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 - Class of 1954

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I I UID ri-'wfa NNE'-Nl! A X K WYYVVV GW F'-T9 p I A ' -x x I X y1':r4nl:,v0cr:w I ll the ill illi James W. Fleischer. . . ............. Editor Betty J. Cook ....... Harriet A. Beaudoin. . . lean L. Crowley .... Marilyn L. Webber ........... Business Manager . .Associate Editor . .Associate Editor . .Associate Editor Nancy H. Claypool. . .Associate Business Manager Roy E. Heideniun .... Associate Business Manager Frank V, Siepicka ........... Chief Photogruplier Patricia C. Dietimann. . . .............. Artist nm Cunpus I.L.llik'l' Portrgllts lay Illlnl Studio "v Z! ff" egMf07WL60Jl 4 ..x. "Death of ll SHICSIIIUIIU Dickie? 5 QlJ1.!bK'9-v..,M,.,'1xQ'L,.4, . "1 -yn, 'M' ' Xb? .1,, V P q4,,L.k1'1 gg: fs, A 5:15-,fj4f 4 ,,. ' Lf' ,vw -ff, FF f -fY'5',4I wg, '. ' l ' v. 7 -'51, if Y 'f ' :Z ,M Q , V' '-ffwfwi f, f '5fW,fi.-w r . A ,. ,x,,y W -, rw Q., 4 f Q , f+xu'j'r a'iiFf AWK - In X 'y X A M' r we W : aoofvg 'niffriiei WL R V , HM ly I M x ' .mLvJ6N' 'H Wi , A S QA 000110 ,06fl Christmas Curoling at McKinley Hospital .ua 'P It JM fs Qi ff P ' i LY-v ' Qin: .,.-4 X.: --X -f 1? Xxl- W. f' , B' f . TA +5 ' 1 -!,:" .51'L ' W- V pl A iii 1 511 . jyhfa I, J ' Lg: , 'fr' Ki' K .r x fr K x 4 , f' W8 1 . rl ,f V lu, 72 ' Ilxf. ' 'fgfggkr -'N-I :.w. ini. , ,A , 'tw ,Ar , X, if X l . yt A , wmv, , H A ' -f ' - -P . . - . 1 - I-9 w W 'rl mf iff- 5 if ,, , , 'v f, I ,T Is -I ' t I, W. .. ,I , I. .2223 . M. ' A 1 ?4'E3"':' ' 'lf .:' -ff -f ' "' "' 3, A ', V ' 1. ' 'L 1 ffii' L"'--Af' " 55 ' E- " x. K I' .v s ' -A . -- 'W' , ' H 0 , Q ' W- mf , . ' aff.,.,.17 j.:..A.......4. 1 9 .YQGT Y , ,q T g?5g,g"j.Jg,, W , p j 'K' -X V- , - f ..,'r',-42 5...-'J f ., - - 4 -,f Y wi: . 3--.1-1821, f'fi '9ff ff?-f il 2? N "ev Fa: , j,5z-wg., Nunn. 'Qi' w 41 't,g' ,qffgy . 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T 1 , Lkf7fNf.,.L'i J , ffifw -Mk.: I 4 J, Q4 , - W r Law-2f'j2 f y'-1-ijfxs .AA 5 -"Q f-ik 5 If Q53 .1 iq " g 4 'lc- :N . , iii-. gm at .gm PWNJE ' wi iw agggnl g H N . .:.."V. 4' . , w H., . -MM , - Wwfafi ' 8 I . wx. M .EE H N 1 "K, I S' 'U' Q 1 S' - T w.-1 4 6235?-ESQ X r aw f A X 1 S f X 'T N I x fit?" "X, X. Wig 5,5 X N? 5 rf, ' 1 . u i.. , yi 1 X-r,g1.NL'x - 0 .. IX 3 1 V, I L,j,g,,,,w.,., i' I . ., .V 2 V' , 1., , I .ggi 4 w. Wi-'?i142'1Y fff f' ,Jv- ,,.,, A ' Qilidfb .K ,Y I y T, :IJ-7.3: , V3.9 5354, ,. '.A1a,,'i.M:4n, ,, . . . . 5... .. fn: 'f . 144. 1 ,y - . M ' ' --'w .L -F 21,-:Q-"3 " S. u.3'V:,.VV , 0, - 1" '.V, , .V -qv, ,' Y -. y,g'A -.3 s , ghy. L. L. ,. V x,.4. , ' ' ' 'ff " -Aff Y1'1gQl, 4, bs 11 . ,, 1','-"f.- .. .,'V' 1' , 4 "A VV - 1 :H " api- -'nf 'V' .--q1g,J,5,V1,gJ -'-J. ,mf ,V,1k. .41:gi3VVf5t- -- V V "fI'.?.4 - "5 V "f"QiV-?- 97: 3011 ' N, .ml h I K , V . . V1 ' 1 1 ' , , . I N5 . , , ,tk , if v-'1- ' x : f .NA ii 1 I 'MDM' F- qi. 1' ,P ' 1 ,g1 y'L',ir' , f Iv A1 11 lx., Var , . "V" . 1, , I, 1 V' V 41 1 51. VH ""'u 1 1 L I v, 1. K. rl xi 1. J. I 'x 1:44 , 5 - iff ' ' . , ,' ', I A 5' I 5,1 ,-I , c ' 555. .Ver 5 ' : - 1 ' 4-, V .' ,11' ' L 4.1 . , ,v .1 V ' 14 1 4 t 'x , 1 1 ' ' , 6' 1 4, .M . , y K 1" N' ' , --13 ,, I, . A A..,'-V ,M E" ff., ,- V,,-.1 V ..1' f" FQ' " ,. '. 1 '., , V- .V 1 'J, ',.:1'g-.vj":" -1 Vqjwi- ' A -. 1 1, ' , ' V ,:. -1. V , 15, ii- V, 'ff:5f-w., -V V V V gf -. ' .V - ,fu 1' 'V V' -V X A PV ' , ' V ' QI . ,- .r4g- '11, . V- 1 . ' , " Mg 4 . ,Vp , V vn- , gZf'f-- V- ,-W. , . 'sw . ' w 1 V R, " ' 71" 1 ff ,affw-' . Q, nl. . V f, 1, ' ' ' A- A ju. 4 5, - 1- - Q f. AH V- r , J'V,wt'-' V. 1' " 'L 4' 9 ,. 'V ' Y -' . . V - ' - 1' 1'.'1',", 1 gnc! 'iw' ' A -V ,. ,,,..'! . 1 I I it '-f 15, , Jr-IGS", 1' A 'Z' Q V , ' ' 'lf I ' . ffpvlfr- ' R ' ' X s 1 L -+V. ' ' A ' .. V1 , V 1 1 ' ,- 1 HV 11. , x . ' -f' A -4'D,l 1 , , .. . 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" 3 may , ff Q i ,m k 5 J 7 -f-ffff' f 1 E '4 N, , X' ,E x V 0, Q E ? . , , , 159, ' I 2 l I 1 -5 A , Q I X w I 5 ' I V ,W , 1 'Zh A f m ' 11 . A 4? , x Q, l 'V 5 'I sk: 3 ' 1 Q 1 f-Nilxkx Ea ,, WX La, s'i,'!17iy3-fy:,F?., X mv V I us , 1 . ,. ,tm ' ,,...-,v-1 - Q7 M Aw.. 1, . ,,.,. -'-"" ' " , ..,,,...-.-www" ' ..MM--www-M- 1 '- ,gn-li ,,,,,,,.'+ff+f1'ff"F 1: +1 '54-T-I M3 CCVHQVITI m EJ r:w4.'U!"-H vmiverfihq :Mft -J A59 X S On September I, 1953, I was asked by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois to accept the office of President of the University. On that date, in order that there might be H11 understanding of my concept of this 1'eSP0USibi1itY, I issued a brief statement of the scope of the responsibilities of this ofhce which il1ClllClCd the need to secure the best staff possible, to nurture the interest and confidence of alumni, to respeot completely the responsibility to the 13601916 of the State and to make the University 21 Place Where men of good will and intellect could work together in harmonyf But the first requirement, 21S Stated in full, was: To recognize that the primary obliga- tion of the institution is to its studentS, and that without neglecting other highly important 861115005 of research and public seriaice, competent and adequate instruction must be its jirst concern. Stated directly and simply, thiS is the C0mPl9te recognition of the fact that the basic PUFPOSC of the University of Illinois is to teach and serve its students. Our University pioneered in the Concept that institutions of higher education are interested in the whole student, not just the student in the class- room. This means that we have a vital interest in every aspect of the studentis University life-edu- cational, emotional, recreational, social and finally, spiritual. I believe no university has done more than this University to Work with its students in all of these important phases of student life. The University of Illinois has not done this on a basis of mere directiong it has gone much fur- ther, and has involved the students themselves in all phases of control and direction of their student life. We believe in the policy of faculty and acl- ininistration and students all working together, rather than faculty and administration. versus students. The Illio presents a splendid record of the con- temporary activities of students at the University. Behind this record is the tremendous amount of work which students, faculty and administration have accomplished together, in the furthering of the primary obligation of the University, and in harmonious teamwork. I congratulate all the students on the fine part they have played in making these achievements possible and extend to seniors and others who may soon be leaving our midst, the best wishes of Mrs. Morey and myself for your life-long and unlimited success and happiness. ' Presizlent 'I 9 I. STATE xxx ,' Q ., 1' 'Q - gum f f- ' '- xy IQ .' 1 5 f N I ' -N-TWV' A' IN'--. X f K. f Q xB - 1-..' r 1 one . W 'o -1 n .wit 2 1 4 : 2 'tif' Q' me 'Iii - 9 1 Q3 4, 1 - gg - 5593 f "a, " I 'ezrfy ' I .t -fm! X 9 1: Q I u q ' 'f'3: - ' I lx O I W D 1: n Members Ex Officio l wanmm cz. smmm, ,,,,m-,,,,,- of lllizmif William G. Stratton governor of Illinois Springfield Vernon L. Nickell superintendent of public instruction Springiield V Vernon l.. Niqkull ' mlumlunl of public I!l.Ifl'llL'fllIlI Hffbvfl ll- Mvxrnn Wlnync A. Johnston Harold E. Grange Clnrcncc XV. Weidman Robert Z, Hickman - OF - s xws. "'o 42 vQW"'L4 'I Y A Q Mc , O H H UBKLZAQYI Q 1 , 9 x ws va 5 O Am '. Q I qRTEREv l Q NxNXxxxsSS'ss - Wx - sf "u E Q Qgv ,in ng! I 10,19 C f 4 v D 'ff ' X 4 W 2 6' 5 Q 64 5 49 .5 x -' of Trustees Elected Members Park Livingston, pre.s'ticlcnt ...... . Anthony I. Janata, secretary ..... I-Ierhcrt O. Farber, acting Chicago , Urbana comptrollei '... ............... U rhana Clarence W. Weldon, t1'ez1.s'urer. . .Chicago Wirt Herrick . . . ................ Clinton Robert Z. Hickman ...... .... D anville Mrs. Frances B. Watkins ......... Chicago Harold E. Crange. . . .... Chicago Wayne A. Johnston .... .... C hicago I-Ierluert B. Megran .... .... P Iarvard Cushman B. Bissell .... .... C hicago Mrs. Doris S. Holt .... . . .Flora Mrs. Doris S, Holt NVirt Herrick Mrs. Frances B. XV11tklIlS ' Cnslminn B. Bissell I W Plrk Ilvlflilqfflll 11ri'1'irlm1t nf ilu' liuflnl of 'I'Alf.rlm'i Anthony j, jg 1 'lcrlicrt O 'as f. sr' 1. . in .v , , .ivy . -,A ,. l ,, ,I ki f Q,-v "'.M'3f R' !.'jQ'a-5 nj - . .wg .il illfcfw 3 sv ,.-4 ,ggglj - Altliur C. xVlll1lI'Ll l1n'.liflM1l l'lm'11ln.v llcrhcrt 0. Farber i1l'liu,xg mmlrtmllvr Ralph F. l.CSCIU1lll lrqignl ro1n1.rr'l niversit of Illinoi A great university is a collection of colleges, schools, divisions, institutes, bureaus, services, and experiment stations. All these parts must Work to- gether as a unit, and certain services must provide lor all. To tie this organization together, and at the same time to look ahead and plan for the future, is the task of the Universityis administration. A great university's operation. is as complex as a great industry. Functioning in the interest of the citizens and financed largely hy tax funds from them, the University must seek efliciency, yet must never lose sight of its purpose in education, research and service. lt must he llexihle to meet immediate prob- lems, yet keep focused on long-range values. The Universityis work is carried on not only in classroom, lahoratory, and library, but also through llumlil S. Dawson juscf F, Wfriglit N hlltltlfilfl Munty rlifcvlur of lbz' fllncmlezzl blllfrlll rliuwar of lmblir rulnlinm zlllwlor' of lbv Umlurfly Puff Admini trative ffleials extension, demonstrations, publications, motion pic- tures, and radio. The facts that the University gath- ers from all over the world through its research, and the new knowledge developed, go not only into teaching, hut are made available to people every- where. The University touches almost every Held of human interest and activity from the classics and the arts to government, health, agriculture, business, and engineering. Carrying out these policies and directly adminis- tering the University is the 'task of the President. He has assisting him the Vice President, the Deans and Directors of the various units, the Comptroller, the Provost, and the Board of Trustees, who selects the President and directs the general policies of ad- ministration. lcillt A BIYWH I-uncs I' len-iruni ' ' . , , - - - 4 I-Iunnn I1 dmciw 0 tht 1ll.lfIlllfL'0lAl'lrllI0!I fluuvlur nf lbv Slllflff llfumx Cfumril SU mn li '51, 1 M...- -...4...4.J.:4Lr4g. ., . Vcrnnn I.. Krctxchnu-lr' I ' Charles S. Hmfcns ' .Roydin Dnngcricld zlircclrn' ul rho llunmzg Dlrnnfnrl dfrurior of ilu' l'by11ml Plnlll director of Ihr lmrlllrte of GOIfl'l'lHllL'lIl zllllf Public flllninr Bureau and bl "sm Gt-0ygc.P. Tuttle Lester M. Dyke Robert B1-mvnc rlirrrlor af a NIIUIUIIJ' and rz'rarrl.f flirurlzu' ul Ihr Ilmllh Svrrircr dean of Ibm' Jmmuer ,ccxxiau - Robben W. F-lcming Q A dlI'L'ff0I' of the lfulllnru gf Lflbnr 4 lzdwzml F. Putthlofi' Wfilhur Sr:hr:lmm mul Ilullulmll Rflrlflllllf rlnrrlor of Ibn' llfnrulr nf lmtllullomll Rvfnurb dwlll of tba Dirixirnz of Comnzlmimliorlf 24 '7 .!.x 'fl Rcxflml Ncyvcnmlj I ClmrlcsI XV. S:mIt'urd I I I XVilIinm M. Gilbert lH,.u.,,,,. of my U,,,.L,,,,, nf C,,,y,,,muity Plfnmiflg nmrrlnmlor of flu' Ywlrlzvr lwllmltlwz Crunzcll dnuclm- of llvu .Yrmlvul f:0lIII.Il'lillg lilmvm D . . . I I 4 I TU' - Herbert Knbcs Donald E. Diclgnsun I V, Lewis Bqggig error al the Dipi,-ion of Service for Cripjzlcrl Clrilflrcn dircrlnr of lIOIldfll!lt'IIlIL' fIt'l'.ff1IHIl'l rllrvrlav' of Ihr lirwvnn of EFUYIIIIIIIL' and l3uJim'JJ Rc,u'm'rly William P, Mcllufc I I Robert G. Seymour I Magic-ttn Stevenson I I diwflol' of the Bureau ol Rewurcb and Sfrfvre IIIVUCIOI' of the Burma of I3l1.HneJ.r Mrlllrlgflllfnf Scrrire fllrrrtor of Sntml Welfare Arlmlnixtrnllon 1msz.rnx gf-'H ..:. ' -fn... ,-. L 'li - 111-lnnxn1n-.111 Glnir, fll't'.fil,L'llf XVilli:nn ll. Huttcrlicld, 4'Xt'1'lllfl'L' flizr-rlor james C. Colvin, .rvrfvtmy niversity of Illinois Foundation The University of Illinois Foundation, estab- lished in 1935, is a non-profit corporation organ- ized under the laws of Illinois. Its chief function is to encourage gifts, from both individuals and corporations, for the purpose of assisting the gen- eral educational and research program of the University. Another function of the foundation is the de- velopment of' patents assigned to it by the University. The Illini Achievement Fund is a per- manent annual-gift program in the interests of the University. It is administered by the Univer- Amns H Wlntts, :fire lm-iirleut Clifton Dcllong, trerluuwr sity of Illinois Foundation. This fund has set records among the Big Ten schools for the num- ber of gifts to such a fund. The Foundation has a membership of one hundred persons, most of whom are alumni of the University. The present Board of Directors con- sists of nine members. In addition to the officers pictured, they are: Joseph Ator, Chicago, joseph Campbell, Nashville, Illinoisg George Donoghue, Chicago, Eugene Funk, Bloomington, Park Liv- ingston, Franklin Park, Lloyd Morey, Urbana, and Leslie Worthington, Chicago. T e Universit of Illinoi Alumni I Association The official bond between the Unive1'sity and Illini alumni is the Alumni Association. This bond is strengthened by the sending of the Illinois Alumni News, which the Associa- tion publishes nine times a year. This group assists thc Officers of the always increasing alumni clubs, helps main- tain tbe Illini center in Chicagois LaSalle Hotel, and per- forms bundreds of personal services for alumni. The Association keeps in contact with the alumni and records address changes of almost 90,000 Illini. Some 2,000 address changes are made every month. Public relations movies are only a part of their activities. The movie concerning the famous playing, marching and singing Illinois football band is only one of their produc- tions to show alumni campus scenes and activities. In its work to help Illini clubs all over the country, its executives have met with scores of Illini groups, made talks about the campus and its affairs, and have shown football movies and other films. joseph B. Campbell pl1'rirl1'llI Charles E. Bowen 1'Nl'fllfIl't' rllrcclru- ,2:C:nrd K. R0fltlCf5 james C. tlolvin ' I Wfillizlm H. Rice I WI ffflrl I!ll'L't'llH' editor of Ibn' lllmou fllfnmn Nami rllrcrior of Held rlL'li1'flit'.f K' - 1'-'I rr., ' L.. ,qi L. ,MK . -. :S i Fred H. Turner, dorm of .rtudsnlr The deans of the University of Illinois have a great responsibility in providing for the welfare of each student. Dean of students Fred H. Turner is the unifying and coordinating official. His stall consists of Associate Dean Harold S. Dawson, director of placement, and Assistant Deans Arthur Hamilton and George H. Bargh, in charge of for- eign students. Miss Miriam A. Shelden, Dean of Women, has as her assistants Miss Agnes G. Tandberg, asso- ciate dean of freshman womeng Miss Mary E. Harrison, assistant dean of independent womeng Miss Eunice Dowse, assistant dean of residence hall counselingg and Miss K. Patricia Cross, assist- ant dean of sorority women. The Deans Aiding Dean of Men Edward E. Stafford are Howard C. Neuberg, newly appointed assistant dean of fraternity meng Richard E. Hulet and Calvin Silferd, assistant deans of independent meng Gerald W. Peck, assistant dean of student employxnentg and V. James Hampton, assistant dean of student organizations. Serving with the di- rector of the Division of Special Services for War Veterans is David L. Wolfe. Each of these deans is constantly doing his best to see that the relations between the stu- dents, the faculty, and the citizens are as friendly as possible and that the students of the University of Illinois are aided in solving any problems they may have. Howard G. Neubcrg Eclward E. Stafford, riefzn of men Miriam A. Shcldcn, alarm aj women n.r11.rrant :lean of fmlermty men , 1... M I Arthur I-hmilton Eunice Dowsc Duid XVU i . ff HN dum 0 auxin Jtnrlcntx ,1i.u.ilm1l Minn: nl rumlimz lull cnnnu mi, rllllflllllfllrlflli flirffrf I Mary IE. Hnirisnn nf.r1.imnr dmv: of zmli-flwnlml 1If'0lIll'7l K. Patricia Cruss ll.Ul.fflIllf rfmm of .mrorlty 1ll0!llL'II ., -fy: A ,x Z V l. Dean Charles C. Czivcny The "University in the Lakev was established in 1946 by the University of Illinois at Navy Pier in Chicago. Professional curricula in architecture, architectural engineering, physical education, and a program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing are offered. Also available are complete pre-professional courses of study in liberal arts and sciences, commerce and busi- ness administration, and engineering. Both the basic and advanced courses in ROTC are included for men students. Students enrolled at the Chicago Undergraduate Division have the same status as students lnatriculatiug on the Urbana campus. Priority in completing their work for degrees on the Urbana campus is given the Chicago branch students. hicago ndergraduate Division Navy Pier 30 In 1867 when the University of Illinois was chartered, the College of Agriculture was founded. The College of Agriculture has three major goals: to improve the quality of the products grown in Illinois and the efficiency of their production, to advance the Welfare of those engaged in agriculture, and to create a better understanding of the place agriculture holds in our economy. Teelmical courses in the fields of agriculture and home economics are offered as a means of achieving the three former goals. The Experiment Station reinforces the teachings of the College hy its testing of new practices. Members of the stall maintain a close contact with thc people of the state through its Extension Service. ollege of Agriculture Donn Robert R. Hudcl .... .....-nl-:rfE'A'h fb -1 Yi David Kinlcy Ilall ollege of ommeree and Business Administration X. Four divisions of primary importance are found in the Collcge of Commerce and Business Administration: the Department of Business Organization and Opera- tion, the Department of Economics, the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, and the Business Management Service. Providing students with a program designed to train them for careers in business, economics, and adminis- tration constitutes the main function of the College. This program is also designed to prepare the individual to better play his role as a citizen. An organized research program is administered by thc Bureau of Economic and Business Research. Its Endings are published in special monographs as well as two journals- ill Illinois Business Review, a monthly summary of business conditions for Illinois, and C 2? Currmzt Economic Comment, issued quarterly. Gregory Hall College of Education In the College of Education students receive training for careers in teaching, special educational services, and school administration. Special undergraduate pro- grams are offered in industrial, agricultural, home eco- nomics, and elementary curricula. Students receive actual teaching experience under supervisors in schools cooperating with the College of Education. Investigations in the Held of education for the College are conducted hy the Bureau of Research and Service. These investigations are in the form of directing school surveys, The University High School, which serves as a labora- tory for the College, affords opportunities for experi- mentation under controlled conditions. li. I.. D Nine different curricula compose the College of En- gineering. They are aeronautical, ceramic, chemical, civil, electrical, general, mechanical, and mining and metallurgical engineering, physics, and theoretical and applied mechanics. Collectively the College, one of the largest in the University, has been and is now continuing the study of many teaching and educational methods. The College of Engineering has always stressed extra- curricular activities as an important part of education. Several honorary fraternities are organized to recog- nizc and promote scholarship. The Illinois Techno- gmph, an engineering magazine published and managed by engineering students, offers a variety of opportuni- ties for engineers. The student Engineering Council serves to co-ordin- ate the numerous functions of the member professional societies and sponsors many College-wide activities. College of Engineering Civil Engineering Hall , The College of Fine and Applied Arts consists ol' Seven Departments - Architecture, Art, Landscape Architecture, the School of Music, the Bureau of Com- munity Planning, and the University Bands. Sixteen campus structures house the College of Fine and Ap- plied Arts. Twelve curricula leading to degrees in various fields of the Fine Arts are offered. Besides the Colleges formal program of instruction it offers many admission- free lectures, concerts, recitals, and a series of art exhihits displayed in the Architecture Building. In cooperation with other campus departments, the Col- lCge annually sponsors a festival of Contemporary Arts. Rexford Newcomh, Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, has heen on the faculty of the University of Illinois for a third of a century. ollege of Fine and Appli Den u Rcxiornl Newcomb Administration Building raduate College Graduate instruction at the University of Illinois began in 1902. In 1906 a Graduate School with a sepa- rate faculty and administration was organized. David Kinley, who later became President of the University of Illinois, was the first Graduate Dean. The words of Mr. Kinley express the essential aim of the Graduate College, "The development of the power of independent work and the promotion of the spirit of researchf, Since its founding the College has grown steadily, but most rapidly after World War II. Scholarships and fellowships established hy the University Board of Trustees are contrilniting to this growth. Many students in the Graduate College hold positions as instructors in undergraduate divisions of their spe- cialized courses. 36 Gregory Hall ehool of Journalismr and Communications Fifty years ago the School of Journalism was iirst introduced to the University of Illinois under the spon- sorship of Thomas Arkle Clark, a member of the English Department. In 1950, the name of the School was changed to School of Journalism and Communications to describe more accurately its present functions. Instruction in the School of Iournalism and Com- munications eonsists of a journalism division, including news editorial Work and publication management, an advertising division, and a radio division. The School also attempts to provide services for the Communica- tions industry in the state. The journalism and communications program is based on the conviction that the student can profit best from a course of study that permits him to inte- grate professional subjects with general subjects. 37 Director Frederick Sicbcrt Dann Albert Hzuno 3 The primary purpose of the College of Law is to train men and Women for the practice of law. In a broader context, the College aims to provide a part of the educational foundation for men and Women who will hecome leaders in community service and directors of public thought. Since its founding in 1897, the College of Law has pioneered for the improvement of legal education and for higher standards of admission to the United States Bar. Two national accrediting agencies for law school, the Association of American Law Schools and the Sec- tion of Law Education of the American Bar Association, have been organized since the establishment of the College. From the first, the College has been on the approved lists of these agencies. ollege of L Altgcld lla 38 The .College ol? Liheral Arts and Sciences is thc largest and most complex division of the University. This complexity is due to the factpthat the College Serves a great many purposes. The General Curriculum of the College leads to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science de- pending upon the field of concentration and emphasis of study. In cooperation with the College of Medicine, the College offers a professional course in occupational therapy leading to a degree in the College of Medicine. The College also functions as a service unit for other colleges offering fixed curricula in pre-professional training for nursing, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law, and journalism. This training includes such work in English, foreign languages, science, and social science as constitutes established all-University or special. College requirements. Acting Chairman of thc Executive Committee john Christian Bailalr College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Lincoln llall 39 Dean Robert IS, Downs Dx. The Library Library School The oldest library school west of the Alleghenies is the University of Illinois Library School. Established in 1893, this school was located at the Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago until the summer of 1897 when it was moved to the Urbana Campus. The purpose of the Library School is to prepare ad- ministrators and assistants for service in public librariesg in libraries of schools, colleges, and universities, and for specialifed libraries, Fully accredited by the American Library Associa- tion, the Library School is rated as one of the leading schools in the field. ' The undergratluate Library Science courses are oilfered as a minor in the College of Liberal Arts and Science, and the College of Education. The fifth yearis work for the M.S. and L.S. Degree is the minimum aca- demic preparation for professional librarianship. J I--.-.,,,. . . ., , 1, . t, Y, - -. A -. -sf,1H--'rw .1'f',f-7..,x':e3.g , . . . , llull' Gym ' .ws-r,-'.Q'1. 3'1!t'f:f:fwL'1'f mr' 'yzs':"'fC-T"!'!f'fj .' ' "-" 'r .w 4 ' if 11-wf-:mth-' :?fc'it-rhzwahtr School of Physical Education The School of Physical Education serves two major functions. First, it provides professional training in Hve lines of service: physical educa- tion for hoth men and Women, health education for hoth men and women, recreation for hoth men and women, and dance for women. Second, the School conducts a service pro- gram in physical education for all University students who, hy University regulation, are re- quired to secure four semesters credit in this subject. The School is outstanding for its program of fundamental research in the fields of motor and organic fitness and diagnostic iitness tests for hoth faculty and students. Since 1937, Seward Staley, a graduate of Springneld College, has served as director of the School of Phvsical Education. 41 Director Seward Staley xNs...! Acting Director Frank Bridgewater The Division ol? Special Services for War Veterans was formed to give the greatest possible lielp to veter- ans who wisli to enroll in tlie University of Illinois. Veterans are ollered an opportunity to reorient tliem- selves acadeinically tlirougli refreslier Work, reduced programs, and selection of courses. The Division directs tlie educational programs of veterans wliose special needs are not inet lay existing curricula, and can certilfy sucli students lor tlie Bachelor of Science degree. In addition, tlie Division studies tlie needs of return- ing veterans and informs tlie veterans ol: all tlie many services ol' tlie University, Division of Special Services for ar Veterans rlrlllf Armory 42 The Division ol' University Extension is the agency responsible for Nextendingn the educa- tional resources of the University to persons not enrolled lor study in residence. Like the Graduate College, the Divisions faculty is drnwn from the faculties ol: the other colleges and schoolsg and it is composed of those memhers of the teaching departments who give such instruction, together with tl smull adminis- trative stall. About one hundred seven college-level corres- pondence courses ure olliered toward earning u degree. The Division also attends to the Film Lihrziry of the University. High schools all over the state, as well as other Universities, rent instruc- tional Hlms und old movies from the Extension. Dunn Rolmcrt Browne Division of niversit Extension Illini Ilull 43 Veterinary Medicine Building n , .. 1 wx. 1 ll :S itfiilairaifii nl' gl. College of Veterinar M dieine Dunn Robert Graham 44 In 1944 the College of Veterinary Medicine Was estalnlislied, and in 1948 a professional four- year course in veterinary medicine leading to a D.V.M. degree was activated. Tlie College trains veterinarians in tlie con- trol and prevention of animal diseases in order to protect the livestock industry and to safe- guard public liealtli from animal diseases trans- missible to man. Other Work of the College includes programs of veterinary researcli, extension, and graduate study. A disease diagnostic service and a veter- inary clinic and hospital service provide animal patients and specimens for instructional pur- poses. Dr. Robert Graham was appointed as the Iirst dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine in 1945. - .. 0 1" ish ia, w".'f' " "Lf Hs' Ax, - -In - - 0'v.::x A .I 'rf 4 . 1 ' '.q'J"P " u ' 4. - - " '-RQ-?""a T . -1 I 'H ' .' A . .'. lx ,1 - x , . , V ,,.,.,-,....,,--. e. N ."',L,, L.: V..-Vf',-ax -. NV! V, 2 W X H ' 'WL -A '.--i1'55'm.2w'-.2 - ' QV-.521 If 'D I r N ,M N -mv' . ' sf NL 1 1 ' 'Sikh' av . fd Q ' ' .. N S JA F 11'-3.1 ' V " 1 ' 'FL 1 Pk ry X . 'Y 1 L Q.. w ,' X 1 N at -V 4. -. H ' , w . -,,gaVc,:'Vil:Vx I E 4 gm 'vi '11 nv if vv ' .." 1.1 13 mmmm Q s X. N v Fl. I". , . . nf -v ,A . X M' " V. pw' . ps? if . 1 I ,,.fV1 ri" , 1 1 f 1 1 1 V, I f i 5 1 R 534.5 L-' . 4-'fy-"L 11" - -, ni ' -' 1-X ll, I ...nm . -AV' ..,, XV ,,,. A. , -M , X u , I V V -AVf,V"QVfV V -W , ,V - k.V,g-,r,,., -1 'Va 'ffl-,g.,-,, ' 'T .ViS",pNh , f 1 - , Mg.. gf...-A.: qt- 4-.1-9 . 1 1 V VQV ,V,V, -.V, ,I AV? .V,VVUw:,EV-N V ':.f-' ' , ' ' P"-'4':.'T-',1L"ffT'. . .4 - ' EAM... ,gy-34 x ,f Q2-j.g'5a.VyV:.q VV Eg.,,g,jV ., . 351, 'M , ,-551,-.-.six . ' J M V M.-VV..1,4-LV, mm V X. me W-ri A"4-:.-- .EV 4 ' -.- my Eli' . .'r.QvfX li ' . ' T VN "il 'Bl' NW" " V J'- ,.. - y -xy. 1---,-f.w,,.,gX.-v, ,- - " Yin" 7--' 'hs-.. '-'14 4 ., .-fn ,-' 5 ..-' .--. ' , . Y-3555, JH. 5,f'p3'L'X'- 3 fi .ff f .W- L,.,a u , .ju ' - -rnrfKf,f.,.- . -qv ,I' N . 1 1 -Q . Kp- "r'E,'1, 4- -M 1.-V'-, ff. ,. V ' -.-1 N 2 " ' ,NT1:,2J',2Sf.:f.',f':-.-.N-" -. H ' - 'Y 3 ff.-iffif' lf, 'x' Mig" "' , .-f , .- 154. .'. D - - ff,-f.,.wzff , wap x """Z-lr P wp:ff"P--. 'R'-4. ,..,v:1-igfyfzllsgxi pg:-. ' 4 .. V . . ,,V.,-Vv..- , , V FQ35Vfivclisk-Vu,V.hP9fV:Vg-V1-xV,.V1,: 'VV :V K'-'q-.'f,'j.+g,-V'-5-' ,,.,f V. fi - A w?p3V 1g,1'11x-VFR., ky,-.-1. "mv V -J Nyrlvg , 1 - --.-,nj .,, , .V.,!y,fV.VV.V.V1VVVVV V1 LAL? .5-w,.V ., ,V VV , V si Vg, . g. Jl Q- ik: -I . -,j-e -A -0, ., .Q V lf 1 A X ' S N V pi - v. . , H . -K V, 5 r. lulsgftrmilwww:-'!A..kv"..,'.'.' HL . v,,.,'f. .. ,f . v '14-Evan, .-I - N mx.:-1' I-.A. X - . 1 1 N ' 'a . ' 2? " 1 iq-JN' . 'fl' ,A , I .VI , ,. 1 A" " - I : Q., ll 5 i.,.V . , , "xl fff 1 ' . . -I .- .Q- , -- .', rg'- E ' ., 1 A - : Q 7 rf ,, ,L , . , V' , V, g, -px V .Q , if Q EV '.1 ,A X. ,fgyf r , ' . XXV 51.5 P' 211 I 4' 'Zhi '- , ii? - ' 1 QQ?-iii. A 4,3 -ww ' aciiviiief A 1 fl ru my S117 iv -2 ii 4 ww' ' Y , y ff" lf f , f " ,f 1' Q ' , . I wma- cm-da Allen Andrews Frank Bare John Bauer John Bender James Branch Roy Burt Dale Bury Robert Clemons Claib Cook Joseph Corley James Fleischer Max Hooper Louis Keesey Robert Lenzini Yukio Matsumoto Bruce Palmer Ross Poggenpohl Donald Powell Raymond Purnell Thomas Rose Thomas Sleeman William Shewchuk John Thompson Ronald Ultes Vance Van Tassell Richard Zimmerman Harriet Beaudoin Nancy Berquist Nancy Claypool Betty Cook Caroline Cramer Jean Crowley Gertrude Danaher Jeannette Gerdes Jane Hayes Barbara Hempstead Marlene Kimbark Camille Kirchner Ann Mace Sharon Mayhall Mariorie McCormick Phyllis Murphy Joan Noble Nancy Popel Velma Riley Carol Seibert Donna Simenson Shirley Smith Joan Solomon Caryl Towsley Jean Weiss mortar board fachewm Karl Anderson Jett Austin Jennis Bapst Rolland Bethards Marshall Blankenship Richard Branom Roger Carlson Lawrence Chapman Clarence DeMoss Theodore Dorward Andrew Ekblaw James Ellingson Beniamin Farnum Walter Faster Thomas Felke William Fewkes Charles Finn Max Fulling George Gfroerer Marvin Graves William Gray Harvey Greenstein Thomas Hubbard Richard Hull John Juergensmeyer lrvin Lawfer Norman Letton Edward Makovsky Loren Mann John McLaughlin Richard Meeks Jack Olson Gordon Ropp Thomas Rowader Chih Han Sah William Schrader Robert Sewell Richard Sharer John Sharp Charles Shepherd Willard Thompson Walter Vernasco Richard Wham Leslie Ator Miriam Behrens Patricia Burt Donna Cadwallader Joyce Chalcraft Lynda Couch Carol Cox Carmen Cunningham Anne Davis Sally Dillard Jean Dinsdale Doris Drew Dora Fishel Gail Furnall Lorraine Geittmann Jane Gray Joanne Hagnauer Ernestine Hanks Beverly Hill Diane Johnson Marlyn Kasson Doris Knox Carmelita Konzen Carole Lanott Joyce Leviton Barbara Lindgren Mary Litherland Jeannette Mathews Marylou McGowan Patricia Moore Susan Olmstead Sherle Olson Patricia Pavlis Carol Petetish Margaret Pool Mary Rigney Helen Rossetti Barbara Schedel Lavaun Schild Rita Smith Betty Snider Deborah Stern Gene Stimart Nina Temple Jane Thiem Carole Truckenbrod Mariorie Willke Donna Wilson Ruth Wylie Elizabeth Yanson torch 1 P 1 Y f 1 I K 1 E W 5 K ' N X Caroline Cramer Joe Corley Prvxidcnt, Panbellenic Captain, Vanity Track ', E J cavmpmf U Bert Mqttson . I . Dlrertor ol Rvrrcrlllon, Illlm Union ng. f xx Tom Sleeman Ca-Manager, Star Caune l Lee johnson ' Nanc Popcl ' Semor Bfuvbnll Mfmngfr Dircrior of Cult11r1lYAHairJ, Illini Umor: D 0 - n n N'-Q. 1'.i"1i' 5-.f w 2 .0 I p 5 f Q f 2 F . .,l Lou Keesey I I Dale Bur ,, A 5 Sport: Editor, Daily Illini Senior Rerrealiomz Manager ,fl . John Thompson Prendent, Inlerjrafernily Council leade I ,. 5 , Ron Ultes Captain, Varsity Bareball I I x 1 H' E 2 . 2 l Walter Dieckamp Q Vi,,:.,f',!Ef,'f2,,lFQ',f,l:,2l:11,,,i, ' Dirertor of Entertainment, Illini Union 'ffzmw--' ' 53555. , n ik 4. Hugh Purnell Senior Baxberball Manager r""":" ,.... Carol Scibert Betty Cook Vice-prcridenl, Illini Union BuJinenMnnager,Il1io 1 1 cavmpmf Gcrtlrudc Danaher Prexidenf, WGS .Bob Lenzini Sidney Stutz Captain, Varsity Foothill Prexident, YMCA ,.,, ' "Sill-aw' ff x i J Ur. , ' V5 in . ' 15. QM z " 1 J? W 'i I .. 1.- .1- X Qfviief 'x ' N sm Ll , ., , K t4 , 'K ff' 'Z EA . Q , C2 5 Harriet Beaudoin ' . 5 . , ,' 1 .1 H . I I U Don Boruszak . Arsacmre Editor, Illm I Vzre-preudent, Interfralernily Council J 'N-.L 5 L Ross Poggenpohl Prcxidenl, MIA i r 3 5 1 .. N n A Y w 1 J 1 5 w 1 T B d ' Jepn Huber 5 Edff0'3fnD,5Mf1ini Pffffdfffh WM 'NN Jack Healy Semo: Track Manager 'N Bn :bam Hempstead Director of Social Evenu, Illini Union joan Nnblg Yfukio Mqtsumnto General Manager, Uniwrxily Theatre Cdlffdlll, Vdrilly Wrerllmg cavmpmf fum' .I ....-nl Jenn Crowley Auoriate Editor, Illio- Ned genisori I I I Executive New: ditor, Daily lllmr I Don Powell Preudent, Illini Union Warren Mcnakcr ' Fl ' h 'hm msc er Direrlar ol Silulenr-Allrnnzi Rcluliam, Illini Union Editor, Illio twill Kill 4 lf N 1 .. Q s P31 Conlin Johnarloncs Prexi ent, YWCA Vice-preri ent, MIA Jeannine Burnie: . U Sludent Smlf Bax Ofire Manager, Unluernly Theatre Ron Hciligenstcin Senior Intramural Manager , J , J. f I M .., , J R Roy Heidemann Axmriate Blifinen Manager, Illia my . ,. W r, w A, JJ! . 1 Q, fn : s E, W1 if W VL zu' vs , 1 Velma Riley 5 john Kerr VifE'I3I't'JfdBf1f, WGS Captain, Vanity Baxketbull cavmpmf I Donn Edwqrds 1 I I Dlrertvr of Student Serwrvx, lllim Umor: George Gunkle Jane Hayes Actor, Umverxity Theatre Ca-Manager, Star Course Wm " HID 728 T .. xLLlO 1255 ' Nancy Clnxrool Rich Zimmerman Auorlate Bruinen anuger, lllio Senior Football Alllllflgff leade f 1. 1 X fx mth' 5 L Frank Bare Frank Willgy ' Captain, Vanity Gymmutiu Personnel Manager, Unwernty Theatre I .wav wil' t, NDN-f Tom Rose Prerident, Student Senate Roy Burt General Clmirmun, Campru Chert Thomas Rose, prariilcm' rj' The Student Senate, the official representa- tive body of the students, is composed of thirty-eight members. Twenty-four of these are elected by the student body and fourteen ex-oflicio members represent various activi- ties and housing groups. Four main committees regulated by the Senate are Educational Opportunity, Inter- national Aflairs, Student Life, and By-Laws. Some of the responsibilities of the Senate are promoting the Welfare of the student body and working with the Committee on Student Affairs to exercise authority over the policies of student organizations. Any student on campus may attend a Senate meeting, voice opinions concerning the business at hand, or present and support a legislation. tudent Senate Top mum' Henry Dougherty. Stephen Speltz, Robert Armstrong, Harold Rictveld, XVilli:1m Graham, Richard Zimmerman, Stephen Xvolfberg, Gordon Cash, xvlllldlll Swopc, Julius Shapiro, Jennis Bapst Second row: Robert Powell, William Suter, Robert Emmons, Sue Schurman, Mary Alexander, Mary Kula, Phyllis Hassc, Gene Stimart, Joyce Chalcraft, Joan Noble, Barbara Bell, Patricia Burian, Marjorie McCormick, David Gray, Keith Peterson, Merle Miller Bottom raw: Mary Geidcs, Joyce Adler, Sharon Mayhall, Stanford Glass, Thomas Felke, Thomas Rose, Miriam Behrens, Mr. Howard Schuman, mirfiror, Mary Dunahcr, Jean Huber f--f'71rf':'-I", , b ' ll?-fiiif-,i. A .VW A, WC: - ' 1 Standing: Herbert Hudson Vcrnon Petty Dmvxd Barry L1ny McKnLlly Frcdcrxck Crwnp, Sealed: Rebecca Kncllmg Dmntln Spxerw Suvm Huwmrth Suzanne Brunknw jere Stcsmrt Nor in panel 6 . , x I 'K' Slnnforil Glass, rlmirmarl The Co-ordination Committee Was set up to prevent unnecessary conflict and competi- tion between the programs and events spon- sored by various student organizations. Their responsibility includes the consideration of student petitions and the scheduling of a time and location for student-sponsored pro- grams. Among the other jobs of this com- mittee are compiling an annual calendar of events, planning the budget for many Uni- versity functions, and handling tickets. Some of the organizations which the Co- ordination Committee regulates are the Uni- versity Theatre, Illini Union, Campus Chest, Illini Board of Control, Concert and Enter- tainment Board, Freshman Council, menis and woinenis athletic groups, and various housing units. The committee is now in its sixth year of active service. Co-ordination ommittee .S'mti'1f.' Donald Powell, juan Noble, Robert Armstrong, Gordon Cnsli, Stnnfnrtl Glass, Donn Hampton, XVilIi:1m Sutcr, Prof. Hzllbcrt Gullcy, Marjorie Mc- Cormick, Prof. Wfailtcr johnson Nu! in jnlrzulf Slmrnn Mnyliull The Student Senate appoints nine faculty members to the Committee on Student affairs. This part of our Senate serves as an advisory group to the Dean of Students and, with the help of the Senate, writes the "Code on Stu- dent Aifairsf a set of regulations concerning the operation of all student organizations. The purpose of the committee is to provide valuahle services to the student hody, such as: assisting them in setting up plans of self- government and in managing their activitiesg encouraging their sense of personal responsi- hilityg preventing extra-curricular activities from imposing too heavily upon their scholas- tic progressg and helping to organize and maintain living conditions which are safe, healthful, and moral for them as college stu- dents. i fill ' X ,iv-x Professor Hugh XVnlcs, rlmirm ll Committee on Stud nt ffair Stmdiug: 1 Stanford Glass, Karl Gnrtlncr, David Day, Nicholas Britsky, Prof. Hugh Wfalcs, limlwalrnl Stlllllllfll, Stephen XVuIl'hurp:, Hall'-cnt Gullcy tnnls Bu st Senlcd.' 'Ihomns Rose, Joyce Clmlcrnft, Phyllis Hasse, Mary Dnniihcr, Angelina Pictrnngcli, Rnhc1tSI1cltnn i1snrm-ru:-uupv:.1.4-Ku ' 1.4:-v my f' -- 79-w -A-1-U -, -, ...!--, zu-gd .1-.-.---:qw Tap row: Eberliarel Vischcr, 1'itc'.jnc'.mlz'nl,' Richargl O'I.cary, Howard Gerstcin, Marcia Leuehtcr A liulrom rouf: Dnnald Lasscr, j1ru.i.'1lw1r ,' F. J. Koenig, 1ll!1"I,llIl',' Susan Olmstead, Gini-ia Andrews, Gery Stein, Elizabeth Hocl Liberal Arts and Sciences Council facilitates student-faculty relations provides professional, social, and educational services for commerce students Top rom: Philip Flick, Robert jnruensen, Marvin Andrews, Henr Selig, Charles RCCkCl Tlvirfl rom: Gordon Owens, Alan Sumherg, Alice Lciman, Echvaril Frank, jane Alexaniler, Keith Peterson, Diane Amunilsen Svraml raw: Arthur Nnrclcnberg, Emerson Cammack, rldzfixorp Diane Zarcmba, wire 111'L'Jidw1l,' Roger Baskes, pru.rirlvflt,' Marguerite Oberto, .rurrvrnry,' Richard Cnllelt, trmmrrr liutlnm mul: Louis Carlntti, Rae Grusch, Barbara Scheilel, Phylliss Kennedy, Charles Larson No! in jmrlcl: Sara llerginen, joseph Cicern, Bruce Most wa fri ummm ummm: X I N fu-"' A x W- V i ' !"' T 1 " sf rr Slmn!in,q.' Vern Hampton, Lyle Dahlcnburg, a.r.ri.rram fI:t'llJ'llH'f,' Leater Ness, jlmes Bennett, Herbert Farber, trm.rnrvr Sc.1tea'.' Fred Turner, :vr:retflry,' Charles Andrews, rhzrrrnlnnf Mirnam Pehrens Student rganization Fund funds of 200 student organizations Q I l promotes closer cooperation among the various engineering societies Tap raw: Howard Hadlcr, Ruel Wfeas. Richard Martson. Edward Rzewnicki, Dwight Mahaffy. Edward Damal Svrond row: Glenn Zieman, Robert Gnndry, jack Tisdale, Warren Brandt, XV!iIliam Smith, Charles Evans, Robert Anderson l Boing: viow.ER XVilli:1m Russell, Richard XVhartun, Samuel Sehaelfcr, rvmrrlnzg ,fl'rrelfll'y,' Michael Zihal, 11r'a'.flrfmI,' Dean Hupp, tr'c'flrlrrer,' Frances XVatkrns mr es ogers Q r f V 1 J V713 aw .1'fY,-'W MJ- ., 'fif' " - W A M "IKM, X: L.fl?'Xf 4 I ,, ' 5 -V , f , 1. 1... WV' fe 6 'Nr Q I ' -, N I v l I 4 .uw Q 41. A Ji- . F- Vsffffv f 4: P' .1 '4 . y .W .4 ' D 'I J -1. iv' t ' . ' l . A . A 'V x .. . en- f 2 , f,.' -' 'U' ' L 'P 'Y .V M., A U A .A V, Q Aiea 3451! N , 'Q 5 V 1 6 v. gn 5 ZH' P' - 1 ,Q . A : f ll if 1: Q 3 , Q- - A -Q., A A .. Q. wi di Q, h' Z5"', ' 7 'lgfq v ' vi , I U Q r, 1 ,kqpvrlqggfilfot ,V Viva, Q my ,. 2 'F L , :nh 5 5 "6" 1' , ', X 1 1 7, ' " .. C2 - ' g ' . fu? 54- . www? W. . -1,. wi' .,,,:. W I iv il- 1 ' 1 A 1 N-QWfV,gQ: f J. r , -' I .l g 'A ,N , u .,. N nf M rv o ff 6 , . 0 ' ,v 0 as" 1 A ,. 1-fp. - w 8 l 'Q ,Q- V . "xxx 7 l . 'uw ' A r Q -ggl ':.,Nmsff',1-"-O X J 'Bk 1 I 'N' -xv - , if 'A ' ' 'Ag .1 'Link nu- - f N- ':,x gi vm-' x' .P , ff?'Wff2s ,A S 49 Q W .5 xfy! LQ-C 'jg XL ga I X A fm, 1, 3. .fy , , A H, Ju ' . 1 v -F' dw Xu' x I , Z9 XA 5 mf 5 ,ab 'Y I I.: We '4- -wk: 5 Q gg x lx 5 '4, DF ima? fzif 'M A ,Q 'lI'A"4 .x4fh "" W- y h gl Auwagtbfx K A.,-.-. fv'A4 V .Q I, i fi . '1 ,-5 if' . . . " 'li N . .ff ,.",. if, .. -5.50" ' .A X 5 ' --1 , . 46. L :Q S A ., A,.,,' wg., . HWY' f-K..A ,Mia A W-'Q Y.: I vig .x. ..., f r x. , ,...f , .M . ,. Senior Ball Dick jurgens and his orchestra playecl E01 the 1953 Senior Ball which was held in the Illini Union Ballroom. The annual dance was held on May 15 this year. The theme, "Illini Years," was intenclecl to luring hack memories of college clays for the students present, es- pecially seniors. James Ross, who was the senior class presi- clent, worked with a large dance committee. Chairman was William Masong treasurer, Charles Wheelerg in charge of arrangements, james Linsleyg cleeorations, William Novakg publicity, Nancie MeCillg tickets and hicls, james Large. Say it again uf K ,xxx '1-' f L nf, ' K I 1 r Jr . Y - AJ 2 V , i ' yfxx li ' Q ' f ' ff .J ' . T , 'Y' . ". F C N' V 1 . - 1 4 ,, 'V "WX,f,W- ,g - J- ir pf. A ,f .: . A b - . A ,V "I Q I Q . 'fz ggfx if v L ' -3 Q N ' . 'gjxpak I- Q! 'Y ' - M I Q, a. ix' ' - : Q v . M 1 V,-cfrqag' Kaye, is Q " 14' 4 Y ' ' I " I if-af N , ye - - , .u bl: - I X . - JE ,,f',L - Q XM , - 59. , 2 I X .X V I' . I F vQ Qi 5 i o 1 3 .x X L 4- ' E - . ' ' 1-'V -Q ' Q We ll I' , 57.24 I ' " fwQ'1 ,f3Q5 f' - 3 ' , ,HMM . . .--.. - ., v G Q ,I .J W f h .AT My L 4 ' . "ft . K 1 T' P' Q 'N' ,T i ' n UN K 'fx ,wb H 8 an ' K - . - 1. 4 Q , , . 5 L ' T f' -, A 1 -Y' . V my W . u. .9 V, ef N I f 5 . su E 3 Q I dx up. Y Q. A 3 . . Im F , The Women's Group System strives to aid independent women, especially freshmen, with their campus prohlems. It tries to pro- mote higher scholastic standing, greater activ- ity interest, and a general spirit of coopera- tion. Somc of the annual events WGS sponsors are Watehcka Sing, a Mothers, Day luncheon, and teas honoring houses and individual, girls for outstanding scholarship or activities. It also joins the Menis Independent Association in sponsoring larger campus activities and in puhlishing their own newspaper, the Inclee. The groups within WGS are house presi- dents, freshman hoard, and executive council. Their interaction creates an effective eo- ordination of the women in residence halls Mary Danahcr, prcrirlml Ii.wr:uli1'e Council---Tuff rr rirorp Hclun Wilsrmli, Swami row: Betty Prigg liullrnn mm: Frances Atl and independent organized houses on campus 0IIl6l1,S Group Syste lu' Mmrthzi Mzissic, 1u'u.1i:lc'r1l of f1'L'.flJ7lIlll1 bmlrdp Nina Wlilson, .I I , 4 .1 adn! L'lJrIfflIl4lll ic, .YL't'I'L'l4IIyf Mary Dnnxihcr. 1m'J'i:lL'r1l: Velma Riley, vin' frrurid guns, Iruf1.rnrur,' Dolores Sicgcrt, arli1fitic'J,' Carol Firch, fuzblirily cbolflrrbipg I.ynn Bryant, jurblimlionrg Doris lxrull flckiblllrill ful cnt: Mary Harrison, .'1d1' ,' Marpuric McCormick, .rtlulvni Jcmrlor an JN flame I're.rnlw1l,rf'l'aK4roll'.' Marylou Dearing, Gail Pnmpian, Iva Eadie, lyfarjorie Leach, Renee Freedman, Mary Chezu, Lillian jenkins, Caralyn XVilkens, Dorothy Schlitt, ildreil Shabelman, Roberta McGill, Margaret Ferguson, Judith l-lnllman, Amy Shoemaker, Ruth Hurtin, Charlotte Ceneler, jnAnn Roberts, Joan Becherer, Sonia Fischmann . Serum! row: Vera Diemer, Paula Tagcr, jnyce Morris, Charlotte Cumby, Laura Rypstat, Eugenie -Innes, Eleanor Laureys, Bcity Priggie, Virginia Scott, Beverly Chubat, Joan Putter, Carolyn Travis, Frances lzbick , Virginia Churchill B""""' F010-' Joyce Leviton, Sandra Vlay, Avis MlSll0llll1lU, Donna Drew, Jeanne Pmluska, Polly Sanders, Virginia Bohn, Carmen Cunningham, janet Mcflay, ,Ioan Bliss, Catherine Kay Frz'.rbm1n1 Board-Tolli row: Carole Love, Sharon Burger, Carnl Bueringa, Audrey Veazie, janet Kuhlmeier, Patricia Craig, Margaret Boswell, Barbara johnson Jeanne Fowler, uth Schaper, Madeline LaVezzi, Catherine Davis, Camilla Lynn Second row: Barbara Lewis, Eleanor Po ovisky, Dona Fletcher, Merna Davis, Theodora Stavrns, Mary NVall, Adrianne Motch, Carole Hickman, Floy Allen Joan Cattaneo, Norma Hildenbrancl, Ellllcn Cox I . Bolrum row: Janis Steinberg, Nancy Brook, Martha Massic, Loretta Neal, Eunice Schaullt, Ver-donna Pals, Joan Kunter, xVllH1ll Libman, Nancy Dufour Barbara Lcskey, Kay Hclde , Panhellenic Council furthcrs high stand- ards and scholarship for sorority girls. Be- sides governing and policy-making, it func- tions hy creating close friendship among the Greek houses and also hetween them and the independent women. Two annual activi- ties of the organization are the Panhellenic Ball and the All-Pledge Banquet. The governing hodics of Panhellenic are the presidents, council and the executive council, which includes council oflicers, fac- l A ulty advisor, and departmental and junior E departmental chairmen. These departments 5 are social, scholarship, rushing, pledge, ac- tivity, puhlic relations, and Shi-Ai. A division, junior Panhellenic, is com- posed of the pledge presidents, who must familiarize the pledges with the organization and operation of Panhellenic. Caroline Cramer, lu urnleul Panhellenie Coun il Panbellenic llxcmtivr' Committee-T011 row: Dorothy Martin, Gamma Phi Beta, ledge llreririeutr Cbllifillllflf Margaret Rcmaclc, Alpha Chi Omc a, .wnim rcbalmabir: Cbrlirfllflllf Joan I-Inlin, Kappa Delta, Junior rlulnirrg rbflirfmnrf ,lhanne Ialagnauer, Delta Gamma, :enior activitier cl:nirmfm,' Gail: Furnall, Pi Beta Pri, public relaiionf rlminmm Scroml row: Marlene Ungeher, Kappa Alpha Theta, .racial clJ11irmm1,' Lynda Couch, Alpha Phi, pledge rbairfrmn: Patricia Burt, Alpha Gamma Delta, junior nrriritier chairnmn: Suzanne Cuthbert, Kappa Alpha Theta, irmior mrbing clmirmfuzf Ilndith Desch, Alpha Gamma Delta, junior .rcbolarrbip chairman: l' l Y G Pl' B ' ' 'I h ' In C l C P' Bt1Pl' S1iAi :rcriflcnt E rzabetr anson, :imma n eta, ynmor mm: r furn n,' am ox, 1 c. n, - lr ' I Bottom row.' Elizabeth Ycattcr, Delta Delta Delta, trcflmrerg Sharon Mayhall, Pr Beta Phi, sure flft'.fldt'lIf,' Caroline Cramer, Phi Mu, preridenlf Janice jordan, Alpha Chi Omega, .rcc'1i'Imy,' Patricia Cross, I'rn1bz'llc'l1lc ml1f1,rnr I 'cvs v ,. fx 4 l i XX l : 'M . , ..,' , -.r,..,,l Sorority Prcriricntr-Top row: Deborah Gnllub, Sigma Delta Tau: Patsy Hartliman. Alpha Kappa Alpha: Marian Stewart, Kappa Delta: Virginia Deeds, Delta Delta Delta: Mary Fishel, Alpha Omicron Pi: joan Drucker, Alpha Epsilon Phi: Patricia Robinson, Delta Gamma: Martha Roe, Alpha Phi: lris Nurlelman, Phi Sigma Sigma ' Al l D lt P' Jane Coultas, Gamma Phi Beta: Caroline Cramer, Phi Mu: Patricia Seymour, Secoml row: Doris Netzcr, Sigma Kappa: ilioan Searing, pia e a i: . ' - ' ' V Y '- B k D lt. Zeta Alpha Chr Omega, Marilyn XVebber, li eta lhi, janet ar er, e 1 K K Gamma: Elsie Moen, Alpha Gamma Delta: Dorothy jones, Theta Upsilon: Carol Bottom row: Eleanor Erase, Lcta. Tau Alpha: Elizabeth Mace, appa appa Hyman, Delta Phi Epsilon: Bernice 'erry, Delta Sigma Theta Pledge Prerident:-Tofu row: Coralee White, Kappa Delta: Nancy Welmber, Pi Beta Phi: Phyllis Larson, Delta Zeta: Sara Bergman, Phi Mu: Borowsky, Sigma Delta Tau: Merle Smedberg, Sigma Kappa: Elizabeth Thomas, Delta Gamma Second row: Maxine Searle, Zeta Tau Alpha:Jlnann Silverstein, Alpha Epsilon Phi: Carole Rose, Delta Phi Epsilon: Amy Hagen, Alpha Gamma Aclelle Monterastelli Alpha Phi: Shirley Bra shaw, Alpha Omicron Pi: Gertrude XVeiner, Phi Sigma Sigma Bottom row: Mlean Anclerson, Gamma Phi Beta: Diane Prcntiss, Delta Delta Delta: Jeanne Kroger, Kappa Alpha Theta: Susan Howarth, Kappa Gamma: arilyn Smith .Chi Omega: Charlotte Crumbaugh, Alpha Chi Omega: Ann Mannhart t, Allfwha Xi Delta Not in panel: Dorothy Williams, Alpia Kappa Alpha: Winifred Phillips, Delta Sigma Theta: Bette ammond, Theta Upsilon: Patricia Brothers, Delta Pi liruma Delta : Kappa Alpha S 2 T . 5 i i 2 E 2 ! 1 3 l Q l i i 0 iu'rJ.' cunis Bnxst JIlm'L'IlI.H.'Il1ll0l',' Rubcrt Fusn:1u'h 1mr.I1m'r,' Calvin Siifcul, um!! mlzuaf Russ POQ,l,Ll'l7Ulll mmluzl uhn rms Hn mrnlull I - A . james Iillingsun, .fL'l.'l'c'I11I'j',' Gurdon Cash, rluduul Jurmlar Men's Independent Assoelatlon lfflrnlly Arl1'i.rory Bll1ll'!1fSf1llllliIlH.' joseph Iiwcrs, Charles liuwnmn, Scaled: Hurbcrt Farber, Calvin Sitfcrd, Earl Scyler r I I I 1 Richard Hulct k. 75 l?NL'CIlfiI'L' Cummilh.'c'-Slfuldillg.' james Nolan, Michael Carson, Edwin XVolfer, Robert Wfaltz, Calvin Sifferd, Edward Levin, Gerald Totall, Robert DeI.ance Jmllezl: Stuart DeVore, jennis Bapst, james Ellingson, Ross Poggenpohl, john jones, Robert Fosnaugh, Gordon Cash Menis Independent Association represents the men of the organized independent houses on campus and gives them a certain influence in the governmental affairs of the students. It is an active member of the National Independent Student Association. ' This group, which is entirely student-organized, has a faculty board to advise it in its affairs. Ex- ecutive Council and Monday Council are the two legislative bodies. Representation in the associa- tion is composed of a student from each organized house of four or more residents. Men's Independent Association aids students in participation in all activities on campus. It awards trophies for participation i11 intramural sports and leadership in many recreational programs, in addi- tion to those given for scholastic honors. Mr'n'r IlzrlerrrrrlerltA.r.rorir1tim1.' Ronald Armagast, Robert Armstrong, David Arnold, Arthur Bader, cjennis Bapst. Glenn Berchtold, Charles Blundell, Alfred Bowalt, jerry Bradshaw, Eugene Brott, Robert Bucksat, James lluo , Robert Burnett, Richard Iapek, Samuel Carboneti, Michael Carson, Gordon Cash, David Chamberlain, Stanley Christianson, Daniel Cichy, Morton Colbert, Larry Conrad, Charles Crane, Ivor Davies, Leslie Deatherage, Robert DeLance, Stuart DeVore,HIohn Dodge, james Ellingson, William Ewing, Robert Fosnaugh, joe Goddard, Bernard Goetze, Charles Harney, Kenneth Harris, David Hinde, Victor oar, Brice Huddleston, john Hurley, Kenneth kinsen, Donald johnson, Gerald ffmhnson, John Ilones, Donald Kaufman. Edward Levin, Philip McConnell, Clarence Munie, Maxwell Newport. George orthcott, James Nolan, William almer, Daniel 'atterson, Ross Poggcnpohl, John Powers, William Richardson, Louis Rittschof, Dieter Rodrian, Merrill Rosenbaum, Thomas Ruziclca, Theodore Schultz, Wfilliam Schrader, john Stout, Gerald Totall, John Trares, Francis Wilelii, Robert XValtz, Martin Wleiland, James Williams, Robert Wfilson, Edwin Wfolfer, Nelson XVood, George Zahrobsky john Thompson, prexidenl One duty of the Interfraternity Council is governing and supervising social frater- nities on the campus. Such current problems as scholarship, activities, house finances, house management, and pledge training are taken up by the Council, which is composed of two chapter representatives from each of the Hfty-eight fraternities. The Illinois council holds an important position as a leader in fraternity self-govern- ment. The University of Illinois was one of the Hrst universities to establish the post of Assistant Dean of Men for Fraternities. A hoard composed of three staff fraternity men, three local fraternity alumni, and the Executive Council advise this group. The members of this hoard form the Board of Fraternity Affairs. nterfraternit ouncil Fnrfitrve Council Slanding: Burton Palmer, Pi Lambda Phi: Ronald Flores, Alpha Chi Rho: Thomas Rowader, Sigma Pig Paul Armstrong, Chi Phi: Ronald Meadows, Sigma Chig Beniamin Borowsky, Zeta Beta Tau: Lester Ness, Sigma Pig Harold Rictveldk Ksypah elta Rhog Robert Jaco sen, Kappa Delta Rho Harvey Grcenstcin, Sigma Alpha Mug Kenneth West, Sigma Chig Stephen Anderson, Chi Psi: illiam Stutez, Sigma Nug William Fau e, S P Searedgmrbonald Boruszak, Phi Epsilon Pi: John Thompson, Phi Gamma Delta: john Leach, Assistant Dean of Men I Array r .,, 3 U, V' 54 l 2 l fcfif' 'f w, , 5.- Inlcrlwzlernily Cafrnri ACACIA james Davis Ronald Lemenager ALPHA CHI RHO Ronald Flores Robert XVeiss ALPHA DELTA PHI Wfilliam Hannen Paul Tourney ALPHA EPSILON PI Byron Toben Lawrence Cooper I Reprerevztrlrirfer ALPI-IA GAMMA RHO Donald Debolt Wlilliam Lovett ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA john juergensmeyer NVrlliam Bland ALPHA PHI ALPHA Emerson Brown ALPHA RHO CHI Stanley Routh Nathan Carras ALPHA SIGMA PHI David Dunniway ALPHA TAU OMEGA Ronald Carlson Richard Carlson BETA THETA PI fohn Cartland Iobert Hall CHI PHI john Korngiebel james Xvilliams CHI PSI john Murphy Salvatore Grisaffe COSMOPOLITAN Donald Ferguson joseph Brubeck Al DELTA 'CHI Robert Goltermann Bryce Sides DELTA KAPPA EPSII.ON David Bailey David Jewell DELTA PHI Peter Traver DELTA SIGMA PHI john Mecozzi james Dandurand DELTA SIGMA PI Richard Knigpel DELTA TA DELTA Robert Gasaway Donald Archer DELTA UPSILON Tenney Boyer PARM HOUSE Raymond Duewer geimes Day APPA ALPHA PSI Floyd Meachum Delon Hampton KAPPA DELTA RHO Harold Rietveld Robert Jacobsen KAPPA SIGMA Charles Larson LAMBDA CHI ALPHA William Albert Bruce Barnett OMEGA PSI PHI Robert Bates Cato McKinnie PHI DELTA THETA Douglas Koehler Lyle Dahlenlaurg PHI EPSILON PI Marvin Lieberman Alvin Samuels PHI GAMMA DELTA Thomas Pelke Richard Little PHI KAPPA Conrad Trecker Edward Schultze PHI KAPPA PSI james Achesoo Robert Mast PHI KAPPA SIGMA William Coleman XVilliam Hester PHI KAPPA TAU john Thompson Charles Gautschy PHI SIGMA DELTA Lemme Shaffer ernard Wlinsbcrg PHI SIGMA KAPPA john Elliott Daniel Pepper PI KAPPA ALPHA Richard Swanson Edward McCray PI KAPPA PHI Charles Nagel David Falls PI LAMBDA PHI Burton Palmer Ira Lurvey PSI UPSILON William Manning John Randy SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Thomas Dye XVilIiam Day SIGMA ALPHA MU Jerome Kalish Gordon Bloomberg SIGMA CHI Kenneth NVest john Greene SIGMA NU XVilliam Sutcr SIGMA PHI DELTA Ronald Vacek Harold Nero SIGMA PHI EPSILON Ray Rockman Henry Moorehouse SIGMA PI Wlilliam Faude 'Thomas Rowader SIGMA TAU GAMMA James Peterson I'AU DELTA PHI Martin Brody Miller Kalom TAU EPSILON PHI Robert jalfe Stuart Musik TAU KAPPA EPSILON Randall Cox Samuel Gillespie 'I'I-IETA CHI XVilIi:un Henl'-est Ronald Streibich THETA DELTA CHI George Florman 'I'I-IETA KAPPA PHI Richard Bake 'VHETA XI Clarence Rogers XVilliam Stewart TRIANGLE Robert I-Iaven XETA IIETA TAU Beniamin Borowsky David Peskind ZETA PSI Thomas Cannon Robert Bradbury l ACACIA Nr" '--4u:..:,- -P? I Anthony Lekas, lm-.riflwll In its first year on campus, the Junior Interfraternity Council had one primary ob- jective: the improvement of pledge classes in the building of character as Well as in the strengthening of scholarship. A president, vice-president, secretary-treas- urer, and sergeant-at-arms, each with a term of one semester, comprise the core of the governing body. Their job is to keep the meetings running smoothly, maintain order, iron out financial problems, and see that committee heads are appointed. There are two main events completely planned by Junior Interfraternity Council. One is a dessert, to which an invitation is extended to all fraternity pledges. The other is the Iunior Interfraternity Ball, held in the spring, which is only for the pledges. ouneil Junior Interfraternit Ronald Lemenager ALPHA CHI RHO Charles lilahnus AI.PHA DELTA PHI Robert Yale ALPHA EPSILON PI Phillip Gralf ALPHA GAMMA RHU Ruger Wenstrfirii ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Vernon juhnsun ALPHA RHO CHI Ronald Anderson AI.PHA 'I'AU OMEGA jerry Wfilliams BETA 'I'HE'I'A PI Saruuel Erwin CHI PSI Ronald Francis COSMOPOLITAN Robert O'lIrien DELTA CHI jack Tliorseu DIiI.'I'A KAPPA I2 PSI LUN john Bauer DELTA PHI Donald Culley DIiL'I'A SIGMA PHI Lenn Iilorschuetz DIELTA SIGMA PI Paul XVnrnack DELTA UPSILON Herman Dirks FARMHOUSE jnhn Rilhmiller KAPPA ALPHA PSI Elmer Shaw KAPPA DELTA RHO Raymond Berger LAMBDA CI-II ALPHA Wfilliam Heydenburg PHI DELTA THETA Robert Bakley PHI EPSILON PI Robert Hirsch PHI GAMMA DELTA SIGMA PHI EPSILON james Mathis PHI KAPPA Martin Swingley PHI KAPPA PSI james Rohn PHI KAPPA SIGMA William Shade PHI SIGMA DELTA Stanley Salles PHI SIGMA KAPPA Richard Maxwell PI KAPPA ALPHA Kenneth Wilsain PI LAMBDA PHI Robert Mell PSI UPSII.ON ' james Archer SIGMA CHI Robert Klaus SIGMA NU Lloyd Lehman 'I'hom:is Putter SIGMA PI Wfrlhur Near SIGINIA 'I'AU GAMMA Matthew Napoli TAU IEPSILON PHI ,Incl Miller I'AU KAPPA EPSILON John Wilsiwn I'HIiTA CHI Donald Van Brunt THETA DELTA CHI David Gill THETA KAPPA PHI Laurence Lee THETA XI Charles McMullen TRIANGI E Wlilliam Holladay ZETA BETA TAU Robert Shnrr ZETA PSI Wfillinm Gaflield ws , . W I ' w , , 6 'Y 5'f':1:'Q!? 1 Co-clmirn1u11.' Roy Burt, Mary Gerdes ' Major cbfrirrllwr-Slmrrlirzg: john McCarthy, ,loanne Hagnauer, Donna XVil- ' son, XVilIiani Gray Sn1lv1l.' Stanley Peskrnd, Martha Rusebraugh, Suzanne Cuthbert, jcanucttc Gerdes, judith Listernau, Shelly Chase ampu C es Campus Chest, a comparatively new or- ganization on campus, was established at the University of Illinois to eliminate the incon- venience of individual student and faculty donations to numerous charities. Each fall a general fund drive is con- ducted, which includes contributions to all of the major charities, locally, nationally, and internationally. The Allocations and Ad- visory Board, composed of representatives from major student organizations, represent- atives from the Chest, and three faculty ad- visors, controls the proceeds from this drive, as well as from Spring Carnival. SNL-ligzlillIll'll"'1SlrIiIlli7lg.' jane Brndnax, Robert Maxey, Richard Carlson, jackson Rosskamm, john Rule, james Mitchell, john Mcl,aughIin, Fred Crcscll, artha Sc - me cr 5'r'nlc1l.' Marilyn Reinhart. Betty Purnell, Janice Kisten, Barhara Arnold, Doris Strickland, Marilyn Bcinhauer, joan Frazier, Ruth Rust ww- 12" -kv-'gr Ba, H - -fm' "ily, WWW ' 79' ta, H gp t i , I V1 ' U, . 4 'L ' X' ,tu r- ,.. t - A M ra r .- "" X Ei - TCW x w 'Q The Illini Union mon Administration Standing Arthur S1wyer, Carol Scibert, Robert McNabb, Mariorie Arkwright, C Seated Alice Hurt Irene Pierson, Stella Cameron Di:-uno:-,r.' Earl Finder, Vernon Krctsclmmer The Illini Union was established as a center of campus life for the use of students, staff, alumni, and friends of the University. Equipped by the Board of Trustees through the co-operation of the University of Illinois Foundation, the Union was made possible by a grant of funds from the Federal Government, a separate loan, and contributions from alumni and friends of the University. hnrlcs Wertz l l l 1 Union Board i l l i l X 9 .4-Q 53 'wa " - . 5' gf- 'K 'R ' 'g IX. I , 2 Donald Powell, jfrmizlcrlt Cecil XVm'relIs, 1l,r,ri.iIrml I:nl,r1m'r,' Charles Andrews, trmmrrr Cnrul Scibert, fire flrvriflvnl Ha hs ..., 1 Q? Union Bmnd-'I'nf1 mum' jane Hedges, Vernon Krctsclrmer, Chnrles Bowen, Ronald Flores, Irene P Popel, Bertil Mattson, XV:llter Diecknmp, Bnrlmrn Hempstead, XVnrren Mennker, Velma Riley Bottom raw: Helen lirennnn, Robert Mayer, Donald Pmvell, Carol Seilmert, Charles Andrews, Pruf. X icrson, Edwin Levin, Janice jurnlnn, Dnnald Edwarnls, Nancy Harry Fuller 5:L'rlIl'l4.' Ircnc -Piers 5rm1rl1n,q.' A.r.r1,ul1mf Illim 111011 Soclal Dlrector Department of Recreation 45 Bert Mattson, direrlnr Above-Major Clmirmen: Patricia Burt, Joseph Cicero, Mary Lithcrland, Judith Dcsch Rigbi-Sub-Clmirmcn, Smnding.' Leonard Bcttinger, Cynthia Dolan, Marjorie Wicgland, Richard Lockhart .S'caterl.' Joann Davidson, Sirclla Schwartz, Patricia Hardiman, Donna Drew Lower right-Sub-Chairmen, Standing: Benjamin Ziccarelli, layman Goss, Charles Hamilton, Arlene Huddlcston Scales Hloscphine Leaf, Judith Desch, Susanne Ewing, Janet mit Below-Sub-Chairmen, Stumling: Daniel O'Cnnnell Se.4tc'zl: Charles Gautschy, Janice Kisten, Joan Lundstrom, Roger Baskcs ' Nat in ifzmelr Lois Limbcrg, Charlotte Bunn, Barbara Barnes, Ira .urvey, Carol Phillips xg cu ill' f 3-3.s 84 Donalnl Enlwanls, flirwfnf' Department of Student Services fs .'lbom'---M11jng- Cbflirrlli'n.' Rita liislmp, Mary Hnnsc, Dnn- alil Lawler, juan Knvilv Lvftq-SWL-flviirmm, Slflmling: Leslie Helter, X'i'illiam Hen- 1CSl Svi1lcrl.' Helen Immonen, Nina XVilson, Joan Lnmlslrnin Lower 1L'ff""5-lib-l'fNliI'NlL'!1.' Lois Havel, Phillip Taxinan, Nancy Salkelll, Marilyn Ixiiirine , liclo11'-Sul:-chairmen, Shmrling: Roger Iiaskcs, Gnr- Llnn Rapp S'n1n'rl.' Elaine Kihn, Rosalie l.ilwx':icl1, Frances Snclizit Nm' in lnmrl: Elaine Bernstein KJ ' l 4 i 1 3 K7 ,,.,, 4 -sf' 1. U if n I X ,J N T59 4 '97 FMS .M -. N.- J 4 23' ,W a M, fyv .xy 4 . if u. v- , .1 F' 'SQA i 51N N. f X 3, Q3 - .. we 4, Q 1 59+ ,haw V X x ,fd ,--.1.....-----..,.,-. v A . .1 . ., u in zfggzrtg -jL' S 5 r'g,,gfg,g,? , YY t .....,-,,M,, I Y 'yy I I 1 I , fr 21 'if .N , :f gf p- - 7.. M' ff : , :xiii .- -.- Y'fFw5,,5:WTiiaE:x A. EM 3 3! ' 5 'r Q P' I 4 V K, 'A . X Ld 'f . . Ez? 4 .qs 'f A af W , . k4 "',..v", - ' P mf wi. , ,I 4... YJ rixf -I . -"' , .M 1 .,.,,. A 4 ,M I 144 ik-13 l A . m Q XVIIIICI' Diccknmp, rfirvrlor Department of ntertainment 1 J v ? 'g ,. FI . 1 .,A - M.1yInln, Many Mqnnxinn 1-flullrlrlvrl, Xlullfllllgf Clmrlus CELIUKSCIIY, Dgxnicl O C.nnnL'll A Smllwl: Enid Wfcinstcln, Bully Onstaul - l.f1ll'r1'-l1fl-S1113-rlulirrllmlq, .YlAlmlil1,q: Ritlllllll 1.w.'kh:ul, l'.xnl:l Mlllur, SZIIVLIIHIC Grls:lHu ".v- ' Sr.1ml.' liglvhzlrn Arnnld, Malrinnic XVicg4nnl, Sillllll Rauf, Sillhllll Schwartz Iirlfm' 5'nl1-rlnrinmvl. .Vl.lmlirlg.' Gglyl-nml Spnlts, hvin Lgnvfcr ' .V.u1lr:l,' Dnlnrcs lin.-nur, juan I.nmIslrnm, C.n'nl Olivcx Nur in,'4l.' Cairn! Ruscmhlhl, Aluxzlmlcr XY"L'ilVL'l'. lililglhuth Shanzhn-rg, M.1rk ligm.-x, Lnrrninc linrnmn, Diane jnhnsnn lbun M fn f-lIliV'VllL'll' Luis: Enright, Shirley Grant, Dnnald 141 tr SJ 87 5 gh A 1 ,gg :af fv x z , 4 1 in W , m .m5f?f,mly'1L' x 1 . W,4fi'45 V.. , 5,,,x. we 1 . . L w . .'f x me -.. Q I I I . .,, '1 A' , 4 ,M ev 4' 1 . ,-if-5 '. ,F as Q X i .1 ,. 1" - bf si' ' . N H' 5 X x I x . . J , ' N J gy, E LM , lk,q . 'A 4 1 . H 4 ! I l V . is 4 A 'i i . 45,9 v . ' J n. w tu ' ,. .-E '- ', 4"- . ,. 1 ,N ' '5 ..-X. .I - x yy.. 1 r , . - ,I- , -'ffa X ' x1','l.' . K.. k.1,f, ,, .rl "5 A . .fe.,,.1 - Q is ' li BetWC0rl acts at thc Commons Final pcrl'orn1zmCc Shades of Arthur Murray Z QW Co, go, Illini A? Qu LN ff' P 3 1 1 XVarrcn Mcnnkcr, zlilurlfn Department of tudent and Alumni Relations ,n Alajar CfJrlH'lIlt'll.' Stzlnlcy Puskintl, Phyllis XVntle, Bcrtil Mnttsnn, Craig Monsnn llppur It-fr, .Tub-rlwffirlzwn--5'Iumlirl,Lg: jim Munro, Runnltl Gunther Stw11c1l.' Carol Firch, Joyce Bolton, Sn- zatnnc Mc-lunn f.ou'vr lvff, Slrb-rlwi1'fl1vfl.' Ivnn Lanw- fcr, Bnrhztru linxtcxy- Cumlc Cuck- crill, xvlllllllll Manning livlmv, Sub-rlnlirrm'11-.Yrfnfrlirzg,- Mary l.itl1c1'lxlntl, Cillttil Luntlin Scu11wl.' Glntlys Schcchtmnn, Nancy Graxtigny, joan 'l':1tc Not in fmnul: Sully XV:llkcr, lrzl Amm- ull, Ann Keith X. fffk A S D N TPXPS 4 1 'EWR Q' ,.,f- 5 .' fu 1. R A 3 Tk H 411 'I ' ' f X' 1 V ' .' ' , . . .5 1 I -' 1 'Q I. I ' f if he f if v 1 p C3 y lt.. h , bg :3 N-., 4 x M , Q I lffxf' U 'M' " .. 77' . 1 ? 19 'Q A .R GP' Lam . A TIA E 7l o 4, 'fly' "F 'QQ '3' "fri fl 1 0 Q f ,a.'f:nQ' '01 In-gf?-'SN' I 3F,1:,.x ,A Q, ,. , -15 Q j , ND' " 151333 A Y, x 4" ' 7 I. J lf -ve "- v AM:""' ' N N ' My ' 1 fd" I 6 W ' I QQ 3- 53 P if M1 hi- NX I Wieck-cnrl for international students. Sitlnry Stull jrrrxrlrlrllt 71fl'I'f11lfiU71!ll Sllrrffflf Progmr11.' Dcan Robert G. linnc leading discussion at the XVulcornu . .C.A. The Y.M.C.A. offers a program of various activi- ties that will balance a stndentis education with a deeper and more spiritual meaning. A non-de- nominational organization, the Y.M.C.A. gives its members many opportunities to work on the more than twenty committees connected with the 'CYD projects. Each year a freshman orientation pro- gram is planned and carried out. The "Iv book, which supplies University information to students, is published by this organization. The Kaeser Room, located in the basement of the Y.M.C.A., is a popular place to meet for re- freshments. Study rooms, general lounges, and a craft shop are also important parts of the "Y.U Hometown newspapers and current-issue maga- zines are provided in the lounges for the students, use. Top row: james Trauhc, George Howard, Gordon Cash, Theodore Jung, XVilliam Turner, john Price 1 l Second mru: Delmar NVeclcl, Philip Mahin, john XVhi!man, james Davis, Robert Sewell, Carlton Van Duron, jay Shcnk, George Erchlcr, Jack Kcmdgc Bottom mul: Harold Ingalls, Douglas Pierce, XValter Faster, Sidney Stutz, Thomas Taylor, M. I. Caldwell -F rr ' .. .1 P-l .i 4' --bl k ,KM Y ,J .m Getting ready for Santa 94 1:05- Igg- Q I U Na rgn ret Con I in, f1rz'.rf1fi'1ll Y XV camp counselors . .C.A. The Young Womens Christian Association offers university women an opportunity to do work in Helds ranging from social service in the community to international affairs. Services reach beyond the immediate com- munity to Chanute Field, where craft and recreation groups are sponsored. Also, inter- national students carry on many programs designed to encourage understanding. Yearly projects undertaken by the "Y', are mum sales at Homecoming, a bake sale, and a doll show before the Christmas vacation, which has Won state-wide recognition for its uniqueness and service. lfxefntirr- Crmrlril--Slin:1li11.rg: Elaine Skndherg, jane Thiem, Lymlzi Couch, Gene Sti- H111 ft .Yealvrlr Bnrbarzi Victor, Margaret Cunlin, Sue Anderson, Doris Drew 5 i 4 t ,- T ,ggi M34 4 0 V el I f 1' .hffff 'f V ffm! K7 . ,QF , V: ' r v J - 'rx f ff " . Q1 n, 'LH ' 5 M Q M YF K4 Vg 4 I L! -Q ,,..Ja-:- ,Kgs gnu:-M R I 9 ya... W J , E' , ffwff 55 .sf H VM? 4 1' ! -n 5? ,- .g.'J?- Jo i if 1. . X I, W, . yr. Q, . V9 ,4w..1fffA A.4f,7pyL.n4.'Q ,. VA, Q 1 Q .Q u 4n"i1""E 5E5H"idffi9:-V-.2 'A . VA ' A-fan Bra' znlfgz'-Xin f V .411 -..g.. Q ..x::.,1 Qi.. 4 e. ' Xvfyfag, 'E !2:f,1:4n,5?,'4 71 ff " . if 'U' mv ' :g,.'f.sAv - f , . '9 1 -1 Q ' MW . .az vnfnff , I . ,gvimf 5 1 f' W ' "V gg QQQ Y , V "Laing s if ,Q -'1 K - I W N psuonpwq -Lf: Q .AL 1- ' ii., . 1 8 V T "1 x . x 1 y. H :,e',.,,,,-,MQW as uf-,, ff Illio Editorial taff fx 1, v rem 13 james Fleischer, vzliiur ,','y"Q:1Li Marilyn Wfebber, arrocinlu cflimr m-msn jean Crowley, nrxarifrlv esliior Harriet Bcaudoin, arrariale cdilar Tufi raw: Larry Mclfnelly, Charles Eastman, Stanley Cnnper, jack Stumpl' limi:-Ib vow: Rpy Diesner, Barbara' Hughes, james Otto, Donald Peters, Phillip Matteson Thin! row: Lois Limherg, Ann Rirlrnger, Shirley Ranrlels, Darlene Diekman, Mariun Nelson, Carol Muentcr, Barbara Sears, Arden Rhodes, Mary Marvel, Marie Mitchell, Lilo Bureliarcl Sammi row: janet Innes, Sara Knodell, Maxine Searle, Ioan Truckenbrnrl, Carol Andrews, Alice VanDyke, Patricia Speyerer, Betty Purnell lif1I.'rm1 mia: juy Kirtland, Constance Tazewell, ,Ioan Gmtli, Dnnna XVilIiams, Sally Fischer, Virginia Thompson, Lynne juhnson, Ann Nicholas 4.4-kv AJJIJMHI fzlitarr: Vern Saline, Leroy Templeton, Carole Truckcnbrod Four senior editors guided the planning of the 1954 Illio. The editor and three associate editors collaborated to make the Illio a publication of interest to all students. They also supervised the moving of the entire I llio stall to their new head- quarters in the basement of Illini Hall. The nine junior editors were responsible for the supervision of the six sections composing the Af' JW: Prof. Williaim Kennedy, Pntriciri Clnirc A.f.ri.lhml nlifnr.r.' Carol Krause, Eric Stallin, limlly XV'lfLl Illio, which are Activities, Chicago Campus, Or- ganizations and Illi-noise, Residences, Seniors, and Sports, They delegated the filing, typing, Copy-Writing, and picture-cropping to the fresh- men and sophomore stall: members. These fresh- men and sophomores learn more about their work by attending a Workshop held each spring in the Illio ofiiee. f1.r.ri.rliull mliIar,f.' Susan Olmstentl, lNInrsImll lilankenship, Iilizabeth X inson QS ,R 3.5 LL 98 i Illio Bu iness Staff Betty Cnnlc, bfz.rim'J'.r lmlzmger Rny Heidemann, flrmriflla ,lll,filIL'.l'.Y mmmgvr Nancy Claypnnl, f1.r.rarintv bIl.ffIlL'.f.f fllrlllrlgel' Top vnu: Marilyn Lianselrnw. Carol Carlsnn, Steven Stmh, Xvlllllllll Stncking, Richard Peterson. Frank Laraia, Frederick Figge .Yamini roruf Carol Coulter, Dnlmes Strncle, Claire Erger, Edith Brnckman, Linda Allen, Cynthia Wallaiee Third raw: Betty Doyle, Diane Amunclsen, Marguerite Gnmlcnilnrl, Virginia Strohm, jnanne Fnrsberg, Nancy Mungcrsnn, Carnl McCarthy Iiollum rnw: Eileen Frieburg, Eleanor Willstcad, janet Smith, Barbara Mnnre, Carnlyn Hintnn, Dnmthy Weill Ilrnio1"b11Jiuz',rJ nmlmgvr.r-.mlcf: Phyllis Birtwcll, Marjorie Headley, jean Dinsdallc Advertising, sales, and circulation of the 1954 Illio are the responsibilities of the Illia Business Staff. Registration sales, "Turkey Salesv before Thanksgiving, and special sales drives were among their responsibilities. The Illio Beauty Contest, held every fall, is under the supervision of the senior managers, who also direct the :mmf bfuimfr fmlmlgvr-rrrl1'r'rIi.nir1g: Rullnnil llctharrls, Marjorie Down .. if 5, 1' N41 , , --Nr r junior bn.rinz'.rJ frnllmgur.r-.mlm.' Alice Woclfcrshciin, Iilninc Skndlwerg, Yvunun Luttrcll junior managers in their work. The nine junior business stall members are di- vided into two groups, advertising and sales. Freshman and sophomore stall members, who work under the direction of the juniors, do the actual selling of the Illrio and much of the typing and filing connected with the general office work. 6 'Fr ' 7' Neal jeniwn, L'.X'L'l'l!ffI't' lli'U',I erlilor Toni llemler, ezlilor mf! eilifori: llvlveit lilzincliairtl, june Slcemzin ka "1 Q7 fm -nel 100 ...L lirliloriirl Umlrzl lllL'IllhL'I'J',' Ruth Hall, Bernice Iiinkelmaln, Lorraine Geitt Inflllll lifliturifll Silly-7'oj1 raw: Marcin Pritchett, Shelley Gomlnmnn, 'Virginia Hnllignn, Sidney Hnrmell, Irvin T,zlwl'er, James Terwilliger Serum! raw: jenn Annlersnn, jnAnn Silverstein, Alice Pimtts, Mary Iiversnlc. Joanne Sulclilfc, Diane Pierre Hfllllllll mrzu' Nnumi Utselien, Eliznlwtli Armin, Phyllis Vlfliiteliend, Ann Frankel, Maury jalclcsrvn, junnn: Lucey 1 .N in A . .iv:7u,anL:2.lf r ' sl10"l.f .f!nUiSl11mliug.' james Swanson, Myles Pemlwcr, Sandra Dolgnnns, Barclay Brantingham, Robert Lahendro, Ira Lurvey, john Heinclel Smlu1l.' Louis Kcesey, David Nightingale 'hw 'Rr ,,,,-..,., n 54: Lou Keescy, .rportr crliinr Dail Illini Editorial Staff All copy appearing in The Daily Illini is Written by members of the editorial stali. Latest news and feature articles appear in every issue. P1'oof-read- ing of the entire paper and assigning of pictures is done by this stall. The editorial stall is sub-divided into campus, sports, city, and society desks. Reporters write my e"1'f0lJ.' Joan Solomon, Renate Wlinilrnueller headlines for all articles, select stories to appear in the next edition, and decide the location of each story. The editor, who is in charge of all the stall, writes editorials. A stall member "working on the rimv is assisting at the copy desk. Publication of The Daily Illini in its new tabloid size was a new innovation this semester. lOl l Nighl mlilonrj-Stfulzlimg: XVarren Xvnlfson, Daniel Rapoport, Clarence Petersen Sealed: Alvin Soknlow, Irvin Lawler S X A 4 102 r . 1 .1 . T Dail Illini Advertising Staff Three dilliercut groups make up the Advertising Staff. These are classined, display, and dispatch sections. Mem- hers of the display group sell space, solicit for advertise- ments, and plau all the lay-outs. Members of the classified section handle all classified advertising. Managing the office routine and taking proofs to he checked hy the adver- tiser are the duties of members of dispatch. The advertising director is head of the entire stall. Lawrence Chapman, dzlifwlififzg rlircrtnr zl.rJi.rlfm1 url:-urliiing m.frm1grrJ.' john Hoyt, Marlyn Kasson Robert Trumbull junior rnll'vrli.riug 1rnlmlgi'r.r.' Bernard Quandt, Ronald NValai- tis, Lfwcn Peterson, Donna Catlwallaclcr, Rrchard Flores Top raw: Donald Garland, lidward Str:-it, XVilliam Calmcr, Wlillard Hadlock, Arthur Goldstein, james johnson I Scrum! mul: Sarah Kang, Tcrryl Dclauug, Nancy Miller. Hazel Hall, XVilliam Yeager, Wfilliam Cahill, Earl Rubin Hallam raw: Barbara Rapp, Nancy Fischer, Lucy llrcgcr, Ruth Cnddington, Miriam Lamar, Mary Kacmplcr Dail Illini irculation Staff The circulation staili of the Daily Illini keeps a record of the sales and suhscriptions of the student newspaper. Under the supervision of the circulation director, the stailf deter- mines how many papers are to he printed each day. Early each semester, the promotion stailf directs a sales campaign conducted hy student solicitors on campus. The office staif handles all the clerical work connected with the mail and delivery service. y r ' ru P . cv -' 1 it S4"liU7' fml11ugr'ru.' I.:1vaun Schild, Sharlcnc Mayer Cilfllfxlfillll Slfllf: Rhea Peterson, Shirley Baumann, james Hnyncr '77 lXlLll'jQ.ll'L'l Pool, rirrnlifliful ililrvlur junior f11,l11u.qr1'.i .' ligirlmrqi Morris, Iiilccn Sgnnpson 5 K I I 'f""l Q. CN f N ,n.s.s,n,u--Ill D I"-'HDI luilll Irvin Lxiwfcr, wlilnr wg' i Q SMH: Orvnl Kcrchncr, Harriett Hutchings, Merle Miller, Terry Xvilkcn Illini Rural Server This is the third year that agriculture and home economics students have published the Illini Rural Olascruer. It is a semi-monthly newspaper which replaced an earlier publication, the Illinois Agri- culturist. The OI9.s'e1'uer prints news of Agriculture Club activities and articles of current interest in the rural World. This publication is Written for many people. In addition to the students and stall mem- bers on our campus, it is sent to interested farmers and alumni, and to all teachers of vocational agri- culture and farm and home advisors in the state. The paper offers the students interested in agri- cultural journalism and business administration an excellent opportunity for practical experience. Tap roll!! Ronald Clayton, Leon Bonncur, Charles Moore, Gerry I-Iurlbrink, john Wfcirlcn, Tccl Kuhncn p Iioflonz raw: Mary Ann McCue, Cynthia Traughbcr, Carol Firch, Audrey Nelson, Carol Waillccr, Nancy Brown, Adele Murr, Phyllis Murphy A Nut in lnmcl: Barbara Boyd, Marjorie Leach, Joanne Lower, William Tinsley, Donald Nelson, Paul Ricke, Wfillixim Baird, Vernon Albright, Wlillinm Britz LJ, ' 'I - Illfilm A 1 xi.,-I" Hnffllll Fax, cilcnlalion dirvclor Paul I.aViulettc, b1r.ri11r'J.f rmirmgwr six Martin Goldstein, rdilor Teehnograph Any engineering student interested in obtain- ing practical journalistic experience can lind such work by becoming a member of the stall of the Qlbchnograpli. These writers, as well as the read- ers, benefit from the wealth of knowledge con- cerning current technical and industrial problems in our world of science. Engineering students at Illinois receive their copies of the Teclmograplz. every month during the school year. Some of the articles of interest are submitted by our own University stall mem- bers and by engineering specialists. Various activities of interest to the engineering department and the capable management of the Technogmplfs business result from the relations between the stall and the Engineering Council. Tap wma' XVilli:im Robson, Millzunl Darnall, Robert NVebster, Alan Ellgllllltl, Craig Saule, Charles Foley .Yemml ruun' 'l'heoclure Schultz, Larry Kielling, Donald Arnold, Donna Rutlig, Sandra Rains, Larry Geer, Charles Runyan, james Smith Iintlnm row: Harold Fox, Paul l.aViolette, Maurice Garnhulz, Martin Goldstein, Huwaril Hasller, Donald Kesler, Tliumas Brmly -v gi ilk. is ar' 1 Frank Slcpicka, ffl:-ora :bid Photographl Staff In their office in the basement of Illini Hall, the photographic staff develops and prints the pictures which they have taken for the major pub- lications on campus. The staff handles picture assignments for The Daily Illini, The Illio, Illini Rural Observer, and the Teclinogmph. The Illini Publishing Company, which main- ligation Shlmling.' Daniel Cichy, Robert Feldman, Craig Johnson, Gustave Weber, fhcndxrc Schultz Seated: james Sindt, Tucker Nason, Richard Leeds Not in fmm'l: Richard Rcichelt, Armand Andre Q 7 Pa ul McMichael, bnrinvu nmrmger Frank Scngcr, gzvzvnzl nmzmgcr Prof. Frank Schoolcy, fb mm 111 Illini Publi hing Compan The Illini Publishing Company, a non-profit corporation, was chartered by tlie State of Illinois for the purpose of printing, publishing, and dis- tributing all official student publications at tlle University of Illinois. Four student members, who serve for a two- year term, are cliosen by tlre board from nomina- tions made by tlie Student Senate. The four facility members of the board are appointed by the Presi- dent of the University to serve for a four-year term. The board controls the finances and appoints the senior editors and managers of student publica- tions on campus. The Illio, The Daily Illini, Illini Iiural Observer, and Illinois Teclmogirapli are the publications managed by the board. Illini Pnlflirbiug Cuuzfnrny limml of lDirurrnr.i ---- .S'lrnnli1lg.' Thomas Fclku, Prof, joseph Sutton, Thomas Slecmqm, Prof. Robert Mnutz SvnIrrl.' Jenn XVciss, Prof. Frank Sclioolcy, Prof. jcssic Hcnthman, Marjorie Xvillkie J 'veg' fi? ff 9 juan Noble, grlzvml lmlzmgw- niversity Theatre flrrnrintq rmn1.'1.1ger.r.' Mavis Hoffman, Carol McCradic, Shirley Bradslmw, liva Huldeshcimer 12.1.1 A-I ., Mo Afxociafc nmm1gr'r.r.' Lois Moffett, Carol Schaefer, Lnrmine Burman, An- drew llkblaw Uuirwrityl'lkhxzfrr llorlrrl: juan Nublc, Pwf. Joseph Scent, Barbara Scherlcl, Prof. Karl XVallace, Frank XVillcy, Prof. Cameron Gullcttc, Marietta Brntlrers, llursc re perm iw 4 l l 1 I +17 ' ls l K .A C37 iff f C9 fiuucialc mnllfigerf-.' Bxirlmrn Schcdcl, Lcnorc Glrinz, Shirley Gaglicn, Ronald Aminons, Marietta Brothers u lfinishiug touches l.r'fI -l3i'fulrll1li'rllill .itlnfvlll .rliljf H,'iIll.l.Qt'IJ'.' Susan lirown, lticliaril Dysall N fllin rl The University ',l'heatre, lornierly called Illini Theatre Guild, each year presents sev- eral major productions selected from hoth contemporary and classical sources. They also Work on smaller productions in the divi- sion called VVorkshop Theatre. This year the members have a new Workshop in the Sixth Street Building, which provides a wonderful place for all the activity that takes place in such an organization. Working in the Theatre is a great chance For dramatically minded students to get into extra-clirricular activity. Not only those with acting ahility have a chance, hut those inter- ested in costumes, business, pulmlicity, and make-up have important jolms. The student stall consists of a general man- ager, assisted hy a personnel manager, and eight senior 'iwork crown members. if ill Cnllugifrlr l'lf1yvr.i 'SfilIl1HlI,Q.' XVcsley Swanson, Many Aibcnz, Clara i llehringcr. joseph Sent! I A .hwlmlx Mavis Hnllnian. joan Noble. Susan llmwn, Genevieve RlCllllI'klSUll 109 .-.Q 'f' 03:1-. Q xg" Drflnlrlrllcfltrll Stuzlcnf SMH Aiflrzflgz-1'.r.' julia M:lcKni1:ht, Loren Munn Nu! in jmuul: Anne Davis, Betsy liyrns Dejmrtmvfllfll Sflllfffll Slrljl Murmg1'r,r,- Wo ',1 .,, V Corliss Phillnbnum, M2lI'yI.4Dll Mc- Gowam rking behind thu secnc . ft' 1 tw et 5.1 ,a Q X I' 'Ir i ,pn --Q pr A ,.,,,.n- l'rufv.r.riomll Slrlj-Shlmlizlg: Prof. joseph Scott, George McKinney, Prof. Charles Shattuck, Prof. Barnard Hewitt .Y1'f1lr'rl.' Mary Arhenz, Clam Behringer, Genevieve Richardson, Mrs. Patricia Richardson V 115 e,j5"' MOM A -Smit' A K X, I PWIKNDMHP ' N. ,bf N t 44 I' V' '. ' , .X J ,- .4 M 1- . ,4 Q31 xv Q x ri? .- 5 I I 1 X j1,,, , E 44. fa-, . - ' -'X--U. '- My ' L, P "wa: Q 1 'gm , lrfffffrf Q- fm A53 fy' win, - 4 A 't 'f,'q,,k Tv ' A u, ,1 ,ggw v-5, r'7,2"Q:,, ' -. IQSO FESTIVAL OF C' 'ORARY ARTS1 THEATRE W jf. 2 ff HHH! 2 mia 'lf 0. IK-'U on -.1 -'n P hull 2: '53 AA -..,..- ..., .....-.. .. ,- f If lil! xfinv 9 .fi a ...-.-I 'ww 4 Q Afvx V X F ' -, 'EZ je 1 Q 633, S1523 3 agyx' N fx 5,52 2 A YIVI I.-ff ,I 4 ' if 85. ' - gk ' 5 -...... H ,ff ' . ' . . - vf. K. 'N X W N, ' . 1 . 5 ' u x tv'-Q Q. Q . . .X f l Q' 1 . I 1 . L E v TM?-' '-A 1 , ur 53: Ill . , J 'EN I I-gat Q i I FJ 5 QF fri ' ! i F A vb A 4 I QQ .A 'Y Q' -. , .. W, -I., w , . s: - J ' I ., . - iv A if . .f-' ., ' A , . if J iixoql A A ' Vw ' W K' . If M KA., , '- I 1 1 ll li i, i E I X l -I - f 1 ',f , ' ,Q L,.,L,A . A 5 94 1 six "X 8' , if r 'A x I X lf? 4 1' - .VI I, , H fa "Z 2 M x v ya - "' '-a:-- J I N 1 'WEA i I I H' f Q ,. QL... . K sua n.9:t'5OQ1l5 5 N S in , w I I 1' X 'n 4 x W ,uv ww x , X ,JI ,., ..., Q gpwzm I . .2721 . .,',--.. ,. ..- in ,pf ,, f. 'K' ii N W1 B 4, W, 5, s va - K ,Q X 9 W :Q i 5 x 10 N tr F ' . t ' f a I ,I ,WA J' ' v M1 Ai--zfqz-:g.u,4g 5 A ..,,, A,.. , 1 l 5, My Y 1 .gl . H , A -vi 1 "H"-"'7-' ' , A-fx I Q .f ' ' "g Wifi -." i9?i,3'4'.- r. 4 -.---MMM., - X ,,.fw..., -. , - .. - Y , j"'- Q, fx. u I X X ,- :.f x on 5 Xfezfl. f I H, . ., ., ' s.. John Pfeiffer, james Nolan, win' prcfirleflf Vflflily Dubm'vra'---Slrmrliug: Sam Myers, Stanford Glass, john Pfeiffer, Thomas Glatter, Earl Kesler Q S01zl0rl.' Joyce Chalcraft, ,Ioan Bonnell, jewell Craker, David Gray Illini Forensic Association The Illini Forensic Association is an organiza- tion open to students interested in developing their speaking ahility through participation in de- bate, discussion, and public-speaking events. The Association acts as the oilicial representative of the University in intercollegiate speech events and sponsors many campus speech activiiiefa :Quch as parliamentary dehates with the YMCA and a Weekly forum on VVILL. It also provides speakers for demonstration dehates and the high school dehaters' Work shop. Eight varsity and sixteen junior varsity mem- hers are chosen hy try-outs and hy the approval of the Varsity Debate Committee each year. 7'0l'clSfj2f.' XVilliSri1r:loluei'tz, Wfayne liroekriede, Prof. Halbert Gulley, Sam Myers, joan Donnell, Tlxoinas lilattcr, Staniortl Glass, joyce Chalcrafl, Francis I i .1 nnnr, avn james ?31'rm1rl rnmg james Downing, David Gray, Gene Mills, james llirillith, Ralph Hale, Ronald Ulm. Emil Feieht, Howard Landon, Paul john, liarl Kesler """"I f'fII1'.' ,Jewell Cralcer, Carl Steiner, joseph Phillips, Iiva Hilileslicuner, Carole lieltinghaus, Clillord Long, llohert lk-nse, Harvey Roth, john Pleiller, V lirerirlefll AU" "1 l'f"'f'ff Mlwlorie lxitforinick, .rrr'f'elm'jr r A. .' manner. o 4 l . nrlior 1mnmgw'.r.' Clmrlcs Sheppard, Ninn 'I'cmplc H6 Star Course Ri- an fr 1 r fo' june Hayes, Junior nmm1,qz'r junior 1mun1gvr,r.' Marjorie Wfillkc, Richard liralnom Cnrzcrrl null lirllrfrlniurllrut Iirmr:l.' Prof, Dunne Branigan, Prof, C. C. DeLong, jane Ill1IlI,' june Hayes. Thomas Slccmun, Jour! Holin, Prof. Edward Davidson Rigncy, Prof. Morris Carter, Emily XVard, Prof. Sherlock Swann, chair 'I J I, L, ri I . all .INF 1 S 1 I r Au r 3 r Thomas Slccman, .uuiur flnniilgrl- llllilll' 111.1mlgvr.i'.' Arnold Paulnsiui, Dura jenn Fislicl l I 1 .4 1. +1 Star Course, a non-profit student organiza- tion, presents a series of concerts featuring professional artists in tlie fields of music, dance, and drama. Two senior managers direct tlie work of the office stall, manage finances, and repre- sent tlie organization on the University Con- cert and Entertainment Board. Eight junior managers supervise advertising, and publicity. Usliering at the concerts is the joli of the freslunen and soplioniores, who also do office 053' J v' 5. Work. Q I f W ra lf, Z' 'ti 5 ii' 'l 1 'V ! ' junior nmmlgufzr: john jucrpzcnsmcycr, Cruel Osborn A flu f . :M I, If 117 1 ! 7' sa , L 5 xvk 0 .w 995 Q-41 Q 1 V ' Y A QVA , 3 if 1., ma K , 1 V 6, I L I ' HI - ' YH - ,. . ,Q JNL, ' Nr L L.- --,f + MJ eg. 4, 5. is A im Qi h. 1 'vw' 1 QA- iQ. I ' . K ann K X: . V l . in , , It A Q 9' Z' 1 1 iw. QQ -4 5 PM if tal' 0l1I'S6 nt lt Il'lIl'l xx S 'sw Irmgnrd Secfricd Star Course jnnet Cnllnns 9- .4 v b 51 1 till' 0l1I'S6 .N , Q ,f, Au- PQ' ,,- . ' 'nf Clmrlcs I.lllljll'lKUl1 licnnu lN1uisuiwilL liugcnc Ormgmdy ,Q -s'Xl'- S 9 Z' Kermit llreen, ilirrrtur niversit hoir The choral organizations on campus are under the direction olf several memhers of the faculty of music school. Professor Paul Young directs University Choir, Men's Glee Cluh, and Oratorio Society. Professor Kermit Breen is in charge of YVomen's Glce Cluh and junior Men's Glee Chili. Miss ltuthann Harrison conducts University Chorus. Ruthann Harrison, rlirrrlflr Paul Young, zlirerlor University Choir is the most advanced choral group, Its memhers are selected from competitive try-outs held at the hcginning of each semester. ln Fehruary, memhers of the Choir took part in a tour throughout Illinois. They presented concerts on campus, one of which was directed hy the Swiss conductor, Ansermet. ,S'r1prf111o.r.' Iinid liwing, Delores Gillan, Iirnestine llanks, Marilyn llolt, Rosemary jordan. Wlilma Stack, Marjorie Stncke, Natalie Thomas, Dolores Uehcle, Nan jean Carver, Frances Cox, Harriett Ciodeke, Joyce lluuter, Lileucla l.iehteuherger, Evelyn Mcllreery, Ann lXlurphy, Barbara Nave, hlary jane Paul, " XY,'Ill'l' llel-i XVi s n jane XVinem'ln latrrer. . L, Ll l,o , . . flllfo: Susan lilaek, Naomi Branseh, Peggy Hoover. Doris Knox, Florence Kraalsel, Dehorah Lewis. Dorothy Sloan, Anne Sillcrtl, Constance 'l'a7ewell, Nancy llioaddus, Merle Brown, Juanita Folhner, Roxane Kamm, Helen Larnhrakis, janet Olson, Small, Nanette Swartz, Phyllis Tlrornpson, Roma Under- f wood, Doris Valenta, Anne XY illizuns, Ilarhara liz" els 'l'e11ur.r: Kermit llreen, james Briggs, john llueh, john Murphy, Donald Paul, Donald Simmons, jack Tlrorsen. llrian Voth, jerry ffaress, Charles Dunn, Ken- neth lfreileritk, Richard Gillette, Franklin Gutowslcy, Cortland Ilnltherg, Rolwert Parker, David Rouse, james Sokolowski, Kenneth Spengler, Paul Swanson Ilr1r.rei.' Clyde liarth, Gordon llengston, Allen l'mr:ltlley, David lirown, XVilliam lluruett, Charles ffassey, lolin llelper, Max Howe, Soerzltes Photoliulos, De- wayne Riehartlson, Russel Smith, Ruel llecker, ,lohn liortlen, Howard Getz, Herhert Ciihson, Alhert llolxnhere, Donald llolt, Donald Moreland, Richard I f J Olson, David lease, William lerenchio, Dennis Sertlahl, llertram XVilliams 31, Af 5"l'l'fl:lnir: Carnlyn liachus, june llradley, Shirley lireitlenstein, Margaret llrengle, lfluweree llruwu, Mauna Carr, Miriam Chamberlain, Cfunstance Curtin janette Dillavuu, Duruthy Elstun, Diana Haskell, Pearl Helms, Mildred Heischmidt, juan Henning, Marilyn Huaglund, Annabelle l'luhh.u'd, jnyee lluuter Duris Klausmeyer, Barbara, Duruthy Lyle, Carul lwlarling, jane Morgan, Ann Murthy, llarbara Nave, Marilyn Nelsun, Ruth Nurby, Rausth ulind lrlhrn Russell Ntney Selle Shirley Sm'tl Atl 5 S l 4, Dil l lile Muy Y ll Mary Ruberts, jeanne Rudems, Shirley Russ, liluy Ru ': , .' 'L . : ' ', .' ' " f 1 1, ure' .uu1er', . ures len- 4, 1 ' X'at julie Xvells, launa Wlest, Ilarhara Zander I flltoff lylarilyn Atlcuck, Linda Allen, liarbara llarrett, lilizaheth lleberman, Katherine llelletl, Sandra llertheng, Susan lllack, ISL-verly Ilnuwsma, l.nis llrightwu Duruthy Kfender, Ellen Dempsey, Olive Durham, limma Finney, Ruth Fisher, Nancy liuhrlcei, lilaine Hall, Ruthann Harris-ln, Rzberta llackman, llarbara Hill, Marilyn juhnsun, Martha juhnsun, lidith junes, Sally Kietzman, Ruse Marie Kiunear, jean Kruger, Helen laimbrakis, Peggy l.aRuwe, Audrey l.a- l zanas Ilean Lukke Myra l.ytle Barbara McCrimmun, Duruthy Meier, Antunia lXedved, Marcia Nuck, Ruhr-rta Player, Lurraine Rube, Virginia Sargent I , Betty ,S null, Ann Sillerd, Patricia Simmuns, Duiuthy Sluan. Dui-is Vngt. Sally Wlalker, Katherine XY eller, Betty Yankwieh . I I'L'norJ: Stuart Devure, Carl Drumheller, james lilurini, David lirieker, Dunald Fricker, Gerald Frieker, Carl Fuss, Paul Hale, David I-lernandez, Geurge lluw XLI flffl. Alice Hudecek, Edward Lantz, Rubert Melrusty, 'l'ed Mnrrisnn, Cililliursl Murlphy. Ruhert Parker, Ruhert Price, Hal Reed, XVilliam Reeser, Oli" Dunald Simmons, Dunald Smith, james Sukuluwski, Raymund Sulumun, Ruwert Staker, Leslie Swartz, Dennis XVilker::un, Frank XVilliams, Andrew ' lite Robert juhnsun, Richard junes, l.uwell Kelly, Rubert Kidder. Wfilliam Kreuger, Richard lanster, lirancrs l.ngan, l'l'CLll'IC Manallr, Aruuld Markuwrtz, llm Mureland, 'l'humas Murgan. l-luward Mueller, 'l'um Puwers, Pratt, james Pritchard, Wfilliam Quinn, lrving Schultz, XVesIey Sehwengel, Russell Smith, Kenneth Spengler, llernarsl Van limtlen, Peter Yankwich ratorio Society Universit horu 5Ul1l'fu1a.r,' Yvunne Andersun, juan Babb, juan Ilellmar, Shirley Breidenstein, Rita Cuhen, Duruthy lilstun, Verda Guud, Mariann Harper, Marilyn lluaglund, jeanette Huuver, Paula lngerman, Geraldine jenna, Dui-is Klausmeyer, Clarule Kullen, juan Lamberty, Alice McKenzie, Sandra Miller, l.illlan Russell, Betty Ann Ullxrieht. Helen Andersun, juan lierenbaum, llarhara liergstrum, Karna liluumherg, Maril 'n liuehnte, Barbara liuwers, juhnitta Daniel, Marian Davis, Marlyn Ebert, Syhil lfeishtman, juan Frank, jutlith Friedman, Karen Gerhardt, Gretchen Gihluuus, Carul Gruenwald, Martha llahn, Mildred llel- schmidt. Nancy Hendrix, liarbara Huck, Alice Hudecek, Theresa Kaplan, Marilyn Kerchenlaut, Andrey l.aznicka, liarbara, liarhara l.ipke, Duris Nau- Hlllnn, joy Reingnld, Margaret Rippengcr, Sue Schulman, Pat Sherman. Susan Sherman, Shirley Smith, juan Stout, janet XVullsen, Duruthy kvuutlsun Allan Barbara Hales, Ruth liarkley, Sally liartun, livelynne llerg, Nancy lilish, Natleau llraner, Ann llreen, lirances llrnuks, Nurma llruuks, Ruw llurng, Audrey Child, Alice Cunn, Ellen flux, jeannette lingelhrecht, jeanne lfurney, Mary Gluriu, Ruchelle Guldherger, Shelley Guudman, Clara Ilartman, Dunna Hawks, lilinur Hixsun, julia Huber, limily Kampert, Patricia Kane, Sally Kietzman, Carulyn Kind, Nula Knight, jean Kusy, Dunna l.arsun, ljimna Ish-ciaflt, l"at.McGath, Mary Mahin, Alice Mahler, Nancy March, Geurgia Mayer, XVilla Mitchell, Margaret Oherzanj Aliee Ogden, ltlareia Painter, lilsie Pattersuu, Vivian Peuclcert, lilainc Pnhl, Arlene Pulsgruye, lleverly Pruvn, julie Rettku, Vicki Rosenberg, llarriet Sax, Karyl Sellrueyer, Suzanne Shaw, Glutiltle Skates, Carulyn Sutcher, judith 'l'urner, Alice XValker, jewel XVuleh, Marilyn Young, Duruthy Alwernathie, Avis Hall, Cunnie llerutti, Virginia Dunn, liar- H bara Hurt, jeanne jaracz, jeanne josephsun, Barbara Kudlieh, Carule Reemis, Marilvnn Steward l0210r.f.' George lielli, Ruhert liertnni, Rulwert Cnwan, juhn Delfries, Marvin Girardeau, Genrge james, Ruhert Me'l'rusty, Adele Murr, Daniel XVax, Gerald Andersun, Richard Ililderhaek, james Clrawfurtl, Gruumer Davis, james liullenshee, juhn Gill, Dun Graham, Paul juiner, Kenneth Kay, Charles Klindera, Anthuny Narchiune, Phillip Ni ler, Nurwuud Oliver, lieniamin Pearsun, Gary Smith, juseph Stetsun, Larry 'l'immuns, Maynard Tuussaint, lilvin XVarrick 13flIJ'U.f.' jesse Andersun, Huward Askins, llruee llarkley, XValter llaumgartner, Rudulph llehar, jay llecker, Paul llerns, llldis lllukis, Quintun lluwles, Gt-urge Dllwklllll, Dun liilzen, ilanxes lileisher, Allen llarper, Carl lluluuan, l.arr'y llulman, Dunald l.amnre, Stuart l.angdun, Richard Leiweke, XVavne l.ittle, Paul Lundrrgan, james 'iper, l'laruld McGhee, Myrun lxlflfllll, l.ester Schnake. XVilliam Smith, Kenneth Stabler, Miltun Yuung, Gary llahr, Rulwelt Clark, james Day, Wlrllian: Grubb, Runald Kareken, Paul I.andgren, Roger Nurtun, XVilliam Olsun, Haruld Schatz, llernard Schneider, 'l'humas Siwe, Wallis Umlleet. George XVagne: l3,l,rJv,r.' Clyde Barth, Rudulph Ilehar, XVilliam Burnett, Graham llute, juhn Campbell, Charles I-Iaas, juhn Helper, juhnhllult, leku llwen, Richard juhnsun, ll V, ..,. N .1 in V , A ,Q ,I 1-.,.m' fs W Iiiri! lu1mr.' Lilen Antliews, james llrnnks, Carltnn Campbell, Paul Finney, Dnnaltl lirielier, lieraltl lfrieker, Curtis Cialmhartl, jnhn Ciill, Riehartl Knehler, jerry Mnu lr.l M 1 lxe tl Pt N inet Chnl s Slutt IL lh sen Lucas, 'l'luInl11as 17', ' 't nrr'snn, "i i n"n -, I re. Qi , ja 'k " nr.'- , Ciene Van Wfinkle, Dnnaltl XValker, Antlrew XVhil.e, jack XVirtZ, C iftnn lava .Yiwlnl luflrflf jnhn Calkins, Dnnaltl Cfulian, Charles Dunn, Davitl liricker, liieliartl Gillette, Franklin Cintnwsky, jnhn Kiest, Charles King, Dun l.1lIllCl'. Rnpzer l.ittle, Phillip Miller, jnhn Muerle, Rnhelt Nuuuu, Rnlvert Parker, james Ransnn, Dnnaltl Smith, james Snknlnwski, ltnheit Stalker, james Steitlei, Paul Swansnn, lfueene Urhaniee, linger Vaughn, Alvin Xvarien, Wfilliam XVel1er liffrl bmi: james llartell, Clytle llarth, Carl 15-iznlinlt, Riehartl llrnwn, Eugene Dramm, Ilnnaltl Drummnntl, lliehartl Grnnquist, Charles llaas, Ray llale, Ruger Hnllman, Max Hnwe, Rnnaltl Lange, liretl Lawler, jnhn Minnich, Socrates Phntnpulns, Rnheil. l'inkertnn, Russell Smith, Kenneth Snyder, jesse Sum- mer, Clarence 'l'eagartlen, Len XVall1erg, Keith Wfripght, Gem-ge Zuuilwier .Yiwwfil bina: Dnnaltl Allen, Ruel llecker, jnhn Campbell, Hnwartl Getz, Burt Cirant, Cilenn Grnth, XVilliam llruhlw, l.enn Hixseh, Ralph lflnlmlwerg. jnhn Kemp, Frank Laraia, Rnlmert Little, Rny Ogasawara, Richard Olsnn, llertil Persnn, XVilli.nn Quinn, Ray Rieliner, Davitl Rittiniller, Dnn Scott, Dennis Sertlahl, Philip Smith, lillswnrth Xvarmhir, lftl XVhite, Rnnaltl XVisthull' Meds Glee Club W0men'st G ee Club l"irJ! .ffIfH'1llIll,l.' lilnrenec Guy, lletty I'Iatlley, joan jnhnrznn, jane King, Diane Klaxter, Karen Kusentla, Dnrnthy Logan, Anne Melamed, Santlia Rains, lielm Rhmles, Patricia Sherman, Lnra Small, Audrey Snnlwerg, Delnres Uelwele, Helen White Si-fwfr! .Vufll'xlllfl,I.' Lillian llalazs, Ruth llelirentls, Shirlee lllnm, Margery Huiquer, jnan Duszynaki, Mary liven, Mary Liilmsnn, Donna Glenn, Shirley Heinn, Mary Huntwnrli, Arlene Kuelher, l.ueille Mintxer, jane Mnckus, Rnheita Nurtlnt'k, Margaret Nelsnn, Marilyn Petrini, lienita lelsenthal, Ann 'l'nles, Iimily U Valentine, Penny XValker, jutlith Xink I N Q I I'lr,fli1llu,i,' Ruth Barkley. liarhara liarett, liarhara Ciszek, Ixileen l'I'lCl7lll'll. Mary liultnn, Ahrahama Cieulah, jane liieen, lniis l-lextlale, Nnrma Linknw, Yvnnne Lnve, Carnl Mcffiatlie, Nancy Murphg Alice Pntts, Raval Sliarn, llnris Vnet 7 t . Sammi allui: Limla Allen, Archalene Amns, Nancy lirnatltlus, Reina Cnhn, Sharnn Dreymiller, Sitlnetta Garrett, Nancy Hiatt, Susan l-lnwnitli, Barbara Hurt, Car-ilyn james, Delmrah lewis, Many Oherzan, Shirley Rnntlels, Margaret Sehultz, liarlwara Shillantl, jutly Smith N. ,.., 1 ...M E g 1 4 . N. 141, 1 . . ' -Q 'i- 5.. w.. - li in ,L N, M Mm W, 111 --- -wx ll v . "' ,,4 ll CP " I. 5 1 at . " 'uf Q vfk ,fl Q . , v, 1, A f,'f'j7 I ,,g:1'g2?3 Q Y ' ' ' W , ,, ' . . f, ' 'v Q 35' 1.5 U' ' 'N 'Y' 1 1? 'Q . - W 1 -v " -Q F yf f', ..,. ,1 C - E ,I .. ' 2 nf' rf. -- r f '- " in iw 5' ff wr li an ' I ' V ' "' ' A ' Q' ' 5 . 3 xl - A Q: ,I , Q ' .i 4 f r y tu, ,f1?.-32 K, 1 1- ' "7 '-1 49 I ' 4 L Q Q5 V" , '.' W f Y A x Q I-, ' .fx u 's xx 1 ., ivy, 1.4 5. - Ya ,Z 1 xv ! vq I I E .Ing wt f. 'arf """" ' L ,f K "H- .,,a ff 4 , ..-'A . -www., 1- .,, . 23" ' -f fp .I -'. x .A ,,. of H iffy The Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bernard Goodman, is 013011 to anyone who shows he is qualified for membership during try-outs. This includes all students in the University, townspeople, and faculty. This orchestra presents several concerts each year and includes in its programs con- temporary as Well as classical works. Composing the orchestrais many activities are out-of-town concerts, a performance dur- nt i',.1i rd G. iiir i fiii. ri, wmfiii-ff., ing the Contemporary Arts Festival, and concerts for organizations and high schools. Another function of the orchestra is to wel- come guest conductors. Symphon rehestra lfirzil i'ioliu.r.' Charles Joseph, Anthony Raisis, Constance Organ, Dwight Dyer, John Xlllhelan, Herbert Marable, Carthur Criss, Lois Post, Verdean Aber- nathie, Sanford Rcuning, Rosemary Tliornpson, Nancy Selle, Michael Eitel, Marcia Jose uh. .Yccmnl 1fiali11.r.' John Shephard, Ann XVinters, Catherine liitch, Miriam Smith, Joyce Putnam, Jack XVirtz, Audrey Schulz, Grace Beckett, Shirley Riley. Ruth Fisher, John Shroyer, Barbara Schenck, l.ois Kilburn, Enola Knight, Ferd Anderson, Joyce Unverson, Vinli1,r.' Daniel Barach. Lynne lielville, Edward XVilcox, Jack Ergo, Alice Beayer, Robert Neill, Frank Jacobs, Frank Pytlik, Judith Yafet. Cullum Achilles Balabanis, Robert House, Rosalind Davidson, Martha Parker, Roberta XVCIIIQXITI, Jerry Gold, Joan Mcl.etchie, Camilla Lyon, lierenice Anner, Elsie Krumne. Iiir,m',r.- David Hamilton, Stephen Allfree, Wfilliam Tisdall. Nancy Murphy. Edith Brockman, Elaine Pohl, Diana Mintzer. lflnrt'.r: Mary Rigney, Myra Bloxom, 0b0e.r.' Carolyn Hauptman, Shirley Krull. ClrlfflIL'f.f.' Wfilliam Huntington, James lfleisher. l5f1.r,rf1fm,r.' Harold Cireinke, Sanford Berry. Cm1lmLur.r.rfmn,' Robert Koper. lJl'L'2lL'b Ilormh' Ronald Trolcak, Carolyn Foy, Joe Buchanan, Paul Vance. Tr1m1fu'!.r.' Richard Tnlley, Robert Meredith. Tromlmnv.r.' Donovan Hough, Bryson Curry, XValter Ross. 7'iu11nzl1i.' Mervin Britton V ,. yi U -iggy -. f f 4 1 ' xv. Jgvxx NA- J , A , W J' .-nizzl 'L . . Q , 4 , An bwdx ,cg X 1 . 5 ' l'ffff"l'f'ff ,3 W ,, X. A H X , " ' ':1'.d"H"?. ' - L C' , 9-f' is ' fa WWF' 4 4 4 --5 5, iv! -1 an A 3.191 11 A 1' Lggjngil 5,59 w Ei wa' .,, Q"" 'CQ GHS' fy-A5 'Tb Q4 vT"'5 1 if I , - ,ff Z 'U 4 2 3 'Q ,Rx Q. Q . 2. ,.- .5 3 . "1 ' - 5 " E ' I. GV, .N ...S .."N1-L-A ',.-N' , 'Yr A - V E , -N. Wim- fH.1f'f?i1f?v ' V' f ,gf S .1 'E Y W .zfhprgs-Q.,-12' '4nWg,f,v7" . ly , N, I, xg. S'?U1i:q-lggggfgypgjmfg via I gp. U G., ,tg A 'iii' Midi 'vi' as "fs X A N P5 4- V ,n.:lwL?',f:2f',.xg. :rf if '. 2-K 1 'f " - ,". "fl" f""- is ,As 14 YI: 9. YW, 1' fr' " "al ,Aj 2: 2' K 'K' 'af ' 1 1. ff F e Q MW" we 4 4 'W 'w-f,e ' W' W ag , WF' X , , -R .' '. ,V ,, ,. ' A " w, A ,"' - -, jg. ' A . , ,Zigi 'L Z-gr., ' -. ' g , 4 ,S4 J? 333 ,I 1 Q 3,5 .V A F. A .: T.-n gl 7,'A', -if -.hx-dh: 1 . 5 .-Qliglq -Vg, Yo H Aa ' V - fy ' 3 'ill 'i hz ,L 4' K A 'fifwl '-703 0 5' "' A . 0 . QP, :i3 ' 7- " M. 3 - ,I . ,J - , . ', 5, ff' -4 X .,,.L6.QfA , ' . J, iff." I 5 5 gl Nr ' 24 - H Qt, w I "' 1 -. - I f fl If I1 '5 x 42 Q Q .g, ., 5 N -. fu 211 91 1 ' 1' - JM 9 ' 44' 'fi ,dr M' a fin - I.. Q- Aiffqs . J . ' " 'X 1 N, 5 411 4g.'ai' A , iq -aaa 4. mf' 5 4' 5491 i- ff ,gg ' I . ' x gil? V -3, :Qc ,l an WN' ll' 4. 'gil . I .aims A 174. :eu A 4 U N :id ' 3 ' ' Q, 13 ' 'fZs fn "'!":3"fy ' by igukgfl' ' 61,1 .fig 919 W ' fxf' 1 x 515 ' 5 'f 'Q Q? gf' 1 I x S..- A A" f The Second Regimental Band, directed by Ev- erett Kisinger, is an important nucleus of the musical department at our University. It includes mostly freshmen and sophomores. From it are chosen quite a number of male members to play in the Football Band. When vacancies occur in the Concert and First Regimental Bands, tryouts Second Regimental Band are held so that these younger musicians have an opportunity for advancement. Second Regimental Band plays for pep rallies and events such as Mothers' Day and High School Circus. It cooperates with the other bands in the provision of music at military ceremonies, at the annual Band Clinic, and for the Twilight Series. Stephen Allfrce, Mitchell Bass, Ronald Bates, Shirley Baumann, Bcrnadine Bernhardt, Robert Bertoni, Thomas llertolino, xvilliillll Boyd, George Boyer, Charles Bf?dk0fb. Clinton Brown, Carlton Campbell, Harry Coons, Richard Cridlebaugb, Richard Dannells, Seth Davis, Arlene Dcl'esa, Harold Drecbin, Gerald Eisen- ste El l R b I' l I I' lt GTT Atl G Jrbn Hcrxchclman Hang Hitlts H1rold Hill bra I R'l l ln, 'twin Finch, Max Finke , 0 ert 'isicr, .ann 'ran', joe i in, r iur ronncr, 4 . , . '-y . gen ,m, ,emu Hoffman, Ilack Holt, Henry Hord, Edward Hubbard, Richard I-Iusman, Letitia Johnson, Richard jolliil, Peter Kaufman, Jimmie Kcshner, Donald Keim, Sam Kirk, XVII iam Knop, David Kochcr, David Komyathy, Norman Kraus, Philip Lambdin, John Larson, john Launer, Stephen Lindell, Billy Link, XVilliam Lo , Ilohn Lytle, Carol Marling, George Mead, Shirley Melms, Matthew Napoli, Ann Nicholas, Dale Noble, Alice Ogden, Edith Pescban , Richard Reirbelt, Billy WCY, Sheldon Rosenberg, Douglas Rnbcy, Martha Serven. Stuart Simon, Eugene Sloniker, Robert Stenberg, Richard Stone, Alan Suinberg, Virgil Sutton, ,lamcs Swan. Laurence Tennyson, XVilliam Tscliudy, Robert Vandcrvnort, Audrey Veazie, john Vilven, Robert Xvatts, David Wealver, Roger XVL-gehenkcl, john Vest- all, Edward Willcox, Ann Wfintcrs, William Yerkcs, John Young, XVilliam Zartman 0 I Q ov ' n hr' 'Ui-. 'x ..Jf'x xg, X V l1'l'Sl'."f"""" . A -9 - Y ",'T"" , , .- .- uv- Nh N, s 1 3' . Q .m M --. . 1 "-- ,xr 2-.2 in '4 , 'n . A , . I ,MQ . V. A Q. N.:x. x -+. ex--Q .- . ax..':.+. "L 7' ' - N ' 'Y -. Q., ' .-"' ' A svn! XX 1 1. Q . it 1' 1 A K: - -' - ' L-ex ' A QB- 3 Q .f 3.39-Q-5 K' .a'5'fj, . 'Xf A 45 '- " ' g Q B, -f ur Q . 'f '1 iv V . ' 1 :Q LQ 1 in - - N 4 t if Q ' in - 6 X F, , it up bl' 4-it ':J?.l.?..t'n'T,gi.L.bum x I V . gf . . 1. - , M. 4 x I k AX . 5 . gh . - V if-"w fi.. .. 'f -Q .. , 1 V ' M sf.-, H " f . ' ' "I L ...MAS .,,.1',. Asrwi iii . .:li: .l ,Q .N H b . xg .','. 4. ' Qu- A ' .5 :X K. ,Y xr' V .A xi V' . . K x ,I -' ,',x a K, aiu, .. . E Q L 4 V . t E ,,,gliE..,:,zf: '- .'4 ' . , A . . , . . . . . X fx T ur. .fri '- QT. . A - .. w- W 4. H - WX - . ' ' nh ,, ' tr.. w.1fga5 . 'Xl:l,1f,, fj, , . , by - f 1.5, . xxx K , N, . ,. 4 . A. , , ., -- X' W. Q 3 'NS W ' 12,-. --, ' - , A ' 'A Q -gf ' ' " 1 7 ' ' 7 ' A L '- . N u . w - .- , -. . g gr., , -1 A , fl . , ' ' '+'5'.f"""".' ' 1 L -W ix' i"k'W 'xy VI g .. 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I 3, W o 1 A rv-611' jf' V.-'-p.-1--' . " al' ' . , , CC,, V V n?4, 5 nr p 1 -' 'f-Q 6- 4 r 1 ' ' .! , N ' v. WA'y , 1 . .K N' ,, r M x N a " ' 0 -K K 4 1 A w rf N , In . K X 'X 1 I K ' Y n .x , 9 1 -1 4 1 Q X XX NV' 4 N K O x gf N f " - 0 P 'ffns' . T. 'N '5W42X X N K 'x ,K ' -. X ,N x was R o K X X X. XXX xx 'R bg H xx Aa x 4 N X XX x x a- N X f X m ' x X X 5 f n.o 4.1 .4 V. I ,, A 1 ' , ., .V IN ' 1 9 Qs- , rv ,ti t 1 x ' 'A , Mx AQ J ' . ' f Q ' , 'L ' ,I A I f -N11 ' 1? I A , f I csv' I , If 1' Q K A2 3 R is ffgc gk S -.Q 1 I Y, ix Q 'T 32 xiii, I vt , ixqg K .V 'Q ax If, u 'E uf 1 N iam , .xr 'N B EJA' X Q 0 XY S Q' 5 u, 9 'I K 5' ,K 1 X: '39 1 e 77 1 'C' J an V 1 , J Y . , I 5 , Av i .FA H. 5 g nl'-1' Q A ' t C I 'i?r H .- f'i'?'l'.. rg " l 5-my 3 . .H V fl 'UCS lNLLtlll.ll'11, mile! mlmzul 4, H . H N-,,g! - X Emily Ann XVard, army .ufmnim The Army "RU, holds the prestige of hcing the oldest ol the three military ROTC hranches on the University of Illinois campus. This military hranch has grown until now it consists of a twenty- Seven company hrigade under the guidance ol? hoth regular army oilicers and enlisted men. This forty-three man stall works with Colonel Hatch to make the Army ROTC a unit which is looked Sfmt. wwf' M.--A Colonel Hatch upon with high regard as one ol our outstanding military hranches. Cooperation and military elliciency are the words to live hy for all concerned-from Colonel Ilatchls stall: through the hasic corps. The cadet has nine fields from which to choose his special- ized hranch. Continued training while in school in any of these nine fields will eventually lead to a commission in the US. Army Reserves. Scalcrl: Lee Rogers, Morris Sachs, Jr., Captain Zook, james- Ncetllrarn,-Rnlicrt juckett, john Sutton, George llnnt Q 5tm1:lmg.' Stanley Martinez, Robert Armstrong, ,laines Davis, john Rinedollar, Fred Steggerda, Richard Strndeinan, Porter XV-uneltlnrll N111 in pum'I: john Cnrliss, james Durbin ' 4.,. BU , all is Q ,f sv S ll ll -1- -sf - --J-+-p: T. T., -'IL - A WA H bbu' 3 ...A I jr. zuk ,E i i51 E Fiwfiw ' . 5 fi E1 A 6 -. 0 a G U 4.f"'U' W 9 9' ?D"X' 'Q' ' W W Qmmmqwi L 1 Aki, E T ' 1, ing KX ,llfffaylf , , ' ",f'!',F!p'1gx'-- V1 , '1f.fW'f7qIg4 h '.f-1, L 'ffl Qlflff if a xr" - ' ' IWW f '-'L f I' f ' . , f W f ,, ,.:,lb,:z:,A ,fl ,IQ , l ,F fxffhz-.1-s., ,L'1,f,.k , ' IE ,ug . - f N I 1. f - 15. I 4 qv . rv ,X , g V X " ' , ff W ,' A7 f x.. i A1 1 5' Q, , 44 fm TX 9 f ' 'H , 'Q " 1012511 A . I li" ' 43, H jg,gzf W. rv A-11 ' A-11,3 I w iq' .vi n- .I H fx xg' ' .Y f:r"",wJ , w6,?3 if wfx Y 6 Donald Mantlici, Cadet CHIUIIUI jerry Bond, ulmmor Colonel Hruvey Davidson The Air Force In the future, the majority of the new oflicers entering the Air Force will be AFROTC gradu- ates. The United States Air Force places great im- portance on this source of oflicer procurement. General Vandenlnerg once said, "We are desper- ately in need of good minds, young and flexible minds, eager to meet the rising challenge of our times and determined to fit it into its proper place for the general good of the nation, and let us hope, of all mankind. Send us your men of 0 character and resolution, and our nation need have no fearf' Illinois, as always, furnishes its young men to meet the military needs of our na- tion. It has one of the largest AF ROTC programs in the country. Through the guidance of an experi- enced staff of instructors and the supervision of the Cadet Wing Staff, the AFROTC Cadet Corps has become a close knit and very eflicient organiza- tion. Cfulrl Il'fiu,q Slilff----Slflmling: Fred Cooper, Wlillinm Seifert, Robert Buchanan, Harold Dycus, Joseph Stetson, Mziylyn Gicscking Smlvfl: Harold Gal1by,4gruup IV L'U!lllllllf1llL'I',' Donald Peterson, group Ill mmu1fn1rlcr,' Steven XVebb, z'.x'z'1.'nllr'u nfllrcrf Donald Mnntliei, wing tamnmnrlcrf James Mitchell, uzljulufltf II. David Andres, group Il com1l1:nlrlL'r,' john Kitcli, group I rorrmmmlur K+ N N 1 ,,' f , fY'+ W'w ' '- f V- , J mix Q N Q' -Q 2 0 if ig v. 4 f 155 'A V f 'QQ ff' :Vw 2 P' Tj ' .Vg ws 'rx AQ? "' M:e f?'1f?"'x tx 'g'Q,y sg Q Q5 "5fvff3'p Q? Viv MGX 4 wtwx, s ' Q 4.1 'fy Q ..x I . ' M' Rxxi 1 ' .. Rigid 'V .Qi 1 ' - ' ' - l A N fixx X 1 X77 ' W ,-" wx 'N W M 'f N' 77 W A i U . 1 o - 9 ' " ' 1 0 . . ' ' ,, H '- -V 'r ' -,g Q Q f 19' M 'Qi wr' , fe vm 1 yr' W""w' wiv Yi 2' Y' W 'rl' ' -Y, A, ' ' , .- .V A A"' . ' -A , .lfxrx-1-D Vi: t Ayli X fam ev- ky, 5 " , 'Q ,x fx K- ' 131 X :Q G Y Q' H 129 f mf r- U' " 'Sd 4 x xv ,, A V 1 N' 4X "N . w Y , 1 . ' y A A Wx R . we - Q ' ' .1 .NIA -v . 1 'if' Av' ml' - as 1 -1 . -sv -,- . 4 .. ,.. - . f . -f., V L' 1 ,, - J' K Nw ,, 'X -f ff-vw wJffY1"' . X .' ,-- -1 . W-, 7 , dm xi-H WK' 'gg' 'LW K' 'M - .- -v x ' . i ' -v-. l . ,... r .. -, ,nw xly . ,g ' 'T 'fy I " WQ , . V I 1 X. NWT: fp, X f 'QW .4 1 I X W 4 5 -y 'QU V. .' lb" ta, V - ' Q 'Q . fl Q 4 if ' . , 1 E ,V ' A ' i , N - I' Q V! K I XL ," it ' - V 4 J 1i::T,,. X4 ' ,Q N, 'Y 1 1 f Q Q . N a Y mx, i ' ' ' ' Q ' LQ? Q Q ','. Q 'I x f I if K 1 A Fig' 7? fflig' rf tra x 17 YJ 'F ya asf Q '77, I Y Q Q 0 Q at Q7 Q x , , J . , . ' AW vw 'Q WW' 'fd N? - 1 uv 'H ' H- 137 K 7' V- ' W xf Q Rf K xi 4.- mf W ' . 3' f J Q - GY ' 'W :F www? u- 'v-.w.k, ' "W: . xl H X, ,., " N3 Gifs 5 Yi ' 5 bn V 1 N Q':,. ,' A nr ' x f Vs' p fm 2 ffl . f 3'f'W ,. ?v:lf .T 4 v " If. . C Yay R Axf' 'A A .,gx',pf Lf." .JW f 1. .,g X V , 25:1 'Rf' 31 " . is , pf 4 ' ,143 A .f g 2 .. 5- I x . x 5 gan, 'S A -, ,,,f.J .4 , I l ., l i. P' ,.' , , ,, mg, 3 ag S, wi gf 5 v W!f sw-Wi! U 1, 5 i w I 4, 5 5 EF? Y Q I 4'..J3s,. , I . 1 Q., 1134 !:g' !,' -gf. I!-Q, . in V-, w W 'gl ,rw ,ff 2 W, 911 'Wi 'Q-ix' Wx WR. ?Y . '9aw?f'r -W wax-rQi vi TW P? ,, Wx Sd x! QM!! jx NJ A' 'rf ,f T e Nav of 4' 1 1 Khrptqrin jaincs l.ilIlL', fvmfrurn' nf uaiurl .n'ii'urr Tho yonth of Anicrica today havc a challcngc in thc opportunity to scrvc thc nation as olliccrs in thc lighting .Hcct of thc U.S. Navy. Qnalificcl graduatcs of thc NROTC Unit at the Univcrsity ol' Illinois will hc coni- inissionccl in thc Navy or Marinc Corps, and will join thc Flcct as wcll-trainccl junior officers. The Navy council, a coorclinativc coni- mittcc which is cornposccl of iniclshipincn and rcgnlar Navy oihccrs, is dcsignccl to proinotc hcttcr olliccr-nicn rclationships. Nui C'furm'il- -Slu1nliug.' XViIli4nn Ahlcnius, Frcilcrick gc Frank O'Cnnnor, Rohcrt lhittcrmii, jzuncs H1-rculcs Zagoms, jack Tisdnlc llul fharlcs Goodliuc, I.cnos Nnrct, john joncs, cnc Ash, I.l. Rohcrt llolzlml, flxfrlmr ' M 7. :I Always ready to lend an hand . . . A fur cry frmn Cohnnhus, days ..... 140 xx i ! Q-J . v- CUl1g1'2ltllllliLi0l1S ..... Which XVRIY is lunnv? . . . just like the rcul thing ..... 1 pf .9 J 0 ' J Wm .Z J' , .L -Z 'P . ' ,Y :nl ' .-. -ml 4, fs, ' Q 0 Q .NP '4 . W w i Q35 x '- x XJ Nr sa xg! Q .1 . Q Ax ' ll H fill r 1 1 111: Riehartl Mabry. fn'r.rw1m'l,' Clifton Xabka, ln,tgi,ilirr,' Vito Mnierva, 'lrllfflllu fun! lnllulug I u runw anies Cline, mljn1ru1I.' Robert jnekett, litwlermnt 1'wfm1.1f1ilw.' ptain Ralph Mclntire, inlriffup Lee Rogers, mflalrnlrlrltw-,' Glenn Abel, fulrmi. Phalanx is a National Honorary and Pro- fessional fraternity which was established at Illinois in 1925. Members are chosen by invitation only from the Army, Navy, and Air Force R.O.T.C. students in the advanced course. As stated in its constitution, "The pur- pose of this fraternity shall be to promote the interest of military training, to foster the spirit of fellowship among military men, to aid in the preparedness of this country, to implant in its members the discipline so necessary, not only in a military enterprise, but in every walk of lifef, Phalanx has become the leading military fraternity on every campus on which it is located because it participates in and leads most of the military activities and projects on their campuses. It also honors advanced corps cadets who show interest in military science affairs. Phalanx lop rfmz' Irvine Stansell, XVilliam Baird, Robert Alford, Elmer Hendricks, XVilliam liosoak, Gilbert Marx, john Lignell, Armand Andre, Richard Dorschler Fred Toutcllotte, Richard Mfltcady lbinl ww: Ronald Ayotte, Raymond Chiostri, Richard ,llan'ren, Robert Deere, XValter Tarlcton, Vincent lierkznan, Ross McNanglit, Gerald Strehlow . , , . . , F Harry Maynnr, XVilliarn Stewart. Xvlllllllll hears Steafglliyrflu' Gordon Rupp, jerry Wfeimann, Louis Rallel, Fred McDowell, Frederick llercher, Henry Dougherty, James Anderson, joseph Corbett, Clifton .a s 'a Iiilmm mir: Donald Duty, Haines Cline, Glenn Abel, Robert jnekett, Captain Ralph Mclntire, Lee Rogers, Richard Mabry, Vito Minerva Mn nz jnrm'l.' Ronald llenetict, ,lark Kleeman, james Rudolph, Albert Saja, Herbert Schneider, XVilliam Turner, Harold XValter uu.w-.. :.f,y f 4 ff' A 'rf ' '- - ' ' "V f x fir! -. '.1NLllf'NVF"Y44'D -rlnetfsl nl'-Ff,"i"t-Ilkif' The purpose of Scabbard and Blade, na- tional military honorary fraternity, is to raise the standard of military education in Ameri- can universities. Scabbard and Blade encour- llges good qualities in ollicers and promotes friendship among the cadet oflicers. Organized at the University of Illinois in 1909, Company F was thc fifth company to join the organization. Today the society has 110 companies organized into nine regiments With a total membership of over 55,000 Members are chosen yearly from the Ad- vanced Corps of the Army, Air Force and Naval ROTC. They are selected on the basis of their all around ability. National officers are elected, petitions for New companies are voted upon, and future policies are discussed at national conventions which are held annually. UMf1'r.r-.Yl.1mli11g : Lieutenant Robert Boland, .nlr-ion-,' Dan Iiilers, rirjrtrlin Gerald liricker, .wmml lir'nlurmnl Kflr'ulill,Q.' john XVeil, jim! .u'14erin1l,' john Kilch, .fr'1'fiml lir'lrfi'l1.lu1,' Mor ris Sachs, P10 Seabbard and Blade Tfflf l'f1H'.' Allan liirenherg, Maurice Sahath, Louis Olivero, john Gerbel, Dennis llrady, Gerald Pollack, XViIli.un Heinhorsl, Roger Ludwig, 'l'l1oin.1s Uoad Richard Anisoll, David Andrews, Ronald Klein Sffffllff milf: joseph lfrihley, Harold Gegel, Glenn Speer, XVillian1 Gratian, Roe XValker, john Corliss, Bernard liorrnan, Donald Manthei, Gerald Myers Ijflffflfll mira' Coleman linrowsky, john XVeil., Lieutenant Robert Boland, Dan liilers, john Kitch, Gerald Frirker, Larry Shpiner, Morris Sachs, Richard Stone Mr U1 fwlllvlf George Brown, Bruno liruzgulis, jack Bark, james Davis, Dee Glueck, jainex l-lannagan, john jaens, john Krnpka, Donald Lathrop, George Moore, john Norton, Ross Pohlo, john Rinedollar, Kenneth Shanklin Company C of the Third Regiment of Pershing Rifles is one of fifty-seven com- panies all over the nation. It is the only national military society that basic ROTC students may join. This organization was founded hy John Pershing in 1893. From that time, Pershing Rifles has spread over the nation promoting the ideals of leadership and eiliciency in military tactics. In 1931, Pershing Rifles established a com- pany at this University. This company has provided color guards for all ROTC hattalion l and regimental parades and for all home Uni- t versity foothall and haskethall games. ffliiiiiffg'icitiiiwsriiiflfiif''Q-iii ,',,, fifiliiff',7"i5aiii2hllllliidii',Wi'fifflif'Q,,r,- n...aa initio, Pershing Rifles, mill fullcfrion is dfill- F01' 'm"" "l' "MN" the last two consecutive years, memhers of Pershing Rifles have won the hest drilled sophomore award on I-Ionors Day. The size of this company has varied over the years. Its memhership is now approxi- mately one hundred and fifty cadets. Pershing Rifles Tap ww: Larry james, Denny XVeichrnan, john Schuster, Donald Askew, Edwin Berndt, Wfilliam Tozer, Nelson Vlood, Gerald johnson, David Koral, Ronald Kareken, Lionel Rippie, Ronald Standerier, Rodney Mikel, Marvin Angus, Harold Strudhotl, Braden Anderson, Donald Pennington, Alvin Hicks, Ronald Briney, Roger Strack, Gustave Wleher, John Newton, joseph Knapp, Raymond Ratay, james XVooldridge - Third row: Thomas Luk:-r, Ronald Easley, Mark Creviston, john Ynlven, Richard Capek, Eugenie Baethlce, Leland johnson, Ronald Sauerer, Allan Blue- stone, Stuart Jalle, Paul Wfallem, Bruno Dal Corohho, Philip joy, john Rieker, Erwin XVilson, Donald Wfoodward, Raymond Rorclli, Hank l.ishcid. George Hast, Cliilord Franks, Paul Landgren, Kirk Kennedy, john I-lay, Roger Derby, Daniel Wfax, Allen Sutton, George Ellis, Williarn Rich Strom! row: 'Herbert Kerce, Dean Hadhazy, Clarence Seylferth, Rohert NVebster, Charles Luman, jan Ryden, Joseph Bichler, joseph Kalley, XVilliam MC- Nier, Richard Malone, Richard McCready, Donald. Ball, Charles Keller, Wfilliain Wfard, Allen johnson, jack Peaslec, Russell XValker, Xvalter Rehin, Charles I-Iruska, Norman Zeter Bottom min: Paul Lep vert, Karl Fastz, john jones, Charles Zimmerman, Earl Heal, Richard Fair. Carlos Rnrnzahcm, jack Burk, Patricia Jewell, George llrmyn, Daniel Raislci, Prank Merlo, Steven XX!elvh, john Rinedollar, Harold Gabby, john Corliss, Alhert Stellens, Raymond XVond, joe Russell, james Stat a The Arnold Air Society began its activities On the University of Illinois campus in 1949. It was then known as the Arnold Society of Air Cadets. In March, 1950, the society merged with two other national organiza- tions to become the Arnold Air Society, an honorary, fraternal organization for ad- vanced AFROTC cadets. This society furthers the mission of the United States Air Force. To accomplish this, the society promoted a better understanding of the Air F orce, closer contact between AFROTC cadets and staff officers. To aid in this mission, a varied program of Speakgrg, lngvies and discussions is pre- UMrvr.r5-5'n1mliug: Howard Hogan, mvinlfrufivz-,' Donald Manthei, hmmm' Se t 1 B I ' I 1 f 1 . I oMn'r,' Hlgroltl Cxiblfy, i'.x'rr11li1'r' Vl1nL'l'I'f I1 ec . ' '.. iran! y'r1w.' avi -ws, apwilia 1 r A,' . S'l -, 1 "'l. y t Ie accornp ls llnent 0 Its lnlb omrerg Alicel Stoiriclz rLJj1ol1rri1',iH Hziiirlti l3iilr, iidglldnrll l1?iZgt'1','lNYiwliii sion, the Arnold Air Society aids the Air Kiffli- f'f'f"f'f"" 'f'f"'fff" Force in procuring only the officers of highest caliber. rnold Air Society 1-011 1'0w.' Gerald Woodcock,1gohn DeLaurentl, David Clark, james Hinkle, Joseph Stetson, Gerald Myers, Ronald Poole, Philip Fess, William Mellvain, Charles Holman, Herbert lodgett. Gene Wfallace, Charles Highsmith, Leslie Bryan, Donald Nagel, james Ciarlo, Hale Bartlett Seronrl row: Merle Dunn, Thomas Harvey, Richard Meeks, Joseph Umbach, George Fox, Duane Latta, Clark Morris, George Florman, Charles Andrews, Charles Shepherd, joseph Warner, Roger King, Kay Meurlott, XVesley King, Gene Philbrick, john jnergcnsmeyer, Kenneth Ricks, Richard Bray l30IIom.row.' Harry Jamison, Torsten Muhr, Richard Coifelt, Ronald Levy, David Andrews, Donald Mantliei, james Scherer, Harold linrr, Howard Hogan, Alice Stoik, Jframor: Major Clarence Odnm, ad1fi.ror,' Harold Gabby, john Kitch, Steven Webb, Robert Whelan, Don Herrington, Frank Keck Noi :gr jumel: Major General Byron Gates, Colonel Harley Davidson, Lieutenant Colonel George Potter, Major Ernest Spitzer, Major Ronald Stewart, ful- wmr: john Krnpka, Lloyd Fray ws. I I .. Q I I I a A as I . , .M B I' , " QQ! B 'Q' 'FT' B -:ms , . IJ 9 .Q- ' . ' ' r . . . . af I' I t N -4 I 5 H v , '- - ' ,x ' l o ' 0 , . . 