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Mmgi kM . qVd B K4 sg« ik.rfc.r Kr r rkr a lam rsi2J rprprp r?r?r? John L. Westenhaver Editor Edith M. Wells Assistant Editor Judith C. Flesch Assistant Editor Robert W. Nelson Business Manager Mary Alice Bartsch Assistant Business Manager Phyllis J. Skiles Assistant Business Manager William I. Blankenberg Senior Photographer Jack V. Stumpf Senior Photographer Suzanne G. Hasselquist Artist Robert E. Vogele Artist Herschel J. Wartik Artist UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS J TV m CHAMPAIGN - URBAN A ' SJUlTEStj ii V a ' ri ' % «4 A...f k-ttSt m T -i hW 3 ' » ' J r " - ■ •- , y o ' • 5. 3 ♦ T ' J■ -■ rt!V- ' - •? r-- ' -: :N - ii rv k) e g r - ?vX • x ., ' rilf ' ' ' ' ' , ! ■ ' :- ! 1 ■V. ' - t ' •■ p ' 1 fii A m V 1 SlVN V iim T - ■ VT y f m N rWk Mir t J If ' ■ |1 7 W f k M M iVMrf . • ' v » ' rf iYWS ;i m ' -lM klllf« i Ww H ' ' ' - - " r ■ ' N v m 1 ' W •f m y ft li J i v Ww y T • V ,- V ■•K y • ' - ' ' ■K- [ i m " • i SK- m ' 7 %li WV " ■ {• ' ' ; :i; l« 5ii m i sp . iV- .■y k« f y K-- I ' W.vl t ■ ' i J ' i » 1 V.i. :. s-- - • " , 1 -. ' , :,ift ' K rV " " ' ' i» ■ M ?: . -t;- -2r, : :i-- 11 t ' -SET- - I ■■ JIT t A ' ' ■ ••---.■,■ ' ■ roe. IB rP ' ' ' r ?}. ? :v. v. ■• »•» m I 1 .V- ' - :■ ' »- ' -. . £ii M bUmI ' wH : ' ;ii J T - V . - ' -It. T .. r ' .■..■■.. 1 . UNIVERSITY 18 S ACTIVITIES 374 ATHLETICS 510 ORGANIZATIONS 580 i I ScMckSckSi • i UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION URBANA COLLEGES SENIOR CLASS CAMPUS LEADERS SCHOLASTIC HONORARIES CHICAGO CAMPUS GALESBURG CAMPUS NAVY PIER CAMPUS UNIVERSITY 18 UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION 20 B ' 21 HI } ' i V ' I, • : • 1 I UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS URBANA. ILLINOIS OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Spring, 1949 •1 To the Students of the Unlveralty of Illlnole: Through the courtesy of The Illlo it le my Dleasure to send preetlnge to all Illlnl. This year, with a slight decrease In student en- rollment and with our building program underway, a return to more normal conditions of campus life can be expected. The peak of the emergency has passed and we can afford to concentrate upon long-range planning, without neglecting immediate needs. That our students, too, are looking forward is shown by the continued Increase in graduate enrollment. This is good evidence of their belief In the future. It is encouraging to find this clear-vlaloned willing- ness to invest In education. Today the hope of a world at peace, yet divided and anxious, rests on its young men and women - the national and international leaders of the years ahead. Most of the veterans, serving their country in war and returning late to student life, have made the most of their opoortunltles. They go out from the campus doubly endowed with knowledge and maturity. To younger students increasingly a facilities and servlceo of our re t In pcendlng two years at Gslesburg or Navy dents must face their first year at Urb an extremely large Junior class. We hn sections and instructors at the Junior and we are doing our utmo-t to maintain quality of educational experience. But all students " ' h- find the adjustment dl for a time while we work together for a re available the stltution. After Pier, many stu- anfl as members of ve added many and senior levels a high, undiluted we must ask of fficult patience greater Illlnole. To all of you, my best wishes for future success and happiness I Sincerely yours, George D. Stoddard President V r Adiai t. Stirvenson Govemoi of Illinois The Board of Trustees Vernon L. Nickell, Superintendent of Public Instruction ' H t- Hcrrick r Doni S Holl Pork Livingston Dr. Karl A. Meyer «: li 24 John R. Fornof, President of the Board OFFICERS OF THE BOARD John R. Fornof President Harrison E. Cunningham Secretary Irvin L. Porter Treasurer Lloyd Morey Comptroller ELECTED MEMBERS Waller W. McLaughlin ■ Decatur Dr. Karl A. Meyer Chicago Kenney E. Williamson Peoria John R. Fornof Streator Pork Livingston Chicago Mrs. Doris S. Holt Floro G. Wirt Herrick Clinton Robert Z. Hickman Danville Frances Watkins Chicago 25 The University of Illinois Arthur Cutts Willard, President Emeritus Lloyd Morey, Comptroller of the University Wilbur Schramm, Director of University of Illinois Press, and Director of Institute of Communications Research; Dr. J. Howord Beard, Head of Department of Heolth Service, and Universfiy Health Officer; Phillips Bradley, Director of the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations ■■ m left lo right: S. Earl Thompson, Director of Residence Hoils and Housinn Divlsicn; Chorles S. Havens, Director of Phyticol Plant; Francis G. Cornell, Director of the Bureau of Reseorcti and Service Miss Irene D. Pierion Social Director of IIMni Union Administrative Officials 27 Left lo fight; Donatd E. Dickoson, Director of Nonocademic Personnel; Josef F. Wright, Director of Public In ' ormction and of Radio Stotion WILL; William E. Britton, Legal Counsel ipwaa Left fo right; V. lewis Bassie, Director of Bureau of Economic and Business Research; Charles M. Knerer, Acting Director of Institute of Government and Public Affairs; William H. Scheick, Co-ordinator of Small Homes Council Left to right: Chorles C. De Long, Bursar; George P. Tuttle, Director of Admissions and Records; Coleman R. Griffith, Provost Left to righl: Vernon L. Kretschmer, Director of lllini Union; Harold S. Dawson, Director of Placement Bureau; Leslie A. Bryan, Director of Institute of Avlotion ' viiwtl Left to right: Charles Bo wen. Executive Director of the Alumni Association; James Colvtn, EcJitor of the Illinois Alumni News; Wayne Bennett, PresicJent of the Alumni Association Alumni Association The University of Illinois Alumni Association speaks for, and works for, some 90,000 people who hove earned degrees in the University — and for many thousands of others who call the U. of I. their alma mater. This Alumni Association is one of the few in the United States which enlists the interest and membership of students. Hundreds of mini join the U. of 1. Alumni Association even before they receive their degrees. The Association assists lllini Union committees in arranging numerous campus activities. For as many alumni as it can reach by mail, the Association keeps current addresses. Just this one job of posting address changes requires the full time of a half dozen experienced people. They process the addresses of about 70,000 people at the rate of more than 3,000 a month. The Association ' s office, at 227 lllini Union, keeps up a lively correspondence with many thousands of lllini living in all parts of the world. The list of tasks performed for all these former stu- dents is as long as it is varied — from locating old classmates to seeing what can be done about lost football tickets. Each year the Association helps arrange and conduct lllini club meetings in many parts of the world. Thousands of people have heard speakers from the campus or seen football movies which moke them feel that actually they have paid a visit to the campus. Almost every month the organization sends " Illinois Alumni News " to more than 60,000 lllini from coast to coast and in for- eign countries. The magazine, in tabloid newspaper form, contains news of alumni by classes, of lllini clubs, as well as information about the progress of the University itself. 29 ■Tt " Warren Ramshaw, Alumni Re- lofions Department Head Edward Siafford Fred Turner The Deans It is the job of the Deans of the University of Illinois to administer and direct all student programs and ac- tivities not connected with the classroom. To head all these activities, acting as General Administrative offi- cer, is Fred T. Turner, Dean of Students. He exercises control over student activities, employment and hous- ing. Through his personal counseling, aid, and helpful cooperation. Dean Turner has won the friendship and admiration of University students. Assuming her position as Dean of Women last fall, Miriam A. Sheiden has already efFected many changes. Of primary interest is the addition of a Freshman Advisory Dean, who will assist incoming students in their adjustment to college life. She also plans for more counseling for residence halls and student house government, as well as for further vo- cational assistance to all University women. Her en- thusiasm and helpful guidance has readily gained her the sincere approval of University coeds. Dean of Men, Edward E. Stafford, deals with the problems of undergraduate men. Dean Stafford, as faculty advisor of several student associations, has much contact with the University men. Thus, because he holds many titles of authority in the University, he and his assistants are able to maintain an efficient advisory program for University men. 30 Left to rigt t: Helen Andrews, Darold Shutt, Agnes Tondberg To help with her many daily problems. Dean Shelden has four ca- pable assistants. Miss Agnes Tondberg, Assistant Dean of Freshman Women, helps the incoming University women by working through the freshman advisors of independent and organized houses. Miss Florence Ingrahm, Assistant Dean of Residence Hall Counseling, is working to provide a social and counseling program for residence halls which can help Illinois coeds with various problems of finance and housing. New Assistant Dean of Sorority Women, Miss Jane Klein, works with Panhellenic and house presidents on such prob- lems of sorority life as rushing, pledge permits, and initiation. Miss Helen Andrews, Assistant Dean of Independent Women, helps inde- pendent women with their problems through the well-organized Women ' s Group System. In maintaining on efficient advisory program for University men. Dean Stafford has a staff of three assistants to help him. James Hamp- ton, Assistant Dean of Student Activities, supervises the various student associations of the campus. Assistant Dean of Fraternities, Carl M. Grip, is the executive secretary of the Board of Fraternities. His job includes the working out of various problems with the Interfraternity Council. University independent men, organized through the Men ' s Independent Association, are helped and counseled in their problems by Darold L. Shutt, Assistant Dean of Independent Men. left to right: V. J. ftampton, Carl Grip, Jane Klein Florence Inghrom URBANA COLLEGES 32 33 f I I ■ I Dean Henry Rusk College of t For almost four decades Dean Rusk has served the University of Illinois. Starting as an assistant in animal husbandry in 1910, he advanced in twelve years to the directorship of the Depart- ment of Animal Husbandry. In 1939 he became Dean of the College of Agriculture, the latter office carrying v ith it two other heavy responsi- bilities: the directorship of the Agricultural Ex- periment Station and of the Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics. Dean Rusk was born on a form near Rontoul, Illinois, in 1884. The family later moved to northern Indiana where. Dean Rusk says, he had the usual experiences of a boy who grew up around the turn of the century on a fairly large farm with some native prairie sod still to be broken, glacial boulders to be hauled from the fields, tile drains to be laid, and hogs, cattle, and horses to be cared for. He received his B.S. in Agriculture at the Uni- versity of Missouri in 1908 and his M.S. from the same institution in 1911. He was a member Mumford Holl Agriculture of the staff of the University of Missouri in 1908 and of the Purdue Experiment Station in 1909. Dean Rusk is noted for his thinking and fear- less speaking in matters concerning agriculture. He is a member of the Agriculture Board of the National Research Council. During the past year he has also served as chairman of the Agricul- tural Task Force of the Commission on Organiza- tion of the executive branch of the government and as a member of several important national committees dealing with different phases of agriculture. The College of Agriculture at the University of Illinois is one of approximately half a hun- dred such colleges in this country. These colleges, with their associated experiment stations and extension services, have pioneered in a type of education based on scientific research into the problems of fundamental human needs. Es- tablished to develop the most practical of all human effort — the production of the primary necessities of life — agricultural colleges have helped to demonstrate that culture may be a by- product of sound educational processes regard- less of subject matter. The colleges of agriculture arrived on the scene after laboratory methods had been intro- duced to American educators, but it was through the avenue of agriculture and the efforts of Professor Benjamin Silliman of Yale University that these methods gained entry into American colleges. Since their establishment, these col- leges have been important factors in populariz- ing and humanizing science. A unique feature of the American scheme of ogricultural education is the attempt to main- tain close integration of agricultural education, research, and extension all along the line from the United States Department of Agriculture to the smallest 4-H Club in the most isolated rural community. The contributions of the colleges of agriculture and associated agencies early won the acceptance and support of the farmers. In- dustry and commerce soon recognized that they also benefited from the contributions which these institutions are making to our national economy. With the growing realization of the impor- tance of hunger as one of the factors leading to war and the role of adequate food supplies in the winning of wars, and we hope in preventing World War III, the United Nations and individ- ual countries are trying to adapt the American philosophy and some features of our system of agricultural education to global needs. 35 I I ■ I College of Dean Howard Bowen Dean Howard R. Bowen has set as a goal of the College of Commerce, the education of busi- ness men able to make decisions in the interests of the total economy as well as for the benefit of the individual enterprise. Believing that student self-government, student participation in Uni- versity administration, and active campus social and political life are constructive elements in preparation for careers in business, Dean Bowen has encouraged student activities. The College stresses the cultural aspect of living as well as vocational and professional training. Yet even with stimulation of thought and activity by stu- dents and faculty, the College has not completed its job. Its responsibilities reach beyond the campus, across the borders of the State of Illinois, and have repercussions throughout the nation. Like many of his faculty members, Dean Bowen has a background of experience in business, government, and teaching. A native of the state of Washington, he was educated at the David Kinky Holl Commerce and Business Administration State College of Washington. Here he received his B.A. and M.A. degrees. The Doctor of Phi- losophy was conferred on him by the University of Iowa, where he was a member of the eco- nomics faculty from 1933 until 1942. At this time he went to Washington as Chief of the Business Structure Unit in the Department of Commerce. He studied in England at the London School of Economics and at Cambridge Univer- sity as a post-doctoral fellow of the Social Sci- ence Research Council. Later he served as Chief Economist for the Joint Congressional Committee of Internal Revenue Taxation. Dean Bowen came to the University of Illinois in 1947 from New York, where he had been economist for the Irving Trust Company for two years. His fields of specialization are business fluctuations and fmance. He is the author of nu- merous articles of economic and financial sub- jects which have appeared in business and pro- fessional journals, and of a newly-published book. Toward Social Economy. Dean Bowen is a member of the American Economic Associa- tion, the National Tax Association, the Royal Economic Society, Phi Beta Kappa, and other professional societies. The College of Commerce is composed of two deportments: the Department of Economics, with Professor P. H. Brown as acting head, and the Department of Business Organization and Op- eration, headed by Professor H. T. Scovill. The first two years of undergraduate work are gen- eral in scope, while during the next two years students may specialize in nine fields of concen- tration: accountancy, banking and finance, com- merce and law, commercial teaching, economics, industrial administration, management, and public affairs. The program of four years offers a broad background of business theory and op- portunities for training in allied fields preparing for specific jobs in business and industry. Busi- ness Administration includes the Bureau of Eco- nomic and Business Research, established in 1921. Fields in which research has been con- ducted include marketing, banking and private finance, public finance, taxation and govern- mental accounting, and others. The Bureau pub- lishes o quarterly magazine. Opinion and Com- ment, which is designed to present discussions of current economic and business problems in non-technical language, and The Illinois Busi- ness Review, a monthly summary of business conditions. The Business Management Service of the Col- lege of Commerce offers a comprehensive pro- gram of service to the state. 37 Dean Willard Spalding College of Dean Willard B. Spalding came to the Uni- versity of Illinois from Portland, Oregon, where he had been superintendent of schools for three years. Prior to that he had served as a high school principal in several Massachusetts com- munities and as superintendent of schools in Belmont, Massachusetts and at Passaic, Nev Jersey. A native of Massachusetts, Dean Spalding at- tended Wesleyan University and Boston Univer- sity, and received the Bachelor of Business Ad- ministration from the later institution in 1926. He was awarded his master ' s degree in educa- tion by the University of New Hampshire, and the degree of Doctor of Education from Harvard. Pacific University granted him the LL.D degree in 1947. He has been active as a member of the Inter- cultural Relations Committee, and as secretary of the American Council on Education. He holds membership in numerous professional organiza- tions including the Illinois Education Association, Gregory Hall i . . — " ImH • -r- rrl } « -»T r» «? tf lff» — ■ ■ Education American Federation of Teachers, and the Na- tional Society of College Teachers of Education. He has written numerous articles for professional publications. Since his appointment he has also participated as a speaker in many educational programs, including those of the American Fed- eration of Teachers, the Superintendents ' Round Table of Northern Illinois, the Illinois Education Association, and the Visual Aids Conference tour sponsored by the Visual Aids Department. The College of Education had its origin in 1893 under the influence and teaching of Charles de Garmo, professor of psychology. In 1900 a Department of Education was set up, whic h became in 1907 the School of Education. The Bureau of Research and Service, estab- lished in 1948, is operated as a department of the College of Education. The College of Eductaion, believing that " only an enlightened people can be free " , has as its purpose the instruction of those who will teach our children the ideals and fundamentals of the American way of life, it prepares students for careers in teaching, special educational services, and administration. Its courses deal with the social, psychological, and philosophical founda- tions of education; educational guidance and other special services; educational research and evaluation; educational administration; elemen- tary school problems and techniques; and the education of exceptional children. These courses are supplemented by practice in teaching under special supervisors in school systems cooperat- ing with the College of Education. The Univer- sity High School, which serves as a laboratory for this College, affords opportunities for experi- mentation under controlled conditions. There ore special undergraduate curricula in industrial education, agricultural education, home economics education, and the education of exceptional children. Students preparing for other teaching fields take certain basic courses in education, and the remainder of their work is taken in two or three restricted fields of con- centration in other colleges and schools of the University. The University has also established an ap- pointment service for the placement of its grad- uates who have been prepared in teacher train- ing. This service is offered free to the students and to the boards of education. This placement bureau is not only a service in aiding students to obtain positions, but also helps schools in ob- taining teachers who are well qualified. 39 Dean Melvin Enger College of Melvin Lorenius Enger, Professor of Mechan- ics and Hydraulics, has been Dean of the Col- lage of Engineering since 1934. In addition, Dean Enger serves as Director of the Engineering Experiment Station, located on the Urbana campus. He was born on May 5, 1881, in De- corah, Iowa. After attending the University of Minnesota, he was graduated from the Univer- sity of Illinois, receiving the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1 906 and later the professional C.E. degree and an M.S. degree. After completing this work at Illinois, Dean En- ger spent a year in the Bridge and Building De- partment of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway. He then returned to the University of Illinois and was appointed instructor in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechan- ics and has been a member of the faculty since that time, acting as head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from 1926 to 1934. Engineering Hall Engineering The College of Engineering was organized in 1870 as a part of the Illinois Industrial Univer- sity. The first University class included six candi- dates from the College of Engineering, and for many years the College enrolled more than half the men students in the University. The first cur- ricula, published in 1871, were in Mechanical Science and Art, Civil Engineering, Mining Engi- neering, and Architecture. In 1892 curricula were added in Electrical Engineering, Architec- tural Engineering, and Municipal and Sanitary Engineering; in 1906, Railway Civil, Railway Electrical, and Railway Mechanical Engineering; in 1915, Ceramics and Ceramic Engineering; in 1920, General Engineering and Engineering Physics; in 1933, Agricultural Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering; and in 1944, Aero- nautical Engineering. The Departments of Physics and of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics were established as independent divisions of the Col- lege of Engineering in 1 890. A separate Depart- ment of General Engineering Drawing was set up in 1921. In 1926 the Department of Municipal and Sanitary Engineering was discontinued and its courses were transferred to the Civil Engineering Department; in 1931 the Department of Archi- tecture and Architectural Engineering was trans- ferred to the newly organized College of Fine and Applied Arts. The Department of Railway Engineering was abolished in 1940 and its courses transferred to the Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Me- chanical Engineering. The curricula in engineering emphasize the mathematical and physical sciences and their application to design, construction, and oper- ation of engineering projects and industrial works. The first three years are fundamentally scientific in character, with a common core in the first two years. A moderate amount of special- ization is provided through options and by special arrangements of courses in the senior year. The completion of three new buildings will give some relief from the extreme congestion in the offices, classrooms, and laboratories of the college. The Physics Research Laboratory was completed during the year; some classrooms and offices are already in use in the new Elec- trical Engineering Building; and all of the fa- cilities of the Electrical Engineering and Me- chanical Engineering buildings will be ready for use in September of 1 949. 41 I I Dean Rexford Newcomb College of Rexford Newcomb, Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Professor of the History of Architecture, and Director of the Bureau of Community Planning, has completed thirty years of continuous service to the University of Illinois and seventeen years as dean of his college. Dean Newcomb was born at Independence, Kansas, April 24, 1886. He received his train- ing at the Universities of Kansas, Illinois, and Southern California, supplemented by travel and research in Europe, the Near East, and the Orient. Before joining the Illinois faculty. Dean New- comb served for five years as Director of the De- partment of Fine and Applied Arts at Long Beach Polytechnic School and for four years as Di- rector of Adult Education and Principal of the Long Beach Evening High School. After prac- ticing architecture in California for five years, he served on the faculty of the University of Southern California. Dean Newcomb then went to Texas where he held the position of Professor Architecture Building ■ a ■ I lie nliiliilfliliil n i _.. »ffl n 1 m — - HM II 111 mi 1 B a m ta a tn n Wm y y tSM ( -■■ rv li J.I |i|K Fine and Applied Arts of Architecture at the Agricultural and Mechan- ical College of Texas; he also served in the ca- pacity of college architect at this school. Dean Newcomb has written and lectured widely in the field of the fine arts. He is author of sixteen volumes, and of several hundred magazine articles in this field. For ten years he was editor of the Western Archifecf, and for twenty-five years he has served as a technical consultant in various connections. A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, the Dean is a past-president of the Central Illinois Chapter. Dean Newcomb also served as president of the American Society of Architectural Historians. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and Phi Kappa Phi. The College of Fine and Applied Arts consists of the Departments of Architecture, Art, and Landscape Architecture. The School of Music and the Bureau of Community Planning are also included in this college. Training in the field of fine arts was provided for in the history of the University. Courses in music were organized into the School of Music in 1894, and training in landscape architecture was introduced early in the century. It was not until 1931 that it was possible to group these various schools together to form a single administrative unit under the title of College of Fine and Applied Arts. The Bureau of Community Planning added its cur- riculum to the College in 1934. More recently a course in Occupational Therapy has been in- corporated into the College of Fine and Applied Arts, in collaboration with the College of Med- icine. With an annual enrollment of some 1,300 students and a teaching faculty of 140, the Col- lege is principally housed in the Architecture Building, Mumford Hall, and Smith Memorial Music Building. In these buildings departmental offices are located and excellent libraries of Art and Architecture, Landscape and City Planning, and Music are maintained. In addition to its more formal program of in- struction, the College ofFers annually many free lectures, concerts, recitals, and a constantly changing series of art exhibits displayed in the Architecture Building. The College, in coopera- tion with other university departments, sponsors during the spring semester, a Festival of Con- temporary Arts. Students from many other colleges of the University elect formal cultural courses ofFered by the College of Fine and Ap- plied Arts, or take part in the musical organiza- tions or other extra-curricular activities that the College fosters. 43 Dean Louis RJdenour Graduate Louis Nicot Ridenour, fifth Dean of the Grad- uate College and Professor of Physics, came to Illinois two years ago from the University of Pennsylvania. A physicist v ith a Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology, he spent the years from 1940 to 1946 developing radar equipment at the Radiation Laboratory, estab- lished at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the National Defense Research Committee. Dean Ridenour became Assistant Director of this laboratory, which was devoted to the develop- ment of military and naval radar equipment. During 1946, he was editor-in-chief of a 27- volume series of books making available to gov- ernment and industry the progress resulting from wartime work on radar at the Radiation Labora- tory. Publication of these books by the McGraw- Hill Book company was completed last year. Dean Ridenour did his undergraduate work at the LIniversity of Chicago. There he was editor of the Dally Maroon and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Administration Building :. ■ % WX k I ' t S T vi;4: . y it «( - ' .li College Following graduate work at Cal Tech, he moved to the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, N. J., and was later appointed instruc- tor in physics at Princeton University. In 1938 he joined the University of Pennsylvania staff as an assistant professor. He became a full professor in 1946. The principal aim of graduate study is the de- velopment of the power of independent investi- gation. The student who pursues an extended course of graduate study is expected to obtain a wide knowledge of his subject and of related fields and to acquire the power of extending the range of known material in his specialty. Besides providing instruction in the classroom, the Graduate College promotes a large and far- reaching program of research in many depart- ments. Scholarships and fellowships, estab- lished by the University Board of Trustees, are open to graduate students of exceptional ability and promise. Funds are available from several special sources for the support of additional fel- lowships to promote higher education. Through its research funds the College makes grants which completely finance several projects each year and provide supplementary funds for many others. This year, for example, the College established a Radiocarbon Laboratory to further experiments in radioactive carbon tracer tech- niques and to make the results available to sci- entists throughout the nation. Advanced experi- mental work on electronic computing machines is also entirely under the sponsorship of the Col- lege. Although advanced work was offered at Illi- nois as early as 1872, the Graduate School was not officially organized until 1892. In 1903, the first two doctorate degrees in the University ' s history were conferred. In 1906, the Graduate School was organized with a separate faculty, and an appropriation of $50,000 for its sup- port was made by the General Assembly. By action of the Board of Trustees, the name was changed to Graduate College in 1947. From this unimposing but important beginning, the Graduate College grew until in the decade from 1936 to 1945, it ranked third in the nation in the number of science doctorates granted. It now provides advanced instruction and facilities for research in about fifty fields of specialization and grants Master ' s and Doctor ' s degrees to candidates successfully completing the require- ments. In addition, professional second degrees in engineering are conferred upon graduates of the University. 