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 - Class of 1950

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' Y-:if ' Q 'x--.lT,1j,w I M 4, 'g,,,fA1fA' ,ff N, A '- V. Y " .... ,..pv-' xi 4' 4 4 . Q 'fs'-.. pl .1 IS N 1 I K bu v P I i I 1 I I + + 4+ Af +f+.f + Q-if T 1' -f' Jf ++ fi + +++ ,, ,+ 4' A WL if , -P+-jr +A? If ' Q?f'gi+ ff ,44 Jf L + ff , f fi + W4 'V'-:P t +- T1 ++4++qj'l j5lEfj'JV . X-1-'hw 'Q' + 'P 'E +' ii J 4' + 4 is if f-3 - fi- 4, I ,HQ f 'Lg' Y ,xg University Administration Urbana Colleges Chicago Professional Campus Navy Pier Campus l-lonoraries and Professionals University Administration l ff . , X E-3755 Af . fw' N 7 f x .X ' A 65 . it if 'K M" ! X 'fr . ' NN T. jj J w n f 47, -I X . - ii I 1 f f W ff I I ! K, -4? -'52 ,Xl fix, ,41 I f , xxx 5' i f 2 X r . Z I Qs? ' f f r ' n 2 . , M g N4 A, 1 X, fw,f 37 .4, f Y S ,KC X X I 1, f f n, 11 f .xx 1 I . x l. 11 I l W Ne-491 1fL::,5,x MQW ' X1 if W -1-'J Ev xj 5 , , X . 1 , X11 ,, I X A A, fix ' V, X X1 1 if 1 2 xxxw' XI ' ! Q - 1 , . ,y 1 x J , X 1 1 1 1 1 V' ' NY'-1 X-Z1 ff W 1 1 . 1 - X72 I X I xkQ I1 .1 ffxfx-xf' X f 7 , fjf Z 1 Q I I X1 .Ns -':.. X 1 1- x X 1. .XM ff X Wx 1, 111, -X i1 Xml ' X X I . ,1 ff N111 1, 1 1, 1 ,111 X. , ' X" 1 1' 1 I A 1 f I 4' ' ' 1" 1, ,Qf I I .1 I wx, I ',i'--K A-twin' 1x W1 wi :A . I kg, fu in ,fly ., 1 X X :W X17 , 1. -' 1 ig- fi f '1 X9 x 1 . I -1 .f . ,,,. l X I Zmxyk M ' X5 I fl, V1.1 5 1 ' A ml In 1 b . 1 ,Q , , , 1 Through the courtesy of the Illio I am pleased to extend greetings to Illini everywhere. As we move into the second half of the century, we may regard the Uni- versity of Illinois as Hrmly established among the leading institutions of higher education in the United States. IVe are indeed big-bigger than ever before on the Champaign-Urbana campus, with a total registration of 19,5 00. Since a total of 20,000 students in full-time residence on this campus approaches a saturation point, it is clear that further expansion can take place only through major additions to the physical plant or through the establishment of a permanent branch. Such a branch, if es- tablished, would undoubtedly be in Chicago. The professional colleges of the University of Chicago enroll over 1,500 stu- dents in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and the graduate curriculum. In cooperation with the Cook County School of Nursing, the University for the first time in its history is offering a full curriculum in nursing education. The registration at the Chicago Undergraduate Division CNavy Pierj is nearly 4,0003 while this may not be regarded as a permanent installation, it is clearly to be one of long standing. It meets a steady demand for public collegiate in- struction in the Chicago area. Nevertheless, bigness, branching and comprehensiveness are not the source of distinction in the University. IVhat we are especially proud of-and we believe that all alumni will share this view-is the steady enrichment of instruc- tion, research and public service. Through extraordinary leadership in the Board of Trustees, backed by generous support in the General Assembly and the State Administration, we have been able to secure clusters of promising teachers and scholars. A new team is being formed and its productivity along a Wide cultural front is already evident. Students coming to the University of Illinois in almost any major Held will discover opportunities for learning and professional growth that traditionally have been restricted to only a few of our oldest American universities. Younger than most state universities, the University of Illinois nevertheless cannot be regarded as immature. The foundations are being laid now for a full fruition of its educational growth and achievement by the end of its first cen- tury in the late 1960's. May you all be on hand to celebrate that occasion! As we contemplate the race between education and catastrophe, time is run- ning short. If nations are to learn to live together in peace, the learning must come soon. Perhaps the chief hope is not in foreign oflices but in the great cen- ters of learning. Geoxge D. Stoddard Preiidull The Board n A TATE , 'Q 2152 Q 44 Q W 4:-..,,. N O ,O i S v riwi Q . .1 14 'iii 7- L f is X -. ...S 5 C 4 9. l U-li fr Z?-li fi., ll, ln , mtl KN I N QZQ QPX- 'qi"":'A i ,K 1 . qs Q 'W 'r A ,Q-5-n 1, X .7 - - X Q? C- 25TH 195 Xllf.NlBlfRS ICX OFFICIO Adlnii lf. Stevenson. govcriiur uf Illinois .... Springlicld Vernon I.. Niclccll. superintendent of public instruction .,... Springfield X r ri l, Niilsull, Jffjfunlfwlilirll nj ffnfllli mi!fl1fI1fn1 Adl.ii E, Stuunwn iw: mm uf Illirmii r XX .Xl I ifigliln, Rnlwil Z, Hnl-:ni.m M1s.Dfrr1sl.. llult -lulm R, Fmnul Dr. Knr1A. Mcycr 7.51 w Q3 I Q18 V K ' i Y Fix - n.uua i J of Trustees -"""'x" . X Y OF I o 41 I f 'io A-Lb I f ffff xs F' 5 xlkxx 'T ...VT QC? H5 in -2 'Jr' '7:' yi Off S.-. D71 -. E221 '-'ZZ -Jn! UQm -- ,,,., N3 ... Z5 "D- '47 W9 2,5- Dx N :fx QQ, I-TPC! CVC? Ls! SE. um 'o -1 hh, QTERE9 x ly s x3XxxxsSS's' :' In I sf fi 'Il E' Q. 9' xv' "HI ff 00' I Vvxx F V" I f A 4, S 4oP'f"'-'Scf,M, 'io Q. 9 5 1-1 8,..., 5'P 6 I 1 I X I 'I 4 i 'S' oo 5 x X .5 ELECTED NIENIBURS Mrs. Doris S. Holt ...A Park Livingston ..... . XYirt Herrick . . .... . . Mrs. Frances B. IVatIcins. . , . Kenney E. Wrlllanmson, prexidenl of the Board of Trmtvef Irvin L. Iorter, fl'FL'l.YIlI'C'I' ....... . Lloyd Morey, L'0l1lIl7fI'0HL'l' ...... . IYnIter XY. McLaughlin ........ . Dr. Karl A. Meyer ......,. .... john R. Fornof ........ .... Robert Z. Iflickman ,..... I. U. I. U. f .- QUmQ- ,4Qr.ff-10 :.5::.' n:.fDFrET 0150100950 5-3-Qmgiimiiwv fI2::fr3,.,3r13::-,UE VFD-4..,mf-xv'-xuv x I H 'on E. Cunninglmnl Q I rt Herrick Park Livingston Frances Wlatkins Irvin L. Porter Lloyd Momuy ! K r .29 4 fi 9 a I 'I Q i I I I I The University of Illinois The administration of a great modern university is complex. The University itself is complex, necessarily so because of the many different types of things it must do. The work of a great university like Illinois not only involves teaching, it includes also a tremendous program of research, and it provides many special services for citizens. Illinois was one of those institutions established nearly a century ago under the then new idea that higher education should be avail- able to all, not only to a favored few. This idea has proved sound. The University has grown constantly, not only in size, but even more in concept and activities, as it has moved forward to meet new needs-and demands-of the people. XYhen the University opened in 1868, the kind of institution it is today was not dreamed of. Higher education did not extend into the many fields it does today. There were nowhere such laboratories and institutes as we now find on the campus. There was no concept of the many ways in which the citizens of Illinois might be served as they now are. 1 ir n ! 1 I ir, ind illrtrlffr nl milflnlt of wrffrflfffllnrlffirzi ftitimliq Dr. J. Howard Beard, bean! of deparl- 1 1 fl!! lf: v XV. Ellison fhalmers. .ntmu .Initial ffl tin' nnlffnlu ff! fulmr ,mil nlifnifrlnl reliumrzr g Ig ,,,, Administrative iiicials ,H '-f,Y'US2f"A' X W Illinois has become a leader not only in its teaching and research, . but also in carrying its knowledge-old and new-beyond the classroom. Its research findings broaden the boundaries of knowl- edge. This new knowledge is taken to the citizens through confer- ences, extension activities, off-campus classes, publications, radio, and Coleman R' GMM, F "l, IW other means. The President of the University is assistediin the administrative Lloyd Morey. fb-v1Pff'0lfw'fff ffm NV1f1'l'lfflJ' duties necessary to this institution by many people. Among them are the Provost, the Vice President in charge of the Chicago Pro- as fessional Colleges, the Dean of the Chicago Undergraduate division, and the deans and directors who head the various teaching, research, and service units on all the campuses. Also there are the persons who must be responsible for the finances, for buildings, and for equipment, the Comptroller, Director of the Physical Plant, and others. To look after the welfare of students outside the classroom- housing, health, activities, employment, and the like-is another group of administrators, the Dean of Students and his staff. S. Earl Thompson, direrlorpof rwidenre 1:4111 and bowing diiiiriofzg Charles S. Havens, dilerfur of pliyfim! pliiulp Francis G. Cornell, di:-error of flu' bureau of ferearrb and Jerwfe lk? 1 I.: .1 -1 Q-r N 5 Uv. -1. X X Lumx BANC, H1 lv1m.1n ,fy U,,mfw.u Lm.l ffn-fm., rk u.1ul',' Clurles M. Knicl, .lftiuq 41'irLr10r' uf lmiiinlu of garerzlmenr mm' pnlfln .1ff.1iyw,- james T. Lrndrum. Lf-ff',l111.1.'ffr' fr vrmzll iwfml wnu ..,,..,j-,nx'ft'.A f -ri' 'Ea- , - "wF.?il'1 'Mk' Q, ,gg-,itv H-119' "' ' x.. R .hurt Hudwm Jmalm fy l'unLr. -'Jw l,rH.1.1'..11l1r14 University of Illinoi mum I., Ruuklmmur. Jlvufffr ff! Illnu l'r1if1r1,' H.xr-wld S, D.mmn, Jmkzffr ff! lvllnumzll 1mv'L.111,' Lcslle A. Bryan, Jirurlfu uf fllllfllili nf nflalfurl -an l'.r - .. .--.-.. W0- Charles C. DeLong, b1n',rf1r'.' George P. Tuttle, dirvrfw- of .1Jn1i,fJior1.r mid rfff,y,lJg Edward F. Poltho!T, djrarlor af ir1,flfllztfo11.11 nusnrcb Administrativ Officials Mus Irene Pncnon. ,fwi41Jir'm'fm- ffl llllm L'u1ffu Donald E. Dickason, diY't'L'lUI' of 11w1.1fu.Ief111f pw.-ur1r1vl,- Josef F. Wfrlght, diverlm' of 17115115 ir1fm1r1.1fiw1,' Wfilliam E. Britton, Itgal folmysl at' 653' rs Herbert H. Numan, pvefitlrrzi . ,WJ .fir Jfgffir . Lfef john H. Armstrong, rica prfrident ll. Butterfield, nmmwrr james University of Illinois Foundation Established in 1935. the University of Illinois Foundation is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of Illinois. Its chief function is to en- courage gifts, from both individuals and corporations, for the purpose of assisting the general educational and research program of the University. One phase of this activity is the Illini Achievement fund. organized in December, 19-18, as a permanent annual-gift program in the interests of the University. In 19-19 the Achievement fund set a new record among Big Ten schools, and among all midwestern state universities, for the number of gifts to such a program during its first year. The roll of contributors included the names of 5,071 Illini and other friends of the University of Illinois, and mem- bers of the class of 19-19, who contributed 55800 as a senior class gift toward the development of a recreational area for students and faculty members. Another function of the Foundation is the development of patents as- signed to it by the University. Acting in this capacity, the Foundation has acquired patent rights on several inventions, notably a smokeless furnace and an ammoniated dentifrice that helps to combat tooth decay. The Foundation has a membership of one hundred persons, most of whom are alumni of the University. The present Board of Directors, consisting of nine members, is made up of H. B. Alegran, president of the Foundation, Ilarvard, Illinois, john H. Armstrong, vice president, Champaign, President George D. Stoddard of the University of Illinois, Urbana, Kenney IQ. Wil- liamson, Peoria, Fred H. Iibersold, Chicago, Albert Penn, Goshen, Indiana, George T. Donoghue, Chicago, Amos H. Watts, Chicago, and Harry F. Clair. Chicago. Cnlx 111, ii 1 wfiuy Lloyd Morey, lr'1'r1,rrH'cr t Charles E- BOWEN, fffflfffw diffffgl' James C. Colvin, editor of lbE Iflnmir ,-llzmzzzi Nun F H Ebef 016 P 'J f The University of Illinois Alumni Association The Alumni Association begins where student days end. It is the bond between alumni and their Alma Mater. As host for the University, the Alumni Association maintains a reception room in the Illini Union Building where alumni are always welcome and may find personalized service. For the use of all Illini, there is a Chicago Center at the LaSalle Hotel. The center consists of a lounge, Chicago headquarters for both the Association and the University Placement Bureau, and other University oflices. The Alzzvmzi News, the Association's monthly magazine, goes to more than 60,000 Illini scattered over the world, informing them of campus events and providing news of their classmates and friends. Aside from maintaining biographical records and addresses for more than 80,000 alumni, it assists Illini throughout the country in organizing Illini clubs and in promoting entertaining and constructive programs. The Association works with the University's Placement Bureau, assisted in its establishment for the benefit of Illini employers and employees alike. By having student representatives on the Board of Directors, it fosters better student-alumni relations and cooperates in sponsoring Homecoming, Founders Day, Class Reunions, and other occasions for the benefit of alumni returning to the campus. The Alumni Association works unceasingly to advance and promote the growth and progress of the University. if Ta' uf, W-.ts ,aw l,-lnard E, Nmttord, ,lt.:u ff! rmwg lNIlri,un A. blielden, .lbw of nwnl II x n i i I I I , sibility for students living in the academic coin- 'lihe L'nix'ersity of Illinois recognizes its respon- llllllllfj' and attempts to provide the niost favorable i .4 , 'X-N .J A Tx. ., . r., - -Z 1 -n-4 Q lv 'Cn ., ! 1'. .H 'w a V4-f ig, ., .f,, , , ,, 7 FJ.. .Y iI 'A K conditions for them. Under Dean of Students, 2 -U , - . . .. . . if iff? ll red ll. lurner, who is the unifying and coordi- ll nnting otlicinl. are Associate Dean Harold S. Daw- g-- son, Director of Placement, and Assistant Dean A Arthur llqnnilton, in charge of foreign students. -az. if 1 9 ,ff Pied H, luintr.! irntltrfxi s ff ,lsnies Hgrnpn-n. .zitlimfzr Jilin ff! ilntftul i1tliz'f!lrv,' Cul M, Culp, .rvwmzfll iltnm H! Ir.1!trf1ll1ti,' Hitlmld E, Hulet, .iimmlzl ilhm ff! Illzlcfltlljtllf rmu .gaunn-u- h 1,55 K 2 .sl . 1 Dean Turner .acting as student counselor Since Miriam Shelden, dean of xvomen, has been on active duty in the United States Navy through most of 19-+9 and 1950, Miss Agnes Tand- berg, ordinarily assistant dean for freshman xvomen, has served as acting dean of women. Dean Shelden's other assistants are: Mrs. Florence Inghram, residence hall counselorg Miss Helen Andrevvs, adviser to inde- pendent women and the lYomen's Group systemg and Miss jane Klein. adviser to sorority women and Panhellenic council. The staff of the dean of men Edward E. Stalford includes: Mr. Gerald VV. Peck, director of student employment and assistant director of place- mentg Mr. V. Hampton, in charge of student organization iinancesg Mr. Carl M. Grip, adviser to fraternities, and Mr. Richard IQ. Hulet, ad- viser to independent men. Helen R. Andrews, affiflanl dean nl 111dt'pnm't'f1l llllllltllf Agnes G. Tandberg, mfiifrirzz .1'nn1 of f?Avf7V7l11v'l 1l'077lF7Ij ,lane Klein, 41isy1,i,':1r11 dmv of immlry 14vm1f'1 'iQ 'i 'whit 'vupu y ff JA l Urbana Colleges ka Z Q 'ff X J' , fi? vi . Q ,- IP W f x ,A x 514 .7 4 U A f ,fy ' X fl ,jf .' . if X 1 ff! X X Luigi f l X XQJQJ f Hlgfff X' ,V 'l a A , , X ml, fjX,,fQ1 K Inf 3 yn!" ff M ,fl iff? ff! XM! I , X H fl H XX f 'ff Nl. ' X X ffj Y: 'NJ W 'WA 'XXXXXXXK X 'gi Afy! Y' .XX XIX 1' ,M MM X If XXX 'X 3 X AN N X XNXXWA N g i X 1 XX xy ' ' X' l ff! J! Na X , Q f 1 ,X 1 1 I , li? Q, V A X117 7 QI? XX fr , a - X 5 XM' 5 X AA ff X X "5 I X i gig ,pw Ml, B wiv N X f , Q-4 V! 1 "DH j fx O XXX i ffy ff kjxff NN W W! jvffff , , K, , ww u ff X I ' X - Ww lk wWf" 4 ' 1 X f' ' WHS X M x ., U2 J! M 1 Ax- fiffixig FX l lkvt X4 E 1 Xxx. Q I pl-,, WP 'W L ff f X ff f AIIIYW N . - XXX l ff xv' ! 1 Qs? 2 'l '- X j QW X I XX N 5 - X x U xv' X X ,W W iksi 'M X www yi 7 77jff' f yi XM. AL if M X g 5 ,,, W Q .X X Ky, 'll lf!! K ! A A X X , fl, A X XX 7 X Lrf W 5 QS X K I X2 XJ -J Dean Henry Rusk For the past four decades. Dean llenry P. Rusk has been a member of the Cniversity of Illinois College of Agriculture faculty. Dean Rusk started as an assistant in animal husbandry in 1910, and, after twelve years, advanced to the directorship of the Department of Animal llusbandry. In 1939 he became Dean of the College of Agriculture and Di- rector of the Agricultural lflxperimental Station of the llxtension Service in Agriculture and Home lfconomics. Although he was born on a farm near Rantoul, lllinois. Dean Rusk spent most of his early years on 32 allege of a farm in northern Indiana. There practical farm problems were paramount. In 1908 he received his 13.5. degree in agriculture from the University of Alissouri and in 1911 received his AIS. from the same institution. lle was a member of the staff at the Cniversity of Xlissouri and of the Purdue Uni- versity lfxperimental Station the following years before ioining the statf on the Illinois Campus. In 19-19 Purdue Cniversity bestowed on him the hon- orary degree of Doctor of Science. Dean Rusk is widely known for his unusual knowledge in matters concerning agriculture. He is a member of the Agricultural board of the Na- tional Research council. During 19-19 Dean Rusk completed an assignment as chairman of the Agri- culture Task Force of the Commission on Organiza- tion of the lfxecutivc Branches of the Government and as a member of several important state and na- tional committees dealing with different phases of agriculture. including the National Research coun- cil. The College of Agriculture administered by Dean Rusk is a direct outgrowth of the Morrill act of 1862. The legislation became popularly known as the "land-grant college act," since it provided federal support for state educational institutions in the form of income from public lands made avail- able to each state. There are 69 land-grant institu- tions in the Cnited States today, and they provide training for approximately one-fourth of the stu- dents enrolled in four year colleges and universities. These land-grant colleges, with their associated experiment stations and extension services, have pioneered in a type of education based on scientific research into the problems of fundamental human needs. llstablished to develop the most practical of all human effort-the production of the primary necessities of life-agricultural colleges have helped to demonstrate that culture may be a by-product of sound educational processes regardless of sub- ject matter. The colleges of agriculture arrived on the scene after laboratory methods had been introduced to American educators, but it was through the avenue of agriculture and the efforts of Professor Benjamin griculture Stillman of Yale University that these methods gained entry into American colleges. A unique feature of the American scheme of agricultural education is the attempt to maintain close integration of agricultural education, research, and extension all along the line from the United States Department of Agriculture to the smallest 4-H Club in the most isolated rural community. This attempt is made through the Extension Serigice in Agriculture and Home Economics. The contri- butions of the colleges of agriculture and associated agencies early won the acceptance and support of the farmers. lndustry and commerce soon recog- nized that they also benefited from the the contri- butions which these institutions are making to our national economy. The aim of the agricultural col- leges in the classrooms, in the research laboratories, and on the farms of the state, has been to improve farming and farm family living. Mumford Hall 1 . ollege of ommerce and Business Dean Howard Bowen Howard R. Bowen, Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration, came to the University of Illinois in 19-17. A native of the state of XVashington, he received his B.A. and .Xl.A. degrees at the State College of Wlashington. The Doctor of Philosophy was conferred on him by the State University of Iowa, where he was a member of the economics faculty from 1933 until 1942. llc has studied in lingland at the London School of IBCOYIUIIIICS and also at Cambridge Uni- versity as a Post-Doctoral fellow of the Social Science Research Council. 34 In 19-+2 he left Iowa to become Chief of the Business Structure Unit in the Department of Commerce, IYashington, D.C., and later he served as Chief Ifconomist for the joint Congressional Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation. As a tax expert he was asked to become a member of the Shoup Xlission to japan in the summer of 1949 and spent two months in that country studying the tax situation. Immediately preceding his appointment as Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Adminis- tration at the University of Illinois, he was an econ- omist with the Irving Trust Company of New York City. Dean Bowen is the author of numerous articles on economic and financial subjects which have appeared in business and professional journals and of a book entitled Tofward Social Economy. Ilis fields of specialization lie in finance and busi- ness fiuctuations. Ile is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the Ameri- can Iiconomic Association, the National Tax Asso- ciation, the Royal Economic Society, and other professional societies. A student who has completed the first two years of general requirements in the College of Com- merce has an opportunity to select from a variety of fields for his specialized work of the final two years. He may specialize in accountancy, banking and finance, commerce and law, commercial teach- ing, economics, industrial administration, manage- ment, marketing, or public affairs. In addition to its undergraduate program, the College of Commerce has two further functions, research and service to business. The Bureau of Ifconomic and Business Research serves the first of these functions, conducting research in marketing, banking and private finance, public finance, taxa- tion, insurance, governmental accounting, and re- lated fields. Results of this research are published in a series of bulletins and also may be reported in the two publications of the Bureau-a quarterly magazine, CIl7'7'67If Economic Commevzt, and the monthly, Illinois Bllsivzess Refviefw. Administration The Business Management Service was estab- lished in january of 1948 and is engaged in provid- ing educational and technical service to the busi- ness community of Illinois. Such service may be in the form of consultations, conferences, bulletins. and extension classes. Staff members are equipped to deal with problems of wholesale and retail mer- chandising, industrial management, accountancy, and personnel. Through its close association with actual managerial problems confronting small busi- nesses in Illinois, the Business Management Service forms a link between the College and Illinois busi- ness concerns. The College of Commerce, with the fourth largest enrollment of the numerous colleges of the University of Illinois, has organized a Commerce Council in which the various student clubs are represented and through which such groups may coordinate their activities. David Kinley Hall 3.10 N43 r 1, 54 'Q it .Q 1' - uf, V Ji ,Jig-.14 Dean XY'illard Spalding XYillard B. Spalding. Dean of the College of liducation since 1947, is a native of Massachusetts and received his education in New lingland. As an undergraduate he attended Wesleyan University at Middletown. Connecticut. and Boston Univer- sity where he received the l3achelor's degree. He holds the Xlaster's degree in education from the University of New Hampshire, and Harvard Uni- versity awarded him the Doctor of lfiLlllCHfl0I1 in 1942. The honorary degree of LL.lJ. has been conferred on him by Pacific University. Dean Spalding has had experience in public school administration as high school principal in 36 allege of several Xlassachusetts cities. and as superintendent of schools in Belmont, Massachusetts. Passaic, New Jersey. and Portland. Oregon. He held the latter position for three years before coming to the Uni- versity of Illinois as Dean of the College of Educa- tion. He has taken an active part in the national and state educational program. He has served on the steering committee of the Illinois Secondary School Curriculum program. and in 1949 was a member of Governor Stevensonls advisory commission on school aid. The author of numerous articles in the educa- tional held. Dean Spalding is also co-author of a textbook entitled .fllvoliol and Public .41ft1i1's. The book is the outgrowth of a course which he organ- ized in Portland to prepare teachers in the presen- tation of problems concerning the use of alcohol. The College of liducation prepares students for careers in teaching. special educational services, and school administration. lts courses deal with the social. psychological, and philosophical foundations of education, educational guidance and other spe- cial services, educational research and evaluation, educational administration, elementary school prob- lems and techniques, secondary school problems and techniques, and the education of exceptional children. Special undergraduate programs are offered by the College in industrial education, agricultural ed- ucation, home economics education, and education of the deaf and hard of hearing and of the mentally handicapped. Students preparing for other teach- ing fields take certain basic courses in education, and the remainder of their work is taken in two or three restricted fields of concentration in other colleges and schools of the University under the Council on Teacher Education. These courses of study are supplemented by practice in teaching un- der special supervisors in school systems cooperat- ing with the College of Education. The Univer- sity High School, which serves as a laboratory for this College. affords opportunities for experimenta- tion under controlled conditions. Education The Bureau of Research and Service, estab- lished in 1918, is operated as a department of the College of Education. Research is carried on by members of the staff and also by graduate students who are preparing theses for advanced degrees. It is the purpose of this Bureau to conduct original investigations in the field of education, to summar- ize and bring to the attention of school people the results of research done elsewhere, and to be'of service to the schools of Illinois. For the benefit of Illinois educators and lay citizens interested in school problems, the College of Education arranges a number of conferences during the year, both on campus and throughout the state, at which there is opportunity for the exchange of ideas by teachers, administrators, school board members, and frequently students and parents. Gregory Hall ri. 'NQN f !. " It . Dean Everitt Dean of the College of Engineering is XY. L. lfveritt. His immediate predecessor, M. L. Enger, reached the retirement age last year after more than four decades of service to the University. Dean lfnger's contributions to engineering in the fields of mechanics and hydraulics and education were recog- nized last May by his colleagues, students, and other friends at a public presentation of his por- trait to the College of Engineering. Dean Everitt came to the University of Illinois as head of the department of electrical engineering six years ago, with a nation-wide reputation as a teacher, research scientist, and administrator. A native of the state of Maryland, he holds his degrees 38 allege of from Cornell, University of Michigan, and Ohio State University, where he was associate professor from 1929 to 1934 and full professor for ten years before coming to Illinois. For varied maior war services. he received the Exceptionally Meritorious Civilian Award. I-Ie is a past president of the Insti- tute of Radio Engineers, a fellow and director of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and is prominent in many other professional organiza- tions. Author of standard textbooks on communi- cation engineering, he is also editor of the Electrical EIIQTIICLJITIIQ Series issued periodically by one of the nation's largest technical publishing houses. The College of Engineering was at Hrst the Polytechnic Division of the Illinois Industrial Insti- tute. Organized in 1870, the Division offered four courses of study -mechanical science and art, civil engineering, architecture and fine arts, and mining engineering and metallurgy. During the decade that began in 1889 many new departments were established-physics, theo- retical and applied mechanics, electrical engineer- ing, architectural engineering, and municipal and sanitary engineering. Ceramic engineering was transferred to the College of Engineering in 1915 after ten years as a division of the College of Science. The cur- riculum in engineering physics was offered in 1917, the general engineering curriculum in 1923. In 1925 most of the courses in the municipal and sani- tary engineering department were transferred to civil engineering. In 1931, architecture was trans- ferred to the new College of Fine and Applied Arts. Two years later the department of agricul- tural engineering was set up. The youngest depart- ment is aeronautical engineering, founded in 1944. The first University graduating class included six engineers. Today more than three thousand men and women are seeking undergraduate engin- eering degrees on the Urbana campus. The new mechanical engineering and electrical engineering buildings went into service in 1949, the new chemical engineering building, this year. The College has always stressed extra-curricular activities. A dozen student professional societies Engineering are active, most of them atliliated with national professional organizations. There are also eight honor fraternities, a majority of them national, or- ganized primarily to recognize and promote schol- arship. Important extra-curricular roles are played by the Engineering Council, The Illinois Tecbvlognipb, St. Pat's Ball, and the newly established lingineer- ing Convocation at which outstanding teachers' in the College are publicly recognized. Tied in with teaching is much of the research carried on through the Engineering Iixperiment Station. oldest of its kind in the country. This ex- perimental station is +7 years old. lt has published nearly +00 bulletins, 60 circulars, and 50 reprints. Projects that are now under way total more than 50. a high percentage of the funds being provided by cooperating agencies. Civil Engineering Hall ,viii Dean Rt X11 'rd New tomb Rexford Newcomb is Dean of the College of Ifine and Applied Arts, Director of the Bureau of Community Planning. and Chairman of the Small Ilomes Council. Dean Newcomb received his formal training at the Liniversities of Kansas, Illi- nois, and Southern California. This training was sup- plemented by travel and research in lfuropc, thc Near lfast, and the Orient. llefore ioining the Illinois faculty, Dean New- comb served for live years as Director of the De- partment of Ifine and Applied Arts at I,ong Beach Polytechnic School and for four years as Director of Adult lfducation and Principal of the Long Ileach lfvening Iligh School. Following his Cali- 40 ollege of Fine and fornia experience, Dean Newcomb went to the Agricultural and Klechanical College of Texas where he served as Professor of Architecture and College architect. Ile came to Illinois in 1918. The Dean is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, past president of the Institute's Cen- tral Illinois Chapter, and past president of the American Society of Architectural Historians. He was a member of the Illinois State Planning Com- mission under Governors Horner and Green. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi. and various other honorary and pro- fessional societies. Dean Newcomb has written and lectured widely in the field of the line arts. He is the author of seventeen volumes and of several hun- dred magazine articles in this field. For ten years he was editor of the IIYL'5l'L91'lI .J1't'Iiitecr, and for twenty-live years he has served as a technical con- sultant in various connections. The Fine Arts were early recognized at the University of Illinois. Doctor john Xlilton Greg- ory, president of the University, made provision for instruction in drawing and music in his lirst curricular proposals and soon employed instructors in these fields. The resulting course offerings in time made possible curricula in art, architecture, and music. To these, in 1907, a curriculum in land- scape architecture was added. In 1931 the depart- ments administering these curricula were organized as the College of Fine and Applied Arts with Rex- ford Newcomb as the first dean. In 1934 the Bu- reau of Community Planning, offering extension service in city planning, was established. More re- cently a course in occupational therapy has been included. This year the college enrolled a peak load of 1,389 professional students with several hundred others coming from other colleges of the Univer- sity for one or more courses in the Fine Arts. XYhile the instruction of the College is scattered in some eleven campus buildings, its departmental head- quarters are housed in the Architecture Building, Nlumford Hall, and Smith Memorial Hall where excellent studios, drafting rooms, and musical Applied Arts equipment, together with well-appointed libraries in art, architecture. landscape architecture, and music. are located. The School of Music, headed by Director john Kuypers, offers an extensive activity program in- cluding three orchestra groups: the University Orchestra, consisting of about eighty student and faculty members, the Sinfonietta, composed of faculty and selected student musicians, and the Re- pertory Orchestra, of approximately forty players. In addition, there are several choral organizations under the direction of the music faculty. Mem- bership in many of these groups is open to residents of the community as well as to all Students and members of the faculty and staff of the University. In addition to its varied instructional program. the College offers annually many free lectures, con- certs, and recitals, as well as a constantly changing series of art exhibits. The College, cooperating with other university departments, sponsors during the month of March an Annual Festival of Con- temporary Arts. All students in the University may participate in the musical organizations and extra- curricular events fostered by the College. Architecture Building Dean Louis Ridenour Administration of the affairs of the Graduate College is at present in the hands of Dean Louis N. Ridenour and his assistants. Dean Ridenour came to Illinois in 19-17 from the University of Pennsylvania, where he had been a professor of physics. llc did his undergraduate work at the University of Chicago, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and editor of The Daily .lIm'ow1, and he obtained the Doctor of Philosophy degree at California Institute of Technology. His career in teaching and research has been carried on at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Univer- sity, and the University of Pennsylvania. During the war years Dean Ridenour was a staff member 42 Graduate and Assistant Director of the Radiation Laboratory at Alassachusetts Institute of Technology, where much of the relatively recent research and devel- opment work on radar was conducted. He served overseas as a radar advisor to the United States Stra- tegic Air Forces in Europe, and was decorated with the Bronze Star and the President's Xledal for Xlerit. A twenty-seven volume series of books making available to government and industry the progress resulting from wartime work on radar at the Radiation Laboratory was edited by Dean Ridenour. Dean Ridenourls assistants in the graduate oflice are Assistant Dean R. Smiley, of the French De- partment, Helen Nl. Hay, Assistant to the Dean, and Fmily Simmons, Assistant Dean of Graduate Students. The Graduate College is in charge of all post- haccalaureate educational activities of the Univer- sity. except for the professional work in Law and Medicine. lts enrollment has steadily climbed over the years, and has risen farther and faster after the end of World War ll than have the enrollments in other colleges of the University. In the fall of 19-19, more than 3300 students were enrolled in the Grad- uate College, an increase of 16 per cent over the fall of 1948, of 38 per cent over the fall of 19-17, and of 210 per cent over the fall of 19-11, the last 'cnormaln pre-war semester. Formal graduate instruction at the University began in 1892, and a Graduate School with a sepa- rate faculty was lirst organized in 1906. David Kin- ley, later President of the University, was the first graduate Dean. In 1907, the General Assembly of Illinois made an appropriation of 350,000 specifi- cally for the support of graduate work, thus be- coming the first State legislature to appropriate funds for graduate education and research. As the size and scope of the general activities of the University of Illinois have increased, the Graduate College has increased with them. The sum available during the current year for support- ing graduate fellowships alone was three times the total appropriation for the Graduate College forty years ago. Yet the proportion of the total College University Appropriation devoted to graduate work has declined steadily. Despite the fact that the Graduate College is now the second largest college in the University, its 1949-50 budget was less than 2 per cent of the over-all University budgetg in 1907, when graduate work was lirst separately or- ganized, the graduate budget was over 8 per cent of the total University budget. Even though the Graduate College has grown tremendously during the past decade, its essential aim is still that stated by Dean Kinley a generation ago: Hthe development of the power of independ- ent work and the promotion of the spirit of re- searchfl The student pursuing extended work in graduate study is expected to gain a well-rounded knowledge of his Held and related subjects and to acquire the power of furthering the range of known material in his own specialty. Administration Building .amy Ilirti Koi Iiitdri-,k Sieliert Professor Fredrick Siebert, director of the School of journalism, is a native of Minnesota. He received his A.l3. degree from the University of XYisconsin in 1923, and his sI.D. degree from the University of Illinois in 1929. Professor Siebert joined the journalism stalf when the School xvas established in 1927, and be- came director of the School in 19-11. He has been ll staff member of the Hibbing Dnilbv Neem, the fjllfllfb Herald, the Chicago City News I3111'e1111, and the old Chimgo H amid and lixawliner. He was associate editor of the Iozrrfiiilirfll Q1m1'z'erly from 1927 to 19311 and a member of the Board of lfdi- tors of that publication from 19311 to 19-18. 44 School of A member of the Illinois bar, Director Siebert is the author of a textbook and a number of articles dealing with the rights and privileges of the press and radio. He is chairman of the Laxv of the Press Committee of the Inland Daily Press Association, secretary-treasurer of the American Council on Iiiducation for journalism, and a member of the United States Wage and Hour Committee for the publishing industry. He has been president of the American Asso- ciation of Schools and Departments of journalism, secretary of the Illinois Press Association, and chairman of the Council on Radio journalism. The primary objective of the School of journal- ism is to train men and women who are competent, both in professional training and personal integ- rity, to assume professional responsibilities in the press, radio, and advertising. The keynote of all journalism training at the University is obligation and responsibility-obligation to the reader or listener, and responsibility for keeping the press and radio, as one Illinois publisher puts it, "good as well as free." This training strives to produce men and wo- men who are prepared to cope with the highly complex xvorld in which they must function. To- vvard this end, students in the School of journal- ism are required to take from one-third to one-half of their junior and senior years in advanced social studies. Such studies are selected by the student, in conference with a journalism staff member, from political science, history, economics, and other non- journalism offerings of the University. In working toward this primary objective, the School does not neglect a secondary objective: ser- vice to Illinois press and radio. Through its faculty and cooperating members, the School of journalism attempts to provide auxiliary services to the com- munications industry. It Works in close coopera- tion with the Illinois Press Association, the Illinois College Press Association, and the Illinois State High School Press Association. In addition, the School sponsors clinics and short courses for pho- tographers, radio personnel, advertising personnel, and editors. nf. 95 ,,,,, Journalism Training in journalism at the University was begun in 1902 as a part of the courses in English. The School was established in 1927 from what had been a division in the department of English. ln its new and modern quarters in Gregory Hall, the School trains future journalists with modern equip- ment. ln the building are located the journalism library, one of the largest and best in the nation. radio classrooms and broadcasting studios, photo- graphy and photo-engraving rooms, a printing lab- oratory, a copy-desk room, and advertising layout laboratories. Members of the instructional static of the School of journalism are men and women who, in addition to academic preparation, are qualihed by profes- sional experience to work with and advise young men and Women who plan to follow a career in journalism and its allied fields. Gregory Hall Dean Alhcn Harno For fully half of its existence as a division of the University. the College of Law has been under the direction of Dean Albert Harno. He came to the University in 1921 and became dean in 1922. Since that time the College has increased greatly in size and in national reputation, and Dean Harno has become a leader in the field of criminal law and in legal education. He has held offices in the national and state bar associations, in the National Conference of Commissioners of Uniform State Laws, in the American Law institute, and in the American judicature society. At the present time he is secretary of the Council of the Survey of the Legal Profession, which is making an extensive ex- 46 ollege of amination of the practice of law and of the quali- fications and accomplishments of lawyers, Dean Harno is in charge of the legal education phase of the Survey. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Revision of the Statutes of the State of Illinois, under appointment of the Governor. Dean Harno was born in Holabird, South Da- kota, on january 30, 1889. He spent his boyhood in South Dakota and was graduated from Dakota XYesleyan university in 1911. He received his law degree, Hldglhl 011111 laude, from Yale Law School in 191-1 and was admitted to the practice of law in California, practicing there from 191-1 to 1917. ln 1917 he was appointed Dean of the Law School at lYashburn college and remained there until 1919. He was professor of law at the University of Kansas between 1919 and 1921, leaving there to join the faculty of the University of Illinois, first as professor of law and later as dean. He also served as provost of the University from 1931 to 19-H. Dean Harno holds honorary degrees from Dakota Wesleyan university, Tulane university, and Boston university, and is a Fellow of the Amer- ican Academy of Arts and Sciences. The College of Law was established in 1897, when Dr. Andrew Draper was president of the University and the Honorable john Altgeld was Governor of the State of Illinois, Dr. Draper was the first dean of the college. ln 1940 the Law build- ing was renamed Altgeld hall in honor of Governor Altgeld and in commemoration of his interest and aid in founding law training at the University. The primary purpose of the College of Law is to train men and women for the practice of law. This training, however, is also indicated for those who will become business executives and govern- ment administrators. On a different plane from its vocational aspects, law training is of value to lead- ers in public thought and in community service. At this time, when the concepts of "freedom", de- mocracy," and 'fjusticen are and should be upper- most in the minds of thoughtful men, the College Law of Law conceives as its highest responsibility the task of impressing upon its students the fact that democracy is founded in justice and that freedom is rooted in law. The College is approved by the two accrediting agencies for law schools in the country. It is a char- ter member of the Association of American Law Schools and was on the Hrst list of schools approved by the American Bar association. In fact, the stand- ards of the College have reached not only the minima stated by these agencies but have always exceeded them. The College takes pride in the fact that it has been ever alert to improve its own pro- gram and has been a pioneer among the law schools of the nation for higher standards - standards lead- ing toward greater excellence of faculty and stu- dent bodies, greater breadth and intensity of pro- grams, and deeper inculcation of cultural and ethical values. Altgeld Hall ollege of Liberal Arts TD, n ltitrttilrtg lxitsen l lenning Larsen, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, also serves as Professor of Ling- lish. llis field of specialization is Germanic phil- ology with emphasis on Old lfnglish and Old Norse. In recent years this interest has extended also to the study and collection of Norwegian folklore. The first incentive to this study came from his boy- hood environment. Larsen, the son of immigrant parents, was born and raised in Decorah, Iowa. llis father. an alumnus of the University of Oslo, was the first president of Luther college, an institu- tion organized in Civil XYar days by Norwegian immigrants to foster a liberal education with a Nor- wegian and Christian background. llere he gained 48 his first training, supplemented by graduate work at the State University of Iowa, the University of Oslo. and Princeton university. .-Xs a teacher he has served at the universities of Iowa, Texas, and Illinois. besides holding summer appointments at Chicago, Stanford, North Carolina, and North- western. llis academic work was twice broken by war. ln 1917, after completing the course in the first ofiicers' training camp at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, he was commissioned a lieutenant in the infantry. .-Xfter serving with the 33rd and 76th divisions, he was transferred to military intelligence work and stationed at the legation in Oslo, Norway, as Assist- ant to the Xlilitary Attache. ln 19-I--I-, he served a IULII' of duty in XYashington with the Office of Stra- tegic Services. Our University was incorporated in 1867 as the lllinois Industrial University. NYhen instruction began in 1868, typical liberal arts courses were offered. The present organization of the College came in 1913 as the result of a merger of the Col- lege of Literature and Arts with the College of Sci- ence. .-Xs an outgrowth of this fusion, the College became the largest and most complex division of the University. The complexity is increased by the fact that the College serves many purposes. lt is the bearer of the old tradition of liberal education cared for in the general curriculum and also in the Division of General Studies. The general curriculum leads to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, depending upon the Held of concentration and emphasis of study. The college also functions as a service unit for other colleges, offering fixed curricula in pre-professional training for medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law, and journalism. This training includes such work in English, for- eign language, science, and social science as consti- tutes established all-university or special college requirements. In cooperation with the College of Medicine, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a pro- fessional course in occupational therapy leading to a degree in the College of Medicine. Fourteen fixed and Sciences curricula lead to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees in the teaching of specific sub- jects. Other curricula lead to the professional de- grees in chemistry and in chemical engineering. The pre-professional work also aims to give that general education necessary for the college graduate to achieve a proper understanding of and adjustment to the complexities of modern life. The college offers these approaches to various professional' schools and colleges in order to aid the student in orienting himself both in his profession and in the increasingly complicated experiences which con- front today's college graduate. The administration is in the hands of a dean who is the intermediary between the president and the faculty, on the one hand, and between the fac- ulty and the students on the other. The assistant deans give their time almost exclusively to counsel- ing students on scholastic and educational prob- lems. Lincoln Hall l - :s 4 C .5 Direttor Robtrt Downs Robert B. Downs came to the University of Illi- nois as Director of the Library and Library School in 19-13. A native of North Carolina, he has been active in the library profession for the past twenty- five years. His first experience in the field was at the University of North Carolina, where he worked as an assistant while attending the University. After graduation in 1926, he entered Columbia University and received professional library degrees in 1927 and 1929. In the meantime, he was on the staff of the New York Public Library. From 1929 to 1931, Downs was librarian and assistant professor of bibli- ography at Colby College in Xlaine. Some years later the College honored him with a Doctor of Lit- 50 Library erature degree. Returning in 1931 to the University of North Carolina, he became assistant librarian and, after one year. librarian and professor of library science. XYhile teaching in his home state, Director Downs started a general college library and en- couraged recreational reading by installing a book store in the library building and arranging for weekly talks by authors and critics. In 19-19, the University of North Carolina conferred upon him the Doctor of Laws degree. In 1938 Downs was appointed to the Director- ship of Libraries at New York University, a new position created to integrate the University's widely distributed libraries. After serving for live years as Director of Libraries for New York University, he came to the University of Illinois in 19-13. Downs is active in various professional organiza- tions. He is a fellow in the American Library Insti- tute, a member of the American Library Association Council and the Bibliographical Society of America. He was president of the Association of Colleges and Reference Libraries in 19-10--11. He is also the au- thor of numerous books and articles. In 1948, at the invitation of the Department of the Army and the japanese Government, he spent several months in japan organizing a national library. The University of Illinois Library School was established in 1893, making it the oldest library school west of the Alleghanies. At the beginning, the new school was located at the Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago, but in the summer of 1897 it was moved, equipment, faculty, and stu- dents, to the University of Illinois in Urbana, where it is now located on the third floor of the library. The library as present ranks third in size among American university libraries and Hrst among state university libraries, the library school ranks as one of the outstanding library schools in the land. The Library School is rated by the Ameri- can Library Association as one of the Hve leading institutions in the field and offers education for librarianship on the highest professional level. School The purpose of the Library School is to pre- pare men and women for careers as professional librarians in all types of libraries. The program of the school is designed to fulfill this purpose by pre- paring administrators and assistants for service in libraries of such types as public, school, college, and university libraries, and such special types as hos- pital, newspaper, business, art, music, scientific, law, and map libraries. Programs of study on both the undergraduate and graduate level may be followed. The group of undergraduate courses, for which the BS. in L.S. degree is awarded, is considered to be basic prepara- tion for advanced professional studies. The Hfth year's work, for the NIS. in L.S. degree, is the mini- mum academic preparation for professional librar- ianship, while experienced librarians of marked abil- ity may go on for the degree of Doctor of Library Science. University Library "1 Dlrctti yr Scwal tl Staley' Director of Physical Education at the Univer- sity of Illinois, Seward Charles Staley, was born in Sprakcrs, New York, on August 1, 1893. Mr. Staley was graduated from Springfield College in 1917. After serving as an officer in the United States Army, he attended Clark University where he secured his master's degree in 1920. Staley joined the faculty of the University of Illinois in 1922 and in 1937 was made the director of the School of Physical Education. He has been a mem- ber of the staff of the School of Physical Education continuously since that time. ln 1929 he was awarded a doctor of philosophy degree in educa- tlfln. 52 School of Physical Director Staley has made three trips abroad to study physical education and sports. In the course of these travels, he has visited most of the countries in Europe plus others in north Africa and eastern Asia. ln 1936, Dr. Staley was the head of the American delegation to the Sports Student Con- gress in Berlin. He was made an Honorary Eellow by the American Physical Education Association in 1938, he was elected to membership in the American Academy of Physical Education in 19-14. In addition, he holds membership in many national, midwest, state, and local physical education asso- ciations and societies. During lllorld llvar 11 he served as a consultant on physical fitness and rec- reation with Army Ground Eorces, the Army Air Force, and the Navy. The School of Physical Education was estab- lished by action of the Board of Trustees in 1933. At the present time, the School is composed of two departments: Physical Education for Men and Physical Education for lYomen. The School's maior function is to provide pro- fessional training for students entering the general lields of physical education, health education, and recreation. At the present time the School offers five special training curricula: physical education for men, physical education for women, health ed- ucation, open to both men and women, recreation, open only to men, and dance, open only to women. One of the more distinctive features of the Schoolls program in professional training is its work in counseling and guidance. The School has always carried on some work in this Held, but it has increased greatly. The present program is de- signed to cover personal, educational, scholastic, and professional problems. In addition to the professional training work mentioned above, the School conducts a service program in physical education for the general stu- dent body. By university regulations all under- graduate students are required to secure four semes- ters' credit in this subject. This program is care- fully designed to meet all types of student needs, from basic physical conditioning and correction of Education physical handicaps to courses in recreational and team sports. Among several enterprises of major signiiicance developed by the School in recent years, the one which perhaps has attracted Widest attention is its research work in the area of normal physical ht- ness. This program is pioneering new lines of study. The laboratory set up in connection with this project is one of the finest physical educa- tion work shops in the world. To carry on its Work, the School has at its dis- posal a varied assortment of facilities. The men's program is carried on in two buildings, the George Huff Gymnasium and the Men's Qld Gymnasium. The women's program is centered in the VVomen's Gymnasium, but also uses quarters in Bevier Hall. The University also has one of the largest collec- tions of physical education books in the country. George Huff Gymnasium Division of Special Services for Frank A. Bridgewater, janet Smith, George -I, Torhan, Robert G. Bone, rlnrrlfff, john H. Lentz, Mrs. XValleah McArthur, Edward T. Sanford Dr. Robert Cl. Bone, the Director of the Divi- sion of Special Services for Uiar Veterans, has been associated with this University since 1931, when he entered Graduate School. He is a descendent of pioneer families who settled in central Illinois about one hundred and thirty years ago. Born and raised in Springfield, he was graduated from high school in 192-1. He was graduated with an AB. degree in 1928 from the College of XYooster. Be- tween that time and 1931 he taught in the Ameri- can College of Alexandria, ligypt. Dr. Bone has spent a number of years and quite a few summers in liurope and the near l'fast. He has attended classes at a number of lfuropean universities and has a certificate from the University of l7reiburg-im- Breisgau. 54 Dr. Bone, a member of the History Department of the Unversity since 193-1, received his Ph.D. de- gree in 1937. ln 19-12 he was granted leave of ab- sence to join the Air Corps. After helping in the training of pilots in Texas for two years he was sent to lfurope on the staff of the Theatre Head- quarters Army University Centers Section where he spent eight months in France, eight in lffngland, and four in Germany, returning to the University in 19-16. Dr. Bone is now Associate Professor of History, and Director of the Division of General Studies. as well as Director of the Division of Special Services for Xiiar Veterans. Realizing that a great number of veterans would be flocking back to the campus following the war's end, the Board of Trustees and the University Ad- ministration anticipated the problem involved. Real- izing the great sacrifice of time and educational op- portunities which so many veterans had made, the University was eager to expedite the educational procedures for the veterans in order that they might get the best possible education in the short- est time. The Division of Special Services for XYar Veterans, which was established, is the University's answer to the specific question, L'XYhat can we do to be of greatest service to veterans who wish to come to the University of Illinois?" It is a pioneer- ing educational venture, breaking traditional edu- cational policies, and allowing for an educational freedom which will best serve the needs of indi- vidual students. 'lihe Division offers veterans an opportunity to move directly toward an educational objective by adding appropriate subjects to previously ac- quired credit, and to attain an educational objec- tive which involves subject matter offered in sev- eral colleges. Accordingly the Division adminis- ters the educational programs of veterans whose special needs are not met by existing curricula, and can certify such students for the Bachelor of Sci- ence degree. Special consideration is given to help- ing veterans plan a special program of studies to prepare them for their anticipated goal. Extensive War Veterans use is made of the Testing Bureau and its tests and counselors in checking the vocational goal. All new students and those with probationary status are given appointments with counselors. Because of the four thousand married veterans there is a Married Veterans' Service Office and a Veterans' Nursery School with eight full-time teachers and a nurse. A Hobby Shop has been set up with all kinds of machine equipment from sew- ing machines to a power saw. Dr. Bone is assisted by Mr. F. A. Bridgewater, in charge of adminis- tration and the clerical stan, Mr. T. Sanford, in charge of records and Veterans Administration forms, Dr. janet Smith, Director of the Nursery School, Mrs. YValleah G. McArthur, Director of the Married Veterans' Service Oiiice, Mr. john H. Lentz. Supervisor of the Hobby Shop, and Mr. T. sl. Nugent, Counselor for the Paraplegics. Armory X " X t . ,X X' K 'RR lA i X' 1 51 Division of University 1.4- ...NN '-rs Dean Rnl-it rt Hn iwrie The Division of University Extension for the University of Illinois has been under the admin- istration of Dean Robert 13. Browne since it was established in 1933. Dean Browne was born in Ushlcosh, XYisconsin, on .Iuly 15, 189-1. Ile was graduated from the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and received his advanced degrees at the Unversity of Illinois. After thirteen years of experience in both private and public schools as a classroom teacher, principal, and superintendent, he joined the faculty of the University of Illinois in 1929 as an instructor in education. Ile initially served as Assistant Dean in the College of Liberal .-Xrts and Sciences before becoming the first ad- 56 ministrative ofiicer of the Division of University Extension in 1933. In 1938 he was also put in charge of the summer session and is at this time a Professor of Education. Deane Browne, besides being a member of sev- eral professional societies, is a member of several other educational groups, including the Examining Board for Teachers and the State Commission for Handicapped Children. On this campus his chief interests lie in the Senate Committee on Student Dis- cipline, of which he is chairman at the present time. The Division of University Extension is the agency of the University responsible for the edu- cational program addressed to the people of the state who are not enrolled as students in residence on any of its campuses. The larger part of the Iixtension offerings are made through extramural classes and correspondence courses. Some are col- lege credit courses, others yield no credit toward a degree. Like the Graduate College, the Division is an all-University organization, making use of the faculties of all colleges and schools. Nlost of the Extension programs result from requests to the Division, coming from individuals, business and industrial organizations, associations, state and local governmental agencies, and labor groups. The Division is able to respond to fewer than half the demands that come to it each year. This fall 5-1 credit courses and non-credit classes have already been scheduled. It is expected that the total enrollment will be in the neighbor- hood of 4200. One hundred seven correspondence courses of college level are available for those whose circum- stances compel them to home study. Since the es- tablishment of the Division of University Exten- sion, 13,00-1 students have been enrolled in 16,463 correspondence courses. Last year many veterans and armed services personnel were enrolled under contracts with the Armed Forces Institute and ,Veterans Administration. With the assistance of the various colleges and schools of the University, the Division conducts a large mnnber of short courses and conferences. The Division has a special section of Music Extension Extension whose staff members are occupied with the devel- opment and improvement of music education in Illinois, particularly with youth groups. This sec- tion has scheduled a number of string clinics and workshops, as well as specific and spot guidance services. The section works with community mu- sic groups and attempts to help them to help them- selves. The Division has an excellent library of edu- cational motion pictures and classroom teaching films, which are loaned to the schools and civic groups of the state. The Visual Aids Service of the Division services the Universitfs own teaching de- partments in increasing use of classroom films. The library in the Division is regarded as one of na- tion's leading educational lilm lending libraries. Illini Hall ' .g, L1z1mL:z4l-4 if 2 Dean Ilobtr! Cvraliam Dean Robert Graham, a member of the Cni- versity of Illinois faculty since 1917, was appointed as the first dean of the College of Veterinary Nledi- cine in 19-15. Dean Graham, born at Ames, Iowa, studied veterinary medicine at Iowa State College, where he was awarded the doctor of veterinary medicine degree in 19111. Two years later he was awarded the bachelor of science degree from the Cniversity of Kentucky. XVhile at the Kentucky Agricultural lfxperiment station, as head of the Department of Animal Pathology, he served as veterinarian to the 58 ollege of Veterinary state board of health and as pathologist to the State Livestock Sanitary Board. As a scientific writer, Dean Graham has been chief or contributing author of more than 150 sci- entific papers pertaining to veterinary medicine, and senior or co-author of more than 50 bulletins and circulars on the control of animal diseases. Colleagues in his field credit Dean Graham with significant and outstanding contributions to the knowledge of more than 13 diseases of domestic animals. His memberships include the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Public Health Association, Illinois Acad- emy of Science, American Veterinary Aledical Association and the Cnited States Livestock Sani- tary Association. The program of the College of Veterinary Xledicine is designed to aid the livestock industry by controlling animal diseases and also to protect the public health through the suppression of ani- mal diseases communicable to man. lfstablished officially by the Board of Trustees in june 19-H, the College of Veterinary Medicine initiated a two-year pre-veterinary program in Sep- tember 19-IS. The first professional class of 24 stu- dents was admitted in September 19-18, and a second similar class in September 19-19. At present all veterinary students are veterans. The curriculum leading to the degree of doctor of veterinary medicine fD.V.M.J requires at least two years of pre-veterinary work and four years of professional training. At the end of the second professional year, veterinary students may qualify for the bachelor's degree. In addition to its profes- sional under-graduate courses, the College also offers graduate courses leading to the NLS. and Ph.D. degrees. Three non-professional courses are also offered to students in the College of Agriculture. The 19-19 General Assembly appropriated funds to construct the basic science unit, the first of two new buildings planned for the College of Vet- erinary Nledieine. In this building the first two years of the curriculum will be taught and re- search will be carried on. The three-story structure will be located east of the Dairy Manufactures Medicine building on the south side of Peabody Drive. The second building will house the veterinary hospital and clinics. At present, veterinary students are being trained in the remodeled Veterinary Pathology Laboratory on the South campus and in a former residence at 805 VV est Pennsylvania Avenue, Urbana. Only small classes can be accepted until the two new buildings are completed. . To provide the animals used in teaching clinical veterinary medicine, the College maintains a small animal clinic, a large animal clinic, and an ambula- tory clinic. Veterinarians and farmers of the state may submit animals to these services for diagnosis and treatment. The laboratory diagnostic service for animal diseases is also used in the teaching program. The people of the state benefit from the valuable service, and students of the College gain practical experience in working with the animals. Proposed Science Unit, College of Veterinary Medicine "2 . 'Zim' 'X ,ag x"Nup9 A5 . x Chicago Professional Campus M gf ff' f elif' Y N i,,. QW, X X 3 -,,.f ff I Xxx-ff Z I 7 4 I ' I M' I f 7 ff, , ' ,!. X ,ff, f if f ff ,f 1" f ' ' I f uf f. , ' f If ,f f , , I, 1 , I, ff 1 I f f X , , ,f 1 f ,Aff 1 , , 1 , W, , . 60 J 1 . 1, 1 X N f f' . x N2 Aj dr . 6 x ix- A-1-:X if "7 I , , , gi . j,!QQ.1e I .A A ""ffMf., 5 ,f X 1 'UI mf w 'mf 3 ,ff -ll' ' My yf 1 - , X' ' ffw 5 M -in - M u X, U N : kxxxx x ' 5 I "" Yffgii xl 23 ' ,z "J I , J M" J Q Qs W f 4 f , , 'f Q '-Q-? V f ' N g ' f ,, V if W 4 ' 22, QQ X Z M11 A l X!!! rf 1' M MN 'X X f X mf f f AQ I XM -I , ----.--g in--If 1' ' 5 f ff f W G I, I .U I 1 X f. Vf' f 1 , a XM y , ZW XX ' 7 , Q! tg :X 1 f ' U pf' xi fllf . ,, Q. z, K f If Y X ,f fff'f 9 ff f , ff ! W f I - , , -iff! ,Y X N-,if P 5 i 1 an l'1,J rlf bi --fi- -.. Past University of Illinois College of Medicine Present Dental - hfedical Pharmacy building 3 . jg 1569562 6 x- z "x .- flxr, ...- 'N 4. ,,::l,19,r " .. 711- 3-K ' -. wg Q ,mx x ku N - x . , K .R Xiixi, ' SH Nm Int, - . " M, .. N95 gf- 5 ....s.' xfixf-,X . Q ff' iii' Qu -. cv-- rags-11 1 5143 it kigixff 33, V9 'X"'4 is-X .. .U Q, .. .44-'W xv , X .4 XX. kr' ' "1 .ff - Vlngizx f wi'- Y -A I 6 6 ,l I A A I . .1 .W - :JV....,f5? ' .0 7 ' ' ,nam 'f' . V' 'X ' 1 39 '1' -' ., ' V xg' ,N, A ' -' -M, 1 w f VP . " Q, 1 D ' '-' fi ,QA ' , 'L , ,iff 'f ,. ,f,f,g:,f Magi, . .AQML "' -Azxxk 1 H' 'QA x , 11: A I s 44 ,LW 1 -It N F95 ml m X5 in " ' A VMN5 I, gr... . K K 'N M lmicago f" 4' ,i Professional .ea Colleges ,-., ,...---ng With the completion of the first half of this century. the University of Illinois' Chicago Pro- - fessional Colleges once again can be proud of its many achievements. Notable contributions have been made during this period in teaching, research, and services to the people of the state-the three primary objectives of the Chicago Professional Colleges. The 1949-50 year was no exception. The num- ber of students enrolled in undergraduate, gradu- ate. and postgraduate courses continued to increase. lt is particularly noteworthy that a new media of education. transmission of courses by telephone, was explored successfully by the College of Den- tistry . Research contributions were many. Approxi- mately 455 separate research studies were con- ducted by members of the faculty during the past year. Ur, Andi,-yy f, lu, lx.: ,hit-.'.."n:.', li:.'itiif.'i ff! Ilffufli 'lihe silver anniversary of the lllinois Research and lfducational llospitals was celebrated on April 1. 1950. From its meager start. the institution has achieved recognition as one of the most oustanding of its liind in the nation. 501110 189.000 visits now are being made to its 24- outpatient clinics each year, while an additional 7.000 receive bed treatment. Looking ahead to the future, the Chicago Professional Colleges will continue to expand and improve its many functions. Although we are iustly proud of our present contributions to the welfare of the people, we are not justified in measuring the achievements in terms of what we are doing. Rather, we should measure these achievements in terms of what we can and should do. K lltnn ,I-ihn li, Yournans, n1ttl1i1m,' Dean Earl R. ierles, f1l'.1rrr1i1tJ,' Dean Allan G. Brodie, drnlutfy NIFIUFKC J. Galbraith, Jiwflor of .fllldilll .rffulrr Paul A Hartley, LU.f0L'jc1lL' fl'lM'1'lfH' of Howard A. Hrzlutun, lfmzmxrr rzmmlyfr iifnznmdwzln fu-nazzrzvl r Administrativ fficials 'TZ Margaret D. Johnson, nmzmger of llye Cl7lL'd,E0 Illzm Union George R. Moon, mrznzizler and recorder Thomas S. jones, direrlor of illnrrratiozz Jllzdwr Harry W. Pearce, rnperinrefzderzf of bulld- mgr and gmmzdr john E. Millizcn, mfmirlirlmlm' in rlw ru,ruau'b and Erilifrlllnfl lmfprnllf XVrIm1 Troxel, lflffmfrnr fvx WQ 65 ecent Develop- ments in Medicine and Allied Sciences Improvements in surgical technique, better under- standing of the antibiotics, diabasic ammonium salts to help fight tooth decay, and the dissemination of sci- entific information to thousands of dentists by gigan- tic telephone hook-ups are only highlights of the sci- entific firsts that are continually emerging from the Chicago Colleges. This list of distinguished contri- butions is being added to almost daily. Even as we go to press the announcement has just been made that research workers at the school have for the Hrst time solved a scientific enigma which is decades old-the site and mechanism of aspirin. Because it acts to sti- mulate the cortex of the adrenal gland, a new ray of hope appears for the relief of suffering of the countrx"s seven million arthritics. Roentgcnograplnt applitatlon of lliu betalron Amin-'mated dermftxte researtlx YZ" Jun Pharmaceutical research in antibiotics esearch in Antibiotics and Plastics Cancer education of the public by the unified efiorts of artists and medicine with its allied sciences Jvfvdvofl! muy' ' fwfvn5Lm,.e?LZS V' amd nn-:rife is 0 Qfmhhod is FREQUENTLY at an Allan Ci Brodie ollege of Dentistry Dentistry, during the century of greatest change in biologic and physical sciences, has progressed both as a science and an art. The profession has acquired new tools for the study of disease, new materials and techniques for treatment, new knowledge for prevention. It has utilized discovery of the role of microorganisms in disease, the technique of aseptic procedures. the roent- gen ray and anaesthetics. New materials and techni- ques used with appreciation of anatomic and physio- logic principles now contribute to the prolongation of the social usefulness of many people through the restoration and maintenance of health, appearance and self-respect. Recognition of the importance of anatomic and physiologic considerations has led to such changes in education and to such activity in research that dentis- try today is making worthwhile contributions to the held of knowledge common to the health professions, and stands as an integrated part of these professions in contrast with its former role as a craft. grime 5,000 dentists in 50 states, the Distritt of Columbia, and Canada heard the first session of the Unixersity of Illinois' post graduate course which s Iramriiltlul by telephone. SCIENCE AMD EDUCAYIOI HAVE N0 BOUNDARIES M.-. -1 , 68 'FE THE FACULTY u...m. nxan-,. f 1 laelnq mics, in-nn... -Q--W' f ,' n-nu. nu.:-, nn.s.u- Q.. nu.. mu,-u..i nn-ws. , o.u..u+ num... n.qra.+. ..,. Z- ni.-wsu si,.u- nun.. ns.. non.,... e-i..,u.a. num.,- n.f.m n-uuus. shun.. IISFQMI BvJJhnnl HIGH! um. nu.-.u..ims..up.,. 1 I I 5 I 5 n , It 2 X I 3 1 I Mx Jw 'T 'W 'I Old dentist chair Yesterday? dentistry 1 Childrerfs clinic Operative clinic Q x 1 3 t :t t s. W., fy IQ .mvfm l 949 Xiiifmf run' james Allen, Melvin Pollatlc, Oscar Breyer, Allan Brodie, jr., Funk Ireland Bffwlfim wif: Daxid Shapiro, Rithard Yerbit, hX,lllI.lI'I1 Rogers, Robert Barnes, RllbC:I'IRlCl1Al'tlSOl'l, Orla Kimbrough .Yfm nz fuzml. Arthur Marshall, Kendall Ron: Dental Student Council The Student Council of the School of Dentistry is composed of three representatives from each of the four classes and the president-elect of each class. All representatives are elected by ballot by each of the respective classes. During the school year the Dental Student Council meets on an average of once monthly to Dental operatix u clinic integrate student-faculty relationships with the aim of smoother organization and management of the School of Dentistry. Dean Allan G. Brodie has cooperated fully with the Student Council in the administration of stu- dent problems. 70 x E A Q 1 'ui -- ' I C: SI 436 3. x Q' Gtr :N . v vb f- X 4 x 8 5- ,- . . .. , .., joseph Tinkelman, rrmmferg Wfilliam Rogers, pre.fidw1l,' Robert Chappell, 1'irfpre1idw1!,' Elizabeth Zwcmer, nweflzfy. ental Seniors JAMES P. ALLEN .... ...Spring Lake, Mirh. B.S. fPl1armacyJ JAMES NVIILIAM ANGEL... .... Mexropolu B.S. 71 I i z 1 0 v sen Nomus RUSSFLL ASCHERM.-KN ....., ,..CbiL-ago B.S. Runrm C, B+xTr'R .,,. ,...Clm-.zgfy 1 Euml S, BLAIR .... .... ' lbw. Olw, INIILION Bloom .,. . ..S.1'.lLI1JE, N. Y. BS. Oxmn Brufvrn , .,CZm.1,gH B.5. Enxnw P.+L'L . ,fzblnlt Elm xx f. Brmxxx, jn. ...niflrwl HA., 8.5. R'lI1lPl P, In xPI'Ill, 4A,AA jail!! BA. 72 ALBERT COHEN 4. .,,. D,,,,,vj11, B,S. RALPH DON Covmv ,... .... B raoklyn, N. Y. B.S. JOHN XV. DAHSW, .... Cblraga Fmxcila A. DI7IN1lRL.'K, ., ,...Mmmi, Fla. A,A. Fnrnrmcx W. Flsmxn. .. ..,CbiL.1Kf, Heigbn SAMLTI. Fmruxmrx .... Clumgo B,S. JIMMIE E. FULLIR ,. ,, .Pnllul Cup, Okln. BS. Euxwxnu fl. GMM . ...Clh1I'lt'Il0ll B.Ed. Rov RAYMOND HuRs'r.. . B.S. VICTOR S. IsuI... B.S. KAY K. ICASHIXVABARA ,... . . . B.S. RICHARD I. KAUFAIAN ..,, B.S. CHARLES XV. KREAIL. .. B.S. PHILIP H. LAURENCIL... NORMAN D. Lmn .... ROBERT I-I. I.UNuoREN.... . .... Berwyn . , . .Cbirngo .Pemy11, Calif. . . ..Cbif:1ga . . . .Cbimgo . . . .AI'WlffI'0lI.Q Nfwnrk, N. J. . . . .Cbiraga I-Iowfmn WILLIAM IVIARLEY .... ..... 1 Haywood Bb. SHIG J. IYIASUOK,-X .... B.S. 1PharmacyJ PHILIP NIERZER ,, B.A. XVALTER C. MICHEL ..,. L. BUD MIUDLEIIAN .. B.S. KENNETH H. IVIOORI? .... B.S., M.S, 1Chemistry1 EARL EVERIZTTE BIORRIS... B.S. RALPH Ours B.S. L01 Angela, Calif. .. . . ,Cbimgo . ..Cbimgo ..l3r0oklyn, N. Y. . . . .Waukegan . . .Cbirago ., . . .Cbimgo 73 BULXIX H. POLLACK... .... Cbmzga Ebxx ml- S. PROROK, . . ...,Cl1ifag0 Hrwxx ARD XX'I1,I rut RFDM.-KSN. ,. ....Clm'.1go BA., BS. I.rrwx'mn joxnvu RICH. .. ...Gri.l1:,1 BS. XY'r1,1.lur J. Rooms ..,. ...jamaifm N. Y. B.S. A1.rx.axDFR J. Sumo .... .,..Cbimgn LFQN M, SALTZMAN .,.. .... C himgn VUIILIAM S. Snnnwoou, ,. .,.. Cbifugu 74 GORO JACK SVGA... .... Ilormluln, T. H. BS. Ronrm' H. Suxmx .... .... C bi.-ago Hum LITE 'I HOMPSON, .. .. .Hm'ru1nur,g BS. XVILLIAM C. TINERVIN ,.., ...lilofmmzgron JOSFPH TINKIYLMAN. .. .. .Ponglzkeepnm N. Y. Rn:-:ARD Luo Vskslc. ,. .... Aurora ELIZABETH JUNE ZwEMEn.Soulla Lanrmler, Mau. B.S. THOMAS ,IQHN Zw'nM1fn.,Sourb Lannulef, Mau. gifs , A ,fx rv. Q. .. -S 'vs 1-Q UQ- if fi 1 l v'- vvw rx 4 9? ' i fs.. W..-.X-. ...,- .6-..-W.-s--Newman-Q F Q . ,xl , V -X ,. , ce' My-.5 .- ' ,L , Trip rozzx' Eleanor Solus, Dr. Elsie Gerlach, Dr. Margot L7llo.1 Z Bofiom rozr: Gloria Olassio, Elizabeth Zwemer, Marilynn Novak N01 in fuulsl: Drs. Beuloh Nelson, Mary Newell, Eda Nelson, Matilda W'hite, Florenre Lilly, Marie Larson, Santinri Litturi, Pnln Zuska, Faith Foster, Mary l Meade, Cornelia Thompson ilon Alph L l v Al 11. i p mega , Top raw: Marvin Bernstein, Ralph Coven, Oscar Breyer, Lawrence Benzuly, Norman Dublin, Byron Butt, ,,m'relm-5 ,' I Jerome Fein ' F0lH'll:7 faux' Erwin Goldberg, Ralph Odes, Allen Rosenberg, Leon Saltzman, Seymour Solomon, Myron Wfiner, Maurice Hauptman l Third vow: David Shapiro, Albert Rappaivort, Harold Rothblatt, Eugene Hill, Herbert Gordon, Irving Gittelman Q Serena' raw: Louis Greenberg, Bud Midd emarx, Samuel Friedman, Albert Cohen, Norman Aschcrman, joseph Tinkelman N I 1 Boltom row: Maurice Slivnick, Norman Lieb, rife p1e,vide11l.' Melvin Pollack, l17lL'.fl:fE71f,' Ray Rothschild, l'Ullc'J.I'0l1u"IfIg ,vr'rrr1i11'5,' Lewis NVeil, 11-cr1.i1nrr,' i Richard Kaufman, l79ll.iHIg rfmn'mrzf1 ' 'i l v-1 'N 'u r l i l in ,ui -1. i ' an 4 ' 'ii it GN il Q: , il i i 1, no 3 an Q- A V :QQ N ,. - 3? fast 3 ,--r- - '!nr Mnhcl, it r..',1v1.' ,lnnrnrc Fuller, :nr f'rtt1rfif1!,' XY'Illl.ll'l1 Trnurxin, lmi1rIruI,' Sling lWl.l5U4lli.l, lfnlrfrrrr D 1 ' D Founded. L'nix'cr?ity of Michigan, 1896 I I I I e e an RImC,h.1prer, 1901 3+ Active Chapters ,ff ffu' Nttl Ring, Ktrmutli Iflluumn, rlntnrtl Sperry, XVy.itt Pxrkc. Hnrmon liclly, limnk User, Sliernmn Fisher, Cicnrgc Kunkc, I,urt Fishcr, Ynrnr Izui, Ntxurnn H.uL:.m,x. Inrnis Stull, Hud St-'lp QI r fri Sci-lul, Arthur Hutkluy, Crwrgc Whttts, Fruit-rink Fmhcr, -lgttk Sugi, I.ul Krncll, Rnhert Samgc, Gurdon XV.irtl, Ralph Nclsnn, Dclbcrt XVhnt- ing, XY'illi.4rn lhlunglr, tllcslcl lntnn, ljlnmer Hrdrnnrk, Danny Dullunnw, Hurnon l,-mb A fling! Mu: Ru Hurst, flmrlcs lxrcml, Lrxin Rirnhcrg, Cywrgu Lutz, Allan Brodie, Cvmnt Nclmn, Ruhurt Lumlgrcn, ji-lin Davis, james Allen, ,lfwhn ltrnnwn, H-mnrtl Mirlux, -lulm Bnrirnskis, M.trk, Funk Pnwlcs, Ralph Burlccc, Yluu'llH1.l, Rtulznrtl Rust fun! :Hn Yntnr V.trrr,tl, P.ttll vlrnnrnux, Cruixiltl Burkett, Fuitlit. Clmrlu farrnin, Fnrrcxt fnthcrn, john luke, Hmmrtl Rctlnmnn, Thnnigis Zwcmcr, Ku.nttli Nnrgmirtl, XX' Slncrxxnnd, Arthur' Mnrxlmll, Rnhcrt Rrtlmrcls-tn, Bert Pnnuttu, Philip Lung, Ron.ild Koster, XV.iltcr Smhnuldcr Xrrf-ml inn ' Cicmltl Btfrtlcn, Nnrnmn Hnllnmn, E.irlc P-rmryr, Ernust Brinkman, XVultcr Mithcl, jimrnic Fullur, XYlIlllLlI'l'l Tlncrvin, Slug M.isunk.1, Robert Leu, Hn f..trl Nrngcr Huw win' l, l'luritlurwn, Tlmnms limdcl, Lnnncll Mctlluy, Ltrtcr Higbcrg, Hmmrtl Stonc, Glenn Pratt, Tlmrnax Lgirkin, juhn Stnticld, Chnrlcs Xnhnlx, P.1ul Grnnm ,NM :fl fnmrl Frwl Cnlwin, D-ln.tltl XYIIL-tx, Kenneth Hntlman, Ted Pauly, fihnrlcs Mistcrs i-4 os. -DC: f? V A -. l 1' .ur .1-Jw -lm, ,fv-w 'C3 -qo- ,a-.N Tap faux' Frank Ireland, fY1llL'!'7IIlj' 1itir.i1nir,' james Angel, mfml flniiuzzmig james james Thomson, home fitiiifiiei- Bollom l'0ll'.' Philip Laurence, giiiml' l11.z,in'i',' Na! in panel: Robert Barnes, lniimi n1li,rlu,' Robert XY'allace, ru.v'Zm1g rlmn111.z11 ' Founded, Baltimore P 1 mega 'g'v 7 Fordyce, lwniu 77H17IpZ,QL'l,' Charles Crooks, ,rsrielm-J V- Dr. Robert Untlerxxotitl, rleplilj mmlrllal' College of Dental Surgery, 1892 Beta Alpha Chapter, 1903 33 Active Chapters Top row: Neal Nielsen, Raymond Marme, Francis Towner, David Lichtenwaltef, -jgmeg Angel, Edwin Brown, Philip Laurence Fiflb foie: Kay Kashiwabara, Samuel Deahl, Kendall Rowe, Gordon Stastny, Ian Wfest, Thomas Suta, Darw Fonrlb raw: Eugene Unti, Donald Maxwell, Donald Wforley, Edward Gates, Arthur D1 Dea. Robert Dahman, Psota, Richard Georges Third row: Henry Barham, Archie XVollard, Wfilliam jesenovec, Kermitt Miller, Orla Kimbrough, james Mein Verbic, Leonard Rich Sr?f0Yd rare: Charles Thomas, George Shotiek, Albert johns, Alphonse Iaunarone, Dr. Robert Underwood EYODIITIO Bolmm rfiux' Basil Geckler, Robert Sprague Na! nz panel: Eugene Blair, Robert Barnes, Charles Cantrell, Vernon Damer, james Fordyce, Milton Knapp, james Thomson, Robert Wfallace, Charles Maras, Theodore Mason, Richard Skarda, Ralph Boone, Melvr Fredrick Choisser, Richard Zelenka Robert Baxter, Frank Ireland, Charles C,r'v1-:ks in Barrett, XVade Swan, Eugene Rankin RY!llll.lI'll Dausmann, Donald Swanson, Frank tire, Russell Ayers. Hugh Thompson, Rithard Franuis De Mirza, james McMahon, Felice james Schell, Marvin Sparks, Robert Stengcl. n Genaze, Wfilliam Mabry, Robert ihappell, 1.1 . 78 Il. Dentistry Campu Candids IFN i .f' aw- Knlfixu Und KH "Brc.:Hucr" In th " " fJPCf.llIVC sis uw clinic " Lrn:l1t.eryLhustxumthululxus but Upun wide Q fvpcmtxxc rlmnf Patient interview fly! 1 ,ix :av ' w Q . . . ' iw' x: ,Mp - 53 - , ,l',iL11E2:q1-Q ,v,, 5 Va . -uv ,- . Nvidia F K Hm- WIP 1 , . s --my. ' -5 ' - fig, 1 - - - ' , sf, 2' B ., I9 ii bi' , , - W ' v 3 - ' , A . ' "" 1,5 '31 4, ""' ,,, - .A - ,nh mg ,, M ' ..,.,' fffiiux 54" . :Zig--'iigg,s:?T,x12' ' , I Q f QQ X 6 1 B lm f ix ,f .. . Q Q f . A i 7 in T . ' -- ' .TA -' " ' 1 Q K V ' I . -' - if X 14. ' A , A .,,- ' t QE.. 5 if fa ax' lx" I M knew ' .Mmm -' - 8' ...-., . . 1 ff f, fu' '. Q V , 'M' .-wi -4: 5 , ,'N-- . K N f ,.,f , - -. .53 W .1 , 43? - ' ls? A h Y 'r gi- NS' x 'ND I wr Q, I J- ' VJ I lr' 1 . 4.n., - Z, ff. Q G6 1. ' , I 4 I gf!! .,-P CP . 1.1 - 80 in ,lohn B. Interior K hurt Dcntal-Meelic.1l-Pliarniaey Bulltlin: ollege of Medicine The progress made in medicine during the last 50 years has all but dwarfed all progress made until that time. The 20th century will be well deserving of the title "the Golden Age of Medicinefl for dur- ing this period the whole countenance of mortality has been changed so that man may now enjoy al- most ten more years of life expectancy and his children may look forward to even more than that. YYhen one considers that one out of every five physicians in the country has some part of his train- ing in Chicago's lYest Side Medical Center, the position of leadership and influence of the College of Medicine cannot be disputed, and with the never-ending enlargement of facilities and staff, one can scarcely anticipate the progress toward eradica- tion of sickness and suffering that such an institu- tion will offer to the people during the next 50 years. sv . J-A -. , ' n 4 A 9-5, ciai? J-5135? S E as 5? f r Sfxf xi a QQ 2 l 9 , 1 1 ' , N 4 . x X. 1 V -f ' . 1 . H ' -1 1-on my I ' fa ---- QM? w V51 aa: 3 0 f?"!f'? ax Ni E YZ' ll was " 4 5' Q' na ' ,fn v " ' .ul fl up t ' 2"3.g.g'5g'.f'9E 9'5??"n3' , ,v , I E X , F 5 . Q- ,, A xr, - w ,, . 4 mfg: v . 5-1 - n '4 1 - L, V3.2 A wi, 1. .F , W 'Q ,. 'AN 3, ., . '44 I im, I 3 N I x S' I M ,,,v- t 1 5 J xt :pu 11 - I john lninfranki, C-tn4I.1vy-lrt.1f1rrtr,- XY'illi.1m Harridge. fmi1Jt11f,- Vernon Hutthings, rin' prr,i1Jw1t Medical Student ouncil The College of Nledicine Student Council is composed of elected representatives of each class. including: the president, three regular and one al- ternate council members. This Council represents the students in those affairs pertaining to welfare of the entire student body, whereas the individual class oflicers represent specific groups in purely class ac- tivities. The Student Council sponsors the annual "Raymond B. Allen Instructorship Awards" which acknowledges superior instruction in each of the four academic classes. Tap witty- Elizabeth Hemmens, Lyle Adams, Robert Stone, Ritlurd Nixon, Rohcrt Simpson, Harry Stone ,Nfrf'u.l vffu : Vernon Hutthings, Thnrnris Koritz, ,lesse Ewen. Richard Timpton, xvlllldlll Hatridgc Bfflfw vnu : john l,.inlr.inkx, Charles Alicx, Edwin Grxthn, Robert Moore, Harry Hntshbargcr 1 'IF' ,,,,, fs- Q 3 wi uv T f-"- X . .ft is. vc 4. Q '2 .QE lv awe Clan' ofcrry: Jerome Silver, Richard Nixon, Robert Lee, Nadene Coyne Medical Seniors ROBERT HENRY ALLISON .... .... F Ia! Rork STANFORD WARREN ASCHERMAN ...... Cbimgn ROBERT IAY BAKFR 4, I , H Afjlvj,-A150 szf 83 Ju K RILHTER Bxmxx xv, ., . , .Spfmq,m'1.:' B S .MHHVR JXLLFX B1u.lx4,s. , L,f?.f..:k, B 5 Rfmrnr Ouxrn F-,IL'Rx1'RCm ., ., Kqzzama HA , HS. Imwn CHARLIN BRFHNER, ja., .Dfumuv-y Ghfzs BS, fHARl.Fi Invmcg BRINK, II. . ..,Clm11ga Mun' P1 rim Bum HY .. Clvmgw M 5 lxmr 1. M, Vuurm , .CL,1,,u,, Hlxm' M. Culnxlo lfmffw, Lllffv I4 N, 84 j.uu's BYXAIAMIN C.-u'Lr1rLD. .. AB. SIDXFY lomrxmn . Ixxux RIKHV-XRD COOPFIL., Norm' KVYTCI fORRFlL .... BS. Nwrxr lmwr ,. BA. Hxuru' Louis Dun, . B.S,, B.Ed. f5RYlI I I L1 ovu DMX sox .... Wu I mm EMM. Druucu. .. lib. .. .Oak Purk . . .CIVIIJLEO . .. .Qmufj ...Robnlwm 0'Ns1II Nab. .,,.H.ul fu .. , .Clmugo .. ,fihfulgu GUY KENNETH DICE .... .,..Tip1on, Iam: DOROIHI' RUTH DIIQIER .... .... W 'L-I1 Clmnga RLTI-I EVLLYN DIETZ... .... Cbimga BERNARD DAVE EDIDIN .... .... C bimgo B.S, RICHARD KARL EIRICH .,.. .... N mbrille B.S. JESSE EISEN .... Chimga B.S. EVFIL O'NEAL ELLIs.... .... Columbnf, Obio CLOYD LEE EZELL .... .... A IrL.f1i11, Mm. 15" ROIIIRI' BIFKLLTRF FrRc,L'sox .. ., Clmxzy QVI-AIIN GRIIII PINK .,.Fl.1u.!fI.1n. 5. 17.115, BARBARA JQAN FLUN H. .. EUGENE Rox' FOLK... CARL LIILTON FRIEDMAN. .. . H.B.B,S. SAMUEL CALVIN GALLOXVAY. , ..., . . JULIUS GLICIQ B.S, CLARK W. GRrrN, . .. ..,.DLKI1H, . .. ,Cbirngu .,Rm'k hlfmd Pormloc, MIM. ,...t'lm'.1yff ... .C.lmI1yn 85 THYOUORE GRFVM. . .. .Rank lJI.nm' ELS. -Yl'l.IY.-X AI. GYIFP ...Beruyz 8.5. A1.r+rrLT Smxrx' Hmxx, jn, v,XlMm,!'4e. S. D. B.S. ADNM Axruoxx' HAjDL'K. . ,,.. Cfmligff HOMPI1 HARVFY HANWJN ., ,,.. Mm-plvyrboro 8.5. Wl1.1.1aM H. HAnRl0f.1' ,. .,.. Unilmefle 8.5. Hou mn H. Hman. . ..C'l,,U1y,, Hmm' GA VN H.aRsHnAnr,rR. ., .... Ihb.n1.1 MA., BS. 86 ELIZABFTH S. HEMMENS .... .... C himgo Ph.D. Cnur L, Hrxmt . ....Cl1imgo A.B., B.S, L.'xwnFNcF LFONARD HIRSCH, ., .... Cbimgo B.S. Mfxnvm Munn Hmscl-1 .... , ..Cl:imgo BS., M.S. BURTON Mfmvm ,lmoasom ,... . . .Cbimgv 8.5. IUHN MATHIM JACOBOWITZ ..,, .... 5 lmflor BS. FRANK JOSEPH IIRKA, Jn. .... .,,. E lmzmm! Pmk A.B.. B.S. MINAS JOANNIDFS, ja .... .. . .Cbirugo B.b. ELLIS DONALD JOHNSON. .. , . . .Chicago B.S. ROBERT PETER JOHNSON .... .... C bimgo B.S. JAMES PAUL JOHNSTON .... ...Emi Moline B.S., A,B. RICHARD THOMAS JOHNSTON .... .... C bimgo B.S. HAROLD KADE. .. .... Lo.r Angela, Calif. B.S. HAROLD ALEXANDER KAMINETZKY ........ Chicago B.S. LESLIE SHELDON KAPLAN... .... Cbimgo B.S. JOHN E. KASHIWADARA... ..... Penvyn, Calif. B.S. AVNER IQAUFFMAN Bm. ROBERT GENE KILLOUGH ..,. B.S. GIl.IsI?RT P. KIPNIS Bb, JOHN JOSEPH KLABACIIA... B.S. ROBERT E. KNIGHT... A.B., B.S. DOLORES EDDELMAN KNODLOCH. ROBERT MORTON KOHLENBRENFR ,......, B.S. XVILLIAA1 ARNOLD KORNBLUM. .. .... B.S. Clmago ,.,.Clnlrfm Clvimgo Cblmga I'if'giiii.1 Clvimgo Clvimgo cm.-Ilgi, 87 HVTII I.. KRKSIFR ll".1nhs.III H A. HIII. AFII Lx xx KI Hl IX in HI, IA A KI XVII Kuuxxu ,I In-I.Iuf li x XXIKIISNI ERXINI Luv, AIII Burr,-I,-ul":rI1, pIl.I. :X Ii IAMIA Hoxx ARI: I.AMHl'RT, JR.. .. I lI.m1ff.m4u l-LS. AIIIIIIAII -I, Inmm, . I,h1I'.I,u'f BN. IJRNIII A, LAM, I lm.I,IIf, RIIAIII-.RY RIII I,AIII4Ix , I'v.11m .fn Ihr!-If HN. 88 KFNNPTI-I XVILLIAM L,IRI'r. . .. B.S. ALVIN JFROIAIII LIIII , HS. CLARA JULIA I.l-ISHFRKEFR., PLS, INIAIIVIIQ Krxrxrrn LIIIN B.S. CHARLES ALLFN LINIQF. ., ,IGHN Lows , . LOUIS G. MANN. .. loam MARX'lN NAnsHAI.L. jaw.. A.B,, B.S. .,.ClIifIIgo .. .Cbirugo Park Forex! ,. ,Clvlmga .. . .dlwiraga . , . .Cbifaga , . .Cbirago . .Cbirago GEORGE BURNIE MARTIN. .. . , , .kiremdf FRANCIS ANTI-IONY NIATYCHOXYIAK ...... Alerzdam A.B., Bb. JOHN EDGAR MCLENNAN, .. ,, .Chimgn B.S. WARREN GORDON NICPHERSON, JR... .... Benmzl A.B., B.S. ARTHUR FRANCIS MEAD. .. ...Clairago B.S. IACK LEON MELAIIIED .... .. .Cbimgn B.S. VIRGINIA LOUISE MQRELAND. .. .... Palomar A.B., B.S. WILLIAM HARRISON MYERS ....... Searlle, Wfnb. INN CIIARI IN NI'L'RAI'IfR ..., . ,Hmrklfg AB. ELYINA ACNIN NFUFFID .,,. ,.,. C 171131-if' B.S. ROSFMARY EI.INoR NIFRIANN. .. ..,,1Ien:1'ille AB., B.S RICHARD XV.-XRREN NIXON. .. .... Chimga B.S. VALDO P. OLE.-NRI. .. ...IVhea10n B.S. EDXYIN ARTHUR OSTER ...... Gund Fm-ks. N. D. RICHARD VINCENT Ow'rN,.. .,,1ffnmmn1X- A.B. BFIINARII SuTHI'RI..'IND PATRICK, .. .Cmirzlh Aim. B S. 89 I-IARRY ALEX PAUL .... ,.., 0 nk Park Imrrs A. P.IL'I,sEx. .. ., ,E1.I11,I.fm1 I I B.S. HUIIIRT SAAIUPI PE.aRLxI.+x ,,.,,. Brmklyz, N. Y. NIARTIN PEPPIR , . ,..Clm'.1go Tuoxms R, PYISTHIIR, jk.. .. ,. ,Ffmpwl A.B,. B.S. SHUI PM Pmu I, ,, ,.,, Clm,1g,7 Nrmsux Emnn' Pmxuu .. A , PIMM B.S. M.IIIIIIv- BIMARII Pan: . , .r'l,1..II I Im. 90 ROBERT ALLEN Rmsxs ..,. B.S. DAVID IRWIN RAIIINUV. .. B.S. I.EoN.mI: RMK ... Ph,B., B.S. C,I-IAIILES ESTEI. RAMSFY .... ELS. Lrsur GEORGE Rrro ..., B.Ed. IOHN RICHARD REFIJFR ..,, B.S. WALDA SrAI-IMITR Rrrnnn. B.S. FRANIIS Hfxnoua RIIQHAIIIISON ..... B.Ed.. M. Ph, . . .Clsfraga . . . .Mokenn ... f,'I.7lz'f1g0 . . , .Omaha Mmpbyrlmra .. .. Wheaton .. .Oak Park .Spring Grove THOMAS WALTER SAMuELs, JR .... ....Demruf B.S., M.Ed. GEORGE SAXL ,. .... CII-em KURT O, SCHLESINGFR .... .... C bimgo B.S. HAROLD SCHWARTZ . .. . . . .Cbifnga JOHN WILLIAM SELETT. .. .. .Tuylofvillc B.S., M.S, XVFIDON GOODWINE SHEETS .... .... P ozomur PAUL W. SHIEFFLIQR .,.. .... I! 'eu Fmnleforz A.B., B.S. NORMAN HOWARD SHERMANM. ..., Clnirago RICHARD GLENN SHIFRIN .,,. ...Cbiraga B.S. InRo:ur IWARTIN SIIAIR .... ., .Cbimgo B.S. BL'RI SIOKUS . ..,. .-lllwm, Greg-Iv LFONARD RICHARD SRIIIH ,,., .,.. C 'im-ago B.S. LORAN EUGVNE SMITH. .. ...Benwn B.Ed. CHARLI1s Ons STANLIZI' .... ....DfIu1mr B.S. RIc,HARu PFRRIII' SIILI.. .. ,.,lh'Kf1lb A.B., B.S. Rom RI' G. STONIZ. ., .... f.lmIIw BS. 91 Smrurix Hrrzxuxx Swans .. .f'f1.'.1gH B Q jurlx L, FIRL YHERN .JI 'nw ml' H 5 HYRMXY GI wir STLWUHN, .. .,.c'lw.z5o BS I-lux Bmxuw ivxixunx , f'a'm,1,4f, B x AININ SIWIUK , .. .Cflmwff Bm. Nun C, TRIAUXYFII, .. ..., Clmuqw Orrrruin -IUNIPH 'l'l'nKr, , , ll.'n1.lJlu A,H.,HX. Him wnnC,uK.1rlnR Vu Brnlx. ., . uHl'nllulI Hx 92 HAROLD SYUPSTER XY'.xxULlxo ..., .lflvimgo Bb- Mia. Gmmaxi D. XVH.-XXI .,.. ....Cm!1uud.zle 1545. ll RRULD XXVIIDRAN .. .. Cbimga fX.B., BS. RAI PH Hmm' Wxfanx .... ...Chifaga BS. lam T XX'OLTl'R .. . . .Rifer Forest A.B., B.S. Emu, KHANCE XVOODALL.. ...AI1. Carmel BB. Fkvxxx XVRICHT, JR.. ,. ...Bloaminglon BB. l.1.m'n THrmAQ XVnlGH'r. ., ...Alaromb PLS. 6 Ojfferr- Sholem Postel, ,lulina Gylfe, David Rablnov Alpha mega Alpha Omega Alpha is the national medical honor society, membership in which is based upon scholarship. lt was founded by Dr. Vliilliani YY. Root at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago, then the Medical Department of the Uni- '3 0-1 Alpha versity of Illinois, on August 25. 1902. lt is the only order of its kind on this continent. At the present time charters have been granted to fifty chapters in medical schools in the United States and Canada. Tap wuz' Arthur Billings, Julius Glick, Robert Rabens, NX'illi.4m Deutsch. Bw! Leigh, Gilbert Kipnis, james Struthers Serum! row: Sherman Strauss, Lois Friedl, Efhe Ellis, Clarice Nordlum, Thomas Carter, fyril Mendelsun, Sherwin Zeid Boiron: faux' Alvin Suslick, Robert Lee, Sholem Postel, David Rabinov, julia Summers Noi in panel: Robert Baker, ,lulinn Gylfe, Elizabeth Hemmens, Charles Linke, Elvina Neufeld, Martin Pepper, Herzl Thiessen, Nancy Treadwell Ragins, Theodore Sherrotl, Arthur tw AA 99 'asv I 5151? 'f Q, , " A ' .AL uv' BR vi T' I l ' I C -- gm 1 u I nur. PHY. l 1 jesse Eisen, 1rr'.r,fnrar ,' Robert Lee, ure pfuidezrrf Harry I-Iarshbarger, ,f?'l'FfdVj', Wfilliam Harridge, preeridenl P' K p E 'l Pi Kappa Epsilon has been an active honorary fraternity at the L'niversity of Illinois since 1921. The objects of this fraternity are to further the ad- vancement of medicine and medical education through social intercourse, intelligent thought and discussion of medicine and medical problems and their related scientific, socio-economic and social endeavors. Membership includes male students from the seven medical fraternities and the Inde- pendents. Election is by vote of all members of the sophomore class. 70p wrt: Frank Vifright, jr., Frank Sthiltz, Theodore Grevas. Alvin Harris, Aaron Fink, Karl Venters, Arthur Thiessen, Vifilliam Kornblum lifflfrliv mu .' Harry Stone, Edward Miles, Edwin Buzan, jrg, Richard Still, Harold XVandl1ng, Jerome Landy, Alvin Susllck, George Elfers, jr. . Ylvrrl vnu: Avner KautIman, Edward Spiegel, Charles Berheld, Vernon Hutchings, Albert Hagen, Gordon johnson, john Erickson, jack Baldwin, Robert Knight Srrfrml wrt: charles Akes, George Armbruster, Henry Swain, Anthony Lund, john Moore, Valdo Oleari, Richard Nixon, Thomas Samuels, Rudolph Froesthle If fffrm mu : Lyle Adams, jesse Eisen, Robert Lee, Harry Harshbarger, XVilliam Harridge, Ivan Neubauer, Whrren McPherson, Jr. .NUI ru parrtl: Thomas Brannitk, Marshall Orlotf, Bernard Patrick, Dean Rossct, Jerome Silver. Lloyd Wfright ' nm sf 6 ,. ,.. Q-. Q6 Ojfrerr-Top row: Glen Shols, Robert Horton, John Hoyt, Alan Thain, Lawrence Fiene, Robert Simrson Bottom muh' Harry Sandberg, David Richerson, Vernon Hutchings, preridenlq David Norbeck, Dal as York Fotindediigaglngtgugh Ggifge, 1888 56 Active Chapters Top row: David MacFarlane, Lawrence Fiene, John Boczkiewicz, Vernon Wilson, John Reeder, Robert Nelson, Robert Olson, Charles Linke, Paul Shetfler, Vincent Dlugos, Malcolm Mathias, John Rattensperger Fifth raw: James Milford, Loran Smith, Richard Osland, Robert O'Conn0r, Joseph Jensen, Earl Wfoodall, Noble Correll, Raymond Clasen, Ralph Olson, George Freeark, David Norbeck Fourth row: Gilbert White, John Johnston, William Davies, Basil Moskotf, Robert Miller, John Hoyt, Richard Still, Peter Pinto, Richard Eirich, Charles Ramsey, Glen Shols Third row: Donald Shanafelt, David Richerson, Robert Pianowski, John Erickson, Robert Muehrcke, William Ireland, Robert Horton, Harold XVarner, Harry McMurray, Warren Bradley, Robert Nyquist, James Johnston Sefogd gw.'KJkafnes Caulfield, John Boswell, Ro and Anderson, Judson Phillips, Alan Thain, Eugene Monroe, Jack Lynn, Robert Hoyt, Robert Simpson, tep en a er Batmm row: Robert Biurslrom, John Henry, George Wham, Harold Wandling, Vernon Hutchings, Ernest Propes, Dallas York, Harry Sandberg Not in panel: Robert Allison, Robert Baysinger, Carl Burpo, Joe Cannon, Louis Cowsert, Harry Davis, Samuel Galloway, Clark Green, John Kerr, Alex Kish, Robert Johnson, Francis Matychowiak, Warren McPherson, Wayne Neal, Bernard Patrick, Edward Pelikan, Thomas Phsterer, Leonard Piceione, Frank Raymon, Robert Rawson, Karl Venters, Donald XVham, Kenneth Willcox, Lynn Wloodward, William Zebrun ' ' "rr1F'1i-'?'r'T1'R'f"KK'7"f""?71'T'f's'Y" "' U' ' ' '5- -he Q W9 '-3 .ff :C- Bill Hendryx,,' Rohert Brotkrnnn. Int .irrlwrzq joe linker, r1nrfwf1,' Kenneth B.1l-ter, lmmt' ll1fu11l.lw.' Funk Doyle. rnvlvluu rfuzlvnlrnl .NWI Ill furutl' Homer Hnnson, fvt.:rmu,' Bill Hedges, ohm! rlmnmrrvz Ph' B It P' Founded, University of Pittsburgh, 1891 I e an I Iota Chapter, 1902 -H Active Chapters Tap ffm R+-bert Prentlrc. H-Hg lunatlus. David Dachlcr, Glenn Fltigg, AI Wnelnien, Ed Glenn, Kenneth Bnkcr, Frank Doyle, Robert Moore, Raymond Miller, Prerr john-on, W'illi.irn Brenmn, Tom Nrtholxon, Eldon Van Sand! Fourlb rffu ' Bill Hendrix, john Otten, Vinient DeGuil1o, Leo Green, Kent Swedlund, Ditk Traenor, Konrad Ernst, Henry Zimmer, Thomas Lukasik, Bill Torrnt-lll, Al Schneider Tbnd mu : XVilli.1m jones, Sthaller, P.1ul 'I'hcoh.1ld, Cflarentc Klosc, jim Davis, Tom Carter, Rohcrt Neidl, Stephan jacula, Dale Rosenberg, Ronald Sumner, linker Lardner, l,.irry Irish Xeroml mu .' john Sparks, Bull Hedges, Stott Snurt, Robert Brotkmnn, Anthony lerulll, Allen Rigglc, XVlllli1H1 Daugherty, Nick Pace, Mitlmcl Pill, jerry Fair- banks, Donnld Sandnur, Hnrry Levsis Boflom mu f Wfillmm Giles, George Martin, lmn Neubauer, Homer Hanson, Frank l-lnivler, joe Baker, j.ttk Dzierz, Lloyd Wlright, Howard Kuhl Nor m fmml' joe Brc-ttncr, Kenneth I..xRue, Fmntls Richardson, Rithzird Owen, john Moore, Eduard Miles, Tom Brannltk, Bill Taylor, Rohcrt Newton, Donald Hartrrth, Bob Geisler, Clmrles l.oltl.lhl, Ken Gill, jim, Harry Mcssmoore, George Fritke . Ps 4+ Q A -si- ' Q 151 , r-.4 Q t, -A 5, ' Q 5 Alvin Suslick, i'ui'1t',i,11w1d111g .ruv'e1i1r3,' Stanford Astherman, pri'i1Jn1l,' Harold Schwartz, rn? frreinferzl No! 111 panel: Harry Stone, fr'm.r1ner ,' Erwin Patlak, iuturilnrg ,wr1ulr1l3,' Bernard Baker, ro1u1n'1Irn 111 ,- Norman Rotenberg, rornzrellm I1 Phi Lambda Kappa FmmdeirigiliiitifEfrfSlL??l1E33ia' W I6 Active Chapters Top row: Lee Trachtenberg, Allen Lefstin, Ronald Fox, Sherwin Zeid, Alex Rnter, Alfred Fleischmqrn, Jerry Khnrasch Fourth raw: Julius Newman, Adolph Rabinovitz, Norman Rotenberg, Avner Kauffman, Leonard Lieberman, Ernest Pullman, Ernest Philipp, Bernirrd Goldberg Tlaiid row: Herbert Friedman, Bernard Resnik, Herzl Ragins, Edwin Kissel, Melvin Seglin. Lawrence Saxon. Seymour Siegel. Sheldon Schonebertg Second fair: Morton Friedman, Herbert Lerner, Ed Spiegel, Simon Horenstein, Jerry Schaffer, Nathan Kronenberg, Jack Carsel, Harold Visotsky Barium raw: Julius Glick, Jerome Landv, Alvin Suslick, Harold Sfhwartz, Stanford Ascherman, Leonard Hoit, Robert Bmtman, Ed XVasserman No! in panel: lsadore Piteslcy, Bernard Baker, Sydney Bild, Hanan Costerf, Daniel Dertch, Albert Fish. Donald Hadesmrm, Norman Holtzman, Alvin Harris, Burton Heda, Bert Leigh, XVilliam Maslow. Sam Mathin, Al Milstein, Leonard Neff, Harry Stone, Bernard Abrams, Joseph Bernstein, Gilbert Bogen, Robert Gilbert, Lowell Goldberg. Manny Karbelnig, Herbert Kaufmann, Jerry Levin, Gerald Lieberman, Erwin Patlak, Stuart Batkman, Sheldon Beruer, Myron Berman, Marvin Gold, Hyman Friedman, Arnold Goldberg. Bernard Hankin, Samuel K-ernen. Herbert Levin, Morton Nntnrius, Alvin Miller, lgxslae Nathan, Robert Pildes, Robert Reifmnn, Harold Shatter, Julius XVineberg, Morton Shane, Harold Slirilter, Bernard Smookler, Julian Zinder, Charles eac .-err: 'PO- AS - susan? y .r 'e-" V fa sz- 'im 5: 'fe wr-v en- Q-D 4 Top mu .- Dean Rosset, ,lease Eisen, Marvin Levin Boiron: wrt : Daniel Lang, XVilliam Deutseh, Marshall Orlofl Ph' D E 'l Founded, Cornell University, 1904 I e an P I Alpha Alpha Chapter, 1918 52 Active Chapters Top win .- Sheldon I ogan, Robert Rabens, Sholem Postel, Hubert Pearlman, Hyman Cohen, Morton Comess, Leonard Brcssler Thru! wzz' Richard Shllrin, Loren Stern, Sander Carrie, Israel Carson, Sherman Strauss, Martin Pepper, Charles Kaplan, Alan Kanter Strffrnl fun : Ralph Xliferss, Irwin Goldtarb, Louis Mann, Alvin Lerb, Bernard Edidin, David Multach, Robert Kohlenbrener, jesse Eisen, Marvin Hirsch Bffxzffnr wuz' Jerrold Xlfrdran, jack Malamed, Leonard Smith, Marshall Orloff, Whllram Deutsch. Daniel Lang, Dean Rosset, Marvin Levin X l ,' m prmtfls Robert Baker, Arthur Billings, Robert Dorm, Eugene Folk, Harold Kaminetzk , Norman Sherman, Jerome Silver, Herman Sturman, Harold ithoolman, Lionel Sth-rut, Bernard Becker, Bennett Berman, Fred Flesh, Aaron Fink, William Kaufman, Robert Adolf, Elliot Cohen, Myron Green, Paul Herz, Edward Kllteniek, Oscar Lenit, Eugene Levine, Sheldon Nemerovskl, Leigh Rosenbluni, justin Simon, Roy Mendelsohn, Alan Abramson, Howard Brenner, Norman Brill, Burton Fink, Whllram Fishman, Alvin Frank, Donald Greenberg, Roy Halpern, Paul Hirsch, Eli Katz, Fred Morrison, Donald Platt, joseph Robbins, Sidney Schmitz, Robert Simon, W'1ll1am Singer, Ronald Terchner, Lenin Pellegrino, Norman Nelson, Sheldon Lavin -. rag, Q,-F .AQ 3191 Q? 24 Top l'Ull'.' Robert Knight, rfbolarrbip rbairman: Geor e Peddie, rurbing rlvairman: Wlilliam Von Ruden, .mrml fbairfrzan: Alvan Karraker, .recrelary,' Harold Bisia, ,reniar 1l't1fd't'71f George Johnson, home rrzrnmger Bolmm row: David Voris, preridenl: William Poggemeier, lvmmfer: John Kashiwabara, .spam rbrznmarzg Frank Meyer, edilor of Signal: Frank Lanutx, preridenf of pledge F1411 Nor in panel: Henry McLaughlin, rife prerident ' ' Founded, Northwestern University, 1890 Beta Gamma Chapter, 1894 2 7 Active Chapters Top raw: Richard Johnson, jr., Eugene Malone, Alvan Karraker, Darrell Statzer, Charles Burroughs, Russel Compton, Jerry Heath, Harold Biska, Robert Knight, Fred Babzien Fourg: muf: james Bremer, Howard Searight, Frank Meyer, Donald Stehr, David Fell, Richard Parsons, George Peddie, Frank Sek, jack Spicer, Clement otway Third raw: George Armbrusler, Charles Patton, Edward Murray, jr., Frank XVright, Charles Moertel, Robert Smith, George Batz, john Przypyszny, Robert Killough, Jack Baldwin, Henry McLaughlin Serorgfbgow: john Frisch, Hugh McMenamin, Thomas Huson, Perry Brucker, William Poggemeier. George johnson, john Matthewson, jack Estes, jack i s Bottom row: William Von Ruben, Hugo Vietz, Rex Wiederanders, Ray Vespa, David Voris, Frank Lanuti, Hugh XVurmle, john Kashiwabara Noi in panel: Glenn Chamberlain, George Green, Ross Hutchison, Orville Dawson, Fred XVitt, Charles Akes, jack Berry, Guy Dine, XValter Rettberg, Frank Schiltz, Tom Stivers, james Stotlar, Ernest Sotrop, Dr. L. W. Peterson, family mlrlmr N-at ys- IQ All . -or -.9 'Z' 'T -our ar 'Y' 136 ,Ax st? 2. Q, ....n S Uffirtfr 7 Yep Mn : Alvin XY'.itrie, Rubert Bird, james Snuthard Bwrrffm Mn J Rfvbert Ltc. ,I-llHI1'lLlS Sunuels, jr., xxllllldfli Harridge ' Founded, L'nix'ersity of Michigan, 1882 Nu Eta Chapter, 1892 +2 Active Chapters Tfl,h f'fm'.' Phillip Axalwrl, -Inlm P.1r'r-nrt, -luhn Kl.1b,ich.1. james Lambert, George lNInr1f-w, Minas juannxdcs, Robert Stone, Robert Lundeen, Max Sweet, Charles Supple, Amhuny Lund, Rnbcrr Ferguwn, XVeldon Sheet: Fllrlv wir' Tlieodure Apr, R-'bert Deiss, Ge-vrge Bard, Gurdon Graham, Harry Hrrrihbargcr, john johnson, Robert Madden, Richard Steury, Albert Hagen, Clurles Stanley, flames Marla, Ylwhn Vette, .Inhn Lnuls Iwmflw mu : Rnhard Sthaede, james Struthere, james Hopkins, fharles Steldrnger, Ledrrc Smith, Stanley Rousnnelos, Lloyd Knritz, john Lanfranki, George Hart, Frantnx btrehl, Martin Blazing, George Turke, Frank jirka, Tinmthv Manning Tfvrrl wrt ' Edwin Gritlin, XY'allate Strnw, XVrllr.xm jnlinmrn, Grmer Sertzinger, Hurry LaPlante, james Cooper, james Paulsen, Robert Ansley, Wfilliam Karel, Rudnlph Frncwthle, Cienrge Ellers, XY'1llx.1m -lnlinstun, David Bristow, jack Pearsnn, Ludwig Gmndl, Lawrence Lee Xtrffrrrf wrt: Dale Learned, Ruhert MJtNerland. Gnrdun johnson, Rnbert Lee, XY"1llx.1m Harridge, Tlwnias Samuels, Robert Bird, Alvin Wfatne, james mlutlmrd, Rnlwert Md ray, Antun T-vtlmlauski Efr.',wfm vnu. Allred Reirhke, Raynmnd fassady, Edward Dnniinn, juhn Hill, Hugh fouper, xY'lllli'1!1'l Marshall, Wfrlliam Hogan, Wfilliam Hensold, Henry fmtellr., I lutlnrd Nyman .NIJ nr fmml: f,hrrstnpher Cvmen, ,lnhn Hadley, jnhn Ylgtnb-nvitz, tharles Lerghtfrn, W'illxam Myers, Edwin Oster - l . X. l de fi ' 'L x s ge i 'f-we 3" Y! Q Top ww: Effie Ellis, Elizabeth Hemmens, Walda Reeder, Dolores Knoblotk, -Ianice Greenberg Second raw: Barbara Elusch, Cecelia Miller, Nadene Coyne, Clara Leinberger. Rosemary Larkin Boflam raw: Ruth jones, Natalie Schuckmell, rite prerldrzilq Ruth Dietz, pit'i11a'ef11,' Exelyn Lorenzen, tvu1.i1nsf',' Mrs. Engleiohn, fizrnlfvi ipmlwv Notia1pmzel.- Louise Converse, mrrerpmldnzg ,wrrrli1v-35 Rosemary Niemann, ftuorillng iui:ulm'i,' Frieda XVeiner, r1r,itfi.i1t111.' june DeXNl'olf, Dorothy Dieter, Virginia Edwards, Lois Friedl, Doris Hunter, Nora Kircliman, Virginia Hendricks, Ruth Kramer, Virginia Moreland, Marie Mowrer, Mary Petro Brolley, Alyda Ratajik, Charlotte Robertson, Marianne Schour, Mary Sullivan, Nancy Treadwell, Janet Wfolter Alpha Epsilon Iota l Elizabeth Blackwell The University of Illinois College of Medicine is foremost in its interest to attract women to the profession and break down old preiudice and dis- crimination against women doctors. lt is interesting to note that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the graduation of the lst woman doctor, Eliza- beth Blacl-Lwell, who later practiced and distin- guished herself at home and abroad. ln women, a free mind and nimble linger work together as one, not to mention their intuition and mother instinct. From these small beginnings today. we have over 10,000 women physicians with a rich future for greater expansion and inclusion in the profes- sions concerned with the alleviation of human ills- mental as well as physical-functic:nal as well as organic. lOl edica Campu Candid Q, my , ,. R-law S11 M VV , X--,gf A" N11 I x -pw .m.4r-mm-,f Puslrlg uf 1-ld A'l1.4ng-uut'4 I A mr .r-, mv lfkxr cx.1rn1mtn In l rwhl-url - ,1 Ima HJ w mm 'I'I1cruI1r.4Iulw.1rr ff ff H J 3 19 if ' 1 P v, H7 qw, v 6-Fi 1- , E fq hr.-if 4 , 9 si .41 -fQmW..,,,,, ,,., Q. Q - -za Qui , f: ' A 15 4, , 9 YQ 5 '- ' W. v 3 5255 , 325 A f- 4 X , 5 v w s ' X 4 fn w 2' 4 2 2 , f n. 1 Q ,, .A 31, F 'Tia :ff c 0 ,:., .. N Us .. .V I I 1 Q. " ' ' Y 'v ru. sg W-i M5451 EY N ' v :S 33' JF ' JA wg . v 3 2 in ., 1 --s5,f',5f'fEv12Aw.ps4asW vqifxfds-nv bf-gg.'fi .iY'wMf' Q3 J Aa 1 ,cv Q4 :fx ,, we I in 13 F 'yififxfigffg Y Wh ,. a , v Dean lf, R. Serles Modern up-to-date pres-riptn n stare " ' e ig ,J allege of Pharmacy Pharmacy is recognized today as a public health profession, and its practice is regulated by law for the protection of the public. The pharmacist repre- sents an all important link between the physician and the patient in his understanding and compound- ing of the doctor's prescription. He is a profes- sional man trained in bacteriology, physiology, pharmacology, analytical and organic chemistry, and some 20 other arts and sciences pertaining to the practice of the profession. Such thorough train- ing has not always been required. In the earlier years, as little as six months training with a limited curriculum of four basic subjects constituted the educational requirements. This advancement in educational standards has been closely paralleled by similar advancement in practice of pharmacy. Consequently, drug therapy has emerged from the cure-all era of yesterday to the direct therapy of today. t Q ' is 11 :iff x I 1 04 Apothecary Shops of Yesterday -W xl' An olde show globe Ol f love, Mister IW I i I r 1 R N Q ff' 54: arm ,rg :yr f . 1 .x v, ,gr 6- T Rf-hcrt XY'.nt, m.1Nnr r, -l.ll11us Mgllun, f1Ynvl,f:l1J,' D-,mrmld Metzger. Ilia' ,fm11.lrr1.',' Betty 'I'h-unpwn, wwer.:15 Pharmacy Seniors umm' H, Anwar ., ,,.Clvm:go 106 E1.1z,-xmf:H MARIE Bamxlu .... ..,. I lmqgu EDWARD IGOLL BEVERLY. .. . . .M:Kinney, Texan JEAN BOSTRUM .. ...Cbimga KENNETH ALFRED BOWMAN, .. .. .Clnfmga HERBERT EDWARD BRAUN .... ,..CbiL-ago BERTRAM ROBERT BROWN... ,..Claimgo DARWIN EVERETT BROWNE. . . .. .Cbiraga JAMES DALE BROWNING .... .. .Chimga ALFRED FRANK BRZOZOWSKI. .. .. .Cbimga XVIII. R, BUCK .... RICHARD Juuus BuczI'NsKI. .. .. MILTON G. CHRISTY... NORMAN F, CIPOLLE. ,. JACK ELLSVUORTH COOK... LOUIS CUEURNEK FRANK NATI-IANIEL DEFRANK. .. ... STFLLA S. DFLVIFTT. .. . .Elgin Cbifago Cbiraga . .Joliet . .Elgin Cbiragq .Ollau'.1 Cbirago 107 XY'rL1,1uf J. Daosrr ., GL..-'my Tnxvvx Mrixrx Dlwlmk .UQ-.' ff.:-niwrfx mmm-xx ix XY, DVM xx. -IR . . .1 I-,f,.1,w Romnr D Emu . .. 1QM.1,w l uurxcr Exxaxs , ..., Em! Sl, Lulu, FMU l':llINlHlR rfblmzff r Munn HOWARD Gramm ,. ,lflgm HINRN Emwx Cnllhllil I41f.1,n,u 108 Romfm ABRAHAM GLA95NlIR. .. ., .Clairago I :rm M. GR.-XSS!-l. .. ..Bellem1le Romgm' fHARl,l'A HMRANIK. .. . ..C1rera Rum'n'r LH HIQAJINS . ...Quinry Dum Hoi LAND . , .. .Chimgo Hmm' Il.NATIL'N ,I-KBLONQKI, ,. ...Clmaga Fnru Mmonu KAISUYAMA. .. .Cbirago RAY H. Kmr. . ,..C!:i1l1:mbe JAMES ROBERT MALLENH. .... Clm-ago PAUL MARTIN .. .... Paris B.S. DONALD RICHARD METZGER. .. . , .Puma MARY MARGARET MIRANTI, . . . .. .ML-Hem-y JACK CLIFTON MITCHELL... ...Albion TED ITSUSO MIYATA... .. ,Chimga SAMUEL JOSEPH MLAIJINER... ...Cbifaga GEORGE ANTHONY MORAX'A .... .... C ifem C'I.ARIfxCE CLARK AIORFLAND XVIILIAM -,AMPS AIR.-KZFK WAI. HARVEY MUEI.LIfR... LOUIS BERNARD NEIRA... jo:-IN H. NEUMANN... PAl'L EDXYARD NEUhIANN.., BFRNARD SADKIN .. ROBITRI HARRX' SI HMIIIIL ,. . ,5fA.1,,fy.,.'1f. PA. . . ,Cnem . . .Cblraga . ..Dl1Qu0if1 . . ..'ll1r9r.1 ., .rlnnmz .. .Clvimgo .. ,Oak Pub 1 O9 RICHARD ANTHONY SCHRANZ. .. ,,.Cl:icag0 PAUL Envcxuzn SCHIJESSLER. . .. .Clmmzgu ALBERT PI.-XROLD SCHULMAN. ,. ,..CL.w.1yff FLORIAN JOSEPH ScHw.aRz. .. ...Clw.'T',1,g,f ROBERT WM. STRAUSS. .. ..Clmn1yff CARL SVETANOFF. .. . ..-irlmglon Hnglw EDWARD JOHN Sxx'm1N0r,A . CMN, CHARLES -'HHN Tmrl . Cbfmw 110 SHERXVOOD THOMAS .. BETTY JANE THOMPSON... fkl.FMFNT FRANCIS VRCHOTA.., . RORTRT MX'ERS XVATT. .. ROBERT A. WELLAIAN, .. EVGFNF XVITT AUGUST C. YOS. .. XXVAYNE ALLEN Zmc.l.12n ,,.. . .Cbiraga . . .Morris . . Cbirago Spfingfeld . .Clrifagu . f 1f.',4 Ru . . Clviragn . . .Aurora R Melville Beswick, fmuzrial Jl'r1be,' Herbert Alpert, e.x'rheqnev',' Fred Fleischer, L'l7dl1L'F!l0!',' J. Davis, farnllg rpo21,ror,' Fred Yanow, Jergeunl al l:r'mr,' Frank Spirito, rife rbanrelluf No! 1:1 panel: Kenneth Steam Delta Kappa Sigma Founded'lllilifiiferoalllinois'1923 Tap row: David Holland, Seymour Gordon, David Hill, Marvin Reizner, Myron Newman, Sherwood Thomas Third row: George Andrews, Louis Feinman, Herbert Alpert, Eugene Wlitt, Melville Beswick, j. Davis Serand row: james Ruben, Robert Brown, Arthur Salzman, Sol Bernstein, Bernard Sadkin, Frank Spirito Bottom raw: Henry Gilbert, Fred Yanow, Alfred Heller, Goodwin Duncan, Jerome Glass, Robert Strauss, Fred Fleischer Noi In fmfzel: Marshall Miller, Kenneth Steam, Ellis Confer, Earl Vlfeisman of 1' 55 ,M - W X ,uw GLY 'U fs 'NG' 1? 'I iw ,Miz L .-.1 'I 4. an Cf' 1-5 4 4,3 I5 3 69 fha 3:15 Aviiv- IQ' 5-'N ..... Q,- .,-9. 'lffp fffzl 5 Norbert XYoyincilionskx, Eilxmnl Sxxpinwn, Fmnk Nuto, Edward Hrlmu Rilpi ur Yiwu! wil' Mulmel Herr, 'Iml Muy.xt.i, john M.uten. Robert Hilpnn, Raymmnd Smith Otto Ze er N I 11 XY' ll rim. ,H - 1 mm Selmal, I.-luis Num, Frank De Fmnki james XVh1te er me lhflfgflfl XX ilt 1 Mi sen Iifffmnz r 11 ,Innes Hroxxnzmg, Robert Peters, v:wcl.Iv1.' james Miuhcll, If :fn mi o s Independent Men' s Professional Organization HIPC D. as the organization is commonly known on the Chicago Campus, is Rl group of students working to promote good will among the members of the llenlrh Professions. and to foster business and professional ethics. This is heing accomplished 'lrfff you lJ' lirnst, lirlxxln Push-k, R-when Romnxkx, vlanws M.illcn, Mrffrlll 1 ri F,iul l'l11nkn', Kenneth Bowrnui, Rohert Hawkins Robert H 'I 11 n XY' ll of of n mul Mueller, Fred K.itsuy.iIn.1, XV1ll.ird Poole, .Ralph L max I ,, .J F'-ie. "' tr Q' fx of ff? .-- 'Sf inv- ,- 52? Q3 1. ' 01756911 f Tap row: Donald Cliakas, b1i1uf'1.1i1 5 Charles Thiel, iw,tgu.1111-ri!-rirrzli ,' Whxlter lXflt'lli'ide, 'lr,, rlwf:pl.m1, Allan Doane, rw:-srpfirzdizig ,iewrrrzrji Barium wzr: Richard Monkman, .nl'ie1,1iy,' .lack Mitthell, 1'1ru-ilf,qi'i1l,' jack Look, i'tguri11,' George Riilwerts, liuilim r K P ' Founded, Medical College of Virginia, 1879 I Chi Chapter, 1910 +2 Active Chapters Top voir: Wfarren Moscinski. Richard Mnnkman, Howard Corbett, Wfilliam Diuste, john jacob, Roger Smitendorl, -luhn Gulitlc, Wfalter McBride, james Gibson. james Pisano, Paul Thompson, Milton Christy Fourth mir: S. John Hanus, Richard Roth, Paul Neumann, Paul Schuessler, Clarence Moreland, Gilbert Haggenios, Donald, Robert Eklin. XVllll.irI1 Buck, Donald Hayward, Francis Michaels Third wiv: james Deckard, Charles Hedde, Allan Doane, Edward Beverly, Robert I-lavranek, Benlamin Limbaugh, Chester Gerber, Armen Varzliabediiini. XVilliam Collins, Robert Higgins, jack Mitchell SFlA0Jld row: jack Cook, Thomas Hackbarth, Charles Thiel, Richard Bergestin, Edward Bruno, George Morava, Richard Morlivgi, Stanley Susina, George Roberts, Donald Metzger, Dr. Ralph Voigt V Boing: gnu'.'E Dr. Frank Maher, Prof. Charles Clarke, Dr. Ernst Kirch, Dr. Hugh Davis, Frank Sagona, Prof. George Webster, Prof. Ralph Terrv, Prnt. er ert mig Nor in fnmels Loraclo Monaco, Fremont Schneider, jr. 96? ,fix , -, . 353-, .. Q 1 . , ,, . . V Q .. 'J f Q ' 1533 3 Y '-, Q j , I ' wvtv 1 Q is X -. . ,A I A21 . ' Q 4' 4.1 ' , j KN I . f 2-Pig'-H - . H ' . ' 45 : -A , Hg ' . s .ry iff . 7 I T . - ' I '.u"'S- ' 5 ,, - f ziffii it I ff fo ' x QN' - .' .1 - . M. 51,-Y ., . -x x .--1:50 -- .-.M 1 1 fr-1. 1 5' :LY egj- 5, - : - . ,Aw 1. f. 'ka,.,y.-.1 A R4 .ii U 5 , 9 'wa if 'U' Q, 'Q x g, LU. gf' ,fc :.,g:"' fqfg .5 N. - ima. gg .' Q ' wfffiu W lf 'iff?'iillj. ' ix' . hm!-N. -r ,f 29 fa J' x ,N . 12? , . L'- gf' , 1 ,f ,ll X if . Q, , -1 . f I A. 5 ,. 'N ix ' ' -' ,xy ' 2' , 1-' Y .417 v fi , 1,5 ' H+ N s Q' -, 'EE' IQ ' - J' MQW' dike' ,., - ,Hu , " N., - 3 N.. r , - .wg-v ..,, r w.-?+, Q -'!fiff.- f I 'ff - EE-Tlvzas' 'iff E-' " " '55 ' in EF: f W V ' . 'a 'rl' 4- " x - f . 'vw 'W "fn if 45" fm- ' f gf: "fy , Q H ' WM ,aT'Q5" g ' . QA A Jig Y , N M fi? , ,- W 'f 4. - ,-.1 - . ' ' ' 1 -ffbnriiz-. - - ' ,jf Al.1T'x',-'WY' A 1 , .1 -tw 1: -I-' H . Y , . r , '..-,,x'q5S- b Q ff-.4 . ,, ' A -gpm-4 , - f- -' Q K. . ff x - 'fl LYNN- . 0 ' a ' '1 ' .x.:s"Z.- 5:56 I .,n. 's -Qi x .. ..:-.:T:-1: UQ B , Q-' N' 4 ' 4 M 1. 1 -dd I 1 L v. Q eq :- I ""' -as. wk C' s 2 c' ' Y K 1 Nlnuxxim-1 'Ill-vrmnx Iluru,l, Ku-x bmxtll, Alxw Cv-uixlhlll, P.a'1l I.nr5wnu'r, Funk M.1hu1, l'niu.1rLI Yuhur, Clmrlus flukf Yf-V. zz ,-Xu-irmx I,.uN1-I, -Imuu M.nlIun. Allwrt mhulm.m, Cyulvxmu XX'rlwxtqx, lu- Sxllurrnun-tar, XY'nllx.m1 CQ-lllmi, hlnnbcth Barxxxg. Duxglnt Duudurrf X., 1 1 f lwmrxt YxJw!.1, ,lmwlw limim. Huwx FPIIEEN, Ilmxt Kmh, Stmlcx' Nuwnm, l3wn.1l.1 I,usim.m, -Luuv.-s Gmnun, HL-rlwxt Emnu, Rim du In Named H ' H. I :4 Ralph Y-wut. Hugh Dun. H-vyd Lyrlnlwxg. mw.'.1w-m,:w1uf. Yl..4k Mmlmfll, fm11.!1ff,', Dmud H-fll.1nd, :lm jmx1.l111f. lhlplx 'IL-Irv, P.m1u.n MAJJI, llnm Lvmrmu, 4.,f.,I,lU Xlllhhurm V V ,X ,J -fx ff,u,.1 M..rxm Cfmlwr, Nunuul Mlnlxmr. Dam R.xr11.uxx.xn1l, I.xrl Sulu, Rfxlwut Bumzmu-n, Ning M.nlxuuk.n, Imthur Mqcr Rho Chi I Lux l.xl'mr.xlury Xwwrk Aiwdyrl ' maine production tcchnic 116 S. 1 -- E- 4 'Wh 41. . z 4 ' Rf Ip? . . Q., I ,,., 7 ,us ,. ! if Q x 1 9' i 5 'difj L. Y. I we i . 4 , . C, 1 f ,Q 1 V " ' 'L 'ff Q'-ft C Pharmac Campus Candids fs, 75 5.1 -. F", urn., .fax CQ .H-' ' F-1, '-if f llupurwm Posing fur a moth paste nd "D.1nvnnu Rwmcof' UN PJYYY my hladw lmnlnu mn thc lnlly trip 'HW Bwwmnn KIWIUU 118 Graduate College Graduate work at the Professional Colleges in Chicago has been in progress since 192-1. Conduct of the work is under the direction of about 100 members of the faculty of the three colleges who have been approved also for graduate college ap- pointments and the Committee on Graduate work in Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy which de- termines policies particularly applicable to special- ized work in the medical sciences. In 19-19, the position of Assistant Dean was established because of the greatly increased registration and general conduct of graduate college matters is centralized in this office. Graduate work on the Professional Colleges campus is primarily intended for students who have already completed their professional degrees in medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy. However, su- perior students currently registered in a Profes- sional College curriculum or who have essentially completed premedical requirements and a Bache- lor's degree are accepted on a highly selective basis if their interests indicate a desire for training at the graduate level in basic medical sciences. Graduate training is not a matter of successfully completing a number of advanced courses but chiefly emphasizes original laboratory or clinical in- vestigations. It is primarily a program of training for research and teaching in the medical sciences but in- cidental to such a program is the preparation of in- dividuals for a keen and scientific approach to the conduct of their professional practice or speciality. Graduate students work Dr. Milan V. Novak, assistant clean of the graduate college for l the Chicago professional colleges 4 l 1 H9 .x11 , -pw f. ,wg--2 Occupational Therapy Muscle Coordination For Everyday Occurrences MERLE 1.1211 CHAMPNEY. .. . . . .Waukegan B.S. DOROTHY DENNxs . .. ... .Pam B.S. ELAINE CoNsT.aNc1s FELLIOS. ., .... Chimgn 8.5. 'PHOEBE FRLTDDEN .. .... Dubuque, Iowa 53.5. ARLINE HOPE Go1.nMAN.., .... Cbimgo lB.S. 'ROSE-MAME HOLSTON ,,.. .... N fubzfille 1B,S. APHYLLIS MARY DOYLE .... .. .LaSalle fB.S. Paralpm LOL' HOULIHAN., .. l...I'.:y:1:.y Inj. 8.5. Eu.-xNOn HURTAK .. ,. ,Clumz Bb. ANN BETH K11HM.,. ,.., Clfn-.vgv B.5. Hr1rN S'rr1.LA Po1.rNsK1f ,. .... CIIPI0 B.S. P.-xrnrcm JOAN TOZIER .... ...Chimp B.5. ALTHIEA VOLLAND XVALTON .,,. flffnzezmoj B.S. Emu: IYIICHIKO IWAFD,-X ,... .,..ffiw.z,w B,S. v A .P yfxlgfy, -ll 'X I . -.lx 1 1 NN 'mf' 1 X XYN N if.. V .uf il 1' :fn Merle fliampntx, Patritla Toner, Arllne Cwlrlriavi, Elaine Fellios, Ann Kehm, Phoebe Flllllxltfl, Ella Rnh M. f cr lleari-il Hurtak, f air-I Dillon, Patrnia Houlihan, Marita l7iexmlllel', I.-us lirase, Helen Eetenko lv I rf f ri ,Klart lierinetly, forrnne livankel Illi-Sota llli-Sota, the orlicial name of the lllinois Student Occupational Therapy Association, was organized in Nlarch, 19+-I-. in L'rbana as a campus actiyityg a section was organized on the campus of the Chi- cago Professional Colleges in September, 19-H. This organization was the out-growth of the es- tablishment of a Curriculum in Occupational Ther- apy in 19-I-3, the registrants in which register in the College of Liberal Arts for six semesters, and trans- ferring to the Chicago campus, register in the Col- lege of Nledicine for five quarters. The purposes of the organization are to familiarize members with the function of the occupational therapist as a member of the health team, to further acquaint- anceship among the registrants, and to identify themselves as a professional group. lrlarvla swap 'lofr vnu: Robert Firma, farnille bluore, Helen Bryant, Lynthia Clark, Fannye Mathis, Ann Hearity, Shirley Lundbergz, ,lean BeDell Yffura' ron' barbara Rennaker, Virginia Beekuith, Mary Ann Heineken, Elaine Zimmerman, Mary Ann Strpp, Lerrla Kelley. Bexerly Ann Taylor, Rita C. lxers. Elaine tl, XX'rlson, Margaret Lupton, Patritla Hough, Eleanor Deffley, Elizabeth Rathlrng Xr.frr1.l ron Patrutia XY'rlliamson, Marion Serxatzy, Elizabeth Rasmussen, Maryelle Gunderson, vlUlIZl Feldman, Barbara Meyer, joan Otis, -loanne fruthers, Httlxt Droxxne, Grate Dittman, Marilyn W'erselberg, Dolores Holden Bottom von Nally Yiughan, busre Yoshrkaua, fynthia Martin, Marilyn Block, jean Parke, joycelyn Green, Ruth Knight, jane Merrill, Caryl Calvin, l,ella Hotles, Marilyn Humphrey of fumtl' Susan Close, Patritia lurran, jane Durlee, Georgia Green, Barbara johnson, Allen Mills, Dorothy Omorr, Martha Rite, ,lane Selmens, Virginia S"-en. Margery Tompkins, flaire W'egner, Lorraine fozza, Rhoda Priest, Irene Ramsay, Phyllis Schwartz, Nanty xw,IllI.lIT1S Az, Q 3 L -' . U Q 1 . - -5 - F9 ' 9 4 - -5' ET" i " ' 6, .. - Y 'fu' Illia l7IL'llH'L' mnlnliilre- Howard Kuhl, Richard Owen, Stella DeMett, john Dzixis, Edwin Brown Not in przuulx Bernard Patrick, Dave Holland The Illio of 1950 Each year the presidents of the senior classes in in medicine - are responsible for the compilation dentistry, medicine and pharmacy appoint two com- of the Chicago Professional Colleges section of the mittes from their respective colleges. The commit- Illia. tees - this year headed by joseph Brettner, a senior Illia rrmimillee- Trip rnuf: Bob Bird, M. Galbraith, adrirnrp Edwin Brown, jonn Davis, Ray King Bollugn row: Milton Christy, Phil Laurence, Rita Fisher, joe Brettner, cbanrmi11,' Constance Roark, Warren McPherson, Harry Harslibarger Nor in panel: Norman Cipolle, Edmund Prorok l -Si 'gf I -in K-5 g,,,- wwxs..4::tX.w,Nc 31 ' 1' gm. .. ' W 15 F' X' 55 -1--1 G i WH Y Y ,Y q 'w ,, T ,,,,,,,A, A X U ' " 4 ut " tl. Q . A n . 5 . w. . . R' ' QU' ,.4., i xx ' W Q vi X 0 . -I 1 :A A l qgkqg gy KG, , ,J A Y , X: p n f- Q1 l .-SYQL... P K- I w I f fe 1:2-sf Xa' Y' J., A 1 I Q., M ij? t. A I .4'.' all ? I-rs I, ,V .. 2 li . , ,. .xg ' Hg' i Q' Q. .Pa J' q -H gi ,-L .. -1 X, x .A -2 2. I ' I 1-35 f x , "Q . , , . N : . . " x ' zgx 2 .4 5- ,, ,. '- X 4 - t. if If " ' C7 N ' ffm. . ,. , 215361-f"?, ' xf'f'-Yg+:vevv:x.:- f ' - .. - 14? -.urs Q.. ,5-,1,M. 5,,,gq.x:f- ., 'X N Ns , wx Nw. ,,.Nm.,. . NA..-, ,, .,.. ,xx ,,wx.,,.. wx x f . ANQgx..gNi:w-SESBQQQQ, mg: -l 'F"5igf'BR,21E gmxmwf an-wwvrxz.:Qwmw.aa,-'R-W X .wgfyalrfx5:2xg,QQ.5imxxcimx wr -QQ 4 Q x . A. Qgrslsmgg..'e-'NSE'fCQiQf0Nw Ex' i -. N .ff X ' if "SQ: 1.. 5 5. X- 51- f Iz',f"Q'WliZ-'f.,'- x t Q . - .Q-5 ' , ' 'rv-1 ing.. , - px Q - k - Y W-A' 5 .-vias-,:yNQf---::.:lfgf: QQ- Q, W ' , -x .1 w:,g, .- 45 , +-V - vnu NXXXY: 'SR-X5 X1 x. x 1-are mg, -. -".. s - P ' Q - + H593 -ww-fww-fr-fl-fx:-1" i . S mr X .Y -- :sw f H 9- , K k5..k.f,. ,,,..A ..,.X . ,. x . ,M ...N ., 5 ' a. . , . Nw' v. .x X ' f vw ' W ' ,..-gig.: . ' I ' . .+ Q ,fs f " .' 'f urs . 'r P W. - X mm 1.5-., - Q- ' -SQA f- 4 X 5 M..-cw, Q ,N - - W , x . - 4 551 , .: X: .. -1-.?12xs',2fv 1 f . 3 ,S-fav ist' .- 5 ,- '. t- -' Xw ., . ..g1:..1-12... ,::-,- . .:- : xx f ' Eg? I SM... - f - v f - .. N' M M--Q f.-K3 . V- " ' :Eff 'TTf'm": www- V ' ...., -N , x - 1' 2'-:L-W1':ZY"..Z-i:'.".'-'-- -. . ax'-'W V, -,ss-iw ' ' ' "" ff - 25 f fs .. ., :. : 0:55 --Q Q o , ' .114 . 3- K ' J' , R . . mfr: - A Q., s we " . ' gr- J -' , W , X f,- L A., .-.- .fi ff 1 "FU N Hgly, -57 Q , up " 4 A - M .' ' ' ' . "1 EGEE V? '3 "1 '- T - '- x Qimfszhfj ' X ' 4 4 V H V- fwfr .' 1' " f' - .11 fi" 1: 2 I f .f ff' wi-T-ffvf' 'Q .1 ' I, ' x Q ' ' Tc- Nix 'm I' ental R.0.T.C. The Dental R.O.T.C. Unit was organized in September, 1948, and at present has an enrollment of 50 students. The Corps is open to all first-year male students under Z9 years of age, if they are physically qualiiied, and to upper-classmen who are under 31 years of age and are veterans. Upon completion of the 4 year course, which includes 6 weeks of Summer Camp, the students are eligi- ble for a commission as lst Lt. Dental Corps Re- serve of the U.S. Army. Lt. Col. G. G. Garrison is a graduate of the University of Iowa and served as Dental Surgeon for the 9th US. Air Force in the Middle lffast and lfurope. Dtntnl students from Indiana University, Dental students at R.O.T.C. camp li' K fr , .UQ-e1 , -fax u fl Medical ROTC , 'fa me 1 I , Nd sy K l-sa Q .... Mayor james A. V. Galvin, AIC The Medical ROTC functions primarily in pre- paring medical students to be Medical Corps Re- serve Omcers. Most of the students remain in the reserve, a few enter the Regular Corps. Graduates of the ROTC have priority in being considered for Armed Services internships and residencies. Major james Galvin, MC, USAF, is a graduate of Albany Medical College, and has iust returned from Germany where he commanded the psychi- atric center and served as Theatre Consultant in Psychiatry. ROTC students take history of patient ROTC students inspect Manhans Respirator 4 . sri fi' 3' :X fs W john XV. Brown . The Chicago Professional Schools lntra-mural Program is ably handled by john XY. Brown, In- structor in Physical Education. In the 1948-1949 season, nine sports activities were available with over -Hifi of the total student enrollment participating. Football is the first sport. The six man teams represent classes and student organizations from the three schools on this campus. The l.h'l.P.O. team emerged as champions with Phi Rho Sigma placing second. Basketball starts in December with usually hicago Campus Intramurals twenty or more teams entered. Delta Sigma Delta won the championship with Kappa Psi placing sec- ond. Kappa Psi represented the Professional Schools in the animal MING festival, placing sec- ond among the teams entered. The annual Volleyball Championship was won by Kappa Psi. Golf being the next activity, Delta Sigma Delta won both the Spring and Fall tourna- ments. Phi Delta Epsilon won the Softball Cham- pionship and placed third in the annual MING festival. PM Dilm Epiflmz Sffjrball- Top mu : Charles Kaplan, Roy Mendelsohn Bffmfnz wuz' Robert Rabens, Aaron Fink, Marshall Orlorf Nat In paml: Daniel Thomas, I, Goldfarb, Harold Schoolman, Donald Koppel, Berkeley Slutzker, Leonard Bressler all 4.111 'T lfv if IX '? me- l i r I I 1 -'Si ,-- U Q'-c if 1 l.M.P.0. Foolball-Top r01L'.' William Kleckner, Sam Mladiner. jim Mullen, Kenneth Bowman, Kappa Pri Volleyball-Top mu: Edxnird Bev- Richard Schranz, Willard Poole, foarla and manager erly, Clarence Moreland Ballom row: Richard Buczynski, William Mueller, Paul Brinkmnnn, David Hacker, Herbert Braun Boiron: faux' Harry jablonski, Don Metzger. jack No! in panel: james Mclilhaney, john Bagel, Jim Smith Cook, Charles Thiel N01 H1 pfzwl: Richard Roth hicago Campu Intramurals i i 1 l l Ir1diz'ia'1ml Chd7PIpl0Il.l.' Edwin Brown, golf: Charles Thiel, free lbl0Il'.' Vernon Della Sigma Drlm Bmkfllmll-Twp mu: XVilligun Tinurun , Hutchings, Iennir J'I7IglEI,' Harlan Feicht, golf , Charles Nichols i Not H1 pane .' Richard Roth, table tenmf rmglerq Monte Steadman, lnzrldball ,imglerf Barium ruzr: Lehmann Henderson, Harlan Feicht, Ernest Brink- Charles Akes and Charles Pang, lable lwnm doubler man Q Noi 171 panel: Ralph Nelson, Richard Kelley, Paul jennincs 3 Wlillium Bell, Edgar Gillurd , K QQ, lx Z. Y' 7 if-'J Q' 4, ..