0 - o , 0 I a o 1 , ' ' 1 I r 5 1 . I U 1 . I f ,p , u X , I .912 fm ix q, ,Q Q I . , Z ' .I.'. 'Ag 1 . .4 2 '4 - " 3 ' ' Neg' 4 1 S Ag Hi I 4. J, I -,.g, . ' A Qxfv I: W 1 .. Q -. 'E' ' II ZW QF: f if IJ 'rs Y if . --in 1'- 8 V, A Y n 3 ' .. x I J. A+! - 4' X . I qs 1 q.'T'2-vw. . ,.,,,,,f- R U' Q Q. t Ifglsffl . . I ' x , l P I I ki" ,, 'gzrm ' I i in F4 naman- Hawaiian! AQ, 1 sl! I U sig, .sl I' I lbw.-A -40 E f f 'J 'WWW Q ll' A N ff v ,A K . I lm, mxf, My -5 Q fd-'X Z, yffgfil Nm. I , .av I ka -' li .1 o.f ,+C ,,. 1' 11 ' 1 1 "Xml :ffl .2 '3 'gg - C" yq 'kick .Hg ,--s. . ,YA 4 'NL .- ., , gf-.4,- Q,f'C3Q MF.: .etfgnfn J,,..vqjYr-q,,,. '. ral, .,g,i3'w,5'f-.ig I N I .1-'lfgtl 4 .-.1.j',1.- .,,,-: .,,, ,wan ,, P. ,Q -Q - A- 2 5'-I, ff. T7 'SIVTYI ,',45,v, -, .. 1,5 A -fl '-1 1..,,.' ' , 4 f 4 zwn. orqcmizmliomf 150 Honoraries On nearly every college campus honoraries play an important role through their recognition of students who are outstanding in their respective fields. The various honoraries of the University recognize students who have attained high schol- arship and made notable achievements in a par- ticular field. Bringing together students of like interests, some of these societies are chapters of national organizations, while others are local societies springing from the University itself. Among the purposes of the honoraries are to encourage schol- arship, cooperation, friendship, and achievement and to promote leadership, service, research, greater understanding of the subject, and high professional ideals. In addition to furthering the interest and de- velopment of specific vocations, the University honoraries also provide closer social and profes- sional companionship for their members. These professional associations provide opportunities for application of practical experiences in the respec- tive fields and personal friendships which prove valuable in post-college endeavor. MPM KHPPH Ps' :3f::S3:::3.i2a'e"ry 'mm' Top mm: John Trarcs, Prof. Paul Van Arsrlcll, Raymond Normann, XValtcr Gabchart, Prof. Robert Mayer, Byron Thorpe, Prof. Harry Allen Svroml fllilfi Louis Olivero, Ronald Flores, Richard Rowe, John Ligncll, Charles Rockwood, Charles Larson, Prof. Robert Mehr liollogrz ww: Robert Palmer, Richard Davison, Ireruurerf Rolf Cederwall, fire prcfizlvulg Leiby Hall, 11't1'Plall'y.' games Tmbuf: Nui nz lurnvls Wlilliam Faude, David Frisbie, Robert Zalatoris, John Cartland, Bruce Palmer, William Davis, Wil iam Warren, Don Scilfcrth, Robert Thorpe, Edward Bottomley, David Ferris, Dan Eilcrs, james Slovick, Donald Powell, Morton Clotfelter . Alpha Chron is the honorary for independ- ent sophomore women who have been out- standing in house and campus activities and have maintained at least a 3.35 scholastic average. Established in October, 1948, Alpha Chron has encouraged further participation in cam- pus activities and has participated in pro- grams designed to stimulate leadership among the students. Members of Alpha Chron serve as ushers for Dadis Day Stunt Show and as hostesses at the Womenis Croup System scholarship tea. Every year, Alpha Chron sponsors Watcheka Sing, the indepen- dent Women's sing, for the Motheris Day weekend festivities. The symbol of Alpha Chron is a clock surrounded by a date book and wings. It signifies fleeting time, eiliciency and friend- ship. Alpha hron Tap raw: jenn Kruger. Cynthia Jordan, Carol Firch, Chnrmian Cltm Iwi C1l1m Roxinc K1lUm Alitt Shepherd :nn Morin lynn Bryan! .YUFIIIIII rrauf: Phyllis XVhitchcad, Shirley Erickson, Mary XVchncr, lihth BroLkm1n jumn Ncbnrk1 M1ry Dwis Htlcn hvllkflh Boflam row: Mary Hunlwork, Gloria Andrews, Ruth McNabb, Ann lfllllxll Ronnynr. Cumnsrn Yvnnnr. SL'lLlIll Ch1rlmlt4. l'l1.L,'lIl Noi in 1u1mfI.- Joanne Lucey, Nina Wilson, Mary Campbell, Nancy Brown 5 Z' Offer!-Top 7010! Prof. Frank Senger, 1l1z'1fimr,' Alan Eirinbcrg, rice lrmrizlwil Ballnm row: Herschel Alpcrin, lrwlmrer,' Alan Aarons, jlrvilrlunl, Robert Nichols, Jrtralflry 4 Alpha Delta Sigma is a national profes- sional advertising fraternity which provides a meeting ground for students actively inter- ested in advertising. Through close liaison with other professional chapters, the organ- ization attempts to bridge the gap between advertising theory and practice. Membership is drawn from those students who intend to enter the professional advertis- ing field and have completed sixty semester hours with a 3.5 scholastic average. The Charles H. Dennis chapter at Illinois, reactivated in 1947, is the second oldest chapter in the country. Frank B. Senger, general manager of the Illini Publishing Com- pany and regional vice president of Alpha Delta Sigma, is the chapter advisor. Alan Aarons is president of the local chapter. Alpha Delta Sigma T011 row: Walter Dieckamp, Barry Cole, Arnold Rosenthal, Arthur Shafer, Thomas Dorc, Robert Leonhardt, Craig Monson, Ronald Levy, Call Anderson, Willis Sahin, Daniel O'Connell ' Serum! row: Williarn liranom, Robert Nichols, Herschel Alpcrin, Frank Senger, Alan Aarons, Alan Eirinbcrg, Ira Boyar, Lester Ness Boltom row: Richard Gentry, Hugh Sargent, John Maguire, james Fagerburg, Barry Fogelson, james Svcc Not in jmncl: john Massey, NVarrcn Menakcr, Frank Vlasich Alpha Lambda Delta is the freshman womeifs scholastic honorary, founded at the University of Illinois in 1924 by the Dean of Women, Miss Maria Leonard. It is now a national organization with 73 active chapters throughout the United States. To be eligible for membership, the student must attain an average of 4.5 during her first semester, While carrying 15 academic hours, or during her first year while carrying 30 academic hours. Alpha Lambda Delta members hold a tea each Christmas for all freshman Women who have attained an eight-Weeks average of 4.0 01' better, Ojiterr-Top raw: Enid Xveinstein, rin' f1ru.rizlunt,' Sally XValker, Jvcr'ul.1ry . n I Second row: Barbara Baxter, fIl'L'J'i!lL'lIf,' Miriam Sheldon, inlrirar A SCl1OlZl.1'Sl1lp 2ISS1St2I1'1CG p1'Og1'Z1IT1 IS offered Bottom row: Virginia Tlmmpson, l1'r'n.rnri'r,' Ann Keith, fr-urbfflrilz rnll'i.ror without charge by Alpha Lambda Delta to all freshman Women who are having difficulties with their studies. Alpha Lambda Delta T011 row: Nancy Cooperman, Sara Knodell, jane Alexander, Bobbe Nelson, Dolores Strode, Nina Wfilson, Jeanne Hilton, Auguste Lehman, Marilyn Gillison. Joan Alderson, Mary Campbell, Madonna Miller, Martha Rosebraugh, Doris Vogt, Bernadine Bernhardt, Luda Luinys, Carol Andrews, Margaret Schlacger, . Diane Pierre, Margaret Francis . Tlnrd row: Irma Shainberg, Jacqualine Greenblatt, Frances XVoqdrum,L Gloria Andrews, Audrey Kramen, Verclcan Abernathie, Nancy Brown, Barbara Dostal, Marian Osheroff, C nthia Jordan, Carol Wembauer, Enid Ewing, Marion Daus, Barbara Morris, Katherine Stubbs, Margery Warhcld, Shirley Bradshaw, Linda Hanson, l,3arbara Ransdell Second row: Gwen Suckman, Rita Chanen, I.ynn Wendnagel,-Constance Tazewell, Maura Richman, Ann Keith, Virginia Thompson, Barbara Baxter. Enid Weinstein, Sally Walker, Doris Crest, Mary Huntwork, Vicki Rosenberg, Dionne Glasser, Sondra Rosin Baltam row: Mary Wlaxler, Rosella Ervin, Frances Beyer, Barbara Zander, Nancy Lee, Meline Pilibosian, Carolyn Land, Betty Purnell, Rae Ann Starr, Mar'orie W' cl, V' ' ' Cl h'll Shirlc Kru l, joan Iundstrom Sharna S sle H l n V' s 1 iegan ir inia xurc r , y . . ur r ec mon No! in panel: Ina Aronolf, Jeanie Ascher, Susan Boyd, Nancy Broaddus, Susan Crandall, Cecile Creath, Verna Dushek, Arlene Elliott, Marjorie Beaver, Dianne Greenberg, Dorothy Hamilton, joan Hradek, Mary Langdon, Shirley Layman, Norma Levine, Kathleen McCullough, Ruth McNabb, Shirley Mc- Vicar, Nancy Salkeld, Martha Sanford, Mary Sanford, Suzanne Shaw, Florence Sheehan T . 5 " nil' Q2 , , 2 I 7 . . 1 S v 1 i mfs. 2 Tuff mm: Nancy lierquist, .fL'L'l'l'f!ll'j'-ll'1'tlJlllUI',' jean I.amlv, prr.fiflrz1t,' Nancy Claypool, rim' pf-emlwll Iinllnm r'nw.' Shcrle Olsen, Mary Lou Mclinwen, Dolores Kotsiakns, Marilyn Handrnek, Marilyn Gustafson I honors women in physical education develops professional spirit among future teachers of agriculture Tuff ww: Marvin W'olfnrd, Xlifilliarn Tompkins, Patrick Gallivan, Glenn Bevington, Robert Alexander, David King Tbirzl muf: Wilyne Eulaank, Donald Robertson, George Lander, August Kunkel, john Rcntschler, john Line ,Yvmml four: Edward Behm, Larry Collnm, Wfilliam Iilurgess, Charles Murine, james Ranson, Hershcl Sanders . liullom raw: Bernard Gnetze, nmml rlru lm'ri1lrnf,' jewel jenne, .rufru!my,' Ronald Peters, fll'L'ff.'fl'lllf Eldon Aupperle, fu! 1'lL'L' fm'.ri4li'r1l,' james Ben nett, treflmrrr Nut ig: panel: Charles Berlin, Richard Ilwbank, limil Kuhalek, Wlilliam McGee, Edwin Morris, james Niss, lrwin Smith, Robert Lahne, john Wleiss, ml flljlll , new-fl , Tap row: lilmer Hendricks, Robert Holloway, Donald llolt, Verlan lleberer, joseph Stetson h .Yrrmzrl row: George Lewis, nfmrlrri lfI'L'nl Cooper, lI:'1lfl1re'r,' james Bennett, lm'.iiili'lll,' Merritt Sprague, rin' 1uu.orlrnl.' Donald Slrreiller, .nrrr-l.ny liutrnm row: Richard Vial, XVillianr XVeingar2, Freeman Marti, james Meyer Nui in lmm'l: Gerald Baehman, Roger Carlson, Donald Cash, Robert Dodson, David Doetzel. lildon Greenwood, Ronald Greve, john jaens, D.rr-rel l lll lllll Ll jesserr. Ronald Konzak, XVilli.rrn Martin, 'l'lronras Mandlin. XValter Riehner, Carl Schanble, Cletos Sehertl. lEdwar'd Seb: 4 , j"ry Steflen, joseph lfrnbach, Ryland XVebb Q 1 h t recognizes scholarship and leadership in activities P 3- 6 a among agriculture students ' 1 ' r' r ' t lonors 0lll1Sldllf,lllg stur ents lll 6 3 P a S accountancy zllifl row: Edward Kercher, Rudolph Sehattke, Robert Dickey, Donald Skadden. Fred Steizgerda. Robert Carrventer, Shayle Fox, Dennis Brady .Semml raw: Henry jaehee, George Marinakis, Ronald l-lowgrrd, XVilliarn Firke, Christ Marinalcis, Howard Dolirruer, George Kaneoka Iiollom rnux' Frances McCown, Marjorie Boyle, Melvin Greene, flu' jrnoiflr-ur-Irrrlrlm'r,' XVaIter l-lenson. 11rr'.riifi':1l: Anna Frliita. -'f"'rr'lrrry,' Marilyn Matlrison, Sonia Fisehrnann N111 in fnrNvl.' Norbert Kraegel, Robert Palmer, james Slovick, Leland XVise, Neil liergrnan, Richard Davison, Paul Gold, Robcrt jallee, Margaret Kineius, XVilliam Menke, Margarita Neirnanas, Tlromas Stein. Frank Van Overstraeten, llilly Barnes, Prof. Kenneth Perry, Prof, Robert Sehlosser, Prof. Wfilliam Tlromas, Prof. Dorothy Litherlantl, Prof. Robert Marrtz, Prof. joseph liaelrman. Prof. Heaton liaify. Prof. lidward llreen, Prof. james Carritlrers. Prof. Charles, Pres. Lloyd Morey, Prof. Cecil Moyer, Prof. Easel Dillavon. Prof, Charles Gan, Prof. llorace Gray, Prof. Paul Green, Prof, Milford Kelli-gg, Prof. Morris Kessler, Prof. llale Newcomer, Prof. Hiram Seovill. Prof. lirlwin Theiss, Prof. Paul Van Arsilell, Prof. Nelson XVakr.-field, Prof. Arthur XVyatt, Prof. Vernon Zirnrnerniarr. Prof. l.e-n Hay, Prof. Dorsey XVisenran 155 156 fs' "k C-.v KT YH? '1 1 ,ax vi ' ,f - .l 1 Qi 5 i Q uf' I V l X F 5 A i iz' 1 X, , -V f l' U X l X' , xg f- VV X V. A' ft ei Tap row: Robert Koscielny, Ashley Craig, Ronald Swalfnrcl, Wlilliam Schnobrich, XVilliam Pollard, frrlrfiiarg juhn Hutchinson .Secvml raw: Robert Storer, Jonas Variakujis, Wfilliam Mebes, Michael Gaus, George Zuubier, Alfred Bowalcl Bottom row: Walter' Rowland, rice pru.rnle11l,' Robert Mikitka, lrm.rl1ref,' Rnbert Fusnaugh, Jt'I.'I'L'lIll'y,' Frank DiFrank, f7l'eJirlvf1.',' Glen Wfiltlcr- ninth, Leroy Heilmann Not in jmm'l.' Robert Lenzini, Frank Burr Q C hm, recognizes outstanding scholarship in civil engineering ' provides practical experience in advertising T011 row: Diane Zaremba, Nancy Blum, Dorothy Marchetti, Patricia Sicvcrs, Clara Downs, Janice Hackbarth, Sandra Racine, Adrienne Berman, Donna Duerwachter Second row: daniec jordan, Jacqueline Mash, .rccrelnv'y-!l'vr1J11rL'r,' Mary Lou Miller, 1lr'c'Jide'11t,' Dr. Charles Sandagc, Martha Ann Roc, rin' 11f'c'Ji1f4"1f,' Greta Eric son, june Mansbach . Bollrzm row: Barbara Appersnn, Charlene Lynch, Sandra Vlay, jane Penn, Bnnna Leilercr, Ann Shillaclcy nv vi -1 ' The Dolphin Swimming Fraternity for uni- versity ,men was established in 1912. This social organization is open to all men who have an interest and show superior ability in water skills. One of the main functions of this Organization is to improve the all-around swimming program at the University of Illi- nois and throughout the State of Illinois. An annual water show is presented in the Fall as a feature of Dads, Day and Home- coming week-ends. One of the highlights of this aquatic carnival is the selection of a Dol- phin Queen who acts as sponsor for the or- ganization during her year,s reign. The Dolphins ofliciate at swimming events, Co-operate with Terrapin, send representa- tives to the National Aquatic Forum, and sponsor such events as swimming clinics and Water-polo. Tull ro1u.' George Gfroerer, .rvciIufm'y,- Donald I.a Morticella, Imrrfmfr Bolrnm row: Robert Clemons rvre p1e.rnl'r'urp Robert Krainp, jlnnrzrlvfzl Dolphins T017 row: Charles Franke, Peter Bartu, Nelson Loar, Charles Dunbar, john Farrow, Donald Keenan, David Hansen, George Sonnenleiter, Robert Nc- Nally, Michael Karon Tlnird raw: Robert Carey, Wfillinm Kcrns. Donald Dowd, jacob Grossman, Arnold Cajet, john Glezen, john McDowell, Val Krukonis, Roger john- son, Frederick Fahey, Donald Larson, Alfred Kobak Second row: Robert Porter, Ronald Pearce, Helmut Witt, Donald La Moxticclla, Robert Clemons, Donald Sammons, George Gfrocrer, David Mcrsbach, Merle Wlillmann Alan XVcavcr Bottom row: Robert' Miller, David Sterritt, Hal Johnstone, Marvin Lord Not in panel: Robert Kramp, Nicholas Karpinchek, john Moskiewicz, Donald Van Rossen 7 E 4 fx ' , ..,! 4 fsfiifi, f ' . xl! i X. x x I vpggggi 'F' ,X 5,15 3' RQ!! I1 H :Ay vlv I 5 + E I ve lil'-' Ili -4-4l -,..,.. 'fwsl.v.v, ' ' 3 it 4 ,,, if 'Kg A ,f A A W ' YH in 5 1 ww g. is X NN' Ng 'Q 'wjfw is Wiki V Y vw ya- iv, rr fr " 'W A 'f 3' '? Lf 3. -:Q Xe. ff 5 P , 'V I iff , , . 'LyVIfWY1,xqi1wAK!y,vvv7gy5'i5f3W1r1iif "Q P ' I 'af 'S : Q + -5 .z "wr '- V ' ,- ll' Xe' ,K .Q QQ ' 'S 5 ,g f J' wg 17 2 5 K. :I '- M' -my 'FQWQ7' E fi " "?:Y' ,s:" " "' " .1 V. Wd' 5, v E V' rf, 'JL .qt QQ, X1 9 -, bg 'L Ita L7A.,,.y,S? s f df W ish' V16 f ya xg' v l. 3 IMF, x.,, ,X 'svx 0 lxiifr - K0 I .N , 1-71 ri N A ---. f ff 3 We O Top row: Charles Conover, Michael Maksucl, Emil Diewalnl, Bruce Lund, Donald Sammons, Arnold Caipet, I-lerman laikoxy, Donald Van Rosscn Boilom row: Asbury Moore, Kenneth johnson, james Holste, ,lobe Payne, t1'c1l.rm'cr'gjan1es Voorhees, prc.rn1r'nl,' Tliomas Krizan, Roger Wfycolf, Prof. Chester jackson Phi Ep ilon Kappa 5331251531 Phi Upsilon micron Eilioiiijfiiigvances Tap row: Betty Shelton, Harriett Hutchin s, Donna Vetter, Caryl Towsle , Lois johnson, Betty Johnson, Carol Ki-au5e, Virginia Davis, Velma Riley Bolram row: Ijessie Wlisegarver, ,Ioycc Briton, Mary Rogers, Roberta Ecllwarzls, uirc prcJirlc'z1I,' Martha Large, lm.'J1rlw1f,' FIFUICCS Adams, Eva Wfoodnll .ierretary,' Beverly Brissenden No! in jnlrzel: Mary Fishcl, ll'l'tlJ'llI'Cf,' Betty McDougall, Betty Priggic ll rm ll ii GUM M- Ill I I ll hu 'T 'uf l-1 WIDTH' g'5YllTZiAYl7KTW"'i, .xp VT.: 'HWS-. '-.,4',"1T1..,:zi.'.B.1.. 5h.7H.1nIQ4.'v. "'WLh'L1t 1171? .V , - a . , ,Juv-,, , , 4 . . Tap row: Lawrence Chanoch, Charles janka, Gordon Lovcstrantl, Ronald Vacck, Richard Osborne, Thomas Goad, Engeniins jankus, Thomas Rcgnl Svrond row: Bruce Cook, Robert Olson, Robert Voight, Wfaltlemar Rawicki, Lawrence Utberg, Raymond Mueller, Garland Smith Ballom row: Richard XVharton, Edward Brown, rica' prvJir1'er1I,' Richard Brown, rr':ov'1li11g Jz'frr1flr'yp Riehartl Lance, pre.rirlc'r1I,' Robert Qnadc, 1rvf1rurer.' Oliver Smith, Cllffflfldlllfillg .vrcrctrlry,' Prof. Dean McFeron, mlr' Not in lrauul: john Krupka, Thomas Madden, Robert Ncirll, Roger XVadsworth ' ' fosters high ideals in the mechanical engi- P ' neering profession recognizes senior women outstanding in leadership and service Top row: Barbara Victor, Margaret Conlin, Mary Fishel, .fNreIrlr'y,' Barbara Bell, Patsy Hutson, Dorothy lrlartipgan, janet Barker, Patricia Robinson, l1rc.riflr'nl,' Marilyn XVcbbcr, Lois Enright l I Ballon: rout' Renate Wfimlinueller, Shirley Rotline, Barbara Cross, run' 111'i'.rnlunt,' Janice jordan, Jeannine Bnrnier, Dolores Siegert Not in jnznvls Elisabeth liachman, Elisabeth Gregorio, joan Kovitz, fl'!'!lJllI'l.'V' 'war..1.unonllg'r'- Ju.-submenu: l62 Lufl lo rigbl: Lynda Couch, ll'i.'1l,rm'er: Carol Cox, ju'1'.rirfe11t,' Dolores Holmes, .1 t't'H'l1ll Q' Nut in f71IllL'l.' Leslie Ator, fire jmzrirlrflllf Mary Rigney, .ring rbflirnnlll I Shi-Ai, the sophomore activity honorary for sorority women, Works to promote and strengthen friendship among the sororities and to encourage interest in campus activities. They also hold exchanges with Skull and Crescent and Star and Scroll, the sophomore fraternity menis activity honoraries. Established in 1920 at Northwestern, Shi-Ai has since worked for many service projects consisting of a Christmas party for the Old Peoples Home, a milk fund drive for needy Champaign-Urbana families, a Foster Child Plan, and donating money for the Miriam Sheldon Scholarship Fund. They also sponsor the Shi-Ai Sing during Motheris Day week- end. Every fall, each sorority chooses two sopho- more girls outstanding in leadership, activi- ties, and scholarship to represent them in Shi-Ai. Shi-Ai T011 row: Rhoda Willey, Marjorie Wiegaiici, Elaine Bernstein, Allene Brodinax, joan Lundstrom, Enitl KVA-instein, Irma Shainherg, Arlene Elliott, - Alice Van Dyke, Carol Coulter, Marilyn Ganschow, Sara Bergman, Katherine Stobbs I Tlnrd row: Helen Vinson, Georgia Miller, Carol Scherwat, Patricia jewell, Marian Osheroll, Lois Limherg, Carol Lumlin, joan Altlerson, Nancy jackson, ,leanne Brunkow, Maril n Perry, Adrienne Eames, Barbara .Yvmml 1'01U.' Betty Brine , Carol Seliaeter, Dorothy Wfolf, janet Jones, Pritchett, Betty Purnell, Sirella Schwartz liatlum mul: Arlene Hudtllestnu, Carole Cockerill, Eva Hildesheimer, Donald, Elsie Krumpe No! in 1:am'l.' Leslie Atnr, Judith Eisenstaetlt, Eleanor Kay, joan Smith, Arnold Susanne Ewing, Mary Alexander, Virginia Thompson, Sara Barry, Marcia Lynda Courh, Carol Cox, Dolores Holmes, Suzanne Meloan, Charlotte Mc- Mary Rigney ' 1 Top muf: Arthur Anderson, Henry jacluur, lrcff.r1m'r,' Rnlwrt 0'Slnanp4hncssy, fm-.rillw1l,' Dale llunning, llrncc Palmer, .wrvrf.Hy: Clintnn Spivey Iivllum ww: Prnt. Morten lNlamlcvnllu:, Max Richards, Hassan Tcwlik. l.uland XVrsu V I V Not in I7-Ill1'l.' lhrahim Ahdalla, Charles Gardner, Thnmas Gnad, llcrnard llarrrs, Karplackcl Plnhp, llnrjc Saxlwrg ' ' furthers interest in management and industrial engineering O promotes interest in engineering Top mm: Rohcrt Chandler, Gerald Slocum, Dwight Mahnlly, lidward Barsuk, l.cnn Rnszyk, llcrhcrt Knuhnc, Rnhcrt Wfold, Alan lingland Sccrmrl mum' Pnrtcr Wfnmcldorll, Thomas Rcgul, tn'uJ1n'urf Marvin Ehlers, rvmnliflg .n'rn'lfllj: Xvintnn Black, rl:l1',' Donald Kms, fm'.rirlt'lll,' Charles Kcrsch, mrn.rpnmlir1g .u'rrulflry,' Oliver Smith, Frcd Laccahnc, Richard Capel: Bolton: muh' Dwight Nnhcrg, Adun liauchncr, Edward Swargulski, Arnold liicsvr, Donald llcnning, Thomas Madden, jnhn Strathman Not in lmnvl: john Kicst. lin' prcrirlvfzl , .mu 1 A ,Il 163 C H. 11 UMrur.r-Left In -right: jerry Maisenbacher, wire fu'c',rident,' Stanley Rolfe, trmr1u'ur,' XVrllram Graham, lu'4'.rl1lw1l,' Peter Tnmaras, .rr'rr'eIrlr'y The purposes of Skull and Crescent, na- tional fraternity honoring sophomore men, are to create and promote interfraternity fel- lowship, and to encourage freshmen to excel in scholarship and campus activities. Mem- bers are chosen for outstanding achievement in activities and scholarship from the twenty- five oldest fraternities on campus. Among the social events sponsored annu- ally by the organization are a pajama race, a formal dinner dance, a pledge banquet, and an exchange with the members of Shi-Ai, wo- 11161'l,S sophomore honorary. Members also compete in an annual contest with Toma- hawk, independent men's sophomore honor- ary. Receiving Skull and Crescent pins from previous members, new initiates present the alums with an honorary paddle each year. Skull and Crescent Taj: raw: Tlreodurc Filson, Donald Brooks, Ronald Carlson, Paul Hayes, Bernard Quandt, Richard Little, Peter Tomaras, Ronald Ammons, Donald l Page, john Eure, Claude Sime, Lawrence Gincstra, Frederick Figge, Richard Flores 7'!:uml row: Charles Rogers, Charles Seibert, Michael McCray, Dick Mcrhar, james Goodwine, Carl Eichstaedt, David Enright, Darrel I-larter, Ronald Beck, Edward Johnson, William Pearre, Paul McLaughlin, Stanley Rolfe, Wfilbur Zanin Second row: jerry Maisenbachcr, Henry Hennis, john Egan, Roy Diesner, Wfilliam Graham, Richard Michalek, Donald Kane Bntlom raw: Stanley Felderman, Edward Tucker, Daniel Pepper, William Aufdcrhaar, james Smith, Charles Mitch, Richard Jirus, Robert Leigh, David llailev Nat in jmnelr Ralph Fisk, Norman Racine, Max Penwcll, john Murray, David Bartruff, jnlm Mason 164 Star and Scroll is a sophomore menis hon- 01'2ll'y fraternity which was founded at the University of Illinois for the purpose of pro- moting inter-fraternity fellowship, raising freshmen scholasticqstanclards, encouraging freshmen in activities, and perpetuating the traditions of the University. Membership is made up of two men se- lected each year from the seventeen memher fraternities on the basis of their scholastic l standing and potential success as a campus , leader in extracurricular activities. An annual highlight is the Star and Scroll formal dance and the selection of a queen Chosen fron., candidates reprcscnting Cach of Topls:':1rt1xi'Sky'ililiiiylnlHlxlillnatz, llt'1l.llll't'l',' XVaIter Knrth, jmzmlw11,- lit-nianiin Bnfrfnu rnn': l Ira Gardner,,' Rolland Hethards, ,rural,unA.n..nm,. the memher houses. The group also participates in the student activity night, the Sweet Sixteen Circus, and a Union Coffee hour with Shi-Ai. tar and Scroll Tfllf ?'ffll'.' Richard Vance, B:-niamin Ziucarelli, Larry Lawler, Frank I.arai:l, Eugene Tonilin, Michael Kohn, Frank 'l'iley. Robert McNally, john Denner lein. Earl Swett, Stanford Glass, Cecil Wrmrrells A 5't':'fnnl funn' XVayne XVeber, jerry Summers, Rr-bert Jacobson, Robert Spraetz, Robert Kastelxc, Paul I.oitZ. Paul Dntley, XValter Richner, Richard Stone, Stanley Peskind, Charles Ricketts. Dennis Serdahl linllum raw: George Magee, Robert Haven. lra Gardner, XVilliam Milbratz, XValter Kurth, Benianiin liorowsk,-, Rollantl lietlnmls, Thomas Taylor N01 flrlilfll Alden Orpnt, Stuart Hoyle, Richard Baker, Danald Freund, Edward Mciirary, james Mawson, Robert Rashkow, Charles liantsehy, Vance an "assell 165 40: Q uf J G '-5 K gg Q -e l EU' 6 1 Q' 'V H L I A ' ' 'E KM 'fi' ' 'H . 3 5 wh 4 Q a f L- O, x..! I N Q ' is W I M my x v ' 125, ,S , . V,-Q Q U sl ' I I ' Q, -f 5. x3t,fL,ifF gs f -, Q 15 '- .A , 1 . ft .Sy 4 , i N x F A l Tl f Tau Beta Pi, an extensively recognized en- gineering honor society, was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 "to mark in a fit- ting inanner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the Held of engineer- ing, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of Americaf, Tau Beta Pi now has ninety-two chapters with a meinbership of over 70,000. Alpha chapter, established at the University of Illin- ois in 1897, was the fifth chapter founded. 0Mi:ur.f-'I'ap rnl0.' john Harding, ror1'u.rpomlivl,e .n'rrcmry,' john Ga or Juniors illld seniors in all branches of engi' H mlnlngur,' Igkirter gVlo1nildorll, I:'m.i'11:'c'7,' Paul Hutchinson, pmfirlvrlt .- ' . . . , rll 'nu' At ' -1 -, f ,- D-'rl Muir., Q -,J Heel lug vvho lneet requlred Stundal C15 of 1 rjxnrfoil-JY o wel L u ll tr IILL lui in mf ix ip, it 1 ill Ly 11601 me scholarship, leadership, and character are eli- gible for ineinbership. Tau Beta P' 'UI' f'01V.' Raymond Mueller, Eugenijns jankus, Alfred Bowald, John Harding, Dwight Mahalley, Robert Schrader, Porter Wlomeltlorlf Svtona' raw: Prof. Harry Dritkamer, Roger Hudrlick, john Gabor, Igoseph Yancik, Milton Radant, Prof. Joseph lialkson Bvllofn row: Rucy Liu, Tet Pang, Charles Ultig, Paul Hutchinson, obcrt Quade N01 nz jmm'l.' foseph Bartz, Robert Boys, David Brandt. Donald Brotherson, Robert Hardin, john Krupka, Richard Lance, Robert Mieher, Phillip Mueller, join Quinn, Richard Romono, XVilliam Schnobrich, Wfilliarn Scott, Herbert xVIllfllCl' Terrapin, an honorary swimming club for University women, selects its pledges on the basis of swimming skill and potential water ballet skill. The aims of the club are to fur- ther interest and proficiency in aquatics, to promote a spirit of good sportsmanship and friendship among its members, and to en- courage interest and participation in aquatic activities at the University and elsewhere. One of the yearis highlights is the water show which is given annually as part of the Motheris Day weekend festivities. This show consists of water musical numbers which are ,ani written and produced by the members. Top row: Auguste' Lehman, frriirlant rfirr' jm'.rirlvnt,' Patricia Pavlis, Jenn- 111 September, TC1'1'ZlplI1 offered fO1' taryf Diane Reich, lV.!1.A. n'prcruntatiw',' Elizabeth Roe, birtarirmp Jac- , , , quslm MM' Wffffffff the first time an Educational Service Fund designed to assist students in research work - connected with aquatic activities. Boltam raw: Patricia Twardnck, .frrrirmnl vice f1fc'riden1,' Olive Tirol, vice ffI'l?.fIdL'7lf,' Nancy Berquist, f7l'6'.l'lllL'flfl I Nut m ju1m'l.' Juan Alderson, cwn,'1el1l11fe J'IVll!!IIlll1g clmirmrln Terrapin Tap -f'aw:NJanlit Juckett, Joan Moran, Ann Babel, Barbara Calvert, Nancy Carter, Adele Monterastelli, Barbara Babcock, Barbara Steger, Joan Johnston, oan ova ' Fourth raw: Rebecca Sargent. Jean Kruger, Helen Andrews, Doroth Porter, Frances Corcoran, Beverly Bryngclson, Joanne Gernant, Frances Stewart, ,Janice Mathews, Barbara Samuels, Virginia Myers, Iris Garland, ane Herskowitz, Marilyn Reinhart Third row: Letitargohnsnn, Mary Sterrett, Carol Coulter, Georgia Mi ler, Carolyn Jones, Mary I-Ieinicke, Charlene Reich, Lois Hexdall, Bonnie Payne, Lor- raine Nielsen, oris Bullock, Auguste Lehman, Patricia Pavlis, Olive Tirol, Nancy Berquist U Seroml raw: Marylou McGowan. Doris Lokay, Miriam Ernst, Patricia Baima, Jean Ringenbcrg, Jean Huber, Harriet McLaughlin, Doralie Flutcher, Phyllis Miner, Paula Strohl, Patricia Lawder . Bottom row: Vera Jacobson. Betty Purnell, Sheila Bittman, Elizabeth Walilstrom, Patricia Butler, Nancy Jackson, Mary Vachta, Nancy Upsall, Sarah Highsmith, Floy Rowland ' Not in fnma!.' Joan Alderson, Reina Cohn, Diane Reich, Carole Scherwat, Virginia Sinclair, Carol Tetrcv Top row: Nancy Blum, Shirley Smith, Mary Roser, Mary Miller, Jacqueline Mash, june Sleeman, Evelina Kao, .rvcrvlfny Second row: Greta Erickson, Serene Sachar, recom! vice lrreriderilg Alice Solomon, prcrirlunlg Prof. joe Sutton,,' janet Barker, lirzrt fire preJident,' Patricia Burian, IrenJnrur,' Donna Ducrwachter lialmm raw: Sheila Dalby, Barbara Wfcprainsky, Ruth Hall, Mary Rausch ' ' encourafves hivh scholarship among women ign jourilalism 4 ' stimulates and encourages worthy speech and P dramatic enterprises T0Il row: Lois Enright, Mary Kula, Joyce Chalcraft, Patsy Hardiman, Patricia Mcllrath, rI1l'l'iJ'0I',' Cynthia Shorh, lris Nurlelman, Joyce Harnlmrg Bolforrz row: ,Dorothy Porter, Josephine Leaf, jane Burkhargi fliflli-?!'L'l",' Barbbara Barnes, wrorrlirlg .r.'Cn'lur-yy Frances Suchat, fll't'.fi!!l'lIf,' Lorcnza Russo, 11150 j1rL'.firen!,' Donna Drew, C0ffl'J'IHIl1iPIg Jerrehlryf - utr nrtrn . . Na! rn fmnrl: Judith Desch, joan Noble, Mary Rice, Clarissa Adams, Sharon Beckmeyer, Carole Bcttmghaus, Donna Dice, Judith Hasteruk, janet Mort' horst, Sylvia Muirhead, Carole Perrye, Rosalyn Seller, Renee Stahl 169 rganizations Organizations and societies are becoming an increasingly important part of college life. They afford the student the two-fold opportunity of applying and increasing his classroom knowledge in practical situations and of developing a well rounded personality and social adeptness. By belonging to an organization whose activities pertain' to the student's chosen Held, the student receives the opportunity to relate and apply the theory learned in the classroom to the field of work in which he will be engaged in the future. He is able to meet and converse with prominent men in his chosen occupation, participate in field trips, and keep informed of the latest trends and developments in his field. Equally as important, however, is the opportunity afforded the student to engage in the numerous social activities held by these organizations, offering him the chance to further develop his character and personality. The purpose of the following pages is to famili- arize the student with the organizations and societies represented at Illinois and to recognize the work accomplished by those who are active members. Agriculture Education lub promotes achievement in agricultural education Trip row: James Jeffers, Patrick Gallivan, john Nesbitt, Robert Alexander, Albert Tieken, john Rentschler Filth row: James Purdue, Auizust Kunkel, jewel lJenne,HIohn Line, James Rnnson, I-lershel Sanders lialfrrb row: Larry Collom, G enn Bevington, Wiliam arrison, David Kin g, Gerald Miller Tlmvl raw: Bernard Gnetze, William Burgess, William Tompkins, Ronald Peters, John Esarey, James Esarey, Way'ne Ewbank, John Matthews Svmnd row: Edward Behm, Marvin Wolford, George Lander, David Stolz, Charles Morinc Iiotmm raw: Donald Robertson, Eldon Aupperle, rife flreridenly Harry White, James Bennett, prerizlz'nr,- Ralph Goodman, trcamrer Noi in lumel: Donald jones, recremry ,M rms'-ii-ae giri .. The Illini Accountancy Club is an organ- ization designed to promote interest in the science of accountancy and to aid the stu- dent in receiving information of the ac- counting activities in the business world. Membership is not limited to majors in ac- countancy, but the program is designed for them. Normally, six meetings are held each year. The subjects of income tax, cost accounting, public accounting, controllership, and gen- eral accounting are discussed. A speaker, prominent in the branch of accounting to be reviewed, is invited to attend the meeting and comment on the present activities in this field. A field trip to a large industrial firm in a nearby city is planned and executed during the year. 0HlCt'!'.l'-T0fl i'ol1'.' Richard Cole, fire fri'i'.rirli'11!,' Prof. john Czlrrithers lIIll'i,l0I' Iiullum mu'.' Jerome Meister, jiri'.ii4li'ul,' Linda Selilers, ,UTIUfillj'-lI'l'fl.IlIl'L'I Accountancy lub Toff row: Jeanette Althoff, Mary Uffelman, Audrey Laznicka, Richard Cole, Fred Meyer, George Ruediger Fourth row: Robert Resek, Henry Jachec, Mike Kulov, Edu Dolins Third row: Alice Nichols, Paul Mullen, Theodore Shiff, Laverne Cassens, Ivan XVilson, Theodore Hager Second If Cl B. l' Al Hw. d D l' Walte Nls Dav'd Klll M.' ' B I- H t rou -mton art-Ltt, an 1 , o 'ir oinger, r e on, i cc , 'irlorie oy L, Jerry un er Bottom row: Richard Davis, Arthur Kenney, Duane Lotta, Robert De Lance, Dale Fischer, Leo Pictrzak, james Smith 1 l l l , 1-1' 1 it -Ax, WW AA, . l -f l ,.ria.l-was -. ' . 5 1 i X .. . A - b 7 I . Q Top row: john Weidert, john Carson, Irvin Lawfer, John Gill, Orval Kerchner, Robert Carlson, Robert Hudson, David McGinty, Donald Debolt, Charles Moore, Richard Baird, Edward Bergschneider, Gerald Hurelbrink, William Heinhurst Fifth V010! Paul Awe, Robert I.ind, Ivan Lawfer, Howard Parr, Forest Storm, Frederick Heyl, Burton Wikgrcn, Gordon Turnbull, Paul Larson, Rob- ert Emmons, Wayne Westerhold, joe Bicknell . Fourth row: Vance Van Tassel, john Sullivan, William Britz, James Bennett, Raymond Duewer, John Chesnut, Eldon Aupperle, Lyle Truckenbrod, joseph Umbach, Donald Garrigan, William Wentz, William Baird, Nina XVilson, Duane Swarts , Tlzirrl mw: Charles Shuman, ,Iesse Osthus, Richard Vial, John Rithmillcr, Richard West, Max Fulling, vice prendenlf john Stewart, Wallace Rey- nolds, preridr-ntf Richard Bell, .recremryf Wilbur Nelson, Robert Hunt, Emily Bejrgs, Adele Murr Second raw: Hampton Parker, Richard Rayburn, Maxwell Newport, Bobby Story, Gor on Ropp, Godfrey Bergschneider, Walter Watts, James Hawes, LeRoy Sauder, Ronald Fink, Walter VanWinkle, William West, Donald Denby, jon Ellis, Merle Miller, james Mawson, Terry Greathouse Botlom row: Donald Rice, Leon Bonneur, Paul Rieke, Joseph Stetson, David Bossert, Vernon Hauschild, Kenneth Stabler, Forrest Gillespie, Harry McGhee, Roger Wenstrom, Roger Schlichting, Carlyle Greathouse, Paul Luedke No! in fmnel: David Cole, tref11lrrer,' Ronald Peters, reporter' ' promotes interest in agriculture ' assembles former scouts in service to the student body and community Tap row: George VanEmden, Donald Lee, Beinargl Quandt, lvan Davis, David King Allan Bluestone, Donald Reichel, Everett Faitz Second row: Ira Bo ar, Robert Eberhart, Jecrvlai'y,' John Launer, Prof. Leo Tchon, llljl'iJUl',' jerry Wright, 1u'eJidw11,- Richard Hull, fire flY'6'.fid6'Ilf,' Rob- crt Ivcrs, Richard, Reichel ' Botlugzz row: Richard Hangren, Glenn Able, Donald Hartmann, Berndt Schertzer, Fred Kraus, 'Robert Bachmann ' Not nr prmel: Bruce Huficr, h'c'r1Jnrer,' john Murray, Robert Squires, Kenneth Peart, George Florman, Ronald Rilott, Robert Steiner , ' . 4 1 r i xv - , ii 4 1 The American Institute of Architects, pro- fessional organization for architecture stu- dents, has, from its inception in 1857, been deeply concerned with the education of pros- pective architects. It establishes direct con- tact between the students and practicing architects by sponsoring lectures by practic- ing architects and building personnel who report significant projects and developments in the field. The chapter also provides a forum for stu- dent discussions, a medium for interclass con- tacts, and a means of expressing student . . r opinion and needs. r 'The aids the Students Chapters by Taj: row: Stanley Ronth, rim' frrr'.rirlunl,' Standley Navsrnith, rr.r'.ri.rrru1l trr'rr.rnru H lx ixltfarren Anrbersorr, ll'!'ll.l'lll't'l',' john Soledes, .r'r'I'gr'rllll-rll-allIIIJ,' l'r-of. Turpin ' ' ' 1 ' ' 1 Ct", 1 l'l.I'll' rnedus of a Student Chaptel I-Idnc D00 , du lirrrfnvlnllrllcfl-I lllrrbarlr linckrnaster, L'llIl'l'.l'IHHltlillg .n'rr'r'lr1r'y,' Charles Bergstrom annual report of the activities of all chapters, lm'-""f""f RM" H""k- -""t"f""'0t and by providing each member with its Journal. American Institute of Architects T011 150141: Rloinalcl Backhirs, Leo Marolf, Richard XVitt, John Brown, Frederic Kay, ,lack Qnell, Warren Anderson, Carl Hoglnnd, George Peabody, Paul owers, erman Cise Tbirrl raw: Anne Way, Charles lngold, James Knudstad, Newton Elder, William Wfuerfel, Robert Forsythe, Robert Schultz, john Haller, james Rigsby, Richard Cogley, Ra mond Bulinski, Bernard Krejcik, Rudolph Kleprtsch, Joyce Davis p Second row: 'Ihomas lilooker, Standley Naysmith, Charles Gathers, john Sofedes, Ronald Drrsmith, Thomas Mizera, Joan Englis, Ruth Hook, Donald Rutkowski, Prof. Jack Baker, Richard Nielsen I A D Boltotm raw: Herbert Schneider, Wlilliam Shaw, Arthur Schwartz, Robert Wrrtlr, Richard Smith, George Riley, Gordon Iversen, Vytautas Petranskas No! rn ganel: Glenn Abel, George Albers, Rembert Alley, James Ambrose, Sarti Armand, Robert Babcock, Archie Backlin, Charles Bergstrom, Chris Bohn. Bar ara Buckmaster, James Carpenter, Edgar Casey, David Chow, Everett Conway, Thomas Devine, Donald Detlolf, Horace Dillinger, Richard Engle, Edward Finneran, Hans Fischer, Thomas Flamma, Sheldon Gordon, Arthur Garikes, Gilbert Gray, David Griilins, Philip Gardner, Igohn Henderson. gpel Hillman, Stanley Holat, Tom Holzbog, Harold jahn, Cyrus johnson, Norman johnson, Ra ph Jones, Kenneth Kania, Robin ozelka, Charles ovacs, Robert Larsen, Lloyd Lellers, james Liddell, Richard Lockhart, John Manachek, Robert Mast, David Mayer, Howard McCall, XVayne Meierhans, Harold Meek, Marvin Newman, Donald Olivieri, Brian Owens, Anthony Pawlowsky. Raymond Pittman, Gary Peck, Robert Proctor, Evan Rice. Stan- ley Routh, Norman Rudenberg Robert Rosenthal, Ferdinand Scheeler, Howard Schroeder, Edwin Shelby, Stanley Shigemura, Znbkus Sigitas, Delbert Smith, Donald Sorensen Emil Sorensen, Donald Sporleder, Lane Swanson, Robert Teegardin, John Thomas, XVilliam Tippens, john Westerlund, Rob- grtlkWinkellrake, Leonard Wisniexvski, Gary Wittliclr, Pak Woo, Edward Vitkus, Vytautas Lapatrnskas, Ronald Zellner, Algimantas Zemaitis, Gregorio .0 0 ' Top row: Russel Bolton, Gordon Fales, john Sincere, Prof.'Andrew Andrews, Randolph Lund, Prof. Alfred Allen, 1llll'i,f0!',' Raymond Moehle, james Glasford, William Robson, Roger Arnold, Clarence Hocnig, Robert Hallse, Gilbert Cochran Semnzl row: Richard Hoffman, Eugene Lynch, Prof. Ralph Cook, Hans Muller, Robert Beals, Peter johnson, Walter Rehm, Jerome Rosenthal, John Kerr Prof. William Plankenhorn, George Mc'l'aggart Bottom thru: Loren Day, William Scott, 5lmCS Nelson, Robert Cowan, vin' pr-c.fi1lw1t,' Harry Carpenter, n'crr'lm'y,' Harold Bennett, fI'l'Il,Ylll't'!',' Peter Shalek, prc,rident,' Richard Anderson, icror Tennery American Ceramic Society 4 educational and social activities among ceramic engineering students American Foundr men's Society acquaints students with opportunities in the foundry industry Tap row: William Trcxler, Romualclas Viskanta, David Albert, Gerald Slocum, Richard Wharton, jesse Mathcny, Gerald Grifhth Bottqrrr 3010.21 Norman Dnnzc, William Lahrman, Robert Gomlry, ww clarrlrnzfnrf Clyde Young, clmn'mrm,' Bruce Cook, Ronald Richards, Prof. james .cacr, 1 wror Not in frruzel: john Bond, !rc'rl.f11rr'r eff.-K X I The combined student hranch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers has had a total of 165 memhers for the past year. The electrical engineering division is composed of students from the fields of power, com- munications, and illumination. The main purpose of the organization is to provide a general, overall picture of how electrical engineering is applied to industry, and to provide an opportunity to hecome more closely acquainted with fellow engi- neers and their prohlems. Throughout the year, visiting engineers from various companies have presented lec- ture-demonstrations on various problems and phenomena encountered in industry. They are indirectly affiliated with the Na- tional American Institute of Electrical En- gineers and Institute of Radio Enginee1's. Top row: Laurel Chapman, ffll'l'4'.f,71Illijill,Q .wrrulflry 1I.R.IE.J 1 Prof. lirnest Rt t 4Irll'lJ!II',' Ruel XVeas, t'llgII!L'c'lIlIg IIIIIIIIII :r'juun'r1l.:l1l'v,' Prol. Paul Sehw 1 lose, rulrimr Iinllffw l'l"H'.' Frances Wfatkins, r'11,fgi1lt'w-iflye mnm'il rt'fvv'4'.n'z1lr1ri1'r',' Richird Bez, tr'ea.r11rr'r,' Howard Hern, ffirllrlllrlll. Robert Hardin, rm' rlmnn llohert Dulrore, .n'r'rrlrl1j,' Lreorge Hunt, for-rr',rfw1nlll1,e .i'rr'l'rl,1ry IA.l.l3 l' l A. I. E. E.-I. R. E. Ing raw: Laurel Chapman, Robert Hardin, Porter XVomeldorlI, Edward gohanson, John Barnes, Leon Roszyk, James Peterson, Craig Soule lhlrd mul: Prof. Ernest Reid, Elmer Bailey, Samuel Balden, Charles MCI onough, Lugene Selven, Anthony Maciulus, Albert Rosancs Serum! raw: Prof. Paul Schwarzlosc, George janser, David Sauder, 'lhomas Simpson, Miles Hlavin, Alan Padorr, Charles Haynes, George Lofgren, Algirdas Avizicnis liolmm row: George Hunt, Robert DuForc, Howard Hem. Richard Bez, F-ances Wfatkins, Rael XVcas, Dai Chang, Tet Pang, Mon Lum, Lee Adler ire L - . r""" I If-.1 ISE! dive I Ill W gg ' P ,. '31 , ?34 4,'.,M- 5 .15 My 0 A' TILA! ' '4"L'3 ' ' ' ? 1 W' " " "' ' " "'T.' .IA ' -Nz'-1, 552' W f x W ,X 1' xi J W3 I Q M .ai ,vw rw- I P-., F 'Q' 7 , Q A lg v Q If ' syf' !'E'f. 3"' QfIii 'Uv if 'Tiff' 0, ,. I . .,-X . , . X .N , S 2 A - xA I I4 F -'- g a 5 f 2 kk . E A S ' 9 N Nl- lx "2 ' af KT' V. 'hx I N h 5 if ,. -. gh -'my X ut ,L A 4, 018' . .4 "' ' wx ' -. .I .1 1. - . , , 8 V v 4--. ' - , 1 , F . Q "Hi, nf'-Q . -rl. V ffyi n 1 ee' are-rf sl? . 1. - E Tnjr raw: Jonas Variakojis, XValter Rowland, Ibrahim Cingillioglu, Edward Rzewniclci, Donald Eddy, Glen XVildermuth, john Freeman, James Spyms .Yecaml mul: Frank Dilirank, Richard Martson, Max l.orig, Michael Gans, Arthur llerg,'XVilliam XVakelleld, Edilherto Lopez, Jonas Smalstys Bolfum ww: Alan English, XVarren Brandt, vice president: Edward Damal, Rohcrt Koscielny, jr:'t'.rnlw1l,' Leonard Olson, trm,r1.'rlr,' Ronald Swiilliyrgl, Dan Dees, !'0fI'l'J,NIIIflj!lg .rvrnrmry N01 in fl1llll'l.' Dewey Connor, rt'f0r.fl1ng .verrelrlry A S C furthers the advancement of the engineering and o o o o architectural sciences A S M informs members regarding 11ew developments in the o o o o mechanical engineering field gap raw: Farmaian Farman, David Hislop, Laurence Moran, Paul Stephens, Lloyd Geertz, Clyde Young, Michael Chen, john hlcffune lblwl 1'!l1lf.' Albert Baginski, XVilliam Thompson, john Kurzrock, Harold Heislcr, Richard XVharton, Thomas Regul, Antanas Dundlila, Wlilliam Evans, Charles Hill, Romualdas Vislcanta, George Wfilson, Richard Jeffery, XValter Glitzenstein Second foul: Gus Lofgren, Ronald Kamp, Fred McDowell, Harry Rogers, Norman Migdal, Richard Osborne, Michael Grammc, Robert Olson, Richard Capek, Dominic Bucciferro, Eugenijus rlanlcus, XVilbcrt Stoecker Bottom row: Vergil Kelley, Frans Frykscale, I.awrence Utherg. Neil Perington, In-r1.r1m'r,' Richard Brown, vim' frrvrirlcnff Oliver Smith, fuwirlwllg Bruce Cook, ,rvrrvnrfy,- Wfillialn Trexler, Donald Carr, Raymond Mueller me i l . 1 " Q . ' in l77 Top row: Prof. Henry Stillwcll, James Xerikos, Winthrop Gustafson, Frank Vileta Second row: Prof. Zbigniew Krzywoblncki, Hassan Hassan, Dwight Mnberg, Kenneth Rcsiclc, Prof. Harry Hilton I Bottom row: Phil Delfrntine, !ren.rm'er,' Robert Chandler, .rc'crvlary,' Dwight Mahaffy, wire f1re,ria'ent,' Gordon Booz, f1re.fl:lent,' Prof. Paul Torcla Not in jmrlel: Prof. john Coan, Lloyd Gross ' 0 O promotes outstandlng scholarship in aeronautical engineering Dail' Production lub EZ?fI'12ieZ1.f5I.QfTf.3te.fZ'e the Tuff raw: Maxwell Newport, Roger Strack, Robert Mickey, Orval Kerchncr, William Schallcr, Donald Loomis, James Bridgeland, Irvin Lawfer, For- rest Gilles ic, Gerald Hurclbrink, Robert Trotter, Christopher Kunkel, Leon Bonneur Ilnrlam raw: Konald Fink, Robert Lind, gon Ellis, refrorrev': Donald Shreffler, .rerrehfry-!re:1.fuver,' Gerald Wagler, prerirlenlp Gordon Ropp, rice flreri- flentg William Mellen, Vernon I-lauscmilcl, Wfilliam Wentz, jesse Osthus, Joe Backnell UUUUGCUQ ooouonol ooooootr nexnznitnei ! l 178 Q, -wil' df ,,, - up . A ' . T255 . . U4 ,K lla QN,.gl.C ,Q-,f'ffxd1.ll, Q Z,1,1f5 24A. .Ef'g we,LWsi wa WS,- 9 L rl, fin-go 'x R I 1 EW!! I , . 5 . '11 , 4 ' 1 A x .L ' I 'Q' 'nf 'Y '51 1 six-A -Q 8' ' kiwi-Q, N' , if ,f4,, 'Vu f A'7Y ' N A' . Wy, Nh , V 9 "f Z ,4V' f I, . as Rfffff A Q ' in ,gf tm an Q fi ff ? if 'f '- 5, Y . C, " T-2,3 QA: D v ' ' , . 34'-R' 1 ' 'A 1 , W wx-Jn "UWM xg, X .-av .v Tofu ram: John Schnitzius, Harry Newman, John' McEwen, Gunard Hans, Laurance Higgins . .Yumml row: Hcrshel Post, Jun'el111'y,' William Mrlbratz, mfr prc1l.flcul,' john Schmidt, jrwflrlwltg Thomas Morgan, Robert Link, john Thomas, frm:- nrcr Bottom row: Benjamin Deffamp, Robert Wfold, Donald Brotherson, David Sauer Q ' . . promotes hlgh scholarship among architectural students ' stimulates interest in thc 6 Iloriculture field Top raw: Richard Malmgrcn, Carl Sliding, James Ci ra, Frederick Seibold, Harlan Orham, Henry Emi-to Thin! ww: jerry W'ashburne, XValf.lo Donaho, Carl lllnge, Marvin Carbonneau, james House, Thomas Soclerstrom, Orrin Ferris Second raw: Gail Fosler, Prof. james Kamp, jimmy Dates, lrefufm'r,' John Walter, .rvcrvlm'y,' Robert Bils, Eugene Eckcbrccht, llreridentf Roger B DeYoung,l5iLie flxiirlcnthGeimrgeRC1nnl9n,lSarlah Chalrlefsl Ackermrm, Prof. Lohn Colbert ollom row: 1 non mer, ,mr cs eic, au Semi, uert Scme er, Haro 4 XVisnes i No! in fmm'l.' Frederick Wleinard, Ronald Armogost, john Boyce, james Bumiller, Edith Flcischenlgohn Clark, Dixie Daymont, Eugene Dramm, Neil Flynn, Herbert Hannagan, Theodore Eclc, james Fairhead, Tommy Fa , james Karas, Ronald onzak, Duane Lamps, james Litwin, Philip Luster, Clarence Rogers, jan Abernathie, Harold Wfilkins, james Dale, Chino Haramaki . 155. ... 1? 'Y'-"r'1"ZYTC1"1:'-'Y. I . ' """W ' , 21 'f5"'J-' 3 luv Tap row: Mary Allen, Margaret Birlwell, Phyllis Birtwcll, Alice Shepherd Romona Sedlacek, Susan.XValters, Merle Smedberg, Carole Truckcnbrod, Joanne Forsberg, Marilyn Hoaglund, Mary Jensen, Eugenie Jones, Pearl Hanebutt, Alice McKenzie, Lorna Hoge Fourth row: Velma Riley, Mary McCue, Polly Sanders, Mary Carson, Audrey Nelson, Ilxuliann Ankenbrand, Caryl Towsley. Delores Hickman, Audrey Swanson, Barbara Turner, Mary Hunlwork, Doris Williams, Marlys Lotlrson, Ima assler, Marilyn Huber, Martha Massic, Joanne Helms, Lila Ricketts Third raw: Margaret Perlin, 1 , I l U , A I Ilett, Marfgaret Ray, Betty Lee, Carolyn Brewer, Willa Mitchell, Betty Prrggic, Ruth Behrends, Patricia Jewell, Billie Boggro, Roberta Beifoh, Kath- een Deer s, Donna Meils, Nancy Bowen, Carolyn Land ' V . . I Second row: Jane Behringer, Jeannine Eston, Mildred Player, Roberta Edwards, Mary Rogers. Velma Sleight, Jean Dmsdale, Maryorie Main, Carolyn Campbell, Natalie Wiggcrs Carol Firch, Nancy Judd, Eva XVoodall, Martha Large, Adele Haven, Vivienne Huffman, Wilma Manning Joyce Prosser, Nancy Tomm, Virginia XVillke, Charlotte Hogan, rrmJrm'r,' Marilyn Morine. Harriett Hutchings, Jrrre- Elizabeth Huck, Dorthy Figge, Carol Krause, Phyllis Stolz, Lois Bauer, Josephine Hendricks, Carmelita Karzen, Lois Balram raw: Betty Shelton, , I Iuryf Lois Jolmson, rice preririenu Betty Johnson, lrre.r1der1l,' Marne Hans, Leona Wfebb, Romeyn Sclrrock, Beverly Shanle, Marjorie Headley I promotes friendship and develops interest among home economics students 1 b fosters lnterest in the field of 6 C qu horticulture TUf7Ol'fi-:llg.' Prof. Charles Birkeland, Orval Kerchner, John Attcbery, Gerald Hansen, Burton XVikgren, Robert Dintelmann, Paul Lueke, Prof. Norman C Cl' Second row: Prof. Arthur Colby, Robert Hayward, Georfe Larsen, 'David Bossert, S. rlayne, Harvey Hortik, Duane Schwartz, Barium row: Donald Loomis, wee preridentp Melvin Sch ucter,1j1rerm'w1t ,' Richard Via , Jerrelnry-lr-mrnr-er,' Allan May Nor in panel: Bruce Cone, Ronald Seibel, Jack Bottenfield, homas Oliver, Henry Kattner, Donald Keim, George Irwin, Heberer, Donald Jones Prof. Charles Arnold Donald Hackerson, Verlan 7-Pt' f"1 ,, H 1 .wr 1 '- Q. l l r l i , rr, QD' ! . . 1. , ii 5' . . 1 v . , ' 1 x i wi , , , ' ' ' i 1 'za i Q. L 1, -- N. ,t- r 14 if - 6. ,, 9, i ' - . . an :ll 181 'HT' T ! H-QT 1 f. J fu T.-e. -an '54 The Hoof and Horn Club was founded for the purpose of promoting interest in livestock and the animal science field. It is now the largest student club in the Agriculture Col- lege. This year some of its activities included sponsoring the Little International Horse Show, holding the annual spring barbecue, honoring the outstanding senior club mem- ber, and awarding keys to the outstanding livestock judges in the Animal Science 101 and 103 classes. A large percentage of the expenses incurred by the University Live- ' stock Judging and Meats Judging teams are also paid by the club. Highlights of the spring semester included the Spring Judging Contest and the Live- stock Showmanship Contest. At the spring barbecue, a prominent Illinois livestock breeder was honored. iii 4 g..,..,.-. ' -of QA..- T011 raw: David Cole, pru.rhlw1r,' Prof, Alvin Neumann, url1fiJm',' Robert Lough, fire ln'u.rirh'l1I,' john Stewart, 1'el1r1rlw' liollom ruin: XVaeo Albert, .f1:l1',' Raundle Ericson, irvrrrlrrer No! in jnmcl: judy Stewart, .rurrclflly Hoof and Horn lub Tap row: Merritt Sprague, Verlan Heberer, Wallace Reynolds, Charles Shuman, Richard Baird, Ronald Rilott, james Stevenson, Leo Bcrgschneider, Wlil- liam McGhee, Harry McGhee, Forrest Gillespie, Richard Duvick Fourth row: Robert Dintelmann, Raymond Duewer, Waco Albert, Roger Strack, james XVilIiams, Daryle Tegeder, William Heinhorst, Donald Garrigan, Gordon Turnbull, David McGinty, Charles Lemker, Don DeBolt, Wayne Becker, Charles Moore, Gerald johnson, Terry Greathouse, Prof. Alvin Neu- mann, james Bennett 7'hir:i.rf1u.'l 6ralGardner, Melvin Schlucter, john Gill, Thomas Oliver, Hampton Parker, Wfilliam Britz, Ivan Tnrleton, Roger Schlichting, Denis Smaage, iciarc ia . Second row: Jack Bottenfield, Max Fulling, Irvin Lawfer, Alan Holz, jesse Osthus, Kenneth Stabler, Robert Francis, Robert Hunt, james Wenstrom, C ll G -.l W'll N-l. D. .ll D l M. ' M l M'll B bb' XV '. R'l l Bell arye reatiouse, i mr L son, 'ma 4 eniy, james wson, ere r er, o ic cuss, iciarc L 1 Ilollom rage: Lyle Truckenbrod. Donald jones, Adele Murr. Godfrey Bergschneider, Gordon Ropp, Walter Watts, David Bossert, Vernon Hauschild, Don- ald Rlce, Raundle Ericson, john Stewart, Robert Lough, David Cole, William Wentz, Louis Schairer, Duane Swarts 0000000 0000000 0000000 A m..,V -, , . . . . ,, . . , , . .flr 11 ' . ' - ' .. If X , I ,Ie .,i.y:.3M+:W'f'--fif'- 5 , I '-X Top row: Stanley Rankin, Walter johnson, john lfetcrs, Frank Gaelams, Gordon Tangman, Thomas Krizan, advisor, Frank Gunderson, Ronald Bloom- quist, Robert Myers, Anthony Pawlowsky, David Hamilton I I II I I I I Barium mm: Daren Cox, Charles Smith, .f!'l'l'L'fllfj',' Marvin Carbnnncau, fm' fH'L'Jlflt'Ilf,' XVilliam Croxville, 1m',rnli'l1l,' Charles Martin Nur in fmucl: Emil Kubalek, lmulo-w,' Dwaxn Moore, john Whitman Illini Sport menis Club f.T1'LihfZS.Jf-3526i'?YZ'iili'1'5fe Illini Insurance Society fIZF.fZ"S i'l'e"eS' in T011 l'01l'.' Raymond Norman, ln'e.fidvr1l,' XVilliam Maybrook, Leo Prath, l'hIiIIip Flick, fire lm',fi1lz'nl,' Lynn McNichols, Burnie Ahelle, XVal!er Schoults, Dan Eilcrs, Emerson Cammack. john XVcs!lw , Robert Mcnr, james XVr11:ht, lr'vu,flm'r' Bolluqn row: joseph Curley, Sheldon Levy, Erlward Frank, .rerr'etf1ry,' Freil Locher, Robert I-ledges N01 HI lmnvl: Robert Land, Clinton MacTaggart, David Ferris 183 Top mw: Robert Kuczynskhlgoseph Koval, Edward Benecki, Stanley Roszkowski, Kenneth Arnesen, Robert McClure, James Dickson, John Sloan, Theodore Desch, Gerald ipsictz, Richard Kavanagh, Wallace Feldman I Fifth row: Clayton Torbet, john Ward, z'icef1rcridenr,' Burton Ericson, Robert Plotkin, Ncrayo Issayus, Donald Skiles, Wlrlliam Ketcham, Joseph Matz, Anthony Fnbiano, Sherwood Kains Fourth row: Harold Baker, Norman Aronovsky, Kenneth Palmer, Scherrill Weichbrodt, Edward Enichen, John Schultz, Irving Fishman, Vincent MacKenzie, George Mecherlc, Ilames Bostian Tbir1lqr01q.'MCl1ar.lels Fuchtman, Alan Blair, Jccretary-trermxrer,' john Biggers, Robert Munsell, Philip Greenburg, john Desmond, Robert Beam, 'rancis osetic Second raw: Stuart DeVore, Lloyd Herold, Andrew Peters, William Phillips, zfire fmuidcnlf Marian Martin, Emma Hughes, preridz'nt,' William Herring, Randle Johnson, Dwight McKabney, Rodney Bucher Bottom row: john Cribbet. Charles Bowman, Alfred Conard, Russell Sullivan, Merrill Schnebly, Rubin Cohn, Albert Harno, Nelson Young, Edward Cleary, Harold Holt William Britton, George Goble, james Thomas, Gmrge Wlcisiger No! in lmmfl: Hollis llenjamin, Crest Popel, George Marovich W includes the gradu- ates for the school year 1953-1954 nstitute of Aeronautical Sciences encourages friendship among men in aeronautical engineering Top 1-nw: Robert Deem, Charles Flledge, John Petersen, Robert Penn, John Kistenbrokcr, Raymond Kramer, Charles Venablc, Kenneth Reside, William Loy, Lawrence Tisserand, Richard Heinz, Harry Allen, Gary Vansant, john Pharmakidis I I Third row: Richard Somerville, Russell Barnes, Arthur Hall, Roger Crump, Russell Hopps, David Mann, john Cybulski, Paul Ikhtiari Second row: David Hull, Robert Boscher, Raymond Siewert, Phil DeProtine, james jackson, Fred Snyder, William Robbins, Perry Tenhoor, Alfred Inselberg, john Fisher, Prof. Paul Torda Bnlmm row: Maurice Garnholz, Allan Nelson, William Russell, Walter Ruczynski, Dwight Moberg, vice rlmirmanf Prof. Harry Hilton, Frank Vileta, rlmirfmlug jack Burk, Irc1l.rnrer,' David Herhener, ,l'6'CI'l'f1l!'y,' Robert Chandler, Dwight Mahaffy, Daniel Cichy, Benlnmin Ziccarelli ' 4 The Illini Marketing Club is a student or- ganization whose purpose is to promote stu- dent interest in marketing, and is 013011 to all Who are interested in general marketing, advertising, merchandising, public relations, foreign trade, transportation, credit manage- ment, marketing analysis, marketing research or related marketing fields. At each monthly meeting a prominent business executive discusses the marketing problems in his particular field and presents valuable ideas and suggestions. These meet- ings not only help to bring current business problems to the students, attention, but also llelp ljridgg the gap bgtvvggn thg Clgrggyoonj 7'ff1rfy-rrrrfg Mildred Heisclrmitlt, .rm-r'l.1r-y,' Fri-tl lidick, pri-,firlunt,' Ivan Davis lr.rl l'l',' fu 'rl 'Ill lectures and practical experience in industry' liulluul rurifl' Chairlcs Natke, 1rerr.r1m'r,' Jordon 'l'eplit2, .fr't'0llrl' rife jm'.rir!ef1l The members also take field trips to various marketing centers. Illini arketing lub Yfgp rorrn' Fred Iidick, Ivan Davis, Charles Macke, Robert Hancock, Jordon Teplitz, Mildred lrleisclrmidt Illllb !'0Il'.' Frank Torres, Robert Bardell, Leon Friedman, Richard Peterson, James Badgett, Kent Davis, Bert Anschel ffllfffh l'u11f.' Bernard Baskin, XVilliam lllair, Jerome XVolf, James Ruzicka, Floyd France, James Purcell, Marilin Peterson, Norman XY'iogler Ibm! row: Fred Rubin, Robert Migatz, Robert Jamieson, Albert Roland, Arthur Schaefer, Sheldon llaitman, Ralph Syrnons, Gent' Plrilhriek Sr'rwi'il mm: Phillip Merriman, Byron 'I'horpe, Rolf Cederwall, Thomas Liptak, John Shaver, Philip Rosenlield, Charles Schultz, Janice Rosenberg, Merle I'UWll Boing: roui: Allen Freeman, Jane Zebrowski, Alice Leiman, Oscar Wlasscrman, Eugene Yalowitz, James Spierling, Frank Keck, Helen Kausic, Kathleen ennety Noi in fnmcl: Robert Anderson, Robert Anderson, Roger Anderson, Matthew Aronson, Thomas Barnard, XVilliarn Bauer, Fred Becker, Janette Bernlrardt, Earle Iiitzer, Wfilliam Blake, XVilliam Block, Richard liostrom, Bruno liruzgulis, Paul Burkholder, Frederick Carter, Nancy Claypool, Melvin Cole, Robert Cylxan, Richard Davis, Gerald Davis, Marvin Dunn, James lillingson, Gerald Foklop, Jack Fontana, James Fuhrman, John Furman, Carolyn Garnier, James Gillespie, Nancy Gillespie, Norman . Goldman, Norman M. Goldman, XVrlliam Grosser, Bernard Harris, Fdward Harris, Louis Harris, Arthur Holtz, Charles Hruska, Marjorie Iles, David ennings, James Jackson, Stanley Kent, Ronald Kimmel, Darrel Kline, XValter Kurth, Yale Lauter, John Lewis, Paul Lrrhrsen, Ruth Mashek, Richard McCan, Joseph McCook, Clifton Mclntire, Wfayne Meirihart, Robert Miller, Mary Moez, Wfilliam Moroney, XValter Moy, John Mrrr why, Jerold Nabonsol, James Nagel, Charles Nash, Raymond Normann, Daniel O'Connell, Bruce Palmer, Everett Pat- terson, Robert Patton, Chester Pulley, .co Prath, Raymond Purnell, Donald Reis, Margaret Remacle, Norman Rohlting, Morris Sachs, Gordon Schic- man. Leslie Schultz, Jolm Schumacher, Joe Scott, Robert Simon, Naomi Spark, Robert Stephan, Albert Straub, Eli Streieher, Harold Tenney, Frank Thorp, Robert V:rnBlaricum, Phillip Wfagner, Earle XValters, John Xvarner, Joseph XVarner, Bradley XVellington, Diane Zaremba, Mark Zeal sag, ,, . x 'fm .mf N ,QK1 ,KV ,rm ,459 ' ff, V 1' ' A 1 4" .. , f A . 'x 51- 'gglhd Eu! Xl rf L' A 1" G ,455 ' c 4-5 Q I .,-A wa , A 'l:Xj:ibK'2g. Y, 'ff -'NS x I-.4 Z. has-In 55 nb. Q. " W A' 4 A Q ,. " wr ,, . Q 3, wk ra if-L V f as ga-X2 .' 'fm . .f,. 1.1 ,' 1.6 vc.. , l . . q V K, Q .4 M h 4 .5, L ,h I ' , f- Q Q.. I m V4 fb. ' f , 5 3 i"-- xx A x X A 9' Q. 4. -f -. ' ,N 1 A ' ,X 'Q pf I , In NFL . ' " 1 I i i 1 IIA, N ist' -.-H... ,sb T, Q V. IQ X -. Y ' ,V ,- ,ffY'3',.1" ' iff' bzlv-WJ : K 'nm-xx I 'T "Q . A' pi N:T7'f 1' ,f:l'v,,w ' V ,-,-,xlT6 . f f WX- ,- ' , . ,Q L ,J W A.. A 1 ' X , xXx' WHT, ,Q'+.'r .Q l A Q .',1 l 5- j ' FA-fliix 1- 1 f Ha ' 5 ' T775 Q9 1, , LI' .1 -V f W e 'f , Q.. x rf- X iv v I X, , l 25 '.Q9Q.J. x , i A 1 xv ,. 1 r Q . x .7- . 4- 5 P, 55,5 ,I f if 5, 1 fr., av, vm' x .4 1 , il. Q , ' 5 AQ "Q 5 ,4 w -Y f il -f I fl 'V N x N im l 'iw : : E , ll' ? ,V 6 'ci 'fix un 29 ' LQ .2 N. fig' . ' Tw K' W A L, NJ N Q, zbf 4-:A 47 1 1+ A f: X N " If lk I J' ' -ag' af' . xg 15, is if ,iff I -4 V ' Q hh '1 'J . A s 14 , W, km R ff- f A, ,gf - 2 f H tt ' . .I , x -'Q ' 6' , gd 3- K, I h. ' Ma Qjrxjl' 3 , . t ' . it :V R N A Tas 1 V V - 1' 1' ' f JP l I I I 5 I :RJ A E' ' 'V I b rs , ' Lge 221, U . .L 1 K. Q X an: 24 i D 5 fb 1 gr ? f..x,'f5 ,lv . if"-'f 'Q 'QV ' 'ch ' K ff! 41 fn 'S' . M, 4V , s 'f a ' A ' 0 N is ff' "" ' 1 ' ' ' ' f ,f ff ,. M . fy 1 ' ,.,L V - Q. , -,fx rf N 1 . kdjuilgl . H 'V , 'Q r V. K-AI, A -at I .'v V, el., . A L' NNW . - -- A.- A , , YV ,--- - U- . Aa' A Q . 188 3, ' ,,,,3,H vi 'r 'l. -1 -,,. - rags .. Qt" - f- . ., Xi , !lllli0!'J' run! SL'!1fl1I'J'-'TGP row: Charles Esser, Charles josephson, Paul johnson, XVallace Brandt, Robert Keough, Vlaltcr Fehrenbachcr, Alexander XVinter, Daniel Cohen, Ralph Holstein, Thomas Drije Third raw: Ralph McQueen, 'l'homas Philli s, Allan Graham, Harold Bahe, Louis Ohlendorf, Xlllalter Zuschlag, Donald Strombeck, john Elder, Stanley Spesard, james Finnell, Lloyd Helber, james Allison, Walker Nehrkorn, Edward Shinn, Raagh Ziegler, George Sheets, john Clayton S'ecoml row: Walter Schwalbe, William Prusaczyk, jesse Payne, john Lykins, Glenn Hintermeisterf alph Hall, Arthur Bottorlf, Theodore Wagy, john Merrick, Thomas Gnnhouse, Harold McCutchan, Raol Taft, Darrell jessen, Thomas Folkerts, 1n'e,ri:lvnt,' james Nadler, Harold Heffernan, james Larsen, lr'm.uzi'ur,' Norman jones, Jvrr'elai'yg jewell Schlapp, rice p1'ernli'l1!,' Prof. Lorenz St. Clair, rlfillllllf' A . Iioilnm row: jolm Kerr, Edwin Branz, Harvey Schneider, Carl Ferrell, Donald Osborne, Russell Smith, Frederick Fricke, james Fitzgerald, Denzil Dees, john Shiels, Robert Huff, Wlilliam Searls, Edwin Wilkin, james Zabin, Frederick Hembrough Student Veterinar Medical promotes high standards among veterinary students l:I'C'Jb7VlL'll and Snpbfnr1orc'r-7'oji row: Neal Nelson, Stanley Kadlub, Benton Allen, Gordon Iverson, David Wfarren, lra Aves, Walter Mumme, john Gerdes, Robert Kern, William Hopkins, Charles Rossi, Paul Arndt, Robert Dodson, Marshall Slingerland, Ronald West, Thomas Maudlin, Merrill Ottwein, Vernon Cockcrill, Charles Lewis Third 7010! Marlin Kleckner, Richard Brown, Richard Coster, Robert Graham, Mike Pellock, David McConnell, Gregg Taylor, Irvin Bunn, Vincent Chaffee, Howard Hobson, Gilbert Fischer, Howard Peterson, Delano Ohaver, Eugene Nelson Second row: joan Owens, Marjorie Thompson, Lois Stansbury, jerry Steffen, Wayne Sanderson, Paul Leondis, Vlarren Anderson, Albert Griflith, XValter Myers, james Meier, Delwyn Meyer, Paul Quinn, Erwin Small, Robert Morris, Stephen McQuilkin, Robert Christian Bottom row: jason james, rnold Taft, Gerald Bachman, Ralph Vinson, jack Boar, joe Meller, Gale Taylor, Lawrence Clark, Edwin Short, john Palenske, Arthur Twardock, Wayne Mills, Peter Smith 3 . , F 9' f 5 , . ,, R , f , V ,A ni.. W :gif Q gEQ:Qg:,.m. 47: A 4 N ,Q ' 1 ' V V ' WMA 9 ' f Pl' 'fn Mfg" ' ' Q,-A'-Q?J.NlZ'.4-5' , . J. .. , A- 'dl,LIp, . M, if X , ' ,J..,l, ' 11,5 N. -4' I , - 4 . 4. f' A I 1 . Lf :w2?7.E.f If 'QL 'Y 5,1 3 Q 1 a ,iff Q S48 0 YIK4 as Q 2 Q in W , x 54. ' rf '..' , X ,. 1 Q . 'A I f f Y Q' 4 - '-f-,- ' 4-ix' ' A , - " i ' X ' N - - - y ' I gi XX 4 1 i ' ' r '4' ' , , 'M . A . . ,A 4 ' W - I V S .Y P , K 4 , H ' K ' ,R ,HiT . j xilfiq, , .Z 3 ,. 'N I. A 1. 3,,y:,4,,gy5 V4 . 1 .-Q 1 - X .Q-4 -1 "Wg , :ef we " V fx 'W fir' :farm ' M fs' sy 'rw f 51:--Y :utr ' 1' '- 3'7Z,fiML, ' 1' 'sk f iffiii' - V353- " ' . Q 'QW .A ' NECA Wy? ,' K ,- K, Quan , ,, . .1 :1 , ,,.., , ,, . ,, 4 , ' ,X K Wi' - :J " , : f' - 4 ap A .qv H ' 1.5 ., '? vw vndfgr , W wwgi ' ' A f V M ,. 1' 1 . 1 - .1 'p ,z W ' f ' n M? W X 33, . 5, m ,vu , Tap row: Vincent Monaco, john Lignell, jack Brown, Charles Francis, Jerold Myers, rice fuerizlerllf james Ruzicka, Norman lleahout Tbirrl wiv: Vito Caleca, Alex Sekeres, Kenneth Wfhceler, Wlilliam Morrison, Stanley Soeol, Ronald Bushman .Yumnrl row: Georre Fox, llarry lilough, Wfillianr Yeager, Richard Colt, Henry Dougherty, .raw-ehlry,' Morris Silverman, Howard Dolinger, Charles Schultz, Ronaldi Kimmel l3o!lru111'um.' Fred Becker, llogerlluereer, Leo Pietrzak,1m'.ii1le111,' Prof. Merten Mandeville, XVilliam Vitous, ln'.flJnrer,' Maylord Wfatson, Clifford Heverly, Farrell Fox ociety for Ad ancement of develops the concepts of scientific management Q n promotes high standards of performance and teaching for women in music Tap row: Natalia Morrison, Marilyn Petrini, Helen Willson, XVilma Stack, 1'm'rmlif1g ,m'remry,' Ruth Moyle, Doris Valento, Marian Blakely, Iva Eadie, Martha Parker Bullllrll rum: ljean Wfhited, Shirley Krull, Cherie Lyfortl, Edith liroekman, 1'r1rre.f1mmlir1g reurelm'y,' Mary Rigney, f1re.ri:lw11,' jacquelyn Brown, ll't'1l.flll'l'f, Delores Gillan, zvru l1re,r1fle11l,' Peggy Hoover, Peggy I.aRowe 90l The University of Illinois Flying Club is composed of students, faculty, and stalf mem- bers. Its primary purpose is the promotion of civil aviation. by making low cost flight time available to club members. Flying meets, talks by noted speakers in the field of aviation, breakfast Hights, films, and hangar parties are sponsored by the Fly- ing Illini. The club also serves as an extra curricular meeting ground for those inter- ested in aviation. Since the time of its or- ganization in 1951 a perfect safety record has been maintained. This year the Flying Illini are serving as headquarters of the National Intercollegiate Flying Association. Along with this honor the club will be host to the National Inter- collegiate Flying Meet. UfflL'i'r.i --Trip mir: Frederick Giles, tri'u.rnr'i'r,' Donald Cash, rrm'v.i'jmur illl 3 Iulmm raw: Donald Manthei, pre.riilruI,' Marylou Meliowan, .riwwliii Universit of Illinois FI ing lub 17111 row: Rudolf Frasca, XVilliam Donahue, Richard Heinz, Tom Holzboi, Wfilliam Ricks Ibm! row: Frederick Kruzel, Raymond Siewert, Clyde Lewis, Robert Sheldon, Bernard lohnson, Harold XVeavcr, Charles Drewes, Robert Mooney .Yifruml row: Linton Kypta, NVayne Onska, Homer Hiscr, Carl Carlson, Carl Hartmann, 'Richard Meadows, Dennis Wfilkerson, Ernest Blatchley l3llff0fll row: Donald Cash, Morton Clotlelter, Marylou McGowan, Donald Manthei, Frederick Giles, Glen Amundson, Sandra Schaub, joseph Casscrly NU! HI jmnvl: Herald Stockton, Robert Hershharger, James Stouiler, Vance Van Tassell, john Norton 192 Originally chartered in 19:24, the University of Illinois Rifle and Pistol Club became affili- ated with the National Rifle Association in 1946. Throughout the school year, members compete within the club in rifle and pistol matches. The club sponsored Pistol Team and Womenis Rifle Team fire against teams of - other colleges. Each spring the club conducts the Intercollegiate Invitational Rifle Match. Ill this match, thirty-five of the countryis lead- ing rifle teams compete for numerous troph- ies and prizes. The Rifle and Pistol Club has taken many Tl .- S't.F'.tCl...Cl. I-ldv, ff f-' :M Y. :Sr , ' - ' ' -- -- ' ' In jneriilentLmjolrnqgIZri1pldIP3?reJigr'iiI,' Jcll.'5leldSy,' tltles and tlophles thls yecu' Melnbelblilp 15 lem SWS' "x"f""W WU" made up of students and members of the Bottom row: Walter Juneau, chief range oMcerg Howard Katz, lrerlmrer faculty and staff who are interested in the sport of competitive shooting. niversity of Illinoi Rifle and Pistol Club Top raw: Sgt. First Class Clarence Hodge, john Royer, William Miller, John Palsedge, Richard Husman, Richard Clark, Sidney Cooke, Francis Krebs, Thomas Cunningham, james Ellis, Walter johnson, Donald Anderson, Dieter Rodrian, Henry Miller, Richard Brown, Theodore Christensen, Daniel Miol- lis, James Smith, Karl Prunitsch I lionrrh row: Capt. Richard Dahl, Edward Smith, Paul Gottschalk, Hernando Cortes, Chi-Tong Chin, Edward Kung, james Bang, Luis Cifuentes, Charles Hill, Robert Mickey, Alexander Weaver, Ronald Moore, Robert Gower, Stuart Tilton, Thomas Flamma, John Stratton, Charles Padden, Joe Russell Third raw: Dominic DeCristofaro, Robert Darrah, Andrew Hemstrect, Gene Mills, Adele Murr, Hildreth Newell, Nanettc Swartz, Suzanne Meloan, Nancv Hoover, Phyllis Rigsby, Carmen Cunningham, John Richards, Thomas Brownlee St-com! row: Toro Romero, Charles Allen, Robert Lalf, Patricia Monroe, Olive Tirol, June Kuetemeyer, Donna Orr, Arlene Morris, Kathleen Schaub, Christine Matheos, Dorothy Stanley, Mary Ten liick, Alan Johnson, David Randolph I Harlow row: john Gale, Robin Kozel a, james Cooney, William Smitley, Francis Ashland, Gordon Schnepper, Frederick Farrbairn -llllll , f .....3g: r 3 6? -ll le.. tu V-, I ,xv Lum 1 f' M U WAX . --A-fm l"l JU ..i.-...I Q ,Sl I1 .., Rf -,"' at . if 'i,l, ' ,Qin - A H- .5f?? W'-" ' t Wei,-5 ' .H - ' ml umu- TQ... -v .txt-,L Q5 h M.. I. , ff + Q .'1f'fa -W Q.-' .,. : ., 1 TT.-s ,ht Q . " QR? Q- A 1 . LAX' - 4 'H' H 3 . 1 my N '-.1-'kr' my fr-?5,g3:f!fY A sf' f, ' wr: N"-'QQ' .HJ '4 ' :rv I x Q 'wi , 1 -A .3494 Q 44 '-f 1 Religion rganizations The religious organizations represent some of the most important groups on the campus. Their primary purpose is to fulfill the spiritual needs of the students. Each foundation strives to instill religious values by conducting services, maintain- ing libraries of religious writings, and giving credit courses in religion. These organizations also serve as cultural cen- ters for the students. Choral groups, forums, dra- matic groups, lectures, and discussion groups all contribute to the development of the well rounded personality. Social activities also are furthered by the re- ligious groups. Coffee hours, picnics, dances, and mixers are examples of the many social events sponsored by these organizations. In the following pages of the Illio appear the religious foundations on campus which represent many religious denominations. Bapti t Student Foundationra Top 70101. Roger Crum , Emerson Hilker, Charles Francis, Burton Wikgrcn, Clarence Beatty, rin- preridz-nl,' George Fox, l1l't'JfdL'lIl ,' Paul Rollet, David Weaver, Dennis Williams, ,llahn Hurley, Donald Smith, George Stevens, Philip Livingston, Edward Bingley, 1rnu1n'ur,' Raymond Pinkston, john Evans, Freeman Marti, Jerry McClendon, Ronald Bates, Norman Olsen, Faud Farah Third raw.: Pierre Tanaent, Herbert NVhite, Roy Kleven, Rufus Clayton, Ozzie Edwards, Herbert Kerce, Conrad Kipp, Rudolph Faiss, Phillip Young, George Dawkins, Richard Day, James Fleischer, Marion Giesecke, Richard Angus, David Rogicr, David Gray, David Edmondson, Williain Sparks, Hiroshi ferayama, Paul Frovillion . Semin! row: ,Lisa Galam. Florence Gay, Marilyn Petrini, Sadie Poinsett, Marlene Shepard, Beverly Blue, Bernice Perry, .ri-rremry,' Mary David, Margaret Bor- , tell, Virginia Bohn, Marilyn Spitzer, Madonna Miller. Helen Carter, Mary McKee, Margaret Boswell Bollom row: 'Charlotte Hogan, Polly Sanders, Leona Wfebli, Doris Crist, Mary Huntwork, Naomi Skeeters, Phebe Sctzke, Shelley Goodman, Evelyn I-larner, Pamela Gillespie, Stella Lyman, Mary Trovillion V 195 X . 1, ix Q ' X 'Wx A ri Q . 1 i 1 1 i i ' I Ill .fi . Q 'f . '14, 4. fi 1 - .A ' Wi gg: ,t N ', ' , , " mt. K Q ,: L... . L xN,"".-u5-'V-5:53. QL ,..4v Typ rouf: Carthur Criss, james l-lerget, Charles Venable, joan Rae, Catherine Fitch, Betsy Byrns, joseph Phillips, Ahraharn Fayemi liuurlb mul: Richard Schworke, Thomas Glatter, Peter Arvedson, l.ynn Arheen, l-lenry Dieost, Barbara johnson, Barhara Bowers, Betty Dalilstroin I Rudolph Hwa, Ann Bartlett, flames Tappe A A - Third rfmu' jane King, Mary Tiomason, Patricia Scrgent, jean 'l'oll, Cyntlna Monroe, john XVysonr.: Xerfnzfl row: Doris XVertz, Rae Ellen Grosch, jay Pauly, Barhara Bergstrom, Beniarnin Sage, Mrs. Arvedson, Fr. F. S. Arvedson Llullnm rung' jane Arvedson, james Hood, john Kiteh anterbur lub it fr r Illini hri tian Fellowship r,r. Tap flllllf Thomas Liliegren, Richard Olson, Charles Foley, Alden Linoner, Donald Reeves, Robert Fields, Rohert johnson, Gerald Miller, NVilliain Morrison, Milton Barker, Charles Clark, Cadet Cottinrham, I-larold Cook, Mrs. A. Seeord, Arthur Seuord, ,immov- Faurlh four: Raymond liekman, Riehard MeCiuckin, Fred, Giles, Robert Palmgren. Fritz Larson, Marilyn Starlc, Gwen Cantrell, Ralph Bennet Mrs. R. Bennet, Mrs. XV. Morris, Shirley Radant, Milton Radant, Ellen Masuno, Kiyoshi Sagawa, Hiroshi 'l'er.ryaina Harold Wfaroer Divit lofi . . . I . . Tbirrl l'u11': Jed Metcalf, Stanley Brandon, Arwalt Kehle, Randolph Lund, Marilyn johnson, Gus l.ol'gren, Paul johnson, Earl Lundgren, Etlwaxid Rohn- son Marion ohnson, Bett Larsen, :lines Larsen, ohn Re vlofe, Horace Gardner , .Yurnmf raw: Royle ql-leyl, D-aginar Mieqhalova, Iivalynne Berg, Phyllis Anderson, RuthVCollins, Fred Mayerle, Monte XVelker, jo Neliurka, Lucille Bruner, Rona d lgrwin, Richard McConnell, XValter Nelson, Kenneth Stone, Louise Kimlwerlin, Donald Kimherlin llIIll'1ll1Vl'flll'.' XVilma Sherwin, june Bradley, Richard Holt, john Galjor, Charles Reid. Wfalter Ciast, p1r.firlrut,' David Mayer, rin' fm-,iirlrr11,' Charles Price,'rr,' Marilyn Mathison, .fern-filly: Ronald Carlson, lzlizaheth Oakes, Doris Sutton, Bonnie MeMannus x V' .PAX Top 7010! Donald Chick, Rev. Rabon Rose, Edward Hook Tbrrd row: Rev. William Jarman, Mrs. W. Jarman, john Caughey, Charles Shuman, Eldon Dilworth, Donald Robertson, Fred Herschelman Second row: Robert Emmons, Lovell Glasscock, Wfilliam Roberts, John Reinerio, john Gill, games Williams . I Barium roruli Kay Schallo, jane Daugherty, Marilyn Robertz, Helen Schafer, Sharon Smith, I orothy Lutchka, Irma Wlillramson, Mary Butzback, Ruth Caldwe Illinois Disciples' Foundation Lutheran Student Association 909 South Wright Street Tap row: Lawrence Lang, john Alford, Richard LeVon, Robert Munneke, Aryl Aldred, Harvey Weyen, Gregor Strien, Orval Kerchner, William Vanier 'Henry Johnson, Robert Anderson, Ernest LeVon, William Tessien, Richard Hutson, Ray Roth D I 'l'lJn'd raw: Richard Carlson, Mrs. R. Carlson, Paul Borik, Laurel Reber, Mrs. L. Reber, Arthur Ahlgrim, Paul Schwarz, William Miller, John Larson Thomas Soderstrom, Alden Lindner, Hedwig Ebert,' james Plymire, Roger Sheik Mrs. H. Halvorson, Dr. H. Halvorson. I Serond row: Sandra Scribano, Anida Baxa. Helen Anderson, John Lignell, Rev. Ordell Peterson, Mrs. O. Peterson, Edith Brockman, Mary Ellen Heinrcke Thomas Peterson, Alice Markin, Joyce Rieger, Barbara Morris, Georgine Stough A I Bottom raw: June Weiland, Ivan Burgener, Nina Nilsson, Merle Smedberg, Carol Peterson, Ann Nicholas, Sara Bergman, Marjorie Main, Karen Gerhardt Barbara Ransdell, Barbara Newborgh, Ruth Newburgh r ....- w ll 5 we - ' Wtkffvl . wH"'2'f'iT Tuff muh' Wlarren Brandt, jail: llrown, Melvin Neumann, Donald Helineich, rife fH':'.lf1ll'l1f,' Maurice Xlllitte, Robert Rohlfing lfiflb row: Edwin Friedrich, Ralph lienck, Fern Brase, XValter Heintlen, james Meyer, Paul Arndt, Paul Awe, Raymond Dnewer, Erich lleintzen, Rev 13. H. Heintzen Fnlrrlb mum' Arthur Eggers, Delores Brown, Edward Sclnimann, Rudolph Schattke, Loren Stoeekel, Paul Kenline, XVilliam linnte, Carl Vinson, Rolaeit He en, Robert Cochran, Delmar Strelow, fren.-m'w'.' XVa ne Meierhans, lu-i'.iiili'11t Y Tllliflll mira' judith 'l'arr, liertwin Einlalt, Edward Runge, lled Dickman, Dale Wfachtel, Rohert llachmann, Gene Arrington, james Irlolste, Frank john- son, Elwin johnson, Paul Hinrichs, Roland Sehwanke .Ywnml mir: Marlyn Gieseking, Daryle Tegeder, Doris Naumann, Marilyn liaker, Shirley Searcy, Marcia Painter, Marilyn Handrock, Lois lirandt, David Brandt, Frances Schiesser. Dale Gieseking, Beverly Provo, Alice Kenline, Geraldine jenne. jewel jenne, Ernest Adam Iiollnm mir: john Dodge, Marilyn Fris, Sharon Leiseh, Carol Fitch, Marilyn Mieher, Carol Krause, janire W'hitaker, Patricia Renken, Ruth llehrends, Philip Nienstedt, XValter Rehm, Pearl Hanehntt, Jl'L'I'L'fllI'j',' Alys Verhaeghe, Donald Wfelge, Eldon Ahner, Alan Holzc niversit Lutheran Center i,i,i. ..i,.i. McKinley Foundation Student 202E.c:fmi Taj: rare: john Kreer, Paul Dulfey, Earl 'l'ante, Rev. Harry johns, Dr. james Hine, Elmer Ewing, Hill Tozer, Donald McMastens. Milo lllich J Tlvinl I'0ll'i Scott King, Virginia Scott, David Stoll, Lynn Hershey, Elson Sims, Doris Archil'ald, lanl Moe, Margie Ray, Roheit Eosnaugh, Carol Hal- verson, David Doetzel, Phyllis XVhitehead, Frances Adams 5'i'rrnnl row: Mary Bills, George Lander, Doris Knox, Bill Rnble, fIL'rl.llHL'V',' Caryl Towsley, jvri'.iiilw1I,' Dorothy Rosecrans, .rer'irn1i4r,' Ernestine Hanks, Gordon Cash, jennis Berry Ifullnm mir: Anna Lu Meyer, Alice Turner, jane Poole, Ellie Rollo, Ruth McNabb, Phyllis Stolz I Nur in f7Illll'l.' Lorraine Kupczyk, Wlilma Manning, Marjorie I-lensley, Natalia lielting, Robert Twartloelc, rice fmuilrlinl X . :Q Y Top raw: john Fischer, Paul Schwarz, Robert Bradley, james Brown, Verlan Hebcrcr, Richard Kinter Third row: Bruce Campbell, Willianl Trexler, Charles Nagel, David Arnold, john Stratton, Kendall Fahncstock, Daniel Hy-land .S'c'r:oml I'Q1l!.' john Hill, 'I'heoclore Frank, Naelynnc Grundy, Mary jane Heaton, Loretta Nagel, Ann Rasmussen, Barbara Hill, Russell Tuttlc, john Martin Bollam ffl!!! Robert Wfilkinson, Frances Frank, Clara Smith, Ellen Bell, Shirley Berlield, Ima jean Bassler, Barbara Mueller, Carol Tuttle, Mary Louise Fran ' Seabur Foundation Wesley Foundation 7'o116:i::4l,b Franklin Kuo, David Nllfilliams, Roy Carpenter, Rev. Ralph Dunlop, Rohert Madison, Wlilliam Tlromas, john Lehmann, john Holland, jack Secoyfniozvcugoggvgerson, Shirley Jorgensen, Carolyn Campbell, Linda Hanson, Mary XVehner, Barluara Lowis, Nancy Gillespie, jane Burkhart, Judith liotfmu rmo: 4Norman Sleight, Marjorie Iles, Romeyn Schrock, Pak Cheong XVoo, Eva Hulfman, Robert Hayward, Martha Parker, Barhara Turner, john Juer- Nol Donald Kimherlin, Beverley Hill 1: 7 ,Xl ,f The Newman Foundation is the student center serving all Catholic students at the University of Illinois. St. Johnis Chapel is the nucleus of the F oundation's activities. Its threefold purpose is to provide for the spirit- ual, intellectual, and social needs of its mein- bers. It offers its members Sunday and daily Masses, rosary, and other liturgical services. Students participate in the Choir, Sanctuary Society, Altar Society, Usher and Nursery Croups. The program of the Foundation is under the direction of the Reverend Edward I. Duncan, S.T.D., who is assisted by the Rev- erend Edward W. Oillourke, S.T.L., and the Reverend Edgar C. Taylor. The Foundation conducts courses ac- credited by the University in philosophy, theology, liturgy, and scripture, church his- tory, and moral and social problems. Top ww: Mary Chczc, rorn'.rfmmling .lt'l'l'CfxlI'y,' l.:1rry McMahon, lrL'4l.r11n'I.' join lower rvranlnl "l'l'Llll' . . , I ' ,Lg .n if yu Uolroyz raw: Dunne Picrrc, h1.rlarn1Vl1: Fred l.IlCC1llJtlC, pn'.niflml,' Reverend Ldwnrd Duncan, S.l.D., rbajrlnnzg Carol Ma1.:n:ln, flu' pr:'mli'n1 The Newman Foundation 9 aflnleficf ' ,int x41"' 4 fvglu f-. I NEW Q, Fx wr-.' -4--I Cozxclx Ray Eliot and Captain Bob Lcnzini Football Nebraska Falkcnstein keeps on an optional I Ive.-. ..' ' .T Don Tate J. C. Caroline john Bauer Illinois started the season with a 21 to 21 tie against Nebraska. The Fighting Illini started fast as they received the opening kickoff and marched 73 yards for the first touchdown. Nebraska then came hack in the second quarter with two touch- downs and scored again in the early part of the fourth quarter. Then I. C. Caroline broke away for a 73 yard run, and Mickey Bates hulled over for the final tying touchdown. Illinois recovers a loose ball Hcxb Bormnn, Bob XVimnn .X 'VF X! 7 his Q2.'2'f'5!1'-if rf , ' , , 0 ' ' ., I' .. H24 ' .L -1 . vs Q Wai. . . . w , . -. Q 1 Q . . - - Q- -'ill Q 'K ,.,..,,-- al. if ,., .x- X X, " "' ,la-was l z. 4 I "-- ' .,. '4 P A lesson in flying by I. C. Caroline In their first meeting since the 1952 Rose Bowl game, Illinois downed Stanford again by a 33 to 21 score. Stanford struck first on a sixteen yard pass from All-American Bob Garret to end Sam Morley. In the third quarter Illinois tied the score at 14-I4 on an eleven-yard pass to Ryan. Stanford took the lead for the last time on a four yard plunge by full- back Iarvis Watson. In the fourth quarter Illinois Went on a rampage and scored I9 points to win the game. l .- .- s --Q Stanford Slightly snrrounclccl. if .,. i Q l fs. if ,I .53 5"...".'S 'T Illini taeklcrs smother opponents back tn' Ft Elry Falkcnstein Ohio State At the offset of the game, it was not a question who was going to win, but by what margin Ohio would beat us. Illinois not only won, but beat Ohio State 41 to 20 for its worst defeat of the year. Kicking to the Ohio State six yard line, the Illini held them for downs. On the fourth play after the punt Bates carried the ball across the goal line. Illinois again kicked off. Shortly there- after Rocky Ryan intercepted a pass on the Ohio State forty-six yard lineg only two plays later Bates was again in paydirt after a 41 yard run. Late in the first quarter I. C. Caroline broke away for a 64 yard trot to make the score 21 to 0 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter the Illini didn't fare so well. Ohio racked up three touchdowns to almost tie the score by the half time, but the Fighting Illini came back in the second half. Bauer inter- cepted a pass and ran it back 27 yards. At this point Mickey Bates took over and cracked over for another score. Illinois next put on a sustained drive of 70 yards. For the last score, Wallace inter- cepted Boltonis pass, and Bates made his fourth score. Bates finds an opening Stew: Nosck 204 I 'Gp K Di 'Q Carolina- takes a handoff for an cud sw:-cp Minnesota Bates and Caroline led the Illini to their fourth victory. In twenty-one carries Caroline averaged 9.8 yards. One carry was for 49 yards and a touchdown. The game was a hard fought hattle with the Illinois defense holding Geil to one out of ten passes completed. Bates showed his versa- tility hy catching a 26 yard pass for one touch- down, and galloping 16 yards for another. Wallace, too, kept up with the pace by breaking through Mickey llntcs Bud Duhloss Kun Nillur l the secondary for a 22 yard touchdown run. The only Minnesota score was hy Cappelleti very early in the first quarter. Illinois was now a contender for the Big Ten Championship. Caroline slowed down through off tackle IWW" A-'fuf uf. O " UAV. ' .l'.I .JU-'YH' .fdlidv .Du ak.4..LV. l-l"""' -' f .. Caroline twists to get away f Don Ernst ' I Syracuse Syracuse proved to be one of the toughest non- conference opponents Illinois faced this season. It wasnlt until the final gun went off that Illinois was assured of the victory. The big Syracuse line held our sophomore hacks to small gains. Elry Falkenstein had to take to the air and did so with good results. Early in the second quarter, Syracuse put on a sustained drive for 71 yards to score the first touch- down. Since the Syracuse line had held our run- ning attack, Falkenstein took to the air and connected with Ryan for a 51 yard scoring play, the kick for the extra point was good and Illinois led 7 to 6. On the first play of the second half Illinois fumbled with Syracuse recovering and scoring on the next play. Stan Wallace, to the great delight of the fans, ran 55 yards for a touchdown. The con- version was good and the one point lead looked good, although a little shaky. Then Stan Wallace, who played a great game of ball the entire after- noon, broke away again for a 45 yard ramble and the clinching touchdown. DcMoss finds an opening Em Linbcck -V , W , ,. ,f ,- ,U A ,M .J .-,I F, . hw hAfflP7n.t..,A7JzFA..., .-I ,ru ilIli1.lusM.EqR'..J'l'-'4'II'l . . 1 .WR Purdue The first quarter found both teams tough on defense. Purdue was able to hold the Illini to little or no gains at all. It was a close game and the ball exchanged hands several times via fumbles. Purdue looked very much like the team which humbled Michigan State the week before 6-0. Early in the second quarter Purdue was set back to their four yard line on a clipping penalty. Their punt carried out to the Boilerinaker 35 yard line where Illinois took over. Bates took a hand off, ran around left end, reversed his field and raced Ouchl ,.. , K r ' '- -l L- '- 1 Cocktail time. the 35 yards for the score. Miller's conversion was good and the Illini led 7-0. I Illinois received in the second half and started to roll. Purdue got only five plays in the third quarter, but Illinois still failed to score. The fourth quarter was about the same except that Illinois capitalized on the breaks and scored two more touchdowns to put the game on ice. The first was set up by J. C. Caroline with three running plays which put the ball on the one. Elry Falken- stein carried it over from there. The last score came on a 39 yard pass from Lindbeck to Nosek which again put the ball on the one yard line. Lindbeck pushed it across and the game ended soon after, 21-0. Filrv sm-uks :ic-ross. Silas? y I Push 'ein hack. Miller spins Michigan Michigan scored early in the first quarter when they moved to Illinois territory and Lou Baldacci booted a 35 yard field goal. Illinois then started their long drive from their own 25 yard line. Caroline taking the hall nine of eleven times advanced the hall to the Michigan 17 yard line. Two plays later Bates went around right end for the score. Illinois' other scores came on a 95 yard drive in the second quarter and a 44 yard drive late in the third period. Bates cracked the line from the four to score. Final tally showed the Illini on top, 19-53. I. C. in the clear. 5. ifwi- , ,--. Clill' Wfnldbcscr Jack Chninlslin Rogcr Wlolf jan Sinid Illinois started with a 73 yard drive, cliinaxed hy Kell Millel' blasting his Way Over thg goal f01' Illinois tries a lalcral against NVisconsin a touchdown. From then on it was Wisconsinis Alan Ameche, who set up touchdown after touchdown. The Wisconsin defense, keyed up for this game, held the Illini to short gains the entire game. W' ' Wisconsin quarterback, Jim Miller, and half- lsconsln backs Carl Witt, and Larnphere scored the touchdowns. This defeat ruined Illinois' chances for an undefeated season. Illini close in on Anieche yxtftt fax. U' 'gig 1 fu X. r -if "' J' l i .ww -N ml J. C. trics to shakc a tacklcr loose Northwestern The Big Ten Championship was at stake with this game. Illinois, fighting the Northwestern jinx, came through with a 39 to I4 victory. This win gave the Illini a tie for the Big Ten Champion- ship, although they lost the Rose Bowl trip to a strong Michigan State team. The Illini recovered a Northwestern fumble in the first minutes but lost the ball on penalties. Then, when three downs later Northwestern tried to punt, the Illini blocked their first punt of the year and Ryan fell on it in the end zone. In fact the Illinois defense was so tough the first half that Northwestern got only 15 yards in rushing. Wallace then showed that his performance in the Syracuse game was no accident by racing 46 yards for a touchdown. Ken Miller got two touch- downs. Ryan scored again, and Caroline as usual put on the finishing touches by two 30 yards runs and then cracking over from the 10 yard line. 210 Wally Vernasco John Ryan Bob Lenzini Stan Wallace Illini dcfcnsc closes an offensive holc .Y ..3,s-- . l fill' ww: Burt lngwersen, Louis Agase, Melvin Brewer, Charles Purvis, Ray liliot, cmn.'b,' Ralph Fletcher, Robert King lllxlilb 1'UlU.' Richard Zimmerman, 11nlnflgi'r,' Clitlord Wfaldbescr, lilry Falkeusteiu, Herbert Borman, john Ryan sf'1'l"lIfl7 row: Rudolf Siegert, Donald Grothe, Thomas Miller, J. C. Caroline, Robert Graeil, Richard Ohls, Melvin Bates, Dean Renn S1510 row: Erick Soakin, Robert Alexander, Gus Mackris, Roger Meullcr, Richard Piggott, Charles Schicsser, Richard Rosenberg, Robert Desenfants Fljlb F0101 'ni Lindlbeck, Hugh Xvoodson, Patrick Phillips, kerry Markbrcit, George Wlalsh, Herbert Badal, james Minor, Terry Mathews, james Dunne F'0lf!'fl7 raw: Floyd McAfee, james Calder, Ronald Yochcm, obert XViman, Randall Rayborn, Francis Hoffman, joseph Yusko, Donald ltoxtrom, james Bronson lhml raw: Paul Furimsky, Dean XVillmann, Dale Foster, Baird Stewart, james Pollitt, Richard Kohlhagen, John Heniif, Clarence Delwioss, Kenneth Swienton Semin! I01ll.' Roger Wlolf, Stephen Nnsek, Wfaltcr Vernasco, jan Smid, Donald 'l'ate, Michael Caus, jack Chamblin, David Bauer Boitom ww: Paul Luhrsen, John Bauer, Peter Palmer, Robert Leuzini, L'rl1ll1llIl,' Donald Ernst, Kenneth Miller, Robert Bishop, Stanley XVallace Ray Eliot, during his 11 seasons as head football coach at the University of Illinois, has risen to the top rank in his field. Eliot, the dean of Big Ten coaches, has won three Western Conference cham- pionships and has also produced two Rose Bowl victories. Illinois teams coached by Eliot have given op- ponents trouble ever since genial Ray took over in 1942. His 1946 team won the Big Ten and then trounced UCLA, 45-14 in the Rose Bowl. Again in 1951 the Illini won the Conference and com- pleted an undefeated season by beating Stanford 40-7 in the Rose Bowl. Last season Eliot did a Hue job when he coached Illinois, overlooked in pre-season forecasts, to a share of the Big Ten crown. Eliot is assisted in his coaching duties by line coaches Burt Ingwersen and Lou Agase, end coach Bob King, backfield coaches Chuck Purvis and Ralph Fletcher, freshman coach Mel Brewer, and Leo Johnson, who serves as head scout and back- iield coach. Robert King, en1l.r,' Melvin Brewer, fI't'.ib7!11lIl r-mn'l1,' Charles Purvis, Lin-hr T011 row : B I l.ou vile m is Agase, lim' row: Ralph Fletcher, b:lL'f?.f,' Ray Eliot, luwnl L'1l1lL'b,' Burt lugwersen, lim' l l f Coach Harry Combos and Captain john Kerr asketball I I I I I I I I I I I I v I I I I I I I I I q I I I I I I Paul Judson 5? as 'Vtga -lf, C Y V' - V. X Bruce Brothers Bd Mnkuvsky Cet oil' my hack shortiu Season Record Total-Won 17, Lost 5 Illinois Opponents 85 .. ... Ohio U. ...... ... 54 86 . . . . Oklahoma ........ 61 80 . . .... Butler . . . . 48 77 . . . . . Alahama . . . . . . 54 79 , . ..... De Paul ..... . . . 65 60 ..... Oklahoma A. Sz M. ..... 65 88 . . .... Utah State .... . . 61 72 . . . . Minnesota .... . . . 84 66 ....... Northwestern . . . . . . 65 59 ...... Michigan State ...... 60 90 . . .... Ohio State .... . . . 76 82 . . .... Ohio State .... . . . 78 70 . . .... Iowa .... . . . 79 71 . . . . . De Paul . . . . . 61 87 . . . . Michigan .... . . 68 89 .. ... Purdue ... .. 55 70 . . . . Wisconsin . . 64 74 .. ... Iowa .. .. 51 66 . . . . Wisconsin . . . . 64 79 .. .... Michigan ..,. .. 61 84 . . . . . Northwestern . . . 82 64 . . . . . Incliana . . . . . 67 Qnzirtcrhack Sneak 21 3 Illinois turns cartwhccls Illinois wound up its 1953-54 season by almost beating Indiana, N.C.A.A. defending champions, on their home court. Had they won, the Big Ten would have had a three-way tie for first place. As it was, the three-point loss to Indiana put the Illini into a tie for third place with Minnesota. Before 11,000 rabid Hoosier fans, the Illini tied the game up with only a minute remaining. Then All-American Bobby Leonard drew two fouls and iced the game for Indiana on four charities. It was a hard game for Illinois to lose after having come up from a twelve-point deficit in the first half. Elinor Plcw 214 Morris Slcrnick I t 5 xtllu lst 5 H . F", Q fat-, . ' -lm'-M Jim Wriglit 215 ' 1 2 l I I i Previously, the season had progressed as ex- pected, with Indiana, the powerhouse of the Big Ten, closely pursued by Iowais sophomores and a fighting Minnesota five. Illinois meanwhile, with only one returning regular from last yearis team, had trouhle get- ting started, losing early season games to Min- nesota at Champaign and to Michigan State at East Lansing. The Illini cagers seemed to hlow hot and cold, never really hitting their stride at the beginning of the campaign. Brothers saves l 216 Kerr lays one up Kinda' hlnrrucl, huh! 1953-54' Big Ten Standings Indiana .... Iowa ...... ILLINOIS . . . Minnesota . . . Northwestern . Wisconsin .... Ohio State . . . Michigan State Michigan .... Purdue ...... Hang on Paul Won Lost .. 12 2 .. 11 3 .. 10 4 .. 10 4 .. 6 8 6 8 .. 5 9 .. 4 10 .. 3 11 .. 3 11 Q, LL' , . fwf' K if X f if x ,K 6, , xl' in-H , gt .X - '-A I" 5- 5 .":.2,... . . . , p A S Q' ..-.......,...- L ' 'V ' ...... M.. -, .' -. ws.. ,. J . , , - -- i gy.-N, " " ' Y v, 1 1.':, sf , 433 John Kerr However, after losing to Iowa in Ianuary, the team began to display more determination and drive. Led b hi fh scorin ca mtain ohnn Kerr, E l . Y the squad began to click. Showing a much im- proved all-around attack, they managed to avenge the revious defeat h trouncin the Hawke es on Y Y Iowa s home floor a traditional 'inx for Illinois. , l During the season johnny Kerr, 6 9 center, he- eame the all time Illinois high scorer when he INIHK Hooper surpassed Irv Bemoras, record. Kerr also estah- lished a new single season high for scoring, wiping out Don Sunderlageis old mark set in 1951. The Illinois attack was rounded out by Bruce Brothers and Paul Iudson, two sophomores wl10 developed rapidly through the year, and Iimmy VVright, Max Hooper, Jim Dutcher, and Ed Ma- kovsky, lettermen from last year'S team. Top fn1u.' Raymond Purnell, 7llIUlll,Q6'l',' NViIlian1 Ridley, XVarrcn Wfilkinson, Elmer Plcw. 5111105 Dntchcr .Yucnml rnw: Howard Braun, 11.:.ri.rl1n1l cmlcb: Morris Stcrncck, Robert Rcitsch, Ildwnrd Inknvsky, IE:1rlNewm:in Bollom raw: james Wfright, Paul Judson, Harold Cnmbcs, t'IlxIt'b,' john Kerr, fflfllzllllf Max lluopcr, Bruce Brothers lh nmsnn ulgts McNulty in Big 'Ten high hurdles Track VVinning almost every meet they entered and completely swamping all their Big Ten opponents, the Illinois track team blazed their way to a terri- fic season hoth in indoor and outdoor competition. The Michigan State Relays started off the sea- son on the 14th of February. Willie Williams Won the 75 yard low hurdles. Gene Maynard took the 1000 yard run. For a climax, the one mile relay team composed of Gene Maynard, Stacey Siders, Ralph Fessenden, and Joe Corley carried off an- other Hrst place. A few dual meet records were eclipsed in thc meet with Indiana. One of these was Iohn Bauer's Winning 52 feet 2Vz inches in the shot put event, Walt Iewshury set another 1'ecord in the mile run. N x uw- ,, V' Ji. and 'E '1 0-f' x ,sq N, K uv- X , ,l V ..g In, .- , Q! X fl if ,. -4 52 'uv Q. LN xx " ' . ,f.:L,z.s-1 ' N " lx.-.1 7Tigf1YuQ s A ' "U 1 A b L .. -5- JNFIFN '-.L !,'v!- ' 4 vs X f 4" ' N f ,.2jf'- V ' ,A Lf rf ' v Ag, Q 2 ' 1 4 I X K' 1, S x - .43 'x . ...--4' ' wr.f.4"f in 1 'I -"xi f R 'fx ,,. A F, 1, x' ' 'V . ,. Z! ,X 1 - 1 za. 'I x I ...ti- joel McNulty the 70 yard high hurdles with the same time he turned in in the Indiana meet, 8.8 seconds. The Indoor Conference Meet ended with Illi- nois at the top of the list, Michigan second, and Purdue third. Stacey Siders set an indoor record hy running the 880 in I:52.7. Willie Williams won the 60 yard dash and the 70 yard low hurdles. joel McNulty hettered his time in the 70 yard highs with an :08.5 effort. Qidcrs :md Maynard The two-mile relay team was the only entry from Illinois that made a showing in the Chicago Daily News Relays. Siders, Maynard, jewsbury, and Trimhle covered the distance in 7:5592 for a new meet record. On April 18, came the unusual and smashing victory of the season. Illinois crushed California 83 to 39. Illinois broke eight meet records and tied one, while California established four of its own. Illinois won 64 out of a possible 77 points and lost only the 440 yard event. The Held events came out jim XVright NViIlard Thomson 551' . 110 l .my Stacey Sitlcrs to Calilorniais advantage, with Illinois getting only I9 out of a possihle 45 points. The famous Drake Relays really hrought the news to the nation that Illinois had a splendid track team. Not only did three dillerent relay teams win, hut Willie Williams, VValt Icwshury, and Joel McNulty copped the Hrst prize in their specialties. Michigan State was the next victim of the Illini might, losing 89 to 43. Then to the admiration ol: Dick XVhgun all, Illinois defeated the University of Michigan 7926 to 5216. Illinois then topped the Big Ten Outdoor Meet with GSW: points. Their closest competitor Michi- gan ran up 4316 points. Thus ended the conference season with Illinois the undisputed champion. Up until this time, Illinois had remained nn- delieated. However, in the N.C.A.A. champion- ship, Illinois finished a not inglorious second he- hind a powerful University of Southern California which just nosed Illinois out in several events. Top row: james Nagel, Thomzis Flack, Arthur 'I'wardock. Richard XVham, Rolwurt Kahel, john XVier, Leo fiohnson, rfffrclv .Yucoml row: Vincent I.nsC:lsas, Dale Fostex, james XVright, Ralph Fcsscnclco, G:-oe Maynard, Ucic Trim ilc, Clarence DeM4-ss Iiullnm row: Tom Floyd, joe Corley, joel McNulty, Robert I.cnzini, john Bauer, XVillartl 'l'homson, Wfziltcx' jcwshuiy, Stacey Sulers, XVillic XVilIi:uns 'B .5 1 .Ji - l J-new Ron Ultcs Superior pitching and determination of a sometimes undermanned squad were big fact- ors in the seasoifs success. For although they did not rank in the first division in conference hitting or fielding, the Illini, time after time, came through to compile a 17-6 season record and a 10-3 conference record. Clive Follmer from Forrest had a 6-1 record, and Carl Ahrens from Kankakee had a 5-1 rec- ord. Other regular starters were Gerry Smith from Cary, Indiana, swith a 3-1 record and Jim Schuldt of Dundee, with a 2-1 record. H Strike! Frazier tries to stop a run. Clivc Follmer John Sabalasky from Westville was thc leading hitter among the regulars with .297. Second place fell to Max Hooper of Mt. Vernon who hit 289. Carl Ahrens, who played third base when he was not pitching, came in third with .288. Selected for the captaincy of the 1954 squad, Ron Ultes played a regular position in the outfield. All of the University of Illinois students were proud of Bob Moore. He was the first winner of the Walter Roett- ger Memorial Award as the most valuable player. And they were equally proud of the rest of the 1953 Fighting Illini baseball team for their impressive showing in the 1953 title race. Mnx Hooper Bob Scoring with spikes high. Mc .J ' F, U . Jerry Miller Soon after the conference games started, Illinois sneaked by the opener against Michi- gan State with a thrilling 2 to 1 victory which was pulled out of the fire in the closing inn- ings. At this point, Michigan rolled into town and quickly Won the first game of a double header 6 to 1. The second game was a real battle. Unfortunately, the final score read: Michigan 3 and Illinois 2. Our hopes for the conference champion- ship Were greatly dimmed, for at this point Illinois had an overall record of five and five, and a conference record of one and two, with a schedule of tough conference teams ahead. Jack Hester ,XJNUJ M IL Gerry Smith jim Schulclt john Sabalaskcy Then things started to click. The batters were coming through in the clutch, and the pitchers held the opposing teams to a few scattered hits. The results: Illinois won its next nine contests. The students started Watching the paper for news of Michigaifs defeats. The Minnesota game was truly a great pitchers, battle. Clive Follmer and Paul Giel pitched Haw- less ball for each team, but unfortunately Min- nesota sneaked across one run to win I to 0. Illinois won the second tussle with Minnesota and also beat Iowa in the last game of the season. Luckily Michigan also came through with a loss and the leadership of the Big Ten Conference was all tied up at 10 wins and 3 losses. So for the second time in a row, Illinois and Michigan were tied for the Big Ten title. Illinois was unfortunate in that Michigan was chosen to represent the Big Ten in the N.C.A.A. playoffs. Top row: james Lubin, manager: Max Hooper, john Sabalaskcy, Charles Fort, Ronald Ultcs, Richarrl Haskins, Robert Clark, Hugh Gicrtz Strand row: Marvin Graves, Guy Scott, ,lack Hester, XVilliam Muirhcnd, Charles Xvcstphal, Wfilliam Fcwkcs, Vince Fei cnbutz, Gerry Smith Bottom row: jerry Miller, Roger Wling, Bruce Frazier, Carl Ahcrns, Clive Pollmcr, Robert Moore, James Schuldt, Lcc Eilliracht, couch li. If . ,il militi lx 9 . 6 mnasties n zighl: Clmrlcy Pond, ru1u'b,' Tum Gardner, Frank Barr- r'l "1 i"'l 4 Bob Sullivan, 111111. N l V, , s . .y. 1 , Frank Bare What is the significance of a gymnastics coach named Pond and five returning lettermen? In 1953, this combination meant a fourth consecu- tive Big Ten championship and second place in the N.C.A.A. finals at Syracuse. In brief, another fine season. Dick Browning, who later Won his third national tumbling title with a brilliant 290 score, was ruled ineligible after two meets, had he stayed eligible, an N.C.A.A. championship would have been conceivable. Captain Bob Sullivan headed the group that Coach Charlie Pond used almost exclusively. :ing Dick Brnwningz. Gil llrinkmcycr, Ken Jensen, lflflllxlgvl' -'Fl l . R". -I I a u..l"1.Llr ul LA i , i I " INA... ' 9 0 9 s 1. .l'I ,lv l,l 'I i S-Q 9 amid '1 I , 1 'sw' Ll I ,lull Austin lluls Sullivan Sullivan was first in the N.C.A.A. free exercise. 1953 Big T911 Stunflingg llllllllx Bare, captain-elect and most valuable ILLINOIS H In U l 133 gymnast, finished second on the side horse, lell 1 H 5 Austin came in fourth on the trampoline. Along Mf""f'5"t1' ' ' ' ' lb with Tom Gardner and Gil Brinkmeyer, these Mlchlgim Slam ' 72 three won letters, earned several lesser N.C,A.A. Iowa - ' - -'--- 5015 titles, and collected a host of Big Ten medals. Ohm Stills' - - 47 Coming up next year from the freshmen will Michigan . . . 37 he .lon Culbertson, lamille Ashmore, Richard Indiana . .. 22 jirus, Ken Stone, and Dan Lirot. Wisconsin . . GV2 Gil llfl"lfmCY'Jf ,l.!Il1lllC Ashmore Wrestling Ontivcros tries a takedown Although they lost their Big Ten Championship, Coach Pat Patterson's wrestlers ran up a creditable dual meet record for 1953 of nine Wins, four losses, and two ties. Captain Pete Compton won the most valuable wrestler award with a first in the Big Ten and a second place in the N.C.A.A. meet at Penn State. The Illini captured fourth in the Big Ten Championship matches behind Michigan, Michigan State, and Minnesota. Illinois also made a respectable showing in the N.C.A.A. T011 raw: Gerald Myers, junior r1n1m1,qi'r,' Harold XVeaver, Melton Hatch, Dennis McCarran, Kenneth Nurdquist, Paul Mcchling, Frank Melka, Dwight Ohala, john Bnnggcn, james liridgcland, junior nmmlgur' Summl row: 4 Pat Patterson, rm1rh,' Buford Beck, r1,r.ri,rfi111I l'0lIClI,' jack Lzunhie, Arthur Andrew, Frank Kastor, Peter Variscliaack, Wfilliam 'I'urncr, Wfilliam Wfhitheld, Bernard Schwartz, .rvniur fzlflrlfllqw' Tbiul i'mu.' jack Shutt, james Bachman, Richard Bray, Clifford Bueschel, louis Kachirnuhas, Laurence Smith, Glen Horton, Richard Hardy, Charles Giullrc linllnm ruru: Richard Meeks, John Ontiveros, Yukin Matsumoto, Jack Macleary, Norton Compton, Richard Smith, Merle Dunn, XVillizun Mellen - ' ' I ' U f ML, ,- f' WELL: i. Trying for an escape 1953 Big Ten Standings Michigan... ... ... Michigan State . . . Minnesota . . . . . ILLINOIS . . . Indiana . . . . Iowa... Northwestern . . Ohio State . . . . Purdue . . . . . Wisconsin . . Dick Meeks f' 5 I r l , l is ,J -Q l l 5 .' . F"ff-45.-32 - ' Norton Compton Lou Kachirouhas finished fourth in the Big Ten at 130 pounds. Dick Meeks, outstanding 123- pounder, won second in the Big Ten and took third on the national level at 115 pounds. Bolo Lutz notched third in the Big Ten 147-pound division. Yukio Matsuinato was selected hy his team- mates as the captain for the 1953-54 squad. The following wrestlers won letters: Yukio Matsuniato, Bill Mellen, Wayne Meyer, Ken Nordquist, john Ontiveros, and Dean VVllllTltlll. Two points scored - up M ' lx xiii' Haynes Hawkins Ken XVcst Golf l - Don Cnssndy Coach Ralph Fletchefs pre-season predic- tion that his 1958 golf team would be improved, hut not a challenger for the title, turned out to be accurate to the letter. The team, led by cap- tain Don Cassady, Won four of their nine matches, three more than last year, and finished eighth in the Big Ten tourney, one step better than in 1952f Golf all around the conference was improved, and Illinois hettered its stroke count fifty-six in 1953. Haynes Hawkins, cap- tain elect for 1954, carded the eighth hest score. Tap row: Carl Dilsnvcr, Hnyncs Hawkins. Ken West, Robert Marqunrdt, Thomas Rowadcr Bottom row: Arthur Wyatt, r1:.ri.rfnm coach: Donald Cassady, Ralyh Fletcher, roach ' x " manila 230 Roger Bielefeld Conrad XVmmds Tenni Hampered by inclement weather which pre- vented anything resembling satisfactory spring practice, and probably even more by a deficiency of experienced players, the 1953 Illinois tennis team finished its season with one victory and six defeats. Coach Howie Braun did a creditable job during a building year, considering that he had only two returning lettermen. These men had only a year's experience, yet the netmen managed to wind up in seventh place in the Big Ten. Bill Dankert played good tennis all season in the number one slot. Dankert, who will be captain in 1954, often teamed with the other letterman, Bud Stafford, in doubles. Other letter winners were Stephen Hill, VValt Hulvey, Don MacDonald, and Dave Stewart. Tuff rauu' Stephen Hill, Harold Stallurd, XVilliam Dginkcrt. Howaiid Braun, rmrrlv Iinlfnm mum' Donald MacDonald, David Stewart, XVziltcr Hulvcy 1 treat, XVilliaun Dnnlxut F '-9:3 'LSO new g Bob Clemons Don Snmmons Swimming In spite of the presence of a national champion, the 1953 swimming team managed only one vic- tory in its seven dual meets, but showed improve- ment by finishing eighth in the Big Ten champi- onships. Had Jim Pendleton, team captain and All-American swimmer, been eligible during the second semester, coach Al Klingel's Tankmen 0? ,f Bob Kmmp would undoubtedly have been more impressive. Most of the individual plaudits went to Bob Clemons, who was selected most valuable and also named captain for 1954. Bob singlehandedly won seventh place for Illinois in the N.C.A.A. meet by taking first in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of l:00.7, and also won All-American honors. Tal: row: Willinni Hcusncr, f1.r.ri.r11n1,' rrmrl1,' Ben Ruben, Stuart Olsen, Donald Van Rosscn, David Mcrsbach, Allen Klingcl, ranch Barium ro1u.' Robert Scholz, Leland Person, George Gfrocrcr, Fritz Tait, Robert Clemons, Ruger Yczlzcl, James XV:1tson Tb vw- 'M i Art Schiller Four consecutive undefeated seasons, four con- secutive Big Ten championships, twenty-eight consecutive dual-meet victories, just three reasons why the Illinois fencing team gains new fans each year. Max Garrettis 1953 squad provided the latest Big Ten title and nine single victories. Start- .la jim Russ Larry Silverman Fencing ing with five lettermen, coach Garrett wound up the season with nine accomplished fencers, headed by captain John Cameron. 1954 captain Bill Shew- chuck, jim Bell, Richard Cohn, Jim Ross, Larry Silverman, Phil Urso, and Tony Zombolas all won letters. Top row: Tony Zombulas, Phillip Urso, XVilliam Shcwchuck, James Bell, Richard Cohn ' Bottom row: Max Garrett, :outlay Juhn Cameron, james Russ, Larry Silverman, Arthur Schiller, Robert Keene, mmmgur 3 I i 'S Q, f A 1 Q s. o . l X X 233 jx lt . ' fa . 7 ie 9 3 l .fl , 'Lili ' 'V l ... .EA ii l l V171 ' :N -f .,n-Q my Eliot, foalball Doug Mills, rlirettor of alblvliu dmini trator fx A -L -1 4 V Q- fl A Leo Johnson, Harb Harry Cumbcs, bfnkefbnll -,Y 4, .ts Buul Patterson, w1l'.rlliu,xg 5 7 . H-nvic Braun, IvfmiJ -1 Charles Pnml. gj'llHIrl.ffll',f Max Garrett, fl'llfiIlg uck Flynn, n!lvl1'l.'1' fmlzlifily rflrrrlm' Ralph Fletcher, gall Allen Kllngul, .llfllllllliflg 235 1953 Big Ten Football Standings 1953 Big Ten Baseball Standings Won Lost Tied Won Lost ILLINOIS . . . . . . . 5 1 0 ILLINOIS . . . . . . 10 3 Michigan State . . . . . 5 1 0 Michigan . . . . . . 10 3 Wisconsin . . . . . . . 4 1 1 Ohio State . . . . 9 4 Ohio State . . . . . 4 3 0 Iowa . . . . . . . . 8 4 Iowa . . . .... . . 3 3 0 Minnesota . . . . 7 5 Michigan . . . . , . 3 3 0 Wisconsin . . . . . . 6 5 Minnesota . . . . . 3 3 1 Michigan State . . . . 6 7 Purdue . . . ..... . . 2 4 0 Northwestern . . . . . 2 9 Northwestern . . . . . . 0 6 0 Purdue . . . . . . . . . 2 9 Indiana . .... . 0 11 1953 Big Ten Indoor Track Standings 1953 Big Ten Outdoor Track Standing . . . ........................ . I I I"..-".--'-.'-.-......' lchlgan ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 4941 Michigan . . . . . . . . 43LQ Purdue . . . ..... . . . 1812 Michigan State I . h u . 25 Indiana . ........ . . . 1616 Igwa u .... , n l h u 23 lfgxglgan State ' ' ' ' ' ' ' SAB Purdue . . . . . . . . 1714 Nortliwesternl D I 1 l l Q Q 914 Indiana ' ' l ' ' ' Mm Ohio State ' ' ' ' Minnesota . . . . . 12 M, ' ' ' ' ' fi Ohio State . . . . . 1016 1 vmebora ' ' ' ' 345 Wisconsin . . . . . . . 5 VVISCODSIII . . . . . 21,41 Northwestern i l I g g 41A 1953 Big Ten Golf Standings 1953 Big Ten Swimming Standings Purdue .... .....................,.... 1 514 Ohio State ' ' - --'-"------------------' 102 Ixiiclligtm . .. , . 1522 Michigan - - - - 68 ohio state ..... .. 1550 Michigan State - - - Q - 48 Northwestern . . .. . . . 1556 Iowa ' ' ' ' ' ' - - ' ' ' ' 35 Wisconsin . . . . . . 1559 Northwestern - ' - ' - 30 Minnesota . . . . 1569 Purdue - - - - 22 Indiana . . . . . . 1572 WISCOIISIII - ' ' - I3 ILLINOIS . . . . . 1575 ILLINOIS - - - - I0 Iowa . . . ........ . 1582 Minnesota I -- - 6 Michigan State . . . . . . 1586 Indiana ' ' - ' ' 5 1953 Bi Ten Tennis Standin s 1953 Bigrren Fencing Standings Indiana .... ....................... g 6424 ILLINOIS . . . .......................... 40 Michigan State . . . . . . 5816 Wisconsin . . . .... . . 31 Michigan . . . . . . . . 2734 Michigan State . . . . . 29 Northwestern . . . . . . 27 OhioState..... .. 23 Iowa.......... .. 19 Northwestern . . . . . . 21 Purdue . . . . . . . . 18 Indiana . . . .... . . 11 ILLINOIS . . . . . 16 Iowa . . . .... . . 10 Wisconsin . . . . . 1415 236 Xvrzifu- Alilmlguizi -Taj: mir: Frank Keck, ,qyrr1m1.iliv.i,' Clzirenilon jolnisnn, lm1i'l1.1lI,' junk Healy, fmrk liultnm milk' ciUl'LllLl Myers, 11'ru,itll1:xxg,' Hugh Purnell, bi1iki'lbilll,' lirgink jzlfohs, .lN'illlIlIHl.Q l Ani in fl1ll1L',.' Rifligiril fllHII1Cl'l1lLlll, jnnll2.1!l.' JCIIY Rlimles, fl'Nlll!,' l.cilwy ll.lll, fi'IIl'lll-U The managers ot the Illinois athletic tennis are some of the hurclest working and most essential men in the whole sports system. Behind the scenes they perform tasks necessary for sneeess- ful presentation ol: athletic events ut the Univer- sity. There are twelve senior inunngers who are zlssistecl hy two juniors and several unclerelzissinen. llHlf0l' Alfiflilgimi- ffllujr mm: 'l'Iieuiloi'e Dnrwzuxl, Leslie lirynn, Artliur Diiiiilwosio, james Niss ,Yurnml muis Wfgiltei' Tzirleton, Lnrry Cross, Curl Ehlers, David Mcrslmcli linllom milf: XVnlter Wfntts, Bruce lhwiiitiiigliziiii, james Voorhees, Thomas Hubbard 237 i u nu1 1i Top row: jeff Austin, Alden Orput, Dunnld Peterson Riclmril Ilorts liollum raw: Mary Hcttingcr, julia Gerstcnbcrgtr Allen Kirkpniitk Lin ncttc Mathews eerleaders With cheers, yells, and acrohatic stunts the Illini cheering squad, Block I, and Chief llliniwek led the students, faculty, and alumni in hacking the foothall and basketball teams. The cheerlead- ers also took part in many athletic events and pep rallies. Don Peterson was head cheerleader this year. Gaylord Spotts became the new Chief llliniwek and Russell Bolton acted as director for Block I. The cheerleaders followed the team on many of the out-of-town games. lim-A . I Clive Follmer Athlete of the Year Clive Follmer, one of Illinois outstanding bas- ketball players in the 1953 season, was chosen the athlete of the year by the1University of Illinois' student body. Clive was not onlyl basketball standout but also one of the main reasons for Illinois tying for the Baseball Big Ten Cham- pionship. Conference Medal Winner Clive F ollmer was also honored by being named the Conference Medal Winner of 1953. This honor is given to the University of Illinois, outstanding scholar-athlete. Despite participating in varsity basketball and baseball throughout the school year, he maintained an impressive scholastic aver- age. Most Valuable Player Don Ernst, varsity tackle on the Fighting Illini eleven, was chosen by his teammates at their annual banquet as the most valuable'player. Don was one of the main reasons for Illinois' successful team this year. His superior blocking on offense and his stellar defensive play made him vital to the team. 9 xl Suuinr nli1rlngw'.r.' Ron Hciligunstcin, Dale Bury IIC' WORN ' AJIONAL jfminr IM lll1Ill1lj.fL'l'.l.' jack Olson, Stcvc Anderson INDEPENDLNT ZONING MA9 Drvanwm f Intramural port taking part in the various forms of recreation as well as the physical exercise. The IM sports pro- vide active competition for individuals and teams. The recreational sports consist of a wide variety of non-competitive activities and informal com- petitive sports. The University of Illinois' Department of Intra- mural and Recreational Sports plays a vital role in the CXtl'21Clll'l'iClll21l' activities of the University stu- dent. The IM program furnishes the recreational activities a student needs to supplement his class- room Work. By participating in intramural activi- ties, a student receives the relaxation gained hy IM Rui' limfrd--Slffmlirfg: S-tqnlcy lfclclermnn, Marvin Graves, Steve Anderson, jack Olson, Burton Palmer .Ymlwl.' Dale Bury, Ron Hcilrgcnstcrn, Allen Kllngcl s 2 iiiiitiioiin MW 'ti . L' .Yfijrlmzrlmr I.iI .lIi1f1i1gw.:.- Ronald Clailsim, Iiiank Sicinaid, Paul I-luuiiths, Regex Gniintu This department, sponsored hy the Athletic Association, has Intramural, Becreational, and Co-recreational programs. The IMBEC Board, with Allen B. Klingel as faculty supervisor, di- rects the department. The Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor, Senior and junior Managers, Chair- man ot the Officials Association, and represent- atives of the Intrafraternity Council, Men's Independent Association, and the participating Independent and Creek houses make up the Board. This Board sets all program policies and acts as a Protest Board. The IM Officials Association furnishes all the IM Program officials. Memhers of the profes- sional classes of the School of Physical Educa- tion make up this organization. The IM department provides clean, whole- some competition lfor the students with a keen rivalry existing hetween the fraternities and the independent houses. Pre-season coaching and practice clinics are held hetore the competition hegins in various sports. The recreational department provides activ- ities for those interested in athletics for their sake alone. Graduate students and the statlf can enter in the special events and tournaments open For them in their own program. The Co-Rec department provides sports where hoth men and women can team up in competi- tion. Such co-rec sports are volleyhall, howling, and softhall. Special activities cluhs are Formed hy students showing a special interest. X ' . 1953 Intramural Champions Basketball ,....................... Sigma Chi Naturals Bowling. . . ........... Alpha Sigma Phi Golf ...... ....... G ene Hadley, Theta Chi Gymnastics ....................... Sigma Chi Horseshoes ...... Ed Werner-john Birky, Acacia john Birky, Acacia Softball 12 inch ........,........,. Theta Xi, Minawa 16 inch ....... Alpha Epsilon Pi, Newman Club Table Tennis ................ Ripskis, Avizienis Avizienis Track Indoor . . . Sigma Chi Outdoor .... ......... 1 Jarade Ground Units Badminton .......... Al Johnson, Phi Kappa Psi Anderson-Prichard, Sigma Chi Football ..... ............ 1 Dhi Gamma Delta NPAA Handball .... ..... I tlowie Weinstein, Noble Katz-Weinstein, Noble Tennis .... ..... W alt Hulvey, Naturals Stewart-Hulvey, Naturals Volleyball ................ Delta Chi Chinese Student Club Water Polo .... ....... 1 Uhi Delta Theta Wrestling.. .... Alpha Tau Omega Swimming .... .Delta Chi 4 1952 - 1953 Point Leaders Greek Phi Delta Theta. . . . . - Sigma Chi ...... - - - Sigma Pi .......... . . - Alpha Tau Omega ..... . . . Phi Kappa Psi ...... - - - Phi Gamma Delta ..... . - - Alpha Sigma Phi .... ..-- Theta X1 ............ . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon .... . . . Independent Newman Cluh . . . - - - Naturals ........ - - - Vet Club ..... - - . NPAA ......... . . . Newman Hall Illi-Dell .... . . . 29715 286 229 220 173 164 159 157 157 143 135 122 109 95 90 90 . ,X .' 36 X x 4 K i I' .,f"' V ' if---X, jean Hu be r, flrwirlerll .A. A. 4 W.A.fl, Board-Tap raw: Sherlr: Olsun, :por-I.: clmir- lY'.A.A. Awarvl Wi?lllP!'J.' Nancy Claypool, Doris Henderson, Barbara Victor, Jenn Huber nlmlf Diane Reich, Barbara Stcger, flfrblitify Cflrlif- mflnf Suu Turner, bonu' 7't'fH'B.IL'llf1Ili1fL' mrmlimzlrn Nancy Berquist, Doris Lokay Botlom raw: Virginia Mcrsbnch, .rNrf'l11f'y,' Jenn Hu- br rrerirlent P125 Hutson rin m'.e'i:l:.'f1t' Mari- S.1 - F - Y - ' 'I lyn Gustafson, fl'A'zl.fIIlL'l' . 244 A 7? l S rr: l lI".,'i.fl. ,Ylmrli lllrlllilgxii'-Tllfl rum: Doris l.ok:1y, Ann lixigcs, Vera Rimnaf, Doris Striclclaml, Niiiain Reil- path, JoAnn Nchurka, Doris Simnnsnn .S'iwn11l mira' Diane Reich, Virixinia lfortncy, Juan 'l'.1tc, Pzitiieia Robinson, Amelia Gam liulrnm mum' Cnrincn Cunninghzun, l-'atricin Coyle, jane Klitving, Nauiey jutlcl The VVomen's Athletic Association is responsi- ble for the outstanding program of athletics avail- able to Illinois coeds. The W.A.A. offers recreation for all undergraduate and graduate women in vol- leyball, swimming, bowling, archery, table tennis, field hockey, badminton, fencing, softball, tennis, golf, apparatus, and basketball. Moreover, the W.A.A. sponsors Sports Days, High School Play- days, and other athletic functions during the year. Competition is provided in both independent and inter-house divisions. Two trophies are awarded yearly: one to the house accumulating the most points in team com- petition, and the other to the house having the best percentage of participation. After each girl completes one sports season, she is eligible for ini- tiation. Four seasons are required for a pin, six for numerals, and after twelve seasons a girl is eligible for her major "lv award. In October, 1953, the Illinois Athletic Federa- tion of College Women held its convention on thc U. of I. campus. This year's oflicers were jean Huber, president, Patsy Hutson, vice president, Virginia Mersbach, secretary, Marilyn Gustafson, treasurer, Sherle Olson, sports chairman, Sue Turner, house representative coordinator, and .Ioan Steger, publicity chairman. IV. ,-1, ,L jlfifm' lv'1'l:1-mulllfrtirr.:-f -'I'up mum- liglllanrzi Pwkoiny, Cnvincn Cunningliaun, Shirley Searcy. Phyllis Anderson, lieverly Muni, Cliarlotte Cruinhaugli, liabhctte Hcttinger, Jeannie Sweeney, Carolyn Lzunct, lictty Kessler, Dun: l-linkel, llclcn XVhitc. Georgene Xuuhek, Ann liaigcs, Patricia Tliudiurn ' ' i ' ' i ' ' i' i 'n 'l Ol "mn '-in l'i nh ' l' Hallam mir: Sue Turner. jonnne Knopf. Vv'r1 Rvvniisf l'-Ann Belt Alilerson, Doris Striclilaunl, Miriam Redpath, jenn Kruger 7 .sz d , on, f.nthciine Davis, C.:u'nl C,:uincan, Audrey j his:-1, 1.1 L s. , J.. .:. , ,I ty V sr 24 5' av A A R' 7- 9 'N N 1-+ Z3 ...-""""f. .fl---"""' i , Al . Q, Mu ' , ...-.. ' ,K 4 , - , A K . V ' . ' U -A' .4 afilvi fx 5- 5: X f . '-' - 1- ' - , 4 . , 14, '-1, f. .3 - A ' ., ,,,,,,,g,, Xwaul A 5 yt ,,., s K V, , K A K V It ' Qc if ,. wff.lfH"5 si L' I, - ff ,7 ' A VL'iyQg??5?lmI I . 4 Vis ,WV ' 9 ig., - x,. 'lS4 . l ' ffl' ' 'IW 'L "J ' ' J- t "V - fu , ., 5 i If ' , - ' 4, l ' I H A, - . ,. : M! . 0, 1 x K A "7f'k?'f' ,: 3"+'34-ff...W-W .1-+931 KA :fx J .x AML Q -f 1 , ' K ' . U V F-.1-W 1 ' A gi-,.T:... ., H - u Q M , f g,.f .' 1 M wig.-T . X 4 Am Vi 1 6, twig. W.:,i,fM,L,i'!:'4. .Wx '.. .., me K . . ,j . , I, f . jf' it FKVTQ KA ., . A K ,4 , . 4 'M .5 QQ-A3 L r " fy i A ..i - Tall row: jean Huber, joan Tyler, Merriam Ernst, Nancy Berquistn Iirna XVestaway, Mutya 'l'irol, Dolores Kotxiakos, Barbara Santlquist, jean Lamb, Marilyn Handrock, Patsy Hutson, Dorothy Drakefortl, Vera Rirnnac, Vivian Kretshmer, Suzanne Turner, Barbara Caliseh, janet Moeller Ifourlb 7'Il1ll.' Mary Parent, Pat Renken, Marlyn Kasson, Marylou McGowan, Yvonne Springer, jeanniarie Sweeney, Mickty Gaza, Marilyn Gustafson, Leonice Gaines, Barbara Steiger, Barbara Tkiel, Mary Ann johnson, Marion Huebner, Shere Olson, Shirley Searcy, jane Klitzing, Carmen Cunningliain, Lillian Mackey, Marianne Biestek, Lorraine Bornian V V A Third row: Phyllis Anderson, Betty XVebb, Virginia Iiortney, Elizabeth Jenner, Virginia Retla, jo Knopf, Auguste Lelunan, Nancy Upsall, Donna Graf, Mary XVahl JoAnn Neburka Barbara Baxter, Barlzara Kessler, Anne Bages, Mrs. Lorraine Neilsen Second mill: Paula Strohl.,'Phyllis Larson, Helen XVhite, Sonya Clark, jotly Alrlcrsnn, Virginia Peterson, Ola lluntly, Diane Hinkle, Barbara Goltlman, Duane Peterson, Cecelia Dan1otte,I4oan Kay , 4 x Y U i Bofram row: Darlene Miller, ebc Bowers, Terry Kaplan, Dorothy Marlin, lflarriet Sax, lletty XVahlstrom, Paulette hlastoon, lris trarlantl, Alyce Atlesko, P. E. ajors' Club ,-,, 1 ,, - ,' ..' '- T ' V-'aR'r:'.."'