45 Director Fredrick Slebert School of Professor Fredrick S. Siebert, director of the School of Journalism since 1941, is recognized nationally as an authority in radio and news- paper law, as an outstanding teacher of jour- nalism, and as a far-seeing and practical ad- ministrator. A native of Minnesota, Director Siebert re- ceived his A.B. degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1923. He received a J.D. degree from the University of Illinois in 1929, and is a member of the Illinois bar. He has been a stafF member of the HIbbing Dally News, the Dulufh Herald, the Chicago City News Bureau, and the old Chicago Herald and Examiner. He was as- sociate editor of the Journalism Quarterly from 1927 to 1930 and a member of the Board of Editors of that publication from 1930 to 1948. A member of the journalism staff since the School was established in 1927, Director Siebert has served as president of the American Associa- tion of Schools and Departments of Journalism, secretary of the Illinois Press Association, and Gregory Hall y " len .■» „. Jl ■ ■ ; ; U.I-: ■ M 1 8 1 ; " g .4 i Vir. ir m M ' W " ' , r - • •• Journalism chairman of the Council on Radio Journalism. He is chairman of the Law of the Press Committee of the Inland Daily Press Association and a mem- ber of the United States Wage and Hour Com- mittee for the Publishing Industry, the American Council on Education for Journalism, and the Council on Radio Journalism. He is also legisla- tive counsel for the Illinois Daily Press Associa- tion. The primary objective of the School of Jour- nalism is to train men and women who are com- petent, both in professional training and per- sonal integrity, to work in the fields of press and radio. The keynote of all journalism training at the University is obligation to the reader. This training, developed from instruction begun in 1902 as part of the courses in English, strives to produce communications workers who are " tough-minded in the search for truth " ; who are prepared to cope with the highly complex world in which they must function. Towards this end, students in the School of Journalism are re- quired to take from one-third to one-half of their junior and senior years in advanced social studies. Besides its specialized curricula in editorial work and publication management, the school has developed an outstanding program in radio training and has greatly expanded its offerings for the advertising student. Courses in journalism for graduate students have been offered since 1946-1947. In working towards this primary objective, the School does not neglect a secondary objective: service to Illinois press and radio. Through its faculty and cooperating members the School of Journalism attempts to provide auxiliary services to the communications industry. It works in close cooperation with the Illinois Press Association, the Illinois College Press Association, and the Illinois High School Press Association. In ad- dition, the School sponsors clinics and short courses for photographers, radio personnel, and editors. The School was established in 1927 from what had been a division in the department of English. In its new and modern quarters in Gregory Hall, the School trains future commu- nications workers with modern equipment. In the buildings are located the journalism library, one of the largest and best in the nation, radio classrooms and broadcasting studios, photog- raphy and photo-engraving rooms, a printing laboratory, copy-desk rooms, and advertising layout laboratories. 47 I f 1 Deon Albert Harno College of Dean Albert J. Harno has been Dean of the College of Law of the University of Illinois since 1922. His specialty is the field of criminal law, in which he is well known for his writings and work toward judicial reform. He is also recog- nized as a leader in legal education in the United States. He was born in Holabaird, South Dakota, January 30, 1 889. He spent his boyhood in South Dakota and was graduated from Dakota Wes- leyan University in 1911. He received his law degree magna cum laude from Yale Law School in 1 91 4. He was admitted to the practice of law in California and practiced there from 1914 to 1917. In 1917 he was appointed Dean of the Law School at Washburn College and remained in that position until 1919. Between 1919 and 1921 he was Professor of Law at the University of Kansas. In 1921 he came to the University of Illinois as a Professor of Law, and in 1922 he was named Dean. He also served as Provost of the University from 1931 to 1944. Altgeld Hall Law Dean Harno has held national offices in or ganizations of lawyers and law teachers and at present is president of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws; mem- ber of the council on the American Bar Associa- tion ' s Survey of the Legal Profession, and in charge of the legal education phase of that survey; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Judicature Society; and member of the Advisory Committee on the Revision of the Statutes, State of Illinois. He holds honorary degrees from Dakota Wesleyan University, Tu- lane University, and Boston University, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The College of Law was estoblished in 1897 under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Sloan Draper, President of the University and first Dean of the College, and the Honorable John P. Altgeid, Governor of Illinois. The building that houses the College is named Altgeid Hall in honor of Gov- ernor Altgeid and in memory of his interest in the College. At the time the College of Law was founded, preparation for the bar through study in a law- yer ' s office was common. The law schools had, for the most part, low standards. Some offered only one or two years of law study instead of the three or four years that are required in the accepted curricula today. Soon after the turn of the century, legal education began to make rapid strides. In 1900 the Association of Amer- ican Law Schools was organized and took for its object the improvement of legal education in the United States. It became a national accredit- ing agency for law schools. In 1921 the Amer- ican Bar Association drafted standards for legal education, and later set up an organization with the duties of listing a group of approved schools and serving as an accrediting body. In the period since the accrediting agencies became active, the emphasis has been placed largely on quantity factors. Of recent years the emphasis has shifted to quality factors — the excellence of the faculty and student bodies, the content of the programs, and the cultural and ethical values taught. This College takes deep pride in the fact that it has always met and exceeded in the standards of accrediting groups. It has been a leader in the inclusion of quality factors in its own program and in the general standards used in the evaluation of law schools. 49 Dean Henning Larsen College of The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is Henning Larsen, who also serves as head of the Department of English. Larsen, who is the son of Norwegian immigrant parents, grew up in Decorah, Iowa. His father, an alum- nus of the University of Oslo, was the first presi- dent of Luther College, an institution organized in Civil War days by Norwegian immigrants. Throughout Larsen ' s boyhood, Decorah re- mained the unofficial capital of Norwegian- American culture. Two large publishing houses and the college still used Norwegian as the official language, and the community was largely bi-lingual. In this atmosphere he de- veloped his interest in Germanic philology, which became his life work. As a professor of English, he stressed in his own research the impact of English on Scandinavian culture. This interest decided also his course of graduate studies that led him to the University of Iowa, the University of Oslo, and Princeton University. As a teacher Lincoln Hall ! - - -: V ---i . - iFii " Hx lil il ii: n ?R Liberal Arts and Sciences he has served at the University of lowo, the Uni- versity of Texas, and the University of Illinois, besides holding summer positions at the Univer- sity of Chicago, Stanford University, North- western University, and the University of North Carolina. At the same time he retained the in- terest in Old Norse and Old English literature. His academic work was twice broken by war. In 1917, after completing the course in the first officers ' training camp at Ft. Snelling, he was commissioned a lieutenant in the infantry. After serving with the 33rd and 76th divisions, he was transferred to military intelligence and served for over a year as assistant to the military at- tache at the legation in Oslo, Norway. In 1944, he served a tour of duty in the Office of Stra- tegic Services in Washington. Our University was incorporated in 1867 as the Illinois industrial University. When instruc- tion began in 1868, typical Liberal Arts courses were offered, looked upon then as now as basic in general or liberal education. The present or- ganization of the College came in 1913 as the result of a merger of the College of Literature and Arts with the College of Science. As an out- growth of this fusion, the College became the largest and most complex division of the Uni- versity. The complexity is increased by the fact that the College serves a great many purposes. It is the bearer of the old tradition of liberal education cared for in the General Curriculum and also in the Division of General Studies. The General Curriculum leads to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science depend- ing upon the field of concentration and emphasis of study. The College also functions as a service unit for other colleges, offering fixed curricula in pre-professional training for medicine, den- tistry, veterinary medicine, law, and journalism. This training includes such work in English, for- eign languages, science, and social science as constitutes established all-university or special college requirements. In cooperation with the College of Medicine, the College offers a professional course in occu- pational therapy leading to a degree in the College of Medicine. Fourteen fixed curricula lead to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sci- ence degrees in the teaching of specific subjects. Other curricula lead to the professional degrees in Chemistry and in Chemical Engineering. This pre-professional work also aims to give that general education necessary for proper under- standing of and adjustment to the complexities of modern life. 51 Director Robert Downs Library Robert B. Downs came to the University of Illinois as Director of the Library and Library School in 1943. A native of North Carolina, he has been active in the library profession for the past tv enty-five years. His first experience in the field v as at the University of North Carolina, where he worked as an assistant while attend- ing the University. After graduation in 1926, he entered Columbia University and received professional library degrees in 1927 and 1929. In the meantime, he was on the stafF of the New York Public Library. From 1929 to 1931 Downs was librarian and assistant professor of bibli- ography at Colby College in Maine. Some years later the College honored him with a Doctor of Literature degree. Returning in 1931 to the Uni- versity of North Carolina he became assistant librarian and, after one year, librarian and pro- fessor of library science. He started a general college library and en- couraged recreational reading by installing a The University Library iH luHr Hi " ' . 1 4 ' 7 ' v - ' j;p j ■yjil f M r M mM..m 4 i4 School book store in the library buildings and arranging for weekly talks by authors and critics. In 1938, Downs was appointed to the Direc- torship of Libraries at New York University, a new position created to integrate the University ' s widely distributed libraries. After serving for five years as Director of Libraries for New York University, he came to the University of Illinois in 1943. Mr. Downs is active in various professional organizations. He is a Fellow in the American Library Institute, a member of the American Li- brary Association Council and the Bibliograph- ical Society of America. He was president of the Association of Colleges and Reference Libraries in 1940-41. He is also the author of numerous books and articles, chiefly relating to resources for research and library cooperation. The University of Illinois Library School was established in 1 893, making it the oldest library school west of the Alleghanies. At the begin- ning, the new school was located at the Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago, but in the summer of 1897 it was moved, equipment, fac- ulty, and students, to the University of Illinois in Urbana, where it is now located on the third floor of the library. The library at present ranks fifth in size among American university libraries and first among state university libraries; the library school ranks as one of the outstanding library schools in the land. The Library School is one of five in the nation accredited by the American Library Association as Type I, and offers education for librarianship on the highest professional level. The purpose of the Library School is to pre- pare men and women for careers as professional librarians in all typ es of libraries. The program of the school is designed to fulfill this purpose by preparing administrators and assistants for service in libraries of such types as public, school, college, and university libraries, and such special types as hospital, newspaper, business, art, and music libraries. Programs of study on both the undergraduate and graduate level may be fol- lowed, leading to the bachelor ' s, the master ' s, and the doctor ' s degree in Library Science. The group of undergraduate courses, for which the B.S. in L.S. degree is awarded, is considered to be basic preparation for advanced professional studies. The fifth year ' s work, for the M.S. in L.S. degree, is the minimum academic prepara- tion for professional librarianship, while experi- enced librarians of marked ability may go on for the degree of Doctor of Library Science. 53 Director Seward Staley School of Seward Charles Staley, Director of Physical Education at the University of Illinois, was born in Sprakers, New York, on August 1, 1893. Mr Staley was graduated from Springfield College in 1917. After serving as an officer in the United States Army, he attended Clark University where he secured his master ' s degree in 1920. Staley joined the faculty of the University of Illinois in 1922, and in 1937 he was made the di- rector of the School of Physical Education. He has been a member of the staff of the School of Physical Eductaion continuously since that time. In 1 929, he was awarded a doctor of philosophy degree in education. Director Staley has made three trips abroad to study physical education and sports. In the course of these travels, he has visited most of the countries in Europe plus several others in north Africa and eastern Asia. In 1936, Dr. Staley was the head of the American delegation to the Sports Student Congress in Berlin. He was made an Honorary Fellow by the American George Huff Gymnasium A N 1 .4-. ( ItyO J]] ■0 Physical Education Physical Education Association in 1938; he was elected to membership in the American Academy of Physical Education in 1944. In addition, he holds membership in most national, midwest, state, and local physical education associations and societies. During World War II he served as a consultant in physical fitness and recreation with Army Ground Forces, the Army Air Force, and the Navy. The School of Physical Education was estab- lished by action of the Board of Trustees in 1 933. At the present time, the School is composed of two departments: Physical Education for Men and Physical Education for Women. The School ' s major function is to offer profes- sional training in the fields of physical educa- tion, athletic coaching, health education, safety education, camping, and recreation. One of the more distinctive features of the School ' s program in professional training is work in counseling and guidance. The School has always carried on some work in this field, but with the end of the war and the resultant increase in enrollment it was materially expanded. Many new and larger departments were added with an increase in faculty membership. The present program is de- signed to cover personal, educational, scholastic, and professional problems. In addition to the professional training work mentioned above, the School conducts a service program in physical education for the general student body. By university regulations all undergraduate students are required to secure four semesters credit in this subject. This pro- gram is carefully designed to meet all types of student needs, from basic physical conditioning and correction of physical handicaps to courses in recreational and team sports. Beginning and advanced courses are offered in almost all de- partments. Over the years, the faculty of the School has assumed leadership in initiating and developing several enterprises of national con- sequence in the field of physical education. The School ' s most significant development at the present time is its program in physical fitness research. This program is devoted to making pioneer studies in the field of normal physical fitness. To carry on its work, the School has at its dis- posal a varied assortment of facilities. The men ' s program is carried on in two buildings — the George Huff Gymnasium jnd the Men ' s Old Gymnasium. The women ' s program is centered in the Women ' s Gymnasium, but also uses quar- ters in Bevier Hall. I 55 I Dean Robert Graham College of Dr. Robert Graham, a member of the Uni- versity of Illinois faculty since 1917, was ap- pointed as the first dean of the College of Vet- erinary Medicine in 1946 and has directed the formative work of this newly created college. Born in Ames, Iowa, Dean Graham studied veterinary medicine at Iowa State College and at the University of Kentucky. While at Kentucky, he served as veterinarian to the state board of health and as pathologist to the state livestock board. As a scientific writer, Dean Graham has been chief or contributing author of more than 150 scientific papers pertaining to veterinary med- icine, and senior or co-author of more than 50 bulletins and circulars on the control of animal diseases. Colleagues in his field credit Dean Graham with significant a nd outstanding contributions to the knowledge of more than thirteen diseases of domestic animals. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Proposed Science Unit, College of Veterinary MecJicine 9 ' . il] iiiii ' -i«S - " Jl! « m ' -mst Veterinary Medicine Science, the American Public Health Association, the Illinois Academy of Science, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the United States Livestock Sanitary Association. Speaking for the people of Illinois, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously in June 1944 to establish a College of Veterinary Medicine. By September 1945, a two-year pre-veterinary curriculum had been formulated and the pro- fessional teaching program became a reality in September 1948 when 24 qualified appli- cants were enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine. This was the first freshman class to be accepted for veterinary training in the history of the 81 -year-old university. Restriction of enrollment in the College of Veterinary Medicine was necessary because of limited classroom and laboratory facilities. The students ore being trained temporarily in the remodeled Veterinary Pathology Laboratory, a one-story brick building erected on south campus in 1904-05, and in a former student residence at 805 West Pennsylvania Avenue. Larger classes cannot be accepted until two new build- ings are constructed. Architects ' drawings for the science unit of the college have been com- pleted and the college is planning for the ex- pansion of opportunities in veterinary med- icine. The College of Veterinary Medicine has a diagnostic service which has been available to veterinarians and livestock owners for 31 years and which examines thousands of specimens an- nually. Additional service and teaching activity now in the process of development is the vet- erinary clinic, opened in September 1948, to which animals may be admitted for diagnosis and treatment. Veterinary extension activities carry the results of veterinary research to prac- ticing veterinarians and to livestock owners. Two extension veterinarians help to keep farm- ers and veterinarians abreast of the latest methods of disease control by speaking at farm and veterinary meetings throughout the state. In addition to the teaching programs, veter- inary research is conducted in the Illinois Agri- cultural Experiment Station. Among the re- search activities are studies on the nature and cause of diseases in young pigs, of ketosis or acetonemia and bovine mastitis of dairy cattle, and of Newcastle disease of poultry, as well as clinical studies to determine the value of anti- biotics in the treatment of animal ills. Eighteen different research projects were carried on by the college last year. W.£Ui I 57 Division of Director Robert Bone Dr. Robert G. Bone, the Director of the Divis- ion of Special Services, is a descendant of pio- neer Illinois families who settled around Spring- field before 1820. Born and raised in Spring- field, he was graduated from Springfield High School in 1924. He attended the College of Wooster, from which he received an A.B. degree in 1928. During the following three years Dr. Bone was an instructor in the American College in Alexandria, Egypt, teaching beginning Eng- lish, speech, and French law. During his last year there he was acting president. After receiving his M.A. degree in 1932 he spent two years at Lincoln College as Professor of History and de- bate coach. Director Bone has been in Europe a number of times and has attended classes at the University of Vienna, the University of Frei- burgim-Breisgau, the Sorbonne, and Oxford. In 1937 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. Dr. Bone has been a member of the History Department of this University since 1934. University Armory J . ' -- ' y-. 7 ' fc ... - ■ Vfi. -f •: ' 4 ' wr.», , ' p ..I .. - : ' :.: yMf S. m ' s, l. »«Ji Special Services for War Veterans In 1942 Dr. Bone was granted a leave of ab- sence from the University to join the Army Air Forces, in 1944 he was sent to Europe, where he was stationed in Paris until VE Day. After helping establish universities in the European Theater of Operations as a member of the staff of the Theater Headquarters Army University Centers Section, he went to the University of Shrivenham, England, as head of the History Department. Upon the closing of this university, he was sent to Germany to help supervise the educational program there. On returning to civilian status in 1946, Dr. Bone returned to the University of Illinois, and is now Associate Pro- fessor of History and Director of the Division of Special Services. The Division of Special Services for War Vet- erans, which has been established by the faculty end the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, is the University ' s answer to the specific question, " What can we do to be of greatest ser- vice to veterans who wish to come to the Uni- versity of Illinois? " It is a pioneering educational venture, breaking traditional educational pol- icies, and allowing for an educational freedom which will best serve the needs of individual students. The Division ofFers veterans an opportunity to move directly toward an educational objective by adding appropriat e subjects to previously ac- quired credit, and to attain an educational ob- jective which involves subject matter offered in several colleges. Accordingly the Division ad- ministers the educational programs of veterans whose special needs are not met by existing cur- ricula, and can certify such students for the Bachelor of Science degree. Special consider- ation is given to helping veterans plan a special program of studies to prepare them for their anticipated goal. Extensive use is made of the Testing Bureau and its tests and counselors, in checking the vocational goal. All new students and those on probationary status are given defi- nite appointments with counselors. In addition, the Division studies the needs of returning vet- erans and informs the veteran of the various services of the University. It not only helps him find a curriculum which will best satisfy his pur- pose, but also processes the records of all vet- erans receiving aid through the G.I. Bill. This year it has processed records for nearly ten thousand veterans on the Urbana campus. The enrollment in the Division is about 1800 for the school year 1948-49. 59 1 Director John Koypers School of Professor John M. Kuypers, since 1947 Direc- tor of the University of Illinois School of Music, combines active participation in its musical ac- tivities with his administrative duties. As con- ductor of the University Orchestra and of the University Sinfonietta, he maintains a full sched- ule of rehearsals; as Director of the School of Music he has been developing an expanded program of music festivals, clinics, and teacher training. He is also a frequent guest conductor of the Chicago Youth Orchestra from which he has drawn a number of music students to the University. Born in Holland but reared in the United States, Director Kuypers believes that a great musical tradition should and will arise from the midwest and that the University of Illinois will have a vital part in it. To this end he has brought to the School ' s already distinguished faculty new members who are enlarging the scope of its ac- tivities and will extend them to all sections of the state. He believes also in training musicians Smith Memorial Music Hail -r: « Music who will be assets in the musical life of their individual communities. Director Kuypers pio- neered in bringing to the University of Illinois the Walden String Quartet as artists-in-resi- dence with full faculty status, and his lead is already being followed by other state univer- sities. A graduate of Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, Director Kuypers came to Illinois from Cornell University where he had reorgan- ized the musical activities and later served as chairman of the Department of Music. Prior to going to Cornell he had been successively o member of the Minneapolis Symphony Orches- tra and director of music at Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota. In the latter capacity he developed a strong music department and or- ganized the Hamline Choir which, under his di- rection, received wide recognition in its exten- sive tours through the midwest. While at St. Paul he also organized and directed the Pro Musica Sinfonietta and served as guest conduc- tor of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. Courses in the School of Music lead to the degree of Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Sci- ence in Music Education, and options are offered in voice, instruments, theory, and teacher train- ing. Advanced courses in these fields lead to the Master ' s degree. Activities of the School include three orchestra groups, the University Orchestra, consisting of about eighty student and faculty members, the Sinfonietta, composed of faculty and selected student musicians, and the Repertory Orchestra of about forty players, which is conducted by Paul Rolland and devotes itself mainly to the standard classics. Choral organizations under the direction of the music faculty are the Uni- versity Chorus, the Women ' s Glee Club, and the A Cappella Choir, directed by Robert Com- manday; the men ' s glee club, known as the Sing- ing lllini, directed by Wilbur Hoel; and a new group of approximately one hundred members called the Choristers, led by Jay Allen. Mem- bership in many of these groups is open to residents of the community as well as to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois in general. The new expanded music program has ample opportunities for every interested person. All of these musical organizations present reg ular programs which ore normally open to the public without charge. Students also have opportunity for radio experience over the Uni- versity radio station WILL. 61 Dean Robert Browne Division of The Division of University Extension for the University of Illinois has been under the adminis- trative ability of Dean Robert B. Brov n since it vvas established in 1933. Dean Brov ne was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on July 15, 1894. He was graduated from the Southern Illinois Uni- versity at Carbondale and received his ad- vanced degrees at the University of Illinois campus. After thirteen years of experience in both the private and public schools as a class- room teacher, principal, and superintendent, he joined the faculty of the University of Illinois in 1921 as an instructor in Education. He in- itially served as Assistant Dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences before becoming the first administrative oflRcer of the Division of University Extension in 1933. In 1938 he was also put in charge of the Summer Session and is at this time a Professor of Education. Dean Browne, besides being a member of professional societies, is a member of several other educational groups, including the Examin- lllini Hall , y - ' Lir-%A L University Extension ing Board for Teachers and the State Commis- sion for Handicapped Children. On this campus his chief interests lie in the Senate Commission of Student Discipline, of which he is chairman at the present time. He is active in community affairs, serving as president of the Urbana Li- brary Board. Dean Browne has also gained recognition as a present-day authority on the American Civil War. The Division departs from the traditional practices of education in order to benefit the most people. This is accomplished in a variety of ways, and includes credit and non-credit courses, and University courses taught by corre- spondence. Among the wide variety of projects which the Extension carries on is the Audio-Visual Aids Service which provides motion picture films for the University ' s classes and for loans to other secondary schools in the state. A new program in music extension has also been recently intro- duced for the benefit of Illinois high schools. For the past fifty-one years the University of Illinois has conducted a Summer Session under the supervision of the Extension Division. Dur- ing this session an opportunity is provided for those of the student body who wish to complete their requirements for degrees more rapidly. Teachers, librarians, and other interested indi- viduals who are unable to attend college dur- ing the regular academic year also take ad- vantage of this service. During the 1948 Sum- mer Session, a total of 9,272 students were en- rolled in classes conducted at the University at Urbana, on the campus of the Chicago Profes- sional Colleges, at the undergraduate divisions at Golesburg and Chicago, and through corre- spondence. The Division of University Extension, since its beginning in 1933, has continued to grow even larger and more far reaching, until now in 1948 it is the largest division of the University of Illi- nois. The University Extension has enabled a great many high school graduates who would not be able to complete their education under normal circumstances to obtain a college de- gree. With an enrollment of over ten thousand students during the regular semester and a like number during the summer semester, this Di- vision reaches all the forty-eight states, the Canal Zone, Hawaii, Canada, India, and South America, as well as many other countries. Classes have also been held in one hundred fifteen cities and towns of this state besides Champaign -Urbana. 