- Aer , , M me - i 129 A 1' Qty . . Tap rfru : Robert Ferguson, zi'tl1,i11vn,' Dr. Leon L. Gershbein, 01rlvu,i.'m frzrnllj udrmw Dr Miltn V Nom qlt: llnlz Mrnfly ildzuffr Bffzlffm mu: Norman Powers, drrrtlnr of pizlzllrilyg Wfilliam Giles, fire p'e11Ju11l,' Jeanne Miller llflllildll lsadore Pitesky, fnt''ul Nu! nz fnlrzff: Rutli Kramer, vffrrlrnj Phi u Phi Phi Xlu Phi, an honorary musical fraternity, was founded by Dr. IYilliam H. lYellcer in 1936. Coin- posed of students in the Professional Schools of the L'nix'ersity of Illinois. candidates are elected to ineinlmership after participating in the parent inu- sical organizations for two years These orgtniza tions consist of a sxniphonx orchestra glee club and dance band. Its regultr niusicil concerts ire highlights in the culturil life of the Medic il Center of Chicago. 7ffff Iwi' Dixid Voris, Robert Killough, Poggemeier, Rolwurt Biurstiom, Wfulliiim Giles, Rudolph Fr msthlc lwnard Rink Walter Sthneldcr Iffrnrrf mu I Ijurivflly' Cross, Rosemary Larkin, Arthur Thlcsscn, Frank Hir.1tsuk.i, Wfarren McPherson, Rosemary Nlcmmn Richard Cooper 7!vm! ron : Bcrn.1rd'Rcsn1lx, Harold Sehwartz, Herbert Lerner, Harold Kadcrnun, Bernard Becker, Vittor V.1rr1il R1 hlrd Nixon Scwml ron .' bylxu lxlexpins, jeanne Miller, Norman Powers, Ellis johnson, Dr. Leo Ptvsner, uirluiml romfln D in Rlssct Robert Ferguson A, L In rf'-.lmr1fo, Alex Roter liflrfffm mn .' Colbert Kipnis, james Struthers, ,qltr rlnb in-rl1fr'tfur,' Allan Doane, Iszadore Pitesky, Dr. Leon I Gcrshlitm Dr Milan V Nou Nor nz fmuztlf Alatk Baldxiin, Manny Karbelnng, Ruth Kramer, Mrlxlne MtArthur, Henry Mtl.augl1n, Hubert Ptsrlmm Dr Sophie Presley john Nthiller Sheldon Shonelicrg, Rex: XVieder.indcrs 'C' 0- Spirit of Medicine The school library during a normal day I Campus Vxews Formal gardens The Pmfessicnal "Y" Campu Carnival Part of :A gay evening Havanna cure "See the birdvcm A popular booth by straw vote This onck not hare Pulling strings 132 S-Rwmmmx .r X 5 x A 4, Gs- Q jx .. Aknx ml . X Kg. , i" -.J 4,ff1fgff-.-,-fii..,-A ,Nm e ri -R. N ' '. 2 Q . .,, I Sf P ,M 's . ' I if 3 ,Q ij ' E . 1 X ml 4 4 Q E . ,M .. 1 'P-:N N ,:::f?jf - "B 4- rea. :,,gfQ.4 P, " ' ' avQ5?,:2: .N B 5-2 , ay Q ,,,, 5 3 x . , 'fi , if 5 - f 1 ei 2 3-2 Q S 2 ? 9 3 'ei 3 Li! -,Q u'jQL - v - P 1 . Y I Y 9 ui wi L - Q-, 3 0 r --a ' 91 f fS9E!f7' ' - ,,:,. .. V. i. -a I . .. 'i 41 af. Q i'N I , Q Q1 -fi i S A . ' -2 vi , x8 -v ,, , 'xc ,Q U .. iw 39 Q 5.-z - we 1 ..- E is 5 . Y Y V N. 22:51 Q qw W 381-S 'W' gwgsf 'N W.- 55535 2555 Q . f- . Q I Q., 4 B'-in .-....... .. , - :li .5 I ,, MAS ,af ai' .4 , S ' "' H , 1, w-4 -- " 1, ., . - . ., ..f,- ....-. , .NA 6' oifgf ' 2 9 . --s 1,- 2524 gig 3- '- 5. -gffw. , We .f -. . ' 3 fx ,' ' 2 Q .M 1, . ' v 1- p f' -'f".a'-ies:-153.-1-5:4 .-zzs. -1 . .,1::..,A,, ,,,,. 5 A 44 M395 , " '2 28 Y W2 'f H ' -f z 1 f , A ff- , .--'ff-.1,w-ws" -'-' - - 'g'.'...Q:'f7'-wgy-If fsaw-2245 ' ir: 1,-rx asian: xiii, if. - ,y-,.Q1i'Q,. in ,+,. ,.,,.,', . , A, - . ,Q ,.,,,,,-.1,.-,-., ,- 4.-,Ugg-.-,U -,- 1 .v,-wr, - . 7' f :fnv Y 2 5544:-. -- :f?,fu1-:- --v " Q V -Q ,,,M-, ,' . '. 5' 5:0 . 'iff '?7f",!' V, ' f'-'12, f: ik I 5' af' 1 5 1 ' 1: -,Mf t : in ' A .-ww-' -,':31-jgr.,-Q uf , ' . 4 - 515- ' .,4. 1 -1- .Wzfmz--,Q-va.--,-'-.1 -. '11z.::SX-'gr-Ywmixag:-f-qi.,-. ,V . 5 ' if . 'i'1i?'?ff:'?t-f " Y if . '7 vi-Af . 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I 15 oy' lf, L 7 1 wh' 1 f wi as oh 'I Nf f Um K :ik A f f X M Z J' f Wfff iff f Q + A X ww 1 , lf'i ff! 'K ' ,f WW ! ' Xxx f X A g X . ' A ' ' K A x gk 'W I lfifflfxjwb X 0 f WX , ? ' X ! Wk 3 f ix W1 ww' M44 I I A f ' I . 1 k,,, K f I K uf, f i I I jill, xXx ,f'?m wll X 'ai 23? I I M 1 'r 2, uiii' XfZf 1 ' ,, X 1 I , .V 1 4 xx 1 I . Z ,, f I x ' Q 'gd lu ' , cf Z l , W J' X pn!" ll! N if 1 I, , X f mln 'f I 1 I f-'Z ' In 6 f 7' --R LW X I W ' ff ' 'I ' 'Q f I K j Xt gggx " W 1 ,,,' " XX, M alum' 1 Ax f f ? hicago Undergraduate Division The Chicago Undergraduate Division of the University of Illinois has developed a sound educa- tional program since the school's establishment at Navy Pier in 1946. Four thousand students-a capacity enrollment--are attending classes at Navy Pier during its fourth school year. The courses are patterned after the curricula on the Urbana campus with freshman and sopho- more work in liberal arts, commerce, engineering. and architecture. In addition. complete pre-profes- sional courses are offered in medicine. dentistry, veterinary medicine. journalism, and teacher-train- ing. The current school year saw the establishment of a degree program in nursing in cooperation with four Chicago schools of nursing. The 68 classrooms-so similar to classrooms on other college campuses that it is difficult to remem- ber that these are built over Lake Michigan-and 33 modern. fully-equipped laboratories are provided at Navy Pier. The classrooms and laboratories are supplemented by a 30,000 volume library, lounges, cafeterias, and extensive recreational facilities. . f.-'2 num, -, . 9 as I Mm 155 i IIl I i' Vs S .Wx +V 'Wt an Z Q '-T H fi, - -g. ...A ,.-ra-rn. ,- ig fr . Tsar' Q-A.. ..1 . . Q .Q P. ' 57" .f ' lbw.. . mfg -752-"'-83. T- Q, Inf ' if .-..- A ri llll GW ' F' his' lx L . ,UH , X. Amy if x nf .' ,'-5 ., if " .4-9'-, IA I iw A A if '?' .- ff-."fiy 1' . 151' L 1'..'...."ig1'-'- A"' , ,-'C' 1 -A 2 - . 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'72 ' G .ff --ffl-,.-,,'1if" 12.-' - . ,- .. 4 41 ,. 4 . , ,. ,K- --' "- -, ,-'x. ,-J .WJ - 'f ,-, , ' f- 1 ' '- .Q .ff-11, 11, ,V ' :-,ki- 'W"lQ',"3l5f . nr .-' . .. w-..1f-- --'ww . a.: 'M' .M . 11' -'.-'1'f5'- 'Nw W - QI: 3. "" M W ., f . -, ,-4. K - iw,-.fx wx 'E 4 In hr fl I'-ull, pugwlx Crowning beauty .ml :hu v L-my Big moment 1 -T -,, '-L' I 5Ar WS' WALL B- Ceiling zero Sounding mf just plane grounded Christmas t.1blu.1u China wear ,iff x, , A y .If 1 a 4 I L! O-P 139 u F 19' Uv-Hwy, 1 Y ra rf Q 4, ' "K, 4 G A ' I ' . . ' iv Qi K ' gg, fr sf? Q , V A Q 9 l wg J ' ', F A "Q k 59-is ' MY N ' fg ll au? . 5. I, - Q-,,X..M r i ,L U 1' 'rs n . Qui' em , ffgiywg "' ? ,F id Ae- - - A -1- K. Mx 4 . f ,g-M iz, W. 1 t if 16 Pi ', 14" . Q, L :Ei M .lj 5.1 . 44" 'ff' f Q. 4 I un v' Professxonals I .ix 0 X x N V K V JN 0 I v f X g, XX, . N39 wwf? I-Ionoranes and fi X X D ff fx Q MN M2-AN! XE? ?5w We Q Ji? 5-LFG? IS' X L F 1, gf I X p Gm, Wk NJ f 5 'Ny ,X KW :VA Q 1 K QQ f u 2 M4 X K fs Q Y My ,Sq 0 S f 'af ' V32 -2? G 3 X W 4 ' 1' if 1 X -f N f X 1 0 K 0 V!r! X. 'ix' l X yr f Lk E-4 1. ,' mx g 'x X 'ly 1 ww f X g f K ff f X O I Bronze Tablet--1949 L'niversity Honors are awarded to those seniors who maintain excellence in scholarship. The names of seniors receiving University Honors are inscribed on the Bronze Tablet in recognition of their sus- tained high scholarship. ln order to qualify for this honor. a student must have been in the upper three per cent of his class in his school or college in the four semesters in which he was considered for junior and Senior Honorsg therefore he must have been awarded College Honors in both his iunior and senior years. Liniversity Honors are also awarded to graduating seniors who have earned . le I . . -sg, ,' S if 'fx .Qi W ' 'vlil' i3:.:QiE.T'5 xii -ow ' College Honors twice and whose scholastic aver- ages for all semesters previous to the one in which they graduate are at least equal to that of the four- semester average of the lowest student currently chosen for University Honors. The privilege of receiving a special University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key is extended to recipients of University Honors. XYilliam Peter Adams john Horace Allaman Mary Louise Baer George Pickering Balz George Holbrook Bargh. jr. john Franklin Belt Albert William Berg Sheldon Berger Martin Eugene Blazina Lois Dungan Bohon XYilliam Andrew Brooks Earl Cecil Brown Patricia Ruth Brown Richard XX'ellman Brown Shirley Rita Brown Kenneth Robert Brunn Albert Orin Bumgardner Richard Alden Campbell Roger W'illiam Caputo Sue Carol Carr Frederick Russell Chapman Phyllis Selma Cohen Roland Dean Collins james Lawrence Connell Edmond Elmer Conner Charles Gilbert Cooper Clifford Mathis Corneli Charles Lynn Coultas james Wbillace Crawford Thomas Raymond Crews Patricia Ann Culp Dale D. Davis james Robert DePauw Lawrence john Desmond Phillip Brock Doll Charles Edwin Drury Mary jeanne Eberhardt john Harris Eichhorn Richard Charles Einbecker Carroll Dean Eldrenkamp Norman j. Elliott Ronald Leroy Elliott Milton Luther Embree 144 Gerald Leroy Engelhatt Edward XY'illis Ernst Earl Duane Eyman Wfilliam NX"ilbur Finkler George Frederick Fischer Betty Louise Foss Donald Richard Fox james Ray Fox Wfilson james Frank Leo Ray Fryman Marilyn jane Gardner Vincent Glaudin Xlifilliam Maurice Glickman Girard Edward Golden jack Allison Greene. jr. joan Harvard Grout Louis Howard Haglund Calvin Sargent Hamilton joan Rewey Hayes Robert Walter Heckman Malcolm Morris Helper W'illiam Ernest Henderson Neal Elwin Hennegan john Melvin Henton, jr. Don Eugene Herron Avery Herbert Hevesh joyce Charles Hoffman Robert joseph Hohlman Rose Marie Holmes Robert Henry Holzbeierlein Simon Horenstein Guy Lee Hudson Robert Henry Huss Dickran lzmirlian Lester Ernest jacobs Richard George johnson Stuart john johnson joe jungkurth jordan Gilbert George Kamm David Leon Kantro Richard Chien-wen Kao Allan Louis Karl Mark Robert Kinter Helen Marie Klier Paul john Klumb, jr. Glenn George Knackmuhs jean Hanna Krieger joan Elizabeth Kuhns james Elwyn Kuntz Murney Myles Lazier Robert David Leach Harold Kinzer Levy j. Gus Liebenow, jr. Phillip Irwin Lifschultz Suzanne Love Dorothy jean Mattes Annette Rose McAdam Kenneth Francis McGann Mary Rose McPherson Alan Wfilder Metcalf Carmen Russell Milano Don Carlin Miller joe Ted Miller Ross j. Miller Frederick Eugene Mills. llI Leroy Frank Mumford Carlyle Edwin Neubauer George joseph Novak Leonard Saul Oppenheimer Robert Lawrence Pancoast john jay Parry, jr. Howard joseph Pele Harold Edmen Pendleton Frank Cousins Perkins Ruth Bergman Peskin Chester Max Peterson Guy Dean Phillips jack LaVerne Pihl Alvin William Pistorius Donald Paul Protzman john Gordon Replinger james Bradford Robinson, jr Leslie E. Roby William Lawrence Rockholz james Alvin Rogers Norman P. Rotenberg Frank jay Rubenstein Donald Keith Schaeve james Henry Schussele Charles Harry Sechrest Eric Paul Selin Donna jo Selleg Morton Shane LeRoy Harvey Shanin Phyllis Marie Shaw George Oliver Shoemaker. jr. Edward jerome Silverman Marcus George Singer Harry Degan Smith. jr, Ober Allen Smith Robert Lee Smith, jr. Lloyd Stratton Springer joanna Elizabeth Stern Donald Edward Taylor Wfilbur john Thom Harrison Cleaveland Turner Earl Louis Urish ' Edward Kenneth Usher joseph Martin Vene Francis Dale Vercler Robert james Wagner joseph George Wasko Robert William Weber Raoul Bloch Weil Freida Weiner Edith Madelen Wells William W. Welsch Carolyn Wildman William Charles Wiley Richard Dudley Williamson Margaret Louise Wilson Mildred june Winkleman Albin Paul Wojnarowski Pang Tsu Woo Arthur Ramer Wyatt Edward james Zagorski George Zilis judith Ann Zuckerman Top mum' jack Grenz, George Drake. Wfilliam Patrick, William Harper, Robert Grigg, Robert Silverman. Joseph Senesae U Serond razor Stuart Helilrich, David Cunningham, Chalmers Marquis, Sherman Keats, Arthur Harlan, Donald Burns, Phrlip Rosenberg Barium nun' Robert Dunn, XVilliam Mindak, Richard Brams. Thomas Pugliese, Albert Schweibish, Frank Senger, r1rz'z1fof is a professional frafernify for adverfising sfudenfs K P i fosters research in commerce, accounts, and finance Top mfr: XVayne Oak, Ralph jackson, Donald Colbert, Maurice XVorkman, Fred XVilson, Paul Doebel, Charles Andrews, Charles Pollard, Clinton Cannon. Joseph Gauger, Dalton Hildretb Second ron: Edwin Thornburg. Russell Kelly, Andrew Drake, Dean Goldnetz, jaek Morrison, Raymond Baehert, Alvin Cooke, Reginald Romine, Kenneth Hoover. Gerald Murray. Francis Peterson, Howard Hankins Barfom wuz' Prof. Hale Newcomer, Robert Blucke, Roy Hostetler, Robert Ahlquist, Daniel XVollar, Harold l-Ceiler, Richard Miller, Donald Storm, Verne Daehler, Richard Anderson, Prof, Paul Van Arsdell Not Ill prmel: Harry Allen, Robert Bergland, Alex Bower, Clarke Dexter, Orin Grant, XVilliam Schnirring, Clarence Vo-gler, Dickinson XY'iltz, XVilliam XY'ood5 3 4 i . x l 1 l s vi . , I . z 2 'I at an - .,,. H , ., . . SJ.. , ,r -. , , . 1- go- - n..s,-- - .. ' -, ' r-, , - ,, ,J ff . X. --A ' s . 1 -- - ' ' ' - ' L .-.. 'J P' ' - --sf' DO as, Q 'G 9 1 '5 F laws: - 4"J 455 , v 7' ' 7. 2 A il , 3, 29 -cr Y D l -1 I vi K X , 1 ., i S v fs 1 4 7 1' r- rw lXl.urv I-rrrru, Lmrrgm Crrcun, N.rmv Nukcrs, Marrlyn Srlmcler, M.1rg.rrct Nmur, Bcxcrly Taylur, B.xrbr1r'.1 Hull, Hcwrly Bmmblctt, Humrk, Flrrr--r -Lrrmw, zur fmr1.f'n:f. Ann Sxrnpwrr, Mnrrlyn Nrrrrlr, Q rr wrzrr Mrffrrj 'Mu' Dcncs, Vrrurrwm Pulzrn, -lun Ulwn, Clmrlnttc Harris, C.1rnlyn fl.1r'li, lY:rIrlHn.!,' lNI.lrllyn Hulm, l.csl1c Nixon, Lum Small, 15' Hffw rrrl' X.mrv Alr-unrlur, Rrm Martm, Ruth 'I-flrns, Duluruw Korneggcr, Ardrs Mrllcr, Hcxurly Bxss, P.1lrrrr.r Nrrkcll, P.rrrrrx.r MlrhcIm.1n, I harmrrmr: Ruth Ann jmwlrlurll, Rrm Berg- N' .fra farm! Drrrr-crr N-rrtlr, Plrxllrx Bell, lsalwcll Brrmn. B.rrlur.r Clmrupuux, -luitrnu Ebert, B.1rlx11.r Trvzrcr, Bsrlmm XVrllr.rrns, Annu Beckman, rrulri, f,rrrrl H.rrrr-run, Burnt.: H.rrnnlr. Murlyrr Hrmlslcv, C-fnsmm: Hrrtlrnan. D--r-rrlmx' ,ll-nus, Dfvlurus Kennedy, Phvllrx MrD1wug.rlI, Mary Rrlcy, Irma Nlrzrkr'-l.rm1, M.rrrr.r Smrllrh R-rmlyn Summcr. Hourly 'l.lklur, Durutlwy Sxl1l'.lLlLI Zgvcgnugcfjghsrzzgrizrilcjrolasfic affainmenf ' fh'h hlh' dla'h" ' 5:22235 rg sc ours rp an ea ers rp rn womens l- 'f. 1 :r Xlr", Ihlrlrgrr I-rqrr, Prrl-1'-. Imrx l'S.rrr-wx, I,rl.x .-Xtlruv. lXl.rril','n F:rssl.1f1rl,YIIQII'l.l Nrtzltr 4 1 ' l L Top faux' Byron Peters, james Wildt, Ral li Hunter, Earl Traver, Charles Terril, Daniel Chambers, Russel ewey Fijib faux' Eldon Steffen, john Player, Ro ert Bergman, Howard Sheckler. Glenn Paulsgrove, Xvilliam Martinie. Donald Freebairn, XYilliam Ficlccl. XY'illiam Kirchhofer Family raw: Prof. john Wfeiss, ndz'i,mr.' XVilliam Hobson, Lorimer Elwell, Robert Kirkpatrick, Ralph Harmon, Lyle Lewis, Donald Kaufman, Charles Pearson Phillip Plumart, Eugene Pohl, Dean Herriot: Thin! row: XVilliam Fortschneider, Wfillis Mcliinney, Howard Thompson, Maurice Land, james Stewart, Albert Lundgren. john Stott, XV1lli:im Sthruedcr, Ralph Buswell, joseph Foster, pferident SPA'0?1df01l'f Robert Mills, Richard Wfagner, Donald Pritzch, Victor Funk, G.0rge Hamilton, Gerald Pirts, Frank Birch, Rothell Buzzard, Sture Pierson Lawrence Alles Barium v'ou': Carl MCCausland, H. C, Hendren, Ray Smith, Hugh Livesay, Orville Sauder, john Cracldock, Eldon Chapman. Edward Yadlosky aids prospecfive feachers of agriculfure recognizes high scholarship and leadership in agriculfure Top rozw: Donald Miller, XY'illiam Oschwald, john Cline, john Shiels, Donald Brakensiek, Donald Kaufman, john Keeney, Ralph Taake, Norman Yngen Donald Mann Merwyn Lindstrom Kirchofer, Carl McCausland Boltom mir: john Curry, Donald Niewolcl, Charles Mcliie, Ted Kendrick Tbim' row: Glenn Moody, Russell Lewey, Glyndon Sturt, Ellery Knake, Robert Alexander, john Small. john Staubus, XValter Fehrenbather, Robert Downey Sefozzd faux' john Christ Robert Hamilton, Elrny Colden, Robert Renken, Edwin Monke, Robert Gorerki, Dr. Ralph Mutti, r1QJ'11,iffi 5 Robert Teel. XY'illiam Sfott Erirkson, Arthie Harper, XY'illiam Lloyd. Albert Hcrriott, H. lf Hendren .5353 Z o- Q If W. . I .hui M 'SF 9- 1 W '1 3. ,. F. gg . . P A, . 2' X' v L I ' y J ' 7 r , , I D K 4 5 K! 1 ' . .-D Ak. N ,x X sw "lf ,. , ,npr Q -' Q xfgiyf w '- Q 1 ,QT K + X an , Q X Q ' X We Q , Q N RP ii X Xe Y. 'Y T. 'N '3 gg Q- . Xig J xx . -3. 5 Ss -In :rw-L-ff' , v . . - 0' V , . ,-, - Rv -4, ii, - ' V , ' ,,u' ff: xr-len, 4. n- -4, ' X Q ,, 4- ,f -Wei -'21, -. , rx, . -If w ' ' g' " vu " ,' 4 K , s Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma, which is the national honor society designed exclusively for outstanding stu- dents in the school of commerce. was organized on this campus on February 26. 1913. The purpose of the organization is to honor outstanding scholastic accomplishments in the held of commerce and also in the held of business administration. The member- ship of the society is limited solely to those men and Women who have shown their ability and who rank in the upper two percent of the junior class and in the upper ten per cent of the senior classg they are those students who show promise of marked success in their chosen held. Since its very beginning. Beta Gamma Sigma has expanded considerably. Today, it has chapters at over fifty of the leading schools and colleges of commerce throughout the United Statesg it has a very large alumni group numbering more than fifteen thousand students and including many of the leading businessmen and industrialists of the country today. Gladys Alt XVrlbur Everineham 'Robert Hnllirnan Mary Baer XY'illiam Farr Robert Hohlman john Belt Dale Freldtamp XY'rlli.un Howard Howard Bernstein Neal Breskrn Earl Brown blames Connell Nolen Craver Verne Daehler Lawrence Desmond XVillram Dunn Richard Einbecker Carroll Eldrenkarnp Leonard Gibson hfrllard Grauer Allred Cranes XVrlliam Grrllith Douglas Hager Alerome Hankrn Walbur Harris Thomas Hernstreet Don Herron Neil Hobbs Guy Hudson john Ylolrnson Alvin Kaplan Kreel Kassermarr Iohn Keller Paul Kelsey Arthur Kiefer l-larlan Klotz Glenn Knatlxnarrlic George Koberg fillll Larsson Richard Lawler Robert Leach Rrthard Leighton Sam Levenson Lreorge bladden Louis Matusrak Roy McCollum Liuv McCune I harles Nrnter Robert Mrnnrng Walter Moms Leroy Mumrord Donald Neumann Top ron : Marshall Zissman, james Fischer. Stanley Metz. Eugene Koch. Frazier Brown. joseph Mortimer Botlom I'0ll'.' Prof. Arthur Anderson, Prof. Hale Newcomer, Prof. Robert Mayer, Prof, Philip Lorklrn, Prol. Charles Stewart Yale Norlridge Leonard Oppenheimer fiarl Peterson Phillip Rrtlr XY'rllram Roekholz Edward Silverman lark Slrehenmyer Robert Smith Daniel Steinberg Laurenre XY"ade Robert XY'el'ier XY'rlliam XY'erpert ,lean Walk Arthur XY'yatt , -- 1 X' " X "f'. re. ' x 7 rrrz Robert Furtlmnrp, H.uxey Sturnpf, Robert Alemntler, Elrox' Golden, Frcderre Koe, H1lNN'.llLl C-uhl, H.1rold Gohl. Robert Applegate, Duane Rowe, XY,rlrer l..rmb, Al.unex Henneberry, fluence HlDxlUfCf, Clmrlee Aguhr l,r 1 r rr D.rrreIl Klnnk, Al'l1on1.u Lhun, XX'rllu.un Dembskr, Nomk, Frank Hladrk, XY'llll.1m Lukltsch, Vrment M.1gr,:'ien, Raymond O'Ne1ll, Henry Ponlertluner, l.e-vn.ntl L.1uter, H,xrl.m Lrllre, Robert Cameron I ll' f rr ' D.ln.1ltl lohrs, Robert bmnllx, Robert Tomlrnxon, Munn Eyster, Lours H.1err, Durght C-.1rrr5on, Edxxxn Runcr, D.1rrell Hclmuth, Arthur Bmttoril, XX'rlIr.un xl--new, XY',1vne O.1l4, rloieplr Mortzmer A '1 lvfrj ,MH XY'lll.,1m Ixirmrev Kenneth Srnrth' Rowell lole, l.eon.1rd l.xrlso:1, joseph Malek, ,l.1n1e5 Fischer, Ernest Boulrllng, Etlmn Hutllngton, Hnrnld jones, Tlrornu lenlixns, Drrlton Hultlrerh, flrnton Lxnnon Nt. wr flu E M,1kor4. Iiukudrr, Fred B.1rn.xbe, Kl.urs 'I'rmmerl1.1us, Fretlrltk S,l1e1tlt, Dmrtl XY'rreht, Robert Grrnncll. Hnvey Gus, Rlymond Teplxtz. XVnll1am Fern, Albert Nl-Artur, Albert Nxglrn, Funk V-,Ile li "rm 'err XY.1lter Lrpnnskz, -loieplw 5.ll.ulrno, Gerald lXIt4oll.1n1, liretlzltk Zrtorskn, G1-,urge R.1nd, Enlwuud Nlcewuk, Donmld I..1ra-rn, Hubert Hart, Frederic li:-wore, Crcoree rlolmnwn. Dormltl PL-tltlvwrtl, Rhymonnl Slmller h' G I recognizes refurnmg veferans who have affarnea' hrgh I o scholasflc achrevemenf al honors oufsfandlng sfudenfs In fhe field of elecfrrcal PP englneeflng fl nun M.xrt1n Hretz, flmrle-. Raruter, XY'rll1.1m DeBmee, Marvin Anderson, Wfalter XVynf:i, Lours Malik, Stanley Ridge, Rob:-rt Nieholson, George Ecken- xmler, litlward N1-uk, Robert Laube. Robert Thcrs, Edward Flannery, john Flannery I 'lf' rf-rr Bemdmln Atkem.n,VGeorue Kel.1l.n, XV1ng 'I'-rv, Frantli Tone, Robert Antler, Robert Hargrs, Eldon XVebb, Lrnton Kyptrl. Arnold Darulw, joseph l,.,.,N, Anonymous, Carl Benetleltl, Dormlal Knowebel, Clmrles Meyer, Max fasler Yffff mu Aueuet Cmrtner, Andrew Roby, Mxrtrn Hrxlttunen, M.1rsh.1l Frolnntl, Rltlmrel Castor, George Peters, Robert Brrdgwater, V.1l blonex, Lnwrcme Mlunrerr I lurlei XVrllyr1rd, R.xlpI1 Klautulm N,fu! vnu XY'.1ll.1te Beruluntl, Rrclurll Wfelli, Hurrngton Brearley, Kenneto Borror, Earl H.r11c, Dwrght G-1l'FlM'lI'l, Robert Domltlson, Frank Osborne, flmrlex Krause, Brllv -lonex, Eugene Demuro, Vrrg.1l Srlmd ll 'vm rffzr Frank Ar-x.1nu, XX'.1ltcr loprnxkr, flmrlei XY'1Ilx.1ms, Rxrlmrcl Nrmtif, Rltlmrtl Gorozdos, Ire.:-nrtrq Edward Krtsclz, rmwrlfwzztflllv u'uulmj,,- Robert lieulix,,1r5,' 'lue Str1xner,fffngf,1m r'l1.11i1mn1,' Sol M.xnn, Inu frrr'r1r!t11,'g Arthur Stlmeter, Bruce Exerrtt, XVill Bryen, Robert Dull, Robert Survey, . I LIU! MTWR :2,-.-- . 111: :iii - 1:11 .- liii 1 :..' I I - l 111: c , -1:11 . 11-1- - 1 is f . l 1 r l Top 1-0111 john Wallace, Samuel Fnotlrk, Burton Frank, Roger Mellem. Prof. Drrver l.ind5.1y, Prof. joseph Bgrrnw, Prof. Rrchard Xlfrlliann Serond rnu: Arnold Gxrheld, john Truemper, Robert Tennant, Carl Wngnru, XYlley Trllnun, Marry XVexler, George Hodge, K.1rl Lulrnunn BUIYOUI mu : Vrrtur Pojman, John Severns, Davrd Pyle, Rulnert Seluefer, Rnherr Dedmayes, Oliver Hcrrrck Nut nz fzmlul: Edmund Trvth, james Scheelcr, Glen Arai, Gcnrge Hmllk ' m fe sch la f'c ach'e emenf among archifecfure Gargoyle Soclet fflodeifj 0 S' ' ' Zighcxas arf sfudenfs who mainfczin high schol- Top mu : Robert Grieg, Robert Wfrlbert, Delores XVullace, john Raushenhergcr, Sidney Bradd Senna' wrr: Sue Miller, Ruth Palmer. rrrfnza' zlru pr'e,ri4f:r11.' R-:bert Eckelx ff.,1-fmu' Rnmld Bernstexn, Qlnmnn Caldwell, M.1ryJ0 M.1tD0n.1ld Bnltam wzr: jean Devaud, fini nu' f7H'.llLfL'Nl,' Anne jac5cl1ke, janet C.1rso1, jay Holm, rfrffrrpfrzzrflrzg ,rrr'vr1r1f.1: S.1lly MeKeown, urwdlrzg -.', joan Fagerburg, XValter Baker. lmr-Hrfrzl Noi in fmucl: Pwr Bond:-ll. Marilvn Conrad, Phyllxs Donahue, Dorothy Lentz, Beverly Lundberg, james Poguc, Robert Shnnfeld, Rnbert Vugele, fhrnsrrplwur Zajit. Nancy Barber, Drnntlry Blfbftl, john Davidson, Howard johnson, Rlcu Kahn, Fred Petlng, Herschel XV.1rtxk Ill 'L' Il 7 fr v zz ' Kem Dnkman, Btu Dans. Mildred Moore, Ezra Bottenllelkl, XY'1llz.1m flark, filmrles Allen, Eugene Mellon, Metra Zahorsky, Nell Znlmcr lu latte fmlclrc, Rav Karnes M. ,mf ,,,,1- l,177lc Vl4'l1fT"'Vl. Hwlffl Huff, Vlola Allison, Agnus Nelson, Nellie lhlu, Vera Kanlen, Helen Slgnmncl, Ruth Tlmornpson, Marguu l lmxx Margaret Henllrrson, Dua Mlfall, ljufls Mellor, lm ff. fr n ' Ruth Hveks, Helen Kemp, Hernadlnc Hcmnger, Flon.-me Aye, Maxx' hlrliollgle, Katlmelim- folvcr, Inc-.utre McH.:rrv, -less Beard, R lu! Eldmm encourges high professional, infellecfual, and personal sfanclards ancl recognizes oufsfanding confribufions fo eclucahon recognizes and encourages oufsfancling scholarship in fhe field of journalism Xlathew Antonio George Bargh Xlary Carlson james Doxvler llelen lfallcenrotlr Ronald Fett joseph Fouelrard Nlary lfrcter .Xlvin llaerr 152 Donald Harper Donald llileman .lay .lcnson Barlmara Keepers -lohn Lemmon -lCl'UIllC Loeb c,ll12lllllCI'S Nlarquis llzwlxl Nlollerly' Rosemary .Xlorthorst Harold Neubauer Leo Persselin Ilarold Ramm Romayne Richardson l larvey Rubin Robert Slwonfeld l'-,ll1lCl' SLllZC1' Mary Weeks liuniee Collins. m1'1'is01 we ,Q ci es an f ez ,-.. nf" '? Top row: Maurice Martin, Glenn Fiscus, Robert Mulhausen, Charles Wfikeheld, Frank Carter, Herman Tebrugge, XY'llll.l!'D Sawyer, Bernard Dikselis, Robert Hertrng, Marshall Rowen V V Serond Y'0Il'.' Donald Wleller, Thomas Pollard, Jerome Frankel, XVilliam Nace, Lorris Bowers, George Anast, Donald Walloughby, Arthur Scolnick, XVilliam Ken d' Ballon: iful' Elizabeth Grossman, Phyllis Bell, james Meyers, Elihu Schimmel, Raymond Teplitz, Frederick Brodie, Yvonne Aldridge, Yolanda fammisa - . . . promofes a beffer undersfancllng of fherr fufure profession among pre-meclical sfuclenfs furfhers fhe ideals of fhe legal profession Tap rnzzx' Edwin Gunn, Paul Bere, Robert Butler, Richard Gremley, Wfilliam Davenport, Robert Dannehl, Gene Grnppi, XVilliam I.ewers, Raymond Lee Sigzb ron : Wlalter Sebo, Howard Koontz, Carl Ohse, Roy Grunnet, Arthur Padella, john Belt, Godrrey Nemee, Kermit Knetsch, Donald Merlie Fifth razu: jack Fitzgerald, james Files, Harrison Streeter, W'illiam Driscoll, William Hotto, Walter Finke, George Killian, Ernest Utter Family 7'0Il'.' Harlan Heller, Roger I-laughey, Ernest Fraley, Howard Neuberg, XVilliam Makovic, Charles Hopkins, Lee O'Brien, Lewis Pollard Tbiri' mvrr.' john Olivero, Wfilliam Lawrente, john Morrisey, john Moran, Arthur Price, XVilliam Nemanitk, Kenneth Peek, Robert Preston, XVilliam Ko- 'ontis Sefond rout Harry Simms, Arthur XVendler, Ivan Elliott, Eugene Kwasniewski, Alan Hultman, XY'illian1 Early, john McNamara, Paysolf Tmkotf Barrow wir : joseph Saladino, john Moss, Martin Lawless, Charles jones, Richard Ackman, Sidney Smith .. 1 en . 4 3 E n u 1 I 3' 'Q 46 3 gt ,a -cs' 'Elf' .16 Yffff v n ' -learn H.-umm. Jammu Lager, MJ-L-nn.x Stahl, Mu Cru c mu m A U A ur'Ixl1n1x Xmffml fffu. K.xsLl1.1k, P.ntr1u.x XY'1lh-vurn, Margucritc Hr cr nmttc tw X lx In Izlndn lu lvfmffrf' V-'11 Knthrxrm Muurlmnv f.1r-llc B,1uL-I, Shulcx Bnltclx, Eur-thx Rus L hun .Nw xr: f..r1J Angrluic Mlunc-rn, Knhurlnc OTH-lrznwr Phi Phi I K' vw R llmf ran' 'IIIL-More M4 mf vfll' la, ,rn vnu' I.L.I:Lr, P I hl, promofes fhe cause of higher business ea'ucaf1on for women I provides closer social and pfofessfonal companion EP K ship for men In physical educaflon nlmul fnluth, XYlll1.m1 vlmlrxclx, fhqstcr Mulnrmv Iliff ld l'u1lt w L s I Ihxrd XX'umIxx,11d. Pwr 'I'hr:r11.ux Cuutnn, Paul Dun :IL ng' Lmmm L L LM L hulk, Igrlgm 'Ih--mmm Knym, XX'cld-In Nuvslw.1un1,i Ylmur MI:-vlcr. Rnlxx 1 r mr uuulrn Ls 1. R lx L Arthur Hmm, Paul Huh, Nw I,,1H.m, XX'.mun OIL-us n L s I mn Q x Nmxtx 1 IILI um I un tull Jsmu... ' .1-1n.' ,. o . Phi Eta Sigma is a scholastic honorary fra- ternity for freshman men. It was founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois. Dean Thomas Arkle Clark, its founding father, in- tended that it should promote and honor high scholarship among freshman men. At the present time, sixty chapters hold charters on university and college campuses in the United States. Evidence of a fast-growing organiza- tion has been shown by the installation of sev- eral new chapters each year. To be eligible, freshman men must have achieved a 4.5 average or better during their first semester at school or by the end of their Hrst year. ln the fall of each school year, Phi Eta Sigma gives a smoker for those freshman men who have shown promise of attaining the required grade average or higher. dfuff Donald Hunfef- ffffffw 1 James Barr, rife prefidezzlf Floyd Yifindal, lmrfmei 5 Bruce Gilbert, purif- An installation ceremony is held during the latter part of the Winter. Following the installation ceremony, a banquet is given in honor of the new initiates. Included in the program of the banquet is a speaker who is a well-known personality on the campus. The men elected to membership have the honor and privilege of wearing the Phi Eta Sigma I I key. Top row: james Barr, Francis Livermore, John Conlee, Robert Rexer, Gerald Magee, Raymond Knauss, Paul Randolph, Elroy Golden, Kenneth Mules. Ken- rgethl Fetrow, William Thompson, james Ephgrave, David Knecht, Robert Lauchner, Garland Fritts, Dario Cova, john Mason, Robert Cook, Theodore wam Third row: Scherrill Weichbrodt, Paul Bauermeister, Ronald Hoefle, Burt Sindberrz. Richard Allison, Edgar Dunn, Donald Bahnlieth, Dalton Hildreth, Wayne Thompson, Earl Bragg, Melvin Churovich, William Becker, Richard Wfebb, William Noonan Sermza' row: Gene Blanchard, Kenneth Macdonald, john Rago, Paul Cox, Ora Brown, Richard Minor, Abraham Goo, Lorris Bowers, Wlayne Hartman, Charles Wade, Glenn Bailey, Peter Griiiin, Eugene Finke, Hugh Hough Bonom row: Homer Beall, Bob Schwaar, Lowell Eldrenkamp, Roger Swank, Robert Seifert, Ray Hauser, Floyd XVindal, Donald Hunter, Bruce Gilbert. Donald Wfilson, William Anderson. Fredrick XVinter, Russell Bennett, Ralph Froehling a P i'Xt1rirrrS'e"ele'e'e'e L - 1 be lolaloisxaxa 42+-Ar: ' QUVQQQVYVVAVQVQ - -Mgr, 5' ' 7 ,I ff 4 . Q p 4 , 'pmt , 7 f' 'nn tlmrlcnc XY'nntlmn, -Iolunnm Entun, Mnryurrc XY'exley. Dorothy Muliinlcv, Marllyn Augspurgcr. f,.1rnl Frlcs, Mary Cxmpbell Tl-:nl v zz Ruicmary Arrhrluld, Ruta Kapuun, Mary H.lDi6'D, P.1tr1c1.1 Scherer, P.1t11cl.1 Fcastcr, I.-:une Hmhm Mwm! 'fn' Fmntcs Rwbnnsun, Ynrulnu Stewart, Mmzue Angrcr, Glnevem Little. Msrmn Ryan, K-vrccn Kmpl, Dorothy Glcsc lifrrxfm 'nn Pnrlcm Prnt. Hcxcrly Glhl'-S, lXI.1rllyn H-ruse, Parrxrm Rlngver, P.1tritx.1 Sheldon. fnnitnmc Whxlkcr. Mary P.1ln.l165 f AN f' un' farm! Ellen Mawr, Durutlwy Blind. R-mcrrury Slmplnprtl, Ruth St, Ilfvhn, Gictel XY'lnAkor, Margy Xvoorlburn, Yvonne Schaerur Ph' U -I I I P I advances and promofes home economics P- I I honors oufsfanding scholasfic achievemenf in mafhemafics 'I 'ff f rr Wllrcr Inpxmkr. james H-mgrtl, Cywruc Mnlur, XYnlIn.1n1 Orton, D:l-ww Pybca Dnrultl Nutm, Gunther Wnttmus, Haney XV.1lls, Donald Burgener lm ' ff 1 rf Ymlnr- H1rat.x, Harfll B.rtl1-l, M. I ' 4- , .rcntc Pl lr N. :th-I A rn l' 1 Iulc '. A 1 I lx 1 t tri vrlt D1 rup fll nl p l. Prpper, 11 .luulsn n Nmturwn, IN r M1lln,1n, Robert Rtrmlrc 1 wx ,1 .- ,,Q',i,Q. Q-Af Qgfcz I Zn, 1 :W ls, Shar' ' J' 1 , 0 N , . 1.11 AVTFNQ V 1 V " 'N D E :.- vi .N ii. 3557 " -, NV .. " j wr j- -' . 'F 'N ' Q ' "V, f " A . . L1 '-M fi I fy K ff,-1 1' ' iiff pi, ' M f , - t I N 5 . E ..,..- r I, K I I . if ' Y r nk- Q: i t ,'-. ,.. X J' rx- ikg 1 ,wa ,. , A93 . 19'5ZfA:-nun: 1 f. r. -..n ., I :- Lx, 9'LQ.3 ' J "mx ' 351- . ., h Y 2 .. 2 N. -L , . ' v 1' 4? f r I R - ,225 1: ' 'xv ' w Y , v ' bv 1. , fn! y, 1 -M tv . ff-. .cg A 7 , In F 1 '-5 . S I 4 - J Yup ron 5 Peter XY'.1:go, XY'1ll1.1m Clmrrstorlcrs, Robert Lnube, VIJHICS H.1rl.1n, Arthur Rexnsrh, Rrrlurel Kuns lmfzwflv ron J August Gnrtner, Robert Nxtolson, Robert Sthrlson, Sol M.1nn, Mxrtrn Brerz Yiwu! ron 3 Dormld Fowler, -lnnwes Petersen, joseph Gl'.ll1.lI'll, MAX Casler, Donald Engelhretht, Xxlllllrlfll lNlottershgxw ,Xtrr-ut! run' XY' Atl-cerrrmmn, -lr , Nornmn XY'.xntlke, P.1ul Mooney, Dontlltl Tarnc, Hrrnnrtl Spinner, XVullr.xm English, E.xrl Hall. Hrfllfrnz rung Etlxxarel Ernst, Rolwert Lexus, Gunther XVittmuss, Howard linoehsl, Brute Evexltt, Howgrel Erickson, Pmnk Osborne, XY,llll.lX'H Boyd, Mehmet f57gor . 'fl in fmrnf' Rohert Punnon. Henry Burton, Rtllph Brngman, R.rlph Bower, XVrlIr.m1 Brooks. Larry Brown, Dormld Burgener, Rodney Cautlle, Francrs Citek, Brrsrol fonklrn, Dgrro tom, Philip Doll, Robert Dull, -lr,, flmrles Falls, P.1ul H.xrrrs, XY'1llguLl jmvrs, john johnson, Allen K.m.xk. Rirhnrd Loewe, Thomu jones, Robert M.xlorze, Bcrn.xrd Matllek, john Meyer, Rlth.1rtl Price. Oliver Pull, Errol Roddw, Dnitl Rosenstouk, xxrllllilfll Sanders, Arthur Ntlueltr, K.rrl Srlumdr, lltlwgrtl Stlrxxmz, Etlwwrtl Semrrght, Damel Snyder, XY"1ll1.rn1 Swotlord, -lerorne Ulnowski, George XY'1ntexowd, Carl Hart, Henry llnuwl. XY'.1rrLn Hunter X ll promofes leadership in engineering ll honors disfinguished scholarship in engineering 7 'ff our fllmrles Susnmn, Domltl Brnngman, Robert Mulone, Allen Kanak, Dum fum, Xv,IllUl'Ll Shurfleff, Dfmnlcl Fowler, john Srhnake, Howard Knoebel, Mgrtrn Bretz. Gordon Nordstrom Srrrrrj vnu J Rrtharel Prite, Puul Sthmrtz, Daniel Snyder, XVllli.1rn Mottershaw, ,len-me Ulwtowski, Harold Bilffllfl, Prof. Max Fgxucett, Ralph Bower, john Kohllwe-,ker. August Cmrtner, flurlei jefferson li'-l.' -vi von ' Rol.rml Benyamxn. f.xrl Mehn, Domld, RlLl1.lfLl Goroztlos. Hlrvcy NVJUS. LI-ll.lI'lKC Cobb. Dnlf XVUQHI. Richard Loewe. Robert Muck XJ in fuutf, l,enn.nrt Anderson, Robert Bannon. XY'1llr.1m DeBo1Le, Robert Du'l, Wullinm Erszner, Donald Engelbrecht, Frederick Fisthcr, .lohn Gomlell, Nornmn Cv-ywrn, Henry Huuser, Nrtholws Holonynk, Robert Herron, Marvin ltzkowitz, lohn johnson, Richard K.1r11s, Norman Lewin, james Love. Robert Malone, Sol Mtmn, Hermrd Mntlrtk, H.rrtm.1n Mrtthell, john Penn, Robert Petersen, Arthur Reinsrh. Robert Sandburg, Robert Schilson, Edward Schwarz, ll -hert S-ort, Raymon-,l Sterrml, jesse Stone, Rlthrrd XV.1rnotk m r'7rv:-mu Ju' 1 5, Aix ,,-Q -1,- 3 XA' Top rrmz' Mary Howard, joan Berquist, Irene Ther, man-ix :bairm.1r1,' Beverly janov, Rosemary Mothorst, lr'r'.1,imur'.' Lillian Collins, Norma Prudent, Mildred Kurchrtzer Balfom four: Beverly Lundberg, Mary Weeks, Eunice Collins, fdilfflj' r1r1'rv.rar: Mary Carlson, pre,r1rIarrl,' W'irrrlred Brown, Helen Falkcnrotli, ,rent-zrrry Nat 117 plural: Romayne Richardson, Iviarie Reno, Helen Hasty, rife prr',r'ir1rr1t,' Kathleen Howland, Miriam Anibrose, Betty Slnderson honors oufsfanding women in journalism ' f d ll fh h dd f' ef:'I1LZlZ7PC1ii2 an encouragesa wor yspeec an ramcr rc Top faux' Joan Neck, Adeline Kulig, Dorothy Huntington, Alice Muschler, 1unAe'Brandin2, Barbara Brocl-cmeier, Elma Miller, Kathleen Keeley Botram 1'01l'.' Maurene Scheckman, Joyce Bresee, Margory Halvorsen, Barbara Christiansen, Marrlyrr Howard, Marian Scheineman, Shirley fhristenseri No! in panel: Joanne Dillavou, Dr. Severina Nelson, frzrrzlly ddr-mn is 4-pi1v1v1r-u-1-1.1.1.-1 fi-Klang - .y-rr.-nr 4--req - -mmf my n Q Yin -.J V, -4- -Yj 7+ + Ah +5ff E-uf "' + 1315,- 'V+-4-+ 11 '1-+ + 1' ' f if JV '3' J C7 12's -P + +A , ,+++ + X f + ' 'E..fL5 4-'P+ in 5lf+fl+ 3, ,XA , ,L ,L + mx- 4 .5532 1' , -. ..:.L 1-11' "3 ' 'f' 'P + + ,pfjr 5. 55. if-Q + +44-+-i-N -H+ 46+ -9- + 'V+-+ J.-J'tff ++ ++++ -if ,Q .., -: 3 1 1 M' .7 v juris Erifriiioos Aarxox. ..,........ El.lor.1.!n Physical Education Plij.r.'flrl Ellnlizfsivir Alpha Sigma Phi Yarsitv Football Squad ill -lol-rx Ronxfx' Arwtiorr ..,. . llH.1l7llll Agriculture Gsrxfurl .-lk3i.'..'il'.'iiu I-arm House Star and Scrollg Chi Garnma Iuta, The Daily lllini ilu: Y.M.C.A. Comniittee slr: Agri- tulrural Etonomics Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoot and I-Iorn Club: Illini Forensic Associa- tlong Illini Insurance Society. Illini Masonic Club. Marketing Club: S--tietv for thc Ad- xantcment of Management ."xRlHL'R Txn.1.xn'o ABE... .... Clrimgo l vimfllcflt' .Ilmh Bel- -it College PAUL Aiurlxo ABR.-IMS .,...... Prlfrbmgg. Pa. Commerce illdikeliwg .NIJ .-iri91ir11.zr1r,3 Accuunmncy Clubg Marketing Club DONALD Wixcnrsrex Acrrz, ja. Medina, N. Y. Division of Special Services Erormmlri Psi Upsilon Illini Union Committee ll, Sig Interfraternity Cuuncxl 43, 4? bI,ll'll,AIllfT Bizxxrn ACHLYFI' ........ Alaprmail Liberal Arts and Sciences Slurilrlw furnell I ollege Qi rxrm GLW' ArHL'ilf., ..,.... Fuirfif P4112 Liberal Arts and Sciences Xfrtuzfllf Hr N 'mis RALPH Ar xr visor: ,.,Rirliimrf Ifnsinetrinu Eltllflclll Er1ljlr1r'ui'H4 Ita Kappa Nu, A,I,If,E.'l,R,lf, H'-nuts Day Ill Bradley I,'ni'.ersilj.' 162 JL . v3 ' Z X E - , 'Q X . DONALD Junsox Amin ....,. Cbimga Heigbu Agriculture Agrirnlfzmzl Eroriomiu Annex Hall Bob jones University: Olivet College ELLERY JOSHUA ADAMS ,..,,. .... C hir-.vga Education Gurmizrr Parade Ground Units Teachers-in-Training Clubg German Club FRANKLIN DALE ADAMS ,.,...... . . .Dmvrirlr Division of Special Services Geology A.S.M.E,g Cyclothem Club: INI.I.S. I-I.irzoLD WILLARD ADAMS .... Ii1rk.ranz'illlf, Fla. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbrmirlry College Hall Honors Day 113 XVILLIAM Armms ,.......,.....,. Cil1'll!11'lllf Division of Special Services Dairy Terlmology Alpha Gamma Rho Star and Scrollg House President HJ L Dairy Technology Society BEVERLY Rose Aooinco ,.....,,, Meir-are Pm-la Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alphi Phi Illini Union Committee C31 MARVIN BERNARD AFFnIME..Pliilf1n'ulplaia, Plz, Fine and Applied Arts Arrblleflnre Phi Eta Sigma.: A.I.A. Cmrrsrovnsrz Joseim AGRELLA ...... Cbimgn journalism Editorial Washingtonsjefferson College CHARLES EDXVIN AGUAR ......... jackramille Division of Special Services Lmzdrmpe Arrhiiecllzre Chi Gamma Iota: Fine and Applied Arts So- cietyg I.T.E.: Landscape Architecture Society Honors Day IZ, an ROBERT EDWARD AI-ILGREN ..... .... ll' 'arisen Engineering Elerti-im! .Engineering A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. XVEILAND HENRY AKERMAN, JR ..,. ,Rarlefard Engineering Jllerlmrziral Engineering A.S.M.E, Georgetown University RIJTI-I ELLEN AKEY .....,..,.... Blue Iilnnd Fine and Applied Arts Paiulmg Alpha Omicron Pi Illini Union Committee 121 3 Y.M.C.A. Com- iizittee 1211 French Club AIHIIUR WILLIAM ALBERG ,.,. ...Lmnbfmi Engineering Elei'1v'ii'ul Eilginesrlrzg Y.M.C.A. Committee 1255 A,I.E.E,-I.R.E.g Rifle and Pistol Club ,IUDITI-I ZOE ALBERT ,.,........ Omaha, Neb. Education Elementary Education Alpha Epsilon Phi Torchg Shi-Aig The Illio Ili: Illini Union Committee fl, Si g Star Course Manager 117 1 Y.XV,C.A. Committee tl, Zi: Campus Chest 121 Honors Day ll, 21 IVIARIAN Louise ALBERT ....,. ...Dmnille journalism Adz'erfi.ting McKinley Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 43 5 Concert Band tl, 2, 5, 473 First Regimental Band ill 3 Uni- versity Orchestra tl, Z3 3 Marketing Club JOHN SANFORD ALEIN ............. Nm-mfm Agriculture General Agrirulllzre Farm House Hoof and Horn Club Millikin University X Q U S st ' NNN, ..e.--sag x .14 WN .- 51-H'-'f. ,sc 1 in ,. ae ' .Ol tx :N '59 PM .. iz I 9 . X SAMUEL DEAN Ai.nRrc:Hr ........ ...Ulim Engineering Gi'm' Eritgmiuilizg Always-Home lXI.I.S. Honors Day 131 JOHN DAVID ALBRIGHT .... ,.R1dei-trawl, Mil, Engineering Alsflvmzlml Enlgmeernig Phi Eta Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day ill YVONNE LORRAINE ALDRIIJGIZ ,......,. Curia Libeml Arts and Sciences Pryflwlffgry Lincoln Avenue Residences Omega Beta Pig Psi Chig University Orches- tra t3, 413 Repertory Orchestra t3lg XVIII lil Morton junior College HAROLD HARRIAN ALEX-XNDIQR ....... L.1ll.'njfe Fine and Applied Arts .irr ,E.lnI'i1Imr1 Fine and Applied Arts Society Wlestern Illinois State College NIALCOLAI HERBERT AIJEXANDIEII...Clh'll7If11IlALg7I Agriculture Gvuimzl xlgrlrzzllliit' Theta Xi Illinois Agriculturist t-H3 First I.ieuten1mt, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Pershing Rifles: Phalanx ROBERT EARL ALEXANDER ........... lVI'ii-mlm Agriculture General .igrlcllllnre Alpha Zeta: Chi Gamma Iota: The Daily Illini tl, 2, 5, 431 Y.M.C.A. Coininittee ti,-Zig Agricultural Ecoromics Club: Hoof and I-lorn Club Honors Day ll, it JEAN GEORGE Airrris .....l... ,.... C lmxigo Division ot Special Serxiges C'fn:11r1t'iu' Kappa Delta Rho Accountancy fluls ROBERT DONALD ALLARD. ,. . .... Sprmghelil Commerce Mfimigtvzzuil Varsity Baseball Squad tl, 21 1 Choristers 131 163 ALLYx Bocixra ALLEN ....... .... . Alf.: Physical Education Pl'ji,I'lL'.1l E.1J4r.Ii:I'I: American Legion Post No. GCN: Armets Post No. 05, Illini Xv6IEI3l'lS1 Physical Eclucatiun Maiors Club: TE3Cl'lCIS-ID-Tl'.1l!'llflg Club Illin-ns State Normal Unixersity HLRRX' Tow xsrxn ALLITN .... ...-lllr-Iwi: Commerce M.zIEr:1r:c Delta Sigma Phi Alpha l'i.Ipp.I Psiy Captain. Army R.O.T.C. Regiment, Zeta Sigma Alpha, RIHQ: and Pistol filub Hriumx RoLLIx ALLrx.,. .... Derimn Law Lair lllInI Theatre Guiltl Cast lilg Campus Chest ssl. House President tall: Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad lil: ,lunior Bar Association. Iam Sncicty l.mI's Ricrifuw ALLEN .,.,, .....,... U rbmm Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociolacj' Scruntl Regimental Band Ill g Men's Glee f lub ll l Muvriw XYIALTER ALLEN ,... ...Bunker Hill Engineering Illerlmrilcal Englmcrirzg Yale University Rn' LEE ALLEN ............. .... T fiimla Commerce I'lI.1rkelirIg Phi Sigma Kappa lllini Union Committee ti, M1 Law Socictyg Marketing Club XVII LIMI Davin ALLEN ,,..,.,... Bunker Hill Engineering Mrrbirzmzl Erigiiirr-ring f luli Cirler'IiIzNcI: Arrannr ALLIKS ,.......... Cbihigr, Agri-ulture Voctrllorml .lqrrrnllnre Alpha Tau Alphag Auritultural Economics fluhg Agricultural Etlu-,ation flub 164 s' 2 2 Q rv- PJ 1, v G x .V uw-f I' N. 4 4 , l A4.L ,, I, - ix . X I 'Li- l l l DIELBURT Eviaiuzrr ALLISON .......... Ottawa Fine ancl Applied Arts xirclvileclrare Alpha Phi Omegag A.I.A.g A.S.C.E.g Gales- hurg Alumni Association Mississippi State College: University of California RL'I'I-I ANN ALLOTT ..........,. Bloomington Liberal Arts and Sciences Saciulogy Delta Gamma The Illio ill CARL XVILLIAM ALMBLAD ...,......,. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Afclvilrrfmc Parade Ground Units Illinois Institute of Technologyi George XYIllIams College: L'nIversIty of Glasgow Lomax DEAN ALPERS ........ ,... C olfax Commerce Murksrirzg Phi Sigma Kappa Interfraternity Council 135 3 Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Knox College Brrrx' JEAN ALTENBURG ........... Emmzon Liberal Arts and Sciences Euglirl: Pi Beta Phi Illini Union Committee 11.111 Illini Theatre Guild Manager t2lg Teachers-invTraining Club MICI-IAI:L Rosniu' ALTENBERG .,....., Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Economic: Tau Epsilon Phi Concert Band fl, 21 3 Marching Band tl, 251 Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club University of Xvisconsin WILI.IAI-I AIIIEIIT ALTER ..,., .... C himgn Commerce Markcliug Tau Epsilon Phi Marketing Club Honors Day til JlEA'iNIE'l'l'l'Z MARY AI.'rI-Iorfr ........ EM-Ilgbflffl ' Commerce Commercial Teaching Lincoln Avenue Residences Alpha Pi Delta: Phi Chi Theta: Commerce Council Q-ll: Accountancy Club r r I ea If v l . CHARLES LESLIE AMACHER .......... Argenia Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering College of Wooster MIRIAM JANE AMBROSE ...... .... H udmn Journalism Editorial Lincoln Avenue Residences Theta Sigma Phig Campus Chest C37 3 House President C413 Student Senate GI Illinois State Normal University DOUGLAS HANS ARIuNDsoN .......... Demmr Division of Special Services Art Millikin University GEORGE THOMAS ANAST .....,.... , .... Jolie: Liberal Arts and Sciences ' Cbeminry and Zoology Omega Beta Pig Epsilon Phi Sigma: Rilie and Pistol Club ' Joliet Junior College HARRY EMIL ANDERSEN ag Liberal Arts and Science 1 ' Biology Alpha Tau Omega I Epsilon Kappa Tribe of Il ID a Ky Track Squad Q1 2 9 41 Letter 7 5 Drake University Education Englub Mino State Teachers College ' RALPH ANDERS ANDERSEN I 1 Engineering Mecbamcal Engrneerrng A S M E S A E Honors Day U. 21 RTI-run WILHELM ANDI2RsoN.Brook 2- 1 'f Engineering Mechanical Engineering I ' Granada Club A S M E 4 i - -ti I I aa.. A119 H D vt. ,,' ., 1. A -Q Ai. QF., '--'I ' 0 A L , 1. j -' f "Q I" 5-, '- -- ""- 1' ' ' 75 ' ' Ld. - ' 'L L 'lm' ' N, I 1 ', i , I , B.: V . 4 ' n J! . t- . H ,. 5 : ' " Ir- ' ' Z U . . . ' H1 av . . ,,, m ,. . Z U . .I " - E 2 1 . , . .. . 3 .' Z'f2'i" -A 5- .asp X I rift 5, , ,-, .E A.-- . Q , . ...-,Vw ......,,,r, I: ,I ,, g., , c A 9 Q A 5 ' 'ZH .. , - , il: ' , - - "" - "' v f- 'f ' '-i.-I,.' ig ,I 1 s XX e Q p 5, . .g i N ev' U ARTHUR WILLIAM ANDERSON, JR. .... Cbimgo Commerce Arrozmlanry Accountancy Clubg Bait and Fly Casting Clulig Illini Insurance Socictyg Illini Veterans: Mar- keting Clubg Society for the Advancement ol Managementg Sphinx Club BERTIL EMANUEL ANDERSON... .... Clmagu Commerce Marleeling Marketing Club Wilson Junior College CHARLES ELXVYN ANDERSON ......,.. Cbimgo Engineering Eletlriral Engineering Granada Club A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. DANA DEWOLF ANDERsoN... ..... Maman Journalism Adrerriring Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Eta Sigmag The Daily Illini CZ, 53 Q Illini Union Committee C13 3 Varsity Fencing Squad C11 3 Marketing Club Honors Day fl, 2, 33: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Biarritz American University DONALD EUGENE ANDERSON ....,.. Greenville Agriculture General Agrirullure Northwestern State Teachers' Collegeg Greenville College DoN ROBERT ANDERSON .......... Springheld Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Delta Theta Engineering Council C41 3 A.S.C.E. Honors Day C21 DoNAr.D ROBERT ANDnRsoN .....,.. Rurklorll Agriculture Vocational Agrirullurz' Parade Ground Units House President MJ g Dairy Production Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Hom Clubg Rural Life Clubg Agriculture Club GILBERT WILLIAM ANDERSON ...... Winnetka Agriculture Floricullure Pi Alpha Xig Floriculture Club Maryland University 165 IVAN GEORGE ANDERSON, JR. .,,,.. Enmfriiu Fine and Applied Arts .-lvr'ffii1scJura! EV1gI'!6i'1YIg M.I.A, Executive Council Gi. H-iuse Presi- dent Qing Tempo 121. A,S,C,E.: Fine and Applied Arts Society Universrrv of Florida Jaxrrs I-lrnesar ANDrRsOx. .. v..,, Oak Park Division of Special Serxices 1v:.1'Jf,i'.'-L11 .-l.1v:,'i::i:i.::,- ' f: M.l.A. Executive Council ill 1 Socialist Study Club JOHN Eoxxirzo .XNorRsON .Rifreifinl Coninierce 1i:,fmfi','.1i' .-l.1"rrHr1 1,rNN.rr4r Nrrs ANDrRsoN,., . ,... Chit-ago Liberal Arts and Sticntes Cirmrixil Ijricrmtiirru Ciranada Cluli Tau Beta P11 Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilonl A,l,Ch.E. Honors Day 11, 1, Fil, hnixersrry of Illinois Schcilarsliip Kev M-iRi'iN rji-iuzrrs Axorrisox ...... Aliiflnzbitm Engineering fffflizrul Eiytjlmeilrltu Eta Kappa Nui Baptist Foundation Student Council 1413 A.I.E.Et-I.R.E, Honors Day lei! Riwxrovn f,HARl,lfS ANUr'RsON ...... Ioyikjimf Liberal Arts and Sciences Clienrlrrll Eilulrlirirfrg Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Lambda Upsilon: A.l,Fh.E. Joliet wluniur Kolluue SAMUEL PEDEN Axririzsox ...,.,.,. Gillerpis Liberal Arts and Stiences Cf7?l71lL't1l Eriuimirmg Alpha Chi Sizma A.l.Ch.E. Honors Day ll! Blackburn College Turriurinr lii'orNs Axriinsox .,...., Cbirago Physical Education pf7jvfr'df E.flArr1!.'fir1 Kappa Delta Rho Phi Epsilon Kappa 166 R. N p5 2 i r A A A -D if-mx Q 1 .2 R '35 I rf? 'ff VERNON ELMER ANDERSON .......... Cbimgo Engineering Mefalllngiml Engineering M.I.S. Morgan Park Junior College XYIILBERTA JUNE ANDERSON ..... ...Lizrbhrdd Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfyrlvology House President Gig French Clubg Spanish Club. Illi-Sora JOHN ANTHONY ANDREASRY. .... .... . -imffia Division of Special Services EIONOVIIILTI Marketing Club Aurora College JOHN ALEXANDER ANDREOS. , ., ..,. Clwirfrw Law Lau' Sigma Nu Delta Theta Phig Junior Bar Assmirilinng Law Society North Park College ARTHUR CRESPO ANDREXVS, JR. Kirnmx CII1, No, Engineering Civil Evrgimferiug Chi Epsilong A.S.C,E. l-Ionors Day Ill Finlay Engineering College BIZTTY VIVIAN ANDREWS .....,..,... f'lmr.,i1o Liberal Arts and Sciences Tmrlver Ylfdilliflg in Englirb Wfelsh House Jfuirrs BURTON ANDREWS, JR. ..,. Clmnzfmign Engineering Agrirlllflfml Erllglrleerillg Beta Theta Pi Varsity Football Squad 11, Z. Sl: A.S.A.E. Miuzriz JEANNETTE ANGIER .,..... Bmrdrlouin Agriculture Home Eronomirr Gamma Phi Beta Phi Upsilon Omicrong The lllio ll, 27: lllini Union Committee ll, 2, 313 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee ll, Bl: 'Campus Chest f3l: All Ag Field Day Committee fl,2.3l3 Plow Boy Prom Committee ll, ll, Chairman 1573 Home Economics Club Q Ig, SAPPHYLLIS LLEWELLYN :rad ii ragaif' , Fine and Applied al Mr1rir .Educalia by .. Q 'W Ig! L Laurel House at 1 l rufpi Theatre Guild Produc nq3Stagf1 gfdbz, University Chorus 15, 47 , U ,jk 2 L ill if in I F -1' 21, Qi, . E' ', " l . 2 I li if . L I I :EARL VALDEAN ANTRIM ....... ., .... Ildmn , Agriculture V 1 4 Agrirullurnl Srierice y jf Delta Sigma Phi 1 A I 1 First Lieutenant, Army R.O.Zl'dGL Regiment: 7 Zeta Sigma Alpha: Scahbard and, Blade Honors Day 117 I Wirrrani HOMER APPIER ........ Rack Isliznn' i- Fine and Applied Arts V 1 R Arrlsiternn-nl Engineering - Alpha Rho Chi i' Illini Union Committee 15, -ll gy House Presi- ' dent 1415 A.I.A.: A.S.C.E.g Fine and Ap- : plied Arts Society Honors Day 151 E: Augustana College ROBERT LEE APPLEGATE .... JEf6f.f07II'illr?,' Ind. Fine and Applied Arts 1 V Arrbifrrlure e Kappa Sigma - Chi Gamma Iotag Scarabg House, President g 152 g Dolphins 12, 3, 41 g junior'P.rom Com- ' :mitteeg A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts'So- ' ciety L Honors Day 11, 23 Butler Univcrsityg Indiana University 'f 1 Tsu'roMu GLENN ARAr...Lur fiZ1geQ.rg4,Calij. I Fine and Applied Arts' ff! 'E Arcbiterlnre 1' fi '- V. 4' X' Cosmopolitan Q , Gargoyleg House President 143 ik Z f , Honors Day 113 lik i ' 'U ,g , ii Fi' ,pi . Q ,y 'ai 1. '- i 1, ' . 5 , 4 1, ' 'fir' 'gl V LIBORIO MARIANO ARGANO. ' Division of Special Serviiesijlf 11 Architecture iii 'fl i it First Lieutenant, Air Force Wing.. 53 Brooklyn College aiigff l :I'i, - if :lil 'i 1 Y I , ' L 7 1 -7413, X, . 1 x A. . 4, W I 1 71 'i ' Karsum ARIMOTO ..... Walnur Give! -aliiikl Liberal Arts and Sciencestlf-Q - PJyrbalogy , - Clark House E! Honors Day 113 Y. 11 1 . ,,: i St. Louis College of Pharmacy r 3 f DoMrNrc ANGELO ARMET1-A ..... R' 11 ' Engineering 1 1 Elerlriral Engineering 7 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. . 2 .V 'A l ' 1 " I 4, . I ' ' A in I , Fra we 4. x 1 ee F sam N 70 ,, 5- ' ggilr f is I Q ' " 5134 . 1, 'wi' X for . dr 4 if rm - Eg" '. kv do ,- tg, I , v X rs.-rr . I A 9, fi ,,. 'W ' .E L 1'D0R01'HY Ina ARMSTRONG .... .... C bamfniign Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Srienre Pi Beta Phi Mount Holyoke College Jo ANNE ARMSTRONG ........ ..... T alarm Commerce Arraunlanry Sigma Kappa Y.XV.C.A. Committee 127 3 XV.A.A. 12, 3, -U 3 Accountancy Club: Marketing Clubg Rifle and Pistol Club Stephens College Jo:-IN Davin ARMSTRONG .............. Jolie: Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A,S.M.E. United States Merchant Marine Academy: Joliet junior College RICHARD DALE ARxrR ....... Ford Cirg. PJ. Fine and Applied Arts Arrbilerlurnl Engineering A.I.A. Honors Day 15D XVILLIAAI GERALD ARNHOLT ....... ..Dani'il!e Division of Special Services Maf'keIir1g Theta Chi Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club RICHARD LEE ARNICAR ,.,,,.. ,,,, 5 m,,,,,pn Engineering Meclmniral Engineering Honors Day 140 Roscoe EDRWARD ARTHUR ............ Sn-enmr journalism Q Adfertifing Marketing Club DALE ROBERT ARv1DsoN... Division of Special Services Adverliring Sigma Phi Epsilon Interfraternity Council 1355 Amvets Post No. 65 .........Cbimga 167 WARREN JOSEPH ASA, ....... , ,P.m.z Agriculture Florirnllnrs Barton House Alpha Phi Omega: PI Alpha Xig Illini Union Council ll ng Illini LVHIOH Committee il, 21: House President IZI 3 Floriculrure Cliilm Illini Outing Club Honors Day 45. 4' HARRY ROBERT Asrriasi .HIC .P I Engineering .NI:.'i".:I::.,:l EfI.':IItfI.'I:, Et.. Kappa Xu. A,l.E,If,-l.R.E,. A 4 ALE., Student Businessmen s Association Honors Dax' 423 Mx Rox ARIRRAIAN Asi-i .... ,nffi-1.-.igo LAR L.izI Xiihlc HOUSE Phi Eta Sigmag Nu Beta Epsilon: Concert Band 123 , Marthing Band 11. II . First Regi' mental Band lllg Junior Bar Association. Pract-irians Honors Day ll. It HARx'I,t' AIORRIS AsHER ....... ,.,Cliirr1gn C-,immeree ilirzrkelirig Parade Ground Units House President HI 3 Accountancy Club. Mar- keting Club XXALTER M.-xRI'Is AsHLEY, JR. ..... ,.Cbm1gIi Engineering .'IgYlL'Ilfll1Ydf Ellglllifflllg Annex Hall Scabury Foundation Student Council 1415 A.S A.E. Millikin Unixersity Romrtr GEORGK Asvnrx .,..., .U"rur Chrmgo Engineering rlIe'l.zll1IrgIrnl Efltglllrfrflllg XY'csmcn M lb. Horrors Day 42, Sl Biuiriin' JOAN Asviuxri ......... Rock hltmd Liberal Arts .ind Sciences lmqlfilf Llii Omega Torthg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta: Mask and Bauhlc, lllmi Tliealrc build Manager 42, Hi, Y,XY'.f,.A. Committee 41 Zh. House President 451. Spanish Club ll-inurs Day ll, 2, wl. L'nixcIslty of Illinois Niliularsliip Kay LIv.I:. LLL Arxrrss.. ...,,.,.,.. Clzriizoplir Ltliiiatifin In.l1Iim.Il lf.lnr.1l1ffI1 lrniustrinl ljtiu-,ntiuri Society 168 'R-f, .ix 4' ft f R. x Y Sita, .i 3 -A A Q, N N A V -N A 5 I 1 Y fy-5, X gn ii1f53'l. " . 3. LZ ' ' 1' 'N ' Big, rf .r ' figs.: f R ies- Q, '- J- 3 Y '1' rl, . ,t N tai if-: BARBARA MAY ATTEBERY ..,.....,.. Hfllrbom Agriculture Home Econanlicf Lincoln Avenue Residences Y.W.C.A. Committee qI,2,3J: XV.A.A. 13, 413 Illinois Agriculturist C415 Home Economics Clubg Rural Life Club CATHERINE JEAN ATTEBERY ..,. .. .Hillsboro- Agriculture Home ECUVIOIIIIIJ' Lincoln Avenue Residences Y,W'.C.A. Committee l1,2lg Illinois Agri' culturist H13 Home Economics Clubg Rural Life Club HAROLD CHARLES ATTEBERY. ., .,.HrIlrZ1wQf Agriculture General Agrirnllme Men's Glee Club tl! CHARLES DORF ATWATER, JR,. ., ,.l!"nIfmlefz Division of Special Services Eronamirl Kappa Sigma Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club XVILLIAM AUGUSTINE .......,.,...., Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrbologj Sigma Alpha Epsilon University of Arizona, Aurora College ALBIN JOSEPH Aususrym. .. ... .,.Chimgo Division of Special Serxiccs jonrrlallxm Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini 43, -Hg The Illio 13, 41 DePaul University RICHARD JoscPH AUSFAHL ....... Efuz Peoria Engineering Metallurgical Er:-girzeeririg Kappa Delta Rho Interfraternity Council 12, 3, -lj 1 M.I.S. CHARLES EDWIN Ausrm ...... .... C armi Agriculture Agronomy Fireside Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigmag House President 151g First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regi- mentg Phi Chi Etag Agriculture Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day ll, 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ILEROY DONALD AUSTIN. . . . . .Downerr Grove Engineering Civil Engineering A,S.C.E. Honors Day 111 WILLARD Avcnv, JR. ......... ...Chicago Commerce Markeling Delta Upsilon Marketing Club Wright junior College YHAROLD AZAREN .,......... ...Chicago Engineering Mecbanical Engineering A.S.M.E.: Intercollegiate Zionist Federationg S.A.E. University of Arkansasg Wright Junior Col- llegeg Illinois Institute ot' Technology VALERIE Rai: Bassrrr ....,... ...Chicago Commerce Accountancy Cagle Hall W.A.A. 121 3 Accountancy Club Honors Day Q51 Stephens College RAYMOND PAUL BACHERT ..... .... A umm Commerce V Accounfancy Moore Hall Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Kappa Psig Account- ancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Rosen ORIE BACIPIMAN ............. Tirkilufa Engineering General Engineering Alpha Chi Rho A.S.M.E. KENNETH ELMER BACKMAN ......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E,E.-I.R.E. Honors Day Cl, 21 MIRIALI CAROLYN BACKS ,.....,... Narhziille Commerce Accaunlancy Evans Hall .Accountancy Club: Gamma Delta Honors Day 11, 21 N A 5 .-'35 I as ' , ,gf it ,Qc I . 3 YPA 15 'S Q 4 .egg is -1 3 it 1 I? 'L. 1 ' ' ,'-5-1-aifiil'-' 132 W2Ifl.' ' ' sh riizagt jj S yu ! diwgr I , . . ,I I. ,ae 1 I , if Lf na, v , ELMER RICHARD Bam: ...,... .... K ankalfee Commerce Ecanomicr Beta Theta Pi Star Course Manager Q21 MARLIN JOHN BAER ...,......... Slrmnzernela' Agriculture General Agriculture Y.M.C.A. Committee IZ, 5, 41 g Field and Furrow McKendree College JOSEPH EUGENE BAGGETT ....,. Elm Sz. Loan Engineering Elecrrical Engineering Theta Xi Illini Union Council 131 3 Illini Union Com- mittee f2, 51: Marching Band 1113 XVILL 111: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. XVashington University WILLIAAI BAHLMAN ......... Chicago Heigbu Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Dornoch Club The Daily Illini 11, 213 Junior Bar Associa- tiong Rifle and Pistol Club Geoncn BAHRY ......,......... ....Cl:icago Division of Special Services Ifzdnrfrial Derign Bern' Lou BAILEY ................. Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Delta Pi Associate Editor, The Illiog Mortar Boardg Torch: Alpha Lambda Deltag Pi Tau Sigma: The lllio f1,2, 3, 413 Illini Union Com- mittee ll, 2, 31 Q Panhellenic Executive Coun' cil 13, 41 3 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 151 3 A Cappella Choir fl, 21 g Choristers 131 Honors Day fl, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key INIELBA MAXINE BAIN ............... Canton Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirlz Busey Hall Spanish Club CECIL EUGENE BAIRD ,....,, .. ...Van Orin Commerce Acconnrancy Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Club Honors Day 11,21 31 169 Mauiivx BAiRri-Sxi1iH .,.,......,,,. Den-..v Liberal Arts and Sciences Sncwfwgj Alpha Xi Delta Illini L'niiin ffunmrnittee :li Axuruxx Ervxx-uw Bakin, JR. .,.., ,,clwinzAqf' I'-fmmeice .lI.:r:sl.'fJZ Beta 'Ilieta Pi Accountancy Klub. Marketing Kfli.b Purdue Linixcrsltx Ixrz ESTHER BKKER ...,.. ,...ll:, Plllflibl Fommerce Public .iffizsff Reeter Club flmristers Hi: Illini Blackburn Club Blackburn Collcze BYRON ROBERT BAKER .....,..,,... Dmuillii Liberal Arts and Sciences Pnlllinzl Scum: Phi Kappa Psi RLHJER JONES BAKER, ,....., Hzgblimil Pink Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoufugy t,I.xrk House XVayne University XX',u,i'lR BAKER, JR. ..,,,.,,....v.. Danville Fine and Applied Arts lndlirlrzizl Dcugu lllustriitorsl Star fourse Manager 1233 Mc- Kinley Foundation Student Council 455 Hirnurs Day ill 4 Yi "4 x i X ua, as 9 A . , p A ggi V' f 4' ii f . .J k v: 1 so -F . s, . Q ,:fi:,W.!'f . BRUCE LEE BALCH ........... .... J Ofltf Commerce 3 i-lcfolnlmrlrj l Phi Epsilon Pi University of Pennsylxania Q FEEDERILK WiLLrARr B.xr,L.ax1'rNl2 .... Clvfi-algo Division of Special Services Eriginmrnzg Phi Gamma Delta Tribe of Illini: Varsity Baseball Squad 15, 45, Letter 15, Al Amo BALZARINI ........ ..,. 4 lglv-by Commerte AcrU1n1r.1r1cJ Newman Hall Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College ..,C.b1iiigu DEAN CHARLES BAMBINI. .. Commerce Mfmagemenl am! illinkeliug Phi Kappa Psi Marketing Club ,. , ,Coello Jon Frmiwcrs BANCHE .,,,.. Engineering Aeronautical Erigirnwiiixg Lux Mundi Gamma Alpha Rhog I.A.S. Honors Day ill GLENN RUSSELL BANDY .... ..., I .f.'iMel.1 Commerce Acc01n1li1mJ' Accountancy Clubg Marketing Flub Centre College HENRY FRANKLIN BANG ,.,.!ifm.fe, N. Y. Jr-HA ANIAND BA1.A4,x,a. -lfk. .... Frllll1iNg10Il Linmmeric Comme,-CC .llilriwilflig I E,-0,107,115 Hill Hall Zeta Psi Maikcting Clubg Juni-ir fh.imber uf Corn- Swimming Manager 141g Dolphins 15,41 mcrce -71 ' 3 M gp N , , Y -0' It l -4 ' 4 . Qnxcr fjl.I,A BALAAS .......,..,.. lV.mLfm.l.r iii ' 7 B 1 E I Fmc and Apphcd Am JOHN ALBREY ANKS .... 5 .....,... mm on Fine and Applied Arts Mn ' EJ: iilwu 'J ' , ln H ' ' Arclalterlure Zeta Tau Alpha Illini Theatre Guild Pmcluctuin Staff fl, UL V ov? Q' - Star foursc Manager 1213 House Presidcnt Mig University f,lmrus Hug Womenk blce Klub 4-H U 4? T "' l .Q .r , x V4 lv' ' 1' ROBERT PATRICK BANNON .... ...,...,. J aliel Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical ErIgimfev'irIg Ruste Armes Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Phi Lambda Up- silong A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day fl, 2, 5, Ill: University of Illi- nois Scholarship Key .ESTHER ANNE BARBER .......... Cm-o Gordo Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Stlzrfirf Busey Hall Millikin University NANCY JUNE BARBER ........ ..,. S pi-mgjitlrl Education Art EdlIl'z1flDlI Gamma Phi Beta Illustratorsg House President 1-il Honors Day 113 DoLoREs GLORIA BARCHICK .....,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Home .Erarzamfizr Lincoln Avenue Residences Honors Day il, 2, SM University of Illinois Scholarship Key PHILIP WILLIAM BARBELL ........... Frerf,lIuI1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Geolary Y.M.C.A. Committee 11,311 Cyclothem Club: M.I.S.3 Illini Railroad Club EvERETr BAREL ............. Brooklyn, N. Y. Commerce Md!'kBIfI1g Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg junior Chamber of Commerce Brooklyn Collegeg College of the City of New York FRANK LYON BARGER ..,....... El Para, Tex, Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiitry Lambda Chi Alpha Texas Western College ROBERT EUGENE BARKEI ....... .... I Vberimu Commerce Aftvuillanfy Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Phi Chi Etag Accountancy Club Honors Day 123 5 ii alj, P se" iz -A ff 'fl' Q .sr foo , I I x I ., , I W 1 E hw ,il.. -' I f Q3 ...-1 ,Ac . V Y, X Q J : k F", :"i s1,f- 1 If 145. 'f'7ffg.Q X. 4 W . -- -fe . 'r' lx 1' "1 -I i 'Sf , Q A' B- 4 Z? iii . ,f ,.....f 'ff ,wr . .1 rf U, 1 ,Q . EARL FREDERICK BARNES .,.,....,.... flmboy Division of Special Services Mrzrkeling WILL 1114 Illini Insurance Society: Market- ing Club JACQLIELINE YvoNNE BARNES ..... Biiirmglorz Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Alpha Gamma Delta Illini Union Committee l3lg Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff lil Xlifright junior College: North Park junior College IVIORTON DAVID BARNETT .........,. Cbimgn Division of Special Services Adrertiiing Healey Palace Amvets Post No. 65: Marketing Club Knox College ROBERT EsMoND BARNETT...llI6'7l1pbfJ, Tefm. Engineering Merbaniral Engineering A.S.M.E. Mississippi State College JOHN WILLIAM BARR ...r......., St. Clam-lei Division of Special Services Markeling Alpha Sigma Phi The lllio ill 3 Marketing Club SAMUEL BARRETO, JR .... Marmgzm, Nimmgua Fine and Applied Arts Arrbiieftlzre Cosmopolitan Star Course Manager i311 Newman Founda- tion Executive Council l5lg A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society: French Clubg Spanish Club Bard College DONALD CLARK BARRICR .......... Alizrleniliw Division of Special Services Indrulfial Management Alpha Tau Omega A.S.C.E.g Bait and Fly Casting Club Lincoln junior College TIIoIIIAs JOSEPH BARSCHAIQ .... Earl St. Lani: Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirlary Granada Club 171 Il' PAur. Enwarin Burris ...........,.. Cherie: Engineering - Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Shurtletf College I HAROLD OSCAR BARTHEL ....,.. ,Milledgeville ' Engineering ZIrIetl'aniI'al Engineering I Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Mu Epsilong Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.A.E. Hqnorg Day fl, 2, 3, 41 1 University of Illinois i Siholarship Key , I -'I .4444 Fixwciss ANN BART!-IOLOMEXX7 ........ Dixrfn. Fine and Applied Arts 'A P 'W Ar! Erilimllorr I ' Illustrators I nf' I. IYIILTON JOHN BARTOSEK .... ...'.4.-.Cicero Engineering V ' ' Merhaniral Engineering A.s.IIr.E.g s.A.I5. 4 ' Morton junior Collegeg Manhatgaq College l I ft-. I Miinrox EDWIN BAIITOSIAK ..... Granite' City journalism V I Edifonal 4 A Flagg House .ir ' The Daily mini mg American' VCYCYIDS 3 Committeeg Sigma Delta Chi ,f 2 4 4 I . I -lAIuns FIIANK BARTUSEK ....... ...i.gBg4I101n y' Engineering , " ' I Engineering Pbyiirrfy , - - ' Varsity Football Squad U15 Varsity Track ' Squad UI I Illini Masonic Club II. f ' " I I -is Q 4' -:I Ir I : .B ' I ui 4 4, f R4 . 4' - s ' 3: . C 3 . CHARLES EDWARD BAIu'z. . .. . . .....'rii3.5biI.'dgb A Liberal Arts and Sciedcasf, ,QQ 4 Cbemirlry ' I3 5' , A.I.cI1.I2. 1 , '. L.- 5 . 144' , rx J ' T viii brig 'HE f'?g3fw WILLIAM EDWARD BAI1z ......... mall, Commerce I g ' Adwrliring 2 in Mansion L ,A House President 1454 Accou ' Marketing Club Honors Day KU gs 0 -ul 172 ' 0 'Siem cg-gk .i 'il gk 42- I 1 Q3 'Cl' 1-T' L W-4 .5 , 6 .I Ia ' 0 -J fi i t: 'I 1 Y, .. I 5 I . ll X' LI Il' I .v .Q ' f ix I FQ V 'SHIRLEY Lai: BASH ....... I , ' Liberal Arts and i 'QM 1 x, I ' Cbemirtry - If 'Kappa Alpha Theta . F 4 4 'Iota sigma Pig The mio i Union f , Committee gil, 21 g Y.W.C. ' ., iii! 4 Honors Day 12, 31 ' I4 4 . ' Y I . I I ROBERT ARTHUR BAss ....... ...Chicago I 4 Commerce ni Marketing If Y Parade Ground Units 44fIMarketing Club If Tifiii- is . , .QXCILLIAM MIIIIIIAY BAssErr .... .... C himga 'A Engineering I Meglzgzniral Engineering house President -C439 Pershing Riliesg A.S. i:1VlIJE.g Rille and Pistol Clubg S.A.E. L I . -'H Jilsrmenr JAMES BA're ............... Chimp QQ ' 4 Engineering I4 , A4 Electriml Engineering A':I.E.E.-I.R.'E. , BradIey'PoIytechnic Institute 9, Roismu' Des BA'r'rI.IasoN ..., .... P ermburg II Commerce . Manngemenz Tflllihi '.ChI:istigfFellowship fl, 2, 3, 41 Q Sec- ond Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: '1Bhii Chi ,Ef3.'1lI5i 49 k' QII ,Greenville ,College I I'-' , ye- . "Iii ' . ski 'I17 ' x - juries, 7Zl'vmIge1g.'ri 'BATTERSBY ..,...... Kewanee 4? Q fgine ar-Ido Applied Arts J 4 4 ' i k Qgbileflllfe if4Pr'ziigI54eEPe.SiBi11e7 Srira Fine and Applied Arts So- aiiggii- Q ' , i3i'Iiing5ggDair5.II Ig, .lEg9r:ggsity.qifaFl?renccg Wlreaton College ch. '4.' H.- 5 '- ' . . fi' 4 , : . Q -PETER Biaitiggtroivi ..... .... C hiruga ',4g"l5Q'I I -1' " qommerce 'In f i r " , 4 f arkerlng "o1z5E'sBresiEl4gnt4,fgIIg Illini Forensic Associa- l arliififig . .. .4iy'g4Ew1g45i2g jgg-Igor: Gd lege: Roosevelt College . 44 - . .1 ia ,,..s"Q an IQ I If! 'i I' I1-1411 ON ....... Franklin, Ind. I 4: ducation 4 IffZ!,0" nl Education us Vi fiifii Society I . X4 ....Ii.J' CAROLE ANN BAUER .......... Sr. Lauir, Mo. Commerce Periomael Management McKinley Hall Phi Chi Thetag Y.W.C.A. Committee 125: Campus Chest 13,433 W.A.A. 1113 Terra- pin 11, 2, 3, 413 Commerce Councilg Junior Prom Committeeg W.G.S. Ball Committeeg Career Conference Committee Honors Day 111 ERWIN FRED BAUER ,............... ..,-lnrora Commerce Indnxlrial Adminirlralian Alpha Chi Rho Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Pershing Ritles3 Phalanxg Transportation Club3 Ac- countancy Clubg Marketing Club GEORGE FRANCIS BAUER ......... Monaca, Pa. Engineering Ciril Engineering A.S.C.E. University of Pittsburgh ROBERT NoEL BAUER ........ .... C birago Journalism Adifertiiing Psi Upsilon Marketing Club JOANNE BAUMGARDNER ......,...... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spanish Alpha Omicron Pi The Daily Illini 123 3 Illini Union Committee 131: Spanish Club THEODORE VUILLIAM BAYLER .... .... P earia Engineering Mechanical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Alpha Phi Omegag Concert Band 131 3 March- ing Band 1133 S.A.E. WILLIAM AUSTIN BEACH. . .Rocky River, Ohio Division of Special Services Marketing Chi Phi Skull and Crescent3 Star Course Manager 123 3 Interfraternity Council 11, 21 3 Marketing Club MELVIN JAY BEAGLE, JR .,.. ......... H arifey Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Delta Chi Concert Band 12, 3, 41g Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 433 A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 12, Thornton Junior College SR R Q si Rs. ' 1 'Rica 1. .,..,. 3 . ii wr K tx 1 1 A T fg l fsae L X . ' - 'W:Ri':'-4 -' ' af.: 13:35 1- . - i.,, A Vra' -K-I lil: 1 fx BEVERLY JEAN BEAR ,....... ......., C bicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Delta Pi Mask and Baubleg The Daily Illini 1114 Illini Union Committee 12, 313 Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12, 571 Spanish Club ROBERT BURNELL BEARE ....,.... Ellii Grove Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Mississippi College CHARLES LLOYD BEATTT, JR .... ...Taylofuille Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club ESTIL1. VUILLIAM BEATTY ........ Pbilpaz, Ky. Commerce Accountancy Baptist Foundation Student Council 145, Ac- countancy Clubg Marketing Club Strayer College of Accountancy GILBERT lNlERCHANT BEATTY ....... Waukegan Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Illini Union Committee 11, 21 3 Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Millitary Councilg Per- shing Riiiesg Tau Nu Tau: Scabbard and Bladeg A.I.A. SHELDON XVAYNE BECHER ........... Chicago Agriculture Rerlaurant Management Sigma Chi Campus Chest 1353 Interfraternity Council 131g McKinley Foundation Student Council 137 FLORENCE Lou BECHTOL ...,..... Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Painling Gamma Phi Beta Stephens College Dfwm HAUcic BECHTOLD .......... Belleville Engineering General Engineering Phi Delta Theta Junior Prom Committee Michigan State College 173 CH.-KRLOTTI' Breiirn ..,,.,..., ,, .17 .,i Liberal Arts and Scientes Snr: ff igx Lincoln :Xxenue Residences Campus Chest ISI. Repertory 1,b1tl:. ,i ll' Roivseselr t ullege jo .bmi Bri itrr: , 1 1 ,wfi:ct'f: l.:l1ef,iI Arts ,intl N. L P .' ,z l'i,ipp.i :llplia Ihtr.. The Ill:-1 II11 Illini lnion fiiiiiriiittee 11 I 21. lempi I4l. YNY C' A, 11-mmit C ll. 1. ll Mriixxxx Biiiiriz , ..,. , , ,l1'wfii Ilia Engineering ,llii fr irlxrizf Eflcmtt i .ISM E. RXLPH EI via Broxar1,., . . jffuiflfi journalism Eilllfivml Parade Cm'-Lind L'nits The Daily Illini til , Balt .intl lily fasting Club L'nixi.rsity ul' Missouri AF"NOI.IJ ELIIQ Broun ,... ,. 4.,. t,!i1i.igH Liberal Arts .mtl Stientes Gin mlm German flub Wiiiixxi Ifruu Brmzixiii, ,. .flifinxfi Dixixiun oi Spciial Neixltes Prnt!-filrfei Iheta Xi ,'Xri11iri,i State 'lieatlieis' fiilleut 'lf-nw Hiuiirrii Bllll ,. ,4,, r,li1. iw, Enuinterinu .lltmllllfrgli ,ll Ifuelfii I 'mtg Lrisineerinu Council 15, H, Pelxlniig Iiiflus, MIS. Honors Day 11l llniverslty ol Nelwiaslta Hiiusrrir XXIIIIXM lSii.ii1xiiiii1,.. ..,.l'iiu Engineering firll I:n.1r1iLim Theta Delta flii I'ribe ol llllnig Varsitg Trail: Sfiiiasl fl, 3, 'Il .g er , A,i.,,i, --1 ivan. ' mi iii ri I - I .Q rf V " 2 L'nivcrsxt'1 1-9 XY'isi:ir in ' ' 4 "I I74 - 4 ,f 1- 2 , if IEARFI, MX'l,ROIE Bruforio ,....... .... G ,lim Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearber Tmnzmg nz Cbemirirg Spanish Clubg Teachers-in-Training Cluhg German Club University nl South farolina l 1 Yrisir Axim Burono ,....... ...... . lliufiiu Fine and Applied Arts .llurir Efmuilloiz First Regimental Band 131 3 Repertory Oithes- lla 15. 45 Southern Illinois University l l HOXYARD EMORY BELL, .........,.., Clifraqff Liberal Arts and Sciences AIallvN11.1IirJ Minawa Lodge Illini Christian Fellowship Foundation 13. 'II 1 Chess Club L'nixeisity of Chicago 5mni.rY jmx BELL ............ Il"ao.l Rii-er Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanlfb Alphi Phi Mask and Baubleg Illini Theatre Guild Man- , . ,,.. .lglf 1-, :il DOROTHY ANNL BELNAP .......,.. lt"muv1k.r Liberal Arts and Sciences Tmrbm' Tfllflllilg 111 FVFVIEL7 Kappa Kappa Gamma The Illio 1155 Y.XY!.C.A. Committee 11,21 AiPHrL's CUTLER Bniuis ,,..,... Flml, Minh. Engineering Cir!! Erlglrzvsizrig C hi Epsilon, A.S.C.E.: German Clubg I.T.E. , Mu-San IQRWIN LIFNRY BFNEKE ....... ...Chicago Engineering Elrrlriml Erlgirleerilzg Sigma Phi Delta House Presii.lent HJ: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. FIELIX .IAN BENGSTON .,....... ..,. G alerbmg Liberal Arts and Sciences Ellglfrlv Ln 1 nterie Phi Eta Sigma: House President 121: Illinois Technograpli fljg Illini Christian Fellowship 14,413 Lutheran Foundation Student Coun- cil I3, -H Honors Day fl, 25 MARTIN NOBLE BENHAM .... Prinreloaz, N. j. Liberal Arts and Sciences Polifiml Science Delta Chi The Illio 1215 Cyclothem Club Princeton University .ROLAND JOHN BEN-I.-KMIN .,.... Ifilliiimrfielr. Engineering .llerlmulrirl Eugizzeeriazg Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day 131 Michigan State Collegeg Michigan Collegt of Mining and Technology: Texas A. and M, College KENNETH GLENN BENSEN. .. .... Mfzyuiaad Engineering fiBl'0Il!1llljL'IIl Ellgfllfflillg Club Topper House President 121 2 Concert Band il, 2, 3, 41: Marching Band 11, 2, 5, 411 I.A.S. ALLEN MERRILL BENSON Berzlan Harbor, Nirb. Engineering 1'IEr'0Ilal1lft'r1f Engineering Triangle Star and Scrollg Chi Gamma Iotag Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Gamma Alpha Rhog Con- vocations Committee 131 g Engineering Council 12,315 I.A.S.g Illini Glider Club Honors Day tl, 2, 515 University of Illinois Scholarship Key IVAR BEN BENTSEN ............... Oak Pmle Division of Special Services PJyrlJology Psi Chig Marketing Club ISIATTHEXV CASIMER BERES .... Commerce Marketing Theta Kappa Phi Marketing Club: Spanish Club . . . .Cbimgo I-IILIJEGAIIDE INGRAHAM BERGEIII Highland Park, N. I, Fine and Applied Arts Arrbzterlure Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Alpha Gammag A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society Rutgers University Lovorus RAYMOND BERGER .,....... Rirerride Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfyrbnlagy Thornton Junior Collegeg Lyons Township junior College ., h .fy 'K spar' 2, ft . 19 ,JV xx, L S' Si' XVALLACE ARTHUR BERGLUND, jR.,.Pemfwzir,1 Engineering Elerlrlral Eflgilleering Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug Pi Mu Ep- ong A,I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day fl, 3, 515 University of Illinois Scholarship Key I-IELAIUT PAUL BFRGMANN .....,.. Parte Ridge Engineering Gerzerrzl E1lgIJ1L'6V'fIIg XVayne University: Northwestern University H -IACK HULL BERGMAN. ......... Tzzliiz, Otln. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirrzl Ellgillfflillg Alpha Tau Omega 5: 5:3 Campus Chest M15 A.I.Ch.E, I J X4 1- 'asia Honors Day I-11 ::' M --K S-' E University of Tulsa - xx 1' l,5,, ,5Q::sE2f . ,. ..:f.:.,.,.,s .... tam- aa :warm .v..i...,..., - ,. 5 fl. if-js-, xg. .1 V , -r.1gs-,-g...- QW 1.. Qi -- in . , .. , .... , 'W- 3 4- A 2 A ' gi 6 gimme Q 'Wi 3 P i g, N. M Rx 14 ,, g V 6 A ,...f::,1k I. S fy Qtr,-RAL, T f s, . erwggr 1 A 'WITI . .'iLl'Tt.-21. , . fr. 2 r I RONALD ARLY BERGAI.-TN ,........,... Clyirngo Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Phi Omega ' Wright junior College JOAN 'CHARLOTTE BERGQUIST ........ Rorkfoi-if Journalism -- Radio Alpha Chi Omega Shorter Board: Torchg Alpha Lambda Delta: Mask and Baubleg Theta Sigma Phig The . .. i st- Illio QI, 2. 31 3 Illini Union Committee 1. Q1,21g Illini Theatre Guild Manager 121: W.A.A. Board 131g Panhellenic Executive Council 13, 41 3 Student -Senate 13, 41 1 Com- mittee on Student Affairs 1413 Sophomore g.:,ix,,. Cotillion Committee Honors Day 11, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key v 5 E W , R . -,..,3g P f ROBERT I.ovAL BERGSTROM... ..,, Peoria Commerce Afrofuzlancy Accountancy Club Bradley University jianoisir Louis BERKOXVITZ.L?fIZ'L'71Il'UY'lf7, Kfm. Commerce Markelifzg Phi Epsilon Pi Illini Union Committee 42, 5, 415 Y.M.C.A. Committee C11 Q Campus Chest l2, 3, 415 In- terfraternity Council 131: XVILL H11 junior Prom Committeeg Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Honors Day 121 IRXVIN BERIQUN ......,.....,....,. Clvirxigo Fine and Applied Arts ,-1r'i'lJirurlni'e A.I.A. 175 Turouoius BERLAND ......... .... C fliirfzga Journalism E:1'iI0r'ir1l The Daily Illini 15, 41: Sigma Delta Clii Chicago City Junior Collegeg Northwestern University KENNETH RALPH BERLIANT ...,,...., Cl', Division ot Special Services Ir:Jn,rfi'i.1f .it7'r11rr1iJ."'.1,'.ii if Barton House Varsity 150 lb. F-1 -i'i tball Squad :Jag United XY'nrld Eederalists Marquette University CaRoLvN ALICE BERMAN ,,..,...,.., Clwinigu Liberal Arts and Sciences Spirrlv Cmit'i'.':fii1 E,K.T. Club XY',A.A. ll, 2.3.-11 Rc-osexelt College DONALD Li1Rov BERMEL ....... Eanlrfer, Cala. Engineering Eleflrical Erigizzreliizg Newman Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Wfilson Junior College Louis CHARLES BERNARDONI...Pliaeizis-, Ariz. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryiliolffgy Moore Hall Varsity Wrestling Squad 13. 41 3 Freshman Varsity Wfrestling Squad: Marching Band 11, 2, 311 First Regimental Band ll, 2, 313 Philosophy Discussion Club Domain DIORMAN BERNHART ........ Cbii-ago Liberal Arts and Sciences Clwnuiziy Michigan College ot Mines :ind Tech- riologyl Dc Paul University Axxrrrri HFLEN Br1RNs'i'EiN ,.....,., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearbar Tvmrrlrzlig ni Spterlv Buscy Hall lllini Theatre Guild Manager 15,-11: Illini Theatre Guild Cast 1-H, XVILI. 13,-H CHARLES NORMAN Brizxvriix Niu' York, N. Y. Cornmerce Markelnzg mit! illmiiigenlenl t,l.iik House A-.tountaricy Clubi Marketing Club 176 TNQ-' gravy :Ja 'NW 5, L 1 'gs X i . 4 Vu Q. W? V 1 . Q--- h GERALD BERNSTEIN .......... Balrimore, Md, Commerce Marketing Phi Epsilon Pi Illini Union Committee 1113 Illini Theatre , Guild Cast 11, Z, 31, Campus Chest 12, 3, 415 Men's Glee Club 1115 WILL 12,31g Student Religious Council 1213 Marketing Clubg Rifle and Pistol Club Virginia Military Institute RUTH GLORIA BERNSTEIN, ...... Marian, Ind. 1 Education Hirtory Busey Hall The Daily Illini 131g Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 13, 415 XY!.A.A. 13, -11g In- tercollegiate Zionist Federationg United World Federalists Ball State Teachers' College WILLIAM JOHN BERRON ...... ..,Cbirngo Engineering Pbyrirr Annex Hall De Paul University FRED FRANCIS BERRY, JR., ....., lY'a0i1 Rzrer Commerce 1 Imllliirial nlrlmilliiltamuz Kappa Sigma President, Iriterfraternity Councilg Mn-XY!an- Dag Skull and Crescent: Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Phi Omeggag Board of Fraternity Affairs 13, 41g Inter raternity Council 12. 5, 413 Student Senate 13, 41: Committee on Srucient Affairs 1413 Audit and Supervision Commit- tee 15,4l5 Marching Band 12,511 First Regimental Band 12, 313 Chairman, Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 1411 Junior Prom Committee n Honors Day 11, 2, 3, -il 3 University ot Illinois Scholarship Key WILSON JEROME BESANT ..... ,... P ekin Commerce Arcarnztrnzry Alpha Tau Omega Phi Eta Sigmag The Daily Illini 121g Tribe of Illinig Varsity Tennis Squad 12.5,41, Letter 13, 41 3 Accountancy Club Honors Day 111 RICHARD DONALD BEST ......, ,,.. G 'myrlake Commerce lwdfkflfilig American Legion Post No. 9091 Marketing Club JAMES WELDON BETHARDS .,..,.,. Monmourb Engineering Aeranautirfzl Engineering House President 1313 l.A.S. CLARENCE ARTHUR Bezio ........... Chimgat Agriculture General Agrimlmre Sigma Phi Epsilon Basketball Manager 11, 21: Intramural Man- ager 111g First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C, Regiment: Scabbard and Blade: Dairy Pro- duction Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Moing- wena a I EH'-VVILLIAM STANLEY BICE ..... . I 4 4 , f Liberal Arts and Sc, iesni J fx l Cbemirlry I it l T, Captain, Army R.o.T.c. Regimerrpglehaiaase iq ff' 59, 7,124 iii ? il? . I lit ,gc , I- lil, 1 W , I. xi, a I 1 . JOSEPH MARION BIEIJENBACI-I, .... A New Baden Education N Playriral Science Parade Ground Units Teachers-in-Training Club McKendree College WILLIAM ROBERT BIERBAUM. .... ..... A nm: ' Engineering Genera! Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Phi Omegag Illini Union Council Q45 g Campus Chest 1315 Interfraternity Council , 1415 McKinley Foundation Student Council fz, 51 Renssalaer Polytechnic Instituteg University of North Carolinag Virginia Polytechnic In- stitute ROBERT DEAN BIGHAM. . .. .... .. . .Curler Agriculture General Agricullure 5 Illi-Dell ' First Lieutenant, Air Force Wing . EDWIN ARTHUR BII-IL ......... .,lf,k.1G7iichgn' Journalism i, If 4 Advertiring ' Davis and Elkins College 'V A'-X li' s lf. .lg 2 WY! . I. 'CQ ., nit ,, .. ta ,, IM, F, ,ie ferr fiyitf ,Vic LEONARD ALLAN BIH LER . ..... .ii .' . Agri: i l I l I E I rx , , v , fe , :- v ii, Ke., , i we-iii S eg, K Q X sf: , . Engineering iz E ii Mechanical Engineering - .I ' ' Sigma Phi Delta Q25 , A - A.s.M.E. I ff J'-F'v"n W I vii it L ,, my . IJ .l 'I ' li I, l A. I Ji. fl! l ' i NA It -2 "I in ,- fr if W' ' Wil , T95 is I- :I - Sew? a li 1 ' N4 f'.'QEf'iL S" 'ef' , l FRANK AUSTIN BIRCH .......... 2751161-, Agriculture 'R' J Yi, . V Variational Agrirrzltiireiy " ,M it Alpha Tau Alpha QM ' 'J' V fins- - -A UN I f , I. of 3 l' ' ' j, A V lil , IANET WAIT BIRCI-I .......... Wana 9 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences 1P.ryrbalagy Alpha 'Omicron 'Pi Shorter Boardg Torchg The D L QI., 27, 51 5 Y.W.C.A. Committee - I1-Iouse,,Presiclent 140 li fz .L . Joi-INARAYMOND BIRD .,.....,...... Ewnurori Commerce Perronriel lI'ldlIdg?7lH?77l and Marketing Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg Junior Chamber of Commerce WILLIAM RICHARD BIRKEY ..... ....... I oliei Engineering Elerfriral Engineering A.l.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illuminating Engineering So- ciety Joliet junior College DONALD JAMES BIRR ...,...... ,...Kanlaakee Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Malbemaiirr ROBERT LEE BLACK, JR ...... ......... P mm: Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfyfbology Delta Sigma Phi Campus Chest C313 Student Senate 43,-li: Committee on Student Alfairs Q43 9 Vice Presi- dent, Junior Classg Vice President, Senior Classg N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee Gly Chairman, Independence Political Party HI: Men's Glee Club tl, 2,3,-U5 Y.M.C.A. Committee Q41 RONALD EUGENE BLACK ........ ..... 0 nm-gr: Division of Special Services Geology Sigma Pi First Lieutenant, Battalion of Midshipmen: Arnold Society of Air Cadetsg Scabbard and Bladeg Cyclothem Clubg M.I.S. EVELYN BLAcKMAN ........ Philadelphia, PA. Fine and Applied Arts Murir Education Busey Hall University Chorus 15, 47 g Choristers 137 5 Teachers-in-Training Club Honors Day QU JACK EOLNVELL BLACKMAN .......,.. Danrille Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Sigma Chi Alpha Phi Omega: Y.M.C.A. Committee fl, Zjg A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts So- ciety Honors Day fl, 2, 5l BENDT OVE DoNs BLADEI. ........... Claimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacleriology wi , , V cy :Lt ' ..,, 1, I I ,J li , A , 9 ft R 177 91 ,mil fy I iw A NMA- , LAWRENCE .lOl-IX BLAIDA ..., .,,l!' i 'f Commerce .llizrmgi nz: wi: hlarketing Clubg Society I-Sir the Adyingff ment of Management Rossrir Monrox BLKIR ...,.. i7'.iilr,i,wfi1 Engineering CH ul Erlgmf. ur: A S.r,E, L5, an Eastern Illinois State College CiRRoLl ELHQAR BLAKFRi.ix,,. .L.'.'ilifii.'.! Engineering C11 If E21 gi' iii t i Hr AA r ,E H-KRS,-XRA AAN BL,-XNLHAIID ,,, ,.,Drm!.'n Liberal Arts .ind Seientes Eugliili Pi Beta Phi 'Ihe Illio lllg lllini Union Committee ,. Y,- ii,-.s1g X,XX,C.A. Cabinet iii YILAIA hi.-KRIE BLAND .....,.. ..,. I ffiiublxu Commerce illmlaefiriyg .md Pt'V,f0!IIlc'l .'lrlm1i11,ilr.1lwu Lincoln Avenue Residences XX'.A.A, fl, Zig Marketing Klub M.icMurr.1y College 1,1-xxixnu Lisiir BLAI' ,.,.. L.i,ix Unuigi, LN. j. Ciuninerte Eriifzffnlfri l.tin-luleri House 'llie Daily Illini lllg Hiiuse President till, USP Politiial Party 453, Coin- inute Civuntil 4-lli lfirst Lieutenant, Army li,U,T,l. Regiment, Phi Chi Et.i1 Ai,-,ouritanty Clubi lllini lnsurante Sutiet, M.irketirii4 Klub lliinurs Day 1l,2l Alcliii R Euxvmu BLLLM .... ...Cli1i.i.yi Physiial Eilutatliiri Phjiliilf lfiflriiilliiu Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Baseball Squnel 15, AH1 Freshman Varsity Baselull Squad Honors Day 433 XVright junior Cnlleige Mmuix jams HI,ll'Kll1 .. .... Cbinip liirnrrierte .'l r r u li vm In U7 Delta Tau Delta Aiuiuntancy Club, Marketing Llub 178 . -J .yeas as s, Lf, . 5 it- w ff 5 ' I . X, mir. i -Eff f .Ji- ,1' 'S-KA W-Z7 43, E' ,- -if 75 ikdigibi PAUL KENNETH BLEUsi1iix Jlunrll Verizon, N. T, Commerce iliizrzizgenzsizl Pi Lambda Phi lllini Theatre Guild Cast ill: Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club Honors Day 131 EDXVARD FRENCH BLOCK ....,........ Cbiuugo Liberal Arts and Stiences Clvsnliilij Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambcla Upsilonp A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 11, Il MERRILL H'Al.E BLOCK .,.... l!"i-rljielii, Aliiixf, Division of Special Serxires illuikellizg Clark House lllini Insurance Society: Marketing Clubs ,lunior Chamber of Commerte CHARLES EDXVARU BLOMBERG ,,.. ,,Km:f1im,z'y Engineering Civil Evzgiuveiirzg Brzrrx' BLOSS .........,.,.,,. llwmfielil, Kam. Library School Library Srieme Alpha Chi Omega University of Nebraska ROBERT WARREN BLUCKE .,.. ., . .Alninus Commerce ludfkfllllg Gazuntl Heights Alpha Kappa Psig Marketing Club Honors Day 113 HOXVARD ZALHARY BLUM. . ., .nffbfrnqo Commerce zlflarkellfig Tau Epsilon Phi Interfraternity Council ill: Fieshman Varsity Basketball Squadg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Basketball Manager 11,23 g Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club SELWYN BLUM .........,.......... Cbiriiyi Liberal Arts and Sciences Polilirnl 5i'iwi'e Phi Sigma Delta Illini Insurance Society BERNARD CORMAN BLUMENTHAL ..... Cbimgn Division of Special Services Marketirig Pi Lambda Phi Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff C531 The Daily Illini lllg Marketing Club Roosevelt College NELSON GENE BLUNIER ..... .... R ommkr Commerce Adzertirifig Y,M.C.A. Committee t1,2Jg Accountancy Club THOMAS GRIFEIS BOARD ....... .... I Vbsfzran Engineering Ciril Erzgmwriug Delta Chi Y.M.C.A. Committee I-ll: A.S.C.E. THEODORE BOCKMAN, JR. .......... Emnrfan Physical Education Pbyriral Edumlion Sigma Phi Epsilon Varsity Swimming Squad Cl, 2, 3,4J, Letter 4433 Varsity Track Squad fllg Dolphins 12, 3,415 First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Zeta Sigma Alphag Scabbard and Blade JAMES LAURELL BODE ,.............. Freepvrz Engineering Aeranaulifal Engirzeering l.A.S. JOHN XVALTER BODEMAN ....,...... Cbimga Fine and Applied Arts .f-lri'bi1ef!ln'e Acacia A.l,A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society Michigan State College Rox' CARL BODETT, JR ........ ..., C lnimgn Engineering Civil Engineering Minawa Lodge Illini Christian Fellowship IZ, 3, 41 3 A.S.C.E. North Park junior College HUGH EUGENE BOETTNER ..,........ Cbimgo Engineering Ceramic Engineering A.C.S. 'QS' 'QQ Q "-wi' We I .--Q .. A gb gig itit Q 'IS' I ers' W-'EI' aflefvv E ff X 'af .ti 5 C 5 wif, V ,jg , 'i ,S L E. v ' ", ' I A saQ232f.if....V':f' .. . 2 GLADYS Boom ...,....,....... Paplrn Ginn Commerce rllnrkullriy Chi Omega Accountancy Club: Marketing Club. United Wforld Fecleralists New Mexico A, .ind M, L'FllXCFSIlY NEIL FRANCIS BOGNIER ......,..,.. ..l-limi Agriculture and Engineering .4griclzlt1mzl Ezlgnzuering am! .flgmlllllnu College Hall Newman Foundation Student Couniil IBIQ A.S.A.E. CLARENCE ALLEN BOHLERER ,.,.. ,.,Ci1iw, Agriculture Voralionirl flgrlrnlllnmf Alpha Tau Alpha: Y.M.C.A. Coinmittec 13,-Hg Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Rcgnnsntg Transportation Corp Club, Agricultural Tilti- cation Club KATHLEEN BOLAND ......... Clumgn Hcighlr Agriculture Home Economic: Thornton junior College LESTER ARTHUR BOLDEBUCK ........ Elmbm-,rr Engineering General Erzgifzeernzg S.A.E. ROBERT EUGENE BOLES ............. Chfnrgff Fine and Applied Arts f'1!'L'bi!t'L'lll!'!1l Dmign Alpha Rho Chi Gargoyleg Interfraternity Council 153 Honors Day 11, 21 LAXVRENCE ARTHUR BOLLN ...,. ,... C Engineering Civil Erzgirircfjflg Annex Hall Dr: Paul University ELRERT CLIFFORD BOLLYN ........,.. Cbmrlqn Division of Special Services Speech Illini Theatre Guild Cast Q-'llg XVILL HI Cornell University 179 BRUCE Erwooo BOLTON ..... ..... C ki.-.150 Engineering Mscharrical Engmafmzg Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 42, 5l3 Award l3I WILBLYR EARL BOLTON ,...... ...Chicago Agriculture Dairy Tfr'iv:1v1'.fg- Dairy Tech nology Society LORRAINE ANNE BONAGUIDI .... ..,Cbimga journalism Edilnrifll Phi Mu The Daily Illini 13,-Hg Illini Union Com- mittee i3Jg Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff f3jg Spanish Clubg X'i'.A.A. 1-U Honors Day Bl Northwestern University RAYMOND LEROY BONAQUIDI .... ...Chiraga Commerce . -1 rc 0 I4 mmi rj Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club JAMES BOND ...,....,..,. .... C bampaign Agriculture General xigricnllnre Acacia Hoof and Horn Club University ot Kansas ,IACK GORDON Borsues. .......,..... Clvrago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zfiiilffuj Psi Upsilon Illini Theatre Guild Last HI: interfraternity Council ll P Loyola University JOHN JOSEPH BONDY ......,........ Clamzgo Division of Special Services Mi'l7A?L'fl7l,Q N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee IFB, 473 Market- ing Club Honors Day 151 American Shrivenham University GEORGE DEXVEY BoNE, JR., ,. .... Clumgo Engineering Elenriml Eriglmcrnlg Pi Kappa Phi A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Illinois Institute of Tethnology 180 v 9 LB' X . xml " x A N 2- i '91 6- i ' v f CJ . . ii 5 : ss, nd i "Z7'7 e. R ,A V r' 4 Qi'iEp!f.5,. .R 13 Q --.1 i 'K N -f. R-..r , , 2 .i., ,. 5 ' I . - .. 4. 65 STUART JEROME BoNEM.... Law Law . . . .Chicago Pi Lambda Phi Omega Beta Pig The Daily Illini Q11 5 junior Bar Associationg Law Society Honors Day ll, 31 WILLIAM GODFREY BONGART Morrirtown, N. I. Commerce Arrounlancy Accountancy Club ROBERT ARMSTRONG BONHAM, ....... Tolono Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology GORDON GAIL BONVALLET .......... Sl. Anne Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E,E.-I.R.E. PAT JUNE BOODELL ................. Cbimgo Fine and Applied Arts Art Alpha Delta Pi Illustrators: Illini Union Committee Ol: Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day 11, 2, 31 3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key GEORGE jacob BoPP ......... .... I erreyrille journalism Adwrlirifzg RICHARD ANDREW Bow .,........ Barrington Division of Special Services Eronomifr Newman Hall NORMAN EDWIN BORGESON ........ Emmlan Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Honors Day C11 MILTON JOHN BORIK ....... , . ..Cbirago Engineering Civil Engineering Bastille House President H15 A.S.C.E.g I.T.E. PATRICIA ANN BORNGASSER .......... La Salle Library Science Library Science and Sociology Sigma Kappa Library Club Fairfax Hall Junior College EUGENE CHESTER BoRow'sxI ........ Cbimga Fine and Applied Arts Arclaileclizml Engineering A.S,C.E.: Glider Club Honors Day 133 KENNETH VVAYNE BORROR ......... Ranrille Engineering Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nug Illini Union Committee Q41 1 A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 123 ROBERT CHARLES BOSSHART ......... Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Four Columns A.S.M.E. CARL EUGENE BOTTERBUSCH ..... .... D eroto Engineering Elecirical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day fl, 21 IMOGENE BOTTOMS ............ Paducah, Ky. Division of Special Services Ari Educulion Fine and Applied Arts Society Paducah Junior College DONALD EDWARD BOULTBEE .... .... C hicago Engineering Ceramic Engineering Barton House A First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Tau Nu Taug A.C.S. Q' ' K I Honors Day C55 A I A ' ,l, U we 4 I 11, .' 'i 5-Z i. li -' Ar ,f"1f" " - 1 , C . "ia wif H: MY., mfr:-A::?g1:1:. . . arse.: Q: '-2 ,,:w:5i?.-sf :. . msg-.::y,Q.1T . .:,zvzm,,.,..4+5ppgp: bg ..e,,g,5xgfgsf:f:51.- . 5:-:g,x-A ,- g-::,1,.,.'f-1T- 'Q n j . Nels- Q fii ' in '4-as gy NORMA EILEEN BOXYARD. ........ Middlerozun Agriculture Home Eronoiiilri Education Fehner House Home Economics Club Lincoln College RALPH EDWARD Bowrn ............... Olney Engineering illeclnzriiciil Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day il, 1, 533 University of Illinois Scholarship Key: Bronze Tablet RICHARD EVGENE BOXVLING. ..,. Cliilfllil, Iml. Agriculture Agrnnnniy Honors Day il, 4? CHARLES HENRY BOXVMAN .... .,..Ufbmm Law Lim' Phi Delta Phi Princeton University BETTY JEAN BRADEN ........... ...Odell Agriculture Home Economic: Reeter Club Illinois Agriculturist 13, 43 g Home Economics Clubg Rural Life Club ROBERT WARREN BRAIJEN ........I.. . . .Odell Agriculture flgI'ic1rll1n.zl Eronomicr Alpha Zetag Agricultural Economics Club: Agricultural Education Club Honors Day tlj ROBERT GLENN BRAuFORu..Murleegon, Mich. Engineering Eler'lrii'i1l .Engineering A,I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day ill BARBARA BLOCK BRADLEY ............. Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Sufivitlgj' Kappa Kappa Gamma The Illio ill: Illini Union Committee 151g Y.XV.C.A. Committee ill 181 YQ. I Xl 'S JOHN LAYTON BRADLEY ...., ...el.:mp.nqi1 Agriculture .-15f1fJ1l,'1u.zf E L'ff 17' f Alpha Tau Omega Agricultural Economics Club Trioaiis GRAHM Baabirx' ...,.,,. .Dtturnf Fine and Applied Arts .l'ni'.'15t'lllmzrl Ef.'g.'r:5rfrf:. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Starab. Illini L'nion fnrnraaittce Ht: Fresh' man Varsity Tennis Squad: AI-X. Wirriaar MAUQ BRADY. ,.... . . ..lI,f. Pnla,-if journalism R.m'1n Iimbassy The Daily Illini l3l1 XVILL 11,1-ll Hmrziri ,luxe Bizacmox ....,,,...,.. Bi'rn'iu Liberal Arts and Stientes B.1rm'ifflff,u,1 Kappa Delta Illini L'nmn Committee 15. ll I-IONARD OSCAR BRAMEL ....,,.. Blur' rllomzil Agriculture Grnrml ,'lgr1i'nIlnir Alpha Gamma Rho Hoof and Horn Club Roiirnr Eriwuo BRANCH,,IR.,Ll!lf:' Rfneplfle. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemlfnl Erzglmerliig Varsity Swimming Squad fl, Z, 3, -ll, Lette: tl. 1, 3, 4lg A.I.Ch,E, Honors Day 45h Little Rock junior College, Llniversity ol Mithigan HAROLD SAMUEL BRANDENisuru,..C-rim Gunlu Engineering Agrlfuliuml EHKQIPIEAVIIIAQ Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Zeta: A.S.A.E. Hunrirs Day ISP juan EILEEN BRANUING ..,,.,... Gilzlllllt Cny Liberal Arts and Stlentes Sflifrlr Curfttllnll Phi Mu Mortar Boardg Trirchg Alpha Lambda Delta. Arepu. Mask and Baubleg Zeta Phi Eta: The lllm 4l,2lg Illini Union Board ill: Illini Union Council 13, -ll: Illini Union Committee ll, 2, R,-ll: Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12, Mg House President HI Hfinfirs Day Il, Z, Bl: Uni-.ersity ul Illinois Schnlarship Key l82 YI17 ,-. gs RALPH NATHAN BRANSKY.. ,... ..,..Cbirag0 Liberal Arts and Sciences 5 -7,3 Omega Beta Pi: A,I.Ch.E. Clverfllrrrti Barton House Honors Day fl, Zl DORATHIEA BRASH .., ,..... ...Cbfmgo Commerce .flrwlzrzlirfrr-y Laurel I-louse Alpha Lambda Delta. Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Honors Day Il, 2, 511 University of Illinois Scholarship Key SHIERXVOOD FRANKLIN BR.-iscl-i. .. .. .Chit-nga Engineering .'It'l'0Ilt1llljL'r1l Erlglalfurnilg Christian Science Organization: I,A,S. MAX THOMAS BRAUN ...,.,....,.,. O'Ftillon Engineering Awazzazzlical E21-glrieeiing Theta Delta Chi Pi Mu Epsilon: Illini Union Committee 1353 I,A.S. Honors Day 12, 31 Belleville junior College JOHN BRAZAITIS ................... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Clnenliral ElIgfIIA'FVfIIg A,l.Ch.E. MARGARET I.YNE'rrE Bimzinn ........... Mum Liberal Arts and Sciences Teafber Tlliilllllg in Sflrlmib JAH House House President t-ll SIMON MAnsHAr.i. BizAzv,..Sfin1b Bmrl, Intl. Commerce Ai'mlu11fn1ry Flagg House Intramural Manager 131: First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Transportation Corp Clubg Praetoriansg Rifle and Pistol Club JOHN tlfinrmz BnnAni.rY. ....,.. ....Roi-klmfl Division of Special Services Mmmgwntfrzl Phi Delta Theta Illini Union Board Hill Illini Ufllflfl CUITI' mittee 1311 Illini Theatre Guild Production start tl, 27 5 Interfraternity Council tl, 2, 31: House President C413 Student Senate HJC Dolphins Q41 Louis FERDINAND BREHMER .... ...Cmnori Commerce Illdrkeling Concert Band Q11 g Marching Band ill 3 Mirr- keting Clubg Junior Chamber of Commerce RALPH BUDDXVELL BREI ............. Frerporr Commerce Arcormtanry and Alaimgenlezil Tau Kappa Epsilon Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Beloit College JANE BREMER .................... Hilliboro Liberal Arts and Sciences Econnnzirr Busey Hall Honors Day fl, 21 BURTON HOXVARD BRESNIK .... ..... C birago Commerce Eronomifr Phi Epsilon Pi Illini Insurance Society University of Wisconsin MARTIN FREDERICK BRETZ Clezfelana' Heiglstr, Olvm Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day Q37 Kansas University JOHN PETER BREUER, JR .... ....... R avkjonl Division of Special Services Geology and Pbilaropby Cyclothem Clubg Philosophy Discussion Club EUGENE HoRAcE BRIDcI5s, JR. San Antonio, Tex. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Campus Chest 12, Sl: Interfraternity Council 121g House President 1435 Varsity Tennis Squad ill: Intramural Manager Ill: A.S.M.E. Sam Houston State Teachers' College WI1.LIAM Ron BRIDGES ....... .... O lu.-:fy Engineering Civil Engineerivzg A.S.C.E. Honors Day Q51 ., ,- - 3 ' -c Y I " if " X I X 'I+ tm Qi? R N x ks N X X E X 4 s xx xc X , s t R In 6 .13 -1 y R I E it 0 I 'K X X X X Y: X s I . r:,:::y . :gg ' :'g5,,i5:i i -V .u 41- -I -- - R .s.,:. .fo ,.. ILL.: -g,,,,3,e,f,:-LL - if , nw. ni.:-' ' . -. 'I' V f -1-' ' I"2iiifIEA2'Y5f 6f3,155.'f-tags? f-'- - Ng .- s K R 51 Q Q? X' 'SVA X 4 -:I - IZ I 1 ' . ' " . ba, . .1 ' '-2 'M' , i 'If '1: wi' i I , - - . . i lfz, ::-1: as .-,-1.x Q 'r:I. - x . .... , - --1 gfszmiimi- ROBERT GUY BRIDGEXVATER. .. ...Normal Engineering Eleclrirnl Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R,E.g Illuminating Engineering So' ciety Illinois State Normal University DOUGLAS EDWARD BRIESI-LIE ....,..... Cbmzga Liberal Arts and Sciences P.vyrlwlo,gy Psi Chig LAS Council I-Hg Illini Forensic Associationg Sphinx Clubg junior Chamber of Commerce XVALTER MANNING BRIGGS ....,... Clnnrleilon Division of Special Services Real Efrnle Alpha Rho Chi Alpha Phi Omega: Fine and Applied Arts Society Eastern Illinois State College jAIxIEs WINSTON BRILL ...... . ,,.. Peomz Engineering ll'lecl1af1iI'al Engineeriiig Pi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Joi-IN ROBERT BRILL .,............., Anraim Engineering zllerhmzicul Ezzglfieering Pershing Riflesg S,A.E. CARL XVILLIS BRINK .... .... . ..DIrAmf Education Malbenzulifr VERNON EDWIN BRISCI-IKE .... . ...Cbimgfi Agriculture General Agrirullme Noble House Dairy Production Club WILLIAM TAYLOR BRISTOW, JR. ...... Clmrigu Engineering Clril Euginwrnig A.S.C.E. 183 JOAN KATHRYN BRrr'rrN ..,........ Rorkford Journalism Ad1'E1'fiJI!1g Pi Beta Phi Y.W.C.A. Committee 141 Beloit College ESTHIR ELLEN BRITTINGHAM ........ Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Presbyterian Hall House President 141 BARBARA Loursr: BRQCKMEIER ....... Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Corrwllofl Alpha Chi Omega Torchg Shi-Aig Alpha Lambda Deltag Zeta Phi Etag The Illio 11, 2,311 Illini Union Committee 1115 Illini Theatre Guild Produc- tion Staff 1115 Star Course Manager 1211 Panhellenic Executive Council 131: House President 141 3 Freshman Week Committee 131 Honors Day 11, 2, 519 University of Illinois Scholarship Key IWYRON Smswox Brion ....,,,...... Cbiraga Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryclinlffgy Chi Gamma lotag Intercollegiate Zionist Fed- eration Honors Day 121 CHARLES RICHARD BRourRrcic ...... ...Marian journalism Radio Theta Chi The Illio 11, 21 3 Illini Union Committee 111 New Mexico State College FREDERICK WILLIAAI BRODIE ...... Millingmn Division of Special Services ' Pre-Medirine f Chi Gamma Iota: Alpha Phi Omegag Omega Bora Pi Yale Universityg Northern Illinois State Teachers' College fi Ls CARL Wrsuzi' BROOKE ........ . .-lfftilliiagzrence journalism 'fb 'I -' Adr'vrli.ring 4 Marketing Club ,171 xi ,A-5, ' 'Xl' f 'l I 'Ei-is ' fi 3 ALFRED GLENN Brmorcs ,...... 7. - iqag Liberal Arts and Sciences Sflfffll fr P' 4 Chi Gamma Iota 3 as 1 .., v., i'7i:f:f'+f.'rr " 'E-"ii EDWARD ALBERT Bnooxs .... gburrr Engineering Civil Engineeri 5. ' Marching Band 11, 5, 415 zli zi ' rmental Band 15,41g second Regime a 1515 Illinois Technograph 12, 41 5 V 4 H 'S THELMA Bnoorcs .............. ..Chifaga Liberal Arts and Sciengg Zoology Wilson junior College 5 , l i, DONALD Louis BROOKS-MILLER ...... Chicago Eine and Applied Arts Affbfffflllfe Alpho Rho Chi lnterfraternity Council 111: A.l.A. ARNOLD BROOKSTONE .............. Chfrago Commerce Acrourzlamy ,Tau Epsilon Phi Freshman Frolic Committeeg Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Honors Day 11, 21 - James Tr-romas BRoPr-rx' .......... La Grange Commerce Arcourzlanry Phi Gamma LlDelta The Daily Illini 121g Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Honors Day 12, 31 Lyons Township Junior College JAMES ANTON BRo'rsos ....... ..... C bicaga r Agriculture Dairjkfecbrzolagy Annex .Hall The Daily Illini 131 3 Illini Union Committee .19, 413 Illirii1Theatre Guild Production Stall 15,414 Football Manager 1215 Dairy Tech- nolpgy,Society .- Honors Day 123 3'1. Wright Junior College . J . -, 1 .Bri-rar NEWLANU-KBEOWN ........ Camp Pain: -I Liberalxzgts and Sciences - Pi-ycholagy v',McKinley Hall, ' Wglphaa-1'QambHafDeltag Illini Union Commit- , itdeg,n13,'M: WQGafSii Executive Council 1415 i .Gdlig ti' lliariii- l12,c:2,-413 First Regimental j Qandijgergg 'A Ella Choir 13, 415 Mad- Spanish Club Hifi inilra-fill-ZW , I Q Q - t I '1 xii 4 Q ' A .as , ,. ' Ka :-reggfir ..... Chicago 'I " f .i mmerce Q,-lg, fdgjikf' nd Management qahf A Chi Gamma rlotag Phi Q, President 131 3 Marketing V 'i G' if-igrililiiri of Commerce "L Q :iii I1 , 41 3 University of Illinois evQr?,i, 143' i' ig,- ' i r.i.Lr'x-.'- FLOYD LESLIE BROWN ............ Cbnrlerrari Engineering General Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.5 Amvets Post No. 651 A.S.M.E.Z S.A.E. Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College FRED GoRis BROWN ......... ...Cbicngo Engineering General Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g A.S.M.E. Purdue Universityg Montana State College GERALD CRAWFORD BROWN .......... Generetf Commerce lndurtrial Admini.rn'atiot1 Phi Delta Theta Illini Union Committee 1315 Illini Theatre Guild Cast 121 5 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 12, 51 Knox College X LARRY FRANK BROVUN ............ Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pig A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 131 Knox College SMIERLEY JEAN BROVUN ...., .... S pringhetd Education Elementary Education Gamma Phi Beta General Chairman, Campus Chestg Torch, lllini Union Committee 11, 215 Star Course Manager 1215 Y.W.C.A. Committee 121g Campus Chest 13,415 Student Senate 1415 McKinley Foundation Student Council 1115 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 1415 Junior Prom Committee Chairmang Sophomore Cotillion Committee. THOMAS JAMES BROWN ..... Charlotte, N. C. Physical Education Pbyfical Educalian Kappa Delta Rho Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 12, 31 WALTER WARREN BROWN ..... Bnlmtzr, N. J. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.I.A.: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 111 WINIFRED ELIZABETH BRoWN.Keumare, N. Y. Journalism Advertising Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Deltag Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini 11, 21 5 Star Course Manager 121 5 Marketing Clubg Career Conference Co- ordinating Committee 141 Honors Day 11, 2, 31 AS.. 1,-, . -Q. ,, G? Ns: Q sg Luz -sv RICHARD JOHN BRUGGEN ..... .... B erwyn Engineering Metalll1i'giral Engineerirzg Sigma Chi Alpha Sigma Mu Honors Day 13, 41 Northwestern University JOAN FRANCES BRL'oc,eR ...... ...Chicago Commerce .llarketmg Marketing Club WILLIAAI HENRY BRUNINGA ..... ...Peoria Commerce fiffglllllllfllj' and Mnmzgenzenl Gazund Heights The Daily Illini 1511 Illini Theatre Guild Cast 1515 Campus Chest 13, 41 1 N.S.A. Sen- ate Subcommittee l3, 41 1 Accountancy Club De Pauw University CAROL ANN BRUNNFMFYLR. ....,. ...mlmivm Liberal Arts and Sciences Sfwfflv Kappa Kappa Gamma The Illio 1115 lllini Theatre Guild Cast 11, 215 XVILL 111: Christian Science Organi- zation HAROLD ROBINSON BRUNO, JR. ...... Clmuign journalism Editorial Tau Delta Phi The Daily Illini 12,3,-111 lnterfraternity Council 1215 Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 12,515 Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg French Clubg Scabbard and Bladeg Sigma Delta Chi HENRY EDMUND BRUNS. ..,.. .... C file Engineering Electrical Engineering University Chorus 141 3 Men's Glee Club 141 1 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. CARL WAYNE BRUSH ............. Brownfield Agriculture Vaculianal Agriculture Agricultural Education Clubg lllini Masonic Club Southern Illinois University SEVERYN TENHAUT BRUYN .,.,.... Oak Park Division of Special Services Pfycbology Fralrer House Varsity Swimming Squad 131 185 P Y I . Bsrry JEAN BRYANT ........,.. Bloamnggign, Liberal Arts and Sciences -1 Sociology I, Delta Delta Delta Star Course Manager L21 1 Y.XV.C.A. Commit-1 tee ill: Campus Chest 153: Student Senate 14,1 Tempo 121 3 Social XVeltare Administra- tion Club XVILL MORG.4N BRYEN ..,. ...,. C bit-nga Engineering Elfrlrlral Efzgirzcfririg The Mansion Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.-I,R.E.: Illini Vet- erans: Electronics Club Honors Day ll, Zi University of Chicago ALAN DEAN BUCK ...,.............. Urlmnn Division of Special Services Ggrflfig-5' Cyclotliem Club Honors Day ill EDW ARD STANLITY BUDRECK ..., Chimgp Engineering Eleclfiml Ellglllffllllg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E, XVilson Junior College EDVVARD XVILLIAM Buxovsxx' ....,. ..Beru'vn Commerce lliarkenng Lambda Chi Alpha Marketing Club Honors Day fl! - Morton junior College i J. U JOHN josrifu Buitfmo, JR. ..,.., ,,..Chiiuigal Liberal Arts and Scieritesj "LJ Zoology A A Phi Kappa 7.1 D' xr ' 'Af 'iii e5lfi6'if-Q f Tl YA. uv in I i f J.-,5 ,, B JOHN BULLINGTON ....,.... fir, A - it 'f ff' " Agriculture rf, p -" Central .'lgilr11ll1fgife5Q-EY Agricultural Law Clubg lllini'li?Yfgg1,m' qsga ciation 5:22. -li i I! Honors Day Q23 pri' i 4 'V 'Q . -52. lg'-M 2,4-N Q- '94 "T-Ilxs MAYNARD CARY Bui,i,is,., .ZCLQTL 530 Commerce "M Y flrmlullinlrj fw if 0 l i Accountancy Club I ,v cf' Wilson junior Colleie .is ' r, AA Q' " 'ml l 86 A' ' J' Q its A.f'.e-'X 1 gf -RQGER 'STANLEY BUMSTEAD. .. , hicaga . Division of Special .-:aff-in Zoology .iVarsitY Baseball Squad l3, Gamma 4 Iota ' Honors Day C31 W RUSSELL IVAN BUNN... ,... .. bnmfmign Division of Special S s Pbpiral Ednralio ELMER HOWARD BURACK, .,.,..... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Cberlzital Engineering Blackhawk A.I.Ch.E.g Intercollegiate Zionist Federation REED LYNN BURCH ......,......... Lorlepml Engineering Aeraimurical Engineering Gamma Alpha Rhog l.A.S. joliet junior College .CHARLES LORING BURGER ...... ...Rafk Ffillr Liberal Arts and Sciences l Zvolagy G l c Wiitram JOSEPH BURGER ...... ...., C bimgo ig. ' ' Fine and Applied Arts Q W A Architectural Engineering l" A.'IiA.: A.S.M.E.-9 li: W 1r lov A -it- RMARTLN MlCHAEL'BURKE. .New York, N. Y. if . Liberal ifArts and Sciences if '- V Teacher Iffaining in Hirlary iw' Ifeacliers-in-Training Club Lllnixgersityjqf Syracuse If .gn V lf? i 1. 1. 9. I N- ' 1,-F 1 . 1 Q F5 ., x - i. L'-, l" 1 1 i i. f . la Dowiifp IBURNETT .......... Clnrngn f ,Engineering l fvnfllla W'IIf,gli'dl Engineering b' 51'au'vKapRNEpiilon fQ.mM1.s. A '75 w-. ,E L 41'-F "Ml i , , , gi 'w.iFg"l"',',. 'rf' .4 F p" f 1 not I Phi Delta Theta m ., Clubg Marketing Club Q , fi 531' is ' . 'DONALD IRWIN BURNS ...... Vrgfilgxcago Ag H, Journalism Q5 'i i T.. if . Adveriiring ffi V' 7, i , Lundgren House . I " Alpha Delta Sigmag Illini Ingurahce Societyg A Q' - Marketing Club I 'A Wright Junior College I I L E ROBERT BYRON BURNS ........ .... 0 ak Hill Education General Science Lambda Chi Alpha ,United World Federalists Simpson College .3521 "'A, v ,i an J. 9 'r- ,a ,VI 'gl MICHAEL BURNSTINE ........ . ., . . .Chicago ' Commerce lf Accozmlancy Tau Epsilon Phi A Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club i V NELSON KENNETH BURRELL, JR. ..... Chimgo Engineering General Engineering V XVright Junior College t I 4 RICHARD EDGAR BURRELL ......... Clmmpaigu Commerce ' ' ilfiazzagement Illini Theatre Guild Cast ISI: -Accountancy U i . I il - l 9 r gi ll' l ll I , , lfw : .A I 5 xx . f F if - X' f 'Ji - LEWIS EVERETT BURRITT, JR. 'QQ Ho11of'ulii,fi3I-Iziziiuil , Commerce if A 'F' . Marketin E, 'r " I :LJ ' ' g f Y' ' ins- : rigid' I ill 'iii' I will lt Q '- , 'ff'lfi','ial is " 2 :1'if',E!1z.-3 ' Q w' ,raw 3 A F -rffil ig V' 'if,a"'l LI! I. I H . , 4 , t, , V , J J R' I 1 iii- lil xlib: Ei ilsii Fine and Applied Art i of Mini: f ' ' Ii- Q Pi Beta Phi - I A i Sigma Alpha Iota: Illini Union Council GIA: ' Illini Union Committee '41, 2,574'?rl1niv5ersil:y , Chorus fl, 2, 3, 43 3 Women's idlbe 'qCh.ib El t1,2,3bg ACappel1a choir on I l 5 ' ' ki ...,..r.,,arr,. ,I lr al l I M l 1 ,ul A v ' , 'V -I-if ... , J-J s if - l . HIRSH MEYER Buscrfr ............ C ig! E Chemistry and Chemical Engin up ' an . 5 Liberal Arts and Screncesg . A.E.Ch.E De Paul University .I 'H RUTH ANN BUscH ............... Springfield Agriculture Home Erouomirr and Imtituriorml fllarlagemrnl Alpha Xi Delta Home Economics Club Monmouth College HARoI.n LEROY BUsHEv ............. Bradley Liberal Arts and Sciences Clyemirlry Phi Eta Sigmag Marching Band Q11 Honors Day Cl, 3, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOSEPH GEORGE BUSHUR ........ .,... N eoga Division of Special Services Perzfomzel Mariagemem Accountancy Clubg American Legion Post No. 9093 Spanish Club Eastern Illinois State Collegeg Northern State Teachers' College JACK BUsHYHEAu ....... Lfuirerrify Ciiy, Mo. Division of Special Services Pbyriral Education YVILLIAM EVERETT BUSTISR ...I,....,.. Peoria Division of Special Services Commerce Acacia Varsity Track Captaing Tribe of Illinig Varsity Track Squad tl,2,3,4D, Letter tl, 2, 5, 453 Varsity Football Squad ill RALPH DELOS BUSWELL ...... .... D onoran Agriculture Teacher Training in Agrifullure Alpha Tau Alphag Y.M.C.A. Committee C53 9 Zeta Sigma Alphag Agricultural Education Club RAYMOND Lewis BUTCHER ........ Champaign Division of Special Services l71tfIlJ'lfit1l Admir1i.riration Student Senate C2Jg Committee on Student Discipline 1215 Society for the Advancement of Management Morton Junior College JANET ELIZABETH BUTE .......... Winnebago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology McKinley Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Illini Union Commit- tee f1,3J: Campus Chest C33 Honors Day Cl, 2, 33g University of Illinois Scholarship Key University of Michigan 187 ' r JOSEPH BUTBNSKY........lNle'1t' York, N. X., I Commerce "r, Ainrmgement ll Barton House l Marketing Clubg Society for the Advance--i ment of Managementg junior Chamber of i Commerce Honors Day Cb University of XVisconsin CHARLES Roi' Borxus .... .,... P alarine Engineering Metallurgical Erignzenifsg M.I.S. BERNARD RAY BUTLER ,.,.,,......., Rachelle Agriculture Floricnlfme Flagg House Floriculture Clubg junior Chamber of Com- merce JOHN WALTER BUTLER ,.4......., Spiiugisld Division ot' Special Serxires Management Parade Ground Units Springfield junior College MARY LOUISE BUTTERETELD .... ...Libertyville Physical Education Plyyfical Eduratlou Evans Hall W,A.A. Numeralsg XV.A.A. 13,415 Terra- pin Q2, 3, 413 Physical Education Majors Club LYLE ALVIN BUTTON ...,,....... .Gar-7, Ind. Physical Education Pbyriml Erluraflwr Delta Phi Varsity Football Captaing Ma-XVan-Dag Tribe of lllinig Varsity Football Squad l2,5,4J, Letter IZ, 5,413 Freshman Varsity Football Squad MORRIS MILTON BUZAN ......... ...... A Iran Engineering Electrical Engineering A,I.E.E.-l.R,E.g Illuminating Engineering So- ciety Honors Day ill LAURA JANICB BYRD ,....... .... G alnziu Education Mufii' Elfllfllflbll Vanlig i Sigma Alpha Iota l3,4t: House President 1335 University Chorus My 5 Women's Glccl' Club 121 .' " Honors Day ll,2,3J1 Univmary of IIlinois'f Scholarship Key - I 4-H 5 188 , 'F i ii' ,Q5T'.A"' x5 ,A ?v pm is li, all -c' ' .-K ' 'P' Q Z A it 1 B"'Q Joi-IN CYRIL LBYRNES ....... ' girago liberal Arts and ScigJ Political Scienr X, WILL 15,431 American Soci? ' Public Administration ' ' University of Fribourg Y BETTY ANN CACIOPPO.. ....... .Cbimgo Education , Elementary Educalia . Cagle Hall Y.W.C.A. Committee Gig Chris n Science Organization ,il North Park Junior College 'I it, LEE CADWELL ........,...... .... U rbmm Education Elementary Educaliaaz Gamma Phi Beta Co-Manager, Star Course: Mortar Boardg Torch: Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambda Deltag The Illio ill: Star Course Manager 12, 3,413 Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 279 Panhellenic Ex- ecutive Council 13Jg Concert and Entertain' ment Board Q43 Honors Day 11, Z, 37: University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOHN LEO CAIN, III ............. Sprirzgfeld Commerce Aff0llf1ldllfj' Delta Phi Illini Union Committee 12, ES! Q Illini Theatre Guild Production Stall ill 1 Accountancy Club ROBERT DEAN CAIN ...,....,.,... Springfield Physical Education PlJy.tical Education Four Columgp Varsity Baseball Squad CE, 43 3 Freshman Var- sity Baseball,Squad DONALD FREDERICK CAiRNs ........... Sparta Division of Special Services Civil, Engineering Granada Club A.S.C.E. Southern Illinois University JOHN ARTHUR CALDER .............. Clzicaga Engineering Electrical Engineering Annex -Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Wright junior College 4 HARRY NOBLE CALDWELL ...... Hnmell, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts f Architecture Tau Kappa Epsilon Matching Band U15 First Regimental Band KU: Men's'iGlee Club 1115 A.I.A. State C-ollegeaof Washington ' ,X.4g. ,-if' Y. .-0. ng- , V. fi. e',,'9glo' r . "5-Ls ' filq 1 BERNARD JAY CALL ............... .. .Silvir Engineering Merlmniml Engineering Witanshire ' A.S.M.E. CHARLES GARRIOTT CALLAHAN ...,... Gmfnm Commerce Arvorzrilmzcy Lundgren House Commerce Council 15, 43 1 Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club: Sphinx Clubg junior Cham- ber of Commerce FRANCIS MICHAEL CALLAHAN ........ Cbimgo Commerce lllarkeling Phi Kappa Illini Union Committee 1415 Illini Thefitre Guild Cast 133 g Marketing Club JOHN THOMAS CALLAHAN. .. ..... Cbimgo Commerce Markeling Phi Kappa Illini Union Committee 1419 Illini Theatre Guild Cast 151: Marketing Club PERRY CALLAS ........... ..... C himga Law Lau' Epsilon Phi Sigmag junior Bar Association Wright junior College ROBERT ANTHONY CAMERON ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Newman Hall Chi Gamma Iotag Cyclothem Club JAMES BAINBRIDGE CAMPBELL. . , .Mum-ie, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Arcbiterlure MARTHA BACON CAMPBELL ......... Winnezka Liberal Arts and Sciences , Englixh Chi Omega The Daily Illini mg The Illio 113, Illini Theatre Guild Manager 121 5 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 11,2Jg Campus Chest 131: French Club '-if Q A-A -,gr IIS - -- ... A-r I , 2:55132 , I ' ,, ' ee .,.-.. .P . . . . ,..L , 1, 1 I ,- ' 4 .,: ' ea! ,V .V . 'jg N" -- Q ' ip, -, -. , , .. ' 3,3231 X a g . . - "2 ' -212--:S -:- ii! ' 5 - ' - - , ' sr.:-'-5:-:ig.., , - 1 , :5:.f: ' --1 .1 N . ' P- Am 5-V if gf-.3111 H -'J A 'Q '-.A X 2 gk ,f MARX' LOUISE CAMPEELI. ,....... Lliuirenrerille Agriculture Home Economic! Delta Zeta Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicronl NXfomen's Glee Club 123: All Ag Field Day Committee Oli 3 Home Economics Club: Rural Life Club Honors Day 11, 2. 51 PATRICIA ANN CAMPBELL ............ Omiego Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Alpha Chi Omega Cornell College PAUL ROBERT CAMPBELL ..... ,....... C bingo Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. XVilson junior College WILLIAM CARROLL CAMPBELL ....... Emmron Division Of Special Services Mining Erlgineering Alpha Delta Phi Engineering Council 13, 433 M.I.S. Colorado A. and M. College XVILLIALI MARTIN CAMPBELL .... ..,. C im: Agriculture General Agricnlmre WILLIAM PETER CAMPBELL ........,. Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall A.I.E.E,-I.R.E. RAYMOND CHARLES CANIK ...,.. .... B eruyn Agriculture General Agrirullufe Hoof and Horn Club: Rifle and Pistol Club Morton junior Collegeg Michigan State College EDWARD WILLIAM CAPERTON, JR....EL'1171.'I0fl Liberal Arts and Sciences Engliily Parade Ground Units 'I89 .M Ln, . "Tl if ,." ' f ." fi' rig 'aff I ,At Aff' ,.,. , A N 1 Ju. ,V ', ki ,Ai Rose MARGARET CAPODICE. . . . . . ,Cbinigg C journalism i :Q Adrerlirizig Sigma Kappa '1 The Daily Illini q1,:,5,il 1 xi.ll'kCfll1g Clulii' ARNOLD CAREY ..,,...... .. Hllajwaorl Engineering Aiffbtlfliilll Erzgfrrfrimg A.S.M.E. MAXINT JANETTE CARGILI, ....... ..Ahiymwi.l Liberal Arts and Scientes Trafber Training 111 Sorml Si'.'nlif.r Delta Delta Delta House President 141 CARL XVALTER CARLSON ....... .,,.. C, lnlmga Engineering Mecbfuiiral Ellglllfflfllg Q XYHLLIAM JOE CARLYLE ........, ....MaI!oanf Y I D Q A A V l l. Division of Special bei-xices . Pqrlmlogvy ' . fp Flagg House ' ' -, WJ House President 1471 First Lieutenantg Air Force XVing IW , 7 9 J.. -N RX' HAROLD ARTHUR CARLSON. .. Higblaml Rink Fine and Applied Arts ,ii Landrrape Arrliilrrtup Ni Zeta Psi 'vi Sotietyg Landscape Architetture V House President HIL Fine .intl Applied Arts!-Q ii JOHN ROBERT CARi.sos: ,,,...,. ..CV:ariiji4ig' Fine and Applied Arts f 3117. llldlllflfzlf Duilign .A xx 4.5 Phi Kappa Sigma 1 '- Illini Union Committee fly l x 1' Q . T -JL, ,I QQ,- L A ' li" . A I Len RAYMOND CARLSON .,..... . , . . gb Auritulturc ie- I Vffralifinil Jigllillflllfel ' 1 - Alpha Tau Alpha: fihmhiihfai 1aah'6aih,,. Club .--'A ' or 'A feel 190 - ,Wil ' l l l v . ,fl ge LEONARD JOHN- CARLSON. . . P ' eriide Q , l Engineering ' 'ildeiclmnical Ezzgiiiy Chi' Gamma Iotag A.S.M.E. lrionors Day 12, 35 X . -i w Journalism Ad1'er'!iring Gamma Phi Beta A Associate Business Manager, The liog Mor- tar Board: Torchg Kappa Tau hag Theta Sigma Phi: The Illio 12, 3, -ll 3 lini Union Committee C21 : Terrapin 12, 5 3 Spanish MARY CATHERINE CARLSON .... .... E I gin Club , Honors Day 12, 57 I' Northwestern University ROBERT VERNON CARLSON. ,.... .... C lmuign Liberal Arts and Sciences Bdfleriofngy Theta Delta Chi Dolphins 131: Micro-Tech Club Honors Day C21 DON EDGAR CAR1.soN ......,... .fiflliilgb Commerce Marketing and Ahnmgerriml Accountancy Club: Marketing Clubg junior Chamber of Commerce Wilson Junior College LLOYD GERALD CARNAHAN ...... ,...Roi-belle Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medirine Sigma Chi Q Oriiega Qeta Pig: Tribe of Illinig Tennis Man- ager. fist, 4'J,g. Marching Band 11, ZJ 3 First Regimental band 'QU g Second Regimental Band CD : -'Moingwenfi 6 .Diivm ,WARREN 'CARNFGIE .... .. .Cbimgo '. , Engineering L Ci1lilk'IIgfllKt'I'jllg A.S.C.E. I -Unhfersity of Denverg University of Iowa 3. 1 juries than CARON, . . ............... Cbimga Fine'and Applied Arts Arrlyilerlnfe Theta Kappa Phi :ir . ' Ji . in 4 R . . V,-.', x . 4- , . fi EDGAR ,AQQEA CARPENTER ,... .... W bflllllil rgqmmerce 'Qin' ' '21i7'cn1n1lar1ay ' Al pligziliaifp as-'Eiibd a 'Ilfinii'TheA'q: d. Manager ill 3 Y.M.C.A. ' " i ' " 1 s' . comqiiriee ,ggi , jbhf hy iso lb Football Squ5.g'l'fQ595,g'f?7i5El 'eutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Rcgiigenia' Qerha a Alpha: Marketing Club 7' . had isgfk 43.1.1 ROBERT LEWIS CARPENTER .... .... U rbfmri Commerce Management, Markeriug. ana' Perrarmel Management Delta Chi Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management HELEN LENORE CARRELL ...... .... P am Agriculture Home Ecozmmirr Bethany Circle GILBERT JOSEPH CARROLL ......... W'oadI1arle Division of Special Services Hiftary and Agrzrnltnre Parade Ground Units JOHN JOSEPH CARROLL ............ Wyofzziug Liberal Arts and Sciences Euglifb Phi Beta Kappag The Daily Illini ill g Tempo IZ, 3, -Hg WILL H1 Honors Day f2,3l: University of Illinois S'hoIarship Key JOHN TROSSEN CARROLL. ..,...,.... Chicago Commerce Indurtrial Admizzirlraliozz Pi Kappa Phi Wright Junior College JANET WELLINGTON CARSON ..,.... W'be411on Fine and Applied Arts Ari Ednrafiozz Alpha House Illustratorsg Y.W.C.A. Committee 13, -Ng Campus Chest 131: University Chorus Caljg Choristers 1351 Teachersain-Training Club Honors Day 133 Albion College ' SHERMAN QUINTON CAsE .... 51. jorepb, Mu. Agriculture General Agr-icnllme Sigma Alpha Epsilon Illinois Agriculturist 1415 Dairy Production Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoot' and Horn Clubg Agriculture Club GEORGE ROLLIN CASKEY, JR ..,... Homewood Engineering Metallurgical Enginferirzg Honors Day Q21 University of Arizona , A -an ' MAX STUART CASLER .,..... lxanfru C115 I o Engineering Elerlrical Ellglllffflilg Annex Hall Sigma Tau: A.I.E.E.-I,R,E. Kansas City junior College RICHARD XVARREN CASTOR.. Majuaai Engineering Elerlr-ical Erzgizzeermg Club Coler House President HI1 A.I.E E IR E ARTHUR EDWARD C.-KULK .... lmb ell! Liberal Arts and Scicnces ClJBlIIl,lfl.1' 4? If - 5 1.5 'S PETE CAVIC, JR .......,.,.. ood Rzzer ,jeg Division of Special Services ' ,ix Er1giz1ecrir1g l A.S.M.E. --- 4 1 4, iv 5 GEORGE HERBERT CAYWOOD Olney Agriculture Vocalianal Agricnllzue Southern Illinois University ROGER KEITH CAYWOOD... Olney Agriculture Vocalional I-'lgiirullme Agricultural Education Club Southern Illinois University JOHN PERRY CEDARHOLM. ,. Elmlnmrr Engineering Euginsefirzg Phjrnr Phi Eta Sigma: Honors Day ill Illinois Technograph l I XVILLIAM CHARLES CEDERBFRC Skokie Commerce Illarkvling Della Upsilon EDWARD JOSEPH Cenex .,..., .... B frwyi Engineering Aemnaiztirril Enginrsvn 5 Lambda Chi Alpha I,A.S. Northwest Missouri State Teachers' College HKRRX' CPRBIN .......,. ,, .... Chicago Engineering Eiiffrifizl Erlglmwrivzlg A l.E.E.-l.R.E. BRLCE ALBERT CERLING ,...,..,.,.. Hinrdale Agriculture General Agrirlilwire Chi Phi First Lieutenant, Air Force XVing: Agricul- tural Economics Clubg Rural Life Club Honors Day fl! Cxilro CESARONE ..,v....... .... C lyimgo Engineering illerlmnifal Engineering Illini Club Newman Foundation Student Council 125: A.S.M.E,: SrA.E, JOHN EDWARD CI-IALAIERA ...,.... .Springnelrl Journalism Ad1'BV'ZlIilIg Springfield junior College Tnosms XVILSON CHAMBERLAIN...Springfield Commerce Induylrial Adrninfilriilion Kappa Sigma First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Phalanx: Tau Nu Taug Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management George Washingtrin University: Springfield vlunior College Dixiri. DEAN CHAMBERS ...Piermn Slnrian Agriculture Voraliolzal i'lgfi!'IlllIlft' Alpha Tau Alpha JACOB Gnoaor CHAMUICRN ...,,.., Champaign Agriculture Genera! uigmzilmre Sachemg Track Manager tl, 2, 31 : Field and Furrowg Hriof and Horn Club: Moingwena 192 'Er " h ' BEVERLY JANE CHARIPoUx,..Dg"2iqjfft, lawn Liberal Arts and Scjfrfgefiv i Pnfbgzagy lieu' Stratford House ' " Augustana College v I ,W yi lr ul l WILLIAM CHAN ..,.,....... .Chimgo Engineering Lugj Elerlriral Engineering A.I.E.E.-l.R.E.g Chinese Institertei of Engi- neersg Chinese Students Club l l DONNELLE DEAN CHAPLIN. ..,,,..,. Lbbana I Physical Education Pbyriml Eduralian Varsity Wrestling Squad fl, 21 DONALD ELOYD CHAPMAN .... ..,. C birnga Commerce Management Marketing Club DLIANE WALTER CHAPMAN ..... .... C 'bingo Commerce Managemenl Newman Hall Marketing Club JAMES NOLEN CHAPMAN ..... ..,. C fu-mi Engineering Eleririral Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A.l.E.E,-I,R.E. Illinois Wesleyan University joHN RICHARD CHAPMAN ..,........ Chimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Clark House Tomaliawkg Wesley Foundation Student Coun- cil Ml: Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Pershing Rifles: Tau Nu Tau: A.l.Cl1.E. WILLIAM FRANKLIN CHAPMAN..McLeanrbow Engineering Elerrriral Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. CHARMIAN NANCY CHASE ..., . Agriculture Home Economic: Sigma Kappa l fl . .. .Lornhard Alpha Pi Deltag Illini Union ,Committee 121 4 Illini Theatre Guild Productio n Staff 121g Illinois Agriculturist 1415 Freshman Frolic Committeeg Home Economics Club RODNEY STUART CHASE .... ...... C hampaign Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. NORMAN C1-IALINCEY ........ Brookline, Marr. Commerce Marketing and Manage Phi Epsilon Pi Y.M.C.A. Committee 111g Mar Honors Day 111 men! keting Club RI-IonA ANN CHAYI-QEN ...,......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology E.K.T. Club Alpha Lambda Deltag The Daily Illini 1113 Campus Chest 1515 House President 141 Honors Day 111 Roosevelt College WILLIAM CHECOVICH ............... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology French Club Wilson Junior College 3 I A i , f RICHARD MILES CHIELOTTI ..... . . . .Chicago 1 Division of Special Ser Geology Morton junior College Agriculture . . "' ' ' vices ' '- I - ' W 1 , 4 I -'wi i 4. If f ffl 1 ' ' , ll 11 S52 . f - I 3. li W iv. if I .' , ' 'Z I . GEoRcE MAuRIcE CHENIAC ...... :,..Ci?iz7Iyaliill I Floriculture Floriculture Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31 Centralia Junior College RICHARD KEITH CHERRY. . . . . . . .. .Kaufmann ' Physical Education Phyrical Education Newman Hall Honors Day 131 Mississippi College ' llill I I-. ,I L..-R 151' 1-if fl -II "l l I pl eil Ill? .' O,'l , . . Q, Il, ,.. 'I ,l .I I 1-11 Wh ' rw ' CARoI.YN CI-IEs1-ER ....,... ......... C himgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Stratford House Honors Day 131 JACK RAE CHILD ................. Inglewood Division of Special Services Marketing Phi Delta Theta WII.LIAM ARTHUR CHITTENDEN Kenra: Ciry, Mu. Engineering General Engineering Theta Delta Chi Skull and Crescentg A.S.M.E.g Rifle and Pistol Clubg S.A.E. SIDNEY JOSEPH CHITTLER ...... .... C hicoga Commerce Manugemezzt Bide-A-Wee House President 141 3 Marketing Club HENRY STANLEY CI-IOIJACKI .... .... C himgo Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Council 141 5 First Lieutenant, Air Force Wingg American Legion Post No. 909: A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Yale University CHARLES PATRICK CHRISTEN ........ Smnnron Agriculture General Agriculture Poultry Science Club SHIRLEY ANNE CHRISTENSEN ..... Mt. Pulaik. Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Busey Hall Zeta Phi Etag Illini Union Committee 151: Illini Theatre Guild, Production Staff 1313 Illini Theatre Guild Cast 151: Wesley Foun- dation Student Council 141 Frances Shimer Junior College RICHARD CHARLES CHRISTIAN ...... Waulaegau Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Sigma Phi Epsilon Y.M.C.A. Committee 151: Interfraternity Council 1115 Accountancy Clubg American Society for Public Administrationg French Clubg Illini Forensic Association 193 BARBARA ANNE Cr-rrzrsrraxsrx ..... l!".mkr5.rir Liberal Arts and Sciences Spgfrlw Corrs. :J fri McKinley Hall Assistant Business lNIan.xger, The Daily Illini: Shorter Board: Zeta Phi Eta: The Daily Illini 15, -H : Y,XY',C,A. Liomrmrttec Q-Hg XYIAA, tl, 3. 5r: Terraprn III jrxxrrfrzrt -lrax Crrrirsrnssrrx.,.l5rii,rf, 1.1.11-0 Edutatnrn H1,,'wj Busey Hall Illinr Theatre Guild Cast ralg XX ,A.A. HI: 'lic achersAin'Tr.1inrng Club Michigan State Normal College. Illinois College Rorrrrir Crrarsrraxsrx ., . , f.il7.17l1f7!IlgYI Engineering Eficfrrixrl Efrcrmr fr Alpha Sigma Phi A.l E.E,-I.R.E.g American Veterans Commit- tee Virginia Polytechnic Instrtuteg Texas A. mil M. C-sllege rarrrrrrrxf Crmrsrre ,. ,. Cbfrmffriugzr Agr'icultur'e Gfrzfltrf .'lAur1r'1rf!1ut Kappa Alpha Theta XY.A,A. 15. -ll: lllinirrs Agrrtrrlturist Q-ll Barry Inlleue NMRM.-rx Crust Cr-rarsrrlrax. ..... Sbelbyrillr' Commerce f1ti'f1rrrr.'.rrri.1 Fraker I-louse Y.M.C ,A, Committee ll! H--nors Day rl, ll laryola University -+I Liss Angeles Brit cr' Nririrzr L Crrrrrsrr. . . . Liberal Arts .mel ScrenCCS Sffrlfflwel Alpha Phi Omega. First Lieutenant, Army R,H.T,C. Regiment: farssnn Club: Pershing Rrrlesg Scabbard and Blade ilrnorn r,r-rrrrcrrzrsras ...... .... C bfi-Agn tirrnrnerre rllirikrlnry Tau Epsilon Phi Illini Insurance Snrrety. Marketing Club llrrnnrs Day l5l University nf Xvisrrrnsrrr Trrmrixs War NM: rrii -N llfrrifrlrrln, l'larririi Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Er frrlurrrlrr Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta sigma Honors Day ll, El l 94 Gs .J sill f -ir- 5. JT'- : --,, RICHARD DEXTER Crrsu. .... '.l.'.iiti..Cbir-ago Engineering Y 'I Ciril Erlglrzeernrg Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 621-g Letter ill! A.S.C.E. Creighton University ELYIRA VIGNA Crvrrrrro. .... Hibbing, Alnm. Fine and Applied Arts illmlr' University Chorus ll, 3l: A Cappella Choir ll, il Northwestern Unrxersity CAROLYN Corse CLARK ............. Errrurrrfru Liberal Arts and Sciences Ezzglifli Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Lambda Delta: The Daily Illrnr Hi , Illini Union Committee ll, Zig Y.XV.C,A. 11, ll: Pfrnlrellenic Executive Council 13, -H Honors Day 11, Z, 3J jfxrirrfs BERNARD CLARK .............. pulllfrll Division oi Special Services f'i:f1't'flrr11rg La Coterie RVGINALD Farmers Cr..-xRrt.S1. Prilwilrfrriie, lilrr. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbflllllllj' Parade Ground Units A.l.Fh,E. Princeton Unixersity Rrcrrfmn CLARK .,....,,.... .. .Urbium Commerce zllnzraguzrrnr Mask and Baubleg Illini Theatre Guild Prn- duetion Start l2. 5,4lL Illini Theatre Guild Cast C313 Men's Glue Club ll, Z, 3,'ll: Society for the Advancement of Management Trrnonorin Gems Cr.aRR ......... Beardmrirrz Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrfwloiig Gamma Delta Iarzrqrs I-IrLnN CLAusrfN ............ Mm-riumn Liberal Arts and Sciences Teiirber' Trirnring in Slwerb Busey H.rll Illini Union Committee ill: Illini Theatre Guild Production Stall Ml: Freshman Coun- cil: University Chnrus I-H: Women's Gle: Club cr,zrg French Clubg Illini Forensic Association: Teachers-in-Training Club QROBBRT EARL CLAVER ....... .,5...i3.,.3.5.iGlJirgzga A .. A 1 Q 11- Journalism :W L i i Advertiring , 7 Phi Epsilon Pi r, mini Theatre Guild Production-staff 1235 it Interfraternity Council 121g :Marketing Club UU Yi- Lake Forest College K ROY FREDERICK CLAVEY ............ Deerield Fine and Applied Arts . Lana'Jrape Afrbiteclulv r 1 Ei Q 'fir if L BETTY JUNE CLAYTON ...... f ......... Pelam tr' Liberal Arts and Sciences - 3 Erzgliarb A McKinley Hall N I ' '- The Daily Illini 11, 2, 51g Y.W.C.A. Com- - i mittee 11, 215 NV.G.S. Executive 'Council ' 15, 41 Q Mihila Ball Committee. 1515 XV.G.S. - .Ball Committee '1 I ,EUGENE ROGER CLAYPOOL ........ i.Raaiymm Af-' Commerce I ' ' , " Marketirzg and Managemenl ' Brentwood 1 Y I 'Phi Eta Sigma: Illini Union Committee 12513 I Y.M.C.A. Committee 1515 Housenlbliesident V. 1515 Marketing Club ' , EFDONALD BRUCE CLEMENTS .... 15.1.55-1fi4ig.e:'ri,!e Commerce " Q gg? 73 flld1'k6lf11g Ftff' lg -' Alpha Delta Phi ll' 5: ull 5 le"-5 up K, i E-: . 'fl l, i ii. -i J I if' f f: . J' Q CAROL JOYCE CLEVEN ......... 45-,...'.51Inqq1fer ' Agriculture Mi I-lame Emnanzicr ni V , ' - Spanish Club - . Platteville State Teachers' Collegeg-if 1 .sg - "' .IF 'g .'f'. , N 4'-'f-l .1 V " i WALTER ARNOLD CLEVEN ........ Division of Special Servicesl li f Pr-ytbalngy 1 i,Phi Eta Sigma: House President,li111gt9SpaLr1'i -. ish Club A' J- ' Honors Day 11, 21 ' ' 'I oil' i ,E L . i gl in fl 1 AM ROBERT CLIFTON Education Indurtnal Education Industrial Education Socierf lub Teachers in Tramin Cl I ....... s. ...',:,: ' I ' A - . 'll President 1515 Bait and 13 -ii C I -' - ' ' g 'Ei E A '. fl: L'Y"' . . Hg E illlzl 51. , .is 5 'i , ' ' . me . .- ' sf' .. s 1-.--' -' 23 -1?2"'x if it N' L ii A. A tx Y .. 3 . K - -:pi ,fin ga. 5:51 J ii, '- K V 'im 1...- 132, ,,. ww 'V A .. iii.. .'i.'?i TL.. .E .Q ,.,,., ,V'. - 1 .A R X we 'Ha was gel.- .LV 1 si in -..fb..g3.- .- 1 , .Q-55:5 ig B, . 1' 152 'I 3522" '13 .1 .' ,L-. 1 , .i- 2, X a ,a S 'L agree. if ' - .. . x . f -1- - I' ,, i" 1 it 1 V I in 5-4'-U.-:.,, . .. ?a'fff'f:':-f 2 sa. .1 1 ,l .yn fr- .1 5553: iff? "Q . - i.,--- - -- -Zftj' Q :sa L i F i JOHN RAY CLINE, ........... .... V irginia Agriculture Agronomy Ruste Armes Alpha Zetag Agricultural Council 1-115 Field and Eurrowg Agriculture Club Honors Day 11, 2, 513 University of Illinois Scholarship Key l PAUL XY'ILl.IAM CLINEBELL ...,.... Springfield Engineering Ciri! Engineering mm' Sanitary Engirieeriug XVesmen Alpha Phi Omegag House President 1413 A.S.C.E.g MuASan Springneld junior College CHARLES CLOUG1-I .......... .... C bimgo Commerce Alrrrbefing Phi Kappa NORMAN VICTOR CLOUGH. ,..... Beecher Cilj' Liberal Arts and Science HiJl01'y Second Lieutenant, Air Force Wlingg Arnold Society of Air Cadets: junior Bar Asso- ciation STEPHEN MAURICE COBB ,...... ...Urbana Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Illinois Tech- nograph 1513 A.S.M.E.g I.A.S. Honors Day 131 University of Missouri FREDERIC GEORGE COE ..... .... j ackmnrille Engineering General Engineering Chi Gamma Iota: Tribe of Illinig Wrestling Manager 12, 5,413 Athletic Council 141g A.S.C.E.i Moingwcna Honors Day 151 CHARLES Ti-rOMAs COFFEE ..... Eau Sf. Lynn Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Parade Ground Units Marching Band 111 Honors Day 121 LEWIS RAY COEFEY .............. Carlinrille Agriculture General Agriclxlmre Alpha Zetag Illini Blackburn Clubg Rural Life Club Honors Day 12, 31 Blackburn College 195 WlLLi.axr STAFFORD Coeoio .... .,,L.1S.ill,- Agriculture Geneml xigricnllm 5 BERNARD BEN Coucx ...,,..... .. Chiniga Division of Special Seivitcs Srzlgr Eugirzfirnig Clark House Praetorians D.-um SAUL Cours ........,. Ilfuirlu Division of Special Seriices Pre'-Lau' Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Phi Omegag lnteriraternity tit, Men's Glee Club tllg Hillel tion Student Council 12, 3b Association, Illini Insurance ing Club EDWARD BERNARD COHLNN, Lain Pnllllcuf Smell Pi Lambda Phi 1 Illini Society mf Pirie Council Founda- Forensic Market- Cbirrzga Nu Beta Epsilon: Tempo Mig junior Bar Association CHR.-XLD COHEN .... ,,,.,,,,..,... C birugu Liberal Arts and Sciences Cl3t'171IJI7'-J' Club Coler Omega Beta Pi: House President Mig Hillel Foundation ti, -Hg Philosophy Discussion Club Herzl Junior College GERALD COHEN .,.,, ..........,.. C hrniga Engineering Eleriririzl ENglYlLLll71g Tau Delta Phi A,l,E.E.-l,R.E. Honors Day ily Lrnoi' lXlYRON Coram ,.,, rjbzi-ago Heiglali Fine and Applied Arts AVL'f7l!?fIuVa1 Erzglzlmririg Neuman Hall A,l.A.g A,S.ff.E. Honors Day 121 lVllJRlFL COHEN .. , ..,.,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Erzifll rfv Sigma Delta Tau The Illio ill: Illini Union Committee 1213 House President 1-it. Terrapin f3J 196 fr-. ' -iv 3 i . R- cr - as, . X - K , X-.,Qg r,q , is . X-,:--M., :Xie ' -. 'Ze ! , 'Y " uf w ,W C X, i 1:35 - . K,-'fi' . 'get l .- hide ,' QE . '75 'Jw is R . ivy. ,r 5 , 1 " A 'cr ,Koa 5 SANDON HAROLD COHEN ...,,. Buffalo, N. Y. Engineering Genera! Engineering Si-icLDoN COHEN ...,.............. Chicago Commerce Arrormlunry am! Marketing Flagg House Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club SHELDON ALVIN Cor-:EN ....i... Mmmi, Fla. Division of Special Services Cbfnlljllj' Tau Delta Phi German Clubg Illini Veterans: Marketing Clubg Philosophy Discussion Club Honors Day 12, 41 XY'ilson junior College Ti-ucL Pi-i1LLiP COHEN ....,,. .. .Cbn-ago Commerce Managenzeizl Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Norwich University AUDREY FLORENCE Cor-iN ,.......... Cbfmgo Liberal Arts and Sciences MdlbBW1alfi'r Lincoln Avenue Residences University of Wisconsin PETER PAUL COLADARCI .,.,,, Drznbury, Conn. Liberal Arts and Sciences Erofwmlrr President, M.I.A.: Ma-Wan-Dag M.l.A. Ex- ecutive Council G, 43 5 House President 121 ' American Society for Public Administration Honors Day may Connecticut State Teachers' College DONALD Leia COLBERT ....,.,, .... U rbaim Commerce fircaumanry Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Market- ing Club JAY STUART COLBERT .,...... ,i.. C himga Commerce Arrounlanry Lin-nois Club Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Roosevelt College DONALD WILLIAM COLE ..... Alexandria, Va. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Theta Chi Alpha Phi Omega: The Daily Illini Ill: Illini Union Committee 11,213 Y.M.C.A. Committee 121 1 Campus Chest 12, 31 5 Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 5, -Il 3 McKinley Foundation Student Council 12, 31: First Lieutenant, Air Force Wingg Pershing Riflesg Zeta Sigma Alpha RUSSELL WILLIAM COLE .,........... Galena Commerce lndurrrial Admiiiirzralion Sigma Iota Epsilong Society for the Advance- ment of Management University of Oklahoma RICHARD THOMAS COLEMAN.R0l'l7EJIt9f, N. Y. Physical Education Pbyrical Eduralion MARILYN ELLEN COLEN ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speed: Keeler Klub Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 1215 W.G.S. Executive Council 113g House Presi- dent 14Jg WILL 12, All g Illini Forensic Asso- ciationg Spanish Club: Teachers-in-Training Club University of Wisconsin LILLIAN COLLINS ............ ..... C birago Journalism Adveriiriizg Evans Hall Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini 143 Wilson Junior College DANIEL COMM ........,........... Cbiraga Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Tau Epsilon Phi ROBERT HOWARD COMPTON .......... Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering MAURINE EVELYN COMSTOCK ...,.. La Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryclnology Zeta Tau Alpha Shi-Aig Mask and Baubleg Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12, 31 Indiana University BILL NICHOLSON CONARD ,.... ,.,.Ranri1le Commerce Mizrkeliizg Alpha Tau Omega Phi Eta Sigmag The Daily Illini 115 3 Campus Chest 151g Marketing Club Honors Day 11, 21 LAVERNE HARLAN CONDIT ......,... Fveepori Liberal Arts and Sciences Clnemirlry Marching Band 111 BARBARA JANE CONLIN ...,.,...,.. Villa Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Gamma The Daily Illini 1153 Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 1354 Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, ll: Campus Chest 151 Joi-IN WESLEY CONNAVUAY ,... .... C eaifalia Commerce Marketing and Maizagemenl Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg So- ciety for the Advancement of Management Centralia junior College EDSON GREENLEE CONNELL Cleveland Heigblr, 01,710 Fine and Applied Arts Affhllfflllft' Flagg House University of West Virginia: Western Re- serve College MARY JANE CONNELL ............ Clmfilpnigiz Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Englirla Delta Sigma Theta JOHN ROBERT CONNELLY ,.......,.. Cbifaga Liberal Arts and Sciences lndurtrial Pxyrbology Newman Hall Labor and Industrial Relations Association: Spanish Club MICHAEL JOSEPH CONNELLY. .. ....Aiifaf-a journalism Edilarial Newman Hall Assistant Editor, The Daily Illini: Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini 12, 3, -lil Dairy Pro- duction Club 197 , ll ' "" DONALD EUGENE CONNOR. .. C'm::m Engineering Mechanical Engineer: Moore Hall A.S.M.E. EDWARD JOHN Coxxoiz ....... .... C lwraga Journalism :l.:'zfvlI,i.'r1g Alpha Sigma Phi Skull and Crescent: Mulcetxng Club XVILLIAAI LACEY CONNORS ..... ...Vnndulin Physical Education Pbyural livluixiififi Moore Hall Delra Theta Epsilon GIRALD BI'RRI?I.L Corvovrn ,... ...... 1 iurora Engineering Illsrlurliml Englrzesrmg Tara Hall American Legion Post No. 000: S.A.E. Northwestern University ROHIQRT XVILLIAM Coxw,n'..IlIuJfariI, Mfm. Engineering Merbaniml Elllllhtllllg A.S.M.E. L'niI ersity of Massachusetts JI ix FRANCES Cool: ...,.....,... .... B when Fine and Applied Arts Alum' f Lincoln Avenue Residences Sigma Alpha Iota: Concert Band UIQ First Rcuimcntal Band ill: Tcrrapin KZ! Honors Day li, 41 Hendrix College KLNNLTH DANIEL Corix .,.. ...Cbirago C rimmercc flrrolzlllurlq Theta Della Chi lllini Theatre Guild Priidufction Staff fig: Accountancy Club: Marketing Clubg Rifle and Pistol Club Wright junior College - Y NANCY ANN Coox ...,,... ...I,au'5umiii'illg Liberal Arts and Siicnrcs linguilz Kappa Kappa Gamma ' The Daily lllini CZIQ The lllio l-ali' lllinl- Union Committee HJ ' ' L Gulf Park College AV- V' ,. vw' 198 if-ffiyli. ,-ffl r Sl Vi' N 43 s.- fni A l To jg' , L5 is i Q' Q :iii , . A f if I sgizj A-X a I' V? 'R kt., . f 4-'R 6 l HL I ?7 .gg X Al I Arising RAPHAEL Cooxis. . . up award Commerce A Affdllllldlify I Theta Kappa Phi 1Alpha Kappa Psig Accounta F, W FRANK Dnvms Cooicn ....... .. .Skokie Commerce Illaikeling V Psi Upsilon Marketing Club FREDERICK JA MES Coo I4 I1 . .... .... L inraln Commerce Arronrzlancy r JI:ANLrrr RUTH Cooke Chzmga Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrlmlogg Evans Hall Psi Chi YMCA Committee in Wriglit Junior Colleoe HARRY EUGENE CooI.I:R JR Indmmzpnlu Ind Fine ard Applied Arts Alrhlleclme au Delta Phi Purdue Unirersxty GFoRcc EDWARD COOLFY Clinton Liberal Arts and Sciences Pggfbalogg ODESSA MARIR CooP1:R Cbmigo Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearber Tmmmg ln Speed: Alpha Kappa Alpha Q42 llini Forensic Association Ronizrir RlaARD'COOPMAN Rank Irlund' I Eligineerinv Hill .Englneevmg Uihxlr., , X . . i J , F l V T '- . . l Y A 'i I 1 .n.v Z nnnnnn. A .I - 1 LQ IVV , lx L Q I4 v f I 'f ELA. Gommiliiee QU: House Presiden, iw: , 1 ' l -- ' mxf' av. ' X I -'Ari Lien l' ' . 4 I " I K A - I x . I ' J ,. U. , . i . 4 li n V :fi I U 1 iuhli .4 BERTRAM COPENHAVER ...,....... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Tempo Ui: XVILL l3,-433 Philosophy Dis- cussion Club EDXWN FLOYD COPPLE .....,.... Wliliml Hill Education llIi1Ihem.f1Iir,r Hill Hall Centmlia Township Junior College RUSSELL HOWARD CORBIER ,......... 0'FiiIlan Engineering Elertrlrnl Ellglllcwllllg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Belleville Township ,Iunior College JAMES Rosisnr Coiuairr ,.... ........, E lPam Division of Special Services flgflfllllllli' Agriculture Club Illinois State Normal University Liao ARTHUR Corusv ..,...... Hibbing, Mimi. Engineering Civil Ezzgineerlizg A.S,C.E. Kent State University JOHN ROBERT CORNEILLE ..... .,., P rinfivmi Agriculture General Agrirullure Sons Home Poultry Science Club La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior Collegeg Illi- nois State Normal University JOHN josem CORRIGAN, Jn ...,..... Cbimga Engineering Mechanical Engiueeriaig Barton House A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Wilson Junior College MARVIN ANTHONY Conn. ,. ...Cbimgn Commerce Armuritanc I Accountancy Clubg Amvets Post No. 65 Honors Day Q23 De Paul University NATHAN Conxvi'rH ........... Higlnlaml Pink Division of Special Services Ei'01mmn'.r Alpha Tau Omega l-louse President Hi: Illini Insurance Society University ot Florida .lniiis IOSEPH CosTrLLo,,. ' .,,,.., . .CI7l:.lKLjH Libcml Arts :ind Sciences Clwmirffj Omega Ben Pi 'QC ...N lelonors D.iy ll, 51 ...-n ,..f Lows Co'i'ovsKY ,..... , ,.,,,.,.... C'liit.14w Physical Education , Pb-'llltlll Ejmnrlmii l- Y lireshman Varsity Football Squad A -. "',,.," f 'AIS' if llrinors Day lin Q . lntli,1n.i St.1te Teachers' Collegeg University ni Texas RAYMONA JANE Corrs. ............. Rm'klffi.l Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Phi Mu XV.A.A. HI: German Club Honors Day ll I Unix eisity of Wisconsin RUTH Louise COLVLTAS .........., L,rGv,mge Liber.1l Arts and Sciences Tuilrlari' Tmlzling in Biology Zeta Tau Alpha Illini Union Committee 13, 5l XYILLIAM RAYMOND COULTIER .,....., Chimga Liberal Arts and Sciences t D Eizglifb i" 7 I Z. . Annex Hall Phi Eta Sigma: The Daily Illini 15, -ll JAMES Girrsi-ru' CoUs1Ns ..,.,. .Maromli Agriculture Gwzeml I-lgricnlllrre Agricultural Economics Club Wfestern Illinois State College r 1, i i md . .Q-wa I . :24 -' Z Midi ilu Ricimno RAYMOND COLEY. .. .... Cliimgo Commerce'l ilflunagierrluril , 1-5-e 'I 199 . "fm 5' il' , 'QU-. . A 1: ex- l 'V " jfmrs Lcwrs Cox .....,......., BI' owing ll Commerce Markrizrig Sigma Chi jonx Enxvann Cox ,. .v...,, Blf flniinglfm Engineering Cirrzrnli' frlglrlffrifrc Keranins: A.C.S. Illinois State Normal L'niversitx' joHN HENRY Cox .....,,..... .L.IllY':'l1t'EllHE 5,.sf2?f3f1. X , , Q f Q' " IPY S' Q X xc 3-9 8 f WX. . W 'QW ' 5 1 I ' ' ' X5 x gX,Sx?S,1'gt ,ti 131' Commerce gf-bf" Emrlonzlti German Clubg Marketing Klub N Honors Day 153 rv ox- 1 Illinois Institute of Technol-Jgyg University ,XA yi 7 'WI Q of f hicago ' f - c ,:.. cl . f . iw..P"' I 4 11 ,,.' . SARAH COX. .... . .........,... Henry. Tenn. Agriculture Home Erwiurrzicr Alpha Delta Pi jour: RICHARD CRADDOCK ..,..,. ,... P anim: Agriculture Vocational Agrirullms Alpha Tau Alpha Illinois State Normal University CIARA ADRIAN CRAFT .,.,.,.,. ,... W emzlle Agriculture Home Eimifmzzry McKinley Hall Home Economics Clulw Rrmrm' EARL CRAFT ,,.......,. .... 0 wana Agriculture General .4lUYlI'llllllVP Alpha Gamma Rho '1'.M.f .A. Committee lill Baseball Manager 425: Field and Furmu, Hoot and Hom flubi Mfringwena WILLIAM PAUL CRAII, .....,,,......... Hom Fine and Applied Arts Arrlvllfrlme A,l.A. Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 200 f , ,, fs , 1 ' . l 17 JOHN BENARD CRAIN ...... .... S pringjield Law Law Junior Bar Associationg Law Society Springfield junior College ARNOLD HAIIDLD CRAINE ............ Clmnigo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pulitiml Science Clark House Alpha Phi Omega: Nu Beta Epsilong First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Trans- portation Corp Club: Scabbard and Blade: junior Bar Association: Law Societyg Prae- torians JOHANNA CRAMER .................... Yule' Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Englirh Phi Mu Y.W.C.A. Committee tl, 2, El JOHN WILLIAM CRAMER ..... ,... . .Alfie Engineering Electrical Engineering V.K. Klub A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. RAYMOND ALPHONSO CRAMER, Jx....Chiin,qn Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Kappa Delta Rho Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Transportation Corp Club: Cyclothem Club: M.l.S. CHARLES HOWARD Crurz ,....,,.. Champaign Agriculture Agronomy Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club MARY-RUTH CRAWFORD ..... Mernphir, Tenn. Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Kappa Delta Y.W.C.A. Committee 63, 43 L McKinley Foun- dation Student Council K4l 1 Spanish Club Carleton College: University of Mississippi ROBERT DAVID CRAWFORD ...,,.. ..GaIe.fbmg Engineering Mecbanical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Knox College WILLIAM ANDREW CREAMEAN. .. . . . . .Slrmlor Commerce Marketing Newman Hall Illini Insurance Society, Marketing Clubg Spanish 'Clubg Sphinx Club Northern Illinois State Teachers' College WILFRED CREDIT .....,..... .. . . .Urbana Commerce AfL'0IH1ldl1L'j' Accountancy Club WILLIAM ELLIS CREEK .,...,. .... C lmrnpaigu Division of Special Services Commerce Captain, Air Force XVingg Arnold Society of Air Cadets, Pershing Riliesg Scabbard and Blade CORNELL FRANI-QLYN CREEKBAUM..0L':1lzZ, Fla. Fine and Applied Arts Arrbitefizzre University of Florida, Georgia Institute of Technol0gY5 University of Miami GEORGE KILPATRICK CRICI-ITON, JR .... Herrin Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Alpha Sigma Phi American Society for Public Administration Southern Illinois University VELMA JEAN Cursr ................ Glenview Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb McKinley Hall Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff i212 Y.W,C.A. Cabinet 43,413 Y.W.C,A. Com- mittee U, 21 DONALD PATRICK Cnossif ......... Cawlirwille Engineering Ceramic Engineering Keramosg A.C.S. University of Houston HUGH EDWARD CRoss ..,.......... je,-,reyifille Division of Special Services Political Science Alpha Tau Omega PN .- WM 'ki I' A . ...,..e A 'i', 'ie' Q , Vfei f :ii " fit JAMES EVANS CROWELL .............. Clinton Division of Special Services j01n'z1ali,im Illinois College NORMAN JAMES CHUM ...,... .,.. W 'averlg Commerce Erozmmici La Coterie Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Club, French Club Honors Day fl, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key CYLINDA ANN CRYDFR ............... Alowr Liberal Arts and Sciences Sariology and Anlbropology Delta Gamma Illini Union Committee fl, 2, 411 Illini Theatre Guild Manager 121, University Chorus KZ, 41: Women's Glee Club fl. -H: Spanish Club, Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet 421: Y.W.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 41 University of Arizona GEORGE SPENCER Cure .............. Cbmiga Division of Special Services Ad1'er'ti,ring Psi Upsilon Tribe of Illinig Varsity Golf Squad 13,-lb. Letter 13,413 Captain 1415 Freshman Var- sity Golf Squadg Marketing Club EARL EUGENE CUNION ........... THj'l0l1'lli? Commerce Perrannel Management Tau Kappa Epsilon 3 W1 Eureka College X .. aff f" , tt 'NP' SHIRLEY GENE CUNNINGI-IAM Abingdon Journalism Editorial The Daily Illini U1 JAMES XVILLIAM CURRIER ........ Glen Ellyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirfry Granada Club Lieutenant, Army R.O.T,C. Regiment JOHN WILLIAM CURRY ...,...., .... G iiyr Agriculture General Ag1'icu1r1n'e Nabor House Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigma: House President 141, All Ag Field Day Committee 12, 31: Plow Boy Prom Committee 12,315 Major, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Military Council. Transportation Corp Clubg Agricultural Eco- nomics Club, Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club Honors Day tl, 2. 311 University of Illinois Scholarship Key 'L iirfigr. Q, 201 'fa " 51 'I ll Ja :,' ,xi GEORGE HENRX' Curvris ....... I'fffmu, N, J, 4 Commerce T" Afdfkifiilg ff Accountancy Club: American Legion Post Noe, " poag Marketing Clubg Illini Theatre Guildf Cast 151 ng Ball State Teachers' College ..i 1 r v,, JAMES JOSEPH Curms .... Cbimga A, Engineering Civil Engineering Granada Club A.S.C.E. l LIARGERY lNlAE CUSHMAN. , . ., .... Demmr ' Education Illalbenmlirf Lincoln Avenue Residences CHESTER STANLEY Czx'iu'k .,.., ....CbIcJgo T Engineering Asmmzuliml Eugnzaeiing I Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg A.s.M.E.1 I.A.S. T -' lm Q: .X College of the City of New York 1 L ' 'gf QCA ' A XV K X I Y 1 E , Y N f 1 w Elma I'HoMAs EDWIN DAGGETT ..... ...Minas Engineering l .Elerttiral Etlglllirllllg . A.LE.E,-i.R,E.g A.i.cii,E. -' DONALD ARNOLD D.4HL ,,,,, .,.. G Msg Commerce ' "', Iliarketizzg I YQ, Theta Xi E' .9 Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 11151 Actountancy Club: American Legion Post No.-S 9005 Marketing Club 1 X . . A ri Ex 'Q if. Q' CARL STANLEY DAHLGREN ..,. . . ..RadkQx - Commerce ff' ivldlldgflllcblll sf' ' Maikerzng Club 'ltf ,v J, ,I A i I ,gil .- r ,- V T, , 1 'I CHEs'rra Lenox' D.-KHl.CRl'N .,,... l E ' Commcrte Art'o11ul,:nrj Accountancy Club Eastern Illinois State College r. 1 A3 202 fini li T' YQ RA EUGENE DALE ...... ' emmr ' - ' Commerce V - Marketing Beta Theta' Pi- ,U Business 'Manager, The Illio il? -L -9 Ma- Wan-Dag Sachem: Skull and ifffiii gli g The mio ri, z,'5, 45: uiini Union T-gr ul Honors Day 11, 25 ' I Y DUANE DOUGLAS DALES ....... T7 Rochelle Liberal Arts and Scie Englirb Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 2, 35 3 Universi if 'o Illinois Scholarship Key juuo PATRICK D'ALESSANDRO ..... . .Chicago Commerce MH7'kBli!Ig Newman Hall Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club: junior Chamber of Commerce ANTHONY PAUL DANIELAK .....,,., Emfmwz Engineering Illecbaniml Er1g1ueerir1g Parade Ground Units A.S.M.E. Pi-TILLTP MARTIN DANIELS .... Pfmfielil, Marr. I Engineering llffetbanirdl EIlgl!lE'Bli7lg ' l.A.S.g S.A:EQf University fof, Massachusetts , 1 i- I l -iv iyla I . 5 . JDHN CORHX?DCkNIBLSON ............ Cbimga l V l 4 Iiiberal Arts and Sciences - x . Pwrbalogy Phiilgappa sigma'- Skull Vind- Crescent: Intramural Manager Cl, 2235, Eirsk -Lieutenant, Army R.O,'I'.C. Regimentj iZeta- Sigma Alpha . .Q ui- -Vert, K. . ,x s L: V JOHN Enic DANIELSON ....... Elmrwad Pink N Y V .'-Commerce X Nfuirygenzeul Minawiva Lodge' l l-louselaliresitlteglrilti' 14535 Men's Glee Club HJ: Illini Clgin.iF:tian'.fIffl1iijl1ysliip CZ, 3, -ll 5 Market- ing Club5:.K9'i7ZlSfY,-ifor the Advancement of Managementqn "A ,Z-T. Norm feagiewlflige ' L xv? ,-Ting . A ' -g I. CAROL 'Fi-testi PANNE, . .......,.. .Chicago and Sciences ' T ,,Tear,zi'Q'fair1ing in Lfzlin Kappa Igigggarigghma riiini ,um - tsafifiiaiiee rs, 41: w.A.A. f3,,fwi:3 5 Teachers-in-Training Club 3, CIA- j-2 Mguntllfiflbggw ez University of Arizona 1 , I ! lr Q31 PETER ANGELO D'ANZA ........ Mrlmie Pine Physical Education Pbyriral Erlrrraliau BERNARD EDWARD DAVID..NeIL' York, N. Y. Engineering Elertrifal Erigiueering Annex Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 127 Sampson College DELORES ALBERTA DAVIDSON .... .... L 'rlmzm Education Hiftary Gamma Phi Beta President, Y.XV.C.A.g Mortar Board: Alpha Lambda Deltag The Illio tl, Zi Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet iiil Y.XV.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 31 Honors Day il, 2, Sl: University of lllinois Scholarship Key BURTON IRXVIN DAVIS ...........,.... Peoria Engineering Melullufgiml Engineering Bradley University DEAN ALLEN DAVIS ........,, Dubuque, Iorm Fine and Applied Arts Arcbiterluml Engineering Delta Upsilon Scarab: A.I.A. University of Dubuque DONALD BRICE DAVIS ....,.... .,,. P amz Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Gamma Rho Marching Band ll, 2, 3, 43 3 First Regimental Band fl, 2, 5,473 Dolphins I-Hg All Ag Field Day Committee fl, 2, 3, -U g Plow Boy Prom Committee ll, 2, 5, -U g Agricultural Economics Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Rural Life Club DONALD RICHARD DAVIS. ,........ Mmmzorrlb Division of Special Services Commerre Alpha Tau Omega Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club Monmouth College EDXVARD ANTHONY DAVIS. .,....... Wimzelka Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi Phi Eta Sigmng A.S.M.E. Honors Day ll, Z1 N 1 5.. X x .. . 'sf as GIG, it I 53 ' 1"'f A . It Yi, A ,, .,,. : , f i Ax 1 ,... .. . I JACK CHARLES DAVIS ..,,........,... Chicago Engineering Ceramic Engineering The Illio 421: Committee on Student Affairs ill : A.C.S. JUANITA JEAN DAVIS, ,,..,.,......, lY'.r15e-kr: Fine and Applied Arts 1lll1.flL' Erfliratiorr Busey Hall Sigma Alpha lots.: University Chorus 137: XVomen's Glee Club Ui: A Cappella Choir 15, -H: Madrigal Chorus 15, -U KENNETH WILSON DAVIS .......,,., Chit-ago Division of Special Services Mrzrkeliug Phi Kappa Sigma Miirketing Club XVright junior College NANCY DAVIS ........... Alanzaronerk, N. Y. Education Elenrmlary Edrzmfiozz Alpha Epsilon Phi lllini Union Committee 121 : Y.W,C.A. Com- mittee l2, at Southern Methodist University IVORMA PLOTNER DAVIS .,........ Aiwmang Agriculture Hame Erorzomfrr Y.XY!.C.A. Committee i1,5,4lZ Home Eco- nomics Club: Rural Life Club GEORGE JOHN MICHAEL DAX'IANTIS..Cf7ifdgU Physical Education Pbyriml Education Acacia Tribe of lllinig Varsity Golf Squad I1,2, 5, -H, Letter 12, -Hg Orchesis 15, -U g Epsilon Phi Sigma CHARLES WESLEI' DEAN .......... Cl7dl'1F.fl071 Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbsnziral Eugizieerillg A.I.Ch,E. Eastern Illinois State College Lois IVIAXINE DEAN .,.,.... ...Aieudalrz Education Prirzmry Erilmrliorl Zeta Tau Alpha Shorter Board: Torch: Musk and Bauble: The lllio ll,2, Sl: Illini Union Committee lllg Illini Theatre Guild Manager il, 2, il 3 Y,XV. C.A. Committee ill: Spanish Club 203 I , .lt 275' MONA LYNNEA DEAN .....,....,. Biidgegan Fine and Applied Arts ' Art Educalion Delta Zeta Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff GH: French Club Drawer GEORGE DEARING ,....,.,..,. Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Archifefrnrf Delta Tau Delta A,I.A. Denver University w'lLLlAM EDWARD DEARLOX'F ..,, , ,. .Elgin Engineering Ilflechanical Engiizssrnlyq A.S.M,E.: S.A.E. JACKSON Decicziz .....,....,, . .. .Oregon Engineering Civil Engineering A .S.C.E. JEAN BAWDEN DECKER ...,,....... Melrapoli: Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacleriology Evans Hall Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day il, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Lro ALBERT DECMAN ,,...,.... ..... . .joliel Commerce Perronnel Alanagenzepl Honors Day Ill WILLIAM CLYUE DEEM ...,....... Champaign Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pershing Rifles: A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Lanes BURTON Dsnrsnn ...,. La Grange Park Commerce Marlfeling Blackhawk Marketing Club ' Lyons Township junior College: Louisiana State University E 204 I ' 'ff 'Y' - wil - q wfiifuu ! . 3 ,gen T-451914 x ,. 5' 0? 'XF L IX L X +4 x 1 J 'I lf 'Q El "' ?:m'IQ1flS.,3ICliiKISD Dmrz .... Y rdwille ljgfg ' Liberal Arts and LIS? ' I "Nw I ' Zoology 3 E -Deira chi x I ,,'Kz'vs- , V- et' . I all Q ", V I L ,ALICE DEKANY ............ ..Cbirago I Liberal Arts and Scie 1 - Political Science '-l Busey Hall Honors Day 12, 55 Arizona State College GLOItIA Louise DELAXALLADE Peoria Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Alpha Kappa Alpha JOSEPH ANTHONY DEL Boccro Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Kappa Illini Union Committee in 4? Illini Theatre Guild Cast 155 Northwestern University ALBEIL1' Josaei-I DELVENTO Cluraga Physical Education Phyrzcal Education Phi Upsilon Dolphins C 3 41 EUGENE DrzMURo Villa Par Engineering Electrical Engineering The Mansion Phi Eta Sigma Intramural Manager Q41 Clans Honors Day C1 25 DONALD FLOYD DENHART joseph 'Engineering Mechanical Engineering M E I A S S FRANCIS Goqbom DENIsoN Pimield . Agriculture Vdrdhvnal Agflfllllllfe Alpha Tau Alpha Agricultural Education Cub Western Illinois State College I I - - A 'I T. ' 2, I' ' xr ............,... ' k A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. 3 ,Electronics Club: Illini Vet: A.S. . .g . . .5 .A.E. I' I ' i 1 , i' , T' .. - !'L 4.1, he ' , 4-LAA ,V ,An : STANLEY MARVIN DENN ....... .... C bimga Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E..E.-I.R.E.: American Veterans Commit- teeg Praetorians PETER PAUL DE PASQUALE .... .... C bimga Commerce Managemenl Pi Kappa Phi Campus Chest Q21 3 Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management Wright Junior College ARTHUR JOHN DERUNTZ ......... Oak Lfiwfi Commerce Indiurrial f1d7lllPllJ'll'!1ll0f1 Ten-O-One Club A.S.M.E. FERNANDE NANCY DESJARDINS ....... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrlmlogy Fehner House Campus Chest 1315 W.A.A. G, 41g Philoso- phy Discussion Clubg Social Welfare Ad- ministration Club XVilson Junior College DANIEL FRANK DESPOT ........... Waukegan Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. BENJAMIN FORREST DETROY ....,. Sp:-ingerian Engineering Agricultural Engineering A.S.A.E. JOHN WILLIAM DETROY ......... Springerfan Agriculture General Agriculture Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club EUNICE EILEEN DE1'TMAN ,......... Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Lincoln Avenue Residences Y.W.C.A. Committee Q55 S Campus Chest GJ 3 Gamma Delta 5 T I V Sfygx gl , c .Q ' +5 eg gm, 'ii W fwfk i X RK :sg ' K SIE 99 ' , if A ' X me gas. t x I Q ,gx sf ff, , .... . 14...1-x,s3:,e5.:::,: ms, .- -afigifaigilstiiizzv, I .:-. Ss.-is .... .z..,. ., , ear:-rave-1, '11, N R N ':i's ' J I -'Fi Q? "-i EI' : .1,e, . I "i' ' ': g"'H"' . i- -If W .,,., 2,1 ws- 'I : 9 fr. 555321553::fEf:f:1-'rif' IR, .V pvc 'A-.iz 59, 's A' Ht, N 1 ' -:' ass: V-.ix f-.1 ':21',- ' -. tri. si as l ' 3 'Qi , ff' li, as.: E1 .Ea.::1,,-- -ty ,fi 1, , M L ' ' I - j , A., 2 I f - ff 1. , ,l..v, ,QL . lg," QL?-if 1 ill? MARILYN AUDREY DETTMANN .,..,.. Chit-nga Liberal Arts and Sciences Polilical Science Cagle Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag W.A.A. fl, 21 Honors Day fl, 21 HENRX' DEUTSCH ,.....,........... Chit-nga Division of Special Services Labnr and lilflillflfldl Relalionr Bide-a-Wee American Legion Post No. 9095 Amvets Post No. 65: Illini Veteransg Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management Purdue University JEAN DANIEL DEVAUD .,.,.......... Bmdley Fine and Applied Arts Ari Illustrators: Fine and Applied Arts Societyg French Club Honors Day CI, Z, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key JAMES RoI.Lo DEVOE ...... ......... S fer-ling Liberal Arts and Sciences Cl7E'HllJI!'j' MARCEI. HERBERT DEWAELE ........ Oak Park Agriculture General Agv-iruliufe Annex Hall Dairy Production Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Spanish Club RALPH EMERSON DE WERFF ......... Em-lrille Commerce AfId1'k!?!l77g Barton House Sachem: Y.M.C.A. Committee 11, 211 M.I.A. Executive Council 113, 413 House President CZJQ First Lieutenant, Air Force Wingg Ar- nold Society of Air Cadets: Pershing RiHesg Scabbard and Bladeg Accountancy Club: Mara keting Clubg Junior Chamber of Commerce CLYDE KEITH DIAL ....,..... ...Demmr Engineering Civil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi A.S.C.E. LAWRENCE DIAMONDSTONE. ,Lynbroak. N. Y. Commerce Marketing Phi Epsilon Pi Illini Theatre Guild Cast ill: Marketing Club Long Island University 205 I .r' -v Dcixirrv Rc-tirur Dicxrasox ,,.... t t Liberal Arts And Science C I-K ni .Qi g i ji S B-.rttiirtx ,lux Ditxrx' , , ., ,c.:f:: Libemi Arts .intl Stieri Pijrfin' ci I3-s.'- Hill Dos, Iitirrrrr Diticrx' , ,..,. ,cj1', Litwerll Arts .md Sciences Eff ri rms., Alphl Kdppd l.,lIIIbLl.1 ,gn 'X 'cf 'T I ff 'r Q. 1 I ' 1 Q, 6 . X 3 I' ' ' A is I l L I' ' ?1 Star .incl Scroll. Phi Eta Signup Star Course nn f A? Mdnsucr ill. Men s Glcc Club Il, 2, 5, 'll -d 5 Hun-its Dlx' ll, Zn I 'I - ., iv xX..w-ri f. ' i I x l A Arm sit s ,Iosrvri Dimcn ., MP1 rzxilt l 1r11' Ditision ol Specml Serxiccs Duffy ltrlirzffluuvi Dairx 'lictlinology Society Honors DAY Ill Bradley lfnitcrsitx' fam Etixxix Diiugxtrtxx ...... Cl,,,,,,p,,15f, Dixmon or Spcrml Serxices Erfirifmzlrr Alphit Omega Illini lnsumntc Society, Mlrkuting Club lmniiit ,lux IJIIRKFNW. ..,. lilutioliiflli Aurxculturc flfrrrlt Etffrlonzltr Str.itt-rr-l Ho t- 'FT' , . II r 5,1 lllini l'nion Committee Ill: Y,XV.C.A. Com' '3'. "K mittee ll, 2, 3, rll. Illinois Auritulturist , X ', 1' 43, U L lhptist Foundation Student founcil '- ""' HI. All Ag Frcltl Dtrv lornmittu: l2.3I1 Plow l"wo'7' Prom fomrnittuc 41,333 Homc Iltonoiiiits lluh, Lilc Klub juris XX'.tniux Ilrinsriurxx . 1 ornmerte illinkullmg ,luni-ir fluirilwcr nl fornrncitc Pitiirr tnrnirox Ininsiiix , lxigiriccririg full l:ut':uttvmi lligltr I.rn Dclm liilt-rli rrrrrilts toon- il 111, V,trsrt'.' Niimrl fl I , A51 l. 206 .. ,Efglu .. Il:r.iu1 Swirninnoe ,v 1r l1EiEI7llg1 I l ,J rv Cv" is ' ,mx .f CARL HENRY Dirrz .......,.. ...... E 1't1Il,Il0fl Division of Special Services .llecl1.1r1ii'f1I Eugnzeexing Alpha Chi Rho Illini Union Council HI 1 Illini Union Com- mittee IZ, 5, U1 Y.M.C.A. Committee lllg XVILL 141: A,S,M.I2. Arrsrrtr ANTHONY DILGER .......... Clumgf, Division of Special Services .'lil'w111rn1,g ,Ich-Xxx Bram Diruvou ...,... ,.... L Hlmnir Liberrtl Arts :ind Sciences Sfwfib Pi Ben Phi Arepo: Mask .ind Bauble: National Collegiate Players: Zeta Phi Eta: Illini Union Commit- tee lllg Illini Theatre Guild Mrmager tl, 2, 5, -tl: Illini Theatre Guild Cast ll, 5. -ll: Y.XV.I'.A. Committee ll, Z, 5, -Hg Tempo ll, ll Monticello College Cftrtoi LMERNE DtNsDA1.r ...,......, Clvmgn Liberal Arts .md Sciences GUVIIIIIII Mcliinley Hall Phi Bet.t Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: The Daily Illini Url 1 Illini Union Committee 45, 411 Y.XV.lQ.A. Cabinet I-Hg XV.A.A. Board lll Q XV.A.A. Numcrals: NV,A.A. II, 2, 3,4lg House President l-tl: French Club: United XY'orld Federalislsl German Club Honors Days ll, 2, Sl 1 University ot Illinois Scholarship Key Emxarm Dtoxxr .....,.. ,Climzgn HKI,Qbl.f journalism Eillmliil D.iily Illini 13, ell: Signm Delta Chi Iximyionrr I.L'crLl.E DrPPol.D ....,... Glllerpir Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology XVelsIi House Illini Union Committee l2l1 Y.XV.C.A. Com- mittee HIQ XXf.A.A. HI: Illini Christian Fellowship 13.-Hg Illini Blackburn Club Blackburn College S.tur. joscru Dtstrn .... ..... ..,. I! ' 'inrbrop Commerce Aldfkffillg Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club KENT Rrcnftnu DHTMANN .... .... 0 rife Park Commerce illamzgwrzvul Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull and Crescent DONALD CHARLES DITTMER .......... Quincy Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemixlry Annex Hall Phi Lambda Upsilon Quincy College BARBARA JOAN DixON ...,........... Hanma Liberal Arts and Sciences Sorialflgj Phi Mu JAiuiis ROBERT DIXON ...,.,. .... D mi:-illr Engineering Cwuinlll' EIIgl?IEEIIllg A.C.S. ANTHONY JOSEPH Douosz .... .... C bit-nga Commerce Pffjbllllll Alrzizagcmeizl Newman Hall House President Hb 3 Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club MARX' DOBsON ..,.,....... .... P elerrbmg Journalism fla'1'er'li,ring Delta Gamma Illini Board of Control 13, 41 Monticello College LAWRENCE LEROY DOBYNS .....,... Grllerpzf Fine and Applied Arts Arrhilermral Erzgifzeerifzg Choristers f3l: A.I.A.: A.S.C.E.: Fine and Applied Arts Society CHARLES ROBERT DOCI-cLiM..W'eJ1ern Spring.: Commerce Marmgemen! Seabury Foundation Student Council 1-il Lyons Township junior College PAUL JOSEPH DOEBEL, JR..Y.. ...Clyimgn Commerce Banking and Finance Alpha Kappa Psi: Captain, Army R.O.T,C. Regiment: Military Council: Pershing Rifles: Phi Chi Eta: Scabbard and Blade: Account- ancy Club Honors Day Cl, 2, 51: University of Illinois Scholarship Key 3 ws-. P4 i 1' fi 'I ,f C s H ,' i if-' an :kit V f?:"Sffl5'f :.': . ' 1,.i.gli1:idil 'si -. I .vs Q, 1-i-M5-Q2 p " , Q. tl -fe g- , A ,..,. 5 -H L- up .e k ' 5151" - -1' 1 , w I . 5 .. ' 2 .. A ias,4.e.:' iw. i . if 3.3, 4 i , fgiw. . R-C-. : I rf' we nk: " ' ,am 3-uri: A. 'Yr-H!" ,J 124 ps. V -un . L' 5 s-' f vi., 5- ' i l- -1 A -TZKJLFNT' -' Fi it "iii L," 'T .,'L XVILBUR FRANCI: DOLEZAL ............ Cicero Liberal Arts and Sciences Clwrzziilry Theta Kappa Phi Omega Beta Pi: Campus Chest 153 Morton Junior College HARVEY Ji xioiz DOLL ...,.......,.. Bnfbnsll Agriculture Geuarlzl 51-grit nllme Camelot Club Y.M.C.A. Committee ill: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day ll? Ijnxxarun JIRRY DLDN.-XHL'F ..... Qnnfrli Commerce rlltlrkellng Dornoch Marketing Club XVestminster College: University of Colorado ROBERT Wi1sLrx' IDON.-ILDSON ,...... Rnibiflltv Engineering Elfcllmzl Eiiginefrlizg lit.1 Kappa Nu: A,I.E.E.-l.R.E. XVestern Illinois State College Irivix HARRY DONFR .,.,....,... .... D clnnfn' Commerce lfltllliflfill .'iJ7IljllI,fll't7Ij0lI Kings Row Gamma Delta PH'i'LLrs DONOHOE ,.,...... Cmrmfmri, Ohm Fine and Applied Arts A11 Eincaliun Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta: Illustrators: Illini Union Committee 1l,Zl: Sophomore Cotil- lion Committee I-Ionors Day l1,2,3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key STANLTY Donoia DOREMUS .... .... C bifizgo Engineering CIIVI Eflghltlfljllg Chi Epsilon: A.S,C.E. Texas A. K M. College ROBERT PHILLIP DORF ....., .... C bfrlzgv fommerce Mfirkcling Pershing Riflesg Praetorians Los Angeles City College 207 in Q uv' I A . I :Q 4 , anvil, . PAUL Dorucxo .............. Biilgiiils, N. Y. Physical Education Pbyfical Edurazswi Delta Theta Epsilong Phi Epsilon Kappa Honors Day 13, 41 University of Butfaloz Syracuse University Rooxii' V.-XUGHX DoL'oHcRrx' .... Unk Park Division of Special Serxites JIatbfm.z::r'f Unixersity of Notre Dameg Denison Uni- versity RIIHARL- NELSON DoL'oIAs .. lnulry Park Commerce Ec0m'ffr11i'., CARR DOUGLASS ......,,.. ...Eldorado Commerce iIl.1r1agfn1rr1.' Marketing Club jrrwxr DOXVELL ........... . ..... Pealmze Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfylnololcil' McKinley Hall Alpha Lambda Deltag Y.XV.C.A. Committee al, 21 . Major I: W.A.A. Numeralsg WCA A. tl. 1, 5, -I1 3 Sophomore Cotilli-in Committee: Ritle and Pistol Club Honors Day ll, 2, 5l, Knixersity of Illinois Scholarship Key Rwraiiiu' LIARFIORIF Dcixx ELI, ,. .,.. . . .Pun Liberal Arts and Sciences PJj'fl70fr7lg.1 Palamar I.aSalle-Peru-Oglesby junior College Riiaritr GARLAND Dowxfx' .... . .... Aledo Agriculture General Agurnlrme Farm House Alpha Zeta 13, 41: University Chorus fl, Z, sag Men's Glee Club 41, 2, 41: A Cappella Lhoir 131: Madrigal Chorus 1313 Hoot and Horn Club Roni RT BARNEIT Dowxs ,.,. .. .. .Lhbana journalism Edllmlal Phi Delta Theta Sigma Delta Chig Tribe of Illini: Varsity Track Squad fl, 2, 3, 4 v. Letter ll, 3, 3, 41: Varsity Cross Country Squad 11, 2, 3, 41, Letter fl, Z, 3, 413 Sachem 208 1. ja... 15-ti Qv 1- A -Q55 r.-fl. s ,x x ANI 3 ' ll" 1 ,Il I WILLIAM FOROST Dowtvs .... ,.KZf:Qf5.Q5tyrbana Division of Special Q Hiflory -- I' Alpha Phi Omegag Varsity ,Country Track squad cz, 51 Q varsity Track siiiiaa Q21 , X I JOHN HOWARD Done ......... t.2Vlidlo1biim Commerce Acrozmlimcy Newman Hall Intramural Manager ill: Accountancy Club ANDREW' VINCENT DRAKE .... .... C arrzlurid Commerce Acrvmimnry Ten-O-One Club Alpha Kappa Psi: Second Regimental Band 11,215 Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society Honors Day tl, 31 GEORGE MARION DRAKE ..... ...Cbir-nga Journalism Adverlixiug Newman Hall Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini 1413 The Illio Q41 g Marketing Club EVA DREIKIIRS .......,............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Leinad Manor Illini Union Committee KZ, 3, 413 Illini Theatre Guild Cast 151: XV.A.A. 1111 Uni- versity Chorus I3J: Channing Foundation Student Council II1: Philosophy Discussion Clubg XVomen's Cosmopolitan Club Honors Day Q21 FLOYD JOHN DRESSEL .,........., illnftolllab Education German Spanish Club: Teachers-in-Training Club: German Club WALTER ELARD DREW .....,....... Oale Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Beta Theta Pi The Daily Illini U13 Illini Union Committee 1413 Y.M.C.A. Committee 1413 Wrestling Manager 121: Landscape Architecture Society PHILIP ORVIS DRISCOLL ............ Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Theta Delta Chi Sigma Delta Pig The Daily Illini C115 Amer- ican Society for Public Administration: Span- ish Club WILLIAM ROBERT DRIscoL1., . . . . . . . .Chicago Law Law Parade Ground Units Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Delta Phig junior Bar Associationg Spanish Club Honors Day fl, 23 ROBERT PHILIP DRIVER ,..... ...Carrollton Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Delta Theta A Agricultural Economics Club 1 E V, Y . RICHARD WILLIAAI DRONSUTH. ...... Cbimgo P Engineering i, , Electrical Engineering A A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. BERYLE SCXVABE DRY ,...,. .. .... Ingleside Education Englifh FREDERICK ROBERT DUDA .... .... C bicnga Commerce Aa'I'er!i.Iing Chi Psi Illini Union Committee 12,513 Y.M.C.A. Committee 123g Men's Glee Club f13g Ac- countancy Clubg Illini Forensic Associationg Marketing Club Honors Day Q33 Wright junior College DELBERT Louis DuDENaosTEL ..... Steeleuille Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.A.g A.S.C.E. Honors Day 123 NADINE ANN DUERWACHTER ....... Barrington Journalism Editorial Delta Zeta The Daily Illini 13, 43 3 Orchesis KI, 2, 33 3 Newman Foundation Student Council C53 University of Wisconsin ROBERT EARL DUFE, JR .... ....... C1459 City Engineering ' j 5 , Electrical Engineering 1 . Q E I Sigma Tang Tau Beta Pig Phi Exazsigmrvg Eta 'Kappa Nui A.I.E.E.-I.R,E. 95 Z ' ' -?5 Honors Day il, 2, 335 University oi Illinois' Scholarship Key If if-ii ' W 'ifil-A 1 .W-14 If V 'xii' T E Sue' -'wg 2' s..,y A 'i , ,. -fit' E' E ,ex 'F M ,ax R . - M - , 4. 4.44 unai- me Q7 Q23 Ne so ' -'I 'S' L 1 i fb- ' ws' Q- If , SCA if ' fi? Q M . . Wersi- .- . S. ,Mo 95' JAMES PATRICK DUFFY .,... Division of Special Services Marketing ........,..0dell Marketing Club Joi-IN CHARLES Dorm' ,.... 'Commerce .. .... Odell .'iCf0ll7lfJ7Iff Newman Hall Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy Club Honors Day 12.3,-H MARIUN ROSE DCLKIN .,........... Cbiruigo Education EIPIPIFIII-Zfj' Ednfalion Busey Hall Illini Theatre Production Statl: G33 XV.A.A. fl, 23 3 Teachersrin-Training Club Lois ELIZABETH DUAIELOW ...... Rirer Fofefl Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Chi Omega Illini Theatre Guild Cast 11, 235 Y.XV.C.A. Committee 1133 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee CB, 435 McKinley Foundation Student Coun- cil Q43 THOMAS PETER DUMOND 4.,....... Maywood Division of Special Services Banking and Finance Marketing Club CHARLES JOSEPH DUNCAN ..,... Dayion, Obio Commerce Marketing Varsity Fencing Squad C335 Marketing Club 15, 43 g Scimitar University of Daytong La Escuela Inter- americana de Verano JAMES DESMOND DUNN .,... ..... H armor: Agriculture General .'lgfiL'lllfllY'? Illinois Agriculturist C333 Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club LEWIS JUDSON DUNN. .. .New London, Conn. Division of Special Services Economic: Alpha Tau Omega Varsity Football Squad Q13 209 HF' i I .- r NANCY DIJNN ........,.,..,.....,. Jlalfut Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Gamma The Daily' Illini llbg Illini Theatre Guild Production Stat? ISI1 Campus Chest l5I1 House President 4-il 1 Terrapln 41' Pact, EDWARD DUNN ,.... ,,.-Illernfri Commerce .'Ii'i'fv1ir1l.1f1r Four Columns .-Xccuunrancy Club Mi Rtriarnr EUXXARD DUNN ...... ,.v. C .mo Journalism nIif1'fr!lrli1,tj Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Delta Sigmag Intertraternity Council 12, 5, all House President IB! L Marketing 1 lub P.-wt EUGENE Dixxixo ,. .,.S.ii-rzfrzwe Commerce Alarlerllvg ami illiimzgtnziizr Phi Kappa Tau lntertraternity Council I-ll 1 Accountancy Klub: American Legion Post No, 0001 ,luniiir I hamber of Commerce: Marketing Club jfuic P.-XTRILK DUPLIIS, v..,,... Fawn Pink Liberal Arts and Sciences ClW6f71jt'i7f Effglmirlflg A.l,I ILE. H--hors Day ll! INIARIIORIF EILFEN DURXVARD ..,,... .llfiifmfiz Liberal Arts and Sciences Bolivia Lincoln Avenue Residences Ifliinrirs Day ll, 1, Bl ANN LJl'YAl,l, .,.., .. ..,,....,.. Glencoe Liberal Arts and Sciences Sp: nu lv Pi Beta Phi Shi-Ai. The llliu ll, 21g Illini Union Lnm- mittee Il, 21 Honors Day ll? plmix Drrvis DxxYrR ., . . .. .jfilwl Engineerin illttlmfmrzl Erzrgmttiurg flii Psi .lolret ,lunior fnlleee 2lO X, , 5. -.3 la -3 F JE: H' ' it 4' A 'fl rx gig I 6 . R 1' I 'fc ' i - " DARRELL BRUCE DYER .4...., ..,. C Imran Commerce illrimzgenzezzl Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement ol' Management Davin DEWEY DYER, JR ..,. .,,...... C bit-ago Division of Special Services .-Icrofnrlrrrrr-y Alpha Tau Omega Y.M.C.A. Committee lllg Freshman Varsity Football Squaclg Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Accountancy Clubg Am- xets Post No. 651 Spanish Club HAROLD EDWARD EARHART ...... Lmweiirez-ills Commerce xlrculnllmlry Accountancy Club Rcmrm' LAWRENCE EARLENBAUGH ..... C'lwrfr'r Liberal Arts and Sciences Clvenlirfry INIARY ALICE EASTMAN ...,,. .... R Ui-kiwi! Education Elrmelzlary Ednrrriiori Kappa Alpha Theta Shorter Board: Torchg Alpha Lambda Delta: The Illio fllg Illini Union Committee Ill: Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet IZ, 3, -Hg Y,NV.C.A. Committee 11, 2, 51 Honors Day 411 james DURWARD EATON ,...,. ..,. D e Kalb Engineering Merbarziml Ealgizlwring Phi Kappa Tau A.S.M.E, Northern Illinois State Teachers' College -IOHANNA STANZYK EATON i.,..,.. D1iQfnmr Agriculture Home Erorlfmiicr Omicron Nu: Phi Upsilnn Omicron Redlands University MARVIN Lrwis EATON ........,,.... Harm.: Division of Special Services Spverb The Daily Illini t2lg Illini Union Committee ISI: Illini Theatre Guild Production Stall ISI: Illini Veterans Colorado College JOHN ERNEST EBBIESIEN ........,. Cfubau Clif Engineering Cirll Eilgilltifflflg Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. XVAX'NE WILLIAM EUEIIHAIIDT. .SL Lfflzlr, Alu, Commerce zllarketlllg Phi Delta Theta Varsity Football Squad tl. ll VIERN ELMER Eci-IoLs ...,....,.,..... tfrlwiif Division of Special Services Perromzel .'IdllIlIIi,llIr7fiHIl Alpha Tau Omega Varsity Football Squad ill: First I.ieuten.Int, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment Southern Illinois Universityg Uniwersity ol Floricla Louis JOHN ECK... .......... .... C il?lL'rl,lffI Engineering Ciril Efzgizzeerlng A.S.C.E. Honors Day tl, 2, 5, -U : University of Illinois Scholarship Key GFORGE FRED ECKENSTALER, JR. ...... Clifi-ago Engineering Elerrrifal E11gi11eI'1'l11g Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Honors Day fl, 2, 35: University ot Illinois Scholarship Key MARGVARITE DORIS ECKHARDT ,,... I!"e,f1rl1e:lei Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Cor-rerliori Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee tl, 2, 3, -My Y.XV!. C.A. Committee 11, 213 Illi-Sota JACQUELINE EDELSON .,....,,...... Cbirrigu Liberal Arts and Sciences Sorialogy Busey Hall Illini Theatre Guild Production Stat? 4511 W.A.A. ll, Zl PHILIP ELLSVUORTH EDGERLIEY, . . . . ,Gram-illt Agriculture General Agrirulfm e Farm House All Ag Field Day Committee Ill: Hoof and Horn Club 5!si.f5a'n 'sf- ' W , 'Q R I if 9 get , Q i. r 2' sg M 2 , ips. -. t N ,ga N ,ax u R5 X sw if ZELLA Mancm EIJIIIIN ,.............. Cbfmgo Primary Education Euglltrb Indetn Hi-use President 133 IIINUN I LIN .. .,.,...,... . .I.... ufaga V I-D C! Engineering Crrlimlr E7IQ.IIl6'L'I'i!l.Q llalk I-IouSe A1 .S. Roriifrcr Lri' EDMISTON ..,... ..,. O lney journalism Erillafinl Alpha Phi Omegag Y.M.C,A. Committee 423 3 Illini Cihristian Fellowship III 3 Cyclothem Cluhg Illini Outing Club GIITNN Roumr Enwyskns ..., .lffimn Agriculture General Agrirzzlluru Dairy Production Clubg Hoof and Horn Club Brown's Business Collegeg Oklalmma A. .Ind M. INIARI' ETHEI, Enwaruns .....,......... Ufbmm Liberal Arts and Sciences Clvemzrlry Illini Christian Fellowship Honors Day ill Greenville College XVILLIABI O'NlEAL EDWARDS .......,,, Lfvbmm Physical Education Pliyricrzl E.lm'aI1ar1 Varsity ISU lb. Football Squad ll, 3l jiriilts CQLIPFORD EGBERT ..,.....,.,. Fine and Applied Arts l11.r'11rlrii1l DEIIXQYI Ruste Aimes House President t3l Honors Day ill Indiana State College: Stevens Institute of 'licchnology SHFLIYON LFE EIcI-IBN ...., Nm' York. N. Y. Commerce lllarkslnrg tflark House Prnetorians Honors Day ill 211 JOHN JOSEPH EICHHOll ........,. Villa Park Engineering Electrical .Engineering Parade Ground Units Newman Foundation Student Council Q-U2 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: Electronics club KENNETH Louis Eru:rrAN ....,.,,. Alarroiuab Engineering Agriuulfurai Erzginefriizg A.S.A,E. HOWARD E1sEN .,.. . , ..Cbirago Commerce Cammerte rim! l..zr4 Clark House Nu Beta Epsilong Juni-ir Bar Association: Marketing Club: Praetorians Honors Day ill RICHARD JOHN EISENACH ,.,....... . .Chicago Engineering Meclianiral Engirissinig A.S.M.E. VC'ilson Junior College JARrEs RICHARD EISZNLR ,....,.... Broadview Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemiriry Parade Ground Units Pr Kappa Lambda: Phi Lambda Upsilon Drake University XVILLIAM HENRY EISZNER, JR ...... Broadview Engineering Merbanira! Engineerkrg Tau Beta Pig Pi Mu Epsilong Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E. Honors Day C3-J DONALD ROY EKBERG ........ Werlern Spring: Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiilrg Delta Chi Psi Chi: University Orchestra 13, 41 Lyons Township junior College r L . Rrcr-:ARD WARREN ELDREDGE, .... . .. .Elginim Engineering I ' Civil Engineering V., -. Qu, A,S.C.E. -V, Vg- J '4 ,J-QW 'WA' 31"-s ' 35 r"r --r , ,I 5 212 .r U qi, N-v .sg 1 X. F35 CHARLES LAMOYNE Euarsoq 4. ingroii H Engineeringag, ' Elerlriral Engineer' . 5 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 3 ' li is r xx, l 'C t. :-., ' ffl? ROBERT FRANCIS ELLENA ...... risen.. .Chicago Engineering for Civil Engineering nz: University of Michigan NVILLIAM RAY ELLENBERGER ...... . . .Lombard Engineering Mecbaniral Engineering A.S.M.E. Bradley University GENE Louis ELLIOTT 4............. Prinrelori Agriculture ' Vocational Agriculture Sons Home Alpha Tau Alphag Agriculture Education Club: Hoot' and Horn Club Illinois State Normal University ROBERT HOWARD ELLIOTT .... ...Chicago Journalism Ediiorial Kappa Alpha Psi Phi Eta Sigma: Mask and Baubleg Pierrotsg Illinois Theatre Guild Manager 1213 Illini Theatre Guild Cast Q21 1 Interfraternity Coun- cil U03 Sigma Delta Chi Honors Day f1,2, bjg University of Illinois Scholarship Key Ross ELLIOTT .... ....... . . .Iowa Fallf, Iowa Journalism Editorial Ellsyvorth College: Ellsworth Conservatory of Music SHERMAN Enwm ELLIOTT, JR. ..... Rockford Engineering Melullurgiral .Engineering M4I.S. Beloit College , . I - . 5 1.1: , WrLuAM Jsrrtogn ELLIOTT .... ....... C birago ,Divir, rt 'bf Special Services Mafieting and Management Alpha.Sigma ,lllligri Uniori.C6ijngittee IZJQ House President , - Q4 I Mai-1cel:iriEiQ1pb i ", A "a' 75. lr iii- - 4 Flo 1 Y i i INGRID JOAN ELOWSON ....... Higblfmd Park Agriculture Home Economic: Lincoln Avenue Residences Illini Theatre Production Stat? 125 3 Y.XV.C.A. 'Committee 121: Campus Chest 133: House i President 1133 Home Economics Club I University of Tennessee DANIEL HENRX' ELSE ..,............ Clvimgff Division of Special Services I Arflvileclnre lAmvets Post No. 651 Illini Insurance So- i ciety: Marketing Club I , Wfilson junior College LORIMER ELXVELL ,........... .... D nulap Agriculture linraliolltzl .-Igflclilflzre Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Economics Club: Agricultural Education Club Honors Day fl, 25 CHARLES HERBERT Emo ...... .Oak Park Engineering lll6fl7d7Iil'!1, Efzgineeiing Kappa Delta Rho Rox' REX Enom' ....,........... Prairie Cm Agriculture General Agrirullzmf Alpha Gamma Rho The Illio ill: Y.M.C.A. Committee tl, 33: All Ag Field Day Committee HI: Plow Boy Prom Committee 15, -U, Co-Chairman Hb g Dairy Production Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club: Agriculture Club Wlestern Illinois State College WILLIAM GEORGE EMRICH ..,.. ...IVimlou' Engineering Civil Engirreering A.S.C.E. ARTHUR WILLIAM ENDER ...... .,.. C bimga Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.g Gamma Delta ILENE DELoREs ENGEL.. .... ...,.... C bimgu Liberal Arts and Sciences Saciolagy Indeco W.A.A. tl, Zjg Teachers-in-Training Club Honors Day Q31 5.1 if - 1 ' I isis" VI X 'I 'VL ,qs DONALD ALLEN ENGELBRECHT ..., Park Ridge Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Erlgiuferirzg Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambda Upsilnng A.l.Ch,E. Honors Day ll, 2. 33: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Biarritz American Unixersity PHILIP VOORHEES ENGLISH ....,.... D!I7l1IllE Liberal Arts and Sciences Soriolftgy Alpha Phi Omega: First Lieutenant, Air Force XY'ing1 Scabbard and Blade: Christian Sci- ence Organization XYVILLIAM KLOPHEL Exnrrsr-I .,..... Damille Engineering General E!I,kfll1t'EVlI14Q' Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigmag A.S.C.E. Honors Day 11, 2. 53: University of Illinois Scholarship Key MARY ALICE ENRIGHT ......,....,.. Cbnagn Fine and Applied Arts Art Edrmariorl Theta Upsilon Illini Union Committee 153 3 Illini Theatre Guild Manager Ill 3 Illini Theatre Guild Cast Il. 33 : Newman Foundation Student Council 42, 3,4l IRVING GFRALD EPSTEIN ............. Clm-ago Engineering Electrical Ezigirzeeriug A.I.E.E,-I.R.E.g Amvets Post No. 65 BERTII. WILLIAM Ertrcksox .....,... Rorkjmd Physical Education Plijirictzl E.1'11I1I1io11 Alpha Tau Omega Varsity Basketball Captain: Ma-XVan-Da: Sachem: Skull and Crescent: Tribe ot Illini: Varsity Basketball Squad tl. Z. 5. -H, Letter Il, Z, 5, all 1 Major, Army R,O.T.f'. Re' imenr HOWARD LFIE Eruciksox ,..,. .Chirac Engineering .lIt'I'ln1I1iI'al Erllgrmujrlxu Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Tau Sigma. A.S.M,E.: S,A.E. Honors Day ll, 2, Fil: University of Illinois Scholarship Key jam ELISIT ERIciIcsoN ,..,........... Lirbrirzii Liberal Arts and Sciences Prytfvfllngj' Alcestis Honors Day tl! 213 Joi-is ANDREW' Exicxsoxm .,..,. , Pt-ini.: Fine and Applied :Xrts .'Iii'li::ti'11n'.1l Er1,a.'i1itv.'i:: Augustana College: Bradley Linixeisity jonx Korman Erutiasox ,.Gi:li.iL.'iiy t ornmertc Cvrisrui iivxll Tr .Ji luv: J Lanibtla thi Alpha The Daily Illini l-ll , Y M CA, titmmittet l-U, Illini Irisurante Siitieti. Mmiaru Loluuixe Enlciqsox, ,. tflvnirii Liberal Arts and Stienres Ciliinzsifij Lincoln Axenue Resiilcntee House President GI , Students for Demotiarit Attxiiri XY'ilson 'lunitir follege Suiri Doxaw Enitiuox .. ., .ii':ifu.i Agritultuic Gerlfinl .'lli4r1i',vl,',wie Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigma. Illinois Agiitiil' turist tl, 3l 1 Hoot and Hiiin Club Honors Day lll Si xxrox Davin ERltSUN,, , .. Rmigni! Cfnindertc illaiziigi mi 1:1 Flagg House tompany Commander, Battalion of Midshipf men, Marketing Club joiix Euxvfmn Eajawxi , ,, , U jnlfi-I Engineering Miflyiuilral Eiiqliiivrlrlg 'liiliet junior College Pwr, ALBERT ERLTY .. ..,.... Cluiiign Division uf Spetial Services Safer Erlyllnirluxtf A.I.E,E.-I.R.E.3 Marketing Club 'Irma Xwlllillftltf Ijliir: Hrfiiinzmiii, 11610 Liberal Arts .intl Sticntts Lliinifilrvi l'nixeisity -il fiiitinriati 214 fi if . ...,. ,sf Y' .4-N t M ,KM 1 ,e s 'Q 1 fini 'E' 4 , :,, I l ?iiSiQi1"f , .EV . 1 1 3 il 'Lf 1 PM K te: 18 fa , A 3 L. . if uit rs s T" , 'K .Xxx f 2 . N6 x et Q 3? 4' f 1, 3 f' ' 2 J Humznr EscHELrmeHrri.,ll0mii Vernon, N. Y, Division ot Special Services .lliiibulmg Pi Lambda Phi The Daily Illini lllg Tempo CSJQ Account aney Club: Illini Forensic Associationg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club New York University CHARLES Rox' Esres ,..v,.,.. .... L litany Engineering .'li'i' Erigmeerlrig First Lieutenant, Air Force XY'ingg l.A,S, IXIARYIN HERMAN EULER, ,.... Aliiiifll, limi.. Engineering Elerfrlml Englizwmig A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. james XVILLIAM EVERHART ......, .Effiuxgliiim Division of Special Services l l'Id1'6f1lJi!7g Kappa Sigma Marketing Club: Spanish Club Bnucn XVALLACE Evmurr ....... . .Uihiiim Engineering Eli'rlriml Engineering Theta Chi President, Illini Uniong Ma-Wan-Dag Siielicni , Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nu: Illini Union Board I-ll 3 Illini Union Council 15, -ll: Illini Union Committee tl, 2, Slg Student Senate 1411 Committee on Student Atiairs 1-ll 3 Audit and Supervision Committee I-il 1 Coordination Committee 1-H 5 Lieutenant Colonel, Arm R.O,T.C. Regiment: Military Council: Pershing Riliesg Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day ll, 25 hlimim' Fosrrsn Evensous ..... .... B ellflaiii-r Engineering Merlinniviil Engineering A.S.M.E.: S.A,E. Sue Bennett Colle-ge3 Illinois XVesleyan Uni- xersity FREDIIRILK EUGENE Exvixc ,,........ Cbniigf, Physical Education Pbyrlral E.ll4fr1li0Il Delta Upsilon Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad Arrriitin PAUL EYMANN ...... ,... l Vfiiniir' Agritulture V0ftlli0!li7f xlgrirzzllure Agritultural Economics Club: Agriculturiil Etlutntinn Club fjartlmgc Collcgeg Western Illinois State Ixilltlfie RICHARD JOHN FABRY ............... Cbiraga Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Granada Club A.l.Ch.E. Honors Day 113 JOAN FAGERBURG ,...........,..,. Rlrerritle Fine and Applied Arts Ina'u.rlrial Derzgn Sigma Kappa Shi-Aig Alpha Lambda Deltag Illustrators: Illini Union Committee 11, 253 House Presi- dent 13, -Hg Freshman Frolic Committecg Sophomore Cotillion Committee: Fine and Ap- plied Arts Society Honors Day 11, Z, Sjg University of Illinois Scholarship Key joe FAooEr'rr .......,...... .,.. K hmm! Agriculture General Ag1lI'11Illn'e Alpha Tau Alpha Illinois State Normal University JOHN WILLIAM FAHLBERG .... ,..,. K ewanee Engineering Eieflriral Ellgillffliflg Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.E.E.-I.R,E. Honors Day 11, 55 JOSEPH LEE FAIRBAIRN .,..... ..,Galerl1urg Agriculture General Agriculture Granada Club Hoot' and Horn Club JOHN FAIRFIELD .......,,... .... C hicaga Commerce Affnimmnfy Chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigmag Account- ancy Clubg Marketing Club Honors Day 111 EDWIN WILLIAM FAIRWEATI-IER .... .,E1'an:ion Engineering Structural Engineering A.S.C.E.g Bait and Fly Casting Club Honors Day 153 Rutgers University GERALD HARTLEY FALDER, JR. .... Rork Irland Commerce Banking ana' Fimmre Sigma Alpha Epsilon St. Ambrose College f'Ef5Ei1f' A I .-.' .-72 v gg,i'5i55 2' , gs xi 'Q gk'-va ilk -4'5.S?',' - . ,KW , .qs . ,fax ,- fi. 4-' , NZ if ,arg , :Liz . . CARL XVILLARD FALK ...,............ Deralur Commerce lndnrtrial ,'la'r11iniJlra!ior1 Delta Sigma Phi Interfraternity Council 12h Engineering Coun- cil 1-U3 A.S.M.E.g Society for the Advance- ment of Managementg Spanish Club: Illini Railroad Club Millikin University: University of North Dakota Ncmiu.-xx SANFORD FALI4.-morn, JR. A-11. Pimpin: Liberal Arts and Sciences P,ryClJ0l0,gj HELEN Louise FALIQENROIH . ..., Clafragu journalism Erlilmitii joliffmlxmi Cagle I-lull Kappa Tau Alpha: Theta Sigma Phig I.uth- eran Student Association Council 15, 4l Honors Day 14l North Park College CARL NICOLAUS FALKENS'lil'lOlNI.HigfJid71tl, Ind. Engineering Cizfll Eilgllliftllly Delta Tau Delta Phi Eta Sigma, Wfrestling Varsity Squad 131, A.S.C.E. Honors Day 11, 2, 33 D.-win CocHrrAN F.-miss ...,... Downeir Chute Engineering Illerbmllfai .Elzgluecring Triangle Star and Scroll: Concert Band 113: First Regimental Band 113: Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Military Councilg Stab- bnrtl and Blade: Tau Nu Taug A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Honors Day 111 North Central College GERALD VflLLIAM FARNswoRTH.ldaivlle, Intl. Engineering Elerlriral Engiueermg A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. HOWARD JOSEPH FARR ............ Bi-ontiifleuf Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilecllxral Engirleering Annex Hall A.I.A.: A.S.C,E. Chicago Technical College XVILLIAM 1-IoRAcE FARRELI, i.., ..... C iblfilygu Journalism .-lfliwlf.-1f1,q Delta Chi Alpha Delta Sigma: Illini Union Commence 15lg Newman Foundation Student Cozzimrl 13l XVright junior College: Purdue University 215 , - , if' .rt I GALE WENDEL FARRIS. .. .. . . .. .... Senor .I Commerce ' ' 'l hlanagenzent and lllmkrliiig Illini Forensic Associationg Illini Insurance if Societyg Marketing Club Wright Junior College Lrsrsir CECIL FAnIzIs ..... ,,.l,ilui.wille Agriculture Animal Scrtn .'L- Cheerleader: Varsity Gymnustlcs Squad fl, 2, -il, Letter 1-U3 Hoof and Horn Club , JOSFPH Louis FATZ ...,,,... .... C hicogiv Engineering illerlionirol Eriqrmtwiizg Annex Hall A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Honors Day f2l Chicago City College Pu ItIcIA FRANCES PAUST .,..,.... Rii'b'I'l.F0l'PIf ' Liberal Arts and Sciences -' Etatlfmilti i Alpha Omicron Pi junior Prom Committee ff' 'J .I ji nsox XVrsLI3x' PAW' .,.,... ..... W 'arbburn Agriculture l'lgfil'lIIllH'l1l Eivlfmrrlirl , Delta Phi Y.M.C.A. Cabinet HI: Y.M.C.A. Cornmittee 4-Hg Disciples' Foundation Student Council 12, H 1 Agricultural Economics Club- Hnnors Day fl. 23 Ai ici: FAZEKAS .....,..... . . . .Georgetown Agriculture ' Y Fifillrnlflnl ' ,. Sherwood Lodge llllni Union Committee ISI Q X'.W,C,A, Com- mittee 153: Accountancy fflubg Floriculture Club: Spsnish Club 6 riru. Leo FEDERICI ......,.... . . . ...Chicago Division ol Special Service! 4 .f Anbileclurul EN-Ifllltififfgil 'Y If-iflilmil vanity squid mi A.1,A1, .Illini Veterans Wilson junior Cflllcue l 'si l CHARLES WILLIAM Frniammw ,... fMgymq11n V Agriculture i 'V Vocational Agnrullure 4 A kt Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural cm.r.C1I,ti,l 1' Agricultural Education Lluh ' . i . I ,-. bv-Q' wu- is ts 7-2 as -14' 'l v z Q Q 1 if . '. 25: 15: 3: , Q .aiffzsis X' ff '01 'G' t ' 6 2 L, '31 .. -4 1' 1f:1'fgt N 0 . l l t...-p , . '.'sf +7 I ' bi-' .ill , vm., T ai" l V.'5FtEQ, I "' ' FEIENEY .... ..... S ull: 'I A Liberal Arts and - . 't X f A Biology ' - La,,Salle1Peru-Oglesby Junior W JAMES MARTIN FEEZEL ......... d River ' . 4 Engineering Q Mechanical Engineerirl A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Shurtletf College THOMAS WILLIAM 'FEHR ,.... ..,. C bimgo Engineering Aeronautical Engineering All Ways Home House .President C51 gb I.A.S. N IWIIJLIALI HENRY FEI-IRS, JR. ,...... Lzlcilzlllgf N V, Division of Special Services 1 Morkaznzg ii Delta Tau Delta "Comrnei'ce 'Council C4113 Accountancy Clubg ',iMarketing Club Lyons Township junior College I ALLEN JESSE FEIGIN ....... New Yoi-Ie, N. Y. liberal Arts and Sciences L, .Economici 5 - Parade Ground 'Units ,'FrenchQC1ub: Illini Insurance Society: Mar- keting 'Club .SAMUELISIDORE FEINSON. .New Yo:-la, N. Y. ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Sgyology Annex 1-.lall ,City-QCdllege'0f New York I . ' U , 3 I ' 'fl . . . f "c , ,. I Rlci-IAIIQ james FIzIipgl1,5boker Heights, Ohio N ' CQllimCfCE ' Mafketing ' 'Zeta' Beta Tau Marketing Club, Philosophy Discussion Club Western' Reserve University 'Y 1. DONAl'JD'iI.EIZ Bgliillilllu ....... .... G enereo Gornmerce Mi1'k0fi7lg Phi Gamma Delfdl Marketing Club 'Q ffl A- f' .UI vr" A 'I ei., i tif- fix, r ., A A Ffa-l'Wl ai JOHN JOSEPH FELLNEII ...... ..... B ellezfille journalism Adreftiring Phi Kappa The Daily Illini C23 g Illini Union Committee 13, 41 3 Senior Ball Committee Honors Day Q41 CLIFFORD CALVIN FELT ...... .. .... Cbimgfn Engineering Aeronauiiral Eflgillfffillg I,A.S,g Illini Glider Club MARGARET ANNE FELT ..,.,.. ,,.... B ellzraoj Liberal Arts and Sciences Econamiri Lincoln Avenue Residences Illini Union Committee 12, 5, 45 3 Illini Union Council 131 g Illini Insurance Society Honors Day 111 RONALD WEBSTER FELT..U2Iil'6!'Jfl-1 Cily, AIU. Fine and Applied Arts Arclyifermrul Erzgineering AII.A.g A.S.C.E. Central College HURLEEN BLANCHE FELTMAN Himlinglon, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Snciolagy Delta Phi Epsilon Illini Union Committee fl, 51 5 Campus Chest 131g House President HJ WALTER EUGENE FERGANUS. .,....., Cbimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Sludiei WILLIAM JOIEIN FERN ............... Cbiunga Engineering Electrical Efzgineerirzg Parade Ground Units Chi Gamma Iotag House President 1-U3 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. PETER FEIIDINAND FERRACUTI ......,.. Olinwa Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Clark House junior Bar Association Honors Day 42,353 University of Illinois Scholarship Key V l ijiwffsl, QS: zf-:Q I sq, ,Wersi .gs I . ' 1 -, L I ? Q ' ii, Ki QW' ',i' I .I if e c I Q. X2 jfff X W. .,,. t. -::,ue-'faqs , g, ' "i ' ii 1 il i 1" I Yi any 4: "' ' l I isnfsfsvi Q, H, ,iff-' ' 4, I' I , , A I '7Tl"i' 6 .- X I K. RUSSELL JOSEPH FERTITTA .,..,..... Freeport Engineering Aleclmzliral Efzgiueerirlg Illini Union Committee I5, 411 A.S.M.E. ROBERT GLENN FFSSLER .......... Cluzrzzpnigiz Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbtffllljfl 3' Fireside First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Pershing Rilles: Scabbarcl and Bladeg German Club Honors Day ill XVILLIAM HERSCHEI, FICKEL ....... Smifblieln' Agriculture Vacalionrzl rlg1'ic11Il1n'e Camelot Club Alpha Tau Alphag Y.M,C.A. Cabinet I-lyg Y.M.C.A. Committee I-il Q Second Regimental Band 11, 214 Student Religious Council My g Pershing Riliesg Agricultural Economics Club: Agricultural Education Club: Dairy Produc- tion Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Illini Archers ERWINE WAYNE FICKETT ........... Cbirtzgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Hillary Wright junior College JEROME FIELD ..................... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Chmzixiry Barton House Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pig Illini Theatre Guild Cast 133g Tempo HJ Honors Day tlj DALE LEE FIELDCAMP ...,.... .... . SIIIIHIEIIIIII Commerce Accouniunry Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day il, ll CLIFFORD RAY FIELDS .,.,.,..... Ml. Vermm Fine and Applied Arts Ar'rfJiIeci1m.' Sigma Tau Oklahoma A. and M, College LFONARD joi-IN FIGURA ..,...,.,..... Clizragu Liberal Arts and Sciences P.ryrb0lag-1' Newman Hall French Clubg Labor and Industrial Relations Association 217 JOSEPH Enxxix Fixa .A,,,. C.'ei,i',ii:.1 UA. Commerce ,IIarz.rgsn:ci. Theta Xi Tribe ot Illini. Clieerleader: Varsity Gym- nastics Squad 11. 1. 5. fll, Letter ul, 1 34 -41 Mums Airxsxoeiz FINDL x.,X'i1w:iux N, 5. Commerce .llizrksiiiig Clin G.inini.i lotag Track Manager 421 g Chor- isters lil: Moingvieru l'lcmc+rr Dax' tl, Il Wxircn WVILLIAM FINNE, -lrt. ,,., Nniliiillr Law Lau' M-sure H.ill Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Alpha Delta, Agricultural Law Club. -lunxor Bar Association: Law Society Honors Day ll, Zi Enix mo Baueri Fixicri. ,..... EIi:.i!ielli. N. J. Engineering C1111 Efigiiiuiinlg Alpha Epsilon Pi Illinois Agriculturist l-ll: A,S.C.E, Ohm Northern University Hrnrirnr Imixc, Fixicilsii-lx New Yoile, N. Y, Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Suiifilffuj Pa rade Ground Units Lois Mn' Fixxnmumniii , ,Kuff liimmercc Cumrmwr ml 7 inn lilllg Zeta Tau Alpha Plii fhi Theta Hnnnrs Day lZ,3I. Llnixcrsity ul Illinois itliiilarsliip Key P,-.ii Hulom FINKIAIGIAIJI ii ,ukmf Agriculture General .'lrgricull1u'u Firm House lntcrlrntcrnity Council Ill 5 All Ag Field Day fonimittec- 12, lil: Html .ind Hum Llnh Hriiz Allllflllll. liimii-. , .llfmpiirfiri Agrnultulv llomi lfifiiiwrii l'.iliinir 218 1 'RT .se if 'lr' 'C ' c ks ' ,,,.-v- 5,01 '35 QI, 3 4' n xt Z4 ai ' X 27 5. I i il " . f . ff' .A Q , 5 l l-. Q 9 'Y xr-J Nw 4.- L fc:- ,l , is THOMAS OWEN FINLEY ...., ...Glen Ellyn Commerce Markeling nnd Management Parade Ground Units Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Zeta I Sigma Alpha l i l MARTHA ELLEN Fmeeaucu, ......... Urbima Liberal Arts and Sciences Terzclzrer Training in Social Studie! Alcestis Arepog Mask and Baubleg Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12. 5l: Illini Theatre Guild Cust ill: Star Course Manager ill: W.G.S. Ex- ecutive Council t-ll: N.S.A. Senate Subcom- mittee 15, Jlg McKinley Foundation Student i Council Q41 1 American Society for Public Ad- l ministration: French Club: Illini Insurance l Society N Enxvano HENRY Fisci-ren ..,......... Clnimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Sofia! Sliidier Central Y.M.C.A. College l Faro Acousr Fisci-rim, jx .... . ...W'i!mi'ile X Engineering I 3 Elerlriral Erigirreering l Psi Upsilon , Skull and Crescentg Tau Beta Pig Choristers lilg A,I.E.E.-I.R.E. ' Honors Day fl, Z, 31: University of Illinois . Sclmlarsliip Key james Diermici-i Fisci-ren ..,. ,..Eln1liurr1 Commerce Arcainilancy Beta Gamma Sigma: Chi Gamma Iota: Ac- countancy Club Honors Day 15, -ll DONAL jonx FISHER ..,.,. Waynerrille, Ala. Division of Special Services Tearher Training in Bialagy McKendree College EUGENE ALnrnT Frsi-ren... .... Forlaria, Ohio l Engineering i Ceramic Engineering Keramos: Illinois Technograph 123: A.C.S. l l RUTH GEKTRUDE Frsi-ren ...,........ Cbirago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrbology Leinzid Manor Illini Union Committee 12, 3,433 Socialist l Study Clubg Women's Cosmopolitan Club Honors Day 12, Sl Roosevelt College ill STANLEY FIsHNER., ....... New York, N. Y. Commerce Almueeting Camelot Club M.I.A. Executive Council 123 5 Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 1539 Com- merce Council 133: Accountancy Club, Mar- keting Club: Spanish Club The National University of Mexico: Mexico City College HAROLD EDWARD FITZGERALD ......... Cbirifgn Division of Special Services Adrerlirifzg Phi Kappa Tau Marketing Club Northwestern University: Morgan Park junior College ROBERT JOSEPH FITZGIBBON. .... Cbimgo journalism Ediloriul Editor, The Daily Illini: Ma-Wan4Dag Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini 11, 3, 43 IWTARIE TERESIZ FLACH ........ Angnrtfi, Mich. Agriculture Hama Efofzomicr Beta House Home Economics Club Wlestern Michigan College of Education NORBERT EDWIN FI.AcI-Is ...,... .... Q :muy Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Quincy College EARL LAYTON FLANAGAN .........,... Hfii-fry Fine and Applied Arts Arrbifeclnrfzl Engineering Theta Xi Phi Mu Alphag Sinfoniag House President 1433 Concert Band 11, 2, 3, 43 9 Marching Band 11, 531 University Sinfonietta 15, 43: University Orchestra 12, 3, 43 Q Repertory Or- chestra 153g A.I.A. EDWARD JOSEPH FLANNERY ........ . .Cbimgo Engineering .Electrical Ezlgineering Newman Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 133 JOHN FRANCIS FLANNERY ....., ...Cbimga Engineering Eleclrifal Engineering Newman Hall A.I.E.E.fI.R.E. Honors Day 153 .-x 'sf f ye . 3 1 - of . Q , 005 5 X x X ' t .LEAML ,, ff?- ' .-as ,jf ,fi -v .ng . in ,,y, o if . -4 T Q I -e rm- NED Aanox IJLEISHAIAN ..., ,..R1rrr Fmerz Law Lau' Tau Delta Phi Phi Beta Kappag Nu Beta Epsilong Interfra- ternity Council 11, 23 Q Second Lieutenant. Army R.O.T.C. Regimcntg Phi Chi Etng junior Bar Association: Law Society Honors Day 12. 5, -H: University ot Illinois Scholarship Key li.-ITIIRYNLEE FLESCH .....,....., Springfield Education Elenlmlrlry Edncaiion Alpha Xi Delta Shorter Board: Torchg Shi-Ai: Illini Union Committee 11, 2, 3, -T31 Campus Chest 133 1 House President 1433 Ritle and Pistol Clubg Spanish Club ,IQHN EGGEXBERGER FLESI-IER .,.., Champaign Commerce Zllanagenielzl Chi Gamma Iota: Y.M.C.A. Board oi Di- rectors 143: Y.M.C.A. Committee 13,431 Accountancy Cluhi Marketing Club l-Ionors Day 123 GLORIA Vivrrx FLETCHER ..,..... Cbv.i1erpelJ Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Busey Hall Manager, Box Omce, Illini Theatre Guildg Arepog Mask and Baubleg National Col- legiate Players: Illini Union Committee 12, 5, -43 1 Illini Theatre Guild Manager 133 2 Y.W.C,A. Committee 123: University Chorus 143 1 XVomen's Glee Club 11, 23 3 A Cappella Choir 12, 5, 433 WILL 12, 3, -ll: Illini For- ensic Associationg Spanish Club: Zeta Phi Eta XVILLI.-IM jasox FLETCHER ......... Kmgrnm Engineering 4-lg1'ii.'11l!ur'nl Efzgifzeerizzg Engineering Council 1335 A.S.A,E. ALLEN j.nIEs FLITCRAFT ......... Rirer Fmert Division of Special Services Miuuieeting Theta Delta Chi The Daily Illini 123: Interfraternity Council 12, 53: Illini Insurance Society Lyons junior College DIACK PLOCK .,........,..,,.., , .Barfinglon Education Biological Science Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Epsilon Kappa: House President 1-I3 3 Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T,C. Regimentg Phi Chi Eta Honors Day 113 BILLIE LEA FLOSROM .,.........,... Keuumee Liberal Arts and Sciences Sf7DL'I'b Sigma Phi Epsilon Cornell University: Austin College 219 I"9l'. FLEMING Wins FLOTT ....... .,... C liilnlga Physical Education PM Plnyximl EdI4r'.lH0f1 7 Theta Delta Chi i 'rx' , Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad: Freshii Varsity Squadg Freshman Varsity Baseb squad "- v ' 'N GEORGE 1-Ius'roN Fl.oulfR. .... El.mdin.rviIle1 Division of Special Serxiies Comm: me Delta Sigma Phi , 1 Illini Union Committee 141 3 Y.M.C.A. Com: mittee 15.414 Campus Chest lil: Varsity iso lb. Football Squad iz, sl. Award iz. 33? junior Prom Committee: Marketing Club! l if Louis PHILIP FLOWERS .... ,..,... C Gllffdlihi Fine and Applied Arts 'I Arrbiledural E?I,k'lYli:'Il7IQ - i A.I.A.g A.s.c.E. j Centralia Township junior Collegeg Illinovisi State Normal University ' ' ll i R NORMAN FOGEI, ...,.,......... .... C bingo., Liberal Arts and Sciences . J, Cllffrlllfq 'l V Herzl junior College: Harvard College ,Qi jill 5, I .ff if 'l r . J , . . JOSEPH PETER Four ..,l..,, Commerce PfY'J0!1IlEl .lI.1m1germnI -, i-,HJ-1 Society for the Advancement ot Manager? ,lurlior Chamber ot' Commerce Q, V A i' ' css. 7 , l- . , -, it , I ,., . l V 3. 15:3 ' Ltr X 1 Tllolms MAsoN FoLlel-R'ls .,,, ,.,. P85 Liberal Arts and Sciences". 27:3 ' Prl"l'elurl11.1r5 ,. '-'-c Bradley Universltyg United 'States Naya Academy f ' fs - 3 I . . 'QW W fri! SAMUEL GERALD Foorlllfc ..... ...... bicizgdi Fine and Applied Arts "" Arrhmfrluml Duiign i' ,I Gargoylcg Phi Eta Slgmag Fine andij' Arts Society 'l Honors Day fl, 2, 5. 41 3 University 0f'lllinQjp Scholarship Key . ' ' Illinois Institute of Technology ' 3 5 I DARRELL MAYNARU FORIGPN ,.,. .l.. i '.RME1o:', Division of Speclal Serxiceifyl ,' Alarmgvnnul i fi' 'jf Parade Gmuncl Units , V - ,Viv I f'ivi'!A ifglai . ef-Q 220 A X46 :cpl 'll' an 12, .' , ss is 6? 'Z' 1: T." L, .- J- , - U' in-lx5lE"Eug,ENlA Form .... In . ne Gap - i' Agricultur ' ' .V Home Erono 'gi x '-l-H House y Star Course Manager fll fiat' . 11.2, 3,-Q3 ,T-ibme Economics 01,lil3HFSs" ral Life Club ' ' .bi W RUSSELL DEAN FORD ........ ..,. P form Commerce Nimagenleul JAMES Louis FOREMAN ........,,. Aieliapfllu Commerce Camfllvirs and Lau' Lambda Chi Alpha Star and Scrollg lntertraternity Council ill: Intramural Manager ill: ,lunior Bar Asso- ciation Louis MAX FORMAN ,.....,.,,,,,... Clvl-nga Engineering 1 Aeronuutiml Engineering r I.A.S. Roosevelt College JANET Six-lcl.A1R Foasvmr ,.,...... Glrmliew Education V Primary and .Elefrlrfilmy Eduraliall Alpllagamma Delta rllinllpunlqn fommittce in : Y.XV.C.A. com- mittee Q31 .House .President Hal 1 Teachers- in-'.l'rainilFlgvClub . Manyland1.College. for Wfomen Y L., Roa,lzRaf WADE FORSYTI'-IE ............ Cbimgo 'fi i"Piil1C and Applied Arts i ,, Arrlvilefllne Illini Club 'f A.I.A. DePaul' University - K ROBERT WILLIAM FoRsvrHE, JR. . Highland Park Engineering Eleciriml Engineering Chi Psi Tribe of Illinig Varsity Fencing Squad CZ, 3, 49, Letffr -iz, 3f4Jg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g selmim WILLIAM MBERTL PORTSCHNEIDER ' Golden Eagle ' V Agriculture '- , Vvtdfionul Agrirnllure Alpha 'Bali'-Alplial Agricultural Education Club V -,Q , , r Il. rg . ,, I ,:, ifgiili 2 P Ya rt- X P. c ,gif 'II 14 -ii-an--'fm . un '4vvfv-:gn-nv v.-f -,v-pu Q-: 5 , I ,,E,,,,,- . JOSEPH EMERY FOSTER ......... ggsgizigvigzgian Agriculture -", li ii ' Vocational Agricnlfgiglg aj , ' Nabor House ' 'nl - -5 Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau AlplIaiE,,gAgricultural Council GJ: All Ag Field Committee fllg Plow Boy Prom Committee,,'ff2jJg Agri- culture Clubg Agricultural Education 'Club: Hoof and Horn Clubg Rural Life- Club Honors Day t4J ' JOSEPH JAMES FOUCHARD ..... .... W na-rm Journalism Ediiorial Tomahawkg Kappa Tau Alphag The Daily Illini fl, Zig Captain, Army R-.lQ.T.C. Regi- ment, Military Councilg Transportation Corp Club, Spanish Club ' Honors Day fl, Z, 55 3 University' of Illinois Scholarship Key EDWIN CLEMENT FOUDRIAT ...... W . , .LaGrange Engineering I I .Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day Q31 Lyons Township Junior College ROBERT JOHN FOVELL .......... .... C lairugo Engineering Electrical Engirleering Newman Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day Q21 DONALD DELOS FQWLER ..... Engineering . Civil Engineefirzg Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pig Chi Epsilong First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg'PiA Tau Pi Sigma, A.S.C.E. i . . . .Geneieo SANFORD JACOB Fox ....... New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Law Pi Lambda Phi Illini Forensic Association SHIRLEY Fox .................. Lynn, Marr. Liberal Arts and Sciences French Lincoln Avenue Residences Intercollegiate Zionist Federationg Gnlesburg Alumni Club Honors Day Q13 . I 43 I, EDWARD ELLIOTT FRADKIN .... ...ilrdbicngpi ', . , if Commerce ii. 1 5. Lin-nois . 5 House President C575 Accountancy- -Club Marketing 'Club Roosevelt College ccountanc A 7 Y 4 A P a lil is L L ,i I. ii f r:-. X . I- l - S l i ii I H fig? t its X 9' L ,r ' 1 , we . w 1, 'jr .vw--Q .5 ss- ANTI-IONY MATTHEXV FRALE. .. . .. ,. .Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbolagy College Hall VAREL LEONEL FRALEY ........ ...Tuylarrille Engineering Civil Ezzgirzeemzg Sigma Phi Epsilon Varsity Track Squad ill: Freshman Varsity Squadg A.S.C.E. MAXINE AUDRIZY FRANCE ,,,,. .. .Chicago Education Hiftory Lincoln Avenue Residences House President 155, Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council fill Q Intercollegiate Zionist Ferl- eration Honors Day ll, 2, Blg University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT LESLIE FRANCIS ,..... Belleville, N. 1. Journalism Adreflifing Delta Chi The Daily Illini C213 Tempo Q41 BURTON HENRY FRANK ............. Clyii-nga Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle, A.I.A. Arkansas A. and M. College CHARLES WILLIALI FRANK ....... Blaomirzglon Commerce MdfkBliHg Sigma Chi Varsity Baseball Squad 12, 3, 45 FRANCES ELIZA FRANK ...... ......... U 1-bam: Education Ednratinn of Mentally Handicapped Chi Omega Seabury Foundation Student Council 13, 47 Michigan State College FRED SCI-IEREER FRANK ........... Sflfillgflilld Agriculture Agricultural Economicr Chi Psi Y.M.C.A. Committee 131: Intramural Man- ager CU 5 Newman Foundation Student Coun- cil 1335 Agricultural Economics Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club 221 IUELBA Rose FRANK ,......,........ Lfrbium Physical Education Pbyxlcal Educmimi XV.A.A. Board l5lg Major I: XY'.A.A. Nu- rneralsg XV.A.A. fl, 2, 5, 41 5 Physical Edu- cation Mapors Club JEROME FR.-XNKEL ..,.........,..,.. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences PJ-3 c 11010 gj Omega Beta Pi Honors Day Ml RENEE FRANKEL . .....,,. ..,, C lvfrugo journalism Radio lxria jnrrs CLARK FRANKS vv..,..... Sedalia, Mo. Commerce .'icc0ln11r111c'1 Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club jor-rx lNlATTHIAS FRANZ .....v,..... Oak Pale Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbsnxlxlfqy JANET Crarrrz FRAZER ,4,,.,..,.. ..,, J alle! Physical Education Pf7j.lli'df Ejnrrillmr Alpha Pi Deltag XV.A.A. 42,1 -ll L Physical Education Malors Club Joliet ,lunior College Wrrrrmr Tucken Fmzira. .,.Eiu1 Sr. Lum, Liberal Arts and Sciences Pijcbolo,t',3 Kappa Sigma lllini Union Committee l5l1 Campus Chest ISD, Intramural Manager lllg Gymnastics Manager Ill: Moingxxena Honors Day ill PHILIP Hrxrn' Fiuurrrir rc , ,..,llrmiro Enzgincering illclrlllmunil Lffrrmrrlfrrg M.l.S. Bradley University 222 r 1 ll r I X . . , is ' aaa - I C R rio or 1 9 iw 'SEQ Q.. - 4.11 N S01 , ,Q N , A .3 - ai: . . 1 .K A I IA.-f DONALD FREEBAIRN .......... .... La Salle Agriculture General Agriculture Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club: Agriculture Club La Salle-Peru4Oglesby Junior College HARMON CLARENCE FREETO ,..... Rirer Foyer! Division of Special Services EL'0!707VIlL'J' Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull and Crescentg The Illio lllg Illini Union Committee ll, 3l ROBERT PAUL FREITAG ......., Dowueu Craze Division of Special Services Alt17'kl?lffIg Delta Upsilon University Chorus lilg Marketing Club North Central College jo ANN FRFNCH ,.,.......,....... Gmyivlle Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaclyer Training in Errglirb McKinley Hall Torch: Star Course Manager ill: University Chorus 11, Il Rex GENE FRENCH .... ,...... .,.. P . nz.: journalism Adrertirirfg Delta House STFPHEN CHARLES FRENCH. ., .,.. Lhbinm Commerce lllarkvling Tau Kappa Epsilon Co-Manager, Star Courseg Ma-Wan4Da: Skull and Crescentg Star Course Manager 12, 5. -tl g lnterfraternity Council l5lL Class Vice-Piesi- tlent ill 5 Freshman Council: Freshman Frolic Committee: Captain, Army R.O.T,C. Regi- ment: Zeta Sigma Alpha lloxvano JAMES FRENS .....,,. Hollrzml, Milly. Engineering Merbmiirrzl Eugmeernzg A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. joi-iN HENRY FRENSTER ..4.....,.. . .Cbimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medirme Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilon Honors Day fl, 2, il CHARLES THOMAS FREY ....,. .... R o.x-rum Engineering Elerlriral Engines:-irig A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illuminating Engineering So- ciety Honors Day ill LORRAINE MARIE FREZZA. ,.,.. Sanfb Hollanj Physical Education Pbyrifal Edncnliolz Gamma House Maior Ig W,A.A. Numeralsg XV.A.A. 13, -Hg Physical Education Majors Club Thornton Junior College MARVIN DONALD FRIEDMAN ..,. .... C bxragfi Commerce Bameirzg am! Flrmuce Alpha Epsilon Pi The Daily Illini fl, QI: lnterfraternity Coun- cil IZ, 513 Hillel Foundation Student Council tl, 2, 51 I Interfraternity Ball Committee ill L Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management ROBERT PRIEDMAN ..,........,...,. Cbiniqn Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical E11gi11iJe1'i11g Engineering Council I-Hg A.I.Ch,E. Honors Day fl, Z, 331 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Chicago junior College XVILLIAM FRINsxo ......,, . . , .Benla Education Elememaijv Edliriifioil JAMES XVYLLIS FRISCH ..,..,.,,........ Cary Liberal Arts and Sciences Prjclnalugj Brentwood I-IARoI.rJ FREDERICK FRITscHrR. .,... Dierericb Commerce llfIl1I'ke'lIlIg Marketing Clubg Spanish Club Leland Stanford University ROBERT EUGENE FRITZ .,,..,..... ..Har1'arIl Agriculture General .'Ig1lL'llllllP9 Theta Kappa Phi Illinois Agriculturist I-il Northern Illinois State Teachers' College -L, si A I XV x lg Q 'X ' slr Q it N io 'k 1 ii l' i I Il? 5 , a 'R NN .Q .xv .. Ev 3 X '35 s I t X wx as z X ,N WS 'vlvw' I ' N -WW' r aff 2 FRANK JACOB FRITZRIANN ....,...... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Painting Illustrators Honors Day ill EI,oREo NEAL FRI'i'zscHE, .. ,... Alumif Ollie Engineering 1lletlJIi11.'I11I Er1.ulm'eI'1f1g Bland House A.S.M.E, HERRIAN DAVID FRONING, JR, .,...., Peoria Engineering Aeronautical Ezzgmrering Varsity Golf Squad Ui, Freshman Varsity Squadg Christian Science Organizations . l.A.S. PATRICIA joy FRoscH. ........,..., jahez Liberal Arts and Sciences Ellglllb Delta Zeta Shi-Ai 1213 The Daily Illini 11, 1,lg Illini Union Committee 13, -II 1 Orchesis Il, II 3 Terrapin ll, 21 RICHARD NEIL FROST .... .,... I l"f?tami1 Division of Special Serxices Sociology Psi Upsilon THOMAS SARIUEI. FRY .,i. ,.-ilabanef, .lI,frb. Engineering Ciril E71gj7IL'8'lHIg Colonial Manor House President 4531 A.S.C.E. l,EL,'lNl.J XVII.I.IA:tI FUCHS .,.,. .,.Faimifn-ille Commerce llltllldgfllliflf and illai-feeling l'ara Hall Gamma Deltag Marketing Club Springfield ,lunior College jrssira FU-IITA ...,................. Clwriiga Physical Education Pbyrical Eifllriitiou llvans Hall YJ'.A.A. Board 1-ll: Major l: XV,A.A. li, ,111 Physical Education Maiors Club Herzl junior College 223 sl' A l PAUL NORMAN FULLER ........... Lake 4 uri' Engineering I Aeronautical Engineering T,A.S.g Illini Biaekbum Club 'QQ gf :Q B I rl .ffl l RICHARD MERLE FULRATH ,.......,,.. Urbana . Engineering Ceramic Engineering 'o Acacia ' A Keramosg Illini Union Committee lil 5 A.GiS,. Honors Day fl, 21 ' , tile- A wud M. ,a -5. -. . 'v 4 Currox DALE FULTON ...,...,.. Aloarehgarr Education - -9 Phyxlcal Ednratmn V' :Q , Phi Gamma Delta - ' Phi Epsilon Kappag I-louse President if-413 Tribe of Illini: Varsity Basketball Squad '12, 5,4l, Letter Gig Freshman Varsity Squad: First Lieutenant, Army R,O.T.C, Regiment'-1' Honors Day GJ JANET RUTH FULTS ....,..,.,..,. .. .fnlu Fine and Applied Arts Illiuric Busey Hall .- University Chorus fl l 3 A Cappella .Choir I5. 4I 5, l' ' Washington University 'A A I HENRY FUNCKES .....,..,.,. Holland, Mich. Engineering V Mechanical Engineering t A Pi Tau Sigmag S.A.E. " ' Austin Junior Collegeg Illinois Institul'e"oi Technology Q' VICTOR IVIORTON FUNK .,..., ..'..1f,Qar9 . Agriculture " " i Vocalinnal Agrlcullnrfs . Lux Mundi Alpha Tau Alphag House President Ol: Ag- ricultural Education Clubg Hoof and Horn Club l Rn' HARRY PUNKHOUSER ,..,. ...r..Chir-ago Engineering Y' Aeranaulfral Engineering' , Gamma Alpha Rho: Engineering CourTcili"f4l': I.A.S.3 Illini Glider Club ' i '.' Honors Day 41, 51 ' ' l . l '. f is ws. -H "Ti '51lW. NATHALIE JULIA Funsr ,....... :..,,.1'Qhi?2igb . Liberal Arts and Sciences?-m 5,1 German lb LAY' 1 " X Evans Hall -or "'i sr Manager, Properties, Illini The ld. Shorter Board: Alpha Lambda 7l5elLa'f A and Baubleg Illini Union CorlfQi!t:?'l3. ' Illini Theatre Guild Manager Jw and? ish Club: German 'Cluhg Phi ish- id Honors Day 11, 2, Br : Universi Scholarship Key Rm, .QS .tx Q I x 3 45 'C 'bl - -.4 1 -A--fs' gf- fi ur I Eagrisir Nlgrrtnxm FURTKAMP. - union .. .lr .A ,- '-", -, -.j- i V Commerce My -S 'V X Y N Acrountancy ' tChi igamrnax Iota: Accountanc lililluridrs Day,'K2li Washington University ll lBYR6lNl.fIL0WELL GABBERT ....... .Cbiragn Engineering it A' Aeronautical Engineer: 'QI.A,.Sf: S.A.-E.g Glider Cluh ' Western State College Q , 'HENRY ROBERT 'GABRIEL ........ Granile Cixy -' Fine and Applied Arts . i Artiailsrllnv . Alpha Rho- Chi -,A.I.A:g Fine and Applied Arts Society lil-Ionors Day Q11 I . If l GLEN EUGENE GABRIELSON ..... ,.W'aadrrack , Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Concert Band fllg Marching Band lljg I.A.S. DePauw Universityg Lewiston State College DOROTHY MAE GAHM ........ ...Rarkfonl Education Spanirb A Evans Hall yi Alpha Pi Delta: Spanish Club Honors Day C31 :EDXVARD Tr-roMAs GALE ............ Maywood ' Engineering Melallurgical Engineering Witanshire ' House 'President C43 3 M.I.S. . at HOXVARD RYAN GALE .....,......... McLean Aglkulture General Agrimllnre Hill Hall Fieldiand Furrow: Hoof and Horn Club il 1 ROBERT MAQGALE' .......... .... C hirago ' Engineering " Me: ahfral Engineering ' College .Hall It A:S.M.E.. Mt, ' I .- .,-. 1 , 1. fri rg FREDERIC WILLIAM GALKA .... .,., D rt-rum Commerce Izzduftfiul Adminiriraliofz Kings Row Millil-:in University FRANCIS PATRICK GALLAGI-IER ,....,.. Cbirirgff Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-ililedicizie Newman Hall University Chorus 143 : Men's Glee Club I-ll 1 Bait and Fly Casting Club: French Club ROBERT FRANCIS GALLAGHER .,., .. .Cbimgn Engineering Civil Efzgirzeeriug Newman Hall A.S.C.E. XVILLIAM GEORGE GALLIvAN .,....... 11'urd.iltf Engineering Mechanical Engineering Varsity Wfrestling Squad IZ, 3, -il: Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Pershing Rifles: A.S.M.E. JOSEPH FRANCIS GAMBINO .,.,...... Rockfufpl Division of Special Services IlI1Zl'kPlIlIg Theta Delta Chi ROBERT CHARLES GAND .....,. ..,Peorm Journalism Adfertiring Parade Ground Units Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Delta Sigmag Alpha Phi Omega: M,I.A. Executive Council I'-il: House President Ol: Student Senate C-ily Second Regimental Band f3lg Marketing Club Honors Day fl, Z, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key CHARLOTTE DOLORES GARBER ..,...., Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences A Prytbalagy Ivria House President Q-'llg Choristers Q31 Honors Day ill I.oIs GRACE GARBULSIQI ............. Cbimgff Liberal Arts and Sciences' Chemirlry Alpha Delta Pi Iota Sigma Pig Illini Union Committee fl, Il 3 Junior Prom Committee 131 3 A.C.S. Honors Day fl, 2, 3, 41 3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key XVILLIARI JAMES GARD, ........... Cbimzpaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Geologj Alpha Sigma Phi Cyclothem Club, M.I.S, ARNE XYI.-KRD GAREIELD ,..,........,. Chicago Eine and Applied Arts ,'lf'r'blll rim U Gargoyle: A.I,A.3 Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day 129 ,IAMES DEE GARLS ..,,........... .... P rem Engineering Elerlrical Efzgiziecring A.I.E.E.-I.R.E, Bradley University CHARLES ELLIS GARRISON ..I.. Mount I'-FI71071 Fine and Applied Arts A1'I'lIi!el'll1ie' Alpha Rho Chi Y.M.C.A. Committee ll, 2. 5, ell: Baptist Foundation Student Council lil: Marching Band il, 2,3, -il: First Regimental Band tl, 2, 5, -Hg A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day fl, 2, 3, 43 DWIGHT JENNINGS GARRISON ..., .... F lam Engineering Eleclrifal Erlgizieerirzg Chi Gamma Iota: A.l.E.E.-l,R,E.g Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Man- agement Southern Illinois University JESSE JEAN GARROTT ....... ...jonerbofo Education Euglirl' Chi Gamma Iotag Illini Theatre Guild Pro- duction Stati I-ilg Illini Theatre Guild Cast 1-ll Honors Day i3l AUGUST JUNIOR GARTNER ,......'illu Engineering Elerlriml Ellgffliififlg Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug XVILL 1-ll: A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day tl, Z, Sl: University ot Illinois Scholarship Key BARBARA ANN GARX'EX' ..... , ..... Clmnlpaigfi Fine and Applied Arts illluic Delta Delta Delta Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Alpha Iota. Illini Union Committee ll, 2, ilg Star Course Manager ill: Y.XV.C,A. Committee tllg University Sinlonietta 113. -ll: Uni- versity Orchestra tl, 2. 3, -ll 1 Repertory Or- chestra l2, 51: University Chorus ill: Dis- ciples' Foundation Student Council 15, Nil Honors Day ll, 2, Slg University of Illinois Scholarship Key 225 'V mg, I.1IuR.-I JEAN Gasawm' ..........,.... Liiifolii 4 Liberal Arts and Sciences . -1' Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residences l Y.W.C.A. Committee C351 Student Religious Council Q-U3 McKinley Foundation Student Council Q41 Lincoln College GEORGE WEBEN Gassamxx .... .... 0 lm-I Division of Special Serxites Engineering Nev man Hall Mia-IOR FREDERICN Gates ...P.1I.1tft'l1t1, Calif. Engineering Merlmniml Efiglnsering Student Religious Council I3l: A.S.M'.E. Honors Day 121 I Bucknell Universityg Cornell University XV!Ii.I,IAi-I THOMAS Gnrzious .... Chicago Commerce Maikeling Epsilon Phi Sigma: Marketing Klub rv. W I ROBERT GAUDLITZ .,.,.......... Springlirhl Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbfmfral EIIXQIIIFFIIIIE Exmuor Hall A,I.Cli.E. jossvu FREDERICK G.-warn, Jn ....... Derarnr Commerce - L Arr01mliIm'J , Phi Sigma Kappa Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psig A Cappella Choir 12, 3, 413 Ae- countancy Club: Marketing Club ' Honors Day IZ, 31 - Millikin University . I GILBERT RICHARD GALIRIER .,,... .2..DarwilIe Engineering ' Netlmmral Erlgllleeriflg 1.1, ' Tomahawkg Tribe of lllinig varsity Wiiirlings Squad 62, 3, 41, Letter 12, 5, 41,5 'Freshman' Varsity Wrestling Squadg A.S.M.E. 7 i ' I, Honors Day ill " ' ," A 1 U 1-I '--ir ir!1l6i,,- -'-rim. ' "fa-!l'IT'I'Li CHESTER JOHN Gawrix ..,. , ., . .mCln:fr" .' -at. QQ Engineering H A. Metbdniral Eli-Qlllffiillg T 4 5. Kappa Delta Rho in ft, ' A.S.M.E.g s.A.E. ' , Honors Day CH ljglsui' Ls x 5-LUBX' 6, 193 226 . W I FW' ' I Q72 I, W W , . . I .I Q ,. Li' I-gf , of . iii 3- 'f I - e I E ?"wfiQZfs1,l , I el' 4J ivan. t M, 91,31 at , Cus- -Iv 37' Y 'l I ar I-2, ,Il """ it I J ' gf E eu may Y! , ' il w' p ga 4- , 6 A ig . f K, 45' y I 1: , l y 1 ,-.-. - gl ,... , Ii" 'I ' 3 -,-1-' . -'- - --I"'t I I w e " f 'Q it li-13-W " -,at , -,ills if W 4 '1?- in is "W 1-1 P H ' ' U' v3.PIttI,n- JAMES .'GAXY'RUSlK .... . . hirago '-' 4 Engineering V Metbailiral Engiil A77 ' , ment of Managementg Synto Wilson Junior College: I,-E-ig Technology itute of A,.S.M.E.g S.A.E.: Society if Ping dvance- I 0 W ROBERT PAUL Gnxizs ,...... ..Cbimgo Engineering Merbamtzzl Engineer A.S.M.E. JOHN HENRY GEIGER ...........,... Clnmgo Fine and Applied Arts A!'ClJilFffIll'Jl Engineering Alpha Rho Chi A.I.A.3 A.S.C.E. Honors Day C31 University ot Omahag University of Oregon in I Mfuusor YVONNE GEIIQER ....,.. Blaamingfan Education Englub Busey Hall ' Illinois State Normal University I I w Q. i ' KENNETH JOSEPH Germs., .... Chirngo Journalism Ediloiml ' J Phi Kappa V V sigma Delta Chi: The Dany Illini iz, 5,45 ii J, f LAWRENCE THEODORE GENISE , Sienbeiarille, Ohio A Ep ineering Eleclrw Engineering Parade Ground Units House Presiilent M15 A,I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illu- minating Engineering Society West Virginiaglniversity I , 1 I I l T.I:sI.1iz ANTHoN,y iGEORGE .... .... D nrand . ' i1Commerce ' Marleeling Theta Kappa Phi-H Chiugamma lotag House President 135: Ac- I Countaney '-Clubg Marketing Club: Spanish Chlllfv- - I H!:fl45l751D2Y'Q9- -I ia . T., ' I rl V I 'ff iii., F ' WffsiIFXDIFWQR1IM!iir'GEORGESON ....... Capron rl' , I? lQommerce K I' if qF,l,lEronomit: 'H9n0rs'iD3v J I" QiBraigllef,g:ii:'r W an - ,J IL". .te-I we ' NN 'R ,. i tr- I ROBERT LEE GERHARTU, ...... Lawrenceville Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology H KRRY CHARLES GERSBAUGH ........ Farreiion Division of Special Services Permnnel fldnrinirlration .NIARTIN LEONARD GERSH. .New York, N, Y Commerce Banking and Finance Marketing Club Honors Day Q23 JOSEPH GIAGNORIO ................ Claicagn . . Physical Education Phyriral Education George Williams College NICK GIANACOPOULAS ..... ' ......,..CblL'dA20 Division of Special Services Englirb The Daily Illini 141 Wlright junior College af ,af t 5' . X . X XVILLIALI GIBB ..........,......... ,Aurora V Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.g S.A,E. x , . Aurora College Q3 J-if BEVERLY JEAN Grass .....,,. ,,.Ifit-io:-ia Agriculture Home Economic! Edllralinn Fehner House Omicron Nug Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Up- silon Omicrong W.G,S. Executive Council 12,331 Home Economics Clubg Rural Life Club Honors Day fl, 2, Slg University of Illinois Scholarship Key EVERETT RALPH Gmss, JR ..,....... Eranrlon Engineering Mechanical Engineering Brentwood A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Brown Universityg Central Missouri State Teachers' College ROBERT XVILLIAM GIERTZ ..,....,.. Cbebame Engineering Merlaanlral Engineering Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Honors Day ll, Bl hl.-XRILYN RLTH G1EsEicE ...,..,., Liberal Arts :incl Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residences Millikin University EUGENE ADOLPH GIITSLER ....,.,. Glen Ellyn Division of Special Services Alai-keling Psi Upsilon University of XVisconsin FRED OWEN GILBERTSITN ..... .... C lm-ago Engineering Civil Engineering Ill Manor A.S,C.E. Honors Day Q51 XVright Junior College ELDON HARRH' GILJAAIES ............. Onan-a Division of Special Services Civil Engineering Delta Tau Delta A.S.C.E. LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby junior College RICH.-KRD EUGENE GILLANM. .... Colfax Law Iam' La Coterie M.I,A. Executive Council HIL junior Bar Association: Law Society JOHN XVILLI.-XM GILLESEIE ..,...,..., Chicago Division of Special Services lndnflrial ,'ll2,77ll!Il,fll'l1ll0ll Oregon State College ALBERT HERMAN GILLIS .....,...... Oakland Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology H V 227 ,. .Dcfalnr JOAN GIMPLE ..,........... Flfifbiug, N, Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Snriulagg Harmony House Euerxr ERXFST Gixori ,,.. ..,. P surf.: Commerce nl fron f1l.1 rlfj Tau Kappa Epsilon Varsity Track Squad 11, 5, 41 1 Second Regi- mental Band ll, I P 1 Accountancy Club: Mar- ketine Club H.aRvEx' Eoxxix Glss ....,......., Liber-grille Commerce ,lltzrztlgffflmz uma' .llirikitliig Chi Gamma Iota: Marketing Clubl Spanish Club Honors Day 12, 3l Siiiirri. Fisurrt Gixriliz ,.,.,. ...Ntrlmivlle Engineering C1iilEr1g1mtin1q Delta Phi A.9,M,E.L I.T.E. ROf1l'RT VILTUR Gmss ....,...,..... Cbii'.1.s4a Division ot Special Services jf11rr11trli.in1 The Daily Illini 13, Htl 1 Y.M.C.A. Committee tilg Varsity 150 lb, Football Squad Gig journalism Council 1-tl: Spanish Club Nirrtliwestern University Fnaxicin LEE Giuirz ......... .... P wwf.: Education Elrrrzumuj Eilmution Delta Gamma Illini Union Committee 131 3 Y.W,C,A, Com- mittee ling Campus Chest 15, -Hg junior Prom fivmmittee XVonds College joxr. Imrowsi-Q' Gtrasox ........... Urban.: Eine and Applied Arts illuizr ljjrmllmn Gamma I-'hi Beta Alpha l.amhtl.i Delta: Arepog Sigma Alpha Iota, Illini Uni-in fommittce Ill: Illini 'llieatrc Guild K ,ist tl, Zi 1 Star Course Man- .iuti ur: YW! ,A, Committee fl ng Uni- xi,-isity Cliorus ll. BI, XX'-imen's Glee Club lf! lliiniiis Day 11,333 Unixersity ol Illinois wi lii-ltiriliip Key XX.'xRrii". Ilia,-in Ciirwsrir. .,Rtn1!1i,g1fiw, lull. I' liiliitaliuri Playful! lglniulmll ll' ilu l'.ll.Lrc lJi,lr,i 'Ilitta Iipslliini Plil IIPSllflD Kappa: 1511 lli Iiivvitlirill Nqiiail, Atstirtl f1,jj 228 9' -Q 7.-., 'S V "'Fi7 xp. , 51" i 1'1" ii ,. - PU s .- Ea . nn I if 'J i ,tj it ,f"ii.zQs, , X 'F I . ,A g ,X , . A .3 if 1 , I 'I . A 2 l MERLR EUGENE GLESSNER ..,. .... G ridley l Agriculture Gerzeral nlgfii'11lllu'e Caisson Club i l I i I l RICHARD HENRY GLISRER .... ,... C biriign Engineering Merbmziual Engineering 507 Club Phi Eta Sigma: A.S,M.E. Honors Day lll Rom5Rr LEE GLOVER ......,.. .... D ei-timr Commerce Xlltmerling The Illio lllg Marketing Club X Millikin University i l Rounrir EDWARD GLUCK ...... ..., C bimga Engineering Merburriml Eugirzeeriug Lundgren House A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. XVri,ght junior College EMANUEL JAMES Gi.vii.aN ,... .... C bingo Commerce Mamzgmzwzi First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Transportation Corps Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club: Sphinx Club HAROLD CARL GOHL ....,.,. .... D mirille Commerce Conzmerrinl Tfarbing Chi Gamma Iotag Accountancy Club: Gamma Deltag Marketing Club: Teachers-in4Training Club Hoxvaim HENRY GOHL ............. Danville Commerce Commercial Teaching Chi Gamma Iotag Accountancy Club: Gamma Deltag Marketing Clubg Teachers-in-Training Club IIAMIES LARKIN GOLBY ..... ...Nepanret Agriculture Vomriomll Agfirulllrre Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club X Western Illinois State College I i SOL GOLD , ...,.. .. ........ .... C liiuuzff Commerce ,4cc01mlimry Annex Hall Herzl junior College LORRAINE HAZEL GOLDDERG ......... Cbimgfi Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrhology Lincoln Avenue Residences Psi Chip XV.A.A. 1111 Intercollegiate Zionis: Federation Honors Day 151 NORTON ROBERT GOLDDERG ..,...... Cliii-.igii Division of Special Services .-1J1'i'iIl,r1i1g Noble House Illini Theatre Guild Cast 151 1 NVILL 15, -ll - American Legion Post No. 009g Illini Insur- ance Societyg Marketing Club ELROY EDWIN GOLDEN ......... ..,i1I.'mi1ii Agriculture General Agvirlilllire Alpha Zetag Chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigmag Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 41 5 Illinois Agri- culturist 141g Field and Furrowg Hoot :intl Horn Clubg Agriculture Club Honors Day 11, 51 GIRARD EDWARD GOLDEN. ,. .Roclwrieig N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Er1gir1ei'rir1g A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 13,411 University of Illinois Scholarship Key: Bronze Tablet Princeton Universityg North Carolina Col- lege of Agriculture and Engineering KATHLEEN LORETTA GOLDEN ........ Clwimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Cagle Hall French Clubg Spanish Club Honors Day 111 WILLIAM FRANKLIN GOLDING, jR...,Cbimgn Fine and Applied Arts Arclailecmre Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 1413 A,I.A. Wriglit junior College DEAN GOLDNETZ ........... .... C 'fmffiu Commerce Accolmfarzcy Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha Psi Honors Day 12, 31 ,XX -.X , .4 'LPI , Q F: ,X ' ,:- -. K., ee' 205 , a.,,-L,,. I Tiara, 1 I 1 X15 1 .W ' ' , " 1- ' 1. .,,'. 5. ii 1 1.5 , ff 1' I-'Y D NIELVIN GEORGE GOLDZHAND ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Noble House BETTY JEANNE GOLINVAUX .......... Clmrigfi Liberal Arts and Sciences Hlrlnry Delta Delta Delta The Daily Illini 12, 51: The Illio 1113 Illini Union Committee 131 CARL HERBFR'li GOLTTRRMNN ........ Dfnirfii Commerce .'lciiv1nI!m1i'.1 Delta Chi Accountancy Club: Marketing, Club De Pziuw University INIORRIS XVIILLIAM GOOCH ...... .... C biiiiyiifi Engineering lilui'li'ir.zl Efilglriueririg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. JOHN DFLBERT GOODELL .,....... Cbfmipiiilgu Engineering Civil EI1g1IlE't?7'I71g Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Chi Epsilonl A.S.C,E. Honors Day 11, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key LEs'rER EARL GOODHEART .,.,... .... C lniriigfi Agriculture General Agricullnre A.S.A.E.: Field and Furrow INIARGARET ANN GOODHEART .,.,. Enron. Ulm, Education Efffflfflfdfj' EdIlLYIlf071 Alpha Chi Omega The Daily Illini 121 3 Campus Chest 11, 31 Honors Day 131 Earlham College ADIELLE BORTZ GOODMAN ,..,,...... C.'lwi,igff Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Wilson junior College 229 Davin Goonsux ,H A, , , . .. .vw Cle:..1g0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Tminirzg iff 59.7.11 Sf.-,fri Pi-u'Li,is Loiuxr Goommx .,,,..,.. Cl'li.Igfl Liberal Arts and Sciences fcvc:ifla1gV1 Evans Hall Illini Union Committee 1-ing Illini Theatre Guild Proilucticin Star? nl. -U. llllnl The-'UFC Guild Cast 11, -xl KEITH Fnrrsux Goouxwrs ., . .Spiifzgfizll Engineering Electrical Englrzesvrrlc Phi Eta Sigma. Eta Kappa Nu. Illini Union Council 15, 41 3 Illini Union Committee 12, 5. -Xl. Engineering Council tZ.5l. A.I.E,E.- l.R.E. Honors Day 11, 2, Eh . Unixersity of Illinois Scholarship Kev Gsmin Wirimsi Gooic .... ,,..4mnm Agriculture .'lgY0lI0lV1j Go.-n's Gables Christian Science Organization: Field and Furriiwg Hoot and Horn Club Carurnixr Axxr Gonuos . Runnin! Commerce Cfinlnlwrlizl lt'.1cZm1e Linc-iln Avenue Residences Accountancy Club. Marketing Club Munrlelein Kiollegu Ginmii Hmmm Grinliox . .. ,f'li,1rnfi.114r: Dixisiun ul Special Serxites lrzilnffvzul Eilniim 1:1 lnrlustriril lirlucativvrl Smitty ALORTUN All-Mxnrn Cciillicix ,..,., Cblmgo Lau Iam Nu Beta Epsiliing junior Har Aswiiatmn Hcrzl -Iunmr riillcuc Armin' liiixmix Cfiniius, ,, , ,,,Ali,,,1,,f,, l.ll6C!.il Arts .incl Sucmcs Xffiloloigy iwil ,'1r:llfififrnlwm lfriitig-l XX'iirlrl Fcil+,i.ilisrs 230 4-1. -vs 'vs 'W' pq , i "' x -5 - 9, --J! ffm ,r s t " ' 32'i A fl J hiv' ,xc roy! .1 !I?' 15 r for 41 'Ox Q1-7., Rouen Louis Goiuscxi .......... Sz. Charley Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Zeta: First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Pershing Riflesg Agriculture Edu' cation Club ,laxirs Fmiwcrs GORMAN ....,.....,. Clvimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Phi Eta Sigma: House President Ml: XVILL 45. 41 Honors Day ll, 2. Bl RICHARD Eaimanrci-r Gorcozuos ,,.... Chfmgo Engineering Elerlrifal Engineering Theta Kappa Phi Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nu. A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day ll. 2.513 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Fnrrirnlcx LLEw'ELLYN Goss, JR. .,.. Clvimga Division of Special Services Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Psi A.5,M,E. Michigan State College Saxnrm Goss .,,.........,..... ,..,, S knkfr Liberal Arts and Sciences Sorinlogy Leeman Lodge Monticello College Rocrn PAUL Gosswriw .,........... Chicago Division of Special Services lmlnrlrial xitlnllrliilrrlliall Marketing Club XVii.1.iAM ALAN GOTHARD .......,. Sprmghelrl Liberal Arts and Sciences Mallvi'n1alli1i Delta Tau Delta Skull and Lrcscentg Phi Eta Sigmag Varsity Football Squad ill: Varsity Baseball Squad l l l Irlnrmrs Day fl, 2, 31 f.ilil'orni.1 Institute of Technology Brnwum GOTHELF ....,..,.,....... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbelllllrry The Last Outpost House President 1-H3 Rifle and Pistol Club SEYMOUR LEO GOTTLIEB ............ Cbimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Brzrleriology Barton House House President 135: German Clubl IMCY- national Relations Club Roosevelt College ALFRED RAYMOND GOULD.SI. Fmnrifrille, Ln. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbfilliflfj' Kappa Delta Rho Assistant Business Manager, The Daily Illini: The Daily Illini 41, 2, 3, -15: Illini Theatre Guild Production Stat? 115 3 Pershing Rifles BERNARD RAY GOULD ...... ..,L.1u'reimz-illi Commerce .flrrolmlanrj Accountancy Club Dore LESTER COULD ,......,. . .. .Cbfmgn Commerce Mazzagerneizf Phi Sigma Delta lnterfraternity Council GI SHIRLEY ELAINE GRADY ....... Hd7l1f7l07l. Iii. Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Englub Theta Upsilon The Iilio 1253 Illini Union Committee 125. Illini Theatre Guild Production Stal? ll. 251 Y.XV.C.A. Committee 115: Marketing Club HOWARD ARTHUR GRAENLNG .... .joliez Commerce Arrozmlancli MIA. Executive Council 145: Accountancy Club BETTY RUTH GRAHAM ....... ,Sfzwznimh Ga. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cl7E771i.fI1'j' and Zoology Lincoln Avenue Residences House President C45 Armstrong College: University of Georgia CHARLES JOHN GRAHAM .......,..... LnS1illi Liberal Arts and Sciences Paliliral Science Delta Sigma Phi Marching Band 13, 45 g First Regimental Band fi. 45 L Second Regimental Band 125 g XVesl:y l'ound1tion Student Council 13,-15: United Y7orld Federalists Honors Day 133 LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby junior College 1 13' f f ., i V, ' . 72152-I' IF" - 4' V. 4. gh. V ' ' ' A 1:':55Eq.- i --g ' ,. . if . Y 1 , : N B : ti Y 2 ,, : If 3 ,- Ref Q t af 'Q i Iii iifghl I ' iv. ,gcl L A CHARLES JOSEPH GRAHAM ............. joliez Eine and Applied Arts rift! University of New Mexico DIARY GQRDON GRAHAM .........,.., Lfrbiim Liberal Arts and Sciences Ellgliib Kappa Alpha Theta Y,XV.C.A. Cabinet K5,-H: Y.XV.C,A, Com- mittee il, 2, 3, -H THOMAS ALBERT GRAMAN v.,,...., i5If1mpn!.w Fine and Applied Arts ,-1irbjlerllzi'e A.I.A. ROBERT XVILLIAM GRANDY ,.,,,..... Ez-mmm: Division of Special Services Air Trizzzipartalion Chi Gamma Iota: I.A,S.: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Michigan State College: Evanston Commu- nity College ELioExE Russsi. GRAssMicK .... .... C lm-ago Commerce Nmzfzgemerzr Theta Xi Phi Eta Sigma: Illini Union Council 451 1 Illini Union Committee 12, 553 Interfraternity Council 13, -ll 3 Second Regimental Band 425 , Society tor the Advancement of Management Honors Day Q15 JOHN Louis GRAY .......... ..,. C biraga Engineering Elertriral Engizleerizig Phi Eta Sigmag A,I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day C15 DOROTHY EILEEN GREATHOUSE .... Carrerrilla Liberal Arts ancl Sciences Pqrlynlogy French Club Honors Day 115 Eoxxix PAUL GREB ...,.,.,.. ...Springfield Commerce IVIar'ke1ir1g Marketing Club: junior Chamber of Com- merce Northwestern University: Oberlin College: University ot Chicago 231 ' or ilk,-if LH' E- F CHARLES FRANCIS GREEN, JR. Sr'l'tr1Ei'J.1J-1. N. Y. Engineering Elezfrifal Engirzffvmg Acacia A.I.E.E.-I.R.E, Honors Day ll, Il Fiuxsrox I'IO'X.-XRD GREEN.Dzr .llfn-r:f,r, Iffri .1 Division of Special Scrxrtes Cunimsvcr Sigma Pi Ya rsity Football Squad 42, Bb 1 Christian Sci- ence Organization: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club fnrxersity ot W'isconsinL Drake Unrxersity jasrss LEONARD GREEN .,... ...Sm.i1fi- Commerce .'1rcam1r.mri Actountancy Club jurifs LEROY GREEN ........... ..., 5 nnzmr Engineering Elerlvfml Erzgniezmzq A.l.Ie.E,-I.R,E. -IHOMAS ,lures GRFEN ,,... ..,. C amp GI-we Agriculture General .-Ignrlzllm L Ncu man I-Iall Ag riculturgil Economics Club XX'ILLI.fIIsI KELTS GRLEN ....... Neimik, Ohio Division of Special Services Erormmii' Sttzlzifsri Beta Theta Pi H-more Day l5l RURERT MAX GREINAN .,.... ....Kinr.1JIl C ommcrcc Illarkelirlxt' Marketing Club ARIIIVR GORDON GRIINIIIRI. , .. C,!f.'I.:AqfI Liberal Arts and Scxcnics Rn.-li-11 North Dormiturj. The Daily Illini 12, SI: Philosophy Discus- sion Lluh: German r lub H.-num Day ll! 2 3 2 I l Sr! F335-1 ii f , I I. V X ,ugh i A,- gd 5 E, jig' X I ' 0- 'ts . - "'l n. ye ,. 0-.. , .V,x ,. I ' IXK5 ci Ya N -w Hia ,-Q , I -er, -is ...,, X QW T7 'ff' 'ff EVELYN DAWN GREENBERG ............ julie: Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Epsilon Phi The Daily Illini ill 1 Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 3, 413 Y.XV.C.A. Committee fl. 2, 51g Orchesis 12, 5, 4b I'IOXVARD MITCHELL GREEXBERG ....., Chi.-ago Commerce Accalrrlltirziqi Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Honors Day 11, 21 Northwestern University ROBERT CURTIS GREENE ..........,,. Cliimgo Engineering Mecbulliml Erzgiueerlrlg A.S.M.E.: S.A,E. DON JAMES GREGORI .......,........ Cbmzgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Econumiri Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRED ROBERT GREWF ..,............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Illailaenzalicf CATIIERINE Louise GRIRsEnIEcIc.Ea,f1 Sx.I.oui.v Commerce Marketing Delta Delta Delta Phi Chi Thetag The Illio tllg Illini Union Committee 11,213 Campus Chest 433 Honors Day ill ,lrxrr Gizmo ,,.... ..... O lnmcd Fiilli, Ohio Agriculture Home Eivnzomiry Kappa Alpha Theta Illini Union Committee 451 3 Y.XV.C.A. Com- mittee fl, 2, 3, 411 Orchesis 12,31 Romain- HALL GRIGG .......,... Demmr, Gu. journalism Adwrliriug Alpha Delta Sigmag Illustrators Honors Day ill JEAN GRIMM .........,......... Springyielj journalism Ad1'er1lJi11g Busey Hall The Daily Illini 135 g Illini Union Committee 1515 Campus Chest 151 MacMurray College FRANK NELSON GRIMSLEY ..,. ..., G reenrieu' Commerce PEFIUIIIICI zllanagemeui Illini Insurance Societyg Society for the Ad- vancement of Management: Galesburg Alumni Association Honors Day 111 DONALD BUTLER Garswom ...... .... L iii-fm Commerce Perfomlel Mr11mgeme71t Y.M.C.A. Committee 1213 Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Honors Day 151 DONALD Faso GROBE .............. Elmlmiir Engineering Alefbunical Erzgineering Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma: S.A.E. Honors Day 11,1332 University of Illinois Scholarship Key DAvm ANTHONY Gnosr ........... Lonzbiiw Division of Special Services lnduflrial illamzgemenl Rifle and Pistol Club GLENN Gaosss ...........,...... Wfaierloo Liberal Arts and Sciences Econamicf Lambda Chi Alpha Star and Scrollg Interfraternity Council 1211 Fencing Manager 12l Washington University EVELYN GROSSMAN ............ Bloominglou Liberal Arts and Sciences Englifb Sigma Delta Tau Director, Department of Recreation, Illini Uniong Mortar Boardg Torchg Shi-Aig Alpha Lambda Delta: The Illio 11lg Illini Union Board 141: Illini Union Council 15l: Illini Union Committee 11,Z.3l: Student Senate 131 1 Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day 11, 2. 3lg University of Illinois Scholarship Key FREDERIC GROSSMAN ........ .... C bimgu Commerce Murkeling Delta Kappa Epsilon House President 133 A . H: fx ' .N 5 .tk ., .f Q . 3 1 ,.1. L ,fit .1 l N5 'f i 'Iii an-w: sir, 5 4 1 '.", x 1 i IWIYRNA JOAN GRossMAN Ur1iz'er,ril-3 Helgbll. Ohm Journalism a'ILf1'BY'liIi77g Lincoln Avenue Residences Theta Sigma Phi Honors Day 11, 21 STANLEY IRWIN GROSSMAN ...,...... Liberal Arts and Sciences illfzllnenlufiri CAROL JEAN GROSSTEPHEN .... Higblmm' Park Agriculture Home EFUIIOIVIIII Alpha Delta Pi Illini Union Board 11, El: Home Economics Club IYIICHAEL IYIICHAELSON GROZIAK .,..... Benld Law Lau' Colonial Manor House President 12Ig Illini Masonic Clubg junior Bar Association Honors Day 12h XYINCENT XVARDEN GRUBE ..,. Caldwell, N. j. Liberal Arts and Sciences Paliliml Science Columbia University SARITA GRUENBERG .....,.,.,...... Cbfrago Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirlory Busey Hall BARBARA ANN GRUMLEX' ......... Champaign Fine and Applied Arts .flluric Educaliorz Alpha Chi Omega Illini Union Committee 111: Illini Theatre Guild Production Statf 131 Q University Chorus 12, 515 XVomen's Glee Club 125 MAE Gnome ..,.,................. Roielle Commerce AIdV'kE'i'1Ilg and Marzagrrlzerli Delta Zeta Phi Chi Theta: Illini Theatre Guild Produc- tion Statf 131: W.A.A. 1113 Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Honors Day 11, Zl 233 ROBERT LELAND GUEST ...,, .... B fllerrlle Commerce illavkeliug amz' .llnmzgsnreiil Marching Band Hlg First Regimental Bantl Hi 1 Marketing Club Belleville Junior College PHILIP HENRY Gl'ET'l'l?L .,,, ...Cbfnrgfi Commerce .llllrkffnrg mm' .lI.111.1gui1rII1 Barton House The Daily Illini l5,4lg Accountancy Clubl Marketing Club: Praetcirrans I-It-nors Day ll, Zi Etorxri RICHARD Guoearv. ., ,,.Il".1lIm1 Agriculture General .-lgrlrnlrma Theta Kappa Phi Agricultural Economics Clubg Agricultural Education ClubL Horticulture Club Roxato JOHN GUILD ...,,... .... I lwbefrmir journalism AdI'e1t1fmg Delta Sigma Phi The Daily Illini t1,2lg First Lieutenant. Army R,O,T.C. Regiment: Caisson Club Ravuoxo JOSEPH GULBIN ..,.,.,... Cbfmgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Sorrolugy PI Kappa Alpha Illini Theatre Guild Cast lil: XVILI. I3,-il Honors Day ll, 31 Beloit College Rosiruo XVILLIAhi GLILIzIA..Bmakly1, N. Y, Commerce lndnflrial Adnlnliifrirliazr Delta Upsilon Varsity Football Squad fl, 213 Varsity 190 Ib. Football Squad ISI: Illini Forensic Asso- ciation: Society for the Advancement of Man- agement University of Pittsburgh III-IIILIs NORAIAN GUAIBERG ......., Cbliniiga Commerce llldfkfllllg Granada Club House President I-H3 Marketing Club Rip-in College I-I.iRoLu ANDREW' GUNDERSIQN .... .Lilzeffywllv Commerce iliarkenng Theta Delta Chi Marketing Cluh 234 BQ' 'Q-'U' . -"" wa I in . is Y' We I LX I I it af L, A A .. 3 , 5' 'sa I-93' 4 I I+ IZ.. vi I "ID s , .E I ' X g -V 315 -' I .Q at Q ,Y Ig.- ti -1 I but--f xhttf 11" Q 1 I - P ut X, , ti 4 ' EDWIN NORBIAN GLINN. ,. ...Cbimgo Law Law Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Alpha Delta: Lieutenant Colonel, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg junior Bar Associationp Law Society University of Notre Dameg Princeton Uni' versity: Northwestern University XVILLIAAI EWART GUNN, jR,. .. ...El'r1Il,llOh' Commerce Banking and Fimmre Fireside Chi Gamma Iota: Illini Masonic Club Carthage College KIENNFTI-I IYIYHRE GUNsrEENs ....... Cbimgv Commerce ll'ir1l'kPli7Ig Chi Gamma Iota: Illini Insurance Societyl Marketing Club Honors Day til GLFNN L.-IVIQRN Gusrarsors... , ,ltoitlffiil Engineering nisinimlrliml EP1glIIETlIl1g Sigma PI House Piesident 131: l.A.5. Illinois Institute of Teclinology IlooIfR Euorxf Gusmrsox ,... ...ltfwiflaiil Engineering :lei-aunlillrrzl Eugimwinrg Sigma PI Illini Union Committee l-tl , IIA S. University of Wfiscnnsin WINTHROP ADOLPH GUSTAFSON .r..... Oimiz Engineering .-ieromrulirul Engineering Alpha PIII Omega: First Lieutenant, Air Force Wing: I,A.S, Honors Day HI LEO GUTRIANN ,....,........ . . .C'b1nI,tyv ,lournalism Edlforial The Daily Illini 12, 3, -ll Honors Day ill MEL GL"rsTADT . .,.,.,,.,,....,.... Cbimgn Division of Special Services Erairumim Luntlgren House The Daily Illini Ml: House President 141: Illini Insurance Society Loyola University i LLOYD HAAS. .........,... New York, CN. YL -' Commerce Banking and Finance Pi Lambda Phi V ' Accountancy Clubg Illini Forensic Association: Illini Insurance Society Long Island University: Columbia Uni- versity EDGAR RUDOLPH I-IAcic ........ ........ A Ilan Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Alpha Sigma Mug M.l.S. Wlashington University ROGER ALLEN HACK ....,.,.. .... C bicaga , Commerce Public Affair: Illini Christian Fellowship 15, 41 Lyons Township junior College AY KENT HACKLEBIAN Urbana journalism Radio Acacia WILL Marltetm Club RICHARD EVERETT HAEscMEx ER Rack md Commerce Banking and Finance Theta X1 Michigan College or' Mining and Tech nology State University ot Iowa GLORIA JANE HAGALIAIN Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Piycbology Evans Hall Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta IPs Chi The Daily Illini Q3 -51 Illini Unio Committee Q31 Teachers in Training iClu Honors Day fl 2 31 WALTER ARNOLD HAGEN wa Division of Special Serxices Adleilunzg Phi Kappa Psi Int rfraternity Council Q11 House Preside C41 Marketing Club DOUGLAS EYER HAGER ........... Gi .fa I Law 3 . Cammerc. and Lau Theta Delta Chi anager Varsity Basketball Squad W . '3 Sachem' Skull and Cresceritg, "- ' Gamma sigma- Phi Eta sigma- Beta - .4 si 11-Iouse President Q41 - Basketbal " -a GL, 2 5 41 Athletic Council C41 .,,9 Cy Club- Moingwena J Iarslup Key J - - .,,. ..... 3 ' 'S I rel 1 ...... Er, - 4 i I . I4 : ' ' ' ' infill- I 1 riis' , one 'ici 1 A ,J ,li "' i , 1. ' 'Il 3 . L' 1 N 1, .I . ,, for ' '- v 2' , . - I" 1 ,. A,- :fall F. .uw , .' 9 i I - ........... z1l2i?:'i'. . , . . . . V. A HQ , id x' , .1 g , - - I 1 Q ' , N. - i 'f'- T . , I , r ,. A ' 1 1 If . , .E A 'izi 1 P is .1 , A all .W ,4 if 'za ' 'M T N ag , N .i n D. 1 I X ' T13 , I i . f' H' Li , , ' 'fl 1 ohors Day fl 2 51' University GEORGE WALDO HAHN ...., Philadelphia, Pa. Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaclser Training in Biological Science Hill Hall Alpha Phi Omega: Teachers-in'Training Club: Animal Ecology Club WANDA DELLE HM-:N ,.....,,.... Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Art Busey Hall Stephens College HELEN jo HAHNE .................. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Tmining in Biology Delta Gamma Alpha Lambda Delta: The Daily Illini 1313 Illini Union Council l3l 1 Illini Union Com- mittee fi, 41 3 Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff Q31 3 Y.XV.C.A. Committee 131 1 Campus Chest Q51 Honors Day Cl, 31 GEORGE DONALD HAiNEs ....., Sz. Lauif. Ma. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cliefrziflry Linanois Honors Day Q11 PAUL IYIILTON HArNrs ......,...... Elmimaa' Division of Special Services Markeling Marketing Club EARL JAMES HA-IIC ............. ...Bericyzz Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Morton junior College GEORGE DOL'c,LAs HALE.Ea,r Syncme, N. Y. Commerce Marketing Phi Kappa Campus Chest 15, 413 Interfraternity Council 121g Zeta Sigma Alphag Illini Insurance So- ciety Honors Day fl, 21 JOSEPH Roncivr HALn ........, ...Rnlgway Law Commerce and Law Sigma Nu junzor Bar Association: Law Society Honors Day 621 i 235 'C aa DONALD CECIL H.iLEH' ....., , .... B235 Commerce .' v - H .-lfcozmtumlx - 'A sie! - Alpha Phi Alpha 'gl -f Accountancy Club -I il - Q' 'Q5 8 i i ' ,.. l 'I' L I at x , 'I kilos! JAMES Roscoe HALL ...... .. .Mavrball Commerce .'lri'01uiI.:r1.'5 Barton House - Accountancy Club University of Arkansasg Indiana State il , 6 Teachers' College h, ' L X 'E' ' gr S . has MARION Louis HALL ..., .,....... . i...Elgli1' Fine and Applied Arts - f Irzdlulrial Dsiigv 7 Parade Ground Units 'bf 1 James Richman HALLBEKIK ,....... Champaign Fine and Applied Arts 'Nu- Affbihrllni' . Alpha Tau Omega 5... -2-S 'ev 1 I PAUL HAYDEN HALLBECK ,.,,.. ...Champaign Division of Special Services lllarkeliiig Alpha Delta Sigma: Marketing Club ,11 ..- X 'Q sm N AIJDREY RUTH HALl,DORSON, .,.. .. .ilyilflllllf Liberal Arts and Stiencd i Ellqllih ' Kappa Delta The Daily Illini lil 5 Lfnixersity Chorus ii, 41 Lawrence College RICHARD STANLEY HALLEMAN.. ..... Whmzan Fine and Applied Arts ,lluiic Chi Psi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Contert Band 1313 Marching Band fl, 2. 313 First Regimental Band fl, Il x li THOMAS BASHORE HAi.i,MAN....:.., Division nf Special Services V Arlwrliiing and Emnflmiu Phi Sigma Kappa 'Z s ,Q lllini Union Committee HI 1 iii :, Q Guild Production Stall I-il g hfifiitfiiifgeitiia A 'r i Qt irlxbxf A. I " A J ad' , .-no E552 "qu i' 4 ' ' 236 ,Lvl A i -.9 -'Z-"fry x N .QV ' X, igtpavd VINCISNT HALLocic. 912:53 liberal Arts and 'si--H43 ' al i Hiffory v.4RiX-Qliappa Alpha 1- ' Phi 'Eta Sigmag lllini wi vlimfitirs Day U, 2, 33 Q Univer Siishblarship Key N ' I ,piety Mein Giee ciiih Q41 , fi ciiih , O v W z' li? l i jiNIhRi'IN ARMAS HALTTUNEN ' A Y f Slipp pf , f Engineering WF- . . , ffl.: Ak Electrical Engmeerm 5jElfa,iKappa Nu: .A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. V Honors Day Q21 g Slippery Rock State Teacher :QGrbve City ,College ll' 1 ? af' 1 ifgraxieui fl'.ANE HALVERSON .......... ' -wk. Engineering - ' Eletlrfral Engineering i,QiAir,E.E.-1.R.'E. hi! Illinois Institute of Technology ig' ' l 1 ilplviiikgonv Eusn HALVORSEN .,....... 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Q 'Kappa Kappa Gamma I si I I I kfard ' ii mittee Illinois ack, Pa. I Collegeg 1 . Cbimgo V Emurton IllGeneral Manager, Illini Theatre Guild: Mor- 'i5,'farfBoardg arch: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha 1 '1l,Larnbda Deltag' Afepog Mask and Baubleg V W "-National 'Collegiate Playersg Sigma Delta Pig 5, Eizm Phi Etag riiihi Theatre Giiiia 41112, 5,1 4-J g Illini Theatre Guild Ca 45, ffl: Tempo 1231 WILL 41, 2, 33: Manager 4 Sr ll. Z. ' Orchesls , PZUJ3: Terrapin fllg Illini Theatre Guild l i'BoJtd C415 Spanish Club f-Honors Day '1, 2, 353 University of Illinois 1 zL:SCholarship Key iRrcr-rartu HALVORSEN . ........ . . . .. i Commerce l .Chicago 1 l l E Baaking and Finance i QTSFHPO G9 .1 I i l 1 ! l g . LNIILIONYSAMUBL HAMnALEic.Endiwz.', N. Y. 5 ! ' l Physical Education 4 Phyriggl Eduralion ri 'Phi Kappa Epsilon?" Varsity 150 lb. Football i Squad' Ill, Award KU WADE DAVID HAMBYI2 ............... Berwyn ' Liberal" Arts and Sciences lx Bacteriology 4 St. Mary's College: Morton junior College 4 3 ii .e . BBRTRAM FmNClSiQ'IlSMILTON. ....... Clzimga 5 Divg?riit6fV Special Services 'A 1 I L V- ltlilirlary .. 5 ' ffau Delta'Phif.1NH , United Worm igiiiiisis - h Northwestern ,HT frsity .li '4 qi' . ' I, , 1 as. ., EMILYANNE CARRIER HAMILTON ...... Demznr Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearher Training in Englirb Delta Delta Delta Orchesis C235 Christian Science Organization Honors Day 153 Monticello College GEORGE ADNEY HAMILTON, ....., ..... 4 wir Agriculture Vocational Agriculture llli-Dell Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club: Rural Life Club Iowa State University IYIARY ANNE HALIILTON ..... .... S pi-iughelj Journalism Adrerlirifig Alpha Chi Omega Illini Union 133 Springfield Junior College Committee i531 Campus Chest ROBERT HILLERX' HAMILTON, JR..AIrLem1rbm-if Agriculture Gene:-al Agrirnlture Wesmen Alpha Zetag Field and Furrow Honors Day 151 TOM SHERMAN HAAIILTON, JR .... Clmmpriign Fine and Applied Arts Landrrape A1-rbiiecmre Landscape Architecture Society Honors Day Q31 University of Kansas EDWARD ALBERT HAMLIN .... Commerce Public Ajfairr Beta Theta Pi Campus Chest 13, 43 g N.S.A. Senate Subcom- mittee l4l 1 Marketing Club University of Michigan . . . .Spri11gjielr1' CHARLES PORTER HAMMERSMITH .... Elmbuirf Division of Special Services Commerce Chi Phi DALLAS EUGENE HAMMOND ...... Mariifzrrille Commerce Arrounianry Chi Gamma Iotag Accountancy Club Honors Day 12, 51 Eastern Illinois State College 'lr E ik -- 45' CZ 9-A , N A in x N Y . R r. A :N Q X Xxkvl X t gs SQ ts af' .. , f i ' :Q ki ik ff' fi. ., - V ' 'wk - :gi-Kjg I ' 1: 12- J ' -' 'ft-1,, , fifw , 53. ' "" V, jfiif - ,, To A-f5ErEaw::' 1"-1511, 1, :sw J f-.A N-,V yah. 4 32312-SE, 9 l 'I' A R X V2 '43-J' 9, ia, - iv" ,. if Ai Sz -45' If 1 4 Q ,, 5,5 't Y s .4 I , 45 1 se . DONALD GENE HANIQINS ...,.. ...Allizmoni Engineering Ciril Engirieeriug Chi Epsilong Engineering Council l-Hg A.S.C.E. Eastern Illinois State Collegeg Princeton University HOXVARD HEAD HANIUNS ..... ,. .Moline Commerce flL'!'0IHIl!172L'J' Zeta Psi Skull and Crescentg Phi Eta Kappa Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 33: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Sigmag Alpha KENNETH HAROI,D HANKINS ....... Alzamrmz Engineering Ciril Engiazeeririg A.S.C.E. Honors Day flb IVIARY Lois HANNING ............. Hai-rirbnrg Agriculture Home Erozwmirr Delta Zeta Terrapin fl, 2, 3, -U LEONARD EDWARD HANNO ........... Chicago Engineering Merbaniral Engineering A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. PAUL MAGNUS HANSELAIAN ......., Oak Park Agriculture G'e'11e1'al Agrirnllm-5' La Coterie Illini Christian Fellowship 12, 3, 41 Wheaton College JOSEPH ANDREW I-IANsEN .........., Chifaga Fine and Applied Arts Arrbileclnre Clark House Honors Day fl, 21 The Citadel MARION CHARLOTTE I-IANSEN... Commerce rwarkelizlg .. .Chicago Evans Hall Illini Union Committee 15,-Hg Y.XV.C.A. Committee 15,415 Marketing Clubg Illini Insurance Society Wright junior Collegeg Northwestern Uni' versity 237 M.-my Fnaxcrs Haxsrx, ., Agriculture H me E.'gfr:1v:.', -l-H House Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pl ll :mr ii l't-silnn Omicron, Y.XY',C.A. L-imnmtee il, In 1 XY'.A..'X. Board IFI. 31.11-ir 1. NYM-'x..'X. Nu' meralsg XY..-X..-lr ll, 2, F, ai, Illinois Agri' culturist ll. 20: Plow Boy Prom Kninmittce iii, W.G.S. Ball Committee nam, Home Economics Club: Rural Lite C lub Honors Day ll, 2, SI. lfnnertitx .ii lllin-li Scholarship Key Rosrfrir Warren Haxsrx .. lk"fr.i: Engineering .ll:.'l',:v:.'.,:1' Ef.','.":, A,S,M.E. Xvriuht -lunior College Roerkr Lows HaNsoN .t'! Law L.m Lundgren House junior Bar Association Yfilson junior College: Illini-is Technology JOHN Aux Haxzrr .. Engineering Cin! Er1u1:1fLf,'i1 Camelot Club A.S,l',E. Maximo Hanaua ., , ., Institute ul D.411:,'flc . .C lilragfv Liberal Arts .intl Nticnre- t'ffn11.'izii Minorm' Aucr HAR.Kl,D5KJN ., Gmini: Liberal Arts .intl Silencer Leinad Manor House President Hr Girxx Mai nur H.anniN .. .It'.m,w,nl Physical Edur.itwii Pf7j!ln1f lf.lni.1l1-in Rorfrni Lror: HAnruN ., , ,lnfmirfllc lllxision -il Spatial Nrtxiius 12,011.1 llu u 238 , .0 A , fs. ,R ,, , NK, in ff? Y - Ac' .A ,QLMAQ ' Y:-ft 4 Q , QG'gfi 'N6?'f . t ici 5 f' 'X i i N 5 :gm . 5 K , ' fgwhy I 539 f, es if 'Q",' .,.t.,.,.. 41 1 ' : pq.: ' ' X Q7 an rv 1 .S ml A H 'gy 'Du ,, 'V 1 J y i J 'W' Maiuax Haaurxo .....,...... Bnyporz, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences rllalliemallcr Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee fl! 3 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 11, 23 3 Wesley Foundation Student Council 1-H Honors Day ll, 21 ERNEST DENNIS I-lftarsr ....., ...Riclwiwzd Education Iizdlmmzl Education Industrial Education Societyg Rifle and Pistol Club: Career Conference Planning Committee 14 i St. Norbert's College ROBERT NORMAN Hfmcrs ..M.', Pnlaiki Engineering Elem-rm! Engineering Embassy Eta Kappa Nu: A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day ll, 3D Lrox HAROLD HARING ,.......... .. ..-Imam Liberal Arts and Sciences Cfaemirnl Engineering Ohm Sweet Ohm A.l.Ch.E. .lures Rooms HARLAN ,..,, 4 ,... Table Gi-ore Engineering EfE!'l1'fL'H1 Engineering Sigma Tau: A.l.E,E.-l.R.E. Bradley University RALPH EL'GrNE HARMON ....., . ...Macomb Agriculture lv0C!lIf0P1d1 Xfgflflllllllt' Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club Xlllestern Illinois State College Mnnjoiur BERNADINE HARMS .,....... Benton Agriculture Home Econamirr Edllfaliflll 4-H House Major I: W.A.A. Numerals f2J: W.A.A. fl, 3. 5.401 Home Economics Club ARCHIE EWRETT HARPER ..,..,.,... Srarlland Agriculture General Agrimlfure Alpha Zetag Illinois Agriculturist U, 411 Agricultural Economics Club: Rural Life Clubg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day ll, 2, 3? DONALD JACK HARPER .,......,., ..Glen1ve1l Division of Special Services Adzfertixing Chi Phi Marketing Club Michigan State College DONALD VICTOR HARPER ..... Journalism Adverliring Kappa Tau Alpha: Alpha Delta Sigma Honors Day 13? Wright junior College , , . .Cbicngn EDWARD DONALD HARPER ............ Chicago Engineering General Engineering A.S.M.E.g Society for the Advancement of Management MARY ELLEN HARPER ....,.. ..... O gden Education Biological Scienre Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee 131 3 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 14J 3 Campus Chest 131 XVard Belmont junior College JOHN SAMUEL HARRINGToN.W'laeel1ng,Il".I'o. Division of Special Services Publiralion Management Parade Ground Units The Daily Illini 1415 Illini Union Council 13, 455 Illini Union Committee 14l 5 M.I.A. Executive Council 115g House President 1291 Illinois Technograph 115g Captain, Air Force Wingg Military Councilg Phalanx: American Legion Post No, 9093 I.A.S.: Icarus XVest Virginia University BERNARD ARNOLD HARRIS ...,......, Chicago Division of Special Services Perxomzel Admirzirlratiaiz Lundgren House Y.M.C.A. Committee 1-il 3 Illini Forensic As- sociation: Society for the Advancement of Management Illinois Institute of Technology PEARL HARRIS ...............,...,. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speerb Correction Keeler House Illini Union Committee 1133 Illini Theatre Guild Cast 1113 Y.W.C.A. Committee 131g xv.A.A. 11, 2, 5, 4y WILBUR DEAN HARRIS .....,..... Wilmington Commerce Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigmag Beta Alpha Psi: Ac- countancy Clubg Marketing Club Honors Day 131 I i A 1? , " 1 x b ' ,ii fy, :3ag:1'.gf-f':,I,:l: 's gg :2Efg:QiV I K- X I tba J F- iv Q 5 -"F ' -, ' lj, .. 1.5-A. 5' A :jk RFS' Sgt 9i,:.:f:x.-'fa -ua: 11:-4 '-" 1 a- ii -L :v:'f,2' i . A - if-:115"' K ., I :Pie . L A you-C17 ' 'L Si g. ff ., , .. 2 ' I i I 19" " ii ' ..: va: s 5 'H V ' I' f '-" ' -rl, S . ' EDXVARD FRANKLIN HARRISON, .,....... Mode Liberal Arts and Sciences Barleriology and Cflfflllfll'-j' Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta Sigmag German Club Honors Day 111 EDR f',- I RD JAMES HARRISON .... .,.S1fea1or Law Lau' Theta Chi Phi Delta Phig Illini Union Committee 11, Zlg Accountancy Clubg junior Bar Asso- ciation Honors Day 11, Zi NORMA Y'YONNE I-IARRIsoN .. .... Rorlwllf Education Englifli Busey Hall XV.A.A. 113: Teachers-in-Training Club RICHARD BENNETT HARVEY ....... W'a,fbn1glou Commerce .fllanagenzerzl Chi Psi Ma4XVan-Dag Skull and Crescentg Interfrater- nity Council 123 3 Student Senate 15, 43 1 Committee on Student Atfairs 15, 451 Audit and Supervision Committee 131 3 Committee on Student Discipline 1313 Junior Class Presi- dentg Freshman Councilg Varsity 150 lb. Foot- ball Squad 121, Award 121 5 Chairman, Soph- omore Cotilliong Captain, Air Force XVingg Pershing Rities Honors Day 125 CARL LAVERNE HART ........,........, Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Clyemical Engineering Sigma Taug A,I.Ch.E. Honors Day 130 HUGH EMMETT HART ,,..,......,.. Oaleniaorl Liberal Arts and Sciences Pbilofopby Chi Gamma Iota: Chess and Checkers Club: Philosophy Discussion Club: United Wlorlcl Federalists Honors Day 151 ALaERr INIILES I'IARTM.-XNN .,...., Mr. Carroll Engineering Mechanical Engineering Marching Band lil: First Regimental Band 151 Honors Day 11, 2, 3lg University of Illinois Scholarship Key GRACE I-IARTMANN ....,..... North Plfiinnrhl Education Elunzelllary Education Pi Beta Phi Mortar Bnnrdg Torch: Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambda Deltag Illini Union Committee 11? 3 Star Course Manager 11. 55 1 Y.XV.C.A. Committee 11,233 Panhellenic Executive Council 1333 House President 15, -IJ Honors Day 1l, 3l 239 MT t Sf. WILMA LOIS HASEMEYER ,... ...,. 'I 'aieiggel Education "lf ' Speech ii-T. Welsh House , 'QI' ' W.G.S. Executive Council ISP: House' 'Rfesr dent Gb 55 -is , ,-..,. T31 f ll 4 V. Klrrsumr GEORGE PIASHIMOTO ....,.. cqigggiy Liberal Arts and Sciences , 1 Zoologi I ,',I'1 Honors Day 113 " 53,1 VIE ,. , I .I X, I'-Heel i 5 XYILLIAM Aucllsr Hassle ..,..... llilnmer Engineering ' 4 ,n 'I Civil Engirzssrrug Alpha Sigma Phi i A.S.C.E. ' Purdue University f ' I I 'l' i 2' ' : -9 HELEN JOAN I-IASTY ..,.....,..... Sl. Iorgpfe Journalism ' Publimlion Illlzrmgsnlelzt -Q Alpha Omicron Pi Co-Business Manager of Daily 41' 5 Illini gflN'iIoR'.ri Boardg Torchg Shi-Aig Alpha Lariibcla',IQi5lta. Arepog Eta Sigma Phi: Mask and Bahbiz' Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini L13-Z," -Hg Illini Union Committee ll C ommittee 11, Zl Honors Day fl. 31 DAVID RICHARD HAITON ....,. l 5 YlX'9?Q1g.A. 1 Fi-"1 , ,IJILI .--,Q I Commerce I I Sigma Pi Alldrkgrmg - Alpha Delta Sigma: Marketing Chlibi Q I Morton junior College riff' JEYNE HAUGAN ..,..4...,.... Division of Special Setiiiqegaf lo1n'm1li,wr1 lr .- Theta Delta chi f- freig- Tlie Daily Illini in Q Illini Unionlyffornigiitge Url: Interfraternity Council 131: Interrilui Manager C253 RiHe and Pistol Club 'ijll lrly 'Vu .jk I, ROY WILLIAM HAl.lGE ..,...... Engineering .l 5 ' Civil Erzgirlewlrzlg - wi A.s,tg.E.4 I.T.E. , Montana School of Minesz Colorado lege: University of Wisconsin I ,rp I , I y Il. .fu-5 . i 955 CLYDE IRWIN Hausa ...... ....D2lf!iLl, ' 'li Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiral Engineering ,s,.' 4 if Alpha Chi Sigma chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigri'ia.'g:?U.S. Senate Subcommittee 15. 4 h 5 French Club: German Club Honors Day CSD LAT. u'lv,"'r'w nfl' '1 Ai.. 'I 'vflivmfu 3 Q 1 W if ' I Xl . PTI l if"-I' U l +"'lf, I lr' Ray Louis HAUSER ....... 7 1 lrhheld l I Liberal Arts and Si "grins N Cbcmiml Evlgin l Pl-ii Eta sigma: Illini Theatr asf up , Y'.Ml.C.A. Committee HJ g ein' gimental Band Q3 Y: Illinois yiiieif Il 3, 41 3 Melciiileyfllfolinaiiiioii snide fy fin .riri cil mg Engineering Council 15,-Hg Y . Honors Day fl, 21 ' V Plvrnrcra ANNE 1'IAVARD .,.... ...Hamer Education Spanirb Presbyterian Hall Illini Blackburn Club Blackburn University RUSSELL VERNON I'IAVEMANN,, .... Bellwood Engineering Electrical Engifzeemig A.I.E.E.-I,R.E.: Gamma Delta Honors Day L51 W l P Berry BLAIR HAVENS ...... ,........ C hirllga I Liberal Arts and Sciences I l I i Chf'7l1i!Il'j' Busey Hall lJniyei'sity' 'ghorus U, -ll 2 Illini Blackburn i Club ' , ' "BIaclcl51.iIIIi College A I I - 1 HENRY'lXiYI'IIlrIAM Hawley. .,....... Dimrille ' Liberal Ntts and Sciences , " ll , ' Cfwrfllrlry A I l .,- 3 . ,gi if - 3 xl ',g':,na-' . ' '. M9 I ' , I " i- +4 fi J ' ,. D I .Alix . EAl3LA,QLISf-.EKMIQAYQCRTH ..... Armrlrong, lawn ' 4 .",,L 4 7 'Commerce I WI EI',llf1dj?.ririQAdnlinirtralion N Sigrrxawllofa- Epsilon: Accountancy Clubg So- i cietyifoi-'tslje .Mclyancement of Management Q Honors DayWlij'2,f5, all g University of Illinois 4 Scholarship Key, I I Q AI.nIzR'r HAIS'DEN1. . ................. C bimgo lfibel1aI,Arts and Sciences -f ' kHir1ory Woodrow Wilson junior College , J, oi 1- "- il.. . ii ' . ' I. ' D it , .ls-I I II -yn 'NZ' Ns. 'si : 5 I Q I . 8 Joi-IN J.hiMNcn'QfI.iyrzs, JR ....,.. Champaign V ECommerce A .i W, 'rlyarkeling Ensign! Qattaliori 'inf Midshipmeng Phalanx: , Marketing lbluk'-f . ' 53 s YIDY5 , SS.. . "is 'PMI af' , . 4 ,ig u , , 2' Io., I- WILLARD EUGENE HAYES ........... Smunmu Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illuminating Engineering So- ciety Honors Day CZ, 35 Shurtleif College STANLEY MANSFIELD HAYI-IES Neil' York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Illedirilie Illini Inn Phi .Eta Sigma: Omega Beta Pig M.I.A. ecutive Council H15 House President bil. Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day ll, 21 GEORGE WILLIAM HAYN. ,....... ...Cblmgff Liberal Arts and Sciences English Sigma Chi DOROTHY ELIZABETH HAYS .,..,...., Decami Liberal Arts and Sciences Engliib Presbyterian Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: University Orchestra fljg Repertory Orchestra 121: McKinley Foundation Student Council 13, 41 Honors Day Il, 2, 5lg University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT LEXVIS I-IAYs. ............... Decnmi Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Erzgineerizig Alpha Phi Omegag Marching Band ll, 23: A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day ill KEITH MITCHELL I-IAzEN ...... Commerce Accountancy Honors Day 121 . . .Nnbomel Joi-IN PETER HEADLUND ....... .... K euffimw Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Alpha Phi Omegag First Lieutenant, Air Force Wingg I.A.S. NANCY HEAL .................,.... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Arrbileclnre Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Alpha Gamma X A .9 V ., a ., A Ei ttf, . ww , . I-A -, so 11" 1, L ,I I 1 LL... i pNn .4 , ri' . , I ' 3 V+ .2 ,av 1 I 33: 3 E . ,Qs I , 5 0' ' s ,,., , X 0141 if. EDWAIID Hovicixs HEALFY, Cedar Rupldy, lnusn Fine and Applied Arts rl1'flIilf'rllH'e Phi Kappa Sigma Gargoyle: Phi Eta Sigmng Scarabg Star Course Manager lil: A.I.A. Honors Day ill jacksonville junior Collegeg Fountainebleau School of Fine Arts RALPH GORDON I-IEALY ...,... .... I -imma Commerce Alarkcling Alpha Delta Phi Marketing Club Honors Day fl, Sl Northwestern University XVATSON ARTHUR HEALY, ..... , ..,. Kiuikiilait- Fine and Applied Arts fl1'cbizef!14ml Engineering A.I.A.: A.S,A.E.g A.S.C.E. Illinois State Normal University ROBERT DWIGHT HEATH ...,. .... R obmwn Commerce Alafzizgenlezif Alpha Tau Omega Skull and Crescentg Illini Union Council GPL Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 5l 1 Interlrater- nity Council 151 1 Freshman Councilg Alumni Association Board C21 3 Freshman Frolic Com- mitteeg Second Lieutenant, Army R,O,T.Cf Regiment FRANCIS GENE HEAYEY ....,. .,... C bit-ago Commerce lTIdl'fEIi71g Sigma Pi Illini Union Council I-U3 Illini Union Com- mittee f5,4l: Interfraternity Council l3lg Illini Forensic Associationg Marketing Club Honors Day ll! JACK XVAUGH HEBERLING ...,....... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlry Alpha Chi Sigma A.C.S. Honors Day il, 31 BETTY JAYNE HECK ....,.......,. Spf-ingji.'l.l Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Arepog Illini Theatre Guild Manager lil: Illini Theatre Guild Cast C211 XVILL UM Philosophy Discussion Club Beloit College DELMA-JANE HECK ,....,.. Plailmielpbiiz. P.1. Library School Library Sfieflre Y.XV.C.A. Committee I-ll: Choristers 43, Mil 3 Christian Science Organizationg Library Club College ot' XVilliam and Maryg University of Pennsylvania: New Jersey State Teachers' Col- legeg The Principia College 241 FRruLRic Mrrris HEFTER.. ...... K.:f:k.rksf Liberal Arts and Sciences Prjcbalogp Zeta Beta Tau Mask .ind Bauble. Pierrors. Illini Theatre Guild Manager 15, -ill. Illini Theatre Guild Vast 05,-U l'nrxersrry or Clurcagu Erxxwrn ,Imax HFIN, , . , . ,.t.fFfrm1,f Lrbcral Arts and Scicntcs Tt,:,'fr" Tmlrfzrrg fi: Pf"yr.'.r Stutltni Religious Council 41. 2. R 41 L Luth- L:,rr: li--r1n.l.rl.-in Student Koun,il 15, -H, bet" I-nr: I.reuten.rn:. Army R.O,T,ff. Regiment. Lmnwma Delta Rr: rurzr- I HARi1-Q HEININGIER ..,, Clmig I liberal Arts and Sciences tffun11r.:i Etitnirrf. 'J' Menu P1 A I.l Sigma Tau Hunt-is Du' III ji- is Elmrxu Hrrxs .., ,..Cb1ru1,gn Engineering Eltr,'v1c,1l fllglflrwt 1111.4 Annex Hall Marching Band ill: First Regimental Band ll. SP1 Illuminating Engineering Society Dr srlrmx Mit IIAFL I-Irmz ... ,.,Gmy, lml. Lommcice Jlrrwruzfirrzry Arr -rurrhincy-.Club llrinuri DAL' Il, 21 IDU'-Arn liI.MI1It Hr1'rAii1iR .... Sl. Lunir, MU, Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbrnzmfy NL' Hall IIARUID XXVALIIR Hr1'1'7, JR. ..., ..... C blrugu Engineering Altrlfnnnrzl ljriglrirtrnig Varsity Iiasketball Squad 1113 A.S.M.E,1 5.A,Ii., Intramural Manager Iiutlcr llnnurxityg Lipscomb tollege Itum ni XVILLI.-KM Hrlrirxr.. ,. .. .ljlafrrrgn Engineering Mir fklllli ,rl Er1y1r1r'rrll1,rg Illini Urrrorr Committee Un, lhccrlcntlcr. A,S.M.Ii. 242 61 E 1 yen gf? 3 I CARL RANDALL I-IELDT .......... Bloommgrou Fine and Applied Arts Painting Fine and Applied Arts Society XVirtenberg College STUART ALLAN HELFFRICH ........ Park Rzjge Commerce AltZl'kc'll7lg Ksppa Delta Rho Alpha Delta Sigmag Track Manager 131 . Muketing Club NANCY ELIZABETH HELME .,....,,.. Eziinrrrfm Liberal Arts and Scrences Speefly Delta Delta Delta The Daily Illini 11, 25 5 The Illro lllg Illini Forensic Association DARRITLL NIEIL HELMuTH..Far1 Waymf, lml. Division of Special Services Geology Pi Kappa Pl1i Chi Gamnu Iota: Cyclothem Club: MIS, Honors Day Ol ROGER WAYNE HEMKEN ..,..., ,.,, P uurirar Agriculture General Agrimlturu Farm House Alpha Zetag Illinois Agriculturist lil: All Ag Field Day Committee l3lL Dairy Produc- tion Clubg Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day IZ, 31 Rox' XVILUUR HEMI-'EL .... ..... . ..Cb1mgo Agriculture Flaricullure Floriculture Clubg Horticulture Club H. C. HENDREN, JR. .,.,...,..... Hnrrirbmg Agriculture lforalianul Agriculture Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alpha HIENRY GRRHARD I-IENDRICKSON fdflleilalvll, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Lrxmlrmpe Arrbiterlurc' Fine and Applied Arts Society: Lnntlscripe Architecture Society Honors Day IZ, 31 ROBERT ALLEN HITNN ..,..... ,... P .im Agriculture Gemfrfzl 1'lgHt'lllIHl'f' Agricultural Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoot and Horn Club JAMES PATRICK HENNEBERRY .....,... Pourmr Engineering .eleramzizllral Engineerirlg Sigma Phi Delta Chi Gamma Iotag G1lH1Il1.l Alpha Rho: I.A.S. Honors Day 125 CATHERINE JEAN HENNESSX' .,....... Clmuigfi Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Busey Hall Delta Sigma Rhog WILL 1411 Illini Theatre Guild Board 12lg Illini Forensic Association XVilson junior College RICHARD THOMAS l-IERCHER ..,....., Ei7I1blH'.fl Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Kappa Delta Rho Cyclothem Club CLYDE WALTER HERMAN ,.......... Gleriweri Engineering Civil Engineering Noble House A.S.C.E. ALBERT GUSTAVE HERMSEN ........ Oak Pmla Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilerlural Engineering A.I.A.: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 1U Illinois Institute of Technology CHARLES FRANKLIN HERNDON .... Cbampaigu Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. ROBERT LAVERNE HERR .... ...Coumoga, 151, Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illuminating Engineering So- ciety Millersville State Teachers' College . ky . er-ft wg 1 ,,. --ex S5311 I Rx X xx R 'N x 5-0' : -I .A ' tl at tx X Q, ti NN X X x 0 g Y O N Xi A . XXX A 1 y fs, S X RQ fiat : E2 xbt "- .-., A. ' one 41 52531: :.:. t s 'if+ , v 4 R ' 2 F ,. 'V ' :QQIQKNR I -. ,..-- - ' 1 '-N. -'-12. '. . :f:2 ' .P .- ' oz.: AQ.. . 0-4 im- -si -- -- -4-V I 4- . 5- I iihr' 1 ALYLE Fosulcii HERRICK .,... .... S imnum Education Cirirr The Daily Illini 1535 Teachers-in-Training Club M:icMuIray Vollege ALBERT DEAN HERRIOTT ........, Cbanzpaign Agriculture l'I0L'IIfl0Ih1l figfifllllllft? Alpha Zeta: Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Clubg Field and Furrow Honors Day 13D East Carolina Teachers' College FRANCIS LYNN HERRIOTT .4,,...... Alrilyumex Commerce .'iL't'0Il71ld!H'jf JEROME IRWIN HERSH ....... ,.., C bimgo Commerce flfrolmtarzcy College Hall Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Honors Day 12,313 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT LESLIE HIERTING ....,. ....... , tllzrom Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Mea'ifix1e Phi Gamma Delta Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pig Illini Theatre Guild Cast 11lg Y,M.C.A. Commit- tee t3l1 First Lieutenant. Army R.O.T.C, Regiment: Scabbard and Blade Honors Day 11, 33 LEON HERZOG ............... ...... C bimga Division of Special Services Pbyriral Educaliaxz Tau Epsilon Phi Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 12, 559 Mar- keting Club Herzl junior College HARVEY VINCENT Hess ............ Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Illini Forensic Association VIRGINIA ANN Hfss, .............. Eiimulon Agriculture Home Erormmiw Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee 131g Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee 15, 4lg XV.A.A. 12,415 Home Eco- nomics Club 243 I A F' W DV ' " Q' 1. . '7 . JAMES ALEXANDER HEUER ...,..., Park 4 igrlillit. ............... orada Division of Special Services ' -.fig-Q Agriculture Engineering "'i ii l f 1' , FM is Dairy Terbnola Captain, Air Force Wing: Air Force Council: x "Delta Zeta Arnold Society of Air Cadetsg ASCE. ' T' ffylliinoisr Agriculturist 13, 41 g Tech. St. Mary's College: Loyola University .nology Society E ., 5. Utiiversity of Denver sa r ' a Dosain FREDERICK I'lEXX'SON.u-'ll1lli'101'. Mau. MARVIN JOSEPH HILL, ...,.... me Ciry Liberal Arts and Sciences Tmfber Training Ill Spfsrl' Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Omegag Mask and Baubleg Na- tional Collegiate Players: Pierrots: The Daily Illini 111 3 Illini Theatre Guild Castll, 5, 415 Illini Theatre Guild Board 1-tl: Mcrfsr Glee Club H13 XVILL fl, 2, 5, -ll 1 American :Le- gion Pnst No. 909: Amvets Post No. 65: Spanish Clubg Teachersvin-Training Club Honors Day Q31 Butler University A CLARENCE DAREN HICKEY .... ,,... A gram Commerce Arrounlnnijs ' Illini Theatre Guild Production Stafff-11: Accountancy Club. Society for the Advance- ment of Management i l A , THOMAS ,IOSEPH I-IICKFY .....,..., Oak' Park Fine and Applied Arts ' ' fllfbiliffllfdl E'r1glmw'ir1g A.l.A. CHARLES LAMBERT Hit.:-QMAN ...,..... Deralnr Fine and Applied Arts Arrlnilerlurnl Efilglrneririg A,l.A.: A.S.C.E. CLIFFORD WARREN HIVKMAN .... ....DPrnzur Fine and Applied Artsi Artlvlsrllzrf Gum BAKER Hicxs, ja.. .. ..,Evnn,fipn Commerce lllinbrflllij Phi Kappa Psi ' Illini Union Committee lsr g lnterfraternity f-iurwil 121 : Tcmpi. in Q Atrnuntancy Club: Illini Insurance Socict-,lg Marketing Club IYALTON LWINE Hli mu ru .,., .'lflKl'illII.fi4, Ala. C-irnmcilc 2. .'lrrfun1lmiry Y 0' f,hi Gamma lotag Pln Em Sigma: Alpha " Kappa Psig Accminhinty I lub: American, 5 I-CIUUYI Post NU. 90'?L Marketing Chubb' ' -' Honors Day II1 Th 'P I4 ff A if i 'Agni A 'lt A Liberal Arts and Scien , W Chemical Engineerinx . 'College Hall 5 B. 4- AIliChQE. Q 2 's f'Roai:R'r SAMUEL Him. Gmnne Cny Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre Medicine College Hall Honors Day f21 -fv- D' HEODORE JOSEPH Hmes vbnna Division of Special Services Mdfktflflg Phi Gamma Delta isemor Manager Baseball Ma Wan Da Sachem Tribe of Illini Baseball Manager 3 41 Athletic Council I-ll Marketing llClub Molngwena :CLARENCE ORIN I-IrNnERrR Iuka Journalism " Radio Y Phi Sigma Kappa ilclll 'Gamma Sigma Sigma Delta Chi Inter fraternity Council C41 House President 141 DWILL C41 'Scholarship Key HAROLD EUGENE HINDSLEX Urbana E meeting Mechanical Engineering PhliGamma Delta 'hi Eta Sigma Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia '1 MCA Committee 11 21 Concert Band 111 2 5 4,1 Mar ing Band L1 2 3 41 ,Honots ,Day Q11 LEE KLN1' I-UNNEN Pearm Commerce Indlllffldl AdMIMlIffdlI07I Beta Theta Pi Accountancy Club Honors Day C11 ALBERT 1-Imnfns, IR. ........ .. .Benran Agriculture Central Agriculture Y.M.C.A. Committee fl 2 3 41 ' Second Regimental Band M5221 1 Hoof and Horn Club n i P J 5 4' aff 'Ag N ' -L 3",,if, 'L in..,."A r 1- 11 If I-I'T'f1' . 'Y fir I ...... p .,... U I KL X 5 i . w Q 1 1 - -'1 tr A i li' fir -V 4 ls ,. , 'i3"L,, A . . . Q. . A I n 1 - , . 4 . ' : , 1. t. , Lal-Ionors 'Day Cl,2, 31g University of Illinois 1, l il , Q..-'x . :il . - . .: itil, 1: 'A . . . r?. ' I 'suis-6 ,ei , .I lie A F 'lf l. x , y. " i 1 ii' i. - . ii-X I H Q i r- L g il ,A ' I - . , -1 I I 4' "' es A , I . .a . 1 Y it .i , , , 'fri' , Y I 'r - ' . Q dxf' I '-.:-. L . 'l' 7 5' A I .. 'Ulu ua... -. Yosr-uno HIRATA ...... .Arlington Heiglm Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirrry Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Day 12, 33 MARN'IN I-IIRSH ...,.. ............ ..Cbit-nga Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine The Citadel Alpha Phi Omegag Philosophy Discussion Club Honors Day 11, 25 I-Ierzl junior College EUGENE EARL HIxsON ........ .... C olfbizrlrr Liberal Arts and Sciences illallvemizlicr XVestern Illinois State College GLENN CHARLES HJORT. ..... ..... .Chicago is--' Mr' Fine and Applied Arts Arclvifarlrmil Dcrign Newman Hall Wright junior College: Los Angeles City College FRANK Rox' HLADIK ......... .... R oclefnrd Commerce illarkeiing Sigma Phi Epsilon Chi Gamma Iota: Marketing Club Honors Day 131 Michigan State College CHARLES FRANCIS HLINRA. ......... Chimgn JOHN CARLTON Horan ...... ,,.,..... , 'Iledo Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Tr.iining in Geugrnfilvy Chi Gamma Iota Honois Day 12, 3b DONALD BAIN HOFFMAN ..... .... 0 nk Pink Commerce illnnngemelzl Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management EUGENE HYNRY HOFFMAN, JR ..... .Unk Pnila Commerce illnrkefiiig .mil Illriiiiigniiwif Delta Phi Star and Scroll: Interfraternity Council 12, 31 3 Varsity Baseball Squad 11,2,-Hg Dolphins 1535 First Lieutenant, Army R,O.T.C.g Ar- sec.1 QUENTIN NORBERT HOFAIAN. .S!n1zzmin, Il' if. Fine and Applied Arts Al'L'lWf!Ei.'llHE A,I.A.1 American Legion Post No. 91193 Am- vets Post No. 63 jimns ROBERTS HOLBERT ...., .... N wma! Agriculture Agronomy Farm House Y.M.C.A. Committee 131: Illinois Agricul- turist 133 3 Field and Furrow Honors Day 133 Illinois State Normal University jfmrs CI-IARLI2s HOLCOMBE ........,. Chicago Elfglneefing - Liberal Arts and Sciences .Mechanical Engineering Bm.,t,,.j0l0gJ, A.S.M.E. y Honors Day 125 Central Y.M.C.A. College ,Q . L ' If Aiwa ' . VV ag-- E A EDWARD ANTHONY HLINKA, . ,. .. .Chicago lox' GENE HOLDER .......... . ...BEHc'l'lllU Engineering f i ' Engineering General Engineering 151 Illurluzrlirnl Englnrurliixig A.S.M.E. G3 A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. 44? MORRIS GLENN I-Iocurr. ..,... ,..., M ilfard Division of Special Services Q, 1 Belleville Township junior College Engineering A.F.S. Butler University DOROTHY ANN HOLIN ....... .... F lar,-iiifwr Agriculture Home EL'0I10lI1iL'J Kappa Delta The Daily Illini 151 1 Illini Union Committee 151: Y.XV.C.A. Committee 1435 XV.A.A. 1-U: Home Economics Club Stephens College 245 LARRY DONALD HOLLANDER ..., ..... C hir-.zga Commerce Mafkeling Alpha Epsilon Pi Marketing Club XVright junior Collegeg Roosevelt College NIARTHA MUNDY HOLLINGSED...'lI1I2're'II'J, lui. Liberal Arts and Sciences Elemfzrlm--1 Edlnuzrrnzz Huntington College Trfronms JAMES HoLLINc.sI:o ..... cbafnpliilgn Division of Special Services Lalmr EI'umfn11c.f Sigma Chi JOSEPH HOLLY . .,..,...,....... .. ,Cirem Engineering Elerlrmzl Ezzgmeernzg Tara Hall House President Hb: A,I.E.E,-l.R,E. Morton junior College ELIZAIIETI-I ANN HOLMAN v,....... Oak Pfirle Liberal Arts and Sciences Sncinlcugp Kappa Alpha Theta Beloit College JAMFS LEWIS HOLAIAN ,.,. .. .,., Oak Park Commerce Ecorzomirr and AIr1IIzIgF!IltlIf Shurtlcrl' College VIRGINIA MAE HOLMES ....... Dani-ille Liberal Arts and Sciences Erzgflrla Alpha Delta Pi Y.W.C.A. Committee 451 Lake Forest College Nici: HOLONYAK, jR. ..,....., Glen Caffwf Engineering Eleflfiral Errglnfering Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug Pi Mu Epsilon. A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day fi. 43 246 E' I i' S l ,--me - v r' .1 f, sas: X 'wu- C UQ. fb I ea 'x "f ', If! .eu- '4' " - Q-Q .4 DONALD WALLACE HOLST ........... Clamzgo Fine and Applied Arts Painting Tau Kappa Epsilon Pershing Riiies PATRICIA jo HOLT .....4,.... .. .Uilmfm journalism Adrerfirirrg Y,XV.C.A. fl, 2, 3l3 Disciples' Foundation Student Council 12, 5, -H KENNETH WALTER HOLZ ..,..,,... Synrermn Division of Special Services General Agrirullure Newman Hall Agricultural Economics Club: Marketing Club JOYCE LODENE HONIERDING ,..... Orland Przrk Education Elementary Education Busey Hall Chicago Teachers' College STANLEY BERNARD HONE .......... Oak Pink Commerce .Markeling Kappa Sigma Campus Chest 131 3 Marketing Club XVILIJARI MATI-IEW HONIG.N2w York, N. 1. Journalism journalirm Noble House The Daily Illini 11, Z, 57 GEORGE HOOGASIAN ..,.....,.... Wfmkegfm Division of Special Services Malhemarirr Kappa Delta Rho Alpha Phi Omega JACK KRIKOR HOOGASIAN .I..,.... Waukegan Commerce Economicr Alpha Phi Omegag Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Centre College of Kentucky ' u VERYL HUBERT HOOTMAN..1535:':'fl!ld7ibdfYt11Z,fi1 Commerce ' ' Accountancy . ' Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Society g,f Marketing Clubg Junior Chairiber of Coing XTICICC DANIEL EDWARDS HooToN ........ ,. .Danville 1 Division of Special Services Bncleriology ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon V McKinley Foundation Student Council' 4515" Bacteriology Club Honors Day 151 ' ' 'EDWARD ALLEN Hooven ........... Knulmlaee Liberal Arts and Sciences V Prycbology A House President Q21 Student Senate Q21 5 Spanish Clubg Galesburg Alumni Club WILLIAM JOY I-IOOVER .......,... Cliampfzign Agriculture Food Technology Tau Kappa Epsilon Honors Day Q21 NANCY ANN HOPKINS ...... Eau Cluireh Wir. Fine and Applied Arts ll Landrcupe Afcbileclure . -A Chi Omega - Alpha Alpha Gammag McKinley Foundationgf Student Council 1415 Landscape' Arohigeclturek Society i , ' :I Honors Day 151 it ' 3- lie? A27-J il nge if ,gl T -4 'r I 1 A '-I lf: In 1r..,:i, Q' ea 2 'i 'EJ WALLACE HOPPER ,............ ,,gWood Filler Engineering V "i Mechanical EngineeI'1?7?2lf:f3i1, Illinois Technograph 13, 41 g 3 ' , Qtj -Zigi, 'I -1 ' A l' I MARGARET JEANNE HORGEN. .. cgi ffl Agriculture V' -. i , Home Economic: 15' K ' ' Delta Zeta I 1 1 ' felllini Theatre Guild Production i- , - I ,Campus Chest 431i W.A,A. 1 gf Ilinoi Agriculturist 141g Baptist Founda-odlS- e 'Council Q5, 41 3 Home Economics bb N I V :North Central College N ' t ffoors ,GEORGE HORMAN .... le 1 1' i Law I il ' Law I Delta Phig junior Bar Associd xl ' l K J , DOROTHY I.ouIsE HORMELL ........ Himdale Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Zeta Shi-Aig Illini Union Council 42,515 Illini Union Committee l1,2,511 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee fl, 2, 5, 41 LEE RICHARD HORN ..,.,..,..... New Berlin Commerce Managenzefzt Tara Hall Marketing Club Washington University WALTER BovARD HORN. ,..., ...... 0 nk Pm-le Division of Special Services Airline Mazzogemenl Alky Hall University of Tennessee WILLIAM RUSSELL HORNEAKER ...... River-ride Education General Science Phi Eta Sigmag Cyclothem Clubg Teacher-in- Training Club Honors Day 121g University of Illinois Scholarship Key PHILIP JENNINGS HOIINE ......,. Miami, Flo. Division of Special Services Gefieral Newman Hall Varsity Football Squad Q21 Q A.S.C.E. JACK DEAN HORNECKER ..... .... P akin Commerce Morkelizzg Marketing Club EDWARD FRANCIS I-IoRsT, JR,.Benning1on, Va. 'Division of Special Services jou1'nali.rm Sigma Nu I l i l i I ROBERT EDWIN I-IoI1TI1R ............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Indurtrial Derign Phi Kappa Sigma 5 I 247 I '1 STEVEN CHARLES HORN'ATH .... ..... C himgn Commerce Banking and I-'llmnre Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Honors Day II, 2, 51: University nl Illinois Scholarship Key XVILLI.-mt RussELL I-losxixs. .Ofmmn .1, lawn Engineering llletallnrgiral Eflglllfllllllg M.l.S. ROY DALE HOSTETLER. .. . . .... Dnniille Commerce llldfkfllllg Alpha Kappa Psig Marketing Club Honors Day Ill THOMAS Kim: I-losrETLifR. ., Commerce . . . .Demlnr Eranunms , Delta Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescent: Illini Theatre Guild Cast lI,2l3 Campus Chest 1411 Board of Fra- ternity Affairs I-ll: Interfraternity Council 15, 4b Q Commerce Council 12, Fil 3 Lieutenant Colonel, Army R.O.'I'.C.. Regimentg Military Council: Arsecag Illini Insurance Society Honors Day 42, il " WILLIAM Ross HOSTETTER ..... Mount Carroll Agriculture Agrirnlrlmzl Ecrnmmirf Farm House Illinois Agriculturist ll, 2, 3, -ll g -Co-chair- man, All Ag Field Day 155: Plow Boy Prom Committeelllz Agricultural Economics Club: Agriculture Club WILLIAM ARTHUR Horzr ,.., .... C lnrugo Commerce llrrnurifanry If ' Accountancy Clubg Illini Masonic Clubg Liar- kcting Club A Honors Day IZI WALTER ELLSWORTH HoimHToN, Jn. Nalreruille Fine and Applied Arts 4' Arrlzirerlnrnl E7I,Ei7lL'L'V'iIlg '- i . Delta Phi A.I.A.: A.s.c.E. X . ' I . A '. . I - . I ,A Y. ' - I MARILYN IRENE Housif ,..., . . 4.ISIp.rQ1f7llef '! Agriculture ' 'V' 'xl , 'Q Home .Emlmnliri i- I .ALI Alpha Gamma Delia Z' f"J "I Phi Upsilon Omicmng iiimnat Uriioi' 1?-if-0. -I mittee Q23 1 Home Economics Club -I if'i'x'Lll Texas Christian University I 'E' i --'an aw J' ,'-I ' nl' r..r.e mi' 248 'F v 5 veil SX.. 12. D7 gs -,MARILYN AILBEN HONX'ARD .. . nriua Liberal Arts and Sc N55-, Cagle Hall Zeta Phi Era: Y.w.c.A. - 'House President 141: ffgggsift horus '13, 41 : Women's Glee Club ,ll , .Ypeerb Correrlio Ni' 1 's f5l 'Q MARY RUE HOWARD ......,.... Journalism Radio Alpha Chi Omega Shorter Board: Torchg Shi-Aig A Delta: Mask and Baubleg Theta The Illio Il, 213 Illini Union C0 I Illini Theatre Guild Manager Course Manager 12, 55: Y.W.C .Am om Lambda gma Pliig ittee 113 L 231 Star Commit- tee IZ! 2 Campus Chest f-lj g Spanish Club Honors Day fl, 2, 55 3 University? of Illinois Scholarship Key Joi-:N ALFRED HQWART1-i .......... Engineering A Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.: Illini Glider Club KENNETH RICHARD HoxvARrH .,... .Rarkfovil .. . . ,Pun Division of Special Services Management LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby junior College JAMES ALFRED HOWDEN ....., Muuokin, Md. Division of Special Services Political Science Delta Phi 'J Interfraternity Council 133: House President Ml: First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regi- ment: Zeta Sigma Alpha FRANK EDWARD HowE ............. Liberal Arts and Sciences Prjiclzology' Flagg House University Chorus fl, 23 'x R . C bimga DAVID WILLIALI HOWELL ..... Higblfma' Park Division of Special Services Commerce Delta Tau Delta Lawrence College HAROLD f Rom?-r,1-iowr LL ........ . .... Peoria I. . v A Engineering 'Elgqlrftul Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R,.IQ.' "IQ 'Bradley Universiil f' ' Y .fit 'vu' -' -I v J :al fa Q-Q X H "' 15.515 .1 Q51 Pk 1 ll JOSEPI-I EDWARD HOWISLL ............ Berwyn Commerce Marmgement and Markeling Theta Xi Star and Scrollg Tribe of Illinig Gymnastics Manager fl, 2, 3, -H g Athletic Council Q-ll 3 Marketing Clubg Moingwena ROBERT JEROME I-lam' ....... Bev-wyi Engineering .Merbmlirnl E71-gI!It't?F'iFI.Q A.S.M.E. EvI2RE'r'r I-IRUBANT ,........ Pbilrzdrlpbfn, P.i. Agriculture .'lIQ7'0!lf7I1J' EMILY .HRUBY ............ ...Cbifago Education English Stratford House Tempo 1-H1 Teachers-in-Training Club Herzl Junior College SALLY jo HUBBIELL ................ Eifunrtan Library School Spuuirb and Library Srieure Canterbury Collegeg MarMurray College HUGH DANA HUBER .............,.. Chicago ' Fine and Applied Arts lndurlrial Derign Phi Kappa Sigma Fine and Applied Arts Society Morgan Park junior College WILLIAM EZEKIEI. HUBIER ...... Willirrmrjielrl Agriculture General Agrifullnre 7231? DONALD Rov Hunoms .,...... Elm Sz. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearberr Training in Malbczmzliar and Pbydral Sriurzre Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff Q41 Shurtleff Collegeg University of Pennsyl- vaniag Clemson College EUGENE DELOS HUDSON .... .... G nwire Czly Commerce Arrfllnzfrmi y College Hall Accountancy Club CHERRY RQSALINI5 HLiDSPl5'l'll ,,., ,.., f Ifluui Commerce Illrzmzgrfln HI Lincoln Avenue Residentes lXl.1rketIng Club Springfield junior College RALPH RQRERT HUIEBNIER ,........,.. i,!1fi.rgf1 Liberal Arts :mtl Strencus Tmrlver Tl'r1l7ll71jJ Ill Hlilury f.hi Gamma lotag Campus Chest Hlg 'l'e.irhf ers-in-Training Club Honors Day 12? Michigan State College l3'l'HAN VIERN HUIfFINifl'ON ..,.,. Curio C,m.!ff Agriculture Agrirullffrul Ermmlallrr Alpha Zetag Chi Ganuna lotag Y.M.l .A. Committee Ht 1 Agriculture Eronoinirs Club STANLIQY EARL l'lUFFSTU'l'LlER ,...... Alrmifiehl Division of Special Services E71f0IIlUlU.Lfj' MARGARET JANE HUGHES ..,.. Orfzmzrm, lfirm Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Busey Hall Bradley University XVHITl'IELD GEORGE HUGHES ,...... Oak Park Division of Special Services Illrirkviiug Beta Theta Pi Wlabash College CALVIN EDWARD I-IUGY ,........... Sffrhrqnrlil journalism Adfferliring Innl Radio National Collegiate Playersg Pierrotsg Illini Theatre Guild Cast fl, 2, 5, -ll 1 XVILL il, 3, 5, 453 Illini Theatre Guild Board QSM Mar- keting Club. 249 s 'Q If i il vu 'mn lt JERE HULSON .............,...... Calrberlef Division of Special Services Marketing Western Illinois State College: Illinois State Normal University ROBERT THOMAS HLTLTS .....,. ,,... S lerling Agriculture General Agrirullnre Illinois Agriculturist lib Wentwronh Military Academy: Unix ersity of Colorado JAMES Lex HUMPHREYS ....... .... H errin Agriculture General Agrirrilinre Kappa Delto Rho First Lieutenant, Air Force XVingg Arnold So- ciety of Air Cadets: Pershing Ritiesg Phalanx :ARL WILLIAM HUNDING ...,...... . .Chicago Division of Special Services Dairy Technology Dairy Technology Society LHARLFS LEIIOY HUNT ,...... Cleieland, Obie Division of Special Services fournallrm Delta Kappa Epsilon Tomahawk: Chi Gamma Iotag Illini Union Committee Il, 21 3 Campus Chest C3115 Y.M. C.A. Cabinet f2Jg Y.M.C.A. Committee ll, 21 1 American Legion Post 909: Marketing l Club: Spanish Club , I ' l RALPH MATHIAS HUNTER ,...... .. .clifeenvigu I Agriculture f ' Vatationul Kigfifflilllgi ' A ' . Alpha Gamma Rho . ' - Alpha Tau Alpha: Pershing Ritiesg 'Hoof-and Horn Club - ' 1 ,. , 1' n A-O , ...I . il . ,fi " ,i,g"C?L'! K ,- T Q BEILNAIIIJ WILLIAM HLIIILEY. .PI'oni4gr1:zH1i:jI1: Physical Education 'Q f Pbyfiral EJIICKIUIHI 'Gif F1 Theta Kappa Phi ' 'k,A"'-. 5 ., 3 lnterfratemity Council ISP 3 Varsity Aiqresilipgaf'-1 Squad 15. 411 Dolphins fl, 2, 5,A5.j,i "I, ' 1 l ik. rn- 4 rffl.- i II'---.S , .Q-gala 'bmi ra . L. JAMES RICHARD Hunsr .......... Commerce Q W, 1 yt Eronofrrirr, Banking and Fnrariee, Yzilrf ' Management .,' 'x -gli -- Marketing Club L, ' ,JQAX ff. v?" , -wg" 'SE' re" 250 af' .Si , 1 Q ies 1 X--r x i xg' f' if I.-,A V REI 1 Urfi Engineering h I RICHARD WADE Husrow ..... 1-buna Civil Engineering- L if I Club Lana I V shipmen: A.S.C.E. Honors Day fl, 25 ELLIS CAMPBELL HUTCHESON, J Q Phi Eta Sigmag Lieutenant, Ba, i Mid- ' I ' I Y Cook ' e, Tenn. Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma.: A.S,C.E.g I.T.E.5 llini Rail- road Club Honors Day 111 WALLACE WOLEVEI1 HUTCHISON ...... Dnkam Agriculture ' Agricultural Economic: Ten-O-One Club Agricultural Economics Club GI1E'rcI-IEN IIIENE I-Ir.I'rsoN .,......... Cbimga Education Elementary Eduraiion Cagle Hall Illini Union Committee IZ, 31 1 Campus Chest C31 g Orchesis f4J 5 Teachers-in-Training Club Honors Day C-33 PAUL WILLIAMS HYDE .........,. Champaign Physical Education Pilgysical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa I.l..iEsELor'rI:"LILLIAN 1-IYMAN ......... Claimgo K Liberal Arts and Sciences Eiiglirh I lincoln Avenue Residences W.A.A.' Q11-itlntercollegiate Zionist Federa- tiong Spanish Club: Teachers-in-Training Club I-IonoL's,Day il, 2, 5,5 University of Illinois r,Scholnrs1Iip Key if K .- r ev - , he 1 i'HoLLEN -REED Hh-IQMAN, Jn. ..... Springfield ' Joufnalism . Editorial gwssocigrk Editor, 'fiflie Dany Illini: Sigma fpeira-'cali 'ri-e Daily Illini cs, 43 'Y ,iSPIAIYgif'igld,Jlll1i'QI5 College: University of -.Nebriqm ' , ' , L' ' . -, I". I -I Q- ,Q , SHIRIEY ,IEANIH PI-Ifzi-:Es ,......... .Oak Park . ,lliibetal Ants and Sciences g . Srqriolagy ,A ,ffl-Ietri Upsilon, 4 Shi.-Ai9llillirii.'-U,ni9lrg,Committee 41, 23 g Y.W. ,fC.A. Committee .ifM,'2Jg Spanish Club I 4, , an 1 - . I -- 4 r ' ' V ,wha 6fl,QiA mfr!!! lit 'N i I ii :gm m ll STANLEY THORNTON ICENOGLE ...... Mormon Commerce Management and Markeiifzg Theta Chi Marketing Club KATHLEEN Hmo IDE ,,..,.. ......... C bingo Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirrry Evans Hall XVright Junior College GEORGE RONALD IFTNER .....,. ..... P ekm Agriculture .'Ig!'0Il0l7Ij' Illini Union Committee 12,312 Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club Miami University: Dartmouth College GORDON MARVIN IHBE ...., Wauufaioru, Il"1,r. Fine and Applied Arts A7'Cl7ffEEIllfP A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Societyg French Club PAUL IMRE ........,.,,.,. New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Prjcbology Pershing Rifles: United XVorld Federalists VERN CRAIG INGALSBE ..,... ....... 0 ulewaad Engineering Q Illecbanirnl Erzgizzeefilrg Joi-IN ANTHONY INGRASSIA ......... Rockford Commerce Marketing am! Management Theta Delta Chi MARTHA CARLYN INNIS ..,.,..... Champaign Commerce Emnomifr Gamma Phi Beta Illini Union Council C354 Illini Union Com- mittee fl, 2, 5D 5 Y,W.C.A, Committee fly 3 Campus Chest C415 N.S.A. Senate Subcom- mittee C455 French Club Honors Day KU avow- L w 5' 'Q'-H' it I asa N ii- JAMES MARK IoccA ..,........... Springfield Engineering Ciill Erzgizzrerirzg Chi Gamma Iota: Illinois Technograph IZ, 31g A.S.C.E. GLrN IQARL IODER ,..,...... .... B rm1','onl Agriculture Gemmzl .igrifnllme Alpha Gamma Rho Y,M.C.A. Committee fl, 2. 53 1 Second Regi- mental Band fl, 5lL Wfesley Foundation Stu- dent Council H, 41 3 All Ag Field Day Com- mittee 13l 1 Plow Boy Prom Committee Ulg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club NICHOLAS ANTHONY IosUE ......... Cbimgo Engineering Civil Erzgizzeuring Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 133. Honors Day IZ, 31 SHIRLEY INIAE IREsoN .... .... ..., L 0 ckpon Education Erlglirb Stratford House University Chorus Hal g Teachers-in-Training Club Joliet Junior College JAMES ERNEST IRETON ......,.,.,.. Elmzrooii Division of Special Services Biology CLAY LADELL IRICK .......... ,..... P itlrheld Division of Special Services Agrii'11ltm'e Sigma Chi Louis INIELVIN IRONS ....... Chicago Heigblr Physical Education Pbyriral Education Kappa Alpha Psi Varsity Track Captain: Tribe of Illini 12, 3, 4lg Varsity Track Squad fl, Z. 3, Lil, Letter ll, 2, 5, 411 Intramural Council C3l Honors Day IZ, El DONNA Rose ISEBERG ......... ..,.. .E lgin Education Elfmemaiy E1-IIllL'r1lfUI1 lndeco Illini Union Committee 13, 43 5 Campus Chest 12, 35 Northern Illinois State Teachers' College I1 I ' a , 3- fy, , I X 5 1. ' I 'ww-lx 'mill --'Y SAMUEL WATARU ISHIBASHI ..,,... ..CbImAgw4 Liberal Arts and Sciences - 'JE Sociology i I I ' A I l CONSTANTINE THOMAS ISKALIS. ,..,. Ufoliez Commerce Acformlrmry Joliet junior College S'I Itvrs IVANCEVICH ..........., , . . .Clvitx-Igo Liberal Arts .Incl Sciences Erorzonffrf VIRGINIA RUTH IIILNS ,..,,... ...., D I-mliir Liberal Arts and Sciences Pbgfiolugy Honors Day Gi STANLEY HOWARD IYLIISON ..... Melrore Pzirkll Commerce . AtI'U11nlI111cy ,L Chi Psi ' I ? Illini Union Committee 45, All: Men's 'Glegi I lub 12, 3, 413 Accountancy Club I' li Honors Day Q21 I1 I I -J 5, . Q' JHNNE IZEN , .... ,..,. .,,.,,.... . . Cbiraii' Liberal Arts and Sciences 'A 1 . Sociology , J Indiana University ' '-1' 7 FI IN: l 1' ig j' 2'-C 3 If AIITHLIR Joi-IN JACKSON., ..... .. 4,04 Division of Special Services V, v Malhemallcx l .1 ' Newman Hall .'f.k'. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. ' i' University of Miami .g-.i ll - , 'f":5t f I W w '. I fl. I Q 'ij HAROLD RILEY JACKSON ..4... . .1.2QLrnI1 fnmmercc ' it ff. Accountancy and Alanagerlzffiirxi 1 Dolphins HJ: Accountancy Club ,J A ? , ' J. .3 fi 252 'egos' I I. ,I ,fig tri.. A G 6 if QB' ,I .X I .1 Q I x 5 Il' ' ?' ' V MARY ELLEN jAcIcSoN ..... F paigu Physical Educa x Phyrinzl Edum Alcestis 1' I W.A,A. CI, 2, 35 3 Orchesis 1 Physi- cal Education Majors Club I .I In Q RALPH ELWIN JACKSON ....... IiIImIillfI Commerce AL'L'0lIl7fdHCj' l Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Alpha Account- ancy Club Honors Day Q51 ' University of Kansas Y' I i XVILLIAM CARROLL JAcIcSoN,,., .... ltffrkjfyi-Il .' rl Lau' , Cvmmerre mm' Lua' Pi Kappa Alpha I Illini Union Committee l3l 1 ,Iunior Bar Asso- ill Liation Honors Day Q2, 53 Il I WILLIAM CHARLES JACKSON .,....... Cbiruiga Division of Special Services , Ivlarkerinyg 1 l Sigma Nu III The Daily Illini CBJ: Illini Union Committee 121g Interfraternity Council 121: First Lieu- tenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Military l Council: Transportation Corps Club ' CARL MILLAIII: JACOBS ................ xllbiou Engineering Agricultural Engmeerhlg Engineering Caimcil Q45 3 A.S.A.E, 'Eastern Illinois State College 4 ,. , . L CAROL .......,...... .W'eJ1 Fnmkforf I I 'V' I ,Liberal Arts and Sciences , I , .lfgacbology I Sigma Kappa I ' I Managerg ,Box Office and House Management, IIllinii'l?heatIQg"I1Guildg Mortar Boardg Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambda Delta: Arepog Mask and ' 'Baublejf Psi IChi.g Illini Union Committee I 'Ill 5 ,Illini Theatie Guild Manager 12, 3, 41g 1 I "freshman Frolic 'Committeeg Spanish Club I qfirongrs Day f1,2,3Al: University of Illinois I Sch'bIarSh1pIKey DANIEL JACOBS .c. ..,..,............ Cbimgo 'Engineering , ' Civilifnginerrirzg I I AI.S.QiEr: HonorSIDay:lf1Ff ' I I A-5. :Ja . P' I :yi I I I 'PI lifter' n 'l 'N' in I , 'I Iv ' , 4 l 5.3! . I I f I SHIRIJIEQI SIIGKII ' Jacons ....... . . .Cbimga l 1 ,.IIibv v Il'4fAQtS and Sciences 'I -geology 4 -I.onIry1sAioQgg' House I,3rc5i5g'enByI jg Intercollegiate Zionist Fedcrationft I I i " 5' 1 ' A 's'!Il I A Hiinnmrr Rox' jacoasorv .... Kanmr City, Mo. Engineering Merliarziral Engineering Sigma Alpha Mu House President 1313 Illinois Technograph CM First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regi- ment: Tau Nu Tau: A.S,M.E. Honors Day 13, 41 Kansas City junior College IRWIN jaconsox ....,...,.. . . . .Chimgfi Commerce AI'I'0In1lIz1lI'.v Stagger Inn Accountancy Club Honors Day 125 jmtorm jacoasox . .,.,.......,.... Clvirngo Engineering Merhmziral Engineering Club Coler Pi Tau Sigmag House President C41 :A.S.M.E. Honors Day 121 Roosevelt College ANNE Jaescmcr ....,.,.... Falla' Ciig, Ntibr. Fine and Applied Arts :lit Lincoln Avenue Residences Illustrators Hendrix College: Washington Uniiersity CORINNE SHIRLEY JAFFE ..... ...Kankakee journalism :lflI'erIiJi:Ig Keeler House ' House President tit - 1 QU. PHILLIP ADLAI JAItIEs ........ ,. .Oak Pink journalism Adzerliririg Kappa Delta Rho Star and Scroll: lnterfraternity Council 15, -ll g Marketing Club . xv . vx,Tvl,..-A 2' ' , .. f .Jil P A ffrrfifi '?'. Srrvr JOHN JANCI ................. Clfimga 43 Engineering Elerlriml Engineering Newman Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. FRANK JOSEPH JANDA, JR. ...... .. .Berwyn Engineering Engineering P'yJir.t Sigma Phi Epsilon Honors Day 137 CHARLES Koxsraxrrs jaxrcousrzv..IBIII-felon! Engineering ,lllurug Erzglrlfrrifig M.l.S. Bizvrrtiv FERNI: 'Iaxov ..,.,... ...Cbiraw ,lournalism Raiim Delta Phi Epsilon Shi-Ai: Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily lllini tllg lllini Theatre Guild Manager 157i lllini Theatre Guild Cast 1133 W'll.l. Mig Freshman XY"eek tfcvminittee tell 1 lirench Cluli Honors Day lil University of Michigan Prrrn lXlOl,l.FR -Iaxsox, . Eau Orange, N. j, Ciirnnicree EI'ff11rfmII1i First Lieutenant, Army R.O,T.C. Regiment: Arseca: Scabbard and Bladcg Aoqfiuntanty Clubg French Club: lllini Insurance Soeiety: Marketing Clubg Society tor the Advantement of Managementg junior Chamber of Ciirrirneiie Daxilii. YIOHN jaxtw ...,.,. . ..,.., Lifiiae Division of Special Services .lltukulivzg Gazund Heights Marketing Lluh Mitlirgan State Collegeg Morton junior Lnllege B0t'IsI'xI Mit H.-XIII. janimitw .... ..I.I!1Iv,'ViiIllI' Engineering Illt'rlv.II1iI ,Ii Efzgmi I i mg Pi Tau Sigma Honors Day tll Lake College of C,-iminerre XX'II.I.Ariu Gonuox jaiuis ..,, .. .Cfflhiwz Engineering Illurbarlirxzi Eiigiizirrizzg Sigma Tau: Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day tl, Z, 5, -ing University ot llli- nois Scholarship Key Virginia Military Institute Rrwsrri, Liar -IIQCIQIQI. ......... .... D flairuz Agriculture l'nI'I1Ii0rIIIl ,'1gI1I'nit1na Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Alpha: lllini Union Council Ill 3 lllini Union Committee ill 1 Y.M.C.A, Board ot Directors Hi: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 15, 433 Y.M.C.A. Committee tl, 211 All Ag Field Day Committee ill Cnanrrs RICHARD jrifrrnsox .... ...Pekin Engineering Iller'ln1niI'i1l Ellgillttlillg Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Honors Day 13, 45 253 I -, i K' .K - i n-I --. f s Y . . 1 4-I 'er V in i 1 15' 4 9 f' fr' J vu I THOMAS CARTER Jrzuxnss ......... Springfelg tl Engineering - Mechanical Engineering A Chi Gamma Iotag Pi Tau Sigmag Ivlajgr, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Military Council A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. '1 ' Honors Day C31 " R , sv.. ,A , 'iq Tr-romas HYsi.oP Jrwxrzss ,,....,.... .Cireizi Liberal Arts and Sciences V Morton Junior College I C LAvenNE Aucusr JENNE .,,..,. .... C arlyle Agriculture Dairy Terlmalogy Fraker House House President 1455 Lutheran Foundation: Student Council 15, 43 1 Dairy Production Club: Gamma Deltag All Ag Field Day Com- mittee QSJ 3 Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club HAROLD Jnws JENSEN .,..,........ Mnyiroml Liberal Arts and Sciences Piycbology Chi Gamma lotag Psi Chip American Legion Post No. 9095 Rille and Pistol Clubg Sphinx Club l MAMLYN JEROME ............ .-li rudia, Calif, Agriculture 4 Home Erounnzfrr , Home Economics Club i Q Juris Crrrfrfonn Jessml ...... ..... C lzmuii Commerce 1 Perronnel illmmgemerzl ' Marching Band U35 Illini lnsuralce Societyi, Chemical Engineering ' A.I.Ch.E. ' - :ri 1 a L v X 1 A- A ,iii V. :' - true. fs? .sr ' " , 5 3 -u fn' ' ' fm, 5 ' if Q K f lr , I - i 1 f n P si , r.: tacit. ,1 fra: I vu Illini Masonic Clubg Marketing Club 1 r r LILLIAN JrN ........ii...,......... Cbiraga ,. Liberal Arts and Sciences i' 4 Pfyrbology X Lincoln Avenue Residences Chinese Students Clubg Students for Demos, l cratic Action i "ll Wilson Junior College .I Y f'v4 , ,ai wif I ,ggi ROLAND DAVID Jorrz. .... III, I'ei-mm N,YQ journalism '. N1 Adl'L'flIJIl14H 'x Illini Union Committee 159g Illini Tliagirfry Guild Manager Ur: Campus Chest 15,3105 Marching Band 43.411 Second Regimenizrlxl Band CZ, 3, 4l: Combat Defense Club 13,415 College of the City of New York ' V: 1 . -41 Q , I 'bf V?-9 254 . .JI 'M sf LQEQQE ' ' o ,him Joi-ms .... . began .Y4'5'fi:' N in Engineering :V Y-'jg iqkfgglnzrziral Engin qi . i '-Pi'fMu 'Egsilbng Pi Tau Si .M.E.g stare. pm 'F -"W ' , ' Ho norst Day.1JQ51J J .I ,W L - .b ,L , , ,q W DONALD BOOTH JOHNSEN, .... . .Aurora Engineering Mecbirgicul Engineeri Theta Xi A.S.M-.E. Illinois Institute of Technolog ARTHUR CRAIG JOHNSON,...1llE'r'llL'f79N, N. J. Commerce ACC0llfIfdl1f-1 Clark House Illini Union Committee 15, -llc House Presi- dent QZJQ N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 6,471 Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Bethany College Bam- O1-To JOHNSON ............... Chimgo Engineering Electrical Engineering Minawa Lodge Illini Christian Fellowship 15, 455 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Wright Junior College CAROL MARIE JOHNSON ..... Journalism V Adrlerfiring I Sherwood Loge Illini Union Committee 151: Illini Christian Fellowship 13, 41 3 Marketing Club Joliet Junior College .., ,joliel CHAm.o'rriz MARIA Joi-rNsoN ,.,. ....Chimgo J r Liberal Arts and Sciences L Eranomin Cagle Hall ' 1, Y.W.C.A. Committee 133 3 W,A.A. Nu- meralsg- W.A.A. fl, Z, 5, -ll 1 Orchesis C21 3 Phi Beta. Kappa ' Honors Day i1,2, 5Jg University of Illinois Scholarship Key ,- Dunrmf Bum Jomszson ,.,. . ....Rarkfard Engineering Cemmifr Parade 'Ground 'Units A.C.S. I l l ' Evnm' PIZTEMQI-LNQON ....... .... M .fiywaad "Commerce - Attolmtanry 'Parade Cround'fUpits Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy 1 Club r '-' 'E Honors 'Day l2f52il ,': f ,gif ffm' H4231 i ly v 1. 1. . zEI5ETcHER GILBERT JOHNSON. ,C w e fy Division of Special es I Z" , Eronamirs ,g ' 'lf Alpha Tau Omega l cb , . ly 1 J ff lea ' ci 11 isis. f . -I - ': y-- 51 Q3 if: 5. Kai' F33 Q, i I- :gi .Lis A 4 -rg: 'if l 'I i GEORGE ERNEST JOHNSON .... .... Cliiraga I Engineering l ' Q " ,V Mechanical Engineeflrgg . r' 4 Chi Gamma Iotag The Illio 1415. A.S.M1E. V Honors Day Q21 1 HAROLD IRVING JOHNSON ..,.... .... A Ialine A' Engineering Civil Eragineerizlg Brentwood INA CORINNE JOHNSON ............... Aleda Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Cagle Hall ' Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff C11 YWCA Committee Q11 W A C11 Gamma Delta JAMES FRANCIS JOHNSON Galerbzn g Commerce Mnmzgemenl Newman Hall Accountancy Club Illini Insurance Society Marketing Club 0, i9 JOHN GREWE JOHNSON l17nrerlao Iam l Engineering Mechnnrml Engmeeimg Sigma Tau Tau Beta Phi Phi Eta Sign-E Pr Tau Sigma Student Senate f4 Senior Class President A S M E S A E Honors Day C1 2 3 41 University og Illinois Scholarship Key Evansville College MARTHA JANE JOHNSON Decatur, Liberal Arts and Sciences Q l Sociology Alpha XI Delta Mask and Bauble Illini Theatre Guild . ager Q3 41 YWCA Committeeq MacMurray College I MELVIN WALTER JOHNSON JR S 2 Agriculture General Agfrcultme Lil Minawa Lodge illlrnr Christian Fellowship 15 41 Ield Burrow Northern Illinois State Teachers ol'g 4 Ii 1 4 .' . . . ' g .A. . ' ef? T lf' Jw 1 :-'j' r. '15 'l f fffw-ii if ' ' I-fair ' . -. 1" '- --- :J ' s A ' g .. . .g . . . i A 521 ' 'Fai l "5 gf' 534253, ' ',ZiJ2f5i i . ........ j'f'1f l - - 5 , g . .. . ' QJQSJYM 39 ig H51 Ki. 7-Q fl' V A , .... lf? , liwol It A . . -h .. . . . . iii . 1 ' , + - - :Se 51 -4 It . 'l ' ll I Lf- .-in-... sa i fs- ,Qsf t , X X fiixliik v-4. K. i NTS' g ,ff L xt 'S -vu.. Fl' , - ,A s -f an- nm VN 'Ein u - .,.. 1 s. -ai' FNANCILCAROL JOHNSON ............ Cbimga Q Liberal Arts and Sciences : Bncleriolagy Q , Gamma! House E Mask and Baubleg Illini Theatre Guild Man- ! ager C215 W.G.S. Executive Council 12, 31: I House President Q41 E i I r I PAUL WILLIAM JOHNSON ........... Nakamu Agriculture General Agricullure La Coterie Agricultural Economics Clubg Field and Fur- rowg Hoof and Horn Club ROBERT LAXVRENCE JOHNSON ........ Chimgo Commerce Mamzgemenl amz' Marketing Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Northwestern Universityg Michigan State College ROGER DAVID JOHNSON .... .. ........ Biimuia Agriculture General Agriculture Brentwood Hoof and Horn Clubg Agricultural Club Northern Illinois State Teachers' College WAYNE FRANKLIN JOHNSON ......... Moline Commerce Aldfkfllflg Zeta Psi Augustana College WILLIAM ROBERT JOHNSON .... ...... P izxnm Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirfory GUY EDGAR JOHNSTON ............. Morrison Fine and Applied Arts Afcbllecturnl Engineering A.I.A.g A.S.C.E. Augustana College WILLIAM HAROLD JOHNSTON ....... Dfwvill: Commerce Ekonomirr ' Alpha Sigma Phi Varsity Swimming Squad f3,41: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Commerce Council Q41 5 Marketing Clubg Illini Insurance Society I r 5 255 L FiNNrs EARL JOLLY .... . ..,.. . .. .Clwrrzymign Division of Special Services Arrbiterture Scarab: A.I.A, Arinsrir Joyce Joivrs ...... ,. ..,... Bellwood Liberal Arts and Sciences CAJEIIIUTIJ Culxer-Stockton College: DePaul University ARTHUR TENNANT JONES ..... .... C biragn Commerce Arrolmrfzury Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psig Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 21 University of Southern California Iiuwrx LEIGH JONES, JR ............. Antioch Engineering Aemzmulifal EI7giI1ECVi?7g l.A.S. Newberry College 5 HAROLD AUGLlS'l'L'S JONES ..... .... 0 akley Commerce - .4rrou1zlizm'y - Parade Ground Units ' Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta Sigma: Account- ancy Club: Junior Chamber of Commerce Honors Day ill Illinois Commercial College 4 i 'Z 1 ., J' il.-KNIT Euzaafrn Joxrs ......... Deyglaiyii , .4- Education .5 'IS-'JV Engllrlv "tv A 1 . ,h ,J Alpha Chi Omega 'Y " fl' Honors Day fl, 2, 31 . Hn 97 T ' -gv - -ei "'- - - 'K ' lg. -'fl , 4.4i',L- 'fm 4. , W, , 1 Joim STRICKLER Jones, JR ..,. BB-Qffgbfiirgijd Commerce 5-:Sf-fi ,K Nlaflagwzlenl . Q54 4 , Phi Gamma Delta ii" " fix ' ?f?ZeG4g5 . R afar Q K 3' Qi will l. ' l F ' l : IPAUI. CALDWELL Jones ..... . m-iew Engineering . V Lambda Chi Alpha NA I Illini Union Council 135: Ill wi ' Com- mittee f1,,2, 5, -il 3 Y.M. ,Qin mmittee 12, 5, 41 3 Interfraternity Coun fl J 3 Var- sity Football Squad 157 : Uni i, Chorus General Enginee .C C ll Ml 3 WILL C41 - W ROBERT Hur-iN Joxszes, .,...... rle Ridge Liberal Arts :ind Scie " Hf,fl0l'j' Honors Day QU ROBERT WILLIAM JONES ,,.... .... D nurille Commerce lMdl'kFfi7IAQ THOMAS STUART JONF5 ....... Oaklmiil, Mil. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cl79Wli.fl1'J' Parade Ground Units Sigma Taug Phi Lambda Upsilong Concert Band Q-ij 3 Marching Band 13, 47 L First Regi- '3'-' ggi ' 6. ' N 1 it., . uv 1 I A pf w f ' . 1--X mental Band 131: A.l.Ch.Ei Wlest Virginia Wesleyan College WILLIAM FRANK Jowes ..... .. ..,, Cbimga ' Engineering Merbaniral Engmifeling l cm Gamma lore.: A.S.M.E.q S.A,E.g Junior Chamber of Commerce University of Michigan l l LRAl,PH BERNARD JORDAN ..... . ....... Cbimgn - Division ofiSpecial Services rr M , , ' fgiktillllg ' ,Zeta Psi ' .f ,Y l f , 'I I -'IJ EP' ' if Jon Joslcei-rg ...........,....... Blaomingion I ' Division iQf'ASPECl2ll Services L iGenef1i1lfEngineering ' Sigma Chi i Lys-,Ave . 'J i zJ.s'.': wi Illinois .yvfeslheyanib-'pniversity l'V H ' ' -: ,- .'.A"!-' ' ' , -fag-w ffeil A 44' L7 4 oe '. .r f - ' -rk'.',I ef? ll? xg Vibiiq 4. 4 "'-Q if - - ': Lnn WENDELL Jomis .,,.,.. K1n1.ra1g6?rri, SMR-553 ji-5Qjy.15gJ,x,. ,,,,,,, New Ypfk, N, Y Englrwvrmix , J ,' 1 ' 'tlfcilrnmerce Civil EllgflIt't'Y'l!I,tJ , 4 M - , N lylfnrkeling Student Religious C-vunfil 11.523 Zap , lluiii,-ii Tifegige lGu'ilid Production starr 421 Foundation Student Council Il, qicu- :Hillel F0Uf1al3fiQ,1QI :Student Council C25 : Ac ffnilnf. AUUY R-0-T-C. Rfllimfnfl--His 1' 4? I 6fco'utitacy,Club':.M5.yketing Club: Junior Cham 'QQ' 5, ' l1il5effoE'Comm-ergvc 'Q' M A I X, 1 '1i332pklyn'5GoJleE: Q 256 r' ' A J p -I ' 4 iv ' is J, I , , GEORGE BERNARD JOSTEN...Pl7lldd6l17blrZ, Pn Engineering Mechanical Engineering Newman Hall A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. George Washington University THEODORE FRANK KACIUSIS .... .... C birngo Commerce Management Grevada Manor House President C41 Wilson junior College CLEMENT LEONARD KACZOROXVSKI .... Clsimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Pulitiml Science XVright junior College CHARLES EDWARD KAIEMPEN .......... Qninry Engineering Aeronanlifal Engineering House President Mig I.A.S.: Student Busi- nessmen's Association Stanford Universityg Mexico City College Roc!-IELI.E KAGAN .,..,............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Delta Phi Epsilon The Daily Illini 11,215 The Illio ID: Campus Chest fijg Illini Theatre Guild Board Q31 JAMES HOXVLEY KAI-ILIQE ...., .... C hirgzga Engineering Merbaniral Engineering I Carnegie Institute of Technology 'l l gl l 1 . ,l HENRY KAHN .................. .. .lllgzrlrlifillf Liberal Arts and Sciences 2 L Chemical Engineering , 2 'Q Illinois Technograph CS, 43 3 A.I.Ch.E. ,JI Honors Day KU , ' 2 I fl I 'l LLOYD KAHN ..................... Mfuzrbnll A Liberal Arts and Sciences K N A Cbemiilry , l il Tv - X A ,,,. 4 Q 5 A I it BS I I X l l ii ii :. .ui ROBERT EDWARD RAIN .......... Muncie, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts A1'fL7lll'l'lIll'dl Engineering A.I,A.g A.S.C.E.1 Fine and Applied Arts Society Ball State Teachers' College JEAN PATRICK KAINE ,....,... .. .lieimzme Commerce fifrvlnilruzry Phi Eta Sigmag Accountancy Club Honors Day CI, 21 Rockhurst College GERALD PETER KAIRES ,....... .... I l".z11kl' Physical Education Pbyrirnl .Edmulliofz House President 13, 413 Tribe of Illinig Vai- sity Baseball Squad 11, 2. 5. 45, Letter 41, Z, 41, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad PAUL WILLIAM KAISER, JR, ....... Wyllllkflgilll Commerce Illrlfkfllflg Chi Psi Varsity Football Squad 41, 27 g Varsity Track Squad 12,375 Illini Insurance Society: Mar- keting Club EDXVARD XVACLAXV KAAIINSKI, ,IR.....Cl1lL'1lglJ Engineering Melzzllzzrgirnl Engizzsering XVilson junior College TI-IADDEUS MICHAEL KAAIINSKI ......, Cbimgo Commerce ilflarkelirig Oregon House Pershing Rifles, Accountancy Clubg Illini In- surance Societyg Marketing Clubg ,Tumor Chamber of Commerce ALLEN JOSEPH KANAK .......... ,.., B miiyu Engineering Civil Engineering 'Triangle Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pig Chi Epsilon: Tau Nu Taug Scabbard and Bladeg A.S,C.E. Honors Day 12, 35 RICHARD HERMAN KANAR ..........,. 13m-zwyfi Division of Special Services Civil Enginuering Parade Ground Units House President fi-I 3 Engineering Council 13, -Hg A.S.C.E.g I.T.E. Morton junior College 257 ,., 'W - . .'1 Roaraivr BXGNAL KANE ...... ..... 0 .re Parke' Education ' in Mn! lwmam-1 -A Fralcer House l M Y.M.C.A. Committee i291 Mens Glee Club 1 f1,2lg Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: ' Military Councilg Arsecag 'l'eachers-in-Train- ing Club L' Honors Day 65 ' ROLAND Roasnr Kass .... . ,.... .llnudelein . Agriculture ' Vomiiozml .flgrfrrrlmra ' 1 l Colonial Manor v Dairy Production Club ' Honors Day flb ', ', 4 Ar ' ri- - 'A 1. u N ' i It F . VIRGIL Fnmcrs KANN,-XLL ..... .. .Beieqfregw Engineering I ' Merlmniral Eneznesuuy Y 1' 3 l o I I Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.MiEf EUGENE KANTER . .. . .......... ..I.Cl:icagn Liberal Arts and Scientes Zofilffgj Blackhawk V6 . Omega Beta Pi ' i'y.'l Honors Day 121 ' ' Mounts KAPLAN ................... Chicnga Liberal Arts and Sciences g Plijflfilngj ' St. ,lohn's University n ' l C l O 1 V l The Daily Illini UI: Hillel F0undVation,Stu- ' dent Council Il, 2, 43 1 Y.M.C.A. Q15 Mar- l kcting Club ' Honors Day 123 . 1- ' INlORTON K,-KPLAN ,,,....... .... ' . Qrfbirizgo journalism M Y 1' Arlzwliring ' l 'i L 4 . -'rf 'I Main' Kanaxounris ..,.,...., .... .idfnrifhga I Liberal Arts and Scicnqgili, -I L Surmlogj " 1. '. Sherwood Lodge V: ' ,l . ' l l is 'A-is , +'..f'gi 5 ,ke af J l?i. Q? - 'Lb 'ACI 'Y Rrcruno Josspi-r Kanas .,...... "'Cl'g1gq- Liberal Arts and SclcnL -.Lx Clzemiml ljriyrglmfrin -,.- 45N Chi Gamma Iotag Sigma Taug V u1B'EI'a if Phi Eta Slgm3L Phi LHH1 l6llQ - I Honors Day U, 2, il 1 UniversiQilhlwi!n Scholarship Key Q Michigan State college M' ' 258 I s K-L rg?-7 iv 'Fr' P - 'CHARLES Mnrtvm Kanoorsr.. N anrille Commerce Markeling N fi . r- C ' ' X a sy " ix , ia Aim 'ZR 1 19,- ARLINE Sr-rmuay Karim- ...... . .Cbimga If N ' Journalism ' ' Elilorial .- 'Busey Hall " 'The Daily Illini 131 Honors Day C11 Roosevelt 'College ROBERT BULAND Kaiucow ..... .. .Wilmene Commerce Accmmianry Alpha Kappa Lambda Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad C31 g Account- ancy Club: Marketing Club Bucknell Universityz Cornell University: Northwestern University ARTHUR Enwann KARLAN ..,... Prmrrir, N. 1. W' if .i Journalism Adveimnzg Clark House 0 Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Delta Sigma: House I President Q41 gAMarketing Club: Spanish Club Honors Day 11, 21 '93 'Jeiuw Kaiuovsxv, Jn. ......... .... C irero Engineering Mirzing Engineering M.I.S. Indiana State Teachers' College U ,MONROE WILLIAM KARMIN. .Mineola, N. Y. Journalism 1 Editorial 'Sigma AlphaQ,Mu . The Daily Illini fl, Z, 3,433 Sigma Delta Chi . f: Tr-romfis JaMesrKJigzNosicv ........ Livingimn ' Commerce ' ' C AEISDIIIIIHIYFY Beta' Alphaljsif: Accountancy Club -Iffonorsnpay CZ, V na Q , E if 1 1+"rfS4 ,gy J H- A ' T' Lff'l'x"! ' 'i',' ,E .A . , -5 kr - y Miuzomu: i -1 Y- scnaic. .... .. . . .Sfrmrar ' 7 if mmerce ah -'un-omiu plrncogn Wvenu csidenccs Pl:rfi,'fl"C!1r arketing Clubg Spanish I 4Clgl5:'-Illini 453 ce Society ' F Ars ml- 'al l - f Q LAWRENCE GERALD KAssovER. 455951, nf Commerce gfix ' Marketing V A F. ' 5 Tau Delta Phi fl 7 ' Interfraternity Council C215 Maileefing Club R :fr l 2 . I I l RICHARD OTTO KAsTEN ....... ,.. .. .Panai Liberal Arts and Sciengesl - ' Hiflary V 1 . L 1 2 I. ,iii , Q 'X 1 Y' sf rl, I 1 'ti E1 ,av l li., .P Il - pl 'I if Y i-I , r '- Q . 4 I FREDERICK WILLIAM KAs'roR...p::iQ'i.,Glieniae W . . . . vga: ti , Division of Special Sqrgiceg I 1 Adl'6I'liIiNg if-Il: K ' 9' ' - Wifi! 'Y A l Sigma Nu 'r Y, X Skull and Crescentg Alpha Delgawgigmaglfstu- dent Businessmen's Association ff' A.-il 5 , Z 2,4 er. ' I ' 3512. + ,Ar E i . ' 1' 1 , . . 'AL A ' . i ELLIN HINTON KAUEERIANN...l.v..'.A.foailan4 Physical Education ' , ' , I' i Pbyriral Eduralion I 1' Phi Mu p A if 4 XV.A.A. ci, 2, 5, 45 gli . I X lm? H .. RUSSELL ELLWOOD KAUEPLIANNEZE ,af-fafiiidafe Division of Special Ser5iiEesig'fif' I . Edncalion 'VA 1 'ii -I Alpha Kappa Lambda I Y.M.C.A. Committee ni wi I Davidson College I. In - 75- 1 1' ,gl Q f la if l i V iffy. 1 :h I , l I r ?:ilS,-,xxliw 3-3 1 Y: Q , .I ' ,V 3' DONALD LAVERNE KAUEMAN ..... fpinark Agriculture ' A ,X I I Vocational Agrimlturd I A Qi 'Q Newman Hall fw vi E Q Alpha Zetag Chi Gamma Iotag Pliif Etagsigmag Alpha Tau Alphag Illinois Agriciiltiirisf: 11414: Agricultural Education Clubg American 'le-l ' gion Post No. 909 ,171 Q ,,', l Honors Day 111 ,itil L ' University of Cincinnati ry' '. ' in I ,i Ci 'i' 59. il-f" l Joi-IN KAUFMANN ....,......... J:...Chn.jag'0. Engineering in 3 I- il! 1' 'El Pl1yJif.r Engineering V Q. Phi Eta Sigmag Illinois Technograp Jive . Honors Day ll, 21 :gli li 1 I Y ROBERT CHARLES KAUFMANN Division of Special Services Theta Xi A.S.C.E.g Marketing Clubg Societ Advancement of Management 5 i ' Mil., Indurtrial M anagf ment 0 l p 2' , L 9 , 'Q testi? 'QF 1 1 if fm 7:9- 5' L VERNON RAY KALIFMAN .............. lanark Engineering General Engineering Newman Hall ' A.S.M.E. Frances Shimer Collegeg General Motors Institute ARTHUR Jess KAuLruss ..... Eau Claire, Wir. Fine and Applied Arts Ar'L'l7itetI1u'aI Engineering and Arrlzilerlnral Derign A.I.A.g A.S.C.E. CLYDE ALBERT KAL'Tz ..,......... Bemenville Liberal Arts and Sciences Piycbalogy Illini Christian Fellowship I-H Elmhurst Collegeg Goshen College I.ouIs AARON KAWESCH .... Brooklyn, N. Y. Agriculture Agricultural Eronomifr Agricultural Economics Clubg Horticulture Clubg Marketing Club SIMON KAY ........ ,. .......,..... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrbology Noble House Psi Chi Wright junior College MORT KAZDIN ............ New York, N. Y. Commerce jvidlktyllllg Illini Insurance Club City College of New Yorkg Brooklyn Col- lege CORINNE RUTH KEATING ............ Clzirago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spaniib Kappa Alpha Theta French Club: Spanish Club Beloit College SHERMAN DONALD KEATS ..... .... C bingo Journalism Adverliring Lundgren House Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini Q5. 413 Marketing Club: Praetorians Roosevelt Collegeg Central Y.M.C.A. Col- lege f 259 alll! ' '.l Damn Gumur KLHSF . ,, ., 44'-fniw Liberal Arts .md Sticntce Clwnzual Erigimtixflyl lllinmx Technngrapli Hip Engineering inun- til 4-llLA.I.Cl1.E. Illini-rs DJ5' ill .-' , 5 ,4n-s 5 Q lfiwwiiu lux Kill-:R IVIIH Auritulturc Hifnrg hifi: rn Lninirlm Phi Bum Ilninc Etwnuniiw Kilulw iurrwll lnllrgc Kiimiix -lux Kllirx' . .'lf.'iHf.i Arts .intl Sticntu lilprxi Dclt.1 fd.: Plii Eta, 'Iliu lllin III. Illini linniri '2 Inmmittcr CI, Illini IllL'.llIU Cvuiltl Pinillitf ti-in Atari illg lliiusu Piuiulcnt iii, Srxinixl. 'J fllftlx lx1'l,x1.u .,. Cmififlt 11.5 Iinglnccllng lltrl mir if l'f'iH1t4 r A NSI I.. t.inru.i Pi rr Kimi-xx, . Gf.n:1.'i rm Engim-cring Ifltrlmrzl lfrzuzmtin t lm lx.ipp.i Nu. A,ll1,l IRI Parr HUMIR KIHM, , IV f!.n,'.x Enpinuurin,-4 Llirfmril Erlxulritiinig Hum 'llicta Pi A I E.II.fl.R.E.g Cluntmn Silence f'lrg4.iiii7.i- llllfl 'srl' v nyxiix, I Ir 1,1 mi Al 1 I N Kr 1 1 IR ., IJr1iuip,,f1,lUu.i I, Arts .intl bunnies Pfilrlniil Sinful Iwi-. Kinsman KIIIIR ...IH in' Pi K.ipp.i Alplni litt.r f,i.irnrn.i Nngirnr Pln Alplni lJLlt.i, juinu Ihr Awltmti-tri, M.iil,tring flulu liriixniwitg wt Mrilriunr: ve 260 Aff- XM Homcif Arwen Kifiu' ....... .... A lnrengo fnmmertc .llurkrtllzlq Illini Insurance Suqicty: Marketing Club Roiirm' CQLEMAINS KFLLPY .v.. ...Clvfrugfl Engineering .-luwminllml Er1g1r1wi1l1g Pr Kappa Phi l.A.S. Dorufrm' ELLA Krfiiooo. . . .. .lilnmvmrf Agriculture Hffmr Erurlwfrllr r Illini Lliristmn Fclluxvsliip 45, -tl XY'lic.xton Cnllcge XVIIIIAM HIMW KliLl,l'lRi1i ,. , lilmrzfmf Agritulturc Curt-itil :l,qf1rnl,'mt' M1n.m'.1 Ln-lgc Illini flirrstian Fcllmvsliip 42, 5, -ll Hunurs Day ill Blru Hrxnx' Krfr.l.Y ...,,, ., , ,4jl1.m1fm1gu Division of Spatial Scrvitss Alizikrlirzg ami Emrlurlllrw Illini lnsuramc Society, Mirkcting Klub Rfirirrvr IYUXYARD KELLY ..., ..,..,.. C fbfr-align Division of Spatial Services PfU'.iiml Eiflziullurl lhnrcurnx' Ki MPNFR ..., ,. , .,,... G'lu1int' Liberal Arts and Sticntcx Soz'lnln.g.y Buscy Hall lllrni Union fommittee IB, 413 House Presi- dent 4473 Independent lntnrmnl Committee lil 1 junior Prom Committee Tru Lmx KINDRILK ......... .... I Heli-in Agritulturc G-FNFIYII flgvlilalllnu Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Zeta: Chi Gnmmu lutng Phi Eta Sigmng Agriculture Klub: Hunt and Horn Club: Illini Mnsunic Club Ilunnrs Day fl, 3,4l: Univcrilty of Illinuii Stlrrilarsliip Key ROBERT FRANCIS KENNEDY ..... . . .Tmmlii Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.g I.T.E. . .. .Piixlon ROBERT EUGENE KENNEY ...... Engineering Electrical Engnieefirig Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.-I.R,E. Honors Day 131 Wfashington University XVILLIAAI ROBERT KERNER, JR... .,,Clvmiga Engineering 1lIr'L',,7d7Iit'dl Efzglmaerlfzg A.S.M.E. University of Michigan HAROLD THOMAS KERNS ..... .. .Sizmfiiiiib Engineering Merbarzlral Enginrcfnlg A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. University of Southern California WALTER LAWRENCE KERR ...,........ Sfiviimi Fine and Applied Arts Arrbilecr11r'e Theta Chi House President 1-il Q Accountancy Club: A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society EUGENE MATTHEW KERSTIN ,..,,,.., Chit-nga Engineering Ilflefbanifal Engimfering Xllfright junior Collegeg Illinois Institute ot Technology WALTER THOMAS KERSULIS ,..... .. .Sz. Lam.. Division of Special Services Adrerliring Alpha Tau Omega Ma'Wan-Dag Sachemg Alpha Delta Signing Tribe of Illini: Varsity Football Squad ll, Z, 3,4l, Letter I-433 Varsity Basketball Squad fl, 2, 3, 43, Letter 141 ROBERT GIVEN KESEL ..........,..... Am-am Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Lau' Phi Gamma Delta Skull and Crescentq Phi Eta Sigmag Inter- fraternity Council IZ, 5,453 WILL fljg Illini Forensic Associationg junior Bar Asso- ciation Honors Day QU . vs ' ' 5 3 1 t :W -ig,-. g Q it E we ,. ' ii' . A , E? '. :ETF .' if "ii A 1 213' ,,,. . in . gf . wi 4 V I A A :, . . i ..,. .. .5 2 M' . wg. .--Y 'lt 1 as 1 s K S see N , Yf'7,'Ls!"4-ff, : i 'KT A ev ROBERT EDXVARD KIsI,ER ............ Dion-:Ile Commerce Cdllllflflie' rum' Lau' Alpha Delta Phi Skull and Crescentg Tribe of Illinig Varsity Swimming Squad 12.3, -H, Letter fl, Big Freshman Varsity Squadg First Lieutenant, R.O.'I'.Cf. Regiment: Transportation Corps Club: Junior Bar Association Honors Day tl, 2, 3l: University Ol Illinois Scholarship Key XVILLIAM RAY KrsI,ER ,,,,... .... D Imwlle Commerce Conznliim' .mtl lam' Alpha Delta Phi Varsity Swimming Squad 12,3l1 Freshman Varsity Squadg First Lieutenant, Army R.O. T.C. Regiment: ,lunior Bar Association: Transportation Corps Club Honors Day ll, 2, Mg Unixersity ot Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT KFSLIN ,,..,,....,... ...Clmiigv Engineering Electrlinl Erzvqlriutfizilg Newman Hall A.l.E.E,-l.R.E. I.lI.A SISLRIA KESTEN .,..... Nuzi' Yfuk. N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfjflwlogj Lmxry Lodge Psi Chi: Intercollegiate Zionist Federation Hunter Collegeg Pennsylvania State tlollcge JAMES ROBERT KELIER ..........,.... Cflmago Liberal Arts and Sciences Cl1sr17I,i'l1'y Gamma Della Valparaiso University HELEN JOAN KEY ,...,....,.. .... C ll-llllflrligll Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirzaij Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee ill 1 Y.XV.C.A. Com- mittee tl, Zig Campus Chest Url: NV.A.A. 13, ell 3 Teachers-in-Training Club WILI.IAzu ALTON KEYSER ..,.,.,.,... Cliii-ago Division of Special Services Evmiomicf Alpha Sigma Phi Illini Union Committee 135 ROISITRT THEODORE KIIERES ,.,, .... C liimgo Commerce Ir1du,rlr'ial I-ldflziili.-lmliafl Pi Kappa Phi lntcrfraternity Council till House President Hlg Marketing Club Wfright junior College 261 RAYMOND EARL KIGER ...... ,. .... Curie Engineering Cirfl Elzgirlierivi A.S.C,E. LAMBERT ,lures KILBOY, ,IR .... .. .Chit-ago Engineering .lI5cf'.n11r.1I Erigimein L XY'itansh:re First Lieutenant. R.O.T,C. Regimentg A.5,M,E. ERLD JOHN KILLMII ........ .... C htvpm Agriculture Gemini! I-lgIft'1il.'nvf Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta: Y.M.C.A, Committee Url: All Ag Field Day Committee tl, 5. ell . Plow Boy Prom Committee 12. 5l: Field and Furrowl Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day 12. 5? RICHARD FRANCIS KILLIZLE,-LA, .... Urbana journalism ,-ldiI'r11,r1r1!g The Daily Illini l5l VICTOR W.1.I.LAcI5 KILLPY ,,,, .,,, A Ianmnulb Commerce llldlliltffltlvtll Theta Chi Fencing Manager IBF: Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Scvciutyi Marketing Club: Moingwena: Society for the Advancement of Management Monmouth College, Purdue University VIRGINIA CIIIOL KILLIAN ..,....,,.. Tremor: Liberal Arts and Sciences Sflinlfili Reeter f lub House President lrll 1 W'nmen'S Czlee Club tl! g Home Etimomits Club: Spanish Club Eravituzu XVAl'l'IR KILLURLN .... ..., C bimgo Engineering Alwlitifiliull lirzglnrering Annex Hall Hannis l.IoN.uw KIMIMLI ,I..,.... Oak Park Division of Special Serxices lam' Theta Delta Chi Illini Uninn Committee lil 1 junior Bar Assn- ciati-mg Pliilnsripliy Discussion Club: Rifle and Pistol fluh 262 x L X my sv- X V1 . .est 7 I. r"'ll , I Ii ' I1 ESQ. 3 f A I ,x Q., ,Q We Q, P' . 'C' ' PATRICIA ANNE KIMLER ......... Bloomingmn journalism Radio Delta Delta Delta Assistant Business Manager, The Daily Illinig Torch: Shi-Ai: The Daily Illini 11, 2, 31g Illini Union Committee fl,2,3lg Star Course Manager lllg Panhellenic Executive Council 15, -IJ RAYIIOND RALPH KILIPEL. .... ,... L ff-lmnfi Engineering Ceramir Engineering Tribe of Illinig Varsity Golf Squad t1,Z, 3. -ll, Letter ll, 3, -Hg A.C.S. Michigan State College FRANK XVILLIAM KIMPLING, jR,. .Long Pom! Education lfzdnxirial Edumrion Industrial Education Society Pennsylvania Military College EARL XVILLIAII KINAST ..... Commerce Marketing .. ..., Rm Marketing Club DONALD MERLE KINCAID ,...... .... A then.: Agriculture General Agrirulllzre Acacia Skull and Crescentg Alpha Zetag Chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigmag Y.M.C.A. Committee ill : Agricultural Economics Club Honors Day tl! FLOREND EDwfIN KINDELL .,..... Piqua, Ohio Engineering Elerlfiral Ellgillfffiilg A,I.E.E.-I.R.E.g M.I.S. University of Syracuse: Case Institute of Technology NORXIN PAUL KINDER .......... .... H ardin Engineering General Engineering Plii Eta Sigma: A.S.M.E. DARLENI: REINE KING .,..,....... Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Pxyrbolagy Bethany Circle House President I-ll Springtield junior College Joi-IN GROSVENOR KING ............ Wilmene Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb ,N Delta Kappa Epsilon fr ' The Daily Illini 61, Zjg Campus Chest 153 - inf i MARY-HELEN KING . ......., Hmzoleaa Him-fri: I f 'N-...sf Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbology Palamar University Chorus Q31 Leland Stanford University PERRY KING, JR, ....,.....,.. Wert Frmrkfarl Liberal Arts and Sciences QP' ' Cbemirfry I, ' I Q ' -Ri ' .'f':Q':'::" S- 2 X GER lghex ' rg:.,f-:rg-1:5-rsgggrgs-?.-:gauge X N 3 X Y N Q 3 A .. 3. EEE, r3512ij'ivs It ' ROBERT ASTOR KING ........,... jarkraurille Division of Special Services Market Rereafrb Marketing Club tw? fi ma., ROBERTA ANNE KING ...........,. Clam-lermn M H Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Spanirl: Welsh House ., I - - Sigma Delta Pig Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet C41 5 Y.W.C.A. Committee C3, 41 g Spanish Club f - Honors Day Bl . - 5 Eastern Illinois State College KQAK . Av or Q5 V IVIERLYN DUANE KINGDON .... .... E I Para Commerce Arrauntarzcy Accountancy Club It ROBERT ANDREW KINGERY ...... .. . , .Cbimgo 'AS' Y . . .A 'tg 1 , I X2 2 Q , i , Q 4532259-2. i5"" 4 .at wi . ...l in all Division of Special Services I ,vw lndurtrial Adminiriralian - 1 'lg' Delta Chi ,I N " Wright Junior College ' h V w'?,..,' I r V Q I , .. -at Q, . ' be . i I' 1.1 .- rr.: . f ,f . rf ?r' f:T5 LrsTER LEE KINTNER .......... Eur: Sz. Lanir Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day f1,2, 3,41 TJ T15 JACK WINFRED KIRBY .......... ,. .Decnmf Agriculture General Agricullufe Agricultural Economics Clubg Dairy Produc- tion Clubg Illini Blackburn Club Georgia Institute of Techn0l0gY3 Blackburn College XVILLIAM KIRCI-II-IOEER, JR ,,,... .... S bumway Agriculture Vamriamzl Agfirzzllrzre Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Zetag Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Economics Clubg Agricultural Education Club: Hoof and Hom Club Honors Day 12, 51 JOHN GEORGE KIRIAKOS ....... Ear: Sr. Lonir Engineering Ilflecbalzifal Engineering Cosmopolitan A.S.M,E.g S.A.E. JOSEPH SAMUEL KIRSHNER .... .... C bimga Commerce Ilfiarkelifzg Marketing Club Roosevelt College PATRICIA ANN KrssEr. ,,.............. G11-md Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Ezzglirlv Hilcrest House President HJ g Honors Day Q25 Springfield Junior College WAYNE ALLEN KISSEL ........,.... Bellezrille Commerce Arfolurlarzcy and ll'Im1agenzer1t Belleville Township Junior College PAUL SIDNEY KISSIN ....... Lj'I1bl'0UlZ, N. Y, Commerce Mmmgenrenf and Marketing Clark House HARVEY NoRrsAnA KITAOKA Lai Ange1er,CrrIif. Engineering Mechanical Erzgirleering Parade Ground Units Pi Tau Sigma Honors Day Q35 Wright junior College: University of Cali- fornia at Los Angeles 263 I1,rui,iR .lux KITQH . ll.. lt 1 Liberal Arts .ind Stlcnttx S-fl." :- tn Petite Blilwi H-luxe Preiident Hr, l'm'.t l Uulivlli of. Sl ll-inn N Dux Ill lllrl w4-, X NYC-lt-,An hnwtr I-in-. Xzzrlimx livirirx-.l-.wilt Hn' .,.v Pwr lllur-l-in Ht Serxntx li. is f..- lt,,:,l lxqp.. lgml-in A twin., I litwt Iwi, llllm lvlxumvut N-ttlttx XXHIIU: Rlkllll limi.: lnznmuinu llt. f.:f.'w..:! lfsimntt ,f,. Xrhll . 5A.l', lminx I-nxnxlltp -lunhlv ltllleee. Wilt-ri: lu! ul- Kulleue Xwliix-ti lmxuuv Karim rf'f..."' llixixlnn .lr Sptihll xtrxrttt X ,:.:l' X ,',.:.'. menu Nu Illlrll lim--n frrmmtttre lx H. I.tpl.tln. .XV l-iz.. XXlnu. Ainrlltl N.l.ltt'. ul All hnlttx Nvntltut llmlnewmeti x 'KM-itz.ut1-vrm. l'ruli,i Yxwlil lfttlemltsls I will nrt, t.-lleut XX llullt ,linlnll rulltut lmlxrtx YI:-urn Krrxr t,!n.1- fmiizntzle ,ll,1rl'tz.'1zt- mln' .ll.zrf1itn,lu! Nl.l:l,ttrnu rluh, Smith I-in the ,-Mlnlrnermrlt .lt M.m.luement It-,until lxwxxmilf l'XllXk , ,Igwmiu l.llwLr.ll Arts ,mtl Ntluncs llfvlf-fn flr' ll.mun.l lwt.i. hlerlxlfltt llulw l1,R. Il. llulw. Ylumvfr ltr: Aw-ril.tll-Ill, l..4xx NHNKV Xrxvlrl lluwur Kltrllxlllt r,lt1,.1w lllulmtrmu Ali i lf.1rm.4l I ffl mr l vnu' lun-ll:1f,rr llilme XX Ml C,.rmr1l.i IlfIt,r, I A N.. N Al XX :lx-in ,lumur frfllflqv fwfr l'w1xKrl4!w'.-Ll . lztfnllp IiI ill Arr ,+z.1! N l rl N I' .. 1 1'-fi llwl- il ' .X f"l'l1llll" 411, Alnrnin .M-will It . 1 l f X1 :l1t.rIi.l 264 MX.. Ps XVILLIAM Groizor Kl.i' .,,,. .... C Inmgn K ommerce iudlkfllilg .xml Allzmlgerrxeut Delta Chi Society for the Admnteinent of Management XVright junior fiullege Luxnnmgia Kztmictx .,..,..,,, .. .... Clair-lign Liberal Arts .md Stiences Xp.: 1114 lv Nnble House Phi Eta Slgmag Signm Dclt.1 Pu, House Pres- ident l5I 1 Spanish fluh Honors Dny ll, Il INIARVIORIIS ROBBINS Kxnuxs ,.,. lJ"i1:i.m', lr1,l. Fine and Applied Arts Arr EJIIUIIIHII Signm Kappa Indiana University 'I'rtrN'i' SIMON KNIPPFR.. ,lv11i!t1ll11llti, 11141. Fine .ind Applletl ArtQ Alum Alpha Lhi Rho Stu and Scrnllg Arepug Mask .ind Baulwlel N.ttl0n.1l Cullegmte Pluyerx, Plerruty, Illini Theatre Guild but ll, 2, 3, -U 1 Star Course Manager lllg Men's Glee Klub 1211 XVILL 15, All 1 Fine .ind Applied Arte Snuety Purdue LlI'llXClSIKX1 lllrn-ns Institute nl etlmolirgy T ,Iixm Minnow KNULH ,.... ,...., A '.1pt-fiullt' Liheml Arts .intl Strences Tt'.1ilu'r' Tlrllflllllq HI ljululzvlv Kappa Delta College ul Saint Tarun Hmwrm XVll,l'4FR'I' KNOFBEI. .,.... C.'HHllltI'l!lL' Engineering Elerlriml Erlglrllwllztg Ohm Sweet Ohm Sigma Tnug Tau Beta Pug Et.1 K.tpp.t Nug A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Hnnurs Day li, 43 lllinois Institute of Teelwnulngy Wutmm Hrnmzxxr Kwosvi ..,..,,... C,'lmf1ga Liberal Arts and Strcntes Clielflnlvj Alphil Phi Omegag Omega Beta Pig Spanish I lulw llnnms Day fl, El t.imuuN Nurumrn KNUXVIIN, ., ,Bwlwuriflu AHfILUlfUlC flvlflml Sl lvul i' Agmulturgil lirnnunmlu Clulwz Dairy I'rmlut' turn Klub: Field and Furrmvg Af.Zl'llLUlllllC rlnl-g Hunt :md Horn f,lulJ Hnnnrs D.1y 4-H .ii Joi-IN GRANVILLE KNox ....... . .River Farm Engineering Eleclriral Engineering Psi Upsilon ' Skull and Crescent: Pershing Rifles XVILLIAM KNUERR ,............... .Cbimgff Division of Special Services Ednrufiozz XVitanshire Pierrotsg Illini Union Committee 13, 415 Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff C2,3, 4J: Illini Theatre Guild Cast Cl, 2, 5,4lg XVILLf1,Z,5j GEORGE EDXVARD Koacao .... ..... R orlafai-II Commerce Arromztanry Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alphi Psig Illini Theatre Guild Cast U35 Accountancy Club Honors Day U, 2, 51g University of Illinois Scholarship Key HAROLD JAMES KocA ................. Cirera Fine and Applied Arts Ar'c!Jilvrl1mil Engineering A.S.C.E. Morton Junior College EUGENE MILLARD Kocu ,..,. .... P emiifi Commerce Mmmgenzem Sigma Chi Skull and Crescent: Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag The Daily Illini fll g House President ffilg Freshman Councilg Commerce Council Q41 Honors Day Cl, 2, 35 3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key WALTER JOHN KOCHNUK ,.......... Cbimgfi Physical Education Pbyiiral Education ' Tau Kappa Epsilon RAYMOND JOHN KOCOL ........ .... C himga Engineering ' Civil Engineering College Hall A.S.C.E. Honors Day Q23 Wright Junior College EDWARD WILLIAM KoENIGsMARic.Mflrpbyibaro Agriculture f i General Agricullure Calhoun Hall 4 - Y.M.C.A. Committee 13, 43 g Varsity Baseball, squad 425 5 Dairy Production c1ub:.EieIa'ahaE Eurrowg Hoof and Horn Club , Southern Illinois University ' 'l I I X, A! . l me , ci .vpn ., ...rv i '- gl Si! --22 M:-A S ' , ll, ' .. -: LA WILLIAM DAVID KOEPSEL ........, Wnuleegmi Engineering Clril Engineering Granada Club A.S.C.E.3 Rifle and Pistol Club ROBERT EUGENE Kororu ........... Oak Park Division of Special Services AIt1l'kL'llVI.Q Marketing Club Wfright Junior College JOHN LEONARD KOI-iI.l4l'CKFR ...... Spiingfit-lt! Engineering IIIFFIJHIIIUII Engineering Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Tau Signing A.S.M.E. Honors Day ll, 2, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key TcTsUA1cI KOJIMA .,.....,.. ..... C liimgo Engineering Merbafimzl .Engnzesring Parade Ground Units A.S.M.E. Honors Day 121 S'rANLIzv KOLKER .,.,.. hlwii Roi-brlle, N, Y. Journalism Aa'z'sr'IiIing Alpha Epsilon Pi The Daily Illini fl, 231 Alpha Delta Sigma University of Miami ARMINA KOLMER ........... ,.., W 'urerloa Agriculture Home Eranonzicr Palamar Home Economics Club Lindenwood College GEORGE CASIMIR KOLODZIEJ ......... Chiraga Engineering Merbaniml Eflgillftifilfg A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. St. Lawrence University THEODORE CONSTANTINE KONTOS .... Sfcrling Division of Special Services Marketing am! Erormmirx Phi Sigma Kappa Chi Gamma Iota: Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Honors Day GJ Virginia Polytechnical Institute 265 I ai A J l .L V,-, if 'H F. ET ,gn , 4' ff- El' Q .ik J E- if RIciIaRD GLIXON KOPLL ,, ,1ff:.,I,i Commerce :ictr JII::,:r:.' PIII Sigma Delta The Daily Illini 131, 1ampus L llcaf 13. -lr. Committee on Student :krfairs 11, Mg XYILI. 1-It . Accountancy Club. lnrerc-illegiate Zionist Federaticin: Spanish Club KSAROLYN RL'rI-I Koaa .v,,. .,,,, C kit-.igfi Liberal Arts and Sciences Hzairvq liria The Daily Illini 1lI1 Illini Union Committee 'R avg Illini Theatre Guild Cast Ill: Illini L'nIcin B--ard Iam , Y.XY.C..-X. Committee 15l, 1YJl"l'lPUS Chest 15, -11 1 XY'.A,A. 11, 1, I., -Il . XY' Ci 5, Executive Council 141 1 Stu- dent Senate 13, -In 1 Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Vlass. NSA. Senate Subcomrriittee 15, -Hg Plirliis-,iphy Discussion Club. Social XVelf:Ire A-lminixtration Club. Spanish Club: Teachers- in-Training Club Honors Day 11, 51 1 Hrxisr PAL'L KoRDILAs ,.,. . ... Clizmgfi Engineering .llefliilrzfixrf Evzgzrzffilrzg Noble I-louse AS M.E,. Epsilon Phi Sigma RI1H.-XRD Krmrxr ..., , . ..... ..,ChIcI1gii Lihcral Arts and Sciences Plvl ff,l opliy N-'ble House XYILL 13, 41 , Philosophy Discussion Club Wilson junior College Mirivix AEON KOROL .. .. . ..., Clnrmga Division of Special Services .llailaflzrzg 11-lleige Hall Illini Insurance Society, Marketing Club Roijlaekelt College Drmis Emixr Korrx .. , ., ,Bwolefztlj Commerce .llI1ikv.'1ug am! ,Il.JIIag:,11tIIt Liana Hall PIII KIII Theta H--norw Day 15l R1II1IRI' IAIIL Koroxx ski , ..,. Ckmzgff Crimmerte lr1.!1I-111.11 .'IIfrfI1rIl,ilr,1!mf1 llItI.I Kappa PIII House President H1 , Sfitiety for the Advance' rnc nt fit Management wvsifmri KmI'rL ,, .iI,hII.IgfI f1IrTIrTIcIcrL JIIHIIIIIIIIIL III 'I .III Epsilon PIII 'Ilia IIIIII 12I. N.S.A. Senate Suhifimnnttcr 131. Aiiouritanty fluh, lllIrII Insurance NI- Iievj.. lrirertollegiatc Ztuniwt Fedcratioii. Mar' kcirnu 1 lub rl-Irion Day 12? 266 rg Av Q 'Q ig. an 1 I A we ty , I, , ,.,, x 5 Q4 Q KENNETH EDXVARD KOZA ..... ..., C LTIFHAQO Engineering Merbaniml Engineering A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Illinois Institute of Technology ARTI-IL'R GEORGE LQOZACKA, .. .... Clsimgo Engineering Alerbnrzlinzl Engnieering A.5,M.E. Norcamx RICHARD Kozx' ..... .. .Clmnzw Commerce Arcorzrzmrzfj' Theta Kappa Phi Intramural Manager: Intramural Council 151 1 Accountancy Cluhg Illini Insurance Societyg Society for the Advancement of Management, Student Businessmen's Association: ,Iunior Chamber of Commerce DAVID BRUCE KRAMER. . .......,.. II"I1Ii.Iu' Liberal Arts and Sciences Pollrlral Sllerzre PIII Sigma Kappa Interfraternity Council 12. Sb GITRTRUDE ANN KRAMER ...,.,...,, Clvnigfi Liberal Arts and Sciences Tmrlier' Training III Sona! Sludnf Feline: House Clarke College BIILTON KRAMER .........,,i....,. tflwnigfi Liberal Arts and Sciences Zaalagy Cosmopitlitrin Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Beta PI Honors Day 11, Z, sl XVALTFR Arcrox KRANQF.. ,.,...,., tflwiligo Diiision of Special Services Mechanical E!IgHlFE7lI1g A.S,M.E.g Marketing Clubi S,A,E. DONALD VICTOR KRANTZ ..,.,... .... A umm Engineering Alvrbaniml Engnieernig A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. North Central College RICHARD EDMUND KRANZ ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sports Editor, The Daily Illinig Ma-Wan-Da: Sigma. Delta Chig The Daily Illini 11, 3, 3, 41 3 Tribe of Illinig Wrestling Manager G1 Honors Day 131 KOREEN P1-IA KRAPE ...... ........ I Nlanhanan Agriculture Home Econonzifr Educarion McKinley Hall Phi Upsilon Omicrong Illini Union Committee 111 g Y.W.C.A. Committee 121 3 Illinois Agri- culturist 12, 3, 415 All Ag Field Day Com- mittee l31g Home Economics Club PAUL WALTER KRATZ, JR ....., 51. Lauir, Ma, Physical Education Phyrical Education Varsity Swimming Squad fl, 2, 3, 41 g Dol- phins IS, 41 g Bait and Fly Casting Club ARTHUR HAROLD KRAUSE .....,...... Chicago Commerce Banking and Finance Lundgren House Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg Prae- torians Loyola Universityg Northwestern University BERNHARDT CARL KRAUSE ,.......... Chit-aga Agriculture General Agriculture Agricultural Economics Clubg Dairy Produc- tion Clubg Dairy Technology Societyg Horti- culture Clubg Poultry Science Club Wright junior Collegeg Northwestern Uni- versity CHARLES FREDERICK KRAUSE .,.. .... C himga Engineering Electrical Engineering -A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Chi Gamma Iota Honors Day C21 Wilson Junior College DIARY KRAUSE ............. .... P lainjield Education Hifrory Evans Hall Joliet junior College STEVE KRC ........................ Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Interfraternity Council 131 9 A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. K 5 Tia. 5- -' i. ,Qvf N 1-127' W as ,A Q: X fi , ,R -S xr lx rv. ., -A . 11 Ulf Q I- F N: A QA X af?-'S fl R1 hr la ,Pi hr JOHN DONALD KREBS ............. Springfield Division of Special Services Speech Sigma Nu House President 131: Bait and Fly Casting Club: Illini Forensic Association 1413 Illini Insurance Society ELOISE KREILING .....,............. Havana Liberal Arts and Sciences Baclcrialagy Busey Hall Honors Day C21 MARVIN DEAN KREILING ..,...,... Forex: City Agricultural Vorazional Agriculiure Agricultural Education Club ROBERT JOSEPH KRET ...... ,......,. C hifaga Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Studie! Pi Kappa Phi XVilson junior College GLEN WILLIABI KRIEG .......,,.. Form Park Commerce Marketing and Management Kappa Sigma Star Course Manager 121g Marketing Clubg Philosophy Discussion Club HAROLD RANDOLPH KRITSER .,.. ..,. C henoa Commerce ACEDIIIJIQHIJ' Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club HOXVARD KROAI , ....,....,,... ,,... C hit-ago Division of Special Services Management Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Phi Omega: Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Hillel Foundation Student Council 1515 Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance So- cietyg Marketing Club RALPH DAvm Knusccx., .... .... C hir-aga journalism Radio Flagg House Alpha Phi Omega: Illini Union Committee 1513 WILL I3. -41 junior Bar Association: Marketing Club Wfright junior College 267 A E S inisi 1 , , fv- x ff Ri NIU 2 V . 'I' ,fi 471- 'ir- ,J '13 ,eye A-. till , Q 3, ALBERT josrvn Kun-:N ..,.. Arlinglan Hvigliff Liberal Arts and Sciences Engllfh Student Senate tl, It g Committee on Student Discipline 131: American Veterans Commit- tee: Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day ll, Il RICHARD AIORRISON KUHNF ........ Rfmi-illf Commerce .ll.ulfi'tn1g Flagg House House President libg Marketing Club: Gales- burg Alumni Association H.u:oi,n Ru HARD KULAT ....,....,.. Clvnigv Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Tmrlwr THIIIIHIQ 1:1 Sona! Simila- Phi Kappa Tau De Paul University Auiuxia E1.1z.u+rz'rH KULIG .....,.... Clmiign Liberal Arts and Sciences Sfleiwlv Cfllrcfflml Petite Maison Zeta Phi Eta llonors Day ill -lmx ELINOR KUPFIZR ,..,,.,....,,.. Nnimiil Liberal Arts and Sciences .Ypuniilv Keeler House Spanish K'lub Illinois Wfesleyan Universityg University of XX-'rsconsin LVTILKJRYD KURC HITZFR ,....., .. .Cfbfi-.ign journalism r'illl'i'Vi'fIlIlg Busey Hall Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini lil: XV.A.A. Numeralsg XV.A.A. fl, 2, 3, -ll: Spanish Club Honors Day fl, 2, 3lg University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROLAND ERWIN KURTH ,,,.,.. .. .Cbimgo Engineering General Ellginewing Parade Ground Units University of Michigan: Texas A. and M. fnlluuu 0RX'Il,l.F IRVIN KiiR'rz ..,.,.,.,,., Dr: Plaim-1 Fine and Applied Arts flrfbilerluml Engineering A.S.Cf.E. Brarlley University XVARREN JOSEPH Kurcr-I ..... .... D fmoille Agriculture Flaricullme Floriculture Club GEORGE THEODORE Ku'rsuNIs .... Enix Moline Commerce AffUll71ldl1fJ' Epsilon Phi Sigmaq Illini Masonic Club Leo FRANK KUTZLER ............. IVonkt'goo Commerce lllaflngenzefil and zllnrketillg Marketing Club FRANCIS PATRICK KwAN.Vic1or-io, Hong Kong Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Lundgren House Honors Day Q21 Loyola University LINTON STEVEN KYPTA .......... Collimville Engineering Electrical Engiiieerilzg Ohm Sweet Ohm Eta Kappa Nug A.I,E.E.-I.R.E, ' Honors Day 11, 23 SUE FEROL LAHI. ....... ,.....,.... O ok Pork Liberal Arts And Sciences Xui'Iulu4u.1-V Theta Upsilon Shi-Aig The lllio 125: Illini Union Commit- tee ll, 2, 3, -ij 1 Y.XV.C.A. Committee fl. 21: XV.A.A. ll, 5, -ll: Spanish Club MARI.4N RUTH LAAIR. ........ ..,.HeI1in Agricultule Home ,Eronoriiirr Sigma Kappa Y.W.C,A. Committee lil: XV.G.S. Executive Council l3l 1 Illinois Agriculturist 13. -ll 3 XV.G.S. Ball Committee 15D 1 Home Economics Clubg Teachers'in-Training Club Southern Illinois University XVALTER LYLF LAMII ...,..,... .... B ifuuul Agriculture ,'l,i4r-fniorriy Chi Gamma Iota: Field and Furi-ow - STEPHEN I.AMuoIN ,...........,., .SL jofupb - i I DoI.oREs RosE KYZIX'AT ............. Cbimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences -, Teacher Training in Biology Stratford House Teachers-in-Training Club Herzl junior College I I . il? i - 1 il EDWARD FRANK LACI-I .... Pmb Amboy, Commerce , . -4 A6f0ll71ldf7fj ' College Hall , 5 Accountancy Club 'ls 1 L' I , ii . -l A 'I f if N 5' f' r f STANLEY HOWARD LADER ..... .... C Qieqign Commerce ' l Marketing . ' Roosevelt College R , p4 ' V . 1 if ll , 33: 'tl 1 2- f I ,I lla . ,-, , .,,,q. MY 'NN I , as 'itz A V 'M t L I . x :i ff--gf., jk , f 25 J Engineering illerbauirnl Ef1gim'ering Concert Band 15, 41: Marching Band fl, 2, 3, -llg First Regimental Band 11, Zjg Mens Glee Club t1,2,3l KATHRYN MARTHA LARIITRELHT. ..,. Fr-ookfofl Education Elementary Ednrofiorz Sherwood Lodge Joliet junior College: lllinois Wesleyan University HERTY SAUL LAMPER11. ...., Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Denial and Zoology v--5 I2 3512. -. BENJAMIN ELMER 'LAMPITT. . .. .... Pekin Engineering Civil Engineering A,S.C.E. Murray State Teachers' Collegeg University of Iowag University of Chicago KENNETH XVARD LARIPORT ...... ...Dahlgren Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Ohio State University: Evansville College 269 , 4-v 1 fi, 1 'U 1. I INIAURICE LEE LAND ...,,.,,., .. .Et-,field Agriculture l'0carim1al .1gf1r.fii'm' if Alpha Tau Alpha: Dairy Production Club Southern Illinois University YERNA ,ILNE Laxors , ,... I..1'l:ui1i'le Liberal Arts and Sciences Sguzrzril' Slierxxood Lodge Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 1311 Komen S Glee Club 1-11 Blackburn College GEORGE HOUSTON L,-tNDIS,Blin1.'u 1.11714 Allrlf. 1 ommcrce Altzrkfizvzg Phi Delta Theta Senior Manager Intramural Athletics: Tribe of Illini: Intramural Manager 12,513 Ath- letic Council 141 1 lblflIflgX5ti'i'ifl KENNPTH EUGENE LANDRIITH. ,..., Sf. jwepb Engineering Elprlvirul Erzglmwiug A,I.E.E.-I,R.E. EDGAR EARL LANDRH ,.,..,. Spfmgfield Fine and Applied Arts Jimi! Erflicallwi Concert Band 11, 2, 3. 41 3 Marching Band 11, 1.5,41g Mens Glec Club 131 Rr-MRT I.ANr . , ,, ,,... U".1ti:k.i Dixision of Special Service: Jlillnlfilrlt' Htta Theta Pi Rimini QIKAIU LANF , ,.,. illazmnu Engineering ljlirtrntil lfrleirzitvmg Kappa Sigma A.l.E,lj.-I RL. Miililuan State 1iillcuL srwziiw' Iv.-.'. l,N'-1i..lx'lrf.'tlltlJ Pink, N. l. Iii-.ision wi Special Nur'-nes ,1i,m.1.w mt nl xi., ict, tor tht A-i'.iriif,:1ifqrit 1.1 Manauernenr 270 6 'I 'Q'-I Cmusr james LANGAS .............. Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Zaulogy The Mansion Epsilon Phi Sigma: German Club Roafar JASON LANKSTON ,........ Briflgepmr Engineering Merbanmzl Engineering Triangle Pi Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E, LEONARD MYRON LAPPE ...........,, Cbimgo Division of Special Services Poliliral Science House President 141: American Society for Public Administrationg Philosophy Discussion Club: Society for the Advancement of Man- agement CHARLES VINCENT LARocco ....,,,. Bellwood Fine and Applied Arts Indnririnl Defigrz Chi Psi Illini Union Committee 12, 31: Illini Theatre Guild Cast 131 3 Star Course Manager 121 RICHARD ELXVIN LARSEN ,.,,. . ....Gilman Commerce Acromztanry Sigma Nu ' , Accountancy Club: Marketing Club DONALD Kxurrs LARSON ............ Rockford Commerce Perramlel l1'ld!lr1gemH1l Minawa Lodge Chi Gamma Iota: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Illini Christian Fellowship 12, 3, 411 Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Man- agement: junior Chamber of Commerce Honors Day 131 ROBERT LEONARD LARSON ,,...,.. .Rncklard Liberal Arts and Sciences Polilirnl Srienrc Delta Sigma Phi President, Y.M.C.A,: Ma-Wan-Dag Sachem: Star and Scroll: Phi Eta Sigma: Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 15, -11 3 Y.M.C,A. Cabinet 12, 5, 41 : Interfraternity Council 121 : Student Senate 15, 41: Committee on Student Affairs 15, 41: Audit and Supervision Committee 131 g Vice President, Sophomore Classg Chair- man, Independence Political Party 151 : Com- mander, Battalion of Midshipmeng Phi Beta Kappa , A . . Honors Day 11,2, 51: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Rov Garmin LARsoN, ,IR ...,. .. .Cbiraga Commerce Acrornzlanry Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club ir, .CEDWIN MARTIN LASAK ........ ...... C bimgv Engineering Mechanical Engineering Theta Kappa Phi .A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. RALPH HARRELL LASCO ........ ...... A ntincl: Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Gazund Heights QHARRY LASH, Jn. ................... Danville 1 Division of Special Services i' Commerce and Geology iv Phi Kappa Tau lflllini Theatre Guild Cast 12, 3? 3 House Presi- iaenr 4455 Mews Giee Club 41, 2, 3,433 A 'ECappella Choir QJOHN ENGs'rRoM LATEER ...... ..... P axlan ' Commerce Markeling i Marketing Club i Bradley University r L igioeeivr WILLIAM LATEER ...,. .... , .Paxton Agriculture I Floriculture - ,J lpha Zetag Pi Alpha Xig Floriculture Club E, onors Day C51 Gwersv ADAIR LAUFER ........... .. ,Hamprbire Physical Education i Pbyrical Education 1 Lincoln Avenue Residences - .Alpha Pi Deltag Major Ig W.A.A.iNumera1sg W.A.A. fl, 2, 3, 41 g Terrapin- 16235, fijlj ,-Physical Education Majors Club - E ' l ' , . A-.F :gi , tg A xi 3CoRINNe LAusci-rice . . ....... . .wr .Cliiiago ' Education -A-I J 3 W Elementary I7 I if li ,I ' ppa Delta Pi 12' I' M' i..4 , .Mundelein Collegeg Northern Illinois 'Statial ' eachers College 1 IEONARD LAUTER C g Commerce ,fi Tau Epsilon Phi bi. Gamma Iota House Presiden V Epella Choir C1 2 31 Choriste'i'5 I 'I nors Day Q1 21 oosevelt College -iw ru. . I: .- ii' xv 1 i 1 2 V. I i ,,o2- ,- ' L 'il Q S , it as l I sl 'flli 4 'Rx .fl 9 ' -, .......... ..... 5 'aim v . - i 'KQVQV f., Markeling 1 li ' il?-A Insurance Societyg Marketing Emir! ig , . ' li J I N, 1 i Ti' 'e . GLORIA JEANNE LAUTERBACH .... ....Cl:icaga 11, i - c:,. ! if 'Q N if neun- ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lincoln Avenue Residences RICHARD Lee LAXVLER ............ Bsardriozwz Commerce Indunrial Adminirlrarion Beta Theta Pi Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigmag Sigma Iota Epsilong Star Course Manager Q27 5 Stu- dent Senate Ml L Coordination Committee 141 5 Concert and Entertainment Board 13, 43 1 Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day Ll, Z, 51 L University of Illinois Scholarship Key GLENN DOUGLAS LAXVSON ..........., Cirefo Engineering Meclfaniral Ezigineeririg A.S.M.E. Morton Junior College ARNOLD HARPER LEARNER ,,., . .. .Cbimga Commerce Marketing Lundgren House Praetorians University of Wisconsing Augustana College GERALD BEAR LEAVITT ........ .... C bimga Commerce Marketing Zeta Beta Tau Interfraternity Council 12, 3. 41 3 Varsity Gym- nastics Squad U, 21 5 Marketing Clubg Phi- losophy Discussion Club NICHOLAS joseeii LEAVITT .......... Chicago Division of Special Services lnduxtrial Engineering Society for Advancement of Management CARTER NoeL LEBEAU ....... .... C bicaga Commerce Marketing Accountancy Clubg Horticulture Club: Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management Wilson Junior College jeANNe GLORIA Lee ................ Demmr Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Kappa Delta Y.W.C.A. Committee C-U3 W.A.A. Q03 Spanish Club 271 Ihxi Nlisim l.lC.luxm . rli.nnf'.11uu l.ilwUal Arts .mil Niitihcs llrrffrfi Rnxioxo Lrsrizn Lfr, lil. ,':':iirlfr Law lam 1 Phi Alpha Delta: junior Bar Ass-itiati-in Lastcrn Illinois Stan 1-illepc l --..f , A., siiiii-Us hllllllll l,il . , llril I ornrncric .ll.ifKi.:f1g Iau lpsilr-n Phi lioartl ol liiattrnitx Affairs tl. lll Atuvunl J ,ini x I lula, Marketing I lulv ' iii-' X ' lqwittalr tollcut louis Axiix Liixux .... llrfffuilr-'n Dixisiiin ul Spuial Niiitcs llclta bpsilon lloiisc Pic-sitlcnt lil fiiriiiiic Iii l,IIPlR ,llififu Voniim-:it Iui!1.i.fr1.1l .-lifrrflfzlizmfrffu lixxiii Ru Lili ,. , . .,rlm.iu, Iltluaatiun lili mt llhlfl liifm .ifmn 6 A l ,K, l, I lulw a Illini l' foniniittcc Ill, Illini 'lhcatic il V E s Ilnilil fast ll l 1 Iaiupus I ht-st Url 1 XV.A.A, N iii - - f laiiwisily ol Wlisuinsing Ninth Pall, lnl 74 N tic , iliulnlicis' follt-gc X ' L "lei ir ' , ,wr .l :A ' i- I s f- Xiioui llaiuu- l,it.iuxm . ...i!r4irf11f.i1w fuiliiiiciit' .ll.1fl'tl1ui' Niurna thi llnlla liariiiiia Illia oo- lli-ici II I inn , .ll1.1m1. lla. lil'-rral Arts .intl Ntiuitu l'r. ,lliilrilm l'i laiiilula l'lii Illini l'r,iun I--riiriiillu IJ, 3. Ill lllmi W llicalu fniil-l Plifiliii firm Nlall ll l , lllliil ' hi llivarrr lmilrl las! 4 I I li, ii..l,..i-. lil, ii, yi Ft". 272 s I ' li 'Y ' ' - fx ' I Cfl. -Mfg bianca Lou LEHR .,.....,.. ...... R ark Falla Education Pbyifrul Eflumlion Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Illini Theatre Guild Production Stall ill I.roN,-mo Lmuowi'i'z ....... New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pi'Yyi'l1nlogy Brooklyn College Hrrvax' Aivnaifw Lriuiftitra ,.,, .... L 'bfmmgu Engineering rlluilmlliiuil EIIKIFILTHIIIQLI A.S.M.IZ. XY'riglit junior College lN'lARl:lN Hazifi. LFIGH ,,........ ..Eaf1 Lrlllll Liberal Arts and Sciences Cf'J:'mn1iJ' Phi Mu Alpha Lambda Deltag Iota Sigma Pig Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 12,1 Lllg XV.A.A. 1-llg Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day ll,2,5l1 University of Illinois Sthularship Key Frnfmaaic tjoamiv LEINIZR ,....,. , .Cullmii-ille Engineering Eli'i'Iriml ElIgflIL'L'!ll1xLf Ohm Sweet Ohm A.l.E.E.-l,R.E. St. Louis University ANNr'i'Tif LEISTEN ........... Neiiunk, N. 1. Liberal Arts and Sciences Phila ruplvy Lincoln Avenue Residences I Alpha Lambda Delta: Illini Union Committee 15, Lllg Illini Theatre Guild Cast l1,3, 4lg French Clubg Philosophy Discussion Clubg XV0men's Cosmopolitan Klub Honors Day tl, 2, Sl Virron Wiiriaai Lnuo. .. ...Clfimgfz Law Lnu' Delta Theta Phi Pmrw HOWARD Lnmniimt.. .... ll"nnkrgan Commerce flrrnfnllanry Lhi Psi Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad lll, Award ill: Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Honors Day ill ROBERT FRANK LEMsicEx' ,... .... W nnkegrm Commerce Arroznilmlry Chi Psi Beta Alpha Psig Illini Union Committee Q23 3 House President 1-IJ 3 Accountancy Clubg M:ir+ keting Club Honors Day fl, 31 XVAYNE ARLO LEMBURG ...., Drrrenpml, Iowa Commerce Pea-mmzel Almmgefirefrr Phi Eta Sigma: Marketing Clubg junior Chamber of Commerce Dfxrtro LENCIONI .....,..... ...01mmf Commerce Alnrkrlmg Delta Tau Delta House President 131 1 Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club ROBERT ERNEST LENZ ,...., ........ I 11111111 Agriculture Vafaliomzl .'Igl'lL'lllflH'E' Second Regimental Band ill: Gamma Delta Honors Day 12, 4b jor-IN FRANCIS LENZINI .......,.... Cenlmlin Engineering Elerlrirrzl Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Centralia junior College JOHN GERARD LEoN ................ Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medirine Annex Hall Wright Junior College DEANE CLAUSON LEONARD ....... ..GlaJlard Engineering Eleclriral .Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. MANDEL LERNER ................... Cbrrago Commerce Marketing and Management Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day 15, 47 3 Bronze Tablet ai-"Q, N f . es , l eva -Tvs . it W f sw 2 'Baths' 1.- , .- ' :N s- VS ,ci X,45s.,t ...N is ,sis . .Qsfjesss.Qf:sf1.iet 2 P as 33,7 are Q ' rf' ,Q . Q , .fx k ing: RITA SUE LERNER ....,...,.....,,. Belle:-ille Liberal Arts and Sciences Sf'c'c4'b Alpha Epsilon Phi Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Zeta Phi Eta: The Illio lljg Illini Union Committee Ill: Star Course Manager Ill: Y,XV.C.A. Coni- mittee Ill: Illini Forensic Association I-Ionors Day ill LAURA jmx Lrsrasmx ............ Clwzzpdiqn Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Eazgllilw Alpha Gamma Delta Giforzci Your LITSHFR ,...,.....,.,.Nww.1l Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Clwnllcilry Dornoch House President fi! Illinois Stnte Normal University lNIA'r"rHrxx' NIICHAEL LESKO.. ........ Clviinfhw Liberal Arts and Sciences B!IL'lEYi010gJ RonER'r GEORGE LESLIE ,,..,. , , . ,Clviinigff Commerce Mrzmrgerrzenl Reennh KENNETH RUSSELL LESTER ..... .... C lurrfgo Engineering Ciril Engineering A.S,C.E.: I.T.E. josnprr RAYMOND LETE. ,. ........... .lift-.wc Fine and Applied Arts flr'rl1iIerlm'r A.I,A. Eau Claire State Teachers' College: XV.ish' ington University Ronrnr ALLFN LFTTAS ...... Kurinicr Ciry, AIU. Division of Special Services rllariragrnlwzi Zeta Beta Tau Illini Union Committee 12. 3, -ll: Major, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Military Councilg Sczibbard :ind Blade Virginia Military Institute 273 x Q V! I -if its I A i.,i'i.""i' g, .3 ' -fr-'LH l"-u- it -U' ., . .Er J , .T 1 - , 5.mL'rI. DAX'ID Lrvexsox , 1 fm.-u" Comrnert: .'Il'1:11mf.1i,'.'n Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma. Beta Alpha Psi: Acc-auntantt Club, Marketing Club Honors Dax' 11,1 Br. L'r-nxereiti nt Illinois bclwlarsliip Ke. Liixrrn .-Xxxr Lriix ,, ,Cfvnurgfi Liberal Arla and Stienrcx EU-r,wfI1.Ii Linri-ln :Xxenue Residences I1-I 1 hi, Illini L'ni-an itiriiinittee 11, Sl Ililriiiix Dax 45-b 'lure INI.-iR'I'Ix LEHN ,, , . ,. tlimzgn Fine and Applied Arte Architecture lllini Theatre Guild Pr-irlutti-in St.ItI 45.43 ,lou r Sixiaia LI:I'IN, .,,Chimuo Education Erlgllilr Busey Hall H-in--rs Day tl! llmwirco Biiimfmo Lrvixr ,Nur York. N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sricnres Cifllllllllfj Flagg House Phi Lambda Upsilon, PI Mu Epsilon Honors Day 133 aiuioun Liiximg . ..,, NUI York, N. I'. Engineering Eleilrltrif lfngnliirluu A l,E,E,-l.R,E. Honors Day ll! AIILXIN Bexxox Lmiri , ....,.. Clvimpo Division ui Spetial NLINCCS lrrduiimll lirilglmirlllg Parade Ground I'rIits lluuxu President Ml , AA M.Il.g Society for Ilia Ailxanrcrnerit vit M.IIi.iueIIIcnt H-inrrrx Day HJ jwiifii Liuiiire , . .. ., flinugy Artx .iiirl Stir-mes Miffilfiiil XW.'It.if.-litre l:.Ii, Mariagii lti, l'mIcrsiIy f.liuruS ltr, lfriilcil Wlorl-l Izziltialists lliiiim-. Ilay il. Ji 274 t t EL? X: - ,VTP-C 1 -yi y , 5 .,,, . .Eg Y I: 5 Hr :- ' 'LS Y 'F .nu , nh K if A I 'ST' fn ,c A RUSSELL OLIVER LEWEI' ....... . . .Hillrboro Agriculture l'ocr1lmi1.1l .igrlmlluve Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Tau Alphag Y.M.C.A. Committee CZ, 319 Second Regimental Band tl, 21 g Illinois Agriculturist tl, 2, 5, -Hg Agricultural Council 15, -U 3 Ag- ricultural Educution Club: Hoof and Hom Club Honors Day ll, 5l Soma Rose LEWIN .,..,...,.,....,, Cbiniga Liberal Arts and Sciences Spcllllfli Ivria Sigma Delta Pi: Intercollegiate Zionist Federat- tiong Spanish Club Bfxiaearra LEE Liaxvis. .. ..i.i. ....,.., I II-rim Liberal Arts and Sciences Ellgllill Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee 15. all 1 Illini Theater Guild Production Stati 451: Illini Theatre Guild Cast 137: Y,XV.C',A. Committee 151: Tempo I-ll: junior Prom tiommittce MRCMUTISIY College BONNIIQ PREBTON LEWIS. ........,.. Cbiiuiga Liberal Arts and Sciences Speefb Covruflimz Illini Theatre Guild Manager ll. 23 DANA MENDEL Lifxvis, VIR. .,.. , ,... Hermmn Agriculture Vnraliorml .tlgrirnltmu Nalnor House ' Alpha Tau Alphag Illinois Agriculturist 145: Agriculture Council HJ 3 Plow Boy Prom Committee 133g Agricultural Education Club: Rural Life Club GLORIA Lrwis .....,........ ..., C bimga Education Engllrb E.K.T. Club W.A.A. H1 Roosevelt Collegeg North Park College GRFTCHIQN LEWIS ...........,. Lfiuirenrcville journalism .'idwr.'lJirIg Delta Gamma The Daily Illini CZ, 3lg Y.W.C.A. Commit- tee IZ, 3, 41 M.IcMurray College Lvrn DEAN Lsxvis ..,........,....... Riplry Agriculture Vuratianal Agrimllure Alpha Tau Alpha: Agriculture Educxition Club Westei'n Illinois Stale College MARY Jo LEWIS ............,.... Mr. Verimn Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirlory Pi Beta Phi The Daily Illini l2l 1 Illini Union Committee 121 Hockaday Junior College PHILIP HOXVARD Lewis. JR. ..... Liirrrefircrille Fine and Applied Arts Larzdirizpe Arrhilecirmi Sigma Pi Illini Union Committee 15, 413 N.S.A. Sen- ate Subcommittee 13,-ll: Fine and Applied Arts Societyg Landscape Architecture Societyg Fine Arts Ball Committee 135 Honors Day 11,21 ROBERT FOREMAN LEWIS ..,... ..,.. C liiiiilufi Commerce lllzlfkcdllflg Barton House Illini Theatre Guild Production Statl 13, 411 Illini Theatre Guild Cast 13, aill Illini Theatre Guild Board 13, all 3 Marketing Club ROBERT HAMILTON LEVUIS .,...... ..EllI1blH'.Il Engineering .Elerlrlral Eugizzeifrizig Mansion Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug Pi Mu Epsilon: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day Q21 ROY REED LEWIS ...... .. ,SL Pelersbnrg, Fla. Fine and Applied Arts Afrlyiteclural Engineering The White House M.I.A. Executive Councilg Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Scabbard and Bladeg A.I.A.g A.S.C.E.g Fine and Applied Arts Societyg Illini Masonic Clubg Marketing Clubg Sphinx Clubg Art Club St. Petersburg Junior Collegeg University of Lorraine FOOK HO LI ...........,.. Kwanliuzg, Chinn Engineering Mechanical Engineering St. Mary's College ALAN Louis LIBMAN ............. Champaign Commerce Acrazmlanry Tau Delta Phi Illini Theatre Guild Cast fl, Zi: First Lieu- tenant, Air Force Wingg Arnold Society of Air Cadetsg Pershing Riliesg Icarusg Accountancy Club Honors Day 111 HARLEY DAVIS LICHTENBERGER ...,., Lombard Commerce Accountancy Chi Psi Accountancy Clubg American Legion Post No. 9095 Marketing Club s Ir , I .id gum St? YZ"'7 JOHN PAUL Lici-rriin .......... .,.... C bicago Engineering illerlnzfimil E!7gl7IEt?l'If1g Phi Kappa A,S.M.E.g S.A.E. JOSEPH I.IDDl ..,.......,.,, , .... Berwyn Journalism Ailrerliiizzg Theta Kappa Phi Morton Junior College SIDNEY I-IEIIRIAN LIIfIsErisrEIN ,......, Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Phi Epsilon Pi Illini Union Committee l3l1 Illini Theatre Guild Cast l3lg Y.M.C.A. Committee 45lg XVILI. 1-ll 2 Illini Forensic Association University ot Missourig Roosevelt Collegeg Northwestern University JOSEPH LIEBOW' ..,.......... .,.. C lyiriign Commerce Acivlnllzzrzfj Lundgren House Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club: Prae- torians Wlright Junior College JUDITH LIFE .........,..,,....,... Cbzmgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Evans Hall Illini Theatre Guild Production Stat? f3lg WILL HJ 5 Orchesis flj g Illini Figure Skat- ing Club HAROLD LINIJAHL .......,........... Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Ezlgirieering Phi Kappa Psi A.I.Ch.E. ANDREXV CHARLES LINDBERG ,.... .... C mlm Engineering Eleclriral Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. JOHN ARMIN LINDEMANN ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Delta Chi Star and Scrollg House President t4j 3 Intra- mural Manager C1, 231 Senior Ball Commit- teeg First Lieutenant, Air Force Wing: Arnold Society of Air Cadetsg Pershing Ritlesg Phalanx Northwestern University 275 Rxvsroxp VlO5FPH Li MHFR Xin Y vi ry: N. T. Engineering El't..".'.,:r' lff.'4,g ',', if ist T-vnmluxxlq. Tribe wr lllinz, Xfrivti Gxmf mmm Squad ul 1. it '4'. IU!-V ll. li 'I'- .Xl E E,-l.R,E. Alilrxxr Eliztarvi iii L1xm,nrx if-.u.1t Liluxxl .Mtv ,md ififnwnz XX 'XA i1l,,'X,I .S RL l4lRl -Iwi-ix l,rxlwvJL'lxr4 'IR lfrhrll' I vrmmtrtt fl.i f,wr,-x.w- - illltll Delhi l lil Xkiiiixu fluuvri I.ixivwx' I.i.n14lffu rrvmrnerte ,ll.ui't.'.'f.'t .mtl .lI.:r,'.1trrr if ' Menu flii Nlirquetle hnixervrx. lllin-in XX'esley.rn l rirvtrxltn filer AIARTIN l.lxrxxrRuvr . , tlwrdufr Fine .intl Applied Arrv flu fv1.'ai1nv,1l Izngmr r mu Mirmvx Karin liixlrvxru-vi . . ,I,.1l'.1rt:lt Aurirulturt Gimml .luvzrlflllur lfirm H-luxe Alplu Zetti, Phi Fm Nngrndg Y,M,f JK. Bmriil ill Direct-in I ll , Y,M,f .A, Cumrmttee 43. il H, lllinirrx Aurutulturivt lib, All Ae lulrl Div, luiiiniittet Nil. Plum Hoy Plum f--xmnxitte iii, lln-.4 .mtl Hum Kluh ll'-rr--iv llix ll, In limunr llxmi l.INlNllUlNl . Sii,1n1,,H liriuineeimu Itnlmfr Iirlufurrvlrlri l7clr.r Nieriri Phi :Xt x, ll' rm-. I-rein l,l'.-. , 411. ,,' I-lrirnieni, ,limi-,11n. .X wr ir- x flnlr, Nllrl-:cling Klulv 276 ' PL vw l . i i,Y,7 - v z - F v A ,ss pr 2: 5 I il fl t lf. v i 'S I it ' 1 an W ,A NJ , c l 'RK' sa i, ' v 05312, '-1 x ,N GEMRD Fiuxeis LINSNER ,,.... ...Cbimgo Agriculture Geneml Agriculture Bait and Fly Casting Club: Hoof and Horn Clubg Poultry Science Club: Rifle and Pistol Club De P.rul University Watrrn C HARLES LIPINSKI. .. .Cbimgn Engineering Elfrlriral Ellgfllttllflg Neunun Hall Chi C-.imma lotng Phi Eta Sigmng Pi Mu Epsilong A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. Honors Day Ill SHFRMAN VlliRUME LIPPA .... Winllunp, Mlm. Commerce nirrolnzltnzrj Honors Day T51 Simru ARONIN LIPPITZ ,..... .... C lumirn Education Elunlrrzlaly EJln'.1lmu Lincoln Avenue Residences Arcruun f'r.iN1'oN LITCHFIELU ,........ Pekin Liberal Arts and Sciences Clwrrlical Erzglmmlug Alpha 'llzu Omega A.I.Ch.E.g Illini Masonic Club Southern Methodist Univereityg Bradley Uni- versity Ricnfmu W14sLEv Lrrrrnsr ...,...... Dvmlnr Fine and Applied Arts flflllrll' Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoning Lnncert Band Hb: Marching Band 121: Firvt Regimental Band 4213 University Orchestra ll, 3, 453 Men's Glee Club 121: A Cappella Lhnir 13. 41 james Millikin Unlversityg University of Louisville Euvvix CH-NRl.lfh Lrrrrr ........ Toledo. Ohio Division of Special Services zllavkvnrzg Phi Gamma Delta Varsity Track Manager: Skull and Crescent: Tribe of Illini: Marketing Club Glxrvirm MAnir Ll1'T1.i- .,....,, TuleJn, Ohio Agriculture Home Erfnmmlri Chi Omega Associate Editnr, The llliu: Phi Upsilun Omi- cron: The lllio tl, J, 5, M: lllini Theatre Guild Production Stali Hb: Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee tl l 1 Panhellenic Executive Council lil: junior Prom Committee 131 Honors Day H1 DON REED LIVERGOOD ........,...... Decizmr Fine and Applied Arts Arclsilermml Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon A.I.A.: A.S.C.E. Michigan State: Millikin University RALPH LIvrNcsrON ,....... . . : .Cbimgn Commerce lllfllliigzllflillf Zeta Beta Tau Illini Union Committee 12, 3. 45 3 Illini Theatre Guild Manager 11l 3 First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Military Council: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Market- ing Club Honors Day 12l IVIARY Louise LLIQWELLYN ......... LaGrange Education Gmeml Science Kappa Kappa Gamma Lyons Township junior College XVILLIAIII RICHARD LLOYD ............. Gimrd Agriculture Vocalmfml Jigflflllllll e Illico Alpha Zeta: Chi Gamma Iota: Alpha Tau Alpha: Agriculture Club: Agricultural Ecoa nomics Club: Agricultural Education Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Illini Masonic Club Honors Day 12, 5, -il: University of Illinois Scholarship Key GEORGE RAPHAEL Loci-QHART, JR .... .Chimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Soriology Omega Psi Phi Interfraternity Council 13l XVILLIAM THORNTON LocIcHAR'r...Haapemm Commerce Arrolmlanry The Daily Illini 13l: Y.M.C.A. Committee 141: Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: junior Chamber of Commerce JEROME HERBERT LOEB .,....., .... C bingo journalism Radio Kappa Tau Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma: Mask and Bauble: Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini 13l: Illini Union Committee 13,4J: Illini Theatre Guild Manager 143: Illini Theatre Guild Cast 145: Y.M.C.A. Committee 1-U: WILL 1453 Scimitar Honors Day 11, 23 Illinois Institute of Technology ROGER RONALD LOEFGREN ..... , ..... Skokie Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho A.S.M.E.: Marketing Club Honors Day 135 1 'Eu-Q.-' RICHARD TI-IoAIAs LOExvr ,..,. Elmzrood Park Engineering Electrir'.-zl Ezzgineeriazg Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: Tribe of Illini: Varsity Wlrestling Squad 11, 2, Sl, Letter 123: Var- sity 150 lb. Football Squad 1Z,5l, Award 12, Sl: A.I,E,E.-I.R.E.: Chess Club Honors Day 11, Z, 5l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key DAVID LOGAN .,......,..... .,,.. C bingo Commerce zllnrkerlng and Erarmmirr Theta Xi Tribe of Illini: Varsity Golf Squad 11, Z, 3, 'HI I-Cflfl' 12,5,4l1 Bait and Fly Casting Club: Marketing Club Illinois Institute ot Technology: Oklahoma City University KARL BAPTIST!-T LOHM.-NNN, JR, ...4.,, lj:-limm Division of Special Services PI-1 I balogki Alpha Phi Omega: The Daily Illini 12, 4l: The Illio 1-il JAIIIEs BLAKELY LOHR ,.... .,....... C bfi-Ngo Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Annex Hall Roosevelt College BRUNO THEODORE LOI-IRIIIANN. ,.... Leuzbnfp Liberal Arts and Sciences Palilical Science Granada Club Gamma Delta KARL JUNIOR LOI-IRMANN ............ Berwyn Eine and Applied Arts AY'I'bjlBfIIll'E Alpha Rho Chi Gargoyle: House President 1-il Honors Day 11, Zl Morton junior College: Hamilton College DANIEL HAROLD Loire ..,.. ,....., . .Claimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Clarrrlirlry Barton House Alpha Phi Omega: Spanish Club W'ilson junior College HOWARD INIORTON LONDON ..., ..... C bit-nga Commerce flrmlullrzury Barton House Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta Sigma: M,l.A, Executive Council I-tl: Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Praetorians Honors Day 115 Wriglit junior College 277 JOSEPH HENRY LONG. ...... Commerce .'lrI'i11n::,111rji Accountancy Club: Marketing plut- Wright junior College. Michigan State College BIRNAIIFTTE ASX Loxrgaxxa. . . ,Chem Physical Education Plfyizixil I:iln..z.f1iii1 Beta House XY..'X.:'x. Board 1-ll. Naliir l. XY..'X.A. XII- merals, XY'.A.A, 11.1, 3, Al. Phxsital Edu' tari-'in Maiiihs Club .l.-NMFS XYILLIARI Loxcrsr ,, l!'.'I'f:H121"I Commerie Mark: Il rl 4 Y.M.C.A, Committee I-ll 1 Ensign, Air Force XVing3 lllxni Forensic Aswriatiiin, L'nited Wlirld Federalists Dimmu XVARNER Loxx Commerte A-iirnfrlzliiuii Theta Delta Chi .Mr-'runtanry f lub l,I'1HrR lNlOHI.ER LORAMI-, AIR. Engineering be EleI'Ir1I'nI Eli-Qlllr wfury P' Ngrna Chi A l,E.E.-I,R.E.1 Synton lhiversity of Chicago juris LFROY LORENZIN , .llriyrrfwj Liberal Arts and Sticnces CM fnlifry XYGRRIN ,lol-IN LoIz,, Im: H",1'i:1u. Ind. Dixision ii! Spa-Lial Fervltes illrzlhi mrlllr I 190 lb. Xarsxty Football Squad lil Q Illini In- suranie Society Depauw Universityg Miintana Ethu-il of Mincsp lndlana Uriixeisity PAIJI -li-mins LoI'i,IAx , . lirllrizllr Fine and Applied Arts .flvilwli I fmt A.l.A. Southern Illinois Lfnixersity 278 XVILLIAM MICHAEL Loxx RY .... ...Champaign Commerce llldfkfllflg Marketing Club CLIUIJE ALFONSO Lurrursr .,......, Cbirrigo Liberal Arts and Sciences Clii'r11l,ilv-I A.l,Ch.E.: German Club EDGAR XVALTER Lunxxiu ..., Ei'.nm'1Il:, lull. Comment CUlVIlVlt'H'!lIl Tvrirlvlrig AIILHAIIL XVILLIAM I.LIDxvIG. . ,. .... Sfgul Engineering ,-irfrouallllriil Erlgmeeriug Chi Gamma Iota: Gamma Alpha Rhog l.A.S. Honors Day ll, 3l Murray State Teachers' Collegez Indiana State Teachers' Collegeg Iowa State University VIRGINIA Goouxvmn I.IIuxvIr9, . . ., .lfi-limi.: Education E1!IlL'llli0Il of Mwllrllly Harldlrapperl Alcestis Y.XV.C.A. Committee ll, El Q University Or- chestra ill: Repertory Orchestra 121: Stu- dent Religious Council l5l 1 Scabury Founda- tion Student Council 12, 31 BYRON HENRY LuERs .... ,,..... S pringfii-ld Liberal Arts and Sciences Erounmlri Alpha Tau Omega lllini Union Committee 137: Freshman Var- sity Swimming Squadg Varsity Swimming Squad Ml: Dolphins H5 Carleton College FRANK JEROME Lurcfis .....,...,...,.. Clrera Engineering lllerlmlliml E7lgllll'L'l'Illg A.S.M.E, Morton junior College MARJQRIR HARRISON Luicmw. .. .. .Prim journalism Editorial Leeman Lodge The Daily Illini 12, 3, 41 MacMurray College RAYMOND WILBUR LUKEN... .... Allan Commerce Marketing Delta Chi The Daily Illini 131 3 Illini Union Committee Q5, 41 g Interfraternity Council CZ, 51 3 Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Honors Day Q11 WILLIAM FRANK LUKITSCH. . . ., .... ,Clainzgo Commerce Banking and Filllllli? Fireside Chi Gamma lotag Varsity Baseball Squad 11,41 Honors Day CZ, 51 Carthage College ARLO GENE LUNDBERG ...,...... Rock Irlrmd Engineering Melallur-gy Sr. Ambrose College BEVERLY ANNE LUNDBERG .... ,... P nymn Journalism Ad1'e1'Iifir1g Lincoln Avenue Residences Illustratorsg Phi Kappa Epsilong Theta Sigma Phig W.G.S. Executive Council 15, -I1 2 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 13, 415 Market- ing Club Honors Day fl, 51 ALBERT Louis LUNDGREN .... . .. . .Wamga Agriculture General Agriczrllnre Alpha Tau Alphag Illini Theatre Guild Cast C215 Y.M.C.A. Committee 151: Intramural Manager Q21 9 University Chorus U 42, 3, 41 3 A Cappella Choir 12, 3, 41: Choristers C313 Madrigal Chorus 641g Illinois Agriculturist mg WILL 12,1415 Illini christian Fel- lowship 15, 41g Intramural Council-Q21 3 Ag- riculture Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Field and Eurrowg Hoof and Horn Clubg Rural Life Club EDWIN CHARLES LUNDIEN ...,...,... Cbimga Physical Education Pbyriral Ednratiorz Phi Epsilon Kappa: Cheerleaderg Varsity Gymnastics Squad 12, 313 Freshman Varsity Squadg Dolphins 141 Iowa State College BURTON RUSSELL LUNDQUIST ........ Chicago Agriculture Agricultural Science Club Esquire Wright Junior College: De Paul University ROBERT FRED LURIE ............... Oak Park Engineering Illerbarlical Engineering Annex Hall M.I.A. Executive Councilg A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. I I ... ,M I Q l 63 P I Q ii' i . -4 . 1 x I f si fesff a w.:-an '--' I : -if isflzb qi., Q4 X E. t-. .. f ' . ,. x ' .g az ,. lm 'N N ll 'QA 5 5. , .,,, X -- .. , s..-0 -nr +1 .yi 2 JOHN XVARREN LUSIQ ....,...,,.,,.,. Qnim-y Commerce Munrzgemerzl and Markeling Four Columns Marketing Club Quincy College RICHARD Louis LUTHANS ........ .... P earia Engineering Elerlriral Engineering A.l.E.E.-I,R.E. Wright junior Collegeg Bradley University KATIArIn'N ANN LUTZ .....,.,...,,. Ezrrriilurz Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrbalagy Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Boardg Shi-Aig Alpha Lambda Deltag Psi Chig The Illio fl, 21 3 Illini Union Coma mittee il, Z, 51 3 Star Course Manager 12, 51 3 Panhellenic Executive Council 131 3 House President 1413 Freshman Councilg Freshman Frolic Committee Honors Day 11, 2, 513 University of Illinois Scholarship Key THOMAS DAVID LUTZ .......... New Donglfu Agriculture General Agrimlfnre llli-Dell Illini Theatre Guild Cast 121g Agricultural Economics Club St. Norbert's College MICHAEL EDWARD LYNCH .......,.. Lexingian Division of Special Services Ilfluthemaiirr Lundgren House Illinois State Normal University NORLIAN MARTIN LYNN ..... Hammond, Ind. Division of Special Services il'.ldY'kEllHg Phi Sigma Delta Chi Gamma Iotag House President 1-113 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 131: Student Religious Council C21 3 Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council C31 3 Marketing Club Honors Day 141 KENNETH BALLANTINE MAACK ....... Cbzmgo Commerce Accaunfanry Grinnell College GORDON Low MACADARI ,... ., ..... Emrmon Division of Special Services BIIJIVIEJJ i'i:I'l71l7Il.ffl'l1ll0Il 506 Club M.l.A. Executive Council: House President 12, 31 Loyola University 279 ,Io POND INIACDONALD ,,.......v .