-''.'lii",' K f,. I 'i' rf' .."','Y' Pllytlhll 1Lfll1Cf1f'011 Mdlmb Club 15 YU"igllna.,Ll,l,,f.5?I'2.Tin-i'f9.,ClZQfiii-C''i'.i!f7i"3lf.till, ilZ1l3,-.-'Z'.lL,iZil1Z2i.,f.l" - - - .' fu- My ,r 1 -Kliz' at Professional Organlzutlon for Vvolnen zfonjmzglaj lam IigmhIorlrljilriielnwcallsxp ri :mn ,line mint, stifling ue uinti, fm ll L . , 1 . Iiumm nw: Barbara Calisclr, r'r1'rlin1 r"prnr'r1lf1Iii": Sl 'il fy' Sear'y, I nz. Ill tllC PllySlCil.l lLClllClllfl0ll, I'IC2l.lth, Nia! in fIa:lIc'l.' Kay Crinnigan, jrlizrbifzilh ruini''i1It1l11'i'i H L 1 N my I Recreation, and Dance Curricula. During the year the club sponsors professional meetings with speakers from various fields of physical educa- tion. Convocations are held to pro- mote better relationships between the students and the faculty of the depart- ment. Intra-class competition is offered in volleyball, basketball, and softball. The club sponsors a program during the Mothers Day weekend and also a reception at Homecoming. The mem- bers publish a newspaper, called uSl101'tS,,, four times a year. 247 illi-noife ku saw I I.. I hi I Ylil IUIU I M xx-AE Fry -Qs?RwfQ"xi'f P' .221 My-Hr, n'."- X, vm . A H f V ' Ll -M . XJ C W gi +V' , vqsiadxvn -xl5"!l ' EP T. 3 : V D .. 5' - 4? I 1 I. 1 'QOQW 'el Kaz- " I 'W S 4. Lf'-AQ "Lf QA' Af Kfffff' . -........ ZCDx y, tukp IDI fr XVhicl1 omfs running? 'lm .Fl'iI'IldS, Romams, and Counlrymcn M 'l'lw winmws! TIN- mulliph- upsvl' GET HANNAH IN THEFANNAH rv- v A av 1 1-yan Q4' -4 3 mg, R,.g!f'a ,.Lg.ff4f+f-'if' f? .fb is Q v o riff 4-Y------ 1---lvT"'- ' " I. '-.x , ., f -wx .f,...!f ., M 'asm "f - .X , A 1 Q L 1 - .C 1. s K 5555355-. ff QT, m 'F-1 va -1gfg2j T3T2. 'f X SY 0 Q? . f Ln. I I I i 7 K 1 X f M . ,gm ."fLk7'wf,:.'l'1,,.-c'11! 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Martha Hancock, Cleo Mapznasalis Tbirfl roizu Helen Vinson, jean Reetz, Dolores Brence, Carol Greene, Betty Bright, Mary jo Contra, Margaret R:mmcle, Carol Phillips, Patricia Osgood, Patricia Etlwartls, Naomi Brauscli, Marcia Ricckman, Phyllis Hasse, Janet Slrisslcr Second row: Susan Wfoods, Shiela Dalby, Constance Xlifildman, Barbara Buckmaster, Mary lam blillcr, Betty Crunk, Patricia Seymour, Anzolettc Eipper, Con- stance Crydcr, Janice jordan, Barbara Flannagan, Ann Lupton, Mary Scunc Botiom row: Marina Stcggcrcla, Jacqueline Luce, Kathleen McDowell, Charlotte Cfrurulmuglr, Diane lirecto, Rosem-try Kinney, Rosemary jordan, Milliccnt Hamm, Donella Culberson, Norma Hcrtzrnan Nw! in lmf1c'l.' june Birgcrson, Nancy Iackson, Judith Gates O l' fi' 1 ha hl H16 H ' 'r ffjllt f 005 South Lincoln 77 Active Chapters 'ul ,uf ." 'lib' 9 , I JN. , fs ' 'a Tap mir: liett Cook, Hn! fire prerident: Mary l.ou Miller, .wmml rice fu-wijentf Margaret Rcmacle. 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Janette Herrmann, Shirle Hinners, Beverly Egeland, Janice Rosenberg, Merriam Ernst, Elsie Moen, Mrs. Wininmer, Josephine Leaf, Claris Beesnn, Sarah McAllister, June Gragiw, Jane Herrmann l I A Barium raw: Phyllis Fisher, Alice Lakey, Sonja Knoppala, Delores Anderson, Sophie Kochan, Marilyn Chichockl, Judith Hoffman, Amy Hagen, Karin Sclineluerfzcr, Nancy Ncmeth, Altha Montague, Mary Oglesby, jnrlith Baily l fl . . L f 55 -- '-v-..f', 1- -'avail Q r .f- , wg, ,., 4 evil I 14-7 I -r-7.731 .-JZ2l.l'!1LLir 'L ' ' ' .'.- Tuff wiv: Barham Hines, Dorothy Wfilliams, Susan Jones, Clara Smith, Sidnettn Garrett, Dorothy Logan, Lois Smith, Betg Thomas Summl ww: Joanne Miller, Carrol Ballinger, Patsy Hnrdimon, gan Tyler, Mrs. Gordon, Marie johnson, Valienn Jones, elorcs Brownlee Barium milf: Jenn Danny, Allretlu Phelps, Archalenc Amos, ionnc Phillips, Bzlrhnrn Anderson, joycc NVhitmorc Nui in fl.'I!l1'l.' Dorothy jordan 1201 XVest Stoughton Street 96 Active Chapters Tap row: Valliciln Jong-5' 1-friruijwlnfizzlrg ,rrfrwlllr-1, Marie Jtlilll' son, bnufa managerp Carol Ballinger, recording Jnrcmry Bottom raw: Ioannc Miller, ll't'll.fl!lL'l',' joan Tyler, pn'Ji.flw11.' Patsy Hnrdlmon, vin- 1mzria'w11 I V . 3. U J v-A n ,V I .G 4 J P I -N W V 'V' :QI Y iv. A f h ' ' ' J Q - A .L JH X , . X J 7 V-I y i -aiu Top ram: Jane Peters, lrerr.rnrcr.' .Shirley Aschenbach, JWU jzrcuidtnh Karen Holmes, frcfmlnlg Jetfttary ' Bofnmz row: Gale Brittin, cov'rw'lff1flfff'78 '-ff4'f0MfJ'J NNY .lane Fishel, pruirfmr al' M Alpha micron P' ' 706 South Mathews 56 Active Chapters Tap raw: Peggy Hoover, Eileen Sampson Phyllis Williams, Mary Lou Marshall, jucly Floyd, Katherine Stobbs, Nancy March, Marilyn Perry, Carol Dunnivant, Martha Rosebraugh, Frances Shaw, Nancy Potter, Barbara Morris, Wilma Allen. Nancy Miller Third ww: Florence Spencer, Anne Davis, Nancy Brook, Carol Morris, Dora Fishel, Mary Malantis. Nancy Hertz, jane Peters, Sharlene Mayer, Ernestine Dewhirst, Zoe Nelson, I.aVaun Schild Nancy Rockwood, Shirley Huber Seroml row: joan Canada, Margaret Aitey, Shirley Aschenbach, Betty-Io Vance, Karen Holmes, janet Sullivan, Mrs. Mead, Mary jane Fishel, Gale lirittin, Sandra Wfebcr, Elizabeth Ho ills, Jean Legault. Bolton: row: joan Scharolin, 5201818 Doak, Wfanda Fcltych, Darlene Likcns, Mary Hztgi, Shirley Bradshaw, Barbara Babcock, Nancy Mongerson, Sherril jenn-son, Bonnie Payne ,, , M, ll Q9 ' as as 49. 'V Q' tag? j ,s 'S' ' I . I L , . P f ,,--I n.,n-- " . 'A' ,' 1 1- .-? ,Je f , :- ,Lili-1: ,U ', ,J 'C 'ai , 'l" 4.1 f, ef' Q f' 1: c ,Kia Top row: Greta Erickson, :fire prvriderrrg Martha Roe, prgridcnr Bottom row: Susan Brown .rrbolurrbr 'cbalrmam Marion Achor rv f I .. -.., 5 ' a .. Q W M' Q 1 i rg ' , ' '- -'S' M1 .. y , W xjx. , , 1 Q ff W "Y w ,PH i ' 5 ' ' "' -fl--1. , YZ. l 6 t ar-6 1: a J -we 1 ' ,,.,,. .- .4 Q-1' 4- pai, - x ' 1. 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Suzanne Meloan, Marion Achor, Dorothy Parsons Serorxrl raw: Jacqueline Mash, jacquelyn Jones, Ruth Barrie Diane Reich, Betty McDougall, Greta Erickson, Mrs. John McLean, Ann Roe, Ruth Wloll, Elaine Bland, Kathleen McNamara, Suzanne Roe Elizabeth Meek linlmm mm: Penny Walker. Nancy Simons, Gael Greig, Patricia Speyerer, Connie Davis, Charlene Reich, Adele Monterastelli, Joy Kirtland, Jane Herberger, Shirley Ralston, Maria Thys, Eleanor Surber Nut in j1rn1vl.' Nancy Hoover, Mary Crawford V i Alpha Phi ., " ff- .PL 0 1 I W, Q'rl,l r 508 East Armory 50 Active Chapters P . Ireamren' Jacquelyn Jones, retarding .l'UL'!UI1Il'j' ,' Betty McDougall, .facial fbrlirmrln 288 -Mk A -T, LLP. 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A Vg' , 1 ln, , h X z . V va? a ' is if' -' i N I L .1 Tall: wun' Janice Black, joan Beatty, Thelma Armstrong, Donna Orr, Christine Hansen, johna Glaze, Phyllis Larson, Ruth Barnes, Elizabeth Roe, Ruth VAClllII1SftlIlC, Sandra Ullorn Tbn-rl mm: Elizabeth Mason, Shirley Heinz, Donna Ruys, Marianne Krieling, Ertha johnson, Stephanie Kusek, Sarah Bcggs, Eleanor Edwards, Maryjo Vihert, Betty Briney, Nancy Kerr Sammi raw: Elsie Krumpe, Beverly Bryngelson, Jane Sweidal, Louise Zingrune, janet Barker, Sandra Racine, Marylou MCC-Iowan, janet Zink, Donna Duer- wacrcr, Carolyn Cochran Barium fam: Linda Hanson, Roberta johnson, Arlene Morris, Anna Fruin, June Kutemeyer, janet Brown, Leah McGowan, Mary Moore, Nancy Kurrie, Marjorie Stroherg Nnl in Il1lIIl'l.' Norma Forbes, Ann Smith 710 XVest Ohio 77 Active Chapters Tap ww: Louise Zingrone, trezuurer: Elsie Krumpe, JL't'l'L'f:lI-Q' ,- Marylou McGowan, .wtirrl rbflirnmn A Bottom rozzfp Janet Barker, f7I'F.ff!lL'!If,' jane Sweiclal, flfihlflg rbrliw1mr1.' Sandra Ravine, rice pmrirlwrl Y . 5 I A 294 Top row: Jean Migeley, .rmmh:nl.r rbairmanf Barbara Victor, fire preridentp Elizabeth Yanson, ffuhing cbairrnrn1,' Georgia Hall, Jclsolarrlaip chrrirzmorg Marietta Brothers, irw1.r1m'f' Bailom raw: Barbara Hempstead, 1:01112 manager, Mary Bills, remnlrng .rBtfl'lrl1'y: Jane Conltas, pre,fidem,' Jeannine liurnier, plvrlgv advirer 41' f in j."':'X iw.-', Kill? ,gr 0 Hx 156.1-' X 'J ' HIIIIIIH 1 1-rw-Q '11 3 T7 1110 NVcst Nevada 59 Active Charters Tvff row: Virginia NVilke, Purnell, Eileen Fricburg, Nina Collins, Beverly Menz, Virginia Strnhm, Jaci Great, Nancy Bowen, Marguerite Gaodemiorf, Betty Doyle, Shirley Krnll, Miriam Lamar, Carolyn Lanel, Carol Peterson, Marie Mitchell . Third row: Vera Jacobson, Miriam Carpenter, Jolene Winsauer, Diane DeVry, Elizabeth Yanson, Marietta Brothers, Sue Koch, Clara Downs, Sara Lou Mefford, Jane XVoelfcrshcim, Gene Strmart, Norma Bean. Joann Buske, Marrorre Or-nellos, Rosemary Stuebe l Svroml raw: Joann XVahl, Ann Brannan, Joan Noble, Nancy Carter, Jean Mrgely, Georgia Hall, Mrs. Mann, Jeannine Burnier, Barbara Hempstead, Barbara Victor, Dorothy Martin, Carolyn Smith, Tirzah Kane A - I Batlam raw: Dorothy Garland, Judy Harbough, Karlyn Kettlekamp, Mollrebeth Sonderskov, Phyllis Hlob, Sharon Crutliers, Arden Rho Jean Anderson, Sherrill Hart, Jere Stewart , , 3 , Not ir: jmnvl: Miriam Behrens, Mary Bills, Nancy Claypool, Jane Coultas, Carol Osborn, Carol Spaerl, Marjorie Wrlke, Rhoda XVrlley iles, Alice Potts, l QQ- ' 1 7 . gl ga? la xed-. . ,I ,nv all K I Q Q fo. A v 1 Q1 J f ,,, In 2 fl I l 'ii qi' . l it ,Q 5 A i i, Q, gi Q l .. ' f 'Y F' f. --N J xt A-I '- W 'J ig J -1 --f ff , . -t , I' 'wr,','-1,,g.f -Q. 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Ann Maher, Cynthia Shorb, Louise Drechsler, Ruth Mautz, Colleen Leahy, Florence Kraahel, Mrs. Harlow, Jean Weiss, Virginia Mcrsbach, Jeanette Gerclcs, Babette Stipes, Kathryn Kile, Donna Wilsivn l Bofrom raw: Gretchen NVarvcl, jean Kreger, Dee Ann Becbee, Sue Brunknw, Arlene Kuebler, Alice Huggins, Marilee Schmidt, janet Brown, Virginia XVilson, Mary Siemer, Susan Black Not in panel: Jane Eaton, Barbara Huth, Anne Miller, Ann Ridinger, Marlene Ungchcr Ka a Al ha Theta W W" P G Gll East Daniel 80 Active Chapters fog 09 s Top ww: Kathi: n Kile, treasurer: Jean Weiss, pre1irlr'211: , Marlene Ungelier, new-ding :z'cr'errn'y Bottom fam' Colleen I.eahy, COH'6'J'fI!HI1l'f?1g :fcrufarf Flnrence , ,Kraahel, vice pre.rid':m',' Evelyn McCreery,,tbnpi1in 296 I i i lf , :" 1 2 - lv, . ll 'i it 515, -ii' f lr, il Milf i FS? ' 1- -we itil: l tIHfr,?. gvala-1' am- i Q. li 5. mi 2 ., it , l r Ella' 'l l' , ill ' , M. Y H i V f . P ,Ma J i'1'.'i , ., . ,fy .' i l-.Vila i ,i f , 5. l X 9 'K Top rang: Janet Green, Tlllhfflg C!?flf1'lI1-47I,' guna Weilrxrmrl, vit: f!l'e.l'ldHll,' Marian Stewart, I7l'l'JltfllIl!,' Bar am Baurhno, ,ferre- tary Iinrwm raw: Joan Albert, umnanr treasurer: Barbara Barnes, cr!imr,- Dolores Holmes, rrearurer .Wd O Kappa Delta 1204 South Lincoln 82 Active Chapters Twp y-fmf.' Dorothy XVolf, Joan Albert, Mary Jane Stark, Marika Adam, Georgia Miller, Margaret Lynett. Lynne Johnson, Juanita Folhner, Mary Jane Rigney, U -Jurly Peterson. Dorothy Kaufman, Terryl DeLong. Eleanor Krause, Donna Hansen, Yvonne Culverson, Marianne Casey Ibm! row: Marilyn Zcllers, Yvonna Lutrcll, NVinit'recl Dettro, Elisabeth Bachman, Nancy Vesely, Nancy Crow, Barbara Rapp, Jane XVeigaml, Vera Saline, Nannette Klinkey, Celia Concialdi Joan Yifatson, Judith Heien, Ann Nicholas Sucourl row: Joann XVeaver, Mary Ann Kula, Barbara Bauclino, Janet Green, June Wleiland, Mrs. Curry, Marian Stewart, Dolores Holmes, Barbara Barnes, Nancy McCarty, Delores Moser, Harriet Beaurloin, Joan Hnlin, Marilyn Brummer Bottom row: Judy Smith. Barbara Crow, Nancy Crocker, lrcne XVilliarns, Cloralec NVhitc, Elinor Haberlc, Frances Davidson, Alice Reuss N01 in Prnlvf: Jucly Hennig, Betty Keene, Janet Thorngren, Joan Howland . l I ,lu 41, Y.. .ar Agn' 'fs 11' '40, ysf K A ,-o 1.1 ll v . Q . 'Qu env l,'.Ql '1 'r Tap raw: Shirley McVicar, Jane Biodnax, Joan Frazier, Viriipia Halligan, Doris Vogt, Cecily I-Inward, Jean Machin, Barbara Mangler, joan Alderson, Joan Stcngcr, Susan Elfgen, Elizabeth Grihin, Eleanor Mayne, arilyn Smith Third raw: Lynn Nvcndnagel, Jean Handley, Jeanne Miller, Judy James, Judy Miinnis, Claire Vogt, Leslie Ator, Dee Rumsfeld, Ruth XVylie, Sandra Smith, Jane Gray, Nina Temple, Joan Barnbc Second raw: Carol Brown, Judy Listcman Muriel Boehl. Alice Stoilc, Ann Thayer, Jean Albro, Elizabeth Mace, Mrs. Jordan, Shelly Chase, Mary Dinsmorc, Jane Xvhitmore, Barbara Cross, Sallie hioungi Dorothy Porter, Joan Dodds l Bolfam row: Marilyn Jordan, Susan Howarth, :lVcrne Paschen, Mary Marvel, Peggy Nelson, Caroline Shinkle, Roberta Olson, Patricia Butler, Gayle Gundlach, Nancy Ballantine, Carol Gmenwald, Janice Heil Nor in panel: Sheila Fallon, Joyce XVeise Kappa Kappa 1102 South Lincoln 82 Active Chapters Tap rom: Sandra Smith, tmiJgfi-ui',- Jane Gray, pledge tnfimjr Bottom ww: Ann Mace,If:rcm1w11,' Shelly Chase, vice p1'c.rnli'11t,' Jean Albro, hour: thalr-rlzfrrz V 298 99 Phi 1010 South Third Street 67 Active Chaplris Twp rum: Cherie Lylinrtl, rnrbing cbairmanf Barbara Fedor, mwurer 4 130110111 row: Shclia Fleming, ph-rlgc director: Kalah Roerler, wc: fu-rfiden1,' Marilyn Werner, rprefidrntf Sarah Council, :bare- fury Top row: Judy Lutz, Ann Hammond, Wini lauug, juan Smith, Dorothy House, Jorial rbriirnmnp Jeanne Dundon, Eileen Hall, juanne Daigle, Beatrice Agase, Nancy Thomas, Susan Crandall, jan Carlson Second row: Betty Zacharias, Beverly Black, Mary Martin, Sheila Fleming, Sarah Council, Marilyn Werner, Mrs. Mize, Kalah Reeder, Barbara Fcclor, Cherie Ly- ford, Caroline Cramer Bottom row: Ruth Green, Barbara Reynolds, Martha Hahn, Vivian Peukert, Sally Bergman, Diane Brown, Laura Tripp, Barbara Bergstrom, Mary Purcell, Jane Pomerenke . Tap raw: Eleanor Kay, Carol Sweetmv, Lois Kroll, Ruth Agruss, Betty Phillips, Rnberta Friedman, Helen Goldberg, Susanne Apple, Marjorie Baum, Joyce Gnttman, Luis Greenberg. Gloria Kr0ll, Iris Dlrmggitch. I Semin! ima: Renetta Greenberg, Judith Eisenstadt, Eleanor llisenstein, juan Lewis, Mrs. Ella Heyinann, lris Nudelman, Renee Grauer, Zora Dorfman, Sam ra Levin lfimt wzzfs Lenure Ferst, Gertrude NVeiner, Dolores Schmidt, Rita Cohen, Fein Gund, Luis Fremder, Sandra Field, Yvonne Gindick, Evelle Shkolnik, Sheila Schwartz, Libby Brainen, Nancy XY7LlI5h3W Phi Sigma Sigma 1 I 4, W Y, Top ww: joan Lewis, fm1.rmi'r,' Eleanor Eisenstein, .wcruriuyf Renee Ciraver, flirt Pf'i'.rf.flvl1l . Bottom mir: Zora Durlnian, jim! f7ll',Yf1lL'llf,' Iris Nndelinan, ' prfwiilcrlt 1 300 1-""1 l 1.9 irfifula :wpq 558431 1 JF' '-W1 SMA! . lax, film Ing? l l l I l i !:3...- l A ,., 1 ,--wr L. Top raw: Gail Fnrnall, fzlcvlgc nzfrrtcrf Sharon Mayhall, rurhing cbfrirmanf Margaret Pool, !r'm.rln-ur . Bolfnm raw: Marilyn Wfcbbcr, prc.ridr'n!,' Sue Bnckewitz, VIN pi-widen! P' Beta Phi l ' 1005 Smith Wfright 98 Active Chapters 'tp '-agg' "-"g e "C H539-" .7,!JfQ . Y. ,Sa-.. .. ..Ta.,g5,r . rs er av I Taj: mu" Constance Tazewell, Blaine Slddbexg, Margaret Pool, Doralie Flutcher. juan Groth, Martha Sanford, Alice Stewart, Carnl Lnndin, jnsephinc ' Hendrick, Harriet McLaughlin, Ann Winters. JoAnn Stork, Margaret Gaul, Jeanne Hrunkow, Martha Hyncls, Jane Thiem flwirrl raw: Ann Shilladey, Maryn Kasson Emily Ann Wfard, Lynn Miller, Gail Fumall, Constance Kull, Donna Cadwallader, Mama Brewhaker, Cynthia Dolan, Mary Ann Lithcrlan , Carol d0x,gnAnn Davidson. Judith Beatty, Alice Turner, Gwen Peterson Scrum! row: Barbara Bell. Joy Ggaini, Eileen orcrnss, Judy Pmvcll, Mary Hcathcrly, Marilyn Webber, Mrs. Taylor, Sue Bockewitz, Sharon Mayhall, Carnl Seibcrt, Jane Hayes. Barbara eb er, Kathleen Spaulding 1i,,11,,,,, ,-,,,,f,- Mary Hartray, Lizabeth Whittingtcwrx, Rhea Petcrsnn, Nancy XVehher, Ruth Hawkins, Nancy Fischer, Sally Fischer, Nancy Lewis, Mary I.ynn Hage- bush. D-nna Xvilliams. Paula Miller, Alice Baker Carnl Hnlhc Nu! in fnun'l.' Mary Sanford. Karen Smith,3Charlotte jones T011 row: Toby Greenmrm, Nancy Astrof, Ann Helman, Fnxma Bm-owsky, Judith Rosenberg, Roberta Resnick, Vivian Farber, Sandra Goldman, Judith Ruben- stein, Gery Stein, Lola Puttermnn Third row: Joyce Hamburg, Sherry Zweig, Gladys Schcchtman, Arlene Freed, Enid Weinstein, Marian Osheroff, Carol Salmon, Tobi Zuieback, Sandra Kmut, Leita Klein, Carol Gol berg 1 Second row: Marlene Treger, Jean Shnnberg. Renee Dvorc, Bonnie Engler, Mm. Mildred Horowitz, Deborah Gollub, Rosalie Lihrach, Diane Evans, Annette Teitelbnum, Beverly Wriglzt Boltrgnz gawk Jiissa Malrgulius, Sue Trnxler, Diane Eisenberg, Marlene Brody, Adrienne Neuman, Charlene Brown, Judith Loeb, Mona Adsley, Rosanne Nnchbar, an ffl 11111 Noi in fmncl: Roberta Skulnik, Barbara Siegal, Judith Starsky Sigma Delta Tau T011 ww: Bunnie Engler, wire pmidmxg Debbie Gollub, pf'r'1iflc'f11,' Rene Dvnre, urretary lialiom fluff: Bobbie Skolnik, !rvn,vmerg Rnsnlie Librach, .rtbolm-.whip fbdlffllrlll 302 g , l 1 K I KI! I 1 r S r i Top :mir Romeyn Schrock, hm rice prqxidfntf Ramona Scdlacek, rcrqrding :ecrrmr ,- Darlene Munts, corresponding Jerulary: Margaret Birtwelmyvcorzdr-via: pruidunt g Boiron: iraw: Anne Gothwaite, tremurerf Ann Vodak, feginrar: Doris Netzer. pruidenf P i It Q90 Q F ' o oiwhiee Slgma Kappa 713 Wfest Ohio 62 Active Chapters Top raw: Kay Robinson, Marie Fisher, Sue Ewing, Janice Lindcmzin, Barbara Blucge, janet Olson, Margaret Stone, Susan XValtcrs, Nancy Dowling, Marilyn Il-Ioaglund, Lois Moffett I I I I I I Tbrrd raw: Carol Cris , Beverly Galvin, Moline Pilibosian, Mary Allen, Marjorie Wiegand, Joanna Forsberg, June Eichler, Lnis johnson, Alice Rudwall, Miriam Smith, Phyllis Birtwell, Carol Peterson I I I Srfronzl row: Carnlc Truckenbrod, Darlene Munts, Romeyn Schrock, Margaret Birtwell, Mrs. Buckley, Doris Netzer, Ramona Secllacck, Florence Golhwaitc, Ann Vodak, Emily Boggs Ruth Romoscr I I I I I I llnlmm row: Ianct Smith, Barbara Barnes, Norma Fernandes, Sandra Sederlund, Marilyn Gamlin, Alice Klingensmith, Myra Bloxom, Penny Malinn, Carnl Andrews, Merle Smedberg I ,, mi '11 1 , i 1, A, al' ,fr Q ., A I AJ, 'Una' A ' .iv 4 'f i i 1 Top raw: Bobcttc Schrntbcrger, Roberta Hurst, Nancy Holtz, Mary Tlmmaso Putman, jualy Martin Tbinl rr11zf.' Nancy Danne, ,Ioan Burdcs, Ruth Miller, Marilyn Ganscliuw, Marilyn jnncs Sammi mia: Mary McKinnic, Mary Gibson, Diane Prappas, Mary Humphr right liolmm row: jean Hngan, Shirley Beaty. Rae Grosch, Antoinette Paulavisli, Qidfkf on 40 WQQI' "lc, ,Q , -. .J ,V Top row: Diane Prappas, trearurerf Carolyn Brewer, rbupluinf mai, Jane Gibson, vdiiaf Second ww: Dorothy Jones, prc.ridrnt,' Virginia Davis, vita pY'U.l'lclUl1f Boftam raw: Mary Lou Humphreys, nlfmmi rim preridmtp Carnl Link, Jeri-vim-y ' , . Cf J i n, Artemis Sntirakns, Barbara Hughes, Carol Mucnter, Joan Rush, JoAnn Farley, Marie Betty Lee, Marcia Claltord, l.ucillc Bremner, Virginia Xvard, Arlene Huddlcstnn. eys, Durothy jones, Mrs. Treacy, Virginia Davis, Carol Link, Carolyn Brewer, Lois En- Suzanne Envaldi, Martha Dcnpel, Elizabeth Kircher, joan johnson, Bette Hammond Theta Upsilon 304 s r s l i if , v M . Z K, V i 2 'T 5 5 l wi ll i 4r.HlSiaihil11?1 4. l 05 Tap ww: Betsey Byrns, rife jmxriflvzrtg Blcnor Frasc, lflwidfflfi janet Glowe, ,rr':rclm'y , Botlamlrowr Margaret Curtiss, birlnriun Not in panel: Arlene Stauber, ifearurer 9920 E Q KMA ' I-4,lr mp! Zeta Tau Alpha 808 Wfest Vermont 93 Active Chapters T011 rnw: Carol Schaefer, jacqualin Davis, Lois Kilburn, Karen Gerhardt, Audrey Kutilek, Dorothy Moriarty, Bernadette Rulwis, Virginia Rexrnat, janet jones Third raw: joan Truckcnbrod, Darleen Kennedy, Margaret Gower, Marian Nelson, Sheila Parrish, Elaine Pohl, Harriett Armstrong, Grace Schlaeger, Sue Ray, Geraldine Ryndak, Darlene Diekman I Sevoml raw: Rcva Fort Barbara. Weir, Janet Glawe, Margaret Curtiss, Betsy Byrns, Mrs. Hankins, Eleanor Prasc, Arlene Stanber, Alice Ogden, janet Niebergall, Linda Selmlcrs A I 50110111 raw: Lillian Balazs, Betty Onstad, Joan Vladar, Marianne Brestek, Carol Newton, Shirley Baumann, Alyce Aclcsko, Elizabctlr Ackerman, Dianne Albert, Lorraine Roulette, Maxine Searle Nor m 1mm'l.' Carolyn Blackltd N . 4, . .h J I, :flip 'EH ,: 2 ' 52+ . Q96 LSW' 6, .H A ,. . .16 j' iqb M. ,hr ,X ,v A Vfxwww- 5 , ' ' Top row: Donna Lav, Kay Russis, Judith Skorodin, Yvonne Berntsen, Susan Rickles, Harriet Cohen, jean Lamb, Jeanette Engelhrecht, Peggy Scott, Rosalind Davidson, Kay Carlson, Suzanne Carlson I Third raw: Thelma Cohen, Barbara Tracy, Yoshimi Amino, Gail Pompian, Lyn Cygan, Kama Bloomberg, Sydney Edelstein, Shirlee Blum, Ruth Moylc, Adrienne Lavin, Helen Rolnick, Elene Schicrmer, Cathy Chentes Second row: Frances Rizzo, Dorothy Schlitt, Chris Mariankos, Barbara Turner, Beatrice Rosenberg, Julie Rettko, Nancy Kendrix, Anne NVcsner, Esther Ollc, Made- line Shapiro, Bcverlee Small, Dolores Reizner, Idelle Milstein Bafmm raw: Dorothy Cunningham, Martha Ringncss, Diane Wallantler, Nancy Upsall, Auguste Lehman, Melitta Brandes, Estelle Lavine, Harriet Sax, Virginia Kinder, Davida Bernstein, Harriet Raskin I l ' Nor in panel: Trudy Arst, joan Babb, Frieda Beatty, Patricia Biskugfc,-rlcan Black, Harlene Bleiweiss, Marilyn Boock, Alice Clark, Diane Elfrfin, Regina Firant, Frances Freeman, Marilyn Frew, Judith Golding, Irene Green, arr yn Gustafson B sey Hall iiii w fcsr N cvrr i,. Top mw: Virginia,NIeanne Ascher, .forial rlmfrmnng Barnara I-Iagaman, trea.furer,' ancy Berquist, Jerri-tary Bottom raw: jane Keitzing, inride vita p1'eriden!,' Nicki Kotsiakos, prerirlenl: J'oan1Babb, outxida vin frmrident 1 306 -4 l 1 i,1 si , rl! iii PI , 1 rig . fx: ' '25 fi! fi? J, I i l 1 1 1 1 L55- r, ..,. .Ge P v .2 ma aff - all 'I' , 5552 ' il ,J fer ' 1.3! , N, 'Q'-',:?,,,, 1- fi 5' L, 'iiifi-if 1 :iv 'wav i 11. ,--.15- I ,. '11 -A l ,l ii 307 .IM hge' 'v - A fl' lf sziifwfi' Q 151' 6231, H if ' i v 1 1-A-1- 'ng is ' 1 .,.m1f', , ff Q ' ' .. ,, ifflzfil 'f 'fl wi Jn? '4 1, i A uv. -I-Asn.-.J Sce, there llc ls' Bogey Hall WGS 1111 West Nevada s - . , -1 Top row: Sandra Sniith, Frances Woodmm, Zoe Skalafuris, Inna Priede, Harriet Aeplebaum, Marilyn Sachs, Ann Weston, Mary' Rubenis, Ruth Coddington, Nancy Biggins, Grace Komosa Patricia Schumacher, Alberta Wolff, Madeleine La ezzi, Arlene DePesa, Donna Larson, Nancy Hiatt, Margaret Flowers, Marie 4 Daus, Vir mia Reda, Ann Barber, Joan Novak. Lois Miller, Sylvia Caytcn, Donna Graf lwmrlb row: 'Phyllis Henson, Francine Walter, Dorothy Gross, Sandra King, Joy Kranzow, Doris Valenta, Mary Ann.Johnson, Janet Moeller, Irene Harrington, Juva Cunningham, Joyce Davis, Marjorie Leach, Lois Jett, Pat Hutson, Merle Brown, Jeanette Burdick, Velma Sleight, Joyce Pickard, Joan Johnston, Kath- l D d P l Pt' ' McAt J d'tl Cnhcn , een ee s, atsy ljomson, arlcla eer, u i 1 - . I V ' Third f0llJ.' Joyce Ba lard, Pauline Asc, Carol Preston, lla Miller, Bea Jablonski, Lorcnxa Rgsao, Patricia Clare, Jeanie Aschcr, Virginia Lcc, Jane Klitzing, Ilsosemary Bowers, Dolorcs1Kotsiakos, Barbara Hagaman, Janice Babb, Nancy Berquist, Lois Johnson, Joette Mason, Anna Mae Chivinsky, Louise Hausman. ' Ph ll ' ' ' arriet Hutchin s, is 1 1 , ' Second row: Marygwehrier, Baggara Jamei, Carrnelita. Konzen, Rcginia Front, Harlcne Bleiweiss, Diana Haskell- Geraldine Celusnak, Katherine Pinkley. Marjorie Greenwood, Betty Jurasitz, Dena Freeman, Adrianne Match, Carolyn Smith, Jane Blur, Karol Weihl, Elizabeth Richardson, Loretta Wilwliite, Joan Freitag, Catherine Dagcs, Hope Kenigsberg, Marlene Czerwinski I u . Bottom row: Mary Jennings, Rhoda Roberts, Dcrrilyn Knudtson, Janet Penvneman, Sandra. Rubin, Ellen Berolzhermer, Barbara Brog, Shirley Jacobson, Doris Pryor, Judy Epstein, Sandy Miller Noelle Rich,'Joycc Handler, June Temple, Jean Huber, Marguerite Oberto, Beverly Shanle, Marilyn 'l'esmcr Nor in panel: Sherle Olson, June Peterson, Joyce Pounds, igjvhic Pruss, Barbara Russel, .ois Schneebergelr, Mary Shivq, Patricia Sieve-rs, Katherine Soucek, Judith Toler, Anne Vckich, Mar Wehner, Renee West, Marion est, Barbara Wlmitc, June Hclmig, Nancy Hiatt,.Helen Hines, Demetra Harakourtis, Sylvia Kareken, Carmelita Konzen, Ruth Lapin, Dorothy Leschcr, Norma Levine, Lois Lundy, Camilla Lyon, Andrea Mazzlne, Mary Merz ,V , -,, ..,i ,...... Il" lwv-W zvr Q11 .Q -v' fr- 1' a-l'Fwir'l FP. ' 1' ' ' 5 't al" .llinv YI, . . v I4 i A--."xf 'L",' 'QMHIZB K' L lk. fftil fnttnwl' 'L':."x-It 'fri-. v:'f-f lb I-. JL, 1. U r A ' QU ' 5 ' Top row: Joanne Belton, Judy Feincl, Mdi'ilyn'I.esCi1re, PafriciilCarrico, Janis Lindblom, Ethel Pohlman, Mary StoCkleg"CarOIe NVilkins, Judy Vogel, Shirley Beckman, Diane Jones, Anne Andersen, Norma Wade, Elaine Kihn, Martha Donnelly, Carol XValker, Betty Britt, etty Sandhass, Anne Kohlbeck, Andrea Purdy v , Third raw: Afroditc Konstans, Irma Williaulson, Sandra May, Lois Kilbcrg, Mary Francis glensen, Marjorie Chalfant Mary Ann Cootello, Gloria Wenzel, Patricia Baima, Catherine Aplington, Piia Llepins. Martha Boren, Anita West, Eileen 'rigalunas, Barbara Bales 'Nanci' Karls, Virginia Foertsch Xvrnnd row: Ruth Lanrzham. Sue Mcyers,'Beth Armin, June Cykele, Jackie Stumbaugh, Marilyn Moore, Donna Drew, Mrs. Ama Moore, Ruth Porter, Ruth Hook, Marilyn Mehlenhachcr, Carole Kullcn, Peggy Quish, Vera Shcuchuk, Barbara Frank. Ellen Cox 1 llnlmm row: Alice Mahler, Mary Gloria, Char otte Laurine Eileen Johnston, Marilyn Kapala, Barbara Moore, JoAnn Ridley, Ethel McHenry, Marilyn Harmon, Phyllis Siegert, Sandra Zartman, Sally Barton, Virginia Victorian, Lucille Buzelli, Joyce Wfatt Nut in I71llIl'l.' Joyce Putnam , ' le Hall f 501 East Armory I e if S r , , l if 3 X s CJ O Q 1 i 5 r , 1 i c anal lt. . l . l i l i r , Top ww: Marilyn Mehlenbacher, rrrlirfly !l'L7ilil'lffdII,'A Birth Hook, . rf'ea4r,,,-w-,j Donna Drew, 1m'rirlr'ul,' Ruth Porter, ifltq l'I'1'-fllfvflf Bottom f'011'.'g!M8rilyn Moore, .rl'rrurm'y,' Jackie jStumbaup.:h, .rntlfll , ,. m""A"""'L.t.,.,.,..,. f 5.g-.-,.... 3 i 1 27 , in l' ,Ill ,. ffkmn. 24.55 .-,A. lv .. i-. rig , 115 ' .' l Z, ,Q ,V ,j ,, ur. - v . ,1 l I iw r Hifi' ill' fr 1 N1 ,i W AL 1 i ,M l r. ,ll l. slr TW? , qi l 1 i R. .'V'. ' ,.,vTj.y' f 1 lv A 9 T011 raw: Marlene Third raw: Mcrna Second raw: Jn ce Bottom raw: Alice Not in fmnel: Elle Top rrnyii Bda Dnlins. rnr'1':'.l'lrrn1zli:1g .,reury1m-yf,I2fhgI Ngiiditchr :wording .tetrrIary,' Sandra Romanolf, Irea.ruf2r',' Eileen lFish, Joridl 6 aifmfm J Hollow 7010: Eileen Gnlb, rica 1J1'e'Jid6nI,' JOYCE Lexitnn, fpfffi- flvm',' Beverly Shapiro, frerhmun advirer E K T Club WGS 1106 Wfcst Oregon Horherg, Adrienne Berman, Serene Sachar, Carolyn Lamct ' Davis, Barbara Dubinsky, Sarah Friecllancler, Lorraine Brodsky, Ilene Silver, Joan Wlerner Marcus, Ethel Naiclitch, Sandra Romannfl, Eileen Fish, rlnyce Leviton, Beverly Shapiro, Eileen Golb, Eda Dnlins Mandel, Marilyn Greene, Sheila Cnhl, Ann Wckslcr, Ia Saunders, Judith Reimer, Eve Edelstein n Blucthe, Maurine Weinstein It T011 raw: Roberta Hoegner, Betty Conreau, Marilyn Nelson, Sharon Beckmeyer, Atlele Murr, Dorothy Sloan, Patricia Watson, Eileen Schaefer, Elizabeth Oakes. Lorraine Gcittmann, Helen Andrews, Sandra Rains, Marlene Kucera, Joyce Adler, Yvonne Seadin Second' row: Helen Martinson, Gloria Winkel, Barbara Goldman, Dona Fletcher, Johanna Grites, Maureen Heraty Elaine Heytow, Doris Krull, Carole Kamin, Miriam Golub, Theoclora Stavros, Lynn Bryant, Virginia Garczynshi, Gail Cartland, Ruth Stapels, Dorothy Lutclilca, Lois Yatle, Roxane Kamm, Betty Anne Ulbricht, Mary Wfeber, Margaret Tracy, Maurene Kictzman 1 Bottom raw: Margaret Cain, Nancy Nadasdy, Donna Beck, Sheila Solomon, Marjorie Oathout, Carol Mayer, Mary Fugn, Mary Pelikan, Mrs. Cotter, Mary John- son, Vera Orsbom, Jessie Green, Ruth Rust, Lois Zabrobsky, Margery Burger Noi in prwel: Sharlene Abramson, Frances Adams, Arlene Berg, Marianna Calamar, Sandra Carnow, Gertrude Danaher, Marilyn Dick, Shirley Epstein, Judith Friedman. Phyllis Friedman, Sandra Gimpel, Ruth Gruendling, Karol Kane, Sarah Katz, Johanna Kauffman, Shirley Layman, Charlene Lynch, l.otis Miller, Carolyn Peterson, Ruth Post, Heba Riggin, Sheila Satovitz, Judy Siegal, Nancy Utley, Joyce Wfhite, Rosalie Wlolf, Valerie Ziska, Judy Zucker .xl QA. lk y we mart Pr 1115 West Nevada .fi 4 if e I Tap row: Mary Richman, mr-ifrl chairman: Virginia Churchill, ' ficrivirie: chairman , h Suomi row: Mary Carson, vice pre.fidef1f,' Patricia Vallero, 177011- dcntf Ruth 'H0r!in, .fFCf5'frlI'y ' Bottom raw: Beverly Brissenden, lrei1.rurer,' Toni Mrmcuso, hall . ,rfzwrcil tbnifmun 1 , , ., . .,., ,. Y. ,,,,.,, i l 310 Q 5 i i l i l I 5 1 . R , .- rl ., ,Vx Z "x A . 1 'i 1 Jil 'r g, it 51' J 3 lil. r,- , ,nv a ,f 11 B -:wg f 14- V 5?"ff"""7"f1 VT". - K I r. JS i 2 1 .l l 1 ' an ,a ,X LJ .5 Top H1111 : Beverly Brissenden, ll'L'IlJlH'07',' Toni Mnricuso, clmifmdnw lvl! calmril Sucoml mill: Mary Carson, vice jrrcrirlcrzh Patricia Vnllero, preli- rlwztf Ruth Hortin, .racretary llfflfflll raw: Mary Richman, mfiul rlmirmun: Virginia Churchill, nrliffify tlmirvrrm Evans Hall jd 1, 1115 West Nevada T011 row: Charlotte Woodard, Jeanne Jaraez, Miriam Weisbord, Elaine Cook, Sandra Matzkin, Janene Johnson, Rosemary Atkinson, Marlene Holl, Audrey Schultz, Lillian Jenkins, Darlene Millet, Audrey Veazic, Norma Brooks, Vera Rimnac, Lorna Bussell, Bernadine Bernharclt, Janette Bernhardt, Marilyn Becker, Joanne Riedel, Shirle Randels, Diane Eshleman, Madonna Miller, Joan Pilot, Bonnie Kennie, Bonnie Wahl Second row: Katlierine Karakourtis Rae Ann Starr, Johnnita Daniel, Dagmar Stibolt, Carole Reemis, Bonita Felsenthal, Claire Jo Stinson, Nancy Glidden, Lucille Papke, Delores Hughes, Linnie Mallory Jo Ann Melahn, Iloan Lower, Connie Bcrutti, Emily Klmpert, Margaret Rippingcr, Jane Burkhardt, Joan Schur, Nancy Ahrenrt, Ruth Schaper, Patricia Kelly, l'ntricia Kane, Ame ia Gaza. Sally Martin, Sandra Faulhaber Bottom row: Lucille Hecht, Shirley Sherrmann, Barbara Postlewait, Virginia Audino, Geraldine Felerman, Darlene Whalen, Toni Mancuso, Beverly Brissentlen, Mary Carson, Patricia Vallero, Ruth Hortin, Virginia Churchill, Mary Richman, Erna We-staway, Mary Jane Fennessey, Pauline Weissman, Patricia Coulson, Lillian Mackey, Kendra McKemie , I , . N01 in pancl.' Patricia Bossa, Janet COX JoAnn Glenn, Carol Gurolnlck, Viola Ht.-1ncll.'lJl1yllis Jarlenbskl, D0l0reS Jones, Gloria Jones, Nancy March, Florence Spencer, Mary Tumenas, Bettye Wal'ker, Patricia XValler, Joyce Xvhitmore, Edith XVilliams an gn 1' 'fl r i 1 v x.. . , X A ff' . ' -1-..-R Tap rozv: Cynthia- Traughbcr, Clulrldftte Hogan, Kay Jenner, Patricia Rcnlgcn, Judith Knnnckcr, Rita Sclmertifijulihhii'Aiikcnbrand, Janet Johnson, Hclcn .XVilson, Gcorgiana Glover, Marilyn MIC er, Carol -Pirch, Marilyn Murine, Nancy Jurld ' - - I Tlnrizl rgzuallhiartga MassieBAgnc lliewas, Roberta Bexmfohr, Joan Tate, Luona Jean Wfebb, Nancy Monroe, Audrey Nelson, Margaret Francis, Phyllis Wflntc- ea , a ys rommct, ar ara 0 Second row: Joyce Bolton, Eva Woorllall, Helen Kromat, Caryl Tnwslcy, Dorothy Dralcefnxd, Polly Sanders, Anna Meyer, Martha Large, Betty Johnson, Virginia Sinclair, Dcloras Hawks Ballon: ranfu' Marilyn Huber, Donna Hawks, Joanne Helms, Ima Basslcr, Ruth Bchrcnrls, Irlcnc Parrill, Billie Boggio, Lila Ricketts, Marlys Lothson 4-H House bf., Tap row: Car l Towsley, tfeamrcrf Betty Johnson, bogus frmpagvrg Rita Schcr ilracording :ecretnryf Martha Large, :anal rlafnrnmfli . . Eva Wimodqb ' 't'0mmi.rmry Baffom raw: I orothi Drakcford, ficq j1rc.ri1lmf,' Polly Sanders, - prvrizlmh' 'Anne ewis, co1'r'v,rpo11r1'1:1g .rccrclrld I-qi C? 312 5 i ' l V , .. .,.. a. Q . , 'rf .r 52 gi, J , J sf fa: W ii W- is? al. 5 iff ai? if-is V .-.- 4 fy .,,,.., af: fl 'w V . ,Ill i n , A L. r H Z 1. , l 3 . Top ww: Pearl Shilc, fI'l'.fbNlL'I1 mlriJnr,' Roslyn llregar, .wridl rlmirmnn .Yvmml raw: Sheiln Kippel, lrcrr.rm'w',' Sheila Kirshenhzium, :fr- rrfmfy 1 liazmju row: Sari Rubenstein, preridenlg Vera Diemer, :iw lgrerl- rw!! Harmon House G 112 East john Top row: Rosemary Pnnick, Toni Nedved, Lois Jordon, Ruby Frasier, Betty Nicholson, Diana Pinslg, Terry Hyman, Lois lfriedlnnil Serum! row: Mzlriury Katz, Resa Donath, Shirley Cohen, Qnmli Eisenstcin, Carole Sgitzer, Snmlra Olclstc-rn, Caroleen Upcllke, Rennc Stahl, Lucy Chang linrtfmz row: Sheila Kippel, Sfirell Schlutz, Shirlcc Sustrin, Sari Rubenstein, Mrs. Rn inson, Vera Dlemer, Sheila Kirshcnbnum, Roslyn Bcrgar, Pearl Shik Top row: Shirley Speilman, Claire Bernhardt, Paulette Lippman, Geraldine Fnymor. Paula Forlcosh, Norma Linkow, Pemma Rubenstein, Barham Bornstein, Sandra Mozin, Nancy Coopermrin, Charlotte johns, Cheily Goldberger, jackie Greenblntt Third row: Shirley Stein, Joanne Flescher, Joyce Roscnblatt, Francine Skar, Elenor Corvan, Dixie Shellow, Susan Greenheld, Alice Feldman, Miriam Burns. Karen Ponter, Dianne Brookstone, Lila Goldberg. Judy Kilto Seraml raw: Louise Rosingnrd, Lonn Shapiro, Ann Myers, Joan Brookstone, Charlotte Bender, Audrey Blumenthal, Charra Sugerrnnn, Marilyn Mayer, Mnlkn Mcvis, Darlene Schwartz Bolton: row: Marilyn Drcsdin, Enid Levy, Addriene Nntken, Toby Unkov, Sue Iceberg, Alice Mayer, Ellen Manowitz, Renae Larvin ,Var in fmnrl: Lorraine Adntto, Bnlfura Henkin Indeco House GS .rrrrri Top row: Charm Sugermnn, recrctrn-yy Audre Blumenthal, lf'L'rl.IlH'L'I',' Ann Myers, ,furinl clyrlirfmlng Lina Sil1lI7il'O, .facial chairman Bottom 1-ozrf: Geraldine Fnymor, rice lrrnidmfg Charlotte 'Bender prcfidenf ' ' , , ,W l 314 r 2 . l f"' ' i 5 1 y l I i , I I' lr , 1.1, ' J ti r xi '. Z , i 1 L l ii Laurel House Top row: Ina Brown, .rccrulary Svraud row: Sandra Tanncnbnum, facial chairman: Snnclm Vlay jzmridenlf Roan Gold, vice prcxidenl Bottom raw: ence Dobkin, lrcamrer GS Top raw: Barbara Cigclnik, Dena Leventhsl, listclle Abrams, Rhoda Dunn, joy Nuvit, Bernita Becker, Gloria Spear, Marilyn Chemino Third raw: Beverly Bernsen, Deborah Bass, Marlene Goldstein, joan Rosenblrmm, Eva Klein, Sandra Levin. Sandra Epstein Second row: Sylvia Bernstein. Sheila Jacobson. Snndm Tnnnenbnum. Snntlm Vlny, Mrs. McDowell, joan Gold, Ina Brown, Beverly Knntor, Renee Dnhkin Bottom raw: Sheila Young, Thelma Kempncr, Judith Ellman, Caryl Ellmnn, Nntnlie Saxon, Kay Levinson Not in panel: Marion Diamond, Sandra Ablenmn WGS Tap raw: Patricia Fraser, Martha Wahl, jane Behringer, Marilyn Baker, Marlene XVcrtz, Mary Heatnn, Doris Naumann, Barbara Prikumy, Carul Bueringa, Patricia Halpcr, Diane Pershing Sr-cam! raw: Darby McGinty, Duainc Krug, Beverly Bunting, Pamela Porter, Suzanne Kennedy, Marilyn Ruth, Evelyn Gepford, Joyce Furman, Judith Tarr, Virginia Frank, Cynthia jnrdan Iinfforu raw: Shirley Erickson, Marilyn Douglas, Margery Hnlterman, Carolyn Travis, Barbara Rogers, Mary Larson, Margaret Ray. Margery Dckrcun. Sigue Whmcl Nnl fu jumi'l.' Dnlrvres Sicgcrt Leeman Lodge da- ' 1 --5 . 1 242' , ' Q-,ggi eqir Top rotyu' Mary Larson I2L'l'4'lrIIy.' Margaret Ray. treaaurrr - Bollomirorru' Margery f-Ialtcrmann, :Wu ,H'L',fi!lt'I1f,' Carolyn 'Travis Z" . . .r . ,. ,, 316 1 l- 'K e ' X J ik J ' lr 1 V ,,,. 1 -- ,,.- I Tap row.-. Paula Tager, ,recr-cli1ry,- Doris Henderson, mmmiltee coordinator ' l A . Smarty! raw: Fran Izbicky, fzrrrrdcu1,' Rom Freedman, ww pren- ent liotlam row: Merle Friedman, racial chairman: Rhoda Kodish, fl't'rl.fllYPf Lincoln Avenu GS Residence, North 1005 South Lincoln Avenue Tap row: Barbara Litman, Marlene Glassman, Edna Williams, Marcia Painter, Luann Waddell, Margaret Schlaeger, Charlene Bell, Judy Detina, Roberta Du- bofsky, Rose Greenwald, Barbara Peterson, Rosalie Wolinsky, Sue Gordon Si.-:th row: Evelyn Bird, Sandra Rosin, Valiean Jones, Liz Vier, Doris Lapp. Janice Pinsky, Marguerite NVilson, Mary Fulton Fifth row: Jane Alexander, Marilyn Johnson, Joanne Knoch, Nancy Vhynal, Elaine Vlachos, Pearl Asher, Helen Laczynska, Judy Cooper, Barbara Brown, Nancy Greene, Joanne Kamaradt, Audrey Lalnirka, Joanne Hoover, ldelle Friedman, Joyce Peterson, Roni Freedman V Fourth row: ,ludg Wilkinson, Carol Nashban, Arlene Barov, Margaret Lupton, Jan Jordan, Bertha Chandler, Willie Frazier, Jean Richardson, Janet Erickson, Donna Jack, arbara Lee, Joan Kar, Jane Ericson, Willa Mitchell Third row: Mary Vachta, Nan Gil espie, Arlene Polsgrove, Mary Plys, Pegty Caskey, Mutya Tirol, Lucy Bregar, Roberta Wfeiner, Ann Frankel, Elaine Meh- lamn, Michacline Custabile, Ewen Cartwright, Audrey Swaney, Edith Broc-man, Lorraine Snyder, Vanita Bradley Second rout' Than Pennington, Dorothy Thompson, June XVhite, Doris Shoukley, Irene Letush, Barbara Hurt, Joan Cattaneo, Phyllis Gordon, Frances Bennet, Shirley Zetcher, Lorraine Harris, Alice Leiman, Laberne Ruth, Patricia Johnson, Margaret Parsons Bnlmm 1'01l'.' Cathy Ross, Bebe Bowers, Dorothy Jordan, Annie Toles, Sharon Druse, Patricia Trotter, Natalie Sue Wiggers, Carolyn Campbell, Evelyn Penzak, Joan Duszvnska, Gladys Musdal, Sheila Sherman, Barbara Mullncr 1 :Q it Top raw: Vivian Kertshmer, Ann Mattiitlfly, Clraltl'LIvIarsErall,' Norma Zinrlt, Barbara Vifinters, Roberta McGill, Amelll!"SlSiIl,"'Bnid'Levicn, Nancy Clem, Marianne Jankiewicz, Jean Wollenlraupt, Joan? attson, Sheila Mason l Svvvrrtb row: Barbara Schwimmer, Elizabeth Burrell, Leorai Dixon, Patricia Gately, Gloria Pruzansky, Joanna Norrig, Diane Zolt, Marilyn Mathison, Ruth Collins Sixth row: Agnes Dougherty, Nancy Pool, Ruth Parkhill, Janice Dunn, Patricia Jensen, Marsha Kanzelbaum, Marian Gentes, Carol Bernstein, Janet Gronburg. Anna Bozis, Verna Davis, Joan Gooclmiller, Judith Rotman, Connie Juliussen l Fiflh row: Dorothy Sylling, Joann Ronny, Mary Groves, Carol Rosenclalrl, Lois Hcxrlall, Nancy Arms, Judy Xvingsttom, Carole Leverty, Patricia Fitzgerald, Mary McI'hail, Carol Magnan, Ann !Riclinger Barbara Scott, Constance Sucherman 5 Fourth rom: Betty Dunte, Claire Erfzer, Sally Clotrigan, Dorine Chancellor, Jean Ayson, Evelina Kao, Jean Cooper, Jean Franz, Janet Brewer, Loretta Barclay. Helen Jackson, Ruth Keller, Mari yn -Dunn r Tbira' row: Jeanne Josephson, Shirley Baldwin, Janet Collins, Joan Frank, Bernice Finkleman, Lucille Frederick. Jeanette Kemp SL'L'0li2l fdillfi Maral Wfeirctcr, Arlinc Newman, Nadine Kessler, Margo Sliechter, Maurine Kelley, Margaret Roetlcr, Joan Warp, Marion Johnson, Theresa Roddy, ay .e tes 1 - r Bottom row: Harriet Wfeinburfz, Barbara,Weprainsky, Jo Luceg, Marjrwrie Iles, Anila Magana, Adrienne Herzberg, Dawn Bagnuolo, Eileen Barr, Lois Stansbury, Nancy Lee, Dorothy Hami ton, Sandra Learmonth, Helen rown - , , A I Lincoln AAVQ-:nne WGS Residence South if 1005 South Lincoln Avenue r 5 . l i 1 r 1 X . Y ' , Top mm: Betty Priggie, .recremryf Jo I.ucey,rmu1minea cagrdimztor ' if-,. . Second ww: Dorot y Kuller, trvrinn-ery Nancy Clem, Jacml chair ' - Maw Q' I , x r, Bvllom rolvf Roberta McGill, rin' :reridentf Vivian Kretchmer F' "f1rr'.rirfvut "" ' ' M 1.4 u,,vw,,,, 1 ,ti-wgr-wr , fzfiw '11 if Q lit ' ' 'l' . frfir-er or - r 4 . 1 rgrzgpwygz r. an--, V - Y Q in 1 vi, , ,-,'-w- We-. 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V- -J -P5 x ,.- f J 1 2 , r N Y Al 'f ! r 1 r -. f 1, 9 Top foul: Naomi Moderick, Carol Goldstein, Shirley Moscovitz, Vicki Rosenberg, Barbara Hayer, Paula Straul, Margaret XVaite, Mildred Jemilo, Marilyn Gil- lison, Barbara Donovan, Diane Keer, Grace Feldman Sixth raw: Betty Brotman, Patricia McCoy, Margaret Loucks, Diane Wfindett, Martha Simer, Ann Hixson Filth row: Libby Goodman, Cynthia Carlson, Shirley Scherer, Lut Newboe, Alfreda Phelps, Margaret Mcl.aughlin, Barbara Sandquist, Lena Seligman, Pat Schcr, Marilyn Marchok, Iris Rappaport I Fourth row: Mariiane Bergman, Phyllis Miner, Harriet Dawson, I.ory Jonatot, Sarah Roach, Sandra Morgan, Marilyn Faden, Shirley Gustafson, Barbara Silk, Mary Smith, Carol Wleinbauer, Nina Allen, Denise Danncr, I.eah Truxell- Third 70103 Janet Marshall, udith Verneuil, Lucia Hadley Anita Pavicnevich, Ann Sowers, Ann Novosad, Joyce Totten, Carolyn King, Jeanne Forney, Eleanor N illstead, Mar Piill, Mildred Larkin, Mary Ulfelman, Sandra Bushausen, Paula lngerman, Doris Sutton .Yecoml raw: Barbara Zamiier, Sally Hull, Kay Helde, Julaine Brayford, Mary Rausch, Carolyn Suteher, Cathy Davis, llse Haupt, Harriet XVaril, Dionne Glasser, Norma McClure, Bonnie McManus, Marcia Hediger . A l Bottom row: Rhoda Kodish, Jeanette Mischke, Ina Lefstin, Toby Greenberg, Chris Kopetas, Lorraine Wfeinherg, Paula Tager, Barbara Lipschultz, Kay Akers, Fern Goldstein, Hanna Meilach, Tobey Baer Lincoln Avenue Residence, Lincoln Avenue Residence, North South Tofi rrzwf Sally Dienst, Jean Tirohn, Eleanor Anderson, Barbara Kerr, Marilyn Rubenstein, Stella Kohan, Rosalie Berkowitz, Barbara Martinec, Jacquelyn Gale, Janice XVilkes, uth Johnson, Gloria Stevens, Joan Dunbar, Darlene Schuessler, Janice Schallman, Laurie McKnight Filth row: Ruth Norb , Mariorie Smith L Fourlh row: Lucille Jlaegfelcl, lrene McCarthy, Helene Blum, Georgia Ehlen, Marilyn Kleaver, Joanne Suteliffe, Roberta Cohen, Helene Goldberg Carolyn Backus, Shirley Campeggio, Lois Lackner, Mary Jane Eversole, Diane Maltas ' Third row: Phyllis I.arnino, Nancy Frankson, Sandra Spero, Betty lfriggie, Janet Engbring, Margaret Kalina, Paulette Dolowy, lileanor Popovsky, Joanne Puckert, Sondra Kirsch, Beverly Tibby, Jean XVashburn, Susan Reininger Second row: Patricia Miller, Ann Rose, Judy Ailes, Carol Stewart, Carole Hoge, Suzanne Kuhle, Joan Brunkow, Jacqueline Keogh, Judy Brunkqiyv' Lfylly Sin. clair, Marilyn Kclin, Dolores Uebelc, Louise Vick, Barbara Nave, Judith Simon Bolton: row: Lillian Nishida, Shirle Lentz, Beverly Sturt, Janice Charlson, Elsie Patterson, Norma Magaw, Sharon Schneider, Nancy Dufour, Shirley NVeiner, Marilyn Gaines, Vivian Shay, Phyllis Lcrman, Rosalie Watkins Tap rnu'.' Mary Campbell, Duck Choo Oh, Betty Hadley. Rosella Erun Marily n McC1rullL Cuul lIllLlSll'UIl'l Nina Wilson Shirley Melrns Dolores Stmrlc Margaret Smith, Cecile Creath, Barbara Monotone, Ellen Bell, Martha Ruckmin juclrth link jineee Irppy Nancy Brown 'Third mm: Delores Hickman, jnnn Hasman, Isabel Heep, Elinor Iunkml. Vlfj.,llIl1 brett jim Greene Eunree Renee Nance Postlcwm M-rrlnrrc Headley Beverley Hill, Mrs. Phelan. Olive Dncham, Mary Soper, Barbara lmsis Eltlfllll' Bunting Edith llmde Marilyn jordan jane jones L ty L1-ibrrcl jane lxrnl, Suunrzz' mm: Mary McCue, Phyllis Dittus, Phyllis Murphy. Mary Butlhxcle Patricia MLGLL Malmrct Hucbn r l1l1 Rhodes Jn Ann Roberts Parrrul P1lh1cl.e Patricia Gurdan, jean Kendall, Doris Gerson, Evalyn Huffman, Marnnne fisher Mary Wade Velml Riley Janne Hackborth linilom rn:1'.' Lennre Skillman, Helen Xvliite, Mnrnita Hill, Floy Allen Carol XV1lkLf jane Prrtehett lxarcn lrppx Shirley Berficld Jian jmhnsun j1net Bradley Dnlnres Dori, Polly Kunatlr, Dorothy Kramer, Karen Rneder, Marilyn ones Joyce D-ry Patmn Anderson :Gb 0 Y fin. 'xiii' samv, N -55. l f ' K9 I 9? 9 e' QQ ' .Q Nance Postlewait, vile prc.r1dun.',' Campbell, recremry, -In Ann Pnlhicke, mam! clmmufln jean Keacc. xfearurerr Mary Roberts, pr-u.r1dent,' Patricia T011 raw: Barhara Dostal, for-ia! chairman: Joan Latlren, .racial lrlry ' Iiummr foul: Barbara Jehnsnn, rice pre,rirlenf,- Joan Becherer, prnldentg Kathleen Scllaub, tretuurer f Palamar WGS - Top row: Betty Welmb, Barbara Ste er, Bett Olrlson, Marilyn Callow, Sue Sha w, Patricia Bannon, Barbara Clarke, Cnanne Nieman, Joanne Limestall, Victoria Razho, Doris Rosenall, Colleen ihrpst, gatricia Gerrity, Olgo Slcznick, Barbara Bowers . I . Third row: Carnlc Reid, Diane Tomcheff, Delores Gillan, Suzanne Simms, Ba rbara Dostal, Eunice Richmond, Linnea Wfittenstrom, Gretchen Gibbons, Barbara Johnson, Joan Lathen, Donna Schubert, Dona Carlson, Frances Sclriesser, Ma ry Anne Schurla, Karen I.ce Motz, Elizabeth Lacy 5' A if ' ' ' Hand mu. Nancy Strang, Dorothea Dankes, Caryl Nurlraus, Shirley Searcy, Sharon Barger, Dorothy Stanley, Wanda Hamm, Mrs. Phillips, Jnan lieclrerer, Jane Eaton' Barham 13,-qmlt, Roma ne Goranson, Sally Jennings, Jacqueline McVea, Anna Mae Williams Bottom row: Christine Matheas, Jyoanne Preston, Corinne Maloney, Geralcline Kalasa, Margaret Ann Oherzan, Kathleen Schaub, Marie Irving, Marie Faso, Fern Snider, Frances Wfatkins, Gloria Fieri, Verna Dushek, Sally Zang, Diane Mahnn Nur in prmels Helen Hnsek, Marjorie Thompson. IHHICC' Wlllmkff 1'0pg01u.- Nan?yI5l'aylur, Virginia Furtney, Patrida Coyle, Beth Feldman, ju Shuman, Barbara Tucker, Barbara Ransdell, Enid Ewing, Ruth McNabb, Cami .armcan, Pmy is Stoll Third row: Shirley Rodinc, Sally Kictzman, Marla Delly, Norma Kumz, Clmarmian Clem, Camlc Patrick, Ann Rasmussen, Eleanor Rollo, Doris Knox, 131-nustinc Hanks, Audrey Swanson, Alice Bcling, Marian Towslcy ' A 1 Surom! raw: Barbara Zizck, Martha Servcn, Ann M3tthcw's, janet Bradford, Geraldine Knight, Judith Huffman, Rnslyn Kahle, Shirley Smith, Rohcrta Edwards, Ellen Abb att Bottom row: ljoycc Armstrong, Loretta Neal, Nancy Nickel, Ruth Schcrtz, Harriet Gudckc, Shirley Russ, Mildred Player, Mary McGrath, Kathryn Travis, Shirley Hallstcin, julia Huhcr No! in fmnel: Linda Aldridge, lilizabuth Newbery, Joan Peterson, Roberta Player .no Lv ., ,!ki' :nr l 'f B ip 1 -' I fn 0' ,,' A A ' Q f EFL N5 - fa: ' S456 -js '. x 4' 0? J -IOS East john Presbyterian Hall p f Top raw: Geraldine Knight, fruhman adflixorg Carol Cdrmcan, arrirmul mriul chairman: janet Bradfnrd, If-mxunr 6 Botlomf I'llIU.' Ann Ivfatthews, ,n'vruIf1r'y,' Roslyn Kahl, lliri lU'1'-fi- dmff Judith H0ffmnn,jfn'r'JidcnI Q NN in fmuul: Roberta Player, .roriizl rhairfmnz A j , , 322 x 1 e 1 4 .- J iv. 1 1 I l 1 i l i r ,y v l U ' , . i 'I A ' -1 i vi ' - l K l Top raw: Shirlene Rush, ,racial chairman: Donna Cowan, lrmrurerp Sandra Serihano, .n'crirrf:ry 130110111 r0w.' Arlene jelenik, rife jrrznrldenlf Amy Shoemaker, flrffitffflf 4 Sherwood Lodge WGS 313 East john Top row: Elloisc Schneider, Mary Gibbons, Rosemary Blake, jacquelyn Spicman, jcrric Smith, Arlene Shaddoclt, Jacqueline Blaine, Bernette johnson, ju- anne Adamson, Ruth Sabine, Sullmne Fisher, Mary Mrjennvich, Helen And erson, Patricia Koster Edith Peschang Third row: Sue Emrich, Joan Lambert , Ioycc Hunter, Althea Fricke, Rita Richter, Anida Baxa, Sandra Schibano, Barbara johnson, Eileen Hackhergcr, Judy Brewster, Carolyn Cal well, Sarah Xllen, Arlene Jelenilc, Mary Mclnnrs, Barbara Sebo Second row: Helen Bqrnoudy, Eileen Stanock, Diane Baxter, Donna Cowan, jane Pnule, Serena Leber, Amy Shoemaker, Carol Nydom, Paulette Esser, Jacqueline Mudm, Frances Beyer. Ioan MncCrimmon, Shirlcne Rush ' . I I h l Bottom row: Gladys Bauman, Jean Thormalen, Geraldine Churney, Marilyn Dunne, Lois Sabine, AIICC Afflmlifl. MSW HKUFIS. Rlllll Robinson, Dorothy Mrlrfllfcffv. Diane Oliver, Carol Gross Nut m panel: Anne Fieldc ? - ,i. . , , ,viii -T 'UQ 'fp ',. .x'f' 3 mi 14, .iv-. 1 4 nf. H-' Vw. ,Dr C. 5 f,:Q,xs,:i l 77,1 wifi: Mariln Suitzer. Jecrvlur .' Mar' Davis, .wr Top ruuf: Sathc Pninsctt, Margaret Pahr, Doris Williams, Phebc Sctzku, Florence Guy, Beverly Blue, Doris Kaccker, Ruby Chen, Rita Ditc, juan Heston Pamela Ci cspic Suuoml raw: ,Frances Smith, Helen Carter, Stella Lyman, Marlene Shepard, Lisa Galant, Margaret Bnswcll, Mary MCKee,.Mary Rwscr, Ircnc Skcctcrs linfzfim mir: Mary Hnntwnrk, Virginia Bohn, Margaret Bortcll, Barbara jcsscn. Marilyn Spitzer, Mary Kay Davin, Dons Crist, Marilyn Petrini Stratford House Y l A lchfrifn.wnz,' FrlanceslSmith, il,r,ri.rmn1 .mrml rlmirman: Nra. Mintnn, Virginia Bohn, fH'rll'lH'l'I',' Marilyn Petrini, ffffllfffllfl Bottom mum' Margaret Bnrtcll, rim' lw.firlw1t,' Mar Huntwnrk. i1.r,ri.iliml l'lIl!HI1i.IJiIl,' Dnris Crist, rur111llii.iilf,' 1'Yll'L scn, fffufiiluzzl x . 324 Tap row: livclyn I-lnrner, Joyce Connor, Barbara Kasper, Barbara Connor, Shirley Seiler,'l'atsyniac Eaton H I . .Yeroml row: XVilma Libman, jeanenne l.oar, jane Tnwner, Helen Gritfm, Alberta Schmialt, Ruth liulkley, lruih Hollman l Q Bottom row: joan Bonnell, fic: 1u'e1i4ll'rlt,' Nancy XVilkison, lrc'r1.r1n'ur,' Mary Lou Dearlng, lH'r'Jl11A'rll1 Nancy Newton, .fr'rrl'lr1vy,' Charlene Gernrnn, .mrml Cb1lif7!IdIl,' Margey Warfield, xlL'li1'ilit'.f !'lNlil'lllll7l No! in fnmel: Carol Oliver, Sharon Leiwch, Diana Moseley, Mary Mack l X 701 South Prospect Alpha House .lfi nllc i ii Top rouf: Nadia Strntahuk, Wfilma Hickman, Jacqueline Smith, Elizabeth lloarehuk, Barbara Smith, lrene Osvalnl, Ravae Sharp, Anita Lasher, Karyl Sellmeyer. Jane Zelwrnwski V I I linlium row: Constance Ogan, Anne llages, :rnrinl c'burr'lrmrIi' Lolita Wfoonlward, frrkrbrmlu nd1'1.rvr,' Eugenie jones. 1uz'.ri1J'i'nf: Miyeko Katayama, rim' printi- rI'1'llI,' Reta Miller, ,rvrri'trl1'y-if-emurer,' Alice Hudecek ,- as i -Q-'i C' I 6 'g ,.- ov- vw' vi wi fills v 3. Tap row: Ellen Masuno, Sandra Simon, Roberta Sherwin, Ruth Linskold, Trudy Boehme, Virginia True, Marilyn Scherer, Joy Reingold, Ann XVoll'enstein Scrrnzrl row: Marcia Holly, Carole Hickman, Judy Hedge, Charlene Beido, Eunice Myers, Barbara Cochran, Georgene Zoubek Iiuiiom row: Abigail Hageman, Nancy Moore, .vurifll rlmirmrm, Eleanor Szymanski, :fire j1rvJirlw1l,' Beverly Chubat, 11rv.ri:ler1l,' Bonita Rubenstein, JL'Cl'L'fxlI',',' Mary Lindsay, lrc'1uurer,' Jeanne Ringenberg Nut in fnmel: Nancy Peterson, Joann Shear Beau hateau Beta House T011 maui: 1ylrlCIIl1C Hullman, Janet Vaughn, Barbara Huck, I.uda I.uinys, Myra Kolditz, Alice Shepherd, Marie Hans, Elizabeth Huek, Norma Everist, Ne L a ie mer Semin! ruizf: Ruby Nakagawa, -Carolyn Pate, Marion Knol, Judith Smith, Adele-Haven, Marilyn Kircherfaut, Elizabeth Real, Mary Pavent llatlam 7'll10.' Marjorie McCo1'mick, .rccremry-truf1.r1rrur,' Beverly Wfheeler, flu' IU'm'.r11lz'11t,' Margaret Ferguson, lrmridwlt, Frances Otis, .racial rbrzirmun ' 'xr at .,-nn!! ,mrrinn 326 I . r A ' s A' . 1 .H v--q ii 1 mimi Y , ,Ag 'llllll' T7 Taj: raw: Nan Albee. Carol Scheibe, joan Moran, Lorna Hoge, Alice McKenzie l . Svcruzrl' row: Audrc Child, jean Kru rer, Marilyn Handrock, Nancy Thorp, fvmhrlrrllz llfl1fIJ0l',' Marilyn Nelson Bullem Hill!! 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John Hostrup, john Schuster, Richard Cowart, Edward Schmidt, Paul Manahan, William Bailey, Ralph Hough, Richard Angus, Lynn Hall, Paul Wleller, Mark Creviston, Howard Gleason, Homer Koop, David O'Bryant Thin! raw: Clinton Spivey, Bobby Story, David Fishel, Frank Falley, Donald McGee, Rolf Cederwall, Wfilliam Pickle, Allan Kleinbeck, Leon Heiple. Lawrence Colfee, Kenneth Fahnestock, Andrew Ekblaw, James'Tcrwilliger, Sam Kirk, Charles Francis, Ronald Slonneger, David jareo, Gordon Iversen. Davin Dixon Scrurirl row: Samuel Peak, Phillip Merriman, James Davis, Roc XValkcr, Charles Rockwood, Donald Hanes, Donald Mueller, Robert Hodam, Robert XVhite, Wilbiir Zanin, Robert XVillcrton, Philip Mahin, Bruce Hallberg, john XVishart, john Beatty, john Birky liuthml raw: Neil McLoughlin, ,lack Grecnshields, Donald Bender, Robert Hagemeyer, Keith Wfright, Larry James, Robert Hanes, Harry Gates, Ronald I.emcn- ,ager, Robert Edmonds, Farrell Fox, Richard Rapp. Richard Ewan, Dwight Price, Carleton Koch, Kenneth Golan, David Haas Nor in pmucl: David McLoughlin, Richard Rayburn, john Corliss, John Tipsword A A . 501 East Daniel -ll Active Chapters Wilbur Zanin, junior daring Donald I-Ianesu rnreraryg Charles Rockwood, h'tdJf4rrr,' Robert xVl1ll2, rurbmg Chdifmxlllj Rob- , ert Hodam, .femur rlermf Donald Mueller: Wnerdbli' 1fc'r111 r-'rar-,711-t Y N' A a l 334 i. ,, 0 'A 1 Frflifr, I f' -- fi?-fm '1 'L VWC'-1 ,, - '-5 yffif? 5 - -N .if-at 214 -' i' ,rg .lirxi-' lil 1.2 'gi if- :of fm, , , T4 .'1E"fi -'sift ' :iw ,W ,135 Trl xl" l' L-Q ,,'l , .grttqws . ., ,.,1 1 'oi 5 Y i .v . 1-.33 Q 4,4 i W ' lf gi 'L ,fi si-29 'I jul" A .f lg -:V M 5 , KQV E r L:-,A xf.s.1ifig. if K: y sg, stigma - . get lik' M Va W.,-f"5 . 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Dean Anderson, Russell Bolton ' Strand row: Richard Smith, Eugene Borchart, Royce Masterson, Ronald Flores, john Sundene, Donald Griffith, Charles Dunn, Frank Konrad, Walter Gabe- art Barron: row: Roy Cousins, Richard Gronquist, james Fawcett, james Phillips, Fred Kohout, Charles Blahous, Gordon Gillette, joseph Trautman, john Shaver, Ilose h McCook, Gerald C1221 , , , , Not In pane .' ,lluhn Ryan, Clifford Wald cser, Robert McCracken, lxeith Huber, Vincent Tylman, Richard Wolfsberger, Richard Gilbert l l a l. f ,f 335 :- P 1 4 . Y up A- K . Top row: john Reeder, Paul Tourney, John Mason, Wlilliam Hannen, Kenneth Echrote, james Freycler, Ray Ebbert, Robert Whitmore Third row: John Luallen, Ray Wiesenburger, George Kutsunis, Craig Soule, Tom Stifler, Ralph Fisk, Arthur NVyatt, Frank Slcpicka .Yeraml raw: Spencer Edwards, Charles Wolf, Davi Hill, Ronald Poole, Clark Dean Thomas Brody, john Sincere, Andrew Anderson liaitam raw: John Scheafer, William Gossctt, Joel Barns, George Paulson, Robert Yale, Rudolph Bntel, Michael Cryder, William Robinson No! in fmncl: james Crain, William Bergstrom, John Langlouis, Gregory Saxum, john Sarnrinus. Paul Hill, john Fierich, john Wfenner Hale. Craig Stewart, Gene Thiessen 310 East john 28 Active Chapters E 'Pe J' V rd, Clark Dean, 1u'e.rident,' Ronald Polle, rice fU'L'Jftff'!l!,' David Hill, ff?KJll?'L'I'f Ralph Fisk, home rzzfazlflgwg Tlmmxis Brody, retard- ing .ruff-vlmy 336 lpha Delta P111 7 Tap row: Stuart Raffel, ,rrribef jerry Rosenberg, member at largef Myron Singer, !fL'Il.lIl1'l?I' Battiim row: Arthur Shafer, frrexidenlg Sheldon Good, vice praxi- Fllf C'-A Alpha Epsilon P' 302 East Gregory Drive 6l Active Chapters Top raw: Samuel Grcenber , Gerry Rosen, Paul Brown, Richard l5erke, jaek Ruth, Norman Baliall, Myron Bear, Melvin Korey, Ronald Cohn, Gerald liisemtuin, , ' Larry Taitel, Ronald Bcgrer, Robert Heller, Gerald Galler, Lewis Ede-lstein Third row: Herbert Murrie, Larry C00 er, Stanley Sherman, Herbert Braidman, Charles Corn, Roger Baskes, Kenneth Denbeg, ,lay Strauss, Merton Fc-ldstein, Alan Sumberg, Maynard Rowe, Myron Goldblatt h Xvrond raw: Harry Halperin, Norton Gold Robert Fantl, Matthew Herman, Gerald Rosenberg, Myron Singer, Arthur Shafer, Sheldon Good, Stuart Railel, Sheldon Berke. Carl Solar, Byron Toben, Fred Wolf U , A l l Barium mm: Gerald Richman, Arthur jettelson, Kenneth Baygood, Elliot. Liddell, berry jiseph, Roger Hochstin, Howard Narofsky, Robert Richman, David Hol- leb. Ronald Popeil, Leonard Becker, Gemma Landiield, David Rosenstein Nor in fiilllflf Garrett Jacobs, Alvin Domash, Ronald Fishman, Ronald Glink. Sheldon Cloobeck, Stuart Schoenburg, Sheldon l.evey, l-loglr Ollwur, Robert Salkin, Byron Zaikin, lra Markus, Gerold Goldbaum, Phillip Graff, Roger Leff, Warren Levins, Arlen Schor, Norton Baran ' ' ' .1 Annmmr ,l.Ggs,,,. 4 A r li 'A V 1' LV 'zsxf' Q ':'.g'.iM,r Top row: Wfilliam West, Robert I-lnnt, Frederick Crang, XY'ill5ur Nelson, Roger Schlichting, Carlyle Greathousc, Gnrrlnri 'l'drnblill, Charles Moore, Harvey McGhee, David Mcijinty, Richard Baird, Gerald Hurelbrink, Edward Bergschneider, Dnnald Garrigan, Dunald Denhy, XVayne Westerhold, Ruger xY,CflSfl'0I'l'l, Danald Rice Serum! mm: XVilliam Mellen, William Lovett, Merle Miller, games Mawson, Rnundle Ericson, Harry McGhee, Hnwarcl Elliot, I.aVernc Gillespie, Donald DeBnlr, xVllli1lll1 Baird, Wfaltcr Richner, joseph Umbach, Leonard arclner, Ronald Fink, Wfalter Van Wfinkle I-loffffff-' Vfflllf BCIIIIHY AHCH. Gale T1lYlor, Clifford Beatty, Dnnald Smith, james Ransnn, Rnbert Emmons, Gerald Wfagler, james Bridgeland, Terry Greatlinuse, XVEI- liam laleinhorst, Charles Lcmker, Donald Loomis, john Rcntchler, Ruel Becker, Lawrence Tarletnn N01 in jnuzvl: Alvin XY,Z1fl'Cl1, Gayle Krantz, john Stewart. joe Bicknell, Rnlland Main. ,lim Ellis W 1 ha Gamma Rho ,L 'Frw,f 4 P .wwf 1 Q SS East Gregory 34 Active Chapters Top fdiljf I.ennard Gardner, dlulzlfzi Jetrelurzx' Terry Grcallwnse u.rlm-.- Gayle Krnntz, t:0mmIJ7ffU'f - Jn n Stewart, db, Bottom-mum' Alvin Warren 1'lCl' wfumlrifzr- ames Bri muff- Q . . I , J d eland, I dent: Gerald Wngler, :uw-mu-y 8 I Not, In ljlrlllrl: jim iR8nS0m, fr'pm'lw , . ., .. .,,,,.. ,.,,. 1 - 1 z 338 A a . , ,IQ x l i I I S f Top mm." gdifplf Guytixn, ro111rl1i.v.nlr,' Wllfdf Kixrtli, jmurirlififfi jcrry.R 0dCS,: rim' 'm'.riill'r1l - linllnlu raw." 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Barker, Charles NVilson, Charles Hightower, Albert Porter, Louis Hunley lpha Phi Alpha 6 5 1301 West Clark 311 Active Chapters A L Top row: Harold Washington, trearurc'f,' Rudolph Moragne, Bottom row: Wilbourne Bowles, Lionel Dyer, vice preridmf .rorial rlmimmng Daniel james, boure mrinager Q .recretaryf David Jones, prcJ1dcn.',' .f-'f'f-i '7 4 ,V rl ri. ,ga ,,-. . -.,g ...-: ng ' 1-rff.1F2.i-'J Q?" g "Z T51 1, 'Ima , . -Y, -I ,emi RQ! V " R flffifi I 2 :.i'y1.--I , fi Y7..v " t ' If lx l V r' . :i 5 , ef Ri 5 H 2 A' 62? 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Glnifhiliictz, Peter Lenclrnm, john Rxclmrcls, Ronald An qtgson- i- - X W Olach, Kd1ne!h.'KujI!g5ffAdIin Lilllillgfli, Charles Celtlflrlvwlm, Vytantas Qtflliltls, Esiwatd Jlskowink, Albert Francik, Ernest Gonzales, , I, ' 1 Z,f5e:- gmggi s, aimun rauslas, ona L a 4 I 5. -gf ,f -72, Wljlliglff llllifpg F. Toth, gGcnrge Riley, Stanley Routh, Peter Mal Natlmn? Orput, Donald Koss, james Lentlrum, Irvhn MEN 'nnw Et at 1-Lmlcy' ple, Donald Michaelis, Kenneth Prengel, Arthur Ijseith Silgldnpckgilzlgyrmxls Tnrke A Lmma.-..n-a.w.u45i . . 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Nur in Knnzelf Lynn Arbeen, David Dunniway, Joseph Meyer, Jerry Galbreath, james Burks, Marvin Carbaneau, Larry Pekon, Charles Herrmann, jack Gwin, Jac' Shutt l Q 5 . ---Wa? l X J: fl : M?1'l Q I O 1 2, -rvr 3 P 3 lgllla 1 R V ' 2-Q . earl, ?ll"Ql 'EA SA'Cl E 1 , ..ll ast rmory 0 ctrve iapters ,.,.flL if 1' 'O S ' l i 1 ? . ! r Y 5 4' , QF N 1 e t H1 .E fl 7' Tbp' row: David Dunniway wrnigzonding Jeniiraiyg Charles Herr- -Izfi - ,-majm, pledge ftrainari 'Fredn avis,-f-tvmrm-er,' james.iMurmy, . 4J'.?.flrIIll fI'L'rl.l'ufef 5 f f I Zllr Bottom ww: Rdbert John nes, rm-emry,- Robert Alexander, fu-err " Q., kL....Ld1l11-' .llllm 'EQIlill.J!iE l"L'-FMU!!! f ., ,,., -l '5 4. -'Q ' li.. ' .4511 E-ll l 'iirl .I-3 ,V -,ig - P5 1 Primer 555' lf.-E i l 1 . 1 . - f 3 S L," l 'f A J- . . l ' Y' M 342 . E V ,S , I 1 ' 3 Q r fr i l 2 'n , g N ll.: :ui 1 'tx' xx il , i , i 4 l 5 a i Tuff v'o!4',' Rldhdrdi Kurz, .u'i'wlrl1j': Scott Brinker, ilwnii' Nlilhdrl ,qi'f'.' Ronald Yiiclicm, .ir'l'gi'rl1lI fl! fum! V l liffltnm ww: Stiflicn Hill, kwini'-of-4111111111: Ftank'K:istiir, wire lffwiflf-'riff klWlll'Ll ljllllltfli, pw.iidml,' Richard Qwriiiwn, lr'r'rlinf8l' FYI! lpha Tau mega lllbl Wfcst Pennsylvania 117 Active Cl14lI'fCf5 To nmg- ull - W I nson ohn Heath, jerry Wfillinms, Richard Siclglc, john Glezen, Ronald Yochem, 'l'liriin415 Scliaitcr. 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Nicholas Weber, Riclmrgl Swanson, lhlwrml l't.icclc, james Mitchell James ljlf,-l Dgugald Camenrn, Lyle lillicutt, Rimnlrl UltcS.'R:1llvl1 Pctcrsnii, Vlxlliaim Kellg, Rae Qolvncy A A Boriom row: Hgwhrd Landon 'Bruce Rod ers, XV:tltcr Browning, Tlmrnns XVhiston, Arthur McKay, George Ro erts, Wxlli:1i1'i Hinklc, XVillinm l'il1.litcli, Divnnlrl I.:irsnn Alfrcrl Kncllcr Alan Brown, Eonalal Dowd, Riclnml Viiull, lirlwnrd Smith Nor in jrfrin-lg Rfibgft Bnliick, Hugh Davidson, Jack Yrxririg, Riclinrrl Olils, John McG:rughcy, Paul Hayes, Donald Young: . . , . ,,V. f, .... -... L bi., 'lofi ,nn l l :mfg .g , v ' .1'l'l.O " r fl ,Q X. 'A' ,, ' fr . . . . Top raw: Noel Grady, Glenn Blair, Robert Hall, james Dammann, Keith Kappmeyer, john Finch, james Neal, Ronald Faster, Clarence Teagardcn, Richard - Dicterich, james Dutcher, George Eberlc, Patrick Malone, Charles Canfield, Dwi ht Bennett, Richard Branom, james I-lord ' Third ww: Robert Finch, Richard Flores Robert 1-licherson, Shcrril Bishop, David: Lnwum, Harold Wfalden, james Gorman, Frederick Figge, XValter Faster, Rich- ard Sharcr, George Gfroercr, Fredericlc Bercher, John Randol h, James Nagel, john Cartland Second row: Ronald Peterson, Thomas Leonard, Edward Barthelli Carlton VanDoren, james Bray, Dan Eilers, XViIliam Branom, Mrs. Porter, Frederic Steggerda. Frank Burr, james Stewart, William Grosser, Roy Small, George Howard, Donald Cook U Barlow raw: Robert Cook, Richard He enbart, Stuart Dawson, Wfarren Blythe, Samuel Erwin, Larry Harmon, Charles Pittman, james Creath, Robert Huntley. Edwin Finch, jack Carlson, James Gage, Thomas Schmitt . Not in fmnel: Robert Clemons, Donald Bitzer, Hale Bartlett, Lucien Kapp, Jerry Hay, Robert Locklin, Robert Roush, james Johnson, Charles Foulke, Jerold Stnnncrs, Richard Besser Beta Theta Pi Z 202 East Daniel 96 Active Chapters J. V. 'R+-rr r ix I 'ar r' 'N Top row: Dan Eilers, trearurerf George Howard, torrerponding .recfetnry,' Thomas Leonard, recorder Bottom raw: William Branom, vice f1fL'.IidF7lf,' Donald Cook, pledge ma:rer,' Frederic Steggerda, preridentf Ronald Peterson, borne manager 344 ...., '.,....,... lop row: Bruno Bruzgulis, treaxureff Paul Armstrong, vice 1I7'0.flll8Ilf,' Larry Shappert, birlofian Bottom row: Robert XVright, pledge rmuterg Donald Gunther, -'1'f"l'ff7VJ'i James Buchanan, frreridrnl if, ',l,-- , , :MQ ,ay o 0 , 1 1 lgf ' 303 East Chalmers 34 Active Chapters V A -A ral' ww-' Duane Pedrinna, Alan Anderson, Richard Degener, james Rose, James Riggs, Richard Williams, Donald Vrculs, james Nyka, Richard Abraham- -son, Raymond Strasma, James Grogan, Richard Schmaling, Gary Anderson Third row: james Bonde, Robert Clemens, Thomas Loversky, David Mersbac h, john Korngiebel, john Mueller, James Gray, Ross Pohlo, James XVilliams Harry Casler, Donald Brooks, games McAulcy, Theodore Filson, Keith Beaman, john Biesterfcldt " Second row: Craig Monson, jack ontana, james Ovemker, Robert Wriglmt, Ronald Gunther, james Buchanan, Bruno Bruzgulis, Laurence Slaapperr, Paul Armstrong, Donald Babiez, James Martin, Donald Cramer A 1 Bottom row: Thomas Leverenz, Thomas Martin, Donald Mitchell, Ronald Schwerdler, Howard Mitchell, Peter Bartu, Dixon Meuller, Edward Peterson N Lowell Parker, Albert Darran, George Hamrick ' of 'ff l'.1nel: James Calder, john Riggs , ,,,,,,, ,, , ? , ,SJ-wif 7'f1f1Jvg:K'.' Christiansen, Donald Eckert, Ronald Beck, Stanley Rolfe, Ronald Ililllgrxhullicjganlrgexn Paul Przypyszny, Dfmnld Maylath, Leslie Bryan, Stephen Anderson, Robert S l'z'f1 midrggzylirslA.:1RnEln5l:-rlnltlyzl lggges, Art ur Scstnlc, ,Iamer Rudd, Robert Qunde, jack Olsnn, Niclumlals Guarclalabene, William Getzcn, Fred Edick, Ger- Uferfggfmzqiubiyfglztllrrtii' Lcnsurc, Riclmrd Ascher, Albert Hnlmburg, Ronald Francis, john Rnsim, Christian XVuld, Robert Chambers, Anthony I.ek:1s,. James Clark. Nqr HI lmnvl: Edward Brnckmeier, Paul Leetz, james Isenogle hi, Psi Q5 -Q'-.421 f . '.-Q5 912 South Second 26 Active Chapters fa'5'05, Q" l 5 Jack Olsnn, .fqcretaryg Niehnlns Gugrrdalnhcne, preridrntg William l Gerzen. race prmdenr: Robert Qnntle, nurzfmef 5. v,f,,"x.Q, G3 r'f"'--f' - 'Q 1- lQel?'eiSw+ Eli. 'X xxx. x Y? 1-' -7 4rMi"'5wi.1-... I l 346 W SK, ,f ,.,,1X1: :Vi flff- Yi ' V f 1 1 1.1 f ,, 1. 1. 1, .. 'if M. . 1: 1 9 1, 1 I y -Cf r. fi x If ' .- .:-we -i' 5 ja if, .1 av . 515, . 1 v-'f-153.59 I . ' 41" . 1- gg: , Fil' 'C ' 'M ' :,' li. 347 , 1 , I 1' ri 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 , . 1 5 , . F , 1 . 1 f f l i -,.,...,, lr--H f J l VV I . if f I 1 ,K 'T Q f ix Top full!! 'Richard Nash, rife pf-.niirlr-arf 'lvan'Davis, m-rrrurcrp CIl1:lrle3'W0ll'e, .riwgrunal ul ru-m,r,' James Crossley, :urgrding .rrrrifdfy 1 i ' Iiormm fraw: Douglas Pierce, ran-rerpnnding .remt1a1,-,- Robert Kramp, fnariflmr ' X V' D 1 . ill 6 t3 lll 1 i 'i' 1111 S-meh First 110 Aciivc CIIHMCYS Top raw: Robert Wlilsnn, Robert Stenberg, Phillip Matteson, Wfilliam Kurbus, john Farmw,'George DeLong, Joe Scott, Robert Loving, juhn Schulrlt, Bruce 7'birr?l?rllii1rl Jalllllglllrllllfrllsnn, Raymond Unger, john Cazel, Paul Swanson, John Scheldrup, Robert Foster, Robert McNally, james Spierling, Richard Stevens, WHA Svrorlgnloilhsfllllilellnntllllu-iiLiell?nliobert Golterman, Richard Browning, Douglas Pierce, Charles Wolfe, Rnbert Kramp, Mrs. Russel, Charles Nash, Charles Kcrsh, l:il'Jf1i'll7ylilLl' Vlgggggafgflygllin Huck, Earle Bitzer, Roger Andersen, Eugene Urbanicc, jack Thorsen, Eugene Dramm, Rnymnrul Bnrelli, Charles N01 l3a.ii.l1cS4fl,- james Qmssley. Charles Morris, lvan Davis, Robert Kastelic, Robert Gnorlman, Charles Metzcl, Alfred Grnsskupf, Charles Page, Tlmenclnre Kuhnen, Wfayne Blinkley, Gilbert ljlensey, HerbcrlVB:1clal, Frank Mclka N t . , n- if if 1 ir 151 ' s I 'a ' spun," It :Fr 1,7 Pj ffl' ' X',M.'f: if Xa Top row: Jack Kuncl Bruce Black, Jack Scoville, Fred Perry, james McCormick, john Clark, John Bauer, Earl Peterson, George McKulski, jack Serdor, James Hobart, Dick Lindgren, George Anderson Third raw: Lyle Schmitt, Pete Bennett, john Parichy, Dave Potier, William Pearre, William Hadlock, Phillip Neinstedt, Gary Ncwtson, Richard Temsak, joe Tomei, Fredrick Noe, Edward Lieske, Allan Halverson, Andre Olson, David Jewell Scrond row: Jerome Ainsworth, Gene Querman, James Penn, Grover Foote, Mrs. F. O. Orton, Donald Carlson, Bernard O'I.eary, George Blakely, Donald Hooker, Bruce Thomas, David Bartruff E Bolmm row: Dennis McCloud, Bert Mulholland, John Marshall, Richard Ireland, Robert Appleton, David Shoemaker, jack Pliner, Walter Rliem, jack Holmes, David Bergen, john Marshall Nor in p.mel: james Wood, Louis Mohr, Kenneth Pearce, Roger Brewster, Donald Mulligan, David Bailey, William Ryan Delta Kappa E 'l i 902 South Second 51 Active Chapters Donald Carlson, preridentf George Blakley, rushing :lmirfnrmg Bernard O'Leary, Irearnverg Grover Foote, :anal rbarrmfm l 4 ' Tl? ' E J ll Lf-ft In rigbtlf Ffcclcxick lcnfgrcn, fzrz'fir1enffMCHffst Sarm, jnuridvntf Vlfilliam Jackson: David Knollhulf, rmuurer , XII 'J'.iffZf-' 'A .gifgky fx. W . " gtg.. :sr . :5,'fi'J' IVF raw Emnl XVnlf Pctcr frcgler ohn Garland Dumlcl G'xrl1ml john Bryclm Dumlcl Peterson, Robert Schmeltzer, john Funlzm, lluclmrml Buckley, Hugh Hunter fblm' raw Thomh Hunmk lloyd F1-gy ohn Kerr Dumld 1'm1l I'rmklxn Amlruss juscph Klytzclc, Millard Datnnll, Rmlncy XVnll:1cc, lilclnn Dnmcrun, lcter Trzner Rsllm Iyn Strand row Harold XVnrlmuQkx Ohn Caln 'llnom1s Gl1ttcr Dwld Knollholl' XXIIHIIH1 jackson, Christ Sarto, Frederick Lcnfgrcn, Dennis Surnlnhl, Earl Swan Boltam nm Rodger Klocvu john Plo man Tlmmms Smlcritrom Dnnulml Cullcy Hmmul Vclzy, Riclmrnl Leeds N l I il WQ,,'ipfeJidr-fr1A,- john nnsen , fm' rideizlt imgu yg Tap row: David Pease, Robert Pinnowp-john-10lson, Ralphgrb ssc, Robert Gniner, Edward Biskup, Samuel Suttqnn-.RQnalgL5 Leoni, Patrick Phillips, Fred Tourtellotte, Marvin Struck, Bruce Peterson: Robert Freeman, 1 " Third raw: Robert Vance, Richard Vince, James Dandurahd, Marvin Angus, John Mccozzr, Helmcr Nelsong,,1'Prank',Tiley, James Babb, Charles Schulz, Carl Ahrens, Douglas Lattner l - ' Qi, D lf., ' V Semnd row: David Tenllilialcton, Norman 'Tlggblh Howard Shnders, John Lune, Ronald Peterson, Ken jnhnnnsin, Albert Tillman, Robert Blanchard, Jerome Nagawiecki, Ralph cCormick, Joseph cDlvit, Ronald-,Howard Film'-' r - Bottom row: Leon Florschuetz, john Eamb, Jay Stevensf James Vleith, Ralph Allen, Gordon Buchanan, Don?lrl'Gut0WSkig Tom Stucky, joseph Cappuzzello r ' f r 1 A ' ' 1 I P : ri , l f 2' L., 1 gfjf I 21.31 "ww-V-....,,.,,,, i , 5 t N .u E F, ' : X Q ' ' s. i r Delta Sigma Phi , 4. V 106 East Daniel Street 72 Active Chapters ' A ,rl , F W. .. I E 5 E I 5 2. I A X f"'1x ' ' 51 R we ' I ! , 1 4 . l- B , . , . l l. .r.., J "I 1 l A r , , i ,.,. I l Tap row: Robert-Blanchrtrtl.":errqn1fy,' Howard Sanders, home , , ' .ffmrmgerf lRobert,Gniner, mem! :blur-mrm I, I i Bottom raw ' Ronald Peterson lrmmrm ohn Line, wee I f'Z?7r,r'g-2' '. r V - 6.1: -A rf lib we-2:-xge wrt- ,,: za- ,Q-,jg 53.431, -:: masfffffr '1 E Zvi -'iii' 1 irq f,21.wAffT:w, rf' - V1 WS yr. :' ,. as M. in -V U:Z'5-Eflj' ' fi -f ffr-M. .A ,L-,rr-,. 1 -r zxmrfr, ri . I ,.., ,,,.,,...,. . , 4 , :'Yv,.' - . U 1, r-A, i .. -f- I, . 350 if -'-- f ll 1 lr lv ', 5, JU aw W -'A' 41,91 95 'g 5 173-3 'Q' A "ir-ff' fig ' W' d'13I',. i 1 ' nw 'F .V ,H,,,,,,., ,, . ..r.. ,,. , ' '14 ' w :Q-5-,i.:':i Q! 212293 1'rf.'5HiL1 s ,lf -51' Tilfl were 5 :S :Alum if ,iifl 35" i- Effie? rx. , 5325, - 1,-ff, 2551 gif- :gr 1 'Q A. 'V P1 .. an ' 5? ,f . L Us, f i I ' If A Q I V YU' I traf- v, , fy nfl iff I fi' f, 5, if fi ,V ,WJ 1 ,lv - Jiitijv. , fd: 1 1, A fs il f if Iv Y P5 'E 'fr r 1 5 ye 5 r 1 M . ,AJ l 4 2 F ,- K f ,Q flzaillkll H1 K 'J . . - rn -. I ,wr -.M gf? gf. T'T . -"' . A F in-:nu if V Uk b 'i uw z - 1 4 ' 'F ,fp N rm-unmwnuv . . .- 3 Myff D X N 1,5 4 -. 1152.1 w X X ,gwv " X gfwgi yi ' 'S N24 "T, F -, . A -5' pq., Q W. .h N M' L .W I , K. " . -Xa, 4' F B f ' fu ' - TY V , . :fl 4' 'f i l ,,,, xiskfw 5 x x 14' f' 4,4 I , ,, G ' If ' K "' MPM " 'Q faiagci T 1 in r N 2 ,iffy l 9 'A AA ,,,. RP A u, -..V 1, - ,- ,.-v' 1 . . 1 ' .Y L' . 4 'iv- V ' M L . - -5 4 V 11, i 2,'fg "' 'Ml ' a A A 'A' . , .. X 1 . E LL , 5 g WY. it A.. i 9 Ns A.. X ....L.. lu ,y I 4' - H In-A, 4 um- 1 ' t lffilti, , A X I' ' , 21:4 - tl J -w K' M r., X N 5 152 'wr A 'emu-r W, I4 5' . ,wh by xx Z . f Q L' fl' 'H ',,. M441 '4 fr: J! 5 l ' A LQ I ' ' , Q K A , Wk x "I "' Tap lv-oru:kVer1c Bcsanti James! I.nwe-i1stcin,DRichnrcl lvici-ini, George McFarland, Mayo Larson, james Whitclaw, Hugh Morrison, john Purter, Thomas Miller, Jeter 'nch, lrlnwar l-lumpirey, amcs eremial Thin! mir: igharles lgiigciis, jun Cullueisosid ulglarold ?fiI'lIlCY, Lohan Gwin, Donald Archer, james jasper, Fred Robison, Donald Simroth, Verne Bowman, Henry Brennan, artun ego wruggc, Ruwert i inson inmas ar ier .Yvmznl rauf: limits Keusiy, Chalrles Berlin, Mack lirnstcr, Robert Gnszlway, john Greenleaf, Richard Andersrrn, john Hayes, jerry Carter, Clyde Robbins, john Shnnwvi er, jac' lilun livlmm ww: Ronald Dumpscy,kCarI Sanders, Richard Currier, Danny XVayne, Herbert Depkc, David Landram, Wayne Marthalcr, Richard Rcnfm, XVilliam xYl1ll'llCI', Robert Bier, Rnnald Poland . V . N01 in Imrlvl: John Mnngcrson, Denis Keith, Robert Lcnzmi, John McCunc, Donald Kull x s Delta Tau Delt 502 East John 8-3 Active Chapters iff? Top row: John Gwin. .faciul chairman: john Hayes, trmrnm- Bottom row: iohn Greenleaf, .ri'crulm'y,' Richard Anderson, pre.ri:lw1l,' obert Gassaway, vin' 11r'wi11w1t,' Gerald Carter, rp,-rerprmding .fecretary 352 mi 1 .414 -A' , 7? In I - . vw if . rf' ng 1 --.1 sl 41 I 1 il ,x .! 4 1 Lf!! I0-figbf! Marshall Blankenslxip rzice 'd 1' G- -' . d Sud, J'H'fCf1lr'7',' Xviilittm Day, j1r'i',fidenfg'g3:Nlicksvgvfgai-Ex-g' if I Q' D 1 . 'af' e ta p 1 on i qw 512 East Armory Avenue 70 Active Chapters TOP fffw-' Ruhert lam , Gerald Grocbe Keith Eh:-rsold, Steve Stmw, Rnhcrt I.uhrin', Richard Donohue, Donal , K . . , 1 . Tlyirgyisilizjz' xvgilggrg cfiigyiiak,Jsgtlgsqginsgiaifligs'r'i.fi1?iclll'1mltrrt,hgciiiugivis, Richartig Harris, Dan Dees, Dwightdllg-:Zinqiiiiriqgijt1,BLxTmlii'.gIiullfliuki James SL.w:?f2f,,S"Ha5cS Grim' Emld 'mans' Fw,:E2:r3f::f,w5zi:,!3:lam. Hmm., wr., M r.. 11 Bl 1. h- ' - P l ' r Y 'C WJ" land. TenneonBoy?gi:fnglrrgrilavotiieillnlgzinsfaiiligcit Iluehanan ' L i .I I Hs' an J an ms Ip' xvlumm DW' Eugene Stumrd' Albert RO' B0H0iV!tf'0lU.' Gilcnn Holmes, Winield Lewis, Stanley Holat, Keith Albertson, Herman Dirks, Herbert Hudson, Barton Meays, james Iaifgren, Arthur Mums, Robert Not ill ililr2ie7I?scwilglfgtri1mlrcws, Herbert Borman, R. Thomas Fcnstermakcr, Roger Fitzgerald, Jack I-larazin ' ' ' Ayhixlx iltl' 9 5 Top row: Gordon Ropp, Paul Curtiss. JOl1hi"C31'S0nQ' 'Irvin Lhffei, Merritt Sprague, Harold Wlalter, Robert Kmidson, Rtllwert lCarlson, Charles Schuman, Terry Wilken, Harris Hammer, Wfilliam Dehotity, Eldon Dilwortli ,- I Tbfrxlvrolif: Raymond Ducwer, James Day, Prederickilfieyl, Richard Stone, Paul Loitz, William Britz, Ivan Lawler, Max Fulling, John Hcrshelman, Walter ' ntts 1 E Y . , J Second raw: XValIacc Reynolds, james Bennett, Dalel Bury, josenh Stetson, LeRoy Sauder, Vance Van Tassel, Gerald Bachmara, Stephen McQuiIkcn, Frank Willey, Bertil Mattson, Fred Camper ' g Iiolrnm mfr: Gary Thomson, Paul Awe, Jesse Osthixs, Kennetl1lSt:ibler, Leon Bonneur, Robert I.ind, Hampton Parker, John Rithmillcr, Godfrey Bergschncider i l Farm House . 1 'wp ' .8 l ' ,SAQ R09 West Pennsylvania 15 Active Chapters . T.Ql K ' 'Qi ff. , , l 1 l I .. ., . ..r .. . ,-,-...,.... I 7,7 ,g 1 Lift' fin right: Joseph" Stetson, ' 'retdriling rerretary: lGcrald Bqchman. bll.rmt.r.f manager: LeRoy Sauder, vita prJ.mlfnt,' Ygncc Vrin Tassell, pferldml N ..,.,, 4 ..f, . -...., A ,,.. .J .. . 3? V - 'K 1 ' Y X ,s M..- l 354 Q We f 35 1 Q v, Q 4 'wg' fa! i' . . Y , 1 .if 1 l l 4. ww. N1- ,X 'ff 'f' ,J .3 Q'-s 'lf l 1, iflrfff fg"iVixjl ey,-L 1 , ., , br' . ,, 1 i ..-J 1 i 1 f Z 1 5 3 2 , e Y I 4 I 1 Q 5 R' f. "1 .' Tap r,uu?"YDEI6? Hampton, .rariul cbfri:'?nBf1fl"'Wiltcr WasHi5'g:l"4' ton, 'bllptr',f m'mrcl.r: Sidney Miller, hepcfol uxfhvqlilr y Barron: FZWFI .Flhyd Mcnchum, palrfmrrrlzf Earl Duty, rim, pak. marc 1 1 -' "" ' mf. A N Tl' ' ,. , :, : ' ' ' Sl. , Tl S tt, R lnc M is, Cornelius Gilllic. Richard lfreeman, james Whit-heal, I. '. Il: ,SZ-l:,,,:1Mi.bu, gnrqylfclt Icwglljglkn IES-'lin gllllrllln, Qtxslcyllllrfllcafilcnillln, Clllftoi Tnwlls, Buford MnCKlm, Henry CRISIS, Riclmrd Tyler, Iiuauc lhlitcllxlll HHS B,,,,,,,,, ,owl R if-,fad pak, gjamh Ferguson' Earl Dnry, Floyd Menchmn, Sidney Miller, Dclon Hampmn, Bills Rexd A U V I Ng, j,, l,,,m,'1. Montzzbmery Legg: Mqkcuvcr Dun Crusnr, Maurice Glover, Gerald Butler, Frank Campbell, XV1Ilmm Massxu, julxus Thurnton, Leo I I I ' . XVnts0n, Conway Graves ffl 'H "L-M ' Top row: William Reid, Raymond Burger, Donald Peters, Paul Dutfcy, Fredrick Spangenbcrg, Robert Jacobson, James Sigler, William Holden, Charles Anctil, Herbert LeRoy Templeton, Stephen Cole Third raw: Loy Covey, Frank Riley, Gale Shillinrfton, Garland Smith, Russel jones, Neal Parmenter, Richard Widen, Walter Stein, Eric Stattin, joseph I.asCasas Serum! ww: Lew Markow, Wayne Conery, Water Norton, Rolland Betlmrds, Harold Rietveld, james Fleischer, James Mitchell, Roger Anderson, Ernesto jimencx, Donald Gugliuzza, Charles King Bottom ww: Roderick Carlson, Norbert Sargent, Richard Taylor, Joseph Gruber, Elmer Mauney, Frank Fialn, john Strama, Roger Antes, Robert Troy Na: in panel: Richard Kelly, Norman Steingraber, Norman Kouba, Robert Alford Kappa Delta Rho v 1110 South Second 24 Active Chapters ova-Q F QL All 4 MMP, Top row: james Mitchell, pledge rmurcrf Roger Anderson, trem- lzrcrf Norman Kouba, camnlirmf' . Bottom ruru: Walter Norton, cn.rluzl'i11nf james Fleischer, fH'F.fl' dent: Harold Rietveld, rica frzwizlwzl 5 , , . i . . 7 ' 1 . Q 356 ef x A 357 s --- 'r Tap rffw: Arthur XVillinms, .l'L'l'H'14lf'j' Robert Armstrong,'pye,ri- rfvllff Peter Palmer, .mcirll rbrlirzllrtn lfnllufll row: Erlwnnl Tucker, lreu.elm'r,' Charles Hendricks, rife l1l'L'l'iIfl'IIl ,I . air , Kappa Slgma 212 East Daniel 137 Active Chnpterw Tor 1-may A w'n B . Har Car enter, Norman lilzxgg, Willirun Stnrnes, William Stewart, Donald Simcnson, Donald Cam bell, Davis Roeske, ohn O h '- Ilidwnrclrgweet, harsh, Snlfriild, demon Petty, Campbell Scott, Clru-k Lirurger, james Hnyncr, Rex Hedfern, Donalld McLean? Michael Bowen J C IU' Thin! f010l- Charles Dunbar, Marvin Syr-en, Theodore Dinov, Robert Nlaef, Robert Faulkner, Gordon Bengston, William Coney, Stuart Dobbs, Roy Wfoods, Henry Hunkin, Carl Eichsteadt, Robert Pinkerton, Robert Bnrcrk, Benynmvrn Hamish, Robert Koss, Cornelius Vanschaack, Thomas Archboltl Second row: Robert Armstrong, William Clinnrd, Charles Larson, Rrchzxrtl Ruess, Donultl Powell, lzclward Tucker Charles Hentlr"ks, E. l S: l , it ir ulcers, Peter P.l -, R b M El 11 lk gt n, jmln brmon, Roy Ctnnote, Rlchnrtl Cnslcr - . Botrfmi Tgfh, i?r:ilinetyRic11ar?zi1Ei1lert,lRoger Vnn Atlestein, Tony Guzzardo, Davnl Blakesleu, Franklin Gutowsky, Robert McC -ll 'l'l mm , :i C ll' ', Russell Hanna, Ralph Dxehll, Richard Soutlmrtl, Leon Asndourmn - I mmm U ms Not nz prim-I: Arthur XVilliamS. Phillip Flores ,A N R r " " ,ra .N r .l .ga 'f,52Q',. Q Y? v-I I K 1" I ,f ' ' -, A i l ' 7. -' M aa' I-"W my V-q. 4 U ,.,, , .1 .- .V , x I V, U., - W mmf- ' l-.l"'s.t,'xf:ff,sF"l-..,.1'ra,' ',.,. .- ' ,V 'f'--i"," -. , f il-df' -' " . ' ' ' I fa " 5 -my-, , xxxh.ft'w"Qa'.3m1. 'nw' "' i. 4 nf'1'7".f x-Fl" 2 '- 'fri-' V . 34 - . flfli' ' ' -' ' ' ,. , ' . ' ' V' ' r -1 . QI -,:r.s:Hm'.f.?,.f' C...--u Top mul: William l'etCfS, ,Ion Erickson, Charles Swinford, Wayne Moehling, Bruck Barnett, Arlie Tempel, Michel Curtis, Robert Eberhait, Donn Plote, jack Holt, Thomas Fikc, Roy Bender, Ricardo Artero I Thin! mm: HDale liaiscr, Earl Laing, I.nVerne Cassens, Louis Gauen, john Strathman, Charles Ganen, Ralph Vinson, William Smith, Robert XVilson, john Clay- ton, XVi iam Givson Sm-om! row: Paul Kuhn, james Chaliant John Krupkn, David Hill, Thomas Madden, Dominic De Cristofaro, Russell Phipps, james Pierce, Wfilliam Albert, Rich- ard Crady, Jack Thomas, james Pieschel Bottom ww: Robert Gibson. Robert Fouchard, Thomas Wagner, Thomas Zimmer, William I-Ieydenbnry, Clinton Bartlett, Rolf Spamcr, Brice DeVos, Thomas Reynolds, Ronald Wfilson, Robert Stetson, Fred Schmnde Noi in pfmel: Charles XVolf, Richard XVilliams, Kenneth Traum, james Hannagan, james Schnldt, Donald Hays, Nicholas Chris Pamel I N Ifiifit- . HHI 3 1 P H , YJ 209 E. Armory 144 Active Chapters v -, ra lgkyifl' ' .-im " Top raw: James Pierce, :ecretafyf Russell Phipps, preridmiz Bottom raw: Dominic Dc Cristofafo, :rife pi-inridenlf Wlilliam Albert, Jorml tlmirlfziuzf David Hill, mrlsing clmirmanp Thomas Madden, treaxmcr 'XXX 358 Nfl! 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' ' 1 S1 on if . an ' 907 South Third St. 37 Active Chapters Goff' i F. 4, . ag,- l lm lla, f J :M .SY ifsif :hwy V fi 45,41 A 5-gl 'Q D312 l , . . . 4 ,JJ ff I waiwl --Tbp ww: Alan Carter, Jecratury: Michael liolrn, house f11f1ml,uvf.' v My Robert Rashkow, .fz'trL'f11ry," Ralph Stavins, frM.rllr0I,' Howard I "' Gerstcin, commmar I S A .P 'tif Barium 7'0lUf Les Schultz, 11r'u,mlr.':1l,' Donald Boruszak, rice , .. f"'f'-fffff"". , rl.-..,..r,,, l . Y Y 4. Q ,L .... . W.-. 5 ffl e l A S f l 5 fi Q E l lv' Z V l . -, EY , fl 360 il f X. 1 l if? , :H I fl 5 l ,' X- '1 Taj: muh' Daniel-U'Crxnncll, l1t'fli1nw',' john Kiest, l1i,rlm'iuni Cicnc Wallace, itwmllrrlrg ,ityfclifrj liffllwrl roll!! Robert Hayes, jminln1l,' Warren Nickerson, rar- ir ilinuding .rent my Phi Gamma Delta Q-54 401 East john Street 83 Active Ch3PtCf5 Tfflf V'll1l'.' Pctvr Nvcst, john Hnrbcck, Roger Slrcilicli Riclmrtl l'ctci'4sun, Daiialtl Drumm-intl, Donald llimcs, Peter TOUILITLIS, james Hnlilcrt, jt-r-unc fix-milur. 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William Prescott, Loren Krause, Clarence Petersen l I ,Yecaml raw: Kenneth Schlomann, William EblJll'lf1ll11llS,jLl!'l1CS Fischer, Robert Halliday, Paul Addy, Frank Lakcy, Richard Chester. ,lohn Stahl, Clark O'Ilalloran Donald LaMorticclIa, Carl Lane, John Kerr, Todd Griffith U t ' Bolton: raw: Richard Meeks, Darrel Lam s, Robert Mihm, james Rohn, Richard Calkins, Paul Newall, ,ltltk Day, Lynn Krause, George Ramsay, Brian Voth James Lyons, Donald Reeder Ronald lallcr , , 1 U ' No! In Ilfl?IL'I.' David Bruce, james Acheson, Harlan Burgess, Wfarren Wfoltman, David GFIEIDS, Russel Billings, Torrance O'Niell H. 'H li glen' S s.,,' "-- ,1 'N 1 -fa ,v ,. - . J. Q A J. . 2 i ' ' V .- ,Q W. ,, Y . , 1 A e x , " W f ii, A F' ,, ,, ,nur , xo , - Vx 11. .-4,-T, , Tap raw: Danheld Caprnn, Richard Torpe. Allen Bnrring, Theltdas Wfheeler, john Longden, Elliott Moore. Rayrrlond 'james Sindt Willianw Coleman Donald Kudzma, ack XVebster, Thomas Baker, Harry Alton,E Charles Enderby, Denny XVeichman, Norman Zeter, James Stocker XVIlll1H1 Gray James Wfilgus, George Ellis, Thomas Alexander, Larry Martin Third rom: Fred Slocombe, Wlilliam Hester, Walter Newlin, Gary ion, Ralph Grauer, jan Smid, Richard Reichle, Donald Dubas. 'anson I XVittlich, Stanley Stowers, Edward Ogen, jackson Rossknmm, Edward Johnson Robert Davi Thomas Sleeman, Gerald Lahey, George Necherle, James Stelzner Donald Ioley ames Akerbcrg, Robert Pasnau, Fred Tait, Ronald Brown, Earl Henderson Herbert lhompson -Ienison, john Bender. liherhard Vischer Bnrlam raw: Richard Albers. Willianm Shade james Downing,iKeith Benedix, Ronald Gilbert, Richard Cruse, john Gratehner Ronald Watkins Tamcs Backoff, Thomas Dicks, Lester Schnake, kenneth Rutherford Clement Ryan, Donald Hardin, Richard Heap Nor in jmnel. Howard Book, Leroy Dawson, Richard Shelby, Thomas Brownlee, Richard Gustafson, Dennis Moore Scrond raw: Ralph Perers, Thomas Slater, Walter Jones, George Richard Stream, joseph Devall, jerry Maisenbacller, Edward 1 . Top lmw: Fred Tait, gledgv' r1mJter,' Earl -Henderson, jllfvlidfrlf Boffdm row: Herbert' hompson, Jvrond rice prelldtnfj' Ronald .. ..I3rown, hut .vice .PfllIlllU11l , , ,j 364 Phi Ka a Si ma 313 East Chalmers 43 Active Chapters I i J l , V l . l s l , l fi , 9 17?-"l i V1 ,W , Ship itll 4'N-, F . l . ...J l i- - FL! ,... ,M 1 ,M . X , f, ,. f- i' 'H Fi I I ls YQ f ff I lvl E, ' 'f 1 Q bag? ' ff .-' .fr5f4A-Mfifw ' V :fm .H YF' at 'Jw ' fm g? ' K, I-:ni X 1 hliyf' 3.21 7 . Mf- , 4' ' V' nl ,.. 4 4 f v . Y M , 1-9' - V 'iv ' W .Y . lj V. .LV ,x J .,.. ffllfvf 6. ' rh V gf E U nn 1 X-1 V .gy U S351 iw 1 qvi'EmNfg,, 1. ,!""'-V t' H H " 5' 'lf' Q 2+i1p25.JlZ::fw 1 D- sax. Mm" 1 T , if . 1 ' f . , Wg' wg' 1, Q f', - V V W 'i V1 I . , , D V2 . 1. 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Flnyde Nadler, Jerome Brody, John lawns, Sidney Kaz, Hugh Klein, Arthur lierner Scrum! mmf: Milton Weiner, Larry Ripes, Melvin Jacobs, Larry Slutsky, Leon Friedman, Jerome Shaffer, Donald Lasser, Darryl Lam, Edward Frank, Bernard Alpert, joseph Matz, Samuel Chiprin . 13011011111-nrv.Lr Melvin Newman, Myles Rothstein, Avum Dannum, Robert Karns, Herhert Kaplan, David Sadel, Donald Norris, Stanley Salles, Marvin Factor. Phi lip axman Not in fmucl: Norris XVitney, Alan H. Toppel 7f '5l5', i Phi igma Delta 8 706 XVest Ohio 32 Active Chapters H-w2""I ' Barlow ww: Edward Abrams, irminr mrmbi-r, executive mmifilf , Donald l.aSSer, grllidurltf Edward Frank, pledge fdlbvr Top rr-iff: I.con riedman, mi'fffbiir-iii-Iii:-gi". txeputive fflllflfiff Darryl Lem, tfmlurery' jerry Shaller, rife preyidlnt 366 rf ,W l A -A- ,,,..-A M- Q l rl. 67 1 Taj: How: Carl llnrnlrult, i1.'rlnrtor,' Arthur Pritc, .rwrtirrclf Harold Jensen, tr'vr1.r.'1fw',' jnseph Leveque, 'J'0tia1 l'l7lIfI'7Il.'lII ' . lifrufrm raw: Charles Huck, :ecramryf John Ellimr, prmdent: Garrnh hlrir-ct, vice prnirfem , ' 'gi Af -, ,f - - H53 QL, Plll Slgma Kappa Tap 1-nrv: Kenneth Swientnn. Hufh MCMaStcr. Ruhert Tliurnlnlld, Fred Pzlttisnn, George Binder, George Gellert, Paul juelxon, Phil jualsnn, Paul Zlllllbfllbi, Richalril H l Maxwell, Ruben Squires, Dona d Zugschwcrdf. .lflfk MHHIWS Ibn-rl raw: jnqk Nrrrglin, Roland Artigues, liertram Clnrbnur, john Krntzer, Frank Mrnlnnia, Robert Hein. 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Nix it 'I' 102 East Chalmers 110 Active Chapters 'lI13o"3r' im., My 1 Left ,to right: Ronald Espcr, rin' juvridcntg Fred Wern6,, Ilfrfli- dtllff John Rinddlollar, lrwlJl1rc'r,' Norman Kidd, blJf0I'IrlIl 368 1011 raw MCIVIII XV11,nLr 111011110111 Larry Miller l'fHfL:HlMJfFf1 JHHC5 Johnson funn m 11111541 Ral h Silndcls ucrclury Iivzmm row Duld Ialls fb :plum onalcl lynn nmrufer, rn- ..'f1, l 4 1 'D ug- W I x H 'Af -A -1 a ., -. 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Sanford Graw, Bernard Pechtcr, Michael Sclmwrrrtz, Sidney Granat N111 in fmm'l: joseph Brcnsley, Maurice Levy, Sheldon fisnok, Arwin Zoller ,'f"': I . cm 11111112 1 am 3 1 U ' r O 5-. 'QW '5 lg 'r 52 Armory 37 Active Chapters al,-ff' ' . l E Tap row: Dnnald Klugnmn, recfetu1y,'Burron Palmer, prernlwlzq Wlilliam Sider. trmmrer B0ff0m'Y'lIIl',' Sidney Desser, rice jH'r'.r'frfrill.' Spencer Strellis, .rr-rw F gfqilf-4lf'lH'l1lJ' N 1 I X Y 370 Qc- 4. I R '44 4 .-' If ,jf 7 !l.v1.,L'..-. ., -' .W f"N v .Q if f .gift X'-id kk , 'i,f? '. gb my' , wi, A gr fix ,fix , L f Lvl f 5, V I 'fnfwl " wt' 'A , J . 1.9 1-TNQ 'rrulil ,L -T4 gfhu 1 " 7:65, Q", . J, V . 1 v A lx .. my Y.,-I - 5Ql xi I , hd, . ,, N i. lf: f ff W W. nf ,M 952: "ina . 1 ik' ' -1' QM - V' , I F NN, ' 7 , M rl -32 1 I I if QVAQEQF x:?f if gig . rm-4' 7 I X- its -v ai, :"?"ff1 X if- iw - W 1 . 'M' fwgf ag: " . , ,5 '- 5 V M . Q- -, -A . K V '.: fl 35:5 . V -Q 4 ,N f lr - ' 1 'f VX YL N ff X ff: 2 gf 52 1,1 34 Luigi? 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V, 2 'jf r Y 32 . rs ' -,ar in -- -eva 373 M, Julius Shapiro, irvtorderg I-larvey Grcenstelrl, 0Xtheql1c'r,' Ronald Katch, prior 805 XVest Pennsylvania Avenue 48 Active Chapters Top raw: Earl Rubin, Harris Arnold, Merton Silbar, Howard Stone, Marvin Fcig, james Carmel, Seymour Mapdel, Richard Waller, jerry Pollan, Arnold Mar- tin, Donald Schaumber erj Bernard Ashcn, Thomas Stern, Richard Rosenberg, BenjammQButler, Arnold Vldls Karl Mascott, jerry Bold, Gordon Friedenberg Third row: Gordon Bloomquerg, Joshi: Plis, Leonard Abrams, Lawrence Kaufman, Neil Bergman -A1 Broun Arthur Zimmerman, Roy Smith, James Pinski, Barry Janov, Ra mond Nilenbaunm, Joseph Siegman, Arthur Kaufman, Sheldon Kurtz, Jegry Kalish, Jerrylieldcni Gary Smith Strvnd row: Irwin liatz, jerry Nabaluol, Melvin Cole, Lee Kwatncz, Harvey Greenstein, Ro xl d,Katch.5 Julius' Shapiro, Marvin Oxman, Burton Rosenberg, Daniel Rapaport, Ijames Friend 3 U 1 I I , , 3' ' , 5011001 row: Michae Roseng Morton,RAIsen, Hubert XVcmstern, Robert Spaltcr, Charles B 50, Leonard I.lrUman,'-joel Carlins, Arnold Sher, David Gold- wasser, Richard Moll, Jerry Steipmlngfxir , I U yf' ,Q , Not in panel: Lee Adler, Sheldon.,-Qohhlfn, Irving Coppcl, Robert Kiesler, Jason Silverstelnnldlnard S1m0n,auLr,,...s.,.'.L , . i Tap 1'0'lll.' Adam Bachman, Eugene Benner, Wayne Smith, Richard Bostrom, Robert Barrett, Dean XVilImann. Flack Davis, Samuel Foster, Max Hooper, XVillard Thomson, Thomas Holzhog, Donald Kane, Charles Babb, Jack Rule, Kenneth XVest, Frank Herold, Davin Andrews Tbirrl 1-nw: Thomas Harvey, Richard Thompson, Craig Hart, John Greene, Robert Culbertson, Ralph Jensen, 'Thompson D ke Benjamin Farnum, David Clark, john Bruggeri, Robert Hoff, john Luedtke, Donald ostrom, Charles Seibert, Robert Thompson, Crane DeCamp, Thomas Pllubbard .Yecaud rarru' Steve Smith, Donald Manthei William Dunn Ronald Meadows, David Miller, Harold Dyeus, Lee johnson, Richard Zimmerman, Haynes Haw- kins, Thomas Rose, Hoyt Mathews, Paul fuhrsen, Charles gwearingen, Karl Brix Burton: ww: Richard Cline, Robert Klaus, David Pewkes, Roger Bhrhardt, Kevin O'Neill, Harvard Schmidt, Hiles Stout, Richard Smith, Richard Meadows, Thomas Ekovich, Thomas Lukcr, Richard McCaw, Thomas MacMillan, Thomas Cox, Howard McCracken Ne! in jmmfl: Richard Grilliths, XValter Shaw, Peter Wliitiner, Thomas Goad, Richard Magee, Emerit Lindbeck, Stanley Wallace Sigma hi . ' N ! ? 4 it ,no East john 123 Active Chapters l I X .JV 'NIMH fl Left to 1'fgf7l.' David Andrews, rrm1f11nI01y.' Richard Bostrorn, llwff- dhllf Frank Herold PIL'-fgu Irr1lm'r,' Kenneth West, WN llmzrl- -dfllf: Thomas Gold, Iri'r1.rnr'i'r v ,, U. , ,i, Q . t.-I., an :.l ,-N . 1 Q . 374 , "' wi fri! fr ,,.,r, as , Y IH 'W ii vp. f ,I r , ,. it ri ,,, r-A ,M :, .TQ rf .A , ,M Lu 4 r 9 ' - gy '4 ng V XI I1 if 1312" If .' 'll' f. ' ' gh--4 .1 Ju V V VV .. V V, MV . ,VL Maw. .nyc V - if 'N . 4 V 'C' 0 ?'nJ':'L'F'N K ' ' E ,A V. r ' A V ' . A V V V In ul- 1 4. in xg Gr fag l 1 V V V VV v- ,Sv 1, Q' . H42 X , kai,-V,4 A V Q c 5' , VV V .,.. R .. f , , f- ur, ' -f A - f K-xl QI V W I 'G V' VV- xg , 1 ff V 1 , W a Y1 "Slay g X . ,VAX .I VV V . 79, IW' i 'iff 1 M M , , j 1 . ,J G iff: 6' Qp' X 1 V l V X Y - -2 -,M Qi" X ' . , ' '-is: '. QV ' f 4 x J X V J 63 fe j . A45-x'7-fi V, 4 - , he -' ' f 4 l - , A-4m..,..... A l Top row: Harold I-lcislcr, Riclmrd.XVharton, Walter Third row: Charles Hill, Glenn Zxeman, jesse Irvin Sammi 1-ow: George Hunt, john XVitt, Harold Nero Bolmm raw: Ronald Vacek, Rnymond'Siewex't, Rayrnoncl Mueller Wlaltcr Ruczynskx Robert Beals Nat in panel: Wfilliam Evans, Lyle Smith I X. ao' ig! bf 621 L CP l- 1103 XVeSt lllmors ll Acme Chapters Al' AXMKX' 3 H. .' x ' N . le W. A J , 1 ' 1 l : , f " E' '. fl A f""" M l A 1 l A '-'l3.,,.'.r, ..,.,.,. ' f ' 1 . -f I v Lefr to Ingbl: Walter Rrlgzynskifrsgcqwgfsrys Raymond Mueller f1fL'Jl!lE!lf" liayinppd-fSiewerg, b7mng.u'nrm1nge :Ronald Vlrfk fire j1rcffl0nfj1". ..Z5.Q. 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Vance Fraley, Charles McKinney. Howard Gcrzles D - . Noi in fmnel: Richard Bray, Glen Bales, Richard Kurz, Robert Wlrtherspoon, john Mrsch, George Warsl, Thomas Bright -...,......-.-.v.....-..,,-- t .. 4 .. ,Y A3 ., --- r.. wan., .Q ,-- - V s.. -wars' v., .-,. - , .-,,.,, ,..,, ,, . 'r-.,1 ,f, ,, r-,.., ., ,I K gf. 4 ... ' ,,"-. A -',. ,. , Q-3. ., - Y., A4 ' N if .1 f. .5314-'x,tf:.-T-4-' fr'-7-jg - ,. J 4, ,MAN-lv J H, . ,A U V . 1.,N,.,v,." -rs ,,,. f' ., . l -, s M . V, 4 F , bv ,.- f , A A ' ,' X , . ' - Q, . KN-'1 r"-'fn 'ah 4 -sf Jr Q a X 4 ,N -. .., x x., ...4 .. Top ww: Charles Hruska, Larry Mar alez,--Dou las Reynolds, Richard Lannon. Charles Pulliam, Norbert Cygan, David Nlhhtingale stanley Felderman, Hugh VanVoorst Third raw: Kenneth Mullen, David Eickard, ohn Michel, Rodney Ruch, Bob Buckles, Rahn, Allen Sutton, Duane Swarts,Z Stuart herman i , .Yecafgl rrnafs: john Schmidt, Leiby Hall, 'Robert Bishop, ,Donald Harris, Robert Leonard, .rnst rosius I Barlow row: XVilliam Moutray, XVillidm PiCk:lrd, Howard VanDenburgh, XViIbur Near, George Coulson, james Minor, Ronald Klopatek, Wixyne Ouska Na! in flrIlll'f.' Roger DeYoung, Peter Konnelter, Donaltl:Valentine, Robert Porter, XY'ayn , , '9'1l'i'5' Qafj 1510 I' . Fi' I 4. - I. " ' .iv A ,zkggisan "W loqqm 7 ' - - - i 47'Lb4"k"Qt-. J Hamilton, XVilliam Qrgham,wLyler-?Smitl1, Donald VanCura, joseph Harry Maynor, Rober'4,0ie, Kelthflsrater, Thomas Rowader, Roderick Bill Turner, Lester Ness, William Faude, Charles Finn, james Slagle. Franklin Schragc, William Frank, Glenn Groth, Kenneth Spangler. , , e Martin I t i E 5 . P ' 402 East Armory 48 Active Chapters 3 . l 1 i . Q sh ,.,. ,, .. Top ww: Robertleonartl, filLvl,rgL' mrirn-rg Lester Ness, rim- prun- ' ' dvlllf ClI8l'lCS Finn, !1'L'll.fl1l'c'v' 5 ' V ,Barrow mfr: f Donald Harris, .rw,rgmzzl-rl!-urrflf,' ,Bill Turner, f7l't'-fl' 1. .21,q:i.'l1""'f WllliQ!Il.,.fE'-lllfr -fH"'f"ff'J' L 378 K. - :.,., r:.x....,... l r 3- . Q -r- 1 5' t 5 l l x A x A m .....K,-w.'- -Wg- 'ri v' . L 4 Vu. ln Q, 1 A Q ii 'K , .i 4, -fi ... , li? 'i I 11" W. I l' K f I. A li'-, A - 5 rp rl ,, 45 L, vs ' 1 l ff U 1 1 l i V . L S7 .F gg 4' Y f gi A. . g..,rN ' ,wr-,I L .lik 1: . ., ., Eazimlsfi 3 i 'z 7 'fx 1.11, if - 2 f- : l ,. g iwili ,K . l 1 I. , l Q . i a r r 2 l X K, 9: 1 l 5 A 5 l " , '-A3121 ,,.,.,-.,V ., ,V -. ., r qw fm Tap rdf!F!f"K6bert Newman, .rorirzl cbiiFf1f1'3'iif"'Nr1rmar1 l'rfiflfil'iffe1'. rlnrbillg' Cbdil'NlIHIf Glen Bernhelal, 14736. 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Robert Gottlieb No! in fnmel: Gerald Leavitt, Ronald Ioputy, Frenl Rnttenberg, Ira Potovsky 2? Q Q M 3 'Q Q. N'?q ,X TN Q Ng S-I?.f"w EF' QQ'-.Ei P-I :-R-.E PQ- B 2 fo-ft-:TN -Q. - Q-"E--5 ' '. 'aging ,i ...lip-5 '5"' J :'g:"'n N '-E If:-::-W-'.. " ,T Q' EEW-' U, in mmf' .. 3,-use-,w 3' 971: ,J 3 ::FgUS?: 222-559' "El-?Qf,,:-f ' v-V50 rf 2' Bm ' -r' ' . 2z?:'..HS 225:-'FTE 7'..1.5"'Z'45'Q 7.152-Uv' S :J 5,273- 'o2H,q,-0.9. ..0:4N.L.P BS-' 3-Zig. Pwws' L: 'S' Enggs ar :pgs H,-'09 rd nun "'l1 1? fajjrrg 2' Efmogj " Dinn- r-1-ln: rl P:-' Q as Q7-.U -3 M5313 63 :-.SEL -U nhoa S2 EE':':"'cu : lm 5- 3 Z1f2g2'2 rv: ::! 2 2955, 2 ' fi-:fs 2 53,22 .pea 51 39355 U' '-' ?3'm"-' :r mgafg ' Qegf S Q ...0'nv--2 ,, .. P-WT 1 PEFE.. x-4 nv? if 2 g55Qs E- Q--35,3 P n.,,::wL". , H 5,1 VQOEC : I'-34,-1:-PH: -Q 4-C :lv 5' 355103 5 :QF-1 0 :gn 2' ,- R 2 Eg, gg? S 2 D U. pew n Z '-'fa 55 E M94 U 5 QQ? O na 5-3 :a 5' gag B :. 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MP4 for M all 3 H Sl 011 up l 308 East Armory 103 Active Chapters Top raw: Harold Bextel, Kenneth Lehner John Murray, Dana Eastman, Earl Carlson, Arthur Neuman, Wfallace Enrght, Rudolph Siegert, jerry Groli, Wfilliam , ,Shcwshuk, Alfred Marshall, games Wright, Robert Forbes, Gerald McKay, Stewart Lystad, Ronald O'l3ierne, ernld Pepper Third row: Darrel Baxter, Donal, Ferry, Ro ert Forsyth, Clarence DeMoss, Randall Cox, Thomas Fife, Virgil Canada, Robert Bean, Richard Swanson, William Shaw, Kenneth Sale, john Witherspoon, Robert Walbaum, Dean Biehler, John Craig, Edward Peszek Second row: David Spencer. David Sauder, Paul Postlcwaite, Paul Lauschke, Robert DePauw, Joesph Corley, Jack Shockley, Roger Tompkins, Eugene Duncan, Victor Isakscn, Samuel Gillespie, Lorne Fitts, Theodore Dorward ' Ballolm gow: Rwglliam lihillips, Robert Hnymakcr, John Wilsrmn, Roger Crump, NValter Hocl, Jack Lusk, Warren Rowlrnson, Robert Winklcman, john Paulson, y Vtt., o crt Par'e ' Noi ig: Iullzel: James Goodwinc, R0bet't Hbfman, James Hootman, George Moore, Donald Nacgelet Harold Steed, John XVinklem:m, Thomas Johansen, james Big cy, Fred Stcck, Barry Gavin, Cgrlwshewi , N . . 2 'Cf-" 'wvipit Q ' PT' Ii A , 3 ,U wmv W ' WN ' V V f :ff fri ff E. Y' E L 4? f 415 Q 2 . fi 4 ff, vs 'yi A A M 'X -rx 1 N 1 Q , I , i, f Q fl ' ' bf! 3 9' , , H Q AF P v yr f f ' gi 3 E , W , 1 , - F., lg V ,f J , - I '!', ' , 3 ' ' 3 5 1 '5 . 9 "V: ' 1, . v L- ,,. "Sa - ' E out 5 A H ,. 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A , fi Q I flfffidfflff XValtcr Shaw, wcc preridlnf ' ' lnl.:r8SSl8, tm'r1J11riw: , A ,. --'- H ' 1 Th t D lt h' 901 South Second 29 Active Cl11lPfCfS Tap rowrwjon' Hunt, rorwrffqziflizlg Jftflfdryf' George Flormlng liormm iraug: Bennett Humphrey, rcrdrding .vecfcfrffy Reginald We ir Tap row: Gerald Erickson, james Blakely, john Stnssi, james Slothower, Dennis Shafer, Robert Stubbs, Steven Borik, Wfilliam Loy, XVilliam Trunk, Gary Bah: Howard Piper Tbirrl row: Robert llezek, Larry Mabry, Larry Ginestra, Claude Sime, George Humphrey, ,Ion Hunt, Donald Newell, Jerry Swartz, Ross Cooler, Ronald Bowen, Rol .dll 'l',. 'jhlz Srmiiil IVIIY? clrirxlidnilzrriiilimzsii Reginald In rassia. Richard johnson, George lflorman, Frank Fiorenza, XValter Shaw, Charles Henry. Robert Hoscher Bottom row: David Nank, David Gill, Elhn Gibson, Peter Velasco, jay Grecnlief, Robert Sachs, George Roth, Charles XVClllC, Robert Randolph NH! in f?zUlL'1.' Fred McDowell, Paul Aney, Robert Vagnieres, Harland Stubbs Top raw: Robert Barinek, Richard Baker, Donald Butler, James Scheafcr, John Hnrdgrovc, Daniel Youvorsky, Charles Brown, John Caldwell, William Cahill, Larry Lee, Edward Truschkc A Smog raw: tlonald gionts, Bruce Vcrekruze, Robert LeBlanc, Paul Acleskn, Rev. Edward O'Rnurkc, Fred Lnchcr, John Dinnerlein, Frank Minster, Thomas izera, jo n Jnnairc Bottom raw: lJaul Sclnii, Raymond Thompson, John Silbcrzahn, Richard Foster, Frank Mei-lo, Tlwmns Varner, ilames Fenoglio, Berthnltl Krings Nu! in ,UllfIL'l.' Louis Liddi, Edward Mnrtynowicz, LeRoy Marcheschi, Alvin Slnwik, Raymnnd Maslnnka, Dunale Kaiser, E mond Hercer, Barry Kerns, John Theta Kappa Phi S. ,..,,, M, Zi TDD 70143: John Dlnnerlein,.ruiwelfiry: Frank Minster, lrearllltur Q BOIXOm'ro1u: Paul Adesko, :fire 1u'u.ri:lc:1If Fred Locher, prcrfzlwll .4.,.,,4 ., .3 , . I 1 3 A i ff Q ! 'V' 4 .., V, X M . :rt 384 lm. -mv 1'rvu.'..' 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Charles McBride, William Stewart, XVilliam jones, Charles Schaefer, Robert Pheanis, Albert Sain, Edward Benesh, john Stout, Donald Bcycrsdorf, Donald Arnold Sem?dlro1u:bXVillian1 quinnj Zihgallf g.yons, Brlnfc gxi'lLlCfSOl'l, Frank Dayton, Arnold Paolasini, Robert Holloway, Daniel Bleek, Richard Mahry, Maurice Garn- mo z, Ro crt Trcvart ren, o n nc , ames 'on c cone Bottom row: Rogand Cachilli, Richard fewer, Girard Yaccino, John I-Ioeksema, Charles McMullen, Robert Lahenclro, Gerald Pullen, Wfilliam Kinsley, Max XVI ' R M l tman, 0 crt e ms V I I Q NU, mi9mm,1'. I-any Cross, James Jlrrell, Thomas Maier, Ted Morrison, Eugene Muzzarelli, Maynard Rogers, Raymond Stout, Gerald Strehlow, George XValsh, Robert Wiman ,'!' , 3.3" V - - 5 7 " ,I 'Q Jr' ,rv 4 Q , 1 1 2 tif' J f '--'ASI' 5 . .,V 8 i.,..........f R ,Tb I QA .I V, r in AQ Y QM JI fa :I Q 4 - sq 'f 0 .iv tg? M 'il 'A N'-3' ,M RH M a ir K. . . " 'J I V' 3 A Y 5 L, 1 I' 3 Gig JI: Wt '. 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Albert Pfuhl, David Afton Botlnm ,,,w.- Hqwmd Clary' Raed. cr, Edwin Zychnwski, Ermin XVOjcik, Ronald Easlgyt Wallace J S vt" 41 1' I Q.. x 4 fx ' 5 ...A "1 4' - fl at .1 .I I M, Fr -bl Q I .- , zu -rr' , ,. . . - . C 'N A - f - Q:--' N '--M-.. "'l- " - .. N.- -C .....,, Q " am W Taj: raw: Myron Wfang, Charles Semel William Zessar, Michael Freeman, Irwin Goldstein. Stuart NVeiner, William Maibrrnnlk. Richard Wlolfe, Morris Sterneck, Harvey Iaherman, james lfaxman, Stanton Freiberg, jacob Grossman, XVilliam Sholem, Stanley Peskind, Ric ard Steifel, Leonard llettinger. . Alfred Kobak, David Peskind I A Tbml row: Gerald Baron, john XVeil, Barra Fogelson, Wfarren Menaker, Ronald Klein, Gus Friedman. Ronald Luiz, Robert Cohen, Larry Shpiner, Gregorio Zolko, Richard Cohn, Bernard Borman, Olman Bnrowsky, Frank Jacobs, Richard Anasov, Charles Silvers, Sandor Orein Semin! r'o11'.' Stephen Wfolfherg, ,lack Margolis, Harry Newman, Norman Lefton, Alan Eirinberg, Mrs. Epstein, Benjamin Borowsky, Stanford Glass, Jerry -Ialle, john Rubel, Leonard Block, Norman Peskind Barium 1'Ull'.' Eugene Kahn, Edward Shore, Stanton Charny, Mark Novak, Robert Shorr, Arthur Goldstein. Donald Cohan, Donald Lord, Richard Rubin, Dean Rothhart, Michael Karon, Bernard Filler, Ronald Minda, James Friedman --1 Q. , ' -A .h 1 Aw. " Sta Eta 311 if Ag! S'- qlryvi 0SlFl4A'Clt L 9 7 outm ourtm 7 ctrvc rap ers ". if ,-3' 8, nh "i,r,4I' qv Top mira' Stanford Glass, ,rr-rrvlr1r'y,' Norman Lefton, !fL'fIJIIff'f.' jerry Jaffe, baure frlrzmgqw' Bnflom mira' Allan Eirinherg, rim ju-umlunt,' Benjamin Borow- , sky, pnaridentf Harry Newman, birfmirm A A A 388 9 Tuff row: Richard Kirk, fire pzriidvnrg Charles Casscy, jlrafidenf David Ferris, .fn rrurur romlril liotlam raw: Theodore Brickman, J'llfH'6'l7It' mlmtilf Edward Bottom Icy, lI'l'dJllfff r--1 :vrr1'fI 2 , ,Ay ia' x r 201 East john 32 Active Chaptcrs Twp mm: Rirbqrt Nevin, Paul Loeffel, Bruce Brantingham, Allan Cady, Samuel Colgate, Charles Mays, Charles Bottomley, Ray Wick, David Foster, CharlcS Mitch, I-Inward Bump, jnhn Shroyer, William Gafiicld, Charles Maw. liqnlwih BYCflY..If1lm YO'-U18 , Scroml rnmg Rohcrt lirittain, Rrrbert Bradbury, Louis Christensen, james Smith, Loren Mann, Ralph Lanphcre, Thomas Cannon, XVrlliam Hiller, Thomas Wfalton, Cl . l'. Bal k . . . . , Iioflmfiqifhin' ligilliarrm Swartz, Charles Lindrooth, james Eusticc, Theodore Brrckman, Richard Kirk, Charles Cassey, Edward Bottomley, David Ferris, Alhcrt Upstrum, Frederick Kacmpriur - ra 7 : ' ' cv' lf' 'X X Z' 1 5 X Top raw: Richard Potts, john Dyer, Stanley Gill, Robert Vlfieclerkelrr, Kenneth Shanklin, Norman Kalenda, Earl Horwitz, Donald Wlilkins, Norman Bates, Robert Wenelt, Russel Code, Kenneth Benson, Aldo Crovctti, Louis Diamond, James Laible, Fred McCollough Third row: Robert Fisher, Edward Slifer, William Smith, Robert Marshall, Hanse Muller, Ernest I.cVon, Paul Bierstedt, john Law, Richard Thamm, Robert Iiby. Lewis Krimen, George lnglett. Frederick Winter, Allan Hay, Robert Rutledge A 1 Sammi row: Robert Rau, Leland Miller, John Way, George Parshall, gohn Romano, Carl Kammeyer, prerldenty William Lowdcn, fr-cumrer,' ,Elliot Ryder, .rccrr'tary,' Carl Vestling, family ndrfimrf William Anderson, harles Goodhue, Louis Tichacek, Richard Sneen Balham row: Daryle Busch, XVilliam Cooley, Harold Matsuguma, Stanley Kirschner, Charles Evans, Leroy XVhit:1ker, XVilliam Samuels, Charles King. Richard Rowe, Richard Romano Alpha hi Sigma :sam I m 605 East Daniel Street 26 Active Chapters ful: row: Slyvan Wfiley, George Haramcy, Borah Raines, Carl Steiner, Harold Hutchinson, James NVinclsor bumml ww: Moses Delapaz, Sayed Ilba i, Robert O'Brien, Lun-Shin Vflei, Erich Wfarmers, Richard Sublette, W'iIliam Blaine Iinlfuru mira' Jorge Quiros, joseph Brubeck, .rer1'cIr1fy,' Donald Novak, fire lIH',l'i1lr'11l,' john Friedlein, lm'.ririr'ut,' Donald Ferguson, George Peng, Bruce Palmer w- 7 il! A V' lm' 2.1" W W 391 i A 701' 'HH' Gene 112 mum Gwrge Northam unitary Iiulmm row Bruno IJ I Cnrnbhn mi prendmt, mlm liimdt pn udent Evans Scholars -HM East john 23 Adivc Chzlptcrs T011 row: Gene Quirini, Gordon Owens, Frank Stcrnard, james Mclirain, Rudolph Glngovsky, Clifford Curnctt, Joseph Mnhony, jnmcs Cyganck, Paul Hin- richs, Do .ld fy I: I Sfcourl row: nimhn Shixikla, Daniel Stephan, Richard Dnnnclls, juhn Blassick, Gcurgc Ryback, Ralph Zawncki, Matthew Shamlcck, Richard Florcy, james Bian- chin, joseph Andronnwitz A Boilom raw: Franklin Lakins, Gerard Nugent, Dwight Ohnla, Bruno Dal Cnrnhho, john Bramlt, George Northcott, Gene Pxzzuto, Alvin Skack, Oswald Muz- zctts. . I I - Y I- W., i9f535,.5' '-Eff'-' lmo ' X I fi 'xxx Top row: Roy Corcoran, Gary Van Sant, Richard Norsworthy, Patrick McGuire, Thomas Larrison, Hal Johnstone, Richard Hull, Charles Knotek, Roger Mazer. Charles Swisher, James Bueche, Fred Dieter, Richard LeVon, Neale Elsby, Ira Berke, Richard Burright, Alan Padorr, james Burdett I Fourth row! Arthur Mason, Robert Klouda, 'james Vcnctucci, Ross Millard, Robert Scholz, Robert Richiardi, Robert Deere, Donald Pennington, Edward Levin, Alan Cordell, Andrew Haupt, Miles Hlavrn, Albert XVendahl, Edward johnson, Robert Hudson, Gerald Poklop, John Lehmann, Robert Brunke, Ralph Fifer. . Fred Springe, john Deroche l Third row: john Jordan, Franklin Pease, Eu ene Sablick, Richard Breaker, David Van Doren, Gordon Richards, Vito Ivfinerva. Lawrence Chanoch, Wlendell Ahern, John janka, Albert Swanson, Frani Johnson, jerry Shatola, John Muerle, Kenneth Ruud, David Fankhauser, Robert Pringle Second row: Richard Banter, jerry Wfeimann, Thomas McNamara, Leo jasien, Raymond Kramer, Richard Schlehofer, Harold Rasmussen, George Zahrobsky, Milton Sclmycs, William Tate, Robert Seeler, Don Tschannen, Rudy Schutz, Ronald Alfirevic, Louis Ralfcl Bottom row: Leonard Gillam, Robert Schroeder, Thomas Dvorak. james Giger, john Kemp, james Brooks, Richard Muerle, Earl Lawrence Heacock, Donald Hunt, Philli Voorhees, Thomas Zinkus, Robert Boxley V 1 A D No! in fmnel: ,ljerry Geuger, XVeslcy Lackc , Fred Hall, Alex Chiaro, Grant Dixon, Gilbert Fischer, Robert Green, Henry Hochbergcr, joshua Merritt, Kay Mihevc, David Rouse, Kent Ramm, Walter Swanson, Thomas XVood. Rldlllfd Vflnflc VCU Granada lub W I r Top row: Lawrence Chanoch, recrelaryg Jerry Shatola, lrefuurerf H Edward Levin, MIA reprerentatiw: -Franklin Pease, boon' , , uncle: GCD! C Ztlhrobslcy, MIA rejwervrrhrflilcl David Van ' M Doren, mtidf Chairman: XVendcll Ahern, intramural tbrtirman Bvffom foru: : Gordon Richards, rife frrznrirlenlf 'Vito Minerva, , ,jncrzdmlt L. ,. .. . ,. I , , K1 1 I vu k 392 'I Q L ii ' I .1 Q, ' i l X . I , . vi xX x i . , -- fa 5., Tap raw: Robert Lodestro, rfmrrzrcm' Donald Reeves, bonu' man- flgerp Randol li Lund, .fcrgmfzl-nt-rlfnlf,' Frank Nelson, Chap- lrling Robert gliclds, vin- fnerirlunl Bottom mw: Henry Stone, .n'rre1m'y,' Fritz Larson, prmizlenr Mina Lodg 212 East Chalmers Top few: David Gray, Fred Mayerle, Roger Johnson, Robert Lutz. Richard Dix, Kenneth Stults, Kenneth Johnson, Robert jolinson, Kenneth Nornlluf, 'lliomas Ll' 7'birdl:ZlLIfn Nfarstun Swanberg, Norman Olsen, David Hislop, Ray Eckman, Fred Giles, Earl Holstegc, Ivan Wilson, Robert Palmgren, Thomas Powers, Paul Johnson, Ronald Bates, Tliemlore Jackson in U l Serond row: Kay Meurlott, Rudolph Schattke, Henry Stone, Frank Nelson, Rob ert luclds, Fritz Larson, Robert l.oDestro, Randolph Lund, Donald Reeves, David M. - , , Barrfmi1lZliu: William Rankin, Richard McConnell, Rex Xvood, David Kjell, Marvin Lutz, Marlin Peterson, Richard Reiclielt N01 in jmrlrlf Joseph Dcvall, Edward Koska, Richard Matteson, Gordon Palmer "Q T01-0 ,-h,1v.,:1-, ni Pg ,A .-f' ,J WVR! " . ,.,. J., 'K-. o, N! rl is 'll , 'cy Q. ., r .f ., - Y Top row: Allen Freeman, Richard Rama, Johllsullivin, Reverend Edward O Rourke, Jnlm Scgala, Robert Edgar Taylor, Francis Allen, Bernard Borscn, james Cardonil 5 ' Iiulmzzl l'0lt'.' Michael Sweeney, jolan Bratsakis, Herbert Altman, Donald Cell, joseph Santangclo, Louis Oliiero, Joseph Dombrowski i L . e I 5 I Newman Hall M I A Residence Club Top row: joseph Battaglio, nfrgeanr-at-armxf Jplm Milano, enfor- fllfflllltilll rbairmang Lohn Loqkc. :party :Zum-man: John Miks rvcfmlnzg fu'retary,'. utch Dlewolcl, tml.rm'vr Q Bolton: row: Robert Govt, Jacml cbr11rr11fm,' Calib Cook, fmrlm n1cr1lm'im1,' ohn Segnln, rica fm,Jirlent,' Donald Baumgartner, pru.ri:!r'r1t,' Fgtllcr Taylor, clmjzlniu 94 60-5 East Armory I v 11' , . .,, agp: K ...U , : WJ u Ll 7: .4 ,f v 95 V. ,i:,,4, I I 5 A. 'stef' , :ww-, '- , M 'Am Top mm: Eugene Henry, james Briggs, Donald Anderson, Louis Lefke, Robert Beesley, Dan Kern, joseph Zacek. George Hast Sammi row: Edwald Runge, .racial t'f7zliVlIIrll1,' Louis Haier. H'Cfvfrlfy-trerlrltrvrg Robert Mieher, l1rr'.rirlenlp Mrs. Brower, Vince Chaffee, rficc fvruitlurllf Gerald johnson, MIA rcln'z'Jr'ntr1ti1fe,' Thomas Polken, lnfntmfmtl fbtliflllilflf LeRoy Biehl Bottom ww: Herbert Wlodtke, james Rudolph, ,jesse Matheny, james Vlilliams, Bruce Scofield, Richard Yund, Carroll Grandt Not in lmnvl: john Gill, Carthur Criss, Carl lxrumhardt. Victor Brooks, john Mclfarlane, james Tappe The Browery ,rlr alhoun Hall Tap mul: Rohcrt MaHarry, jerry Larson, Richard Ferry, XVilliam Mitchell, 'lherron Scohbic, Charles Zordani, Paul Londrigan, George Sumrall Semml romr Dwight Ringhausen, Allan Wfeihe, mrifrl z'br1ir'fmlr1,' Francis Voshurgh, ll'l'rI.fIII'l'r,' Richard Davis, jm'.iirlcr1f,' Ronald Devereux, athletic tbair- nmn: Robert DeI.ance, MIA ref1n.'Jcl1tatiz'ef Arthur Kenney Bottom raw: john Hnuser, Wfilliam Fuller, Ray Tarleton, james Kauffman, Norman Moore Nat in prrmfl: james Richardson Top row: Ronald Noffsingcr, Ben Pearson, Lee Muir, Gregor Strein, joseph Lang, john.Sunday, David Macior, Richard Gollcr Svroml row: David Koehler, john Wllitaker, Arwall Kehle, Thomas Bnchtolcl, Terry Miwa, Donald Hinton, Thomas Munday, Harold Henson Bottom row: Harry Coons, Donald Diedrich, james. Murray, .mrinl cbairwmrp Victor Hoar, MIA rrprerentfllirm' Maxwell Poper, prefirlentg Ronald Bocks- rucker, Jerrvmry-lrwzmfer,' Robert Mnnsell, ntblefir clarurr1mn,' john Ray, Melvin Larrimore N01 nl lmm'l: Gustavo Almendigllcs itadel ,i.i Colonial rms ,i,ii Tap row: Benjamin Krasinski, Norman Emmerich, Henry Kosinski Srmnd mru: Jerry Kenroth, Daniel Cichy, Cedric Benson, Albert Wavering Bottom row: jerry Smith, Ronald Richards, XVilli:1m Lahrman Not in panel: Calvin Sondgeroth MH? fm., W 96 97 ur ,- v- ,W 'av T011 row: I.lnyd lfalck, Ronald Vermeulen, XVilliam Smith, Melvin Zuiss, Myron Katamy, Kenneth Thies Tbirzl row: Donald Edson, Robert Sheridan, john lleaty, liiladly lllalrw. Pllillp K11lllCl'f- Secoml row: XVilliam Ferking, David Mummery, james Siegfried, Burdette Becker, XVill1an1 Nalyheld, Donald Sullivan Burrow row: Gary Montgomery, Henry Hay, 1'It'L' l1rv.mlvnl,' Lee fVilsnn, .Ii'rrelm'y-lmr,r1n'vr: Alfred Tracy, fFI'L'JlKlt'Flf,' Bernard jnhnsnn, Richard XVickh.un N01 in fn1uc'l.' Arthur Andrew, Bruce Bailey, Harold Clark, XVilliam Davis, 'l ed Schultz, Dnnald XVruck olonial Manor .ii. Dornoch ll .,., i,.ii., i1iii.i Tuff row: Keith Clayplwl. Hank Bimlk. Kcfmffll Hilrlwvg, Richard XVitt, Ruger XVegehenkel, Charles Omarzu, XVallaee Schrnth, Kenneth Cnmer, Stanley Brandon, Donn Brace ' linllnm rnw: Wfilliam Thomas, .rrrremry-frnzrlzwr,' Richard Ey, Jociill 6lIflfl'lIl1Ill,' john jnnex, fm'.iiilv11t,' David Milcy, rin' lH'i'ri1le11l,' Ocal Eastham, IM rlmii- zmmf Edwin XVollcr, MIA 1'L'illL'.Yt'!llilfl1'L',' Phillip XVithraw Nur in pfmr-lf Stephen Shnhert, lnhert Cnehran, Arthur Hell r -ka .......-- l,lf . . I I 1 l x i Top row: Carl Schuster, Merwyn Dan, Roger Sehnoor, Robert Fisher, john Geisler, james Slovick, Shirley Mitchell, Robert Smolenski, john Gale SULVIIII! ww: Norbert liielat, james Mills, David Hernandez, Keith Hunt, Kinley Perrings, liloon Abner liullfnn mm: james Smokorski, Michael Shapiro, Samuel Alex, ilIlL'I'lIllIl'4ll ,rjrorfr !'L'Ill'L'.l'A'lIlrIfiVL',' Howard Dolinger, lrm.rnrer,' David Naden, .recrelaryp Roy Ogasawara, rin' lm'.ri1lunt,' William Schrader, M.I.A, relrr'e.rur1lfllirv5 Richard Leiweke, llI'L'.lftjt'!Il Nu! in jmuel: john Howes, Edwin llutler, Frank DeRonle, jerry Donda, Roger liiekholl, Robert Feliszak, Donald Garner, Earl Karges, Rudolph Krolopp, joe LaCroix, Glen MacNerland, Gene Polino, Donald Sargent, Larry Schallel, Carl Shew, George Strand, jerome 'l'oman, George Varallo, Gordon Wlillwur, Peter Wfinters lub Esquire Four Colum Trip ruuf: Vern Mullikin, Bruce Raney, joseph Kettlestrings, john Tipsword liiflb raw: Richard Fielos, XValter Michaelis, Arthur Fiebing, Robert Anderson, Kirk Storm A lfrurrlb mm: Alvin Nardini, Theodore Lisec, Richard Buskohl, Val Krukonis, Robert Neathammer, Robert Foisy, XValter Dyer Thin! rum: Dominic Managlia, Robert Bower, Curtis Baehman, Richard Wfolgamott, Robert Lange, Alex Sakonyi, john Heddens ,S'emmlm1zf.' joseph Seyl, Richard lillenberger, l.yIe Grider, jose Romero, Donalo Romine, George Wlalker, john Dymono, Frank Polancie, joseph S lansky liulmm min: Larry Sadler, .rer1'l'Inry,' fjim Keehner, lrwl,r1m'r'.' john Knobel, fm-.iirlunl,' joe O'llrien, fire pri-,rirlwllp Edward McMurray, flthlelir fgirinrnln Nui in junlulf Richard Sharp, mrinl t'JrIiI'fIlrI!l,' joyce Howard 99 T171 row: Robert McCall, Riclmiird Mclnncss, Aluxnmlcr licicsnicwifv Li'-in-gc Yimrlniqi' Ccr1IdRli4iil1,n lju ill XVilt . ,, . . , i. 4, nan zcrsl i Srunm ruuf: l-lcrhcrt liiclnwai, james Nnlain, Ralph Swett, Rmlncy Rulucils, XVili1im Duupp, fni.siili'ul.' Neil lJCl'lIlp1l0ll, rim' f7l't'.fIKlt'Ill,' Cicorgc XVLI x C' ii is Allwriglit Hallam raw: Frank Ixiuntngninu, Ronald I.cisch, David hliwoilc, 'l'lmm:is Rnlwrlx, Dzilc Nnwurx, lflcrtwin liinllilt, David NVz1lkcr Nur in jnnlulz Donzllil Wfxilkcr, .fi'ri'ul.flr'y-Ifi'1I.vlH'1'v,' lllllllli lliulnwgi Ga I 400 East Green St. I Hhalll I lldge Kuff I7lU.' Herman Stricklcn, Riclinrml Schiltz,w1Iuhn Ottc,- Riclminl Pnlczynslci. Dunne llliilwcrg, Rnlscrt Ikitlcrsim iinm mm. john Ihriluzi, lnzlllrrzl, Robert ba mcfcr, .mrml tllxllllllzlll Dwupzlit lNlnlwcrg Ill't'l'lIl'L'llf' Mwurxcc llurmr, llullum row: jack Hrlfliclil, Anthony l.llCkmZll1, Robert Wzlll. Milton llmlrigncz, RUl1Cl'f'llllClCSI1t, liiri' jirizriflifrll Nur in ln1m'l.' Burt Nnralbcrg. jack Brmllwcck, Raiymnml Stephens, Riclmrnl M.'fkciistm.'k, Paul Duulwcl, Ben Pnttcrsm Gumlwin jack Gill, Charles XVilsim 1, Runzilml Engdzilil T 'maf ia X . ii'."'.",l is ' J v F . Q 'fl I -- Q' ' ' 'Ei . l' H 1 l :wflfs lik ' I , l ?? Q u I A s ii N-,Ho , , V fy -Q, V4 ' ff: .. , . i ,rl .1 4. Ar- 'f- -"3lfV'9Wn R 4- . '.v,v.,.,W ., i D . H: 8 J 'Iv ,K I ,-W, r -,I-' - .... - Y. 4' . 'L - 1 T011 row: Richard Bcll, David Bossert, Max Newport, Paul Ricke, Wlendell Cleaver, james Stevenson, Peter Smith, Frank Thorp, Jariul 1'b11ir1111111,' Ronald Rilott, john Wfeidert, Douglas Marti, l1w1.r1n'w': Donald Shrelfler, XVilliam Ciossett, .u'r1'vt1u'y 1301111111 r1111f: Robert Trotter, Roger Quinn, Bobble Wfeiss, Howard Walker, Richard Vial, Norman Shrelller, biaiorifmp Eldon Greenwood, fU'L'J'it!t'l1l,' Galc Cole, rin' f1rc.ri1lr'z1.',' Keith Haning, james Meyer, Paul Quinn, Gordon Schnepper, Vernon Hausclnld Illi-Dell Illiknights T011 row: john Vasscn, Clyde German, Stuart DcVorc, MIA 1'vlu'v.rv11l1rIi1'e,' Thomas Wfarlield, Paul Smith, john Purcell Semfld row: Gordan Cash, Kent McDaniels, Fred Meyer, George Ruediger, Joseph Lenart, Richard Brown, Richard Kinter Bottom row: Gene Nelson, racial cb11ir1mm,' Robert Campbell, f1v11.r11i'w-,' Theodore Jung, prvrirlcfxrp Robert Adelsperger, vice prc'1irle11t,' Virgil Sutton, .rec- femryg Daniel Brady, nlblelic cb1lir1mn1 N111 in f11111cl.' Richard Bray, Richard Kurz ' - 1' U : "!5l.:,i4 l Tap raw: Jackson Hilker, Roy Klevcn, Zeno Kopecky, Albert Fuson, Jocirll clmir1mn1,' Emerson Hilker, fire pr-erirJcnr,' Conrad Kipp, George Stevens, Phillip Young, Cbrylfrliilf George Fox l 1 . 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A Tuff rum: james Callahan, joseph Koshut, Bismarcl-1 King, Ilohn McKay, Burt llassler, Stanley XVoods, Wfilliam Yerkes, Robert jordan, Allan Mines, Charles Lewis, Frank Gadruns, john Peters, Lewis jameson, Davit Robbin, john Lipnieke, Mandel Moeckler Tbirfl rum: Richard Kaplan, Gerald Hoos, Ronald XValaitis, Robert Vandervoort, Howard Askins, Wlesley Hiclcs, Benjamin Vondrak, john Lakosil, john Stout, Thomas Mohn, XVilliam Lclhngwcll, Harry Henderson, Arnold Schwartz, David Snyder, Robert Anderson Serum! raw: Emanuel Wlexler, Donald Boyer, David Sareinson, Ralph Hale, Sidney Lemer, Clyde Congdon, john Aancs, 11rz'Ji1lw1t,' Neil Fischner, 1I'L'll.Y' nrur,' liernard Van limden, .rerrr'lflry,' XVilliam Van Denberg, Tliomas llurns, Herbert Pohl, Harry XVeber Ballon! row: Howard Scott, jack Wfienke, lrwin XVeinbcrg.:, XVilliam Sohaski, Arthur Wfeinstein, Roger Axberg, Richard Stein, Saul Singer, Mark Mc- Donald, Allred Oberlander, Sydney Frey Fir t Floor, oble House, lVI.R.H. Second Floor, oble House, lVI.R.H. 1215 South Fourth Tap mm: Peter Marchese, Glenn Glave, Roger Moore, Ronald Bowers, Richard Mazzoni, Richard Lidgard, Richard Eckhardt, Harold Horvitz, james XVi1liams, John Renisek, Richard Clasen, Kenneth 'l'alac, Myron Kennedy, Harvey Pert ' Thin! rum: Wfarrcn XVolfc, XValter Ford, John Conghy, liernard Lyngdal, XVilllian1 Thomas, 'l'ed Anderson, joel Powell, john Erickson, Eugene Cross, Victor Moss, Michael XVoolridge, Robert Mclfall, Leslie Anderson, Kirk Kennedy, I-larry Rasmusen Stfrwlfl ruuf: George Yourek, Wfayne Little, Robert Gottlieb, .racial fllrlfflllrlilf l.eRoy jenkins, rin' prvfidural: Gilbert Nicoll, XVilliam Kraemcr, C0llIl,l't'l0F,' Herbert Lassiter, jmuirlwll: Douglas Fitchmun, Edward Gary, Lewis Leonard, l.eon Hirsch, Xvilliain lialdwin 1501113111 mira' lieith Miller, Richard Matson, jay Gordon, Richard Goldstein, Richard Cridlebaugh, Marshall Kumntel, Gary Bornlf, Jim Reich, Edward une, Davin iogier Nor in jmuel: Donald Stairs, Delbert Kaimeier 4 Top I'!lIll,' Darrell Kahl, james Steider. 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Richard Salzer, Grover Herring, Richard King, Robert Colwcll, 'Wlaltcr Gabehart, Donald Kinert, Karoly Molnar, Earl Lindgren, james MacSlmnc Bottom mm: Wlilliam Reego, Leonard Basinski, Thomas Brennan, 1rrr'mlunI,' Mrs, Kolar, Rex Berlin, .wr1'uli1r'y-1rvflrlzmr, Arthur Basso, Eugene Mueller S eepy H0110 ll i, f S i,iir,i iiiifi i A SOI1,S Home Top r'o11'l.' l.loydb15ryar:t,k1'itc 1vrv.aizlmt,' Charles Morine,'Robcrt Lahnc, Robert Milligan, August Kunkel, Christopher Kunkel, co-,rocinl CbrIiI'!Il4I7J,' Robert XVi am, Ro ert C ar' Serom! Hlllh' Virgil Mnlinarnlo, Edward Behm, Fred H-Kraus, Ronald Hewitt, .ffl0l'f,I rllrnmgwg' Hmvland Hanson, jzrarirlcnlf john Mills, Charles Engelhardt, XVilIiam I.i!llll,.!'U-.l'HL'i.'l! clmir'mun,' Ronald XVisthult llfzltam 1'u1U.' 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P olonmc Agriculture General Ag:-icnllfmf Soenksen Hall Danville Community College FRANCES KAY ADAM Agriculture Home Economic: s. .. ..........PrinccI'ille' Ph' U silon Omicron' Alpha Lambda Delta: I p. U , Campus Chest 11, 21: W,G.S. Executive Council 13, 41: McKinley Foundation Stu- dent Council 13, 41 : All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee 121, chairman 151: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 141 : W.G.S. Ball Committee 121 : Home Economics Club Honors Day 111 Ronnnr WAYNE ADAMS ............ Allendale Agriculture Vocational Agricullnre WII.I. 111: Agricultural Education Club. Agriculture Club RoNAI.n SAMUEL ADELSON .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economic: Phi Epsilon Pi Major Chairman News and Advertising Illini ommittee 131: Second Lieutenant. Union C Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau PAUL I.IzoNARn Aunsxo ....... . .. . . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlry Theta Kappa Phi Str and Scroll: Illini Union Committee a 12, 41 : Midshipman, NROTC: Illini Sports- man's Club: Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Lian AoLIsR ................. Sl. Jo:eph, Alu Engineering Electrical lingirxcering Sigma Alpha Mu A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. St joseph Junior College 418 . ' aw ,I -I"lei'i,'t:i'.4.ig: -. I , -- lf zfra 2 DAVID Nonnnar AIf'roN ............. Chicago Division of Special Services Mallaczzmlic: Sigma Tau Gamma Honors Day 131 Illinois Institute of Technology BIzA'rRIcn ANN AGASIZ .............. liiwomou I.iberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Phi Mu Illini Union Committee 121: XV.A.A. 121 Kendall College I.nsTIIR TAKUMI AKASAKI..l'i!HIrl1ll1ll, llnwuii Engineering Civil Engirlcerirlg A.S.C.E. Gnonnn DAVID AKIIRIIIERG .... .. .... .