63 SENIOR CLASS I 64 nf wnK 65 O J Richord Merrill Abbolt Chicogo Commerce Monoeement Chi Gammo loto Northwestern University William Morton Abbott Morrison Agriculture General Agriculture Agriculture Club; Rural Life Club Jonice Corole Abels Freeport Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teacher Training in Speech and Dromatics Chi Omega Y.W.C.A. Committee (1); Production Staff. " Bcrchester Towers " Harold Abrams Chicogo Division of Special Services Advertising Zeta Beta Tau Morkeling Club; lllini Forensic Association; The Doily Mlini (t); lllini Union Committee (1); Campus Chest (1) Honors Doy ( I ) Nancy Jean Acker. Alton Education Music Monticello College; University of Michigon Philip Ackermon Chicogo Division of Special Services Sociology and English Lin-nois Club The Daily lllini (3) Northv eslern University Joe Junior Adams Cortervitle Engineering Civil Engineering Southern Illinois University Lee Harris Adelson Chicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club; lllini Union Committee (1) 66 Janis Elise Adsi Wetlins, Education Elementary Education t Evons Hail Concert Bond (2, 3); Wesley Foundotion Sluci Council (3, 4) William Jomei Ahlswede Western Sprj, Engineering Electrical Engineering Club Topper A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Dorothy Jeon Albert Oonv, Fine and Applied Arts Music Sigma Alpha loto; Concert Bond (I, 2, 3, University Orchestra (1, 2, 3); Seobury Foun tion Student Council (4) Donold George Albrecht Chic Commerce Monogement Delto Upsilon Marketing Club St. Olaf College; Wright Junior College John Robert Albrecht UrkJt Agriculture Dairy Technology Sigma Pi Agriculture Club; Field and Furrow Club; Dc Technology Club; Illinois Agriculturist (2, 3, i Illinois Disciple ' s Foundotion Student Coul t3, 4): Production Stoff, " The Three Pe Opera " , and " Squoring the Circle " Robert Mourice Alcorn Pe i Division of Sociol Services Retailing Kappa Sigma Marketing Club; Accountancy Club Roymond Harold Alderson Carlin » Agriculture Generol Agriculture lllini Blockburn Club; Agriculture Club; Agri- tural Education Club Blackburn College Esther Alexonder Chl(» Libcrol Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Busoy Hotl Williom AleKonder Foirbury Diviiion of Speciol Services Industrial Arts So ' i Elios Alenondof Chicago Commerce Monogement G, an Club; Mofkeiing Club; Varsity 1 50 Po l Footboll Squad (3, 4); Morching Band M ighr Junior College Jol Horoce Allomon Oquawko I Agriculture General Agriculture wen Day (31 nmoulh College Ro ' t Stanley Allan Fine ond Applied Arts Afchitecturol Engineering 3ha Rho Chi ringfield Junior College W am Horris Alloway Downers Grove Liberal Arts and Sciences Politicol Science .inex HoM Slent Senate (4) ; President, Senior Class; Piling Rifles; Marketing Club; House Presi- di| (2); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2); Y.M.C.A, Bbd of Directors (3, 4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (l2, 3, 4]; Notional Student Association (3, 4)Cantput Chest, Chairman (4) Jdit K. Allen Nashville Low Low :-0 Nu Rifles . Williom Allen Centralit Engineering Electricol Engineering AEE. fnlrolio Junior College J e Milton Allen Agriculture I Animal Science gmo Nu culture Club nn ' i Joe Davis Allen Decatur Fine and Applied Arts Archilecturol Engineering Alpha Rho Ch! University Chorus {!); A Cappella Choir (I)j Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 4) Massochusetis institute of Technology John Henry Allen Chompaign Journalism Radio Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily Hlini (2, 3, 4); Y MCA. Cabinet (2) Richard Francis Allen Thawvlllo Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club John Richard Allexon Detroit, Mich. Division of Special Services Geology Delta Tou Delta Cyclothem Club Jock Lynn Allison Taylorville Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Gronado Club Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club William Bradley Allison Toulon Division of Special Services Advertising Marketing Club Western Illinois State Teachers ' College Gladys Mae Alt El Poso Commerce Commercial Teaching Alpha Omicron Pi Mask and Bauble; llltni Union Committee (4); Y.W.C.A. Committee (2, 3); Production Stoff, " Duchess of Molfi ' , " Taming of the Shrew " . " The Cherry Orchard " , " Beaux ' Stratagem ' , ond " Pygmalion " Honors Day (1.2) Julian James Altrogge Matloon Liberal Arts ond Sciences Geology Ruste Armes Honors Day (I ) 67 rs O t I IJL o i Leonor Ruth Alvorez Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Sponish Evani Hall Spanish Club; French Club; Sigma Delia Pi Morton Junior College; Norlhweitern Uni ver- sify Phyllis Marie Amocher Argenlo Agriculture Home Economics Gamma House House President (4) Leo Robert Ambrose Woukegon Commerce Management Sigma Phi Epsilon Veia Amelia novlch Polos Park Liberol Arts and Sciences English Sherwood Lodge North Pork Junior College Richard Normon Ames Smithboro Engineering Ceramic Engineering Phi Eto Sigmo; Keromos; A.C.S.; The Illinois Techno graph (3, 4} ; Engineering Council (3, 4) John Ammon, Jr Winslow Agriculture Generol Agriculture Tora Hall Alpha Zeto; Agriculture Club Honors Day (2, 3) Baldwin WoMoce College; University of Vir- ginio Alan Glenn Anderson Joliel Fine and Applied Arts Archilecturol Engineering A.S.C.E. Joliel Junior College; Southorn Illinois Uni- verstly Charles Henry Anderson Chicago Engineoring Aeronautical EngineerinQ Beta Thota Pi I.A.S.; Gamma Alpho Rho; Morching Bond 12. 3, 4) Honors Day (2) Nowborry Collogej Morgan Park Junior Col- lego 68 L » Cliffotd Einat Anderson Chica Engineering Civil Engineering , Chi Gommo Iota; Chi Epsilon; A.SCE. Honors Day (3) North Park College Daniel Edwin Anderson Cliito Division of Special Services Industriol Monagement Donold Taylor Anderson Chiio Commerce Marketing Pholonx; Pershing Rifles; Marketing Club; ond Lieutenont, University Brigade Edward Carol Anderson Qt y Agriculture Soil Conservation Culver-Stockton College Evold Oscar Anderson Wllfrte Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Sigma Frank William Anderson Evonn Engineering Civil and Sanitary Engineering A.S.C.E.; Mu San; Engineering Council {4) Fred Herman Anderson lllchW Journalism Radio Alpha Delta Sigma; Sigma Delto Chi; he Daily mini (3); WILL (3, 4} Gerald Keith Anderson Del Pl« ' Liberol Arts and Sciences Geology Alpha Delto Phi Cyclothem Club; Interfroternily Council (?3( University of Aloboma Gt ud« Ryth Andetson Fine and Applied Arts Art }ha Phi H(ji Ekilrom An derion . Engineering Aeronaulicol Engineeririg l to Xi I J. Rolph Anderion, Jr Engineering Civil Engineering A|C.E. irxl Junior College .Chicago 4neth Efic Anderson Waukegon Division of Special Services Finance li Insurance Club «Poul University I rgorel Joan Anderson Evonston liberal Arts and Sciences PsychologY Klpho Phi li Union Committee (3); Newman Founda- 1 Student Council {3) lorleion College pert Joseph Anderson Princeton Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Comma Delta I.A.; Marching Band (1) KnoR Cotlege b«rt Winn Anderion Commerce Accountancy IMini Club :counioncv Club Mitiiiiippi College .Griggsvllie «Oft Eugene Anderson. . . . Commerce Marketing orkeling Club lo« Angelei City College .Wyoming Thoodoro William Anderson Chicago Engineering Eioclrical Engineorino Student Senate (3, 4); President, Junior and Senior Classes; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Audit and Su pervision Committee; Commitloo on Student Al fairs; M.I. A. Executive Council (3); Nalicnal Student Association (3, 4); Production Slafl, " Squoring the Circle " , " Potience " Cattfoinio Institute of Technology; University of Southern Californio Vesta Elizobeth Anderson Rockford Educotion Elementary Education Palamor House President (3); Mlini Union Committee (I); University Orchestra (3) Wendell Waldomar Anderson Rockford Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; Intervcrsily Christian Fellowship Northern Illinois State Teachers College William Albin Anderson Rockford Commerce Accountancy Delta Phi Beta Alpha PsI; Alpha Koppo Psi; Accountancy Club; House President (4) Honors Day (3) Melvin Andrew Peorlo Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Brodley University Sylvia Jane Andrews Alton Education Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi Mask and Bauble; Cost, " Seven Women " ; Pro- duction Staff, " Duchess of Malfi " , " All the King ' s Men " , " Antony and Cleopatra ' , Joan of Lorraine " , " King leor " William Clerk Annin Oakland Agriculture Generoi Agriculture Robert James Aniley Chompoign Liberal Arti ond Sciences Pre-Medlcine Gronodo Club Elmhurst College; Wheoton College 69 r O ■n 3 I O SJ Rflid McClelland Anrfe Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Art Acocio George Apoitle Woukegan Engineering Electrical Engineering I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Honors Doy (I ) Cobriel Joseph Aproti Chicogo Heights Division of Special Services Morketing Lundgren House Hiroshi Horold Arose Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Fresno Stote College Arthur Ernest Archer Lombard Engineering Civil Engineering Phi KoppG Sigma A.S.C.E.; Tribe of lllini; Vorsity Wrestling Squad (2, 3), Letter (3); Varsity Football Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (4) Notre Dome University Bernord Ardisana Evanston Division of Special Services Spanish Sigma Nu First Lieutenant, University Brigade Leonard William Armon Wesiville Division of Special Services Industrial Psychology Richord Calvin Armstrong Canton Commerce Monogement and Markollng PI Kappa Alpho Morketing Club iSi k 9s «. tA tk 70 Donald Lee Arnold Chlco Lov Low Lundgren House Phi Alpha Delta Honors Doy ( t ) Wayne Eugene Arnold Chlllicof Commerce Management Charles Eugene Asbury Mtlfc Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Theta Chi Gargoyle; Scarab Honors Day (2. 3) Purdue University Melvin David Asch New York, N Journalism Editorial The Doily lllini (3} Honors Day (3) John Williom Ashermon Chotnpcr Commerce Accounfoncy Marketing Club; Accountoncy Club Dovid Horris Ashinofsky Oiicc Commerce Accountoncy Zeto Beto Tou Pershing Rifles; Accountoncy Club; Morke) Club; Interfroternity Council {2) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Htir Scholorship Key loren Eugene Askint Horn " " ' Commerce Accountancy Porode Ground Units Alpha Koppo Psi; Accountoncy Club; Morket ' Club; House President (3) Edword William Asmus, Jr Chic Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Theta Delta Chi I Scobbord and Blode; Coploin, Univerilly j gode Ifob Chorlet Aimus Chicogo Commerce Tt fhot Uni Accountancy ) Delta Chi (; Quarter mo tier Club; Firil Lieutenant, ity Brigode; Mllitory Council. Quarter - Corps Repreientotive Muvahhit Alamer Izmir, Turkey Engineering Civil Engineering cpolitan College ,-nne Athey Mason City Agriculture Home Economics 4 House Moiv Boord; Torch; Phi Upsilon OmicfOn; Air ' Sigma Nu; Home Economics Club; Rurol tiftriub; The Illinois Agriculturist (1, 2. 4]; W.A. (I, 2, 3. 4), W.A.A. Numerals; Major I; w Boy Prom Committee {1, 2, 3): W.G.S. Eii ' tive Council (4) ; lllini Union Committee (IJ. 3); W.A.A. Board (2, 3, 4) Ho s Doy (1. 2, 31; University of Illinois ScHorship Key M J Uroy Atkinson GePf I Agriculture Vocatfonol Agriculture Al|i Tou Alpha; Agriculture Club; Agricultural Ed ition Club He -s Doy (3) f 4 Lloyd Aud Collinsville Liberal Arts and Sciences Bocteriology ond Chemistry oham lodge Mthing Bond (1); Concert Bond (1) E 3rd Auerswald Bridgeport Division of Special Services Mathematics entwood Manor illege of St. Thomos; Iowa Stote College; •fsily of Colorado; University of Vincennes C ' l«« Alec Augustine Chicago Division of Speciol Services Engineering Soles A keting Club ' •stern Morylond College (j iNy Eliiobeth Ausfohl... Journalism Advertising •Ito Zeta ' li Union CommiitM (3) .. ' •ST ' Ji JfM, Armen George Avedisian . .Etmhurit Division of Special Services Civil Engineering Sigma Nu Inlerfrolernity Council (2) Ripon Collego Norma Gale Axe I man Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Delta Phi Epiilon The Daily lllini (1); lllini Union Committee {2, 3, 4); Production Staff, " Beggar on Horse- bock " , " Duchess of Malft " , and " The Taming of the Shrev " Ur ivers!ty of Wisconsin Charles August AzroreMo Chicogo Division of Special Services Advertising Ice R ink Marketing Club; Inlromuroi Manager (2); House President (1); Notlonol Student Association (2) Honors Doy ( 1 } University of Idaho Joseph James Aizarello Chicogo Commerce Marketing Spanish Club; Marketing Club; Notional Student Association (1, 2} Honors Day (1 ) Illinois Institute of Technology Bert Bell Babero Chicago Division of Special Services Bacteriology Alpha Phi Alpha The lllio (2) Wilson Junior College; Central Y.M.C.A. Col- lege; University of Chicago Alvin Albert Bachmon Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Comelot Club Alpho Tou Alpha Paul Eugene Backer Chester Liberal Arts and Sciences C hem i CO I Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Phi Elo Sigmo; A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day (t, 2, 3); University of lllinoil Scholorship Key Donold Mox Bodziong Chicago Commerce Management and Morketing Marketing Club Northern Illinois Stote Teachers ' College 71 II. O j I Robert Jacob 6o«chle Belleville Liberal Arti and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa Skull ond Creicent; Phi Eta Sigmo Honors Day (1) Mary Lou Baer Hoborl, Ind. Commerce Economics McKinley HoU Alpha Lambda Dello; Phi Chi Theta; The lllio (1); Y.W.C.A. Cobinel (3, 4), Sfor Course, Board of Managers (2) Honors Day (I, 2, 3) Patricia Ann Baer ..Whealon Education Commercial Teaching illi-Sota: Marketing Club; Alpha Pi Delto; Pro duclion Staff, " Three Men on o Horse " , " Beg- gar on Horseback " Northwestern University Allan Henry Bahnsen Chicago Commerce Morketing Marketing Club; Accountancy Club Honors Doy (3) Donald Wo Iter Bohr Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Eta Sigma; German Club; A.I.Ch.E.; The Daily lllini (1); lllini Union Committee (1 ); WILL (1) Honors Day (1, 2] Dole Edman Boird Indlonolo Agriculture Generol Agriculture Agriculture Club; Dairy Production Club Evelyn Mae Boird Monticello Commerce Personnel Management McKinley Hall Ahorter Boord; French Club; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3) Oorii leite Batty Floro Agriculture Home Economic! Education Fehner House Phi Upiilon Omicron; Alpho Lombdo Delta; Home Economics Club; lllini Rurol Life Club Honors Day (1. 2, 3); Univenity of llllnoit Scholorship Key 72 Billy Lee Baker Worremb. Commerce Accountancy ' Ruste Armes Alpho Koppo Psi; Accounloncy Club; Marktti Club; Spanish Club Honors Day {2J Cloude Williom Baker Ook Grovt k Physical Education Physical Education Roy Bernard Bolder, Jr... .Chit Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Heoley Poloce Robert William Bales Donvi Engineering Mechonicol Engineering A.F.A. Illinois Stole Normal University Michael Albert Banchy, Jr Gary, li Physical Educotion Physical Education College Hall Varsity Football Squod (1, 2}; Vanity To ' Squod (1) Williom Robert Bane Newn Division of Speciol Services Economics Four Columns Eastern Illinois State College Richard Etwell Banister A«f Commerce Accountancy Accounloncy Club; Chess and Checkers Club Honors Day (1 ) Ruth Lillion Boron Chic Journolism Advertising Hoste House Theto Sigma Phi; House President (3) Honors Day (1 ) Alia Edward Bard Chicago Com mere Marketing Moi " 9 Club; mini Railroad Club; Accounl- anci ' ub; Commerce Council {4) ,,,- Edword Barenbrugge Noperville Phyiicol Education Physical Education Aia Sigma Phi DeH Thelo Epiilon; Sigmo Dolto Pji; Varsity Gy iitici Squad (2, 3, 4) Hon Oov (3. 3) M ourt Valley College; St. Mary ' s College Hub ' Ffonklin Borei Freepoir Engineering Electrical Engineering A I £-; I.R.E.; Illuminating Engineering Club Rob Dixon Borger Oak Pork Division of Speciol Services Economics Insurance Cfub; Marketing Club i versity of Minnesota Of ' e Holbrook Bargh Kinmundy Journalism Advertising Psi ond Crescent; Chi Gammo Iota; Alpha 0« S gmo; Sponish Club; Alpha Phi Omego; Mvting Club: The Dally lllini (3); IllinI Union tiee (1) s Oov 13) - Borkon Chicogo Physical Educotion Physical Education Epsilon Phi V Footb«ll Squad (2); House President ' ■■n locklin Barker Danville Commerce Morketing Delto ThetQ : ore Cotillion Committee; Interfralernity Committee; House President (4); Interfra- • Council (3) i Ooy (1) :i Jock Bormosh Chicago Commerce Marketing tlgren House nani; Marketing Club 9ht Junior College YL William Herschel Bornord, Jr Uplond, Ind. Physical Education Physical Education Theta Delto Chi Blaine Barnes Chicago Journalism Advertising Chi Phi Spanish Ctub; Morketing Club; The Daily llllnl (3, 4) Richard Wright Barnes Delton, Mich. Engineering Electrical Engineering llluminaling Engineering Ctub Western Michigan College Wayne Franklin Barney, Jr Peoria Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Bradley University Eugene Paule Borns Burnslde Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Zeto; Phi Eta Sigmo; A.S.A.E. Rosalee Thompson Barns La Horpe Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Troining in English Honors Doy (3) Culver-Stockton College Peggy Jeon Barrett Ashley Liberol Arts end Sciences Teacher Training In HItlory Alpha Delto Pi MocMurray College Lois Anita Borrow Gibson City Physical Educotion Physical Education Buiey HoM HIi-Sota; Physical Educotion Mojors ' Club; W.A.A. (I. 2, 3, 4), W.A.A. Numerols; Pro duciion Staff, " Three Men on o Horse " and " Beaux ' Stratagem " Honors Day [1, 3) 73 rs O ■n I EilMn Bort«Ulain .Ccero liberal Arli ond Sciencet Teacher Troining in Sociol Studies Reenah House House President (2); lllini Union Committee (I) Roosevelt College Tyll Cuft Bates Chic Commerce MorVeling Lundgren House Marketing Club; House President (4) II. o sj William Herman Borlhel Eidorodo Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Thelo Chi I.A.S.; Freshman Vorsity Baseboll Squad Illinois Wesleyan University Mary Jane Barllett Ook Pork Commerce Accountancy Cogle Hall Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Chi Theta; Account- oncy Club; Student Religious Council (2); New- man Foundation Student Council (2) Honors Doy ( » , 2, 3) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Henry Oliver Barton Naperville Engineering Engineering Physics Triongle Tou Beta Pi; House President (4} Honors Day (I, 2) Mary Alice Bortsch West Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Zeta Tou Alpha Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Assistant Business Manager, The lllio; The IMio (I, 2, 3, 4); Sophomore Cotillion Committee; lllini Union Committee (1, 2) Honors Day (1 ) Fohir Mehmet Base! Istanbul, Turkey Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tou Sigma Honors Day (3) War College Kenneth Dwighl Baskin Waukegon Commerce Marketing Morketing Club Newberry College Kendoll Powers Bates Rockford Fine ond Appllad Arts Architectural Engineering Pi Kappo Alpho Purdue University 74 )erome Roymond Batino Chici Engineering Electrical Engineering A I.E.E.; A.S.M.E. i Miriam Louise Bauer Urbo Liberol Arts and Sciences English Koppa Alpha Thelo Shi-Ai; The Doily lllini (t); lllmi Union Cc mittee (1, 2, 3); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, ; National Student Association (3, 4) ; it Course, Board of Managers (2) Honors Day (2, 3) Joseph Eugene Boughmon Downers Gr Division of Special Services Marketing Marketing Club Melva Florence Baughman Edintg Agriculture Home Economics McKinley Hall Home Economics Club; German Club; W. ». (1, 2); Sophomore Cotillion Committee; hi pendent Informal Committee (3); Plow -y Prom Committee (3); Senior Ball Commit ; Y.W.C.A. Committee (1); Cost, " Yeomen. f the Guard " Frederick George Bauling Beloit, l Engineering Mechanical Engineering Wenatchee A.S.M.E. Honors Doy (2, 3) Robert C. Bourer Agriculture Agronomy Ffoker House Field and Furrow; Agriculture Club Honors Day (3) Donald B. Baxter Rui Agriculture Animol Husbandry Form House Alpho Zeto; Rural Life Club; Hoof and Club Kinn.lh l.on Bo.l.r Si, Jo.eph Agrtcullur Genetol Agriculiute Roymond Wickhom Boxter Burlington. Iowg Commerce Banking ond Finonce Thelo Chi Marketing Clob; Intoffroiornily Council (1 2, 3). mini Union Boofd (4); Campus Chetl (4) Honors Day (2. 3) Harry Edward Beams Springfield Engineering MecKonicol Engineering I A.S.M.E. Guilavui Adolphus College Robert Arthur Beaumont to Salle I Engineering j Electrical Engineering I A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Oklohomo Agriculturol ond Mechonical Col- lege; Rollins College Robert Walter Beck Decatur Engineering Electrical Engineering 206 Club A I.E.E. George Allen Becker Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Flogg House Tati Bota Pi; Sigma Tau; Chr Gomma Iota; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; Pi Tau Sigmo Honors Day (2, 3) Illinois Institute of Technology; University of Wisconsin ■:: ' ilyn Elizabeth Becknell Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Wetcoga House jl Student Religious Council (3}; Y.W.C.A. Com- nitte (31 Blackburn College Dovid Ted Bedell Elmhurst Commerce Industrial Adminittrolion Theto Chi Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Tribe of lllinij Voriitv Trock Squad (2, 3, 4). Letter 12. 3, 4); Vorilty Cross Country Squad (2) Elmhurst College Norman Edword BeDell Mt. Cnrmer Commerce Personnel Management Claik House Walter Leroy Bedonkop, Jr...Eost Chicago, Ind. Engineering Aeronautical Engineering IAS. Vanderbitt University Jeanne Iris Bederman Winneiko Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpho Epsilon Phi Colorado College Paul Frederick Behon Crystal Lake Division of Special Services General Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tribe of lllini; Varsity Track Squad (2), Letter (2) Carl Edmund Behr, Jr Blaomington Journalism Advertising Phi Gamma Delta Alpho Delta Sigma Honors Doy (3) Illinois Wesleyan University William August Behrens Clinton, lov o Commerce Accountancy Newman Hall Alpha Kappa Psi Honors Doy (3) Northwestern University; University of Howoii Edwin Oren Bell Decatur Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day (3) RIchord Russell Boll Wood River Fine ond Applied Arts Architecturol Engineering rv O 75 I I o sj Frank John Ballinfl Engineflring Electrical Engineering Granodo Club A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Stanford Univeriily .Chicago Jean Rule Belt Mechonictburg Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Zeto Tau Alpha Sigma Alpho Iota; House President (2); Uni- versity Chorus (4) James Millikin University John Fronklin Belt . .Mechanicsburg Commerce Marketing and Personnel Monogement Annex Hall Beta Comma Sigma; Chi Gomma lotc; Phi Elo Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; lllini Insurance So- ciety; Accountancy Club; Morketing Club Honors Day (2, 3); University of Illinois Schol- orship Key Leiand Stanford University Abraham Bender Depue Commerce Accountancy Phi Sigma Delta Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; House Presi- dent (2) Ruth Doris Bender St. Louis, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Politicol Science Ivria Alpha Lambda Delta; House President (3) Honors Day ( 1 , 2, 3) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Robert Richard Bengel Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering Triangle A.S.C.E.; Interfroternity Council (3) Honors Doy (3) Worren Ovid Benjamin WhilehoM, N. Y. Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Illuminating Engineering Club Beverly Jane Bennett Glen Ellyn Education Deof Education Chi Omega Shorter Boo ' d; Shi-Aij Student Senate {4) , Zela Phi Eto; Tl.e llllo (1); Htini Union Com miltee (1); Stor Course Board of Monogers (2, 3); Production Slofl, " Pirolei of Penzance " , " King leor " , ond " Three Men on a Horse " 76 ) dk Nancy Carolyn Bennett Morjt | Liberal Arts ond Sciences Political Science Pi Beta Phi mini Union Committee (3) Stephens College Robert Molcolm Bennett Commerce Pre-Lov Alpha Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day {I, 2) ■ Quiv Donald Leroy Benoist Mt. Ver Engineering General Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Leonard Benson Crestwd Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture Club Sara Louise Bensow Au i Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Sigma Kappo Production SfafT, " Mocbeth " e Gerald Emanuel Benston Chit Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine mini Union Committee (2. 3); Cost, " Wol for Lefty " , " Across the Board on Tomoi Morning ' ' , " King Lear ' ' , " Exodus " Alfred Edgar Bent Chomp Commerce Accountancy Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Account) Club; Marketing Club Honors Day ( 1 , 2, 3) ; University of III Scholarship Key Woynesburg College Morsholl LeRoy Bentien Oak Commerce Management Granada Club Marketing Club; Accountancy Club lolo Mori. Bonwill Loul.v,,,. Agriculture Home Economics Petite Moi»of Home Economic. Club; The lllinoi. Agricotturi r (3) Dorothy Ann Bercher Woitmon. liberol Artt ond Sciences Baciefiologv ftusev Hall Alpho lambda Delto Honor Day (1.2) r Ceoffle Harold Berg New York. N. Y. Division of Special Services Advertising Marketing Club; The Doily lllini (4) , Morlin Berg, Jr Tompo, Flo. Engineering Ceromic Engineering I A.C.S. ' i Newberry College; Georgia School of Tech- nology Soy Albert Berg, Jr Chlcogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Qieti and Checkers Club; Mlini Union Com- mittee (2, 3, 4); Men ' s Glee Ctub (3) ' Modge Berkey Belleville liberal Arts ond Sciences Sponish b Delta Delto Delta { Spaniiti Club; Sigma Delta Pi; The lllio (1); IPonhellenic Executive Council (4) ; lllini Union CMimittee (I, 2, 3) Honors Ooy (3) Oovid Marvin Berkson Chicogo liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Zeio Beio Tau Phi Beto Koppo; Phi Eta Sigma; Omega Beta fi; The lllio (I); Interfraternity Council (2); mini Union Committee (3); Hillel Foundation Stwdent Council (2) Honors Day (I, 2. 3); University of Illinois Scbolonhip Key T»ieodore Dovid Berkson Commerce Accountancy Tou Delia Phi Coptoin. University Brigade .Chicago Robert Allen Berman Chicago Journoliim Adverllslno Phi Epsilon Pi Alpha Delta Sigma; Interfroternity Council (3)i lllini Union Committee (3, 4); Hillot Foundation Student Council (1) Byron George Bernard Serena liberol Arts and Sciences Teacher Trolning In Biological and General Sciences Teochers in Training Club; lllini Union Com- mittee (1, 2); Wesley Foundotion Student Coun- cil (3, 4) Bernard Berne Urbana Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Honors Doy (3) University of Delaware; Nev York University; Pennsylvonio State College Warren Edwin Berner Marshall Agriculture Vocationol Agriculture Form House Pershing Rifles; Agriculture Club; Agricultural Education Club; Alpha Tou Alpha; The Illinois Agriculturist (3) Centenary College Theodore Byron Berneit. Engineering Mechonical Engineering A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. . Chicago Thomas Benjomin Bernett Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. Bernord Sidney Bernstein Chicago Division of Special Services Accountancy Tou Delto Phi Vivian Eloine Bernstein Chicago liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Women ' s Annei W.A.A. (I. 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerals O t 77 P H u. O W J Albart B«rniw«Is N«w fl M Chi Gommo loto; Production Siofl, " Tho Toming L W, B I of lh« Shraw " . Th Cherry Orchard " H flMl 40 1 Collag of William artd Mory r ' Y Richord Stephen fteirx Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tou Koppa Epiilon A.S.M.E. Centra t College; Rice Inilitute Julei Henrv Betkin Chicago Fine ond Applied Arti Art Atpho Eptilon Pi J lllustrolort; The Daily IllinI (4); Interfrafernity jW m Council (I, 2) ' Erwin Betierer Peoria - Engineering b k Civil Engineering V h Annex Hall r 1 A.S.C.E.; U. of I. Rifle and Piitol Club; lu- ' 4V% S fheron Foundation Student Council (3) i _ New Mexico School of Mines B k ' Joieph Thomot Beitette Evonslon Division of Special Services Marketing Sigma Nu Marketing Club K B E wNf V I Honors Day (2, 3) Don Allen Bessey Dwight Fine ond Applied Arts Architeclurol Engineering ___- Newman Hall M A.I.A.: A.S.C.E. m Robert Fioncei Etetiaiio Berwyn Arts fl fl Ptychology fc Koppo I B . H 2A George Daley Bevn Newlon liberal Aril ond Science Chemicol Engineering Anne Holl A.I.Ch.E. Honoii Day (2. 