-O.1k Pure Fine and Applied Arts Painting Gamma Phi Beta Illustrators: Illini Ifnion Committee llll Y.XY',C.A. Committee lla -IAx1cr XYIINIFRED BI.-'lCDOL'G.'lLL,. .Rlfitjairl journalism ,'idr'er1.', Zeta Tau Alpha The Illio 12l: Illini Union Committee ill. Y,XY'.CA. Committee lla ROBERT Bori-to MACK ......,.. .... C fluiuigfl Engineering Clrzl Ezigzizssimu Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma. Tau Nu Tau: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 11, 5. -ll: L'nixersity of Illinois Scholarsltip Key S'raxLi3x' DAVID MACK ,,.,.. ,,.....,. D :Ami Liberal Arts and Sciences Clvemlrnl Engnlei img Elagg House A.I.Ch.E. ALEXANDEIL james IvlaCKuixt .,,..,.. Clmuign Agriculture Aninzal Sciirlue Delta Kappa Epsilon Illini Union Committee 421 5 Y,M.C.A. Com- mittee Ill DONALD INIACMILLAN ,....,,...,. .,,, 1 aliul Engineering Elertrlral Euglui-ernzg A.l.E,E.-I.R.E. -loliet ,lunior College Airmxtiitn ELLIS lwlacpninsox...Sprimghelil Commune Illizrmucnlwil Alpha Tau Omeua ALr:t PAUL MAnAnAsz ,...... .... D lwnmu fommerce Jiri ffnrflamj Newman Hall Accountancy Club: Marketing Cluh Honors Day Ill 280 "Num E' W .5 ,A+--P ' Q M' iw i f e e 21272 Q13 A , I, , V iiiitft K ld T t ,Af v I v " 1 7133 gi-. , V -51 A I A-.I - 'i Q ji' ls, ir' ,L iifeigga: I s lt' :uh --fn' I e -A 1 F, as H401 GEORGE XYlII.I.lAM INIADDEN ,... .,.. D enum Commerce Mrzrkelmg Sigma Alpha Epsilon Beta Gamma Sigmag Phi Eta Sigmag Illini Union Committee lllg House President UIQ Marketing Club Honors Day ll, ll Grouse XYIALLACE Manuox ,.,.,... Glen Ellyn Engineering Geueml Engineering A.S.M.E. Unix ersity ot XY"isconsin w'lLLI.-XM Enxesr IYIADDOX... .... Dizniflle Agriculture Vaiuzlionul .'Igl'jL'lll1IH'? Illini Union Committee ll, Z, 533 Plow Boy Prom Committee 4351 junior Prom Commit- tee: Agricultural Education Club GEORGE Euxvaao IVIADER ....... .... W 'izrerly Engineering Erzgineermg Plvjrirr Ohm Sweet Ohm Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilong First Lieu- tenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Pi Tau Sigma Honors Day fl, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key XYIILBERT JOHN INIAGERS .......,..... Cherie: Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiixzl Ellglllfffillg A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day fl, 31 Missouri School of Mines EARLE IRYLNC. MAGID ........ .. .Chirago Commerce Mavkelwg Marketing Club JEAN MAGILL ...,.........,. ..,. 1 alle! Agriculture Home Erfmomirr Alphi Phi The Daily Illini 133: Home Economics Club joliet junior College i RALPH FRANK MAGLINE. ,While Plaim, N. Y. Commerce E!'0!I0lIIilI Gazund Heights House President iZ.5l: Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club VINCENT GUY MAGORIEN ........,... Bamuia Engineering Aeronauliml Eugizzeerilzg Fireside Chi Gamma Iota: Gamma Alpha Rho: Illini Union Committee Q-Hg I.A.S. Honors Day C25 New York University: Indiana University XVILLIAAI JOHN MAI-IoNEv ,... ..... 0 nk Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology Aiky Hall HAROLD KAY MAIN .......,. .,.. , flllarm Agriculture Animal Sriwre Alpha Tau Alpha: Y.M,C.A. Committee 131 : Agricultural Education Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Poultry Science Club CARL EUGENE MAKEBISON.. ......,. Dfim-ille Division of Special Services Illurzagemfnt JOSEPH VINCENT MALEK ...... .... C ima Engineering .Mecbnrliral Efiglmsrizzg Chi Gamma Iota: A.S.M,E. Morton junior Collegeg Pennsylvania State College ALBERT MALELO ............ .... C liimga journalism Adl'f1'IiIlIl.g College Hall The Daily Illini f1,2yg The Illio 11, Zl: Illini Union Committee 11,533 Y.M.C.A. Committee l1,2,-U3 Marketing Club: Stu- dent Businessmen's Association STEVEN MALKOWSKI ..,..... .... C icem Engineering Ilfleclaaniml Ezzgiusei-mg Barton House A.S.M.E.g Industrial Education Society: Labor and Industrial Relations Associationg S.A.E. University of South Carolina Lois EVELYN MALLICOAT .... .... C icem journalism Adiferiimzg Evans Hall Illini Union Council C411 Illini Union Com- mittee C31 Q Marketing Club Morton Junior College .L-, L I V G. e Q4 r.1mii35?Ef't.5 , ' T- ,Si Am ...,..E. v., as ALLEN BERT MALNAK ..........,.... Cbirfigo Liberal Arts and Sciences Znofagj Roosevelt College ROBERT RICHARD MALONII ,,,,. . ,Br-myz Engineering Gemmzl Er1gim'rrir1g Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: A.S.M.E. Morton junior College IXIARGARFT OLGA IWIANCE ...,.,..,. Cbwrlfffflwr Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Tmming in Spanirb Evans Hall Spanish Club Southern Illinois University DEWEY IWIANCUSO ,........ .,...... R mkfmr! Engineering Aerorinlrlirizl Ezzgnzeering l,A.S. Eau Claire State Teachers' College NORMAN MANUEL .,...,... .... C hir-.igo Commerce Aim-keiing Alpha Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club Roosevelt College PATRICIA MARION MANGLER ...,... ..Cl1ir-rigo Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirlmj Kappa Kappa Gamma The Daily Illini QU: The Illio 421: Illini Theatre Guild Cast Ill: Y.XV.C.A. Commit- tee 141, 21 DONALD Ross MANN ...,,.... ..,. I Xliumuo Agriculture Genera! Agrirullzmf Alpha Zeta: Illinois Agriculturist 1-ij: Field and Furrowg Rural Life Club Honors Day Il, 3? jfirrns ELLIS MANN ......,... I...- 1 hon Commerce Ilflarkulirig Chi Psi Fencing Manager 125 Honors Day GJ 281 8. 1 r L, S- '5- .1 6- Af . R 4-.I . X1 ,i. ,I -I if . . 7 cd-I r I Y I .!. Ncsra JEAN IVIANN ....,.,... .,.. i Hizmena Agriculture Home Erorzomzrr Gamma House XVesley Foundation Student Council 1433 Home Economics Clubg Rural Life Club ROBERT EMANUEL INIANN .... ,,v.. C laimga Commerce illarkeiing and Ei'u11amic,r Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Student Re- ligious Council l5, -13 1 Hillel Foundation Student Council 13, 43 3 Campus Chest Alloca- tions and Advisory Board Q53 3 Intercollegiate Zionist Federation: Marketing Clubg Philoso- phy Discussion Club Honors Day 153 Roosevelt College Soi, MANN , I .,...,,....,.,..... Cbimgo Engineering E1Ectvlrr1l Ellgimerirlg Alky Hall Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nu: A,I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Electronics Club Honors Day Wright ,lunior College XVILLIAM CLARENCE Maxx ..., ,.,., D tmziille Physical Education Pbyrlfrll Eglzmzllorz Ma-XVan-Dag Tribe ot Illinig Varsity XVrest- ling Squad ll, 2. -13, Letter tl, Z, -I3 WH-iijrrrt MANNABERG . ,............ Chicago Fine and Applied Arts .4ri'bi1ur1nre A.l.A. Axorio Tom Mums .t.,t..,,...,.. Cbztuiyqn Division of Special Services illurliigulrlulzl Curevada Manor University Orchestra HIL Accountancy Club Rorirnr LEE MARCH ,...,,.... . ,Calumel City Commerce Pcrmmzcl Mi1m1gi'n1i'nl JUHN WARNER Mancus, .... ....Chiraga journalism Edilorinl Tau Delta Phi Sachemg Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini 41, 2, 3, 43g Interfratcrnity Council 113g Var- sity 150 lb. Football Squad 62, 33, Award 12, iilc University Chorus ll, Z3 g Men's Glee Club 123 g A Cappella Choir 113 g WILL 1335 Hillel Foundation Student Council IZ! 1 Intra- mural Council f43 3 Ensign, Battalion of Mid- shipmen 282 -rye .G-I 6 ,Af . '35- '-H, . 'Q' X H- i' " 'wr' ' ' fa ' l i s Sflff-fi' - f Y ,,.. r. ,J "-- z , .- .i cv rf VDO l l 1' I 3 f 331 iflvqlfr .S fit W .assi 5 .5 BARRE MARDER ,,.., ..... , ......... C birago Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Delta Phi Interfraternity Council 123: House President i Q-431 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day Q13 HENRY MAREK ...,........... .. .Berwyn Engineering Ciril Engineering A.S,C.E. Morton junior College 1051391-I lu.-KREK ..,......... , . , ,Berwyn Engineering Ciril Ellgilzeering Annex Hall A,S.C.E. CATHERINE Minzircos .......,..., Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Barleriologj' Alcestis Honors Day 423 ALVIN LXIARKOYITZ .,...,........... Cbfrago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zuology Herzl junior College GERALD MILTON Mfuucs ....,....,... Cbimgo Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E,-I.R.E.g Illuminating Engineering Society: Intercollegiate Zionist Federation Honors Day ll, 2, 33 RONALD PERRY MARKS ,.......... Rank Irland Division of Special Services Adferlirirlg Hillel Foundation Student Council 13, 43 1 I.A.S.g Intercollegiate Zionist Federation: Marketing Club Michigan State Collegeg St. Louis University FRED Mimxus ..................... Cbimgo Engineering Mecbaniml Engineering A,S.M.E. RENEE PAULA MARKUS .... .......... C himgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Xi Delta W.A.A. 12, 5,4lg French Club: Rifle and Pistol Club: United World Federalistsg Ger- man Club University of Heidelberg DONALD LEE MARLIN ,.,...., . ..., Carmi Engineering AKI'0I1Hllli1'dl Engineering Fireside House President Hi: I.A.S.: Illini Glider Club JAMES LESLIE MARMION .,.,.,... Cbampaign Division ot Special Services Markezmg Marketing Club CAROL LAVERNE IVIARQUARDT ......,. Cliimgn Fine and Applied Arts pllillllllg Delta Gamma Illini Union Committee tllz Fine and Ap- plied Arts Society -IOHN NEIL MARQi'Is ........... Bloominglan Liberal Arts and Sciences P,iJi'bnlogy Kings' Row - House President 15, -ll: Dolphins 13, All Maryville College FRANCIS LEROY MARSH ........,... Widllffgzlfl Commerce Management and Perrmznel illarzngemerif House President Q21 3 Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management ROBERT WILLIAM MARSHALL ........ illnnuon Fine and Applied Arts Arflyilerllzre A.I.A.: Fine and Applied Arts Society ALDO ANTHONY MARTIGNAGO. .Sz. Lmm, Mo. Commerce Ilfiamzgemenf Theta Xi Varsity Football Squad MJ: Letter 151 " TT f wr x Qs x x R N flu' Z Q: 1 ,. 2 .. ..:i..i ,A .-.-. Q rg, 1:-.b s N . VSN skis I 9 I -fs A-'Ps J ...Lei I CII.-iRLEs ELVIN INIARTIN ..,., .... I Ili-Hemli Agriculture I-lgv'lu1rlIl1i'.If Ecollollricl Farm House Men's Cilee Club ll, 5. U: Illinois Agriculf turist tl, 51: All Ag Field Day Committee ll, Sl: Plow Boy Prom Committee 125: Ag- ricultural Economics Club: Dairy Production Club: Dairy Teclinology Society: Illini MA- xonic Club DONALD CHARLES MARTIN ..,...... Oak Pnik Engineering Elr'ffrli'I1l Ezzvqiiziviiiig ELA Kapp.I Nu: Pi Mu Epsilon: Illini Chris- tian Fellowsliip ts, -ll: ArI.E.E.-I.R.E. Lincoln College ,losrri-I IGNATIUS IVIARTIN, JR. FI, Sum Hanrtinz. Trx. Division of Special Services jivznaziilzrnz Dolphins 1-ll LEONARD XYIILLIAM INIARTIN Diixvsl Hill, Pwm. Liberal Arts and Sciences Splzrrirb Chi Phi The Daily Illini ill : Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 3, Ai 3 Y.M.C,A. Committee ill : Inter- fmternity Council 15, -ll : Spanish Club: Tencliers-in-Tmining Club IVIARVIORIIZ ANNE MARTIN ....,...... Synmnm Liberal Arts and Sciences Snriolugy Illini Union Committee 1-it g Y.XV.C.A. Com- mittee til 1 Rural Life Club IXIARY TAYLOR IXIARTIN ....,..,....... Elliieii Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Hillary Phi Mu The Illio tl I: Y.XV.C.A. Committee tl, Zi: Spanish Club: Tecichers-in-Trziining Club Honors Day 133 RICHARD EDGAR IVIARTIN ...,.... Blmzdiunille Engineering Aei'mmlrlii'i1l Eflginecrlng Brentwood Gamma Alpha Rho: House President Q-li: I.A.S. Western Illinois State College RUSSELL GEORGE INIARTIN ,..,. ,,., B nrkley Commerce Armlnilimry Accountancy Club 283 WILLIAM EUGENE MARTIN. ........ Centmlmc. 4 Liberal Arts and Scientes -'iq Tearber Training in Bmlory ' v. Honors Day 153 - '- Centralia Township junior College - -I E WII.I.IAIsI THOMAS BIARTIX ........ Springfield Liberal Arts and Sticnres Cbeniiuij' JOSEPH MARTINEC .. .......... .... B erzuyn Division of Special Serxites Flnnnte Clark House House President 13l1 American Legion Post No, 9003 Illini Insurance Sriricryg Junior Chamber of Commerce Clemson College XVILLIAM IXIERRVIT MARIINIE . Agriculture . . . . .fklanm Vafrzliullal Qlgvlilillliit Alpha Tau Alpha Illinois State Normal L'nIrersity GORDON VUILLIAM M.uzI'x'N. .. Engineering Ciril Eflgimrrlilxq A,S.C.E. LaSalle-PeruvOglesby ,luninr I l .. .... LaSalle I -Ll allege ' 'NF-i .fi PHYLLIS ANN MARVIN ,........ .....Dar1Iul1E, Liberal Arts and btiengs Tearbl-r Training in Snrml Sfudler . ' PIII Beta Kappag Alpha I..Imbtl.I Delta 1 House' President ISD: Spanish flubg Teachersfirf- ' Training Club Honors Day fl, 2, il g Unixuisily of Illinoisi Srhularship Key -ml ,ewan ix" '. M. . . 85,5 Armin MASON .,......,...... Higlil4m2'I3,a - Liberal Arts and Sticneesq 'i' - P.1j'l'bology Alpha Phi Terrapin BJ ..,4.,,vI li, ' i I, J .4 iffib .sr .1 3- - ANTHONY MASSETTI ............ '..1R32:kjo Liberal Arts and Seientcs' JJ: Q 1 f Pr-lr bul fy, 284 . Tang , rf? fu nfl rd" ' mfr!-+7 4 'le Q 5' nr.. 1 Lf til 'UN Gi- 71' li fur tw-v. f Y 'Kmsrr MARTIN MATHISEN.llfl Mir-IJ. '. Engineering lu Civil Enginserinr x chi Epsiiulrg A3s.c.E. Honors Day f2,.5l University of Michigan x '. 1 Garson MATQESIAN .......... , nire City Engineering Civil Engineering Varsity Football Squad 11, 2, Varsity Wrestling Squad fl, 2, 3, -il g A .E. I MIaru.E MATTENSON ..... ..,. C bil-ago Law Lan' Barton House Nu Beta .Epsilong The Daily Illini Hilg junior Bar Associationg Law Societyg Prae- torians Cornell University: University of Minne- sota: University of Chicago HAROLD EMMONS MATTESON.DIIllkllk, N. Y. Engineering Illerlmniml Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day Q33 WILLIAM JOSEPH MATTHEXY'S ,,.. Ml. Pulaski Agriculture 0Agmnarny Hill Hall Illinois Agriculturist C453 Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club: Horticulture Club ' ' , I 5' r RALPH 'CHEg'l:ERr,IMATUSlAK. ..Chir-ago Heiglm I 7 C merce N Argglnlarlry Pi Kappa' Phi Accountancy Qlfub Honors Day QU i C ' i I . , I 'K Q s MAX Euoiarus MAIJIg .......... .... C ai-ey t Engineering Elffffltdl Engineering AA.I.E..Er-I.R.rE. ' . , . . I. - .. ' win, rr. '13 Q . . A .I Mfr-we x '- A AQ.-, '-alfa ' - .- w 'fe I Av-'QL Jew- I, . D l 4, .3 .IQ I JAMES 'WL' .........,.... Clinton fQi,yis'idiI-Agof, Special Services ' Qs: bnlogy Psi Chifp'Marke'EA4 Club Honors l'lf5y'fZf5l' ' Millikinf'Mii'lgEIl9Y .I l 1:27 75447 .Q ' ,. ga. ak A P 'l' I-' 'Q It - CMH4 A RAYMOND JAMES MAURER .... ...... E lmbnrrr Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbfmiilrj' Omega Beta Pi JOHN DUNCAN MAvoR, ,.......... LaGrange Commerce Markeling amz' Mamzgemenf Phi Delta Theta Marketing Club: Spanish Club Lawrence College DALE STUART lNlAY .......... ....... C bicngn Division of Special Services Bzuiizefr A-ldmiriirfratian Illini Glider Club Muhlenberg Collegeg North Park College: Loyola University JOHN BERNARD MAYER ............. Cbimgu Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Traiuiizg in Hifmfy Parade Ground Units Gamma Delta JOHN WARREN MAX'ER ,..,........ Glefzifiauf Engineering Illecbaaziml Engirieering Triangle Star and Scroll: Phi Eta Sigmag Interfrater- nity Council 131 Honors Day fll HORACE MAZE ..,.........,.... ...Dnpa Engineering Ilferbaniral E!Igi7IEBl'iIIg A.S.M.E. l MERRILL JAMES MCALLISTER ...... Ware:-nzfin Division of Special Services Agi'ii'ull11re Alpha Gamma Rho Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club HOWARD JENNINGS McBRiDE ...,.... Cbimgn Division of Special Services llflarketing Illini Union Committee 1315 Campus Chegf 131: Marketing Club 1 W in A 5 .i ., ,::::g,g.,,-Q .,.. . E - J- Z sl' 'e ' ' if-M 'wt ,R J , ,.,i, fi , ..,, , ' 5-2-::. WIFE?-Ia . I t S va , ex A S ?. ., AQ :af t 44 Q Y V1 "3 ROBERT COOKE lXlCBRlDE... ...Aledo Commerce Mizfkeling Granada Club The Daily Illini 12, 3. AH: Basketball Man- ager 121 1 Phi Chi Eta: Scabbard and Blmleg Marketing Club GEORGI' MCCAIN .....,....,......, Clviinigo Engineering Eletlrmil Ezzgiileeimg Sigma Phi Delta A.I,E.E.-I.R.E, Honors Day lll FREDERICK JOHN MCCARTHY .... ,Sprmmgfield Division of Special Services E!'0?I0lI1ll',f mid' Mnrkeliizg Kappa Sigma Baseball Manager ill Honors Day ill CARL JAMES McCAusLAND ...,.. .,Amvri,1 Agriculture l'amIiomzI Agv'it11llln'c Alpha Zeta: Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club Honors Day C31 Chicago Technical College ROBERT FRANKLIN MCCLATCHEX'...Kil71k.IfiF Commerce All1Il:1ge'7IIF7If Marketing Club PERRY WHEELER NICCLELLAND. ...Springfield Agriculture General .-igrinzlzlrre Farm House Plow Boy Prom Committee ISP: Hoof and Horn Club Springfield ,lunior College FRANCIS JosEPH IVICCLUHAN ...... Cbillii-aim Engineering Elerlriml EIIgiIIz't'!'f7lg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. St. Bede's College ROBERT MCCLURE ............. Blaomingmn Commerce Conlfzzvrre and Lau' Sigma Alpha Epsilon XVestern Michigan College 285 R S.- ' 'Q 3 4,,,i:?5 '71 Q, 'gh' ROBERT Enwrx IWICCLURE .,,.... Il.rif:i:,ib1lfg Engineering Elgclrlcnl Erxglrsrti ft A.I.E.E,AI,R.E. Mrllikrn University Grmirw X'rxcExr Mct oriui I,-f','.',1g'l Engineering C::ilEi1pnntr.'f:c Theta Kappa Phi Cllr Comma Iota, House President 15lg A.S,C.E. jamie E1,1,sxx0R1H ltietr-M14 , tlifr-.150 Engrneerinu Givllvrill Elltllilil if A.S.M.E 1 S.A.E. ,Iurrs Ct'll.lN Mctcwxr . , r"l:.'.zqo Liberal Arts .intl Sirentcs .YitU'- ll it Parsde Ground Units Campus fliest HI. MIA, Iixcturixe Council HU. House President lil. -lunr--r Asw- LIJIIHZI XX rlslln -Iunriur Colleue, fdtliolit bnrteisrty Romnr Krixxuru lXlr,t,R.-it icrx, -IR. , Liwmigtl Fine and Applied Arts ,'Iri'lvlii'lnrt Alplu Tau Omega A.I.A.g Fine .intl Applied Arts So- elety Hon an R11 HARD Mr! I run r-r ., lim: Agritulture xilgrlrnllnirsl Swirl. Sigma Pi Eustern Illrnms State ffttlleige Rourn Lrr Mrf,ur.rm ri .ullouwmrfrfi I ommerte limrzonmi .mil ,llrnillnlg Monmouth College. Nt. Norbert College Hnizrsrnr Eunrwr IVIl1Cl'RIJY Nftnlf .lfimfr I :immune :Ir r fffinlnrl All-Ilia Sigma Phi Star fourse Mannucr IZ, Rl. Actriuntarny f,luh. Marketing Club Aurora College 286 J Q , W ,A,, Y , i, . 'Mt JAMES GERALD INICCURDYW ...... . .Wyoming Agriculture Vocational nlgrifulture Nabor House Alpha Tau Alpha: Y.M.C.A. Committee tl, 2, Sl 3 Illinois Agriculturist Q41 3 Wesley Foundation Student Council 1313 Agricultural Council 151: Agricultural Economics Clubg Agricultural Education Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg Poultry Science Clubg Rural Life Club MAURICE EUGENIE IXICDANIEL .,..... Retlrnun Division of Special Services Arionriltlurj Accountancy Club, Fine and Applied Arts Society Michigan College of Mining and Tech- f1"lf'si' ORX'II,I.E KENNETH MtLD.ix1rr., . , .t,.'b.ifup.iigf1 Division of Special Sertices Cmrlfrlirri Roruirtr GILBERT MCDONALD, -IR. .... Llwmgo Commerce .-lrco1n1.'.1m'j Newman H.ill Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg junior Chamber of Commerce Honors Day ll, 51 VIMQFNT JOSEPH INICDONALD . .Grilmn Engineering Ele'drfr.1l Erzwqlrlnfiizg Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.- I.R,E. Honors Day ll, 1, Slg Unixersity ot' Illinois Stlrolarsliip Key Timmins OWEN MCDONUUQH ...,. lilmlmm Commerce flIariUl17g Newrnan Hall Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Lords College Frmwcrs Fr.ArRi2 MCEI,HINl:X',, .,..., Trzmfviro Liberal Arts and Sciences Sptuurb Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lambda Deltag Sigma Delta Pig Spanish Club Honors Day Il, 2, Fil: University of Illinois Sclmlarslrip Key INIARGARET JEANETTE Mr Etvftrx Iy't1Illl'illHvil, WIJCHIIJIH Agriculture Home Erulmmicr Delta Delta Delta Phi Upsilon Omicrong Illini Union Committee 1513 Campus Chest 1313 Wfesley Foundation Ml: Home Economics Club Milwaukee Downer College RICHARD HANSON MCFADDEN ....... Robinson Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studie: JOHN LANTZ MCGLONE ...,.,....... Harvey Division of Special Services At,l'El'1lJlllg Alpha Phi Omegag The Daily Illini 111 3 The Illio tl, 2, 5l1 Rifle and Pistol Club WILLIAAI JAMES IVICGONAGIL ........ Chicago Engineering General El1gllIE6l'll1g Phi Kappa Sigma Morgan Park Junior Collegeg University of Chicago RALPH ORSON MCGRAW, JR. ....... El'dlI,flUl1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Safer Engirzeeiiug Chi Psi First Lieutenant, Air Force XVing: A.I.Ch.E. PATRICK HAROLD MCHoon .... , ..,..Defa1nr Engineering Civil Ellgllliiflllg A,S.C.E. James Millikin University CYNTHIA SUE MCILHENNX' ..... .... R urbziille Fine and Applied Arts fliurif ..EdIlL'dIl0ll McKinley Hall Sigma Alpha Iotag The Daily Illini: Unia versity Chorus C415 Fine and Applied Arts Societyg Spanish Club DORIS RUTH MCKAY ......... ,....,... J alier Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Ecanamicr Theta Upsilon Illini Union Committee ill 4 Home Economics Club Joliet Junior College RICHARD NEIL MCKELX'EY i......... Belleville Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Kappa Sigma i' I K' - 1 'ig' ' 5 fs J I is P 11 , f i WN fo fir, Q W. . 1-sv' 6' 53' Q f 55 ' 1 5' , J" H -, -. 13 , in ' U 1.3-5 g C- an 3.1. .5541 1- , '-:1:,,::.'. -3- , Sri .' . X S , "5fsrit2il?' 'v . , ',1.:,-,gin "sg-1 I f'- :If-' sn-Us ' 'Lvl' J '. A 1 'qv' ' .rf-W--, v Q5 JEROME HENR5' MCI-CENNEI' ..,...... Sterling Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbev11rli'y German Club CHARLES HANNAAI IVICKIE ..... .... O nenla Agriculture VOUZIILVIIIII .'lg?Il'lllllll't' Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigmag Agricultural Edu- cation Clubl Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day Q51 XVILLIS EYIERETT MIiKIxxEY, JR...Sl1elb3i'1lIe Agriculture l'ol'l1li0mil .-igiwlilllzre Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Clubg American Legion Post No. 909 Eastern Illinois State College JACK CQLLYER MCKINZIE ..... .... D fwrille Commerce lllplffillllg Sachemg Tomahawkg The Illio ll, 2, 3jg Marketing Club MARTHA MCLEAN ..,........... Bloamnlglarl Liberal Arts and Sciences Socialagj Kappa Delta The Illio 11,235 Illini Union Committee ll,3,4Jg Illini Theatre Guild Production Stan' 1115 McKinley Foundation Student Council Q-il: Social XVelfare Administration Clubg Socialist Study Club JACK WALKER MCMORROXV ...,...... Slrcnlor Division of Special Services Ecouomirr Tau Kappa Epsilon ROLLAND DELANE MCMULLEN .,.....,. Pekin Division of Special Services Eranomirr Four Columns Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Honors Day 12, 31 JOE HOWELL MCMURRY, JR. .... Bellf, Twin. Division of Special Services f'IgYll'Illllll'8 Barton House Agricultural Law Club: A.S.A.E.: Horticul- ture Club 287 jaitrrs XYIILLARD McNaDB ....,..,.. Lt: Grange Engineering Electrical Enginifrzrig Zeta Psi Skull and Crescent1 Eta Kappa Nu: Varsity Golf Squad li,-H: Freshman Varsity Golf Squad: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day tl. It ,lor-rx BICDIAIR ..,..,, ,. ,. Dablgrm Agriculture slgficlilllnili Xilcfirc XVesmen Committee H1 1 Wesley Foundation Student Council ISI 3 Field and Furrowg Rural Lite Club jaarns EDWARD LiCNAhl.iR.k ,.,,.. .llnnmnmlr Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Srfrlizi jllldicll French Club: Teachers-in-Training Club: United XV-wrld Federalists Honors Day ill RODFRT DOUGLAS MCNEII., .,... .... S tremor Division of Special Services Markelmg nm! .lIi1r1.rutmer1l Phr Gamma Delta American Society for Public Administrationg Marketing Club DONALD CLARINCE lNlCXY'.-KRD ,.., Morrirozzzrilla Education Getleml Sci: 11' Illini Blackburn Club Blackburn College Crrxx FRANK MCXViLLr.mrs ,.... Champaign Commerce ' Air'ff1r11z.iuti Accountancy Club Mrllikrn College: Unitersrty of South Caro- lrrra, University of Mexico BYROY JOHN MEFHALLS ., ...G'eorgr'laurn Liberal Arts and Sciences Br1r'lw1fi!ffui Epsilon Phi Sigma Hnrrx Manjonrrs lNIr,rirsrinrrP ..,. ..0uk Pirrk Aurrculturc Harm lfcfuiffmli r Presbyterian House University Orchestra ll. fl 288 . ' Q 1 sa ' fziw W? ii P'1" .9213 3 rl- GERARDINE MEERMAN ...... . .. . .1. .Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirrry Price Club House President Hb XVilson junior College Hfxzizr. LAVERNE Mrrns ,....... ..Cbt-rmpiugn Fine and Applied Arts illurii' Sigma Alpha Iota: Y.XV.C.A. Committee fl, 2, 43 3 University Chorus Hlg A Cappella Choir IS, ng Illini Christian Fellowship ll, 3, 5, -ll JUHN Ci-mrttfs Meomx ..... .... H inzunzi Commerce zllaizngenierll Kappa Sigma Baseball Manager ill 3 Second Regimental Band tl, 21 1 Moingwena Honors Day 121 VVILLI.-XM CARL IUEISENHEIMER ...... Crurrnlia Engineering Civil Ewzgirzeerirlg Centralia junior College EMMA ICATHRYN MIZLLHER ....... Sjtrizigfiela' Liberal Arts and Sciences Socialugy Beta House Alpha Pi Della Springheld junior College CARL jursrsnr Mmm ...... .... Noknmir Engineering Civil Ellwklllfliillg Tau Beta Pi: A.S.C.E, Bradley University ROGER CALVIN IVIELLIZM .... Cedar Fully, Iowa Fine and Applied Arts Arflvllerllnrs Gargoylu Honors Day QZ, 35 Iowa State Collegei Lawrence College EDXVIN DALE MELLON ,,.. . ..,... . . . . .Barry Division of Special Services Hirlory Lux Mundi M.l.A. Executive Council U, 413 House President 13, 4l 3 Teachers-in-Training Club Huco JAY IVIELVOIN ......... Highland Park Commerce Afcamrlancy Zeta Beta Tau Concert Band fl, 2, 3, 413 Marching Band 11, 2, 3, 453 University Chorus IIN: MCIVS Glee Club CI, 2, 3, -Hg Dolphins IS, 411 Freshman Frolic Committeeg Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Honors Day fl, 2. 513 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ALIRIOHAMED ABDLILKAREEIII MERION Bombay, India Engineering Agrirlzlllnal Engirzeerillg Cosmopolitan A.S.A.E.g Association of Students from Pakis- tan and Indiag Moslem Students Association FRANK STURTEVANT MENAGH ..... Huoperlan Division of Special Services Recreafion Delta Upsilon Varsity Swimming Squad 4213 150 lb. Foot- ball Squad IZ, 3l. Award C33 CARLOS Ivo DA COSTA IVIENDES Sao Paulo, Bmzil Engineering Civil E!lgiI7iEV'I11g A.S.M.E.g I.T.E. JOHN ROBERT MENEES ....... ..... C bimgn' Engineering Mechanical Engineering Witanshire Illini Union Committee 13, -Hg Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff GI: First Lieutenant, Army ROTC Regimentg Caisson Clubg Persh- ing Riliesg A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. ELLEN JANE MENZEL ............. ..Cbicngn Physical Education Pbyrical .Ed1lCdli0I1 Evans Hall XV.A.A. 1571 Orchesis 122, Physical Edu- cation Majors Club EMIL PETE MERANO ............ Spf-ingielrl' Division of Special Services Managemem and Marketing Marketing Club Springfield Junior College DONALD JEROME MERDINGER ........ Chicago Commerce Accountancy Alpha Epsilon Pi The Daily Illini C213 The Illio fllg Hillel Foundation Student Council C133 First Lieu- tenant, Army ROTC Regimentg Caisson Clubg Phalanxg Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club: Rilie and Pistol Club Honors Day 11,27 ' 75- ' gf: me QQ avg. E l CALVIN I.owELL IXIERKLE ,........... Hunley Engineering Mcrlmnicizl EPI,QilIEUl'iIlg XVenatchee Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta Sigma: A,S.M.E. Honors Day fll FRI'DI'RICK Jon lyIFRsaAc,H.BIzy Villmgv, Ohm Division of Special Services Bluiflers pldmlrli-111111011 Chi Phi Sachem: Football Manager t1,2,3lg Am- vets Post No. mg Illini Insurance Societyi Marketing Club: Noingwcna INIITCHELL GUY IVIESFCHIER .,,.. Emi Plum Engineering Electrical EI1,g'l71t'z'li71g Ohm-Sweet-Ohm A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Bradley University RITA SHIRLEY IVIESSER .............. Cbfmgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correrliwz Kappa Kappa Gamma The Illio fllg Illini Union Committee ll, Il ELWIN FLOYD MESSERALL .... Mendziillr, Pri. Commerce Mafzagernem rum' Marlaeliug Minawa Lodge Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club: Society for the Advancement of Management KAT1-IRYN LUCILLE MEssIniAN .,..,.., BIOIZIIJ Commerce !ifl'0IHIl:UIL'j' Busey Hall Phi Chi Thetag Accountancy Club CHARLES XVILLIAM METCALE ..,.,... Slrmmr Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre'-illedicirze Alpha Phi Omega, Omega Beta Pig Campus Chest MJ: Marching Band 13,351 First Regimental Band 12,311 University Chorus Gig A Cappella Choir I-H Honors Day ISI STANLEY EARL METZ. ,......... -.cfimbriilge Commerce Accrllnlliulcy La Coterie Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig House President Hb, Account- ancy Club Honors Day 11, 2, 33: University of Illinois Scholarship Key 289 ,I 1, 3 i u.a -.4. nu . ,- C '5- I U 5. S 6 5. VIRGINIA LEE METZLER. ...,... ..Cl7yIl7117i1igl7 Physical Education Pbyfifal Edlzmfiorz Alcestis President, XVomen's Athletic Association: Shorter Board: Torch: Alpha Sigma Nug V7.A.A. Board 13,-llg Maior Ig XV,A.A. Numeralsg XV.A.A. l1,Z,5,-U: Pl1YSiC2ll Education Maiors Club Honors Day tl, 2,31 University of Illinois ai? 'cm'- Scholarship Key ID.-KYID VUILLIAM TYIEUSER. , .. ...,Pem journalism ALf1'?1ff.fl7Ig LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby junior College ERIKR INTARY Msws, .v,..,. nlnlfmmhzle, Wir. Education Gfirgml Sufrrte ' Sigma Kappa i - University ol XY'isconsin lm K' wr fl ..,,...- .st . ii s ' ' s is? is CHARLES FREDERICK INIEYER ........ Rirsrride Engineering Elerfrlml Er1g1m'r'm1g Eta Kappa Nu 3 A.l.E,E,fI,R.E.g Tau Beta K 1 PI: Sigma Tau :fi ' t. Honors Day l3l ,- ':.:."A .. i " s" 1 ., DONALD ROBERT MEYER. ,,..,. ,.,,Qninry Fine and Applied Arts A1'cblfet't1m1! Erzgirlerrrrzg A.I.A,1 A.S.C.E. Quincy College Erirx RUTH MEYIR ....... .... C lnralgo Agritulture Homt Ijivirififrllu Lincoln Avenue Residentcs Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Upsrlon Omitrong 2 Home Economics fluh EYERFTT HENRY Mrvrri ,...Turrola Agriculture General xliyfilfllme Eastern Illinois State fiilluige MARIIN Morrrow MIYIIR, Rfirliriter, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Arrlillrwllfiril liuqlmurlng A.I.A.: A.S.C.E.g ALI Daxidwn College 290 RICHARD ALAN MEYER ....... . . . .Springfield Engineering Aeromzzzriral .Engineering I.A.S. ROLAND XVENDELL MEYER .... . ..... Omifga Agriculture Vorariamzl Agriculture Eraker House Illinois State Normal University XVILLIALI XVARREN MEYER, JR. ....... Skokie Commerce lllamzgemenr Psi Upsilon Marketing Club INI.-XRYIN NIEYERS ................. Ckimgo Fine and Applied Arts flivhilecllarul Engineering Flagg House A.I.A.: A.S.C.E.g Praetorians Rhode Island State College: Illinois Insti- tute of Technology ROBERT MEZANSKY ......, New York, N, Y. Fine and Applied Arts Al'fbi!?FfllfB Lundgren House A.I.A, Alfred University: New York University MELX'IN LEONARD MEZOEE ...,........ Lynn Division of Special Services Adrvrlirfng Zeta Beta Tau The Illio 4351 Illini Union Committee Url: Hoof and Horn Clubg Marketing Clubg Philosophy Discussion Club University of Massachusettsg Harvard Uni- versity JANE ANN MICHEL .....,,........ Cliimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Evgfirb Kappa Alpha Theta Illini Union Committee f1.3l: Y.NV.C.A. Committee fl, 2, Sl 2 Tempo I3, -lj g Orcliesis lil Honors Day ill DON Errors: MILES .i......... Lawrcnrarfille Physical Education Pbyfiml Erlnruliorr Delta Tau Delta Skull and Crescent RICHARD EVAN MILFORD ,....... .... A lion Engineering Engineering Pbyiirs Lux Mundi Pi Mu Epsilong Intramural Manager 1411 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 153 Michigan College of Mining and Technol- OSY THEODORE NICHOLAS MILLAS, ..... ,..Al1an Commerce Marketing Clark House Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad Gil Epsilon Phi Sigma Michigan College of Mines ALICE WYRIAN MILLER ...,.... Marrow, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Ari Erizzmlion Illustratorsg A,I.E.E.-I.R,E.: Synton Honors Day 15, 41 Indiana University BERNARD MILLER . .. ....... ,. . .Chicago Commerce Arcoiznrancy Royal Towers House President lil: Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council Q-ll: Captain, Army ROTC Regimentg Military Councilg Arseca: Scab- bard and Bladeg Accountancy Club: Inter- collegiate Zionists Federationg Sphinx Club CLARIBEL LOUISE MILLER ,..... .Pacing Ma. Agriculture Hama Econnmici Chi Omega Illini Theatre Guild Manager Mig Illini Blackburn Club Blackburn College DONALD EDGAR MILLER ....,...... Oak Pink Agriculture Dairy Technology Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Zetag House President C313 Agricul- tural Council Q4lg First Lieutenant, Air Force Wing: Arnold Society of Air Cadets: Dairy Technology Society Honors Day GJ Montana State College J. PHILLIP MILLER ,..,...... ...lndiunoln Agriculture General Agrirnlfure Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Zeta Honors Day fl, 2, 315 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JACK MILLER ...........,.., ..... C bimga journalism Adzferiiiing Lundgren House Phi Eta Sigmag Tempo Q23 Honors Day fl, 21 .ns X w ai -gf, S115 1 , 'tm I-I-5 'rm- :- ,. was V.- I 4 -R f 'fs JAMES RUSSELL MILLER ..... .... C bicago Engineering Mining Engineering M.I.S. JOHN CLARK MILLER ,...........,, Danville Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Honors Day Q11 JOHN JOSEPH MILLER ........, Bloomington Commerce Aim-feeling Phi Gamma Delta Marketing Club Illinois Wfesleyan University Lois JEAN INIILLER .......... Onining, N. I. Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Englirb Presbyterian Hall McKinley Foundation Student Council CZ, 51 g Teachers-in-Training Club LYTLE GENE MILLER ..,.............. Aleda Engineering figl'iClllIIl7'L1i Engineering A.S.A.E. University of Utah PATRICK MARTIN MILLER...Alexaizdfim Ind. Agriculture Fl0VlClllI!1l'E Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Alpha Xig Illinois Agri- culturist I-U5 Floriculture Club: Horticul- ture Club Honors Day fl, 2, 33: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ARTI-ILIR KENNETH IXIILLS .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Pi Lambda Phi Omega Beta Pi: Interiraternity Council IU: House President 1-il Honors Day 111 ARTHUR KENWARD MILLS ..... ,.... L ombard Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbefniml Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Chi Gamma Iota: Chairman, U.S.P. Political Party i513 A.I.Ch,E, 291 ROBERT JUNIOR INIILLS ....,.. ., ui-rflfvll Agriculture IIOFJIIUIUZI .-Igvrrnlfznf Alpha Tau AlPha1 XVCSWE' F"'Un'-I-Ilmni S-lu' dent Council 11, 21: Agricultural Etlueatmn Club Unixersity of Chii-120 ALICE ELIZABETH AIILSTY.-XD.. . 5pf.'v:d1fl,f Liberal Arts and Sciences Hnrffry Lincoln Avenue Residentes Honors Day til Blackburn College CHARLES XXIILLI.-XM IWINCER .. ,velmuigv fommerte nlrrm1r1f.irIi"y Zeta Beta Tau Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Siumal Illini Union Committee 121 Honors Day IZ. il XXVILLI.-KM ASTHONY Mixoaic .,., .C1'lU7.20 journalism .iiliwlnlrig Newman Hall Alpha Delta Sigmag Marketing Club Honors Day ll, 2, St Eoxxnann Nismoo Misra . .,,C1rew Engineering 1llFi'f7d?IIl'r1I Erlglmtnrzig A.S.M.E.1 S.A.E. Morton Junior College PHYi,LIs Aux Mixrn.. C. ...... Rnlgimg Liberal Arts and Sciemes T:'11i'huI TIYIIVIIIIVLJ in Aliilkenintlri Alpha Phi Hi-use President I-H Honors Day Ht MacMurray College Grmmr Mixcm .,,.... .. .... .llefrapolii Cfimmerte i'llm1ai.gur1t rzl Arepog Mask and Bauhle: National Colleg- iate Playersg Pierrotsp Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12, 3, 'Hg Illini Theatre Guild Cast ll, Z. 5. -Hg WILL 131: Marketing Club Rwsioxu PHILLIP lklisxiw .v..,. ll"i,n-ills Llheral Arts .ind Stxemes Bailirwlorp Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day ll, Zi 292 Grouse Eowann MISTHOS .... ...Clmagu Engineering Eleclriral Engineering Q, A.I.E,E.-I.R.E. 'Q gh Honors Day C53 - - K -ies' r 'G ..4f s A ,Q I 1 'hex 'I 'hiff fig - -'L 'JL Q vs all DONALD ALLEN NIITCHELL ,... ...Chiiiigu Law Lau' Zeta Beta Tau Nu Beta Epsilon: Illini Union Committee Ill: Illini Theatre Guild Cast lllg WILL III: junior Bar Association Honors Day 12,33 University of Chicagog Northwestern Uni- versity IHIARTMAN MITCHELL ....... .... I Marion Engineering Ciril Erzgirlseziug Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 12,5lg University of Illinois Scholarship Key ,laiurs EDWARD MITCHELL .,....,.. Elmlmur Commerce Pelrnmzel Alrzmzgemeril Phi Kappa Sigma Society for the Advancement of Management: junior Chamber of Commerce james FRANCIS MITCHELL ..... Elmwood Pink Commerce Markefing Marketing Club james ORAN MITCHELL .,..... ...Kanms Agriculture Florirullnre Floriculture Club Eastern Illinois State College JOSEPH HENRY MITCHELL .... Sf. Louir, Mo. Division of Special Services lndurlrial EdIlCdlf0l1 Kappa Alpha Psi Illini Insurance Societyg Industrial Ecluca- tion Society Honors Day 153 MICHAEL MITCHELL ...... Wafmnwn, Mau. Commerce Armunlanry Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta Sigma: Account- ancy Club: Marketing Club: Junior Chamber of Commerce Honors Day 121 ROBERT HARVEY MITCHELL ........ Rockford Engineering Mechanical Engineering Triangle ' Interfraternity Council C513 A.S.M.E. RONALD GENE MITCHELL .... ...Kanrax Agriculture Agronomy Farm House Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Council l51 I Plow Boy Prom Committee 121g Field and Furrowg Agriculture Club Charleston State College JOHN ELMORE MOATS .........,... Magnon Agriculture Agriczzllural Economic: Agricultural Economics Club RONALD LEROY MOE ...... ........ 0 llama Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M,E.: S.A,E. RAYMOND ARTHUR MOE!-ILE ...... Algonquin Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day fl, 21 LARSON TIMOTHY MooAN...M1. Hope, Wir. Agriculture Dairy Terbnolagy Dairy Production Clubg Field and Furrow Bradley University COURTNEY ANN MoHR .... . ...,..C7iirago . Commerce " 1 l ul' Marketing f' Kappa Alpha Theta , r Q! Q Iii Phi Chi Thetag The Daily Illini C213 lllirii 1' AC! IU 51,5- 5.72, Q25 Q fr 028 II.:-if' JSRA rn-4:5 O.. .- Zo Q? mx- .5-LQ. :i UWB 551' '-F.-' cm .L7'-fm' - le? , 1 'ff ANTHONY SALVATORE IVfOLINARI..Cl?21Il1Erl'igH lf. Liberal Arts and Sciences 21, ja l Prychology 3 1 r. Wright junior College r -' 2. , I l I i w. I A .1 l lil. . bei . : f' l l P i . EM 1 ..l. 1 l J We Q, K Y .- R X .J 'S' 'N I QI 5 ROBERT ELMFR NIOLLMAN, ....... Belleville Engineering General Engineering A.F.S.: S.A.E. Belleville junior Collegeg University of Colorado ALEXANDER JOHN LIOLNAR, JR. .,.. Cloirago Commerce Marketing Zeta Psi Marketing Club ANTON AUGUST MONFORT ..,....... Chicago Engineering Merbaniral Engineering Psi Upsilon House President I-115 Varsity Swimming Squad f21g Dolphins 12, 5, 41: A.S.M.E. .EDXVIN JOHN MONKE ,,..... .. .Harvey Engineering Agl'lCIllf1l!'dl .Engineering Lookout Manor 1 Alpha Zetag A.S.A.E. Honors Day Cl, 2, 3, -S1 3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key GLENN HENRY MooDY .......... Cambridge Agriculture Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Economics Club Honors Day C21 JAMES THOMAS MOONEX' .... . ........ .Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Polilical Science PAUL CLARK MOONEY .......... Kenilwonb Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delta Phi Star and Scroll: Sigma Taug Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Sigmag Interfrziternity Council 12, 31 Honors Day 12,515 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ELDON BLON MooRE ............ Taylorrille Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon M.I.S. 293 , .R 01' l l A 'Y 1 5' f ' --rs , -'Q-xg... QM!-fig. 'N' 'Il' -'wil 3 .:- 'L v .u lil' '- a l l l 'alll 14 f I 5 5 9 .r J. . -1 ff l A I i :I ,4 -E x HOIIER THOMAS IVIOORE. I . ,.., Chirugv Engineering Electrical Erzglmrnrlg Acacia Phi Eta Sigma: The Daily Illini 11,231 Illini Union Council t3I, Illini Union Committee 421g Illinois Technograph II, Zi : Freshman Frohc Committee, A.I.E.E.'I.R.E,: Illini Ma- sonic Club Honore Day tln james At'RRrx' INIOORE. JR. .. ---- HUIWY Physical Education PlQi,rir.1I Edlfixiflurz Acacia Skull and Crescentg Phi Epsilon Kappa: Var- sity Football Squad ll. Il: Y-ll'SIfI' B35ket' ball Squad 11. ll Honors Day ll, I. SI jonx jutrs NIOORE ..,,.., Cjirrfz Bay. V71- Commerce .Ilarkelnzq Illini Theatre Guild Cast tit: Varsity Foot- ball Squad tl, Zig Varsity N0 lb. Football Squad tllg Marketing Club Lccvn XVaYNr IXIOORF ..,.. 'I Iazmnn Commerce ,II.zrEf11irg arm' .II.1r1.igrn15nI Beta Theta Pi Skull and Crestentg The Illio IJ, 31g Ac- countancy Club Honors Day ISI MARI' Lou INIOORE ,,... .,...... I Ylznleegim Liberal Arts and Sciences French Alpha Kappa Alpha Y.XV.C.A. Committee ill: NVomen's Cosmo- politan Club Honors Day IZI S'I'Ij4.Rf GRAHAM INIUORI ., ,llumplfrn Term. Eneinecrinu Eltillrixzl Iiuelifiiiinzq La toterie Alpha PIII Omega' Illini Union Committee Il ' il- AIEF-IRF V4'II,i,Iiu rntruis Miiiiiii , ..,.,, Pilem Dixisiun ol Special iexvlces .'Ii'iffm11.n1i5 Four liilunlns Chl Gamma Iiita, The Daily Illini I-HL Ac- countanty Klub, Illini Insurance Society: Marketinu Club Hunlirx Day ll, 3I josrvit PHI! II' Miimrul .. .,.fjbir.:gf, Arts anil Ntiemes lguifllili The Dailjr Illini 113, Il Xlfriulit juni-ir follcue 294 4...-. ,vs VT? li-fr-v,i"' 2 U I 'fr if V57 ,K 'bs N-' , I K, 'ws GJ Q L yo 3 fs- x - X Nr X 1 ARTHUR THOMAS MORAN.LdCkdu'dHf1d, N. Y. Division of Special Services Marmgemenl and Afdfkfliflg Newman Hall First Lieutenant, Army ROTC Regimentg Phi Chi Etag Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club University of Butfalo HOXVARD FRANCIS MORAN .... .... C bimga Engineering Mechanical Engineering Blackhawk A.S.M,E.: I.A.S. Wright junior Collegeg Illinois Institute of Technology HOXVARD ELRIER MORrY, jR.... ,..Bararia Engineering Ciril Erzgirzeeting Annex Hall Chi Epsilon: Engineering Council 1513 A.S. CE.: I.T.E. Honors Day I-U EUGENE FAI.:-IER MORGAN ....... Coal Valley Engineering fIg1'il'Il1fll7't1l Eutgiwering Y.M.C.A. Committee Ill 3 Second Regimental Band Ill: A.I.Ch.E.3 A.S.A.E. CHARLES TOXVNLEY MORRISON ..... Wilmelle Liberal Arts and Sciences Spun-b Theta Delta Chi Mask and Baubleg Illini Theatre Guild Cast Il, 2, 3. -H3 XVILI. Ill jack CLRIIIENCIE MORRISON .... Burnt Prairie Commerce Al'I'U!lIlld7IL'j' Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Alpha Psig Account- ancy Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Market- ing Club Honors Day ill STANLEY ELic.ENr MORRISON .....,., Chicago Commerce fIt't'0ll7Ilt1lIL'j Chi Gamma Iota: Accountanty Clubg Market- ing Club Honors Day I3I XVright junior College MrRToN Mouse .,........ l.aiw'enre, Man. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiml Engincuring Phi Eta Sigma: House President IIJQ AJ. Ch.E. Honors Day II, 21 'V f- I .I WILLIAM ALFRED MoRsE .,..... ..... J alien Engineering Sanirary Engineering A.S.C.E.g Mu-San WILLIAM Hevxwoon MORSE ....... La Grange Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlry Zeta Psi Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pig Illini Union Committee 121 ROSEMARY AGNES MORTHORST ...... Chirago Journalism Editorial Stratford House Torch, Kappa Tau Alphag Alpha Lambda Deltag Theta Sigma Phig The Daily Illini f51g The Illio 121g Tempo C313 Newman Foundation Student Council 65, 41 Honors Day 11, 2, 3, 41 g University of Illinois Scholarship Key JOSEPH TREVER IVIORTIMER... ,..... Flanagari Commerce flidildgffllffll Dornoch Beta Gamma Sigma: Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Iota Epsilong Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day fl, 2, 511 University of Illinois Scholarship Key IRvINo Moses ..................,. Clsicaga Fine and Applied Arts Arclyilerlure A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society Wilson Junior Collegeg Herzl Junior Col- lege JAMES ELDON Moses ........... ..,... P ekm Fine and Applied Arts Murif Alpha Tau Omega Tribe of Illinig Varsity Tennis Squad 13, 41, Letter 13, 413 Freshman Varsity Tennis Squadg Men's Glee Club 6,419 Madrigal Chorus Q31 BRUCE MOSHER , ........... .... C nba Journalism Radio Student Religious Council KZ, 513 Baptist Foundation Student Council 11, 2, 3, 41 FLORENCE ELIZABETH Moss ..,......,. Parir Liberal Arts and Sciences Barleriolagy Alpha Phi The Daily Illini 11,215 The Illio f11g Freshman Frolic Committeeg Bacteriology Club C, ze. I as R 3 'l L ' 4? 'Mr S .1 'Qv ,-o-. I Sw' ' 7 A A 16' . :SQ i A I .4 'Ja , "' Q- fi 5: ,EF it 1 .,,, ,-,, - ,.:- ' if. 'fm '-' I Q A a f' 5- RICHARD LESLIE IVIOSSMAN ......... Chicago Commerce Mnrmgement Marketing Club Michigan State College XVILLIAAI JOHN BIOTTERSHAW ,.... Divernon Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pig Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. Honors Day 11,31 RAYMOND FRANCIS MOTTET,,0llllFlll'H. low: Engineering Civil Engineerifig ROBERT JOSEPH MOTTET, .... Ommzwa, Iowa Commerce Alarkelifzg Marketing Club BARBARA LUCILLE IXIOURITSEN .... W'ankeg.1n Commerce Aflarkefizzg Sigma Kappa Y.XV.C.A. Committee flip First Regimental Band 41, 2, 3, 41 Q Marketing Club CHARLES DANIELS IVIOXVERY .... ... .Smnner Agriculture Gezzeml Agrirnltme 150 lb, Varsity Football Squad 151g XVrest- ling Varsity Squad 13,41 Honors Day 121 ROY BRUCE MOXX'ER1' ........., ..., L 'llin Agriculture l"oI'.1li011al xigrirulfnre Hoot and Horn Club GEORGENI: FERN IVIRACEK ........, One Pine Liberal Arts and Sciences German Busey Hall Alpha Chrong Alpha Lambda Deltag Omega Beta Pig Star Course Manager 1213 Y.XY'. C.A. Committee l'l11 German Club: Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day fl, 2, 31 295 RICHARD BARRETT LITQDGE .,....,... Cbiizigo Physical Education Play, ',v' ical Eilunzllivrr Theta Xi Varsity' Football Squad til: Freshman Var- sity Football Squad: Phi Epsilon Kappa ARTHUR Juris lNlL'EHLlNC- ..... C'.-,rim Pmk Engineering .-lgrzrullunzl Ellgllittll' K Lookout Manor Hliuse President HI: A.l.Ch,E,l A-SVA-E4 CARoLYN JANE INIUELLFR... ...... EZLIIIJTUU Liberal Arts and Sciences 5'0rml0t'5 Kappa Alpha Theta Y.XY.C.A. Committee l5l Stephens College RHHARD JACK MLIELLTR ,...,..,, Park Rfrlge Commerce Mumzgevz e VII Chi Gamma Iotag Accountancy Clubg Market- ing Club Honors Day lil JULIA l5lAY lVfUlRl-IEID .....,.,. Blue .llonml Education Elementary Ea'm'i1lmu XYrimen's Glee Club HI I:l'RDlNAND XVILLIAB1 ML'LLER Hemfutmd, N. Y, Engineering Clzfll .Eriglfierrlrpv A.S,C.E. Honors Day lip AITRED MUNN, JR. ,.,..,,... . ..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Men's Cilee Club HP: A.C.5. Gonzaga Univcrsityg Loyola University: Northwestern University KARL FRANKLIN Mtlxsox ..,,..,,.. Urbami Division of Special Services Arcouzilirmy Y.M,f ,A, Committee tl, 2, 3, 411 Account- ancy Clubg lllini Insurance Sficietyg Market' Ing Club 296 ,, Q F as 1 v fx ' A Ki i ' Aa, A A ai. I. 1- ip , ff. -' . - A IA ff-torggy, 'J I SE.. . . 'bf' ,' I, ,. 4 . Tryp., W . . ft i n .pg 'V ' -0' 'C ' 45" Y' 1 rv 'N , , . ' 'A' FCRA- '11' -3, A --'sg , e . , i C' f A 3 4 . f 5 ' '-4' sul " -. J C NN' aj fgr- J 5 . I Z.. Hal .Ja"4Sj.. -Q. '06 pass- is-gA rffgix IDG 4 JAMES CARROLL MLTRPHX' ......... ..Dfmvil1e Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Campus Chest JZ, 333 Interfraternity Council IZ, Fil: House President ffrlj A.S.M.E. RILHARD ANDREW' MURPHY ,...... Oak Pmk Commerce Almkefing First Lieutenant, Army ROTC Regimentg Mar- keting Cluh ROBERT EDWARD MURPHY. JR ,..... Ikirzdiilin Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Alpha Phi Omegag Y,M,C.A. Committee 13, All 3 Marching Band 111 3 Cyclothem Club RUTH ELIZABETH MURPHX' .....,... Quincy Education Ecleme'ulav'y Ell'llt'd1lUlI Lincoln Avenue Residences lllini Union Committe 1253 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee l2, 3, 41: Plow Boy Prom Committee 1533 Teachers-in-Training Club MacMurray College GERALD LEON MURRAX'. ., ...,.. Gram Pmle Division of Special Services Acrounranry Alpha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Mar- keting Club Knox College ALICE MARGARET MUscHLER ,.., ,.... I 'lm-on: Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Phi Mu Shi-Ai: Zeta Phi Eta: Illini Union Committee ll. 2, Bl: Illini Theatre Production Stal? 12, 3, KH: Y.W.C.A. Committee 413: Major Ig W.A.A. Numeralsg W.A.A. 11, 2, 3. 41: Terrapin tl, 2, 5, 43 3 Freshman Week Com- mitteeg Sophomore Cotillion Committee RICHARD Jessup MUSGRAVE... .... Ffiirheld Commerce Arralmtanry Accountancy Club: Marketing Club MICHAEL Musxo .....,.......... Eldorado Engineering Electrical Engineering Zeta Psi Skull and Crescent: Illuminating Engineering Society WILLIAM MUSTER .......... ..... C bimgo journalism Editorial Chief Photographer, Illini Publishing Com- pany, Associate Editor, The Illiog Sigma Delta Chi, The Daily Illini KS, -UQ The Illio IS, 413 Galesburg Alumni Association JEAN MARIE MUTH .........,...., Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Alpha Gamma Delta Manager, Make-up, Illini Theatre Guild: Shorter Board: Mask and Baubleg The Illio UD: Illini Theatre Guild Manager 13,-Hg Panhellenic Eexecutivc Council 151, House President 143 Honors Day IZ, 31 Art Institute of Chicago ELMER LINTON MYERs ....... ..... D emfm Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Millikin University GLENN GRovEs MvERs ............. Demmr Engineering Aerormuliral Engineering I.A.S. Michigan State College: Millikin Univer- sity JAMES DAVID MYERS .............. lfizzdfor Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbeminry Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pig Second Regi- mental Band t1,2lL German Club Honors Day Ill MARGARET JUNE MvERs .... ...Rockford Education Sparriflv Evans Hall Alpha Pi Delta, Spanish Clubg Teacheriin- Training Club MARY GLENDOLA INIYERS .,..... Lemom, Po. Agriculture Home Eroliofrzicr Alpha Delta Pi Pennsylvania State College RICHARD I-IAzEN MYERS ,.......... Sycamore Engineering Aeronuuliral Erzgineering Sigma Chi Phi Eta Sigma: Gamma Alpha Rho, En- gineering Council IS, 435 I.A.S. Honors Day IZ, 3, 415 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ..a ,r.-' 1 -,. 5.1, i- X' f i 4' I 'df x .av 2' ,Q ,V 'Q is R K ' .qw A., t ' u ,.,. ., A A ff' A... 7 Q . ROBERT I'lOXX'ARD MYERS ..... Newark. N. J. Division of Special Services Lamlicape .-11-rlwilefiure Clark House Fine and Applied Arts Societyg Landscape Architecture Society RICHARD ALLEN NAATZ ..,.,. ...Chicago Engineering Elerlrmll Erfgivleerifig Kappa Delta Rho Eta Kappa Nug A Cappella Choir 1335 A,l. E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 2. 33 1 University of Illinois Scholarship Key XVILLIAM ROBERT NACE ............. L'fb.w.1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Omega Beta Pi Franklin and Marshall College ARTHUR STUART NACHEARMBI-oaklyn, N. 1. Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Tau Delta Phi Chi Gamma Iotag Phi Eta Sigma, Omega Beta Pi Honors Day 11,31 HELEN JOAN NACE: .......,.......... Galena Liberal Arts and Sciences Tfizcbev' Tlzlhlillg in Speech Alpha Phi Shi-Ai: Zeta Phi Eta, Star Course Manager 1213 Panhellenic Executive Council l-H: Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board Q47 BARBARA ZOE NAPT ..... ,.....,... C lvirizgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Englixb Phi Sigma Sigma Illini Union Committee 12, 3, -ll, Illini Thea- tre Guild Cast 42, Sl, Campus Chest ISI: Panhellenic Executive Council 4-ll: House President HI, United XVorld Federalists EUGENE LEROY NAKAMLIRA.. ..,.... Clm-.fgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11,23 JAMES JIMMY NAKANISI-II ....,...., Civil-.ago Engineering Illerlmfilral Engirleerirlg Phi Eta Sigma: A.S.M.E.3 I.A.S. Honors Day tl, 23 Northwestern University 297 ARTHUR HIROSHI N.3K.iT.4 ,.., . , .Ckfiyigr CHARLES EUGENE NAUGHTON. .. . . . .Srrmlor Engineering Commerce Jlerbaniral Engiriensfzg I X Marketing and Mamzgemem Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma. A.S.M.E. s E g Granada Club Honors Day 12. 3, an 1 Ijnixersiry or Illinois r , f- 1 L an -: Y.M.C.A. Committee Q11 1 Accountancy Clubg Scholarship Key A ' Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club F 1 ii 1 45251 f..'-IS ' X A I f. 1 AIXRY LEON NAPIER ,,.,. ,........ C lui-nga Liberal Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Illini L'nion Committee 1213 Illini Theatre G'-ild Production Star? i1 I S'rrPi-rrx DAVID NAPIFR ..,,...,.,,. tfliirrigo Eine and Applied Arts Iridiirfmzl Deiign Phi Kappa Sigma , it S' Q ,,... i I N , S fi. :i s.f1fi.Ss isrlre ti ' ELNIFR Nancisi .. ,..i..., .Cliirizgu He-igbr: Engineering .llrrluznziuzl Erzgirtfering Parade Ground Units A,N,hI,E. -3 V x ,,g V ff PI? is i AARON HIRSH NARrvsiu'. .,.. Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences ' illaibrrriiillur 1 ' ' - rg ix Lriria DARLrxE NAsLLfNo ,.., llfillinmifiilil Agriculture Harm Ecmionziii Eullltrllfiill Iichncr House Home Etonornlts flub ,J 2- fc' IW ' 4 -5 W3' Z' 71' A 1 1 1 f L T, r I .7 - - V . il f 9' v ie Hinmni NAITJF ,, . . .....,.,. Cbiraga Liberal Arts and Stiunces Cbtrrnilvy 5 ,, Barton House uri IDUNALIJ Axiuoxi' NAL'nzll,s .Gemgrfawn Ifclutatiiiri Gtfiignipl-3 Alpha Phi Omega Eastern Illinois State fiilleue Q ROBERT FRANK NAX'IGATO .,... .....Cbimgo Division of Special Services Adrsrliring Parade Ground Units Gamma Delta IYIAHLON STARR NEAL v,.... .... i lliiiifwn Commerce Munagemeni Chi Phi Associate Business Manager, The Illiog The Illio 12, 5, -ll Honors Day til ROBERT GENE NEAL ...,......... Raadhonre Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilecluml Engineering Bradley University OTTO MORTQN NEDvED .... . ,.... Rizferiide Engineering Eleclriral Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Bait ancl Fly Casting Club Honors Day fl, 2, 311 Universtiy of Illinois Scholarship Key: Bronze Tablet LAWRENCE EDXVARD INIEEDHAM .... Waukegan Theta Xi Marketing Club Commerce Ilffdfkffillg Kansas State Teachers' Collegeg Dartmouth Cnllegeg DePaul University XVILLIABI RICHARD NEED:-IAM .... ...Mokerza Liberal Arts and Sciences Noble House Captain, Army Pershing Rifles A.C.S. Honors Day ll CbC'lIIiJfI'j' ROTCQ Military Councilg Phalanxg Tau Nu Taui .32 MARY ELLEN NEEDLER ......... ,..Emm1on Liberal Arts and Sciences Eronomirr Kappa Kappa Gamma Shorter Boardg Torch: Phi Chi Theta: The Illio Ill: First Regimental Band QZJQ Ter- rapin fl, 2, 3, 41 WILLIAM LOWELL NEEDLER ....... Evamtnrz Commerce Banking and Fnmure Alpha Delta Phi Illini Union Board 1415 Board ot' Fraternity Affairs 13, 41 g Interfraternity Council 15, 41 2 fntramural Recreation Board 15l sAAc Davin NEHALIA .....,,. Atlyeuf, Greece Engineering Electriral Erzgiueering Alpha Epsilon Pi ?hi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug Star Course Manager 13, Mil: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. -Ionors Day 13,51 :RANK VICTOR NEHER ............. Cbimgv Liberal Arts and Sciences Erzglfrb ?rench Club: Illini Forensic Association -Ionors Day l2l University of Zurich LAE NEHLS ............ , ....,,... Cbiruga Division of Special Services Political Suffice Lambda Chi Alpha ALLAN PAUL NELSON ,..... ....... . .Skokie Commerce Perrunuel rllrzllfzgemerzt Medea Lodge VI.I.A, Executive Council 13. -il: House F'resiclent 14l: N.S.A. Senate Sub-committee QS. 4l North Park College :ARL IMMANUEL NELSON, JR .... llnoadriork Agriculture Geneml Agrirnllme Blackburn College: Illinois State Normal .Jniversity :AROLYN RUTH NELSON 4.......... Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences. Barter-iolngy Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Lambda Deltag The Daily Illini 11, Zlg Illini Union Committee 11,255 Star Course Manager 12l: Y.W.C.A. Committee 111: Campus Chest 13l: Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day 11, 2, 313 University of Illinois Scholarship Key DONALD James NELSON ......... Villa Park Engineering Civil Engineerizzg A.S,C.E.g I.T.E. 'N --, v-f 45' 'li y...- , , Q'- l"""v 1' I W as ,H .. K . .S-, f,.:- ,, .m S- K' il safari lr E xg, - GEORGE Enwix NELSON .,....,.,... Clwraga Division of Special Services illizrketing Theta Delta Cfhi Illini Union Committee 12,513 Y.M.C.A. Committee 12l1 Interfraternity Council 1213 Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Club I-IaRvEv Axrr. NELSON .... ,. . ...Chicago Engineering Elfrlixrill Eflglilfelflllg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. JAMES ALBERT NlfISfJN ..,. .,...... C bmzgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Ecwmnlzri Illini Union Council 1531 lllini Union Com- mittee IZIL junior Prom Committee Honors Day 1ll -lOl-IN Nrrsox, JR. ,.,, ...,. RUr'ffi01'cf Commerce ilIin'keI.'r1-g Pi Kappa Alpha THOMAS lY'lCNElI.I. NELsoN .,..... Oak Pink Liberal Arts and Sciences Prjpclwlugli Calhoun Hall House President 13lg Labor and Industrial Relations Association: Society tor the Ad- vancement ot Management Rav EDWARD NETHERTON ........... .Holme Liberal Arts and Sciences EI'01l0lHll',f Fireside First Lieutenant, Army ROTC Regiment HAROLD NfllBiliER .,.....,.. Clmfou, lair.: journalism ,'Idz'fr1i,ril1g Kappa Tau Alphag Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, Sl ALv1N HENRY NEUNABER ..,....... Bvflmlro Liberal Arts and Sciences Cl7F7IIlJl!'y Southern Illinois University 299 DONALD RICHARD Nsxv.-tn, .... . .t,lvI.1,u Division of Special Serxices Erorznrzzfri- Parade Ground Units Yfilsriin -Iumor College, Unixeisitv ot Mis' souri YIOI-IN Isaac Nrxxcoaira ,,Df,wi1 Engineerrnil .Il:rii.:1I1.',al Ifurrr' I A,5,M.l:f.. Su-ME. Rrjinrm' -hairs NI'XX'I7LL, .. .,.. ...Cluriryw Division of Special Serxices .-lifzumifzq Delta Tau Delta Skull and Crescent: The Daily Illini 41. Zig XVILL lib , Marketing Club 'hex ELDON Nrxxkmu ..., ,..Brli1.lfie Commerce rllarlirgullwll Society lor the Adxancement ol Management Roiiiirzr EARL Nrixxux ,. ,, , .Dtsi Cir-lk Engineering lflrrtilriil lfrfrgluirilizg Triangle PIII lfta Sigma, Illini TlIc.Itre Ciuild Managei HI, Illini Theatre Guild Producti-in St.III III, lntertraturnity louncil I-H1 First Lieu- lL'Fl.II1I, Army ROTC Regiment, PI Tau Ili blunaa. A.I.II,E.-l,R.L, Ili-Iiors Day tl! Illinois State Normal bnixcisity Emxuzn Mvurx Nixx sux ,,,. .. ,.I.lii.Irifi Dixisiiin ri! Special Scrvires Pffllflial ,Kifrmt Halton House lrirenolleuiate Zionist Fctlcmtion Iiiurritii AIIIerIt.Iri l'nIxersIIy, XVIIII-.lrim XVIIWI1 ,iuniiir lolleue lsui Lxxsixr, Nixxxmr. . .,.I,.1j.I5Il1u Auruultuic f,'iI1rv.1l .'it'i1Inl.'mr Illi Dcll Aigrirulture Club H Ivlf I and II-urn fluii. Rural Lyle Club sHIIfII'i' AIIIIIII Nut aiu .I.III'lilffI1II ,I-iurrialisrii .Miivllini limit- limit, Iloririiw lial, lj, El 300 '23-5" 'sf 'fat .INIARY ELLA NEWTON. , .... . . ..N.1meoki Education Eflgljsfb Alpha Gamma Delta EDXVARD XVILLIAM NICENVICK, JR....Cl7fI'flg0 Commerce PeI'I'017m'l Midnagemenl Theta Kappa Phi Chi Gamma Iota: Sigma Iota Epsilong House President ISI: Commerce Council 13,415 Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Society: junior Chamber of Commerceg Society for the Advancement of Managementg Spanish Club Illinois Institute of Technology BFN-IAIIIIN NICHOLAS ...... ...Similar Commerce zlhzrkriing Marketing Club DANIEL Juno NICHOLAS ..... ...Rorkfard Commerce illmmgefzlerlf Sigma Alpha Epsilon Marketing Club Louis james NICHOLAS. ........ .... C bimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Clwrzzimy College Hall A.C.S.1 Epsilon Phi Sigma Loyola University: Herzl Junior College Ill.-XRY Lou NICHOLLS ..,........... Cliiriigo Education ElL'me:1lfn'j' Eiilll'-IUUII Gamma House Y.XV,C.A. Committee 12, 5, 41 3 XVomen's Glee Club 4-H: XVILL 1-H: Student Relig- ious Council 1375 Illini Christian Fellowship ll, Z, 5. -H 1 Teachers-in-Training Club Howfmo ALVIN NICHOLS ..... Liuiimg, Mifb. Division of Special Services Marmgmzfrzl Alpha Chi Rho Interfraternity Council 133 1 WILL I-Hg Mar- keting Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management Rockhurst College RILIIARD XVILLIAM NICKIQLS ...... . .Cbimgo Engineering Mvrbaniral Engizzeering Parade Ground Units A.S.M.E. Honors Day 125 University Of Wisconsin HOWARD NICKERSON, JR. Grundy Center, lawn Fine and Applied Arts Arrbilerlnre Phi Gamma Delta A.I.A. University of Minnesota: State University of Iowa Rouen-r VIRDEN NICOLSON. .... ...... V if-den Engineering Eleflriral Engineering Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nn: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Illuminating Engineering S0- ciety Honors Day fl, 2, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key AGNETE Joi-IANNA NIELsEN ........ Fox Lake Education Biological Science Cagle Hall Wfright junior College THOMAS WILLIAM NIELSEN ......... Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Zeta Psi Omega Beta Pi Northwestern University DONALD WAYNE NIEWOLD .... New Holland Agriculture General Agriculture ' Farm House Alpha Zeta: Agriculture Council 147: Crip- V tain, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Pershing: RiHes: Transportation Corp Club: Field and. Furrow: Hoof and Horn Club ' Honors Day GD . R fill Illinois State Normal University , ,fx I .lf 'I ROBERT Hnnsr-IEL NIGHTLINGER..WEJl Union-p Liberal Arts and Sciences j Speerb fj Theta Xi , ' Illini Union Committee lil: Illini Tlmzitref Guild Production Staff 123 Q Gymnastics Ithmiff ager QZJ: Marketing Club 'All 'hi H4 ttf ,' ' Qt, MICHAEL NIKCEVICH .....I........ Chiqqgi Engineering E J. Ciuil Engineering A.s.c.E. ' 3 I ' D 4 li S l a ah 'ill l l . I .ki l ful, l ROBERT WILLIAM NISSEN ........ DEI Qzlfine Division of Special Services y 'I , Economic! ' w l - Alpha Sigma Phi fi iuini Union committee iz, gpg Hodsbh :As dent 445 'i " F xi . in il 1 'lx I g ll I. , I l .A- "K G 'it :Q It 41 QT, 'N-Q5 cf' M- J ' :I e I . , .eS'1u:" -?gew5sEq- 71 A I 1' Y 4 7' 1 'FFT K r til B1 S I 411 ANTOINETTE PATRICIA Nocnk ..I.... Cbimga Education Ediimlian of :be Deaf Mu Iota Sigma: Newman Foundation Student Council 13, 43 DONALD WILLIAM NOEL .... .... A bingdari Commerce illzirlzeling Newman Hall Marketing Club: junior Chamber of Com- merce Harvard University: Northwestern Univerl sity: XVestern Illinois State College GUY JOHN NOERDINGER ,,.... ..Rirer Far-er! Liberal Arts and Sciences Entomology Agriculture Club: Christian Science Organiza- l'l0l'l EDXVIN ALBERT NOLAN ...,......... Chicago Engineering Merbnnim! Engifieerirlg Sigma Phi Delta A.S.M,E, LEONARD EDXVARD NORDBYE ....... ll"'e,rmmnl Commerce Illdllllfidl .fldminiilrnliorl Clark House Illini Insurance Society: Society for- the Ad- vancement ot' Management: junior Chamber of Commerce St. Joseph's College CAIIL HOWARD NORDEEN ......,..... Chicago Engineering Eleclriral Engineering House President MJ: A,I,E.E.-l.R.E.: Bait and Fly Casting Club: Electronics Club: Gamma Delta: Socialist Study Club XVright Junior College ALBERT Pencv Noam-IEDLN ,... .... L 'rbmm Agriculture , Floriculture Dolphins 13,-lj: Pershing Ritlesz Bait and Fly Casting Club: Floriculture Club: Horti- culture Club HILLIEXVY HELENA NQRDIN ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training ni Englirb Busey Hall Illini Theatre Guild Cast 13,-ll: Campus Chest HJ: N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee C33 University of Chicago 301 GORDON NORDSTROM ...,.. ,. ,L qkpqf: Engineering .lls.'lx1vr:c,zl Erigmr i.i:4 Tau Beta Phi: Phi Era hiema, Pi Tau Sigma Honors Dax 15: lfniversity Qi Nebraska. vl-iliet ,lunwr Col- lege Ciiuzrrs Frimrrr XQNRRIS . ,JI.i,i:..'., 1'i.:', Fine and Applied Arts .irgf':I5.'!r.-,Ji fr:c.":iu.".'g Alpha Rho Chi A l.A., Fine and Appliecl Arts Sriciety Ball Stare Teachers College Rcibrxr Lie NORTH v, , ,. cflmzigfa Divisilfvn wt Special Serxitcs .ll,i1hfn1.1.'.'. ,I Healer Palace Varsity 120 lb. Fontball Squatl 13. 31, Award 11 I.: jriawxr DRVRY XURTHKM .Clirusco Liberal Arts and Stiences Tracker THIHIHIXD an Crffqr.ipfij Pi Beta Phi ,t uf The llliu lclg H.XK.frA, ti-mmittee l,, al Rr-RERT HOWARD Nonwoon, Nffifb Clvralga Division of Special Sc-rxices Piprl ologj Alpha Phi Alpha Arsrnom linux Num . ..,.r,L1r,Jg Engineering Clif! lfrlufrztiim A.N.C.E, XYriulit ,lumiir tiilleige lam,-.Rii Kixxriii Nunn . r,l11..z,gff Emgxrieering lgferirnul Iguijlmivnfti flii Gamma Iota. A.l.E li.-lR.E., Syntrin, lzta Kappa Nu H-inors Day ll, KD ,lfiiiw PxrRir,K Nmxx -'U-li Park Ilriulrieeriric Ctr..'rn.'r Ignwuir if Student Ncriatc ll r, AIMS, 302 PAUL IVIARTIN Novfuc .............. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Landampe Architecture Delta Phi Chi Gamma Iota: Fine and Applied Arts Society: Lanscape Architecture Society Honors Day fill Manhattan College 'Si' , ROBLRT james Novak: .,....... .Park Ridge 'N Engineering Elerfrif.1l Engnierring Four Columns Varsity Swimming Squad 15,413 A.I.E.E.- 5s I I -Wf C i.R.E. BRRBARA MAY NUSBAUM, . .. .... Mrmfeim Education Elerzlrrzling Eilnriziiorz , Hunnrs Day ill - C3 m I' -in wr--v N.- 4 f .. Q s, Q I A x 1 - Wrrnrix SMITH Nusafwnr .... .,M.m1eno Physical Education Rrrreaflim - Phi Epsilon Kappa: Illini Blackburn Club ',, ,' 5 5 Blackburn College KL " 1 2 gi va' -' , ' Uzorcirrrsa NwAc.iao ,.,. ..Oui1rb.1, Nigeria Liberal Arts and Sciences Clrfmiilfj Alpha Phi Alpha Y.lNI.C,A. Committee 13,41 Higher College: Achimota College ei' 5 '1 v .1- IXIARY THOMAS Nx'srRoRi.. .,,,.... Cbimgo Education E,t'!llt'lllr1f-1 ErllIL'ilIIO?I XVomen's Glee Club Hi: Teachers-in-Traim ing Club Wfright junior College. Northwestern Uni- versity Wuxi? I.ERox' OAK, ....... .... B larkrlone Commerce Armmiianry Chi Gamma Iota: Alpha Kappa Psig Com- merce Council f-H1 Pershing Ritlesg Account- ancy Clubg American Legion Post No. 9091 Marketing Club: junior Chamber of Com- merce Hunors Day ISI Gallagher Business College jinuss ANGELL O'BRrFN .,... .... C bimgo Commerce Marlugvrllwir The Daily Illini 13,-U University of Chicago if-lr Lours O'BRIEN, JR. ............... Danrille Engineering General Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. ARLIN HENRY OBsT ,... ........... R ed Bud Agriculture Vocalionnl Agriclrllrrrv MICHAEL VINCENT O'CoNNErL ..... Cbiraga Agriculture General Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescentg Interfraternity Council fll Columbia University HARX'EY RICHARD O'CONNOR ..,..... Chicago Division of Special Services Mathemalirr College Hall American Veterans Committeeg Philosophy Discussion Club Knox College KATHERINE MARY OPCONNOR Arlinglun Heigbli Commerce Commercial Tearbirzg Alpha Phi Phi Chi Thetag The Daily Illini C153 Illini Union Committee 11,531 Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee flhg Campus Chest fllg N,S.A. Sen- ate Subcommitteeg Freshman Frolic Commit- tee: Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg So- ciety for the Advancement of Management: Spanish Clubg Teachers-in-Training Club Western Michigan College Roy KEITH ODELL.. .,............. Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Economirr North Park College JERRILENE ODoM .....,......,..Y. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Muric Educalion Alpha Kappa Alpha Illini Theatre Guild Cast KZJL Women's Glee Club UD EILEEN ANN O'DoNNEI.I. ......, Champaign Agriculture Flafirulture Floriculture Club sn., - R- - -I I E , ' 'X 9s,'2f1?i qi . MQ? 'e" il .E zz Zfsff it Y 1 cm : K 4 -fe' N. N, , J X itil wif? qi g Wig? JA . 'i ,Ze ., A .4 X I .tai-I. 1 l"'. FRANK HART OIDONNELL .... ,,.. C himga Commerce lllflfkfllllg Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club ROBERT CHARLES O'DONOHLIE .,.... Clmniytf Engineering Aleuluuirrzl Engineemlg Alphl Sigma Phi Illini Theatre Guild Production Stall ill University of Oklahoma: University of Houston Brxrox DEMPSEY ODUM .....,..... M,1riwz Physical Education Pbyfirtzl Ednrrzfion Phi Sigma Kappa Varsity Basketball Squad fl, Z, 3? FREDERIC STANTON O'HARA ,...... Sp:-iazgfielu' Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Sigma Alpha Epsilon james Millikin Universityg Springfield -lu- nior Collegel University of Missouri jor-IN Enxtffxnn O'HERoN ..,.. .... C luI.I,gff Engineering xifromzuliral Ezzgiueeiing Tomaliawkg Gamma Alpha Rhog Tribe of Illinig Varsity Gymnastics Squad fl, 21, Let- ter tllg I.A.S. Honors Day 135 MIGNON JULIA OHM ....... .... . -lnmiq Education Arr Busey Hall University Orchestra CU g Seabury Foundation Student Council l-ll: Fine and Applied Arts Societyg Teachers-in-Training Club Aurora College HERBERT HENRX' OKRONGLY Franklin Square. N. Y. journalism Ad1'Ef!i.ffHg Marketing Club National University of Mexico JOHN XVESTER OLANDER ......,.... Rockford Division of Special Services Clwnlirlry Tau Kappa Epsilon Omega Beta Pi 303 Enwarto .losiPH O'Lmiu',, ,i.iff1ff. Commerce flt'co.'n1.'.1r1.'w Atcountancy Club , - Hon--ra Day I., at Him aan Dxvix Oufsox , ..t'.lm.-ci Engineering ,ll:r'l',1111rr:l Errlcsficf f Xcuman Hall A.s.M.E. XY ' ' ilxun .Iunnir College .lim r tcmaixxr OLIN , ...Rfwkfifhl journalism :l.fln'Jl.i1f1E Lintoln Axenue Residencei Y.XY.C,.,-X. Committee IRI: Lutheran Foun- tlatnin Student Council IS. 41 Augustana College XX'-KLTIIR joiix OLIN'ER,. .... t,Zff..iw Engineering Gnzrirzl Ezfirimriiizg Xewman Hall A i,M.E.. S,A.E. bnixersity tit fincinnati jiiux Urixnao ....,.,,. ...Diilrrll Law Lim' Annex Hall Pl.: Alpha Delta: junior Bar Association N-:rtli Dakota Agricultural Iollege. Ia- Nalle-Peru-Oglesby junior follcze Iiiirxiiartrir ERHK Oixox., Hfglvlriml Pink Commerce ,llm1.1,r't'l1lr'r1I mill .ll.1firlii1g llxiziii' PHILIP Oimx ., . ...'ll,'iiu.1 Agriculture Gcrlrlrzl ,'lui1rnli'mz' Alpha Ciainnm Rho Y.M.I.A, Cornmittee II. BPL Men's Cilte Ilub 12, 3, all. Dairy Prwcluctiun fluli, llmif .intl Hum Club ,Iaxii lliixrixniox Our-x , ,.It'ffikfffitl Education Efelnefllriiqi Ifillihmffll Shiiitei B4-artli Torch: The Daily lllini tll' lllini lfmiin fommittee ll I1 Y.XV,f ,A. fum' mittee Ill, fampuw Chest Ill: htuzlent Senate IZ, al, Audit and buperxmiin tom- mittee til . Secretary-Treasurer, Iirexliman Ilan. Students Im Dernotratit Aitinn Hunorx Day 62, 'sl 304 KENNETH ALLAN OLSON ............ Auron: Division of Special Services Perrwnzsl Mamzgemenl .... , , , , Concert Band IS, -ll L Marching Band 13, -H1 Marketing Club Aurora College ROLAND HARRY OLSON ........ .... C hmigo Engineering Ciriil Engirzferlrrg Morgan Park Junior College RAY CHAIMER O'NEAL ........v ..,Giiirm' Physical Education Pliyifal Ejlffdlfvll Sigma Phi Epsilon Varsity Football Squad ll, Bl: laptain, Army ROTC Regimentg Phalanxl Unixerslty .It Illinois Recreation Society Honnra Day HI Ravmoxn EARL O'NEIl.L ..,,,..... Alayriwfrl Liberal Arts and Sciences Englixlv OPM Den Manager, Stage Management, Illini Theatre Guild: Chi Gamma lotag Mask and Bauble: National Collegiate Players: Pierrots: The Daily lllini lllg Illini Theatre Guild Man- ager 12, 5. -lb, lllini Theatre Guild Cast 12, 5,411 M.l,A, Executive Council 15.-lil House President ISI: Student Senate I-H1 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 157: German Club V V 4 Honors Day fl, 5, 4lg University ot Illinois Scholarship Key joaiv MAE OPPELT ,,...,.. Gvuum-illu, N. C. Fine and Applied Arts .l'ln.rn' Ednrnlmli McKinley Hall Illini Theatre Guild Production Statl 13,-ll: lllini Theatre Guild Cast 4-H: A Vappella fhoir 15, -ll East Carolina Teachers' College Mvaox OPPENHEIAI... ..., Cblriigu Engineering Ciril Engineering A.S.C.E.g Chi Epsilon Honors Day 131 lfiutu ALl,XANDl,R Onnritraww ,.... Sfriiifgfiilil Engineering Elurlrirul EllgIf7BL'!'iPI.L1 Phi lita Sipmag A.I.E,E.-l.R.E. Honors Day Il I llwnsuri. BURTON Onnmsrnm ....... Chiragv Commerce lllnlffliilg Clark House lllini Insurance Sncietyg Marketing Clulm ROLAND ORsuccr .................. Cbimga Education 1 Cbemirtrg College Hall Wright Junior College GEORGE GASPER ORTAGGIO ..... .... C bit-ago Engineering Eleclriml Engifreerizzg Newman Hall A.I.E.E,-I.R.E. FRANK LEE OsE.oRNE ....... .... j olief Engineering Effflffftlf Engirzeerirvg Graham Lodge Sigma Tau: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Joliet junior College WILLIARL ROBERT OSCHXVALD ,.... Springfield Agriculture Agrofzomy Parade Ground Units Alpha Zeta: Field and Furrowg Gamma Deltag Agriculture Club Honors Day IZ, 3l Bradley University JOSEPH JEROME OsHtvER..Philude1pbin, Pa. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Tau Delta Phi A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society: In- tercollegiate Zionist Federation University of Pennsylvaniag Michigan State College ALBERT OsRAN .........,......... Claimgo Fine and Applied Arts Afrlyiteclural Engineerirzg A.I.A.g A.S.C.E. Michigan State College MARSHALL DAVID OSSEY..., ..... Cbimgo Commerce Management Students for Dramatic Action PAUL CHARLES Osrsv, ........... Brookfield Agriculture General Agriculture Hoof and Horn Club 5 . X :S 5 . .. 5 x T- XVALTER RAYMOND OSTERKORN ...... Cbirago Physical Education PbJ.i'iml Erllnatirzn Phi Kappa Psi Ma-XVfan4Da: Sachemg Tribe nf lllinig Var' sity Basketball Squad tl, 2, 3, -ll, Letter tl, 5. All IVIAURICIT DEAN OTT .,.,...,.... C17t7fV1AI7diEIi Engineering GFl1t77'ill EIIAQIIlL't'!'i71.Q Sigma Iota Epsilong A.S.M.E.g Society for the Advancement of Management RICHARD AUsTrN OVERHEY,.I!l:fi1lfl1If1f7fi.r, Iuti. Fine and Applied Arts fllllfn' Edntrlllwz Alpha Phi Alpha Illini Union Committee 15, -H1 Marching Band I3. -ll: Second Regimental Band llll Men's Glee Club ISI RAYMOND CHARLES OVRESAT ........ Cbinzgo Fine and Applied Arts Arrbilerlme Newman Hall Honors Day C33 Rutgers University JAMES JACOB PACKTOR. . . . ,. ...Chit-ago Commerce Mfmagenzevzt Sigma Alpha Mu Campus Chest fllg XVILL Gi: Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club: Student Business- men's Association Wilson Junior College FRANK JAMES PADAvIc ...... ,. ....Ta1nm Engineering Mining Exzgiwerifzg M.I.S. Illinois Institute of Technology? Bradley University ELIDA MARIE PAGE ......... ...McHenry Commerce fIl't'0IHIIr1VlL'j' Delta Zeta Phi Chi Theta: Illini Union Committee Glg Accountancy Club: Marketing Club GEORGIA ANN PAHLOXV ...,...... Galvrburg Physical Education Pbyrirrzl Edlfraiiorl Delta Zeta Major I1 XV.A.A. Numcralsz NV.A.A. fl. Z, 3, 411 Terrapin fl, 2. 5. 41: Physical Ed' ucation Majors Club 305 X Y l'.,V,," 1 " 1' Joi-rx WILLIAM PAINTER. .. ,, . Dag-. Commerce Jlizmrgf mr IL' Alpha Chi Rho Sigma Iota Epsilon: H-wus ,e President 441: egirnent. Phi Chi Captain. Army ROTC R Eta, Marketing Club Honors Dax' 12.31 RRIFH Erixrsr Piixrrn, ja. .,,, L.: 1-1.:i,ha Agriculture Cvifnzi' .'lg':.,'n,,i L Alpha Gamma Rho Freshman Varsity Football Squad. Illinois Agiitulrurisr IIIL :Xgritultural Council ISI: Ail :kg Field Day Ccvnimrttee IZ, fll Plow Buy Prom Committee ill, Agriculture Club: and Horn Club xlXRY PNLCHTFF . , .. - V--IIJJ'-WU Agriculture Home E. v: vu. Busty H.rll Shorter Board: Alpha Sigma Nul Phi UP- silon Omicrong XY'.A,A. Board 15. sill W'-IN A. Numeralsg XY'.A,A. IZ. 5. U. Home Ec- --nomics Club Him-irs Day ll, 21 RIIHARD ALYRFIV PALrxxir7 .,.... , Clvrrign Liberal Arts and Sciences S,Ml.1f lil'ni Forensic Associati--np Spanish Club Pwr. GroRr,r PALLMIR , .. ,..,... Pekin Liberal Arts .Ind Stientcs Clu.rr1.'if'x Alpha Chr Sigma Liamma Delta H+in-'its Day ill Unriersity lumix PA1x1rR .... . ,,..X'fu' York, N. Y. Engineering .Hrrlnn11r.1l lj11uluL,f.'ug Annex Hall A N MIL, Rlllc ami Pistol filub K1-rirRr Lsrrr. PALMIR , ..... Cl-1.rrgo Liberal Arts .incl Sriumus lifaflfvy Liiiirgc sxinlcnt liuliiguius founiil 4593 Illini Chris- ti.rn Iicllnuxhip ll, 2, S, ll, Philosophy Dis- iussrrrn I lub Hr-rims Day 42,5l, l'nixerRity ol Illinois Mir-ilarslrrp Key lim-.I-,s XVAMUS PAIRIIR . ...'l1i1ofa Eriurntcrrnig Cvrzcnzl lfrlrnriirzuq Niiirrhi Alphl Epsilon Pl.: 111.1 Nruina, Hfwuu I'iLsi.!Lnl 1-Hg AA. Nl I. Hrirfiii lily III 306 . H N X K . Q Y . X EDWARD IWIARTIN PALucA... .... Cbimga Commerce Erormmirr Sigma Phi Epsilon Illini Union Committee 12,553 Gymnastics Manager 12,311 Marketing Club: Moing- wena Northwestern University 1 PATRICK JAMES PALUMBO .... ...Chimga ' ' Education I Biology J Spanish Club: Teachers-in-Training Club F' , 6 - PETER PANUOLFO ...,...... .... C bimgo Commerce Arrozmranry College Hall Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Q' PETER LEO PANTAROTTO ...,. ..,. C lmagv ?'L"X"e - Commerce Nlarkelirzg Newman Hall Marketing Club: junior Chamber of Com- merce Honors Day 11, ll . Q , 3' 5 DONALD Louis PARrse ............., Cbii-ago Division of Special Services Slulirllir Newman Hall A.I.E.E.-I.R.E,g junior Chamber of Com- ' , merce I 'A f 4,4 College of Ozarks: University of Wliscon- "" sin JOHN WILLIAM PARISH ..... Dai-enpari, Iowa Engineering Civil Errgirivwixig Triangle SQ Interfraternity Council 12, SI 3 A.S.C,E. 1'1" THEODORE ALFRED PARKER .,..., Park Ridge , ' Commerce Auolmlunry Phi Sigma Kappa 3 Chi Gamma Iota: Interfraternity Council K3 4' ,-1 Haig Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club ' s, Knox College I'-:' ,fly I 1 XVILLIALI EDWARD PARKER... ...Spriughvld Commerce Al'L'0lHIl1lIlfj Delta Tau Delta Accountancy Club Louis EDWIN PARKINS .......... Meri-opolii Commerce Induilrial Adminiiifation STANFORD ELMER PARRIS ....... ,..... P ear-ia Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiirry Alpha Delta Phi Y.M.C.A. Committee 1115 Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Military Councilg Zeta Sigma Alpha EDWARD FRANK PARZYGNAT. ,. .... Cbimgo Engineering ildeclaafrlczil Eilgillffljlig A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. WILLIAM FRANCIS PATRICK ..i. .... I linreugu Journalism Advertiring Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta Sigmag Illini Union Committee 111 Honors Day 151 VIURIEL WINNIFRED PATTERSON ..... Cbirriga Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Efzglifb McKinley Hall W.A.A. 111g Tempo 141g McKinley Foun' lation Student Council 131 DONALD VICKREY PATTON .,..,.... Rnfklori! Fine and Applied Arts Arrbileclure A.I.A. Drro PAUIZSICK, JR ............... Cbimga Fine and Applied Arts Landirape Arrbiieriure Parade Ground Units Fine and Applied Arts Societyg Landscape Architecture Society BERNARD CARL PAUGELS. .... .,.. E mnrxon Commerce Management I s E T1 . -:1jI,. . A sg .L su Q Y, S1 rarszrfi,-,. , -' I VQF N I - ' wif-Af -' Q ,rg 1 Q' A we A ch 'Q '2". z 'J' .f :Jw 515 .- ffiffli 1 LYLE RALPH PAUGELS .,... .. ...,Emmrmz Commerce Mmmgemenl GLENN HAROLD PAULSGROVE ,,,, ...Gilmn Agriculture General Agricullure Chi Gamma Iotag Alpha Tau Alphag Agri- cultural Education Club Knox College BEVERLY JEAN PAYNE ,,..,.. ...... IN 'ewmmz Fine and Applied Arts lllflllilf EL7ll4L':Ifi077 Vanlig Sigma Alpha Iota: House President 141 Honors Day 12, 31 XVILLIAAI RUSSELL PAYNE. .. . . .Gli7If0f1'l Engineering Eleclriml Eugineerizlg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E, Bradley University BIARDIORIE ELAINE PIEABODY ....,..... Piixzon Liberal Arts and Sciences Erorzomicr Leeman Lodge Illini Union Committee 1215 XV.G.S. Execu- tive Council 13,41g N.S.A. Senate Subcom- mittee 121g French Club JOIIN PEARAH .............,...... Cbii-ago Engineering Szmirary Ezzgineerizzg Annex Hall A.S.C.E.: Mu-San Honors Day 121 St. Norbert's College ADRIAN l1lOUNT PEARSALL Trfmmmburg, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilenzmzl Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Phi Eta Sigma: Dolphins 12, 511 A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society Oklahoma A. and M. College: University of Southern California CHARLES RAY PEARSON ...,...... Alai:-eaqmr Agriculture Vocational Agfirullnre Alpha Tau Alpha 307 Janis RIEHARD PE.-XRSOX, , .IM--Vf-I Liberal Arts and Sciences I-Iffltfv-. Phi Kappa Psi Delta Phi Alpha XY'abash College Dosirxicic -lor-ix Prccma . . .l,l','t.14 PX' .111 EJ J. 5.11: 1, Plivsical Education Yarsirx' Baseball Squad lil: Freshman Var- siri. Baseball Squad Mimix PrcHrfR ,,,,, ...fivragfv Lau Lau Nu Beta Epsilon, junior Bar Association I-lerzl Ulunior C'-wllegep Ineliana University Dcixarn MERLF PEDDYCORD ..,... flu.-.igfi Commerce .llmkefnlg Phi Kappa Tau Chi Gamma Iota: Alpha Delta Sigma: Com- merce Club: Marketing Club, junior Cham- ber uf fkimmerce XYilsnn junior College Rorr VILHELM Pnnrnsrx .,,, .,.. C lwnigfv Engineering Electrical Ellll-UIILTIIIIXQ Newman Hall A.l.E.E.-l,R.E. Grand View College RRLPH Krxxlrn Pi-rx. , .... Benlwz Lau' Law Phi Alpha Delta: junior Bar Association XVest Virginia Institute -it Tethnology: southern Illinois Unixersity Hirrx' Armrimr Prius . ..,,,,, Y,.,, j film Liberal Arts and Stientes Sffrmlf-un Palamar Igpslliin Phi Sigma julie! junior Collette Mu Piiiin . . , . ,,,rAl,,,,,f-0 lime and Applied Arts .llnln lim'-, llall verna Alpha lnta, XVILI. 45, 411 Fine .un- Apylinl Arts mi ima llofiwv lima ll W sn 308 Carvix MARTIN PENFIELD .......... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Dirifion of General Studie: Lundgren House House President l-ll: Illini Forensic Associa- tion: Teachers-in-Training Club JOHN FLETCHER PENN ......... .... A Iorria Engineering Electrical Engirzeefing Delta Kappa Epsilon Tau Beta Pi 15,-ll: Phi Eta Sigma Ill: Eta Kappa Nu 45. -llg Pierrots 12, 313 Illini Theatre Guild Cast ll, 2, 511 WILL 13, -HL A.l,EiE.-I.R.E, l1.2l Roraxn CORIISS PENNEY ,.,. ...... 1 llfuengo Division of Special Services .elmmtzl Science BRUCE VOLNIEY PENWELL, jR.,.Bferl:er Cny. Division of Special Services .'IgYIl.'lllllH'dl Efaflomirl Delta Sigma Phi Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Zeta Sig- ma Alpha Room ERIC PERERS ..,..... ..... C bimgo Commerce Markeling Delta Phi Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad fllg Market- ing Club WARREN FREEMAN PERKINS ,.,..... Cbiraga Division of Special Services Indmlfial Edumlian Pi Kappa Phi Baptist Foundation Student Council Ml: First Lieutenant, Air Force Wing, Arsecag Phalanx XVilson junior College IEnw'aRD PERLMAN ............... Oak Park Commerce Mdl'kt'lil1g Clark House Accountancy Club: Intercollegiate Zionist Federation: Marketing Club Roosevelt College Fnru ROBERT PERLMAN ..... ...Cbimga Engineering Ciril Engineering Barton House Campus Lhest lil 1 Second Regimental Band tslg WILL HJ: A.S.C.E. ioLrNE MARIE PERRY .......... Waukegrm Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Iagle Hall NALD EUGENE PERRY ....... .... D rm:-ille Engineering Mechanical Engineering Zhi Phi 2 Illio 1213 A,S.C.E.g A.S.M.E. IALD WINSTON PERRY .... ...lflwnrafz Commerce Markelirlg rketing Club f' FRANKLIN PERRY ....... ......... C iinu Division of Special Services Ciril Engineering L.C.E. Y JOSEPH PEsfwENTo .... ....Claimgn Commerce Alfumgefrlenl Eranada Club I.A. Executive Council C133 House Presi- it HM Intramural Manager CU: Market- Clubg Spanish Club 'ROTHY ELAINE PESKIND .,...... Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Sigma Delta Tau rsident, Panhellenicg Mortor Board MIL rch Q31 5 Sigma Delta Pi: The Illio Cl. 2, 5 Illini Union Board C-ll: Illini Union mmittee 1255 Panhellenic Executive Coun- f3,4Jg Student Senate 6-U inors Day 11. 2, 51g University of Illinois lolarship Key RON AUGUSTUS PETERS ....,.. Taylofwille Agriculture VUCHIIOIIAI fIg1'iL'll!lIH'6 phzl Tau Alpha IORGE LEE PETERS .......... .... 0 nk Park Engineering Eleclfical Engineering ii Eta Sigmag A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Eta Ifappa 1 mors Day f1,2Jg University of Illinois holarship Key 'AAU .t ' Pal K , arf ,r '5 , .. , Q vs. L rs 5? R r X .... fe- ax ,stil ...F lk ' K 1 7' l . ' I Y 'M fit , ig' ' , A J ROBERT STANLEY PETERSEN .... .... C hicago Engineering Alerbmzical Engineering Chi Gamma Iotag Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Honors Day 12,511 University of Illinois Scholarship Key CHARLFS ALox's1Lis PETERSON.......Chftr1g0 Commerce Alruzizgenzenl Parade Ground Units CHARLES RUSSELL PETERSON ........ Chicago Engineering 1lIEIdHI1l'Qft'slI Engilzeering MIS. XVright City Collegeg Illinois Institute of Technology: Northwestern University FLOYD ALFRED PETERSON ...., .... B .mu-i.: Commerce Acr'o1n11f1m'j Accountancy Club Fnfmcrs YEAZEL PETERSON ........ Rorrrille Commerce Arc0l111luz1r"y Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psig Account- ancy Club Honors Day ll? RALPH jaarrs PETERSON .... , ..... Him-ard Engineering Eferfriral Ef1.ql11eE1iug WARREN I-Ioxvano PETERSON ,.,.. ...Cbiriigo Engineering lIIt'r'lm1lir'r1l Erlgilieuriazg A.S.M.IE. XVilsnn junior College: Illinois Institute of Technology XVILLARD ARWTN PETrRsoN ..... .... 1 Iloline Commerce Aff0lI!IldlIf'Y Chi Gamma Iota: Illini Theatre Guild Cast HJ 1 Accountancy Club University of Southern California 309 '. j-JL! I 3: ,H 4 gn- 'r " li ' I l " 1 re-2 I , 5 WIILLI.-ur HOXY'ARD PETERSON. .. ,. .Chit-ago Engineering Eleclriral Engirzreijug Reenah A.I.E.E.-I.R.E, XYIILLI.-XM INIARTIN PETERSON .,,... G.1le,rb11rg Liberal Arts and Sciences Pf,Iclmlug,I Newman Hall Psi Chig Students for Democratic Action I-It-nors Day 11, 33 Knox College FRFD DAVID PETING ....,,,. Hmzmigrofz, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Edumrmzz Illustrators Honors Day 151 Chicago Academy of Fine Artsg Hunting- ton College EDWARD ANDREW PISTKO ,.....,,,... Cbimga Engineering Elvrlflcnl Ellgilltfllllg Newman Hall A,I.E.E.-I.R,E. IXIIIAN PITTRAS ..........,... .,.. C birago Agriculture I'ofIz110Iml xigrlrnlfmr' Western Illinois State College Lrxxls DMN PETRY ,,,,.,. ,.,. B amlmn Commerce flcrfflnliriuivy Carmen Atcountancy Club: Marketing Klub Iflonors Day lil I,I'fAs EDXVARD PI'I,lIIfl'NI1IiRL,I'R ....,.. xillun Engineering Ctimmlr ElIgl7lL'UY'llIg Delta Tau Delta Keramosg Y.M,C.A, Committee lil: Cap- tain, Army R.O.T.C, Regiment, A.C.S. Indiana University: lim-.I State College ROY Ewrzrcrrr Pumps .,,,...,..,..... Rabbi Agritulturc Vflrrlllomll 311114 nfmre' Cyrcvada Manor Intramural Manager Ml Southern Illinois University 310 A1 IN Q N S1 'f x . '2 t l ' . IJ, Q in I", if ,. L22 gf G R. -Gs 1 I 'I I , I y E 4 I : ' 1, gl ,g, I iv' qua- L I SAMUEL DAVID PI-IELPS ......,.... Monmanzb Agriculture General Agriculture Roojahs McKinley Foundation Student Council 1415 Agriculture Clubg Hoof and Horn Club Monmouth College JOE CARL PHIFER ..........,...... Kdllkllkff Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Phi Sigma Kappa Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad ROBERT LANDON PHILLIPS .,..,.... Wheazau Liberal Arts and Sciences Pbyricr Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day tl, ll ROBERT RICHARD PHILLIPS .........,... Pam Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbology Son's Home Honors Day 133 LaSalle4Peru-Oglesby junior College VUAYNE RICHARD PHILLIPS ...,...., Rorlaford Division of Special Services Marieeling Marketing Club DONALD WAYNE Pl-IIPPS .... .... I Vnmkn Commerce MavkI'li:1g Marketing Club ANTHONY ROBERT PIAZZA... .... Claimgv Commerce Markezing Newman Hall Marketing Club: Junior Chamber of Com- merce EUGENE GERARIJ PIAzzA ..... ...Harvey Commerce Markuling Theta Xi The Daily Illini CZ, 37g Marketing Club Thornton junior College WILLIAM ORRIs PICKETT .......... Rocbvrlei- Agriculture Voreziionnl Agriculture Farm House Alpha Tau Alphag Y,M.C.A. Committee fl, 215 All Ag Field Day Committee 121 g Agri- cultural Education Club JACK WARREN PIERCE ......... New Hallam! Division of Special Services Geolugy Cyclothem Club Honors Day 62,311 University of Illinois Scholarship Key STANLEY MELBOURN PIERCE ,... .... C bimgo journalism Alfl'P7'llJl71g Noble House Marketing Clubg The Daily Illini IBD XVright Junior College RAY Louis PIEROBON .,............ Cbimgn Division of Special Services Adzferliiing and Sealer Delta Upsilon Choristers Cijg Illini Forensic Associationg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club I Michigan State College STURE BROR PIERSON ..i.........,.. Hebron Agriculture Vocational Agf'lfllllllI'E Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Clubg Agriculture Club WILLIAM EARL PIERsoN .......... Hurrirburg Commerce g Arcoznzlazzry 'Accountancy Club I 'flfil V fi . ,X 52.3, ivERNON JOHN PIETZ ,.......... Fine and Applied Arts' 'ix N Arcbiteflure Cosmopolitan , lK':I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Sodiqtyg Gzimfl' -' llina Delta Honors Day Q27 5 Ag V' Northwestern Universityg Clevelanlcl lCQlgg A 'egeg Brooklyn College A Q 3' if I -1 I! I Q All I ' 'l ' R- l. I fa lt I RICHARD ALAN PILCHARD ........ Fnryer 171 , 1 Agriculture lf, Q General Agriculture 'fl 'T 'Dairy Technology Club , -f qu. l l I filly fi I ,P X vs.,. W .1 I ..,,,. V all fa . 'fexisff' , mist . ff"1'QS' +w:::sg.," 95. - 5,1 . 'AW' 'SfEi'ffilQi,vf1. Nw' E e , . f "f-i:5:.'ej'?M::G, I: . 12'mi'ffi:: . ' ? if ' -I I I: ?:?55AXEf:E.' .- 'Ml -115:-xlgg' if 1' - .aaa -fa -3 ,....,:f,.A:':.. . f - I :.,:,- -. -. 11:5 - .Q f ' Q ' - I. 1'1S., , j:5,I5fE5IjEi fl fk - " gy- i, ' -'iff A- V U ' 1 l' fl 'is'2.3i3i:f'.'M':?ff .4 efifslis :if.'E"':f 1' , f,Ai"'--M455 5s:af5f:5,5ff3:-. 5,553 ,:.-131' LOLITA Pmcorrs ...... ,....,..... C bfrulga Commerce llflarkelirzg and Managemenl Indeco Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg Students for Democratic Action NORhfA LEE PINKERTON ,....... Woof! River Liberal Arts and Sciences Claemirlry Palamar House President Q-U CHARLES STEXVART PINKSTON ,...... 4,'l,fI,Ig0 Liberal Arts and Sciences Tenrber Tmizzing in Sarml Slniliri Wilson Junior College SHELDON HERBERT PITKIN.New Ywk, N. l'. Engineering llflefbunical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag First Lieutenant, Army ll.O. T.C. Regimentg Phalanxg Tmnspoihilion Corps Clubg A.S.M.E.g l.A.S. Honors Day C11 JILL PITTS ......,....,...,.. ..... 1 llillmi Agriculture Hame Efonnmiu Delta Gamma Stephens College ELYSE SALLY PITZELE ,.........,... Chit-ago Education Elemeniary Edufaflan Delta Phi Epsilon Illini Union Committee 42, 35 3 Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 11, 233 Tempo ill OSWALD JOSEPH PIUNTI .... Cbimga Heigbu Commerce Managemefzt Psi Upsilon Marketing Club WALTER PETER PLACZEK ...... .... C bimgo Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Lundgren House A.S.M.E.g M.I.S. 311 Hrxru' :XLBYRT Purx .,,,. ,,v. 5 ,'rr.'fre!rrl..' Dlvrsirrrl nf Special Serwitcs Rfr'rg.:1r-,r: Srurna Alpha Epsrltin Skull and Crescent Tribe nt Illini, Yarsrty Baseball Squad 1Z,+', Letter 4211 Varsity ret' lb. F---wthall Squad ll P, Award ll' ,lrxx Prurrrrirx .. , ..... C'lm.rgf Frm anti Applied Arts ,l .,", r lr: .',v :iff D:-:ul Brrsu Hill lllrnr Ylrlrcatrc Grrrlrl Cast illg Frne ,intl Ap- rrlretl Arts Sure". -Irrrrx Mrrriix Pr ixrk, JR ,,.A ..ll".1rifm1llr Drxrsr-in 1-t Sperral Serxrtes I'-r.r1.f-r.-.ql xitfrrrrlnrrt Srurua Pr Alpha 'liarr Alpha llrrrw Vrrrerxrr Prrrstr-r ., . .,,. It-nrt.: Lrlweral Arts .mil Strerrres H,lrlrrl-ffffgj Tlreta l'psrl4in Mask .intl Haulalr, lllini lfrrrrrn tkiriirrirtter' Il,QP, lllrnr Theatre Guild Manager ll. '-P. lllrni Theatre Crurltl Prrrtlrrttmrr Stal' Ill, Y.XY.l A. liirnmrttee II, il Ilrrrrirm Lrnrxr Prrtts tam Hllrrrrr, rllrrrfu Physical Etlutatrtrn Plr-ir1r.rl frlrrrrrrffru Della Siuma Phr taptarrr, Varsity Basehall mruarlg Na-XY'.rrr Da. Satlrern. Phi Epsilon Kappa, lrrlae -rr Illini. Varsrtx Baselwall Squatl 12. K,-H, ter lib, Frulrman Varsity Baselwall Squatl PIIIIIIP liIYNlUNlY Prr'xrARr , .lliiailllflv Auritulture Crrlrml Jlwlrnllnrt Alplra 'lau Alpha, Aurrrultrrre Ilrrh, Agri trrlrrrral lwlrrrarr-rrr I lrrlw. P-rrrltry Xtreme C lulw Vrrrxersrty -il Xhrsrnnsrrr Arrrrrrx--r Mira-r lmrr Ii.1r1 M. l,,,,,r Arts .rrrtl Ntrerries l'f1.rrr.'1vfr1 l,rrrrirlrr Aurrut Rtsrtlerrtu 1 I Y XX I A. fmrrrrrrttte ill, farrrrpris tliest l ,ar t', wr, firrrprrs flrut Allrit.rtrrrrrs .rrrtl Atl- I 'viwru lirrartl INN. lllrrrr 'llreatre Crrrrltl .Mar-l tj! lertlrrrs rrr lirarrrrrrrg flirli K,'.'it-irrt -lrrrrr-rr I-rllrgt M-rrtrr.-.--.r l14,r.r,r-.prnrr HkA,,,,,,,,,f ltlirratr-rrr ifulrrrrlr MHMHII--9 f--llt-et, lllrrrrrrs State Nirrrrrrl l':.rr.,rsrt. 312 Ercrxr jorrx POHL,,....,. ...Compton ' Agriculture Vurrrfmrml Agriculmre Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Economics Clubg Agricultural Education Club: Field antl Furmul Rural Life Club Norrrrrm' Fruxers POHLMAN .... ...Bumelr Agriculture l'n.r1liur1.rl :lgrirnlmre Alpha Tau Alplrag Phalanx Rrrrrrnr PAUL Pots.-rrr. .,.........,. Dani-ille Drvrsiun nt Special Services .'!.!r rr llflllg The Daily lllrni 13,-H3 Marketing Klub: Alpha Delta Sigma Yu rtirr Ptirarax ,, ........,,.,.,.. Cbirrrgo Fine and Applied Arts .'lrrlulr.lnr.1! EIlgilIL'L'IlFI4U Alpha Rlrn thi Garguyleg Varsity Gymnastics Squad ti, -ll: Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squzrdg A.l.A.Q A.S,t rE.g Fine and Applietl Arts Society Htrnnrs Day lil Mrclrrgan State College lxlartrx' Pcrrlx ..,..,........,,.... Chimgo Fine and Applied Arts .'lvr'l1llr'r'l11r'r1l E!Igf7It.'L'Y'illIII A.S.C.E,: Praeturians C.-mr. Erm rx Porrxo, jR,. ,. , . .DuQ1min Engineering Alr'rh,n1ir'rll E?1gil1L'L'li!lg A.S.M,E,: S.A.E. Struthern Illinois Universityg University of Oklrrlruma -I,-ure Wrrrrfxrr Pnrrvrca ...,...... LaGrange Division of Special Services rllf1rir'lh1,u Sigma Nu Illini Unirrn Committee t2,5l: Ifltefffilfef' nity firurrrrl i5,4l: House President HH Dairy 'lbrlrnrrlngy Society: Marketing Club I.Awr:r'Nr'r- Brmrrarrrm Por.KowsKr.Rnrklord Engineering Cir-il Eflgizlfuring Illi-Dell t,hi Epsilrrn: Second Lieutenant, Army R.O. 'I'.fI. Regiment: Tau Nu Tau: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 12,35 ll .viN NATHANIEL POLLARD ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Tminizzg in Social Siudier ai Forensic Association: Teachers-im ining Club nuns ALLEN Porrann ..,, .... C mmf Commerce ,fl fro 11 1111111 cj ha Kappa Psig Accountancy Clubg Mar- ng Club mrs Day 11, 3l E DIVALL POLLARD. ..... ..,. E i-ic Agriculture Home Eronomirr me Economics Club: Teachers-in-Training 5 L GRIFFITH Pomifnox' ...,.. ...fllirllozbinaz Commerce Al!1l111gLI7IEJll heta Chi or Football Manager: Ma-XVan-Dag Illini Jn Committee 12,303 Tribe of Illinig keting Clubg Moingwena hornton junior College my PONLEITHNER, jR..,. .... Cbimgo journalism Editorial ewman Hall stant Sports Editor, The Daily Illinig Gamma Iotag Sigma Delta Chig The y Illini 13, -ll: Marching Band QU :Y Louisis POOL .....,.. ..... 0 lmwu Commerce Markelizzg lpha Chi Omega Illio C255 Y.M.C.A. Committee C-ljg keting Club coLM ALAN Poous, Jn. ....,..... Pew-in Liberal Arts and Sciences Playriolagy N ELWOOD Poviiam .,.. .,,Cl7t1fIEJ'l0Il Law law a Theta Phi istern Illinois State College -A -er N a , ., as 3 fx . , l 35. ,Q .- L ai wi N we -r. .. .N , N, qc. .K ., N ' Fav :X wi CHRISTINE POPYANCHIEFF , ...... ,.Alarli,rm1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Hi,rt0i'y Evans Hall The Daily Illini fl, it 3 The Illio tllg lllini Theatre Guild Cast ll, 25 5 XV.G.S. Executive Council Ill: Epsilon Phi Sigmag Spanish Club: University ot Illinois Recreation Sn- ciety Le Clcrc College JOHN EARL Poms ..,.,,,.,.. ..., C bmzigo ,loulnalism .-ltlzwrllilfzlq Sigma Phi Epsilon Midclle Georgia College XYLILII.-KAI josrprr Pimii-ii ..r, L.: Jolla, Cam. I uiuincrce flcr'fun1li1rJr'Yi Gmnaclii Club Accountancy Club Honors Day fl! D.-XNIIII. Posr ....,.. Nvir York, N. Y, Engineering rllecbfzniml Eugnlcerizzg A.S.M,E. Honors Day ISI Platt Institute DOROTHY Esrmsnooic Por'1'rn .... Cbriwpuigii Liberal Arts and Sciences .Eli-lgfhfi Gamma Phi Beta The Illio flbg Y.XV.C',A. Committee ill: Campus Chest 131 Fruan SHERIDAN POTTER ...... .... C hziirgo Engineering General Ezrglrzserizzg Morgan Park Junior College: Ball State Teachers' College EUGENE Lnnox' Poxviins .,,..,... lliiw Gmie Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Efzygfiziwfiiiq Alpha Phi Omegag A.l,Ch.F. Honors Day 153 HAROLD LEE Powells .......,. .,,,. P rlut-exon Agriculture General .alygrirlalllzfc Agriculture Club: Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Club LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby junior College 313 in ' L'iQai Wixsrox XKHLTON Poxvxart ...Drwr-ll.iw1 Commerce I .'l:r'0z.r:!.:r:.'j Accounmnry Club, Nlrketing fluh Q' Q .'Xll'lll'Lt Pxaxcxr .T.:jn'mi.'l!s lfomnrcrce pl Pli Ben K,Ipp,I. Marketing Club Q 3 q.. Q ,, X P I Gr, . fu- ,, 'lui if ,Q f ' '5?L'52 N I A Ylcinx TiRRELL PRAT1 ,. Brffiminzgmf: Lao Lui Simms Alphui Epsilon YIM C..-X. Committee ll, II . lnterfraternity Council 42, Rl. ,Iumor B.Ir Association. LAWN Society Folleuc -it XY'illi.1m .Ind hluy BRRBRR,-K lsaart PRExI'Iss . .v.BeriI-yr Agriculture lrlnma Ecfifzfmizrxi hlclilnlcy' Hall All Ag Field Dsy fiommxttuc GPC H0319 E 'on ymi N Club Hs iRI.ifi.e.i. ,rumor miner .fin X ,-f ' ' 5, ,, N ygiffla, V. -1.93 PHYLLIS LORRAINE PREIZRIAN 4.,.. Rirbmam! Agriculture Home Er fvzzfnuri LCem.In Lodge I Illinois Agriculturist ill: Home Economits 3 fluh , ao- ',, fr RUIKIRI srlxrlir Pnriws .,.. Chfrxlgn ffonrniurte .'li'r'-fu1lI,111t 2 C-rJn.Id.i Club House President Hr 3 Arr-iunt.InCy Flub Honors Day ll, II l,IRrIx' Lim IRI: PRIxxiII. ...Drznzillc ffininruri C Jiri' ff n rllrnlry Afifiiinlariry fluh. .' Lcgirin Post Nil. flllfl arf- dr" Krwxriu fr0RIlUN PRIIIIIII . ..,.Oliic1 llnismn of Npciml Qurvitcs i'llcilu1ni:'.II lfrlrflmrvfllz 5.A.E, iuticty lor thc Arliuinrcincnt ut Mm 3l4 BURL PRICE ............... ....Mo1m1 Erie Liberal Arts and Sciences Teafber Tmining in Frenrb French Clubg Spanish Clubg Teachers-im Training Club Honors Day Cl Ecole Franscaiseg Middlebury College HUGH HENRY PRICE ........ lllflllfbfll, N. 1. Commerce Ermzmnifr Bland House Illini Insurance Society: junior Chamber of Commerce Rutgers L'niversity RICHARD CARR PRICE .,...... Chit-.ago Hrvglm Engineering Electrical E71gll7tI.?l'llIg Phi Sigma Kappa Skull and Crescentg Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigmag Eta Kappa Nug XVILL 123: A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 41, 2, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarslrip Key ROBERT EININ PRICE .,..,... ...Kriukakee Commerce AIIUIIIQEUIPYII Parade Ground Units Alumni Association Board 12, Sb ROBERT LEE PRICE ......,, Swim Lake, Iowa Engineering Eleflrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu: WILL 13,413 A.I.E.E.- I.R.E.: Synton Northwestern Universityg Illinois Institute of Technology THOMAS SPENCER PRICE .,,......,, Erfmnon Division of Special Services EIO!l077IifJ' Phi Gamma Delta Northwestern University: University of Wis- consin HAROLD CLARENCE PRICI-IARD .... .Glen Ellyn Commerce Markeling Sigma Chi Varsity 110 lb. Football Squad f2,3J, Let- ter 12, 31 Honors Day HJ RIc.HARn EUGENE PRIEsr,..Kan.mi Cizy, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiilry Phi Lambda Upsilon Kansas City junior College :HARD FRANCIS PRINDIVILLE ...... Cbirago journalism Adrertiring Phi Kappa e Daily Illini fl, Ill 3 Illini Union Council lg Illini Union Committee Glg Interfra- nity Council f3lg XVILL I-D3 Senior Ball mmitteeg Alpha Delta Sigma vnors Day f2,5l Loyola University TER GREGORY Pnmms ......, Elm Sf. Lanir Engineering Electrical Engineering ILIP RAY PRITCHARD .,.......... Daurille Division of Special Services Mamrgemem' ini Insurance Society JRMA JEANE PRUDENT .,... .... C efzrmlia journalism Adrefrifing Delta Zeta rch: Shi4Aig Theta Sigma Phig The Daily ini fl, 2, 3l 1 Y.XV,C.A. Committee il, 3 Spanish Club DRMAN Amrnomv Pausrrvsxt ..... Cbimgn Commerce rllnrkeiing irketing Club 'iior Chamber of Commerce, Newman Club nfs ROBERSON PRUTER ...... Orange. Tex. Agriculture Flo:-icnlrnre xriculture Club Lamar Junior College RL JosEPH PUDEWILL ..... .... C bimga Engineering Eleclriral Engineering I.E,E.-I.R.E.g Illuminating Engineering So- 'YY 1ssELL Oms PUGH ............. Waukegan Fine and Applied Arts Muric Erlumtion ii Eta Sigma: Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Con- rt Band fl, 2, 3, 4l: Marching Band fl, 2, 472 University Sinfonietta G, 4lg Univer- y Orchestra f1,2, 5, -ilg Repertory Orches- l lil: Men's Glee Club 42, Sl: Fine and :plied Arts Society Jnors Day Ml University of California f'W252L,3:' Y :.f7.,Y i lif t 14' . a, , ,.,,, if , Y - ' ,,., r l . 2 ,in , A i ssl' - ' l X i X " -1 ' 1 w 3 :- La 9 K I D ,Ga ax I' -I, 47 is f 5 josrpi-r CARL PUGLIESE ........,.... Cbirnga Engineering Gemma! Erlgmeariug Newman Hall A.S.C.E.g Illini Insurance Society Tnoaras Puourse " ............., , .Clwir-ago Division of Special Studies xldrerlifilrg Newman Hall Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini IES, -ll: Newman Foundation Student Council 141: Marketing Club CHARLES Rav PLILLEN ........... Alaunmfnlv Engineering Ciril Eriginaerirzg Annex Hall A.S.C.E. ROGER CLAPP PURDY ,......... .... G lmroe Engineering Elertriral Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Director, Department of Public Relations. Illini Union, Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Skull and Crescent: Phi Eta Sigma1 The Illio ill : Illini Union Board 1-llg Illini Union Coun- cil f3lg Illini Union Committee f1,2, 51: Star Course Manager l'2l: House President I-il: A.I.E,E.-I.R.E. Honors Day ll.3l Davin KEITH PYLE .......,....,.... Cbimlw Fine and Applied Arts Arcbileclnn' Psi Upsilon Skull and Crescent: Gargoyle: Phi Eta Si:- mag Scarab: Interfraternity Council i2,5l1 Varsity Football Squad ll, Zlg Men'5 Glee Club f3.-llg Choristers f5l: A.l,A. Honors Day 11. 2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key DONALD GLFN Pi'L1:s .....,...... Alidlmlmzvz Commerce .-lcfolmimzrji' Kappa Delta Rho Gymnastics Manager Ill 3 Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Thornton Township junior College OTTO CRITTFNDEN PYLES .,.... Lordiu, Ohio Division of Special Services Sariology The Mansion PHILIP BENARD QUEBMAN ..,....,.. Nalloon Engineering illefbanicaz' Engineering Noble House First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Pi Tau Pi Sigmag A,S.M.E. 315 GERALD NORMAN QLIICIQ .,.,. ...Gizlfrbnrg Engineering Elfrlilml Erigliirfviilg A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Knox College ROBFRT Btxnrv QUICK- ,v....,,., ekIr.i,.4if Division ot Special Services .iifiuliinzg ROBERT LAxvRrxcr Qtficx.- ...,, Tiikilim Division Iii Special Serxices .ll.II1.zyI mi nt Theta Chi The Daily Illini lil: Illini Union Cum- mitree lil 1 flieerleuler Ricirsnu Leo Qeixuxx . .... .... I Liiiziinl trimmerte .ll.:f1.i-girilwif InI.l ,ll.1Il'I.','flu Alpha Delta PI St. Betlek College Euxxix RAIIIN ., ...,..,...... ., . .Cliiuiigu Libeml Arts .Intl Sciences Cbtlllltkll Eilgililliiiig Clark House A.l,Ch.E. SHIRI.rv -loAx RALINI' ...,,,..,.... Dizinille Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Sfufrli Kappa Alpha Theta Mask and Bauble: The Illio ll lg Illini Un- ion Committee ll, Zi: Illini Theatre Guilcl Manager ll, Qi: Y.XV,C.A. Climmittee Ill RUNALD FRANcIs Rfliifimsxl ,..,. Salem, WUI. Division of Special Service: AI rnlnmnii y Accountancy Club RI1 HARLI Al'f,LIs'r ltAIiIKr ...,...,. Oak Pinla Division ul Spatial Services Pvriomlil fllmiizlei mr-rl! Varsity Fmitball Squad 123: Freshman V.Ir- sity Fiiritlull Squad: First I.Ieuten.1nt, Army. R.fJ,'I'f,. Regiment 316 321. CLARENCE HIBBIERT RAEIJI1 .... Earl St. Louix Division of Special Services PJJIIYHIUQJ' Y.M.C.A, Cabinet tll: junior Chamber of Commerce University of Missouri Rrcii-IARD MARSHALL RARRIIER... .... Cbimgo Commerce Jllrrrlagfwirlzl Phi Epsilon Pi Honors Day l5l Illinois Institute of Technology EDWIN josmlrr RAINEII ....., .... C liimga Commerce Aldfkflillg mm' Illiulagelzliwi Chi Gamma Iota: Marketing Club Honors Day l3l Michigan State University lsAAe RABIROOB..GE0l'gc'lUll'FI, Biiliib Gniimii - Agriculture B0fL7IIj' lmpeiiiil College of Tropical Agriculture UIOAN .IYIARIE RANSDELL ..... .... 0 .Ik link Education Englirly tfigle Hall Y.XV.C.A, Committee l-ll: XV.A.A. till University of Colorado S'rmART XVILLING RAMsI2Y ..,... Rurk lrlimil journalism Edirol-ml Pi Icippa I9hI Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily lllini 45, .HQ Tempo I-lj Honors Day 13? 'l'ULl.lO RALPH RANALLIITTA. ..... Springielil Commerce Arfolmnmfy Springfield junior College: St. Louis Uni- versity GroIIc,n RAND. .......,,. Nur Yurk, N. Y. Commerce Marketing Lumlgren House Sachem: Chi Gamma Iota: Illini Union Com- mittee t3,4l: M.l.A. Executive Council 13. lil: Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Honors Day tl, 2, 335 University of Illinois Siholnrsliip Key FRANK JOHN RANDALL, JR .... .... I fiuram Agriculture Geneml Agrirulmre Alpha Chi Rho Star and Scroll: Baseball Manager lZ,3J: Moingwena Ripon College JACK RANDALL .......... .... S priugfielii Law Lau' Theta Xi Star and Scroll: Interfraternity Council iljg junior Bar Association: Illini Forensic Asso- ciation Honors Day CZI PAUL GENE RANDOLPH ........ Barzdmm, Ky. Liberal Arts and Sciences HiJlni'j' Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 1-ll: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Freed-I-Iarcleman College NAOAII RANsoiII ................... Llrbmm Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Kappa Alpha WILLIAM EDNVARD RANSOM .,,,........ New Division of Special Services Malbenmtirr First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Tau Nu Tau RICHARD ALLITN RANsoAII2 ......... Rorejm-.I Engineering General Engineering Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C, Regiment: Tau Nu Tau: A.S.C.E.: A.S.M.E. Bradley University: State University of Iowa HERBERT LEE RAPHAEL...FI'!1l7lillgl7d7II, Alfm. Commerce llfftlfieglillg Annex Hall Marketing Club Northeastern University HOWARD CHARLES RAPP ............. Marmn Engineering Ceramic Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Keramos: Engineering Coun- Cil 13,413 First Lieutenant, Army R,O.T.C. Regiment: Arseca: A,C.S. Honors Day Q11 New York State College of Ceramics: Bradley University av., . , EL sa- s, , -e x - 1: extras-A is X LIES? 3 'Q I Q' W n -zz. 191325. W gi 4 i y aw- , 4 5 V A I A . . +2EE2:'f: . . :g X X X. , N1 K N -'lg x SP it fi L I A ' , '-,,. - 'L . . ,.-. I ,'..,,,, , -sie-nu. - A-74:11 A-: 1- 54,1 1. ',.i:.,A 0. P ",f,.:4,a,.az I , 'l IYIARUIORIE ELLEN RAsIxILIs .,.....,,. Chit-ago Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbnlogj Alpha Xi Delta Grinnell College Faro WILLIAIII RATHS ...., lfillmfiripfwlir, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Clvemirlry Dornoch XVestminstei' College Iiiio TI-IEODALD RATZER, JR I,...... Brllirw.I Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearber Tnziuirzg in Biology Marching Band f1,3l: First Regimental Band ll, 21 1 Gamma Delta Doioans JULIA R.-XUDONIS .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Elwlzeizlrli'-I' Edumlialz Leeman Lodge XV.G.S. Executive Council I-il: University f.llOl'llS 135 ROBERTA RUTH RAYDURN ........ Clirizzzfniiyrz Education ,Eftilllfllltllll Ezfnrriliavz Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee 1511 Y.XV,C,A. Committee Ill: Illinois Agriculturist I-H1 Home Economics Club: Teachers-in-Training Club IVIORTON SIMON RAZOXVSKY ..,....... Cbifugn Liberal Arts and Sciences Tracker' Truiniflg in Eflgliib Mask ancl Bauble: Pierrots: Illini Theatre Guild Manager CS,-il: Illini Theatre Guild Cast KZ, 5, 43 I-Ierzl junior College JOSFPH THORNTON REAM, JR. ,... Sfiiiizgfiulil Engineering zllecbuniral Erzgirzeurilig Pi Tau Sigma: First Lieutenant, Army R.O. T.C. Regiment: A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Bradley University: Denver University Brrrv BEER RRDRR .......... Aledfoi-fl, Off. Education Englirb W!omcn's Glee Club 133 Northwest Nazarene College: Olivet Col- lege 317 RLIssrLL HALLIE REBER ,,.... ...., R arkford Engineering Illfrbizrziml Erzgnirsviifg Honors Day 133 EDXVARD ID,-XNIEL RECHEL ..,.. ,,.O,1k Pink Fine and Applied Arts .-lvI'bi:frflimi E't4:n.'ii'I,'w i Kappa Delta Rho AIA.: A,S.C.E. Honors Day 113 ALBERT XYVALTER RECHIR ,,., Orlziein, Iowa Commerce rlfm1r1:fIi1,Irj Newman Hall Chi Gamma Iota: Accountancy Clubg Blar- keting Clubg junior Chamber of Commerce Northwestern University MIRIARI ELIZABFTH REc'roR,. ..... Fairfield Library School Lll23'm'j Sffilrcr Palamar Culver-Stockson College ROBERT HARPER RECTOR ,,....... Smithfield Engineering Illcrbarziml Eilglvzcuiliig Camelot Club House President 443: Marching Band 1133 A.S.M.E. University of Maine LEONARD ANTHONY REIIECKE ..,.... Chicago Commerce Pfrmrznfl ArlrrIlfmlv.1lw'1 Newman Hall Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management: junior Chamber of Com- UICICC jmirs IWEDILL REED ..,..... ...Farmington Liberal Arts and Stiences Clzenilrirj Donis LEE Rrofix ,,,,..,.. . ...CL-imgo Agriculture Home Ei'om,frili'i -90 Ui Ig Af'-D y fs- tl RZ! .Q P. 'Cl X +49 .Q 'ty '-.... fm . 4 i i , 5'4'0 JOHN EDWARD REGAN ,...... ....... C bimgo Division of Special Services .eldrerriring Phi Kappa Illini Union Council U33 Varsity 'l'i.itk Squad ill: Marketing Club PATRICK HENRY REGAN ,.....,...... Cbfi-iilgv Division of Special Services lnlenzaliavml I-1UIair.r Phi Kappa Skull :ind Crescent: Illini Theatre Guilcl Cast 1233 Interfraternity Council 11,233 XVILL Q23 DANIEL DAVID REGINATO ....,..,... Cbii-.Lea Fine and Applied Arts .'lri'blleiAl1iIL' Newman Hull llonois Day 153 joi-IN ALRIN REGNELL ....,., .,.. I: 1-.iimffu journalism Radio Chi Psi Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini 123g Illini Union Council 133: Illini Union Committee ll, 2, 33 1 Campus Chest 133 1 Board of Fra- ternity Affairs 123 g Interfraternity Council ll, 233 Baseball Manager 423: Men's Glee Club ll, 2, 3, -llg XVILL tl, 2, 5, 435 Con- mcations Committee 123 Honors Day ll, 33 GIfnAI.o Louis REICHARD .... ..... L Ii liimu journalism Radio Phi Kappa Psi The Daily Illini 13, 43: Illini Union Com- mittee 133: Interfraternity Council 12, 3.43: Varsity Football Squad 11,231 WILL H33 I,A,S. -IFANNINIZ AGNES REICHELT... .... Cbimgo Agriculture Home Erofiorrziizr Alpha House Y.XV,C.A. Committee H31 Campus Chest 133: W.A.A. 1433 Choristers i333 Home llconomics Club Wfiight junior College Euwaitn SPEFR REID ........ Sl. Paul, Mimi. Fine and Applied Arts Landrmpe Av-rlaiterlm-e PAUL FREDERICK Reirsrecic ......... Sailmui Agriculture Vvratianal Agriculture Bastille House Alpha Tau Alpha: Concert Band 1113 Marching Band fl, 23 Illinois State Normal University DONALD CHARLES REIG ........... Alayufoorl Liberal Arts and Sciences Chenzirlry Parade Ground Units GEoRoE XVESLEY REII-IMER ......,. Oak Park Fine and Applied Arts Arrhilrnurtzl Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Scnrabg Pershing Rifles: AIA.: A.S.C.E. DONALD RICHARD RIEIMER ........... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Eruuovzicr Flagg House CARROL HARRISON REINGANUM, JR...Chimga Commerce ACf0ll71ltI7IL'j' Wfitanshire Accountancy Club: Marketing Club EDWARD JOSEPH REININGER ......... Cbirngo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medifilze Royal Towers Omega Beta Pi Honors Day 123 CHARLES RICHARD REINISCH ........ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Epsilon Pi CUUPUS Chest GP: Interfraternity Council 43, 4? LEON PHILIP REISTROFFIER ..... .... C bimgn Commerce Arrormlmzry Newman Hall Chi Gamma Iotag Accountancy Clubg Mar- keting Clubg Junior Chamber of Commerce Honors Day 121 Catawba College NORMAN ALBERT REMER ........... Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Barton House House President i213 University Orchestra fl, 215 First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T,C. Regiment: Tau Nu Taug A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day f1,2l X t x am I . X 5 L X -fema- ' 9 1 Qi , I is Y'- 'K ., I A .I ag. rife h w , Sf L. sions. -.zykfvvhf-I 'A 2 V ' 23 .. 'A . X X L-of I 5,51 " '-f eww QB ROBERT XVILLIAM RELIKE, .... Emi St. Lani: Engineering Aerwmzzllml Ezigirlserirzg I.A.S. JUIIFNNIQ RENAUD , .. ...... Clvriimpber Ckmuuerte Commtriliii Trizifvirig XVe1sh House Phi Chi Thetng House President 1-HL Ac- countancy Club Honors Day IZ! ROBERT XYHLLIAAI Rrxicrx , ..S.m fore Agriculture Geucml Jlxlllfllflllli Alpha Zctag Gamma Deltal Hoot Ilflti Horn Club Honors Day ill Bradley University XVANDA JOANNE RENNAIeER.xi1li11g1mi flrigbu Liberal Arts and Sciences Eflgilfb Evans Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 135 Honors Day ill BARBARA BLANCI-IE RENNER .,...,.,.. Dtlfnlb Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirh Chi Omega Gulf Park College IXIARY I.oLI RENNER. ....,.. ..,.... L V: bam: Education Education of Ilvr Deaf Alcestis MARIE Roru RENO .,........... Rock lflfmd Journalism Erlllorial Alpha Phi Assistant Editor, The Daily Illini: Mortar Board: Torch: Shi-Aig Alpha Lambda Delta: Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini fl, Z, 5, -LI: Convocations Committee 12,31 Honors Day fl, 27 ROBERT HAROLD Rrxxvicx .... .... l Viilrmf Engineering Civil Ellgflldffillg Sigma Phi Delta Alpha Phi Omega: Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Honors Day tl, 2, 3. -H 1 University of Illinois Scholarship Key 319 CHARLES I-Irxm' REPKNNN. ,lulffx Engmeerm: EiIrfi1.'.iI Evalinc 1, Mann-Qin Freshmxn XYAXSIIX' Swrmmxnq Squltl. D-il' phins I3, -tl: A.I,E.E.-I,R,E. ,I-wliet llunr-'Ir C'-illese FRANCIS TI-Irorirmr RrI'IIR , ...., It.iufe.1,5Iu -l0LlYIl.ll1iH1 .-l.fIuI'limg Lundgren Home Illini Union Council Hb. Illini Uni-,in Cum- mittee til H-in-i-rs Day 11: fxnoi Emixr RIYNARU . ....'.'!i Lrbeml Arts .mtl Sticntux Tt,1I'lIav- Ti.1im11g :rr Sffrml Xlfnlrti Gumma House XV-wmen'S Glen Club 14, M. A C'.Ippcll,I Choir 13, ill Illini I,llflSfI.lY1 Felluwvlirp 15. -1 I CiI'Ii,II,D ,IOSFPH Rrx'NuI,Iu ,,.. .... - lilfnw Engineering :IEI-v1.IliI'.'I'.JI frlgrutif I Black H.m'k I.A.S, Kent State L'nixeri:t31 St. Vliituplik ttillegu Itorirnr -IOSIEPH Rrx'NoI,In ,..,. . .plililwmi Engineering Efurliiinrl Erlgfwtmlr' Iilnck Hank A,I,E,E.-I,R.E. St. joseph? fiilleec lil'JlvIIlI KNIGHT Rrvxoliis .. . Enuineerinu .lIIfli.1r11I.1l Ifuumiiiiur A5 M.E,. 5.A,E. Iirfrmrtn Brxxrrr R11-IM-c.x ..,..,. r.lf1I.iiqfi Dixislun fri Spctml Scrxigu fl.flIfl1i1flI' Phi biumu KJPPJ Alplm Della Sigmn, Y.M,f,A, Bmutl uf Die luitvrs illg Y,Mf A, fmhinct ill: Au Iuunmmy Klub. Hurt .Intl Flv Casting flulv. Murl-acting fluh XYJII lil n r LI xx I5 RI ll INA LVL il lhmlzluil Engineering .lliihlrrfiul lfurilmr iiuig A,N,M.Il. ll-iruirs Day Hr 320 + I I 7'eJE'l,:3 eff .' ' - I xii. , I5 12:5 'A I Q' , 1,1 Q M., Er U SE I f.--I,,, ' ' 'V lv at 6 i N I Qs-Ai an . A It Q ll 1 6 Y '7' I 5 T5 Brnxfmo DON RHFIN ......... ..... C bimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Spi-rfb Alpha Phi Omega: Illini Theatre Guild Man- .Iger Gi: Illini Theatre Guild Cast IBM Mens Glee Club Hi: XVILL 141 Krfxxrri-I INIEARLE RHODES.K:1!7!dJ Ci!-y. Alu. Fine and Applied Arts .1fI'l:1ileI'lr1I.1I Engineering AIA.: American Legion Post Nu. 909: A.S.C.E.: A.C.I. University at Kansns WII.LI.uI LERQY Rriours. .. .,.. Hill-limo Commerce Illarierlirzg Illini Insumnce Society: junior Chainlwcr vii Commerce: M.IIl-acting Club DOXAID XY'oR'I'I-I Riu' , ....,,. ljfulll Libeml Arts .incl Scientci Cn'!I7I.IPl Alplm Phi Onlcga: German Clulw Sriwmr Lrr RICE ...,. . ,..Iil.Igfn Engineering ilIrlI1lln1!uii'.ll Erllgirlrviifzg MIS. Rmiwxr RI4 H-IRDGUN ,.., . ,..,f'lwI.1w journ.iliQm Efllinlilf Clgle H.1ll Kappa Tau Alpha: Tlictn Sigma Phig 'lille Daily Illini 13,-Hg Kiliristinn Stivmc Ol'- gnnizritirvn XVilson junior t'tillc,uc XVII.I,IMI Exam RICHARDQON. ........ Elym Liheral Arts and Scicrifcs P,fyI'lwlngj Uniicmty Chorus GI Mamlicstcr fullegc: Unixclsily Inf Clin- mga Rrmriz Lrvrx RIcHIfx' .......... Min-lifmiille Engineering Cirll E!l,l1illl'L'Y'iPl,Q A.S.C.E. Honore Day Ill ROBERT ERN RICHMOND ....,...... Fillmore Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirfory Delta Upsilon Pershing Riflesg junior Bar Association Eastern Illinois State College LEONARD RIDER ...... Mozmt I'mm11, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences lII.zrbef11.1lil'r Barons Philosophy Discussion Club Heidelberg College CHEN STANLEY RIDGE ..... .. .... Sffffillvg Engineering Elvclricnl Eugi11cci'if1,g Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 12. Sl JOSEPH THOMAS RlDGXY'AY....EI1jt Sf. Lum Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemim-5' Phi Eta Sigmag Intramural Manager G, 43 Honors Day fl, Zl ELTON TAFI' RIDLEY ...,.....,..... Chiniga Commerce Alamzgemenl and Illaikrfnzg Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club University of Chicago IRIS MACALENE RIEGEL .....,,I...... Oblong Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Vanlig Eastern Illinois State College HEROLD Louis RIEKEN ...... .I.. E lgiu Commerce Acraunmnry Royal Towers Phi Eta Sigmag House President Bl: Hillel Foundation Student Council f3l: Account- ancy Clubg Intercollegiate Zionist Federation JOHN EDWARD RILEY .,............. Cbimga Division of Special Services Adrerliring Illini Theatre Guild Cast GJ: Marketing Club Lawrence Collegeg Northwestern University Q , 5 -4. 1 ff 9 A f x 4. is . 'VM ,Q A , , e,,y 1' E. -Q fi if l.:,' M I -.nv A lf' ,. ' ,x R t il f'4'WZQcH A 4 X " It X a C sc ' Q Q wirva vw? . Wir.. 1 liz:-c 1 v-. 5 It 355' I if- . 3. if" I Xe I I ' fl iififi . i :EL ml - I uf 17 ' DONALD HENRY Riaii-Irv ,,......... Hmidale Engineering General EI!-UlllEEM'lIg La Coterie A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g American Legion Post No. 0091 A.S.M.E.g Illini Veteransg Illuminating Engineering Society Haverford College XY'ILLI,-KM RALPH Rixrraifv, .,,. ...Himimla Engineering Gvueflzl Efzglrluriirig A.S.M,E. Honors Day fl, 21 HERBFRAI' ROI' RINDER ,....,. .... C lm'.1,qa Engineering Elifllfllll Elllllfltllfllg Annex Hall A.I.E.E,-I.R.E.g Intercollegiate Zionist Fed- eration Xvright Junior College XVILLIAAI FRANCIS RINO, JR. ........ Clwmgv Commerce allmnzgenzerli milf Mmesiizlg Accountancy Club: Bait and Fly Casting Clubg Illini Insurance Society: Illini Veter- ans: Marketing Club: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management PATRICIA LOU RINGGER ......., .... l l"fffn-ta Agriculture Home Eumomirx Evans Hall Phi Upsilon Omicrong Illini Union Committee 12, 5, -llg Y.W,C.A. Committee ll, 5, -ll: Illinois Agriculturist 1-Hg Plow Boy Prom Committee 13,413 Home Economics Club: Marketing Club I-Ionors Day ll, 23 JACK BYRON RITTER ..,..........., If'am!i1li.1 Division of Special Services All1l'kt'lll1g Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescent: Interfraternity Council Gig Intramural Manager il, Zli Marketing Club Honors Day Ol FRANK Sritvn RIvARA ..,..... .... C bimgo Commerce Acrnznlmflc-I Accountancy Club: Marketing Club GERALD BENJAMIN RivLIN .......... Clvnzygfv Commerce xlrrnlllzzfzzzcy lun! Illnmzluvlrlrrll Barton House House President 1513 Varsity 150 lb. Font- ball Squad l3l, Award lil 3 Commerce Coun- cil lil: Accountancy Club Wfright junior College 321 JAMES INIORTON ROACH, JR., ...,..., Clfimgo Division of Special Services Saler and Adfertmrlg jAcIe XYIEISER ROAIJMAN ..,...,... Giteurills Commerce Performs! fllarmgerzzunl Annex Hall Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Greenville College RAYMOND KEITI-I ROBBINS ,,.. ..... IN 'alaomir Liberal Arts and Sciences CbFfl1lJ'fl.'j XVAYNE ALLEN ROBBINS ..,... ...Climigo Engineering Merbanlnzl Engirrerilug A,S.M.E. Pennsylvania State College EDWARD MCCREERX' ROBERTS..Tiiompronrille Liberal Arts and Sciences Clu'n1i,m'j' Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment. Pershing Rifles Honors Day ll. 21 HVRMAN ROBERTS ......... Larwwiie, N, Y. Fine and Applied Arts xlrfbllecinml Erlgmuerilzg Parade Ground Units House President fzll First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Arseta: A.I.A.C A.S.M,E. -IANICE Rnneirrs .....,....,,........ Peoria Liberal Arts and Stiences Efliifflfb Kappa Kappa Gamma Illini Union Committee 43, -ll XVard-Belmont junior Lnllege joiix Krrru Roarinis ....,v.....,,.. Urbinm Liberal Arts and Sciences Piyrlwluyp llonnrs Day Ill Iiastern New Maxim follege 'Tr ' 1 gi lf P . GV ...AL 2 Q . -A , 4 ' . . ,- I ,sf ' 'Q-ff if " X N' E1 ' 1' w AL.: - . , I I M: ?tf:.-.l.f'f:g,-- " 1 ., L4 " ' 'Q' --Q: Y ii r I A 1 I -if I ' -2 f ' " L' .122 I' I V' Ah I ' . F ., MAXINE RAE ROBERTS ............. Frrirriiew Agriculture Home Eranomir: McKinley Hall Flying Illinaez Home Economics Club JEANNE MIRIALI ROBERTSON .......,, Bam-in Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Leeman Lodge XVomen's Glee Club Northwestern Universityg Miami Univer- sity FRANCES JEAN ROBINSON .4.. ,.,, K iiuriif Agriculture Home Eranomicf Effnmliou Delta Gamma Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Union Com- mittee IZ, 3.413 Y,XV.C.A. Committee ll, 2, 3, All: All Ag Field Day Committee Ill: Plow Boy Prom Committee 12,532 Home Economics Club JAMES KENT ROBINSON .... ...Dfmrille Law Lau' Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Delta Phi: Star Course Manager ill IVIARILYN JEAN ROBINSON ........ Armingran Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb McKinley Hall Assistant Business Manager, The Daily Illini: Torchg Alpha Lambda Deltag Sigma Delta Pig The Daily Illini ll,2,3l1 Y.W.C,A. Committee Ill: XV.G.S. Executive Council Ill! Spanish Club Honors Day Ill THEOUOIIE WESLEX' ROBINSON ,..... Chimgo Division of Special Services Social Studies Kappa Alpha Psi WILL Nl University of Michigang Michigan State College JAMES AIICHIE ROBISON ..... .... P skin Agriculture Animal Sriwzre Alpha Gamma Rho Hoof and Horn Clubg Agriculture Club Honors Day 131 ANDIIIQW ROBY .....,..... Carrington, Tenn. Engineering Elerlriral Enginrfering A.I.E.E.-l,R.E. University of Tennessee junior College FAIN STANLEY RoIaY,, ........ Alarm, Tenn. Engineering Elect:-im! Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. University of Tennessee .I'-ml0f Collegei University of Tennessee RANDEL ARTHUR Rocic ......... .,.. T Ivy Engineering Agrirulilrrrzl EVlgfllE?!'il1g A.S.A.E. McKendree College JEAN ANN ROCKXVELL ......,....... Cbmzga Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Hilcrest XV.A.A. Board i1,2l XVright junior College RICHARD VERNON ROCKXVELL ....... Cbirngo Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Parade Ground Units Omega Beta Pig Bait and Fly Casting Club: Social Welfare Administration Club: Ger- man Club JEAN ANNE RODGERS .....,,......,. Cbimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycbology Alpha Epsilon Phi X'.W.C,A. Committee fl, Zig XV.A.A. Cl: Tempo ill Louis FRANK RODINO ....... ...Chicago Commerce llfianngemmr University Chorus C31 Herzl junior College ROBERT ELBERT ROEPKE, , . ., ....... Chit-nga Engineering Mecbmrical Engixzcefifzg A.S.M.E. HARRY EDXVARD ROETHE, jR.... .... Pear-in Commerce Nlarkelilzg Alpha Sigma Phi Mask and Baubleg Pierrots: Illini Theatre Guild Manager 13,411 First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Arsecag Market- ing Club Honors Day KZ, 31 I -A, le YS M g si Q, 3 E fs., " t Q V 2 c . R 9 X Y N , ALYIN LLOYD ROGATZ ..,,.....,.,.. Chit-ag: Engineering Cevamzc Engineering Honors Day il, 5. -il DON CHARLES ROGERS .,,.........,. Cbn-ago Engineering zlfecbrzfllcal Engiflveririg Colonial Arms House President 15lg A,S.M.E.g S.A.E. MARION CLAIRE ROGERS. .,..,.. , ,L'IlAm Liberal Arts and Sciences Plvzlruopby Pi Beta Phi Illini Theatre Guild Manager HI 3 Y.XY'.f..A. Cabinet 15. -ll: Y,XV.C.A. Committee 15. -H Carleton College DAVID ARTHUR ROGOW. . iFme,f1 Hlllr, N. Y. Engineering Cin! Ellgllltyfflllg Annex Hall Alpha Phi Omega: A.S,C.E,g I.T,E. IIIARILYN LORINE Roi-IE .....,... Blue II-lam! Fine and Applied Arts Av'cl1itecIr11'e Sigma Kappa Illini Union Committee fl, 213 Illini Thea- tre Guild Production Statf 41,233 A.I,A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society Wfheaton College FRED WILLIAM ROI-IR, ...... .,,. C himgo Engineering Aferbrzniral Erzgirzrrviug Phi Kappa Major, Army R.O,T.C. Regimentg Military Council: Caisson Club PATRICIA KAY ROLLER ....... .... C fwfr-Liga Education Biological Si'iw1cI'I Alpha Phi Illini Union Committee 4215 Illini Theatre Guild Manager I-Hg NV.A.A. il, Il: Teach- ers-in-Training Club LINDO DAN RORIANI .....,.....,..... Sauer Division of Special Services Bnrirlrrr Admi11i,rlI.1fifu1 Granada Club XVILL tlz El: Illini Insurance Societyg Mar- keting Clubg Spanish Club 323 FRANK AxTHoNt' Roamxo. .. .,,.li.m1i Engineering .llerixnziial Erzgnifsmig A.S.M.E. Washington University: Shurtleti follege jute Groaui, RONCHET ro ,. ...1'.1.iIf,iiiIll' Commerce .lI.iv6t:.'r:.' Kappa Sigma Y,M.C,A. Cabinet l5l1 Y.M.C'.A. lommitf tee 11, 2, Sig Marching Band ll,1,3, al: First Regimental Band 1l,2, 3-, -lr. fi-vmnteice fiountil 44, all: Marketing Klub Hun-'rs Day tl, 2,31 -lusts Linux' RUOKER ,..,.,.,,,,... llmuf Division of Special Serxites Huff-it House President tll 1 Spanish Club PFTIR JOHN ROSAIQER .. ,.,. tfltiniuf Engineering .llfclhzrliidl Euuim 11 A.5.M.E.: S.A E. XYZXRREN RICHARD Rosrmt K. .. ...EINIAIIII if Commertu luilninul xllln1zr1it1ri1.'1fff1 Sotiety for the Advancement ot Manauenient Elmhurst College joy: 1, CHAPIN Ross ..,........, llnfftfle Ilan' Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Home EIVIYIHIIIILJ Theta Upsilon Home Economics Club Narsrj' Rosrj . ....,,,. .,,.,.... E iinnrvn Fine and Applied Arts Maur Etlmilllwrr Linwln Avenue Rewidemes fdmnus Chest lil: W.A,At rlhg House President Ill, Freshman Council: XVomen's blue Club 45,413 Physital Education Maiors flubg Teachers-in-Training flubg German K lub IIIHURD AIYRON RUNS ,.f7.1li'r1pful, lull.: Ditision of Spatial Services Bnvmrli xlilrzxlrzirlrilllon Sigma Alpha Mu Augustana Uillege: St. Ambrose College 324 y r W -t J, 5 , t .ff KV 1 5 K 6 I A-. 'vii -nd' nf 1 ,I 1 t P 0' w. 'ac '-.- 45.0 X A ' A SHELDON Rosex ,,.,.............. Cbiniga Liberal Arts and Sciences Clvelrliilrii Lundgren House Roosevelt College SHERM.-tx Davin RosEN ..,......... Clunigo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pigrlwlagj Noble House Phi Eta Sigma Spanish Club: Unitetl XY uiltl r Fetleralists Honors Day ll, Il .lUl,IAN IVTORTON ROSENBERG. Nan' Yofk, N. Y. Comrnerte AlJl'kt'Il7lg Lundgren House Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini 13. -UL Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Pinte- IOFIHHS Honors Day 423 THoM.ts Louis Rosiixufrxc ....,,.,. Clviurgo Division of Special Serxices Pblyriml Eizllnxrlloll Parade Ground Units Alpha Phi Omega: Praetorians W'right junior College: Illinois Institute of Tech nology ARTHUR XV.-NNE Rosfxrisacen .,... .Milfonl Agriculture General .-lgfirnlfme Farm House Y.M.C.A. Committee lil: Agriculture Club: Dairy Production Club: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day KZ, 35 XVestminster College: Yale University .. I 'I Doais ROSENDAL ....,.....,....... Cbimgo l Liberal Arts and Sciences I Bafimvlw. l Presbyterian Hall i XV.G.S, Ball Committee lil: German Club: Home Economics Club: Spanish Club W Northwestern University ' RICHARD ALAN Rosnivcann. .Hui'erbill, Maxi. Commerce i fllnrieciirig Alpha Epsilon Pi , Illini Union Committee ill: Tennis Man- ngcr fl. ftll Marketing Club: Moingwena , Boston University l t l I Davin Rosrmsrocrc ....... Neil- Yark, N.Y. Engineering Engineering Pbyfiri Granada Club Sigma Tau Honors Day 125 Sampson College JEROME ROSENSTONE ....... ,... C himgo Commerce Aldfltlgflllfllf Phi Epsilon Pi The Daily Illini 11,213 House President 1415 Marketing Club JAMES FRANKLIN ROSENTHAL ....,. Roi-kjaf-I! journalism a4d1'?I'ff,filIg Honors Day 121 INIARTIN LESTER ROSENXYASSER ,..... Clwimgo Fine and Applied Arts Illuric E5I'lll'l1fI0lZ Esquire Club Phi Kappa Phig Phi Beta Kappag Pi Kappa Lambdag Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band 1-41g University Orchestra 1415 Teach- ers-in-Training Club Roosevelt College jrRRx' ROSENZXVEIG ........... Spring Iiilluy Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Delta Phi Epsilon Sigma Delta Pig Illini Theatre Guild Prov duction Stal? 1515 Spanish Club ROBERT PETER ROSIN .... .....,...,... Z im Liberal Arts and Sciences Zonlogy Gar-Men MARTIN ALBIN ROSINSKI ..,,. .... C bimga Agriculture Horlimlmre Dixiana. Alpha Zetag Chi Gamma Sigmag Student Religious Council 1315 Baptist Foundation Student Council 15, 41 g Horticulture Club Honors Day 12, 31 GEORGE FREDRICK Ross ......... Farmingzon Fine and Applied Arts landrcape Operation Landscape Architecture Society JOHN REMMERS Ross ............ Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering Concert Band 11, 2, 315 Marching Band 11, 2, 513 A.S.C,E. 1 ,gm D64 il fffrf 'ik gas' ...- 1 5 mf i -'S-' T: 5,-V ,,,,,J'5 V ze' '- , I A . 3,1215 TY Y 5 l , :Lea I., '17 JAMES ERrc RossING ............ Homewaad Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Colonial Arms Animal Ecology Club Thornton junior College JEROME ROTENBERE ............... Deramr Liberal Arts :Ind Sciences Political Srienre Lundgren House Nu Beta Epsilon: XVILL 1515 Accountancy Club: junior Bar Association, Praetorians Millikin University DONALD PAGE ROTH ..........,. Der Planzvr Commerce fifcolnlfrmcy Alpha Kappa Lambda Y.M.C.A. Committee 111 ANN ROVELSTAIJ ,...........,...,.. Ijibiuzir Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Speer-b Kappa Alpha Theta Illini Union Committee 1411 Illini Theatre Guild Cast 13. 41 Monticello College THOMAS CHURCHILL ROXVAN Crzrlxbrzd, N. Alex. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfycbolagy Club 20 Psi Chi: House President 1415 Amvets Post No. 05 15, -11 3 junior Chamber ol Commerce 13, 41 Texas A. and M.g University of Oklahomag Baylor University CLIFFORD EUGENE Rowis ....,.... Cbimifmigiz Fine and Applied Arts Lnndrcape rlrrlviferlmu Landscape Architecture Society DUANE BARR ROXVE ...,...,..... Park Ridge Fine and Applied Arts Ar'rbilecI11v'aI Engineering Kappa Sigma Skull and Crescentg Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Eta Sigma: Scarab: House President 151: First Lieutenant, Air Force XVingg Phalanxg A,l.A. Honors Day 111 University of Chicago THEODORE HENRY Rows ........,,. Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences C'brn1l,rlry Alpha Epsilon Pi Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T,C. Regi- ment: A.l.E.E.-l,R.E.: French Club 325 P I fill-lgfgil . L 4 . i -ig ll .ka Y..-iii I WARREN LEE Rowan .......,...... Bwu-ning Liberal Arts and Sciences Englfrh College Hall Phi Eta Sigma: Galesburg Alumni Association Honors Day QZJ HONWARD ROZEN ,......... .. ,Cbiraga Commerte Acraunramji Accountancy Clubg American Veterans Com- mitteeg Illini Insurance Society: Illini Veter- ansg Marketing Club XVilson junior College STANLEY MARTIN Russia .... Chiraso Commerce fii'm1m1.1i1i 3- Zera Ben: Tan Illini Union Committee ll,l'i, Accountancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 33 NORMAN RLuarNsrziN . ..., Bifmklyn, N. Y. journalism Adzfevzflnzxq MARcELLr JUNE RUBENZIK .,.... ...Cbiraga Education Englnli Phi Sigma Sigma The Illio ill: Illini Union Committee HP: Y,XV.C.A. Committee ill: Hillel Foundation Student Council IZ! GEORGE EDWIN RUBLE. i.., ..... , Decatur Agriculture . General .ilwltlzllnie Agricultural Economics Club: Field and Fur- FUWL Hoof and Horn Cluhg Rural Life Club I ARNOLD Loma Ruaovi-ra, A . , 4 . .. ., ,.Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sticnces Sorifflwq 1 I L 4 ' . li I ul JOAN Rsir Rtrnovirs .,,,,....... i..'Cbii.figa Liberal Arts ami Sticnccs Sormlotgj Y A Honors Day 123 , L ,A ij" ' wifi lf? 2' . ii 1 S 9 5 X Q ., ..7 was . iii o .Q mi , x A Q, ff it . k .. Q... p ALAN MENASHA Rum' ...... '.g?4E5?'Jtbir.1go Commerce ' I fi l lllarketing I A Noble House 'Y 4 tl The Daily Illini 151 3 Illini Insufargcgjocietyg Marketing Club i V' if Honors Day 153 ' I' 1:-Q' ,ia A xi' 5' is DOUGLAS Wescorr Rucicsn .... Z4':2...Cbimgo Fine and Applied AI'L'lWilPffll7'6 Kings Row Tribe of Illinig Varsity Swimmini Squad 15, 41, Letter 15, 43g Dolphins IS, l ?. DONALD GLENN Rucxaicm ,... Gi-mme Cizy Journalism Ediluriul Sigma Delta Chig Tempo 13, -ll St. Louis University ARTHUR HERMAN RUDE ...,.....,.. Lambafd Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilcrlure A.T.A. 'ELLOYD LEROY RUDESILL ...... ,Lawrenreiiille Divisionwf Special Services Perronnel Nnmzgemenf N Parade Ground Units Alpha Phi Omega Ifrci-nan WILLIAMS Rumi: .......... Urbana Division of Special Services Political Srisurf' Delta. Tau Delta Mu Pi Sigma: The Daily Illini fl, 23 5 Cap- tain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Military Counc-ilg Scabbard aid Blade Universidad Nacional dc Mexico: Univer- sity of California at Berkeley DONALD GENE RUESTMANN ......... Minonk Agriculture Dairy iffrhfzology iDairy Technology 'Society ' s 'v iiawililiiciz '2SIi'g.i-rirrg RUHNOXV ....... Sudarur ' -' , Commerce . -, 1' - Ahnlanlariry Pershing Rifles? 'Accountancy Club: Market- ing .Club - 'Q Q5 A N Q. 4-51 , . y .1 ,5 -i if nl . 'li-2.14 J lava-:A A THOMAS KINAHAN RULE .,........ llliopalir Agriculture General Agriculture Dornoch Field and Furrowg Illini Masonic Club Millikin University CHARLES DEAN RUMLEY .......... Princelon Division of Special Services Mntlaemalicf Minawa Lodge Illini Christian Fellowship ll, 2, 5, 45 l KENNETH CLYDE RUMP .,...... .... C bimga Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg A,S.C.E. Colorado College JOHN BIIITTAIN RUNYON..A1'li7lgl011 Heigbli Liberal Arts and Sciences , Hirtory Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Phi Omegag Men's Glee Club ll, 2, 3, 41g French Club RAY SALVATORE RUSCITTI ....... ,. .4 :Chicago Fine and Applied Arts ? . Archilertural Engineering! E Illini Club A.I.A.g A.S.C.E. 4 Q :I lx . it , Ilpl iw: fg? i if il ,J PATRICIA LOUISE RUSH ........ ifl2.i.i.iSII771Wlil Liberal Arts and Sciences 3 'b Y Spanish 71 A , Sigma Kappa 1, - University Orchestra C335 Reportdry-j'1C9IelIes- tra C323 Rifle and Pistol Club A Lyons Township junior Collegeijifilniversity of Michigan '.3':'E ': V ,K if I f-'Q i L it ii E JOHN WALTER RUSHIEXVASKI I f WEMQQF? efdifz , -S! 5 5 ,I Physical Education QI. 3 fl fe.. ' ' il Pbyrim! Education "' ,- '- Sigma Parr B V I House President C45 g Freshman Vifgfsity Toot! ban squad Q-th Q tl ttijlg I", 3 ANTHONY CI-IAELES RUSSELL o Education Pbyszml Edumiion and Indrzrlrmll Varsity Football Squad C21 Fresh n Squad Industrial Education Society n sity of Illinois Recreation Society . c ai . . I 3 , . . lr 57 . sity Football Squadg Freshman Var 'N E ' Q - - i I Qfl rise - l l ,in 4 BARBARA ELAINE RUSSELL ........... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Poliliral Science Indeco Student Senate 1313 N.S,A. Senate Subcom- mittee Glg Students for Democratic Action Rockford College GLEN XVILLIAM RUSSELL... ..... Kewmzee journalism fl:1'z'ef'ti.ring Wfestern Illinois State College PAUL EUGENE RUSSELL .,...., .... C bimga Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. JOSEPH CHARLES RUssELLo.New York, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilectnml Engineering A,I.A.g A.S.C.E. DOROTHX' MAE RUST. . .. .... . , . . .Pas-Ion Commerce Marketing McKinley Hall Phi Chi Thetag Y.W.C,A. Committee Cl, 4lg Marketing Club XVALTIER WILLIAM RUST ,............. Elgin Division of Special Services Marheling Sigma Phi Epsilon Varsity Track Squad Q21 THOMAS RUTH, JR .... ,....... ..... C b imga Liberal Arts and Sciences Pxycbology Fraker House Psi Chi CLARENCE EUGENE RUTHE ...... Table Gmi-e Agriculture General Agriculture Illi-Dell Second Regimental Band GJ: Field and Fur- rowg Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Club Western Illinois State College 327 Ricrtuau Wim' RL"rLtDt,r ..,,,.. .,., . lffifhr Division of Specml Serxiies FlUr1i'.'lii'li i : Plorigulture Cluh Dumrrr Braves RIQTBIAN..GVm'i!t1.fl, Liberal Arts .mtl Sciences H,'i.'f-rm Phi Behr K.1pp.1 Ielirnfus Dm' ll. 2. 5, fl! , llnixeisrll' uf lll"l"'g Stl..rl.1islirp Key BYXVI.-XMIN H.xRoi.D RYAN, . Hz! .llfflwf Dixisiun of Spetml Seixitts Hlliklvrg i1r1.l fr I.'..' 11 Ciwuntl Units Muitlirnig Buntl ISI: Arneiuan Img:-in Pits! Nil, voir, Amxets Pnst X-I, iii. Burt ,intl FIR Crsrinu f luh Aueushina frillegeg Rutuers Vniseisity ,Inns FR,-mils RY.-NN . . journalism Ecflfuvl-If Munn Delhi Chip The Diily Illini 15,-H1 Murlxetinu Cluh Mxnmx I,Ill'l'I RYAN. . .,,.,... Cbfiuryii Agriculture Hfirm' Etullwnllii Erfntrzlldli 'I'l'iet.t llpsrlirn Phi Cpsihwn Omicrnn, Illini Union Coni- rnittee 1Z,5,-llg Illini Theitre Guild Prn- iluttmn Statf 1211 House President llli Ph-xv Buy Primm Committee Hi, Home Eur- riiunits fluh Iliiniirs DAY ill liiisixmni' IDIAINF RYAN .. .... Cliihigff Edumtirin Pl1'1.i1i'.1l Sinn i 'll1et.i lipsiltin Illini l'rii--n fnmmittee ll.II1 Illini Thei- tle Guild Pl'lJt.ILlCllHFl Still lilg Y,XV,ff.A. F-imrruttee ll, SIL Germln fluh Hun-urs Day ll, Z. 31: fnixersity of Illinois Stlrirlarsliip Ku Munileleln fiillcge XX'iiii.ui Prim RYAX , ,...,. Oak Pink Diwisiun ol Speiml Serxites .lffrlnl Siliuiri l"'+'!lUll, Varsity Qquatl III: Seennd Iren- tenant. Army R.O,T.f, Reeimentz Zeta nie- ni.i Alplm Herzl juninr College Vlflsrr-H M1 DANIEL RYKIR ..., ,lIt'll!lt' Eduegitx-in Pl-5 i1i.1f fr ti nr A.I,lf.lf.-I.R.IE. Ilrrrmrc Day Ili 328 pf-sr 13 7- I 1 1' L ' 'if'JlJ.f I . if 1' .3 ,V fig, 1, Exjai. TJ ,,.A.I ,, PS' uf . Q' uw ei as -N K1 . I J I Q - P11 3 . fl f 'I Q51 Y X we me ' Q. , . .fy-if Q -.,. . YW, s .X "" -HN v- ,,., li I C' - I . jr.-YNNE POTTER SAALxx'Art.HrEn...Clzanlpuigrl Liberal Arts .ind Sciences Fifrlrli Gamma Phi Beta Sigma Delta Pig Illini Theatre Guild Cast ii, Il University of California Enecnrox R.ursAY S.i.YrHorr. ....,. Tlflllfill Division ot Special Services Hlilfvfx Newman Hall The D.1ily Illini III: Y.M.C.A. Committee 12, Sig juninr Chamber ol' Cnmmereeg Zet.t Sigma Alph.1 binioun mexs .,,., ....., . i.l11i,1w Commeru: .llmmgrmevlf .mil .llrukvling Pi L.unbd.r Phi The Daily Illini lllg Illini Union Committee HIL Marketing Club Illinois Institute uf Tethnnlogy Joi-rx f'.u.YlN SAILOR ..,., ,,,.. C inn.: Pulls Agriculture Food Terlmulogy Pi Kipp.: Alpha Louis Gtonms ST. Cmin. .. .. Cbir-,iw Commerce ."IfL'U1lllfilUl V1 Accountancy Club Mithignn State Collese RUTH ELIZABETH ST. JOHN ...... Clmmpriign Agriculture Home Erwzfmlzrf Chi Omega Omicron Nu: Alpha L.imbtl.1 Deltag Phi Upsilon Omicrong Illini Union Committee ill: Y.XV.C.A, Committee lllg Home Ecu- ntimics Club Honors Day fl, 2, 5l. University of Illinnis Scholarship Key JOSEPH C'HAnl.iis SALADINU ,.... Soulb Bvloir Lriw Lim' Chi Gamma Iota: Phi Alpha Deltag junior Bar Assnciationg Law Society: Marketing f lub Honors Day ffll University of Wiscixnsing University of Delaware JUNE SALEY .....,.....,.,.. Elmwood P.nk journalism Adrnliriflg Sigma Kappa The Illio 1335 Illini Theatre Guild Pmilue- tion Staff 111 Wriglrt junior College ANNE-MARIE SALGAT .... Geneva, Swiizerlaml Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Smdier Evans Hall Alpha Pi Delta: Spanish Club DoN CARLOS SALIsIauRr. .......... Carrliage Division of Special Services Pre-Lau' ARNOLD CI-IARLEs SALTZMAN. .Bag-anne, N. J Liberal Arts and Sciences Politiral Xrience Tau Epsilon Phi American Society for Public Administration' Students for Democratic Action New York University: Rutgers University JAMES PI-IILLIP SAI-IPsoN ...,... Albion, Mirb. Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilerlnral Engineering A.I.A.: A.S.C.E.: Fine and Applied Arts Society University of Michigang University of XVisconsin ELLIOTT ARTI-IUR SAhIUELS...NEu'dfk, N. J. Liberal Arts and Sciences Prjcbology Pi Lambda Phi Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Philoso- phy Discussion Club Seton Hall College ARNE GUNNAR SANDBERG... ..... julie: Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day I-ll University of Dubuque: Marquette Univer- sity RUSSELL GEORGE SANDEN ....... ...Rarkford Engineering ' . Civil Engineering j- Colonial Arms V A Phi Eta Sigmag Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C413 House President UIQ Illinois Technograph 1215 Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Tau Nu Taug A.S.C.E.: S.A.M.E. f3,4J Honors Day flj Southern Illinois University Josnvr-r ALLEN SANDERs ...... ...I.Ro5in.ran Commerce Management . ' A' Marketing Clubg Junior Chamber jilof iconi- merce I I . l l ,V ill ' i 1 I, I lllli 5. TS rv -fm ri all gy I ll f JUANITA JEANNE SANDERS Daytona Beach, Fla. Liberal Arts and Sciences Piulofopby Illini Theatre Guild Manager Q-U3 Tempo ISD: Philosophy Discussion Club MERRLT BAKER SANDERS ......... ....Kceur.r Engineering I-lgrirlillnml Engineering A.S.A,E. XVILLIAM XVAYNE SANDERS ..,..,,... Mafinn Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbfflllidl Engineering Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Lambtln Upsilong A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day il, 2, 55: University of Illinois Scholarship Key BETTY JANE SANDERSON .... Kanrar cn, Ala. Journalism At7'I'ef'Ii.Iing Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Sigma. Phi Honors Day fl, Sl University of Kansas City CHARI.Es HAROLD S.-INDLITR. .. ...Cbirago journalism Karim XVILI.. GI 1 Sigma Delta Chi Herzl junior College GENE LOUIS SANDMAN ........ ..... H airmz journalism Edilarirzl Ten-O-One Club The Daily Illini C27 Honors Day ill XYIILLIAM BALTI-IIs SANDS,NEIl'p0I'l Near, Iii. Engineering Civil Engincefirlg Pi Kappa Alpha Chi Epsilon: The Daily Illini 155: Inter- fraternity Council ill: A.S.C.E.: I.T.E.' Mu-San Honors Day 12, SI University of Akron THITODORF STANLFY SfINIco..HarrfnrJ, Conn. Division of Special Services ArfI'rrfi.ring Delta Upsilon Morse junior College 131257 ' 'zur I i U Tzu.: re ui I ..,I,si 'Y-1 Ale - 1 .,4 .VY -is 1 1.1 . tl PAUL 1-layxxanu S.-XPP. JR. ...,.. .lI:, Prurp.-rx Commerce Jlarkafirrg Marketing Club Louis AIICH,-XEL Savpaxos... ., .Chirrrgo Commerce .llarkrimg ,loiix XX'iLi,iaRi Saacrsr ,,.. ..,.... B enrun Liberal Arts and Sciences CIM nrfrlrl Eugrrrz 51111 5 Alpha Chi Siema K." 1 :XII ILE. gg ,' , 'i' Hivrwiurs Dat ll, in A ' x 1- Q A. I rv-- lti mi ia Axx S.xRc.rN'r.. ..,..,., .,L1mulr1 Liberal Arts and Scientes Spmrlilv Palamar liimert Band ill liellauxx L'niiersity Uiuirri Louis SAUDLR. ,. ...Pr-Iwi Agriculture l'ut'.11lu11.1I ,'IYgI'lt'1if.'lllc' Alpha Tau Alpha: Y.M.C.A. Committee HI, Unuersity Chorus 15,-H1 Choristers lil , Illinois Agriculturist I3, -Il: XVILI. I-H . Ag- ricultural Education Club: Dairv Production f lnh: Rural Life Club Illinois State Normal L'nixersity L,iinrR'i Fnifrmicic Satin ,.... ,.., P ri.-tffiu Engineering xigriiullnrril Efryfrztfinzg Alpha Gamma Rho Illini Union Committee 41,231 A.S,A.E. Doxnrr jot-IN,r .. ..,,. Dwigbl Engineering fllerlmrriral Enyirreiirrlg Engineering founcil I-ll: A.S.M.E.: S:A,E, ,luirs Ari-Rant,-ER Savior ,..,.,.... Eimiizffu Liberal Arts and Sciences Gwlwli Delta Kappa Epsilon iathem: The Daily Illini fllg Illini Union Board IEP: Illini llniun Committee IZIL Illini Union fnuncil IDI . Board ol' Fraternity Affairs 13, -H: lnterlraternity Council Il, 2, 3.47: House President I-II: Nl.S.A. Senate Sultuommittce I-'ll 330 k f .fa--. . , it . TN 595 iff, ir". if R i -rl. il- V it A Q We ". sf .ext ,Q 3:-.t. ff.-x fa -' E g ,. ' S" Q-,' 1 .. . fi , A ' A 4 .3 .-:ark "vT'- 6- I I, 34' I 1 3 , zu K5 It I . .I K ei I .1 Maru' Savixa .....v.,...... War: Frrzmleforr journalism .-Idrertrrmg Zeta Tau Alpha The Daily Illini 4533 Illini Union CONT' mittee ISI GEORGE XVALTER Saxvicxr .,.. .... C bit-ago Engineering rllrrlmrzfrrzl Errgrrzsering Barton House ArS.M.E.: S.A.E. W'right Junior College GLICN HAROLD SAXVYER .....,. ..Il"fwrl Nutr Engineering Cixi! Eugmeernlg Rogers 1-louse A.S.CE, Honors Day ll. it Itfwrioxia JL'l.1'S SCARCE ..... ,. .Damillu Education Swrml Sflidzer DANirL HISRMAN SCHADE ,... ...Bullwille Commerce .'IL'L'DlHIft1IIL'j' Accountancy flub Belleville junior College AR'rHtfR XVALTIER SCHAEFER... ..,. Clmuziza Engineering Elrflriml Engineering Sigma Pi Sigma Tau: Eta Kappa Nu: A.l.E.E.-l.R,E.: Tau Beta Pi Honors Day 42, H Yvoxxn Woousv SCHAEFER .,,,., Galrrbmg Agriculture Home Emnomirr Chi Omega Shi-Ai: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Illini Union Committee fl, 2. 33 3 Star Course Manager Ill 3 Freshman Council: Freshman Frolic Committee: Home Economics Club Honors Day Il, 21 Ci-mains MARVIN Scrraeve ..... .... A Iilrm Agriculture General Agrirnllure Nahor House Phi Eta Sigma: Illinois Agriculturist IU: Wesley Foundation Student Council HJ Honors Day fl, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarship Key .ELWOOD WILLIAM SCHAFER .... .,.... A :Man Division of Special Services Geology Noble House Cyclothem Club Muhlenberg Collegeg Capital University SHELDON SCHAPS ........,. ..... C himga Commerce .Markeling Alpha Epsilon Pi House President C-I1 3 Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Honors Day 111 ETHLYN FAYME SCHA'I'ZMAN.C0lIl7flbIlJ', Obia Library Science Cbenzislfy Lincoln Avenue Residences Ohio State University ROY STEVEN SCHECK .......... ..... C bimga Engineering Civil Engineerillg Delta Phi Dolphins U, 41g A.S.C.E. Southern Illinois University MAURINE JUDITH SCI-IECKMAN ,...... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction EKT Club I Zeta Phi Ere: Illini Theatre Guild ceee 1215-iii Campus Chest C315 N.S.A. Senate Subcom- I mittee Q51 ' ll, ,Honors Day C2, 51 1 Roosevelt Collegeg University of XVisconsinig lk Northwestern University 1 'ig I Ii WILLIAM JOHN SCI-IE1DEMAN'rLL..Fare.rI Earle Fine and Applied Arts Architecture I Honors Day f1,21g University 'of Illinois fl Scholarship Key 1 Illinois Institute of Technology li I .H ' ui FRANCIS MA1-:I-new SCI-IEID1' ......... Sfrealdr Education t Clzemixlry y Newman Hall ' ' l. chi Gamma Iotag Bait and Fly casting Clubg iTeachers-in-Training Clubg Chess Club: Gere man Club ' ' " Honors Day C21 ii ' I , t. MARIAN SCHEINEMAN ............ .'.CIfil5Qgla1 Liberal Arts and Sciences . Speech Corfecliorz 1, 'f-it Kappa Kappa Gamma A il Q Shorter -Boardg Torchg Zeta Phi Etaigs igli rule Q1,2,315 Illini Union ceimea ,dh Illini, Union Committee fl, 2, 31 5 Stafifoia 'e Manager C215 Y.W.C.A. Committed Iiiini Hostess tai ijt! 'i all . ff - ,I ex, 3 , . 2 iw 9' , , L Esta, .aft .. .J . - L :ieez -1 1 -1 9:4553 le i- l ,tea .. Q I 4 - a ti L"e4Q"? L PATRICIA CLAIRE SCHERER ...... ..... 0 lney Agriculture Home Economic: 4-H House Director, Department of Student Service, Illini Union: Shorter Boardg Torchg Phi Upsilon Omicrong Illini Union Board 13,415 Illini Union Council 1313 Illini Union Committee 11,213 All Ag Field Day Committee 131: Mihila Ball Committee 421g Plow Boy Prom Committee fl, 21g Home Economics Club Honors Day Q11 STEPHEN GEORGE Scmcxfi. ........ Chicago Journalism Radio XVILL. G, 415 Galesburg Alumni Association National College of Chiropracticg Chicago College of Laboratory Technique Rosen Louis SCHIERHORN ,.... ..... C bit-nga Engineering Civil Erzgizzeering Newman Hall Chi Epsilong A.S.C.E. HARVEY SAUL SCHILDKRAUT.N9ll' York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfycbalogy Phi Sigma Delta ROBERT EARL SCI'-IILSON ........... Cezrzlmg: Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pig Phi Lambda Up- silong A.I.Ch.E. Carthage College ELIHU MYRON SCHllNIMEL..LA!L'f9!1L'?, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pbilampby Royal Towers Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pig Phi Lambda Upsilong House Presi- dent f41g Hillel Foundation Student Council 131g LAS Council 141g Intercollegiate Zion- ist Federationg Philosophy Discussion Club Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key CHARLES VAN Sci-ILAcIcs .....,.. Villa Park Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Honors Day Q31 CARL MICHAEL SCHLEICH, ....... ...Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Economic: 331 Mears -lL'XIOR SCHLOSSER ..,,... . .I,uRfq Physical Education Pbiulfal E:f1ir.::1fvi1 Chi Psi Tribe of Illinig Varsity Football Squad ll, 3, -ll, Letter 12, 5, all Honors Day 4-ll Eoxx inn SCHHALENBERGER ...., ., Bullfifll. Engineering Efictrfmxl Ellelursrzlilu Pr Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega: A,I.E,E,- I.R.E. Honors Day lll XVashingt-'in University XYVILLIS jxcic SCHNIECKEBIFR. II ,,,.lI.i.'1t,,imi Agriculture Flnrlrliftlrn Curmen Fl0flL'L.llIUfC Club CHARLIE FREDERICK SCHMFLZLP ..,.. Fieafmil Engineering .lI:t'biu11i'izl Erzgirliwifig Theta Chi Basketball Manager ll, Il: A,S.M.E.: Mo- inguena Honors Day Nil CHaIzI,rs PHILLIP SCHMID ,,,, .... C lvr.1,20 Commerce .-Irvmnzlilrzi ,I Lin-nois Club Accountancy Club I-Irmux ERNEST SCHMID, ju. ,..., .Clvrago Liberal Arts and Sciences Znolfilgty ARTHVR Inxvrx Sri-rmirrr , . ,.., Engineering :lf vuriarillml Ewzxelm i ring l.A.S. folorad-i Agricultural and Mechanical Col- leee Fnaxiurv Ronrnr st HMIIJI, Jn.. , , ,fhimign Engineering Illtrlaarzziril Eriigrriuiriazg Delta Tau Delta Purdue University 332 ii:-t in-or fain- . fl 3 gh ,X "wp I :- l B v" PAUL SCHMITZ .................. Elmbum Engineering Aler'ln1r1iral Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. Honors Day lll BETTY LOU SCHNABEL ..,........... Chirago Liberal Arts and Sciences Surialogy Alpha Xi Delta Illini Union Committee ll, 21: Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff l1,Z,3l: WIA.A. Hlg Rifle and Pistol Clubg German Club University of Heidelberg lol-IN XYIILLIAM SCHNAKE .... ..... C entialia Engineering Cir!! Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilong A,S.C.E. Honors Day l5l Centralia Township Junior College C.HlRLO'I'TE RUTH SCHNEIDER ...,..,. Clumgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryflmlogy Phi Sigma Sigma Psi Chi: The Illio lllg Illini Union Com- mittee ll, Il: Y.XV.C,A. Committee ll. Il: Panhellenic Executive Council Url: House President l5l J.-n' NORMAN SCHNEIDER..Hm1p,rie,1r!, N. J, Engineering and Agriculture Jlgrirulflmzl Engineering and .'Ig7'jl'IIlflll'r1l Sfieizce A.S.A.E.1 A.S.M,E.g Field and Furrowg Poultry Science Club: S.A.E.1 Agriculture Club XVIlli.1n'ls C.ollege1 Brown Universityg Poly- technic Institute of Brooklyn XYJILLIAN RICHARD SLHNIRRING. .Sffifiighrlif Commerce Illfnkulnig Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Kappa Psig Alpha Tau Alpha: Illini Union Committee ll, Zl 1 Interfraternlty Coun- ril l2l: Captain, Army R.O.T,C, Regiinentg Transportation Corps Club Honors Day ll,3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key MrLv12nN .EUGFNE ScHNIzLnIN Duu'm'r'J Crum' Engineering Merlvaniral Efigizzrurirzg Captain, Army R.O.T,C. Regimentg A.S. M,E.g S.A.E. THOMAS PAUL SCHOIQNDIIENST ...,... Carlyle journalism Radio Newman Hall The Daily Illini Ill Honors Day Url CALVIN SCHOIZPPEL ............ Ellir 16430119 Engineering 3 f Elerlriral Engineering, v A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. A r ELMER ARTHUR ScHoLnn,...Tucamr1, Wink. ' Physical Education Pbyrical Education Phi Delta Theta Chi Gamma Iota: Mask and Bauble: National Collegiate Players: Phi Epsilon Kappa: Pier- rots: Illini Union Committee 151 : Illini Thea- tre Guild Cast fl, 2, 3, 41: Dolphins IZ, 3, 41: Illini Theatre Guild Board 141: Intra- mural Council C41: American Legion Post No. 909: University of Illinois Recreation Society A Honors Da 1 .. 3 ' Universit of Illinois Q , V I , I J. ' Y Scholarship Key Roannr THOMAS SCHOPP .... . ...... Cbimgff Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology Teachers-in-Training Club Lewis College CHARLOTTE SCHORR . ....,......... Clsimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Pqrrbology Hoste House Alpha Kappa Delta: Psi Chi: W.A.A. fl 31 : House President 111 : Freshman Council: Independent Informal Committee Chess Club: French Club: Illini Association: Intercollegiate Zionis tion: Philosophy Discussion Club C3 .41 : Forensic t Federa-, , f .Q Q 4 WALTER JOSEPH SCHREIBER. ,. . :.. L . .Gbrqnga . f . Liberal Arts and Sciences' v . , Pbyiiolngy , 1 Omega Beta Pi J Honors Day Q21 li il is if 'uf' a fi I.i ', 'A' A so DEAN HENRY SCHROEDER .... . ..a.42gz3jrz A ' .f 1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Gealagy ' ' 51 1 fgg' 45:1 . - I Q Sigma Chi Cyclothem Club 1. Illinois Wesleyan University: Cornell ' lege ' A f Roaarrr RAYMOND SCHROEDER .... . . : L: 5 rig' .Ji if ff ini 5 3 fi' ' ctw lflxi W Hifi emi lla?-L ,ii l- i J if I Liberal Arts and Sciences-5 4 Sofinlagy xl ' Shrivenham University Y 4 k l - A l . 4 Q ,V L l l ' 1 1 1. 1 . y , WILLIAM WENDELL SCHROEDER ..... 71" Agriculture 1 1 Vocational Agrimllure Y ' Rogers House A Ll l Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural ' a' Club 4: Horticulture Club 0 , i 5,- Club: 'Field and' Furrow: Hoof a I ll ' .tu 1 .. A f 'Q' W 1 1 , . W 6' Q 5 i Q1 " v .ii A l .. - N K E . 'L Igif-1 it-xg Qf"fs2?l4 1 N T3 ..,' gn. A X iv '- .. 'Q A 'emi' gb- . E S4 s ff RAOUL SCHUBIZRT ........, .... C bimga Commerce Arroluitanty Accountancy Club Wilson Junior College RAYMOND DONALD SCHUBERT ....... Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Cyclothem Club Morton junior College VERYL EDXVARD SCHUBIZRT .........,. Carlyle Agriculture Vocational Agriflililne Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Club: United World Federalists Southern Illinois University ESTHER MYRTLE SCHUCHMANN .,.,.... Carlyle Agriculture Home Ecoliomirr Leinad Manor House President f21 1 Home Economics Club: Rural Life Club: XVomen's Cosmopolitan Club JAMES LYELL SCHUCKER ....... ,.Mr. Cm-mel Fine and Applied Arts Induflrial Deiigu MILFORD XVILLIAAI SCHOELER, Jn. Kawai Cify, Mo. Division of Special Services Markeling Alpha Tau Omega The Illio 11, 21: Interfraternity Council QZ, 31: Marketing Club University of Colorado ALVIN DAVID ScHuLMAN..Pbi1ndeIpbin, Pri. Agriculture Agrirulluml Science Tomahawk: Illini Theatre Guild Cast 12, 3, 41 : Varsity Football Squad ll, 21 : Fresh- man Varsity Gymnastics Squadl Orchesis 13, -11: Spanish Club THOMAS ALLAN SCHULTE .... ...Vandalia Commerce Armlmlaury Alpha Tau Omega The Illio Q11: Marching Band fl, 21: First Regimental Band tl, 21 Honors Day C21 333 CLARENCE WILLIAM Scuuuz, JR. ' Ilacbiml, .Mich Commerce Marketing Flag, House Alpha Phi Omegag Concert Band 451 1 March- ing Band 151: First Regimental Band lllg Marketing Club EDWARD DONALD SCHULTZ , , . .. .Cbimga Agriculture General A grlrlflrm 5 Jaci-c Eccrxe 5CHULTZ. .,,..... Danwlle Division of Special Services Permmzel Alim.Ici'merI1 M-more Hall RALPH EMIL SCHUMACHYR ...... Broradlandr Division of Special Services EFOVIOIIIILY WILLIAM Groruis ScHLmIAc Hsu. ,. . .Cbicagu Engineering ' Ceramic' EugnII'evlII,g Q A.C.S. . 4. l l r T l luuxrisxcz ARTHUR ScHI'sTIiR ...,. .Gbimgg Engineering N5 5 ', l Newman Hall V Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day 11, 21 'I Eleclrital Erzgimerirzg . , 1' l l I 1 llliniiis Institute of Technology 'l 'I l l . ly ' A I Susie jAxIz Scuurz ....,....,. ,..i.Iiill1jei1 :I Liberal Arts and Sciences. - ,- Sflwcb Cnrreflmn r . Evans Hall ,f A-,ij Illini Union tommirtee 13, All 3 llligjIi'Thealfre-K' Production Staff mug xv.A.A. in g,',j ,N V . :QI -J Km, lf V f'-cgi'-i ' df: ff 4 ii: -xi.-' x 2' i,f. -if yr- -3:6 2' -' v I Awnnzw Lrvrrsosrox Scnrvr Ian. . . i':1J1Q5arIg?-' Engineering ' X ' -L iq Merlzanical Engrnrevillgq if ' .,' . . ,P 'E' 'xl Lyons Township junior Collegei 3 - , il-."'9ilf91, , ' 'rs '-.Li , -ei 334 , gfvfle Fail ,ff 'ii- a x ff F K. vr 5,49 I 1 i t 1- csxfi l Q r wi ,EARL SCHXVARTZ .......... gt . hir.-nga Division of Special 7 Biology ' 4 Teachers-in-Training Clubg i al cology Club W MERLE THIEL SCHXVARTZ ..,.. ..Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Scie a Prycbolagy ' Evans Hall Illini Union Committee 1453 ' i Theatre Guild Production Stall Q41 Roosevelt College ROBERT EUGENE SCHXWARTZ .......,. Dffdllll Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Millikin University STANLEY FRANKLIN SCHXVARTZ Brooklyn, N. Y. ' Division of Special Services Agricultural Eronomirx Agricultural Economics Club Q Brooklyn Collegeg National Agricultural t College V QIVIARIQ LEE SCHNWARTZMAN .... ..,,Chimga ' ' Commerce X C07IlgEfCt' and Iglll' 9-Junior Bar Association 'ivlflonors Day fl, 51 ,N . -L. . rv, - ILLlAA1 Sci-IWARZ ............. , .C hirugo Division of Special Services Ar! 1,-I.: Barton House A illinois lnstitm of Technology lil tal Q is ' , 4 ' 2 -msrvr Sci-Iwsriirsr-I. ,. ..... Hanford, Conn. ' Divisiorj of Special Services ,-, , A -Lvlqnmlimr .r . A "' A Luridgren pouseh DFIFA- Sigmig Praetorians l. I, at "."'," i '4- ' - Jf,i','lJ4"x , . -qi sky vi I 'ffl I iVEl.IlN- EBAxNM HWERDT ...... Glen Ellyn V ."lihel.'5lfiAlrts and Sciences l n 'lv I Vflrrialogy 'ilincqln Mvcgm, esidences - 'lolia ligigibdarlljfiltn iariqrs Qayggli Uni? in I l lei RICHARD FRANCIS SCHWERD1' .... ..Gle11 Ellyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Nu Phi Eta Sigmag Concert Band Cl, 21 3 March- ing Band fl, 21 g First Regimental Band fl, Zl Honors Day Ill IVIARION ANNETTE SCI-Ixverz .,...... Berwyn Education Eduraliavz of Ibe Deaf McKinley Hall Mu Iota Sigma, Illi-Sota FRANK JOSEPH SCIRE ,,........... Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg A.S.M.E. Honors Day Q25 .Chicago ARTHUR MARTIN SCOLNICK. .1l'idI1'97'!7E, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Omega Beta Pi Honors Day Q21 Bowling Green State Universityg New York University KENNETH EDWIN Scorr ,... . .... Larkporl Agriculture General Agl'iFIlIlIll'E Joliet junior College Roeern' PAUL SCOTT ...,...,....... l .Royal Engineering Electrical Erlgifzeering Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nu' Eta Sigma Ph' . lj A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day fl, 2, 3, 4D g University of Illinois Scholarship Key Joe HOWARD SCRIVNER .......... Mt. Vernon Engineering f Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E.-I.R,E. Southern Illinois University: University of Oklahoma JOHN ALTON SCROGGIN .......,. Ms. Pizlarki Division of Special Services ' Arcounianry I 4 Ten-O-One Club ' , Y.M.C.A. Committee C255 Marching "Bind GJ: Accountancy Clubg Field and, Eurrowg Hoof and Horn Clubg Rural Life Clubg Span-- ish Club I Honors Day 13, 4l ' Y 15 lr - is Q I X Ns X 'Xi' R ffrfllse' Je H-. ., ,vf -Q. Q T',Q-., ' '-,gs.l- K 1. ,, , ,Aff-: I- ' rlif 2 K f, ' , -.xl el .e V . ' 3 . ..,,. tit?-sl. . il fl + l,.1fft': NX K W I:j,i.s1. . .,., ., E ,. 55' ,rv '29' BERT SEAMAN ....l............ Champaign Physical Education Plvyuirill Erfffcalion University of Illinois Recreation Society JAMES MILTON SrARs ............. Cefztralha Liberal Arts and Sciences Pxyclvnlogy Sigma Phi Epsilon FREDERICK RIJDOIPH SFAvEx' ..... .... , ellron Engineering .7llecbmIii'I1l Erzgnzrefizig Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Tau Sigma: Illinois Tech- nograph KZ, 5, 455 Engineering Council 1-ll : A.S.M.E. Honors Day 11,23 BARBARA JEAN SIEAY .,.,...,,,.., Spfingyield journalism Adrevlifing Alpha Gamma Delta Illinois Wlesleyan University GERALD HOWARD SEDGWICIQ ..,....... PI-mia Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech The Mansion Illini Theatre Guild Cast tl, Z, 3, 433 Men's Glee Club fl, 2, 3, -ll: WILL I-ll GEORGE VUILLIAM SEEBERGER ..... Werrrberlef journalism Edilarial The Daily Illini 15,455 WILL 1-U Honors Day C41 ERNEST RICHARD SEELING .....,.... Cbimgo Division of Special Services Aeronnllrirnl Engineering I.A.S. SI-IRLDON Seevmt ............ BGJIDH, Man Liberal Arts and Sciences Eroriomiri Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Clubi M.I.S.1 Society for the Advancement of Man- agement Honors Day C37 335 0 if H RAYMOND jaarfs Srrrr., ., ....,..,. cl-,napa Liberal Arts and Scientes Cl'rrr11,i1vVi Illinois Institute ut' Tethnologx. St. Nor- bert College Rerrr Lita Sroroix ..,... , tj.-r.r Fine and Applied Azt- .-lf: Iurra Rorarrir Ariricrrr Srrrrizr. .. for C ommeitt- .llrrllftifllg r111.l' .Il,:1,'.Jrt'f,'t1:,' Illini Insurarite Societxg Blarlttlirr: rluls Buzrrfxnx Axx Srirz., . ., Dfifxf. ,Ii-urnalism r'lrf14f1,w,'11g I,rntoln Awenuc Resrdcnre Millrlqin bnixersrty four XX I l,r,lM3'ruN Srirzixui rr ,.Fl.i.' RU A fommerte rllrfrktllutj I..r Coteiie rd 'EF' J xx x Ns ' - s :Q 3. , I :. K sy in QS ti' I :ZH House President Hr Maiketin-' Club' ipin- - ' N 4 Y s - 1 F.. -ng ish Klub '. an 'W Y' V' tx --1 ' ""'? ' ,I 1 'c in r Ir Wiirrmr -louxvrusr, SIIKIRK ' tru..'r11:.1I1, Olin, Engineering Eltrlrlrrrl lfflrllitrllflg Mrnaua Lutlgc ,x Y,M I .A. fommrttee ll, Z, R, H, Illini 'Q 1: ., 'W T' Ilirrstian Fellowship 12,1 4F , Rallioatl lliih f I? Q .4 L'L'QA A X rrrrroko Ai.m1R'r Srrr .... ljlffirrryf Commtrrc rllrrvkrlllzrf , Unrxersrty uf Mithigan 1 , 0 - L - , I., ,""" s f, ,, , , , Kg, jf, .1057 lthrcirfrcrr Brimirr Sri in ri , ..,, flvhrqff Dixisxon nl Sptiral Strrites xlrl Eiflntlllorl imil Rri irrlllorr Ifxany Hall Illi-Solag Intcrtollegratc Zionist Federation , 3 6 Teatlieri-in-'Iirarnrng Club, I'mterI XVorIt Federalists' University ol Illinois Retreat: Society right junior I ller, int I I , . , 1 on T xv , ., --L, ii. i-f ollege " ,' .- 336 .,,.. josmvr-r EDWIN SENESAC, JR. ...... Kmzkakee journalism .'Id!'6'I'lIJlIIg Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini I-U Roosevelt College FRANK ,IOHN SENESE ,... .,.. . ..Clm.rgff Engineering .llfrbulllml Erlglrzswing XVrt.inshire Varsity ISU lb. Football Squadg A.S.M.E. Kimi, Frir-oerucri SEPMEWR .,.... Cullnurrlle Liberal Arts and Sciences Bulrzuj Floriuulture Club St. Louis University Vixcrxr Srruo .,.. ,.,......,.. C lmmp.1.'gn Fine and Applied Arts Panmng Newman Hall Honors Day ISI Morton -Iunior College JOHN Eowarm SEVERNS ..........,, Cbmiga Fine and Applied Arts fII'I'L1lltt'll4I'r1f Ellgllltc i llljf Phi Kappa Sigma Gargoyle: Phi Eta Sigma: The Illio Cl: Choristers IBM First Lieutenant, Army R.O, T.C.. Regiment: Zeta Sigma Alpha, A,l,A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day II, 1.53: University of Illinois Stholarship Key Illinois Institute of Technology B.-mmm ANN SEYMOUR. ., , ...Hfllabwff journalism .'IJI't,'lllJIlI.! Chi Omega Manager, Public Relations, Illini Theatre Guildg Shorter Board: Torch: Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Playersg The lllro lllg Illini Theatre Guild Manager fl, 3, ull: Illini Theatre Guild Cast 151: Illini Theatre Guild Board HI . Spanish Club BARBARA ,IFAN SHAFFER ..,.1...,,.. Drmwlle Fine and Applied Arts Mluir' Ed11t'r1Im11 Locke Manor Sigma Alpha Iota: House President ISI 1 Uni- versity Chorus Url: XVomen's Glee Club Il, Zig A Cappella Choir 15, -Il Honors Day Ul RAYMONU SHAFFER, ja .,..,. Guwrrbrng, Pri. Commerce AfIdl'168lIII,ll and Puiiurrfzrl Mrzzmgvfllenl Barton House Chi Gamma Iota: Sigma Iota Epsilon: Career Conference Committee HI: Commerce Coun- til I-Hg Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Lluhg Soriety for the Advancement of Manage- mentg junior Chamber of Commerce WILLIAM EUGENE Sr-IAEEER.....Elm, Perm. Engineering Eleclriml Engineerirlg Sigma Phi Delta A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day fl, 33 GEORGE PRESTON SHALLCROSS ....... Cbimgff Commerce I'lt'L'UlHIldIIl'J' Accountancy Clubg Junior Bar Association Honors Day ill GLORIA JUNE SI-IALOWITZ ....... ...Cbimgu Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology' Delta Phi Epsilon The Daily Illini lll 1 Illini Union Committee f2, 453 Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff ill: Hillel Foundation Student Council 125 DALE CLIFTON SHANE ....... ...Oak Hill Engineering Electrical Er1ginefri11g A,I.E.E.-I.R.E. Bradley University DONALD ROBERT SI-IANER .......... Wbenron Engineering .Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigmag A.S.M.E.: Society for the Advancement of Management Honors Day KU JASPER GLEN SI-IANI-IOLTZER ,,..... Caalrbmg Engineering Aerorzanliral Eiigiazfnizzg I.A.S. ALFRED DANIEL SHAPIRO, . .New York. N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Arclvilerlnre A.l.A. College of the City of New York Ivy SI-IAPIRO ........... Smumri-ville, N. j. Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studie: Lincoln Avenue Residences Galesburg Alumni Clubg Intercollegiate Zion- ist Federation ' if - R1: ' .4 .,,y ,. ' ' ij I L., lf wwe Iva' ,-1 1 ' ' ., 'X -'gb -iq. . x " rs-- as ,, if a t si I l JAMES TI-I0MAs SHAPLAND. ,.,,.,Cbi1mpaign Engineering Cifiimllc Ealgilleerfng Kemmosz A.C.S. RALPH ENGLAND SI-IARP, JR .........., Carey Liberal Arts :ind Sciences Hi.NflJY'J mm' Lau' La Coterie M.I.A. Executive Council i-ll: House Presi- dent GI: Student Senate 15, -U5 Illini For- ensic Associnriimz Junior Bar Association: Spanish Club KARL CLARrNcE Si-IAvER .... .,.. D mm: Engineering Elfclmnzl Erlylzliviirlg Lutheran Foundation Student Council HI: Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Rcgimentg Pi Tiiu Pi Sigmag A.l.E,E.-I.R,E, RUTH ELIZABETH SI-IAxv ,,....... Cody, IVJH. -lOUl'l'l.1liSlTl Pllffffrfdlfoll ill.11m,rgI1f1I'11t Alpha Omicron Pi The Daily Illini til Stephens College ARTI-II'R LELAND SHE.-KRBURN ...i.... Wlilimf Physical Education Plijriral Ellnmliau Phi Epsilon Kappa Honors Day Ol MARJORIE LEE SI-IEARER .......,... E1'J!l,Vf071 Fine and Applied Arts Ar! E.z'1zrI1li0v1 Kappa Alpha Theta Fine and Applied Arts Society Drake University HOXVARD DALE Sl-IECKI.lfR ...... ...,-Iron Agriculture l'oriItiom1l ,-lgflrnlfnlc Illi-Dell Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education Club XVestern Illinois State College DANIEL JOSIAPH SHITYHAN ..,...... Dnurille Division of Special Services Inilniliial .-lilnliulvlr-izliffrz Accountancy Klub: American Legion Post No. 9093 Illini Forensic Association: Marketing Club: Society tnr the Advancement of Manage- ment 337 x i Q PAUL BRENDEN SHEEHAN. ,.., ...D,zn11lI. Fine and Applied Arts .-ifrlursrznrg A.I,A.: Fine and Applied Arts Sotiety Parmcia joax SHELDEN, . , . Rot-kiwi! Agriculture Home Erw1tvr1.'r't Busey Hall Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Etonnmrcs Club Sui-11 KEY SHELTON ...,,,,.. .lIi15fit'I.i, KJ. Education Englule Chi Psi President Interfraternity Countilg M.i-wan-dag bachemg Phi Mu Alpha-Srntoma: Illini Union Kountil 13I. Illini Unron Committee 11, ll. Board Ot Fraternity Atiairs 11, 5, 413 Intera iraternity Council 11, 2, 5,41 , Student Sen- ate I-Hg Committee on Student Affairs 14? , Concert Band 1111 Marthing Band 11? . XYILL 11, 2. 3, -ll 3 Campus Chest Alloca- tions and Advisory Board 1415 Teachers-in Training Club Honors Day 12, Sl Siaxtrv SHFP.-KRD ....., . .... J0ll:l Cummerte Jlrvzrrgt msn: Illini Insurance Sucietyl Delta Sigma Pi wlivllet junior College XNl'ii.i.iMr XXQXYNE SHIQPARD, ...Danrzllr Dixision of Special Services jufnrinll-nz Marketing Club Indiana State Teachers' College 'I'iitm,as XX'ii.i.i,mi SHI man .,...... Clyiragif Diisiun of Special Serxices Znnlfiem Kappa Alpha Psi '1'.M,C.A. trimmittee 11? Ei nixr, THOMAS Surmiax , .,,.Mayiwod Liberal Arts and btiences flfrmlral lfrlylrlitrlrig A.I,f,h,E. Honors Day 12? Max Emu, SHIRMAVN.. . Sf. Lnuir, Mn. Liberal Artx and Strentes Piylfnlouj Llark House Nu Beta Epsiluni Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 12, 37, junior Bar Awitiatmng Prae- 338 IK TRS. ew Q as .L-sexi '52 5- 1' tk pn-. sv' " I 'P-'V sf- fer DOROTHX' MAY SHERRARD .... .,.Cambi-idge Education Murrr McKinley Hall Torchg Alpha Lambda Deltag Sigma Alpha Iotag The Illio 12, 31: Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 25: W.G.S. Executive Council 15, 433 Concert Band l2,3,gH: First Regimental Band 11, ll: University Orchestra 1-U: Re- portory Orchestra 13. -tl: W0men's Glee Club 11j 1 Tempo 11, 21 1 Baptist Foundation Student Council 151: Sophomore Cotillion Committee: XV.G.S. Ball Committee 1331 French Club Honors Day 11, 'll joivm ALAN Snitts .r...,........ Lizktfrwml Agriculture General .-lgrlrnllnre Alpha Zetag Field and Furrowg Floriculture Club: Hoof and Horn Club: Spanish Club Ermrsr DARxx'1N S1-rir.12Y.. v........ Lnntifk Liberal Arts and Sciences P,fyi'ftufog'y Y.M.C.A. Committee 11. 231 Disciples Foun- dation 15, -H Rnrioxn PATRICK Suimw, Jn. ..,,.. Qnnny Agriculture l,0t'i1ll0fIt11 xlgvirlzllnre Moore Hall Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Edutation Club Quincy College lklfxm' SHIOHARA ,.,,..,. r...,.. , ..ChfLAz1gU Liberal Arts and Sciences Frfnrlv Sherwood Lodge lllini Union Committee 13l: Y.XV.C.A. Committee 153: French Clubi Spanish Club Wfilson junior College Evnnmnr GENE SHISSLIZR .... .,.. E lnzii-00.1 Agriculture Agronnnij Agriculture Law Club Roaenr Momus Suomraitml, .. .... Cbh-nga Engineering Merlaamral Engineering Lundgren House Tomahawkg Campus Chest 135 2 House Presi- dent 15lg President, Freshman Classg Fresh- man Council: Freshman Frolic Committee: American Veterans Committeeg S.A.E. Srfmronu Howruin Snorrsrr ,.... Champaign Commerce Commerre ani! Lau' Zeta Beta Tau Illini Union Committee 12,311 Interfrater- nity Council 1213 Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Arseca: Scabbard and Blade: junior Bar Association: Marketing Club Honors Day 131 HERBERT EUGENE SHORT ...... .... l Vopella Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Fraker House Alpha Tau Alpha Illinois State Normal University NEWTON HICKMAN SHORT ...... Spf-iogficli! Agriculture General 1'Igl'iCIllllll'E "Sons" Home House President 141 5 Dairy Production Clubg Field and Furrowg Hoof and Horn Clubg Illini Masonic Clubg Marketing Club WILLIARI JAMES SHRARIEIQ ....... Bemenrille Division of Special Services Airport ll'IlZlldgt'f71l?Uf Chi Gamma Iotag Society for the Advance- ment of Management Northwestern University RICHARD JOHN SHRAI-IRI ....,... Blue Irlond Law Polizical Science Flagg House Junior Bar Association Thorton Junior College NANCY SCHMELING SI-IUGART ,...... Rockford Education Elenzezztizry Edizcozioo Alpha Omicron Pi Shi-Aig Mask and Bauble: The Daily Illini 1115 Illini Union Committee 11,21g Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12,51: Y.W,C.A. Cabinet 131: Y.W.C.A. Committee 11,215 House President 151 BURELL WILLIAM SHULL ...... ,... H iciolgo Agriculture Vocational Ag!'IElll1llY'E Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Tau Al- phag Illinois Agriculturist 1415 Plow Boy Prom Committee 1311 Agricultural Education Club: Hoof and Horn Clubg Horticulture Club: Rural Life Clubg Teachers-in-Training Club Honors Day 11, 31 JOHN HOWARD SHURTLEFF ........ Wheolozz Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Interfraternity Council 151: Illinois Tech- nograph 12, 511 A.I.Ch.E. WILFORD CALVIN SHURTLEFF ....... Wheaton f 1 it ae' i 'P' ,N .swf J., K .. , 132:12 E' iii I ' . l A , ,,,, ' ' -, 7 - fsglif- g - I - X' S i . . 1 1 3. Q S I.: I ' ' Jeissse ' -is ' 0 3 E is- NUR-sb W l JA' A . 6 Q. , S . f . V X U Engineering I Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug Pi Mu Epsilon: A 4' R ' Interfraternity Council 1413 House President - 1415 A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 1 ,fl Honors Day 11,2,31g University of Illinois fy 2' Scholarship Key 4 North Dakota State College I, xy' I - A T63 XA J HAROLD EUGENE SHUTT ...... ..,.. N ormal Engineering Elem-ical Engineering A,I.E.E.-I,R.E. INIARVIN COLEMAN SHUWAI. ,,,....... Chicago Division of Special Services Social Science House President 141 ROBERT JERRY SIDLO ......,..... Lake Forex! Fine and Applied Arts Aicbileclznc A.I.A.: Fine and Applied Arts Society Norich University NATHAN IVIORRIS SIEc.EL.,Neu' York, N. Y. Division of Special Services zllorkeliizg Tau Delta Phi Interfraternitly Council 1211 Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 151: Marketing Club EDWIN HENRX' SIEIIONS ,.... .... D el Rey Commerce Accolmlalzcy Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club EDVUIN CARLYLE SIGEI., . . . .. Commerce Accountancy ...Chicngo Clark House Accountancy Clubg Praetorians CHESTER JOSEPH SIKORA ..... ...Chicago Commerce Accolmlancy Newman Hall Accountancy Club: Marketing Club MX'RON IRvINc SILVERMAN .....,,... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pbyiiology Alpha Phi Omegag Praetorians 339 ROBERT IWILTON SILVERMAN .,...... Chirago Division of Special Services Adzier-ming Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Delta Sigma: Marketing Club Morgan Park junior College ARTHUR DONALDSON SIMM. l.., Cfrew Commerce Illmzagemeril Illini Theatre Guild Cast l5ll Marketing Club Morton junior College JOHN RUTHERFORD SIM ...... .... C item Engineering illeflnzrlrrul Erlgfrzsmirlle Theta Chi Phi Eta Sigma: Basketball Manager f2,3l: A,S.M.E.3 Moingwena Honors Day lll XVII.LII-KM EAIIL SIMON ...,,,.., ,Ili-lim: Park Engineering .'Iewr1ar1Il:i1l Efzglmefmg Pi Kappa Alpha Interfraternity Council 131: I,A,S. Honors Day ll, 31 Cunrxcr EUGENE SIMPSON ..... Farmer Cily Agriculture General flgllflllllllf Rrirxrrrr COLLINS SIMPSON, ...... Lw'i11gfw1 journalism Erlzlffrml Main Manor Alpha Phi Omega Missouri Valley College M.xru..u1nT ANN SINKLAIR .,,,.,..,. I.llrlv,'rr1r! Fine and Applied Arts l.dr1d,rr,1pL' ,'irrfJ1ll'i'Il4rE Delta Ciamma Shi-Aig Alpha Alpha Gammag The Illio Hi: Star fiourse Manager lllg Fine and Applied Arts Society .IUHN Rrruarru S1Nr,ra ....,,, .,., C bmrgf, Engineering C1111 E71IjlV1A:VlllLf A.S.C,E. Honors Day 12, 3l Mirhrgan fnllege of Mining and Technol- mzy: University of XYHSCIIDSIHQ South Dakota State College 340 , 4. 'li S ski X ,A S I 1 K, QHQPV-' ', i "' i, 'Av Iver- ""-37' ff '11 1: , , :lf w- 6- : QI .1 CHARLES Louis SINGLER ,,.......... Cbimgo Division of Special Services Marlaeting Shawnee American Legion Post No. 909g Bait and Fly Casting Clubg Marketing Clubg Junior Cham- ber of Commerce Loyola University PAUL SISCO ,....,................. Berrryn journalism Pllbfffnlfvrl Management Kappa Delta Rho The Daily Illini 451 1 Varsity Baseball Squad H55 Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Var- sity 150 lb. Football Squad C45 Morton Junior College KEITH PPLILB SISSON ....... .,..S1erling Commerce fllmmgefneui Elagg House Marketing Club Honors Day lil The Scovill Schools PAUL EUGENE Srsrmi ........... Spfingielrl Engineering Alerbmziral Erzgirzrerifzg A.S.M.E.: S.A.E, Springlield junior College SIDNEY ALFRED Srcmmorur, Ja ..,. ...LaGmn,ge Engineering General Engirzeering Alpha Chi Rho Star Course Manager Ill: A.S.M.E. Lyons Township junior College JOHN Rourar SKINN .......,,.,.. I-lfllibwo Fine and Applied Arts Arrlvilefrilnul EllgI7lL'Ei'flIg Bradley University ROGER SKI:-:Nm .........,.,. .... C niia Engineering Civil Exzgimariing Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E, Honors Day 11, 2, 53: University of Illinois Srholarship Key Gus Sxizas .....,..,.,..,.,...... Cbimgo Physical Education Pbyriral Edumliruz Alpha Kappa Delta: Varsity Baseball Squad 121, Letter ill: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Epsilon Phi Sigma Honors Day 131 Illinois Institute of Technology A may - , . . I A T5 IVAN HOOCILUND SROOG .,.. 3,1Pi3QtNegen:r5zx I I eff. X . , 1. ,. ,it-f5gi:,. Liberal Arts and Seienges lil I 'Q io Cbeminry 'J ' Ti . 'ha 'T ,J Ruste Armes iv . , f , Omega Beta Pi: House Presidenf Q41 - Honors Day C31 i , ' I RICHARD ROBERT SLADEK .,...... .... - .Cicero 'E Engineering X C AETOHHIIIIFHI Engineering ' A.S.M.E.Z I.A.S.: Illini Gliclel"lCli1b Y H Purdue University N -4 , ' 4 ll I ii tug: -VB! ROBERT ALIJRICI-I SLAYMAN... f...UrImrm journalism Ad1'erti.ring Sigma Nu 5 It ' l i , .9 I U ' , s 5. 'e I , , A ,,,. . HERBERT SLUTSKY .......,... gi,.i:.V.ClJipg1ga Liberal Arts and Sciences 3 I Geography 7' ,. I Eta Sigma Phig Omega Beta Hit' Q ' 2, 3 l T ' A ,fi gt, - I rf A 2:5 Y . I I i 9 9. 1,5 1 , X - f fi f,. ,AL - K' f- I JOHN JOSEPH SMALL .,........ 5 Li., Qffizliliq Agriculture sig Vi 3, i N ww , General Agriclzltlnif Q lf , -" ' v Nabor House IW? If ' "" ' Alpha Zetag All Ag Field Day Corhgiriittesf QQYM 1 ,Q :Ir Q A Plow Boy Prom Committee 155 3fSeconcl Itigeg- ' " 5, ' A tenant, Army R.O.T,C. RegimentiglTraIispcifta-4 . '-' .j j tion Corps Clubg Hoof and Horn iClI.ihQRI.iialf ti-I if 1' 'l Life ciub ffh ting 25 V L ,Q Honors Day 12, 59 lil: fl I: i' ' , ' f Ai R 1 KENNETH IRA SMARGON ....,.... Division of Special Services" 1' t - Markeiing ' I 1 i ' Zeta Beta Tau , - I 4" Illini Union committee mg Illini Theatre A EL ,I A Production Staff fl, 255 Interfratefriiiity, Couniv l ' Els' I QV. ff cil Cl, 21 5 Illini Forensic Associatiorfg 'Z ,..... ing Clubg Philosophy Discussion f ' vwvlif " N gg -, 1 5 A DON MERRILL SMART ...,..,..... cz f,.GbIf7ImmI ' Division of Special Services I 'I ' , CiJemi,Ilf'y ' H A L Sigma Alpha Epsilon L ' 4 , 'l 1 W , lt I . fa " ' i , X A , J CLI Q.,-N tn: . 4--- 1 I Ei , ' . f 'I 'tn ,N W "If, v L -I tiff, TI ,I ' i I, Ig gi fi 5 F l U 1 I 2 Qi! J RICHARD FRANK SMAUS ........... l .sign Liberal Arts and Sciences L 'I ' Cbemirify l 'I l " I iw Delta Phi A I Ch E Michigan State College Morton J l ege WARD SMIDL ...................... Oak Park Division ot' Special Services Edufalian Tau Kappa Epsilon Men's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 47 IRXWIN SMILEY .....,....... New York, N. Y. Commerce Accountancy Sigma Alpha Mu Phi Eta Sigmag The Daily Illini KZJQ Illini Union Council I-Hg Illini Union Committef KZ, 3, 415 Junior Prom Committeeg Accou.. tancy Club Honors Day fl, Z, 511 University of Illinois Scholarship Key AARON SMITH ,...........,........ Cbizaga Liberal Arts and Sciences Hixlary Omega Beta Pi Honors Day C23 BOBBY GENE SMITH ...............,.. Herrin Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Southern Illinois University CAROL JOANNE SMITH .,.........., Elmburn Liberal Arts and Sciences Burterialogy Alpha Delta Pi DOUGLAS XVINCHESTER SMITH ...., Clmmfmign Commerce Maiiagement Honors Day 13, 49 DURXVARD BOND SMITH ......,.. Beerber Cily Division of Special Services Saciology Delta Sigma Phi Eastern Illinois State College: Arizona State College . ELDERT CLARENCE SMITH ............ Cbicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: A.I.Ch,E. Honors Day ll, 27 341 lluoizxe ZENDER SMITH .,,. Nru Ywk, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Spaniib University Chorus HD 2 Spanish I lub GLORGT IVICKFNZIIE SMITH. DIR.. .Luke Fun-,il Commerce If1J11.iIr1.1I .'Idl111r11i.'' Vlub Topper House President HI 3 Gymnastics Manager 12, Bl 1 Society fur the Advancement --I Man- agement Cirmiu Doxain SMITH, .. , ... I'.:m1iIl1.i Division ol Special Services .llizfkslfrle Marketing Club YI mrs OLIN'ER SMITH .,...,... .... f Ifinm' Agriculture Grmml xilgv-lrlflflin Hill Hall jur jmx SMITH .......,..,,,. St, Lonir, Mo. Engineering Elcrlrlml Erzgzmulue Annex Hall Phi Eta Sigmag Illuminating Engineering So- tiety HonirrS Day l2l Ki XNKTH Lrr SMITH, , ,. . .... Dimmu Commerte .'Il'I'oln1!I1rlIj Alky Hall flii Gamma Iritag Accountamy Ilubg Spanish 4 luh Honors Day I-ll NllI4I.E jiexxixs SMITH ,, ., Dimilllr Agriculture Flffrlinllnm Iiresliman Varsity Fencing Squad. Ploriculture Klub: Hurtiiulture Klub Oxx YN SMIT H ..,... ., ....,,... Alai hmm Agriiultuiu l'f,.,1f1w1.Il .'I.'i1Inllmt Farm Huuse Alpha Tau Alpha:Y,M.fIA,Civmn1ittcc IHI. Unitersity Cliiirus I-H. All Ag Field Dzly fiiI'nrI'IitfCQ ll! Q Plow Huy Prizm Lfimmittte HI. Auriiultural Iirlutati-:ri Club Illinois Stal: Normal l'rmLrsIty' 342 , to ,ll N if .-ffpiizr 31- 'I "sLi'X5, ' - 41 i R 17" f ' - its ef ' is l fella 'I I in- if , , ...ef ,r my I A s z ? vii R XR y S - '52 ',:fi'Q ". - s A.. ' N 3 D" tr w -,:. 4 QL, im., -- 5 , v ig I i J Q A Rnx BERNARD SMITH. .Norris Kanrax Ciiy, Mo. Physical Education Phyrlml Eduralion Delta Theta Epsilong Phi Epsilon Kappag Var- SITY Football Sfluad ll, ll 3 Career Conference Committee 131 Honors Day GJ RICHARD ARTHUR SMITH ,.... ...Bellerille journalism Edzmrinl Kappa Sigma Sigma Delta Chi Belleville Township junior College RORLRT DANIEL SMITH ...... .... I Iemsing journalism Editorial The Daily Illini ill ROBERT DEAN SMITH ...v...,....,., Sbiiman Liberal Arts and Sciences Clyrflzlrfij' Parade Ground Units A,l.Ch.E. Springfield junior College ROBERT Lex: SMITH ....,...,. ..,MIi11fmu Commerce Permnnel lllunagemrfn .uid Milvkrlirlg OPM Den House President I-U3 Marketing Cluli Eastern Illinois State College ROBERT WOLCOTT SMITH .....,,....,, Finn.: Division of Special Services zllmlellnlltg Delta Upsilun Marketing Club Bradley University SHIRI.Ev JANET SMITH ............ S1ninghvl.l Liberal Arts and Sciences lHdfl7I3lIILlflt'J' Stratford House Illinois Technograph ll, Slg German Club Honors Day fl, 23 SHIRLEY jovcn SMITH ...,...,... lVa11klqq,.i1 Liberal Arts and Sciences Frrmsb Gamma Phi Beta Illustrators: French Club Honors Day 12. 31 MacMuI'ray College JULIANNE MARIE SMOKOXYSKI ....... Cbir-ago Division of Special Services Merrlmzzdhriiig Evans Hall Women Veterans Wright junior Collegeg Texas State College for Wfomcn RALPH SIIIYKL .......... ,... I LAVJFIIXUII Commerce I11dlz.m'ii1l 1-ldfzlialiffnrliafl Lambda Chi Alpha Illini Union Committee 12, 31 g Interlraternily 'Council 12,515 House President f4ll1 Cap- tain, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Pershing Rilles: Phi Chi Etag Scabbard and Blade DONALD LEO SNAVELY ...... .. .Srsfling Agriculture General figrirnlllrre Roojahs Y.M.C.A. Committee tl, Zl 3 McKinley Foun- dation Student Council QS, -llg Bait and Fly Casting Clubg Agriculture Clubg Dairy Pio- duction Clubg Field and Eurrowg Rural Life Club JAMES MICHAEL SNrrD .... ..,.. I V'e.i1riIlf Engineering Mechanical Ellglllftfillg Sigma Phi Delta A.S.M.E. HAROLD EUGENE SNODGRASS ..., .... T oleilo Law Lau' Bait and Fly Casting Clubg Junior Bar Asso- ciation HOWARD LEE SNOWDEN ....... ..., I 'eimom Journalism Ezlllorirzl Tau Kappa Epsilon The Daily Illini 143 Illinois NVesley.In University BERNARD ALLEN SNYDER ..., Iudimzapolhr, lml. Fine and Applied Arts Arrbilecime Granada Club A.l,A. Imliana Central College DANIEL WILLIARI SNYDIER ....,... Blue Irlizml Engineering Cir-'il Engiflefrlfzg Delta Chi Star and Scrollg Sigma Tang Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Chi Epsilong House President C33 9 Varsity Track Squad C13 3 A.S.C.E. Honors Day fl, 2, 3, 41 5 University of Illinois Scholarship Key , I N , 3- -- Y . , t3..,i,35w O . .V -,it .. " O , 'v kel' I ' D , .- - ' f' li, I f I I F7 yw-:..i. - . f Qfii' A 1 .3 f., W F' 'rr W .y -Q EDWARD HARRISON SNYDFR ..,.,..., Clw.-iviygo Liberal Arts and Sciences Hl.i'l01'9' ,lunior Bar Association Honors Day 121 GEORGE ROBERT SNYDER ........., Haniimiaon' Commerce Ifzdnilriill Adml11l,i'n'nfi011 Christian Science Orgrinizationg Illini Forensic Associationg Society for the Advancement of Management MARK DLfRXY'ARD SOBOTTIQE ..,.., .... C bimga Liberal Arts and Sciences P1773 Iicr Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day 11, 2? KENNETH WILLIAM SODERSTROM. . .Rorlelafd Agriculture General :lgr'iml1m'e Hoof and Horn Club EARL LLOYD SOLEY, JR, .....,..... Lombard Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Y.M.C.A. Committee C331 Cyclothem Club BEVERLY ANN SOLLIDAY ...,.,. .... S nmiugian Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Cagle Hall Cyclothem Cluhg M.l.S,g Rural Life Clubg Spanish Club ROBERT CLARK SOLOMON. ,...... Blowiimglmz Engineering llliifmrllral El1gIlIt'L'liIIg Sigma Chi A.S.M.E.g Cyclothem Club Illini Theatre Guild Production Stall ill JOHN DoNOvAN SOAIERS, ..... . . . .Fimbmy Agriculture xlgf uuomy Delta Sigma Phi 343 IYIIRIAM LOUISE SOMMER ..,, .... P farm Education Bmlfags Delta Gamma Shorter Board: The Illio Ill: Illini Theatre Guild Production Statf ll, ll Z Y.XV.C,A, Cabinet 13, -U1 Y.XV.C.A. Committee ll, ll Dsxiri, Somers I , ,.,, . ,r'li.w-raw Vomnierre .llizrkelmg am! E.'ffI1ffn11r.i Noble House Illini Theatre Guild Cast l2l, XYILL l-ll. Amvets Post No. twig Illini Insurance Society . Mnrkering Club University of Wusconsin Vimzixri Sorisrzx I LL: G1-.wrt journalism Egfzrffmil Zeta Tau Alpha Assistant Editor, The Daily Illinig Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini l1,2,5l1 The lllio lll. Illini Union Committee ll! Arxrss Srsw Soazicxas. ..,...., Cflm-,ren Liberal Arts :md Scienres Hnmiri K.Ipp.I Delta Sirmrx' Sosrx . . , .,,. r','lvr.1ff" I,.Iu' Luz' P.II.Irle Ciruunel Units House President I-ll, fonteit Banrl 41.2. 3, ,Hg Marching Band ll, 21, First Regimen- tal Band lll , UnIveIs1tyOIchestr.I lil L Amer- Iran Veterans frimmitteeg -luninr Bar Assrirri- riun, I..Iw Sorietvl Synton Honors Duy 11? rentral Y.MAt'.A fnllegc nl ClII1Q.I!4ri Ikliiurx -liar 5PAI'lH , . .L'ibim.: Pl'IySll.ll Etlur.ItIur l"lviI1ri1l ffilffiilwf 11 Alplll Plli lVlIIrt.II Hinrrd, ToIrlI1 5llI'Al1 Alpha L.ImhdrI Delta, Alpha PI Delta, Alpha Sigma Nug XV,A.A, Board 12, Xl, XV,A.A. Numcrirls, W'.A.A. ll, 1, 5. -ll 1 XY'esley Fuunglntion Stu- rlerit f,uuI1rIl l-H, Pliysltal Ifrluratiinn M.Ilms I lun Hnnnrs IJ.Iv ll, 2, Rl, Unixeisity ol Illinois N,lI1ll.l'slIIP Ki,-x Nirmx Axr. SPALI . Hr lfniiyw I.IluI.ItiOn lfuiflfifi Nlnerixiiinl Iutdpgt HI r.II'I ,lun s Srffxrtui I rr ...S-witilfm Division ifl Bperml Neixnrs PrIf,llr.l1I1I1r Nev.n1.In H.Ill loliut liiniiii fulleiit' 344 E.-KRLE ROY SPARKS, Jn ..,,..,....... Chimga Engineering Elem-im! Engineering A.I.E,E.: I.R.E. JOHN COMMODORE SPARKS ..., .... B mmn Agriculture Agronomy Tau Kappa Epsilon University of Arizona: Millilcin 'Jniversit Y ANGIELO JOSEPH SPATARO ..... ...Rorklord Education Alalbrlrmllrr Lundgren House Shrivenlum University EDNA SPE.-KR ........ ,. .....,.,.... Clvirtiga Physical Education Pbj'.fIL'I11 Ejlzmllori Harmony House XV.A.A. Hip Intercollegiate Zionist Feder- Atlong Education Mayors Club ROZANNI5 5PI,AIrs .. ,,.,.,,,,,, , .Cluznlfmlgn journalism Rudm Alpha Omirron Pi Arepoq Mask and Baublcg The Daily Illini lil gy Illini Unaon Committee fl, 3, 3, -ljg Illini Theatre Guild Manager ll, 2, 3, 4lg Y.XV,C,A, Committee ll, 213 Campus Chest fllg W,A,A.. ll, Zlg Tetrapin lllg junior Prnm Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Physical Educzrtinn Mayors Club ALICE ALICIA SPENCER ,..... ..... C lmmfmigu Library School I.lbr'I1r'j' Sriuzzru Alresris lirwxmrib joirx Svnnre ....,, Iffirf lIH1lJ'llL', lnil. Engineering Mining Ifllglllwilaltq Pi Knprxi Phi MIS. llonnrs D.Iy Ill Yrvrirn SPIFGEI. ..,,,,...,, , .... .. .Cblmgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology llnsrc House W..A.A.L fl, Zig Freshman Councilg The Daily Illini UI: University Chorus fljg Urcliesis ll lg Independent Informal Commit- tee KHP: French Cub: Illini Forensic Asso- rmtrong Philosophy Discussion Club: Chess I lub HIIHUFS Day 133 PAUL ROBERT SPIERLING ...,.........,.. Pnrir Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Eta Sigmag McKinley Foundation Student Council 123: Pershing Rilles Honors Day 111 BERNARD HENRX' SPINNER. ,, ...Spf-ir1ghel,l Engineering Civil Ezzgimrrllzyg Sigma Tau: A.S.C.E.g Chi Epsilon LIARYIN LEWIS SPINNER ,,........... Cbimgu Division of Special Services Ad1'P1'II.ff71.Q Sigma Alpha Mu Hillel Foundation Student Council ELLIOT DAvID SPIRO ....... 1!'oau'mar:, N. Y. Commerce fll'l'0II7Ill171L'j' Barton House Freshman Cross Country Varsity Squadg Ac- countancy Clubg Illini Insurance Society: Marketing Clubg junior Chamber of Cemmerce 'RANK ALBERT SPOFFORD ..i......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbffllifllj Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.Ch.E.g Illini Railroad Club Wright Junior College Lois JIQAN SPRAGUE .......... ...Virden Education Englisb Gamma Phi Beta The Illio C135 Illini Theater Guild Cast il, 21: Y.W,C.A. Committee fl, 21 Honors Day 12, 31 RICHARD CHARLES SPRING ..... .... S pringfield Division of Special Services Advertiring Deiigrz Acacia EDWARD WILLIAM STAAB ...,.,...... Cbicaga Engineering Mechanical Engineering Ill Manor Varsity Football Squad lljg A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. ,tp . ' - I- .I ,S I I .5 QQ- -V r I J I I' P I - l Q V fi ef , - X ns 1:-.Q 1-. 9 ' IQQ ,f -.7 ,. N I ,la in 4.1 i ' r": - I V - . ' , ' 'V R. ' V d im A Mgt- ulii m f V -v A -42 4 MADONNA INIEZ STAHL, vv........, lfnlmfinn Commerce Cruzzulercifzl Terri frilly Leinad Manor Phi Chi Theta JAY ELIIIER S'rALrx' ,,..,.,......,.. Oak Piifle Division of Special Services Hziioij Chi Phi Skull and Ciestent WILLIAM EDXVARD Sl':lLl.MA?N ...., liwuflvo Engineering CIM! Ellgllllrfllflttf Lambda Chi Alpha Star and Scrollg Board of Fraternity AIt.iirs 13, -ll: Interfrgiternity Council IZ, 3. 41: ln- II.'lITlUlill Council ISI: A.S.f'.E. Honors Day ill RICHARD JOSEPH STANCLIFFE ..., I . .Cbft-Iago Journalism ,-ldrerluing Colonial Arms Honors Day f3l IVIERLIN LYNN STANI-IELD ,,...... Aliufm-Islle Division of Special Services luflnfrrial Mamagemenl Theta Xi Amvets Post No. 65 Northwestern State Teachers' College. East- ern Illinois State Colle-:ge1 Rose Polytechnic Institute XVILLIAM JOHN STANLEY .....,.,..,. Chicago Engineering Meclmnical Engifzeering The Illio 131 1 Society for the Advancement of Management JAMES PHILIP STANSFIELD ..... LazwcI1I'eI'llle Agriculture Vocational AgYifll1lllI'6 Alpha Gamma Rho lllinois Agriculturist tl, 21 3 Agricultural Edu- cation Club: Hoof and Horn Club JOHN ARTHUR STANTON .,., ,,.. I Vifllieka Law Lau' Fireside House President GI: ,luninr Bar Association Srrrra S'raPLs'rox .....,.... ...Veil Brilm Liberal Arts and Stiences Eupqlz,-Z' Sigma Kappa Y,XV.C.A. Committee ill: XY'.A.A. ill Honors Day 421 Springfield ,luni-ir College DXXIFL ERNEST STARR ... ..,Fb.1n1p.11u11 Commerte .ll.111.1gnmf1. Sigma Chi Phi Eta Sigma: Y.M.C.A. Board ut Directors H1 , Y.M.C,A. fabinet 45. -Hg Y,M.C,A. Cnmnnttee ll, 2. 51: N.5.A. Senate Subcom- mittee Ill , Commerce Cnuneil H, al Hnnurs Day 12, il Grokor BFx12R1.x' SYARK ,......,... Rffrk Full- Divisiun nl' Special Services PM 111111151 1ll.1f1.i,u1'n11'l1l Erixxauri Arnini Slums ,..., Rilbblui Physital Edu-,ation Plijifipzl E.l11r.1l1ff11 Varsity 190 Pound Fnuilull Squad 42, Fil. Letter 131 UIOHN RIAGINALD S11-iuistis .....,... Cmrm Park Agriculture Cwzeuil .'l!g1n11lln11f Outlmmk Manor Alpha Zetag Dairy Pmtluttmn Klub, Hunt and Horn Club Honors Day 151 Ernux I.1'r hir 1 1 1 x .,...,,. .,.. C .ulfni Agritulture l'nri1Iln11i1l xlqvlilillnvi Lux Mundi Alpha Tau Alpha. H-:use Piesident ill 3 Vai' sity Wrestling Squad lllg Tearhers-1n-'l'rain- ini: Klub Rl'NllI.l XX'11,11,-tai 5111.114 ,. Xl. l,ff1111, .lim jnurnalisin .'lJ1i'1Hi11l,g Sigma C l1i Ma-XVan-Dag Sailiemg Skull and Crescent, Alpha Delta Sigma. 5ei1et.iry-Treasurer, ,lun- iur flass, Tube -11 Illini, Baseball Varsity Squad ll, 2.11,-H, Letter 11.1, 5. 'lli Foot- ball Varsity Squad ll,1, Kgll, Letter tl, 3, 5, 4h , Basketball Varsity Squad ll, 233 Ath- letir fuumil HI. Illini lnsurante Smiety. Marketing Klub Hunurs Day 12, il f,HA1u,1s Russi-11, s111.ai111: ,..,,.... II111111 Liberal Arts .intl Stiemes Tmrhrr Yrimlnlq in ,llizlluvrlilllri Cnlunial Arms Tliurnt-in junior fi-vllegeg University of I lima' 11 346 FRANK DOMINIC S'rs1D1. ..... . .... . .... Pam Liberal Arts and Sciences Clnemiflry A.I.Ch.E. N Honors Day ill ff." Aulx STFIN, ....,.,..,........... Smm1:f,1z Engineering Elertf irnl Engirleerilzg mhuitleli College .-..,. Us N'- w--sv Ev1f1.YN ELAINE STEIN .......... Dfzylan, Obm Education Ewzglirh Delta Phi Epsilon Q66 X ' 1 V 1 w l Vx' vs.-Z at ,YC,,1, n . . N' - ' , J ,mas may -..L, ,,. :- cs .3-4 t-35 f, an wr 13 ,: N 1 0 1 Huioru IRVING STEIN ........ .... C birago Journalism .4u'1'er1iriv1g College Hall Tempo H1 Hmm' Primer: STEIN ,...... . ....... lY'ilme1le Liberal Arts and Sciences Xnriology Hnnnis Day f5l ,... Srrit. Sri im ..,............ . ..Cbir11go ' Commerce firfolmlilrzfj Sigma Alpha Mu Acrnuntamy Club Honors Day ill Hivrriia' -lUDlTH STEINBFRCQ .,........ Clmwgff Liberal Arts and Sciences B1Ii'li'1inlr1gy H.1r1nuny House Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Deltag House 1- 1K iwvnvv 4, ,, lil-Q '- President l-ll ' llunuis Day ll, 2, Blg University nf lllinnis Snlmlarsliip Key s., Q? 'A l Y LEON HARRY S'l'FlNDl5llG, . .,....,.... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Mnlirim' Klub Esquire Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pi: Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day fl, 21 MILTON Louis STEINER ...... i .. .Pacabonmr Engineering General Engineering' Phi Kappa Tau A.S.M.E. Michigan State College SALLY JEAN STEINER .....,.......... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences PolificalScie11ce Indeco Northwestern University RoniiRT JAMES STELTON .......... Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirlory The Mansion Honors Day 151 Colorado A. and M. Collegeg DePaul Uni- versity CARMEN IRIS STELZRIEDE ...... ..... F Liber Education Elemenlafy Ednmlian University Chorus 15, 4Jg Teachers-in-Train- ing Club McKendree College Wnsuzy QUAYLE STELZRIEDE. ......... Firber Fine and Applied Arts Mzuic Edlzralinrz Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band '15, 41 : Marching Band 12. 3, 432 First Regimental Band 123 g University Chorus 131 Honors Day 133 McKendree College XVALTER CONRAD STEMLIER .......... Columbia Engineering 1 Electrical Engiaieerifig ' Y.M.C.A. Committee 1215 First Lieutenant, Army R.o.T.c. Regimeiiig A.1.J5,.1E.'i1.R1El, YVILLARD RICHARD STEPHEN, V I ' Luke QQia11.xJliIiz:l:. Engineering I ' -3 General Ezzgizzeerirlg 3 ' Lundgren House V I WILL 1413 A.S.C.E.g A.S.M.E.g fMarlceting Club A . l V. .I . c , , if 'I L I ' F, yr nw 'I i J '..Q3Fi 1 . ,A l- FRANCIS Lewis STEPHENS ...... ..' lv fiifgizsi Division of Special service l l l Edllfdlld I1 - l will X as sf.-1a.i, ut is X :Q yo X F 3 'el .af ' x N X if as fp, JA "A"'- f 1, H gr ,. ,, ,, arg: 2 1 .ti , as , W R H J c iii- l f ..-:f:-1:a:.:.. .lwkfzv i.,:,.i5 RUBIN BLAINE STERMON ...... . .Glen Carbon Engineering ll'ii'lI!lllll'glI':1l Engineerilzg BERNARD STERN ................... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Parade Ground Units Roosevelt College IXLARJORIE LEE STERN ....,....,. Blaomingmn Education Elementizry Education Delta Phi Epsilon Shi-Ai: Zeta Phi Etag The Daily Illini 11, Z, SJ: Illini Union Committee 11, 55: Star Course Manager 12? Q House President 13l RAYMOND HOXY'ARD STIERN ,,......... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryrlwlogy Tau Epsilon Phi The Daily Illini 12? RAYMOND Joi-IN STERNAL ....... ,....., J oliez Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiml Engineering Mansion Tau Beta Pig Phi Lambda Upsilong House President 1433 A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day 131 Joliet Junior College JACK STERNFELD .......... ..... . ..Cloimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Honors Day 125 ELTON STANFORD STEVENS ..., ...Urbium Journalism Adrertiring Zeta Psi The Daily Illini 115g Interfraternity Council R23 Ronnm' Louis STi3vI2Ns ...... .... I Vankvgan Commerce illaneelirzg and Marmgf'menl Granada Club Alpha Phi Omega: Illini Uninn Committee 15, 41g Marketing Club: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management 347 +-fm BARBARA LEE STEWJART .v.,..,...... Clvrago Fine and Applied Arts Illzuif EJuL'.:11mI Delta Sigma Theta W.A.A. ill 3 House President HI 3 Unixersity Chorus lil 1 XY'omen's Glee Club ISP g XVILL l3l: Spanish Club DONAl,D FRAsrR STIXY.-IRT ,...,,... ,, .Psorm Fine and Applied Arts .alrtlirrerlnrizf Erzelvzgtvwq Beta Theta PI Scarabl Star Course Manager ill: A.I.A.g A,S,ti.E, JAMFS EoxxARD STEXXARI, , . ..,, Pfam.: Engineering Elrrlrirtzl ErI.i41mimI!ig Carman Engineering ff-uncil UP: A.l,If,E.-I.R.E, Honors Day ill NAM Y JEAN STEWART. , .. , Clnimpnigzi Liberal Arts and Sciences 5ffi'lfflffg.1 Kappa Alpha Theta Illini Union Committee lil L Y,XY'.C.A. Coin- mittee Mary XY'.Isl1Ington College OI.INfR PERRY STEWART ,, ., ..Springhe!.l Engineering Clril Erlglneeinzq Mask and Baubleg Pierrots PAUL JAMES STI-IXVART, JR.. .. .... Emu-ran Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Karla! Studier Assistant Business Manager, The Daily Illini: The Daily Illini 41.2, Zig lllini Theatre Guild Production Stati lll Honors Day ll! RAYMOND RUSSELL S'rrxxARr., .,..5Ia1nIlon Commerce Mark: Img TI-IoMAs CRAwrfoRD 5lIXK'AR'l ,Gary Ind. Physlcal Ifdutatrrvn Pbjriml lilriiirlffiu Phi Sigma Kappa Sachemg Skull and fresient, Tribe of lllinig Varsity Football Squad I-ll, Letter HM Var- sity Track Squad fl I, Letter ll I 348 I Z-at . L . A e- -. ,. 1 rig.- 'wr--v 'F' W' , A fl A ' A 1 ,Alf 20,1 .TILL . g -I 12- I-L g ' ' I I r. 'sw VIRGINIA LUCILE STEWART ...... River Finer: Agriculture Home Efoonnzin Education Chi Omega Co-Manager, Costumes, Illini Theatre Guildg Mortar Boardg Torchg Shi-Aig Omicron Nu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mask and Baubleg Phi Upsilon Omicrong The Illio ill 3 Illini Union Committee ill 3 Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12. 3, 41 g Student Senate Q23 g Illini Theatre Guild Board l3l L Home Economics Club Honors Day fl, Z, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key CAROL EVELYN STEXVIG ........ .... K fzukizkt-L Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearlyer Training in French Evans I-Iall Illini Theatre Guild Board l3l: French I lub Honors Day lil MacMurray College NOBLE HENRX' STIBOLT ............ .llnfmfnz Division of Special Services Hillary Lundgren I-louse American Legion Post No. 900 Bon HAROLD STIERWALT ....... .. .Sniliifni Agriculture Genera! Agv-ifnllure Bastille House Agricultural Economics Club: Field and Fur- row: Hoof and I-Iorn Club HAROLD WILLIS STILLMAN, JR. .,..... Llvinyw Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Wright junior College HORATIO SERAFINO STILLO .,..., ...,, C bfi-ily, Liberal Arts and Sciences Cibdfllijllj' College Hall Wright junior College RICHARD HENRY STOCKBARGER ........ Limolu Division of Special Services Arrbileriure Delta Sigma Phi Lincoln Collegeg Bradley University JACK josm-H STOCKMAN ......,.,.. Ejinghmn Engineering Merbaniral Engineering A.S.M.E. Arkansas State Collegcg University of Ind' Iana CLARENCE EDXVARD STOCKS, . . . .... Dei-.imr Engineering ilIPl'l7r1!IlL'tIl Erzgirzrerirzg A.S.M.E. Rockhurst College: james Millikin Univer- sity FRANK IRWIN SiI'OLRSTll,l. ,,..,..., I!".mbe, Fine and Applied Arts Almfc Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band tl, 2, 5, 41 g Marching Band tl, 3, 3, -ll:Universi1y Sinfonietta 13, -lb 1 University Orchestra tl, 2, 3, -U1 Men's Glee Club 42, Sl Louisiana State University PHILIP I-IENDRICN STODDRRD, .......,. Urban., Liberal Arts and Sciences Irzlsrmrliomzl .-llfnirf Sigma Chi Phi Kappa Epsilon: N.S.A. Senate Subcom- mittee 43, -Hg Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day 11. Zi HARRX' ALFRED STOKES ...,........ Oqnawkii Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Tlfrlffllllg in Sofia! Slltdfei Spanish Clubg Teachers-in-Training Club ALICE BIERNICE STOLMAN ,... ...... , ,Cbiragn Liberal Arts and Sciences Prycliolagj' Evans Hall HAROLD KENNETH STOLT .,...,...... Chicago Engineering Eleilrirul Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. DONALD STOLTENBERG ...,....,..... Chit-ago Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemiffry Marketing Clubg Student Businessmen's Asso- ciation CLEMISNT STONE, JR. .,.. .... . ..Emmtan Commerce Erofwmin Flagg House Illini Union Committee 12? 3 Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 11, 215 M.I.A. Executive Council 12, 52 : Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Classg Commerce Council 157 3 Combat-Defense Clubg Illini Forensic Association: Illini Insurance Society , . ,wzilg ct v Vis ,N , -' 'S' 'wr I W v ...- R X r 5 I .ng -' " xi tt s N A F-1. f',., 'f' XL xl, Eye 5 Q I ,six ' E .N A f ,- 'SQ' t is 199' ,Q av, ,, gg ' it X Y .R . A av- 'QY"w qv-r-v Q. As I i s gi:Q. fi'z,, 5 t M RAYAIOND FIOXXARD SIONF ........ Spf-izzgheliz' Division ot Special Services lHi!n,i.'1l,ll Ellhqlrlfwfng Acacia I-louse President IRI Kansas State Colleucg Cornell University Rc-rirR'r LrRciv SIONI , .,Xr. Lfvmi, Ala. Division ur Special Services GQUIUIJII Alpha Phi Alpha German Club DONAID EVGVNE S'rOn'r ....,.. Dim:-riff. lffim Fine and Applied Arts .llnrlc Theta C hi Director, Student and Alumni Relations, Illini Uniong Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: lllini Union Board I-H 1 Illini Union Council UI 1 March- ing Band Ill 2 University Chorus t2l 1 Men's Glee Club 153 1 A Cappella Choir Url : XVes- lcy Foundation Student Council 42, 5. -H g Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day l5l Monmouth College ROBIfR'l' LHS STRANGF ,...I...,, I.:lZl'li?'lL'P!'I1lt? Physical Education Pbjriclrl Ednralmn Tribe of Illinig Varsity Wfrestling Squad GJ, Letter Gi 3 Freshman Varsity Wfrestling Squad Southern Illinois University ALEX jaiurs STRATTON .....,......I, Clin-nga Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Lau' Illini Theatre Guild Cast lZl: Epsilon Phi Sigmag Illini Forensic Association: Illini Ma- sonic Club jacksonville junior College KENNFTH ODFLL STRATTON ..,. .. ,Elki-ille Education Cirirr Teachers-in-Training Club I-lr:NRY SrRaL's .,.,......... .,., C lwagn Agriculture Geriuml Agi-li'ullnre Barons Campus Chest Ill 3 Student Religious Council tl, Si 3 Hillel Foundation Student Council U, 2, 5, -H Q First Lieutenant, Army R.O,T.C. Regiment: Phi Chi Etag Hoof and I-Iorn Clubg Philosophy Discussion Club S'rxNLrfv STLPHLN Srruz ...., .... C 'liimga Commerce Aldlkrllllg Marketing Club 349 Dox ALBFRT S11z.1zx1LK.-15. ' Engineerinc .lb 1f1.111:1',1f Eng: Lundgren Huusr -Ilau Bari P13 Phi Eta S1gm.1 P1 'I ,111 515111.11 fap!.11n, A11 Fume Wang: M1l1l,1r1 C11ur111l. Ph,1l.1nx. A.S.Bl.E, Hunfure Day1I,j,R,-11.l'1111u11111HIIII1111111 S1l111I.11'ih1p Kg-1 V1 111 YlO5IPH 5111117x111411 , . 111,91 1,1 Enginucrum: .ll11fv,:1111.1f E11u11,'1 1 I1.:11l:l'c11 Hume A N M E, I.111111x11 H11111111 511111111111 , LQZ11111 1 11n1111u11c .lI.:1:,1111111: ,'.' .111,1' 1:1 -. 11.1, Thu D,11l1' III1111 lil, M.11k111114 111111 M1111 K11111111111 5111111x11111x , l',1' A:11111lt111u I111111 1:1 "f. ' 1111.3 Pine Clulw II1111111111 Xu. H1-mu 111111-11111-N 1 lub, 'Iu.11l1- 1-11111-I'r.1111111g ilulw H11111111 D111 1111. l'1111,:x1t-. 111 lllzu-11 Mli-1I.111l11p Ku l11.11llc1' L1111111111 L :- Rl 111 -I1 151 111 511111111 KI 11 , rfl1,w1j1,1.'1311 1.1l1c1.1l A111 .ind 511111111 71.11111 'l1.1.111111, ,115 31 1.11.11 H-1111-11 11.1 ln A111111 Il I'J1111x1 51111111 ,,E,11l 1.11111 Pl11111.1l lg1l111.1r11111 U Pl1j11l1.1! l:.l11..11'.' IJ1l1.1 ll1ct.1 lipxillm, Plii Igwilun K.1p11.11 Y.M,f ,A. Ion1n11Ktcu 151 H11114-11 Day ll, 2, Sig l'11111111t1 111 lllxnms x1l1f1l.111I11p Kcj. ARIHI'Ii Harurox 511u1111111z1.. li 1111 1kl111v, .ll.111. I,1hc1.1l Arts and Nilnmcs ll11,'111.y 9ig111.1 Alpha Blu ' ' 1 1111 11, 21. l1l1111 l'11111n K-11:1- 11'11ltcu i?1I , lr1tc1l1.1lc1n1t1 lwumll il. il, fl1.111m.1n, U. 5. P. P11l1t11.1l P.11I1- l2!,llll111 I111111.1111u 81111011 -lnux jaws 5111111 11 ,, llf11I1l11111l l'.11f D11'111un ul spuml N11111cs 1 1 1111111111 ' K.1ppJ 51141111 Skull and frcsncru, lr1tul1.1l11111t1' 311111111 IZ, 51, Huusc President 1-il . Illini Fnrmsic A1w11.1!1ung Maikciirm flulw ' 5 X- ..- 'L 1 VICTOR Fmmcis 5111021115141 ........ Clvmzgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Clv1'r1111.1l Ell.QllIzEVI7lg All l1.E, Ripnn College En111N BIANNINC. 51111'141'n, .l11..,..SP'HI,u!i1l1l Engineering El1'1'!111.1l Er1gl11111n1g A.I.E,E.-l.R.E. Hunrvrs Day 41. Il W.-1151111 ERNI-11' S1'L'11111x1,1 ,, . .l1.111,111 Engmccring .U11 511111.11 E1.'1'111 1 A.S.N.E. lXI111't11n -lL1111111' fullcgu C-iixx P.1L1 5111111-M11L'111 . 1.l1x.,1511 Engineering .lI11l11.1u11'11l l:11u1111 11111g Vue President, 111111111 fl.1s1g A.S,M,lf, Eimin S'11:114.11. ..... ,. , 17111111111 Engim-c1111g .-11'11111.111ll1.1l E11u11.'111111,g Phi Sigma Delta I.A.S. U1111 cx sity of XVQQ111nx111 Manx l.UlllV'l 1,1 SIUL KI 1 , . , .l7.vl111 I.ibcr.1l Arts 111111 Miunwi P111lw1f11g1 P111 Mu Bethel xVfJm.lHl5 Cmlluuu H1'N111' GFORGE S'1'11D1fM' ,.,,, .. ,Cb1111,go Engineciing Mc1'lJ11r1lml li11g1111'1'1i11,1g A.5.M.E. Yl.111rs Davin S'1'uDz1N1x1 ..,,. ...La Salle Comment Arr111111l11111'5 Vanity Track Squad 43, -Hg Freshman Var- sity Track Squad 421: Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club Hrinors Day UP Ln Salle-Peru-Oglcsby juniur College JOHN GLYNDON Srurr ...,...,. . ..,Dfxun Agriculture Gemiral xlgrirnlfme Farm House Star and Scroll: Alpha Zeta: Alpha Tau Alphag Intcrfraternity Council 45, 435 Houge President Q-U3 Second Regimental Band fl, Il: Illinois Agriculturist 41, 2, 5, 413 Dig- ciples Foundation Student Council ll, Z, 3, -ll 3 Agricultural Council 45I 3 Plow Boy Prom Committee ill: Agricultural Education Clubg Hoot and Horn Club: Agriculture Club Honors Day Ill FRANK STULL .,........,... .,.:ln,cfii.'. Agriculture Cv'e11ri11l ,-lgmnlxmt' American Legion Post No, 0017 XY'estern Illinois State College ARLENE STULLER .,,...,..,..,.,... Clwagf, Liberal Arts and Sciences Tmrliw Tmrunzg HI Sfitilv Cwiirrmrl Indeco Teachers-in-Training Club H.-xRrEx'LOu1s STUMPF ......, .. ,liilfmrilf Agriculture General nlgriulilmit' Agricultural Economics Club: Field and Fur- row Honors Day 12, Sl NORAIAN SUCHERMAN .,..... .... C limi-if, Commerce zlluzzagwmzzl milf .llrzikelifxxc Noble House Varsity 150 Pound Football Squad 151 Q Mai- keting Club ROBERT XVOOD Suormixx ......,. Beanlilou-u Division of Special Services Ecorlomliu Phi Delta Theta The Daily Illini 11. Zlg Illini Insurance S0- ciety ROBERT BRENNEN SULLAN. ..,....... Alnrlnou Fine and Applied Arts AYtl7iIf'fIlU'6 Phi Gamma Delta Scarabg Star Course Manager 423 University of Wfisconsin GENE WADE SULLENQER ..,... lfefl Flt1l1kf0l'l Engineering zlflelallurgiral El1g1m'r'1'm.q Theta Chi A.I.Ch.E.g M.I.S. you P . 4- , V 4 V Vu! at yi as -bi KL I I L aaiwae -A i , I ,Q . fnw- .Q -n V, , it v. 9 t 1 7, -'W -Q..-' xxl ef .A fl Eg hd A 'ff' l..q ik F, in Q if -,,... 5 Q' A Y ' al E i p i'RQ FRaNcis Wrrriaiu Suriixax . litilltiflli Liberal Arts and Sciences Genlgraplij Kappa Sigma Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad HI, I.etter lil l"ll'RBl-RT Micuari. Surrixax ..,,.. La 61.11136 Engineering ixliflltlllltrll Eugnzfrilllg Pi Kappa Alpha House President Hlg A.S.M.E.1 Socialist Study Club Lyons Tiiwnsliip junior follege josrvu Nici-rari. Si'1,1,rx'.RN, ixizll' Lffllllml. L film. Commerce .llinktlnzg .wif .ll.1m1gl'rmu! Chi Gamma lotag Marketing Club: ,luniui fhamber ul Commerce Connecticut fiillege Hr Rlll RT I HARLF5 Srxuai.-it HER ..... Circ: Q Division ot Special Serxices Almkctnzg Chi Phi DePaul University FRED FRANK SUPERGAN ..,.... .,.i C l,'i..ggU Engineering lllerliazzicizl Ellginftrirlg A,S,M.E. JOHN Douoras SURGEON .,.. . ..G'mjmu Agriculture General .-lgilmllmt' Horticulture Club tuaizirs DRAGAN Susaiax. .Nt-if Ymk, N. Y. Engineering .-igmlrllmal El!-IgI!h'L'll7IS Alpha Zeta: Tau Beta Pi: A.S.A.E.L Inter- collegiate Zionist Federation Honors Day HI Pratt Institute Noniox SANUFL SurrR, JR. .Ntn.nL, Obin Fine and Applied Arts xlrrlimimii A.l.A.1 Fine and Applied Arts Society Miami Unixersity 351 GFORQE FRANK SVATON, ., ... BfWkjrel.l Liberal Arts .ird Strentes Cl1.'fm,frw Pliil-waopliy Discussion Club Honors Diiy ilu IRXXIX I,.xxxREALr Sxnuonvx. , , Beruyn Division ot Specml Serxrtee Gfm'rvcI BI-ritivn junior lnllege XX I xiii I I, EL'c.I-xr Sw Aix . .llf,!ef l.iher.xl Arts Jntl Stientes Pfrliniufl Sui wx, Illinois College DL'XRll t'LAx'ION Svmxsox, Brffffklilqi, 5. Dirk, Commerue B.IIli'1v1g .wil ITHIIJIIVL. .111.l .II.1II,Igerm'r1I Chi Gamma Iota. Slglllrl Inu Ifpsilong Ac- er-unmncy Club, Sorietv tor the Advancement of Munagementq ,Iunmr t,h.imher of Com- mertc Eninston fnmmunity follcue jrix Doiorzes Su ANNUN , ,. ,Clmmpiugu Libeml Arts .ind Sticnces Sffiwlffei Delt.1 Ciimmai The lllin 41,21 Mums Slomfi' Sxxmirz , ,. .Cbnugo Engineeiins Illmlmlzliilf Effulrlur img T.iu Delta Phi AS M.E. lrixuu IJINRAIORIE Stu-Nslx .,,. Knoxrille Liberal Arts .Incl Fuentes Tearbef Trilnlllzig In Ifuqllib Them Upsilon The DJII5' Illini ilr Hon-Irs Day ll! ,lark jl'Hl, Swrlwsrs , . Nffflbbiauk Cornrnerie lrzdurlrml ,'lIlmnni1f,izm11 Tau Kappa Epsilon 352 I ws ew. f L V it I . XX A,..'i NX xx .Q I was ' L- f A' sf' fm .. 'QW' 6 2 I.rsLII: GITRALD SXVENSON, JR. ...... La Grange Division of Special Services Cn 77171767 rr Chi Gamma Iot.i: Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club: ,Iunior Chamber of Com- merce BARTON SWINDALL ..............,.. Drmrille Division of Special Services ."lIfI'slll,til1g Alphi Delta Sigma: Marketing Club XXVILLIAM TATE SWOFFORII ,,,,., Eim St. Lonii Engineering Ciril ElIgIlIt'L'l'17Ig Alky Hull Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigmug Chi Epsilong First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg A.S. CE, Honors Day lt, 2, 3, 41 1 University of Illi- nous Seliohrship Key CHARLES XVILLIAM Svkiis.. . ...liiqlu Agriculture I'ur,1llom1l .4gI'lfl1ltlne Lux Mundi LEONARD XIVALTIER SZYMANSKI ,.,. .. .Cbirizgo Engineering Merbanlral Engineering A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. ARNOLD CRAIG TAFT .....,.. ,, .,., Rorberrer Agriculture General .'Ij.f7'lfIlfllll'E Alpha Gamma Rho Interfraternity Council Ut 3 Agriculture Coun- cil 15, 43 3 All Ag Field Day Committee 1531 junior Prom Committeeg Hoof and Horn Clubg Agriculture Club CHARLES THoItrAs TAGLlANI,.Bl'00k1j'll, N. Y. Commerce Banking and Fizzflrlfv Noble House House President 1-H Mohawk Collage Mlvo Rrrru TAJIMA ,.,......, Portland, Ore. Commerce Crmrlllerrml Tnxrbing Wfcscoga Phi Chi Theta: Wesley Foundation Student Council HJ: Marketing Clubg Teachers-in' Training Club Northwestern University ROBERT DEAN TALDOTT. ,..... . .... Yarkuille Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Sludier Spanish Clubg Teachers-in-Training Club LUCILLE TALIAEERRO ..,, Division of Special Services Zoology A Cappella Choir Cl, ZJ Howard University ...........Cbicngo FREDRICK THOMAS TAMEN. Physical Education Pbyfiml Ednmiian .. . . . . .Rnmanl MARGARET JANE TANDY ..... Indiamipolir, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Piyrbology Lincoln Avenue Residences Presidentg W.G.S.3 Mortar Board: Torchg Alpha Lambda Deltag Psi Chi: Y.W.C.A. Committee 1115 W.G.S. Executive Council G, 41 5 House President 153 g Student Senate 13, 41 g Committee on Student Affairs 13, 43 g Audit and Supervision Committee ISJQ Co- ordination Committee 1-U 3 Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Classg Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board Q41 g Sophomore Cotillion Committee Honors Day Q13 MARCIA TANNENBAUM ....,........ Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences Soriolagy Laurel House The Daily Illini I-Hg Illini Theatre Guild Cast l4J 3 Hillel Foundation 11, 2, SJ g French Clubg Social Welfare Administration Club 4 WILLIAAI HAROLD TANNER ..... .. .. .Lenm 3 i 5 1, i ,z if N. J. -apr 'HN Fine and Applied Arts Arcbiiertnral Engineering 4 Alpha Rho chi Q A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society ' ' ii, Eastern Illinois State College 1 . i-,N ' P.- 33 i. ,oi A ', ? , il ,, if DONALD RONALD TARNE ....,.,. .. En ' ' l l 'ii gineering 'I 'I M Y it Mechanical Engineering 3 ll Theta Kappa Phi ., ' if, A.S.M.E.g Sigma Taug Pi Tau Sigma 5 ' 4 Morton junior College I Al ii! .3 if - ii NATHAN TARNOEE .............,. 4. .Climgafv Division of Special Services 5 My Marketing l. ' Q Marketing Club: Praetorians ' ,IT A ' I ' ii: I O I iillw in - sd ALEXANDER T.-xRPoi'E ..,........ Granite City Liberal Arts and Sciences Piyrlmlogy Biarritz American Unixersity RAMONA ALICE TARRANT ....., ...Clmmpnfgn Fine and Applied Arts .Alix E,!1im,'mr1 Alcestis House President I-ll JOAN ROSERIARY T.-Timo ,... . ,Build Agriculture Home EIOIIUYIIILIF Theta Upsilon Home Economics Clubg Marketing Club A. XV. TARTER ...., ..... ..... D s mmf Commerce Nnrkelnzg College Hall Chi Gamma Iotag Marketing Club Honors Day Q41 Millikin University ROBERT LAXVRIZNCE TATE ..... Chicago Heigbrr Engineering Elerlriml Elllelazrernixg A.I.E.E.'I,R,E. BERNARD DANIEL TAUBER, JR, ,,.,..., Cblmgo Commerce Pefmnnel Manfigemeill Granada Club Alpha Phi Omegag Illini Union Council 411 g Freshman Councilg Marketing Club JUANITA JUNE TAYLOR ...,..... Cerro Gordo Liberal Arts and Sciences Speerb Correrrion Evans Hall Mask and Baubleg Illini Union Committee il,5Jg 'Illini Theatre Guild Manager 121: University Chorus 15, -H: A Cappella Choir l-li ROGER LYNN TAYLOR ........... Clmmpnigrz Commerce Permnnel Aldflilgillltllf Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club 353 l'l"4?:' j f ,. i'f'iii""'i' 1' . 1 it A ll 'I in 'LA- , l' 51 nv' i i fl ,I L' 'ti aft' 1 'S ,fin :- I EZ ,r Mounts XYVILLIAM TE.acHoL'T,..., .Rift-lajaiif Engineering illlflurrzlml Er1g111asf,'r1,f Chi Phi The Illio 11. 2, Sl, A.S.M,E, Hrmmx Ar.BrR'r Ttakuoeif ....,.. Sprnzefidf Division ut Spatial Serxices Pri'-.llejlilm Omega Beta Pi api inqtield ,luni-ir College Eizstsr Vrrtxox Truman, Jun, ,MNJU1 iff Libeml Arts .intl Sticntes Pfflrtimil Xinmzit 'lliets Chi Aldfxxiilfl-D.l, Sutliem. The Dmly lllini Hi: lnterfmternity Council 151i Student Senate Hr , Tribe nt Illini: Manager ll.2.5i1 Alumni .-Xss:-tmtiiin Buard 13? 1 Countil Gi, junior Prom Com- mittee GI: lXIninuven.i Dux-xin I.rr ll'II,,.. . .,., .,.Bun1ffu Agiifulturc Giflrulf .'lu'finl,11ir Gt, Klub Auiitiilttiml Etwniiniits flulwg Field ,intl Fur- r.m, Hiiijif .intl Horn Club Rc-nrrti' RIICHIY Trii. ...,Rnili11Ile Agritultuic .'lwlinllni.1l lziffrzffwlii liiim Huust AlpIi.i Zeng Y.M,fQA, r'nmmittee 1513 Age ritultuial Council 441 L Pluw Buy Pmm tuni- mittee UI , Agrifulluml Economics Clubg H-mt .intl Hurn flulw Hlinins Day HI ,liiuixii 'l'ixixmr'xi ,.,.. .t.li1i.f,w furnmeite illqilmrzrzu 5t.iguer Inn Omega l'1n:t3 Pl, lllini lfnifvn Bmirel tell. M.l.A, Exscutixe Ciiiintil 1141 gl-liiuse Presi- .lent H13 Unixersity liln-rus HI , Marketing f lulw lfliiniiis lhy 151 liwnirti hflllufx illN.XXNI ,,,.,.. .,l71wii: Finr. .intl Applied Arts .'l1i'li.','iiI1ii.1l llifqu l'lvl Dtltii illlct.i 1i.iiu"'vlc, A,I.A., Fine ,intl Applied AHS it-iietw lluniiis lliy ll! l.,uxi'Lnle fiilltue fnllcue nl' the City nl Xen Yirilg llinxxun liinwn lixsixe, , Qnmi-1 fiimmerte .ll.lrir,'lfJi' Nfl' lluusu Ni:in,i Int.: Epsilwn. Hiiiist President mp, lllini Miumriit fluln, lNl.iikct:ng filuldl Ni' rielj, l-rr the Adviiniemenl ul Management Quin-y rirlleuc 354 if X a.., -ia- la-,. we ffm, X. Q - UQ. in-1' -K ,JL 1- Q , 'fy ' Qi , I if 91' 'Q s. RAYMOND TEPLITZ . ,....... ...,.. C lvirngo Liberal Arts and Sciences V Clvfm Ltlrj' C hi Gamma lotag Omega Beta Pi Roosevelt College junsox IXIORGAN Triuusrr, JR. Cliizifanoagrz. Trim. Engineering Elm'f11i'.1l E!lgi71Ft'Y'llIg Theta Chi Alplm Phi Omeglg Y.M,C.A. Committee 131 1 l,.ipt.iin, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Military Cnuneilg Pushing Rillesg Pi Txu Sigma: Seab- lurtl .intl Blatlel A.l,E,E.-l.R.E. Univeisity of Cli.1tt.1nnng.x CH.aRI.Es Euxmnn Trimii ..... ...i -I fuaw' Agriculture Ivfltzlllomil ,'igY'It'l4lllllP Alplm Tim Alplmg Pershing Rifles 1l,2l jcmxxf M,-irtuanfr Trfrun' ....... Clmmpuiigfr Educittion Elsrrlurzlmy Eilnmliml Alcestis Mortar Board: Alpha Lambda Delta: Y.W, CA. Cabinet l5,4I: Y.XV.C,A. Committee ii, ll Hunors Dai' ll, Sl Enw .um Dnxnu Trnrotwa, ,, ., ,Dei-.nm Edutation Jl.1rlwn1al1iJ jrniu' Sl.-XNIIY 'I'rsimsKY. ,,.,..., Bwny. Dixismn of Special Services ,f-lrrlwileilzmzl Erlgirluwifzg Morton ,lunior Cnlluge ,leiihix Lisiir 'l4I'YlfBAUL.H ....,....., AI,1f1W11 Arts rind Suientes Tmilwl' Tl:If?lj!I.Q Ill Satin! SIIIJIFV V.irSity lmss Country Squad CIM Varsity Tuck Squad 12, 53: A.lIl1,E.g Texclieis- in-Training Club Honors Day IH Wiiiiim Aiifizru Timiw, jix,..Eii.r1 Sl, lmfff. Agritulture Ag: fi :Ju lllj Omega PS1 Phi Interfmternity fnunril H73 House President i'Il S32'Z,L: 1 V ROBERT ALLEN THEIS ...... gif,-.,..'L..-C5If?1E0 Engineering ' V Eleclriml Engineerillg Sigma Phi Delta A.l,E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day GJ IRENE LILLIAN THER ,............ Oak Park Journalism Adz'erli.ring Gamma Phi Beta Editor, The Illiog Mortar .Boardg TO1'Cl1 Shi-Aig Theta Sigma Phi: The Illio il, 2, 3, 4Jg Star Course Manager f2J'g Y.W.C.A. Committee ll, 21 3 Paohellenic Ball 'Com- mittee Q41 Honors Day CZ, 33 CHARLES GERALD THOMAS ......... Muyrmml Engineering Aeronautical Engineerjhg 1 A Club Topper L Q W ' First Lieutenant, Army R.O.'IT-SC. Regilnerlfl I.A.S. - ' V EDWARD EMMETT THOMAS. . .gtifi .'..Hm'rey Engineering KJ- I Mechanical Engineeffiizg, 5 A.F.S.3 A.S,M.E. I 'N Q Thornton Junior College 'Y' '- .4 T Y -V lr, i GORDON RDICH THOMAS ....,.i i ifYlili5iSptq1-ling Agriculture 1,515.3 General Agriczzltlzregi V' Xl 3 111i-D611 ffl , 1' Y.M.C.A. Committee QSJQ Illinois Agritulg turist MJ 9 Agricultural Econornicsitlulp Western State College V - HUBERT EUGENE THOMAS ........ Springfield Engineering 1 Mechanical Engineering Springfield Junior College l V ,f A , B ,it ' , li JOHN EDWARD THOMAS igfllflllllf Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Kappa Srvma The Illro CU Cyclothem Club MIS Louis THOMAS JR Chiang H g Liberal Arts and Sciences, Teacher Training nz Social S11 Noble House Chi Gamma Iota Teachers in Train J' V 'nit-r f ii AH f X' K Vg. Q X ev T f 'S' , i -1-our if A , S .'4??" . , , ,pw ar N-'4 41- ww N G55 PATRICIA JANE THOMAS ............ Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Hiflary Phi Mu The Daily Illini HJ: Y.XV.C.A. Committee il, 215 W.A,A. fl, Z, 3, 411 Illini Theatre Guild Production Stat? tljg Teachers-in- Training Club RUDOLPH XXYILLIAM THOMAS ......... Clair-ago Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biological Science Kappa Alpha Psi Chi Gamma Iotag Interfraternity Council 13. 453 American Society for Public Administra- tion Illinois Institute of Technology ARNOLD WILUUR THOMPSON. ., ....,. Chicago Eine and Applied Arts Arclvileclzzre Brentwood Manor Wlesley Foundation Student Council H53 A.l.A.3 Fine and Applied Arts Society University of Wfisconsing University of Kentucky EDWIN TELFER THOMPSON .,.. .... 1 Hof-fir Engineering Mechanical Ezzgiueefizzg A.S.M.E. Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy HERBERT HENRY THOMPSON Izzdifmfzpolir, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A.I.A. HOXY'ARD LESTER THOMPSON... .... Buffalo Agriculture Varczfiamzl Agrirzzlllire Alpha Tau Alpha ROBERT JAMES THOMPSON .,.. .,.. A lfcllilil Agriculture General a'igI'iL'lllflH'f? Farmhouse Alpha Zetag Agricultural Economics Clubg Hoof and Horn Club RODERT MCBROOM THOMPSON ...... Chicago Commerce Arcommzncy Accountancy Club Wilson Junior College 355 1 XYIILLIAM ALFRED THoxIPsoN. JR .,,,. II.z,m'ood Division of Special Serxices Cnnzrrzevfs Phi Kappa Sigma XYIILLI.-KM ROBERT THOMPSON . ..,Me1Iin Liberal Arts and Sciences H1,f!I1r.3 Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day ll, Z, 33 Ilarvard University RICHARD NQRAIAN THOMSITN, ., ... Clm-nga Engineering .Ilerlnzrrrral Evzgrflfrixrr A.S.M.E. Nnrthu estern University Vftxxa jot' THORMAN .... . ,Bfller-ills journalism Rlzllw Delta Delta Delta Shorter Buardg Theta Sigma Phi: lllini Union Cuuntil 1333 Illini Union Committee 153: junior Class Vice Presidenti XYILL 13,43 Belleville Junior College Eutvix -IALK THoRxI4I4Ri3, ., ,. .ipriwghelrf Commerte ,1l'I'cfIi11,'.1I:I-y Acatxa Alpha Kappa P511 Actountanty Club Honurs Day 11, 2, 53 Springfield junior College joux DME THORNION. ,. ..... ,.,DeKlIl!1 Commerte BJYIIEIYIIQ and Flzmrrte Granada Club CI-IARIES KFNNETH Tuonsrx ,3lIlu'a1zkee, WTI. Division of Special Services Sprrrlr Delta Upsilon Mask and Baubleg Prerruts, Illini Theatre Guild Manager 13,43L Illini Forensic Asso- Cratror' University of XVrsIjr3nsIng Beloit College MARYIYJRII. Tuonsrix ., , ,. Pmna Afgrieullure Home Eiffrlwrrfri Theta Uptilor: The lllio 123, Illini Union furnmittee 13, 43: Illini Theatre Guild Manager 1143, Y,XV,f.A. Committee 15, -131 Campus Chest 13, 435 Plow Boy Prom firmmrttqc 12,5 French Club, Home Etonomrts Club 356 1 W, 3x . ' , -.sp tt :Q , gig g ., i 4. 4. xgiwa-ti, 5, wt , 6.i-3,v5.,?- . .IDAQRLL .NA if V1 .. . -- . 1.4 L .r vu S 1 4 I X S it 't he I I , P V Q1 XVILLIALI DEAN THRASHER ,...... Glen Ellyn ,Iournalism Edilorial Tau Kappa Epsilon The Daily Illini 11. 33 1 Spanish Club BLIRDETTE JEROME THURLBY ....... Kirkland Physical Education Plnyrlfnl Edlnfnlion Alpha Tau Omega Sachemg Tribe of Illini: Varsity Basketball Squad 11, 2, 3, 43, Letter 12, 334 Varsity Baseball Squad 123, Letter 123 ANITA EDWINA THURMAN .,.,... ...Cbimgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Germfm Delta Sigma Theta Tempo 151 3 German Club JAMES EvERe'rT TICER .... Blzlaerfheld, Calif. Fine and Applied Arts fi7'l'l7llEL'fllY':1l Engines:-iflg Sigma Nu Skull and Crescentg Interfraternity Council: A.S.C.E. Honors Day 12I XVILEY JAMES TILLMAN ......... Omln, Fla. Fine and Applied Arts Ai'L'l7llEI'll11E Gargoyle: Illini Theatre Guild Cast 123: House President 1333 Fine and Applied Arts Society Honors Day 11, 2, 33 University of Tampa ANGIELO ARTHUR TIRITILLI ...,,..... Cbimgn PlJyJital EKIIILYUIUII Physical Education Cross Country Varsity Squad 133 Wright Junior College ROBERT LEWIS TOBER ..........,... Claimgo Division of Special Services Chemirlry Parade Ground Units House President 143 North Park College HENRY EDVVIN Torufisz ...,. ..., C laimgo Engineering Mecbnnlral Errglncefing A.S.A.E.3 A.S.M.E.: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management Illinois Institute of Technology JAMES YUKIO TODA ................ Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Clwmirtrj' Omega Beta Pi: Illini Christian Fellowship 443 Honors Day lll BRIAN DONALD Tones .....,. Higblimd Pure Liberal Arts and Sciences Ceologj Zeta Beta Tau Cyclothem Club LYLE EDXVIN TOEPKI: ..,.....,,. Blaoniiugmu Agriculture General Agricnllure Phi Gamma Delta Illinois Agriculturist 1513 First Lieutenant. AI-my R.O.T.C. Regiment: Transportation Corps Club: Dairy Production Club: Dairy Technology Society EDNVIN ARNO TOLL, JR. ..,.. Cbimgn Heigblr Engineering Illerbarlical Englficrrizlg Dornoch Lieutenant, lJ.G.5. Battalion of Midshipmen: A.S.M.E. Joi-IN PETER Toiricrrc ............... BPIIIJVI Engineering Electrical Eflgjlltflillg Morton Junior College RILHARD ARTHUR ToMCzvIc.,Dozw1err Graz-e Agriculture Flovirlzllni L' Floriculture Club WILLIAM HENRY TOMIETICI-I .... ,..C.fznton Engineering Eleclriml Engifieering Illuminating Engineering Society JACK Cusrnrz TOMLINSON ...,. Mai-ille, Iowa Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. rss'- f. I .wig . l sw U I , I 1 ' ROBERT NIORRIS TOMLINSON .,..,. Rnflwille Education II1.ln,i1rfal Edzzcaiion Chi Gamma Iota: Industrial Education So- ciety: Teachers-in-Training Club Bucknell University: University of Penn- sylvanra Ifmxcis FUN Toxo ,.,,t,,. ..., C bn-ago Engineering Eleclrlczzl Evgirleering Eta Kappa Nu: A.I,E.E.-I.R.E.g Chinese Students Club BILLY RAY Toxtsrtrx I... . , .... Clwmgo Engineering Aliwlnzfllfal Erlgirzeefing Pi Kappa Phi A.S.M.E. Oklahoma A. and M. RICHARD Frmxcis TONIGAN ,,..... Il"imeegm: Education Gcflernl Science lll Manor Gurtaus Adolphus College: Iowa State Cole lege DANIEL TONYIION .......,.,. Illmfrell, Ark. Liberal Arts and Sciences Ecorzorzzirr Pershing RIHes: Chinese Students Club: Stu- dent Businessmen's Association Honors Day 133 JOHN EATON 'I-OW'NSEND .t....... Iluimzerka Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirb Delta Kappa Epsilon The Daily Illini 153: Campus Chest 133: Marketing Club 131 Cornell University KVING NOON TOY ,..,.,.,,......... Cbiwgo Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: A.I,E.E,- I,R,E.: Chinese Students Club Ilonors Day Il, Z, 5l1 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Frmxx -IOHN TRAINI ............,.. Llfbnmz Division of Special Services Bn.-imicr nldrzlnlzflrriflmi Drake University: Roosevelt College: Le- land Stanford University 357 Arasrvr Frzaxr: Tmrtrxar ,, ., Cai-lrnrrrlle Commerce Parrgrfrzif .II, Newman Hall Illini Insurance Society: M.lflC'CUflg Clllbl Iuniwr Chamhtr or Ciommcrte Dux Lrsrrrt Trurrxrax ., Rims. fir.. Pa, Comm-ertc .-It' A'ff lrr1:,:r:.x Parade Ground Units Chr Gamma Iota: Beta Alpha Psi. Aetrrunt- antv Club: junior Chamber or Commerce Honors Dav tl, Z.3I1 Lfnrxersrtv or Illinois Scholarship Kev Emi, Axrrtoxv Trzaxrrs .,f,1i12u'ir1riff6 Agriculture l'u.'.rJ,'firrr:l .'I,!'l.lrrl.'lrri' Wenatchee Alpha Tau Alphag lllrnr Blatkhurn flub Blackburn Ifrrrversrtv Cruiser FRAN4 rs Trzavrrts ,4., ,. 4,.. Alffmrrlf Liberal Arts and Strerrtes Trarfur Trrrnrrrzg rrr Brfrfffgj Teachers-rn-Training tilubi Animal Ftology rlubg German Club Maru' Lrf Tkavurrt. r,.,.,,. ,Jprirrgjielrl Liberal Arts and Strentus Errglzrfr Pr Beta Plrr Illrnr L'nron fommrttee lst MacMurray College Arrrx W'rrr,rAar Trtrrrfasr. .U"ti1hul.l. N. I. Liberal Arts and Stremes Pfrllflrrrl Xi lr uri Plrr Kappa Psi Skull and Krcstent. Phr Eta Sigma: The Daily lllrnr Ill, Amerrtan Sotrety tor Pub- lrr Admrnrstratroni Plrr Beta Kappa ll-rnrrrs Day fl, ll Vlrrrrr Crrrmrrrrxr 'lrtrxxvx . ,... ,Ptfrrfa l.rberal Arts anrl Strerrtes fwrffryrrr Kappa Kappa Cramrna llrilc and Pistol Klub lrrrrsras Frumrs 'IYIUIIIIIK , ...llrtfrrtil Iirrurneerrnu lzlr r lrrr al lfnvfln r rnr tg A.l.LL,-l.R,E. 358 'A Ffa 'YS' . ,V ,f -ow... s . Wi--'ii ' .fx '-f 11 V-jr-' A . I - 24 'V .yr 5' yi A L. ,I , fa fvr r 'rr 'S tw fs. ., I.- Yrrwsx Lrrr Tnorrrri ......,.... .... f Hair Agriculture I'm'.rl1rnr.rl signrullure Illi-Dell Agricultural Education Clubg Fielcl and Fur- rowg Illini Forensic Associationg United XVor1tl Federalists XVestcrn Illinois State College Lvarax Rav Trzoxrstr, jrz ........ Springfii-lil Fine and Applied Arts .'Irr'l1l!rr'llne' Beta Theta Pr Scarabg House President I-H Honors Day tl,2,5l1 University of Illinois Srhularslrip Key I-lrr.r,arm ,lar Trztrnrrr ............., Clrnagn Liberal Arts antl Sfienccs Palilrral jt'H.'IIlti Noble House Alpha Phi Omega: WILL 12.5, 41: lNIa1or, Army R.O.T.C.: Military Council: Pcrslr- ing Ritlesg Phalanxg Transportation Corps Club: American Society for Public Atlrrrrnrs- tration Nirrtlrvvustern University Sr-rrrivv vx XXVILLIAM Trcirrrr rr. 4 . .... Clifraqn Comrrrertc .'Ifr'rr1n1l.rllrvr Pr Lambda Phi Manager, Varsity Fcntrng Team: Intcrfra- ternity tuuncrlg Tribe or Illini: Actoirntancy Club Honors Day t-rl Vrcrort Artxorrr 'I-llLll'5l'l"I', .. ..,. Clrmrgo I onrrrrerte rli r rrnulrlrur Pi Lanrlrtla Phi Actountanty flubg Marketing Club Roosevelt College JOHN jrmrs Trtunrwvrfrl, ,IR..I,lllfE Raft, .-lik. Fine and Applied Arts .lIffbllL'l'llIIL' Sigma C hi Gargoyle: Scarabg A.I.A.g Finc and Applied Arts Smitty Honors Day 12, 33 University nf Arkansas Davin XY'AlTI'R TUCKIIR ,....... Cerro Gurrlo Fine and Applied Arts Mum' Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonirrg Concert Band ll, 2. 5,431 Marthing Band tl, 2, 3, 41: Uni- versity Orchcstra 15, -ll 1 First Regimental Band fll: University flrirrus til: Mr:n'5 Cvlce Club GJ 1 A Cappella tlroir I-Hg Fine nnd Applied Arts Sotrety Honors Day tl. 51 Joris XVrr.LrAM Trrrrarrr ...,,.,..... Dm-rrrm Division of Spatial Services Prjrrhology inn! Soriulogy Sigma Alpha Epsilon Millikin University BENJAMIN ARTHUR TUDOR ....... Taylafrillf Engineering Ilflining E7lgfIlEt?1'i?1g College Hall M.I.S. JOHN FRANCIS Tutu' ....,,........ Cbirfign Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry College Hall A.C.S.g A.I.Ch.1:. ROBERT SYLVESTER TUNNING ....,... Bern-yn Engineering ll'Iechaz1iml .E17gim'v1'i11g A.S,A.E,: A.S,M.E. Morton Junior Collegeg Wlright Junior Col, lege BEREORD ALEXANDER TURKE .....,. Hifmlillu Engineering Elscliiml Eugifzeerifzg A.I,E.E.-I.R.E. ROBERT EDWARD TURNBOW. .. ,.. .Cenlmlifi Commerce lllnfiagemenf Sigma Chi Honors Day f2l CHARLES ARTHUR TURNER .... .... B mls: Agriculture General Agriflllzlne Colonial Manor House President C534 Men's Glee Club fl. 3,413 Illinois Agriculturist H33 Horticul- ture Club RICHARD INIALCOLM TURNER4.Hi,gblfmJ Park Commerce lxzdzmrifzl fIL7l771il1i,ll7!lIj077 Delta Upsilon Y.M.C,A. Committee lil: Illini Forensic Association ROBERT MILES TURNER ,........ Bloammgmn Engineering Pbyrifx Alpha Tau Omega Chi Gamma Iota "ix N X X R W 1 I xxx X xx , N Q A F' .-vs f if Q W . A 1 X I W, , slr X 1 A 3i5flfQ-- ,. :iw- X i X I , l tt N QL K fQ1,t.i5gzQg:Qi?..Qs.x .i, as-. A Y I .9 I 4 r N e 'I N 1 :I X8 gi , I. I , as 6-'T' VVILLIAM ROBERT TURNER .... .... R amrey Commerce 1Ilm1il,gm1ef1r and A'It1J'f68fil1g Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Society JAMES XVILLIARI TUsrrN i..... ...Chicago Engineering Ceramic Ezigizleering Delta Phi Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Dolphins C35 JAMES BYRON TUTTLE .....,. .... . 'llfzlflftl Journalism .'-1if1'erIi,riv1g Alpha Sigma Phi Illini Union Committee 15, -ll RAYMOND JOSEPH TXVERY. .. . . .Cbimgfv Commerce Marketing Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg Spanish Clubg Honors Day 123 ROBERT FRANCIS Txvrss, . .Eau Of-mga, N. 1. Commerce Banking and FIPIHIILY Delta Upsilon Campus Chest 1555 Illini Insurance Society Seton Hall College ROBERT JOSEPH Twoi-no .... ...Cbimgo Engineering Civil Erlgiuaering A.S.C.E.: I.T.E. EDXVARD JOSEPH TYLE ...,.,..,,.... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pallliixlf Science The Bastille House President 15lg XVILL 153 Honors Day 12, 51 Lil.llil'ORD TYLER ..,... .,.. D izwzzmi Commerce rllarbulifllg Newman Hall Varsity 150 lb. Football Squad 12. 35, Letter GJ: First Lieutenant, Air Force XVingg Ar- nold Society ol Air Cadets: Pershing Rifles: Marketing Club Honors Day ill 359 KENNETH Trssex ......,. .Clin-.:ga Engineering Eferrnfrzl Engiiireiulg A.l.E,E.-I.R.E. LAURA MisAo UCHIMOTO ., .. .Chin-:go Library' Zofflagri XVesgog.I Honors Day tl, Il Ottcrben College RICH ARD Lrgxx is Usrxorn ...... ..H.-ilimi Engineering Eierlrirnl .Erigzuieiiug A,l.E,E.-l,R,E, Sliurtlett College Enxrsr HARPIR Urren ,, .... Rmb:-:Ile Law Lau' Phi Alpha Delta: junior Bar Association HARRY DAANIE YANorRI11Lr,, ..... Cbzmgv x "',: ln-if . YA is A 6551 X H A S I S05 .1 f- 1 9- ' fr, N ' l SA r-0 'i Dixision of Special Services so-v"f Hnznij, fe' - Minrxwa Lodge Illini Christian Fellowship ll, Z, 5, -H i . Valparaiso lfnixersity 'I ' ' J V. . FI.m'It LE51.Ir VANIIrrIxx trrn. ,...... .Pekin Engineering Iii, rlrlrlzl Ijfiurut I img A.l EE.-l,R,E, Honors Day UH 1 Bradley University' Rorsrrzr Gionni? xlANDIQRXXrX'Il1I'l ........ Pekin Liberal Arts and Sciences fifvenzirril Eiigniiuring Phi Lambda UpsIlon3 Varsity Swimming Squad tl, 3, 413 A.I,Ch.E. Honors Day ill: University of Illinois Stholaiship Key St. Nnrlzcrt College ROIKIRT KrNNIj'IH VAr.IiIxIIrz ...... Chicago Lummcrcc .'llmlailin,1g Delta Tau Delta lllini Veterans: Marketing Klub Morgan Park junior fgnllcgc 360 .. y lb ST QA' 'S fi T27 I5 ' A NEIL DOUGLAS VAN DYKE ..,.... Champaign Engineering Ceramic Engineering Keramosg Cadet Colonel, Air Force Wingg Scabbard and Blade: A.C.S. NORLIAN Briirrmm VAN Koucnmsrr Romeo, Mich. Fine and Applied Arts Art Ednrrilloii Manager, Advertising, Illini Theatre Guildg Mask and Baubleg National Collegiate Play- ers: Pierrotsg Illini Theatre Guild Manager 13, Hg Illini Theatre Guild Cast lllg Fine and Applied Arts Society: Teachers-in-Train- ing Club EUGENE KEITH VAN Ni5ss,Pwr Hman, Miib. Engineering General Erlgirlrevifig A.F.S,: A.S.C.E, Port Huron junior College VERNA JEAN VAN Vifrzen... .,.. Urbana Library Bolany First Regimental Band fl, ll 1 University Or- chestra Ill Honors Day lll VIRGINIA Cmmr VAN Vnrzizn ..,...,, Uilnum Liberal Arts and Sciences P,IvIi.'bology Alpha Lambda Deltag French Club Honors Day ll, 3l Marietta College Rournr EARL VAN ZANDBERGBN. .Rock Irland Engineering rlleebnniml Engineering A,S.M.E. St. Anihmse College XVAYNF Eunrxiz VAIILAND .......... Ozmuw Division of Special Services Marketing Alpha Kappa Lambda House President 1473 Freshman Varsity XVrestling Squad lllg Captain, Air Force XVingg Arnold Society of Air Cadetsg Pha- lanx: Student Busincssmen's Association Hoxvimn XVINANS VARNEY i........ Agriculture Dairy Technology Carmen Amvcts Post No. 653 Dairy Technology So- ciety VLADIIIIIR JOSEPH VAVRA ..,. ...Chicago Engineering Mcrlmnical Engirzeerillg A.S,M.E.: S.A.E. ANDREW ARTHUR VAVRIIQ .,.,..,... Cbimgo Commerce Banking am! Flmzizre Annex Hall Illini Union Committee Q-Hg Y.M.C.A. Committee 133 3 Marketing Club EMILY LILLIAN VAVRUS ...,. Chicago Heigbrr Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Leinad Manor RONALD ERXYIN VEARA ..........,.. Chicago Engineering 1IIecZmniml Er1gim'e1'i11g A.F,S.: A.S.M.E,: Society for the Aclvance- ment of Management Honors Day ill ROBERT LEE VEDELL ,...,..,. ...Knoxville Agriculture Dairy Tecbnologfi Parade Ground Units Lieutenant, Army R.O.'I'.C.3 Transportation Corps Clubg Dairy Technology Society JOSEPH VELARDI ....,.... New York. N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Elzgineerirlg A.I.Ch.E. Brooklyn College EUGENE NORMAN VENEGONI ,,.. .,.. .Herrin Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemirlrg CAROL VENERAELE ................... Anna Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Slndier Alpha Chi Omega The Illio Ol: Junior Prom Committee Stephens College, University of Wisconsin q...y . I5 I Y I , Q9 l I -e , I I A I me Q l ,. ..,.,-,:Fff9i"5 .1 I ,..,. V.... f c '1i',:x,,,. !.,:. " haf Q Q 4 s . 1 ,fa-xt " Szzs, I 'Q gf Vi S, X I by X Q X Q 0 X l 155.gif , Ji, JULIA ANNA VENHUD.-X ,....... .... C lyirogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher' Tmizzing in Biology Lincoln Avenue Residences XYf'.A.A. HI L NV.G.S. Executive Council GJ: Freshman Wleek Committee H51 Teachers-im Training Club Herzl Junior College GEORGE HUGH VENZKE .......,,.. Bellwood Liberal Arts and Sciences PJj'l'Z7r7!0gj' Liniiersity of Wisconsin HENRY THOMAS VEREOOMEN ..,.... Cbimgo Commerce Jlnrketnzg Ima' lllaamgenzent Parade Ground Units VICTOR VINCENT VERDICO... ...., Chicago Engineering Cifil Ellglilfffillg A.S.C.E. DOROTHY JEAN VERNOR ..,.... Wood Ri:-er Liberal Arts and Sciences Pqrbology Evans Hall Director, Department of Recreation, Illini Union: Director, Department of Entertainment, Illini Uniong Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta: Psi Chig Illini Union Board 141: Illini Union Council 139: Illini Union Com- mittee CZM House President l-Hg Marketing Clubg Phi Beta Kappa Honors Day C1,2, 511 University of Illinois Scholarship Key JF.-KN MARIE VERTOVEC ....... ...Elnzhum Agriculture Home Economics Palamar Home Economics Club Purdue University RAYRIOND JOHN VERTOVEC ..., ...Elmliufrl Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.g I.T.E. ROBERT GORDON VEsT .,.... .... C apron Commerce Mamzgemenl Xvesmen Y.M.C.A. Committee 13,-Hg Student Re- ligious Council 15,431 Wfesley Foundation Student Council 15.-llg Accountancy Club: Spanish Club 361 Vrxrox ARTHUR VI:sI.a ..... .,,eit-M111 XVILLIAM JOHN VOEGELI. . . ,. ,Iournalism :ldI5i!,'r1r1,g Northern Illinois State Tedclieis' Ci-illege RL:-srLI, ROBERT Virihixiax ,... Hillirflli' -Iournalism .'IdIE'I .',w H13 Delta Ifpsilrin Inztrtimternlty liuuntil 13,41 Bellexille ,Iunior College Mantis LOLIILL Viximnn ,, 1l"wii.' Ruff Agriculture G'iirti..'il :lLI.'.1i.'.'.'iv Field .Ind Ittxriuu' XXL-urn Illinois Nxt: tiillege Roma. 'lkiuuas Yirr ,. brizilw Commerce Ifp,..',i1i.'.ri' I-l.Jm.w:f ' S.,n'.i P. I+-use President mr Mufti-ri -Iuni-ir College -IiisiIfH Primers Yixwio ..,Pi1f'..-ni, N. I' Engineerrn' Givleuil Efsgxiiiir Kliilmxxk ruling: IZNIIL VI,'iIs,ax'ICH , , .,., Clviiiti Engineering C1111 Iffielmiir Xkilwn vluninr Crillege rirxr Lmmxcr Vidwiiir ....Cb1r.1i,, journalism Eillfofliil Sigma Delta Chi Herzl junior College Bulimrm NANCY Voror, ,,., ,,.,. . ..,'1lIffu Liberal Arts and Stiemes Bizrtrrlulcfifi Lincoln Avenue Residences St. Ijiuls University 362 7 . . . ,Elgin Engineering Elerfrmil Engineering Acafia A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. joliet Junior College Frtruriizicx WILLIAM XIOFLFFI. ......... Pt-mm Fine and Applied Arts Pillrlllllg Zeta Psi Msnager, Design, Illini Theiitre Guilclg Sa- eliemz Tomshawki Arepog Mask and Bauble: N.itional Collegiate Players: Pierre-tsg Illini Union Council 1433 Illini Union Committee 12, 5, Jig Illini Thestie Guild Mannger IZ, SIL Illini Theatre Guild ffist 111 Srvzuorit VOGEL ., . ,..,. . .... Ieiliifiij Division of Speuial Seruees Hfimvj Annex Hall Roiirrtr ERNEST VOGFLI? ....... ,.iCh1.'.15o Fine and Applied Arts .1a'1'erf1JH1g Dwfluu Alpha Tatu Omega 'I40l'l'lJlIJNVk1 Phi Eta Sigmag Illustr.ItuI's: The Illio tllg Illini Union Committee 41, 2, SI: Illini Theatre Guild Production St.1lI LU1 Student Senate lil: Muketing Club Hnnurs Day 11, 2, 5I. University of Illinois Seliolarship Key NORMAN PAUL Voonx ,.... ...Nfiiuik Agriculture Gwinn!! .-Iylifillfiw' Farm House Star And Scrollg Alphn Zet.I1 Alplu Tau Al- plmg Interfraternity Council ISI: A Ciippella Clmir 1-Hg Illinois Agrieulturist tl, 1, 3, -Hg All Ag Field Day Committee ll, 2, 3Ig Plow Boy Prom Committee fl, 2, 53 3 Agricultural Economics Club: Agriuultural Educirtion Club Honors Day III fil,lFI'ORD MARSHALL Vomx ,,,. .,., C lvimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences CIJEIIIIJIIQ' Alpha Phi Omegag A.C.S. Gannon THURLOXV Voxrrs... .v,, Lf1Grfn1ge Commerce A'It17ldgL'VllL'7ll Blackhawk Lyons Township junior Collegcg Univer- sity of tfilorado Domus EARL VOLENT'INF ,,.i.... HL'NIfI,IfPHi1 Commerce Atfolnltazlry Accountancy filubg Christian Srience Organiza- lion Honors Day ll, ZI WALTER HENRY VoLicr-Ifmx ,...... Kiiribikee Commerce lllaazdgmzsnl Alpha Tau Omega Skull and Crescentg Concert Band l-Il 3 March- ing Band ll, 2, 5, 43 3 First Regimental Ban-I ll. 3. 53 Honors Day lll FRANK OLIVER XIOLLE ....,...... Alf. Pnliiiki Education P,ry6b0lrigy Dornoch Chi Gamma Iotag Psi Chig MIA. Executixe Council l3l2 Tempo l-ll Honors Day l3l HARRY RICHARD Vox Hrurx ...... lI"nnifiiz.i Engineering Ciril Eflgjlliililllg Theta Xi Marching Band l1,2,3l: First Regiinenail Band ll, Z, Bl: Engineering Council l3, -ilg A.S.C.E.: I.T,E. PHILIP VooI,AcH ............... Rare Iihiuil Commerce flcronzllilifrg Accountancy Club Honors Day l5l RICHARD HAROLD VosH,-xLI. .,,...... Pimpelil Division of Special Services Commeire Sigma Chi Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Illinois College DOMINIC JOSEPH Vorfi .... 501116 Wilmingioii Commerce Perfonnsl Management Accountancy Club: Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg junior Chamber of Com- merce Herzl junior College MILAN ANDREW VOYVODICH ......... Skokie Engineering Civil .E!7gjllE'6'1'il7g Gazuncl Heights House President l-413 A.S.C.EI Honors Day lll Illinois Institute of Technology IOSEPH Joi-IN VRBA .............. Braokheld Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbenziflry Socialist Study Club Lyons Township junior College sg van . "w"'.l ,Q tio if 'til v sz I 'UO"3" Q :Jigs wi. Q .5 so ,'s',-Lffiifsic an i ' ,ui .. as me 4' -f 'Q 1 nnzrw ug' W cc. f .ka 4 XII x5 sly i ,-., . -J: f ' --aff-Q if' .fafx .Y I A ' up, .--- if ... N I' , is is x :E . , 5.6.4-il . A 4 V-if . gf . ,Ji-'-..,::", 2 RJ 'A .Qi 'un- S' set Lu ROBERT VLTVION'ICH ..........,..... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Cberrzimzl Erlgiueeririg Barons Illini Union Committee l2l: A.l.Ch,E.g French Clubg German Club Hnnurs Day lll ARTHUR FALILKNIER VYSE, III ....., Himffale Division of Special Services I-'lil Phi Sigma Kappa XVILSON BURNSIDIZ XY'ADSXY'ORTH, .lR4.Cbimga Commerce illizrkelirzg Blackhawk Illini Union Committee rail: XVILL l-U3 Marketing Club EDWARD CHARLES WAQENLCHT .....4 Alofrimn Engineering Eleclrlcal Engnzeeiirzg Phi Eta Sigma: A.I.E,E.-I.R.E. Honors Day lll CAROL PAYE VUAGLE ,........,.... lY'ef1ivlle Liberal Arts Teizrlrsigf Tnmmig in Speech Cagle Hall Y.XV,C.A. Committee lil 1 Campus Chest lil HILLARD JOHN WAGNER ............ Chicago Engineering illfrbaniral Engineering A.S.M.E. PAT PERNETTE WAGNER ............ Manoon Physical Education Pbyfical Education Delta Gamma Illini Union Committee l3J: Campus Chest lil: XV.A.A. l3,-ll: Physical Education Majors Club Stephens College RICHARD EDWARD WAGONER ,....,. Psrerfburg Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Tau Alpha 363 Lows CLIFFORD XVAGL' ........ .Ilozilziwflu Liberal Arts .ind Seientes SITJIIIAZZ L.111f1-f1v1sv'1i'.1i1 Pif1gr.m1, ami Hlflavj Theta Kappa Phi Chi Gamma Iota. Y.M,C,A. Ci-mmittee 13, 1 -llg Amxets Pust No, 3. Spxnish Club wifi' 'tw Curronri Grxr XYVAIBEL .. Elmimnd Lbmmcwe .II.1r iw 3:11 Delm L'psilnn Mixrl-.eting Club Southern llhniiis L'nixe:sity BARR-XR.-X Amer XY"AIxxxRIi.H'r D.115f1pfJ1.'. lozzi ' " ' Library Scliiir-l Sinimlffuy - R Honors Dax' 13? Q i Augustlnu College 4- ' if i i Ma if YS-1' - S gsm: CLAIRE Russrii. Wiaixxx Rim-ii' ,,.H1l1rdi1le Engineering Efri'fr1L'L1f lfrmlrlrivlfm A l.E,E.-I.R.E. Augustiini College Krxsriii ALONZO XVAITY... ,... .Sheldon Physical Edutntifin Rrfinuilfffri ' La Cuterie Axim SHYDROFF XVAIrz:nxx Mmmi Bearb, Flu. Liberal Arts .md Stiences Suimlffifj, Delhi Phi Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta Flr.rid.l State University: Unixersity of INIi.xmi Hgiwxnu Lrsiir . Troy Engineering xlurlrullinizl Erlglmiiing Campus f,hest 1211 Intramural Manager 1351 Baptist Fniundatmn Student fuumil 62,511 A.S.A,E XXVIILIAM IWIARTA XVfiKrR1,xw . .... illizzan Aigritulture l'fim1muiil xlwlififllne Alpha Tau Alphix, First Lieutenunt, Avmy R.O.T,f. Regiment, Phi thi Ezag Scnl'-haril and Blade 364 RONALD LESTER XVALDER ,..,. .,.. N iiperziille Engineering Jlcrlmiziml Evzgineering A.S.M,E.1 S.A.E. C.aRLrox EDWARD XVAIJQRR.Elizabexlwflle, Plz. Engineering Elffrfiml Erzgnzuuvnlg Phi Eta Sigmag A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Hunnrs D.1y ll, Zi CONSTANCE Louise XVALKER. .. ..., Cinmm Agriculture Holm' Ei'nz1ur1llt'.r Edninlllufl Alpha House Omicron Nu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Home Economics Club Honors Day tl, Z, 513 University of Illinnis Scholarship Key Erwrsr HOWARD XVALKER ,.,.... JdL'k.f07lI'ill9 Division of Special Services Conimsfif Illinois Cullege JAMES CFCIL XNilAl.l-QER, JR.. .. ,... Cimfon Commerce Mamzgcfrlelil Ilflnnre Hall I-Inuse President ISI INIARY BITRNICE XVALKITR ,,.......... Derarln Liberal Arts and Sciences Gt'0gY'df7hj' Lincoln Avenue Residences Millikin University Rouifm' DANirL XVALKER ...... .New Lenax Agriculture Gem'ral Agrirzrllme Aeacu Hoot and Horn Club: Illini Insurance S0- ciety Joliet junior College RouRR'r FINDLEY WALKER... .... Urbana Commerce Arfwmtanfy RAYMOND EUGENE WALxowrcz ..... Cbifogo Commerce A'Itl1I11gE7lI8fll and Mmueoliiig MILDRED MARTHA WALL .... .Illoywood Agriculture Home Erurminirr Delta Zeta Home Economics Club: RiHe and Pistol Club DELORES WALLACE ................. Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Pairiimg Illustrators JOHN THOMAS XVALLACE, ja, .,..... Dvmfur Fine and Applied Arts Arcbilectmuzl Eflgliltiflfilg Alpha Rho Chi Gargoyle: Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day f1,2,3ll University of Illinois Scholarship Key PATRICIA EVELYN WALLACE ,........, Urbmm Liberal Arts and Sciences Molbenirrtnit Pi Beta Phi Director, Department of Dances, Illini Uniony Mortar Boardg Torchg Illini Union Board Mlg Illini Union Council C333 Illini Union Committee 11,252 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 4511 Y.W.C.A. Committee tl, Z, 413 N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee 1213 Student Religious Council 11, 2, 31 Honors Day il, 2, Sli University ot' Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT GENE WALLACE ........ Mr. Cm-mol Fine and Applied Arts Mnfic Sigma Pi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Marching Band fl, 3, 41: First Regimental Band 12, 3, 415 Re- pertory Orchestra f2, 5, -ij University of Miami LORRAINE GRACE WALLACH..BlU0k1j'!1, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfyrhology Lincoln Avenue Residences Illini Theatre Guild Cast 131 3 United World Federalists Brooklyn College FRANCIS DALE WALLS ...... ..... P arir Commerce AFCDHIZIHIIFQ' Accountancy Club Eastern Illinois State College - '14 av Qs za --t. ., 410 5?-:, ' g,:., 5sa-zsf fssa 1 4 I ., .V ' X 1 ag A fx fiiiitf 5 . HARVEY EUGENE XVALLS ..,.... Granite City Engineering Elem-ical Engineering Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug Pi Mu Epsilong A,I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honors Day 11, 51 Henderson State Teachers' College -IOSEPH KEITH XIUALSH .,.......... Rockford Division of Special Services 1,ll1Ifkt'lH1g Captain, Air Force XVingg Arnold Society of Air Cadets: Amvet Post No. 65: Illini Veteransg Marketing Clubi Rilie and Pistol Club GEORGE GENE WALTHrus .,.. ..., C hicago Commerce r'll.1i'kr'1ii7g and Mrznrzgrment Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Delta Sigmag Marketing Club Morgan Park junior' College JAMES FRANCIS vUAI,ZIiR ..... .... C lm-ago Commerce Mrzrkellrig Barton House The Daily Illini ill: Marching Band 11, 213 First Regimental Band 11, Zi: Second Regimental Band U11 Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club NORMAN EDWARD WANDKEH. ..,, Chicago Engineering Mechanical Eilgifltiflfllg Chi Gamma Iota: Sigma Tau: Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E.g S.A.E.g Illini Glider Club Wright junior College Louis XVILLIAM WAPPEL ...... Earl St. Lonir Physical Education Plyyrifol Eo'urolior1 Phi Epsilon Kappag Tribe of Illini: Fencing Manager 13. -Il 1 Moingwena RAYMOND PAUL XVARCHOL .... .,.. C laicogo Engineering Civil Erigineeririg Newman Hall A.S.C.E.: l.'l'.E. ROBERT LESLIE XVARD ,.,...... .,Cbompaign Commerce fiwzilifirtriirjr Theta Chi Illini Union Board 13.-il: Campus Chest 445 365 Roarm' ,Ioiix YV.-KRGFR .,.,, ,, .ckiinigp Division ul Special Servites flfL'A7llg'i'f1ll'C' Illini Theatre Guild Csst l3lL Erentli Club University uf Houston: DeP.iuw University Gmmzr Ci-iizisrmx ..,., 0.1.6 Pink Dixision of Special Serxices Erlzirneviug A.5,M,E. Ricrtsiui GLENN W.aRNoci4, ..,ll.'. Kirin!! Engineering fiiirl Eflglflirllflf Tau Beta Pi. A.S,C.E. M-inrnuuth Firlleue llriisi uri. josrvri XVAR'i'llQ ,C,n1r1uu.ilr, Ol-in Eine .intl Applied Arts .'lifin:,'l1r1z Di vigrx llliidmrurs, The llli-v l5.4l. Dolphins 42, A, in l'l+murs DM ll, Il Vrrkulnin Polytetlinlt Institute, Ilniveisity nf I liit.i ii Hrrcrlrrtr XY'AssFRMA:s ,,,,, . ..t,l11iiigf, Commerce .'li'wf1nrl.1m -1 X-llwl: Hwruse Att-iuntuniv tluh I'niversity -if f.rlitorni.1 .it Los Angeles. Niiitliuestern University Br rixum RM' XVA'rrfrcs, .. . .. 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Ci.M'rtis Eunnwr W.-xrrrns 4... ...Dwight Agriculture Drury TFFXVIIUIUQI1' Dairy Technology Society Griomzr Dowfxrrn XVIEAR ..,...,,. ..,. D undue Engineering Ciril Eflgilifllfllg Delhi Sigma Phi Chi Epsilon: A.S.C.E. Honors Day ll. 51 Kent State University j.xcQui:i,iNF Wmvnn .......,,..... Emmmn Liberal Arts and Sriences Spiruirlv Kappa Alpha Theta Shi-Al: Phi Beta Knppag Alpha I..1mbrln Deltng Sigma Delta Pig The Daily Illini fl, Z, Blg Illini Union Committee 11,Zl3 Y.XV. C.A. Committee lllg Pxnhellenic Executive Council Ml: House President 1-Hg Spanish Club ll. 2, 5l Honors Day 11,1551 Unixersity of Illinois Sclmlarsliip Key juries Frmmiis Vlmvrn .......,, Spfmgfielil Division of Spatial Services Prn'-Ali'i1'ii im' Captain, Army R,O,T,C. Regimentg Zeta Sigma Alpha Springlicld junior College Ernox Iiumxn Wrms .,,... ..,,,. C enniilm Engineering Elvrlmal .EIl4UHIt'L'lj!lKL1 A.I.E.E.-l.R.E. Cientr.rli.l ,lunior College Rnruizi KARL Wrtma ,,.,.,.., Kll'kf!'IUL', Mn. Fine and Applied Arts Munn' Plu Mu Alplia-Sinfuning lloncert Band fl, 2, 3, 4l1 Marching Band fl, 2, 3. -ll LLOYD WEBER ...........,........ Demzm Fine and Applied Arts Artbileclure Clark House House President Q31 5 Marching Band fl, 51 1 First Regimental Band fl, 315 A.I.A.g Fine and Applied Arts Society Illinois State Normal Universityg Columbia Universityg Harvard University WILLIAM GROVER XVEBER .... .... C bimgn Engineering Civil Efzgizzeerirzg Granada Club A.S.C.E. Illinois Institute ot' Technology AI.FRliD JACK WEBS1'ER ,..,.... ...Bnrlww Engineering I .Mining E77gi2IBFl'i71g Sigma Phi Delta Phi Eta Sigmag M.I.S. Honors Day fl, 2, 3, 41 g University of Illinois Scholarship Key ALLAN LAKE XVEBSTFR ............ ll"baf1lon Division of Special Services Ecormmirr Sigma Pi Illini Union Committee IZ, 51 g First Lieuten- ant, Army R.O.T.C, Regimentg Transportation Corps Club: Marketing Club: Amvets Post No. 65: Illini Insurance Society Virginia Military Institute DONALD JEROME XVEBSTER. ......... .Fiiber Liberal Arts and Sciences Pryclvology LAXVRENCE MARTIN XVECKSTEIN Ken' Gardenr, N. Y. Commerce Mmzagenzezfr and Marketing Flagg House M.I.A. Executive Council 1215 Marketing Club HOWARD NICHOLS XVEDELSTAEDT ..,, Cbimga Commerce Ilflnrkelifzg Marketing Club Williams College MARY ANN WEEKS ........... ...Cfgimga journalism i I Edifarial Delta Zeta Q 'O I rx- Kappa Tau Alphag Theta Sigma The may mini mg num Blackburn grins 'A Blackburn College .1 lil ' -- 'f. - -' "Iii i'..'.i: i ,rl ' lilliii ROBERT GEORGE XVEIHROUCH Smith Bend, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts illnair Erllzrlrfian Exmoor Hall Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band fl 2, 5, -X15 Marching Band fl, .'Z,3,-113 Uni- versity Orchestra l21 C University Chorus ffil ' XVILL Q41 FRED VUILl.IAM Wan: ...........,... Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Painlirlg Sigma Phi Epsilon EARL JAMES XVEINCEK ....,......... Cbfmgo Division of Special Services Hirf0ry Sigma Chi Varsity Football Squad fl, 213 Vl1l5lt1' Track Squad fl, Z, -l1, Letter I41: Freshman Frolic Committee: Junior Prom Committeeg Teachers-in-Training Club RONALD ALLAN WEINRESS .... ,... C Commerce Mnrkerizlg Pi Lambda Phi The Daily Illini fl, 213 Board of Fraternity Affairs f5, 415 Interfraternity Council 115. 411 Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club Honors Day 42, 31 IRA JAY XVEINSTEIN ..,..,,.... Barron, Allin. Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Annex Hall Honors Day Cl, 2. 51 JUDITH ANN XVEINSTEIN .....,...... Chicago Education Teacher Trninifzg in Alnlbemntifr E.K.T, Club XV.A.A. fl, 2,415 House President H13 Teachers-in-Training Club Honors Day fl, 31 VERNON EDXVARD WEISKOPF .,... Libertyville Commerce Alnmzgermwr House President Q-X15 Accountancy Club Knox College l'IrlRRY IRA WErsRrAN ........ .... C bicngo Engineering Gemirrrl Euginreiiflg Clark House llonors Day f31 University of Wisciunsin DONALD C.-XSSELLS Weiss., ,. Nr-power Division ot' Special Serxices jaurmzllfm The Daily Illini 15. 43 4 House PresIdent tall, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentl Arsecag Phalanx, junior Chamber ot Com- me-rce1 Sphinx, Galesburg Alumni Associa- tion: Sigma Delta Chi Miehigan College of Mining and Technology I-IARVEY XYIEISS ..,......,.. New Ilfrk. N. If Education Tf'.1I'3f'ir Tmlrlmlg nz Snrhif Xllhflfr Alpha Phi Omega: Teachers-in-Training Club Br-It-klyn College, New York Ilnixersity HIZIIBIRI lard XY Piss ,,.. Clinuiufi DIxIsIo:I ol Spatial Serntes Plilyniy Signia Delta lhig The Daily IllIni 15.43. Tempo 13, 43, RIHQ and Pistol Klub Purdue L'nIxersIty ,Inns bHIRaI-Irs XY'EI4S ,. . Cl7d77If'dlgII Lilveral Arts and Scieniges Clurrlzrlrj Phi Delta Theta PIII Eta SIEIIIHI Varsity Basketball Squad 123: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Varsity Track Squad 153: Freshman Varsity Tratk Squad H-Inurs Dax' 113 KIxsIf'I'I-I EL'c,rrsE Weiss ,, . .... Qniurg Engineering I-lfmrmnllfal Ezzglmumg I Ao, Knox College, Quincy College I,IIIx MANLIIYI. XVLIss , . ...Chiraga Commerce Allllktpllllg sigma Alpha Mu Illini Union Committee 13, 433 Marketing Klub P1-,L'I. Wrlss , .. ,,.. ,, , .,.ClJ1rago Engineering AIeI'l1ar71Ii1l Ewrgzrzirrirzg RAIIJII MILHAEL Wriss . .... Hinrllalu Engxneerlnu Gemini Iiuiilmtimg A S V E 368 i ti 5- 4 :st A.. 1' , ' 'iix ics' lv'Q'!r f l u I ,. 5? ' N .x I L i, x 9 x fi I Vi . I X 5. I i , S , ' S1 , tif ", , "', Q Qi' ' .ll - 'za-Lag an K" W' s-S ROBERT ARTHUR Weiss ,.,.,. .... C bimgo Engineering Civil Engineering Colonial Arms University Chorus 153: A,S.C.E.: Illini M21- sonic Club Ricnartu Wfissixiax ...... .... C alliimvlle Pbvy,r1I'a1 Ejllfdfldll Physical Education Annex Hall Varsity Baseball Squad 12,311 FI'eshm.In Varsity Baseball Squad Syraruse Universityg XV.15hington Unixeisity Cyiinrrtr BRLIQL WEIROLIRNIQ. 4, ...ollilllld Engineering Elrrlrlnll Eziglrleerjrlg A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. Honors Dax' 123 XYHLLIAM GILItIoRIz XVELLH ..... Diitifif-ld Engineering .IIwluIfIli'nl Erzgmsernzg Phi Sigma Kappa A,S.M,E, DONALD IRx'IN WELI.I2Ri ..ClmmpIiign Liberal Arts and Sciences Cflwlllrrra Alpha Tau Omega Phi Eta Sigma: Omega Beta PI Honors Day 11, 2, 33 jfimiis XVILLIAM XXIITLLS ,,.4 ...Gliwroe Commerce xllalkrlivlg Lundgren House First Lieutenant, Army R,O.T.C.. Regiment: Military Council: Phalanx, Illini Forensic Associationg Marketing Club RICHARD ERIERICI4 WELLS .... ...Cbmiga Engineering Elcrlrlml Eliglfltdlllllg Lundgren House Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: A.l.E.E.- l.R,E. Honors Day 11, 2, 33: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Roisrnr HENRY Wrziw .,... ...Mmmmulln Agriculture Gemfml flgrirzzlluiu Field and Furrow University of Houston DON OLAF XYIENDELBORG ............ Cbiraga Engineering Mechanical Erzgineering A.S.M.E. EDWARD OTTO WENDT, JR. ......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economirf Delta Tau Delta Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club HALEDAN XVENDT ,,....,.. Mrzndnl. Norway Fine and Applied Arts .4r'rbiIe'rlurr Honors Day I2l Chico State College LEONARD NORTON XVENIG ..,,...... Clvimgo Liberal Arts and Sciences P,-'lwhologji Psi Chi Honors Day Cl, 51 Northwestern University ROBERT BEECHER VUENTVUORTH .... Ifaukegmi Engineering lllffffldllffdl Engineering Rogers House Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Honors Day I3 l HAROLD MONROE XVENZEL ,...... Pm-la Ridge Liberal Arts and Sciences P1'e-Ilfledicine Sigma Phi Epsilon KENNETH SAUI. Wsarcow' ,... , ..,.,. Cbirago Division of Special Services Commririirl xii-1 NORMAN WERNER .,...,.......... Sfrealm' Fine and Applied Arts lllurif E:,l4t'z1fl0!1 Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Concert Band 43, 4l g Marching Band fl, 23 1 First Regimental Band 11, Zlg University Chorus Ml: Men's Glee Club 13, 4l Honors Day 11, 2, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key , f f' ,Q cb. .A a . I .-., 1 L YA .1 ,N p . r - 4 we .sz A A '- ,S K' :ws Q, 'Q M. -A J . ,z , . , i ' EN -'T " sf V, 5.39:-ff, , J 1 S 'QW ' "Pi r "JR V2 ,-- 5. if-fzjifr i f 2 'i i it 1 skif 1 as ii L 2 i .4 131 '-534153-af . ' 13. N r X. 'W'-I ROSALIE WERNER . ..,....,.......... Pwiirz Liberal Arts and Sciences 7.k':lL'l7El' Training in Spanirb PhI Mu Illini Union Committee fl, ll 3 Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff lllg Y.XV.C.A. Corn- mittee 1l,2l g XV.A,A. 11, 2,3,4l1 Spanish Club: Teachers-in-Training Club AIAR-JORII' VIRGINIA XVESLEY .,.,... Gilleipie Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economic! XVelsh House Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home Economics Club ROBERT WILLIAM XVESSELN ,,... Pinrkizeyrille Engineering zlleclmumzl Engimfering College Hall A.S.M.E.: S.A.E. Southern Illinois University I-IORACE EDWARD VVIEST Jfzrkxon Hvigblr, N, Y. Education Geography and Ceulogwi The Illio 12, 3lg Y.M.C.A. Committee l2l: Cyclothem Clubg Teachers-in-Training Club Honors Day Ill JOHN RICHARD WESTERBERG ......, Roi-Hoi-d Commerce Maflaelirzg Marketing Club JOHN MICHAEL WHALEN ,,......., Ireitiale Engineering 1llFL'l7dl1fL'dl Engimferirzg A,S.M.E. Honors Day ill BYRON JAMES XVHEELESS .....,,... Rnrklord Commerce .llsrkrfnzg and lllriflrzluurlzerlf Chi Gamma Iota: The Daily Illini 1-Il 3 Mar- keting Clubg Junior Chamber of Commerce Honors Day ill Michigan College of Mining and Technology INIALCOLN ll'lONTIIll'H WrIIPI'I,r. .. ,.,L'f1r.1 Agriculture I-iIqr'iI'14fllzmf Eruf1nr11lI',i lllini Union Committee Ill 1 Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee 12, 3l: University Chorus li,-llg Men's Glee Club ll, 2, 5, -ll: lllinoi-2 Agri- culturist Ol: Agricultural Economics Llubg Rural Life Club 369 Nurs Nusox XYHITLOMB .. .. Bllllivltilt' Agritultutc Giulia! ,-i5v'1t'lil,'nu Alpha Gamma Rho btar and Scroll: Y.N.C.A. K.llJII1CI Hlg Y. M.C,.A. Committrc 11, 2. 5. -U1 lllmms Agri- culturlst 41l 1 Agricultural Council G. -ll . Pl-m Buy Prom Committee: ill. Dairy Pru- tluctmn Club: Hun: and H-,im Klub: Moms' vena H-inf-rs Dax' Hb lHARll'4 TIMOTHY XY!-ilu. ,,,. 4 f,.11i1j'.11ttf Lluniincrtc .1i'1uln11.:r.w'i Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma llnnnrx Dax' 11, IP i ..,1.fffepti,i Dk7l,ClRl'9 PAULINI XYVHITI' Agritultutc Hum: lfufrzfnflftf E.lfi.'.:l1ftf1 Rectal Club Ht-use Preutlent tlbi CU-t liairman. All Au Fiuld Day fummtttec lfll. Plc-xx Buy Pt-'ini tummittrc IM, Home Etunutiinu Club Duxxiu Xxx-XRREN XYHt'1r .5f. 1 tfplw, Jlxtli. Engineering Ge 1:1 1.11 l:i1u1mu.'f:, Sigma Chi linux XYit,t.l,ui XYYHIII , .,Dtum.wu Agtitultutc D.m'1 Yttlvifflf tj Dairy Technology Sotxuty Indiana State Tentliuu' f-wllcgc llmxmu Uxxtix XVHHV.. .,.. Finn Agrxtulturt Gitllnlrlf .'lwfinli'nrc AlpE1.iTau Alpha Q Agtltultural Eduuatmn l,luI btatc 'l'c.ulu-rx' t-,llcgc Mlm' Ottxn Wurtt' ,.,.. .. , Cb.m11i.u,q1 fumrncrtt lgufriffrinu Pl licia Phi Y XVI .A. Committee ll I ll-inurx Day Ill Hiuium lp-Jim' Wtixzr' , .NM,f1.. I-Int .mtl Applxt-l Arts .'1ulmi11,it A.I.A . Fine ,mtl Apph,-l Ain Smitty 370 T1--V S 45-I ac.- M, ., . tif ...,- L- IK 'Q- Y' V: -fb sr v 1 1 W11.t.t.aM O't'1s VUHITE ..... . Engineering Gemini! Ellgfilfffiflg ,. . LaGrange liixiHIu'N jrfxx xYr'Hl'lFN,-XLR ....... .ibiugdon Agriculture Hmm' Efflllrllllltv Petite Maison Home Emnomics tllulw -lfmnn Oman XVHl'rt,otx ,Cffjjvtfu Engineering CIN! Euglmtrzrlg Chi Epsilong Engineering: Cfuunqil 1433 Aj, C.E. Greenville f tillcgc Ruurm' HAROLD Wiciiiw, .. ,. .Alffmtme Commute lr1.I'nilrJ.1l .'1,fw.'fi1i:f.1J:u-rr Lhi Gamma Iutag Accountamy Clubg Market- ing flub Honors Day til Bucknrll Unnvcisity Hrrturnr MILTON Wmotixx sox. ,.,. tjmwlllfm Agtitulturc Gvllrml xlgfltullmu Marthing Band 1135 First Regimental Band lll . Agricultural Economics Klub Auariti' EUGENE Wiumfu.. ,... lI.nmv, Il"ii. Pbyyilrul Eiflltkllllfll Physical Educatmn V.trslty Foothill Squad ll, 25, Letter lllg 'I'r1lw ol llhni Xlifittenlwerg fullegc Vlxuxi' RAYMOND XVIIUIRKIHR ,... Chimgo Liberal Arts .ind Sticntu Cfwrrlltlry Micliigan Cnllegc uf Mince .intl Tctlinol- "SY f.Hl'STI1R KIETH Wlrxi KI . ., ...Ilillihwn Ctimmcrtc Alalkulllltg fnlunial Manm' Illini lnsuranu: Sutictyl Malkuting Cluh HontJrS Day lll HAROLD WIENER . .... ........ T eanerk, NJ. Fine and Applied Arts AI'ibilfI'l1zre Pi Lambda Phi A.I.A. Bergen junior College: Seton Hall College. University of Pennsylvania ROBFRT Louis WHLBAT .,... . Engineering Elefliimzl Ellgllltvlill-E A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. THFLM.-I PATRICIA XY'II.BOL'RN... Commerce CtlIIIfIIt'YL'li11 Teafbiug Stratford House Phi Chi Thetag Accountancy Club: in-Training Club XVESLEX' CRAIN XVILCOX. ,... .... Agriculture General ,'igl'IL'I4lIlH'F . .Chit tzgm ....K.1iV.l Te.ILlIeI's- . .xlllfllltll Y.M.C.A. Committee tllg House President Ill 3 Field and Furrow Honors Day ill Illinois State Normal Unixersity j.IMrs Lexus XVILDT ........ . Agriculture Vacatlomil Agrlrlfllnre Alpha Tau Alpha . . .l in gmrtl ROBERT PATRICK WILEY... .... For-fir Park Law Lau' Club Coler Phi Delta Phig House President 43, -ll: ,lu- nior Bar Association Northwestern University EDWIN TADEUS WILK ....... .... C liimgo Journalism Adrerfiiilig Alpha Delta Sigmag The Daily Illini lilg Marketing Club Wright junior College RAYMOND EDXVIN WILKEN ,... .... . 'LILEIIIPI Agriculture Voraliamzl Agl'fL'IlllIll'L' Illi-Dell Agricultural Education Clubg Dairy Produgtion Club Honors Day 131 92, i-fir Q 'E' 4 I 3 ' V -I I- 5" it t r r L- - I Q ga-I 5 KENNETH Hfnuifiri' XVILKINSON ..... Cbimgo Liberal Arts and Sfiences Clu'rr1I,IlI5 Thornton Junior College ltonrnr EIIoI3NI3 WII,I4INsoN .,..,... Fairfield Liberal Arts and Stiences Bnttrlly Phi Mu AlphafSInfoniag Y.M.C.A. Committee Ill 3 House President 453 1 University Vhorus lll: Meifs Glee Club 11, 2, 5, 4I EDGAR LEsTrR WILIQs, JR. . ...Unis Pork journalism Edilmml Delta Upsilon Sports Editor, The Daily lllinig Sathemg Skull and Crescentg Sigma Delta Chig The Daily Illini 11, 13,-ll Honors Day ill CECIL Dia.-IN VUILLI.-IMS ...........,,.. Lt-Ray Liberal Arts and Sciences Pfjrlmlagqw Illini Forensic Association CHARLFS RAYMOND XVILLIAAIS .... Biitllqfpan Engineering Efzlilflftlf Ellgmnrzzig Eta Kappa Nug A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. Honors Day lil DoNAI.o RAY WILLIAMS ......... Ali. Smiling Engineering flgiirnllllml EIIlQlIlt8II7IR EDMOND ALONZLI XYIILLIAMS .,,, .... C :mralm Liberal Arts and Stiences Hliluij fentralia Township junior College Lro XVII.I.IAMs, JR. .,.,.,..., ...C.'li1r.z,Iga Engineering Iiliilimll Euyflltviniu li.Ipp.I Alpha Psi 371 MELVIN ORA XVILLIALIS, JR. ..,. ,,.Cen1ralia Engineering Merlmniml Engnissfiug A.S.M.E. NANCY BROWN XVILLIAMS ,.,,. IJ"u0,I1er, Obie Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearliir Training in Ellgllfl' College of XY'ooster PAUL XYILTON XVILLIAMS. ,..,... Champaign Division of Special Services lmz'1.fitri.1l Eifuriilmiz Unixersity of Illinois Rctreation Society RILHNRIV HULYH XVILIIAAIS, III Nm' Ilfiiieiz, Conn. Division uf Special Seriices Lau' Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Phig junior Bar Association: l..Iw Society Hom-rs Day Il I RIc,H.iIiIi IJOYD XY'ILI.I.iMS.. . ,Smithfield Agritulture Gwieriil xigililfllnri- Alpha Gamma Rho All Ag Field Day Committee Ml: Plow Boy Prom Committee 1311 Hoof and Horn Club: Rural Life Cluh Honors Day 131 Rriiirni Enxvix XVlI,LI.'l5IN ,. ,,,.. Rfiriblvml Fine and Applied Aits .iffbllifilffiiil Iirlgmrrifizq AIA. Beloit fiilleue VII:-I LI,i WII,II.-IMS , . ..,, Jliiiiwi Fine and Anplieil Aits flluili lffniilllfin PI Bela PIII Sigma Alpha Iotag Illini I'niiIn fomniittee ll, Zig Star Cruise hl.In.IIger flip Y.XV.C. A4 Committee fl,2I, fanipus Chest ISP: Wfeslcy Founilation Stuilent f,iIuntIl l3.4l1 Univcrwity frliurux III Hun-fix Day 1l,Z, R, II CLI r, AI I III Ii XVII I Imisiirt ,.,M1mIfilzII IifIIIIT1L'IIu .lliziiillrzyig Rogers' Iliiuse 372 - J S' . L.L.i..zg,LL.J X I iv: if . 2 fi,-YY' f A-ii, -LL Wt 'C7' J 'K' il w-3 FRANKIE JEWEL WILLIS ............ Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearber Training in Matbfmulifi Delta Sigma Theta Wlilson junior College RLITI-I DORIS XVILSKER ......,....... Cbirago Liberal Arts and Sciences Piyrbology Indeco Psi Chi Honors Day Hb CIAIIENCE ,IERIEIIIIAI-I WILSON., ..... lll.rNIIbb Agriculture General ,"igY'IL'lllfllfL' Farm House Star and Stroll: Alpha Zetag Dairy Produc. tion Club: Rural Life Club Hnnnrs Day III Fnru PIFRCF WILSON ..,......... Clmmpnign Commerce .-ircolnllarlfy Alpha Kappa Psiq House President f-H5 Ac. countancy Club Honors Day 41,51 Cironcar PHILLIP XVILSON .,....,... ClW,,gg Division of Special Services Piyrlmfugy Calhoun Hall House President 1-ll: Labor and Industrial Relations Assntiationq Society for rhg Ad. iantement of Management XVri,Qht Junior College H.-XIKOIU HOLMES WILSON .......,.., Cbii-ago Engineering .Elsclfiral Ealglizewirzlzg Lambda Chi Alpha Vaisity Gymnastics Squad 1513 Illinois Tech- nograph lil: Engineering Council f3,4jg A.I.E.E,-I,R,E.g Illuminating Engineering So- Clety Honors Day 151 College of the OZ:lI'liS H.mOI.u IWARTIN XVILSON ..,..... Clmmpfzign Commerce Plzblii' xwillrzr Alpha Delta Phi Honors Day 42, 5, JH: University of Illinois Sthnlarsliip Key SAAIUIQI. KENIJALL XVlI,SON ,,..... Cinzzbridge journalism Ad1't'!'lf.IifIg Paixide Ground Units House President I-Il 3 Marketing Club: Span- ish Club WILLIAM ALBERT VUINTIER. .. WILLIAM Ross WILSQN .... ..... . Utica Commerce Accounfancy Accountancy Club LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby ll-mi0f College TI-IoRA GEITEL XVINAKOR ........... Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Ecozzomirn Co-Manager, Costumes, Illini Theatre Guildg Omicron Nug Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Lam- cla Deltag Alpha Pi Deltag Mask and Baubleg Phi Upsilon Omicrong Illini Theatre Guild Manager 12, 3, 41 g Illini Theatre Guild Cast 2 if-131101-5 Day fl, 2, 53 : University of Illinois Scholarship Key JAMES HARTLEY WINANS, JR ........ .Chicago Commerce Marketing Psi Upsilon Dolphins 12, 5, 45 3 Marketing Club WILLIAM JAMES WINCHESTER .... jackmmfzlle Division of Special Services Ecarmmicx Marketing Club Illinois College Jesse HERBERT WINDLOW .... ..... 0 ak Park Agriculture General flgfiwzlflrre Clark House 'Dairy Production Club NICK WINGERT ...,....... ..... C bicaga Commerce llflanrlgcnzeazt I Main Manor Society for the Advancement of Management Wright Junior College FORREST ELMER WINKLER ...... .Neug .Baden Commerce Accountancy V Gar-Men ' - Y.M.C.A. Committee fl, 21 g House- President 81453 Commerce Council MJ 3 Captairi, Army R.O.T.C. Regimentg Military Counciljl Phi Chi Etag Scabbard and Bladeg Accountancy 'Clubg junior Chamber of Commercefg Mar- iketing Club f 5 C . . , si I g L ' QQRALPH EUGENE WINKLER ..... 2.g:.IZ2ejgiia, ,i Commerce i 'A' Managemenl 2,Alpha Phi Omegag First Lieutelant ".iAir' :force Wingg Arnold Society of Aggialii iglylarketing Clubg Icarusg Sphinx Glfibi 'livi EM Southern Illinois University g WestexiFQIIil',nois".l ,Subate College 1 e ' -in, 5 r, - 1. H QL. .31 ., , , . R, l ian I ti mi il- is 'E' JY, 5- an an. .,'-urx x '.?" g WILLIAM GEORGE XVINKLER Commerce Marketing Delta Kappa Epsilon Skull and Crescentg Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day fl, 35 , JR ..,.... Chicago MYRA LEE XVINOGRAD ............. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanirb Lincoln Avenue Residences Sigma Delta Pig Junior Prom Committee C57 5 Spanish Club , .. .Oak Park Engineering lllecbnnirrzl Engineerirzg Delta Tau Delta Phi Eta Sigmag Illini Union Committee fl 25: A.S.M.E.g I.A.S. Honors Day Q11 SI-IIRLEY MARIE XVINTERS ........,.. Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Y.XV.C.A. Committee 155: Campus Chest ISP: Marketing Club Lake Forest College RICHARD PHILIP WIPPRIAN .... .... C bicaga Commerce Accolmlalzcy Noble House Accountancy Clubg Praetorians HAROLD NELSON WIREN. ,Eau Orange, N. 1. Division of Special Services Commerce Accountancy Clubg Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management EDWARD NVIRTI-I ............ ..... C bicago Engineering Mechanical Engineerizzg A.S.M.E.g Society for the Advancement of Management MARVIN WILLIAM WIRTZ .... ..... M :Henry Agriculture Dairy Science Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Council fill: Dairy Production Club 373 LEROY EUGENE WIsNIExx'sI4I ..v..., Cort-,vga Division of Special Services lrzjnfrrlnl ,lI.1rt.:ge 1115113 Parade Ground Units Society' for the Advancement of Management: Marketing Club RIIEHRII PHILIP XYIIHEXIWRY ,. ...llolnza Engineering Lfxzri' Er:g:Ii:iI"-K Brentxwod Chi Epsilon: .-MCS.. A,SIC,E.L Christian Science Organization Augustana College KENNEIH Eaxxix Win .,.... nQ,ii'nrubm. 6.1. Fine and Applied Arts :lil Zeta Beta Tau The Daily Illini 1211 Illini l.'nI-Jn Committee 11, 2. 5, 41 1 Illini Theatre Guild Manager tl! 3 Campus Chest 45l1TcI11pol2. 51 Erurx HENRY XXIII-IE .,,...... .Bmrmvgiiiii Engineering Elmtrffiil Euglrisernllig A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.1 Illuminating Engineering S0- Cltty Bradley Unixerslty Grxrurn Kam WITTMLSS ,....... Glen Ellyn Engineering General Eugimering Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Mu Epsilong Y.M.C.A. Committee Ml: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.: A.S.C.E. Honors Day tl, 2, 331 Unixcrsity of Illinois Scholarship Key jfiiix Sraxiix' XVo,l'IaI,rxxIcz.. ...Chiinrgfi Enginecrinu C1111 Erlijlmiinlt' Ncwrnan Hall AA! ,lQ. . l.T.E. Iili'-INT Bl YVIKMIN XY'uI,Axsm' ,.,... Cblmga Enuinccrinu .hwrmnlfiiil lirzulmmizrzy Phi Iifa Siumag Ganima Alpha Rho: l.A.S. lliin1irsD.i',' ll, 2. 5. ll Q Unixcrsity of Illinois xiliolarxhip Key ,I'.Y Minis Wrnrnxiiirii, , .,... Winnsllm Enuiriccrinrg Lwanlzi linwlmrrlllzj lhirailc fm-unil limits Xhrtvty Ttnms Squail 113. ll. Mens Clan fini. ui, Af S, 374 'I -...Q 9 . fr' 'F' ei us, fv- Lf- C H? A YS? 'lk 3 . p. S19 'cs' gre' K' Davin LOGAN WOLEE ........... Champaign Education Sociology I Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Y.M.C.A. Com. mittee Q-413 Teachers-in-Training Club DePauw University jacii EMIL XVOLLER .....,....... Champaign Division of Special Services Geograpby DONALD EMIL WOLLSCHEID .,....... Clair-ago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Ellgi?lPL'V'Il1g A.I.Ch.E.g French Club Morgan Park junior College: Illinois Insti- tute of Technology JAMES LESTER WOMER .,....,..... Milmine Engineering Merlmnifal Enginermzg A.S.M,E. Doizorr-ix' LOUISE Woou ....... Wilmiugtan Liberal Arts and Sciences Hirtory Price Dorm JOHN EVANS Woon ....,.... Higbland Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Economirr Kappa Sigma Illini Insurance Societyg Spanish Club Bradley Universityg Brown Universityg Lake Forest College Joi-IN FREDERICK Woon .,....... Mr. Camul Engineering Elerlrirul Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Illini Union Committee f2lg Star Course Manager 1235 House President 1413 Concert and Entertainment Boardg A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. ROBERT Louis WOOD ........ .... R orwille Commerce Markeling Honors Day QU II. ILLIAM DAVID Woop ......... Ear: Moline Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbeminry inors Day 133 Mr, ?NALD WILLIABI XVOOD.-XRD .....,... Urbmm Pby,rir'nl Ednroiion Physical Education iiversity of Illinois Recieation Society XRGY JEANNETTE Woouuurm ..... Soimvnzm Agriculture Home Economlrf Education Busey Hall nicron Nug Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Upe on Omicrong Illinois Agriculturist fl, 2Dg mme Economics Club mors Day Cl, 2, 51 Q University of Illinois iolarship Key IARLENE Woops ..... . .......... Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Prychology Delta Sigma Theta anish Club Wilson Junior College Mas DARSE Woous ..... Indionopolir, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts I f Afcl:1iteclure - I.A.g A.S.C.E. , kill if: .iv ll Vi I 'yi '.3v!': .I 'xx vi -, 14' mf' Z - AA .ii -, .i J, In ri I ,V ',,.' Ml I1, .i .r 'f:'i II.I.rAM HOWARD Woons .... fl., .riilonnzoiiib , . Division of Special services' f Commerce ,f 1 T' I Alpha Tau Omega 'if ' pha Kappa Psi, Campus ClIest.f5ll': ,Cori-51 rt Baud GJ: Marching Band 'Gio Monmouth College l Z' , , - 1.7 ii "el all Iii I i 'f'x..ilf ' l l - lark ' fl nw: ' J 'ie 'V' " Wm, CLINTON Woonwimn. .Cbehegg S1Vifl:1f'il Physical Education it - Phyxical Education 1' Q "l, l Delta Theta ' - 5 5111 and cmfenfg Phi an sigiiigigipili iepp on Kappag Pierrotsg Illini Thieiitrekiuipdl ISU' Q,k2, 3, 4Jg Dolphins KS, 5 iirrors .Day CU ' ls ' I I , a ll I J ' DEAN WOODWARD ..... H5 I . Division 'of spefiu seivfc ' i V Marketing -..Lg5f..3j' ff' -if ,. iilfappa Alpha Qfi. '. ' 'Q i ' I A 3 1 2 6 " -' ' i" gifisf.Zi -::ii"' -oat 'I '. iv , .tm ,ot-ses A ' -2: , son- ' -...rwdv E R .V K. 1- .. x "" W , . . ,Tk C . . A t .....,.,t,,. .. . -ease ii- I ii, X ,.t-.w.Ne2,,1::-s K - .i:-gg3:1lSso::- 'aft as -ex -3e::g:?f..xggg.S :N 3::1:'i.f:,iggxiisf1'SNgl Ns ! - ss ,. ,c-.1 ,f , ,A . , 5.45 :mpg -1 :wc , J K ,ia-x 3 I N . an M .f' . .. fc., qs 6' I i 0 X W I ' -or l V x:.L :L MARX' Lou XVOODNVARD .............. Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Tmining in Social Slzzdiei' Alpha Delta Pi Sophomore Cotillion Committee Hanover College MAURICE CLIFFLY XVORKBIAN ...,. Illdj lL'Ufl.f Commerce .-icromzroory Club Topper Alpha Kappa Psig House President 133 1 Marching Band tl, 2, 3, 43 g First Regimental Band fl, 2, 3, 45 5 Accountancy Club STANFORD EUGENE NXVORKMAN ....... Gilman Division of Special Services illarkctiug Sigma Nu First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment: Caisson Club: Illini Insurance Society, lllini Masonic Clubg Marketing Clubg Student Busi- nessmen's Association EDITH ELIZABETH XVoRIIooD .... River Form Liberal Arts and Sciences zlflizlbemnlifr Chi Omega The lllio 11,215 Illini Theatre Guild Pro- duction Stali fl, Z, 31 Rose MARIE WORTHEX' ........... Champaign Agriculture Home Ecorzamicr Alcestis JAMES MCKINZIE WRAY, JR. ,........ Chicago Division of Special Services Arcbileciure A.I.A. Drake University BAYARD LAWRENCE WRIGHT .... .... L or-on Engineering llflecbanicul E!Igi?76'E1'il1g A.S.M.E, Honors Day KZJ Eureka College DAVID GEORGE WRIGHT ..,......... Chicago Commerce Mnnagemenl and Markeling Newman Club Chi 'Gamma Iotag Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Club HonDrs,Day 12, 31 375 E o. YA L trilf' Q J. ,ff ,, f-,,-,, ft EDXVARD CHARLES XYIRIGHT ,. .,., Cbimgo Engineering .Uecl:arI1I'a1 Erzgincfiing Alpha Chi Rho S.A,E. GEORGE PRESTON XYIRIGHT, JR, ..... Oak Park Engineering Cir!! Eflgzrrffifflt' Kappa Delta Rho Star and Scroll: Phi Eta Sigma: Marching Band tl, Z, 3, A-lt 3 First Regimental Band tl. Z, 3, 415 A.S.C.E.g Drum Maior, First Regi- mental Band Honors Day I1. Sl XYIILLIAM HENRY XYIROIHLEXVSKI ...,. Clvifagu Engineering Illsrlnvzzrinzl Erzifzfzscffize A.S.M.E. JAMES FRED WULI'If ,.,,. ...,..... K fmlaakce Division of Special Seixices Irldlnlfiizl EifnI'.Il.'ffiI Industrial Education Society XYIAITER BRYANT Wi'NI's, -IR, ...Rack Irlrznn' Engineering Elwlrlcizl Elltglllcttfflif Eta Kappa Nui A.I.E,E.-I.R,E. Honors Day lit AARON MEREDIII-I Wrsoxo ,.... ,rlmmzplfoif Agriculture Gmlamf XIQVIIIIIIIIIL' Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Tau Alpliag Agricul- tural Education flub Illinois State Normal Liniiersity Lrx EVANS XANIJERS .. ...W'unlzr,qIuI Agriculture Gfilflzlf ,'I,ryrlI'l1llmI' Basketball Manager fl, ZJ Q Dairy Technology Sncietyg Field and Eurmwg Hoof and Horn Clubz Horticulture Club EDWARD YADLOSKY ,v.,,,,.,.,.. .. .Caello Agriculture Vocalimml .-lrrlrnlllfre Newman Hall Alpha Tau Alpha: Illinois Auriculturist HJ , Agricultural Education flubg American Legion Post Nu. UO!! 376 Y 3,- A 5.-X: r, rs.,-if . . ca T. If-vi Nm A . ifj ,c,,. ' xi A- rr ir -J .4 e v vg .. ' : ,, 4 A I, ,.-1 ,sa ..- .-..,-- ff at Q ga- A :yn Lf J, in-v' MEA cL,,,,l r . fx.. 'I A 4 - -aa. . f J 'ESP x, J, L I Ru A use is-f ,4 GLADYs YAFEE ................... Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences Englirh Laurel House The Daily Illini Cljg Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 1313 House President 1415 WILL Ht: United World Federalists EDNA YALE .....,................ Cbimga Liberal Arts and Sciences PJ-lL'b0l0g-Q' lndeco Psi Cliig Teachers-inwTraining Club TOM JOHIN X'ANKAlTIS .........., Roi-Hard Fine and Applied Arts fldrntirirlg Decrign Varsity Football Squad Ut Rockhurst College ROGER Loi' YARBROUGH .,......,., Vrmdalia Engineering Illvrlvarliml EIIgilIEPl'j7ILQ Moore Hall Tau Nu Tau: A.S.M.E. RonER'r Ciirvm YECIQ ...,.. ...Sn-earor Commerce M.1fbeliu,g Marketing Club Knox College EDWARD ANDREW YENCHO .... Taylor Springr Engineering Illerlmnifal EPIWQIIIETITIIS 500 Club A.F.S. St. Louis University RUSSELL EUGENE YERKIES... .... Hamer Commerce Arrolmlrmry Wesmen Phi Eta Sigma: Y.M.C.A. Committee f2,3, 43g Marching Band flj 3 Second Regimental Band 0,215 University Chorus 141: Ac- countancy Club Honors Day fl, 2, 471 University of Illinois Scholarship Key RICI-IARI: KYLE Yoi-INKA .......... Kankakee Agriculture Vocational Agrifullure Alpha Tau Alphag Agricultural Education Club Illinois State Normal University i ARLENE BETTY YOUNG ,............ Cbimga Commerce Commercial Teaching Busey Hall Illini Union Committee 1555 XV.A.A. 127g W.G.S. Executive Council 153g Marketing Club GRACE ANNE YOUNG .,,.......... Neivman Liberal Arts and Sciences Engliib Delta Zeta Illini Theatre Guild Production Staff 11, 23: Y.XV.C,A. Committee 12, 57: XV,A,A. 1-ij KENNETH ALAN YOUNG ,..,........ Cbimga Engineering Aemrmzzliml Engineering I.A.S.g Sphinx Club Texas A. and M, College LAURENCE THEODORE YOUNG, JR. .... Clair-ago Eine and Applied Arts Painting Alpha Phi Alpha Tempo 1533 WILL 141 MAURICE EDWIN YOUNG ....... ..,Can1an Engineering General Ezlgirzeefing Moore Hall A.S.M.E. Honors Day 153 THOMAS ELDRIDGE YOUNG ..,. .... U fbann Engineering Civil Engineering Engineering Council 1433 I.T.E. WILLIAM ROBERT YOUNGMAN, ..AI!l1'I7bj'Jb0l't7 Division of Special Services Ad1'erti.ring and Defign Alpha Phi Omegag Fine and Applied Arts Society Southern Illinois University HOWARD Ho CHOON YUH. .Honolulu, Hawaii Division of Special Services Sarinlagy L, , .. .. ....... ..,.,W, Y s . i lf' i .1 ' -wil, 5 S. - A v --N N s H du ,4-. iz -132-.1 ,- .,,. - i s , :g A ,Q A we -. EL , ij X -4 Rf' ew .94 'uw .514 HAROLD PETER YUNG ............. Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences Tearber Tfuinirzg in Matbemntiri Marching Band 11, 2, 3. -U 3 First Regimental Band 11, 2, 3, 41 Honors Day 135 SERMET HUsEYIN IYURTMAN. .I.m1z1bnl, Tmkey Engineering Ci:-il .Engirfeerirzg University of Istanbul RUDOLPH Lunxvio ZAAR ..,. , .,..... Cbfi-ago Liberal Arts and Sciences P,fj1'L'0l0!Lf-5' WANDA SABINA ZAEIEREK .....,.... Cbirngo Commerce Commerrial Teaching Alpha Xi Delta Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg Teachers- in-Training Club De Paul University HELEN KAVA ZABINSKY ..,.,. Elberon, N. 1. Engineering Aerofmlrliral Eizgineerizig I.A.S. Monmouth Junior College WILLIAM EIDAM ZACI-IER ,,..,. , , .Chit-ago Commerce Almkelizzg Alpha Delta Phi JOAN Louise ZAGAR ,,,,......,.... Cbir-ago Liberal Arts and Sciences Poliliml Sfltlllft' Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Lambda Deltag Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet 13, 413 Y.W.C.A. Committee 15,-Hg Campus Chest 151 DePauw University EDWARD JOSEPH ZAHUMENSKY ......, Cbnffgu Engineering Mcrlyanifal EI7giflL'Fl'lIIg Theta Kappa Phi A.F.S.g A.S.M.E.1 S.A,E. St. Mary's College 377 CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH ZAIIC.Alz'lL York. N. Y Fine and Apielied Arts N .1J1'av!i.rlr1g De.-lgrz h Phi Kappa Sigma ' Illustrators - - l Honors Day 113 A ' Erixx Ann ANTHONY ZALDOKAN . ,..CZ1ir,zgo ' Commerce .ll.m.1garr1r'i1I Neuman Hall Marketing frlllbl Society for the Admnccnlcnt nt Mamgenient HrrrN OGDFN Z.-X-IIC r.... . Generm Aurifulturp Hun: Emu in Rippn Delta Arrxilrio Zvuaxifrc Mu P.i.vlo. I3i.::il Fine .intl Applied Art: plfrlmr'1m,1l Ei,'uii:rri1i" A,l,A. Iliinois Dov ill gn llxnrr Errsrnr ZAr'mr'rcAr ...Lynm Viirnrnertv. ptfifilliltf'rmt11I X-vlwlc House: lllznl lnsumntc Suclutxg Blurlfcrgtiriz Clulv Q, , 'sry YJ Frrin .losrvii Zxrrmsxr . . .... Cbifagf, Engineering rllvi' Ifrzurzrrrziig 'I'lret.i Kappa Phi Klii Cnimnu lump Phi l.t.i Siigmag A.F.S.3 A.l.F.IZ.-l.R.E.: .NYM S.A.E. -..f r iii vrr R IZMIIJAN ZxxxA1r7xi ........ Chirago Enuincerini: Camml lzrzvlurrmzu "R Ntuxcns Institute .it 'I'ulinoliigyg Indiana irate 'leathers' Crillcuu, Illinois Institute of 8- lui liruilimv 4 . ,,.. Cirnnnr Faro Zrri,-.iin. ju, .... Hamm: Aigrxtultuie Cvfiuml ylumlllfluu Annex Hall Lieutenant rj.G,J, B.itt.iIinn of Midshirmeng 12. -1 e s K'-in' Clulwg Spanish Club N ' 378 9, A A .. A-af' V-.E 1 VIVIAN ANNE ZENZIPER, ..... .... C hirago Agriculture Harrie Economir:.t Evans Hall Campus Chest Gly Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council Ml EDWARD JOSEPH ZETTL ,..... ..., C hirago Engineering Merbuniuzl Engirleerirzg Blackhawk House President I-ll: A.S.M.E. ELIZABETH ANN Zrciqrxaruo ....,... Cliiinigo Liberal Arts and Sciences Tmrber Tmiunig in Clvsnllfnj Evans Hall Illini Theatre Guild C.lSf 123 Soi'mA KATHERINE Ziumm ,,.. Cl-irzigo Agriculture Home Ervrilrifzllrr Home Economics Clubg Spanish Club Sl-rrrrrnv ANN ZIIEGLFR v...... ,.., L llbilfltl Agriculture Home Emvzfrrzzilir Evans Hall Honors Day Ill Wrr.rr.xM JACOB ZIEGLER ............ Dirigbz Division of Special Services Erozmnziii AcaciA PAUL KENNHH Zum' ..,..,... Ciyrml Lake ,lourmlism Edlforfllf Gamma Delta Honors Day 125 ALBERT EUGENE Zmr-rm .... ...Cbrirropber Commcrtc Arruzmlaliry Marching Band Uh Q Newman Foundation fl, 43 3 Accountancy Club '-: nggslfi , v -. X K , CLARE RAY ZIMMERMAN .,.. ' 5.141 .... Grzrinse , Pbyiiral Edncatiori Physical Education George Washington University' i rl 'sh is -iii' P , N f ,,, , ff, , ROBERT EARL ZMMERMAN ......... Pirzrjield I Commerce Markelifzg Sigma Chi N Varsity Football Squad tll Q Intramural Mun- 1 ager f2,3l5 Marketing Clubg Mningwenn Honors Day f2, 3l l , . I ROGER ALAN ZINN ........ Ixaizmi Qziy, Ma. : Commerce ' if Banking and Finance, am! 1lfIr1lIdgf?7lZf?7ll l ' Tau Epsilon Phi A i Illini Insurance Societyg Marketing Clubg So- ? ciety for the Advancement of Management Junior College of Kansas City 1 i 4 l Y GEORGE IRXVIN Z1si:1Nn ...,. ..... C bimga ' Journalism Radio ' Zeta Beta Tau , -' The Daily Illini G, -Il: Illini Union Com- .' mittee f4lg Marching Band f3',4lg Second Regimental Band C5, 41 g Tempo Q41 g XVILL 1 9 co E I Northwestern University 4 1 l i lb MARSHALL LEONARD ZissMAN.a'.f.f"'QGjQic5igb E Commerce '7 gags: Q Q' I'ICCl7lH7l!1l1L'J' I' Flagg House V 1 , Beta 'Gamma Sigmag Phi Etagglgi niai Beta ' , Alpha Psig House President ia-ifgliegnid 1 Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Regiment? F154 L ' cag Accountancy Clubg Intercollegiate Zi Federation if if '. Honors Day fl, 2, Slg Universiby offil . Scholarship Key V ig 'il A i Ja ' A 1 7 ill? 4 EVELINA DRUSILLA HoPsCoTcH Jig mer 1 Library School Library School Mu Mu Mu nightly Club Mathematical Club rmer City Institute ' u UMEJWI ESS' i if 'il' ii '5i'i'if'lif ff r' - i 3 ,1 V I Q gf 1 , , v f for ii Watcheka Leagueg Ladies Gleei rt - ff S 451, 9 ' Q ' I I ff J ti Fa ' ' ' X 1 .W fi I L 5 , V, , a lx .E gif, i TXii,"f iii H li L i ' :- Q l ix HENRY FREEMAN Zosci. .............. Pekin Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbeniirlry STUART HARLION Zuck ...,.. .Ezimzrlmz Engineering Elerfriml Ezzgiwering Phi Gamma Delta Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadg A.l. E.E.-I.R.E. LAURENCE SMH ZUCIQERMAN ...,... Clzicizgu Agriculture General Ag1'i4'l1ll1ue Illinois Agriculturist 13, -il 3 Plow Boy Prom Committee 6,101 Dairy Production Clubg Hoof and Horn Club CARL PHILIP ZUPIC .,................ liriiryrz Liberal Arts and Sciences Cbemical Erzgiueering A.I.Ch.E. Morton junior College JOSEPH EDMUND Zwir ....... ...,. C bil-nga Engineering Zllechnniml Enginearifzg A.S.M.E. HUBER-r XEERXES Sruuntnroor. ..C1n-bamlfzle Preparatory Medicine Preparatory Medicine Deutoron Upsilon Deutoron Philomathean Literary Societyg Inter-Society Debating Teamg Students' Dancing Clubg Class Footballg Mandolin Club Prepared with Papa Ruclolpho 7 ,Ljxpi , ,., 2,1 Wifi, ' F.:-'JZ .1 , 'ff 2 , ,o , " -dr 'K V!! S 0 +A V Q31-' ggi ,' f' 'ZA' . 'lu- ,55 .V 1.-If '-Q. :A ann +P+Ax, 'Y T -'r +V + -Q- 4. - Jrf + U 'V + .L 'N 1 -I- + +ii+ if X, '+ +- ' 'zu' . 1. f -l'-F A T 19 i QQ' -I- Ff+ 1?- 1-'Ti'-? +V' 4 :I +?v ' .f.5i+ ,qi-P 44- .1 V E LQ+Zf u + +-X' Q 1 ,T dx: "ff.fQQ ' A Q , + + Ewa" --Fi' 4' l 4,+4.-P ++ 'T' +++ 3+f+ ++ Q, 1 , ' ',' - "Lf , 'N I .1 ,j rzf.f5zQ. .1 V , 5 ' 1-g3,., 9 . ,QL fi - ,Vi x .E -x X , .. f ',:mJ2 'P 1 . . J ' fifslffif-Wf.?? 1'25' f f' fr' A -1' mf- Campus Leaders lllio Beauties Student Administration Religious Activities Publications Stage and Concert Clubs and Societies Armed Forces llli-noise Atl1leticfAdministration ' Fall Sports Spring Sports Intramural Sports Wome'n' s Athletics Campus Leaders All portraits by Garland B. Fletcher if -- Q 'Q 11X K, A K-J Q4 E . kg X Q 1 'I I ,H . 1 1' A X' I M 6710? 1 1 1 F M11 M 1 1 '1 In if K 11 1 1 1 'WIW 'X RX kk 141 X 1 g 1 1,1 X 1 l 19 I 1 rl X N H13 ff! 1 1 X, 11' :lip 1 N xx 1 1 , 2 x1 1 ri. i I'1 1 lx 1 fi 1 f 1 1 f , 1 1 X I W 1 N W'l1UA111nw'1r11-rw X X1 1 M 1 1 1 M 111 f Q 'War' ,1 ff 411 1 ' 1 X, 9' U L , 4 X 1 x XR fd x X x JK CX N 'J f WN X3 7 mx 1,5 my Q 'M f d xx M ,ga CE,-' ' V W5 , V mf , PM .XM 4 if W X i fi . in . xy ny wi? 'T Z . 1 f ' f1.2. if 2' 4 ,, 4 ' of X n KG X ff 7' i K, ,wiki gh ! I ..,, I ii! N ffl ,, s X X 4 U K ff -u '15 X ' ! 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X f I ', I , X Marjory Halvorsen l Grace Hartman 5 I I 1 ' g ,I Helen Ioan Hasty Carol Iacobs Ann Lutz Dorothy Peskind Marie Reno Marcia Spaeth Virginia Stewart Margaret Tandy Ioanne Terry Irene Ther Dorothy Vernor Patricia Wallace X x 'x I X K l 1 N 4 1 X. M x v W Wi f W i my V ' X X fl ll 4 's N N M .V-I uh' 'I , ,- Q , "f ff 0 f f L 1 f? ff 0 riff f,- .W in l kk xx-.,,, ,' , W, Z x .9 f 3 f QV Q Q. f xiii 4 2' 47 y ,ff , ,..f f Z- f 5 W' Q' J S m y M A! gf Q M' y K if my 'W W 7 9 I f SACHEM William Allen Richard Anderson Sheldon Auerbach Alfred Barkson Theodore Beach Richard Cook William DeWitt Francis Dolan Oliver Drummond Donald Frank Iohn Gedney Iohn Gothard lames Hager Robert Hall Richard Hart William Hoffman Wallace Iohnson Anthony Klimek Donald Laz Iohn Marcus William Martin Thomas Moore Delmar Murphy Sam Piazza Richard Picard George Rand Norman Rubin Alan Schrader Charles Secondino William Shepherd Donald Sunderlage Iohn Swisher Donald Sydow Albert Tate Iohn Thackeray Glen Trugillo William Vohaska Randall West Kent Westrate William Yates 386 Rosemary Archibald Marilyn Augspurger Ioan Benesch Harriet Bertman Ioyce Bresee Barbara Bunn Georgia Bushnell Carol Cannon Kathryn Clark Carolyn Cohen Francine Cohen Marilyn Creath Betty Lou Dean Io Anne Eades Mae Eanes Louise England Virginia Farrand Patricia Feaster Ieanne Fisher Carol Fries Marcia Goldman Aileen Hagan Ivanne Henry 387 TORCH Louise Hodam Iean Holtzman Nancy Hudson Iris Marcus Marian Margolin Dorothy McKinley Sheila McMurray Nancy O'Neil Ioan Peeples Patricia Price Ioan Reeve Margaret Robinson Elaine Rosenberg Lois Siron Carol Thomas Aiean Tornello Ioy Wardle Mary Wham Lois Wickham Ioan Williams Ruth Woodruff Charlene Woodson '-f , . 4 .ZZ 7 W ltr fy tl n wi? f dplll ff fyxix I lf N it ,f X N' an lllk' J NY M W ,XXV li W' W lf J bfi H1 I A ill l l f ffl Wi 'I lg W 1 Pat Mhcrcr Dcputrncntal Cliuiriimn, lllim lfnmn Roger Purdy Hollcn Hyndman b Deburtmental Chairman, Illini Union A55UU-HC Edlmf- Diilll' Illini ampu lllurulliy l'uwl:lml President, Pnriliullcnic ffmncil 388 3 Pete, Coladarci Dun Smuf PfCSldYrf1l, M.l.A. Departmental Chairman, Illini Union Bob. Mlllllfl' Scott Shelton ' ASSISIJHF GCI1Cf3l MJUHEEI, President, Interfraternity Council Illini Theatre Guild eaders joan Hasty Co-Business Manager, Daily Illini Bruce Evcritt. , K Betty Lou Bailey l President, Illini Union Board Associate Editor, Illxo I Treasurer, Panhellemc Council Lyle Button Captain, Varsity Football 9 I ll-I Lee Cadwell C0-Manager, Star Course ' 4 4,9 N. Q X, N X L.. 390 Steve French Lo-Manager, Star Criurst X ff '4 .--gg Dick Kranz Paul Pomeroy Sports Editor, Daily Illini Senior Football Manager ampu Marge Halvorscn Bob Mann General Manager, Illini Theatre Guild President, Student Religious Council M 11, B , Duug Hager le! Ll mun Scnmr-Bxskctlwlll Mlnxgcrg General Chairman' Campus Chest President: lNI.1-XVan-DAX eaders Bob Poisall Irene Ther C0-Business Manager, Daily Illini Edifor, Illio Dee Davidson President, YWCA Herb Plews , Captain, Varsity Baseball 25 .--v Dor , - Barlum Suymour Student Still Manager, Illini 'llilizm Llnlll Bill Muster Lou lions Assucmle Editor, Phrvtngraphy, Illin CHP!-im, V3f5lfY Tfafk ampu 39 lwlahlun Neal Assmutc Business M.m.iur. Ill Pfrg Tandy Ray O'Ncill l PICSIJCHI. XVGS Student Stal? Manager, Illini Theatre Guild Bob Fitzgiljbon I ' Virginia Stenxirt Editor, Daily Illini Student Staff Manager, Illini Theatre Guild eaders Ted Himes Senior Baseball Manager Ed Little Virginia Metzler Senior Track Manager P1'C5ldEl'1f, WAA Dick Harvey President, Student Senate Margia Spaeth Presxdent, Mortar Bmrd Dorothy Vernor - I I w Departmental Chairman, lllxm Umon 94 Gene Dale Ted. Tedford Business Manager, Illio Senlor Recreational Manager ampu I Bob Larson Rufk Qjfgf' President, YMCA:, Footba Midshipman Battalmon Commander Mary Catherine Carlson George Lnnelis Associate Business Manager, Illio Sem-rr lntmmurzll Manager eaders Pat Wallace - A Bill Erickson Departmental Chairman, Illmn Union Captain, Varsity Basketball l l l I v Ginevera Little Associate Editor, Illio l r l l ii 1 i Evelyn Grossman Departmental Chairman, Illini Union V l 4 395 'M Q29 2' x K' '-' .Z-I N, kj I If x,' , , f I W . ,r . P 'y f fn f i f u , I K V 1 I I f If I f'. 1 W ff' ,f V fldll W VHP i, J ,'V,"s,'f"fff4' f'ff' l If ffl!! gt!! I ffl!!! ,f' Ilho Beauhes X J W 7' W7 'AM FN! I N RX I xx If XI I I I I I , f ' If ' 3' I I f ,f I I! I I I Q I I ' ' 1 fi!! , 1 A,f' I ' K ff. l ' A XIX 'I I X I fi I, Jw If f i ,f Xgb I M KN I XXI I Xxx NNN. . M VN I A Ax I NN-I wx., I- -,Xxx , , 'IIOQMW ,6 I I a ww? II. MFI! xx H II, X N , I X ,X X v M I f I A 1 ' I I N3 x W! J' " II ff " XI F f .XII IMI K . xl I f , Q W' Ik. -K 1 f A X I , XI' . k f N I , W W ' AIX Wg, XGX l if E Xl IH I X Jlffw I x 1 I I XI I X XII I yn X I . I," ' ' " W V I I ' I I I - I I. I' ' I I I. ,I , I , . I' , I , I I I f I I I' I I, , I I I I . I I 'I I I H J I I . I I III II ' I .I J I , ' I I I I I , , I I I I I X R I , ' , I I I I ' , . I I I, I I If . , I I I I J I I ' I I I 0 I ,I I - I IXII. !f I . I ' I I ' I I -, , 'I I XI I I I fm I I I I I I ' I I I 4 II I I I I 'X I ,I I I , I I IX I I 7 I V' ' I I I, , I I' fff , ff I X . X I J x Af I ff V , , 'X I - EL- I S Q! I I L ff S II W If f I ' X If Ne I 1 I I U M III ff I I I I YI I 7 I! ff I X NI T E ' Q I II I XIII I I I If nf? X fiuu, , I IIIRI K lx , x I I , , , x . , I I . Z: I N I- fy , z I I .. ' J I . I I . I '1 . I f' I Ik I IPI D X Q- :I . SI J QiRi'S,fXj LX IMM. I I I A, : x I rI I I j V K4 S gl N I3 if IW J V Ill IS Ifgg I WI , ,I I I I I I' '01, I 'f 611,123 7 N 'HI ' I ll I 1 IH! X V xi! , ' ' , J, M W MQSYIIIIKIIK mt Julie Moore f n f 1 WW I, ,I J P? ' I lk lu MPS, ' f 1 f , W Q Q 6 U! ..., . 0 Wx gi xy A J X 1 XXE xy ll i !k, , W W K K M fi! W ? ff X N , ff R 1 ff ff ' XXX X' W 1 X f 5 KKK X 1 'lg f 2 Q Ag if ff H' C. ,1 if Eg 41 v Q Q. 2? 'X z J' JZ .1 .2 ZZ ff-74 Q 5 2, XXX X A x N X -Xx .5 1 , vi, 4 . I .. .................,..... W 1'1- ff w J, W5 VI H5 ii 3 s El L W 5 3 sz' E jr i i. ' n 1 w , 1 , P A Q I M w, M I i x xXX lrglnla Boettcher N Xxxxx X 1 XM X xx , , ' X kk : ,I XXXX X w . 1 flag? 4' 1 xx W Sxx? xl 1 1525 R3 " , 'Vx 1 X' Q W., ' f 5, . 5 J NN ,Y Q W 'qi l l .. l .. x X A I ,X . 'li QXXQ L , ' 1 FYR? ' qs 1 ,V - - v .J ti . Y sk K Y I W ,if 'fiifiig :A .,x, X mf-f',f - ,Ugg f X ., K A It , luf ti vs fe? 5 Sb a 3' -J ies n A ,rf-1 " x. Q? f f ' ,.Y.".2' . . V " ,V M513 gfffff , , , . . f , -.Q f, , , ,V ff ffflfy-,f ,- f ,,g ,f,,,f, ,,,,,,, ff::,5f.4f X ,Wa-I I-. ff 1, 'sf ' in " ' 'iw 1 .I ,, 1 52? , It NI' W1 V' ' mum' wtf ,za-', 1l1'f'W ,5fX , if 1 'X Xfrw , , 4, , Z 21, ,, . ,. Xu V,,Q5wWH,:,f2 . 'QQM Nfbffi' , ,L ,- J X Xqxm-.,Q,gk -if ff I , X 4-.fy .qgxf -Cy 1? lx 5-if " 'Vila' I ' X R-'YQ3 f :Q lk.. 34, ,f - rj' ,xx Ffa, ff "'!1'l' -lx T-xrgr I AQxY-1 ,V ,J x ix ' , fl X x X ' ..r 4., f 1 Na+ , L. s ww if Q , S Patty 'rabbits -- 1 1 ZX Sue Scallon X 1 L-Q X244 VN X 'J 4-2 ' K f ff? VM 0 Q j W 4: x QW NN W. .eaa 0 :,, 'X V X? ky' ' M Q J f Q1 X X -ll X 9 W N Xa 1 f ' g X ' I ,f X X1 ,W -ff Qi: f X L f f 'V K WXNLs Zx f x N 1 If I fffiffm N A ' X XXX X- fi ,f ff k Q ff W 1 7 Marjorie Stamm s f XA Student Administration III II I I I I I N I 'III III X 7 Q I I XI I MK f , X I 1 I f, I I If f if fy X J N7 I 3 327 '55 K 'I'-iii-efii kf, If X39 Q Q 3456! J "JW 5 X V 22 ' 'ffl X x ". f A S, X .q Q Q : , H V Q . 3 Q N Q XX' c.. , I, ,J iff .L Q , -QS, K f Qi fix ft f "V- X My - ii 441 2 1' j N xy X YW tg , if 'lim ly X X NN f 7 ' W' fy 'A' X ff' ! jf W f 0 , jf X 1 I ff X J,-f T f X! f X jff ly ff, f W X jf! N if x Q' Z ff 1 ' f X X ff xy L Rl H, 1'ff",.! f ,' 'f I ,' 41 , K f I X W ff X ff f f ff ' f x W, I wg ,f ' f ,NM "',,,f 71' X '- 'M Ng H 14,0 1, ' f S fu f" f ' 1 ,f f --W---Jw-iw f if , J XZ 7,1 1 f 2, Aff ' 1- am- , Q 'I I f ', ff- f' , f ,fn '41 Q 7, N ,f gf ' ff if, if ' ,P ,Af 'X f "f 53 , ff? K ,N - ff!! ff! "X f X If 0 X, fi! , 'mf X XM! I X ! Z , 1 R.. x., 4, Q., I N , , XX I l Ll-f1 V1 X X XA if f"'7 N U My ff mg ? 7 W, .gfzf T- 41 1 1 ,ff ,, X df Mx ' 1 Nfl, 1, 1 , I L f f X U, 57, Q WW W o xl Q X 7' Q ME f ff T' ' Hfff A 2 406 The Student Senate is the ofhcial voice of the students. Its purpose is to promote the general welfare of the student body and to exercise general policy-making authority over student affairs and activities in conjunction with the Committee on Student Atfairs. The Student Senate is composed of 34 members. Eighteen are elected by the student body in general elections each spring. The re- maining sixteen are ex-oflicio members who represent the maior campus activities and hous- ?"' Wx .-me-f ing groups. All students are welcome to attend Senate meetings and are free to speak before the group. Any student may sponsor legislation by presenting it in appropriate written form. Permanent committees of the Senate in- clude By-Laxvs, Finance, Public Relations, ln- ternational Activities, Student Life, and Co- ordination. The Student Life committe func- tions primarily in the field of general campus welfare. The Co-ordination committee is charged with the responsibility of minimizing conflicts and undue competition in the presen- tation of public entertainment events by vari- ous student groups. Nearly all Senate commit- tees are open to students who are not senators. 6' ,ff Srafrjllrgi Randall XVcst, llt'.:v1ntf,' wlohn jnhngon, 114. pr,,ilrfu1.' St.::t.1: Richard Harvey, fm-1tlt:1.',' -Ioan Rene .uni Student Senate lop mu .' Louise Hndam, C arolyn Knrb, .Ioan Bergqurst, Virginia Melzler. Mary Dobson. Nucl Belnap, Thomas Pollard, Robert Larson, Stott Shelton, Kenneth Miles, Ernest Tcdtord, Ralph Stharp. Walliam Sommer, Bruce Campbell, Margaret Tandy, Dorothy Peskrnd, Mrerley Brown Stwnd 'Hu Gerald Magee, .Ioan Reeve, john Johnson, Randall XVest, Richard Harvey, Prof. Valentine jobst, Prof. Harry Fuller, Mary Edwards, Robert Blatk, Raymond O'NcrII liffnfrnr fffrr. Rrtharcl falrsth, Rohcrt Mallary. Donald Shaw, john Brearley, Glen Stuhenrauch, Bruce Everitt, fharles Allan, Richard Lawler Q A 1 I -lk-x - - A i The Coordination Committee was established in 1948 by the Committee on Student Affairs and the Student Senate. It carries on the func- tions of the former Audit and Supervision Com- mittee in connection with budgets for general University functions, including supervision of the function, printing, issuing and auditing tick- ets, and distributing complimentary tickets. The group also recommends approval or denial of petitions for events or activities of organizations, and sets the time, place, and date, all subject to the final jurisdiction of the Committee on Student Affairs. Organizations effected by the Coordina- tion Committee are the Illini Board of Control, Illini Theatre Guild, men's athletics, women's athletics, Illini Union, Concert and Entertain- ment Board, Campus Chest, Freshman Council, and the housing groups. Membership includes eight senators, one representative from each of the housing groups, the Illini Union, Theatre Guild, and the Concert and Entertainment Board, and one elected senator who serves as chairman. Other members are two faculty representatives from the Committee on Student Affairs, and an assistant from the Dean of Men's office. Slanding: Raymond O'Neill, William Sommer, Robert Mallary ,f , it fr Robert Blank, tfurlf Illizlz oordination ommittee Sealed: Bruce Everitt, Margaret Tandy, Robert Black, Dorothy Peskind, Prof. Walter johnson No! in panel: Dean Vern Hampton, Dean Agnes Tandberg, Richard Lawler 407 XX'ilIr,irn Pape. fmil,liv:.',- Dorothy Hawxer, ure jfrt+.'.!w1f N ' jf.'..'mr.f' Robert Broun, nivr.',1fj-I 11 'lihe Spring of 19-19 brought to the lllinois campus a new and unique form of organization, the class association. Its benefits are more social fune- rions. more control over those functions. and a cost reduction to the student. Because of the results of this plan, the Class of 1950 decided to continue and to improve it. An exchange of ideas at the Second Annual Big 'lien Senior Class conference gave the class inanv helpful points. lftforts were niade by the Senior Class of 1950 Seniors Officers, Spring 1949 Class, through their representatives in the Student Senate, to increase social and cultural benefits of collegiate life. Constructive and progressive legis- lation was proposed and passed. The beginning of the return to pre-war college life was noted along with an increasing number of younger students. The Class of 1950 graduates with the hope that iniprovenients will be continued, and that its contributions will serve as a foundation on which to build a better "life at Illinois." Robert Blatli, llit'1lI,' gl lin Alolinsori, jvrfviJif1l,' Carolyn Korlv, vitftfilrli-lr'n1vlnr Officers, 1949-50 1' 1 --9 X-.t -r 408 i I i sw. '61 Class of 1951 uniors Officers, Spring 1949 inf' 'is 'Hr Gene Peters, prerideall: Charlene XY7oodson, Jerr'eri1ry-irmffzrer,' Peggy Lewis, rite XYith all class officers serving on the Student Senate this year, the junior officers devoted most .of their time to work on that body. They served on -the different committees of the Senate and gave -their wholehearted support toward providing more rand better student government. For the first time in many years, the junior class -found it impossible to hold the annual junior prom. Early in the year the ofiicers set up an organization ,I7YUJ'It1':'l7f entitled the junior Association in an effort to raise the funds necessary for the prom. The University this year discontinued the practice of underwriting class dances since they had proved financial losses in the past. Therefore, it was necessary for the class officers to raise the funds before they could contract the band or make any other plans. Repeated pub- licity drives Were staged, but the class members failed to respond to the idea. Glenn Stubenrauch, rife preJider1!j joan Reeve, Jer'retmj,'-il'eu.rln'erg Bruce Campbell, prefidsflfi i Officers, 1949-50 409 P Class of 1952 Sophomores N Officers, Spring 1949 Ostar Ifhrenheig, Ilia' pfim1'i11l,- Thomas Pollard, fmxvnfwzlg I.vle Sehertz, ,vrrzrlizry 1 I ll run lu The year I9-+9-1950 brought many changes in the responsibilities and duties of the Sophomore otlicers and the events held by the Sophomore Class. This year was the first time that class officers were elected for the entire year instead of for only one semester. ln addition to the two student senators from the Sophomore class, all three class oflieers were now to hold seats in the student senate. The decision was also made that the Sophomore Co- tillion would not be held. VVith six representatives serving on the Senate and various Senate committees, the sophomores were certain of fair and equal representation. The absence of the animal Sophomore Cotillion, which was canceled by a vote of the Committee on Stu- dent Affairs. left the way clear for the undertak- ing of several other class projects which were car- ried through with success. All in all, this has proved to be a very success- ful year for the Sophomore Class. Nucl Bclnap. lim' jfrrxidclli: Richard Calisch, fu1'mlr'11!,' Kenneth Miles, .rvrrelwy-lrurzmrfr Officers, 1949-50 Y-v 410 Class of 1952 Freshmen Freshman Council Thomas Pollard, fbairnimzq Oscar Ehrenberg, Dean Francis Koenig, 1ul1'i,rar.' Lyle Schertz, Gerald Magee, flPd.f1Ht'l',' Marilyn Schueler Acting in the power of the executive body of the freshman class, the Freshman Council of 195 2 concerned itself this year with the numerous prob- lems and difficulties met by freshmen upon entering the University. A large portion of the Council's work was centered upon the publication of a book- let entitled Facts F 01' F ifeslavnevz. This booklet pro- vided a complete summary of valuable information for freshmen and was distributed through advisors during the Week of orientation. In the spring semester, the Council sponsored Sla11a'i11g.' Nuel Belnap, Walter Cryer Sealed: Ardis Miller, Patrick Malone, .rrn'elrzr'y,' john Metzger, Gwcndo a class dance, the "SZ Pickup," held in the Illini Union Ballroom. The music was furnished by Ben Bradlefs orchestra, and members of the freshman class provided entertainment during intermission. The highlight of the dance was the selection of a king and queen from the students attending. During the general campus election of all class officers, freshman class ofhcers were elected. The Freshman Council, however, continued to be a functioning body. lyn Levy is Freshman Council Shelton. fumlifiizl The Interfraternity Council of the University of Illinois is the supervisory and governing body of all the social fraternities on campus. It formu- lates and administers interfraternity policies and assists in carrying out University policy pertinent to fraternities. I.F. is composed of chapter repre- sentatives of the iifty-six fraternities at the Univer- sity. Weekly meetings are held to provide the setting for getting acquainted and for the birth and dissemination of constructive ideas for fraternity operation. The University of Illinois was the scene of the first Interfraternity Council and has held an important position as a leader in fraternity self- government. The University of Illinois was the first univer- sity to establish the post of Assistant Dean of Men for Fraternities. Dean Carl KI. Grip has held that position since its inception. University control, when necessary, is exercised through the Board of Fraternity Affairs, which is composed of three staff fraternity men. three local fraternity alumni. and the live undergraduate officers of the Interfrater- nity Council. Interfraternity Council 'JMIHV 4 .Vl.n1d1r1g.' Dean Grip, jurnlf-i aJ1ifm',' Professor Bull, flnzlrlrzilri. b0H:ff1f fmlervilfy affanr I V Ytuttzl: XY'illiam Stallman, Lambda Chi Alpha, Irrainzizf-.11-i1r'r11.f5 Ronald VC'einress, Pi Lambda Phi, ,rurl'rInl'3: Scott Shelton, Chi Psi, fm'.flde11I.' james savage, Delta Kappa Epsilon, urs pnpi1ifif111,' XX'illiam Martin, Pi Kappa Alpha, 1rr.unrrr ,-- I . .. Z' 4 413 'rr- Hx 7 'Q . I' .-- . xiii x I ,-1. I, QAM.. ,F . --1.-tl . 1 rf I- ,,..' 5, ,-Q v A EQZSWE: Elilig za S -i X151-' I gf sf' 1 X 4 er- ,I A 1 I fa- nw ' .1 lzilerfraienzify camzril repre.re1iInti1'e.r ACACIA james Brown Frank Frandsen ALPHA CHI RHO Clinton Lewis Paul Lippold ALPHA DELTA PHI William Needler Wfilliam Sommer ALPHA EPSILON PI Arthur Mostow Robert Stencel ALPHA GAMMA RHO Iohn Bigger Robinson Lahmen ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Scott Bohon james Stokes ALPHA PHI ALPHA Alexander Poinsett Neal Smith ALPHA RHO CHI Dale Benedict Robert Xlllilbert ALPHA SIGMA PHI William Kennedy Robert Powell ALPHA TAU OMEGA Nuel Belnap Robert Heath BETA THETA PI Robert Lauchner james Morgan CHI PHI Leonard Miirtin Robert Xlifagner CHI PSI Richard Bosshnrd Wlallace johnson COSMOPOLITAN David Eisen jack Hayya DELTA CHI john Dau Richard Mills DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Daniel Branigan Tom Hostetler DELTA PHI Robert Carlson john McClellan DELTA SIGHA PHI Wfillium Bierbuum Donald Fnulk DELTA TAU DELTA Byron Fry john Reilly DELTA UPSILON Donald Shaw Russell Viehmun FARM HOUSE Robert Henninger Glyndon Stull' KAPPA ALPHA PSI Robert Elliot Earl Fredrick Interfralemity couzzril 1'eprere11iaiiz'e.f I KAPPA DELTA RHO Richard Ausfgihl Phillip james KAPPA SIGIXIA Albert Grcivenhorst john Metzger LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Robert Corley john jiihnke OMEGA PSI PHI Otis Morgan W'illigii'n Thorp PHI DEI.TA THETA Robert Ingels Frank joiy PHI EPSILON PI Fred Bondy Arthur Gould PHI GAMMA DELTA john Auther Robert Kesel PHI KAPPA Rudy HA115 Peter Moore PHI KAPPA PSI Robert Droste Allen Heim PHI KAPPA SIGMA Thomas Hagan Keith Lacy PHI KAPPA TAU Gilbert Banks Paul Dunning ' 'ff v I PHI SIGMA DELTA Robert Lipschultz blyron Skolly PHI SIGMA KAPPA Henry Blackwell Clarence Hinderer PI KAPPA ALPHA Wfilliam Livingston Wfilliam Martin PI KAPPA PHI Roy Heintz George Xvzilker PI LAMBDA PHI Alan Gilbert Sheldon Mills PSI UPSILON Donald Arer Bernard Wfalile SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bruce Campbell james Sullivan SIGMA ALPHA MU Sanford Greenwald Milton jatfe SIGMA CHI Wfilliam Costimn Dickinson XViltz SIGMA NU Cullen Clauser jack Polivka SIGMA PHI DELTA Stevan Cobb Xvilford Shurtletf , y, sf G, I 'e .. I -, , u . . . is i -. , , 5 , V 1 v - . , 3 V .-, - rv.. 'f , .1 B 1 - tri' L I kxjt iw Q, gg my i-,x,.ig..6:,,, I - I iff? 'WN' J , ' -. r. x 4- ,, 1 - " 'i' I :rr-cr SIGMA PHI EPSILON Richard Christian Robert Dunn SIGIVIA PI Robert Alexander Fred Kondzella TAU DELTA PHI Alfred Eisenberg Arch Goldrich TAU EPSILON PHI Leonard Kmvets Sheldon Lee TAU KAPPA EPSILON Harry Gullett Richard Heiligenstein THETA CHI Xlifilliam Neisen Robert W'ylie THETA DELTA CHI Lawrence Butkus Wfebster Crowley ,THETA KAPPA PHI Bernard Hurley john Ravo THETA XI Austin Buclmnzin Scott Cameron ,TRIANGLE lames Fairbiiirn Robert Newlin ZETA BETA TAU Irion Heyman Sheldon Pollack ZETA PSI William Powers XValter Ritter flTi"' Q41 - ,Qfi SPI '- The Men's Independent Association is a student- established and student-administered organization of the independent men on the campus of the Uni- versity of Illinois. Through the unihed effort made possible by this organization, these students exert influence in the formulation of general policies con- cerning student xvelfare. M.I.A. has been organized so that it may encompass and represent independent men. This has been accomplished through the or- ganization of houses with four or more residents. each of which elects a representative to the M.l.A. council. The council is the policy-making body for the organization and decides all matters of maior importance. The executive body is the Directorate made up of the ollicers and committee chairmen of Nl.I..-X. The problems facing Nl.l.A. provide oppor- tunity and incentive for independents in all areas of student activity. including scholastic, athletic, so- cial. and recreational fields. M.l.A. aids in student participation in sports. In the academic held. tro- phies are awarded for high scholarship. en s Independent Association er me ntnbium Illml L ul u Bram! mpvt,inlluf.m 5 -lnhn Dener, lr inurg Allan Nelson, use pvft1Jer11p I 1 ,x ers, .zi 4 I-5 iz. img Duane Branigan, latufli .nluiar tr but Ci U1 ix JNtxll n1.1fffv,4 Raph Sharp, -zmfivll wrzamr ltr lllfly 1111 1 stpl Fx I If fu as 4 'I X. ll s l l Il 'Y - w rl l w l l 5, gb i l 1, l 1 l E.X'.?fllIl1c' mlmuif-Trip fuzz .' Alan Turner, Dale Melon, Oicar Ehrenberg, Hmvard London, Don Barrel, Drck Berl-cshrre, Layn Flitk Bnrforn rffrr 1 jerry Tenenbaum, Ray O'Ne1ll, Ralph Sharp, Peter Coladarcr, Allan Xelsun, B-wb Gand, .I-nhn Ducwer Home rrfm,rmn1tizsJ-T017 vnu 5 Ihzwrcnte Connolly, T-mm Keith, Marwin S.lverm.1n, AlClXll'1 Goldzhantl, Irwin Chalmn, Manhall Zlssman, Arthur Karlan, Melvin Gutstadt, Thomas Lutx, Ray Netherton, Sidney C.l'lllIflCI', Fred Lareon, -I-vhn Allr-un Third mum' Amos Bratrude, Marshall Drake, Robert Adams, XY'illi.1m Rusth, blatli Glawm, j,uneS Alrles, Rxthard Martin, Paul Clrnelwell, F105-J X'i'enr,g-, Alnhn hfarshall, Kenneth Fcldcrman, Edward Avoboda, 1r,, XVillram Moody, Burt Altman, Harry Granzrm ' Seform' ron .' John Mason, -Ir., Charles MtGreW, Homer Lemke, Aaron Hull, Petrik Tlmrnas, Dunaltl Baird, Don Gallav, Sul Gold, Rrthard Berlcshrre, Henry Frazer, Lyle Ivlansficld, Kenneth Sturm, Donald XVOIIQ Bottom ww: Alan Turner, Edwin Mellon, Ray O'Neill, Layu Flitk, Obcar Ehrcnberg, Allan Nel5-un, Peter Culadarci, R-:bert Gaml, john Duuwer, H-vwartl London, Jerome Tcnunbaum. Ralph iharp. Loy Miller 1 ,,,- N mm VAQV 1 1 5 --. W., 5 4 l ,fs 9 'ss v ,,. K - 1 li 4 ll .lla ,-N , Q u fit, 'K Y .i Lib' Panhellenic is the law making body for all sororities at the University of Illinois. Its policy is to create a high plane of fraternity life and inter- fraternity relations within the University, to fur- ther line intellectual accomplishment and sound scholarship, and to cooperate with the college ad- ministration in the maintenance of high school standards. Panhellenic is composed of txvo govern- ing hodies. the Presidents' council, composed of chapter presidentsg and the Ifxecutive committee, composed of Panhellenic oiiicers, the faculty ad- visor. departmental chairmen, and junior depart- mental chairmen. The departments covered hy Panhellcnic are social. scholarship, activity. rush- ing, pledge, and Shi-Ai. The junior departmental chairmen xvork with junior Panhellenic which consists of all sorority freshmen. Included in its activities are the Fall Scholarship dessert and the Spring banquet, when individual and house scholar- ship is honoredg the Pledge hanquetg and the annual Panhellenic hall. Ilfuotlij. Peslsintl, jvt il,.'tr1 Panhellenic ouncil l".u1f'il!tf11i' iitinlurt tfff1,'n,,'1.m' -Twp wir: Estelle Anderson. Alpha Phi, ,tfn'i.n' Jijv.1rll11ir1!,' Patiieia Kimler, Delta Delta Delta, rlulvrlgu Ji'11.ulmr11l.' lean 'I'heuif.i', Delta Qyarnina, Wim! Jtjnzflrmulg Georgia Bushnell, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sli!-.115 I-Iarriet Olschansky, Alpha Epsilon Phi, ,-rlmlizzflwjv .ft,fu.'v.'mw.f,- liatherme Merrimat, fhi Omega, .zilnny iIt,!1.1r'f111:r11,' Joyce Drew, Kappa Alpha Theta, Sli:-,-ll: ,lean Mar,-goles, Sigma Della Tau, .n'lml.1f,r!vf11 ' if 1 I -' it I ' fl k I in Phi Beta wlcilfi' JL varlmiril I1., I1 1 ut 11. , ,lean H ltzman, Alpl .1 Ihr Omega. .nm II3 iftf1.nln1tuI,' Ixathrvn ar , L ani a . , I it lt. X li rlffw 'Hu 3 Iatqueline XY'eave1', Kappa Alpha Theta. jilhlqt' i!ij1.u1n1t'r1l,' Dean lane Kline, fnfzr,-mg' Betty Bailey, Alpha Delta Pi, lr'r'i1,i111m',' Dorothy P Nu 3 11 1 1 lin n Nlik ll Pl ll C1 flirle lxi eskuml. Senna Iclta 'I'au, juzvlifi 1: 'loan Bergqulsf, Alpha fhi Omega, I tit' ff ii In ,Ina I .c', A pta iiv n'i'r'i .1135 Qirolyn . ', Ippa :Xlplia Iheta, w-fuzz: n'L!f.1vf1f1t'1z , 1 4 ' 2 X A - ,lb ! . F- ,K 9 .Al X -kia i if, 416 7 1 fir, - ,. Snmrzlyy f7lt'tfjt'lIl,fT T011 1'01l'.' Phyllis Miner, Alpha Phi, Nancy Dunn, Delta Gamma, june Barber, Gamma Phi Beta, Ann Lutz, Kappa Kappa Gamma, jean Muth, Alpha Gamma Delta, Kathleen Keeley, Kappa Delta: janet Birch, Alpha Omicrun Pig .luyte Stone, Delta Zeta Alpha, Hurleen Feltman. Delta Phi Epailung Barbara Bl'DCl'il11f'll:l', Alpha Chi Srromf rorr: Marian Ryan, Theta Upsilon, Odessa fuuper, Alpha Kappa Omega: Elaine Rosenberg, Sigma Delta Tau: Beverly Asplund, Chi Omega, Lee Flesch, Alpha Xi Delta, jane Sigwalt, Alpha Delta Pi, june Branding, Phi Mu, Maxine fargill, Delta Delta Delta Borrow mum' Barbara Naft, Phi Sigma Sigma, Jacqueline Xveaver, Kappa Grace Hartmann, Pi Beta Phi, Grace Balazs, Zeta Tau Alpha, Barbara Alpha Theta: ,lean Avrannll, Alpha Epsilun Phi, joan Fagerburg, Sigma Kappa, Stewart, Delta Sigma Theta Pledge prt.ride11I.ffTop Vozzz' Nancy Trimarco, Alpha Xi Delta, Louise Sampler, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Margaret Graham, Alpha Delta Pi: Marinrxu Mitchell, Alpha Gamma Delta, Delphine Bartosiewiez, Theta Upsilon, Iune Stmok, Delta Gamma, Martha Muots, Pi Beta Phi, Geraldine Dillon, Alpha Chi Omega, Dorothy Schrader, Sigma Kappa, Mary Hainsworth, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fawn Cawper, Phi Mu Barium inrr: Cora Reynolds, Delta Zeta, Marilyn Toombs, Kappa Alpha Theta, Betty Ann Carson, Delta Delta Delta, Joyce Rentro, Kappa Delta, Frames Dunn, Gamma Phi Beta, Pat Smith, Kappa Kappa Gamma Na! is fitlllflf Monica Wfilliams, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Judy Midcap, Alpha O'nicrnn Pi, Sue Evans, Alpha Phig Joyce Anderson, Chi Omega, Nancy Rosen- l fl . Delta Phi Epsilon, Beryl Xvolf, Phi Sigma Sigma, Barbara Schultz, Sigma Delta Tau NYomen's Group System, the first group of its' ltind on any college campus, is the organization of all independent xvomen. Included in the system are organized xvomen's houses, xvomen's residence halls. and scattered groups. The presidents of these groups participate in a xveelclv council meeting. The governing bodv of XYGS. is the Executive Council, composed of the oilicers, major chairmen, sub-district chairmen, and faculty advisors. XY.G.S. devotes its time to the encouragement of scholarship, activities and social life among its members. Among its varied activities are the district and scholarship teas, the Christmas Musicale, the XYatcheka Sing, and the House Presidents' Banquet. lY.G.S. cooperates with Xl.l..-X. to present events such as the Independent Stunt Show, free mixers, and the publication of a newspaper, the Ivldepen- dent. Climaxing the vear's activities is the lV.G.S. Awards Tea when newly-elected oHicers are in- augurated and recognition is given for outstanding scholarship and activity participation. omen s roup System 4 SQQN NW ' 5 5 55 , H 1 71 , 'di " 1 96" 'B L ,.qge:g:5--111.511, , i . ' I1:11fT,'1E?Eg":1V',: I . -' rf- ,,.x ' -'g1Z,55ya,: A-nv R' f 'T vu r. .- 5 . , 1, f -s rw "v Q -as 1 A .A it... 1- nl K :"' I , fi Q .. - X X H lu A.. , 1: , l , ' .Q , A ,Mi ,ff W ' ' 4 .Y , ,-1 '-.. - M g-'fy-A:, -1, J, -, -, 'fp ' I nl' v 5 T-Q-'lkigsfg 4. -. 1-b "V A-Wk. . :fx ' -'N- ' -s K. ,-- 2'-r-A . "If, "' "-5:5-cf, 'Ax-1-115-', "-o- - ' A Lg?-541- " Q N X ,ww ez S I :f , Q' - H f , ' ' 5 1 flillfnabg 5 t ag I U QA .' 'v '- 9 Y' W Q , A , Eg -If 434 Sui- vyvm Y GJ . 9 '7 2 Q 1 rr' 'V 'WY fif- 11 2' L11 CQ .- 1 '-' 11 gi' fv- i 4. Top mum' XVilliam Campbell, Robert Friedman, Harald Xvilson, Daniel Keele Third' row: Harold Brandenburg, Robert XV lic, Richard Myers Srl'0l1l2l faux' Harry Von Huben, Carl lambs, jacob Wlhitlock, Richard Kanrk, Ray Funkhauser Bollom row: Richard Wfurzburger, Ray Hauser, Fred Seavcy, Michael McDonald. Henry Chodacki I l I promofes closer relafionship and coopera- fion among flve various engineering professional sociefies Executive ommittee of Student confrols funds of ZOO sfudeni' organizafions Top mu-.' Henry Thorncs, Dean Fred Turner, Dean 'Vern Hampton Bollom razr: Richard Harvey. Carl Falk. Ernest Tedlurd Na! in 1mm'l.' Raymond Baxter ful: uf Ylhlts 4 The Illini Union 'lihe Illini Union is the community center for the Laiiversity of Illinois. It is intended to he self- supporting with the main source of income received from the fee of Sion per semester paid hy every student. This fee is used to amortixe the honded indehtedness and to pay for the operation of those areas of the huilding that do not produce any rev- enue. lhus. ln payment of the fee at registration. all students automatically hecome mcmlmers of the Union and are entitled to use all of its facilities and services and to participate in its activities. ilihe Union is a husy place. and as such con- cerns itself with the whole area of student life and interests outside of the classroom. lt provides lounges. food services. meeting rooms. game rooms. howling alleys. a hrowsing lihrary. ticket sales win- dow s. an information window. and other services and opportunities for the students to work and play together and make profitable use of their leisure time. Over liollll individuals enter the huilding daily. approximately 8.500 meals are served. and South new uf linion over 1.750 visit the Xlain Desk for newspapers. cig- arettes. candy. and cigars. The Illini Union Book- store is a beneficial project which pays dividends to the students patronixing the store. 'lihe lllini Llnion Board. which is composed of lioth students and faculty. is responsible for carry- ing on a hroad program of student activities of an all-University nature. These programs are planned and executed by a wide variety of student commit- tees which are organized under six departments. Included among these functions are the daily rec- ord prograins in the music lounge. the weekly Coffee llours. the weekly informal dance at Club Commons. and the 'llown Nleeting programs twice a month. There are also tournaments in bowling. hilliards. checkers. and chess. and classes for social and square dancing. Student committees arrange the weekly movie at the Auditorium. the Saturday night and other special L'niversity dances. the Uni- versity Sings. Spring Carnival. llomecoming. Dads Day. and Xlothers Day. l ,Q 0 SIJIIJIUQ CIFOIQH Ixorb Dumthy Pukmd jcromc TEUULHIWJUH1 Charlu Bowen D-m1ld Smut R041 5 Smlza' P1tr1u1 Mhcrcr Dorothy Xernor Pmt Pull X mr' Arxdcll Pxt 1 ll XVall,1kc XX1Ilx1m Ncgdlu No! H1 pam! Vcrnnn Ixretxdmnl Prof C lntx Roburtsun Pmt lx xl XNxll.1u Union Admlnlstrahon Slalldlfm Arthur Sawyer Mutha Irnm Ixcnncth Rhmhs fhulw XX crtz, Donna Runscr lxathlcnn Uv Ve QI fb Qxxv 19, E I U1 41111 u llal I. lrml.n1:l1, linlml llfrmmwx XX nm,Ka1Iuvlm: XXIDUII Nl: H rl Nh 11 n I ,II...L. X11 41 mr I In I n1l.llx.1l1 Iam AIHIIHIIII1-, 'X f: f X1 11 xl: NIVJIIMJ, Null: lilly M Y QQ X Xxx, X M . -. 5 ,V .151 I 1 IH'-HH Ail'YIf'I'W, ,llmn Y.m sic Stu-p I'.llvlnl.A W,xll.uL', .llfulwr :flux lluulll, In-41 Department of Dances l'NI'iLi2lj' Night Dances Xlnrincc llnnccs Social Dnnccs S1lllLll'C Dances L'IliUl1 Ilzmccs Xnl lumfflul Arm Sllnlwll, ,I,llncs linul lull, l:l.lilxcI,.1 X-: k-.19 nb f e ff V 'fx dx 424 Dorothy Vcrnnr, di: Mlm' Department of Entertainment Club Commons Homecoming Stunt Show Mothers Day Union Movies University Sings S145-flJdiY'HlE?7fsldllljfilgf Dclphlnc Bartuslcwrcz, Leland Myars Seated: PHIIICIH Bowen, Frank Schlcck, Frances Sterling Dorothy ones Austin jones I XI,1,w la",i.'r-1mf,i.' julzn Fcllncr, -l.imcQ Tuttle, Luis Miillii .uf.f',1.'vn1tf.' ,l-qty Huatli, Bnrlxirx Pidmtk. Hcrzxtuck llniflllx lllncw Mt licu .' Y - , T -in N Brin ml-il'.:.'imt:.i' linin Prmtlixillc. Rutlfritk Urqulurt. Olga Gul p ltlimr li u xn init, john King, Mary Frcis Riiggf Puflt I, My Department of Public Relation Advertising Dance Publicity House Publications Occasional lfvents lYeclcly Ifvents iimzuu, ffrlllzfiflllff Guurgc Rand Iohn Lexus joytc Wcrnintski jimts Brotsos Davids Kartmnn, Cgirol Stcvxig 9? 2 .........,....,...v.....-N--f...- Evelyn Grossman, difeffar Department of Recreation Colfee Hours Classical Music Hours Dads Day jazz-U-Like-It Open House Tournaments S116-rlmfrmeus Vir inia Kraabel, Davida Kartman, Ethel Mac Karon Not in panel: joe? Rosenbloom Jllnjar' clmirnzezz-Sf,1:1a'n1g: Sherwood Phrllrps, Phyllrs Exams, Rnymond Thompson Sunred: Kathryn Flesch, Carolyn C0l1Cl'l, Gtorgm Bushnell Snb-flmirnzerl-51.1ruling: john Regan, Rlchurd Holschcr S:alm'.' Joyce Heath, Anncttc Lcistcn, Katherine Wfolcntt S1111-rlnzirvlnls George Rand, Cunlyn Korb, Lee Muller, Gloria Fletcher, Robcrt Cscnck K -....... 'f -Er ii Q Sn 'gave . jf ,Q . 1 ,vw . V193 'ffm 355165, ,:' , 1. W . i 4.15 -4: 1, ,f-if will A, A- ,hy , - vi L fa. ' 'S-,1-tie lg 3, - vp? M '?gi!1fS4"i'1'f1 FQ 71- Jlrzfor l'bJ,ll'Y7Iz7I.' Frank Callalian, Sheila McMurray, Keith Goodwin NH! ni p.zi1el,- Irwin Smiley 5'11!:-fluziinzni-Tufi wil' Francis I-leavey, XV1lli.1m Appier Bfi.'1f,in1 mu: Nedra Amerman, Helen jo HAhr'e, Carolyn Hedberg Szib-fhairrr1rn4Tup ww: XV:iyne Wfeber, Joyce Heath, Wfilliam Herzstuck, john King Bunfim mu: john I-Limngton, Carolyn Kerb, Harriet Fink, jean Middlcmas Donald Stout, :fuel fur' Department of Student and Alumni Relation Block I Homecoming Student and Alumni Orientation Student Recognition Union Musical Sub-rl:i1lrn1t11.' june Rucker, Susan Twomey, Whlliam Bierbaum, Carol Thomas. john C Qillnhnn, .loan Hcssler, Leonard Wcirsek 4 'L' .E " S-, am. 2 ,,ff,.0,.w,w,mw 5 w,awM.1,..W:4,,,, uv,-:V fzmw -Q '17' P t S h 1 V t illtzjm' rb.11i'n1e11.' Gene Peters, P.ltritiri Fmstcr, Fmncis Heavcy, Irwin Smiley, -In.inrr'A A HUM' C HH' ' "H 0' Fisherkeller, Donald Kraft Sub-rbaiffzlrzl-Sirzmllugf Virgil Butler, Virginia Lightbody, Kenneth Bailey e artment of Student Services Guide and Travel SmIm': Patti Slab-rlmlwfluzs anne Lage Illini Town Meetings Oiice Management Red Cross Social Forums Sub-r-haiinzen: Oscar Ehrenberg, William jackson, Donald Bunnell, Patricia Wfirtlm N01 In panel: Nuel Bclnap Cin Kennedy, Betty Adams 1' C1 Delia O', Suzanne Wfidcmnn, David Spiegler, Jo J, Q K. if .. .N 430 Xlirgrlvgy Btiivy D . !'.1fr rfl.if: .ll.1,ff,r rfurwrflivl X1,1f,'n',tf' Rohert XY.ird, Sheldon Aucihaih . t yo -. t erlex Hi-fun, -lohn Sthumathei, Gloria Kiarne Campus Chest, an organization founded at the University of Illinois, has this year reached full status as a recognized major independent activity. Because of the interests and efforts of those who have contributed time and money to our Univer- sity charity organization, Campus Chest has proved itself one of the IUOSI outstanding student charity organizations in the country. Last year over 320,000 was collected and allocated to local, national, and international charities and relief groups. This year money will again be allocated to the lYorld Stu- .illfii.1.'x'11i .nhl xlilififfvi lifanil -,NJ,1uil1r1t-: Plnlip Roxenherg, Prol, -I, Thoniis Hastinus, blurs.: Kramer, Stull Shelton, Nucl Belnap Mufti! Paliitia XY.ill.ue, Marietta Steyens-fn. Margaret Tandy, -loan Natlx, hflcrley Brown Sub-cbaimzen - Sfunding: Ardis Miller, Patricia XVirth, Marjorie Thorson, Mary Hurst, Elaine Nusinow, Susan Greenwald Sealed: Albert Mitton, Nancy Neclcers, Jane Fouts, Frankie Glatz, Virginia Slater, Nuel Belnap dent Service Fund, CARE, Lisle Fellowship, Uni- versity of Illinois Scholarship Fund, Negro College Student Fund, Community Chest, American Field Service, and other worthy charitable organizations. To relieve the faculty and student body from constant solicitation, a one-day Campus Chest drive is held each fall. Over 356,000 was collected during this year's drive held on November 9. Proceeds from the Spring Carnival, which is an Illini Union sponsored activity, and special events, organized throughout the year by Campus Chest, do much to augment the Campus Chest funds. Many other student activity organizations also contribute whole- heartedly. Funds are distributed by an Allocations and Advisory Board composed of representatives from major groups on campus. The Allocations board determines which relief organizations are to receive aid and designates the size of donations received by these sponsoring charity and relief groups. Membev'JATop roux' David Sauer, Selwyn Zun, Sheldon Jacobs, Wfilliam Beuttler, Dick Kopel, Harold Hanes, Jerry Kats, Charles Swearingen Third rozr: James Deremiah, Marshall Rosenthal, Richard Crady. Thorpe Wfright, Earl Henderson, Jack XY'illiams, John Towers, Edward Leonard Second f0u'.' Elaine Zidell, Mary Meiford, Vivian Herr, Rita Martin, Jeanne Rayney, Joanne Hiiidmarsh. Leta Jane Small, Dorothy Gidcumb, Nancy Har- ling, Ivlartha Ramsey Botmm row: Mary Crawford, Martha Innis, Carol Nicholson, Margaret MacDonald, Delores Eeltman, June Alper, Phyllis Barnard, Carol Ewing Cv 9, as M Y:""' Q. . ff' ' . .M r-'S ati EA' : A . Qs' .95 l 9 i A Q 4 I V' H .-IH L'r11:u :li l"'fv1in: Cfimrzsnllit f S:i1u.!n1,t" Joann Lindsay, Marie Reno, Glen Biolandet, Donald Iole, Randall XY'est, Mary Thompson .Xt.:'t.." Dt.-n lirtd Turner, Prof. Eduard Cleary, Profs Rltliald biulphy X sf: ,"..".'t.f Pi-il. Alan Laing, Dnettor Predeml: Siebett, Direttor -losel' XY'tight All University Forum The All lfniversity Forum consists of a series of addresses throughout the school year which are given by well known speakers who bring to the campus their points of View on subjects of general interest. Originating in 19-H, the committee of the All University Forum. which is composed of six faculty members and six students, has presented this series of lectures by people who are leaders in their par- ticular lields and prominent in public life. Oflieiat- ing as chairman is Professor Edward Cleary. An interesting presentation this year was a panel discussion on "XVhat's Wrong with Education." Participating in this forum were President George Stoddard, Provost Coleman Grifiith, Dean Hen- ning Larsen, and Dean Willard Spalding. Although the primary appeal of the All Uni- versity Forum is to the students, the lectures are open to the public as well as students without charge. President Cie-.1-gc Stndtlartl Dean Henning Larsen Provost Coleman Griiiith Dean Willard Spalding 432 Ralph Bunch, distinguished mediator for the United Na- tions and the Palestine disputes between the Israelites and the Arabs, spoke on "The Road to Peace: The United Nations XVay." A graduate of Harvard. Mr. Bunch is a member of the American Political Science as- sociation, has been a teacher, and has held several U. S. state department jobs. Hodding Carter, the liberal "lighting editor" and publisher ot the Delta Democrat-Times, expressed his personal opinion in answer to the question, "ls the South That Bad?" XVin- ner ot the 19-15 Pulitzer prize tor distinguished editorial writ- ing, lNIr. Carter is the author ot the novels, "The Wfings of Fear" and "Flood Crest." 6 fe- M Merle Miller, one of the most outstanding young writers and critics of today, discussed "What's XVrong with American Magazines?" Mr. Miller, the associate editor of Harper's Magazine, has worked on the stalfs ot Time magazine and as book editor of the Saturday Re- view of Literature. He is the author of "XVe Dropped the A- Paul Douglas, author of nu- merous books on economic sub- jects, including "The Theory of Wages" and "Real Wages in the U. S.," spoke on "Legis- lative Problems of the 81st Con- gress." President of the Amer- ican Economic Association, Mr. Douglas was a member of the Consumers' Advisory board, and was active in drafting the original Social Security Act. Bomb" and "That XVinter." ess. 3 Wfilliam Laurence, the only civilian to witness four of the tive atomic explosions, dis- cussed in his address, "Human Benefits of the Atomic Energy," the peace time uses of atomic energy in industry and med- icine, Author of "Dawn Over Zero," Mr. Laurence was the only man selected by the Wfar department to write about the Nagasaki explosion. Countess Tolstoy, authoress ol "The Tragedy of Tolstoy" and "I Vlorked for the Soviets," discussed "The dangers of Com- munism," basing her lecture on personal Contact with Commu- nists here and abroad. She has established the Tolstoy founda- tion in New York which is dedicated to protecting the rights ot non-Communistic Rus- sians in the United States. Clifton Utley, famed radio commentator and foreign anal- yst, gave his personal "Report on Europe." Mr. Utley has studied international relations and political science abroad and has extensively touted al- most all the European coun- tries. His great news career began in 1926: and, since 1955. he has had weekly broadcasts on foreign affairs. 434 Religious Activities f Q22 ' 123 ,ff R i W ,WW 5' f fl , 4 if if W U' I W f fl K I ! ZA . ' f K I My ,ffflllhl j ku mxvxxx. 1 U! H. I! Xxx, x.. N KH . J 0 xx X, J .,. w O 4 7' Nfv l 1110011 5 X-4 wi Z! I f N X v Q29 vkfYxx fzw 1 1 X r qwbyv QQEZWQ ' p2Z!Lgiii Bv'f A A X ' ' M5 1. K X. X. 1 'X X limp WXGN Q ' N mg, S X 4 ' , ,, 3 R A X I IIA- I X 25 ' f, f, X, ,I ff ' X I X 2 Q f If ff "X X I NR f ,ff 5 X, X, QW! MW W! ff f 1 f Ha 1 Z X5 ,f ff f X W I il ' 7 f ! IT . f A 'IW' fXqji f R ff' ff! .VKNMHA 5 , , N ff M 77 yf ' 7 X The Y.Nl.C..-X., whose purpose is to foster Christian ideas in everyday student life and to provide opportunities for training in Christ- ian leadership, is now in its seventy-seventh year of service to the campus community. :Xmong the vital services sponsored by this organization are the International Friendship supper clubs for foreign students, lectures on family living by noted speakers, a camp held in the fall to ease adjustment of freshmen to college life, the promotion of boys clubs in the twin cities, and week-end dances and par- ties in cooperation with the Y.lY.C..-X. Other campus functions and services are the Chanti- cleer, student pamphlet issued every two weelcsg the "lu bookg bi-weekly faculty and graduate forumsg freshman discussion groups led by upperclassmeng and participation in the Sweet Sixteen Circus. There are +00 students taking part on the various committees of the HY" program. The building, which has been a hub of campus activity since its erection in 1938. offers to the students quiet study rooms, re- creational facilities, a lunch room, and a widely-read file of hometown newspapers. ard, Donald Wlilker, Patrick Malone, Robert Lauchner, john Shu- - Al . -i 9? 4' K WN.. X f ,-7 is 4, 4' x ,X Q- 4 P . . :qs " .. ,Zo ge: I, vm' xl. .2 WF f' - 'G I ..,Sf 6- f 39 I it :sgfs 9 I g W-Mui. - .... ,,, A-1 S. V My ' ' Qi 51-'if' ,I ,' -, 7, .V , lf. , . .I , s V H Y- 1-4 pw . ' '-A1 -If '-..: JH- V "3?W"T' if -vs.f+'-".- 1-. +P. -f,-fiyrl, . Eff , 5 jf.,..w-1. .3 I, F., gr , - 4,-",. .' A ,. .., ,.,.,,. .1-'71,-.,'l',f, 154 f.m:A',lJ-'Zigi1..:,.Q,.i:fl . -A 1, - , . 7 'f fgf 1 lu., , .'2,43Q'f 'f' -.s'jl"'41f,ZA af- W 'N' i ' X f :.,f:.-ff , f j' I , ' , ' 2 Q Nr' f lI"? ' 3 ati M114 I 5 ' 1 W- :J I ,1 . l l . I , .gifs 'ff ' H if 3 ' 2 r V V1 ' N' ' K" 3S'??'s:,4 lwj " b ' ' YN 'I' A , N- . 1 A Spay '- - :vii 5 is A il f t f ' r Q i y 'V ' 9 ,S A. 'XV P E :':', f ,:, L J 4 ' .- A ' ,sig -if s ,: A f.2f:"- x , f fx 4 m 1, ,Z . . ' mf ., 3. -Q., 1 X 1 v1 1 1 1 " ,ff " ,E f' ' , ' 4. ' " ' til 'I Q -1. . , , gy. , -r ..,, . 9 U 4, w . ,.f , , s y ,gi M , ka X55-gtg AJ, f is R 3 1 A 'ary " - .-ff ij ' A ., f " D Q ' fa was gf 'eff ' ' ' -f Y S 5 Bi " 3 , -J QW W- 3: Q +s -' -1 'Wifi " l.. - . '. .1 -,jx fQL7g,3',j,g:C 35, - J M W f .-:-- -V+ ' 71 7' , ...ff - ., A I it :fu ff- bgxhrwg rwlffpj-I: - 1' ,A Ar. ,gl Y. --. " 4, 42? L H!i-o:,-f--- .as - - Q ,M M., . ' .A --- , . . 1 438 Zi 'aa '43 ' A . :Jain-I I Q Vgfqzl Q . '51 . v-fx", 'af 5' fa? ' s ,4--, Z 4- X an -- 'i l'r,1o:tslJ,.vi.M.rir fr. '..'r 1'-rr I I I I The L'niversitv Young XYonien's Christian association has grovvn into one of the largest or- ganizations for eanipus and connnunitv vvonien. lfach nieniher receives the niaxinnnn opportunities for living a hroader and niore creative life through service and a grovving lqnovvledge of Ciod. The prograin of the X ,XY.C.fX. ollers activities corresponding vvith everv individuals interests. The fundamental concepts of Christian living are incor- porated into the coinniunity' and campus service proieets, which range froni vvorlcing with children's recreational centers to xvelconiing' foreign students. The social events aid in hroadening friendships and contacts. s. BN lflrrr f n,vur1f.' Marv Alne Ifaslruari, urirr.Ar5,' -Ioan Zagat. lrrailutig Delores Daxrtlson, fntmftrzl. ,Ioanrit 'larry fH'l int jntrfrltul. Miriam 5-rrnrner. vrrtfml :art for ilrltlll Nlenihers henelit from the group cooperation and leadership training. Liniphasis is placed upon personal groxvth to help insure social consciousness in the housewives and career women of future years. Special annual events highlight the year's activi- ties. :Xt l lonieconiing nnnns are sold. livery Christ- nias a doll shovv built around a general thenie is pre- sented vvith organized vvoinenis houses participating. The dolls are distrihuted to children throughout the stare. The Y.XY.C.A. offers a line opportunity for a university' or conununitv vvonian to aid others xvhile developing her oxvn character potentialities. falmrr Xlafzrllrlr' Karol llrristlale, Margery Torripltrris, Patritxa XVen1el, hlarilvri Stlieuler, Doris Hrmes, lvfary Ciraham, Marion Rogers, Marx Alne East- man. lleanor srrlt-ntl, 'loan Pixlt-5, Betty Lou Dean, Margaret Robinson, Patrnra XVrIl1.1mson. 'loanne Edwards, Virginia Farraml, Miriam Sommer Marti! Maillvn Augspnrgtr, Patrnia Mnhelrnan, Roberta King, f,.irol Polk, Virginia Player, Delores Davidson, jnanne Terry, flane XY'ildnian, -lean Crist, H.iili.iia ilalrant, rlivzrlrrut rllnrlml Mary l.ou farsrtk, rvrrullrr' rllretlnr 'Nfl In funnf' vlf-vi t llren, laurrairle lxnrtoxll W .1- .X .21 WY- 1- ,. .R -' '--SM.. .gay x X.. ,L si -I .5 ,cl--' .. gA,, . .RWM fazfg. 1- Y." J-lp Z , M . .3- 'Yk 'I .N s 5 Q 34. . ,Q . .ff ..f.z.f -wiv, .A- L .. 35 -Q' QQ l fi 6 .1 4 I 3 . '26, fx M, X., 9' sb ' .75 4 ix 'S-. . .Sf ,sa i .v' .. .H L' ,J I M Y lioher! Vest. fr.1i.wtv, Rex XX'1ll1am XX'.nd, .1.!11,wf, Rohcrt Mann, 11 .I:'1i. Rog.r Haig, :ni fm i.'.ftn'.' Student Religious ouncil The Student Religious Council is a body of students representing all the religious foun- dations on campus. lt offers an excellent opportunity for students of all faiths to voice their opinions and to achieve united action to further the cause of religion. Since the council is not only inter-founda- tional, but also inter-denominational, it helps to cement good relations among the different faiths. The Tfi1lSICl'-PLISSOVCI' festival is an ex- ample of good inter-faith work. The 5.R.C. also sponsors inter-foundation socials and dis- cussion groups. The main purpose of the council is to for- ward the cause of religion and to develop relig- ious leaders on the campus. lilach foundation is encouraged to present its problems and solu- tions to the council. ln this wav the council serves as a clearing house for ideas. The coun- cil sponsors Campus Xlatins as morning wor- ship services once a month. It encourages students to take part in foundation activities and tlms secure the spiritual and social advan- tages offered. lt lends its full support to those activities and movements which incorporate in their structures sound moral and religious con- cepts consistent with our countrv's democratic ideals. 'Iliff fffn ' .fXn.os fairy. Rohert Vest, Hoharl Hindcxlxter, XY'llllan1 Fxtklc, Tommy Shepherd, Robert hlgmn liffifffru :flu fharles Inskcep, ,lean Lia-.mav, Dorothy Grese, Rev. Wfilliam Wfard, Patricia Wfcnzul, Nancy Haas, james Patterson 440 Illini Christian Fellowship, a chapter of Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, is an inter- denominational Christian organization which strives to consider the spiritual and moral problems of the day through study of the Bible, through prayer, and through group dis- cussion. Believing that the solution to all problems is to be found only in Christ, each member seeks to know Christ and to spread His word. A full and varied program includes challenging lectures by eminent Christian leaders, weekly Bible study, and daily medita- tion and prayer. Understanding is further fos- tered through the sharing of ideas at regional, national, and international conferences held periodically on university campuses through- out the world. Although it emphasizes the spiritual and intellectual, Intervarsity does not neglect the social needs of its members. Thus Illini Chris- tian Fellowship is prepared to make a con- tribution to not just one, but to many phases of campus life, challenging students to give greater service to a world in need. Officers of the organization are Paul Han- selman, p1'eside11t,' john Danielson, vice presi- dent, Mary Lou Nicholls, seci'ez'a1'y, and Frank Luzzi, t1'easzz1'e1f. Wfeekly Bible study group Illini hristian Fellowship Top raw: William Selkirk, Raymond Eckman, Paul Grabill, Howard Sandlund, Roy Kelley, XVilliam Kellogg, Fred Giles, Clyde Kautz Raymond XX ester dahl, john Danielson, Delose Pipes, Donald Miller, Frank Frye, Wlinifred Hager, Harry Vanderbilt, Paul Hanselman Third raw: Gordon johnson, Holmes Robertson, Roy Bodett, Shirley Grove, George Harcus, Edith Mitchell, Frank Replogle, Mary Hagopian Eugene Peterson David Olfner, Earl Trapp, Mary Edwards, Donald Wfaldun, Hazel Meers, Donald Hunter, Donald Larson Second row: James Kay, Doroth Kellogg, Bert johnson, Ella Richards, Robert Nunemacher, Martha Morgan, Frank Luzzi, Allie Hill, Parker jero Gertrude Kll Rb Pl TVlllI.h RbM Mli' h e Ogg, o ert amer, vii a au er, u y artz, eun jo nson Boliom row: james Toda, Paul Sytsma, Ruth Oakes, Harold Bushey, Eulene Bushey, Dale Scott, Genevra Rooks, Charles Rumley, Doris Qandlund Charles Inskeep, Vera Antirnonik, James Patterson, Mary Nicholls, Roger Swank .Big .X keeps fhe Universify sfudenf in confacf wifh local, nafional and world-wide Chrisfian sfudenf acfivifies. On fhis campus fhe sfudenf needs for spirifual emphasis are fulfilled by Sun- day worship, church school, Coffee Club, vesper services, and Supper Club. Baptist Student Fellowship sfrives fo creafe a unifed Jewish communify on campus I-ff f--14 A1l.m Icxnkulrlmn, fmiriluil, I,cnn.1rxi Ytnrsuk, ins pnmluzl, M.1ry-me Stnmrn, lu 1 if if liiffffni flu Ylmm Rlcuui, mflluvy' Ruhhx Ssmucl Hqrkmutz, ilmilffvg lxucn bulk, .rx-rvrrzl 11' lla .lrrsimi kN, Q., A -r' Xia' 442 cvd 5. - qw -. "'.3?s- 1, f' 12:1 '-::- ' V 1, N 7.1 X MAL A xxx, E sw... 'f"'1"!"' 4 QT ' . , mia "T, ,EAI it ' A Ni h Ev-32 Y' " Q f' I :pe if" Aw . f 1 ljlfl iw Vw Q5 7.5: :ig W ' ' gy' Jiri' WI? Q Ng 4-. - S" si 'ia Qui' Qmwrgv' vw- 4 , G1 0.0 ,' .Q f -' I 39 Q -Ni V! I 4 1 l wx r ig 4. -1 ' I, . V x " V ,v :1 Y, 4 9 bg Q QS Q E' , r W Q X if If Zi' All 4 . nf ' . ,ff .ff 1 :ff ' f gl T, I , ,fz J. 15' K ,. :Y I 1:1 4 5 F 'V A -, fp 9 wi Q 1, g . Q . 6 :rn A - 'W ,' A751 , V ' vga f ' 'rw f N' I 11:7 ' x..' lj v -M V ' 'fx ' l L , v lx I ,I , 5 , bg viii, . A' 1 Z", - I- AM X' " I f sf? Q ' ,fm Q' g '5fA" .,' f I , df' Qi' - 1' if 2, X Kfgbf' f Q 'Q ,M M M ' J , .I ,' f' .,g'x QM- , Q 1 f ' '3gg3f?i?'fiff?f7-'5fFQ'5fC':T2.i4'3 .' W ' -H+! f,, A . - ' X -. ,, L " 'W-.:" 47" 'A Y Q 1 . 4.- . :ri jx J- , -ui-Ag Cx Tc. v ,JK g, a igsi,-' -5 J- , , - ., ,, , , . ,V . 1 ... 'T ,351 - ts. .,V.1 1' . ' -L -2: -.ffl - -- x -5? c ILS Missouri Synod, serves sfudenfs of fhe Lufheran Synodical Conference. The program revolves abouf fhe Sunday chapel services, con- ducfed by Reverend E. H. Heinfzen. Ofher acfivifies are sponsored by Gamma Delia, Associafion of Lufheran sfudenfs, and by fhe Married Sfudenfs and Sfaff Club. The fofal program is coordin- afed and supervised by fhe Sfudenf Execufive Council I I provides church and sfudenf cenfer for fhe spirifual enrichmenf and developmenf of fhe lives of Presbyferian sfudenfs on fhe campus .H r, 1 .,f...l' - 711- van' Ru. ,Lnms Hmm, l7,ltxxLu.1 Pmc, Dnld Phelps. Mnrilyn Slhuclcr, Dumld Bmkcnsxck, Nancy Ncckcrs, Ellis Knox, Lum L06 l'I.l-.uv, lam lllll-nrt, N-:1'n1.l kmlllxnus, lluhult llmwn, Cyrctlllcn Plnggc, ll--n.ll1l Snavclv, P.xt1n1.1 W'1lll.1n1wn X.. in." vin XX'.uhl,l vfustls, lane linux, llurwlluy Tcxtln, Arthur Pucc, Ruth Lmxxhlrd, -lL'.lD Ci.l9.lNY3y, Elson Sums. Nancy Plnpklns, Luis Dumclow, lhul Nlluwwln, XX'nll1.1m Mctlsll, N.nlh,1 Md lc.m, ,Iunmx H.1l'l'y' Xl is H ,, ,fn fun . .nrhn Furl.-luugll, Hcltv Inu Dum, Rl,-hurt lillxmrlls, Muy Dny, Oulu!! Frost, jr., Dnvld Cash, Dorutlxy Hua, Ralph Spxckcrmnn, Charlunc NNW'-l,fvr1, XX'lllx.nm llcmlcxwn, Rwlult Plmggc an-5 4 A n +.e The purpose of Newman Foundation, the Catholic student center at the University of Illinois, is to deepen the spiritual feeling and to enrich the temporal life of its members. Under the direction of the Reverend Edward Duncan and his assistants, the Reverend Ed- ward O'Rourke and the Reverend Edgar Tay- lor, this group unites Catholic students on campus. Most important of the activities of Newman Foundation is St. john's Catholic Chapel, in which students are offered several masses daily as well as on Sunday. Other Newman activities include discussion groups, lectures, corporate communions, dra- matics, intramural sports, parties, and social programs. Traditional events, including a spring formal, a dramatic production, and a picnic at Turkey Run State park in Indiana, are eagerly anticipated. Notable additions to the Newman program are credit courses in religion, the choir, the Graduate Students' League, the Married Couples, group, the Sanc- tuary Society, and the Altar Society. The foundation is afliliated with National Federa- tion of Newman Clubs, which is composed of similar groups at universities throughout the country. The Reverend Edward Duncan ewman Foundation g 'wifi'--: A -' f fl. , gtg... 'Qld .41 J-ff A 'W MJ 5 . 4' Q 5531: f,- Q -. , ., .nf- QML. " s H? U ' 1 1 A ,i, 4 . .. IK. Iifx' HF fr QQ ml , v -yysgw . f' X, 4- F 'rt .h . 'lf , . fp,- '4 :za-, -. rl, M, n gal.: '. x RP YQ-All l sf 1' 1. l V .Q H to x 'J I - RS, 5 Q -J Emi '- -5' Q .5 7' f . 4 . ,. x, , Q I ,n '. 4 L J' -gl. I, ,Jwfimf f ,ff - -, ': gf as ,f n ,-,NI.r'-,.1, " 'T 7"' 5" LJ' 'Q -- -'-" VX ":!'fMf5'l 4-7 ,",.'.',u L-'fix' -, -' Q. --' if :rf 3. ml, if' ' ' 5 M' vip' :. -:9.'ff,,..f D Q i :11:.g,,1-Ewivl 04 i,'i.'.'JI.i IVV. i ' J' 'gf ,fir J l4l'lkNRs -L , , L , . f J x , .1 wff-, 'kr 'iw-r , .2 s' Ana LF ,tif ,5 ., x.'. 5 . ...Wy We .J ,rd .Q-.1 ma V uw , ,f It U . , .. , .. -- V mx-. 'ilu A L .gf 1, 5 hy! .1 31.1 . J ' 3 P QP' 5 f 2 'U' ' 4- .A 5 1 ff' !. -5 A-wh ' 4-ye .A 1, , . 1 -A f wfw . ' ' I W . 'r A .Q . W., . X Q 6 ,Mura- ' rc' 9' ef .-' , .,,, 1 AQ, V. W- ,M fm- l V133 l ! , . P ,W ,. ., , 1 f I is Q 39' ,W 1 Nl' 1J?.g'gJ yi 94" . 5 - f --, Q ' ,Q X' .1 W 1 . , ,- A w 9 :I+ - ' AJ? X. "5- O .V vi. 1 F9 5, gy N' , A Qu S Y l 3 I 1 4 Publications b x Q4 Q-Ex NNN I W1 f ff my I! Y., NX x X wff Y , k X .'w if Mi uf Q 1 f V Q , 94' J Ch' 'ESV 1 ', 4 ff U . , , , , 4 , 1. - , . ' r A. , , 4 , . , 1 1 JN s ' 6 w ,N I xx .,x w . MTN Q ' XXV' xl - , -fuk 'L -r E ,w Q F 'i .,x N I ' 1 1,5 -1 . .4, MMM rf .IH 'HM X,:'l VK ' ldv' 'Lg 31-K . HL - E L X i QQ? D ,I I G ix fx XX X WR ' I jsf M l Q' ,ff C? , . n X ff' ix X .Q W gl M 7' ,if 4' 5 ff 13 ' ' . 1 if W 7 'W Li 1 XX fir 'II' I lg y N - xy , ., jf fl uf N X77 Rf M-- ix .Jn XXXXQE1 YN I if 7 Q ' v xx S ff N '. I 712 , .X I X, fff1jW W , q xQw Q 'f X52 X if kk' XXX!" "L 1729 OJLN ' X M ,f D f7z il4 " X f br X Irunl Ther, ' Bstrx' Lou Balley, .1,wfr1.1lr cJ11f,fr Ginevem Little, anociafe fdilor Illio Editorial Staff IwJ'nf.n1-rf-plrfrnwvl 4.l1lw1.1l r:,zff- Yup run .' l.c5lxc Nrxnn, Rua Sheehan, Ln: Bmder, Hub Stull, Bob Snow, -lack Hcmwall, B.1rb.1ra XV0ll, Mary 'lane fwrrrc, vlgmuc H.1Lkhurth, Phullm XY'nw. XY'.xnd.1 Bnxh Str- fn! wil 5 -lanc Luc, Ruth Aluhnx, Rem Byers, Hclcn Ruse, Myrna Hale, ,lo n Strawbridgc, Shirley clISlIl, Dunna Lyons, juan Prxlcy, john Wfall-ccr, Crxme llc! .lmp Ii 'JJ'-ru 'Hn ' lu I,-ru Hmm, Dulnrcw Drcnnan, Mary Lcc McHur4.l, Gcurgc Hcfg, juanne Spell-crnxn, Phyllls Roberts, Darlene Svoboda, Ethel Mae Karon, Vnlcrlc Rarncu .X m funxll- Marx' rrnxr-lrrl, M.xrLcll.1 Alawbi, Dorothy Vlubclt, Anne l.ym.m Alxlc lNhReynnlds, farwl Nlulwlmn, Norman Pcskind, Brll Smlcrstrurn 4 ,Q W . x :rf a y 'Q-1 u o 1 ,Qu o --A 'S' I. -'1 ii? 5 ny- W- Xin f .- 1 .I M 6 1 ,rv xXE.k .IF r w .,',. ,,- 54 1 ag-I 239 NM . Am, 2 I l I R51 VN! ' gg' V Q 5 iv' n A ' - V 5. 11 V, 1 . ' V . i , -' r . I ff .. ' fn si' Ing Y' E' Pm 'Q fl'V1f We 55 5' Q .1 ' . A 1' 1 if 5? gi P F i ,E k 5' fi 1- A F' .l " Q fb' 'K if ' i X 9 9 .K Q X ,m 53" ' V A' , 1 mv, .. 'fliq .,.. Y ' lllllll f 171' I x W., ' lllllll . 1 if 'X 4'g"ll'Ill I Q f f'm:'f'f .. 4, x vfvwnwm ww ffm ww, Www ,. I fl FC 2 S, 1 H -S 5 fs 'Q Q . 'X ri 31j"'A,:1"-wave: C , W. XXX ...- '71 . 3 3' linlv Frrzglrlr-frr, H--llcn l'lXIhlITl.lI'l. ,Jn :fl r.f.'2rff Prnt. Otlrn Leztcr, mlzfzg pnlfll-lwr Daily Illini Editorial Staff IL !rr11.zr1fr--plifrfffnl :.Jl.'f'rl.:l nkzfff Iffp ff-11 I Gunn f,l.1rli, Rudy N'-Z, Bull lnulfrsr, Lulu Handler, I..1rry Burk-nu, lxlcl Cmrlxir, Slruldun Mix, Duc lvlarlln ,Mrfrr1.f 1 lifmfrfm f Nur Rnl-Q l-ru' rl : Plnlllp Flnk, Ellen Prr-d.m, buc fl.1rk, Barlurl XVrll1.nnx, R-rwm.rry XY',rlkrnS, M.1ry Fxnkcnsmcdt, M.1rtlr.x Girlrng, ,Ink Pllaum 11 5 Narlunc Ducrwlclrur, Mary Bnclrmur, Anne Snnupal, fnrrnl Mintz, ,lullv Rnscntlral, Nanuc M.1g1ll nr fnznll. D-rn.rld lirxlcy, janut Bully, Tad Bcrllml, Bull B1-rkluml, Dune Carrrplwcll, I.rllx.1n fnllxne, Dun Dodds, Ralph Gardner, Nick G1.ln.1uJpnulns, rr Cvllv, Burnanl Cmuld, l,-ns Gu,rl.1nn, Dulnrrs Hu-rn, Murrul Hurrlwrg, .I-mn -ln-abr, Laugh jcmmr, R-vw -lULII'kl.llFl. Dirk Judy, Mel Kopp, Arlen .rum r .1 run Brllw Edrm Mrllwmndt Slrxrlu Mlll1r,, Brll Mmm Inc Murphy, Stan Plarck, Iarnlxnc Rees, Betty Rlluy, Iunmd L, Hrl XI dl , I , , 1 , 5 R-N lfzx Nlrmnslcy, ,I-Iyu: Spxrzur. ,lnylr Slurn.1m.ln. Bula XVulbcrt, Gcnc XY':mlrl13. XV.1vnc XV-rIlm.1n 1 I .W 1 Z 3 ' 5 I I A "' 1 if 9 T ' 1. ' L 454 X 'K ,-lvrrritrlizlit m'11U1,t: Marie Reno, jvanne Henry, Mike Connelly, Bill Yates, Mac Eine The Daily Illini, now in its seventy-ninth year, is published by students-for students. As a major means of expression for student and faculty opinion, the newspaper reports campus news and important local. national, and world affairs. Directed by Bob Fitzgibbon, editor, and Hollen Hvndman, associate editor, the newspaper is divided into Five staffs. The staffs and their editors are: Ad- ministration, Mike Connelly, City, Mae Eames, North Campus, jvanne Henry, Rewrite, Bill Yatesg and South Campus, Nlarie Reno. Providing practical experience in all phases of edi- torial worlc on a newspaper, The Daily Illini conducts an extensive training program under the supervision of Acting Publisher O. C. Leiter, professor emeritus of journalism, jzmiov' mpg edilarrf John Ryan, Stewart Ramsey, Irma Schickcdanz, Valeaic Vance, Howard Alper, Gaz Fritts Z- v--,xx -' -u ', A .xg . , 4 , ,fn ' j ,f av . .V K -'ff-1 q V '5 '- '7' '3 :2-1' '- . z . K , WT '. 4 cf, 1' 42 1 ' E 6,1 wt an .xv 457 L.. .alr ,ix , -i Aniflafzl lnuirzeu mnnagevxv: Bob McBride, Marian Margolin, Al Gould, Barbara Christiansen, Carol Fries Under the direction of two business managers for the first time in years, the 1950 business staff of The Daily Illini was headed by Bob Poisall and joan Hasty, co-business managers. Its functions included display, classiiied and national advertising, circulation, promotion, copy, statistics, and oflice departments. Serving as assistant business managers were Carol Fries, Barbara Christiansen, Bob McBride, Marian Margolin, and Al Gould. Uperating in direct advertising and news competi- tion with the two town dailies, The Daily Illini is rated among the top three of American college dailies. Following graduation, business stall members have no trouble obtaining profitable positions on newspapers throughout the country. junior bmizzc,-',f zzmmigerxf Hollie Rizer, Aileen Hagen, Jim Morgan, jim O'Brien, julian Rosenberg, Helen Krebs, jim Stewart, Bill Gilcrest 3 jmzmv' bllflllbilj ma11l1,qPf'1.' Charles Wfalket, Tom Pugliese, Angie Mitrhem, Paul Crist . stil.- , Sill 's 2 .- i'31a-'i i i I 1 Daily Illini Sports Staff Actual newspaper experience is gained by those students working on the sports staff of The Daily Illini. For your reading pleasure. The Daily Illini sports staii covers all University sports ably and ac- curately. Increased coverage has been given both varsity and intramural events because of the in- creased interest in all sports. Besides these, The Daily Illini sports pages include accounts of all local high school games plus Associated Press reports of the national sports scene. Not only is a Daily Illini reporter present at all of the University of Illinois' home sports events, but he is also on the iob when the major varsity squads travel out of town. Heading the 1949-50 sports staff was Dick Kranz, who also conducted the column "Kranz- berriesf' He was aided by Hank Ponleithner, as- sistant sports editor. Serving under these two as copy editors were -Iohn Nlarcus, joe Xlooshil. jerry lYynn, Leo Gutmann. and Bud Karmin. Unk Kranl, -ft-'Hi itlnnr' Hank l7onleitl1ner, .1ii1il.n:! ijwfli iillliff Xpfafi info i.l1rfn,,- glue Nooshil, Bud Kaimin, Ciutmann, john Marius Vltiiv XYynn 3 -,, -Q ' ',f ':f'r',f-fax I R - w , I, . 'l::w.'iE'fEf-,1'ws- -. 2 C -wx-mx-"3A5X"i' X -'W 's H- . QAM:-1:95595-ri. X- 5-...wr-asm V, Y" ' 'xl QNXYJFQZK 4 if . Y RQ? www aw. , ,,,, . .Rf .-f fiais-figgiwlriggfaf. 'M X av 4 a ,i,,x?,f,g E max :S ,- ,. . I 5 W 1 , I Y- - Q . ' ,Dunes- VV , Q ' ' S , , IT. I ' . -i-Q, h --Q ill fl X ' ' '--Egg... 1 Y V' ' f 1 ' ' ' ' , 1 I 2? X 'I-'QT ' ' f- . 1 A : , ,X A 1 A ' f - Q 'L A 1 Nm ..' , W' '. ' , .w,..... .0 ' ""' 'W V O lx L - -Qs. I - - V-V ,-.T b W .....,..,,, U , - Q 4 ' ' . M., ,J L s , 4, . ,. v , Q , 'K ' ' ' ' N, 1 .Yif I C , -T :Q , 4 N- -. - , 5 . S f Rig! X ,A .' 12,9 L ' , A f ' . x , ,J 5 I X ' , if 3. H ... W - - - . Q 4 Q ., Q HX. 'fi' . I A XR- 9 , 1 1 I H--H' ' 3, ' . ' X .3 gg . i 5,- fizf 'W X- ' 1 .15 I ' ff . Q. x 'K lf' ' K' - ' . Q.. M s 1 -, Ka Q: S5 , I ' - ' " ' S1 -' arg, g .I . ..-'Ffa 4, -- ,. F., " 0' -1 F! A .4 ' 1 .-- ug ' wks-, mg' , UZ... - ""'9' faif y?g.y,. A QU , 5, na vu. 1' ' I- 1 I 3. .A ' 1 ijwgig 'vi'-'rf. :Vt '64 I ...u 'sf ' .1 -gif? k y lqlzifff' J -Kp -,4 .ll - A 4 5 .2 ..,, "f - "' wrwfl , 'Q 1 'I fQ Q A , i' :QE I" . . 5,2 f. QVL -41 . 'gn If F f' 12' 'I ur ' W .rv X . ,Fiv- V., '- If -w' . ef v- Ara. ' 5 V X, i , . I H5 - i , . M N' I br f 5 F Illini Publishing Company 'Iilie Illini Pulilisliing Company is ii non-eoniniercinl corpora- tion elmrteretl untler tlie laws of the State of Illinois for tlie purpose ol- printing, pulilisliing, and distrilmuting all orlieinl stu- tlent pulilieiitions. L'ntIer the direction of Professor Cecil Xloyer, elmirmnn of the Iionrtl of Control, :intl Paul Xlellielinel, eom- ptiny lmusiness manager and student ntlvisor, the company pro- vitles tlie Iiest printing service avnilalile at the minimum eost. Xlainaigeinent of the corporation is vested in ll lmonrtl of direc- tors whose memlmersliip consists of four faculty members and four students, :ill of whom must serve without compensation. 'Ilie students are eleetetl liy tlie lionrtl from ll group of nominees sulimittetl In' the Student Senate. 'liliese members serve for two- yenr terms. I"neulty memliers are appointed by the President of the l'nix'ersity of Illinois upon reeonimentlntion by the IDCZIH of Students. 'liliese memliers serve four-year terms, none of uliieli run concurrently. 'Ilie Iloiirtl, liesitles :ieting as ai finaineiitl control group, has tlie ioli of appointing the senior etlitors :intl senior nizinngers of :ill tlie xrutlent pulilientions. Pulllieaitions pulilislietl In the eompnny ut the present time tire: 'Hu' lliiiltv Illini, nexrspziperg the lllilmix :I,Q'i'it'11lf111'ixr, mug- iixine pulilislietl for tlie students in tlie College of Agrieultureg tlie lflin, 5 ezirlioolqg :mtl tlie lllifmii' 'I'0z'lwugi'i1pI1, nmgnxine pull- lislietl for the stutlenta in tlie College of Iingineering. toil Moy- v. ifuiffrlm 1 I'.inl Mi Nil lm I, rfmuil lr lfloff llmffil fi! fffrrliol Iloluil folt, lXI.inniing Nu il, vltwit IIt.itlml.m, ,livyit Ilreu, full bliiygr, -lolita -loom, lXI.iry Ilolwon Noi lu lf.1f1tl.' XVllliui Nilnuiiiirn Photographic Staff The photographic staff of the Illini Publishing Company has the job of taking pictures for all the University publications, including the Illio, The Daily Illini, the Teclvvlogmpli, the Agriczzltizrist, and the Trader, new commerce publication. Under the direc- tion of Bill Muster, first semester photo chiefg Al Augustyn, second semester photo chief, and their as- sistant photo chief Howard Uedelstaedt, the 1950 staff had its offices and its new darkroom in the base- ment of Illini Hall. K Most of the photographers provide their own cameras, receiving from the Illini Publishing Company such supplies as films, bulbs, and paper. The members of the photographic staff work in co-operation with the editorial staffs to produce publications made more interesting by good pictures. The 1950 staff has en- deavored to improve its CITICICIICY by introducing a training program for freshmen and sophomores dur- ing the spring semester. The photographic staff of next fall will be selected from those who have success- fully completed this course. assuring the publications of well-trained photographers. Bill Muster, fin! urllwfer' plmlo tal fir.-1fI.1f1l pbolagna,lrbsrr.' Sonny Lenz, Don Irvin, George Duensing, Don Loxeless Plmlo Muff - Tuff wiv: Al Augustyn, ,tutorial lL'f'llt'Alz'l' plwlu rlizrfg ,lim XVinston, Al Levy. Karl Lohmann Bollngn row: Ralph Zuccarello, Gene Hoaclley, Emil Klingcnfus Na! nz panel: Howard XVedelst1edt - ls. Fred Seayery, fnvnstfii n1.11..1gtf Ray Hauser, :dum echnograph l'his year marked the 65th year of publication of The Illinois Terhzlograph, the student publica- tion of the College of lingineering. The Techno- gmph is published each month of the school yearg it presents feature articles of technical and semi- technical nature, the latest industrial developments. personalities of professors and students, and other items of interest to local student engineers. Members of the Techlzogrnph stall have been quite active in affairs on engineering campus. They "engineered" the Dads' Day tours, and cooperated fully with the activities of the lingineering Council. The three faculty advisors, Professors john A. Henry, Lorena A. Rose, and lYalter lf. Hanson, have provided encouraging assistance and support to The Illinois Tevhllograph. Yfrff vnu XN'illia1n bodcrstrum, Henry Kahn, james Ephgraye, Iiduard liinkel, Edward Bxovks, jos--ph Liraham, XY,llllilI11 Anderson, RlLl11lILl Choronzy, Donald johrisonl Arthur Dreshlield, jatk Sitzltr li'-farm fffn ' Karl Hlanytr, Daniel Keele, john Huber, fharles Kukura, Allretla Mallotey. Frcyleritk Seavey, Rav Hauser, Luther Peterson, Robert Layvrente joyanrne Blount, lnnnie rxllfjfllell Nffr nz fmml' I.-luis Dayntlson. Robert Cverzetitli, Lexx Markoyy, jane Pailee, james Skarda, Dutk Smith, David Cash, Dwight Beard, Dean Fulton, Exyinl- Nlvavp 462 l ssi l lil l lll rl R A R I X1 ll -- u f M , by "Es i ra sa. Q ' - x l t A . Vvf- f :still , fi '- , A 55 ll Russell Lewey cdiiorg Paul Vogen, lumzzcrr mazmgerf Gilda G'leim, 1l'07l1ll!Il.f edizur ,i 'I l l 5 1 I l I - l 1 , li l l l I l l i l gnc ultunst The Illinois Ag7'iC7l1fZl7'i5Z is the student publi- able training and experience in agricultural journal- cation of the College of Agriculture. Established ism and business administration. li in 1869, the publication provides news coverage of many of the scientific developments and general interest events in agriculture and home economics here at the College of Agriculture. The Ag1'iCZl1fZl7'iSf through its six issues provides also an excellent means for students to gain valu- The publication is directed this year by Russell Lewey, editor, Glyndon Stuff, assistant editor, Gilda Gleim, womanls editor, Koreen Krapf, assist- ant woman's editor, Paul Vogen, business manager, jack Bingham, assistant business manager, and Al- vin Elliot, circulation manager. Top rouu' Phyllis Pretzman, joseph Neill, Bill Moody, james McCurdy, Dana Lewis, Fred Kerr, XVilliam Matthews, Sherman Case, Orville Sauder, Jeanne Horgen, Dorothy Giese, Darlene Guderlan Third mum' Roberta Rayburn, Pat Ringger, Kenneth Goodrich, Burell Shull, Elroy Golden, Don Kaufman, jack Kirby, Carl Foster, Dick Speer, Malcolm Alexander, Arthur Rock, Margie Groves, Shirley Cox, Orpha Crook, Barbara Thiebaud Serond raw: Charmian Chase, Carol Harrison, Erma Hill, Catherine Christie, Tom Hill, Donald Mann, George Curtiss, Robert Hotfman, XVilliam Young, jr., Arthur Pille, Russell Schnepper, Bill Martin, Archie Harper, Maxine Roberts, Martha Gschwendtner, Lorna Springer Bottom row: Elvia Tarble, Betty Hines, Verla Smith, Evelyn Smith, Barbara Attebery, Catherine Attebery, Albert Lundgren, jack Bingham. Glyndon Stull, Roberta Smith, Koreen Krapf, Betty Braden, jean Cox, joann Lindsay, Marylou Thompson, Rhoda Rosenstein Nor in panel: Alvin Elliott, Beverly McCord, Charles Marshall, Don Long, Laurence Zuckerman 1 ,. -- --1-.nwarm-1.4 1 rr- . .W .1 . r .. - , X .,. t. - v Q B iq Q 5 ZX O4 fx 522 f'fw"'.':Q'7:- X f W 3 1 - N 3 f U.. 4 M r - X 1 N I Stage and Concert t. 1 K. X , I n 9 N Mir .I Z ff X 5 5 W cm W m fl. A -ff ill ' 5 X X' M ,rn ff,-3 Vb gx ,fe xx! 'H ff f f 63 K "f, :fu fix .. f I l x fy ,W 1 -i X Q10 ,Q 4 W MIQQ m . ffj ---- X 7 '- I P V '4 -V 7 N it , I , XXX t I A "Nl 4 E - 'o --. n, I . ' f N 1 Q fL f Zg1i,i , ' f - Q 1 .,.. .ff ' J f - gf N Y I , A ' Q " K l A"f 1157! j f N , W V K., , f 'O W x 1 I K i' , ll K ' X - ,zlf , ' N J 1 KIT Q ' . f '4 . li I ,Q 'C y I Lf I N1 4 yd, Q 1 - 1 K f' ' fy ,Z + --.-1 . f . 4 X, f rx MJ ' f m 1 I , X 0 I ' lull U 1-"' 5 i ' Q 4 .X I J, my, N X V J! ! ff X X I V x 1 Nui S ,4 Xb X , ., M Sw K M Q x if lim, V, L. I' ' 1 .' f:.:. 1,1 f- 5.1: 1,:.'H.' Heiluir lxnlw.. if 1 :I i cuff! fHf17i ,':.1l i,',1Jr f M..'f.'J,'f.4 joseph mort fN,tl Di",,lioL S,..l.,, Gcncxwvc llitliiwdson, Stanley Wfcse, Ailyth Rogers, john Bltlilullcn, N'.1,'i " Willuirn rXtl.:rn4, l.i.dxxig Kung-rl XX'esIe'- Swans- ih:rl1H.mkner fl:..'l,s hlntxntli, Bzrriqtf Henri! Theatre Guild The Illini iliheatre Guild presented the inost ex- tensive Guild program witnessed in recent years. Theatre Guild is an organization of three under- graduate societies: Xlaslc and Baulile, all-university dramatic honoraryg Pierrots, inen's dramatic honor- aryg and Arepo. operatic honorary. The executive authority of the Illini Theatre Guild is vested in a Ylforlu i-nfl! fff-,inf'ffhlllilnle' Robert M.ill,iry. Abner Knight. Donald St,114.l B,,i Bcirrlocr, Marg.-fx Halxorwn, Patricia Baker board of directors whose nienibers during this past season were Robert Nlallary, Professor Abner Knight. Donald Hewson, Doctor Cameron Gul- lette, Iflmer Scholer. Barbara Seymour, .Nlariory Halvorsen, Patricia Baker, Professor Karl Wlillace, and Frederick Yoelpel. H .som fameron Gulleltg, Elmer Schiller my "iii i l x 46 Tbrrzlfu gnifri 41.r,writ1te zrzrzvzngugi- 7 Top muy' Noreen Zales, Katherine Merrlrzt L lo Eades l-lirritt XX Llltr Pitriiia Bike Seromz' rozix' Martha johnson, Alcan Tornello, Rozanne Spears, jnann Dillasou luaniti Tixl but Brcset unni tr o r johnson I Borrow Voir: Donald Huclgins, Bernard Rhein, Harry Roethe, Allred Barkson Noi in przzzslx Phyllis Lucas, Charles Thorsen, Phyllis XVelsh The Illini Theatre Guild offers experience in a variety of campus theatrical events. Participation in dance, drama. playwriting, and student directed plays are a few of the many opportunities offered by the Guild lYorl4shops. The Playwriters lYorkshop is directed by Herbert Kubly, and lYilliam Adams di- rects the Actors lVorksh0p and the Showcase VVorl:- shop. Professor Wesley Swanson is continuing as supervising director of Dramatic Productions, and Professor Charles Shattuck is associate director. Klu- sical Productions are under the direction of Professor Ludwig Zirner. Technical director of scenery, prop- erties, and lighting is Professor joseph Scott, and Miss Genevieve Richardson is technical director of cos- tumes. Pmdnrtiou mzfj' mmmgefr-Slmm'ir1g: Ray O'Neill, Kent XVestrate, George Hamlin Sealed: Virginia Stewart, G-:itel XVinal:or, Nathalie Furst, jean Muth ,f b 1 . 1 ll ' Z , 3 '-KT' X M 4 .f f 127521. A X N N, ' i ,gg 'NNE , - - P 7 , jg JY' 'V az.. M X x ' . . T ,. . , .P ' A T' 3 Q X L P 2 'f-Q if ' Uv: fl' -5 7" , , x5 A '-QF ?'l" E?7f-P ' ' ' -- -K - HIT' X U Erik' '27 in L' Q ii 2 T ' 5 XX., www ff 'ff' - 'fYj:,,',:-W-, - fix- fgif- 1, f-'gm XX 3? 1 x.9-.5,,.,.3f-fn , 44, . 9 A 1-,.,f Nm, Q X - -. if E, ',.1g. 'Q' ' 1 1 , x " figix, 'L -" 1 7- 14 :- . - 'S vi ' I , E 1-use 1 " i1'2'g14ff1 s -' ' ' "' ' 1 "ff . ui-f-Iikefz iw' -, z -, , rw" '.-if :wit 5 N V - 5153- 5 ' 2-- .' ,125 . x 1+ W :km , Ms' . , . 1 N ' ,W gg X. w iizvw: W fi' na -6- - V P ' x . sf-'CSN :L vw- -guys: ". .. 1, , ' ' ' 4. ' 5 -v":P'.-axiyiii :ix--N: 1'i.-Qs.: 2--:Sir Nic' A f. ,Q ...M ,- ,- - L -- 's 1' K' .. ' M ' ' SSN 11 ' ' , ' '- 45:55 A , . f ,if ' J ,, , ,,.,, . .., Mn, U cf . 5 z . ' , ' 'A ff iml i r .- , "A 1 X it . 1 NA, xl 'N , mv l - nl' .f a- 1 e -. 1 y J f' X 4+ ds xi! ' lnafguyfgf ngiiiqrz' -4'-ying ' , - 'fair' .1 ' ""' 35,1 Q f fu 'T' . Y 4' Tgf -, ,,21f5,yp,,-Q1 yn Q, j, f fl X' , 4 I . , 7. li- ' 1,- :ggi-Q4 F125 , . gd .Q . I Q :iw , -Q 0 M "Ii Q K, - z- : , " i AY- , - . ,, eu- ' - "f y7..F,., M,-,,3"" !i in 1 L sk :E , . ,V was gismimasfKvgfaz-ly-pWf:f'7'fjY 1' 5 ,...,.. ....... , ,.,.,,m,,m.,, J 'Eh A: A, ,P-.V ,MP U 21 A Q X r Q F , ai! ff 5'2- AQIY ' 1 " Miglia ' -, cb". A ,:f.,,1Qg, ,. f ma-v. -. - , X I Q a 8 fr 1 X Q -4 ia fi eg- f ! 5 1 'Ak 0 x 225 I f 1- , ' 3 V 2 ' - - DALY-:-Ie,.:'1,'r',2 nf , f. " ?3i"""-KiM: I lkex ' " 'r 3 ' b .-.44 , V ' W .1N,:2v'-1 'flyff ,L-,..:?'i'1VV:f -a:-'wi f - Q 5 3 f, 1 , ,,,., ' 1 1 Y , . .385-v ffm.-.A -- ., . Af:-4+ x .. - - 5? 'i05Z'?. A4 .. :1'k5i Ii'. ' ' ' 4 , I 4 A V , . .V4...,.N,.Z4,, ,4 ., ,1 mr, . Q V-'M K 1,,f'g,,,.1, 4 M V , ' I " b V I .. Iffi' .'11i'?:1i" f V: 4 ' V -' -f 45 , f Q ff . 'X , . 'V-1-,-Vpwvif-ag-Aw V 14-94,5 ' 1 ,J ,Q V 1 --11,14 ,. ., V , ,B .VV,V:.,1,,, 1 V V i V ,.. ,. , V ,, .1 - ,. f :H 'wi .x ff-fri yy g , V. 1" 1-4 w -4, -, 4' 1 P A ' X kv f - ,, -Aw ' f: ,VW V .1 Q , ' ,zzz x 'L ' ' v Y 1 2 - ek , Q, if b f lf ' V F V ' ' . V ' -- r ww . . A 4 -Q X A , 7 9 g?. '-' 15: V .I I A 4 , I f Q. , V W A 3, 1, fx if . , ' i A f. " '41 'ui I ' w ,. 3 ,, 12 - """ ' ' Q " I' A 3 '1 ' : , -' '1 1 - ,J , ...I . of I 4 A Q. 4- 'vwf ' ,Ut .. f 'Lv' :.s-'4.",..., 1 ' V S V . -N , W.-qvy., ,,,,,,-. I . . . X ,Q AQ - .QR f I wr-. ig-if X .A z ,fzsrkxw 'rf-.... .fi 2 ,. A N?-. 1 -, --X: 1 V A' 4'85"e, akT'f'i'f?7f7 ., f f"' ---.V-... ., - A M 1 ' f - ., if :p n . ,553 A ' ' ' " e 4"? 'QN- 1-' ,.,.,- ...-.4 ,A 1 is SEN 5 4: I V . U K xi 1. ' ,xv . gm-Qilm, gfrw.,-M . fb ,.a5+.Qi 4. A4,.gx3 L-I? 414- " aifi Qiv 13: . A k ' . , g,,HQf ' ' , ,Vg 1s:,.,f-, 4 aw , 'I v . 1 11,3 wx .ixiiffw ' 'v x fu-...... c A ,- 9 - Va I qw -' ffvif. 4 , f-. em... ,. , 4 2 W, . , ' . 5' Tal Q T,,. .5 - I' 42.5 N. , 'Q 1 f' A ,. ig 'A ".-. - ' " ' - mf' QQ Lf fku ,, ' Q - J- n X .y , ,f P-v ffm ., ,, . .jig 'fa K - A V, ..3. .IN '4g:,,. ,,,, N, :. Av- X-. Y , -., ., , -Rf ,,.- 9 I .qu M , 15 ,a,,.,,., 'gf ,ww - 5 W- ef-1 ,Q ,W ,1 , "film-5' -.9 1 'x L , 2- 13 Y ' . ,M fx ,, , , 1 V - tag gg-' ,,-ff" ' up-gf Lee f adxxell, rf'-111iu1.1t Star Course Star Course presents outstanding entertainment by leading concert musicians. It is sponsored and controlled by the University Concert and Entertain- ment board which makes the final decisions con- cerning the selection of artists and supervises the appointment of stall: members. ln 1891, when Star Course originated, it was called the Star Lecture f .e -. "-" 2 4 . . Stephen French, ro-fnarlazer Course. It remained under the auspices of the literary societies until, in 1931, the University Concert and Entertainment board was organized. Lee Cadwell and Steve French, co-managers of Star Course, work closely with the board, man- age iinances and direct the ofiice staff. 712i L'f,1fiw.Qi fffirziwz ,mil EIIILVHIIVZIIIUPII Balm!-7'np ww: Carolyn Greene, Robert Cole, Charles De Long, Richard Lawler, john Wood bffxwrnz you : Pr-ii, Kenneth farlston, Prof. George Clark, Lee Cadwell, Stephen French, Prol. john Kuypers rv, Z .4- 5' A .1 " 472 , 'Q- QR.. Star Course at work 11111101 m.111i14qur.r.' Bill Beeson, ,lean l-loltzman, Kathryn Clark The junior managers are chosen by the University M i Concert and Entertainment Board on the basis of their scholarship and their work as members of the sopho- more staif. Under the supervision of the senior man- agers, these juniors handle all of the Star Course ac- tivities. Among their duties are arrangements for publicity, supervision of ticket sales, maintenance of routine correspondence, entertainment for the artists, and supervision of ushers for all Star Course perform- ' ances. Sophomore managers are chosen by the board - and by the senior managers on the basis of their fresh- man activities and their scholarship. They do oHice Work in addition to selling concert tickets and usher- ing for performances. Izmiar' marmgern Isaac Nehama, Nancy Potter, Lois Wlickham, Bill Shepherd, Ruth WoodruH -2' r 7 1 . lil 1, R. ,A CN lfj v H Plrxllx- lxrrl Pnrlm urn, lhxnl Cfulluttc, XX'ullu,zm Sudvrstrunr, XY'1lli.rm Dixon, Rxrlmrrl Hulsrlrcr, -I.1n1qQ Nolan, Ronald Baltcrslmm, D.1lc Curtrn, Joanne If 1 nu r 11 : I rrlruxru Brlun, Murlxn Hxmlxluy. Klr.rrrn.unc Huslrlc, juan Xfrlcnlrnu, Almnnc Srlrlnrks. Iilnzalvetll Sclmdlur Sophomore anagers Trp ,Mfr ' Bury l,cxlxc, Allan Srhimbcrg, Gmrgc Kurtm, Lyle Schulz, Franci, Livermore, Robert Banyan, Wfaync Elliott. Dean Bussut, Delores Beeson, Mary Yl.mL fur IIU li,,11f,m Wu- I lrnl Kurlwy, XY1llulnrtc Brix, jun Ann Carr, Dunrm Lyons, Murlyn Srhuuler, Mary jane Fouts, Marilyn Schnirring 4 1 474 Star Course B rl Ixes Ya- I Artur Rubinstein ,fr .1 47 476 Star Course Iwm Stun I A S l S k Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears M.irth.1 Graham Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Star curse 477 Rr-bert fonirnarrday, rfrrzrlnrlrfr Cappella Ch ' The University A Cappella Choir extended both its program and its membership considerably this year. ln its second year under the direction of Pro- fessor Robert Commanday, the choir has doubled in size. This season the present group is composed of sixty-txvo inerubers. The choir's first appearance this year yvas at the University Christmas Sing. A jan- uary concert and radio broadcast preceded the Choir's performance of modern choral yvorlts dur- ing the Festival of Contemporary :Xrts in March. A spring concert, radio broadcasts, and ot'f-campus appearances yvere other highlights of the year. The varied repertoire of the choir features masteryvorlts of choral literature and includes motets by Bach and Brahms. The choir draws its membership from students in all departments of the University and supports an active social program. Members are selected on the basis of competitive tryouts held at the beginning of each semester. Y rp faux' lfloyyarrl Reep, I-rseph Ciauiger, Paul Edwards, Dayrd Tutker, Allred liberhardt, Paul Vogcn, Henry Martbestlii, Douglas Given, Leland Tliompson, 'ltrla' lrrltwn, vlatk Rrirlxe. Hurt-in frrtson, Kardon Burnham I Yfrfr. rin Dayrtl Pyle. john Liritt-nn, XYilli.irn Mettall, Donald Stliarlenbtrg, Eugene Keller, XXllllI.lITl Marion, Donald Hradsliaw, Carroll Loomis, Donald Nelson, llztliard Cramer, Roger Etkert, Albert l.unduren, fail R.itllxe l M.rr.'.l will Haul Met-rs, janet liults. Ehirlev Never.'a lrrhnson. Cmcri Neubauer, Barbara Slialler, Alma Henley, Anne Burster, -loan Op-pelt, Barlura Plrks, Alirllyn Petterson, Rosalie Montrose, Phyllis Arioyitz, lov Lum li lf'-ni' ran ' iylluth l'reen, Cl-irr.r Fletther, liern llotlgc, lilhel Hrolxyri, -Iuaniia Tavl-rr, -luanrta Davis, ,lane Rendleman, Dolores Kostka, Marilyn XY'on1eldnrff, V Marilyn XX'elsrh, jane Dayxluris, li.rrh.rr.r Bannon, Karol Revnar-l, Patrnra lnirsen, Prwilessor Rohr-if Cornrnimtlriy, r-frr1,l,,r1f,i N ' wr, ,".:f.'t." liirlmrrl Nrrelw, Phyllis ,-Xntlerson, De Xyayne Roush, -Iolln Full-ln, Peter Etliert, Robert Hlnltcrt, Rltlldftl Lxttelst 4 Sapranor: Phyllis Anderson, Phyllis Anovitz, Alice Armstrong, Myrna Berliner, Barbara Berry, Evelyn Blackman, Margurite Blomberg, Joan Blount, Eleta Boyd, Shirley Brown, Laura Byrd, Janet Carson, Ann Cornell, Mary Jane Corrie, Jean Cox, Cylinda Cryder, Barbara Dwight, Shirley Giesecke, Valerie Goldfinger, Jean Gosswein, Edith Hartman, Joanne Haynes, Floweree Heckert, Mrs. Alfred Hubbard, Barbara Jackson, Norma Jasper, Princess Jones, Frances Kendrick, Marjorie Knop, Grace Laitala, Esther Landin, Lillian Madow, Eleanor Mainey, Grace Mathein, May Messman, Mrs, Lawrence Metcalfe, Donna Meyer, Patricia Norberg, Helene Nourie, Mildred Novosel, Alice Pomeroy, Rhoda Priest, Ann Pryor, leanne Rodems Mary Roberts Monna Scott, Janet Siem, Patricia Smith, Carmen Stelzriede, Joan Strawbridge, Ruth Stroud, Evelyn Torley, Mildred Unzuker, Janet White, Ada Wilson, Florence Wit es. Alfar: Lucile Allen, Joan Baldry, Helene Behl, Katherine Bellerf, Miriam Block, Gwen Born, Alice Boyd, Rebecca Bradley, Lois Brighton, Anne Burster, Jeanette Carroll, Janie Dawkins, Ellen Dempsey, Constance Duncan, Mae Felton, Verna Finder, Emma Finney, Gloria Fletcher, Jo Garrison, Etta George, Ellen Gerhold, Audrey Halldorson, Betty Havens, Muriel Herzberg, Barbara Hill, Helen Hines, Ruth Husung, Dorothy Ivers, Eloise Ivers, Margery Ivers, Edith Jones, Jo Anne Kersten, Marjorie Klaersch, Mariorie Lehn, Jean Lokke, Cynthia Mcllhenny, Carlene McKinney, Hazel Meers, Shirley Meyer, Ellen Morton, Eleanor Nelson, Helen O'Donncll, Lee Parker, Gladys Petersen, Janet Peterson, Elizabeth Pinska, Phyllis Sherman, Bacia Stepner, Joyce Stewart, Lee Summers, Juanita Taylor, Mrs. KVilliam Thomas, Elaine Vogt, Hattie XVinlield, Gloria Zabka Tenorr: James Adams, Joseph Albertson, Joe Allen, James Baldwin, Don Bradshaw, Henry Bruns, Robert Cays, Cullen Clauser, Lancer Cooper, Emory Cowan, Edward Duwick, Williiim Findley, Francis Gallagher, George Gandrau, Morris Halevy, Raymond Haupt, Keith Klockan, John Mainey, David Meyer, Harold Morris, Leland Mosley, Robert Randall, Wfilliam Reeser, Raymond Riva, Dave Schoenrock, George Searls, Harry Slaight, Sol Spiegelman, Charles Walter, Elvin Warrick, Ira Wlhite, Daniel XVellar, George Ziska I Barrier: Donald Bergstrom, Conrad Blomquist, Harrington Brearley, Stuart Chase, Robert Downey, George Duensing, Paul Edwards, Richard Edwards, Kendrick Eilar, John Eliason, Marvin Gesell, Roy Gordon, Robert Heggemeier, Donald Holcomb, Wlilliam Honore, Ernest Hugghins, Donald Hunter, Icke Iben, William Kellar, John Knobel, Joseph Lago, John Laughnon, Ralph Layman, Joseph Lewbin, Robert Lewis, James Linden, Donald Linton, Karl Lohmann, Albert Lundgren, Rod MacLeod, Paul McKittrick, George McVey, Harry Messinger, John Meyer, XVayland Parrish, Kenneth Pearson, Raymond Perlman. Harry Psichogios, Carl Radke, Bernard Rubin, Jerome Rzepecki, Orville Sauder, Eugene Smith, Owen Smith, John Stewart, Kenyon Twcedell, Don XValkcr. XValter Weith, Risdon XVesten, Maurice Womack, John Zabka University Chorus The University chorus, directed by Professor Paul Young, is one of the oldest musical organiza- tions on the campus. For more than a quarter of a century it has presented concerts and taken part in many musical programs. Outstanding among its activities have been the many presentations of Handel's "Messiah," which was sung on December 18 with the University Symphony orchestra. In its spring concerts, the chorus has presented ora- torios and Cantatas of Bach, Franck, Mendelssohn, Saint-Saens, Liszt and other masters. Plans for the 1949-1950 season included a group of modern works to be sung during the Contemporary Arts festival and a performance of Mendelssohnis "Elijah" in the late spring. 479 en' s ee lub Une of the most prominent musical groups on the University of Illinois campus is the Men's Glee Club. Although the members and the director were in the process of getting acquainted, the Mcn's Glee Club was NUI prevented from appearing early in the fall. 'lihe first performance of the year was at the Freshmen XYelcome. Professor Youngs ability as a choral director and the members' love for singing combined to give the alen'sC1lee Club another very successful season. l lighlighting the year's activities xvere XY! IN broadcasts in honor of Bob Zupplce. the tour of the state betxveen semesters. and the annual Spring Concert. l lome appearances of the club xvere made on Dads Day and lfounders Day. The club also appeared at the State lianlters .'Xssociation. the Champaign District association for the lzllind llenelit, and the University Christmas Sing. Novelty numbers and many new arrangments formed a su- perb combination that xvell deserved the praise forthcoming at the end of a successful concert year. 1 I .il 1 iii I lion-lil Ill-ull! lumix' Stalls, Il-mal-l Mtn rv. Hill Cillllltlis, lxli- Alen, llznison XY'lneln.lll, lolnn llanlelsonl llialles Marlin, Fred Ill ii' 'lil 1 L li-lil, l'lril XX ill. limi-l hl- Yann, l'niIl-in lvns-iii, XX'llll,ili1fw1iln, -laines lxltlloiialil ri lol lfnnii, li-uln-A, Nilliv, lliinaiil llbnin, lux Ilnliliavll, Holi lialitlsl Rollei! llallotle. Yltiiv llmliialt, flmylr-N Turner, Norman XY'erI1er, ll mil l--nw 1, Mauna in-all, Ilvll'-nr lilo-l.. llarlty ill-,-in, lXl.nllvn Pllltr o, Don Dnlvey lfrf liuvw llui' Ili-liiiilfliil.. Ki'-1 hlwxuv-,, llayl-l Pyle liusstll Steiner, Holi lflllilnilil, llaul Snliaxltnbeiig, Vlosepli llelnliaitll, Steven Smith, unix. Xliilinoo Ifilm Ni-,iil,,iiil. Allviil Munn Mal XXlnpplt ll n lirv 1 1 if Ifilivi ,'Xn4li'-on l'lol Nioivli, ll-luv Mum, Al lli il ill ll ml lurlnsl, lien M.lilJon.ilil, Paul Young, ilntilfo, Holi Knox, liolx lilatk, Donaltl I lf, llol-ful ll--li-o l., lhfuig town. lalrv Ixvlllflftallll- ,mf noi. will-,. 480 f N i7 lla 5 5 I A-5, Top mic: Nancy Potter, Virginia Doll, Corinee Lauschkc, Barbara Robinson, Barbara XVilli.uns, . ora Reynolds, Dorothy Hagen, Lee Parker, Edith Scott, ,loanne Rogers, Barbara johnson, Martha Moors, Marianne Green, Cynthia Swanson Seromf faux' Ruth Xvachlin, Martha Quallith, Cylinda Cryder, Eleanor Mainey, Edith Hartman, Germaine Muenzer, Elizabeth Shurtletli, Nelda Elliott, janalys Loeb, Phyllis Sanders, june Landes, ,lulia Muirheid, Charlene jahnke, Mary Ann Heineken Bolton: row: Mary jane Nystrom, jane Brubaker, Elizabeth Hausman, Marina Badgett, Doris Sandlund, Barbara Lowry, t,.iro1 Reynard, Betty Abraham, Maryann Griffiths, Gwen Born, Mary Sheldon, Etta .loan George, Mary Lou Nicholls N01 in .tuzr1el.' Betty Blumenthal, Mitzi Miller, Patricia Peterson, Patricia Patton, Mary Berta, Shilrette Bode, Marilyn johnson, Lorraine Lilshitz, Pcarlie Roberts, Elizabeth NViedrich, Mary Ann Stipp, Helene Allegan, Grace Balazs, Carla Christensen, Cynthia Peterson, Nancy Rose, Nell W'ezeman ' G1 Cl b 01121811 S ee 'll joseph Albertson, director In its fifty-fifth year, the XYomen's Glee Club membership grew steadily throughout the year. The Glee Club, directed by joseph Albertson. joined with other campus choral groups to provide a variety of Christmas sings about the campus. For the Contemporary Arts Festival in March, the Glee Club sang selections from their modern choral re- pertoire. Plans for the year also included a full con- cert given late in the Spring. In all the concerts, the women presented a wide variety of music with selections from the church music of the 16th cen- tury, choral compositions by Bach, Mozart, and Brahms, and works by contemporary composers. Special features of the repertoire were folk songs of many lands arranged by outstanding musicians. The activities of the XXfl01D6I1,S Glee Club were under the guidance of Carol Reynard, presidentg Barbara Lowry, vice presidentg Betty Abraham, secretaryg Doris Sandlund, librarian. Grace Bal- azs was the accompanist. 481 The Sinfonietta. a thirty-five piece orchestra, is composed of musicians selected from the University Orchestra. john Xl. Kuypers, director of the Uni- versity Orchestra. also conducts the Sinfonietta. Only the most competent musicians are invited to take part in this musical organization, for the Sin- fonietta represents the finest instrumental talent on the campus. The organization is composed of both students and faculty. The Sinfonietta makes fre- quent campus appearances and, like the University Orchestra, is called upon to play with visiting solo- ists and conductors. One of its outstanding features last year was an all-Stravinsky program in the 1949 Festival of Contemporary Arts. For this event the noted composer himself conducted the Sinfonietta. The Sinfonietta makes a number of tours Linder the auspices of the music extension program of the Uni- versity. On these tours, members of the orchestra frequently conduct clinic sessions for high school musicians as yvell as perform concerts. ..o- - i IR .,..M- -l-rlin Kuypers, tffr1.fnii'ffv Sinfonietta I-'nil rf'-Iwi' Cin-orgc Andrix, Barbara Garvey, Faye Goldstein, Max Kaplan, Marvin Mutthnik, Paul Rolland, Homer Schmitt, Peggy Stone. Seforld Vialmi: Myrian Baker, Esther Loretz, Bernard Goodman, Wkalfgang Kuhn, judy Litterst. Frank Pytlik, Robert Zarhoth. I"1ol.1rt john Garvey, Lois Heywood, Robert Kelly, Il--anna Lange, Rohert Oppelt. Olfffu Dorothy Lundgren, Mary Mayhew, Margaret Miles, Lois Potter, jerry Snyder, Margaret Sullivan, Robert Swenson. Bain' Phyllis Edwards. David Moore, Rathel Shells, Flnlui: Marilyn Hindslcy, Edwin Putnik Olww: David Ledet, Frank Stockstill. Clarmelr: Keith Md arty, Austin MtDouell. B.1iwff:1i,' Mary Frames james, Russell Pugh. Harm: janeth Finth, Marvin Howe. Trzmlflrl: john Haynie. Harp: Joanne Makris. Pninr-1ffn.' Robert Bankert, Paul Pritc, 482 ENE,-,ci 'I X L JR,5l.' . ilklll George Andrix, Charlotte Berker, Velsie Belford, Kenneth Bloomquist, Ioseph Caratilo, Elaine Frankel, Faye German, Howard Gurevitz, Dave Hahley, james N Hobbs, jack Howe, Geyen jones, Audine Lang, Angelo Maras, Andrew Mrkita, Constance Ogan, Alberta Phillips, Eugene Priese, Robert Quinlan, Richard ll Quinlan, Ervin Reiner, Dorothy Ricklefs, Lois Ritchie, Mrs. Charles Roberts, Betty Rosen, Nancy Rynearson, Paul Scharfenberg, Dick Schwalbe, Dorothy lll Sherrard, Marilyn Shyer, Margaret Somers, Ora Xvelcher, Martin Wfhited, Carolyn XVhitehead, Miriam Wforkman , ' l 1 Repertory Orchestra t I The University of Illinois Repertory orchestra, conducted by George Hunter, is made up largely of freshmen from the School of Music. Other mem- bers are students who are not enrolled in music school, faculty from other departments of the Uni- versity, and local citizens who are not connected with the University but are interested in orchestra participation. It offers training and opportunity for those musicians who wish to play with an orchestral group although they do not yet qualify for the University Symphony orchestra. These musicians, however, may later qualify for the larger orchestra. The University Repertory orchestra is a fully-bal- anced orchestra. Its membership is limited only by the number of musicians wishing to participate. Like the Sinfonietta and the University Symphony, the Repertory orchestra presents regular concerts during the year. This group also accompanies grad- uating seniors in the spring when they present their senior recitals. The organization of such a group has helped greatly to develop undiscovered talents and increase the appreciation for the pro- duction of Worthwhile music. George Hunter, dlrermr- 'S"t"i3 A 4 . si ti E 2 +5 T 83 l -lolrn Ixirxpers, . rr.'.J1r..'or U ' 't 0 h t lor: rf lrrxr' krrolue Andrey, Mvrran Baker, Robert Iornrng, Srdnev Drell. Barbar J J The University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra, composed of eighty-live members. is conducted by john NI. Kuypers, director of the School of Music. This organization is full symphonic size, and its sections are complete and balanced musically. AI- though membership in the orchestra is open to all qualified musicians of the university and the com- munity. most of its members are students or faculty of the School of alusic at the University. The Xval- den String Quartet, artists-in-residence at the Uni- versity of Illinois, and faculty members of the School of Xlusic are regular members. In its reper- toire, the University Orchestra includes both con- temporary and classical symphonic xvorks. Xlembers of the orchestra have played yvith the University Chorus under the direction of the University choral director. During the year this orchestra presents several full concerts in the University Auditorium, and in addition, makes appearances on the programs of visiting artists, and appears on periodically sched- uled radio programs. 1 Garvey, Nahman Greenberg, -ludy Litterst, Beth Martin, Phyllis Mottland, XY'rllr.r:n Nunroe, Marxrn Multhnrk, Iaul Rolland. Homer Nthmrtt, legrgv Stone, Morris Urkov. Arrfrrrrl 11rrfH1,r.' Crraee Betkelt, Either lioretz, Elaine Frankel, Iiernanl Lroodnran, I'af,v: Croldstern, Lryvrn Hahn, Wolfgang lxuhn, fonnre Hanan, Frank Pvtlrk, Patrrtra Rrtklets, Nanty Rynearwn, Rosemary Tooley, Mariam kX'orkruarr ll' .'.rr -lohn lraryty, Anne Herkotttr, Lors Hexuood, Robert Kelli, Robert flppell, Walter Rrarrxa, Iarolyn XX'hrtehead, Robert Zarhoth, Ludwig Zrrner. frllro Yxorrrre Aldridge, flarenre Iyerson, Guinevere lones, Audrne Lang, Dorothy Lunduren, Mary Mayhew, Margaret Niles, Louis Potter, Martha Quallrrh, Gerald Nrrxder, Margaret Sullivan, Robert ixvenson, Btrorwf Phyllis I2.lwards, Ruhard Hagen, XYIIIIIAIU Kennedy, Angelo Maras, David Moore, Grace Nt-sion, Rarhel Nherls XY rlrord XX'eel,y. Iflrrrrr Rita Ilxarrs, Marrlvn Ilrndslev. Ifdxxrn Futnrk, IXIarg..ret Robbins. Ofwrrrx lerorne Kaplan, David Ledet, Frank strakstrll 5 ff,1rfr.'r.' -lark lvuse, Kerllr Mtfarty, Martin Rosermasser, Rrthard XY'eerts, l5.:,fof11,t.' Marguerite Nrgro. Russell Pugh, Twmlfn'lr.' ,lohn Haynre, Ruhard lxarnm, Leroy Krralr llforrr: Ptttr Iitktrt, ,Ianeth Iiinth, Marxrrr I-Irme. Dorothy Shtrrard, Paul Vance, 'lrfrmkr,r,r,rg Daniel Forrest. I.Yman Starr, David lutktr Yrffaf Rrrhartl Iatttrst, llarfjrf ,loanne Makrrs. l'' ,Ioanna Lance lhrr.rro,'rrr- Robert Iiankert, Frank Yrtarra, Paul Marion, Paul Prree. r 1 r 1 ' ' I 1' Q-In-4,-ve Z. . x l. 71- .fy I l'-1'-'-1---v-'------ -- , ,, Q In .. -- - 1 I 1 Q I V wg-1 K' r ' I ta I l r 5 4 Marian Albert, Robert Bankert, Theodore Bayler, Melvin Beagle, Kenneth Bensen, Carol Bitzer, Kenneth Bloomquist, Williani Bradley, George Brewer, Ethel Brown, Allan Carpenter, Oathur Carpenter, Vincent Chorne, Dale Collins, Ralph Council, joseph Curatilo, Wfayne Deal, Richard Dennis, john Doring, Wfilliam Ebert, Sally Emrich, Marshall Erickson, Rita joan Evans, Don Fatheree, jiineth Finch, Daniel Forrest, jack French, Jacob Fuchs, Ted Garrison, Charles Gordon, john Guse, john Haynie, Harold l-lindsley, Marilyn Hindsley, Iames Hobbs, Fred Hubbell, Thomas Innes, Alden josey, Richard Kamm, Edward Karlovsky, Leonard Kennard, William Killian, Lerov Kirsch. Leonard Koetter. jerry Kolar, Stephen Lambdin, Edgar Landrey, Theodore Lange, Ray Langebartel, Shirley Locke, Darrell McCarty, XVarren Marek, Wfesley Marel-:, Richard Matteson, Andrew Mikita, XVilliam Morris, Ethelyn Mosgrave, Robert Mulhausen, Robert Neill, Van Nicolai, Marguerite Nigio, Ruby Nyenhuis, Kenneth Olson, Eldon Oyen, Donald Paul, Russell Pugh. Donald Rahn, Charles Rogers, Martin Rosenwasser, james Russell, Samuel Sanner, Donald Schnepper, Richard Schwalbe, Wlilliam Shaw, Ray Shawl, Dorothy Sherrard, Gerald Snyder, Wfesley Stelzriede, Frank Stockstill, Edwin Stone, Robert Summers, Norma Tedford, Gordon Teichmann, Wfayne Thomas. Ross Titus, David Tucker, Paul Vance, james Van Slyke, Wfalter Volkmann, Donald XVard, Robert NVebb, Richard Weerts, Robert Wfeihrouch, Norman Werner, Randall XVest, Maurice Wfillis, Robert Yung oncert Band The Concert Band, as a result of the eiforts of Director Emeritus A. A. Harding and his succes- sor, Mark H. Hindsley, is recognized by many as the finest in the college Held. This organization has long been a model by which other bands are judged. It is the top group in the University of Illinois Bands, which also include the First Regi- mental Band, the Second Regimental Band, and ,. the Football Band. The department has one of the finest band libraries in the country, which includes the entire library of the late john Philip Sousa and the symphonic transcriptions of Dr. Harding. Yearly activities of the Concert Band include the Sousa Memorial programg the Annual Band Clinic. an educational endeavor for the benent of college and high school band directors from all over the nation, the Anniversary Concert in Marchg the President's concertg regular radio broadcasts, twi- light concerts, and graduation exercises. The band takes several trips during the year, giving concerts for high schools and other institutions. Mark Hindsley, LZ,j7'EffUf NYS 485 This versatile musical organization is conducted by lfiverett D. liisinger. Assistant Director of Bands. The First Regimental Band serves as the nucleus of the University of Illinois Football Band. XYhen the football season is over, it becomes an out- standing concert organization xvhich presents a formal concert each year. The First Regimental Band participates in twilight concerts in the spring and broadcasts over radio station XYILL. lt also functions at important military ceremonies. At the Annual Band Clinic, the band becomes a laboratory for band directors from all over the nation. For this event music publishers submit unreleased, new scores which are read by the First Regimental Band for criticism. Members of the First Regimen- tal Band receive advanced training under the super- vision of specialists on the bands stall and through special sectional rehearsals. As they develop top standards of playing ability. they have opportu- nities for promotion to the Concert Band as replace- ments for graduating members. Fufst Regimental Band 1 t irr n Blork, james Fnriglit, Edward Brooks, Robert Brown, Victor Buhrke, David in rx r t f inlrt D r thy Davies, George Dans, Vincent D'Orazio, LeRoy Duncan, Robert Foley, t t r rr 1 r i t irs irl n, fharlcs Lrraham, Robert Guest, Dave Habley, Neil Hilvety, james Horn, 1 rr r r x ts ymin Iri j hn n I hrr Alrrlinson, ljurotlly lulwclt, Sherwood Rains, Britton Katz, Wfrlliam Kennedy, r I 1 c in Lynn tc lrtbt I. ris lanvcnstcrn, -Iohn Malone, David blann, Fred blaxwell, Wfillizlm McClure, t r uri lX vurrtstn XXilllim Myritk, Rrrhard Noland, -Ioan Norris, Donovan Olson, Richard Overbey, mt: I r mt Pri c lxi hrrl R l tr li lv R n httto Betty R tn, loel Roscrilwlorum, Leo Sabian, Robert Sanders, Howard Sandlund, Paul r s ms t L t R l r Ntitcrt lranltlxn Sekera, Everett Smith, August Storr, Roger Swank, Robert Swerman, t n r a it er i ite, Kenneth XValtci, Donald XVeher, Byron XVindsor, Ronald Wangate, rr X nur rkrnin L r t rl 1 les nr, oll anne, Wallram Zrr-elcr 4 l Section A: Loren Anderson, Norman Beasley, Ctto Bouc, Charles Bowsher, jack Bowsher, XVilliam Boyer, Carl Carter, john Clayton, Norma: Davis, Erwin Dorr, Albert Duble, Thore Edgren, Richard Elliott, John Fanning, Robert Giffrow, Albert Gravenhorst, Arthur Gray, Kenneth Gronert, Bernard Halpern, Jordan Hecktman, Robert Hoffman, Donald Jensen, Gerald Kien, Donn Klingler, Leonard Kravets, Alvin Krell, Nyle Large, Charles Lekberg, james Lewis, john McClellan, John Mersereau, john Metzger, Thomas Moore, john Mueller, Myron Pennington, Philip Reed, XVayne Richards, Morton Richter, Her- bert Rose, Robert Schertz, Norman Schmitt, Delmer Scoonover, Arthur Seitz, Richard Skinner, Richard Smith, Daniel Sperry, Delwyn Tanney, Allen Tap- pert, Quentin Valkema, Doyle W'ebb, Wfarren XVright, George Ziskind, Erwin Zuehlke Serzian B: Robert Bailey, Donald Baird, Lynn Belford, Dwight Bickel, Kenneth Boub, George Buenger, Ralph Butler, john Challas. Gerald Gidin, Daniel Gorenberr, George Hocl-cman, George Holley, Donovan Hough, John jackson, Roland jotfe. john Kelley, NWC-sley Knight, Marvin Lustbader, Randall Mann, Sheldon iflix, Richard Moody, Dow Nichol, Paul Rainey, Ralph Reiner, James ReVeal, Donald Scharfenberg, john Scheidenhelm, Robert Schennum, john Schmidt, XVilliam Schroeder, Charles Schumacher, Robert Simon, Eugene Sloniker, Tom Sullins, Alford Swendson, Chellis Taylor, jack Tebbenhoff, Philip Trimble, Wlilliam Vespa, James XVaggoner, Gordon XVagner, George Walker, john XVaters, XVilliam Wfells, George XVendt, Gordon XVhittield, Lowell Wfoodstock, Robert Zarbock Second Regimental Band .1 I Lyman Sta rr, dirermr The Second Regimental band, conducted by Lyman A. Starr, is an integral part of the University of Illinois bands. It is divided into two sections which serve as training units for the First Regimen- . . . ft,-Q y Xa l. 4 ' l' tal and Concert bands. Selected members are ap- pointed for participtaion in the Football band and 1 perform with the Football band at the Homecom- 1 ing and Dadis Day games. The band plays for mili- tary drills, parades, and ceremonies. Other activi- ties of the Second Regimental band include the per- formance of a two-hour program during the annual band clinic, broadcasts over radio station YV ILL, and a twilight concert. I I 487 1 V lg il V l 1 l .1 1l yi 11, l. l l .1 Exerett Kisinger, dlfsrlor Traditional band formation The University of Illinois Football Band is one of the finest and largest marching, playing, and sing- ing organizations of its kind. For over a quarter of a century this group has been entertaining Illini football spectators with outstanding formations and harmonious arrangements of both concert and pop- ular music. In 19-19, under the direction of Everett D. Kisinger, the Marching Illini exhibited several nexv. distinctive formations. Among them were: a huge Fiddle formation to the accompaniment of Fiddle-Fnddle, the proverbial Missouri mule while playing O11 the Trail from Ferdi Grofe's Grmzd CJIIFVOII Suite, and the Zuppke and Red Grange formations. Other features were entrances from spread formation to the march from Tschaikowsky's Sixth Syvzzpbomf and Rimsky-Korsalqov's Proces- sion of the Nobles. Members of the Concert, First Regimental, and Second Regimental bands make up the marching band. This musical team goes through a work week of over 1100 man hours in order to thrill Illini fans. if? ,mia-we-.. 'fskm-jfszai 'fur'-"1A",f-f' A 2 ' -2-Ag fxpy-'-E .-. ggfszw-9' fr fi-.-wr, " 'Sli " :AA Af ' -g e'--' Q 'f!' 5 ,M :rs -- -Y. 1':,.-'J-i'2w,MffA'f:s.AS1'2'55-222'sasfxrff'-bi"-v7-'5l'5123ii'W PAFQT1 -. 3351-5 f'w9-- Ji2"'1-7lf.i?'1"' -QW - L - 'i- 'aa if swf : - A I7 2'1'?'f5-'A 'QLMQ-.-rr '3 ngtifffs 'kffvgl -WWW, . X431 ,af 'Q-,w i-fax. 4.5,-,.-, 'ilk ' -Ji 4- 1, . 9 1- , ALM.,--,W ', .iv A inf ,,,g.-Qafy, ,.- 3315. 1 rfgfv. .,1 AA I. J' 1".'1' ,A A ' "Hg kv. 'gg 'U-iv' ukrixggz- . 11143- ff! 'A - ' "AQ, ig.. .' 'Q .., f Wr"i': if L - ' y-'7A - . - "4 2 4 149' be "Q,-'fr' -i f H ' Q' L Im - -'.. -f. ii:.4-T-PM -A'VAA5-- '-5135 , af f f- A -- - f5'EL??e?.ew "f'F - -fda I W, NN" mlvj .y"" 5,1 XL :'- ",l'.',"A il, " -'f:':":1':,:'- ' ., Y ' ,. 'Vig v 'wf-LQ. . ' . . Y 'f- . ki" A 'Z- U . -Q -1 '4' ,, , " -gr? , Y -55G?h --dw Q 4 ',g1ug-fs' "w 3?--A' 357125K "- . '55 " -3 Y- w .2 . - 2 . A fe. . -. , . 7 41'-' , .. 5,.,' ,z r.g,:.-qgvif' Ju fr. ,IFC ff.. ff 'HA 17 1 'A' I - .-' " .QQ 211' I . 'Q M 1 ' V Y """'Jj .1':f7A"-'r"s7a73-fE.C:A"- 1"'4 --.xa'L.L'jY'xf A1'r. , , ,.,. .vp-avqf-.A,. -' vw- '14 35235: 'G 'Y' -vf- -3?-M 11---. . 'A xx. ' ..,, - . ' A - .s:.-"'-".,.TI,i"51.' Ar- "' 'A 1' :Q -a -- '-i 'Q -"b'.::,, 2 " - '. ax.. 7- . - "FA-vff -"'f-AM -W"-fr' A f"szwsgijfg-.3gTs.35aiF52gf9?..L .. S.-:G 3, -'Y +5i1z.g, . .Q ,.. -Q A g.,-4, -. , Twig? , 5 f - . nm ' Q 'ig 5' -NFA 'J-k':'l:A',. 3.14, -.f - -, , ' .1 42.Aa.:5,,4'giv?fZ4:v,ivg5,,5-qgw:- - f 1 5' 5 '. 'Z' 1' '-2-:'f?'1-.'."j.L - A 'gfgsi-. 12.54. Li: v-7 J: ' I ,x, n:....n:..L. . .," .n, . - It -9 f,.- . .., . 111. 4-Qmbf. is.. 1 -at 'Ig V- . -- 1- 1- - - Y. ,, .f f Hg ., .. S .L "'- 35 5. L '- 5' m - M- f Qi -- .1:'f.23?+f-If -fi--: A 4 -gi.-t.lX'- - 4 4- Jai. Lf F1111 - - Nu-V , r -V . 'A - 1 .. ', 'I ' am- - ' , - ff '22 ' in .-Q -A - -'ff .SF 'Q - ' gr'- -an--1 ff-"3-P-1- "1-,,r 'ff-+9-5'f 4- -f-- As-.---' A ,V - -A-'-. .V J x ' . 9- ,iv - g l' ' Y -'- - ' ' ' -A-1,1-if -'-- s -. ' -:,ef..:'--1.9 an--.:r.'-rx -.....-'LA"Prff1 i -xt- .. Mr- 5..-Y . 1- ' ' ' 1.1 . ' A '4 .Fi - 1 E 's-'S' -.wax.-'sax-we-f--218:-w..Q.w.-w.- - ' 1-'-A Y-'-ff--1'f23f'9'1' 'wma 'W--'.g M A , u.,-.INS x?e1"' :ex . fs-ef -. . ww- 4. .. . if- .-.1-.-.. ' --L if . - ,pw .5 f- Y .. . 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V- ,E 1 X fu-f we , ' ' gy .af Efiij- f .F f:sJ:"'. .,..,2'f?gf Y A-L..'J:. -fi' " f 33: A P- 'T g f' ' A A fu . f" . '- N1-"Q: -4'-1c.: , :' 1I1S34'f?. ' .z 5?xf. ' 6. 535 -Q Ax, h -. 5 - 4, 1- , .,-., .-,zqigfl Mug- ww, ,-Yvj-'-.AN 75 ,:'n-'j--Q.z1- , ---Y-it A ' . .. .N .W He' ,A-,, - - , - - . -. U --f ffm.. . . if --. iirf-'Q' . - ' ' - ' . H Q' ',.- ' 45, A- , Lrg. i ff? A,-.sf 5 ' .23 ' . . v -' I, .. . -:mai .. ,------12315 -A 'A--M,'A"wx, ,, - 4-A --Q4 f L A '.'.LE-'i'. .:,..., 5 'YW - ? ,,. -,NA ' ' " - ' E - 5 s -, 'r'A7E'i?7Q ,Jn 1n'eQ'?7Q'v1 .4-7 Vg' - " ' V ' " ' -. , b. . if -I Y , I I 5-'ju 2 -' 'gig--.9?!!!V', li- -I - '-- 3, .. . 5- . --- . - , ---.--1-. :. ,..--'U' 1.-A , bjixili. . ., jjj . . .ii gdfx Q 'I . ' ,r' ' -'.g. ' ' ' if 1, - N ..,w i in ,. :ff ' f' A- . . QA--'1 1 Hb' " frf' ' ' 'Q,1AiiiW . Q. -- .x p .Az l 13.3. 1 Holiday sequence Sun and storm sequence ' 1 1 Th Marching mini in Action f Drum maior SPread entrance formation Fiddle-faddle formation 1 1 ,A I. ' r 4 N F Al L 1 l 1 I 1 W! 490 Clubs and Societies 47' 5 X flllllllllllllllllllllu nb if i m!!-d xxx XX MQ' X XX ui N ., f 4 H wxVf . x X R .x i I A F 1 f' H' wx ff X x,. ff i f GMX ' I x ml ff f 1 A mv ' fx fg 7 I WWE ffs f A Xl Q Qs A 'E' w, f Mx , if WX my ff , 'K w,1 N K if X ,ff "-wr ,, '- 'f f I 'll gy I M ff f' , T f zf .Q ' 351 I kk X W x ' f ff FM 'M , ff, xx ,, W X " , , ff- A , 21 f ,Z 1 ff J W j, f f f f f 1 1 I ha KX f f X ' ' '2 ff W X !lrA fl , . WV W 41 f W W M lplr 1 A l Tuff wfn Urxrlle Duklwut. rl-lhn Alhm. Th-lrnae Leluh, herald Stun, Dale Snter. Fluvd Lanktnau, 'Feel Ktllklllnk, fletus. Sehertz, Fred Kerr, Jnhn Dreucr, ,Mrllze narpez, llama Leulw, Lxle bratrr: Ev!!! 1 n' lilver -lnlmmn, Sc-ltr Frnkwn, .'Xll'::!I Hnnrnhi, Deane xxltjlllllltlf, -I-lhn Bnngham, Ruwel l,ew.-y, Harley Daumn, XY1lltam Klrehhofer, jr. M:1f:.'f" v st ' Allaert Txelcen, Daud Phelpx, Rurhard 5peer, Flr-wx' Llwlelurm, R-'hat Alexander, Lauren Helier, ,lerry Knlar, lax' Farr, Gerald Pxres, -lnhn Nnats, XX'alte' Larnla, Daud Hrntermerxrer. l,arx-ln M-man. Glenn Paulsgr-ne, Marxrn N-rrdmever, Ne-lun Huher, R-rbert it-wtt, Owen Smxth Snail' 1 n XX1ll1am Y-lung, XYaxne Xleu-dd, Fred Klllana, Laxerne -lenne, Rurhard XY1llzanax, XY'nlharn Preltett, ,l-rhn Detr-ny, Lyle Lewxs, Fldun Chapman, Iidnard Yadlnskx, Fnrrex flax, Alhert Lundgren, Iharlex Ylal, Fredern mebernnann, Ulu., l'l.lrXey Stumpl. Charles Nielsen, Dale Keen ffm' v :L jmeplm Srlmerer, D-vnald xenwn, Ralph XY'1lluarnx, Llncst Paxntel, flarente XV1lwn, Charlu Dunean, Ralph Harman, Eugene Gugertv, Harley Hlwn. D-vnald Klrlw, Rnlwert XYaIke., Albert C-leawn, D-vnald XY'alker, R-flu-rt Henn, ,luhn Ntarlwux, R-llwert Stxerxwlt f,1w.'lF1Iv'-1z.' Alamei Mffurdx, john Currv, Gewrgc furtlw. R-vlwert Hennxnuer, Robert Downey, Quxntrn Elll-mt, Donald Andrrwn, Bernhardt Krauie, Eugene M YUM." r n Lylen Curl, Marun Kredxnu, Clvde Fxlew, Fcdrlg G-nxler, Fred XY'aelhter, Glyndon Stull, Phxlxp Edgerly, .lamew Ruse, Hymn Buddy, Hobart Hxnderluter, XY-lllI.llTl Dum-md, -lnhn Scroggun, Lauregnuc Allcx Atwrnl fl zl ' R-mer Idwhrman, XY.1yne Flllntt, Hartlnrd Clyde, Merwyn Linditrfvm, Dnnald XY'xllxen, Isaac Newman, Albert Nnrdhedcn, Ruhln Lahman, james irhlnlxtlnu. Qmlrge Rulalc, Ethan Humngtun, XY'xlhur Pllum Bfflf-fn: rf-u' Rex: Ernnry, Glen Herzherger, Glenn Hnlmes, Thomas Lutz, Eugene Markle, Perry MtClelland, Rulwert Lmtz, Robert Teel, Arn-dd Taft, Fred- erxclc Frank, vlnhn Almhurg, -lamex XY'hitc-Inab, Arthur Rnsenlwerger, Arthuz Lappln, Eugene Pohl promofes inferesf in agriculfure A ' t' 1 b encgurages achievnemenf in ul agrfculfure eclucafron Tffp mn- XY'1llnam Mfmdy, Gene Fuller, Flwvd Fuller, Laurel Richter, Vxrden Tr--tter, Carl Ekena, Glenn Paulsgrme, Donald Kanrman, -Iuscph Fmter, Burrell Shull, Danzel fhamhers, iharlci Terrll, Floyd Lgxnkenau, Maman Kreiling Ifff:w.'l- vnu' james Mc! urdy, Hamld Nam, Ralph Busuell, Ralph Taake, Ralph Harm-ln. H-mard Sherlcltr, Lwrxmer Eluell, XY1lluarn Fnkel, Dana Lewis. Ruvell Lewey, Hmvard Tlwrnps-fn, XY'1lllam lixrelahwler, james Sranstield Ylwrl vt n : XYlIllI.1IY'l Furtxtllnexder, Ruhard Bast, George Hamxlt-rn, james B-nuke, Randall Duty, H-:hart Hrndcrllter, fharles Melia-J, Fld-ln Chapman, XVII- llarn Mhr-wtder, Wallram Ll-lyd, Paul fr'-uw, Hurtnn Shann, Allen Bwlaleber, Orvnllc Sauder ,XrlHv:..' run ' Ldgar xhleel, Dean Paulwmexer, Daxud Neyer, Ravrn-Ind XY'xlkxn, Rnhard Ynhnlca, fedrue C1-lxxler, fllvde Fllex Harry llark, Edward Yadluiky, vlmeph Funk XY'vlluam l,.1ytun, Runald Fmxler, Raynmnd Shmnn Bffwf-nz Mn' Yfzllrana Pnkett, Sture Plerwn, XX'1llxana H-llmln, Omen Smxrh, Arthur Lapprn, XY'rllx.un XYaleeman, Vervl Shulaert, blenn furl, Lyle Lewis, lrlnler Waltwx 5 :r ' ff: vi . " 1, pg rf' 9 Top win: jo: Allen, Edward Svvcetnam. Xxvlllldm Tanner. Robert Forsythe, Paul Sheehan, Hairv toldvvell. Arthur Kaulluss, Lawrence Dobyns. Donald XX'eber, james Bayne, james XX"rav. Henry Gabriel. Glenn H1-urt, Edson foinell Fif1rrfl1mzl'.' ,lack Goldman, XX7illiam Craig. Richard Xxllllff,-lUSCPl1 Lete, Delbert Dudenbostel, Donald Meyer, Ragnar Swanson, john Cyemer, Raymond Ovresat. Xvalter Mannabersz, Ronald Simon, Noble Rose, Paul Halverson, Guy Calhamer, Arnold Thompson, Donald Brooks-Miller, Harlan Pratt, Lloyd XVeber, XX'illiam Golding Tl1lrdrrlrz'.' Victor Polrrtan, Donald Gunnerson, Charles Garrison. Marvin Never. Charles Hickman. James Sampson, Gov Johnston, Howard Farr, Terry Quinn. Holger Fdgren, Leo Arms, XX'ill1am Appier, Milton Curry, Hermon Davis. Dewey Deanna, Paul I-UI-YECJY. Elrllnflf Bfflmg. I-HIC lau.vbSCn Seraud row: XY'allac: Cleland, Herbert Thompson, Dale Arner, Donald Karninski, XX'1lliam XX'cnzler, Alan McHenrv, Philip Schmitt, Norman Minster, Paul Deeley, Norton Suter. john Tiuemper, Robert Soellner, ,larnes Stheeler, Thomas Daniels, Carl XXi'agnei, Roger Mellem. Cetil Neunaber, Irving Moses, Prof. Alan Laing, ulrzwr Barzani v-mr: Charles Catlin. George XV1nterowd. Gordon Ihbe, Morry XX'exler. Robert Tennant. Arnaldn Zancaner, Rodney Chang, Ted Kemner, james Battersby, Jack Blackman, Norman Schiller, Chester Tobolski. Robert Mulgscken, Howard Nickerson A. I. A. promofes professional clevelopmenf of archifecfure sfudenfs A I E provides opporfunifies for flre professional developmenf of sfudenfs in I I I I chemical engineering Tap raw: ,l. DuPuis. F. jones. C. Hart. R. Fabrv, O. Bolduc, R. Heimnger, , R. Gaudlitz, R. Branch, R. X'anderwater, F. Spollord, N. Miller, J. Laible, E. Bourassa, R. Schwaar, H. MeCurdy. XV. Maiers Tbim' mu: D. Schindler. C. Shidlorvski, A. Reinseh, L. Brown E. Powers, F, Sherman. S. Baneryec. H. Busch Sarong' muy' il. Beruman, A. Litchlield, R. Havs, D. Enzlebretht. R. Vulovich. J. Brazaitis, L. l-larinfr A i Botfom wiv: D. Coop, XV. Sullern, R. Anderson, J. Chapman, R Not 1:1 fmutl: 5. Anderson. D. Blanke. H. Hauser, C. Hersh. ,l. Churitth. I.. Compzr, C. Dean. J. Denk. F. Grizzel. C. Haus Mack A. Mills. K. Morlock. M. Morse. L. Nero, F. Conrad XV. Miller, R. Pearson XV. Rowan, N. Smith. fi. McLean. N Dean, MQ. Drake, A. Dreshlield, G. Grotl, N. Hilvety. l-I. Hue . C. Zupic, H. Kahn . lngels, K. Sargent, R. e, lXl. Hill, , G. Davis, Smith, N. bner, R. K ri D. XXI'ollsfheid, F. Labreeque, R. Friedman. D. Keele, R. Bennett. N. Remer , Prof. VI. XX'estvvater, Prnt. H. Johnstone, J. Shurtleil, C, Lucthesi, P. Reisman XY'alston, G, Golden. R. Hauser, XV. Sanders. D. Cova Schilson, ,l. Velardi. L. Anderson, R. Bannon, M. Beagle, F. Burack, P D. Hoscheit. T. jenkins. T. lones, R. Karas. 0. Klamer. H. Lindahl. 5 R. Dominetta. XX'. Duvall. H, Finirson, A. Maveriuk. F, Nav. G. Mithalski Bauman, E. Bilinski, Il. Bright, A. Brown, R. Christianson. I.. Davidson. P ickv, R Leiser. R. londrigan. R. lXIav, K. McHenrv. D. Mtlntvre, R. Metz N. Plotkin. XV. Rutherlord, J. Suiwak. l. Stevenson. J. Vrdoljak, K. XX'alter, R. XX'e1se, R. Trense, ,l. Anderson. D. Favre, P. Parisot, XV. Selig, M. L'ram R. Code. D. Piper. D. Renz, H. Hurrelbrink. J. Day ,Y- VQAAI. ' xi' rl-'31, il i 1 if l Nj l,l":iui .1ff,l .ffrf:rrr,',"ir' if'r.rrrrmf1 fir ,l I Ii If -I R.E. Y X.'.111.!HJq' Rithartl l Cioroztlw. Kenneth B-vrror. Yingtnt Mtlir-r-ald, Ritliarrl Faullln, .lo llcswlcr, hlax Blank, R.-but Xlwlwri, Rlthard XYurzhurger, Inmremc Mliusler, Stertltr 5r.r1i,f' Thomas Daggctl, irhrinfu, fharlcs Eletwn, jffiv1.frul,- Prol, Ifrncst , Reid. ifrirmllffr, fharles Cvrten, :fit fmi.'.:'ir11, Rithard Storer, at !.1r 'I The aims of the American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers and the Institute of Radio En- gineers, better known as the A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., are the advancement of allied sciences and arts, a high professional standing among its members, and the advancement of the individual engineer. The student branch is patterned after the na- tional organizations and operates in the same gen- eral manner. This familiarizes the student with the operation of the national organizations to which he xvill belong when he goes into the professional field. The principal activity of the student branch is to function as an organization, under the aus- pices of the Institutes. for aiding in the develop- ment of the latent abilities of the students. Nlain functions of the on campus are sponsoring field trips, backing student reforms. and encouraging presentation and discussion of papers, reports, and abstracts. Student-faculty relations are developed by sponsoring such activities as the electrical engin- eering senior-faculty banquets, the student pic- nic. and the baseball tournament. The A.I.Il.If. -I.R.IC. also plays an important role in the St. Patrick's Ball and the Engineering Show. Twp mu" Emil XVnlnik, Eugene Wlalding, Eldon Wlebb, Harold Howell, Norman Lewin, Arnold Vrere, Charles Green, Max Mauk, Irvin Roberts, Roger Trapp, Frank Osborne, Vintent McDonald , Tim! ran- Chris Chitkrrs. Judson Terrell, john Lenzini, Beniamm Atkcrson, Theodore Van Reenen, Carl Blanyer, Thomas Daggett, Dwayne Draher, Peter Pririuas, Dominic Armetta H flian. Dale Nlranc Ea ra -:: . r " l Yfivfml mu .' Frantis Tong, Xl4'xng Toy, Robert Stott, Richard Faullin, Charles Eletson, Wlalter Stemler, Rrthard Usmger, -lohn Muerlc, Edward Frost fflfrfnz vnu ' George Asaki, Arthur Vattaro, XY'alter Lipinski, Elwood Schmidt, Robert Chin. Martin Haltrurzen, Kenneth Borror, Frcderrtk Ordemann, Wfilliam ,- ,fxx A 4 Top mir: Wfillizim Chapman, Robert Thelen, Elmer Myers, Donald Burgener, Richard Dronsuth, Gilbert XVelbourne, Edward Petko, john Flgnngryv I-qcnli Goodwin, Robert Lewis, Harry Cerbin, Don Miller, john Shore Fmzrrlv raw: August Gartner, Floyd Brown, Harvey Nelson, Thomas Troller, Edward Budreck, Lawrence Sthuster, Edward Flannery, Robert Fovell, Donald Bermel, Morris Gooch, Robert Nicolson, Claire XVainwright, Harvey XValls, Rolf Pedersen, Arthur Reynolds Third row: Charles XVilliams, Harold Shutt, Robert Donaldson, Dwight Garrison, John Cramer, Richard Gorozdos, Bernard David, 'lou Scrivner, Max Casler, Howard Benpamin, Eugene DeMuro, George Bone, John Gray, Richard XVells. Stephen Eakman, Charles Meyer Second faux' Kenneth Tyssen, Hiroshi Yokohama, William Barrett, Earl Hajic, Kenneth Landreth, Leon Schnepper, LeRoy Smith, Richard XVurzburger, Stanley Denn, Clifford Stettler, XVill Bryan, Gerald Quick, Nick Holonyak, jr. Bottom row: Robert Beare, james Harlan, Martin Bretz, Robert Lane, Paul Sytsma, Richard Storer, jo Hessler, Sue Miller, Steve Ilanci, George Hossfeld, Ralph Froehlich, Clifford Thomas A.I.E,E.lI.R,E- furfhers fhe professional developmenf of elecfrical engineers honors sophomore indepenclenf women who have been oufsfanding in acfivifies Top raw: Ruth Stroud, 'Betty Steele, Lois4Ferguson, 'Lora Player, Martha Gschwendtner, Martha Garling, Emma Vifaldschmidt Third row: Barbara Thiebaud, Lorna Springer, Marian XVilson, Barbara Rennaker, Donna Christiansen, Dolores Campen, Irma Schitkedanz Serarzd four Joann' Lindsay, Mardell Berg, Anita Crozier, Iloann Friede, Louise Muenzer, Theresa Palko, Marjorie Henn Botlom mum' Phyllis Barnard, Betty Hirsch, Barbara Tom inson, Patricia Nickell, Gloria Thurow, Marilyn Parke, 1h11lfQ'Tl10H1PSOD 7 l X QD '7 cz as ov Y'7 G9 ' ' gal 4:9 Q' v 09 ,n o -' NR, 3 r Y' D' I 5 Q s e L P l ' K l rrfm-, ,i .rx V r p 9 , .,v 1' ' 1: Rm Mullrrm, 4 lhlflcx funplwll, Mwrrus NYM-wlllrxrlgu. f.rrl Bllie C Ln Br lm rr Burtun Www Rulnrd XX1lwn Nlnrl R ul Lynnc Hull Bernal' 'I'.aulmr, -l,r.lx Ljulrurrlu, Kenneth Rltrlxllc, ,lanmx H.x1l-vurt, Ruger Trl Ruhr: um H Sblff Rmlun. IN ynwn NIlXLl'I'l'llU lxrff 1 11 Rwrmlrl Burgnun, Ylgnwx Hn Ver, ,hmus Lulwm, Donald Kmt 0 l Ruduxll Hxrux Qtumpr Paul Clrmb ll Rxlph XXxnlxlLr Bernlrd Rhem l'fm.'f Rfn, Mllt-rn Cuttlc, Lvcnc Cmlllv, Robert Slhunmclmcr, Rrqlmrrl Mn lx L N tm Xrrgxl Butlu Lmrnnu Clxrk fluff rd Xwgt Peter Nrhruner Alulm Smrtlr, XX'1ll1.rm Km-xpc, Allan f,llflSll.ll'lNCfl, Damcl Loma, Dau ruxxulmru Cllrgmc Blxmlx 11'.'f,f I u Lvu'-mu MlM.1n1x, Hlrxcy Wfrsx, Lrluns XY-Jllurnnln, NY1llr.m1 at 111 Rllhxrd Huffman Dnmld G Pl't.l1lIl'l Rnlrard Brsplwnbauglr Dglburt Allison XY1ll1.lm Y--ungrxun, XYullr,1rn Dnwm, ful Pfulrlcr, Hrllul S.lll1ISLll, YL. fm" f ru J ,llmw XY1nkcln1,xn, Rwlwcrl vlwncm, Dmrglu Prclrt, Ralph Fred Bfmllg. Urulll Nwnc firflxfm rffu: Domlrl Rule, wl.lck Hoogneran, Rolwrt K-wpecky, Gcurgc Alpha Phi mega Alpha Pi Delta gives 71111 wr Nlmlq Hrmxbrl, P,rtr1U.x XV.1rrsn, Cvcxtul XYrn.xlwr, lane lflnolw, Q rzu un r L rn lg lr XXurtl1 Ann Pu sr lrwlm 11 ,xI.arvl--u llr-rrnps-rn. ,I-'Ann Lrmlsnf., lxgnlrrvn Mclllrur, N.rrr11 Ln r url Lnnl gr L nan Jmfxx Cxu l1u L -4-9 25- We 1 Q , n re '? ' -f ., Q . ? , l A I f l -2 Y f' 1' ik -U!!! ,Q Y. 5497 xl Q 1 it l a an C: f i ,- - A . CA : L ill Top ron .' Donald Crosby, Clifton Bergeron, Ervin Schuetze, Roger Hitzcnmn, Dunsld Kraft, Basil Ohnysty, wir., XY' Hnnswn, -hy XY'iuldenlerjg Third ruzzz' Allred Murcnn, Veron Edlin, Melvin Clurrnvrgli, Charles Cook, Herbert Tolcr, XY'rll1:m Schumacher, 'Iuhn Nrnilc, juhn Sriylgr, I-liixxxxrd R.1Dp Sammi mn : Hugh Boettner, George Brinkvirlwlf. Morris XV-mldridge, Dudley johnson, Richard Dunmen, Liiuis Fadancllx, Shrikrrshnn Sinn, Amritdhirr Singh, Rnvmund Nozl, Raymond Kimpel, Donald Zumwslt, Delmar juhnsun, Rug' Bickelhaupt, Prof. Alfred Allen Bottom mu: Robert Hicks. Bertram Mclreighr, Lee Mull, Charles Russell, james Shapland, Richard Fulrath, Girindxanarh B.upu1.irl, john Cux. I,up.xs , Pfeiffenhergcr, Stephen Stoddard, George XY'esta1l, Raymond Brown, Charles Wlagncr ' l il l l l ' merlcan Ceramics oclety makes Uvvflvbfe 1 five crcfivifies for sfuclenfs in ceramic engineering A ' F ' ' I ' merlcan oundrymen Society comms fhe work of fhe foundrymc1n's life wifh oufsicle acfivifies Top raw: Paul Neal, Wfillmm Ellenberger, Charles Moore, Richard Parrill, Charles Wfxters, Merrill Zinser, joseph Szekely, Fred Sqhcclcr, Burrow noun' David Cash, Eugene Van Ness, Harold Rodbru, Rollo Butler, Paul Green, john Rice, James Garman, Orville Rinnc. Amos XVr1ght james Leafh ll ,gn- ,. sas'-v .aa 1.4 , 4, fel of-'i fra: N4 .-,, N! L1 1 fn Pre X Lpel, Nutn Txuluugh Nxrmrx Hxlxvrmn lun Brmdmg Ruburt M4 xr um Lppu n A nrt Iwll-,vu M lx 1 honors sfuclenfs oufsfandlng ln musical clramaflc producflons A S A . promofes a beffer undersfandmg of agrrculfural engineering mm N w s Q nd. Dum Hmm: x n I urls iusmm Roh IN ur xx nmtm um nlxmm Dctmx rm I Q R 1 X ll x Lr LL N152 4: Lf Iluuur, 1 X vb e XX nm mu II s 1 11 I Dune XX mlct A ul r lx L L f ur -r, Pm pr: L x lux umm Dmnll Brxkgm L lm nm! Xhm n IJ an Hffpknm I lm IX nr uk Artuxr IX um mg dum Imlu. Mix Ixlwf lv, A M iruu L1 mm: my lv 1! 11 Lu s Hum Hun cnwurg rm Raul II Hmm xr-J XV1kLl1nd Lf 1,-:sg 'exnaesssrndeensm ,.... . ' f' E . H., - .a i X . , .. . .. ,.,,, . . e. Tap row: L. Dobyns, J. Geiger, L. Flowers, D. Livergood, C. Hickman, R. Kip-ping, H. Heekmann, XX'. Burger, R. Skinner, D Jacobs, J. XVhitlork, R. Gasylak, G. Hankins, R. Kocol, K. Hankins, E. Hutcheson, C. XVahlen, G. Reihmer. A. Osran, R. Felt, XV. Apmer, D. Meyer, XV. Patterson, A. Kau uss Faurlb row: R. Richey, R. Lewis, J. Decker, D. Davis, R. Weiss. E. VanNess, J. Tiger, B. Spinner, E. Brooks, R. Eldredge, fi. Melvin, C. Dial, R, Blair, L. Austin, H. Koca, L. Tarr, R. Kain, XV. Houghton, J. Jessen, E. Rechel, R. Kennedy Third raw: R. Ruscitti, R. Arner, C. Price, H. Farr. J. Sampson, G. Johnston, C. Culbreath, D. Snyder, A. Karnak, XV. Novotny, D. Rogow, XV. Sworlord, J. Marek, J. Singer, C. Pullen, D. Nelson, R. Vertovec, A. Miller, F. Coe, Prof. M. Schmidt Serond fore: J. Russello, D. Allison, J. Pugliese, C. Amacher, J. Deshayes, K, Rhodes, D. Inman, R. Frost, A. Andrews, R. Renwick, E. Fairweather, P. Clinebell, R. Twohi,-3, J. Ebbesen, R. Schierhorn, C. Blakeman, A. Hermsen, G. XVittmuss Bollom noir: M. Meyer, J, XVood, R. Meinke, M. Polin, E. Borowski, XV. Koepsel, K. Lester, J. XVojtalewiez, J. Curtis, D. Anderson, XV. Bristow, R. Kanak, C. Swensen, C. Minnich, D. Fowler, XV. Boyd, R. Coopman, XV. English, J. Asbury A. S-C, E- advances fhe civil engineering profession Is- M- I advances fhe mechanical engineering profession Top row: R. Morling, D. Rogers, R. Helbing, G. Johnson, E. Thomas, F. Supergan, J. McCaffrey, D. Krantz, XV. Robbins, G. lXl.1ddox, R. Deotsrh, J. Stumpf, A. Danielak, J. Albri ht, A. Phillips, G. Sawicki, B. Tongren, T, Jenkins, S. Cobb Sixth youu' E. Fritzsche, J. Bragburn, O. Jones, D. Savage, M. Maki, J, Feezel, L. Carlson, R. Thomsen, E. Stanb, XV. Peterson, R. Mitchell, R. Lankston, XV. Dcarlove, E. Harper, R. Malone, J. Brill FjfIlJS7'0li.' PTl'.LTIloel: F. Lukas, J. Malek, B. XVright, P. Schmitz, A. Ahrendt, T. Englehardt, T. Brown, XV. Eherhardt, R. Schwartz, XV. XVrablewski. C. toc's, . ar 'us Fourth mizu' F. Brown, J. Petersen, R. Lawrence, R. Bosshart, E. Fort, S. Pitkin, D. Denhart, P. Barrels, XV. Akerman, XV. Jones, P. Rosauer. J. Zwit, XV. Dodge, J. Howarth, XV. Deem Third four: F. Seyfarth. R. Hardy, E. Anderson, D. Russell, R. Sanriicandro, L. Kilboy, R. Costello, I. Bienias, P, Sistek, M. XVilliams, N. XVandke, J. Ream, F. Romano, E. Frens, C. Kerrinenn, A. Anderson S6'C0l1d!'0ll'.' H. Azaren, D. Straznickas, I. Palmer, R. Moehle, G. Lawson, B. Churillo, J. Armstrong, XV. Klinke, R. Stephens, G. Stewart, D. Ganger, J. Dwyer, H. Moran, E. Zettl, R. XVesseln, XV. Krance, XV. Galliviin Boilom turf: R. Benjamin, G. Josten, XV. Bassett, J. Schneider, P. Dolhrrw, R. XV.1lder, XV. Junkel, A. Hallene, R. Matson, J. Menees, R. Rettwr, J. New' comer, J. Jacobson, H. Erickson. C. Jefferson, P. Gawrusik, K. Lamport We W" 1 --....,,. . T .,.,,., , 1 l i z . .,,,.,,. .. ""W TQ l . l ,ZA i , . I at -.' ' . -"f-.,' " , 1,5 I 'Aff .K N -3-pf, RQ fx' , gk .geuii'-M 'wif' '-"' . 'K . ' ,- V f Q ' ' Q 1 . ' 5 W N N ' ' ' f Q '--3 ' 3 ,H .V .,f' " M Am' 4' . -- I .J L "f JR X A A' if , . , , , ff if 4 wk X I A . Til' 7 1933?-W, I ,V Q V, . . 1 .V 2.x U .Y VI 'L' Q , ' 'bl' Q x lv! I . 4 --4 , . . , A 1 ,., 5 i Q ' ' X: 'Pi' "I - V, ' r 1 I 1 ' ' Q 1 'X 1 t . , . , 3 1 . fn 'I N Q 4- ,, in i 5 I ' ' it H ,f X A E ig . ' 6, X ' A , A i. T ' H zz, - W 4 UA VP ,W , ' mm 'Q' ' ., 'mi Q, PY U H f R , -4 H, r Q -va 1A, -- ,, M.,,,1' , .,1fwH ,A fw. iawam , 4,g, Nu A ""' 1 91' Jmiyfbg E 4-4 1 ,A gs? 2 5 l F 'W9rVJfu ,wx 95' 1- ' 'R -4: ' ' .'. ' - " ' . .- -' ..' '- '-' . - nh ' . " 1-'70 A ,-. fu-fff' "fu W - I 4 il ,. 1 , ,wig-2' , f :A--1' ,1 A. M, ':f5!Ef.j A' gf--f Mc,-. n . .- ,,-.- .. .,.- 4 -. A '- 'fb ' - . ' H.. . -- , .- - f..-,--.Q-., . ., . b f 4-1 , -1-rx' ff f -.'V -.-".-,..,-.ff-s -:ff , - , 7 --4. 1 -J-iq, ,. 'arp .' A M- N -wwf-" . V .. ., . - . .' .-1 ". 'f 'U' '-'N'-,J . -N f ...QP - 1 ' .g:a'1.' ':,rw,. '1:' ?PfRf1'r.J?'f.T'cw:aA!Etzcscu:.-J The Dolphin fraternity was organized in 1912 by E. Manley, present coach of the Uni- versity of Illinois swimming team, with the ex- press purpose of promoting aquatic activities. Its members are chosen from those men who dis- play outstanding skill in all phases of water sports and who demonstrate devotion to the purpose of the fraternity. ln the years after the first lVorld XYar, the Dolphins became a na- tional organization. Since the year of the fraternity's founding, the Dolphin XYatershow has been an annual event. VVith the proceeds of this annual aqua- cade the fraternity is able to promote interest in aquatic activities on the campus and throughout the state. A recent innovation of the watershow is the selection by the audience of a Dolphin Queen who is elected from a number of candi- dates. This year the Dolphins sent nine members and four faculty members as representatives to the National Aquatic Forum at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition to promoting such activities as XWIIZCI' polo, the Dolphin members aid in the officiating at swimming events and meets on the campus. 49 2223! at -g 1 -4 Smm2'i21g.' David XVoodward, .turw1r11y,' Elmer Scholer, .vwlijfzlllf ul mmf Sfdlfiff james XVinans, 1'lL'E prvrnlw1f,' Herbert Pitschke, 1rmuru'vr,' Albert Del Vento, prarzdnlf Dolphin Fraternity Top row: Donald Miller, Lincoln jones, Martin Bangt Wfilliam Stmwbridge, Thomas Emrick, Robert Apnlegate, Robert Ingels, l-lersthel Wfartik Seronfl row: Lawrence Husak, Robert Schallhoin, Wfilliam Lehman, Fred Lehman, Edwin Lundicn, Donald Ebarp, james Schmitt, Albert Nordheden, joseph Dichtl, Harold Jackson Bottom row: Bernard Hurley, Gay Hughes, Douglas Rucker, Elmer Scholer, Thomas Buckley, Albert Del Vento, james XYIIHHDS, Herbert Pitschke. Donald Clooney, Bradley Taylor 1ur--.x- .-. 1.1.q--.14 5-f .Y 1-.-, ux41.m1.4-wuiuqvmmgvgu-1.41pm ..f - V V ,- ' V . f . ' A , ' .. . -', - , s v J- ', - , ,, ,Q A ,A ,,rVw.:'f'v' , 4 'Q I ,1 , v , . . . '. - " ' - ' . "." , - ' , -, A ' ' ,', 'Q , H 1' ,,, -f ,4,.,,,B.,--, .-roy. :.,j , r- f , , .. . ' ' " -2 - ' , " ' . Q 1: wise .- wr-ivi r. .Q Irfr rfrr .Hy-rn Srrrrrs, Lrrrrsr l..rpp, lurk l'rrerl, -l.rr1 r-Xlu-r'rr.rtlxrc, L1.r1l 1'osler', Bermrrl Butler, Prnt. Stanley ll.rll, Drvrr.rlrl Saupe, ,Lrrnes Mrtelrell, Ken- rrerlr l'elrlerm.rrr, Arrr-r Derrnerlrrrr, lkrlplr IJ--rlrl. ,lrrsepll Fhrrrrmrvrr V Sr. rx r rr ' flrnrles Arurrm. Lrrllvert Anrlrrwrr, Prrrl. ,lrflrn Crrlberr, Rrclmrrl 'I'r1rmzylr, Rrrlwert S-ruth, Ray Herrrpel, Albert Nrrrrllrerlen, ,lark Srlrmerkebrcr XX'rllr.r1rr Nrernlwrerlrrr, Irlxnrrrl H.rr'tlrrrrr, lrrlrn Due, P.rrrl'Brrr1li, Robert Dun l1.','rn.' rrrr Vlmrrr Nrlvlwrrr, ,lrrrre Crrllwerr, Xrrgrrrra kurlle, llre--rlr,1r.r Borrras, XY'.rrrc-n Amr, vl.rrms Prrrter, Dunn Drrllw, Alrre, lfrleun O'Donncll, N. r,rlr lr.rrrr, Alr-L M.rrl1rr!k.r ,wr 1r..wfrl' R-flu-rt ldrreer, Hrrulr Rrrlrincr'-rr, Nr-lwlc Smith, Tummy Slreplrcrrl, XY'rllr.rm llerrrlerwrr, XY' Srrelrm, vlrrlln XY'rerrke, Vlnmes Crrrnpnlwellrn, Leo IJ-rrrrrrrr, XX'rllr.rm 'l'erlrrr.rrrrr, Melxrrr Lerrlrrnger, Dr-n.rlrl Mrlnrrn, H.rr-rlrl XX'rsnulrr, Prrrl. ,lnmes l'i.rrnp, XYrllr.rm Snyder, P.rrrrrk Nrller Ill 1 b advances floriculfural knowledge and inferesfs and pro- o u u u mofes good fellowship is devofed fo sfudenf debafe, dis- cussion, and public speaking on public affairs Yup frfrr' Lyle Ellrrrrtt, llrraeplr Mrrllrgrn, lrmes Longest, Dorrglu Grrexkt, jrrlrn Krebs, Erwin Bcttrnglmns, CQlr.rr'lrs Ruserrb.rrlrer, Herbert Hess, Harvey Srlrmrrrz, 'Ilre-rrlrrre Kell, Alex Srrntrrrr, fl.rrrrle Srrrrr, Ilr.rrles Rerrrl.r, Rarlr-lr Butler lllhl rf-U HUM-IINIFI Rrrzz-I. Rrelmrrl 'I-rnruan, Cr.rle Iirrrrs, Frnners Haney, Lrlxrrr PL-nrielrl, George bnydcr, Loren Srnrrlr, Rrrlmrrl P.1lewreZ, Burton Iirrerxrrur, Cru-rrge XY'errrlt, Idmreme Gregory, XY'rllr.rrrr Herrttler .Xrrffril rffrr : XX'rIlr.rrrr llerrwx, Rrelmrd Berk-hrre, XVrllr.rru XVellx, Dnrd frrlrgn, Robert Drnrmrtt, Allred M.rkuler,, M.rrxrn Ulmer, 'I' Rue, R.rm Rao, Nrk-rl,rr Curr1rlr.4rrrllV, flrnrles Srlrurrmrlrcr. f.rlxrn Prrll.rr-.l r'7fr,'zfrn1 run: Rulw Srlmerrler, lmrre hrrmle, Vrrgrnnr Lrglrtlmrly, ,lrrAnne E.rrles, Yrrgrnrrr Prrlzrn, Glenn Rerlrlrrlc, Pr-rl, Hrrlhurt Gully, King Brrnrdriek, Krrrrrue Srlrurt, Robert Ryprrr, Vrxrgn ZLU, Suzanne XY'Jl1lstrrrrr1, Num frown, Carole Ovcrrnrer' ' 5'l -. f.x I The first university home economics club of its kind founded in this country was the Isabel Bevier Home Economics Club, originat- ing at the University of Illinois. The principles upon which the organization was founded are Q primarily concerned with further developing interest in home economics at the University of Illinois, promoting social interest among members and faculty, stimulating a basic in- terest and an increased knowledge of the pro- fessional world of home economics, and de- veloping an appreciation of the home. Uni- versity students maioring in home economics and enrolled in the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, or Education are eligible for membership in the club. Among the activities with which the club concerns itself are the FfCSlTIll2ll'l TCH, r'3All'..LX.g Delhi, X!1!11rI'ii1,g.' Sara Lewis, lzr'.1iniri,' Patricia Feaster, uri piiwfilifil , . , . ' Srfiltii: Louise Hodam, flnfrfzkciwlazjv rZi,11in1m1,' Mary fampbell, fmblirfly Christmas Party, Home Economics Spring riaffm.i,i,- BeverlyGibbs,pi'rfi1difr11,- Ritta wiirreia, .iri,,,,,,, rniiairiiy Banquet, social hours with the Agricultural Club, and regular monthly meetings. The name of the freshman girl attaining the highest scholarship during the year is inscribed on a I plaque which hangs in Bevier Hall. The ad- visors of the club are Miss Ritta Vi'hitesel and Miss Dorothy Durrell. Top row: Orpha Cro0li, Barbara Thlebaud- Ruth SNOW-ld, Ellouise McDaniel, Marilyn Minks, Patricia Bast, Dolores janak, Shirley Miller, Catherine Atte- bery, Norma Hanell A U b .S'ez'emZi raw: joan Canning, Betty Braden, XVilma Cluver, Charmian Chase, Mary Barlow, Marie Turner, Eleanor Mainey, Dorothy Bnity, Marilyn Kay, Barbara Attebery, Bonnie Puls, Armina Kolmer, jean Robinson Sixth row: Marilyn Augspurgfr, Yvonne Frase, Lucille Stuenkel, Norma Davis, Marian Wirtz, Mary Sinclair, Koreen Krapf, Patricia Langford, Roberta Smith, Della Brooks, Patricia Warren, Mary Potter . Fifth vow: Jeanne Horgen, Phyllis Coakley, Dorothy Holm. ,luanita Schulze, Helen Ross, Wfilma Gracsser, Shirley Cox, Patricia Ringger, Maxine Roberts, Betty Karpraun Rita Karpraun Dorothy McKinley Carol Fries Mar Campbell r r . . Y Fourlb row: Ritta Whitesel, ixdrziorx Priscilla Ueberrhein, Lucy Logsdon, Kathryn XVhitenack, Patricia Sheldon, Mary Hansen, Louise Hodam. Marie Flach, Lorna Springer, Elvia Tarble, Patricia Scherer, Patricia Feaster Third row: Marjorie Wesley, Naydine Bean, Roberta Rayburn, Leota Naslund, Margaret Collins, Barbara Murphy, Shirley Erickson, Dolores Moody, Maizie Angier, Gilda Gleim, Peggy Glawe, Marian Ryan, Dorothy Giese Second row: Barbara Newton, Dorothy Dormire, Frances Loitz, Sylvia Blomquist, Edith Bassler, Delores Parrott, Marilyn Roush, Barbara Isenberger, Marylou Thompson, Norma Boward, Nesta Mann, Beverly Gibbs, Virginia Hess k Barium raw: Elizabeth Keefer, Rosemary Archibald, Marilyn Wlomeldortf, Constance Wfalker, Bertha Steinberg, Charlene Wfoodson, Eugenia Ford, Evelyn Smith, Corinne Griffith, lane Brubaker, Mae Oster, jean Magill, Joann Lindsay '5!"""""""W"l" j, V nun-.un-,q--ui., '-'e-......-',:':z:- i -,.--.::.-e.'.L- ,F Q 5 1 ll Giese, .mriiil rlmlinzizzlf Patricia Ringger, ifriifiiii l The leloof and Horn Club is an organiza- tion composed of agriculture students who are interested in animal science. As a subsidi- ary organization of the Agriculture Club. it provides a means for students interested in livestock production to become better ac- quainted xvith their felloxv students and pro- fessors as xvell as a number of outstanding men xvho are associated with animal husbandry. .-Xs a result, the students obtain a much broader outlook of the animal science industry and ac- quire a greater working knowledge of what is happening in this field. The club has a mem- bership approaching txvo hundred men, all of xvhom have united to promote their mutual interests. The experiences that they have en- countered in this organization are valuable to them as a supplement to their classroom work. The club holds regular monthly meetings and tivo major events annually. The Little lnter- national, a quality horse shoxv. is presented in the fall and serves as a means for raising funds which help finance the Livestock judging contest, which takes place in the spring. Deine XX eihmerr Lyle bthertz Aaron Sell j hn Detr y Clarenet Ruthe farl Ekena, Harley Olson, Gerard Linsner, Robert Henn, Dale Keen, Russel luxev Elin Cy ltlen Ribert Alexander j seph Foster Burell Shull Glenn Herzberger limes Nh! urdx Ralph Harmon Allen B1 uslm john Bingham lohn Albin, Robert Teel, Donald Teel, Robert Stierwalt, Albert Hinrich!- Haroll F xxtrs Tl mis leigh Ranlall D ty lD'lXlCl Welson Mtretl DeXX1ele nrthxu Harper, Robert Renken, XXVilliam Young I mes B nd R btrt D n nn Robert Dmnex Donald XXrlkcn XX iyne Elliott, XVillxam Arends, Lester Farris, james Robison, Ernie Painter, XX .alter Qthlithtine Ted lxendrxtl. XX illiam Ll ntl Harold Mun Stott Eiiekson Richard XY,llllJITlS lvhn Dueuer lcster Austin Hartlirtl Cryder Dile Nutter Bennett Roodl ruse, Glyndon Stuff, Donald jcnsen, Eldon Chapman, Arthur Bot' lrlt Gml limes Ross liyr n B tlely Xxlllllm Drmind Elmtr Gerlaeh XVilliam Miller R Let Nimms Quintin Elli tt Arthur R stnberetr Philip Eleerley Robert Loitz, Milton Brown, john Seroggin, Grace V:inXX7inkle, Howard Meat Judging Team Top mn: Arnold TAM, Cmitlun Knowles, Merril McAllister BUIIOIII rnny' Roy Emmx, Alexander Maclzimm, Ver- lin johnson, uornlv x 4. ,i Z r !l"K- 3 Little W- International Committee Top ron' james McCurdy. I-I.1rtt'nrcl Crycler, Lyle Schertz, Domltl Jensen. Lick Bingham, Wfnync Niewold, Fred Killam, Donald Whlker, john Albin, Byron Buddy ' Serum! mn: john Curry, Mervyn Lintlstrom, Glen Holmes, Donald XY'xlken, jnmcs Ross, XY'rlli.xm Dimond. Arthur Rosenberger Bollam mzr: Lawrence Zuckermm, Robert I.i,mitz, Philip Edgerley, Robert Teel, Arthur Lrtppin, Perry McClelland N01 nz p.1m'l: Joyce Tre-wyn. El.1ine Davies. Polly Logsdon. james Schlxcting, Howard Bramel, j.1me5 Robison, XY'ill1.xm Miller, Gordon Knowles. jofeph Fairluirn, Diwngld Teel, Peter Peterson Livestock Judging Team Top ron : Fred Frank. Whyne Niewold, Arnold Tnft, Flctl Killam, joseph Fairbalrn Bollom vow: Fred Francis, roarlv: Ernest Painter, limes Rubimn, Robert Downey 505 A12 v- ll . Q Il 9 a v . gr, . t 2, li A ' All students registered in the University who have received credit for two semesters of accountancy are eligible for membership in ,, T T the Accountancy Club. The purposes of the organization are to inform members of profes- sional and honorary achievements in the Col- lege of Commerce, to foster interests in the science of accounting, and to promote under- standing and fellowship between faculty and students in the College of Commerce. .Xlonthly meetings featuring talks by prominent ac- countants are designed to acquaint the mem- bers with current trends in accounting. The executive committee of the Account- ancy Club is composed of the Senior and jun- ior Councils. The Senior Council handles the publicity, the membership drives of the club, V -e, Lf' t j traatt fi,.11.aan, f,o,,fo,f, 1,...v XY'rtkh.rrn, XY'rllram and the selection of speakers. Sophomore and 'i Moot, it with rr - - - I " F ' ' junior members are eligible to serve on the it ' ' . , . . . D' junior Council. After serving on the jumor r Council for two semesters, these members auto- matically become members of the Senior Council, The Accountancy Club, in promoting un- derstanding and fellowship among the mem- bers, sponsors numerous faculty and student athletic events during the year. ccountancy lub Tj- ora ' Robert Thompson, Alrte Hrtkey, Daren Hrtkey, George Rredle, XVrllard Peterson, Rithard Leighton X1-ml' 'fn' Frank Sthletk, Stanley Iverson, Fred Barnabe, Donald Lolhert, Paul Srhroer, Arnold Brookstone, Marvin Hylen, Arthur Anderson, Lharles Stbmrd, Arthur Gould, Barry Walk, john Harvey, Sheldon Rooth, Kenneth ftnrli. Donald Lonn j I'lI.'ff fort : fharles fallahan, Thomas Karnoskyr Rrthard Benson, Robert Wltnk, Rrehard Miller, Harold XVrsen, Elurn Messerall, Peter janson, Alvin Cooke, 1 Eduard Nrteurtk, Norman Kozy, Irxvrn jaeobson, Marshall Zrssman, Simon Brazv, Sheldon Cohen, james Hall Vfflrrllv ron' Hugo Melvorn, Andrew Drake, Kenneth Smith, tiharles Naughton, Harry Granzow, james Hurt, Roy Sove, Forrest W'rnkler, Donald Carlson Lewis Petty, Dalton Hrldreth, john Stroggrn, Eleanor Bane, Geraldine Henneberry, Duane Mrtehell, Harold Ahlbetk Tlfrol von: Mae Grupe, Gerald Rrxlrn, Elliot Spiro, Elmer Wfrlkenrng, Ralph Brel, XVrlbur Harris, Vernon N"l"erskopt', Maurice XVorkman, Paul Abrams Louis Matusrak, Carl johnson, Henry Blackwell, Donald Haley, james XValzer, Rrthard Musgrave, Arthur Wfyatt, XVa'ne Oak Stroud mn: Elrda Page, jo Anne Armstrong, Lois Wfrtkham, Miriam Batks, Wfillram Moore, Paul Dunn, Ralph Maglrne, Albert Zimmer, Harold Lawler Elmer Laut, jr., Wfrllrcrm Lotkhart, feerl Baird, Lraig johnson, Robert Ahlqurst, Albert Rother, Eugene Hudson, Domrnre Vota Ifnil win .' jeannrtte Althotl, Francis XValls, joyte Sigel, Edwin Sigel, Donald Lehman, james Cfarrithers, Sidne Stattord Aldo Balzarini ames Studzinski Marvin tortr, Leonard Rederke, Robert MtDon.rld, Leon Rerstrolfer, Howard Gohl, Harold Gohl y . . J . 'FTW V J . -A0 506 The Illini Insurance Society is a new or- ganization for students interested in a career in insurance. The purpose of the society is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the field. It was organized on December 17. 1947. at an inaugural dinner held on campus. At- tending the dinner were approximately forty- live prominent Illinois insurance men. The presence of many key men from the insurance business demonstrated the interest of insurance people in this new organization. The Society was launched with an address by its first hon- orary member, Kenny lYilliamson, who is now President of the University Board of Trustees. The Society includes 150 active stu- dent members and a like number of associate members who are active in insurance in Illi- ' . T U ' ing is held once a month R ber J I lr- . it li Jr 11: I. d P d"ku 1. Holi? A pl-ODrauI ulcer D LRobert 0SI.iIdl'rirI'IlcI,nS fiI7ii1tiili1l,' ilfiiierisiin Khr'i'iIii'i.itli,xcl.,iI:.TI, Ilijilfiiiffi during the school year. Two of these meet- Nilfflw Frrvbwsh- WH-".i ings are banquet meetings, one is a Christmas banquet, and the other is a spring banquet. The programs are designed to bring current and practical insurance discussions to the members. I . Faculty members who serve as advisors are Robert Mehr, Robert Hedges, and Charles Carlyle. Top rnun' Marion Hansen, Margaret Felt, Lindo Romani, Donald Sutherland. Robert Fuener, Frederick Mersbatk, Charles Tagliani, Cranston Green. Albert Trakinat, Peter Ponton, Harold XViren, Elwin Messerall, Peter janson, Dario Lencioni, Everett Barel, George Nelson, Allen Flitrratt, Raymond Shatter Fonrfla raw: Hershel Orenstein, Harold Chulterman, Garritt Bute, Karl Munson, XVilliam Sullivan, Donald Griswold, Donald Burns, Earle Zatloukal, An' thony Dobosz, Chester Wieneke, Williiim Rhodes, john Detker, Daniel Else, Louis Haerr, Gale Farris, Edward Wfendt, Peter Pantarotto Tbira' row: Charles Carlyle, Leonard Lauter, Wfilliam O'Byrnc, Carl Dieckmann, Nathan Corwith, Donald Davis, Charles Miner, Saul Disler, XVilliam Moore, john Stevenson, Wendell Stone, Thomas Mills, john Cfonnaway, Keith Baumann, Albert Lenz, William Thomas, Dominic Vota Second rozv: Prof. Robert Mehr, Michael Altenberg, Hugh Price, Stanley Shepard, Thomas Hostetler, Martha Firebaugh, William johnston, Leonard Reclecke, Emerson Cammack, Robert Sudbrink, Velma Bland, Ted Kemner, james Barrett, joseph Martinec. Henry Straus, Kenneth Gunsteens Bollom roux' Mel Gutstadt, Earl Barnes, Philip Pritchard, Roger Taylor, Raymond Twery, Donald Larson, Harvey Criss, David Xvright, Robert Barger, Selwyn Blum, Robert Hedges vwnm--fern -1 va.. .- -K.,-I .W -., V .e . . . - v -, Q M M ---f:- -1-ff ' 'rv-'vw , . 3 - i 'AQ -A V-e -1- V' A i s' " -- . ,f"- 1 ui . - 'ff ' 1 ' I Ill' ' M k t' b was organized for fhe purpose of bringing e u fogefher sfudenfs inferesfed in differenf phases of marketing. Leading men in the various ing Association, the Illini Marketing club has the fields of marketing are brought to the campus and distinction of being the largest university marketing appear ns guest speakers nt the meetings of this ur- Club in the wnrld, gginimtion. .-Xfiilinted with the American Klnrket- 1 f i fi iaiipi. XY'ir,kl-.r, If .iff ttf xXllI1lilCl', r2,.1rr.ift1 but-Mkt, R..1suer PUM11, fxmiiw isiku-, Burt-in Kuepkr, Ralph kmhngtiiri, Drmslu J-iiinsnn, oscar Krueger limes 5turlzrnski. Rirseuc Arthur, Patrick Bullird, ,lemme Tencnhium, Stnnley Strdz, George XVoud, Luuis Purstrutlerl Lharles LcBeau, Robert, xliulilnn fuhen, R-ihuit liiss, D.ilwn Hildreth, Wfiync Unk, Gila Cviufiuil, litlxmitl XVundt Irs-,r fn ' Ciltri XX'iIln.imsnn, Illint Spirn, Lewis Perry, jdmes Tli-vm.1s, Dnmel Else, Conn Scrtzinger, flmrles Andrews, R.1lph Brel, james Dierschow, Benja- mm 3,.t1,.,lA..1 L-luis lirehmer, H.iruld Ciuhl, Himqiirl Cjwhl, Kenneth Crunk, Rug, Kenneth Gunsteens, Crxnston Green, Albert Recher, William King, XX illmni Heimrtlr, -Idmes Mnuxeri, Alhert, Herliert Ukrungly. ,I-rhn Riley N f,,l' vnu ' flmrles K,.ill.ih.iri, Felix N-vrnun, L--urs Knuestli, lldwuitl Prisliriuti, linrle Zntluuklll, Gille Farris, Rnhcrt Druley, Elton Ridley, Edward Gunder- --In, li.wr11'fnil Dcxxvcrft. ,I+-NLPII Nnders, ,Luk iHlUUg.lN1.lY1, P.iul Ahmms, Dunuld farlsun, Arnold Tnrter, ,Iuhn Schmnling, Charles johnson, Wfilliam Lock- hirt, Arthur Arvtitrsnn, Luuis H.ie1r, ,ldtk Hi-rnutker, Ruhcrt Guest, W'1lli.iui Mm:i'e, Dfumtlix' Rust, Iuurtney hluhr li 'fru - .ii linlmrtl Hur, Ritlurtl Kuhne, Fehrs, jnseph Chlup, C1,l.iItline Henneherry, l.iml Dlohnwn, Paul Hallhctk, XV.1yne Lemburg, Richard J XX tilwrr. lztlx-..utl Itilmm, glauies XX'.1lre1, R.ilph Mdullne, Dinlcl -Linus, D-1n.ild D.rhl, Dunnld Huupt, Eniersun Xx'ilDCl'l1.lD, David Halton, Francis Heavcy. lluvuiunl Nlmtltr, YI-istph Nlllimrri, le-fnnrd lledtrkc, Ylerrx Sthnttnur zz: --iw it bfi :mari -usrvw-rt-as-vi -" Q ' ". -. I-.. ' ' . ' -' ' Q wa' f wf wa M2 Qsgf V ig! NL 5 'dun M, ,ff ,, -vw.. 6 Y, V1 fi Q i ,QT Y - - A if 15 gb - - ' -.ff , ' 2-: in - :wif fig x ,J , . A -A 5 5 . . ,K f .s 'Z .sz f f , -i., . ' ' 4n Q Q P - .S X- .. 'P , V5 Q.,g A' T .Q if at A 0 u.A..v1 -ga 'rf , . er fx v - - .UK X qi' 634, 55' if Q Y Inq wav may 16'vj!, r xg' cs, lV'1"L '57 fF 3 mf K I 4 ',A Gy ni E! 5 E , 'f x , 4 ' 5 xfl ,QQ T X F , wi f' N . , 3' 4 Q, M, f 5 v v v fa V' wf vi K4 X fx PM mv 1-. gl 1 1 ,V t W Q 1 V f X , , - K Q- -W. , .' . w 'I ' LM: A Y A F 'A , ' .- . ll 1 m e W s ,. A 44' S .M g-. 1, ja y J. ,z .,.:xqS..,, vt- . .A,, Q . ,um . M Q if N fx - s Xu. N Q A- M lv.,-ew V 1 S , Q yn 4 QR, 1 Pj if I 4 ' l I! I lg A 'I I a A n 6' " -,rumrft I r .glide IQ, '1 .r r uw-ff gy-A-f 1" LQ ' lf I 1 fl '35 . is .11-an 'HA 3 ali-L ."'4. 25 ,JZ Q he-4 if pr' 'QF' Q lu I nal nn! avr A 'i E W x Nt A 'V' walk sfo Y vu-Qs Sw' ev as W' Nw-Q Nr 3 'I jr 1 gf Rrrlacrt Nallary. Elmer Srlrwlcr. ,lrrscplr Suvlt. .rrlrlwr ,' Raynwnd U'Nurll. ,hrrrlrfrrirg fharlcx Morrison Infrrfll rf rr Ercdcrrrlr Yrrulrwl. Cru-rrgc Mrn-wr. Harry Rnctlrc, Norman Van Kurrglxnctr, Rulwcrt Ellrrrtl. Kent XY'cstratu 'lfx-.f r lawnard Daxrs. R--zannc apcars. 'llwra XX'rnal4-rr, Vrrgrnra Md alw, Glrrrra Flclrhcr, Bcxcrly Asplund, Nrvrucn Zales, vl-lannu Drllax-vu, rufrslrry M. firm," 1 rr ,l-ran Recw. Frrcda Br-arty. flr,rrl-rm: Vrrgl. 'lrvyrc Brusuu. Katlrcrrnu Mcrrrmar. Harrrct XY'ullur, Margurv Halvrrrscn. Yrrgrnra Stewart li,',f,,r, ,yn XY'arxlrrlN Hrmwn. Yrrurnra Alrvlrnsun, Karol jaulbs, In Eadcs, Natlralrc Fursr. r'1rr pirrrrlrulq Bunnrc I.rvergrmrvd. Frcdcrrc Helter, rrrnrrnrrr .XVI :rr fnrrlrl' Barlwara Scym-fur, Patrrrra Baker, june Brandrng, Gr.-rvrgra Buslrmll, Maurrnr- Krunrstuck, Lars Dean, Vrrgrnra Erlrc. Martha Eirclwsrugh, Carol Errcs I lrarles Eranrrsr-I. Arlr-en Hasan. Cru-lrgc Hamlrn. -lane Hrrks. Nanry Hudwn, Trent Kncppcr, Leah Kuppurman, Phyllrs l.ura5. -lr.-an Mutlr, Hulcn Pletsrw Xlr rr-ln Rurrrulu. Anrta Rrstrnu. ,lm R-Ixner. flrarlr-N Tlwrsun, Crcrwrgu 'I'lwr'wn. Alcan Turncllrl. Plryllrs Wblsh. juan XX'cstxrrr cle elops and fosfers a greofer inferesf in fhe arfisfrc ask and Baubl drcilma I I I provides an opporfunify for sfu denfs fo become beffer acquainfeo' wifh men in fhe mining and mefallurgy professions Yell rffzr 5 Rrrlrarrl Nrlcrrnan, Turn, james L.-rudrrrk. Frank Padrrvrr X,-.yle 1 fu ' lames liurr. Kcnnutlr Nlrrmmrn. -larnus Stanley, Arthur Ruuglrlcy, Darxl Garrmcr l'.'!.'f" rwrz Sranlw fhann-rn. Klrarles Mrtrlrull. Arwnvrnuus, Eduard Karlrwsky, larry Karlmsky I fan! lf.r,i Xrrfrml llfrmrni 'xnr nr XX r-rr' Darrell Hulmrrtlr. lfrar1l.lrn Adams. Rrrlurr Aspdcn, Plrrlrp Frcdurrrll. Rrrlrard Nrflrntrrk. james Hartusuk wir Allred Yxflwwrur, .I--lm Hcrlc. ilrcrrnan Ellrnll. Rr-hurt Grllram. Donald Marlcary inn ' 'l'rrrrnan Aarrrn, XX'rllram Gard. .larlln Mrlrallcanrn. Nrrlrrrlas Snlmh Pgtrrrk Cahrllv Brurq Iapqk r rfrrr ' F rlxrrr Daxrcs, Harrv XY'ard, ,lwlrn Ianus, jarncs Mrllcr. R lnald Hlark. Buvurlv Sullrday, Edward Spcrr. Lester Kuhnhcnn, flrarlus Iankousky jurrrrlx Daxrrl Herman. Crrllwrt -lrrnus. Phxllrp lcrglrlcy. Donald Henson, xlrrscph Klarrrrr, Mrrlaacl Lrwcwcnbcrrg. Frank Pcrkrns, Rulwcrt Brurklmusc, Flo urru. ltrrranrrrr Tudor. XY'rllram famplwcll. btcvwarr Rule, Max Srlvcrrnan. R-rlwcrt Anderson, Eugene Sglmctz. Rrrlrard Zak. Stanley I.urg.:hlcy, Edward Ga L XXa-.rrr Drr-rn, Donald Dxlw, Harrrsrrn Irrrner, Yrrlrrr Hrldcrlwrant. james 5':arda. -Iarnus Dcwlrrrst In .-I-I ...KN . we 59.325 H' ,fs - Nkfaif f i m,'n ' " xc. it I r , HWVQ: 5 lb Y, il' . YM K ,gf ' '. ' ' x .. V K.-.Y5p?i-29 -.,., L. . 'W' V if vt . X 15 M g. X .AAI Y ', I . .' Q' "Wg --- ,i ', 'Lx l .I 51 . Q " ' Q 1 Sf L ffwi, 55 ' . if 4 -A 'QW q V Q if' .SJ ,? 5' 5, Eg ,sw at , 1 It . I 4 Q .V ,, 9 . f 1 I "' 5 1' 492 321 N V? 11,5 .mf- Qai I 'lf 1.1- 3 " '-Q'--'. Q A 1 ,spa . , 9 ,.,.N ',., ,aZf::!E,. V .1 3, uvvfva- 'V me 'r" '1Q'Z:a4i1,"f' ,L A ,1W is-. 7 '- . 1 9 ' K V ' is 3 X 5, ' . W 1 I .V 5. .- . , 15- , i z irq, rchesis "Orchesis" is a Greek xvord meaning "to dance." The purpose of the organization is to offer to men and women of the University the opportunity for creative dance study, com- position, and performanceg to stimulate inter- est in art danceg and to foster high standards of performance, appreciation, and understanding of the art in the community. The yearly spring concert is the major ac- tivity and is given in conjunction with The Contemporary Arts Festival in March. Other activities include sponsoring concerts by fa- mous dance artists, organizing play days in which neighboring colleges are invited to par- ticipate, and lecture demonstrations for the music and art departments, clubs on campus, and neighboring schools. Orchesis also parti- cipates in productions which combine the efforts of the music, drama, and dance depart- ments. 'Iunior Orchesis is a branch of the organiza- tion in which non-members are given the op- portunity to improve skills to meet regular membership requirements. The newly estab- lished associate membership gives interested individuals a chance to help stage the dance productions. I Shel X . Q Q2 X ' and A, ,,, R Q 1 verge: Top raw: George Minor, Frederick Voelpel, Norman Van Koughnett. Bruce Youle, Raymond O'Neill Serrnm' faux' David Braun, Charles Thorsen, Calvin Hugy, Elmer Scholar, Wfilliam Knuerr, joseph Scott, Robert Mallary Bolfom VOZl'.' Kent Xvestrate, Leonard Davis, Fredric Helter, Harry Roethe, Robert Elliott Noi in prmel: Morton Razowsky, George Hamlin I honors men oufsfanding in dramclfics Phi Mu Alpha - Sinfonia f,Zl"'if,Zfl,'Lii'Z,'Z,i7i,Z,'o'35SlfuZZ?aZ'?e' Tap 1'l7Il'.' Richard Litterst, Edward jones, Ronald Kidd, Andrew Carter, Prof, Homer Schmitt, Paul Price, Donald Stout Third row: Robert Weihrouch, Earl Flanagan, Robert Summers, Robert XYfebb,john Haynie, Theodore Lange, Harold l-lindsley Second row: Robert Wilkinson, Norman Werner, William Killian, Richard Hagen, Herbert Boyd, Prof. Paul Rolland Bollnm rnzv: Russel Pugh, David Tucker, Wesley Stelzriede, Donald Rahn,Paul Scharfenberg, Lyman Starr, Wfarren Schuetz 3 . V x l 1 ll X 42' Y Yup frrr ' I,u-.mrri lrrlrn. Znrmlc Rrlwrn, Shururn Mrzcll, jrrscplr Lrcbrqw, Arnold Lcarncr, Slrclrlnn Erchcn, N.rrh.rn Tun-rrl, Hrm.rr-J Ersen, Myron Silverman, lmwcs Helter, Arthur Krnuw. lnvuus, .lay Frankel, Albert Sihwerbrsh S.. fx! -frrr bqnrrrur Rcgnl, Phrlrp Cruullul, bhulrlun Auerbach, Rrclmrd XVlpp-nun, jururnu NYurnlwcrg, Burrrum XY'1nklcr, Hnrry Gulrlncr, Charles Fisher, Edwin Mcndcl. Srmlrn Bmzy. Xml Brcskrn, Rrvhcrr Cr-vudrnrrn, Merle Mnrtcnsnn Y 5 fm wrr Rrrlwcrr Drrrl. Fllwrn Slrgcl, -lulrrrn Rrrwnlwqru. Sherman Kcats, Alun K.1pl.xn, Prof, Rulwrn Kuhn, Bcrnnrd Crrhcn, Hmxgrrd lxvndun, Thomas Rosen- berg. Mnrrv P-rlrn, 7lcl.llLlVPI'.lY1l44.l .X V: :fr fum! Cu:-nrgc Strursrrqlrl, M.rrxrn Muycry Frcrlurnk Lursgh, Ralph Hrllman, R.1Ipl1 Gardner, Stanley Dann I parflclpafes ln culfural and social achvlhes Rifle and Pistol lub 'ndudes Men' "'e""e'S of 'he N"'f"n"' Rifle Associafion and inferesfed persons fm rrrr ' XX rllmm K-wpwl, Alnrnu Crrrrvus, R--hurt Srmmcn, Milton XVrrght, julrus Mrlrqunrdt, ,lrrhn Hcrbrrlshcrmcr, vlamcf Clrlrkr Il.-r,f fra Hnrurnrrl Hurllrrkur, f,h.lrlus XY'rcrlllxr, Allrn Andrews, Robert Sglmffqr, ,lnhn Putcrmry jcvnc H.1ug.m, Rrchnrd Mnrtley, Vsuqhn Cult 5rrfff:.! rfrrl Alrurrrmn Fr-1-rrrnn, 5hrrl Raul. wlrrhn Hurry, Pxtrrcra Rush, Gucndulyn Sattcrlrgc, Kenneth funk. XVilln.1m fhrttundcn, Harris Kimball Hwffr, rfrr lrunrr P,rln1cr, Al1Illfl jurwqn, Ihxnl Crmhl, Cc.-,rut Anast. XY'rllr.1m Anders-rn, H.1rry Allen, Bcrrurd Guthclf Nw! nm fmlurl K.llhr3.n fnrwn, Flcrl jrrlmnnscn, Lux' Nlgwn, Lrlllan Eggcx 516 ,T"I"' .A ,,., 1 Q g 4 5 b .,. .... L 'V f 5 , 'A it '- s aw I H: , , A xv 1 -A , I. -v wr ' K 'Q -A V . , . ,,. 5 X if , L -Z. Q is Megs! za. A Wan 'K I ...x , ..T.1,T,. A l"'! as 4 ' it ft ,WM ,, .,.J.. ,. ., U' . ,-,,,-.. . 2 ' Xe, ,,. , wi 1 -3 gifs ' iii? 4' W. -A. ning' . ...X if Ng V, ,K S J w ., .I l, , .u. 3 ' , 1-, X V , Aga ,. .r ,Q ,':,'5'f"'m"g!5- JS' 1 4 'L si ' :ff AM A: var: ..,'5 Q- L . jlf . -v L , x - K A-4, A - Shi-Ai, lirst established at Northwestern university in 1920, is the society which honors sophomore sorority women for outstanding work in all-university activities. Every fall the two most active sophomores from each of the Illinois sororities are chosen to become pledges of Shi-Ai. This honorary enables these sophomore women to promote and strengthen inter-sorority friendship by their exchange of ideas pertaining to matters of common in- terests. As welfare projects, Shi-Ai gives Christmas gifts and writes letters to brighten the lives of war orphans over-seas. It also sponsors a party for the children at the I-Iuling Orphan's I-Iome, in Rantoul, at Christmas-time or in the u spring, and sometimes on both occasions. Shi-Ai also sponsors the annual Shi-Ai Sing which is held on the Friday night of the campus Mothers Day week-end, and in coop- eration with the new sophomore independent women's honorary, Alpha-Chron, has helped plan and present a most enjoyable dance. This innovation has provided a friendly link be- tween independent and sorority women. fa SIJIIJIIIEI Lydia Irvine, ,rei':e1.1ij.' Kathryn Clark, lrearlirer t Sealed: Georgia Bushnell, Pmlbellsrm' I'EIDIt"Jt'IIliJl'l1':',' Joyce Drew, prefi- .iwrtg Doris Himes, :ire pigilrierzl Shi-Ai Yup mu : Patricia Wfenzel, Cynthia Supples, Catherine Braun, Patricia Wirth, Norma Mead, Helen Baranyi, Dorothy Carter, Leona Sarton, Evelyn jansen, Mary Halpin, Barbara Elosstrom , Ffinfzli mum' Eleanor Brown, Audrey Behling, Shirley Cristil, joan Pidcork, Elayne Schermer, joan Rusnak, Eleanor Sirferd, Marilyn North, jane Fonts, Lois Kram Thnil iiuzzi: Myrna Hale, Barbara Bankson, Shirley Dreuth, Ruth XVoodruFf, Marjorie Spafford, Dorothy Heinze, Phyllis MatDougall, Joyce Heath, Mari- anne Gross Skifiwzd fffui: Elaine Nusinow, Doris Thomas, Nancy O'Neil, Donna Bonar, Nancy Butterfield, joan Pixley, Mary Riley, Marilyn I-Iindsley, Priscilla Ueber' rhein, Mary Lorrie, Carol Crouch Bfiifim mir: Betty Wfeldon, Lydia Irvine, Georgia Bushnell, Joyce Drew, Kathryn filark, Ardis Miller, Anne Lyman, jean Valentine, Phyllis Roberts, Katherine Wfolcott, Mary Schaeliein r 5 joan Bergquist ......... Editorial Staff, The Illia janet Birch ...... Business Staif, The Daily Illini Barbara Christiansen, Business Staff, The Daily Illini Lois Dean ............. Business Staff, The Illia Mary Alice Eastman. . . . . .Y.YV.C.A. Lee Flesh . . . . . ......... Illini Union Nathalie Furst .... . . .Illini Theatre Guild Mary Howard . . . . . . ........ Star Course Vida June Kersch ...... XVomen's Group System Virginia Metzler. .XVomen's Athletic Association jean Muth ........ . . .Illini Theatre Guild Mary Ellen Needler . . ..... Terrapin Janet Olson . . . .............. Student Senate Mary Palcheff .... NVomen's Athletic Association Marian Scheineman, Business Staff, The Illiog Illini Union Patricia Scherer . . . ................ Illini Union Barbara Seymour. . . . . .Illini Theatre Guild Miriam Sommer . . . . .Y.YV.C.A. Vanna Thorman . . . . . .Illini Union Sldildlllgf Joan Bergquist, Virginia Metzler, Mary Palcbeff, Vanni Thormm Marian Htherneman jmet Birth Mary Ellen Ncedler Vidi Ixerstb limi Olson Seated: Patricia Scherer, Barbara Christiansen, Miriam Sommer. Jem Muth Dean Agnes Tandberg adn n Nithxlit Furst Bmrbiia Seym ur Luis Dain L e Fl- h e cs Nat in panel: Mary Alice Eastman, Mary Howard ZS 'f' DL 35 -v llh oo- Q, -Q 'G -t I 2 inf, 1,11 l'I+1,4 HW,-I, lu,m:r.n lux:-, M,mIyu Pfmvwrx, Alum f..1,L, Imqmlnm Nulwn, Huty Alu.1h.1m, Fmmu Kcmlmk, Annu Iiuvstul, Mac Puller Xwffffnf ww Nmm l'ull1v, Iam P.v.n- Mmlyeu Illrnlwluv M.u+'.uL'I mum-rs. f,1mlyn flmk. lun Hfnlgu, Vc1.1 Wfllllglms, H.ul1.n.n lowly, M.lly Frclyczl li J V fu If rf lull' Cflmwrw, Nunn liuuua. f,,xur.n Hu-I4 MMV lhy, Dumthy l,n1luI14vun, H.nlu.ll.u Nlxgffrl, Cmucy, fynthm Mmllhcnny, Dorothy' Sllurmrd I xgma A ph Iota and pfomofes mum I I e I, furfhers fhe profession of journalism I fy mu llulllrf If-,H-1m.m, lhmg Ihfxlluthmf Mn-h.ngI lfmnhy, Rnlwcrt R-ulclnk, fl.1rv.-mc Hlmlurur, Hcrlnclt Wlcnss, Richard Krzmlz, Donald Laible, Ihr.: l'l1n.1hm,mn liffflf-nf mu ' I-.lm Rfywll, Iwl15.u XVIII-.x, j,ar11us llvmlur, Rulwlt l"1t7gllwlmn, Rnlmlull.1lwhs,XVllli.nr11 fiulc 1 x LAI- 1 'S in l 5 Top row: Thomas Chamberlain, Wlilliam Klupar, Patrick Savage, jr., Donald Shaner, I-inward Nichols, Daniel Sheehan, Melvin Levitt, Donald Larson, Ray- mond Shatler, George Smith, jr,, james Mitchell, Ronald Mensen, Robert Stevens Third i'01l'.' ,lack Newkirk, Donald Hoffman, Clarence Magnuson, Xxllllldfll Ring, -Ir., Paul Griwrusxlc, Darrell Dyer, Harold XViren, Peter -lanson, john Powers, XVarren Rosback, Xvayne Sachtleben, Edward XVirth, Robert Carpenter. Mandel Lerner, Duard Swanson Second row: Lawrence Blaida, Edward Koiyane, Burton Flax, XV1lliam Sliramer, Dwight Garrison, james Holman, Gerald Brown, David Bonham, Leonard Redeckc. john Mavor, Allen Madary, John Rak, Kenneth Prrbble Balmm faux' James Anderson, Stanley Lang, Richard Clark, Robert Kotowski, W'illiam Gulizra, Everett Laitala, Russell Cole, Francis Marsli, Raymond Butcher, joseph Mortimer, Selwyn Smith, Clinton Spivey Th Society for Advancement gf promofes fhe clevelopmenf of sound managemenf Society of Automotive Engineers brings fre gineering sfudenf info confacf with oufsfanding engineers and fheir accomplishmenfs in fhe aufo- mofive and relafed indusfries Top Egan' dWalter Krance, james Feezel, Walter Oliver, Ronald Moc George josten, Arthur Frohman, Donald Grnbe, Robert XVentworth, Norman XVandke, Wat XVrrg1t Fifth row: Wallace Hopper, Robert Wesseln, Robert Masamitsu, Arthur XVi5elogel, Ralph Gibbs, Orville Rinne, Clarence Stocks, XVilliam Dearloxe, XY'illiam Gibb, Benny Churillo Fourlb row: john Newcomer, Donald Krantz, Harold Kerns, Kenneth Koza. Wlalter Klaric, Edward Parzygnat, Donald Denhart, George johns, XVilliam jones Third roux' Charles jefferson, Robert Giertz, Boubene jaremus, Robert Reynolds, Kenneth Pribble, Henry Funckes, john Corrigan, -lerome Jacobson Sarnia! raw: john johnson, Donald Savage, Donald Russell, Rocco Sannicandro, Howard Erickson, Paul Gawrusik, Leonard Szymanski, Paul Sistek, Peter osauer Boltonz row: Prof. William Hull, William Bassett, Edward Frens, George Sawicki, Robert Shoemaker, Jay Schneider, Wfilliam McNulty, Donald Rogers, Thomas jenkins, joseph Ream 111w4w Skull and Crescent is a national sophomore honorary fraternity composed of two mem- bers chosen from the twenty-live oldest fra- ternities on campus. lts primary objective is to create and promote interfraternity fellow- ship and to encourage freshmen to excel in both scholarship and campus activities. One of the main activities of the fraternity is the annual Pledge Paiama Race held in the Armory. Un December 7, thirty-six frater- nities competed. Phi Delta Theta won the first place trophy and Delta Tau Delta won the second place cup. Nlonthly dinner meetings are held at one of the member houses, where various subjects are discussed, designed to further good will among fraternities. The main social events con- sist of a formal dinner-dance at the Urbana- Lincoln Hotel, a pledge banquet, and an ex- change party with the members of Shi-Ai. Each year the new initiates receive Skull and Crescent pins which are passed down from the alums to the new members. The success of Skull and Crescent this year depended, as always, on the support and enthu- siasm of its members, and it continues to main- tain its traditions as it has for over thirty years. I ,I Nheld n I-rank Prank fy lhn Hvllnsttr R btrt Enders Olue Drummmd, Clark Dean, Gerald Magee. Garland Frrtts, Daniel McNertney lint! Thrmis P ll d Charlts Nthultz lslin Tomisstne Rlfatr Smith Harald Armstrong, john Mainey, Donald Nelson, Robert Lawrentc, Oliver 1 Hirxu Anlurstn lam s B uldtn Ames lann n lohn Metzger Peter Mmre, Keith McHenry. Paul Clevcngcr, john Chandler, Gerald Chal- D nild N1 h N t Crtcne Raymn nd Brrnkmin fhirlts Allen Dvnald Hallahan, john Graham n Ltr imtr 'ttyl n Iam I stph Bremer Rat ar Ems :uns lxrintz, Nucl Belnap. Robert XVagner, Kenneth Preble, -Iohn MtMaLktn, K x Star and Scroll is a sophomore activity hon- orary society founded at the University of Illi- nois for the purpose of creating and promot- ing interfraternity fellowship, raising fresh- man scholarship standards, and perpetuating the traditions of the University. Two men are chosen from each member fraternity on the basis of their freshman schol- arship and potentially as a campus leader in extracurricular activities. Star and Scroll highlights in the 1948-+9 school year included a Star and Scroll banquet and a formal dance held on Uctober 2-l. The scholarship cup, awarded each year to the member house that possesses the outstanding freshman scholarship average, was presented to Farm House Fraternity. At present the organ- ization has plans for the sponsorship of an in- terfraternity Soap Box Derby to further com- petitive spirit. The combined efforts and close coopera- tion of the members that resulted in a success- ful banquet and dance are indicative of the interfraternity spirit of fellowship that exists in Star and Scroll. Sflllldlll-gf Charles Marshall, lrerzrnrerg john Almburg, ferwmry,' Clarence Wilson, Jergmnt-ar-mjr1,i A I Seated: john jahnke, fire pre.rrd2nI,' james Hunt, prefldezzt Star and Scroll Top row: Robert Rice, Thomas Moore, William Unterberg, Armer Swanson, Richard Corley, Donald Hunter, Donald jones, james Andersen Serond roux' Steven Smith, Leslie Bishop, Edward Sweetman, Donald Walker, Ernest Michaud, XVilliam Mueller, XVilliam Kirby Lockard, john Hall Botlom row: john Almburg, Clarence Wlilson, john Linderman, Charles Marshall, james Hunt, john -Iahnke, Brian Crumlish .-. 71- l- -1-1,- 11 ' x ., 1 zusmftmt pf,-rung . nu if 5 Q .1 df.. L ff - f ,- f 'gy I . I, 1.7 , , Xsv Sta, Q4 t?.TEPNQL Sl:lRFFtCEYV: vuunnu 1 -6 4 In sf- -Efs l Nd E N .f.. lttrl l-flrnsori, .'ir.x.urrf, llivlorrl Iarorrrrs, :mt fcrtln' xl. john l1.rLt: irfr,.ri', lxohtrt l..rtlt.rrii for rrlru. rft., N .:1r.f R-rlert lirrtfoxx, jo.-zrfrnf. lpavl l.utZ, rrlfrmq ffirorfrn! Student Veterinary edical ssociation 'l'he University of Illinois Student Veteri- narv Aledical Association was formed in 1948 bv the first class of the College of Veterinary Nledicine. The association was organized to fol- loxv the plan of other student chapters of the American Veterinary Aledical Association. A business meeting and a social meeting are held each month. Prominent members of the veteri- nary and other professional fields speak at each social meeting. Orlicers are elected each semester. The objectives of the association are to pro- mote friendlv relations among the students who are enrolled in the veterinary curriculum. to pro- vide additional opportunities for members to gain professional ltnoxvledge. to demonstrate the vir- tue of organized effort. and to build character through the censorship of all unxvorthv actions of its members and the commendation of all xvorthv deeds. By striving to attain these objec- tives the society aims to foster and to promote group ethics and to promote friendly group rela- tions. Tfji iffrr 5 Rayntorr-l Olsen, Ulrter Ntotte, Kenneth Carnpbell, Harold Patterson, Clifford Loomis. Frank Adams, john Ehrhardt, XY'illiam Newton I 1 H' vnu ' james Palmer, Robert Bramel, fharles Lindley, john Lrratty, jerome Banrekr. Leon Strregel, Glenn Wfaxler, Robert Butzotv, Boyd Knuppel V Ibm! fffru: George Felrrenl-rather, Kenneth Klrngele, XVrllrarn bpeeht, john Baker, Harry Loetiier, Don farren, Elmer Owings, Robert Etheridge, William Searls, john Haxlwy, Robert Latham Mrfirnl toni Earl Lutz, john Hutkler, Gerald Dart, Paul Burkttt, Henry Brouwer, XY'rllr.rrn Hendren, Whllram Dolotvy, Robert Craltrn, Rrehrrrd Fink, Wlilliam r Huher, Prnt, l,orert7 st. flair. frrrnlri .rrlnoo lr I nr wir: Creoree Stott Hernml famphell, Robert Xvhalen, terrl johnson, Ilrtlorel Linker, Iftltvard Murphy, john Dust, Daniel Holland ,N-f. fu 11.11.-.lf john farroll, liarl Krngry Terrapin, honorary swimming club, aims to further the interest in swimming and to promote sportsmanship and friendship within the club. Selection for membership is based upon the girls' swimming form, skill, and rhythm. In its meetings, Terrapin tries to teach the girls organization in the production of a water show, stunts, good form in swimming through demonstration, and knowledge of how to write a good swimming routine. The highlight of the year is Terrapin's an- nual water show, given on Mothers Day lVeekend in the spring. The associate mem- bers aid the major members in producing this show, which portrays costumed musical num- bers centering around a main theme. All who are in the production will agree that the value of experience derived from the show far sur- passes the hard work, time, and effort given in preparing it. Besides this climaxing event, there are many other activities which Terrapin sponsors, in- cluding lVomen's Athletic association, the Inter-house Swimming Meet in the fall, and L'Guppies," a junior swimming organization under the direction of Mary Butterfield. 4 Sfmzrlizzgf Elaine XVilson, ,fcwe1.1i'y.' Carole Bauer, frmffner- Sr'1llm'.' Helen Shellabargcr, rice frieri1fu1l.' Mary Needler, friviiifurll Terrapin l Tab v'aze:- Doris Layson, .Marilyn Goodell, Paula Norris, Lois Cederberg, Joai George, Patricia Forbes, Priscilla Pearson, Alice Haungs, Delight Chambers, Patricia Rieger, Patricia Fielding, Elaine Rose Sc'L'07ld raw: Mary Hanning, Gwen Laufer, Georgia Pahlow, Anita Crozier, Betty Glawe, Betty Jorgensen, joan Eberle, Roberta Rosecrans, Carolyn Kraybill, Norma Howard, Carol Danne, Nancy Beck Barium rozr: Rosanne Gelvin, Carol Nicholson, Sally Roach, Mary Ellen Needler, Helen Shellabarger, Elaine Wlilson, Carole Bauer, Marge Spalford, Alice Muschler, Mary Butterfield, Frances Falcon, Mary Leschuck, Juanita Meunicr Nur nz panel: joyanne Blount, Marilyn Creath, Ruth Hexdall, Adele Mason, Molly McLain, jean Ungelier, Cylinda Cryder, Lois Fischer, jennora Fisher, Susan Evans, Germania Muenzer .t' , N gg ii V , .Un ,. .f Viffzi E' ,Wa , ':,w.- , .1-wg:-,.,, any W. -.aa I M: -a ff . l .zagfasii ,Qu ga -4 . Tomahaxvlc is the activity honorary for recognition of the achievements of indepen- dent sophomore men. The fraternity has a fourfold purpose. First of all. it gives recog- nition to independent men for outstanding xvorlt in activities during their freshman year. Next. the organization helps to inspire its mem- bers to greater achievements as upperclassmen. Thirdly, it acts as a service organization for the independent students on the campus. Last of all. the fraternity works for stronger bonds of friendship among independent men. The members of Tomahawk are students xvho have done exceptional xvork in various activities. The initiates are chosen by the re- commendations of their oxvn particular activ- ity. A-Xll of the major activities on campus in which men may participate have representa- tives in the organization. The honorary has been active in encour- aging independent students to take a part in activities at the University of Illinois for a number of years. However. only recently has it become a national fraternity. At the present time, the local chapter has brother chapters at Indiana University and Purdue University. erntth Frtelmin :tt rix rx lt Malone, -li-hn Pllaum, Xxllllllllli Soilerstrum W L in t L 4.1 ere in I L I 11 Nikolai Gontharotf, Charles xviillktf, Donald Wolfe A 1" eff I I I I 4 II II N. IP 'II I ii I I I I 3,4 ,QW fi. U Q5 Q E 36' 'i"VfQf W' ' .,III6"1I bxpiw 'gc IIII I-Vp Qi r sv " EI?-' 'Irvs I n nxlff " 'II ' ISM ,. A ' ff , . 0 . VA ',1 'U t i I u -I g. .I .v 7LA kj I H :JA .k fym 'M l 'Q - I .t - D I 1 .,. y "r XF X 'fb nr 'Is an 'Q . , - ',:.ft t V U B A -, A . I 4 ll, V NV- ,nf 1 N5 X, t H I , ' 5 ' HQ I' 1 , , ' ' T Q I ' ". 4 , " ' 1 M- mug , LOA- Y A -X 2 Armed Forces 9 "W k J Q v.. 121 ,pw , X W1 x ll ill . V 1 h. I up. 1 I wh i 5 X, 1 K 1, I 19" w -ill! if If J f' 1 t X 'lXHf"' . J , ffff I XX Wi Q Xiu J ION I R X Z x. i , I IN X , ij! IH mx 1 ' 9 N V Av 6 Q? M .P I X X Q: f f ANN X I 0 HM 9 , ,..- 1, F' , - f- X, X I, rf, Xxxxxh- Qu' I X ,,."'.,.-"Q x H. J X mx , w r ' f f fb 4 X X f X Q f5iif,fWKL of V I- W F "'A IN ., K xx .V Ik , ' 1, X fxxxxx K ' Z ! N K l ' X! XM' H PN i X V -HIM K IV, XR' X If X X 5 H fy x n' 5 , f Q xl? Wx-ff 0 Army In 1862 the Congress of the United States passed and President Lincoln approved the Land Grant College act which provided for donations of public land to the states for the endowment. maintenance, and support of colleges which otfered courses in agriculture. the mechanical arts, and mili- tary' science. Although the State of Illinois formally accepted the act of 1863. it was not until 1868 when the University of Illinois was opened as the lllinois lndustrial University that the act became operative in lllinois and a military cadet corps established. initially the cadet corps consisted of a single company commanded hy a cadet captain. lt was not until 1877 that the first regular army oilicer was detailed to he the com- mandant of a cadet corps which consisted then of only 198 students. With the passage in 1916 of the National Defense act came the establishment of the ROTC program as it is known today. lixcept for the periods during the lYorld Wars when special college training programs were in effect. the cadet corps has continued without interruption since its inception in 1868. I l nel Hilti lin kl x n1fr1.m.f,w I If 1 rf! I 1 r I1 Mayor Robert Bennliarnp, Capt. Green lcnriings, Cipt. XY'.xrnotlt Harwell, fapt. 'I'hoi'pe Cline, fapt, Xxilllhllll Plumliof ig r Bro t Karon, fapt. Rolwlt Ntiowlnra-lge, rapt. Rnluaid Tilley, Mayor Lemuel Holley. Mayor George SLl1lllIl'1j1 H ll r XXnllrim Crrahani. Mayor Harold Miller. l.t. fol. john Olixer, fiol. llaiiy Buckley, l.t. lol, Leslie Atlarns, Mayor james O Hana 530 El7!f,flEz2l Slay-Top raw: MfSgt. George Swanson, Sgt. lfCl. john Galigcr, MfSgt. Lee Dominic, Sgt. 1!Cl. Robert Khristiansen MXNf,t Robert XVinlxlcr MfSgt. Orrie Phillips Second 1'0zz'.' M!Sgt. Karl Brown, M!Sgt. Howard Bagley, M!Sgt. Russell Meeker, M!Sgl,Herman MtSchwain, Sgt. lfil Cl irles Rubut Sgt Ilutnrc Hodge Bollorn rozr: Sgt, Ollie Reynolds, Sgt. Robert Harrison, M!Sgt. Chester Myers, Sgt. lfffl. Harold Robbins. Cpl. Charlu Hrmrlton Although the present cadet corps is not yet as large as the pre-XVorld VVar II cadet corps due in large measure to the proportion of veterans on the campus, its strength as of September, 19-P9 was 2,508 and consisted of nine units of the Arms and Ser- vices at Urbana-Champaign and a Medical Corps unit and a Dental Corps unit at Chicago. The senior officer, as academic head of the de- partment, is Professor of Military Science and Tac- tics. In the military organization he is Commandant of Cadets. All other ofhcers that are assigned hold appropriate academic and military positions on his staff. The senior officer in each unit is unit director. As the result of action by the Illinois General assembly a student entering the University with less than a junior standing must, if he is physically fit. pursue a two year basic course in military science. This consists of one year of general training and one of specialized training for a particular branch of the service. A student successfully completing the advanced course receives upon graduation a second lieuten- ant's commission in the Organized Reserve corps. If he applies and is found qualified. he may receive a commission in the regular army. nton Hannon, uzdel rn! Military Council The .Nlilitary council at the University of llli- nois. originally organized in 1929, is a body of stu- dent oflicers xvhich serves as a liaison medium be- tween the coinmandant and the corps of cadets. Since the members of the Xlilitary council are also members of the cadet corps. they represent. to the eommandant, the opinion of all the cadets. These opinions are presented to the commandant in the form of receimmendations. The council is composed of the cadet regimen- tal commander, the executive otlicer, the highest ranking senior cadet from each of the nine branches. and one delegate from each of the three honorary fraternities - Scahbard and Blade, Phalanx, and Pershing Rifles. The cadet regimental commander. Xl. Clinton Cannon. serves as president of the coun- cil, and the executive ollicer. lelarold G. Baker, jr.. as vice-president. Some of the activities of the council during this past year included co-sponsorship of the Armed Forces Ball. an exhibit at Freshman Activity night. the organization of a rifle match between the va- rious units represented in the Armory, and a basket- ball and volleyball tournament. Y 1' ' it l,l.i'.itl lfiiiss llioiiias llirilek, Kcnnclli XX eitftl. 'lli--mas jenkins, Ylohn Meyer 5 t 'L' 1 :i liitliaril liiiiiiirullai Iviol lloihli, llillaril Tfulutt Alaiues Qlloush, Nec-llwm Q In . vs ' sz rl-'lm furru, lxnilmid Daykin, llmomas H-Isletlei, flint-,ln Caixtiori. Harold l'l.4ker, Hume lxelitt a 1 Ny - , sm nl' mf ET'-'1 5627 -e5 ng g . 'W' 1 ' f w - w. -:M Q.. , 1 ' h Q 1 Z Q x - 0 K . Q .T I : 3 . f Q 4 - -.Fav . P+ :B as P I X - ' - , Q Q d , I . ,, - 4 N ,, .am . , ,, .4 , 1 , . I , ' ' - .5 -," ' .. A ... W A , 0 , ... ""'f5 , "'A'.K 'Q 3, j::,'f -4, '. x I K , 1 S Q V '- I x X QQ 1 s X ' 1 A -' . . 'L .'2 :W 2 : f Z1' 2'1" g Q . U , Q : n nr! I . 5 of 'V XX , - 'Q 0 Q U . Raj A vw, ,f . 2 S15 5 ..,, sz in .V , -A Vi fl Q Y i . 5 l .A ' ' L X- . 2 N Q EF 1 5 -,,-W ,.,. 35 :I 5.-1-Z 'ikfffj 'Q '- :-:"'r2 - f w jjafl - 'f arm--c-tra, '- 1-'31 , Y 7 R ' -.N ' , X mi w f wr- W ll". 1 U ' . If ' Q ?x 'N . WH: Y Q gg i Q ' 1 ., 71' ' A ,,.. t I rl. 3 I .lg-E v L m .. ,z. a,. A W , xgy L .,g,.A, V, aj. .l 1 xg . . 4 -'JY "-, 9 Fqgna 3'-Pixy' U if ' i h. 6 I .F h a' A L 4 I gg, .- ,- . ' A .,,,' . . ". : A V f - , 1 "E F- L-A X Q. ' '. '. itft Lf. ' 'X .. .. V' A .I jk. - 11 ., 3: I . K4.. . Q Q ' f2'f', .'12': '. :-L LQ - 'n - of ' f ' I Q 1- Q '1lA 'Q 127519:-M EA' L' "5 H cgixv L .tx v I 9: i' is QI! I 1 . q 1 . . x ,, , , ,lx ' 1 gl 5 ' li, i 'Ml g - " 4' ' - "' X 5 f- fl if 2 3 L' . 1 i M, . .. -. x 14 Q .. Nh, 553' Q. E -six.: x+f:Q,Eif:fw ,e3,s. ,fjx 5 1 X, fc -Q.. -x .. Q., nn fb .-wi' k ef: 9, . 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I A . fn' I. . . ..Q.., Meg.: -gf-"' K , ' kk? , Q nv g5..T . ' ' '- - -' 0 674' ' 4 .,,, , -' - -,, ,f LIE f 2 C!! 4- ,f 4 . . J x -vw "" , F X .t 1.45 ni., . Q4 mb . TW? ... o,'6'v ... ' ','4'- 'o" ,Q X . 1 . . 4 . "A . .- , 1- ' ik," ,,. " 4' N I 1, , ' -N-Tir' A ' . A - ' - . ' x ,. . "'J"' nf' ' -0 'Q .. 4" ' K , -., .9 , .A ' - ug . 0 , 'Q - I Z -U -. -1 i K. J ' 9 ' ' HH. .l , Q "Val if 583, . ' ' , . X s' ..nq.1,:'-"nl ilwf'-f,'f,'f..3,,4.gx ..1,, ii, ' H 1 - -vw ,'f'+f!v.wr1+:'-'r-."- "ft 'ii' , , fl' I ' at 1' I 1 X WM " 'K U '+L' 31 "" x xl ls A' i l X Y, -9.4--fam 1 ,. , 'Y' 'T I' jf. 1-li 5 nf ,swjvrw 'N ! 4 1 A ,- , g iw, 1 .4 '. xx S Drriri X - fr-,4"jL', :L JAC--4 . H fun wafgvf-4 E ,m '-4' ,f- A " wi 1 ,,' --"' , xiif A LLM ' 1 .'.' ' 54 ' iq fQ5G1Zl77l"' F' f '-is - - "4 'rg-',, Y ' . 4- ' . X 5' f'-..' -, f 'ze-rv .' Tu N .'-:A . -J-S , ' :f f. ""- "NG, . . 'TPL a .. . 'i . , ,, ' ' If f "ya" I:-JE, I. '-' . x -- 4 ' 'W . - v tin' . - " :fu V ' A 4., s-7' . 1 iggl-'J1' "' r Q, , N ' ' . -5 ' 5.9.59 - . H j -, ' 1 . -- - -1 .- , v- ' 51.42 -Fr. ' W -. 'A . . , Q, i 4, .m : 4XM1 Qi, " ' "" WK i X ksx- I . . and the tanks cnrnu out the lux dum They kmrw the lupus lu get plane rcscrxpltxum Summer Camp All nlmglnl Carbine copies Evan thu "UU" smile: ig i fr-X an im ,. -1 i 15- E . iw r I Rain. , . 515' C: V V 2 1? F f-A IE? gin, u K A -J " a I F' . . ' . U Q fl , sv l W ,. lg '4 1, if Q" F 'gg 5. ' i VJ U-I' u ' o 9 AM my ' 1 x 1 S 'aff x , " N . . fn , J' .X J o n R. 1 9 9 ' Q. Y skfg: A ,av f ' 1 I , , 1 W ' . ., .X 4 s -- - I s ' n " .25 . . ' y 1 gg' 12, if-1. ,sf-: 75 'L . ' ' ' ' - ' 'V 1 im,- B , Q ' Q, 'gs if A A - , - fo. .. . . : , at gf , ,- xg' , , + . 'W' A 'W'k Q 'g . H . . Q. K -j f ' ' ' e NN 1 "' Q s af Q w . . ', t H XE! R- Q ' L W j ' 5 ' ' 6-Q9 kgy- 5 .'7- WMx'12 , in ? A' EWS N I 'gl' -- '. 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H T -- ' I . -' ,I ,. - , an I - A . ag. . - . if ' 'E " ' 'V ' I I ' - ' ' , 1 X . K Q f mv l xg' W D A 'D I H i . . v A X in . . E ' 0 A ' ,i . X- ,, -I I QT' J , aj. 1' Q K I . -'lv' .. , 5 - -- . Y I ' I ug 4 . if X ?' Q3! V.W ' i3 i' .W ' 8 Ai 'A u- a li ' 'fig' , 'p N-.. A KG, , qi? , ,g '9' 'Q' fx , .Sf 'W' W5 .' 'A rv -' 'i.,fx"J1f 'W :,1 f ' 'ff ' - 1 ' "' -1? ' ' A f 1 x W ' QW' x wr 1-52 .gf an . . . . V W I 'i 'z if 6 ' ' 5 MV-' ' 1 ' .+ fi -- , X 'I 'l , Q .. D if 4 1..' ,p ' Q -I if VE F--1 2 -:I +14 - . 0 ip, r i.. , ff! 1: 4: n, '. Q 53 A Q -, nw . '1 4' . , w - Y1 'Y yn ,- L . N " u Xu ' ' Y? g" . gi . H . Q5 , I x, AEI 1 X. v - 1 -V , XF . X-gs A,-lgkx s Y. 1 'L gi. " -vf ws! - , Q lt- ' U. Q 5- i I-QU . . . E' 'G D f ' 1 D I o ' ' 7 I J U 'J It X WU I u I x 9 I+, , h .Hr ..., 1'-NF' ,vp - ML. ,, . . , A ' if k hi X Zqiwli 4 . Q i, , 1, 'B' ' f n 1 .. uw . ....... ......F. I Rfzmfz -. ' -, ' s' 7 if , 1 ' ' V' ,Q K. ,.,4 A l - A -,.,.....f..t W I W A .. . : 12.a'Qi,gX fs 'gag -Nw. rg ,3 '-f A ' 5 'ftp ' ls... - ,v, 1 51' lv, ax-- u ,, "-'J '-f' ff " . ' 1 , - 2 " , vi F' -v -,ag F' M W' av. . 1 ff 9' Wwfrp A f , " 'F' sw I W ' Q? A ,P I ' I 1' 5 ' 19' . a 1'-A .19 6 ' J A ,' . ' 3 ' W X ,, '. x i K I " ' - 'f X 71 xg' il'.:xH:' 1 5 -sl A T. X Eiga 5 Q' Y " "gf A4 I J f ' ' QBBNUP. ff' 311105 1 'swlfiixulisnhry' 5 r' 42 si xg: LQ L , ll I rl Morris slr Lxlrl. irrrrrrllrrtflrlu ,rm Air Force With the creation of the United States Air Force as a separate branch in the national military estalilislnnent, the Air ROTC was organized at the University of Illinois this year. Academic instruc- tion is under the supervision of the Professor of Air Science and Tactics, Lt. Col. Morris H. Sliedd, and an Air Force staff composed of ofiicer and non- commissioned oiiicer specialists. Air ROTC consists of a four-year program divided into tivo courses. The basic course may be selected by students xvlio are required by University rules to complete successfully two years of military xvork. ln the advanced course, which is comprised of tivo years of academic instruction and six weeks of practical training at summer camp, cadets may receive instruction in Air Force administration or aircraft maintenance. Upon satisfactory completion of tlrc advanced prograni and upon recommenda- tion lmy the professor of air science and tactics, astu- dent is commissioned as an ofiicer in 'the United States Air Force reserve. I f rua" M'Sut. Bernard Ditkerson, Rlfsuf. Norman Dail, lXIf'Sgt. john Srnallworrtl, 'I'fSi1t. Mark Phillips A li 1 ru ron, rapt. Kerrli XY'arreri, Major Lluorul Dempsey, Lt, lol. Morris Slredd, Mayor Rnhard Harding, Mayor Kirl Benson, fapt, Rolwert Collie .l in i H Tap row: Ronald Black, Eames Humphreys, David Brazelton, Norman Clough, Carl Lee Bottom row: Wfilliam Creeg james Huer, Neil Van Dyke, Don Straznitkas, Major Richard Harding, .fpoumr Air ouncil The Air council was established as the govern- ing body of the Air Force Reserve OH'icer's Train- ing corps in order to represent the Air Force Cadet Corps in all matters of student interests and parti- cipation in military activities. In addition to acting as an advisory group to the AFROTC department, the Air council cooperates with the Military coun- cil and Navy council on all military functions, in- cluding the Military Forces ball and the Armed Forces day ceremonies. The council is composed of the cadet colonel and his group staff, the cadet commander of each squadron or his representative, one representative from each of the combined branch military honor- ary organizations, and an oH:1cer of the AFROTC faculty staff who acts as advisor. The cadet colonel, who is in command of all AFROTC cadets, is chosen from the advance course on a competitive basis. His duties are to ad- minister all policies of the AFROTC and to pre- side at all Air council meetings. 'wir is sai -f--r...., T,- B D B B z.. ,:- , ' 1 'x 1 K . eh., a ' 5 eg? , 1 - ., .,- 3 -- . Eh QW "' 'H . w ' -14, a if x 5 I ' H W 1 A ,f Q I . . ' . , - ' 4 I . u -5 -. .0 A , Q t eil- nf a 'Q x 3. I .. .f 519 ... 1' ..... , 4 Q 0 I D D W AL ' E ' b Q A xv ,392 - " V, ?..',,,fm-5? .1 3, . B 8 . . Q . sm: H 8 Q B xv- .11 0 , 'o ,n1. . . X .. ,- S . .,f Q ., - - . 6 , . 3. ' . ,, 'u V' H 4 I 2 -. . 3. - 4-'Q a5', s 'R Via gf 'W W 4 1, -. .- vs, . ' 1 ' 0' 0 . , f H V" .U GR w'N .4 1 -- u I- "Si "4" ' ba ffii . Q 0 n 0 0 n I -' , E Q If , x-. x ! ' .-n '1 4' Qr ' 9 u ' ' 1' -. I . .-f l 1 -. 3 '5 WW , Q , , Q 1 1 as 1 ij - 1 . . 1 - . l gg., K' a ' m """i2' - AV -1 - 1-www. - -' - 1.4 gp .J rw.. "Fitzg- 1Tigkvl5ii.:"A., A -, ff. ' r -fr M , -. 1, 5 M. .V -,QY":rT:,." , , 1 9 L V . . . I f o x".'m"'i'vf!""J l ' ? l ,1-. 1 X1 .1 gy Q 'f P ! g 7 O , U 1:1 - 0 3 .2733 pi - S f Q o Eg ,QA 1 5 5 U 0 V ' 9 4 mis, -C' 'wavia 'SC -i I M 'ef vs , iff ' n X 'L X 0 X Ni , N NK x X X l 47 Navy On September 22, 1949, the midshipmen of the Naval ROTC returned from the annual summer training cruise. During the summer, some of them visited the Panama Canal and crossed the equator, receiving the accompanying initiation into the mvs- teries ofthe Royal Order of Shellbacks, while others received training at Pensacola, Florida, and Little Creek, Virginia. On returning to the campus. they greeted a new class of plebes. These new midshipinen were a wel- come addition to the unit for their presence meant that the NROTC Unit was at a full operating strength of four classes for the first time since its founding in November, 1945. After a brief pause to examine the new training laboratory, complete with 5-inch gun and director, loading machine, tor- pedoes, mines, rangefinders, and other ordnance equipment, a lot of new ideas for a better unit were put into effect. I LPI in Pl: llip Stokes, t rrlnmrlilnly HMM! men XX'e.itlitrs, lf74f. I'5.'X',' Theron llaiuaitl, 7fXb1,, L'SilIC.'. Wkntlell Kari-ill, '2'Ni'.'. LIYN: August Asseler, DRC, l'S'N,' jaines Smith, IICQC, INN llin lvtt ll C lll ll XX lt r F nnt U ll I If . rt , 1, '.i 4 iv 'r, A., fi. ,N ' lirl INN' It L it Brxin LTX' Knit I i ll. lennev mt, J ., if P-fl fleltslvi fmt r ip: ,f -inw- iei,-:4 ,, ,. : .H Robert Kriaut, LASJIK' , Phillip Qhrltts, KAN, tffzunzarltlnlq fffliiwq It. lol, XV.iltei Floumoy, LTJIC. :'.XL1ll1lIa' '4-'S Top faw: Charles Schmulbach, Maurice Ross, Richard Bartunek, Donald Simpson, Jefferson Newton, Edwin McLean, Gene Blanchard Boltom row: John Hayes, Stanton Ericson, J'EU"!?ffI7'j',' Robert Larson, fbai1'n1mz,' Darrell Johnson, vice rfyrzifmanf Richard Wlilson, lrerzfzzfex' Lt. Col. Wliltei' Flournoy, exerlztire ojirrr A special exhibition drill platoon Was created, and to parallel the well designed academic training, a recreational program was in the making. A Navy Council, composed of representatives from each class, was formed to advise and recommend to the professor of naval science on matters relating to N.R.O.T.-C. student affairs. An athletic program was devised, and interclass sports events were spon- sored. The Ya1'da1-111, the unit's newspaper, resumed publication with an increased staff and plenty of ideas for the yearls activities. The rifle team got down to business fast and it held many successful practices and meets. The hon- 'ff ors won by the riHe team were a credit to the unit. These new interests have created a stronger spirit in the unit, developed more pride in the uni- form, and kindled a feeling that nothing short of their best efforts are good enough for the fighting Navy. 1 , f 11' - ' '.'.Cl:fw7',!fn,r -ft, Ag. :L-,Q vl'5'. ,-kk -' j,f".',,. :- f -H '-Q.-:Q ,gf 1',f.. M.f'r:.! wn.'fv.1m '.',.J'f Twp rm ' Mnxxnu Rum. lgduin Toll, D.miul Hr.mlg.m, XY',1ltcr Kmgk, john Maxon A In.: L1m1f.n:y mm YL.f,f:.l mu. 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A, ,M , ,V , Y .K .f op- , Y . , - -.-tt, .-:Lis , ,I -:J Wie Senior tin can tour --,..,o,t,:,q , J unior flight indoctrination J. . ww, ' r I I I I I I I I 1 z P.. si f , A 0 ."', . "-. , .-V,, ,L , -.if - g- A -A 1, . px ., 'fifffi-,S nf .V 'Q f Af: . , if '45 fx' U , -' QS X ' , L 'z X" J bixiu 1 J i. 5 L ,ve V 917 is .la X. 3 S LM . . -I a 1 Lg 'ki 7 1.'x':'1 'D . b I -im V. T-Nr fi' . 'fri 2+ is af 561. Q' E45-2 26' f'l'i' ZQi?ff :WI 3 ' , 'wa f . :Wt --. nv S 'E .frm ,f.:,.3rZL,, -fri-. ,A,r1,4HL,,., H- U of I gang 554 ,. ' 4 M 4 Pcrlcnl From pollywng to shcllback ' lf, ' ilfi- .JI ' - , ,. W, iw SX H f A f I K A 1 I P 1 .. x 1 ' - xg 1 Qszmgims 5 1 3' V 3 51 1 I it 3, I J I A 5 . , li . v .5 Q I 5 f ' ' lIIIlf' 1 x 'P 3 fs' W gffiiii Q , 3, L if QW W ia Ai 8 Q Q ft W N w. J x Y c 3 L 1 .3 I' 5, 3 1 - - I 'N k 5 I N Q Q . 1 5 5 '5 M 1 f. ,Tj sf? 5 ff 12' Vg , s fs X - L3- 3 3 3' is i . I sl? 5. ,EQ - I, li- 15' 'g ,L 5 K1 ' ' "' ' ' . mum Q 1 z 3 , 3 ' Zi' . 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X ' ' , N ' fx + A f f 1 W K if ' W M Y, , K X G X J Ax S Q , L 1 L , ,X ! ff X ff , f , f X W X 7 'QQ , Z f X, Rx , MMV I A 1 . --"""" J fb" ' 1, ,,-- . V-xg Q J , X if .D MZ1'9'w me JL, Qu, R x ' ' Q Ray Elm-Jr, fum! ffwflmll umm Y Doug 511115, Jin ilu lu, ll-fllrwm, MJJ fr VAL A L , .mnlv if 1' C X ,ui Q15 r of ullvhlin XV.1l1y Routtgcr, fund lmrub T SQ e- f 6? 3 X. all 4' L L Administrators N 01 I1 Hury Combcs, funn! lnukilb All rmlrb I Ik 4 N 45 . aaa: . ,v 'Ft . I 33 I Y 'uf' -Q. If ,1-Q' All I nl- I .l.lI- ni in Athlete of the Year and Conference Medal Winner lun IIll"l'6'lllltll'lDIl'l'l'IIIlXl' Xl"lI'I,XI'Il'IlI "IhIu-" IDITLIIIIIIIQ llu' Illini iiuliviilniil srnriiig i'cc'ni'4I. IIL' Iwlllli iuiixul ninigiiiluni .i. Illinnis Xllilvn' srl gi iuwi' i'mil'i'i'i-num' lllllllllllg i'u'ni'iI lirmn Iiis Iiailli nl ilu M n In ulelnuvn llilu Inn Iuil luis NIUIILII' Iigirli slnl. inzulc' ilu' IU-IH Olympic' In-:nn :is zi Iiigli l'.lI4't'I In nnininp ilu' l mili'i'i-iu'i- ,XII-iI.iI .ixiniluil innilwi' llgiliinig IIlII'lI plain' zn I.muInnI. SIINI lu' lm nnl.l.nuIiin5 lnnluuiux in Iuaili .llllltlll . .nul qiu'1nIu'iI ilu' X':lI'SIll' Iiigli innip i'a'a'ni'nI ul' six lm I -.4'luiI.n-.Inli l",. inc'Iu'a. I Hsu' nl ilu' llIll'I wi-nili' Illnun- 'llllllllx nl gill Ililn' i'zn'iu'iI ai IHILII nl m'In'x'cii x'iil'sili' IUIIKIH iinuy lhlii inn niuil Illnun IUIH l'iI'1 Ilii- Nini' ilnrinig liix m':ii'm'i' :n Illinois, :in :ill linu' Iligli. II.l-.IiiIIn.iII iluliiiplnii. Iiuni Inx lui.ilunn Il lmxx u-il, Q Most Valuable Player I ' Inlinnx Ix1ii'i':la. mu- nl' ilu' g'l'L':lI'CSl snplumu Inu-IIS in Illinois' linullmpill Iiisun-5, i'n'n'cix'uI llic Iiigli ml Iunun' Ins ii-piiiiiiizilus cnnlil Iwsunx' xx'Iu'n lluw' iniuil Iiini llnsi Ynliiaililu I'l4nvi' nl' ilu' I0-IU limi' li.iII waisnii, Iiliis uns ilu' lirsi Illllk' in liisiury lIi.n llu- luinnr Iuul lzillcn in nnyuiu' lint ai svnior. xlu-I'i.iIisls in wt an iuwi' k'llIIl'CI't'IIk'k' rnsliing' row .-"' . . . ll'L' -lnlinny uiilllilwil iiiul ninrzin caigci' IIv.'l'ciisix'c ml nl I, paula. .XII llig lcn, :ill niulwcsi, znul nn- iinnzil lunuirs l'ulImxciI swiftly. I Ianni lx uni 590 'lhfi man' Ken Claplwer, Ed Little, flilf Fulton, Burdette Tliuilhy, Van Andeison, XV.1lt Kelsulis, Al Tate lfifllv lH!I'.' Hub Plews, Alby Plain. Ted llimes, liled foe, Lloyd fillllllllilll, Paul Pomelov, Ted Tenllor-I lfnmlli mir: Robert Barnum, john Wfalker, Don Klnoney, Louis Irons, Robell llxxytl, Xxfdlltl' Uslurkoln 'l'l1ml mzrf Tony lilllllilli. XVilson liesant, Doug Player, lived Ballantine, Unk lawwe, Bob Kesler, Gcoipc fulp ,Yamini rung' Wfilllam Vohaska, Don Leuthold, -lim Moses, Bob Sunoncttl, thunk Uoltlleld, Burl SLlII11Ilf. Roucl l.illlL, Chu-ls Hlovill, Doug liumlxu lifflfffnl rnuh' Geolge Dayianlis, Vit Twomey, Don Shuman, Bill lirulison, Bilw Folsythe, l7.ixe Logan, lllll Mann, ,loc lfina. Cin-olgc llalcllti, llob lXl.lIvnslu' .Jfl UI lmml: Don, Don Suntlcrlage T Ib f - AI late, 111111.11 1 lri.fr1fr11,' XV.1llt-1 Uslelkoi 11, fuumli HI ,' Tony Klum-k, rm' ff1i',mlt'f1l Nffl fu' liuss Slepel, fflflfln' rrllrliuw The Tribe of lllini is a social organization founded to better acquaint the lettermen of the varsity sports. lt operates to further good relations between the ul" men and the rest of the student body. Membership is limited to those men who have earned a major letter in athletics at the Uni- versity. New members are elected and initiated after awards are presented in each sport. The Tribe sponsors a winter formal and a spring formal dance each year. During the foot- ball season the Tribe sponsors the showing of the movies of the out-of-town games. Members of the football squad alternated as narrators at the movies. 591 L4 -s H ,ff-1 We UP ll . ry vi . 1' f "'f-I Diff? fl' L ul l ll lvl l l,ll.ll1N1, 1 1 nk l,.1wu wullnux nn, Iulm lfmlrxvvuml, lluny Prim, Lmlwln l.un-llcn, fwluf llflwl4,Iflu, Hurry Cheerleaders llcaul clmccrlcaulcr lid l.umlicn's squad lczul Illi- nois cheering during thc I9-W-1950 fuurlmll and lmslcctlmll seasons. 'llhcy inrruduccd scvcrnl new chccrs during inrcrmissifms of thc Indiana game with thc lusty cnupcrzlriun of thc foutlmll lmml. flnxcl llllnlwd: :mul Iwo lvl,n'c5 srnulfcc lluc pCJCCplpC Wltll Northwestern TENNIS Ynzror zllaflizhrgwi - Top mum' Gmrgc Lmdii, 11111 :mm 1l 11114111 Ir 1 LL up zur rl 111 1 r ollom mu ' Lloyd Cfarnalman, I4'II7lli,' Ted Him Q bimlufl Lou XV1ppLl jimnz mi, Higu I i Hu Iurlnmy I i N01 HI pamlx Joe Howell, j.:jflI71dIfIL'5,' Henry Bmg iiimzmm Managers lmmr rll1m1gL'1i-'Twp ron: Smytun Rochm, Trim XVll5nn, f,ha1rlcs Mrlrslmll, Bill Dcxvxll, Gcorgr Bristul Serond mu' julm Swisher, Don Miller, Dirk WilliamS, Qumtln Elliott N11 IPI pimlx Biib Duchlcr Managerx-Top mul: Bill Stahl, Dcihs, Dale Bcsterfleld, Austin Bu- Davc Smith Dick McCarthy, Dave Kincaid, judd Charles Koehn, jerry Isan, Francis Fred Tcplitzky, ,lack Maincy, Bob jack Lcskcra, Louis Lowcnstcin QQ VY! I f f?" x 1 4+ kg, I X WSU K ff f ' X K ' xm XQX 4 7 L 't - 1 It If X X- A.. 'N r 9. Y' XA X X A f N i f " ..4 -' V F x 7' !' X an SP""S X1 X Sw f , X3 4 -AI if k ,afrfffvf-',,.pv395 ,,.-vu-v'h L if w . VX . . je ff W' - "M N -' 5 fw l X - Q . " X! XR ' 'M , , 4 Y eX - I XXX! , f , W ff . xv ' fi ' XXL! xx. x A ' ' X -. -,f f Q Z fi Rf f N W fx' , ll 545 K UL Xx- g QM G7 'X W f 'T YQ I . 1 SQ!! Qi , V X fb If ff! fx t .X E .. Xff , ZX, , KX Yf X1 QS, !A R f,-I , ff N 1 f4? N X 'ff ' . , i 1' . R if I I I -" ,,., f gg Rx X X 1949 Big Ten Standings Teams Nlicliigun . . . . Ohio State Xlimicsota XYiscunsin Illinois . . . Imi'a......... Northwestern . . . Purdue . .. Indiana . . . . . Pct. .750 .750 .667 .583 .SOO .500 .-I-29 .333 .000 i if 1 ' A. A if S Sq I Illinois' coaches, the brains behind the brawn "That blankety-blank Successful Season Although critics had rated Illinois' football pros- pects of 1949 very low, Coach Ray Eliot and his squad surprised the experts. The Illini fought to the top of the Conference standings before being beaten by mighty Michigan and Ohio State, the team that was to win the 1950 Rose Bowl game. After Illinois tied Iowa State in the first game of the season, grave predictions of a horrible season were made for the Illini. Recovering from this shaky start, the Tribes- men gained strength with each game and finally, when they reached the Michigan contest, led the Conference. But the pre-season favorites, Mich- Bernie Krueger Coach Ray Eliot and Captain Lyle Button planning for future battles P""' -f if F igan and Ohio State, downed Coach Eliot's players in the latter half of the season, and the youths from Illinois dropped to fifth place in the standings. In Conference play, victims of the Tribe's attacks were Iowa, Purdue, and Indiana. The Illini tied IYiscon- sin and fell before Michigan, Ohio State, and North- western to obtain a record of three wins, three losses, and one tie. The non-conference showing was worse. It consisted of a tie with Iowa State and a loss to Missouri. Tabulating all games in the 19-I9 football season gives Illinois three wins, four losses, and two ties. Ruck Steger 597 lg' l1'q H 531 A' 'f' I p Illinois 20 Iowa State 20 Since Iowa State was a small school, the Illini were expected to defeat State's gridmen. I Iow- eyer. Illinois met considerable ditliculty due to both Iowa's strength and Illinois' blunders. 'lihe first half. featuring poor football. nearly remained scorelessg but Iowa State pushed sixty-three yards to a touch- down and led, 7 to IJ, at the end of the second quar- ter. Striving to correct their first-half mistakes, the Illini in fire plays charged fifty-seven yards in the first three minutes of the second half and scored. Ihe game being tied, Iowa again began its olfenseg but Illinois' Chuck I-'ox intercepted a pass and ran to John Karras Ronnie Clark Luong down State's 27-yard line. Catching Bernie Iirueger's fourth-down aerial, john Iiarras made a 21-yard gain which set up a second Illini tally. However, the Iowans refused to surrender the ball after the kickoff and marched seventy-seyen yards to a touchdown. 'liheir failure to add the extra point left the Tribe ahead, 1-I to 13. As he was to do many times later in the season. liarras set up an- other Illinois score with a -H-yard run. But the kick for what would have been the winning point was not good, and Iowa State later tied the game, 20 to 20. .o , . .u Doug. o Stewart "-5 fx 75?-7 598 s.. ,ns Chuck Fox Tony lxlimek Situation temporarily out of hand Illinois 13 Wisconsin 13 This year Illinois faced the Badgers for the tvventy-sixth time. Because the teams tied. their historical record against each other remains even, with eleven wins for each. The 19-F9 game started fast. Within the first two minutes Illinois' john liarras tore forty yards to a touchdown. Soon after. hovvever, the Badgers countered by recovering a fumble in the Illinois end zone. The conversion was good and the game tied. Next, XYisconsin took the lead with a touchdown. Despite the fact that the Badgers outrushed the Illini, NYisconsin gilt no more touchdowns, for Illinois squelched all enemy drives near the goal. Although the Tribesmen im- proved during thc third quarter. penalties kept them from scoring. In the fourth period, a determined Illini eleven charged to the goal line after a 48-yard pass play from Bernie Krueger to Sam Piazza. Piazza plunged through the line to score on fourth doxvn and tied the game. Four minutes remained in the battle and both teams threxv long passes, but all attempts to make the winning touchdoyvn failed. The Illini had played both good and bad football. Their fumbles and penalties remained from the Ioyva State game. but at times they had exhibited stamina and skill. I Merle Schlosser A1 Tate Chutk Broun XY'.LlI Kcrsulis 1 lim 2 Q""9 Don Stevens in-v......4u sam Puzza Bill X ohasln joe Cole Illinois 20 Iowa 14 I Iaving tied their first two games, the Illini were hungry for a victory at Iowa City. Ielowever, foot- ball experts had predicted that Iowa would defeat the Tribesmen and break Illinois' long string of vic- tories over the llawkeyes. The decisive action of the game did not get under way until the second quarter when john Karras ran the ball thirty-four yards for the rirst touchdown. Soon after, the Iowans retaliated to tie the score. Twice during the same period the Illini drove near the goal posts but fell short of scoring. On a spectacular 63-yard sprint, Iiarras again scored for Illinois in the third quarter. The final Illini score came early in the fourth period when the Tribe took over the ball in Iowa territory and marched to the one-yard stripe. Sam Piazza crashed over the goal line with the win- ning points. Later in the quarter the Ilawlceyes scored another touchdown, but they could not catch up with the Fighting Illini, who were deter- mined to become a winning football team. The entire Illinois squad showed great improvement over its earlier playing. Particularly outstanding was Karras, who gained 17-I yards in rushing, the most that any Illini has made in a single game for several years. Leo Cahill Burt Schmidt F alba ' Wu- Ditk Mueller 1 Chuck Boerio Missouri 27 Illinois Z0 In a high scoring contest, Missouri upset Illinois. 27 to 20. This was the Tigers' first victory over a Big Ten team in Don Faurot's twelve years of coaching at Columbia. His Missouri squad took command of the game in the opening minutes by a 49-yard touchdown run through the middle of the Illini line. Minutes later the Tigers scored again after driving forty-four yards in nine plays. Upon receiving the kickoff, the Tribe began a march of its own, but fumbled after gaining twenty-eight yards. In the second quarter Illinois iinally broke loose on the offensive. The Illini completed a pass, Fred Major Dick Raklovits begins his touchdown run against Missouri on interference, and scored from the one-yard line. Later in the quarter Missouri recovered another Illinois fumble and turned its good luck into a touchdown. To open the second-half scoring, john Karras made a spectacular leaping catch of a pass and raced over the goal line. Illinois' next scoring threat was interrupted by a 15-yard penalty, but the Tribe soon got the ball again, and Dick Raklovits raced down seventy yards of sideline for the tying touchdown. Unfortunately for Illinois, the Tigers again came to life and passed their way to the win- ning touchdown. Elie Popa Ted Moody john XValker King football again takes command ol the stadium Running with one' interference Illinois 19 Purdue 0 By defeating Purdue, 19 to 0, the Illini stopped a thirty-six year iinx which had kept them from winning in Lafayette since 1919. Against the Boilermakers, who had held Notre Dame to 378 yards, the Illini gained +211 yards, 391 of these being made by determined ground attack, After a score- less First half, Illinois drove down the iield to a goal early in the third quarter. The drive was sparked by Chris Pagakis, a iunior varsity halfback. Ile scored the touchdown, but the crowd knew only that the Illini had scored, for Pagakis' name was not on the program. In the fourth quarter, fullback Burt Schmidt exploded through tackle, shook ofli the line backer, and out-footed three Boilermaker tacklers before being shoved out of bounds on the Purdue seven-yard stripe. Two plays later he plunged over the goal line. just before the game ended, Illinois drove to the Purdue 33 yard marker from which Don Stevens gained thirteen yards around end. Stevens again took the ball and began the same play. But this time he jumped high in the air and threw a perfect pass to VValt Kersulis, who caught the ball on the one-yard line and stepped into the end zone untouched. im Rylawitz Bill Wfillis ' Dirk Rakloxiks Kino: Innes 602 0-D 2 Angling for a hole L nn Lwn li Leaders of the Big Ten Having completely recovered from early season blunders, the Illini led the Conference after exhibit- ing steady, winning football in the Iowa and Purdue games. Unlike the 19-I8 squad, which had used Bernie Kruegerls passes on the offense, this year's team developed its running attack. john Karras, who was the leading ground gainer of the Big Ten after the Purdue victory, headed a young and fast baekfield which prompted many fans to linlc the 1950 Rose Bowl game and Illinois. But the Tribe's defensive team, especially pass defense, was in ques- tion. Nevertheless, football followers all over the country spoke of the "Fighting Illinif' Small nmsemakers .it the Michigan pep rallx Chief Illiniwek dances Time for action trrx blielft if.. 'N 'X W. X le 11 I -:af 1,3 1?i..- 4' s RX -'1 galil 141' lYith the battle-cry "IYin this one for Zup!" Illinois took the held against mighty Nlichigan. the team favored to win the Big Ten crown for the third successive season. Ilowever, the favorite took the victory and Illinois' first place Conference stand- ing before a Bob Zuppke Day crowd of 71.000, The Tribesmen started the game in good form, and mid- way in the second quarter held .Nlichigan in a score- less deadlock. Then the IYolverines' Harry Allis made a miraculous one-handed catch and completed a 51-yard touchdown pass. In the third quarter john Iiarras broke loose and ran fifty-six yards to R n X u L, Rudy Valentino Hail to the conquering heroes Michigan's 21-yard line. For a moment it appeared that the game would be tied. but two plays later Ronnie Clark, after driving to the two, was hit hard and dropped the ball. Michigan recovered and Illi- nois' touchdown march was halted. Later in the game the Tribe pushed to the 1+-yard line, but never did the team regain the pep and drive it had shown earlier. In the fourth quarter Nlichigan scored again to make the rinal score 13 to 0 in favor of the IYolverines. Generally. the spectators felt that the score did not indicate the battle which the Illini had given "the conquering heroes." 'mlm The goal line lumhlc Phantom writers Hail to the Orange 44' , 'UVB ff Q y Fighting Illini jolt an Indiana runner Illinois 33 Indiana 14 The Fighting Illini swamped Indiana and set a new Conference ground gaining record of 552 yards. By gaining 155 yards in twelve carries, john Karras advanced to within forty-six yards of the individual rushing record. Indiana penetrated the Illini defense for only 193 yards, 102 of which were made by passing. Receiving the opening kickoff, the Hoosiers marched sixty-seven yards to score. Seconds before the quarter ended, the Illini tied the count on a bullet pass from Bernie Krueger to Amos jones. Sam Rebecca added the extra point. just after the opening of the second quarter, Karras scampered sixty-Hve yards to set up the second Illini I l touchdown, Ronnie Clark going over the goal line from the two. Illinois then marched eighty-three yards, and Dick Raklovits finally scored from the 14-yard line. Ilarly in the third quarter, Indiana fumbled and the Tribe recovered on the Hoosier 39-yard line. After tyvo plays, Karras bolted twenty-six yards to a touchdown. Later, the Hoosiers took a partially blocked Illinois kick and capitalized on the Tribe's weak pass defense. In the final period, Don Engels capped a 63-yard drive with a perfect touchdown pass to Chuck Fox. The Illini were on the Indiana two-yard line when the game ended. w I XY'.ivnc Slegert fhutk Ulrich Don Smith Chuck Studlcy 605 1t""" .1 1 -1- - 'va 13 You Lulu the hugh road, and l'll lake the lou road Ohio State 30 Illinois 17 During the first three quarters of the Illinois- Uhio State game, two well-matched teains put on a demonstration of rugged football. Illinois opened the scoring in the first quarter. During the second period. Sain Rebecca made a field goal, which gave the Illini a I0-0 lead. Shortly after the kickoff in the second half, the Buckeyes scored their first touchdown and narrowed the Illini lead to three points. Later in the third quarter Ohio scored again, taking the lead, 1-I to IO. Uhio's kickoff after the touchdown set the stage for the day's most thrilling run. Ihe ball dropped into the caapble hands of Y lohn Yukclnlr at! 606 link Nttiens ii Don Iillis In good humor 7 sophomore halfback john Karras, who began a 95-yard touchdown dash, which put the Tribe in the lead once niore. At this point Illinois spirits were high, and so were the chances of an Illini Rose Bowl trip. In the fourth quarter, however, the scent of roses faded from the Illinois stands as the Illini bowed before the powerful Buckeye drives. Ohio State in a hectic ten minutes moved to the top of the list of Rose Bowl contenders by scoring two touchdowns and a safety against a gaine, but coin- pletely worn out Illinois teain. Don Engels E ,? K Q is Chris Pagakis Dick Read Northwestern 9 Illinois 7 The Illini met Northwestern before 67,872 peo- ple in the annual Homecoming game. The IVildcats, who early in the season had been predicted strong, later fell unexpectedly in many games but defeated top-rated Michigan. This victory proved their strength, and the Tribe expected a rough fight. Illinois took the kickoff and moved the ball deep into Northwestern territory. The drive was short, however, and so was an attempted field goal. North- western then marched to the first touchdown of the day. The score remained 6 to 0 until the third quarter when the Illini spirit finally won out. Tak- S.. 'YT-3" Ioe Haytr Al Martignago ing a pass from Bernie Krueger, Slip Kersulis dashed over the goal line to tie the score. Sam Rebecca made the conversion. Battling to hold the lead, the Illinois defense stopped a long VVildcat drive with four minutes remaining in the last period. How- ever, Northwestern's quarterback, Don Burson then made from an angle the first field goal of his career and won the game. This defeat hit the Illini hard, for it was the last Big Ten game for many of the Team's veterans, one of these being fullback Ruck Steger, who had played in every game but one in four seasons of Illinois football. john Karras amazing another would-be tackler We're marching for dear old Illini f 1 .'-Te T N-f' L, 1' N i, q kr" .In r'r','w:r.'f,f.'Lz- 'lyf' W :A P.rul P-vrncrwv, ruffffr rl,.H1.1,qu. Elmer Engl, .Ivm'vf.lI1,' rfunfv, -I-'Im Ruin I ln u Q n urns 1 R-Innwc ll.1rk, P.lul Dfurrulmx, Unk Rakluxlh, 5.1m Pr.z7Z.1, ilxurk Purvrx, .1vr,wl.nll" .f 1 rr Ylmcr Hnll, ,'1.1nf:.r, Al 'I,rtu, XY,nynu Srcgurt, I.ynn Lxmh, Dark Mucllur, ,Inc Ink. Anws jnnus, 1 r I xwraurr, .. , . , , ,'..' 'fu Rn Pl:-'tx .f,:.!' 5 R.xlplw Flutlhcr, .1w1rl.m.' rff.z.l1.' fhurk Brown, Ru-ix' V.1lur1t1n4n4 Dun Ilnguls 1 11 nm Inn I u N Q Y-flu.1xk,4, Huh Kung, .1rv:r..1r1l fwnf, Hub Knnuf. ,1vm1.1v1r uuulv .fu 'Mn ' Hurt Mhrnnll, lmu I.ux.xnt1, Bfcrlc Srlllnxsul, Tum btuwart, Bcrnzu Kluugcr, Lyle Buttun, r,1f1!.m1 XX llt lxgrxu lx In yr xx LL, flu Lv-lrrtrlrri, A1 M.rrtxun.1:r. 'm.m 4.m,.',f Yffff 1' 11 ' Md Bm-xur, ,' Newt Lux, .1rr,wr.n1,' r'f.1.f.' Lug-nge Trwxull, .1rml.1w,' r f Iva 1, N UL xg an Ankr mn, Ru l..mluI. Hub Yiflrrcn, Hury Cnrmu, Perry Musa. .ivvlmlrrl rmnf- rf-14 ' Lynn: Lux, Frmd Y.1rn.uh1r-I, 'I'-vm Bllugs, H.1rly SIIHUHLI, john lXf.xn'u', Huh Sglmufcr, Fred I.ll'lk1Lll1lS Bruu in-xx wn Dm N1 IIN! xl -'fn .- Al Brmkv, D-rn Hcnv, Li Huppcvt, jwhn Ilnulmlrlm, .Ixm XVu1Qunlwr'r1. Luk Phu.1nxQ, Kun XY'.1lkLr Du rm m n At 1 ir Bob Izmi Plwvrkmrl, Inj Wu' Funk IJ1n11.rg..1xk1, Dirk Tmk, Art link, Huh Pam-nk, M.11io M.1rdnw,, Ylnlm Rnndn, 'IW Hrll Bob Qhlpmf H111 B,-yrlkn Eng lxmlxgn 1 Rex XII ' K mf 'ffm' I3-rn Ih,1lus, Ylnlm B-mm.m, Phil CQ-rldmlk, Huh XX'uidell, C411 IX1.mruusur1, Bv.'rn.ud Illsncr, Nu umn 1ur x 1 fhxprl Lfwrruc n Hub I7l.rl.x ,nz fffu Ilan XY'lntlcx, rm1r.'.:mv, Funk XY'-'d71.xk. Turn U I wnnrll, Peru B,ul1-mlm, Bull Tue. R.xlph Lum In Tu 1 urp ax Pm um Truim ,lrrn Hurrtt. DI l l..rn , m.1,'.zmf ' urn..-"' rx -13-,AT..-,-.- ,. mx, :nu '- r at-2.3 ' vii "":3' : A' ' Q mia .U 6, r . , . .. ' -Sli-:a "':"' -.1 , -iw. ' ' 1" 1 , ,- w Lili 5 p Q, ' 1 --.-.,... l 1 li I I QC ' A-FF? - I . Q - 10 .-.......- 4' w' 7 , . . A 7 , 1 1 ' C0 . sr 1 Q V ,n L. W I v 'F - "lf I ' " l. J. ,CJ DC .- ' W -0. P v V Q , ' ' 1 A , ,Q -1 1 - 'A x--L ,. ,'. '- -, 1 9 , v, '4v -1- ' " . y - s- ff. 4 1 0 V - y ' A 4 - A - A 0 r H f' ' .,.4t fi Trouble coming up from behind Marsh Dusenbury i Looking back over the 1949 football season, Coach Ray Eliot and his team can feel justly proud of their record. During this year the Illini de- veloped one of the country's better offenses be- hind two running halfbacks, john Karras, who broke the Big Ten conference individual rushing record, and Ronnie Clark. Beginning with the Michigan game, Karras and Clark were used to great advantage in wide end sweeps. These com- pletely fooled Indiana. Perhaps the only improve- ment needed in the Illinois offense was in passing. VV ith veterans like Ruck Steger, Captain Lyle Button, and Lou Levanti on the defensive platoon, the Tribe maintained a stubborn resistance to every foe that it met. Especially in the Michigan game this half of the team showed its worth by holding back the IVolverines' powerful ground attack dur- ing the entire first half. Next year many of the 1949 lettermen are re- turning, and Illini fans are looking forward to a football season packed with thrills and victories. Bill Noonan lvfartin Schwartz just before the ball is centered Bob Malinslcy -"Ur C N-19' 14 1 609 9? gm - time ag? ' E TQ ., an Harry I-imlics, ifizif J Hill Eritkwn, i.JfM'.11r: Basketball I Xultite him elfetrnely Slip is hung put out ol ,uleon ua th has ti. take e arrnlotk, 4'I.lttle Don" bumleilage the hall off alone. A memorable three-year era in Illinois basketball ended on a foreign court March 4, 1950, when the Illini entered a decisive 69-52 win over North- western in Chicago Stadium in their 19-I-9-1950 scorebook. Illinois' defending Big Ten basketball champs didn't repeat as conference titlists, but they were the only Big Ten team to register a win over the new champions, Ohio State's high-scoring Buck- eyes. It was only fitting that the abdicating Illini should be the team to put the one black mark on Ohio's l I-I conference record - a 66-50 drubbing administered in Ieluif gym. thereby avenging an earlier loss to Ohio State at Columbus. Illinois compiled an overall season record of 1+ wins and 8 losses. Their 7-5 conference record earned a tie with Indiana for third place. Indiana accomplished what previously had been a pleasant dream to the nation's coaches by manag- ing to defeat the Illini twice in the same season- the first time that had happened since Coach IIarry Combes became head basketball coach three seasons ago. By scoring 787 points in conference play, Ohio State bettered the year-old conference scoring record of 783 points set by the 1948-1949 Illinois Don Sundeilage Rod Flelther l f il? 6 Scores: Illinois Opposition 60 .. ...Butler..... 67 .. ..Toledo..... 47 . . OKLAHOMA . . . . 65 .. ... Arkansas ... 57 . . . Oklahoma . . . 59 .. 63 .. 58 .. 68 .. 50 .. 62 .. 59 .. 76 .. 66 .. 42 .. 67 .. 65 .. 72 .. 70 .. 76 .. 66 .. 69 .. .. St.Louis . U.C.L.A. . . . . Columbia . . . . Princeton .... VVISCONSIN OHIO STATE .. Purdue Northwestern . Ohio State . ST.LOUIS . Minnesota . . . . . IOVVA . . INDIANA . . . . Michigan . . Wisconsin .... INDIANA Northwestern Conference Standings: Ohio State Wisconsin ILLINOIS Indiana . . . . Iowa . . . . Minnesota Michigan . Northwestern . . . Purdue . ..... . . 611 W L ...11 1 9 3 7 5 7 5 6 6 4 8 4 8 .39 .39 Q Pct. .917 .750 .583 .583 .500 .333 .333 .250 .250 X a y 1 pglilfll ,+-- ' . , 1 I J 1 i ,1 Math P-lllmtr Rod dunks one .1gnnwtOklll1on11 The Illini sei: a new Big Ten season scoring record - - 'Z98 POINTS! champs. But unfortunately for the Buckeyes, Illi- nois finished their conference season after the Buck- eyes were done, and the Illini pushed the record even higher -a brilliant total of 798 points, scored in what many people consider to be the most com- petitive conference in the nation! Wally QOXD Osterkorn, probably Illinois' great- est center of all time, became the second Illini ever to score more than 200 points in one confer- ence season when he placed his 212 points in the records beside the 255 points entered by Andy Philip in 1943. This scoring effort by Ox placed him in third place, behind Don Rehfeldt of lVis- consin and Dick Schnittker of Ohio State, for Big Ten individual scoring honors. Even better, OX ran his all-season total to 333 points - breaking Illinois' individual all-season rec- ord set just last year by former teammate Dike Ifddleman. Ox had an amazing field goal percentage of .406 for the season! Over the last eight games of the conference schedule Ox averaged 22.4 points per game! The squad selected Ox as Illinois' most valuable player of the past season. Captain Bill Iirickson compiled a free-throw percentage of .780, just barely edging Burdette 612 Thurlby for possession of the Ralf lYoods trophy. Bill set a new conference free-throw record of 19 straight only to see teammate Don Sunderlage sink his last 20 charity shots of the season without a miss. During the first weeks of the season. Illinois' lineup maintained a high degree of Hexibility as Coach Cornbes juggled the lineup among the first ten men in experimenting to lind the most con- sistently smooth working combination. The Butler game brought out the fact that Erickson and Don Sunderlage were slow in regaining the form they displayed the previous season. An injured ankle re- ceived in the freshman-varsity game plus several extra pounds slowed Bill's progress. Don seemed to be trying too hard and was rele- gated to sixth man several times. After he loosened up Qand perhaps aided by a return to his close- cropped hair cut of his previous sophomore yearj, Don regained his old form, giving his best proof of it when he ball-hawked, rebounded, and scored 20 big points in the satisfying 66-50 win over Ohio State. Pirate Thurlby seemed to be operating with springs in his legs all season long, contributing a beautiful job when he patrolled the boards in the Pirate pulls down another rebound for the Illini Walt "Slip" Kersulis Cliff Fulton Ted Beach l 613 'Ura II: l p I , 'li-, va in I C t I Iltub Cir-tell-e Mmly l'oIl1 itrugsa sllulIllI,ly.lt4lWA.1y Illinois was the only team this season on which every player seeing action in a conference game scored second Oklahoma game. lt was his defensive re- bounding as much as anything else that enabled the Illini to even up their series with Oklahoma. 57-47. Pirate snagged I6 defensive rebounds, one less than half the lllinois total. As a result, Oklahoma's two gigantic centers, Xlarcus lfreiburgcr C6-l l J and Bill lYaters K6-63, got only one basket between them and never had a chance to try those murderous tip- in rebound shots. Rod Fletcher developed into an especially ag- gressive rebounder and alert all-around Hoor man during the year. This sophomores defensive work against Dick Schnittlter in the second Ohio State game upset Ohio State and Schnittlter so much that Schnittlter picked up only 16 points on 6 free throxvs and 5 baskets H layups and a hurried iump shotl. Rod and his teammates ltept Schnittlter from scoring a single Held goal in the entire first half! ln the home stretch the starting five question re- solved into the combination of lfrickson, Osterltorn, lhurlby, Sunderlage, and Fletcher. Roy Gate- xvood, Van Anderson, Slip Kersulis, Mack Follmer, and 'lied Beach stayed close behind the first five and proved to be the necessary sparkplugs at dif- ferent times during the season. Ciatewood had 614 several good nights, especially with his 16 points against Oklahoma at Norman, and against Columbia when he took just 10 shots and hit for 7 baskets! I-Ieavy fouling by the Illinois squad during much of the season required not a 5 but an ll-man first team in actual practice. In their pre-conference season warmup the Illini played a total of nine games, but only in the second half against Arkansas did they really look like they were playing to the limit of their vast capability. Poor free-throw shooting ended a home Hoor victory string of nineteen straight games when U.C.L.A. eked a 65-63 win over Illinois during the Christmas holidays. The Illini gained three more Wins during the holidays nonetheless-St. Louis, Columbia, and Princeton. . Illinois opened its conference schedule the hard way, losing a hard fought battle to IYisconsin in the opener and a second game to Ohio State. The Illini earned their first Big Ten win on their home court by beating Purdue, 59-5-L Erickson shifted into the pivot when Ox picked up four fouls early in the first half. VVorking off of the pivot Bill scored most of his 19 point total to lead Illinois scoring. Northwestern fell heavily six days later, Glen Trugillo jim Come l Ltnitt 55964 w f .Q ,, , 5 llc! 615 1-Tri ik ax but Dirk Christiansen john Marks Slip takes ri lay-up Of the 67 games played in the last three seasons, Illinois has won 50, losing only 17 76-50. Five days after that Ohio State visited Cham- paign and absorbed their now famous 66-50 loss. St. Louis was ready for the Illini in their second encounter of the season. The Billiltens piled up a victory margin of 20 points, 62--IZ. Returning to conference wars. Illinois visited Minneapolis and bottled lYhitey Sltoog enough to beat Klinncsota by 10 points, 67-57. Illinois met the tall Irlawlteycs from Iowa City -on the dead run. The much shorter Illini had to rely on their speed to stay in the ball game with the Iowa squad, but the game ended 70-65 in favor of taller Iowa. Big Ten schedule malters decreed that the Illini should meet Indiana just two days after Iowa. The Iloosicrs managed to snap the game wide open into that swift fast-break style that they love so well. The Illini tried to run with them, but the effects of thc Iowa trip were soon apparent. Coach Combes even rested the first string during the closing min- utes of the first half, but to no avail. The Hoosiers just ran and ran, winning 83-72. Indiana also won at Bloomington. 80-66. Illinois whipped Michigan and then paid IVis- consin back for the Badgers' previous win in 616 Madison. lllini scoring power shoved the Badgers out of a possible iirst place in the Big Ten. 76-58. Pirate Thurlby punctured XYisconsin's anti-Oster- korn zone defense by hitting five consecutive long shots in the first minutes of the game. lYhen the Badgers shifted to a 1112111-IO-1112111 defense, Ox broke loose to roll up 26 points. Don Rehfeldt was help- less to stop his former Amundsen high school team- mate as Ox proceeded to hit from all over the court. OX, masterful ball-handling was never more clearly demonstrated. Credit for the win must also be shared with Rod Fletcher who stopped Rehfeldt offensively. Erickson, Osterkorn, Thurlhy, Anderson, Gate- wood, Kersulis, and Fulton played their last game for Illinois when they finished their senior season in that Chicago Stadium triumph over Northwes- tern. These men, except for Fulton, had been with Harry Combes all the way for three seasons, Set- ting new records, winning the Big Ten crown once, and placing third in the NCAA in 1949. That Northwestern game on March 4, was truly the close of an era. The point total for these 67 games is 4,573 lan average of 68.2 per gamel 617 To1cdo's George Lindeman and Illini Roy Gatewood vie tor :i rthtund Seymour G . I' 5 .mtman Ren Alde i ross ountry 1949 Big Ten Meet XX isconsin . . . ........... . . . . Illinois . . . Indiana . . . . . Klinncsotn . . . Iowa . .. ..., Purdue . . . . . OliioSt:1rC . . . Holi Downs. l.1ffl.l1f1 XViIt -uwiur +9 Scores: 9 ' . Illinois Opposition 106 31 , .... Iowa 26 IH 28 . . . Indiana . . . 25 120 Zl . Nlicliignn . 34 low Srr 1 I y L.1wtonI.nn1D I 5 lu Don Schriclier Vit Twomey The pre-season predictions for Coach Leo john- sonls 19-19 cross country team were very good due to the fact that it had lost only one letterman from the previous year. Among the returning veterans were Bob Downs and Vic Twomey, both of whom were seeking their fourth letters. In the Big Ten conference meet, which was held on the four-mile course at IYashington Park, Chicago, the Illinois harriers lived up to these high expectations by finish- ing in second place behind the pace-setting Badgers K vs " ll f.'u Don McEwen, MirhigAn's ronferenre thampion, running in the Illinois- Mithiean dual meet of lYisconsin, who retained their conference title. Also in the NCAA meet, won by Nlichigan State, the new member of the Big Ten, Illinois did well and placed eighth in team standings. Vic Twomev finished 15 out of a field of 131 runners in this race. As for dual meets, of which there were three, the Illini did not thrive on them. The Tribesmen lost to Iowa and Indiana and beat Michigan. Letter- winners this year were Downs, hlewsburv, Lamb, and Twomey. Bernhard Tjarksen, Lawton Lamb, Don Schriefer, Bob Downs, L'rIf7fr1iII,' Wfalt jewsbury, Vic