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Phi Kappa Sigma University Theatre Manager 121: University Theatre Cast 121 : Captain, Air Force ROTC Wilson junior College MARGARET ANN Aram' ........... Blue Irllmd Agriculture Home Economic: Alpha Omicron Pi The Illio 11, 21: Illini Theatre Guild Crew 113 JIIAN ANNIE Al.llR0................Ke'Ill1ll1Ft' Agriculture Home Economic: Kappa Kappa Gamma The Daily Illini 111 3 Illini Union Committee 111 Ronmzr Lmz ALnxANuIzR, . . . . . . , . . . .Potomac Agriculture Vocaliomrl Agricrlllm-e Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Phi Omega: Alpha Tau Alpha: House President 141: Ordnance Club: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club Honors Day 131 Indiana Central College FRANCIS XVILLIAM ALLEN ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Newman Hall Captain, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Pershing Rifles: Glider Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARY BARBARA ALLEN ....... .. ..... Delfwfm Agriculture General Home Economic: Sigma Kappa ' C Shi-Ai: The Illio 11, 21: Illini Union om- mittee 11, 41: Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 5 41: Home Economics Club: Young Repub licans Club MARGARET ANN ALLSWORTH ...... La Gmnsf Fine and Applied Arts Art Hillary Hoste House University Chorus 443: Young Republicans Club Lyons Township Junior College HERSCHEL BURTON ALPIERIN. , ...... Cbimgn journalism Adverliring Alliha Delta Sigma: Mask and Bauble: Pier- mf5S 'The Dail Illini UI: lllini Union Committee 63, fig: University Theatre Man- ager l2, 41: University Theatre Student staff GJ : University Theatre Board of Con- fffll 147: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Ordnance Club: Rifle and Pistol Club BERNARD ALPIZRT ........... .... C bimgo Agriculture Animal .Yrienre Phi Sigma Delta Student Religious Council QU: Poultry Science Club, president MJ HERBERT LEE ALTMAN ........... Sflfiffgnfld Commerce Markeling Newman Hall DONALD Sruzuo AMANO..H0ll0lllilI, Hawaii Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemiatry DAVID DONALD AMREN ......... Blue Irlund Commerce Finance and Banking Alpha Kappa Psi: Intramural Manager GJ P' Alumni Associa Finance Club: Navy Ier tion Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Club Northwestern Universi y ' tension of the University of Illinois t 1 Navy Pier Ex- XVILLIAM HENRY ANDERES ...... .Barrington Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteiiology Captain, Air Force ROTC Ripon College BARBARA JEAN ANDERsoN... Education Iilemenlory Ednmlion Alpha Kappa Alpha ' ....Cbim NV.A.A. 143: Navy Pier Alumni Assoc tion ' ' ' f l University Navy Pier Extension o tie Illinois B cn ELDON ANoERsoN....jafm-ville, I RU Commerce Imlurlrial Adminirrralion Theta Xi Captain, Air Force ROTC: ing Club: Society for the Advancemen tg Young Republicans Club Managemen University of Wisconsin g0 ia- of Vii . A.I.A.: Mar t ket- of CARL DANIEL ANDERSON- - - . . .... Chicago Journalism Adverriring Alpha Delta Sigma North Park College ....ClJimgo JOHN EVERETT ANDERSON . Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Morgan Park Junior College RICHARD CARDWELL ANDERSON Wertern Springr Commerce Economic: Delta Tau Delta Star Course Manager 125: Campus Chest KU: House President MJ: Second Lieu- tenant, Air Force ROTC Honors Day IU N. .Elmwood Pork Rrci-IARD CHARLES ANDERSO Engineering Ceramic Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Keramos: Campus Chest GJ: A.S.M.E. Honors Day fl, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Ronism' ARNOLD ANDERsoN..Downer,r Grove Commerce Marketing Navy Pier Extension of the University of illinois ROIOIERT WARREN ANDERSON. Engineering Melullnrgiml Engineering Lutlleran Student Foundation Cil: Engineering Council KS, 41: A.S.M.E. M.l.S. Rouisnr XVOMACK ANDERSO Commerce Alurkeling Marketing Club . c P. . .... . .Cbimgo Student Coun- N.....--CiJit'1Ig0 Morgan Park Junior College. Navy Ier Extension of the University of Illinois Commerce Marketing Kappa Delta Rho Marketing Club Morton junior College ALLEN HASTINGS ANDREW Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Delta Upsilon Pierrots- University Roman LEONARD ANDERSON. .. . . .Oak Law ll I 5, jR..WrlIbi11g!on Ma-Wan-Da-: Sachem: Mask and Bauble ' ' Theatre Manager Q23 University Theatre Student Stali 431: Chan tl ' n Student Council 111: LAS ning Foun atio Council tl, 2 J: Rifle and Pistol Club rg-t1f4--fmf, N , 'tfe?ff"?iii' iii? 1 ..tMA. 4, -f 1 -7. 5 . , J it if ,gig gk Y Q .gggfl I 5 Y r ti , A fi t pg 'Q fx? l RICHARD LEE ANOSOV .......,...... Cbimgo Education Edncntinn of the Deaf Zeta Beta Tau Mu Iota Sigma: Illini Union Committee 111: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Scab- bard and Blade Ar.rcE ARAMIAN...................Chicr1go Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrbolagy Sherwood Lodge Spring Carnival Program Committee M1 Bradley University ANoEr,o CHARLES AncAao. . . . . . . . . . .Cbimgo Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Tau: A.S.M.E. Honors Day i2, 51 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BARBARA Lois ARDIEN .............. Cbimga Education lflenzentnry Ednealian Lincoln Avenue Residence Ronrzrvr EDDY ARMSTRONG ............ Dixon Liberal Arts and Sciences Politirnl Science Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Phi: Phi eta pp : Sigma: .Sigma Delta Pi: The Illio II1: Il- lini Union Committee fl, 21: University Theatre Crew fl, 21: Star Course Manager fl, 21: House President I41: -Student Sen- ate I5. 41: Coordination Committee i5. 41: Concert and Entertainment Board i3. 411 Second Lieutenant Army ROTC: Russian Language Club: Spanish Club I D Honors Day fl, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key U B Ka a Phi Eta TIIHLMA JEAN ARMSTRONG ....... Park Ridge Liberal Arts and Sciences Slmfzirb Delta Zeta Beloit College Agriculture Home Eronomirr Episcopal Foundation Student Council 12, 41 : Home Economics Club, Honors Day fl, 31 SI'IIRI.IiY ANNE AscrrENnAcH.....Kenilwar-lb Liberal Arts and Sciences Pmrhalagy Al ha Omicron Pi p . Illini Union Committee fl, 2, 31: Y.XV.C.A. Committee fl, 2, 51 NKBRAIAN BIZECIIITR ASHLEY. . . .. .... .Sibley Agriculture Soil Con.fe1-nation Cadet, Army ROTC: Field and Furrow 420 JANE FRANCES ARVIEDSON. . . .. .. .Chnnrfmign L 1 I l -fi' .gr tl. 'lit . X sau! A-. .--.. I Ali? Rf we-:jj f. DoNAr.o GENE Aron ........ .... P ittrffell Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Delta Theta l st Y.M.C.A Committee f3ii Campus C10 421 : Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: SCC' ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Zeta Sigma Alpha ELDON RAY AUPPERLE. . . . . . . . . . . . .Fairbury Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club Illinois State Normal University Ar.cmnAs ANTHONY AVIZIBNIS ...... Cbieasv Engineering Elerlriml Engineering A. I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 12, 31 JANICE BARBARA BABE. .. .. . . . . . . . .Lombard Liberal Arts and Sciences Eeonamicr Busey Hall Illini Union Committee C11 ANN Cimor. BAEEL ................ CMME0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematic: Delta Delta Delta Terrapin 13. 41 Florida State University Er.rsAun'rH JoAN BACHMAN ........ Efngbdfff Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Kappa Delta Shorter Board: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Lamb' da Delta: Illini Union Committee 421: Cam' pus Chest, major chairman 131: Senior Ball Committee f21 Honors Day 131 Illinois Wesleyan University Aacnn: LEONARD BACKLIN ............ Poren Eine and Applied Arts Arebileetnrul Derign A.l.A. Thornton Junior College JAMES Louis BADGETT ....... ..... S treatar Commerce Marketing Honors Day fl, 31 Ar.nEar Rrenimu BAerNs1cr.... .... Cbir489 Engineering Meehnniml Engineering A.S.M.E.: Polish Club XVright Junior College JAMES MARVIN BAILEY .............. Benton Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Southern Illinois University SHIRLEY JEAN BAILEY ........... Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Y.W.C.A. Committee: French Club: Span- ish Club SIIEI.ooN ALLEN BAITMAN... ...Cbicogo Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi The Daily Illini 111 : Interfraternity Council 111: Hillel Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3.1: Major, Air Force ROTC: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Man- agement ' CARL Josnrn BAKER, JR ...... .... S pringnelrl Liberal Arts and Sciences Hixlory Alpha Tau Omega Campus Chest 13, 41: lnterfraternity Council 13, 41 Springfield junior College DONALD VINCENT BAKER .... Flurhing, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Major, Air Force ROTC: Pershing Rifles Belleville Township junior College ROY JOHN BAKER .......... .... G olconda Education Social Studie: College Hall Southern Illinois University SAMUEL BECKHAM BALDEN... ..... Salem Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Eta Kappa Nu: University Orchestra 111: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 31 University of Southern Illinois CARoL IRENE BALLINGER .............. Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbolagy Alpha Kappa Alpha LEE HOWARD BALSON ...... ...Chicago journalism Radio Pi Lambda Phi Sigma Delta Chi: Illini Union Committee 131: House President 141: WILL 13, 41: Captain, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta Honors Day 11, 51 t 1. fx I qv. a not ia 'Vhfr L i it Y J, 1, - ' l ,ii BILL CURTIS BANIs'rER. , . . . . . . . . , . .Lincoln Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirlory ,, , . French Club: Varsity Debate Team 121 cm Phi 1 Hull University College, Hull, England gal' ps, .,,1 . . A, " I tip, I Lf? lwwtw lei ' E 1 wa 4,3 li .E , 1 , ,,l',,ig,x,p . , , t A R ,Z ,YW ,r.I , M Nd Q A J fd je 'N , 'At' rr Ar A if I A ' ' F we I 1 'liff ii 31 ,si 5 Q l A , 'H f X r l , :rs at CLARENCE HOWARD BANKS ........ Maywood Commerce Accountancy Parade Ground Units Accountancy Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois XVAYNE HALDON BARBER ........ Amamptiorr Agriculture General Agricrrltnre Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC Romaar NICIIOLAS BARDELL. .Chicago Height: Commerce Marketing Brauna House Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: Mar- keting Club Honors Day 131 JoIIN JOSEPH BARDOS ........ .... C bicngo Engineering Agricnllural Engineering Graham Lodge A.S.A.E. Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JANET COLLEN BARKER ...... .... Q uincy journalism Editorial Delta Zeta ShoIter.Board: Torch: Shi-Ai: Theta Sig- ma. Phi: The Daily Illini 12, 31: Society Editor 121: Major Chairman Homecoming Queen Illini Union Committee 121: Illini Union Committee 11, 21: Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 111: W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41: House President 141: Spanish Club BARBARA ANN BARNES ............... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Kappa Delta Mask and Bauble: Zeta Phi Eta: The Illio 111: Illini Union Committee 121: University Theatre Manager 12, 313 University Theatre CQISIC 121: Campus Chest 111 JOHN BARNES ........ . ..... ..... I Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Theta Kappa Phi Star and Scroll: Freshman Council 111: A.I.E.E.--I.R.E. NORVILLB EARL BARNES...... .... Urbana Agriculture General Agriculture 421 . i ,ot I . .W , V, . 1.1, AL 'fi fr W ,, ,, Xxx V X ' Mi if: I wil-'fi' ' , :eff 'iii 1 iq 1, 1 7 ,QS - it , L. , fQf:ig,3z'i 'J ' li iufa:.fIiffi' ir, 5 9 A A fifgfiififf' ,A , R, may .x'i,t,:eII: , A 'iri5g,,,i rifle efzili2gr?iE+S."'?'+2t 'K K 'nilgj , A mteriiilftr :uric 5:53 'fill .riff-A ,,1ZMwf'?ia 1 Q- 'atrraztteoqw :fi life, -. R A1-f A sarah'-V ,. -2, 1-:afwasr I I so ,L ala ' l535k1ti:w,L-ff J Lirrrr giei ' -efrtafizifffh aaa, . - .va "e:t1.I'r-Sr.: . to MA: ,, 1, 3 sggiyfij H131 I 'U 1 , L i t A : fafhlitiofx a t Qfa' 2gts35risii1si'., .:,wfvi1 ff'-E? " jr. , 1 -1 r ri iefiiftii i - , E22 1 w A - i !idii'ii:7'il"leKal'Q9S, , , ,.i I'r.,fiyy-,Qi,raA."i tx, A , apzfrlrgigif- Stsgzzi 1, 'paxi- Q '1eT'?fw.1' '1i:,.f1-'W - -ffw it to ar,-iii er - E, . ,A .., A t 7411.4 ,, I . , ft" rif ifftizzigziliqtflilziekm i 5' ii ff-gif? f.,..Ie,,-,fi1l.,, ...,,.f. fwgaq.. -2' . ' , H ,,,g:3fg23. A Qr1,. .tvt 'f1a,?z:'f3i 1 : lf 5 Zrfeggzaixj w - 4 Nigga., its vita' ,Q 53,55 5 11,5 15522 Q Mi' if 1513?-it ff 'WifiifEQ+lify?l5?l5li-it Zi I .iz-,' fb-:jg VY " A af - ii'tfi3"'N I .315 2 A 2, ,tx ,M : , 1: Eiga wi gf 0 .5 wg ,eq rf. as :M ak V ,, Q 'Six' :Kms .af X LA?-il 2325 . , A ig 4 1 Ai' ina . Q, ,l A I ' i 37' fi:':aJfgQv:x.r7 t,s 'f'-" - V Yr 'fl 35'iim2 13" Agf a Ji, M,ee.,,.c .. 4, 1 1 iii, - A. , 443, 1 , L Y r 1 B 'aw ,Y-Wir M rg QM? 1 he A 1 at qt 3 ge E Ig ,r t I W E 1 'Tx Y . fr, 1 fx gif i an , ,W , W 5' le-i is ,ll l"ili ,mit ff? ' A at Q21 A423111 I 1, A A ,gl V ft g it I wma fi'-B231 Af' zriwtiiitif 1,52 - 'E' :lui A '?ia 'E"'1 ,rr .,ai.t,. , not ,re rfflreamsic-M113 1. efierhiar 5-55 ar r,,uaegafLg:, A 1 a.o,,.effiqr 'nz',.3wi':Lii5JisTZ11"37z:?i5.rv -- 1 3 I . 'Nm PFQQR, l' P' il will BARNES...............SjL't1l!I0!'P RUTH JEAN Education Elenzentary Education Delta Zeta XV.A.A, Q41 Northern Illinois State Teachers College WAI.'rIzR EDWARD BARNES, III ........ Chicago Agriculture Dairy Technology ' Chi Psi ' l b: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Agriculture C u Dairy Production Clubg Hoof and Horn Club RUTH BARRIE ................. .... F reeport Education Elementary Education Alpha Phi Y.XV.C.A. Committee Q31g Terrapin Q3, 41 Drury College: Illinois State Normal Uni- versity BERNARD MEYER BAsKIN...Philadelphia, Pa. Commerce Marketing University Theatre Cast Q41 3 Marketing Club: I Society for the Advancement of Managemen Pier Extension of the University of Navy lllinoisg Roosevelt College ARTHUR JOHN BAsso, JR .... ..... 0 ala Park Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Lambda Wriglit Junior College: University of Den- ' of verg Navy Pier Extension of the University Illinois BRUCE ALAN BASTIAN ........ ...... S heridan Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Wobble Inn ' House President C31 S c Army ROTC: Infantry Club S cond Lieutenant, BARBARA ANNE BAUDINO .... ..... H emn Education French Kappa Delta Illini Union Committee Q2, 51: Y.XV.C.A. Q21 3 Campus Chest Q21 Southern Illinois University DIETRICH CHARLES BAUER. . . . .. .. ..... Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Lake Forest College Joi-IN BAUER ...................... Benton Physical Education Physical Education Theta Chi V Ma-Wan-Dag 'Tribe of Illini Q2, 3, 41g ar- sity Football Squad Q2, 3, 41, Letter Q2, 3, 41' Varsity Track Squad Q2, 5, 41, Letter 422 1-15 Eg. Q the PAUL DAVID BAUER, . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .Benloff Physical Education Phyrical Education Phi Delta Theta Varsity Football Squa Q Varsity Football Squad Q11 d 2, 3, 413 Freshman XVILLIAM SARIUEI. BAUER .....,... Belleville N Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Belleville Junior Collegeg XVashington Uni- versity GI.Am's IXIARIE BAUMANN... ..... Chicago Agriculture Home Econamicr Sherwood Lodge Home Economics Club Blackburn College KENNETH DARRELL BAXTER ..... ...Carthage Physical Education Phyrical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Epsilon Kappa: Baseball Manager Q21 Honors Day Q2, 31 NORAIAN REx BEAnouT ...... .... 0 hlong Commerce Indnrtrial Adminirfration Society for the Advancement of Management: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce Eastern State College CLIFFORD ELMORE BEATTY ....... Taylorville Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Star and Scroll: Illini Union Committee fl, 215 Star Course Manager Q21g Men's Glee Club Q3, 41 3 Illini Rural Observer Q11g All- Ag Field Day Committee Q2, 315 Plowboy Prom Committee Q21g Agriculture Clubl Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day Q11 HARRIET ANN BEAUnoIN... ..... Hollywood Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta Mortar Board: The Illio Q1, 2, 3, 41, As- sociate Editor Q41 JOAN MARIE BECHERER ........... O'FaIlon Education Elementary Education I Palamar " House President Q41 ' Belleville Township Junior College ,L DoNNA JANE BECK ........ New Ron, Ind. ii Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirh Evans Hall The Illio Q1, 211 Illini Union Committee i51:'W.A.A. i5, 41 WILLIAM Linz Brzcia ......... .... I 'orkrillr' Commerce Accountancy Sigma Phi Epsilon Star and Scroll: lnterfraternity Council f2. ' - ' tenant Cnlo- 31: House President 141, Lieu nel, Air Force RO b Honors Day 111 TC: Accountancy Clu RICHARD ALAN BHCKENDAUGH. . . . . .Rarklwfl Engineering General Engineering A my Alpha Phi Omg-gag First Lieutenant, r ROTC: Pershing Rifles ETT ............. Rockford Roxana ALAN BECK Commerce lndrulrinl Adminirlrnlion Lundgren House Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Club: A.F.S-I I Society for the Advancement of Managemen Honors Day Cl, 2, 31 RAYMOND BEACH Buena. .. . . . . ....G1enmr' Engineering Civil Engineering Zeta Psi A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EESON. . . .Dfwenporg Iowa CI.AIzIs DoIiINIz B Liberal Arts and Sciences Economicr Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Lambda Delta: Major Chairman Travel Service Illini Union Committee 131: Illini Union Council C31: Illini Union Committee il. 21: Y.W.C.A. Committee 111 Honors Day C11 EDWARD I-IOHN BBHM ............. Cbebanre Agriculture Agriculture Education Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Club Illinois State Normal University FREDERICK Louis BEHRENDS .... .... I lnmnn Law Law Rogers House Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: The Daily Illini 121: University Chorus 121: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Accountancy Club: Junior Bar Associa- tion Q41 Honors Day fl, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key BARBARA BELL ..................... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Eronomicf Pi Beta Phi Shorter Board: Student Senate 13. 41 XVellesley College 'flurry Pnrnn EDWIN BIzLrnAM ............ Far Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryehology Pershing Rifles Honors Day C31 ,,, CHARl.OT'l'E EIIITII BIENDIER. . . . . . . . .. .Amrzrn Lilaeral Arts and Sciences Sociology lndcco House President Q41 RoNAI.D I.IaI2 BIzNIzuIc'r ....... . ...., Cbimgg Commerce lllrlll.'lgl'!llNIl and illrzrkrling Theta Xi Baselmll Manager 131: il, 21 : Alpha Rho Tau: Second Lieutenant, A rmy ROTC Intramural Manager FnANr:I2s ANN BliNNE'l"l'. .. . . . .. .AI1. l"mmn Education Biology Lincoln Avenue Residence Grinnell College: Lindenwood College JAMES BERNARD BI:NNIzr1'.,.....Cbnrrufm-lb Agriculture Tmrber Training in llgrlclflllwe Farm House Alpha Zeta, president I : p pha: Agricultural Council 13, 41: Captain, ' ROTC: Agricultural Education Air force . Club, president 441: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day CZ, 31 41 Al ha Tau Al- INN AILTN BYRCHTOID. . . . . . . .. . .Pekin GI.s . 1 I , Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry All-XVays Home Phi Eta Sigma: House President Q41 Honors Day C11 IEIVIND BEIIDAI. ....... journalism Editorial Kappa Tau Alpha: Sigma Delta Chi University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway Arm-run E Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Wfright junior College EvIcLx'NNI: MAIIIIE BERG ..........,. Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Lincoln Avenue Residence .Feior, Sogn, Narwny RNIEST Baan ...... Rice Luke, Wir. .Clzimgo l M15 Illini Christian Fel- University Ciorus lowship 141 Icag tension of tlIe University of Illinois MARIJANB Education Elemenlnfy Eilnmtion Lincoln Avenue Residence Morton junior College Honors Day 131 Ch' . o Teachers College: Navy Pier Ex- BERGMAN.................Lj071J' 4 f--I ea, ' ,:. i. ,W , i w mqfvtgig ,ff-I I-4 , .-we-Is?s5l 3-i':Q,.,s:,.,a ' -t ,., , . ,..- . 1, J ,. , ' Sri, I K ,Q Viv. 1' ,Q 31243 if. ' f r X9 .f "1 ' - ,jay f- fI1'i.fy1':,+: iff' if . ,Elie s K le. ,M ,,:f,"5,ff 2 , 3, ' T, L-inf! --1.5" Q 'I i Q - 'l'iM"l?'5s13Ef ' ima? irfmskgi K., I -wfrm.-i,, USF 'f-,rr Q :IC fal- I :VLZKAH A is i 4 V-'T 'll if I A, "':,--s2"'ls:-Aw-1-f 4.2333 A. Vk3 A will It V, I ,qua .fa ,ary-qv. ' r ' - -:dei eh no I ' A 4 gg, r r' aj, v H I A 4 rg: Ai - It - ir rg. 4 I 4 A. A I el' fa 'fir'- "'- Qt- . 4 M ,541 3 . 1 QE? . ,V s, tw A' My ,Y 5' I . , M' ff .ENE ' U ,. I. tT.,"ril wc if 4 ,r,eF9lJs' ge rg-Qsgefr ' 'Ska Iva i -Q, ti P s is .1 rr . , 'If A A . sap Q: '-95 " I "i5gf'," it waz' ,gig W1,5.r.h-r if-if Y -5 ati? 3:55 1' allay- ,Q .K 1- li dale' rf , . r 251 'QW 'I 'S J I Na L we 'K' Aft- 43? s I in lt' lfsglit 4,514 wa s QA, M -.:,-,,5,,,: 4 .13.g:qr. -arg:-:I I- 'fa-r2'r1'i't': - or, .ez-get I , MI Q5 - Wise. I Ir A ,Kel ..!?5 Kg f JM f' r rr. K 'lp we J gt Q M A r W r ss y -5 W, 1. 6 P1 5 L 'lslklpl '4 b mint I '- NEIL LYNN BERGMAN ...... .... C hicago Commerce flrcoltnlrulry Sigma Alpha Mu Honors Day I2, 51 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois: Northwestern University ON Ronum' Bnncsrnbr .... Northbrook Engineering Electrical Engineering CARLET A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Navy Pier Activities: University Choir fl. 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GI.nNN Wnsmv BIERINGTON ...... Marreiller Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha: Phi Chi Eta: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club Honors Day Cl, 31 SIII2I.noN Lnn Bmucn. . . . . ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts , Painting Alpha Epsilon Pi CIIArrI.I2s MIZLVIN BERLIN. ...... .Woodrtoch Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Delta Tau Delta Alpha Tau Alpha: Illini Rural Observer fl, 21: Major, Army ROTC: Zeta Sigma Alpha: Agricultural Education Club: Agri- culture Club ADRIHNNI! Ru'rI-I BERMAN ..... ..... C hirago Journalism Adrfertiring EKT , Gamma Alpha Chi: Illini Union Committee fl, 2, 31: W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 41 : WILL 131: Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Spanish Club: Young Democrats Club Roosevelt College H I . . . . . . . . . Commerce Secretarial Training Alumni Association Program: Illini Quad Council Illinois JANI:'I"rI2 MARTHA BERNHAIIDT. . . .. .S Agriculture Home Economicf Evans Hall Gamma Delta: Home Economics Club HELEN MILDIIEIJ BI:IzN Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Sherwood Lodge 5. 41 Navy Pier Extension of the University Illinois 424 AROLD BrRIIIAN . . . . . . .. .Chicago Illini Union Committee C5, 41: Navy Pier Navy Pier Activities: Secretarial Internship Navy Pier Extension of the University of t. Peter cum' ........ Chicago Newman Foundation Student Council Cl, 2, .gf K .fb-ei 1 , xl IW ELAINE KAIIN BIZRNSIZN, . . .. . . .. ., .Chicago Education Education of the Deaf Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mu Iota Sigma Honors Day C2, 31 IRVING MAnsIIAI.L BERNSIQN .... .... C hicagv Commerce Ecanomict Pi Lambda Phi Oratorio Society Q21 . . . .... C himgo SYI.vIA BIERNSTEIN ........ journalism Radio Laurel House House President i311 U Crew U1 ' Honors Day 131 niversity Theatre CAnoI.Ia OVERMIIIR BETTINGHAUS Edwardwille Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Zeta Phi Eta: Illini Forensic Association RICHARD O'r'ro Bez ................ Chicugd Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau: Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Polish Club: Engineering Open House Com- mittee Q41 Honors Day G1 Wriglrt Junior College XVAYNE Len Brcxrzs ......... .... D emtur Commerce Law Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull and Crescent: Phi Delta Phi: The Illio 111 : Interfraternity Council 121: Junior Bar Association: Illini Union Club Commons Il. 21 JOHN XVILLIAM Brccens ..... .... H arrirburg Law Law Sigma Delta Chi: House President CZ1: Stu- dent Senate C41 : Class Secretary-Treasurer 141 : Captain, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau MAURICE Brccs .................. Danville Division of Special Services Irm'u.rtr-ia! Management Disciples Foundation Student Council f21: Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: A.F.S. Danville Community College MARY DIENISON BILLS ...... ........ U rbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Gamma Phi Beta Torch: The Illio 61, 2, 31, Assistant Editor 131: Y.W.C.A. Committee fl, 2, 5, 41: McKinley Foundation 12, 3, 41 Ronmrr FIu2oI2nIcIc BII.s ...... .... 0 uk Pm-la Agriculture Floritnllnre Tomahawk Lodge Pi Alpha Xi: Floriculture Club HOI10rs Day C41 Oberlin College JAMIIS AI.AN BIIINIIAUIII, . . .. ,,,CbirI1I:H Commerce flrrnmrlrrlrty Phi Epsilon Pi Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Accoun- timfl' Club Honor-5 Dny U, 5j MARGARET ALICE BIII'I'xvIeLL ......... Sfrefrfor Agriculture Home Efvllvlllitil' Iizilrrfltion Slilma Kappa The Illio ll, 2. 31: Illini Union Committee ll- 21: Home Economics Club ROGER Bnucn BIsIIoP .............. Cbimgn Engineering Mecbfmiml Errgirrcrriug Phi Kappa Tau Illinois Technograph 131 : A.S.M.E. Wfilson Junior College BEVERLY ANN BLACK .......... ...Cuba Commerce Serrerrrriul Training Plli Mu Illini Union Committee Q11 : Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 111: XV.A.A. ll, 21: XVomen's Glee Club fl, 21: Spanish Club HARRY VICTOR BI.AnsING ........... Cbirfrgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology NAVY Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALLEN Lnn BLAIR ........... .,.. C himga Commerce Commerce and Law THU Delta Phi Alitlm Phi Omega: Nu Beta Epsilon: The Daily Illini fl, 21: The Illio, Photographer ll, 2. 31: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Accountancy Club: junior Bar ASS0Ciation: Marketing Club Honors Day f2, 31 XVILLIAM JAMES BLAKE .... Milwaukee, Wir. Commerce Nilrkcling Allfha Tau Omega C3mPllS Chest 131: Interfraternity Council Gi: Marketing Club Marquette University Gnoaerz Oeovcxn BLAKELY .... ...Peru Agriculture GL'V16I'11, fIgl'il,'lllflH't? Delta Kappa Epsilon Varsity Track Squad 12, 31 .,, -any Ar I- e . . .,s,,-.,s,r,,v, Rommr BLANCHAIID ........ . . .Tafmllml Journalism Erliloriul Delta Sigma Phi 'f"Zwf. 4 I I. N ., I Jfif .I I-My 5 Iaj, Q. I ,v 1 'A .. ,t Z ,, ji L It I -x ,,.-.-..f.C,,,,N l.,ILfu, , X ,, ri Star and Scroll: Sigma Delta Chi: The , J, I, Y, tain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day Q21 I CI- ' Y , . , S: 5 I 11 Daily Illini, 41, 2. si, city Editor 441: Cav- II H f X IT l is ll l xx ll EI.AINrz RI'1'A BLAND .... IV1:.fbingmn, D. C. Liberal Arts and Sciences Inler'nr1liolInl Alfairr Alpha Phi lllini Theatre Guild Cast 111 : Young Demo- crats Club Bnvrzrux JOAN Buss ....,,...... Yam Ciry Agriculture Home Iirurmmicr Price Club House President 141: Second Regimental Band 111: Home Economics Club IJZONARD NBII. BLOCK ...... .... C himgo Commerce Marketing Zeta Beta Tau Interfraternity Council QZ1: First Lieutenant. Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Marketing Club Honors Day Q11 RICIIAIID MCDONVlil.I. BLocK ...... Ln Grunge Commerce Mftrkcling Lyons Township Junior College: Miami Uni- versity: Loyola University joIIN MCKNIGHT BLOSS ....... .... P uri: Agriculture Glfflffzll Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Phi Omega: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Millikin University BARRY Frusoiucrc BI.oueII ......... Lu Grange Commerce M anag I' m enl Alpha Tau Omega Cadet, Army ROTC: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Augustana College RIcIIAIIu EIJNVAIKD BocIITIz. . . . . . .Cbimgo Commerce Aftornllrlrzcy Freshman Varsity Football Squad 421: Ac- countancy Club Northwestern University MunII2L CATIIIsI1INu BAIIHI. ........... Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Kappa Gamma Shi-Ai: Zeta Phi Eta: University Theatre Cast fl, 2, 41 425 .. fl lxy I, 1 X I fl ' . . .Q - I 1 ..,, I I ' I T 5 A r - D I :S l I' .rg , 1 . 'V -. 1 I". il.. ,N H I PI. 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EMR V, .,. rf. if .g'.,,,. ,L - 'ff x'fi,k-'qdgff tr 16 'Kg -'fn ,-. 4,312 'S-1 31, ,stil A i ' IL' - , 1, ,- .A., W, .,, 12, 1 ,xi ,SY 2537 1 sri , 'fir 1 ,-, , Il. .aiu , 5 1 ' Za rpg, 1 1 is -Ivlmji. ,W 941, ' . 22 r ""s,,-W ii 'J IQ wil, FQ fflf fe me SE' 'z ni 151, Y- 155 ,swift ,I ' 'ali gf, saga-1---H jx It 'wtgfr il ..-,ek Q 51 , 'i"1QiV.Fi' - 1 I1'1'Tflf"' , '1-5o',t14,,p,, ' ,, Mt ,5 ,f - fs. -, Q "T" 'AT' A' " azhqgpfrde' J . ,Ag - ,,, 1 I 1 wi --s Ili at 12 Q 'I 1732.1 1 . V ff'i"f 3455:-.1 Qi'f'.leIE3 "1'iif17l5Ct2f1f 1, M 152,41 A A rslws. .1 ..-,, , W ,, ,,,. 5,51 I. on ' M531-'i'1isi!lLv ix . , , W, W, Y 1 li -.K ek' iq? ' t, f X' if ,,: G ifs p ti L we. ' ' .,'I'N.X I if r 'Gi ,. ..,, 1, if . iff' ii F A E 5: it lf 1? tg: 1:1 , . ,ge 1 Ii 5 1 2,1 , ri' 3, Q C- ,I w it ' Nm Ip ll Q ,Lf ri, , Q3 Q I A I 3, , L 1 ff',,1i-11, w C 1. wo 1- '1 wi 1 I il' . 3 1 1 4 "1 9 4 , Q 2 . 1 ,ln . . NK I if kia C 3' 'l I IVIAURICIZ Jo BOENITZ .......... Rock Irlnml Engineering Mclizllnrgicizl Engiiieciing Theta Chi Midshipman, NROTC: M.I.S. Moline Community College: Augustana College VInoINIA JoYcE BoHN ......... llybile Iliill Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Stratford House Alpha Lambda Delta: Iota Sigma Pi: Star Course Manager 121: Women's Glee Club 11, 21: Baptist Student Foundation, trustee 141: Fellowship Commission ol' Student Council 11, 2, 41 Honors Day 111 ALLAN Rusii BOHON ....... ...Dmiinr Commerce Mnrleeiing Alpha Kappa Lambda Mask and Bauble: Picrrots: University Theatre Manager 12, 31 Q Cadet, Army ROTC llonors Day 111 JOYCE EILIIEN BOLTON .......... Kcitlubnrg Agriculture Home Economic: Education fl-H House Omicron Nu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Union Committee 15, 41: Star Course Manager 121: XV.G.S. Executive Council 151: Freshman Council: Illini Rural Observer 11, 2, 51 : All-Ag Field Day Committee 111: Home Economics Club Honors Day 11, 21 JOAN AMABIEI. BONNELI...N01U Brighton, Pri. Liberal Arts and Sciences Tmirlner Training in Englirl: Alcestis Delta Sigma Rho: Illini Forensic Association Geneva College: Temple University XVILLIAM4 ROLAND BORDEN ......... Chicago Commerce Pei-.ronnel Management' Tara Hall House President 151: Navy Pier Alumni As- sociation: Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University ol' Illinois: Willson junior Branch of Chicago City College I1IfRNARD NEAL BORMAN .......... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Polilicnl Science Zeta Beta Tau Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Delta Phi: The Daily Illini 111: Illini Union Board 151: Maior Chairman Personnel Management Illini Union Committee 151 : Illini Union Council 12. 31: ,Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 3, 41: Intra- mural Manager 111: Campus Chest Alloca- tions and Advisory Board 151: Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC: Scabbard and Blade: junior Bar Association Honors Day 11, 51 IJONALD XVAI.'l'lill BORNIIOLDT ........ Peofiii Law Law Sigma Phi Epsilon Football Marching Band 11, 2, 319 First Regimental Band 11, 2, 51: Accountancy Club: Junior Bar Association: Marketing Club COLMAN Hmsri Bonowsxv .... Manila, Ark. Commerce Indiutrial Management ' Zeta Beta Tau Campus Chest 121: Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council 12, 5, 41 : Scabbard and Blade: Society for the Advancement of Management P 426 Xt I ns 2 ii' . 1 V, Am :I . 3' 'Q X' - I, ' fix' -if ", A 1 - fs : : Q-er ,-,M N, , " s 5' ' yds M . s,,i,.,.. .1 - - ,J ffygpil- 3. Q Ig, Ii fisjfa A L Li! T f1,,..,f fx , .- -.-eg. ' .. , ,192 . fx. : 315,21 , 5, u :L:x,i,v,,l ,.fY,,,?I ifgxg , . ,. ,J .. Wg yi ikfilsmga s is 5 ' BERNARD KEITH BORSON ........... Cliic11S0 Journalism Radio nnrl Telcrfirion Newman Hall Sigma Delta Chi XVright Junior College EDXVARD JoIIN Bonsuic .......... Bioolefvlff Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engincrrring Sigma Tau: A.I.Ch.E. Morton junior College IWARGARET JEAN BORTELI.. . . . . .. . . . .PFOY'l5 Education Elementary Education Stratford House Baptist Foundation Student Council 15, 41 Bradley University DONALD LEE BoRuszAK ............ Chimg0 Commerce Perronnel Management Phi Epsilon Pi Illini Union Committee 12. 31: Boaadugf Fraternity Affairs 13. 41 : Interfraternity 06 u eil 11, 2, 5, 41 : Varsity Fencing Squad 1-1' Freshman Varsity.FencIng Squad: Interfra: ternity Ball Committee 12, 31, chairman 1517 Business Manager, Spring. Carnival 131 A Stage Manager, Homecoming Stunt Shox' 151 : Lientenant Colonel, Army ROTC: QF .' nance Club: Illini Sportsman's Club: SClm" til ' . I Himors Day 11. 2, 5.1 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key BIznNAruJ GEORGE Bosci-I ...... .... N fWf"f"' Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall Phalanx VIRGINIA LoanAINIz Bo'r'r ..... ..... C bimgff Education Englirh Lincoln Avenue Residence XV.A.A. 111: Oratorio Society 121 Honors DAY 111 F ' o Navy Pier Extension of the University Illinois BARBARA RUTH BOUCHARD. . . . . . .. .Elmliuflf Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Sponirlz Alpha Delta Pi Illini Union Committee 151: Spanisi Portuguese Club Lake Forest College l Clubi INIARY JANE BOURNIE ........ .... N vblf' Agriculture Home Economics Education Fehner Alpha Chron: House President 121: PIOW' boy Prom Committee 121: Home EconomiC5 Club Honors Day 151 : University of Illinois Scl10l' arship Key ALEIIED Aucusr BowALn.... ..... Eufekd Engineering Civil Engineering Medea Lodge Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilonll Football Marching Band 151: First Regl' mental Band 151: Second Regimental Band 121' A.S.C.E. Honbrs Day 12, 51: University of Illin0i5 Scholarship Key Eureka College R.. .........Urbana PAUL DUANE Bownas, J Fine and Applied Arts Arcbitecture Delta Tau Delta Scarab: Interfraternity Council 115: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Illini Sportsman's Club ' IRA BOYAR ...............,... Bronx, N. Y- journalism Adffcrtiring Tau Delta Phi Sachem: Alpha Delta Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega, president 135: Illini Union Commit- fee 135 Q Phi Chi Eta: Illini Forensic Associa- tion JOH N CARI. Bovcn ....... Agriculture Floriculllne Newman Hall Universit Chorus 125: Oratorio Society 12. Y 35: Floriculture Club University of Wisconsin Extension .Green Buy, Wir. JOHN RUSSEL BOYER ........ . ...... Buckley Engineering Civil Engineering E. Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.S.C. MARJORIE MARIIE BovLE ...... ..... S odor-or Commerce Accountancy Leinad Alpha Lambda Delta: Beta Alpha Psi: l b H0use President 145 : Accountancy C u Honors Day 11, 35 PHILIP NORMAN BOYLI! .... ..... Freeport Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architeclure ' Land- Forsite 125 3 Cadet, Army ROTC, Scape Architecture Society STUART ALvrN BOYLIZ ....... . .... . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Clacmicul Engineering Triangle l Phi Omega' Interfra- Star and Scroll: Alpm , ' ' tnant, Air ternity Council 135: Second Lieue Force ROTC: A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 115 .Shelbyville ROSEMARY Bovs ........ . . . . .. . Agriculture Home Economic: - ES BRADEMAS .... South Bond, Ind. DAvIn JAM Physical Education Public Recreation Acacia Skull and Crescent: Interfraternity Council ' cil i253 Wesley Foundation Student Coun Q5 : Captain, Army Blade Honors Day 12, 35 University of Arizona: ROTC : Scabbard and Purdue University ws- X, 'I'iIoMAs Baooxs BRADEMA S.SonIh Bend, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Skull and Crescent: Illini Union Committee 115 g Interfraternity Council 12, 35 : Commit- on Student Discipline 135: Freshman t Coun t. Cguncil: Wesley Foundation Studen " 2 55: Alumni Association BoardA145i ' ITICL l . Iiieuienant Colonel, Army ROTC, r Forces Council: Military Council: Scabbard l. l ' Tau Nu Tau: A.I.A.: James M. and B at e , . White Award llfl Architecture Q ' University: Purdue University: Indiana . University of Michigan JANET RORERTA BRADFORD. ..... Table Grove liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Preshy Hall NV.A.A. Q. 5, 45 Wlestern Illinois State College KENNEIII BRANDIINIIURG ............. Ciiwy Liberal Arts and Sciences Chwnical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. , Quincy College DAvID FREDERICK BRANDT... Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering .Applclon, Wir. Gargoyle: Tau Beta Pi: A.I.A. Honors Day 12, 35 Valparaiso University WARREN I-IERMAN BRANDT .... .... C laicngo Engineering Cilfil Engineering Exmoor Hall Illinois Technograph 13, 45 1 A.S.C.E.: Gam- ' - ' A.S.M.E. ma Delta: I.T.E., president 145, Navy Pier Activities: Illinois Technograph 115, Editor 125 Honors Day 115 Ill'nois Institute of Technology: North- I western University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HULDA A Agriculture Home Economicr Gamma Phi Beta Omicron Nu: Women's Glce Club 135 Home Economics Club Christian College . ...Lincoln XVILLIAM HENRY BRANOM .... journalism Adifcrliring Beta Theta Pi Alpha Delta Sigma: Y.M.C. 115 : Campus Chest 115 : Seco Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau NN BRANNAN. .. .. .SL Lonir, N0- A. Committee nd Lieutenant, BAacLAv BRANTINGHAM ...... .... C bicngo Commerce Economic: Fireside The Daily Illini 13, 45 : Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD ALAN BRANTINGHAM ...... Rockford Engineering Eleclrical Engineering Beta Theta Pi ' S ad: Dolphins Freshman Varsity Swimming qu 115: Major, Air Society Force ROTC: Arnold Air 427 'lt Iv.: ' .a , t In 5 Y , 'MT i'1.,ff'1 I, Ae on News -as 'Wies- ?" P1 't , I M AP, , 9, Ai. firi it Q 5 'Hana 1 1 Us is A X' teh! ,ii L, I .f 1"-. gf x " 'NM " 1' y , f, 3 3 51' tx , ,, , f r 3: W 1' LW-,,..,a.:,..,q., i M ' 2 f 1 S . ' x Q It l.:,rL.L, "'A ,T .... L., I . ' N--.fe.,.41 : L., 5 tw S 1 , ,. . 3 tv xx LMI., .js Fw , .f':.,.,i 1 S Mil? "Ex KTA ' i , "iL?1 ,XV wi '- ' A 'vi-Yr" ' ..:,r'a's 'IV: A f - .5 55- 'r 'if'-ffP'1ki,.f' , S' farm., . ' ' ge' as fi m f. L. 'nfwggg 'A xx I 'X ..f-if 5, , I el 31, , A .3 1 ,te A 4 lux Y 1 5' ,es N' Ei ' 2" L' li? an to to -uh 11131 S' Z fy. I 1: iff, . I ef'UlE"!N" saw, fl -Yr 195111113 A L L: 'a"rs"'1 lE?iREs ,amass oaaaegg ,JEL x i ,X yeh . if ' FrQtf5ti'l,..c'g,-34, 12 1 Atty, aw' 91.53, fijwwt 1-Sei-i . J , 1 Q.,ff1fit.Qw:f,'YfJ , 1 1' Fai' 2 . 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R' oi- mpajlgo ., A 0115 'I MM L? 11 EX 1 Q I' ,L an I 1 We 51 Y ii 1 11 ss' u A iw ea. ia 5, ,G iam 1 4' I .1 5 541 "1 'f',123f'2W,?5rfQa razf .genre ffm fimipr :X fi LM 11: ff! .gfzyq - uizilm. sr 1 2 -11.51 rf: -' 55 L in if :tug J'-A ' Lhwg 'L . ftifggizisw sf E vfatfit1f?r:'ifg2:? 3' , - -.tu ws' f,1lm?,? 1 1 . ,. . 1 t vt- B1 L . ' Illlllll-1-A . 22 ,pai -11 i f L , . all 1 ra W ., .53 1, 1 6 . 's Mis. , 11,1 , W , 13wa?l I. ,-1 L 1" gr? , .1 T5 T ,gi 5,1 L .,, -., ., - " ' .',,.,g, ', I ffl' 'ij ' ' 'flrf-E., , ,. .QQ 3 I ,iq 4, ' rr ik , A 'g no sw' 11 K A A 11. 3 if ' . ' liflii 17 f ' f Zyfii cf : L I , Q1 1, r " nfl fill' ' . ' 'E ' ii H 1' I . 1 V, I. is l Hx If 1. . Q '31, 'V L f' -I ' A U., 'g' 5 . Y, '- ff l 1 'yl A, R 1 i p ' -1111 '1 1 I 1 "I-A13 2 LN . l, 3 ,f,4z.'s4pg-3 il 1 A ad,-... 't-Q-H ..,.L1..,f " ffl, ijvfilr h to Rzff? , -- Q1 . ' ' !ff'f1T2mv L .f Fi! 51,1 4 ,ETELQLQL -I L-,lgyygflzt r ' ' "N w f','s1':ix113 ,Q!r f ' FERN BRASE .. . ........ . . . . - . . - -Evfvwfillr' Fine and Applied Arts Art Iiflrimriofz Gamma House Gamma Delta JOHN JAMES BRATSAKIS ..... .... C bimgo Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HENRY S. BRAUER .......... .... C bimgo Commerce l1IcUlrlgl.'Ill!'IIl Phi Epsilon Pi Captain, Air Force ROTC JAMES NIEUIIAUS BRAY ...... ..--Urbana Commerce M111-keiing Beta Theta Pi Phi Eta Sigma3 Interfraternity Council 121: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Marketing Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 RICHARD HENRY BREAKER .......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Granada Club A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ELLEN LUCILLE BREMNIZR ........ Glen Ellyfl Liberal Arts and Sciences Latin - Theta Upsilon Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta: Y.NV.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 513 The lllro 12, 51: Illini Union Committee 11. 2. 3. 41: Student Religious Council 111 1 Baptist Foun- dation Student Council 121: Freshman Week Committee 151: Panhellenic Ball Committee 131 1 Spanish Club . I Honors Day 11, 2, 313 University of Illinois Scholarship Key THOMAS NORTON BRENNAN ........ Chicago . Journalism Arlzferiiring Sleepy Hollow House President 13, 41: Men's Glee Club 131 3 NVILL 131 3 Young Democrats Club St. Mary's College: Loyola University JAMES ROGERS BREWSTER .... .... C laimga Commerce Iiconanlicf Delta Kappa Epsilon Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Young Re- publicans Club JODELL CARRINGTON BREWSTER .... Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Iinglirb Sherwood Lodge Rifle and Pistol Club 428 . 'fun' 101 JAMES GORDON BRIDGELAND ..... lVinm'brIS0 Agriculture Grncml Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Y,M.C.A. Cabinet 151: Y.M.C.A. Cvmf mittee 11, 2, 3, 413 House President 131- Wrestling Manager 12. 313 Illini Rural 012' server 111: Agricultural Council 121: Aflflj cultural Education Club: Agriculture Club? Dairy Production Club, president 1213 H00 and I-Iorn Club BlEVEl'll.Y ANN BRISSENDEN ........ Effingham Agriculture Home Economic: Evans Hall Torch: Alpha Chron3 Phi Upsilon Omicrflfli Illini Union Committee 141: Campus Chest 121: XV.A.A. 13, 412 McKinley Foundation Student Council 121 3 All-Ag Field Day C0m' mittee 131: Home Economics Club llnnors Day 111 GALE MARIE BRITTIN ........ .... E lgifl Agriculture Ilomc Economic: Alpha Omicron Pi Shi-Ai3 The Illio 11, 213 Illini Union C0m' mittee 11, 2, 313 Y.XV.C.A. Committte 11, 213 Home Economics Club EDXVARD I.OUIs BROCKAIEIER. .. . .. .Rockldlfd Commerce Ecaflonlirxr Chi Psi LORRAINE IRIS BROIJSKY. ..........Cbicag0 Education Elemenlary Education E.K.T. Hillel Foundation Student Council 121 g Cam' pus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 111 ERNST FRANK BROSIUS ...... ...ChicdS0 Commerce Alnrkcwing Sigma Pi Commerce Council 1213 Marketing Club? Navy Pier Alumni Association3 Young Rc- publicans Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CAROL MARGARET BROWN ....... ...Smwl Education Elemcnhrry Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Lambda Delta3 Illini Union Commit- tee 11, 213 Campus Chest 131 Honors Day 11, 31 DAVID OLIVER BRONVN ............. Brooklyn Music Mnric Eilncniion University Choir 11, 2, 3, 41Q University Chorus 121: Madrigal Chorus 12, 315 Ora- torio Society 11, 2, 31 Brooklyn College EDWARD JOSEEII BROWN ......... Liber-tyvillc Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma3 A.S.M.E. Wfaukegan Extension of the University of Illinois JACQUELYN DAY BROWN ............. Gaim I Fine and Applied Arts A Mnxic Educalion AlPha Chron: Sigma Alpha Iota: Band 11, 2, 5, 41: University Orchestra ll, 2. 51: Oratorio Society G1 . Concert ' Mmzuz GWRN BROWN. ...... ,... C bicngo Commerce Marketing Busey Hall Illini Union Committee Chairman 131: Uni- versity Choir C3, 41: Marketing Club XVilson junior College PATRICIA Nnwxmrc BROWN ....... Springfclil Physical Education Plsiyricnl Education Alpha Phi W.A.A. fl, 2, 3, 41: Physical Education Majors Club RICHARD KORm: BROWN .......... Rockford Engineering Mechanical Engineering Triangle Star and Scroll: Pi Tau Sigma: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles: Tau Nu Tau: Rifle and Pistol Club RONALD JAMES BROWN ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbology Phi Kappa Sigma Interfraternity Council 13, 41 Navy Pier Extension o Illinois f the University of -THOMAS Evnmzrr BROWN ........ Naperville Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilrcliire Phi Gamma Delta Scarab, president, M11 Illini Manager 121 : Illini Theatre Guild Cast Q21 : Captain, Air Force ROTC: A.I.A. Theatre Guild WILLIAM GENE BROWN ..... ..... G reemip Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Rose Polytechnic Institute . . . ..Cl1icr1go WILLIAM JAMES BROWN ....... Liberal Arts and Sciences Clrenrinry Kappa Alpha Psi Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOSEPH CRESAP Bnuruzclc. ........ Clnfnufmign Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Cosmopolitan Spanish Club: Young Republicans Club The School of the Art Institute: Univer- Slty of Louisville: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois I -Q. .. W Q U JOHN ALLAN BRUGGEN .......... Agriculture Gcilcrill flgriculliirc Sigma Chi Freshman Varsity XVrestling Squad MAR K .Rockford rr.YN ANN BRUMMRR ........ Park Ridge Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher- Training in Sfmnirb appa Delta Alpha Lambda Delta: Y.W.C.A. Committee 63. B l.ucrr.r.R M llli 41: Spanish Club eloit College ARY BRUNER .......... Cbnlrrwn-lb Education Iilenienlfiry Ediicnlion ni Christian Fellowship fl, 2, 3, 41 nors D.y fl1 Ho 1 Illinois State Normal University: Moody Bible Institute BRUNO ERNEST Bnuzouus .... .... C bimga Commerce lllarkeling Chi Phi lnterfraternity Council 131: First Lieutenant. Army ROTC: National Defense Transporta- tion Association: Scabbard and Blade: Illini Sportsman's Club: Marketing Club ROBERT EDWIN BRYANT ..... ...Chicago Commerce Economics Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BEVERLY JANE BRYNon1.soN..... . .Gulerbiirg Physical Education Physical Education Delta Zeta XV.A.A. fl, 2, 3, 41: Terrapin f2, 3, 41 Physical Education Majors Club omni IYONS Bunn ....Qnincy R 2 " . . ........ . .. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pnliiicnl Science Phi Delta Theta Campus Chest il, 21: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: LAS Council ll, 21 : Cap- tain, Army ROTC: Zeta Sigma Alpha: Span- ish Club DOMINIC Buccrlfrsnrto .......... .. .jolivi Engineering Necbnnicfil Enginccriilg A.S.M,E. joliet junior College rs MlLll'R BUCHANAN ...... Park Ridge JAM 1 . 1 Commerce Perialiiicl lllunfigcmciil Chi Phi lntcrfraternity Counci f 1 2, 31: I-louse Presi- dent Q41: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: N' Phi Chi Eta: Scabbnrd and Blade 429 an ,ers . V .,., Q is 'if2l7fii?12fS,.'r . ow.. :rfw.21g1Qzf:ffQ:'::": '1s?ficf3'f4inLT'-if r 'fs V WM. . , 'M ,-a ,-Ass - '.fq"sv1 if Arms ser sf -fr' ' ' 451' if T 'r sg A A fr -- 1: .3 F fri 'ff i ' it ' ix VW: jg: rmft-4f"i N . ffwsiiii- +-3,Ql4iV3i,g:,bg55J L ' 5, , ' 'S 1-.T'F?T25,i'i , is fylzmi' - rug, fr-.ef A, ' mx- fl. rm ET:-ft' ,Hi 'V A- . 'f ' ' el .fr , A. 1 .A ., Q A . .y ,-up .1 1 -vb Q35 ALAN CHARLES BUCK .............. Cbimgv Liberal Arts and Sciences Clzemiflry German Club: Rifle and Pistol Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of illinois IWARY TAPPIZRO BUCK ......... .... I 'rum Agriculture Home liconomici I.incoln Avenue Residence lllini Union Committee 131: XVomen's Glec Clib 11 " 3 41: All-Ag Field Day Com- I 1 'R Q mittee 131: Home Economics Club 121' ,, L. XVILLIA Rr OLIVER BURNS... .... . .Monm Liberal Arts and Sciences Mfllhefrniticr l'lonoi'S Day 11, 31 ' ella HAROLD DALE BURR ................. PL'0I'i1l Engineering Aerommtiml lirrgirzeerizzg Phi Gamma Delta Y.M.C.A. Committee 111 : Second Lieu- tenant, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: Pershing Rifies: I.A.S. Rox' ALLEN BUR1' ........... Mir .rion, Kam- Roorza JAMES BUERCER .,.... .... C himgo Commerce Engineering Almmgerzlwlt G'enen1l Engineering Newman Hall Alpha Tau Omega Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Society Ma-XVan-Da: Sachem: Campus Chest 12- for the Advancement of Management 31, Director 141 : Student Senate 111 : Fresh- Loras College man Council: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC l1l2VlZRl.Y ANNA BUNTING .......... Drmfvrllv DALE BURY ................ ...1l'Iilf0fd Agriculture Agriculture Home lironomirr Gmmil Ag:-irfflrure Leeman Lodge Farm House lllini Rural Observer 141: Rural Life Club Ma-Wan-Da: Alpha Tau Alpha: Tribe of Illini: Recreation Manager 12, 31, Seni0r Recreation Manager 141: IM Rec Board 13, 41: Major, Army ROTC: Pershing Riflcil Zeta Sigma Alpha: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Emow MAIN BURGER .....---------- Nofffrff , RONALD MACK BUsHMAN .... Sf. Jorepb, Mo- Physical Education Commerce Pbyrinrl Erlntflliofz Fimmpg University of Kentucky Phi Epsilon Pi University Theatre Cast 13, 41: Finance Club: Marketing Club 'L Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illin0iS Scholarship Key PATRICIA JEAN BURIAN ....... ..... L your DONALD EUGENE BUTLER... ..... Pnrir Journalism Agriculture Erlilorifll General Agrimlmre Alpha Xi Delta V Theta Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi: Theta Sigma Phi: Student Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Senate 141: Panhellenic Ball Committee 131 Honors Day 13, 41 DePaul University PAUL EowARn BURKHOLDER... .... Dvmmr MARY DONNETA BUTZRACK ...... Wincbwlff Commerce COIHIMFCC AI,m,igrffm'm Secretarial Training the Advance- McKinleY Hall Phi Chi Theta: Illinois Disciples Foundation Marketing Club: Society for ment of Management Honors Day 131 XVabash College R. . .Arlington H JIEANNINE IVfAE BURNIE Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Gamma Phi Beta University Theatre Manager 1-, 31, Campus Chest 131: German Club: Republicans Club Lyons Township Junior College 430 Shorter Board: Torch: Mask and Bauble: " ' U eigblr niver- sity Theatre Student Stalf 141: University Theatre Cast 12, 3, 41: Cheerleader 13, 41: Orchesis 13, 41 : Illini Union Spring Musical 12. 51 Roiuzar DONALD BURNs ..,.,..... Ln Grunge Division of Special Services Cbemirlry and Mrumgcnluul Sigma Nu Young 13. 41 Honors Day 12, 31 LUCll.l,lZ PATRICIA BUZELLI. Education . Chicago Heigbll Ell'mer1lm'y Iizlncflliou Cagle Hall lllini Union Committee 141 mittee 121 1 Illini Forensic Thornton Junior College DANIEL josisvr-r CAHLLL, JR...... : Y.W.C.A. Com- Association . C bir11g0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Sofiolog Newman Hall Navy Pier Extension o lllinois J' f the University of THoMAs EnwARn CALDWELL .... Cimm Park 1 , Liberal Arts and Sciences l " Mathematic: l Student Senate 13, 43: N.S.A. Senate Sub- l A ' ' Stu- Q C0mmittee 13, 43: Channing Foundation dent Council 113 : United Wlorld Federalists W.O.R.L.D. Vrro ANTHONY CALECA ............ Cbimga Commerce Perronnel Management resident 133: Society Delta Sigma Omicron, p f0l' the Advancement of Management Wfright City College BARBARA Louisrz CALrscn. . . . . . . . .. .Chicago Physical Education Recreation Alpha Epsilon Phi The Daily lllini 113: Illini Union 113' Y.W.C.A. Committee 113: W-A-IX ' Xlilomen s Committee 12- 5. 43 1 House President cz. 33. 'lll Foundation Student Glet Club 123: I-Il e h EFUQTCII 133: Physical Education Mayors u Home Do 12, an ARMANDO CARDENAS .....Bogom, C nlambia A. Q A E JAMIZS UnAL S,M.E.: Ibero-American Association, Engineering Mechanical Engineering no CARDONI ............ Clamagn Engineering Meclmnieal lingineerirlg Newman Hall A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Navy Pier Extension of thc University of Illinois UIS Sinoo CARIOTTI ....C1eem Lo .' 5 , . . Commerce Mrlnrrgemenl Delta Sigma Pi Morton junior College DOUGALD SINCLAIR CAMERON... .. ,lfrnnrfan Commerce Eranomirr Alpha Tau Omega Monmouth College DONALD Len CAMPBELL ..... ..... 0 qumukrr Commerce Accounlnnry Shawnee Accountancy Club Wlestern Illinois State College .......Crmtan JAMES Len CAMPBELL ........ Fine and Applied Arts Mini: Education University Choir 11, 2, 33, P Oratorio Society 12, 33 resident 153 1 JOAN Louise CANADA ............... Genem Fine and Applied Arts f1a'ver'Iiring Derign Alpha Omicron Pi Illini Union Committee 11, 23 Gnoncn HAROLD CANNON, Jn.. .. .... Ufbrmr Liberal Arts and Sciences Eulomolagy Flfiticulture Club RICHARD ALLEN CAPIEK ............ Engineering Mecbfnliral EllgiIH'!'l'ilIg Shawnee Si!-Ima Tau: A.S.M.E. Morton junior College .Berwyn CARL Evnm' CARLSON ...... ..... Cbimgo Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Nu Tomahawk: Sigma Tau: Tribe of Illini 13, 43: Varsity Fencing Squad 12, 53, Let- ter 133: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad 113 : Varsity Baseball Squad 123 1 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad 113: Freshman Var- sity Basketball Squad 113 : Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC:, A.S.C.E.: Scimitar I-Iwnors Day 11, 23 CAROLYN MAL: CARLsoN ............ Chicago I.iheral Arts and Sciences Gev-mm: Rosewood German Club: Tall Illini Club Wlright Junior College DoNA EMERALD CARLSON. .......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Ailrerliring Derign Palamar North Park Junior College . . .Cbimgo IYUNALD CARLSON .......... .. Commerce Adrev-ti.ring Delta Kappa Epsilon Board of Fraternity Affairs 13, 43: e President 11 3 . . 123 1 Sec- ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Illini Sportsman's Club: Interfraternity Interira- ternity Council 12, 3, 43: Hous 13 lnterfraternity Ball Committee Executive Council 13, 43 NANCZX' RUTH CARl.SON.N6'1l'll1IUlI Square-, Pr: Liberal Arts and Sciences Sueiolagy University of Pennsylvania lloruzru' DUANLQ CAltPIiN'l'IiR..... Der Plaine: Commerce flrroinllrulcy Accountancy Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois I Jlzlig ,li LF If .. , J .- .1 ,. 2.12. 1 'Zagat it . , ,fic -' 21' ' Q ffiii 14 4 2 E I , X N I' f 1 an K1 5 r X. 1 J 1 1 1' l""'i' ,..,h .1 lj' H M nf? MARY ELIZAIIIITH CARSON. . . . . , .. . .Grcrniip Agriculture Fnnonrucrc JERRY Home Economicr liilncntion vans Hall E . . W.A.A. Numerals 141: W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41: Home Economics Club CARTER .,...... Spriugielii Commerce A lurk cling Delta Tau Delta ' Air Force Star Course Manager 121 1 Captain, ROTC: Marketing Club Honors Day 111 NANCIX' JANE CAR'l'l'2R ......... .--Por-la Ridge Commerce Tcoclver Training Gamma Phi Beta XV.A.A. 141: Terrapin 13, 41 Bowling Green State University YN INIARIE CAIu'xvItIcHr...Ci:icagn Commerce Commercial Teaching Lincoln Avenue Residence l GWIZNDOL Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Teac 1- ers-in-Training Club DONALD Ann-run CASH ...... ...... H award Agriculture General Agricrillure Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Zeta: Y.M.C.A. Committee 111: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Ordnance Club: Flying Club Honors Day 11, 31 I.AVnaNrz HENRY CASSENS .... .... P aio Commerce Accountancy Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma: Illini Union Committee 111 : Second Regimental Band 111 .........Cbicugo CHARLES RICHARD CASSEY, Fine and Applied Arts Mriric Education Zeta Psi Concert Band 121 : sity Choir 13, 41 5 Men's Glee Club 11, 21 School ot' Music Student Council 131 Honors Day 121 CIIARLIES TIIoMAs CEDARI-IOLM ..... Elmhmi Fine and Applied Arts flrcbileclfmxl Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Iowa State College DONALD CROIVI' CIzI.L.. .... .H Liberal Arts and Sciences fconomicr Skull and Crescent: House President 141: Football Marching Band 11 21 : First Regimental Band 111 I Univer- rnfefbill, Alurr. JAMES CI.IFForIo CHALFANT. .. . .......Panr1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction ambda Chi Alpha Second Lieutenant, Army R I. OTC: InI'anUY Club: Spanish Club BIZRTIIA AUIuI.I.A CHANDI.13n...Eart Sf. LOU'-V Education Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta . Y.NV.C.A. Committee 131 : Teachers-in-Tralrl' ing Club: Young Republicans Club Xavier University Ronnm' Lim CHANDLIIR. . . . . .. .. . . .Cbici1g0 Engineering Aeronfmficfrl Iinginccr-ing Medea Lodge A Sigma Tau: Gamma Alpha Rho: House Presl- dent 141: I.A.S. . Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illin01S Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois I.AwImNcIz I-IAsI412I.L CHANOCH ...... Chicago Engineering Meclmnicnl Engineering Granada Club Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. f I 1 4 N Navy Pier Extension of the University 0 llrnors LAURIZL RAYMOND CHAPMAN. . ......0fti1wd Engineering Elecli-ical Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Olivet Nazarene College SIIIILLEY VIRGINIA CI-IAsIz. . . . . . . .Lo Gmngf Education Eirmerllrlry Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Illini Union Committee 11, 21: CLIKUPUS Chest 131, Major Chairman 141: Women'S Glee Club 111 ..Cbicng0 CA'I'IIERINE Cm1N1'ns ............ Liberal Arts and Sciences Iinglirb Busey Hall Wlilson junior College 1 RICHARD WrI.I.IAM Cnizsrrzrt ..... ...Chicago Engineering Metflllnrgicul Engineering Phi Kappa Psi The Illio 11, 21: Y.M.C.A. 111: CamPl15 Chest 11, 21: House President 141: Ill1n0l5 Technograph 1I, 31: Captain, Air Force b Newman Hall 49" 'W .,, ROTC: M.I.S.: Young Republicans Clu ALnx WILLIAM CIIIAIIo ..... .... C bicaK0 Commerce liconamin Granada Club Navy Pier Alumni Association: Society for the Advancement of Management: Spanish Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Roaenr TIENWEN CI-IIEN .... Kiangrn, China Engineering . Electrical Engineering . Slgma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Chinese Students Club National Taiwan University of China SAMUEL Josam-I CI-IIPRIN .... Highland Park Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee fl, 2, 3, 41: AC- Countancy Club: Marketing Club CHOU YU-MIN ..... Chaghua, Taiwan, China Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Chinese Students Club DAVID CI-IAN-WA CI-Iow ..... Singapore, Chinn Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Eta Sigma: A.I.A. Honors Day Q11 .Chicago STANLEY DAVID Cl-IRISTIANSON ..... Commerce Accountancy Flilgg House Mll0r, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau 3 Persh- ing Rifles: Accountancy Club Honors Day Q4 Wilson Junior College: Navy Pier Exte 5l0n of the University of Illinois n. ROY Draw CI-IRIsTMANN ........... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Mansion House President 131: Football Marching Band iz, 5, 41: First Regimental Band cz. 5- 41:A.I.Ch.E. ' Belleville Township Junior College GLENN :CHURCH .................. Rantoul Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Kappa Lambda The Illio 11, 2, 3,13 LAS Council CZ, 31: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Junior Bar As- Sociation PATRICIA ANN Cl.ARIi...1lIl. Plearant, Mich. Fine and Applied Arts Adeerliring Derign Busey Hall Society of Illustrators: The Illio, Artist 44 Honors Day 13, 4j 1 NANCY LEE CLARK ................ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pxychology Palamar Y.W.C.A. Committee 111: French Club gee NANCY HELEN CLAYPOOL ..... .... M arrholl Commerce Marketing Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Sigma Nu: The Illio 12, 31: A5 sociate Business Manzfer 141: Y.W.C.A Cabinet 121: Y.W.C. . -Committee fl, 21 W.A.A. Board 12. 31: Major I: W,A.A, Numerals: W.A.A. fl, 2, 3, 412 Oratorio ' ' ' M. k t'n Club: Society 111, French Club, 'Ir ei g Physical Education Mayors Club Honors Day fl, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key DUANIZ CLAYTON .... Franklin Grove Agriculture General Agriculture RONALD Delta Chi Y.M.C.A. 111: lllini Rural Observer 13. 41 : Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce, presi- tlcnt 131 Honors Day f31 JAMES Lrzaox' CLINE ......... .... T roy Agriculture General Agriculture ROTC: Phalanx: Second Lieutenant, Army Zeta Sigma Alpha SIIIrI.noN HOWARD CLOOBECK... .... Chicago Commerce Banking amz' Finance Alpha Epsilon Pi l Y M C' A Committee 141: Varsity Sac rem: . . Basketball Squad: Freshman Varsity Squad, Track Manager 62, 31: Captain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day fl, 31 INIORTON HUGH CLOTFIELTER. .. . . . . .Chicago Commerce Industrial Adminirtration Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Kappa Psi: Midshipman, NROTC: Flying Club: Society for the Advancement of Management Northwestern University lNIAR'I'IN CECIL COALE ................ Cru-mi Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Y.M.C.A. Committee CI1: M.I.S. FRANCIS LEE Coci-IEAN ...... ...Chicago Education Mathematic: RUQCFIS House Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois R 3 . Commerce Personnel Management Dornoch Commerce Council C 2. 3, 41: Second Lieu tenant, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society Society for the Advancement of Management Student junior Chamber of Commerce York, N. Bua'I'oN COI-IBN .......... New Fine and Applied Arts Architecture First Lieutenant, Air Force of P.G.U. Block IK HARD EARLE CoI:rr'Lr ...... . . .Crete Y ROTC: Presirlen t 433 I I l l 1 -4 ' I l 1s-c.i,,,i ,Nw l -'1 lm ' ,. K lffxx 1,, I II 1. R l i 1 I 1 ' l' rf' if ' -1 r "" ' . 2 It J , L KI XX'-ff , I 1 C, , if' 3 A 1.iWQF'1y If: A 11- -. f f N lr 33 Xt, gf ,Q Y ii , , ,fry I,, , .... ,, ...., are - , gn, , 1. :silver if 'S 4 A Swag, . Q 'ff' 5111 " ,JQIQFE '-s..r1'5,i: Cnr? . 15 ill? at so '15 .n.3"'g . 1 J ' earl tat' 11- 'rf H" - 'asv le- 1. or-'. " , - 1iL' wk" 'Witt . s it 1153:-:F"i 3, ,. fl:1fs '2, Q- 'Q-'ilflir mi' get ' .411 . 1:ff"4',:jC:12p:w'K'N: 1 f'::'5115a1 f2sw A-Qi if' 3521.- i fi ,,1 ,. 1 r i rr ft, .Ai,,I,-'I s .- cliff I A Q, A V15 3- A ' 'I sf' 3, ,mA, kv., ,, - ,C IQ II A-ofq L br -- 1 'faq 'si , : A1-a IL f ' ix, 3, , , 'E ' 5112? it at' AS 4 V f 5 i .lzlfzhri 'A-' , ' r MII .Iy l , l - l IIII ,I ' , l ,K f i .' 'I lvlvsl ,C r 9 'A - AA 3 l .L ' f A , ' . 'K I 3, f if W':'9i"T'f ,. ' JT " '- 1 -S. A if Rormru' STANTON Comm ........ Springfield Commerce Economic: Zeta Beta Tau The Daily Illini C11 3 Illini Union Committee Cl, 21 3 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta University of Colorado IIIEROME R. COHN .................. Chimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Premedicine Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper Navy Pier Extension of the University ol' illinois HAnor.n Ronmrr COLDWATBR ........ Elwood Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Joliet Junior College Bfumv Lnwrs COLE ......... .... C bicrfgn journalism Arlvertiring Barton House Alpha Delta Sigma3 I-Iouse President C41 Honors Day C11 Davin GEORGE COLII .............. Palmyra Agriculture General Agriculture Illi-Dell Baptist Student Foundation Student Council Cl, 213 Agricultural Council C413 All-Ag Field Day Committee C113 Plowboy Prom Committee C311 Agriculture Club3 Field and Furrow3 Hoot' and Horn Club, president C41 3 Rural Life Club, president C51 MELVIN JEROME COLE ....... .... C bicfzgo ' Commerce Marketing 3 Sigma Alpha Mu lnterfraternity Council Cl, 213 Marketing Club Roosevelt College3 University of Colorado RICHARD Enxvm COLE ....... .... C bicrigo Commerce Arcalnrmucy Phi Eta Slgmflj Beta Alpha Psig Sigma Iota Epsilong Accountancy Club, president C413 junior Bar Associationg Navy Pier Alumni Association: Society for the Advancement ot' Management Honors Day Cl. 3, 41 3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois lfruao ANDREW COLLINS, Jn. ..... .... I olivf Agriculture Gencml Agriclzliure Alpha Sigma Phi Joliet Junior College Rrcrmau ALLAN COLT ....... .... M aywaod Commerce Mfumgcmcnt First Regimental Band C313 Accountancy Club, Society for the Advancement ot' Man- agement Elmhurst College 434 OLIVER PERRY CoLvrN ....... .... C lmagff Commerce Political Economirr Sigma Delta chi, The Daily niipi Q, 413 Illini Union Committee C41 3 Illini University Theatre Cast C411 Student SenateICommlttCq CAssociate Scnator1 C311 Navy Pier Alurrwl Association I I I I 7 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini C12 rl' Editor-in-chief C21 3 The Brave, Sports Editor C211 Student Congress. Vice President C21- Varsity Golf Team CI, 213 Varsity Basket' ball Team CI, 21 , , I' Navy Pier Extension of the Univers1tY 0 illinois DALE KEITH COLYIER ............... Albion Agriculture General Agrirzzlmrc I Honors Day Cl, 2, 31 3 University of IllinoIS Scholarship Key l1lARCELl.A EDNA COMER ....... . .... Chicrrga Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtofy Delta Sigma Theta I Navy Pier Activities: University Cllmfi Orchesis Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CIZLIA Rosa CONCIALDI ...... Chicago Ileitlblf Agriculture Home Emnomirr Kappa Delta lllini Union Committee Cl, 213 Y.W.C.A. Committee C413 Campus Chest C213 W.A.A- C51 3 Home Economics Club DAVID LEE CoNDoN ................ Dccallff Fine and Applied Arts Lnndrmfw Artlzilecfufc Scarab: Campus Chest, Major Chairman C21 1 Track Manager C213 Forsite C213 Pershing Rifles: Fine and Applied Arts Society3 Land- scape Architecture Societyg Young RepublicanS Club University of Colorado3 University of Cali' fornia ALLAN EDWARD CONE .............. Cl1img0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Pri'-Inu' Tau Delta Phi lllini Union Committee C31 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CArror. FINCH CONE ............. Cbrziizlffrigff Liberal Arts and Sciences French French Club3 Russian Language Club: Por- tuguese Club Middlebury College Enxvarzn JAMES CONKLIN ......,... Rocklorfl Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirtry Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilong Fresh' man Varsity Swimming Sqllildj A.C.S. l'lon0rS Day C31 University of Wfisconsin M.umAaE'r MILES CONLIN ........ Villa Park Agriculture Home Iicanomirr Delta Gamma Shorter Board3 Torch: Shi-Ai3 Y.XV.C.A- Cabinet C2, 31, President C413 Y.XV.C.A- Committee C1, 2, 31 Honors Day C11 GENE AR'rHuR CONNER .... jrrekrofzif-ille, lila- Physical Education Recrenlioll Alpha Sigma Phi Cflmbus Chest 115 : Varsity Golf Squad 125 I Freshman Varsity Golf Squad 115: Varsity S5Y'mm1HI-I Squad: Freshman Varsity Swim- mmll Squad 115: Dolphins 115: McKinley Foundation Student Council 11, 25: Military Ball'Cornmittee 125: lst Lieutenant, Army R07 Ci: Infantry Clubg Pershing Rifles: lilly- lzducation Majors Club: Rifle and Pistol U5 Honors Day 115 Dnwm' Ross CONNOR, jR..... ...Nciwlnn Engineering Civil Efl,EilI!'l'l'fII,Q A.S.C.E. CHARi.iss STUART CONOVER ........ Rockford Physical Education Rl'l'l'1.'1lif0!l Phi Epsilon Kappa Honors Day 135 Missouri Valley College EDWARID Iain CONOVIZR, JR ,... ...Nnrlblrrke Engineering Eleilriml lingineerifrg Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.E.E.--- I-R-E.: Symon BEZITY JIQAN Coox ................. Urbmm Commerce Perrmmrl r5I11m1,qen1el1l Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Ai: Beta Gamma Slgmfli Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Chi Theta: llllff 11, 2, 35. Business Manager 1452 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 135: Y.W.C.A. Commit- fee 11. 25 : Commerce Council 145 : Market- lnll Club Honors Day 11, 2, 35: University of Illinois Scholarship Key BRUCE ALAN Coors ......... .,,.... S leakin- Engineering Mecbrmiral Ellgillfflillg Triangle Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma: lllinois Technograph 11, 2, 35: Engineering Council 125, president 135 : A.F.S. : A.S.M.E. Honors Day 11, 35 Ci.Am Lan Coox, jR.... .... Pekin Law Law Newman Hall Ma-Wan-Da: Delta Sigma Rho: Student Senate 135: Illini Forensic Association, presi- :lent 1-ll: Young Democrats Club DONALD josuvn COOK ............ Keimuee Engineering Electrical Engiuevrizzg Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Synton PAUL MACK Coox ............-.... Chicago Education lrzdlrairial Ednmtion Delta Upsilon Wfilson junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois Faro lVfl'l'CIIEl,L Coovna ,..... ll'fillia2n.r1fille Agriculture General Agricnllurz' Farm House Alpha Zeta: Illini Union Committee 125: Interfraternity Council 12, 351 Football Marching Band 12, 3. 45: Second Regimen- tal Band 11, 2, 3. 451 University Chorus 125: Men's Glec Club 12. 35: Major. Air Force ROTC: Pershing Rifles: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club Honors Day 11, 2, 35: University of Illinois Scholarship Key FRANCES ANN CORCORAN ........ Sfiringheld liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Delta Gamma Illini Union Committee 145: Campus Chest 145 : Terrapin 13, 45 1 Speech Maiors Club Springfield Junior College JOSEPH NVILIIIAM CoRi.nY ...... Beecher City Commerce licmmnzicr Tau Kappa Epsilon Ma-Wan-Dxl: Sachem: Tribe of Illini: Var- sity Track Squad 12, 3, 45, Captain 145, Let- ter 12, 3. 45 : Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Captain, Army ROTC VIERNA CoNs'rANelf CORLEY ........, Tuicolii Physical Education Rrcrefilion Chi Omega Committee Y.XV.C.A. 135: Physical Educa- tion Maiors Club I-Ionors Day 135 : University of Illinois Schol- arship Key Northwestern University DONNA Arvcis CORYDON ..... ..... C bimgo Education Iilemenmry Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Lambda Delta: Y.W.C.A. 13, 45: Y.W.C.A. Committee 125 Honors Day 11, Z, 35: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Gunnar? Wnroan COSSMAN .... .... N elran Education Pbyrirr Greenforth House President 135 Shimer College PATSY Rtrrn COULSON ............ Ve:-miller Agriculture Home Iiconamiu Evans Hall University Chorus 125 : Home Economics Club Honors Day 115 SARAH JANE CouNcn.. . .... . . . . . .Aurora Agriculture Home Iimnnmirr Phi Mu Wiufoau I-Ixfascnni. Cours, JR.. .Beecher City Engineering illelfzllnrgicrll lfflgifzeering Triangle Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Sigma Mu: M.I.S., president 145 I-lonors Day 11, 25 435 Q55- ii sip A .1 ,jr :gre wif- 11: as--.. -x W, ,V P ' c gsfsz' f N , V, M . s-l..,,, i 1 we -A ,,,., js, . i.,,3kN .s ,V -s I A .- 3 'mms . lg msg . p 4-. ,. :if-,., r' 74 . " 3' 5 1 '1 .?T"'w-as... f 1 r. ,,,, , ,,.,,, l,,, 'l I' it ....i 1, 1 '12 fi , iilll Milt it 'll 5 fl il ll I l Q' f-,xr 1 n J I, , l ,i l l il - il T43 N., if ' 1 'tr ' 'W A x ,sg L l l 5 5. 'i 'H v 1. .,, 'MQ ,nk A Y I r' t Clin' V 11 l ' fe c 1 r i le s sys i F M 3 ,f il t 12 rr 'Hi Q32 we r t 1 ,l- W J . ti as-Yr, ery. . . ,pride 3,2112 suite -,g igfgvw 4 5' .1 o 'Lb '33-,Tit wing, lsrtiz, -gg, -, g m, gh 1-Si. aw,.ll'f'il'r file F l -5 .A hulk s 1 5 I ' 4.5. . 'ul ' . i2i'Ti'l7+i'vf - W1-Islll 2 , -5' -' Y--rn, f Q g,..:4ff-2.52151 rfb: Vi li .I 5.-f",e:'f ,A L., fl i is 1 A- Ji' 4 I, if A :YJ LQ: E i lib. if i'imii:4 ,fri51fN Xi ff . A 1 1 N., , lain ,A 1 X' ' f A ,ssr .:liifnXl I? I -E ,........,.N .. . I" Wg r I 2 lxxilx .:,:, 5 ,wr 1, S , W., l .W R 1 .ax N l , f 1 sq 1, i VT Rormnr EUGENE COWAN ............ Milford Engineering Ceramic Engineering Lookout Manor Keramos, president I 1 Band 12, 31 : Second Regimental Band fl, 21 4 : Football Marching CALVIN HARRISON Cowsiznr. . . . . . .Roriclm-o Agriculture Vomtiomxl Agriculture Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Club Southern Illinois University ASHLEY BATEMAN Came, Jn ,........ Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: Pi Mu Epsilon: Sigma Tau: Midshipman, NROTC: A,S.C.E. Honors Day fl, 21 JOHN Cl.IiMl?N'l' CRALLEY. . . .. ..... , .Caron Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Wiesmen Amen CAROLINE CRAMER ...... .,..... . Yolo Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Mu Mortar Board: Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambda Delta: The Illio, Manager fl, 21: Illini Union Com- mittee fl, 21: Illini Theatre Guild Manager ' ' E t've Council 431 fl, 21, Panhellenic xecui . president 141: House President 151: Student Senate H1 1 Coordination Committee 131 1 Board of Panhellenic Affairs G. 41 : XV.G.S.- Panhellenic Coordinating Committee C41 Honors Day U1 DONALD ELMORE CruMEn..... ..... Cbicogo Commerce Perronnel Management . Chi Phi Marketing Club Willson Junior College: Morgan Park jun- ior College Baanmm ANN Cnoss ............. jam-yrillv Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Kappa Gamma Shorter Board: Torch, president 431: Alpha Lambda Delta: Zeta Phi Eta: Illini Union Y.XV.C.A. Committee Committee ll, 21: 611: Campus Chest ll, 2, 31: W.A,A. C31 2, 31 : University of Illinois Honors Day fl, Scholarship Key JAMES Eowanos Cnossuzx, jn...,Collin.rrillv Agriculture Gcmfml figriculmre Delta Chi lnterfraternity Council 12, 3, 41 : Illini Rural l Observer 131: Agriculture Club: Hoof ann Horn Club JEAN Len CROXVLEY .............. lWi1mc11i- Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economicr Alpha Delta Pi Mortar Board: Shi- i: 1 p The Illio fl, 2, 3, 41, Associate Editor Q41: Y.W.C.A. Committee 411: Home Economics Club: Marketing Club A' Pli U silon Omicron: 436 -L.. 3 "'?' '-mv' 44mm- Wn.LrAM RUSSELL CROXVILLE. .. ....BHff7 Agriculture Agricnllnrnl Science Captain, Air Force ROTC: Illini Sportsmnffs ' - ' A socia- Club, president G, 41, Junior Bar S tion DoN Causon .................,... Cbicug0 Liberal Arts and Sciences French Kappa Alpha Psi Illini Union Committee 141: Navy Pie' Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the Unive1'SifY of lllinois CoNs'rANcn CRYDISR ............-- Ploilzffld Agriculture Home Economic! Alpha Chi Omega joliet junior College jovcra WlNKl.ER CuLunnTsoN ..--.- Di'lfU""' Agriculture Home Economic: Kappa Kappa Gamma Illinois Wfesleyan University ...Lincoln ClIARl.O'l'TE BERNICE CUMBY .... Commerce Acronnlnnry XVescoga House President 141: Accountancy Club Lincoln College juva Lou CUNNINGHAM .... .. .... .Benton Education Eluzzcnlnry Education Busey Hall Illini Union Committee il, 2, 31 MARGARE1' ELLEN Culmss .......... Sloclalon Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirla Zeta Tau Alpha Shi-Ai: Star Course Manager U, 211 Y.XY!.C.A. Cabinet fl, 21: Y.W.C.A. Com' mittee fl, 21 JOHN CYBULSKI .......... . ....... Cbimgv Engineering Aerommtiml Engineering Newman Hall I.A.S.: Flying Club Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois Nonnmvr Evnanrr CYGAN .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Sigma Pi WILL 141 : A.I.Ch.E.: Cyclothem Club: Ger- man Club: Navy Pier Alumni Associationi Tall Illini Club Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois ROIIIEI11' ADAM CYGAN .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science 141' American Society , Y.M.C.A. Committee . for Public Administration: French Club: Milf' of keting Club: Society for the Advancement Management xvflllllf Junior College JUNE AN'I'oNIA CYKELD ............ Chicago I.iberal Arts and Sciences Pxychology Cagle Hall Navy Pier Alumni Association: IUSA Social Forum Navy Pier Activities: Spanish Club Social Committee Honors Day NAVY Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOANNIQ I.ouIsIz DAIcI.n ........... Rockford Agriculture Home liconomicr Phi Mu The Illio 12, 31 Rockford College .Londo n, England SHI2II.A MAVIS DAI.DY ..... Journalism Editorial Alpha Chi Omega Theta Sigma Phi: Star Course Manager 121 : French Club: Spanish Club Honors Day 131 EDWARD LouIs DAMAI. ....... .... .. .Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Engineering Council: A.S.C.E. Kansas University: Northwestern University MARY GERTRUDE DANAHER. .. . . . . . .Wenomx Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemirtry Evans Hall Mortar Board: Alpha Chron: Alpha Lambda ' " E tive Delia: Iota Sigma Pi, W.G.S. xecu Council 131, president 141: Student Senate 141: Committee on Student Affairs 141: Newman Foundation Student Council 11, 21 H0fl0rS Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key DoI1oTI-IDA MAY DANKES. . . . . . . . . .Oak Park Commerce Pefronnel Mrnmgenienl Palamar University of Miami FL aooMr DATES Hart St. Lonia H. EN B I 1 ........ Liberal Arts and Sciences Englixh Honors Day 121 Jimi-IY DIEWAINE DATES ...... Agriculture Flariculture Captain, Air Force ROTC: Flo 141 g jAIuIzs CANNON DAUGHIQIQTY .... Marlinwille Agriculture Animal Science ond lieutenant Army ROTC: Sec . , Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club DAVID OI.IvIza DAVIS .............. Dfuzrille Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemirtry Newman Hall Newman Foundation Student Council 131 IvAN XVILLIAM DAVIS, Jn. ....... Chfrnzjmign Commerce Marketing Delta Chi Sta Ba Commerce Honors Day 121 JAMES HENRY D Captain, Army ROTC: Phi Chi ta, hard and Blade Jovan JANICE DAVIS .............. Al ha Alpha Gamma: A.l.A. Honors Day 111 .Efut St. Lauii riculture Club r and Scroll: Alpha Phi Omega: Concert nd 13, 41: Football Marching Band 11, 5 41' First Regimental Band 11, 21: arketing Club: Student Junior Chamber of AVIS .............. Efngham Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Acacia 'E - Seab- .Chicago Fine and Applied Arts AI-chirectm-nl Derign Busey Hall P Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois KIsN'r RAYMOND DAVIS ....... ...Elmhm-.fx Commerce Marketing Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Marketing Club Elmhurst College JR. ........ Sizlu, 1' l.OXVlTl.l. WALI.At:Iz DAvIs, Education lmluxtriul liclucnlion OTC l'l ing Club Captain, Air Force R 5 ' Y . . . . . . . . . .E1'rI!I.fl0II TANNIER RIGsI,nIz DAVIS. Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Sigma Alpha Epsilon Penn State College VIRGINIA MARION DAVIS .......... Big Rock Agriculture Home Economic! Education Theta Upsilon Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Union Committee 13, 41: Campus Chest 111: W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41 : University Choir 111 : Women's Glee All-Ag Field Day Commit- Club 11, 2, 31: tee: Home Economics Club Honors Day 111 437 tif" fr-rr.. . iii? .. .Carthage RICHARD Lara DAVISON. . . .. V' Commerce f Accountancy Oregon House ' ' Ill'ni Union Committee Q21 Q 'ir TC Accountancy Club R0 r Honors Day Q2, 31 Y", Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Alpha Psi, i I" st Lieutenant, Army N. . . ..... Emnrtrin A' Ronnnr XVARREN Davlso Engineering in A Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Northwestern University: Navy Pier Ex- V' tension of the University of Illinois ' - MARY Louisa DEARING ...........-.- SP-'ffffl 4"l Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematicr Alcestis House President Q41 , 1. S "lofi 31156, , ig r yeahh iii 1 I Q . iw 4? 'Sh een' 151.135, X 1 N5 if- ,fl I A Li. 1 1 3' 1 if I .- iekyzi he Wa. 'ff iq.. 'I :ge yy 1 nr 3 lg A gen, 1 5 . fe r if W W' '-Ar. 1 Mtg " blah 4 ' 'fsiyg , a ' ' ' fr 5255 3 A if rrffaffi . A Smeg, iflfifciz? veg, , 1 Y ' H fe he-E i M65 1 ' 1 615.1 I 1' 4 1 x nj? A+, I1 4 4 91 Q 1., it s Jirw'-' . . . galil .,, 2, Kyiv: re ...Wgrnrw Q 'Q I tl "'1'5'N' Y Q I, is ' .4 t . DECAMP Cincinnati, Ohio BENJAMIN CRANE -- Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Sigma Chi Gargoyle: Phi Eta Sigma: Scarab: The Il- lio Q1, 21 Honors Day Q1, 2, 513 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Liberal Arts a Premedicine Lambda Chi Alpha Liberal Arts an Chernirfry Wilson junior College Committee Q21 , Cap ai , Marketing Club 438 DOMINIO Gruno Da CRrs'rorARo.... ' nd Sciences an .Skokie VIRGINIA BrRD Discos ........... Park For-ext Agriculture Home Economic: 1 Delta Delta Delta The Illio Q1, 21: House President Q41 XVILLIAM Da Forrs ................ Chiragv Engineering Mechanical Engineering A E Epsilon Phi Sigma Q3. 41 A.S.M.E.g S. . .5 Navy Pier Extension of the Universit Illinois RICHARD BHNJAMIN Dr11.o'rT ........ Ch ' d Sciences yof iragfi GERALD Purim DEMPSEY ......... Champaign Commerce Marketing Theta Chi Interfraternity Council Q2 311 FYCSIIIMH 'ttee Q51' Ihterfraternity Ball Wieck Comm: , ' ' t 'n Air Force ROTC 2 M N l K H 1 . 'h 3 .wa A rf ss ti r vi-I Ronnar Louis DEPAUW. . . . . . . . . .Kewarllf Commerce Accounting Tau Kappa Epsilon Illini Union Committee Q11 g House President Q41 1 Captain, Army ROTC: AccountanCY Club NANCY MCMILLAN DlzsMoND.Dawncrr Grove Commerce Accountancy Buscy Hall Honors Day Q1, 31 WINIFRED HARDY Darrno ........ Emnghflm Education Elenzenlary Education Kappa Delta The Illio Q21: Y.XV.C.A. Committee Q41 Honors Day Q51 Stephens College: Eastern Illinois State College WILLIAM LEE DIzVoRe .......... Jaclzmnvillc Commerce Econamicr Barton House Illini Union Committee Q51g M.I.A. Execu- tive Council Q51 5 Freshman Week Committee Q31 Illinois College STUART EDGAR DIEVORE ..... ..... H inrdale Law Law Illiknights Alpha Phi Omegag Delta Theta Phig Illini ' ' ' ' Union Board Union Committee Q21 , Illini Q41 g M.I.A. Executive Council Q3, 41 g I-louse President U11 Student Senate Q51: Coordi- nation Committee Q51g Oratorio Society, Q3. 41 ' ' ' ' B Association 5 5 Illi-Knights , Junior ar Nav Pier Alumni Associationg Student junior C blicans Y hamber of Commerceg Young Repu Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Triumph NORMAN JAMES Dewar ..... l Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Western Michigan College UNG ............ Oak Park ROGER Lea DEYO Agriculture Floriculmre Sigma Pi Th Daily Illini Pi Alpha Xi, president Q41 5 e Q1 2 315 WILL Q21g Second Lieutenant. Ariny,ROTCg Floriculture Club XVALTER WILLIAM DIECKAMP .... jachronviile Journalism Adveriiring College Hall Alpha Delta Sigma: Illini Union Board Q41 1 Major Chairman Union Movies Illini Union Committee Q51: Illini Union Council Q311 Illini Union Committee Q51 3 University Thea- tre Cast Q11 3 M.I.A. Executive Council Q21: Illini Union Director, Department of Enter- tainment Q41g Director of 1951 M.I.A.- W.G.S. Dads' Day Stunt Show Q21 FRANK josnvr-I Dr FRANK..Bridgelon, N. j. Engineering Civil Engineering Club 311 Sigma Taug Chi Epsilon, president Q41g Sec ond Lieutenant, Army ROTCQ A.S.C.E. CARL DeAN DILSAVER .............. Maitooll Liberal Arts and Sciences Hittory Sigma Chi Varsity Goll' Squad 13, 41: Letter 13, 41: Freshman Varsity Golf Squad Mfun' JOAN Dmsrrolua., ........ Chamlmisfl Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Kappa Gamma Star Course Manager 121: XVomen's Glee Club 121 RoNAl.n Lan DmsAm'H ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Flagg House Orchesis 131: A.I.A. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PIIYLLIS CARROL D11'Tus ........ Mt. Pnlarlei Agriculture Institutional Management McKinley Hall Home Economics Club Lindenwuod College DAVID Anmun DIXON ........ Racine, Wir. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Acacia Sachem, president 151 : Phi Eta Sigma: Major Chairman Union Movies: Illini Union Com- mittee 151: Illini Union Council 131: Illini Union Committee 11. 2. 3, 41: University 'Iheatre Crew 11, 21: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 131: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 11, 2, 3, 41: Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 31: Campus Chest 121: Interfraternity Council 12, 31: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Gym- nastics Manager 131: Men's Glee Club 111: Student Religious Council 121 : Interfraternrty Ball Committee 111: Senior Ball Committee 131 : Captain, Army ROTC: Ordnance Club: Al.S.M.E.: Poultry Science Club: Rifle and Pistol Club: S.A.E.: State President of Uni- versity Y.M.C.A.'s 131: National Council Student Y.M.C.A.-Y.W.C.A. Honors Day 121 University of XVisconsin STUART Donns ................ Springhclfl Liberal Arts and Sciences Prclaru Kappa Sigma Interfraternity Council 131 JOAN Donbs .................. Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Kappa Gamma Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 31 1 University Theatre Cast 13, 41 ISONVARD LEON DOLINGER ...... Miami, Fla. Commerce Accountancy Club Esquire Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Alpha Psi: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Accountancy Club: Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 11, 21 University of Miami: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Ronmrr EARL!! DONAHUE .... ...Carlinnille Commerce Accountancy 9117 Club Accountancy Club: Illini Sportsman's Club Blackburn College -,N-A 1 1 . v A 6 A V01-' P fi ! 3 ilu , .-D.: -A H221 U- " ,, Magi., RrcrrAau DOMINIC DONATONI ....... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture 'iii' ' Flagg House ,, -L,, 'i J A.I.A. Navy Pier Activities: Baseball Squad 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois uf, l GrsaAr.D HOXVAIID DONENHERG ....... Chicago Education English Northwestern University IXIARTHA Liza DONNEl.I.Y ............ Lincoln Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studie: Cagle Hall University of Colorado THOMAS Enxvarun Donn ...... ...Hennepin Commerce Marketing Delta Sigma Pi Alpha Delta Sigma: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transportation As- svciation: Pershing Rifles: French Club: Mar- keting Club: Student junior Chamber of Com- merce Emu. FRANKLIN Don' ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Kappa Alpha Psi Sigma Delta Pi: Interfraternity Council 131 : Student Junior Chamber of Commerce Rfus XVALTER DOWNEY ..... Wakefield, lllau. Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Alpha Tau Omega National Defense Transportation Association EDWIN H. DRAKE, Ja. .......... Park Ridge Commerce Marketing Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion: Society for the Advancement of Man- agement Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Donor:-rv Mann: DRAKIZFORD ........ Toledo Physical Education Phyrical Iirincation fl-H House W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41: Physical Education Majors Club ROBERT Lnwrs DRESHFIELD ...... La Grange Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Barton House Sigma Tau: Alpha Sigma Mu: Illinois Tech- nograph 121 : Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Ordnance Club: M.I.S.: Praetorians 439 gy.,-,r Y MQ., , will fi-A ' ' T91 nf g, fan ,,,,,, MX , 1 - Aa., 1 , ,rf 'x 1 1,11 5-11 rf 1 ' Xi ' 4 I " no 1 AI 1 2 1,3 -1 'I if xx v 5 I ri ,f- ,Q - ,fs ' -x ' get if 1 .-1 , W. .t iff 'f.,4:.-iggij-Qin., 'VI' -1 if "if, ,iw ' E' ,, imjgsi-:,5, J. , 1 n ' az' 'ff-mv, Lf 35 ,?i2g-new dt, ijfafvi, -:Ir ' rglt:,,5xN-- , yr., ,NV ,"i3efr1i'i srl' fa-re 1' .' i.-51 Z' Jr. ,nazi '.'1,,f"1' I ' 'ff 1- ,J 1 .- ai, if P 1 , 155' , ,. .iv I . .i gg. . -vo-7: I 1 al 1 , Fug , 5 A - uaiknuwklm 1 x A 1 ill!! any "V : lf" JE- 1' s , ,fl 'STB R, 'ifaa lmff rlf .i7,,, ,Aff nfs, '-, "" s - , ' 4 iii-fret: wrt! N4 -1 . x , V 45 . Nw , ,zgn a re ' ggi?-:.1,,gz:, ,K 1 igiwr fg-at R-,f ia- ' we ix--of-. 4 J 'n' - --.XV ,- .14-3 M: .1 rt- -5515,-can DONNA MAURLINR DREW.. ........... Dixon 1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Caglc Hall Zeta Phi Eta: House President 141: Spanish Club Mount Saint Clare junior College JAMIss RICHARD DRY .............. Ook Pork Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Barton House University of Dubuque: sion of the University of Illinois Galesburg Exten- Arun DIzuRwAcI-mzR. .. .Barrington DONNA M Journalism Adtfertiring g Delta Zeta Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini 111 : The lllin 121: Illini Union Committee 131 Roruanr NORMAN DuFoRIz .......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: IM Rec 31: Major, Army ROTC: A.I.E.E.- Board 1 l.R.E. Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Basketball Squad 11, 21, Letter 11, 21: A.I.E.E.-- l.R.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois , GrzNIz Liza DUNCAN ................ Salem Divisinn of Special Services Geography Tau Kappa Epsilon Southern Illinois University I NEAL DUNCAN ............. La Grange Pork Fine and Applied Arts Art Education A.I.A. Navy Pier xe Illinois: Lyons Township junior College E t nsion of the University of ,lIiANNIz MARIE DUNDON ............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts illnric Education Phi Mu University Chorus 131: Women's Glee Club 131 Clarke College CHARLES EDWIN DUNN ........ Elwood, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences International Afair: Alpha Chi Rho Y.M.C.A. Committee 141: University Choir 13, 41: Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Ora- torio Society 131 : Captain, Air Force ROTC: Spanish Club WILLIAM CHARLES DUNN .,.. .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi Illini Union Commi ee , . Manager 121 : Cadet, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Marketing Club tt 121' Star Course 440 JAMns josnm DURBIN ...... . ..,..ChicoE0 Commerce Law Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC: Junior Bill' Association Honors Day 121 DANIEL ALAN Dunrnn .............. Peoria Fine and Applied Arts Architeclnrul Engineering Delta Upsilon Scarab: Captain, Army ROTC: Scabbard :Incl Blade: A.l.A. Bradley University CIIARI.ns ELSMER DUSTBR. . . . . . . . 7 .Chicage Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Phi Alpha First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.I.A.i A:S.C.E. Illinois Institute of Technology l'lMlOl,lJ IRvIN Dvcus .......... Mt. Vernon' Commerce Accountancy Sigma Chi Y.M.C.A. Committee 111: Baseball Manager 121 : Men's Glee Club 111 : Major, Air Force ROTC RICHARD JAMES DYSART. .. . . . . .... Hinrdnle Liberal Arts and Sciences Entomology University Theatre Manager 13, 41 : Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 41: 2nd Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau Iowa State College JAMES ARLIE EADIE ............ Mt. Vernon Agriculture Dairy Technology Captain, Army ROTC: Pershing Rilles: Phi Chi Eta: Dairy Technology Society jAMIss STUART EARL ............... Rockford Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega A.S.M.E. GERALD OWEN EARLY. . . .. . . . . .. .. . . .Peorld H Engineering ' Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Cadet, Air Force ROTC Bradley University WILLIAM HENRY EBBINGHAUS ...... Mendota Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Kappa Psi i lllini Forensic Association EUGENE HENRY ECKBDRECH1' ..... Park Ridge Agriculture Flariculture Floriculture Club, President 141 Navy Pier Extension nt' the University oi Illinois .Park Ridge PATRICIA MARY ECKEBRECHT .... Education . , Elementary Education Beloit College DoRo1'HY INIARGARET ECKERT ........ Chicago . Journalism Editorial A Vanlig 1Vright Junior College FRED WrLl.mM Emcx ...... .... M cLean.rham M Commerce Marketing 1 Chi Psi il Captain, Air Force ROTC: Marketing Club. Q yy President 141 'fl u In JOAN Rosn EDINBURG .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemirtry Lincoln Avenue Residence I ta Alpha Chron: Alpha Lambda Delta: oc Sigma Pi: Omega Beta Pi: The Daily Illini 11, 21 : Illini Union Committee 131 : A.C.S. Honors Day 111 DoNA1.D LEE EDWARDS. .. . . . .. .. .. .Staunton Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Kymo Illini Union Board 141: Maior Chairman. Il- lini Tow,n.Meet1ng Illini Union Committee 131 : Illini Union Council 131 : Illini Union Committee 11. 2. 31: . M.I.A. Executive Council 121: House Presidentl121: lf00KbIlll Marching Band 12, 3. 41: First Regimental Band 12, .3. 41: Second Regimental Band 111: Illini SDortsman's Club MINNIE RODERTA EDWARDS ............ Aron Agriculture Home Economic: Education Presbyterian Hall 'tt e Phi Upsilon Omicron: Y.W.C.A. Comma e 2 McKinle Foundation Student Council 1 1 : y 131 : Home Economics Club BEVERLY DORTHEA EGELAND ...... La Grange Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Alpha Gamma Delta Illini Union Committee 141: Campus Chest 131: Women's Glee Club 131 Lyons Township Junior College JACK AY EGGSPUCHLEE ........ .Roch Irland .l Division of Special Services Speech Augustana College is -n L'- . 'ff' 'V funn: ' i-we -. BRS ............. Edwardsville Commerce Economic: DAN Louis En. Beta Theta Pi Alpha Kappa Psi: Major, Army ROTC: Scabbard and Blade, captain 141: Illini In- nce Society' Illini Sportsman's Club: sura . Marketing Club: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce ANzor.E'r1'E RUTH EIPPIER ........ Flosxmam Fine and Applied Arts ' Aclvertiring Decign Alpha Chi Omega Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 31 ALAN BERNARD EIRINBIIRG .... ..... C hicaga Journalism Advertising Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Delta Sigma: Illini Union Committee: Alumni Association Board: Second Lieuten- C: Phi Chi Eta: Scabbarcl ant, Army ROT and Blade: Marketing Club: Illini Sports- man's Club I.YI.Ii HENRY Eu.rcoT'r ......... . . .Vandalia Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycholagy Alpha Tau Omega Illini University Theatre 111: Campus Chest 131: Interfraternity Council 131: Alpha Rho Tau: Illini Forensic Association DIZLORIS ELLISON. . . .. .Chicago GWENDOLYN Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Lincoln Avenue Residence Christian Science Organization Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois XVILLIAM EDWIN ELY ............... Clinton Engineering Mechanical Engineering Colonial Manor 1 NORMAN DARCY EMMERIC1-r ...... Springhc-lc! Commerce , Commerce and Law Delta Sigma Pi Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Concert Band 11, 2, 31: Football Marching Band 11, 2, 31: Wesley Foundation Student Council 121: Illini Insurance Society: junior Bar Association Honors Day 1 Scholarship Key 1, 2, 31: University of Illinois HENRY RYUZO EMo'ro ............. Chicago Agriculture General Agriculture Barton House tenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Second Lieu Eta: Floriculture Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALAN COULTER ENGLAND ...... . .... Decatur Engineering Engineering Physics Chi Psi Sigma Tau: Illini Union Committee 121: Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 21: Illinois Tech- nograph 141 : Physics Society: United World Federalists, president 13, 41 Honors Day 12, 31 441 .nf , ,... I in ' 1 ' . - 1? frr,fFews "rr"'W?!'f'2tiF V 1. J -ef Q .Je 43352 I ut' 1 4 M tp 4s+r '2. 'ri' it ,' r if NTB Z ' X N ,X 1' 5' .t' f M' 3 ll :' ' r ' Ag 2 ' Q 1 , -.qfigfi 51 A- Q , 4 4 Q , f at kb, Lois ENRIGHT ............,....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Corrccfiorr ' Theta Upsilon Shorter Board, Shi-Ai: Zeta Phi Eta, Ma1or'Chairman, Spring Musical Illini Union Committee 433: Maior Chairman. Homecom- ing Stunt Show Illini Union Committee I43 : Illini Union council f3. 43, Illini Union Committee fl. 2. 33 1 University Theatre Cast 113 , W.A.A. ll, 2, 3, 43, House Presi- dent 153 : WILL f1,2. 33 GRETA MAY ERrcrcsoN.... ...... Champaign journalism Adoerliring Alpha Phi Al l. Lambda Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, P11 Theta Sigma Phi, The Illio fl, 23, Assistant Editor L33 : Illini Union Committee ll, 23 Honors Day fl, 2, 53 , University of Illinois Scholarship Key DONAI.D XVALTIER ERNST. .,......... Cbicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Prcmedicine Theta Chi Tomahawk: Tri e o 1 Squad 12, 3, 43, Letter f2, 3, 43, Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Ordnance Club 'b f Illini Varsity Football .,..........Kirkruoo1l, M0 INIIERRIAM ERNs'r Physical Education Pbyricol Edncoiion Alpha Gamma Delta 'cl Illini Union Committee C13, House Presr en A 13. 143, Terrapin fl, 2, 3, 43, W.A. . -l3 , Physical Education Majors Club BIACK Moonr ERNSTER ......,..... Him Agriculture Dairy Technology Delta Tau Delta Captain, Army Society jo!-I . ..... . Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture Agricultural Education Club l JAMES EDWARD ESCH ......... Liberal Arts and Sciences I Mathematic: LAS Council K23, Phi Chi Eta CARL Engineering Electrical Engineering Mansion A. I.E.E.-I.R.E. Belleville Township junior College RONALD CHARLES ESPDR .... Clerclond, Commerce Marketing Pi Kappa Alpha Marketing Club Honors Day Q13 442 t dale ROTC, Dairy Technology N CIARK ESAREY ...... Ml. Carmel .Bloominglon Wn.r.rAM ESCHMAN .......... Belleville Ol: io C bicagv ,IRAN ESSARY Commerce Economic: JAMES SAMUEL Eusrrcn .... . ....... Elmbllfil Commerce Commerce and Low Zeta Psi Sachem' Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sillmai ' Man- Ph Va I2 Cl A .1 H 1 D ll H3 RICHARD JAY EVANSON. . . . . . IANE ROBERTA EVANS ...... ...... i Aloha Deira: may Illini. senior U azer 433' Interfraternity Council fl. 23- l Manailff 1-my Golf squad mr raaskeami . ., ' ' ' ' M. ketmg 3: ,Iunior Bar Association, ar ub: Society for the Advancement of Man' ement: Young Republicans Club mors Day fl, 2, 33 .Cbicogv Liberal Arts ancl Sciences Pryclnology Sigma Delta Tau lini Union Committee U3 3 Y.XV,C.A. Com' ittee C13 .. .. .Clzicogv Engineering Mehlllurgy Triangle ' F ce Intcrfraternity Council i331 Major, Arr or ROTC, M.I.S. 53: fi' wi Illinois Institute of Technology RICHARD KENNETH EYMAN. . . . . . . . . . .joliff Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbology Newman Hall Joliet junior College JAMES EDWARD FAGRRDURG. .. , , . . . . .Chicogv Fine and Applied Arts Adveriifing Derign Alpha Delta Sigma, Captain, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society DAl.n DUAND FAHLBBCK ........... Rockford Commerce lndfutrial Admlnirrratian University Theatre Cast U31 Varsity Rifle Squad Q2, 3, 43, Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC, Illini Spnrtsman's Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Russian Language Club: Society for the Advancement of Management ROBERT KENDALL FAHNESTOCK ...... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Acacia Seabury Foundation Student Council Cl, 2, 3 43, Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Clyclothem Club, Illini Sportsman's Club Ronizm' IRVING FANNIN ............. Slble Engineering Aluchonicol Engineering S.A.E. 7 Ronnnr FANTI. . ..... .......... Chicase Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirlory Alpha Epsilon Pi HAROON RASHID FARMAN-FARMAIAN Teherun, lmu Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. DoucI.As Ross FARR ........ .... R ockjowl Commerce N Economic: Football Marching Band Q1, 2, 3, 43: First Regimental Band Ql, 2, 3, 43: Mens Glce ' ' ' cl Lieu- Club Q13 5 Oratorro Society Q23 , Secon tenant, Army ROTC: Phalanx BARBARA DA1.rz FEDOR ............... Chicago Commerce Secretarial Training Phi Mu Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day Q13 .Maywood HARLAN LRROY FRLDKIRCI-INER... Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A-l.Ch.E., President Q43 Navy Pier Extensi Illinois on of the University of GRACE CAROL FBLDMAN ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology Lincoln Avenue Residence Emmnrr FENDER ................ Iola Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Tfaining in Social Studie: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Honors Day Q2, 33 .Harvey JAMES ROBERT FENWICK.. .... .... Engineering Aeronautical Engineering l.A.S. .. .. .Chicago MARGARET JOY FERGUSON. Education Elementary Beta House House President Q43: University Chorus Q33 Thornton Junior College ORRIN TEDDY EARL FI1RRIs. . . . . . . .Knoxville Agriculture Floricullure Floriculture Club NVestern Illinois State College RIVIA Sun Fnnsr .................. Chicago Education Elenlenlmy Edncnlion Phi Sigma Sigma Illini Union Committee Q1, 23: Y.W.C.A. Comrnittee Q1, 23 National College of Education: Navy Pier Extension of thc University of Illinois RICHARD HENRY FInI.Ds ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences her Training in Mnthenmticr Teac Newman Hall Navy Pier Activities: University Choir Navy Pier Extension of the University ol' Illinois ARNOLD KERP FIESER ............ .... P ern Engineering Mechanical Engineering a Tau A FS Sigm . : . .. LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College THOMAS HARLEY FIFE ...... .. .Kankakee Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Illinois Wesleyan Universrty DORTHY ANN FIGGIZ ........... .Collinrville Agriculture Home Economic: Delta Gamma 'd t Q43 ' Alpha Lambda Omicron Nu, presr en , Delta: Star Course Manager Q23: All-Ag Field Day Committee Q33 : Home Economics Council Q43 : Home Economics Club ' ' ' f Illinois Honors Day Q1, 2, 33 , University o Scholarship Key MYRON SAMUEL FINK .............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Music Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia Honors Day Q33 Eastman Sc ' ' ' 1 of Music hool of Music: Juilliard Schoo CLARI! FINKBLMAN ........ Chicago journalism Editorial Lincoln Avenue Residence The Daily Illini QI, 2, 3, 43 BnRN1cR LIZY ...... L ........ Utica jARIns WARREN FIN Fine and Applied Arts Muric Education Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Football Marching ' ' B d B d Q1, 2, 3, 43: First Regimental an an Q2, 3, 43: Second Regimental Bantl Q13, Men's Glee Club Q23 443 v Www "M -, 31- at I 35454 ii: . 'si 'ii ' nv I-r f1',e:w,.3 EDWARD HENRY FINNRRAN, JR.....lV1lme1rc Fine and Applied Arts Architecture ' Phi Kappa Tau Nu Tau: A.I.A. , Honors Day 111 RRI! .... . . . . Urbana WII.I.IAM FRANKLIN FI Commerce Accmmmncp Accountancy Club Honors Day 12 31 DALE ARNoI.o FIscHnR. .. . . . . .... . .Clfimgv Commerce Accountancy and Finance Lundgren House Accountancy Club: Finance Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SONIA CYVIA FISCHMANN. . .. ....Chicago Commerce Accountancy Keeler Klub Phi Chi Theta: Accountancy Club Honors Day 12, 31 ...........ToInno IWARY JANE FISHEL .... . Agriculture - Home Iicanomicr Erllrcrltian Alpha Omicron Pi Shorter Board: Torcz: - : Omicron: The lllio 11, 21: Illini Union Committee 11, 21: Star Course 11, 2, 31, Junior Manager 131: Y.W.C.A. Committee 111 Q House President 141: Home Economics Club l Sl1iAi Phi Upsilon JOHN NORRIAN FISHER .... .... Brooknrhl Engineering ' Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. - Lyons Township junior College . . . .Fitbinn MARIANNI2 FIsHIzR ......... Agriculture Ilfnnc Frnnomicr McKinley Hall University Chorus 111: All-Ag Field Day Committee 131: Home Economics Club PATRICIA MAY FITZGERALD. .. .. . .... lffaircka Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirrory Lincoln Avenue Residence BARBARA JOAN FLANAGAN ......... limnrlon Education Socinl Studia Alpha Chi Omega W.A.A. 121 Illini Union Committee 111: Honors Day 121 444 JAMES XVILLIAM FLEISCHER ......... Ching" Liberal Arts and Sciences Malhenmlic: Kappa Delta Rho Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: ar . , Eta Sigma: The Daily Illini 111 : .The Illl0 11, 2, 31, Editor 141: Illini Union COIN: mittee 11, 21: Star Course Manager 121: Campus Chest 111: House President 141- Senior Ball Committee 121: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: German Club Honors Day 111 St and Scroll' Phi DAVID LOWELI. FLESHER ........... Cbimga Engineering Meclnnnirnl Engineering . . .Cbicng0 XVIIIIAM LIELAND FLESHER. . . .. Engineering Mcclmnicnl Engineering james HAhIII.TON FLETCHER ...... Springlie'ld Education I?lemrnmr'y Edizmrion Mask and Bauble: Pierrots: University Thea- tre Manager 131 : University Theatre Student Staff 141 RoNAI.o NEIL FLORES .... , ,. . . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Kappa Psi: Illini Union Board 1411 Illini Uniori Committee 121 : Board of Frater- nity Aliairs 141: Interfraternity Council 13, 41 : House President 131 : Accountancy Club Honors Day 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ERNEST RICHARD FLUDER ..... ..... C bimgv Engineering Meclmnicnl Engineering A.S.M.E Navy Pier Extension of the University 0f Illinois VIRGINIA RUTH FOERTSCH. .. .... Chicago Physical Education Recreation Caglc Hall Physical Education Majors Club: University Theatre 141 Ripon College ' BARRY STUART FOGELSON. . . . ... . .Chicago journalism Advertiiing Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Delta Sigma: Illini Union Committee 12, 31: Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad: Captain, Air Force ROTC CI.Ivn ALLEN FOLLMER..............F0r1'e'Ji Commerce Comnzerce and Law Acacia Ma-Wfan-Da: Sachem, president 131: Alpha Kappa Psi: Phi Delta Phi: Tribe of Illini. president 15, 41: Varsity Basketball S uad 1.2, 3. 41: Letter 12, 3, 41: Freshman char- sxty Basketball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41: Freshman Var- sity Baseball Squad: Athletic Council 15, 41 S Commerce Council 131: Military Ball Com- mittee 141 : Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi' Eta: Accountancy Club: Junior Bar Association: Marketing Club: Ralph Woods Memorial Trophy 131: Athletic and Scholar- M Slll-P.Blg Ten Conference Medal 141: Daily N Illini Athlete of Year 141 , Honors Day 111 KATHRYN MAIxoIuz'r FOLTS .......... Chenoa W Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirh Lincoln Avenue Residence Sigma Delta Pi: Spanish Club Honors Day 12, 31 JACK Ronnrrr FONTANA .......... Springhela Commerce Foreign Trade Chi Phi Skull and Crescent: n 121: Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC? Marketing Club: Spanish Club Honors Day 131 I terfraternity Council CI-IAIu.ns VrvrAN Fom' ........... Armingmn Agriculture General Agriculture Theta Chi Tribe of Illini: Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 3. 41, Letter 12, 3, 41 : Freshman Varsity Base- ball Squad: Midshipman, NROTC JOHN THEODORE FORTMAN. . . .. . . .Hinrdalr Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Medea Lodge House President 141: A.I.Ch.E. 13. 41 Lyons Township Junior College 141: Engineering Council Ronnar AUSTIN FosNAuGI-I .... .... C Iinton Engineering Civil Engineering Colonial Manor Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: M.I.A. Execu- tive Council 12, 3, 41 1 House President 141 1 Band 1111 McKinley Second Regimental Foundation Student Council 141: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 141: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 11, 31 GORDON LAVmzNIz FowI.Iaa........Savanna Engineering Mechanical Engineering Triangle BARBARA KLEIN Fox ................ Chicago Education Elementary Education Keeler Klub Kappa Delta Pi Honors Day 121 Gizoacrz ALLIIN Fox ............... Commerce Indurtrial Administration Koinonia Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 21: Campus Ch 111 : Baptist Foundation Student Council 51, president 141 : Major, Air Force RO Arnold Air Society SHAYLE PI-IILLIP Fox ......... .... C bic Commerce Accountancy Honors Day 12, 31 Drake University .Dudley est 12. TC: ugn Ronan-r EuoIzNIz FaAI.A .......... ...Salem Physical Education Phyricul Education Alpha Sigma Phi Varsity Football Squad 12, 3, 41: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Freshman Varsity B ball Squad: Second Lieutenant, Army ase ROTC: National Defense Transportation As sociation Honors Day 151 FLOYD DENNIS FRANCE ...... .... C bicago Commerce Marketing Lundgren House Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension o Illinois f the University of . . . .Chicago EDWARD FRANK ........... Commerce Economics Phi Sigma Delta Phi Eta Sigma: lnterfraternity Council 121 Student Senate 131: Hillel Foundation Stu dent Council 121 : Commerce Council 13, 41 Illini Insurance Society Honors Day 111 JEAN FRANZ ................... Sflllllghlflll Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryclmlogy W.A.A. 13. 41 Springfield Junior College AI.I.nN ROY FaI2I2MAN ....... .... C hicaga Commerce Marketing Newman Hall Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion: Young Democrats Club Wlright Junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois josnvu l.lT'l'l.IE FnInLnY. . . . . . . .Pana Law Law Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Delta Phi: Illini Union Committee 11, 21: Interfraternity Council 12. 313 Young Democrats Club: junior Bar Association: Scabbard and Blade: Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC Gus MICHAEL FRIIEDMAN. . . . . . .. . . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Econonzicr Zeta Beta Tau lllini Union Committee 111: Star Course Manager 121: Captain, Air Force ROTC, Spanish Club llJIiI.l.I! SIMA FRIIEDMAN. . . . . . . .. .... Chicago Education Education of the Deaf and Hurd Hearing Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Alu Iota Sigma: W.A.A. 131 Wfright Junior College ....................ClJicago JAMns FRIEND Liberal Arts and Sciences Eng lirh Sigma Alpha Mu Illini Union Committee 131: Hillel Founda- tion Student Council 131 : French Club: Navy Illinois 445 I M .-I All :E ' , ,W 1'-:LEE ,J '41-f 1: fi -, . -I. 4 . 5:1151 ig lg ..Q.irW'I'Q, to . 1. --,171 - 531: " --241.1 . l' .':.,IiQ'l:J 1 ' , I gr.--1 1' '- .-,, I' ' '. Pier Alumni Asociation , Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 1 1 get ant GAROLD Davin FRITCHBY ....... ..CIm-em Liberal Arts and Sciences Chcnlirtry Mfmoaarzr ANN Fm' ...,........ Mt. Vernon Education Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta MacMurray College: Illinois Wesleyan Uni- versity FRANS HJALMAR FRYKSDALH. ....... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Committee on Student Discipline: Illini Chris- ' OTC: tian Fellowship 13, 43 : Cadet, Army R M E Navy Pier Alumni Association: A.S. . -I Physics Society: S.A.E.: Tall Illini Club: Lutheran Student Center Navy Pier Activities: Member of A.F.S, I ' ' ' 't if Navy Pier Extension of the Universiy r Illinois ANNA CHIIZKO Fujrra ....... .... C himga Commerce V Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: a Psi: W.A.A. 13, 43: Account- Beta Alph ancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Rov Fumcnousnn ......... ...Chicago Commerce Finance Morgan Park junior College: Iowa State College JOHN DEWMN Gimon .......... ..... C from Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Shawnee Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Illini Christian Fellowship 133 : A.I.Ch.E. Morton junior College Romiar Josnen GAmul3LL1..Chicngn Height.: Physical Education Health Erlucntion Theta Xi Omega Beta Pi: Illini Union Committee 13. 43: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Physical Education Majors Club GERALDINIZ Donoarzs Ganuv .......... Cirere Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Mathematic: Alpha Xi Delta Pi Delta Phi: House President 153 : Tall Il- lini Club College of Saint Teresa Pnruci: Tr-loMAs GALLIVAN .... ....I1ferdule Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Theta Kappa Phi Al ha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Economics P Club: Agricultural Education Club 446 .Elk Graff Pnrea GALUK ...............,.. Agriculture General Agriculture Sigma Phi Epsilon - ticul- Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC. H0r ture Club: Illini Sportsman's Club Rm' GENTRY GANOTE ........ Efrrt St. Louir Agriculture General Agriculture Kappa Sigma ' l Manager 1271 Skull and Crescent. Intramura Alpha Rho Tau N00 GARCIA...B0g0fd, Colombia Engineering Electrical Engineering University of the Andes Luls FERNA Cameos Gancm-Raves ..... Bogota, Colombia Engineering Civil Engineering Triangle A.S.C.E.: Rifle and Pistol Club University of the Andes R......TIlL'J0t1, Ari!- CAROLINE Man GARNIB Commerce Marketing Lincoln Avenue Residence Marketing Club Loyola University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Cmutees EDWARD GA1'Heas...Bou1der, Cala. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Tau Omega Gargoyle :r Scarab, president 141: Fine and Applied Arts Council 141: Captain, ArmY ROTC University of Colorado JOANNE ATANASOFF GA1'HERs.BouIder, Cola. Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Chi Omega Delta Phi Delta: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1371 W.A.A. 13, 41 University of Colorado MARY JEANETTE Glsanris ............ Quincy Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board: Torch: Illini Union Com- mittee 12J: Y.W.C.A. Committee 12, 372 Campus Chest 12, 5, 41, Associate Director 147: Student Senate 15, 45: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 141 Honors Day 137 University of Wisconsin Doius Manic GcnsoN ...... . .. . . .. .Dow Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall 43 XVesley Foundation Student Council 13, Honors Day 153 HOWARD ALLEN GERSTEIN ......... Chirogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Phi Epsilon Pi I-AS Council 13, 41 W1 LIAM EUGENE Gn1'znN .... Elkhorn, Wir. L Engineering Prelaw Chi Psi 'd nt 121- Sigma Skull and Crescent, lpresi e , Tau: Tau Beta Pig Pai Eta Sigma3 Campus Chest 1111 Student Senate 1213 Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 3, 413 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squaclg Maior, Air Force ROTC.: Illinois Society of General Engineers, presi- dent cs, 41 , Honors Day 11, 2, 313 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ERNEST Da. Gr-rANo'rAKrs Addir-Ababa, Ethiopia Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Cosmopolitan University of Illinois Scholarship Key Geonmz WILLIAM GIBSON. . . . . . . . .. .Dixon Division of Special Services Marketing Holmes Dormitory Northern Illinois State Teachers' College .. .Danville Henman NATHANIEI. GIBSON. .. Fine and Applied Arts Muff: Education Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia3 Illini Union C 31 University Theatre 12 3, 412 mittee 1 1 , Interfraternity Council 1213 House President 121: University Choir 11, 2, 5, 413 Univer- Sify Chorus 12, 313 Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41 3 Madrigal Chorus 12, 31 Eastern Illinois State College 0111- WILI.IAM Snmmnn GIBSON, Jn. ...... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Lambda Chi Alpha Illini Union C tre Cast 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ommittee 131 3 University Thea- MARLYN EUGENE GmsrzKrNG.........Hor1frl Engineering Electrical Engineering Lookout Manor M.I.A. Executive Council 13, 413 Major, Air Force ROTC: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.3 Gamma Delta BARRY PAUL GILBERT. . . . .. . . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Tau Epsilon Phi Campus Chest 12 3 tions and Advisory Board 121 3 Second Lieu tenant, Army ROTC: Accountancy Club 1 Campus Chest Alloca- JAND I,I'I'Tl'ZNGI2R GILL....,,........UfIJrIl11l - Education Elementary Education Bucknell University Dm.o Sigm 41 : Honors Day 131 JA M Newman Hall Marketing Club3 a y tion Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois jo RANCFS GIIPIN Brentwood, Mo. Pi Beta Phi French Club Drury College I.nNoRri MARIE GLANZ ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Rosewood Mask and Bauble3 Illini Union Committee 111' Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12. 5. 41 : 413,Illini Theatre Guild Crew 11, 2, 3, French Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 CHARLES NACH MAN GLAS rms JEAN Palamar a Alpha Iota 3- University Choir 12, 3, ns EDWARD GrLL1zsPrD ..... Y F 1 . ..... . Liberal Arts and Sciences GILLAN ............. Colfax Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Oratorio Society 111 - . . .Chicago Commerce Economirr N v Pier Alumni Associa- Socinl Science s ..... . . .Chicago Commerce Econo mic.: Lundgren House Northwestern University I.I.0YD NEI L GLAWI2 .... , ....... C hom fmign Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Alpha Kappa Lambda Y.M.C.A. Committee 1113 Basketball Man- ager 1213 Cyclothem Club .Chicago BARBARA Loursrz GLIZASON. . . . . . . .. Liberal Arts and Sciences History Delta Gamma Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 213 Young Re- publicans Club .Chicago RONALD IXIORTON GLINK... Commerce Commerce and Law Alpha Epsilon Pi N B ta Epsilon3 Second Lieutenant, Army u e ROTC3 Alpha Rho Tau3 junior Bar Associa- tion Honors Day 1 linois Scholarship Key 1, 2, 513 University of Il- Dmz Louis GLUECK ....... Bnlun Rogue, Lo. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Chi Scarabg Major, Army ROTC: Scabbard and Blade: Tau Nu Tau Louisiana State University 447 9' N - N. :.q,.f.g-' -.-1 H5 ff' w A' 'Q 31 or I gigs 1 I ,UA .1gfxt"xt I, t -s 'U itfai' we :ff 6 ..,,e vi A ,Q 1 It 9 ii J 1,5 VSV: K fl: iv ,,,,:sM, .2 . ' ttdrgfsitgrbifi we I 5' t a QE? ' r 4 1 .4 1 1, 34. .. K-.ff-' :f.j2.', 5-I-M: :ur 5,2 A ff. 1,-any - R 'Q .-9.1 , 5 .'--V -sf-1.1 1 ef Y '-Klein, u,-.:f. . .-vfikiaglf' 2,-a ,. l,,.4k . ,. , . 3' . . . r ,Y Q 1115, ., if 4 I I. g tgp K U Wg, tri- ' y I. F1 fd., r 92111, I, :Zi "naw-.. affiteti ivf- 'sou Q-. t 1,4 14 + A s . ' ' ' rfi'ef"'.k . - - ti'-'ii a,.,.eai:fIv-... ff -5gi5,,s',g5Zt:w,. .- :-'f",f'i- 1:59. :, : ' -I' 'I' -'1."1:,--1 . "YW-P .anim 52" ' ' we if--ws.-.f' . Q .3 323 ' 5 :33 tg,-5 1 gl' ,nga ., L -'tw f-'AEI 1 '.-ist.-.. f +3'H2ff1:??P?'1-'ie P.i.:i12'I'eSvZftg: ffwii1Zi -A fai- . -P eb tQ'E'-ml: ff'lPI ..1 l3fQ5.i' 'I' M' ,ft is fi-lik ' :xl tags,-5 -r-as + ,pi-.--it I i' if-2591111 at-1425529 s. Miele. +2 -2 .fr . Aw it of ' 'r- 4441 iiiffllzla f :Sa :EQCQF-+:'?i'T.:g, . A - .e: g5iI'L'l,f - ,3 I, it If 'niet X1 I y.,1Vfue'g 1- v we Se. fi If: '5r'mM"ff' - ry ri : - aa . '- 3 1232?-' I 1 QUE" is :. ,QA ,sf -. If 1 ,1 'spar Haas? 41 fgg if . f.: T F . . ...,rl fo- "bbw 'I'-, '1 1 ,- -, If'-is I-:QV 1551: ,Izmir 'Q-its -" il: in 17: L 'V 'ft it f-ff: Liza if , E ' fighk 'fiwlfg Q F-f ,,. il-f ': ,.r ' I - :wi ...... . . 3-gig: . . . .7' 4:1-501' ' c s I 'ze wg., V is .. -rn.f,xsrf . -- f Qt, .I ifu lite e .--:'..SM , . arp 1"-L ', - l.-:cfs - -,g if-re. . I I .. . . L., M, A-p.r.,. We f qi L t: Jim Es, I k..k,.V1g.lafp,r . sf-ty-. it-ow -. . Q! arf: f ff? JJ. 5. ' .,1i'+If4Xi,, jgiggxrrfjii-Q..-Li .V . 5f".,1y1cxj ijfeilg 5'-If .1 ' ' 5 :sf I- e' X" fury' ,M . , I1'4A.f- -. wr .ESF Z 'f -.I-'1-SEQ?" ,sm ' :rar .wr 1 -. es - gt -. L .1 fi:M,:g.f,.r,:f. , .1 1 r e, ' --so N rr- p ,-i Irs,-A-me-7-1' - ' .fr ,L - 51.21 QI: 1. - :.g'I .iisg5rt..,jcQi1g its .Elo fo 1gf.'i,E,t ' 159' it I4 -15-315fvS'?f'?33Z't Ie. " Mrijiii'-1' -tr-'.-.E . - U ..i:'gs5..Qf1g3r. . .. al' . 431.3-7" - ...-N.tA'eH"251'2lEiu ww- 4 ,J . N. it -I P E jr , , - ...S a Iwi., 4, ,, ill .. wr.. 11" r r... to 311, A-5, BIIRNARD GEORGE Gorzrzrz ......... Mrrplr-Inn Agriculture Teacher Training In Agriculture Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club: Illini Sportsman's Club: Rural Life Club . Illinois State Normal University PAUL ALAN GOLD. . . . . . . ... ... .Clvicfrgn Commerce Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ELAINE JUDITH GoI.DDI1Rc ..... Orrrnge, N. 1. Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Concordia University Theatre 121 Seton Hall University ROIu2R'r GOLDBERG .... . . .... . . . . . . .Cbicfrgn Physical Education Plnyricfri Edntrzlinn Phi Epsilon Kappa: Physical Education Ma- jors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Rorxnru' NEIL GOl.DlfEDER..N01U York, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilerrure House President Twin Pines Co-op 151 : First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau Honors Day 111 l1lAIl'l'IN EUGENIQ GOLDSTIZIN ........ Cbimgn Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Account- ancy Club: Marketing Club J. ERNEST GONzALIas ........ Oxnfu-fl, Calif. Fine Arts flrchilccliiml Derign Alpha Rho Chi Major Chairman Block I Design, Illini Union Committee 131 : Illini Union Committee Block I Design 121: Illini Theatre Guild Design Staff 13, 41: Fine and Applied Arts Council 131 : A.I.A. Ventura College CHARLI2s THOMAS GOODHUIE Bnrtle.II'iile, Olelrr. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlry Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Pi Mu Epsilon: Student Senate 121 : Class President 121 : Midshipman, NROTC: A.C.S. Honors Day 11, Z, 31 ANN El.IZAliE'l'H GOODMAN.T6'l'Y'L' Haute, lmi. Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi Illini Union Committee 11, 21 1 Campus Chest 111 : Freshman Week Committee 13, 41 448 ARNI? EDWIN GoRANsoN... ..... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association Honors Day 11, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the .University of Illinois I INIARKS GORDON .......... ..... C birrlgfl Commerce Accountancy Pi Lambda Phi University of Pennsylvania: Dc Paul Uni' versity XVILFRED EDWIN GOULD, JR .... .... A iorriron Engineering Agricultural Engineering Major, Army ROTC: Ordnance Club: Persh- ing Rifles: A.S.A.E. JUNE Rosa GRAFNO ............. Libertyville Fine and Applied Arts Advertiring Derign Alpha Gamma Delta CI.YnIs l3I:N,yAIuIN GRAHAM, JR. , Ricirlnml, lt'fn.ri1- Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-iliedicine Alpha Phi Omega: Omega Beta Pi: Varsity Wheelchair Basketball Squad 12, 3, 41, Let- ter 12, 3, 41, Captain 13, 41: Delta Sigma Omicron: German Club Honors Day 131 Wfashington State Coiiege Evrznnvr PAUI. GRAHN .............. Cbimge Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Navy Pier Activities: Omega Beta Pii Gamma Delta Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois RICHARD HENRY GRAMANN ...... Beurdrtown Liberal Arts and Sciences Tenelaer Training in Mathematic: Football Marching Band 12, 31 : Second Regimental Band 11, 2, 31 : German Club IXIICHAIZL AI.12xANDea GRAMME.......AIdr'0l'1Q Engineering illerimnical Engineering A.S.M.E. Saint Procopius College XYlIl.I.IAM EDWARD GRA'rIAN .... .... A lion Commerce Manilgernent Sigma Nu lnterfraternity Council 13, 41: House Presi- dent 141: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Scabbard and Blade JANET Lu GREEN ...,. . . . .. ..... . . .Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences English Kappa Delta The Daily Illini 1115 Student Senate 151 .lnssm Cmmoi, Gruznn ,............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bnclcriology Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Iota Sigma Pi: Wfom- Cn's Glee Club 111 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key V1:i.MA MAn'rHA GruaizN ........... Dnnrillr Liberal Arts and Sciences Tcnchcr Training in Biological Science Petit Maison WILLIAM AUSTIN GREEN .... Downer: Gi-are Education Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Interfraternity Council 1215 I-louse President 141 Honors Day 131 Kalamazoo College Lizoxanu SHERMAN GnrsraNucriG ....... jaliil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi Campus Chest 131 1 A.S.M.E.: S,A.E, Joliet junior College Tom' PrsAiu, GRIIIZNIIIERG ..... .... C hicago Education Elcmcnmry Education Lincoln Avenue Residence NV.A.A.: University Chorus 131 XVright Junior College EUNICE HAMMOND Gruznms .... .... C hir-ago Education Elvmcntro-y Erlncfllion Lowry Lodge Illini Union Committee 131 Honors Day 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois El.uoN HoY'r GRIZIENXVOOD .......... Colleen Agriculture Iirlrrn Munrlgcmclri Illi-Dell Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma: House Presi- dent 141: Agricultural Council 151: All-Ag Field Day Committee 1215 Plowboy Prom Committee 121: Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: Agricultural Economics Club, presi- dent 1315 Agriculture Club: Field and Fur- row Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ,IOIIN Fnno Gxzmmwooo ........... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Mnric Iirlnnrtion Sigma Chi Football Marching Band 12, 31: First Regi- mental Band 11, 2, 51: Infantry Club IAXVRENCE Wruiun GREGORY, Jn....lVnlu-kai ii5g1i:Ll1iili'2fll,?5" Agriculture l w'ff',ffQffQgif 5 . Teacher Training in Agriculture 1:35255 Lookout Manor ,. M.I.A. Executive Council 151: House Presi- 53' dent 131 5 Agricultural Education Club: Agri- culture Club: Rural Life Club Q " f"-..rse,. . . RoNAr.n Lian Gnrcuiz. ......... ..... A rwooil Q I' Agriculture .5 Agrononry Colonial Manor ,V Alpha Zeta Honors Day 11, 31 5 F' F 1' i 1 It 1 ua 1 A if 'X 1 , .L . "' JY? sift us! A' i 11 .H as . J gi , M563 S fl t g 51 f 1 A I Ar' Y i I ig: I' W ,M -2, ti? . t s " PSE if .A I , bv, ' J: .ft 'rt ff., I me rr, ,i S3 t 1 'K Q in fr if si E' L 'I I 717 I A s i , -Q 1 vi i A i'h,,,g. in 343 Q - .- s ' ji, -fl ,, 1 , X IXIICIIAIEI. JAMi2s GnnfrfiN ...... ...Chicago n Engineering ' l I . ' I LM, X ,W Mmmg Emenirernzg 1 Varsity Track Squad 11, 21: Newman Foun- dation Student Council 13, 415 M.L.S.: if "fra Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of if H Illinois ' A L A ' rf- I it 1 ls I V1 .Ai ,- f' V , 1 1 N--Nw M 5 ' -Y : JOSIIUA Toon Grurrrrn III. . .Highland Pnrh l Liberal Arts and Sciences rl - lingliilv ' Pia Kappa Psi e I if f vb J' 2' - use ,I is i- 1 ' in , 51,2 waggfim ' , fret., ,ms EILIEIZN INIARY GRIGALUNAS ....... Spf-mgnelfl ,. Liberal Arts and Sciences ?g,fi1'i391, - fri- we P2 '- ' Speech Correction " lj, M came Hall : fsiiiixf Zeta Phi Eta: House President 131 f3l?,!f'- A ,ygr ,, y Springlield Junior College eff: -., ii-V. Pg, ' A 1 c in A RY I, DORIS JANE GluvA .......... .... B rnlrl Education Elemcnlnry liclncnlirln Price Club Alpha Lambda Delta: Campus Chest 111 Honors Day 11, 21 VnzcxNrA Rosa GROLLIZMOND ......... Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Slfidicr Cagle Hall Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Alpha Theta: French Club: Young Democrats Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key TW' fPmv,i,.w.4,i , , . , 'i .f:'Q.:.Qr ,J 1 ini' 'WI JANIIT GRONIIIZRG ................... Dixon Fine and Applied Arts 54' Af! Education -,ggi Lincoln Avenue Residence K . , L, i .M , Za . Yi? , 'u is 1 B 4 1 'HW ,. f'r'f 1 'Ii' 1 .W .V I w A "?"i't'32 .-F., 3:5 Vi:-fifiisffil t few .,1k,.ytr-5 A . ., N li All :. 3 9- 7 4 P 1.1-2 we iv .i re , 3 'erm 1: fl'-Pi A re, , Q.,:q.?qi B .W Av "--.. M., Ai. 1. in ui R ry. ,, A ,af ' 1 r--4:-s ,W r 'ATTEWI 'Vi' I ,gal AN Hr," 1 1" l' as '2 rr We il lf' XM , ii' .Q I' 131222 ' ' Y ' 1' A ,Ja W A wie 1' if Alpha Lambda Delta: Society of Illustrators: University Chorus 1215 Fine and Applied - Arts Council 12, 51. PYCSICIUUT 141 ,x ,V Honors Day 11, 2, 315 University of Illinois gy '-.jf Scholarship Key 'L -- fi r f-Q r FN f DKDIIOTI-IX' Mnzuciz GIlOSSMllN...C0rlf Valley Commerce Commercial Teaching Alpha Chron, president: Phi Chi Theta: XYl.A.A. 1215 W.G.S. Executive Council 131: McKinley Foundation Student Council 1315 XV.G.S. Ball Committee 131 Honors Day 111 449 i I up , l ffl ifizi l A ,- A - l X I :V ' 'l,.,.. "" 1 U iiw. I tm :ae- fi ,.., ir? xi' .1 ' 'f ' . V. 3,.,.,.t. f 4, ,inf V' f' Aw- ' lr , ,nr:1g"'g:,"fr Qi ., ya f f X ' iii 1 . -1 1 1 1 5 'St at Af, - , sv, P i 4 N, 1 a t 1 5,1514 J-.,d,i'l1f fii all Ci,-Q , ,ia 35"5'l15',:3'1l 't if'4"3,Zr' f' Wx' L-.143 fi, fa, I 1' wg It-It Moa, ' lr , .-M. 1 1 Z L, ,Q , Ve? . "Q 'L M . A. si, a .I-fa X af was V, TSA .1 e-M' L, I ' ' P L il 'r , Q fllv I -.L .:1,,.5.'y j, ,rr- .sw ..I.. 5. . 1 1 .1 t uni' "Qt, Y r rr 93,6 hoof: N' Q 3 1. fa P tglx gi' fill Al ,Nbr A via I r Z3 ' ll Gnunmz. . . . . . .... Chicago XVILLIAM PAUL journalism Editorial Lunclgren House Sigma Delta Chi Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini News- paper 11, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois cart Park NICK JOHN GuAImALAnIzNa ...... For Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Chi Psi Illini Union Commi c , atre Cast 1313 House President 141 tt e 121 ' University The' R. .... . .Quincy XVILLIAM Anrnun Gurzcm., J Commerce Management Phi Kappa Tau the Advancement - Society for of Management Quincy College RONALD GUNTI-Inn .......... .... C laicuga , Journalism Radio Chi Phi Sigma Delta Chi: Univer , 12, 5, 413 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1115 Inter- fraternity Council 1-51: WlI.L 1213 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Illini Forensic As- sociation sity Theatre Cast Gnoncrz BRUCE GURNBY ........ .... O ttawa Engineering Meclmnical Engineering Triangle A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Bradley University SAMUEL GUTIIERREZ ........ ...Chicago Commerce Management Flagg House ' Society for the Advancement of Management Wright junior College DONALD FRANCIS GuzoLsIc ......... Claicuga Commerce Marketing Men's Glee Club 111 5 Marketing Club JANICIE AImI.Iz HACIQIAARTI-I Arlington Hcigbtr Journalism Adrlcrtiring Sigma Kappa ' Com- Shi-Aig The Illio 11, 21 g Illini Union mittee 12, 313 Spanish Club BARBARA Lmz HAGEMAN. . . . .. . . . . . .Chicago Education Elementary Education Busey Hall X11!.A.A. 13, 41: Navy Pier Alumni Associa- trong Tall Illmi Club Honors Day 131 Navy Pier Extension of the University of IlllI'10lS 450 . lVaukfZ4" jo ANNE HAGNAUER............ Del Torch 21: Education Elrvncntary Education ta Gamma 3 Shi-Ai: Illini Union Committee 11- Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 21: Clmplfs W A A 111 ' PanhellenlC Chest 11, 2, 31: . . . , . F hman Council Execr 111 : TIIO D Capt Guo Itive Council 131: res Panhellenic Ball Committee 121 MAs HENRY HAININe..........Cbicag0 Agriculture General flgrimlture elta Phi ain, Army ROTC: Agriculture Club IA ALBERTA HALL .......... Litcbield RG Fine and Applied Arts Muric Phi Beta rch Shi AI Alpha a , Ill 0 111 Illini Ion Committee 11 21 a mittee Con- 11 21 YWCA Com tBand 11 2 3 41' University OrcheSlSff1 Q N S 4 . 1 Wy Ponsor cj ' 't of Illinois Gamma To 4 '- 'g Lmbda Delta: Sigma Alpha Iotag The i 1 Un' ' , 5 St r Course MGD' ager , 3 . . . . ' I Cer . . . , ' ' 12 Ho nors Day 11, 2, 31, Universr y Scholarship Key .Decatur IJEBY SHALLABARGER . . . . . . . . . . . Commerce Marketing Sigma Pi P' Illini Union Committee Alpha Kappa si: 1 ' Manager 12- 3 11: Tribe of Illini: Fencing , 1: Senior Fencing Managerg Second Lieu- enant. Army R ' C OTC: National Defens I Transportation Association LIQIIN HALL ...... . . . . . . .Carrollton RUTH EI Journal ism Editorial Phi Ivfu Torch 131 3 Alpha Chron 121 5 Theta Sigma Plig The Daily Illini 11, 2, 31, City Editor l 141 3 Illini Union Committee 111 GWEN Tmznnsrz HALM... ...... .... C bicaS0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training ' I.incoln Avenue Residence Campus Chest 111: Newman Foundation ' 4 Student Council 11, 2, 3, 1 in Mathematic! Mrs l-IAIIOID HAMII.ToN.....McLeanrbafo JA 1 . Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology XVesmen M.l.A. Executive Council 131 McKendree College joIIN Ronmzr HAMILTQN ....... .Bridgeport Journalism Editorial Sigma Pi Sigma Delta Chi Eastern Illinois State College M RILYN ANN HANIJROCK ...... Cryrtal Lake A Physical Education Plnyrical Education Gamma House Alpha Chron: Alpha Sigma Nu: W.A.A- 11, 2, 3, 413 Lutheran Foundation Student Council 12, 31: Gamma Delta: German Clubg Physical Education Majors Club ' ' t' Illinois Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University o Scholarship Key Seymour: HANDWRRKRR ...Chicago Journalism l Editorial Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini 13, 411 Illini Union Committee 131: Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini, E Navy Pier ditor 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois .Arthur JOHN BRADFORD HANEY ........... -. Fine and Applied Arts Muric Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Second Regimental Band 131 Honors Day 131 RICHARD HANGRIEN ................ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Phi Kappa Tau AlPha Phi Omega: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Pershing Rifles: Phfllaflxi Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARLIES KEITH HANING ........... Delaran Agriculture General Agriculture Illi-Dell Agricultural Economics Club: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club Bluffton College JAMES FRANCIS HANNAGAN, JR. St. Louir, Mn. Engineering Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: Class Presi- dfnf 111: Freshman Council President 111. ' - A I Battalion Executive Ofhcer NROTC, rmec Forces Council: Navy Council: Scabbard and Blade Honors Day 11, 21 WILI.IAM DONALD HANNEN ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Scarab' Illini Union Committee 141: A.I.A.: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Tall Illini Club: Young Republicans crab Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARIE AGNES HANS ...... .... Worrleri Agriculture Home Economic: Beta House All-Ag Field Day Committee 141: Home Economics Club GERALD Lruz HANSEN .............. .Chicag Agriculture Agricultural Science Parade Ground Units AlPha Phi Omega: M.I.A. Executive Coun 141: Agriculture Club: Horticulture Club Wriglmt Junior College . . C hampai Roursrrr WILLIAM HANSEN .... Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Beta Pi Honors Day 131 cil HOXVLAND Baucrr HANsoN ......... Stanford Agriculture General Agriculture Son's Home l-louse President 141: Captain, Air Force ROTC Bethleh em, jordan Gnonan VIC1'OR HARAMY.. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Cosmopolitan A.F.S. : A.S.M.E.: Moslem Students Associa- tion Millikin University GEORGE XVILLIAM I-1ARoImcK .... Edwardrvillc- Division of Special Services Labor Economicr German Club PArsx' RUTH I'IAl'tDIMAU..JCfft'l'.f0Y1 City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences' Speech Correction Alpha Kappa Alpha Z ta Phi Eta: Y.W.C.A. Committee 13. 41 e Lincoln University: Florida A 8: M College 1 Rormnr HAROLD HARIJIN ...... Gordon, Nebr Engineering Electrical Engineering Parade Ground Units Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma K a Nu' Pi Mu Epsilon: Y.M.C.A. Eta app . 111: House President 111: Illinois Techno- graph 11, 31: A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day 11, Scholarship Key 2, 31 : University of Illinois jorm WINDSOR HARDING. .. . . . . .Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering XVcsmen Tomahawk: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pl' Lambda Upsilon: House President 131: Il XVesley Foundation Student Council 131 : Sec- ' ' I Ch.E. ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC, A. . Honors Day 11, 31 l-lARoI.o SI-IAFIPRR HARPER. .... ..... S kakie Engineerlng Mechanical Engineering Triangle Star and Scroll: Phi Eta Sigma: First Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Ill I'IARRING'I'ON .......... Chicago Education ' Elementary Education IRIENIZ MAR Busey Hall Tall Illini Club 1 St. Xavier College DONALD josmfrr HARRIS. . . . . . . .Ejingham Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Eastern Illinois State College gi -,l A A 1 3 ..v,l,. ,Y 3453,- , fr., X ' 'l"4'li6"v . ji :'a L A I .... fills' A ,i.i:Q5, 'r,jig3, 1 ft I:If .g, am A V, , r , 5 Ffh' is ., tl ramen 1 if r wr 1. fr' ' . 61 . L . 'f':'r1r5' Fail I JF" 9-.1 - ,.a,, .. I- .-fi 35535 4:5 M Ittsisg I ' .I fl - ' if I V.g,r4f ' - fig r !'kV..' i:l'7'1?::'i ., ff' i?roge,,,,. m all H+: ff . fr -rg rife , i 'Aa it 5-.ff A '. 3' i 'I it J' lx rv :W I, 'I Q ' 'IU R r t b f r fn Q W. EDWARD FRnIoIcIN HARRIs. FREDRICK WADE I-lARRIs.. OROTHY FRANCES HARTIGAN. ...... .Skok DAVID HARTMAN RICHARD WALLACE HAsIcINs..Downerr Gr . . , ..... Chicago Commerce Marketing Phi Epsilon Pi Wilson Junior College . . . . . .Murphytboro Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design ieutenant, Army ROTC: Pershing Second L Rifles Southern Illinois University Joi-IN OSCAR HARRIS. ..,.......... Mendota Agriculture Dniry Technology Fireside C det, Phi Eta Sigma: House President 131 : a Army ROTC: Dairy Technology Society Honors Day C31 ie D . Liberal Arts and Sciences Englith Delta Delta Delta h Mask and Bauble' Shorter Board: Torc : . Illini Union Committee C21 : University Thea- tre Manager 12, ll 31 31 : University Theatre Cast College of St. Teresa . . . .Chicago Journalism Adnertifing Beta Theta Pi Knox College 01'L' Physical Education Phytical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon ' Y.M.C.A. Committee 411: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity ll S acl 12 3 41 Letter 12, 3, 411 Baseba qu , , , Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transportation Council Tribe of Illini: Louisa ANN HAUSMAN ............. Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology ' Busey Hall Morton Junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion ot' the University of Illinois . . . . .Berwyn I.oIs JUNE HAVIZL ............. Physical Education Recreation Priceome Physical Education Majors Club Morton Junior College BuRIfoRn HAvNI2s HAWKINS ..... Mt. Vernon Journalism Advertising Sigma Chi Campus Chest C11 : Tri e o ing Club 452 'b flllinii Varsity Golf Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3. 41, Cap- tain K41: Major, Air Force ROTC: Market- f' X A lr ' , -av' ..........Gmnite Gif! Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry DELORAS FAY HAWKS 4-H House Illini Union Committee C31 Central College HENRY FRANKLIN HAY .... ........ G illetlfit' Liberal Arts and Sciences Botany Colonial Manor Southern Illinois University JANE SUSANNE HAvns. . . . . .. . . . . .Du QWW Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board: Illini Union Committee il, 21 : Star Course Manager fl, 2, 3, 41 1 Ffe5h' - - . C n. .man Council: University Chorus C11 , 0 cert and Entertainment Board Q41 : Convoca- tions Committee fl, 2, 3, 41 .Springfield JOHN GILMORE HAYES .......... Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Delta Tau Delta Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 21 ROBERT HARRY HAYES. .. . . . , . . . .Ln Gmngf' Commerce Economict Phi Gamma Delta lllini Union Committee Skull and Crescent: KI, 21: Y.M.C.A. Committee fl, 21: H0159 President 13, 41: Freshman Council C111 Intramural Manager Q1, 2, 3, 41: Midship- k t'n man, NROTC: Navy Council: Mar Cl 5 Club r CHARLES EDWARD HAYNES ........ ..Chimz0, Engineering Electrical Engineering Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Pershing ' - P' r Alumni Rifles: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Navy I6 Association Galesburg: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ,, Sun JANE HAYS .................. Maltoon . Education Elementary Education Delta Gamma 4 g l f Illini Union Spring Musical C31 wr Stephens College 6 4 1 , gi i ff t,-, , ROBERT XVILLIAM HAYWARD, JR ..... Foirield Agriculture General Agriculture Wesmen Second Regimental Band fl, 21 : Student Re- ligious Council 13, 41: Wesley Foundation Student Council 13, 41 : Horticulture Club KEITH MARRITT HAZZARD .... ..... R ockford Commerce Marketing Kappa Delta Rho Captain, Army ROTC: Inf ing Rifles: Marketing Club antry Club : Persh- Lois RUDELXUS HAzzARD ........... Rockford I Education Elem enfary Education Alpha Gamma Delta Illini Union Committee 1511 W-A'A- 151 Augustana College . Wenona JOHN MARK HEALY .......... .... Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Kappa Tribe of Illini 141 : Basketball Manager 121 3 Track Manager 13, 41: Senior Track Man- ROTC: Agriculture Flgeri Captain, Air Force Club: Hoof and Horn Club I-UCILLE I-incur .................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day 11, 2, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN Louls HECKIZL .............. Mattoan Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: I.A.S. .Nashville Roamzr CHRIS HIEGGEMBIER ....... Agriculture General Agriculture University Chorus 111 : Oratorio Society 121 Q Plowboy Prom Committee 1312 Hoof and Horn Club: Horticulture Club Roy CAI HIaIDIzMANN ............ Springfield Commerce Accountancy Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull and Crescent: The Illio 11, 2, 3, 41, Associate Business Manager 141: Interfrater- nity Council 121: Accountancy Club Honors Day 111 Juorrn ANNE Heres ....... ..... D aneille journalism Radio Kappa Delta Theta Sigma Phi: WILL 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 131 Danville Community College RALEIGH RONALD HI1ILIcIzNs'I'1zIN...Belleville Commerce Banking and Finance Phi Delta Theta Sachem: Intramural Manager 12, 31, Senior Manager 141: Athletic Council 141 LEROY WILLIAM HBILMANN ...... ..FreelwfS Engineering Civil Engineering Mansion Sigma Tau: Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Belleville Junior College 'A 'K WA: WILLIAM FREDERICI-I HEINHORST. .Form City Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Scabbard and Blade: Agriculture Club I-Ioof and Horn Club: Poultry Science Club RICHARD ALBERT H1zINz .......... Carlinville Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Flying Club: I.A.S. Blackburn College MILDRRD l.ouIsR HEISCHMIDT .... Champaign Agriculture Home Economic: The Daily Illini 11, 2, 31: Illini Union Com- mittee 11. 21: W.A.A. Numerals: W.AfA. 141: University Chorus 11, 2, 3, 41: Illini Rural Observer 141: Terrapin 11, 2, 3, 41: Plowboy Prom Committee 111: Home Eco- nomics Club HAROLD REINHART HEISLER ......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Engineering Council 121: A.S.M.E.: Navy Pier Alumni Association: S.A.E. Illinois Institute of Technology: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ASA Louis HRLLRNY ............ Hini, Syria Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.--I.R.E. American University of Beirut, Beirut, Sehanon JOHN WALTER HELPER ............ Princeton Fine and Applied Arts Muric Education Wesmen The Daily Illini 141: Second Regimental Band 11, 21 : University Choir 141 : Oratorio Society 13, 41: WILL 141 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key BARBARA CAROLYN HEMPSTEAD ....... Berwyn Fine and Applied Arts Art Hirtory Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board: Shi-Ai: Torch: Illini Union Board. Director, .Department of Social Events 141: Major Chairman, Fine Arts Illini Union Committee. 12. -31: Illini Union Council 12, 31: Illini Union Committee 11. 21: Star Course Manager 121 : Alumni Association Board 111: Panhellenic Ball Committee 111 Honors Day 131 DORIS ELAINE HENDERSON .......... Chicago Physical Education Phyrical Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Campus Chest 121 : W.A.A. Board 141 : Ma- jor I: W.A.A. Numerals: W.A.A. 11, 2, 3. 41 : University Chorus 12, 31: Physical Edu- cation Maiors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EARL WALLACE HENDERSON, jR...Springncld Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescent: Star Course Manager 121: Campus Chest 11, 21: Interfraternity Council 11, 21: House President 13, 41: A.I.A. 453 Eowano ALLEN HENoIzIcKs ......... Chicago Physical Education Phyrical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon lnterfraternity Counci Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of -the University of 1 13, 41: Navy Pier lllinois ELMEIL CHARLES HENDRICKS ....... Belleville Agriculture General Agriculture Kappa Sigma l Illin Skull and Crescent: Alpha Zeta: Tre 111: Illini Union Committee 12. 315 Star Course Manager C21: Y.M.C.A. Committee . . L. fl, 21: House President 131, Second reu- tenant, Army ROTC: Agriculture Club Honors Day C21 LEY ........ Glen Ellyn Ronmrr STUART HEN Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Tau: A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day C31 Ripon College JOHN WILLIAM HENNEMAN .... Rock lrland Engineering Mechanical Engineering Clark House A.S.A.E.: A.S.M.E. Moline Community College ... .Brookfield DONALD EARL HENNING ..... Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Tau: A.S.C.E. Gustavus Adolphus College: Iowa State College: Kansas University DAVID Gouerxm' I-IEIQEENEE ........ janeruill Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. ' ALVIN PHILLIP HERMAN. . . . . . . . . .. Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Miami MATTHEW MlL'FON HERMAN Liberal Arts and Sciences Chentittry Alpha Epsilon Pi Manager fl, 2, 31 Honors Day C11 HOWARD DAYTON HEEN ............ Urb Engineering Electrical Engineering A I E E --I R E President C41 454 6' Wartburg College: University of Wisconsin .Chicago Wright Junior College: University of Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Eta Sigma: Pierrots: University Theatre 137141 il vit, E fm M ' 1 x . . M sg I wika.. Q ii I is 1: I Nl 'if I 1 "I 1 . DoN LEE HERRINGTON .............. Arcold Liberal Arts and Sciences Entomology Delta Upsilon Y.M.C.A. Committee 111: Interfraterniw Council 01: Captain, Air Force ROTCE Arnold Air Society: Spanish Club: HUM' polcia CIIARLES ALEEIVI' HERRMANN, Jn....Stewrlfd Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Sigma Phi cil fl, 21 Newman Foundation Student Coun CLEVELAND HESTER. .Leomin:ter, MMI- JOHN Physical Education Phyrical Education Psi Upsilon Skull and Crescent: Tomahawk: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad! Varsity Baseball Squad 131. Letter 131: Sec- ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Infantry Club! Physical Education Majors Club: Young Democrats Club HARLAN GENE HETTMANSBERGER .... Danville Education Biology Class President fl, 21 Danville Junior College Lnriov ADOLPH Haven ....... .... C hicago Commerce Management Lunclgren House Men's Residence Halls Association, president 141 : Accountancy Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Tall Illini Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois CLIFFORD COLDURN HEVEELY ...... Wheeling Commerce Industrial Admini.rl1'ation Theta Xi Maior, Army ROTC: Military Council: ' ' - N Tau. Pershing Rifles : Phalanx , Tau u A.S.C.E.: Society for the Advancement of Management: Society of American Military Engineers DALE ALLEN HEvcfI'r'r... ....... .Georgetown Agriculture Agronomy Koinonia lllini Rural Observer C31 : Agricultural Coun- cil C31: Freshman Week Committee 13, 419 Field and Furrow, president 131: Hoof and Horn Club: Poultry Science Club: Rural Life Club Danville Extension of the University of lllinois GnItAI.n Wll.l.lAM HICKEY .... ...Wyoming Commerce Accountancy Beta Theta Pi Star Course Manager Q21 : Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Major, Army ROTC: AC- countancy Club l,AUl'll?NCIi STOCKTON HIGGINS ....... Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Chi Rho Star and Scroll: Gargoyle: Phi Eta Sigma: Picrrots: Major Chairman, lllini Union Fine Arts Committee 131: University Theatre Cast ll. 27 Honors Day fl, 2, 41: University of Illinois Scholarship Key DALE JAMES HILTON .... ....Chicago Commerce Marketing Phi Kappa Tau French Club: Marketing Club HELIIN EDITH HINES .............. Narhoille Education English Busey Hall. Blackburn 'College ......AI?ff0fl0Ii.f SHIRLEY CLAIRE HINNERS.. Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Alpha Gamma Delta Illinois Wfesleyan University Howmto PHILIP HOBSON ......... Greenneld Veterinary Medicine Velerinary Medicine ' llli-Dell Agriculture Club: German Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Student Veterinary Medical As- Sociation ELIzAImTH ANNE I-IoEL .... ..... . Naperville Liberal Arts and Sciences English Delta Gamma lllini Union Committee 141 : Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 15, 41: Terrapin 13, 41: LAS Coun- fil 15, 41: Panhellenic Ball committee cab North Central College CLARENCE LEONARD HOENIG ......... Chemi- Engineering Ceramic Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Engineering Council 11, 21 Monmouth College HERBERT DEAN HOFER ............. Gridley Agriculture General Agriculture Captain, Air Force ROTC: Agriculture Club: Field and Furrow Iowa State College JUDITH MAItoL HOFFMAN ......... Brookfeld Education Elemenlary Education Presby Hall Alpha Chron: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Lambda Delta: lllini Union Committee 111: Uni- versity Theatre Cast 111: Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 11, 21: House President 15, 41: Stu- dent Senate 121 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key XVILLIAM HOYT HOLDEN, Jn ...... Park Ridge Journalism Editorial Kappa Delta Rho Sigma Delta Chi: University Theatre Cast 12, 3, 41: Football Marching Band 11, 21: First Regimental Band 11, 21: Midshipman, NROTC tial' . 'wx L+' 1' gd. ..ff' f ,ik . JOAN PATRICIA HOLIN. .. . . . . . . . . ...Urbana Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta i-Ai: Kappa Delta Pi: Illini Union Com ttee 11, 2, 31: Star Course Manager 121, Sh mi Campus Chest 111: Panhellemc Executive Iuncil 15, 41: Women's Glee Club 111 C1 Concert and Entertainment Board 13, 41 Panhellenic Ball Committee 131 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOHN PI-IILLIP HOLLAND. .. . . ..... Chicago Journalism Advertising Wesley Foundation Student Council 141 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois KAILEN JEANNE HOLMES. .. .. . . ....Peoria Commerce Secretarial Training Alpha Omicron Pi lllini Union Committee 111 : Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 111 DONNA ELIZABETH HOLscHEIt .... ..Rocleford Liberal Arts :Ind Sciences Speech Correction Alpha Chi Omega The lllio 11, 21: Star Course Manager 121: Campus Chest 151: W.A.A. 121 .La Grange RICHARD BURTON HOLT ......... Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Shawnee House lllini Christian Fellowship 15, 41 Wheaton College: Navy Pier Extension of tlIe University of Illinois Howmw JOHN HOLZEI1 .......... Broadview Engineering Civil Engineering Captain, Army ROTC: Tau Nu Tau: A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GEORGE DONALD HoLzMAN.........Srreator Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Flagg House Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Beta Pi: German Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31: Scholarship Key University of Illinois HOWARD EUGENE HoLzMAN.... .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Barton House German Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association Journalism Radio Sigma De versity Theatre Cast 131 HAROLD LEON HOOE .............. Newman Ita Chi: The Daily Illini 131 : Uni- 55 MAX Hooena ............... -.ML Vernon W -3:5 "'f , 'll Physical Education Phy.ficalEd11calion Sigma Chi l 'iqi A Ma-Wan-Da: Skull and Crescent: Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 41: Varsity Basketball Squad ' .ll ' J fiifi' rua' T 5 hulls' lil 1 .3,.,-me '., ,y w li ,Y 'P' at ru' rt," tm A v W 'sry ,ADAM r ' A Sr ,r ,fe Q. +1-a3E'3l3iZfl1' r " F 'f ilfr i -,gr X ri srl, E austin i AS sf' W A Fla . 84, l ., gf it dvr? ti or ' , r 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41: Varsity Baselm Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41 i Aorrrr HOPKINS ....Delaoan El. z . . . . Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi The Illio 121: Home Economics Stephens College PATRICIA Rosa Hoeeen .......... Homewood Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spanirh Chi Omega Phi Beta Kappa: Alp a a , ma Delta Pi: The Illio 111: Student Senate 131: Anthropology Club 131 Honors Day 11, 2, 51: University of Illinois Scholarship Key h L mbda Delta' Sig- Cr-rARLns FREDERICK Howrzu. . .. Rorsmrr EUGENE I-IovDA ..... .... R oekford Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 31 ' University of Miami RONALD EvnRn'r'r HOWARD ........ Abingdon Commerce Accountancy Delta Sigma Phi Accountancy Club Western Illinois State College .Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Ph' Lambda Upsilon ' Football Phi Eta Sigma: i ,. ' - ' t Re imental Marching Band 11, 2, 31, Furs g d 11 2 31' Channing Foundation Stu- Bnn , , , dent Council 13, 41: A.C.S.: German Club - ' ' f Illinois Honors Day 11, '2, 31 . University 0 Scholarship Key JOHN LOGAN HUBBARD, JR.. ....... Minonk Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia Illinois Wesleyan University: Indiana Uni- versity JHAN FLorussn Hunan ............. Hinsdale Physical Education Phyrical Education Busey Hall M 'or Alpha Pi Delta: W.A.A. Board 131: al I: W.A.A. Numerals: W.A.A., president 141 : Student Senate 141 : Terrapin 12, 3, 41 : Physical Education Majors Club Ci-rARr.os MASON Hucrc ...... Oldwieh, N. J Fine and Applied Arts ' Industrial Derign Phi Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee , tre Cast 131: Department of Student an Alumni Relations 131 Cornell University 456 131 ' University Thea- d rr or Er.rzA as-ru ALMA ANN I-Iucrc ...... Beloideft' Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economic: Beta House Home Economics Club Arlen MAH Hu ooceic .............. Chieaga Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spanish Alpha House Sigma Delta Pi: Campus Chest 131: Univer- sity Chorus 13, 41: Oratorio Society 15, 415 lllini Christian Fellowship 121 y . . . . 42 Navy Pier Activities: University Choir Hon . , Navy Pier Extension o 1 llli ' ors Day 11 21 f tle University Of nors Room: EMU. Huoru.rK .... . ......... Bef-WW' Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Fireside Tau Beta Pi: A.I.Ch.E. Morton junior College ,Springfield B RUCE PIERCE HUFFBR ........ .. Liberal Arts and Sciences History Ill'ni Christian Fellow- Alpha Phi Omega: 1 S RICHARD DoNN hip 141: Illini Sportsman's Club Hurran ...... Ear: Sr. Lolfif journalism Adoerfiring Pi Kappa Alpha The Daily Illini 141 L Glider Club Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy EVALYN MARY HUFFMAN ......... Metropolis Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall Tau Beta Sigma: W.A.A. 12, 31: Wesley ' 'dent Foundation Student Council 12, 51. pres: 141 Southern Methodist University JOHN WALTER HUGH .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Lundgren House Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Beta r: Choir 13, 41: Lutheran Foundation Student Council 121: German Club Honors Day 11, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois P' University SUE KAY HUMMHLAND ............ Maywood I Agriculture Q Home Economic: , Delta Gamma Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 31: Panhellenic Ball Committee, chairman 131 . , l ' 9 l MARY Louise Hume:-rRrzYs .......... Chicag l Education Elementary Education Theta Upsilon Wright Junior College 0 GEORGE Enwfmo HUNT .... , .... ....Chicu8" Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Varsity Baseball Squa . Council 121 g Major, Army ROTC: Pershing Rifivs 121: A.1.E.E.-IRE Navy Pier E d 121 ' Engineering xtension of the University of Illinois KEITH ,IANES HUNT ............... Kewnncc Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science ESquire Club ' sit Thea- Mask and Bauble: Pierrots: Unrver y ff! Manager 15. 41: Y.M.C.A. Commiticv 141 : Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ,IOYCR ANN HUNTER ............ Eart Moline I.iberal Arts and Sciences Social Studie: Sherwood Lodge ?'Zomen's Glee Club 131: ra 1 O torio Society Marycrest College Ricmian ALLEN HUNTLEY .......... Berwyn' Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Bastille Illini Union Committee 13, 41 : German Club Morton Junior College Ricmuzn BENSON HUNTOON ..... Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Monmouth College NORMAN DEAN HUPP ............ Brooklie Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Engineering Council 13, 41 : A.I.Ch.E. Lyons Township Junior College HARRIET ELIEANOR HU'rc Agriculture Home Economic: Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicr ri' . GaleJl1l1rg ld HINGS. . . .Mundelein on: Illini Union Committee 121 : Illini Rural Oh IIA Field Day Committee server 13, 41: A - g 121: Plowboy Prom Committee 1313 H Economics Club Honors Day 11, 21 Romana' FAY HUTCHINGS........MdfflHI Commerce Accountancy Delta Sigma Pi Captain, Air Force ROTC: Accountancy PAUL IRviNc HUTCHINSON ...... ...Ch ' Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta. Pi, President 13, 41: Ph ' ' 2 51 Sigma: Illinois Technograph 11, , sistant Editor 131: Freshman Week Co tee 141 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 4 01118 ville Club icago i Eta As- mmit- , "' 'v c 5 N PATSY Physical Education Phyrical Education Busey Hall Shorter Board: Alpha Chron: W,A.A. Board 12. XV.A.A. 11. 2, 3. 41 Hmm Alpha Xi Delta Sigma Delta Pi: Society of Illustrators: Illini Union Committee 13, 41: W.A.A. 11, 2, 3. 41 : House President 13, 41 : Freshman Week Committee 121: Panhellenic Ball Committee 121 Honors Day 111 CHARLES CHURCHILL INGOLD... F Fre shman Varsity Swimming Squad: A.I.A.: Rifle and Pistol Club Joi-iN PAUL INGOLD ...... Wiirnnn RAY Inisn .......... Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club 3, 41: Major I: W.A.A. Numerals: 'MARIE ANN IRVING ....... I.ou HUTSON ............ Woodstock N ARLHNE IMMONEN .......... Chirngo Fine and Applied Arts Art Education : Spanish Club .Great Laker Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design lagg House .Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science St. Benedict's College .Blandinnfille Agriculture Animal Science . . . . . . .Elmhmzrt Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirh Palamar Beloit College FRANCES Izniclcv .... Chicago Journalism Editorial Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Chron: Theta Sigma Illini 11, 2, 3, 41: House President 141 Honors Day 131 Phi: The Daily Bimrmcn Ti-mnnsn JABLONSKI ....... Chicago Education Education of Mentally Handicapped Children Busey Hall Illini Union Committee 131 Northern Illinois State Teachers' College HENRY ERNEST jaci-nec ........... Waaconda Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Beta Alpha Psi: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Ac- countancy Club Honors Day 12, 31 457 JAMES Rounnr JACKSON ........ JA M rs EDWARD JACKSON .... . ...... Mattaon Engineering ki Aeronautical Engineering C: Glider Club, presi- Captain, Air Force ROT ent 121: I.A.S. .Mt. Vernon Commerce Marketing Phi Delta Theta Marketing Club Honors Day 12, 31 Washington University Hr nnranr MORTON JACOBOWITZ Far Rockaway, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Pi Lambda Phi lnterfratcrnity Council 111 : University Chorus 1 J: Hillel Foundation Student Council, president 131 Honors Day 111 CrrAru,o'r'rrz JACOBS ................ Chicago Education Elementary Education DONALD GLENN JACOBS .......... Si. Joreph Agriculture Agricultural Science Al ha Tau Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma: p Alpha: Agriculture Club Honors Day 12, 3 Scholarship Key 1: University of Illinois RANK Gronce JACOBS ...... Chicago F ' 1 ....... Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemirtry Lundgren House University Theatre Cast Orchestra 141 131: University FrrANKr.rN ALLEN JACOBS ..... Si. Lonir, Mo. Commerce Marketing Zeta Beta Tau Illini Union Commr ee , , 121, Major Chairman 131: Tribe of Illini: Intramural Manager 12, 51: Senior Swim- ming Manager 141: Men's Glee Club 131: IM Rec Board 131: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: Marketing Club Tulane University 'tt 12 31 ' Campus Chest Ginn' HUGH JACOBS ...... .... Chicago Commerce Accountancy Alpha Epsilon Pi Interfraternity Council 121: H 131 : Captain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day 11, 2, 3, 41 ouse President NORMAN Josnrfr-r JACOBS ..... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi Basketball Manager 121: University Chorus 121: Marketing Club: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Illinois 458 Navy Pier Extension of the University of 5' fn "W s 'N Ronnrcr' Kama JAMIESON JAMES JANGARATHIS. .Long Island City, Jorm MARTIN JAcus ...... .... Chicdgf Agriculture Dairy Technology Tara Hall Alpha Zeta: Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC: Scabbarcl and Blade: Dairy Tech' n nlogy Society Honors Day 11, 21 Wilson Junior Branch of Chicago City Col' lege Rornsm' DAVID JAFFEE ......,. ..... C hitaga Commerce Accountancy Tau Epsilon Phi lntcrfraternity Council 12, 51: AccountanCY Club Honors Day 121 Niagara Fallr, N. Y- Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Yale University HARRY NOEL JAMISON ........... Springfield Engineering Electrical Engineering Wesmon ld Air S0- Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arno ciety: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 111 N. Y. Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.I.E.E.-I.R.B.: Illuminating Engineering Society Honors Day 111 CHARLES JANKA, Jn. ...-.......... ..Mfl1ti" Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E. Galesburg Division of the University of Il- linois JOHN JANKA .............. .... C ieero Commerce Economic: Granada Club Morton junior College MARIANNE JANKIEWICZ ............ Chicagv Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Chicago Teachers College .Rocherter, N. Y Eucrmryus JANKUS ....... Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bastille Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E. Honors Day 131 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois: Baltic University, Germany GEORGE jon JANsIzIx .............. Raclelwfl Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day ll! Smfmourr JAY .................... Cbicaxff Engineering Engineering Pbyricr Sigma Tau, Engineering Council Q51 3 NavY ' ' ' ' Society Pier Alumni Association. Physics Honors Day Q11 Navy Pier Extension of the University of , . .5 Illinois JAMIzs Jnrrens, Jn.. ............. ..AlaIlov11 Agriculture Vocatiomll Agriclllllire Illini Rural Observer 1235 Plowboy Prom Committee 1215 Hoof and Horn Club: Horticulture Club ...Lamont RICHARD PAUL JEFFERY, Jn.. . . . .. Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.: Illi-Knights AIII.sNn JANETTE JELINBK .... . Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Sherwood Lodge Honors Day C41 Morton junior College EDWARD I-iINsEY JENISON ............. Parir Journalism Publication Management Phi Kappa Sigma ma Delta Sachemg Skull and Crescent: Sig Chi, The Daily Illini fl, 2, 31: Executive ' ' l' Council 1411 News Editor MJ, Journa Ism Midshipman, NROTC Honors Day Q31 . . . . . .Berwyn Jnwer. ALVIN JIINNB ............... Carlyle Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Illi-Dell Alpha Tau Alpha, president 1413 Plowboy Prom Committee C255 Agricultural Educa- tion Clubg Agriculture Club: Field and Furrow- Gamma Delta: Hoot' and Horn ' 2 Club: Ilural Life Club, presrdent ll, J DAVID MARTIN JENNINGS ..,. Commerce Marketing Theta Delta Chi Skull and Crescent, Maior, A Marketing Club Honors Day C37 DoNAI.D EI.MArI .IENSI!N.... .. Engineering . . . .Glen Ellyn ir Force ROTC . Warmru Electrical Engineering ' A. I.E .E.- , Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, I.R.E. B.-IIIBAIIA JEAN Jess N ' ? .... Clinton Agriculture Home Economic: Stratford House House President Q45 2 Baptist F0ur1dati0n Student Council C43 Q Home Economics Club RAYMOND Gnonon JIIIAL .......... Broakneld Commerce llftolinlclnty Delta Sigma Pi Accountancy Club Lyons Township Junior College DOUGLAS FREDERICK JOESTING ..... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlry Rifle and Pistol Club Honors Day 131 Navy Pier Extension Illinois of the University of KENNETH JOHANNSBN ..... Chicago Education Industrial Education Delta Sigma Phi House President 141 3 In us rr ciet Navy Pier Extension I.UDWIG d t 'al Education So- Y ' of the University of Illinois EDWARD WIrsI.I:Y JO!-IANSON Croton Falls, N. Y. Engineering Electrical Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. I.liNA ROMAINII JOHNS ........ .... M acon Agriculture Home Economic: XV.A.A. fl, 25 5 Home Economics Club RICHARD NlI2I.s JOHNS!! Commerce Indurlrial Adminirtration Theta Delta Chi ' S cond Sachemg Basketball Manager 12, 33 , e I.ieutenant, Army ROTC Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Palamar Blackburn College BlERNE'l'TIi CAROL JOHNS Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Sigma p . tion Student Council, president Q3, 41 Albion College N ........ Park Ridge Sherwood Lodge Al ha Iota' Lutheran Student Associa- BARBARA jnAN JOHNSON ........ ....Peona ON. . .... Park Ridge 59 . A ,' " .ge .ov jf.. ra- +5 ...Mr ' fs , -. mx.. ., -Q , 6 5 51' 1, P- e -' .' 1 U Barry JUANITA JOHNSON. . . . . .. .. .. .Mama Agriculture Home Economic: Education 4-H House Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Union Com- mittee C 1. 2. 315 W.A.A. ll. 2. -3. 411 McKinley, Foundation Student Council 131: All-Ag Field Day Committee fl, 21: Home ' 'l i3. 41: Plowboy Prom Economics Counci Committee l2, 51: Home Economics Club, president M1 C1.Alu2NDoN Lmz JOHNSON. . . .. .. ...Peoria Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi House President C41 1 Baseball Manager C313 Senior Baseball Manager 141 5 Athletic Coun- ROTC: Society for the cil 141: Maior, Army Advancement of Management Davin EI.I.SWORTH JOHNSON ........ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Parade Ground Units A.I.A. Wilson Junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois ranite City Earl-IA ANN JOHNSON ......... G Liberal Arts and Sciences Anthropology Delta Zeta Anthropology Club, president Q41 3 Tall Illini Club Wfestern Illinois State College OHNSON .... Elmwood Park FRANK Aucusr J Commerce Management Granada Club Gamma Delta: Navy ter tion: Society for the Advancement of Man- P' Alumni Associa- agement Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Club C21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Frmomucx JOHNSON, Jn. ..--...... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Flagg House A.I.A. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois jAMrzs THOMAS JOHNSON ......... Maywood Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Illini Union Committee C-1 2 Socxe y ican Military Enginecrsg A.S.M.E. 9 ' t of Amer- .Granite City Lois ELLEN JOHNSON ........ Liberal Arts and Sciences X Teacher Training in Englirh Sigma Kappa The Illio C113 Illini Union Committee fl, 2, 31 Q University Chorus 111 Lois IRENE JOHNSON. .............Canton Agriculture Home Economicr Education Busey Hall Phi Upsilon Omicrong Campus Chest fl, 21 g University Chorus 62, 313 All-Ag Field Day Committee Q31 3 Plowboy Prom Committee 12, 31 3 Home Economics Club 460 Milam Louise JOHNSON ....... . ---- chime Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Alpha Kappa Alpha Psi Chi: W.A.A. 111 Honors Day CZ, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the Universifb' of Illinois NORMAN THIZDORE JOHNSON. . . . . . ,Chicaglf Commerce Marketing Y.M.C.A. Committee Q41 : Accountancy Club? French Clubg Marketing Club: Society for thc Advancement of Management Wfright Junior College PAUL ALLEN JOHNSON ...... .... H inrdaif Engineering Civil Engineering Y.W.C.A. Committee 4313 Universitt' Chorus C315 Illini Christian Fellowship 45, 41 North Park College Ronaar Louis JOHNSON. . . . . .. . . .Geneve Commerce Marketing Phi Delta Theta Cheerleader C213 Ordnance Club Romzrrr MARTIN JOHNSON t Kew Garden Hillc, N. Y Engineering Electrical Engineering Minawa Lodge Choir 141: Oratorio Society C3. University 41: Illini Christian Fellowship Q3, 41 Stevens Institute of Technology d RUTH ANN JOHNSON ............. Rochfor Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Lincoln Avenue Residence University Theatre Cast C3, 415 University Theatre Crew C41 Rockford College TOM Fraws JOHNSON ........ ..... C hicage Commerce Management DePaul University DEAN RAYMOND JOHNSOS ......... Elmharrt Journalism Radio Chi Phi Sigma Delta Chig XVILI. QB, 41: First Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC: Scabbard and Blade Ripon College Donorm' Louisa JONES. . ...... . . . . .Benton Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training Theta Upsilon 21: Y.W.C.A. Committee C113 House Pres: dent 141 The Illio C215 Illini Union Committee fl. Eucrzmn VALLIIZ JONES ........... Thawville Agriculture Home Economic: AlPha House House President 141 : Home Economics Club Gunnar Anrnun JONES ......... Spf-ingit-Id Engineering Metallurgical Engineering House President 141: M.I.S. Galesburg Extension of the University of Illinois AC ur1YN Sur Jorvns ...Lincoln .I Q 1. . ...... Fine and Applied Arts Adxfcrliring Derign Alpha Phi Alpha Lambda Delta: Socrey Illini Union Committee 12, 31: University Theatre Manager 12, 111 Honors Day 12, 31 Illinois Wesleyan University 't of Illustrators: 3, 41: Campus Chest endbam, N. I- .IOHN An-ruun Jomzs ...... M Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematic: Dornoch Tomahawk: M.I.A. Executive Council 13. 141: Midshipman, 41: House President NROTC: Armed Forces Council: Navy Coun- cil: Pershing Rifles .lor-rN Tr-rowis Jomzs ...... ...... S pringyield Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Medea Lodge Illini Union Committee 13. 1 Theatre Cast 141 : Men's Glee Club 13. 41 Blackburn College 4 : University .l0Ycrr Cr-u.oEAN Jomzs ....... St. Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Delta Sigma Theta Stowe Teachers' College VALJEAN JONES .......... Education French Alpha Kappa Alpha French Club Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis 121 Honors Day 111 Lonir, Mo. . . . . Chicago Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Donor:-n' JBANNE Joann: ...... ....Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Alpha Kappa Alpha Navy Pier Activities: University Choir 121 . Orchesis 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois James Lucl1.Ln JORDAN ...... .... A urom journalism Aa'11ertiJing Alpha Chi Omega Shorter Board: Torch: Gamma Alpha Chi: llini The Illio 11, 21, Assistant Editor 131: I Ill'ni Union Committee Union Board 141: 1 11, 21 : Panhellenic Executive Council 13, Freshman Week Committee 111: Mark Club' 41 : eting Rouaivr FAST JonoENsl:N. . . . . . ..Be1-wyn Commerce Management Delta Sigma Pi First Regimental Ban mental Band 131: Commerce Council 141, Society for the Advancement of Management ' ' C lle e J. Sterling Morton junior o g d 131: Second Regi- CONNIE Imam! 1uLrussEN.... . .. . .Chicago Agriculture Retailing Lincoln Avenue Residence Home Economies Club Tlmononn Grzoncn JUNG, Jn.. .. .. . .Cbicago Liberal Arts and Sciences G:-ograplsy 1 llliknights Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 141 : Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 41: House President 141: Illi-Knights, president 141 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Louis Kacrrmounas .............. Chicago Physical Education Playrical Education Sigma Pi Tribe of Illini 141: Varsity Wrestling Squad 141, Letter 141 Aura ............... Gridley Commerce Commercial Teaching Presby Hall Alpha Chron Rosl.YN Juana K Dams EUGENE Kzusrzn ............ Cedarville Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematic: Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma: Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 21 : LAS Council 11, 21: Midshipman, NROTC: 'Navy Council: Illini Sportsman's Club Honors Day 11, 21 Grzonors CHAPIN Kmsmx, Jn.. . . .. .. .Delawm Commerce Management Kappa Sigma The Daily Illini 11, 21: Dolphins 11, 21, Midshipman, NROTC Barumrm KALETA .... . .. . ..... . . .. .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Petite Maison W.A.A. 151: House President 131: German Club: Polish Club St. Xavier College EMU. WILLIAM KALLHAUGB .... . . . . .Chicago Physical Education Recreation Alpha Sigma Phi mittee 15 41- Y M C A. Illini Union Com , , . . . Committee 15, 41: Philosophy Discussion Club: Physical Education Majors Club Wright Junior College: DePaul University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Il- linois 461 ................Cbicago GERALD SAUL KANE Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Tau Delta Phi GEORGE KANEOKA ....,. ......Hila, Hawaii, Commerce . Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day QI, 21 . . . .... Chicago ROBERT MURRAY KANNE, .. Journalism Advertising Barton House Spanish Club Wilson Junior College: Roosevelt College: Navy Pier Extension of the University of ll- linois i, C Irina EVELINA Tse-VEN Kuo ..... Sbangha School of journalism and Communications Editorial Lincoln Avenue Residence Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini C51 Q Chi' nese Students Club MacMurray College Ric:-:Ann PAUL KAPTMN ....... ...Elgin Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. ' ' ' 't t'Illinois Elgin Extension of the Universi y o Commerce Commercial Teaching Evans Hall Epsilon Phi Sigma Honors Day ill Navy Pier Extension of the University i Illinois Mivrzico KATAYAMA .... ... . . . .. Education Elementary Education Alpha House Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day fl, 53 Phi Kappa Phig Kappa Delta Pig A Lambda Delta 462 KA-rHEruNE Kunaxourrris ..........Cbicaga nf .Chicago Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Inwm Momus Kfvrz ......... .... C bicugv Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Mu A.S.A.E.: A.S.C.E.: Navy Pier Alumni As- sociation Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PAULINE KALA KAuPEMAN..Cincinnari, Ohio Agriculture Home Economic: lincoln Avenue Residence lpha gs B inmium KAUFMAN ...... . .. .. .. . . .Chicas0 r Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Navy Pier Extension of the Universilll' of illinois I.nLiA joxcrz KAUFMAN.. ........... Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Honors Day 125 Primm DESALES KECK ........... Cbampdign Commerce Marketing Phi Delta Theta I mnastrcs Gymnastics Manager Gi: Senior Gy Manager C431 Athletic Council 145: Millofv - ' b Air Force ROTC, Marketing Clu University of Michigan DIANE RENEE KEEE ................ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residence Hillel Foundation Student Council Q31 5 Navy Pier Alumni Association D fl 23 Honors ay , Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Louis WILBUR Kessnv. .. . .. ..... Chicago Journalism Editorial Delta Tau Delta Ma-Wan-Da: Skul an , Delta Chip The Daily Illini fl, 2, 5. 452 Sports Editor C43 l d Crescent' Sigma Joi-:N Wll.l.lAM KELLEY .... . ...... ..Tolono Agriculture General Agriculture Second Regimental Band ll, 21 ood Muuruma KELLY ................ Bellw Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Lincoln Avenue Residence XVestern Illinois State College: Northwest- ern University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois :ii 5 4 VIERGII. XVILSON KELLEY ............ Decatur Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. . james Millikin University Ronraru' THOMAS KELLY. .,..... Der Plaines Commerce Indurlrial Adminirfrarion l.A.S.g Society for the Advancement of Man agement SIMON PETER KELLY. .. . ....... .. .Chicago Division of Special Services Commercial Teaching Club 311 Wfilson junior College WILLIAM HAROLD KELLY Earthampton, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Tau Omega JEAN ESTHER KENDALL ............ Danville Liberal Artsi and Sciences English McKinley Hall Illinois Wfesleyan University KATHLEEN PHYLISS KENNEDY..PddllFdlJ, Ky. Commerce Marketing Alpha Xi Delta Commerce Council 143 : Christian Science Or- ' Association: Mar- gdnization: Illini Forensic keting Club The Principia: Paducah Junior College JOSEPH CHARLES KENSTON. . . . . . .. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry .Chicago Psi Upsilon Y- .C.A. Committee 11, 23: Campus Chest M I2. 33: Interfraternity Council 11, 2, 33 Gymnastics Manager 123 3 Interfraternity Ba Committee 123: ' ROTC ORvAI. GUY KERCHNER ........... LaMoill Agriculture General Agriculture 907 Club Illini Rural Observer 13, 43: Lutheran S ' ' ' lt Second Lieutenant, Army L, tu- dent Foundation Council 13, 43, Agricu ure Club: Dairy Prod Club Wartbiirg College PAUL Domus KERMIcLE...... .. .. uction Club: Horticulture Dundar Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Wfesmen Phi Eta Sigma: Football Marching Band 11. 2. 3, 43 : First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 43 ' ' ll' ois Honors Day 11, 2, 33: University of I In Scholarship Key RonER'r GENE College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary M ediclne KERN ...... Hutchinron, K1 IMI. S ' t : Student Veterinary Dairy Technology ocxe y Medical Association Southern Illinois University JOHN GRAHAM KBRR .............. Ch Physical Education Phyrical Education Phi Kappa Psi k Sachem: Tribe of Illini: Varsity Bas ifrlgll etball Captain? Varsity Basketball Squad 12, 3, 43, h an Varsity Basketball Letter 12, 3, 43: Fres m Squad Captain: Physical Education Club . Majors CHARL Si 'ma C ass Delta Chi 1 - I, E Kappa Nu president 13. 43 : S tion .tudent ou Council 1l3: A.I.E.E.--l.R.E., president 11 23: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Tall ll- lini Club Honors Day 133 1 A . Navy Pier Extension of the University of ' Illinois GEORGE KERSTER .................. Chicago Eta Kappa Nu: A.l Honors Day 133 Herzl Junior College WII.I.IAM RAYMOND Del CATHERINE MARY I-louse President 143: o istration Club: Spanish Club ES JOHN KERscH. ........... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau: 'ta . . . . . Vice-President .143 : Newman Founda- C ncil 12. 33: Engineering Engineering Electrical Engineering .E.E.-I.R.E.: Synton KETCI-IAM .... Villa Park Law Law ta Phi Alpha: Delta Theta Phi . Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Rosewood S cial Welfare Admin- Northwestern University JAMES RILEY KEYS ................, Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Oratorio Society 123 Olivet College ROBERT LEE KIESLER ...... .... C hicago Law Law Sigma Alpha Mu Sachem: Nu Beta Epsilon: Board of Frater- nity Affairs 133: Interfraternity Council 12, ' ' ' Asso- 33: House President 133 . Junior Bar ciation 143 JOHN CHARI.Es KIEST ............... Oregon Engineering General Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Tau: The Illio 113 : University Chorus 113: Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 43: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC EUGENE LAWRENCE KIKOEN New York, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Tau Epsilon PlIi First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC IXIARLENE JULIE KIMEARIQ ............. Cicero Education Education of the Deaf Chi Omega Mortar Board: Torch: Mask and Baublc: Mu Iota Sigma: The Illio 113 : University Theatre Manager 123 : University Theatre Student Start 133: Panhellcnic Executive Council 13. 43: House President 13, 43: Student Reli- Ill-1l.lS Council 123 Honors Day 133 463 Ib bill, ' ff' -5 M ' ' zfwzfizk, .,,- c .. Z .l W , ,alma .- ' '-4I,1':',:Lg if'QQQlElQfQ:?7 '. ' any Aw is 1 fs 1 V 3 , 1 i 'Q 1 r grg - M it ' ,jig 4, 2,93 ,I X 5' il ,W-fi r is I ,.-6 M4443 ,, , fa, , I Y 'wc Q., N is R 1 ll M J rfffi I ALJ Mi A I of A ,J lst ... Y! f5'Vl1 A lei ,MJ Ml fills, ,iia , lN.f.,,' , L -5 ' x L, CNN Lt., ,r 5? I V Vie! p 5, j1.J,,,l f fo I' I 1 K 'if 1 X" . f, '-.,,f -, , ',w .C .fe fi: . M 'Q' w,.,, 4' iq. g ' ZW: rs. .,,. .at X' 5' yy.. of-gat., is , 5 EV. lf, L ka, ?LJ.,...+f""' X ,ff ,. V3 ,r,,,.f-M .I , , 2:1 ,1 1, 5, 5, 2, it 1' ir x m iff. ef f .,. fr or - ' I I Y i X Sri? y, . ,.,. ,kg . -3 xx 45. li . L. t-'fir' ffrfrtzt- , . 2 m v-rs , 1-gr1.,ff" j Sift " we ls ' b 322:,asf:4f' f 55:31 . lg.: rm 123. let ,Tritt . 15 It 'Vt SK, . si if I ,C ln I E, z is i1 L , ffl ,I S A i '-X 2 Vx 1 , he :I I : .JLQMJ A ,Z 1 1.:s..,,,,: if 1' 'w..4ff .QI 7 M I--.,, mem, LW ..,..1-...,44smWM3Ni L H , I A 315 ,ar . ja 51 ,fl 5 5 ei 4 I. Zeta Beta Tau I mittee Q11: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Scab Cnanrns Mir.r.nri KING ......... ll'fc.rr Salem - Liberal Arts and Sciences Clfemixfry Kappa Delta Rho Football Marching Band fl, 2, 3. 41: First Regimental Band fl, 2, 3, 41: Men's Glee Club f-I1 Srlii-Hire ELizAnn'i'H KINIAK ........ Chimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Tmrlaer Training in Eiiglirh Lincoln Avenue Residence University Chorus Q3, 41: Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 41: Navy Pier Alumni Asso- ciation: Teachers-in-Training Club Navy Pier Activities: University Choir Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Rrczlianv SI-IEIII, KINTHII ............... Lirle Liberal Arts and Sciences Bomny Illi-Knights Major Chairman Stunt Show Illini Union Committee G11 Maior Chairman Mothers' Day Illini Union Committee i313 Y.M.C.A. Committee K3, 41: Campus Chest 141: Sea- bury Foundation Student Council I-11: Illi- Knights Hiuuu' Lmz Kmnv, ja ...... ....... 0 nk Pin-X: Liberal Arts and Sciences 7'z'ncber 7'rfiif1ir1g in Sflzllliib Clark House Sigma Delta Pi: Spanish Club Honors Day fl, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Goa. KIRCHNIZR .....,..... Kfrfmrr Education Ellllfflfillll of Ihr' Duflf Chi Omega Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Ai: Mask and llauhle: Mu Iota Sigma: University Theatre Manager 621: University Theatre Student Stall' 131: Y.XV.C.A. Committee CI1: Cam- pus Chest U1 Rirtnario Kink ........... Terre Himfe, Iml. Liberal Arts and Sciences Poliliml Science Zeta Psi , The Daily Illini 121: Interfraternity Council C3, 41: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Illini Foren- sic Association JOAN YVONNIZ Kurrs ........... Sainte Aflfu-ie Liberal Arts and Sciences 'learbcr TI'rliIli!lg in liflgiirb 'l'heta Phi Alpha Shi-Ai: The Illio QI1: Illini Union Com- mittee 421 : University Theatre 65, 41 g New- man Foundation Student Cnuncil fl, 2, 3, 41 : LAS Council KZ, 31: French Club: Young Democrats Club HUUUFS D111' fl. 3, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key IXIARLIN DALLAS KLHCKNER ...... Pearl Cirg Veterinary Medicine Velerimny Medicine Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Eta Sigma: Student Vet erinary Medical Association University of XVisconsin ltoNAi.n Suiavim Ki.i:1N. ..... Sf. Loiiir, AIU journalism Rmlio and Teleririan A The Daily Illini fl, 21: Illini Union Com 3 bard and Blade I Honors Day Q31 3 464 va, ,ft 'I 'Y . li il v- 1 A l, ll' lu ,Q l 1 ,i I , F r ' 'il Runorvn JOHN Ktsprrscu ........ Cbim80 Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. Navy Pier Extension of the Universitl' of Illinois Dfimusi. XVAYNE KLINIE ,..... ..... D it'L'f'f10!1 Commerce i1IIll'f?Efiilg Marketing Club Blackburn College NANNIE'I"l'Ii JANE Ki.iNKnY ....... Sr. Cbarlfi Education Iilczueutnry lidiicfllioil Kappa Delta Illini Union Committee fl, 2. 31 1 Y.XV.C.A- Committee fl, 2, 31 : Campus Chest fl, 2, 31 Ronnirr Grioneis Ktouna ........... Chimga Engineering lil:-ririml Engineering Granada Club A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Wilson Jr. College: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DoNA1.n BURTON KLUGMAN ......... Cbimgv Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Pi Lambda Phi Psi Chi: XVILI. Q21 : Illini Sportsmutfs Club! Spring Musicale Cast C21 DoNAi.u Frozn KNAACK .......... Woaiirlork I.iberal Arts and Sciences Chcmi.rfry Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC llonors Day 1-I1 lZNo1.a JEAN KNIGHT ............. Rarlaforrf Fine and Applied Arts Nllrit Erlilmtioiz Vanlig Y.XV.C.A. Committee C21 : University Orches- tra 13, 41: University Chorus I-i1 Davin Ricman KNOLLHOITF ....... Belleville Agriculture Animal Science Delta Phi Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Lit' tle International Horse Show Chairman Southern Illinois University IXIAILVIN Isanoiuz KNOPP. ........... Claimgv Liberal Arts and Sciences Matbenmtirr Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Ep- silon Honors Day fl, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key Rr-rouA Lou Koorsl-r ..... .. . . ..... Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Illini Union Committee 131 : University Thea- tre Cast 131 I University Chorus 151 Northwestern University: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois Rrcuimn ALAN Konuum ........... Rochelle Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Sigma Nu M ' Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41 : WILL 15, 41: en s Philosophy Discussion Club: Student junior Chamber of Commerce Honors Day 111 Doucr.As PAUL KOEHLIZR .......... Brllerillv Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Phi Delta Theta Illini Union Committee 12, 5, 41: Star Course Manager 12, 31 : Interfraternity Coun- fil 13, 41: House President 141: Wrestling Manager 121: German Club Harvard University Ricuano MEI.VIN KOHLHAGIIN ..... Rochfarrl Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi Tribe of Illini: Varsity Football Squad 13. 41, Letter 13. 41: Major, Air Force ROTC University of South Carolina . XVILLIAM josruu-r KONEY .... ,.... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Flagg House Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club Navy Pier Extension of the University ol' Illinois Puma Armmr KONNEKER ........ Cai-linrille Engineering Agricultural Engineering Sigma Pi Captain, Air Force ROTC: A.S.A.E. Honors Day 131 FRANK P1-ru.rP KONRAD ...... .... B erwyn journalism Editorial Alpha Chi Rho Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini 13, 41. Executive News Editor Summer Edition 131: Tall Illini Club Morton junior College Arnourriz KONSTANS . . . . . . . . . . .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology 'Cagle Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee 111: Women's Glee Club 111: French Club: Epsilon Phi Sigma Honors Day 11, 31 , rm ........ North Chicago Roulznr Prmzn Kor- Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Tomahawk: Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41: Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 41: University Sinfonietta 11, 2, 3. 41: University Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day 12, 31 i .-,Trl vu 12 ... al W. P Ye r fl!-, i if-i:lfC7"rilA , 9'5" I .. I , I - rv, Roannr MICHAEL KOSCIIILNY. . . . . . . .Decatur Engineering Civil Engineering Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 1l1: Illinois Technograph131 A.S.C.E., president 141: I.T.E. Sigma Tau: Chi Epsilon: Docoruzs ANN KOTSIAKOS .......... Chicago Physical Education Health Education Busey Hall Alpha Sigma Nu: W.A.A. Numeralsc W.A.A. 12, 3, 41: House President 141: Physical Education Majors Club: NROTC Sponsor 131 Honors Day 12, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key MacMurray College JOSEPH PATRICK KOVAL .......... Mt. Olive Law Law Phi Alpha Delta: Junior Bar Association Blackburn College JOAN Kovrrz .......... . . . . ..... Chicago Education Elementary Education Alpha Epsilon Phi Shorter Board: Torch: Shi-Ai: The Daily ' ' ' ' ' Ma'or Chairman Illini 111, The Illio 111, j Club Commons Illini Union Committee 131: Major Chairman Dad's Day Illini Union Committee 141 : Illini Union Council 13, 41 2 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 3, 41: Star Course Manager 521: Campus Chest 11 21 : NVomen's Glee Cub 111: Hillel Foundation Student Council 111 : Panhellenic Ball Com- mittee 111 : French Club Honors Day 11, 21 Er.Mna JOHN KOZORA ........... Homewood Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Thornton junior College Fr,oanNcu MARIAN KRAABHL .... ..... D ecalur Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Kappa Alpha Theta Torch: Shi-Ai: Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Kappa Lambda: Alpha Lambda Delta: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 11, 21: Y.XV.C.A. Committee 131: University Choir 15, 41: School of Music Student Committee 131 . A Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key RAYMOND Pmaumucxc KnAMrza, Ja. ..... Iolivl Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathernatic: Newman Hall joliet junior College Rounar HENRY KRAMP. . . . . .. .. . .. .Chicago riot. Engineering Electrical Engineering Delta Chi Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: House Presi- dent 141: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity ,Swimming Squad: Varsity Swimming Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12, 3, 41: Dolphins 11, 2. 31, president 141: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 21 GAYLn RICHARD KaA1'z.. ..... . ....0neida Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Phi Eta Sigma: Y.M.C.A. Committee 131: b Prom Committee 131' Second Lieu- Plow oy . tenant, Army ROTC: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 11, Scholarship Key 2. 31: University of Illinois 465 FRANK ROBERT KRASNOWSKI ........ Chicago Physical Education Phyrical Education Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Physical Education Majors Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD PHILIP KRAYBILI. .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Hiatory Clark House Rifle and Pistol Club DePauw University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BERNARD EDWARD KRBJCIK .......... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois VIVIAN HANNAIHI KRETSHMER ....... Chicago Physical Education Teacher Training I.incoln Avenue Residence W.A.A. 13, 41: House President 141: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Physical Education Majors Club: University Dance Committee Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DONALD ALLEN KRIES ............ Oak Pork Engineering Agricultural Engineering Shawnee House Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.S.A.E. Joi-IN FRANK KRUPKA ............... Skokie Engineering Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha I Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma: Major, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: Scabbard and Blade: A.S.M.E.: Rifle and Pistol Club, president 141 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key SHARON JAvA1s KRusR .............. Fieldon Liberal Arts and Sciences Language! Lincoln Avenue Residence Spanish Club FREDERICK JOSEPH KRUZIZL ......... Chicago Commerce Ecanamicf Oskee House Campus Chest 141: Military Ball Committee 141: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: Flying Club: Illini Insurance Society Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football Squad 121 : Illinois Technograph 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois THADDIEUS JOHN KUCIA ...., ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Delta Sigma Pi Second Lieutenant Air Force ROTC: Account- LIIICY Club 466 ROBERT EDWARD KUCZYNSKI .... ....0g e I tb? Law Law' Delta Theta Phi: junior Bar Association La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College HERBERT WAYNE KUEHNE ........ Ilinyfvew' Engineering Engineering Phyricr Clark House Sigma Tau: Concert Band 13, 41: Football Marching Band 13, 41 Honors Day 11, 31 Navy Pier Extension of tlIe University of Illinois ERHARD Gnoncrz Kuccc ...........- Chicasff Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Pershing Rifles Wriglit Junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois PAUL ANTON KUI-IN ............... Ch1caE0 Engineering Sanitary Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Engineering Council 12, 31: A.S.C.E.C MU' San Northwestern University MARY ANN KULA .................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Delta Torch: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kapprli Alpha Lambda Delta: Zeta Phi Eta: Illini Union Committee 121: University Theatre Cast 13, 41: Campus Chest 121: Student Senate 13, 41 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Auous-r PRTRR KUNKRI., JR. ...... Granville Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Son's Home Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Educational Club Illinois State Normal University NQRMA JUNE KUNTZ .............. Chicago Education Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Y.W.C.A. Committee 13, 41: McKinley Foundation Student Council 131 Monmouth College XVALTER RICHARD KuR'rI-I .... ..... M inier Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Lambda Star and Scroll, president 131 : Alpha Kappa Psi: The Illio 11, 21: Y.M.C.A. Committee 111: House President 131: Marketing Club: Student junior Chamber of Commerce: Tall Illini Club Honors Day 121 LRR STANFORD KWATNBZ .... .... C hicago Commerce Marketing Sigma Alpha Mu Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Marketing Club AN'roN EDWARD LACHMAN .... .... C hicago Commerce Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SAr.vA'roRn MICHAEL LAGIOIA ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Newman Hall Navy Pier Alumni Association Honors Day 123 ' ' ' E't nsion of Loyola University, Navy Pier xc the University of Illinois ...........lVurren MARGARET ELAINE LAHEY Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirh Lowry Lodge Rosary College .... ....Normal .huns Russnm. LAlnl.n.. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Iingirzeering Alpha Chi Sigma Sigma Tau: Y.M.C.A. Committee 113 : Persh- ing Rifles: A.I.Cl1.E. Hltllors Day 11, 23 DORIS KIRKPATRICK LArN ....... ..... S idney Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alcestis Illini Christian Fellowship 11, 23 JEAN Louisa LAMB .............. .... P arir Physical Education Phyrical Education Busey Hall Alpha Sigma Nu: The Illio 123: Physical Education Majors Club: Tall Illini Club: - Board Major I: XV.A.A. Numerals, W.A.A. 12.3, 43 1 W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 'il Honors Day 123 University of California at Los Angeles RICHARD Er.nrrHIzRros LAMRAxrs......Jalier Physical Education Recreation Alpha Sigma Phi University Theatre Cast 133 : Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 13, 43: Interfraternity Council 143, Marketing Club Joliet Junior College DoNAr.o Lmz LAMORTICBLLA.Cbiidg0 Heigbfr Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Kappa Psi Dolphins 143: Midshipman, NROTC RICHARD HOXVARD LANCIE ............ Genera Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Psi Upsilon Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma president 143: House President 143 A.S.M.E.g S.A.l3.: Young Republicans Club Honors Day 12, 33 Illinois Institute of Technology Gisonor: RALPH LANDER ...... ,... . .Damferr Agriculture Teacher Training in Agriculture l Tau Alpha' McKinley Foundation Stu- Alpia . . . dent Council 12, 3, 43: Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Agricultural Education Club um LANG. .North Bergen, N. j. I.AxvRlzNL:rz jr Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Lundgren House Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.I.Ch.E.: Illini Sportsman's Club: Photography Club XVILLIAM JAMcs LANGAS ............ Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory The Mansion Spanish Club: Epsilon Phi Sigma, president 133 Danville junior College .Chicago Romani' Gnonon LANG!! ....... Commerce Accountancy Four Columns House President 143: Accountancy ciety for the Advancement of Management Wfright junior College Club: So- RoNA1.u FREDERICK LANGn.... .... Kankakee Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Lundgren House Pl' Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Mc-n's rr Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 43: Second Lieutenant. Army ROTC Honors Day 11, 2, Scholarship Key 33: University of Illinois RUTH lEuaANoR LANGIIAM ......... Tamalca Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtafy Cagle Hall RALPH FoRo LANTERMAN .... .... .... E 1 khan Agriculture Farm Management Illinois State Normal University TH LARGE. . . . . . . . . .... Owaneco Agriculture l Home Ecanomicr Education INIARTHA Ru 4-H House Alpha Chron: Phi Upsilon Omicron, presi- dent 13. 43: Major Chairman Coffee Hour Illini Union Committee 133: Illini Un.on Council 133 : Illini Union Committee 11, 23 : W.A.A. 13, 43: Illini Rural Observer 143: All-Ag Field Day Committee 11, 23: Home Economics Council 143 : Plowboy Prom Com- mittee 11, 33 : Home Economics Club CirAru.12s BARRY LARsoN....S'aim joreph, Mo. Commerce Accountancy Kappa Sigma Psi Interfraternity Council 13, Alpha Kappa 3 - 43: Commerce Council 13, 43: Accountancy Club Saint Joseph Junior'College 467 'A 'Q lt Y' l , VE ,,..A .. . 1 ,,,: :V 'iii I.--L. 3 o Jai i ffais, , !r Li,rWw7w,A lii5ii'QlQf,'7"'T', ' A gif meow-1wiyr Zmaf I Y K X 1415: dig' fro 'i+115?,2':f, 2 ' i if il F ITZ WILMBR LARSON. . . . . ...... Princeton R Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Minawa Lodge House President 143: Illini Christian Fellow- ship 13, North ar 43 P k junior College PAUL I.AwRIzNcn LARSON .......... Rockford Agriculture General Agriculture Dairy Production Club Honors Day 133 Rox' VINCENT LARSON ...... .... R ockjorrt Commerce Economic: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC . .Chicago ANITA LASHER ....... ........... Liberal Arts and Sciences Botany Alpha House French Club Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper 113 Honors Day 113 Navy Pier Extension of the University ot' lllinois BARBARA FRADYL LAsoN ............. Chicugo Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirh Lincoln Avenue Residence Honors Day 123 DoNAr.n MARSHALL LASSER ........ G Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Commit ee , , Council 12, 33: House President 143: L Council 12, 53. President 143 JOAN CLAIRE LATH Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Palamar Blackburn College YALE HARVEY LANTER ....... Commerce Baske Roosevelt Col lege ROBERT XVILEY LAVENDER ....... Chrir ' Journalism Adeertiring Alpha Tau Omega S nd Lieutenant, Army ROTC: N eco Defense Transportation Association 468 tllt'.l'blll'g t 11 23' Interfraternity AS EN. ..... Arlington Heights .. .Chicago Marketing , Tau Epsilon Phi tball Manager 123 : Marketing Club toflhw ationul RICHARD Scorr LAwLEss......L1:1v1-enaeritfr Agricu ltu rc Generul Agriculture Moore Hall Vincennes University RICHARD IRVING LAwRnNz ........ . .Chicusff Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Golf Squad 153 XVright junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of lllinois MARJORIE JANE LEACH ........ .... A lured Agriculture Home Iiconomicr Busey Hall XYl.A.A. 15, 43 JOSEPHINE ROWENA I.EAF....DItbIlqllL', Iowa Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Phi Eta: Y.W.C.A. Committee 123 Honors Day 133 University or' Dubuque Illini Union Committee 12, 53 S Fnnoenrcre ALDEN LEAFGRIiN...N6lU Windmr Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-medicim' Delta Phi Star and Scroll: Y.M.C.A. Committee 1239 Military Ball Committee 153: Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC: National Defenie ' ' ' ' Scabbard and Transportation Association, Blade HY.............DfCdfllV MARY COLLIZEN LEA Liberal Arts and Sciences Euglirh Kappa Alpha Theta I lllini Union Committee 113: LAS Councll Cl, 23 Honors Day 11, 33 GERALD LHAVITT .................. Chicugv Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Delta Phi Football Marching Band 123: Second Regi- mental Bancl 11, 231 I.E.S.: Illini SportS' man's Club VIRGINIA JOANN Len ............. Oak Purk Liberal Arts and Sciences Botuny Busey Hall XV.A.A. 13, 43: Orchesis 13, 43 Denison University ELMER EUGENE LIilENlBR'l'S.... ...... Golden Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Moore Hall A.I.Ch.E. Carthage- College THoI-ms NoIuaAN l.IEliRVlG .... ---Cbifffgf' Commerce Marketing Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Swimminl-Z Team 11, 21, Letter 11, 21: VHYSWY Gulf 11. 21, Letter 1l, 21, Captain 131 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PETER LANVRIZNCIE I.InIIfMAN ......... Alrlllornl I.iberaI Arts and Sciences l'I'e-mwlirim' Bastille Honors Day 121 N Depauw University INA JEAN l,I2FS'l'IN ......... ...Chiragv Education lilementary Iiducaliou Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Lambda Deltag Freshman Wleek Com- mittee 141: Navy Pier Alumni Associationg 'Spanish Club Navy Pier Activities: Student Congress 121 'Honors Day 11, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of 'Illinois JHANNIE INIARIIE I.IaraAt1I.'r ..,.. Pullman, ll"iI.flf- I.iberal Arts and Sciences Mnlhi'rnalir.r Alpha Omicron Pi ,Pomona College AVILLIAM Lina LIZIIN .......... Holloway:-illr Liberal Arts and Sciences Cl1I'n1i.rlry Son's Home A-C.S.g A.I.Ch.IE.g Illini Sportsman's Club Sriaxcian EDWARD l.EII'lIEl'1' ...... ..., I H-kin Engineering lflvclrical EfI.ilillL't'l'iI1H Phi Eta Sigma: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.Z Syntoli Honors Day 111 AI.IcI2 l'lEI.I3N LEIMAN. ...... .Cbirago Commerce Mar-krling Lincoln Avenue Residence Hillel Foundation Student Council 151 1 Com- merce Council 13, 41 : Marketing Club: NHVY Pier Alumni Association: Spanish Club Honors Day 11, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University uf Illinois RICIIARII '1'IIoMAs LuIxvI2IcIi ....... Sprirlgfffff Liberal Arts and Sciences I'liJIr11'j' House I'resident 1-113 University Chorus 13. Springfield junior College I.ouIs Enuaan LIIMII ................. Allow Liberal Arts and Sciences P01ifftr1l SI'iL'llI'I' Honors Day 111 M . . ltoiuznr Efuu. LIi0NIlAltD'I' .... ...Chicago "qv .- ""' Journalism y 1' M ' A1111-rlising 1 , o..z,,i L Clark House if X Q Qi M,,,,ms Alpha Delta Sigma: 'l'he Daily Illini 141 92'-,l,f' '-K-4 XVilson junior College 1 , 'i fi ' .. - l J 1 f'-M l v is i ' 1 ANNEX l 3 I i 4, l' Xi 4 I Y I'IIYI,I.Is SHIRLEY LIIRMAN. ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences ,- Plsilorolihy '4 ' Lincoln Avenue Residence it Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper Northwestern Universityg Navy Pier Exten- V: sion of the University of Illinois I l'AlII. Aworuz Lnsciiucx ............ Cbiraga Division of Special Services I, , Cillllllllflfl' i Fireside Wright junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois liaarmaft Flux l.EVIiNSON ...... ...Chicago Education lflemmrary liducalion I.incoln Avenue Residence University Theatre Cast 131: Campus Chest 111 Q Freshman Council 111g French Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension nf tlIe University of lllinois josifi-II IIIvINn LIavI1QuI2 ............ Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Phi Sigma Kappa Y.XV.C.A. Committee Chairman 1213 Inter- fraternity Council 121 3 Freshman Wleek Com- mittee 121 Q Second I.ieutenant, Army ROTC: Spanish Club RONALD Saxlfoao l.lEVliY ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Hiilory Alpha Epsilon Pi 'l'he Daily Illini 1113 Illini Union Commit- tee 11, 215 Campus Chest 121: Interfrater- nity Council 11, 2, 311 Cheerleader 1213 Captain, Air Force ROTC Cfinor, I.IzvI . . .. ............. .. . , .ljliiI.iga Education Elennwlary Iirfrrcalirzrl Lincoln Avenue Residence The Daily Illini 13, 413 Illini Union Com- Il'llflCC 131 S.-mixim Cfutor. LIavIN .......... .... C bicaga Education Iilrmcnlary Education Phi Sigma Sigma Teachers-in-Training Club l.l.UYD SII.vIsIz LIsvINIz.. ..... .... C bicago Commerce Alarkrliug Alpha Delta Sigma: INIarketing Club De Paul Universityg Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 469 ,, ,go Q V 1 .1 I ,1 1 I 1. I- I .fl X' I. 'gf if .1 4, I X I f ff' 'Ks xx, R V' V . 2 WE 1 I lu l 'l 'x l igtfrj ,"1 . fy' if! f"" I ml CX XX 'htXQ'P'iDf X fx NX XXX st xxx! lu ffzii if 711,-1,1 pf r1 ii 2- -of jovcn MAE LEVITON ............... Cbiragn Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryehology E.K.T. Club Torch: House President 141: Fine and Ap- plied Arts Council 143 Drake University MARILYN ANN I.IzvIToN ........... .Chicago Education Elementary Education Laurel House Alpha Lambda Delta: Illini Union Committee 123 Honors Day 111 : University of Illinois Schol- arship Key ARTHUR Luvorr ........... ..... C bimgv Commerce Markefing Tau Epsilon Phi Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transportation Association: Market- ing Club ERNEST FRANKLIN LIzVoN .......... Cbimgff Liberal Arts and Sciences Claemixtry Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Lambda Upsilon Honors Day 123 Wright Junior College RONALD TRESTON Lnvv ......... Mt. Vernon journalism Adifer-tiring Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini 11, 2, 33: Illini Union Committee 111: Military Ball Committee 137: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: Marketing Club GEORGE JACOB Lewis. . .... . .. . . . .Henman Agriculture Agrimlmml Science I Nabor House Tomahawk: Alpha Zeta: Delta Theta Phi: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 147: Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: Agricultural Economics Club: Agricultural Club: junior Bar Association Honors Day 12, 31 ALBERT Josnpn LmANorr .......... Cbicngo Liberal Arts and Sciences Anthropology Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ALLAN EDWARD LIEB ........ Dawnerr Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.C.S.: A.I.Ch.E. North Central College DDD LYLB LIGHTBODY .............. Glfnf Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: M.I.S. Bradley University 470 Grove ard JOHN EDWARD LIGNELL ............ Roclsiofd Commerce Induminl Adminirtmfion Pi Kappa Phi ' d tAssocia- Alpha Kappa Psi: Lutheran Stu en tion Student Council 11, 2, 3, 411 CommCfCe Council 141: Second Lieutenant, Afmy ROTC: Phalanx MARTIN SAUL LINDAIIER .... Brooklyn, N- Y' Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbology Alpha Phi Omega: Psi Chi: nr I chestra 115: Pershing Rifles: Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC Honors Day 12, 35 U 'versity 01" KIIRMIT EUGENE LINDIADRG .......... Chicagf' Fine and Applied Arts Aduerliring Derign Theta Chi lnterfraternity Council 145: A.I.A.: NSVY Pier Alumni Association Wright Junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois JOHN DAVID LINE ............ ...Aledo Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Educatiflfl Club: Agriculture Club Western Illinois State College . . .. .Alton CAROL Lou LINK ............ Agriculture Home Economic: Theta Upsilon Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 3 11, 2, 5, 43: Women's Glee Club 11, 37 J : W.A.A. LYLIQ Eurucn LIPE ......-........ Sllfiflgffld Commerce Marketing Phi Delta Theta Springfield Junior College MARsHAI.L EMANUEL LIPKIN ......... Peorfd Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC BARBARA ANN LIPSCHULTZ .......... Chiragv Education Elementary Ednenlion Lincoln Avenue Residence University of Wisconsin TuoArAs MAXWELL LIPTAK .......... Srreuraf ii Commerce llfnrketing Phi Kappa Cam us Chest 123: House President 1415 P Midshipman, NROTC: Marketing Club 147 Honors Day 123 St. Ambrose College umm-r Lrzr LISTBMAN Ear! Sr. Lani! J 1 ........ Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Kappa Kappa Gamma Campus Chest 13, 43 : Y.W.C.A. Committee nts GJ: W.A.A. tl, 2Jg Young Democr Club University of Arizona . . . .Kieng.m, China Rum'-Wim Liu ........ Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day Q33 FRED FRANK Loci-um ........ .... C liicago Commerce Economicr Theta Kappa Phi Campus Chest 133: House President C431 Accountancy Clubg Finance Clubg Illini In- surance Society Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Ronmu- Wiusua LOCKLIN .... .... U rbana Commerce Managemenl Beta Theta Pi Cadet, Air Force ROTCQ Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Dartmouth College ... .... .Urbana Orro JAMES LOBKLE ...... Engineering Electrical Engineering Fmanrziuc CHRISTIAN Lorsw .......... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirtry Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.C.S. Grouse QUENTIN LOFGRBN ......... Chico Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day C41 Iowa Wesleyan College Gus'rAv Romznr LOFGREN .......... Hin: Engineering Mechanical Engineering Si ma Taug Y.M.C.A. Committee C375 Il 'el Christian Fellowship 13, 413 A.S.M.E. North Park College LANNII urn Lorrz ...Cbi jf - J , ........... . Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaching Training in Englirb Lincoln Avenue Residence Freshman Week Committee C359 Ge Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association Nav Pier Activities: University Choir go dale lini Cclgo l'ITlIll'l Y ' f the University of Navy Pier Extension o illinois VINCENT Prmm LOMONACO ...... Waukegan Commerce Management Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Marketing Club: Spanish Club: Illini Sportsman's Club Crufronn ALLAN LONG ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Mathematic: and Playrical Science Navy Pier Activities: Phi Eta Sigmag Var- sity Gymnastics Squad f2, 31 Honors Day fl, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Tom LONK ................ ..... C hicago Education Biology Herzl junior College . . . .Anna DONALD HUGH Loomis ....... . Agriculture Pomology Alpha Gamma Rho Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Airnnno Lorenz .......... Bogota, Colombia Engineering Civil Engineering University of the Andes EDILBERTO Lorenz .......... Paclao, Colombia Engineering Civil Engineering i A.S.C.E. University of the Andes MAx Lozuc ................. ...Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Barton House Illinois Technograph GJ: A.S.C.E.g Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Rounnr CHARLES Loucx-1. . . . . . ..... Chicago Agriculture Animal Science Exmoor Hall House President fl, 2, 475 All-Ag Field Day Committee Q41 g Plowboy Prom Committee 153: Agriculture Club: Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club x GORDON Lim LOVESTRAND ..... ...... P eoi-ia Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Sigma Tau: House President Q27 g A.S.M.E. Honors Day C11 Bradley University Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigmag 471 i im W. ,:' 1 Sir l 4' ,. if ,QI insa- MH 'il iwfilll A sv ,.... f 91:4 '1 r eff' ' fy if F91 db H. W r tp' I' f I 'ae , fy na.. E, "ilu .s L9-. , Lllraggs. .tacit J i H1 .ffq-r -J' ' if. Aff. if rig! F ,s l up ' L iff I llji 1 44 t JOAN PATRICIA Lowrm .......... .... M oline Agriculture Home Economic: Evans Hall Newman Foundation Student Council 141: Home Economics Club Marycrest College i . .... . . . ........ Waukegan RAYMOND Lowx' Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech WILL 111: Spanish Club: Illini Forensic Association G. .Mount Vernon, N. Y. Room GENE LUDVUI Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transportation Association: Scabbarrl 2 and Blade: Cyclothem Club JOHN Ronenr I.unn'rKs. ..... .. University of Oklahoma . .. .Minonk Commerce Commerce and Low Sigma Chi Campus Chest 151 . . . . .lVinnelk1l JOHN Romana' LUIENSMAN .... Fine and Applied Arts Landrcripe Architecture Forsite 151, Editor 141: Landscape Architec- ture Society Kendall College Pump Rorxrfm' LUHMANN. . . . ... .Chicago .. Education Elementary Education , Parade Ground Units Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Club Honors Day 11, 21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois PAUL Howlmo LUHRSEN .,... .... E lmhm-.rt Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Squad 121, Letter ' ll 151: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC. Pl Chi Eta HBRMAN Emu. Lmcow... ...... .... C hicnsfl Physical Education Ph yticnl Education Captain, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Physi cal Education Majors Club Honors Day 13, 41 MON LUM ............... ---- .... C h img Engineering Electrical Engineering Koinonia A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Chinese Students Club ' ' of the University Navy Pier Extension Illinois 472 Delta Theta Epsilon: Phi Epsilon Kappa. 0 of S. W if GERALD JACK LUNEBURG. .... ....ChicoE0 Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Lou ANN LUPTON ..... .... . . .. . .... Peorid Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Chi Omega I.U.S.A. Spring Musicale Cast De Pauw University ATHA Lu'rcr-:KA ..... Taylofoille Donomv Ac Liberal Arts and Sciences Hospital Dietetic: Evans Hall W.A.A. 131 : University Chorus 111 : Illinois Disciple Honors Day 111 s' Foundation Student Council 141 Roman-r LEONARD Lurz ....... ...Quincy Engineering Civil Engineering Minawa Lodge Tomahawk: Tribe of Illini: Varsity Wrestling Squad 12, 5, 41, Letter 15, 41: Freshman Vrsit Wrestling Squad: Illini Christian 51 Y Fellowship 11, 2. 3. 41: Second Lieutenant. Air Force ROTC: A.S.C.E.: I.T.E. no .......... .. .Neponrff Cmmm ANN LYFo Fine and Applied Arts Muric Education Phi Mu Sigma Alpha Iota: Women's Glee Club 11 21 DONALD JAMES LYNN ........ .,.. A Irtywood Engineering Meclmnicnl Engineering Pi Kappa Phi A.S.M.E. VINCENT JOSEPH LYoNs ........ .... 0 ttowa Division of Special Services Economicr Theta Xi nt: Society for the Advancement of Manageme Young Democrats Club Loyola University RICHARD ALLEN MAsnY..... .... Mt. Vernon Liberal Arts and Sciences Economic: Theta Xi House President 131: Major, Alpha Rho Tau: Phalanx Army norcs Fmso Roscoe MAcDoNAr.p .......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering i S.A.E. Wilson Junior College ELIZABETH ANN MAcIa ........... Belleville Education Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Star Course Manager 12, 31: House Presi- dent 141 Honors Day 11. 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key . ANTHONY VYTAUTAS MACIULIS ..... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Synton Nrlvy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CI-IARI.ns DIPRAS MAcKe .... . . ..... Chicago Commerce Marketing Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JULIA PARKER MACKNIGI-Ir ........ Winnetlea Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Chi Omega Mask and Bauble: The Illio 111: University Theatre Manager 12, 31: University Theatre Student Staff 141: Y.W.C.A. Committee 111: XVomen's Glee Club 111 THoMAs EDWARD MADDIEN .......... Freeporl Engineering General Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: Y-M.C.A. Committee 11, 21: Illinois Tech- fmgrapll 11, 2, 3, 41: Midshipman, NROTC Tslysics Society: Society of General Engineers 1 Honors Day 12, 31 .Chicago ANITA MAGANA .................. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfycbology Lincoln Avenue Residence Honors Day 131 Wilson junior College: Illinois Institute of Technology GAIL AvRuM MAGIIJ ............... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlry Lundgren House Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper 111 University of Geneva: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DWIGHT ATHERTON MAI-IAIPFY .... Monmouth Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Gamma Tau: Engineering Council 13, 41: I.A.S. Honors Day 131 Bucknell University: Cornell University: Monmouth College ANN CLARK MAI-InR .............. Ezfanrion Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Kappa Alpha Theta The Daily Illini 12, 51: Y.W.C.A. Coun- cil 11, 2, 31: Campus Chest 131: WILL 151 NE DIANE MAI-IIN ..... . .Cambridge Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences English IRE Palamar Sigma Alpha Iota: University Orchestra 131 Stephens Junior College PHILIP XVILLIAM MAI-IIN .... Cambridge, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences Economic: Acacia Delta Sigma Rho: Star Course Manager 121 : Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 41: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 141: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 15, 41: Student Senate 131: Illini Forensic Association Lyons Township junior College THOMAS HENRY MAIER ..... Chicago Heigbrr Commerce Accountancy Theta Xi University Theatre Cast 111: M.I.A. Execu- tive Council 111: Men's Glee Club 12, 3. 41 : Oratorio Society 131 : Accountancy Club: Chinese Students Club: Marketing Club: Young Republicans Club ToNI MANCUSO .................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Englirb Evans Hall Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DAvIu EDWARD MANN ............... Aurora Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Lundgren House Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 41: First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 41: I.A.S. XVILMA JEAN MANNING..... ....Lnn1nla Agriculture Home Economic.: Alpha Delta Pi : Y.W.C.A. Committee 131: Omicron Nu Illini Rural Observer 141: McKinley Foun- dation Student Council 141: All-Ag Field Day Committee 131: Plowboy Prom Com- mittee 131: Home Economics Club Cornell College JUNE MAITA MANsuAcI-I...Forl Wayne, Iml. journalism Advertiring Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Alpha Chi: Marketing Club DONALD FREDERICK MANrHm ....... Chicago Education Indiufrial Sigma Chi Campus Chest 141: House President 111: Military! Ball Committee 131: Colonel, Air TC' A'r Force Council: Armed Force O , I Forces Council: Arnold Air Society: Persh- FI Club ing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: ying . president 12, 3, 41: Glider Club: Rifle and Pistol Club DOROTHY Lea MARcI-Irzrrr ....... Springneld Journalism Advertising Sherwood Lodge Gamma Alpha Chi: University Chorus 131 Springfield Junior College 473 JACK MAReoI.Is ................... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Zeta Beta Tau A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Synton Navy Pier Activities: The Brave Navy Pier Extension of the University Illinois of Tomsx' Loursrz MARooLIs .........-- Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French Leinad Manor Alpha Lambda French Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Delta: The Daily Illini C11 1 Lrzw WALTHISR MARKOW. . ..Mt. Prorpcct Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Illinois Technograph Q11 5 Captain, Army ROTC: Tau Nu Tau, president 'K41 5 M.I.S. JANET CI.AIIuz MARSHALL. . . . .. Denver, Colo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Lincoln Avenue Residence Delta Sigma Omicron Colorado A and M College JUIJITH RRH MARSHALL ........ .... J oliet Education Elementary Education Delta Gamma Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1415 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee f51g Women's Glee Club f5, 41 Iowa State Teachers' College DOROTHY JEAN MAR'rIN ...........- Ramon! Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta ' The Illio fl, 21, Assistant Editor C31 : Uni- versity Theatre Manager Q11g W.A.A. Q3 413 Panhcllenic Executive Council C41 FRANK HERBERT MARTIN .... .... R anmul Commerce Finance Alpha Tau Omega Dolphins 121: Military Ball Committee C311 Major, Air Force ROTC: Marketing Club University of Cincinnatig Illinois Wesleyarm University MARY LOUISE MARTIN...... ....... Decatur Commerce Commercial Education Phi Mu Illini Union Committee 4515 Y.W.C.A. Committee 4215 Campus Chest C215 Wom- en's Glee Club 1213 Freshman Wieck Com- mittee K51 MARY LOUISE MAR-rIN....... ....Urbana Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta Torchg Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Lambda Deltag Il ini Union Committee C114 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet fl, 2, 513 Y.W.C.A. Committee 111g Student Religious Council E213 Seaimiiry Foundation Student Council 1. 2, 3. Honors Day fl, 2, 513 University of Illinois Scholarship Key 474 .-fe WIL A LIAM CALVIN MARTIN. .... . .. .La HMP' Agriculture A gricullural Science lpha Gamma Rho I I Council 441' AB' Alpha Zeta: Agricu tura . - - 'dent ricu 141 BARBARA MAaTINec . .. ..... - - - .Jeff lture Club: Field and Furrovt, presl Q Hoof and Horn Club et Commerce Secretarial Training Lincoln Avenue Residence Phi Chi Theta Honors Day C31 Joliet Junior College EDWARD JOHN MARTYNowIcz ..... . .Chicag D Si o Physical Education Ph yfical Education Theta Kappa Phi olphins i213 Captain, Army ROTC: Zeta gma Alpha JACQUELINE ANN MASH .... ..... C hicaS0 Journalism Advertiring Alpha Phi ' a Torch: Gamma Alpha Chig Theta Sxgm Phi: The Illio tl, 21, Assistant Editor 1311 lllini Union Committee C213 W.A.A. ll. 213 Terrapin 12, 5, 41g Christian Science Organization JoI5I'TIa MASON . . , . . . . . ........... Chicagv ,. A A ck 4 Or Liberal Arts and Sciences , Zoology ' Busey Hall College of St. Francisg Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois RoYce WALTON MAsTIzRsoN ........ Chicago Pine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Chi Rho Illini Union Committee C41 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois HOYT ALONZO MATHEWS ......... Elrnharxt Journalism Advertising Sigma Chi The Daily Illini U19 Interfraternity Coun- cil 11, 213 Intramural Manager C2, 515 IM Rec Board C31 3 Captain, Air Force ROTC Honors Day Q11 MARILYN GRACR MATHISON ........ Chicago Commerce Accountancy Lincoln Avenue Residence Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 41: Account- ancy Club North Park College Yuxro MATsUMoTo .............. Chicago Physical Education Phyrical Education Ma-Wan-Dag Phi Epsilon Kappa: Varsity Wrestling Squad f51, Captain 141, Letter 43, 41 Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Wrestling Squad fl, 21, Letter fl, 21 Honors Day Q31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois BERTIL ErNAa MATTSON ............. Leland Agriculture General Agricullure Farm House ' Star and Scroll: Illini Union Director, DC- partment of Recreation: Major .Chairman Homecoming Illini Union Committee 141: Illini Union Council 13, 41: Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 5, 41 : Illini Rural Observer 11. 2, 31: Agriculture Council 131: All- Ag Field Day Committee 131: Plowb0Y Prom Committee 11, 2, 31: Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transportation Association: Agriculture Club: Field and Furrow: Hoof and Horn Club GEORGE Drmrrnorr MA-rzuaEEr ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences lnfernational Afcrirr Flagg House Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois THOMAS ALLEN MAUDLIN ...... Georgetown Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Tara Hall Alpha Zeta: Y.M.C.A. Committee 121 : Illini Rural Observer 11, 21: Agriculture Club: Student Veterinary Medical Association LESLIE EUGENE MAxEnoN ........ ...Gnyr Engineering Agricultural Engineering College Hall Engineering Council 131: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: A.S.A.E., presi- dent 141 Fluznearc KNOWLBS MAXWELL ..... Rockford Division of Special Services Prycbology Flagg House Football Marching Band 11, 21: First Regi- mental Band 11, 21 United States Armed Forces Institute ALLAN DALE MAY ................. Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Science Parade Ground Units House President 141 : Agriculture Club: Hor- ticulture Club Wfright junior College MARILYN Ar.icE MAYER. ..... .... C bicogo Education Elementary Education Indeco University Theatre, Assistant Manager 131 SHARON ROCHELLE MAYHALL ......... Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Spnnirh Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Ai, president 131 : Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Delta Pi: The Daily Illini 11, 21, Advertising Manager 131: .University Theatre 121: Panhellenic Executive Council 12, 5, 41: Student Senate 13, 41: Committee on Student Affairs 141: N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 141: XVILI. 121: Spanish Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key EUGENE EARL MAYNARD ........... Lo Home Liberal Arts and Sciences Economic: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tribe of Illini: Varsity Track Squad 12, 3. -11, Letter 12, 3, 41 : Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Phi Chi Eta 15,5 SARAH MAaGArurr McALL1s'rEn .... Cbumpoign Liberal Arts and Sciences Molbemnlicr Alpha Gamma Delta Y. W. C. A. Committee: Student Religious Council 121: Lutheran Student Foundation 121 KATHIBRINIE McANAaNEY .......... Piltrheld Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology Concordia University of Connecticut Ronmu' Josnmr MCANDREWS ........ Chicago Commerce Accountrincy and Finance Clark House University Chorus 131: Men's Glee Club 131: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Tall Illini Club Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini News- paper: The Brave Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD EUGENE MCCARTHY ......... Dixon Physical Education Pbyricnl Education Sigma Phi Epsilon Star and Scroll: Phi Epsilon Kappa: The Illio 111: Campus Chest 11, 21: Inter- fraternity Council 121: Intramural Manager 121 : Freshman Wieck Committee 131 : Second Lieutenant, Armly ROTC: National Defense Transportation ssociation I-Ionors Day 121 NANCX' JANE MCCARTY .... Arlington Heigbfr Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Delta: Gamma Alpha Chi: XV.A.A. 111: Panhellenic Executive Council 131: University Orchestra 11, 2, 31: Rep- ertory Orchestra 111 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key DONALD EARL McC1.ANAriAN ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Tencber Training in Social Slurlier Medea Lodge Wfright Junior College IVIARJOIKIIZ ANITA McCortMlcK...Cbillicotl1c Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Beta House Mortar Board: Agha Lambda Delta: W.G.S. Executive ouncil 141: Student Senate 141: Coordination Committee 141: Illini Forensic Association: Panhellenic- W.G.S. Coordinating Committee 13, 41 Drury College FnANc:Es MAllIAN MCCOWN ....... Sr. jorepla Commerce Accountancy Phi Chi Theta: First Regimental Band: Ac- countancy Club Honors Day 11, 21: University of Illinois Scholarship Key lloucar NORTON MCCOY --........ Belzfidcre Liberal Arts and Sciences Iiconomicr Men's Glee Club 131 St, Bcnedict's College 475 ' T31 A, A E 'gf Nc-, pr, a jr , ff x.Afc.v. .' A A 1' eff, mf. 'I' A y .1:, .ish . 315,-at 2 A 5 j flijrfgggri 1 1 1 '-gr: .toy , . , . I ,, . , , nh. - f 1 . ,Q ,gbqrggg-if L 1 , 11,5 S R' 1 , 5' ha e 4 Lea' v yr :- T M lt -Q Q g 11 .t 'foie -lin rl I 'r o 1' 5 r ,A 1 x 3 A .g W 1 , ' Z lx it 'T vt BMV ' 3 tx N 1 ' Q xl' M . XE 1 3 i 44:34 fe 4 if Q' 1 A i'i1m'x ' l X rr fig, A I 1 1 Q rs 4 1 ,s :Q 1 ' 1 NI: r -rx ,A . 'I 'li , " 's if Jo A -:N rtfis A ,ifvr v ,fr-jiaq - . We j 1 'tw n 9 'htzaff 1 5: , , if .W ' rr r ri 19' Q 9 mm v wd P' t A ,K V '51 WY: Y inf WW' as 11 fr 7 cf 'Zigi ' 5 it it Q6 i Q 4 E W' A ,rio ,vow io A Ll' 1 . Mo 15 1 Vic, fc . 'S I Vo si Y me 'lf Q , 1 xi I r 'ti r ' fl rr 1 1 , yy tr w : n ? ' f an " , -rl? W,,.y:llr,' 4 E- ..,1,, , e 1 9 7 f ' f N it ' 2:3555 1-3, r A cf ' ".--Q '61 x.,,,s:, .- ut :xt:1,. ei. Q--.,. Q,-.1 I-Xi 'f 325 r ' I fmof, 1. '-iliwplt Aff, My 54.51 ,Q-7. N Mon. , . o,L,, ,, .5-nj n , 3. of or .wr i ,Q l, ' Er . ar. -wyx, ' Uv A Aa f-w?t'f-5:7 ' ft Y' V-li'3,,Q 'L'f"'ff gt, ,, i r. gr., f. .. -1 .. X M -ff 3. ' -'fa--4 ,MVA 11:-ri fi .xiii I, offs lf: f r':5f4g,f'graiX1si , 'sf A K :A I . , . , Lsufff N. I a V--V sl no . I ' .Ll l A, repyl A 'lcecf-rep ,aff L Lg.. f gi' rx' ,., ,ie X-"2 f I gre- W. yu -A bn N3 A' ' r- , ,:.--gr, , , 1 ,QL 'f I 'L f' Mwal 'ti X ,,A,A 5 le X5 : Y u P 1 r waz, Il 1123, r 1 r Si ggi f 1.11 fm ui ROBERT JAMES McCRAcKEN V Oyster Bay, N. Y. Engineering Mechanical Engineering College Hall A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Hofstra College: Long Island University ROBERT KEPLINGER McCRAcKEN..Naperoi1Ie Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Chi Rho Illini Rural Observer, 1213 Captain, Army ROTC: Zeta Sigma Alpha MARY ANN MCCUI1 .......... .... E qualify Agriculture Home Economicr McKinley Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee 13, 41 3 Illini Rural Ob- server 15, 413 All-Ag Field Day Committee 13. 411 Home Economics Club Stephens College JOHN JOSEPH McCuNE ........ Wood Rim Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Delta A.S.M.E. JOSEPH HERRICK MCDlVl'F .... .... C himgo Journalism Radio Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Delta Chi Wlilson Junior College BETTY JEAN MCDOUGALI. ........... Antioch Agriculture Home Economin Q Alpha Phi Major Chairman Social Forum lllini Union Committee 1413 Illini Union Council 141: lllini Union Committee 11, 2, 3, 413 Y.W.C.A. Committee 1313 W.A.A. 13, 41: Terrapin 13, 413 All-Ag Field Day Com- mittee 1113 Plowboy Prom Committee 111: Home Economics Club Honors Day 111 JOHN CROSBY MCEWEN ..... Wichita, Kam-. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Kappa Sigma Gargoyle: Scarabg The Daily Illini 11, 211 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau Honors Day 12, 31 PATRICIA ANNE MCGEE ......... Winnebago Fine and Applied Arts Art Education McKinley Hall Alpha Chron: Society of lllustratorsg Y.W.C.A. Committee 111 3 University Chorus 1113 Oratorio Society 111 Honors Day 11, 2. 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key RoDER'rA JEAN MCGILI. ....... . .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sfmnixla Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Delta Pi Honors Day 11, 2, 3 ' ' Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 476 1 3 University of Illinois ' CLIE'roN NEIL MCINTIRE, JR.......- Rox' EARL MCLAUGHLIN .......... Mockirm -I . Cbirdsf' Commerce Marketing Beta Theta Pi l'lIe lllio 1113 Y.M.C.A. Committee 111 w Liberal Arts and Sciences Entomology Tara Hall Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 411 Football Man' ger 1213 Basketball Manager 12, 3, 4li 121 Intramural Manage' Baseball Manager 3 . . 12 ' ' - Grman , 413 Midshipman, NROTC, C Club 3 Hexapoecia KATHLEEN MARY MCNAMARA ....... ClJim80 Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Phi 'l'he lllio 11, 213 W.A.A. 111 LYNN PIIILLIP McNIcHoLs ......... Claim? Commerce Economicr Ensign, NROTC3 Illini Insurance Society? lntervarsity Christian Fellowship MARY ELIZANOR MCPHAIL. .. . .. .Quincy Agriculture Home Eronomin Lincoln Avenue Residence RICHARD CROSBIE MCQUAID ...... Broadview Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Newman Hall Navy Pier Alumni Associationg Spanish Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois i FLOYD THOMAS MEACHUM ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Kappa Alpha Psi House President 1413 Anthropology Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association Herzl Junior College: Navy Pier Extension ot' the University of Illinois RONALD FRED MEADOWS .... .... S kakie Commerce Marketing Sigma Chi Illini Union Committee 1113 Campus Chest 11, 213 Board of Fraternity Affairs 13, 41: lnterfraternity Council 11, 2, 5, 413 Fresh- man Varsity Baseball Squad: Interfraternity Ball Committee 1313 Marketing Club PAUL EUGENE MECHLING .... .... J oliel Agriculture Agronomy Varsity Wrestling Squad 13, 41, Letter 141: Second I.ieutcnant, Army ROTC, National Defense Transportation Association3 Agri- culture Club3 Field and Furrow3 Hoof and Horn Club EI.IzAnErII ANN MEEK .... . ...... Car-rollmn Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Alpha Phi Sigma Delta Pi: The Illio 11, 21: W.A.A. 131: Spanish Club Honors Day 131 WAYNE ALLAN MEINI-IART ..... ...Bi-aokpela Commerce Marketing and Econonricr Delta Sigma Pi Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce Lyons Township junior College Wi' gl' 'what af of 54551, W I .s IX If 3 S X6 .Q My X , I I sift JEROME MEISTER ...... . . . .. .. . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Cla rk Hou se Commerce Council 1 1 Army ROTC: National Defense Transporta- tion Association: Accountancy Club, president 141: A.I.A.: Navy Pier Alumni Association 4 : Second Lieutenant, Honors Day 12, 31 Navy Pier Extensi Illinois on of the University of MARIE HELEN MELVILLB .............. Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Xi Delta Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mask and Bauble: Illini Union Committee 131: Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12. 3, 41 Honors Day 111 WARRIEN MARTIN MENAKER .... ...Chicago journalism Advertiring Zeta Beta Tau Al h Dlta Sigma: Illini'Union Eoard, p a e I.U.S.A. Director 141: Major Chairman Homecoming Illini Union Committee 151: Il- lini Union Council 13, 41 : Illini Union Com- mittee 11, 2, 5, 41 : Alumni Association Board Director 13, 41: Second Lieutenant. Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta Honors Day 131 EPII MENDRALSKI ....... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Student Engineering Societies Council Navy Pier Extension of the University Illinois MEI.vIN Jos oi CI.AYToN MERRIL, JR..Bentan Harbor, Mich. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering XVestern Michigan College PHILLII' AULDIEN MERRIMAN. . . . . . .Kankakee Commerce Marketing Acacia XVILI. 111: Floriculture Club: Marketing Club: Stuclent Junior Chamber of Commerce VIRGINIA AMANDA MERSIIACH Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta A 111 WAA Board 12 Torch: Y.W.C. . 3 . . . . ' A.A. Num- 3, 41: XV.A.A. 11, 2, 5, 41, W. erals: Majorl Lakewood, Ohio ,t RUTH MARIE ME1'ZLIiR ............. Chicago I.iberal Arts and Sciences Hixtofy Lincoln Avenue Residence XYlomen's Glee Club 151 Wright Junior College ANNA LUESTA MBYIZR ........ ...Tamaica Agriculture Home Econainicr 4-I-I House Alpha Chron: W.A.A. 111: Student Reli gious Council 13, 41: Plowboy Prom Com mittee 121: Home Economics Club CI-IARI.Ias XVILI.IAM MEYER ............ julie! I.iberal Arts and Sciences Economicr Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transportation Association Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key Fiuzo JOHN MEYER ......... .... C hicaga Commerce U Accountancy Newman Hall Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Account- aucy Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RonER'I' '1'oxvNsENo MEYER ,.... Akron, Ohia Engineering General Engineering Kappa Sigma Star Course Manager 121: Illinois Society of General Engineers FRANK XVILLIAM MIEZIIK ........... Chicago Commerce Banking and Finance Sigma Phi Epsilon National Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Defense Transportation Association Bnucn MICARI ............. ..... C hicago journalism Editorial Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini 131 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper 121 Honors Day 12, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois -IIERIIOLD STUART MIcI-IAEI.s ......... Chicago I.iberal Arts and Sciences Prychoiogy Tau Delta Phi Illini Union Committee 121: Interfraternity Council 121 K RQIIER1' RussEI.I. MICKEY .... . . . ...B ' Agriculture Dairy Science Flagg I-louse Illini Rural Observer 111 : Agriculture Club ' ' ' F' ld and Furrow Club: Ritle and Pistol Club X elvidere Dairy Production Club, IC I-loot and I-Iurn Club: Illini Sportsman's 477 II MIEHER ............... Waverly Engineering Engineering Phyricr Roixiznr LII Browery Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilon: House Presi- clent 13, 43: Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: Physics Society Honors Day 11, Scholarship Key 2, 33: University of Illinois Rouiam' LEON MIGA'rz .... . .. . . . . .Chicago Commerce Management Barton House MCA Committee 11 23' House Presi- Y. . . . , , dent 143: Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Praetorians Purdue University: Navy Pier the University of Illinois Extension ol NORMAN BERNARD MlGDAL..........CfJlC1tgf1 Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flagg House A.F.S.: A.S.M.E,: Navy Pier Alumni As- sociation Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JEAN ELIZABETH MIGELY ............ Chicago Education Elementary Eelucalion Gamma Phi Beta Illini Union Committee 123 : Y.W.C.A. Cabi- net 12, 3, 43: Y.W.C.A, Committee 11, 23: Y.W.C.A. Executive Council 143: Panhel- lenic Executive Council 123 : Freshman Week Committee 123: Panhellenic Ball Committee 133 TAKEFUMI MIJI ... . . . . . . .Honahaa, Hawaii Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Romzivr WILLIAM MIKITKA. . . .. .... Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Lundgren House Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 15, 43 Wright Junior College: Na sion of the University of Illinois vy Pier Exten- ATZ, JR..Toledo, Ohio WILLIAM PRTER MILRR Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Star and Scroll: Gargoyle: interfraternity Council 133 : House President 153 : Fine and Applied Arts Council 153: Captain, Army ROTC: Phalanx: Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day 133 DAVID WINSTON MILBY. .. . ...... Har-rirhurg Fine and Applied Arts lrldiutrial Dexign Dornoch Alpha Rho Tau .Arlington Herghtr ILA KEITH MILLER ....... Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirh Pi Beta Phi Y.W.C.A. Committee 133: Terrapin 13, 43 Rollins College 478 LELAND Bisnov MILLER, JR. .... Bloomingfvfl Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.l.Ch.E.9 Alpha Chi Sigma Illinois Wesleyan University MARY Lou MILLER .......... .... R ochford journalism E Aduertiring Alpha Chi Omega D Ita Gam- Torch: Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambda e I , ma Alpha Chi, president 143 :g Theta Sigma Phi: The Illio 113: Illini Union Committee 11, 23 : Star Course Manager 12, 33 :,Sf!Jd?nt Senate 123 : Committee on Student DISCIWIUC 133 : Freshman Council 113 : Freshman Heli Committee 123: Panhellenic Ball Chairman 143 : French Club: Marketing Club I , Honors Day 11, 2, 33: University of IllInoIS Scholarship Key RICHARD EDWARD MILLER ........ South Elsltf Physical Education Recreation Sigma Nu Senior Tennis Manager 12, 332 Cfliffflln- All Force ROTC Ft. Wayne, Ind- Romzm' DAI.lE MIL1.Im ...... Fine and Applied Arts Lanrlrrape Architecture Lundgren House Scarab: Forsite 12. 3, 43: Fine and Applied Arts Council 12, 3, 43: Second Lieutenant, Army RO : . . ' ' f president 133 University of Notre Dame TC Landscape Architecture Socie Y. Romana' EARL MILLER ........ . . . . - . .Aurora Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 2, 33 RUTH CONSTANCE MILLER. . . . . . . ...Chicago Education Elementary Education Theta Upsilon S ate Y.W.C.A. Committee 133: N.S.A. en Subcommittee 133 Carthage College , SIDNEY GRAY MILLER .............. Chicago Physical Education Phyrical Education Teacher Training Ka pa Alpha Psi P Y.M.C.A. 133: Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion: Physical Education Majors Club: Span- ish Club Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Track Team Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois . . .Lombard ALuIaRr DBMING MILLS .... .... Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Vl'l'O PETER MINRRVA ....... ...Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Granada d 23: House President 143 : Varsity Golf Squa 1 153 : Captain, Army ROTC: Phalanx: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 133 Navy Pier Extension o lllinois intramural Manager f the University of DIANA MINTZER .................. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Mluic Education Ivria First Regimental Ban : chestra 141: Repertory Orchestra 141: Uni versity Chorus Q21: Navy Pier Alumni As- d C31 University Or- Sociation Roosevelt College: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES Anarmr MITCHELL ......... La Grange Commerce Accountancy Alpha Tau Omega Campus Chest 141: Varsity Baseball Squatl 121 : Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Lieu- tenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC: Account- Hncy Club ' HELL. . . . . . .Morris JAMIzs MARTIN Mm: Agriculture Animal Science Kappa Delta Rho Illini Union Committee C21 : Y.M.C.A. Com mittee 01: Campus Chest 111: Interirater- nity Council C31 : Illini Rural Observer Q11 ' - Rl Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Alpha 10 Tau: Hoof and Horn Club MAITA MIrrnLMAN ........ .. ...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences 1 Teacher Training in Social Studie: Delta Phi Epsilon f Wisconsin: Navy Pier Exten- University o sion of the University of Illinois Dwreu-r ALVA Momma ...... Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Graham Lodge Sigma Tau: Sigma Gamma Tau: House Presi l l Earl Moline dent 141: Illinois Technograph fl, 21: Cap- tain, Air Force ROTC, I.A.S., president C41 Synton: Tau Beta Pi Honors Day fl, 31 CI-IARI.ns GEORGE Moocuo .......... Gilman Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agricultural Education C Western Illinois State College PATRICIA JOAN MONROE ........... Education Englirh and Speech Alpha Gamma Delta lub : Agriculture Club . Decntn 1' Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta.: Mask- and Bauble: University Theatre Cast 15, 41 : W.A.A. 121: Committee nn Student Affairs IS1 ' Oratorio Society 13. 41 : WILL C36 4131 Canterbury Foundation Stpdent Council. .2, 41: Convocations Committee 123, IllInr.Fo- rensic Association: United Worl Federalistsh: W.O.R.L.D.: Young Republicans Club, pr dent f21 Honors Day Q31 t Illinois Wesleyan University CSI- ARTHUR MONSON..-.DDWHEVI Grove CRAIG Journalism Advertising Chi Phi Alpha Delta Sigma: Major Chairman Illini Union Committee 141: Illini Union Com- mittee C5, 41 : M.I.A. Executive Council cal I Tall Illini Club North Central College WILLIAM RAYMous Mooan. , . .. .... Motto jou mal ism Radio Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini Q11 : Union Committee f11: Campus Chest WILL 41, 41 on Illini 111: Luis ALBERTO MoRAI.Iss C..Bogota, Colombia Engineering Electrical Engineering Ibera-American Association University of the Andes CAYETANO Jose MORELLI..CItfllld, Colombia Engineering Civil Engineering National University: University of the Andes RonnR1' CHANDLER MoRRIs ........ Chrirnran Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Student Veterinary Medical Association Honors Day Q11 Rounnr JULIAN MoRRIs, JR ....... St. Joseph Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry NATALIA KOCHAN MORRISON .... ' ...... Joliet Fine and Applied Arts Muric Education Theta Upsilon Sigma Alpha Iota: Major Chairman, Union Music Hour Illini Union Committee 151: ll- lini Union Council C31: Illini Union Com- mittee fl, 2, 5, 41 : University Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 41 : Women's Glee Club Q21 Tao MORRISON ......... - -. . ......... Cn-le Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Theta Xi ncert B nd C3 41' Football Marching Co a , , Band fl, 2, 3, 41: First Regimental Band 131: Second Regimental Band Q1, 21 : Men's Glee Club 12, 5, 41, president Q41 : Oratorio Society CB, 41: Spanish Club Honors Day U1 WILLIAM JAMES MORRISON ........ Evanrlorz ,Commerce Management Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion: Society for the Advancement of Man- agement Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JANET MARIE MORTHORST .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee C31 : Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee f31: Newman Foundation Student Council C3, 41: Freshman Week Committee C41 Morgan Park junior College SHIRLEY Rosa Moscovrrz .......... Chicago Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Kappa Delta Pi Navy Pier Activities: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pier Illini Newspaper Q11: Student Congress 121 Honors Day fl, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key 479 MOSER ...........,.. Frlirbnfy Education Elententnry Education DOLORES MAE Kappa Delta Y,W,C,A, Committee 13. 41: Campus Chest 131 Illinois Wesleyan University FRANCIS Erwooo MOSETICK ...... Brf1okllr'lrl Law Low Delta Upsilon ' ' ' B. Association Phi Alpha Delta, Junior 1r Northern Illinois State Teachers College OST. . . . . . . .. ..... Alnywoorl Education Comfnerciol Education McKinley Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Chi Theta: W.A.A. 121: Commerce Council 12, 31: MARY SHINN M Spanish Club Honors Day 111 A MOWRY...............U1-bono CARMIIN Liz Fine and Applied Arts Art Society of Illustrators, president 131: The ll- lin Art Editor 131 Honors Day 131 IRNVIN PAUL MUCHMAN. . . .. ,...Claicngo Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi Interfratcrnity Council 11, 21: House Presi- dent 15, 41: Interfraternity Ball Committee 121 : Ordnance Club: Marketing Club OMAS MURLLER ......... Chicago Commerce lllnrketing and Finance Sleepy Hollow . Alpha Kappa Psi: Newman Foundation Stu- dent Council 13. 41 : Marketing Club XVright junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois EUGENE TH RAYMOND ARMIN MUEl.l.ER .... .Elmbnrr Engineering Meclmnicnl Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma Scholarship Key Illinois JOSEPH PA'l'RlCK INIULLIGAN, JR. .... Himdt Commerce Mrznrigenzent Alpha Phi Omega: Newman Foundation S dent Council 141: I ini o ' ' ' Society for the Advancement of Manageme Student junior Chamber of Commerce: You Democrats Club D151.uER'r DIil.AINE MUNDT. . . . . . .Dieter Agriculture General Agriculture Cadet, Air Force ROTC Southern Illinois University 480 House President 141: A.S.M.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Navy Pier Extension of the University of llu tu ll' ' F rensic Association. nt : ng ich i ' X . , l .Wahl DAR1.aNia PEARL MUNTs ........ ....Streat0f Education Elementary Education Sigma Kappa , Illini Union Committee 121 : Young R-'2PUbl" cans Club Illinois Wesleyan University JAMES ARTHUR MURPHY ..... .... F revimf' Commerce Economic: Berkshire U ' ation 1 American Society for Public Administr Young Democrats Club Saint Mary's College JOHN JOSEPH MURPHY .......... Park Ridge Commerce Marketing I Illini Union Committee 11, 21 : Interfratern1!Y Council 11, 2, 3, 41: Freshman Varsity GOV' mittee S 121 : Marketing Club quad 111: Interfraternity Ball Com PHYr.i,rs ANN MURPHY. . . . . . .. ...... Bement Fine and Applied Arts Mnric Education McKinley Hall Mortar Board: Alpha Chron: Mu Phi EP' silon, president 141 1 University Choir 11, 21 v Fine and Applied Arts Council 131 Honors Day 11, 31 RonnR1' Wm.r.1NcToN MURRAY ...... Chicago Commerce Economic! Psi Upsilon House President 141 : Tribe of Illini: Varsis' Gymnastics Squad 11, 21, Letter 121 , FrcS man Varsity Gymnastics Squad: Varsity Track Squad 11, 41: Freshman Varsity Swimming ' 1 Squad: University Chorus 121: Dolphins 1 t 2, 31 DAVID JOHN MYERS .......... .... C nir0 Engineering Engineering Phyric: 2 McKinley Foundation Student Council 1' 31 : Physics Society GHRALD LESSON MYERS ............... Alton Commerce Personnel Management Chi Psi ' e The Illio 11, 21: Illini Union Committc 111 : Tribe of Illini: Senior Wrestling Man' ager: Military Ball Committee 131: Major. Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: Scab' bard and Blade JIZROLD MYERS ........ Orchard Park, N. Y- Commerce Indnrtrinl Adminirtrntion Theta Xi Varsity Baseball Squad 121: y Advancement of Management Societ for thC .. . .l.'luingfI JERROLD STUART NAnoNsAr.... Commerce Marketing Sigma Alpha Mu Rourmr ALLHN NACK.. ...... .... C laimgo Engineering Civil Engineering Triangle A.S.C.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Jenomrz james Naoawmcici ......... Chicago Physical Education Recreation Delta Sigma Phi Varsity Swimming Squad C33 NVright Junior College .Cinimgv Jamizs JOSEPH Naam ..,..... Commerce Markeling Marketing Club: Society for the Advance- ment of Management Wriglit junior College RICHARD RAYMOND NAMY ...... .... D unuille Liberal Arts and Sciences Poliliml Science Kemper Military School: Butler University MARVIN Ross Near. ............ Mulkeymwn Engineering Mining Engineering 308 Club Second Lieutenant, ir or Air Society: Glider Club: M.I.S. A' F ce ROTC: Arnold Ronnnr AARON NEIMAN............CiJft'1Ig0 Engineering General Engineering Barton House Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Praetorians, president C43 Honors Day f23 ' Northwestern University Rouen-r ALLEN Nnjnr.. .. . . . . . . . .... Berwyn Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Star and Scroll: Sigma Tau: Pi Tau Sigma, Illini Union Committee 133: A.F.S.: A.S.M.E. Honors Day 111 Rouen-r KrzNNn1'H NEl.SON ...... Home-wood Commerce Marketing Football Marching Band 143: First Regimen- tal Band QB, 43: Second Regimental Band I 3 3 Thornton Junior College WILLIAM HUGH NEI.SON ...... . ..... Plano ' Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Gamma Delta IM Rec Board C43 : A.S.C.E. XVestern Illinois State Teachers' College Y Manu: Nnmiscmc ........... Rivmide Fine and Applied Arts Adverfiring Derign Lincoln Avenue Residence Brzra' I.Es1'rm I-IIGHUM Ness, Jn. Winiiefiria Bay, Wir. Commerce Murlaeling Sigma Pi Sachem President C331 Skull and Crescent: Ma'or Alpha Kappa Psi: The Illio 123: 1 Chairman Mothers' Day Illini Union Com- mittee f33 3 Illini Union Council Q33 : Illini Union Committee fl, 23 : Board o Fraternity Affairs 13, 43: Interfraternity Council Cl, 2, 3, 43: Freshman Varsity Golf Squad: Mid- shipman. NROTC: Mar eting Club Honors Day U3 Doms CAROLYN Nrrrzrzn .......... Winm-:lm Agriculture Home Economic! Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee fl, , , : President Q43: Fabriola Pre-Nursing Club: Home Economics Club 2 3 43 House Canvi. Mac Nnur-raus .......... Edwnrdrwille Education Elementary Education Palamar A C m- lllini Union Committee C43 : Y.W.C. . o mittee 153: Women's MacMurray College Glee Club 133 l2l.IZAIlIE'l'H ANN Nnwnrznv ...... Jareronvillv Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Presby Hall William Wlooils College: University of Maryland . GrliB'J'bllI'g Lua' Nliwnon .................. Education Elementary Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Galesburg Extension of the University of Illinois NITA Nnwnunc .......... Cbiragn Commerce Secretarial Training Alpha Delta Pi Illini Union Committee GJ Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Downes A Romana' Eowimn Nici-rots ..... .... C bimga Journalism Advertixing Barton House Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini G35 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: French Club Honors Day fl, 23 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES Parnrcic NICHOLSON... .... Wilmeue Commerce Management Navy Pier Alumni Association: Society for the Advancement of Management 4 Navy Pier Illinois Extension of the University of XVALTER THOMAS NICI-IoLsoN ...... Wilmeli WILLIAM EDWARD NICKEL ....... L' Commerce Management av Pier Alumni Association' Society for N. y . , the Advancement of Management Loyola University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois . . . .Skokie Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Triangle Captain, Air Force ROTC: I.A.S. Bethel College JANET ANN NIEBERGALL ........... Fr-eepon Education Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha Monticello College . . . .Smfnnrm JOAN CAROLYN NOBLE ......... Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board: National Collegiate Players, president C41: Zeta Phi Eta: University Theatre Student Staff C31 : University Theatre General Manager C41: Y.W.C.A. Committee C3,1 Q Student Senate C41 : Coordination Com- mittee C41: Women's Glee Club C311 Uni- versity Theatre Board of Control C41 MacMurray College JEAN NoEFsINc,ER .......... ...Chicago Agriculture Home Economic: Vanlig Home Economics Club Wlright junior College Rum JOYCE NORBY ............ Rock Irlfmfl Journalism Radio Lincoln Avenue Residence ' Theta Sigma Phi: Oratorio Society C5, 41 Stephens College joIIN FREDERICK NORDS1'ROM ....... Chicago Commerce Economic: Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Tennis Team Cl, 21. Captain C21 Navy Pier Extension ot' the University of Illinois HARoI,D LEE NoRIfLEII'I'. .... ..... D rx Education Airllhremallca' Centmlm Township junior College RAYMOND MARTIN NORMANN .... ...Chicago Commerce I nun an ce Oregon House Al ha Ka pa Psi: Illini Insurance Society ball Manager C21 nors D1 Cl 21 Illinois 482 P P Navy Pier Activities: Tall Illini C11 : Base- Ho .y , Navy Pier Extension of the University of DoNAI.D WILLIAM NOVAK ..... ...Wmmoflf Commerce Accountancy Cosmopolitan Phi Eta Sigma: Y.M.C.A. Y.M.C.A, Committee C31 Honors Day Cl, 21 Cabinet C335 , ..... Arg0 ANNE NOVOSAD .......... Education Spanixh Lincoln Avenue Residence Torch: Sigma Delta Pi: Il mittee C2, 31 5 Spanish Club lini Union Cflm' IRIS ELAINE NUDELMAN ....... .....Chir11S0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Phi Eta: University Theatre Cast C21 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ... .....SpringFP1d ANNABEI, LINN NYE ..... Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirfory Alpha Delta Pi Lake Forest College MARJORIE LOUISE OATHOUT ..... Cirrna Pdfk Commerce Commercial Teaching Evans Hall Phi Chi Theta: Illini Union Committee C41 .Chamllfligfl PATRICK GEORGE O'BaIRNE ..... Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Midshipman, NROTC MARGUIERITE DONNA OBERro..Spring Valle! Commerce Accountancy Busey Hall Commerce Council C3, 41 : Accountancy Club La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College DENNIS JAMES O'BRIIzN ..... .... C hir-ago Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Club Miami University DANIEL O'CONNBLL ..... .. . ..... Chicago journalism Advertiring Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Delta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: and Bauble: Prerrots, The Il IO C1 2, V . Illini Union Committee C1, 21: University Theatre Manager C2, 5, 41 ' Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee C1, 21 : WILL Cl, 21: Newman Foun- dation Student Council C1, 21: Senior Ball Committee C41: Delta Sigma Omicron: Mar' . mi merce: Young Refnublxcans Club, Editor, Stu dent Senate News etter keting Club: Student lunror Chambenof Co Alpha House AlPl1rl Chron: Mu Phi psi , I41: Star Course Manager 621: Y.XV.C.A. Committee 111: University Sinfonietta fl, 2. 41: University Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 41: Rellertory Orchestra fl, 21: Illini Christian Fellowship M1 H nors Day fl, 2, 51: University Scholar- 'illlp Key Rov TAKIISHI OGASAWARA ....... ...C Extension ot' the Un THOMAS OSIIPH OIHARA ........... Chicag ARTHUR JOHN O'LI2ARv. . . . .. .. 'Il CoNs'rANcn EAN OGAN.....Indinnola, lou i J Fine and Applied Arts ' Music ' E 'lon president hicago I Engineering W Electrical Engineering ' Club Esquire Men's Glee Club 13, 41: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Physics Society , ' P'er Illinois Institute of Technology, Navy I iversity of Illinois 0 J Liberal Arts and Sciences Engliih Lirefaim-e Newman Hall WILL 141 Loyola University .Blue Iilflnd journalism Radio Phi Kappa Alpha Phi Omega: Sigma Delta Chi: Campus Chest U11 XVII-L 13, 41: Captain, Army ROTC: Rilie and Pistol Club: Synton BERNARD GORDON O'LIzARY .... ...Chicago Commerce Economicr Delta Kappa Epsilon Louis EI.DoN OI.IvI2Ro ....... ..... D alzell Commerce Acconnlnncy Newman Hall Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Campus Chest Q21 : Major, Air Force ROTC: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Accountancy Club: Illini Sportsman's Club Honors Day 11, 21 Ia. .. . .......... Chicago ESTHIIR WILMA Ou. Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Busey Hall Omega Beta Pi: Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Navy Pier Activities: University Theatre 111: Debate Team 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois .lAMI2s EDWARD OLSON ....... ..... C hicngo Commerce Manogemenl Pi Kappa Alpha Marketing Club LEONARD ERNEST OLSON... Engineering Civil Engineering Alpha Gamma Rho Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho ' ' E. sident Tau: Agriculture Club, A.S.C. , pre 131: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day fl, 31 .. . . .Rockford RoIIIzR'r ELAIIZR OLSON ....... First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.S. S.A.E. Romana' W7Al.'l'ER Oism Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E. Wright junior College: Navy Pier Exten- Pi sion of the University of Illinois RITA ORGA ....................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Rosewood Si ma Delta Pi' French Club: Spanish Club ALBERT Yooji ORI'rH ..... H S . Wlright junior College l5RIoI'rA I-lIjoI.I: ORvID . .... Paxton Engineering Mechanical Engineering M.E. : 1 N ----..- I..-.Chicago Engineering Alechnnirril Engineering onoluln, Huwaii Liberal Arts and Sciences Piychology Lunclgrcn House University of Hawaii .... Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Chenliflry Roosevelt College: Navy Pier Extension of the University ot' Illinois RICHARD ERNIss'r OsrIoRNIz.Indiam4poli:, Incl. Engineering Mechafiicnl Engineering Sigma Nu Sigma Tau: Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E. Honors Day Q31 Rose Polytechnic Institute l.D OSTRIN .... . ..... Chicago Journalism Advertising Kappa Tau Alpha: Alpha Delta Sigma: Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Honors Day fl, 2. 31: University of Illinois ALVIN DONA Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANCES Oris ..................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Beta House University Theatre Cast 131: Campus Chest 131 : Spanish Club: Young Democrats Club: Epsilon. Phi Sigma Wfright junior College .. . . . . . .Lo.r Angeles, Calif. IYIITSURU Orsujr Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Navy Pier Extension of the University of ll Illinois: Los Angeles City Co ege 483 i f ii ,e , fi' 'I NZ Y. ' if if :ff - ,Eur g-igf1f":,'V??'iiyf:,- ' . ff, , -V '73:'g-of-'-,A :I ,:,i,,, , ff 5, .. ew, :ga ..,1 A' , v iggaifw vk,"liiA:, -' 1, A 2,1 'hi'2i3?if e:s ,z,,g53yA ,Mon , J if xii? 19' U K ic' s if ,gf 'Q lf i ff Vigil A I A' 1- M I rf ,I H 'ff om :iraq ,QS - I "I L- ,iw Thx ' 1, EI 93,1 'bf ,MI J, :A In it ,I - I Nqtzfz-,N , 1 fy i Tale : H, v . if Tu fbi, x j' -Ap., 5 ' ft, 'Mft " -f,":s:71 i , ' , -. - ,,, ,'Li1f it ,a .mx E, ioififgl :All 1' ,f ' , - I i ' " A aff, A Zim, i Yi Z ima! ii, Nam .H-N X, , l x ,rms i":"' ff ' -. , L 3' 'R J.. A , I , rw-rm V I,-,, ,-if -1 emi '. Y if s ,-,I-A gd! ' 'f-NJ , ,fin dwanff. '01 lv I is iff, , Q55 1' .L f- - i.'i:ii,,,:f+f-i .W-v NJ: if or ' 4. .I F5 is "4 ',, ,V W, lc 'swf l, A V5.1 I L, 1 if 7 ,.,,c.a' ' ' 5 of ., N., twig, K: K X 4 , ,,f4:,,M.1 XJ, ' ,, cgi' '. 1, is ., fm,i,i 1 ', ' 'L' lf. A , ,Um Lyn j, 3 ' -,ni--f vfjk. it W ,-,, -f. it-,:f,vo ,. W wwf, .. I Y ,li ,, W -, .. .,,. , , ingyrjam eff - , 11,,:5.5,,I:i'lfIgio -3 K WMQ, , . IWTI., , I . : I ' f-.yi ,f ,, V ,: . ff.""-f7g'y1' I , I . . . Afwvgiiiig ww, ,. 'Q'-93 'I N' fi "ai 13:21 .1 Ui' :ll I I uf if -, it Q I gy,-fi L Q ,, Wg I li li , ii it if -.QM ' ,' , ' ' 25,4 i' I ' , .I V fig. vii? g. "wif: .,,i :I Af ii' ,- .', ,ri , ., I-.1 ',' -' - ' " ' ', -..,f, 'A ' ll: ' i' ,I J f 'qw To fgsju , E !"' ' ' 1.Li,,1..r,.f..' i L , ' - , I . V , I., , N il I if , ' 'I I i lii I l IV ' "V - I 1, , f', Iii- I J I ' , I I , I F ' E i I ,tl I i i !. 1' A .J '1 fi w I I :ini 4' -or , 1 ", .' ,rf in f ' " 1 W,-1 :K -, :ri ,,'r,p ,, . . , , 1 EG 5 .Q 'ic I A-5 , ,I i lgiiiii I i w AQ f. t J I J' KL lc, I, I sii:tlft1::,v:L8f:i ' 'c5"ii.oI??i1ifi"' 1 ca :ir A It it t: .1 Y . ,vjf J . JAMES TEMPLE OVEEAKEE ........ Sprizighcld Liberal Arts and Sciences Iliilory Chi Phi Phi Delta Phi: Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: Spanish Club GxvENuoLYN ELAINE OWEN ....... Wyfmiing Agriculture Home Iicmiomicr XVesley Foundation Student Council 13lC Home Economics Club: Rural Life Club MAIIVIN JASON OXMAN .... Dorclac'rtcr, Aiim. Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirlory Sigma Alpha Mu Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Spanish Club: Young Democrats Club Boston University ALAN JAY IJADOIIR ........... .... C himgff Engineering lileclriml Iingineering Granada Club Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.I3.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 113 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois l,A'lllICIA CAnoi. PALIIICKE ........ lVcmkcgfru Liberal Arts and Sciences A'Ic1tbc'm11!icr McKinley Hall Alpha Chron: XV.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 43: Ter- falfffl 11, 2. 35: German Club Bnucrz liowmno PALMER ...... Downcrr Gi-vcr Commerce Foreign fl'lllI'kl'fiIlH . Cosmopolitan Ma-XVan-Da: Sachem: Tomahawk: Alpha Kappa Psi: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 13, 41: Y.M.C.A. Cabi- net 12, 31: Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 2l: Interfraternrty Council 13, 41: Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC: Marketing Club: Por- tuguese Club Honors Day 12, 31 KENNETH RALPH PALMER. .. . . . .0mu'g,i Law Law Moore Hall Phi Alpha Delta: Junior Bar Association Blackburn College Rounm' ALLAN PALMGREN ....... Hamcrrwnrl Fine and Applied Arts Art Erlcfcaiion Minawa Lodge Men's Glee Club 133: Illini Christian Fel- lowship 13, 'U Wlilson junior College: School of the Art Institute NICHOLAS Cmus PAMEL ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Barton House lrench Club: German Club: junior Bar As- sociltion University of Minnesota ,. , it Y ua ,, , ,,,i 41 . "' ,l lv, ,iw '. f',.,',' , 1 , I -,W i,,,i . I ,TNMG M L' I "2 - W-1,,.6xi' 1 'I ' ' i ., Q ac, '-,Q ' t 1, 'jf.f':x,5,v- ,Q-1' i 43, W ,sr A' 3 oi. 'f'i'l,f- 1. ':3?T?:it5f.xw.jJ'Ziii-fy: 484 'NEW' " vtckixfy--.1 ' ga, - wwf: ' A " 'A,':fir.r-,mrlfffs 'I wk mv iw. 1 F I ' L 'S L I N gi xl .,, c -wr' e,, vu. x E A .Ti ' I 'W 'l'rz'r CHONG PANG jc-rrellml, Brilirh Norlh Bvrm'0 Engineering Er1gim'c'ring Pbyricr Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma! A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Chinese Students Club! Physics Society Honors Day 11, 'll RICHARD jo1rN l'ltRKliIl.l. ........ cifimfmigff Commerce Mclrkeliflg Phi Delta Theta Hanover College ROBERT MARVIN PASIK ...... .... C bicflso Commerce C07lllIl1?l'l'irIl Tcuflcbiiig Lundgren House Honors Day 135 EvErrE1"r RussEL1. PAT'l'liRSON ..... IVim'bcrler Conimerce rllfirvtvlillg Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air S0- ciety: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club JOANN DAWN PA'I"l'ON ....... ..... C l:iicc180 Liberal Arts ancl Sciences Sociology Delta Delta Delta The Daily Illini 127 Navy Pier Extension ot' the University flf Illinois: Webster Junior College SAMUEL Auousrus PEAK ........ lffinchcrter Agriculture Gc'ncral flgricnlllne Acacia Hoot' and Horn Club DoNovAN EUGENE PEAECE .... Ainmn Mm-ri.f Commerce Mcrmlgeimwl Delta Sigma Pi Concert Band 12, Sl L Football Marching Band 11, 2, 31: First Regimental Band 113: Oratorio Society 111 : Commerce Council 143 I Society for the Advancement of Management! Spanish Club: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce FRANKLIN Mummy PEAsE Fmmingh.fm1 Center, Man, Engineering Electrical Engimfcrifig Granada Club A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Illinois Institute of Technology: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMES XVALTER PENN.. .... ....AIorriJ , Commerce Finance Delta Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescent: Interfraternity Council 133 : Alpha Rho Tau RALPH Siowfmo PERERS ...... ..... C biengo Commerce Management Phi Kappa Sigma Y.M.C.A. Committee 121: Campus Chest U12 Interfraternity Council Q31 Z Intramural h Advancement Manager 111: Society for t e of Management BERNADETTE PImoNA .......,.. Spring Valley Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Lowry Lodge Newman Foundation u Rosary College , St dent Council U. 41 Vll'lENNE BnI1NIcIz PIsnIur.....Enri Sf. Lvllir Agriculture Home Economic: Delta Sigma Theta House President IB, 41: Baptist Foundation Student Council 141 : French Club RUDOLPH CARL Pnrnns ...... . . . .Bin Education Malbemnlicr JOHN Ivan Pm'IznsIzN...............Genera Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Honors Day 111 Galesburg Extension of the University Illinois DONALD GAIu1A'rr Pa'rIzI1soN..Mi:.rian, Ka Engineering General Engineering Phi Delta Theta Sachcm: Tribe o , f2 51 Head Cheerleader 441: Colonel, Force ROTC: Phalanx: Social Forum Purdue University f Illini 141- Cheerlea l , l I r , e laiand . of VII. der Air JACOB I.IzoNAI1o PETERSON...Hdmm0flti, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbernirtry Phi Lambda Upsilon Purdue University JAMns Rounnr PETERSON ...... Taleda, Ohio Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau Gamma Sachem: Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: Mask and Bauble: Pierrots: University Thea- tre Manager i313 Interfraternity Council 12, 3, 41: Captain, Army ROTC: A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day Q11 .Chicago RALPH WALDO PIzrIansoN II ....... Physical Education Physical Education Alpha Tau Omega 'l K a' Varsity Track Squad C3, Phi Epsi on app , . 41 : Freshman Varsity Track Squad: I Club Honors Day 111 nfantry RONALD Delta Phi Eta Society Honors Navy Illinois VYTAUTAS PcrnAusKAs ............ Chicago Alpha Rho Chi A.l.A. Willson Junior College JAMES Ronnm' PIz'rzoLo ........... Me Wright Junior College JOHN WILLIAM Prnrrxfna .... ....Cbam1mig Sigma Alpha Epsilon University Theatre I : sociation, president 141: Accountancy Club Honors Day Q31 GENE EARL PHILBRI Alpha Kappa Lambda Sachem: Y.M.C.A. Committee Q41: Basket- ball Manager f2, 3 : . : Second Regimental Band f11: Captain, Air GLENN PETERSON. .......... Skokie Liberal Arts and Sciences Physica Sigma Phi Sigma: Cadet, Army ROTC: Physics Dfw tl. 21 Pier Extension of the University of Fine and Applied Arts Arclaiteelnml Engineering .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry dea Lodge U Commerce Accountancy 11 Illini Forensic As- CK ....... ..... R rlnlanl Com mercc M rlrketing 1 Tennis M1nager f21 rce ROTC: Arnold Air Society: Marketing F0 Club CORLISS EDWIN PHILLADAUM. .Forty Farr, Pa. Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Barton House Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Pierrots: Illini Union Committee fl, 21: University Theatre Manager M1: Uni- versity Theatre Cast fl, 2, 3. 41: Second b C Lieutenant, Army ROTC: French Clu : ,cr- Diwm Lmz PHII.I.IPs. .. .. . . -. Sigma Delta Chi, prcsiten man Club, president C41 1 : University of Illinois Honors Day Cl, 2, 3 Scholarship Key . . . . Urbrlnir Journalism ' Editorial l t 141: The Daily Illini, City Editor 121 Wfcstern Illinois State College: Knox Col- lege Gconnn WILLIAM PHILLIPS. .La Grange Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Economic: Pi Kappa Alpha Sfllflcflf Senate 641: Racial Equality Com- mittee, Y.M.C.A.: Philosophers Club, Y.M.C.A.: Illini Forensic Association, presi- dent C41 University of Cincinnati HOWARD WILLIAM Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Phi Omega: A.I.A. University of Wisconsin 48 PHILIPS.MilWdHk90, Wir. 5 if: tri: V: rf t ' lil fs, ' r my r 2 in , 4 In A is Lfhrrfi it "" r 'B' l' if In Liv' time 7 ml '., , ' Q '-"W" , N , .,,,.. 5 I J 'Y ' all Y' h V' ' .551 aww' i gig E aft M rd' I wir Mrs vii -r ' :f Q agp" l li W 4? .'T"f2L ftii 'i ,,., L. Ag, ' 9 W!" ' 'Jai' Sgr- W is-'j v s, , .,t,,tgIg. -ttf .r me 1-- V. Q i gg, 9, I L' I. ' 4-f i .45 fz., x f . A X - ,cgi .. , W ' ..4 1, lf--2 ,!,-:V--f-ran -:L 1 -fl?5ifIit1,i5I H1525 -' ,vii 'i31,E.'2gg ' 'fir 1, ails sr f:.,.T, AA.. 1. -z. 4 ,, lg 1 of " 1' J i? ' ai' 1, 14? 8, he JE' fi A J as .4152 as " .-,131 - R15 -'E-T". af' za 1',frXy.f, Y , : :uf K - I-Q Q: -. -5.145--,,' ' i - It-' - :gfnf ' i2ii'f'f -N" ff: ' gzijgif: if . ' ' ' , al ' I Rounnr CHILDS PHILLIPS ......... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Alpha Tau Omega RUSSELL GILBERT Pmvps, JR.. . . . . .olayzmful Commerce .flccoufzlancy Lambda Chi Alpha Star and Scroll, president Illini 11, 21: Interfraternity Council 121: 121: The Daily House President 141 SocRA1'Rs CI-IRIsr PHOTOPULOS. ..... Chicago Journalism Radio Sigma Delta Chi: Varsity Baseball Squad 141, Letter 141 : Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Fresh- Varsity Basketball Squad: University m. . . Cliiiir 15, 41 : University Chorus 131 I Men's Glee Club 13, 41: 'WILL 13, 41: Spanish Club: Epsilon Phi Sigma Wlright Junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois 1 EYMARD PIFCHOCKI .. .Chicago lIi'I'IlR I ....... Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Newman Hall Track Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois CHARI.Es DAVID PIERCE ......... jacksonville Fine and Applied Arts Muric Education Concert Band 13, 41: Football Marching Band 12. 3, 41: First Regimental Band 121: Second Regimental Band 111: Repertory Or- chestra 121 Honors Day 131 Y VICTOR PIERCE Middleloiun JIMM . ......... . I.iberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha - Ch t Illini Union Committee 121: Campus es 11, 21 : Junior Bar Association XVILLIAM KENYON PIERCE, JR .... ..... E lgin Agriculture Agricultural Economic! Sigma Nu Skull and Crescent: Cadet, Army ROTC: Zeta Sigma Alpha Commerce Accountancy ment of Management, president 141 Honors Day 121 linois MARY PINKI1R'roN ......... ...... Agriculture Home Econofnicr Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall Home Economics Club Monmouth College 486 LEU WALTER PIETRACK, JR. .... Calumet Cify Accountancy Club: Society for the Advance- Hammond Extension of Purdue University: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Il- .Aiczlo Ross LEE POGGENPOI-IL. . . . . . . .. ..., Haw!! Agriculture General Agricullurc Lookout Manor Ma-Wan-Da: Sachcm: .. . , . Council, 12, 3, 41, president 141: llllfll Rural Observer 111: Agricultural Council 141 : All-Ag Field Day Committee 131 1 Cam- pus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 131: IM Rec Board 121: Plowboy Pl'0m Committee 121: Captain, Air Force ROTC! Agriculture Club: Field and Furrow: Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club M I A Executive Rorsnm' EUGENE POGGI ........ .... 0 IMIUU Education Induflrial Arn Sigma Nu Freshman Varsity Wfrestling Squad: Second Lieutenant, Air cation Society Force ROTC: Industrial Edu- THOMAS LIIROY POKLEN.........--E1'rI71.l'IOIl Physical Education Phyrical Education Browery Infantry Club: Physical Education Majors Club: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC GIaRAI.o LAWRENCE PoI.LAcIc ........ Chicago Commerce Economic: Phi Epsilon Pi Military Ball Committee 131: Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Scabbard and Blade: Accountancy Club: Illini Forensic Association: Marketing Club: Spanish Club Honors Day 11, 21 CI-IEs'rER FRANKLIN POLLEY. . . . . . .Goicondn Commerce Marketing Medea Lodge House President 151: Marketing Club: Span- ish Club ENID MAXINE PoNTIous. . . . . . . . . .Loogoaree Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Concordia NANCY ANN PooL ................. Onawa Physical Education Pbyrical Education Lincoln Avenue Residence XV.A.A.: Physical Education Majors Club NORMAN LEON POOL ........ ..... C arm: Commerce Management Society for the Advancement of Management Southern Illinois University NANCY Popnr. ................... Pearl City Fine and Applied Arts Muric Rosewood Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Chron: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mu Phi Epsilon: Illini Union Board 141: Major Chairman, Illini Union Committee 131: Illini Union Council 151: Illini Union Committee 11, 21 : Illini Theatre Guild Cast 111: XVomen's Glee Club 111 Honors Day 11, 31 DOROTHY MARIE PORTBR .... .. .... Dnnuille Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Phi Eta: Terrapin 13, 41 DePauw University RUTH ANN PORTER ............... Dahlgfftl Education Elementary Education Cagle Hall Illini Union Committee 131: W.A.A. 12. 3. 41 Hnnsrmt. PosT. . . . , .. . . .... Milwaulaee, lYfi.r. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle: Captain, Air Force Honors Day 12, 31 Milwaukee Extensio ROTC: A.I.A. n of the University of Wisconsin DONALD CLIFTON Powrru.. .Sao Paula, Brazil Commerce Marketing Kappa Sigma cl Cres- Ma-Wan-Da, president 141: Skull an . Cent: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Illini Union Boar , president 141: Mayor Chairman Hi h School Circus Illini Union Committee 135: Illini Union Council 131: Illini Union Committee 12, 31: Interfrater- nl? Council 131: Student Senate 141: Co- or ination Committee 141: Second Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau Honors Day 121 Purdue University Jum' Powrzu. ............. .... A ur-ora Journalism Radio Pi Beta Phi ' ' U ' n Committee Sigma Alpha Iota: Illrnr mn 121: W.A.A. 12. 31: University Choir 11. 21 Honors Day 11, 21 University of Wisconsin THOMAS Josneir Powrzas ........... Cbicng Education Elementary Education Minawa Lodge ' S ciet 151 Men's Glee Club 131: Oratorro n y Illini Christian Fellowship 131 North Park junior College 0 ORRIS EAN PRASUHN ...... Carlyle D J ........ Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Leinad ANNETTE Rosa PRBMACK ........... C Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studie: Ivria Honors Day 121 Navy Pier Extension o Illinois t' the University CAROLYN ANN PRESTON ........... Gille Education Elementary Education Busey Hall Xvashington University: Blackburn Col hicago of .rpie lege Eu Phi Mu Alpha-Sin ni-tta 12, 31: University Orchestra 11, 2, 31 e Honnrs Day 11, 2, 31 1 University of Illinois Scholarship Key FRANCES BBNDIZR JAMES CLARK PRrTcH GRNR LEON PRIB Star and Scroll: Star Course Manager 1 , 31: Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41: Football Marching Band 11, 21 Rosie MARIE Pso 701 ST ............ Champaign Fine and Applied Arts MIlJiF Education fonia: University Sinfo- PRIEST ........... Nokomir Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Stratford House Southern Illinois University ARD ........... Frtirhury Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Kappa Lambda 1 2 TA ........ Nerconret. N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Leinad Manor Omega Beta Pi: First Regimental Band 111 I3uxvARo Josrwn PTACEK, JR......La Grange Commerce Accountancy Alpha Tau Omega Skull and Crescent: Interfraternity Council 31 House President 141: Major, Air 12. : Force ROTC: Accountancy Club: Marketing Club 141 Honors Day 111 NANCY Lou Pucsuw ............... Arthur Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology McKinley Hall Star Course Manager 1213 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 111: Young Democrats Club Honors Day 111 JAMES EDWARD PURCELL. . . .. .. .. .Oregon Commerce Marketing Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Omega: Football Manager 12, 31: Marketing Club Northern Illinois State Teachers' College RAYMOND HUGH Puamzir. ..... Tupelo, Min. Commerce Marketing Phi Delta Theta Ma-XVan-Da: Skull and Crescent: Illini Union Committee 111: Tribe ol' Illini: Bas- ' ' k b.ll ketball Manager 11, 2, 31, Senior Bas et 1 Manager 141 : Athletic Council 141 : Captain. Army ROTC: Marketing Club: Y.M.C.A. Committee 111: Major I 141 J ...... Urbana CHARLES EUGENE Iva. .... Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. Bradley University 487 Roiscnr Norrrnrtoe Quinn: Wert Orange, N. J, Engineering Mechanical Engineering Chi Psi ' Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Sigma: Football March- ing Band 1215 First Regimental Band 121 : Cadet, Army ROTC: A.S.M.E. Honors Day 12, 31 Cornell University WlI.LIAM PHIFHR QUINN, ja. .... .... P eoriu Engineering Electricul Engineering Theta Xi Men's Glee Club 141: Oratorio Society 141 : A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Flying Club Bradley University Mimoanar MARY QuIsI-I ............ Sterling Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Cagle Hall Illini Union Committee 131 Mount Saint Clare MILTON RABYNB .......... . ..... Chicuga Commerce Accounting Navy Pier Extension ot' the University of Illinois SANDRA RACINIQ .................. Sycamore Journalism ' Radio Delta Zeta Teachers' College M II.'roN ERWIN RADA NT ...... . .... Lombard Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Mug University Chorus 1313 Illini Christian Fellowship 13. 41 Honors Day 11, 2, 3, 415 University of Il- linois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Rrcmno Louis RAFFIN .... . ....... .Chicago ,4 Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall A.S.C.E. SYLvIA ANN RAINIZY ...... . ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Alpha Kappa Alpha Panhellenic Executive Council 1413 Panhel- lenic Ball Committee 1213 French Club: Spanish Club Huco RAMIIuzz..... ...... Bogota, Colombia Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. sity of Michigan Lake Forest Collegeg Northern Illinois State 3 National University of Colombiag Univer- james CIIAnLns RANSON. .......... Franklin Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Alpha: University Chorus 1115 ' - ' A'r Force Men s Glee Club 13, 41, Captain, I ROTC: Pershing Riflesg Agriculture Educa- tion Club: Agriculture Club: Hoof and HOH1 Club MncMurray College DANIEL B. RAPOPORT ...... Flushing, N. Y- Liberal Arts and Sciences Engiith Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily lllini 11. 21 MI:I.vIN EUGENE RATH ........... Springheld Commerce Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 2, 31 Cruu, RAucHnNsI2IzccIt ...... .... C hicugo Fine Arts Architecture Pi Kappa Alpha Scarabg A.l.A.: Glider Club, president 141 Navy Pier Extension ot' the University of Illinois WIILDEMAIQ RAWICKI .............. Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Pi Tau Sigmag Captain, Army ROTC: Mili- tary Councilg Pershing Ritlesg Polish Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ELIZABETH ANN Rau. ............. Bradford Agriculture Home Economic: Beta House Senior Ball Committee 111 5 Home Economics Club Illinois State Normal University CHARLES ALEXANDER RBDING ...... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Sigma Nu De Pauw University CHaIzI.ns MILTON REDMOND, Jn ..... Danville Division of Special Services Accountancy Alpha Delta Phi CAROLE BONITA Remus ............ Chicago Education Education of the Deaf Evans Hall Kappa Delta Pip Alpha Lambda Delta: Mu Iota Sigma Navy Pier Activities: University Choir Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key r Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WIl.LIAM CHARLES REGISTER, ja.. .Havana Engineering Electrical Engineering Illini Village A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. DIANE Louisa REICH..-.... . .... Chicasff Education Social Science Alpha Phi W.A.A. Board 141: Terrapin 13, 41 University of Chicago RICHARD CHARLES Ram .... ....Mattoon Agriculture Floricultlcrc' "O" House Illini Christian Fellowship 11, 2, 3. 41 City Bible Church Foundation: Floriculture Club : Twin DONALD jAMns Rats ......... .... K ankakee Commerce Marketing Chi Psi Skull and Crescent: Campus Chest 111: ln- tramural Manager 111: WILL 131: Cadet, V Army ROTC: Marketing Club RALPI-I FRANCIS Rrzrsrnorren ........ Chicago Commerce Management Newman Hall Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles: Accountancy Club: Society for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN EDWIN RENTSCHLIZR ......... Chestnut Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Alpha: Business Manager, The Illio 121: Illini Union Committee 15. 41: Committee on Student Discipline 141 : Foot- ball Marching Band 11, 21 : First Regimental Band 11, 21: All-Ag Field Day Committee 131: A ricultural Education Club: Agricul- lr l ' Dair Production Club: Gamma I ure Cui, y Delta: Poultry Science Club: Tall Illin Club KENNETH DAL!! Rnsrmz ............ As Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Alpha Phi Omega: Pi Mu Epsilon: Sigm hlanrl a Gamma Tau: First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: I.A.S. ' h l Parks College of Aeronautical Tec no ogy of St. Louis University WALLACE EDWARD REYNOLDS ........ Losto Agriculture Animal Science Farm House - Star Course Manager 121 : Campus Ch 111: Agricultural Council, president 13 4 All-A Field Day Committee 41, 2, 51.4 Plc nt est 1: W. 8 boy Prom Committee 11, 2, 31 : Agricultural lub A riculture Club president fl S Education C : g , 13, 41 : Hoof and Horn Club: Junior Me Glee Club 111 josam Mummy REZITS ........ . Fine and Applied Arts Music The Curtis Institute of Music . Champaign ELLEN Lucius RI-Ioba. . . .. . . Phi Honors Day 151 Jun Alpha Kappa Lambda Pierrots: University Theatre Manager 121: Interfraternity Council 11. 2, 51 9 Senior Ten- s Manager 141: Football Marching Banrl 121: Second Regimental Band 11, 21 ni LILA Lu RHODBS............. .fu 5- , RY SMITH Rnooes ............ Springheld Alpha Chron: Star Course Manager 121 MARY Louise Rice ............. ....Ui-bona ' d Sciences Zeta Phi Eta: Star Course Manager 121 : Uni- versity Chorus 111 XVILLIAM BROWN RICKS ......... Jacksonville Accountancy Club: Flying Club: Synton . . . . Urhzma Commerce Secretarial Training Chi Theta : Marketing Club Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science . .. .Bethany Education Elementary Education McKinley Hall Liberal Arts an Teacher Training in Speech Alpha Phi Commerce Accountancy Illinois College FRANKLIN XVILLIAM RIDGWAY ...... Rockford Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Star and Scroll: Interfraternity Council 121 : Captain, Air Force ROTC: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade JOANNE JOSEPHINE RIEDEL ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Evans Hall Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinois HAROLD Joi-IN RIIZTVELD. .... .South Holland Commerce Industrial Administration Kappa Delta Rho Board of Fraternity Affairs 13, 41: Interfra- ternity Council 13, 41: Student Senate 13, 41 : Committee on Student Affairs 141 : Cap- tain, Air Force ROTC: A.I.A.: Society for the Advancement of Management: Young Republicans Club . . .Decatur GIEORGANNE RILEY .... . . . . . . . . . Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Chi Omega The Illio 11, 2, 51, Assistant Editor 151: University Theatre Manager 121: Y.W.C.A. Committee 111: American Society for Public Administration 489 3' 41-' ,:- - ' wma 4.1, TF? sc. , .ua ,. gi -. , I--.ja Q, ,bt cor- fir 1 ral... Q, F 4 hair: 'l 'I 'li i a as 4, Q? Q 'T ,Q 3 'F' K L s Q' A xl 'fix M v .. M 4 i t Y is X 1:-5 ir' 351,313 R' ..- - - 1 ,rays 1 kv.,I V 1 I ' if-X . K , mists, , vm GEORGE XVILLIAM RILIzY, JR. San Antonio, Toxin Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Second Lieutenant, rmy Tau: A.I.A. Ripon College A ROTC: Tau Nu VIILMA MARIE RILEY ............ GI-iggruille Agriculture Home Economic: Education McKinley Hall Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Chron: Phi Up- silon Omicron: Illini Union Board Q43 : Cam- pus Chest Q13 : NV.G.S. Executive Council Q43 : XVesley Foundation Student Council Q33 : All-Ag Field Day Committee: Home Eco- nomics Council Q2, 33 : Home Economics Club Honors Day Q13 VIzRA RIMNAC .................... Chicago Physical Education Phyrical Education Evans Hall W.A.A. Q1, 2, 3, 43: Physical Education Majors Club: XVomen's Athletic Association, Treasurer Q23 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 4 .Chicago IANVRIINCII RIPI2s ................. Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Sigma Delta Illini Union Committee Q1. 2, 33: Campus Chest Q2, 53: Basketball Manager Q2, 53: LAS Council Q2. 33 CLYDE EI.LIo1"I' RoIIIsINs .............. Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Delta Tau Delta Interfraternity Council Q53 Iowa State College JOANN Ronnnrs ........ .... ..... . I 'lic-lrin Education Elcnzentory Education McKinley Hall , Phi Chi Theta: Illini Union Committee Q-I3 1 Y.W.C.A. Committee Q1, 2, 3, 43: House President Q43 GI.nNN ARTHUR ROBINS ..... Mount Sterling Commerce Induitriftl Management Y.M.C.A. Committee Q1, 53 S University Chorus Q13 : Captain, Air Force ROTC: Mar- keting Club: Society for the Advancement of Management CLARICE CARLSON ROBINSON ....... Rockford Education Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi Honors Day Q33 Rockford College Gizoncn BLAKE ROBINSON .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Navy Pier Alumni Association Illinois 490 Navy Pier Extension of the University of PATRICIA Ross ROBINSON. . . .. . .Alluntn, GW' Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Delta Gamma Shorter Board, presi en : Illini Union Committee Q1, 2, 5. 43, Y.XV.C.A. Committee Q13: W.A.A. Q1. Z- 3, 43: Panhellenic Executive Council Q2, 33 : House President Q43 : Student Senate Q23 : Class Secretary-Treasurer Q23 : Freshman Council: Alumni Association Board Q53 Honors Day Q13 'd tlQ43 Torch: Shi-Ai? l3'fORTON RocIHIIvIAN ............... Chicaga Commerce Commerce and Law Y.M.C.A. Committee Q13: Junior Bar AS' sociation: Society for the Advancement of Management SIIIRLIZY JOAN RODINIE ....... ..... C lsicagn Education lflunientriry Iiducnliou Presby Hall Tle Shorter Board: Torch: Alpha Chron: 1 Illio Q1, 2, 53: Illini Union Committee Q235 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Q53 3 Y.W.C.A. Com' mittee Ql, 2, 33 3 XV.A.A. Q2, 5, 43 MARTHA ANN Ron .............. Fairmount Journalism Adrertiting Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Chi: Theta Sigma Phi: Illini ' ' ' U ' e sit Thea- Union Committee QI, 43, niv r y . tre Cast Q1, 2, 3, 43: Y.W.C.A. Committee Q1, 2, 5, 43: W.A.A. Q3, 431 House PICQI' dent Q43 : Womcn's Glee Club Q13 : Oratorio Society Q2, 33: Terrapin Q3, 43 : Home Economics Club SuzANNn Ron ...................... Sffgff Physical Education Dance Alpha Phi Torch: W,A.A. Q2, 3, 43: Women's Glee Club Q13: Orchesis Q1. 2. 3,43 KAIIAI-I Luiz ROIIDIIR ....... ........ R ocbellf Education Elementary Education Phi Mu University Theatre Manager Q33: University Theatre Crew QI, 2, 53 : Campus Chest QI3 S Freshman Council Q13 CHARLES HART Rooms ............ Coal City Engineering Agricultural Engineering Zeta Psi Alpha Zeta: Concert Band Q1, 2, 3, 4, 53: Football Marching Band Ql, 2, 5. 43: Uni- versity Orchestra Q2, 5, ' Council Q4, 53: A.S.A.E. Honors Day Q2, 33 43 : Engineering HARRY GARDNER Roonns. . . . . . . . . . . .Mokenu Engineering Mechanical Engineering Navy Pier Activities: Engineering Council Q1 23' A.S.ME Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Agriculture Home Economic: Education Alpha Delta Pi Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Union Com mittee Q53: Illini Rural Observer Q3, 43 ' ' 1 b Bradley University IXIARY ANN Rooms ............. Yam City All-Ag Field Day Committee Q43, Pow oy Prom Committee Q23 : Home Economics Club MAYNAKD LEE Roomts. ..........L1lI16J1'lllL' - Agriculture I General Agriculture X Theta Xi Tomahawk: Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 35: Interfraternity Council 12, 3. 453 Second W T Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho au, Military Council: Pha Hoof and Horn Club lanx: Agriculture Club: 1 NORMAN LEE RoHLrrNo..., ....... ..S'o-valor 1 Division of Special Services Marketing Marketing Club Bradley University Ronmtr ERNST ROHLFING .... . . .... Red Burl W Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studier Captain, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta Honors Day 135 l l ALBERT -LIZAMAN ROLAND .... .... R acklonl i Commerce i Marketing Delta Upsilon Infantry Club: Marketing Club Northern Illinois State Teachers' College .Champaign Ronenr EARL Roman ........... Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Deniirtry Delta Chi The Illio 115 : Military Ball Committee 125 : Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade THOMAS CHAPIN Rosa .......... White Hall Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Chi Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Phi Eta Sigma: Ma- lor. Chairman, Illini Union Committee 125: Illini Union Committee 11, 25: Student Sen- ate 1l, 2, 35. President 145: Committee on Student Affairs 13, 45: Coordination Com- mittee, chairman 135: Class Vice-President 125: Freshman Council: Convocations Com- mittee 13, 45: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Honors Day 115 BURTON REunEN ROSENBERG ........ Cbicagn Commerce Accountancy Sigma Alpha Mu Commerce Council 125 JANrcE ROSENBERG. . . . . . . . . . . .Clinton, Iowa Commerce Marketing Alpha Gamma Delta Major Chairman Oflice Management Illini Union Committee 135: Illini Union Com- mittee 12, 35: Marketing Club , Honors Day 135 Mount Saint Clare Junior College Louise JOYCE ROSBNGARD ........... Chicago Education Elementary Education lndeco Alpha Lambda Delta: House President 13, 45 Honors Day 11, 2, 35: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ARNOLD ROSENTHAL ....... . . . . . . . .Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Adzfertiring Design Tau Epsilon Phi l l Delta Sigma' Football Marching Band A pm . . . 125: First Regimental Band 115: Second Regimental Band 125 .. ....Crlrml MARY ALICE Rosen ......... Journalism Radio Stratford House Theta Sigma Phi: WILL 145 Honors Day 12, 35 THEODORE STANLEY Ross ........ Carbondale Commerce Mm-keling Tau Delta Phi 15 Interfraternity Illini Union Committee 1 : Council 125 : University Chorus 115 : Military Ball Committee 1355 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transporta- tion Association: Marketing Club WALTER EUGENE Ross. ....... ...Farmington Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band 145: Football Marching Band 12, 3, 45: Univer- sity Orchestra 13, 45: University Choir 11, 25: Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 35: Madrigal Chorus 135: Oratorio Society 135 BERNARD HENRY Rosr ....... ..... C bicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Tau Campus Chest 135 : Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini: The Brave Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Accountancy Club l.IiON MAruoN RoszYK .............. Cicero Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu Illinois Institute of Technology EDWARD MICHAEL Rourvns ......... Erfamfon Commerce Banking and Finance Parade Ground Units Finance Club 13, 45 North Park Junior College . .Westville DAvro CLARE Rouse ............ Division of Special Services Personnel Management Sigma Pi University Choir 13, 45: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Eastern Illinois State College Prrrl.rv BAnNE1"r Rousrz ..... ..... D anrfille Education History Phi Delta Theta Lake Forest College 491 RIC:-IAIID Gnoaon Rowe. . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago Commerce Permnncl Management Psi Upsilon Al l. Ka pa Psi: Alpha Phi Omega: Cam- pn P pus Chest 135 : Concert Band C25 L Football . . . b Marching Band fl, 25 , Flying Clu Wasliington University: University of Mis- souri WAI.-ran FRANCIS ROWLAND... ....DecaInr V Engineering Civil Engineering T.E.: Tau Beta Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E.: I. Pi Honors Day C45 Millikin University ERNEST RUBINSTEIN ........ Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Praetorians The Daily Illini 115: Hillel Foundation, Student Council 12, 35, president 145: Sec- ond Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC WALTER STANLEY RUCZYNSKI ....... Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JAMns KENNETH RUDD .......... Form Park Journalism Adwrtiring Chi Psi The Daily Illini QZ5: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 135: Y.M.C.A. Committee C351 Campus Chest Q2, 55 Loras College Geormn RUEDIGIEI1 .......... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Accountancy Club: Illi-Knights ' Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois axton RUTH ALICE Rusr ............ .... P Agriculture Home Economic: Evans Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee C353 Campus Chest 13, 45: Illini Rural Observer 145 Honors Day Q35 Antioch College DONALD VALINTINE RUTKOWSKI .... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.I.A.: A.S.C.E.: Navy Pier Alumni As- sociation Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN EDWARD RUTLIEDGE. ....... Hanna City Education Biology Concert Band 425: German Club Bradley University 492 james CIIAnLcs RUZICKA. .. . .Chicasa Commerce Marketing Lundgren House Marketing Club: Society for the Advance- ment of Management Honors Day Q15 Navy Pier Extension of the Universitl' Ol Illinois .. .North Chicago XVILLIAM DANIEL RYAN. .. Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Delta Kappa Epsilon Major, Air Force ROTC LAUIIA LOUISE RYPsrA'r ............. Hal-card Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbffllilifj' Gamma House Iota Sigma Pi: House President 1452 Om' torio Society G5 Honors Day Q15 XVILLIS GORHAM SABIN ........... Belvidere Fine and Applied Arts I Advertiring Derign Alpha Delta Sigma: First Lieutenant, AIUIY ROTC: Pershing Rifles Rum SABINI: . .... ...,....... A for-phyrbofv Commerce Perronnel Management Sherwood Lodge 'tt e 12. Phi Chi Theta: Illini Union Commi e 35 3 HouseiPresident Q35 : Wesley Foundation Student Council K3 ' Honors Day Cl, 35 5: Home Economics Club EUGENE FRANCIS SADLIcIc .... ...Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Granada A.S.M.E. Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois SI1neNn Jovcn SACI-IAR ........ .... C hicage journalism Radio E.K.T. Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini U5 2 Il' lini Union Committee Q35 : WILL Q45 Honors Day 12, 35 MORRIS BERNARD SAcHs, Jn .... ...Chicago Commerce Marketing Tau Delta Phi Illini Union Committee Q Arrny ROTC: Military Council: Phi Chi Eta: Scabbard and Blade University of Chicago 1, 25: Captain. JACOB ISAAC SADOW .......... .... C hicagv Commerce Accountancy Pi Lambda Phi The Daily Illini U5 : Illini Union Committee 42, 35 SAIF RAHMAN SAMEuY...Kabul, Afghanistan Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Y.M.C.A. Committee 15, 41: Moslem Stu- dents Association Honors Day 111 WIl.I.IAM FRANCIS SAMMARTINO Providence, R. I. Liberal Arts and Sciences Phyriology Sigma Nu Brown University EARLIE Euonmz SAr-mens, ja.. .St. jarcph, Mo. Commerce Accountancy Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescent: econ , , ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: House President S d Lieutenant Armv 141 Creighton University POLLY REBECCA SANDERS ......... Stonington Agriculture Home Economic: 4-H House ' Illini Union Committee 131: W.A.A. 11. 2, 3, 41 : House President 141 : All-Ag Field Day Committee 131: Plowboy Prom Com- mittee 1l, 51: Home Economics Club ELIZABETH SANoHAAs ...... . .... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in English Cagle Hall Springfield Junior College: Marquette Uni- versity BARBARA ANN SANDQUIST ....... Physical Education Pbyrical Education Lincoln Avenue Residence Numerals WAA 11, 2, 3. -11 W.A.A. : . . . Physical Education Majors Club Augustana College Josizpu GERMANO SANrANonLo.Pnrmic, N. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering ' Newman Hall F ROTC: A.I.Ch.E.: German Major, Air orce Club Curtis-r Perma SAano ...... Jamestown, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Advertising Design Delta Phi Star and Scroll: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad 111: Varsity Golf Squad 131 LEROY DAVID Swoea ...... . . ...... Tremont Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Campus Chest 111 : y G mnastics Manager 121: All-Ag Field Day Committee 121: Plowboy Prom Committee 121: Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club Bradley University . . . . . .filcllo ILA NAN SAUNDEIKS ............... Education Elementary Education E.K.T. House President 131 Honors Day 12, 51 XVri.L1AM FRANCIS SAvAon. .. . . . . . .. Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Kappa Psi, president 141: Captain, Army ROTC BARBARA Fnnwn SAXON ............ Claicngn Kappa Delta Pi Honors Day 11, 41 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FaANco ScAnu1oi.iA ................ Chicago Chemirtry Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 2, 51 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key . . . f Illinois 1 A r Lincoln Avenue Residence ART 1 Commerce Flying Club: Mar eting .Cbicugo .Chicago Commerce Bnnleing and Finance Education Elefnenlary Education Liberal Arts and Sciences Navy Pier Extension of the University o HUR fnnnunrclc Sci-1Anifnn, ja..lVnukt-gan Marketing Phi Delta Theta k ' Club: Student Junior Chamber of Commerce I.akc Forest College AR'IIN BrNNrfr'r Sci-nrmzn ....Chit-nga Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Varsity Gymnastics: A.I.A.: Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Gymnastics Squad 11, 21, Letter 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois DoNAi.n Leu ScHAFrNrzn ........ Spf-ingielrl Engineering Mechanical Engineering Kumonami M.E. Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.S. Springfield Junior College Aumnr Luis Scuarruzn. . . . ...... . .Wheaton Agriculture Floriculture Pi Kappa Alpha Star and Scroll: Illini Union Committee 151 : Floriculture Club JAMES Eovcmrtn Sci-mana .... .........0lney Agriculture Agriculture Economic.: Koinonia Y.M.C.A. Committee 121: Baptist Founda- tion Student Council, 11, 21: Agricultural Council 141: Military Ball Committee 131: Major, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: A ricultural Economics Club: Agriculture Carb: Poultry Science Club, president 141: Rural Life Club 493 RAMON EARL SCHIIRLE . .Benson CLETUS EARL ScHIzR1'z...... Engineering Agricultural Engineering Nabor House ' 4 ltiral Council 1 1: Alpha Zetag Agricu I A S.A.E., president C41 Honors Day C31 R ............. Mokcna Agriculture General Agriculture Honors Day Q31 sniff. I ww KENNETH CLARENCE SCHLOMANN. .Mt. Olive Division of Special Services History Phi Kappa Psi Freshman Varsity wi , mural Manager C215 Dolphins 421: Tall ' Illini Club: Young Republicans Club Blackburn College S 'mming Squad' Intra- JAMES I.noNARD SCHMIDT ...... .Wood Rim' Commerce Marketing Phi Kappa Tau Campus Chest Q21 I ors OAN SCH Nizrzsizaoen .... . ..... Chicago J Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Buscy Hall University Orchestra 13, 41 Lawrence College IRWIN SCHNEIDER ............ Bronx, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Physics Praetorians S'I'UAR'r SCHODENBUIKG .... .. . . . . . . .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpha Epsilon Pi Nu Beta Pig Illini Junior Bar Association Union Committee H1 L .......BeIwyu Rominr Gnonon SCHOLZ.. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Granada Club Navy Pier Alumni Association ' ' sit of Navy Pier Extension of the Univer y Illinoisg Northwestern University Ronnnr WENDELL ScHRAnIzR. .. .. . . .Tusrala Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Triangle Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Pierrotsg University Theatre, Assistant Man- ager C31 3 Star Course Manager Q21 5 Illinois Technograph 12, 3, 415 Engineering Council 451: First Lieutenant, Army ROTCQ Tau Nu Tau: A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day fl, 21 494 THIzopoR ERNs'r ScHRevIzR......Des Plainer Engineering Agricultural Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha zen: Phi Eta Sigma: A.s.A.E.: Tw Beta Pi ' Honors Day fl, 2, 51 g University of Illin01S Scholarship Key ROMEYN CHRISTINE SCHROCK. .... ..Cbicr1e0 Agriculture Home Economics Education Sigma Kappa Shi-Ai: The Illio fl, 21 3 Illini Union Com- mittee fl, 21 3 University Theatre Guild Crew il, 21: University Choir G15 Oratorio So- ' ty fl 21 3 Wesley Foundation Student I b cnc , Council 12, 3, 41 3 Home Economics C u norm. . .Libertyvillf MARSHALL ROBERT SCHRO Commerce Industrial Administration Acacia Football Marching Band fl, 211 First Regi- mental Band 1213 Second Regimental Band Ronizm- Orro Sci-mo1'r.......... Star and Sc AI.I.AN LEROY SCH I A.F.S. .. .Chicd80 Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Shawnee Navy Pier Extension of the- University of Illinois l.IiSI.lE ALLRN SCHULTZ ..... ..... C lricaeff Commerce Marketing Phi Epsilon Pi roll: House President 141 uLz. ............. Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Nu A.S.C.E. Morton junior College Romani- SCHUMAN ......... .... C hicago Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House , Accountancy Club: Navy Pier Alumni As- szmciation Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois EmwARn RICHARD SCHUMANN .... . . .Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Science Kumonami Alpha Zetag Gamma e Club: Illini Sportsman's Club Honors Day fl, 2, 51 D ltag Hoof and Horn JOAN SCHUR ....................... Benld Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Evans Hall ' P" A.C.S. Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma I, Honors Day 11, 2, 515 University of Illinois Scholarship Key PAUL SCHWARZ ,,,.., , ,,..,. .. . . .Lnmbrnrl Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlry Barton House Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda UPSllI1Ul Sec- Ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC Honors Day ll, 2, 31 JOSEPH JAMES SCLAFANI .... .. ....Cbim,l:'1 Commerce flccoinimncy Newman Hall Accountancy Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Gui' THorrAs SCOTT ,.......... Blaamingrfm Engineering General Engineering Phi Delta Theta House President 141: Tribe of lllini: Var- Sity Baseball Squad 13, 41 : Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Phalanx XVILLIAM DOANE ScoTT.0Imrread Fallr, Ohio Engineering Ceramic Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon H use Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Keramos: or E ' eering Council 131: A.C.S.. President: ngin president C41 Honors Day C41 Denison University PATRICIA ANN SEAMAN. .. .. .. I 4. .Aleznrfc-lil Education Teacher Training in Hirlory lllini Union Committee 121: University Chorus Q11 Wlashington University BETTY JoAN SEAnr.s .................. Pam Agriculture General Home Ernrmmicr Alpha Omicron Pi 131 : The lllio fl 21: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 0- Y.W.C.A. Cirmmirtee fl. 41: Home EC nomics Club: lllini Forensic Association XVll.I.lAhl SEARS, Jn,. ........ ..... C bimga Commerce Markeling Phi Kappa Tau Military Ball Committee 141: Major, ' ' - ld Force ROTC: Air Force Council. Arno Air Air' Ilntl Society: Phalanx: Marketing Club: Rifle f thc Advancement ul Pistol Club: Society or Management: Young Republicans Club Honors Day 151 RAMONA JOSEPHlNE SEDLACEK. . Agriculture Home Ecanomicr Sigma Kappa Berwyn lllini Union Committee Cl, 2, 5, 41 : XV. 13, 41 : Home Economics Club ERWIN BERNHARD SEEGERS .... Commerce Economic Theory Phi Delta Theta . . . .Brlrri A.A CllARl.liNlE SEGAI. ......... .. . ..... Chicago ngtan Illini Union Committee tl, 21: Maior Force ROTC , A ir Journalism Editorial Keeler Klub The Daily Illini ll, 21: Hillel Foundation Student Council l'liII1iil'i D"ly U1 JonN ANTHONY SEGALA .... Chicago Heigblr Commerce lndnririul Adminirrnrlinn Newman Hall College or' the Holy Cross Sreerrroro MASARU .......... Seabrook, N. J Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiml Engineer-ing A.l.Ch.E. Bradley University CAnor. HIESPIER SrzruEnT. .......... Bmakhvlrl Liberal Arts and Sciences Tefrcber Training in Englirln Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Ai: Phi Ka pa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: lllini Union Board 141: Major Chairman, Spring Carnival Illini Union Committee 131 : Major Chairman, Oliice Management lllini Union Committee CZ1: Illini Union Council 12, 3,-11: Illini Union Committee tl, 2, 31: Y.XYl.C.A. Committee 111: Campus Chest 411: House President 12. 31 Honors Day tl, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key FRANCIS Josm-H SIZIDL ........ .... C hicnga Agriculture Dairy Technology C. let, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society 'it Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club Rormru' DAvm SIZINFRLD ............ Cbimgfi Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Delta Phi Alpha Phi Omega 111: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Synton Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois FRANKLIN Joi-IN SEKEEA .... La Grange Prnle r Engineering A N' M Electrical Engineering A,f,9':'f?ii7'iiVm' 2 ,Egg A Phi Kappa Psi Football Marching Band fl, 21: First Regi- Q, "al mental Band fl, 21: A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Er. ,Q sa- . ' -. ft. Ha" ia , , , , , fi -:iv ififgeff 13-tr PM I.rNnA JANE SELDEES ......... ...Vim Orin W 'inf Commerce 1321, W. ., .. Accorintancy ,..3 -'iff Zeta Tau Alpha Phi Chi Theta: Accountancy Club " .," Honors Day fl, 21 ' , . " .4 Navy Pier Extension of the University ol' , ai' lllinois , 1' M: if gg: 4 ali 4' rf rpg at 'M Qin x 9' 1 1 r. :iii 1.54 B4 in li vow? 53: , fl ir A 5-W or ,.wr,x t T fare we A, A: HENRY JACOB SELIG ................. Cicero ,VrL,.wqV Commerce 'Ir Banking and Finance " L2 A Delta Sigma Pi Commerce Council Q41: Finance Club: ll- ,. 5,1 M X lini Insurance Society i' Morton Junior College 4 :,::eiY 4 9 5 lip! n Nail' as - ,A s wf Lokfgrle yu: . Q Q55 ,, bail 'Q 'ii A- V W e " fri-5,,?'2 5, .l v 'iii"f .. ff.5f:5'.j:':,f,,.r,x5,.j,,h A: , . ,A .W niece: 1 ' , gig 'Q rr ot.r:,,,.a :fi gg if A -gif-QR 1, ,V 'ISIN- wr A A L, Jag, 1 in RMS. rd elf:-1 R' ' if - an eff' 5, 'ig S-S 1' ,gr 152.76 3' r of lf I at , '11, .V L iz fi' r i t KL MK Q, NRZL7 Ein' 'l 1'xi+'fQEr ' iL?-Wat A i.L ,... .gg .Jai Lf C , r' ,ficjl RM r' t LLL AL, L LL ld.-I .N r., s5i.QQ,L?l rzsrfwlii sz L a .. as 1 Lit' A , L f 's 'fit r i? W' " if ' w x, li , ' W5 fifwe L , L1 rw' -'L LL 'Lf-s1rQf-.SJ , xiii, r-Lzaai-xrf ifrggsilf, my tim v r 1' ,if 34 e 1 "1'1f,ff4f-3:5-:L 1rl"Y?4w ' ,tv L wr am? ,LIL LL, :Lag f. s fs , . , . 4 'R . M L. Lt. I am :se r :L- K A' sajtwag E"r?if"" Ir l is Q PR ,fgj is W Q8 I A if Tisrff "Trial ,L ,L , Willy! L. 1 ALSGJQSM L ., LL lf! ,LF riff fu be I ,Lg tr L if xl , , :La ,f H,aviLi ' 'rfLi:i.aL' I -WILL 3 ' 5112 -,ug L . ,His 'X f'X"J"1-1,,,L A 'W-4f','L: " ew. 65?i'i5'1- 0 if s'Z""' it Wifi? 1 Lear R - A w f mann ' QU. uf.-'L-Zi'fl L. A ' S wif" f7?gtlQE:g't.s3134'i ' g 1253 j:L5'igjL. A L L. N I A 2' 1 'tiller i"l 2'?-, Ls 22'-ti5"if'i' 1 3 ,va L1 yr I J 1? . . 1 V, L,- 3- LA L Q 5.4, - Ls .. L Ag a ,L J .wet -r fra ' -:fit 3. :E r .,L,.L .W 31 A , to ii z L, v or I g 1 xt, ,gl QA Q A 1 -45.155 1, rr L, 'g,fw" if , fo, M, 1 L, if A1 wi- RL., L ' L tg I, U'-'3x'1ff3oGf3'E- -M. 259611, Li Q . 2. I .,f'5Lfi.s.aW '1"" . L- i ri, W ' , Lf 4.r'1i-in LL., w,gx'f "2'1 . ar- if ,L 'fs' 4 -' 'xr .w"i'i"es '- L 1 ,.-v 5' 1 't 31' bv, s :AMA ew +1 y 4 is 'SJ 14, I 1 to Y fir 1 irflr I ,fi li rv, was 1 X 5 5,5 an , 2,3 'at 4 I 'L " Q I 1 4 i 42 I 1 r M, s t N Y' +V 5 52: ti f 1 L. a 9 P 1 9 P I A I ,A A ru Q ,- Q 1 A an .- Q If a L i 1 cfra-vw msg, YW reef: f 15:5 L A li 1 ill Ls '41 f-'fi' ,LQ "f or 4 Fr. RL L , N f , L 1 -all r ,ck X L .R L L ,LL gi, 5 ,, gi f'.' r ef ,.L , L. L, Q ' A ,L 1 I L ' K .455-:F st' auf, W L ,Lf AC t ,or L Lo. ,xg , 1: ,QI R25 fm-so 4+ , U., t 1 is L f L r, LL ,1- -W,-,wg M , QL, 1 15131 .Q L' - ,',g.,.LLv-fam, ,L .x5Q4mM1,,.L:r.TL -of ,RQ 1, A 1 1 i I 'K-1 w r f f v ' - is .. A :Y N sr 'ui K L1 Aifljfr Az H r .Lg K fi ,L A i 1, .17-3,15 -. 3 Q ' Q ffl' , if 1'7'L'Egy ,Lf 2 tg, 5 .-3,5 W L ' rl-Kyi.,LLlfwL3 '1 i'TR'9iI LSR? TL, '-1 fb? WL., x1xd:Ml,E,-,fp-L, Arif wi ,R JANICE SELLE .................. Hazel Crm Fine and Applied Arts Mini: Edfimfion Wescoga XVomen's Glee Club 131 1 XVes1ey Foundation 141 Thornton junior College RONALD EUGENE SIZLVEN ........... Cbiciulff Engineering Elerlriral Enginc'rrir1g College Hall A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. XVilson Junior College CHARLES AUGUST SENGSTOCK, JR. .... Chimgo journalism Rflrlirz rind Tr'lr'1'ifior1 Flagg House Sigma Delta Chi: XVILLQ Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Navy Pier Extension ot' the University ol' Illinois PATRICIA Loulsrz SEYMOUR ......... Mariano Fine and Applied Arts fllmir Alpha Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Iota: House President 1415 First Regimental Band 121: Oratorio Society MacMurray College lNllliDRl'lD SHARELMAN .....L........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Smdinr Ivria House President 141 Honors Day 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois l.IiSl.II? GIEOIIGIE SIIADIEL, JR..NOI'1Uifb, N. Y. Physical Education Plryriml Iirlnmlion JOHN DuzL SHAEER. ................. Noble Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology MARXIIN ARTHUR SHAIIIZR ..... .... C hirffgu journalism Adrerlixing Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Delta Sigma: Campus Chest 111: House President 1413 Major, Air Force ROTCQ Illini Forensic Associationg Market- ing Club Honors Day 151 l7Ii'I'ER DEAN SHALBK ......... .... O ak Park Engineering Ceramic Engineering Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigma: Kemmos 496 f ..L. DAVID JAMES SUANKS ...,..... .... C rrrlvfk Law Political Science Y.M.C.A. Committee 1215 Disciples FOUU' dation Student Council 11, 2, 31, president 141: Military Ball Committee 1311 Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National DefenSC Transportation Association: junior Bar AS' sociation lYlARGAIKIiT LOU SHANNON ...... Granite Ci!! Agriculture Rarlnnrfrnl Nrrnagement Home Economics Club BEVERLY LENORE SHAPIRO .... .,.. C l1im80 Education Elcmenmry Edfmrlion E.K.T. MICIIAEI. ALAN SHAPIRO ........... Clsiniga Engineering 131:-rt:-im! Engineering Club Esquire Men's Glee Club 1313 A.I.E.E.-'I.R.E.: Praetorians Navy Pier Activities: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of lllinoisg Illinois Institute of Technology LANVRIZNCE BRIZSIEI2 SHA:-PRRT ....... Belvidere Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemiml Enginerfrirlg Chi Phi Intrafraternity Council 1313 A.I.Ch.E. BIE'l"I'Y Lou SHJZLTON .........,.... Seymour Agriculture Home Economic: Education Omicron Nug Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Upsilon Omicron: Baptist Student Union: Home Economics Club Honors Day 11, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key XVILLIAM MICIIAEL S1-mwcr-lux Dorwlerf G1'01'f Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Tau Kappa Epsilon Varsity Fencing Squad 12, 3, 41, Captain 141, Letter 15, 41 3 Freshman Varsity Fencing Squadg Midshipman, NROTCQ Scimitar, president 13, 41 TIIIIODOIUE HENRY SHIEF... .... Ewrrmon Commerce Eruuomirr 309 Club House President 141 3 Accountancy Club: Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management DePaul University JERRY SI-IOTOLA ............ .... B erwyn Commerce Affdllilfrlflfj' Granada Club Accountancy Club Morton junior College DONALD Ciacu. SHREFFLER ........ Kankakee Agriculture General Agriculture llli-Dell Phi Kama Phi: Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma: All-Ag Field Day Committee 11, 2, 31 : Plow- PQY Pmm Committee 12, 31: Second Lieu- lenant, Air Force ROTC: Agricultural Eco- nomics Club: Agriculture Club: Dairy Pro- duction Club: Field and Furrow Honors Day 11. 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key IXIOIKMAN DEAN Snnmfnnn ........ Kankakee Agriculture Gem-ml flgriclrllure llli-Dell All-Ag Field Dav Committee 121: Captain. Air Force ROTC: Agricultural Economics Clllb: Agriculture Club: Field and Furrowi Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club: Stu- dent junior Chamber of Commerce Srm1.noN Lrovn Susom. ........,... Chicago Journalism Radio and Tr'lr1'i.rion Iilagg House Mask and Bauble: Pierrots: Sigma Delta Chi: Illini Union Committee 12. 311 House President 121: University Theatre Associate Manager 131: University Theatre Cast 131: WILL 141 Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Dononns Milam Sincmzr ..... .... P una Commerce 5'ecreta1'i41l Training Leeman Lodge Shorter Board: Torch: Alpha Chron: Phi Chi Theta: Y.XV.C.A. 111: XV.G.S. Execu- tive Council 13, 41: House President 131: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 131 RAYMOND FRANCIS Smwmzr .... .... C bimgn Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Pershing Rifles: Flying Club: I.A.S. Navy Pier Extension of the University ol Illinois PIORRIS S11.vnRMAN . . . .. . .. .... Cbimga Commerce Mrrmrgemcut Barton House Accountancy Club: Praetorians: Society for the Advancement of Management Cuanuzs XVALTER Srnvnns ........... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Poliliral Science Zeta Beta Tau Illini Union Committee 111 S111a1.ooN FAIR SIMBORG ...... ..... C himgo Commerce i1lfu-keting Pi Lambda Phi Beta Alpha Psi: Interfraternity Council 111 1 First Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau Honors Day 111 I.l?Sl.ll2 Gnoncn SIMON .............. Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Flagg House French Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 1101113111 SIMON ............ .. .Chicago Commerce Aiflrieeling Tau Epsilon Phi Hillel Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 41 : Marketing Club DORIS J1zAN SIMONSON .......... Clmmjmign Physical Education Rerrerlfion Phi Sigma Sigma Shi-Ai: The Illio 111: Illini Union Com- mittee 1l, 2, 31: XV.A.A. 131: Terrapin 12. 31 JOHN Faux S1Nc:nn1z .............. Chicago Engineering Cffllfllit' EIl,I1i!1t'C'l'i!1g Alpha Delta Phi Keramns: Interfraternity Council 12, 31: House President 141 Loyola University IWIYRON Howann S1No1zn ............ Cbirngo Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Epsilon Pi University Choir 121: Men's Glee Club 11,' 2, 31: Major, Air Force ROTC KENNETH AL1.1aN Sxlvwonri-1 ........ Cnrmi Division of Special Services Geology James Srnvn Srcurmiuss ..... Hnmmoml, Ind. Journalism Editorial Clark Manor The Daily Illini 111: Epsilon Phi Sigma 1l. 41 Indiana University: Northwestern Univer- sity: St. Joseph's College of Indiana James Ricmmo S1,As1.n .............. Dixon Physical Education Physical Education Sigma Pi Skull and Crescent: Dolphins 11, 2, 3, 41: Physical Education Majors Club 13, 41 RAYMOND Lanny S1.ANK12n.Greerwi1le, Mirb. Fine and Applied Arts fizlrerliring Design Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Eta Sigma: Society of Illustrators: Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day 11, 2, 313 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JUNE Nnrzrsr. S1.1anMAN. .. ... .....Claimgo Journalism lirlilorinl Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily lllini 131, Editor Copy Desk 141 Georgia State College for Wfomen 497 to 1 71.3, - h. 1317 'I 31.. '11 , ,, 11 J, V if-yi. K or .- 1:3 Cgj'gQ,,3g'T- I will W3 "'-'VT f 1 .--117'-Univ-ffiifl, 11'-our 1- . 5 sq., ,ia 1 ,. 11 Z st- ,.-.. . ill 1 ls "H-44 4.5 ,M -ogg-55 'tg F9 'X , 'rf f, file' I iw Y, A :Wi if - -f"11r1: 15 Qikf, , 'g ig-' X if gi. 5155,-it 1'-?1'i?:g' : eg, S KTW 1 " 1 4, i ,QL 1 'si 4.1 ,. K .53 ,. .13 . . . y Y , 1, rf s WW 04 +I A' WJ. -i-, ,L ag ff, 5452 1 , ga 'Y Jgiifefik 1. ' AWA" 4 'w I " as E Wi 2 + r I 'I X I 5155 gp P: re? ,ol Y Wai, F71 S TIIoMAs BARRETT SLIEIEMAN .... ...Chicfign Commerce Accounluncy Phi Kappa Sigma Ma-Wan-Da: Skull and resce ma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: The Illio 1113 Star Course 11, 2, 31, Senior Manager 1413 ' ' - Ill' ' Board of ' Interfraternity Council 121 , mi Control 13, 41: Accountancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 315 i Scholarship Key C nt: Beta Gam- University of Illinois NORMAN WAYNE SLEIGI-IT .... ...Griggrrfille Agriculture General Agriculture XVesley Foundation Student Council 13, 415 ' ' riculturc Agricultural Economics Club, Ag ,Mp f ' 1 'R Club: Hoot' and I-Iorn Club JAMEs JAY SLEPICKA .............. Riverride Agriculture Agricultural Engineering Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RICHARD LEE SI.oAN. ........ Weil Fmnkforr Engineering Mining Engineering Triangle ' 41 : President 1413 M.I.S., president I House Rifle and Pistol Club Murray State College H SLOCUM .... Pillar Height: Engineering Mechanical Engineering ug Seabury Foundation Student GERALD KENNET Sigma Ta Council 131: A.F.S.g A.S.M.E. Honors Day 121 A Lyons Township Junior College KENNETH WA'I'SON SLOCUM. . . . . .... Aumm Engineering Mechanical Engineering II A.S.M.'. Illinois Institute of Technologyl Aurora College NN Si.ocuM ...... Werrr-rn Spfingr MARoo'r A Education Iilernenlnry Iiclucution Alpha Chrong Y.XV.C.A. Committee 111: ' ' ' ' S: b r Student Religious Council 11, 21, Cl u y Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 313 LAS Council 11, 21 Honors Day 11, 31 I.ovIcIc. .. . . .. .... Chicago JAMES LEONARD S Commerce flrrriuillmwy uml Lum Club Esquire Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha Psig Account- nc Club' Navy Pier Alumni Association 5' Y . Navy Pier Extension of the'University of Illinois DENIs DEAN SMAAGE. . . .. ,. . . . .Der Plaimfr Agriculture Animal Science Medea Lodge Men's Glee Club 13, Hoof and Horn Club Blackburn College X 41 3 Agriculture Clubg 498 QL i 'uf' 4 " '-I .Al 'S' Dlil.BERT RAY SMITH. ., . .... .... . . .D 'isfv -4-nr-'E i 'S , ,IM 12? Ai 'A .Chicago JERALD JAMES SMEjicAI. .......... . Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology University Chorus 131 . .. . . I - Navy Pier Activities: University C10ll' Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Efrllllf Fine and Applied Arts Arclaircclurnl Engineering A.l.A.: A.S.C.E. DONALD WAYNE SMITH ............ Hndron Agriculture Gcneml Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Men's Glce Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 213 , . Club 13, 415 Oratorio Society 141: Illini Rural Observer 11, 413 All-Ag Field DRY Committee 111 3 Military Ball Committee 12' 31' Plowboy Prom Committee 111: CUP' ' A 'culture Club? taid, Air Force ROTC, .gn t Dairy Production Club: Fred and Furrowi Gamma Deltag Hoof and Horn Club JAMES ARnEN SMITH, ....... ...Genercv Commerce Accounluncy Alpha Kappa Psi 141 1 Accountancy Club Luther College NEY SMITH ............ Peru, IW'- Commerce Mnrlacting Alpha Kappa Lambda The Daily Illini 131 3 Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 31: Campus Chest 1113 National DC- fensc Transportation Associationg Marketing Club JAMEs SID JOAN LUCILLE SMITH ............ Gary, Ifld Education Elenzenmry Education Lincoln Avenue Residence KAREN JE Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Pi Beta Phi The Daily Illini 111 LARRY SHEi.noN S Commerce Markeiing Phi Epsilon Pi OLIVER JAY SMITH ........ . .... ...C Engineering Mechanical Engineering Si 'ma Taug Pi Tau Sigma: Illinois Tech is ' A.F.S.g A.S.M.E., presi nograph 12, 3. 41, dent 1315 Tall Illini Club Honors Day 141 ANNE SMITH. . . . . .. . .. . . . .Decatur MITH. .. . .. ....Chif.-1130 bicage SHIRLEY JEAN SMITH ....... Perlman, N. J- Journalism Editorial Presby Hall Mortar Board: Torci: Editorial Board Member, The Daily Illini 11, 2. 31 1 W.A.A. 141 : University Chorus 141 2 Oratorio Society 141 l Theta Sigma Phi 2 WILLIAM XVESTIKROOK SMITII. . . .Browmlown Engineering Mechfmical Engineering Colonial Manor En!-Zineering Counci 1 Army ROTC: Ordnance Club: A.F.S. Honors Day 111 l 41: Second Lieutenant. DONALD WAYNE SMITLEY .......... Marrhfill Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Hinory Phi Alpha Theta: Y.M.C.A. Committee 13. 41: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Illi-Knights: Illini Forensic As- Sociation Honors Day 121 Eastern Illinois State College 'z. FRANCES SOCHAT ............. Salford, Ar: Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Alpha Epsilon Phi Zeta Phi Eta, president: Star Course Manager 121 Honors Day 131 University ot' Arizona ....Elgii1 RUSSELL LAVERNE SoI-IN... Commerce Commerce and Law Illini Sportsman's Club: Jun tion Elgin Community College ior Bar Associa- STANLEY ARTHUR SOCOI. .... .. .Chicago Commerce Inelurlriul Adminiilrafion Clark House Society for the Advanc Wright junior College: Navy Pier Exten- Sion of the University of Illinois ement of Management N ........... Greenville ALICE JOAN SOLOM0 Journalism Editorial Alpha Epsilon Phi Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Ai: Phi Kappa Phi: Kappa Tau Alpha, president 141 : Alpha Lambda Delta: Theta Sigma Phi, president 141: The Daily Illini 11, 2, 31, Campus Editor 141: Illini Union Committee 111 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key SEIBERT I. SOLOMON ........ ..... C himga Commerce Markeling EDWARD DAVID SOMDERG ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Phi Epsilon Pi University Theatre Cast 12, 3, 41: WILL 131 AUDREY SONBERG . ........ . ....... Chicago Agriculture Rermm-ant Mrlnagemenl lincoln Avenue Residence Wrimen's Glee Club 141: Oratorio Society 13, 41 : Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GuN'I'lII:R W1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Omega Beta Pi Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois WIl.l.IAM EDWARD SPARKS .......... Matraan Agriculture General Agriculture First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC: Pershing Rifles GLENN XVILBUR SPEER ............. Mormon Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Tornahawlc Lodge House President 131: Scabbard and Bla First Lieutenant, Army ROTC JAMES FREDERICK SEIERLING. . . . . . .. .Chieng Commerce Mfmlaeling Delta Chi Star and Scroll: The Illio 11, 2, 31 : Cheer- leader 12. 31: Dolphins 12, 313 Cadet, Air Force ROTC: Marketing Club Honors Day 111 I.I.IAM SONNENEELD. . . .Chicago de: 0 IXIliRRI'l"l' WII.I.IAM SERACIJE .... ..... H ull Agriculture Agrieulllmll Seience Farm House Alpha Zeta: Illini Union Committee 12, 31 : Y.M.C.A. Committee 121: Intcrfraternity Council 131: Illini Rural Observer 12, 51: All-Ag Field Day Committee 13, 41, Chair- man 141: Plowboy Prom Committee 12. 31 : e d L'eutenant, Army ROTC: Armed ture Club , 1"Ie I 'In Horn Club . I-Ionors Day 11, 31 ITIIIEIJ hVAX'NE SIIRINCE .............. Chimg I.iberal Arts and Sciences Mfllhemrilirr Granada Club Delta Sigma Omicrong Sccon I Forces Communications Association: Agricul - ' ' ll . d Furrow: Hoof and fl Gizz Kids 13. 41: National Wlieelcliair Basketball Association 13. 41 Roosevelt College: Navy Pier Extension of the University ol Illinois JoIIN CIIARI.Es STAHI. ...... ..... H neun! Commerce Fimmee Phi Kappa Psi .Hm'z'r'y Education lilemefltary lizllznllion Gamma House 'lIlllll'lIlUII Junior College Jo,-RNNE IVIARIIE S'I'. AUBIN .... 499 ,fer - pkfipv. 'fn K ' rr s ?Pif'Js2 3 7: t.r"' is me 'Tb '51 Q? it-is Ammrzw Liao S'rmsNrr1Kr... .Sami Clair, Pa. I.iberal Arts and Sciences Chemical 1lIl,QllIt'l'l'l!I,Q A.l.Ch.IE. Honors Day 143 Penn State Co ege ot' the University of Illinois ll : Navy Pier Extension Hanoru Rormrrr Srraifn ............. Chicago Pine and Applied Arts flrL'blle'r'l1nvll Iiu,qiuez'v'lug Tau Kappa Epsilon Scarab: Major, Army ROTC: A.l.A. Gram: IJAUI, S'i'iarfrfv .......... .... U 1-ban.: Commerce Alirrzrrgelzrwrl Phi Gamma Delta Sachem: Baseball Manager tl, 33: Captain, Air Force ROTC . . . .Urbrnm l:Rlil3lERlC jorrw S'r'rft:t:l2anA .,.. Commerce flrrfmrltrrllcy Beta Theta Pi Phi Eta Sigma: Y.M 23: I-louse President 143: Phi Chi Eta: Accountancy Club Honors Day tl, 3, -13 .C.A. Committee fl. . . . .Clalcrrgo THOMAS lan S'rl2rN ......... Commerce - fletnlrlllrlrlry Accountancy Club: German Club: Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association: Sn- l ciety for the Advancement of Management Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football Squad Qi: Varsity Wfrestling Squad t23 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois NORMAN DMN Srmrvermruaa. . . .ML Pmrperr Physical Education Physical Erlnmtinn Kappa Delta Rho Phi Epsilon Kappa: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transportation As- sociation: Physical Education Majors Club ALLAN Srrzrm .................... Itvrklm-rl Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Barton House German Club: Praetorians: Spanish Club .. .. .Nujm11.rr'l -IOSIZPH Arnrerza' S'rra'rsoN ...., Agriculture G'em'ml Agrlrullurc' Farm House AlphaAZeta: Phi Eta Sigma: Illini Union Committee ll, Z.. Sl: lnterfraternity Council ' 3 ' University Chorus t-13: Illini Rural t-. . 1 . . , , Observer.-12, 33: Agricultural Council 133: All-Ag Field Day Committee 12. 53: Plow- ' " " 'il' Major, Air boy Prom Committee ll, .., , , FUFFC ROTC! Air Force Council: Arnold Air Society: Arzriculture Club: Field and Iiurrow: Hoot' and Horn Club Honors Day tl, 2, 53 1 University of Illinois Scholarship Key RIVIIARD Crraroais Srrwvnws ......-. ll"iliimfv I.iberal Arts and Sciences Piyrlwlugy Delta Chi ROTC Star and Scroll: Captain, Air Force on College: Grinnell College Culver-Stockt 500 M Bunn Phi Tribe Errwanri S'r'rewAn'r' ............ lirflflffgf' Agriculture Gerlrfrvll Agricullnre Delta Theta f Illini' Varsity Football Squad 15- lI . 1 . tter t3 41' Freshman Varsity FDDI' 43. I.e ,, , . ball S . l: Agriculture Club CAROL I.I2lGH STlEXVAR'l'.. .... quam Sl, Lonif, Mo' l.iberal Arts and Sciences lllrrlbvlmrlirx iln Avenue Residence I l.inci . " ' I3 'ta Kappa: All' lf' Phi Kappa Phi, Phi c " r Rem' bda Delta: Pi Mu Epsilon: l'rrs 'P 3 i3 mental Band tl, -, ,, 1 I ' 1' lllinolS Hon Schr JAM ors Day tl, 2. 31: University o ilarship Key l3J ras RAYMoNo SVIZXVART.Iilfllrlilrlflflll-fr Md' Commerce Alark cling Beta Theta Pi se Sac Ma shi Islo blARlAN Nrsrrra S'l'nwan'i'.. ....... . hem: Skull and Crescent: Star Cour - Mid- najzer U31 House President l33, pman, NROTC nors Day t33 .Arblfmrl Liberal Arts and Sciences I3rlc!L'r'ir1lugy u r Iota Sigma Pr 'Ihe y 3 Major Chairman Banquets Illini Union ' U3' Illini Union Council 4316 Kappa Delta I Sl '-A': . ': ' Dail Illini tl : .' . n ' : A Cr ' ' immrttec .. . lini Union Committee tl, 23: Star CUUES C us Chest Major Chair- ll Manager 123 : ,amp . , . , , man t23: House President 143: XVOmen 5 Glee Club U3 Honors Day Q33 BAllIE'I'TE JAN!! Srlvns ....... ..... C brwllllllgn I.iberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta Smith College Arrcra Errzanrsrrr Srolx ............ IN'01'1fl1ll Education Teacher Training in Social Stiidiznr Kappa Kappa Gamma b land Arnold Air Society: Phalanx: Scab art Blade: Air Force Sponsor Q33 Illinois Wfesleyan University: I-llinois State Normal University INlARGllRIE'l' Wrrrriz STONE .......... Gleirriew Liberal Arts and Sciences lironamicr Sigma Kappa University Theatre Manai: Pistol Club: Tall Illini Club er t23: Rille and Rrcnimn BANFIQ S'roNn ...... ...Chicago Agriculture Gr-m'ml flgrirnlllm' Delta Chi M C A Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, president t23: Y. . . - Committee ll, 23: Men's Glee Club tl, 23: McKinley Foundation Student Council t13: " ' - ROTC: Scab- l.ieutenant Colonel, Au Force d d Blade' Agriculture Club: Dairy har an . . Production Club: Hoot' and Horn Club Roruzrrr Nrzwrox Sronna, JR.. . . .. .Cemralir Engineering Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Centralia Township junior College I DEAN ROGER STOREY ......... .... D eKalb Journalism A111-'erliring A' Tau Kappa Epsilon The Daily Illini 42, 35: n cil 135: Illini Union Committee Q21 I terfratcrnity Coun- Honors Day 12, 31 Northern Illinois Sta e t Teachers College GEORGE JOSEPH STIzNAo. . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago Physical Education Physical Education A Physical Education Majors Club JOHN WESLEY S1'RoNo ............ Mflrxbflll Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech b. University Theatre Cast C27 : Y.M.C.A. Ca I- 'ttee C3 41' Uni- net OJ: Y.M.C.A. Commi , . versity Chorus ill : Major, Air Force ROTC: Illini Forensic Association JANE ALLEN STROOK. . . . . .. . . . .Der Pilliilthf Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Gamma The Daily Illini 11, 21: Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee fl, 23 STUIENKEL. . .... .. .Hinxdale Agriculture Home Economic: Edacalion Alpha Xi Delta Shi-Ai: Illini Union Committee 121: Home Lois LoERAINE Economics Club Lyons Township Junior College TZ...............!llIlZ1lll SIDNEY ALFRED STU Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Tomahawk: Alpha Phi Omega: Y.M.C.A. ' YM.C.A Cabinet Board of Directors 143, . . , President Ml: Y.M.C.A. Committee: Foot- ball Maiching Band Q23 : Second Regimental Band fl, 21: Student Religious Council f'2. 3l: Seabury Foundation Student Council, President C33 , Honors Day fl, 2, 37: University of Illinois Scholarship Key DARREL GENE SUHRI! ............. Alhambra Engineering Agricultural Engineering Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: A.S.A.E.: Tall Illini Club JAMES BERNARD SULLIVAN. . .. ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy ROTC : Account- b: German Club: Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Association Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois: Wriglit Junior College Second Lieutenant, Army ancy Clu JANICII KAY SULLIVAN. .. . . . . . . . . .Melamara Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Alpha Omicron Pi Illini University Theatre Crew Ill Y.XV.C.A. Committee flj V V JOA Inittee fl D JoI-IN RAYMOND SuI.LIvAN. .... Chiraga Car . . Club: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club TI-IoMAs RICHARD SuLI.IvAN. . . . . . . . .Canton N MARIE SULLIVAN ....... ...Belleville Agriculture Home Economicr Delta Gamma ini Union Committee ill : Y.XV,C,A' Cum. Agriculture Animal Sciencw Newman Hall tain Army ROTC' Agriculture Economics Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Eta Sigma: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National Defense Transportation As sociation: Junior Bar Association I-Ionors Day fl, 2, 51: University of Illinois Scholarship Key JACK l.liLAND SUMNIIR.. .... .... ...Urbana Engineering General Engineering Purdue University: Southern Illinois Uni- versity .Chicago HIILIZNA MARIA Suszlco ........... Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryclaalagy Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARSHALL WAYNE SUTKER..Pbii1ltl'Ciflbrl, Pa. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Lundgren House Phi Eta Sigma: Campus mes Praetorians Honors Day fl, Scholarship Key Cl t f1l:A.I.Ch.E. 2, 35: University of Illinois JAMEs JosEPII SVIEC ..... ..... ....Cbicagn Journalism Adrferliring Alpha Delta Sigma: Marketing Club Wriglmt Junior College ALEERT ALAN SWANSON. ........... Chicag Liberal Arts and Sciences 0 Ma1lJemaIic.r Granada Navy Pier Extension of the University ol' Illinois CHAl'll.IiS FRANKLIN SWEARINGEN .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geography Sigma Chi Alpha Phi Omega 501 waz" I5 1.5-li.. .. , it .'2?'3'?lf QW-eral?" MICHAEL DESCHENES SWBENEY ...... Chicago Agriculture Goneml Agriculture Newman Hall Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois LISLE Swrrzmz, JR ............ .... A 'lacomb Commerce Marketing ance Society: Marketing Club Illini Insur Western Illinois State College noir Sworrono .... Ear: Sl. Looir Engineering Civil Engineering RONALD Jos Triangle Sigma Tau: Chi Epsilon: House President Q41: A.S.C.E. Honors Day ll, 31 DOROTHY SYLLING .. ....... .... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training ' Lincoln Avenue Residence H s Day Q11 in Mntbenzallcr ODOI' Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois MARK Luiz SYMONS ....... .... C bicago Law Law Zeta Beta Tau ident 131' Mask and Bauble: Pierrots, pres . The Illio 111: University Theatre Manager fl, 2, 3, 41: University Theatre Cast Q1, 213 Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air So- ' ' Sportsman's Club: Junior Bar Marketing Club: Society for the ciety: Illini Association 1 Advancement of Management Honors Day U1 PAULA Len TAGER .......... Brooklyn, N. Y. Education Education of Ibc' Deaf Lincoln Avenue Residence - Mu Iota Sigma . . . ..... Chicago RICHARD ELLIO1' TALMAN.. Commerce Marketing Tau Epsilon Phi ociet for the Advancemen S y . t of Management University of Wfisconsin ANGIZLO ANTHONY TANTALO Rocberrer, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Advertirirzg Derign Brockport State Teachers' College: Texas Christian University EARL RUDOLPH TAUTE ......... .... G olden Agriculture Agricultural Science c Agricultural Club: Field and Furrow Carthage College 502 M Kinley Foundation Student Council 141, DARYLE EUGENE Trzorzmm .... .Are nz villf Agriculture General Agriculture Kumonami Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Lutljffaf' . , gn. Student Center Student Council Q3, 41. I bl cultu ral Education Club: Agriculture CU - Delta: H00f Field and Furrow, Gamma orn Club: Rural Life Club and H ANNETTH TEITELBAUM ...... ..... C bicagf' Journalism Adfferriring Sigma Delta Tau Gamma Alpha Chi University of Colorado GUILLIERMO TIZLLIEZ ....... Bogota, Colombiff Fine and Applied Arts Architecture' A.I.A. National University, Colombia, South America VICTOR JOSEPH TENNERY ........... Findlay Engineering Ceramic Engineering Sigma Tau: Keramns: Second Lieutenant. Army ROTC Honors Day 12, 31 JORDAN TEPLITZ ............ ..... C bicaZ" Commerce Marketing Marketing Club: Navy Pier Alumni Associa- tion Navy Pier Activities: University Thea- tre Cast Q21 Navy Pier Extension of the University Of Illinois OLIEG TERIKIHOW .........,.. .... C hicago Engineering Mining Engineering Technograph House President C41 : Illinois 121: M.I.S. University of Muenc sion of the University of Illinois hen: Navy Pier Exten- ANN DYAs THAYHR ............... Ilimdale Liberal Arts and Sciences French Kappa Kappa Gamma Shi-Ai: Pi Delta Phi: The Daily Illini 13. 415 Illini Union Committee fl, 21 g French Club, president Q31 - Honors Day 12, 31 ALFRED EDWARD THOMPSON... .... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.C.S.: A.l.Ch.E. Augustana College Heamzm' XVELDON THOMPSON, JR.. .Chicago journalism Editorial Phi Kappa Sigma Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini 12, 5, ' P bl'c Administra- 41g American Society for u x tion Denison University JOHN CI.AIR THOMPSON ...... Decatur, 17711- Liberal Arts and Sciences Economicr Phi Gamma Delta ' - .C.A. Ma-Wan-Da: The Illro 111. ,Y-M , A d E Fraternity Affairs. Committee 111, Boar o , 1 vice chairman 13, 41 1 IHICFYTHYCFHIKY Counf' 12. 31, president 141: Campus Chest Allo- cations and Advisory Board: Shldcflf Svfwtf Research Bureau, co-chairman: LAS Council 121: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Ord' nance Club ROIIEII1' HARRISON THOMPSON. . . . . . .Pontiac I Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Chi Alpha Kappa Psi: The Illio 11, 213 Illini Union Committee 11, 21: Star Course Man- ager 121: Basketball Manager 1211 merce Council 11, 213 Convncaflons Cem- mittee Chairman 121: Captain, Air ROTC Honors Day 111 Com- Force IAN MARIIYN TI-IORMAHIEN. . .. ...Chicago J 5 , . Agriculture Home Economic: Sherwood Lodge Home Economics Club Blackburn College RICHARD CONRAD THORP. .. . . .. ...Lnnrins Agriculture Food Technology Varsity Baseball Squad 1212 FfCSl1m3n VM' sity Baseball Squad: Field and Furrow: Food Technology Association BYRON ANDREW TI-IORPE III ...... Winnflkfl Commerce Marketing Barton House I . , t Alpha Kappa Psi: Marketing Club. SUUFY for the Advancement of Managemcnfi 5Pflm5h Club ROIJNEY TIIORSON ...... .. ..... For-err Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Econornicr RogeI's House MUTYA CozET1'I2 TIROL A Iloilo City, Pbililrluue lr. Physical Education Physical Education Lincoln Avenue Residence W.A.A. Numerals 131: W-A.A. 12, 5. 411 Terrapin 12, 3, 41 : Student Religious Council Ed cation Maiors Club 12, 3, 41: Physical ' u LAWRENCE EUGENE TISSIERAND liI'unJ1'ille, Incl. Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Shawnee House House President 1 ROTC: I.A.S. 31: Captain, Air Force ra BARTON 'I'oMPIcINs ..... Bloomington Roo 1 - Commerce Commerce and Law Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psi: Illini Union Committee 11, 31: Dolphins 111: Commerce Council 151 : junior Bar Association Honors Day 111 Xi ' was XY'-:Sr K M-or-Sf s ,. . 'mi .. 'if ' x' ' ' ' f .v ,ir lf ' YVILLIAM TOMPKINS ............... Bement Agriculture Vocutionfll Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha: Captain, Army ROTC 13, 41: Agricultural Education Club: Agri culture Club Honors Day 12, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key FRANK THOMAS ToRREs ..... ..... A umm Commerce Marketing Phi Kappa Skull and Crescent: The Daily Illini 11, 21: Illini Union Committee 121: Interfraternity Council 11, 21: House President 131: First ROTC: National Defense Lieutenant, Army Transportation Association: Marketing Club JOHN EUGENE ToRRII.I.o ..... Brooklyn, N.Y. Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi ' Interfraternity Council 131: Football March- ing Band 11, 2, 51: First Regimental Band 11, 2, 31: I.A.S. l l XVII.I.IAM HERIIEIIT TowI.E .... .... C bicugo Commerce Ecofmnlicr Landscape Architecture Society: Rilie and Pis- tol Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois GEORGE DAVID TOWNSEND ........... Urbunu Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Alpha Delta Phi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, president 141: Con- cert Band 11, 2, 3, 41: Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 41: University Sinfonietta 12, 3, 41: University Orchestra 12, 3, 41: School of Music Student Council 121 Honors Day 12, 31 CARYI. Louisa TOWSLEY. . . . .. . . . .Naperville Agriculture Home liconomicr Eclucntirm 4-H House Mortar Board, president: Torch: Alnha Chron: Omrcron Nu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Union Com- mittee 111: XV.G.S. Executive Council 1511 Illini Rural Observer 11, 2, 31: McKinley Foundation Student Council 12, 31, president 141 : Home Economics Council 111, president 121 : Home Economics Club Honors Day 11, 21 EUGENE PIERI'I'z TRAGER ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Phi Sigma Delta Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Beta Pi: LAS Coun- cil 12, 31 Ilonors Day 11, 2, 31 .W RICIIARD JAMES TRAINOR ............ Poniiuc Engineering lk Mining Engineering 'rv 7 Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Captain, " 'ip Air Ea.-ce ROTC: M.I.s. Es. '?.." fx RORERI' FRANK TRAPI1 ........... Tnyloroille Engineering Engineering Pbyricr Sigma Tau: Pi Mu Epsilon: Engineering Council 12, 5, 41 : Captain, Air Force ROTC: German Club: Illini Sportsman's Club: Physics Society, president 13, 41: Young Democrats Club Honors Day 111 503 f I- f' . ,-23 1 1 A R , ..4,. .L 1 , 1. , R M A 2 we V54 t ,ni 'Vw ,. 1 . gy , or 1. 15314 H ,fx 0 BI rgre 11 cl' , if .2 1, tl ist i , Ya ' 'M "Af f I. 1 3 ,-,x , :Riga .Royl e f ,err--0, fl" a 1,gt 'l:,2r' rf Q 1 failing 'p ' M W , 2 ruf.Q,e"' . , V, H, 1 aim, , 5- 15, 4.1. v ',,f,, 51 A1 Vai: 'ff JorrN Ar.vlN TRARns ........... Ezlwardnille Commerce Acconnlancy Mansion Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club Honors Day 111 CAROLYN JRAN TRAvrs ....... .... P fum Agriculture Home Economics' Ieeman Lodge lub Hoirsc President 141: Womcn's Glec C 11, 21: Illini Rural Observer 111: Home Economics Club Roru2R'r WrLcox TRnvARTHRN...Tinley Park Physical Education Pbyrical Edncalion Thcta Xi Physical Education Majors Club Cornell College WILLIAM RICHARD TRRXLRR. .IVmern Sfrrinn-f Engineering Mechanical Engineering 907 Club Seabury Foundation Student Council 1-11: A.F.S.: A.S.M.E. Lyons Township Junior College JACK EDWARD TRuMMnr. .... .. .... Dmnnr Agriculture Dairy Technology Lundgren House Dairy Technology Society . ...... Chicago HARRY THOMAS Tsorcos .... Division of Special Services Sociology Epsilon Phi Sigma RICHARD VrNcrzNr TuaLRY........Rocbener Engineering Melallurgicnl Engineering 907 Club House President 131 : A.S.M.E.: M.l.S. Springfield junior College TURNER ...... Bloomington DONALD ANDREW Fine and Applied Arts Arcbileclure Dornoch Lodge Scarab: Campus Chest 121: Fine and Ap- plied Arts Council 12, 3, 4, 51: First Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC: A.I.A.: Fine and Applied Arts Society Rrcimau GRANT TURNER ,....... Wadrwortb Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Navy Pier Extension Illinois of the University of SuzANNn LRE TURNER ...... ...N fm, Miria- Physical Education Pbyrical Edncalion Delta Gamma . C fn- Sta r Course Manager 121, Y.W.C.A. 0 B d 141- Major I2 mittee 111: W.A.A. oar , . m. AA Sports Manager 11, 2, 3, 41, W0 en's Glee Club 111: Physical Education Mil' jnr SA s Club, president 141 Ll.Y Bnnsnv Twrarzoua ...... Midland, Mich- Education Elementary Edncalion University of Michigan JOAN CLARA TYLER .......... . ...... Chicago Physical Education Pbyrical Edncalion Alpha Kappa Alpha House President 141 Navy Pier Activities: Cheerleader Navy Pier Extension o f the University of Illinois CHARLES CLAUDE ULFIG, JR ....... ...Moline Engineering Agricultural Engineering Clark House Tau Beta Pi: A.S.A.E. Honors Day 131 Moline Community College TOMMY STANLEY ULLOM.... ....Nokami: Engineering Mining Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Engineering Council 131: Second Lieutenant. Army ROTC RONALD RUSSELL Uurrss ........ ..... E lgin Physical Education Physical Education Alpha Tau Omega Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Tribe of Illini: Var- sity Baseball Squad 12, 3, 41, Letter 12. 3. 41, Captain 141: Freshman Varsity Baseball S uad: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: q Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau MARr.nNn DOL!! UNGRHHR ........ Park Ridge Education Elementary Education Kappa Alpha Theta Illini Union Committee 111 : Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 1l1: Panhellenic Executive Council 141 Honors Day 111 .. . .Chicago ALBERT CARL UPSTROM ......... Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Zeta Psi Captain, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Military Council: Rifle and Pistol Club Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Gymnastics Squad 121, Letter 121 Navy Pier Extension of the University ot' Illinois DANIEL XVAYNE URISH ........ .... P ekin Engineering Civil Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma: House rest e tenant Commander, NROTC: Armed Forces Council: Navy Council Honors Day 131 P 'd nt 141: Lieu- I.AwRnNcn UTBERG ................ Chicago Engineering Genera! Engineering Sigma Tau: Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E. Honors Day 12, 3, 41 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RONALD PAUI. VACBK .............. Cbiciuiff Engineering Mrclmnicnl Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Pl Tau Sigma: Interfraternity Council 131: A.S.M.E. Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension o tie Illinois: University of St. Louis t' l University of DORIS JUNE VAI.IZNTA .............. Berwyn Fine and Applied Arts illuric Educnlion Theta Upsilon Sigma Alpha Iota: University Theatre Cast 131: University Choir 11, 41: Women's Glee Club 141: Madrigal Chorus 131 I.a Grange Junior College " asv CH . 1, 1 Engineering PATRICIA VALLIERO ................ Gillerpir Fine and Applied Arts Ar! Ezlumtian Evans Hall Alpha Lambda D House President 141 2 Tall Illini Club 2, 31: University of Illinois elta: Society of Illustrators: Honors Day 11, Scholarship Key Roimrrr Darn VAN BLARICUM. ...... Rannml Commerce Mm-leeling College Hall DAVID MIi.I.IsR VAN DOREN, JR. ..-- Elnilrlff-fl Agriculture Agricnlmral Science Granada Club Phi Eta Sigma: Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 41: Football Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key GEORGE JULIAN VANEMDEN ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Polilicul Science Flagg House Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega: Nu Beta Epsilon: Student Senate 131: Military Ball Committee 121 : Junior ' ' torians Honors Day 12, 31 XVright junior College Bar Association: Prae- FRANK JAY VRNOvI:Rs1'Ime1'IzN...Blnr lrlrmd Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Thornton Junior College VANCE VANTASSELL, JR.. . , . . .. . . . .Robinrau Agriculture G'enc'ml Agriclzltlzrc Farm House Ma-Wan-Da: Sachem: Star and Scroll,Lpresi- dent 121: Sigma Delta Chi: Illini nion Board 131: Major Chairman Mother's Day Illini Union Committee 131: Illini Union Council 12, 31: Illini Uninn Committee 11, 21 Q Interfratcrnity Council 121 : House Presi- dent 141: Football Marching. Band 111C First Regimental Band 111 : Illini Rural Ob- server 11, 21, Editor 131: All-Ag Field Day Committee 121: Alumni Association Board 131 : Plowboy Prom Committee 131 : .Ma:or. Army ROTC: Infantry Club: Agriculture Club: Flying Club: Hoot' and Horn Club: Illini Forensic Association Aiurs I-IAuLrY VAUGHAN. .. . . .Lower Park Eleclrical Engineering University of Dubuque JIM MICIIAIZI. VRNRTUCCI ..... ..... C bimgo Engineering illeclmnicnl Engineering Granada Club Engineering Council 121: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: A.S.M.E. Illinois Institute of Technolol-W1 Wlright unior College' Navy Pier Extension of the J ' . . University of Illinois RoooI.Ifo Diavnrur VIERGARA .......... Cbimgn Engineering Aernminticrll Engineering Illinois Technograph 121: Pershing Rifles: I.A.S. Carnegie Institute of Technology Ronnnr VAI.I2Rn VnRI-IAI2GHn..Elmwaad Park Fine and Applied Arts Music Ecllicnlion Football Marching Band 12, 3, 41: First Regimental Band 12, 3, 41: University I.utheran Chapel Student Council 13, 41 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois ' DONNA Ronsn VE1'TIIR ......-........ Alvdv Agriculture llama' Ecnnoniicr Edricnlion Phi Kappa Phi: Omicron Nu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Home Eco- nomics Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31: Scholarship Key University of Illinois .Turcolrz BARBARA VICTOR ................. Physical Education Pbyrical Education Gamma Phi Beta Shorter Board: Torch: Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet 12, 3, 41: Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 3. 41: Campus Chest 141: Major I: W.A.A. Numerals: W.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41: Physical Education Majors Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Y.W.C.A. Executive Council 12, 3, 41 FRANK VILETA, JR. ................ Chicago Engineering Aeromwficnl Engineering Sigma Tau: Sigma Gamma Tau, president 141: Glider Club: I.A.S., president 13, 41 MoN'I'Is BERNARD VINIZR ..... ...Chicago Commerce Econoinicr Lundgren House Young Democrats Club: Illini Insurance So- ciety Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois R Vrscu ER ........ Park Ridge EBIIRHARD Porn Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Palilicul Science Phi Kappa Sigma LAS Council 12, 5. 41 : Anthropology Club: Club: German Club: Spanish Club: French Tall Illini Club Northwestern University 1 505 - ,sro ruff "yf.,A. 1 K I wi :I . i,.....M u2?f+f?'if1p,i-fy,f- ,. ,V , I I -2. ar-1 ,i A r . I c X if I , 1-A not r Lip 1 1 as L i ' is S' in .-A1131 ' ' . ' 1. , gut, .. . 512:35 w',. -.1 l'f"i'4di. 4 --rar" L. e .,- 5. ,4- A-1 I Q. ,Z"f'.' . L: swf degli., .4 of gr, 1 'k if it 5, t gg 'P' ' In ' ' ii f if l 5 A 3 MA A' A gi, Qi 'Q v. rf' ' .,sZg,,t ,yi A L. R if fis t, ,A it 4 Q -5p.f55'- -,-LQ.. A, fr, ., ,V tr,-5 ,vm f 1 , aw ,Q , W' r 1 'Q 6 'ii i P1 'I ff, N KN Aw as r I edu I 1 of A li gi A . A .H f A ag" 4 1, Q Fd' S argfk. QW, . Q i,3f 'i ' 3 r , Q 'I I B g?k5i ".iri-"I RJ' J' .. :il I 'Wmff' E?f2'2s-iz:-I .vw .g G,:..,,: . X lik! "if ,M .1 ,.Ai1"'e ., " i l.l:1'if:- . r:.f:.g-ag, i L, .' 1,3 A .R raid it A' Q ie it 1 A-'14 U, yi. t 2 1 iq: ,gi 11 1 , , 21' i I ,Rei , .1 - A . is 73 ' if , isfyk,ff'li,11,: 1 1.-, ,1,:'Mf'f,' f",' ,Q- " A A R I '3 T ' A ,ty A tiggjy :Y . lt? A 1 4 N A 1 'ZZ x 1 .X A 3:93 .4 X . 2952 1 l S Qi if A , x 2. :T .fix in 1.5 ' . "sr ffm f I . 1 Xikgiyll 4 - :,i.,51 Q Q a ri 2.1. iz 5 , fl. ti. if A ,S ?f. A ' .c.,.,i :W . ig if L ' A 9153. .,i, fi If vip Iii fi t 54 a +1"l'?gg, toni?- A ' A-lv.,J'5 A - A ' ' IW 55.1. - . ' 4 A if 2,15 .A if y ' . ,.'?'5,13-1 . ' I A 'gi i'FW , , Pr ' .'.L1. .5 l if ., 1' .1 1,117 A . f sj:"f':,..,L.f'f., A' L-.. ., .A .A ,gf , WE , . wx. ', gg gs,14,i,- - . M - if -y:'pw .R F' 'if "2 A. Hifi. 'x if ' wof2:f i argl ,X Egger. at K ,- K 3 mio? . Q 53.4.5 -'Y at ,w i af. ae... .Q, ,,.i,1,r K, ', Yr I f iv- K J wig" 3 9 -1 . .5 .Q ' Neill," - .pi Ly-:iss T ' 4' if mf? !QiLff'f'i-A-E .1 ' .V - :., -5 , , on '41 ,rt-2315: .3 WflLl.IAM RICHARD Vrrous ...... Bam-bfmzmir Commerce Marketing Flagg House House President 141: Society for the Ad- vancement ol' Management Dominic Mrcufuzr, VITUCCI. ...... .fbifffrw Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Navy Pier Alumni Association: Spanish Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois lfl,AlNlE VLACHOS .......... .... C bimga Education lilementary Eriimzlinn Lincoln Avenue Residence Y.XV.C.A. Committee 13, 41: XV.A.A. 1-41 FRANK Ar.oIs VLAsrcH ....... .Chicago journalism Adifertiring College Hall Alpha Delta Sigma Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois lfRANcrs Linz VOSBURGH ........... Sycrmmre Liberal Arts and Sciences Geogmfrby Calhoun Hall Sacramento Junior College: Northern ll- linois State Teachers' College lN'lAllY Pm'LLIs XVADE, ........... Illefropolir Agriculture Hrupihll Dietetic! McKinley Hall ' Major Chairman Colfee Hour Illini Unifn Committee 141: Illini Union Council 1411 Illini Union Committee 131: All-Ag Field Day Committee 121 : Plowboy Prom Commit- tee 121: Home Economics Club: Panhel- lcnic Coordinating Committee 141: XV.G.S. Coordinating Committee 141 : Star and Scroll Queen 131 I Southern Illinois University 111 NoRMA Liar: XVADIZ ................ Biuhnvll Commerce 11lm'ketiu,rg Cagle Hall Christian College: XVestern Illinois State College Roman Kun- XVADSXY"OR'l'll .... Drcrrlwz, N. Y. Engineering Alecbfzrlirrll Eflgineering Triangle Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. GERALD DUANIZ XVAGLIER ....... .... P Rlain Agriculture Gezlerul flgricnimri' Alpha Gamma Rho Y.M.C.A. Committee 141: Agricultural Council 131: All-Ag Field Day Committee 141: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Na- tional Defense Transportation Association: Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club, president 131 : Hoof and Horn Club 506 as i1'llil.VIN IVIIERLE XVAGNIER ...... ...Newmfl Agriculture Ariinml Srieuee Pi Kappa Phi Star and Scroll: House President 141 Eastern Illinois State College Pl-lll.l.ll' H. XVAGNER ....... . . . .Albffff Commerce Alareeting Marketing Club Springheld Junior College LOTCHIER ALJOR WArNscoT1' ....... Belvidere Engineering Civil Engirzeuriizg Theta Chi Major, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Societyl A.S.C.E.: Scimitar XVILLIAM ARTHUR VUAKIEFIELD ..... Rackferd Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.: I.'l'.E. IDIDNALU FRIEDIQRICK XVALD ..... Crirmel, Calif- Fine and Applied Arts Arrbifeemre Alpha Rho Chi A.l.A. DAVID RICHARD XVALKIER .... ...Cbimgff Commerce Emmimier Morgan Park junior College FRANCIS EDWIN XVALKIZR. .........,. 111111011 Agriculture Agrimltnml Economic: Algha Gamma Rho h Phi ta Sigma: All-Ag Field Day Committee 121: Plowboy Prom Committee 11, 21: SCC- ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Alpha Rho Tau: Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Poultry Science . U 7 Honors Day 11, 2. 31. University of Illinois Scholarship Key GEORGE JRROMR XVALKER, JR .... .... B erwyfl Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Evgiirb Four Columns Morton Junior College R012 EDXVARD XVALKER. . . . . . . . . . .New Lenox Agriculture Gvneml Agririilmre Acacia Men's Glee Club 111: Scabbard and Blade: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 131 GENE ALLAN WAI.I.Acrz ...... ...- A110111 Journalism Publication Management Phi Gamma Delta Senior Class President: Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini 11, 21: Interfraternity Council fl- 21: Illini Board of Control 131: T-A5 Council 121: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: Pershing Rifles FRIIIDA WALLK ..................... Pc-arm Education Elementary Education Keeler Klub l Pi: Alpha Alpha Chron: Kappa De ta Lambda Delta: House President 131 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: Scholarship Key University ot' Illinois I-r .......... Chicago FRANK josI2PH WAMBAC Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology Medea Lodge Honors Day 11, 31 Navy Pie ' ' ' f Illinois r Extension of the University o VIRGINIA JEANNI2 WARD ............ Chicago Education Elementary Education Theta Upsilon Y.1V.C.A. Committee 151 - ' E t nsion of Blackburn College, Navy Pier x c the University of Illinois joHN EDWARD WARNOCK. . ...... Mt. Carroll Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Phi Eta Sigma: Second Lieutenant, Army ' A ROTC: National Defense Transportation s- Sociation: Illini Sportsman's Club: Spanish Club Honors Day 11, 31 LVARREN ALVIN WAKEFIELD ..... .... L clam! Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Y.M.C.A. Committee 131: Basketball Man 3gCI' 121 : Men's Glee Club 13, 41 : Plowboy Prom Committee 131: National Defense Transportation Association: Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club: Hoof and Horn Club JERRY XVILLARD WASHBURNB ........ Chicago Agriculture Floriculture XVesmen Flnriculture Club Thornton Illinois Institute of Technology: Township Junior College .....Chic OSCAR jiicon XVASSERMAN .... Commerce Marketing Marketing Club DePaul University: Navy Pier the University of Illinois ago Extension of FRANCES EUGIZNIA WATKINS ........ Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Palamar -l,R.E.: Engineering Council 12, 41 : A.l.E.E. Illini Forensic Association Honors Day 121 Navy Illinois Pier Extension of the University of Dono'rHY JOAN W Kappa Delta Alpha 41: Y.W.C.A. Committee 12, 51: NV.A.A. 13, 41 1 Newman Foundation Student Council 13, 41 : Anthropology Club ' Cornell College: Quincy College .IAMIIS RoNAI.o W Pl Hou Swim Lieutenant, Army ROTC Honors Day 111 AN Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Delta Zeta Alpha Alpha Gamma: Fine and Applied Arts Council 121 Rum. VAUGHN WEAS........... Si A Honors Day 12, 31 A xrN RAY LVPATHFRIY ......... La Grange A.I.Ch.E. En ineering Council 141: Second Lieutenant, A'rsoN .... .... . .. .Quincy Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lambda Delta: University Theatre 13, A'rs0N .... . . . .Winnetka Law Law ii Delta Theta se President 141 : Tribe of Illini: Varsity ming Squad 13. 41, Letter 131 : Second NE KUNsTMAN WAY ..... Jenkintown, Pa. .Norris City Engineering Electrical Engineering gma Tau: Eta Kappa Nu, president 141: Q rmy ROTC: A.l.E.E.--I.R.E.: Synton Rl: . . , Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Metlea Lodge Lyons Township Junior College . . . .Harvey AI.IixANoIIR Wimvna ....... Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Thornton junior College JOANN IJIIYLLIS Wrmvnn. . . . . .. .... Urbana Journalism Aclrertiring Kappa Delta Gamma Alpha Chi: The Illio 111 Union Committee 131 : Illini RYIIAND EDWIN Wisuu ............ Allendale Agriculture Animal Science Nabor House Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma: Plowboy Prom Committee 111 : Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key STEVEN LEROY Ween ......... Denver, Colo. Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa A C m- Star Course Manager 121: Y.M.C. . o mittee 111: Student Senate 131: Committee on Student Discipline 131: Military Ball Committee 131 : Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC: Air Force Council: Armed Forces Council: Arnold Air Society: Pershing Rides, Second Lieutenant: Glider Club: I.A.S. 507 BARBARA RUTH Wmmisn. . . .. .. .Paxton Education Iflwilenhlry Edllfzllfflll Pi Beta Phi The Illio 11, -1. - - . Course Manager 121: Freshman Council 1 Assistant Editor 131: Star A ARILYN 1,uc1i.i.n Wmsiusn. .. . . . .... Urban.: I Liberal Arts and Sciences Polilinil Science Pi Beta Phi Shorter Board: The Illio 12, 31, Associate Editor 141: Star Course Manager 121: Y,XV.C.A. Committee 131: House President 1-11 : Young Democrats Club Honors Day 131 Mount Holyoke College l1IllRY ANN Wiznizn ...........,..... llfmlfigfi Liberal Arts and Sciences Alfitlavnmticf Evans Hall St. Mary-of-the-Wfoods College Rosiai.vN ANN Wnci-rrnn .... JuNia MAX' NVEILA SANDRA TVfAIRE Wanna ...........,.. Cbimgn Agriculture Home Et'0!l1JfIIif.l' Alpha Omicron Pi University Theatre 111 . ...Chicago Education Elt'lll4'!Iflll'j' Educuiio ri Honors Day 12, 31 University of Miami ND. . . . . . . ...... . .Chicago Commerce Corzinicrcinl Teaching ' Kappa Delta Pl' Chi Theta: The Illio 111: Illini Union ll Committee 11, 2, 3, 41 : Star Course Manager ' ' Glee 121: Campus Chest 11, 21, Women s Club 111 Q Lutheran Student Foundation Stu- dent Council 12, 3, 41: Home Economics Cluh . . . . .Peoria INTARVIN MAunic:iz Wmrnnu.. Commerce Pz'r.mnm'l Mnnugenlvul Society for the Advancement of Management University of Omaha . .Chicago HARRIIVI' XVEINBIERG ...........-. Education Elenlmtary Erlncalian Lincoln Avenue Residence Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois . , Cbirilkf' Mu.1'oN XVIEINER ............... Liberal Arts and Sciences lzuurfmliannl Affair: Phi Sigma Delta Navy Pier Alumni Association: Russian Lim' guage Club Roosevelt College: Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois XVIl.l.IAM ERNEST WHINGARZ, JR. ..... I.ii1rr1lI1 Agriculture Gellenll Agricnllure Alpha Zeta: Second Lieutenant, Air Fvffc ROTC IWAURINE XVIEINSTEIN ..... .... C bimkff Education Eluniermlry Education E.K.T. Club A. 'ne 11 31- YM.c. Illini Union Comm: e -, , . Committee 131: Freshman Wfeck Committee 121 BARBARA GAYLE Went .............. Clainigff Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbalagy Zeta Tau Alpha Oratorio Society 131 3 Navy Pier Alumni AS' sociation Navy Pier Activities: Daily Illini f ' ' 't o I.onRAiNi: ANNiz XVEINBERG ........ Liberal Arts and Sciences History Lincoln Avenue Residence The Daily Illini 111 Honors Day 131 .Cbimgn Navy Pier Extension of the Universiy Illinois JEAN XVILLIAMS Weiss .......... cimffpifixv Education lilcmenlury Efhicnlion Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambdfl Delta: University Theatre Cast 111i Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 12, 51: Y.XV.C.A, Corn- P si- mittec 11, 21: NV.A.A. 12. 31: House rc dent 141: Illini Board of Control 13, 413 Panhellenic Ball Committee 111 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ANN Wmcsusn ................... Chinuw I.iberal Arts and Sciences Pryclmlagy E.K.T. University of Miami . .. . . .Demlnr DURAN Knrm XVELTY ........ Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. james Millikin University BARBARA JEAN XVEPRAINSKY.. Journalism Radio I.incoln Avenue Residence Theta Sigma Phi Honors Day 111 Navy Pier Extension of tl Illinois hfARILYN JEAN XVERNER... ..... Education . . .... Cbifrlgn ie University Of .Strerllar Elumul1tm'y Edlimlion Phi Mu Shi-Ai: Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: The Illio 11, 21: Illini Union Com- mittee 11, 2, 31: House President 1412 Women's Glee Club: Senior Ball Committee 121 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key FRED CHARLES Wmmo ..... .... C hicaxfl Commerce Marketing Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Psi: The Daily Illini Ill: Interfraternity Council 12, 3, 41 : House Presi- - alanx: cient fflli Mrllor, Army ROTC. Ph- Marketing Club Honors Day ill ERNA CATIIERINE XVESTAWAY ........ Chicago Physical Education l'by.ric1ll lfdncrlfian Evans Hall NV.A.A. fl, 2, 5. 4l: Navy Pier Alumni Association Honors Day ISU Navy Pier' Extension of the University of Illinois JOHN 'l'Hor.rAs Wnsrnv ..... ..... 1 flgin Commerce Marketing Tomahawk Lodge k ' Clubr SJ- Illini Insurance Society: Mar eting . L - - i ciety for the A Elgin Community College dvancement of Managemcn RLUND .............ChimRH ROLAND Wnsrrz Liberal Arts and Sciences N Political Science Lundgren House Illini Union Committee C41 3 Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 441: Young Democrats Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois RUTH ANN Wcsrmi-cn ........... Springheld Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlry Lincoln Avenue Residence XV.A.A. Ui Springfield Junior College HALL WEXLER. .. .. . . .Cbir Commerce Commerce and Law XVAIIRIEN Mans Pi Lambda Phi Nu Beta Epsilon: Major Chairman Public 'ttee 137' Illini Uni Romznr E ARI. XVHIZLAN. . .... . . .Blannlinglan ug ll ity OU Illini Union Commi . fraternity Council Committee CZ, 3, 41: Inter Bar Association: Marketi UR 131 1 Junior ' A sociation: Society Club: Navy Pier Alumni s I Advancement of Management for tie ' ' " ' Varsity Track Team Navy Pier Activities. Il 23' Pier Illini fl, 27 HLIDKIFSIDJY or Navy Pier Extension of the University Illinois Rrcznann FRANK XVHARTON .... .... Engineering Merlmnical Iinginecring S"ma Phi Delta ll- Pi Tau Sigma: Engineering Council IZ, of C bicng o 51: A.F.S.: A.S.M.E. paper Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini News 12? Honors ay , Navy Pier Extension of the Universi D 12 33 Illinois Brzvrzizrx ANN WHEELER .... .Bel Agriculture Harm' Economic: Beta House Illini Union Committee I , : Observer GJ : All-Ag Field Day Com Plowbny Prom C nomics Club Honors Day fll 1 25 Illini ommittee 1372 Hom KENNETH Cfou. WHrsis1.12a. .. .. .... Commerce Pvrrannel Mnmlgcmenl ty of fidurc Rural mittee 2 c Eco- Iinhuld IAS Clum Q Sigma Chi 5 79. Dennison University: B H J Phi Kappa Maior, Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: CHAnLrzs ALLEN XVHITE ............... Lirli I.iberal Arts and Sciences Tt'rl!'l9L'l' Tnliniug in Social Stnditar Second Lieutenant. Army ROTC: Infantry I-lrcixurirvi' Cl jovcra IXIAIIION Wnmz ...... ........ N or-nm! Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Evans Hall ' . ll, 2, 45 Campus Chest 125, XV.A.A XV.G.S. Executive Council Q35 Ronmtr I.liSI.llE XV A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Engineering Acrafnlnlirnl Fvgineering lR'l'lS XVHlTli. . Commerce Alfrrkvliiig . . . ,. .Pivirifl radley University HITMAN .......... Chicago Engineering Iilvrlricnl Engineering Barton House onors Day fl 21 one ............ Unk Pfula ANI! ANN XVHITM Fine and Applied Arts Aa! and Adiferriring Dcrign Kappa Kappa Gamma IVAN Hfiruus XIUHITSIELL. . . . .. ..., .Allan Engineering Alvcbrmiml Engimwirzg Alpha Phi Omega: A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. DoNAi.n STANLEY Wmczonex ...... Chicago Education 7'mcl:wr Training in Gt-nam! Science Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Cam W1xoiuzN ...... .... C hir-nga BUa'roN , Agriculture Exieririrm Svrifice Bastille House President Ml: Illini Rural Observer ' 7 dation Student Council I-IJ : Baptist loun I-H ' A riculture Club: Field and Furrovs , Hoof and Horn Club Navy Pier Activities: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad Wfilson junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University of Illinois 509 4 -141 1 e f lm I ,i 1 I 1 5 I l llnlla M . to 1 if i f 3 'ft an 'I 'i-r.-.,5'-.f,-,,- -.IC 4 so 1-4-'-4-W1 ,I PM I 1 :hu ' ,Q vw M 'K 4. . 52, t r tl 'T 'vi yi., ' lark .2 . tr "AFV IM lla 'I r. i I Er.,- ,, 1 t' ' R A . ,, 8 , tv , .v,la ,,, xl iid, h x. . J! CONSTANCE ELIZABETH Fine and App Alpha Chi Omega lied Arts Ar! Ediimlion If '5i'51- 1:11 'L 'n f Mr GLEN Evniu' WILDERMUTH ...... Rack Irlimrl in M y - Engineering 1 ,,Q,w Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Chi Epsilon: Maior, Army .gg ROTC: Infantry Club: Military cmmfiia Ka A.S.C.E. 4, .: 4, ?P ' vi- le? 4? I 531411: ' ', 1 I WILDMAN. . .Cbmign Committee 131 Sfmni Alpha Lamb Honors Day 11, 21 University of Chicago Illini Uninn Committee 131 : Panhellenic Ball IIRA STANISLAWA WILKINs,Blnompeld KAZIM I Liberal Arts and Sciences rl: da Delta: Russian Language Club .Lien-fyifiilr MARILYN ALICE WILL. . . . . . . . .. Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Econmnicr Petite Maison XV.A.A. 111: German Agr Farmhouse Navy rer Illinois J Army ROTC 510 EDDIE NATHAN WILLIAM Club LANTZ XVILLERTON. .. .. . .Dimrerr ROBERT Agriculture Animal Science Acacia Skull and Crescent: Y.M.C.A. Committee 111: Phi Chi Eta: Agriculture Club: Hoot' and Horn Club FRANK HARMON WILLRY ........ Taylor-rille iculture General Agrimlmre n Mask and Bauble: Pierrots: Illini Unio Committee 12, 31 : University Theatre 13, 41 3 Y.M.C.A. Committee 131: Illini Rural Ob- server 11, 21: All-Ag Field Day Committee ' ' 't Theatre Student Staff 131 121 , Universi y University Theatre Personnel Manager 141: University Theatre Board of Control 13, 41 : Plowboy Prom Committee 111 : Sec- ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC: National De- ' ' tion: Agriculture tense Trans ortation Associa Club: Hootp and Horn Club DENNIS CALVIN XVILLIAMS .......... Claim Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryebology University Theatre Cast 121 : Y.M.C.A. Cor mittee 131: University Chorus 121 P' Extension ot' the University ournalism Editorial The Daily Illini 12, 31 : e K0 U' of S.. .Mempbily Tenn. S cond Lieutenant, lllfrl EDITH MARGARE'l' XVILLIAMS ...... .. .Mn Agriculture Home Erolzonlitr Efliimtian Evans Hall Campus Chest 111 : Home Economics Ch Ib QT 9' VIor.A WILLIAMSON. . . . . . . . .I.ong1'IPW IRMA Education Elementary Education Cagle Hall Disciples' Foundation Student Council 12. 3, 41 Honors Day 111 Ross Illin GL1zAsoN WILSEY, JR ..,....... .Sidney Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Chest i University Theatre 131: Campus 131 : Illini Forensic Association ROIIIIRT KEITH WILSON ..... ..... T alonv Commerce Management Tomahawk Lodge ' t Air use President 141 : Second Lreutenan , Ho Force ROTC: Rifie and Pistol Club: Society' for the Advancement of Management Rn Shorter Board: Phi C I NATIZ Barre WINDMUELLER.......Chlt'1lg0 Journalism Editorial Lincoln Avenue Residence h' Theta: The DailY Illini 11, 2, 31, Society Editor 141 H onors Day 131 JAMES DUDLEY WINEFORDNER ....... Generw Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Newman Hall Honors Day 11, 2, 31 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key JANE Rane WINBMAN..-......L1l1lll'6IlL'L' fill: Fine and Applied Arts Mmic Education Cagle Hall Mu Phi Epsilon: University Choir 12, 3, 41 Z Women's Glee Club 111 Honors Day 11, Scholarship Key 2, 31 : University of Illinois LEE XVINGLER .... . . .... Clmmpriign Commerce Mnrkeling Force ROTC: Pershing Rides: NORMAN Captain, Air Marketing Club WININGS. .. .. . . . . . .Loiiingron SHERMAN B. Agriculture General Agriculture Son's Home National Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: . Defense Transportation Association: Agricul- tural Economics Club: Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club Honors Day 111 GLORIA ESTHER WINKEL ........... Chicago Engineering Engineering Pbyrier Evans Hall Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Mu Epsilon: Engineering Council 13, 41: Physics Society Navy Pier Activities: Alpha Lambda Delta, president 121 : Pier Illini Newspaper 121 Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Navy Pier Extension o ' ' f Illinois f the University o 1.ELANu Gnome Wise. . . ... ... .Dakota Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Alpha Psi: Sigma Ima Epsilon: Accountancy Club: Delta Sigma Omicronz Marketing Club Honors Day 11, 2, 51 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key .. .Clinton Jassm MAn X'-7rsaaAnvaa..... . Agriculture Home Economic! Etiucalion Alpha Xi Delta Phi Upsilon Omicr : . . Illini Christian Fellowship 12, 3, 41: All-Ag 'cs Field Day Committee 121: Home Economr Council 11, 31: Plowboy Prom Committee 121: Home Economics Club Illinois State Normal University on Campus Chest 131: RICHARD Lan Wrrr ................... Pekin Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Dornoch I Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.I.A. Frovn Gnoacn AVOHRLEY .... . . .... Dixon ' Agriculture A General Agriculture ' Sigma Tau Gamma Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club Wfestern Illinois State College Room: Lan Worznsxr ..... Indinntrpoli.r, Ind. Law Law Pi Kappa Alpha Star and Scroll: Star Course Manager 11. ' ' ' House 21: Interfraternrty Council 12, 31, President 131: J ' ' unior Bar Association ERMIN S'rANr.EY Wojcrx ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Tau Gamma Interfraternity Council 131: House President 141 : Midshipman, NROTC Roruuvr Lnrz Wow .............. Glen Ellyn Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Gargoyle: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Scarab: The Illio 11, 2, 31, Associate Editor 141: House President 131 1 Varsity Golf Squad 12. 41: Freshman Varsity Golf Squad: Illinois Technograph 141: Captain, Army ROTC: Zeta Sigma Alpha: A.I.A.: Scimitar Honors Day 12, 3, 41: University ot' Illinois Scholarship Key jnaorun MArrrrN WOLF. ...... .... C bicugo Commerce Marketing Clark House University Choir 131: Marketing Club Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Bentl, Ind. STEPHEN Worrrmnc ....... South Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Illini Union Comml , , Council 12. 31: Student Senate 11, 2, 3, 41: Committee on Student Affairs 141 : Committee el t Discipline 141' NSA. Senate on Stu en , . . Subcommittee 12, 3, 41: Captain, Air Force ROTC: Illini Forensic Association 'ttee 11 21' Interfraternity IWAR Alpl Club: Agriculture Club Wfestern Illinois State College JAN I. Phi Alpha Theta: University Chorus 13, 41 : An ' A SOC Navy Pier Activities: University Choir 11, 21 Honors Day 11, 21 N lll RUTH JANET Worr. .......... T Ill KENNETH FRANCIS hVOLI.I'lNBERG . Werlcherler Engineering I VIN STANLEY Worronn ....... Abingdon Agriculture Vocational Agriculture ra Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education nr GAI1. Wor.rsoN .............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studie: incoln Avenue Residence thropology Club: Navy Pier Alumni s- iation avy Pier Extension of the University of inois .Chicago Agriculture Home Economic: Alpha Phi he Illio 111: W.A.A. 111: Home Eco- rmics Club illecbrurical Engineering 'icr Extension of the University of Navy I llinois Moruus MORTON XVOLOSHIN. . . . . . . .Chicago Commerce Accountancy Lunclgren House Accountancy Club nivcrsit of Chicago' Navy Pier Exten- U -. y , sion of the University of Illinois Ponrmt JOHN Womntnonrrf. . . . . . . .Decatur Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 13, 41: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 31: Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 1l1 : Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Society of American Mili- tary Engineers Ilonors Day 11, 2, 31: Scholarship Key University of Illinois .Hong Kong, Chinn PAK-crrr2oNo Woo ...... Fine and Applied Arts flrchileclure Wlesmen XVesley Foundation Student Council 13, 41 JAMES IWACKILL Woon ...... ...Wfilmette Commerce Marketing Delta Kappa Epsilon Lake Forest College EVA Mfuiur WoonAi.L ............. Wuggonur Agriculture Ilrnnu liconamicf 4-H HUUSC Phi Upsilon Omicron: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 13, 41: Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 21: All-Ag Field Day Committee 11, 21: Home Eco- nomics Council 141: Plowboy Prom Com- mittee 11. 21 : Home Economics Club Honors Day 131 51 I 1 .Zi 1 " Dfljf .tk I is ,if 31:52 , - K''i5f1 J' 5 ' 1 y ,, 'F .-2, " 'x y -- is 11. 3 ,J Ny, ,vt . 3 V 1, C 1 , ,. . E ' x K1 .fi K 5 .bww .A 4 SK.. f r. lr 1 f 1 -it f - . ,f f Aff ' M. A' K 1. ' M . . I i. 'Q ii. tw' .- .5321 +5 11- ,,,,. .yi Y, ,ew 1 1T:'i'i2'- t Magi -, ' fiiiiiii . ,oss ,, w 4 , , f My Vg! ,QQ .L ,C V - f. t. .,,-, . ,i w 1,1326 Q., I 1, f Q M' H -. .w-:if .7., J. if EW '9 X X 121. L Y 1 5' 5 I -. i Fx' I '31 f ,N l it t 1 J -5 'E' 13 1 ss., 'rw W 'K A 2 - 4 4 'E S ry 1 41' '1 'K fr J ,Pc ,. f ,Li . ii 's l l I 1 l fl 4. 1 AT: ' 1 C .gg is V is if '59- CnaRi.o'i'rn JIQAN Wooimnb ......... Cbimgfi I.iberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Evans Hall Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis 11, 2, 33 Navy Pier Extension of the University ul lllinois susiuv Aro,iaNia Woous ........... Lf: Gilrllljlt' I.iberal Arts and Sciences '1'eirrber 7'rf1ir1irlg in Sfim1i,r'b Alpha Chi Omega Torch: Sigma Delta Pi: Major Chairman Square Dances Illini Union Committee 133: Major Chairman Homecoming Dances Illini Union Committee 133: Illini Union Council 133: lllini Union Committee 11, 2, 3, 43: University Theatre Manager 11, 23: Campus Chest 11, 23: W.A.A.113: University Chorus 13, 43: XVomen's Glee Club 11, 2, 33: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 123: Freshman Wleek Committee 11. 23 3 Panhellenic Ball Committee 123 : Spanish Clubl Teachers-in-Training Club: Young Re- publicans Club Howfuzn Josmfn XVor1KoxvsKr ...... Cbirrrgff Physical Education I'by.riml Edliriilirnl Delta Phi Y.M.C.A. Committee 113: House President 113 1 Freshman Council 113 : Freshman Foot- ball Squad: Varsity Football Squad 12, 33. Letter 133: Freshman Varsity XVrestling Squad: Varsity Wfrestling Squad 113: Ath- letic Council 113 : Physical Education Majors Club: Polish Club Honors Day 113 XVAr,'rrfn A1,ni2n'r RVOZNIAK ......... Cliiriigv Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbf'mi.rrry Honors Day 113 Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois Jivu Irs Wnsrm' XVrunH'r'. ...... I.imfrwrcei'illi' Commerce Iiromzmiar Tau Kappa Epsilon Tribe of lllini 12, 3, 43: Varsity Basketball Squad 12, 3, 43, Letter. 12, 3, 43: Fresh- man Varsity Squatl 113 : Varsity Track Squad 12, 3, 43, Letter 13. 43: Freshman Varsity Squad 113: Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC Jrfnm' EDWIN XVmt:H'r .......... Park Ridge Fine and Applied Arts lllllllillizll Di'.ri,q1l Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Phi Omega, president 143: Illini Union Committee 11, 23: Drum Major 11, 13: Football Marching Rand 12, 33: First Regimental Band 12, 33: Second Regimental Band 113 lt rtruimn 1.1 Nt:ol.N XVRIGHT ....... Sbelbyrille Journa I ism Radio Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily llIini123: WILL 13,431 Cadet, Ai-my ROTC Honors Day 11, 2, 33 l3ui:raNia Yarowrrz ........ . . . .Chit-iigv Commerce rllfirkeiirig Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC: Phi Chi Eta: Marketing Club KizaN SHINGO YAMAMOTO ,... ..... C himgff Commerce fltwiliirliulry Michigan State Normal College 512 'L' is WY A . - I -1 V' 'lt I .. I 'll f it .. at sa, 1 4 .W Josrzvn JOHN YANCIK .,..... ...ML Olivf Engineering Mining Eugilmfriug Tau Beta Pi: M.l.S. , Honors Day 11, 2. 33 3 University of Illinllls Scholarship Key Josmfi-r Yosuivuxi YASU'l'AKl3 ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrbnlogy University Chorus 133 Lawrence College Sui: ANN Ylivmz .,........ ludinmipolir, Irrrl- I.iberal Arts and Sciences lingiirb Keeler Klub Stephens College IIl.IZAllETH JANrz Yimrrran ........ Cbfimlurisfl I.iberal Arts and Sciences Exrglifb Delta Delta Delta Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambda Delta: The DI1ilY lllini 123: The Illio 113: Illini Union Com' mittee 113: Illini Theatre Guild Cast 1132 Panhellenic Executive Council 143 Honors Day 11, 2, 33: University ot' IllinoiS Scholarship Key 3'ING Lum YEH ............. Trliilrlll, Cbimi Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemirlry A.I.Ch.E.: Chinese Students Club St. Procopius College Crvnn Lranov YOUNG ......... Earl Sl. Lani! Engineering ilferhfmicul Engizleerirlg Engineering Council, president 133: Second l.ieutenant, Army ROTC: A.F.S., presidcnf 143 JACK Ar.r1soN YOUNG. . . . . . .. .... Am-ora Journalism Ad1'cr1i.rir1g Alpha Tau Omega Sachem: Skull and Crescent: The Daily Il' lini 11, 23: Midshipman, NROTC JAMES CHUN ISIAN YOUNG ........... Peoria Fine and Applied Arts Aicbilerlnre A.l.A. JOHN Mn.1'oN YOUNG ............. Dmimr Fine and Applied Arts Music Erlncrrlinn Sigma Nu Second Regimental Band 11, 23: University Chorus 143: Men's Glee Club 143 SM-I-H1 JOANNE YOUNG. .... ....Dr'.r l'l.riri.ur Liberal Arts and Sciences Slrverli K3Ppa Kappa Gamma University Theatre 121 De Pauw University XVrr.i.rAu Ar,r.r:N YOUNG. .. .,,ltfr.or'illi' Commerce Lau' Sli-Ima Alpha lipsilon Phi Delta Phi: Illini Union Committee 1ll1 l'hi Chi lita: junior Bar Association Ronrznr S'raNl,m' Youiwnrirmo ....... Cliimlqfi Physical Education Pl7Q'.l'it'1Il lirlnnrlirnr Newman Hall PlII'sical Education Majors Club lxvfight junior College: Navy Pier Exten- sion of the University ot' Illinois ANN Loursn Youmznrtrtrfix .... ..., C birrrgn Education H,L'7lIl'llfflly Edlrcfrlion Delta Phi Epsilon The Daily Illini 113 5 House President 133 Iluzannrrr ANN ZAcHAmAs ........ lilmlmiir Fine and Applied Arts XIII Iirlnmlion Phi Nfu Kappa Delta Pi Northern Illinois State Teachers' Collegt Lois jam: Zluraonsru' .......,...... livireyn Fine and Applied Arts Art lirlnmlion Evans Hall Orchesis 123 Art Institute of Chicagog Northwestern Uni- versity Romanr JOIIN ZAr.A'ronts .... ...Cbirngff Commerce ,'lt'm1ml1rm'J' Pi K1 U1 Phi . 1 1 . Alpha Kappa Psig Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, National Defense Transportation As- sociation: Accountancy Club Honors Day 121 ARMAND ALAN ZALIION. .Glam-rfille, N. Y Liberal Arts and Sciences Clfemirlly Captain, Air Force ROTC, Praetorians Manx Efuu. Zrzfu. ........... .... C bimg Commerce Alfrrnbelirrg Lundgren House Marketing Clubg Praetorians 0 F ve ., v -. 5 ,q lr I' ,I W M .-f awww .1. A 6 .,, I x ar- Y' . Q? lg ri' A jam: Muurt Zlirutoxxsxl. ..... ....f,'l,j,f,,u,, .r f if-fe,--,,, E f' . . ' 'rl cxzi ' v--it-me ,ommtite 5 :yr A i3""'fm .frwelrrlirll 'l'ri1.'r1.irlg gl .Q Alpha Ilouse ilu '- f fi t XV,A.A. Nurnerals 151 : XY'.A.A.g 5lu,,,gep, ITL: r, . - 1 . . '43 .ky 1 N --R Cluh, Chess Cluh to I Q . . ' A 9- Y - J . XVright ,lunror lgrllt-ue lm j Url J f ,l fl Tig: 2 2 .3 , "52l'1'i Sl ill 2 i- Z? F, x , L ll 5 I . Ja.. xxx it . 5 F .latinas .Iorm Zrzrrizx., ,.... ........ I ,'lrir,1.qn A lingineering ' l' A ,Il ,'ll'iu1m11lii'rrl Ifrlgillr'l'iill.e i fl A.S.M.lZ.: l.A.S. . I' NVilson juniorColler1e1 Navy Pier lixteu- siou ol' the Univer'sity ul' Illinois Saxrforxn S. Zrzrox ......... Iii ffff Hjll. A. I. l.ihe1'al Arts and Scierrres Pri'-.lli'rfi4'.'lll' Phi Iita Sigma: Omega Beta Pi llonors Day 1l, 2, 31 1 I ri Scholarship Key Norma Lurrrz fIl?Gl.l:R, ........... 0'lmllmi Agriculture llrunl' lirounmicr llllllftllfllll l.eernan Lodge Alpha Chrong Y.XV.C.A. Committee 111. 121: Home Fcn' Plowhoy Prom Committee nomies Cluh IXIIKIIAIEI. Zuuu, .....,..... Bmrfblyu, N. Y. lingineering Sfuzimry lfrzgineerirrg Engineering Council 13l. President 1All. Mu-San, president 133 Columbia Ilniversity Citaluras jay Zlrtmrarmaw. .. .. . ll"nrnif1lwr Commerce Iurlnmitrl flflnlilliflrirliml Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles: Phalanx: Society for the Advancement of Management RHTIIARIH Liars ZIMMIEIKMANN- .... Pillrln-lil Commerce Mmlrcting Sigma Chi Ma-XVan-Dag Campus Chest 1253 Student Senate 1413 Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Football Manager 12, 3, 415 Senior Football Manager: President. Athletic Coun- cil 1fll Loursif Donorux' Zlmartowra .,,... L.: Gurulei I.iheral Arts and Scienfrs rll.rlbu111.frIie.i Delta Zeta Illini Union Committee 111 3 Y.XV.C.A, Coml mittee 11, 2, 451 XV.A.A. 12, 3, 453 Pan' hellenic Ball Committee 13I1 Anthropology Cluhx German Cluh . . , Llalrrrgff j,xNif'r El.I.IiN Zuvx ...... Education 1l1t'lllt'l1f.'l1Q' lidnmrinu Delta Zeta Y.XV.C.A. Committee 1ll: Anthropology Clulw 513 I iversity ol Illinois r . X4 l i fl ii ' 1 3 i i' We x - , 1 - I if r.'4h vi' -lr A ' I iN"9?41u V, if I ,.,:-4 ' T WJ:-J N"fie,f K ,lag .,,,, FSC' i A l ill h , . X A. 'I za ,. lim 1 Vw, . uagr, ,gay , . , 4. aa, . . .'i???f,ig!. vr.vilfs- 'f i . we 3. :P uf L. tx. ,1 5 lie- 5,fi'w'JAi':.2,,iK 3 A .V A '- , -sf,,a'i.o., ,- .5 sm',Q-W.2LffAg'.Lfzgrrkgrz , ' . 5, ' F g , 'Q if-2 ' . ' 1 il sf- A Q- an f , , 9i'n3+,, -gvfuil guy K . Y? Q15 . W' PM. sl' Q -- Jftf ""n. fl "4 '- -. yr Ji' 'ra ar, , ,md eff' . iraq Ffh? 1 M irwf' V 9-, ff3.m,q2. A , 4 i 5'.v'i'lt?f-A if fi"i1"w rr.: 'r'a-'QL air? if ri wp., E.. .Uv vt f'mf5ffff'ltf3"-'li gurl lr N 4-tl' I' i ic- 4 1 flat ar lr . 'fire 31: ' 'Xl N, fi' - Heh. '. - 9-Q' A Q02 . , V f Lg.. , fl -. 'Vai if A Tfirelirff .ifgfsiy '-H .,'i'3z ,iii ,f a Asa, i X45 X if 4. xg my 4 4 5 Xe fri' 1 gr Q I , we r Y 145 J yo! i. X ,W , 4 10" .tt k fn ,E . my 1 Q: ai. --'Y I 15, ,, , g..Q1f1xg,,,f.. -1t,g?.frf ' ,,7S't2,i tltifrfrf me 'H .. yi it fry i -'A 1 A Y Q7 l ax -msg' W- ' K x W V, -, AN'1'111m1' Zr1M14c11,As .. .,.. .. ...Clfimgfi li111.:i11ccri11g ,'l1'fwl11nli1A11l lif1,1gi111'1'rlflg 'I'1il1L 111' Illini: Varsity FCl1L'iIll.Z 811111111 13. AH lnttcr 13, -ll: l,A,S.3 Sa'i111it1lr1 lilwsilim I'I11 Si1111q1 Navy P111 IXILI1 Hiurmii 5 '- 1 sion 111' thu U11ivc1'sity uf' 5 14 as 1 , U 51.11-.111 -llYlFlI'H 1111314111 ..,..,.... l.il1c1:1I A115 111111 Scic11fuS ,Y1f1'ff1If:,Lgj' Izvglns Hall , 6 Illini lI11i1111 CI11111111itlL-u 133: C11111l1Q9 SIT! IU: XY',A.A. llig I:lCSllI1l1lll C1111r1CIl A U Navy 111111 12x11-1111.111 ..1 11111 U1-"'f""'f inuis 1 f 1 V T mr 1 , lillxxlx A11'1'1u111 Z1'1:1111xvsKl ........ Cbi1'11g.w I.il1cr11l Arts and Scicnccs Cfwlllivlry Sig:111.1 'IX111 CiLlIllI11Ll Navy Piui' lfxtr,-11si1111 nl' tl1c University .1l Illinois 1 Bronze Tablet- 19 3 Election to Bronze Tablet is the highest higher than the four-semester average of the scholastic honor awarded to seniors at the u ' ' lowest student recently chosen for Univer- University of Illinois. sity Honors from their college under the A senior who has been in the upper three I , A fig preceding qualifications. per cent of his class in his respective college i Senior transfer students who have not during his junior and senior years is en- been at the University for four semesters titled to have his name inscribed on the " "W" before graduation may achieve University Bronze Tablet. This means he must have l Honors if their average for the past three received Iunior and Senior Honors. High Scholarship maintained throughout any one of the four years at the University is awarded by College Honors. Seniors may also qualify for University Honors if they have earned College Honors twice and have maintained a scholastic average for their first seven semesters equal to or semesters is equal to or higher than the four-semester average of the lowest student cur- rently elected to Bronze Tablet. The average of their transferred credits for the year before they transferred must also be equal to the average needed for University Honors. A special University of Illinois Scholarship Key is given to the recipients of University Honors. Katherine Nickol Ackermann Jay Donald Adkisson Priscilla Rose Alden Rue Linsey Belford, Jr. Robert Lee Berryhill Daniel John Bobbitt Donald Michael Bohrer William LaVerne Bost Charles Roy Boughton Ralph David Butler Chuan Fang Chen Henri Eugene Cowger Mary Louise Cramblett Richard Lee Cummins Sara Williams Davison Alfred Hedley Donahoe Shirley Ann Donney Judith Ann Duftin Elmer Ellis Ewing Joanne O'Kelly Ferguson Jerome David Fireman Frank John Fishman, Jr. Marilyn McCown Foster Tevis Cooper Freeman Lowell Lee Getz Donald Eugene Goss Donald Frank Grass Betty Shiela Greenberg James Alexander Hanley Alfred Katsumi Higashi Barbara Jean Hill Richard Carl Holmberg Loren Albert lhnen Ruth Audrey Ivey Donald Herbert Janney John Robert Jombock Keith Allen Kahle Jerry Leon Kaswan Justin Louis Kestenbaum Barbara Jean Kozel Lois Mardelle Langdon Dolores Lillian Lapaitis Eugene Clement Joseph Lohman James Bruce Lubin Dianne Estelle Mathre Charles Anthony Mazzoni, Jr. Joanna McBride Richard Johnston McClintick H Donald Eugene McCormack Harold Clarence McCutchan Raymond Vladas Miezelis John Ludwig Muerle Donald Val Osborne Roy Lewis Ostrom Robert Kessler Painter Joan Katherine Pantke Sherwood Ira Parker Harlan Wesley Peithman, Jr. John Donald Pulliam Paul Eugene Raabe Althea Helen Rautenberg John Charles Reed Chih-Tang Sah Robert LeRoy Sands William Courtney Schnobrich Daniel Francis Schoeberle Stuart Walter Scott Frank Moran Shappert Selwyn Shkolnik Earl Law Sloan Ill Josephine Pauline Smania Edward Otto Steiskal Robert Dennis Stoll Peggy H. Stone Roland S. Strawn Larry Earl Stump Helen Earleen Swanson Richard Lee Sydnor Rey Ching Tung Robert Uyetani Dominic John Valesano James Arthur Waggoner George Charles Wagner Nancy Ellen Waxler Mary Margaret Weeg Marilyn Jean Welsch Robert Charles Woelfel Marilyn Womeldorlii Joseph Fred Zacek Morton Louis Zimmerman 5l5 chicaqo campmf Chicago Professional olleges Ruger A. Harvey Administrative Committee Earl R. Scrles is , a,l. I4 Hmvnfd A, Hazleton Allan G. Brodie Harry W. Pearce Carrying out its objective of providing the finest facilities in the nation for its students enrolled in the health sciences, the University of Illinois Chicago Professional Colleges opened two more buildings during the 1953-54 year. These facilities are the new addition to the Re- search and Educational Hospitals and the Student Residence Hall. During the previous school year, the Medical Center Steam Plant and the Staff Apartment Building were placed into operation. Next year, the University anticipates the opening of a modern six-floor class-room and laboratory building. These five new buildings, together with the existing Dentistry-Medicine-Pharmacy Build- ing, the original Research and Educational Hos- pitals, the Neuropsychiatric Institute, the Surgical Institute for Children, the Chicago Illini Union, and the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary will pro- vide the University with unexcclled facilities for 518 teaching and research in the health sciences. The opening of the hospital addition and the Student Residence Hall during the 1953-54 school year were particularly welcomed by the students. The 14-floor, 86,000,000 hospital addition provides facilities for clinical teaching, research investiga- tions, and for the care of patients. In the past, the clinical teaching program has been handi- capped by the limited number of hospital beds. The Student Residence Hall is the first new facility in the rapidly-expanding Medical Center District which has been planned to house stu- dents in the allied health sciences. Located adja- cent to the Dentistry-Medicine-Pharmacy Build- ing, it can accommodate a maximum of 405 students. Private financing was employed by the University to construct and equip the building at a cost of 32,450,000 pnbliu iufammlirnz fl flllll-1I!'xl!L'NliL' l:u:,mnm'l C- 1111101111 XV1111S1011, 7"1"1f1H1"' 'ff P11111 A- Hartley, rl.fJf1fi1ltv rlirzwffr' XYHIIDAI Truxcl, lilmn-im: jwlwn lf. Nnllizr-n, .n!rf1ir1i.nlm1m- in f lm' rwmrrlv nm! wlnmfimlnl lw.rjlil.If.I dmini trative fficials Mf111f1CC 1- GH1bff11f11. dffffl nl' Gcorpgc R. Muon, crmmirlcr rlllll .rrmlunl nllnirx Howard A. Hazleton, bu.rimar.r Margaret ID: JllllI'lSU!'l,l IIIJIIIKIHUI' lllrlll-'lgfl' lin' Clurngu Illlul Uuinu 52 wmrdcr "f 141111111515 Sf .I'311C5. flil',l'L'f0l' nf Hurry XV. I'-cnrcc, .rnlmilllwnlul lllnxlmllrlll -ffllllllli bllllflllljyl' .md grunmlx az ol 519 Dean Allan G. Brodie maintain the highest educational principles. Both its outstanding faculty and its facilities contribute to this end. H Most colleges of dentistry concentrate the medical sciences in the first two years of dental study. This is not true at Illinois, where the basic sciences are distributed throughout the entire four years of the cur- riculum. It is the only school Where the stu- dent enjoys four years of clinical study and practice. As a result of this program, the graduate gains more conlidence in his ability to interpret and manage dental problems, whether they he in the oflice or in the scienti- Bc laboratory. 5 20 College of Dentistr Since its founding in 1892 the University of Illinois College of Dentistry has contri- buted much to the Welfare of humanity and to the imp1'ove1nent of dentistry. Its service is twofold: Clj it provides the public with adequately trained dental practitioners, teachers and investigators, QQQ it provides thousands of people with dental care at a minimum fee. For more than fifty years, the College has been located near the Cook County Hospital in the great medical center on the west side of. Chicago. It is the ideal of the College to Dentistry-Alcclicinc-Pliarmacy Building ollege of 101 M d' ' ne The University of Illinois College of Medicine is located in the medical center on the west side of Chicago. The teaching facilities availahle be- cause of its location are unexeelled hy any medi- cal school elsewhere. Within a radius of four hlocks of the College of Medicine are hospitals with over 5,000 heds availahle for clinical teach- ing. The University of Illinois Research and Edu- cational Hospitals and Neu1'opsychiatric Institute have over 700 heds giving Illinois one of the largest university owned teaching hospitals in the country. The College of Medicine was founded in 1881 as the College of Physicians and Surgeons, an independent institution. It became affiliated with the University in 1897, and in 1913 it heeame an Recently completed addition to the Research and Educational Hospital. N . aqixxx f Xxx X? IN , ,W i ,ggxNx If - . Eyfigx . X . 5? ...J IIANN ' ' 'S . .xxx 1:11, ffNN 5 - ftsrst l AUSEN . xxx 1 . xxxx: 'A,r'1NN . .iij:X:xx Y .4"':NN , , , X xx I 1 N:NX5 x Dean Roger A. Harvey integral part of the University of Illinois. In 1941, the staff of the old Rush Medical School was added to the faculty of the College of Medi- cine. A Each year 166 students are accepted into the freshman class, each having at least three years of preparatory college work. The faculty and staff of the University of Illinois College of Medicine numher 994. Of these, 802 are non-salaried fac- ulty memluers, who donate a portion of their time to instruction at, in many cases, their alma mater. At present Dr. Roger A. Harvey is the acting Dean of the College of Medicine. Under his ad- ministration, the college continues to fulfill its purpose of educating young men and women for the practice of the art and science of medicine. 521 522 Scrlus ollege of Pharmacy The new home for the College of Pharmacy in the East DMP Building is rapidly nearing completion, and will undoubtedly be occupied with the begin- ning of the Fall Quarter in 1954. It will house the teaching and research work of all of the courses, except those offered by the basic science depart- ments of the College of Medicine. These new facili- ties will afford the staff and the students one of the most modern Pharmacy buildings in the world. The curriculum is being revised, and new oppor- tunities for research in the fields of manufacturing pharmacy, chemistry, and biology will be available for graduate study. Many new stall members will be required, in order to meet the increased enroll- ment for an entering class of 175 students. Nearly one-half of the construction planned for the Drug Plant and Horticultural Experiment Sta- tion has been completed, and it is hoped that the new laboratories building for the Station can be secured in the very near future. East Unit of the Dentistry-Medicine-Pharlnzicy building, now underconstruction. Graduate College Research, the patient, endless pursuit of new knowledge, stimulated by disciplined imagina- tion, is the lite line that engenders vitality into the teaching and service programs of a great uni- versity. Unless provision is made for the continual addition of new knowledge by the scholarly achievements of faculty and advanced students, teaching may become routine and uninspired and services to the citizens ol' the state would become mediocre. Productive research is the life of The Graduate College in the medical sciences of den- tistry, medicine and pharmacy. One ol? the functions ol: The Graduate College administration is to provide research funds for the faculty in order that they may contribute to the storehouses of knowledge. Another is to at- tract promising young investigators into medical science research by approving and awarding fel- lowships. Working in the laboratories with their major advisers, students carry on studies toward Master of Science and Doctor ot Philosophy de- grees and disseminate to the ends of the earth the investigative skills acquired in our laboratories. New centers for the advancement of medical knowledge are in turn established. Thus, the Uni- versity, through its Graduate College on this Campus, contributes widely to the advancement of civilization and to the general well being of man. Dr Milan V. Novak, 11,r,rncirlli'rlm1l nf flu- Gmflmllr Cullvgu nf ll, Graduate students at work in the laboratory Cfiimqu I'ruft'.i,i'in1lilf C11lfi'gi'.i mQ59fal4n,y.,,x D xmt1nvq,.,,NNm.ww -'-Q-n-.1 pr ' iswwl ll FIRST PLACE: Holme-1'tC. Nlilc-s KDSJ Illio Photo ontes ,nn YHRD PLACE: Domllll Il. Hunk, IJl'Dlll'tll1l'llll3f,N1'lll'KllClgj' XN M 1 M , ,J SECOND PLACE: Donald H. Hank, DL-purtmcnt of Nl'L1l'Ol0g? 524 Seniors Coll ge of Denti tr! Gitoiusif Do:c,u,n S'rUm.iAN ll"c.rl Ilmllfufl, Conn. ILS. P 'lcnt CH ' Student Cuuncil, Class resu i . 4 . A President 1-Hg Class Vice President ' Executive Student Council: Url . Alpha Omega WII.l.mM T, jM:KsoN ..,. ..,Cliim,uff ll 'R cud 'vice lfwsitlcm on Fiuctucnxcgx DALE No1.ifN..II.mi.ibn1g BS, Class Secretary HJ 5 Psi Omega I,,xwiufNrl2 Iiumzxiz SCHAl,l.lfR Rrlrlwlla' ILS. Class Treasurer Q-lj: Delta Sigma Delta 526 CLASS OFFICERS XVILIZIAM Rolsnni Fnllilmlm .... Moline Bb. Student Cuuncil Representative HJ: Psi Omega JIQAN PAUL Jfxcom ...... . . . .Cbimgu " AB BS Studie:-it V Cnuncil Representative C-lj 3 Delta Sigma Delta KiaNNn'1'u ROY LIECOCQ .,.... Oglcfby B.S. Student Council Representative 1-Hg Student Council, Trcasurci QZT: Ex: ecutive Student Council MJ: Psi Omega Gnoncn Roiuzru' OSTIZRBERGIER ' Chlrugo Student Council Representative MJ: Psi Omega josizvu ANTHONY AIMONIZ .... ..., P aku: B.S. Delta Sigma Delta KlzNNla'1'u EUGENE ANDERSON ....... Claims" B.S. Psi Omega: Student Council 137: Illini Union Display Committee 13, 45: lllio Committee 131 l.AWlllENCli A. ANDEllSON.....D01UfIt'f.r Grnre B.A. Delta Sigma Delta, President 1433 Class President 131: Student Council 133 Louis lXfA'I"liHIiXV ANDRIASIEVICH ..... Cbinigu B.S. Psi Omega: Student Council 11, 23: Illini Union Social Committee 13, 435 Illio Com- mittee 133, Chairman 143 llizrsiw jnsiivi-I ANTOLAK ..... ..... C hinigf, Delta Sigma Delta Bum' H. AN'roN ..... ..... C bimgo B.S. Delta Sigma Delta Roiuzna' EUGENE Bnnwizrt .... ..... P ,mf Pfuu B.A.. B.S. Delta Sigma Delta lJfi3Ngi.u Ronan-r DRINK. .. ...Tfiylorrillv Psi Omega Cmfifonu Avicm' BuowN .... .... P em-in B.S. Psi Omega - . X L ,-' K ,., ,i 6 h it Mp. vi .4 s If 1' V . it' K. ,..... l .' 4, l 9 1 I. if ' l'1'3mf XVu.i,lAnr J. BURNS... Delta Sigma Delta Hmsn M. Busan .... 13.5. 125 Alpha Omega RALPH CARNOXV .. B.S. Alpha Omega THOMAS Roman'r CASE ..... . B A B S Delta Sigma' Delta Rictuaiw DEAN COltl.lfY,... .. D l si Omega ' . . .Chfnlgo . . .Cbimgn . . .Clwimgu . . .Cl1ii'il.Qn . C bfnllpiiigli Glgnain I.Aruu CRANK .... ...Guhleu Psi Omega IE. Onvai. DIQXVIEIEIVIII .... .... P umm B.S. 121 Psi Omega Cllfuilns EVANS Ilalsxiail, .... .... C binrgn B,S. 121 Psi Omega Xl R0l4lill'l' E. ljUDIiNliOS'I'I?l. ...... Pinrkm'y1'i!lu Q im., 13.5. 9 Psi Omega 527 oux HI vm' Duls. .. ., ,rfxlllilgilll J ,V a. Psi Omega MoR'x'oN El's'1'ls1N ....,......., . . . .Clfiiuugv Alpha Omega: Student Cuuncil lil: lixec- utive Student Council Q35 PAUL XVILLIAM IfRANxiaNs'i'iziN...llimi.ibfng A.B., M.S., B.S. Psi Omega Kl'NNlZ'I'lI ALAN ITREEDMAN. .. .... Chlmgff B.S. Alpha Omega RALVH GILMHN FRlcKliNsTmN..liilwarflwille A.B., B.S. Psi Omega, President 141: Class l'resir.lcnt tl, 21 l'NlOllMAN M. GLAzmR... .... Cbmfgf, B.S. Alpha Omega Rogrgri' ARA GOSHGARIAN. ..... ..lYffmkugiin Delta 'Sigma Delta D -Huw Ermsi' GRAUHR .............. C'hii-Liga .S. Delta Sigma Delta: Illio Committee MJ MARK D. GUNURUM ...., ..,.. I t'fv.sr1'illi' B.S. Delta Sigma Delta 528 1 C. . xgf . .rafl ? eif fxf :QQ ff. ilj1:g3gSy,1 4- . wi KARL HIEINZ HAl.LwAws.. .... lVim1vMm B.S. Xi Psi Phi IEuxvARD I. HA'l"l'UN .... .... 0 glwby Psi Omega CHARLES FRANK Hnwrmu, .... Chicago B.S. 121 Xi Psi Phi Rrgunu C. Hrzralxnlcics... ,,... Moline .S. Psi Omega GAYLE L. HUTCHINSON... .... Gi'm'n'o B.A., B.S. Delta Sigma Delta HARRY IIDA ...... .... C bimgo B.S. Delta Sigma Delta jour: Iunseu, jn. .... .... C hit-ago B.S. Rounru' L1.oYn IRISH. . . . B.S. Psi Omega 'I'IEOFll.l! JURKUNAS. . . .Dowllvra Grave Uklllffgf, Lilbmlnm . l XVMI-I-ER MANCHESTER KArmowsKl...Clam1gv B.S. Delta Sigma Delta 8 ' .-A . SJ . ' ol 1 K ii. wazfa Emwnn PAUL KLECINIC .... .... C bimgu ' Delta Sigma Delta ' S gl , ,, 'J ' , - r nw-,L ' - , R X 4 JDHN S. KLOIZHN ..... .... A pplvlfm. Wil- B.S. Delta Sigma Delta MARVIN Kozmv ..... Chicago A 9" Alpha Omega ' ' ' - ap A? if ' qv f A 1, DAvm THOMAS LAwLnss. . . .. .... .Peay-in B.S. Psi Omega PHILIP I.nvnNs .. ..... Clzimgu B.S. AUA l.lEPlNS.... .... Riga, Lfuvm li josnvu ANTHONY LIMOSANI .....,.. Cbimgff BS A ' A '-fA .Q H 4 1 . ff ' A ai ' 1 ,V . J" in Gu.nnru' DONALD MACKEY ....... .Wfufleegfm f Psi Omega BHNJAMIN MAGIER ..... . .... Den-oil, Mich. B.S. Alpha Omega THOMAS E. NAGDLB. . . . . . . B.S. Psi Omega: Newman Club CONRAD E. NIIZLSEN .... lllllNlE NORGELl.O. .. . LUDMILLA Pm'nAusKAs. .. . DAN EDWARD PICKLIZ. B.S. Q21 Psi Omega MEl.l'lN F. PLATENKA .... B.S. Xi Psi Phi HARRY MACKEY Plucn .... B.S. Delta Sigma Delta ONA PRUNSKISH.. . . . .Sheldon . . . .Chicago . . .Rigu, Lalllfi-'I . . . .Oak Pm-k ....N1, Cflrmfl .... .Fox Lake . .. . .Chicago . Ulemz, ljlblmnia 529 RALPH EUGENE RANsronD....Dfn'i1 jnnrliun B.S. Psi Omega Wguun GUY Ram: ..... .... C laimgn .S. Phi Mu Phi Eugvgnu Josispn REILLY .... .... C bimgo Phillvlu Phi ELENA REPSYS. .. .. .Ra1m1u, Lithuania Angigun WILLIAM Room.. .. . ..LaSalle Newman Club WILI.IAM MARTIN Rommcrm, JR. .... Toledo B.S. Psi Omega ALEXANDIZR EUGENE RoNNl2'r'r i I Parlsrmil, Rfmnnml B.S. 530 BERNARD JOSEPH SCHNEmizn. .. .. . . .Chicago B.S. Alpha Omega JOHN PETER SCHULTZ .... B.S., Ph.B. STANLEY STEIN .. B.S. ELAINE A. STUEBNER... B.S. Upsilnn Alpha Gnonoiz KENNETH THOMAS.. B.S. Psi Omega RAYMOND J. TUPY ..... B.S. Psi Omega JOHN SHERMAN WEISS .... B.S. Delta Sigma Delta Roniznr Znuxow B.S. Alpha Omega . . .Chimgo . . . Chicago . . . .Fax Lake .Spring Valley . . .0106 Prlfk . . .Champuigrl .. . .Chicago JACK MEANS ............ Sflringlicld B.S. Class President 141: Alpha Kappa Kappag Pi Kappa Epsilon RALPH EARL SPmKERMAN...Rork!ord B.S- 121 Class Vice President 141 1 Alpha Kap- pa Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha: S.A.M.A. Jnssn RALPH Fowum ........ Moline B.S. 121 Class Secretary 1415 Alpha Kappa Kappa JAMES AARON Ar.nnmH'r. . . . ..Alll'0l'1I B.S. Class Treasurer 141: Alpha Kappa Kappa: Westminster Fnun ation IRNSNG JACK ADATTO. .... ...Claicago S Alpha' Omega Alpha' olle of Medicine CLASS OFFICERS THOMAS CARL BUNTING ...... Quinny M.S., B.S. Student Council Representative 11, 41 g Alpha Kappa Kappa: Pi Kappa hp- silqnz Cass President 111: Illini Uninn Social Committee 11, 21 JAMES C. HUNT ......... Clmmfmign B.S., B.A. A Student 'Council Representative 141: Alpha Kappa Kappa: Alpha Omega Alphag Executive Student Council 141 XVILLIAM Rolxmvr LAWRENCE B.S. 121. B.A. Student Council Representative 141: Alpha Kappa Kappa: S,A.M.A. Tunnel Hill Roxmnr OWEN LEWIS ......... Curmi B.S.. B.A. I Student Council Representative 1413 Alpha Kappa Kappa: S.A.M.A. BURWYN E. ALBIUGH1' ............. ll'fnr.reki1 B.A., B.S. Nu Sigma Nu: Pi Kappa Epsilon HENIXI LEIGH ADKINS ..... Greenville, Min. GIETRGE ANAST .... ..... J oliul B. ., B.S. - , Pi Kappa Epsilon .2 Phi Beta Pi 4 -, h, .f y u I ' l f yr 531 6 ,9 ., f' N' .gjisfr 'f' " x. 1 ' 1 L Lx C. Cixrm ANDPRSON ........... Em Moline B.A.. B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa: Intcrfratcrnity Council KIZNNIZTII W, ANDERSON, Jn, ....... Cbimgo B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon fYl"I'0 VnnN BAUMANN Galrlvn Valley, N. Dilk. B.A., B.S. Al.ixisu'i' Josiami BIZHN. . . .. . . . .lY'mikrgm1 B.A., B.S. Nu Sigma Nu i al 'bf . , I . 'k' ,N X 1 A l CXBUENA Cgoi.DMAN Brianna .......... Chicago . . I2 Alpha Epsilon Iota.: A.I.M.S.: Phi Beta Kappa XVQEIQR M. BomzI.I.... ..... Chicago Phiiljclta Epsaiim BETSY Bmixna BRENNAN. . . . . .. .... Chicago M.S., B.S. Alpha Epsilon Iota: Alpha Omega Alpha Fngugiuc XVILLIAM Bnomn ....... Millingron Nu 'Siizma Nu: S.A.M.A. I.LoYn Giaruim CARNAHAN .......... Rocbelli' B.A., B.S. Nu Sigma Nu: Pi Kappa Epsilon, S.A.M.A. 532 JACQUES KENNETH CHAMrmnL1oN. . .Rockford B.S. Phi Rho Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi Ronlzm' Arvriiun CONKLIN. . , . .Bloomington B.S. Nu Sigma Nu: Phi Mu Phi: Smciety of Il- linois Bactcriologists Ricminu PRIEDIQRICK DA1-ILIZN ........ Moline B.S. Phi Rho Sigma: Pi Kappa Epsilon Hfgl0I.D DEAN DAriiu'i'ii ..... .... C bimgo .S. Phi Beta Pi: S.A.M.A. ALLASI RAY DANNHAUER ........... Ciaimgo B... 123 Phi B:-ta Pi: Phi Mu Phi: S.A.M.A. FRANK DIEIWORES1' .......... Kmufmee Alpha' Kappa Kappa: S.A.M.A. FRANK JOHN DnRANco ......... Blue Iilfmd B.A.. B.S. Nu Sigma Nu: Pi Kappa Epsilon: Class Sec- retary 123: Class Vice President Q33 PAUL BUTLER Dnrwmuzn. . .. . . . .Peoria B.A. -IAKK DOMNITZ ... .. .... .Peoria B.A., B.S. Illio Committee OJ WILLIAM EDWARD EHLING. .. . . . . . . .Chicago B.S. ' , Phi Rho Sigmag PI Kappa E XWILLARD JIIAN EYER .... B.A., B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa ERNEST MELVIN FI2II.I2R ..... Ph.B., B.S. FRIIDIIRIC CHARLES FIIILIIR... Ph.B., B.S. psilon . . . .0lm'y . . . .Chicago .. . .Chicago IRWIN IRA FEINUERG ...... . . . .... Chicago B.S. C23 Phi Delta Epsilon: S.A.M.A. JoI-IN HENRY FRRNSTIIR .... .... C hirngo B.S. Lest? A. FUTFERER .................. jaliel Phiilieta Pi, President Ml: lnterfraternity Council, President Q45 MARVIN A. GARLAND .... .. ........ Chicago B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon: Alpha Omega Alpha GEORGE E. GRIFFIN ..... B.S. C21 Phi Beta Pi .... .Ccncy un 5 Q bz..M .avid ' J Q I I W 424 MARsI+IAI.I. GINSIIURG .. . . .. .Chicago B.S. JOHN Dnwnv GIVENS .... ...Norfo1k, Va. B.S. Alpha Phi Alpha MAX WAI.THR GoLoscI-IMIDT... ILA., B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon: S.A.M.A. .Peoria HOMIER EDWARD GOLDSTBIN. .. . . . .Chicago ILA., B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon HAROLD GORDON . . B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon . . .Chicago Hzgsn GAVIN GRIMIss ......... ...Chicago S Pliflskra Pig Pi Kappa Epsilon ELAINE SAMSON HACKER... M.A., B.S. C21 Alpha Epsilon Iota PHQIQJP 1. HAGGERTY .... Alpha' Kappa Kappa TI-IoAIAs ROYAL HANSEN .......... B.A. Alpha Kappa Kappa: Christian Mc cicty . . .Chicago . . . .Trivoli . lI7hc'c1Iar1 tlical So- 533 CLIFFORD JOHN I-IARRIs. .. . . ..... Clumgfi B.S. Q23 Alpha Kappa Kappa WILLIAM CLARK HAYs ..... ... B.A., B.S. Phi Rho Sigma: S.A.M.A. R0lillllT l.rzsl.m HRRTING ......... B.S. 121 Alpha Kappa Kappa: S.A.M.A. EDBVQRD JOHN HERTKO .... Nu Sigma Nu .Springfield . . . .flllrnra ...Joliet EDWARD NORTON HETHERINGTON...D1lm'ilf6 B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa XVEJSIAM JOSEPH H1u.sTRoM... Phi 'Rho Sigma MERQILL WAYNE HUFFMAN ..... Nu'Sigma Nu A JAMES A. HUNTER ..... B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa XVILLIAM MARTIN IRVIN ........ B.A. Alpha Kappa Kappa 534 . . . .Cbimga . C bamlmign . . . .Chicago .Bvllv Riwr Qulwf V: ,.f, 'Y -All ' ' Ai.mN J, JANUSZ .... .... C himgo B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa KARL ERNs'r JAUCH ..... .... C himgo B.S. l27 Phi Rho Sigma ROBNQLD CHARLES JESSEN .... Chicago Heiglm Alpha' Kappa Kappa Kigrgi RONALD JOHNSON ......... Oak Park Alpha' Kappa Kappa CHIQIELRS ARTHUR KALLICK .... ..... C bimga Phfiviu Phi JEROME I. KA1'z ................... Chimgo B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa President K-41 g Pi Kappa Epsilon, Secretary ffl? Wai.-Sinn O. KHMPER ............. Eyinglmm Phi'Bata Pig Pi Kappa Epsilon GEORGE NELSON KRRRH-xARD..Higblimd Park B.A.. B.S. Nu Sigma Nu CARL MUSGRAVE KESTER ........ Mr. Praipecx B.A., B.S. Phi Rho Sigma FRANCES E. KNocK ........ . ....... Chicago Ph.D.. B.S. Alpha Epsilon Intag Alpha Omega Algliag Society of Sigma Xi: Phi Beta Kappa: eyv York Academy of Sciencesg Fellow of Ameri- can Institute of Chemistsg S.A.M.A. WIl.LlAM H. KNOSPIE ....... . ...... Chimgo B.A.. B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappng S.A.M.A. CABLS CONRAD KOBBLT .... Nu 'Silgma Nu CHEUELES B. KOCH ..... Alpha' Kappa Kappa Joi-IN P. KOTARAC ....... B.S. Phi Rho Sigmag S.A.M.A. CHARLES J. Koucxv .... B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa MILTON KRAMER .... B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon . . .Cbimgv Befkemcyer . . .Cbimga . .Elmbumt . . .Chicago PAUL O. KRETSCHMAR ....... Em-vlea, S. Dale. B.S. Phi Beta Pig Pi Kappa Epsilon JOHN CHARLES KuIcRAL..... .... Cirero B.S. Nu Sigma Nu ARTHUR KUNIS ............ B.S. Q23 Phi Delta Epsilong S.A,M,A, HAROLD JAMEs LANE .... B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa FRSNSK ROBERT LECOCQ .... IfIIi'R'Im Sigma . .. .Cbimgo . . .Danville . . . .0gle.fby PERRY LEE LERNER ............... Belleville B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon: Pi Kappa Digi? RICHARD LEWIS. . . . Alpha Kappa Kappa JACEKS LEON LEWIS ........ . Philljclta Epsilong Pi Kappa CHARLES A. LIFSCHULTZ .... B.S. 121 , Epsilon . .. .Henman . . . . ...... Joliet Epsilon .......,Cbimga Phi Lambda Kappag Illini Union Music Com- mittee: lllio Committee 441 PHILIPP MARIA LIPPE. . . . .. B.S. Alpl K. K 3 Al l. Newlrilaan qlelliilbg ngK.M.A.P H DIEXWITT JAMES LOWELI.. Ph.D., B.S. Society of Sigma Xi ........Chimga Omega Alpha g . . . . .Cbimgo 535 CARL HAO LUM ..... .... C bimga B.S. Phi Rho Sigma Sizvmouri LEONARD I.US'l'MAN ....... Chicago Ph.D., B.S. Class President 131: Society of Sigma Xi: Pi Kappa Epsilong Alpha Omega Alpha HYMAN MACKLER .. ..... Clfimgn M.S.. B.A. Phi Delta Epsilon ALLEN Bmrr MAl.NAK .... ..... C bimgn B.S. f2D Phi Delta Epsilon Mwrucii JOHN MARTIN. . . . . .. . .. . .Tmcola B.S. Phi Rho Sigma: S.A.M.A., Senior Representa- tive RAYMOND JAMES MAURER ....... . .Brookheld B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa RIEHARD Al,oNzo MCCALLLN ...... EMnglmm .S. Phi Beta Pi LASRE MCGOWAN .... ..... D erutllr Alpha' Kappa Kappa Ci-1A1u.1zs XVILLIAM METCALF.. ....... Sxrearor B.S. 123 Alpha Kappa Kappa 536 l if 1' Q' DORQTHY LAZELL12 MIK1HAELIS .... Cm-linrille B.A.. B.S. Alpha Epsilon Iota FRIQNSK MITCHELL, Jn .... ..... ,... C b imgo Phi 'dem Epsilon: S.A.M.A. Rouisar W. Molmow .... .... P ear-ia B.S. f27 Nu Sigma Nu XVILLIAM I-iiwwoon Mouse ....... Lf: Grange B.A., B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa: Student Council HJ: llllo Committee Q23 HOWARD Mosns ....,.............Cbimgo B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon: Alpha Omega Alpha, President M35 S.A.M.A. JOELS RICHARD Mossnanc .... .... C bimgo Nu 'Sipma Nu XVALLACE DALE IVlULLlKEN. .. . .... Elgin B.S. Q27 Nu Sigma Nu jAMns DAVID MYERS ............... Windmr B.S. 127 I I Phi Rho Sigma: Phi Mu Phi: Pi Kappa Ep- silong S.A.M.A., President 143 RoI3xrg1'rf'I3HoMPsoN Mums ......., Alabama: . . 2 Phi Rho Sigmag Alpha Omega Alphag Phi Kappa Phi THSZZDORE DAVID MYRNA .-------- PIILRIIQ Sigma: PIII Bm Kappa WII.LIAM Romana' NACE. . .. .. B.S. I Pi Kappa Epsilon FROBERT Lump NATHAN... B.A., .S. Phi Lambda Kappa HlElBSER'l' E. NATOF ..... PIII 'Dena Epsilon Josnru LouIs NovAIc... B.A.. B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa RICHARD H. OMoRI .... B.S. ' Phi Beta PI JAMES CHARLES PARSONS .....,.. B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa: S.A.M.A. Q ORLAN WALTER PFLASTERER ....... B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa: S.A.M.A. RALPH WARREN PIERSON.....York, B.A., B.S. .Eldorado . .Urbana . . Cbimgo 0,113 Pllfk . . .Axlsley . .Chimgn .. . .Sil1'i.f . .Mnrimz N, Dale. 'NVQ L, fl l I M, , . . R.- L R 'A , I ' I 1 X. 51 ,. -. 1 'I-63 J .RQ-. I L 4 .-,, is VI1gTgR WILLIAM Po1'oRoKA, Nu .Sigma Nug S.A.M.A. Luang MARVIN PRINZ ....... Phi 'mm Epsilon: S.A.M.A. DAVID FORD RIINDLRMAN. , , ,, B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa: Pi Ka Wlcstminster Foundation JAMIE FRANCIS ROBINSON .... Nu 'Sigma Nu P MARsHAI.L ROWIIN .. .. B.A., B.S. Phi Delta Epsilnn, President Omega Alpha: S.A.M.A. Ronnm' GEORGE RYDBR... B.A., B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa ROGER S. SANDRRSON ..... B.A., B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa .....Chi:ago . . . . .Chicago .. . . . . .Alum pa Epsilong . . . .Rarkford .... .Chicago MJ 3 AlplIa . . . . .I-Ivnry .....DeKulb ALLEN DEARING SCALES..PfCk.Il01U!1, S. Duk- B.S. Phi Beta Pi FRANCIS MIKTHAIZL SCHAMMEL Kcnmarc, N. Dale. B.A., B.S. 537 DANIEL SCHIEE ..... . ............. Clyimgo B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon: Alpha Omega Alpha: S.A.M.A. DONALD DAVID ScHwAR'rz. NORLIAN S'rANI.IzY ScHxvARTz..... B.S. ROGER WARREN SEVY ..... Ph.D., M.S. . Pi Kappa Epsilon: Society RoRER'I' L. SINGER .... B.S. I Phi Delta Epsilon MlEl.VlN SIssoN .. ..... .. B.S. Phi Delta Epsilong Alpha GRovER GENE SLOAN... B.A., B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa DoN MERRll.l. SMART .... B.S. Nu Sigma Nu of Sigm Omega . .Chimgo . .Claimgo . .Chicago :IXi . .Cbimgo . .Cbirdgo Alpha . . .Gnluliu .Cbrhrmfnz ROGER XVILLIAM SORlENSON..AliII0l, N. Dale. B.A., B.S. Phi Beta Pig Phi Beta Kappa 538 x f L 1 iii ' J L '-fi! jr gk,-:gl 8 Sn.. - -r , I... I ."" I' T! I C f 7- - --YQ-ei T 'E-.111 JOHN HAROLD SPIEGLER .... ..... C bimgo B.S. A.I.M.S. PAUL RORERI' SPIERLING ...... .... P mix B.S. 127 Alpha Kappa Kappa: S.A.M.A. Lnorg STARKMAN ...Cbimgo B. . S.A.M.A. LEON HARRY STEINBITRG ....... . .... Chicago B.S. 121 Phi Delta Epsilon: Phi Beta Kappa JOHN HENRY STEINKAMP. .. . . .. .Aurora B.S. f27 Phi Beta Pi JACK STERNFELD .......... . ........ Chicago B.S. 127 Phi Delta Epsilon: Phi Mu Phi SIDNEY JEROME SUSSMAN .... .... C bimgo B A B S A.I.'MIS. ' ' HERMAN KELLY Su'r'I'oN. . . . . ..... B.S. Phi Rho Sigmng S.A.M.A. ARNOLD BERNARD SWERDLOW .... B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon Eldorado . C binlgo JOHN WALTER TAUSCHER. . . ........ Ogli-,iby , s , P Committee 13? THEODORE ROIIERT TENC B.S. Nu Sigma Nu RAYMOND TBPLITZ B.S. Pi Kappa Epsilon XVENSELL C. THOMAS... Phi 'Rho sigma B.S. , Phi Rho Si ma- Al ha Omega Alpha: llllw .l. 90" Q I ,Q 3. 75 zAR ..... . . .Claimgu . . . .Chimga . . . .Cbicugn josEPH EDWARD TIISNSTRA. . . . . . . .llwmwmil B.S. Nu Sigma Nu: S.A.M.A. MARVIN TIEsENcA .... B.S. 121 Phi Rho Sigma . . .lfrzrarl Park MARVIN TISHLER ........ Loi Angvliar, Calif. B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon: Pi Kappa Epsilon ROIIERT NORMAN ULSETH. .. . .,.. Cbfmgu CHARLES FREDERICK XVAGNER. .. .. . B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa DONALD EDWARII WATTS, . . . . . . . B.S. 125 SHERWYN LEE XVIEISS.. ....... Efur B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon WILLIAM JOHN WHALEN... B.S. Phi Beta Pig Pi Kappa Epsilon RUssELI. STUART WILLIAMS ....... B.S. Phi Kappa Phi RouER'I' LOWELI. WOODBURN. . . . . . B.A.. B.S. Phi Rho Sigma GLORYIE XVOOL .. B.S. Alpha Epsilon Iota lRvINc JAMES YOUNG. . . . . . . . .. . .. .Cbiaigo . Oak Park Xl, LOIIl.l' Winnefka .Pilmheld .El!lll7lH'.l'f . Cbicngu Glrn rieiu BS- EA. Alpha Kappa Kappag Phi Beta Kappa: New- man Club HAROLDBQ. PAUL ....... . ....... lVlae.4lon SENIORS NOT PIC1'URED Alpha' Kappa Kappa: Christian Medical So- MARGARET N. ALEXANDER JAMES ADRIAN GRANT new lvAN ANKENBRANDT CHARLES JOSEPH Wll.l.lAM HERIIERT BEI-IRENs BEVERLY BLEGEN FELDMANN BERNARD LEE DRAPER ROIIERT WHITNEY ENCK DEAN MARSHALL ERICKSEN Locxwoop JOHN LUKASIK GEORGE NEMEC DONALD HARRY RAMES HERBERT GIERALD Rosie HARTON KENT SLEIIIMONS EUGENE RonER'I' STocIcDAI.E 539 College of Pharmacy ERNEST FRANCIS SUWAI,SKl...Cl7il'1lg0 Class President MJ: Kappa Psi: ?liPl1.A.: Executive Student Council MICHAEL T. BALzl2R ......... Clrimgo glass Vice President HJ: Phi Delta u Louisa T. V1cKi.uNu ........ Berwyn Class Secretary 141: Lambda Kappa Sigma, President C413 Rho Cui: A.Ph.A. Joan? A. S. I.rNDmmNN ..... Chicago Class 'Treasurer 145 540 CLASS OFFICERS JOHN W. Bfxsco ............ Cbimgn Student Council Representative C411 Phi Delta Chi: A.Ph.A.g Committee on Student Affairs GREGORY Cjomsx Buliowslu. . .Cbimga Student .ouncil Representative 145: Kappa Psi: A.Ph.A. MATHIAS PETER MERTES, in. inrolnwood Student Council Representative 141: Kappa Psig A.Ph.A.g Class President 3 CLovis Lme WllLl.lAMS ....... Cbimgo Student Council Representative Q-U: Delta Kappa Sigma NANCY M. ANDIIRSIIN .... -.-. A rfrvm Lambda Kappa Sigma HIROSHI HAROLD ARAsIz.... ..... Chicago SI-IELDDN B. ARKIN .... ..... C bimgo Delta Kappa Sigma GERALD SHIERMAN BALDRlDGI2....Dc'.r Plaiurx Kappa Psi STANLEY FRANK BAR'rI2cItI ..... ...Chit-ago A.Ph.A. BOHDANNA BODNAR ...Chicago JOHN DAVIS BRIIEN. . . .. ...D01UIIL'I'.f Grove Gnonon FRRDIIRICIQ DAEscHLIzR ...... Cbimgo Phi Delta Chi: A.Ph.A. PAUL ELLIQ1' DAVIS ....... ,..Cbin1ga Rho Chi: Student Council Y A 5 , A : Q S- I " 1 r " , ' Q l l ' 5 s 'I M Q ' 1. .. , at 1.5.x.g,4 3 ly. . Q' gl' Q A - I QM lx ,,, aw 'N .N 54 I t x 7 X. V! U' , 6 l, s: Wa' L5 , -if - ' l - .,.,.a'7N1 1 , . 1, . , Roscon BENJAMIN DIxoN...GuIfpoi-1, Min. A.B. IRp:,Sa.AKappa Sigmag Intcrfraternity Ciiuncilg IRA JAY DRUCKMAN ..... Delta Kappa Sigma JOHN MARTIN EISIENBART... Kappa Psi: A.PlI.A. BORIS DANIIQI. EVANS .... A.Ph.A. DONALD CHARLES FLYNN. . . . . ... Kappa Psi: A.PlI.A. DONALD HENRY FREGA... l'lIi Delta Cliig A.Ph.A. MENDEI. FRIEDMAN Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Pl LA. BASIL COOLIDGE FRITSCH... Phi Delta Chig A.Ph.A. AI.vIN MARX GAL1NsKY.... A.PlI.A. .Chicago .Strcalor .Chicago . Chicago Bellwood .Chicago . Cbimgo .Chicago 541 DONAI.D XVILLIAM GATTONE ...... ..Cbimgn A.Ph.A. ALVIN JEIIALD GI.AsKY .............. Claimgn Delta Kappa Sigma: Rho Chig A.Ph.A. MORDECAI MAX GOLDICH. .. GENE A. GORINDAR. .. HENRY A. GouI.n. . . . . .. . Phi Delta cha, Iffcsitlenr q41',""' " ... .Cbimgu . . . .Cbimgrf .Chimgv ' Rho Chi, Presi' dent C435 A.Ph.A. MICHAEL THOAIAS GRADY .... Phi Delta Chi: A.Ph.A. EMANUEI. GREEN B.S. Rhn Chi: A.Ph.A. JOSEPH HALAUS, JR ...... Delta Kappa Sigma: Phi Mu GERALD BERNARD HANDLER... Delta Kappa Sigmag A.Ph,A. 542 .Chicago . . . .cbffrlgfl . . . . . . .Cbimgo Phig A.Ph.A. .......ClJifKlHf1 as Q34 Ni' A45 S A x if "-Y. ,. 9? bud! 1 'H 4' . .H , H iv: ," I l ' . if , ff FRANKLIN DAI.E HITER .... B.S. JOHN ROGER I-lOEEI.R .... A.Ph.A. EDWARD THOMAS KozIoI.. . . . .. . K 'QI nppa lf: A.Ph.A. LAWRENCE DONALD KRAUSE. . . . . . .. Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A. MARTIN KRICHILSKY ......... Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A. SIDNEY BERNARD LANG, jR.... JULIES B. LAPIDUS .... JAMES M. P. LEE .... A.Pl1.A. MARVIN M. LEVISON .......,...... Delta Kappa Sigmag A.Ph.A. Alfiywfwd . . . . .Raclaforfl . Cbimgo .Chicago .Cbimga .Cbirnga .Cbimga .Cbitngo .Chicago JQIHIN E. MARC!! .... ..... C hicagd Phi Delta Chi JOHN T, MAYEDA... .... Lemoore, Calif. .MICHAEL T, MCNABII ............. Kewance Kappa Psi: Student Council ill : A.Ph.A. Angrgun KIENNIITH MILLS .......... Chimgo Pi f.ainbd:I Phi: Omega Beta Pi lRVING E. MII.STEIN ..... .... C birago B.S. JACK CI.IFToN MuNsoN. . . . . .. . . .Uv-bfma EUGENE RoImrI'r Nnwrmnxv. .... ...Danville Kappa Psi: Intcrfraternity Council, Vice Presi- dent: A,Ph.A. X SALvA'r0nIz ANTHONY PAPn..... .... Chicago RICHARD WILLIAM PIIEPIIO. . . . ...... Chicago Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A. MICHAEL Gnonen Povrucrc ......... Cbicaga A.Ph.A. EDMUND WILLIAM SCI-IMInr........Cbicag0 B.S. Kappa Psi, President GD: A.Ph.A., Treas- urer Q25 MHLX'IN SCHOIIINWALD ............. Chicago Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Ph,A. ROIIIRIT COLIIY SCHUSSLER ........ Oak I.azwz B, . Sigma Chi: Delta Omicron Chi: A.Ph.A. MARVIN THEODORE SHA1'z ....... ...Chicago Delta Kappa Sigma: A.Ph.A. HOWARD S. Smcrzr. .,.............. Chicago Delta Kappa Sigma, President 149: A.Ph.A. Room: WALTER SMITIZNDORF .... .... E lgin Kappa Psi l.AWRENClZ D. SMITH ............. Oak Park Kapfna Psi: A.Ph.A., Vice President MJ: Stun ent Council Q21 MARVIN WILI.IAIvI STEIIN ,...... ..... C birago Delta Kappa Sigma: Interfraternity Council, President Q41 : Student Council: A.Ph.A. 543 BYRON MARVIN S'ruRT .... .... C himgn TNIAX FRANK ULLRICH .............. Chicago Kappa Psi, President C41 5 A.Ph.A. DONAi.D XVILLIAM XVALKER ........ Ilocklfml Kappa Psi: A.Ph.A. IRvING WIZINTFAUB .... Cbimgo Delta Kappa Slgma 544 SENIORS NOT PICTURED JEROME JACK GI.Ass HRRRISRT MILTON GORDON STANLEY Mll.'f0N HRLLMAN FRANK I-IIRATsuKA, JR. JOHN MARSHAl.L KI1NsHAI.o RAYMOND KosovA JERRY LI2vINn JAMES ARTHUR MCKINNRY DIIMIITRR MALLIRIss JuI.Ius OcTAvIus MATRSI NORMAN AL SONENTIIAL DONALD J. WRONSKI HARLEY RICHARD XVILSON ..... .... A dnir Knppn Psi DONALD HOWARD XVITT ..... .... C hicago Delta Kappa Sigma LAWRENCE ANTI-IONY XVYSOCKI.....ClJfCrlg0 Grgngcn MAS YAI-IIRO .... ..... C biraga Occupational Therap Senior DOROTHY FLORA .ADAMS .... , .....,.... Allan Y.W.C.A,, Hospital Committee 11. 2331: Illi-Sota 111, Vice President 121, President 131, Editor of Newsletter 141 : Freshman Ad- visory Committee 131: Honors 131 JOY ANDERSEN ........... .... C birago llli-Sota: Newman Club MARILX'N RUTH BLOCK. ....... .... C irero Illi-Sota: Wesley Foundation CoI1INNE MARY CosAI1o ..........., Chicago Illi-Sota: Women's Glee Club: Rifle Club LORRAINB CozzA .................. Chicago llli-Sota: Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Chron: Student Senate: McKinley Foundation Student Council: Scholarship Key GnAcs YVONNE DlTI'MAN.' .... ....0aL Park Chi Ome ag Illi-Sota, President 141: Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Ai, President Y.W.C.A. 111, Cabinet 121, Vice President 131: Illini Theatre Guild 11, 21: Illio Business Staff 111: Illini Union 11, 21: Medical Student Coimcil 141: Panhellenic Executive Council 3 BEVERLEY QOAN GAINBS ......... Harlan, Ky- Illi-Sota: .W.C.A.: Theatre Guild: McKin- ley Foundation l If 4 'Ilnl if 3 M ' if 4 'V we A 10 bf, 'gl .me l7A'I'RlCIA A. GRIFFIN ..... .... C irero Illi-Sora KQRINA HAlIIroNoIfIf ......... Highland Park lllr-Suta, Treasurer 151: Class Honors 121: gfsmllege Honors 131: Hillel Foundation 12, SUZANNIE RUTH BONES ......... .... C bifago Delta Gamma: Il i-Sotag Y.NV.C.A.: junior Orchesrs JEAN ELLEN Prusurs .............,., Chicaga Illi-Sota. President 151, Newsletter Co-editor 151: Medical Student Council 151: Class Honors 151: Newman Club 141: Newman Club Graduate League 141 RHODA JANE PRIEST ........ Elizabeth, N. J. wi-Sota: Liberal Arts and Sciences Council JANICE MEHLE SOTAN ............., Chicago llli-Sora, President 131: Honors Day 131 BEVERLY JOAN TAYLOR ...... ........ M oline llli-Sora: Alpha Lambda Delta: Class Honors 2, 31: Scholarship Key: Theatre Guild NANCX' A. XVILLIAMS ............ Glen Ellyn Alpha Gamma Delta: Theatre Guild 11, 2, 31 : Mask and Baublc: Torch: Illini Union Committee 111: Illio 121 SENIORS NOT PICTURED BE'r'rYE MAE DRUWNE l"ll2l.liN JAWORSKI 545 BAIUIAIQA REYNOLDS BETH RIC!-ITER WEINER 4 , -- fr.- . ,vc r f .,. ,ul li' . 5 ' 7 J . , .. . A . -fa . - ..4 4,1 4 ,.A, -3" 49A '.6'a1'n1-x,- r . u Y C , . g 1 'if " f 'PV' 'gui ifgjyf ' .- 3121 4 wa: H . w ' PU 'ji' rl ,' r, - . V ri fur irfoiz Q ' rf, ,pub 79.32 .. . ' 50 .9-1 ..-............s ..,, I iw-,sl . ,ff Dx 21 ,v ru, V3ffEi'Il X , v.'n1i.lA:nnwm ur n 44 's .-QQ, W., . . L.. wx X W ,fr ' l I I . Y 5. , "' lp ' '1'4ihy...X V ,-. nwr..-Q" 'Q' ' .4 I Q O mku- X ' wmv' M: ' . "' 5'-...:::, 3 "X f -'32 rg:-....,,7 .xx - Y - 'Fw ' . I l I S . A -.m f I5 "f", ..., Q 0 . xv.-14 i 4--ug., F-- ""L"":b+...,-.... guy! -1 H :ig Y' . 1 5 Q 5 -, .w-'. . .' mtl' lx 1 . .I ...X .I . MIG M .1.u. - Y 1 J 1 Vx My Classes ' l l .. .4 A l 54 8 s Top row: Ralph Frickenstcin, Dan Pickle, XValter Karhowski, Karl Hallwass, john Schultz, George Osterherger, Edward Klecinic, Lawrence Anderson, john Duis, Kenneth Anderson, Gayle Hutchinson, john Wfciss, Louis Andriasevich, Conrad Nielsen Ffffll V010-' Rfllwff BFCWCY. R0bCfl3 DUilCHb0SfCl. Eurrvnv Sfllflllllf. ff'1'1lJI4H'f,' Pa.ul Frankenstein, William Burns, Edward Hatton, Melvin Platenka, Richard Hendricks, Gerald Crank, Orville DeXVeerth, Ralph Carnow, Marvin Kozlov, Edward Reilly Fourth row: Joseph l.imosani, Hirsh Busch, XVilliamRon1inger, Donald Brink, Robert Irish, Mark Gundrum, Charles Hebting, Arthur Rogel, Thomas Nagele, Gilbert Mackey, Frederick Nolen, JvrreMry,' Henry Antolak, Norman Glazier Third rown joseph Aimone, Bernard ASchneider, Kenneth Freedman, William Jackson, vice llrexizlrnff jean Jacobi, Thomas Case, Claude Driskell, Benja- min Magicr, George Sturman, f1rv.r1rlrr1l,' Robert Zelikow, Morton E stein, Stanley Stein, Harold Price Second row: Elaine Stuehner, Ludmilla Petrauskas, Aija liepins, Irene bliirgellu, Ona Prunskis, Elena Repsys, Teohle ,Iurkunas Bottom 1010i Raymond Tupy, Harry lida, Bert Anton, Wilbrir Reed Denti tr I Class Denti tr III Class Top row: Matthew Samaras, Robert Miles, Edward Krizek, john Ritter, john Klooster, Donald Horton, Robert Coherley, Marvin Hirsh, fire prmidenh' I.awrie Glickman, john Stanley, Donald McNeil, George Marquardt, lr'er11m'n,' I-lanild Sanglcrcrick' Robert Wqfrz Fourth row: Theodore Century, Ralph Berenson, Gordon Glaysher, Herbert Kazmer, Donald Braunagel, john Bauman, Ralph Council, Donald Knoeppel, Frank Knoblock, Leo Sabien, Donald Gardner, Deane Doolen, fm'.rulem' Third row: Louis Saad, jack French, Reinhardt Schoppc, David Reithel, Edward Obrock, Raymond Hammer, Harvey lmber, George Kottemann, Sheldon Bulwa, Howard Chun, Stewart Malkin, Paul Anders, David Maryn l A Second row: Daryl Burns, Lee Bennett, Lawrence Myers, Clarence Cox, james Carroll, Bertram Fivclson, Donald Holck, Chester jasiczek, Leonard Quartctti, Henry Pele, john Westirii: . Barium fllilff Edmund Kowalik, Kenneth Toy, Robert Parsons, Richard Henry, Don C. Buckley, .fer.'rchny,' Thomas Warda, David Selwyn 4 Not in fnuzel: Wfilliam Burns, Thomas Chamberlin, Thomas Christie, Donald Gabor, Homer jordan, Robert Moore, Royal Norman, Charles Reel, Nicholas Simms, George Simenet, George Smith, Casimir Trelka, Wfilliam Trimarco hi V' . . M - 55, i , ' 1, - i a 1 v.. ,, "- .. A b Q -v 1 , -Y 1 . - so i, - , 1- sri, w - ' 'vi fvv 5 fy" 'A 'uf -' 1 4 , ' 3, an . H ... , 1, -., , lg . ' ',l i H' 'f '. T W fi , an ,A , A .14 U :fr X sy 35 3 lacy , . I I ,R 4 X3 ' lx . 41 ' " ' ' i. K 6 s ' , Q I 3- . .. ,, Q It . Hp.. 37 me ga yy F -. 9 I .. - V ,, . ,, ' U V ' . "s 'v ' ' G- 1, T' " 'if"' l' 'ff' 'B 'Y 2+ lf V' " ." ' ,e 'I , 1' VA ' ' H .VI f' I 1 ' ,1- ' ,h -gt V. . l - 1, I l l x 'af-l -, N 1 K 15" l . 1 ,. ,gpxy .3 ,,7"l' ' I ie' M. i, " f . . .. - , 4- , U , . . Q U 5 -.-- Q .ir ' 1.- -' f .Q f -.., '-r T' 'um . . ,, 1 2 ii V ti li wr 'E 6 . - ' " l 'Q' 1. - ... - i, 1 ' l ,, I 4 . h 0 ,, , . I . na ' 1 . l f P 0 'K fr, L? C, in, , . ,U , l '. A, l ,. , E iifliiw , . fri' e 6 ' ,-mgiqil ' , A l ' - --l 1 , A . , TS' , Q S. . Fm - ' :L ,, -J -v - 3 " 1 , , Km, M - I1 I' X I 311- v, is F .. Mi" K' ' lV""f S if-f " ' 34 3 "f 1 LL ' "T in r ki - , Q-, Nw -Q., A I W 3 ly W ' E ' - ,fa 13, :cpl i.,L V, JL. l r w ci 1, ii 1,57 5' ,' F' i 9 1:3 1. fqwi- , aa. Q ,,,,q, ,rg lg sa, 3 fry -yr . -,f ', ,, 7? - R vs 1: . , I il , i- 'f' A 'i"u.,r 2- -'W ' ' . .W ' -, -' r X .-. 'G' . ,Q . . gf :Q ' ,154 ,qv are :cv .',7'7,f' Iqw. , ,i -'W -at ,nn ,ww 'rm rg- ,-A i v 1 nw- mv i,a 1 U5 ,V 'Q if k' .. fl i 1 xo - ,li - ., I my A ii ,I , r, .4 ei Miki w X e 4 L1 k up . - -. F Q, Tex ' ', at A V , 1 Na W' ! km. K h 'im ,. tv, 'R v zz. .1 Ax ff - . W 15-nf Q. ,J E An .M . .vw M- 'vin .,, v W ,- . - f ., , if -1 1 'll 1 v -, P sf- ' QU' , T-no .9-Q ,rf' - 5- f 'Ni J' -r Wal' 1 'L '- r ' il 'X , N , -:a FI A 1 , A W. ,. Q Jfq L , ' -Q 7 ,M wr' im- Q it ff 'L if ' 1 M W 3 L. f l an ,Y-M 'M z- S A W- Q- A A l A - i l - ' sua.. 2, " t xi- ' ll ,fl H 1 l ' Tuff ru11f.' Arthur Grimmenga, Gary Wfeaver, Robert liisinger .i'rr'ri'lm'y,' XVayne Albert, joseph Schott, Dale Long, XValter Godelausky, f1fr.iir.luf1l,' john Kat-ser, XVilliam Mitcheltree, Arthur Friduss, liernard Podlasinski, Raymond Meyer lionrlb row: John Kaminski, Eugene Casperson, .rllnlulll l'0lHIL'li refu'e.ri'nlrllIru: john Maddrell, Hugh lilannaean, NVillian1 Lazarus, l,intou Keith, rlmlrul council x'r'lm'.rw1lulirr,' Duane l'lasselbrini:, jesse Had-er, Eugene Zawlock, Richard Dejanld, llrfo1u'rr,' Melvin Kaplan, Neil Meliyer, jonathan liarrett Tlwirfl mm, yr,-ancis Maly, joseph Granata, Sherwin Lall, Edward Grlberg, Valentine Clorrado, Thomas Near, llnleslaw Mazur, 'l'ho:nas lieeney, Gerald Silxer Thomas Chung, Carl Wlever, XVilliam Maurer, Louis Dimas, .rlmlrazi rulnlfil rrliri'.rw1f.1li1'r Serum! row: Richard Saiki, Richard llieles. Stuart Bernstein, Sam Sasomoto, Iviarviu Antman, rirr lu'u,iiflr11f,' john Miller, Michael Dyer, Vincent Saerlietti, Hershey Robbins, jose mlm Matuga, jack Kasbihara, Xvilliam Daly Hallam row: joseph 'l'alrchara, Robert Pulliam, Herbert Lerch, Herbert Rosenstein, james Allison, Harry XVolll', Arthur Solomon, Donald Kohner Not in jnlilal: Robert Baxter, Louis Darwisb, Albert Friedman, Cbikara Hiroshige, james XVood, NVilliam Venema, .vlmiruf runuril frlfirarflmlirr,' Zelmore Teicher, Pete Paesani, Eugene Lekan, George Lenowick, Leonard Pekoll Dentistr II Class Den-ti tr Iclass Tap raw: james Donlan, Marvin Schumer, Franklin WClHC. Vfllllllm Wlax, Albert Grubba, Martin Osherolf, Thomas Dirksen, Gerald Noskin, Gilbert Calla ban, Gerald jalfe, Gerald Popper, Ronald Kinklesperger, Howard Sutcher Fiflb V010! Donald jclinek, Richard Gunthenhjoscpb Konieezny, Robert Cross, james Ralph, Ira Geier, Siguards Krolls, Norman Eifler, Richard Powers, Maurice Zalcman, Edward Kozak, Neal Baigh I Fonrlb f01U.' james Havera, Arthur Gensior, Hiromu Furukawa, Leonard Teicber, Jack Krotenberg, Donald Brown, Wlilbur Pettit, james Phelps, Allred Mc- Gee, Richard Andrews, Allen Goldberg, Leo Trusewitscb, Ilames Kissanc, Tlueodore Strenski Third row: Alfred Ncimy, Hyman Orbach, Cannutte Russel, Masaro Harada, Sheldon Sharfman, Vincent Urbanek, Harvey Locker, Joseph Jacobs, How- ard Liebman, john Howland A Suomi raw: Richard Wfalker, Jerrcm1'y,' Charles Gross, vice lm'.rlrlwlt,' Edgar Ruble, jn'c.ri:lw1I,' Larry London, trm1.rm-rr ,' james Catlin Baitom row: Sherwin Fischer, john Armstrong, Edmund Tong Not in jmrlrl: Robert Blagg, Irwin Brown, john Coughlin, Gerard Daly, Elliott Esses, Gene Lawver, Robert Nicholls, I-Ienry Peterson, Anthony Reinert, james Saari, Carl Venkus, Gerald Williams, Richard Zimmers , 549 'K 4-v p 55 i 1 . , Top raw: Richard Wlillms, .rtmlvzrl mnuuil !'L'jlI'l,'J'l'Ill:lfiVL'j james Thomas, David Barton, Thomas Stilwell, Adolph Sattler, james Naatz, Kenneth Simpson, XVilfred Miller, Tadashi Kadonaga Thin! row: Nieolaos Kelalides, Norbert Mader, jerome Kaplan, Norvelle Harris, Einar Himma, Robert Bettasso, Richard Newman, Jturlerlt council reprerefz- lrIlflfL',' Marshall Spector ' Scrum! row: joel Levine, joseph Symon, joseph Potts, Merle Crossland, trc''t'r,' George Rurik, john Barlow, Paul Morimoto Bollum row: Harry Graff, .rlmlenf Cdllllff r'ulm'.ru1ll11fir'vf Charles Samet, Kermit Knudseu, Romulus Thomas, Bernard Goldstein, Ernest Yahiro, Earl Feiwell Noi in prmel: Irving XVarner, Eugene Weinsteiii, Arthur XVilliamson, Norman Reis, jack Remington, Harry Rosenfeld, james Curry, Norris Dougherty, Philip Dougherty, Willizxm Durham, Gerben Dykstra, joel Eakins, Harold Elliot, David Ellis, Gerald, john Leonard, Patrick Ellwood, james Falker, Donald Schaller, Leonard Silverman, john Slocum, Sheldon Slodki, Andrew Somlyo, N. XV. Skaia, Anthony Consentino, Charles Crown, Anthony Scardino, Wil- liam Prescott, james Wfindeck, Arthur XVoIoshin, Howard Luce. Peter Starrett, Eugene Stern, Orville Stone, jolm Stutzman, Robert Stutzman, Stanwood Igrank, Paulk Fry, XVilliam Glezen, Lawrence Gray, Norman Hallpenny, XVilliam Hardy, john Hartman, Fred Helpcnstell, Loren Humphrey, Vice 1m'1irfw1!,' rian Hunc'e Medicine II Class Taj: ww: Donald Eytcheson, Rodney England, Russel Hall, Owen Iiloodgood, jerral Seibert, Richard XVolk, Samuel Ginsburg, Elon Deliois Third row: Alan Aronson, jack Aron, I.ouis Rap i, james Mcliinzie, Hugh Falls, lm'ridc'f1t,' XVilliam Carmichael, jean Riehl, john MacDonnell Secoml row: Selwyn Shkolnik, Donald Funk, Earle Carndall, Wlilliam Langreder, Marvin Rosenberg, David Marcus, Howard Berlin Botiom mul: Melvin Goodman, Martin Case, james Goldenstein, Frank Carter, Doughlas Layman, Wfilbur Marshall, Jflllllllll council 1'!'fIl't',ff'l1lrlfi1'L',' Howard Aidem Nrzt in jnmel.' Donald Abels, Marvilee Aden, Leo Ankenbrandt, Herbert Atkinson, XVayne Mathy, Robert McFerran, Thomas McGrath, Roland Medanski, Sey- mour Moss, Stanley Mullen, john Murphy, Leonard Pomper, Richard Rosenstein, Fred Rowe, Wfesley Ryd, Robert Burns, Louis Byrne, XVilliam Carger, Howard Shelly, Lois Shirky, .recreh1ry,' Mary XVillems, David Swanson, Marvin Zolot, David Novaek, joyce Schild, Maralyn 'l'oman, Wlaldo Sclmeider, en Schuman, jerry Lewis, Robert 'l'hompson, Harold Toussaint, L nn Turner, Carl Wfacker, Edward XVaida, john XValker, Ronald Hudce, Norman Hungness, Donald Ingram, Theodore Ikeda, I-larold johnson, Frank johnson, Sherwin Kabins, john Kaininski, Lambros Karkazis, Frank Kerkoch, Robert Helmich, james Anderson, Charles Chedister, james Coeur 'J' N! 996: 5-5. 4 L , A A Top ww: Nelson XVright, Dayle Snyder, Richard liiek, XVilliam Keller, Richard Tarizzo, Philip Lawless, Roger Kilton, Frederic Rall, Ralph Beck, Eugene Oscherwitz, James Stoetzel ' V , Third raw: Richard Tursman, Lyle Moses, David Bone, Jeb Boswell, Arnold latar, Stanton Polin, Robert Iicklund, Endrik Anvelt, XVilliam Kristy, Norman Lasker Srcand row: Sheldon Tobin, Ivan Lindgren, Laird Carter, Robert Merriman, Wlarncr Gustavson, Jesse Lester, James Maher, Irving Savin, Richard 'l'urbin liolrom row: Glen Asselmeier, Linn 'l'rombetta, Melvin Goldsmith, Adella Cunningham, Gladys Olson, Danuta Buzdygan. Malcolm Sperling, lidward Dainko, Harve DeBofsk Not in prliiclr Rogdi' Atterberry, Bernard Baltes, Richard Benedix, Stanton Ilerman, Reinhardt, Illodenbender, Carroll lloyles, Robert Bregman, Stuart Brown, Robert Buxton, Wfilbur Cant, Donald Charous, John Courtright, Richard Crosse, John Dickinson, Marian Durst, Eldon livans, Jack Flick, Milton Fort, Jerome Frankel, Marvin Freedman, Albert Freil1ck,4Charles Frye, Kirby Frymire, Donald Fullerton, Stanley Garner, Milton Gates,fJack Gift, Richard Har- vey, Floyd Heller, Robert Hertenstein, Robert Kamrnski, Karen Kral, Ralph Kreps, Harold Leichenko, Rita Maulding, XVilliarn Iv eltzer, David Michaels, Arthur Miller, Gordon Muldcn, Kenneth Newby, Louis Newton, Harry Ores, Luis Owano, Alicc Pasel, Paul Plueddeman, Jo2nlIiiccMl-'aul globerts, Ifwretta ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' . 1er, Ernest Roseman, David Rubin, XVill1am Sargent, Robert Seifert, XVIlll.lH1 Sermonte, Ronald Shellow, James Shomalter, Solomon tome , ory ,umn Thayer, Robert Underwood, Lee Vincent, Ernest XVhite, Darrell XViley, Jack XVinberg, Irwin Yarmo M di in I Class T011 row: Sheldon Stearns, Robert Hamilton, .George XVilkins, Richard Bernstein, Merle Schmidt, George Porter, Robert Lukas, Allen Diysch, Alan Ander- son, Wlillard Wimsett, Richard Holmes, Richart Anderson, Ronald Ritchie, Sherwin Nelson Fifth 1'uw.' NVilliam Lesko, Ronald Rosenberg, Clark Montgomery, Gilbert Schuttenmaer, Philip Andrews, Wfilbur McFadden, George Conner, Joel Levin, Frank Adrian, Iyle Cowan Philander Ricks Monte Levinson Irving Starkman K l Melil tl li Folzrtb raw K Ji Edward Sutoris, Irwin Harris, Robert Morris, rmer.Swanson, Jerome ershinan Third row: ' -' ' ' ' -- i ' '- ' '- l N tincevic Fdward Abbott Frank Becker Henry Kobrin Serum! mm Llrlllorll row: l' ilidivard Quartetti: James Sdndrolini, James Acklin, Kent Ueland,.'I'homas Bergeron, Wfarren Barrow' Donald Mitchell George Murphy, XVillis Dickens, Richard Dolan, Rudolph Oppenheimer, Macen lzllison : 4Marcus iQoinones, Lyle XVacaser,. Ra mond ifamura, Robin ohnston, Charles Livingston, Thomas Halama, Charles enney, Join ' v o min, Burton Andersen, Donovan Stregel, Robert Llebelt, Jerome Hahn, Raymond Yocltey, Philip XVagnci, Vernon XValton, Carl Anderson, Jostpi ar- .4 4 ,f 'SU' PN -Ps PS gov rv- ,an- ,.l in 552 1'8- .-M, .- .uv 'M hu.,- 'Y' Q-Q Qu-.-7 -gyn--V pr Tojlllnuf: Norman Olsen, George Thies, vice jn'eJizlc11l,' Howard Mirsky, Henry Marshall, Donald Lonhart, Donald Lux, Donald Ladwig, l1re.rin'uf1l,' Arnold atZ Third row: Vincent Santolin, Fred Turner, Lewis Rich, Keller Linne, Donald Tune. Peter Loutos Sccaml ru11f.' Stanley 'l'vari:1n, Jack Salter, Fred Seifert, Roy Peloquin, Sidney Silberberg llotlwn row: Donald Warsaw, Milton Wleincr, Stanley Margolis, Carl Rish Not in lulm'l.' Charles Lorenz, Dale Pearson, Edward Raftery, Charles Rosenblat, Charles Rulletti, Shelia Sarnat, David Shayman, Robert Spritzer, Donald Stokes, Jane Sumida, Jerome Wleiss, Vernita Wlilliams, .refrelm'y,' Loren XVithrow Pharmacy III Class Top row: Norbert Bartnicki, Gerald Kien, Sheldon Chazdon, Donald Goesel, Allen Gomoll, fI'L'iI.flH'l.'i',' Otto Horacek, Glenn Kraiss, Robert Vrany Third row: Sydney Davis, Robert Frankel, Patrick Bray, Paul Feuerstein, Milton Kramer, Richard Kriesc Second ww: David Arends, John Autero, Jerome Bennett, Carl Cohen, Edward Bruner, John Fischer, Norman Brown Bollom row: Arnold Ka vlan, Raymond Broderick, Sherwin Golden, Gerald Franklin, Sheldon Janslcy, Herbert Brand I Nat in panel: Richard llrcher, Eugene Bernstein, Ronald Betz, George Cortilet, Donald Dart, Joseph Diamond, Jerome Dony, Edward Dyja, XVilliam Fast, Irving Garnick, Chester Gaistka, Ronald Harshgeld, John Ingold, Arnold Katz, James Kelly, Georgia Kost 'IU' . gy. J, , .' "" -nl, fu 4 . 4 ,,... 553 ,lr all lil-it 4 A 'Fo Q.,-s .,-uf-'N Q04 r-5 sf fr-1. .J 67 No! Top raw: Jerome Colletti, NVilliam Steele, Michael Balsamo,'james Muien, Sheldon Stein, Franklin lloiwitz Tbirri WDW! Robert Ieladdipgan, james Stewart, Roland Benjamin, Harold 'l'. Schroeder, Gerald Paszkiet, Gtrald ML-tlnick, Donald lxlltoll S1'L'or1rlrolU.' Richard Doretti, john Hill, Kenneth Scbuele, Donald Gorski, Robert Stcenrod, Wfilliam Ross, Ronald Hinsdill Bottom raw: Charles Crepas, Alan Rosenberg, Rosmarie lx.1lvLl.u,L, Mary Neuman, Arnold Rosenbure. Rona d Reiman No! in fI1IllL'l.' joseph Anunziata, Carl Bertram, Stephen llradcl, Richard lilsner, David Irwin, Conrad Kozlocki, jack I.c-hrfeld, Paul Levine, Neil Michael, Richard Mikyska, C ril Natkin, Marshall Rasof, Harold C. Schroeder, james Salinger, XValter Sutlak, Richard Smolen, Karl Strickland, james Subka, Frank Terracina john Wfatlhs, Susumu Yamashiro Pharmacy Il Class Tap 10111: Paul Feldman, james Curley, Russell Campbell, Alvin Geller, Lowell Zeleznick, Irving Cotovsky, Harold Ehrman, jordan Wlaxman Fourth fill!! george Fcdur, Donald Sostock, Sheldon Menis, Marvin Steinberg, Nissen Vexler, james Molloy, Morton Goldsmith, Peter johnson, Richard Mae'owia Third foul: Richard Scbueter, Lionel Simon, Jerry Rothstein, Zinnia Ciecnas, Joan Howard, Ann Schuler, Irving.: Udell, Morris Lcvsky, john Manfred Scrum! 7010! Marshall Miller, Robert Irelan , Josephine Alticri, joan Stanton, Eleanor Rurik, Sheila Muth, Beulah Blacksher, Horace Katz Boirum raw: Richard NVcismehl, rife fn'exnlef1t,' Marlene Antler, Jvfrc!flry,' Robert Engelthaler, lzrpmlwlrg Burton Paley, Irummw- -..,, G+ ,- -v ,"x v-. Nr' s- -cup - 'XS I x, ii' 'J 'PY 8 554 -0 qv 7 GX Taj: rurzf: john jones, Daniel liruxdzinski. jonathan Mann, Wfilliam I.arsen, Wfillis Bicket, Richard XViggins, Ernest I.eQuatte, Marvin Zissman, Gerald Mas- nver, Arthur Manson, Philliwpe Chouinard, Nicholas Panos, Sherwin Rosenfeldt Thin! v'f11U.' Bernard Zihrida, Vlfilliam S monds, Fred Tanenhaurn, Robert Lerner, Irving Gilmar, Janet Sheridan, Marshall Mann, Ronald Wfhitaker, Richard Lindberg, Charles Lindherizg, jack Kelly Serum? muff Erwin Heier, Daniel Nona, David Blumenfeld, Marinn Kruekow, C, Blumquist, rlrlwifar-,' Barbara l.esak, Frank Grahowski, Dale Oyen, Norman C egg Bollnm mm: Richard Church, Stanley liugaieski, lileanor Allen, Shirley Kutler, Nina Foushi, Wfalter Rein, Dale Sparks harmacy I Class Trip milf: Frank Haiek, Leonard Groeneveld, jeromc Wfisner, Eugene Filippi, Ronald Wfetherall, Alvin Sterling, Joseph Simens, Donald Prather, Stanley lllman, hvlllllllll Foley, Rohert Wfaller, XVillian1 I-layhursl Thin! raw: XVarren Linke, Donald Chochola, jerry Schwartz, Donald Forbes, Louis Sherman, Robert Kunkel, Gunnard johnson, joseph Bisknwski, Howard Levinson, 'lillKllllZlS Braun, Anthony Fingl .Yrcnml rarrf: Marvin Youngerman, Donald Burdick, Alan Maslov, Rosario Salerno, Edward Jawnrski, Glenn Lonhart, Kazuo Ibara, Chris I.aPorte, XViIliam Slodki, Gerald liarnhaum, james Constertina, Ronald liotnn I Iiultom mm: james llrngan, Gerald Rillkind, Leona Struzynski, Sherry Stach, Naney Eisenhart, Caroline Ostrowski, Shirley Shapero, XVanda Fahiionas, Sandra Lehovitz, Richard Miksuka, julius Magill ' L .Q M L gh! L""" g...,.... Fraternities and Residences - A -L 15" J if 'i qw'- 1 gg Q.: A-5 Top m111.' Richard Biek, ,Jack Means, Thomas Bunting, Keith Johnson, I-larold Johnson, James Parsons, Frank Carter, Clyde Anderson, Harold Lane, Robert Drum, James Thomas, Bernard Draper, Homer Fleisher lfonrlb row: Glover Sloan, XVilliam Morse, Charles Koch, William Knospe, hVllll1ll11 Langreder, Kermit Knudsen, Phillip Haggerty, Charles XVag- ner, Robert Stanley, John Dunlop, Loren Humphre 7'bfl'1f!'010.' Wfalter Beard, Larry McGowan, Nicolaos lgcfalides, Robert McFerran, William Carper, Donald Funk, Robert Herring, Clifford Harris, James Hunt Second row: Louis Rapp, home mana arf Joseph Potts, Jorinl elmirfmmg Wfilliam Anderson, mmnzirmrf Romulus Thomas, marrlmllg Clarence Benson, roarrlenf Dean Jones, recording reeremry Llortom row: glean Boatright, junior feprerenmliife to executive colmril: Merle Crossland, vice pre,rident,' Don Ervin, preridenig Robert Mueller, trerr,mrer,' illiam I.awrence, senior reprerenmlive fa exeeniive counril or in pane .' arvi ee cen, ames rig t, van n en ran t, eo n en rant t, mos ratru e, rn: mg emlrmrmf 1 iam rmey, .eo a- N' I M 'I Al J Alb'hI Akb dLAlcb IA B d If I' W'll' B' I C pocchi, Jphn Cletcher, Hugh Demorest, Norris Dougherty, William Durham, Harold Elliott, Robert Enck, Willard Eyer, Robert Farner, Denton Ferrell alph Fowler, Stanwood Frank, Dwight Freeman, Thomas Hansen, elmfilanry Fred Helpenstell, Edward Hetherington, James Hunter, Donald Ingram, Charles Inskeep, William Irvin, Albin Janusz, Ronald Jessen, Frank Johnson, Quentin Johnson, John Kemman, corrergzndlng .n'rretrrry,- Charles Kouclcy, John Leonard, athletic ebairmanf Richard Lewis, Robert Lewis, Phil1iBp Lipie, Charles Lockwood, Raymond aurer, XVilliam Metcalf, Wilfred Miller, Robert Miller, Joseph Novak, Harold Paul, Orlan Pflasterer, avid endleman, Robert Ryder, Roger Sander- son, Robert Schenck, Waldo Schneider, William S ackelford, Roy Slezak, Ralph Spierling, Ralph Stagner, Orville Stone, David Swanson, Joseph Symon, James Turns, Vernon Wallace, Richard Wolk, James Young Alpha Kappa iappa Medicine Top row: Robert Morris, Louis Newton, James Stoetzcl, Armer Swanson, George Wilkins, I Donald Fullerton, Luis Owano, Dayle Sn der, Ernest Thayer Third raw: Donald Stiegel, Eldon Evans, Cliordon Mulden, Lee Vincent, Charles Living- ston, Amos Wright, Eugene Kreps, Wlilliam Sargent, ,James Shomaker Second row: Laird Carter, Edward Abbott, Merle Sehmic t, David Bone, Robin Jolmston, Carroll Boyles, Jerome Hahn Bottom row: John Dickinson, Edward Quartetti, Frank Becker, Burton Anderson, Glen Asselmeier, Roger Atterberry Noi in fmnel: XVilbur Cant, Lyle Cowan, Charles Frye, Richard Harve , Robert I.iebelt, Jlihn McGlothlin, Clark Montgomery, Kenneth Newby, George Porter, john Rice, Charles 'enney, Frank Adrian M 556 Founded, Dartmouth College, Eta Chapter, 1899 44 Active Chapters 1888 , -if . 6 if Q94 ' ' 7 ' "ig 194' 3 J . M Mir C Mawr. ,3 I ' gl Q, ,f - 'EEK ll f' l Zv',',.1c ,,u 4' l V' "tk ', f r , I ,, I .eff- Founded Q i N' y Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery and Maryland University, l9Q8 Alpha Alpha Chapter, 1928 38 Active Chapters N 4, ix l l 01lql'l'f'.l"'T!lfI muf: George Sturman, Jgt. at ll1'!II.l',' Robert Eisingcr, b.'m.rir1g rbrlirlzlnuf Wfilliam Lazarus, recording .rvcrvtmy Serum! row: Stewart Malkin, corre.rl1omling ,rvc'fchu'y: Marvin Ant- man, hirlorirul mul vdilor: David Maryn,'w- Bulrwv ren" Robert Zelikaw, jnlal j1rv,ridw1lg Theodore Century, 1firc fIl't'J'illl'!If Alpha ga Top row: Marvin Antman, Herbert Rosenstein, Herbert l.erch, Ralph Bcrcnson, Bertram Fivelson, Sheldon Bulwa, Lawrie Glickman, Harvey Imbcr, Marvin Hirsh, David Mar n, Stewart Malkin, Theodore Century, Sherwin Lal? Fourth row: Harvey liocker Leonard Teicher, Allen Goldberg, William Lazarus, Martin Osherolf, Arthur Friduss, Leonard Pekoti, Robert Eisinger, jesse Hader, Gerald Noskin, ,lose h Jacobs, Stuart Bernstein Third 7010! Richard Gunther, Slielclon Sharfman, Marvin Schumer, Franklin Wcine, Sherwin Fischer, Howard Sutcher, Edward Gilberg, Hershey Robbins, jack Krotenberg, Arthur Solomon, Howard Liebman, Maurice Zalcman Second raw: llHym:w Orbach, Charles Gross, Albert Friedman, Benjamin Magier, Norman Glazier, Bernard Sclmeider, Neal Baigh, Gerald Popper, Gerald affe, Wi iam ax Boilrilm row: Marvin Kozlov, Robert Zclikow, George Sturman Morton Epstein, Kenneth Freedman, Ralph Carnow Nat in panel: Hirsh Bush, Elliott Esses, Melvin Kaplan, Gerald Silver Jeri.. 'tif Q't"!L.' .Im -' ' , 6 X rn my -W -3, Q ,-if aww' -. rr. fwr'..:?7,'?!rii-1,3 Top row: Sheldon 9 '1 7.7 - ce V", L Menis, Marvin Shatz, Richard Piepho, Donald XVitt, joseph I-lalaus, Ma 'vin Schoenwald, Bernard Katz, Arthur Teleser Third raw: Richard XVeismehl, Clovis XVilliams, Alvin Geller, Gerald Handler, Alan Rosenberg, Frank Horwitz, Robert Levison, Alvin Glasky, Roscoe Dixon Sherwin Golden, Arnold Kaplan rvin Steinberg, Burton Paley, Howard Mirsky, Peter Loutos, Mel Serum! row: Martin Krichilsky, Wfilliam Fast, jerry Rothstein, Raymond Kasova, Irving XVeintraub, Marvin Stern, Sherman Rosen, Morton Goldsmith, Richard Doretti, Irving Udell, Mandel Friedman Boltum raw: Charles Crepas, Milton Wfeincr, Robert Frankel, Prof. James E. Davis, Howard Siegel, Sydney Davis, Milton Kramer Noi in fmm'l.' Sheldon Arkin, lingene Bernstein, jerorne Glass, Herhert Gordon Delta Kappa Sigma Uyirvrr--Strnnling.' Raymond Kasova, .mrial cir1!.r:ribc,' Peter Loutos, ,rport chuirfrmnf Charles Crepas, hi.rlw-ian Seal:-rzf: Robert Frankel, .ivcretrlryf Sydney Siegel, rhfmrellnrf Prof. James E. Davis, Pharmacy clmirmfmg Milton Kramer, hmm- Melvin Schoenwald, Jgl. at rlflllff Davis, vin' rhrmcvllnrp Howard 1r1l1'i.rorf Milton Weine r, ll'L'4I.flll'l'f ...r i 558 Founded, University of Illinois, 1921 Alpha Chapter, 1921 , 1 Active Chapter vp-' ' ". gq,n,.J1 ,',. -. 'JL iii,-if' 1 .- lf. ff' .af-. L4 GW .V 'r' Founded, University of Michigan, 1882 Rho Chapter, 1901 fro ACUVC Clmlmffs f1mt'4'I'.l"--Tflfl rnw: Mark Gnndrurn, lrcw1.rlrrcr,' NValter Karbowski, rice llrvria rlt'nt,' Lawrence Anderson, 1H'l',fI1lt'71f ,' Harold Sandercook, rrulrirrg Cbrljflllrlll Fill'lllf.'l"1.l0lflllll mr1'.' S. S. Flored, Thomas Barber, XV, A., XV. H. Kubaeki, john M. Spence, Robert Savage Delta Sigma Delta Top mia: Harry Iida, Thnmai XVarda, john Klochn, Bert Anton, XVilliam Nitelneltree, Herbert Kazmer, Wlalter Liodelausky, Paul Anders, George Marqnarilt, Matthew Samarns, Dr. S. Bhaskar, Robert XVertz Fourth raw: Donald Knlmer, I-larry Kim, Edward Kowalik, Edward Obroek, Gordon Cilaysher, john XVeiss, Richard Dejanld, Donald Knoeppel, Deane Doolen, Robert Brewer, Thomas Feeney, Bernard Podlasinski Tbirrl rzmf: joe rlifllitllilfll, llennett, Louis Saad, George Knttemann, Leo Sabien, Gayle Hutchinson, Edward Krizek, Robert Coberley, Louis Dirnas, Richard Henry, David Gramer, Frank Knohlock Second row: Thomas Case, jean Jacobi, XVilliam Burns, Henry Antolak, jose wh Allen, Edward Kleeinie, l,awrence Schaller, james Allison, Harry Priee Llollum milf: Robert Goshgarian, Mark Gundrum, Lawrence Anderson, joseplr Aimone, NValter Karhowski . I Nor in jmmfl: lRIobert Baxter, james Carroll, Neal McDyer, Robert Moore, Harold Sandercock, Reinhardt Schnppe, Nicholas Simms, Kenneth Toy, james Xvood, David Reit re ,ab-Q "' -Q f A ,Q -v 'rv ' Top row: Donald Dart. Mathias Mertes, john Ingold, Ruger Smitendorf, Edmund Schmidt, Donald Ludwig, George Thies, Donald XValker, Ronald Betz, Don Iarnlmrt, john Eisc-nhart, joseph Cannon Fourlb rrmu' Otto Horacek, Robert Haddigan, Gerald Baldridge, Raymond Broderick, Allen Gomoll, Stephen Bradel, Norbet Bartnicki, Ronald Miller, Gerard Paszkiet, Masumi Nakamichi ' Third row: james Kelly, Charles Rulfetti, Richard Mackowiak, Richard Mikuska, Richard Elsner, Donald Reiman, Ernest Suwalski, Lawrence Smith, Michael McNabb, Donald Fl nn, Floyd Swink S'1':omllrn1u.' John Wlatllas, Donald Groncwolcl, Richard Virva, Richard Schlueter, W'alter Setlak, Eugene Newberry, James Selinger, Edward Dyia, Harley Wfi son Bolirml rum: Jerry Dony, Edward Koziol, Gregory Bukowski, Max Ullrich, Karl Strickland, George Webster Nu! in jnmcl: james Subka, Julius Matesi, Chester Garstka, Dale Pearson, ,Ia mes McKinney, John Kenshalo, Charles O'Bricn, Edward Raftery Kappa Ps' Pharmacy Founded, Russell Military Academy, 1879 , I A 4 Chi Chapter, 1910 UMCUH-Taj: raw: Dun Ladwrg, Jgl. at funn, john Eisenhart, Chrlplzllll 46 Active Chapters Sucaml row: flerry Duny, hirtnriflrrg Karl Strickland, fl'L'Il.l'lIl't'lf james Selinger, corrmflolrz mg .u'n'ri'tflr'y Billion! ww: Edward Koziol, Jvnz'Im'y,' Gregory Bukowski, rin' l'!',lft'?lf,' Max Ullrich, l't'gc'll!,' Donald Gronewold, fuxirhurl Il'l'f1.fl1l'l.'l -.a an v" 4-5 ' 560 fb o is K Q In .. - , 'R 'PHO Q N -Sf 'P X ' lqjfqrixx T -f.:-ZX lf.iQiXl:F l - f 3 .i ff Omfgri-7'o11 foru: Richard IXVebh: lrmr1frc'r:- john Mason, J4'CI't.'liIl'j',' Stuart 'f ,' "l ' . 1882 ouerts, 1'1cu' jrmrlr vrrrj ls ugi l'alls, lJl.l'IllVlrllI I Founded' liL?2l'i5fm2M?rf Iflggflgqn' Burrow mm: Richard Wrllms, r.v.itadmn,' Randall Mann, f1rv,mlw1l,' Thomas .15 'AQUQC flmpfcfs Pollard, fll.l'l'Il1g cbrlnwirlll igma Medicine Top row: Richard Dolan, Russell Hall, Allen Meyer, John Mason, Douglas Layman, Thomas Stilwell, XVillis Dickens, Kenneth Fetrow, Richard Sodcrberg, Byron Ruskin, Charles Wakefield, Lorris Bowers, Stuart Roberts, Donald Raines, john Kukral, Arthur Miller Filth row: Glenn Fiscus, Richard Willms, Lynn Turner,-Jerry Lewis, Wfarren Barrow, Rudolph Oppenheimer, Carl Anderson, Merrill Huffman, Frederick Brodie, Randall Mann, Paul Brothers, john Pfau, David Barton., Joseph Hageman Fourth raw: Carl Wacker, Theodore Tenczar, George Conner, Philip -Wfagner, Milton Gates, Burwyn Albright, Donald Smart, Hershell Keeling, john An- drews, Richard Williams, Kent Ueland, Joel Mossberg, Robert Hamilton, Joseph Tienstra Third row: games Acklin, Raymond Yockcy, Robert Seifert, Edward Dainko, Thomas Bergeron, Marcus Quinones, Edward XValker, Donald Schaller, Thomas Pollard, erlc Stauffer, Ernest Moon, Victor Potoroka, George Murphy, Robert Conklin Serum! row: Lyle XVacaser, Owen Bloodgood, Robert Bettasso, james Sandrolini, james McKinzie, jerral Seihert, XVilhur Marshall Fira: row: Richard Webb, James Maher, Philip Lawless, Hugh Falls, Richard Anderson Na! in prmel: james Andersen, Charles Ayers, Albert Behn, Richard Benedix, Richard Blankshain, Lloyd Carnahan, Frank DeRango, James Falkcr, Robert Foley, Howard Glassford, Donald Hanscom, XVilIiam Hanson, Richard Harshfield, John Hartman, Et ward I-lertko, Norman Hungness, Theodore Ikeda, Frafik lieirkoch, Roy Kurotsuchi, George Lambakis, john Macdonnell, Thomas McGrath, Robert Morrow, XVilliam Prescott, john Schmidt, John Stutzman, Ric mari 'arizzo 9996 'WK' -.. 1' 6 f r Top row: Harold Damutli, Clinton Pace, Eugene Rancy, Joseph Symmonds, john Funk, Don Gilchrist, William Markel, Thoburn Patton Third row: Harry Ores, Williani Sermonte, john Courtright, john Stcinkamp, Robert Hertenstein, Thomas Halama - Sammi row: George Nemec, Edward Kwedar, Robert Underwood, Robert Kaminski, Bernard Baltcs, LeRoy Futterer, james Goldcnstcin Bottom row: Ivan Lindgren, Walter Schroeder, Robert Buxton, Robert Merriman, james Coeur No! in fmm'l.' 'George Anast, Allen Dannlmucr, George Giffin, Hugh Grimes, Walter Kemper, Paul Krctschmar, Richard McCallen, Allen Scales, William Wlialen, Harry Dobbrunz, Edward Jekot, Ernest Poole, Herman Schmid, Lelan Stallings, Louis Wilhelmi, Robert XVood, Patrick Elwood, Tadashi Kado- naga, George Keranen, Harold Toussiant, Arthur XViIIiamson, Robert Helmich, Warimc-r Gustavson Phi Beta P' M U C 611101116 'W 0Mrur'.r-7'r1fr :'uu'.' james Goldenstein, Jcrrvh1ry,' Donald Gilchrist, fl't'rlJ:lH'UI' Bottom rnuf: Thoburn Patton, biiloriflllf W'illiam Markel, Y'll.l'blllg rhrllivmnlf l l V LeRoy Futtcrer, 1rrrbon,' Edward Kwedar, fire arcbon: Walter Schroeder, F0UflCl'Jd. University of Plfwbllfgll. l39l libnrrifm Iota Chapter, 1902 45 Active Chapters ,T 9458. ag .H zr. ,if 'ew 562 56 Founded, University of Michigan, 1883 Alpha Sigma Chapter, 1952 27 Active Chapters 0mEl'l'.l-.sllzlildiilg.' Ilolin Bascn, fire fm'.fidw1f,' Michael Grady, ffzrulef at :Irlfl.f.' Ronald Harschfc d, M651-nlry,' james Molloy, lre11.rnrr'r Smlvrl.' Henry Gould, ,ll'L'.lIlll'llf Phi Delta Chi Top row: Michael Grady, John March, George Daeschlcr, Robert Engelthnler, Ronald Dneschler, rluhn Basco Scrond raw: James Molloy, Basil Fritsch, Donald Frcqga, Norman Sonenthal, john Hill, Michael Ba zar Bottom I'0i0.' Peter johnson, Dale Doerr, Henry Gou d, Dr. Dwight Dcardorlf, Wfcndcll Snuthard v i , Ik if r. I. it , Q. . H-.. We ...v 4, ' .wme1r1um..wr..l , ax 1. N .sgxmmnllxan'1n r L l. i l 251.1 r in i him, i , F --. Top row: Raymond Hechter, Frank Mitchell, jr., Milton Bibergal, jack Lewis, Arthur Kunis, Charles Gavin, Sheldon Kreisclman, Robert Singer, Franklin Sher, Homer Goldstein . Tbirzl razu:I Max Goldschmidt, Irwin Feinberg, Victor Horvitz, Milton Kramer, Martin Morris, Alan Gordon, Leon Prrnz, joseph Lassman, XValter Bobcll, H w. M .-s Secaurlo Aron, Arnold Swerdlow, Charles Davis, Marvin Rosenberg, David Marcus, Earle Crandall, Richard Roscnstein, Kenneth Simpson, Melvin S's:1n Iiotlwizsiaru: Marvin Zolot, Marvin Tishler, Marshall Mishkin, Earl Feiwell, Jack'Remington, Gerald Lee, .Jerome Kaplan l I Nor in panel: Alan Steen, Sherwin Fox, Fredric Watsorr, Lawrence Shapiro. Maurice Schwartz, Arthur Savrtt, William Rubmson, Howard Gurevitz, Marshall Grobert, Nahman Greenberg, Sheldon Cohen, Irving Bloom, Sherwyn Weiss, jack Stcrnfcld, Leon Steinberg, Daniel Schiff, Herbert Natof, Allen Malnnk, Hyman Mackler, Perry Lerner, Harold Gordon, Marvin Garland, Kenneth Anderson Phi Delta Ep ilon X Medicine 0Mrcr,r--Abo11e.' Marshall Rowen,Igm'ridcg1l,' Howard Moses, vice fIl'C'J'il'il'flf Founded, Cornell University, 1904 Below: Victor Horvitz, frcamrer,' 'arl Ferwell, .wrrvmry Alpha Alpha Chapter, 1918 78 Active Chapters Jin 1 N, ' I tk fs W' 564 '-f4!1!x'iT X X 3 1,21 .' . "Asa" V r 4' ' Q 1 u.r'r i Ng' if . ,"1"t V I :I K ,V 'I' "s.Q1?.'5',f,?Mi l I llblfbf' 'M ...-.4 Founded, Northwestern University, 1890 Beta Gamma Chapter, 1894 27 Active Chapters Top rnuf: XVayne Mathy, bnnrc' r1n1m1gvr',' Richard Vendermyde, fn'e.rirli'flfi Phillip Dougherty, trcu.f1m'r ' llntlam ruwrl Richard Newman, .fr'fl':'hIl'y,' Daniel Murphy, roum11.r.rm't 14111195 Myers, rim' 1m'.r'nli'11l Phi RIIO Sigma Top 1010! Cl de Wieland, Norbert Mader, Edmund Andracki, Roger Kilton, Frederick Ball, Ralph Ade, Ralph Beck, Harold Jensen, Richard O Connor, james Naatz, Adlolph Sattler 1 Fourth row: Richard Newman, Rheinhart Bodenbender, Endrik Anvclt, Wayne Mathy, Jeb Boswell, George Sweeney, Richard Holmes, Lawrence Petz, john Kotarac, Howard Luce, Marvin Tiesenga Tbifal f0Wg Gilbert Miller, Sal Piazza, Raymond Tamura, Paul Morimoto, John Barlow, Robert Mulhauscn, Robert Myers, Daniel Murphy, Philip Dougherty, Peter tarrett Second row: Donald Mitchell, David Ellis, Darrell XVilcy, Donald Eytcheson, Bruce Hansen, Wfilliam Ehling, Theodore Myrna, james Myers, Ernest Yahiro, William Lesko, Robert Wloodburn Bottom row: Robert Ecklund, jack O'Brian, john Peters, XVard Starrett, Lawrence Gray, Richard Vanelermyde, XVendcll Thomas, Ralph Casciaro Not in fanel: Wlilliam Behrens, Martin Casezljosepll Cece, john Chamberlain, Richarr. Dahlen, Paul Fry, Paul Glezen, Norman lflallpenny, Xvilliam Hardy, Wil iam Hays, Willianl Hillstrom, Ronald I uclec, Carl jauch, Dudley johnson. Al Karkazis, john Kaminski, Carl Kester, Andrew Larsen, Frank Lecocq, Carl Lum, Maurice Martin, ,Iean Riehl, Paul Roberts, Andrew Somlyo, john Spcllmeyer, Angello Spinazznla, Kelly Sutton, john Tauscher, Kenneth Wfherle, Delbert Williams, james XVindeck 37 I usa x Qllw m.f111l ing' .-4v .l .. , , .... A , Al Top row: john Kaeser, Arthur Grimmenga, Boleslaw Mazur, Duane Hasselbring, Donald llraunaglc, Richard Corley, George Osterberger, Louis Andriasevich, john Duis, Robert Miles, Orval DeXVeerth, Robert Irish, Robert Pulliam. Kenneth Anderson Ifunrlb mira' Louis Darwish, Donald McNeil, Thomas Christie, NVilliam Daly, Eugene Casperson, Robert Parsons, Gilbert Mackey, John Ritter, Jack French, Valentine Corrado, George Thomas, Richard Hendricks, Wfayne Albert Thin! rouf.' William Frieden, Paul Frankenstein, Vincent Sacehetti, john Miller, Chester Jasiczek, Clifford Brown, Donald Holck, Michael Dyer, Thomas Nagele, Frederick Nolen, john Kaminski, Hugh Flanagan I SL'l.'Ullll r'nw.' Ralph Friekenstein, Robert Dudenbostel, Edward Hatton, Williarii Rominger, Charles Reel, Leonard Quartetti, Donald Brink, Richard Bieles, joseph Matuga, Peter Paesani, Kenneth l.c-cocq, Francis Maly Bultnm 7010! Dr. Stanle Tylman, Dr. Edward Wacli, Dr. Gordon Stastny, Dr. Melvin Genazc Nu! in fnmel: Dan Pickle, David Lawless, Ralph Ransford, XVilliam Maurer, john Stanley, Gerald Crank, jonathan Barrett, Dale Long, Raymond Meyer, Raymond Tupy, Thomas Chung, Casmir Trelka, Wfilliam 'lirimareo P ' mega Dentistry Tap rf1u': Orval DeNVeerth, frizlurnily 1refu1n'er,' Louis Andriasevich, cbirf ifzquirilur Middle foul: Donald McNeil, gfmnlimn john Duis, lmuic Illrlllilgfff George Thomas, .remzlor Bottom raw: Dr. Gordon Stastny, family mlf',' David Lawless, gmml 7IlllJlC'l',' Ralph Frickenstein, gram! 7IlKl.l'iL'l'f jack French, rurlaiilg clmirm1ln,' Robert Dudenbostel, ,mrial Cffrliflllilll Noi in fnmcl: Gerald Crank, Jvrrumry' Ralph Ransford, lmlzre trm.r11rcr,' lidward Hatton, rhnfilirin: Peter Paesanr, chief illHlli.lif0l',' Wlilliam Rom- Fllllnflfll. Billflmofc Cflllcl?-C 03' Dental SUTBUY. 1892 inger, birlorirmg XVayne Albert, uzlilnr BCH AI llfl Clif! iff. 1903 35 Xctive Cliapters V330 Q vi, Q I ,, ? I n 3 ', QQ-if l 44 . ' - - Y .adj f 1 r ' ra, r , an Q 'yu ' I 4 ,,,,, , We t X f f 'i a "Oi ' na ll l .RQ p l L... lx X l X ' 2- A 1 I.. o " I s... Q ,ig it . f 1 Q f' S F I ,I A 1 .- X ' 32' 'K gf ' L ' ' A' ' Top row: Daniel Gorenberg, J'l'L'l'Z'f1ll'J',' Norman Reid, Sherwin Kabins, Samuel Ginsburg, Howard Berlin, Sheldon Miller Second rouf: Gerald liuckman, Melvin Goodman, Roland Mednnsky, jerry Krnne, lrn1.f111'er,'Marshall Spettnr Bottom v'uw.' Alan Arunsnn, ,lemme Katz, flnfmlwll: Eugene Stern, Leonard Pumper Not in ffrluel: Bernard XVeinstein, rin' 1rreJi:lw1t,' Charles l.ifsl:hultz, Ruhert Nathan, Charles Samet, Eugene I.eman, Eugene Wfeinstein, Fred Rowe Phi Lambda Kappa Medicine Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Tap row: Nancy.Af1dCfSCI1. lavuise Vicklund, IIll'.fif4L'!lf,' Ycrnit:lAXVilliams, Beulah Blaeksher, bilfllflxlll Bultom rauf: Shells Muth, .rm'rcMry,' josephmc Altneri, rm: lm'.fnlez1I,' jane Sumida, lren,r1n'er is-4 567 1 '- "1'sWQf , i 1 Universit Housing 1. One of the goals of education is to create an 3 atmosphere of happy effective living and to teach a way of life which is satisfying to the individual and society. The recent creation of the new luxurious housing facilities on the Chicago Professional Campus now provides the means for the development of such a program which has long been needed. In addition to providing a very significant service to the University, the Housing Division aims to provide residential environment which is favorable to the successful educational and social development of students, faculty and staff of the University. Franklin C, Dalln, zlircrlor of lwnxing Ruriflwlfv Ilflll Colrllfclifzg SMH: Dr. Arthur Krueger, Jeanette Vet- Studcnt Residence Hall ref, Dr. Robert Ryan, Dr. Mark Wlatanabc Books and bones '.f- I 1 ,- ' 4' I tv 4:2921 - fFfgP:if2T2figiifsf-F?s',.iaFaa' ff 5: "1-V' IKLII1'F,Zfi. 4- P -y -. , f an cc i: CQ LL rr' isa an cr .r. ,- ca me Le rar :- M5 Talking shop - Grand entrance-Residence I-Iall Candid VICWS Easy living Staff apartments . .,......... -.-ie .-.,..e........ ..., X o -'Vila T-X , ' Ehrman 537332 " ' 512:13 fails: ar, I 1 5 I-I. fi I .?F'T4lfi2mW' l 253711 22:1 :FII , Ju: 332: I hi Ll ,J Organizations and Honoraries Q :fp Nd' zc, .- it 570 li 715' r . r E ' 1: H' off l l ,gum sf 4 'ZS v i W' 4' 1 . A' 'gi ' 7' ' in Ina... IN- X. ' -- l l J cv 1 'wt ' k we l f-Q , -d""'w .J Tap row: Howard Glassforcl, Harold Zenisek, Ralph Ado, Carl Kobelt, Melvin Sisson, Daniel Schifl, Karl jauch Tblwl row: Theodore Myrna, Lawrence Petz, Herbert Rose, john Mason, Marvin Garland, Marshall Rowen, Irving Adatto, Milton Kramer Summl row: Walter Beard, james Hunt, Robert Myers, Robert Conklin, jacques Chamberlain, Leon Steinberg, DeXVitt Lowell, Seymour Lustman Bottom rorffh' Glorye XVool, Maurice Martin, john Peters, Ralph Spiekerman, .rL'rn'nlry-ll'1'fl.mferg Howard Moses, f7l'l'.fillt'lll,' Philipp Lippe, rice 11Ve'.fi:lc'n!,' Ifrances Knock, Edward Lichter, Elaine Hacker Not III 1mm'l.' james Hunter, john Frenster, Betsy Brennan, Ernest Warner. John Tauseher recognizes high scholarship in the College of Medicine Association of Philippine raduate Q . . . promotes scientific study and social contacts among grad- D uate dentists from the Philippines Tall row: Salvador dc Leon, VirginiaIC:1rbonell, Sol Flores, faculty mfriiw' A Bnltom row: Luz Macapanpan, Rosnlia Dichoso, .rerruIflry-l1'wl1ln'urg Rosario Ciocon, rhalrrmm l l i l s 1 a i l l ,Y-vw? Q4 ' .- ' .45 f'X-' ' in I "N ,i N . UZIWAWP Fl' AA .,.-fl' merican harmaeeutical Association, tud nt Branch Activities of the Student ,Branch are aimed at giving the students a view of their forthcoming profession not presented in the classroom. Promin- ent persons in pharmacy are often guest speakers at the monthly meetings. joint meetings with the Chicago Branch of the A.Ph.A. give the students the opportunity to meet pharmacists holding a variety of positions soon to he open to them. Biennially the University of Illinois Branch sponsors an open house in the College of Phar- macy. lop rnrlz' Prol. ll. lainie, ,lJ1'1ror liollonl iorr: liaivrence Smith, -.rrrwl.lry-I1ru1.rnrr'r',' Nancy Andersen, rn" fm'.rnll1ll,' Basil l:l'Il5L'il, jrrrrlrlrlli Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Illinois make up District Four in which there are many colleges of pharmacy. Every year at the District Four Convention representatives from each college of pharmacy gather and select a student representative to the Annual National A.Ph.A. Convention. A strong hond between the student branches has been formed within the past few years which may lead to the formation of a student section within the National A.Ph.A. con- ventions of the future. Top mm: Mathias Martes, Dale Pearson, Gregory Bukowski, Howard Mirsky, George Daeschler, Donald Goesel, Donald l.onart, Donald NValker, Howard Siegel, Max Ullrich, Arthur Mills, Gerald Handler Faurlla row: Leonard Groencveld, john Ivlayeda, Alvin Galinsky, Alvin Glasky, Robert Frankel, Donald Frega, llenry Gould, john Baxro, lidward Koliol, John March, John Eisenbart Third raw: Lawrence Wfysocki, john Irloellc, jack Munson, Milton Wfeiner, joseph Halans, Marvin l.evison, Albert Gomoll, Michael Baller, Stanley ltartecki, john Breen, Gerald Baldridgc Sccaml rmrf: Irving Milstcin, Gene Gorindar, George Yahro, Mendel Friedman, Martin Krichilsky, Basil Fritsch, Professor Herbert limig, Raymond Broderick, Lawrence Smith, Donald FI nn, Michael McNabb Bottnm l'llll'.' Mrs. Bohdanna Bodnar, jane Sumida, Beulah Blacksher, Nancy Andersen, Louise Vicklund, Josephine Altieri, Vernita Wlilliams, Sheila Moth - wzrr 'E'--"' -':f1 1 Q ' ' ', ', j ' . I - ' ' , 9 it wp . - -- -r.:rff4t" . r ,- - r flr ,WWF X, ffllr, ! lar Q -,lil J ft ,i?iai..,.aiia asiisdisaf Top raw: Janice Sotan, Beverly Taylor, Robert Keen, trc'flmrc'r,' Miss Marsha D ustin, .r1mr1,rur,- Corinne Cosaro, ,lean Prebis Third raw: Dorothy Adams, Beverley Gaines, Barbara Reynolds, Oma jean Learn, Vera Paulin, Nancy XVilliams Second row: Patricia Griflin, Lorraine Cozza, Sally Ford, Shirley Kharasch, Nenlra Phelps, Sheila Libby, Joy Anderson Bottom row: Helen Jaworski, Korina Haritonoff, Diane Glick, edilorf Susan Bergquist, vin' prv.ri:lu1it,' Velma Reichenbach, Jl'L'f'l'l1lI'j',' Donna Simenson, jmhri 1lvn.',' XVancla King, racial rhnirmfm: Ann Moyat, erlilnr No! in lmui'l.' Marilyn Block, Rhoda Priest, Ilvettye Drowne, Beth Wleiner, Grace Dittman, Sue jones Illi-Sota Associate Professor Beatrice D. Wade, head of the Occupational Therapy Department, is being honored this year on the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the occupational therapy cur- riculum at the University of Illinois. She intro- duced the unique plan of study which has exem- pliiied recent trends in educational philosophy, the - 4, gg. i integration of formal knowledge and theory with X ' clinical experience. The student begins his studies ,1fmii5nl,'fCfi?blllliflfm-,rf in the College of Liberal Arts and completes his of Ormlmfiomil 7'bvr,1jry work for the B.S. degree in the College of Medi- eine. 7'f,pIm1u.'I Pgficia Miller, Lucille Frederick, Barbara Mueller, joan Vladar, Miriam Behrens, Shirley Scherer, Carolyn XViIkes, Margaret Lupton, Martha Scrven, iever ey ue Svcrnffl Maui Marilyn Shaffer, Deborah Fay, Katherine Stohbs, Carol Combs, Jr'cremry,' Marilyn Moore, fm'riile'lrt,' Vera Saline, fire 11rf.rider1I,' Katherine Pink- ey, o merta Hoegner llntlfnri f'0Ill.' Joyce Armsworth, Judith Floyd, Jean Cooper, Eleanor XVelz, Lillian Nishida, janet Engbring, Susan Louie 73 X '-in 'Hb---" , , ff' M 1, 3 .IV Ni "",: mfs. 4 W i " ' LAI. Am '.f,."5 . , g 3, M f . I ' -. 1' jf. . Law!! taxi' il? rv- in-P' 5 glliifiifgw W i T F' Top raw: William Markcl Secom! row: Don Ervin, Jccremv-y,' Robert Mizlhauscn Bottom row: Thomas Pollard, Randall Mann, fY'L'tI.l'llI'f'I',' LeRoy Futtcrer, jnrxirlwlt Not in 11:11:01: Pres Bratrudc, Richard Vandcrmydc, wire pi-eudefit Medical Interfraternit Council fosters cooperation among the medical fraternities, encourages high scholarship, and collectively represents the fraternities Executive Student Council Top row: Robert Cobcrlcy, Donald Ludwig, James Hunt Second raw: Kcnnctli Lccocq, Ernest Suyvalski, George Sturman U Bgffgyn ,'p14,f,- Alan Gordon, james Davis, Patricia Mcllniff, Raymond Broderick, fltrllfflltlll acts as a liaison organization 'Ea- - .J 1i,i:lvl.' james llnnt, .n'fn'mry-lrmmrvr,' Thomas Bunting, flI'1'.fi4lUllf,' Alan Gnrdnn, fire frrexiflcm Medical Student Council The Medical Student Council administers the student government of the College of Medicine. This group is elected from the four medical classes and is composed of twelve council members and the four class presidents. The Council is responsible for weighing prob- lems of student interest and presenting their re- commendations to faculty administration groups, and acts as the official voice of student opinion in faculty-student relationships. Tap mum' james Marshall, ,lack Means .Yumml row: james Hunt, 'homas Bunting, Robert Mulhausen Annually the Medical Student Council sponsors the Raymond B. Allen "Colden Applev Instruc- torship Award to the outstanding instructor of each class. The 1953 awards were made to Faith LaVelle, freshman classg Theodore Sherrod, sopho- more classg Norman B. Roberg, junior classg Frank B. Kelly and Heyworth N. Sanford, senior class. The Henry G. Poncher Student Aid Fund was set up in 1952 by the Council, from which loans are made to students in eme1'gency situations. liolmm raw: Hugh Falls, Wlilliam Lawrence, Pnla Pintrowski, Donna Simcnson, Alan Gurdon Noi in 1nlm'l.' Harold Jensen, Edsel Hudson, Richard Wlillms, Richard Newman, -A rv Harry Grail, Robert Lewis A r .J in N L " 12, my ' 'fl J 1, s it it ve lsr 5 J A365 F? . ,I A if . ' rg , ., . . pf' . - ' 9 "As'A1 Yf' rl V' . 1 Fflirisi ,, ' Qs,,Q:""55'55f:' , -,:,,Q1,:ifg.?J ' - if r - WW, . 1, .ga Z... fray , 1 ml - , 1 , 3' r , X. 1 5 74 575 5 get ...qt J "Q ---Q is is 4' A It If CIW qs-Q .eh -'N 'ef' ,Wu-pf' Ui" is ..x rx! Nt! '12 Top raw: Eugene Caspcrson, Wfaltcr, Gntlclausky, Donald McNeil Serum! row: George Sturman, prvrlflwrl' Kenneth Iecocq George Osterb H , . , . . erger, Omer Jordon, frml.r1m'r Bottom raw: Robert Parsons, Robert Qoberlly, .rerfelaryf jean Jacobi ' I ' Q Not in panel: William Vencma, Louis Dumas, Deane Doolcn, XVrllram Frictlen, rin' fll'L'.l'I!lt'IIl Dental Student nun I coordinates and pre- sents student prohlems to the administration harmac Student C 'l v y coordinates stu- dent activities and maintains ood facult - d g y stu ent relationships Tap raw: Mathias Mertes, Robert Engcltlialcr, Donald Ladwig fire pfwizlvrrt Second w Cl ' W'll' , ra .' ovis 1 rams, Irof. J. E. Davis,-ud1"i.ror,' Richard Schlueter. Bottom muf: Gregory Bukowski, Ernest Suwalski, Raymond Broderick, lH'L'Jlrlw1l,' Ann Shuler, .rcrrcmry Nat in fmm'l.' Peter Johnson, Irving Udell, Edward Raftery, john Ingold, Sheldon Chnldon, john Basco 73,4 , . Sw V .:..,. -' if ' -tins 1' " 51 . 'i bf' 1 fl- .G 7 . r. 'tml' ' 'Q' 'Ms .' , -4 , 1 h EGL in tl - '- :.-r I' -. 1113? .' 1.5-Mtg.. -, .3 9" ,Zu we law, by, . Ri, , " 15'i3aW-1 553215 :ral 42.2 fm Y ,M 'A 'V , as if My , L:,,v' -Y" 'vr'J.w. .V Y,-, .pg .r.,.w, ., V.-,a , ,-5:,1I,f.,,' V - 5355-r ,'f'g5ffif:, ' 5" , ,, ,l V. ., .. . ,,?.ri't'l' ' x i .L Egg ,. , V .ng,if,,,,,, ' 'F 'ill ' Aww .gjmt ,. '50, lv ' Y. . . t -- fits? .1 X iw F 3 ' A.f2"f - ug.. ' 5 B 5 -f- Founded, Northwestern University, 1920 Alpha Chapter, 1921 Left Io figbf: Jerome Katz, .rrcrr'trlry,' Thomas Bunting, prcrirlmlf Raymond 2 Active ChnPt"5 Tcplitz, fire pruidvfll Pi Kappa Epsilon Pi Kappa Epsilon is an honorary fraternity, recognized by the College of Medicine, to promote and further the advancement of medicine and medical education through social intercourse, in- telligent thought, and discussion of medicine and medical problems. Members are elected during their sophomore year, and are chosen on the basis of professional promise, personal integrity, high scholarship and Congeniality. In addition to academic pursuits, Pi Kappa Epsilon engages in intramural sports and sponsors the annual campus Barn Dance. Top row: Amos Bratrude, Jack Means, Arnold Shkolnik, Robert Wood, Ralph Casciaro, Martin Morris, Richard Webb Second row: lgome Katz, Raymond Teplitz, Thomas Buntini, Daniel McCarthy, Peter Pleotis, Henry Adkins Nat in panel: Louis Wilhelmi, Ral h Ade, Paul Brothers, Lloyd Carnahan, Richard Dah en Frank DeRango, Don Ervin, john Funk, Hugh Grimes, Ra mond Botlom row: illiam Ehling, James Myers, Marvin Tishlcr, lan Gordon, Burwyn Albriight, Sheldon Miller F 1 if Hechter, Harold Jensen, Dean ones, Walter Kemper, Paul Kretschmar. Perry Lerner, ack Lewis, Seymour Lustman, William Nace, David Rand eman, Roger Sevy, Richard Soderberg, Donald Rames, Bernard Weinstein, William Whalen 'x - dl l .S ... ,A ... 57 577 amy rv.- L-v 5. Top rump joseph Cannon, Alfred Core. Alvin Glasky, 'Stanley Susina . SLTIIYHI row: Dr. Dwight Dearnlorll, Dr. Alfred Perkins, Mitchell liorke, Masnnu Nakalnichi, Dale Doerr Bottom raw: Kenneth Liska, .rcrr1'lflr'y: Henry Gould, 1H'C.fl11'f-'I1I: Louise Vickluncl, wire fH'l'.fi1lt'IIl,' Patricia Smlar, lirnannel Green, Paul Davis Nut in flrl7It'l.' Robert Besanlon. Dr. Conrad Blomquist, Paul Carpenter, Charles Clarke, XVillian1 Collins, Dr. Frank Crane, Herbert Emitl, Dr. james Gearien Dr. Ernst Kirch, Florence Klee, Dr. Esther Meyer, Dr. Charles Reed, Dean Earl Serles, Leo Schermeister, Frenl Siegel, Stan Smolenski, Wfenrlell Sootharnl Ralph Terry, Dr. Vicher, Dr. Ralph Voigt, Dr. George Xvebstcr, Marguerite Zielisch, Harohl Arnoll, Nick Karabutsos, Moi-y Sommer U promotes the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences Student American M dieal 0 0 - ' - promotes the moral lntelleetual and professlonal improvement of its inemhers Tap row: 1-larolcl jensen, ein' 1u'r:ria'ef1l,' Robert Foley, lr'rf1,rm'e1' - U I .- Ballanz row: Maurice Martin, ,fcwmr rulu'4'.u'ulr1!lr'c',' james Myers, 1m'.mlefN,' Richarrl Wlillms, .rnplfofzmru fupre.n'f1l.1l1ru,' XVrlnan1s Potts, ,ul'le'I1H'l' Nu! in fnmvl: Rrclmrtl XVeblJ, jimmy' f'vf1rz'.frf1rfltl1'v W . an -7 Q35 ,f'QJfXvalll l 1 All-'lil X V' X v H' 4 , eq 2, wh--fl if S Y-' 9' ,Q - +l?Tw '4 V X. T'-3, sf' T fx E 5 W 4 ., 1-, ., h' Ev , - V! , I A , 4 'G U X 'fix-,.' jf. 'ij-vlcv ' :f'!Y'ix V ' 131 WF-. 'xx 6 ,TAQ 1 0 rp ,f"f Q I 11, - 5 ,.:. E -gf, Q lag, , 4 p WJ., 1 Activities 3 N V X 'f l w 'sq 1' -1 l' , R V, Ms A Mini: Corrinzitlec-Tngif-o1v.' Merle Crossland, Charles Lifschultz Scmflrl raw: Robert ulliauscn, Thoburn Patton, Robert Parsons Bvftolni 1-010 .' jacques Chamberlain, rbr1irnnn1,' Zena Kagan, James Nor m p1mel.' Harvey Imber Dirlfla-y Cmumilivc-Tap mizi: Barr Anton sL'L'0lItl ioru: Edward Krizek, Ken- neth Anderson, tbninmui Botfrmz row: Robert Miles, Sally Iford, Gale Hutchinson N01 III fuuzel: Donald Funk SMU-Yzap foal: Grate Bacon, N Patricia. McEniff, .rorirll difer- mry Elizabeth Raup v r ax, 1 ' m. l c . I t ., .9 A, Myers The Union Building is a popular recreational center for the Profes- sional Colleges Campus. Here policies are determined by the Committee on Student Affairs and the Chicago Illini Union. Student activities such as the an- nual Campus Carnival, music listen- ing hours, weekly displays, coke dances, and formals are planned by three student committees: Display, Music, and Social. , Both social and scientific groups schedule their meetings, smokers, luncheons, dinners and dances in the dining rooms and lounges. During the noon hours, the dining rooms, meet- ing rooms, lounges and game room are filled to capacity. The Union is also a favorite spot for a coke, a cup of coffee, or just to relax between classes. S hicago Illini nion Sheila Muth, George Sweeney fx , . , my vi sf XE.-I Sorial Commitlvv-Top raw: Robert Eisinger, Louis Andriasevich, Richard XVillms Second row: Randall Mann, Richard Williams, Victor Horvitz, William Market Bottom raw: Herbert Rosenstein, Peter johnson, Wanda King, Sue Willems, Edward Dyja, john Barlow Not nz panel: Josephine Alticri, Raymond Broderick, Loren Humphrey, Dean Jones, joe Levine, Robert Moore, 580 if' fr ri Z' Q- . 1 L ..., . M U' -fl-W" ,, wx WAS ,q , f I . 4 4 In 4. 4""'WR'AJa- U ,,,Y,:- J i n n ra N, -1 ' K 1 .ll Q Af. 4 . N. I A. , gf: X qv. 3 sign ,frx up W.- ,..,.,..,.. .. ,...,.v. ,v ., , , N, ,,,,. , .M ,W .,,.., . , ., ., .-. .f,., , W., ,.,..,,,:,,f,,--,Qmfg--Q1-nv1-nf-qw--,w-mmm.-m'vzvu::.1r.w':1::a....L..,, .4 J' fe 1 I , i I x . N .,- L. ix - igksz 0 si' -.1 5, .i ,--H .D 1 I xx F 1 ' 4 ,H-, ' ' in 1 X ,V Q x . ' ' x . -Ln ...,.- 1 W ww ilu-lull john W. Brown, dircttor of lrhyxirul cdurnlian Charles Thomas, iillfzlfllllhlf Ill4lllrlgL'l'n' Lynn Turner, frfvlbrow cbrmlpion Physical Education and Intramural Sports The sports and physical education program in the Chicago Professional Colleges consists of: intramural competition in eight minor and all major sports, individual instruction and group ac- tivities, and varsity teams in basketball, tennis and golf. These activities are under the direction of Mr. John W. Brown, who is completing his tenth year on the Chicago campus. Facilities at the Chicago Illini Union Building are used to the fullest extent during the year by the students participating in all sports and body building activities. These facilities are supple- mented with nearby tennis courts, a field for ath- letics, and swimming and handball privileges at 582 the Duncan Y.M.C.A. Sfllllllillgf james Marks, L'01l4,'h,' jack French, Martin Morris, john XVciss, john Pfau, David Barton I1wrcncc A il D D l ll B n arson, cane ooen, ,om rown I 5'e11te1!.' joseph Potts, Peter johnson, Nick Karabatsns, Jack Pearson, Harold Axnofl, john Iconard 'Ihornas Pollarll Dclln Knpfm silllllrl, l.M. lfnolbnll Chiifllfnr-fToj1 rum: Paul Sapstcin, Peter Loutos, Wfilliam Einhorn, llichaitl Picphn, joseph HIllGllS. MC'lVil1 Schocnwalci I , Iinllom row: David Macklin, Marvin Stern, Marshall Newman, David Gordon, Raymond Kosova The Physical Education Department schedules competition with colleges on the same athletic level. The varsity basketball team, coached by lim Marks, senior medical student, started slowly, but soon picked up speed and finished the season with a record of ten wins and six losses, being beaten decisively only by the Loyola "BU team. Facing tough competition, the varsity tennis team ended the season with three wins, four losses, and one tie. The golf team had a successful season, defeat- ing Navy Pier and placing second, one stroke back in the Chicago City Tournament. A great amount of time and effort has been placed on the Intramural Program by the Depart- ment of Physical Education. This program enables the fraternities and independent students of the three professional colleges to compete in organized athletics. Consequently, intramural competition in 1952-53 reached a new high, both in the num- Nn .Yignnr Nu, LM. l"nl1t'ybflll Ch11111f1liwl.r--l.vjl lo right: John Kukral, jack Pearson, james Marks, john P nu, James McKinzic, Thomas Pollard N11 Sigflm Nu, l.M. Bmrkvlbirll Cbu111p,i--Twp wuz' David Barton, latk Pearson, john Pl'au,KI:uncs Marks Iinllum ro11f'.' james Mc inzic, Wfillinm Johnston, Thomas Pollard, l-high 1 ills ber of teams participating and in enthusiasm and competitive spirit. This added interest has been brought about by the very close race for the intra- mural trophy, which is awarded the organization with the largest total of points during the year. For the second consecutive year, Nu Sigma Nu nosed out Delta Sigma Delta and Alpha Kappa Kappa, who finished second and third respectively in the battle for the trophy. The following intramural championships were awarded: Fall Coll, Nu Sigma Nu, Football, Delta Kappa Sigma, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Nu Sigma Nu, Softball, Delta Sigma Delta, Hand- ball Singles, Cranata, Handball Doubles, Granata and Wertz, Table Tennis Singles, lessen, Table- Tennis Doubles, Slezak and Fricke, Badminton Singles, lauch, Badminton Doubles, Fricke and Supple, Free Throw, Turner, Tennis Singles, lessen, Tennis Doubles, lessen and Ingram, Match Play Golf, Schoppe. Della Siylflrl Delhi. LM. .Vnflbnll Cbilullu-'l'nji Irlll'.' Rohcrt Brewer, Gorton Glayshcr, nhn Wfciss, Bert Anton, Robert XVL-rtz Bullnm raw: Valtcr Karbowski, Henry Antolak, Harold Santlcrcnck, 'Thomis Case, Don Buckley u-If '1 y ' H is x,'g'5gf . ,'V,lfQ.-far? wif., -R.-. .2 55,4 Az: g - . Q Q: "M"-fl -.r, -9' If P4 Q, '-Y.,-'. 'i 'Mur- 'B x y4. , ,. 1 ' Alf! -'I -rl.. f . -' a' D ...L- Vi -i,,.,,,2,v 3, ,:,A:.Mu-, . , 332, My ' .. fc ....4 x ':'fi.',.,.., -.5 ' 'N ,L ' W, Ax ,.ki..,K - , -.4-, f ,Na , "1 ' ' wh X-'f uif' I ,nv , fd. s ,www ,rv Q. .. I1 i ...- .v .--M ,, ...H- MGX? ,, BQ I -...H-, QM 4,41 x.,,,', , '4ww1,,.- 551 .-""" 'J'li:: - 35 Mp- g .- ff :i'."""f.,,1v'f-W: . -Q . , -, 711' w .-'M 'QI4-'Aff . ,Shun fr fy! 'xlzv V: .1-.-. ' 1 ,,,,. VA. .,,,..W ' 'K -L! -- A -0 1 J- .A - r ,LW 3 ' v Y, :,..:,. ' 'I L., 585 mv 'Nix 415 hi "'5 Q,-.Q Y 431' ,N 1 X. 'V v y ,affiiff . 4,,,.,,,1 . . . 3 Q? X L DI ' E X ago Taj: row: james Molloy, Wfnync Allwcrt, David Gmuc-r .Sl-cnml raw: john Ingold, lklwnral Kwcdnr, Robert Mulhnuscn, Bruce Hansen ll hun MI Nxl rg llc Iouxs Ani 1 Im ll Iiormm n-ff g istcin, fa vntw- 'ap-, . Qrizsuvif , miorp jus cphinc Altiuri, james Allisuu ' ' compiles 'Ind edits the CI1iC'lUO Campus' section olfllle yearbook t U U W esley Foundatlon, St. Paul minslcrs the cultur'1l l'Cli0'i0llS 'md social needs of the students and PCIfS0:lliCl b L Top rnuh' Elmer SPYCCIIS. Iulifm Gu-nlwin, Frederic Hull, Vcrlcy Lzmmmn. junk Sninlcr, Fred Cnvpuccilw, jack Vmlmrglm, Rohm! lknm Bottrwl raw: Bunmc Cnppuccum, Rev. Rzlymuml Laxury, Wlillizlm Wfhitc, liuvcrly lirmulwny, Shirlcy Iiystcr . ., ,D L 1- a 4 S ., .JM I hs, Q, , .,, - ",..f.. - . , . f ull! M . ' 1, -v rf , , V .M 5, W A ,,,..,.... V 5. 1 ,gr 'I tg, , - , N, 15,2223 V ,WHA M1 N M is .- -ww 2. :H 1 fc, QW - Wciffqi :- -r FR' ki., q-ng I . 1 E I x', - ,ff QW , rms Miz. ,il ,y if if Q 'lla-'A xsl, -. .jf . f . if N ' 5531 .. a - fgmfifl ,VS I 'I v r 'I fe Q v 5 s wi! ,nf N " 2 3531 it T L ia, ,Z 4 vi, Ei PF: SWE-1 A ,Wie in X 3-nu ,fl 0. UZ' 1 yn' . --1' . -I-ll a .1 . I'- , -U6 .9 lv .!' -A ' Y " 14 Q- 0 4. 'J 1 .,. l . - fr .1 A 9' iq'-1 M S 'gif ' 'ngsff , 'L ff -'X -- 1-1- 'Y ' -. Eyagsm t Vv 0 K K ff? f A , 4. g mn! , 3,0 Q ,- 9. A 4, 'v E 153, 1 2 si' 1 'u kff ,I - 71' I ,, ff! 14" ' ff - . 061 V 7 ,IX 2 L l ,131 .2 Y W 'Z ilk, E ,V , ..-ix. I s 'UH V , 'I 4' 1 Dapper Dan The Dentlst x . is is X, hui' 'V vx. . .w X .' PM-' ,. y xl A Q5-c v', if'1.uL X 'J V Q4 1' ' Q '15 .Hr- , I-'gan ' ,U '2 ' , 1 , '- ff ' at f ' ag-HU ,XJ -A WA rf? - f- TN-w-A ' :V Q YL.v:' fu' , - f 1, .W , M, ,..1,, ' , "J, , , . 'I 3- 5 gyfl-g' q "4 -H13 ff-'3 ,V f '5,i .,yf,,,f: , J., ,ggi , X, X Q iw-, m . , xv". . A 5?-, V v if ' M' '25-WQQ 11' W YGKF4' I mv! - 3' 'y ff ew ,nn 2 mix u ' w. F5 I f 1 I V, A x x ig l I 4 NT! . gg-:A Q. 1. 1,0 Q ,l ,Ib ' nr- 1 ' fi ' in . .. ' ll 'r :Q-.ff-', 'v: '+:' 1..-if 5 J .f ,iq , -1-.'- J, -vvly f fqfjxzf. , If N: -3-12:1 U,"mfj.,. .'f-,xii J., .,5g,f' ,aY,i,m',f' L '. T 'Q' a.2"i1?x4'vL W ,A QV 5' L?-'F' Ag ,W TL Lv, -A -Rfk, 31:..rQ:J'-9,j.?A my -' -M, ,-1-',E.E:W,q.k. - . - , X' ' x 3 ha- lgir 'A 'x Fm ' Kr 'fisflk 45 E3 '1 if Advertisin Index Block and Kuhl Company Busey First National Bank .... Co-op Supply Store .... Elgin Watch Company C. R. Grubb and Company .... Illini Studio ............. Illini Union Book Store John Deere and Company .................. Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Company F. K. Robeson ............................ john Sexton and Company .... 9 Adan1s 397 Arnum Andrews, Andrew, 174 Albers: Ruth E., 128, 327 A Aanes, Jol1n F., 404, 408 Aarons, Alan M., 152, 418 Abbott, Ellen, 322 Abbott, Edward, 551, 556 Abbuhl, Richard W., 409 Abdalla, Ibrahim S., 163 Abel, Glenn F., 134, 142, 173 Abele, Walter M., 415, 418 Abelle, Barnie E., 183 Abels, Donald, 550 Abern, Wendell S.. 392 Abernathie, Donald H., 159 Abernatl1ie, Dorothy I., 123 Abernathie, Jim W., 180 Abernathie, erdean, 126, 153 Able. Glenn, 172 Ableman, Joan C., 328 Ableman, Sandia J., 315 Abrahams, Geulah B., 186 Abrahamson, Richard A., 345 Abrams, David I... 407, 418 Abrams, Edward M., 366 Abrams, Estelle M., 315 Abrams, Leonard O., 375 Abramson, Sharlene, 310 Acacia, 334 Accountancy Club, 171 Acheson, Jxames S., 77, 365 Acheson. illiam R., 179 Achor, Marion, 288 Ackerman, Elizabeth A., 305 Ackerman, Charles, 180 Ackerman, Catl1erine N., 515 Acklin, James, 551, 561 Index Albert, Dianne R., 305 Albert, Ella J., 297 Albert, Waco W., 182 Albert, Wayne, 549, 566, 585 Albert, William M., 77, 358 Alberts, Waco, 67 Altieri, Josephine, 553, 567, 571, 580, 585 Altman, Herbert L., 394, 419 Alton, Harry J., 364 Alumni Arraciation. 27 Al ' Gl k 579 Albertson, Keith E., 128, 353 Albin, Glenn S., 409 Alblinger, Joyce C., 329 Albrig t, Burwyn, 531, 561, 576 Albright, Charles E., 399 Albright, James A., 531, 556 Albright, Vernon J., 104, 405 Albro,l Jean A., 298, 418 Alrertlr, 325. Alden, Priscilla R., 515 Aldendifer, Bruce L., 179 Alderson, Joan, 153. 162, 168, 245, 247, 298 Aldred, Aryl D., 196 Aldridge, Linda J., 322 Alex, allyann, 293 Alex, Samuel J., 398 Alexander Claude C., 403 Alexan Alexander der: fine L., 64, 153, 317 argaret 539 Alexgnderl Mary E.,l60, 118, 162, 29 Alexander Robert A., 83, 211 Alexander: 418 Alexander. Thomas H., 364 Alfirevic, Ronald F.. 392 vin, as y, Amano, Donald S., 419 Ambrose, ,Eames E., 173 Ambrose, illiam B., 371 American Ceramic Society, 174 American Faundrymenhr Sociely, 174 American Institute of Architertr, 173 American Pharumceulical Arrociution, 571 Amino, Yoshimi, 307 Ammons, Ronald A., 109, 164, 353 Amos, Archalcne, 124, 286 Amren, David D., 419 Amundsen, Diane L., 64, 98, 191, 291 Anasov, Richard, 388 Anast, George T., 531, 562 Anctil, Charles J., 356 Anderes, William H., 419 Anders, Paul, 548, 559 Andersen, Anne M., 308 Andrews, Anna M., 330 Andrews, Carol J., 96, 153. 303 Andrews, Charles J., 65, 82, 145, 349 Andrews, Charlotte E., 332 Andrews, David, 145, 374 Andrews, Franklin, 349 Andrews, Glenn B., 124 Andrews, Gloria, 64, 151, 153. 331 Andrews, Helen W., 168, 310 Andrews, J. David, 136, 137, 143, 374 Andrews, oan M., 166, 282 Andrews, ohn, 561 Andrews, arvin A., 64, 159 Andrews, Phillip, 551 Andrews, Raymond E., 368 Andrews, Richard, 549 Andrews, Ruth M., 290 Andriasevich, Louis M., 527, 548, Robert L., 154, 170, 342. Alfonsi, Patricia A., 111, 291 Alford, John, 196 Alford, obert D., 196, 356 Alford, Willard L., 379 Acliuitier, 46, 147 Acton, Thomas J., 418 Adam, Ernest B., 166. 179, 197 Adam, Marika P., 118, 297 Adam, Robert E., 362 Adams, Bruce .. 359 Adams, Clarissa B., 169, 296 Adams, Flora D., 572 Adiams, Frances K., 70, 160, 197, 310, 18 Adams, Jxohn Y., 342 Adams, obert W., 418 on, Joanne M., 323 Adatto, Irving J., 531, 570 Adatto, Lorraine, 314 Adamstone, Rutl1 E., 294 Aclcock, Marilyn M., 123 Acldelman, Sheila D., 323 Addy, Paul L., 363 Ade. Ralph. 565, 570, 576 Adelson, Ronald S., 360, 418 Adelsperger, Robert J., 159, 400 Aden, Marvilee, 550, 556 Ades Judith R., 319 Adeslco, Alycc C., 247, 305 Adesko, Paul L., 384, 418 Adkins, Henry L., 531, 576 Adkisson, Jay D., 515 Adler, Joyce, 60, 310 Adler, ee, 175, 373, 418 Arlrzririirtrrttinn Building, 36 Admmirtratwe Ofciulr, 22-25, 519 Adrian, Frank, 551. 556 Adsley, Mona I., 302 Afremow, Artl1ur M., 405 Afton, David N., 387, 418 Agase, Beatrice A., 299, 418 Agase, Louis, 211 Agriculture Club. 66, 104, 172 Agriculture, College of. 31 Agriculture Erlucfltion Club, 170 Agruss, Ruth. 300 Al1lenius, William M., 139. 141 Ahlgren, Richard M., 386 Ahlgrim, Arthur B., 196 Ahner. Eldon T.. 180, 198, 398 Allen, Alfred, 174 Allen, Benton C., 188. 338 Allen, Charles M., 192, 402 Allen, Charles R., 403 Allen, Donald J., 124 Allen, Edward ... 375 Allen, Eleanor, 554 Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Floy A., 71, 320 Francis W., 394, 418 Harry, 150, 184 James B., 413 Allen, James E., 359 Allen, Jose 11, 559 Allen, indlht L., 98, 123, 124, 283 Allen, Mary B., 181,303,418 Allen, Nina, 319 Allen, Ralph J.. 350 Allen, Raymond J., 128 Allen, Sarah J., 323 Allen, Wilma M., 287 Alley, Rembert C., 173 Allfree, Charles S., 126, 129 Allison , James A., 549, 559, 585 Allison, James XV., 188 M tH 2 1 Allison All . argo ., 9 rtl1, Margaret A., 327, 419 sw Almedldrales, Gustavo A., 396 Alperin, Herschel B., 108, 134, 152 186, 419 Alpert, Bernard, 366, 419 Allthzl Chi Omega, 282 Alpha Chi Rho, 335 Alpha Chi Sigma. 390 Alpha Chron, 151 Alpha Delta Phi, 336 Alpha Delta Pi, 283 Alpha Della Sigma, 152 fllphcl epazfm Pia, 284 Alpha liprilon Pi, 337 Alpha Gamma Delta, 285 ixngcrsen, James,4561 n ersen, Oy. 5 5 Andersen, Keith W., 372 Andersen, Nancy M., 541, 567, 571 Andersen, Norman A., 346 Andersen, Roger T., 347 Anderson, Mrs., 332 Anderson, Alan, 551 Anderson, Alan W., 345 Anderson, Andrew, 338 Anderson, Arthur L., 163 Anderson, Barbaracg., 286, 419 Anderson, Braden ., 144 Anderson, Burton, 551, 556 Anderson, Bruce E.. 419, 585 Anderson, Clyde, 532. 556 Anderson, Carl, 551, 561 Anderson, Carl D., 152, 419 Anderson, Carol I., 288 Anderson, Dean M.. 335 Anderson, Donald K., 192, 395 Anderson, Earl T., 405 Anderson, Eleanor L., 319 Anderson, Ferd, 126 Anderson, Gary J., 128, 345 Anderson, Geor e, 548 , Anderson, Gcrallli E., 123, 127, 414 Anderson, Glenn R., 127 Anderson, Helen A., 123, 196, 323 Anderson. ,lames J., 142, 550 Anderson, Jean F., 73, 100, 295 Anderson, Jesse C., 123 Anderson, ,ohn E.. 419 101, n ersrn, ar ., Anderson, Kathryn, 291 Anderson, Kenneth E., 527. 564. 566 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 330 Anderson , Kenneth W.. 532. 548, -580 , Kenneth Wayne, 179. 386 Lawrence A., 527, 548, 559. 582 , Leslie G., 408 , Paul E., 111 , Pegg? S., 290 , Phyl is J., 195. 245, 247, Raymond. 385 Anderson: Richard Cardwell, 352, 419 Anderson, Richard Charles, 174, 419 Anderson, Richard W., 551, 561 Anderson, Robert A., 419 Anderson, Robert F., 185 Anderson, Robert G., 402 Anderson, Robert T., 408 Anderson, Robert Warren, 65, 196, 566, 580, 585 Andronowitz, Joseph, 127, 391 Aney, Paul M., 383 Angus, Marvin S., 141, 144, 350 Angus, Richard M., 128, 194, 334 Anrsolf, Richard, 143 Ankenbrand, Juliann, 181, 312 Ankenbrandt, Ivan, 556, 559 Ankenbrandt, Leo, 550, 556 Anner, Berenice B., 126 Anosov, Richard L., 420 Anschel, Bert, 185, 405 Ansick Joseph P., 407 Antclitl, Howard F., 409 Antes, Rogfr S., 356 Anthony. ay, 69 Antler, Marlene, 553 Antman, Marvin, 549, 557 Antolak, Henry J., 527, 528, 559, 583 Anton, Bert H., 548, 559, 580, 583 Anunz1ata,dJoseph, 553 Anvelt, En rik, 551, 565 Anzelmo, Donald P., 385 Aplington, Catherine L., 308 Appel, Ilierry D., 360 Appel, onald 187 Appelbaum, Harriet F., 306 Apperson, Barbara J., 156 Apple, Susanne, 300 Appleton, Robert E., 348 Aramian, Alice, 323, 420 Arase, Hiroshi H., 541 Arbeen, Lynn A., 195, 342 Arbenz, Mary H., 109, 110 Arcaro, Angelo C., 420 Archbold, Thomas J., 357 Archer, Donald G.. 77. 352 Archer, James G., 78. 371 Archer, Richard, 552 Archibald, Doris L., 197, 291 Architecture Buildin . 35 Arden, Barbara L., 420 Arends, David, 552 Ark1n,.Sheldon B., 541, 558 Arkwright, Marjorie, 81 Ahrendt. Nancy R., 311 Ahrens, Carl W., 222, 223 A.I.Ch.E., 176 Aidem, Howard, 550 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., 175 Aiken, Ronald D., 382 Aikman, Charles R., 404, 407 419 Aniderson, Robert Womack, 185, 398, 19 Armagost, Ronald, 75. 180 Armand, Sarti, 73 Armed Armin, Forces, 132-147 Elizabeth, 100, 308 Armory, 42 Arms, Nancyili., 318 Armstrong, arriett J., 305 Armstrong, John M., 361 Armstrong, John M., 549 Armstrong, John P., 359 Armstrong. Joyce A., 322 Armstrong, aul, 76, 345 Arlgnstrong, Robert E., 60, 133, 357 20 Armstrong, Robert F., 62, 75 Armstrong, Rose A., 111, 283 Armstrong, Thelma J., 294, 420 Armsworth, Joyce B., 292, 572 , 225, 350 Aimone, Joseph A., 527, 548, 559 Ainsworth, Gerald I., 348 Air Force, 136-138 Akagi, Terry T., 128 Akasaki, Lester T., 418 Akerberg, George D., 137, 364, 418 Akers, Kay K., 319 Akey, Margaret A., 287, 418 Alpha Gamma Rho, 338 Alpha Haure, 325 Alpha Kappa Alpha, 286 A phfi Kappa Kappa, 556 Alpha Kappa Lambda. 339 Alpha Kappa Pri, 150 Alpha Lambda Delta, 153 Alpha Omega, 557 Alpha Omega Alpha, 570 Alpha Ornicran Pi, 287 Alpha Phi, 288 Alpha Phi Alpha, 340 Alpha Phi Omega, 193, 197 Alpha Rho Chi, 341 Alpha Rho Tau, 146 Alpha Sigma Nu, 154 Alpha Sigma Phi, 342 Alpha Tau Alpha, 154 Alpha Tau Omega, 343 Alpha Xi Delta, 289 Alpha Zeta, 155 Anderson, Roger L.. 185, 356,419 Anderson, Ronald S., 78, 341 Anderson, Roy, 159 Anderson, Stephen, 76, 240, 346 Anderson, Sue E., 94, 95, 296 Anderson, Ted J., 408 Anderson, Thomas W., 375 Anderson Warren A., 173 Anderson, Warren C., 173, 188, 407 Anderson, William, 556 Anderson, William S., 390 Anderson, Yvonne D., 123, 332 Andracki, Andre, A Edmunis, 565 rmand, 106, 196, 365 Arm! ROTC, 133 Arn t, Paul W., 188 Arndt, Robert L., 197, 405 Arnesen. Kenneth G.. 184 Arnett, Harold E., 159 Arnoff, Harold, 577, 582 AlaimoNIoseph, 382 Albee. Albers, Albers ancy L., 327 George A.. 173, 414 Ricl1ard K., 364 Albert, David P., 128, 174, 339 594 Alspector, Donna L., 295 Altenbcrg, Barry M., 380 Altenberger, William V., 343 Altgcld Hall, 38 Althoff, Jeannette M., 171 Andreos, George P., 375 Andresen, Marvin J., 343 Andrew, Arthur L., 189, 228, 371, Andrews, Allen H., 48, 186. 353. 419 Arnold Air Society, 145 Arnold, Albert G., 361 Arnold, Barbara C., 79, 86, 87, 162, 292 Arnold, Charles. 181 Arnold, David B., 75, 127, 198 Arnold, Donald R., 105, 118, 385 Arnold, Harris S., 375 Arnold Katz, 552 Arnold Kent P., 409 Arnold Roger T., 174 Ardell G., 329 Aron, Jack, 550 Arono ,Ina B., 91, 153,295 The Illio ot i954 wos printed ond bound by Pontcigroplw Printing Compony Bloomington, Illinois Barber. Bennett Beauch Aronovsky, Norman M.. 184 Aronson. Alan, 550, 567 Aronson, Howard I.. 159. 405 Aronson. Matthew C., 185 Arrington, Gene, 197 Arst, rudy J., 307 Artero, Ricardodj., 358 Artigues. Rolan J., 367 Arvedson, Jane F.. 195. 420 Arvedson, Mrs., 195 Arvcdson, Peter, 195 Arvedson, Rev. F. S., 195 Asadourian. Leon A., 357 A.S'.A.E., 176 A.S.C.E., 177 Aschenbach, Shirley A., 287, 420 Ascher, illeanie L., 153. 306 Ascher, ichard E., 346 Ase, Pauline S., 306 Ash, Eldon E., 139. 158 Ashen, Bernard M.. 375 Asher, Jack O., 375 Asher, earl P., 317 Ashland, Francis X., 192 Ashley, Norman B., 420 Ashley. Robert E., 342 Ashmore. Jamille, 227 Askew, Donald C., 144, 406 Askins. Howard L., 123, 408 fl.S'.M.E.. 177 Asper, Bill E.. 342 Asselmerer, Glen, 5511. 556 Axrocirrlion of Philllfum: Gfrlrlllzllc' Dmzim. 570 Astrof, Nancy 302 Atblele of the 'mr. 239 Alblvlir Anorifzlian, 241 Albluticr, 200-247 Atkinson. Herbert. 550 Atkinson, Rose M.. 311 Ator, Donald G., 359, 420 Ator, Joseph. 26 Ator, Leslie. 51. 162, 298 Attebery. John E., 181 Atterberry. Roger, 551, 556 Auby, John H... 179 Audino, Virginia D., 311 Aufderhaar. William B.. 164, 375 August. Herbert R.. 372 Aurperle. Eldon R., 154, 170, 172. 20 Auslander, Merwin B.. 372 Ausmus, Edward I... 179 Austin, Jeff M.. 50. 227, 338, 361 Austin, Lloyd L., 402 Austin, Wayne M., 403 Autero, John, 552 Aves. Ira J.. 188 Avizienis, Algirdas A., 175. 420 Awe, Paul E., 172, 197. 354 Axberg. Rofer M., 408 Axelrad, A enc D., 284 Axmann, George F.. 411 Ayers. Charles. 561 Ayotte, Ronald J.. 196, 335 Ayson, Jean C., 318 B . Babb, Charles R., 374 Babb, ames A., 350 Babb, anice B., 308, 420 Babb, oan W., 123. 306, 307 Babcock, Barbara E.. 168. 287 Babcock, Charles M.. 391 Babcock. Robert F.. 173, 415 Babel, Ann C., 168, 291, 420 Babeno, Lubov V., 290 Babich, Rosemar K.. 329 Babicz, Donald JI., 345 Bachman, Adam H., 374 Bachman, Curtis R.. 398 Bachman, Elisabeth J.. 161. 297. 420 Bachman, Gerald L., 128, 155, 188. 354 Bachman, ames, 228 Bachman, osegh XV., 155 Balchgaann, Ro ert R., 166, 172, 197, 1 Bachtold. Thomas E., 396 Bachus, Carolyn, 123 bBackhus, Ronald W., 173 Backlin, Archie L.. 173, 420 Backnell. Joe. 175 Backoff, James S.. 364 Backus, Carolyn A., 319 Bacon, Grace, 580 Badal, Herbert S., 211, 347 Bader. Arthur J., 75, 141 Badgett, James L.. 185. 420 Baer. Tobey F.. 319 Baethke, Eugene E., 144, 369 Bagcs, Anne H.. 245, 247, 325 Baginski, Albert R.. 177, 420 Baiznuolo, Dawn D., 318 Ba re. Harold H., 188 Bahr, Gary R., 123, 383 Baier, Louis T.. 395 Baigh, Neal. 549. 557 Bailar. John C.. 39 Bailey, Barbara A., 292 Bailey. Bruce H.. 397 596 Bailey, David C., 77 Bailey, David L., 164, 348, 409 Bailey, Elmer F.. 175 Bailey, Heaton, 155 Bailey, xliames M., 421 Bailey, obert E., 361 Bailey, Shirley J.. 421 Bailey, William S., 334 Baima, Patricia A., 168, 308 Balm, Sherwin H.. 372 Baiman, Barbara F., 298 Bain, Ralph L., 402 Baird, Richard B.. 172, 182. 338 Baird, William D., 104, 146, 172, 196. ass Balgtman, Sheldon A., 133, 185, 380, 21 Baity. Ralph V., 410 Bakall. Norman J., 337 Bake. Richard. 77 Baker, Alice M., 301 Baker, Burl P., 402 Baker, Carl J., 343, 421 Baker, Donald V., 421 Baker, Harold E., 409 Baker, Harold G., 184 Baker. Jack, 173 Baker. James H.. 159 Baker, arilyn J., 197, 316 Baker, Nita M., 283 Baker. Nickolai. 329 Baker, Richard R., 168 Baker, Richard S., 384, 401 Baker, Roy J., 421 Baker, Thomas A., 364 Bakley. Robert, 78 Balabanis. Charlyn. 126 Balazs, Lillian E.. 123. 305 Baldaccini. William B., 407 Balden. Samuel B., 158, 175. 421 Baldridge, Gerald S., 541, 560, 571 Baldwi Baldwi n, Shirley M., 318 n, William F.. 408 Bales, Barbara M.. 123. 308 Bales, Glenn A., 379, 411 Balimiay Z., 380 Ball, urs, 123 Ball, Donald A., 144, 342 Ball, F Ballant rederic. 551, 565, 585 ine. Diane N.. 298 Ballard, Jrgce M., 306 Ballinger, arol I., 286, 421 Balsamo, Michael, 553 Balsley, Robert J.. 359 Baison, Howard L.. 134, 189. 372. 21 Balt, Alan, 171 Baltes, Bernard. 551. 562 Baluka. Robert L., 406 Balzer. Balzhis Band. Michael T., 540. 563, 571 er. Robert M., 387 Concert, 127 Barnett. Charles E., 343 Barnett, Judith F., 295 Barnhart. Carl I., 189 Barnun. Donald L., 359 Baron, Gerald S., 388 Barov, Arlene L.. 317 Barr, Eileen F., 318 Barr. Neil K., 406 Barrett, Barbara A., 124 Barrett, Ilohnathan. 549, 566 Barrett, iobert J., 374 Barrie, Mary J., 288 Barrie, Ruth, 288, 422 Barrow, Warren, 557, 561 Barry. David R., 61, 343 Barry, Sara J., 162, 290 Bartecki, Stanley B., 541. 571 Bartell, James '., 124 Bartell, Max O., 179 Barth, Clyde L., 122, 123, 124 Barthell. Edward E., 344 Bartlett, Anne H., 195 Bartlett, Clinton, 171, asa Bartlett, Hale C., 145, 344 Bartnicki. Norbert, 552, 560 Barton, David, 550, 561, 582, 583 Burton Ilrmre, M.R.H., 405 Barton. Sally J., 123, 308 Bartruff, David B., 164, 348 Bartu, Peter J., 157, 345 Bartwcll, Max. 179 Bartz, Joseph M., 167 Basco, John W.. 540, 563. 571, 575 Bzlfvbrlll, 222-225 Basik, Hikmet, 397 Basinski, Leonard R., 412 Baskes. Roger S.. 64, 84, 85, 159, 337 Brtrkeiball. 212-217 Baskin. Bernard M., 185, 422 Bass, Deborah, 315 Bass, Mitchell, 129, 403 Bassana. Charles, 406 Bassie, V. Lewis, 25 Bassler, Burt E.. 408 Bassler, Ima J.. 181, 198. 312 Basso. Arthur J., 412, 422 Bastian, Bruce A.. 422 Bates, Douglas S., 359 Bates, Mar W., 87. 382 Bates. Melvin B., 202, 204, 205, 207, 208. 211 Bates. Norman A., 390 Bates, Robert E.. 77 Bates, Ronald H., 129. 194, 393 Batha, 'Donald R., 404 Battaglra. Joseph A., 394 Bauc . Charles P., 365 Baudino. Barbara A., 297, 422 Bauer, Dietrich C.. 422 Bauer. John G., 78, 348 Bauer. ohn R.. 48, 202, 204, 211, 218 219. 223. 382, 422 Beck, Robert C., 118 Beck, Ronald J., 159. 164, 346 Beck, William L., 423 Beckcnbaugh. Richard A., 423 Becker, Bernita F., 315 Becker, Burdette J., 397 Becker, Frank, 551. 556 Becker, Fred E.. 185. 190 Becker, Howard J., 403 Becker, Jay M., 123, 405 Becker, Leonard I.. 337 Becker. Marilynn A.. 311 Becker, Patricia A.. 331 Becker, Ronald H.. 337 Becker, XVayne R., 122, 124, 182, 338 Beckett. Grace, 126 Beckett, Roger A., 407, 423 Beekman, Barbara L., 291 Band. Fin! Refimenlnl. 128 Band. Foolbal Marching. 130, 131 Band, Second Regimental, 129 Bandy, John W., 77. 371 Bang, James H., 192 Banister. William C., 421 Bauer., Lois R., 181, 332 Bauer, Raymond, 159 Bauer, Paul D., 211, 359. 422 Bauer. Rosemary, 331 Bauer William S.. 185.422 Bauling, Frank W.. 409 Beckman. Shirley A., 308 Beckman, William F., 382 Beckmeyer, Sharon L.. 169. 310 Beebe, Raymond B.. 423 Beebee, Dee A., 296 Beer. Gerald V., 402 Beesley, Robert A.. 395 Beeson. Claris D., 423 Beggs, Emily L., 172, 303 Beggs, Sarah J., 294 Be ar, Rudolph, 123 Behling, Leonard W., 127, 404 Behm, Edward J., 154, 170, 412, 423 Behn. Albert J., .532. 561 Behrends, Frederick L., 134, 423 Behrends, Ruth M., 123. 181, 198, 312 Behrens, Miriam A., 51, 60. 65, 186, 295, 572 u Behrens, William, 565 Behriniger, Jane A., 181, 316 Behrin er. Clara, 109. 110 Beido, Charlene, 326 Beifon, Roberta, 181 Beig. Gordon, 409 Beifr, Erwin, 554 Bei , Carl H., 146, 411 Beimfohr. Roberta H.. 312 Bein. Robert W.. 367 Beinhaurer. Marilyn J.. 79. 118. 296 Beisinger, Donald, 406 Belfi, George. 123 Belford, Rue L., 515 Beling, Alice A., 322 Bell, Arthur G., 397 Bell, Barbara, 60, 161. 301, 423 Bell, Charlene A., 317 Bell, David B., 404 Bell, Dennis A.. 406 Bell, Ellen A., 198, 320 Bell. krmes F.. 233. 382 Bell, ichard E., 172, 182, 400 Belleff, Katherine, 123 Bellmar, Joan R.. 123 Belport, Helene T., 328 Belsley, Alvin C., 159, 365 Belting, Natalia. 197 Belton. Jo A., 245. 308 Beltram, Peter E., 423 Banks. Clarence H., 421 Bannister. Turpin, 173 Bannon, Mary P., 321 Banter, Charles R.. 189. 392 Bapst, Jennis J.. 50, 60, 63. 74. 75 Bnptirt Student Foundation, 194 Barabe, Elizabeth J.. 298 Barach, Daniel P.. 126 Baran, Marion, 146 Baran, Norton, 337 Barbel, Dick C., 377 Barber, Ann S., 306 Barber, Thomas. 559 Wayne H., 137, 421 Barbier, Thomas L.. 352 Barcik, Robert R., 351 Barclay, Loretta C.. 318 Bardell, Robert N., 185, 421 Bardtield, Louis Y.. 409 Bardos, John J., 176, 399. 421 Bare, Frank L., 48. 59, 134, 226. 217 Barger, Sharon L., 71, 321 Bargh, George H., 28, 29 Bar ei, Diane 288 Barinek, Robert F.. 384 Baiker, Janet C., 73, 161. 169, 294, 21 Barker. Lucius J.. 340 Barker, Milton E.. 195 Barker. Twiley W., 340 Barkley, Bruce O., 123 Barkley, Ruth. 123, 124 ' Barkson, Joseph A., 167 Barlow, Jolm. 550, 565, 580 Barnard. Thomas A.. 179, 185 Barnbaum, Gerald, 554 Baum, Mariorie J.. 300 Bauman, James, 548 Baumann, Gladys M.. 323, 422 Baumann, Otto V., 532 Baumann. Shirley A., 103. 129, 305 Baumgardner. Max E.. 375 Baumgartner, Donaldlg.. 394 Baumgartner, Walter ., 123 Baxa. Anida L.. 196. 323 Baxter. Barbara J.. 91, 153, 247, 292 Baxter, Bruce M.. 90. 339 Baxter, Diane Z.. 323 Baxter, Kenneth D., 381, 422 Baxter, Robert. 549, 559 Baygood, Kenneth, 337 Bayley. William H., 127 Beabout, Norman R.. 190. 422 Beals, Robert J., 174. 376 Beam. Robert T., 184 Beaman, Keith W.. 345 Beamer, Gail A., 409 Bean, Norma H.. 295 Bean. Robert H., 146, 381 Bear. Myron M., 337 Beard, Wlalter, 556. 570 Bear. Walter T., 414 Belvel, Gloria M., 331 Belville, Llynne K.. 126 Bemora Benck. s. rv, 217 Ralph F., 197. 407 Bender, Charlotte E.. 314, 423 Bender, Donald L., 334 Bender, John T., 48, 55, 100. 189, 364 Bender, Mitchell S., 127, 366 Bender Roy S. 358 Bmdakhs, Julia: sao Benecki, Edward. 184 Benedict, Ronald L., 142, 146, 385, 423 Benedix, Keith R., 364 Benedix, Richard. 551. 561 Benesh. Edward R., 385 Bengston, Gordon B., 122, 357 Benisek. John P.. 408 Benjam Benram Benner. Bennet, Bennet. in, Hollis W., 184 in. Roland, 553 Euizene I... 374 Ra ph. 195 Mrs. R.. 195 Bennett, David M.. 118. 339 , Dwight G., 344 Beatty, Clarence D., 194, 401 Beatty. Clifford E., 133. 338, 422 Beatty, Frieda E.. 307 Beatty, -Joan E., 294 Beatty, olm F., 334 Bcatty,JJudith E., 301 Beaty, ohn H., 128, 397 B Sh l 86 4 eaty, rr ey, 1 , 30 Beau Chateau. 326 WDP. Kent, 375 Bennett, Frances A., 317, 423 Bennett. Harold R., 174 Bennett, James B., 65, 133. 154, 155, 170, 172, 182. 354, 423 Bennett. Jerome, 552 Bennett, Lee. 548, 559 Bennett, Peter M., 348 Bennett, Ralph W.. 342 Bennett. Ronald M.. 380 Bense, Robert D., 115 Barnes, Barbara A., 84. 297, 421 Barnes, Barbara L., 169, 303 Barnes, Billy L., 155 Barnes, Joel F.. 338 Barnes, John, 175, 405. 421 Barnes, Norville E., 421 Barnes, Russell D.. 184 Barnes. Barnes. Ruth J., 294, 422 Walter E., 133, 346, 422 Barnett. Bruce E., 77, 358 Beaudoin, Harriet A., 2. 49, 85. 96, 297, 422 Beaver, Alice R.. 126 Beaver, Loretta M.. 332 Beaver. Mariorie F., 153 Beberman. Elizabeth, 123 Becherer. Joan M., 71, 321, 422 Beck, Buford. 228 Beck, Donna J., 310, 422 Beck, Ralph. 551, 565 Benson, Cedric A., 396 Benson, Clarence, 556 Benson. km: A., 283 Benson, enneth A.. 390 Bercher, Fredrick W., 142. 344 Berchto Berdal. ld. Glenn A.. 75, 423 Eivind, 189. 423 Berenbaum, Harris L., 146 Berenbaum, Joan K., 123 Beresniewicz, Alexander, 399 HY nl' 106 PH' RT'RE'l'OUCI'lING A . . . OR AN Y ONE Although fine engraving is mainly responsible for its en via ble reputa- tion, C. R. Grubb 15: Co. Cestab- lilvhed 19091 is fully stalled to top service in all 'cgi raph give types of photog- y, rctouching, creative design and finished art as typified above. Customers. . . using any or all, as needs demand . . . are highly com- plimentary. You, too, can benefit from this complete service. Why not write or call for full ' ' G ' details? . K. SRU 597 Bowers: Paul D., 173. 187. 427 Berenson, Ralph, 548, 557 Berezin, Myron A., 360 Berfield, Shirley M., 128, 198, 320 Berg, Arlene R., 310 Berg, Arthur E., 177, 423 Berg, Evelynne M., 123, 195, 423 Bergen, David B., 348 Berger, Cyrena G., 532 Berger. Raymond E., 78 Bergeron, Thornas, 551, 561 Bergman, Marrjane, 319, 423 Bergman, Neil L., 155, 375, 424 Bergman, Sara L., 64, 73, 162, 196, 299 Bergquist, Susan, 572 Bergschneider, Edward, 172 Bergschneider, Godfrey E., 172, 182, Bielawa, Herbert W.. 399 Bielefeld, Ro er M., 231, 372 Bier, Robert J., 352 Bierstedt, Paul E., 390 Biestck, Marianne, 247, 305 Biester, Gerald N., 403 Biester, Robert E., 403 Biesterfeldt, John C., 345 Biggers, Jghn W., 184, 424 Biggins, ancy A., 306 Big s, Maurice J., 424 Bigley, James.L., 381 Bilderback, Richard L., 123, 127 Billings, Russell L., 363 Billow, Harriet L., 331 Bills, Mary D., 197, 295. 424 Blum, Harlow B.. 342 Blum, Helene, 319 Blum, Nancy H., 156, 169 Blum, Shirlee M., 123. 307 Blumenfeld, David, 554 Blumenthal, Audrey M., 314 Blundell, Charles ., 75, 415 Blutman, Rochelle E., 328 Blythe, Warren F., 344 Boadway, Beverly, 585 Boar, Jack 108 Boarchuk, Elizabeth J., 325 Board, Larry E., 405 Board of Tfurleer, 20 Boatright, Jean, 556 Bobbitt, Daniel ., 515 Bils, Robert F., 180, 414, 425 Binde, Edith M.. 77. 273. 320 Bishop, Robert E., 211, 378 354 Bergsclmeider, Leo E., 8 , 8 Bergstedt, 1 2 33 arl ton C e R.. 424 Bergstrom, Barbara L., 123, 195, 299 Bergstrom, Charles E., 172 - Bergstrom, ames D., 355 Bergstrom illiam. 338 Berrngton, Glenn W., 424 Berke, Ira, 392 Berke, Rena F., 295 Berke, Richard E.. 337 Berke, Sheldon L., 337, 424 Berkey, Joan R., 283 Berkley, Larry B., 380 Berkman, Conrad, 146 Braclel, Berkman, Vincent C., 142 Berkowitz, Arnold W., 166 - Berkowitz, kann, 127 Berkowitz, osalie, 319 Berliant, Ronald F., 403 Berlin, Charles M., 154, 352, 424 Berlin, Howard, 550, 567 Berlin, Rex E., 412 Berman, Adrienne R., 156, 309, 424 Berman, Arthur L., 360 Berman, Burton R., 372 Berman, Harold, 424 Berman, Stanton, 551 Berndt. Edwin F., 144 Bernfield, Glen R., 379 Bernhardt, Bernadine A., 129, 153, 311 Bernhardt, Claire, 314 Bernhardt, Janette M., 185, 311, 424 Bernoudy, Helen M., 323, 424 Berns, Paul A., 123, 409 Bernsen, Beverly, 315 Bernscn, Elaine K., 424 Bernsen. Irving M., 424 Binder, George R., 367 Binder, Julius, 405 Bingham, William G.. 363 Bingley, Edwards., 194 Bin ley, Wayne ., 347 Bird, Evelyn, 317 Brrgerson, June D., 282 Bir eland, Charles, 181 Birk , John E., 242, 334 Birnb Birtw Birtw Bisho aumM1ames A., 134, 360. 425 ell, argaret A., 181, 303, 425 ell, Phy is J., 99, 181, 303 p, Rita S., 85 Bishop, Roger B., 365, 425 Bishop. Sherril W., 344 Biskowski, Joseiph, 554 Biskup, Edwar J., 350 Biskusric, Patricia IJ., 307 Bissel , Cushman ., 21 Bitkower, Anita L., 295 Bittman, Sheila C., 168 Bitzer, Donald L.. 159. 344 Bitzer, Earle E., Jr.. 185, 347 Black, Beverly A., 299, 425 Black, Bruce O., 348 Black, glnice M., 294 Black, ancy J., 307 Black, Susan, 122, 123. 296 Black, William J., 340 Black, Winton, 165 Bobell, Walter M., 532, 564 Bochte, Richard E., 425 Bockewitz, Mar S., 301 Bockman, Ray Ji, 77, 379 Bocksruker, Ronald W., 396 Bodenbender, Reinhardt, 565 Bodine, Alan G., 371 Bodnar, Bohdanna, 541, 571 Boehl, Muriel C., 298, 425 Boehme, Marilyn G., 123, 326 Boenitz, Maurice J., 426 Boer, Jack C., 403 Boeringa, Carol J., 71, 316 Boggio, Billie K., 181, 312 Bo n, Chris P., 173 Bouwsma, Beverly, 123 Bowald, Alfred A., 75, 156, 167, 403. 426 Bowen, Charles, 82 Bowen, Charles E., 27 Bowen, ames M., 357 Bowen, Nancy, 111, 181, 295 Bowen, Rona d G., 383 Bower, Bower, Bower, Alice A., 296 Bruce L., 347 Robert E., 398 Bowers, Barbara J., 123, 195, 321 Bowers Bebe C., 247, 317 Bowers: Donald D., 361 Bowers Lorris, 561 Bowers, Ronald L., 408 Bowers, Rosmary. 308 Bowes, John J. 398 Bowler, Roland K., 383 Bowles, Qarinton O., 123, 128 Bowles, ilborne, 340 Bowman, Charles, 74, 184 Bowman, Kay B., 290 Bowman, Verne R., 352 Boxley, Robert W., 392 Boyar, Ira. 152, 172, 379, 427 Boyce,BJohn C.. 180, 427 Boyd, arbara S., 104, 312 Boyd, RobertIJ., 339 Boyd, Susan ., 153 Bohn, Virginia J., 71, 194, 324, 426 Bohallman, Janice, 319 Bohon, Bohrer, Allan R., 339, 426 Donald M., 515 Boland, Phlyllis A., 289 Boland, Ro ert, 132, 139. 143 Bold, Jerome I., 375 Boldon, Charles M., 187 Bolick Robert H., 343 Boltonl, Bryce A., 365 Bolton, Joyce E., 90, 91, 160, 312, 426 Bolton, Russell L., 90, 174, 335. 338 Bolton William L. 382 Bond, Jerry L., 95,,132, 136, 272, 296 Bond, John R., 174 Bonde, James R., 345 Boyd, William L., 129, 339 Boyden, George R., 353 Boyer, Don D., 408 Boyer, George M., 129 Boyer, John R., 427 Boyer, enney J.. 77. 355 Boyle, Francis C., 409 Boyle, Jghn K.. 379 Boyle, Boyle, Boyle, Boyles, ariorie M., 155, 171, 427 Philip N., 427 Stuart A., 165, 386, 427 Carroll, 551, 556 Boys, Robert D., 167 Boys, Rosemary, 427 Bozis, Anna M., 318 Brace, Donn R.. 397 Bradbury, Robert L., 77, 127, 389 Ste hen, 553, 560 Blaclcard, Carolyn, 305 Blacksher, Buleah, 553. 567, 571 Blaesing, Harry V., 425 Blaig, Robert, 549 Bla ous, Charles P., 78. 335 Blaine, Gladly J., 397 Bernstein Bernstein ,Carol A., 318 Davida L., 307 Bernstein: Blaine L.. 85, 162, 284 Bernstein, Eugene. 552, 558 Bernstein Richard, 551 Bernstein: Stuart, 557, 549 Bernstein Bernstein Berntsen, , Sylvia, 315,424 . Udell L., 366 Yvonne E., 307 Blaine, Jgcqueline L., 323 Blaine, illiam M., 390 Blair, Blair, Blair, Blair, Blake Allan L., 184, 425 Glenn M., 344 Laine, 306 illiam T., 185 Rosemary. 323 Blake: William J., iss, 343, 425 Blake Blake ly, George O., 348, 425 ly, ames R., 383 Berolzheimer, Ellen, 306 Berquist. Nancy M., 49, 154, 168, 186 244 247 06 . . . 3 Berron, Marvin L., 179 Berry, lennis, 197 Berry, Zoe S., 126 Berryhill, Robert L., 515 Bertenshaw, William E., 379' Berthene, Sandra. 123 Bertolino, Thomas R., 129 Bertoni, Robert D., 123, 129 Bertram, Carl, 553 Beruttr, Constance M., 123, 159, 311 Besanlon. Robert, 577 Besant, Verle J.. 352 Besser, Richard D., 344 Best, John D., 158, 159 Besta, Theodore J., Jr., 409 Beste. Travor R., 372 Beta Alpha Pri, 155 Beta Home, 326 Beta Them Pi, 344 Bethards, Rolland E., 50, 99, 165, 356 Bettasso, Robert, 550, 561 Bettinger, Leonard D., 84, 388 Bettinghaus, Carole O., 115, 169, 424 . Betz, Ronald, 552, 560 Beushausen, Sandra A., 127 Bevington, Glenn W., 154, 170 Bextel, Harold V., 381 Beyer, Frances R., 153. 323 Beyersdorf, Donald A., 385 Bez, Richard O., 158, 175, 424 Bezek, Robert D., 383 Bhaskar, S.. 559 Biagchin. James T., 391 Biason, Simeon R., 166 Bichler, Joseph, 144 Bickes, Walyne L., 372, 424 Bicket, Wi lis, 554 Bicknell, Joe S., 172, 338 Biehl, Leroy G., 395 Bielar, Nor err 398 Biehler, Deane ., 381 Bieles, Richard, 549, 566 Biek, Richard, 551, 556 Bielawa, Frank R., 399 598 Blakel , Marian E., 190 glaliefllee, Iiavig GE 357 s e, o n ., 3 5 Blzrlnchgrdl, Robert, 100, 189, 350, 425 Bland, Elaine R., 288,425 slang, FlaxilIW., 339 n , ac ., 352 Blind, 5Villiam, 77 Blankshain, Richard, 561 Blankenship, Donald L., 179. 342 Bone, David, 551, 556 Bone, Robert G., 93 Bonnell, Joan A., 115, 325,426 Bonneur, Leon E., 104, 172, 178, 354 Bonsalle, George H., 362 Boock, Merilyn, 307 Book, Howard R., 364 Bookout, Gary D., 413 Booz, Gordon D., 178 Borchard, Lilo E., 96, 283 Borchart, Eugene K.. 335 Borden, Jehu, 122 Borden, illiam R., 413, 426 Bordes, Jioan M. 304 Borelli, aymond F., 144, 347 Boren, Martha L., 308 Borik, Paul, 196 , Borik, Steven J., 383 Borke, Mitchel, 577 Borman, Bernard N., 143, 388, 426 Borman, Herbert R., 203, 211, 355 Borman, Lorraine R., 87, 108, 186, 247, 284 B B' Brademas, David J., 427 Brademas, Thomas B., 427 Bradford, Janet R., 322, 427 Bradley, Allen R., 122, 365 Bradley, Janet A., 320 Bradley, Lune, 123, 195 Bradley, obert, 198 Bradley, Vanita A., 317 Bradshaw, Jerry C., 75 ra s aw, rr ., , , , B d h Sh ley A 73 108 153 287 Brady, Daniel W., 400 Brad , Dennis C., 143, 155, 367 Braidlman, Herbert, 337 Brainin, Libby B.. 300 Branch, James, 48 Brand, Herbert, 552 ' Brandenburg, Kenneth P., 150, 427 Brandes, Melitta, 307 Brandon, Stanley D., 195. 397 Blankenship, Marshall L., 50, 97, 353. 355 Blassick, John E., 283 Blatchley, Ernest, 191 Blatter, Erwin W., 357 Blattner, James S., 372 Blechschmidt, Richard E.. 159 Bleck, Daniel K., 330, 385 Bleier, Samuel H., 128 Bleiweiss, Harlcne M., 307 orn, illy L., 179 Bornholdt, Donald W., 426 Bornholt, Carl, 124, 367 Bornstein, Barbara A., 314 Bornstein, erry J., 407 Bornstein, lliarvin, 407 Borowsky, Benjamin A., 76, 77, 165, 388 Borowsky, Colman H., 143, 388, 426 Borowsky, Fruma G., 73. 302 Borring, Allen G.. 364 Borror, Harold M., 399 Brandt, Barbara L., 321 Brandt, David F., 167, 197, 427 Brandt, Brandt John M., 283, 391 Lois L.. 197 Brandt: Wallace E., 188 Brandt, Warren H., 65, 177, 197, 427 Braner, Nadean L., 123 Branigan, Duane, 116 Brannan, Hulda A., 295, 427 Branom, Richard L., 50, 116, 344 Brznom, William H., 146, 152, 344, 27 Brantingham, Barclays 101, 415, 427 Brantingham, Bruce ., 237. 389 Brantin ham, Donald A., 427 Blevins, Virginia L., 127, 296 Blish, Nancy M., 123 Bliss, Beverly J., 71. 330, 425 Bliss, David M., 360 Blitt, Joseph A., 189, 404, 405 Block, Leonard N., 388, 425 Block, Marilyn R., 545, 572 Block, Richard M., 425 Block, William R., 185 Blodgett, Herbert B., 145 Blomquist, Charles H., 339 Blomquist, Conrad, 577 Blood, James A., 127 Bloodgood, Owen, 550, 561 Bloom, David A., 380 Bloom, Irvin , 564 Bloomberg, gordon R., 77, 375 Bloomberg, Karna M., 123. 307 Bloomquist, Ronald E., 183 Blomquist, C., 554 Bloss, John M., 425 Blough, Barry F., 190, 343, 425 Blough, Earl P., 403 Bloxom, Myra A., 126, 303 Blue, Bever y J., 194, 324, 572 Bluege, Barbara A., 303 Bluestone. Allan B., 144, 172, 407 Bluethe, Ellen, 309 Blukis, Uldis, 123, 159 Borsini, Riehardril., 372 Borsini, Shirley ., 288 Borson, Bernard K., 189, 394, 426 Borsuk, Edward J., 426 Bortell, Margaret J., 194, 324, 426 Boruff, Gary C., 408 Boruszak, Donald L., 55, 76, 134, 360, 426 . Bosch, Bernard G., 426 Boscher, Robert W., 184, 383 Bosnak, William A., 196 Boss, Janice H., 328 Bosse, Patricia J., 309 Bossert, David C., 172, 181, 182, 400 Bostian, James C., 184 Bost, Wi liam L., 515 Bostrom, Donald E., 211, 374 Bostrom, Richard C., 139, 185, 374 Boswell, Jeb, 551, 565 Boswell, Margaret S., 71, 194, 324 Botel, Rudol h, 338 Boton, Ronalil. 554 Bott, Virginia L., 426 Bottenfield, Jack L., 181, 182, 410 Bottomley, Charles G., 389 Bottomley, Edward J., 150, 389 Bottorff, Arthur A., 188 Bouchard, Barbara R., 283, 426 Boughton. Charles R., 515 Bourne, Mary J., 426 Branz, Elwin E., 188 Brase, Fern L., 197, 327, 428 Bratrude, Pres, 556, 573. 576 Bratsakis, John J., 394, 428 Brauer, Henry S., 137, 360, 428 Braun, Howard, 217, 231, 235 Braun, Thomas, 554 Braunagel, Donald, 548, 566 Brausch, Naomi R., 122, 282 Bray, James N.. 344, 428 Bray, Patrick, 552 Bray, Richard E., 145, 228. 397, 400 Brayford, Julaine A., 319 Breaker, Richard H., 392, 428 Breen, Anne M., 123, 327 Breen, Edward, 155 Breen, ilghn D.. 541, 571 Breen, ermit T., 122, 125 Bregar, Roslyn L., 313 Breger, Lucy C.. 102. 317 Breglman, Robert, 551 Bre smer, Carolyn J., 166 Breidenstein, Shirley, 123 Bremer, Judith D., 328 Bremner. Ellen L., 304, 428 Brence, Dolores J., 87, 90, 282 Brenile, Margaret, 123 Bren man. Robert L.. 379 Brennan, Betsy B., 532, 570 Brennan, Helen, 82 Brewster, James R., 428 Brennan, Henry H., 352 Brennan, Thomas N., 412, 428 Brensley, Joseph B., 372 Brett, Larry W., 133 Brewbaker, Marna R., 301 Brewer, Carolyn L., 181, 304 Brewer, Marian J., 318 Brewer, Mel, 211 Brewer, Robert E., 527, 548, 559. 583 Brewster, ,Radell C.. 323. 423 Brewster, ofer, 348 Brickman, Treodore W., 389 Brody, Martin B., 77, 379 Brody, Thomas A., 105. 336. 338 Broeren, Wayne H., 179 Brog, Barbara L.. 306 Brogan, James, 554 Bronson, James U., 359 Bronze Tablel, 515 Brook. Nancy K., 71, 287, 332 Brookes, Victor J., 395 Brooks Barbara H., 284 Brooks Briclgeland, James G., 178, 228, 338. Brooks, Donald W., 164, 345 Brooks Frances, 123 Brooks James A., 124 Brooks games L., 392 Brooks orma L. 123, 311 'one DianelA 314 5 Brown, Ina S., 315 Brunkow, Jeanne M., 118, 162, 301 Brunkow, Joan E., 319 Brunkow, Judith A., 319 Brunkow, Suzanne H., 61, 296 Brunner, Harr A., 402 Bruch. Ronald'A., 139 Brusso, Charles N., 375 Bruzozinski, Daniel, 554 Bruzgulis, Bruno E., 137, 143, 185, 345, 429 Bryan, Bryan Bryan Lesliea, 23 , Leslic A., 145, 237, 346 . Robert, 402 Bryant, Lloyd D., 146, 412 Bryant, Lynn G.. 70, 151, 310 Obert B., 133. 136. 189. 428 Bridgewater, Frank A., 42 Briggs, games B., 122, 395 Brig t, etty J., 118, 273, 282 Bright, Thomas R., 379 Brighton, Lois, 123 Briney, Betty A., 162, 294 Briney, Ronald S., 144, 409 Briney, William, 556 Brink, Donald R., 527, 548, 566 Brinker, Donald K., 368 Brinker, William S., 343 Brinkman, Fred W., 415 Brinkmeyer, Gilbert J., 226, 227 Brissenden, Beverly A., 160, 309, 310, 311, 428 t , ., Brookstone, Joan C., 314 Broomfield, red W., 407 Brosius, Ernst F., 378, 428 Brotihers, Bruce M., 212, 215, 217, 3 3 Brothers. Marietta, 108, 109, 186, 295 Brothers, Patricia J., 73, 283 Brothers, Paul, 561, 576 Brotherson, Donald E., 167, 180 Brotman, Betty A., 319 Brott, Eugene E., 75, 411 Broun, Alex S.. 375 Brower, Mrs.. 395 Broruery, Tbe. 397 Brown, Jack, 190, 197 Brown, facquelyn D., 127, 190, 429 Brown, ames J.. 198 Brown, James, 342 Brown, anet E., 294 Brown, Janet M., 296 Brown, ohn, 582 Brown, John G.. 173 Brown, xlgmhn M.. 351 Brown. enneth H., 403 Brown, Mari' L.. 292 Brown, Mer e G., 122, 185, 306, 29 Brown, Nancy J., 104, 118, 151, 153. 320 Brown, Norman, 552 Brown, Patricia N., 429 Brown, Paul A., 337 Brown, Paul C., 411 Brown, Paul D., 335 Brown, Richard D., 124 Brown, Richard K., 161, 177, 188, 192. 429 Brown, Richard L., 388 Brown, Richard W., 400 Brown, Roger D., 402 Brown, Ronald J., 364, 429 Brown, Stuart. 551 Brown, Susan E., 109, 186, 288 Bryant, Robert, 429 Bryrlen, John M., 349 Bryngelson, Beverly J., 168, 294, 429 Bubb, Robert L., 359, 429 Bubon, John J., 159 Bucciferro, Dominic, 177, 429 Buchanan, Gordon J., 350 Buchanan, ames M., 345, 429 Buchanan, oe C., 126, 127 Buchanan, 355 Bucher, Rodney G., 184 Buchheit, William R., 405 Buck, Alan C., 430 Buck, Mary T., 430 Britsky, Nicholas, 63 Brown, Alan R., 343 Brown, Thomas E., 187, 361, 429 Buckles, Bob O., 378 Britt, Betty g., 308 Brown, Allen R., 372 Brown, William G.. 429 Buckley, Mrs., 303 Brittain, Ro ert C., 389 Brown. Barbara. 127. 317 Brown. William J.. 429 Buckley, Donald, 548, 583 Brittin, Gale M.. 273, 287, 428 Brown, Betty A., 291 Browne, Robert, 24. 43 Buckley, Richard L., 349 Britton, Mervin W., 126, 127, 184 Brown, Carol M., 298, 428 Browning, Donald E., 412 Bucklin, John T., 405 Britz, William E., 104, 172, 182, 354 Brown, Charlene, 302 Browning, Richard L., 226, 347 Buckman, Gerald, 567 Brix, Karl, 374 Brown, Charles E.. 384 Browning, Walter S., 343 Buckmaster, Barbara G., 173, 282 Brixton, Dale, 409 Brown, Clifford A., 527, 566 Brownlee, Dolores A., 286 Bucksat, Robert E., 75. 399 Broaddus, Nancy R., 122, 129, 153 Brown, Clinton E., 129 Brownlee, Thomas H.. 192, 364 Buddig, Wfilliam C., 363 Brockman, Edith L., 98, 126, 127, Brown, David O., 122, 428 Brubaker, .James E.. 365 Buder, Estelle B., 331, 333 151, 190. 196. 317 Brown, Delores. 197 Brubb, William. 124 Buechc, James F., 392 Brockmeier, Edward L., 346, 428 Brown, Diane, 299 Brubeck, Joseph C., 77, 390, 429 Buel, Kenneth A., 347 Brockriede, Wayne, 115 Brown. Don R., 187 Bruce. David L.. 365 Bueschel, Clifford, 228 Brodbcck, rlohn J., 146, 399 Brown. Donald R., 363. 549 Brute. Edward E.. 361 Bugaieski, Stanley, 159, 554 Brodie, Al en, 518. 520 Brown, Douglas G.. 371 Brut. 101111 A-. 159, 372 Buhrmester, Donald E., 386 Brodie, Frederic, 532, 561 Brown, Edward J., 161, 428 Brueckner, Carl F., 371 Bukowski, Gregory J., 540, 560 Broderick, Raymond, 552, 560, 571, - Brown, Emerson, 77 Bruggeman, Mary J., 292 571, 575 573, 575, 580 Brown, Floweree, 123 Brufzgen, John A., 228, 374, 429 Bulinski, Raymond J., 173 Brodkorb, Charles W., 129, 406 Brown, George A., 134. 143, 144 Bru ms, Frank M., 409 Bulkle , Ruth C., 325 Brodnax, Allene J., 79, 118, 162, Brown, Gera d.L., 372 Bruhns, Melvyn T., 409 Bullocle, Doris, 168 298 Brown, Geraldine A., 291 Brummer. Marilyn A., 297, 429 Bultinck, Doris H., 283 Brodsky, Lorraine I., 309, 428 Brown, Harry 407 Bruner, Corinne L., 330 Bulwa, Sheldon, 548, 557 Brody, Jxerrome S., 366 Brown, Helen ., 318 Bruner, Lucille M., 195, 330, 429 Bump, Howard L., 389 Brody, arlene K., 302 Brown, Irwin, 549 Brunke, Robert R.. 392 Bumiller, James, 180 of course- . . CONGRATULATIONS 1+ s , and ROBESON S when you l O I +h1nk of shoppmg. +0 me Champaign Coun+y's ONE STOP CLASS OF I954 from Since I 874 ILLINVI UNION BOOKSTORE . I You fe always Welcome 715 s. wrigm se. Champaign, Illinois af Robeson's! ,599 Bumzah em, Carlos B., 144 Bundy, Ola M., 247 Carroll, Charles, 159 Bunn, Charlotte F., 84, 90, 292 Bunn, Irvin C., 188 Bunte, Betty A., 318 Bunte, Wiliam F., 197, 414 Bunting, Beverly A., 316, 430 Bunting, Eleanor J.. 320 Bunting, Thomas C., 531, 556, 574, 576 Buocy, James E., 75 Bur ett, James R., 128, 392 Burdick, Donald, 554 Burdick, Jeanette J., 306 Burg, James H., 343 Burgener, Ivan L., 196 Burger, Eldon M., 430 Caldwell, Ruth S., 196, 330 Caldwell, Thomas E., 431 Caleca, Vito A., 179, 190, 431 Carrithers, Prof. James, 155 Carrithers. Prof. John, 171 Cnrirerbur Burger, Glen O., 411 Burger, Margery S., 78, 123, 125, 272, 273, 310 Burger, Raymond, 356 Burger, William E., 362, 409 Burgess, Harlan H., 363 Burgess, William V., 154, 170, 410 Burghardt, Fred C.. 335 Buzfian, Patricia J., 60, 169, 289, 30 Burk, Jack I.., 137, 143, 144, 184 Burke, Frank J., 402 Burke, Henry W., 402 Burkhart, Jane A., 169, 198, 311 Burkholder, Paul E., 185, 430 Burks, Burnam, Burnett, Burnett, James W., 342 erry, 342 ohn W., 123 obert L., 75 Burnett, William J., 122 Burnger, Jeannine M., 57, 111, 164, 18 . Burns, Burns, Burns, Burns, 295. 430 Daryl. 548 Miriam, 314 Robert. 375, 550 Rose G., 123 Burns, Robert D.. 430 Burns, Thomas H., 408 Burns, Williamg., 527, 548, 559 Burns William . 430 Calhoun Hall, 395 Calisch, Barbara L., 247, 284, 431 Calisotf, Charles I., 405 Calkins, John H., 124, 179 Callahan, Gilbert, 549 Callahan, James R., 408 Callow, Marilyn R., 321 Calmer, William, 102 Calvert, Barbara A., 168, 291 Cameron, Dougald S., 343, 431 Cameron, John, 233 Cameron, Stella, 81 Cammack, Emerson, 64, 183, 351 Campbell, Carlton B., 124, 129, 198 Campbell, Carolyn, 181, 198, 317 Campbell, Dona d A., 357 Campbell. Donald L., 431 Campbell, Frank, 357 Campbell, iarnes L., 431 0 l Campbell, n P., 123, 124, 346 Campbell, Joseph B., 26, 27 Campbell ary C. 151 153. 320 Campbell: Ralph Bi, Jr.: 359 Campbell Ralph T. 372 Campbell: Robert Ci, 400 Campbell Russell, 553 Campbell: Sterling M., Jr., 189 Campbell Thomas F. 406 Campeggio, Shirley A., 319 Campus Carnival, 578 Campus Chest, 62, 79 Campus Leaders, 52-59 Camfms Royal! , 272-273 Canada, oan lg., 287, 431 Canada, Virgil G.. 381 Canadr, Sara E., 273, 327 Canhe d, Charles B., 344 Cange, tltohn L., 403 Canrfl, obert G.. 179 Cannon, George H., Jr., 180, 431 Cannon, Josep 1. 560 Cannon, Thomas, 77, 389 Cant, Wilbur, 551, 556 y Club, 195 Carroll, James, 548, 559 Carson ohn M., 172. 354 Carson: lfrary E., 181, 309, 310, 432 311. Carson, Michael H., 75 Carter, Alan B., 360 Carter, Frank, 550, 556 Calrter, Frederick J., 137, 185, 352, 32 Carter, Gerald, 352 Carter, Helen L., 194, 324 Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Cartlan Laird, 551, 556 Morris, 116 Ni1r1CyJ., 163, 295, 432 William S., 166 d, Catherine, 290 Burnstine, Bernard L., 360 Burnstine, Phillip M., 360 Burr, Frank W., 156, 344 Burr, Harold D., 133, 145, 361, 430 Burrell, Elizabeth A., 318 Burrrght, Richard G., 392 Burt, Patricia A.. 51, 72, 84 Burt, Roy A., 48, 59. 79. 343, 430 Burt, Woodruff A.. 382 Burton, Larry K.. 372 Burton. Robert, 411 Bug, Dale, 48, 53, 134, 240, 354, 0 Busch, Daryle H.. 390 Cantrell, .Gwendolyn E., 195 Capek, Richard A., 177, 431 Cagek, Richard C., 75, 144, 163, 09 gapel, swing, 1866 apocc i, eo, 55 Cappellin, Thomas E., 377 Cappuccino, Bonnie, 585 Cappuccino, Fred, 585 gappuzzeglowlcfflepgi J? 350 apron, an e ., 3 4 gargonell, glirginia, 570 ar oneti, amue , 75 Carbonneau, Marvin C., 180, 183, Busch, Hirsch, 527, 548, 557 Busey Hull, 306, 307 Bush, Stanle J., 343 Bushausen. Slandra, 319 Bushman, Ronald M., 190. 430 Bushnell, Malcolm W.. 365 Buske, oann M., 295 Buskohi, Richard E.. 398 Busse. Ralph. 350 Bussell. Lorna N.. 311 Buswell, David H., 365 Bute, Graham R., 123 Butler, Benjamin F., 375 Butler, Donald E., 384, 430 Butler, Edwin R., 398 Butler, Gerald, 355 Butler, Patricia E., 168, 298 Butler, Ralph D., 515 Clark Butterfield, Neil J., 403 Butterfield, William H., 26 Butzback, Mary D., 159, 196, 320, 430 Buxton, Robert. 551. 562 Buzdygan, Danuta, 531 Buzelli, Lucille P., 308, 430 Byerly, Kenneth L., 389 Byers, Robert G.. 361 Byrne, Louis. 550 Byrnes, Betsy A., 110, 186, 195, 305 C Cabala, John A., 159 Cachilli, Roland K., 385 Cadet Wing SME, 136 Caclwallader, Donna C., 51, 102, 342 Cardenas, Armando, 431 Cardoni, James U.. 394, 431 Caress, erry A.. 122, 415 b t 157 Carey Ko er , Cari lo, Anthony, 409 Carlins, J oel M., 375 Carlotti, Louis S., 64, 351, 431 Carlson, Bruce I., 343 Carlson, Carl E., 431 Carlson, Carl H.. 375 Carlson, Carl L., 191 Carlson Carol J., 98, 290 Carlson: Carolyn M., 283, 431 Carlson, Cynthia E.. 319 Carlson, Dona E., 321, 431 Carlson Donald F., 431 Carlson: Donald T., 134, 348 Carlson, Earl A., II, 381 Carlson, Jack W.. 344 Carlson, llganne B., 299 Carlson, ay J., 307 Carlson, Mrs. R., 196 Carlson, Nancy R., 431 Carlson, Richard, 196 Carlson, Richard K., 77. 79, 343 Carlson, Robert W., 172, 354 Carlson, Carlson 368 Carlson, Roderick L., 356 Roger K., 50, 155, 186, Ronald N., 77, 241, 343 Carlson, Ronald R., 164 Carlson, Ronald W., 195 Carlson, Suzanne J., 307 Carmean. Carmel, J Carol J., 245, 322 ames E., 373 Carmichael, William, 550 Cartland, Gail R., 310 Cartland. John D., 77, 150, 344 Cartwright, Gwendolyn M., 310, 432 Carver, Naniean G., 122, 288 Case, Martin, 550, 565 Case, Thomas R., 527, 548, 559, 583 Casciako, Ralph, 565 Casey, Edgar F., 173 Casey, Marianne, 297 Cajh, Donald A., 155, 191, 369, 32 Cash, Gordon E., 60, 62, 74, 75, 93, 197. 400 Caskey, Margaret K.. 317 Casler, Harry G.. 345 Casler, William R., 357 Casperson, Eugene, 549. 566, 575 Cass, Dolores B., 289 Cassady, Donald iii, 230 Cassens, Laverne ., 171, 358, 432 Casserly, lloseph B., Jr., 191, 375 Cassey, Ciarles R., 122. 389, 432 Casteel, Milford R., 407 Catanese, Richard, 406 Cate, Earl K., Jr., 365 Catlin, James, 549 Cattaneo, oan M., 71, 317 Caughey, ohn F., 196 Caveny, harles C., 30 Cavitt. Betty L., 111, 291 Cavoto, Francis V., 405, 406 Cayten, Sylvia V., 306 Cazel, John M., 347 Cece, Iloseph, 565 Cedariolm, Charles T., 341, 432 Cederwall, Rolf A., 150, 185, 334 Cell, Donald C., 394, 432 Celusnak, Geraldine M., 306 Ceneler, Charlotte, 71 Cender, Dorothy, 123 Century, Theodore, 557 Chaffee, Vincent W., 188. 395 Chzgcraft, Joyce I.., 51, 60, 63, 115, 1 9, 290 Chalfant, ,Rimes C., 358, 432 Chalfant, ariorie L., 308 David E. 4 Chamberlain, .75, 06 Chamberlain, Jacques K., 532, 570, 580 Chamberlain, haha, 565 Chamberlain, iriam, 123 Chamberlain, Thomas, 548 Chambers, Robert L., 346 Chamberlinwlames W., 407 Chamblm, illiam J., 209, 211, 343 Chambliss, Dale R., 339 Champion, Donald E., 382 Champion, Douglas P., 382 Chancellor, Dorme L., 318 Chandler, Bertha A., 3.17, 432 Chandler. Robert L., 163, 178, 184, 403. 432 Chandler. William S., 403 Chanen, Rita C., 118, 153, 284 Chaney,Igordan F.. 359 Chang, ai J., 175, 409 Chang, Lucy, 313 Chanoch, Lawrence H., 161, 189, 392. 432 Chaparian, Leon, 385 Chapel, Edgar H., 361 Chapin, Jerri J., 290 Chiaro, Alex W., 392, 432 Chiang! Campus Fraternities and esl ences, 555 gzimgo Zijrnpzg Seniors, 527 rrugo lni nion, 580 Chicago Professional Colleges, 518 Chicago Undergraduate Division, 30 Chick, Donald R., 196 Chidley, Kent M., 410 Chief lllhlilvek, 338 Chien, Robert T., 433 Chi liprilurs, 156 Chilcott, Thomas E., 365 Child, Audrey A., 123, 327 Childers, Charles E., 134 Childress, Don E., 159 Chin, Chi T., 192 Chi Omegf, 290 gzilolsii, iiymond F., 142 1 fi 3 5 glgiplriry. iilgauel J.. 366, 433 1 sr, Chivinsky, Anna Mae H., 306 Chochola, Donald, 554 Cholden, Myron L., 380 E20striYR:iNyImonjl, 146 ou, u in, 33 Chouinard, Phillippe, 554 Chow, David Chan Wai, 173, 433 Chow, Jimm Yort, 406 Christ, Joseph A., 368 Christensen, Arnold L., 335 Christensen, James S., 346 Christensen, ouis D., 389 Christensen, Theodore D., 192 ggristian, Roligrt E884 4 ristianson, ona ., 0 Christianson, Stanley D., 75, 134, 433 Christie, Thomas, 548, 566 Christmann, Roy D., 402, 433 Christmas, 261 Christopher, Richard L., 385 Chubat, Beverly A., 71, 166, 326 Chubin. Myron, 407 Chun, Howard, 548 Chun, Vivian. 331 Chung, Thomas, 549, 566 Church, Glenng., 339, 433 Church, Richar , 554 Churchill, Virginia P., 71, 153. 309, 310, 311 Churney, Geraldine, 323 Ciarlo, James A., 145 Cicenas, Zinnia, 553 Cicero, goseph S., 64, 84, 351 Cichy, aniel R., 75. 106, 184. 396 Cifuentes, Luis F., 192 Cigelnik, Barbara, 315 Cingillioglu, Ibrahim B., 177 Cinnamon, William D., 369 Ciocon, Rosario, 570 Cipra, games F., 180 Cisek, onald J., 146 Cisek, Herman W., 173 Ciszek, Barbara D., 124 Cirudel. 396 Civil Engineering Hall, 34 Cizek, Donald F., 403 Clafford, Marcia L., 304 Clarbour, Bertram N., 367 Clare, Patricia A., 166, 306, 433 Claridge, Thomas W., 407 Clark, Alice A., 307 Clark, Charles H., 195 Clark, David W., 145. 374 Clark Darmilaisy, 406 Clark, Gerald ., 547 Clark, Harold R., 397 C lark House, 406 Clark, James G., 346 Clark ohn W., 180, 348 Clark: Lawrence G., 188 Clark Clark . Nancy L., 433 Patrick .l-. 362 Clark, Richard L., 192 Clark, Robert N., 225, 375 Clark, Robert W., 123, 416 Clark, Roger A., 363 Clark Sonya L., 247, 283 ciarkl William G., izs, 127 e, Barbara M.. 321 Chapman, Charles F., 179 Chapman, Eileen M., 330 Chapman, Laurel R., Jr., 175, 432 Chapman, Lawrence R., 50, 102, 368 Charlson,SJanice D., 319 tanton M., 388 Charney, 301 Cady, Allan B., 389 Caeti, Philip A., 409 Cngle Hall, 308 Carnahan. Lloyd G.. 532, 561, 576 Carnow, Ralph, 527, 548, 557 Carnow, Sondra R.. 310 Caroline, J. C., 166, 202-211 Charous, Donald, 551 Chase, Charles A., 158 Chase. Shelley V., 79. 298, 432 Chazdon, Sheldon, 552, 575 Chentes, Catherine P., 307, 432 Cahill, Daniel J., Jr., 430 Cahill, William J., 102. 384 Cahn, Carl S.. 379 Cain, Carl W., Jr., 213, 409 Cain, haha L., 349 Cain, argaret A., 310 Caiet. Arnold N., 157, 160 Calamari, Marianna, 310 Calder, James L., 211, 345 Caldwel . Carolyn, 323 Caldwell, M. I., 93 Caldwell, John, 384 600 Carpenter , Harry W., Jr.. 174, 357 Carpenter, ames W., 173 Carpenter, mam J., 186, 295 Carpenter, Paul. 577 Carpenter, Robert D., 155, 431 Carpenter, Roy, 198 Carpet. Robert S., 405 Chedist er. Charles, 550 Cheerleaders, 238 Chemino, Marilyn C., 315 Chen, Chuan P., 515 Chen, Michael M., 177 Chen. Ruby K. Y., 324 Clarke, Charles, 577 Clary, Howard F., 387 Clasen, Richard J., 408 Claypool, Keith C., 397 Claypool, Nancy H., 3, 49. 59. 98, 154. 185, 244, 295, 433 Clayton, llohn D., 188. 358 Clayton, onald D., 104, 347, 433 Clayton, Rufus S., 194 geary. -Edwaiid, Q84 eary, erry ., 5 EleaverNWendell li, 400 egg, orman, 55 Clein, Phyllis T., 328 Clem, Charmian E., 151, 322 Clem, Nanc E., 318, 319 Carpet. William, 550, 556 Carr, Donald E., 177, 376 Carr, Marna S., 123 Carras, Nathan A., 77, 341 Carrico, Patricia A., 308 Cherry, Paul M., 137 Chestnut, John W., 67, 172 Chester, ,Hahn B., 340 Chester, ichard W., 363, 432 Cheze, Mary V.. 71, 199 Clemens, llimlin K., 342, 377 Clemens, obert L., 189, 345 Clement, Barbaralg., 288 Clement, Roland ., 377 Clerrions, Robert E., 48, 157, 232, 3 finds the door open at Block 8 Kuhl Co. Traffic H Setting Buying l Display X Personnel Operations A y t Accounting l , ll ll Advertising l 1 Food Services Mercllandising Office Functions lnterior Decorating Xt ou will find all ot tliesc and many more at Block 5' Kut1l Co., wt1ere ' ' d ti ou wt1y I9 stores and a Central Buying Ollice are rea y to s ow y . . . . . h tliere are a greater variety ot opportunities ln ttie retail field t an any ottier. ll tm are interested in a department store Yes, ttie door is open to a w 0 career, and 'opportunity' is tcnoctcing every day. Block G Kutll is growing, and you can grow witti it. VVt1y don't you "compare notes" with ttme Personnel Director, and see it Bloctc 5' Kut1l Co. doesnt have to ofter just wtiat you are tootcing tor in a career? You are always welcome! 5 lll0f3k 8: Kllhl C0. Peoria, Illinois . . I - Stores ,in gigiiiin SXIQYQURG E'6"NET'fA 'MNH - - CKFORD DAVE MGH' OHICCSI QUINCY KEWANEE HESS BROS. BuRLilNlt5oT'iJTN lin. AURORA JOLIET FREEPORT DANVILLE sions Central Distribution, 801 S. Washington St. DANVILLE Eicm Rocx ISLAND Fon Homes 601 Cletchenxycishn, 556 Clinard, illiam R.. 357 Cline, James L., 142, 435 Cline, Cline, ixohn T., 342 ichard G., 540, 374 Cloobeck, Sheldon H., 337. 433 Clotfe 369 lter, Morton H., 150, 191, . 433 Club Erquire, 398 Coale, Martin C., 433 Coberley, Robert, 559 Cobb, James A., 127, 412 Coberley, Robert, 573, 575 Coburn, Sheldon, 373 Cochran, Barbara F., 326 Conove Cochran, Carolyn K., 294 Cochran, Francis L., 435 Cochran, Gilbert L., 174 Cochran. Robert W., 197, 397 Cockerill, Carole A., 91, 118, 162 Cockerill, Vernon L., 188 Coddington, Ruth J., 102, 306 Concialdi, Celia R., 297, 434 Condon, David L., 187, 343, 434 Cone, Allan E., 434 Cone, Bruce W., 181 Cone, Carol F., 434 Conery, Wayne E., 356 Coney, William B., 357 Confer, Ross M., 383 Congdon, Clyde S., 408 Con lin, Edward J., 434 Conklin, Robert A., 532, 561, 570 Conlin, Margaret M., 57. 94, 95, 161, 292, 34 Conn, Alice A., 123 Connelhgohn G., 359 Conner ene A.. 435 Conner: George, 551, 561 Connor, Barbara J., 327 Connor Dewey R., Jr., 177, 435 Connor: Eugene, 542 Connor, Joyce M., 327 r, Charles S., 160, 435 Cowsert, Calvin H., 412, 436 Cox Carol R. 51 72. 162, 301 Cox: Clarence: 548 Cox, Daren L., 183 Cox, Ellen J., 71, 123, 508 Cox, Frances G., 120 Cox, Fred S., 372 Cox, James R., 405 Cox, ,iianet R.. 309 Cox, andall S., 77, 581 Cox, Thomas R.. 374 Coyle Patricia J., 245, 322 Cozza: Lorraine, 545, 575 Crady, Carl R.. 358 Craft, Martha L., 331 Craig. Ashley B., 156, 436 Craig, gohn W., 381 Craig, atricia A.. 71, 329 Crain, Charles A., 75 Crain James W. 336 Crakei-, Jewell Dl, 115 Cralley, Jolm C., 413, 436 Code, Russell K.. 390 Coeur, games, 550, 562 Cofel, illiam E., 571 Coffee, Layvrence E.. 334 Coflelt, Richard E., 64, 137, 145, 433 Coffey, Joseph W., 372 Colfman. Theodore J.. 359 Conover, Edward L., Jr., 158, 435 Conrad, Larry E.. 75 Conreaux, Betty J., 310 Constertina, James, 554 Conto, Mary Jo, 275, 282 . Conway, Everett W.. 173 Cook, etty J., 3, 49, 54, 98, 159, 282. 435 Coiley, Richard C., 173 Co an, Donald G.. 124, 588 Cohan, Fred A., 189. 360 Cohen, Allen S., 370 Cohen, Burton, 411, 433 Cohen, Carl. 552 Cohen, Daniel. 188 Cohen, gerald S., 370 Cohen, Cohen, arriet A., 307 Harriet R., 284 Cook, Bruce A., 161, 174, 177, 189, 386, 435 Cook, Calib L., 48. 394, 435 Cook, Donald F., 344 Cook, Donaldvl., 435 Cook, Elaine ., 511 Cook, Harold D., 195 Cook, Paul M.. 353. 435 Cook, Phillip R., 377 Cook, Ralph, 180 Cook, Robert V., 344 Cohen, Irwin J., 409 C h , udith R., 306 ' o en ll Cohen, ois J., 328 Cohen, Philip R., 405 Cohen, Rita A., 123. 300 Cohen, Robert S., 388, 434 Cohen Roberta, 319 Cohen, Sheldon, 564 Cohen, Shirley F., 313 Cohen, Thelma, 507 Cohen, Wallace, 387 Cohl, Sheila. 309 Cohn, Allen R., 407 Cohn, Arnold N.. 380 Cooke, Sidney F., Jr., 192 Cooley, William E.. 390 Cooney, James R., 192 Coons, I-lariqy L., 129. 396 Cooper, Fre M., 136, 137, 155, 356. 435 Cramblctt, Mary L., 515 Cramer, Alice C., 49, 52, 72, 73, 299. 436 Cramer, Donald E., 345, 436 Crandall, Ehrle, 550, 564 Crandall, Susan E., 153, 299 Crane, Dr. Frank, 577 Crane, Frederick E., 61, 176, 338 Cran . Gerald L., 527, 548, 566 Crawford, iiimes E., 123, 404 Crawford, ary J., 288 Crays. Thomas C., 372 Creaden, Roger N., 371 Crcagcr, Frederick L., 137 Creath, Cecile M., 153, 320 Creath, James R.. 344 Crepas, Charles. 553. 558 Crest, Doris, 153 Cresto, Nancy S., 285 Creviston, Mark S., 144, 334 Cribbet, John, 184 Crickman, 'Jerald A., 372 Cridlebaugc, Richard B., 129, 408 Crinigan, athleen M., 247 Crisp, Carole, 505 Cooper, Gary D., 351 Cooper, eari E., 318. 572 Cooper, udith, 317 Cooper awrence M., 77, 557 Cooper, Phillip J., 379 Cooper, Stanley A., 96, 542 Cooperman, Nancy R., 153. 314 Co-ordination Committee, 62 baugh, Charlotte S., 73, 245, Coleinan, Marlln D., 189 Collom Cohn, ilierome, 454 Cohn, Cohn, Cohn, Cohn, Cohro eina M., 124, 168, 284 Richard D., 233. 388 Ronald I., 537 Rubin, 184 n, Gerald T., 176 Colbert. Morton J.. 75, 411 Colby, Arthur, 181 Coldwater, Harold R., 434 Cole, Alan R., 159. 346 Cole, Allen G., 400 Cole, Barry L., 152, 404, 405, 434 Cole, David G., 67, 182, 172, 454 Cole, Melvin J., 185, 373, 434 Cole, Richard E., 171, 434 Cole Stephen ., 356 Coleman, William E.. 77, 364 Colgate, Sam O., 389 Col rass, Michael C., Jr.. 127 C ollegc of Agriculture, 31 Collegeiof Cornmerce and Burinerr Admlnirtratron, 32 College of Dentirtry, 520 o ege o ' ucatron, 53, 0 C ll Ed ' I 4 College of Engincerrn , 34 Collage of Fine and flpplied Ar-tr, 35 College of Law, 38 College of Liberal Art: and Science, 59, 40' College of Medicine, 521, 531 College of Plmrrnacy, 522,571 College of Veterinary Medicine, 44 Colletti, erome, 553 Collins, Fred A., Jr., 342, 434 Collins. .lane E., 290 Collins, Janet R., 120, 318 Collins, ilghn, 409 Collins, ina G., 295 -Collins, Ruth E., 195, 318 Collins, William H., 353, 577 Colon Larry D. 154, 170, 413 nil Arm.. 396 Colonial Manor. 397 Colt, Richard A., 190, 454 Colvin, James C., 26. 27 Colvin. Oliver P.. 189, 434 Colwell, Robert D., 412 Colyer, Dale K., 434 Combs, Carol L., 291, 572 Combes, Harry, 212, 217, 234 Comer. Kenenth G.. 397 Comer, Marcella E.. 434 Comm, Alan H., 379 Commerce Council 64 Committee of Stualent Afairr, 63 Compton. Norton. 228, 229, 230 Conrad, Alfred. 184 Concert and Entertainment Board, 62 Concr' 602 rt Band, 127 Coppel, Irving L.. 373 Corbett, Joseph W.. 142 Corcoran, Frances A., 168, 272, 435 Corcoran, Roy W., 392 Cordell, Alan, 392 Cordischi, Andrew F., 568 Core, Alfred, 577 Corley, Joseph W., 48, 52, 134, 146, 183. 218, 219, 223.381, 455 Corley, Richard D., 527, 566 Corley, Verna C., 290, 435 Corliss, John G., 111, 155, 134, 145 144. 334 Corn, Charles A., 337 Cornett, Clifford, 391 Corobbo. Bruce. 139. 391 Corrado, Valentine, 549, 566 Corrigan, James, 561 Corrigan, Sarah A., 518 Cortes. Hernando, 192 Cortilet, George, 552 Corvan. Eleanor, 314 Cory, John R.. 339 Corydon, Donna A., 435 Cosaro, Sister Corinne M., 545, 575 Cormofrnlitan, 590 Cossman, George W., 435 Costahle. Michaeline M., 517 Costello. Mary A., 308 Coster, Richard D., 188 Coster, Robert W.. 375 Cosyns, Richard F.. 403 Cotovsky, Irving, 553 Cotter. Mrs., 310 Cottier, Donald C., 571 Cottingham. Cadet W., 195 Couch, Lynda R., 51, 72, 94, 95, 162, 288 Coughlin,GJohn, 549 Coulson, eorge T., 159, 578 Coulson, Patsy R., 309, 435 Coultas, Jane M., 73. 295 Coulter. Carol Ann, 98, 162, 288 Council, Ralph. 548 Council, Sarah Fi., 299, 435 Countryman, C arlcs M., 372 Courter. Sheila M.. 331 Courtright, John, 551, 562 Cousins. Roy S.. 127, 535 Couts. Wilford H., 386, 435 Covan, Burl L.. 407 Covert, Carylsue. 273, 282 Covey, Loy S.. 356 Cowan, Donna M., 323 Cowan, Lyle, 551, 556 Cowan, Robert E., 123, 436 Cowan, Robert E., 174, 402 Cowart, Richard L., 128, 354 Cowger, Henri E., 515 Criss, Carthur P., 126, 195. 395 Crist, Doris M., 194. 324 Crist ,Ja ne M., 289 Crockernlllancy, 297 Crose, Rita I., 289 Cross, Barbara A., 161, 298, 456 Cross, Eugene P., 408 Cross Larry L.. 237 385 Cross, K. Patricia, 28, 72, 129 Cross, Robert, 549 Crosse, Richard, 551 Crossland, Merle, 550, 556, 580 Crossland, Paul N., 568 Crossley, James E., 547, 436 Crovettr, Aldo in 390 Crow, Barbara ., 297 Crow, Nancy J., 297 Crow. Norma, 83 Crowley, Jean L., 3, 49, 56, 96, 283. 456 Crown, Charles. 550 Croxville, William R., 137. 185, 456 Crum Cykele. June A., 408, 437 Czerwinski, Marlene B., 306 D Daa".r Day, 254 Daeschler, George F., 541, 563. 571 Daeschler, Rona d, 563 Daies, Catharine V., 306 Da l, Richard, 192 Dahlen. Richard F., 532, 565, 576 Dahlenburg, Lyle M., 65, 77, 118, 195. 359 Dahlstrom, Betty, 195 Daigle, Joane L., 299. 457 Daily Illini Adriertiring Stalil, 102 Dai? Illini Circulation Sta . 103 Daify Illini Editorial Stag, 100, 101 Dar y Illini, 103, 106 Dainko, Edward, 551, 561 Dairy Production Club, 178 Dairy Tecbnolo y Society, 179 Dalby. Sheila Nlz., 169, 282, 457 Dal Corobho, Bruno V., 144, 591 Dale, James L., 180 Dalla, Franklin C., 568 Dalton, Beverly D., 532 Daly, Gerrard, 549 Daly, William, 549, 566 Damal, Edward L., 65, 177, 437 Dambrosio, Arthur L., Jr., 237. 362 Dameron, Eldon W., 349 Damann, James E., 159. 344 Damotte, Cecelia A., 247 Damuth, Harold D., 532, 562 Dan, Mervliiyn E., 187, 398 Danaher, ary G., 49, 54, 60, 65, 70. 310. 437 Dancy, Jean, 286 Dandurand, ,iilmes L., 77. 350 Dangerheld, oydin, 24 Dangremond, Joyce C., 285 Daniel, Johnnita, 123. 311 Danielsonbgloan M., 289 Dankert, illiam L., 231, 586 Dankes, Dorothea M., 521, 437 Dann, Donald, 159 Danne, Nancy. 304 Dannells, Richard A., Jr., 129, 170. 391 Dannen, Avrum H., 366 Danner, Denise E., 319 Dannhauer, Allan R., 532, 562 Darkazanli, Mohamud A., 404 Darnall, Millard K., 105, 176, 349 Darrah, Robert F., 192 Darrain, Albert J., 545 Darwrsh, Louis, 549. 566 Dart, Donald, 552, 560 Dashe, Gerald, 360 Dates, Helen K. Broome, 437 Dates, Jimm D., 157, 180, 457 Daugherty. Elizabeth J., 196 Daugherty, James C., 457 Daus, Marion E., 153. 306 David McKinley Hall, 52 David, Elvin, 355 David, Fred, 542 David, Mary, 194 282 Crump, Jlohn W., 198 Crump, oger L., 184, 194, 581 Cruse, Richard H., 364 Crusor. Don W., 355, 436 Cruthers. Sharon R., 295 Cryder, Constance. 282, 436 Cryder, Michael E.. 336 Cucci, Angelo M., 127, 406 Culberson, Donella, 282 Culbert, John, 180 Culbertson, Joyce W., 436 Culbertson, Ilzon R., 227, 352 Culbertson, obert M., 374 Culley, Donald T., 78, 349 Cullins, Thomas E., 357 Culverson, Yvonne N., 297 Cumby. Charlotte B.. 71, 531, 436 Cummins, Richard L., 515 Cunningham, Adella, 551 Cunningham, Carmen, 51, 71, 192, 245, 247 Cunningham, Dorothy A., 307 Cunningham, ,iiuva L., 306, 436 Cunningham, homas F., 192 Davidson, Edward, 116 Davidson Frances E., 297 Davidson: Harvey, 136, 145 Davidson, Hugh, 343 Davidson J-o Ann, 84, 301 Davidson: eroy F., 405 Davidson, Rosalind S., 126, 307 Davies, Ivor, 75 Davinson, Richard, 150 Davis , . Davis, Davis Davis Anne L., 51, 110, 186, 287 Catherine. 71, 319 Charles, 564 Connie S. 288 Davis: David o..' 457 Igavis, Dean, 553 V a is Davis Davis Davis 347 Davis Davis Davis Davis 382 . s n n Donald A., 335 Fredrick G., 185, 542 G B. 12 ' roomer , 5 Ivan W., Jr., 127, 172, iss, 437 Lack. 374 grof. J. E.. 575 acqualin K.. 90, 245, 505 ames Franklin, 77. 93. 141, Curley, James, 553 Currier, Richard D.. 352 Curry, Dolores R., 329 Curry, Jiimes, 550 gurry urry Curry , abel, 297 , Richard A., 368 , Robert B., 126, 127 Curtin, Constance, 123 Curtis, Harry M., 179. 358 Curtis, Henry J., 355 Curtis, Paul E., 141, 354 Curtiss, Lee E., 361 Curtrss, Margaret E., 305, 456 Cuthbert, Suzanne E., 72, 79, 296 Cybulski, John, 184, 456 Cygan, Marilyn l., 307 Cygan, Norbert E., 378, 456 Cygan, Robert A.. 185, 457 Cyganek, James F., 391 Davis, James H., 133. 134, 143, D334. 437 avrs, Davis, Joan I., 284 Davis. Joseph R.. 185 Davis, ilgyce J., 173. 306, 437 ent R., 185, 457 ames. 558, 573 Davis, Davis, Lowell W., 457 Davis, Marian L., 125 Davis, Mernalcl., 71, 309 Davis, Mary ., 151, 524 Davis, Paul E., 541, 577 Davis, Richard F., 171, 395 Davis, Rochelle J., 285 Davis, Ronald E., 67 Davis, Seth R., 129 Davis, Steiizhen D., 159 Davis, Sy ney, 552, 558 For the finest in Portraits or Canclids YOU CCII1 COUI'Il' on uio l aa ill . Miss Bonnie Payne Illio Campus Leader Photos by Illini Studio Davis. Davis, Tanner R.. 372, 437 Theodore K., 379 Davis, Verna G., 198, 318 Datvis, Virginia M., 86, 160, 304. 37 Davis, XVilliam H., 150 Davis, Wlilliam L., 397 Davison, Allen, 406 Davison, T., 401 Davison, ic ard L., 155, 438 Davison, Robert XV., 364, 438 Davison, Sara NV., 515 Dawkins, George S., 123, 194 Deihl, Charles J., 409 Degilnld, Richard, 549. 559 De reon, Marjorie A., 316 DeLance, Robert E., 75, 171, 395 Delapaz, Moses R., 159. 390 DeLaurenti, John L., 145, 377 DeLeon, Salvador, 570 Dellert, Richard H., 128 Delly, Marla, 322 DeLong, C. C., 116, 155 DeLong, Clifton, 26 DeLong, George E., 347 DeLong, Terryl A., 102, 297 Defmrlmerzt ofSori1ll Iiveutr, 86 Dfflllffnlcflt of Stmlenl and Alumni Rulalionr, 91 DePaul, Donald L., 407 DePauw, Robert L., 381, 438 DePesa, Arlene, 129, 306 Degkc, Herbert W., 352 De rotine, Phil'Ramon, 178, 184, 376 DeRango, Frank J., 532, 561, 576 Derby, Kenenth W., 371 Derby, Roger M., 128, 144, 369 Dcrcoli, Giacinto C., 385 Deremiah, James R., 352 Dawson, Harold, 22, 28 Dawson, Harriett E., 319 Dawson, Leroy L., Jr., 141, 364 Dawson, Stuart O., 344 Day, David A., 63 Day, James O., 77. 123, 354 ohn lJack1 C., 363 Day. Day. Jloyce M., 320 Day, I.oren I... 174 Day, Richard A., 194, 401 Day, William C., 77, 353 Day, William H., Jr.. 372 Daymont. Dixie C., 180 Dayton, Frank C., Jr., 385 Deacon, Allen H., 409 Dean, Clark E., 336 Dean, David XV., 377 Dcardorlf, Dr. Dwight, 563, 577 Dearing, Mary L.. 71, 325, 438 Death of ii Salargrmn, 5, 114 Deatherage, Leslie E., 75 Debiasio, Lorraine J., 329 DcBotsky, Harvey, 551 DeBois, Elon. 550 DeB0lt, Don E., 77, 172, 182. 338 Delott, Richard B., 438 Delhi Clzi, 347 Della Della Della, 291 Dellrl Delhi IJelm Della Delta Dfllrl Delhi Della Delta Della Delta DeMa Gum rim. 292 Kappa Eprilan, 348 Krrfvjm Sigma, 558 Phi. 349 Pbi Iiprilan, 293 Sigma Delhi, 559 Sigma Omirron, 179 Sigma Pi, 351 Tau Della, 352 Uf7.fll07l, 353 Zelll, 294 r, Bruce S.. 380 DeMartelaere, David L., 349 DeMorest, Hugh F., 532, 556 DeMoss, Clarence W., 50, 205, 206, 211, 221, 381 DeMott, Cecille, 327 Dempsey, Ellen, 123 DeCamp, Benjamin C., 180, 187, 374, 438 Decker, Gerald H., 414 De Crisrofaro, Dominic G., 192, 358 438 Deeds Deem. Deere, Kathleen, 181, 306 Deeds: , Virginia B., 73, 291, 438 Robert N., 184 Robert W., 142, 392 Dees, Dan C., 146, 177, 353 Dees, Denzil E., 188 De Fotis, William, 189, 438 DeFries, John Clarence, 123, 125 Degener, Richard L., 345 Dehaas, Mary J., 111 Dehority, William F., 354 Dempsey, Gerald P., 137. 382, 438 Dempsey, Ronald E., 352 Denbeig. Kenenth H.. 337 Denby, Donald D., 172, 182, 338 Dendrix, Nancy, 307 Denlirlry I Clurr, 549 Denlirfry II Clan. 549 Dennen, Babette S., 293 Dennerlein, John L., 165 Dental Student Council, 575 Dentino, Thomas W., 128,414 Dr-nrirtry, 559 Drn!i.rtry III Clnrr, 548 Dentirtry IV Clair, 548 Deopel, Martha, 304 Defnlrlmenl af Crzltizrnl Afairr, 90 Dejmrtment of Entertainment, 87 Deluirtf111'r1I ol Rz'rr'c11linr1, 84 Defzwlnzerrr of Student SL'l'l'lC'l'.f, 85 Deroche, John W., 392 DeRoule, Otto F., 398 Desch, Jlodith A., 72, 84, 169 Desch, heodorc E., 184 DesEnfants, Robert E., 211 Desmond, John J., 184 Desmond, ancy M., 438 Desser, Sidney D., 370 Detchemendy, Evelyn C., 289 Detina, Judy, 317 Detloff, Donald V., 173 Dettro, Winifred H., 297, 438 Detweiler, Paul B., 532 Deuter, William, 361 Devall, Joseph W., 146, 36-1, 393 Devereux, Ronald 'I'.. 395 Devine, Thomas M., 173 DeVore, Stuart E., 75, 123, 184, 438 DeVore, William L., 400, 405, 438 DeVos, Brice J., 358 DeVry, Diane I., 295 DeWeertl1, E. Orval, 527, 548, 566 Dewey, Norman J., 438 Dewhirst, Ernestine E., 287 DeYoung, Roger L., 180, 378, 438 Diakiw, Audrey J., 330 Diamond, Joseph, 552 Diamond, .ours H., 390 Diamond, Marian L., 315 Dice, Donna J., 111, 169. 327 Dichoso, Rosalia, 570 Dichtl, Ralrh L., 357 Dick, Mari yn C., 310 Dickason, Donald E., 25 Dickens, Willis, 551, 561 Dickett, Gust W., 407 Dickey, Robert R., 155 Dickinson, George E.. Jr.. 409 Dickinson, Tlohn, 551, 556 Dickinson, .ouise, 327 Dickman, Teddy L., 197, 414 Dicks, Thomas A., 125, 364 Dickson, James B., 184 Dieckamp, Walter XV., 53, 82, 87, 152, 438 Diedrich, Donald F., 396 Dickman, Darlene A., 96, 305 Diemer, Vera J., 71, 313 Dienst, Henry W., 195 Dienst, Sally, 319 Diesner, Roy W., 96, 164, 353 Dietemann, Prof. Charles, 166 Dietemann, David L., 166 Dietemann, Donald C., 137 Dietemann, Patricia C.. 3. 97 Dieter, Fred A., 392 Dieterich, Richard 'l'., 344 Diewald, Emil E., 160, 394 DiFr:1nk, Frank J., 156, 177, 438 Dillard, Sally, 51 Dillavou, Easel, 155 Dillavou, Janette M., 123 Dillinger, Horace XV., 173 Dilsaver, Carl D., 230, 439 Dilworth, Eldon R., 196, 354 Dimas, Louis, 549, 559, 575 Dinnerlein. John, 384 Dinou, Kriton T., 357 Dinsdale, Jean A., 51, 99, 181, 283 Dinsmore, Mary J., 298, 439 Dintelmann, Robert H., 181, 182, .410 Dirks, Herman, 78, 353 Dirksen, Thomas, 549 Dirsmith, Ronald L., 173, 404, 439 Diflinguirbed Military Slmlenlr, 134 Dite, Rita M., 324 Dittman, Grace Y., 545, 575 Di-ttus, Phyllis C., 320, 439 Drwfion of Sf1BCl1llSC'1'vlt'c'J' far IVrrr Velerrmx, 42 Divirion of Univerrily Exienrio Dix, Richard L.. 393 Dixler, Joseph M., 380 Dixon Dixon Dixon Dixon Dixon Dixon Dloog Doak, , Charles E., 128 , David A.. 334, 439 , Gene A.. 414 , George G., 392 , Leora L., 318 , Roscoe B.. 541, 558 atch, Iris D., 300 Geor ia M., 128,289 Dobbrunz, Harry, 562 Dobbs, Stuart. 357, 439 Dobki n, Renee. 315 ni 43 .60 Dodds, B. L.. 55 Dodds. 030. 298, 459 Dodge, ohn F., 75, 197. 414 Duncan Erger, Dodson, Robert C., 155. 133 Doebel. Paul.. 599 Doepp, William L., 599 Doerschler, Richard, 146 Doerr, Dale, 565, 577 Doetzel, David A., 155, 197, 569 Dolan, Cynthia B., 84, 501 Dolan, Richard, 551, 561 Dolgonos, Sandra E., 101 Dolrngel, Howard L., 155, 171. 190. S 59 , 59 Dolins, Eda P., 171, 509 Dollen, Deane, 559 Dolley, Deborah L., 292 Dolowy, Paulette C., 519 Dolfrbins, 157, 195 Dolphin Queen, 157 Domash, Alvin, 557 Dombrowski, Jzoseph R., 594 Dombrowski, ichard J., 572 Domnitz, Jack, 552 Durham, Olive, 520 Dudenbostel, Robert,, 527, 548, 566 Duerst, Roger W., 187 Duerxvaclilter, Donna M., 156, 169, 29 , 4 O Dtrewer,5Riaymond F., 77, 172, 182, 97, 5 Duffey, Paul H., 159, 165, 197, 556 Duffin, Judith A., 515 DuFore, Robert N., 158, 175, 576, 440 Dufour, Nancy L., 71, 519 Edmonds, Robert E., 554 Edmondson, David C., 194, 409 Edson, Donald T., 597 Edwards ,Donald L., 58, 82, 85, 441 Edwards, Eleanor J., 128, 192, 294 Edwards, Ozzie L., Jr., 194 Edwards, M. Roberta. 181, 522, 441 Edwards Edwards Edwards , Patricia A., 282 , Robert T.. 160 , Spence, 556 Effron, Diane, 507 Egan, John V., 164, 562 Duis, John H., 528, 548, 566 Dunava n, Richard H., 176 Dunbar, Charles V., 157 Dunbar, Joan, 519 Duncan, Rev. Edward, 199 Duncan, Gene L., 581, 440 Duncan, ohn B., 414 Duncan eroy E., 127 Duncan: Neal, Jr., 440 son, Diana L., 288 Egeland, Beverl D., 441 Eggers, Arthur L., 197, 414 Eggspuehler, Jack J., 441 Eh en, Georgia M., 519 Ehlers, Carl T., 257, 405 Ehlers, Marvin W., 165, 565 Ehlert. Richard T., 557 Ehling, William E., 555, 565, 576 Ehrhardt, Roger H., 574 Ehrman, Harold, 555 Engerman, Alan, 566 Engineering Council, 65 Engineering Week-End, 264 England, lan C., 105, 165, 456, 441 England, Rodney, 550 Engle, Paul, 406 Engle, Richard M., 175, 404, 406 Engler, Bonnie C., 502 Englis, Joan S., 175 English, Alan L., 177 Enichen, Edwardvl., 184 Enright, David ., 164, 581 Enright, Lois, 87, 161, 169, 504, 442 Eovaldi, Suzanne C., 304 Epley, Donald L., 402 Epstein, Mrs., 588 udith A., 506 Epstein, Epstein, iviorton, 528, 548, 557 Epstein, Robert B., 159 Epstein, Sandra L., 515 Dundon, Jeanne M., 299, 440 Dundzila, Antanas V., 177 Dunhouse, William B., 585 Eichler, George A., 95 Eichler, alone H., 505 Eichstae t, Carl I.., 118, 164 Eickholf, Roger L., 598 Epstein, Shirley, A., 510 Erbach, Donald R., 186 Claire A., 98, 518 Dona vlier, Janice L.. 95, 296 Donaho, Waldo C., 180 Donahoe, Alfred H., 515 Donahue, John R., 562 Donahue, John W., 141, 191. 569. 584 Donahue, Robert E., 459 Donahue, Robert T., 406 Donahue, Sara A., 285 Donath, Resa A-. 515 Donatoni, Ric ard D., 459 Donda, Jerry JJ, 189, 598 Dondanvrlle, eoi., 157 Donenberg. Geral H., 459 Doney, Donald L., 179 Dunlop, llgohn, 556 Dunlop. ev. Ralph, 198 Dunn 555 , Charles E., 122, 124, 157, , 440 Dunn, James, 211 Dunn, Janice B., 518 Dunn, Marilyn A., 179, 518 Dunn, Marvin D., 185 Dunn Mar V., 125 Dunn, Merile K., 145, 228 Dunn, Norman J., 366 Dunn, Rhoda L., 515 Dunn, William C., 574, 440 Dunne, Marilyn J., 525 Dyke, Even, Donlan, Jzmes, 549 Donlon, illiam A., 415 Donnelly, Martha L., 508, 459 Donney, Shirley A., 515 Donogigruc, George, 26 Donoioe, Richard P., 127, 187, 555 Donovan, Barbara A., 519 Dony, Jerome, 552, 560 Donze, Norman, 174 Dooley. Deane. 548, 575. 582 Dore, Thomas E., 152, 551, 459 Dorenfeld, Neil M., 407 Doretti, Richard, 555, 558 Dorfman, Zora D., 500 Dori, Dolores, 520 Dorman, Eileen J., 528 Dornocb, 597 Dornotf. Beverly I., 290 Dorschler, Richard K., 142 Dorward. Theodore L., 50, 257. 581 Dostal, Barbara J.. 155, 521 Doty, Donald L., 142 Doty, Earl F., 555, 459 Dougherty, Henry, Jr., 60, 142, 190, 585 Dougherty, Philip, 550, 565 Dougherty, Mary A., 518 Dougherty, Norris, 550, 556 Douflas, Marilyn M., 516 Do alle. Gustavo, 402 Dowd, Donald M., Jr., 107. 545 Dowling,IN'ancy A., 505 Down, arjorie A.. 99, 290 Downey, Rae W., 545, 459 Downingi James R., 115, 564 Downs, obert B., 40 Downs, Clara B., 156, 295 Dowse, Eunice'-assistant dean of resi- dence hall counseling, 28, 29 Doyle, Betty A.. 98. 295 Drake, Edwin H., Jr., 459 Drakeford, Dorothy M., 247, 512, 459 , Dramm, Eugene F., 124, 180, 547 Draper. Bernard, 559. 556 Drechsler, Louise A., 296 Dreebin, Harold R., 129, 570 Dresden, Marilyn, 514 Dreshfield. Robert L., 187, 405, 439 Dressler. PhrlipWR., 565 Drew, Donna ., 71, 84, 169. 508, 440 Drew, Doris J., 51,'94, 95, 296 Drewes. Charles G., 191 Dreymiller, Sharon L., 124, 291 Drickamer, Harry, 167 Driie, Thomas M.. 188 Driskell, Claude E., 527, 548 Drogemuller, Richard A., 405 Drom, Robert. 556 Drowne, Bettye M., 545, 572 Drucker, Joan, 75, 284 Druckman, Irafl., 541 Drum and Bug e Corps, 158 Drumheller, Carl, 125 Drummond, Donald J., 124, 561 Druse. Sharon, 517 Dry. James R., 405, 440 Dryer, John. 590 Drysch, Allen, 551 Dubas, Donald P., 564 Dubinsky, Barbara R., 509 Dubner, Allen L., 406 Dubofsky, Roberta M., 517 Dubrove, Arlene G., 295 604 Dunnivant, Carol J., 287 Dunnriwa , David A., 77. 542 Durbin, ames J., 155, 440 Durfee, aniel A., 187, 440 Durham, Olive I., 126 Durham, William, 550, 556 Durst, Marian, 551 Dushek, Verna R., 155, 521 Duster, Charles E., 440 Dustin, Marsha, 572 Duszynski, Joan A, 124, 510 Dutcmer, ames W., 215, 217, 544 Duval, Gioria A., 285 Duvic k, Richard D., 125, 182, 410 Dvorak, Thomas C.. 592 Dvore, Renee E., 502 Dycus, Harold I., 156, 157, 574. 440 DVC, Thomas W., 77, 572 Dyer. Dwight E., 126 Dyer, Lionel R., 540 DYCI. Michael. 549 ,566 Dyer, Walter E., 598 Dyica. Edward. 552, 560, seo Dy e, Lester M., 24 Thom son A 574 Eifler, Norman, 549 Eiehsteadt, Carl, 557 Eilbracht, Lee, 225, 254 Eilers. Dan L., 145, 150, 185, 344, 441 Einfalt, Bertwin E., 197, 599 Einhorn, William, 585 Eipper, Anzolette R., 282, 441 Elriiilberg, Alan B., 145, 152, 588, 1 Eisenbart, kfhn M., 541, 560, 571 Eisenbart, ancy. 554 Eisenberg. Diane, 502 Eisenstaedt, Judith M., 162, 500 Eisenstein, E eanor S., 111, 500 Eisenstein, Gerald T., 129, 557 Eisenstein, Sandra A., 515 Eisinger, Robert, 549, 557 Eitel, Michael J., 126 Ekblaw, Andrew Il, 50, 108, 186. 554 . Ekedahl, Robert L., 575 Ekovich, Thomas M.. 574 Ekstrand, Kay F., 288 EKT Club, 509 Ekvall, William L., 125 Elder, klvhn C., 188 Elder, ewton T., 175 Elfgen, Suzanne il., 298 Elford. Howard ., 405 Elias, Victor, 579 Elins, Edward S., 580 Eliot, Lane C., 290 Eliot, ay fCoachJ, 202, 211, 254 Elledge. Charles P., 184, 409 Ellenberger, Richard P., 598 Ellenby, Jay D., 580 Ellicott, yle H., 545. 441 Ergo, lllack W., 126 Ergo, ichard, 159 Ericksen, Dean M., 559 Erickson, Charles A., 146 Erickson, Gerald R., 585 Erickson, Greta M., 156, 169, 288, 442 Erickson, Janet E., 517 Erickson, Johrw., 408 Erickson, on ., 558 Erickson, Shirley M., 151, 516 Erickson, Wylma M., 291 Ericson, Burton E., 184, 404 Ericson, Jane A., 517 Ericson, aundle R., 67, 146, 182, 558 Erkman, James F., 128, 407 Ernst, Donald W., 206, 211, 259, 582, 442 Ernst, Leland M., 168, 247, 442 Ernster, Mack M., 552, 442 Ervin, Don, 556, 575, 576 Ervin, Rosella. 155, 520 Erwin, Ronald R., 195 Erwin, Samuel L., 78, 544 Esarey, James G., 170, 414 Esarey, ohn C.. 170, 442 Esarove, Donald, 187 Esawne, Donald, 406 Esch, James E., 442 Eschman, Carl W. ,402, 442 Eshleman. Diane J., 511 Esinger. Robert, 557, 580 Esper, Ronald C., 141, 568, 442 Essary,Clean, 442 Esser, harles A., 188 Esser, Dorothy P., 525 Esses, Elliott, 549, 557 Eston, Jeannine, 181 Dymond, Joiin E., 598 Dynda, Ernest F., 551 gyrbye Ozlrii Md,-I176 Ysar , nc ., 109, 440 Dykstra, Gerabkn, 550 E Eadie, Iva J., 71, 127, 190 Eadie, James A., 154, 440 Eadie, illiam R., 406 Eakins, Joel, 550 Eames, Adrienne, 111, 162, 289 Earl, James S., 545, 440 Earlix, Richard L., 146, 187, 404 Early, Gerald O., 157, 577, 440 Early, John B., 179 Easley, Ronald L., 144, 159, 587 Eastham, Ocal, Jr.. 597 Eastman, Charles D., Jr., 96, 581 Eaton, Jane E., 296, 321 Eaton. Patsymae H., 525 Ebadr, Sayed M., 590 Ebbert, Raymond A., 556 Ebbinghaus, William H., 565, 440 Eberhart, Robert C., 172, 558 Eberle, George R., 118, 544 Ebersold, Keith S., 555 Ebert, Hedwig, 196 Ebert, Marlyn M., 125 Ebg, Robert N.. 590 Ec , Theodore J., 180 Eckebrecht, Eugene H., 180, 441 Eckebrecht, Patricia W., 441 Eckert, Donald R., 546 Eckert, Dorothy M., 441 Eckhardt, Richard J., 408 Ecklund, Robert, 551, 565 Eckman, Raymond L., 195, 595 Eckrote, Kenneth R.. 556 Econornols, Miicliael N., 406 co pi, ose ., 157, 571 Edd? Donaind G., 177 Ede stein, Eve, 509 Edelstein, Lewis M., 557 Edelstein, Sydney J., 507 Edick, Fred W.. 157, 185, 456, 441 Edinburg, Joan R., 441 Ellingson, James R., 50, 74, 75. 185, 401 Elliott, Arlene F., 86, 155, 184, 285 Elliott, Charles A., 568 Elliott, Donald A., 582 Elliott, Harold, 550, 556 Elliott, Howard C., 558 Elliott, can G., 291 Elliott. ohn L.. 77, 567 Elliott, obert B., 406 Ellis, Charles O., 565 Ellis, David, 550, 565 Ellis, George R., 144, 564 Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, ames N., 192 on F., 172, 178, 558 obert E., 572 Ellis. Roderick. 561 Ellison, Ellison, Ellison, Ellman, Ellman Gwendolyn D., 441 Maceo, 551 Robert L., 128, 401 Caryl, 515 Judy, 515 E! K N 158 1guTe,tJghi41,16,4, 562 ustic Evans Evans Evans Evans Evans e. James S., 589, 442 , Boris D., 541 , Charles E., 65, 590 , Diane R., 502, 442 , Eldon, 551, 556 George E., 406 Evan.r'Hall, 510, 511 Evans, Joan A., 282 Evans, John R., 194 Evan: Srbolarr, 591 Evans, William E., 177, 576 Evanson. Richard J., 157. 586, 44 Mary ., 124, 285 l .4 Eversole, Ma J., 100, 519 Ellwood, Patrick, 550, 562 Elmore, Rodney D., 587 Elowitz, Joel, 405 Elsby, C. Neale, 592 Elsner, Richard, 555. 560 Elston, Dorotliy I., 125 Ely, William ., 441 Emid, Prof. Herbert. 571, 577 Emmerich, Eugene F., 179 Ennaerich, Norman D., 551, 596, 1 Emmons, Robert W., 60, 172, 196. 558 Emoto, Henry R., 154, 180, 405. 441 Emrich, Sue, 525 Enchen, Edward, 409 Ench, Robert, 556 Ench, Whitney R., 559 Enderby. Charles E., 364 Engbrinf, Janet C., 519, 572 Engdah , Herbert M., Jr., 575 Engdahl, Ronald V., 599 Enge. Carl W., 180 Engelbrechngeanette C., 125. 507 Engelhardt, harles R., 412 Engeling. Elroy R., 415 Engelthaler, Robert, 555. 565. 575 Everitt, W. ., 'X Ewan, Richar C., 159. 554 Ewbank, Richard A., 154 Ewbank, Wayne F., 154, 170 Ewers, Joseph, 74 Ewing, Elmer E., 197, 515 Ewing, Enid L., 122, 155, 522 Ewing, Susanne, 84, 162, 505 Ewing, William K., 75 Ey. Richard C.. 597 Eyer, Willard J., 555, 556 Eyman, Richard K., 442 Eyster, Shirley, 585 Eytcheson, Donald, 550, 565 F Fabiano, Anthony R., 184 Fabiionas, Wanda, 554 Facktor, Marvin C., 566 Fadem, Marilyn H., 519 Faglerburg, James E., 152, 442 Fa ey, Edward J., 406 Fahey, Frederic R., 157 Fahlbeck, Dale D., 442 Fahnestock. Robert K., 198, 554, 442 Fails, Hugh, 550 Fair, Richard D., 144 Fairbaim, Frederick W., 192 Fairbanks, Kenneth E.. 571 Fairbanks, Robert E., 571 Fairhead, James W., 571 Perfect pair from THERE,S a made-for-each-other look about these Elgins you'll want to be part of . . . to share with the very special one in your life. COf course, you don't have to pair them-but what a wonderful idea it is U And these superb Lord and Lady Elgins more than look alike. They are alike in the years and years of amazing performance they will give you, too. 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Robert, 337, 443 Field, Sandra, 300 Fields, James A., 407 Fields, ichard H., 443 Fields, Richard W.. 398 Fields, Robert G., 195, 393 Fieser, Arnold K., 163, 443 Fieri, Gloria A., 321 Fleisher, James F., 126, 127, 194, 401 Fleming, Robben W., 24 Fleming, Sheila E.. 299 Flesher, David, 444 Flesher, William L., 444 Fletcher, Dona J.. 71, 310 Frankli Farber, Herbert O., 21, 22, 65, 74 Farber guy S., 158, 370 Farber, ancee L., 293 Farber, Vivian G., 302 Farley, George M., 359 Farley , Jo Ann, 304 Farman, Farmaian I-I., 177, 443 Farmhorue Fraternity, 354 Farner, Robert, 556 Farnum, Benjamin L., 50, 374 Farr, Douglas R., 128, 365, 443 Farrow, John W.. 157. 347 Faso, Josephine M., 321 Fast, William. 552, 558 Faster, Ronald A., 118, 344 Faster, Walter W., 50, 93, 344 Fastz, Karl, 144 Faude, William D., 76, 77, 150, 378 Faulhaber, Sandra L., 311 Faulkner, Robert L.. 357 Fawcett, James M.. 337 Fay, Deborah A., 127, 282, 572 Fay, Tommy G., 180 Fayemi, Abraham A., 195 Faymor, Geraldine, 314 Fearheilxegl, Georg? L., 371 Feder, argery ., 293 Fedor, Barbara D., 299, 443 Fedor, George, 553 Feenep Thomas, 549, 559 Feglen ols, Iris, 284 Fe renbacker, Walter L., 188 Feicht, Emil D., 115 Feig, Marvin S., 373 Feigenbutz, Vincent R., 224, 225, 372 Feiler, Earl, 564 Feiler, Ernest.M., 533 Feiler, Frederic C., 533 Feinberg. Elayne M., 293 Feinber . Irwin I., 533. 564 Fierich, John, 338 Fife, Thomas H., 381, 443 Fifer, Ralph V., 392 Figge, Dorothy A., 181, 292, 443 Figge, Frederick H.. 98. 139. 164, 344 Fike, Thomas L., 358 Filippi, Eugene, 554 Filler, Bernard M., 388 Filson, Theodore A., 164, 345 Flllen, Don R., 123, 128 Finch, Edwin B., 129, 344 Finch, iliohn E., 158, 159. 344 Finch, obert R., 344 Finder, Earl, 81 Findlay, Donald M.. 405 Fingl, Anthony, 554 Fin , Myron S., 443 Fink, Ronald L., 172, 178, 338 Finkel, Fred, 403 Finkel, Max F., 129 Finkelman, Bernice C., 100, 318. 443 Finkle, Howard W., 411 Finley, James W., 128. 443 Finley. Norman L.. 371 Finn, Charles E., 50, 378 Finn, Judith A., 69, 292 Finn, Prof. Robert, 176 Finne, Jerrold H., 402 Finnell, James H., 158 Finneran, Edward H., 173, 444 Finneran, Robert J., 362 Finney, Emma. 123 Finney, Glenn B., 189 Finney, Paul D., 124 Finston, Peter W., 404 Fiorenza, Frank A., 383 Fiorica, Vincent, 409 Firant, Regina G., 307 Firch, Carol M., 71, 91, 104, 151 181, 197, 312 Firebaugh. Patricia A., 289 Firebaugh, Ronald W., 382 Fireman. Jerome D., 515 Firerirle, 415 Firke, William F., 155, 444 Fletcher, James H., 111, 186, 444 Fietlcher, Ilialph, 211, 230, 235 ' ic , ac , 551 Flick. Fhilip H., 64. 183 Flinn, Robert A., 159 Flored, S. S.. 559 Flores, Phillip E., 357 Flores, Richard A., 164, 238, 344 Flores, . 335. 377. 444 150 Flnrey, Richard R.. 391 Florez Jose P., 402 Ronald N., 76, 77, 82, 102, Flarirulture Club, 180 Florini, James R., 123 Florman, George L., 77, 137, 145, 172. 383 Florschuetz, Leon W., 78, 350 Flowers, Margaret A.. 306 Flowers, Owen E., 415 Floyd, Judith A., 287, 572 Floyd, om. 223 Frala, Robert E., 445 Fraley, Vance L., 377 Fralick, Sandra J., 293 France, Flo d D., 185, 407, 445 Francik, AlFert, 341 Francis, Charles A., 194 Francis, Charles J., 190. 334 Francis, Margaret M., 153, 158, 312 Francis, Robert L., 182 Francis, Ronald W., 78, 346 Fran os, Thomas F., 407 Frame, Barbara L., 308 Frairlk, Edward S., 64, 183. 366, 5 Frank, Frances, 198 Frank, o an R., 123, 318 Frank, Lano L., 129, 367 Frank, Louis, 198 Frank, Stanwood, 356 Frank, Theodore, 198 Frank, Virfzinia M., 316 Frank, Wi liam D., 378 Frankel, Ann S., 100, 151, 317 Frankel, Jlerome, 551 Frankel, obert. 552, 558. 571 Frankenstein, Paul. 528, 548, 566 n, Gerald, 552 Fires, Sol, 570 Flud cr, Ernest R., 444 Flutcher, Doralie, 168, 301 Flynn, Charles E., 235 Flynn, Donald C., 541, 560. 571 Flynn, Edward R., 159 Flynn, ,klimes B.. 372 Flynn, eil, 180 Foertsch, Virginia R., 308, 444 Foga Foge rty, Gloria V., 292 lson, Barry S., 152. 388. 444 Foisy, Robert L., Jr., 398 Foley, Charles H., 105, 195, 406 Foley, Donald R., 364 Foley, Robert, 561, 577 Foley, William, 554 Franklin, Rodney E., 368 Franks, Clifford I., 144 Frankson, Nanc A.. 317 Franz, Eleanor J., 318 Franz, Jean, 445 Frasca, Rudolf A., 191 Frase, Eleanor A., 73. 305 Fraser, Patricia A., 316 Frasier, Rubeiv C., 313 Fray. Lloyd ., 145, 349 Frazier, Bruce, 224, 225 Frazier, oan E., 79 Frazier, ohn A., 298. 334 Frazier, illie M.. 317 Frederichs, Leroy IJ., 343 Frederick, Kennet E., 122 Feind, Judith M., 308 Feishtman, Sybil, 123 Feiwell, Earl, 550, 564 Felderman, Stanle R., 164, 240. 378 Feldkirchner, Harllan L., 176, 443 Feldman, Alice J., 314 Feldman, Beth E., 322 Feldman Grace C., 319, 443 Feldman: Paul, 553 Feldman Robert E., 106 Feldman: Wallace S., 184 Feldmann, Beverly B., 539 Feldstein, Merton L., 339 Felerman, Geraldine, 311 Feliszak. Robert S., 398 Felke, Thomas G., 50, 60, 77, 107, 361 F l ly, ry J., 137, 359 Fglgdncihallfaienita M.. 311 Feltych, Wanda M., 287 ' E. 233 Fgiidgi. Arlie E., 443 Fennessey. Mary J., 311 Fenoglro, gummy G., 384 genstergafr, Rely TLU353 w , ames ., Fgilgufon, Charles A., 414 Ferguson, Donald C., 77, 390 Feriing. Ferguson, James L., 188, 355 Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson , ames O., 125 , .kianne O.. 515 , argaret J., 71, 443 Fer uson, Samuel G., 355 William, 397 Firrl Regimental Band, 128 ' , D. A., 1 1, 444 Fischer 7 Fischer, George G., 372 Fischer, 'Gilbert C.. 188. 392 Fischer Hans J.. 173 Fischer: Henry F., 404 Eiscter, 33115185 R., 106, 363 isc er, o n, 552 Fischer, gba W., 198 Fischer, ancy J., 102, 301 Fischer, Sally A., 96, 301 Fischer. Sherwin, 549, 557 Fis1c4h4mann, Sonia C., 71, 155, 328, Fiscus, Glenn.,561 Fish. Eileen S., 309 Fishbain. Leon A., 409 Fishel, David L.. 334 Fishel, Dora J., 51, 117, 287 Fishel, Mary. 73. 160, 168, 287 Fishel, Mary J.. 444 Fisher, Herbert M.. 407 Fisher, Jxoihn N., 184, 444 Fisher, arianne, 320, 444 Fisher, Marie L., 303 Fisher, Morris, 407 Fisher, Robert E., 129. 390, 398 Fisher, Rochelle D., 328 Fisher, Ruth, 123, 126 Fisher, Suzanne G., 323 Fishman, Frank J., 515 Fishman, Irving S., 184 Fishman, Jseirry.A., 370 Fishman, artin, 366 Fishman, Ronald S., 337 Fishman, Seymour J., 366 Fishner, Neil S., 408 Fisk. Ralph G., 164, 338 Folkerts, Thomas M., 188 Follensbee, James A., 123, 128 Follmcr, Clive A., 222, 223, 225, 239. 244 Follmer, Juanita M., 122, 297 Fulton, Patricia A., 283 Folts, Kathryn M., 445 Fontana, Jack R., 185, 345, 445 Football, 202 Football Marching Bfmrl, 130 Foote, Grover L.. 348 Foote, Harrison S., 176, 409 Forbes, Donald, 554 Forbes, Norma J., 294 Forbes, Robert E., 381 Ford, Jrirhn A., 372 Ford, argaret A.. 331 Ford, Peter W., 415 Ford, Salley, 572, 580 Ford, Walter R., 408 Forcsman, James I... 166 Forkosh, Paula R., 314 Forman.CJoyce L.,, 316 Forney, arol, 330 Forney, Harriet J.. 123. 319 Forsberg, Joanne J., 98, 181, 303 Forsyth, Robert XV., 173. 381 Fort, Charles V., 225, 382, 445 Fort, Milton, 551 Fort, Reva A., 305 Fortman, John T., 176, 403, 445 Fortney, Blyron S., 176 Fnrtney, irginia L., 245, 247, 322 Fosler, Gail M., 180 Fosnaugh. Robert A.. 74. 75, 156. Frederick, Lucille O., 318, 572 Freed, A rlene V., 302 Freedman, Kenneth, 528, 548, 557 Freedman, Larry K., 370 Freedman, Marvin, 551 Freedman, Renee, 71, 317 Freedman, om. 31.7 Freeman, Allen R., 185, 394, 445 Freeman, Dwight. 556 Freeman, Frlancist D., 306, 307 reeman, o n ., 177 Freeman 'illichael I., 86, 388 Freeman: Richard F., 355 Freeman, Robert H., 350 Freeto, Diane E., 282 197, 445 Foster, Dale, 211, 221 Foster, David, 389 Foster, George E., 127 Foster, John F., 127 Foster, Marilyn M., 515 Foster, Richard M.. 363, 384 Foster, Robert J.. 347 Foster Samuel F., 374 Fouchard, Robert L., 358 Fernandes, Norma Z., 303 Fernstein, Larry H.. 370 Ferrell, Carl F., 188 Ferrell, Denton. 556 Ferris, David W., 150, 183, 389 Ferris, Orrin T., 180, 443 Ferry, Donald E., 381 Ferris. Richard A., 395 Fers tman, Sybil L.. 328 Ferst, Lenore B., 300 Ferst, Rivia S., 443 Fess, Philip E., 145 Fessenden, Ralph J., 218, 221, 346 Fetrow, Kenneth, 561 Feuerstein, Paul, 552 Fawkes, David A., 374 Fewkes, William, 50, 225 Fiala, Frank C., 356 Fiebing. Art C.. 398 Field, Mrs. Ivan, 289 606 Fitch, Catherine M., 126, 195 Fitchmun, Douglas R., 408 Fitts, Jay T., 381 Fitts, orne A., 381 Fitzgerald. James E., 188, 362 Fitzgerald, atricia M., 318, 444 Fitzgerald, Robert E., 375 Fitzgerald. Roger M., 127, 353 Fitzpatrick, Donnelly J., 342 Fivelson, Bertram, 548, 557 Fielde. Anne M., 523 Flack, Thomas N., 221 Flagg Horne, 404 Flag!-Z. Norman L., 357 Flamma, Thomas, 173, 192, 402 Flanagan, Barbara J., 282, 444 Flannagan, I-Iugh, 549, 566 r E nh M 18 Fleische , d't .. 0 Fleischendlames W., 3, 48, 57, 96, 2 . 35 , 444 1 3 Fleischer, Joanne J., 314 Fleisher, Homer, 556 Foulke, Charles J., 344 Four Calumm, 398 Four H Harare, 312 Foushi, Nina. 554 Foutch, Mark. 127 Frega, Donald H.. 541, 563 Frega, Donald, 571 Frerdberg, Stanton L., 159. 388 Freidman, Mendel, 541. 558 Freitag, Joan K.. 306 Freilick, Albert. 551 Fremder, Lois, 300 French, Jack, 548, 566, 582 Frenster, John H., 533. 570 Freres, Robert C., 179, 411 Frerbmfm Council, 61, 62 Freund, Donald A., 184, 369 Frew, Marilyiw., 307 Frey, Sydney ., 408 Freyder, ames G., 336 Fribley, oseh L., 134, 143, 445 Fricke, lthea M., 323 Fricke. Frederick E., 188 Frickenstein, Ralph, 528, 548, 566 Fricker, David C., 123, 124, 409 Fricker, Donald P., 123, 124 Fricker, Gerald F., 123, 124, 141, 143, 407 Friduss, Arthur, 549, 557 Frieburg, Eileen I., 98, 118, 124, 295 Frieden. William, 526, 566, 575 Friedenberg, Gordon D., 373 Friederich, Eugene R., 141 Friedkin, Richard S., 360 Friedland, Lois B., 313 Friedlander, Lawrence A., 407 Friedlander, Sarah, 309 Foval, Donald R., 349 Fowler, Mrs., 292 ' Fowler, Beverly J.. 330 Fowler, 'Gordon L., 386, 445 Fowler, eanne. 71 Fowler, Jesse, 531 Fowler, Ralph, 556 Fox, Adrian S., 402 Fox, Fox, Barbara K., 445 Carole A., 328 Fox, Clayton E., 403 Fox, Farrell R., Jr., 190, 334 Fox, George A., 137, 145, 190, 194, 401, 445 Fox. Harold L., 105, 368 Fox, Lloyd F., 128 Fox, Shayle P., 155, 445 Fox, Sherwin, 564 Fox, William A., 407 Foy, Carolyn J., 126, 127, 327 Friedlein, John H.. 390 Friedman, Albert, 549, 557 Friedman, Arthur E.. 406 Friedman, Gus, Jr., 388, 445 Friedman, Idelle S.. 317. 445 Friedman, Irwin S., 404 Friedman Friedman: James J., 388 udith A., 123. 310 Friedman, udith L., 293 Friedman, aren R., 293 Friedman, Leon H., 185, 187, 366 Friedman, Marcia L., 284 Friedman, Mendel, 571 Friedman, Merle J., 317 Friedman, Ph llis M., 310 Friedman Rogerta P., 300 Friedrich., Edwin C.. 197, 406 Friedrich, Thomas E., 362 Friend, J mes 373 445 F 's Ma l E 197 ri , syn' ., ' Frisbie, David A.. 150, 369 Fritchey, Garold D, 446 Fritsch, Basil C., 541, 563, 571 Fritz, Kenneth H., 367 Fruin, Anna E., 294 Fry, Margaret A., 446 Fry, Paul, 550, 565 Frye, Charles, 551, 556 Fryksdale, Frans H., 177, 189, 446 Frymire, Kirb , 551 Fuchs, Ronald K., 159 Fuchtman, Charles M., 184 Fuhrken, Nancy L., 123, 283 Fuhrman, James L., 185, 403 Fuiks, Judith A., 179 Fujii, Toru, 402 Fuiita, Anna C., 155, 446 Fuller, Harry, 82 Fuller, Hmes R., 125 Fuller ichael C. 409 Fuller: William Fl 595 Fullerton, Donald, 551, 556 Fulling, Max V., 50, 172, 182, 354 Fulton, Mary E., 124, 317 Fung, Mary. 310 Fun , Donald, 550, 556, 580 Funk, Eugene, 26, 372 Funk, John, 562, 576 Funkhouser, Roy J., 446 Funkhouser, Terry D., 159 Furimsk , Paul, 211 Furlan, John E., 185, 349 Furnall, M. Gail, 51, 72, 301 Furukawa, Hiromu, 549 Fuson, Albert E., 401 Fuss, Karl W., 123 Futterer, Leroy A., 533, 562, 573 G Gaa, Charles, 155 Gaan, Donald E., 380 Gabbard, Curtis S., 124, 359 Gabby, Harold H., 136, 137, 144, 145, 402 Gabehart, Walter 150, 335, 412 Gabel, Norman W., 159, 404 Gabor, Donald, 548 Gabor, John D., 167, 195, 446 Gabriel, Betty J., 320 Gabrielli, Robert J.. 385, 446 Gadams, Frank J., 183, 408 Gaddy, Geraldine D., 289, 446 Gafheld, William P., 78, 389 Gaghen, Shirley A., 109, 290 Gain, Sarah C., 180 Gainer, Robert G., 350 Gaines, Beverli' J., 545, 572 Gaines, Leonire M., 247 Gaines, Marign J., 319 Gaiam, Lisa ., 151, 194, 324 Gary, John E., 408 Gasaway, Robert R., 77. 352 Gassman, Gertrude, 282 Gast, Walter, 195 Gately, Patricia A., 318 Gates, Harry I., 334 Gates, fludith C., 282 Gates, ichard L., 159 Gates, Milton, 551, 561 Gathers, Charles E., 173, 187, 446 Gathers, Joanne A., 446 Gattone, Donald W., 542 Gauen, Charles A., 358 Gauen, Louis G.. 358 Gaufer, Clarke D., 357 Gau , Margaret R., 301 Gaus, Michael P., 156, 177, 211 Gautschy, Charles A., 77, 84, 87, 90, 165. 365 Gavin, Barry J., 381 Gavin, Charles, 564 Gaza, Amelia, 245, 247, 311 Geard, James R., 404, 409 Gearisen, Dr. James, 577 Gebhart, Robert C., 415 Geer, Larry A., 105, 176, 405 Geertz, Lloyd M., 177 Gegel, Harold L., 137, 143. 342 Geier, Ira, 549 Geisert, Bruce A., 386 Geisler, John S., 398 Geittmann, Lorraine E., 51, 100, 310 Gelboin, Helen, 331 Geller, Alvin, 553. 558 Gellert, George R., 367 Geminn, Charlene K., 325 Genaze. Melvin. 566 Gene, Allan, 379 Gensiur, Arthur, 549 Gentes, Marian L., 318 Gentry, Richard H., 152 Geohas, George, 414 Gepford, Evelyn E., 316 Frank K., Jr., 368 Gerace, Gerbel, John A., 143 Gerdes, Howard G.. 377 Gerdes, John A., 188 Geirzlgs, Mary J., 49, 60, 79, 296, Gerhardt, Virginia K., 123, 196, 305 German, Clyde E., 400 Gernant, Joanne P., 168 Gerrard, Allen S., 380 Gerrity, Patricia C., 321 Gerson, Doris M., 198, 320, 446 Gerstein, Howard A., 64, 360, 447 Gerstein, Stanley T., 360 Gerstcnberger, Julia I.., 238, 296 Gessler, Lewis R., 415 Getz, Howard G., 122, 124 Getz, Lowell L., 515 -102, 4 Galbreath, ilirry, 342 Galbraith, aurice, 519 Gale, Jacquelyn, 319 Gale, James V., 344 Gale, Jcohn G., 192. 398 Galins y, Alvin M., 541, 571 Galler, Gerald H., 337 Gallivan, Patrick T., 154, 170, 446 Galuk, Peter, 377, 446 Galvin, Beverly M., 303 Gamlin, Marilyn H., 303 Gidffllllrl Alpha Chi, 156 Gamma Home, 314 Gunzmrz Phi Bela, 295 Ganote, Roy G., Jr., 161, 357,446 Ganschinietz, Donald E., 341 Ganschinietz, Robert J., 341 Ganschow, Marilyn L., 98, 162, 304 Ganstc, Raymond, 146 Garber, Jan, 66 Garcia, Luis F., 446 Garcia, Reyes C., 386, 446 Garczynski. Virginia F., 310 Getz, Ra lpll W., 128 Getzen, William E., 346, 447 Getzug, Sheldon J., 166, 404 Geuigcr, Jerry, 392 Geu ah, Abrahama, 124 Gfroerer, George L., 50, 157, 232, 344 Gholson, Jerome B., 346 Giachetto, Minnie G., 283 Gibb, John XV., 405 Gibbons, Gretchen M., 123, 321 Gibbons, Mary A., 323 Gibson, George W., 122, 447 Gibson, Herbert N., 447 Gibson, John W., 383 Gibson, ary J., 124, 304 Gibson, Robert K., 358 Gibson, William S., 358, 447 Giertz, Hugh D., 225, 375 Giesecke, Marion H., 194 Gieseking, Dale, 197, 402 Gieseking, Marlyn E., 136, 137, 47 Gardner, Gardner. Gardner, Charles W., 163 Donald. 548 Horace G., 195 Gardner, Ira L., 165, 182, 338 Gardner, Karl, 63 Gardner, Philip E., 173 Gardner, Thomas J., 226, 227 Gargoyle Society, 180 Garikes, Arthur G., 173 Garland, Garland, Dorothy H., 295 Donald C., 102, 349 Garland, Iris L., 168, 247, 330 Garland. John K.. 349 Garland. Marvin A., 533, 564, 570 Garlanglcr, Raymond W., 372 Gnr-Men, 399 Garner, Don S., 398 Garner, Stanley, 551 Garnholz, Maurice H., 105, 184, 385 Garnick, Irving, 552 Giihn, Carolyn C.. 291 Gifiin. Joe V., 129, 353 Gift, Jack, 551 Giger, James C., 392 Gilbcrg, Barry P., 380, 447 Gilberg, Edward, 549, 557 Gilbert, Richard H., 335 Gilbert, Ronald G.. 364 Gilbert, Stephen W., 404 Gilbert, William M., 25 Gilchrist, Donald. 562 Giles, Frederick H., 191, 195, 393 Gill, David V., 78, 383 Gill, Jane P., 447 Gill, John L., 123, 124, 172, 182, 395 Gill, John M., 196, 399 Gill, Stanley J.. 390 Gillam, Leonard V., 392 Gillan, Delores J., 122, 190, 321, Garnier, Caroline M., 185, 446 Garrett, Max, 235, 237 Garrett, Sidnctta M., 124, 286 Garrigan, Donald S.. 172, 182, 338 Garrison, Reva G., 290 Garskof, Bertram E., 360 Garstka, Chester, 552, 560 Gartner, Stewart, 380 Garvey, Marie E., 111, 166, 186 447 Gillespie , Forrest L., 172, 178, 182 Gillespie, jlames E., 185, 447 Gillespie, .averne. 338 Gillespie, Nancy R., 159, 185, 198, 317 Gillespie, Pamela D., 194, 324 Gillespie, Samuel M., 77, 159, 381 Gillette, Gordon R., 176, 335 Gillette, Richard A., 122, 124, 365, 06 Gilliam, James A., 363 Gillian, Loren, 413 Gillie, Cornelius P., 355 Gillison, Marilyn L., 153, 319 Gillman, Shirley. 328 Gilman, Iludith C., 292 Gilmar, rving, 554 Gilpin, Joy F.. 301. 447 Gim el, Sandra F., 310 Gindick, Euonne S., 300 Ginestra. Lawrence J., 164, 383 Ginos, George E.. 375 Ginsberg. Marshall, 533 Ginsburg, Samuel. 550, 567 Girardeau, Marvin D., 123 Giuifre, Santo C., 228 Givens, John D., 533 Glair, H. F.. 26 nz LenoreM 10 186 30 447 Gla , .. 9, . 3. , Glasford, Ilames W., 174, 372 Glasky, A vin J., 558, 571 Glass, Charles N., 407, 447 Glass, Doyle H., 359 Glass, Stanford L., 60, 62, 63, 115, 159, 165, 388 Glass, Jerome J., 544, 558 Glasscock, Lovell S., 179. 196 Glasser, Dionne 153, 319 Glasser, Harvey ., 159 Glassford, Howard, 561, 570 Glassman, Marlene J., 317 Glatter, Thomas R., 115, 195, 349 Glazier, Norman, 548 Glave, Glenn F., 408 Glawe, Janet M., 305 Glawe, lo d N., 339. 447 Glaysher, Cllordon, 548, 559, 583 Glaze, Johna M., 186, 294 Glazier, Norman M., 528, 557 Gleason, Barbara L., 292, 447 Gleason, Howard A.. 334 Gleason, Jackalee A., 273, 274, 290 Gleim, Wayne L., 375 Glenn, Donna M., 124, 290 Glenn, Joann E., 309 Glezen, John G., 137, 343 Glezen, Paul, 565 Glezen, William, 550 Glick, Charles A., 380 Glick, Diane, 572 Glick, Phyllis R., 293 Glickman, I.awrie, 548, 557 Glidden, Nancy E., 311 Glink, Ronald M., 357. 447 ulisson, Martha A., 290 Glitman, Maynard W., 405 Glitzenstein, Walter L., 177, 376 Glogovsky, Rudolph D., 391 Gloppen, Edward C., 406 Glorio Mary N., 123, 308 Glover, Georgiana, 312 Glover, Maurice R., 355 Glueck, Dee L., 143, 447 Glyn, Donald D., 179 Goad, Thomas C., 143, 161, 163, 374 Goble, George, 184 Goble, Richard L., 415 Goddard, Edward D., 405 Goddard, Joe D., 75, 406 Godeke, Harriett N., 122, 322 Godelausky, Walter, 549, 559, 575 Goding, Charles A., 353 Goesel, Donald, 552, 571 Goettig, Alan H.. 359 Goetze, Bernard G., 75, 154, 170, 412, 448 Golan, Kenneth F., 334 Golb, Eileen F., 309 Gold, Jerry M., 196, 404 Gold, Joan L., 315 Gold, Norton N., 337 Gold, Paul A., 155, 448 Goldbaum, Gerald, 337 Goldberg, Allen, 549, 557 Goldberg, Carol J., 302 Goldberg. Elaine J., 448 Goldberg, Helen M., 300 Goldberg, Helene, 319 Goldberg Lila. 314 Goldberg, Robert, 448 Goldberg, Ronald E., 379 Goldbcrger, Rochelle S., 123, 314 Goldblatt. Myron, 337 Golden. Joseph, 111 Golden, Muriel J., 328 Golden, Sherwin, 552, 558 Goldenstein, James, 550, 562 Goldfeder. Robert N., 448 Goldich, Mordecai, 542 Golding, Judith E., 307 Goldman, Barbara F., 247, 310 Goldman, Gerald, 380 Goldman. loel I.., 411 Goldman, Norman J.. 185 Goldman , Norman M., 185 4TH 1 TKfAT 'r?',,,.,. , ON W YOUR 'f E MEAT srxron N AMERICAN woosrrnsnmr sauce 3 ..i.s f S xtu 2w4227frbva9 607 Goldman, Sandra E., 302 Goldschmidt, Max W., 533. 564 Goldsmith, Melvin, 551 Goldsmith, Morton, 553, 558 Goldstein, Arthur, 102, 388 Goldstein, Carol D., 319 Goldstein, Bernard, 550 Goldstein, Fern B., 319 Goldstein Goldstein ,Homer E., 533. 564 , Irwin, 388 Goldstein. Marlene J.. 315 Goldstein, Martin Edward, 187 Griilstein, Martin Eugene, 105, 380, 8 Goldstein, Morton N., 379 Goldstein Paul E., 380 Goldstein: Richard A., 408 Goldstein Goldwass Golf, 230 , Sondra, 313 er, David J., 373 Grandt, Carroll A.. 395 Grange, Harold E., 20, 21 Grant, Burton F., 124 Grant, Glenda S., 69, 291 Grant, Shirley A., 87 Grass, Frank D., 515 Grass, Joseph J., 405 Gratchner, John R., 364 Griiiiian, William E., 143. 146, 375, 8 Gratigny, NancE L., 91, 289 Grauer, David ., 528, 585 Grauer, Ralph P., Jr., 364 Grauer, Renee, 300 Graves, Conway K., 355 Graves, Marvin D., 50, 225, 240, 367 Graw, Sanford F.. 370 Gray, David R., 60, 115, 194, 393 Gray, Gilbert B., 406 Gray, Gilbert L., 173 Gray. Will Goller, Richard E.. 396 Gollub, Deborah, 73, 302 Goltermann, Robert W., 77, 347 Golub. Miriam E.. 310 Gomien, Roger, 241, 346 Gomoll, Albert, 560, 571 Gomoll. Allen, 552 Gray. Horace, 155 Gray, imm V.. 345 Gray, John Y-I., 368 Gray, J-ohn T., 342 Gray, awrence, 550, 565 Gray, Marilyn J., 51. 298 iam T., 50, 79, 146, 364 Gondry, Robert M., 65, 174. 376 Gonza es, J. Ernest, 341, 448 Good, Ferne S.. 300 Grayheck, Ronald J., 363 Grear, Jaci L., 273, 295 Grcathouse, Carlyle S., 172, 182. 338 Greathouse, Terry R., 67, 172, 182, Gorman, Good, Sheldon F., 337 Good, Verda, 145 Goodendorf, Marguerite A., 98, 295 Goodhue, Charles T.. 139. 390, 448 Goodman Goodman , Ann E., 284, 448 Bernard. 126 Goodman: Charles M., 380 Goodman, David S., 360 Goodman, Denise R., 328 Goodman, Harold, 360 Goodman, Libby M., 319 Goodman, Lois J., 284 Goodman, Melvin, 550. 567 Goodman, Ralgh L., 170 Goodman, Ro ert L., 347 Goodman, Shelley S., 100, 123, 194 Goodmiller, Joan M., 166, 318 Goodwin, Julian, 585 Goodwine, James M., 164, 381 Goot, Robert J., 394 Goranson, Arne E., 407, 448 Goranson, Romayne L., 151, 321 Gorenberg, Daniel, 567 Gordon, Alan, 564, 573. 574, 576 Gordon David, 583 Gordon: Harold, sas. 564 Gordon. Herbert M., 544, 558 Gordon, Jsiiy B., 408 Gordon, arks, 448 Gordon, Patricia M., 320 Gordon, Phyllis B., 317 Gordon. Ruth, 286 Gordon. Sheldon, 173 Gordon, Sue B.. 317 Gordy, David H., 370 Gorindar. Gene A., 542, 571 James Edward, 344 338 Green, Allen T., 379 Green, Emanuel, 542, 577 Green, Irene R., 307 Green, Ilane, 124 Green, anet L., 273, 297, 449 Green, Jessie C., 310, 449 Green, John R.. 77. 363 Green, Melvyn L., 155. 360 Green, Paul M., 32, 155 Green Richard B., 377 Green Green Green Green Green is Robert T., 392 Ruth A., 299 Velma M., 329, 449 William A.. 377, 449 er , Betty S., 515 Ll Greenberg, Burton H., 380 Greenberg, Dianne, 153. 284 Greenberg, Leonard S., 189. 360, Greenberg Lois J.. 300 Greenberg: Nahman, 564 Greenberg, Renetta, 300 Greenberg, Sally R., 293 Greenberg Samuel D., 337 Greenberg: Toby P., 319, 449 ' Greenblatt, Jlacqualine, 153, 314 1 Greenburg, hilip K., 84 Greene, Carol N., 282 Greene, Eunice H.. 329, 449 Greene, Jane E., 320 Greene, olm T.. 374 Greene, 3'1arilyn S., 309 Greene, Nancy rl., 317 Greenfield, Miciael. 360 449 Gruber, Gorman, James Elwood, 372 Gornto, Eleanor F.. 179 Gorodess. Charles E., 409 Gorski, Donald. 553 Goshgarian. Robert A., 528, 559 Goss, Lyman E., 84, 377 Goss, Donald E., 515 Gossett, William C., 400 Gossett, William E.. 336 Gothwaite. Florence A., 303 N Gottlieb, Robert. 379 Gottlieb, Robert P., 408 Gottschalk, Paul G., 192 Gould. Henry. 380 Gould, Henry A., 542, 563. 571, '577 Gould, Michael, 366 Gould, Wilfred E., 176, 448 Gower. Margaret, 305 Gower, Robert S.. 192 Goy. Florence, 124, 194, 324 Grabowski, John T., 384 Greeniield, Susan R., 314 Greenleaf, John E., 352 Greenlief, Jesse W., 383 Greenman, Toby A., 302 Greenshields, Jack R., 334 Greenstein, Harvey A.. 50, 76, 373 Greenwald, Rose A., 317 Greenwood, Eldon H., 155, 400, 449 Greenwood, ames F., 402 Greenwood, ohn F., 449 Greenwood, ariorie A., 306 Greer, Howard E.. 189 Gregoric, Elisabeth E., 161 Gregory Hull, 33. 37 Gregory. Lawrence W., 402, 449 Greig, Gael E., 288 Greinke, Harold G., 126, 127 Groth, Joan R.. 96, 301, 400 Grothe, Donald L.. 211. 335, 400 Groves, Mary R.. 318 Grubb, William B., 126, 359 Guthrie, Cynthia A., 290 H Haddigan, Robert, 553. 560 Hader, Jesse, 549, 557 Hadhazy, Charles D., 144, 403 Hadler, Howard D., 65, 105, 176 Hadley, Betty J., 124, 320 Hadley, Eugene F., 242, 382 Hadley. Lucia A., 319 I-ladlock, Willard G., 102, 348 Hagaman, Barbara L., 306 Hagebush, Mary I.., 301 Hageman, Abigail R., 366 Hagemann, Joseph, 561 Hagemeyer, Robert N., 334 Hagemeyer, William A., 189 Hagen, Amy C., 73 Hagen, Arlen J., 406 Hagen, Richard L., 355 Hager, Theodore E., 171, 342 Haggerty, Phillip J., 533, 556 Hagi, Mary, 287 Haignauer, Joanne, 51, 72, 79, 292, 50 Hahn, erome, 551, 556 Hahn, artha G., 123, 299 Haider, James E., 415 Hailoran, Jolm, 159 Haining, Thomas H., 349, 450 Haiek, Frank. 554 Halama, Thomas, 551, 562 Halaus, Joseph, 542, 558, 571, 583 Hale, Jack. 338 Hale, Ralph W., 115, 408 Hale, Ramon A., 124. 339 Haley, George D., 362 Halfpenny, Norman, 550, 565 Hall, Arthur D., 184 Hall, Barbara J., 290 Elaine, 123 Hall, Hall, Elinor E., 299 Hall, Fred C.. 392 Hall, Georgia A., 127. 132, 139, 272, 295. 450 Hazel M. 102 Hall, , Hall, John B., 351 Hall, John I.., 128 Hall, Lynn, 334 Hall, I.eiby S., 150, 237. 378, 450 Hall. Ralph F., 188 Hall, Robert A.. 77. 118, 344 Hall, Russell, 550, 561 Hall. Ruth E., 100, 169, 450 Hallberg. Bruce O.. 334 Haller, John H., 173 Halliday, Robert L., 363 Halligan, Virginia, 100, 298 Hallse, Robert L., 174 Hallstein, Shirley L., 322 Hallwass, Karl, 528, 548 Halm, Gwendolyn T., 450 Halper, Patricia G., 316 Hanks, 322 Ernestine V., 51, 122, 197, Hanley, James A., 515 Hanley, dohn M., 341 Hanna. ussell C.. 357 Hannagan, Herbert D., 180 Hannagan, James F.. 358, 451 Hannen, William D., 77, 338, 451 Hans, Gunards, 180 Hans, Marie A., 181, 451 Hanscom, Donald, 561 Hansen Bruce, 565, 585 Hansen: Christine A., 294 Hansen, David E., 157 Hansen, Donna J., 297 Hansen, Gerald L., 181, 411, 451 Hansen, Ilimyce C., 292 Hansen, obert W., 451 Hansen, Thomas R., 533. 556 Hanson, Howland B., 137. 412. 451 Hanson, Linda K., 153, 198, 294 William, 561 Ha so , Iiilapakgugtistgimetra, 307 arama i, ' , 180 Haramy, GeorgeoV., 390, 451 Harazin, Jolm J., 353, 402 Harbaugh, Judith H., 295 iliargiackkjlgin C"xiv614s1 ar ec , eurfe ., Hardgrove, lJohi1 A., 384 Hriirglfman, atsy R., 64, 84, 169, 286 Hardin, Robert H., 158, 167, 175, Halterman MargeryA 316 Halverson Allan 348 Halverson Carol L 197, 289 Halvorson D H 196 Halvorson, Mrs. H., 196 Ham, Shirley L., 331 Halperin. Harry R.. 337 D Hamann, Hamburg, Hamilton, onald L., 355 Joyce A., 169. 302 Arthur, Assistant Dean of Foreign Students, 28 Hamilton, Charles B., 84, 378 Hangrilton, David R., 126, 127, 183, 3 9 Hamilton, Dorothy J., 153. 318 Hamilton, James H., 413, 450 Hamilton, John R., 189, 450 Hamilton, aurice D., 159 Hamilton, Robert, 551, 561 Hamlet, 113 451 Harding, Donald, 364 Harding, Harry G., 413 Harding, Jolm W., 167, 451 Hardisty,tJerry, 409 Hardtke, harles F., 375 Hardy, Richard, 228 Hardy, William, 550, 565 Haritonoff, Korina, 545, 572 Harlan. Mrs., 342 Harlow, Mrs. Velma, 296 Harmell, Sidney, 100 Harmon, Larry, 344 Harmon, Marilyn, 308 Harmony Hoare, 313 Harner, Evelyn M., 194 Harney. Charles F., 75, 411 Hamish, Benjamin F., 111, 137. 357 Harno, Albert, 38, 184 Harper, Allen D., 123, 159 Harper, Harold S., 386, 451 Harper, Mariann, 123 Harpist, Colleen A.. 321 Harrington, Irene M., 306, 451 Harris, Bernard B., 163, 185 Harris, Clifford ., 534, 556 Harris, Donald ., 451 Harris Donald K., 378 Harris: Edward F., las, 360, 452 Harris, Frederick W., 452 Harris, George A., 360 Harris Irwin 551 Harris: Jane A., 282 Harris, errol L., 380 , Harris, olm O., 179, 452 Harris, enneth I., 75 Harris Loraine, 317 Harris, Louis J., 185, 355 Harris, Marshall I., 128 Harris. Mary J., 323 Harris, Max K., 409 Harris, Norvelle, 550 Harris, Richard W., 353 Harrison, Harrison Harrison Harrison Harrison Harschfe Mary E., za, 29. 71, 151 Richard E.. 377 Ruthann, 122, 123 Walter A., 355 William P. 170 ld, Ronald, 563 Harshbaifer. Norma J.. 159 Harshfel , Ronald. 552 Harshlield. Richard. 561 Hart, Craig C.. 374 Grabowski, Frank, 554 Gmdmzre College, 36 Gradlmre School, 523 Grady, Michael T., 542, 563 Grad . Noel A., 344 Grubba, Albert, 549 Gruben, NVayne E., 176 Gruber. Joseph W., 356 William P., 189, 407, 450 Graeg. Robert E., 1661 211 Graf. Donna J., 247. 306 Graff. Harry, 574 , Graff, Larry S., 405 Graff, Philip H., 78, 337 Grafno, June R.. 273. 275. 448 Graham, Allan L., 188 Harwell, Preston L., 340 Graham, Clyde B., 158, 179. 448 Graham, Don G., 123 Graham Lodge, 399 Graham, Robert, 44 Graham, Robert C.. 188 Graham, William P.. 60, 164, 378 247. 307 Hassan. Grahn, Everett P., 448 Graiff, Leonard B., 159. 189 Gramann, Richard H., 448 Gramme, Michael A., 177, 448 Granada Club. 392 Granat, Sidney F., 370 Granata. Joseph, 549 Granhois, Donald H., 159, 404 608 Gruenberg, XVallace C., 189, 371 Gruendling. Ruth E., 310 Gruenewald, Carol I.., 123. 298 Gruenewald. Joan. 273 Gulley, Professor Halbert, 62, 63, 115 Gullette, Professor Cameron, 108 Gunderson, Frank E., 183 Gundlach, Gayle M.. 298 Gundrum, Mark D., 528, 548, 559 Gunhouse. Thomas J., 188 Gunkle. George N., 58, 186 Gunn, Andrea D., 292 Gunther, Richard, 549, 557 Gunther, Ronald. 91, 189, 345, 450 Gurney, George B., 386, 450 Gurevitz, Howard, 564 Gurolf, Gordon, 405 Gurolnick, Carol S., 309 Gustafson, Marilyn C., 154, 244, 245, Gustafson, Richard W., 364 Gustafson, Shirley A., 319 Gustafson, Winthrop A., 178 Gustavson, Nllfarner, 551, 562 Hamm, Millicent. 282 Hamm, Wanda L., 127, 321 Hammer, Harris W., 354 Hammer, Raymond, 548 Hammond, Bette A., 73, 127, 299, 304 Hampton, Delon. 77. 355 Hart. Sherrill H., 295 Harteker, Joel R., 409 Harter, Darrel F., 164, 363 Hartigan, Dorothy F., 161, 186, 291 Hampton, V.Xames, Assistant Dean of Student ctivities, 28, 29, 62, 65 Hamrick, Adelbert G.. 345 Hanafee, Emily A., 290 Hancock, Martha A., 282 Hancock, Robert S., 185 Handler, Gerald B.. 542, 558, 571 452 Hartley, Paula, 519 Hartman, Clara A., 123 Hartman, David B., 452 Hartman, James A., 146, 375 Hartman, John, 550, 561 Hartmann, Carl P., 191, 342 Hartmann, Don W., 172 Hartray, Mary K.. 301 Hartweg, Kenneth W.. 397 Hartzer, Marlowe J., 377 Haruch, Jolm, 401 Handler, Joyce I.., 306 Handley. Peggy J., 118, 298 Handrock, Marilyn A., 154, 197, 247, 327. 450 Handwerker, Seymour, 189, 451 Hanebutt, Pearl A., 151, 181, 197, 327 Hanes, Donald K.. 334 Hanes, Robert. 334 Haney, John B., 451 Hangren, Richard F., 142, 172, 365, 451 Haning, Charles K., 400, 451 Hankins, Mrs.. 305 Harvey, Roger, 518, 521 Harvey, Thomas N., 145. 374 Harvey, Richard, 551, 556 Haskell, Diana C., 123. 306 Haskins, Richard W.. 222, 225, 452 Hasman, Joan E.. 320 Hassan A., 178 Hasse, Phyllis A., 60, 63, 166, 282 Hasselbring, Duane, 549, 566 Hast, George E., 144. 395 Hasterok, Judith B., 169 When a man hangs out his Shingle... Thousands of them started that way . . . with a hole in the wall and a slab of cedar, hung over the canopied boardwalk. They were men of every sort, in businesses of every sort. And most of them had some things in common, like vision, initiative, and faith in the future. But each that lasted had still an extra quality in common with the other-an acute conscious- ness of the responsibilities he assumed when he went into business. He knew that the day he "hung out his shingle" he did more than announce a new venture-he announced his willingness to plight his future with his community and with his neighbors . . . to live with them, to work with them, and to serve them. Now the signs have changed some. But though neon has supplanted the cedar slab and the modern store front has replaced the canopied boardwalk, the philosophy of the successful re- mains the same. It's the philosophy that admits to the re- sponsibilities assumed when a man "hangs out his shingle"--the responsibilities to his neigh- bors, to his community, and to his country. Itis the philosophy to which the john Deere dealer subscribes. J 0 ll N' D II E 'R E Moline Illinois 6 293 Hilker, Emerson W., 194, 401 Holmes Hatch, Colonel, 133 Hatch, Melton A., 228 Hattield, J,a,ck,W., 399 Hatfield, illiam N., 342 Hatton, Edward, 528, 548. 566 Haugh, Charles R., 341 Hau , Donald H., 524 Haupt, Andrew J., 392 Haupt, Ilse, 319 Hauptman, Carolyn E., 126, 127 Haiuschild, Vernon R., 172, 178, 182, 00 Hausman, Donald I., 403 Hausman, Louise A., 306, 452 Haussermann, Sandra A., 296 Hauter, Jerry J., 342 Havel, Lois J., 85, 452 Haven, Adele C., 66, 181, 273 Haven, Robert E., 165 Haven, Robert N., 77, 386 Havens, Charles S., 24 Havera, James, 549 Hawes, James C., 172 Hawes, James E., 363 Hawkins, Burford H., 230. 374, 452 Hawkins, Ruth A., 301 Hawks, Deloras F., 312, 452 Hawks, Donna L.. 123, 312 Hawtree, Stephen D.. 176 Hay, Allan S.. 390 Hay, Henry F., 397. 452 Hay, Jlerry D., 344 Hay, ohn M., 144 Hay, Leon, 155 Hayer, Barbara L., 319 one S.. 49, 58, 116, 301, 452 Hayes, Hayes, ohn G., 352, 452 Hayes, aul G., 164, 343 Hayes, Robert H.. 361, 452 Hayes, Thomas H., 359 Hayhurst, William. 554 Haymaker, Robert L., 381 Hayner, James H., 103. 357 Haynes, Charles E., 146, 175, 452 Hays, Donald R., 358 Hays, Sue II., 292, 452 Hays, Wil iam C., 534, 565 Hayward, Robert W., 178, 198, 413, 452 Hazelton, Howard, 518, 519 Hazzard, Keith M., 452 Hazzard, Lois R., 453 Heacock, Earl L.. 392 Headley, Marjorie M., 99, 181, 320 Heal. 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Charles, 380 Hosek, Helen, 322 Hone Hoare, 327 Hostrup,BJohn C., 234 Hough, arry T., 368 Hough, Donovan P., 126, 127 Hough, Ralph G., 234 Hough, Roger S., 407 Houk, Donald R., 159. 359 House, Dorothy H., 299 ames B., 180 House, House, 3'1ary I., 85, 291 House, Robert W., 126 Houser, James W., 395 Hovda, Robert E., 456 Howard, Catherine C., 298 Howard, George W., 93, 123. 159. 344 Howard, oan, 553 Howard. oyce D.. 398 Hoiwgrd, onald E., 155, 350, 402, 55 Howard, William J., 372 Howarth, Susan L., 61, 73, 124, 298 Howe, Lawrence, 159 Howe, Max M., 122, 124 Howell, Charles F.. 456 Howland, Joann M., 297 Howland, John, 549 Hull, COMPLIMENTS UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BEST WISHES Io the CLASS OF from the U. of I. SUPPLY STORE CO-OP STORE and and BUSEY'S BANK ESTABLISHED IN URBANA in I868 235 BUSEY FIRST NATIONAL BANK URBANA, ILLINOIS Member Federal Deposit Insurance and Federal Reserve Syslem Howler. 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Dorothy 'I'.,4?g28 senog e, ames .., 3 Issayus, NI.:rayo, 184 Itnlug1olQnIaftetH6 K tten ac 1. ee ., 355 Ivers, Robert, 172. 405, 406 Iverscn, Gordon E., 173, 188, 334 Ivey, Ruth A., 515 rlrm, 328 Izbicky, Frances, 71, 317, 457 ablonski, Beatrice T., 306, 457 achcc, Henry E., 155, 163, 171, 457 ackson Chester 160 Jackson: Helen IC., 179. 318 ackson, James E., 187, 458 aclcson, james R., 185, 458 Jackson, Mary I., 100, 330 6 Jacobs Jackson, Nancy G., 162, 168, 282 Jackson, Ralph H., 405 lackson, Theodore A., 595 Jackson William T., 526, 548 Jackson, William T., 549 Jacobi, Jean P., 526, 548. 559, 575 Jacobowrtz, Herbert M., 570, 458 lacobs, Allan J., 146, 404, 405 , Anton G., 402 Jacobs, Charlotte B., 458 Jacobs, Donald G., 458 Jacobs, Frank G., 126, 257, 588, 458 Jacobs Franklin A., 458 Jacobs: Garrett H., 557, 458 Jacobs, Jgseph, 549, 557 Jacobs, enneth, 360 Jacobs, Melvin, 566 Jacobs, Norman J., 580, 458 Jacobsen, Roald A., 179 Jacobsen, Robert, 77 Jacobson, Jfrome B., 407 Jacobson, obert D., 76, 165, 556 Jacobson, Sheila, 515 Jacobson Shirle 506 Jacobson I Vera 111, 168, 295 Jaius, John M., 157, 145, 155, 415, 58 Jae feld, Lucille M., 519 Jaffie, Elaine, 295 Jaffe, Gerald. 549, 557 Jaffe, Jerome L., 588 Jaffe, tuart M., 144, 407 Jaffee, Robert D., 77, 155. 580, 458 lahn, Harold A., 175 Carolyn. 124, 291 James, James, Daniel S., 540 James, David R., 115 lames, George W., 125 ason E., 188 udy E.. 298 , arry G., 144, 554 , ameson, Lewis E.. 408 Jamieson, Robert K., 185, 458 Jamison, Harry N., 145, 415, 458 Janata, Anthony J., 21. 25 JanEarathis,IJames C., 154, 577, 458 lan a, Char es, 458 Janka, John, 16ll, 592, 458 Jankiewicz, Marianne J., 518, 458 Jankus, Eugenijus, 161, 167, 177, I 189,458 Janney, Donald H., 515 Janov, Barry A., 575 ,anser, George J., 175, 459 Janusz, Albin, 556 Janvey, Margeri, 528 aracz,LJeanne ., 125, 511 areo, ave J.. 554 , arrell, Jarnes C., .157, 585 Jarzernbskx, Phyllis M., 509 Jasrczek, Chester, 548, 566 Jasicn, Leo 146. 592 Jaskowiak, dward, 541 Janusz, Albin Ji, 554 Jasper, James ., 552 Jauch, Carl, 565 Jauch, Karl E.. 554, 570 Jaworski, Edward, 554 Jaworski, Helen, 545, 572 Jay, Seymour, 459 Jagne, Syle A., 181 Je ers, James, 170, 459 Jeffrey, Richard P., 177, 459 Jekot, Edward, 562 Jelinek, Arlene J., 525, 459 Jelrnek, Donald, 549 Jemilo, Mildred F., 519 Jeneson, Sherrill A., 287 Jenison, Edward H., 56, 100, 189, 564. 459 Jenkins, Leroy, 408 Jenkins, Lillian I., 71, 511 Jenkins, Robert T., 361 Jenne, Geraldine S., 125. 197 Jenne, Jewel A., 154, 170. 197, 459 Jenner, Elizabeth K., 247, 512 James, James, James Jensen ohanna, 510 Jennings, David M., 185, 383, 459 Jennings, Mary V., 506 Jennings. 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Dorothy L., 75, 504, 460 Jones, Edith, 125 Jorlegs, Eugenie V., 71, 181, 525, 1 Jones, Gilbert A., 411, 461 Jones, Glor1aJ., 509 Jones, H. Suzanne, 288 Jones, acquelyn S., 166, 288, 461 Jones, ane E., 520 Jones, anet S., 96, 162, 505 Jones, ohn A., 57, 74, 75, 152, 159. 144. 597. 461 Jones, ohn R., 554 Jones, ohn T., 405, 461 Jones, oyce C., 461 Jones, arilyn H., 504 Jones, Marilyn V., 520 Jones, Norman D., 188 Jones, Ralgh L., 175 Jones, Ric ard A., 125, 186 Jones, Roger A., 405 Jones, Rudard, 187 Jones, Russell E., 556 Jones, lones, Susanna, 286 Suzanne R., 545, 572 Jones, Thomas S., 519 Jones, Vallean, 286, 517, 461 Jones, Wa ter R., 564 Jones, William ,I-. 585 Jordan, Mrs., 298 Jordan, Cynthia R., 151, 155, 516 Jordan, Dorothy J., 286, 517, 461 Jordan, Homer, 548, 575 Jordan, Jack A., 545 Jordan, anice L., 72. 82, 156, 161, 282, 461 Jordan, anis D., 517 Jordan, ohn C.. 592 , Jordan, ois G., 515 Jordan, Marilyn R.. 298, 520 Jordan, Robert S., 408 lordan, Rosemary A., 122, 282 Jordan Ro D 409 Jorgensen, Robert F., 64, 551, 461 Jorgensen, Shirley, 198 Kallick, Charles A., 554 Kalom, Miller H., 77. 579 Kaloupek, Robert T., 179 Kaltenbronn, James S., 159 Kalvelage, Rosmarle. 555 Kamaradt, Joanne, 517 Kammeyer, Carl. 590 Kamin, Carole A., 510 Kamins 'Clive D., 579 Kaminski, ohn, 549, 550, 566 Kaminski, ohn C., 550, 565 Kaminski, obert, 551, 562 Kamm, Roxane J., 111, 122, 151, 510 Kammer, William E., 409 Kammerer, Richard M., 146 Kamp, Jixmes, 180 Kamp, onald C., 177, 405 Kampert, Bmik' G., 125. 511 Kamykowskr, obert L., 555 Kane, Donald G., 159, 164, 574 Kane, Gerald S., 462 Kane, Karol L., 310 Kane, liqatricia H., 125, 511 Kane, rrzah J., 295 Kaneoka, George. 155. 462 Kania, Kennetlhl., 175 Kanne Robert ., 405, 462 Kanneker, Peter, 176 Kanter, Arnold, 566 Kantola, Roger W., 575 Kantor Beverly. 515 Kanzelbaum, Marsha S., 518