3} Indlano State Teocheri ' College 78 Perry Speros Bezonis Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics ; Lin-nois Club Armond Irwin Bezork Chicogt Engineering Mechonicol Engineering A.S.M.E. Yole University; Illinois Institute of Tech nology Barbora Ann Bickel Chicog Journotism Advertising Koppa Koppa Gamma Mortar Boord; Torch; Kappo Tou Alpho; Alph Lambda Delta; Accountancy Club; Morketin Club; Theta Sigma Phi; The lllio [I, 2, X mini Union Boord (3); llilni Union Counc (3, 4); lliini Union Committee (1, 2, 3) Honors Day (1, 2. 3); University of lllino Scholarship Key June Lee Bickerlon Peori Physical Education Physicol Education Alpha Omicron Pi Orchesis; lliini Union Committee (1); Cos " Alcestis ; Production Staff, " The Pirotes Penzance " Honors Day (2, 3) Dorothy Evelyn Bieber St. Louii, M Fine ond Applied Arts Art Education Alpha Chi Omega Terrapin Washington University Richard Louis Biermon Moywo Commerce Marketing University of Indiana Seymour Bernard Biermon ChicC ' Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House Accountancy Club; Morketing Club; The Dc lliini (4) University of Cincinnati; DePaul Univeriil) William Russell Bigelow, Jr Plalnfl Law Commerce ond Low Phi Koppo Sigma i Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Junior ' Associotlon; Germon Club; Marching Bond ?, 3); Mlinl Union Committee (I) m Korriion Biohom Cherry Volley, Ark. Ensineering Civil Engineering J.C.E Arkoniat State College lland Frederick Bill Roonoke Engineefing General Engineering Club Coler iNotre Dome Univer ily; University of North rolino otter Eugene Billermon Decolur Low Low li Eto Sigma; Junior Bor Association more Bilton Chicogo Commerce Marketing I tvrto Wright Junior College; Roosevelt College Vorroine Bilton Chicago Commerce Marketing vrio Wright Junior College; Roosevelt College ' iooert Louis Binder (Engineering Civil Engineering S.S.C.E. ; Robert Edward Birr Lombord Engineering Electrical Engineering VllluMinoling Engineering Club; A.I.E.E.; The HIlio (1); The Daily lllini (1) I lowrence Adorn BIttermann, Jr Wilmington Engineering Agricullurol Engineering : AS.A9.E.; Pershing Rifles (t); Engineering I Council (4); Production Sloff, " Beggar on ' Horseback " Irene Marie Billner Lo Salle Liberot Arts and Sciences Psychology Zeto Tau Alpha W.A.A. (1, 7): Production Staff. " The Late Christopher Bean " , " Yeomen of the Guard " Lo Solle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College Doris Roe Bjellond Millbrook Liberal Arts and Sciences Division of General Studies i-H House Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Sigma Nu; Psi Chi; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerals; Major I Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Thomas Sanders Blackmon, Jr Bloomington Commerce Industrial Administration Union College; Dennison University; Morquelte University Jean Henry Blackwelder Forest Pork Engineering Civil Engineering William Irving Blankenberg Kankakee Division of Speciol Services Marketing Granada Club Chief Photographer, lUIni Publishing Compony, Sponish Club; Mosk ond Bauble; Pierrots; Arepo; Marketing Club; The lllio (1, 2, 3, 4| The Doily lllini (1, 2, 3, 4); Production Stoff. ■ Antony ond Cleopotra ' , " Three Penny Opera " , " Patience " , " Everymon " , " Guest in the House " Robert Poul Blase Moywood Commerce Accountancy Flogg House Accountancy Club Norberl Bruno Bloski... Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Engineering Council (4); M.I.S. Chicago Laura Non Bloier Aledo Journalism Publicotion Management Delta Delto Delta Assistant Business Manager, The Daily lltini; The Doily lllini (3. 4) MocMurroy College 79 r O t JBK |i UL O r J Herbert Scott Blilftr Illiopolit Agriculturs Voeationol Agriculture Agriculture Club; Agriculturol Educatio n Club; Alpha Tau Alpha Benlomin Block Chicago Liberal Arts and Science! Chemitlry Chi Gamma Iota; Phi Eto Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. Honor Day (1, 2) George Shepard Block.. .Chicago Oivition of Special Services Per tonne I Management Borton Houie U. of I Rifle and Piilol Club Richard Arthur Blomberg Rockford Commerce Management Granoda Club Accountancy Club; Morketing Club Columbia University Nile Robert Blood West Salem Engineering Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Honors Day (2, 3] Fordhom University Bernord Bloom Chicago Division of Special Services Business Administration Honors Day (3) Wright Junior College; Oklahoma Agriculturol ond Mining College E Stella Moxine Bloom Urbono Liberal Arts ond Sciences English Roberta Bloom . . . .Urbono Liberal Arts ond Sciences History Alcestls Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) 80 a Horold Israel Blotner HaverhrU, Mas Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. Honors Day (2, 3) Norlheostern University Jomes Thomas Blume, Jr Pek Division of Special Services Adverlising Bobby Aud Booz East St. Loi Journalism Rodio Roberto Jonette Bobsin Chlco Physical Education Physical Education Reefer Club Physical Educotion Moior ' s Club; W.A.A. (1,, 3, 4) William Henry Bobsin, Jr ChicO) Division of Special Services I Accountancy ' I Gormen || Wright Junior College; University of Arkon linell Lewis Bock Oak Pi Division of Speciol Services Speech Psi Upsilon Skull and Crescent; Freshman Varsity Fool Squad; Marching Bond ( 1 ) ; Concert Bond Milton Tucker Bodmon Lubec, M Division of Special Services Entomology University of Maine Dolores Judith Bodz Chli Physical Education Physical Education Busoy Hoi) Sponish Club; Physical Education Mojors ' W.A.A. (I. 2. 3. 4); W.A.A. Numerals; I; Cost, " Romeo and Juliet " , " King Lear ' Cl.a.1.1 Bo.i.o Sain. Oovid Engineering Mochanicol Engineering Oregon Houte Phi Elo Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Pi Tow Sigma; House Preildent (3, 4) Honors Ooy (D I leberl Ffed Bogner Chicogo Liberol Arti and Sciences English L_h. Comma loto; Phi Eta Sigma I Ellen Dungon Bohon Cincinnati, Ohio Education Elementory Education Alpho Omicron Pi Torch; Shi-Ai; Alpho Lombda Delta; Sponish Clwb; French Club; The Daily lllini (I, 2); . lilllli Union Committee (2); Y.W.C.A. Corn- ea itfM (1. 2) - Honors Doy {1, 2, 3); University of Illinois ,: ScHolorship Key I J Edward Lewis Bolden, Jr Lone Wolf, Oklo. Engineering Civil Engineering -jlon.; A.S.C.E.; I.T.E.; Y.M.C.A. Com- ttee (2, 3, 4) Hampton Institute f Eiixoboth Jane Bonnes Fine and Applied Arts Art Alpho Delto Pi .Chicago ' stricio Stutsman Bonvallet Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences English (I OtHo Zelo I TiM lllio (1); Production Staff, " King Lear ' , j ood " Three Mer on o Horse " L Honors Day (2) Corl Williom Boquist Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Cfcloihem Club St. Lawrence University 3 ' ricla June Borden McAllen, Texa liberal Arts ar d Sciences Psychology Sigma Koppo ' ' 8 ' Union Committee (3, 4) CA N? Paul William Born La Soil Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Georgia School of Technology Bruce Edward BotweH Foirbury Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Day (2, 3) Thomas Edward Boswell, Jr Evonston Agriculture General Agriculture Phi Delta Theta Tribe of lllini; Varsity Track Squad (2, 4) Arkansas Agricultural and Mechonicol Col- lege; University of Louisville Robert Louis Bottenberg Champoign Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Edgar Rudolph Bourke, II Chicago Engineering Aeronaut icol Engineering Chi Phi I.A.S.; House President (4) Noire Dame University Jerry Fronk Bouska La Grange Engineering Electrical Engineering Exmoor Halt A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Newark College of Engineering Arthur Casper Bovenkerk, Jr Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Granada Club A.C.S.; Alpho Phi Omego; Varsity Basketball Squad (1): lllini Union Committee (2) Honors Doy (1 } Waller Rolond Bower Urbono Commerce Accountancy Barton Housn Honors Day (I. 2} r O ■n t SO 81 UL O 1i J Froncil Eu ens Boweri lovington Liberal Afii and Sciences Hiilory Honoff Dov (1, 2) Chorlei Henry Bowman Urbono Divliion of Special Services Political Science Princeton University Gordon Louis Boyd Chicago Commerce Marketing ond Monagement Alpho Sigma Phi Phi Elo Sigmo; President, lllini Union; Student Senote (4); Alpho Kappa Psi; Htini Union Boord (4); mini Union Council (3); lllini Union Committee (1, 2, 3) Honors Doy (I ) Roy Theodore Brabec Chicago Commerce Monogement Borton House Hugh Andrew Bradish Evergreen Park Commerce Management Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Louisiono State College Eloite Dorlene Bradley Decotur Liberol Arli and Sciences English Belo House Mask and Bauble; WILL (I); Wesley Foundo- tion Student Council (2); Cast, " Portrait of o Madonna " , " Trojan Women " , " Exodus " Robert Paul Brodley Tulsa, Okla. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scareb; A. I. A. University of Arizona; University of Tulsa Frances Moy Brohona Urbona liberol Arts ond Sciences Philosophy Comma Phi Beta Boi Office Manager, lllini Theater Guild; Motk ond Bauble; Arepoj Mlini Union Committee ( 1 ) , ' Y W.C.A. Cobinet (3); Campus Chest (3). V.W.C A. Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Production Staff, " The Toming of the Shrew " , " Pyg mollon ' , " Ah WHdeiness " , and " Dr. Fouslui " Honoii Day (I, 2) 82 Jomei Bernard Brand Avi ,, Commerce Accountancy Honors Day (1) Robert Ernest Brondes Strear Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House The lllio (1); House President (3); Inleia- terniiy Council (3} Susan Holcott Brondes StrtOr Agriculture Home Economics ■ Alpha Omicron Pi V Home Economics Club; The lllio (I); Y.W.S Committee (t, 2); Student Religious Co ei: (2); McKinley Foundation Student Coeii (2, 31 Robert William Brandt Chi Division of Special Services General Wright Junior College; Northwestern Urer iify William Worrell Bronnon Do Engineering Civil Engineering Alpho Koppo Lambda A.S.C.E.; Freshman Varsity Football Squa Honors Doy (1 ) William Joseph Broun Bell Division of Special Services Morkeling Phi Sigma Kappa Morketing Club Leslie Bravermao New York, Commerce Marketing The " O " House Alpha Phi Omego; Morkeling Club; Proc Staff, " Three Men on o Horse " , and Loar " Honors Day [2, 3) Anion Albert Brazes Agriculture Generol Agriculture Graham Lodge Alpha Zela Honors Day (1, 2) Corotyn Brenm Liberal ArlJ ond Sciences Polilkol Science Cogle Holl Honofs Day (2. 3) Elmhofit Coiieee (oymond Joieph Brejcha Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Archilecturol Engineering Barton House rhi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia Cornell Univeiiity Belly ChOf lene Bremer Metropolis Education Elementory Education Scuthern Illinois University Morlin Jomes Brennon Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Brentwood Monor A S.M.E. Si. lowrence University; Colgate University William Clorence Brennan Genese: liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Theia Xi Phi Eto Sigmo; Omega Beta Pi Honors Day (1, 2) Williom Thomos Brenner Evonston Division of Speciol Services Commerce Chi Phi Morketing Club; mini Union Committee {3, 4); Notionol Student Ajsociotlon {4) Centrol Y.M.C.A. College Joonne Bresee Champaign liberal Arts ond Sciences English r, Beto Phi TtfFOpin; lllini Union Committee (2, 3, 4) Honoti Doy (3) Voiior College Neol Soul Bre.kin Chicogo Law low Ftogg House J o Gofflmo Sigmo; Phi Eta Sigmo; Student aenofe |3); Accountancy Club; Junior Bar As W ' oiion; iriini Insurance Club; Tronsportotion J Ps Clob; Nu Beta Epsilon; House President IJIj Second lieutenant. University Brigade Hooor, Doy (1, 2, 3). University of Illinois Scholorship Key Clioilci tiiioo Biciilcf San!a Anna, Culif. liberal Arts ond Sciences Mothemotici Metvin Manuel Bressler Chicogo liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Annex Hall Wright Junior College Garrett Hobert Brice, Jr Chicogo Commerce Management Koppo Alpha PsI Marketing Club; Voriily 150 Pound Football Squad (1,2) Wilson Junior College Walter King Bridges loomi Division of Special Services Marketing Morketing Club; Y.M.C.A. Committee (4) Illinois Wesleyan University Warren T. Bridgewoler Springfield Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Springfield Junior College Sherwood Howard BrielofT New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry lundgren House Chi Gommo loto; Phi Eto Sigmo; Omega Beto Pi; Varsity Fencing Squod (2) Honors Doy (1, 2) Columbia University David Arthur Brierley Piltifield Liberal Arts ond Sciences Geology Sigma Chi Cvcloihem Club Thomas Gerord Briggs Kewanee Commerce Morketing Tau Koppo Epsilon Voriity Track Squod (1. 2, 3) Honors Doy (2) 83 rs O ■n II. o J William Honry Briohom Wllllomiburg, Vo. Enginft«rlnQ Electrical EnglneerinQ Solo Thtfia Pi Phi Eta Siofno; Tau Beto Pi Unlvariitv of Kantai; North Carolino Stole Unlveriity Arthur lynn Brighton Weldon Agriculture General Agriculture Newman Hall Agriculture Club; Agricultural Economics Club Norman Brim Chicago Engineering Electrical Engfineering Sonyo Korlen Brim Berkeley Agriculture Home Economics Phi Upiilon Omicron; Home Economics Club; The Illinois Agriculturist (2, 3); Plow Boy Prom Committee { 2) Honors Day (I, 3} William James Brinker Elgin Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigmo Phi Epsilon r.R.E. Harold Alvin Brinkmeier Freeport Agriculture General Agriculture Roy Merrill Brltt Olmsted Englneerino Electrical Engineering I. RE.; A.t.E.E. Willlom E. Broberg White Holl llberol Art! and Sctencei Psychology Phi Eta SIgmoj PI Delta Phi; Pil Chi Hono ' t Dov M 7 II dlSnit ( W 84 Thomas Warren Brock Eureko Engineering Agrlcullurol Engineering Theto Chi AS M.E. Leonord Louis Broderick Harvey Journolism Advertising Thornton Junior College Shoflene Brodjky Chicog- Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Keeler House Curtis Allen Brook Hollywood, Col! Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi A.S.M.E Gerald Thomas Brooks Weitvi Division of Special Services Commerciol Teoching Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy William Andrew Brooks, Jr Wilton, Mte Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Tau; Tau Beto Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; I.A; Pi Mu Epsilon; Gamma Alpha Rho Honors Day (3); University of Illinois Schc- ship Key Robert John Brotherton Dm« Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Morching Band (3, 4) Honors Day (I. 2) Leon William Brouillette Kanlite Commerce Commercial Teaching Alpha Oello Phi n«i Charles Brousek Engineering Mechanicol Engineering 5.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigmo nori Dov ( 1 ) .Chicogo rbora Belo Brown Detroit, Mich. liberal Arts ond Sciences Speech Alpho Epjilon Phi e llllo (1, 2); W.A.A. (1); Y.W.C.A. Corn- tree (1, 2. 3); mini Union Committee (1. 2); III (U; Production Staff, " Blithe Spirit " ' University of Miami ' larlene Forman Brown ; Educotion ! Music nivenity Chorys (3) nors Day (1. 2, 3} .Quincy arence loverne Brown, Jr Louisville, Ky. Engineering Mechonicol Engineering t1 Eta Sigmo; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. onort Day (1,2) avid Emerson Brown Toledo, Ohio Commerce Accountancy Beta Theto Pi iQ-Won-Do; Accountancy Club; Tribe of lllini; orsity Tennis Squad {7. 3, 4), Letter (2, 3. ); Vorsily Track Squad {2) Bethany College; Franklin ond Morsholl Col- fge; Princeton University onold O. Brown Sadorus Engineering Civil Engineering su Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon onon Day (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Eholorthip Key " ' Cecil Brown Chicago Commerce Accounloncy Pi Lambda Phi Ho Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigmo; Beta Alpho • ' . Firit lieutenant. University Brigade oeOM Doy (1. 2, 3); University of lllinoii :holarihip Key ' lene Brown Indianopolis, Ind. liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Wigwam ' oho lombdo Delio; Iota Sigma Pi onofi Day (I, 2, 3) I -. k lM Emory Omer Brown .Fllzotrold. Co. Dlvliion of Special Services Indutlrlol Admlnlitration Floyd Eugene Brown Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon Honors Day (2) Springfield Junior College Herbert Francis Brown Midlothian Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Porode Ground Units I.A.S. Thornton Junior College Jerry Mefcalf Brown. Streafor Educotion Elementary Education Delta Gamma lllini Union Committee (1) Joe Benton Brown Donville Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; M arching Bond (2, 3, 4); Concert Band {2, 3, 4} Brown University; Central Missouri Stale Teachers ' Cotlege Lorry Fronk Brown Champaign Division of special Services Chemical Engineering Knox College Morgaret Nicholson Brown Chompaign Journalism Advertising Miles Gardner Brown Evoniton Commerce Personnel Monogemenl Alpha Rho Chi Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; House Presi- dent (3); Interfroternity Council (4) University of Iowa 85 rs O ■n I r O t o Patricio louii© Brown Chicogo Liberal Artt and Scianc«i Engtifh Alpha Chi Omega The lllio (1) Rolph Williom Browri Decolor Commerce Monagement and Marketing Morningilde College Ray Duncan Brown . Rockford Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Low Phi Koppo Tou The Doily lllini (1, 2) Richard Lawrence Brown Chicogo Journalism Advertising Universily of Indiana Richard Roy Brown Peoria Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Bradley Universily Richord Wellman Brown Ouincy Engineering Civil Engineering Tou Belo Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Robert Clayton Brown Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Inlernollonal Affoirs Alpha Dello Phi Interfraternity Ball Commiltee (3); Interfro- lernily Council (2. 3, i); Men ' s Glee Club (I. 2- 3, 4) Ronald Hugh Brown.. . . .Sadorui Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.; Chi Epillon Honors Day (1, 3, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key 86 Woyne Brown - St. An Fine and Applied Arts Londscope Architecture ' Pi Koppo Phi Londscope Architecture Society New York University Carol Moy Browning Chico Liberal Arts ond Sciences Speech Evons Hall mint Union Committee (3, 4); Notionol Stud Association (3, 4); Production StofT, " Squor the Circle " . " " All The King ' s Aen " , " f Wilderness " Wilson Junior College Myron Everett Browning Donv ■ Llberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Wenotchee Phi Etc Sigmo; Alpha Phi Omego; Germon Cl ; Freshman Varsity Bosketboll Squad; Morchj Band (I, 2, 3); First Regimental Bond (1.) Honors Day [ 1 ) 2lta Ann Broyde Ook Fk Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology EKT Club Alpho Lombdo Delta Honors Doy ( 1 ) University of Wisconsin; Roosevelt College Aloysius Michoel Brozowsk! Chi-to Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Welk Holm Philosophy Club; House President (3) Lois Jean Bruder Chomp g Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Gomma The Doily lllini (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. ComrrJ 13. 4); lllini Union Committee (3) Edwin Anthony Brueggemonn Bo 1 Commerce Management Jock Bruin Sopulpa, IfO- Engineerlng Mechonical Engineering Chi Gamma lolo; A.S.M.E. Honors Doy (1. 2) loi» Eileen Brumitt Kankakee Aflriculluro Home Economics Evont Hall Alpha lambda Delta Honofi Oov ( ' . 2) Robtrt Anihonv Brumlove Springfield Commerce Accountancy Alpho Kappa P i Springfield Junior College Owen Otto Brummel Woshbufn Commerce Accountancy Aceounloncy Clob; Student Religious Council (3]; Illinois Disciples Foundotion Student Coun- cil (2, 3) Beverley Ellen Brunetle Chicogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Sociology Dello Delta Delto Lindenwood College Kenneth Robert Brunn Chicogo Engineering Electrical Engineering Theio Xi Phi Eto Sigmo; Pershing Rifles; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; The Mlio (1); Interfroternily Council (1) Honors Ooy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Eldon John Brunner Reddick Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Scobbard and Blode; A.5.M.E.; Second lieu- tenont, University Brigade Leonard Buchstober Chicago Diviiion of Speciol Services Management Vonity Ttnnit Squad (3, 4) Univtriity of Notre Dome »olph Joy Buck Beardstown Division of Special Services Vocotional Agriculture Western Illinois Stole Teochers ' College V " ii i l £ William Mollis Buechnar Scollo, N. Y. Comm«rc« Marketing Koppo Delta Rho Miami LJniveriily Richard Clarence Bugielski Chicogo Division of Special Services Physicol Education Chi Phi Robert Lynn Bukofzer New York, N. Y. Commerce Marketing Robert Clemens Bulger Decatur Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Richord Moinwartng Bull Morris Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Delta Phi Philosophy Club; Junior Varsity Football Squad ( 1 ); I Mini LJnion Committee (3) James Williom Bullock Chompoign Division of Special Services Engineering Albert Orin Bumgardner Chothom Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Star and Scroll; Phi Eto Sigmo; Gargoyle; A . I. A.; Interfroternily Council (3); Student Re- ligious Council (2) Honors Day (I. 2, 3); Untveritly of Illinois Scholorship Key Illinois State Normal Unlvarsityj College of the City of New York Leslie Keith Bunnell Kankakee Journalism Ediloriol The Daily lllini (2, 3) r O t SO 87 Robeii Hofold Butge " Bomoni Agficulluro General Agrlcullure Fre.hman Vanity FootboM Squad; Vorjity Foot- ball Squod (2. 3); Freihman Vanity Wrejiling Squod; Vanity WreilMng Squod (2, 3, A) Honon Doy (2) Gorrel Burgoon, Jr Lowrenceville Commerce Morketing Sigma Pi Horry Edword Burke Chicogo Engineering Aeronouticol Engineering Delio Phi I. AS.; mini Union Committee (4); Production Stoff, •■Yeomen ol the Guord " , " Pygmalion " Robert Julius Burkhordt Journalism Advertising Marketing Club Wright Junior College .Chicago Donald Dean Burley Homer Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Centrol Missouri State Teachers ' College ., Everett Gene Burroughs Journalism Advertising Gromhom Lodge Betty Bursfein .Elgi Education Elementary Educotion Gladys Eileen Burt Chompoi- Liberal Arts ond Sciences Sociology Harold Slilson Burt Wilme Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappo Tau Dolphins; A.S.M.E.; Freshmon Varsity Sw ■ ming Sguod; Varsity Swimming Sguod (2, ■. letter (1, 2|; House President [i]; Camii Chest (4) University of Delaware Joonn Elizabeth Burt Chic o Liberal Arts ond Sciences History Delta Gammo The lllio (1); The Daily IHini (2); mini Urn Committee (1, 2, 3): Compus Chest {i); ■■ir. Course. Boord of Monogers 1 2): Produc fl_ Staff, " Romeo and Juliet " Mary Louise Burnett Wichita. Kons. Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Busey Hall Alpha Lambdo Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; Germon Club; House President (4); Production Stoff, " Squoring the Circle " Honors Day (I. 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Robert Duone Burnhom Urbono Engineering Electricol Engineering Mluminoting Engineering Club; A.I.E.E. Western lllinoii State Teocheri " Collogo Sionley Leo Burnhom Urbono Engineering Etaclflcol Engineering Delta Phi Stor ond Scroll; Chi Gommo loloj A.I.E.E , I.R.E.; llluminoling Engineering Clubj The Mil noil T«hnograph (3|j MUnl Union Commilieo 1 3) J Interlroternlly Council (3); Englnooring Council (4) Honors Day (3) TenGS Agricultural and Mechanical College Euloh Mae Burton " " Fine and Applied Arts Music Educotion Alpha Kappa Alpha University Chorus (4); A Coppello Choir Production Stoff, " All the King ' s Men " Rollin Arthur Busse Des ? Agriculture General Agriculture Moore Hall A Coppetia Choir (3); Choristers [A) Volporoiso University; University of H Dome Corl Thomas Butlor Engineering Mechanical Engineering College Holl S.A.E. 88 Cimord Rolen Buller lowi.lown Agriculture Agricultural Economics Alpha Zeto Honoti Dov (2) llllnoil Weileyan Univeriily Donald Vere Butt. Joliel Oiviiion of Speciol Services Soles Monogement MotUling Club.- IHini Insoronce Society Jolle ' Junior College Miles Eldon Byers Springfield Engineering Mechanical Engineering TiMta Xi Picmtfi Mosk ond Bouble, Captain, University Brigode: Cost, • " Romeo ond Juliet " ; Production Stan. " Skin of Our Teeth " , " All Ihe King ' s Men " , " The Taming of the Shrew " , and " The Cherry Orchard " Borboio Ann Byrnes Warren, Ohio Fine and Applied Arts Art Pi Beto Phi Hirom College I Willlom Cohn Bronxville, N, Y Low Low Newmon Hall ' N Beta Epsilon Svrocuse University Pot Joseph Colobrese Chicago Engineering Mechanicol Engineering Phi Koppo A.S.J«.E.: S.A.E. He4iori Dov (3) Harold Robert Callahan Waukegan Commerce Management Pi Koppo Alpha Alpho Koppo Psi; Accountancy Club; Marketing a»b Honors Dov (2, 3) Joaeph Anthony Colvelti Nevrburgh, N. Y. Division of Special Services Accountoncy MoWonDo: Tribo of IHini; Varsity Gymnastic Souod (3) ,™ -• m. Json Comtron Chlcogo Haighli Journolltm Ediloriol Phi Mu ThQ Daily llllnl (3); UnivsriUy Chorui (31; WILL (3, 4) Thornton Township Junior Collego Jomet Woir Martin Campbell Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociol Science Annex Holl Alpho Phi Omega John Josper Compbell Lowrenceville Engineering Mechanical Engineering Triongle A.S.M.E.; A.F.A.; Interfraternliy Council (2) Honors Doy ( 1 ) New York University Newton Allen Campbell Kansas City, Mo. Engineering Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Kansas City Junior College Richord Alden Campbell Mt. Sterling Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigmo; Eto Kappa Nu Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Robert Enos Campbell Conton Journalism Rodio Alpha Chi Rho The Daily IHini (2, 3); IHini Union Committee (3) John Deering Connon, Jr Oak Pork Commerce Industrial Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Doily I Mini {I ); Interfraternlty Council (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. CommiitM (1) Irwin Contor . Peoria low Low Nu fteto Epsilon Brodley University 89 r O ■n u. O j Arthur Cl ' v«r Capp, Jr Zion Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Clifton Clay Copp ...Zion Phyticol Educotion Physical Education Gor-men House President (4) Richard Lawrence Cardozo Chicago Commerce Morketing Pi Lombdo Phi Marketing Club; The Daily lllini (1); Interfro- lerniiy Council [1); lllini Union Committee (3) Wilson Junior College Amos Clark Carey Champaign Division of Special Services Economics Theta Chi Student Religious Council (4) Lafayette College; Canterbury College Mortho Elizabeth Carlisle Corlhoge Physical Educotion Physical Educotion Wescogo W.A.A. (3, 4): House President (3) Honors Day (1, 2. 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Carthage College Morshall Elmer Carlson Rockford Commerce Accountancy Morketing Club; Philosophy Club Northern Illinois State Teachers ' College Robert Boker Corlson Kansas City, Mo. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Beto Pi; Pi Tou Sigmo; A.S.M.E.; A.I.Ch.E.; Engineering Council (4) Kansas Qty Junior College Charles Glenn Corlyle Roielle, N. J liberal Arts and Sciences Molhematics Theto XI Honors Doy (3) 90 ' •v-r 1 Joon Shirley Carmell Chicogc Liberol Ar ts and Sciences Economics Evans Hall Cost, " Lody of larkspur lotion " , " On |h« High Rood " , " In Grim EornesI " Dorothy Morie Cormichoel Evonsto liberol Arts ond Sciences Spanish Pi Beto Phi Shorter Board; Torch; Assistant Business Mor oger. The Doily lllini; The Doily lllini (I, 2, 2 4); lllini Union Committee (I, 2] Mary Ellen Cormichoel Decot liberal Arts ond Sciences English Delta Delta Delta The lllio (1, 2); The Doily lllini (1. 2); Pr duction Staff, " Three Men on a Horse " , " Pirat of Penzance " Jeonne Carmody Springfii Commerce Commercial Teaching Evans Hall Betty Marion Cornahon Mt, Ver i liberal Arts ond Sciences Bacteriology Alpha Delta Pi Shi-Ai; Cast, " Twelfth Night " ; Production St ' , " Three Men on a Horse Honors Day (1,3) Allan Roy Carpenter, Jr Whe »■ low law L Alpha Kappa lambda P Phi Delta Phi; Zeto Sigma Alpha; Persif Rifles; House President (3); lieutenont Colol University Brigode; Military Council, Regimt ol Executive Officer Honors Day (2) University of Chicogo Sue Carol Corr Ur Fine and Applied Arts Music Kappa Delta Shi-Ai; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Sigma Alpha I U lllini Union Council (3); lllini Union Comrl (1, 2); University Chorus (1, 2, 3, 4j k Coppella Choir (3); Women ' s Glee Club i| Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of M i Scholorship Key Philip MocDonold Carroll K« Commerce Management Theto Chi Tomahawk; Freshman Council; Vice-Prei iti Freshman Class; Sigma Iota Epsilon; nl Union Council (3); lllini Union Commltte t) Honors Day (3) Ob«r1 Lee Carter Springfield Engineering Electricol Engineering lonort Doy ( 1 ) «if,ed Kendoll Corler Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences English The Delia Club The Daily Hlin! (2) University of Omaha; City College of New York Doniel Thomas Corter Litchfield Engineering Electrical Engineering Gym Annex Robert Oelove Corlier. Manteno Division of Special Services Economics Morketlrig Club; Second Lieutenont, University Brigade MtUin Eugene Cory Springfield Commerce Accountancy lundgren House Actounlor cy Club Rustet Woyne Case Virginia Engineering Electricol Engineering A.I.E.E. fatricio Marilyn Cotey Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture wiey Hall A.I.A.; The lllio il. 2); Campus Chest (2); T Doily mini {]) " •lOo Erma Coiey Urbana liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology SooBlih Club; Will (31 i-i - ■a Ktchord Fowler Cospei . Chicago Division of Special Servlcei Hiilory Phi Sigma Koppa Scobbord and Blade; Coptain, Unlverilty Brl gode; Militory Council, Scabbard and Blad ' t Representative Wilton Junior College Aldo Dino Caucig Gory, Ind. Commerce Marketing and Monagement Annex Noll Morkeling Club; Newmon Club Student Coun- cil (3, 4) Helen Lucile Caveney Watseka Commerce Commercial Teaching McKlntey Hall Phi Chi Theta; Spanish Club; Morkeling Club; Accountancy Club MocMurroy College Virginia Lee Covins Nework, Ohio Education Elementary Education Wescoga Torch; Y.W.C.A. Committee (2, 3, 4); Y.W. C.A. Cabinet (3, 4); Campus Chest {4) Honors Doy (I ) Robert Lee Covilt Elkville Division of Special Services Mathematics Frank Anton Cechner Cicero Engineering Mechanical Engineering A S.M.E. Morion Junior College William Fronk Cervenka Berwyn Education Mathematics Morton Junior College Som Morris Chaikin Chlcogo Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Heril Junior College rs O ■n 3 91 I u. o J Roy Archie ChoHocombe Agriculture G eneral Agriculture Club Topper Perihing Rifles Potricio Julio Champion Pekin Educolion Deaf Educotlon Chi Omega Shorter Boord; Torch; Shl-Ai; PretidenI, Y.W. C.A.: Moik ond Bauble; Zeta Phi Eto; Mu Iota Sigmo; The Daily lllini (1); Y.W.C.A. Cobinet (2, 3. 4); Student Religioui Council (3); Cast, " Alcejtij " , and " I " ; Production Slofl, " Throe Penny Opero " , ' ■Joan of Lorraine " , ond " Squoring the Circle " Honors Day (3) James Frederick Chondler, Jr.. . .Omoho, Nebr Engineering Civil Engineering III Manor Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Tou; Phi Elo Sigma University of Texas Alice Dee Chopman Champaign Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpho Xi Delta The lllio (1, 2); House President (4) Charles Roy Chapmon Herri n Physical Education Physical Educotion Indiana University Harold Stephen Chopman Omaha, Nebr. Commerce Monagement Zeto Beto Tou The lllio (1, 2); The Daily lllini (4); Tempo (3); Campus Chest (3) Jomes Ash ton Chapmon Elgin Journalism Publication Monagement Flogg House The Illinois Technogroph (1); The Dolly lllini (4); Morching Bond (I) University of Virginio Philip Adams Chapman Elgin Division of Speclol Services Airline Monagement 92 Jack Guy Charlcswotth Glen Elly Commerce Marketing Stadium Terrace Marketing Club; Accountancy Club Honors Day (1) Elliot Choum Shermon Ooks, Coll Commerce Economics Sigma Alpha Mu Pershing Rifles; Phalanx; Zeto Sigma Alph Marketing Club; Interfroternity Council (3, 4 Boord of Fraternity Affoirs (3, 4); Coptoln, Ui versity Brigade George WHIiams Cheely Moywo Engineering Mechanical Engineering Acocio The lllio (1); Varsity Baseball Squad (1) Bcrea College Freeman Andrew Cheney Elmhit Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.S.C.E. : Helen Valentine Chernikoff Chic o Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Fehner House Honors Doy (3) , ■ Rita Helen Chernof Chig » Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Beau Chateau Teacher in Trolning Club; German Club; H ' l President {3); Hlllel Foundotion Student C ' H ;il (II I Charles Noah Cherry Cham Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Meyer Cherlof! Rochester, Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicot Engineering AI.Ch.E. Honors Day (2) Rochester Institute of Technology •arl Wollar Cheinuii Cleveland, Ohlt Engineering Aeronoulical Engineering Pi Koppo Alpha .A.S.; S.A.E. John Corroi University [Alvln LoncQster Chester Chicago Division of Special Services Cenerol Sigma Alpho Mu ' Mask and Bauble,- Pierrots; WILL (I, 2. 3, 4); ' Hilttl Foundation Student Council (2); Cast, ' " Pygmalion " , " King lear " , and " Three Men on o Hone " ; Production Staff, " Romeo and Juliet " , and " Guest in the House " Albert Andrew Chilenskas Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering Boron House A.I.Ch.E. Honors Doy (I) Robert Leon Lawrence Chilenskas Chicago Liberoi Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpho Chi Sigma Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Phi Eto Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; Choirmon, St. Pot ' s Ball; Engineering Council (31 Honors Day (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Michigan Stale College; University of Mich igon Robert Austin Chittenden Groyslake Commerce Management Theta Detto Chi Morkeiing Club; Men ' s Glee Club (2, 4); Cost, ' Potience " Honors Day (3) John Herman Christ Cobery Agriculture Farm Management Alpho Zeto; Phi Eta Sigma; Agriculture Club; McKInley Foundation Student Council {2, 3) Honors Day (I, 2) Mflrlorie Joyce Christensen Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Event Hall Robert Henry Chri.iensen Mt. Pulaski Liberal Arts and Sciences German Unlvtriify of Kansas John VulJcmoj Chitstionion Oqr park Fine and Applied Arli Architectural Engineering Beta Theta Pi Gorgoyle; A. I. A., A.S.C.E. Honors Day (2, 3); University of llllnoit Schol- arship Key Keith Efwin Chulock Moywood Commerce Accountancy Alpha Epsilon Pi Phi Etc Sigma; House President (3, 4) Honor Day {1 , 2) Elaine Ann Chum Berwyn Agriculture Home Economics Leinad Manor Home Economics Club; Plowboy Prom Com- mittee (1 , 2) ; Seabury Foundation Council (3, 4) Jeanne Helen Church Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Chi Omega The lllio (1); mini Union Committee {!); Y.W.C.A. Committee (I, 2) Riley Vincent Churchill Petersburg Agriculture General Agriculture Benny Fronk Churillo Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day (2, 3) Vernon Andrew Clske Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Newmon Holl Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Honors Day (1, 3»; University of Illinois Schol- arship Key Pot Anthony Civiletio Homden, Conn. Physical Education Phyticol Educotion Phi Epsilon Kappo; Junior Vorsliy Football Squod (2. 3) Honors Day (3) 93 r O ■n 3 UL O j Jomet Robert Clancy Freepor I Commsrce Accountoncy ond MonogemenI Morkstinfl Club; Accounloncy Club Honors Doy (3) Wilfred Wayne Clannin Decolur Commerce Accountancy Accountoncy Club; Morketing Club; Commerce Council (4) Honors Day |1 ) Northwestern University; University of Denver Robert Vernon Clapp, Jr Mentor. Ohio Commerce Perjonoel Management and Industrial Relations Delto Tou Delto Skull and Crescent; The IHio {2, 3) Woshington Stote University Elmer Boyd Clark Freeport, N. Y. Commerce Accountoncy Norvrfich University Horry Mead Clark, Jr Chicogo Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Janice Angetl Clark Corbondole Fine and Applied Arts Music Gommo Phi Beta Mosk ond Bouble; Arepo; Sigma Alpha loto; lllini Union Committee (3); Y.W.C.A. Cobinet (3, 4); University Chorus (1, 2, 3, 4); Produc- tion Sloff, " Blithe Spirit ' , " Antony and Cleo- patra " , " Three Men on a Horte " James Vincent Cleory Mt. Cormet Commerce Accounloncy Colonial Arms Accountoncy Club; MarketInQ Club Chorles Frank Clemins Bluford Commerce Accountancy Alpha tCoppo Psi; Marketing Club; Accountoncy Club 94 Edword Front Clendenin Golesbu Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Bradley University Chorlei Allon Clinard Champoi Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.; I.T.E.; Morching Bond (1, 2, 3, University of Notre Dome Rolph Arthur Clinton Bellev , Commerce Accountancy and Monogement Accounloncy Club; Morketing Club Belleville Junior College Royal Harrison Cloyd Urbo Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Sigma Phi German Club: Will (11; Star Course, Boorcjf Monagers (2) University of Marylond; Biarritz Ameri| University 1| Mary Carolyn Coapstick Frankfort. Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Phi Torch; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Mask and Bo Arepo; Home Economics Club; W.A.A. (1.! Plowboy Prom Committee 131; Ponhellenic «ll Committee 131; House President |41; lllini l» Committee 111; Production Stoff. ' Souarini he Circle ■. ' King leor " . " Three Penny Opi _. ■Beggar on Horsebock " , ' Pirates of Peniot Honors Day (1, 21 John Robert Cooth " ' ver I Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Sigma Koppo A.S.C.E. Boston College John Eldon Cobb Agriculture Animal Science 10 Jucqucline C. Coccio C»9» liberal Arts and Sciences I History ■ Delta Zoto lllini Union Committee (21; Production l|oH. Three Musketeers " rv fhlltp Joseph Cochrone Chompoign Division of Speciol Services Accountancy Indlono University ' Poul Cocoie Chicogo Division of Speciol Services Architecture Pi lombdo Phi A. (.A. J A.S.C.E.; House President (2, 4], Inter (fctemity Council (1 J Richard Alfred Coderre St. Anne Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering Alpho Chi Sigma Phi Koppa Phi; Tou Beta PI; Sigma Tou; Pi Mu Epiilon; Phi lombdo Upsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; Er»gl- neering Council (4) Honors Doy (1, 2, 3, 4); University of Illinois Scholorship Key; Bronze Tobtei Williom Joseph Coen Moywood Division of Special Services Commerce ond Monogemcnt Morketing Club Dovid Joy Cohon Rochester, N. Y. Liberal Arts ond Sciences Spanish Noble House Soonish Club; Sigma Delta Pi; Notional Student Association (3) University of Rochester; University of Wiscon- Howord Cohen New York, N. Y. Commerce Accountancy Proetorions Ntw York University ' hyllli Selmo Cohen Chicogo Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology ■ndeco Phi Beto Koppo; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Psi Chi; Jwnior Prom Committee; House President (2|; Womon ' s Glee Club (1) Monofi Doy (1. 7. 3). University of Illinois Scholorship K«v Er in Cohn Chicogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Politicol Science Noble Hall Oermoo Club; Philosophy Club; Junior Bor As- lociotion leonord Byron Cohn Springfield liberol Aria and Sciences Pollllcol Science Lundgren House Chi Gomma loto; French Ctub; Nu Beto Epillon Louis J. Cohn Urbana Engineering Electrical Engineering .I.E.E.; llluminoting Engineering Club Central Y.M.C.A. College Clayton Commelt Cole Buchonon, N. Y. Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Koppo Sigma A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. New York University John Kenneth Cole Wheolon Journolism Radio The Doily lllini (4); Marching Band (3, 4); WILL (4) University of Kansas Shirley Lucille Cole Chicago Commerce Marketing Welsh House Phi Chi Theto; Marketing Club Wondo June Colemon Chicogo Liberol Arts ond Sciences Sociology Delto Sigmo Theto House President (4) Marguerite lee Colley Most Point, Miii. Fine ond Applied Arts Music Phi Mu Sigmo Alpha loto; Arepo; University Chorus (2); A Coppella Choir (1); Women ' s Gle« Club {!); Cost. ' Potience " Belhoven College; louisiono Stote Univenlly Horoce Eugene Collier Poris Division of Speciol Services Geology o O ■n 3 95 Urn o J Mory Janis CoHilowar EosI Si. Louit Llborol Aril and Sciences Engtiih Sigma Kappo The lllio (2); The Doily Mlini (I) Franklin George Collini Ferguion, Mo. Fine and Applied Arts londicope Architecture Pi Kappa Phi landscape Architecture Society; Men ' s Glee Club (2); Illinois Disciples Foundotion Student Council ( 2) ; Cost, ' ' Taming of the Shrew " John Frederick Collins Elgin Libero l Arts and Sciences Chemistry Purdue University; Vonderbilt University Julian Judton Collins, Jr Rockford Commerce Marketing Sigmo Chi Honors Day (2, 3) Nev berry College Roland Dean Collins Champaign Engineering Civil Engineering Belo Thelo Pi Chi Eptilon; A.S.C.E. Honors Doy (1, 3) John Edward Comerford Jollel Division of Speciol Services Business Adminislrofion Sigma Phi Epsilon Kenneth Jamei Condit Lacon Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Gommo Rho Alpha Tau Alpho Borboro Jeon Condo Springfield Journalism Radio CogU Holl House Preiident (4) Springfield Junior College 96 tfhi M Charles Evens Conner Rockfoi Commerce Accountancy Alpho Koppa Psi; Accountancy Club; Men ' s Gl( Club (1, 2. 3, 4) Jean Gretchen Connorton Mundele Educotion English Thelo Upsilon The Doily (Mini (1 ); Hlini Union Commitu (1); Cost, " Everyman " , " Romeo and Juliet ' and " Anna Sophie Hedvig " ; Production StoF " Squaring the Circle " and " Beggon on Hom back " Kenneth Edwin Con soul .Cloy ton, N. Fine ond Applied Arts Art ! Marketing Club Yale University Nancy Janet Cook Pork Ridg Journalism Advertising Busey Holl The Daily IllinI (2); Mlini Union Commitle (2, 3); Production Staff, " Three Penny Opero William Dovid Cook Chicoc Physicol Education Physical Educotion Tribe of Hlini; Vorslty Track Squod |3, 4] letter (3, 4) Wilson Junior College Roberta Ann Cooke Terre Haute, Im Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Kappo Kappa Gommo A.I.A.; Alpha Alpha Gamma; Spanish Clul The lllio (1) University of Colorado Grace Cooley to Gronc liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Theto Upsilon The Doily Itlini (3); Hlini Union Commitle (3); Women ' s Glee Club (3); Notlonol Studer Association (3) Lyons Township Junior College Henry Erving Cooley Savonr Engineering Electrical Engineering Triongle Phi Eto Sigma Honors Doy (2, 3) Ripon College hofle Gilbefl Coopei Ch...oHL. Joufnolijm Advertiiing Tou Delta Phi ;oppQ Tou Alpha; Phi Etc Sigma, Alpha DeHo .igma; Ouariormoslor Clubj Coptoin, University triQodo; Miliiory Council, Quoflermostftr Corps lopreientotivo (onori Day (1. 2, 3) loword Cordon Cooper Orlond Park Engineering Engineering Physics Illinois Inslilule of Technology Eileen Cooperman Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Spanish Reenoh Mouse jiudeni Senole (2); Spanish Club; French Club; .V.A.A. (1, 2) onold Eugene Coppte Wolnut Hill Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Southern Illinois University tomes Chorles Corbetl, Jr Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Ctork House 4 S.C.E. DePouw University; Illinois State Normal Uni .ersily, Notre Dome University lofol Hayes Corbly Champaign liberot Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpho Phi Alpha Lombda Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Psi Chi; The lllio (I ) ; Production Staff, " R omeo and Juliet " , " Three Men on a Horse " , ond The Skin of Our Teeth " ■lonors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key James Chrii Cordogon Aurora Liberal Arts ond Sciences Zoology University of Idoho Louis Chris Cordogon Auroro Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Noble House Univeriiiy of Minnesota L Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Wright Junior College; Unlverilly of Mlnrto- sola Donald Cornbleet St. Louis, Mo. Division of Speciol Services Commerce Zelo Beta Tou Sophomore Cotillion Committee; House Presi- dent (4); Interfroternily Council (2); llllnl Union Committee (I, 2, 3, 4} Washington University Hubert Raoul Cornell Springfield Engineering Mechanical Engineering Honors Day (3) Antioch College; Purdue University Janice Jeonne Corrlgon Rocklord Liberol Arts ond Sciences Speech Vanlig mini Forensic Society Rolph Ira Cottinghom Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Chorles Lynn Coultos Virden Agriculture General Agriculture Boptist Foundation Student Council (2, 3, 4) Honors Day (3) Donald McClellon Coulter LowrencevilJe Engirteering Electricol Engineering Phi Delto Theto A.I.E.E.; IRE. Mississippi College; Tulane University Donald lyte Coullrip Somonauk Engineering Electricol Engineering r O ■n iMk 97 O J Ruth Ellen Courlright Shelbyville Commerce Accountancy Vanlig Phi Chi Theto; Accountancy Club Honors Day ( 1 ) William John Cowan Elburn Engineering Mechonical Engineering Brentwood Manor A.S.M.E. Robert Perry Cowiert Murphysboro Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Koppo Sigma Skull and Crescent; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Day (1 ) Charles Howard Cox Louisville Journalism Publicotion Monagement Marching Bond (1, 2) Gerald Burton Cox Dovenport, lowo Fine and Applied Arts Archite cture Phi Gommo Delto Tau Beta Pi; Gargoyle; Chi Epsilon; Scarab State University of lowo Loisell Dean Cox Peorto Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. Bradley University Richofd Otit Cox Urbona DIvIiion of Special Servicoi Generol Oregon House Honors Day (3) William Orville Cox, Jr Vandolio Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Honors Doy (], 3, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key 98 XL „. -? ? Forrest Richard Coxen Indianapolis, Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A, I. A.; A.S.C.E. St. Lawrence University; Colgate Unlve University of North Corolino Robert Coxworth Division of Special Services Geology Cyclothem Club John Thomos Coy Ch Journalism Radio Sigma Delta Chi Robert Henry Coyle Engineering Generot Engineering Newman Hall A.S.M.E. Bradley University lewis John Craft, Jr Ct Engineering Electrical Engineering ond Mechanical Engineering A.I.E.E.; A.S.M.E. Western State Teochers College Helen Morgan Crain Louisville Liberal Arts and Sciences French Koppo Kappa Gamma The lllio (I, 2); mini Union Committee (1 Elliott Maurice Craine C Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Pi Kappa Alpha House President (4) Honors Day (2, 3) Charles Donnelly Cram Journalism Advertising PsI Uptilon Alpha Detio Sigmo Howard Rois Cromer Chicago Liberal Artt ond Sciencei Geology Club Eiguire Cvclothem Club; Trantportorion Corps Club; Marching Bond (1 J; Concert Band {1 ); Fir»! lieutenant. University Brigode Honon Ooy (3) University of Tennessee Mary Jane Cromer Chicago liberal Arts ond Sciences Sociology Thelo Upsilan Horn Economics Club; French Club; (Mini Union Commiliee (2, 3) Gerald Tyson Cravey Sycamore, Go, Engineering Mechanical Engineering Chi Gommo Iota; PI Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E.; A. FA. Honors Day (1) Frank Crawford Pofoka Agriculture Vocotionol Agriculture James Wolloce Crowford Galesburg Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering Tou Kappa Epsilon Phi Koppo Phi; Phi Beta Koppo; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day (1.2) Knoi College; University of Colorado Lee Roy Crawford Canton Commerce Management Pennsylvania State College MorshoM Newton Crowford McAllen Engineering Civil Engine«ring A S.C.E. Jean Morilyn Creighton Venture, Cotif. Education Elementary Educotion Presbyterian Holl Costume Manager, lllini Theotre Guild; Mosk ond Bauble; Arepo,- U. of I. Rifle ond Piitor Club; Production Stoff, ' Beggor on Hofsebock " , ' Antony and Cleopatro " , " Potience " , " Pyg- r«ation " , " Ah, Wilderness " Thomoi Roymond Crews Bonks, MIts. LIberol Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Alpha Tau Omego Skull and Crescent; Phi Eta Sigmo; Student Senate (3, 4). President (4); House Pretidoni (3. 4)i Interfroternlly Council (1, 2, 3. 4] Honors Day (I, 2, 3)j University of I inj . Scholarship Key Robert Kenneth Crolt Skippock, Po. Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemical Engineering Lo Coterie A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day (1, 2) John Mockling Cross Chompoign Commerce Management Alpha Sigma Phi Pershing Rifles; Scabbord and Blode; Account- ancy Club; Captain, University Brigade Feme Schomburg Crouse Urbona Education English Illinois Stote Normal University; Indiono Stale Teachers ' College; University of Indiana Jesse William Crume Louisville, Ky. Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture A. I. A. Honors Day (3) Purdue University Barbara Jean Cruse Freeport Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Weotherly Hall Emily Jeon Crusius Le Roy Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpho Delio Pi lllini Union Committee (4) Monticello College Duone Oscar CuMIgon Kankakee Ertgineering Mechonlcal Engineering A S ME. 99 r O 3 so Joieph Culotto Fine ond Appllad Aria Art O V Potricia Ann Culp lothom Liberal Arts ond Sciencei Teocher Training in Sponiih Alpha Xi Delto Sponiih Club; French Club; Sigmo Delto Pi; mini Union Committee (3, i); Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee (3, 4) Honors Dov (3) MocMurroy College Alfred Abbott Culver Athens Agriculture Animal Science Form House Mosk and Bauble; Pierrots; Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn; The Illinois Agricullurlsl (I, 2) Track Monoger (2); House President (3, 4) Interfrolernity Council (3, 4); Morching Bond (1, 2); WILL (2); Cost, ' Ropos End " , " •All the King ' s Men " , " The Duchess of Malfi " ; Pro- duction Staff, The Women " , " Anno Sophie Hedvig " Robert Welton Cummins Moltoon Division of Special Services Journalism The Doily lllini (3, 4) Dovid Francis Cunning hom Urbano Division of Special Services Advertising Phi Gommo Delta Sochem; Accountancy Club; Alpha Delto Sigmo; The Illio (2): The Doily lllini (1, 2); Junior Prom Committee; Star Course, Board of Mon ogefs (2. 3) James O ' Donnell Cunninghom Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Zoology Psi Upsilon St. Mary ' s College Thoma Pot ick Cunninghom Agricuiluro Floricullur Ui }an.i Phi Gommo Delia AlpKo Ztto. Pi Alpho Xi Honor! Ooy III iommi W«i •y Curfmon Rot Hill ivil on of 5p« iol Sociology S»v C I Williom Toole Curless Quint) Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Honors Day (1 ) 100 Robert Froncis Curran Decotu Agriculture Generol Agriculture Delta Sigma Phi Zeto Sigma Alpha; Inlerfroternily Council (4) Captain, University Brigade James Millikin University Robert Gordon Currie Chicogi Engineering Civil Engineering Wright Junior College Ann Curry Decotu Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Kappa Alpha Theta Vice-President, Senior Closs; W.A.A. (2) Honors Day (2, 3]; University of Illinois Schoi arship Key Connecticut College Dorothy Agnes Curtin Education English Price Club Springfield Junior College Chorles C. Curtis Division of Special Services Accounloncy .Rove Charles Carey Curtis, Jr Chompoifl Engineering Ceramic Engineering Sigma Alpho Epsilon Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blode; Pierrot- Mask and Bauble; A.C.S.; Varsity Fencing Squo (1); WILL (1); Second lieulenont, Universii Brigade; Cost. " The Women " ; Production Slof " Cormen " , " Beautiful People " Elaine Curtis B« ' ' Liberal Arts and Sciences History Chr Omega Lo Grange Junior College; University of N« Hampshire hn Choflej Curt ill Chompoign Engineering Mechonicol Engineering S.M.E. Albion College ihn Roberf Cushmon Decatur Engineering Mechanical Engineering Wenolchee gmo Tau; Tau Belo Pi; Phi Eta Sigmo; Pierrots; aih and Bauble; Notional Collegiate Players; S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigmo; Cast. " Romeo and iliet " , " Skin of our Teeth " , " Antony and leopotra " , " All the King ' s Men " , " Taming f (he Shrew " onori Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Tholorship Key jmei Walter Doonen Homewood Liberal Arts ond Sciences Physics Mu Eptilon onors Day [2) Thornton Junior College; Illinois Institute of echnology • on Raymond Dahlgren Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Kappa Sigma enior Construction Manager, lllini Theoire ruild; Mask and Bauble; Pierrots; Scabbard ond lode; lllini Union Committee (2, 3); First egfenont. University Brigade; Production Staff, Three Penny Opera " , " Anthony and Cleo- atra " , " Dr. Faustus ' " , " Romeo ond Juliet " , nd " Pride and Prejudice " Illiom George Dahlguist Chicago Division of Speciol Services Dairy Technology Lambda Chi Alpha ershlng Rifles; Dairy Technology Club; Market- ig Club; Freshmen Varsity Gymnostlcs Squad; Mini Union Council (3); lllini Union Committee I, 2, 3); Cast, " No thing Ventured " oward Joseph Doily Peoria Agriculture Doiry Technology Brodley University Villiom Charles Dallenbach Champaign Commerce Management Delta Tau Delta Marketing Club; The Daily lllini (3, 4) ohn Frank Damor Brookfield Commerce Management Theto X; ttsiitont Butineii Manager, The Dally lllini; Aarkeiing Club; The Daily lllini (2, 3, 4); nterfrotemily Council (3); lllini Union Com- i»«« (2, 3) Jumei Roy Doniel Amorlllo, Tetai Fine ond Applied Arti Architecturol Engineering A I A.; A.S.C.E. Pomono College; Horvord Unlverilty Potricia Croy Daniel Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Spanish Pi Beta Phi Sponish Club; lllini Union Committee (1, 3) Thomas Rex Daniel Amorillo, Ten Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A. I. A.; A.S.C.E. Pomono College Hope Garrigus Daniell Rontoul Physical Educotion Physical Education W.A.A. (), 2, 4); W.A.A. Numeroli Paul Wendell Doniels . . . .Oklohomo City, Oklo. Commerce Accountancy Kappo Alpho Psi South Carolina State College Stewart Derry Daniels, Jr Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega Mo-Wan-Do; Senior Boseball Manoger; Bote- ball Manager (2, 3); Tribe of lllini Frederic Edgor Donner Agriculturo Generol Agriculture Honors Doy (3) .Springfield Mounce Elwell Dare . . Deepwo ' er, N. J. liberal Arti ond Sciences Cbemlilry 101 r O ■n A O j Potricia Ann Oorlond Maltoon Journoliim Editorial Alpho Dfflta Pi Th« Daily lllini (3, 4) Gulf Park Junior College Frank Louii Dojh Chicogo Oiviiion of Special Servic«t Butinets Monogement Morketing Club Paul Morton Dasher Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Annex Hall Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Eto Kappa Nu; A.I.E.E.: I.R.E.; House President (2) Honors Day (2, 3) Joseph Milton David Sullivan Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpho Signna Phi Pershing Rifles; Phalanx; A.F.A.; Second lieu- tenant. University Brigade Beuloh Moe Davidson Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art Educotion Busey Hall Production Staff, " All the King ' s Men " , " Anno Sophie Hedvig " , " ■Pygmolion " Catherine Jean McCrimmon Davis, Oakland, Calif. Division of Special Services Sociology Phi Mu W.A.A. (2, 3. 4); Moior I; University Orches- tro (2, 3) Honors Day (2) University of Colifornio Chorles Cloyton Davis Denver, Colo. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Kappa Sigma . . I Everett Davli OanvilU Comfn«rc« Accountancy Honors Day ( 1 ) Gloria Ann Davis Peorit Education Elementary Education Delta Gamma Mask ond Bouble; Arepo; The lllio (1); Th. Dally mini (I); Y.W.C.A. Committee (3); Pro duction Staff, " Squaring the Circle " , " Thre. Penny Opera " , " Antony ond Cleopairo " Beggar on Horseback " , " Everymon " Honors Day |2) Bradley University Gordon LaVon Davis Springfiel liberal Arts and Sciences History Chi Gamma lola; Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day (), 2) Henry James Dovis Rock IsIoh ' Division of Special Services Personnel Management Sigma Alpho Mu Morketing Club; Inlerfroternlty Council (3) James Clyde Davis El Poi Engineering Ceramic Engineering Marvin Merrill Davis Deeoti Division of Special Services Management Marketing Club Robert Franklin Davis Vandoll ' Commerce Management Alpha Chi Rho Phi Eto Sigma The Citadel Charles Orville Davison DeKal Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Agriculture Club; Field and Furrow Northern Illinois State Teochers ' Colleg Robert Morrison Davison Fairmou Division of Special S«rv!c t Geology Sponish Club; Cydolhem Club 102 aVon Thtr»so DoVito Braidwood Fine and Applied Arts Art Thato Upsilon r»n Mory Dawion lourel. Md Llb«ral Arts ond Sci«nces Psychology Alpho Hous oha Lambda Oalto tortora Day (1, 2, 3); Univorjily of Illinois .cholorihip Key [ichard Howkinion D«Baugh Colesburg Division of Special Services English Phi Sigmo Kappa d«liM De Bioiio Chicago Journalism Radio Strotford House forch; The Hlio (1. 2, 3); The Daily lllini (3); -tousa President {4) ' hilip Anderson DeCamp Cinclnnolt, Ohio Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi Toy B«to Pi; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi lambda Upsilon; A.I.Ch.E. Honors Doy (3); University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key University of Cincinnati Seilie Lee Decker Fairbury, Nebr, Education Commercial Teaching Alpha Lombdo Delta Honors Day (1 ) Denver University; Nebroika University; North eitarn University Michael Aloyjiui Dediniky Joliei Physical Education Physical Education Annex Hall St. Joseph ' s College Bolph Sheldon Dedrick Oblong Agriculture Ooiry Technology t- Robert Stephen Degenkolb ■■ r ■ Engineering Ceramic Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Keramoij A.C.S.j House Praildenl (4}j Engl- neering Council (4) Honors Doy (3) Edword Reinouer Degginger Chicogo Liberol Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Phi Ela Sigma Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Ben Isodor Deitelboum Chicago Journalism Radio Dixiano Accountancy Club; The Doily lllini (4); WILL (4) Wright Junior College Charles Burton Delbridge White Healh Commerce Marketing Sigma Phi Epsiton Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; lllini Union Committee (3, 4); Star Course, Board of Mon- ageri (2) Richard Dellefield Chicago Commerce Advertising Annex Hall The Daily lllini (3, 4); Varsity Baseball Squod (1, 2, 3, 4) IcRoy Steve Demanes Kewanee Commerce Marketing Rogers Houte Doniel Robert Demeler Whiting, Ind. Engineering Melollurgical Engineering Varsity Foolboll Squad (I, 2) r O ■n Nejot Oenijman . Ittonbul. Turkey Engineering Civil Enginaering Calotaiary Lyceum 103 u. O V Robort Jomei Dennis Philo Engineering Electricol Engineering A.I.E.E. Fronklin Frederick Denton HilUboro Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Delia A.S.C.E. Honort Day (3) Newberry College; Colgate University John Francis DePauw Kewanee Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Tau Kappo Epsilon Junior Prom Committee; House President (4) University of Wisconsin Robert Williom DeRuntz Oak Lown Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Honors Day ( 1 ) Yale University John James Desmond Jacksonville, Flo. Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kcppa Psi; Accountancy; Commerce Coun- cil Lawrence John Desmond Jacksonville, Flo. Commerce Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Koppa Psi; Accountancy Club; Beta Alpha Psi Honors Doy (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorihip Key Donald Jack Do Thorn Waukegan Journotitm Radio Granada Club Marketing Club; The Daily lllini (3); WILL (4) Earl Oeutich Chicago Division of Spociol Sorvfces Marketing Tou Delto Phi Morketing Club loyola Unlvorilly 104 Glen Darrell DeVore ToylorviHi Engineering Electricol Engineering ' Clark House James Dovid Dewhirst Cloy Cit Division of Special Services Geology Sigma Pi Skull and Crescent Wilmo Jane DeYoung Winthrop Hotboi Physical Education Physical Education Busey Hall Shorter Board; Torch; Alpha Sigmo Nu, W.A.A (1, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerals; Mojor I Production Staff, " Akestis " , and ■ ' Pirate ot Penzance " Honors Day (1,2) Stanley David Diamond Chicogc Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Epsilon Phi A.S.M.E.; The Illinois Technogroph (3, 4). Business Manoger ( 4 ) Honors Day (1 ) University of Florido John O. Dick Noid- Engineering Electricol Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; The Illinois Technogroph (1, 2, 3, 4) Donald Dwight Dickenson Pari Agriculture Agronomy Agriculture Club; Field ond Furrow Niogara University Virginia Robin Adams Dickenson Dudle ' Education Elementary Education Delta Zota Toachors in Training Club; A CappeUo Choi (3. 4); Women ' s Glee Club (4) DePauw University Paul Irmal Dickey Robinso Engineering Aeronaulicol Engineering I.A.S. i T VA Doroifi Hughe Dickinson Springfield Commerce Accountoncy Honofi Ooy (1 1 FrancU Hoyden Olckimon loSolle Engineering Mechanical Engineering A S.M.E. LoSolle-Peru-Ogleiby Junior College; Bradley University George Groihorn Dickson Winnetko liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Chi Psi Scobbord ond Blade; Zeto Sigma Alpha; First lieutenant, University Brigade Earl Herman Dieken Danforth Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teacher Training in Sociol Studies Chi Pti Skull and Crescent; Chi Gamma Iota; Phi Etc Sigma Honors Doy (1, 2. 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key Merle Burtron Dierking Jerseyvitle Engineering Mechanical Engineering A. S.M.E. Honors Day (2, 3) Georgetown University Ronold Kenneth Dierolf Peoiio Commerce Economics Zeto Psi Skull and Crescent Arthur Howard Dietmeyer Waukegan Engineering General Engineering Theto Xi Vortity 150 Pound Football Squad (3); House President (4); lllini Union Committee (2, 3} Colgate University; College of the Holy Cross JuonilQ Eutohio Drilord Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Spanish Delta Sigma Theto Signa Oello Pi; Spanish Club; House President (4) Donold David Diller Englnvvrlno Civil Englnterlng A.S.C.E. Jamei Milllhin University Edward Cornelius Dilley Kinderhook Agriculture Agricultural Science Moore Holl Hannibol LoGrange College Dovld Joseph Dillon .... Rockawoy Beach, N. Y. Commerce Personnel Monogement Parade Ground Units Marketing Club Brooklyn College Willord Milo Dillon, Jr Ook Park Agriculture Agricultural Science Witanshire Dairy Production Club; House President (4) Waller Albert Divan Freeport Division of Special Services Industrial Administration A. S.M.E. Austin College Jeonette Mory Porquette Dodge .... .St. Charles Journalism Radio Cook County School of Nursing John Richord Doherty Chicago Physical Educotion Physical Educotion Porode Ground Units James Contwell Dolon ChUogo Journolism Advertising Sigmo Nu Alpha Delto Sigmo; Motketlng Club; lllini Union Committee (2); will (2} 105 r O ■n so u. O j Pauline Aon Dolon Chompoign Journalism Advertising Alpha Xi Delto Morlor Boord; Torch; Shi-Ai; Director of Public Relotions, I Mini Union; Theto Sigma Phi; The Dailv mini (1 , 2); Convocations Committee (3, 4): mini Union Board (4); lllini Union Council (3); lllini Union Committee (3) Honors Day (I, 3) Anton A. Oolejs, Jr Brookfield Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Honors Day {1 . 3. 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key Isaac Newton Dolginow Konsos City, Mo. Division of Special Services Business Administrotion Sigmo Alpha Mu Morkeling Club; Accountancy Club Corroll Chris Doll Pocahontas Agriculture Horticulture Newmon HoM Agriculture Club; Rural Life Club; Horticulture Club; The Illinois Agriculturist (4) Phillip Brock Doll Crete Engineering Mechanical Engineering Granada Club Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Pi Tou Sigma; The Illinois Technogroph (2, 3, 4); The Daily mini (1) Honors Day (I, 2, 3}; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Robert Cornelius Donohue Freepori Commerce Accountancy Alpha Chi Rho James Joseph Donham Terre Haute, Ind. Engineering Aeronouticol Engineeri ng Newmon HoM I.A.S. Eugene Carroll Dorsey Springfield Journolism Rodio Delto Phi Kappa Tou Alpha; Phi Eto Sigma; The Dally lllini (2, 3); lllini Union Council (4); IMInl Union Committee (3); WILL (3) Honors Doy (1, 2) Springf Bld Junior ColloQe 106 » •• John Kenneth Doty Chicogc Agriculture Agronomy Sigmo Nu Intervorsity Christian Fellowship (2) Leroy Anthony Dougotl Chicago Engineering General Engineering College Hall Newark College of Engineering Thornton Douglass Chicagc Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Honors Day (2) i Morgan Pork Junior College Jesse Murry Dowell, Jr Champaign Agriculture Animal Science Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Zeto; Phi Eto Sigma; Chi Gamma loto; The Illinois Agriculturist (4); Co-Cholrmon Plowboy Prom (3); Agriculturot Economics Club; Agriculture Club; Y.M.C.A. Committee (3); Hoof and Horn Club; Rural Life Club Honors Day (2, 3) Corpus Chrlst i Junior College Jomes Howard Downey Mt. Vernon Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Edwin Ignatius Drotwo Chicago Division of Special Services fiocteriology Brown Thresh Wright Junior College Elmo Mae Drenon Rosiclare Journalism Advertising Cogle Hall The Daily lllini [I); lllini Union Committee (2, 3. 4) Raymond Lee Drenon Dtnver, Colo. Liberal Arts end Sciences Psychology , Western Stole College of Colorado Nicholas James Driscoll Bayonne, N.J. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. St. Peter ' s College Donald Hugh Driskell Journalism Rodio I Lawrence Edward Drone Ridgway Liberal Arts and Sciences Philosophy Tomahawk lodge .Honors Day (1, 3) Chorles Edwin Drury Albany Engineering Mechanical Engineering i Tau Beto Pi; Pi Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E.; A.F.A. Honors Doy (3) BtocVburn College t Lawrence Albert DuBois Commerce Monagement I Honors Day (3) University of Oklahoma I Tony Poul Dubosh Commerce Accountancy Clork Manor I Honors Doy ( I ) University of Nevada I Morion Lucille Dubsky Chicago I Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Price Club Production Staff, " Three Men on a Horse " Cenlrol Y.M.C.A. College; Northwestern Uni- versity Rulh Rosemorie Duczmcn Liberal Arts ond Sciences English Sherwood Lodge Morton Junior College .Cicero ti h M Itfik Dolores Marie Dudo Chicago liberal Arts and Scientf « Psychology Butey Hall Orchesll Chester Stanley Oudczak Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Thela Kappa Phi A.S.M.E.; Interfralernity Council (3) Illinois Institute of Technology David Arthur Duff Springfield, Ohio Engineering Mechanicol Engineering Pi Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E. Honors Day {3) Iowa State College Frank Dufour Auburn Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Lookout Manor Production S taff, " Pofience " William Hugh Dugon Chicago Engineering General Engineering Noble House A.S.C.E. Purdue University; Clem son College; Loyola University Donald Cameron DuLoney Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Brown Thresh Chi Comma Iota; Omega Beta Pi Illinois Institute of Technology Sylvester Atma DutgerofT Granite City Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.S.C.E. Honors Doy (1, 2, 3) Jean Edith Duncan Pototine Journoliim Advertiiing Butey Hall Marketing Club; The Doily (Mini (I); lllini Union Committee (I. 2. 3); Notional Student Association (3. 4); Production Stoff. " Three Men on o Horia " , Beggar on HottrtnuV 107 r O ■n Urn o J Robert Froncis Dunhouia Sporlo Division of Special Servicet Englith Thelo Xi Morkeling Club; Junior Bor Atiocialion Southern lllinoii Univoriity Morjorie Louise Dunlop Morse! lies Physical Educotion Phyticol Education Butey Hall Phyiicol Educotion Mojors ' Club; W.A.A. ( 1 , 2, 3. 4); W.A.A. Numerals; Major 1 Honors Doy (2) Floyd Dunn Konios City, Mo. Engineering Electricol Engineering Tou Beta Pi; Eto Koppo Nu; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Honors Day (2, 3) Kansas City Junior College John Charles Dunsmore Chicago Division of Special Services Journalism The Doily lllin! (2) Honors Day ( 1 ) Thomas Lindy Durgans , Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpho Phi Alpha Woodrow Wilson Junior College Leonard Durham Glen Corbon Division of Special Services Zoology Pi Kappa Alpho Mitligan College; Duke University Olga Kolapoca Durham Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art Reefer Club Germon Club; lllustratori Honors Day (2, 3); University of Illinois Schol- arship Key Allen Frederick Dy« Wllltomiville Commerc Accounloncy Colonial Arms Phi Etc Sigmo; Accountancy Club; Markedmi Club Honors Doy (1. 2, 3); University of Itllnoii Scholorship Key 108 William Earl Dye Modison, Vk. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture V A. I. A. Honors Day (I, 2) Jomes Anson Dyer, Jr Downers Gf . Engineering Mechonical Engineering A.S.M.E. North Centrol College Joseph Michael Dymit Ros( Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology German Club George Robert Eadie Eldotc Engineering Mining Engineering Sigma Pi M.I.S. Southern Illinois University; Missouri Sch of Mines and Metallurgy Norman Williston Earle Atlonta, ( Liberol Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Phi Gamma Delta Honors Day ( 1 , 2) James Junior Eostey Glenc Education Physics University of Texas; Indiono State Teoche College Richard Leonard Eostllne Ook P- Journotism Radio Clark House The Daily lllini (3, 4); lllini Union Commit (2, 3, 4); WILL (4) Mory Jeanne Eberhardt West Libc Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Dollo Zeta Shi-Ai; Phi Belo Koppo; Alpho lambda DtH The lllio (1); W.A.A. (1),- House Presld ' (3, 4); lllini Union Committee (1. 2, 3]i S. Courso, Boord of Managers (2) Honors Day (I, 2, 3); University of lllini Scholarship Key John Richotd Eby Journolism Rodio Tou Koppa Epiilon Albcrl Williom Eckerl Woodilock Enginearing Mechonical Engineering A S.M.E.; S.A.E. Honofi Day (3) Aihon John Economides Joliel Diviiion of Speciol Services Commerce and Morketing Morketing Club; Epsilon Ph! Sigma Conitonline John Economides Joliet Engineering Electficol Engineering llluminoting Engineering Club; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Williom McLean Edgerley Granville Division of Special Services Agriculture Delta Tou Delta Pershing Rifles loSolle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College; Purdue University Austin Edmondson, Jr Chompoign Physical Education Physical Education Morilyn Lois Edwards Springfield Fine and Applied Arts Art McKinley HoM Cot!. " Three Men on o Horse " , " King Lear " Julius Peier EfTlondt Moline Division of Speciol Services Journalism Ztio Pii Tlw Ooilr mini (3); Interfralernity Council (2); mini Union Council {4); lllini Union Com. • " ' » ' •• (I, 2. 3) Block Hills Teochers ' College Eugene Ross Eggvrs Chlcogo Engineering Mechanical Engineering Reniieloer Polytechnic Institute Dorothy Jean EhrhordI Chono j Education Speech Cammo Phi Beta Mortar Board; Torch; Shl-AIj Alpho Lombdo Delta; Zela Phi Elo; The lllio fl); Y.W.C.A. Cobinot (2); Stor Course, Boord of Manogers (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. Committee (I, 2); Cost, " The Pirates of Penzonce ' ; Production Staff, " Beggar on Horsebock " Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois S ' -hnlorship Key Robert Oeon Eilers Konkokee Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering A I.Ch.E. Honors Doy (2, 3) Blockburn College; Georgia School of Tech- nology Richard Charles Etnbecker Homewood Commerce Management Alpha SIgmo Phi Skull and CreicenI; President, Junior Closs; Alpho Koppo Pii; House President (4) Honors Day (I, 3) Helen Eisen Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Lovwry lodge The lllio (t); House President (4); lllini Union Committee (1, 2, 3); Production Stoff, " Squor- tng (he Circle " John Curt Elsenmoyer Trenton Agriculture General Agriculture George Willioms College; Duke University; Blackburn College Sonford Horold Eisman Kansas C ty. Mo. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigmp Alpha Mu SA.E.; A.S.M.E. Konsos City Junior College; Woshinglon Unl versily Clarence Ttieodore Ekstrom Chicogo Fine ond Applied Arts Architeclurol Englneoring House President (I ) 109 r O ■n u. O j Donald Arthur Elonder St. Chorlei Commerce Managemenl Morkeling Club Ruth Greenbtott Elbling Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech German Club; lllini Union Commillee (2); Compui Cheit (1, 2); Hillfll Foundation Stu- dent Council ( 1 , 3. 3. 4) ; Production Staff, " Three Men on o Hone " Carroll Dean Eldrenkomp Rock Falls Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Joyce Eltedge Gronile City Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Palamar Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi Honors Day (1, 2) Edward Rue Elliott Galesburg Commerce Marketing Theta X! Marketing Club Kenneth Burton Elliott Streator Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Agricul- tural Economics Club; The IIMo (1); The Illinois Agriculturist (4); Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2. 3, 4) Norman J. Elliott Carmi Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Beto Pi; Sigmo Tou; Chi Gamma lofo; Phi Eta Sigma; I.R.E. Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Ronald Leroy Elliott Gilmon Agriculture Animal Science Form House Alpha Zeto; Phi Ela Sigma; Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Club; Dolry Production Club; Agricultural Educotion Club; The Illinois Agti- culturiit [2, 3) Honors Doy (I, 2, 3); University of lllinoii S.hnU.,K;p Key 110 Willis Burgess Elliott Victoria Commerce Accounfoncy Beta Thela Pi Ma -Won -Da; Phi Ela SJgmo; Senior Troek Manager; Accountancy Club; Track Manager (3); Interfroternity Council {3, 4); Athletic Council (4) ; Commerce Council {4} Honors Doy (I, 2| Dorothy Luise Ellis East St. Louis Education Speech Alpha Detto Pi The Doily lllini (1); House President (4) Marvin Iro Ellis Chicago Division of Special Services Economics ond Marketing Phi Epsilon Pi Morketing Club; Accountancy Club Honors Doy (1 ) University of Wisconsin Patricio Jean Ellis Tuscolo Liberal Arts and Sciences Teocher Training in German Palomar Spanish Club; German Club; Production Staff, ' Three Men on a Horse ' ' Milton Luther Embree Morceline, Mo. Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigmo Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Day (2, 3) Tri-State College Doreen Embs Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Economics Chi Omego The Mlio (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3); Compu Chest (3, 4) Norman Cooper Emerick Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Charles Ronald Endress Peorl Cily ' Education Gonorol Science Hill Hall Chi Gammo loto; Phi Eta Sigmo; Omego Boto i PI Honors Day (] ) IMI Joseph En9b«rfl Chicago Engineering Mechanicol Engineering Noble House S.A.E.; A.S.M.E. Honors Day (3) Koniat Stole College Oolorei Engel Chicogo Journalism Advertising Reenoh House mini Forensic Society; Marketing Clubj WILL 4) University of Chicogo Oerold Leroy Engelhort Jonesboro Engineering Civil Engineering Tou eto Pi; Sigma Tau; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Honors Day (2, 3) Southern Illinois University ■ se Jean Engen Chicago Physical Education Physicol Educotion Delia Zeto Shorter Board; Terrapin (2, 3, 4); W.A.A. {2, 3, A); W.A.A. Numerals; Major I Wright Junior College 1 Robert McLeon Englis Urbano Agriculture Dairy Technology Tou Kappa Epsilon ' Alpha Phi Omego; Agriculture Club; Ooiry Technology Club I louis Anthony Erdelyon . . . . Son Froncisco, Calif. Journalism Advertising i I Alpho Delta Sigmo; Marketing Club; Campus Chest (3) 8« itrice Emily Erhardt Chicago Commerce Personnel Monogement and Marketing Buiey Hall Phi Chi Theto; Marketing Ctub; Accountoncy Club Chorles Eugene Erickson Manteno Agriculture Agricultural Economics Aflflcollure Club; Doiry Production Clob; Agri- cultural Economics Club X M Elizabeth Victoria Ericion Rockford liberal Artt and Sciences Sociology Buiey Holl Student Senole (4); University Orchestra (3) i National Student Association (4) Rockford College Hartley Charles Erlcson Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Medeo Intervorsity Christian Fellowship (4) North Park College John Williamson Ericson Kirkwood, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Moore Hall Sigma Tou; Too Beto Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Phi Lombda Upsilon Honors Doy (2, 3); University of Illinois Schol- arship Key Linda Lee Ermisch Terre Houte, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Art Education Koppo Delta House President (4); lllini Union Committee (3) Stephens College Edward Willis Ernst Ardmore, Okto. Engineering Electrical Engineering Ohm Sweet Ohm Sigma Tou; Tou Beta Pi; Phi Eto Slgmo; Eto Koppo Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Day (2, 3); University of Illinois Schol- arship Key University of Oklahoma Wilfflo Elizabeth Ernst Geneseo Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology University of Dubuque Donold Edward Erskine River Forest Commerce Accountancy Phi Kappa Psi Pershing Riftes; Accountancy Clubi Americon So- ciety for Public Administration; Inlerfrolernily Council (2) Honors Ooy (3) New Mexico Agriculture and Mechanic A i; College Williom Waller Erwin Bourbon, Ind. Agriculture Agricultural Economic! Beta Thelo Pt Ma-Won Do; Sochem; President. Y.M.C.A.; Stu (font Senate (3); Agriculture Club; Scabbard and Blade; Agriculture Council (3); Y.M.C.A. Cab inet (2. 3. 4); Y.M.C A Boord of Direclort (4); Coptoin, University Brigade Honors Day (3) 111 r O ■n I o SJ Em!l Esttengren, Jr Donovan Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Robert Vroman Esmond Chenoa Journalisni Advertising Delta Sigino Phi Alpha Dello Sigma; The lllio (2) Illinois Weileyon University Ronald Earl Es sermon Chi cog o Commerce Accountancy Phi Epsllon Pi Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; House Presi- dent (4); Inlerfroternily Council (2, 3) Roger Dole Eubanks Chadwicl- Commerce Accountancy Corlisle Ellsworth Evons Rock Islanfl Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A. I. A.; A.S.C.E. Auguitono College Chester Eorl Evons Witt Law law Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day [1, 2} Dorii Jean Evons Oak Park Fine and Applied Arts Art Beta House Univeriily Chorus { 1 ) Ira Cordon Evans MiKord Engineering Electrical Engineering Electronics Club; Cermon Club; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E ; The llllnoli Technograph (3, 4) University o Wyoming 112 John Corbly Evans, III Alton Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. ShurtlefF CoUege Norma Evans Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in French Hoite House French Club; House President [3),- Student Re- ligious Council (2); Hillel Foundation Student Council (2, 3) Richard Willioms Evons Evonjton Division of Speciol Services Radio mini Forensic Society; Will (2, 3, 4) Georgia Institute of Technology Rosemary Evons . Chicogo Education Elementary Educotion Stratford House Junior Prom Committee; Independent Informal Committee (3) Wilbur Allen Everingham Hutsonville Commerce Pre-Low Phi Eta Sigmo; Alpha Kappa Psi Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key William John Evers Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day ( 1 ) Michigan Stole College Wesley Edward Everts East St. lowi» Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Fay Corlton Ewbonk Starling Fine and Applied Artt Art Barton House A, I. A.; Tempo (3); Production Sloff, " The Women ' ' Konsos State College orold lea Ewing Brldgepo Commerce Accounfoncy -.met WMIiom Ewiog Jocksonvtile Division of Special Services Economics jfilyn Louise Ewtng Rockford Agriculture Home Economics Koppo Delta ome Economics Club; The Doily lllini [1, 2); i;ni Union Commitree {1, 2, 3, 4) Mbur Roe Ewing Bridgepoti Commerce Accountancy :) vard Sleworl Ex Chicago Commerce Management Zeta Beta Tou Iccountoncy Club; Marketing Club; llllnl Insur- nce Club; The Itlio {!]; Interfroternity Coun- !l 11. 2) ' Miom Roymond Eygabrood Geneva Agriculture Dairy Technology Alpho Koppo Lambda . Technology Club; Y.M.C.A. Cobinet (2, Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4) -■ ' ' veriiiy of Missouri chord George Fogerburg Bloomingfon Liberal Arts ond Sciences Economics Sigmo Chi I ' linoii Wesleyan University ene Fairbonk Commerce Marketing Sisma Chi i terlrorernlty Council (2) " orgon Pork Junior College .Tinley Pork to ll Robert Lynn Fairbank. - . .Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Koppo Sigma Sponith Club; German Club University of Chicago Eliza Anne Fatrflefd La Gronge Fine and Applied Arts Art Delta Delta Delto Beloit College Gerald Peter Faletti La Soil Commerce Accountancy Marilynne Gloria Folk Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Summit The Golesburg lllini (1, 2) University of Miami Frederic Taylor Fariss Downers Grove Engineering Mechanicol Engineering Phi Eta Sigmo; P! Tou Sigmo; A.S.M.E. Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Illinois Institute of Technology Farough Forman-Formaian Teheron. Iran Engineering Mechanical Engineering Cosmopolitan Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2, 3. i) Honors Day (1 ) Laura Jean Farmon-Formaion Noshville Liberol Arts and Sciences Home Economics Wilfiom Dunlop Forr Chicago Commerce Accountancy Clark House Accounloncy Club Honors Day (3) Northwestern Univsrsily 113 r O ■n t UL O J James Fronklin Farrii Auroro Enginoering Electricol Engineering Sigma Chi Phi Etc Sigma; Eto Koppa Nu; A.I.E.E. Honors Day (1, 2, 3|; University of lllirtois Scholarship Key Charles Proper Faulkner, Jr Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Koppo Psi Skull and Crescent; Gargoyle; Phi Eta Sigmo; Scorob; A. I. A.; Cheerleader (2); lllini Union Committee (2) Honors Day |1, 2. 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Ladd William Faulkner Champaign Division of Special Services General Sigmo Nu Pershing Rifles ShurilefT College Woller Gustav Fay Chicago Commerce Morketing College Hall Marketing Ctub; Accountancy Club Herbert Feinberg New York, N. Y. Commerce Management Clark House House President (1 ) Norman William Felbinger Moywood Engineering Mechanical Engineering Lconord Boniomin Feldmon Chicago Commerce Business Manogemeni Tou Delta Phi Varsity Wrestling Squad {2, 3) Norihern Illinois Slate Teachers ' College Norman Fetdman Chicago liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Honors Day { I ) Stanley Feldmon Chicogo Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi Mo-Wan-Oo; Pi Mu Epsilon; A.I.E.E.; Tribe of mini; Varsity Baseboll Squad (1, 2, 3, 4), Letter (3, 4} Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Lois May Feldstein Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Indeco Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Doy ( 1 ) Roger Lee Fellows La Grange Engineering Ceromic Engineering Theta Xi Keramos; A.C.S.; Interfroternify Boll Committee {3}; Interfraternity Council (31 Lyons Township junior College Elizabeth Joonne Felts Canton Liberal Arts and Sciences Biological Science Busey Hall Teachers in Training Club Honors Day (3) Robert Dee Fenity While HoU Engineering Ceramic Engineering Dornoch Club Keramos; House President (2) Southern Illinois University John Horrison Ferris Princeton Liberal Arts ond Sciences Polittcol Science Sigma Chi Marching Band ( 1 ) Terry Bell Fey Pwric Education Deof Education Koppo Alpha Thela Shorter Boord; Torch; Shi-Ai; Mask ont Bauble; House President |4); Ponhellenic Ei- ecutive Council (3); lllini Union CommitiM (1, 2, 3); mini Board of Control (3, A). McKinley Foundation Student Council (2); Cost, " As You Like It " , " Joan of Lorraine " , " Th Doll ' s House " ; Production Staff, ' All Ih King ' s Men " , " King lear " Wayne Joseph Ficklnger Bollevillr Journalism Editoriol Four Columns Americon Society for Public Adminiilfolion 114 ki a orllyn Fiermon Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Piychology Alpha Epsilon Phi lonort Day (U npil George Fifle Des Plaines Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture . I. A. Robert Weiley Filbey ... South Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce Accounioncy Mpha Oello Phi Gamma lolo; Accountancy Club; Marketing :iub; Alpha Phi Omega; Men ' s Glee Club (1) Jonors Day (2, 3) kimes Jay Files Morshall Division of Speciol Services Commerce and Low ;hi Comma Iota; Junior Bar Association lonort Doy (3) j:horles Luther Fillmore Rockford ' Engineering Ceromrc Engineering Taro Hotl . C.S. University of Wisconsin Iohn Joy F!no Cleveland, Ohio Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture I Engineering Lombdo Chi Alpho .•ymnottico; Tribe of IllinI; Freshman Vorsity ' iymnoilic Squad; Varsity Gymnastic Squad (2, . 4), Letter (3, 4); Cheerleader (2, 3) Western Reserve University ' ' ph Edward Finkler La Sollc Commerce Accountancy feting Club; Accountoncy Club; Beta Alpha Lo Salle-P«ru-Oglesby Junior College J3hn William Fippen Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration iL l Daniel FIrilaff Freesoll, Mich. Commerce Industrial Management and Accountancy Accountancy Club; Marketing Club University of MichiQonj Columbia University George Frederick Fischer Chicago Physicol Education Physicol Educotion Phi Kappa Sigma Tribe of lllini; Varsity Baseball Squad (3, 4). Letter (3, 4) Honors Doy (2, 3) Wright Junior College A I Ion Jack Flshbein Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Exmoor Hall Morketlng Club; Spanish Club Illinois Institute of Technology; University of Wisconsin Alex S. Fisher Chicago Division of Speciol Services Accountancy College Holl The Dolly lillnl (1) Walton School of Commerce Gordon Lee Fisher Onargo Physical Education Physical Education Annex Hall Julie Jane Fisher Chicago Journalism Advertising Phi Mu Sponish Club; The Daily llllnl (1); Tempo (3); Production Staff, " Squaring the Circle " . " An- tony ond Cleopatra " , ond " The Duchess of Molfi Niles Jerome Fisher Peorio Engineering Mechonlcol Engineering Lombdo Chi Alpho A.S.M.6. Bradley University Russell Lee Flihmon. . . Chlcogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Tau Epsilon Phi Omega Bo(a Pi; lllini Union Committee |3), Compus Chest (3) Honors Day (1) r O ■n t 115 John Gene Filch Borry Engineering Mechanical Engineering Lookout Monor A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; Sphinx Club; House President (4); Morching Band (1, 2); First Regimental Bond (I, 2); Moior, University Brigade; Mili- tary Council, Ordinance Unit Representative Dorothy Hostettler Fitgrald Peorio Heighii Liberal Arts ond Sciences Speech Correction WILL (1) ih Burton Sonford Flax Virginio, Minn Commerce Industrial Administration Beloit College; Muskingum College; Vlrginic Junior College Burta Ann Flehorty Beardstowi Liberol Arts ond Sciences Spanish Pi Beto Phi Torch; Shr-Ai; Phi Beta Kappo; Alpha Lotnbdi Delta; Co-Monoger, Star Course; The Doily lllin (!}; mini Union Committee (1, 2); Star Course Boord of Managers (2, 3, 4) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of lllinoi Scholarship Key Jack Bernord Fitzgerald Dov»ners Grove Liberol Arts and Sciences Political Science Warren Wolter Fitzgerold Fine and Applied Arts Art Illustrators Honors Day (3) Jomes David FitzPotrick Oak Park Liberal Arts ond Sciences Economics Beta Theto Pi ..4rilN James Scott Fleming Lelon Physical Education Physicol Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Phi Eta Sigmo Senior Track Manager; Phi Epsilon Kappo; Freih man Vorsity Basketball Squad Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of lllinoi Scholarship Key Shirley Grace Fleming SpringRel Liberal Arts and Sciences ' English Alpha Gamma Delto Alpha Lambda Delta; The Dally lllini (2) Sophomore Cotillion Committee Honors Day (I, 2, 3); University of lllinoi Scholorship Key Judith Cele Flesch Chieog JcurnoIIsm Advertising Sigma Delto Tau Shorter Board; Torch; Shi-Ai; Assistant Edito The lllio; Marketing Club; The lllio (I, i 3, 4); Ths Daily HIini (1); Sophomore Cc til lion Committee; Junior Prom Committee; I Mir Union Committee ( 1 , 2, 3) ; Student Religioi Council (1); Hillel Foundation Student Cou ' cil (1) Donald Etwyn Flaherty Elgin Division of Special Services Sales Sigma Phi Epsilon Star ond Scroll Robert Edvirin Flaks. Agriculture Dairy Technology La Coterie Dairy Technology Club Texos College of Mines John Albert Flonlgan Toscola Commerce Induitrlol Admini it ration Moik ond Bauble; Pierrots; Production SlofT. " Three Men on o Horse " ' , " King Lear ' , " Pa- tience " , " Joon of Lorroine " , " All the King ' s Men " 16 Robert Gotes Fletcher Newtonville, Mos Engineering Civil Engineering O.P.M. Den A.S.C.E. Indiano State Teachers ' College; Univeisi " of Texas Robert Bernofd Flink Commerce Accountancy College Holl Accountancy Club ChicQc James Joseph Florek Chico ' Engineering Mechonicol Engineering A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. iofio Timbot Floro Manila, Philippines Enginoering Machonical Engineering V S M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma; Tou B«ro Pi Ji ,hord Homillon Foley. Poril Engineering T . ft ftv. Dello TheTo W B W B «o Won Doi Phi Elo Sigma. A.S.C.E.; Chi Ep- V M M M on; Ttibe o( lllini; Varsity BaskelboM Squad f V • ' f V Y " f B 2. 3, 4), Letter (2. 3, t) : Student Repre- « IT ' • E ■ ....niolive, Alumn! Associotion Board 1 . » . P Jonori Doy 11, 3) l _ M _ )ougla» Lloyd Foolh Evanston Division of Special Services Sales Managemenr Phi Koppa Pii ■erfrorernily Council (2, 4); Mllni Union Boord 3); mini Union Committee {2, 3) ouiitine Eliiobeth Ford Chicogo Education Biologicol Science Alpha Koppo Alpho rrapin; WILL H A K )l Wilton Junior College H l L | 9 ' :;hord Donald ForTln Konkokee Management B ' ::rlceling Club; French Club r B .nors Doy {1, 2) •CS V lliam Robert Fortney Areola m E moor Hall J 09 KV F ' arllyn Louise Fosiland Winthrop Harbor Physical Education U V Buiey HaH fc BT A B S ' A.A. (I, 2, 3, 4): W.A.A. Numerals; Pro- R ' " B V ' JCL ■Jion Sicff. " Pirates of Penzance " , " Alcestis B f ' Euripides " ' ' ori Day (3) «rt Donald Foster Ml. Vernon Aeronoulical Engineering 1 ■ E ] Southern Illinois University H ' • " ' ' Virginia Louis Foster Springfield libsrol Arts and SclenMi Sociology Bui«y Holl The Dolly llllnl (2)i llllnl Union Commllleo (4) ] Campus Chest (2) ; Production SloR, " Romeo ond Juliot " , and " The Mole Anlmol " Honors Day (2, 3) MocMurray College Warren Hilton Foulk ....Benlon Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Rogers House A.S.C.E. University of Southern Colifornio Charles Albert Fournier Ook Pork Engineering Metallurgical Engineering M.I.S. Edwin Wherritt Foutch Springfield Agriculture General Agriculture Acacia Herbert Lee Fox Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Alpho Mu Pershing Rifles; A.S.C.E.; The Daily lllini (1) Northwestern University Walter Fojt New York, N. Y. Liberol Arts ond Sciences Physiology lllini Inn Brooklyn College Samuel France Chicogo Physicol Education Physical Education Dole Edword Francis. ..... .Poris Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Eoitarn Illinois State Teocheri ' Collvg 117 rs O ■n 3 II. o J Melvin Daniel Frank. Lombard Lib«rol Arts and Sciences Ptychology Tou Epsilon Phi Seymour Frank Chicogo Commerce Marketing ond Management Marketing Club Slello Mae Frank Golconda Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Beta House Psi Chi; House President (4); W.G.S. Executive Council (4); University Chorus (4) Honors Doy (2) Burton Louis Frankel Chicago Commerce Economics ond Management Gronodo Club mini Insurance Club; Marketing Club; Account- ancy Club Marie Adele Frankenberg Cincinnoti, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Zeta Tou Alpha Y.W.C.A. Committee (3) Audrey May Franklin Rockford Journalism Advertising Butey Holl Koppo Tau Alpha; Alpha Lombdo Delta; The to Sigmo Phi; The Dally lltini (2, 3) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); Unlveriity of Illinois Scholarship Key Dovy Joy Franklin Chicogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences English Reenoh House The Daily Mlini (1); House President (2); lllini Union Committee (1, 2) North Pork College; University of Minnesota Harold Roy Fronklln, Jr St. Anno Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Coil, " Guest in the House " .EiBi, •6- ' 118 Edv in Herbert Fronzen Commerce Marketing Alpha Tou Omega Alpho Koppa Psi; Marketing Club; lllini Unlor Committee (2); Compus Chest; Commerce Coun cil (3, 4) Honors Day ( 1 ) Ralph Kendrick Frozler Metropoli Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Alma College; Miomi University; Murroy Stoh College Robert Adolph Freeh Polotin. Commerce Personnel Management Koppo Delto Rho Chi Gamma Iota; Morketing Club University of Missouri; Northwestern Unlver sily ' Corl Ogden Freedlund, Jr Wheatoi Liberal Arts ond Sciences German Chi Psi Phi Eta Sigma; Lutheron Student Association Stu dent Council (T, 2, 3, 4); Second Lieutenoni University Brigade Honors Day (1 ) Kenneth Marvin Freedman . . . . Ecu Claire, Mich Journolism Advertising Pi lambda Phi Chi Gamma loto; Phi Etc Sigmo; Morketint Club; The Doily Mlini (1); Inlerfroternity Cown cil (1); WILL (1) Honors Doy (2, 3) Donald Ire Freeman Decolv Division of Special Services Industrial Management Rogers House A.S.C.E. Lawrence Earl Freeman Chicofi ' Liberal Arts ond Sciences Mathematics Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4); University Orchestn (I, 2. 3); Marching Band (I. 2, 3, 4); lllin Union Committee (1) William Arthur Freiwald tloi Division of Speciol Services Pre-Medicine Brown Thresh I ! tofold Shermon French Lowrenc«vill« Engineering Cenerol Enginooring iF.A.; Frejhmon Vanity WrosHing Squad; Lieu- enant, BoHalion of Midshipmen ' ernon louit French te Roy Engineering Aeronouticat Engineering ory Katherine Freter Chicogo Journolism Radio Keta Sigmo Ph! (onor Ooy 1 1 , 2, 3) ; University of Illinois cholorjhip Key Northwestern University ■jl Louis Freter Chicago Lav Lov hi Alpha Delta ' derick Froncis Freyberg Chicago Journolism Publication Management ■ adelyn Cox Frevberg Chicogo Commerce Personnel Monogement ©lores Elaine Friedman Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Pre-Medicine Hoste House " ego Beta P!; German Club Herzl Junior College fberl Friedman .. Flushing, long Ulond, N. Y. Journolism i Advertising hi Gommo Iota; Alpho Delta Sigma; Morket- g Club -•on Day (31 North Carolina Stole College i_v_ . y, Q Robert lowrence Friedman Chicogo Fine and Applied Arti Architecture Stadium Terroc Chi Gammo lotoj Gorgoyle; A. I. A. Honori Doy (2, 3) Poul Oliver Fromm Ramsey Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Jocquelyn Frost Rontoul Education Elementory Educolion Delta Gamma The Daily lllini (2, 3); lllini Union Committee (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. Committee (3, 4); Production Staff, " Squoring the Circle " , " Antony ond Cleopatra " , and " Patience " Monlicello College Dwoyne Richard Fry Naperville Engineering Electrical Engineering I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. North Central College Kenneth Hagman Frye Danville Commerce Banking and Finance House President (1); Y.M.C.A. Cobinet (1) John Edward Fucik Woukegon Agriculture Agronomy Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Zeto; Phi Eta Sigmo; Icarus; lllini Union Committee (2); Y.M.C.A. Committee; Captain, University Brigade; Cost, " Dr. Faustut " , " Every- mon " Honors Doy ( 1 , 2. 3) ; University of Illinois Scholorship Key Amy Fuhrberg Polos Pork Fine and Applied Arts Music Educotlon Weatherly Hall University Chorus (3, 4) ; Production Staff, " Beggar on Horseback " Lloyd Amos Futk Decatur Libvrol Arts and Sciences Maihemotici Ice Rink 119 r O ■n u. O SJ Donold Howard Fulkerton Oln«y Liberal Arit and Sciertcei Geology Jerome Kendrick Full Winnetko Division of Special Service Jourrtolitm Gozund Heights The Doily lllini (1, 2) Morion Pauline Fulton Sibley Education Mothemotici Fehner House Alpho Lambda Delta; Senior Boll Committee; Indee tnformot Committee (3); House President (2, 3) Honors Day (1, 2) Norton Joy Furman New York, N. Y, Liberol Arts and Sciences History Dllly ' s Junior Bor Association Lynn Edword Fussell Jackson, Tenn. Engineering Ceromic Engineering ACS. Lambuth College John Rudolph Gabor Orient Commerce Business Management Morketing Club Southern Illinois University Arden Houston Goddis Decotur Engineering Engineering Physics (.horlei Merlon Galiford Chlllkothe Division of Spociol S«rvlc« Mechonicol Engineering Harold Eltsworlh Gallher Washington, Ind. Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. O 120 di Thomos Byrne Gallagher Melrose Pork Physical Educotion Physical Educotion Theto Xi Mo-Won-Do; Phi Eta Sigmo; Chi Gammo lolo; lllini Insurance Club; Tribe of lllini {2, 3, 4); Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Fool- boil Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4); Fresh- man Varsity Basketboll Squad; Varsity Baskel- botl Squad (3, 4]; Athletic Council (3, 4] Honors Doy (1, 2) Lucille Goller Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Ivria Alpha Alpha Gammo Wlllard Miranda Garcia Chicago Engineering Metollurglcol Engineering Theto Kappo Phi M.I.S.; A.S.M.; Interfroternity Council (4) Davidson College Lowell Eugene Gardner Gerlow Agriculture Animal Science Nobor House Pershing Rifles, Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Club; Rural Life Club; YM.C.A. Committee 13, 4) [tWi Marilyn Jane Gardner Borrington Journalism Editoriol V eotherly Hall Theto Sigma Phi; Kappa Tou Alpho; The Doily lllini (3, 4} Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Rolph Richord Gardner New York, N. Y. Journalism , Advertising Flogg House Morketing Club; Praetorians; The Doily lllini (2, 4); (llmi Union Committee (4) New York University Yvonne Lee Gordner Toylofville Education English Gomma Phi Beta Torch; Alpho Lombda Delta; The lllio (1. 2, 31. PonheHenlc Ball Committee [4}; Production Stofl, " King leor " Honors Day ( 1 ) 1»H .In Jerry Garfield Chicago Liberal Arlt ond Sciences Psychology rode Ground Units hmon Vanity Tennis Squad; Vorsily Tennij .id (I, 2, 3) lip Jomes Goringer Danvilk- Agriculture General Agriculture llinois SlQte Normal University da Pilka Gorman Glencoe Education Music iigma Delta Tau A. A. (I. 2); mini Union Committee {3); mo Alpha Iota JofIhwestern University D Gorman Volporaiso, Ind Engineering Mechanical Engineering tlork House E(o Sigmo; A.S.M.E.; Freshman Varsity esding Squad nors Day (I) nes Roderick Garner -Chicago Commerce Management enolchee :ountoncy Club; Morketing Club jh Alon Garnett Chillicothe Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Beta Kappa; Phi Etc Sigma lors Day (1, 2) nes Thomas Gorrison Johnston City Commerce Accountancy Son ' s Home nors Day (2) la Myrthine Hilton Gorrison Corbondale Liberal Arts ond Sciences English ioulhern Illinois University } ' y Joste Lehmon Gory EotI St, louts Division of Special Services Engineering and Economics P:l Upsilon Inlerfroternity Council (4) Shurlleff College Richard Yunghons Gary Urbono Division of Special Services Commerce Delta Sigma Phi Spanish Club; Morketing Club; Inlerfroternity Council (2) Fred Gorzino Herrln Commerce Accounfoncy Alpha Kappa Psi; Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Kenyon College Henry Gassmann OIney Commerce Industrial Administrolion Chi Psi The Doily lllini (2, 3, 4) Bucknell University; University of Pennsyl- vania Joseph Goysowski, Jr Chicago Engineering General Engineering Herzi Junior College Wilfred V aldo Geissler Belleville Engineering Electricol Engineering Phi Delta Theto Sigma Tou; PI Mu Epsilon; A.I.E.E. Honors Day (2, 3) Washington University John Henry Geister Elflln Fine ond Applied Arts Arl Alpha Rho Chi Illustrators; University Chorus (3); Cost, " No Exit " Honors Doy (3] Corlelon College Edward Bernard Gempler Champaign Engineering Melollurgicol Engineering Phi Elo Sigma; Alpho Sigma Mu; M.I.S. Honors Day {I ) 121 rs O ■n 3 I lb o J Robert Edward G«nfr Polo Commerce Accounfoncy Phi Eta Sigma; Accountancy Club; Beta Alpha Pi! Honors Doy {1, 2. 3); Unlveriily of lllinoii ScKolarthip Key Theodore Morrii Cershenow Chicago Commerce Monogement Julet Sonford Genhon Chicogo Liberal Aril and Sciences Political Science Alpha Epsilon Pi Sponiih Club; Nu Beta Epsiton; WILL (1) Moriorle Ann Gelz Peoria Liberal Arts ond Sciences Speech Alpha Phi MacMurroy College Morvin George Getz Morion Engineering Mechonical Engineering Melvin Henry Ghighi La Salle Journalism Advertising Marketing Club; Marching Bond (3, 4) La Salle-Peru-Ogleiby Junior College Corlo Chilorducci Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Annex Hall A.S.C.E. Eugene Henry Glehl Melomoro Llberol Arts ond Sclencei Chemlilry Horvord University C " I M ujk 122 Alfred George Gieroch, Jr Chicago Heights Division of Special Services Business Administration 206 Club Morkeling Club Donald Pierce GifTord Chicogo Division of Special Services Sociology American Legion Post No. 909 DePaul University Richord Ross GiRord Cober Engineering Civil Engineering Illinois Stole Normol University Gretia Emilie Gllbertson Hinsdale Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish PI Beta Phi Terrapin; Y.W.C.A. Committee {3) Wells College Ross Warren Gilfillan Commerce Management Marketing Club Pennsylvania Stole College !■«!, John Edwin Gilroy Chompoig Engineering Aeronouticol Engineering Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; t.A.S. Swimming Monoger (3, 4) ; Tribe of lllini Freshman Varsily Swimming Squad; Men ' s Gte Club (1); Lieutenant Colonel, University Bri gode; Militory Council, Executive Officer Thomas Emerson Gilroy Highland Poi Commerce Accountancy Koppo Sigma The lllio (2) University of Idoho Mf, Virginia Gilchoff Modit ' Agriculture Home Economics Busey Hall Phi Upsilon Omicron; W.A.A. {3); Product! Staff, " Pygmotion " Honors Day |1, 3) Whitworlh Junior College , lr«d Emily Gizlnski Woukogon Liberal Arts and Scisnces Teacher Troining in Social Studies • lamar , e President (4) ilami University 1 odore William Glodhilt Beordstown Educotion History Vesmen I ihine Rifles; The Daily I Mini ( 1 ) ; House liident (3); Wesley Foundation Student Coun- . (2. 31 lerl Welch Glahe Chicogo Agriculture Dairy Technology tv Technology Club ' nk Ewing Glascock Host St. Louis Commerce Foreign Trade Sigma Chi rketing Club Jniversity of Chicago; University of Arkansas; " ersity of Florence :n Moodie Gloscock River Forest Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies • Glascock East St. Louis Engineering Electrical Engineering E.E.; I.R.E. lie Star lev Glass Peoria Libreal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering l-CS.E.; The Illinois Technograph [3, 4); igineering Council (4) Brodley University i ' 9Y Lois Gloisberg Chicago Educotion English Sigmo Delia Tau W Doily mini (I, 2): lllini Union Committee i, 31; Compui Chest (3); Y.W.C.A. Commlltee i. 3|j Production Stoff. " Squoring the Circle " , d " Beggar on Horsebock ' li } » ■ ' , Frederick Philip Glaiimon Ablngion, Po. Engineering Electrical Engineering Clark Houie I.R.E. Syracuse University Burton Wesley Glotz Skokie Fine and Applied Arts Art Pasadena Junior College; Oregon State College Vincent Gtaudin Berkeley Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Parade Ground Units Phi Eta Sigmo; Omega Beto Pi; Psi Chi Honors Day {1, 2, 3) Richard Glavon Joliet Engineering Mechanical Engineering Jeonnito Jane Glenn Urbano Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Alpha Xi Delta German Club Wright Junior College Warren Smith Glenny Rockford Fine and Applied Arts Art Sigma Nu Illustrators; Pierrots; Cast, " The Women " ; Production Staff, " The Women " , " La Boheme " , ' Three Men on a Horse " , and " Rope ' s End ' Honors Ooy (2) University of California ol Los Angeles Patricia Ann Glerum Moyvirood Journalism Advertising Alpha Xi Delta Alpha lambda Delta; Koppo Tau Alpho Honors Day {I, 2, 3]; University of Hlinoii Scholorship Key Richard Henry Clisker Chicago Division of Speclol Services Mechanical Engineering 507 Club Phi Eta SigmO] AS M.E. Honors Doy (I ) 123 r O ■n Ch Urn O sj Mory Fronc«t Glltion Springftold Liboral Aril and Sciencei Englith Chi Omego Morlor Boord; Torch; Senior Ploybill Monoger, Theotra Guild; Maik and Bauble; Arepo; The lllio (1); Production Slofi, " Joan of Lorraine " , " All the King ' i Men " , " Anna Sophie Hedvlg " , Pygmalion " , " Ah, Wildernoii " Honort Doy (!) Normon Donald Clisl Chicago Commerce Marketing and Management Phi Sigma Dello Marketing Club Shirley Janice Gtoger Cleveland, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences Diviiion of General Studies The Summit Motk ond Bauble; WILL (1, 2, 3); Production SiofT, " Romeo and Juliet " , " Beggar on Horse- bock " , " Oucheis of Ma Ifi " , " Yeomen of the Guord " , and " The Cherry Orchard " Jomes Linder Goble .Casey Commerce Accountancy Pi Kappa Alpha Accountoncy Club; Marketing Club Honors Doy (2, 3) Muzaffer Gocek Istanbul, Turkey Engineering Civil Engineering Cosmopolitan Inferfraternity Council (3, 4) College of St. Michel Cart Williom Godzeski Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Ely Gold Passoic, N.J. Liberol Arts ond Sciences Bacteriology Barton House Alvin Irving Goldberg Chicago Liberol Arts ond Sciences Zoology 124 Mark Leon Goldberg Commerce Marketing and MonogemenI Phi Epiilon Pi The Doily lllini (1 ) Illinois Institute of Technology Robert Walter Goldberg Oronge, N J Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Pi Lombdo Phi Chi Gamma loto; Psi Chi; The Doily lllini (2 3) ; lllini Union Com m if tee (3) ; Notionol Stu- dent Association (3, 4} Honors Doy (2) Syracuse University; Upsala College Marvin Herbert Goldblatt Chicogc Liberol Arts and Sciences J Physiology lllini Inn Wright Junior College; Hendrix College iff Milton Goldkin Education Industrial Education Phi Sigma Delta Interfralernity Council (4) Chicogi Milton Goldman Chicog Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Granodo Club The Daily lllini (1 ) Honors Day (1,3) Marvin Goldsher Law Pi Lambda Phi Chi Gamma loto; Nu Beta Epsilon; French Clu Junior Bar Association; The Doily I Mini 1 1 Interfroternity Council ( 1 ); First Lieutenor University Brigade Bernord Goldstein Rock lila Low Low Zeta Beto Tou Pierrots; Junior Bar Association; Nu Beta L stion; Cost, " Three Men on a Horse " , " KJ Leor " Honors Day ()) Mourice Edward Goldstein Sprlngfi ' Liberal Arts and Sciences m. , Psychology ■tik. I in Coldstone New York, N. Y. Engineering Mechanical Engineering n-noii Club U.E.; House Pretidenl (3); M.I. A. Execu- Council (3) ilege of the City of New York I Gomberg Chicago Commerce Accountoncy • ' I Ooy (3) h lol Comec Istanbul, Turkey Engineering Mechanical Engineering f au Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Turkish StucJent Society rchnical University of Istonbul; Queens Col- son Goodell, Jr Lodo Division of Specio! Services Indusfriol Engineering " • Ross Goodman Engineering Civil Engineering )elra Tau Delta Epsilon ' ori Day (1, 2) j er1 Edwin Goodman Corbondole i Commerce Morkeling ■efing Club; lllini Union Committee (3, 4) • versity of Alobamo ■1 Allan Goodion Commerce Marketing fraktr House irketing Club ■ioliet Junior College " gorei Walton Gorolski S:rv:. Journalism Radio Koppo Delia i-Ai; Mask and Bauble; Arepo; WILL (2, 3. ; Cost. -The tnfernol Mochine " ; Production iff. ■King Lear ' . " Beggor on Horsebock . !»• Toming of the Shrew ' -, and ■Antony ond Robert Stanley Goraliki Cicero Journalism Radio Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily lllini (4); Vorslty Football Squad (1); WILL (3, 3, 4); Cast. ' ' The Inferno I Machine ' Alice Gordon Rantoul liberal Arts ond Sciences Sociology Evans Hall SainI Mary ' s College Jock Barto Gordon Urbana Commerce Accountoncy ond Personnel Management Delta Sigma Phi Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day (1. 3) University of Kansas Leonard Joseph Gordon Waukegan Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Tau Be to Pi; Sigma Tou; Pi Mu Epsilon; lllini Union Committee (3, 4} Honors Day (1. 2, 3, 4|; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Melvin Gordon Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Caisson Club; First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade Roosevelt College Nelson George Gordy Bridgeport, Conn. Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. George Joseph Gore lo Salle Engineering Electrical Engineering Theta Delia Chi Sigma Tou; Phi Elo Sigma; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Day (3) Lo Solle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College Philip Louis Gore Chicago Journalism Advertising Clark House House President (3); Marketing Club OePoul University 125 rs O Urn O sj Wilfred John Gorehom, Jr Sidetl Journol!im Adv«rtiiin0 Morkeling Club; Alpha Phi Omego; Tho Daily mini (4) Ruth Gorman Champaign libtral Arti ond Sciences Geography Chi Omega The lllio (1) Allan Howard Goti Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Colonial Manor Illuminating Engineering Club; A.I.E.E.; Wesley Foundation Student Council (4) Harry Dominic Gotti, Jr Clinton Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Phi Sigmo Kappa Pti Mu Alpha-Sinfonio; Composers ' Club; March- ing Bond (1, 2, 3); First Regimental Bond (1, 2, 3); Repertory Orchestra (3) Honors Day (3) Arthur Robert Gottschalk Chicago Low low Koppo Delta Rho Student Senate (3); Junior Bar Association Honors Doy (3) Shrivenham University Arland Delaine Gould Sterling Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scorob; A. I. A. Bradley University Merle Henry Gould Commerce Accountoncy Lawrenceville Ralph Wollverlon Could, Jr Chicago Fine and Applied Arii Architecturol Engineering Acaclo A I.A ; A.S.C.E. Wilson Junior College 126 Arthur Angelo Gouvis Chic Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Richard Keith Grogg fie Liberal Arts and Sciences English L« ' Aaron Allan Graham New York, N. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle; A. I. A.; University Orchestra (3, Honors Day (3) Fordham University Eugene Poul Graham Danvl Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Delta Tou Delto Scarab; A.I.A.; Alpha Phi Omega Butler University Helen Judith Graham lewisto liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Gommo Delta Shi-Ai; Orchesis; W.A.A. (2); Production Sft ' Anno Sophie Hedvig ' ' James Smith Graham .Sterl Journalism Advertising Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Delta Sigma; Marketing Club; The Dt tllini (2. 3, 4} John Gordon Graham Chic Commerce Morkeling Too Epsilon Phi Morketing Club; Accountoncy Club; Inlerfro- nity Council (1 ) Kelly Charles Groham Springt Division of Speciol Services Marketing I f Gene G(oham Si. louij. Mo. Division of Special Sorvices Sociology ■ 10 Beta Tau c, tfnf Senate (3); Pershing Rifles; lllini For- r : Society; The lllio (1, 2); Interfralernity C ' cil { ); Student Religious Council (3(; C; pui Chest (4); Hillel Foundation Student duil (3, 4) ' ilv«rsity of Colifornio V lom Homer Grahom Urbono Commerce Personnel Management li Koppo Sigma DctOf, Deportment of Dances, IMini Union; Mhing R ' flet; Choirmon, Senior Boll; lllini • Board (4); lllini Union Council (4); lllini ' Committee (2, 3); Lleutenont, j.g-. :) aiion of Midshipmen t- 3rs Ooy { . 2) jk Richord Grossfleld Champaign ' Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology - Delta Theto nois Stole Normal University -le Grotch Chicago Liberal Arts end Sciences English ideco f ho Lombda Delta; House President (4) hors Day (1, 2) f ard Joel Grauer Glencoe Commerce Management do Beta Tau I £tQ Sigmo; Morketing Club; Freshmon Frolic tmittee; lllini Union Committee {2, 3) on Doy (1, 2, 3) ed Fronk Graves Belleville Commerce Management and Marketing ' Comma Sigma; Marketing Club --■i Doy (3) aniel lewis Gray Chester Commerce Morketing ond Management Oommo loto; Pholonx; Marketing Club; Cop- University Brigode - ' I Doy (2) ' on Deloi Grebner Scales Mound Commerce Industrial Administration ' I. Rifle and Pistol Club; lutheron Student ciQtion Student Council (4) ' « Day (I, 3) .sros College V, Alfred Edwoid Gteen Fr«opafl Commerce Accountancy Accountoncy Club) Morkaling Club Honori Day (3) Lake Forest ColUge James Christie Green Glen Ellyn Engineering Mechanical Engineering Miller Ralph Green lot Angeles, Colif. Journalism Advertiiing Patricia Ann Green Clinton Agriculture Home Economics Vanlig Home Economics Club; W.A.A. (1) Robert Eckmonn Green Chicogo Commerce Accountoncy Phi Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club; The Daily lllini (1) Honors Day (1, 3) Jerold Greenbaum Chicago Commerce Banking and Finonce Phi Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club; Morketing Club; lllini In- surance Club Honors Day (3) Phyllis Lucille Greenberg Chicogo Agriculture Home Economics Harmony House Alpha Pi Delta; Home Economic Club; Sopho- more Cotillion Committee Jock Allison Greene Geneieo Division of Special S«rvlc i Engllih Delta Sigmo Phi Star ond S roll; Philosophy Club; House Presi- dent (4); Interfraternity Council (2); Morching Band (1,2) Honori Doy (3) 127 r O ■n 3 o J Laurence Greene Chicogo Commerce Economici Barton Houie The Doily lllini (3); Vanity Football Squod (2); Vorjity Track Squad |2, 3, 4|; Vorsity 150 Pound FooiboM Squad (3, 4), Award (3, 4); Varsity Wrcjtiing Squad (4); Y.M.C.A. Cobinet (2) University of Miami Stewart Prough Greene Wood River Division of Special Services Management Charles Edwin Greenwood Springfield Division of Special Services Geology Springfield Junior College Vergil Vernon Gregg Ashmore Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Eos tern Illinois State College William George Gregg Chicago Division of Special Services Advertising Sigma Phi Epsilon Corinne Elizabeth Greg son Chicogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Sociology Alpha Delto Pi The lllio (1, 2) Paul Robert Grehl Chicogo Division of Special Services Labor Relations Taro Mall North Pork College John Polrick Grember Chicogo Division of Special Services Advertising Newmon Hall Marketing Club; The Dally lllini (2, 4) 128 .« Normon Frederick Grewe Des Plaines Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi University of Wyoming 1 Howard Earl Griffith Engineering Electricol Engineering Newmon Hall A.I.E.E. Honors Day (1 ) Michigan Stole College Donald Buller Grim Reoding, P- Division of Special Services Industrial Management Lombda Chi Alpha The lllio (1) Honors Day (1, 3) Evelyn Auditha Grimes. .Chica Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Joseph Arnold Grimmer BdUtvi Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigmo; A.S.M.E.; S.A Honors Day (). 2) Thomas George Grey Chompaigr Engineering Electrical Engineering Eto Kappa Nu Honors Day ( 1 ) Radio Corporation of America Institute; Okia homo Agrlculturol and Mining College George Newton Griffith Sterlini Division of Special Services ' History Tau Koppo Epsilon Eureka College Mary Constance Grinler Chi(» ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Chi Omega Production Staff, " Three Penny Opera " , Fautlus " , " Everyman " , " Antony and C- polra " , and " Potience " Honors Day (2, 3) University of Chicago ,n Casi Griisom Toledo Commerce Pfe-Low nofi Day (1 ) nei Cyroj Grobie Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Physics bert George Groll Pone Engineering General Engineering Sigmo Chi inefte Moy Gromfin Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Politico! Science Women ' s Annex A.A. (2, 3); House President (4); Cost, V ng leor " ; Production Staff, " King Lear " ■arles Alfred Grosche Waukegcn Agriculture Dairy Technology Gor-men •rthing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Dairy -chnology Club; Varsity Baseball Squad (1, 3); Mojor, University Brigade, Military Coon- Reg imentot Adjutant leldon Arthur Gross South Orange, N. J. Commerce Economics Zeto Beio Tau orketing Club; Hillel Foundation Student Coun- I (2. 31 ■an Catherine GrosskofT Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Women ' s Annex Grinnell College ' •j Frederick Grove Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Botany i rman Club; Floriculture Club onors Doy (I, 2) William Neal Groves Roxono Engineering Mechanical Englneerina Tau Belo Pi; Phi Eta Sigmo; S-A.E. Honors Day (t, 2, 3} Gertrude Gruenwald Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Evans Hall German Club Poy Delbert Grunnet Chicago Low Law mini Forensic Society Honors Day (2) Dale George Gubbins Quincy Engineering Mechonical Engineering Theta Chi Scobbcrd and Blade; First Lieutenant, University Brigode Honors Doy (1, 3) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Arthur Frederick Gudehus Pona Division of Special Services General Honors Day (I, 2} Robert Henry Guedet Bloominglon Engineering Mechonical Engineeri ng Kings Row Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. Itlinois Slate Normol University Horold Daniel Goither Wolnut Agriculture Generol Agriculture Form House Alpho Zela; Phi Eta Sigma; Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Agriculture Councili The Illinois Agriculturist (t, 2. 3), Editor (4); Plow Boy Prom Committee (I, 2) Honors Doy (I, 2. 3); Univeriily of Illinois Scholarship Key Alexander Gust Gulis.. .Chicago Engineering Generol Engineering AS ME. r O ■n 3 129 IJL O j Cdward I. Cumpio Peorlo Journalism Advsrtiiing BelQ Theta Pi Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Marketing Club; The lllio (1, 2) Honors Ooy (1. 2) Oovid Lloyd Gunn Oglesby Engineerrng Electrical Engineering Honors Doy (1. 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key Helen Jeon Gufkow Lancoster, Wis. Liberal Arts and Sciences Physiology McKinley Holl Allan Morion Gutstodt Chicogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Geology Four Columns Phi Beta Kappa Duane OI!n Hoog Sounemin Division of Special Services Economics Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; lllini Insuf once Society; Alpho Phi Omega Dick Thormon Haas Cloyton, Mo. Division of Special Services Economics ond History Phi Gommo Delta University of Pennsylvania David Solomon Hacker Nev York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering A.I.Ch.E.; The Illinois Technogroph (I); tllini Union Committee (2); Hi Mel Foundation Stu- dent Council (I); Engineering Council (1) Honors Doy (3) City College of New York; Biarritz American University Paul Franc ' s Hockett Nopo, Calif - Commerce Management Marketing Club; House PreiidenI (3, 4); M.I. A Executive Council (4) University of Missouri 130 li Fred Lee Hoegele Foirfi«lc Agriculture Generol Agriculture Southern Illinois University Alvin Robert Haerr Deer Creel Journalism Advertising Club Esquire Alpha Delta Sigma; Marketing Club; Noliono Student Associolion (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. Com mittee (3) Honors Doy (2, 3) Brodley University Ruth Lorroine Haferman Chicag Liberol Arts ond Sciences Teacher Training in Spanish Bethany Circle Spanish Club; Production Staff, " The Pirotes c Penzance " , " Beggar on Horseback " Earl William Hogberg Chicog Commerce Management I Mini Insurance Society Arthur J. Hager Granite Ci Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E.; 5.A.E. Honors Day (2) George John Hager Borringf ' Com mere Morketing Alpha Sigma Phi Marketing Club Andrew Hagopion Gronite C Commerce Marketing Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Southern Illinois University; Mississippi Stc College Henry David Hohn Springfi- Engineering Civil Engineering Alpha Tou Omega Honors Doy ( I ) ! I I mmmm Coy Hole Korborj Ridgo Cominerce Accountancy Honori Day (2) Ohio Sfote University; St. Norberl ' s Collogo Paul Fconcij Holfpenny Stroator Engineering Mechanical Engineering 1001 Club A S.M.E. Si. Norberi ' i College Albert leonder Hall, Jr Libertyvllle Education English Delta Tou Delfo I Phi Eto Sigma; Assistant Sports Editor, The looily IMinI; The Doily lllini (1, 2. 3, 4) Honors Doy (1. 2, 3); University of Illinois VScholorship Key . | % I George Somuel HoM Mt. Vernon Agriculture General Agriculture Hoof ond Horn Club; Field and Furrow; Agri- culture Club; Agricultural Educotlon Club Southern I Illinois University Robert George Hatlstein Pekin Journalism Editorial Honors Doy { . 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Missouri School of Mines and Metollurgy Williom Weyrlch Hollslein Pekin Division of Special Services Geology Four Columns Roy Halpern Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Annei Hall Phi Eto Sigmo; Omega Beta Pi; First Lieu ten- ont. University Brigade Honors Day { t ) TSomoi Jomei Halpin Springfield Commerce Pre-Low Beta Theio Pi Phi Oelto Phi; House President (1); Inierfro- temity Council (I); Y.M.C.A. Committee (M Honors Doy (2) Oiville Waller Homonn Chicago Commerce Accountancy Gommo Delta Northwestern Unlvertlly Barboro Frank Hamant Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English W.A.A (I) Vincent Francis Hamant Indianapolis, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architecturol Engineering A. I. A.; A.S.C.E. Indiana University; Purdue University Calvin Sorgent Homillon Indianopolls, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Londscape Architecture Chi Phi Chi Gamma Iota; Alpha Phi Omega; McKtnley Foundation Student Council (2, 3) Honors Day (2, 3) John Hondley Hamilton Chicago Division of Special Services Economics Delta Tou Delta Inlerfrolernily Council (3) Thornton Junior College Julius Ellsworth Hammock Springerton Division of Speciol Services Geology Noble House Cycloihem Club Robert Wayne Hammock Hovona Commerce Accountancy Accounloncy Club Boverly Jean Hommel Western Springs Liberal Arts ond Sciences Speech Delia Zeta 7eta Phi Eto Teios State College for Women; Northwestern University 131 r O u. O j Helen Augusta Hommer Grecnvllk- Agriculture Home Economici Weotherly Hall Home Economics Club Charles Hammond Contcn Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Ph! Kappa Tau French Club; Morching Band ( 1 ) ; Nation Stu- dent Association (4|; Compus Chest (4); Pro- duction Staff, " Yeomen of the Guord " , " Pyg- molion " , " Ah I Wilderness " , and ' The Doctor in Spite of Himself ' Mary Emetln Hommoni Champaign Educotion Biology University Chorus (1, 2); Women ' s Glee Club (1) Honors Day ( ) ) John Dodge Hampel Rantoul Division of Special Services Insuronce Economics Phi Eta Sigma Roy Gerald Homrick Champoic " Journalism Advertising Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hov ord College; Unlverstiy of Georgio; Louis- iona Slate Normal College; Newberry College James Mordecoi Honce Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology ond Anlhropology Photonx; Icarus; Cydothem Club; First Lieuten- ant, University Brigade Margaret Honce Edwardsville Liberal Arts and Sciences Division of General Studies Busey Holl Roger Wheeler Hone Newman Journallim Edllorial The Dally llllnl (3, 4] Paul Frederick Hondtey, Jr Springfield Commerce Management Springfield Junior College Patricia Anne Han ford Genesei Agriculture Home Economics McKinley Hall Spanish Club; Home Economics Club; W.A.A 12); Plowboy Prom Committee (3) ; Productior Staff, " Three Penny Opera " , and " The Devi and Daniel Webster " University of Iowa Calvin Honna Donvill Division of Specia l Services Chemistry Donna Morie Honneken Dixc Educotion Elementary Education Evans Hail Morketing Club; The Daily lllini (3) Ward Belmont College William Walter Peter Hannemon Oak Po Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Alky Hall Alpha Phi Omega; German Club; lllini Uni Committee ( 1 ) Verdell Hanner East AH Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Shelton Morsholl Hannig Hoborl, I - Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering lundgren House A. I. A.; German Club; House President ( t Marching Band (I, 2) Honors Day (3) University of Minnesota Arvid Ffitjof Hanson Boyside, N Engineering Eleclricat Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. University of Georgia 132 MmM Rithofd Loo Hopke Peoria Fine ond Applied Arts Archilacturol Engineering A.S.C-E-; Lutheran Studeni Association Student Council (3] Bradley University RifSiell Dennis Harbert, Jr Bridgelon, N. J. Commerce Management Accounloncy Club; Marketing Club; Mlin! Un on Committee (I, 3, 4); WILL (2) k Edward Gregg Hordesiy Evansto Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Delta Upiilon Harold Horriion Hardin Keithsburg Agriculture Agronomy Clark Houie Chi Comma Iota; Alpho Zeto; The Illinois Agri- culturist M) Honors Day (3) Richard Albert Harding Moywood Division of Special Services Sales Engineering Alpho Chi Rho Marketing Club; Inlerfralernily Council (3, 4); P ' oduction Staff, " Arms and the Man " Harry Walter Harm Gibson Cit) Commerce Economics Chi Gamma Iota; Marketing Club; lllini Insur ance Club Honors Day {2, 3) Alfred Glen Harms Minon " ; Agriculture Generol Agriculture Agriculture Club; Agrlculturol Economics Club; Hoof ond Horn Club Bradley University John Philip Harney Bradfor Oiviiion of Special Services Marketing and Advertising Delia Uptilon i lfe Jay Malcolm Harnick Chicago Liberol Arts ond Science! Speech Phi Epiilon Pi Motk ond Bouble; Pierrots; Arepo; Choirmon, Junior Prom; Choirmon, Interfroternity Boll (4) ; Inlerfraternily Council (3, 3, 4); lllini Union Council (3); mini Union Committee (2, 3, 4), Men s Glee Club (), 2, 3. 4); Will (3, A) i Cost, " Patience " , " Yeomen of the Guord " , OoM ' s House Everyman " , ond " Antony and Cleopatra ' ' University of Michigan Joseph Louis Horront Mooieheart Division of Special Services Morketing Alpha Phi Omego; Marketing Club; lllini In- suronce Club; American Legion Post No. 909; Newman Club Cabinet (2) John Wilson Harrawood McLeonsboro Engineering Electricol Engineering Spanish Club; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Pratt Institute of Science and Technology Milford Vernon Horrell Elkville Engineering Civil Engineering Rogers House A.S.C.E. Roymon Harris Harrell Elkvljte Commerce Personnel Management Rogers House Borbaro Harris Pensocolo, Flo. Liberal Arts ond Sciences Home Economics Sigma Kappa Shi-Ai; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Orchesis; Home Economics Club; lllini Union Committee (3) Honors Day (2, 3) Rhode Island Stote College Bernard Arnold Harris Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Lundgren House Illinois Institute of Technology Beryle Virginio Harris Elementory Educolion Evons Holt Alpho Lambda Delta; The IIMo (1); House President (2Ij V.W C A. Committee (2» Honors Doy (I ) o 133 I u. o SJ Hildegorde Herold Horris Chicago Liberol Arli and Sciencei Chemistry Fehner House German Club; University Orchestra (I, 4); Cost, " And You Cry Alone " Roy Winston Harris Brady, Nebr. Liberol Arts ond Sciences Chemical Engineering Sigma Xi; Tau Beta Phi; Sigma Tau; Phi Lambda Upsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; The Illinois Techno- graph (3, 4) Honors Day (2, 3} Keorney Slote Teochers ' College Washington and Jefferson University Vernor Gail Harris Sesser Commerce Manogement Marketing Club Warren Smick Harris Bordolph Engineering Agricultural Engineering A.S.A.E. Honors Day (2, 3) Aix Bornard Harrison MarshoHtown, Iowa Physicol Education Physical Education Annex Hall Phi Epsilon Koppo; Delta Thela Epsilon; Vorsity ISO Pound Foolboll Squad (3, 4); House Presi- dent (4) Honors Day (2, 3) Marsholltov n Junior College Dean Charles Harrison Centrallo Commerce Marketing Marketing Club; Accountoncy Club; Marching Bond 0, 7. 3); Men ' s Glee Club (4); McKinloy Foundation Student Council (2); First Regi- mental Bond (1, 2, 3} Erneslyne Holland Harrison Chompoign Education Elementary Educotion Arkonsas State Teachers ' College Frances Lot Harrison . .Chicogo Liberol Arts ond Sciences English Chi Omega mini Union Committee (I, 2); Campus Choit (3) ' ( dli 134 Marjorie knn Harrison Journalism Editorial Leemon Lo dge The Doily Ml ni (2, 3, 4) MacMur oy College Roberta Roberts Harrison .... Portoles, N. M. Liberal Arts and Sciences French Delta Zeto Alpho Lambda Delta; French Club; Pi Dello I; mini Union Commitlee (2, 3) Honors Day (2) Frank Joseph Harsocky Springdale, i. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Honors Day (2) Ripon College Jeanne Marie Horshbarger Urtio Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology I Gamma Phi Beta ' ' mini Union Council (3|; lllini Union Comm »e (1. 2) Frank Charles Hart, Jr New York, h Y, Commerce Marketing Thefo Chi Marketing Club Nev York University Leo Joseph Hart CI ' O Division of Special Services Economics Phi Koppo House President (4) Robert Franklin Hart Brootid Engineering Civil Engineering Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Tau Lyons Township Junior College Poul Arthur Hortmon .... North Plainfield, Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology f| Alpho Delto Phi The lllio (M; The Daily lllin! (1) fhilip Emil Mo.tmon North Plainfleld, N. J. Lib«rol Aril ond Sciflncei Bacteriology Alpho Oelto Phi phi Eto Siflmo; Y.M.C.A. Cobinet (4); Y.M.C.A. Comm l « (3, 4) Honors Day (?) I tote Theresa Harlman Posolum Liberol Arit and Sciences Spanish Alpha lambda Oello; Sportish Club; Sigma Delta P Production Stoff. " Dr. Foustus " , ' Every- I man ' iHonert Day (1. 3) Frtderick Weiley Horlmonn, Jr., Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce Morketing ond Monogement Acocio Marketing Club; The lllio (2) Solph Walter Horli horn Otlowo Division of Special Studies Mathematics Alpha Koppo Lambda T e Doily mini (1, 2); National Student Asso- . ation {3, 4) nonori Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois i Scholorship K y Fftd Elroy Harvey Rockford Educoiion Social Studies Seobury Foundation Student Council (2) tobcrt Woyne Harvey, ir Highland Pork Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Gtistovgs Adolphus College; towo State Col- lege; Colerodo University; Northwestern Uni- •ersify (ernord Frederick Hosenyoger Princeton Commerce Accountancy Williom Henry Hoste Staunton - I law « I low Fhi Delta Phi; First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade Burton LaVern Hostelberg Agriculture Generol Agriculture Agriculture Club; Field ond Furrowj AgncuUurol Economics Club; Rurol life Club j mt Suzanne Gertrude Hoiselquist Moline Fine ond Applied Arts Art Comma Phi fteto Orcheiii; Illustrators; The lllio M)j Junior Prom Committee (3); Y.W.C.A. Cobinet (3. 4) Honors Day (2, 3) Augustona College William Donforth Haven Gronite City Agriculture Agronomy Agriculture Club Honors Day (2, 3) Missouri University John Thornton Havens Bloomington Commerce Accountancy ond Management Noble House Alpha Koppo Psi; Accountancy Club Edgar Marion Hoverlond Montrose, Colo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2) Honors Day (3) Nebraska Stole Teachers ' College George Millord Hovlik Rock Itlond Fine ond Applied Arts Archilecturol Engine«ring A.S.C.E.; A.I.A. Honors Doy (I ) Annolo Janet Hawkins De otur Education Commerce and Accountancy Alpha Xi Delta Accountancy Club; llllnl Union Committee (l)i Y W.C.A. Committee (3) James Millikin University Dorothy Johnitone Howver Milmlne Liberal Art and Sciences Sp«« ti McKinlev HoM Alpho Lombdo DeltOi Zefo Phi Elo; Delto Sigmo Rho; W.A.A. (I, 2. 3. 4), W.A.A Nu- merals; Mojor t) Women s Vorsity Debote (2. 3, 4); Cost, " A Shot n the Dork " ; Production SlofV. ' PygmoHon ' , " Dongerous Cernvr " Honors Doy (1. 2, 3): University of lllirwis Scholofihip Key 135 r O ■n 3 so Robert Wintield Hay . . Engineering Mechonical Engineering A.S.M.e.; S.A.E. Honors Day (3) Joon Rewey Hayes Zion Physical Education Physical Education W.A.A. (I. 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerals; Inler- varsily Christian Fellowship |1, 2, 3, 4) Honors Day (3, 3) Margaret Ann Hayes Chompalgn Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Cyclothem Club; The lllio (1); The Doily lllini (I. 2) Orrln Robie Hoynes Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.C.E. Honors Day (1 ) .Quincy John James Hoynie Cisco, Tex. Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Parade Ground Units Phi Elo Sigmo; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonio; Morch- ing Band (3. 4); Concert Bond (3, 4); Uni- versity Orchestra {3, 4} Texos Technologicol College Marilyn Kothleen Heath Decatur Liberol Arts and Sciences Geology Evans Hall Cyclothem Club; W.G.S. Executive Council (2); Campus Chest (3) Howard Clifford Heoton Ohio Agriculture General Agriculture Mlico Chi Gamma loto; Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Club; AgricuKurol Economics Club; Inter- varsity Christ ion Fellov ihip (3, 4) la Solle-Peru-Oalesby Junior College; Univot sity of Chicago William Edward Heckenbach Chicon? Commerce Accountoncy Comelot Club Chi Gommo lotO) Phi Elo Slofnoj Student Ro ligious Council (3, 4], Compui Chest (3); luiharon Student Atiocloilon Student Council (3. 4) Honors Day (1, 2) 136 !r«r: Arthur Hecker St. Louis, Mo Commerce ' Marketing ond Monogement ' A Chi Psi ' lllini Union Council [3, 4); lllini Union Com mittee (2); Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4) University of Utah Edward Hede, Jr Berwyn Division of Special Services Morketing ond Monogement Sigma Pi Skull and Crescent; Mlini Union Committee (1 2, 3); Morketing Club Honors Day ( 1 ) University of Tennessee Howord Raymond Hedtke Dovts Junction Agriculture General Agriculture Farm House Agriculture Club Hugh Morston Hefner Chicago Division of Special Services Psychology Granada Club Chi Gamma Iota; Phi Eto Sigmo; Psi Chi; The Doily mini (4) Honors Day (1,2) Paul Heifetz Forest Hills, N. Y, Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine PI Lombda Phi The Doily lllini (2); lllini Union Committe.- [1); Production StofT, " Anna Sophie Hedvig ' Honors Day (1,2) TafFle Helleny Commerce Monogement Alpha Sigmo Phi A arketlng Club Southern I Itinois University .lortin Morris Heller ChicOQo Commerce Accountancy Lundgren House Chi Gommo loto; Secretary-Treasurer, Senic Class; Praetorians; Accountoncy Club; Notiono: Student Associotion (4) Honors Day (2) Illinois Institute of Technology; University of Chicago Gordon Charles Hellwig Moywood Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho S.A.E.; A.S.M.E.; Production Staff, " Arms ond the Mon " 9k uglas Wymor© Helm Metropolis Commerce Pre-Law »hi Comma Dello erfroternily Council (2, 3, 4) ...» Doy (I, 2. 3} • Edward H«lmer!cks, Jr Urbona Division of Spociol Services Morkefing - Sl Koppo P»i l dM I William Adam Handricki EnglnasrinQ Mechonlcal Engineeiino AS ME. Dorothy Jeon Henn . Chicogo Education Deaf Education Chi Omego Zola Phi Eta; House President (4) ; Ponhelienic Executive Council (3, 4) Purdue University olm Morris Helper Princetcr Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Belo Koppo ots Day {1, 2, 3); University of lllincis olorship Key hyr William Hemmings, it Oak Pork Division of Speciol Services Marketing and Management )ornoch •.eting Club; lllini Insurance Club Agriculture Generol Agriculture )ornoch -a Zeto; Agriculture Club; Agric jitural Eco- :s Club; The Illinois Agricultur! 1 (4) 3 ' i Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois : arjhip Key -OS Martin Hemstreel . .Konkokc Commerce Accountancy :: ' na Chi ond Crescent; Phi Eta Sigmo Freshmon ■;ll; lllini Union Committee (1, 2) i Day (1, 2. 3); University of Illinois arihip Key Wallace Henderson .EfRnghom Commerce Management -mon Holl ■-ting Club; Accountancy Club am Ernest Henderson Avcn liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemicol Engineering Beta Pi; Phi Elo Sigma 1 Doy (1, 2, 3); University of lllino ofship Key k. Neol Elwin Hennegan Chicago Heights Engineering Civil Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Tou Beta Pi; Sigmo Tau; Ph! Eta Sigmo; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Honors Doy (I, 2) Ralph Joseph Henneman, jr Chicago Engineering Electrlcol Engineering Wright Junior College Carolyn Moy Henning Craysloke Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Biology Cogle Hall Spanish Club; Teachers in Training Club; Y.W. C.A. Cabinet (4); McKinley Foundation Student Council (3); Y.W. C.A. Committee (2, 3) Williom Henricks Woodstock Engineering Mechanical Engineering Illinois Stote Normal University Donald Elliott Heni Smithshire Journotism Editorial Monmouth College Icon Ronald Henry, Jr... . Moline Engineering Mechanicol Engineering Newmon Hall Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eto Sigma, PI Tou Sigma; Newman Foundotion Student Council (3, 4) Honors Day (I, 7, 3) St. Ambrose Colteg A o ■n 137 UL O J Muriel Henry Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Evant Holl The Daily lllin! (1): lllini Union Commiiree (1) Honors Day (3) Emily Jeoo Honjold Donville Liberal Arts and Sciencci English Presbyterian Holl Independent Informol Committee (2) Junior Prom Committee; McKinley Foundolion Student Coun- cil (3. 4) Dorothy Lorraine Hepfer Peoria Commerce Accountancy Butey Hall Phi Chi Thelo; Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Honors Day {1, 2) Rolph Andrew Hermonn Chicago Commerce Marketing Newman Holl Marketing Club Wilson Junior College Allen Edword Hermonson Rockford Division of Special Services Mechonicol Engineering Delia Sigma Phi A.S.M.E. Moor head Stale Teachers ' College Gust Eric Hermonson Evans ton Commerce Accounloncy Mississippi Stote College James David Herold..., Bellevilto Division of Special Services Geology M.I.S.; Cyclolhem Club Donald Roymond Herrick Educotlon olhemotlci t-rakar Moutr University of Kanios Former City •is liOP 138 Oliver Leon Herrick West Allis. V. Fine and Applied Arts Arehitecturol Engineering Graham Lodge A. I. A.; A.S.C.E. Honors Day (1,3) Jomes Richard Herrmonn Agriculture Vocotional Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Alpha; Agriculture Club; Agricult tl Education Club; Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day (3) Newberry College; Northern Illinois S« Teochers ' College Don Eugene Herron Frm i Commerce Personnel Monogement Chi Gamma Iota; Beta Gammo Sigma; Accoi- ancy Club; Morketing Club; Commerce Coiil (4) Honors Day (3) Eastern Hllnois Slate College Hermon Otto Hertensteln Mount Ve m Commerce Accountancy Alpha Tau Omega Senior Intramural Manager; Student Senate I; Intromurol Monoger (2, 3) Charles Robert Herzog Cincinnati, ' io Commerce Marketing and Management Acacia Illinois Institute of Technology Robert Steven Herzog Chigo Journalism Advertising Parade Ground Units Icorus; Marketing Club; Newmon Found on Student Council (2); First Lieutenant, Untv(4ly Brigode Avery Herbert Hevesh New York. Y. Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beto Pi; Sigma Tou; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; K- tronics Club; Eta Kappa Nu; The IIMnoii Tt - graph (3, 4) Honors Day (1. 2, 3) Brooklyn College Robert Munro Hewilt SprlntM JournoHim Radio Lundgren House mini Union Committee (4); WILL (4); Pi «» tion Staff, " Ah, Wilderness " , " The Cloi •• nagerie " , " Doctor In Spite of Himself " , Tht Rivals " , " The Farmer Tokes a Wife " John H.i.ty Hicki Eail Si. Louis Journaliim PublicQlton Managemenl Kappa Alpha P»i Th« Ooily III ' " ' i3)i Marching Bond (1, 2); Concert Bond 1 2) [leuii Hildebrond New York, NY. liberal Aril and Sciences Chemtitry I Parode Ground Units Iomega Beta Pi: The Doily lllini (3. 4) Manors Day (1 ) City College of New York -nold Goodman Hileman Anno Journalism Advertising Southern Illinois University; Carthage College I Billy Keilh Hill Norris City Division of Speciol Services Psychology ■ ' I ChanM Stevens Hill, Jr Ook Park Fine and Applied Arts landscope Architecture Delta Upiilon londicope Architecture Society Northwestern Stole College Clarence Edgar Hill Champaign Commerce Pre-Law ' ' orketing Club; Freshman Varsity FoolboH Sqwod Woshington and Jefferson College H«rih«l leon Hill Pea Ridge. Ark. Agriculture General Agriculture A9ricultur« Club; Field and Furrow Oklahoma Agricultural and Mining College; Eoitofn Kentucky Stole Teachers ' College; No ■ Oflol Teachers ' College of the Philippines; Ohio University Frederick Dovid Hillebrandt, (Kansas City, Mo- Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. Kansas City Junior College; Konsos City Teach- " s " College Edqar Fflfdinond Hillnei W.nroiko Commerce Induitrial Admlnlilrollon Rotph Howord Hinei Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Chi Gamma loto; Student Senole (2) Freshmen Council; President, Junior Class; Secrelory-Treos- urer. Sophomore Cloii; Vortily Track Squad (3); Freshman Vanity Swimming Squod; Varsity Swimming Squad (2); Vortily ISO Pound Fool- ball Squad (4); Choirmon, Sophomore Cotillionj mini Union Committee (2); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (4); Cast. " Anything Goes " Frank Edword Hinlon .Si- Elmo Agriculture Vocotionol Agriculture Alpha Zeto; Agriculture Club Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorjhip Key Royce Armond Hinton Fithar Agriculture Generol Agriculture Alpho Commo Rho Alpha Zelo; Phi Eta Sigma; Agricultural Eco- nomics Club; The Illinois Agriculturiil (2, 3); Agriculture Council (3); Wesley Foundolion Stu- dent Council (4) Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Gustave Charles Hinueber Springfield Journalism Advertising Newman Hall Marketing Club; The Doily Html (1) Henry Joseph Hirtzer Summit Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Texas Agricultural and Mechonicol College Bruce Eugene Hiier . . Commerce Monogemtnt Phi Gommo Delta Skull and Crescent Honors Day (I I Bloomington Joy Ann Hiser Chicogo Liberal Art! and Sciences Teocher Trolning in Sociol Studies Alpha Gammo Delia The Doily lllini (1); HIini Union Commillee (I): McKlnley Foundolion Student Council (1. 21 Honors Day 13) 139 w mm Ik o J Ruth Ellen Hockman Salem Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Buiey Holl Mask and Bouble; Arepo; Cydothem Club; Pro- duction Stoff, " Antony ond Cleopatra " , " Joon of Lorroine " , " Pirotei of Penzance " , " Anno Sophie Hedvig " , and " Cherry Orchord " George McForlond Hodge, Jr Rockford Fine ond Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Honors Day (I ) August Jay Hoefllnger Belleville Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Day (1,2] James Calvin Hoekstro Evergreen Potk Division of Special Services Economics Delta Tau Delta lovern George Hoener Sterlinc) Engineering Metollurgicol Engineering Acocio M.I.S.; Marching Band (1, 2, 3) Gordon John Hoerner Elgin Commerce Marketing Marching Bond (1, 2, 3, 4) Marvin Joseph HofTtng Chicogo Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Wright Junior College Joyce Chorles Hoffman Mollne Fine and Applied Arts tondicape Architecture Phi Eia Sigmo; Landscope Archlleclure Club; Ch! Gamma lotaj I.T.E. Honors Doy |l, 2, 3); Unlvorilty of IMinoli Scholarship Key 140 kk ffe Patricia Jeanne Hoffman River ild Commerce Marketing ' Delta Zeta Phi Chi Thelo; The Dolly lllini (1, 31; lllin Union Committee (1); Production Sloff, " Kin Lear ' ' Honors Day [1, 2) Robert John HofTmon Beordslowi Commerce Accountancy ond Management Gar-Men Phi Eta Sigmo; Alpha Kappa Psi; Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Honors Day (1, 2, 3}; University of lllinoi Scholarship Key Werner Otto Hoffman Ohlmoi Commerce Accountoncy Newman Hal! Jomes John Hoffnagle Chicog Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Wright Junior College; Yale University Allan Conrad Hogonson Chicog Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi; Marketing Club Jocquelyn Countrymon Hogonson Rochell Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology Kappo Kappa Gamma German Club; The lllio (1, 2); lllini Unio Committee (2); Production Staff, " Pride on Prejudice ' Robert Joseph Hohlman Olio Commerce Accountancy lllini Club Beta Gommo Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Accour oncy Club; Belo Alpho Psi Honors Day (I, 2, 3); University of lllino Scholarship Key Elmer Phillip Hohmonn Alonand ' Division of Special Services Economics I Mini Insurance Society , M Merrill Edword Holden Chicago Journoliim Advertiiing Cronado Club Th« Ooily mini 13. ■4); Houie President (3) Odette Morie Holden Chieogo liberol Arts and Sciences English Alpho Koppo Alpha John levin Hole Danville Engineering Mechonical Engineering AS. ME. Purdue University John William Holl Danville Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; Phi Mu Atpho-Sinfonia; Marching Band (1. 2, 3, 4); Concert Band (I. 2, 3, 4); University Orchestra (1) Honors Day (1 ] Jomes Froncis Hollahan Seneca Journolism Advertising Loyola University Gloria June Holland Oak Pork Commerce Accountancy Emon Koi Teon Club Nancy Ruth Holmes Champaign Liberol Arts and Sciences History Pi Beta Phi Terrapin; House President (3, 4); lllini Union Committee (1, 2) HoAori Doy (I, 3) Rose Marie Holmes Champai{,n Fine ond Applied Arts Music Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha lambda Dello; Sigma Alpha loto; A CappeUa Choir (3); Women s Glee Club (3); University Baptist Foundation Student Council (2. 3) Honors Day (1. 2. 3); University of Illinois Scholarship K«y M ' h?fl Williom Holiopple Cioonup Engineering Electrical Engineering A. I. E.E.J I.R.E.] lllumlnollng Englneerlno Club Conors Day (3) Jf ' mmM Lois Minelte Holsline Hmo, Oh.o Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Epsilon Phi Shorter Board; Torch; The Doily lllini ( I ) , iunior Prom Committee; House President (7] ; lllini Union Council (3); lllini Union Commit- tee (I. 2] Robert Henry Holzbeierlein . .Washington, D. C. Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Sigma Nu Vorsity Baseball Squad (t) honors Day ( 1 ) Morylond University Betty Marian Holzem Chieogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Fehner House DePaut University John Rtchord Holzlnger Chlcacjo Engineering Electricol Engineering A.I.E.E.; Illuminoting Engineering Club Morgon Pork Junior College Dan Vinson Hon Springfield Engineering Mechonical Engineering Ruite Armes A.S.M.E. Richord Hong Wild Rose, Wis. liberol Arts and Sciencei Chemistry Alpho Kqppo lambda lienors Doy (3, 3) Jcnice Ruth Honn Arcolo Fine ond Applied Arts Muitc Edwcolion Koppo Delto A Coppello Choir (3. 4) M:nori Day (3) 141 r O ■n I u. o J Carrol Kay Hoover Milton Agriculture General Agriculture Sherwood lodge Agriculture Club Weitern State College Ceroid King Hoover Chicago Liberol Arli and Sctencet Psychology Club Esquire House President (3) St. Norbert College Reynold Leonard Hoover Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Biology Wesmen House President [4); Marching Bond (1); Wes- ley Foundotion Student Council (2, 3, 4) Dorothy Regino Hopkins Waukegon Journalism Editoriol Stonehaven Honors Day ( 1 } Jomes David Hopkins Peekskill, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Architecturol Engineering College HoH A. I. A. Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical College Robert Froncis Horin Ov aneco Agriculture General Agriculture Agriculture Club Willioni Kroning Horin Ovroneco Agriculture Economics Agriculture Club; Agricultural Economics Club University of Notre Dame Donald Lee Hoskln EIDoro Phyiicol Educotlon Physical Educotion Honors Day (1, 3) Honnibol LoGronge CoKeg 142 -f. Jeonette Houpt Polestinc Commerce Management Evans Moll Phi Chi Theto; Marketing Club; I Mini Union Committee (2, 3] Robert K. Houston Nomeoki Commerce Industrial Management Janice Helen Howard Wood Rive. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Slgmo Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta,- Iota Sigma Pi; |||ini Union Committee (1, 2); Newmon Foundotior Student Council (1. 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. Com miftees (3, 4); Production Stoff, " Three Men or a Horse ' ' , " Everyman " , ' ' Anthony and Clee potro " , " Three Penny Opero " , " A Beggor or Horseback ' ' Honors Day {1, 2, 3); University of lllinoii Scholarship Key Lowell Frederick Howord Rose Nil Division of Special Services Architecture Robert William Howard Westvilli Agriculture Agricultural Education Alpha Tou Alpha; Agricultural Club; Agricul turol Education Club; Rurol Life Club; Y.M.C.A (3) William Lee Howard Freepor Commerce Morketing Beloit College Sheldon Carl Howerter Cubi Agriculture Generol Agriculture Comelot Club Alpha Zeto; Pershing Rifles; Pholonx; Icorut Coptain, University Brigode Honors Day (3) Roy Elijah Howsor. . Urbor Division of Spociol Services Political Science University of Noire Dome; Droke University ■WM hA Oofse Joy Hiish New York, N. Y. Art! I B hS AT W1EL F 1 -J Columbia Univociily M f ' y ' Oonold Somuol Hubbotll Toylorvillo Phyficol Educotion » Phyiicol Education H 1 V Phi Kappa Pii I K 9 InUffrolernity Countil (2) » ( ' i Fwd Monnlng Hubboll RocHord Arts and Music B Kappa E B J k Phi Mu Aipho-Sinfonio; Composers ' Club; March- Ph mJM M v L iftg Bond II, 2, 3); Concer! Bond (1. 2. 3, i] ; W ' f " f B , B Men ' s GIM Club (41 |L ' V lA -- - Honors Ooy , l r W . T Neva Nell Hudson lowrenceville . te: v liberal Arts HK B Welih House , . .flt llllni Union Commiltee (1); Y.W.C.A. Com- K " k W miHee 13]; Production Staff, " King Lear " K « " r John Christion Hug Highland Engineering Mechanical Engineering Chi Phi Pi Tou Sigmo; Interfraternity Council (3) Honors Day (3) Princeton University; New York University Charles Adrian Hughes Canton . k. Technology PB B « Alpha Zeto F U ' Honors Day (I, 3) flb 1 ' George Kenneth Hughes Woukegan Liberal Arts and Sciences History Sigma Nu Aoymond Hughes Dolhan. Ala. Com mere Management Noble House c i .» Chi Gommo Iota University of Californio at Los Angeles; Uni- versity of Alabama ■ Robert Gilbert Hughes Cope Moy. ' t J Division of Special Services Personnel Administration Sigma Pi Student Representative. Alumni Atioclotioi Boord (2) Harold Linton Hull Urbano Commerce Marketing Alpha Kappa Lambda Marketing Club; McKinley Foundation Student Council (3. 4); First Lleutenont, University Brigade Mary Elizobeth Hull Urbana Low Low Gammo Phi Beta Mortar Board; Torch; Shi-Ai; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Beta Pi; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Production Staff, " Beggar on Horse- bock " , " King Leor " Honors Day (I, 2) A Ion Clifford Hultman Hinsdole Division of Speciol Services Economics and Low Psi Upsllon Phi Eta Sigmo; Phi Alpha Delta; Junior Bor Association; I Mini Union Committee (4) ; No- tional Student Association (4) Jeanne Eileen Humberstone Moline Physical Educolion Physical Education Busey Hall Orchesis; Physical Education Mojors Club; W.A.A. {I, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerols; Ma- jor I Dwight Joel Humphrey Moline Education Commerce Alpha Chi Rho Star ond Scroll; Dolphins; A.S.M.E.; Varsity Bosketboll Squad (1. 7. 3). Letter (1, 2); House President (4) Edward Horlon Hunley, Jr. Engineering Agriculturol Engineering AS A.E. Henning Harold Horvey Hunt CHompoign EABineerlng Sonitary Engineering A S C E Honors Day (I ) 143 rs O Potricio Wullimon Hunt Educotion Elementory Educotion Gamma Phi Beto MocMurroy College II. O j Richord Reid Hunter Jacksonville Engineering Mechonical Engineering Rusle Armes Sigma Tau; Pi Tou Sigma; Marching Band (2. 31 Honors Day (3) Illinois College Robert Lafe Hunter Auroro Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Pi Tou Sigma Honors Doy (1, 2| Worren Theodore Hunter La Salle Engineering Eleclricoi Engineering Tou Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu Lo Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College William Gates Hutchings Chicago Division of Special Services Economics Psi Upsilon Louisiana Stale University Lloyd Nolhaniel Huth Oil City, Po. Division of Special Services Labor end Industrial Relotions Clark House Allen Smith Hyde OIney Division of Special Services Economics mini Insurance Club John Bruce Hyde Chompoign Low Low Phi Beta Kappo; Phi Eto Sigma Honors Day (1, 2) r " :r i :9k ttfUi imJ 144 Robert Lee Hyde Donvili,. Engineering Electrical Engineering , Sigma Phi Delta Efa Koppa Nu; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Day (2, 3] University of Wisconsin Russell Smith Hyde Chompaigr Engineering Melollurgical Engineering M.l.S. Donold Hyer Quinc Engineering Electrical Engineering Acacia A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Day (3) Culver Stockton College; Ouincy College Morshall Leonard Hymon New York, N. Y Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Clark House AI.Ch.E. Honors Day (3, 4) Ara Ignatius Mayweoc Fine and Applied Arts Architecture lllint Union Committee (3) Bonnie Jeanne llten RockfoM Liberal Arts ond Sciences English Kappo Kappa Gamma The lllio (1); Campus Chest (3) George Everett Inglett Ml, Vernot Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Four Columns Honors Day (1, 3) Willis Birch Inman Neogi Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Chi Gamma Iota Honors Day (!) North Dakota State College hMi loyd Owen Irelond DeKolb Commerce Accounloncy ;och m; Srudent Senate (3, 4); President, Soph- .more Clast; Vice-President; Junior Cloit; Upho Koppo Pii; Pierrots; Mosk end Bouble; wcountancy Club; Independent Informal Com littM (3); M.I. A. Executive Council (I. 2, 3, :)• mini Union Committee {3, 4); Notional ilJdtnl Association (3, 4); Cost, " Borcheiter owtrs " , " Skin of Our Teeth " ; Production StofT, . ' Claudio " lonors Doy (I, 3) It Nelson Irgens Wouwotosa, Wis. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Phi Kappa Pii Purdue University rllliom Dovis Irvine Poris Commerce Accountoncy lonors Doy ( 1 ) -.rnond lee Irwin Chicogo Division of special Services Geology Phi Delto Theta .rdolhem Club; Varsity Football Squad (1); Uanity Wrestling Squad (2); Junior Prom " omHiHee Kord Edwin Irwin Rock Island Division of Special Services Advertising Alpho Sigma Phi Arizono State College : serf Tracy Irwin Indianapolis, Ind. Division of Special Services Architecture cffi Kenneth Itaocs White Plaini, N. