H if ifi I- 43 'Q ,' in 4 V. ,I -.-. W .. 5 . " A . L ' ts? 1 :lf ' f ' 1 U 1 .V . My ' 1 r , 'll is 'E e W, W Q fue ff av 1 A S EVANGELOS DEMETRIOS ARGOUDELIS Piraeys, Greece Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi 141, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HARRY CULBERTSON ARMSTRONG .... Delavan Law Low Alpha Sigma Phi Skull and Crescent, Phi Alpha Delta, president 141, Second Lieutenant, Air Farce ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Junior Bar Association Honors Day 111 PAUL ARMSTRONG ll ,.....,.. ...Winnetka Journalism Advertising Chi Phi Board of Fraternity Affairs 131, Interfraternity Council 131, Petty Ofllicer First Class, NROTC Honors Day 121 Cornell University HAROLD EDWARD ARNETT, .. .... Danville Commerce Accountancy and Finance ALBERT GARY ARNOLD ..... ...Peoria Commerce Banking and Finance Phi Gamma Delta Skull ond Crescent, House President 13, 41, Captain, Air Force ROTC DONALD RAY ARNOLD ...,......... Belleville Engineering Electrical Engineering Theta Xi Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Star Course Manager 121, Illinois Technograph 131, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day 131 Belleville Junior College ROGER THOMAS ARNOLD ...,. ...Elizabeth Engineering Ceramic Engineering Bastille Choristers 13, 41, Engineering Council l31, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.C.S., presi- dent 141 MATTHEW COOPER ARONSON Springfield, Mass. Commerce Personnel Management Campus Chest 131, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management American International College JOSEPH MALCOLM ARONSTAM Newton Centre, Mass. Division ot Special Services History Sigma Alpha MU Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Campus Chest 1l, 2, 31, Freshman Week Committee 121, Spanish Club, Young Republicans Club Honors Day 1l1 Tufts College, Boston University JOHN EDWARD ARTHUR .....,. ...Champaign Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, A.l,E.E.-I.R.E. Rochester Institute at Technology ROLAND JOHN ARTIGUES, JR .... ...Urbana Commerce Personnel Management Phi Sigma Kappa The Daily Illini l11, First Lieutenant, ArrnY ROTC, Zeta Sigma Alpha, Rifle and Pistol Club JEROME THOMAS ATKINSON, JR .,.,.. Wilmetle Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Delta Phi Pierrots, The Daily Illini ll, 21, Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 3, 41, University Theatre Manager I2, 3, 41 Galesburg Extension at University of Illinois JOHN EDWARD ATTEBERY ...,. ...Hillsboro Agriculture General Agriculture Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club, Horti- culture Club, Young Republicans Club Iowa State College HERBERT RICHARD AUGUST Northampton, Mass. Journalism Advertising Pi Lambda Phi Illini Union Committee H1 Kansas State College JEFFREY MINER AUSTIN ..,..... ...Urbana Physical Education Physical Education Phi Gamma Delta Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Maiar I, Tribe of Illini ll, 2, 3, 41, Cheer- leader I2, 3, 41, Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad, Scabbard and Blade, Ensign, Navy ROTC RONALD JAMES AYOTTE ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences International Affairs Alpha Chi Rho Chi Gamma Iota, The lllio ll, 21, Y.M.C.A. Committee lI1, LAS Council l3, 41, Maior, Army ROTC, Military Council, Phalanx Honors Day l31 RAYMOND KAZIMIERAS BABICKAS ..... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD JOSEPH BABICZ .... .... C hicago Engineering General Engineering Chi Phi Skull and Crescent, Campus Chest 121, General Engineering Society qv! -Gi i Kg mga, ti . 1 isis , f Miki i A 52:17 ' ADAM HENRY BACHMAN, JR. . .. ...Salem Journalism Advertising M Sigma Chi Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Varsity Wres- tling Squad ll, 21 PARKER HOLMES BADGER ..., Philadelphia, Pa. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Honors Day I31 Milwaukee School of Engineering FREDERICK LEE BAGLEY .,... ...Urbana Commerce Management Alpha Eta Rho, president l3, 41, Glider Club LOUIS THEODORE BAIER ..,, ,... C icero Journalism Advertising Browery Alpha Delta Sigma, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Tall Illini Club Honors Day I31 Iowa State College, Northwestern University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ELMER FRANCIS BAILEY ..... ...Evanston Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Phi Alpha A.l.E.E.-I.R,E., Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois ROBERT EUGENE BAILEY ........... La Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Omega, A.I.Ch.E. Wabash College SHERWIN HAROLD BAIM ......,...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Rho Tau, Phi Chi Eta, Illini Insurance Society, Illini Sportsman's Club WILLIAM DOUGLAS BAIRD ....... Williamsfield Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Campus Chest l21, Illini Rural Observer I21, All-Ag Field Day Committee I21, Military Ball Committee l2, 31, Plowboy Prom Committee ll, 21, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, AlDha Rho Tau, Phalanx, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club ALGIS RAMUTIS BAKAITIS ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Newman Hall Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.Ch.E. Navy Pier Activities, Honors Day li, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 429 N ga, S151 3 .ag Sf JOANN BAKER Hillview Agriculture Home Economics Concordia NE Illinois State Normal University I WILLIAM KING BAKER ...,.., ...Lima Agriculture Food Technology Phi Eta Sigma, Food Technology Association J Yale University, Illinois Institute of Technology "5 Cf .4 I., x cz JOHN LESTER BALDWIN .,.... ...Danville Commerce Management Delta Sigma Phi Society for the Advancement of Management Western Illinois State College JOSEPH MICHAEL BALTRUSAITIS ..,... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bastille A.S,M.E. Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Illinois Institute of Technology THOMAS NORMAN BANKS .,... ...Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension ot the University ot Illinoi: .IENNIS JOSEPH BAPST .....,.,,..,. Oak Lawn Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Physics Newman Hall Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Tomahawk, Phi Eta Sigma, M.l.A. Executive Council II, 2, 3, 41, Student Senate II, 2, 3, 41, Committee on Stu- dent Affairs I2, 3, 41, Coordination Committee II1, Freshman Council II1, N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee I2, 3, 41, Freshman Week Com- mittee I2, 3, 41 THOMAS GOODWIN BARANSKI ,.,. Des Plaines Commerce Marketing Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Rifle and Pistol Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Wrestling II, 21, Host of Illini Il, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WAYNE MERLE BARKER ....... ...Princeton Engineering Civil Engineering Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.S.C.E, BRUCE OWEN BARKLEY ......,........ Newton Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Graham Lodge M.l.A. Executive Council I3, 41, Student Senate I3, 41, University Chorus, president I3, 41, French Club Deep Springs College 430 , it nv- 't-: : ...- nf ' fa 422 Q le f t gs E QW'-s. 51. .I yi. ow 1. K, , 3 , QW I mi?" "' .- e -- ,. 6 J ,. ' Wit we ii- ccy, B K s I if if at I K . L It i I iyc I JOEL FRANCIS BARNES ,,..,....... Oak Park Division at Special Services Accountancy Alpha Delta Phi illini Union Committee I31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ANN ELIZABETH BARNETT. ..,.... Dallas, Tex. Commerce Economics Phi Sigma Sigma Phi Chi Theta, House President i31 Southern Methodist University GEORGE BRITT BARR ...... .... Commerce . . . .Joliet Commerce and Law Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Junior Bar Association Honors Day I21 Princeton University CLYDE LEWIS BARTH .,....... ,... M inonk Agriculture Agricultural Science and Engineering University Choir I3, 41, Men's Glee Club Il, 2, 3, 4, 51, Orotorio Society I4, 51, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.S,A.E. Honors Day I31 EDWARD EAST BARTHELLH. .,., Wilmette Commerce Marketing Beta Theta Pi Skull and Crescent, Y,M.C.A, Committee II1, Cheerleadei i2, 31 NANCY NICKOL BARTHELL... ..,. Wilmette Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Y.W.C.A. Committee Il, 21, University Choir IZI Honors Day I2, 31 HALE CARLYLE BARTLETT ...,. ..,... U rbana Commerce Industrial Administration Beta Theta Pi Star Course Manager I21, Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day Il, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key BONNIE JEAN BARTLEY ....... ..,. L a Grange Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta The Daily Illini Il, 21, Illini Union Committee Il, 21 LEONARD RICHARD BASINSKI ......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sleepy Hollow A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University ol Illinois DOUGLAS STEPHEN BATES ........... Fairfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Phi Delta Theta Butler University ROBERT EDWARD BATES, JR. Washington, D.C. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology lnterfraternity Council 131, Varsity Tennis Squad 121, Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad, Captain, Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade Honors Day 121 JOSEPH ANTHONY BATTAGLIA Chicago Heights Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall House President 141, A.S.C.E., l.T.E., presi- dent 141 St. Joseph's College MARNA ROSE BREWBAKER BAUER .... Mendota Physical Education Physical Education Pi Beta Phi Y.W.C.A. Committee 121, W.A.A. 1l, 2, 3, 111, Physical Education Maiors Club Honors Day 131 DONALD JOHN BAUMGARTNER ....... Chicago Engineering Sanitary Engineering Newman Hall M.I.A. Executive Council 131, House President 131, Engineering Council 141, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Mu-Son, president 141 St. Mary's College WILLIAM HERBERT BAYLEY .... .... C armi Commerce Accountancy Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Omega, lllini Union Committee 1l, 21, Y.M.C.A. Committee 111, Varsity Tennis Squad 121, Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad, Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41, Football Marching Band 1l, 2, 3, 41, Accountancy Club CHARLES KIRK BAZZELL ..... ...Brownstown Engineering Civil Engineering Lux Mundi Maior, Army ROTC, A.S.C.E., Rifle and Pistol Club, Synton NORMA HALDENE BEAN ..... ...Urbana Commerce Accountancy Gamma Phi Beta ROBERT HAROLD BEAN ........,... Mt. Vernon Engineering Mining Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon M.I.S. A f la ii I. .We s. I . iilfifif sf if ,. ,Lui Q ' .Q "V f 3, .ii . 1. . , Q X .. ca ee- , , fi 555 3 ' i W ,Mi . ts we-Q ' I-p h as . 1 fc . rr A x .1 f . K P? ' s. Q . 5 V. 1 ii i 1 grql ir'i A , e g f f 'F" g5i l.ftirf J JOAN ELIZABETH BEATTY .,...,. ...Chicago Physical Education Recreation Delta Zeta Shi-Ai, lllini Union Committee 12, 31, Campus Chest 121, W.A.A., Panhellenic Ball Committee 121, U. of I. Student Chapter American Recre- ational Society JOHN FRANCIS BEATTY ...... ...La Moille Agriculture General Agriculture Acacia Illini Rural Observer 111, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Infantry Club, Agricultural Economics Club JUDITH ELISABETH BEATTY. . . .. Agriculture . . .Decatur Home Economics Pi Beta Phi The Daily lllini 141, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Marketing Club Honors Day 1l1 LOIS MOFFETT BECKENBAUGH. .. Education . . . .Lansing Elementary Education Sigma Kappa Mask and Bauble, Illini Union Committee 11, 21, University Theatre Manager 131, W.A.A. 1l, 2, 31, University Chorus 121, Spanish Club Indiana University JAMES ERNEST BECKER ......... East St. Louis Engineering Mining Engineering M.I.S. VJAVNE RUEL BECKER ..,.... ...Jacksonville Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho University Choir 131, University Chorus 131, Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 41, Oratorio Society 131, All-Ag Field Day Committee 121, Plowboy Prom Committee 121, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club Bradley University BARBARA LEE BECKMAN. ......... ..Ook Park Education Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta Campus Chest 131, Student Senate Stephens College MELVIN HENRY BECKMAN ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Gargoyle, president 151, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Scarab, Fine and Applied Arts fuuncil 151, A.l.A. Navy Pier Activities: Illinois Technograph Honors Day 1l, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of lflinais ROBERT BEDE .. ............. .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities, Band, president 121 Wilson Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois 431 5 e if A' 5- s ii. . if ,N . Q. ru f 1 .1 A. 1.1213 ' W :V .gt rf., ,ns . 2555 gf, 2 if 5... gem 5. 2. 2 .ks SJR-I .ag fig, i 9 'N Cf -1 sz E omg. .ces ,ELL E' ROBERT AMBROSE BEESLEY .... ...Wheaton Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. Honors Day I21 St. Olaf College EMILY LOUISE BEGGS.. .,.,..,.... Oak Park Agriculture General Agriculture Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee il, 21, Star Course Manager Il, 21, Women's Glee Club II1, Illini Rural Observer Il, 21, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club LEONARD WILLIAM BEHLING ...... ...Elgin Fine and Applied Arts Music Flagg House Concert Band l2, 3, 41, Football Marching Band Il, 2, 3, 41, First Regimental Band II1, Uni- versity Choir I31, Oratorio Society l21 CLYDE DE VERE BELL .......... Sturgis, Mich. Commerce Marketing Kappa Alpha Psi Marketing Club Herzl Junior College, DePaul University DENNIS ARTHUR BELL ........ ,...ChicG9o Commerce Accountancy Illini Union Committee I31 JAMES FARREL BELL ...,.,,...... ..,. J oliet Commerce Personnel Management Theta Chi Y.M.C.A. Committee I2, 31, Tribe at Illini, Varsity Fencing Squad I2, 3, 41, Letter l2, 3, 41, Captain l41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Scimitar GLORIA MAE BELVEL ....,... Davenport, Iowa Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Phi University Chorus IA1, Women's Glee Club 141, Home Economics Club Cornell College JOHN LOWELL BENDER, ............ Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Lundgren House Omega Beta Pi Honors Day II1 SANDRA BENNER ..... . ...,.......... Ottawa Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Lambda Delta, Terrapin II1 Honors Day Il, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key 432 -1 4'1" N . . . , if? . ,,,,, f t. ' rf. 151 fi 'W it s .,', ' L9 'i'2Q?':: hc . at 1. , we et .V -,,s , .. 't 0. , was ... Q .5 ,EI ' ' i ii? ' fx for s my ol .iff it YQ siigl 2' is I fi awhg-in 3 by 'L 5 ,av-,.,,,, , 4 wg S' 1. "U ? , Q 'I' s . '.wf,tL:us A :sm A t ,Z . t. I, 9 FREDRICK WILLIAM BERCHER .... Engineering ....Flossmoor Mechanical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Fi Tau Sigma, Illini Union Committee Ill: Y.M.C.A. Committee li, 21, Military Ball Committee 131, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phalanx, A.F.S., A.S.M.E. ARLENE RUTH BERG ........... , , .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Evans Hall Honors Day l31 BARBARA ANN BERGER ...,..... Physical Education Physical Education Lincoln Avenue Residence W.A.A. Il, 2, 3, 41, Badminton Physical Education Maiors Club Honors Day I3, 41 Navy Pier Extension ot the Illinois CHARLES ELMER BERGSTROM ..., Fine and Applied Ar Architecture Fine and Applied Arts Council president I41, Christian Science chairman l3l JAMES DAVID BERGSTROM ,,... Engineering Civil Engineering Delta Upsilon A.S.C.E., I.T.E. VINCENT CONRAD BERKMAN. , ,. . . . .Maywood Manager I21, University of . . .Waukegan ts T41, A.l.A., Organization, , . . .Morris . . . , .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Parade Ground Unit Alpha Phi Omega, Military Ball Committee IJJ, Maior, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Pershing Rifies, Phalanx Navy Pier Extension of the Illinois University of ROSALIE BERKOWITZ ,.... ...Bloomington Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Illinois State Normal University, Roosevelt College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CAROLYN ANN BERLEMAN. . . Journalism ,...Chicago Radio and Television University Theatre Cost I41, WILL I41, Illini Figure Skating Club, Navy Pier Al tion Navy Pier Extension of the lllinais JOSEPH MARVIN BERNSTEIN .... umni Associa- University oi . .... Sterling Division of Special Service Physics A.l.E.E.-I.R.E., Physics Society Wright Junior College YVONNE ETHEL BERNTSEN ,.......,. Winnetka Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Busey Hall House President 141, Glider Club NANCY MARLENE BERQUIST ......... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Busey Hall Mortar Board, Alpha Sigma Nu, W.A.A. Board 141, Maior I, W.A.A. Numerals, W.A.A. 1I, 2, 3, 41, Orchesis 1l, 2, 3, 41, Terrapin 1l, 2, 3, 41, president 141, Physical Educa- tion Maiors Club Honors Day 12, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Colorado College RONALD GENE BERQUIST ..... ...Lombard Journalism Advertising Illinois Wesleyan University, Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois JOHN ANDREW BERTON ............. Lombard Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Canterbury College, Ripon College CONSTANCE MARIE BERUTTI . .. .... Benld Education Commercial Teaching Evans Hall Phi Chi Theta, University Chorus 131 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 MARJORIE BLANCHE BEZIO ...... .... C hicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Gamma Delta Illini Union Committee 12, 31, W.A.A. 12, 3, 41, House President 141 CHARLENE ROSE BIEDO ,..... ..,.Chicago Agriculture Food Technology Rosewood Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma Pi Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARIANNE BIESTEK ............... Riverside Physical Education Physical Education Zeta Tau Alpha Illini Union Committee 131, Physical Education Maiors Club College ot St. Catherine NANCY ANN BIGGINS ...,............. Elgin liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Chi Omega W.A.A. 131, Student Senate 141 Denison University """"V c xqrgc ..1 I 68' is r .- -1.-':r ,. . A wi, ' X 1 'N if , .6 5 5 i f Q z 'ii LLOYD JACK BILLARD ...,... ,... L aSalle Commerce Accountancy Sigma Iota Epsilon, Accountancy Club In Northwestern State College, Centenary College GEORGE ROBERT BINDER .... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Phi Sigma Kappa The Illio 1l, 21, Interfraternity Council 1'I, 21, Marketing Club TOBY BARBARA BlRNDORF.., .,.. Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Illini Union Committee 121 Wright Junior College PHYLLIS JEAN BIRTWELL. . . .. .... Streator Agriculture Home Economics Education Sigma Kappa Shi-Ai, Phi Upsilon Omicron, The Illio 11, 2, 31, Junior Business Manager, Illini Union Committee 1'l, 21, House President 141, Home Economics Club RITA SMITH BISHOP ....,.. .... D ecotur Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Phi Torch, Alpha Chron, The Illio 111, Illini Union Board 141, Maior Chairman Red Cross Illini Union Committee 131, Illini Union Council 131, Illini Union Committee 11, 21, Y.W.C.A. Committee 121, Home Economics Club Millikin University DONALD LESTER BITZER ......... Collinsville Engineering Electrical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, A.l.E,E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 1l, 2, 3, 41, University of Illinois Scholarship Key NANCY JEAN BLACK ...... . .... Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Science Busey Hall W.A.A. 141, Hoof and Horn Club ARCH LEE BLACKARD. .......,.. Mount Vernon Commerce Marketing Tau Kappa Epsilon Southern Illinois University, Southeast Missouri State College CAROLYN ANNE BLACKARD... .... Harrisburg Agriculture Home Economics Zeta Tou Alpha The Illio 111, Illini Union Committee 111, Campus Chest 111, Terrapin 131, Freshman Week Committee 131, Home Economics Club 433 LISJ u r -05 X2 -J .1 .2E9eW.m.-..res,:M W.M,, ere:-fs fa WILLIAM THOMAS BLAIR ,.,. . Alpha Kappa Psi5 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad5 Marketing Club .. ,wg ....ChicoQo I Al'Wll .L ' CHARLES RICHARD BLUNDELL ....... Marshall Commerce Pri" Commerce Marketing Personnel Management , Sigma Iota EpsiIon5 M.l.A. Executive Council fe H I - 1315 Society for the Advancement of Manage- V, I ment5 Young Democrats Club M AL QR Honors Day 111 ' J": -f ,.r- .,,, :'- z Q- 1 5 -1:5 1 N - MERTON LOUIS BLAND ....,.... Tarzana, Calif. Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Annex Hall Tomohawk5 WILL 1115 Fine and Applied Arts Society5 French Club Grand Rapids Junior CoIIege5 Ecole des Beaux Arts5 Ecole Municipale de Dessin5 Universite de Lyon JOHN LOUIS BLANK .....,.... ..,, S pringfield Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall Springfield Junior College LESTER DEAN BLANKENSHIP...Mulberry Grove Division of Special Services Psychology Galesburg Extension of the University of Illinois VIRGINIA LOUISE BLEVINS ....... Troy, Kan. Agriculture Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Illini Union Committee 1315 Concert Band 13, 415 Home Economics Club Beloit College JOSEPH ALLEN BLITT ......... Engineering . . . .Moline General Engineering Barton House Tomahawk5 House President 12, 315 Freshman Council 1l15 Captain, Air Force ROTC5 General Engineering Society5 Proetorians5 S.A.E. IRWIN STEPHAN BLOCH .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Eta Sigmo5 Phi Alpha Theta5 Student Senate 13, 415 Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Student Congress 121 Honors Day 131 Navy Pier Extension of the University ol Illinois CHARLES HOWARD BLOMQUIST .... Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Kappa Lambda . . .Rockford Y.M.C.A. Committee II15 Interfraternity Coun- cil 121 University of CoIorado5 University of Nlinne- sota GORDON RICHARD BLOOMBERG ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Sigma Alpha Mu Omega Beta Pi5 The Daily Illini 1I15 Board of Fraternity AHairs 13, 415 lntertraternity Council 12, 3, 415 Student Senate 1315 IM Rec Board 1415 lnterfraternity Ball Committee 1315 LAS Council 121 434 1-ll, - A03 , . X. t ,.t,, . r1,t--t, , t sg if 1 it t M 1 1 in s li fl DONALD GRANT BOKENKAMP ..,..,. Clay City Engineering Mechanical Engineering Football Marching Band 11, 215 First Regi- mental Band 1I, 215 A.F.S.5 A.S.M.E. ff 5 eo- LF : ' ct Q .fl it 7 - ' A is w.. i ,, 'z-fasfliiggf " Q S 'f af!! 3 E ,K Q C ...Ia I i m 7 Q' ,. I ' i..if-'i 2551 ' f ,i 15 : ,ie si ill- f' - 1 ' ii P- '112'1ff,:. ' ' 5 1 lglfg ,X gi i If Q11-. f sn RUSSELL LEE BOLTON .......... ...Chicago Engineering Ceramic Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Ma-Wan-Da5 Star and ScralI5 Sigma Tau5 Phi Eta Sigma5 Keramos5 Illini Union Board 1415 Maior Chairman Block I, Illini Union Committee 1315 Illini Union Council 1315 Illini Union Committee 1I, 215 Star Course Manager 121 Honors Day 1I, 31 WILLIAM LEWIS BOLTON ...,. ...Joliet Commerce Finance Joliet Junior College JERRIE LOUISE BOND ...... Education . . . .Peoria Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta University Theatre Committee 1115 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1315 Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 215 Cadet, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society JOHN ROGER BOND ....... St. Albans, W. Va. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, president 1415 Ensign, NROTC5 A.F.S.5 A.S.M.E. Honors Day 12, 31 JAMES RENWICK BONDE ..... .... O ak Park Commerce Marketing Chi Phi Illini Union Committee 12, 315 House President 1215 Maior, Air Force ROTC5 Marketing Club Grinnell College THOMAS DUNCAN BONE ........,... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Kappa Sigma Illini Union Committee 1415 University Theatre Cast 1415 Second Regimental Band 1215 Uni- versity Choir 1315 Men's Glee Club 1415 Oratorio Society 131 MELVIN BOOKSTEIN ........... Brooklyn, N,Y. Journalism Editorial Sigma Delta Chi5 WILL 131 Honors Day 121 EUGENE KENT BORCHART .,......, Des Plaines Q "'Wn..- HAROLD MAURICE BORROR .,... Mulberry Grove Liberal Arts and Sciences S El'19lY1eEl'lf'9 Chemistry Mechanical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Q 3--A Graham Lodge omega Beta Pi 5 A.s.M.E. Honors Day ll, 31 li' ii a h Greenville College . . . at T r x Valparaiso University 5.4:-970 t -i ik fi i g 'WMO DOM'N'C BO'fD'G'f'ON"- "" Chicago 5 WILLIAM ANTHONY BOSNAK ......... chicago Engineering ' . . 5 5 5 Physical Education Mechanical Engineering . , , H . I I A 'T h I Physical Education lmols nsflwle 0 ec no ogy - K Military Ball Committee l315 Phalanx5 Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football Letter- man I215 Varsity Basketball Letterman l215 ,T Debate Team I21 I Iowa State CoIlege5 Navy Pier Extension at the University of lllinois STEVEN JOHN BORIKA ' I ' H .VV4 Skokie at ALMA MAY BOSTON. ............. Champaign Commerce Y liberal Arts and Sciences Management V:-5 i Chemlsiw Theta Delta Chi T if lata Sigma Pi5 Oratorio Society H15 A.C.S. House President i415 Society for the Advance- Honors DOY il, 31 ment of Management K Wright Junior College M R. i if ifitre . IRWIN SAUL BORIN ........ .,.. C hicago 55, RICHARD CARL BOSTROMHH .-Hchicugo Engineering fr Commerce Electrical Engineering Morkenng A Prgrcldel Cgrgund Units xx Ng it Q Sigma Chi " ' ' ' I , House President M15 Midshipman, NROTC5 'My Marketing Club . I 1 Xxx K LORRAINE RUTH BORMAN .........,. Belleville Physical Education Recreation Alpha Epsilon Phi Shorter Board5 Shi-Ai5 Mask and Bauble5 lllini Union Committee II15 University Theatre Manager l2, 315 University Theatre Student Stal? i415 Campus Chest il, 215 Physical Educa- tion Maiors Club5 U. of I. Student Chapter American Recreational Society Honors Day l2, 31 CARL BORNHOLT ,..... .........,... C hicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Phi Sigma Kappa Freshman Council5 University Chorus i215 Men's Glee Club l3, 415 Oratorio Society ll, 213 Illini Spartsman's Club JERRY JEROME BORNSTEIN... ...Chicago Journalism Advertising Lundgren House Alpha Delta Sigma5 WILL I3, 415 Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois MARVIN BORNSTEIN ........ ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House Accountancy Club5 Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DANIEL IRA BOROVIK ...,.. ...Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Parade Ground Units House President ll1 lllinois lnstitute of Technology 39. -fx, 75' , mx '5' A . -:Q T Q t E if xs K 'W .Q , . .. sf .... ? ,-, cg, 5 ,. as-1 s if ' 1 P 1 we ,t af' Qi is s s .52 EDWARD JOHN BOTTOMLEY ..., Boonville, Ind. Commerce Accountancy Zeta Psi Skull and Crescent5 Alpha Kappa Psig House President l415 Intramural Manager il, 2, 315 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Alpha Rho Tau THOMAS DARRELL BOUNDS ......... Centralia Division at Special Services Sociology Centralia Township Junior College BRUCE BOWER .................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Delta Chi Campus Chest i315 House President i415 Student Senate l3, 415 Maior, Army ROTC5 Military Council Ripon Callege5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BARBARA JEAN BOWERS ..........,., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Palomar W.A.A. I3, 415 University Chorus l31g Canter- bury Founclation Student Council I3, 41 Wilson Junior College WILBORNE BOWLES .............. Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Alpha Phi Alpha 435 X2 an-K gas, 'N .ag aug, 'N.1 4 NJ Su I 115 xy.: sf GEORGE RICHARD BOYDEN .......,... Milford Liberal Arts and Sciences History Delta Upsilon Illini Union Committee I215 German Club Northwestern University TENNEY JAMES BOYER ....... .... D ecatur Commerce Accountancy Delta Upsilon lnterlraternity Council l3, 415 Captain, Army ROTC5 Accountancy Club DONN RYLANDS BRACE ..... .... B erkeley Engineering Mechanical Engineering 907 Club A.S.M.E. JERRY CHAUNCEY BRADSHAW .... .... B uckley Commerce Economics Captain, Air Force ROTC5 Marketing Club CURTIS MILAN BRAINARD ...,....... Rockford Commerce Industrial Administration A.F.S.5 A.S.M.E.5 Rifle and Pistol Clubg So' ciety for the Advancement of Management JOHN MILTON BRANDT ,...... ...Evanston Engineering Civil Engineering Evans Scholars Tomahawk5 House President i315 A.S.C.E.5 Gamma Delta, president C31 Honors Day H1 BRUCE FRANK BRANTINGHAM... ...Chicago Physical Education Recreation Zeta Psi Phi Epsilon Kappa5 U. of I. Student Chapter Recreational Society Blackburn CoIIege5 Wilson Junior College NAOMI RUTH BRAUSCH ............ Grays Lake Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Alpha Chi Omega Illini Union Committee i215 W.A.A. I315 Uni- versity Choir l2, 315 Women's Glee Club 1215 Oratorio Society l2, 31 Lawrence College DALE THOMAS BRAXTON ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Barton House Chicago Teachers CoIlege5 Navy Pier Exten' sian of the University of Illinois 436 -':r Vl.. L A , Eg 5, li Q' xii' fl 4 1 . I - 'ti' ,Q se 465 lg, , A ,mf -x .s H2 as s se -tr me . i . ,W 'Y' ,,: ' K A -1+ , will si L' 3' S ,r' ., .r ,X MX RICHARD EDWIN BRAY ...... .... V irden Agriculture Agricultural Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Y.M.C.A. Committee I3, 415 Varsity Wrestling Squad l215 Maior, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society5 Agricultural Economics Club5 llli- Knights Honors Day ll, 21 LARRY WILLIAM BRETT ....,..... Duluth, Minn. Engineering Civil Engineering Y.M.C.A. Committee l415 Captain, Air Force ROTC5 A.S.C.E. University of Minnesota CAROLYN LOUISE BREWER ,... ,... M iltord Agriculture Home Economics Theta Upsilon Phi Upsilon Omicron5 Illini Union Committee l215 McKinley Foundation Student Council H15 All-Ag Field Day Committee l-415 Freshman Week Committee i415 Plowboy Prom Com- mittee l315 Home Economics Club MacMurray Coliege RONALD DALE BREWER .....,,, ,,.La Grange Agriculture Restaurant Management Tau Kappa Epsilon Illini Rural Observer U15 Agricultural Educa- tion Club JAMES BERNARD BRIGGS ..... , Neponsel Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu5 Phi Eta Sigma5 University Choir ll, 2, 315 Oratorio Society I315 Engineering Council l3, 415 Captain, Air Force ROTC5 A.l,E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day ll, 2, 3, 415 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JANETH DIANE BRIGGS ............ Barrington liberal Arts and Sciences English Lincoln Avenue Residence House President I41 Graceland ColIege5 Western Maryland Col- lege MARION FRANCIS BRINK ....... Golden Eagle Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Newman Hall Alpha Tau Alpha5 Agricultural Education Club5 Agriculture Club MARSHALL BARTLETTE BRISBOIS East Boxford, Mass. Liberal Arts and Sciences Anthropology Phi Kappa Psi MERVIN WENTZ BRITTON .,.... .,,Hindsboro Fine and Applied Arts Music Concert Band l2, 3, 415 Football Marching Band I2, 3, 415 University Orchestra l2, 3, 41 Honors Day I31 Eastern State College KARL BRIX ,.,, ................... S treator Fine and Applied Arts fi:- Music V Sigma Chi 'Wm V A Skull and Crescenlg Pl Kappa Lambdap Illini I Union Committee l2l, Star Course Manager l2l 1 . I A. 'L NANCY RUTH BROCK ......... .,.Eureka Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi The Daily lllini lllg lllini Union Committee lllg Y.W.C.A. Committee Ill JEROME SAUL BRODY ...........,... Chicago liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Phi Sigma Delta lllini Union Committee ll, 2, 31 Honors Day l2l University of Chicago JOHN CHARLES BROMAN .......... .,.Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Tau Beta Pip Phi Lambda Upsilang A.l.Ch.E. Elgin Community College NAOMI CAROL BROOKS ..........., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Busey Hall University of Chicagop Roosevelt Universityg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NORMA LOUISE BROOKS .........,. Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Philea Mu Phi Epsilong University Chorus l3lp Oratorio Society U15 Illini Christian Fellowship H13 Gamma Delta Springfield Junior College MARIETTA BROTHERS .......... Lawrenceville liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Gamma Phi Beta Alpha lambda Delta: Mask and Baubleg The Illio lllp lllini Union Committee lily Univer- sity Theatre Manager l2, 3lp Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee lllg House President Nl: University Theatre Board l3l Honors Day ll, 21 ALEXANDER SAMUEL BROUN ......... ,Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Sigma Alpha Mu ALLEN ROGER BROWN, ..,. ..., C hicaga Journalism Advertising Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Delta Sigma l3, 4lp The Daily lllini lll 49 Honors Day l3l Q ykkr ,X --.. I: . in sf? J X t. si 2.11 I E r L 'bi j Q i, W AvV,- j I , w x L f 1 .NK yr A II i' -A i i ' ' - ' i -tm:-' li V , fi 'x xl 4 xxx A Us L 'R' s .9 ii :iii , '.,' QQ? :yy ,. ,. ,- is ' I , ,156 cf' CHARLES GORDON BROWN ..... ,... S terling Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Chi Rho Fine and Applied Arts Council l4lg Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ll, 2, 3, 415 Barber- shoppers Iowa State College ELIZABETH JANE BROWN ...., ..,Waukegan Agriculture Home Economics Delta Delta Delta The Illio lily University Theatre Cast lllp Plowboy Prom Committee l2lg Home Economics Club EMERSON BROWN ,,.,.............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Phi Alpha Honors Day l3l GERALD LEWIS BROWN, JR .,,..... Champaign Commerce Marketing Sigma Alpha Epsilon House President llilg Captain, Army ROTCg Zeta Sigma Alpha l3, Aly lllini Sportsman's Clubg Marketing Club INA SWIRYN BROWN ...,.,.....,,.. Chicago Education Elementary Education laurel House Honors Day l2, 31 KENNETH HARVEY BROWN .... .... J oliet Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Joliet Junior College MARY LEE BROWN .,.......... Pittsburgh, Pa, Liberal Arts and Sciences English Delta Gamma Carnegie Institute of Technology PAUL CUSTER BROWN ..........., East Moline Division of Special Services Pre-Law Parade Ground Units M.l,A. Council l3lg House President l3lp Delta Sigma Omicrong Young Democrats Club Northeast Missouri State Teachers' College RAYMOND VIRGIL BROWN ....... Agate, Neb. Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day l2, 31 Chicago Technical College 437 :Sn .Q aug, x,,1 NJ 'sa 1 X1 .4 sf s SUSAN ELLEN BROWN ..., Webster Groves, Mo. Education Elementary Education Alpha Phi Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Mask and Bauble, National Collegiate Players, Univer- sity Theatre Manager 13, 41, University Theatre Cast 131, Y.W.C.A. Committee 131 Honors Day 131 Carleton College CORINNE LUCILLE BRUNER ..,.WaterIoo, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Wescoga First Regimental Band 111, Spanish Club OTTO GUSTAV BRUNNER. .East Northport, N,Y. Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E,E,-l.R.E. State University of New York, Union College Division in New York RONALD ALBERT BRUSH ,...... .,.. H arvey Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, Lieutenant, NROTC, I.A.S. Honors Day 12, 3, 41, University of Illinois Scholarship Key LESLIE AULLS BRYAN, JR .,........ Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Chi Psi Ma-Wan-Da, Campus Chest 111: Tribe of Illini, Trock Manager 11, 2, 3, 41: Senior Track Manager, Athletic Council 141, Maior, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Flying Club, Junior Bar Association, Barbershoppers LLOYD DEAN BRYANT ........ . . .Buffalo Agriculture General Agriculture Son's Home Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow BARBARA GAIL BUCKMASTER ......... Elmhurst Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Alpha Gamma, president 151, Star Course Manager 111, Fine and Applied Arts Council 11, 2, 3, 51, A.l.A. ROBERT EUGENE BUCKSAT ....... East St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Graham Lodge House President 141, Engineering Council 141, A.l.Ch.E. Honors Day 131 ESTELLE BERNADINE BUDER .,..... Rock Island Liberal Arts and Sciences English Wescoga Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio 111, French Club, Russian Language Club Honors Day 12, 31 438 'Q'- I so "VQ'Sw':'i lzkg x g A s X fi . it or JAMES FRANK BUECHE ...,.. ,,., E lrnhurst Engineering Mechanical Engineering Granada Club Ars., A.S.M.E. DONALD EDWARD BUHRMESTER. ..,,. Milford Engineering Electrical Engineering Triangle House President 131, Military Ball Committee 131, lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC, Ordnance Club, Scabbard and Blade, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E, DOLORES HELEN BULTINCK ..,.... Taylor Ridge Commerce Commercial Teaching Alpha Delta Pi Campus Chest 121: Newman Foundation Student Council 131, Panhellenic Ball Committee 131, Senior Ball Committee 121, Young Democrats Club CARLOS BOYD BUMZAHEM ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Anthropology Club Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini, Photography Editor Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIAM VANDER BURGESS .,.. ...Brownfield Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Nobor House Alpha Tau Alpha, Agricultural Education Club, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Horticulture Club JACK LLOYD BURK ,.......... ...Flora Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Lieutenant Colonel, Air Farce ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Pershing Rifles, Scobbord and Blade, I.A.S. HENRY WILLIAM BURKE ..,. .,.Oak Park Engineering Electrical Engineering The Mansion A,l.E.E.-I,R.E. James Millikin University JANE ANN BURKHART ...,............ Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Evans Hall Zeta Phi Eta, Maior Chairman International Fair Illini Union Committee 141, Wesley Foun- dation Student Council 131 Northern Illinois State Teachers College FRANK WARFEL BURR .......... . . .Ottawa Engineering Civil Engineering Beta Theta Pi Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Y.M.C.A, Cabinet 131, Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 31, Campus Chest 111, Baseball Manager 11, 21, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.S.C,E. Honors ,ay 121 Bsrsv ANN BYRNS ...,............ Griggsville Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Zeta Tau Alpha Shi-Ai: Mask and Bauble, University Theatre Manager ll, 2, 3, dlg Y.W,C.A, Committee lily Canterbury Foundation Student Council IZ. 3l NEIL BUTTERFIELD ................. Elmhurst Engineering Mechanical Engineering Medea Lodge House President I3lg Second Lieutenant, Army ROTCg Illinois Rocket Society, Rifle and Pistol Club JOANN MARIE BUSKE .,......., ...Litchfield Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta The lllio Ill, Y.W.C.A. Committee lily W.A.A. l2l MALCOLM WEST BUSHNELL. . .. Agriculture ...Rochelle General Agriculture Phi Kappa Psi STANLEY JOHN BUSH ....... ...Champaign Engineering General Engineering Alpha Tau Omega General Engineering Society WOODRUFF ARTHUR BURT .... . Agriculture . . .Freeport General Agriculture Theta Chi House President IM, Captain, Army ROTC5 Infantry Clubg Agricultural Economics Club PATRICIA ANN BURT ....... .... W heaton Education Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta Torch: Shi-Aig Maior Chairman Personnel Man- agement lllini Union Committee I3lg lllini Union Council I3lg Illini Union Committee ll, 215 Star Course Manager IU, Panhellenic Executive Council I3lp Women's Glee Club lil Honors Day I2, 3l JOHN EDMUND BURRILL .............. .Joliet Division ot Special Services Speech University Theatre Cast I3, 4l Northwestern University: Joliet Junior Col- lege JAMES KENNETH BURRELL...New Haven, Conn. Commerce Accountancy University Theatre Cast lily Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee IIJ, Baptist Student Union I2, Al, Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club 7 H. r at KAY' ' ,I 5 .2 45 are if Ag - . ' I2 A '- , fi N f l' ff . l'3D'il Ifl... 'i APP' , N A I 2 r to 5 'Q qu.. l i X " i i--s 1 X f 3 am: t' -3.5--4: id if i 1 i ,', ,A i 1. Q. DONNA CAROL CADWALLADERM Agriculture Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Torch, Gamma Alpha Chip The ll, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day Il, 21 CARL SYLVAN CAHN. . . .. .. Commerce Marketing Tau Delta Phi . .... Lincoln Daily Illini .. . .Chicago lnterfraternity Council Ililg Marketing Club Wright Junior College MARGARET ANN CAIN. ..,... .Hsprsngneid Education Elementary Education Evans Hall Kappa Delta Pl MocMurray College JAMES LEE CALDER., ....... ...Chicago Commerce Personnel Management Chi Phi House President I4lg Varsity Football Squad I3l Marquette University JAMES DONEL CALHOON ..... ...Norris City Engineering Civil Engineering A,S.C.E. CHARLES IRA CALISOFF .........,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Barton House French Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association Honors Day Ill University of Chicago: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN HOLMES CALKINS... .... Barrington Commerce Personnel Management Parade Ground Units Y.M.C.A. Committee IJ, Aly House President KAI, Men's Glee Club I3, Al, Delta Sigma Omicron Cornell College CAROLYN CAMPBELL ....... ...Springfield Agriculture Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence Freshman Week Committee IM, Plowboy Prom Committee I3lg Horne Economics Club MacMurray College JACK ALLEN CAMPBELL ..... Agriculture Agronomy Delta Sigma Phi James Millikin University Decatur 439 jj? 45 'UN'- 'x,1 KJ N.: i xf J C1 Zo-wlsew litem? ,.s1c,.o at is MYRNA GRACE CAMPBELL .....,...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pig The lllio l2I, House President l3lg Spanish Club Honors Day l2, 3I THOMAS AZOR CAMPBELL ,......, Flint, Mich. Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Michigan State College MARVIN CLARENCE CARBONNEAU ...,. Chicago Agriculture Floriculture Parade Ground Units Alpha Zeta l3, Mg Pi Alpha Xi, president l3, Aly Floriculture Club ll, 3, Ali French Club l4lg Illini Sportsman's Club, Dresident l4l JERRY ALLEN CARESS ..,...,..,.,..... Harvey Fine and Applied Arts Piano Fireside Star Course Manager i215 University Choir ll, 23 ARMANDO CARLO, JR ,..,............ Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Parade Ground Units Omega Beta Pip Spanish Club Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football: Lettere man's Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD CARLSON ................. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Psi Upsilon Star Course Manager l2l7 University Chorus l3l, A.l.A. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROGER KEITH CARLSON ........ ....Campus Agriculture General Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha Sac-hemp Alpha Zeta, Mask and Baublep Pierrotsg Maior Chairman Union Movies Illini Union Com- mittee l4l7 University Theatre Manager l2, 3l, University Theatre Cast Uh Military Ball Committee l3lp Senior Announcements Com- mittee, Senior Ball Committeeg Second Lieuten' ant, Army ROTCp Phi Chi Eta, Scobbard and Bladeg Agricultural Economics Club Honors Day l2, 3l DONALD WILLIS CARPENTER .......... Chicago Division of Special Services Engineering Geology Cyclothem Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post Na. 202, Rifle and Pistol Club Wright Junior Collegeg Black Hills State Teachers College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES WARREN CARPENTER .......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Scarabg A.I.A. Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 440 be 4 W , to mf, ,fx X . ,, . ' :N , f f A2 ' 2 fx , ,Q , P tr -so W I s - , 1 is Q 4 41? ' ,fig ' ,, .- s - 1 ,,.t. ,N - 4 x A H1525 I ,W 'L R Q, 39 '5' , ff ss 4 L ' I H e Hifi' '21 1' Y 1:8 be p . XY HT -' 5 . I Surg Hg, A 5 , 5351 ns. :ei 'G J.. , f , I 2 ,cc'5W'- S , A if Q. 1 X ROBERT SEYMOUR CARPER .... Rochester, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Flagg House MIA Executive Council l3lg Illia i217 Hillel Foundation Student Council I-ily A.l.Ch.E.g Illini Forensic Assaciationg Praetorians DONALD EDWARD CARR ..,.. ..., C icero Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta lnterfraternity Council H17 A.S.M.E., president idly Illinois Rocket Society, S.A.E. Wright Junior Collegeg Navy Pier Extension ofthe University of Illinois ROBERT ANTHONY CARR ....... ..,Urbona Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.fI.R.E. ROBERT CARTER ............. ...Oak Park Commerce Marketing Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202g Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension ot the University ot Illinois JOHN DAVID CARTLAND, . .. .... Oak Park Commerce Accountancy Beta Theta Pi Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psig The lllio lil: Interfroternity Council IQ, 31, Accountancy Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31g University of Illinois Scholarship Key GORDON EDGAR CASH ......... .... H arvard Engineering Engineering Physics llliKnights Ma-Wan-Da, Tomahawk: Y.M.C.A. Committee ll, Jig Y.M.C.A. Cabinet i3Ip M.I.A. Executive Council l2, 3, 4l, President Ml, Student Senate l3l, Coordination Committee l3lg N.S.A. Senate Sub-Committee l4lg Second Regimental Band il, 217 WILL l3Ip McKinley Foundation Student Council IZ, 3Ig German Clubp Illi- Knights, Illini Spartsman's Clubg Physics Sa- cietyg Young Republicans Club HARRY GOLDZIER CASLER ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Chi Phi Navy Pier Extension of the University af Illinois JOSEPH BERNARD CASSERLY, JR ..... Champaign Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Nu Executive Otticer, NROTCg A,S.C.E.5 Flying Club WILLIAM FRANCIS CAVENDER ,.....,. .Batavia Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology University of Colorado ROLF ALRIK CEDERWAIL ..... ...Northbrook Commerce Marketing Acacia Alpha Kappa Psi, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Y.M.C.A, Committee II1, Campus Chest 111, Captain, Army ROTC, Infantry Club, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, MiIitarY Ball Committee, Marketing Club JOYCE LORRAINE CHALCRAFT ...... Petersburg Liberal Arts and Sciences International Affairs Chi Omega Mortar Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, Delta Sigma Rho, Mask and Bauble, National Collegiate Players, president l41, Zeta Phi Eta, Univer- sity Theatre Cast ll, 2, 3, 41: Student Senate l2, 3, 41, Committee on Student Affairs I3, 41, N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee l2, 31, Women's Glee Club lI1, WILL l2, 3, 41: Illini Forensic Association Honors Day l31 GLORIA MAE CHAMBERS ......,... Gary, Ind. Education Elementary Education Indiana University ROBERT FULTON CHAMBERS ..,..,,. Gary, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Illini Forensic Association WILLIAM JACK CHAMBLIN ,..,....... Robinson Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Alpha Tau Omega Ma-Wan-Da, Tribe of Illini, Varsity Football Squad l3, 41, Letter, l3, 41, Captain, Air Force ROTC U.S. Military Academy DONALD EMMET CHAMPION ....... Waukegan Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Theta Chi Illini Union Committee l2, 31, Barbershoppers WILLIAM MUGGE CHANCE, .... ..,. S alem Physical Education Physical Education Varsity Football Squad l2, 31, Freshman Varsity Football Squad JORDAN FISHER CHANEY ,.,.. ...Rinard Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Delta Theta CHARLES FREDERICK CHAPMAN ....... Chicago Journalism Editorial Delta Sigma Omicron Wright Junior College -'Y . Q. , , ,,., I 'I I f ' I 5 gf ,Lt 5' 's,t' -2 .sc .Kg I ,QQ f E, I . ,, 'e:1.,. , k fill I h...,.., I 7' 1 t fi 'Q' tl K I' xr if Q fa: n ge ,er abs Y s 5 J , 1 sf 'itiiiffw 1 i xi? 'fl 4 ' iff-. is ! SW: tts lb ww i LAWRENCE R. CHAPMAN ......... Cerro Gordo Commerce Marketing Pi Kappa Alpha Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Alpha Delta Sigma, The Daily Illini, Advertising Director l31, Co- Circulation Director I41, Campus Chest II1, Class President ldl, Senior Announcements Committee IA1, Senior Ball Committee l41, Marketing Club Honors Day ll, 21 HORN CHEN ................. .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Research Parade Ground Units Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad Indiana Technical School, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MICHAEL MING CHEN ........, Nanking, China Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., Chinese Students Club National Taiwan University, Gonzaga Univer- sity JOHN WILLIAM CHESTNUT ......, New Holland Agriculture Animal Science Football Marching Band II1, First Regimental Band II1, Agricultural Economics Club, Agri- culture Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club, Rural Life Club CHARLES EUGENE CHILDERS... ...Taylorville Engineering Mining Engineering Harmony House Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, A.S.M.E., M.l.S. Honors Day I31 RAYMOND FRANK CHIOSTRI .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Captain, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Phalanx, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MYRON LLOYD CHOLDEN .... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Tau Epsilon Phi Interfraternity Council l21, Ordnance Club, Captain, Army ROTC, Accountancy Club LOUIS DAVID CHRISTENSEN ........ Kankakee Commerce Marketing Zeta Psi lntertraternity Council ii, 21, Captain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day II1 THEODORE DEAN CHRISTENSEN ....... Chicago Division of Special Services Psychology Flagg House Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Wright Junior College 441 .ag iQ, 'hs sax, 'sd' ri x! SJ u -A 1 Joliet Junior College Cagle Hall shoppers of the University of Illinois DANIEL RALPH CHRISTENSON .... .... J cliet Commerce Management . " ' ' - -Q RONALD CARL CHRISTIANSON .... ...Chicago A 5 K ' Commerce Accountancy , di A 4 ,Q , fi LY2g5,.,s House President H15 Captain, Army ROTC5 'M 'i"- r Alpha Rho Tau5 Accountancy Club5 Marketing Club5 Navy Pier Alumni Associationp Society Gif for the Advancement of Management5 Barber- Wilson Junior College5 Navy Pier Extension -I 1 te GERALD THADEUS CHRUSCIEL .,.. .... C hicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Newman Hall I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BEVERLY ANNE CHUBAT .............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Deltcl5 Society of lllustratorsp House President l31 Honors Day ll, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOHN CHURA ............,......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Browery M.l.A. Executive Council 1315 A.I.A.5 A.S.C,E. JAMES ANTHONY CIARLO .............. Steger Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Kappa Phi5 Phi Eta Sigma5 LAS Council l3, 415 Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society5 Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day ll, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOSEPH SALVATORE CICERO. . . Commerce . ...Chicago Accountancy Delta Sigma Pi Maior Chairman Jazz-U-Like-It Illini Union Committee H15 Illini Union Council l415 lllini Union Committee I315 University Orchestra l315 Commerce Council lil, 41, president l415 Ac- countancy Club De Paul University DANIEL ROBERT CICHY ....... Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Colonial Arms The Daily Illini l315 House President L315 . ...Chicago I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD JAMES CISEK ........ ...Bellwood Commerce Economics Parade Ground Units House President l315 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Alpha Rho Tau5 Navy Pier Alumni As- sociotion5 Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 442 , ' '1 , ,t M I llq ii-T ". 1 - .5 I A . 1 l, .ix E 4 is iq '15-.... 1 Q 5 i . ' gg .L H . . s wt v A is 5 3' I' 2 :QS kv i. BARBARA DIANA CISZEK .... . ...Mahomet Education Elementary Education University Chorus l215 Women's Glee Club ll, 31 DONALD FRANCIS CIZEK .... ,..,., C hicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S.5 A,S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CAROLE ANN CLARK ......... ...Stronghurst Agriculture Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence DAVID WISE CLARK ............ ...Hillsboro Engineering General Engineering Sigma Chi Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma5 Maior, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society Honors Day ll, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT NORMAN CLARK ..... .... W oodstock Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Nu Skull and Crescent5 Varsity Baseball Squadg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad5 I.A.S. WILLIAM NORRIS CLARK ..,... .... M t. Morris Commerce Personnel Management Parade Ground Units House President l315 Men's Glee Club IA15 Pershing Rifles Honors Day l21 JOHN KENDALL CLEMENS ..,....... Naperville Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. ROLAND ESTEL CLEMENT ......... Calumet City Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Flint Junior College 1 J 1' I JAMES wii.LiAM cievenceiz... ...Galva " , Commerce ' i ' Marketing A W 1, -3 Delta Sigma Phi I ' Q ,, a d j . Marketing Club , ji . 5,75 Western Illinois State Teachers' College5 f Bradley university .7 ,, -1 JAMES GORDON COBBAN ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Navy Pier Extension at the University of lllinois VERNON LEE COCKERILL ......... .... B luffs Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Student Veterinary Medical Association Honors Day IQ, 3l RICHARD CLAIR COGLEY ..... Port Huron, Mich. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle Port Huron Junior College FREDRIC ALAN COHAN. . . . .... Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi Glider Club, l.A.S., S.A.E. ELI WERNER COHEN ......... Givataim, Israel Engineering Civil Engineering Hillel Foundation il, 2, 3, Al, A.S.A.S. Kansas State College HARRIET RUTH COHEN ........... Atlanta, Ga. Education Elementary Education Alpha Epsilon Phi Campus Chest l3l University of Alabama JUDITH RUTH COHEN ,.... .........,. C hicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Busey Hall Campus Chest I3l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NORMAN ARNOLD COHN .... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi Interfraternity Council l2l: Freshman Week Committee l3l, Marketing Club MORTON JOSEPH COLBERT. . . . . .Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Parade Ground Units House President l3l, Illinois Technograph lil, A.S.M.E.p Navy Pier Alumni Association, S.A.E. Navy Plor Activities, Student Congress Navy Pier Extension at the University of Illinois 'Ds -3 2 -5 , asv: i We., . wc.. . 6 V fs .5352 . K 4 F - .c' ,, -. i Y ' MH J io .W as sg W 'rv 5' Q toe, F 'N .til I 4 s-s L VW. . , . . 1 f .nn Q K ' 'e f - 1 f. - , 4 Zim - Ars.:-' ,- , A RICHARD ALLEN COLEMAN ........,.. Canton Liberal Arts and Sciences German Sachem, Tribe of lllini ll, 2, 3, Atl, Varsity Track Squad l2, 3, 41, Letter l3l, Freshman Varsity Track Squad lil, German Club ROBERT EARL COLEMAN ......... ...Canton Physical Education Physical Education Delta Sigma Phi Physical Education Maiors Club Western Illinois State Teachers' College WILLIAM EARL COLEMAN ............. Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Kappa Sigma lnterfraternity Council l2, 31, Freshman Varsity Track Squad MARY ELLA COLLINS ..,.........., Glen Ellyn Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Alpha Delta Pi University Choir ll, 2, M, Oratorio Society ll, 2, 4l, Rifle and Pistol Club RUTH ELLYN COLLINS .............. Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Lincoln Avenue Residence Iota Sigma Pi, lllini Christian Fellowship ffl, 41 Honors Day ll, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois KENNETH GENE COMER ...... .... C asey Agriculture General Agriculture Baptist Foundation Student Council I2, 3, M, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Agricultural Economics Club, Agriculture Club WAYNE EUGENE CONERY ...... ...Rockford Journalism Radio and Television Kappa Delta Rho Sigma Delta Chi, The Illio lil, lllini Union Committee ll, 2, 31, WiLL, WTCL-TV l3, 41 JOHN ALFRED CONLIN ....., ...Arthur Commerce Management Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Eastern Illinois State College JOHN GUNNETT CONNELL ........... Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Premedicine Phi Delta Theta Georgetown University 443 gay. Lx, Q 45 ig,- 'xl l i si :wk gl-.I BETTY JANE CONREAUX ..,....... Granite City Education Elementary Education Evans Hall MARY JO CONTO .............,..... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Alpha Chi Omega Society af Illustrators Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANK JOHN COOLS ......... ,..Glen Ellyn Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois JAMES RICHARD COONEY. , . . . . . .Springfield Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Rifle Team, Varsity Squad l3, 41, Rifle and Pistol Club, president H1 St. Benedict's College IRVING LAWRENCE COPPEL ..... Boston, Mass. Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Alpha Mu Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Athletic Council l21, IM Rec Board l31, Physical Education Maiors Club PHILLIP JAY COOPER ,,..... ,.., C hicago Commerce Accountancy Tau Delta Phi Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Club, Marketing Club Honors Day li, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROY WILLIAM CORCORAN .... .... C hicaga Engineering Mechanical Engineering Granada Club A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MICHAELINE MARY COSTABILE ........ Chicago Education Elementary Education Busey Hall Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Daily Illini l31, Illini Union Committee l41, Newman Foundation Student Council I41, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Student Congress, Pier Illini Honors Day II, 2, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois VASILIKI JAMES COSTAS ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Lincoln Avenue Residence 444 tl if w 1 .,,,,, use "if .tiles . W - is P A I f gs, ' ,Lg 6 . ,. .1 ' vv .tt- -, ttti - .. ,tt I rf?- ,9 I nc, ta, 'r I Q ' , if Zi tl 4 V, y If , 1 slsi , I if - X , fl' L ' 2 like V, V V -- ,zlz 1 Q51 LYNDA RUTH COUCH .......,.,.... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Phi Mortar Board, Torch, Shi4Ai, lllio II, 21, Illini Union Committee li, 21, Y.W.C.A, Cabinet ll, 2, 3, 41, Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 21, W.A.A. II1, Panhellenic Executive Council l31 JANET RAE COX ............... East St. Louis Journalism Radio Evans Hall University Theatre Manager l21, Y.W.C.A. Committee IZ1, Baptist Student Union Stu- dent Council l2, 3, 41, Illini Forensic Associa- tion, Spanish Club Bethel College CHARLES ANTHONY CRAIN ......... Springfield Commerce Industrial Management Springtield Junior College, University of Miami JAMES WARREN CRAIN ........... Mound City Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Delta Phi Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Junior Bar Association CHARLES WILLIAM CRAINE ..,.... ...Chicago Commerce Personnel Management Parade Ground Units M.I.A. Executive Council H1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JEROME FRANCIS CRAY ......... North Chicago Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Lake Forest College BENNETT JAY CREMER .......... West Frankfort Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Southern Illinois University CAROLE CRISP ...................... Marion Liberal Arts and Sciences English Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee II, 21 HOWARD FRANKLIN CROMBIE .,.... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Phi Beta Kappa, Omega Beta Pi, Spanish Club, Chi Gamma Iota Honors Day I31 Massachusetts Institute of Technology RICHARD SHIREMAN CROWDER ...... Springfield Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Springfield Junior College HAROLD SIMON CROYTS ........ Warren, Ohio Engineering Electrical Engineering Ohio State University, Youngstown College WILLIAM NORMAN CUMMlNGS..,Franklin Park Commerce Marketing Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Wright Junior College CARMEN CUNNINGHAM ........, Martinsville Physical Education Physical Education Fehner House Shorter Board, Torch, W.A.A. Board I2, 31, Maior 'l, W.A.A. Numerals, W.A.A. I2, 3, 41, House President 12, 31, Physical Education Maiors Club, Rifle and Pistol Club DUANE WARREN CUPLIN ..... .... R ockford Commerce Accountancy 907 Club House President I41, Men's Glee Club II1, In- fantry Club, Pershing Rifles, Accountancy Club, Barbershoppers ERNESTO CURREA-GARCIA .... Bogota, Colombia Engineering Electrical Engineering University ofthe Andes DOLORES RUTH CURRY .,..... Commerce .. . .Chicago Secretarial Training Ivria W.A.A. I21, House President I31, Marketing Club Honors Day I31 Illinois State Normal University LLOYD WILLIAM CURRY ....... .. ...Dawson Engineering Agricultural Engineering A.S.C.E. LEE EDWIN CURTISS. ......... ,...Chicago Commerce Marketing Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Omega, Y.M.C.A. Committee I41, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Young Republicans Club X . , Q f f i ' V lg. 1 , gf s o 1 - . :ti , if tc." ? :q1a'fw i. V f " .f .1 14 .4 -H "" . t s-. if E ' f tg. ge i'i'i2.ja J - vfifrldtififi Wiifiiifi R , r- ,,. wt- tg -.. A' A ,ef-.ts ' -Wi ts. so ' Ii! 7 . ew rlf' ' .'e" '-,Sm't,.,.1,, 1 of, fi 1 r,.l5eifo ' -s f an w , - W , 9. SUZANNE ELLETT CUTHBERT ..... Dayton, Ohio Commerce Secretarial Training Kappa Alpha Theta Y.W.C.A. Committee Il, 21, Campus Chest I2, 31, Panhellenic Executive Council 13, 41 DENNIS LOUIS CWIK.. .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Cagle Hall Honors Day Il, 21 HARRY CHRISTIAN DAHL ..... ...Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Wright Junior College ROBERT DALLEK .............. Brooklyn, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences History Phi Alpha Theta Honors Day I2, 31 ARTHUR LAWRENCE D'AMBROSlO, JR. Park Ridge Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Basketball Manager I21, Junior Swimming Manager I31, Accountancy Club JOAN MARILYN DANIELSON ..... ...Itasca Education Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee I21, Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee I2, 31, W.A.A. I2, 31 Honors Day I2, 31 Carleton College THOMAS JOSEPH D'ARCY ..... ...Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.S.C.E., Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Basketball Squad, Letter I21, Varsity Baseball Squad Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIAM MANLY DARLINGTON ....... Chicago Commerce Marketing Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Rifle and Pistol Club Valparaiso University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JERRY GREGORY DASHE ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Epsilon Pi 445 eq, .Qg Ag Nr NJ' NJ n 'fi g! .J of :ii Egg, is CAROLYN BREHSMER DAVENPORT Cincinnati, Ohio Fine and Applied Arts Painting Busey Hall Society of Illustrators, Lutheran Student Founda- tion Student Council II, 21, Tall Illini GENE ALAN DAVENPORT ...... North Riverside Fine and Applied Arts Art Captain, Army ROTC, Phi Chi Eta Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANCES ELIZABETH DAVIDSON ....,. Lansing Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta The lllio 131, Illini Union Committee l21, Y.W.C.A. Committee l2, 31, Campus Chest I2l Illinois State Normal University JO ANN DAVIDSON .......,....... Monticello Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Pi Beta Phi Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 31 Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key ANNE LOUISE DAVIS ........... Cherry Valley Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Omicron Pi Mortar Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, Mask and Bauble, president l31, The lllio II1, University Theatre Manager ll, 2, 3, 41, General Manager I41, Y.W.C.A. Committee II1, Student Senate I41, Coordination Committee I41, University 'Theatre Board I41 Honors Day I31 DONALD ARLEY DAVIS ......... Congress Park Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho A.F.S., A.S.M.E. FREDERICK CHARLES DAVIS, JR. ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Noble House Young Democrats Club, Little United Nations l4I Northwestern University, Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois FREDERICK GERALD DAVIS ..., ...Moline Commerce Accountancy Alpha Sigma Phi Skull and Crescent, Interfraternity Council ll, 21, University Chorus l31, Petty Officer, First Class, NROTC, Accountancy Club Honors Day II1 Moline Community College LEO JOSEPH DAVIS ..,........... Bloomington Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Psi Chi St. Joseph's College, University of Notre Dame 446 1 'tif .I-. A 'P WV' ee AY xx A k. " to , PWA?-r fm. W 'Eli I- '-:, iv -gr V :,, H , I , lz, QQ, A " if .. 'r.ff.' . ,,, , -Z 3 I X A l ll.l: Si l F ,ii 1 1 ,f Q2 , 1 H L.. Q of st 5 E s '23, 'S X I. ri 'si 1 gui'-?., f is is U ff .t it Q. '33-9" Jilghx . ? 4 X4- RICHARD FRANKLIN DAVIS... .... Paris Commerce Accountancy Calhoun Hall Illini Union Committee ll, 21, House Presi- dent l2, 31, Intramural Manager, Accountancy Club, Young Democrats Club THEODORE KENNETH DAVIS .......... Chicago Commerce Sales and Advertising Management Tau Delta Phi Illini Union Committee I21, Pershing Rifles, Marketing Club VERNA GRACE DAVIS ........... East St. Louis Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Wesley Foundation Student Council I2, 31 Southern Illinois University WILLIAM HAROLD DAVIS ...... .... T aylorville Commerce Accountancy Rogers House Accountancy Club Honors Day l2, 31 HUGH MILLER DAVISON ..,........... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Tau Omega Y.M.C.A. Committee I31, Varsity Tennis Squad ll, 21 WILLIAM HERBERT DAY ....... ...Woodstock Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsiton Tau Beta Pi, lnterfratarnity Council l31 Honors Day l2, 31 United States Military Academy LUAN JEANETTE DCAMP ..........,.... Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology University of California, St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CLARK EVANS DEAN ............,... Hinsdale Division of Special Services Commerce Alpha Delta Phi Skull and Crescent, lnterfraternity Council l31, House President l31, Freshman Varsity Foot- ball Squad ROBERT WILSON DEERE .... ....... .... P o na Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Granada Club Society of Illustrators, Y.M.C.A. Committee I3, 41, Military Ball Committee l31, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phalanx DAN CLAIRE DEES ............ .... O blong Engineering Civil Engineering ' . 1 Delta Upsilon 4.55 Illini Union Committee 1215 House President -A 'L f 1415 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 A.S.C.E.5 g A 5 1.1.5. ERNEST AUGUST DEGENHARDT ......, Chicago Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi Marketing Club5 Rihe and Pistol Club Illinois Wesleyan University JOHN LEWIS DE LAURENTI ,......... Highland Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Delta Phi5 Captain, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society5 Illini Sportsman's Club5 Junlor Bar Association RICHARD HAROLD DELLERT ....,...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Tau5 Concert Band 13, 415 Football Marching Bond 11, 2, 3, 415 First Regimental Band 11, 215 A.C.S.5 A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 121 TERRYL ANN DE LONG ...,... ...Waukegan Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta The Daily Illini 1315 Panhellenic Executive Council 1415 House President 141 CLARENCE WILLIAM DE MOSS ..... Champaign Commerce Commerce and Law Tau Kappa Epsilon 5achem5 Skull and Crescent5 Tribe of lllini5 Varsity Football Squad 13, 41, Letter 13, 415 Varsity Track Squad 11, 21, Letter 1115 Ac- countancy Club Honors Day 121 BRUCE RODERICK DEMPSEY .... ...Avon Agriculture Animal Science Chez Nous Captain, Army ROTC5 Scabbard and Blade5 Zeta Sigma Alpha5 Agriculture Club5 Field and Furrow5 Hoof and Horn Club5 Horticulture Club LAWRENCE WILLIAM DE PAUW ...... Kewanee Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day 111 PHIL RAMON DE PROTINE .... Engineering .. . .Chicago Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Tau Beta PI5 Sigma Gamma Tau, president 1415 Pi Mu EpsiIon5 Engineering Council 11, 2, 415 l.A.S., president 11, 2, 415 Illinois Rocket Society, president 1415 S.A.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ,W jig Q, to 4 1 J5i2wiq .4gi12'f sn i 5 is 'Q ,ve -V .7 nf, sn- f- 1'2 ,:i t 'EZ - 252 We "fem W ss g T 3 is its K if f ,Jn 4,931 ' is 1 Q 1 lil 'Q .5 :Lp .... .tvs 0 ao. 17. ,Q 3' Y 'it' ... A K I A gl ii fa- ei if Q i V ie sit - 1 f 5 ,, gi .ssi 5, i"ii it New hw' gg fii 'A Ez' ' JOHN WALTER DEROCHE ,..... .... M cHenry Engineering Mechanical Engineering Ensign, NROTCQ A.S.M.E. Illinois Institute of Technology JUDITH ANN DESCH ....,... , ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Correction Alpha Gamma Delta Shi-A15 Alpha Lambda Delta5 Zeta Phi Eta5 Maior Chairman Open Houses and Banquets Union Committee 1315 Illini Union Committee 12, 3. 415 University Theatre Manager 11, 215 Star Course Manager 1215 Panhellenic Executive Council 1315 Women's Glee Club 111 Honors Day 111 SIDNEY DESSER ...,................ Glencoe Journalism Radio and Television Pi Lambda Phi Sigma Delta Chi5 Illini Union Committee 1115 House President 1415 Varsity Fencing Squad 12. 3, 41 Wright Junior College JUDITH DETINA .................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology Lincoln Avenue Residence Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper5 Debate Team Wright Junior College5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllfinois JOSEPH WAYNE DEVALL ........,... Effingham Physical Education Physical Education Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Epsilon KQDPG5 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC YVONNA LUTTRELL DEVALL ......... Effingham Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Kappa Delta Shorter Board5 Sigma Delta P15 The lllio 12, 3, 41, Associate Business Manager5 Illini Union Committee 1315 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1315 Y.W.C.A. Committee 1215 Spanish Club Vanderbilt University PATRICK JOSEPH DEVLIN ...... .... C hicoga Commerce Marketing Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Illini Sportsman's Club5 Marketing Club Wilson Junior College5 Northwestern Uni- versity ERNESTINE ELIZABETH DEWHIRST .,... Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Beta Kappa5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 The Daily Illini 11, 215 Illini Union Committee 111 Honors Day 11, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key AUDREY JANE DIAKIW .....,......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Lowry Lodge Omega Beta Pi Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 447 NJ xo I Cz,- MARIAN LEE DIAMOND ...... .... M odison Agriculture Home Economics Ivria lllini Union Committee ll1, Campus Chest I21, Home Economics Club RICHARD SAM DICK .,......... .... H ammond Agriculture Agronomy Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key GUST WILLIAM DICKETT ..... ..,. C hicago Commerce Accountancy Barton House Accountancy Club, Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Chicago Teachers College, Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois TEDDY LEE DICKMAN ..... ...Mereaosia Agriculture General Agriculture Kumonami Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Gamma Delta, Hoof and Horn Club JEANNIE LOUISE DIETEMANN ...... Champaign Agriculture Home Economics W.G.S. Executive Council l41, Terrapin ll, 2, 3, 41, Home Economics Club EMIL ERNST DIEWALD.. ........ ...Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Newman Hall Phi Kal'-'PU Epsilon, Varsity Wrestling Squad I3, 41, Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Military Council, Pershing Rifles, Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football I21, Varsity Wrestling ll, 21 Honors Day l31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANK ANTHONY DINELLO .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Newman Hall Wichita University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois KRITON THEODORE DINOU .....,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Kappa Sigma Illini Sportsman's Club University of Wisconsin JEAN ANNE DINSDALE ....... ..., C hicago Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, The lllio ll, 2, 31, Junior Business Manager l31, University Chorus ll, 21, Home Economics Council l41, Home Economics Club, president I41 Honors Day ll, 21 448 .Q Q s"' we ' 1 , , ,, aim, Q ie, . 8. or 55 ' -as X Q , .f1.vy,f.,., ' I3 l 4 ...M xg 5 4 -Q , .. CY' ., 2 A . f. . ,lx -. . .-1 .is-'ws as t R htm 'Q ,Q I' RENEE DOBKIN ..,,.......,... ...Chicago Education Elementary Education Laurel House W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41, Freshman Council Honors Day l2, 31 DAVID AUGUSTUS DOETZEL... .... Morrison Agriculture Agricultural Economics Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Zeta, Y.M.C.A. Committee l2, 3, 41, McKinley Foundation Student Council l31, ln- fantry Club, Agricultural Economics Club, Ag' ricultural Club, Horticulture Club Honors Day ll, 21 CYNTHIA BESS DOLAN ..... ...Champaign Commerce Marketing Pi Beta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio ll, 21, Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 31, Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee ll1 Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University af Illinois Scholarship Key I31 SANDRA ELAINE DOLGONOS .... .... C hicago Journalism Editorial Lincoln Avenue Residence Theta Sigma Phi, The Daily Illini I2, 3, 41, Young Democrats Club Wright Junior College WALDO CHARLES DONAHO .... .... H avana Agriculture Floriculture "O" House Floriculture Club ZORA DEVERA DORFMAN. .. ...Chicago Education Elementary Education Phi Sigma Sigma Illini Union Committee l'l1, House President l2l Honors Day ll, 31 RICHARD KENT DORSCHLER ...... ...Chicago Physical Education Health Education Kappa Sigma Phi Epsilon Kappa, Captain, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Phalanx, Physical Education Maiors Club Honors Day I2, 31 DONALD LYMAN DOTY ....,.. Winthrop Harbor Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phalanx, l.A.S. l2, 3, 41 HENRY DOUGHERTY, JR .,... .... C ollinsville Engineering General Engineering Theta Xi Star Course Manager I21, Student Senate l3l, Oratorio Society ll1, Engineering Council IA1, Military Ball Committee l31, Second Lieutenant, NROTC, Navy Council, Phalanx, General Engineering Society, president IA1, Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day l31 CLARA BRECKENRIDGE DOWNS... ...Urbana Journalism Advertising Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, The Illia l21, Home Eco- nomics Council l31 Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key HARRY ANTHONY DRAGOTTA Perth Amboy, NJ. Division of Special Services Accountancy Accountancy Club University of Maryland DORIS JEAN DREW ......... ...Kenilworth Journalism Advertising Kappa Alpha Theta Torch, Shi-Ai, Gamma Alpha Chi, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet l2, 31, Y.W.C.A. Committee ll1 JOAN DRUCKER .............. Evansville, Ind. Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Epsilon Phi Shorter Board, Shi-Ai, Maior Chairman Mothers Day lllini Union Committee l31, lllini Union Committee ill, University Theatre Committee III, Y.W.C.A. Committee il1, House Presi- dent l3, 41, Portuguese Club BARBARA JOAN DUNBAR. ..... .... C hicaso Education Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta W.A.A. 13, 41, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: University Choir, Theatre Guild Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ANTANAS VYTAUTAS DUNDZILA ....... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall A.S.M.E., Glider Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MERLE KENNETH DUNN ...... .... C hampaign Agriculture General Agriculture Tomahawk, Tribe of lllini, Varsity Wrestling Squad l21, Letter 121, Arnold Air Society, Pershing Rifles RHODA LEE DUNN ......... Agriculture ...Chicago Home Economics Laurel House Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day ll, 31 JAMES BARRETT DUNNE ........ ...Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Phi Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Football Squad 13, 41, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Wilson Junior College, Xavier University .fi ' I if I' ..,. -. Q . 1 is if . . ,W 1, ,- tc - , I, ,xl . .in J nit t 91" fir, H57 5 , -- . . - ,Ain-we :Q 1? rj G Ebfevgj 2 , 1 ., MQW, fi. 1 1 3:41 ,rrf 2 . 'J W 'z 9351 ,XL 5,1- 1 "L A' . 1. I I 3' , , K t ..,. 5 1' ' 0 5 VERNA ROSE DUSHEK ....... .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Palomar Kappa Delta Psi, Alpha Lambda Delta, lllini Theatre Guild l41, University Chorus ill Honors Day l'l1 Herzl Junior College, Roosevelt College RICHARD DAVID DUVICK .... . .,..,.. Sandwich Agriculture General Agriculture Nabar House House President IA1, Men's Glee Club I3, 41, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day l2, 31 DONALD ALLEN DVORAK .... Commerce ...Berwyn Accountancy Accountancy Club Morton Junior College THOMAS WALTER DYE ............. Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Board of Fraternity Affairs KAI, lntertraternity Council l3, 41 ILMARS DZENIS ............ ...Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Wartburg College IVA JEAN EADIE ..........,.......... Carmi Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Vanlig Sigma Alpha Iota, president H1, House Presi- dent l2, 31, Concert Band l2, 3, 41, Univer- sity Chorus 121, Fine and Applied Arts Coun- cil l41 McKendree College DONALD FERDINAND EBARP .......... Rockford Division of Special Services Sociology lllini Union Committee l31, lllini Theatre Guild Cast l31, Y.M.C.A. Committee I21, University Chair l2, 31, University Chorus l2, 31, Orchesis l31, Dolphins l2, 31 Rockford Junior College ROBERT ECHT ...................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Tau Epsilon Phi Omega Beta Pi GWENDOLYN TYNER EDWARDS ,.... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences English Chi Omega The lllio IB1, lllini Union Committee Ill, Y.M.C.A. Committee l41 449 ,-N... QQ K.. .Q ig, 'xg 's.l'S.J X1 .4 an J sz X 1 RALPH JEROME EDWARDS. ,.... ...Windsor Agriculture Agronomy College Hall Agriculture Club: Field and Furrow Eastern Illinois State College JANE ANN EFNER. .. ...,...,..... Rosiclare Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Lincoln Avenue Residence Illini Union Committee I3l: Campus Chest I3l Vanderbilt University ARTHUR LLOYD EGGERS ........ .... J oliet Engineering Engineering Physics Kumonami Tomahawk: Sigma Tau: Captain, Army ROTC: Gamma Delta: German Club: Physics Society Honors Day I2l Joliet Junior College CARL THEODORE EHLERS .... Schenectady, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Barton House Tomahawk: Tribe of Illini l4l: Senior Fencing Manager HJ: Junior Wrestling Manager l3l: Pershing Rifles MARVIN WALTER EHLERS ........... La Moille Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Tau: Illinois Technograph Ill: Captain, Air Force ROTC: A.S.M.E. RAYMOND CHARLES EICHENLAUB ..... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JUNE HELEN EICHLER ........... Highland Park Commerce Secretarial Training Sigma Kappa Phi Chi Theta: Y.W.C.A. Committee Il, 21: w.A.A. ri, zy Miami University ELEANOR SUE EISENSTEIN ...... East St. Louis Education Elementary Education Phi Sigma Sigma University Theatre Manager I2l: Women's Glee Club l2l University of Missouri ARLINE DELORES EKSTEDT .... .... C hampaign Commerce Accountancy Palamar Phi Chi Theta: Lutheran Foundation Student Council I2l: Accountancy Club 450 x'5'?fi ., 5'4" . In 3 .1 v :Wg ycyc K N sn " tl, ttf," .lv .5 se' - N..-'Q-s:.1VEi: .fe I ii' , all " 3 rr- if fr .m-mf' the nik' I lf! ,fix fax . .14 Q we if' N . .gi - . tw f ., in , . I ,ins 3 H1 -. gc . sr . Ywzilwi- -, f . I -or , , 9 A I , 6 V f , ., NP Q it re. 'W' it , 'U' ,.,- if if KAY FRANCES EKSTRAND ............,. Peoria Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Alpha Phi Young Republicans Club KATINA BARTSOKAS EKSTROM ....., Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Painting Kappa Delta Society of Illustrators: Illini Union Committee l3l Springfield Junior College THEODORE PAUL ELBERT ..... Journalism . . .Chicago Radio and Television Newman Hall WILL Ml: Gamma Delta: Illini Forensic Associ' ation: Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension af the University of Illinois JANE CHILD ELIOT ............... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Chi Omega JAMES EDWARD ELLEDGE ............ Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences History Graceland College DONALD WILLIAM ELLINGSON ....... Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES ROBERT ELLINGSON .... .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Lonesome Pine Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: M.I.A. Executive Coun- cil l2, 3, Al: House President 131: Maior, Army ROTC: Scabbard and Blade: Marketing Club: National Independent Students Associa- tion, president IE, Al CHARLES ALAN ELLIOTT. .. Commerce ...Metropolis Management Pi Kappa Alpha Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management JOHN LARSON ELLIOTT .............. Thomson Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Sigma Kappa Intertraternity Council l2, 3l: House President I3l: Basketball Manager f2l: Ensign, NROTC: Navy Council: German Club HOWARD RONALD ELLIS ..... ...Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.S.C.E. JON FRANCIS ELLIS .........,. ..., F enfield Agriculture Dairy Technology Alpha Gamma Rho House President l4l: Illini Rural Observer l2, Sl: Agricultural Council I3, 4l: All-Ag Field Day Committee l3l: Plowboy Prom Committee l3l: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Scabbard and Blade: Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club, president l3, lil: Hoof and Horn Club ROBERT ARTHUR ELLIS ............. Waukegan liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lake Forest College RODERICK ELLIS .......... .... A urora Commerce Marketing Phi Gamma Delta The Daily Illini lil: Illini Union Committee Ill: Y.M.C.A. Committee l2l THOMAS ELWELL ............. Red Bank, NJ. Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.'l.R.E.: Flying Club Honors Day lll JOAN BERNICE ENDERSON .... . . .Joliet Education Elementary Education Alpha Phi Y.W.C.A. Committee Joliet Junior College JOSEPH GEORGE ENDRES ...... ...... C hicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Kymo House House President lltl: Petty Officer First Class, NROTC: A.C.S.: A.l.Ch.E. HERBERT MANFRID ENGDAHL. . . .... McHenry Agriculture General Agriculture Sigma Nu Illini Union Committee l3l: Varsity Golf Squad I3, 4l: Agricultural Economics Club: Hoof and Horn Club Iowa State College LEROY FRED ENGEL .......,.......... Roselle Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E. Honors Day ll, 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois K is ,,. . at -r ' 'W r vt-3 Q , iw Y f , 't ii ,Q X E ,E in A isis? W 5 2. il et fi? E Lf ' .. iV,f's.m . lyy 'E 748 ' av. , i t 'Q P 1 R " -Q W X xv at Q ' f J it 'fi f . qw . s fi, ci t 5 i I i' -1-9 xg.. we if ' f' it Q of 'Ft Lx 'nf K W Q3 :fi kr Qt va Q Q ' . ' ' : k CHARLES RICHARD ENGELHARDT...Pickneyville Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club: Field and Furrow Southern Illinois University ALLEN CHANNON ENGERMAN ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 3l: Campus Chest l2l: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Hillel Foundation Student Council lil: German Club: Marketing Club Honors Day lll De Paul University: University of Heidelberg PAUL ENGLER .....,....... ...Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Illini Christian Fellowship l4l: A.l.E.E.-l.R,E.: Physics Society: Synton Wilson Junior College: University of Chicago: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT ENGLER .............. ...Chicago Engineering General Engineering Wilson Junior College: Chicago City College: Illinois Institute of Technology ALAN LEON ENGLISH ......... ...Salem Engineering Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: A,S.C.E.: Gamma Delta: l.T.E. Southern Illinois University SANDRA LEE EPSTEIN ....,........... Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Spanish Laurel House W.A.A. I3, 4l: House President Nl: Spanish Club Navy Pier Extension of the University oi Illinois CHARLES ALBERT ERB ........... ...Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Theta Delta Chi Pi Tau Sigma: Arnold Air Society: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: A.S.M.E.: I.A.S.: S.A.E. WILLIAM EDWARD ERICKSON ......... Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.S.M.E.: Society tor the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JANE ALFREDA ERlC5ON..North Easton, Mass. Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Lincoln Avenue Residence Illini Christian Fellowship l3, Al North Pork College 451 NJ 'su ni gl .4 RAUNDLE RAY ERICSON., .... .... G alva Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho lnterfraternity Council I2, 3l, Illini Rural Ob- server l2l, All-Ag Field Day Committee I2, 3l, lnterfraternity Ball Committee l2l, Plowboy Prom Committee l2, 3l, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club JAMES FREDERICK ERKMAN ......... . . .Carmi Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Lundgren House Tomahawk, Football Marching Band ll, 2, 3, 4, 51, First Regimental Band I2, 3, 4, 5l, Second Regimental Band ill, McKinley Foun- dation Student Council l2l, Fine and Applied Arts Council l5l, Fine and Applied Arts Society, Landscape Architecture Society RONALD RUSSELL ERWIN ......,....., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Illini Christian Fellowship l3, 4l Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois JAMES GIBSON ESAREY ....... ...St. Joseph Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Wesmen House President l4l, Agricultural Education Club, Agriculture Club DONALD ESAROVE ................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Clark House A.C.S., Navy Pier Alumni Association, Prae- torians Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLES ARTHUR ESSER ..... Arlington Heights Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Student Veterinary Medical Ass'n Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, Central Y.M.C.A. College, Loyola University RAYMOND BROOKE ESSICK ...,. .... C hicago Physical Education Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Swimming Squad, Dolphins IAI Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Swimming Letter, Varsity Track Letter Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois RICHARD VAUGHN EVANS ..... .... D ecatur Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Illinois Stale Normal University SAMUEL DAVIDSON EVANS Crawtordsville, Ind. Agriculture General Agriculture Honors Day I2, 3l 452 , :A -., 5 A W., , -: I 3 V y V . I 5 i 5' Q, dh- Zig I L l ,,. f 6 MW I K fl 'kc-13" 5 , Y A . of A 1, A , , ' We We '-was QE ' 4 ws X x X 4 Y- st ,ssl ,Q 4, V, W I. L. if x . 3 1, and I ii, 5 liege, I WILLIAM EDSON EVANS ,.... ...Chica90 Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Gymnastics Squad l2l Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois WAYNE FRANKLIN EWBANK .... .... M arshall Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha, Agricultural Education Club Honors Day ll, 21 IRWIN FAHLEN , ............ ...Markham Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-l.R.E,, S.A.E. Thornton Junior College RICHARD DALE FAIR .....,... ...Belvidere Engineering Electrical Engineering Chez Nous Moior, Army ROTC, Captain, Pershing Rifles, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. KENNETH EVANS FAIRBANKS ....... Park Ridge Engineering Electrical Engineering Psi Upsilon Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Illuminating Engineering Society, president HJ Honors Day l2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Kenyon College SHEILA JANE FALLON ....,... ...Champaign Agriculture Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma Saint Mary's College of Notre Dame LOUIS CLAY FANCHER, JR ............ Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull and Crescent, Captain, Army ROTC, Military Council JOHN WILLIAM FANNING ..... .... C hicago Engineering Engineering Physics Sigma Tau, l.A.S. WILLIAM WARD FARNSWORTH ....., Oak Park Division of Special Services Social Science WALIER WILLIAM FASTER .,.. ...Lincoln Engineering General Engineering Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Y.M.C.A., president 141, Y.M.CA. Board of Directors i3, 41, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet I2, 3, 41, Y.M.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 31: CONPUS Chest I41, Campus Chest Allocations and Ad- visory Board I41, Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC, Scobbard and Blade Honors Day l31 WILLIAM DAVISON FAUDE .... Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce Marketing Sigma Pi Skull and Crescent, Alpha Kappa Psi, Illini Union Committee, Campus Chest l3l: B00fd of Fraternity Affairs i3, 41, lnterfraternity Coun- cil il, 2, 3, 41, House President i41, Freshman Varsity Golf Squad, Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board I31, Young Republiwns Club JOHN EDWARD FAVERO... .... Coal City Law Law Phi Eta Sigma, Junior Bar Association Honors Day ll, 2, 3, 41, University of Illinois Scholarship Key VINCENT RUDOLPH FEIGENBUTZ St. Louis, Mo. Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tribe of Illini, Varsity Baseball Squad IZ, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC THOMAS GAR FELKE ....... .... C layton, Mo. Law Political Science Phi Gamma Delta Ma-Wan-Da, president 141, Sachem, Skull and Crescent, Phi Eta Sigma, Illini Union Com- mittee H1, Interfraternity Council I2, 31, Student Senate l2, 3, 41, Committee on Student AHairs C41, Campus Chest Allocations and Ad- visory Board l3, 41, chairman i41, Illini Board of Control l3, 41, Midshipman, NROTC, Navy Council, Pershing Rifles, Junior Bar Associa- tion Honors Day il1 PAUL JAMES FELKER ,........ .Marshiield, Wis. Commerce Industrial Administration A.F.S., A.S.M.E., Society for the Advancement of Management College of St. Thomas, University of Miami MARY JANE FENNESSEY .... ,... C hicago Education Elementary Education Evans Hall Newman Foundation Student Council i3, 41 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROY THOMAS FENSTERMAKER, JR ,,... Sycamore Agriculture Animal Science Delta Upsilon Skull and Crescent, lntertraternity Council I21, Maior, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club CHARLES ARTHUR FERGUSON .... . . .Pittsfield Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Kumonami Alpha Rho Tau, Agricultural Education Club, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club I' 'tg "P .5 M , sf. 'ei at - -i 5 4 r , K F sit is? ii 1. Mei, . ' x ft! 5 . 3. s. ,wi '1' xii . :-ttf te, W. . . Q ,L is e 16 .Y ,,' ps. - 1- ' ' 2 I f ' - I fr . .sf .5 r xg 3 K HE-22 DONALD CHARLES FERGUSON Timmons, Ontario Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Cosmopolitan Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pi, Psi Chi, Y.M.C.A. Committee I3, 41, Intertraternity Council i31 Honors Day il, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Notthwestern University, Queen's University MARGARET PARSONS FERRY ......, Springfield Education Elementary Education Blackburn College RALPH JAMES FESSENDEN. .San Francisco, Calif. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Chi Psi Phi Eta Sigma, Tribe of Illini, Varsity Track Squad ll, 2, 3, 41, Letter il, 2, 3, 41, A.l.Ch.E. Honors Day KI1 JAMES ALFRED FIELDS ........ ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House Accountancy Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT CHARLES FIETSAM .... ...Belleville Commerce Accountancy Lambda Chi Alpha Honors Day 121 NORMAN LEE FINLEY ....... Prairie du Rocher Engineering Civil Engineering Psi Upsilon House President i3, 41, Intramural Manager i21, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Zeta Sigma Alpha, A.S.C.E., M.l.S., Young Democrats Club CHARLES EARNEST FINN .... ...Gibson City Commerce Marketing Sigma Pi Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Skull and Crescent, Student Senate I41, Football Manager il, 2, 31, Senior Football Manager I41, Athletic Council, president I41, Captain, Army ROTC, Zeta Sigma Alpha, Marketing Club PATRICIA ANN FIREBAUGH. .. . ..... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Xi Delta Shi-Ai, Maior Chairman Summer Registration Dance Illini Union Committee l31, Illini Union Committee il, 2, 41, Y.M.C.A. Committee I21, Campus Chest il, 21, N.S.A. Senate Subcom- mittee i21, McKinley Foundation Student Coun- cil lI1 Tall Illini r DORA JEAN FISHEL .... ..... .... ...... T o I ono Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Alpha Iota, Illini Union Committee il, 21, Star Course Manager l2, 3, 41, Y.W.C.A. Committee II1, University Choir II1, Univer- sity Chorus 141, Women's Glee Club l21, Pan- hellenic Ball Committee II1, Entertainment Board I41 453 aa, CJ5., Qi, Q 'ix' 'gf T NJ N.: I Cz., HERBERT MORTON FISHER, .... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House University Choir l31p Oratorio Society l31g Pershing Riftesp Accounting Clubg Praetorians Navy Pier Extension of the University af Illinois MORRIS FISHER .......,..,.. .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Lundgren East Accountancy Clubg Navy Pier Alumni Association Honors Day II1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOSEPH CASEY FITZGERALD ,......,.. Lockport Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Alpha Deltag Tribe of Illinig Varsity Base- ball Squad l3, 41, Letter l3, 417 Junior Bar Association Illinois College DONNELLY JOSEPH FITZPATRICK... .... Ohio Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Sigma Phi Student Senate l2, 317 Military Ball Com- mittee l21i Agricultural Economics Club SHEILA ELIZABETH FLEMING ..... East St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Phi Mu Shi-Aig Terrapin NILS WILLIAM FLODIN ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Flogg House Honors Day I31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOSE PAULINO FLOREZ ..... Bogota, Colombia Engineering Electrical Engineering The Mansion A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. University of the Andes GEORGE LEWIS FLORMAN ..... .. .... Itasca Engineering Mechanical Engineering Theta Delta Chi Alpha Phi Omega: lnterfraternity Council l3, 415 House President H17 Captain, Air Force ROTCg Arnold Air Societyg Glider Clubg l.A.S. DUANE WILLIAM FLORSCHUETZ ....,. Paw Paw Agriculture Agriculture Education Delta Sigma Phi Interfraternity Council i215 Agricultural Educa- tion Clubg Agriculture Club Western Illinois State College 454 '09, , We V .Jin ' , Q A 5:4 I, I 4? Wa lx .. L E in i t f b e I ttir, fi X ec fu-1, , f 4.9, .U f 9-'HI er--fi. 4"f'1'2:i2:fa If-ilf.""'N12ii1l f ,inf f Y 2' ' E y f I 5 , 1 " I ,F , , ' 4 . ' " ysNff 'w, ' iii , 1'-U S -. fixzfg fait f A. we ' .sm- I f " ' ' s elfvs N sif t I A1-ff 5 ,. -V In , in ' H. , ,I 'a 5 ,ia 7' . A -- . ttf MARY LEE FLORSCHUETZ ..... .... T opeka Education Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Tau Western Illinois State College MARGARET ANNE FLOWERS ..... Elmwood Pork Liberal Arts and Sciences ZooIo9Y Alpha Xi Delta Monmouth College CHARLES HARRY FOLEY ..... .... B elleville Engineering Industrial Engineering Clark House Illinois Technograph I3, 415 Illini Christian Fellowship l3, 417 A.F.S.g A.S.M.E.p S.A.E.g Society for the Advancement of Management Belleville Township Junior College DONALD RAY FOLEY ........ ...Paris Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Kappa Sigma HENRY JAMES FOLEY ..,..... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy College Hall The Daily Illini ll, 215 House President l31: Varsity Golf Squad ll, 2, 31p Alpha Rho Taug Accountancy Cluhg A.I.A,g Spanish Club: Barbershoppers JOHN OSCAR FOOKS .,............ Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering Lieutenant, Army ROTCg A.S.C.E.p Glider Club ROBERT WALTER FORSYTH, ........ Carbondale Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Tau Kappa Epsilon A.I.A. Southern Illinois University AUSTIN HERBERT FOSNAUGH .... .... L one Commerce Marketing Y.M.C.A. Committee H15 Marketing Club Honors Day l21 DOROTHY MAXINE FOSTER .......... Hinsdale Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Psi Chi, Illini Figure Skating Club Grinnell College GEORGE PETER FOTOPOULOS ........ Chicago Commerce Marketing and Management Marketing Club, Epsilon Phi Sigma Wilson Junior College, Loyola University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EUGENE CLAYTON FOX ....,........ Marengo Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Moore Hall Tomahawk, House President l41, Captain, Air Force ROTC FARRELL RANDOLPH FOX, JR ......,. Kankakee Commerce Accountancy Acacia Accountancy Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Society for the Advancement ol Management Honors Day ll1 University of Wisconsin MARGARET MARY FRANCIS ....... Granite City Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry 4-H House Alpha Lambda Delta, Omega Beta Pi, The Illio II1 Honors Day II1 THOMAS FRANK FRANGOS ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Spanish Club Wright Junior College LANO LOUIS FRANK ...,.... .... C hadwick Commerce Finance Phi Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee ll, 31: Star Course Manager ll, 21, Football Marching Band ll, 2, 3, 41, Second Regimental Band ll, 21, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Finance Club VIRGINIA MARY FRANK ....... .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Leeman Lodge House President H1 llinois State Normal University SAMUEL HOWARD FRANKEL ..,, ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Lundgren House Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Marketing Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key MITCHELL HENRY FRANKLIN .... ...Chicago Commerce Finance Illini Theatre Guild Cost I41, Accountancy Club, Finance Club, Marketing Club, Society lor the Advancement of Management Loyola University, Northwestern University 41 9- hr ,ff ,Gita ' it Er ta -it S 1 51 , is tv has ii . aa. I VV Lili 4 1: ,..t I 1 Aires. N' f Ci 1 ,ii fat X 4 .ELS l y , fy if A-6 t We 'L Y 7 x if if , te, th f' All LLOYD LEE FRAY ........... .... M onticello Commerce Management Delta Phi Star and Scroll, lnterfraternity Council ll, 21, Men's Glee Club ll, 2, 31, Maior, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Illini Sportsman's Club, Marketing Club, Society for the Ad- vancement ot Management KENNETH EUGENE FREDERICK Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Psi Chi, University Choir l31, Oratorio Society l3l Syracuse University RENEE FREEDMAN ............,.... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Lincoln Avenue Residence W.A.A. Board Ill: W.A.A. Numerals, W.A.A. llli Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MICHAEL IRWIN FREEMAN .... .., .Chicago Commerce Marketing Zeta Beta Tau Maior Chairman House Publications Illini Union Committee l3li Illini Union Council l31, lllini Union Committee ll, 21, Campus Chest ll1, House President IA1, Captain, Air Force ROTC, Scabbard and Blade RICHARD FRANCIS FREEMAN .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Kappa Alpha Psi Omega Beta Pi Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DEBORAH FREIDES .,................ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Hilcrest House President 141 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, Roosevelt College EUGENE ROBERT FRIEDERICH ....... East Alton Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Newman Hall Lieutenant, NROTC St. Louis University HOWARD FRIEDMAN ................ Chicago Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Praetorians Illini Union Committee I41, German Club, M.l.S., Praetorians Roosevelt College, Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIAM EDWARD FRYMIRE ........ Galesburg Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Theta Chi Monmouth College, North Carolina State Col- lege, Maywood Extension of the University of Illinois 455 l x . 'Hx xak, .ag aug, I-i 'nf SJ I ,-5 C14 ii . A 1 '5 1 JAMES LEO FUHRMAN ....,. .,., S pringfield Commerce Economics Illini Insurance Society, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day lil TORU FUJII ,.,..........,.. ...Elmhurst Engineering Mechanical Engineering The Mansion Lutheran Student Center Foundation Student Council l2l, A.F.S., Gamma Delta KEN KENJI FUJISATO ......,. Honolulu, Hawaii Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.l.A. University of Hawaii CLYDE MYRON FULLER ....... . . .Anna Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Southern Illinois University MAX VERNON FULLING ......... ...Palestine Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 3, Al, Y.M.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 3, Al, Tribe of Illini HI, Baseball Manager l2, 3l, Senior Baseball Manager l4l, Men's Glee Club, Agricultural Council l3l, All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee lll, Athletic Council l4l, Plowboy Prom Committee, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club JOHN RONALD FURMAN ,....... ...Joliet Commerce Banking and Finance Newman Hall Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Illini Insurance Society, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Marketing Joliet Junior College GAIL FURNALL ............ . ...... Mt. Vernon Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board, Torch, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio ll, 2l, Panhellenic Executive Council l3, 4l, president l4I Honors Day ll, 2, Ill, University of Illinois Scholarship Key HAROLD HUGH GABBY ......., ...Stronghurst Education Industrial Education Barristers Club Alpha Eta Rho, Colonel, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Pershing Rifles WALTER ELLIS GABEHART .... ...Springfield Commerce Banking and Finance Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Council l2l, Finance Club, Society far the Advancement of Management, Spanish Club 456 f 4' ' A ', ,fs V Z X am . 'ir' Q. A3 S.-egg Xu 5 W ,.,,,. ,, .,.. . . W if " L illrg l f Ji A fl I V X gf-...L if is: 'Er' .ac E3 I ' S ?i1F++'f37'f" ,L V ,M -cs , f lg L I as ' , Q V :,gQ.?::,iq?.!: I -sc f , ,..:,,.:-gg' f-f' : A CARL WILLIAM GABEL. ..... Silver Spring, Md. Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Junior Bar As- sociation, Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NORMAN WALTER GABEL ,........... chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Flagg House Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pi, Illini Union Committee l2l, A.C.S., German Club Honors Day ll, 2l GLEN EDWARD GAIDES ......,....... Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Newman Hall Morton Junior College ROBERT GEORGE GAINER ..,. .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Delta Sigma Phi Star and Scroll, Y.M.C.A. Committee Ill, Interfraternity Council l2l, Varsity Basketball Squad l2l, Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad, AccountanCY Club JACQUELYN GALE . .,..... .... M oline Commerce Secretarial Training Sherwood Lodge The lllio l2l, Illini Union Committee l2, Ill, Y.W.C.A. Committee lfll Augustana College JOHN GREGORY GALE ..,........ Crystal Lake Division of Special Services Psychology Phi Delta Theta Marketing Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Denison University FRANCIS MICHAEL GALLAGHER... ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Noble House Alpha Kappa Psi, Accountancy Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ANTON GAPP .............. ...Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Honor Day l3l Wright Junior College FERNANDO SCHULKE GARBRECHT Bogota, Colombia Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. University of Lausanne, University of the Andes IRA LEONARD GARDNER ......,..,. Heyworth Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Star and Scroll5 Alpha Zeta5 Star Course Manager I215 Y.M.C,A, Committee H15 House President i315 Illini Rural Observer C315 Agricultural Council l2, 315 All-Ag Field Day Committee l2, 315 Freshman Week Committee I315 Plowboy Prom Committee l2, 315 Agri- cultural Economics Club5 Agricultural Club5 Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day II1 RAYMOND WALTER GARLANGER ....., Chicago Physical Education Health Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon Wilson Junior College CUNEGUNDA GARMUS .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Science Chemistry Orchesis I215 A.l.Ch.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois DON SCOTT GARNER.. ..,..... . , .Wheaton Physical Education Recreation Sigma Chi U. of I. Student Chapter American Recreational Society Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College SIDNETTA MAE GARRETT .... Indianapolis, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 31 STEWART IRWIN GARTNER .... .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi University Theatre Crew ll, 21 MARIE ELEANOR GARVEY. ........ ,...Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Painting Shorter Board5 Mask and BaubIe5 Society at Illustrators, president l415 University Theatre Manager l2, 3, 415 University Theatre Cast I315 University Chorus ll15 Women's Glee Club ll, 215 Fine and Applied Arts Council I415 University Theatre Board IA1 ROBERT REYNOLDS GASAWAY ..... Springfield Commerce Accountancy and Finance Delta Tau Delta Skull and Crescent5 Phi Eta Sigma5 Inter- fraternity Council l3, 415 House President i415 Maior, Army ROTC5 Infantry Club5 Accountancy Club Honors Day ll, 2, 315 University of lllinois Scholarship Key REMIGIUS ALGIMANTAS GASKA ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Newman Hall Sigma Tau5 Tau Beta Pi5 A.l.Ch.E. Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Basketball Squad l2l Honors Day I21 Navy Pier Extension ot the University of lllinois V rgt. ,ly --,, -5 .. 5 -11 5 1 i s 5 ' ge' X at I R , I, CHARLES ALBERT GAUEN .... .... W aterloo Commerce Management Lambda Chi Alpha Illini Union Committee ll, 315 Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee IS, 415 Illini Christian Fellowship l315 Military Ball Committee l215 German Club5 Society for the Advancement of Management CHARLES GAUTSCHY ......... ..... S trealcr Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Star and ScrolI5 Maior Chairman Pep Rallies Illini Union Committee I415 Illini Union Council IA15 Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 315 Campus Chest l215 lntertraternity Council ll, 2, 31 AMELIA GAZA .......,.,........... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Evans Hall W.A.A. l3, 415 Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois HAROLD LOUIS GEGEL ..,.,....,..,., Marissa Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Skull and Crescent5 Scabbard and BIade5 M.l.S. Honors Day ll, 21 LORRAINE EDITH GEITTMANN ..,.. Metropolis Journalism Editorial Evans Hall Shorter Board5 Torch5 The Daily Illini ll, 2, Il, 415 Women's Glee Club ll1 GEORGE RONALD GELLERT ....,...... Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Phi Sigma Kappa The lllio I215 Illini Union Committee il, 215 Accountancy Club5 A.F.S.5 Young Republicans Club CHARLENE KATHERINE GEMINN ...., Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology T Dorms House President l415 First Regimental Band ll, 215 Oratorio Society II1 JOHN WILLIAM GEPFORD ..... .... M atloon Journalism Advertising Marketing Club FRANK KENNETH GERACE, JR .... ..... O glesby Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Delta Sigma5 Pierrots5 The Daily Illini l415 Illini Theatre Guild Cast I215 Senior An- nouncements Committee5 Senior Ball Committee LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 457 NJNJ ,-5 Of., JOHN ANTHONY GERBEL ..... ...Champaign Commerce Marketing First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phi Chi Eta, Scabbard and Blade CLYDE EVERETT GERMAN ..,..,. .... N okomis Agriculture General Agriculture Illi-Knights LAWRENCE JACK GERSKE .......,..... Chicago Division of Special Services Economics Theta Xi lllini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Society for the Advancement of Management Morgan Park Junior College HOWARD GENE GETZ ........ ,..Morton Commerce Accountancy Cagle Hall University Choir I3, Al, Men's Glee Club IZ, 3, Al, Accountancy Club Bradley University GEORGE LOUIS GFROERER. . . Commerce ...,Oak Park Industrial Administration Beta Theta Pi Sachem: Skull and Crescent, Phi Eta Sigma, Scarab, Tribe of Illini ll, 2, 3, 41, Varsity 5W"'f'mln9 Sfluad ll, 2, 3, 4l, Captain IAI, Letter ll, 2, 3, Al, Dolphins ll, 2, 3, 4j, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade Honors Day ll, 31 EDWARD LEO GHIDOTTI ....... ..., C hicago Agriculture Food Technology Newman Hall Food Technology Association, Navy Pier Alumni Association Western Illinois State College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GRETCHEN MARY GIBBONS ........, Palos Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Palomar Mask and Bauble, University Theatre Manager l2, 3, Al, Campus Chest l2l, University Chorus lfii: WILL l3, 4l, Spanish Club Gulf Park Junior College MARY JANE GIBSON ......... Muscatine, Iowa Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Theta Upsilon Sigma Alpha Iota, Y.W.C.A. Committee ISI, House President l4l, Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day l2l HUGH DENNIS GIERTZ ....... .,.Elgin Commerce Marketing Sigma Nu Skull and Crescent, Interfraternity Council ll, 21, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Market- ing Club 458 .1 " rl GORDON RAY GILLETTE ..... ..,Bone Gap Education v Teacher Training in Mathematics Q- ' I Squad- A.S.A.E. V A V, my W 35, Freshman Varsity Basebal , t ,bs W xi , I 4 1 H t 4, 1 'f sv' , fig? tr VX ,i l U - f. ,-if 45254, ,.- , ,Vxr 1,1524 SANDRA FERN GIMPEL. ..... ..,Chicago .gi E d U ca fa 0 n if Elementary Education fr Evans Hall I Teachersein-Training Club, Young Democrats jf I Club wright Junior College 52 I if 4 to , if if z f 2 , vs .-we X i 4 .91 13 2 QA rv -'cm I 5 -nl ncijgtl' S , EM ,-.,., s i M'- t ' ui sr if h , ,Z 5 :S ., i '. 1. 21344 . ic I ':2::: fri 1:11 , " - 35555, 3755! 'f ,, K J 6 :'-..-'JI GERALD JOSEPH GLANTZ ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois STANFORD LEE GLASS .....,...... Collinsville Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Rho, Student Senate ll, 2, 3, lil, president l4l, Committee on Student Atfairs l2, 3l, Coordination Com- mittee l2, 31, Freshman Council Ill, Con- vocations Committee l3l, Illini Forensic As- sociation, Varsity Deboter Honors Day ll, Ql JO ANN ELIZABETH GLENN... .... O'Fallan Journalism Editorial Evans Hall Theta Sigma Phi, Y.W.C.A, Committee I3, Ai: Women's Glee Club l2l, Young Democrats Club Honors Day l3l Belleville Junior College IRWIN JUSTIN GLICKEN ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Omega Beta Pi Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LOUIS GLICKMAN ........... Commerce . . .Chicago Accountancy Flagg House M.I.A. Executive Council HJ, Accountancy Club, Navy Pier Alumni Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MAYNARD WAYNE GLITMAN ,..... ...Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences International Attairs Barton House Honors Day ll, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WALTER LOUIS GLITZENSTEIN ....,... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta House President l4l, A,S.M.E., Illinois Racket Society, Rifie and Pistol Club, S.A.E. Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football Squad l2l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MAURICE ROTHSCHILD GLOVER ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Kappa Alpha Psi Alpha Phi Omega, Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Honors Day I21 Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois THOMAS CLIFFORD GOAD. . .Birmingham, Mich. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, president I41, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Star Course Manager l21, Ensign, NROTC, Scobbard and Blade EDWARD DEAN GODDARD .... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Illini Union Committee l41, Campus Chest l31, Maior, Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Ac- countancy Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Walton School of Commerce RICHARD CHARLES GOEDEKE .... Evergreen Park Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALAN HERBERT GOETTIG ..... .. .Pana Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Pi Tau Sigma, Freshman Track Varsity Squad Honors Day ll-, 2, 31 DONELLA CULBERSON GOETTIG. . . ...Pano Commerce Secretarial Training Alpha Chi Omega Y.W.C.A. Committee l31, Ponhellenic Ball Committee l31 Wheaton College EILEEN FRANCES GOLB .............. Chicago liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology E.K.T. Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 31, Y.W.C.A. Committee II1, W.A.A. I31, House President l3, 41, Hillel Foundation Student Council ll, 21, Social Welfare Administration Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key JERRY GOLD .,.............,...... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Chairman, Composers' Forum Illini Union Committee l21, University Theatre Cast l31, University Sinfonietta I2, 31, University Orchestra ll, 2, 3, 41, University Chorus l21 JOAN LORETTA GOLD .......... ...Chicago Education Commercial Teaching Laurel House Freshman Council . s t w fibi' f f HK B M Q M" 1. Q tc , if 111 ' ' .s ,, 1 gy. - i . A . ., , 'Q .F A QL' 6 Q . no J., . 7 . 4 - gl A , ,ir i bg xi as wt, ,,'Ns. 1? X 5 w- lr Y X s - , I ,,. .. I ,P A 2 " r J. f 1 'K is , , f c5f?ff2f:f2E2'f?'-'iff'"xiii I P I 'Q sg, K i 'Qj t if fr W eq we .fa .':' .f M fs R NORTON NATHAN GOLD. .. . . , .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Alpha Epsilon Pi JEROME GOLDBERG ........ .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Navy Pier Activities: Student Congress, De- bate Team Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois MYRON GOLDBLATT ....... ...Fairfield Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi lntertraternity Council l21, A.F.S., A.S.M.E. SIMON GOLDFARB . ..,..... .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARTIN EDWARD GOLDSTEIN University City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Barton House Illinois Technograph ll, 2, 31, Editor l31, Hillel Foundation Student Council Ill, 41, presi- dent I41, Engineering Council l31, Captain Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, A.l.Ch.E., Prae- torians DEBORAH GOLLUB ....,.........,. Kankakee Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Sigma Delta Tau Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio II1, Illini Union Committee II1, House President f2, 31 Honors Day U1 University of California ROBERT WILLIAMS GOLTERMANN ..... Decatur Commerce Accountancy Delta Chi Y.M.C.A. Committee I21, lntertraternity Coun- cil l3, 41, Accountancy Club, Student Junior Chamber of Commerce, Marketing Club James Millikin University ROBERT MORRIS GONDRY .,........ Westville Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Engineering Council l31, Military Boll Com- mittee l31, Moior, Army ROTC, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., ill:-Knights ' SHELDON FRED GOOD ....... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Alpha Epsilon Pi lntramurial Manager l21, Marketing Club Drake University 459 Q5 'N Ag, aug, 'x..1 13 1 5 x N, 4 1.1 sl 43:55 a FFPSQDW., JOAN MARGARET GOODMILLER ...... Rockford Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Lincoln Avenue Residence Gamma Alpha Chi: Society of Illustrators: Lutheran Student Association ll, 21: Fine and Applied Arts Council l41 Honors Day L31 SUE BARBARA GORDON ,............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residence Sociology Club CECIL ANDREW GOSNELL ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Barton House German Club Illinois Institute of Technology: Wilson Junior College: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARJORIE ANN GOWER ............ Centralia Journalism Radio and Television Zeta Tau Alpha The Daily Illini II1: WILL l41 JOHN MICHAEL GRABOWSKI .... .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering Theta Kappa Phi lnterfraternity Council l21: Second Lieutenant, AYWIY ROTC: Tau Nu Tau: A.S.C.E.: Society of American Military Engineers LEONARD BALDWIN GRAIFF ......... Staunton Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Honors Day l2, 31 MAURICE DARWIN GRANT .... .... C hampaign Commerce Management Illini Sportsman's Club: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management RALPH PIEFFER GRAUER ....., Commerce Marketing Phi Kappa Sigma Campus Chest I31: Intertraternity Council I31: Track Manager l21: Marketing Club l31 Morgan Park Junior College: University of Wisconsin . . . .Chicago RENEE GRAUER .,.........,........ Chicago Education Elementary Education Phi Sigma Sigma Shi-Ai: Illini Union Committee II1: University Theatre Cast II1: Orchesis l21 Honors Day ll, 21 460 ' :Ay v ,L sw 'mmf Si I" 1-K' so 'P sq, dm 1'1- . -ii s if 8 mi I k H 4 Q ,sp n' ' ui 'sm i . 'PP I I A it in-- 5 'W i 15,5 .5 i Q, a W 1 N sk A , ue? s in . ..tiii,..::t:f:f 'ff M K Y ... W. . - . 'M in 1 F. '-.if iw ,QA li F 'Ve 4-L A , I "" egg Q DONALD JOHN GRAVES .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Flagg House Phi Eta Sigma: A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day H1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARVIN DEAN GRAVES ....... .,.. P rinceville Journalism Advertising Phi Sigma Kappa Sachem: Skull and Crescent: lnterfraternity Council ll, 21: Tribe of Illini: Varsity Basketball Squad l2, 3, 41, Captain l41, Letter l2, 41: Freshman Varsity Squad: Maior, Air Force ROTC DAVID ROCKWELL GRAY .......,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Minowa Lodge Delta Sigma Rho, president IA1: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors IA1: Y.M.C.A. Committee l2, 3, 41: Student Senate I2, 3, 41: Illini Christian Fellowship II1: French Club: Illini Forensic Association, president I41: Junior Bar Association: Young Democrats Club Honors Day l31 WILLIAM TYLER GRAY ..... Wauwotosa, Wis. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Sachem: Campus Chest ll, 2, 31: First Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC University of Wisconsin TERRY RAY GREATHOUSE ...... .... H indsboro Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho Y.M.C.A. Committee l-11: Committee on Student Altairs I-11: Illini Rural Observer l2, 31: Agricultural Council I41: All-Ag Field Day Committee ll, 31: Plowboy Prom Committee l31: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club, president L41 GLENN EVERETT GREEN .... ...Litchfield Commerce Management Accountancy Club: Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202: Marketing Club: Society tor the Advancement of Management MELVYN LEONARD GREEN ..... .... C hicago Commerce Commerce and Low Phi Epsilon Pi Nu Beta Epsilon: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Junior Bar Association: Marketing Club LEWIS DAVID GREENBERG .... .... C hicago Commerce Accounting Campus Chest l31: Accountancy Club: Market- ing Club JANE ELLEN GREENE .,......,....... Decatur Fine and Applied Arts Music Education McKinley Hall Sigma Alpha Iota: Y.W.C.A. Committee I2, 3, 41: University Choir I41: Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 31: Oratorio Society l41: Freshman Week Committee L41 JAMES WALLACE GREENLEE ..,..,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French French Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois TOBY ANN GREENMAN ............ Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Sigma Della Tau The Daily Illini l21, The lllio rl, 21, Illini Union Committee lI1, Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 31, Campus Chest l'l1, Young Demo- crats Club HARVEY ARNOLD GREENSTEIN ..... Collinsville Commerce Marketing Sigma Alpha Mu Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Star Course Manager l21, Campus Chest 12, 31, Board of Fraternity Affairs l2, 3, 41, Interfraternity Council il, 2, 3, 41, House President l41, lnterfroternity Ball Com- mittee II1, Marketing Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key HAROLD GREER ............. .... C hicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta A.F.S., A.S.M.E., S.A.E. University of Chicago CAROLE LANOFF GREIMAN .... .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Delta Phi Epsilon Torch, Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini ll, 21, The Illia 111, Illini Union Committee l21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RUDOLPH ERNEST GREY ....... .... C hicago Engineering General Engineering Wright Junior College GERALD NELSON GRIFFITH ..... .... C asey Engineering Industrial Engineering A.F.S., A.S.M.E. Eastern Illinois Stale College JAMES WARREN GROCHOWSI ............ Lisle Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Noble House A.l.Ch.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RAE ELLEN GROSCH ......... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Theta Upsilon Phi Chi Theta, Y.W.C.A. Committee, W.A.A., Canterbury Foundation Student Council l2, 3, 41, Commerce Council I31, Panhellenic Ball Committee 131, Marketing Club I41 Honors Day ll1 li fu -a '. - S F I! , ze' Z' hd 2 A? fi. CAROL JEANNE GROSS ....,......., Oak Park Education Elementary Education Hilcrest Roosevelt University RUTH ELEONOR GRUENDLING .... Summit, N.J. Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Evans Hall Illini Forensic Association ROBERT TAYLOR GRUNER .... ...Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering l.A.S. l2, 3, 41, Illinois Racket Society l41 Wright Junior College MARILYN CHRISTINE GUSTAFSON ...... Capron PhYsical Education Physical Education Busey Hall Mortar Board, Alpha Sigma Nu, president 4, W.A.A. Board, Maior I, W.A.A. Numerals, W-A-A- ll, 2, 3, 41, Physical Education Maiors Club Honors Day ll, 31 JOSEPH WARREN GUYTON... ...Canton Engineering Civil Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Chi Epsilon, McKinley Foundation Student Council l3, 412 MUl0f, ArmY ROTC, Society of American Military Engineers, president 141, A.S.C.E. Honors Day ll, 21 JOHN PAUL GWIN ................ Springfield Commerce Banking and Finance Delta Tau Delta lnterfraternity Council l21, Varsity Golf Squad l3, 41, Captain, Air Force ROTC, Finance Club, Illini Insurance Society, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management EDWIN GEORGE HAAS ........,.. South Elgin Engineering Mechanical Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology HOWARD DEAN HADLER ............. Rantoul Engineering Agricultural Engineering Illinois Technograph 12, 3, 41, Engineering Council l3, 41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.S.A.E., president l41 BETTY JANE HADLEY .................. Casey Fine and Applied Arts Music McKinley Hall Alpha Chron, University Choir l31, Women's Glee Club i2, 31, Oratorio Society l31 461 ga., Q5 1, a-nC,': 'x,,1 Q vi XJ J cg WILLIAM GERALD HAGEDORN ......, Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University ol Illinois ROBERT JAMES HAHN ...... .... C hester Engineering Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. Southern Illinois University, Washington Uni- versity THOMAS O'REGAN HAIG ...... Ypsilanti, Mich. Engineering l Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu Case Institute of Technology, University of California at Los Angeles, Massachusetts In- stitute of Technology SAMUEL HALE .................... Wheaton Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Delta Phi Skull and Crescent, Y.M.C.A. Committee ll1, lnterfraternity Council I21, Junior Bar Associa- tion, Young Republicans Club WAYNE EDWARD HALL .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Wesley Foundation Student Council l41, Captain, Army ROTC, A.l.Ch.E. Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University at Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN DAVID HALLORAN .,....... Wood River Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, S.A.E. JOAN PEARL HALPERN ............... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English T Dorms Hillel Foundation Student Council I3, 41, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Young Democrats Club Honors Day ll1 Navy Pier Extension of the University af Illinois MORRIS DAVID HALPERIN .... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Men's Glee Club l31, Accountancy Club Honors Day l31 CAROL LYNN HALVERSON ...... Highland Park Education Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee l21, Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee l21, Women's Glee Club l21, McKinley Foundation Student Council l2, 3, 41 DePauw University 462 .dw . VHA: my X, S -if I S A 'I as 1 - 3 I A I M if ff 1, wp.--I ' is Y Zi 2 . so t , ' T . .4 xg it V I 7 ' W 'it M " ., LUTHER PEARSON HAMPTON, JR. Etowah, Tenn, Engineering Electrical Engineering Berea College, University of Tennessee, Ohio State University EMILY ANN HANAFEE ......., ..,. C hompaign Education Education of the Deaf Chi Omega PEARL ANN HANEBUTT .... .. ...Red Bud Agriculture Home Economics Education Philea Alpha Chron, Illini Union Committee I21, W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41, House President CA1, Lutheran Foundation Student Council l21, Plow- boy Prom Committee I31, Gamma Delta, Home Economics Club DONALD KEITH HANES ...., ...Oregon Journalism Radio Acacia Illini Union Committee l'l1, lnterfraternity Coun- cil l31, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phi Chi Eta, Scabbard and Blade ANNETTE ESTHER HANKIN ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Lincoln Avenue Residence Mask ond Bauble, National Collegiate Players, University Theatre Cast ll, 2, 3, 41, WILL I41, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Theatre Guild Director I21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DUANE KEITH HANLY ......,.. ...Urbana Agriculture General Agriculture Dairy Production Club, Hoof and Horn Club HERBERT FREDERICK HANN ........ Forest Park Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. University of Dubuque, Northwestern Univer- sity, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois VELLO HANSEN Engineering Civil Engineering Tomahawk, Seaburg Foundation Student Council, A.S.C.E. Lyons Township Junior College DOUGLAS KEITH HANSON .... .,.. S tantord Agriculture Agricultural Education Illinois State Normal University THOMAS GRAHAM HAMILTON .,..... Evanston Commerce Personnel Management Phi Delta Theta Wabash College ALICE LUCILLE PRICE HARE... ....Galesburg Agriculture Home Economics Busey Hall University Chorus II, 217 Rifle Und Plslol Club Honors Day I31 DAVID EARL HARGIS .......... . . .Decatur Engineering Aeronautical Engineering German Club: l,A.S.: Illinois Rocket Society: Rifle and Pistol Club ANNA GERALDINE HARMS. .. . . .Springfield Commerce Accountancy Lincoln Avenue Residence House President I31 Honors Day IZ, 31 Valparaiso University DONALD KENT HARRIS .,.,...... Dayton, Ohio Education Recreation Sigma Pi Varsity Fencing Squad I2, 31: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad II1: Physical Education Maiors Club JERROL LEE HARRIS ,.,............... Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences English Tau Epsilon Phi Interfraternity Council I21: House President I3, 4l KENNETH IRVING HARRIS ........... Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences English Lonesome Pine The Daily Illini I3, 41: M.l.A. Executive Coun- cil I31: House President I31 LORAINE HARRIS ................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies "T" Dorm W.A.A. II, 31: Committee on Information I31: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Young Demo- crats Loyola University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIAM PAUL HARRISON ..,.. . . , Lewistown Agriculture Animal Science "O" House Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club 3 S s -W . , 4. fb ' ,. i r e, ff K -- r 1 s . ,M Q 'F Q 4 tg 3 it. Q it st .Za xiii: no . Vqxi 5' . I , M. I It f fl ei. fi sz: fsr ' sl: . t Riff" of U . W 'fi'5'ff3 'fs A '- 5' ii : lr. I 'TILT or . ,, . posit, rs. . - 'sts - -ze , 'ii' sl 8 QB t il . T Mp. ,fl fzfivzia-v L I t r ' ft r N. FREDERICK HENRY HARTKE .... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A,I.E.E.-l.R.E. Northwestern University: Navy Pier Extension ofthe University of Illinois JAMES ARTHUR HARTMAN ..... ...Hampshire Agriculture Animal Science Sigma Nu Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Rifle and Pistol Club FREDERICK DONALD HARTMANN ...... McHenry Agriculture General Agriculture Y.M.C.A. Committee II1: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Agricultural Economics Club: Agri- culture Club: Dairy Production Club ROBERT CHESTER HARTMANN, ....... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Shawnee Accountancy Club: Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois THOMAS NELSON HARVEY ......... Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Chi Skull and Crescent: Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: Illini Union Committee II, 21: Maior, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: A.S.C.E., president I41: l.T.E. Honors Day Il, 2, 31 FRANK LOUIS HARWATH ...... .... B roadview Engineering Mechanical Engineering Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.S.M,E.: Rifle and Pistol Club: S.A.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MAE HATSUMI HASEGAWA .....,.,,., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Alpha House Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PHYLLIS ANN HASSE ........ Fort Wayne, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board IAI: Shi-Ai I2l: Society of Illustrators: lllini Theatre Guild Manager I2, 31: Star Course II, 21: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet II1: Fanhellenic Executive Council I3, 41: Student Senate I2, 3, 41: Committee on Student Attairs I3, 41: University Choir II1: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board I21: Convoca- tions Committee I3, 41: Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day l31 JOHN EDWARD HAUG ..... ...Elizabeth Engineering General Engineering Student Religious Council I2, 31, President I31: Lutheran Foundation Student Council I2, 31: Gamma Delta Galesburg Extension of the University of Illinois 463 Qi? .ag 'Us- 'x,,1 N.l"s.4 J sf.: -1 so .1 i 1 J CHARLES ROBERT HAUGH .......,.. Gary, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Forsite 1315 Landscape Architecture Society Honors Day 121 Gary College5 Indiana University DONALD IRA HAUSMAN ....,. ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Illini Union Board 1315 Men's Glee Club 1215 Accountancy Club5 Young Democrats Club Honors Day 131 EDWARD HAUTER .................... Morton Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Illini Theatre Guild Cast 1415 Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 111 ADELE CHARLOTTE HAVEN ....... Lake Forest Agriculture Home Economics Education Beta House Phi Upsilon Omicron, president 1415 Illini Union Committee 1215 Home Economics Council 1415 Plowbay Prom Committee 11, 215 Home Eco- nomics Club RALPH ANDREWS HAWORTH ........ Homewood Journalism Advertising Thornton Junior College THOMAS HOWE HAYES ..... St. Petersburg, Fla. Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Phi Delta Theta Varsity Golf Squad 1215 Freshman Varsity Golf Squad5 Captain, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society Honors Day 12, 31 WILLIAM LEON HAYES .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Kappa Alpha Psi Lincoln University5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARJORIE MATILDA HEADLEY ....... Macomb Agriculture General Home Economics McKinley Hall Illio 11, 2, 31, Junior Business Manager 1315 University Choir 11, 215 Women's Glee Club 1I1g All-Ag Field Day Committee 12, 315 Home Economics Council, president 1315 Plowboy Prom Committee 11, 215 W.G.S. Ball Com- mittee 11, 215 Home Economics Club EARL HOMER HEAL .......... .... B unker Hill Agriculture General Agriculture Captain, Air Force ROTC5 Pershing Rifles Honors Day 121 464 , 39" 1 ff? , x 17 Q Ag .P it ry H . 2 , SK :Ml it 4 ' ! .A 5 f 2 . is , 5 ll.' if ' 4 J . .Lfiha in if ,U ' CAROLE MAE HEATH ................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Ruste Armes Navy Pier Alumni Association5 Spanish Club Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Mundelein CoIIege5 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOYCE ANN HEATH ................ LaGrange Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Kappa Delta Psi Chi5 University Orchestra 1315 Women's Glee Club 1315 Student Religious Council 131 Oberlin College VERLAN WALTER HEBERER ..., ..,. B elleville Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta5 Campus Chest 1215 Agricultural Council 13, 415 All-Ag Field Day Committee 1215 Plowboy Prom Committee 11, 215 Agri- culture Club5 Field and Furrow5 Hoof and Horn CIub5 Horticulture Club5 Poultry Science Club Honors Day 11, 31 DONALD HERMAN HEBERLEIN. .. ...Liberty Agriculture Agronomy Agriculture CIub5 Field and Furrow Quincy College5 Western Illinois State Teachers College RICHARD STEVE HECKENKAMP ......... Joliet Division of Special Services Political Science Phi Delta Theta The Daily Illini 141 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 THOMAS IVAN HEDVIG ......... .... C hicogo Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau5 Tau Beta Pi5 Eta Kappa Nu5 Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 415 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Synton Roosevelt College5 City College of Son Francisco5 Illinois Institute of Technology LESLIE MORTON HEFTER ..... .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Pi Lambda Phi Illini Union Committee 1315 Marketing Club ROBERT LAURENCE HEICHER ........,.. Paxton Liberal Arts and Sciences History Olivet Nazarene ColIege5 North Park College DONALD JOSEPH HEID .............. Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Granada Club Eta Kappa Nu, president 1415 A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day 111 West Point Military Academy5 Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois GEORGE ELROY HEIDER ...... Milwaukee, Wis. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.I.A. University of Wisconsin DONALD CHARLES HELMREICH ......., Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Kumonami Student Religious Council l3I, Maior, Army ROTC, Ordnance Club, Gamma Delta Morgan Park Junior College JOHN DREWS HENDERSON ......... Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon Scarab, Star Course Manager ll, 2, 3l, Campus Chest I2I, lnterfraternity Council Il, 2, 3, 4I, A.l.A., Illini Sportsman's Club ALBERT JOSEPH HERBST, JR .... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Beck House A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Illinois Institute of Technology FRANK LEE HEROLD .,....... ...Springfield Commerce General Marketing Sigma Chi Illini Union Committee ll, 21, House President HI, Marketing Club Honors Day Ill HAROLD NORDAHL HERRIED .... ...Rockford Education Social Science The Daily Illini ul, Y.M.c.A. committee IAI, Education Forum Ml, Gamma Delta Rockford College JANE ADELE HERRMANN ......,..,... Rockford Commerce Commercial Teaching Alpha Gamma Delta Shi4Ai, University Theatre Manager II, Zi Honors Day IAI JANETTE MARIE HERRMANN ......,.. Rockford Commerce Commercial Teaching Alpha Gamma Delta Shi-Ai, University Theatre Manager Il, 2I Honors Day Ml ROBERT ALLEN HERSHBARGER ...... Champaign Commerce Marketing Phi Gamma Delta The Illio lil, Y.M.C.A. Committee III, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, National Defense Transportation Association, Flying Club, Market, ing Club .. V M 3 qs fi Q rr f Q , My ,k V Q R312 1 - I .4 fr ze .1 fl l i ff . ff 2 .. , ya 41 xt S. 2 if 'r - rag! , , . .Sm i. C , 71, . - T . 'I' i 'I 'wha' Q ' f LI Z? ' ' 1 ,wjy-f 'f 5 'ff V 3 I K it , 1 7.5 fx I M aah r 'f mx if fs 'sp Q Jfkx r 3 ti, gl.. . ,Q 1 .T g X. f - . sr E , J' we 2 sv- 0 fl K X .1 iff, . v,,k DONALD JOSEPH HESSE ..... .... A Iton Commerce Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Club Honors Day I2l KENT WILLIAM HETFIELD ..... .... H arveY Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Thornton Junior College CLARK EUGENE HEUER ........ . . .Princeton Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha, Gizz Kidds Manager HI, Agricultural Education Club Illinois State Normal University JOHN EDWARD HEUMANN .......... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Noble House Newman Foundation Student Council IAI, A.I.Ch.E. Belleville Junior College FRANKLIN ERNEST HEURICH .... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Lundgren House Alpha Kappa Psi, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Illini Sportsman's Club, Marketing Club DELORES ANN HICKMAN ,... .... J oliet Agriculture Home Economics Education McKinley Hall Alpha Lambda Delta, Home Economics Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key WILMA JUNE HICKMAN ............ Fairmount Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha House Alpha Chron, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Daily Illini II, 2l, McKinley Foundation Student Council I2l, Home Economics Club Honors Day Il, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key EDNA LUCILLE HIGGINS ........ . . .Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Delta Sigma Theta House President HJ, Orchesis I3l, Physical Education Maiors Club George Williams College STUART ELDON HIGGS ..., . . . .... Havana Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. 465 X1 013 iw 'N Q wx, 'gf CHARLES CALVON HIGHSMITH ,.... Mt. Vernon Engineering Electrical Engineering xx L Varsity Gymnastics Squad 13, 41, Letter 141, Maior, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, 1 A.l,E.E.-l.R.E. Northwestern University KENNETH EUGENE HILGENBRINK. . . . . . .Quincy Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall A.F.S., A.S.M.E. ' Quincy College Cf .1 BEVERLY JEAN HILL ..,....... . , .Lockport Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall Torch, Alpha Chron, Illini Union Committee 121, Y.W.C.A. Committee f21, Wesley Foun- dation Student Council l2, 31, president I41 DAVID BENNETT HILL, JR ..,.....,.. Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha lnterfraternity Council I2, 31, House President I3, 41 STEPHEN VAN HILL ..,..,,... ..,. S pringfield Commerce Commerce and Law Alpha Tau Omega Tribe of Illini l3, 41, Varsity Tennis Squad I2, 31, Letter I2, 31, Junior Bar Association l4l 1 Qc- in ' g i I gh K im' Q, he .x g g as 197 JOEL ROBERT HILLMAN ....... ...,... C hicago H541 Fine and Applied Arts U T I . 1 Architecture Tau Delta Phi Lieutenant, Army ROTC, National Defense Transportation Association, A.l.A. J. . University of California at Los Angeles, Uni- , versity of Wisconsin 1 ' i I f MILES LOUIS HLAVIN ........... ...Cicero Engineering Electrical Engineering Granada Club A.l.E.E.-i,R.E. '63 Morton Junior College ' .i W' .N x .. ggi ANTHONY CHARLES HLINKA .......,. Chicago A43 Division of Special Services .- Bacteriology 5 E "' Varsity Gymnastics Squad I41 L Herzl Junior College, Chicago College of W Laboratory Technique, Navy Pier Extension ot L the University of lllinois V' . Q " ' 25 x Y "FX . . gh ,ff A I ii iz . RALPH RICHARD HODGES, JR. ....,.. Belleville Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau lllinois Technograph ll, 21, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. 466 '35 . ,, we i' in I -ui 4... fl' .sf nf." . iz' .1 fi GEORGE VERNON HOEY ...,..., ...Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Paradise Lost Navy Pier Alumni Association, Physical Educa- tion Maiors Club, Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois JUDITH RAE HOGGATT ............... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Kappa Alpha Theta Y,W.C.A. Committee ll, 21, W.A,A., Class Secretary ll1, Freshman Council, Freshman Week Committee I21 JOHN CLINTON HOJEM ....., .... A ntioch Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flagg House Second Regimental Band il, 21, Captain, Army ROTC, Ordnance Club, A.F.S. ELMER GEORGE HOLHUBNER. .. ...Olmsted Agriculture Agronomy Club Topper Southern lllinois University HELEN ELIZABETH HOLLIDAY ......... Normal liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Kappa Kappa Gamma Denison University RICHARD ARTHUR HOLLIS .,,.... ...Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences History Junior Bar Association l41 Springfield Junior College ROBERT WILLIAM HOLLOWAY .... .. .Sparta Agriculture Dairy Technology Theta Xi Alpha Zeta, House President I2, 31, Agri- cultural Council I3, 41, Agriculture Club, Dairy Production Club, Flying Club Honors Day l2, 31 DOLORES JEAN HOLMES ..........., Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Painting Kappa Delta Shi-Ai, Alpha Lambda Delta, Society at Illustrators, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, University Chorus II1 Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of lllinois Scholarship Key CAROLYN HOLMSTRAND ...,. ..... D ecatur Journalism Publication Management Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Alpha Chi, Illini Union Committee II1, llli-Sotcl JAMES ROBERT HOLSTE ........ Mount Prospect Physical Education Physical Education and Recreation Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Epsilon Kappa, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Pershing Rifles, Physical Education Majors Club, U. of I. Student Chapter American Recreational Society, president l51 Navy Pier Activities, Varsity Football Squad 121, letter l21, Host of Illini, Orchesis l21, Varsity Basketball Squad I21, Honors Day l4l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ARTHUR LOUIS HOLTZ .... . .. ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Flagg House Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Rho Epsilon, Marketing Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois RUTH HOOK ....,........,.......... Vienna Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Ruste Armes Alpha Alpha Gamma, president IA1, Fine and Applied Arts Council I41, A.I.A., Rifle and Pistol Club RUTH ELAINE HORTIN ............. Vandalia Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Evans Hall Zeta Phi Eta, president I41, House President l4l BARRY TOWNSEND HOUGH .... La Grange Park Commerce Marketing Pi Kappa Alpha Lyons Township Junior College DOROTHY HOLSTON HOUSE ,...,.. ..Nashville Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Mu House President IA1 University of Miami MARY INGRID HOUSE ........ .... L incoln Education Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta Maior Chairman Service Dances Illini Union Committee I31, Illini Union Council I31, Illini Union Committee l21, House President l41 Honors Day l21 Cottey Junior College JOHN BERT HOYT .................. Highland Agriculture Agricultural Economics Pi Kappa Alpha Ma-Wan-Da, Tomahawk, Alpha Delta Sigma, The Daily Illini ll, 2, 3, 41, advertising director 141, Interfraternity Council l31, Senior An- nouncements Committee Chairman, Senior Com- mittee, Cadet, Air Farce ROTC, Illini Sports- man's Club EUGENE LYLE HUBBARD ...... .. .Decatur Engineering Physics Idleways Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Physics Society Honors Day Il, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key ...I PM .. t :rv ... . .. A , ' J- :YK 'A . I for K. ' ec., xi 1 1 ei :--e v."-1? I M , .150 Q 9 W Q iq A or E-ngiigej 2. , 'ff , t-ov-I ' f:ts'?1rfi.'.'- f. 1' ii, iw, X -1- E A PHILIP FITHIAN HUDSON ,... .... L ake Bluff Commerce Banking and Finance Paradise Lost Alpha Phi Omega, Accountancy Club, Finance Club RAY GUY HUFFMAN ......... Arlington Heights Commerce Personnel Management Schrumpf Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad DELORES JEAN HUGHES ...,....... Walshville Liberal Arts and Sciences Botany Evans Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee II1, Student Senate H1 Honors Day I31 ROGER JAMES HUGHES ....... ...... C hicago Division of Special Studies Economics Chi Gamma Iota, Finance Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Spanish Club Honors Day l2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key University of Mexico, Northwestern University, Navy Pier Extension at the University of Illinois RICHARD MC MILLON HULL. . .Arlington Heights Commerce Personnel Management Granada Sachem, Tomahawk, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, president l31, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Concert Band I3, 41, Football Marching Band ll, 2, 3, 41, First Regimental Band ll, 21, Illini Sportsman's Club, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Honors Day il, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key GEORGE BENNETT HUMPHREY .,..,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Theta Delta Chi Omega Beta Pi, Interfraternity Council I2, 31, McKinley Foundation Student Council IZ1 JOSEPH HUNT ........,..... ..., C hicago Agriculture Animal Science Twin Estates Captain, Army ROTC, Hoof and Horn Club RICHARD WARREN HURCKES. .. ..., Chicago Commerce Management Phi Delta Theta The lllio II1, Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 41, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Marketing Club Wabash College JOHN EDWARD HUTCHINGS. . . .... Morris Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phalanx, Agri- cultural Education Club, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club 467 X: fitqa-N NJN-J is .ag WN' 'CJ' SJ . ,ak X19 HO-CHIEN HWANG ,.........,.. Malang, Java Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Eureka College MARTHA MARY HYNDS ,..... . .... Champaign Journalism Advertising Pi Beta Phi Gamma Alpha Chi Saint Mary-of-the-Woods PAUL ABRAHAM IKHTIARI ...... ...Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Wright Junior College MILO NEIL ILLICH .....,.... ...... R iverside Agriculture Restaurant Management Granada Alpha Phi Omega5 Pierrots5 Illini Union Com- mittee C415 University Theatre Manager C215 University Theatre Cast C415 Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee CI, 415 House President C415 Dolphins C415 McKinley Foundation Student Council C415 Illini Figure Skating CIub5 Illini Forensic As- sociation5 Illini Sportsman's Club EDWIN JEROME IPPOLITO ...., Prospect Heights Engineering Civil Engineering A.S,C.E.5 Rifle and Pistol Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois VICTOR EMANUEL ISAKSEN .........,. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescent5 Scarab5 Military Ball Com- mittee C2, 3, 415 Moicr, Air Force ROTC JAMES LYTLE ISENOGLE ......,.. Lawrenceville Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Chi Psi CHAYIM ISRAELEVITC ..,..... Tel-Aviv, Israel Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Montefiore Higher Technical Institute ROBERT LAWRENCE lVERS.Mount Vernon, N.Y. Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Flagg House Alpha Phi Omega5 The Daily Illini C41 Honors Day C31 Pratt Institute 468 I 3' A I "i- 1 ., ,, gt: 'tg ' ,mt - It tti- ' Ii i I 5 1 its-L ii We WILLIAM THOMAS JACKSON ........... Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Delta Phi Star and ScrolI5 Illini Union Committee C315 House President C315 Football Marching Band CI, 215 First Regimental Band CI, 215 German Club Honors Day C11 Bradley University MELVIN JACOBS ........... ...Quincy Journalism Advertising Phi Sigma Delta Alpha Delta Sigma5 Illini Union Committee C315 lnterfraternity Council Cl, 215 Marketing Club SHEILA JACOBSON ................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Laurel House Sigma Delta Pi5 Campus Chest C115 W.A.A. Cl, 2, 3, 415 Hillel Foundation Student Coun- cil5 Spanish Club5 Portuguese Club University of Mexico ABRAHAM JACOBY ...,........ Tel-Aviv, Israel Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E,E.-I.R.E. Las Angeles City College DAVID JACOBY .............. Tel-Aviv, Israel Agriculture Food Technology Food Technology Association University ot Southern CaIifornio5 Los Angeles City College BETH GREENBERG JAFFE ..... .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Delta Phi Epsilon Illini Union Committee CI15 Orchesis CI15 Illini Forensic Association JEROME LOUIS JAFFE .....,. .... S andwich Commerce Accountancy Zeta Beta Tau Campus Chest CI15 Tribe of lIIini5 Intramural Manager CI, 2, 315 Athletic Council C415 IM Rec Board C3, A1 DANIEL SHAW JAMES ....... Institute, W. Va. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Phi Alpha Captain, Army ROTC5 Infantry Club, Pershing Rifles DAVID ROGER JAMES ....... Washington, D.C. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Alpha Phi Omega5 Illini Forensic Association5 Junior Bar Association5 Young Republicans CIub5 IUSA Barbershoppers United States Military Academy ALEXANDER JANUSHEVICH ..... .... E rie, Po. J A JOHN JOSEPH JETTON v--AA-----' Bloomington Engineering sf Fine and Applied Arts N Eledricql Engineering Architectural Engineering .hi Y.M.C.A. Committee l2, 3, 41, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E., V, - , I 1 s.1 5, Russian Language Club Technische Hochschule, Hutchison .lunior Col- lege JEANNE LENORE JARAEZ ...,.. Chicago Heights Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Evans Hall The Illio I3, 4lg W.A.A. I3, Hg University Chorus l3, 41, Illini Christian Fellowship l4I Thornton Junior College LEO JOHN JASIEN, JR ......... ...Cicero Engineering Civil Engineering Granada Engineering Council idly Maior, Army ROTC, Military Council, A.S.C.E., Navy Pier Alumni Associationg Society of American Military Engi- neers, president i3l Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Wrestling Squad li, 2lg Student Congress il, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EDWARD JASKOWIAK ......,....... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Wilson Junior College MILDRED FRANCES JEMILO ...,....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Newman Foundation Student Council l3, Al, Ilii-Soto Navy Pier Extension of the University at Illinois PHILIP WINDER JENKINS ........ Dayton, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Sigma Chi Phi Lambda Upsilong A.C.S. Honors Day I3l University of Miami, Washington University HAROLD LEONARD JENSEN ........... Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Phi Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee l3ly Ensign, NROTC, A.S.C.E. DONALD RALPH JESCHKE .... ....... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Northwestern University, Navy Pier Extension ofthe University of Illinois LOIS RUTH JETT ................... Greenville Agriculture Home Economics Education Busey Hall Greenville College 13 Q L ? ,gf 'vs 'Ei 4 E M fc -I tv z of f , zv, 'l gf, 3 059 X' 'vi 15 "E ,, " is 1 .-5, 1 i"' 0 , -1 the 1 L-A 1 ,uso 19-. 51 i"'SP DIANE LEE JOHNSON ............... Riverside Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Science Alpha Phi Mortar Board, Torch, Shi-Ai, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Della, The Daily Illini ill, Illini Union Board Director l4lg Maior Chairman High School Circus Illini Union Committee I3l, Illini Union Council 12, 31, Illini Union Com- mittee il, 2lg Y.W.C.A. Committee Ill, Alumni Association Board ill, Panhellenic Ball Com- mittee ISI Honors Day Il, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key FRANCES CLAUSER JOHNSON ..... Green Valley Agriculture Home Economics Education Price Club Home Economics Club NORMAN LENART JOHNSON ......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.l.A. Wilson Junior College MARILYN MAE JOHNSON ..... ..,Roclrford Agriculture Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence Oratorio Society ISI, Illini Christian Fellow- ship l3, Ali Home Economics Club North Park Junior College PATRICIA ANN JOHNSONH ..,..... Monmouth Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Palomar Blackburn College ROBERT LEE JOHNSON .... ...Chicago Education History Kappa Alpha Psi Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROGER MARTIN JOHNSON ........... Rockford Physical Education Recreation Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Phi Omega, Varsity Swimming Squad I2, 3, My Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad, Dolphins l2, 3, Al, Illini Christian Fellowship ll, 2, 3, Al, Physical Education Maiors Club, U. of I. Student Chapter American Recreational Society RONALD EARL JOHNSON. .,... . .,., Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 469 9 'UN'- 'x,1 4 xxx, I I-5 xl .4 sz ' "ii J Wm DAVID PAUL JONES ................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Alpha Phi Alpha lnterfraternity Council l31, House President l31, Captain, Army ROTC Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois JANE ELLEN JONES ................. Robinson Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall Lindenwood College MARILYN HELEN JONES .......,...... Lansing Fine and Applied Arts Music Theta Upsilon Major Chairman Fine Arts lllini Union Com- mittee 121, Illini Union Committee l2, 31, W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41, University Choir l2, 31, Madrigal Chorus ll1, Terrapin ll, 2, 3, 41 MacMurray College SUSANNA JONES ........... .... C hicaga Education Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Honors Day H1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JEANNE MARIE JOSEPHSON ............ Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Lincoln Avenue Residence Phi Kappa Phi, Y.W.C.A. committee I31, W.A.A. li, 21, Freshman Week Committee l31 Joliet Junior College JOHN ELI JUERGENSMEYER ......., Carlinville Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Kappa Lambda Sachem, Pierrots, president 131, lllini Union Committee II1, University Theatre ll, 21, Star Course Manager l2, 31, Y.M.C.A. Com, mittee li, 21, lnterfraternity Council ll, 2, 3.1, Colonel, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air So- ciety, lllini Forensic Association, Young Re- publicans Club Honors Day l2, 31 JACK JOSEPH JUSTEN ...... Commerce . . . .McHenry Accountancy Lundgren House Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Accountancy Club, Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RAY NORTON KABAKER ....... .... C hicago Journalism Radio and Television Tau Delta Phi ROBERT LYNN KABEL ............. Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Tribe of Illini, Varsity Track Squad l2, 3, 41, Letter l31, Freshman Varsity Track Squad il1, Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, A.l.Ch.E. 470 A-,........ .Ana xwti -Fd, 19 , il- I I R -' im ' ,, I I t . I F- srl .. J 5 I ,. , FN' c , 31? Q , .. S I rx: ff: fa- i 1 ' 9' V' . is 'i 1.-:: A i V ,, .,.. s ,, A f .i f -'ga ' L W rift. s 'Wea' . t g K. bfi EUGENE ANTHONY KADLUB ,..... ...,Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Physiology Newman Hall Wilson Junior College STANLEY CHESTER KADLUB .......... Chicago Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Newman Hall Student Veterinary Medical Association Wilson Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinais FREDERICK PHILIP KAEMPFER ........ Northfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Zeta Psi DOROTHY MAY KAGANICH ....... Mount Olive Liberal Arts and Sciences History Hilcrest Alpha Lambda Delta, House President l31 Honors Day ll, 21 JAMES HOWARD KAHLERT, JR,.Bronxville, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Gamma Delta lllini Union Committee l21, Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee l2, 31, Campus Chest l2, 31 PHILIP EDWARD KAHLERT ............. Carlyle Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Phi Delta Theta Washington University CLARENCE KOJI KAMBARA ........,. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Northwestern University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EMILY GEORGENE KAMPERT ....... Barrington Education Elementary Education Evans Hall University Chorus l31 Honors Day H1 SUMBAD MURAD KANLIAN ........ La Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Noble Hall Navy Pier Alumni Association, Spanish Club Lyons Township Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NORMAN JOEL KANTOR ...,...,...,, Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Psi Chi, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Barber, shoppers Navy Pier Activities: Student Congress I31 Honors Day II1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinols MARSHA SUE KANZELBAUM ......... Chicago Education Education ofthe Deaf Lincoln Avenue Residence Mu Iota Sigma LUCIEN CYRIL KAP? ...........,..... Decatur Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Beta Theta Pi HARRIET KARM ............., ...Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HARVEY BARRETT KARPIEL ........ ...Cicero Engineering Mechanical Engineering Barton House A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois RONALD MARTIN KARZEN... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Marketing Club GEORGE KASPER, JR ......... ...Benton Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Kappa Tau Agriculture Club, Field and Furraw Southern Illinois University MARLYN JANE KASSON ..... Indianapolis, Ind. Physical Education Physical Education Pi Beta Phi Torch, The Daily Illini ll, 2, 31, Illini Union Committee Ill, Y.W.C.A. Committee IQ1, W.A,A. I2, 3, 41, Terrapin ll, 21, Physical Education Moiors Club Honors Day l3l ITOKO KATAYAMA .......,. .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Wescoga Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, House President I41 Honors Day ll, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois 9' V- F fr 711 ATX 1, s PM V oh. . .,.xS,W:,g , 1' gig 5 53 .K A, r t I , 2 t .- ,ff if J' t Hit , Liiistiif " , 4 a-Yi? ' 'r to ,14- .vn CT"-1 N, wang? K .1 i r its , 2 X s . k -Q ,z . , . z 3 r 1 r if ' lx 'QA' '4 -1 s : ik SETSUKO KATAYAMA ...,.., ,,.,Chicago Education Elementary Education Wescoga Navy Pier Activities: University Chorus l21 Honors Day l2l Chicago Teachers College, Navy Pier Ex- tension ofthe University of Illinois RONALD STUART KATCH ...., .,.. C hicago Commerce Accountancy Sigma Alpha Mu lnterfraternity Council ll, 21, House President K31, Captain, Army ROTC, Phi Chi Eta, Ac- countancy Club VLADIMIR KATICH ......,... .... C hicago Commerce Foreign Trade Alpha Kappa Psi Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ETHEL KATSOULIS .............,., Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Evans Hall W.A.A. 141 Navy Pier Extension of the University at Illinois SARAH RACHEL KATZ ........ .... C hicago Journalism Advertising Evans Hall Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, Fine and Applied Arts Council I41, Marketing Club, Young Democrats Club DOT ARLEEN KAUFMAN ......... North Chicago Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee II1, N.S.A. Student Senate Subcommittee l3, 41, Junior Orchesis I31, Spanish Club HELEN LOUISE KAUSIC ..... ...Springfield Commerce Commercial Teaching McKinley Hall Phi Chi Theta, Marketing Club Springfield Junior College FREDERIC ALLEN KAY ............. .Lombard Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Maior, Air Force ROTC, A.l.A. HERBERT LAURENCE KAYNE ........, Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Navy Pier Activities: Student Council l21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 471 ,-xahi CJN, Q YN.- 'x,1 : i 1 'x.!' Q I u ,wk x! -.4 cg DONALD ROBERT KAYSSER .......,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Science Geology Newman Hall Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension at the University of Illinois THADDEUS ROMAN KAZMIERCZAK ..... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: A.S.C.E,: Fine and Applied Arts Society University of Michigan JOHN GANNON KEARINS ,... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Illini Union Board l3l: Men's Glee Club l2l: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Accountancy Club Honors Day I3l EDWARD DONALD KEARNS...Toronto, Ontario Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Illini Christian Fellowship 141 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DAVID KEENAN ............ .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club: Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202: Marketing Club ARWALT PAUL KEHLE ......,...... Flossmoar Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Phi Omega: University Chorus I3l: Illini Christian Fellowship IS, Al Thornton Junior College DENIS KEITH ................... Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Delta Tau Delta Scarab: Captain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day lil PAUL RICHARD KELPS, ........ ...Broadview Engineering Mechanical Engineering First Lieutenant, Army ROTC Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WALTER JOHN KEMPA, JR ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202: Marketing Club Honors Day l2l University of Eastern New Mexico: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 472 Z L at sttl Q cc 'Fc it I cc -- ff sl. f ,M -sg.. 3 -. it of Q , 't cf' ff, L ,f' sr iw f A 2- - , a 'x 2 5' R t 4- Qi Y, I Ogg mi' 5 g J t f DARLEEN FAY KENNEDY ......... .... Z ron Physical Education Recreation Zeta Tau Alpha U. of I. Student Chapter American Recreational Society JOHN EDWARD KENNEDY .......... Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Music Oratorio Society l3l Honors Day l3l Blackburn University ROBERT VIX KENNEDY ............ River Forest Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Chi Rho The lllio III: Y.M.C.A. Committee IZ, 3l: Illini Sportsman's Club: Rifle and Pistol Club ARTHUR WILFRED KENNEY .... ...Paris Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day Ill RICHARD JAY KENYON .............., Geneva Engineering Electrical Engineering Triangle Star and Scroll: Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Mu Epsilon: lnterfraternity Council I2l: Captain, Army ROTC: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day lil MARILYN JEAN KERCHENFAUT ....., Piper City Agriculture Home Economics Education Ruste Armes University Chorus l3l: McKinley Foundation Student Council Ml: All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee l3l: Home Economics Club Blackburn College DAN KERN ................. ...La Horpe Agriculture Animal Science Browery House President HI: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club EARL LARSEN KESLER ....... .... U rbana Commerce Management Y.M.C.A. Committee lil: Illinois Technograph l3l: Illini Forensic Association: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment: Young Republicans Club GERALD BYRON KESSLER ....,..,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Flagg House Omega Beta Pi Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DANIEL MARION KEUSAL ,..... .... C hicogo Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LOIS ANNE KILBURN ...... Battle Creek, Mich. Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Zeta Tau Alpha Shi-Ai: University Sintonietta I31: UniversitY Orchestra II, 2, 31 Western Michigan College of Education KATHRYN KILE .............,... Homewood Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Lambda Delta: Iota Sigma Pi: Illini Union Committee II1: A.C.S. Honors Day ll, 21 PATRICIA ANNE KILLEY ........,..... Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Chi Omega Illini Union Committee II1: W.A.A. l21: Women's Glee Club III ORVILLE FRED KIMBALL ....,.. ..... S terling Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors I41: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet I3, 41: Y.M.C.A, Committee l3, 41: Football Marching Band I21: First Regimental Band I21: M.I.S. Augustana College DAVID LYLE KING ............ .... P Iainfield Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Alpha Phi Omega: Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricul- tural Education Club: Hoof and Horn Club ROGER WAYNE KING ....... . ...Quincy Commerce Industrial Administration Pi Kappa Phi Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society JOHN HOWARD KIRCHNER ........ North Pekin Liberal Arts and Sciences German Chez Nous Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Phi Alpha: French Club: German Club, president I41: Russian Language Club: House President IA1 Honors Day ll, 21 JOHN IRA KITCH, JR .............. Palos Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Chi Psi Phi Beta Kappa: Campus Chest ll, 21: WILL II1: Canterbury Foundation Student Council l2, 31, president I31: Military Ball Committee l21: Colonel, Air Force ROTC: Air Force Council: Arnold Air Society: Scabbard and Blade Honors Day ll, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key -M sm w. w ii t iii' A of .nw .-4.4 ,R yi? 2 nrt ,. I 1 1 E A .7 -. ,W. ,,,,e-:ff ' . , " ,, A ,3- f 'i we , 4 " U ....., vs ,-Vim, . V ., A A i "DI""'. W.. ' ,I ,e w w ' " . "' 5 Ai1.,.,' , 'Q' A 5 'V' I -' 1 1 I ' ,,., ..., DAVID ALVIN KJELL ............... Rockford Commerce Banking and Finance Minawa Lodge Sigma Iota Epsilon: Illini Christian Fellowship: l3, 41: Baptist Foundation Student Council I31: Accountancy Club: Finance Club: Rifle and Pistol Club North Park College CAESAS KLAUS Ill ..,....... ...Eureka Commerce Accountancy Sigma Phi Epsilon The Illia ll, 21: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: IM Rec Board I31: Accountancy Club: Young Republicans Club JACK WILLIAM KLEEMAN .... ...Chicago Journalism Advertising Newman Hall Phi Kappa Phi: Kappa Tau Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma: Military Ball Committee l41: Colonel, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Pershing Rifles: Phalanx Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Honors Day ll, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALBERT JOSEPH KLEIN ............ Blue Island Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Sigma Tau Gamma M.l.S. Thornton Junior College EVA JOAN KLEIN ........... Journalism . . . Chicago Advertising Laurel House Gamma Alpha Chi MELVIN STANLEY KLEIN ,......... Bronx, N.Y. Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Delta Phi A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. New York City Queens College JANE LOUISE KLITZING ......... ...Sadorus Physical Education Physical Education Busey Hall Shorter Board: W.A.A. Board I2, 3, 41: Maior I: W.A.A. Numerals 121: W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41: Physical Education Moiors Club, presi- dent I41 ROBERT LEWIS KLOSTER .........,. Homewood Liberal Arts and Science Physics Moore Hall Men's Glee Club I3, 41 Wilson Junior College GERALDINE CAROL KNIGHT .......... Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Presby Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 21: W.A.A. ll, 2, 31: University Chorus ll, 21 473 aa., Q52 i .ag Nf- if ,QS X14 JOANNE IRENE KNOCH .... .... N aperyille Journalism Editorial Kappa Delta Theta Sigma Phi, The Daily Illini 131 MARION RUTH KNOL .......... Elmwood Park Physical Education Physical Education Beta House House President 141 Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DORIS ANNE KNOX ................ Morrison Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Presby Hall Mortar Board, Torch, Alpha Chron, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Choir 1l, 2, 3, 41, Business Manager 141, Oratorio Society 13, 41, McKinley Foun- dation Student Council 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 1l, 2, 31 JAMES ESCHER KNUDSTAD ....... Clayton, Mo. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Flagg House Gargoyle, A.I.A. Honors Day 111 Iowa State College, University of Missouri PETER FINKLER KOCH ....... . ..... Wilmette Engineering General Engineering Delta Tau Delta Varsity Swimming Squad 1I, 21, Engineering Council 131: Captain, Army ROTC, Ordnance Club, A.F.S., A.S.M.E., General Engineering Society, Young Republicans Club SUSAN MARIE KOCH ......,.... .... H ighland Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta Illini Union Committee 1I, 21, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 131, Y.W.C.A. Committee 121, W.A.A. 1'l, 2, 3, 41, First Regimental Band 111 NORETTA KOERTGE ................. Sumner liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Hilcresl' Iota Sigma Pi, House President 141, A.C.S., French Club, German Club, Spanish Club MacMurray College JACK YUKIO KOGA ......... ...Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering l.A.S. San Mateo Junior College NED WILLIAM KOHN ......... . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Flagg House Accountancy Club Roosevelt College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 474 3 . 1.11 .. we L. ' Fi 4' AJ. It RW' xi 'yy 4 9 e -' an 9 a YW . T t JUOZAS KONCIUS ............... Svfingfield Liberal Arts and Sciences French Newman Hall French Club, German Club Springtield Junior College, University of Laval JUDITH ANN KONNEKER ..... ...Carlinville Commerce Education 4-H House Phi Chi Theta, Illini Union Committee 121, Y.W.C.A. Committee 111, W.A.A. 12, 3, 41, Women's Glee Club 1'l1, Terrapin 111, Home Economics Club RONALD DUAN KONZAK ..... . . .Aurora Agriculture Floriculture Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, Pi Aloha Xi, Floriculture Club Oklahoma A 8. M College CARMELITA EDITH KONZEN. . . . . .Wood River Agriculture Hospital Dietetics Busey Hall Torch, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Newman Founda- tion Student Council 121, Home Economics Club Honors Day 1l1 OLGA LUSIA-MARIA KORYBUTIAK Zabie, West Urkraina Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Concordia BILL HART KOSANKE ..... . . . . . .Chicago Commerce Marketing Illini Insurance Society, Marketing Club Navy Pier Activities, Varsity Letterman Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD ANDREW KOSS ............. La Salle Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Star and Scroll, Gargoyle, Sigma Tau, presi- dent 131, A.I,A., A.S.C.E., Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day 121 La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College NORMAN GEORGE KOUBA .... .... B erwyn Engineering Civil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Illini Union Com- mittee 1l, 21, lnterfraternity Council 111, House President 141, Senior Announcements Com- mittee 1I1, A.S.C.E., Society of American Military Engineers JAMES GEORGE KOUDELKA .... ...Cicero Commerce Management Morton Junior College ALAN KRAMER .......... .. .... Oak Park Engineering General Engineering General Engineering Society, Illini Spartsman's Club, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment RAYMOND MATTHEW KRAMER ........ Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Granada l.A.S., Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football Squad I2l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ARTHUR SYDNEY KRAUS .... .. .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Parade Ground Units Illini Union Committee I31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARIANNE KREILING ........ ...Pekin Journalism Editorial Delta Zeta University Theatre Committee I2, 3, 41, Uni- versity Chorus II1, Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 41, Oratorie Society I31, Lutheran Foundation Student Council I21, Gamma Delta ALLEN JOHN KREITZER, JR ...... Downers Grove Commerce Marketing Newman Hall Marketing Club, Spanish Club ORVILLE CHARLES KREMMER ......... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering College Hall A.l.Ch.E. Honors Day 121 Washington University PAUL FRIESTAD KRIES ......... .... O ak Park Engineering General Engineering Barrister Club General Engineering Society Northern Illinois State Teachers College, Illinois Institute of Technology GEORGE NICKOLAS KRON ......,..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Newman Hall Newman Foundation Student Council I41, Ger- man Club Loyola University GERALDINE SHRAMEK KRUGER ..... Des Plaines Music Percussion Northwestern University .t A A 'Bt fist' J fe I 6 ,. A .. sw. W , . a is 8 j it I af a fn, 1' 1 .f - .Wg -. 'st a- EQ' 6 ..r fc Q., .gc. ,sf .A Nb - fl, E J , I Aivi wr ff' 5- it C- ,x MM of ni-X fa- M f s' .kr 5 L . si . I ' or if , K if Q' 'Ji if ' L - A 4 x ,.:gkK at f. W- . .. 5 K F' 'I lx f , xi' . I G Q iii if if --fi , -' -dl t 3 ,MW M , ii .9 P DORIS ANN KRULL ................... Sparta Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Evans Hall Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma Pi, Omega Beta Pi, W.G.S. Executive Council l31, Second Regimental Band Ill, Fabriola Pre-Nursing Club, German Club Honors Day Il, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key LEONARD WALTER KSZYCZKOWSKI Prairie View Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Herzh Junior College, Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EMIL ERNEST KUBALEK .,.,........ Wilmington Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Flagg House Alpha Tau Alpha, Military Ball Committee I31, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Agricultural Education Club, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Illini Sportsman's Club ELSIE ROSE KUBES ................. Riverside Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Gamma Delta Illini Union Committee U1 JAMES FRANK KUCZMA ........ .... C hicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Tau, I.A.S. Navy Pier Activities: Concert Band l21 Illinois Institute of Technology, Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD EDWARD KUHLMAN. . . . . .Plainville Agriculture Agriculture Science 907 Club Carthage College CONSTANCE MEMORY KULL ........... Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Pi Beta Phi Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Illia II1, Y.W.C.A, Com- mittee II1 Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key I31 EUGENE CHARLES KUMPF ..... ...Pekin Commerce Accountancy Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Accountancy Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day II1 FRANKLIN FA-KUN KUO ....... New York, N.Y. Engineering Electrical Engineering Wesmen Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Wesley Foundation Student Council I2, 31, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E., Chinese Students Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key 475 Q, aa, 15, ag WN' i I I I Li ,vi x.!.A JAMES LOUIS KURTZ ........ .,.. R iverside Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall A.S.M.E., Illi-Knights KENNETH CHARLES KURTZ ,... Wauwatosa, Wis. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Second Lieutenant, Army ROTCg A.l.A. University of Wisconsin DAVID KURZBAND .............. ...Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Pi Lambda Phi Physical Education Maiors Club Grinnell College JOHN WILLIAM KURZROCK ......, ...Dixon Engineering Mechanical Engineering Medea Lodge A.F.S.g A.S.M.E.: I.A.S.7 Illinois Rocket Society DONALD HARRY LACKOWSKI .... Elmwood Park Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD LEE LACY ..,...... ...Pittsfield Commerce Marketing Phi Gamma Delta Varsity Basketball Squad lllg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadp Midshipman, NROTCQ Market- ing Club GERALD FREDRICKSON LAHEY ...... Springheld Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescentg The Illio ll, 215 Interfra- ternity Council ll, 2, lily Varsity Tennis Squad ll, 2lp Maior, Army ROTCg Infantry Clubg A.S.C.E.g Rifle and Pistol Club ROBERT EARL LAHNE ....... .... S idell Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Son's Home Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club: Hoof and Horn Club Illinois State Normal University WILLIAM HENRY LAHRMAN .... ...Quincy Engineering Mechanical Engineering Colonial Arms A.F.S.g A.S.M.E. Quincy College 476 g . af' , as 4 ' if fe W . 2 ras 'W Sw iff R rs ,K . Y , . V, 2 xv . ,. ze I 1 '.. . A74 ,.? 5,V .. 1 3. li' 4' 3 'ii' I " L. ik, D 1+ 1. ty is We Q ., an iq wt in 4 4 5 if 'tw . F V, .. +5 i i " 'P . C at 5 . y 9' 1 , s s v' -, -fl . i 'F 'QD . A egg f c Q. EARL RICHARD LAING ........ .... C hicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Loyola Universityg Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois JAMES MANOS LAMBAKIS .... ...Joliet Commerce Insurance Y.M.C.A. Committee l3l Joliet Junior College RONALD GRANT LAMBERT ........ Granite City Engineering Physics ROBERT FREDERICK LANDOLT ....... Alhambra Commerce General Economics Midshipman, NROTCg Finance Clubs Illini Sportsman's Clubg Rifle and Pistol Club HOWARD LEON LANG ............... Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Zoology Honors Day lil Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARILYN LANG ................. Flossmoor Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi Illini Union Committee l2, Slg Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee l2lg French Club University of Wisconsin ARTHUR LANGAS ........... .... C hicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois VIRGINIA ANN LANGE .............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Rosewood Mu Phi Epsilon, University Chorus I2, 415 Fine and Applied Arts Council l4l Honors Day 121 WILLIAM HENRY LANGHOFF ....... Champaign Division of Special Services Journalism Delta Sigma Phi PEGGY ELAINE LA ROWE ....,.... .... P earia Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Oratorio Society 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 131 Bradley University JOANNE LORRAINE LARSEN .,........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French Pi Beta Phi French Club Honors Day 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, Lawrence College JAY REINHOLD LARSON ....... ...Urbana Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Illini Union Committee 1l1, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 131, Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 31, Football Marching Band 11, 21, First Regimental Band 11, 21, Petty Ofticer First Class, NROTC, A.S.M.E. RAYMOND EDWARD LARSON Middletown, Conn. Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Hofstra College DUANE HUFF LATTA ,........ ...Sparta Commerce Accountancy El Patio Illini Union Committee 141, Y.M.C,A. Com- mittee 131, House President 141, Captain, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Accountancy Club, Marketing Club PAUL DOUGLAS LATTNER ...,. .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Eta Kappa Nu, House President 141 Millikin University ADEN JESSE LAUCHNER ,..,......., Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Gargoyle, Sigma Tau Honors Day 12, 31 Purdue University JOEL LAUFER .,.......,,... .... C hicago Journalism Advertising Tau Delta Phi Alpha Delta Sigma, The Daily Illini 1l, 21, Campus Chest 111, lnterfraternity Council 12, 31, WILL 121, Infantry Club, Marketing Club DANGIRA LAUKYS ................., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Fehner's House Mundelein College ' 4 ia, ,ij its ' Wi' . M if 2 si I -C' Q fi . I zu-dvi s 'cr .A t . jf ,.f"'k , -"' W. do A If 'X 6, A if 1 iv f . 09 X ,fs f' f . tx t - 46. -' 1' i n " ., ' rc' . 'K if . 1 , 9 5 1 A I 1 r " ,, . in 'ii IRVIN RONALD LAWFER ...... ...Kent Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Sachem, Sigma Delta Chi, The Daily lllini 11, 2, 31, Night Editor 131, Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 31, House President 141, Illini Rural Observer 11, 2, 31, Editor 131, Agricultural Council 12, 31, All-Ag Field Day Committee 131, Military Ball Committee 131, Plowboy Prom Committee 131, Second Lieuten- ant, Army ROTC, Infantry Club, Accountancy Club, Agricultural Education Club, Dairy Pro- duction Club, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club IVAN DONALD LAWFER ......... ,..Kent Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Illini Union Board 141, Maior Chairman, lllini Union Committee 131, lllini Union Committee 11, 2, 31, University Choir 111, University Chorus 11, 21, lllini Rural Observer 11, 21, All-Ag Field Day Committee 11, 21, Freshman Week Committee 121, Plowboy Prom Committee 11, 2, 31, Maior, Air Farce ROTC, Pershing Rifies, Agriculture Club, Dairy Production Club: Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club ERNESTINE VIRGINIA LAWLER ..... Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Mortar Board, Torch, Alpha Chron, Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, president 141, Star Course Manager 121, Uni- versity Choir 11, 2, 3, 41, Oratorio Society 13, 41, McKinley Foundation Student Council 12, 31, School of Music Student Council 111 Honors Day 1l, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key LARRY LEE LAWLER ...,............, Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Kappa Lambda Star and Scroll, Phi Eta Sigma, Mask and Bauble, Pierrats, University Theatre Manager 11, 21, Y.M.C.A. Committee 1l, 21 Honors Day 11, 21 BARBARA ELIZABETH LAWRENCE ...,.. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Delta Sigma Theta Christian Science Organization, French Club, W,O.R.l..D. Honors Day 131 Chicago Teachers College RUTH STEELE LAWRENCE .,..,....,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology St. James Nurses Training School, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOANNE ESTELLE LAZZARA ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Evans Hall Newman Foundation Student Council 141 Barry College, Loyola University, Rosary College BONNA GAIL LEDERER .......,....... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Alpha Epsilon Phi Gamma Alpha Chi, lllini Union Committee 111, Campus Chest 111 BETTY ANN LEE ...,......... ,..Chicago Agriculture General Home Economics Theta Upsilon Y.W.C.A. Committee 131, All-Ag Field Day Committee 141, Senior Ball Committee 111, Home Economics Club 477 gag, Q I 'i Q., Qs 1' 'xl of ,vi xx'-A LARRY JOHN LEE .....,...,..... Edwardsville Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Sciences Theta Kappa Phi The Daily Illini 13, 41: Campus Chest 13, 41: Interfraternity Council 131: Student Senate 141: Newman Foundation Student Council 131: ln- fantry Club 131: Junior Bar Association: Young Democrats Club St. Mary's College: Washington University PHILLIP CHARLES LEE. ......,. ..,Rockford Engineering General Engineering Triangle Phi Eta Sigma: Engineering Council 131: Captain, Army ROTC: A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 21 Massachusetts Institute of Technology PAUL A. LEETZ ..................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science and Law Chi Psi German Club: Illini Forensic Association: Junior Bar Association LLOYD ALLEN LEFFERS .............. Minonk Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Gargoyle: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Uni- versity Chorus 1I1: Maier, Army ROTC: A.l.A. Honors Day 1l, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key NORMAN BARRY LEFTON ....... St. Louis, Mo. Engineering Industrial Engineering Zeta Beta Tau Sachem: Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Maior Chairman Jazz-U-like-It Illini Union Committee 121: Maior Chairman Pep Rallies Illini Union Committee 131: Illini Union Council 12, 31: Illini Union Committee 1l, 2, 31: Hillel Foundation Student Council 141: A.F.S.: A.S.M.E. Honors Day 1'l, 31 HOWARD MAX LEFTWICH .......... Hoopeston Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Flagg House Phi Eta Sigma: Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 41: First Regimental Band 1'l, 2, 3, 41: Praetorians Honors Day 1l, 2, 31 THOMAS LEIGH .............. . . .Avon Agriculture General Agriculture Granada Club Illini Rural Observer 121: Agricultural Eco- nomics Club: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Marketing Club Galesburg Extension of the University of Illinois DARRYL RAY LEM .......,....... Calumet City Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee 11, 21: House Presi- dent 131: Accountancy Club Honors Day 121 CHARLES KENNETH LEMKER .... .... C hicago Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Illini Forensic As- sociation: Illini Sportsman's Club 478 v ' 4 ,1 t.. 1 Q e ' 12" ' we ,EERE 6 'Lf' X t. 1 r . li M., 'W' if ,I if 464 ni ,- 1 hifi? it , V il fi , r t 57. ,A E55 ,c f I . Q ir, , 2 c gre?-It. . . If f' Q I. ft ,..v-s.,--.H ,Q S 5 C pig 315 - A sf, I 4 . Q i 1 I I L ,ss,.,:..r-.AG-f JOSEPH MATTHEW LENART ........... Batavia Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Barrister's Club Concert Band 12, 3, 41: Football Marching Band 1l, 2, 3, 41: First Regimental Band 111: A.C.S.: llli-Knights ROBERT WESLEY LEONARD ..........,.. Dixon Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Sigma Pi Illini Theater Guild Manager 121: Dolphins 1I, 21: Captain, Army ROTC: Society of American Military Engineers MICHAEL JOSEPH LESH ...... .... J oliet Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club: Society for the Advancement of Management University of Chicago: DePaul University GEORGE YAN-CHOK LEUNG...Shunghai, China Engineering Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E.: Chinese Students Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University af Illinois Scholarship Key EDWARD M. LEVIN, JR ....... .... C hicago Commerce Economics Newman Hall Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Illini Union Board 13, 41: University Theatre Guild Cast 131: Y.M.C.A. Committee 12, 31: M.I.A. Executive Council 12, 3, 41: Student Senate 13, 41: N.S.A. Senate Sub- committee 141: Commerce Council 141: Ac- countancy Club: Rifle and Pistol Club: Young Democrats Club Honors Day 1l, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key MAURICE LEVY ..................... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Pi Lambda Phi Freshman Varisty Baseball Squad 1l1: Physical Education Maiors Club SHELDON HILLARD LEVY ..... .... C hicago Commerce Insurance Alpha Epsilon Pi Illini Union Committee 121: Illini Insurance Society, President 141 GENE WALTER LEWIS ............... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Psi Upsilon Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: Dolphins 141: A.F.S.: S.A.E. Honors Day 131 University of Chicago JOAN MURIEL LEWIS ................ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Phi Sigma Sigma Ponhellenic Executive Council 131: House Presi- dent 131 Northwestern University .IOHN ROBERT LEWIS ................. Urbana Division of Special Services Marketing Varsity Golf Squad 131: A.l.E.E,-l.R.E.: Market- ing Club WILLIAM WAYNE LICHTENBERGER .,.... Carmi Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: presi- dent 141: Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Mu Epsilon: Uni- versity Chorus 121: Modrigal Chorus 111: A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day 1I, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key LOUIS LIDDI ....................... Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Theta Kappa Phi Illini Union Committee 111: Interfraternity Coun- cil 121: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau MARVIN SAMUEL LIEBERMAN .... ...Decatur Commerce Accountancy Phi Epsilon Pi Star and Scroll: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: lnterfraternity Council 1I, 2, 31: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Accountancy Club: Illini Sportsmon's Club Honors Day 1I, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key WARREN SHERWIN LIEBMAN... ...Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Four Columns Concert Band 111: Engineering Council 121: A.S.C.E., president 121 Illinois Institute of Technology: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GEORGE ANTHONY LIKANDER ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 121 University of Kansas: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN HARRY LIM ............ Rangoon, Burma Engineering Civil Engineering Club Topper A.S.C.E.: Chinese Student Club Rangoon University SIN-HOA LIM ............. Singapore, Malaya Commerce Accountancy Honors Day 121 JOANNE MARIE LIMESTALL ...... .... H arvey Education Elementary Education Palamar Y.W.C.A. Committee 121: House President 141 Mount Mary College , 5, an , wg ,1 ' wh 'I I "5 ,rfft af .f '. "72i. ,,', R g f 1 . A 4 Q. f- E. 1 I : IW ,mp I .rf ' , I E if 4 s ' , o fa, r I ff,--1-. vcr ot' ti RICHARD CLYDE LINSLEY ...... .... U rbana Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Varsity Swimming Squad 121: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad 1I1: Dolphins 11, 21: Captain, Air Force ROTC: A.S.M.E. MARVIN LIPSCHULTZ ........ ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee 1'l, 21: Accountancy Club MARY ANN LITHERLAND ......... ..., U rbana Commerce Commerce and Law Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Ai: Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: The lllio 111: Illini Union Board, president 141: Maier Chair- man Spring Carnival Illini Union Committee 131: Illini Union Council 13, 41: Illini Union Com- mittee 11, 21: Student Senate 141: Coordina- tion Committee 141: Alumni Association Board 121: Commerce Council 1I1: Junior Bar As- saciation Honors Day 1'l, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROGER DEAN LITTLE ......... .... R antoul Commerce Marketing Men's Glee Club 141: Second lieutenant, Army ROTC JACK WILLIAM LITTLEMEYER ...,.... Metropolis Commerce Accountancy Calhoun Hall Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Accountancy Club THOMAS KUAN-HSIEN LIU .... Shanghai, China Engineering Civil Engineering Rooiah Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E.: Chinese Students Club Honors Day 131 DAVID HOMER LIVELY ....... .... B righton Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Kappa Lieutenant, NROTC Shurtleff College DUNCAN LIVINGSTON .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Clark House Sigma Tau: A.I.Ch.E.: Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day 1I1 JORGE HERNAN LLANOS ...... Buga, Colombia Engineering Civil Engineering University of the Andes 479 aa., sas, I QA .ag ig R2 DONALD DAVID LOFF ....,..... Eveleth, Minn. Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Northwestern University, Eveleth Junior Col- lege KENNETH RALPH LOHBAUER ....... .... E lgin Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Tennis Manager l2, Sl, A.S.M.E. LOIS CAROL LONGMIRE ...... .... C ullom Agriculture Home Economics Kappa Delta Delta Omicron University of Colorado, Illinois Wesleyan University RONALD STEPHEN LOPATY .... ...Chicago Commerce Management Tau Delta Phi The Daily lllini lil, lnterfroternity Council ll, 2l, Marketing Club ROBERT LORENZEN .....,... .... R ockford Commerce Marketing and Management lllini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, lllini ln- surance Society, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management CLARENCE WAYNE LOSCH ,... .... P ittstield Commerce Marketing Phi Delta Theta Skull and Crescent, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet ll, 21, Marketing Club BARBARA JANE LOWIS ...,...... Morrisonville Commerce Commercial Teaching McKinley Hall Shorter Board: AIPha Chron, Phi Chi Theta, President l4I, W.G.S. Executive Council l3l, Wesley Foundation Student Council l2, 3, 4l RICHARD DAVID LUDERS ........ Lawrenceville Engineering Physics Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Physics Society Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key PAUL ROBERT LUEDKE ....... . . .Broadlands Agriculture General Agriculture Y.M.C.A. Committee l3, lil, lllini Rural Ob- server lll, Agriculture Council l3l, All-Ag Field Day Committee l4l, Military Ball Com- mittee l2l, Plowboy Prom Committee l3l, Arnold Air Society, Agriculture Economics Club, president l3l, Agriculture Club, Dairy Pra- duction Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club, Horticulture Club, lllini Sportsman's Club, Rifle and Pistol Club 480 2, Z S 1 Wai' .4 ig I L ,iw-. 4 ,, r Q 46 A ff .l I, '.-. iq .il 5? iii. A Til! ELINOR CLARE LUEKING ......., St. Louis, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences History McKinley Hall Alpha Chron, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Daily lllini l4l, Campus Chest lil: W.A.A. ll, 7. 3, dl, Class Secretary-Treasurer l4l, Senior Announcements Committee l4l, Senior Ball Com- mittee l4l, German Club Honors Day lll PAUL WILLIAM LUNDQUIST ...,.. Clinton, Iowa Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering LOUISE MARJORIE LURIE .........,,.. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences 9 English , Delta Phi Epsilon The Daily lllini lll fs? , .2 43 I S STELLA RUTH LYMAN ........ ...Chicago A I ' Commerce Personnel Management , Stratford House , -' Alpha Chron, lllini Union Committee l2l, Uni- H versity Theatre Cast lil: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1- 143, Y.w.c.A. commlnee ll, 3l - Honors Day ll, 2l A ' vi 'M f J :" 3 5 i H Q 94 '61 3-who 1 li 4 5 ,. if , wggfegw fs 4 E 35 'YW' I l -. jg Sc.. ill xl. 2 X Cl-'ARLENE AMY LYNCH ,....... ..Granite City Journalism Advertising Alpha Xi Delta Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, Maior Chairman Social Dances lllini Union Committee l3l, lllini Union Council l3l, lllini Union Com- mittee ll, 2, 3l, Marketing Club Honors Day lll LOREN PHILLIP LYON ,...... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Tau Delta Phi lllini Union Committee lll, Marketing Club DONALD REID MAC CRIMMON. ., ...Chicago Journalism Advertising Honors Day l2l CLARE SIEWERT MACKEY ,............ Glencoe Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Delta Gamma Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha lata, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet l2l, Concert Band l3l, University Orchestra l3l, Panhel- lenic Ball Committee l2l, French Club, lllini Figure Skating Club, Young Democrats Club, Tall lllini, president l3l Honors Day ll, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key GUS LOUIS MACKRIS ........... St. Louis, Mo. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Varsity Football Squad l3, 41 University of Missouri, Washington University FRANK GEORGE MADONIA ..... ,... S pringfield Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee l215 A.S.C.E, DONALD EUGENE MAGUIRE. . . ..,. Franklin Agriculture General Agriculture MARY LEE MAHIN ..............., Keene, Ky. Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in History Haste House Campus Chest l315 University Chorus I31 Centre College5 University of Kentucky CHARLES ROBERT MAHN ...... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Flagg House Tau Beta Pi5 Phi Eta Sigma5 A.l.E.E.-I.R,E, Honors Day Il, 21 JAMES ALBERT MAJER ..,........... Glenview Physical Education Physical Education Delta Upsilon Phi Epsilon Kappag Infantry Club5 Lieutenant, P.L.C. Marine5 Semper FideIis5 Navy Pier Alumni Association5 Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Activities: Host of Illini ll, 215 Varsity Football Squad Ill University of Wisconsin, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARY MALANTIS .,....,.............. Argo Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Lambda Delta5 Sigma Delta Pi5 The Illio ll, 215 Star Course Manager i215 Spanish Club Honors Day II, 31 JOSEPH WILLIAM MALLECK .... .... C hicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Varsity Football Squad Il, 215 Orchesis i215 I.A.S. WILLIAM HENRY MALLORY .... .... C hicago Agriculture General Agriculture Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Infantry Club5 Flying Club RICHARD WILLIAM MALMGREN ....... Rockford Agriculture Floriculture Alpha Kappa Lambda Pi Alpha Xi5 Concert Band II, 215 Football Marching Band ll, 215 Floriculture Club5 Illini Sportsman's Club Honors Day II1 33111 of fu. 5 s Q5 I ffl , im, 1 2 , , ja Q A 3 P M P ei 3 2 ' L M6 fx , A If 'f ig 'T' 1621 , 3 Y' he Ag, ,M an . A .2 if .f if, rg , 1 , A . I I' ' Y I .rf -,if w W' fjgwfttf' A I ' H' mn. ,F Q , Q VK 13 I neg 'i'- -V i ft f I I :fl ' f ffl' 1 N .. s -fe. gi N ii A'f,f. fa' V i:,k A K L X--sv -this we PATRICK DANIEL MALONE .... .... G len Ellyn Journalism Editorial Beta Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Da5 Tomahawk5 Sigma Delta Chi5 The Daily Illini I3, 41, Campus editor I415 Y.M,C.A. Cabinet I2l5 Y.M.C.A. Committee II15 House President lilly University Choir II15 Men's Glee Club H1 THEODORE EDWARD MALONE ..... Champaign Commerce Commercial Teaching Illini Union Committee H15 Accountancy Club CORINNE MALONEY ............... Ridgwoy Agriculture Home Economics Education Palomar Home Economics Club St. Mary-of-the-Woods FRED LEE MANN ...,.....,...,.. Novelty, Mo. Agriculture Agriculture Science Junior Bar Association LOREN CLIFFORD MANN ..... .... K ankakee Commerce insurance Zeta Psi Sachem5 Mask and Bauble5 Pierrots5 Illini Theatre Guild Manager Student Stott Il, 2, 315 lnterfraternity Council l21 HERBERT ELMER MARABLE ,..... ...Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering University Sinfonietta I3l5 University Orchestra l3, 415 A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. GEORGE THEADORE MARASOVICH ..... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall A.S.C.E.5 I.T.E.5 Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NANCY ISOBEL MARCH .....,......... Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Alpha Omicron Pi University Chorus I3, 41 Miami University JOSEPH MAURICE MARCHELLO ..... Midlothian Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Lambda UpsiIon5 A.I.Ch.E. 481 1 1 Ti 'N Ag aux, LE if gli! , MARILYN ESTHER MARCHOK .... Elmwood Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Lincoln Avenue Residence W,A.A. 12, 3, 41, W.G.S. Council 12, 41, House President 141, Newman Foundation Student Council 131, LAS Council 13, 41: Spanish Club DePaul University JAMES PETER MARCUS ........ Jamestown, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology REGINALD ROMIE MARI ........... Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering Shawnee House President 141, A.S,C.E. CHRIST GUST MARINAKIS... ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Ac- countancy Club Honors Day 131 GEORGE GUST MARINAKIS. .. . ..Chicago Commerce Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Ac- countancy Club Honors Day 131 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES ROBERT MARIS.. .............. Urbana Division of Special Services Industrial Education MARY HELEN MARMION .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Chi Omega Shorter Board, The lllio 111, Illini Union Board 13, 41, Maior Chairman Club Commons Illini Union Committee 131, Maior Chairman Noel Sing Illini Union Committee 131, Illini Union Council 131, Illini Union Committee 1l, 2, 31, Star Course Manager 11, 21, Campus Chest 1l, 21, Student Senate 111, Alumni Association Board 141, Campus Chest Alloca- tions and Advisory Board 13, 41 NORMA LOUISE MARTIN ....... ...Utica Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee 131, Campus Chest 121, Young Republicans Club LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College STANLEY MARTINEZ . . . . . . .... Chicago Commerce Banking and Finance Tau Delta Phi Illini Union Committee 111, University Theatre Cast 121, Interfraternity Council 121, Military Ball Committee 131, Maior, Army ROTC, Mili- tary Council, National Defense Transportation, Finance Club, Junior Bar Association University of Wisconsin, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 482 sf- it s, 2 I, if f I it 1 . 1217 75 .fe 1-' T - ir- G I t W A , .1 Y feet A ,V fiilvfy 1.1.1 QEK, h "ur, 'l I , , 3 , -is , Q- J' F 5 K is wt ...,, - V f. W . t i f x 71 if :Ii-P L .V I ' .' A 1 ff ff Mi. is ef it .X RICHARD PAUL MARTSON .... ...Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Greenforth House President 141, Engineering Council 13, 41, A.S.C.E. Wilson Junior College GILBERT LAMAR MARX ....... Sappington, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Theta Xi Omega Beta Pi, Maior I, Military Ball Com- mittee 131, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phalanx, Zeta Sigma Alpha, German Club Honors Day 1l1 RUTH ELEANOR MASHEK .... .... B erwyn Commerce Marketing Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee 131, Oratorio Society 131, Marketing Club Honors Day 131 Morton Junior College RAYMOND ANDREW MASLANKA ...... Berwyn Commerce Management Theta Kappa Phi Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 1I1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LEONARD MASON .......... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Flagg House Accountancy Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHRISTINE MATHEOS ........ Spencerport, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Palomar Rifle and Pistol Club Stephens Junior College, Roberts College JEANNETTE MARGARET MATHEWS .... Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Alpha Theta Torch, Y.W.C.A. Committee 1l1, Campus Chest 111, W.A.A. Numerols, W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41, Cheerleader 13, 41, Illini Forensic Association, Physical Education Maiors Club RICHARD EUGENE MATTESON ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Minawa Lodge North Park College NELLE MATTINGLY .................. Newton Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Gamma House W.A.A. Millikin University WAYNE FRANK MATUSIAK .... Chicago Heights Commerce Marketing Marketing Club5 Society for the Advancement of Management ROBERT MYRON MAXEY ......... .... B uda Engineering Electrical Engineering Psi Upsilon Sigma Tau5 Illini Union Committee li, 215 Campus Chest, Business Manager l315 House President l415 Intramural Manager l215 Military Ball Committee l215 A.I.E.E.-l.R,E.5 Physics Society5 Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment5 Young Republicans Club Honors Day ll, 21 WILLIAM AVRUM MAYBROOK ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Zeta Beta Tau Illini Union Committee il, 215 Illini Insurance Society SHARLENE RAE MAYER ............ St. Charles Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi The Daily Illini ll, 2, 31 DONALD OLIVER MAYLATH ....... Granite City Journalism Radio and Television Chi Psi Skull and Crescent5 Sigma Delta Chip Illini Union Board I415 Maiar Chairman Union Movies Illini Union Committee i315 Maiar Chairman Open Houses Illini Union Committee i215 Illini Union Council l2, 315 Illini Union Committee ll, 215 Campus Chest ll15 Alumni Association Board I41 HARRY DENEEN MAYNOR ........ Bufialo, N.Y. liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Pi First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC5 Arnold Air Society5 Illini Forensic Association5 Junior Bar Association5 RiHe and Pistol Club OZZIE JOHN MAZZETTA ............ Northfield Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Evans Scholars House President l415 Tribe of llIini5 Varsity Golf Squad 13, 41, Letter l3, 41 GEORGE McBRlDE ................... Aledo Division of Special Services Marketing Beta Theta Pi Skull and Crescent5 Track Manager l21 JOHN EDWARD McCABE ...........,.. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech University Theatre Guild Cast ICI, 41 Wright Junior College 525 4, I i"f'.i'k . ' N I . S AS-M. i Elk 'J 'Q L l f','l: ltiiiii Hwwjixim it , . A 4'...p.' ...T 72 7, f V-.-' 'il' : api .ea - .. f' K ,V X ,Q ihh K . 1 'ir Q z Ililrrilt' i f f "H ' it " A fi, ESM sr is I gi tl 'hex' , 1 i X , .fr ,fe-., i a 'r i ,, 'J f-I 1 is 21 .,,.,,-. 1' 2 I I , " 'r'- . KT , ,gf or f - , ' Y 1 .r,r..: ..'7 . , .. .. A . ' ' 1, JOHN ANTHONY McCARTHY .... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Alpha Tau Omega Ma-Wan-Da, Skull and Crescent5 Campus Chest l2, 3, 41, director H15 Freshman CounciI5 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board l3, 415 Illini Figure Skating Club5 Marketing Club JACK BARCLAY McCLELLAN ........... Potomac Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Newman Hall Y.M.C.A. Committee i315 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Society of American Military Engineers5 Illi-Knights ABRAM BODINE McCONNELL ....... Woodstock Division of Special Services Agriculture Delta Tau Delta Varsity Swimming Squad l'I15 Agriculture Club5 Field and Furrow JOHN WILLIAM McCONNELL, JR ..... Woodstock Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta A.S.M.E. University of New Mexico JAMES ROBERT McCOY ........... Blue Mound Agriculture General Agriculture Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Alpha Rho Tau5 Agricultural Economics Club CAROL JEANNE McCRADlE .... Chicago Heights Journalism Radio and Television Alpha Phi Mask and Bauble5 Theta Sigma Phip Illini Union Committee l215 University Theatre Manager l2, 3, 415 Women's Glee Club ll, 2, 3, 415 WILL M15 Spanish Club Honors Day i31 RICHARD ALLAN McCREADY New Kensington, Pa. Engineering Electrical Engineering Military Ball Committee l315 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC5 Pershing RiHes5 Phalanx5 A.l.E.E.- l.R.E.5 A.S.C.E. EVELYN McCREERY ............. Jacksonville Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Pi5 University Choir l2, 31 Honors Day II, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key KENT LOWELL McDANlEL ..... , ...... Marshall Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design llli-Knights Sachem5 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet l'l15 Y.M.C.A. Committee lI15 M.l.A. Executive Council l2, 315 House President i315 N.S.A. Senate Sub- committee l3, 415 Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC5 Pershing RitIes5 Illi-Knights, president i315 Illini Forensic Association 483 X1 0-rg: QV ag, ty, N! SJ I 'N X! Ca 1 CHARLES LEO McDONOUGH ..... ...Lisle Engineering Electrical Engineering Theta Delta Chi Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Engineering Council I-11, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day l2, 31 University of Maryland, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JERRY ALLAN McELYEA ......., ..., F lora Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. BRYCE HILL McFADDEN ...,........... Pontiac Division of Special Services History Sigma Alpha Epsilon Campus Chest Ill, Freshman Track Manager, French Club, Young Republicans Club WILLIAM DONALD McGEE .......... Louisville Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Acacia Alpha Tau Alpha, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet l21, Y.M.C.A. Committee l2, 31, Agricultural Edu- cation Club, Agriculture Club MARYLOU McGOWAN. ......... Downers Grove Physical Education Recreation Delta Zeta Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Mu, Mask and Bauble, president i21, National Col- legiate Players, Zeta Phi Eta, Illini Theatre Guild Manager l3, 41, Illini Theatre Guild Cast l2, 3, 41, Maior I, W,A.A. Numeralsg W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41, Women's Glee Club II1, Terrapin ll, 2, 3, 41, Illini Theatre Guild Board l31, Flying Club, Physical Education Maiors Club, U. of I. Student Chapter Ameri- can Recreational Society Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key MARY ALICE MclNNES .............. Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences French Sherwood Lodge Pi Delta Phi, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Y.W.C.A. Committee ill, House President l41, French Club, Spanish Club GERALD EUGENE McKAY ..... ...Grayslake Agriculture General Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC, Military Coun- cil, Scabbard and Blade, Zeta Sigma Alpha, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club, Mili- tary Ball Committee LESTER HARVEY McKEEVER, JR... ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Kappa Alpha Psi Alpha Psi Omega, Accountancy Club Roosevelt College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CATO ALLEN McKlNNIE .......... Murphysbora Physical Education Physical Education Omega Psi Phi Y.M.C.A. Committee II1, Interfraternity Coun- cil 13, 41, House President IJ1, Freshman Council, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, National Defense Transportation Association 484 ..., . 23 , . I be Y? . ilmt E M gg v wu- fi RHS'-TE yy ,,- vw 4"""f'. 1 i p.. 'V 1 f 1 . Q5 gf .. es I. ' . 1 Q , , ,c g . , I 41 .. .... -Q. .. Q f- ' ff 'NF ' 'fi ' ' 7 'ia .fl , 'glial fszwf w ""'e" 1'e. 1 15 --tf ' - - . I. ni r i"1f,'fr ,-'F S1 ' :iff ' CHARLES McKISSACK ............... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Clark House House President I31, Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion, Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES JOSEPH McMAHON, JR...Hoboken, N.J. Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu Loyola of New Orleans, Ohio State University JACK DEAN McMANUS ................ Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences International Affairs PAUL MARVIN MCMULLEN .... Commerce . . . Rushville Accountancy Theta Chi Illini Union Committee l2, 31, Club Honors Day U1 Accountancy JAMES GEORGE McNERNEY, JR ,.... Springfield Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing Club, Society for Advancement of Management Springfield Junior College ANDREW CARNIE McPHERSON, JR ..... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarab Wright Junior College STEPHEN EUGENE MCQUILKIN ....... Hennepin Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Farm House Illini Rural Observer II1, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Student Veterinary Medical Association WILLIAM JOSEPH MEBES ....... Baldwin, N.Y. Engineering Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Engineering Council l41, Military Ball Committee l31, A.S.C.E. Honors Day ll, 2, 31 ALVIN MEDIN .................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Omega Beta Pi Honors day II1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD WALDO MEEKS .......... Champaign Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Kappa Psi Sachem, Tomahawk, Tribe of Illini, Varsity Wrestling Squad l2, 41, Letter I21, Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad, Illini Rural Observer l31, Moior, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Pershing Rifles SARAH LOUISE MEFFORD .... ..... R obinson Agriculture Home Economics Education Gamma Phi Beta Shi-Ai, The Illio ll, 21, Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 21, W.A.A. ll1, Agricultural Council ll1 WAYNE ARTHUR MEIERHANS ....... Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Kumonami Men's Glee Club ll1, Lutheran Foundation Student Council l2, 3, 41, president l41, Captain, Air Force ROTC, A.l.A., Gamma Delta ALFONSO MEJIA ............ lbague, Columbia Engineering Electrical Engineering College Hall A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. National University of Columbia, University of the Andes ANNE ELIZABETH MELDRUM. .. .... Jerseyville Agriculture Home Economics Petite Maison Blackburn College ANTHONY MELLAS ........ Los Angeles, Calif, Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. University of California at Los Angeles SHIRLEY KAY MELMS ......... ,... . Hampshire Liberal Arts and Sciences History McKinley Hall Second Regimental Band I3, 41, Wegley Foun. dation Student Council l41 JOSEPH ANTHONY MELONE...Chicclgo Heights Engineering Mechanical Engineeering A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DAVE ALLEN MERSBACH .,... ...Oak Park Commerce Management Chi Phi Skull and Crescent, Tribe ot Illini, Varsity Swimming Squad ll, 2, 3, 41, Letter l2, 31, Football Manager l2, 31, Junior Football Manager I31, Dolphins ll, 2, 3, 41, Maior, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society t ' -. - new A EA- Q, iWi5"p?' -J iv' ,Q xi Q wi -tl.-ws 12 '34 , A rw VXQI 17 ' ., - ,I 1: s-5. 4 far I t as Ti '52 wr I f Qs .,-'Q , , v . 3 I 'ff' 14212533 MARY MERZ .............. .... S alem Commerce Marketing Pi Beta Phi Marketing Club Indiana University, James Millikin University JAMES RICHARD MEYER .......... . . .Manito Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine llli-Dell Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma, Illini Rural Ob' server ll, 21, Agriculture Club, Dairy Pro- duction Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club, Student Veterinary Medical Associ- ation Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key MARLIN HENRY MEYER .......... Crescent City Agriculture Teacher Training Lookout Manor Alpha Tau Alpha Illinois State Normal University MARION DOUGLAS MEYERS .......,.. Rushville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day ll, 21 DONALD RAYMOND MICHAELIS ...., Woodstock Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi A.l.A. GONNIE MICHAELOFF .,... ...Granite City Education English Evans Hall University Theatre Cast I41 William Woods College FRANK WILLIAM MICHALEC .....,...,. Berwyn Commerce Personnel Management Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Society for the Advancement of Management Morton Junior College, DePaul University NICK GUS MICHAS ......,... ..., C hicago Commerce Marketing and Management Noble House Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LILLIAN BLUSTEIN MICHEL .......... ,Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Illini Union Committee l21, Illini Theatre Guild Cast l21, Navy Pier Alumni Association Roosevelt College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 485 gh, Q3 45 aug, li rf gli! WALTER ALFRED MICHEL ............ Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Wilson Junior College DONALD RUDOLPH MIELKE ........ Coal Valley Agriculture General Agriculture Barristers Club AARON PAUL MILLER ......... Baltimore, Md Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Epsilon Pi The Daily Illini l3, 41, Illini Forensic Associa- tion, Spanish Club Honors Day l'l1 CHARLES HENRY MILLER .... Engineering Electrical Engineering Captain, Army ROTC, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. . . . . . .Chicago DANIEL MILLER ................ Teaneck, N.J. Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Barton House Phi Eta Sigma, Praetorians Honors Day II1 DAVID MCGREGOR MILLER ............. Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences History Sigma Chi Illini Union Committee li1, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Zeta Sigma Alpha JOANNE MILLER ..,.,........ Kansas City, Mo. Education Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha House President I3, 41 Roosevelt College LARRY HOWARD MILLER ....... ...Clinton Agriculture Agricultural Economics Pi Kappa Phi Agricultural Economics Club LYNN GREENFIELD MILLER... ....Olney Agriculture , nm 'M' 4 4 xi G , S it L 4-.w e . ,- LN ., 22' wilt V 4 in '6 a KW, .W K , . If ' fin, .. ' .f'T.il2f Q ,.,: ,Wat f ses. 5 4"--f 7 z"f"'T"' it 'lil I f '-.'. , 22 , . ..." 1 V. to 'E Q. ,Qs '5 W .4 tt 1 , . . L Home Economics Pl Beta Phi The Daily Illini ll 21 Illlnl Union Committee l21 WCIA l41 llllnr Figure Skating Club 486 MERLE STANLEY MILLER ...... ...Clinton Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho Y.M.C.A. Cabinet I41, Y.M.C.A. Committee II, 2, 3, 41, Student Senate ll, 2, 3, 41, Committee on Student Atfairs I41, Coordina- tion Committee I41, Class President II1, Fresh- man Council II1, Illini Rural Observer ll, 2, 31, Agricultural Council l2, 3, 41, All-Ag Field Day Committee ll, 2, 3, 41, Convocations Committee l2, 31, Freshman Week Committee l2, 31, Military Ball Committee l31, Plowboy Prom Committee ll, 2, 3, 41, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club MYRON MILLER ............... Rochester, N.Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Barton House Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pi, House Presi- dent l21, LAS Council ll, 2, 3, 41, Praetorians, president H1 Honors Day II1 ROBERT LEE MILLIGAN .......... Pinckneyville Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha, Agricultural Education Club, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow Southern Illinois University GORDON HOWARD MILLNER ......... Chicago Commerce Banking and Finance Barton House Sigma Iota Epsilon, Campus Chest ll, 21, Marketing Club Honors Day ll, 21 GENE MILLS .......,.......... .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Student Committee on Human Relations Council I3I College of St. Theresa JOHN MANIERRE MILLS ............ Riverside Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Son's Home Ripon College, Roosevelt College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WAYNE IKE MILLS ................ Greenville Agriculture Agricultural Science Greenville College GEORGE ELMER MILUM ......... ...Urbana Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, A.F.S., A.S.M.E. Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key MALKA TRYNA MIRVIS .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Indeco Women's Glee Club I3, 41 RUTH CLAAR MITCHEL .....,.......... Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Theta Upsilan Springfield Junior College, James Millikin University TERRANCE ROY MITCHELL .... .... C hicago Law Law Phi Alpha Delta, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Junior Bar Association Navy Pier Activities: Dance Band Honors Day I21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois WALLACE MITCHELL .........,...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Newman Hall Illini Sportsman's Club, Navy Pier Alumni As- sociation, Rifle and Pistol Club, Spanish Club, Young Republicans Club Navy Pier Activities, Pier Illini Newspaper Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinais WILLA NELL MITCHELL ...... ...Quincy Agriculture Home Economics Education Wescoga Phi Upsilon Omicron, University Chorus l31, Wesley Foundation Student Council I41, Home Economics Club MacMurray College for Women TERRY MASAO MIWA ...... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JANET LOUISE MOCKUS .............. Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Alpha Phi Illini Union Committee l3, 41, Maior Chairman House Publications Illini Union Committee I41, Women's Glee Club Morton Junior College JANET HOPE MOELLER ....... Cincinnati, Ohio Physical Education Dance Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Sigma Nu, W.A.A. I3, 41: Women's Glee Club l3l: Orchesis I3, 41, president I41, Physical Education Maiors Club University of Cincinnati MILTON ROBERT MOJZIS ............. Berwyn Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Tomahawk, Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Concert Band l2, 3, 41, Football Marching Band I2, 3, 41, University Orchestra l31 DePaul University RONALD STANLEY MOLL .... ...Chicago Law Law Newman Hall Illini Insurance Society, Junior Bar Associa- tion, Marketing Club, Society for the Ad- vancement af Management Honors Day ll1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois A - I t rf " . ' 0 , t tr' ,fd , 'x f I Q, so i M 51, .Qu ,llitrl tt , milf I is 21 KJ? -, 5.5, -www '1,.:-fir".-'Qi1.Z'2ff,.:f'-Qr, ' Y 25.2 9 I W., A - 3' , K er t " r:- H ' , Ep i , - DWIGHT MILLINGTON MOODY..., ...Aledo it Agriculture Agronomy Maryville College CHARLES COTY MOORE .............. Chicago Division of Special Services History PATRICIA ANN MOORE .............. Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences English Delta Gamma Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Illio II1, Illini Union Committee II1, Campus Chest ll, 21, W.A.A. l21 Honors Day lI1 RUDOLPH MORAGNE ............... Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pi, Interfraternity Council l21, House President I41 DOROTHY ROSE MORIARTY .... .... C hicogo Education Elementary Education "T" Dorm Y.W.C.A. Cabinet l3, 41, Y.W.C.A. Committee I21, W.A.A. l'l1, University Choir ll1, Fly- ing Club CHARLES HADLEY MORINE .... ...Hennepin Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha, president I41, Agricultural Education Club Illinois State Normal University GLENN ROGER MORTENSON ......,... Sterling Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Concert Band l2, 3, 41, Football Marching Band l2, 3, 41, University Orchestra I2, 41, University Choir l31 Honors Day l2, 31 Indiana University FRANK GILBERT MORTON .......... .... L isle Engineering ' Aeronautical Engineering Triangle Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, First Regimental Band l21, Captain, Air Force ROTC, l.A.S., Illi-Knights Honors Day ll, 21 JESS RICHARD MOTA ........ .... C hicago Commerce Economics Illini Campus Amvets Past No. 202 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 487 Qi 9 ig, of X24 4 rt f ,s,.M"'3 DANIEL JOSEPH MOTYKA ...,....,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Clark House Omega Beta Pi, Infantry Club: Spanish Club Roosevelt College WALTER CHUNG MOY ........ .,.Chicogo Commerce Marketing Clark House Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RUTH ANNETTE MOYLE .......,..,... Oglesby Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Busey Hall Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Band IZ, 3, 41 La-Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College DONALD ROSS MUEHLING ........ Cissna Park Agriculture Dairy Technology Lookout Manor Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Infantry Club: Dairy Production Clubg Rural Lite Club DONALD DEAN MUELLER ....... St. Louis, Mo. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Acacia Phi Eta Sigmap lnterfraternity Council i317 House President l31g Men's Glee Club U17 Captain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day l2, 31 Northwestern University HOWARD ALLAN MUELLER ......... Maywood Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Orotorio Society ll, 2, 31, Gamma Delta Honors Day ll1 University of Colorado DONALD JEROME MULLIGAN ,....... Hinsdale Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Delta Kappa Epsilon The Daily Illini U15 The lllio l41 Honors Day l41 DIANE MARILYN MUMMA .... .. ...Decatur Education Elementary Education Delta Gamma Alpha Lambda Deltag Illini Union Committee II, 21, Y.W.C.A. Committee II13 Panhellenic Ball Committee I21 Honors Day II1 WALTER DAVID MUMME ......... ..,. E Igin Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Student Veterinary Medical Association Elgin Community College 488 1: .... - . I .f . wt A- 685' HF Ir . -fi 5 -7- .fij I I H .I 3 N9 .f ,init time ' X Wm Y it J i tsu f nf 4, 'F iii. 1- Q- It I ,rigs , ' Q QA it .f . I i fs, La, X I my .xr ,,. f -L 31 'SL' - I -f",,,.1 5? S it . 5431 ' .I f it ' T 1,3 " ., 3 . ,V flgtx DAVID RUSSELL MUMMERY .... ,..Evanston Commerce Banking and Finance Sigma Alpha Epsilon Northwestern Universityg Evanston Community College GERALD PATRICK MUNLEY, JR ..,..... Chicago Commerce Economics Parade Ground Units Freshman Varsity Football Squad ll1 JOHN THEADORE MURPHY ......... Naperville Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Kappa University Choir 12, 3, 41, Men's Glee Club l2, 3, 415 Orotorio Society l2, 3, 41 University of Daytong Roosevelt College MAUREEN ETHEL MURPHY .... .... C hicago Agriculture Home Economics Phi Mu W.A.A. U17 Women's Glee Club II1 Iowa State College HAROLD JAMES MURRAY ............. Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Alpha Sigma Phi Y.M.C.A. Committee 1211 Intertraternity Coun- cil l31, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Texas A. and M. College JOHN NORMAN MURRAY ............ . .Dekalb Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Class President ll1g Trackg Varsity Track Squad l31g A.I.Ch.E. Northern Illinois State EUGENE JAMES MUZZARELLI ......, Farmington Physical Education Physical Education Theta Xi Varsity Football Squad l21y Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad RUSSELL LEE MYERS, JR ......... ...Quincy Physical Education Physical Education University of Iowa WALTER LOY MYERS ............ .... J oliet Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Barton House Student Veterinary Medical Association Joliet Junior College JAMES PERRY NAGLE .,......, Chicago Heights Engineering Mechanical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma: Tribe of Illini: Track Varsity Squad IZ, 3, 41, Letter I3, 41: A,S,M.E. Honors Day ll, 21 GEORGE ALEXANDER NAJIM ....... Springfield Commerce Marketing Beta Theta Pi Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National De: fense Transportation Association JAMES ADINOBU NAKANO. . .HonoluIu, Hawaii Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics University of Hawaii YUKIKO NAKANO . ,.... ., .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Navy Pier Extension af the University of Illinois LOUIS UGO NARDI, ..... . ...Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day I31 Illinois Institute of Technology CHARLES RICHARD NASH ..... . . .McNabb Commerce Marketing Delta Chi Alpha Phi Omega, House President I41: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Marketing Club l41: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce l31 ROBERT DEAN NEATHAMMER ........ Centralia Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Four Columns Astronomical Society Centralia Township Junior College JAMES EDWIN NEEDHAM. ,.,.,.....,. Makena Engineering Illumination Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigma: McKinley Foundation Student Council l21: Colonel, Army ROTC: Armed Forces Council: Military Council, president l31: So- ciety of American Military Engineers: Illuminat- ing Engineering Society Honors Day II1 JOSEPH MARION NEILL ............ ,.StilIweII Agriculture Vocational Agriculture it 1.. fl. 1-1 we ' 4, S I sz , .X . we 3 . .:gj1.1:,5-i gf 1 f 2.153 ii N 'E'41,'SF' S wL',kg'1 uf, 1 L.-s,.,.x H.. I- ,,f. 1 H L fi KW, I X ic. Q Q ,sn 1.-rf. 1 . 7 vim- ' ' Y av' ' tv . ue, X E, . ' ' t 1? --Rt a if 1 Ii ii 'M' ., ff t 'Y' 'W' fi T' f Fx q - S. '. A 'F- yn- nv X EDDIE BARTON NELSON ...... Commerce . . .Abingdon Accountancy Accountancy Club I3, 41 Western Illinois State Teachers College EUGENE HERMAN NELSON .......... Mackinaw Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Tora Hall House President l21: Hoof and Horn Club: Stu- dent Veterinary Medical Association GENE ARTHUR NELSON ......... Morton Grove Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Club: Illi-Knights MARILYN LUCILLE NELSON ......... Galesburg Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Gamma House Alpha Lambda Delta: Illini Union Committee ll, 21, House President I-11: Oratorio Society l2, 31: Fine and Applied Arts Council l3, 41 Honors Day ll, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key NEAL STANLEY NELSON ..... , ...Chicago Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Newman Hall German Club, Student Veterinary Medical As: sociatian Honors Day l21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NORMAN WILLIAM NELSON .... ..,Oak Lawn Engineering Civil Engineering Flagg House Sigma Tau: Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E.: Gamma Delta Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois STANLEY RICHARD NELSON... .... Chicago Agriculture Dairy Technology Dairy Technology Society, president IA1 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, Wright Junior College WALTER FRANK NELSON ,.... ...Rockford Commerce Accountancy Minawa Lodge lllini Christian Fellowship l41: Accountancy Club ANN NEMEROFF ................... Chicago Agriculture Home Economics Education Delta Phi Epsilon lllini Union Committee ll, 2, 31: University Theatre Crew li, 21: Freshman Week Com- mittee I31: Home Economics Club Honors Day ll1 489 X-1 'LQ QC .eq i N, .- C 3 2 Q I E, 5+ 1 9 gf-A -1 t ,Wow A 'merge 'fr ?f:z?'5zii ' A as HAROLD WILLIAM NERO .... Arlington Heights Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta lnterfraternity Council 12, 31: Pershing Rifles: A.S.M.E.: Gamma Delta: S.A.E. EARL BURTON NEWMAN ...,......... Chicago Physical Education Industrial Recreation Tau Delta Phi Phi Epsilon Kappa: Varsity Basketball Squad 13, 41: Freshman Varsity Squad: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC HARRY DAVID NEWMAN ..,......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Zeta Beta Tau Phi Kappa Phi: Gargoyle: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Military Ball Committee 141: Scabbard and Blade: A.l.A.: A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Activities: Yearbook, The Brave Honors DaY ll, 2, 3, 41: University of Illinois Scholarship Key: Bronze Tablet Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NANCY NORVELLE NEWTON ......... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Alcestis Sigma Delta Pi: Illini Union Committee 12, 31: Spanish Club: Portuguese Club FAY ELEANOR NICHOLS ........... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee 11, 2, ,3 41: Campus Chest 111: Young Democrats Club DONALD OTTO NIEMANN .... ...Elmhurst Commerce Accountancy Sigma Nu Captain, Air Force ROTC: Accountancy Club RAYMOND LEONARD NISENBAUM ..... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Sigma Alpha Mu Illini Union Committee 121: Captain, Army ROTC ARLYS IONE NITSCHE ............... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French Chi Omega French Club 13, 41: Honors Day 1l1 ROBERTA BEIMFOHR NOOR .......... Hennepin ,,-t-:oc 1 1 ,I , S tt it A A SQ' S J W' - f., A in x f . , ,.. .. 2' ii 'err A . ygigg . i 'L c Agriculture Home Economics Education 4-H House 'V 1 Phi Upsilon Omicron: Star Course Manager 121: H -A E- V Illini Rural Observer 1l, 21: McKinley Founda- .- F '- ,Q , tion Student Council 121: Plowboy Prom Com- A if '-f' mittee 111: Home Economics Club: Rural Lite " -L' Club ,f A Honors Day 131 Aim, ' ' LV' 490 11,. ,..-f-"W" rw., ARTHUR DONALD NORDENBERG ....... Chicago Commerce Economics Phi Sigma Delta Phi Kappa Phi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Interfraternity Council 121: Commerce Council 131: Illini Forensic Association Honors Day 1l, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key KENNETH EUGENE NORDQUlST.Evergreen Park Physical Education Physical Education Alpha Tau Omega Tomahawk: Tribe of Illini: Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 31, Letter 131: Freshman Varsity Squad: Captain, Army ROTC DON PARRY NORFORD ....... . . .Flossmoor Commerce Management Society for the Advancement of Management RICHARD CURTIS NORRIS ..,..... Johnston City Engineering Mechanical Engineering Barton West A.S.M.E. WALTER GLEN NORTON .... .. Engineering .. . .Sibley Electrical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Second Regimental Band 1l1: Petty Officer First Class, NROTC: A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. STEPHEN ALBERT NOSEK ............. Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Alpha Sigma Phi Tribe of Illini: Varsity Football Squad 131, Letter 131 FRANCIS JOSEPH NOWIK .... Commerce . . . LaSalle Accountancy Newman Hall Y.M.C,A. Committee: Accountancy Club LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College GERALD PETER NUGENT ........ Highland Park Commerce Foreign Trade Evans Scholars Alpha Phi Omega: Marketing Club: Spanish Club ELIZABETH JEAN OAKES ...... .... L auro Agriculture Home Economics Education Rosewood Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Christian Fellowship 11, 2, 3, 41: Home Economics Club Honors Day 1l1 JOSEPH EDWARD O'BRlEN .,.. ...Oalr Park Commerce Marketing House President 141, Marketing Club Wright Junior College GENE COE O'CONNElL .............. Sterling Commerce Economics and Finance Phi Eta Sigma, Student Senate 131, Finance Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Illini Forensic Association Honors Day 12, 31 RICHARD KAZUSHI OGAWA ..... Oahu, Hawaii Engineering Electrical Engineering Arnold Air Society, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. University of Hawaii ALICE MARIE OGDEN ............,.. Geneseo Liberal Arts and Sciences English Zeta Tau Alpha The lllio 111, W.A.A. 13, 41, Second Regi- mental Band 131, University Chorus 131 BETTY JAYNE OHLSON ....... . . .Chicago Education Commercial Teaching Palomar Future Business Leaders of America Woodrow Wilson Junior College ROBERT JOHN OIE .............. Saint Charles Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Pi LAS Council 111, Captain, Army ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, A.F.S., Illini Sportsman's Club RICHARD EDWIN O'LEARY Garden City, Mich. Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Tomahawk, Illini Union Committee 121, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 121, Y.M.C.A. Committee 111, Fresh- man Week Committee 12, 31, LAS Council 12, 3, 41, Military Ball Committee 131, Ensign, NROTC, Spanish Club ALGIRDAS OLIS ...,........ .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club, Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Honors Day 131 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DIANE LOU OLIVER ................. Chicaga Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Y.W.C.A. Committee 131, W.A.A. 141 Navy Pier Activities, Pier Illini Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 5 W Q 57. i I 2 I I fi 9-- I Q I A I . 3 I .M ' ' , I 4 3 , t ,V in , .,,: .' lj: " M Y, ,V 75 .iIl:iElge. , A ii 4-'Ei S . My . ' " f 3 "- is ' If .sg . 'li I , -I1'. 141-tx. , r w ,,,, ,,.rf'.,,.,,,,,,.,,, . Alb DONALD HERBERT OLIVIERI .......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Flagg House Scarab, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.l.A. Chicago Technical College CARLO FRANCIS OLIVERO ..... . . .Dalzell Commerce Commercial Teaching la Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College DATO VINCENT OLIVERO ...... .... D alzell Commerce Commercial Teaching La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College SUSAN JANNETTE OLMSTEAD Bottle Creek, Mich. Liberal Arts and Sciences English Kappa Alpha Theta Shorter Board, Torch, The lllio 11, 2, 3, 41, Associate Editor 141, Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 21, LAS Council 12, 3, 41, Panhellenic Ball Committee 111 JACK EDWIN OLSON ......... .... R ocktord Commerce Marketing Chi Psi Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Illini Union Committee 111, Star Course Manager 11, 21, Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 21, Tribe of Illini 141, Fresh- man Varsity Baseball Squad, Intramural Mana- ger 11, 2, 31, Senior Intramural Manager, Athletic Council 141, IM Rec Board 13, 41, president 141, Marketing Club SHERLE ANN OLSON, .............. Oak Park Physical Education Physical Education Busey Hall Mortar Board, Torch, Alpha Chron, Alpha Sigma Nu, W.A.A. Board 13, 41, President 141, Maiorl 131, W.A.A. Numerals, W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41, Student Senate 141, Physical Edu- cation Maiors Club Honors Day 12, 31 BENEDICT THOMAS ONDRAH ...,.... Brookfield Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall A.F.S. St. Procopius College JOHN ONTIVEROS, JR ................. Moline Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin American Studies Tomahawk, Tribe of Illini, Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41 CHARLES EDWARD ORCUTT... .... Watseka Agriculture Vocational Agriculture 491 45 S451 i .ag Nr eg N14 THOMAS JOSEPH ORIGER .,... .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Tau: Chi Epsilon: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Senior Ball Committee: Fly- ing Club Honors Day l2l MARJORIE SUE ORNELLOS .... .... R iverside Commerce Personnel Management Gamma Phi Beta Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day Il, 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ALDEN EUGENE ORPUT... ........... Rockford Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Star and Scroll: Gargoyle: Sigma Tau: lllini Union Council l3l: Illini Union Committee l2l: House President HJ: Tribe of Illini: Cheer- leader I3, 4l: Fine and Applied Arts Council l2, Al: Military Ball Committee l3l: Military Council: Pershing Rifles: Phalanx: Tau Nu Tau: Society of American Military Engineers: A.l.A.: A.S.C.E.: Christian Science Organization: Fly- ing Club: lllini Figure Skating Club Honors Day I3l Principia College CAROL JANE OSBORN ............ Champaign Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board: Illini Union Committee Ill: Star Course Manager Il, 2, 3l: Campus Chest l2l: Women's Glee Club Ill Honors Day l3l PATRlClA ANN OSGOOD ..,... ...Park Ridge Commerce Economics Alpha Chi Omega Illini Union Committee llll: Marketing Club Honors Day I3l University of Missouri WILLIAM JOSEPH OSHINSKI .... .... C hicago Commerce Management Newman Hall Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois IRENE MILDRED OSVALD. . . . ..., Elmwood Park Journalism Editorial Alpha House Theta Sigma Phi CURTIS DEAN OUVERSON ......... Mason City Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Hannibal-La Grange College JOYCE ANITA OUVERSON .,.,,. Berkeley, Cal. Education University Sinfonietta I3l San Francisco State College '39 .ZW 4 5 ,L . ,z on ' , ii . LS, A , 1, , 2 if A .lz 'turf M J I "'.v",' ' ,gf R2 .4 ' I l cl W4' 492 Elementary Education I V 'Eg 'fu E S, . F kk t CAROLE SUE OWENS ........ .... S Pringfield Education Elementary Education Delta Gamma Springfield Junior College ALGIS PABARCIUS .......... .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Honors Day l3l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois KENNETH WARREN PADGITT .... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E.: Synton JOSH PAIS ....................... Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Sigma Alpha Mu Captain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day Ill BURTON HERBERT PALMER .... .... C hicago Law Law Pi Lambda Phi Board of Fraternity Affairs I3l: lnterfraternity Council ll, 2, 3l: House President ISI: IM Rec Board l3l: lnterfraternity Ball Committee l2l TET KONG PANG,Jesselton, British North Borneo Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.: Chinese Students Club: S.A.E. ARNOLD LEONARD PAOLASINI. .... .Bellwood Commerce Accountancy Theta Xi Ma-Wan-Da: Star Course Manager I2, 3, 4l, Senior Manager UI: House President Ml: Concert and Entertainment Board HI: Ac- countancy Club: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce Honors Day Ill MARY PARENT ..................... Oak Park Physical Education Physical Education Beta House W.A.A. Board HI: W.A.A. Numerals: W.A.A. I3, 4l: Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Activities: W.A.A., vice-president l2l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LILA RUTH PARKER ............ .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Lambda Delta: Illini Union Committee I2l: University Theatre Crew l3l Honors Day ll, 21 MARTHA LOUISE PARKER ........ Lancaster, Pa. Fine and Applied Arts Music Alpha Chron, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, University Sinfonietta 12, 3, 41: University Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41, Wesley Foundation Student Council 12, 3, 41 NEAL KEVIN PARMENTER .... Indianapolis, Ind. Engineering Civil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Men's Glee Club 111, First Lieutenant, Arnold Air Society, A.I.A., A.S.C.E., Illini Union Committee 121 Butler University, Purdue University Extension SHEILA PARRISH .................. Evanston School of Journalism Advertising Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Alpha cm, The Daily Illini 131, llllnl Union Committee 121, Marketing Club JOHN RIDLEY PARSON ........ Dutton, Ontario Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Theta Chi First Lieutenant, Army ROTC DOROTHY JOYCE PARSONS. . . . . .Atwood Commerce Accountancy Alpha Phi Phi Chi Theta, The Daily Illini 131, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 141, Y.W.C.A. Committee 131 Honors Day 131 Monticello College ROBERT GERALD PARSONS .... .... U rbana Commerce Banking and Finance DANIEL DENNIS PATTARSON... .... Chicago Commerce Management Lookout Manor M.l.A. Executive Council 13, 41, Illini Forensic Association, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement af Management, Barbershoppers Wilson Junior College HARVEY GAY PATTERSON ..... . . ,Urbana Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.l.E.E.-l,R.E., A.S.M.E., S.A.E., president 143 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT LEIGH PATTON ..... . . .Momence Commerce Marketing Cosmopolitan Alpha Kappa Psi, Y.M.C.A. Committee 141, Student Senate 141, French Club, Marketing Club Olivet College 1 N. rf , 'Sit , 32,1 it u. L A A A x ' .fi i 1 2 K P, lg 1 in W? I ' ,. Y gs EV at f 1 A I K Ili, f is X it 3 in ,K ,. ikvh Psi' ., A ' fi! Q :f, K ,W ' i f 4 2, ,, . M QW W I if , it ... Q iii' Y Q H A 1' T at 'I v- X ...W I . Qil " 1 F Q... M .J A , ,-. A A iii? .W 1 V, Jg.V ., .: :,a:2i .5 ..,: - .s ll V' I X Y x 4 H Th e A I M3 'Q f X we-tex c, .. vm. STANLEY LANGFORD PAUL .... ...Harrisburg Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. Blackburn College KENNETH PAULL .................., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 202 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PATRICIA MAE PAVLIS ........ .... B erwyn Physical Education Physical Education Busey Hall Shorter Board, Torch, Alpha Chron, Maior I, W.A.A. Numerals, W.A.A. 1'l, 2, 3, 41, Ter- rapin 1l, 2, 3, 41, Physical Education Maiors Club JOHN ANTHONY PAWLIKOWSKI ....... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.l.A., Navy Pier Alumni Association Honors Day 1'l, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOBE LEON PAYNE .............. Beloit, Wis. Physical Education Health Education Parade Ground Units Phi Epsilon Kappa, Freshman Week Committee 13, 41, Physical Education Malors Club Honors Day 12, 31 MARVIN ALAN PEARLMAN. . . . . .Chicago Education Elementary Education Navy Pier Alumni Association Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University af Illinois DAVID WARD PEASE, JR ............ Winnetka Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in German Delta Sigma Phi University Choir 13, 41, Oratorio Society 13, 41, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Navy Pier Activities, University Choir 1I, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ARTHUR PETER PEDERSEN, . . . .... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. JANE RENEE PENN .................. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Alpha Chi, Mask and Bauble, Uni- versity Theatre Cast 11, 3, 41 493 I .1 an-., sax, .ag Hug, I I 1 I XJ' SJ . N14 JAMES HARTWELL PENNINGTON .... Bunke Accountancy Club I2, 3, 41 f Han .,f"5z 5 wt-.vue Perens ..........., ...chicago Commerce 5:35 L " Commerce Accountancy I 1 Accountancy . bruu N x,L, " Q A Phi Epsilon Pi . ' - Campus Chest II, 21, University Chorus II1, - Accountancy Club S I 'ITF Honors Day ll, 21 Ig , ., Ya K 1 -5 . . I A? t., WILLIAM VANCII. PENROD ..,. Engineering Electrical Engineering Baptist Student Union Council ll, 2, 3, .. . .Dongola 41. President I41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC JO ANN PERGREM .................., Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Painting Society of Illustrators, Illini Union Committee II, 21, University Theatre Crew II, 2, 3, Star Course Manager ll, 21 JOHN JOSEPH PERIOLAT ............. Chic Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Theta Chi Drake University LEONARD THEODORE PERKOWSKI. ' .. . .Cnc Commerce Management Pi Kappa Phi Morton Junior College, Roosevelt College 41: ago GTO ROBERT PATRICK PERLONGO. .. ..,.Chicaga Journalism Editorial CAROL LU PETEFISH ...,.........,. Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Alpha Delta Pi Torch, Shi-Ai, Society of Illustrators, Ill II, 2, 31, House President l21 io MARTHA JANE PETERS ........ , . . .Mason City Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi The Illio II1, Campus Chest I21, University Chorus II1 RONALD ALBERT PETERS ......... Milledgevill Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Nabor House 9 Alpha Tau Alpha, president I31, M.l.A. Execu- tive Council II1, Agricultural Council I41 Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Agricultural Educa tion Club, Agriculture Club, Hoof Horn Club 494 7 .c 1 gy, 5 'swf J' fy, -. , I , S GT ' -A f " -eff. to .M -,, , . 'hr' -us e pa. BARBARA LEE PETERSON ..... Commerce .. .Dundee Accountancy Lincoln Avenue Residence Accountancy Club Elgin Community College KENNETH SMITH PETERSEN ........... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.l.A,, A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GWEN ADELE PETERSON .......... Des Plaines Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Pi Beta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta, president I21, The Daily Illini I2, 31, Illini Union Committee II1, Ter- rapin II1 Honors Day lI1 JUNE ELIZABETH PETERSON. . . Journalism Editorial . . . Pekin Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Delta, The Daily Illini I3, 41 Honors Day t2, 31 RONALD DELANO PETERSON ...., ...Moline Engineering Electrical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Sigma Tau, House President l-41, Colonel, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day I21 MARILYN JOAN PETRINI .......... Farmington Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Stratford House Sigma Alpha Iota, Women's Glee Club IZ, 31, Orchesis, Baptist Student Council Foundation I2I, School of Music Student Council I31 Cottey Junior College WAYNE CLYDE PHILLIPS .............. Aurora Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Concert Band ll, 2, 3, 41, president I41, University Orchestra ll, 2, 3, 41, School of Music Student Council I31 WILLIAM GERALD PHILLIS .... ...Cambridge Commerce Industrial Administration Y.M,C.A. I21, Military Ball Committee I2, 31, Navy Council, Pershing Rifies, Scobbard and Blade, Illini Campus Amvets Post Na. 202, Illini Forensic Association, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Young Democrats Club Bradley University JOYCE ARLENE PICKARD ............ Plymouth Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Busey Hall Alpha Chron, Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Union Committee l31, Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 3, 41, Illini Christian Fellowship ll, 3, 41, Freshman Week Committee l21, W.G.S. Ball Committee l31, French Club, Physics Society Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key GERALD VICTOR PIERARD ,,... .... C ool City Commerce Marketing Pi Kappa Alpha Maier, Air Force ROTC, Marketing Club DOUGLAS RICHARD PIERCE .... .. .Crassville Education Social Studies Delta Chi Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors I41, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet l3, 41, Y.M.C.A. Committee l21, Plow- boy Prom Committee ll1 JAMES ROBERT PIERCE ....... .... S tockton Journalism Advertising Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC JOHN FRANKLIN PIERCE ..... .... E nfield Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agricultural Education Club WILLIAM ROBERT PINGEL .... .... M arengo Commerce Management Delta Sigma Pi University Choir l21, Cadet, Air Farce ROTC, Marketing Club JAMES BERNARD PINSKI ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Sigma Alpha Mu Omega Beta Pi, Illini Union Committee l21 Honors Day l2, 31 JANICE NATHALIE PINSKY ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residence Psi Chi, Sociology Club GEORGE PIPER, JR .............. Sharon, Wis. Agriculture General Agriculture Tara Hall Captain, Air Force ROTC A ll I Lsr I ii' Z A f J Si, We . 15 ir, , 16 Q , 'mf 'Q x r I' f D , gs F S is? I 1' . EEE- 2-ies., Q2 X -15 I if if V z 1 ' ., vc CHARLOTTE ELAINE PIZNER ...... Hardy, Iowa Fine and Applied Arts Music Education University Choir l3, 41, Oratorio Society l3, Al Cornell College PAUL ALBERT PIZNER .......,....... LaSalle Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, president I41, Concert Band lit, 41, Football Marching Band IA1, Uni- versity Choir l21, Fine and Applied Arts Council l3, 41, School of Music Student Coun- cil, president l31 Cornell College ELMER LEWIS PLEW, JR .......... . . . .Paris Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Chi Varsity Basketball Squad l2, 3, 41, Letter l2, 3, 41, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC DONALD ERVIN PLOTE .......,.. . . .Elgin Agriculture General Agriculture Lambda Chi Alpha Illini Union Committee l31, Campus Chest II1, Interfraternity Council l31, Illini Rural Observer l2, 31, Military Ball Committee l31, Agricul- ture Club, Dairy Production Club, Hoof and Horn Club ROBERT ALLEN PLOZAY ..... ...Homewood Commerce Accountancy Theta Chi Y.M.C.A. Committee l31, Military Ball Com- mittee l31, Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Zeta Sigma Alpha, So- ciety for the Advancement of Management SADIE RUTH POINSETT ....... .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Stratford House Campus Chest l31, Orchesis I41, Illini Christian Fellowship I31, Baptist Student Foun- dation Student Council l31 Chicago Teachers College JOSEPH LEROY POIRIEZ ........... Assumption Agriculture General Agriculture Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Honors Day ll, 2, 31 Illinois State Normal University LOREN MURRAY POLLACK... .... Chicago Commerce Marketing Zeta Beta Tau Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Junior Men's Glee Club, Marketing Club MARGARET JANE POOL ..... .... E Imhurst Commerce Secretarial Training Pi Beta Phi Shorter Board, Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, The Daily Illini ll, 2, 31, Circulation Director l31, House President l3, 41 495 Q3 AQ, fig,- of ,-5 Cf, MAXWELL HARRIS POPER ............ Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Twin Estates House President l31, Captain, Army ROTC, Infantry Club, Pershing Rifles Navy Pier Activities, Pier Illini Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALBERT SYLVESTER PORTER ........,., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Phi Alpha Roosevelt College, Wilson Junior College NANCE MAE POSTLEWAIT ....... .... B ernent Physical Education Physical Education McKinley Hall W.A.A. Board 121: W-A-A- il. 2. 3, 41: House President IA1 MacMurray College PAUL WAYNE POSTLEWAITE ......... Palestine Agriculture General Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescent, Infantry Club, Asriculture Club IRA NATHAN POTOVSKY ,...... ...Chicago Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Tau Delta Phi A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LAWRENCE ARTHUR POTTER .... Downers Grove Commerce Marketing Delta Upsilon lntertraternity Council l21, Varsity Baseball Squad l21, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad, Captain, Air Force ROTC, Marketing Club JAMES CLIFFORD POWERS .........,.. Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad, A.l.E.E.- l.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GRACE DIANE PRAPPAS ..... ...LaGrange Agriculture Home Economics Theta Upsilan Shi-Ai, Illini Union Committee l21, Campus Chest I31, Women's Glee Club ll, 21 KEITH FRANCIS PRATER ...... .... D ecatur Commerce Economics Sigma Pi Football Marching Band ll, 2, 3, 41, First Regimental Band ll, 2, 3, 41, Midshipman, NROTC, Accountancy Club, Finance Club, Illini Insurance Society, Ritie and Pistol Club 496 2 , , -F 'E x iv rr f, ts . me .1 r K I , . .5 ,,., We Q' ,, X., af gf V, if K Sf A P f, ig A W gi ate' I . , A-,, -I 1 ll, -. 1 , ev it . f' 't , 3 L ' in , , Q Q X 1, K3 f i ' 1 L . ' , 'os W Q I' . 5 .. ' K' ff' I 'c wr- 1 ek, Q 2 Q A i 1. - . mf., . , in , , ,. .,,. X PATRICIA PRATT ..............,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Monmouth College, Navy Pier Extension of the University af Illinois SIDNEY LUCIUS PRAY, .IR ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Cagle Hall Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BETTY MARIE PRIGGIE ........ ...Berwyn Agriculture Home Economics Lincoln Avenue Residence Shorter Board, Alpha Chron, Phi Upsilan Omicron, The lllio II1, W.G.S. Executive Council l3, 41, president l41, Student Senate l41, Committee on Student Affairs IA1, All-Ag Field Day Committee ll, 21, Home Economics Council l2, 31, Plowboy Prom Committee ll, 21, W.G.S. Ball Committee l2, 3, 41, Home Economics Club Honors Day ll1 PAUL EDWARD PRZYPYSZNY .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Chi Psi Y.M.C,A. Committee I31, House President l41, Illini Forensic Association, Junior Bar Associa- tion Honors Day I31 THEODORE DONALD PUCKORIUS Downers Grave Division of Special Services Accountancy Alpha Delta Gamma Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Iota Epsilon DePaul University, Florida Southern College, Tampa University BERNARD CLARENCE QUANDT ...... Forest Park Commerce Finance and Economic Theory Psi Upsilan Skull and Crescent, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, The Daily Illini ll, 2, 31, Star Course Manager l'l1, Military Ball Committee lil, Finance Club, Society for the Advance- ment at Management Honors Day ll1 GENE JOHN QUIRINI ............... Wilmette Journalism Radio and Television Evans Scholars Sigma Delta Chi, University Theatre Cast l2, 3, 41, M.l.A. Executive Council l3, 41, Varsity Golf Squad l3, 41, WILL l3, 41 JEROME EDWARD RACHNER .... ...Elgin Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Newman Hall Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, Engineering Council l41, l.A.S. Honors Day l31 Elgin Community College LOUIS BENJAMIN RAFFLE .... .... C hicago Commerce Management Granada Club Alpha Rho Tau, Phalanx, Society for the Advancement of Management STUART JOEL RAFFEL ,.,...... ...Chicago Commerce Economics Alpha Epsilon Pi Illini Union Committee l21, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC JOHN HOWARD RAGEN ........ ...Lansing Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DANIEL JOSEPH RAJSKI .... .... C hicago Journalism Advertising Sigma Phi Epsilon Captain, Army ROTC, Infantry Club, Pershing Rifles Honors Day K31 JOHN RANDOLPH ............ .,., P eoria Engineering Mechanical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Scahbard and Blade, A.S.M.E. Honors Day ll, 21 ROBERT RAYMOND RANDOLPH..Kenmore, N.Y. Engineering Electrical Engineering A,l.E.E.-l.R.E. Ohio State University BARBARA JEAN RAPP ..... ..,.. W innetka Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta The Daily Illini I31, The Illio ll, 21, Wamen's Glee Club ll1 ROBERT RAYMOND RAUFEISEN Rochester, N.Y. Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Y.M.C.A. Committee ll, 21, House President I31, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, University Chorus l21, A.l.A. U1 University of Rochester MARY ARDYTH RAUSCH ,.,... . . ,Elgin Journalism Radio Lincoln Avenue Residence Theta Sigma Phi, University Theatre Cast l3, 41, Oratorio Society I3, 41: WILL I3, 41 Elgin Community College MARGARET LOUISE RAY ...... .... W hite Hall Agriculture Home Economics Leeman Lodge Phi Upsilon Omicron, McKinley Foundation Stu- dent Council I31, Home Economics Club University of Nebraska 1. 'iw ' 3.2t'e3c,f,,.f,wn K . M' ,. ws. . .H ., .. ' r , .. ,f Il, A V tp M I .. ' - 'Sf' 'likflf 'mi l Q, 'BF em- A me . f w. ' ,.-N, I A kc , 55. ., , .J - 'V ig ai X Tx. 1 , all f, tariff' it ' X? 1 ' fin i K' ' C , of so 1, ,.!J.,.,. , . gg, wif. fi 2 2 at f-'Wu I! 'A , ,, ,,, f J, X ajft l i' X c f .- it A F5477 , 9... 13 I f! . . 1 , " v L , .1-' M ii ,th f , RICHARD CLARENCE RAYBURN ..... Champaign Agriculture General Agriculture Acacia Alpha Zeta, Military Ball Committee l41, Colo- nel, Army ROTC, Armed Forces Council, Mili- tary Council, president l41, Pershing Rifles, Phi Chi Eta, Scabbard and Blade, Agriculture Club, Field and furrow, Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day l31 VICTORIA CASSANDRA RAZMO ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Palomar Y.W,C.A. Committee C31 University of Missouri EUNICE JEAN REACE ...,........ ...Chicago Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall University Chorus U1 Honors Day L31 CHARLES WILLIAM RECKA ........ Westchester Commerce Industrial Administration Delta Sigma Pi House President l4l: Commerce Council I3, 41: Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Morton Junior College RONALD EDWARD REDER .......... River Grove Engineering Mechanical Engineering College Hall A.S.M.E. Luther College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DEAN LYLE REEDER ......... ...Clinton Commerce Accountancy WILLIAM ANDREW REEGO ..... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Sleepy Hollow Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Wright Junior College, La Salle Extension University THOMAS FRANCIS REGUL, . . . . . . .Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Triangle Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Persh- ing Rifles, A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Honors Day l2, 31 St. Mary's College RICHARD WENDELL REICHLE Webster Groves, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Kappa Sigma Campus Chest lI1, Illini Forensic Association, Illini Insurance Society, Spanish Club 497 get Ag, ig, 'NJ x 1 NIS.: if x24 CAROLE MAE REID .......,.. ..,. C hicago Education Elementary Education Palomar Illini Union Committee Ill, Illini Theatre Guild I3, 41, W.A.A. Wright Junior College JUDITH LOIS REIMER ................ Chicago Education Elementary Education E.K.T. Kappa Delta Pi, Illini Union Committee I2, 31 Honors Day l31 University at Wisconsin RONALD LEE REISINGER ...... ..., C hicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARGARET JACKLYNN REMACLE ..... Centralia Commerce Retailing Alpha Chi Omega Illini Union Committee I21, Illini Theatre Guild Manager l21, Panhellenic Executive Council I3, 41, House President IA1, Marketing Club, president IA1 Honors Day l31 St, Mary's of Notre Dame PATRICIA ANN RENKEN ........... Mason City Physical Education Physical Education 4-H House Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 31, W.A.A. Board IA1, W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41, House President H1, Lutheran Foundation Student Council l31, Gamma Delta, Physical Education Majors Club sa. HK ...glg ,.. Els , -qi chain' '., ' 4, ,A K, . it C Ag t 5 , f I " it f P -', A il' "e,' ,- ,, - , i i A 1 3 t ?T .2 ,I I S .Q 'ir Tw ..., . C f n PERRY RESSLER ....,.,.., New York City, N.Y. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Captain, Air Force ROTC, A.I.A. ROBERT JOSEPH REYNEK ,........ River Forest Agriculture Animal Science Theta Kappa Phi Interfraternity Council l31, House President l41, Dolphins IZ, 31, Student Religious Council l21, Newman Foundation Student Council I2, 31, Agriculture Club, Flying Club, Hoof and Horn Club, Young Republicans Club Iowa State College AUDREY HELENE REZITS ........... Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Concert Band I3, 41 Highland Manor Junior College, Juilliard School of Music, New York University LAURA ELIZABETH RHODES ........ ...Dixon liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology French Club, Rifle and Pistol Club Northern Illinois State Teachers College 498 43' t 9 ,g L, l 4 'Sim -if A 1 t fs' H 'lei ,b .,,s ,... 1. QM , t e it 25 ts 2 tw' ei ' 9- ' fi ' 1 f 0 .JL J , , t . . -I , 2 V - -q i ,Q RONALD GLEN RICHARDS ........ .... Q uincy Engineering General Engineering Colonial Arms Illinois Society of General Engineers Quincy College ROBERT LEE RICHARDI ......... Norwood Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Granada Club Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARY ALICE RICHMAN ...... Indianapolis, Ind. liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics Evans Hall Phi Upsilon Omicron, First Regimental Band ll, 2, 31, Plowboy Prom Committee I31, Home Economics Club WALTER RAY RICHNER ........ ,..ChestnUt Agriculture Agricultural Science Alpha Gamma Rho Star and Scroll, Alpha Zeta, Concert Band I31, Football Marching Band ll, 2, 31, First Regi- mental Band ll, 21, Men's Glee Club l2, 3, 41, Agriculture Club, A.S.A.E., Hoot and Horn Club Honors Day U1 MARCIA ANN RIECKMAN... .... Decatur Education Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega MARY JANE RIGNEY ......,.......... Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Kappa Delta Torch, Shi-Ai, Sigma Alpha Iota, president I31, Star Course Manager I21, Panhellenic Executive Council I21, Concert Band ll, 2, 3, 41, Uni- versity Orchestra ll, 2, 3, 41, Concert and Entertainment Board l3, 41, Fine and Applied Arts Council I31, School of Music Student Coun- cil I21 Honors Day I31 JAMES KENNETH RIGSBY ............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.l.A., Rifle and Pistol Club Navy Pier Activities, Student Congress I21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WILLIAM THOMAS RIMMEY. . . .... Pekin Engineering General Engineering A.F.S. Western Illinois State College LUCILLE MARY RINALDO ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Hilcrest Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN DAVID RINEDOLLAR... ..., Rockford Commerce Management Pi Kappa Alpha House President 141: Men's Glee Club 1l, 21: Military Ball Committee 131: Maiar, Army ROTC: Infantry Club: Military Council: Persh- ing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade Honors Day 1I1 THOMAS MICHAEL RIORDAN .... .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Maior, Army ROTC: A.S.C.E.: Society of American Military Engineers Christian Brothers College GUILLERMO ALFONSO RIOS. .Bogota, Colombia Engineering Electrical Engineering University of the Andes MARGARET TOBY RIPPINGER ........ .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in French Philea University Chorus 13, 41: French Club: Gamma Delta: German Club Navy Pier Activities: Dance Committee: Choir Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RAFAEI. ROA ............... Bogota, Columbia Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall Maior Chairman, Foreign Student Group 141: A.F.S.: A.S.A.E.: A.S.M,E. University of the Andes DONALD STUART ROBERTSON .....,... Berlin Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha: Illinois Disciples Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 41: Agricultural Economics Club: Agriculture Club MARCIA ROBINETT .......,.... . . .Decatur Agriculture General Agriculture Chi Omega Illini Union Committee 11, 21 BETTY JO ROBINSON ....,.... . . .Kansas Agriculture Home Economics Delta Gamma GERALD JOSEPH ROBlNSON..Cincinnati, Ohio Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Sigma Mu: A.F.S.: M.l.S. University of Cincinnati: Cornell University , ' ITE? L, I Nw R I ..,-.-4 'D G A 4. 'mfs J is 5 JORGE ROCHA ............ Bogota, Colombia Commerce Economics and Statistics Brena House Y.M.C.A. Committee 131: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management University of the Andes MARGARET ROEDER ..,........ . . ,Ottawa Agriculture Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma lllinois Wesleyan University RICHARD ALEXANDER ROGERS ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Sigma Chi Honors Day 131 Beloit College LEO NELSON ROHACH ,...........,.. Zeigler Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Cagle Hall Spanish Club Honors Day 121 Southern Illinois: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT ERLING ROHDE ...... .... P eoria Engineering Electrical Engineering A-I-E-E-'I-R-E-2 Synton: Engineering Council 141 Bradley University ELEANOR ANNE ROLLO ......... ,... M oline Education Elementary Education Presby Hall Illini Union Committee 121: Campus Chest 13, 4l: W-A-A- 17, 3, 41: House President 141: McKinley Foundation Student Council 13, 41 Moline Community College SANDRA PAY ROMANOFF... .... chicago Education Elementary Education E.K.T. Club Kappa Delta Pi: Illini Union Committee 1l, 2, 31: Campus Chest 1I1 Honors Day 1I, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOSE MANUEL ROMERO .... Riohacha, Colombia Engineering Civil Engineering University of the Andes RUTH ESTHER ROMOSER ...,......... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee 1l, 2, 31: Star Course Manager 1l, 21: University Lutheran Chapel Foundation Student Council 12, 31: Gamma Delta 499 gs.. get 45 aug, rs gJwA J RICHARD SIDNEY ROOF ,............. Palatine Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Paradise Lost The Illio lAl GORDON LEE ROPP ......... .... N armal Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Sachem, Star and Scroll, lllini Union Board lAl, Malor Chairman Town Meetings lllini Union Committee l3l, lllini Union Council l3l, lllini Union Committee ll, 2, 3, Al, Y,M.C.A. Committee lil, Freshman Council lil, All-Ag Field Day Committee lll, Alumni Association Board lll, Freshman Week Committee lll, Military Ball Committee l3, Al, Plowboy Prom Committee ll, 2l, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phalanx, Zeta Sigma Alpha, Agri- culture Club, Dairy Production Club, Hoot and Horn Club ALBERT PETERSON ROSANES .... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi A.I.E.E,-l.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University at Illinois KENNETH ROSE ..........., Bloomington, Ind. Engineering Physics Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Physics Society Honors Day l3l, University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key DOROTHY ANNE ROSECRANS ...... Champaign Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi The Illio l2l, McKinley Foundation Student Council l3, Al, Home Economics Club DORIS ANN ROSENAU .......,...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Palamar The Illio lll, Y.W.C.A. Committee l3l, W.A.A. l3, Al, University Theatre Committee l3, Al BEATRICE MARY ROSENBERG ........., Moline Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Busey Hall GERALD FRANK ROSENBERG .... .... C hicago Journalism Radio Alpha Epsilon Pi WILL lil, LAS Council l2, 3, Al JERROLD SAMUEL ROSENWASSER ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Lundgren House University Theatre Cast l3l, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Debate Team Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 500 if .-' 4 we x 5 ,Q 0 x von' qw-'Ein 1' if ' A tie ES X HL f i c A, ,Qi A ,QE Q, .f ti I 3 2, L fi? fs at ' Y . -1 -4 we if F -wwf ,R W s X , ge . .u- 6 l -1 T X H... f . 7 H. D I 5 , . W W . f f Aggie? , ti ,g HELEN MARIE ROSSETTI .,... .... C arlinville Agriculture Home Economics Evans Hall Torch, Alpha Chron, Campus Chest lAl: W.G.S. Executive Council lil, Student Senate l2, Al, First Regimental Band lil: Women's Glee Club lil, Plowbay Prom Committee lil, Home Economics Club Honors Day lll Blackburn College HARVEY LESLIE ROTH .... Queens Village, N.Y. Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S., lllini Forensic Association LEOPOLD ROTHER .......... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Flagg House A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day lll Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JUDITH ANN ROTMAN ........ .... C hicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Tall lllini ll, 2l LORRAINE MARY ROULETTE .........,. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Zeta Tau Alpha The Illio l3l, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Theatre Guild Business Manager lll Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois THOMAS CHARLES ROWADER. ,Prospect Heights Commerce Marketing Sigma Pi Sachem, president l3l, Phi Eta Sigma, Campus Chest ll, 2l, Board of Fraternity Attairs l3, Al, lnterfraternity Council l2, 3, Al, president lAl, Student Senate l2, 3l, Freshman Council lll, Tribe of lllini, Varsity Golf Squad li, 2, 3, Al, Letter ll, 2, 3, Al, Freshman Week Committee l3, Al, lnterfraternity Ball Committee l2, 3l, Chairman l3l Honors Day ll, 2l FLOY D-ONN ROWLAND ........ Boston, Mass. Fine and Applied Arts Voice Lincoln Avenue Residence University Chorus ll, 2l, Wamen's Glee Club ll, 2l, Oratorio Society ll, 2, 3, Al, Terrapin l2, 3, Al, German Club EDWARD JOSEPH ROWLEY .... .... C hicago Agriculture General Agriculture Newman Hall Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club MARY RUBENIS .....,..........,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Busey Hall W.A.A. l3, Al Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARILYN DIANE RUBENSTEIN ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residence French Club: Sociology Club: W.A.A. l31 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini: Student Congress: Orchesis Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRED LEE RUBIN ,......,... . .... Chicago Commerce Marketing Phi Epsilon Pi Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini II1: Illini Union Committee ll, 21: lnterfraternity Council l31: Baseball Manager ll, 21: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management WILHAM LEWIS RUBLE ........ .... D ecatur Agriculture General Agriculture Roaiah .McKinley Foundation Student Council ICI, 41: Infantry Club Honors Day I2, 31 RODNEY RICHARD RUCH ........... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Sigma Pi Midshipman, NROTC: German Club JAMES GREGORY RUDOLPH .... La Crosse, Wis. Engineering Electrical Engineering Moore Hall Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Mu Epsilon: House President II1: Maior, Army ROTC: A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. Honors Day ll, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOHN MARTIN RUFFNER ...... South Bend, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Acacia Gargoyle: Scarab, president I41: University Theatre Cast II1: Student Senate ll, 2, 3, 41: Fine and Applied Arts Council l3, 41, president I41: A.I,A. Indiana University DOROTHY DEE RUMSFELD .....,.... Naperville liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Kappa Gamma Monticello College EDWARD CHRIS RUNGE ....... ...... S t. Peter Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Browery Alpha Zeta: Alpha Tau Alpha: Lutheran Foundation Student Council I3, 41: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club: Gamma Delta: Horticulture Club Honors Day l2, 31 CHARLES ROBERT RUNYON...Arlington Heights Fine and Applied Arts Music Sigma Phi Epsilon Star and Scroll: Illini Union Committee lI1: Concert Band l2, 3, 41: Football Marching Band ll, 2, 3, 41: First Regimental Band ll, 21 :"" , .LH Q .,f ' - H , ' 5 if V' Q' ,g - 1 1211133 I fx as 1, -is rece' iitrtr, A ' ii: X' if 31 WK t si tt tw' f' - aria 3 if 2 wr t. 1 ,gn , X g 'f.i..,.o 64 ,A f .-sf " 1 , 4 if A ti'i ' mv. I L' si 5 ' e 4275 , 4 I' . wot' 'Q y ,,.. t ' I 1 I o n ,E,-: I i r WILLIAM RICHARD RUSSELL. ....,. Olean, N.Y. Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Engineering Council l3, 41: I.A.S.: S,A.E. "F" Northrop Aeronautical Institute " LORENZA ANN RUSSO ,...,......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Busey Hall Zeta Phi Eta SALLY JOYCE RUTTENBERG ...... Dayton, Ohio Education Elementary Education Alpha Epsilon Phi Miami University DONNA VERONICA RUYS ....... .... C hicclgo Commerce Commercial Teaching Delta Zeta Panhellenic Ball Committee l31 Morgan Park Junior College MARY JO RYERSON .......... Davenport, Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Alpha Xi Delta Pennsylvania State University GERALDINE SALLY RYNDAK... ..., Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Zeta Tau Alpha The Illio l21: House President l31: Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Activities: W.A.A. Board DePaul University: Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois EDWARD RZEWNICKI ......... Engineering . . . Zeigler Civil Engineering Engineering Council l3, 41: A.S,C.E.: l.T.E. Southern Illinois University JORDAN HOWARD SACHS .... Commerce . . . .Chicago Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi Alpha Delta Sigma: Star Course Manager ll, 21: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Marketing Club FRANKLIN THEODORE SAEGER ..., ...Quincy Engineering General Engineering A.F.S.: Illinois Society of General Engineers Quincy College 501 15 IN Cz.: 1 f LUDMILA SAFUS ............... ...Berwyn Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Arkansas State Teachers' College, University of Chicago, Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- versity af Illinois JOHN EDWIN SAGRAVES .... . . .Marshall Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day II1 NANCY LOUISE SALKELD... ...Bloomington Education Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta, Illini Union Committee II1, Star Course Manager l21, Y.W.C.A. Committee U1 Honors Day ll, 21 DONALD GEORGE SAMMONS ......... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Swimming Squad I41, Dolphins I3, 41 DePaul University HERSHEL DWAIN SANDERS .... ...Christopher Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Tau Alpha, Illini Rural Observer I31, Captain, Army ROTC, Agricultural Education Club, Agriculture Club DENNIS HENRY SAPP ............... Centralia Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Centralia Township Junior College RAYMOND EDWARD SARIK. . . Law . . . .Chicago Law Phi Alpha Delta, Y.M.C.A. Committee I31, WILL I41, Junior Bar Association, Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DAVID LEE SAUDER .......... ...... R oanoke Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Tau, Captain, Air Force ROTC, A.l.E.E.- l.R.E. Honors Day I31 Bradley University MARY LOUISE SAUER ................. Breese Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Sigma Alpha Iota 13, 41 Millikin University 502 fe -Bb X Qi 5. 1 'f is if 1 mi.: ata . . If 4 N V Q14 ' V 1 1 2,4 7 J . Q -' W t at 1 tect sf. H All , . gg? giz Q :mt ,v .4 of .fi Y if A -C., ,, - 4, x ' L I AR' I ,. .. in K lg, I , . li 1,0 .4 i I - R ai E ii' 1 ii? li , so twig "'f L5 A . I ,,., , , F 1 1 ,IIV t V " SAMUEL WILLIAM SAX ............... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Econom... Phi Epsilon Pi Illini Union Committee l21, University Theatre Cast Il, 21, Military Ball Committee ICI1, Ensign, NROTC, Navy Council, Scabbard and Blade, Finance Club, Illini Sportsman's Club, Society for the Advancement of Management LARRY SIGMOND SCHAFFEL .... ...Chicago Journalism Editorial Sigma Delta Chi, The Daily Illini l3, 41, City Editor H1, House President I31, WILL I41 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini, Editor, Student Congress Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois WILLIAM FRED SCHALLER .... .... B unker Hill Agriculture General Agriculture Kumonami Agriculture Club, Dairy Production Club, Hoot and Horn Club KATHLEEN MARIE SCHAUB ......... Westmont Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Geography Palomar Y.W.C.A. Committee I3, 41, W.A.A. l41, Rifle and Pistol Club SANDRA FAYE SCHAUB .............. Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Chi Omega Flying Club Denison University BARBARA ELLEN SCHEDEL ........ Bloomington Commerce Personnel Management Chi Omega Torch, Shi-Ai, Mask and Bauble, Phi Chi Theta, The lllio l'I1, Illini Union Committee II1, University Theatre Manager l2, 31, Star Course Manager I21, Commerce Council I31, University Theatre Board I31 Honors Day l21 FERDINAND RAY SCHEELER ........... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.I.A. f-s - CAROL JEAN SCHEIBE .............. . . .Argo .. Ere-x y My ' 1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Gamma House 8 Women's Glee Club l41, Illini Forensic As- J sociatiou, Young Democrats Club ni 5 Grinnell College, Northwestern University 'fc N - FRANCES ELEANOR SCHIESSER .... . . .Chicago -, :Q 'Z Commerce ' A Q' Wm-rt eff, I ii ' Accountancy Palomar I y W.A.A. l21, Accountancy Club, Gamma Delta, ' German Club A! 'Q U Nj qu, Albion College .., K V .2 f gf .... A o LAVAUN ADELE SCHILD ....., ..., P ark Ridge Journalism Advertising Alpha Omicron Pi Mortar Board, president Nl, Torch, Shi-Ai, Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, The Daily Illini ll, 2, 3l, Illini Union Committee lll Honors Day l2, 3l BRUCE MAYNARD SCHILDT .... ...Hartland Agriculture General Agriculture Lundgren House GRACE LOUISE SCH LAEGER, . . . ..,. Chicago Commerce Commercial Teaching Palamar Accountancy Club, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Young Demo' crats Club Ripon College DOROTHY MAE SCHLITT .... .... C hicoso Education Biology Busey Hall Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Ill Honors Day l2l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois, Northwestern University MELVIN JACOB SCHLUETER .... .... B elleville Agriculture Horticulture Nabor House Tomahawk, president l2l, Y.M.C.A. Committee l2l, M.l.A. Executive Council il, 2, Al, House President t3l, Illini Rural Observer l2l, Agri- cultural Council l2, 3, 4l, All-Ag Field Day Committee l2l, Plowboy Prom Committee ll, 2l, Agriculture Education Club, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Hoof and Horn Club, Horticulture Club, president I3, Al, Rural Life Club ROBERT WAYNE SCHMELTZER .... ..., B erwyn Engineering Civil Engineering Medea House President HI, Captain, Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, A.S.C.E, Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day l2l JANET HELEN SCHMITT ......... Mount Vernon Education Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi The Illio l2, 3l, Illini Union Committee lftl MacMurray College JOAN RUTH SCHMIDT ...... ,........ A tlonta Education Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta The lllio Ill, Illini Union Committee ll, 2l, Y.W.C.A. Committee i2l, Panhellenic Ball Committee l2l JOHN LOUIS SCHMIDT ........... Gibson City Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Pi Skull and Crescent, Gargoyle, president l5l, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Scarab, Star Course Manager l2l, Freshman Varsity Track Squad, Football Marching Band ll, 2, 31, First Regi- mental Band ll, 2, 31, Fine and Applied Arts Council 151, Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC Honors Day l2, Sl RICHARD FRANK SCHMITZ, ......... La Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine German Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association University of Notre Dame, Roosevelt Col- lege, Lyons Township Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HERBERT WILLIAM SCHNEIDER ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Gargoyle, A.l.A., Society of American Mili- tary Engineers Honors Day lll Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN CLIFFORD SCHNEIDER.. . . . .Oak Lawn Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, S.A.E. Illinois Institute of Technology LEE FREDERICK SCHRADER ..... .... O kawville Agriculture General Agriculture Captain, Army ROTC, Agricultural Economics Club, president l3l, Agriculture Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University ot Illinois Scholarship Key VERLE NEWTON SCHROOT ........... Sullivan liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Tau, Phi Lambda Upsilon St. Ambrose College HOWARD EUGENE SCHROEDER ,....... Decatur Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Kumonomi Gargoyle, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, National Defense Transportation, A.l.A., Gam- ma Delta Honors Day ll, Sl, University of Illinois Scholarship Key GENE ALFRED SCHUGART ..........., Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Illini Union Committee l3l, Midshipman, NROTC, German Club, Synton DONALD KENNETH SCHUHRKE ......,. Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi Honors Day ll, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOY AUDREY SCHULZ ...,............. Cicero Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Evans Hall Mu Phi Epsilon, Illini Union Committee, Uni- versity Orchestra ll, 2, 3, Al Honors Day il, 2, 3i, University of Illinois Scholarship Key 503 'gf RJ . 'N Cf J .1 CHARLES BACHMAN SCHULTZ .... .... D ecatur Commerce Marketing Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Kappa Psi: Commerce Council I3, 41: Arnold Air Society: Pershing Rifles: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment Honors Day ll, 21 SUE SCHURMAN ..,.,...,.. .... W innelka Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children Delta Gamma The Daily Illini I21: The Illia l31: Y.W.C.A. Committee l21: Campus Chest l21: W.A.A. Board II1: Student Senate l21: N,S.A. Senate Subcommittee l21: French Club: Philosophy Discussion Club ELIAS SCHWARZ .... . .... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering' Paradise Lost A.I.E,E.-I.R.E. Oscar von Miller Polytechnicum: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FLORENCE UDELSON SCHWARTZ ...... Chicago Agriculture Home Economics Laurel House University Theatre Crew II1: W.A.A.: Hillel Foundation Student Council II1: Home Eca- namics Club Honors Day ll, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SANDRA LEE SCHWARTZ ,....... Highland Park Liberal Arts and Sciences English Literature Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Alpha Iota: The Daily Illini II1: Channing Foundation Student Council 121: German Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key TERRELL CARY SCHWARZ ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini II1: Debate Team Il, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois: Wright Junior College JO ANN ELIZABETH SCOGGINS ....... Godfrey Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children Alpha Xi Delta The lllio l21: Illini Union Committee IZ, 31: House President I3, 41 Monticello Junior College ATTILIO GERARD SCOTESE ..... . . .Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Tho Mansion A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOE SCOTT ................ ...Centralia Commerce Accountancy Delta Chi Alpha Kappa Psi: Y.M.C.A. Committee IZ1: Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce Centralia Junior College 504 S Ly L A . I s ' . in I 7,5 I ., litt ' xr , Q VIRGINIA MAE SCOTT ....,. . . ,Chrisman Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall W,A.A. Numerals: W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41: Mc- Kinley Foundation Student Council I31 MARGARET JEAN SCRANTON ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Fehner House Alpha Sigma Nu: Illini Union Committee II1: Maior I: W.A.A. Numerals: W.A.A. II, 2, 3, 41: House President I41: Terrapin II1: LAS Council ll, 2, 3, 41: Junior Bar Association: Rifle and Pistol Club: Spanish Club SHIRLEY JUNE SEARCY ......... ...Decatur Physical Education Physical Education Palomar Alpha Sigma Nu: Maior I: W.A.A. Numerals: W.A.A. II, 2, 3, 41: Gamma Delta, president l41: Physical Education Maiors Club Honors Day l31 JOAN SEARING ................ Lincolnwood Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Delta Pi Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Iota Sigma Pi: Illini Union Committee ll, 21: House President I31: A.C.S. Honors Day li, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOAN ARLENE SEARS ...,...,........ Normal liberal Arts and Sciences Latin Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta: The Illio l21: Illini Union Committee l21: Illini Forensic Associa- tion Honors Day ll1 Illinois State Normal University GENE MICHAEL SEBASKY ...... .... T aylorvillo Engineering Electrical Engineering Rogers House House President l31: Maior, Air Force ROTC: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day I31 DONALD WILMER SEIFFERTH. . . . . .Belleville Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Psi: Delta Sigma Omicran: Quin Kids ll, 2, 3, A1 CHARLES EUGENE SEMEL ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Zeta Beta Tau American Academy of Art: Chicago Art Institute: Chicago Academy of Fine Arts ROBERT LOUIS SEMMELROTH .... .... B elleville Journalism Advertising Lundgren House Newman Foundation Student Council l3, 41: Marketing Club Belleville Township Junior College DENNIS LEE SERDAHL .,..... .,., G alesburg Commerce Marketing Delta Phi Star and Scroll, president l4l, Interfraternity Council ll, 21, University Choir IB, Al, Men's Glee Club ll, 2, 3, Al, president HI, Oratorio SocietY l3l: Second lieutenant, Air Force ROTC LUIS SERRONM. ..........,.,,.. Lima, Peru Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology HELEN MARIE SHABINO ....,. ...Park Ridge Education French Evans Hall Carleton College JEROME BERNARD SHAFFER ,... ...Chicago Journalism Editorial Phi Sigma Delta Sigma Delta Chi, The Daily Illini ll, 2, 3l, lllini Union Committee Il, 21, Interfraternity Council I2, 31, WILL lil, LAS Council l2, 31 JEAN ELIZABETH SHANBERG .... ...Chicago Journalism Advertising Sigma Delta Tau Gamma Alpha Chi, Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 3l, Student Senate ll, 21 JULIUS SHAPIRO ..,.....,.. ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Sigma Alpha Mu Illini Union Committee ill, Student Senate 12, Sl GALEY VERONA SHAPPERT .,.. ...Belvidere Journalism Editorial Kappa Alpha Theta Theta Sigma Phi, president IM, The Illia ll, 21, Illini Union Committee lil, Journalism Council l4l Honors Day l3l JACK WILLIAM SHAVER. .,... ..,, T ilton Commerce Economics Wikia Accountancy Club, llli-Knights, Marketing Club, Student Junior Chamber of Commerce WALTER MAX SHAW .......... ...Chicago Agriculture General Agriculture Theta Delta Chi University Chorus ll, 21, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow, Hoot and Horn Club, Market- inq Club li V We i of fl' l e t . , , Q, t in T 4 Q C .512 Q 1' 2 : it s .- ,, ' , fr yr ,ff ., on-Q-M it f""PB 3 I free . - , fi nl - ur- 2 K :TW 5 ncl, , '73 awe . if 5 H' terse? 1? ' f +"' it X' it R iq! itll ink I V'..' M f 2 .. 1 fu! I .. ,,-- . VIVIAN RUTH SHAY ......., ...Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day ll, QI Navy Pier Extension at the University of Illinois JAMES EDWARD SHEFFIELD ,...... ...Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Parade Ground Units House President Ml Texas College, Roosevelt College, Wilson Junior College CHARLES EDWIN SHEPHERD .... ...Peoria Law law Phi Delta Theta Sachem, Phi Delta Phi, Illini Union Committee l2l, Star Course Manager ll, 2, 31, Campus Chest Ill, lnterfraternity Council ll, 2l, Captain, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Illini Forensic Association, Junior Bar Associa- tion Honars Day l3l VERNON DEAN SHEPHERD... . . .Tolano Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi Agriculture Education Club, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC JEROME SHEPPARD ........... New York, N,V. Commerce Accountancy Chi Gamma Iota, Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma lata Epsilon, president I4l, Accountancy Club St. Louis University, Pace College BASIL JOSEPH SHERLOCK ,....... . . .Chicago Education Teacher Training in Biology College Hall Teachers-in-Training Club Wilson Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois VERA SHEVCHUK .........,... ...Chicago Education Elementary Education Ruste Armes Y.W.C,A. Committee l3l, House President IAJ, Illini Christian Fellowship l3l North Park Junior College PEARL CHANG-CHAO SHIH Taipeh, Taiwan, China Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residence University Chorus I2l, Chinese Students Club Mount Mary College ANN SHILLADEY ..... , .... ...Chicago Journalism Advertising Pi Beta Phi Gamma Alpha Chi, Illini Union Committee Il, 2l 505 Q, l' ea., 'N .eq usN,N N184 ,T xl.: is Wm s we if G ceqwse .rg L, 1,.,,,W,asWss .. if :z:fz..s.g,Wg,fffs- f 2 -Merge' vi. . ws-, as-gg :if P " iemswnc vt of z i5ifes2e,i f RAY GEORGE SHLAUSTAS ..........., Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Tau Nu Tau, A.I.A., Student Congress University of Georgia, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DORIS MAE SHOCKLEY ............. Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Ohio Wesleyan University, Roosevelt College JACK CHARLES SHOCKLEY .... . . .Alton Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Freshman Varsity Track Squad, A.S.M.E, ROBERT DEAN SHONK ,.........., ...Oblong Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delta Sigma Pi A.F.S., A.S.M.E. Central Michigan College, Michigan College of Mining and Technology, Michigan State College DONALD BEAM SHUFORD ........ ,TyIer, Texas Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Varsity Fencing Squad, Freshman Varsity Fenc- ing Squad Southern Methodist University JACK KENNER SHUTT ........ .... D anville Commerce Management Varsity Wrestling Squad 1I, 2, 3, 41, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Armor Club ROBERT AARON SICK, ........ Downers Grove Commerce Accountancy Theta Chl Phi Eta Sigma, lllini Union Committee 12, 31, Accountancy Club, Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 111 WILLIAM SIDER ............. .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Pi Lambda Phi Accountancy Club JESSIE KAYE SIEPKER ....... .,.QuincY Education Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi lllini Union Committee 131, Campus Chest 131 Stephens College 506 ,W , : .gif , Q, K ,qv-.R : -: r v 'N c . , 1 -ggi K fi-i i 1 .W"""f.,5' 3' A P' 4 s 4 A if fi 4 mi os, ,als 'f -i H9155 is W, fy iv sf ,,l f i i it s C. x if s 12,43 3 W can ,gt 'WMI' HARRIET ANNE SIFFERD, ............. Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences English The Daily Illini 111, University Chair 131, Women's Glee Club 1l1, Oratoria Society 131 Blackburn College JOSEPH SILVA ,.......,.......,.. la Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin American Studies Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Delta Pi Honors Day 121 Roosevelt College JASON SILVERSTEIN ...... West Newton, Mass. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Sigma Alpha Mu Varsity Fencing Squad 141, Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad, Hillel Foundation Student Coun- cil 13, 41, Scimitar, Spanish Club, Young Democrats Club Boston University MARTHA HELEN SIMER ........ ,... M onlicello Agriculture Home Economics Education Omicron Nu, Home Economics Club James Millikin University ANITA ETTA SIMKIN ....... ,,,..,,.. C hicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology lincoln Avenue Residence Hillel Foundation Student Council 141, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Spanish Club Roosevelt College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD HENRY SIMMS ...,.., .... A lbion Agriculture Animal Science Plowboy Prom Committee 121, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club DANIEL RALPH SIMON ..... . ,... Chicago Journalism Advertising The Daily lllini 131, Illini Forensic Association University of Chicago JOHN STEPHEN SIMON ....... ,.,Springfield Engineering Sanitary and Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma The Daily lllini 111, Interfraternity Council 111, House President 141, Second Lieutenant, Marine PLC, A.S.C.E., Mu San ANN MARIE SIMONS ..,. ..,. ,...... Q u incy Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Phi Iota Sigma Pi, Y.W.C.A. Committee 121, A.C.S, Honors Day 131 University of Missouri THOMAS KING SIMPSON ........... Oak Park Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Illinois Institute of Technology, Fournier ln- stitute of Technology JOYCE DAWN SINGER ............... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Elementary Education Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Delta ll1, W.A.A. ll, 21, Navy Pier Alumni Association l21 Honors Day II1 Roosevelt College, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DAVID EMIL SIRP. .,..,...... .... N aperville Agriculture Agricultural Economics House President l21, Agricultural Economics Club, A.S.A.E. North Central College AMELIA FRANCES SISUL, ...... ...Chicago Agriculture Hospital Dietetics Lincoln Avenue Residence Newman Foundation Student Council I3, 41, Freshman Week Committee l31, French Club, Home Economics Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ELAINE MARION SKADBERG,.ArIington Heights Education Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi Shorter Board, The Illio ll, 2, 3, 41, Business Manager I41, Illini Union Committee l21, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet l2, 3, 41, Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee ll, 21, University Chorus ll, 21 CONRAD ANDREW SKIMINA .,....... Elmhurst Agriculture Agricultural Science Y.M.C.A. Committee l3I: Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow Wright Junior College ROBERTA LOIS SKOLNIK ,..... ...Chicago Education Elementary Education Sigma Delta Tau Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key RICHARD JAMES SKULINA .....,, .... C icero Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.Ch.E., A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., S.A.E., Synton Morton Junior College STANLEY JOSEPH SKUTNIK .,.. .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois It e 6-L h as ,Z y l I 3 Iggy .. qty of im' was ': laik: I '5 P K Q 'ee Srl 6 if at ,ggi-. f if , wr' 5 if U' , W' ,f -i JAMES HUGUS SLAYMAN .....,...,... Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Art Illini Union Committee lll, Orchesis l2, 31 Honors Day l31 VELMA SLEIGHT ..,......... ..,. G riggsville Agriculture Home Economics Busey Hall All-Ag Field Day Committee l21, Plowboy Prom Committee l31, Home Economics Club AGRI5 SLESERS. ,..,..,....,...., Riga, Latvia liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Rifle and Pistol Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROY CURTIS SMALL ......... ...Harrisburg Journalism Publication Management Beta Theta Pi Sigma Delta Chi, president I41, The Daily Illini I41, Star Course Manager l21, Campus Chest, Chairman of Fund Drive l21, lntertraternity Council l21, Student Senate l2, 31, Freshman Council Chairman II1, Men's Glee Club ll, 21, Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board l2J, Freshman Week Committee l21, Senior Announcements Committee Chairman IA1, Ger- man Club JAN SMID ,,.,......,.,... ...... R iver Grove Physical Education Physical Education Phi Kappa Sigma Tribe of Illini, Varsity Football Squad ll, 2, 3, 41, Captain I41, Letter l2, 3, 41, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau ADRIENNE JEAN SMITH .,..,........, Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Psi Chi, president l41, University Theatre Crew ill, LAS Council IA1 CHARLES HAYDEN SMITH ..,,. .... U rbana Engineering Q Civil Engineering Phi Delta Theta Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC, A.S.C.E., Illini Sportsman's Club GERALDINE SMITH ,........,......, Freeport Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Sherwood Lodge Illini Union Committee I3, 41, Lutheran Founda- tion Student Council Grinnell College IRVIN DARROW SMITH ,...... .... T opeka Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Rogers House Alpha Tau Alpha, House President l31, Persh- ing Rifles, Agricultural Education Club Honors Day l31 507 s.: 3 0-H. Nr .ag Nr X2 NJ as X2 SJ l u .4 -1 at gm 1 ' s A Ye-1 LARRY DUANE SMITH .....,.. ,... D ecatur Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Upsilon Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: Eta KaDDa Nu, Captain, Air Farce ROTC, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day l2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key LAURENCE REDMOND SMITH .... .... Q uincy Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Kappa Skull and Crescent, Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squadg First Lieutenant, Army ROTC LENORE SMITH ,, ...... , ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Lincoln Avenue Residence Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois MARGARET JO SMITH ......,....,. Wood River Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children McKinley Hall Y.W.C.A. Cabinet H15 Y.W.C.A, Committee l3l Northwestern University MAUREEN KELLEY SMITH, .......... .,.Flora Fine and Applied Arts Music Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Iota Stephens College RONALD GENE SMITH ,...............,. Akin Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Captain, Army ROTC, Infantry Clubp Scabbard and Blade, Agricultural Education Club ROY SMITH ...........,.... .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Sigma Alpha Mu Illini Union Committee ll, 215 Second Lieuten- ant, Army ROTC, Zeta Sigma Alphag Marketing Club WAYNE SMITH, JR, ...,........ Hammond, La. Commerce Management Sigma Chi Alpha Phi Omega, Society tor the Advancement of Management University ot MississiDDi WILLIAM DUNCAN SMITH ..,. Commerce ...Barrington Marketing Lambda Chi Alpha The Illia l2l, Marketing Club 508 wif, i if ,J J i S til . 5 i, I 'Sri A . V A 5 5 if f .I 3 gg 'ii ' , i I 'iii D ur so we it il' I gv . I . .l 311 V .47 tr, W 1 fi 2 'S 1, , 3 T M1 sl ..., D' img., - ' A ' 1 , I I JAMES MICHAEL SMOKORSKI .,,. 4. ,Chicago Commerce Accountancy Club Esquire Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Accountancy Club Honors Day ll, 2, 311 University of Illinois Scholarship Key BETTY MARIE SNIDER ....,.... . Urbana Commerce Secretarial Training Alpha Chi Omega Torch, Phi Chi Theta, Student Senate l2l Honors Day II1 FRED SAMUEL SNYDER, JR. ........ Georgetown Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Tara Hall Sigma Gamma Tau, Engineering Council TA1, Glider Club, l.A.S. Honors Day l2, 31 JUDITH ESTHER SNYDER .....,.,...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Hilcrest Hillel Foundation Student Council I3, 41 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini ll, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University at Illinois CARL MARVIN SOLAR .......,..,..,. Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi Sigma Taug Eta Kappa Nui Intertraternity Council i215 A.I.E.E.-l.R.E.g Illini Sportsman's Club, Synton Honors Day ll, 2, 31g University at Illinois Scholarship Key PATRICK ALLEN SOLLO ..... .,.. K onkakee Commerce Management Flagg House Alpha Kappa Psig Maior, Army ROTC, Ine tantry Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg Accountancy Club: Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment HOWARD NORMAN SOLOTROFF ....,.. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee l2, 3, 41, Football Marching Band l21, Second Regimental Band l21p Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC Chicago Academy of Fine Arts: Wilson Junior College RICHARD TAYLOR SOMERVILLE .... .... P earia Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Taug A.F.S., I.A.S. Iowa State University MARY ELLEN SOPER .......,..,.,.,., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology McKinley Hall W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day ll, 2, 311 University ot Illinois Scholarship Key ARISTOTLE HARRY SOTER .... ...Chicago Lundgren House Navy Pier Alumni Association Collegeg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Education lk History - , , , f A"' ' Wilson Junior College: Chicago Teachers I x STEPHEN EUGENE SPELTZ ..... ...Rock Island Engineering Electrical Engineering Psi Upsilon The Illio i219 Student Senate IZ, 315 Newman Foundation Student Council ll, 217 Engineering Council IZ, 315 Chief Petty Officer, NROTCg Navy Council, A.I.E.E.-l.R,E.y Illuminating Engineering Society Honors Day ll, 21 FLORENCE SCANLON SPENCER ....... Evanston Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teacher Training in English Alpha Omicron Pi Miami University RICHARD DEAN SPERRY ..... .... B rookfield Commerce Economics Finance Clubg Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management Loyola University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JACQUELYN ANN SPIELMAN ......... Freeport Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Sherwood Lodge Iiiini Union Committee lllp German Club MYRON HOBART SPIGELMAN .... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club Navy Pier Extension af the University of Illinois CAROL JEAN SPOERL ....... ...Berwyn Agriculture Home Economics Gamma Phi Beta The Illio l21p Y.W.C.A. Committee U15 Pan- hellenic Ball Committee ll, 31 DONALD HERBERT SPONHOLZ. . . . . .Berwyn Commerce Marketing Midshipmon, NROTC5 Marketing Club Morton Junior College LELAND KEITH SPRAGLE ...... ...Apple River Commerce Accountancy Chi Gamma Iotag Sigma Iota Epsilon, Ace countancy Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day I31 gm ft f .fox I 1 L ' Jeff? if . 1, 4 s S 1' if .Q so is 5 f re. s s- fc so ,gre W 7 X I ,.,,, , I slrs ' i I lsii i 1i', - ,Qi 2 Fai. region 275 see li wif E333 f ,-we JAMES GEORGE SPYROS ...... .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering Intramural Manager l41g A.S.C.E. Honors Day l21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOSEPH ANTHONY SRSNICK, ......... ,Ottawa Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Medea Lodge LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College ALAN LOUIS STACELL ............... Streator Fine and Applied Arts Painting Theta Chi Society of Illustrators, House President I31 WILMA JOYCE STACK .....,.,..., Northbrook Fine and Applied Arts Music Rosewood Sigma Alpha Iatap University Choir l2, 3, 415 Women's Glee Club ll1g Oratorio Society I41 JEAN STAEBLER ....,....,.......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Science English Western Michigan College IRVING CLARENCE STANSELL. .. .... McNabb Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Chi Rho Second Lieutenant, Army ROTCg Infantry Clubg Phalanxg Agriculture Clubp Dairy Production Clubg Rifle and Pistol Club MARGARET STANSFIELD ......... Lawrenceville Education Elementary Education Palomar Blackburn College JUDITH ANN STARSKY .......... Toledo, Ohio Agriculture Home Economics Sigma Delta Tau Indiana University CONRAD ALEXANDER STAUDACHER .... Chicago Commerce Marketing Barton House Illini Campus Amvets Post No. 2025 Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement ot Manage- ment Northwestern University 509 2. Lis, .ag ig,- 'x,1 of yi xl.: JACK BEREMAN STAUFFER ...., ,.., E vanston Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delta Upsilon lnterfraternity Council l315 A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BARBARA JOAN STEGER ...........,. Montrose Physical Education Physical Education Palamar W.A.A. Board l2, 315 Maior lp W.A.A. NumeraIs5 W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 415 Terrapin l2, 315 Physical Education Maiors Club ROBERT ALFRED STEIN ..,..... ...Chicago Engineering Engineering Physics Physics Society Honors Day l31 Navy Pier Extension of the University at Illinois PAUL BARRINGTON STEPHENS ....... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Omega5 lllini Union Committee l415 Dolphins l3, 415 A,F.S.5 A.S.M.E.5 Marketing Club5 Navy Pier Alumni Associationg S.A.E.5 Society for the Advancement of Management5 Young Republicans Club Navy Pier Activities: Letterman's Club Navy Pier Extension of the University at Illinois ROBERT ARTHUR STEPHAN .,.. ...Skokie Commerce Advertising Kumanami Alpha Delta Sigma5 M.l.A. Executive Council l415 Gamma Delta5 Marketing Club Valparaiso University RICHARD GAIR STERN ....... ...Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flagg House Pi Tau Sigma5 A.S.M.E. Honors Day l31 Navy Pier Extension of the University ct Illinois MORRIS HERCHEL STERNECK .,..,. .... S alem Physical Education Physical Education Zeta Beta Tau Star and ScrolI5 Phi Epsilon Kappa5 Tribe of lllini5 Varsity Basketball Squad l2, 3, 41, Letter I3, 415 Freshman Varsity Squad5 Varsity Baseball Squad l2, 3, 415 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad5 Scabbard and Blade5 Physical Education Maiors Club GLORIA ANN STEVENS ...... ...Joliet Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Joliet Junior College JAMES HAROLD STEVENSON .... Elmwood Pork Agriculture Marketing llli-dell House President l215 Swimming Manager i215 Agriculture Club5 Hoof and Horn CIub5 lllini Insurance Society5 lllini Sportsman's Club Honors Day l31 Elmhurst CoIlege5 DePaul University 510 ..fF1is' i1 -' ' 1 f ii! 5, 97 .. . . 1? s s J Effie: V. 0 fs .ef , , X rm 3' A or M' 3 21,555 511, Ma tt is eg 'ii 'RX JOSEPH SIDNEY STEVENSON .... ...Streator Engineering Agricultural Engineering Farm House Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors I315 Y.M.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 315 Agriculture CIub5 A.l.- Ch.E.5 A.S.A.E.5 Field and Furrow5 German Club ANDREW JOHN STIKA, JR ............ Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Anthropology Anthropology Club, president U1 Morton Junior College MYRON STILLERMAN ......,. .... C hicago Journalism Advertising Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Delta Sigma5 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad5 Second Regimental Band ll, 21 GENE ELAINE STIMART ....,... Downers Grove Agriculture Home Economics Education Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board5 Torch5 Phi Kappa Phi5 Alpha Lambda Delta5 Omicron Nu5 Phi Upsilon Omicrong The lllio l'l15 lllini Union Com- mittee U15 Star Course Manager II15 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet ll, 2, 3, 41, president l415 Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 3, 415 Student Senate l2, 315 Home Economics Council ll, 215 Home Eco- nomics Club Honors Day ll, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JAMES REEVE STOCKER ....... Western Springs Division of Special Services Marketing Phi Kappa Sigma Varsity Swimming Squad l415 Dolphins l41 Grinnell College ROGER LEO STOCKLEY ..... ...Earl-lille Agriculture General Agriculture lllini Sportsmon's Club HERALD WARREN STOCKTON ....... Kankakee Journalism Editorial Maior, Air Force ROTC5 Flying CIub5 Illini Sportsman's Club Honors Day l2, 31 ROBERT WILLIAM STODDARD .,... Bloomington Commerce Accountancy Baptist Student Union l2, 3, 415 Pershing RifIes5 Accountancy Club DAVID WILLIAM STOLZ ......, ..., A rmington Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Rooiah McKinley Foundation Student Council l3, 415 Agricultural Education Club FOREST CLYDE STORM .....,...... Stewardson Agriculture General Agriculture Bastille House President l41, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Agricultural Economics Club, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow Honors Day l2, 31, University ot Illinois Scholarship Key BOBBY GENE STORY ......... ...Newton Agriculture General Acacia Y.M.C.A, II1, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC Honors Day ll, 21 FRANK JOHN STRACHOTA ..,., ..., B erwyn Commerce Accountancy Phi Gamma Delta Accountancy Club Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football Squad, Lettermen's Club North Carolina State College, Navy Pier Ex- tension of the University of Illinois JOHN HENRY STRATHMAN ....... ...Peoria Engineering Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Illini Union Committee II1, Lieutenant, NROTC, A.I.E.E.-l.R.E., Synton Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University at Illinois Scholarship Key RICHARD WILLIAM STREAM .....,. Springfield Education Education of the Deaf Phi Kappa Sigma Illini Union Committee ll, 21, Star Course Manager ll, 21, lntertraternity Council l21, Second lieutenant, Army ROTC, Zeta Sigma Alpha SPENCER STRELLIS .......,.......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Sciences Pi Lambda Phi GERALD MICHELE STROPOLI... ,.., Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-l,R.E., American Society for Public Administration Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BRUCE ALAN STRUCKMAN. . . ...Elgin Commerce Accountancy Sigma Nu Beta Alpha Psi, Captain, Air Force ROTC, Accountancy Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31 THOMAS GILBERT STUCKY .... .... C oal City Commerce Marketing Delta Sigma Phi Marketing Club Illinois State Normal University ..., . 4. 9 ,- .1 ' .I Q :yi , S WM? 1 .571 Q fi: ii S My - t -.5 it if , 'Y "N ,, R fi ii as l I ,wr 7 31 3 . 5 lf . t We 'ir 1 SL , ,F EUGENE WALTER STUNARD. .. .... Chicago Commerce Banking and Finance Delta Upsilon Phi Kappa Phi, Maior, Army ROTC, Infantry Club, Pershing Rifles Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key WALTER BERNARD SUGAR ..,. ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House Accountancy Club, Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ELEANOR MAE SURBER ......,..... ...Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Phi Elgin Community College, Macalester College ARTHUR THEODORE SUSMAN .... ...Elgin Commerce Industrial Administration Sigma Iota Epsilon, Illini Union Committee II1, German Club, Society for the Advancement ol Management, president l41 Honors Day l3, 41 WILLIAM ALVA SUTER .............. ...Pona Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Nu Illini Union Committee l21, Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee ll1, Board of Fraternity Attairs l3, 41, lntertraternity Council l2, 3, 41, Student Senate I31, Coordination Committee l31, Junior Bar Association JOHN REDMORE SUTTON ..... ...Gridley Agriculture General Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescent, Maior, Army ROTC, Mili- tary Council l41, Ordnance Club LURA LEE SUTTON ............... Farmington Physical Education Recreation Delta Delta Delta lllini Union Committee l3, 41, Cheerleader l3, 41, Terrapin 121, Physical Education Maiors Club, U. of I Student Chapter American Recreational Society Cottey Junior College DAVID RICHARD SUTTON .......... Eldorado Engineering Sanitary Engineering Clark House A,S.C.E., Mu-Son JAMES BYRON SWAN ....... , ...Minonk Agriculture Animal Science Phi Eta Sigma, Football Marching Band l2, 3, 41, Second Regimental Band ll, 2, 3, A1 University of Illinois Scholarship Key 5ll na., . Q31 .ag 'UN' 'J QT 'N gf MARSTON SWANBERG .,......... ...Elgin Physical Education Physical Education Minawa Lodge Illini Christian Fellowship i3, Al: Baptist Foundation Student Council I3l: Physical Edu- cation Maiors Club: Rifle and Pistol Club North Park College AUDREY SWANSON .......,., .,.Oneida Agriculture Home Economics Presby Hall Plowboy Prom Committee il, 3l: Home Eco- nomics Club JOHN PAUL SWANSON ..... . . .Rock Island Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Augustana College RICHARD ELMER SWANSON. . . .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Eta Sigma: lnterfraternity Council i3, Al: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Young Republicans Club Honors Day ll, 2, 3l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD SWANSON ........ . , .Byron Commerce Accountancy Alpha Tau Omega Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: House Presi- dent Ml: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Accountancy Club Honors Day II, 2, 3l ROGER CLARENCE SWANSON ....... Evanston Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in French Flagg House Pi Delta Phi: French Club: Spanish Club Honors Day li, 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois THOMAS HOWARD SWANSON ........ Elmhurst Engineering Mechanical Engineering Psi Upsilon Captain, Air Force ROTC ROBERT STUART SWARD .............. Chicago liberal Arts and Sciences English Wright Junior College: San Diego Junior College: Illinois State Normal University EDWARD LAWRENCE SWARGULSKI St. Louis, Mo. Engineering Electrical Engineering Triangle Sigma Tau: A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day Ii, 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key 512 .K 'L . , . 42 ns. W ,U .,., ,. ,gf ,Ee-.. 5' ,lj ,er C is... L.. ee' A i 5 W1 X.. is mm K. NANETTE ELDORA SWARTZ ,.., Western Springs Education Elementary Education University Choir iii, 4l: Oratario Society C3, M Lyons Township Junior College FRANCIS PETER SWEENEY. ....,.. Park Forest Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: Engineering Conn' cil i3l: A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Activities: Student Engineering So- cieties Council, president I2l Honors Day il, 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD HAROLD SWEENEY .,,, .... R ockford Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi: House President l2l: Market- ing Club: Society for the Advancement o' Management GILBERT ALFRED SWEET ,...... , , .Oak Park Commerce Marketing Noble House Alpha Kappa Psi: Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Society for the Advance- ment of Management Navy Pier Extension at the University of Illinois DALE RICHARD SWEETWOOD ....,.,.. Elwood Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Infantry Club JANE CAROL SWEIDAL ....,,... . Chicago Commerce Secretarial Training Delta Zeta Shi-Ai: Phi Chi Theta: W.A.A, IZ, 3, Al: House President Ml: Women's Glee Club ill: Terrapin 12, 31 Honors Day il, 2, 3l ROBERT JAMES SWIATKIEWICZ ,...,... Moline Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Infantry Club Moline Community College ELMER ROGER SWITZER ...... ...Champaign Journalism Editorial Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini I3l RALPH WALLACE SYMONS ...,..... Libertyville Division of Special Services Economics Chi Gamma Iota: Alpha Phi Omega: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management GERALD JOSEPH SZUMSKI ..... . . .Chicago Journalism Editorial Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini I3, AI, Night Editor l4l Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ELEANORE PEARL SZYMANSKI ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Education Beau Chateau Zeta Phi Eta, W.A.A. I3, AI, House Presi- dent I3Ip Navy Pier Alumni Association Honors Day Ill Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EARL LOUIS TAKACH. ...... ...Chicago Commerce Management Newman Hall Marketing Clubg Navy Pier Alumni Association, Society for the Advancement of Management Thornton Junior College, DePaul University, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MINNIE ROSETTA TALLEY ...... ...Chicago Commerce Commercial Teaching Alpha Kappa Alpha House President l3l Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois TATSUO TANOURA. ........ Honolulu, Hawaii Commerce Accountancy Phi Eta Sigmag Accountancy Club Honors Day III University of Hawaii WALTER LAWRENCE TARLETON... ...Oneida Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Senior Wrestling Manager UI, All-Ag Field Day Committee l2J, Athletic Council Ml, Mili- tary Ball Committee I3li Phalanxg Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club THOMAS FRANKLIN TAYLOR .... .... E ffingham Commerce Law Alpha Chi Rho Star and Scroll, Illini Union Board 141, Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors I2, 3Ig Y.M.C.A. Cabinet l2, 315 Y.M.C.A. Committee lltg Board of Fraternity Affairs HI, Interfraternity Coun- cil l2, 3, Al, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau, Scabbard and Bladep Illini Sportsman's Club, Junior Bar Association GERALDINE LOIS TAYMOR ..... ..... C hicago Agriculture Home Economics Education lndeco House Omicron Nu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron: House President HI, Orchesis l2l, Home Economics Club Honors Day ll, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key JAMES JOSHUA TAXMAN ............ Centralia Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Zeta Beta Tau First Lieutenant, Army ROTCp Phi Chi Eta, Spanish Club 1 I as ii an ,,,.., Wy X n si 51 sf Y Q. I' A .gn ,' :- 4 Q, zo- . -ff .if A , . ,f , W is-if 1 .. N Q Q , 'X -all ROBERT EARL TEEGARDIN ...... Madison, Wis. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Dornoch Lodge Captain, Army ROTCp Ordnance Club, Pershing Rifles, A.l.A., A.S.C.E. University of Wisconsin NINA JUDY TEMPLE ................ Glenview Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Boardg Torch, Shi-Ai, Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 3Ig Star Course Manager ll, 2, SI, House President I3, dl, Panhellenic Ball Committee l2I, Board of Panhellenic Affairs i3l Honors Day IQ, 3I DAVID EDWARD TEMPLETON .... Marietta, Ohio Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Delta Chip Society of Illustrators, Inter- fraternity Council lfilp Illinois Technograph I3, AI, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC HAROLD FRANK TENNEY ...., .... D ecatur Commerce Commerce and Law Delta Tau Delta Skull and Crescentp Phi Kappa Phip Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigma, Junior Bar Association University of Illinois Scholarship Key CHARLES CURTIS TERRY...Grant Town, W. Va, Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Parade Ground Units Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad RICHARD JOSEPH TEUTSCH ,....... Blue Island Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. BARBARA JEAN THIEL .......... LaGrange Park Physical Education Physical Education Alpha Chi Omega W.A.A. Numeralsg W.A.A. I3, Aly Physical Education Maiors Club LaGrange Junior College JANE WEAVER THIEM ........,.... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Pi Beta Phi Torch, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, The lllio ll, 215 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet IZ, 3, Al, Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 3, Al Honors Day ll, 2, 3l3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key WILLIAM IRVING THOMAS... .... Evanston Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Nu House President HJ, Ensign, NROTC, Pershing Rihes, A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Tulane Universityp Iowa State College 513 pq, 3 'N AQ, Nr or P ms. .wc 'N x2 -1 9 s ty. W fmt... IS CLAUDE ARTHUR THOMPSON .... .... M orris Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club, Society for the Advancement of Management lllinois State Normal University WILLARD PRESSON THOMSON .... ..,. G alva Commerce Industrial Administration Sigma Chi Ma-Wan-Da, Sachem, Tribe of lllini, Varsity Track Squad 11, 2, 3, 41, Captain 141, Letter ll, 2, 3, 41, Captain, Army ROTC, Phi Chi Eta, lllini Sportsman's Club, Society for the Advancement of Management JESSE HAYNES THORNTON .... ..., C hicago Commerce Management Accountancy Club, lllini Campus Amvets Post No. 202, Society for the Advancement of Management Tri-State College, Norwich University, Wilson Junior College FRANK WAYNOR THORP. . . ...Clinton Commerce Marketing llli-Dell Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41, Y.M.C.A. Committee 1l, 3, 41, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Agricultural Economics Club, Agriculture Club, Marketing Club, Spanish Club ROBERT ALLEN THORPE .......,.. Bloomington Commerce lndustrial Administration Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Rho Tau HERBERT CLAY TURMAN ...,.......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon Star and Scroll, Phi Delta Phi, The lllio 111, lllini Union Committee 12, 31, lllini Theatre Guild Manager 111, Interfraternity Council 1l, 2, 31, House President 13, 41, Men's Glee Club 11, 21, WILL 11, 21, lllini Forensic Association, lllini Sportsman's Club, Junior Bar Association, Rifle and Pistol Club, Society for the Advancement of Management ALBERT JOHN TIEKEN .......... .... C ortland Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agricultural Education Club PHYLLIS TIPP .............. ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Busey Hall Phi Chi Theta, W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41, Account, ancy Club, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois ANNIE WALDA TOLES .............,. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Women's Glee Club 13, 41 Herzl Junior College 514 F x Q 5 Ktfjgts- ,,,. .. , get - ,W i 4' 5 to if A S , ,Q , . Q 9 1' ig l it 1 1 W' it cr MARY JEANNETTE TOLL ......... Kokomo, lnd. Liberal Arts and Sciences Anthropology Priceome Anthropology Club lndiana University RICHARD EARL TOLLEY ........ Endicott, N.Y. Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Lambda, Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41, Football Marching Band 1l, 2, 3, 41, University Orchestra 13, 41, University Choir 111, Oratorio Society 121, School of Music Student Council Honors Day 1ll HAROLD YET WAH TOM ...... Honolulu, Hawaii Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.F.S., A.S.M,E., Chinese Student Club University of Hawaii ALAN HERMAN TOPPEL .....,........ Chicago Physical Education Physical Therapy Phi Sigma Delta lllini Union Committee 131, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Baseball Squad 121, Letter 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois CHARLES TOTTEN, JR .,............ ...Olney Fine and Applied Arts Architecture PAUL JEAN TOURNEY .......... ...Evanston Physical Education Physical Education Alpha Delta Phi Interfraternity Council 131, German Club, Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois FRED TOURTELLOTTE ................ Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Phalanx, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. JAMES DUVALL TRABUE ....... . . .Belleville Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma lata Epsilon, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 131, Y.M.C.A. Committee 121 ALFRED KENT TRACY ......... ..... R obinson Commerce Personnel Management Colonial Manor House President 141, Military Ball Committee 131, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Society for the Advancement of Management PATRICIA MILDRED TROTTER. .. .... Chicago ' N if A JOHN CARVER TURNER ....... ..., E lmhursl Journalism Agriculture Editorial Dairy Techvwlosv Lincoln Avenue Residence ' A' ' Pi Kappa Alpha The Daily Illini U1 V ' -.X -W Agricultural Education Club, Agriculture Club, Wilson Junior College CAROLE JEAN TRUCKENBROD... ...Mendota Agriculture Home Economics Education Sigma Kappa Mortar Board, Torch, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Editor, The lllio, The lllio ll, 2, 3, 41, Illini Union Committee il, 21, Y.W.C.A. Committee l21, Home Economics Club Honors Day ll, 31 LYLE FRANKLIN TRUCKENBROD ...,.,. Mendota Agriculture Animal Science Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phi Chi Eta, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day II, 21 ROBERT RAY TRUMBULL .,.... ,..River Grove Journalism Advertising Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Delta Sigma, president I41, The Daily Illini i2, 3, 41, co-circulation director IA1, Class vice-president l41, Journalism Council l41, Senior Announcements Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Marketing Club Bradley University LEAH MAE TRUXELL .,.,......,.... .... P ana Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Lincoln Avenue Residence W.A.A. l41, W.G.S. Executive Council l41, Cheerleader ll, 2, 3, 41, Wheelchair basket- ball, First Regimental Band ill, Second Regi- mental Band IA1, Delta Sigma Omicron ERNEST YOSHIO TSUCHIDA. . . , . . .Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.Ch.E., A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois GEORGE ICHIRO TSUDA ....... ...Urbana Engineering Electronic Engineering A.l.E.E.,l.R.E., Physics Society Nautical College, University at Mercantile Marine, Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BARBARA TURNER .................. Cordova Liberal Arts and Sciences Hospital Dietetics Busey Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 21, Wesley Founda- tion Student Council l31, Home Economics Club WILLIAM JAMES TURNER ,....., ..,JoIiet Physical Education Recreation Sigma Pi Ph. Epsilon Kappa, Society of Illustrators, Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors l3, 41, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 31, Y.M.C.A, committee 12, 31, Maior I, House President I31, Tribe of Illini, president l41, Varsity Wrestling Squad I3, 41, Letter I3, 41, Freshman Varsity Squad, Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC, Illinois Rocket Society, Physical Education Maiors Club, U. of I. Student Chapter American Recreational Society Iowa State Teachers' College 'We I al if l A V fra , ff' ,W lift pew, es , . ft. - A Qt rc: ,r Q., 6 Dairy Production Club i ROBERT DALTON TURNER ..,. .... C hicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Triangle Maior, Air Force ROTC, l.A.S., Rine and Pistol Club - ARTHUR EDWARD TUVESON ...,....., Chicago Division of Special Services f' :,. Geography .fr Illini Sportsman's Club f' .T I Honors Day l31 ,.f, r ii ' T' K 'rf , , X . . S if ' 3 is ROBERT JAMES TWOHEY ......,.,..,.. Ottawa Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Tau Omega Omega Beta Pi, Maior Chairman Campus Chest Illini Union Committee i21, Campus Chest II, 2, 31, Intramural Manager ll1, Maior. Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, president l41, .,-A. Armed Forces Council, Phalanx CAROL KRAUSE UMBACH, . . ,. , . . .Easton Agriculture Home Economics Education Delta Gamma Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, president I41, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, The lllio ll, 2, 3, 41, ASSOCIUE Editor l41, Y.W.C.A. Committee l21, Campus Chest l21, All-Ag Field Day Committee II, 2, 31, Home Economics Council I41, Plowboy Prom Committee ll, 21, Gamma Delta, Home Economics Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOSEPH WILLIAM UMBACH .... .... E aston Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta, Illini Rural Observer lI1, All-A9 Field Day Committee ll, 2, 3, 41, Military Ball Committee IG1, Plowbay Prom Committee ll, 2, 31, Captain, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club, Rifle and Pistol Club ' ELMAR UPITIS ., ..,.......... .,.Galena L. 1 Engineering P Civil Engineering 'muh A.S.C.E. if Wartburg College MARY JOY VACHTA,. ....... ...Berwyn Commerce . Secretarial Training Lincoln Avenue Residence Phi Chi Theta, Terrapin l2, 31, Newman Foun- dation Student Council l2, 41, Society for the Advancement of Management, Future Business Leaders af America Morton Junior College ROBERT CHARLES VAGNIERES ........ Markham Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Theta Delta Chi University Theatre Committee ll, 21, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A.l.A. 515 QS: 3 .eq xr AJ '05 xx .A -1 CARLTON STEVENS VAN DOREN ....... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Beta Theta Pi Illini Union Committee l31: University Theatre Cast l21: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet l31 WALTER EUGENE VAN WINKLE. .. .,.Virden Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Alpha: lllini Union Committee l31: University Chorus ll, 21: Men's Glee Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Orchesis ll1: lllini Christian Fellowship l'l1: Maior, Air Force ROTC: Scub- bard and Blade: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club: lllini Union Barbershoppers JOHN VARIAKOJIS .......... .... C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Honors Day l31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois VIDMANTAS VARIAKOJIS ..... .... C hicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. MILTON JOSEPH VAROUS ..,.. .... C hicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Morton Junior College: Northwestern Univer- sity LEONARD ANDREW VASILAUSKAS ..., Chicago Commerce Marketing Newman Hall Marketing Club DePaul University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN JOSEPH VASSEN ....... ...Westville Commerce Accountancy and Finance Newman Foundation Student Council l41: Ac- countancy Club: A.I.A.: Finance Club: llli- Knights, president l21: lllini Insurance Society: Society for the Advancement of Management BRUCE HENRY VERKRUYSE ........... Atkinson Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Theta Kappa Phi House President 131: Plowboy Prom Committee l21: Agricultural Economics Club: Agricultural Education Club: Field and Furrow: Flying Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Young Republicans Club BERNARD JOHN VERNA ....,..... .... B enld Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Tau: Pi Tau Sigma: Freshman Football Varsity Squad: A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Honors Day l31 University of Notre Dame 516 W ' - ev ' .Z5ff:5?:: ' ,lsfegw fe . iaiiusi I i i' Q gf' 1 4 1 -'-' 4 vs WALTER LEE VERNASCO ,,..,, Mishawaka, Ind. Physical Education Recreation Phi Kappa Psi Sachem: Varsity Football Squad ll, 2, 3, 41, Letter l2, 3, 41: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC WILLIAM MAX VETTER, JR,., ,,.Springfield Commerce Management Sigma lota Epsilon: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management Springfield Junior College RICHARD EDMUND VIAL ....,. ..., C abery Agriculture Animal Science llli-Dell Alpha Zeta: lllini Rural Observer l2, 31: Agri- cultural Council l31: All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee ll, 2, 31: Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 31: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Horticulture Club: Rural Life Club Honors Day l2, 31 MARY JOANNE VIBERT ..,..,. .... O ak Fork Agriculture Home Economics Delta Zeta University Theatre Committee I31 University of Arizona ELIZABETH ANN VIER .,.... ,.Farmington Commerce Accountancy Evans Phi Chi Theta: The lllio I3, 41, Associate Editor I41: Women's Glee Club l31: Ac- countancy Club Honors Day I31 University of Wisconsin ENRIQUE VILLA ..,...,,..., Bogota, Colombia Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Tau Gamma A.F.S. University of the Andes ANTHONY VILONA ...,...... ,..Chico9o Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Engineering Council l31: A.S.M.E,: Illinois Rocket Society: Rifle and Pistol Club: S.A.E. Navy Pier Extension at the University of Illinois CARL GEORGE VINSON, JR ...... St. Louis, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilon: A.l.Ch.E.: Gamma Delta Washington University SANDRA VLAY ............. .,.Chicag0 Journalism Advertising Laurel House Gamma Alpha Chi: lllini Union Committee ll, 21: House President l3, 41 PHILIP JAMES VOEGTLE ,..,.,, .... C hicago Engineering Sanitary Engineering Newman Hall MufSan RICHARD ALLEN VOELL ....., ..., C hicago Commerce Commerce and Law Alpha Tau Omega Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CLAIRE MAE VOGT ......,.., ...Belleville Agriculture Home Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma JOHN RICHARD VON LANKEN, .. , . , .Arthur Engineering Electrical Engineering Oskee House A.l.E.E.fI.R.E. ROMUALDA5 VISKANTA ......,,..... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: A.F.S.: A,S.M.E. Honors Day l3l Wilson Junior College: Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois JAMES SAMUEL VOORHEES ,.......... Streator Physical Education Physical Education Phi Kappa Tau Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Theta Epsilon, president I4l: Phi Epsilon Kappa, president I3, Al: House President I3, 41: Swimming Manager I3i: Senior Swimming Manager Ml: Dolphins ll, 3, Al: Alpha Rho Tau: Physical Education Maiars Club Honors Day Il, 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key LAWRENCE HENRY VROMAN, .IR ..... Elmhurst Engineering General Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi House President l4l: Football Marching Band I2, 3, 41: First Regimental Band I2, 3, lil: Second Regimental Band Ill: A.F.S. Honors Day l2l CONSTANCE ANNA WACHS... ..., Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Honors Day il, 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Roosevelt College: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HAROLD WAGMAN .... .... Chicago Commerce Commerce and Law Pi Lambda Phi Junior Bar Association: Marketing Ciub Honors Day ll, 2, 3l -, g is Q 'SP ,gs " fire 45: 1 ,-,f Q, . .c , Vi: 'Q , V 1 W.. 4' "" , s I 3 , gi f vw LS' T -1 L . r, 1 L 'ilii 2 R I , ' , . .ff . . ' ' ', "Ili--LQHHKG V Fifi, 2 i i -be GORDON ELLIOTT WAKEY ..... .,.Orion Agriculture General Agriculture Wesmen Wesley Foundation Student Council Ml: Agri- culture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Cornell College ROBERT CRUM WALBAUM .... , , .Springfield Commerce Marketing Tau Kappa Epsilon lnterfraternity Council I2l: Marketing Club: Young Republicans Club Bradley University WILLIAM BEATTY WALCOTT. .. . . . La Grange Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Chi Psi United States Naval Academy HOWARD NEALE WALLACE .... . . .Walnut Agriculture Agriculture Science Farm House Illini Rural Observer Il, 2l: Agriculture Coun- cil l2l: Plowboy Prom Committee I2l: Agri- culture Club: Dairy Production Club: Hoof and Horn Club CHARLES JOHN WALTER ,..... ...Rochester Engineering Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Maiar, Army ROTC: A.S.C.E. HAROLD LAWRENCE WALTER ..... Grand Ridge Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Alpha Zeta: Illini Union Committee Il, 21: All-Ag Field Day Committee ill: Plowboy Prom Committee I2l: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phalanx: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day Il, 21 JOHN DANIEL WALTER ...... .,,Canton Agriculture Floriculture Alpha Sigma Phi Pi Alpha Xi: McKinley Foundation Student Council Ill: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Flori- culture Club, president IAJ Honors Day Ill EARLE JAMES WALTERS ,.,... .... C hampaign Commerce Marketing Arnold Air Society: Marketing Club Illinois State Normal University MYRON LEONARD WANG .,... Kansas City, Mo, Commerce Marketing Zeta Beta Tau Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Delta Sigma: Univer- sity Theatre Committee lll: Campus Chest I3l: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Illini Insurance So- ciety: Marketing Club 517 an-N Qc, .eq ig, .s--' Q i 9 1'-5 x .1 EMILY ANN WARD .......,....... Mt. Vernon Liberal Arts and Sciences History Pi Beta Phi Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, The lllio 1'l, 21, Assistant Editor 131, lllini Union Committee 111, Star Course Man- ager 121, WILL 131, Concert and Entertainment Board 13, 41, Scabbard and Blade, Teachers- in-Training Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOSEPH SHAW WARNER ..... ...Donovan Commerce Marketing Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC, Air Force Councii, Armed Forces Council, Arnold Air Society, Marketing Club, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Honors Day 121 JOAN MARIE WARP ......,..... West Chicago Agriculture Dietetics Lincoln Avenue Residence lllini Union Committee 141, W.A.A. 13, 41, Freshman Week Committee 141, Home Eca- nomics Club Colorado Women's College KENNETH EUGENE WARREN. . . ,Bay City, Mich. Engineering Civil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi A.S.C.E. Michigan State College HOWARD IRA WARSHAWSKY ,... ..,. C hicago Engineering Industrial Engineering Barton House Alpha Phi Omega, A.S.M.E., Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ROBERT ALFRED WASHINGTON .,... Springfield Commerce Accountancy EDNA HAAS WATSON ........ , . .Evanston Education Elementary Education HERSCHEL WATSON, JR ..... , ..... Dallas, Tex. s i 4, ,Y .. .3 ,.. , it 1 ,S ' s 4 . 1 6 'SQ 1 A g c.. 4 'sf 1 sr it Z if AV A V , A ,.,...., 1 e 5 f 'X 1. fl Xie . ,nr 'Www VVALTER WALLACE WATTS .,,. .,.. R ochelle Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Ma-Wan-Da, Alpha Zeta, Tribe ot lllini 141, Basketball Manager 12, 31, lntramural Manager 1l1, Senior Basketball Manager, Athletic Coun- cil 141, Captain, Army ROTC, Alpha Rho Tau, Agriculture Club, Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 131 ALBERT JOSEPH WAVERING. .. ...Quincy Engineering Electrical Engineering Colonial Arms Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, A.l,E.E.-l,R.E. Quincy College MARY CAROL WAXLER .............,. Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta, Omega Beta Pi- lllini Union Committee 1l1 Honors Day 1l, 21 I ALAN RAY WEAVER ..,,...,....... La Grange Journalism Radio and Television Phi Gamma Delta Maior Chairman Union Movies Illini Union 12, 31, Maior Chairman Red Cross lllini Union Committee 141, University Theatre Cast 13, 41, WILL 13, 41, Dolphins 1'l, 2, 3, 41, lllini Figure Skating Club, Illini Forensic Association, WCIA 141 HAROLD EDGAR WEAVER .......... Champaign Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Alpha Eta Rho, Flying Club, l.A.S. BETTY JUNE WEBB .......,..,.... .....lewett Physical Education Physical Education Palamar Alpha Sigma Nu, Maiors I, W.A.A. Numerals, W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41, Physical Education Maiors Club Honors Day 1l1 DAVID NOEL WEBER ,........ ...Newton Commerce Finance and General Economics Theta Chi Finance Club, Marketing Club Eastern Illinois State College ' DONALD CLARENCE WEBER ..,...... Mascoutah 519109971719 W . Fine and Applied Arts Mechanical Engineering - I Architectural Engineering A.S-M4E- 95:2 ig- ' T Football Marching anna il, 2, 3, 41, rim 19105 A9l'lCUIlUf0I Gnd MBCLICHICGI COIISQS: ,gf .V ' H Regimental Band 1l, 2, 3, 41, University Orches- Texas Technological College, Northwestern Uni- ' ' I. ,ru 113 versity ...K I ,Q if ' e S ' . ,Q A WILLIAM NICHOLAS WEBER .. ,... McHenry FRANK BEN WATTS ........... ...Fox Lake V Ag,,C,,,,u,e - V 1120 .L 1 . Engineering " General Agriculture Mechanical Engineering 'iq Ments Glee Club ,Z 3' 4, Colonial Manor M fi A.S.M.E., S.A.E. 'K sg, Honors Day 1l1 518 SAMUEL WORLEY WEGMAN ........ Deer Creek Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Gamma Sigma Delta: Agricultural Education Club Burlington Junior College: Illinois State Normal University MELVIN IRENOEUS WElDNER.Arlington Heights Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Sigma Phi Epsilon JANE LOIS WEIGAND ............. Naperville Agriculture Home Economics Education Kappa Delta lllini Union Committee ll, 2, 31: University Theatre Crew II1: Y.W.C.A. Committee l2, 31: Campus Chest i31: W.A.A. li, 21: Terrapin ll, 21: Panhellenic Ball Committee K21: Fabri- ola Pre-Nursing Club Honors Day l31 ALLAN HILBERT WEIHE ....... .... C arlyle Engineering Civil Engineering Calhoun Hall House President I3, 41: Lutheran Foundation Student Council KA1: Pershing Ritles: A.S.C.E.: Gamma Delta Illinois College JERRY EARL WEIMANN .............. Watseka Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Granada Club Major, Army ROTC: Ordnance Club: Phalanx: German Club EDWIN VERNON WELLS ..... .... C hampaign Commerce Accountancy Theta Chi lllini Union Committee ll1: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Accountancy Club Augustana College ALBERT WILLIAM WENDT ..... ...Villa Park Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Chi Epsilon: Captain, Air Force ROTC: A.S.C.E.: German Club Honors Day ll, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOAN HELEN WERNER ,.,.. . .... Chicago Education Elementary Education E.K.T. tllini Union Committee ll1: Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee H1 BYRON KENNETH WEST ....... .... C arthage Liberal Arts and Sciences History Sigma Chi Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: The lllio ll1: Board of Fraternity Attairs i2, 31: Intertraternity Council il, 2, 31: House President l41: Tribe of lllini: Varsity Golf Squad il, 2, 3, 41, Captain l41, Letter li, 2, 3, 41: Lieutenant Commander, NROTC: Armed Forces Council: Navy Council Honors Day il, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key A v Q L X K cf 45 'W R' ' i' s -fgrag.-.,v,-'.f:,r t u 15: .E ,.,, e ,. Yi , " 'fi its . r - 6 I , . 32Q5f9fi:5: , ' " A Rr? of if 1 5952 . it . K., is -.Di Y x RENEE WEST ..,,................ Taylorville Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design The Daily lllini I41: University Theatre Crew i21: Hillel Foundation Student Council ll, 21: University Theatre Board i21: German Club Honors Day U1 University of Chicago: Millikin University CHARLES EDWIN WESTPHAL .......... Kingston Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Nu Tribe of lllini: Varsity Baseball Squad l2, 3, 41, Letter I41: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad RICHARD LEE WEZELMAN ........,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Phi Epsilon Pi Campus Chest i21: Junior Bar Association Wilson Junior College: Michigan State College JANICE LURELLE WHITAKER ........ Forest City Agriculture Home Economics Education Palomar Phi Upsilon Omicron: W.A.A. il, 21: lllini Rural Observer ll1: Plowboy Prom Committee l21: Gamma Delta: Home Economics Club Honors Day U1 HELEN MARIE WHITE ................ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Wescoga University Theatre Manager l41 Wright Junior College RAYMOND EDWIN WHITE, JR ...,. ..., L anark Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Astronomical Society Varalpines Knaben Institute ROBERT MORGAN WHITE .... .... S ullivan Law Law Acacia House President l31: Junior Bar Association WILLIAM DORSEY WHITFIELD ..... ..Plainview Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet i3, 41: Y.M.C.A. Committee i3, 41: Committee on Student Affairs l41: lllini Rural Observer ll, 2, 31: Agricultural Council I3, 41, president 141: All-Ag Field Day Committee l21: Plowboy Prom Committee l21: Agriculture Club, president l41: Dairy Production Club: Hoof and Horn Club JOHN THOMAS WHITMAN. . , ...Cameron Journalism Radio Theta Xi Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Accountancy Club: Delta Sigma Omicron, president l3, 41 519 QC Ag, iQ,- , , af: i Lf N.: . as C14 C2327 T , Il , tgjsr ' ,Mn 'A' migossw RAYMOND ERNEST WHITNEY ......., Plainfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Clark House Joliet Junior College WESLEY HILDING WIESLAND ........ Rockford Division of Special Services Marketing Chi Gamma Iota, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Illini Union Committee l21, Society for the Advancement of Management NATALIE SUE WIGGERS ..... .. ...Lincoln Agriculture Home Economics Education Wescogo Home Economics Club MacMurray College JAMES LANDON WILDER ..,. ...Elgin Commerce Law Phi Delta Phi, Delta Sigma Omicron, Junior Bar Association, Young Republicans Club Honors Day l21 GLENN ELBERT WILEY. ..,...,.,..... Earlville Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha, Agriculture Education Club, Agriculture Club, Field and Furrow Honors Day l2, 31 Blackburn College JOHN ADDISON WILGUS ..,. ...Lake BIUH Commerce Marketing Phi Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescent, Pierrots, Association Man- ager, University Theatre I41, Commerce Coun- cil II1, Military Boll Committee l21, First Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Illini Sportsman's Club MAURICE WAYNE WILHOIT .... ...Kansas Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agricultural Education Club Eastern Illinois State College HAROLD FRANKLIN WILKINS. .. .... Cobden Agriculture Floriculture Floriculture Club Southern Illinois University JUDITH ANN WILKINSON. ...., ..,. O ak Park Education Elementary Education lincoln Avenue Residence KaDPa Delta Pi, Y.W,C.A. Committee l31 Honors Day It, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 520 NANCY LEE WILKISON .....,......... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Alcestis Honors Day II1 c if t JH - 'mm Alpha Lambda Delta, House President I41 1' 1 r 4 -- f :iii Wien A 3- -,aj -gf 25 , , , . ,, E if l f m W v' f y P Us v .H 'iq , W X . if A-s f. I so Ar I ' .V' k , . f i , . f:.' 5 ' . Tfiiffigfi . fi ff. ' 5251.2 ' I .N 4 L ? K In . .. s fi , Z r my ' 5 BERTRAM DAVID WILLIAMS .,.... Palos Heights Agriculture General Agriculture University Choir l21, Men's Glee Club II1, Oratorio Society l3, 41, Wesley Foundation Student Council l3, 41, Agriculture Club, A.S.A.E., Field and Furrow Lake Forest College DONALD HENRY WILLIAMS ........... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi A.l.A., Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension ot the University of Illinois GORDON LESLIE WILLIAMS .... .... C hicago Journalism Editorial Tau Delta Phi Sigma Delta Chi, The Daily Illini, Assistant Sports Editor ll, 2, 3, 41, Illini Union Com- mittee l21, Student Senate I2, 31, N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee l21, WILL I31, Captain, Army ROTC, Military Council, Phi Chi Eta Honors Day IQ, 31 ANNE DOWN WILLMANN ..... ...Wyoming Agriculture Home Economics Chi Omega Shorter Board, The Illia ll, 2, 31 DEAN ELTON WILLMANN ..... .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi Tribe of Illini, Varsity Football Squad II, 2, 3, 41, Varsity Wrestling Squad ll, 21, Letter ll, 21, Maior, Army ROTC ANN EDWARDS WILLOUGHBY Ancon, Canal Zone Education Elementary Education Canal Zone Junior College, Centre College ot Kentucky DONNA WILSON .........,, .... C hicago Agriculture Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board, Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Y.W.C.A. li, 21, Cam- pus Chest l2, 3, 41, House President I41, Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board l3, 41, Home Economics Club Honors Day ll, 31 WILLIAM EARL WINN ....... .... 8 ritt, Iowa Commerce Accountancy Chi Gamma Iota, Accountancy Club Honors Day II1 BERNARD GENE WINSBERG ..,,....,.. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Sigma Delta Campus Chest Ill, lnterfraternity Council IZ, 3l, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTCp AlDha Rho Tau, Illini Forensic Association WILLIAM WAYNE WINTERHOFF ,..,.,. Lansing Commerce Commerce and Law Sigma Phi Epsilon Junior Bar Association Loyola University JAMES HENDERSON WISHART, .,.... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E,E.4I.R.E. University of Tompag University of Maryland JOHN WILLIAM WISHART ..... ,..Gary, Ind. Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Acacia Y.M.C.A. Committee l2l, Men's Glee Club ll, 21, MIS, RONALD ALBERT WISTHUFF. .. ...Chatsworth Engineering Civil Engineering Son's Home Men's Glee Club l3, 41: A-5-CAE North Central College JOHN BOWMAN WITT ,.,......,..... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Council ldlg A.S.M.E., S.A.E., president KAI Wright Junior College, Navy Pier Extension at the University ot Illinois ALICE JANE WOELFERSHEIM ....... Champaign Commerce Commercial Teaching Gamma Phi Beta Shorter Board, president IAI5 Mask and Baubleg The Illio IZ, Ill, Junior Business Manager l3l, Illini Union Committee l2l, University Theatre Mgnqger II, 2, 3, Al, Personnel Manager ldlg Campus Chest l2l5 University Theatre Board Ml Honors Day IIJ RICHARD EDWARD WOLFE ..., ..,Chicago Journalism Advertising Zeta Beta Tau The lllio Ill, Maior Chairman News and Ad- vertising lllini Union Committee IAI5 Inter- traternity Council l3l, Basketball Manager IQI9 lnterfraternity Ball Committee l3l CHARLES JOHN WOLFENBERGER, .. -Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Skull and Crescentg lntertraternity Council l2tg A,l.Ch,E. I, 4,4 ,, in ', , , at I Q Y 3' ,. is . :Nico .F 1215.3 -9' ,333 4 if 'QV s ..--q if Ad M, I. , 'KY' I f 2 EDWIN WILLIAM WOLFER ....... Spring Valley Agriculture Animal Science Calhoun Hall Y.M,C.A, Committee l3l, M.l,A, Executive Council l3. 41: Captain, Air Farce ROTCg Arnold Air Society, Pershing Rifles WARREN DELANO WOLFSON ,.,, ...Chicago Journalism Editorial Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini, Editor l4I Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini, Editor Honors Day l3t Navy Pier Extension ol the University at Illinois NORBERT JOSEPH WOLLACK .... .. Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A,l,E,E.-l.R.E, Roosevelt Callegeg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WARREN CLARK WOLTMAN .,.....,.. Elmhurst Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Phi Kappa Psi Phi Eta Sigmag Intefraternity Council l2I, CClDtain, Army ROTC, Cyclothem Club Honors Day ll, 2l ALEXANDER CROSMAN WOODBURY .,.. Godfrey Commerce Accountancy Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psig Second Lieutenl ant, Army ROTCg Accountancy Club, Young Republicans Club Honors Day ll, 2l CLARKE WOODRUFF .....,. .... S pringfield Commerce Law Alpha Kappa Lambda Star Course Manager ll, QI, Campus Chest ll, Qlg Concert Bond li, 2, 31g Football Marching Band ll, 2, 3l Honors Day llt EARL HOWARD WOODRUM ........ Springfield Engineering Agricultural Engineering Soenksen Hall A.S.A.E. Honors Day Ill HERMAN ELMORE WOODS. ...Memphis, Tenn. Commerce Accountancy Parade Ground Units Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension ot the University o' Illinois ROBERT McNElL WOODWARD .Corbin, Ky. Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E,E.-l.R.E. 521 gag, sus., .ag WN' 'Xi 'Cf SJ I a xfe CECIL EUGENE WORRELlS.., ...Streator WjlLlAM WINSTON YEAGERIN ...JOHN Commerce Commeme Accountancy Munagemen, Alpha Kappa Lambda Star and Scroll, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, The Illia 121, Illini Union Council 131, Star Course Manager 11, 21, Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 111, Interfraternity Council 121, House President 131, Freshman Week Committee 131, Accountancy Club, Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University ot Illinois Scholarship Key CHARLES EARL WRIGHT .,.... ...Paw Paw Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Delta Sigma Phi Agricultural Education Club Western Illinois State Teachers' College REX LEE WRIGHT. ...,.....,. ,... W est Union Agriculture General Agriculture RUTH ELLEN WYLIE ..........,, St. Louis, Mo. Physical Education Dance Kappa Kappa Gamma Shorter Board, Torch, Alpha Sigma Nu, W.A.A. 12, 3, 41, Orchesis 11, 2, 3, 41, president 141, Physical Education Maiors Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key JAMES LAWRENCE WYMER ..... ,... O ak Park Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, A.S.C.E, Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key NICK XERIKOS .,....,....,...,..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University at Illinois WAYNE HENRY YACKEL. ....,. Chicago Heights Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club, A.l.A., Illini Insurance Society Honors Day 121 ELIZABETH ANN YANSON ..... Chicago Heights Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta Shorter Board, Kappa Delta Pi, The lllio 12, 31, Illini Union Board 13, 41, Y.W.C.A. Committee 121, Panhellenic Executive Council 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 131 Colorado Women's College KEITH AINSWORTH YARBOROUGH. . .La Grange Engineering Sanitary Engineering Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, president 141, Pi Mu Epsilon, Engineering Council 13, 41, president 141, Freshman Week Committee, A.S.C,E., Mu-San Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key 522 Q Us QB., gn 1 Qin wt, -. 'G 1 5 'V' A -. ,ff fr. ,tg S if QA lil' 'our' w ,W ,se 1 liz , I 'H 'fir -v iwf hifi? A 1 .V 5:-,3 1 , . ff 1 ' A Tai- 2 fi: 1 it hi Lundgren House Alpha Kappa Psi, The Daily Illini 131, Illini Union Committee 131, House President 13, 41, Student Senate 13, 41, N.S.A. Senate Sub- committee 141, Society for the Advancement of Management University at Michigan JEROME YOCHIM ................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Noble House Omega Beta Pi Honors Day 11, 2, 31 CYRUS YONAN, JR ....., . ,........ ..Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Alpha Sigma Phi Omega Beta Pi, Illini Union Committee 121, Y.M.C.A. Committee 121, lnterfraternity Coun- cil 121, Freshman Week Committee 131, Inter- traternity Ball Committee 131, Second Lieuten- ant, Army ROTC, Navy Pier Alumni Association, Spanish Club CHUNG SUL YOUN ......,....... Seoul, Korea Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Class Secretary-Treasurer 121, Orchesis 121 Denison University DUANE BLONDELL YOUNG...EIm Creek, Nebr. Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau, A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day 131 University of Nebraska, Weber Junior Col- lege MARY ELLEN YOUNG .............. Galesburg Fine and Applied Arts Painting Alpha Phi Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mask and Bauble, Society of Illustrators, president 12, 31, The Daily Illini 111, University Theatre Manager 12, 3, 41, Y.M.C.A. 111, Fine and Applied Arts Council 12, 31, Young Democrat: Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key MAHMOUD ANIS ZABIN ....... Haifa, Palestine Engineering Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Fouad First University CLIFTON THOMAS ZABKA .... ..., C hicago Education Administration Alpha Chi Rho University Chorus 141, Men's Glee Club 141, Maior, Army ROTC, Phalanx, Rifle and Pistol Club Wilson Junior College, Navy Pier Extension of the University at Illinois RICHARD JOSEPH ZABORSKY ...,..,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Hcncuiss PAUL ZAGORAS .....,... wcuieggn liberal Arts and Sciences International Affairs Phi Sigma KUPDU Midshipman, NROTC, Navy Council GEORGE sMRz ZAHROBSKY .......... Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Botany Clark House v.M.c.A. cabinet 13, 431 Y.M-CiA- Com- mittee 121, Second lieutenant, Army ROTC, Phi Chi Eta SARAH JEAN ZANG ...............,.. Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences English Palamar The Daily Illini ll, 2, 3, Al, Junior Dispatch Manager i3l, Junior Soles Manager CAI, lllini Union Committee il, 3I: UNVSFSIVY Theflife Committee Ui, Y.W.C.A. Committee il, YI DIANE MARY ZAREMBA ...... . . .Berwyn Commerce Marketing Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Alpha Chi, Phi Chi Theta, Illini Union Committee i2l, Commerce Council i2, 3, At, president HI, Marketing Club ROBERT JAMES ZARUBA .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Marketing Club Honor: Day ll, 2, 3l, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RAYMOND LUCIAN ZAWADZKI ,.,.... Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Navy Pier Alumni Association, Physical Educa- tian Maiors Club Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football, Letter- man's Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARILYN GAINES ZEAL .............. Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Lincoln Avenue Residence W.A.A., Physical Education Maiors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University ot Illinois ALGIMANTAS ZEMAITIS ............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. Honors Day l3t Navy Pier Extension of the University oi Illinois JOSEPH JAY ZEMAN .......... ..,. C hicago Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall Stott Sargeant, Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Letterman lil Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ,P -Ca. It Q Q in xx .X ifgjfg, :,, if :ri , gab 1. N3 535, was .E wi" fr Iufxrh g IA, , X SHIRLEY ZETCHER.. ...... university city, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Lincoln Avenue Residence Y,M.C.A. Committee lzll, Young Democrats Club, Little United Nations Honors Day Ill University of Missouri, Washington University EUGENE FLOYDE ZIEGLER ......,..,.,.. Henry Division of Special Services Economics Young Democrats Club University of Notre Dame GLENN ALBERT ZIEMAN .,.,., .,.Lcke Forest Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta McKinley Foundation Student Council i2l, Engineering Council I3, AI, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A,S.M.E., Illinois Rocket Society, president Ml RONALD FRANCIS ZIONTS .,,. , . .Cicero Commerce Management Theta Kappa Phi Dolphins l2l, Captain, Army ROTC, Zeta Sigma Alpha, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment GREGORIO ZOLKO ..,..,..., Sao Paulo, Brazil Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Zeta Beta Tau Sachem, Maior Chairman Town Meeting Illini Union Committee IZI, Maior Chairman Interna- tional Group lllini Union Committee I3l, Illini Union Council I2, 31, Illini Union Committee II, 2, 31, Campus Chest ill, A.l.A., Ibero- American Association, Portuguese Club, presi- dent 44, 5l JOSEPH MICHAEL BURCK ........,.... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Arts University ot Chicago if A i'i,is..., 523 0-hi LJLI 9 mug, i Seniors only no s 55, effmf, wg , .. .,.. ,Run 4 if' - Q. . Cl-if "5- A v lf - W 3 355 Senior Class Officers-Top row: John Hoyt, lrecsurerg William Rice, advisorg Roo- erl Trumbull, vice presidenrg Richard Rodgers, advisor Bottom row: Lawrence Chapmon, president, Clare Lueking, secretory Senior "lOO" Banquet BRGNZE TABLET-1954 Election to Bronze Tablet is the highest schol- astic honor awarded to seniors at the University of Illinois. A senior who has been in the upper three per cent of his class in his respective college during his iunior and senior years is entitled to have his name inscribed on the Bronze Tablet. This means he must have received Junior and Senior Honors. High Scholarship maintained throughout any one of the four years at the University is award- ed by College Honors. Seniors may also qualify for University Honors if they have earned Col- lege Honors twice and have maintained a schol- astic average for their first seven semesters equal to or higher than the four-semester average of the lowest student recently chosen for Univer- sity Honors from their college under the preced- ing qualifications. Senior transfer students who have not been at the University for four semesters before grad- uation may achieve University Honors if their average for the past three semesters is equal to or higher than the four-semester average of the lowest student currently elected to Bronze Tablet. The average of their transferred credits for the year before they transferred must also be equal to the average needed for University Honors. A special University of Illinois Scholarship Key is given to the recipients of University Honors. Robert Eddy Armstrong Elisabeth Joan Bachman Ralph Edmund Beck Frederick Louis Behrends Barbara Bell Elaine Kahn Bernsen Ellen Lucille Bremner Wayne Alden Brown Patricia Jean Burian Nancy Jane Carter Dale Keith Colyer Edward James Conklin Betty Jean Cook Robert McKinstry Culbertson Ravonne Dowell Louise Ann Drechsler Marilyn Marks Fleming Shayle Phillip Fox Carol M. Greenspan Gunards Hans Robert Harold Hardin John Oscar Harris Lawrence Stockton Higgins Judith Marol Hoffman Patsy Rose Hopper James Robert Jackson Robin Reynolds Johnston Margaret Mary Kincius Marlin Dallas Kleckner Karl Leonard Kleimenhagen Virginia Caroline Koch Donald Robert Koehn Peter Albert Konneker Dolores Ann Kotsiakos Florence Marian Kraabel Mary Ann Kula Dwight Atherton Mahaffy James Charles McConnell Roberta Jean McGill Charles William Meyer Robert Lee Mieher Shirley Rose Moscovitz Kenneth Roy Mount Harry D. Newman Joan Carolyn Noble Alvin Donald Ostrin Corliss Edwin Phillabaum Robert Northrop Quade Milton Erwin Radant Melvin Eugene Rath Clarice Carlson Robinson Richard Constantine Romano Chih-Han Sah Franco Scardiglia Carl Eugene Schauble Edward Richard Schumann William Doane Scott Carol Hesper Seibert Donald Cecil Shreffier Raymond Larry Slanker Frances Bee Sochat Russell LaVerne Sohn Alice Joan Solomon Carol Leigh Stewart Victor Joseph Tennery Bonnie Trankle VanFossan Donna Roese Vetter Harold Simon Weber Marilyn Jean Werner Herbert Wiesemeyer James Dudley Winefordner Gloria Esther Winkel Leland George Wise Porter John Womeldorff Joseph John George Yancik Jr Elizabeth Jane Yeatter Sol Zisook ff' 1' , 5 , is 1. A Y A336 H533 ra vgwtwffx Wig' W J CHICAGC 35 N53 ' Y QVSESQ flllffwfgx D g Q7 F I i3R0FESSl0NAL c:ol.l.Ec5-Es ADMINISTRATIVE CGIVIIVIITTEE Granville A. Bennett Earl R. Serles A4 Howard A. Hazelton Allan G. Brodie Harry W. Pearce The Chicago Professional Colleges opened another new building and activated new serv- ices during I954-55, continuing the obiective of providing the finest facilities in the nation for students enrolled in the health sciences. The six-floor classroom and laboratory East Dentistry-Meclicine-Pharmacy Unit was ready for fall classes. The 55,500,000 building is being used by the College of Pharmacy, creating space in the original college buildings to increase the work and enrollments of the Colleges of Med- icine and Dentistry and the Graduate College. The School of Nursing began a four-year college-level curriculum in the fall, of which the first year is spent on a liberal arts campus. The Research and Educational Hospitals activated another floor of the year-old, 57,400,000 ad- dition and instituted Emergency Service on a 528 24-hour basis in new quarters. In recent years a Student Residence Hall for 405 men and women and a staff apartment building of I4l units were financed with bond issues. Other teaching facilities of the University here include the Neuropsychiatric Institute, the Surgi- cal Institute for Children and the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary. The Chicago Illini Union provides recreational and food service facilities for stu- dents, faculty and staff. The professional colleges are in the nation's largest medical center, which already includes more than I2,000 persons and facilities of Cook County, state and Veterans Administration, as well as Presbyterian Hospital, Loyola-Stritch Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and the Chi- cago Medical School. Donald J. Caseley, medical direclor of Re- Franklin C. Dalia, director of housing Maurice J. Galbraith, dean ol A. Hooker Goodwin, direclor of search and Educalional Hospilal and as- and the Chicago lllini Union sludenr affairs Illustration Sludias scciale dean of lhe College of Medicine Paul A. Hartley, associate director A D M I N I 5 I I Q A I Howard A. Hazelfon, business of non-academic personnel YHGNOQGY OFFICIALS Margarel D. Johnson, food service John E. Millizen, adminislralori n manager Research and Educalional Hospilal I George R. Moon, examiner and Harry W. Pearce, superinlendenl of William A. Peeples, manager of Wilma Troxel, librarian recorder buildings and grounds public relalions 529 Dean Allan G. Brodie and practice are not concentrated in the last two years as is the case in most dental colleges. During his freshman year the stu- dent is introduced into the clinics in order that throughout the four years he may better correlate his knowledge of the med- ical sciences with actual clinical practice. The Chicago location provides an excel- lent source of patients for teaching ma- terial. The field of dentistry is constantly grow- ing in scope and service to humanity. With this fact in mind the College of Dentistry curriculum is designed to provide the olen- tal practitioner wtih increasing confidence in his ability as a doctor, to interpret and manage the dental problems of a growing population. 530 CGLLEGE OF DENTISTRY The University of Illinois College of Den- tistry was founded in 1892 and is located on the near west side in Chicago's vast medical center. Already renowned for its facilities and faculty, the College is currently enlarging several of its dental clinics. This is consistent with the University plan for expansion and improvement in medical fields. Unique in some respects in its methods of teaching, the College of Dentistry dis- tributes instruction in both medical sciences and clinical practice throughout the stu- dent's four years of training. Clinical study College of Denti t y - ' hi t COLLEGE OF MEDICINE The University of Illinois College of Medicine is looated in the medical center on the west side of Chicago. Within a radius of four blocks of the Col- lege of Medicine are hospitals with over 5000 beds available for clinical teaching. The University of Illinois Research and Educational Hospital and Neuropsychiatric Institute have over 700 beds, giv- ing Illinois one of the largest university owned teaching hospitals in the country. The College of Medicine became affiliated with the University in 1897, and in 1913 it became an integral part of the University of Illinois. In 1941, the staff of the Rush Medical School was added to the faculty of the College of Medicine, and that R h fa Ed I IH 1 ' I fx lm, f 1' .v' xii, 4 rf If jk' J .fi fx Vfijrklg wx 3 I fx 549453 I 4 1" XBN fl! ff ifx v",Ne. 'I JF file.-W.. 4 'fs ff XX xxk . ,flax X. ?",,fxxjmk 1 fx, N. . 32: ' . sf I f X . if xx ,.- ee. I Dean Granville A. Bennett same year the Presbyterian Hospital be- came affiliated with the University. Other affiliated hospitals used for clinical teach- ing include: Cook County, St. Luke's, Grant, Illinois Central, and West Suburban in Oak Park. Under the able administration of Dr. Granville A. Bennett is a faculty and staff of approximately 1000. Of these, over 800 are members who donate a portion of their time to instruction at the University. Each year 166 students are accepted into the freshman class, with a minimum of three years of preparatory college work. The training received at the College of Medicine is designed to provide the student with a basic foundation of medical knowl- edge. With such a background, the young doctor can go on to further training lead- ing to a career in general practice, the specialties, or medical education and re- search. 531 5 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY September 27, l954, saw the beginning of a new era in pharmaceutical education at the University of lllinois. The incoming students, including the largest freshman class yet admitted in the tour year educa- tional program, had available to them a building which contained the most modern and efficient facili- ties for pharmaceutical education and research. For the first time in the educational program, there will be a full-sized, workable pharmacy, for student use and research in design, economics, and manage- ment ot the retail store. The completion ot this building will mean facilities for progress in modern pharmaceutical theories and techniques, which will then be ottered to the practic- ing pharmacist as post-graduate educational courses. With this, the new beginning in pharmaceutical education, will occur a new beginning in pharmaceu- tical practice. East Unit of Yhe Dentistry-Medicine-Pharmacy building GRADUATE COLLEGE The quest for new knowledge and the stimulation of the basic obiectives of scholarship and intellectual achievement are traditionally the responsibilities of a graduate college. A restricted number of highly quali- fied students, with or without previous professional training, are admitted for advanced work and pursuit of research in a chosen basic science field. It is the con- cern of the Graduate College to provide superior op- portunity for the student of demonstrated ability in research. The attraction of promising young investigators is encouraged by the awarding of University fellowships for their support and providing research funds to carry out investigations. An attempt is made to train indi- viduals for future teaching and research positions in Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, where the need for superior personnel is great. Properly ac- complished graduates thus disseminate their investiga- tive skills and intellectual influence to new centers for the advancement of the medical sciences. They become a direct reflection of the University's contribution to the advancement of civilization and general well-being of man. Young researchers work with an experimental solut Dr. Milan V. Novak, asssoclale dean of Graduate Colleg 'Sv BARBI- 5 FIRST PLACE Edmm- ,omism ILLIO PHOTO CONTEST Donald Haug, Deporvmeni of Neurology 'K -3' fr i A!! THIRD PLACE 534 '9"!'x". ff MP3- L if arf. ' ' if? 43? 01 mfg!! SENICRS 5 COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY MARVIN HIRSH . .............,,,... Chicago B.S. Class President: Student Council: Executive Student Council: American Dental Association: Alpha Omega DONALD RAYMOND KNOEPPEL ...... Chicago CLASS OFFICERS 5 Y X i""l.i 'i EIVI E1 is 5 M gi . B.S. Class vice President: Dena sigma Delta A if ' ,I A 'i f f .-,If 'I' S. ' "" S. RAYIQOND HAMMER .. . ..,, Greenville B. . Class Secretary f . J Q. I A:'f ' THOMAS CHAMBERLIN .. . . .Joliet B.S. Class Treasurer A f-J PAUL HENRY ANDERS .... .... F reepart B.S. Delta Sigma Delta JOHN ARTHUR BAUMAN, Council Bluffs, Iowa B.S. LEE LA RUE BENNETT ............. .Taylorville B.S. Delta Sigma Delta: Illia Committee 536 ROBERT CLAYTON COBERLEY ......,..... Joliet B.S. Student Council: Executive Student Council: Delta Sigma Delta RALPH HERBERT COUNCIL ..........,., Aurora Student Council: Delta Sigma Delta STEWART MALKIN ..... . ,... ...Oak Park B.S. Student Council: Alpha Omega LEO KARL SABIEN. ................. Belvidere B.S. Student Council: Delta Sigma Delta RALPH DAVID BERENSON. .. ...Chicago B.S. Alpha Omega DONALD BRAUNAGEL .. B.S. Psi Omega DON BUCKLEY .. . B.S. Delta Sigma Delta . . .Peoria Chicago SHELDON BULWA .. . . .Chicago B.S. Alpha Omega DARYL ROBERT BURNS. .. ...Freeport Xi Psi Phi WILLIAM PAUL BURNS.. Xi Psi Phi JAMES ROBERT CARROLL. .. B.S. Della Sigma Delta THEODORE HOWARD CE B.S. Alpha Omega 1 5.5. . ...Kankakee ...Bartonville NTURY ....... Chicago THOMAS CHRISTIE . , . ...Champaign B.S. Psi Omega HOWARD CHUN .... ,..Slocklon, California B.S. Delta Sigma Delta CLARENCE COX .. Alton DEANE DOOLEN .. . .Lincoln B.S. Delta Sigma Delta . Q ws' 9 w-.X .f .- . ,L . f 42 K i X Q Q 7 BERTRAM FIVELSON ., ...Chicagc B.S. Alpha Omega DONALD GABOR .. ...Chicago B.S. Xi Psi Phi DON GARDNER .... Kempton B.S. GORDON ANDREW GLAYSHER. ..... Villa Park B.S. Della Sigma Delta, Inlerfraternily Council LAWRIE BURTON GLICKMAN. .. . , . .Chicago B.S. Alpha Omega RICHARD HENRY .. ...Ottawa B.S. Delta Sigma Delta DONALD HOLCK ..................... Aurora Psi Omegag American Dental Association DONALD WILLIAM HORTON ....,.. Rock lsland B.S. American Dental Assaciationg Newman Club HARVEY LEE IMBER ...,.,. ...... B elleville A.B Aloha Ornegag lllini Union Music Committee 537 HOMER ALVERIO JORDAN ........ Carrier Mills . L Bm? mm my khxi g HERBERT KAZMER .... ..,. A rlinglon Heights B.S. Delta Sigma Della JOHN KWOSTER .........,..,....,. Chicago American Dental Association: Dental Christian Medical Society: Illio Committee FRANK BRIAN KNOBLOCK, JR ....,,.,.... Lisle B.S. Della Sigma Dellag Dental Christian Medical Society GEORGE JAMES KOTTEMANN ... , . . .Peoria Delta Sigma Della EDMUND KOWALIK .. . . .Chica9o B.A., B.S. Della Sigma Della EDWARD CHRISTOPHER KRIZEK, JR .... Chicago B.S. Delta Sigma Deltag Illini Union Display Com- mittee GEORGE LANE MARQUARDT ..., .... H insdale B.S. Delta Sigma Delta DAVID MARYN .. .... Washington, D.C. B.S. Alpha Omega V AH ,i... ..i ff DONALD McNEIl 4 B S. Psi Omega .East Moline ROBERT MILES ....... , ...,...... Woodslock B.A., a.s. Psi Omegag Illini Union Display ROBERT CLINTON MOORE .. Delta Sigma Delta LAWRENCE JOSEPH MYERS ,,.. B.S. Xi Psi Phi ROYAL NORMAN Psi Omega EDWARD OBROCK . .. B.S. Della Sigma Della Committee . , . .Rockford . . . .Quincy . . . .Chicago . . . .Quincy ROBERT ARTHUR PARSONS ...... ..,..... S ilvis B.S. Psi Omegap Illini Union Music Committee HENRY THEODORE PELC. .. B.A., B.S. Xi Psi Phi LEONARD QUARTETTI . .. B.S. Psi Omega . . .Virden . . .Chicago CHARLES EARLE REEL ..,... ..,... H arrisburg B.S. Psi Omsgag lnlerfralernify Council DAVID ALLAN REITHEL, .... ..Chicago Heights B.S Delia Sigma Delia JOHN WESLEY RITTE R,... .,., Elmhurst B.S. Psi Omega Q gf. . 'Ziff'-f LOUIS JOSEPH SAAD, . . ...Peoria B.S., M.S. Dalia Sigma Della MATHEW PETER SAMARAS. . . .... Chicago B.S. Delia Sigma Delta HAROLD JAY SANDERCOCK .... .... E vanslon B.S. Della Sigma Della x I REINHARDT JOHN SCHOPPE. . . . . .Bensenville B.S. Della Sigma Doha :Jimi Q I DAVID FREDERICK SELWYN .... .... C hicago X 1 g . uf' 3 rm x.: 5' K K , ' nal-If -if A 3 S2 A NICHOLAS LOGAN SIMIOS .... .... C hiccga B.S. Delia Sigma Delia GEORGE SMITH. ,, ,..PIainHeId, New Jersey B.S. JOHN WILLIAM STANLEY ..,. ...Urbana B.S. Psi Omega KENNETH LYLE TOY... . , .Danville B.A., B.S. Della Sigma Della CASIMIR PETER TRELKA .... , . .Chicago B.S. Psi Omega WILLIAM CHARLES TRIMARCO ...,.... Chicago Psi Omega THOMAS WARDA ,, ...Chicago Della Sigma Delia ROBERT WERTZ . .... Chicago Della Sigma Delta JOHN ROLAND WESTINE .... ...Chicago B.S. Della Sigma Delia 539 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE HAROLD LEROY JENSEN .... .. ..... Chicago B.S., M.S. Class President: Student Councilp S.A.M.A.g Pi Kappa Epsilonp Phi Rho Sigma RALPH DUANE ADE ...,...,.. .. ..... Moline B.A., B.S. Class Vice Presidentg S.A.M.A.p Pi Kappa Epsi- long Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Rho Sigma POLA JOSEPHINE PIOTROWSKI. .. ..., Chicago B.S., M.S. Class Secretary: Alpha Epsilon Iota JEAN BOATRIGHT , ....,,...,..... Harrisburg B.A., B.S. Class Treasurerg Wesley Foundafiong Alpha Kap- pa Kappa ROBERT WELLINGTON ALEXANDER North Creek, New York B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa EDMUND ANDRACKI .... .,La Salle B.S. Phi Rho Sigmag S.A.M.A. 540 CLASS OFFICERS ALAN LESLIE GORDON ,.,..,. ..... , .Chicago B.S. Student Councilg Executive Student Councilg Com- mittee on Student Affairs and the Chicago Illini Uniong S.A.M.A.g Pi Kappa Epsilonp Al- pha Omega Alpha: Phi Della Epsilon HAROLD DEAN JONES ...., ,. .... Carbondale a.A., B.S. Student Cauncilg S.A.M.A.p Pi Kappa Epsilong Illini Union Social Committee, Alpha Kappa Kappa MARIDEE LEE KNIPMEYER ........... Pittsfield B.A., B.S. Student Councilg Christian Medical Societvg Alpha Epsilon Iota ROBERT MULHAUSEN ., ,.... ,, ..... Berwyn B.S. Student Councilp S.A.M.A.p lnlerfralernity Coun- cilg Illio Committeeg Illini Union Music Com- milteep Phi Rho Sigma JOHN WILSON ANDREWS... ...Elgin B.S. Nu Sigma Nu CHARLES HERBERT AYERS. .. ...Hamilton B.S. Nu Sigma Nug S,A,M.A, WALTER BEARD ........,,........ Glen Ellyn B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappag Alpha Omega Alpha DORIS GAY BEATTY ......,....,.. Lake Forest B.A., B.S. Alpha Epsilon lctag Christian Medical Society CLARENCE BENSON ... , . . .Oak Park B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa RICHARD HARVEY BLANKSHAIN. . .Franklin Park B.S. Nu Sigma Nu lRVlNG BLOOM ,... Chicago B.A., B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon LORRIS MELUERN BOWERS ....... ...Dakota B.S. Nu Sigma Nuy Alpha Omega Alpha AMOS PRESILY BRATRUDE .....,...... Antioch B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappag Pi Kappa Epsilon WlLLlAM FINNEY BRINEY, .,.....,.,. Chicago B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappag Christian Medical Society PAUL LA VERE BROTHERS... ..... Lawrenceville B.S. Nu Sigma Nui Alpha Omega Alphag Pi Kappa Epsilon Q x it I H 4512 Z Q s is Y , f J 82 ago C' 2 is . fi' 5 QQ . l fx .Qi , -18 7, Q 'I if i 9 f 11 2 ii? 'N 'ie 1 EH Y, Q 254 lt 4' 'fi K ij 4 if 'V 4 , gig: ., I' 59 4 1- N Q. GERALD BUCKMAN .. ...Spring Valley B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa SARA JANE BURCHELL ...... Buffalo, B.A. EDWARD LEONARD BUSCH... B.S. LEO CAPOCCHI .... B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa RALPH ALFRED CASCIARO , .... . B.S. Phi Rho Sigmap Pi Kappa Epsilon VIVIAN CATION B.S. Alpha Epsilon Iota JOSEPH DOMINIC CECE. ., B.S. Phi Rho Sigma JOHN CLETCHER, JR... B.A., s.s. Alpha Kappa Kappa KENNETH COHEN .. B.A. New York . .Chicago . .Chicago . .Chicago . . .Peoria .,Chicago ...Tuscola . .Chicago 54l SHELDON COHEN ....... B.S. Phi Della Epsilang S.A.M.A. ERNEST COURIER. . . B.A. Joi-IN PAUL cuLuNAN.... a.s. rm new Pig s.A.M.A, CHARLES STEVEN DAVIS. ...... . B.S. Phi Dalia Epsilony Alpha Omega HARRY CURT DOBBRUNZ. . . B.S. Phi Bela Pig S.A.M.A. ROBERT EDWIN DROM ......... B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappag S.A.M.A.g Alpha JOHN SEARS DUNLOP .... B.A. Alpha Kappa Kappa DON ERVIN ...... ...... ..... B.A., B.S. . . .Chicago . . .Oak Park . . .Chicago .......Harvey Alpha . . . .Chicago . . . .Brookfield Alpha Omega . . . .Balavia . . . .Cenfralia Alpha Kappa Kappa: Fi Kappa Epsilon ROBERT LEWIS FARNER. .. Alpha Kappa Kappa 542 ,. .Rutland 5- i ,- is ,. ,-11 ' ?a5,.-5 I . ., l - A Q af as if I l D, . -f Min A .M at -- s . 'Si f E -. .L l 4? DENTON BLAKESLEE FERRELL. . . . . . .Marion B.A., B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa KENNETH FETROW ..... B.S. Nu Sigma Nu: S.A.M.A. GLENN FISCUS B.S. Nu Sigma Nu . . .Peoria . . .Champaign HOMER LUTHER FLEISCHER, JR ..... Galesburg B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappag Christian Medical Socievy ROBERT ALLEN FOLEY. .. B.A., B.S. Nu Sigma Nug S,A.M,A. DWIGHT WARREN FREEMAN.. ..,.Paris .......Chicaga B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappaf Christian Medical Society CHARLES GALVIN .... .... C hicago Heiyais Phi Della Evsilon DON GILCHRIST .. B.A., B.S. Phi Beta Pi HOWARD GLASSFORD .....,. B.S. ...Jacksonville . . . . . . .Chicago Nu Sigma Nug Alpha Omega Alpha DANIEL GORENBERG ... ,. Chicago B.S. Phi lambda Kappa NAHMAN HAROLD GREENBERG .,,.. .Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epnilony Phi Mu Phi MARSHALL JAY GROBERT. . .. .... Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon LESTER EDWARD GRUBGELD ........ Forest Park B.A., M.S., Ph,D. Sigma Xi HOWARD GUREVITZ .,.. ... ...Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epsilony Phi Mu Phi GERHARD HUGO HAASE. .. ...Chicago B.S. JOSEPH WILLIAM HAGEMAN .,.. , ..Chicago B.S. Nu Sigma Nu WILLIAM XAVIER HALLORAN .. ..., Chicago RAYMOND HAROLD HECHTER .....,... Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epsilang S.A.M.A.g Pi Kappa Epsilon L . ' -- 7 , fi 4' or W .atb A , I I N .. 'A+ A ' 1' 1 4 WILLIAM TALMAGE HODGES ..... Beecher City B.A, Christian Medical Society JOSEPH JOHN HOSEK. .. .... Chicago B.S. Alpha Omega Alpha IIDSEL HUDSON ..,,. .... O maha, Nebraska B.S. Alpha Omega Alpha CHARLES VJESTON INSKEEP .......... Chicago B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappap Christian Medical Sscietyg Illia Committee ETHEL ISAAC, .. ...... Luzerne, Pennsylvania B.S. Alpha Epsilon lotag S.A.M.A. EDWARD MICHAEL JEKOT. .. ...Chicago B.S. Phi Beta Pi DUDLEY JOHNSON .,.. ........... R aclxford B.S. Phi Rho Sigma: Christian Medical Society ZIENA KAGAN. ,. ... ,.... ..... R ock Island B.S. Alpha Epsilon latag Illini Union Music Committee JOHN KARAMITSOS .... Chicago B.S. 543 HERSHELL KEELING B.S. Nu Sigma Nu PAUL ROBERT KELLEY. .. B.S. ...Joliet Chicago JOHN FREDERICK KEMMAN .... La Grange Park B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa EUGENE SAMUEL KRASNOW ,... B.S. SHSLQON HOWARD KREISELMAN ...... Phi Delta Epsilon JERRY GERALD KRONE .... B.S., M.S. Phi Lambda Kappa ROY YUTAKA KUROTSUCHI . .. B.S. Nu Sigma Nu Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago EDWARD WALTER KWEDAR .,.,. ..Pana s.A., B.s. Phi Beta Pig S.A.M.A.g Illio Committee GEORGE THOMAS LAMBAKIS. .. .... Joliet B.S. Nu Sigma Nup S.A.M.A, 544 if Wi' 'E Iv. jg. img r 5 I if F .. I I Li , I li it .Tf U ll l ' I g I ,, ' 1 iv- ,K M 4 L ZA' ' V ZR 1531451 rhzfz-ga? 'i 1 iiifsfzs mi Vg K ii, I ' JA., ' , , it N X 'i ' - 1. Qi I ' 'CE N . 4, L' il I .ali A I -, ft 'Li 7 mm JF If G3 W5 we ip xgfifl wg, fu ERNEST AARON LANE.. B.S. ANDREW LARSEN Phi Rho sigma JOSEPH LASSMAN .. B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon EUGENE LEMAN .... B.S. S.A.M.A. BERNARD DAVID LEWIS... B.S., M.S. Alpha Omega Alpha EDWARD LICHTER .. Ph.B., B.S., M.S. Alpha Omega Alpha RANDALL LEIGH MANN..,... B.A. ..Oak Park , . .Chicago ...Chicago Rack Island ...Joliet ...Chicago ,Kankakee Nu Sigma Nug S,A.M.A.g Alpha Omega Alphag Illini Union Social Committee WILLIAM ROGER MARKEL ........,... Chicago B.S, Phi Beta Pig S.A.M.A.g Interfraternify Cauncilg Illini Union Social Committee JOHN MASON, JR. ....,,..,....... Rossville B.S. Nu Sigma Nup S,A.M.A.g Alpha Omega Alpha DANIEL JOSEPH McCARTHY ,... B.S. S.A.M.A.p Pi Kappa Epsilon . , .Chicago ALLEN DAVID MEYER .,.. ..., C hicogo 8.5. Nu Sigma Nu GILBERT MILLER .. ..,. Olney B.S. Phi Rho Sigma ROBERT DALE MILLER. ,. ...Decatur s.A., M.A. Alpha Kappa Kappa SHELDON MILLER .,................ Chicago B.A., B.S, Phi Lambda Kappag S.A.M,A.1 Pi Kappa Epsilon MARVIN ROBERT MISHKIN. .. , .,.., Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epsilong S.A.M.A.g Alpha Omega AIDha ERNEST MOON .. B.9. Nu Sigma Nu MARTIN LEON MORRIS.. . . ,Mahomet . ..,..,.,. Chicago 8.5. Phi Delta Epsilon: S,A.M.A.g Pi Kappa Epsilon ROBERT LOUIS MUELLER. .. B.A., B,S. Alpha Kappa Kappa ..-Steeleville l I K. jf 5 I in 4- h11 " '9 :fm f 1' ..m:E:......m..s:.. .. - if ' HYMAN MUSLIN . B.A. EARL PAUL NORLlNG,.,.. B,S. S.A.M.A.g Christian Medical JACK CLAYTON O'BRIAN. .. ,.. B.5. Phi Rho Sigmag S.A.M.A. MARILYN JEAN O'BRIEN.,, B.S. THOBU RN GENE PATTON ...,...., . . .Chicago Chicago Society Taylorville Mt. Prospect . .Monmouth 8.5. Phi Beta Pip S.A.M.A.g Illini Union Music Com- mittee GEORGE PEARAH .. ...Chicago JOHN HERMAN PETERS.. .....,...... Chicago B.S. Phi Rho Sigmag Alpha Omega Alpha LAWRENCE PETZ .......,........... Chicago 8.5. Phi Rho Sigmag Alpha Omega Alphag Phi Mu Phi JOHN ENNIS PFAU, .. .... Pano B.A., B.S. Nu Sigma Nu 545 SAL LEDWARD PIAZZA... ...Chicago a.A., M.s. Phi Rho Sigma WILLIAM JOSEPH PIEPER .,.......... Chicago B S , Alpha. Kappa Kappaf Alpha Omega Alpha SAMUEL MAX FLAUT. .. ....Chicago B.A., B.S., M.S. Alpha Omega Alpha PETER PLEOTIS ......... . ........... Chicago B.S. Pi Kappa Epsilong lllio Cammiflee THOMAS POLLARD . .. .... Carmi B.S. Nu Sigma Nug S.A.M.A. 'ERNEST EUGENE POOLE. . . . . .Murphysboro B.A,, B.S., M.A. Phi Beta Pi EUGENE RANEY . .. B.S. Phi Bela Pi . ...Effingham STUART ROBERTS .. ........,... Champaign B.S. Nu Sigma Nui Alpha Omega Alpha: S.A.M.A. BARBARA SOLOMON ROCAH .... .. ,Chicago B.A. Alpha Epsilon lola 546 if . . .4,L.- T 1 fig A 5. Y li s. ca X 'F K? qi, me A Ig 5? VET f . 5 . X, , C if YF: E' 3 if . Q Vyilh. 4 a. - N A Ai' L J, sr 3 as if S 'L XE xx .. .1 2: 'ii' A 4 M ' mi- 'K ' m -ww WILLIAM RUIINSON , .. B.S. Phi Della Epsilon BYRON RUSKIN .... STANLEY CLAY RUSSELL . Alpha Omega Alpha ARTHUR SAVITT . .. B.S. Phi Della Epsilon ROBERT SCHENCK ..... B.A., B.S. . Ponloloc, . .Chicago . . . .Chicago Mississippi . . . .Chicago Chalsworfh Alpha Kappa Kappa: Christian Medical Sociely HERMAN ERNEST SCHMID, JR... .... Chicago B.S. Phi Bela Pi WALTER SCHROEDER .. .... Springfield B.A., B.S. Phi Bela Pi MAURICE ALLEN SCHWARTZ.. ........ Chicago B.S. Phi Della Epsilong Alpha Omega Alpha MANDEL SCHWARZ . . . . .Chicago B.S. S.A.M.A. FRANKLIN SHER . . . B.S. Phi Della Epsilon ARNOLD SHKOLNIK .,. B.S. Pi Kappa Epsilon ARLENE JEAN SMITH. .. B.S. Alpha Epsilon lala RICHARD JAMES SODERBERG .,., B.A., B.S., M.S. Nu Sigma Nug Pi Kappa Epsilon JOHN SPELLMEYER.. ..... .. B.A., B.S. P-hi Rho sigma, s.A.M.A. . .Chicago . . . .Chicago ...Chicago . . . .Elgin .Rock Island PHILIP SPIELMAN. ...... New York, New York B.S. ANGELO SPINAZZOLA. B.A., B.S., M.S. Phi Rho Sigma: S.A.M.A. LELAN STALLINGS .... B.S. Phi Bela Pi ROBERT STANLEY ............... B.A. Alpha Kappa Alphag S.A.M.A. .Blue Island Granite City .Rock Island A ,. L... 3 . . A f he K Z il , V - 'if .V1.. 'jp i . if if Q - 'QHOKN ' Nr I lx 'sw J... Q fx Q5 f f 2 f I Q Q . ,wk S I TOM WEINBERG STAPLE. B.S. Phi Mu Phi MERLE STAUFFER .... B.S. Nu Sigma Nug S.A.M.A. JOSEPH SYMMONDS .. B.S. Phi Bela Pi JAMES TURNS ....... Alpha Kappa Kappa . . . .Chicago . . . .Urbana . . . .Hamilton Wes! Frankfort RICHARD VANDERMYDE . . .Morrison B.S. Phi Rho Sigmag S.A.M.A. NORMAN VENGER . .. .... Chicago B.S. GENEVIEVE AUDREY WAGNER .... Bensenvillo B.S. Alpha Epsilon lofa CHARLES THEODORE WAKEFIELD. . .Champaign B.A., B.S. Nu Sigma Nu VERNON EDWARD WALLACE ..... . . .Peoria B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa, S.A.M.A. 547 DAVID WALSH... .... River Foresl B.S. r'hi Rho Sigma ERNEST GREGOR WARNER. ..,....... Whealon 8.5. Alpha Omega Alphag S.A.M.A.g Chrislian Medi- cal Society FREDRIC DOUGLASS WATSON ........ Chicago 8.5. Phi Della Epsilon? S.A.M.A. RICHARD WEBB, JR .,............... Allendale 8.5. Nu Sigma Nug Alpha Omega Alphag Pi Kappa Epsilon KENNETH JEROME WEHRLE. .. 8.5, Phi Rho Sigmap 5.A.M.A. ..,.Elgin BERNARD ROBERT WEINSTEIN ........ Chicago B.S., M.S. Phi lambda Kappag Pi Kappa Epsilon CLYDE LEE WIELAND .... ..,Dow 8.5. Phi Rho Sigmag 5.A.M.A. 548 ., . ,A r' Q Y , is , ..." : v .gk A .... :- Qfi- Q ., -,gf fa. fx f jf, ' SENIORS NOT PICTURED WILLIAM ANDERSON DONALD DUCKLES JOHN FUNK DONALD HANSCOM RICHARD HARSHFIELD RICHARD MAULDING RICHARD O'CONNER CLINTON PACE, JR. JOHN SCHMIDT WILLIAM SHACKELFORD LAWRENCE SHAPIRO ROY SLEZAK RALPH STAGNER GEORGE SWEENEY RAYMOND TEPLITZ LOUIS JAMES WILHELMI ..,. B.5. Phi Bela Pig Pi Kappa Epsilon . . . .Wilmington DELBERT OWEN WILLIAMS, JR ........ Slocklon B.S. Phi Rho Sigmag S.A.M,A. RICHARD FOWLER WILLIAMS, .,..,.. ,.Decalur 8.5 Nu Sigma Nui S.A.M.A.g Illini Union Social Committee GABRIELLE SCHOUR WOLOSHIN ....... Chicago B.S. Alpha Epsilon Iaic ROBERT WILLIAM WOOD... B.S. Phi Beta Pig Pi Kappa Epsilon -..Virden HAROLD EUGENE ZENISEK .... ...Pontiac B.S. Alpha Omega Alpha JAMES PAUL ZETTAS .... .... C hicago 8.5. Alpha Omega Alpha LEON ZOGHLIN ,. . .Chicago 8.5. S.A.M.A. COLLEGE OF PHARMACY CLASS OFFICERS GERALD ALAN KIEN ................. Chicago JEROME RALPH BENNETT... ...Chicago Class President: Student Council: Executive Stu- Student Council: A.Ph.A. dent Council: A.Ph.A.: lllio Committee . I I Q A i JOHN LELAND FISCHER, ......., ...Chicago fi DONALD LEROY GOESEL .... ...Tinley Park Class Vice President: Rho Chi K Student Council: A,Ph,A, W ":' L xx gf. k M I if GEORGIA COLIEEN KOST. ,. , . . .Astoria MILTON JOSEPH KRAMER ........... Broadview Class Secretary: A.Ph.A. Student Council: A.Ph.A.: Delta Kappa Sigma A As .44 j gf , V. : p Ki fi . M , 1 , Y' ' SSE if 'Q ' CHARLES EUGENE RUFFETTI ........... Chicago MILTON WEINER , .....,.,.....,.. . .Chicago Class Treasurer: A.Ph.A.: Kappa Psi Student Council: A.Ph.A.: Delta Kappa Sigma Qi- K 1 lk .. I , " F . A 2 s 1,5 -35: If I- I -' A J ff DEWEY ROY ANDERSON.. . .... Lyons NORBERT IOSEPH BARTNICKI .... , . . .Chicago Kappa Psi: A.Ph,A. Kappa Psi: A.Ph.A. 'S L ...Joliet EUGENE BERNSTEIN ,... ,...Chicogo B.S. Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A. JOHN DOMINIC AUTERO, .. A.Ph.A. fs 549 RONALD PHILIP BETZ .... .... C hicaga Kappa Psi: A.Ph,A. HERBERT JOSEPH BRAND .... ...Chicago A.Ph,A. RAVMOND MICHAEL BRODERICK ....... Cicero Kappa Psi: A.Ph.A.: Commillee on Sludenl Affairs and Ihe Chicago Illini Union: Execulive Sludenl Council: Illini Union Social Commillee EDWARD JOSEPH BRUNER. . .Key West, Florida A.Ph.A. SHELDON ZANE CHAZDON. ., ...Chicago A.Ph.A.: Rho Chi CARL MARTIN COHEN. . .. ., .Chicago A.Ph.A. DONALD EDWARD DART ............ ..Aurora Kappa Psi: A.Fh.A.: Class Social Committee: Illini Union Display Commiitee SYDNEY VICTOR DAVIS .............. Chicago Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A.: Class Social Com- mirlee 550 5 5 mf if is , ' 5 .pE?q'Z,,, .':"f: ,. i 'K an . p -.f. :rf '51 " -Wi Q V X 4 fb ' .... 5 , is . .. .. K gi 'if 5 Q G is if xv: . if A Q55 V ' i ' 5531 ,. 'V jif. . "if 1 JOSEPH DIAMOND ..,. Chicago B.S. WILLIAM LOWELL FAST ,,.. ..,... Chicago Della Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A.: Rho Chi: Inver- frafernily Council ROBERT FRANKEL ..,.........,...... Chicago Della Kappa Sigma: A,Ph.A.: Rho Chi: Class Social Commiflee GERALD ALBERT FRANKLIN. ., ...Chicago 8.5. A.Ph,A.: lllio Commiflee ...Chicago IRVING GARNICK ,.. CHESTER ROBERT GARSTKA. . . Kappa Psi: A,Ph.A. . ...Chicago SHERWIN MARSHALL GOLDEN ........ Chicago Della Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A. ALLEN GOMOLL ........... .... Oh icago Kappa Psi: A.Ph.A.: Rho Chi DONALD KDSS GRONEWOLD .,..,. Farmingian Kappa Psig A.Ph.A. GREGORY HAKALMAZIAN . . . .... Chicago Kappa Psig A.Ph.A. GEORGE RICHARD HALL.. .Cedar Rapids, Iowa RONALD STUART HARSCHFELD... ...chicago rm Delia chi, A.Ph.A. OTTO CHARLES HORACEK .... ...Brookfield Kappa Psig A.Ph.A. JOHN LYNN INGOLD .............. Flanagan Kappa Psig Illia Committee? A.Ph.A. SHELDON JANSKY ........... .,.. C hicago Della Kappa Sigmag A.Ph.A. ARNOLD AARON KAPLAN... .... , .... Chicago Delta Kappa Sigma. Rho Chi, A.Ph.A. 74.1 52220 1-'ww ff. 44' .f My A' 1. X 'f X I5 Pj if L42 . gf ei an 1-'15 fig ARNOLD KATZ ..........,. B.S. Delia Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A. RICHARD KRIESE... A.Ph.A. DONALD LONHART .. Kappa Psig A.Ph.A. CHARLES W. LORENZ. . . . A.Ph.A. PETER ANGELO LOUTOS. . . Delta Kappa Sigmag A.Ph.A. . . . .Chicago Morton Grova . . .Brookfield . . .Chicago . . . .Chicago STANLEY HERBERT MARGOLIS .... .... C hicago Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A. HENRY MARSHALL, .IR .... A.Ph.A. WILLIAM EDWARD MENDRALA. B.S. A.Ph.A. . . . .Chicago .......Chicago 551 RONALD MILLER ... Kappa Psip A.Ph.A. HOWARD ALLEN MIRSKY ...., Delta Kappa Sigmag A.Ph.A. CHARLES THOMAS O'BRIEN. . .. Kappa Psi: A.Ph.A. NORMAN OLSEN .... DALE IVAN PEARSON.... Kappa Psi: A.Ph.A. ROY PELOQUIN ... A.Ph.A. EDWARD FRANCIS RAFTERY, . . ,Chicago ...Chicago . . , .Chicago . . . .Elmwood Park ...Chicago ...Homewood ...Oak Park Kappa Psip Inferfrafernify CoLiriEiI- LEWIS RICH .. A.Ph.A. 552 . . . .Chicago 1 F J , I R Tw F 4 fi- 99x Rho Chi: A.Rh.A. I B 15 . f-4 A.Ph.A.g Illio Commifiee J CARL RISH ...... ...Chicago JACK FRANK SALTER .... ...Chicago VINCENT JOSEPH smrouw... ....chicago A.Ph.A. -,. R 4 1 f. . RE... ' R ' fr, - g veg' "' I 11'--Qwgggif tl ' sHEuLA SARNAT .... Chicago A.Ph.A. V. M an l A ' FREDERICK of-.vm SEIFERT... ...Chicago A.PI1.A. ' DAVID SHAYMAN ...Chicago s.s, R Rho Chig A.Ph.A. y ' ,... I Q ix . c ji .I i L DONALD MARK STOKES .... ..,. c hicago ARTHUR ALLEN TELCSER... Chicago Delta Kappa Sigma i Vg... ,I 4.425 ' - mi W -. S, ' ' is . E -3 j GEORGE FREDRICK THIES ,... Kappa Psig A.Ph.A. DONALD WAYNE TUNE... FRED ALLEN TURNER... Rho Chig A.Ph.A. STANLEY JOHN TVARIAN... A.Ph.A. RICHARD ALPHONSUS VIRVA. .. Kappa Psi Homewood .. . .Joliet . . .Chicago . . . .Chicago . , .Chicago I. K z I f. 'ii Msg, 5 . fi 235, R sk wa -A M 3 . wifi -Q--1-,sv-f 1 , by I Q, I SENIORS NOT PICTURED DAVID HOWARD ARENDS DONALD ARTHUR LADWIG KELLER LOUIS LINNE DUDLEY SIGURD SCHULTZ SIDNEY SILBERBERG ARTHUR BERNARD WAGMA N ROBERT JOHN VRANY .... ...Berwyn A.Ph.A. DONALD WARSAW .. ...Chiccga JEROME WEISS .., .... Chicago VERNITA GERTRUDE WILLIAMS ....... Chicago B.A. Lambda Kappa Si9mCl: A-Ph-N LOREN ARTHUR WITHROW .... Phi Delta Chi: A.Ph.A. KENNETH GEORGE WITKOSKY A.Ph.A. Tcylorville Chicago 55 OCCU AT ONAI. THERAPY SENIORS SUSAN EMILY BERGQUIST ....,,,..... Geneva Delta Gomma7 Lutheran Student Association 1317 Terrapin 1317 Illi-Soto, Treasurer 131, Vice President 141, Social Chairman 141 DIANE LEE GLICK ................... Chicago llli-Soto, Co-Editor of Newsletter 141 LILO BLASBERG ..........,......... Chicago Illi-Soto, President 1417 Alpha Lambda Deltag Gregory Award7 Wesley Choir SARAH FRANCES FORD ....... Western Springs Kappa Kappa Gamma7 Honors Day 12, 3, 417 Illi-Soto, Secretary 1417 Terrapin 1217 Illini Union Display Committee 141 SHEILIA LIBBY .... .,.Chi:ago Pi Beta Phig llli-Sota SHIRLEY KHARASCH . .,.,...,........ Chicago Navy Pier Alumni Association 1l17 Student Sen- ate, Secretary. 1217 llli-Sota, Treasurer 13, 417 Editor of Newsletter 1417 Hillel Choir7 German Club 554 -ft: - - -r ' ff' 'R-' 4 7:25171 4 A ,. .sf -l- V O, ,F P f ,Q I 1 1 SENIOR NOT PICTURED ANNE ELIZABETH MOYAT WANDA LUAN KING ........ , ....... Kankakee Alpha Omicron Pi7 Honors Day 121g Illi-Soto, Vice President 1417 Illini Unlon Social Com- mittee 14, 51 MARILYN JOANNE MOORE ..... . .. .... Chicago llli-Soto, President 131, Treasurer 1417 Y.W. C,A. Committee 111 VERA PAULIN .,... .,,. I. incoln llli-Sotag Class Honors NEDRA ANN PHELPS ...,....... .... C entralia Mu Phi Epsilon 1217 llli-Sota VELMA RUSS REICHENBACH ....,. Mcleansboro Wescoga, Vice President ll, 217 Illi-Soto, Secre- tary 131 DONNA JEAN SIMENSON .....,.... La Grange Kappa Kappa Gamma, Special Events Chair- man 121, Social Chairman 1317 Honors Day 1317 Mortar Board7 Freshman Council 1117 Illia Ea7toriaI Staff 1115 Illini Union Committee 1117 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1215 Panhellenic Coun- cil 1317 Illi-Soto, President 1417 Medical Stu' dent Council 141 BARBARA ANN SMITH .., ...Lombard llli-Soto, Secretary 131 fa-wY"""' 555 556 COUNCILS AND CLASSES A L lf' 3 W Vji My 0 T Hiwsiiilf W 5 ,fi Fl 557 . . M31 'Sn' 'CWD' 55 1,?i3IlIff'::,1l' M1-iz 4- r , ' . ,liz Y E141 , - r 5 L. I I W K., , 1 -x , Q M04 'SV' My 'W ,..,,,,...w' W -C-"" Top row: Jerome Hahn, Gerald Kien, Robert Ceberlev, Marvin Hirsh, John Mcddrell Bottom row: Barbara Lesak, Ann Shuler, Alan Gordon, chairman, Prof. James Davis, faculty advisor, Maridee Knipmeye: EXECUTIVE STUDENT COUNCIL DENTISTRY STUDENT COUNCIL Top row: Charles Gross, Gene Lawyer, John Maddrell, Thomas Dirksen, Robert Coberley, Ralph Council, Stewart Malkin, Richard Zimmers Bottom row: Robert Eisinger, Richard DeJanld, secretary, Lea Sabien, vice president, Marvin Hirsh, president, Robert Cross, treasurer, Marvin Antman Nat in panel: John Miller, Stanley Crass, Seymour Gottlieb, James Morganelli, Donald Rice, Robert Williams . f cl 5 ., W , 'Q or ,, sea Y iis"r 45+ r ,Jr .. ,ga . k , 5 rf r ' 'E 5 5 K? 1 k I, 5 A ., Z Vw- f 1 .V 75 - ' V ww, e f 5 Q53 - ,, ,.,. f, , X4 K , t I x 3 11 I I V 4. sf' 1 L ,-. 1 -41' ig Y -s -X Ps. 1. 'idsr wwf Y in 1 fx W 'Nl 5 Jerome Hahn, vice president, Maridee Knipmeyer, secretary-treasurer, Alan Gordon, president The Medical Student Council administers the student government of the College ot Medicine. This group is elected from the tour medical classes and is composed of twelve council mem- bers and the four class presidents. The Council is responsible for weighing prob- lems of student interest and presenting their recommendations to faculty administration groups, and acts as the official voice ot student opinion in faculty-student relationships. Annually the Medical Student Council spon- sors the Raymond B. Allen "Golden Apple" ln- structorship Award to the outstanding instruc- tor of each class. The i954 awards were made to Arthur Kirschbaum, freshman class, Max Sam- ter, sophomore class, Max Samter and Edmund Foley, iunior class, Frederick Falls and Eric Old- berg, senior class. The Council contributes each year to the Henry G. Poncher Student Aid Fund, from which loans are made to students in emergency situa- tions. Top row: Glen Asselmeier, William Potts, Adolph Sattler, Robert Mulhausen, Charles Livingston Bottom row: Miriam Behrens, Jerome Hahn, Maridee Knipmeyer, Allan Gordon, Burton Andersen Not in panel: Charles Fagan, Harold Jensen, Dean Jones, Roger Kilton, John l.e,do.r1, David Marc-Js, Richard Newman, Lorenzo Strader, Richard Wendel, Richard Wham C6 I 13" ,L W , J FW Z ff -x 1 1 I i A 4' ii I: J, ctw- ' .3- C' R f ,f . N g -w I' 559 N'-1-14 Top row Stanley Bugalesks Mllton Kramer, Robert Waller Gerald Klen Donal d Goesel Nathan Serlln Jerome Bennett Robert Ireland Bottom row Prof James Davis, Milton Weiner Ann Shuler Barbara Lesak Alex Slatalla Rnchard Dorettr No In panel Ruchard Wevsmehl PHARMACY STUDENT COUNCIL SCHOOL OF NURSING Top vow Florence Muzzarellu Barbara Misic, JoAnn Burk Ron: levln Carol Gogolewskn Joan Blek Mallue Williams Margaret Schultz Bottom row Joyce Marchek vice presidentg Ola James treasurer Margaret Carson presldent Grace Hedberg secretary Ns W.. -M ,M N, .4 J ,-la.. -r -as Top row: Frank Knoblock, John Ritter, William Burns, Lawrie Glickman, Herbert Kazmer, John Klooster, Robert Coberley, Gordon Glaysher, Donald Horton, Robert Wertz, George Marquardt, David Maryn Fourth row: Mathew Samaras, Edmund Kowalik, George Kottemann, Royal Norman, Kenneth Toy, Edward Obrock, Donald Gardner, John Bauman, Deane Doolen, Robert Parsons, John Stanley Third row: Charles Reel, Thomas Warda, Thomas Christie, Donald McNeil, Paul Anders, Homer Jordan, Stewart Malkin, Ralph Council, David Reithel, Robert Miles Second row: Daryl Burns, Lee Bennett, Leonard Quartetti, Lawrence Myers, David Selwyn, Henry Pelc, John Westine, Donald Buckley, Ralph Berenson, Donald Holck, Sheldon Bulwa, Theodore Century, Howard Chun, George Smith Bottom row: Clarence Cox, James Carroll, Raymond Hammer, secretaryf Donald Knoeppel, vice president, Marvin Hirsh, president, Thomas Chamberlin, treasurerp Bertram Fivelson, Edward Krizek Not in panel: Donald Braunagel, Donald Gabor, Richard Henry, Harvey lmber, Robert Moore, Louis Saad, Leo Sobien, Harold Sandercock, Reinhard Schoppe, Nicho- las Simios, Casimir Trelka, William Trimarco DENTISTRY SENIORS DENTISTRY JUNIORS Top row: Richard DeJarld, William Venema, Hugh Flanagan, Arthur Friduss, Wallace Long, John Kaeser, Gary Weaver, Wayne Albert, Boleslaw Mazur Fourth row: John Miller, Eugene Lekan, Valentine Corrado, Robert Eisinger, president, Raymond Meyer, Francis Maly, Bernard Podlasinski, William Daly, Eugene Casperson Third row: Carl Weber, John Maddrell, Thomas Chung, John Kaminski, Edward Gilberg, Albert Friedman, Michael Dyer, Vincent Sacchetti, Jack Kashihara Second row: Chikara Hiroshige, Richard Saikl, Joe Takehara, Arthur Solomon, Hershey Robbins, Robert Pulliam, Richard Bieles, Joseph Matugo, Chester Jasiczek, Harry Kim Bottom row: Stuart Bernstein, Herbert Rosinstein, treasurer, Harry WoltT, James Allison, Marvin Antman, Louis Dimas, vice president, Sam Sasamoto Not in panel: Joseph Allen, Jonathan Barrett, Robert Baxter, Louis Darwish, Thomas Feeney, Jack French, Walter Godelausky, Joseph Granata, secretory, Arthur Grimmenga, Jesse Hader, Duane Hasselbring, Peter Irvine, Melvin Kaplan, Linton Keith, Donald Kolmer, Sherwin Latf, Lea Landau, William Lazarus, George Lenewich, Herbert Lerch, William Maurer, Neal McDyer, Thomas Mear, William Micheltree, Peter Paesani, Leonard Pekoff, Joe Schott, Gerald Silver, George Simonet, Zelmare Teicher me -K iss' f. fr -F? rf. 2 Jr- 1' s 41. Q.- 5 fs 562 Top row: Alfred Neimy, Wilbur Pettit, Edgar Ruble, Dznald Brown, John Armstrong, Sigurds Krolls, Norman Eifler, Ira Geier, Howard Sutcher, James Catlin Fourth row: Leo Trusewitsch, Donald Jelinek, Eugene Zawlccki, Gerald Noskin, Gerald Popper, William Wax, Vincent Urbanek, James Ralph, Gerald Jafle, Hiromv Furukawa Third row: Edmund Tong, Joseph Konieczny, James Havera, James Phe'ps, R.nald Kindelsperger, Carl Venkus, Franklin Weine, Anthony Reinert, Edward Kozclk, Howard Liebman Second row: James Saari, John Howland, Jack Krotenberg, Maurice Zalcman, Richard Walker, Neal Baigh, Alfred McGee, Sheldon Sharfman, Marvin Schumer, Richard Gunther, Cannutte Russell Bottom row: Richard Zimmers, student council representative, Robert Cross, student council representative, Gene Lawyer, student council representative, Gilbert Callahan, treasurer, Thomas Dirksen, president, Gerald Williams, secretary, Masaro Harada, vice president, Charles Gross, student council alternate Nat 'n panel: Richard Andrews, John Coughlin, Gerard Daly, James Donlan, Elliott Esses, Arthur Gensior, Allen Goldberg, Albert Grubba, Joseph Jacobs, Harvey Locker, Larry London, Robert Nicholls, Henry Peterson, Theodore Strenski, Leonard Teicher DENTISTRY SOPHCDNIORES DENTIST Y FRESHIVIEN Top row, Jack Halt, Richard Macri, John Lee, Ray Krug, Edward Tye, Thomas Schaefer, Melvin Maclin, lrwin Chaiken, Roland Rudnick, William Fox, Robert Challenger Fourth row: James Morgonelli, William Geiser, Raymond Salvino, Michael Videka, Howard Gerstein, Arnold Wax, Seymour Gottlieb, Robert Klein, Melvin Margolis, Marvin Waldman, Ronald Szilagy Third row: Eugene Grandel, Jordan Kramer, Thomas Harrigan, Melvin Sered, Fred Burkhardt, Donald Salk, Donald Rice, Donald Newell, Robert Hoehne, Egon Schein, George Germanos Second row: Dominic Vitucci, Howard Oser, Ben Harris, Abraham Neiman, Gerald Mognes, Richard Holt, Beniamin Farnum, Andrew Sarras, Stanley Hellman, John Micek, Albert Jackson, Homer Allen Bottom row: Edward Schaefer, John Kissel, Donald Kaneoka, William Smith, Stanley Cross, Robert Bryant, Lawrence Tinder, Steve Karos, Nathaniel Hamilton Not in panel: Robert Anderson, Donald Carlson, William Cooper, Hubert Darian, John Dultv, Bertram Goodhart, Charles James, Calvin Johnson, Zygryda Kurek, Henry Langer, Martin Osheroft, Glen Targhetta, Andrew Tolas, Perry Voornas, Robert Williams, Philip Wright 34 t 5 3 l Y I 3 i Ei ' it Q, 5: Q zfl -v My n.4..1i.-1,, , ,A 2 'RFQ f 56 'Hawk fl is ,aww ii:- X -, Q r -il Top row: Jerome Hahn, Richard Tarizzo, Ralph Beck, Alan Anderson, Armer Swanson, Thomas Stilwell, Warner Gustavson, Nelson NVrigI'lt, Jack Gift Fourth row: Glen Asselmeier, Robert Lukas, Carl Anderson, Richard Holmes, Jess Lester, Stanton Berman, Stuart Brown, Harold Leichenko, Richard Turbin, David Thirdsorrbivi Richard Bergeron, Raymond Tamura, Robin Johnston, James Acklin, Jerome Hershman, Richard Anderson, Sheldon Stearns, Robert Hamilton, Lyle Wacaser, Seconixcilorilotwri LE:iIfard Dainko, Gladys Olson, Irwin Harris, Warren Borrow, Monte Levinson, Frederic Ball, James Sandrolini, William Sargent, Arnold Tatar, Irwin Bottoinmzfw: Karen Englebrecht, Merle Schmidt, James Stoetzel, Philip Andrews, Philip Lawless, Charles Livingston, William Keller, Burton Andersen, Marian Durst MEDICAL SOPI-IOIVIORES Top row: Joseph Martincevix, Donald Ritchie, George Wilkins, Irving Savin, Lyle Moses Second row: Danuta Buzdygan, Stanton Polin, Willard Wimsett, Richard Bernstein, Allen llrysch, Thomas Halama, Loretta Roseman, Alice Pasel Bottom row: Robert Seifert, Frank Becker, Edward Sutoris, Ivan Lindgren, Mareo Ellison, William Meltzer, James Maher Not in panel: Edward Abbott, Frank Adrian, Roger Atterberry, Bernard Baltes, Richard Benedix, Richard Biek, Jeb Boswell, Carroll Boyles, Wilbur Cant, Donald Charous, George Conner, John Courtright, Lyle Cowan, Adella Cunningham, Willis Dickens, John Dickinson, Richard Dolan, Harvey DeBofsky, David Duffell, Robert Ecklund, Eldon Evans, Milton Fort, Jerome Frankel, Marvin Freedman, Albert Freilich, Charles Frye, Kirby Frymire, Donald Fullerton, Stanley Garner, Milton Gates, Melvyn Goldsmith, Everett Grahn, William Hanatord, Richard Harvey, Floyd Heller, Robert Hertenstein, Robert Korninski, Charles Kenney, Henry Kobrin, Ralph Kreps, William Kristy, Thomas Landauer, William Lesko, Joel Levin, Wilbur McFadden, John McGlothin, Robert Merriman, David Michaels, Donald Mitchell, Clark Montgomery, Gordon Mulder, George Murphy, John Murphy, Sherwin Nelson, Kenneth Newby, Louis Newton, Rudolph Oppenheimer, Harry Ores, Eugene Oscherwitz, Luis Owano, Paul Plueddeman, George Porter, Edward Quartetti, Marcus Quinones, William Richards, John Rice, Philander Ricks, Paul Roberts, Ronald Rosenberg, Howard Rubenstein, David Rubin, Howard Sanden, Alan Sankstone, William Sermonte, Ronald Slvellow, James Shomalzer, Dayle Snyder, Solo- i-iry Summer, Sheldon Tobin, Lino Trombetta, Bernard Turbow, Richard Tursman, Robert mon Sobel, Malcolm Sperling, Irving Starkman, Donovan Stiegel, A Underwood, Lee Vincent, Philip Wagner, Vernon Walton, Darrell Wiley, Jack Winberg, Raymond Yockey wi 'W :yr if Top row: Peter Leftmon, Jack Lasersohn, Richard Albers, Fred Bieker, Wendell Carter, Gerald Grohert, Jerry Farber, Abraham Chervony, Richard Levinson, John Leedom, Lee Kochenderfer, Donald Engelhardt Fourth row: Gerald Cohn, Richard Ey, Robert Collier, James Callaway, William Komm, Leon Cohn, Carl Adams, Joseph Libnoch, Garland Kirkpatrick, Mark Brauer, David Abrams Third row: Arthur Falk, Rolland Bethards, Robert Hodam, Bruce Belshaw, Fritz Larson, David Kay, Howard Levin, Louis Lukancic, William Jackson, Bernard Gordon Second row: John Hubbard, Carl Barthelemy, Robert Baldwin, Lawrence Grant, Alvin Langer, William Hays, James Labes, Thomas Kemper, Mel Feinberg, Thomas Griffith, George Holzman Bottom row: Albert Bledig, Olga Jonassan, Joan Bergeron, Raya Czerner, Elizabeth Bauman, Lois Lowden, Betty Klahr, Maiia Katlops, Howard Klapman MEDICAL FRESHMEN Top row: Kenneth Peart, Joseph Davis, Robert Malkus, Jordan Trafimcw, Kenneth VanderVennet, James Fisch, John Pretto, Robert Webb, Eugene Trager, Raymond Moeller Third row: George Perry, Jerry Stern, James Sanderson, Stewart Rosenfeld, William Phelps, Norman Taylor, Merrill Scott, William Richardson, George Raab Second raw: Louis Raia, Irving Baran, Morton Shulman, Thomas Nichol, Bernard Sered, Delmar Strelow, Irvine Shipkowitz, Richard Stallrnan, Raymond Morello Bottom raw: Howard Hecht, Ernest Weis, Earl Nudelman, Diane Trembly, Sandro Solon, Beniamin Stephan, Abraham Wolf, Floyd Weaver Not in panel: Charles Ahlberg, Bruce Bailey, James Bair, Mollie Barclay, Arnold Begun, Marshall Blankenship, George Bonk, Jordan Barns, Elizabeth Boswell, Robert Briney, James Brown, Mandel Buchbinder, Louis Burger, Bennie Carpenter, James Conger, Jimmy Crouse, Richard Croy, Louis Dondanville, James Elmes, Donald Ernst, Harley Estrin, Robley Evans, Charles Fagan, William Fraley, Alexander Glassman, Norman Grobe, John Hackett, Gerald Hammond, Charles Ham- mond, George Hanson, Monty Hill, Robert Hill, Richard Jones, Roger Kennedy, Edwin Kerr, Kenneth Kessel, Donn Ketcham, Gene Kuehn, Richard Logan, Herbert Longnecker, Carroll Loomis, Gordon lucas, Fred Marasso, Harvey Marver, Franklin Mattig, James McElhaney, Jane McNamara, Armin Meyer, Lawrence Mock, John Morray, Fredrick Morrison, Francis Morrison, David Naden, Warren Nickerson, Wesley Norman, Victor Oberheu, Charles Paine, William Pressly, James Pritchard, Arthur Rosen, Harold Saferstein, Fred Schultz, Richard Schwerdt, Charles Shean, Roger Slater, Roger Slutske, Lorenzo Strader, Ronald Supena, Henry Taylor, James Volkel, Richard Wendel, Richard Wham, Robert Williams, Jaan Winandy, William Winkler, Josette Woel, Steven Zimmerman l iv-1 fi I K . ,. .. . 52,2-15 ' 564 ers, r H, ,,., ,ii kV.V Swv 'Q 'f 4' af.Qi,g,,j .. i i ' ig .11 A ,-J. gg i ,. ' :"' -- 4 . . , .. .Y ,y i mg. , ..h 1 X 1 hz, si iaftiiil , ' :,.,,,, me , Q, ttf - f- Q Q 1 L -. :ff . - tg Q . Q ia? .43 my 5 'ggi er, 'Q X Q t ,N X S e si sa if? if as Q S W X iiftai, miiiih, s Hi FF ' 'K r it 3332 dit A L, t 1 '-it . ,iieggtft 3, , 4 tw 3 MV, mg ,V eo, , if 1 gy 5 A. 2 kt 1 , 5 :IQ X ww , et fe ii so f tw, .1 if S :ef L Z 5 so Qt., s I , 1 R, er ,ff -x 2329 .1 ,, Q, 24 X 5, ,, ,wi F s , iff' 5, F' ,W ii' " Q A is A at ,L Mrk , R f , L ' iii? f ' 2 if ii -if w ii 4' f gt? , , 1 5 or ? off L 1 . Q W it et- ' we A M E W gi Q F if , :gf W r, ,, Ea v 'agar af ., i ,f gp get , vgfs, HY. - Q di I 1 rr 4 I N 4 .. V 6 . x W I 565 Top row: Kenneth Simpson, Anthony Scardino, Frank Carter, Merle Crossland, James Noatz, William Prescott, Hugh Falls Third raw: Joel Levine, Selwyn Shkolnik, John Hartmann, Marvin Rosenberg, Fred Rowe, Samuel Ginsburg, Earle Crandall, Jerome Kaplan, Lois Shirky Second row: William Glezen, Leonard Pamper, Nicholas Kefalides, Howard Berlin, Marvin Romsdahl, James McKinzie, Joyce Schild, Harry Graft, Mary Willems Bottom row: Arthur Woloshin, Marshall Spector, Gerald Lee, Richard Newman, Adolph Sattler, president, Earle Feiwell, Wilbur Marshall, John MacDonneIl MEDICAL JUNIORS PHARMACY SENIORS Top row: Donald Tune, Vincent Santolin, Sheldon Chazdon, Norbert Bartnicki, Joseph Diamond, Norman Olsen, Lewis Rich, Henry Marshal, Howard Mirsky, Loren Withrow, Kenneth Witkosky, Donald Goesel, Donald Stokes Fourth row: William Mendrala, Dewey Anderson, Edward Raftery, John Autera, Sydney Davis, Jerome Bennett, Donald Lonhart, Raymond Broderick, Stanley Tvorian, Robert Vrany, Carl Cohen, Dale Pearson Arthur Telcser, Arnold Katz, Sidney Silber, Roy Peloquin, Robert Frankel, Arthur Wogmcn, Sheldon Jansky, Peter Loutos, Edward Bruner, Milton Third row: Kramer, Fred Turner, Jack Salter, George Hall, Richard Harshfeld Second row Stanley Bottom row Gerald : Abraham Abdallah, Herbert Brand, William Fast, Milton Weiner, Eugene Bernstein, Donald Warsaw, Sherwin Golden, Irving Garnick, Arnold Kaplan, Margolis, Carl Rish, Keller Linne, David Shoyman : Ronald Miller, Allen Gomoll, Charles Lorenz, John Fisher, vice president, Georgia Kosl, secretary, Gerald Kien, president, Charles Rufietti, treasurer, Franklin, David Arends .iii 77 Wav t ziggy,-ff wg- , , 25 ,tiff zffk. 'Wu - ff an A Q 5 , , A, X , ix 2. L1 I 1 3, ,. 5 W- N14 , , D .Q 1' I :ffl K A ,wr .., .9 45 , 1 ,M q.. All , K Top row: Jerome Colletti, Charles Crepas, James Stewart, Alvin Geller, Harol' Schroeder, Lcwoll Zeleznick, Alon Rosenberg, David Irwin Third row: Ann Schuler, Franklin Horwitz, Donald Gorski, Karl Strickland, Ralp a Bradol, Charles Winders, Joan Howard, Mary Newman Second row: Beulah Blacksher, Gerald Paszkiet, Jerome Dany, Marshall Rasof, Robert Steenrod, Ronald Reiman, George Fedor, Jerry Rothstein Bottom row: Nissen Vexler, Irving Cotovsky, Richard Elsner, vice president, Richard Doretti, president, Lionel Simon, treasurer, Irving Udell secretary Carl Bertram PHARMACY JUNIORS Top row: John Manfred, Kenneth Schuele, John Hill, James Muren, Charles Ross, John Wadas, Sherman Rosen Third row: William Ross, Cyril Natkin, Donald Mitak, Robert Engelthaler, George Urban, Sheldon Stein, Jordan Waxman Second raw: Gerald Frank, Sheldon Menis, Morton Goldsmith, Marvin Steinberg, Donald Sostock, James Molloy, Ronald Hinsdill, Marshall Bottom row: Richard Weismehl, Regina Tarkowski, Eleanor Rurik, Josephine Altieri, Joan Stanton, Tatiana Bulatovic, Robert Ireland J.. - 9 , ce- X 1, Y 1 1 QW, ww WT' 'LTI'-' 567 .Q ff - ,W I "Y i . :H i l L iz , W, j 'L I fm, Top row: Kenneth Gall, James Briscoe, Harvey Buck, Raymond Glessner, William Galtz, Fred Hulzinga, Robert Loveall, Alois Birkeneder, Jerry Kaplan, Stanton Jurgens, Norbert Dybas Fourth row: Marvin Frank, Raymond Acklond, Stephan Benak, Richard Bilek, Hugh Eadie, Theodore Kramer, Faryl Agans, William Kruse, Seymour Cohen, Kenneth Kieca, Gerald Jacoby Third row: Donald Buttitta, Arthur Buhring, Richard Foote, Angelo DiGiovonni, Richard Cecrle, Marvin Goeke, Robert Lamparski, Thomas Krakowski, Robert Carman, James Klatt, Russell King Second row: Geraldine Coughlin, Fay Christen:en, Joan Cole, Marilyn Kribley, Helen Baleisis, Regina Juskevicius, Helen Kowalik, James Geske, Raymond Jerozal, David Haraburda Bottom row: Gilbert Holmes, Sidney Brottmon, Eugene Adler, Daniel Goldsmith, John Grocholl, Jerome Lutz, Donald Doubek, Morton Kochefsky, Arthur Drucker Not in panel: Mitchel Auerharl, Earl Barney, Frank Barone, Herbert Binder, Greta Bowyer, James Borucki, James Brogan, Thomas Chibucos, Philippe Chouinard, Donald Cox, Phillip Dickler, Arthur Downey, Roden Duff, Leonard Fischer, Donald Forbes, Edward Forcash, Nina Foushi, Lane Frankel, Caesar Garibaldi, Rudolph Giulietti, Frank Grabowski, Robert Greifenstein, Joseph Grigus, John Harrison, John Harrison, Michael Kalagian, Warren Karlsen, Florence Kastys, Joseph Kennedy, Leonard Kligman, Robert Kolene, Helen Kowalik, Gene Long, Robert Lawrence, Alfred Lescher, Edward Lewis, Frank Matesi, Muriel Matthei, Bradley Miller, Sheldon Minsky, Elaine Mitchell, Sister Mary Muszynska, Ronald Nedved, Carolyn Nieman, David Nona, David Owen, Dale Oyen, Parslina Pese, Kenneth Raclawski, William Raule, Donald Rubin, Ira Sachs, Bernard Schneiderman, Fred Schwartz, Jerrold Schwartz, William Seraponas, Dale Sparke, Christo- pher Stankus, Thomas Stasiak, Joseph Tinaglia, Ronald Turek, Howard Turk, George Vaselopulos, Donald Vece, Richard Wiggins, Elizabeth Wilson, Dorothy PHARMACY FRESHIVIEN Top row: Ollie Mullenbach, Robert Freedkin, Sheldon Shlossman, Eugene Rodgers, Donald Piha, Harry Leggett, Fred Swede, Edward May, John Moore, Ernest Zegadla, Donald Sikorski, Edward Siegelman, Anthony Ostrowski Fourth row: James Stevens, Edmund Kropidlowski, Donn Nelson, William Newman, James Gannon, Joseph Tinaglia, Donald Vangor, Donald O'Mara, Joseph Miller, Jerome Welenc, Casimer Wieczorek Third row: Robert Siepka, Robert Sztuk, Harvey Tenenblatt, Ronald Mostowski, Fred Morris, James Zaiicek, Robert Anderson, James Fleming, Frank Mazzuca, Robert Rosen, Robert Marcano Second row: Michael Middleton, Richard Rosenberg, Burton Lichter, Gerald Wachs, Olfeo Lorenzetti, Donald Pochron, Thomas Tragdon, Walter Pupich, Richard Parker, Jacqueline Tichy, Loretta Oblak, Larry Silver, Salvatore Rinella, Michael Rosenberg Bottom row: Gerald Strickland, James Pixley, Konsiantend Harris, Rudolph Schneider Zaiauskas, Norton Zemaw Patrick LeVoy, Fred Ban, Washington Strong, Harold Mason, Herbert Raskin, Robert Fropaggio 13 "' ,ff .J 'tg' 'r QI 'e, ai, bl? E X ,fr '2n2"-V, 7 I QE QF FRATERNITIES AND RESIDENCES f ri 'il' Nun' if 570 w A , 5 -' x W I N f ii 32 F ' xx was ' 3 x X . I ' W. fy X V gi, Q 5 ' , .gi 2? :I i I -I . I 4- 3 -"ff IQ r .uf , I I lg Top row: William Lazarus, secretary: Peler Paesuni, Robert Eisinger Bolfom row: Gordon Glaysher, vice presidenlf Charles Reel, presidentg Roberl Wcrlz, treasurer COUNCIL MEDICAL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Top row: William Glezen, Wilbur Marshall, secretary: Donald Schaller Bollcm row: Merle Crossland, vice presidenfy Ralph Ade, presidenlg William Mar kel, lrecsurer Not in panel: John Courlrighl, Loren Humphrey Top row Joan Bergeron Ethel Isaac Drone Trembly Elrzobeth Boswell, Mary Wrllems Lars Lowden Marla Katlaps Loretta Roseman Dcrnuta Buzdygan Raya Second row Karen Engelbrecht Adella Cunnrngham Arlene Smith, Gladys Olson Olga Jonclsson Norvelle Harrrs Alnce Pasel Betty Klahr Joan Wrnandy Bottom row Lors Shrrky Pola Protrcwskr recordrng secretary, Maridee Knlpmeyer treasurer Dorrs Beatty president Joyce Schrld correspondrng secretary Bar bara Rocah Zene Kagan Not rn panel Marlorre Barnett Vrvrun Catton Jeannette Chung, Monique Grnderske Grna Moron vice presrdent Alrcra Schwreger Maralyn Toman Genevreve ALPHA El3SlLON IOTA lvledrcrne LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA Pharmacy se. , MQ, Bottom row Beulah Blacksher vrce presrdent Carolnne Otrowski, secretary Josephrne Altrerr presrdent t 4 I .. .... in 4 ,.. - Top raw: Jerome Hahn, Harold Johnson, Bruce Belshaw, Wilber Cant, Louis Dondanville, George Wilkins, Fritz Larson, Alan Anderson, Armer Swanson, Nelson Wright, Jack Gift, Eldon Evans, Philip Andrews Third row, Roger Atterbury, Robert Mueller, Gilbert Schmuttenmaer, Richard Biek, James Conger, Dayle Snyder, Robert Hodam, Rolland Bethards, William Phelps, William Kamm, Robert Dram, Louis Rapp, Merrill Scott, James Stoetzel Second row: Richard Ey, Glen Asselmeier, Norris Dougherty, Romulus Thomas, William Potts, Donald Fullerton, Charles Livingston, Marshall Blankenship, Roger Slater, Ralph Stagner, Donald Funk, Stanwood Frank, James Shomaker, Albert Bledig Bottom raw, John Hubbard, Joseph Symon, Robert Briney, Robin Johnston, Paul Plueddeman, Robert Williams, Merle Crossland, Richard Albers, Lyle Cowan, Ed- ward Abbott, Merle Schmidt, Robert Hill, Carroll Boyles Not in panel: Marvilee Aden, Frank Adrian, Robert Alexander, Burton Andersen, William Anderson, L80 Artkeflbfflfldif Wdlter Beflfdf Ffflnk Befkef, Cl0fE'1CB Benson, Jean Boatright, David Bone, Amos Bratrude, William Briney, William Carper, Frank Carter, John Cletcher, Robert Collier, John Dickinson, William Durham, Harold Elliott, Don Ervin, Denton Ferrell, Homer Fleisher, William Fraley, Dwight Freeman, Charles Frye, Richard Harvey, Fred Helpenstell, Loren Humphrey, Donald Ingram, Charles Inskeep, Frank Johnson, Quentin Johnson, Dean Jones, Nicholas Kefalides, William Keller, John Kemmon, Charles Kenney, Kermit Knudsen, Eugene Kreps, William Langreder, John Leonard, Carroll Loomis, Robert McFerran, John McGlothlin, Robert Miller, Wilfred Miller, Gordon Mulden, David Naden, Kenneth Newby, Louis Newton, Warren Nickerson, Luis Owano, William Pieper, Edward Quartetti, Louis Raia, John Rice, William Sargent, Robert Schenck, Waldo Schneider, William Shackeltord, Roy Slezak, Robert Stanley, Donovan Stiegel, Orville Stone, David Swanson, James Thomas, James Turns, Kenneth Vander Vennet, Lee Vincent, Vernon Wallace, Richard Walk ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Medicine Top row: Loren Humphrey, rushing chairman, Donald Funk, treasurer, Dayle Snyder, freshman representative, Charles Frye, corresponding secretary, George Wilkins, athletic chairman, William Sargent, recording secretary, Joseph Potts, iunior representative, Robin Johnston, social chairman Bottom row, Carroll Boyles, house manager, Amos Bratrude, senior representative, Merle Crossland, president, Glen Asselmeier, vice president, Charles Living- ston, commissar Not in panel: Burton Andersen, historian, Jerome Hahn, chaplain, Merle Schmidt, warden ft QQ itfik. gtlgian, fm' Sim: t .:'i?:!'1 V ' rg f 'Zi ','t",Q?:5js Wiiivfaliiffi 572 573 If -' .'-."'ef 1' ft- .tistx lop row: Herbert Rosenstein, corresponding secretary, Stewart Malkin recording secretary, Lawrie Glickman, sergeant at arms, Franklin Weine house man ager Bottom row: Ralph Berenson, treasurer, Robert Eisinger, vice president Theodore Century, president, Marvin Hirsh, past president A L. P HA O Nl EG A Dentistry 'lop raw: Edward Gilberg, William Wax, Robert Eisinger, Martin Osheroflf, Jesse Hader, Neal Baigh, Howard Sutcher, Arthur Friduss, Marvin Antmon Third row: Harvey Locker, Theodore Century, Stewart Malkin, Gerald Noskin, Gerald Jaffe, Franklin Weine, Leonard Teicher, Howard Liebman Arthur Solomon Second row: Gerald Popper, Herbert Rcsenstein, Jack Krotenberg, Sheldon Sharfman, Marvin Schumer, Bertram Fivelsan, Joseph Jacobs, Hershey Robbins Sherwin Lal? Bottom row: Herbert Lerch, Lawrie Glickman, Harvey lmber, Marvin Hirsh, David Maryn, Sheldon Bulwa, Ralph Berenson, Stuart Bernstein Not in panel: Elliott Esses, Albert Friedman, Allen Goldberg, Charles Gross, Melvin Kaplan, William Lazarus, Larry London, Gerald Silver gn R V 31 e ve-" M -- ,ef 3 . 3 'wr r in Top row: Karl Roseman, Lawrence Savilt, Richard Weismehl, Fourth row: Sheldon Menis, Marvin Steinberg, Donald Sostack, Third row: Alan Maslav, David Blumenfeld, Arnold Kaplan, Stanley Margolis Second row: Gerald Riflkind, Alfred Martin, Jerry Rothstein, Rosen, Richard Daretti . V Lowell Zeleznick, Robert Waller, Howard Mirsky, Marvin Zissman, Nathan Serlin Jonathan Mann, Alan Rosenberg, Jordan Waxman, Irving Udell, Louis Sherman, Lionel Simon Foul Feldman, Sherwin Golden, Sheldon Jansky, Eugene Bernstein, William Ross, Fred Tanenbaum, Nissen Vexler, Herlrert Schwartz, Ronald Boton, Robert Frankel, Milton Weiner, Robert Ireland, Sherman Bottom row: Franklin Horwitz, Arthur Telcser, Charles Crepas, Morton Goldsmitl, William Fast, Prof. James Davis, Milton Kramer, Alvin Geller, Peter Loutos Not in panel: Robert Lerner, Gerald Masover, Jerrold Schwartz, i Marvin Youngerman DELTA KAPPA SIG MA Pharmacy Tap row: Franklin Horwitz, financial scribe, Alvin Geller, marshall, Milton Kramer, secretary, Sheldon Jansky, interfraternity council representative Bottom row: Charles Crepas, exchequer, William Fast, chancellor, Morton Gold' smith, vice chancellor, Prof. James Davis, faculty advisor my asf - A Ha 'C 2" , t 6 " -4 54,125 Q" 1 W., VY.. V fi ,J ,bs A '- 4.-I uf 57-4 575 V X A f ,Lit LL. ' if l,:,:'.:'i'g+d5 Top row: Richard DeJarId, historian, Neal McDyer, tylerg Gordon Glaysher, inter- traternity council representative, Lee Bennett, rushing chairman, Robert Wertz, interfraternity council representative, Louis Dimas, iunior page, Louis Saad, senior page Bottom row: Leo Sabien, worthy master, Robert Coberley, grand master, Deane Doolen, scribe, Harold Sandercock, treasurer DELTA SIGMA DELTA Denlislry Top row: Thomas Feeney, Joseph Allen, Donald Jelinek, Albert Grubba, Edward Obrock, William Micheltree, Norman Einer, Henry Peterson, Robert Wertz. Thomas Mear, Edward Krixek, George Marquardt, Herbert Kazmer, Gerald Williams, Ray Callahan Fourth row: Thomas Worda, Edgar Ruble, Mathew Samaras, Edmund Kowalik, Reinhardt Schoppe, David Reithel, Kenneth Tay, Gordon Glaysher, Neal McDyer, James Ralph, George Kottemann, John Armstrong Third row: Harry Kim, James Carroll, Alfred Neimy, James Havera, Paul Anders, Don Buckley, Richard DeJarld, Ralph Council, Frank Knoblock, Carl Weber, Howard Chun, Joseph Konieczny, Donald Kolmer Second row: Joe Takehora, James Saari, John Howland, Richard Soiki, James Allison, louis Saad, Richard Zimmers, Louis Dimas, Joseph Shott, Richard Henry, Robert Moore, Lee Bennett, Joseph Granata, Hiromu Furukowa, John Coughlin Bottom row: Dr. Robert Savage, Dr. Thomas Barber, Dr. Harry Price, Harold Scndercock, Leo Sabien, Robert Coberley, Deane Doolen, Dr. Sol Flores, Dr. W. H. Kubacki, Dr. John Spence Not in panel: Robert Baxter, Robert Blagg, Walter Godelausky, Mosaro Harada, Peter Irvine, Donald Knoeppel, Bernard Podlasinski, Nicholas Simios, Edmund Tong, Richard Walker l if is 11 1 Top row: James Stewart, Alex Slatalla, Donald Lonhart, Otto Horacek, Donald Ludwig, Jerome Wisner, Barry Engquist, Francis Simons, Dale Pearson Fourth row: Erwin Beier, Thomas Braun, Douglas Ingrahom, Raymond Broderick, Ralph Bradel, Ronald Reiman, Donald Gorski, Charles Ruffetti, Roy Salerno Third row: Richard Elsner, Gerald Paszkiet, Jerome Dony, Norbert Bartnicki, George Thies, James Subka, Donald lglinski, Richard Mackowiak, Ronald Miller Second row: Donald Gronewald, Gregory Hakalmazian, Stanley Bugaieski, Chester Garstka, Jock Lange, Richard Schlueter, John Wadas, Clifford Ervin, Charles O'Brien, Richard Virva Bottom row: Donald McWilliams, James Selinger, Karl Strickland, Allen Gomoll, Donald Dart, Dr. Stanley Susina, Dr. George Webster, Dr. James Gearien, Prof. Charles Clarke Not in panel: Eugene Belczak, Ronald Betz, Richard Gliwa, John Ingold, James Kelly, Richard Mackawiak, Kenneth Raclawski, Edward Raftery, Walter Setlak, Roger Smitendorf, Joseph Thiel KA PPA l3Sl Pharmacy Tap row: Gerald Paszkiet, chaplaing Jack Lange, sargeant at arms, Otto Horacek, historianp Donald McWilliams, treasurer Bottom row: James Selinger, secretary, Allen Gomoll, co vice regent, Donald Dart, regent, Karl Strickland, co vice regent s fa. cf, Qv ,FX 4 v 576 577 wx , ' ,T gf -I ual :Vg V fit, .,f "' g'iif'l57-X ff g ai! Q 1 1 1 A v l .xv i F5 KA. Top row: Richard Willms, treasurer, Thomas Bergeron, historian, James Sandrolini, custodian Bollom row: Howard Glasslord, vice president, Wilbur Marshall, president, Carl Wacker, secretary N U SIG MA N U Medicine Top row: Hershell Keeline, James McKinzie, Thomas Pollard, Jerral Seibert, Randall Mann, John Mason, David Barton, John Pfau, Richard Solderberg, Stuart Roberts, Jerry Lewis, Owen Bloodgood, Marvin Romsdahl, Donald Hanscom, Richard Harshfield, Carl Barthelemy Fifth row: James Falker, Thomas McGrath, Bennie Carpenter, Fred Schultz, Joseph Hageman, Carl Anderson, Richard Anderson, Robert Baldwin, Charles Ayers, Robert Hamilton, Philip Lawless, Neil Trolman, John Andrews Fourth row: George Murphy, Lyle Wacaser, Kent Ueland, Richard Tarizzo, Roger Kennedy, Norman Taylor, Richard Dolan, Merle Staufier, Rudolph Oppenheimer, James Bair, Richard Williams, Warren Barrow, Robert Bettasso Third row: Donald Schaller, James Sanderson, Thomas Nichol, Delmar Strelow, George Connor, Lawrence Grant, Willis Dickens, Thomas Stilwell, Richard Wham, Charles Hammond, Kenneth Fetrow, Arthur Miller, James Brown, Robert Seifert Second row: George Holzman, Edward Dainko, James Acklin, James Sandrolini, Wilbur Marshall, Thomas Bergeron, Carl Wacker, Roy Kurotsuchi, James Maher Bottom row: Raymond Yackey, Hugh Falls, Kenneth Peart, Richard Schwerdl, Thomas Grihfith, George Hanson, Dan Meyer Not in panel: James Andersen, Richard Bendix, Richard Blankshain, Lorris Bowers, Paul Brothers, Glenn Fiscus, Robert Foley, Howard Glassford, Russell Hall, William Hanson, John Hartman, Dean Hungness, Theodore Ikeda, William Kemp, Frank Kerkoch, George Lambakis, Douglas Layman, John Macdonnell, Allen Meyer, Ernest Moon, William Prescott, Marcus Quinonss, Donald Ritchie, John Schmidt, John Slutzman, Lynn Turner, Philip Wagner, Theodore Wakefield, Edward Walker, Richard Webb, Luther Wigdahl, Richard Willms ll Y of X sy ft --. cp cs. A Y mA . M it Top row: James Coeur, Lelan Stallings, Louis Wilhelmi, Herman Schmid, Joseph Symmands, Robert Wood, Norman Grebe, Edward Kwedar, Bernard Baltes, William Markel, Charles Ahlberg, William Pressly Second row: lyan Lindgren, James Goldenstein, John Pretto, George Johansen, Thoburn Patton, William Hays, Walter Schroeder, Jack Lasersohn, Raymond Morello, Wesley Norman, John Leedam, James Pritchard, Donald Johnson Bottom row: Raymond Moeller, Fredrick Morrison, Carl Adams, Fred Marassa, John Courtright, Robert Hertenstein, James Elmes, George Bonk, Herbert Longnecker, Fred Bieker Not in panel: Robert Buxton, John Cullinan, Harry Dobbrunz, Patrick Elwood, John Funk, Don Gilchrist, Edward Jekot, Tadashi Kadonaga, Robert Kaminski, George- Kerunen, Robert Merriam, Harry Ores, Clinton Pace, Ernest Poole, Eugene Raney, Harold Toussaint, Robert Tuttle, Robert Underwood, Arthur Williamson PHI BETA Pl Medicine Patrick Elwood, secretary, Harry Ores, treasurer, John Courtright, vice president, William Markel, president 3 ,Who .," sc wg c if 578 579 v 1'. rv V ' Robert Engellhaler, secretary, James Molloy, presidenf, John Hill, vice presidenl Not in panel: William Foley, treasurer, Dale Doerr, alumni advisor PHI DELTA CHI Pharmacy Top row: Ernest LeQuaHe, James Muren, Robert Engellholer, Loren Wivhraw, William Foley Second row: Alfred Slaler, Donold Milok, Leonard Groeneveld, Ronald Hinsdill Boilam row: John Hill, Dale Doerr, James Molloy, Prof. Paul Carpenter, Dr. Frank Crane, William larsen No? in panel: Dr. Joseph Begando, Dr. Dwight Deardorff, Ronald Harshfeld .Va 'zu no sm. ls .... Lge gp: 3 ' ' -.fs Tap row: Fredric Watson, Alan Gordon, Martin Morris, Raymond Hechter, Lawrence Shapiro Third row: Nahman Greenberg, Irving Bloom, Sheldon Cohen, Stanton Berman, Marvin Mishkin, Marshall Grobert Second raw: Jerome Kaplan, Jerome Hershman, Marvin Rosenberg, Monte Levinson, Earle Crandall, Richard Turbin, Irving Savin, Arthur Savitt Bottom row: Charles Davis, Franklin Sher, Maurice Schwartz, David Marcus, Sheldon Stearns, Jack Aron, Melvyn Goldsmith Not in panel: Milton Bibergal, Robert Bregman, Stuart Brown, Harvey DeBofsky, Earl Feiwell, Sherwin Fox, Marvin Freedman, Albert Freilich, Stanley Garner, Joseph Gassman, Charles Gavin, Howard Gurevitz, Floyd Heller, Victor Horvitz, Sheldon Dreiselman, Gerald Lee, Harold Leichenko, Coleman Levin, William Meltzer, Lyle Moses, Sherwin Nelson, Eugene Oscherwitz, Jack Remington, Ronald Rosenberg, Richard Rosenstein, William Rubinson, Ronald Shellaw, Kenneth Simpson, Malcolm Sperling, lrving Starkman, Alan Steen, Mary Summers, Arnold Tatar, Sheldon Tobin, lrwin Yarmo, Marvin Zolot PHI DELTA EPSILON Medicine Top row: David Marcus, iunior senator, Charles Davis, historian, .lack Aron, TYEGSUTQI' Bottom row: Sheldon Stearns, secretary, Franklin Sher, president, Maurice Schwartz, senior senator Not in panel: Fredric Watson, social chairman fx isa -this VE,v'l5:i!-gl. .. ag , ' if .. B 580 -1 EET? ". -i X52 i7i:8'-av-'f'eV-1 :FC 1 'vii if- , ,JF Qi--f, 1, 253.213 M' Top row: William Lesko, commissar, Jeb Boswell, housemanp Darrell Wiley, secretaryp Richard Holms, treasurerp Reinhardt Bodenbender, rushing chairman Bottom row: Ralph Ade, president, John Spellmeyer, vice president Not in panel: Ralph Beck, senior warden, Ward Starrett, social chairman, William Glezen, rushing chairman PHI RHO SIG NIA Medicine Top row: Donald Eytcheson, Victor Oberheu, Henry Taylor, Ralph Beck, Richard Logan, Charles Fagan, Gordon Lucas, Robert Webb, David Ellis Fourth row: John Peters, Lawrence Fetz, Robert Mulhausen, Lawrence Gray, Charles Chedister, James Callaway, William Richardson, John Hackett, Edmund Andracki Third row: Farrell Mock, Ralph Casciaro, Delbert Williams, Kenneth Wehrle, Edward Kerr, Gerald Hammond, Lee Kochenderter, Paul Fry, Richard O'Connor Second row: Norman Halfpenny, N. W. Skaia, Raymond Tamura, Richard Newman, Clyde Wieland, Franklin Mattig, Peter Starrett, James Volkel, Gene Kuehn, Ronald Supena Bottom row: Gilbert Miller, Angelo Spinazzola, William Lesko, Darrell Wiley, Ralph Ade, Richard Holmes, John Spellmeyer, Reinhardt Bodenbender, Lorenzo Strader Not in panel: James Crouse, Philip Daugherty, Robert Ecklund, William Glezen, Ronald Hudee, Harold Jensen, Dudley Jchnson, John Kaminski, Lambros Karkazis, Andrew Larsen, Howard Luce, Wayne Mathy, Donald Mitchell, Clark Montgomery, Paul Morimofo, John Murphy, James Naatz, Jack O'Brian, Salvatore Piazza, Jean-Louis Riehl, George Rurick, Adolph Sattler, Anthony Scardino, Charles Shean, Andrew Somlyo, Word Starrett, George Sweeney, Richard Vandermyde, James Windeck, Ernest Yahiro I - - Top row: Louis Darwish, Gerald Daly, Donald Brown, Jonathan Barrett, Ronald Kindelsperger, Wallace Long, Thomas Dirksen, John Kaeser, Theodore Strenski, Grimmenga, William Daly, William Maurer Fourth row: Thomas Christie, Valentine Corrado, Duane Hasselbring, James Phelps, James Catlin, Siguards Krolls, Robert Parsons, Raymond Meyer, Boleslaw Eugene Casperson, Carl Venkus Third row: James Donlan, Gene Lawyer, Donald McNeil, John Ritter, Royal Norman, John Stanley, Francis Maly, Hugh Flanagan, John Kaminski, Wayne Thomas Chung Second row: Chester Jasiczek, Charles Reel, Vincent Sacchetti, Leonard Quartetti, John Miller, Michael Dyer, Donald Holck, Joseph Matuga, Richard Bieles, Urbanek, Pete Paesani Bottom row: Dr. Fred Bazola, Dr. Gordon Stastny, Dr. Edward Wach, Robert Miles, Dr. Dale Line, Dr. Robert Underwood Not in panel: Donald Braunagel, Jack French, Robert Pulliam, Casimir Trelka, William Trimarco PSI OM EGA Dentistry Top row: Francis Maly, social chairman, Gerald Daly, historian, Wayne Albert, editor, Donald Brown, chief inauisitor Second row: Pete Paesani, chief interrogator, William Daly, iunior house manager, James Phelps, senator, Thomas Dirksen, rushing chairman, James Catlin, guardian, Valentine Corrado, chaplain, John Miller, senior house manager Bottom row: Donald McNeil, iunior grand master, Robert Miles, grand master, Donald Holck, secretary, John Ritter, treasurer 582 Arthur Mazur, Albert, Vincent STUDENT RESIDENCE HALL The obiects of the Residence Hall Association are to promote and maintain a program of self-government for the well-being of the occupants. In addition to presenting the views, desires, objects and opinions of the occupants to the Administration, it shall establish and maintain social functions and recreational programs for the advancement of the group. Through the close cooperation of the Administrative staff of the Hall and the Association officers, it is hoped that a very meaningful edu- cational service will be rendered for the mutual benefit of the members of the Association and the University. Top row Mark Watanahe head counselor, Alan Anderson, treasurer, Joseph Muenster, counselor, Joseph Giovino, athletic chairman Arthur Kroeger counselor Bottom row Gerald Williams vice president, Dorothy Adams, social chairman, Franklin Dalla, director of housing, Ethel Isaac, counselor Floyd Heller president Not in panel Charles O Brien secretary I 3 1 2 l i 3 f 1- Tw 5 i ? -sum- if 5 w .. HONORARIES, ORGANIZATICDNS AND ACTIVITIES , Edward Lichter, secretary-treasurer, Lawrence Petz, president, Ralph Ade, vice 586 president ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Alpha Omega Alpha, honor medical society, is the only order of its kind on the continent. Promotion of scholarship and research in medical schools, en- couragement of a high standard of character among medical students and graduates, and recognition of high attainment in medical science and re- lated fields are the aims of the organization. Members promote the society's ideals and foster the scientific and philosophic features of the medical pro- fession. Top row: Ernest Warner, William Hardy, Randall Mann, John Mason, Charles Chedister, Paul Brothers, Charles Davis, Bernard Lewis Third row: James Zettas, Harold Zenisek, Marvin Mishkin, Maurice Schwartz, Stuart Roberts, lorris Bowers, Richard Webb, Robert Dram Second row: Rodney England, Alan Aronson, Howard Aidem, Howard Glassford, William Pieper, Alan Gordon, Samuel Plout, Anthony Cosentino, Selwyn Bottom row: Hallard Beard, Patrick Elwood, Ralph Ade, Lawrence Petz, Edward Lichter, Edsel Hudson, Donald Hanscom Not in panel: Donald Duckles, Joseph Hosek, Seymour Moss, John Peters, Stanley Russell ? g ' Ti 15 P 3 X fx 1 ' ,sf ' 'eef A R 'ii ,, , , :4',"". ,255-mfg-:..s ' , '- 'eff ffl . r 1 fits ,-ggfz gs i . , A T 'MPM Nia, is , 65 i 4 it , 2 91. Shkclnik 587 u if as ps ,A-f Top row: Stanislaus Smolensky, Dr. James Gearian, Joseph Cannon, William Fast ,as f.-er, 5. Second row: Carl Rish, Fred Turner, Sheldon Chazdow, John Fischer, David Shayman, Arnold Kaplan Bottom row: Prof. Stanley Susina, Dr. Ernst Kirch, Dr. Dwight Deardorh, Robert Frankel, president, Allen Gomoll, vice president, Dr. Frank Crane, secretary-treasurer Dr. Ralph Voigt, Dr. George Webster R promotes +he advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences Pl is an honorary medical 'Fraternity whose members are elected by vote of the student body Top row: Melvin Goodman, Ralph Casciaro, Paul Brothers, Harold Jensen, Alon Gordon, Amos Bratrude Yhird row: Nicholas Kefalides, Martin Morris, Marvin Rosenberg, William Potts, Gerald Lee, Sheldon Miller Second row: Harry Graff, Raymond Hechter, William Prescott, Robert Wood, Daniel McCarthy, Peter Pleotis, Harold Jones Bottom row: Adolph Sattler, secretoryp Selwyn Shkolnik, vice president, louis Wilhelmi, president, Kenneth Simpson, treasurer, Raymond Teplitz, Ralph Ade Not in panel: Alan Aronson, Anthony Costentino, Philip Dougherty, Patrick Elwood, Don Ervin, Hugh Falls, John Funk, William Glezen, Loren Humphrey, Theodore Ikeda, Arnold Shkolnik, Richard Solderberg, Marshall Spector, Harold Toussaint, Richard Webb, Bernard Weinstein . Q :LQ M 'ii T , Q ' 'V' Q iz as ,al .Si ,-', -' . W s J E s.. P , :fm 5 A 7 K 1 My f A N., K .f - .l . V I ix-G0 7 o jimi ,'-, , 3 " fm ' , 'pcm ' :ii if ,U Ik , Ni, 2, ,gmt W Q I V. . I . G , Ht Yep? N 53 lf, F Q - sis EN ,H , ' 'J 'Q 4 is l 1 S 'XE , aw A' v F' '12 L SW' iswijg 5 Q s M wr? ll 's if K il , . s, . it ' . J f sf 3 , k 2 1 A my , .. Q all 'gr 'lr , , 9' 1, f 4 as Q K ' ,R vi if . " s. Y- W - Y A Q- eff 1 V- J rrs, . , , ,Ji V ' , 4 Q A V kx . " 5 Rf Top row: Edward May, Gunnard Johnson, Robert Engelthaler, Fred Ban, Donald Tune, Eugene Rodgers, George Urban, Theodore Kramer, Howard Mirsky, Allen Gomoll, Robert Frankel Fourth row: Fred Morris, Stephan Benak, John Hill, Dewey Anderson, John Autero, Donald Gorski, Jerome Colletti, Franklin Horwitz, Gerald Paszkiet, Abraham Abdallah Third row: Donn Nelson, James Pixley, Stanley Bugaieski, Roy Peloquin, Milton Kramer, Ronald Reiman, Glenn Kraiss, Paul Feuerstein, James Gannon, Robert lre- land, Richard Doretti Second row: Ollie Mullenbach, Richard Cecrle, James Molloy, Joseph Miller, John Grocholl, Donald Sikorski, Donald Vangor, Robert Anderson, Richard Parker, James Fleming, Michael Middleton Bottom row: Morton Goldsmith, James Geske, Karl Strickland, vice president, Vernita Williams, secretary, Raymond Broderick, president, Prof. H. Emig, advisor, Eleanor Rurik, Regina Tarkowski, George Fedor AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL promotes a high degree ot professional ethics and pub- lic service through pharmacy Top row: Gilbert Holmes, James Briscoe, Donald Sostock, Raymond Glessner, Ralph Bradel, James Subka, Donald Lonhart, Lowell Zeleznick, Robert Sieaka, Kenneth Gall, Marvin Steinberg, Ernest Zegadlo Fourth row: Arthur Wagman, Nissen Vexler, Robert Freedkin, Olfeo Lorenzetti, Jack Lange, Charles Crepas, Edmund Kropidlowski, Jerome Welenc, James Klatt, Ronald Hinsdill, Sheldon Menis Third row: Robert Sztuk, Richard Foote, Fred Seifert, Charles Winders, Harvey Tenenblott, David Haraburda, Patrick LeVoy, Walter Pupich, Donald Doubek, James Zaiicek Second row: Marshall Miller, Gerald Frank, Herbert Brand, Konstantend Harris, Sherwin Golden, Milton Weiner, Norbert Dybas, Richard Rosenberg, Arthur Drucker, Leonard Kligman, Gerald Wachs, Robert Carman Bottom row: Margaret Robins, Jean Davidson, Leona Struzynski, Beulah Blacksher, Eleanor Allen, Sherlane Stach, Tatiana Bulatovic, Barbara Lesak, Nancy Eisenbart, Caroline Ostrowski Q . 51- fl J r , ., Q., 4, K for ,LX W ff , , Z W ,ggi 5 -, . is , lr I .I Q.. -- -- L-3,1 589 rfvx' K I lxevw X2 t ' 2 Yi I A ssiwigisif as ts Q' . is ti.-pw? A X V M ggi ilismivr, X ,. f is 11 Osman Luis, chairman, Ismael Eustuquio, Dr. Sal Flores, faculty advisor, Estanislao Jamir ASSOCIATION GF PHILIPPIN E G D promotes scien+ific sfucly and social con'rac+s among graduate denlisfs from +l1e Philippines STUDENT AMERICAN MEDICAL promotes +l1e moral, intellectual and professional im- provemenl' of its members Top row: William Potts, secretary, William Glezen, iu o representative, Eldon Evans, sophomare representutiv Bottom row: Robert Mulhausen, president, Ralph Ade, vice president Not in panel: Harold Jensen, e ' r representative QQ, H023 ,sa Wi It ff - f I 1' I W' , X-.mmf . ,1 :rs Q 5. Mx f . 2 11,55 of Q I 4.1 .I 1 , Ig r as 75' v ,410 H iii' 17, gg T 4,-. 'ti Q. 1 if: .href 5 ' aj .7 K tm, K Z ' ,Wg , ' ,, 'D P g ... ,, ,, r Q, , Q: fs -P' N' M . . ' , ' ,L , , . f 'TR , , 'nav fy. N, fr ' Q ff, .. , ,. ,. :rt as , ., N f W- , Z M, j- " A 3 K , ' 'C' .M W ' - 1 ' lr, , T 1' i . '70 , , 'Qi . ,S E, ' 5 V f, ,. ff af Fi - ,gt Q x Wm. T 5 ' W Ik 1. xi! ' Y V it gfxxrlk ' "' 7 A I., M X MW Q Q N' - v V' ' ' ' the f ' r ew We A V -ii? f 4 f f 'vs I S il I by I f K 1' -ef I . ,. VK - cm , ,Q X xxx nf, K UMW wgi, S I l A N., T. it ' fi! - 13 V . A D A 5, , ? K J. f 'Q .J it s , 3 I J 5 f - 3 K .. T i T fr 4 . x 'ft t - fi T , ,WA 1 V, vm., V is 'M-'ff - W,-,,,,g T .V at P -- .. 5 -. nf' 3 5 M L fl ' '5 -, 0, ' ' f -. ' " I ' K 4,6 - , ' Y 1 T L V' T 1 ' 1 3, 'J ,,, .W W , ' T I. , .. ' fi ,, r , .' -' .- ' 7. B. ' 'Q , ' c ,, f ,. tx . H ., Y f' lil, Top row: Diane Glick, Nedra Phelps, Joanne Carlson, Vera Saline, social chairman, Marilyn Moore Second row: Carol Mayer, Velma Reichenbach, Lorinda Freeman, Jewel Wolch, Vivian Chun, Lilo Blasberg, Susan Louie 'io Bottom row: Vaneko Sawamura, treasurer, Margaret Lupton, editor, Barbara Donovan, editor, Barbara Smith, secretary, Miriam Behrens, president, Anne Lewis, vice president, Paul Pedersen Not in panel: Susan Bergquist, Sarah Ford, Sheila Libby, Shirley Kharasch, Wanda King, Anne Moyat, Vera Paulin, Donna Simenson lL.l.l-SOTA llli-Sota, the Illinois Student Occupational Therapy Association, has two chapters -one on the Urbana campus and the other on the Chicago Professional campus. This professional group is designed to orient both members and non-members with the curriculum and activities of Occupational Therapy. Six semesters of the ten semester Occupational Therapy curriculum are taken in the College af Liberal Arts and Sciences on the Urbana campus. The remaining four consist of clinical theory and training in the College of Medicine on the Chicago ii..i. 590 Professional campus and at various hospital aFiiliations. Top row: Beverly Blue, Carol Haiicek, Marilyn Krueger, Janice Wilkes, Lillian Bremer, Marlene Filip, Dorothy Massey, Myra Kolditz, Carol Carlson, Peggy Gher, Jacquelyn Hoffman, Sirella Schwartz, Deborah Fay Second row: Yoshimi Amino, Susan Strandin, Barbara Tyner, Winifred Phillips, corrresponding secretary, Janet Engbring, president, Jean Cooper, treasurer, Judy James, recording secretary, Joyce Armsworth, Frances Rizzo, Shirley Scherer Bottom row: Barbara Barine, Dorothy Fung, Lillian Nishida, Rosilind Levy, Janet Nakamura, Ruth Boraks, Sandra Barnbaum, Bernice Lukinsky, Marilyn Rains, Rochelle Barbre, Patricia Miller Nat in panel: Katherine Pinkley, vice president Top row: Ezra Chavez, John Jany, Joe Ambolo, Verley Lammon, Henry Faust, Usher, Donald Henderson, Brent Wright, usher, Paul Rudka, community service Secona raw: Annabelle Thomas, Nancy Holcomb, Wannah Martz, Carol Thompson, Frances Keech, hospital ministry, Mavis Satre, Emma Lee Nunn, librarian, Doris Maxwell, Geneva Kaiser, Lois Bieri, Norma Clothier, Nancy Bradford Bottom row: Sehoye Black, Daisy Ellen Van Pelt, refreshments, Shirley Warnes, worship, Frederic Ball, president, William White, executive vice president, lo Bertrang, recreation, Mary DeYoung, recreation, Rev. Raymond Laury, pastor-director WESLEY FGUNDATION, ST. PAUL CH U stimulates turther growth in Christian concepts and provides Chris- tian tellowship tor protessiona students DENTAL CHRISTIAN MEDICAL promotes Christian tellowship among dental students, 'Faculty and statt ot the University Top row: Richard Henry, Stanley Cross, Robert Cross, Michael Videka, Arthur Grimmenga, Richard Macri, Frank Knoblock, Robert Pulliam, Eugene Casperson, Harry Wolff Bottom row: Mai. Arthur LaVere, U.S.A.F., Dr. Sol Flores, faculty advisor, William Venema, vice president, John Klooster, president, Richard Andrews, secretary- treasurer, Lieut. William Barr, U.S.N.R., Mai. Norman Hoot, U.S.A.F. CHICAGO ILLINI UNION 592 4 19 Top raw: Thoburn Patton, Merle Crossland, Robert Parsons Bottom row: James Pritchard, Robert Mulhausen, chairman, Grace Bacon, Burton Anderson Not in panel: Harvey lmber, Zena Kagan, Alice Pasel ,. The Union is the center for all-school social activities. lts programs are planned and exe- cuted by members of the three Union committees -Social, Music and Display. These committees cooperate with one another in executing the major functions, such as the Open House for new students, Carnival and the Christmas Sing and Coke Dance. They also work independently to provide a variety of weekly and monthly activi- ties. The building furnishes headquarters for vari- ous student committees, as well as being a good place to schedule a dance, meeting, luncheon or dinner. The Union facilities-lounges, game room, snack bar, and dining rooms-provide a pleasant place to relax and meet friends. Top row: Jerome Hahn, Joe Shott, Edward Krizek, Donald Dart Bottom row: Vivian Chun, Donald Funk, chairman, Susan Louie Top raw: Michael Dyer, Randall Mann, Robert Eisinger, Thomas Dirksen, William Markel, Raymond Broderick Bottom row: Robin Johnston, Vera Saline, Richard Williams, chairman, Wanda King, Herbert Rosenstein, Leonard Pamper Not in panel: Susan Bergquist, .lohn Hill, Joel Levine, Mary Willems, Richard Willms E t E gs E f Q 2 ef :Ss as ss Hs is is 532 2, ew 3 1-:Q2Q21f.s.:e:e3es1cesermeuwswmzsezm Q K i 5-1--We w, ,,..f my its 2' - ,. . ,A ii, fwgff 49. "K - .W 5 163 1 Li ' , 'ffIf-if-will-Y'-.iffu,.f1 I A . in M swf' -,Lise--jigs -gi - ,. is A f- 4.5.,ggi'3s:i. . 2 ':,5,:.g.m 1- me Chicago Illini Union I I I Patricia McEnift, social director, Eliza- beth Raup, secretary CO Nl Nl lTT E E The lllio Committee of the Chicago Professional Colleges is composed of two sophomore, junior, and senior of Dentistry, Medicine, and members from each class of the Colleges Pharmacy, and one representative from the senior class in Occupational Therapy. The function of the lllio co mmittee is to gather the material for and lay out the pages of the lllio devoted to the Chicago Profe ssional Colleges. Although not a Union committee, the lllio com- mittee works through the Chi is indebted to the staFF of the Union for much of the business and typographic on this section ofthe lllio. Top row: Lee Bennett, Alfred McGee, Jack Salter, Gerald Franklin, John Klooster, Bottom row: Mary Newman, Loretta Roseman, Danuta Buzdygan, Elizabeth Raup, Not in panel: James Catlin, Daniel Whiston, Jerome Wisner Neal McDyer, William Venema, Jack Remingta Edward Kwedar, chairman, Patricia McEniff, L cago lllini Union. It al work that is done n, James Molloy, Charles lnskeep ilo Blasberg, Lois Shirky Yr' YT 5 'Y 593 to -Axis W B own, director of physical education The Chicago Professional Colleges campus offers a wide and diversified program in ath- letics to provide recreation and competition for all interested. Facilities are located primarily in the Chicago Illini Union Building, with additional activities of swimming and handball centered at nearby Duncan Y.M.C.A. The program is under the adequate supervi- sion of John W. Brown, who has held this posi- tion for eleven years. It is organized under three main categories: varsity, intramural, and recrea- Varsity Basketball PHYSICAL EDUCATION tional. The varsity basketball, golf and tennis teams compete with other colleges in the Chi- cago area, while the intramural and recreational activities provide for competition between the students on campus. The varsity basketball team had a fair season, winning five games while losing eight. The golf team split two dual matches, and placed second in the annual city meet. The tennis team had a successful season winning four and losing one match. Top row: John Brown, Martin Morris, Don Braunagel, larry Anderson, Lawrie Glickman, D ne Doolen row: Jack French, Harold ArnoH, Nick Karabotsos, Peter Johnson, Marvin Tishler Bottom 594 Delta Sigma Delta Basketball Kappa Psi Touch Football Top row: Wolter Karbowski, Larry Anderson, Deane Doolen, John Weiss, Robert Top row: Otto Horacek, Richard Gliwa, Frank Terracina, Karl Strickland, Norbert Brewer Bartnicki, Edward Koziol, Francis Simons, Eugene Newberry Bottom row: Richard Zimmers, William Micheltree, Gerald Williams Bottom row: George Thies, Joseph Thiel, Glenn Lonhart, Julius Matesi, Gregory Bukowski The intramural program, which is competi- tive, again set a record both in numbers partici- pating and enthusiasm. The recreational aspect, noncompetitive, is tor those who participate purely tor tun, and has a large group engaging in many activities. For the third straight year, Nu Sigma Nu edged out Delta Sigma Delta for the all-school championship trophy. Alpha Kappa Kappa was a close third. Delta Kappa Sigma Sottball The following intramural winners are: Fall Golf, Nu Sigma Nu, Swimming, Basketball, Vol- leyball, Delta Sigma Delta, Touch Football, Kap- pa Psi, Sottball, Delta Kappa Sigma, Free Throw, Lindberg, Badminton Singles, Table Tennis Sin- gles, Floor Tennis Singles, Tennis Singles, Jessen, Hand Ball Singles, Wertz, Tennis Doubles, Jessen and Ingram. Delta Sigma Delta Volleyball Top row: Alan Rosenberg, Jonathan Mann, Richard Doretti, Lionel Simon, Top row: William Micheltree, Walter Karbowski, Deane Doolen, Larry Anderson Jordan Waxman, Stanley Margolis, Prof. James Davis Bottom row: Marvin Stern, Richard Weismehl, Peter Loutos Bottom row: Robert Brewer, Paul Anders, Eugene Schaller, John Weiss WE 411 TT ,:Ull"" 9.1 596 597 WE RIZE is -I I' RNYV L 2: 15 53356 Sf f 1 'f'-q,..iIJIA 151 2 fm Ln 598 ADVERTISING INDEX Block 81 Kuhl . . . Busey First National Bank . Campus Book Store . Capitol Engraving Company . . Champaign County Bank 8. Trust Co. . Co-op Book Store .... Elgin Watch Company . Geographical Publishing Co. . Illini Studio . . . Illini Union Book Store . John Deere and Company . Page Engineering Co. . . Pantagraph Printing 8K Stationery Co. . F. K. Robeson . . . John Sexton 81 Co. . 617 609 615 623 615 603 621 619 607 609 601 61 1 605 603 613 599 A INDEX Aldred, Aryl Duncan, Jr., 360 Aldridge, Linda Jane, 333 Alexan Abbott, der, David Carroll, 164 Aala, Felipe Terrible, 414 Abbott, Edward Hiram, 563, 572 Ellen, 333, 426 Aldridge, Ronald Gene, 383 Alex, Samuel Jay, 426 Alexan der, George F., 164 Alston, Florence, 142 Altenberg, Barry Mathew, 388 Altenberger, William V., 224, 225, 353 Alter, Irwin Charles, 253, 375 Altera, Kenneth Paul, 416 Anderson, Robert Frank, 427 Anderson , Robert T., 378 Andrews, Franklin, 428 Abbott, Robert, 381 Abdallah, Abraham E., 565, 588 Abel, Glenn Fredrick, 163, 206, 421, 426 Abel, Joseph Herman, 205, 392 Abeles, John Henry, 366 Abell, William Austin, 349 Abelle, Barnie Ephram, 174 Abern, Wendell Samuel, 402, 426 Ableiter, Erlys Elayne, 257 Ableman, Sandra Joyce, 326 Abraham, Floyd Arthur, 400 Abrahams, Geulah B., 180 Abrahamsan, Richard A., 355 , 283, Altgeld Hall, 36 Alexander, Mary E., 194, 201 308 Altieri, Josephine P., 566, 571 Anderson, Ronald S., 351 Anderson, Steven, 77, 148 Anderson, Sue Elizabeth, 47, 84, 85, 129, 1108, 427 Anderson, Warren Carl, 141, 163, 167, 171, 418, 427 Alexander, Norman Paul, 164 Alexander, Robert A., 62 Alexander, Robert Duane, 221 Alexander, Robert W., 540, 572 Altman, Janet Marie, 257, 293 Altschuler, Iris Jane, 117, 312 Alvarez, Miguel, 166, 183, 427 Amaha, Mikio, 186 Anderson, William B., 548, 572 Andes, Peggy, 300 Andracki, Edmund George, 540, 581 Andre, Armand Jules, Jr., 206, 374 Alexander, Rosina Gaye, 126, 309 Alexander, Sarita Ann, 182 Alexander, Thomas Harlan, 373 Altend, Judith Rachel, 339 Alford, Robert Dean, 206, 208, 365 Alford, Willard Lee, Jr., 386 Algeo, Jerry Alan, 384 Allekian, Harvey Martin, 184 Abrams, Abrams, Abrams, Abrams, Acacia, David Louis, 564 Edward Michael, 375, 426 Estelle Marsha, 326 Leonard O., 382 253, 344 Accountancy Club, 160 Achor, Marion, 117, 129, 298, 426 Ackerma Ackerma n, Charles, 171 n, Howard R., Jr., 107, 139 Ackland, Raymond Robert, 567 Acklin, James Harry, 563, 577 Adam, Ernie, 192 Adam, Marika Pete, 101, 309 Adams, Bruce Eugene, 368, 426 Adams, Carl Stephen, 564, 578 Adams, Charles Kenneth, 413 Adams, Clarissa Barlow, 64, 308, 426 Adams, Dale Hunter, 420 Adams, Donald Frederick, 176 Adams, Dorothy, 583 Adams, James Franklin, 173, 184, 348 Adams, Orla Elbert, 176 Adams, Raymond G., 413 Adams, Rhoda Phyllis, 329 Adams Richard Charles 107 Adams, Wayne Howard, 177 Ade, Ralph Duane, 540, 570, 581, 586, 587, 589 Adelsperger, Robert J., 121, 411 Aden, Marvilee Jasper H., 572 Adesko, Alyce Claire, 125 Adler, Eugene Howard, 567 Adler, Joyce, 104, 149, 322 Administration Building, 34 Administrative Committee, 528 Administrative Officials, 529 Adrian, Frank Eugene, 563, 572 Adsit, Mary Houston, 310 Afremow, Arthur Melvin, 426 Agans, Faryl Wade, 567 Agase, Louis, 212, 221 Agricultural Education Club, 161 Agriculture Council, 159 Ahlberg, Charles Dennis, 564, 578 Ahlberg, Wayne Harold, 189, 426 Ahlenius, William M., 201, 426 Ahmadzai, Abdul Jamil, 165 Ahner, Eldon Theodore, 171, 192, 408 Ahrendt, Nancy Ruth, 323 Ahrenkiel, Richard Keith, 423 Ahrens, Charles Joseph, 400 Ahrens, Theodore Walter, 106 Ahuia, Avinash Kumar, 426 Aidem, Howard Philip, 586 A.l.E.E.-l.R.E.,164 Aiken, Ronald Duane, 390 Aikman, Charles Ray, 415, 418, 426 Aimone, John Richard, 409 Ainsley, Thomas Allen, 110, 152, 370 Air Farce, 198 Aitken, James Frederick, 409 Albee, Nancy Lee, 98, 125, 178, 339 Albers, Richard Kay, 564, 572 Albert, David Paul, 106, 144, 184, 204, 349 Albert, Dianne Ruth, 147, 318 Albert, Ella Joan, 309 Albert, Milton Wayne, 561 Albert, Wayne, 582 Albert William Martin, 178, 367 A1b1n,'G1.-ann Stanley, 352 Alblinge r, Joyce Carolyn, 99, 317 Albrecht, Edward Henry, 426 Albrecht, John Raymond, 161 Albrecht , Ronald Frank, 418 Albrecht, Wayne Leroy, 164 Albright, Charles Ernest, 148, 208, 422 Albright, James Robert, 101, 107, 402 Albright, Robert Lee, 184, 414 Albright , Vernon John, 148, 426 Aldendifer, Bruce Lenore, 169, 426 Alderson, Joan, 49 600 Allen, Alfred, 162 Allen, Benton Charles, 167 Allen, Bernie Lee, 167, 407 Allen, Cameron Harrison, 187 Allen, Carney Gaines, 397, 426 Allen, Charles Merritt, 30, 161, 162, 413 Allen, Eleanor, 588 Allen, Elizabeth, 101 Amaha, Takako, 186 Ambolo, Joe, 591 Ambrose, James Edward, 141, 527 Ambrose, William Bernard, 175, 380 American Ceramic Society, 162 American Foundrymen's Society, 162 American Institute of Architecture, 163 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 163 American Pharmaceutical Association, 588 American Recreation Society, 165 American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 165 American Society of Civil Engineers, 166 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 166 American Student Veterinary Medicine Association, 167 Ames, Frank Whitney, 143, 406 Amino, Yoshimi, 590 Amitai, Gabriel, 146, 155, 166, 427 Amlin, Patricia Joan, 313 Ammann, Robert William, 162 Ammerman, Clarence B., 189 Ammerman, Howard, 83 Ammons, Ronald Allan, 48, 178, 363 Amos, Archalene, 102, 129, 296, 427 Amos, Donna Gay, 309 Amsteen, Mary Kathryn, 295 Amundsen, Diane Lee, 49, 74, 301 Anda, William Harold, 378 Anderhub, Donna Marie, 295 Anders, Paul Henry, 536, 561, 575, Andreos, Andresen George Phillip, 123, 384 Marvin John, 353, 427 Andrews, AI, 228 Andrews, Andrew, 162 Andrews, Carol Joyce, 49, 73, 316 Andrews, Charles Jack, 46, 60, 115, 137, 1 38, 160, 198, 199, 349, 429 Andrews, Gerald Lynn, 413 Andrews, Gloria Dolores, 49, 114, 118 I Allen, Evelyn Phyllis, 315 Allen, Frank Hedrick, Jr., 107 Allen, Harry, Jr., 144 Allen, Harry David, 176 Allen, Homer Lee, Jr., 562 Allen, James Butler, 165, 422 Allen, James Eugene, 575 Allen, Jay, 101 Allen, John Eugene, 426 Allen, John Lawrence, 176 Allen, John William, 354 Allen, Joseph Arrington, 561, 575 Allen, Joyce Elaine, 330 Allen, Kathryn Rosanne, 126, 283, 285, 324 Allen, Larry Eugene, 150, 176, 207, 427 Allen, Linda Lee, 101, 102, 293 Allen, Lucille, 101 Allen, Petina Rose, 329 Allen, Ralph James, 184, 360 Allen, Raymond Jack, 115, 427 Allen, Sarah Jane, 335 Allen, Wilma May, 297 Alley, Allfree Rembert Caven, Jr., 141 , Charles Stephen, 104 Allison, Curtis Roe, 81, 380 Allison Allison Allison , James Arthur, 561, 575 , James Weger, 167 , Margot Howe, 301 Allison, Ray Leon, 414 Allison, Robert Howard, 353 Allison, Roy Leland, 414 Alloway, Anne Carolyn, 180, 313 Almasy, Jo Playfair, 320 Almlof, John Woodruff, 398 Alper, Alper, Alpert, Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Elliott, 347 Orville, 102 Bernard, 375 Alpha Gamma, 132 Chi Omega, 293 Chi Rho, 345 Chi Sigma, 398 Chron, 133 Delta Phi, 346 Delta Pi, 293 Delta Sigma, 134 Epsilon Iota, 570 Epsilon Phi, 294 Epsilon Pi, 253, 347 Eta Rho, 134 Gamma Delta, 295 Alpha Gamma Rho, 253, 348 Alpha House, 337 Alpha Kappa Alpha, 296 Alpha Kappa Kappa, 572 Alpha Alpha Kappa Lambda, 349 Kappa Psi, 135 Alpha Lambda Delta, 136 Alpha Omega, 573 Alpha Omega Alpha, 540, 586 Alpha Omicron Pi, 297 Alpha Phi, 298 Alpha Phi Alpha, 350 Alpha Phi Omega, 161 Alpha Rho Chi, 406 Alpha Sigma Nu, 135 Alpha Sigma Phi, 253, 352 Alpha Tau Omega, 253, 353 Alpha Xi Delta, 299 Alpha Zeta, 137 Alplanalp, Bill, 372 Alspector, Donna Lee, 303 595 Andersen, Burton Robert, 559, 563, 572 Anderson, Alan Walker, 152, 177, 355 Anderson, Alan Wiese, 563, 572, 583 Anderson, Arthur G., 150 Anderson, Barbara Ann, 338, 427 Anderson Burton, 592 Anderson Braden Gene, 377 Anderson, Carl Harold, 563. 577 Anderson, Carol E., 101, 330 Anderson, Carol Jo, 298 Anderson, Charles Andrew, 419 Anderson Charles Gustav, 167 Anderson David Earl, 421 Anderson Dean Martin, 199, 345, 427 Anderson Delores Mae, 295 Anderson Dewey Roy, 549, 565, 588 Anderson Donald Keith, 410 Anderson Earl Theodore, 148 Anderson Eleanor Louise, 329 Anderson Gail Marie, 327 Anderson Gary Jack, 355 Anderson Gerald Erick, 105 Anderson Glenn Roger, 105 Anderson Howard Frank, 363 Anderson James Lee, 356 Anderson James Jacob, 80, 189, 196 Anderson, James, 577 Anderson Jean Frances, 99, 147, 306 Anderson John, 414 Anderson John Albert, 144, 356 Anderson Julian Paul, 423 Anderson Karl Stephen, 356, 427 Anderson Kathryn, 301 Anderson Kenneth Wayne, 169 Anderson Larry, 594, 595 Anderson Lowell Richard, 189, 413 Anderson Mildred Eileen, 189 Anderson Morten Hans, 422, 427 Anderson Nancy Ann, 322 Anderson Nancy Kay, 329 Anderson Norman Alon, 356 Anderson, Patricia Joyce, 96, 143, 178, 182, 331 Anderson, Paul Edward, 427 Anderson, Peggy Sue, 427 Anderson, Peter Edwin, 165, 381 Anderson, Phyllis Joy, 189 Anderson, Richard John, 563 Anderson, Richard W., 101, 161 Anderson, Richard Wayne, 577 Anderson, Robert, 567, 588 Anderson, Robert Cary, 413 Anderson, Robert Dean, 562 Anderson Robert Francis, 427 178, 338 Andrews, Helen Wright, 156, 254, 322 428 Andrews, J. David, 383, 428 Andrews, Joan Marcia, 154, 292, 428 Andrews, John Wilson, 540, 577 Andrews, Marvin Arnold, 150, 428 Andrews, Mary Ann, 60 Andrews, Philip William, 563, 572 Andrews, Raymond Eugene, 377 Andrews, Richard Roland, 562, 591 Andrews, Ruth Marilyn, 127, 129, 300, 428 Andrle, James Ronald, 415 Andronowitz, Joseph, 105, 401 Angus, Marvin Stewart, 79, 153, 205, 360 Angus, Richard Myers, 106, 163, 186, 344 Ankenbrand, Juliann, 172, 324 Ankenbrandt, Leo Jerome, 572 Anner, Berenice B., 104 Anschel, Bert, 177, 182, 428 Anselm, George Enoch, 184, 421 Anthony, Ramona Lee, 332 Antonelli, Louis, 107, 186, 409 Antman, Marvin, 558, 561, 573 Anzelma, Donald, 393 Aplington, Catherine, 335 Appel, Jerry David, 369 Appel, Ronald Melvin, 418, 428 Appel, William, 360 Apperson, Barbara Joan, 140, 292, 428 Arkawa, Sylvia Kinko, 119, 322 Arbeen, Lynn Andrew, 352 Arbenz, Mary Hedwig, 93, 178, 179 Arbizzani, Joyce Ann, 320 Archbold, Thomas Joseph, 366 Archer, James Gabel, 63, 144, 380 Architecture Building, 33 Arend, Iris Merle, 100, 101 Arends, David Howard, 553, 565 Arends, Neil Roberts, 101, 107, 400 Aronson, Alan, 586 Arfstrom, Gail Lee, 330 Argo, Vernon A., Jr., 173 Argoudelis, Evangelos D., 140, 164, 170, 428 Arkwright, Mariorie, 59 Armed Forces Council, 194 Armin, Elizabeth, 49, 77, 331 Armory, 40 Arms, Leo Murray, 190 Arms, Nancy Elizabeth, 330 Armstrong, Audrey Jean, 309 Armstrong, Elizabeth J., 172 Armstrong, Harriett J., 318 Armstrong Harry C., 176, 428 Armstrong, John Morley, 370 Armstrong 562, 575 John M., 62, 88, 144, Armstrong, Joyce Anne, 333 Armstrong, June, 322 Armstrong, Paul, 355, 428 Armstrong, Robert Frank, 525 Armstrong, Sharen Kay, 302 Armstrong, Sharon, 180, 257 Armsworth, Joyce Bess, 302, 590 Army, 195 Arndt, Dorothy Jane, 104, 105, 329 Arndt, Harriet Ruth, 104, 302, 330 Arndt, Larry Keith, 363 Amar, Paul William, 164, 167 Arnesen, Nancy Karen, 100, 101, 337 Arnett, Harold Edward, 137, 150, 428 Arning, Barbara Helen, 172, 332 Arnoft, Harold, 594 Arnold Air Society, 204 Arnold, A lbert Gary, 370, 428 i EE? -- -- ...ML , 225 .-A-.':..: :?..iT5-Q '-fa Sri. 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Y 'Iii' '- j A , -f U 4QlU.'4Qv, g - .3--,l.Q:4,, s -7- - if -q 4, ' W' t6,lO'F2,9 f- Z - :- U - - - I " L W 'Ss , ' ' ' - - - - . 1 5 K j 1, ' - , ,I :ul I lug, GQ?f6'g, Q 1 I -Q 1 I I "" l. 4? Q22 Y E.: - 1 , , ' ,Wa .- 'i f, . - V : . -SQ55 X-f '.. I5 Q l - 2 mi? X Q Q F 'N ' I 'fm' S - i f ' 1 ?11::iifSga, ' . J -1, s I ,ggi K y I 1 X-il T il- "if: 531 X3 I I Q s I' ' ' , elf me-U ' iii' l N 1 ' ' 'f A- X -' 5 S r J ' -f X gs Q 532 'll . . . , . I - -1. , 'LT SIX X 5 2 Qsc'f-Q., if x ..... LS: 4 1 Z, 2 Six i Y i X. -- : - X! Q' -- r li N 5-, 'fs 11121 aa 'rf rl.. ' -ec X "X .Sai ff::5f,i:'sa. J'-I1 1' 1 A -112' ofa . X 'X 1 341'-552, Tc "'--F1 'f - 1 , To E 1 "' sa. - - ,I ' tt Y, fr, - 1 E gg fig r - Q-:rl Q 6 Q? J 5 5 , digig X iii Z, ,Z 2 N- Z f fswX NN ' 5 f Z 'fff' Z X R J' xr .,,,. ,,w X y ay, 1 f' f f, ff:-212 ' ' , .X N-11 ,i: 'lx A f it 'Qf " X" f law f N g R k i ' X Z . 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It's said that he became so excited at his discovery that he forsook the tub and, sans so much as a terrycloth towel, raced through the streets, shouting 'iEureka! Eureka ln Now, even in our own radiofactive age, Archimedes would be considered quite a i'brain," and as such, probably would be the lirst to point out that his displacement theory applies to each of us in everyday life--that we get out of life just what we put into it, no more and no less. He would probably point out the holes in the tempting Hthefworldf owesfmefaflivingu theory, and remind us that we are each charged with certain obligations to God, country and neighf bor, and our success depends upon the weight we place on them or how well we fulfill those obligations. He would say that such obligations are all part of the 'real cost of living, and we only get what we pay for. He might add, too, that when we've accepted his theory and put it in practice, then with him we can shout to the world, "Eurekal Eureka I" Which is to say, translated from the Greek: "By gum, I've got it!" JO!-IN DEERE iorjjafikf MOLINE, ILLINOIS Quality Farm Equipment Since 1837 601 Baker Merrilyn Roberta, 30 Bell, Arnold, Barbara Caryl, 69, 302 Arnold, David, 157 Arnold, Donald Ray, 140, 393, 428 Arnold, Robert Leo, 169 Arnold, Roger Thomas, 162, 428 Arnold. Stephen Reynolds, 184 Aron, Jack Donald, 580 Aron, Ronald Charles, 419, 580 Aranoft, Ina Bernice, 64, 153, 303 Aronson, Alan Robert, 428, 587 Aronson, Bernard, 395 Aronstam, Joseph Malcolm, 382, 428 Arterburn, Robert C., 76, 148 Arthur, John Edward, 140, 144, 151, 164, 429 Artigues, Roland John, Jr., 376, 429 Arvedson, Fredrick, 187 Arvedson, Mrs. Fredrick, 187 Arvedson, Peter, 187 Aschan, Harry Robert, 166 Ascher, Richard Emil, 356 Ashack, Harold, 405 Ashack, Harry Michael, 359, 405 Ashby, Mariorie, 182 Ashcroft, Ralph Mathias, 105 Ashen, Bernard Michael, 382 Asher, Bernard Beniamin, 347 Asper, Bill Edward, 152, 352 Asper, Orville Pat, 124, 376 Asselmeier, Glen Henry, 559, 563, 572 Association of Philippine Graduate Dentists, 589 Athletic Association, 250 Atkins, Barbara Ann, 335 Atkinson, Jerome Thomas, 359, 429 Ator, Joseph R., 24 Ator, Leslie Winnefred, 71, 310 Aterberry, Roger Theron, 563, 572 Attebery, John Edward, 172, 429 Auby, John Herbert, 169 Audrieth, Professor Ludwig, 113 Auerhart, Milchel, 567 Aufderhaar, William B., 384 Augilar, Fermin, 418 August, Herbert Richard, 379, 429 Auslander, Merwin B., 176, 379 Austin, Jett Miner, 46, 207, 236, 237, 246, 248, 370, 429 Austin, Wayne Miller, 164 Auten, Don Edward, 402 Autero, John Dominic, 549, 565, 588 Avellaneda, Ignacio N., 184 Aves, Ira John, Jr., 167 Avizienis, Algirdas A., 140, 155, 177 Awe, Paul Edward, 364 Ayars, Rebecca Jean, 313 Ayer, Robert Sadler, 190 Ayers, Charles Herbert, 540, 577 Ayers, Susan Ann, 299 Ayotte, Ronald James, 196, 206, 345, 429 Ayson, Jean Carol R., 191, 330 B Baolman, Robert William, 161, 408 Babb, Jerrell, 354 Babb, Marilyn Kay, 330 Babcock, Barbara E., 88, 147, 156, 297 Babcock, James Albert, 370 Babel, Henry Wolfgang, 378 Babeno, Lubov Valentine, 154 Babickas, Raymond K., 164, 177, 429 Babicz, Donald Joseph, 429 Bachman, Adam Henry, Jr., 383, 429 Bachman, Elizabeth Joan, 525 Bachmann, Robert Richard, 161, 192 Backott, James Stuart, 152, 373 Backus, Carolyn Alice, 136, 141 Bair, James Richard, 564, 577 Baird, John, 157 Baird, Richard Byron, 72, 153, 173, 348 Baird, William Douglas, 206, 348, 429 Bakaitis, Algis Ramutis, 177, 429 Baker, Alice Marie, 88, 129, 313 Baker, Arthur Ford, 390 Baker, Burl Pryce, 184, 204, 344 Baker, Byron Nett, 368 Baker, Charles Richard, 173 Baker, Daniel Robert, 162 Baker, Harold Dean, 121 Baker, Jack, 171, 181, 351 Baker, James Harold, 150, 176 Baker, Janis Mae, 257, 330 Baker, Joann, 430 Baker, John David, Jr., 164, 412 Baker, Marvene Willora, 330 Baker, Nita Marie, 293 Baker, Richard Stanley, 186, 411, 422 Baker, Robert Eugene, 414 Baker, Sandra Marie, 293 Baker, Thomas Edward, Jr., 376 Baker, Walter Everett, 370 William Kin 430 Barr, Neil King, Jr., 355 Barr, William Harry, 121, 591 Barran, Marion, 204 Barrett, Jonathan W., 561, 582 Barrett, Robert James, 383 Barrick, Sally Jo, 337 Barrie, Mary Jean, 298 Barrow, Warren Coultas, 563, 577 Barrows, Alan Bradley, 377 Barry, Alon James, 398 Barry, David Richard, 152, 353 Barry, Jennis, 190 Barry, Sara Jane, 194, 198, 283, 300 Bartell, James Edward, 204 Bartelsmeyer, Frederick, 78 Barter, Dorothy, 320 Barth, Clyde Lewis, 101, 430 Barthel, Margaret Marie, 299 Barthelemy, Carl Rudolph, 564, 577 Barthell, Edward East, 354, 430 Barthell, Nancy Nickol, 430 Bartlesmeyer, Frederick, 366 Bartlett, Hale Carlyle, 199, 204, 354, 430 Bartley, Bonnie Jean, 295, 430 Bartnicki, Norbert J., 549, 565, 576, Beat Beat ty, Barbara Ann, 319, 320 ty, Clarence David, 186, 411 Beatty, Doris Gay, 541, 571 Beatty, James Edwin, 189 Beatty, Joan Elizabeth, 165, 305, 431 Beat Beat Beat ty, John Francis, 344, 431 ty, Judith Elisabeth, 79, 313, 431 y, John Howard, 106, 408 Beauchamp, Kent, 384 Beau Chateau, 338 Beaupre, Jack Raymond, 349 Beck, Alice Marlene, 313 Beck, Charles George, 191 Beck, Gordon Eugene, 96 Beck , Merlene, 111 Beck, Ralph Edmund, 525, 563, 581 Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck , Ronald Julius, 87, 356 a, June Marie, 334 enbaugh, Lois M., 316, 431 er, Barbara Gale, 315 er, Frank Otto, 563, 572 er, Fred Edward, 182 er, James Ernest, 178, 431 er, Jay Marshall, 101, 144, 181 I 9, Balazs, Lillian Eleanore, 102, 318 Baldabci, Lou, 217 Baldaccini, William B., 166, 174 Baldwin, John Lester, 182, 430 Baldwin, Robert Clifford, 564 Baleisis, Helen Jurate, 567 Bales, Barbara Mae, 101, 184, 334 Bales, Glenn Allen, 386 Balestri Balin, J , Richard M., 421 ay Zelinoit, 388 Ball, Donald Arthur 205, 247, 352 Ball, Enid, 101 Ball, Fr Ball, Ju ederic Dickson, 563, 591 dith Sheila, 303 Ball, Philip Louis, 347 Ballard, Joyce Marie, 255, 320 Bacon, Grace, 592 Bacon, Janice Rae, 330 Bacon, Margaret Ann, 330 Badal Herbert Saul 215 221 . . . , 357 Bader, Arthur John, 166, 203 Ballein, Beverly Jean, 184 Balsley, Robert Jay, Jr., 368 Baltes, Bernard Joseph, 563, 578 Baltrusaitis, Joseph M., 166, 177, 430 Baluko, Robert Leroy, 418 Bomburg, Marvin Arthur, 171, 351 Ban, Fred M., 567, 588 Bandukwala, Abdemannan K., 175 Bangert, Robert Lawrence, 378 Banks, Donald Richard, 352 Banks, Thomas Norman, 146, 430 Bannister, Turpin, 181 Banter, Charles Richard, 394 Bantz, Caryl Jean, 332 Bapst, Jennis Joseph, 46, 110, 113, 120, 121, 430 Baptist Student Foundation, 186 Baptist Student Union, 187 Barackman, Robert Rufus, 376 Barak, Donald Wayne, 391 Baran, Irving David, 564 Boron, Norton, 347 Baranski, Thomas Goodwin, 430 Borbel, Dick Clarence, 386 Barber, Richard Charles, 384 Barber, Shirley Jean, 327 Barber, Thomas, 575 Borbre, Rochelle, 590 Barcik, Robert Raleigh, 366 Barclay, Dorothy Walta, 322 Barclay, Loretta Carol, 75, 309 Barclay, Mallie Lee, 564 Barclay, Ray Frances. 313 Bard, Allen James, 365 Bare, Frank, 236, 237 Barger, Sharon Lee, 332 Bargh, George H., 27, 71 Barker, Milton Eugene, 189 Barker, Wayne Merle, 196, 208, 430 Barkley, Bruce Owen, 101, 110, 112, 120, 410, 430 Barkley, Gloria Ruth, 332 Barkley, Howard John, 161 Barkley, Ruth, 119, 133 Barkson, Joseph Anton, 155 595 Barton, David Michael, 577 Barton, Francis Leo, 420 Barton House-West-M.R.H., 416 Barton House-East-M.R.H., 416 Barton West, 253 Barton, Sally Jane, 283, 310 Barton, Stanley Louis, 125, 413 Bartrutt, David Bruce, 358 Bartu, Peter John, 139, 355 Bartz, Robert Leonard, 184 Baseball, 232 Basik, Hikmet, 166, 358 Basinski, Leonard R., 430 Baskes Baskes Baskes , Barbara Ann, 312 , Norman Paul, 347 , Roger Stephen, 64, 110, 114, 123, 137, 150, 347 Basket ball, 222, 594 Baskey, Margaret, 119 Bass, Jack Henry, 174 Bass, Mary Lou, 102 Bass, Mitchell Hirsch, 107, 181 Bass, Richard Ivan, 188, 388 Bassel, Judith, 319 Bassie, Lewis V., 23 Bassler, Ima Jean, 133, 172, 190, 324 Bassler, Lambert Emanuel, 144 Batcheller, David R., Jr., 96 Bates, Donald R., 144 Bates, Douglas Stephen, 368, 431 Bates, Melvin B., 213, 216, 220, 221, 399 Bates, Norman Andrew, 398 Bates, Peggy Jean, 143 Bates, Robert Edward, 207, 405, 431 Bates, Batha, Ronald Haines, 107, 163, 403 Donald Ralph, 146 Becker, Patricia Amanda, 335 Becker, Paul August, 370 Becker, Ruel, 348 Becker, Wayne Ruel, 431 Becker, William Theodore, 161, 365 Beckett, Grace, 104 Beckman, Barbara Lee, 301, 431 Beckma n, Melvin Henry, 141, 163, 181 171, , 431 Beckmeyer, Mary Lou, 187, 328 Beckmeyer, Sharon Lee, 64, 313 Bedard, Edward Jerome, 205, 392, 415 Bedau, Arlene Joy, 327 Bede, J. Robert, 431 Bedford, Norton, 137 Bednar, Charles John, 101, 161, 389 Beebe, Donald Roy, 162, 175 Beebee, Dee Ann, 308 Beesley, Robert Ambrose, 151, 166, 432 Beeson, Paul Michael, 389 Begando, Joseph, 579 Beggs, Emily Louise, 126, 173, 316, 432 Beggs, Sarah Jane, 305 Begun, Arnold Ellis, 564 Behling, Leonard William, 105, 415, 432 Behrend, David Martin, 208 Behrens, Miriam Allean, 47, 559, 590 Behrends, Frederick Louis, 525 Behrends, Ruth Marie, 133, 172, 192, 324 Behringer, Clara, 178, 179 Behringer, Jane Ann, 172, 190, 324 Beier, Erwin Andrew, 576 Beil, Carl Henry, 405 Bein, Barbara Lillian, 322 Battaglia, Joseph A., 166, 404, 431 Batteast, Olivia Nanine, 330 Battles, Thomas Bernard, 141 Battuella, Frank Louis, 195, 196 Bauch, Charles Paul, 374 Bauer, John George, 152, 229, 358 Bauer, Marna Brewbaker, 431 Bauer, Rosemary Adel, 191, 314 Baughman, Ruth Ann, 182, 331 Bauling, Frank William, 144, 417 Baum, Mariorie Joan, 312 Bauman, Elizabeth Ruth, 564 Bauman, John Arthur, 536, 561 Baumann, Shirley Anne, 107, 147, 318 Baumgaertner, Detlef, 395 Boumgorn, George Arnold, 355 Baumgarten, John Raymond, 184 Baumgartner, Donald John, 115, 404, 431 Baumgartner, Wendall Lee, 419 Bauner, Ruth Elizabeth, 189 Bauer, Walter, 405 Baur, Lois, 334 Baxa, Anida louise, 192, 335 Bein, Robert Walter, 151, 201, 376 Beintield, Glen, 399 Beinhauer, Marilyn Jane, 308 Beinikis, Vilmars, 405 Bel-Aire, 337 Belcaster, Eileen Gail, 330 Belczak, Eugene Louis, 576 Belfi, George, 101 Belick, Robert, 353 Beling, Alice Anne, 133, 193, 333 Bell, Ann, 375 ' Bell, Arthur Gordon, 121, 423 Bell Barbara 525 Bell: Charles 'Raymond, Jr., 144 Bell, Clyde Devere, 399, 432 Bell, Bell Dennis Arthur, 432 Ellen Ann, 331 serif James rotten, 243, 246, 432 Bell Richard Eugene, 137, 348 Badger, Parker Holmes, 146, 151, 166, 429 Badges, Ann, 254 Baethke, Eugene Elmer, 205, 378 Baez, Maria Lourdes, 337 Bages, Anne Helen, 257, 337 Bagley, Frederick Lee, 134, 429 Bagnuolo, Dawn Diana, 156, 305 Baier, Louis Theodore, 134, 406, 429 Baietto, Robert Eugene, 221 Baigh, Neal L., 562, 573 Bailey, David Clarke, 358 Bailey, Elmer Francis, 350, 429 Bailey, Juanita, 182, 322 Bailey, Robert Clyde, 107 Barnbaum, Sandra, 328, 590 Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnett, 312, Barnett, Barnett, Barnett, Barbara lee, 75, 316 Billy Lee, 137 Edgar Wallace, 107, 418 Fred, 142 James Burl, 352 Joel Francis, 184, 346, 430 Ann Elizabeth, 117, 233, 430 Bruce Edward, 125, 367 Charles Edward, 353 Mariarie, 571 Barnett, Stanley Gordon, 347 Barney, Barnhill Earl Clayton, 567 , Mary E., 384 Baxter, Barbara Joan, 49, 68, 116, 302 Baxter, Bruce M., 68, 349 Baxter, James, 187 Baxter, Robert M., 561, 575 Bayer, Edward Oscar, 387 Baygood, Kenneth, 347 Bayless, Eddie Dale, 386 Bayley, Lowry Hinch, Jr., 111, 124, 170, 387 Bayley, William Herbert, 105, 307, 370, 431 Boyne, James, 146 Bazar, Ruth, 325 Belleft, Katherine, 101 Bellman, Robert Herman, 395 Bellmar, Joan Rebecca, 100, 101, 149, 333 Bellows, Lesha Varda, 101, 339 Belman, Richard Irving, 141 Belshaw, Bruce Owen, 564, 572 Belsley, Alvin Christian, 69, 374 Belton, Jo Ann, 292 Belvel, Gloria Mae, 298, 432 Belville, Lynne Karen, 104 Belzer, Edward Gordon, 124, 396 Bemis, Richard George, 115, 140, 155 164, 404 Benak, Stephan Byron, Jr., 567, 588 Benbow, Robert Franke, 357 Benck, Ralph Fred, 192 Bender, Carol Ann, 301 Bazola, Fred, 582 Bailey, Robert Eugene, 429 Bailey, Shirley Eileen, 172, 322 Bailey, William Edsel, 405 Bailey, William Sheftey, 344 Bails, Elmer Richard, 421 Baim, Sherwin Harold, 180, 379, 429 Baima, Patricia Ann, 335 Bain, Ralph Lee, 413 Bainbridge, Roger C., 184, 418 602 Baron, Arnold Sheldon, 399 Baron, Gerald Stuart, 396 Barone, Frank Fred, 567 Barov, Arlene Lois, 326 Barauist, Nancy, 257 Barr, Barry Earl, 417 Bazzel I, Charles Kirk, 431 Beals, Robert Jennings, 162, 385 Bean, Mariorie Duanne, 310 Bean, Norma Haldene, 306, 431 Bean, Robert Harald, 178, 389, 431 Bear, Thomas Nehmer, 121 Bender, Donald Ames, 105 Bender, Edmund, 176 Bender, John Lowell, 143, 432 Bender, Leroy Allen, 62 Bender, Mitchell Samuel, 105, 145, 188, 375 Bender Roy Samuel, 367 Barr, George Britt, 150, 430 Barr, Jerry Dean, 408 Barr, John Edward, 176, 358 Beard, Hallard Walter, 541, 572, 586 Beattie, Mary Jane, 301 Bendikas, Julia, 177, 341 Bendit, Claudette Mae, 257, 322 saheaeni, viviah, 101, 305 Benedix, Richard Herbert, 563, 577 Benesh, Edward Robert, 393 Bengston, Merle Allyn, 106 Benisek, Jerome Bohumil, 174 Benisek, John Paul, 417 Benner, Loretta Mae, 329 Benner, Sandra, 432 Bennett, Charlene M., 307 Bennett, Constance V., 304 Bennett, David Michael, 349 Bennett, Dwight G., Jr., 144, 354 Bennett, Granville A., 528, 531 Bennett, Harold Raymond, 162 Bennett, Jerome Ralph, 549, 560, 565 Bennett, Lee Larue, 404, 561, 575, 593 Bennett, Ralph William, 352 Bennett, Ronald Maxwell, 388 Benning, Joyce Marie, 341 Benson, Clarence, 541, 572 Benson, Jane Ann, 293 Benson, Kenneth Allen, 398 Benson, Randall Gene, 408 Benson, Robert Payne, 381 Bercher, Fredrick W., 206, 357, 432 Berdelle, Thomas John, 365 Bereman, Robert Keith, 107 Bernsten, you're always welcome Berenson, Ralph David, 536, 561, 573 Berenstein, Alisa, 320 Berezin, Myron Allan, 369 Berfield, Shirley May, 106, 190, 331 Berg, Arlene Ruth, 322, 432 Berg, Frances Virginia, 330 Berg, John Ewald, 182 Bergathon, Florence, 104 Berger, Barbara Ann, 257, 330, 432 Bergeron, Joan Mary, 564, 571 Bergeron, Richard Thomas, 563, 577 Berges, Jane, 328 Berggren, Richard Alan, 400 Bergman, Sara lee, 311 Bergquist, Susan Emily, 554, 590, 592 Bergschneider, Godfrey E., 123, 364 Bergschneider, Leo E., 170, 191, 348 Bergstedt, Leland Wayne, 121 Bergstrom, Charles Elmer, 171, 432 Bergstrom, James David, 363, 432 Berhardt, Frances, 323 Berkey, Dorothy Evelyn, 322 Berkey, Joan Ruth, 117, 129, 293 Berkley, Larry Bernard, 388 Berkman, Vincent Conrad, 161, 196, 204, 206, 432 of course - it's ROBESON'S when you think of shopping! Champaign Coun'ry's ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER Since I874 Berkowitz, Joan, 105 Berkowitz, Rosalie, 432 Berkson, Merle Jane, 312 Berleman, Carolyn Ann, 432 Berlin, H Berman, Berman award Harvey, 565 Arthur Leonard, 144, 369 Burton Robert 379 Berman: Marvin Donald, 176 Berman Melvin Richard, 379 Bermani Stanton S., 563, 580 Berman, Zina Lorraine, 329 Bern, Miriam Rachel, 255, 325 Bernard, Bernard, Bonita C., 322 Myron Jules, 162 Berntield, Glen Richard, 137 Bernhardt, Bernadine Ann, 107, 322, 323 Berns, Gene Howard, 382 Berns, Martin Allen, 382 Berns, Paul Allen, 417 Berns, Sandra Ellen, 294 Bernsen, Bernsen, Elaine, 525 Sheldon, 418 Bernstein, Carol Anne, 330 Bernstein, Elynar Audrey, 165, 294 Bernstein, Eugene, 549, 565, 574 Bernstein, Joseph Marvin, 418, 432 Bernstein, Paul, 144, 399 Bernstein, Richard Irwin, 563 Bernstein, Stuart, 561 , 573 Bernstein, Udell L., 184, 375 Yvonne Ethel, 119, 307, 433 Berolzheimer, Ellen, 319 Berquist, Nancy Marlene, 135, 156, 180, 319, 433 Berquist, Ronald Gene, 433 Berron, Marvin Lee, 169 Berry, Daniel, 370 Berry, Eleanor Ann, 186, 336 Bersen, Beverly, 326 Bertchie, Gerald Arthur, 406 Bertolino, Thomas Rosche, 107 Berton, John Andrew, 187, 433 Berton, Mrs. John, 187 Bertoni, Robert David, 107 Bertram, Carl William, 566 Bertrang, Jo, 591 Berutti, Constance Marie, 143, 323, 433 Besant, Verle Jerome, 326 Beshur, Ralph lsbir, 166 Besser, Richard Dean, 62, 71, 88, 152, 354 Best, John Donald, 143, 397 of Robeson's! Beste, Travor Ronald, 381 Beta Alpha Psi, 137 Beta Gamma Sigma, 138 Beta House, 338 Beta Theta Pi, 253 Bethards, Rolland Elmer, 564, 572 Betkauskas, Bridget L., 177 Beftassa, Robert Francis, 577 Bettinger, Leonard Dean, 114, 396 Betz, Ronald Philip, 550, 576 Beube, Lieba Pearl, 119, 340 Beushousen, Sandra Ann, 105, 328 Bevington, Curtis Harold, 400 Bextel, Harold Vancleve, 389 Beyclert, Bruce Odiel, 409 Beyer, Frances Ronelle, 335 Bezio, Mariorie Blanche, 117, 295, 433 Bhaleraa, Vasant R., 175 Bianchin, James John, 401 Bibergal, Milton, 580 Bickhaus, James Theodore, 48, 232 235, 246, 371 Biddle, Mary Karen, 102, 313 Bidner, John Gordon, 102 Biederman, Francis Josef, 377 Biedo, Charlene Rose, 433 Biehl, Leroy George, 167 Biehler, Dale Eugene, 389 Biehler, Deane Irving, 48, 83, 389 Biehler, Dean, 178 Biek, Joan Elaine, 560 Biek, Richard William, 563 Bieker, Fred William, 564, 578 Biel, Carl, 101 Bielot, Norbert John, 408 Bielefeld, Roger M., 48, 241, 381 Bieles, Richard Charles, 561, 582 Bierman, Harold, 399 Biery, Lois, 591 Biery, Noel Stuart, 111, 390 Biestek, Marianne, 318, 433 Bieszczat, Barbara Ann, 328 Biggins, Nancy Ann, 433 Biggs, Carolyn Jean, 117, 316 Bigley, James lewis, 389 ailalarhaak, Richard L., 104, 105 Bildhauer, William M., 191 Bilek, Richard Miles, 567 siliafa, Lloyd Jack, 150, 433 Bills, Sally, 306 Billstrom, John Edwin, 161, 367 Binder, David George, 367 Binder, George Robert, 376, 433 Binder, Herbert Wesley, 567 Bingham, William G., 370 BingleY, Edward John, 121, 186, 408 Binkley, Wayne Earl, 357 Birkeneder, Alois Adolph, 567 Birkey, Samuel Edward, 403 Birkner, David Leon, 375 Birky, John Edward, 204, 253, 344 Birndarf, Toby Barbara, 330, 433 Biron, Susan Frances, 156, 317 Birtch, Dale Ray, 368 Birtwell, Phyllis Jean, 30, 117, 129, 316, 433 Bisesi, Philip Joseph, 124, 182, 378 Bishop, Burt, 400 Bishop, Harry Vanmeter, 352 Bishop, Rita Smith, 53, 60, 68, 298, 433 Bishov, Jay, 388 Bissell, Cushman B., 19 Bissell, Frances B., 19 Bitkawer, Anita Louise, 303 Bitkawer, Rochelle B., 303 Bittman, Sheila C., 71, 306 Bitzer, Donald Lester, 155, 354, 433 Bitzer, Earle Edward, Jr., 177, 357 Biorklund, Lowell L., 355 Biurstrom, Stanley T., 409 Black Harold James, 221 Black: Nancy Jean, 319, 433 Black, Sehaye, 591 Black, Susan, 88, 100, 101, 303 Black, William Harold, 184 Black, Winston, 151 Blackard, Arch Lee, 433 Blackard, Carolyn Anne, 318, 433 Black more, Joseph Josiah, 377 Blacksher, Beulah Marie, 566, 571 Blacksher, Beverly Jean, 106, 329, 588 Blackwell, Jimmy Paul, 79, 414 Blagg, Robert, 575 Blaho Blair, Blair, Blair, Blair, us, Charles Paul, 345 Deborah Margaret, 300, 320 Glenn Myers, Jr., 354 Joseph Ray, 421 William Thomas, 135, 434 Blake, Russ Owen, 362 Blake, William James, 353 Blake ly, James Russell, 123, 152, 39 Bland, Jack Jarrell, 151, 176, 362 1 Bland, Merton Louis, 434 Blandford, Keith, 384 Blandshain, Richard, 577 COMPLIMENTS an cl BEST WISHES tothe CLASS OF 1955 from the U. of I. SUPPLY STORE CO-OP STORE Corner of Wright and Green 60 George Donald, Jr., 195 Brown, Blank, John Louis, 404, 434 Blanke, George Robert, 166 Blanke, Paul Frederick, 107, 353 Blankenship, Lester D., 169, 434 Blankenship, Marshall L., 564, 572 Blankfield, Alan, 184 Blankfield, Judith R., 184 Blankinship, John Thomas, 124, 381 Blankshain, Richard H., 541 Blasberg, Lilo, 554, 590, 593 Blossick, John Edward, 401 Blattberg, Sharon Fay, 312 Blattner, James Sulka, 247, 379 Blaurock, Melvin Frank O., 161, 184, 391 Blaydes, Robert Lee, 349 Blazine, Fred Vincent, 415 Blechschmidt, Richard E., 196, 405 Bleck, Daniel Kilbert, 141, 393 Bleck, John Edward, 171, 418 Bleck, Phyllis Claire, 101, 106 Bledig, Albert Gene, 564, 572 Bleser, Thea, 305 Blevins, Virginia Louise, 105, 308, 434 Bliss, Patricia Annette, 310 Blissard, Robert Orris, 190, 395 Blitt, Joseph Allen, 199, 434 Bloch, Irwin Stephan, 434 Block, Edwin Frink, 360 Block, Lois Jean, 294 Block, Merle Bette, 315 Blodgett, Herbert Boyd, 194, 198, 199, 200, 204 Blomquist, Charles H., 349, 434 Blood, James Arthur, 105 Blood Wedding, 92, 93 Bloodgood, Owen Henry, Jr., 577 Bloom, David Abel, 388 Bloom, lrvin9 Benlflttlln, 541, 530 Bloom, Jacqueline Gwen, 339 Bloomberg, Gordon R., 122, 123, 254, 382, 434 Bloomberg, Karna Marie, 79, 320 Blaxom, Myra Anne, 104, 316, 590 Blue, Beverly Jane, 119, 186, 336 Bluestone, Allan Bennett, 161, 177, 205, 415 Blukis, Uldii, 101 Blum, Harlow Barton, 352 Blum, Virginia Lucile, 301 Blumenfeld, David, 574 Blumenfeld, Ronald Joel, 369 Blundell, Charles R., 150, 182, 434 Board of Trustees, The, 18, 19 Boatright, Jean R-, 540, 572 Bockman, Ray John, 123, 386 Bockserman, Julian Ross, 106, 396 Bodenbender, Reinhardt H., 581 Bodett, Peter Carlyle, 183 Boehme, Marilyn Gertrude, 77, 101, 335 Boer, Jock Carleton, 167 Boeringa, Carol Jean, 77, 327 Boerlin, Richard Albert, 104 Bohl, Robert, 115, 178 Boianowski, Joseph C-, 125, 144 Bgkgnkamp, Donald Grant, 166 Bokenkamp, Robert W., 434 Bold, Jerome lrwin, 382 Boldon, Charles Morton, 141, 181 Boles, Leonard, 174 Bolhous, Perry Richard, 164, 165 Bolin, George Russell, 182 Bolton, Bryce Arthur, 374 Bolton, Russell Lee, 46, 57, 59, 60, 151, 162, 345, 434 Bolton, William Lewis, 434 Bonansinga, SullY W-, 363 Bond, Jerrie Louise, 127, 128, 204, 308, 434 Bond, John Roger, 146, 434 Bonde, James Renwick, 355, 434 Bone, David James, 563, 572 Bone, Gary Denean, 144 Bone, John Earl, 139, 366 Bone, Thomas Duncan, 434 Bonham, Gay Ruth, 72, 341 Bonk, George, 564, 578 Bonneur, Leon Earl, 251, 364 Bonsalle, George Henry, 223, 225, 371 Bonties, John Gerhard, 346 Bonwell, Thomas Lee, 106 Book, Howard Ray, 123, 152, 373 Bookstaver, Charles W., 389 Bookstein, Melvin, 148, 434 Booras, Alexander W., 194, 204 Boaz, Gordon D., 150 Barak, Joel Harvey, 418 Boraks, Ruth Sarah, 315, 590 Borchard, Lieselotte E., 293 Borchart, Eugene Kent, 345, 435 Borchers, Margret Louisa, 101, 102, 316 Borden, Charles Seymour, 356 Bordes, Joan Marguerite, 317 Bordignon, Paul Julio, 184, 435 Borelli, Raymond Fiore, 357 Boren, Martha Louise, 334 Borik, Steven John, 391, 435 Borin, lrwin Saul, 164, 405, 435 604 Borine, Barbara Alvord, 190, 590 Borman, Lorraine Ruth, 52, 98, 129, 148, 165, 178, 294, 435 Bornarth, Robert Louis, 422 Bornholt, Carl, 376, 435 Barns, Jordan Berele, 564 Bornstein, Jerry Jerome, 418, 435 Bornstein, Marvin, 435 Borovik, Daniel lra, 435 Borowsky, Fruma Gail, 99, 147, 315 Barring, Allen George, 373 Borror, Harold Maurice, 187, 410, 435 Borsini, Richard John, 381 Bortz, Robert Edward, 381 Borucki, James Stanley, 567 Bosnak, William Anthony, 223, 225, 435 Boss, Janice, 30 Boss, Gerald, 108 Bossert, David Charles, 172, 173, 410 Bosshard, Richard, 356 Bostic, Carolyn Jane, 330 Boston, Alma May, 435 Bostrom, Donald Earl, 383 Bostrom, Richard Carl, 383, 435 Boswell, Elizabeth Hill, 564, 571 Boswell, Jeb, 563, 581 Boswell, Margaret Sue, 133, 186, 336 Botel, Rudolph, 346 Bothwell, Jo Ann, 305 Boton, Ronald R., 574 Bottenfield, Jack Lee, 161, 172, 173 Bottomley, Charles G., 397 Bottomley, Edward John, 135, 397, Brandon, Stanley Dean, 123, 153, 349 Brandt, Barbara Lea, 332 Brandt, Harry Alfred, 241 Brandt, John Milton, 192, 401, 436 Brandt, Wallace Elwyn, 167 Braner, Nadean Louise, 330 Branigan, Duane, 86, 121 Branom, Richard Lee, 86, 110, 112, 354 Brantingham, Bruce Frank, 165, 397, 436 Braswell, John Davidson, 349 Bratrude, Amos Presily, 541, 572, 587 Bratthauar, Robert E., 416 Brauer, Mark Jay, 564 Braun, Howie, 241, 245 Braun, Louis Albert, 164, 413 Braun, Thomas August, 576 Braunagel, Donald B., 536, 561, 582, 594 Brausch, Naomi Ruth, 292, 436 Brawner, Barbara Adele, 147, 295 Braxton, Dale Thomas, 416, 436 Bray, James Arvey, 354 Bray, James Neuhaus, 138 Bray, Richard Edwin, 199, 204, 386, 436 Brayford, Julaine Anne, 257, 328 Brazis, Eugene Charles, 418 Breen, Jacqueline R., 101 Breen, Kermit Townsend, 100, 101 Breger, Lucy C., 76 Bregman, Robert Usher, 330, 580 Brei, Wayne Calvin, 403 Breicha, Joan Nancy, 320 Broman, John Charles, 163, 398, 437 Bromberg, Judith, 315 Bronson, James Upton, 221, 368 Brook, Brooks Nancy Karlen, 319 , Donald Wallace, 355 Brooks, Lorraine Ellen, 304 Brooks, Naomi Carol, 319, 437 Brooks, Norma Louise, 101, 141, 189, 192, 437 Brooks, William Charles, 405 Brother, John William, Jr., 419 Brothers, Bruce Myron, 48, 222, 225, 246, 353 Brothers, Marietta, 117, 306, 437 Brothers, Patricia Joan, 293 Brothers, Paul Lavere, 541, 577, 586, 587 Brottman, Sidney, 567 Broucek, Robert Lee, 357 435 Bottrell, James Harlan, 409 Bouchard, Michael B., 139 Bounds, Thomas Darrell, 435 Bouseman, John Keith, 406 Bouwsma, Beverly, 101 Bowen, Charles E., 25, 60 Bowen, James Michael, 125 Bowen, Nancy, 49, 87, 178, 306 Bowen, Ronald Gene, 152, 391 Bowen, William Weeks, 356 Bower, Alice Ann, 308 Bower, Bruce Lester, 110, 195, 196, 357, 435 Bower, Lowell Franklin, 362 Bower, Robert Edward, Jr., 173, 414 Bowers, Barbara Jean, 187, 320, 435 Bowers, Bebe Carole, 119, 255, 257, 328 Bowers, Charles Edward, 401 Bowers, Donald Dodge, 370 Bowers, Lorris Melvern, 541, 577, 586 Bowers, Roland, 169 Bowers, Ronald Luther, 175 Bowles Quinton Otto, 106, 435 Bremer, Judith Diane, 330 Bremer, Lillian F., 590 Bremner, Ellen Lucille, 525 Brence, 292 Brence, Dolores June, 64, 116, 154, Gerry Pauline, 165, 292 Brengle, Margaret, 101 Brennan, Frank Charles, 400 Brennan, Jack Patrick, 100 Brennan, Robert Joseph, 176 Brensiey, Barbara F., 315 Bress, Marlene Helen, 323 Brett, Larry William, 166, 436 Breuer, David Roy, 345 Brewer, Carolyn Louise, 172, 190, 317, 436 Brewer, Marian Janet, 318 Brewer, Melvin, 212 Brewer, Robert, 595 Brewer, Breyfog Ronald Dale, 436 le, Lawrence G., 387 Brice, Donald Lee, 391 Brickman, Theodore W., Jr., 397 Bridgewater, Frank A., 40 Bowles, Wilborne, 350 Bowman, Charles Trennace, 121, 176 Bowman, George Arthur, 387 Bowman, Kay Berkman, 126, 180, 255, 283, 284, 300 Bowyer, Greta Sue, 567 Boyd, Barbara Sue, 133, 172, 187, 324 Boyd, John Thomas, 152, 366 Boyd, Susan Lora, 328 Boyd, Thomas, 123 Boyd, William Joseph, 387 Bayden, George Richard, 363, 436 Boye, Lee Alan, 414 Boyer, Birnie Joann, 117, 283, 286, 318 Boyer, Robert, 399 Boyer, Tenney James, 363, 436 Boyland, Alise J., 298 Boyle, John Kenneth, Jr., 386 Boyle, Stuart Alvin, 155, 394 Boyles, Carroll Franklin, 563, 572 Boyles, John Kelly, 243 Boyles, Jack, 243 Boys, Rachel Matlock, 308 Bozis, Anna Mae, 132, 330 Bozzy, Ernest Paul, 391 Brace, Donn Rylands, 166, 406, 436 Bradbury, Robert Laverne, 105, 123, 397 Bradel, Stephen Ralph, 566, 576, 588 Brademas, David James, 165 Bradford, Haney, 591 Brodkorb, Charles, 106 Bradley, Allen Ryman, 60, 99, 150, 374 Bradley, Beth, 141 Bradley, Fennimore N., 162 Bradley, Janet Ann, 331 Bradshaw, Betty Jeanne 334 Bradshaw, Jerry Chauncey, 176, 199, 436 Bradshaw, Shirley Ann, 49, 97, 178, 297 Brady, James Edward, 161, 367 Brahana, Beth Elaine, 143, 297 Brainard, Curtis Milan, 182, 436 Brainin, Libby Beatrice, 147, 312 Brakensick, Janet Sue, 77, 117, 293 Brand, Herbert Joseph, 550, 565, 588 Brandin, Harold, 399 Brienza, Clementine B., 319 Briggs, James Bernard, 115, 140, 151, 164, 436 Briggs, Janeth Diane, 119, 329, 330, 436 Briggs, Lynette Fay, 300 Bright, Thomas Richard, 208 Brighton, Gerald, 137 Brighton, Lois, 101 Brillhart, Jerome B., 145 Briney, Betty Ann, 305 Briney, Paul Emory, 173, 348, 572 Briney, Robert Ross, 564 Briney, William Finney, 541, 572 Brink, Marion Francis, 161, 436 Brinker, Donald Keith, 377 Brinker, William Scott, 353 Brinkmeyer, Gil, 237 Brinks, Kenneth John, 371 Brinks, Pm, 257 Brisbois, Marshall B., 436 Briscoe, James Bernard, 567, 588 Brissenden, Jeanne, 319 Britsky, Nicholas, 154 Brittain, John, 414 Brittain, Robert C., 397 Britton, Mervin Wentz, 105, 436 Britz, William Edward, Jr., 364 Brix, Karl, 383, 437 Brizz, Roy Lewis, 175, 371 Broaddus, Luella, 101, 105, 329 Broaddus, Nancy Ruth, 149 Brock, Nancy Ruth, 161, 297, 437 Brockman, Edith Louise, 98, 104, 105, 149, 171, 330 Brockriede, Wayne, 125 Brodbeck, John James, 410 Broderick, Raymond M., 550, 565, 576, 588, 592 Brodie, Allan G., 528, 530 Brodkin, Roslyn Lois, 340 Brodkorb, Charles Wayne, 415 Brodnax, Allene Jane, 147, 310 Brodsky, Lorraine, 329 Brodsky, Myrna Harriet, 188, 312 Brouk, Loretta Ann, 328 Broun, Alex Samuel, 382, 437 Brown, Alan Ray, 353, 379 Brown, Allen Roger, 134, 437 Brown, Brown, Barbara Ann, 105, 149, 320 Betty Ann, 329, 330 Brown, Betty Jo, 329, 330 Brown, Charlene, 315 Brown, Charles Gordon, 345, 437 Brown, Don Robert, 181, 370 Brown, Donald Lee, 562, 582 Brown, Elizabeth Jane, 301, 437 Brown, Emerson, 350, 437 Brown, Emily Ann, 154 Brown, Florence, 101 Brown, Gerald Bernard, 399 Brown, Gerald Earl, 107 Brown, Gerald Lewis, Jr., 175, 381, 437 Brown, Harvey Grannis, 423 Brown, Ina Swiryn, 326, 437 Brown, Brown, Jacquelyn Day, 104, 105 Janet Elaine, 305 Brown, Janet Marilyn, 308 Brown, James Theodore, Jr., 577 Brown, John Thomas, 189 Brown, Brown, Karen Marie, 102, 323 Kenneth Harvey, 437 Brown, Lee David, 366 Brown, Louise Elizabeth, 320 Brown, Marcia Kathleen, 172, 297 Brown, Marcus Lafayette, 167 Brown, Brown, Marlene Allison, 313 Mary Lee, 330, 437 Brown, Nancy Jean, 172, 331 Brown, Paul Custer, 169, 437 Brown, Paul Lewis, 167, 345 Brown, Philip Eugene, 144 Brown, Raymond V., 140, 162, 164, 437 Brown, Richard Dale, 411 Brown, Richard George, 406 Brown, Richard Julian, 167 Brown, Stuart lrwin, 563, 580 Brown, Susan Ellen, 178, 179, 298, 438 Brown, Teddie Loril, 187 Brown, Wayne Alden, 525 Brown, Will Kenneth, Jr., 187, 409 Brown William Joseph, 200 Browne, Robert, 22, 41 Browning, Graham Boyd, 422 Browning, Richard, 236, 237 Browning, Walter S., Jr., 152, 353 Brownlee, Thomas Harland, 373 Brownlow, Joseph Hugh, 355 Brownstein, Harold, 399 Brubaker, James Edward, 374 Bruce, Bruce, Edward Evans, 370 Richard Lee, 205, 414 Brucker, Walter Tuley, 386 Brue, John Antrim, 381 Brumbaugh, Philip Carl, 221 Bruner, Corinne Lucille, 342, 438 Bruner, Edward Joseph, 550, 565 Bruner, Rodney Eugene, 389 Brunkow, Dorothy Ann, 306 Brunkow, Jeanne Marion, 49, 86, 313 Brunkow, Joan Ellen, 63, 136, 147, 298 Brunkow, Judith Anne, 65, 136, 147, 298 Brunkow, Suzanne Haisch, 71, 85, 136, 147, 190, 308 Brunkow, William Charles, 363 Brunner, Harry Albert, 378, 402 Brunner, Otto Gustav, 438 Bruno, James Salvatore, 102, 121, 412 Brunson, Robert Earl, 363 Brush, Robert Michael, 344 Brodt, Robert Deane, 176 Brody, Jerome Saul, 375, 437 Brody, Marlene Karol, 315 Brody, Martin Burt, 399 Brody, Thomas Arthur, 80, 346 Broeske, Ardyth Charlyn, 169 Brog, Barbara Lorraine, 62, 330 Brogan, James Francis, 567 Brush, 176, Brusso, Ronald Albert, 150, 151, 155, 438 Charles Norman, 382 Bruzas, Theodore Eugene, 173, 442 Bryan, Bryan, Joseph Patrick, 414 Leslie Aulls, Jr., 21, 46, 57, 204, 228, 246, 247, 356 Bryant, Lloyd Dean, 208, 422, 438 Bryant, Lynn Grace, 49, 110, 112, 118 133, 322, 323 Bryden Robert Earl, 562 Bryant, ,John Martin, Jr., 247, 359 The Illio ot 1955 wos printed by Pontogroph Printing Compony Bloomington, Illinois Byrne, Patricia, 341 Bryson, Jo Ann, 75, 297 Bubon, John Joseph, 125 Buchal, George Fred, 167 Buchanan, Austin Wesley, 176 Buchanan, Joe Cameron, 104, 105 Buchbin der, Mandel, 564 Buchta, John Charles, 140 Buciak, Elaine Claudia, 331 Buck, Harvey Stamler, 567 Buckalo Bucking o, Roger Sidney, 419 ham, Arthur Ward, 366 Buckles, Bob Orland, 199, 387 Buckles, Mary Elaine, 292 Buckles, Nancy Jayne, 293 Buckley, Donald Charles, 536, 561, 575 Buckley, Richard L., 163 Busey Hall, 319, 320 Bush, Alvin, 176 Bush, Stanley John, 208, 353, 438 Bushnell, Malcolm West, 438 Buske, Joann Marie, 306, 438 Buskohl, Richard Earl, 409 Buswell, David Hastings, 372 Butkus, Robert Alex, 106 Butler, Charles, 218, 220, 221, 399 Butler, Patricia E., 156, 310 Butler, Terry Ruth, 117, 305 Butner, Mary Elizabeth, 292 Butterfield, Daniel F., 101, 413 Butterfield, Neil J., 184, 414, 438 Butterfield, William H., 24 Buttitta, Donald Anthony, 567 Buvala, Raymond Ronald, 409 Buxton, Robert, 578 Buzdygan, Danuta Ursula, 563, 571, Carlson Carlson Carlson Carlson Carlson Carlson , Jack William, 75, 359 , Joanne Barbara, 590 , Kay Joan, 334 , Kenneth, 176 , Nancy Beatrice, 117, 292 , Richard Elmer, 440 Carlson, Richard Keith, 353 Carlson, Robert Eugene, 371, 380 Carlson, Roderick Loyle, 365 Carlson 377, Carlson Carlson , Roger Keith, 65, 137, 207, 440 , Ronald Norman, 48, 122, 123 , Ronald Raymond, 353 Carlson, Suzanne Jane, 302 Carlson, Vivian Eleonor, 101, 102, 189 337 Carman, Robert Charles, 567, 588 Carmean, Carol Jean, 333 Carmel, James Elliott, 382 Carmichael, Raymond M., 173, 348 Chambers, Dorothy C., 329 Chambers, Gloria Mae, 441 Chambers, Robert Fulton, 125, 144, 441 Chambers, Robert Lou, 356 Chamblin, William Jack, 46, 219, 221, 246, 249, 441 Carpenter Buckley, Sandra Jane, 330 Buckman, Gerald, 541 Buckmaster, Barbara Gail, 132, 292, A38 Buckner, James Lowell, 123, 196, 350 Bucksat, Robert Eugene, 115, 163, 410 438 Buddemeier, Wilber, 30 Buddig, William Carl, 370 Budelsky, Carl Albert, 374 Buder, Estelle Bernadine, 342, 438 Budginas, Bronius, 177 Bueche, James Frank, 402, 438 Buel, Kenneth Allan, 357 Buenik, Fred George, Jr., 162, 166, 3'3 Buesking, Anette, 322 Buesner, William, 242 Bufiington, Betty Jane, 319 Bugaieski, Stanley M., 560, 576, 538 593 Byerly, Kenneth Lloyd, 152, 397 Byers, Robert Gorin, 370 Byrns, Betsy Ann, 187, 318, 439 Byron, Mariorie Jean, 322 Carney, Howard Sol, 396 Caroline, J. C., 48, 213, 214, 215, 216, 219, 220, 221, 249 Carpenter, Alice Faye, 337 Carpenter, Bennie F., 564, 577 Carpenter , Donald Willis, 440 Carpenter, Harry W., Jr., 162 Carpenter, James Warren, 440 Paul 579 Cadwalla der, Donna Carol, 313, 439 Cady, Allan Bartlett, 152, 397 Cagle Hall, 400 Cahill, Bernard Robert, 167 Cahn, Ca rl Sylvan, 399, 439 Cahoon, Thomas Hart, 412 Cain, Lyl Cain, Ma e Brian, 356 rgaret Ann, 439 Caine, Ann, 322 Carper, Robert Seymour, 181, 440 Carper, William Levi, 572 Carr, Donald Edward, 123, 166, 183, 385, 440 Carr, James Gronou, 124, 161, 357 Carr, Marna Susan, 100, 101, 147, 295 Carr, Poul Raymond, 389 Carr, Robert Anthony, 440 Carras, Nathan Angela, 351 Buss, J ohn Richard, 419 Buhring, Arthur Robert, 567 Buhrmester, Donald E., 164, 196, 207, Cekanauskas, Vytautas, 177 394, 438 Buist, Gene Raymond, 365 Bukowski, Gregory, 595 Bulatovic, Tatiana, 566, 588 Bulgart, Edith Mae, 30, 255 Bull, William Earnest, 398 Bullock, Doris, 156 Bullock, James William, 161 Bultinck, Dolores Helen, 293, 433 Bulwa, Sheldon, 537, 561, 573 Bumiller, James Albert, 144 Bump, David Wayne, 397 Bump, Howard Leroy, 397 Bumzahem, Carlos Boyd, 438 Bundy, L. D. Lamar, 402 BundY, Ola Marie, 257 Bunn, Charlotte Frances, 49, 302 Bunte, William Franklin, 144, 412 Bunting, Eleanor Jane, 331 Burakofl, Gerald David, 105 Burba, Joseph Gregory, 390 Burch, Joan Eleanor, 98, 300 Burbules, John, 83 Burchell, Sara Jane, 541 Burck, Joseph Michael, 523 Bures, Agnes, 101, 322 Burg, James Harvey, 353 Burg, Richard William, 398 Burgdort, Harald August, 352 Burger, Ambrose, 170 Burger, Glen Otto, Jr., 102 Burger, Louis Robert, 564 Burger, Margery Sewell, 127, 141. 310 Burgess, Bruce Boyd, 353 Burgess, Bruce Everett, 402 Burgess, lsabel Vivian, 310 Burgess, William Vander, 420, 438 Burghardt, Fred Conrad, 345 Burhmester, Don, 189 Burian, Patricia Jean, 525 Burk, Jack Lloyd, 176, 438 Burk, Joann Eve, 560 Burke, Frank Joseph, Jr., 413 Burke, Henry William, 164, 413, 438 Burke, William Henry, 386 Burke, William Richard, 3 Burkhardt, Fred Eugene, 562 Burkhart, Jane Ann, 64, 323, 438 Burks, James Wilson, 225, 352 Burnett, Bernard Bullard, 106, 423 Burnett, John William, 146 Burnier, Francis, 221 Burns, Daryl Robert, 537, 561 Burns, Robert Donald, 384 Burns, William Paul, 537, 561 Burnstine, Bernard L., 369 Burnstine, lrving R., 369 Burr, Barbara Marie, 310 Burr, Frank Warfel, 354, 438 Burrell, Elizabeth Anne, 296 Burrell, James Kenneth, 160, 177, 187, 438 Burrill, John Edmund, 438 Burrus, Carolyn Sue, 333 Bursell, Richard Gerald, 124, 189, 391 Burt, Patricia Ann, 295, 438 Burt, Woodruff Arthur, 390, 438 Burton, Gary Allan, 389 Burton, June Corinne, 101, 293 Busch, Edward Leonard, 541 Buser, Don Henry, 400 606 Caiet, Arnold Norbert, 139, 242, 246 Calder, James Lee, 355, 439 Caldwell, Ruth Sarah, 305 Calhon, Lawrence Joseph, 177 Calhoon, James Donal, 166, 208, 439 Calhoun Hall, 407 Calisoli, Charles lra, 439 Calisoff, Naomi Ruth, 329 Calkins, John Holmes, 169, 405, 439 Callahan, Gilbert Roy, 562, 575 Callaway, James Paul, 564, 581 Calligan, Michael Joseph, 392 Calvert, Barbara Ann, 156, 301 Corrigan, Jane Ann, 102 Carroll, James Robert, 537, 561, 575 Carroll, Jim Byars, 98, 363 Carson, Howard Neil, 106, 145 Carson, John Mackay, 65, 173, 364 Carson, Margaret P., 560 Carter, Allen Burton, 369 Carter, Charles Leslie, 182 Carter, Dorothy Anne, 189 Carter, Frank Charles, 565, 572 Carter, Jerallyn Marie, 156, 292 Carter, Carter, Helen Louise, 186, 336 Morris, 86 Chambliss, Dale Richard, 349 Champion, Donald Emmet, 390, 441 Champion, Douglas Paul, 390 Chance, William Mugge, 441 Chancellor, Dorine L., 143, 329, 330 Chandler, George Moseley, 176, 417 Chanen, Rita Carol, 294 Chaney, Jordan Fisher, 368, 441 Chang, Chang Sun, 151 Chang, Jeannette, 571 Channapragada, S. Rao, 175 Chapin, Jaan Elizabeth, 132, 330 Chapman, Charles F., 169, 441 Chapman, Karen lynn, 301 Chapman, Lawrence R., 46, 50, 78, 128, 134, 177, 377, 441, 524 Chapman, Thelma Lee, 330 Chappel, Philip Earl, 383 Charney, Stanton Mel, 250, 251, 396 Charous, Donald lrwin, 563 Chase, Charles Amos, 143 Chase, Rebecca Ann, 313 Chavez, Ezra, 591 Chazdon, Sheldon Zann, 550, 565, 587 Cheatham, Doris Brooksie, 304 Chedister, Charles R., 581, 586 Chedsey, William, 178 Cheerleaders, 248 Cheeseman, Howard, 187 Chen, Horn, 441 Chen, Michael Ming, 166, 441 Chen, Ruby Kung Yu, 336 Chengary, James Daniel, 381 Cheokley, William, 366 Chervony, Abraham Moses, 564 Chesnut, John William, 126, 173, 441 Chessen, Janice Anita, 312 Chevrie, Harald William, 174 Chibucos, Thomas Frank, 567 Chicago Illini Union, 592, 593 Chick, Helen June, 331 Chidester, James M., 362 Chief lllinwek, 248 Chien, Robert Tien Wen, 411 chi Epsilon, 138 Camburn, Tom Arthur, 201, 381 Cameron, Gordon Roy, 400 Cameron, James William, 387 Cameron, Roy Eugene, 413 Cameron, Stella, 59 Commack, Emmerson, 114, 174 Campbell, Albert F., Jr., 380 Campbell, Carlton, 157 Campbell, Carolyn, 172, 330, 439 Campbell, Carolyn J., 193, 342 Campbell, David McLea, 381 Campbell, Geoffrey Kieth, 393 Campbell, Jack Allen, 439 Campbell, James Falcon, 107, 419 Campbell, John Polk, 101, 356 Campbell, Joseph B., 24, 25 Campbell, Malcolm H., 187 Campbell 193, 3:1 Mary Catherine, 71, 118, 1 Campbell, Myrna Grace, 328, 440 Campbell, Robert Earl, 411 Campbell, Robert Eugene, 175 Campbell, Thomas Azor, 440 Campbell, William Frank, 161, 168, 170 Campbell, William Law, 193 Campeggio, Shirley Anne, 317 Campus Chest, 70, 71 Campus Leaders, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 Cange, John Leroy, 414 Cannella, Joseph Leonard, 184 Canney, Arthur Warren, Jr., 162 Cannon, Joseph, 587 Cant, Wilbur Francis, 563, 572 Canterbury Club, 187 Canterbury, Lillie E., 331 Cantrall, Edward Warren, 398 Cantrell, Gwendolyn Eva, 189 Capek, Otto Victor, Jr., 164, 421 Capek, Raymond George, 162, 421 Capek, Richard Charles, 166 Capel, James Lewis, Jr., 362 Caplin, Sherry Elysse, 307 Capocchi, Leo Hugo, 541 Capron, Banfield Rolls, 373 Carbonneau, Marvin C., 137, 171, 175, 440 Cardozo, Omar De J., 417 Caress, Jerry Allan, 409, 440 Carey. Robert, 139 Cargill, Jerry Ward, 413 Carleton, William Edward, 176 Carlins, Joel Miles, 382 Carlo, Armando, 200, 440 Carlson, Bruce lrving, 353 Carlson, Carl Henry, 183 Carlson, Carol Jean, 300, 590 Carlson, Cynthia Evelyn, 99, 317 Carlson, David Emory, 562 Carlson, Earl Alfred 11, 83, 178, 389 Carter, Nancy, 138, 525 Carter, Robert Roger, 174 Carter, Robert W., 440 Carter, Wendell Eugene, 564 Carter, William Samuel, 154 Cartland, Catherine, 300 Cortland, John David, 115, 135, 137, 160, 354, 362, 440 Cary, Donna Sue, 329 Casciaro, Ralph Alfred, 541, 581, 587 Caseley, Donald J., 529 Cash, Gordon Edgar, 46, 52, 120, 121, 411, 422, 440 Caskey, Margaret K., 75, 330 Casler, Harry Goldzier, 355, 440 Casperson, Eugene Arnold, 561, 582, 591 Cass, Dolores Brzozowski, 299 Cassens, Allen Robert, 107, 354 Casserly, Joseph B., Jr., 166, 384, 440 Cossey, Charles Richard, 397 Casteel, Milford Rundle, 144 Castro, Oscar Vega, 418 Caswell, Robert Lynn, 205, 344 Catalano, Christine C., 319 Cation, Vivian Ann, 541, 571 Catlin, James Malcolm, 562, 582, 593 Cattaneo, Joan Marie, 78, 297 Cauldwell, M. l., 83 Caughey, John Frederick, 208 Cavallo, Michael Angelo, 418 Cavender, William F., 440 Caveny, Charles C., 28 Cawley, Martin Louis, 166 Cawthon, Robert Lee, 121, 410 Cayten, Sylvia Vlee, 78, 320 Cazel, John Merel, 357 Cece, Joseph Dominic, 541 Cecrle, Richard Allen, 567, 588 Cederwall, Rolf Alrik, 135, 207, 344, 441 Celarier, James Leroy, 101, 189, 421 cenini, William Frank, 175 Celusnak, Geraldine M., 76, 136, 319 Century, Theodore Howard, 537, 561, 573 Ceo, Joseph Stephen, 104, 371 Chadwell, Sandra Jean, 328 ChaHee, Vincent Wesley, 167 Chaiken, Irwin, 562 Chalcraft, Joyce L., 47, 54, 110, 113, 178, 179, 300,441 Chalem, Stewart Kane, 163, 409 Challas, John Peter, 351 Challenger, Robert J., 562 Chalmers, Antigone K., 319 Chamberlain, Albert T., 164 Chamberlain, Neal C., 186, 411 Chamberlain, William H., 176 Chamberlin, Thomas R., Jr., 536, 561 Chilcott, Thomas English, 63, 374 Childers, Charles Eugene, 207, 441 Childers, Ross Edward, 176, 413 Childress, Harry Lee, 370 Childs, Charles Whiteman, 140, 151, 155 Chimento, Charles W., 175 Chinese Student Club, 253 Chi Omega, 300 Chionis, John James, 170 Chiostri, Raymond Frank, 184, 206, 441 Chi Phi, 355 Chiprin, Alfred Sidney, 102, 375 chi Psi, 356 Chmelik, Raymond Richard, 400 Cho, Catherine, 132, 342 Cholden, Myron Lloyd, 388, 441 Chaudhury, Debabrata, 175 Chouinard, Philippe J., 567 Christensen, Charles D., 416 Christensen, Fay Marie, 567 Christensen, James S., 350 Christensen Leroy W., 76, 148 Christensen, Louis David, 199, 397, 441 Christensen, Theodore D., 121, 415, 441 Christenson, Daniel R., 442 Christian Medical Society, 540 Christiansen, Marie A., 295 Christianson, Conrad J., 189 Christianson, Ronald C., 204, 400, 442 Christie, Thomas Michael, 537, 561, 582 Christopher, Richard L., 393 Christopher, Socrates S., 356 Christy, William Charles, 161, 367 Chroman, Rebecca, 325 Chrusciel, Gerald T., 176, 442 Chubat, Beverly Anne, 154, 320, 442 Chubin, Myron, 418 Chun, David Tit Sheung, 190, 199, 204 416 Chun,'Howard K. c., 537,561,575 Chun, Vivian, 590, 592 Chung, Thomas Glen, Jr., 561, 582 Chura, Church Ciarlo John, 406, 411,442 ill, Virginia P., 118, 323 James Anthony, 114, 194, 198, 199, 204, 442 Cicero, Joseph Salvatore, 114, 174, 442 CichY, Daniel Robert, 176, 442 Cifuentes, Luis Fernando, 184 Cinnamon, William Davis, 161, 172, 408 Cisek, Herman Walter, 442 Cisna, Janet Lee, 119, 330 Cisne, Max Gerard, 368 Ciszek, Barbara Diana, 442 Civil Engineering Hall, 32 For the finest in Portraits or Candids you can count on 1 ,. fl . 7' Morris Sterneck and Rosalie Librach Cizek, Donald Francis, 101, 442 Clapper, James Milton, 173, 175, 182, 184, 204, 348 Clarbour, Bertram Nelson, 376 Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark 1 Carole Ann, 328, 442 Charles, 576 David Wise, 199, 204, 383, 442 Gerald Phillip 357 'l'louse, M.R.H.,' 417 James George, 356 Cobain, Janet Grace, 190, 328 Cobala, John, 121 Cobb, James Allen, 105 Cobb, Richard Ellsworth, 190, 402 Cobban, James Gordon, 443 Coborley, Robert Clayton, 536, 558, 561, 575 Cochran, Barbara Fae, 190, 333 Cochran, Robert Wyman, 157, 175, 360, 400 Cockerill, Carole Ann, 295 Cockerill, Vernon Lee, 167, 443 Cohn, Lois Miller, 99, 178 Cohn, Reina Marilyn, 100, 1UI Cohn, Richard, 243 Cohn, Ronald lro, 347 Cohn, Rubin, 86 Cohan, Edward Marvin, 396 Cohron, Gerald T., 165 Colbert, Morton Joseph, 443 Colby, Arthur, 172 Colby, Fred Vail, 403 Cole, Alan Rex, 204, 253, 356 Cole, Jane, 320 Cole, Joan Theresa, 567 Combes, Harry, 223, 244 Combs, Allred Edmond, 205 Combs, Carol Lorimer, 301 Comer, Kenneth Gene, 187, 208, 443 Comm, Alan Howard, 399 Commerce Council, 114 Committee on Student Affairs, 113 Concert Band, 105 Condon, Patricia Ann, 299 Conery, Wayne E., 148, 365, 443 Confer, Ross McCauley, 391 Conger, James Gordon, 564, 572 Conhain, Stephen Michael, 369 Conigl Clark, Joe Henry, 417 Clark, John Henry, 144 Clark Kenneth Raymond, 221 Clark 1 Lawrence Gilbert, 167 Cocking, Janice Besse, 186, 336 Cocking, Kenneth Eugene, 413 Cole, Robert, 177 Clark, Loren Duane, 166 Clark, Robert Norman, 176, 384, 442 Clark, Robert Willis, 144, 384, 422 Clark, Sonya Lea, 147, 293 Clark, William Beryl, 102 Clark William Norris 442 Clarke, Richard Lewis, 407 Clausen, Orvel William, 166, 422 Claxton, John Elmer, 187 Clay, Leo Robert, 169, 399, 405 Clayton, John Duane, 167 Claywell, Richard Jack, 106 Cleary, Edward, 176 Cleary, Jerry Patton, 345 Cleary, Judith Catherine, 72, 308 Cleaver, Wendell D., 410 Cleft, Howard Dennis, 353 Clem, Charmian Elizabeth, 118, 133, 333 Clemens, John Kendall, 386, 442 Clement, Roland Estel, 386, 442 Clemons, Robert Eugene, 139, 242, 354 Cletcher, John Otis, Jr., 541, 572 Clevenger, James William, 177, 442 Clevenger, Paul Wesley, 355 Clifton, Kermit Leon, 408 Clinard, Donald Lee, 366 Clindworth, Lloyd, 168 Cline, Charles Henry, 383 Cline, John Terry, 352 Cline, Richard Gordon, 144, 383 Clothier, Norma, 591 Clower, Robert Eugene, 366 Club Esquire, 408 Clymer, Mae S., 302 Coan, John, 150 Coates, William Roger, 362 Cockfield, Douglas W., 368 Coert, Lawrence Willard, 205, 414 Coeur, James Ernest, 578 Coffey, Gary Ray, 176 Coffman, Bennie Sherman, 199, 204, 383 Cogley, Richard Clair, 141, 443 Cogswell, Clark, 358 Cohan, Donald Gene, 396 Cohan, Fred Alan, 176, 443 Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohen I , Adrienne B., 329 , Allen Stuart, 379 , Carl Martin, 550, 565 , Daniel, 167 , Dave, 347 , Deborah Julie, 312 Eliahu Werner, 166, 188, 443 , Harriet Ruth, 294, 443 , Helen Sandra, 326 lrwin Jay, 72 144 , Jacquie Joy, 188, 315 , Judith Ruth, 319, 443 , Jules Bernard, 379 , Kay Judith, 339 , Kenneth, 541 , Lois Blatt, 312 , Philip Roger, 181, 415 Cohen, Rita, 312, 319 Cohen, Seymour Ira, 567 Cohen, Sheldon, 542, 580 Cohen, Thelma, 307 Cohen, Wallace, 395 Cohn, Arnold Norman, 388, 443 Cohn, Gerald, 564 Cohn, Jay Earl, 396 Cohn, Jordan Allen, 188 Cohn, Joyce Elaine, 117, 303 Cohn, Leon, 564 Cole, Sandra Lea, 299 Coleman Coleman , James Fordyce, 169 , James Thomas, 148 Coleman, Richard Allen, 443 Coleman , Robert Earl, 360, 443 Coleman, William Earl, 373, 443 College of Agriculture, 29 College of Commerce and Business Administration, 30 College of Dentistry, 528, 530, 533 College of Education, 31 College of Engineering, 32 College of Fine 8- Applied Arts, 33 College of Law, 36 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 37 College of Medicine, 528, 531, 533, 540 College of Pharmacy, 528, 532, 533, 549 College of Veterinary Medicine, 42 Colletti Jerome N. 566 588 Collier,, Robert Genie, 5611, 572 Collins, Harold Edward, 107, 353 Collins, Jane Ellen, 300 Collins, Janet Rae, 330 Collins, Mary Ella, 100, 101, 293, 443 Collins, Nina Grace, 306 Collins, Patrick W., 101 Collins, Ruth Ellyn, 443 Collins, William Henry, 363 Colonial Arms, 407 Colonial Manor, 408 Colovos, Sappho K., 79, 332 Colvin, James C., 24, 25 Colvin, Oliver Perry, 415 Colwell, Carl Lee, 412 Calwell, Robert Douglas, 387 Colyer, Dale Keith, 525 Conkli io, Anthony Samuel, 405 n, Edward James, 525 Conlin, John Alfred, 443 Conlon, Patrick Owen, 371 Conn, Alice Adeline, 334 Connell, Carole Jeanne, 297 Connell, Carolin, 107, 306 Connell, John Gunnett, 368, 443 Connell, Mark Wayne, 184 Conner, George Henry, 563, 577 Connolly, John Daniel, 176, 358 Connor, Joyce Maudonna, 189, 257 Connors, James Joseph, Jr., 404 Conover, Joe lrvin, 76, 107, 345 Conreaux, Betty Jane, 322, 444 Conrow, Kenneth, 398 Constant, Eldon Jackson, 81 Conto, Mary Jo, 154, 292, 444 Contos, Paul Anthony, 164, 170 Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cools, Coone Coope Coope Coope Coope Coope Coope Coope Coope Barbara June, 304 Betty, 525 Donald Carl, 137 Donald Frank, 354 Jack Martin, 189 Ralph Lawrence, 162, 409 Raymond, 165 Robert Merold, 175 Robert Vern, 354 Frank John, Jr., 160, 444 y, James Richard, 184, 444 r, Jean Ethel, 136, 330, 590 r, Lawrence Mark, 347 r, Mary Alice, 333 r, Phillip Jay, 137, 399, 444 r, Richard Riley, 374 r, Robert Allen, 418 r, William King, 562 rman, Nancy Ruth, 325 Coordination Committee, 112 607 Coppel, Irving Lawrence, 253, 444 Corbett, Joseph Warren, 189, 206 Corcoran, Frances, 205 Corcoran, Roy William, 402, 444 Cordell, Alan, 402 Cardes, Robert Henry, 138, 184 Corduan, Gloria Clara, 330 Co-Rec Department, 251 Corley, Joseph W., 228 Corley, William Gene, 349 Corn, Charles Arthur, 347 Cornelius, Norman F., 167 Cornett, Clifford, 401 Corrado, Valentine John, 561, 582 Correll, Charles Richard, 387 Corrigan, Sarah Ann, 165 Cory, John Ream, 144, 349 Cosentino, Anthony M., 586, 587 Cosler, Nancy, 69, 298 Cosmopolitan, 398 Costabile, Michaeline M., 319, 444 Costas, Vasiliki James, 444 Coster, Richard Donald, 167 Cosler, Robert William, 421 Cote, Roger William, 402 Cotovsky, Irving, 565 Cotter, Alice, 322 Cottrell, Donna Carol, 119, 332 Couch, Lynda Ruth, 47, 84, 85, 298, 444 Coughlin, Geraldine Ann, 567 Coughlin, John David, 562, 575 Coultas, Kay Darlene, 306 Council, Ralph Herbert, 536, 558, 561, 575 Courier, Ernest Morton, 542 Courter, Sheila Mary A., 338 Courtright, John Brooks, 563, 570, 578 Coury, Leonard Michael, 408 Cousins, Roy Stewart, 105, 345 Covert, Carylsue, 165, 292 Covey, Loy Stephen, 365 Crossland, Merle Francis, 565, 570, 572, 592 Crossland, Paul Nicholas, 377 Crouse, Jimmy Lyle, 564, 581 Crow, Barbara Jean, 309 Crow, Norma, 61 Crowder, Richard S., 445 Crowe, Richard Earl, 423 Crowell, Gene, 101 Crowell, Ronald Dennis, 189 Croy, Richard Charles, 564 Croyts, Harold Simon, 164, 445 Crumbaugh, Charlotte Sue, 165, 255, 292 Crummer, Janet Louise, 292 Crummy, Patricia E., 101, 314 Crump, Roger Lee, 389 Cruthers, Sharon Ruth, 306 Cucci, Angelo Michael, 105, 417 Cuevas, Alfonso, 417 Culbert, Professor John, 171 Culbertson, Jon Roderick, 237, 246, 362 Culbertson, Robert M., 525 Cullen, Glenn Wherry, 398 Cullen, Joy Ann, 302 Cullen, Kenneth Arthur, 373 Cullinan, John Paul, 542, 578 Cullins, Thomas E., 78, 366 Cullison, Eldon Keith, 205 Culp, Geraldine, 180 Culton, Jon Willis, 102, 349 Culverson, Yvonne Nancy, 309 Cummings, James Allen, 176 Cummings, Nancy Alice, 299 Cummings, Roger Wayne, 408 Cummings, William Norman, 174, 182, 445 Cunat, Ronald Frank, 146 Cunefare, Jerry Lee, 409 Cunningham, Adella Ann, 563, 571 Cunningham, Carmen, 148, 184, 257, Danielsen, Barbara Ann, 335 Danielson, Joan Marilyn, 299, 445 Dankert, William Leroy, 189, 394 Dannells, Richard A., Jr., 107, 121, 157, 161, 190, 401 Dannen, Avrum Hirsch, 375 Dar, Mohamad Sidiq, 175 Darby, John Joseph, 184 D'Arcy, Thomas Joseph, 404, 445 Darkazanli, Mohamad A., 144, 164 Darlington, William M., 174, 184, 445 Darnall, Millard K., 80, 359 Dart, Donald Edward, 550, 576, 592 Darwish, Louis, 561, 582 Das, Rhea Stagner, 175 Dashe, Jerry Gregory, 445 Dattilo, Janice Marie, 101, 295 Dau, Corinne Doris, 334 Daugherty, Forrest, 403 Daus, Marion Elinor, 189, 319 Dauten, Paul, 182 Davenport, Beniamin H., 307 Davenport, Carolyn B., 154, 446 Davenport, Gene Alan, 446 David, Irwin Theodore, 417 Deeg , D iane Marian, 107, 192, 329 Deem, Robert Neal, 176 Deere, Robert Wilson, 154, 402, 446 Dees, Don Claire, 115, 196, 208, 363, 447 Dees, Margaret, 142 DeFries, John Clarence, 408 Degener, Richard Lyddan, 355 Degenhardt, Ernest A., 177, 383, 447 Dehority, William Frank, 173, 364 DeJanId, Richard, 558 DeJarld, Richard Lee, 561, 575 Deimek, Wesley Howard, 374 Delance, Robert Edward, 407 Delaney, Robert Francis, 221, 384 Delopaz , Moses Richard, 398 Delourenti, John Lewis, 199, 386, 447 Delismon, Ronald Joseph, 205 Dellert, Richard Harold, 105, 447 Delmuro, Raul, 415 DeLong, Clifton, 24 DeLong Edward Ewing, 362 DeLong: George Edward, 357 DeLong Russell Spalding, 367 DeLong: Terry: Ann, 116, 117, 129, D Cresto, Cowan, Eleanor Nancy, 325 Cowan, Lyle Joseph, 563, 572 Cowan, Opal Marie, 337 Cowan, Robert Eugene, 162 Cowart, Richard Lee, 105, 145, 344 Cowen, John Roger, 100, 187 Cox, Clarence Albert, 537, 561 Cox, Donald Leroy, 567 Cox, Frances Gregory, 100, 101 Cox, Fred Stacer, 381 Cox Herbert Arthur 352 Cox, Janet Rae, 187, 323, 444 Cox, Jean E., 165 Cox, Randall Stewart, 389 Cox, Richard Lee, 390 Cox, Sandra Sue, 306 Cox, Thomas Reed, 383 Caxe, Linda Carol, 320 Coyle, Patricia Jean, 99, 165, 257, 333 Coyne, Ronald Edward, 371 Craft, Martha Lou, 126, 136, 297 Crago, Rex Morrell, 105 Craig, Dewey Gene, 169 Crain, Charles Anthony, 182, 444 Crain, James Warren, 196, 207, 346, 444 Craine, Charles William, 444 Cramer, Russell Thomas, 408 Crandall, Coryl Eugene, 77 Crandall, Earl Ellsworth, 565, 580 Crane, Adele Joyce, 330 Crane, David Kelley, 368 Crane, Frank, 579 Crane, Frank A., 587 Crane, Stanley R., Jr., 184 Crang, Frederick Eugene, 165 Craven, Barbara Loni, 335 Crawford, Robert James, 398 Crawford, Roger, 101 Cray, Jerome Francis, 444 Creade n, Roger Neil, 380 Creamer, Kenneth, 164 Creath, James Russell, 88, 144, 354 Cremer, Bennett Jay, 444 Cremer, Carole Maxine, 330 Cremer, Molly Ann, 313 Crepas, Charles David, 566, 574, 588 Nancy Sue, 293 445 Cunningham, Dorothy Ann, 332 Cunningham, William E., 421 Cupery, Willis Eli, 101 Cupit, Charles Richard, 398 Cuplin, Warren Duane, 189, 406, 445 Currea, Ernesto, 445 Curry, Curry. Charles Fredrick, 390 Dolores Ruth, 30, 445 Curry, Lloyd William, 165, 445 Curry, 381 Curtin, Constance, 101 Curtin, John Edward, 121, 422 Curtis, Curtis, Curtis, 364 James O., 165 John Leo, 182, 370 Paul Eugene, 48, 98, 173, 178, Curtiss, Henry, 399 Curtiss, Lee Edwin, 161, 177, 445 Curzon, Clitiord, 89 Cushman, Edward, 134 Cusworth, Maynard C., 176 Cuthbert, Suzanne Ellett, 116, 308, 445 Cwik, Dennis Louis, 400, 445 Cygan, Marilyn Jaine, 299 Czerner, Raya, 564, 571 Dabler, Stephen Vernon, 409 Dachniwsky, J. Myron, 204 Dad's Day, 266 Dagee, Catherine, 320 Dages, Catharine V., 191 Dahl, Harry Christian, 164, 445 Dahlenburg, Lyle Marion, 115, 123, 204, 368 Daily mini, 76, 78, 79, 81, 82 Daily, Eugene, 166 Dainko, Edward Adolph, 563, 577 Dairy Production Club, 168 Dairy Technology Society, 169 Dal Corobbo, Bruno V., 194, 401 Daley, Grace, 292 Dalgonas, Sandra, 46 Dalla, Franklin C., 529, 583 Dallas, "Field Trippers," 200 Creviston, Mark S., Jr., 152, 165 Cribbet, John, 176 Crickman, Jeral:I+Arthur, 381 Crider, Mary Alice, 327 Crider, Robert William, 400 Cridlebaugh, Richard B., 107, 161 Crinrmins, John Frank, 400 Crinigan, Kathleen M., 257 Crisp, Carole, 316, 444 Crispin, Robert Harry, 423 Crist, Doris Maureen, 186, 336 Crombie, Howard Franklin, 143, 444 Dallek, Robert, 445 Dalton, Beverly Dawn, 334 Daly, Gerard Robert, 562, 582 Daly, William Henry, 561, 582 Damato, Teresa Jeanne, 331 Dambrosio, Arthur L., Jr., 371, 445 Dameron, Eldon Wayne, 359 David Kinley Hall, 30 David, Virginia Olivette, 330 Davidson, Celia Ann, 101 Davidson, Edward, 86 Davidson, Frances E., 309, 446 Davidson, Hazel Maxine, 341 Davidson, Jean Joslyn, 588 Davidson, Jo Ann, 313, 446 Davidson, Leroy Frank, 416 Davidson, Marie Lucille, 119, 165, 341 Davidson, Rosalind S., 104 Davies, Clair Lee, 107 Davis, Anne Louise, 47, 51, 95, 110, 112, 178, 297, 446 Davis, Catherine, 296 Davis, Charles Steven, 542, 580, 586 Davis, Delores Judine, 337 Davis, Donald Arley, 345, 446 Davis, Elaine, 312 Davis, Esther, 186 Davis, Frederick C., Jr., 419, 446 Davis, Fredrick Gerald, 352, 446 Davis, Harvey Samuel, 105, 190 Davis, James Franklin, 390 Davis, James H., 558, 560, 574, 595 Davis, Davis, Jane Ellen, 257, 320 Joan Alyne, 335 Davis, Joseph Richard, 564 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Kenneth Smith, 182 Leo Joseph, Jr., 446 Leonard Henry, Jr., 175 Leroy Lester, 393 Marcia Elizabeth, 182, 297 Marian Lee, 193, 342 Patricia Mary, 332 Paul Henric, 80, 399 Philip Cavin, 106 Priscilla Anne, 156, 311 Richard Franklin, 407, 446 Davis, Robert Stanley, 368, 378 Davis, Rochelle Jeanne, 293 Davis, Seth Raul, 107 Davis, Sydney Victor, 550, 565 Davis, Theodore Kenneth, 399, 446 Davis, Verna Grace, 330, 446 Davis, William Harold, 446 Davis, William Leslie, 408 Davis, William Thompson, 167 Davison, Harvey, 198 Davison, Hugh Miller, 446 Davison, Jack Temple, 165 Davison, Richard, 138 Dawes, Charles Gates, 363 Dawkins, George Spangler, 398 Dawson, Harriett Eileen, 296 Dawson, Judith, 313 Dawson, Len, 216 Dawson, Leroy Lendon, Jr., 373 Dawson, Stuart Owen, 354 Day Day Dov, Day Day, Day Day David Allen, 112 Geraldine, 187 Joyce Mary, 182, 331 Loren Louis, 162 Rachel Lucia, 100, 101, 331 Richard A., 385 , William Herbert, Jr., 446 Day, William James, 381 Dayenian, Ursula Mary, 119 Daymont, Dixie Carol, 136, 330 Daysdale, Elizabeth, 101 Dcamp, Luan Jeanette, 446 Deakins, Roger Lee, 144 Dean, Alan James, 139 Damiani, Richard Vincent, 381 Dammann, James Edward, 243, 354 Damon, Daniel Alden, 370 Damore, Frank, 372 Damotte, Cecelia Ann, 340 Dean, Clark Evans, 346, 446 Dean, Donald Joe, 106, 168, 364 Deane, Derry Ruth, 104 Deardortt, Dr. Dwight, 579, 587 Deaton, Jack L., 422 Debiasio, Norma Julie, 341 Cronkrite, Margaret A., 331 Cropp, Duane Oertlin, 100 Crose, Rita Isabelle, 299 Cross, Kathryn Patricia, 27, 110 Cross, Larry Lee, 247, 393 Cross, Cross, Cross, 608 Lawrence, 246 Robert Edward, 558, 562, 591 Stanley Lee, 558, 562, 591 Dancey, Richard James, 387 Dandurand, James Louis, 123, 135, 360 Dangerfield, Royclen, 22 Dangwillo, Marilynn Ann, 316 Daniel, Johnnita, 101, 323 Daniel, Richard Edward, 362 Daniels, Arthur Ivan, Jr., 374 Daniels, John William, 174 Deboer, Fredrik Eugene, 349 DeBofsky, Harvey, 563, 580 Debolt, Don Eugene, 173, 204, 348 Debus, Raymond Lewis, 142 Decker, John Scott, 402 Deditius, Donald John, 106 Deeds, Kathleen, 320 309, 447 Delsaver, Carl, 240 Delta Chi, 357 Delta Delta Delta, 301 Gamma, 302 Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon, 358 Delta Kappa Sigma, 574 Delta Phi, 253 Delta Phi Epsilon, 303 Delta Sigma Delta, 575 Delta Sigma Omicron, 169 Delta Sigma Phi, 360 Delta Sigma Pi, 361 Delta Tau Delta, 362 Delta Upsilon, 363 Delta Zeta, 305 DeMar, Bruce Shale, 388 DeMarteIaere, David L., 162, 359 DeMay, Charles, 157 DeMoss, Clarence William, 220, 221, 447 Dempsey, Bruce Roderick, 173, 207, 208, 447 Dempsey, Ronald Eugene, 362 Demski, Donald Richard, 204, 402 Denberg, Kenneth Harold, 347 Denby, Donald Dale, 137, 159, 173, 204, 348 Denhart, Oren Dwayne, 101 Dennen, Babette Sue, 303 Dennis, John David, 372 Dennis, Philip Ray, 378 Denny, Charles John, 419 Dental Christian Medical Society, 591 Dentistry lnterfraternity Council, 570 Dentistry-Medicine-Pharmacy Building, 528, 532 Dentistry Student Council, 558 Department of Intramural and Recrea- tional Sports, 250 Department of Personnel, 63 Department of Public Relations, 62 DePauw, Lawrence William, 447 DePesa, Arlene, 107, 317 Depew, Donald Richard, 414 DePierri, William Goman, 398 Depke, Herbert, 362 DeProtine, Phil Ramon, 150, 155, 176, 385, 447 Derby, Kenneth Wolcott, 81, 144, 152, 380 Derby, Roger Malcolm, 106, 205, 378 Dercoli, Giacinto Carl, 393 Derache, John Walter, 447 Desai, Dhirubhai N., 175 Desch, James John, 385 Desch, Judith Ann, 295, 447 DesEnfants, Robert E., 221, 372 DeShazo, Donald, Jr., 183 Deskins, Julia Elizabeth, 104 DeSimone, Daniel Van, 164, 402 Desser, Sidney Douglas, 180, 379, 447 Detina, Judy, 330, 447 Dettmar, Priscilla Agnes, 101, 341 Detwiler, Charles Calvin, 205, 392 Deuel, Peter, 157 Deuss, Douglas Edmund, 378 Deutschle, Paul Charles, 174, 415 Devall, Joseph Wayne, 208, 373, 447 Devall, Yvonna Luttrell, 3, 55, 75, 148 447 Devereux, Ronald Taylor, 407 Devine, Juliana Anita, 335 Devlin, Patrick Joseph, 447 DeVos, Brice JCY. 367 DeVry, Barbara Ida, 313 DeVry, Diane Ida, 306 De Wald, Ronald Lee, 143 Dewall, Carole Rae, 328 Dewey, James Adams, 183 Dewey, Melvin George, 384 Dewhirst, Ernestine E., 297, 447 DeWolft, Carlton Edward, 163 Dexter, Sharon Jean, 111, 313 DeYoung, Edwin Lawson, 398 DeYoung, Mary, 591 4 Diakiw, Audrey Jane, 341, 447 Diamond, Joseph Ruby, 550, 565 Diamond, Marian Lee, 340, 448 Dibble, John Charles, 380 Dice, Donna Joanne, 298 Dicesare, Gloria Marie, 119 Dick, Edna Claire, 184 Dick, Michael Josef, 221 Dick, Richard Nelson, 368, 572 Dick, Richard Sam, 173, 448 Dick, Roland Irwin, 101 Dickasan, E. Donald, 23 Dickens, Willis Norman, 563, 577 Dickett, Gust William, 448 Dickey, Fuhrer D., 100, 353 Dickey, Robert, 137, 138 Dickinson, John Kendall, 563, 572 Dickler, Phillip A., 567 Dickman, Teddy Lee, 175, 192, 412, 448 Dicks, Thomas Alan, 373 Diedrick, Milton Lester, 378 Diekman, Darlene Annette, 318 Diesner, Roy William, 48, 73, 363 Dietemann, Donald C., 154 Dietmann, Jean R., 448 Dieter, Raymond Andrew, 167 Dietrich, William Dale, 353 Dietz, Margret, 180 Diewqld, Emil Ernst, 191, 404, 448 DiGiovanni, Angelo James, 567 Dillavous, Jannette, 101 Dillon, Elizabeth Anne, 104, 149 Dilsaver, Carl, 240 Dilwonh, Eldon, 137 Dimas, Louis Theodore, 561, 575 Dinello, Frank Anthony, 448 Dinnella, Gloria Angela, 293 Dinou, Kriton Theodore, 175, 366, 448 Dinsdale, Jean Anne, 145, 172, 293, 448 Dintelmann, Robert Henry, 159, 161, 172, 173, 190, 420 Dionesotes, Donald T., 174 Diorio, Joseph George, 205 Di Pasquale, Raymond A., 163 DiPrima, Kenneth Joseph, 374 Dirksen, Thomas Reed, 558, 562, 582, 592 Dirsmith, Ronald Lee, 180 Dirvianskis, Danute, 177 Division of Special Services for War Veterans, 41 Division of University Extension, 41 Dix, Richard Lee, 189, 238, 403 Joseph Myron, 388 Barbara, 111, 310 Charles W., 106 Gene Allen, 423 George Grant, 353 Jack Arthur, 409 Georgia Mae, 75, 190, 297 Dixler, Dixon, Dixon, Dixon, Dixon, Dixon, Doak, Dobberman, David Richard, 105, 421 Dobbrunz, Harry Curt, 542, 578 Dobkin, Renee, 326, 448 Dodds, Barbara Bethyne, 299 Dodds, B. L., 31 Dodge, John Frederick, 412 Dodson, Robert Colliver, 137, 167 066, John, 166, 176, 177,417 Doepp, William Louis, 420 Doerr, Dale, 579 Doetzel, David Augustus, 137, 378, 448 Doherty, Jean Ann, 330 Dolan, Cynthia Bess, 313, 448 Dolan, Richard Harry, 563, 577 Doleis, Leslie Raymond, 407 Dolesh, Carole Jean, 76, 338 Dolgonas, Sandra Elaine, 329, 448 Dolins, Bonnie Sue, 188, 321 Dollen, John, 419 Dolley, Deborah Lou, 302 Dolphins, 139 Domanus, John Henry, 359 Dombrowski, Joseph R., 404 Dombrosky, Pauleen Kay, 341 Donagher, Janice Louise, 308 Waldo Charles, 171, 448 William Warren, 169 Donaho, Danahoo, Donohue, John Robert, 203, 371 Donahue, John William, 392 Donahue, Sora Ann, 293 William Raymond, 378, 400 Donahue, Dondanville, Louis E., 564, 572 Daney, Donald Lee, 169, 421 Donlan, James Edward, 562, 582 Donoghue, George T., 24 Donohoe, Richard Powell, 141, 171, 181, 363 Dony, Jerome John, 566, 576 Doolen, Deane Elmo, 537, 561, 575, 594, 595 Doolen, Dianne, 306 Doolen, John Gilbert, 107 Doran, Sally Anne, 298 Doretti, Richard, 560, 566, 574, 588, 595 Dorfman, Zora Devera, 312, 448 Dorian, Hubert Joseph, 562 Dorn, Ernie, 220 Dornoff, Beverly lrene, 98, 300 Dorr, James Philipp, 161 Dorschler, Richard Kent, 366, 448 Dorsey, Virgil Lawrence, 350 Dorsey, Virginia Ann, 302 Dorward, Theodore L., 389 Doshi, Jagdish Chandra, 175 Dostal, Barbara Jean, 154, 332 Doty, Adam Charles L., 184, 346 Doty, Donald Lyman, 176, 448 Doty, Marilyn Mae, 64, 75, 143, 331 Daubek, Donald James, 567, 588 Dougherty, Henry, Jr., 201, 206, 393, 448 Dougherty, Michael Healy, 352 Dougherty, Norris Robert, 572 Dougherty, Philip James, 581, 587 Douglas, Marilyn Myrtle, 327 Douglas, Paul James, 176 Douglass, James Marlin, 101, 106 Douvre, Howard, 365 Dover, Donna Lee, 330 Dow, Charles Robert, 190, 416 Dowd, Donald Maurer, Jr., 139, 353 Dowell, Judith Kay, 169 Dowell, Larry, 360 Dowell, Ravonne, 525 Dowling, Nancy Anne, 72, 136, 147, 316 Downey, Arthur Harry, 567 Downing, James Ronald, 75, 373 Downing, Randal, 193 Downs, Clara B., 140, 306, 449 Downs, Robert B., 38 Dowse, Eunice, 27 Daxey, Lois Starr, 335 Doyle, Betty Anne, 306 Doyle, John Edward, 79 Doyle, John Patrick, 357 Doyle, Walter Arnett, 372 Dragotta, Harry Anthony, 449 Dramm, Eugene Frederick, 171, 357 Drane, Richard Lowell, 344 Drechsler, Louise Ann, 525 Dreebin, Harold Rubin, 379 Dreiselman, Sheldon, 580 Dressler, Philip Robert, 153, Drew, Doris Jean, 140, 308, 374 449 Drew, Robert Edwin, 138 Drews, Henrique, 349 Drews, Jack William, 412 Dreyer, Eugene Charles, 396 Dreymiller, Sharon Lee, 301 Driie, Thomas Miles, 167 Drinkard, William, 398 Drogemuller, Richard A., 414 Drom, Robert Edwin, 542, 572, 586 Drubin, Harold, 107 Drucker, Arthur Myron, 567, 588 Drucker, Joan, 117, 148, 294, 449 Drum and Bugle Corps, 206 Drumheller, Carl, 101 Drummond, Donald Jay, 370 Drury, William Luther, 366 Drysch, Allen Irving, 563 Dubas, Donald Paul, 373 Dubauskas, Stanley, 177 Dubinsky, Barbara Ruth, 321 Dubre, Oliver Frederick, 105 Dubrove, Arlene Gail, 136, 303 Duchateau, Andre Paul, 401 Duckles, Donald Melville, 548, 586 Duckworth, Edward, 200 Dudas, Daniel Levon, 48, 144, 176, 233, 235, 246 Dudas, Donald, 144 Dudkiewicz, Richard F., 176 Due, John, 138 Duewer, Raymond Frank, 62, 173, 364 Duff, Daniel Arthur, 413 Duff, Roden Robinson, 567 DuITelI, David, 563 DuFley, Paul Hamer, 143, 153, 365 DuHy, John Hayden, 562 Dufour, Nancy Lee, 75, 78, 328 Duitsman, Roger Lyle, 144, 175 Duker, Guy, 105 Dunbar, Barbara, 304, 449 Dunbar, Joan, 117 Dunbar, Joseph Edward, 398 Duncan, Edward, 191, 404 Duncan, Leroy Edward, 176 Duncan, William Paul, 408 Dundzila, Antonas V., 166, 177, 449 Dunham, Carolyn Marie, 342 Dunlap, John Sears, 543 Dunlup, Ralph, 193 Dunn, Janice Barbara, 330 Dunn, Marilyn Alma, 146, 169, 330 Dunn, Merle Kenneth, 449 Dunn, Norman Joel, 150, 375 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CONGRATULATIONS an d BUSEY'S BANK and BEST WISHES ESTABLISHED IN URBANA in 1868 ,O ,he BUSEY FIRST NATIONAL BANK CLASS OF 1955 from URBANA. ILLINOIS , ILLINI UNION BOOKSTORE Member Federal Deposn' Insurance and Federal Reserve System 715 S, Wright- Sf, Champaign 609 Dunn, Rhoda Lee, 326, 449 Dunne, James Barrett, 449 Dunnivant, Carol Jean, 297 Dunniway, David Allen, 169, 352 Dunworth, 'Robert Emmet, 386 Dural, Melih Teoman, 376 Ehrhardt, Roger Hanes, 413 Ehrlich, Donna Beryl, 325 Ehrlich, Rodney Eugene, 388 Eichelberger, Alosia A., 329 Eichel berger, Walter E., 184 Eichenlaub, Raymond C., 166, 404, Engelhardt, Donald P., 564 Engelking, Dolores Jean, 78, 177, 331 Engelthaler, Robert W., 566, 579, 588 Engerman, Allen Channon, 375, 451 Engineering Council, 80, 115 Durham, Olive lrene, 331 Durham, William Robert, 572 Durkee, Betty Walla, 311 Durst, Marian Dawn, 563 Dusch, Elizabeth, 328 Dushek, Verna Rose, 332, 449 Duskin, Bunny Hermine, 100, 101 Duszak, Robert Michael, 421 Dutcher, James William, 222, 354 Dutcher, Walton D., Jr., 368 Duvick, Richard David, 173, 420, 449 Dvorak, Beatrice, 180 Dvoralc, Donald Allen, 160, 449 Dvorak, Thomas Charles, 163, 402 Dvorchak, Joan Elaine, 101, 102, 337 450 Eichler, June Helen, 143, 316, 450 Eichstaedt, Carl L., 366 Eickemeyer, Judith Ann, 292 Eickmeyer, Irvin August, 165 Eide, Melvin Dean, 162 Eidman, Vernon Roy, 190, 420 Eifler, Norman Carl, 562, 575 Eilbracht, Lee, 232, 235, 244 Einfalt, Bertram Elmer, 144, 420 Engineering Department, 80 England, James, 421 England, Rodney Wayne, 586 Engle, Richard Mallory, 163, 415, 417 Engler, Paul William, 164, 451 Engler, Robert Wesley, 451 Englis, Joan, 132 English, Alan Leon, 138,166, 451 English, Warren Edward, 107 Eisenbart, Nancy Anne, 588 Eisenberg, Diane, 315 Eisens Eisens Eisens tein, Eleanor Sue, 312, 450 tein, Gerald Tad, 107, 347 tein, Sandra Anne, 325 Engquist, Barry, 576 Enrietto, Joseph Francis, 178 Enright, Catherine P., 165, 317 Enright, David Wallace, 389 Ent, Kay Virginia, 101, 119, 333 Dvore, Renee Eileen, 140, 315 Dybas, Norbert John, 567, 588 Dye, Thomas Walter, 122, 381, 449 Dyer, Dwight Emery, 104 Ericson, Harald Lawrence, 251, 363 Dyer, Lionel Raymond, 350 Dyer, Michael Hugh, 561, 582, 592 Dyke, Lester M., 22 Dyke, Thompson Alfred, 171, 181, 383 Dyle, Dorothy, 102 Dystrup, Norma Louise, 330 Dzenis, llmars, 449 Dziacko, Stanley, Jr., 421 E Eaclie, Hugh G., 567 Eisinger, Robert, 588, 561, 570, 573, 592 Ekblaw, Andrew ll, 96, 123, 178, 344 Ekedahl, Gordon Reid, 390 Ekedahl, Robert Leonard, 384 Ekrote, Kenneth, 346 Ekstedt, Arline Delores, 143, 332, 450 Eksten, Dennis Gene, 144 Ekstrand, Kay Frances, 298, 450 Ekstrom, Katina B., 154, 450 E.K.T. Club, 321 Ekvall, William Lincoln, 121 Elbert, Theodore Paul, 125, 148, 450 Elettheriou, George Bill, 164, 170 Elfgen, Suzanne Jane, 70, 71, 310 Eltord, Howard Lee, 414 Eliason, Charles Richard, 377 Entrekin, Vernon Woodrow, 187 Eovaldi, Suzanne C., 136, 317 Epley, Donald Lee, 413 Epsilon Phi Sigma, 170 Fair, Richard Dale, 205, 452 Fairbairn, Barbara Ellen, 119, 339 Fairbanks, Blanche, 337 Fairbanks, Kenneth Evans, 140, 155, 380, 452 Faitell, Seymour, 399 Faitz, Everett Karl, Jr., 161, 205 Falconieri, Michael J., 165 Faler, James, 277 Fales, Gordon Edward, 162, 381 Faletti, Duane William, 163, 184 Faletti, Richard, 126 Falk, Arthur George, 564 Falley, Frank Louis, 334 Fallon, Sheila Jane, 310, 452 Falls, David Cyril, 398 Falls, Frederick, 559 Falls, Hugh Churchill, 565, 577 Fancher, Louis Clay, Jr., 195, 381, 452 Fanning, William John, 151, 452 Farber, Herbert O., 19, 21, 24, 115, 121 Farber, Jerry Sheldon, 564 Farber, Nancee Lois, 188, 303 Eadie, Iva Jean, 105, 149, 171, 449 Eames, Adrienne, 299 Eannarino, Rosemary A., 335 Earl, James Stuart, 353 Earlix, Richard louis, 114, 181, 182, 417 Eornst, Rossell Albert, 121 EarD, Norman Lester, 400 Easley, Ralph Andrew, Jr., 419 EasleY, Ronald Lester, 395 Eastburn,' Ellen, 172, 329 Eastham, Ocal, Jr., 121,143, 407 Eagggan, Charles Dana, Jr., 123, 152, Eaton, Jane Ellen, 332 Eaton, Jaan Dale, 101, 323 Ebadi, Sayed Murwatullah, 398 Ebarp Donald Ferdinand, 165, 449 Ebberl, Raymond Allan, 346 Ebel, Marilyn Elouise, 76, 319 Eberhart, Robert Clare, 48, 161, 367 Eberle, George Reed, 354 Ebersold, Keith Sander, 402 Ebert, Marlyn May, 302 Eby, Edward Stuart, 161 Eby, Robert Newcomer, 398 Eccles, John Kerby, 184 Eccleston, William John, 357 Echt, Robert, 388, 449 Eck, Theodore James, 171 Eckardt, George David, 412 Eckert, Donald Roger, 356 Ecklund, Robert Earl, 563, 581 Eckmann, Donald Eugene, 402 Eckrote, Kenneth Richard, 162 Economos, Michael N., 415, 417 Economy, James, 398 Eddy, Murl Loys, 414 Edelman, Marilyn Libby, 320 Edelman, Sandra Jean, 101, 307 Edelstein, Eve, 321 Edelstein, Jerry Micheal, 388 Edelstein, Leonard, 208 Edelstein, Lewis Martin, 347 Edelstein, Norman, 415 Edelstein, Norman Marvin, 418 Edens, J Edeus, J ames, 107 ames Alfred, 414 Eliot, Jane Child, 300, 450 Eliot, Elledg Ellenb Ray, 212, 220, 221, 244 e, James Edward, 450 erger, Frederick H., 352 Ellenby, Jay David, 143, 388 Ellingson, Donald W., 162, 182, 450 Elling son, James Robert, 46, 55, 120, 177, 196, 207, 412, 450 121, Elliott, Arlene Frances, 293 Elliott Charles Alan, 377, 450 Elliott, Donald Arthur, 207, 390 Elliott, Gerald Sidney, 176 Elliott, Harold Eugene, 572 Elliott, John Larson, 376, 450 Elliott Robert Bruce 81 Ellis, Albert Donaldz 134 Ellis, David Tice, 581 Ellis, George Robert, 166, 373 Ellis, Georgia Faye, 311 Ellis Howard Ronald, 451 Ellisl Joii Ffoiici., ao, 168, 173, 207, 348, 457 Ellis, Julie Ami, 330 Ellis, Kenneth Wayne, 173, 348 Ellis, Richard Edgar, 408 Ellis, Robert Arthur, 451 Ellis, Roderick, 370, 371, 451 Ellison, Maceo Russell, 563 Ellison, Robert Lucien, 106, 411 Ellman, Caryl, 326 Ellman, Judy, 326 Ellman Robert Erwin 418 Ellmore, James Robert, 199, 204, 383 Elmer, James Deelton, 99, 137, 364 Elmes, James Philip, 564, 578 Elmore, Sallee Agnes, 337 Elasser, Fred Leroy, 367 Elsby, C. Neale, 144, 183, 189 Elsner, Richard Bennett, 566, 576 Elson, Mary Anne, 119, 324 Elson, Richard Dale, 408 Elster, Stanley Morton, 369 Epstein Epstein Epstein , Eleanor, 396 , Sandra Lee, 119, 326, 451 , Shirley Ann, 98 Erb, Charles Albert, 146, 451 Erdmann, James William, 352 nf Jon Wilcox, 107, 367 Erickson Jeanne Mae, 317 Erickso Erickson, Judy, 334 Erickson, Mylma, 301 Erickso Erickso Erickso n, Roger Lee, 401 n, Tarry Allan, 366 n, William Edward, 381, 451 Ericson, Jane Alfreda, 451 Ericson, Raundle Ray, 173, 348, 452 Erkes, Richard Warren, 409 Erkman, James Frederick, 30, 106, 171, 452 Ernest, David John, 104 Ernst, Bruce David, 362 Ernst, Donald Walter, 564 Ervin, Clifford W., 576 Ervin, Don Lee, 542, 572, 587, 592 Ervin, Roselld, 145, 172, 331 Erwin, Ronald Russell, 189, 452 Erwin, Samuel Louis, 35 Esarey, James Gibson, 161, 423, 452 Esarove, Donald, 181, 417, 452 Esker, Andrew Theodore, 164 Eskey, John Robert, 352 Esser, Charles Arthur, 167, 452 Esses, Elliott, 562, 573 Essick, Estrin Raymond Brooke, 139, 452 Harley M. 564 Eta Kopoo Nu, 140 Eure, John, 371 Estaquio, Ismael, 589 Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans Evans Evans, Barbara Jean, 292 Constance, 111, 301 Donna Ladean, 319 Doris Sadie, 336 Earl Eugene, 165 Eldon Leroy, 563, 572, 589 Hall, 322, 323 Scholars, 253, 401 Joan Alyce, 255, 257, 292 Evans, John Reaves, 353 Evans, Kov Elizabeth, 305 Evans, Richard Neel, 367 Evans, Richard Vaughan. 452 Evans, Robert Lewis, 367 Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Robley D., 564 Roger Shannon, 101 Samuel Davidson, 203, 452 William Edson, 166, 183, George 368 Farley, , Farley, Jo Ann, 85, 147, 172, 177, 317 Farmhouse, 364 Farner, Robert lewis, 542 Farnsworth, David Nelson, 452 Farnum, Beniamin Louis, 562 Farrar, Lloyd Philip, 104, 105, 145 Farrell, Ann Elise, 330 Farrell, Barbara Kent, 306 Farrell, Miriam, 180 Farrell, Patricia Jane, 335 Farrow, John Worthington, 139, 357 Fashola, Oladunioye A., 398 Fasnacht, Margaret C., 77, 332 Faso, Josephine Marie, 332 Fool, William Lowell, 550, 565, 574, 587 Faster, Ronald Alfred, 83, 354, 453 Faster, Walter William, 46, 50, 71, 83, 151, 196, 207,354 Fatheree, Donald Herman, 105 Fatta, George Peter, 392 Faude, William Davison, 122, 135, 389, 453 Faulkner, Robert Lloyd, 366 Faust, Henry, 591 Fautz, Barbara Dell, 119, 328 Favlik, Marlan, 330 Favero, John Edward, 176, 453 Faw, Joyce Anabel, 184, 332 Fawcett, James McLeod, Jr., 75, 153 345 Fay, Deborah Anne, 68, 71, 136, 147, 292, 590 Fechter, John Henry, 422 Feddersen, John Henry, 173, 410 Feder, Margery Wilma, 303 Fedor, George John, 566, 588 Feeney, Thomas Philip, 561, 575 Fees, Philip, 137 Feig, Marvin Samuel, 382 Feigenbutz, Vincent R., 233, 235 381 , 453 Feinberg, Mel Warren, 564 Feinermcln, Shelby Van, 107, 345 Feingold, Muriel, 303 Feit, Barbara Coletta, 330 Feiwell, Earl Norman, 565, 580 Fekete, Geraldine B., 146, 330, 418 Felderman, Stanley R., 250, 387 Feldman, Beth Elaine, 333 Feldman, Paul Myron, 574 Feldman, Robert Eugene, 164 Feldman, Ronald Saul, 96 1 Elsy, Charles William, 409 Elwell, Gail Louise, 330 Elwell, Thomas George, 164, 451 Elwood, Patrick William, 578, 586, 587 Embry, Gerald Duane, 107 453 Edmondson, David C., 411 Edmundson, Carmen B., 100, 101, 330 Educational Service Fund, 156 Emig, Nancy Sue, 332 Emmerich, Norman Darcy, 407 Emmering, Thomas Everett, 189 Fmmons, Francis Asbury, 391 Edwards Edwards , Charles James, 386 , Donald Eugene, 389 Edwards, Donna Louise, 333 Edwards, Elizabeth Ann, 72, 101, 322 Edwards, Gwendolyn Tyner, 300, 449 Edwards, Patricia Ann, 292 Edwards, Paul Richard, 100, 101 174 Edwards, Ralph Jerome, 170, 450 Edwards, Robert Thomas, 161, 349 Edwards, William Candy, 405 Edwards, William Maxham, 367 Efner, Jane Ann, 450 Efron, Sue, 303 Egan, John Vincent, Jr., 148, 371 Eggers, Arthur Lloyd, 192, 412, 450 Eggers, Robert Earl, 362 Ehlers, Carl Theodore, 30, 246, 247, 450 Ehlers, Marvin Walter, 199, 450 Ehlert, Richard Thomas, 366 610 Emmons, Robert William, 65, 110, 137, 144, 348 Emoto, Henry Ryuzo, 30, 171 Emrich, Glenda, 187 Emrick, Richard Charles. 351 Emrick, Roy Merton, 189 Enchanted, The, 93, 94 Enderby, Charles Eldred, 373 Enderson, Joan Bernice, 298, 451 Endler, Harvey Marshall, 80, 402 Endo, Tomy, 414 Endres, Joseph George, 451 Engbring, Janet Carol, 329, 590 Engdahl, Herbert M., Jr., 173, 384, 451 Enge, Carl William, 171 Engel, John Edward, 174, 410 Engel, Leroy Fred, 146, 155, 451 Engelbrecht, Jeanette C., 319 Engelbrecht, Karen Kral, 563, 571 Engelhardt, Charles R., 161, 170, 422, 451 385, 452 Evanson, Charles John, 124, 353 Even, Mary Jane, 102, 293 Everett, John Edward, Jr., 221, 399 Everhart, Patricia Ann, 311 Everitt, W. L., 32 Eversole, Mary Jane, 77, 332 Ewald, Patricia Jean, 322 Ewan, Richard Colin, 204, 344 Ewart, John Perry, 400 Ewbank, Wayne Franklin, 452 Ewers, Joseph, 121 Ewing, Carol Jane, 316 Ewing, Enid Lorene, 141, 190, 333 Ewing, Jack Everett, 160 Ewing, Susanne, 316 Executive Student Council, 558 Ey, Richard Charles, 564, 572 Eytcheson, Donald R., 581 Ezop, James Joseph, 124, 371 F Fabra, George, 124 Facko, Robert lrving, 101, 189 Facktor, Marvin Charles, 375 Factor, Miriam Ann, 339 Fagan, Charles Joseph, 559, 564, 581 Fahey, Frederick Richard, 139, 157 Fahlen, Irwin John, 452 Feldman, Victor Fred, 143, 144, 375 Felke, Thomas Gar, 46. 71, 370, 453 Felker, Paul James, 453 Felm ley, Jerry John, 386 Fencing, 243 Fenner, Gloria Jeanne, 322 Fennessey, Mary Jane, 323, 453 Fenstermaker, Robert E., 182, 199 Fenstermaker, Roy Thomas, 204, 363, Fenves, S Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, 453 Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Fernstein, Ferrell, C Ferrell, D teven Joseph, 166 Charles Arthur, 412, 453 Charles M., 352 Donald Charles, 146, 398, James Lavada, 399 Ronald Lee, 107, 400 Stephen, 104 Larry Howard, 379 arl Fulton, Jr., 167 enton B., 542, 572 Ferris, David, 135 Ferry, Ma rgaret Parsons, 453 Ferry, Richard Allan, 407 Ferry, William Raymond, 409 Fessenden, Ralph James, 228, 246, 356, 453 Fetrow, Kenneth Ogden, 542, 577 Fettig, Joan Frances, 338 Fetzner, Robert Earl, 167 Feuerstein, Paul, 588 Feuerzeig, Barbara Joan, 321 LEADER HIP. .. A Challenge and an Opporiunzry GNMKD A position of leadership in any industry presents those who lead with the chal- lenge to maintain that leadership and an opportunity to pioneer in improving the products or services of the industry. Page Wzllkilrg Draglines and Automatic Dragline Buckets exemplify every tradi- tion of their leadership in the industry which Page pioneered and developed. Page Model 726 Walking Dragline with 13 cu. yd. bucket and 125-foot boom. Page Engineering Company Clearing Post Office Chicago 38, Illinois D , '- -Q O Q Q, v 0 o Aufom - 1' - - - me 0 Walkin - - nes Foley, Fewkes, David Arthur, 144, 383 Fiala, Frank Charles, 365 Fieber, Virgil Louis, 389 Field and Furrow, 170 Field, Mrs. Ivan, 299 Field, Lucille Dorisann, 320 Fields, James Alfred, 415, 418, 453 Fields, Richard Warren, 409 Fietsam, Robert Charles, 453 Fife, Thomas Harley, 389 Figge, Frederick Henry, 48, 74, 123, 354 Filip, Marlene Ruth, 156, 590 Filke, Thomas, 82 Filler, Bernard Myron, 114, 153, 396 Filzen, Don Rupert, 105 Finch, Edwin Boyer, 107 Finch, John Emmett, 143, 354 Fincham, Albert Neil, 349 Finder, Earl, 59, 60 Findley, Clark Warner, 101, 400 Fine and Applied Arts Council, 171 Fingleton, James Thomas, 164 Fink, Charles Melvin, 124, 168, 173, 348 Fink, Gilbert Lee, lo7 Finkel, Max Frederick, 107, 143, 144 Finkelman, Robert, 415 Finley, James Warren, 106 Finley, Norman Lee, 453 Finn, Charles Earnest, 46, 52, 110, 208, 221, 246, 247, 387, 453 Finnell, James Hubert, 167 Finney, Paul David, 100, 101, 408 Fiordelisi, Jerry Carmen, 393 Fiorenza, Frank Anthony, 208, 391 Firant, Regina Gyte, 320 Firch, Carol Marie, 49, 60, 118, Floriculture Club, 171 Florini, James Ralph. 101, 398 Florman, George Lewis, 391, 454 Florman, Susan Crandall, 311 Florschuetz, Duane W., 454 Florschuetz, Leon Walter, 144, 153, 360 Florschuetz, Mary Lee, 454 Floss, George Aulmann, 366 Flowers, Margaret Anne, 319, 454 Floyd, John Prince, 384 Fluegel, Clarence Dale, 161, 406 Fluegel, George Arthur, 389 Flutcher, Doralie, 156, 313 Flynn, Chuck, 245 Frank, Frank Laurence A., Jr., 390 Marvin J., 567 Frank, Samuel Hope, 417 Frank, Stanwood Spealman, 572 Frank, Virginia Mary, 119, 327, 455 Frank, William Dayton, 352 Frank, William Phillip, 384 Franke, Donald Roy, 182 Franke, Thomas Wayne, 400 Frankel, Jerome, 563 Frankel, Lane, 567 Frankel, Robert, 550, 565, 574, 587, 588 Frankel, Sam Howard, 138, 418, 455 Frankel, Sandra Mariiyn, 339 Fritschle, David, 107 Fritchee, Joe, 101 Fritz, Barbara Kay, 332 Fritz, Walter George, 408 Froehlich, Wesley James, 182 Frostenson, Wilma Ethel, 328 Froula, Joseph Charles, 161, 170 Fruin, Anna Effa, 305 Fry, Marianne Carol, 101, 341 Fry, Paul Joseph, Jr., 581 Frye, Charles W., 563, 572 Frye, John Blake, 184 Frye, Mary Virginia, 165 Frymire, Kirby, 563 Frymire, William Edward, 455 Flynn, Flynn, Neil, 171 James Bernard, 235, 246 Foerder, Donald Leslie, 344, 420 Fogarty, Gloria Virginia, 302 Folberg, Barbara Rae, 340 Foley, Charles Harry, 121, 162, 166, 182, 183, 417, 454 Foley, Donald Ray, 373, 454 Foley, Edmund, 559 Foley, Henry James, 160, 454 Robert Allen, 542, 577 Frankenbush, Robert H., 417 Frankenstein, Wallace L., 374 Franklin, Gerald Albert, 550, 565, 593 Franklin, Janice, 172, 331 Franklin, Miichell Henry, 455 Franklin, Rodney Eugene, 153, 377 Franks, Helen Doris, 341 Frankson, Nancy Ann, 311 Fraser, Patricia, 154 Frasca, Rudolf, 101, 372 Fuchs, Ronald. 204 Fue, Harold Charles, 405 Fuhrken, Nancy Lee, 136, 293 Fuhrman, James Leo, 174, 456 Fuiii, Toru, 413, 456 Fuiisato, Kenii Ken, 456 Fukumoto, Ray Shigemasa, 190 Fuller, Clyde Myron, 166, 456 Fuller, Edwin Bertram, 107 Fuller, Harry, 60 Fullerton, Donald T., Jr., 563, 572 Follensbee, James A., 106, 423 Follmer, Juanita Mae, 100, 101, 309 Folton, Patricia Ann, 293 Fombelle, Norman Just, 124, 389 Fong, Suey Yee, 186 Fooks, Gene David, 102 Fooks, John Oscar, 166, 454 Fooks, Karen Lee, 330 Football, 212 Football Marching Band, 108, 109 Foote, Richard Eugene, 567, 588 Forbes, Ben Lawrence, 137 Fraser, Robert Rowntree, 398 Fraser, Roderick Donald, 387 Frasier, Rubey Charlene, 326 Fray, Lloyd Lee, 359, 455 Frazier, George William, 362 Frazier Lewis Erskine 418 Frazier, Willie Marie, 330 Freddy, Carl Nicholas, 374 Fredenburg, Valerie, 314 Frederick, Kenneth E., 146, 455 Frederick, Mary Louise, 180 Fredrick, Tom, 371 Fulling, Max Vernon, 46, 50, 113, 126, 241, 364, 456 Fulton, Mary Elizabeth, 330 Fulton, Russell William, 359 Fung, Fung, Dorothy May, 323, 590 Mary, 323 Funk, Donald Irvin, 572, 592 Funk, Eugene D., Jr., 24 Funk, John Warren, 548, 578 Funk, Roger Lee, 121, 422 Funkhouser, Ann Martin, 300 Funkhouser, John, 144 133, 172, 324 Firebaugh, Patricia Ann, 156, 297 Firebaugh, Patricia Lee, 299, 453 Firebaugh, Ronald Wayne, 390 Fireman, Jerome David, 176 Fireside, 409 First Regimental Band, 106 Fisble, Dora, 101 Fisch, James Martin, 564 Fischer, Don Arthur, 352 Fischer Gail Gretchen A., 190, 330 Fischer, Gilbert Carl, 167 Fischer Hans Julius, Jr., 196, 208 Fischer Jill S., 303 Fischer John Leland, 549, 567, 587 Fischer, Nancy Jean, 313 Fischer, Peter Augustus, 383 Fischer, Sally Ann, 62, 68, 72, 313 Fiscus, Glenn Wilbur, 542, 577 Fish, Eileen Sharon, 321 Fishel, David Leslie, 193, 334 Fishel, Dora Jean, 51, 86, 149, 297, 453 Fishel, Judith Anne, 78, 315 Fisher, Don Jerry, 350 Fisher, Herbert Morton, 181, 418, 454 Fisher, John Thomas, 565 Fisher, Marie Lois, 316 Fisher, Morris, 418, 454 Fisher, Myron A., 399 Fisher, Phyllis Louise, 295 Fisher, Robert Earl, 107, 408 Fisher, Sheldon Marshall, 409 Fisher, Suzanne Grace. 320 Fishman, Jerry Alan, 379 Forbes, Donald Lee, 567 Forbes, Maxwell M., 161, 422 Forbes, Robert Eugene, 186, 400 Forbes, Shirley Lea Forcas Ford, Ford, h, Edward Andrew, 567 Eleanor, 312 John Alden, 381 Ford, Margaret Ann, 314 Ford, Peter Woodworth, 372 Ford, Robert Henry, 186 Ford Robert Raymond, 411 Ford, Sarah Frances, 554, 590 Ford, Walter Russell, 358 Foresman, James Ludwig, 144 Forgy, Barbara Jean, 329 Forres tal, Lauretta Ann, 341 Forsberg, Joanne Joy, 49, 74, 316 Forsyt Forsyt h, Robert Walter, 389, 454 ll, William D., Jr., 111, 354 Fort, Charles, 235 Fort, Milton Leonard, 563 Fartne Fortne y, Byron Stanley, 165, 421 y, Virginia L., 255, 257, 333 Fosha, John Joseph, 356 Fosler, Gail Marvin, 171 Fosnaugh, Austin Herbert, 177, 454 Foster, Clifford Duane, 247 Foster, Dale Wendal, 228, 229, 246 Foster, Dorothy Maxine, 146, 454 Foster, George Edward, 105, 120, 157 Foster, John Vernon, 105 Foster Foster Foster , Richard Maurice, 123, 392 , Richard Warren, 421 Robert Jaudon 357 Freeberg, John Graham, 80, 359 Freed, Arlene, 127 Freedkin, Robert Bernard, 567, 588 Freedman, Marvin, 563, 580 Freedman, Marilyn, 339 Freedman, Renee, 119, 330, 455 Freeman, Dwight Warren, 542, 572 Freeman, Frances Dena, 319 Freeman, Lorinda Jane, 590 Freeman, Michael lrwen, 396, 455 Freeman, Richard Francis, 143, 399, 455 Freeto, Diane Emily, 292 Freidberg, Stanton Lee, 396 Freides, Deborah, 455 Freidin, Rita Lois, 339 Freidlander, Jean, 294 Freilich, Albert, 563, 580 Freitag, Joan Kay, 297 Freitag, Robert Henry, 415 Fremder, Lois, 312 French, lack w., 561, 582, 594 Freres, Robert Charles, 169, 405 Frerker, Lee Bernard, 371 Freshman Council, 111 Frette, Harry Eugene, 355 Frette, Marilyn Pearl, 302 Fretwell, Barbara Beth, 323 Fretzin, Lawrence Gerald, 417 Freund, Donald Albert, 378 Frew, Marilyn Jean, 305 Frey, Carole Ann, 341 Frey, David Irvin, 414 Frey, Professor John, 86 Frey, Keith Floyd, 121, 173, 421 Fisk, Ralph Glen, 346 Fitts, Jay Terry, 389 Fitts, Lorne Anton, 184, 208, 389 Fitzgerald, Arlene Joan, 335 Fitzgerald, Herbert P., 392 Fitzgerald, James Edward, 167, 371 Fitzgerald, Joseph Casey, 235, 454 Foster, Samuel Frederick, 48, 383 Fotopoulos, George Peter, 170, 177, 182, 455 Fouchard, Robert Lewis, 367 Foulk, Joseph David, 367 Four Columns, 409 4-H House, 324 Frey, Sydney William, Jr., 162 Freyder, James Gill, 162, 184, 346 Fricker, David Carl, 101, 157, 418 Fricker, Donald Paul, 101, 157, 418 Friday, Robert Goucher, 161, 357 Friduss, Arthur Jay, 561, 573 Frieburg, Eileen Ina, 49, 74, 306 Fitzgerald, Roger Miller, 98, 105, 144, 363 Fitzpatrick, Donnelly J., 454 Fivelson, Bertram, 537, 561, 573 Fixmer, John Pierre, 161, 359 Fizzell, James Alfred, 205 Fielde, Olaf, 351 Flagg House, 415 Flamma, Thomas, 413 Flanagan, Hugh Joseph, 561, 582 Flanagan, Ralph, 127 Fleischer, Joanne J., 325 Fleisher, Homer Luther, 542, 572 Fleisher, James Faris, 104, 105, 145 Fleming , James Richard, 567, 588 Fleming, Kenneth Parr, 371 Fleming, Marilyn Marks, 525 Fleming, Robben W., 22 Fleming Sheila E., 311, 454 r Fleming, Zona Maude, 335 Fletcher, Dona Jane, 136, 322 Fletcher, Ralph, 212, 221, 240, 245 Fligelman, Marcia Joyce, 330 Flinn, Robert Andrew, 143 Flis, Thaddeus Francis, 416 Floden, Carl Robert, 146 Flodin, Nils William, 454 Flahr, James Louis, 412 Foushi , Nina Rose, 567 Foutch, Mark, 105 Fowler, Barbara Joy, 111, 302 Fox, Adrian Samuel, 120, 121, 418 Fox, Carolyn, 340 Fox, Clayton Eugene, 199, 414, 455 Fox, Farrell Randolph, Jr., 174, 455 Fox, Harold Larry, 377 Fox, J ames Phillip, 388 Fox, Lloyd Franklin, 106 Fox, Lois Ann, 257, 295 Fox, slmyle Phillip, 525 Fox, Sherwin Allen, 580 Fax Shayle, 138 Fox William A., 398 562 Foy, Carolyn Jean, 104, 105, 149 Fraley, Vance Levoy, 123, 386 Fraley, William H., 564, 572 Fralick, Sandra Joy, 147, 248, 303 Framp Franci ton, George, 126 s, Charles James, 96, 177, 182 Francis, Gary Darando, 219, 221, 368 Francis, Isabel, 99 Franci Franci s, Margaret Mary, 143, 324, 455 s, Ronald Wiggins, 356 Franck, Nick Peter, Jr., 365 Frandsen, Donald Victor, 414 Friedberg, Arthur, 162 Friederich, Eugene R., 194, 201, 203, 404, 455 Friodlander, Lawrence A., 399 Friedlander, Sarah, 321 Friedman, Albert William, 561, 573 Friedman, Andres, 162 Friedman, Arden Hope, 315 Friedman, Arthur Eugene, 417 Friedman, Bernard E., 121 Friedman, Devera Jean, 330 Friedman, Diana, 341 Friedman, Elissa Ruth, 340 Friedman, Howard, 178, 455 Friedman, Ilene Sandra, 307 Friedman, Irwin Seymour, 144 Friedman, James J., 396 Friedman, Jerry Eli, 124, 388 Friedman, Judith Ann, 98, 101, 141, 322 Friedman, Judith Lee, 303 Friedman, Karen Ruth, 303 Friedman, Paul David, 382 Friedman, Roberta Perle, 129, 312 Friedrich, Edwin Carl, 417 Friedrich, Robert John, 384 Friend, Carol Bernice, 319 Friesendorf, Edwin Harry, 408 Funkhouser, Terry Dale, 163 Furimsky, Paul, 221 Furman, Gail Maurine, 327 Furman, John Ronald, 135, 150, 174, 404, 456 Furman, Sandford, 405 Furnall, M. Gail, 47, 52, 116,117, 313, 456 Furry, Robert Ray, 102, 397 Furuk, Awa Horomu, 575 Fuson, Albert, 411 Fuster, George, 121 Furukawa, Hiromu Lionel, 562 Fusinati, Robert D., 186, 409 G Gabbard, Curtis Sears, 144, 194, 201, 368 Gabbard, William Dudley, 363 Gabby, Harold Hugh, 456 Gabehart, Walter Ellis, 135, 174, 345, 456 Gabel, Carl William, 456 Gabel, Lenays Suzanne, 302 Gabel, Norman Walter, 456 Gabler, Arthur Edward, 395 Gabor, Donald Victor, 537, 561 Gabriel, Betty Jane, 331 Gobrielli, Mary Jane, 299 Gabrielli, Robert Joseph, 393 Gaby, Arlene, 329 Gaftield, William Putnam, 397 Gatiilgan, Michael A., 353, 367 Gatiney, James Frederick, 411 Gage, Jeir, 101 Gaghen, Shirley Ann, 98, 178, 300 Gagliardi, Gene Pio, 371 Goides, Glen Edward, 456 Gaiennie, Louis Rene, 139, 187, 374 Goiner, Robert George, 160, 360, 456 Gaines, Alice Ann, 257 Gaines, Leonide Mae, 156, 255 Gaiam, Lisa Evelyn, 186, 336 Galarneau, Ramon Lind, 377 Galbraith, Maurice J., 529 Gale, Jacquelyn, 335, .456 Gale, James Varnum, 354 Gale, John Gregory, 368, 456 Gall, Kenneth John, 567, 588 Gallagher, Francis M., 419, 456 Gallagher, Richard H., 352 Gallati, George Cyril, 139, 354 Gallaugher, James Rankin, 359 Galle, Dennis Paul, 105, 345 Galler, Gerald Herbert, 347 Gallian, Raymond Philip, 418 Gallop, Marilyn Kay, 322 Galowich, Jerald Sanford, 205, 419 Galowich, Ronald Howard, 205, 419 Galvin, Beverly Mae, 316 Galvin, Charles, 542 Galvin, Frank John, 176 Gambill, Frances May, 323 Gambino, Paul Michael, 356 Gamlin, Marilyn Helen, 147, 189, 316 Gamma Alpha Chi, 140 Flores, Richard Allen, 354 Flores, Sol, 575, 589, 591 Florey, Richard Roy, 205, 401 Florez, Jose Paulina, 413, 454 612 Frangos, Thomas Frank, 455 Frank, Gerald Lee, 588, 566 Frank, Judith Mona, 325 Frank, Lana Louis, 107, 376, 455 Frink, Robert Duane, 367 Frisbie, William John, 373 Frisk, Robert Donald, 76, 387 Fritschl e, Daniel Joseph, 420 Gamma Delta, 192 Gamma House, 339 Gamma Phi Beta, 306 Gannon, Charles Sanford, 375 Gannon, James Wood, 567, 588 Ganschaw, Marilyn Louise, 317 Gansz, Carol Jean, 305 Gapp, Anton, 146, 151, 456 Garber, Phyllis Rae, 325 Garbrecht, Fernando S., 164, 456 Garcia, Guillermo S., 407 Garcia, Reyes Carlos, 184, 394 Gard, Robert Errol, 381 Gardner Ann 334 Gardner: Don,C., 537, 561 Gardner, Ira Leonard, 126, 137, 457 Gardner, James, 236 Gardner, Karl, 110, 113, 159 Gardner, Lawrence Albert, 173 Gardner, Thomas James, 46, 54, 236, 237 Gargoyle Society, 141 Garibaldi, Caesar Albert, 567 Garland, Dorothy H., 88, 306 Garland, Iris Lillian, 133, 156, 255, 257, 319 Garland, John Kenneth, 139, 144, 253, 359 Garlanger, Raymond W., 381, 457 Gorman, Phillip, 113 Gar Men, 420 Garmus, Cunegunda, 177, 180, 457 Garner, Don Scott, Jr., 165, 383, 457 Garner, Stanley G., 563, 580 Garnholz, Maurice Harold, 176, 393 Garnick, Irving, 550, 565 Garret, Max, 243 Garrett, Michael James, 245 Garrett, Shirley Mae, 329 Garrett, Sidnetta Mae, 457 Garrett, William Stephen, 419 Garrigus, Upson, 159 Garskof, Bertram Eugene, 369 Garstka, Chester Robert, 550, 576 Gartner, Stewart, 388, 457 Garvey, Marie Eleanor, 95, 99, 148, 171,178,154, 457 Gasaway, Robert Reynolds, 123, 196, 362, 457 Gaska, Remigius A., 177, 457 Gaskaite, Vida Julia, 177, 329 Gaskin, Willis James, 180 Gaskins, Ann, 313 Gaskins, Paul Thomas, 100 Gassman, Gertrude, 68, 88, 292 Gassman, Joseph, 580 Gates, Harry Irving, 98, 144, 152, Gerace, Frank Kenneth, Jr., 128, 377, 457 Gerbel, John Anthony, 207, 458 Gerber, Barbara Ann, 337 Gerber, Geraldine E., 282, 334 Gerber, Howard Leslie, 106 Gerber, Kent Jordan, 369 Gercas, Robert Thomas, 81, 184, 391 Gerdes, John Alfred, 167 Gerdes, Marvin Lee, 165, 168, 190, 422 Gerhardt, Virginia Karen, 189, 257, 318 Gerhold, George Arthur, 107 German, Clyde Everett, 411, 458 German, Donald Eugene, 161 Germanas, Kestutis K., 177 Germanos, George Anthony, 562 Gernant, Joanne P., 156 Gernon, Bernedine Louise, 119, 186, 337 Gerrard, Allen Saul, 388 Gerrity, Patricia Clair, 77, 332 Gersey, Gerald Beniamin, 345 Gerske, Lawrence Jack, 393, 458 Gerspacher, Paula Jane, 100, 101, ll9, wo, 329 Gerstein, Howard Allen, 562 Gerstein, Robert Henry, 396 Gertz, Theodore Gerson, 375 Geske, James Eugene, 567, 588 Geskins, Paul, 101 Gessler, Lewis Reed, 376 Getz, Howard Gene, 121, 400, 458 Getz, Ralph W., 106 Getzug, Sheldon Joel, 144 Gfroerer, George Louis, 139, 207, 242, 354, 458 Gher, Margaret, 329 Gher, Peggy Jean, 590 Ghidotti, Edward Leo, 458 Giacherio, Virginia L., 341 Giambri, Philip, Jr., 101 Gibb, John William, 176 Gibbons, Gretchen Mary, 97, 178, 332, 458 Gibbons, James Donald, 384 Gibbons, Sharron Eileen, 319 Gibfried, Charles Philip, 360 Giblin, Owen William, 174 344 Gates, Judith Carolyn, 102, 172, 186, 292 Gates, Milton, 563 Gathers, Charles Edward, 141, 155, 181 Gauen, Charles Albert, 174, 182, 367, 457 Gauen, Louis George, 83, 124, 199, 367 Gauger, Clarke Deardorff, 366 Gauger, Gerhard Martin, 402 Gauger, Thomas Lee, 101, 107 Gaul, William Martin, 351 Gautschy, Charles Albert, 64, 374, 457 Gavin, Charles Ernest, 580 Gawronska, Eva, 322 Gaza, Amelia, 257, 457 Gaza, Michkey, 322 Gaziano, Joseph Angelo, 405 Gearian, James, 576, 587 Gebhart Robert 138 Gedstadi wqrreir Russell, 105, 344 ceriwill, Michael Anthony, 178 Gee, Gordon Edward, 409 Gee, Ral Geer, La ph Kenney, 376 rry Alan, 359 Geers, Joseph Robert, 410 Geerts, Harvey Allen, 400 Ge el Harold Louis 178 457 Gibson, Mary Jane, 117, 149, 317, 458 Gibson, Roland, 416 Gibson, Roland McKissack, 416 Gibson, Mary, 102 Giertz, Hugh Dennis, 384, 458 Giffin, Carolyn C., 301 Giffin, Joe Virgil, 106, 363 cifl, Ja ck Donovan, 562, 572 Giger, James Charles, 402 Gil, Alvaro, 184 Gilberg, Arnold Larry, 388 Gilberg, Edward M., 561, 573 Gilbert, Barbara Kay, 76, 301 Gilbert, Edgar Charles, 382 Gilbert, Ronald Gene, 373 Gilbert, Stephen W., 415 Gilbert, willirirrr Nl., 23 Gilchrist, Don Karl, 542, 578 Giles, Mariorie Beryl, 333 Gilkey, Charles Morris, 102 Gill, Faye Alice, 104 hn Leslie, 137, 144, 173, 205 Gill, Jo 364 Gill, John Marshall, 410 Gill, Joyce Helene, 328 Gillenwater, Myra Joanne, 169 Giller, Patricia Jane, 101, 330 Gillespie, Anna, 101 Gillespie, Kenneth C., 358 Gillespie, Pamela Diane, 133, 336 Gillespie, Samuel Mabry, 389 Gillespie, Vernon P., 374 Gillette, Gordon Ray, 458 Glassford, Howard, 542, 577, 586 Glassman, Alexander H., 564 Glassman, Marlene June, 165, 294 Glassner, Raymond, 588 Glatt, Annette Joy, 330 Glatter, Thomas Robert, 125, 359 Glaysher, Gordon Andrew, 537, 561, 570, 575 Glaze, Johna Mary, 99, 147, 180, 305 Godfrey, Ruth Ellen, 322 Godfrey, Sheila Ann, 306 Goding, Charles Arthur, 363 Goebel, Charles Joachim, 176 Goedeke, Richard Charles, 164, 459 Goeke, Marvin Harold, 567 Goeler, Von Ravensburg E., 395 Goern, Harry Max, 64, 78, 359 Goern, Roy Franz, 359 Goesel, Donald Leroy, 549, 560, Gleason, Howard Allen, 123, 344 565 Glenn, Donna Mae, 98, 136, 147, Goettig, Alan Herbert, 146, 199, 368, 300 459 Glenn, George Gieser, 144 Glenn, Joann Elizabeth, 154, 458 Glenn, Tommy Neil, 352 Glessner, James Ronald, 172, 420 Glessner, Raymond Hughes, 567 Glezen, John Gilman, 139, 353 Glezen, William Paul, 565, 570, 581 587, 589 Glick, Carole Sue, 312 Glick, Charles Arnold, 388 Glick, Diane, 554, 590 Glicken, Irwin Justin, 458 Glickman, Diana Rose, 321 Gliclcman, Lawrie Burton, 537, 561, 573, 599 Glickman, Louis, 415, 458 Glidden, Nancy Elva, 98, 147, 178, 299 Glissan, Martha Ann, 99, 178, 300 Glitman, Maynard Wayne, 458 Goettig, Donella Culberson, 459 Goetz, Frederick John, Jr., 146 Goetz, Sally Floyd, 328 Goff, Lionel Elmer, Jr., 400 Goforth, Barbara Gean, 337 Gogolewski, Carol Ann, 560 Golan, Kenneth Frank, 344 Golb, Eileen Frances, 119, 147, 321, 459 Gold, Jerry M., 104, 145, 459 Gold, Joan Loretto, 326, 459 Gold, Norton Nathan, 459 Gold, Paul, 138 Goldberg, Allen Fred, 562, 573 Goldberg, Jerome, 459 Goldberg, Lila, 325 Goldberger, Rochelle S., 102, 325 Goldblatt, Joanne S., 76, 294 Goldblatt, Myron, 459 Golden , Arthur, 188, 347 Glitzenstein, Walter L., 166, 183, Golden Douglas Lasher, 417 184, 385, 458 Golden, Lowell Robert, 107 Gliwa, Richard Walter, 576, 595 Golden, Marla Rae, 320 Glogovsky, Rudolph D., 401 Golden, Sherwin Marshall, 550, 574, Gloppen, Edward Carl, 413 Glario, Mary Nicolette, 99, 314 Glover, Maurice R., 161, 399, 459 588 Goldenberg, Edwin Walter, 419 Goldenstein, James A., 578 Gluskoter, Harold Jay, 144, 181, 188 Golderos, Alfonso, 417 Goad, Thomas Clifford, 146, 155, Goldfarb, Simon, 459 383, 459 Goldman, Barbara F., 133, 255, 257, Goble, George, 176 328 Gobble, Roger, 189 Gobble, Mrs. Roger, 189 Gockel, Jack August, 235 Goddard, Edward Dean, 174, 459 Goddard, Joe Dean, 417 Godden, William, 189 Godeke, Harriett Nelle, 100, 101, 141 , 333 Godelausky, Walter John, 561, 575 Goldman Goldman , Elliott, 405 , Eugene Jack, 143, 144, 400 Goldman, Jerry, 351 Goldman, Jacqueline, 303 Goldman, Kayla Renee, 338 Goldman, Mary Sue, 330 Goldman, Rhoda Lea, 180, 188, 257, 294 Goldsen, Marshall Allan, 400 -s fpsffl 5 21646153 For the anchovies, sar- I' dines, lobster, tuna and salmon to brighten your hors d'oeuvre, you'Il always find Sexton's first with the finest. 9 r I r Gehrke, Clifford Paul, 169 Geier, Ira M., 562 Geise, Henry Bernard, 371 Geiser, William Carl, 562 Geisert, Bruce Alan, 163, 394 Geisler, John Stuart, 408 Geithman, Hester M., Jr., 186 Geittmann, Lorraine E., 77, 148, 322, 457 Gelakoski, Robert James, 419 Geller, Alvin Earl, 566, 574 Gellert, George Ronald, 376, 457 Gelman, Florine Ruth, 340 Gelston, William Oliver, 405 Gelvin, James Veren, 352 Geminn, Charlene K., 119, 457 Gengela, Joan, 320 Genn, John Robert, 184 Genovesi, Madeline Marie, 77, 330 Gensior, Arthur Marvin, 562 Gentes, Marian Letitia, 330 Gentry, Richard Homer, 134 George, Darlene, 117 George, Kenneth Dean, 187, 402 George, Mildred Darlene, 295 Gepford, Evelyn Elaine, 182, 327 Geptord, John William, 177, 457 Gillison, Marilyn L., 332 Gilman, Judith Cunning, 165, 302 Gimpel, Joel Everett, 104 Gimpel, Sandra Fern, 323, 458 Ginderske, Monique, 571 Gingerich, John Charles, 409 Ginsburg, Marvin Alan, 396 Ginsburg, Samuel Bernard, 565 Ginther, Roseann Sophie, 328 Giovanny, Philip, 419 Giovino, Joseph, 583 Girardeau, Marvin Denham, 190 Girtch, Clarence Marvin, 165, 410 Gistenson, Roberta, 322 Giuffre, Santo Charles, 105 Giulietti, Rudolph, 567 Glair, H. F., 24 Glantz, Gerald Joseph, 458 Glasford, James William, 162, 381 Glass, Charles, 138 Glass, Doyle, 241 Gloss, Stanford Lee, 48, 110, 113, 396, 458 Glass, Virginia May, 322 Glasscock, Lovell Stuart, 169 Glasser, Harvey William, 396 Glassey, Richard Dean, 107 .--5 O 0 .Z'5'N 613 Goldsmith, Daniel Julius, 567 Goldsmith, Melvin Lowell, 563, 580, 588 Goldsmith, Morton, 566, 574 Goldstein, Arthur, 188, 396 Goldstein, Carol Dolores, 328 Goldstein, Donald Allen, 375 Goldstein, Donald N., 396 Goldstein, lrwin, 396 Goldstein, Marlene Joyce, 326 Goldstein, Martin Edward, 181, 188, 459 Goldstein, Morton Norman, 399 Goldstein, Paul Edward, 123, 144, 388 Goldstein, Paul Henry, 143, 399 Goles, John Richard, 415 Golf, 240 Gollub, Deborah, 315 Gollub, Jridiih, 315, 459 Goltermann, Robert W., 357, 459 Graham, William Pierson, 48, 100, 113, 387 Grahn, Everett, 563 Graitf, Leonard Baldwin, 146, 155, 460 Grammer, Barbara Elaine, 107, 330 Granada Club, 402 Granat, Sidney Fred, 123, 379 Granata, Joseph John, 561, 575 Granberg, Mary V., 165, 295 Granbois, Donald Harry, 415 Grandchamp, Richard Earl, 395 Grandel, Eugene Robert, 562 Grandt, Carroll Arthur, 157, 420 Graneu, Dorothy, 300 Goltz, William George, 567 Gomell, Allen, 550, 588 Gomez, Dario Antonio, 357 Gomien, Roger, 247, 250, 251, 356 Gomoll, Allen Warren, 565, 576, 587 Gondry, Robert Morris, 385, 459 Gangola, Robert Bennett, 215, 221 Gonsky, Ronald Mervin, 414 Goo, Donald Wah Yung, 190, 199 Good, Ferne Sandra, 312 Good, Sheldon Fred, 459 Goode, Richard Byron, 167 Goodhart, Bertram F., 562 Goodin, Gayle Louise, 101, 338 Goodin, Robert Burns, 167 Goodman, Bernard, 104 Goodman Charles Michael 388 Goodman, David Samuel, 369 Goodman, Harold, 369 Goodman, Irvin Guy, Jr., 162 Goodman, Lillian, 303 Goodman, lois Jean, 294 Goodman, Mary Katherine, 309 Goodman, Melvin, 587 Goodman, Ralph, 137 Goodman, Robert Louis, Jr., 164, 357 Goodman, Shelley S., 338 Goodmiller, Joan M., 140, 154, 171, 460 Goodner, Richard Edwin, 367 Goodnick, Iris Helene, 319 Goodwin, Goodwin, Goodwin, Goodwin, A. Hooker, 529 Elaine Roslyn, 303 Kenneth H., 386 Michael Frank, 379 Goodwine, James Moreland, 389 Goat, Robert Joel, 347 Goranson, Romayne Louise, 332 Gordon Alan Leslie 540, 558, 559, sao, '5s6, 587 ' Gordon, Arlene Katherine, 319 Gordon, Bernard, 564 Gordon, Donald Thomas, 416 Gordon, Michael Stanley, 369 Gordon, Phyllis G., iso Gordon, Ruth, 296 Gordon Sue Barbara 330 460 Gordy,,Jack Lester, 362 I Hall: George Richard, 551, 565 Gorenberg, Daniel, 543 Gorham, Sidney Smith Ill, 373 Gorman, James Edward, 176, 421 Gorman, Kathleen Ann, 328 Gorney, Lawrence Joseph, 381 Gornto, Eleanor Frances, 169 Gorski, Donald Francis, 566, 576, 588 Gosnell, Cecil Andrew, 416, 460 Goss, Albert, 248 Goss, Lyman Elmer IV, 386 Gossett, Wililam Carr, 137, 204, 410 Gotaas, Arnold Sverresan, 380 Gotcher, Samuel A., 409 Gottlieb, Robert, 399 Gottlieb, Robert Paul, 143, 396 Gottlieb, Seymour Lee, 558, 562 Gottschalk, Paul Gunther, 144, 373 Gould, Henry, 388 Gower, Mariorie Ann, 318, 460 Grabowski, Frank Joseph, 567 Grabowski, John Michael, 392, 460 Gradman, Stanford, 417 Graduate College, 34 Graduate College, Chicago Campus, 528, 533 Grady, Carol Suzanne, 102, 295 Grady, Noel Abner, Jr., 354 Graetf, Robert Eugene, 220, 221 Graf, Donna Jean, 255, 299 Grange, Harold E., 18, 19 Grant, Burton Frank, 68, 345 Grant, Charlene, 187, 334 Grant, Glenda Sue, 129, 301 Grant Hospital, 531 Grant, Lawrence Harvey, 564, 577 Grant, Maurice Darwin, 460 Grassni ckle, Bonnie, 337 Gratchner, John Raymond, 373 Gratigny, Nancy Lou, 68, 154, 190, 299 Gro uer Elaine Marion, 330 Grauer, Ralph Pieffer, Jr., 373, 460 Grauer, Renee, 312, 460 Graves, Donald John, 415, 460 Graves, Gloria June, 323 Graves, John Arthur, 393 Graves Marvin Dean, 54, 199, 235, 246,'376, 460 Graw, Sanford Fredric, 379 Gray, David Rockwell, 110, 125, 403, 460 Gray, J Gray, J immy Van, 355 ohn Temple, 352, 377 Gray, Lawrence Robert, 581 Gray, Pete, 139 Gray, Richard Ross, 124, 139, 355 Gray, William Tyler, 208, 373, 450 Greor, Jaci Lou, 180, 251, 306 Greathouse, Carlyle S., 126, 153, 173, 348 Greathouse, Terry Ray, 126, 159, 173 348, 460 Greely, John Joseph, 346 Green, Allen Theodore, 207, 399 Green, George Kenneth, 101, 161 Green, Glenn Everett, 182, 460 Green, Janet, 127, 282 Green, John Russell, Jr., 204, 373 Green, Julio C., 320 Green, Marilyn, 321 Green, Melvyn, 80, 415, 419 Green, Melvyn Leonard, 460 Green, Richard E., 386 Green, Dean Paul M., 30, 150 Green, Ruth Ann, 147, 311 Greenberg, Arlene Gail, 328 Greenberg, Burton Howard, 144, 388 Greenberg, Lewis David, 460 Greneberg, Lois Joy, 312 Greneberg, Myron Harold, 388 Greenberg, Nahman Harald, 543, 580 Greenberger, Stuart Neal, 176 Greenblatt, Jacqualine, 325 Greene, Carol Noel, 292 Greene, Jane Ellen, 102, 149, 351, 460 Greene, Jahn Lawrence, 122, 123 Greene, John Palmer, 48, 123, 127 Greenfield, Joyce B., 323 Greenfield, Susan Ruth, 325 Griffith, Thomas Evans, 205, 349, 564, 577 Griffiths, Albert Owen, 167 Griffiths, Richard E., 383 Griggs, Margaret, 105 Grigus, Joseph Matthew, 567 Grill, Janet, 102, 337 Grimm, Clyde Leroy, Jr., 392 Grimmenga, Arthur Frank, 582, 591 Grimmenga, Arthur Frank, 561 Grisoffe, Salvatore John, 123, 356 Grites, Johanna Ann, 323 Grobe, Norman James, 564, 587 Grobert, Marshall Jay, 543, 580 Groce, Gary Fulton, 412 Grocholl, John Joseph, 567 Grochowski, James Warren, 461 Groebe, Gerald Herman, 363 Groen, Carl Henry, 373 Graeneveld, Leonard Ross, 579 Groeneveld, Robert Jacob, 365 Groeser, Julius F., 353 Grogan, James Cornelius, 355 Grohert, Gerald, 564 Grommer, Arthur, 107 Grommet, Gladys Ann, 172, 324 Granberg, Kathryn Louise, 102, 319 Gronemann, Uri Fritz, 101, 140, 164 Gronert, Audrey, 192 Guyton, Jon Burton, 349 Guyton, Joseph Warren, 138, 196, 208, 349, 461 Gwin, Jack, 352 Gyeri, Thomas, 189 Gylys, Vytautas, 177 Guzzardo, Tony Morris, 366 Gwin, John Paul, 362, 461 Gymnastics, 236 H Haarr, Allen Peter, 415, 419 Haas, Charles David, 344 Haas, Edwin George, 166, 423, 461 Haase, Gerhard Hugo, 543 Habben, Rudolf Bernart, 419 Haberle, Elinor Hedwig, 147, 309 Hackett, John Nagle, 564, 581 Hackett, James Milton, 367 Hackney, Louis Edward, 393 Hader, Jesse, 561, 573 Hadler, Howard Dean, 115, 165 461 Hadley Betty Jane, 331, 461 Hadley: Eugene Frederick, 390 Hadley Stuart 144 Gronert, Gronert, Gronert, Gronert, Gronert, Gronert, Don, 192 Kenneth Roland, 107 Ruth Lois, 329 Sydney M. Dian, 192 William, 192 Mrs. William, 192 Gronewold, Donald R., 551, 576 Groniger, Jerome Crowder, 370 Gronouist, Richard A., 106, 153, 345 Grosch, Glenn Raymond, 415 Grosch, Rae Ellen, 143, 170, 177, 317, 416 Grosch, Ronald John, 164, 387 Hadlock, Willard Gardner, 358 Haefele, louis Raymond, 398 Haemker, Gloria Jean, 314, 332 Haerot, Mariorie, 324 Hagan, Patricia Ann, 310 Hoge, Judith Virginia, 101, 192, 329 Hagebush, Mary Lynn M., 313 Hagedorn, William Gerald, 462 Hageman, Abigail Ruth, 338 Hageman, Joseph, 543, 577 Hagemaster, Donald Lee, 373 Hagemeyer, Robert N., 98, 170, 192, Groshell, John, 588 Gross Gross Gross Carol Jeanne, 461 Charles Sol, 558, 562, 573 Corwin Lowell, 379 Gross, Martha Ann, 310 Gross Norman Gilbert 412 Gross: Sherie Joy, 325' 394 Hagen, Amy Carol, 295 Hagen, Arlen James, 417 Hagen, Carlotta Joan, 283, 306 Grossman, Elaine Laura, 322 Grossman, Jacob Stern, 48, 139, 204 242, 396 I Hagen, Richard lee, as, 144, 152, 363 Hager, Theodore Emil, 352 Hagi, Marylin Jean, 98, 297 Hahlbeck, Kurt John, 362 Hahn, Jerome Jay, 558, 559, 563, 572, 592 Grossman, Sherry, 294 Groth, Glenn Franklin, 387 Groth, Joan Ruth, 116, 313 Grubb, George Alfred, 381 Hahn, John William, 416 Hahn, Martha Glenn, 311 Hahn, Robert James, 138, 166, 462 Hahn, Wallace, 176 Greenleaf, John Edward, 241, 246 Greenlee, James Wallace, 461 Greenman, Toby Ann, 315, 461 Greenspan, Carol M., 525 Greenstein, Harvey A., 46, 53, 122, 177, 382, 461 Greenwald, Edwin Frank, 391 Greenwood, Kaye Elaine, 186, 337 Greenwood, Mariorie Ann, 320 Greer, Harold, 166, 183, 385, 461 Graff, Harry Walter, 565, 587 GratT, Larry S., 416 Grai, Lawrence, 181 Graff, Phi lip Harold, 347 Grogan, Walter, 376 Graham, Donna June, 311 Graham, John, 398 Graham Lodge, 410 Graham, Lynn, 342 Graham, Robert, 42, 162 Graham, Robert Charles, 167 Graham, William John, 101, 110, 122, 184 614 Greffe, Dale, 150 Gregory Hall, 31, 35 Greifenstein, Robert L., 567 Greiman, Alan Joel, 176 Greiman, Carole LanotT, 461 Greinke, Harold George, 104, 105, 145 Gremer, John Andrew, 221 Grendel, Robert Walter, 410 Gress, Frederick Joseph, 182 Greviston, Mark, 205, 344 Grey, Rudolph Ernest, 461 Gribble, Donald Eugene, 384 Grider, Lyle Delbert, 409 Gridlebaugh, Richard, 417 Gridley, Donald Rolland Griesbaum, Philip James, 363 Griesheimer, Ronald E., 106, 377 Grifliri, Elizabeth D., 310 Griffin, John Rainey, 390 Griffin, Theodore Lean, 380 Grimns, Theodore, 107 Griffith, Donald Kendall, 199, 345 Griffith, Gerald Nelson, 461 Griffith, John Gary, 205. 416 Grif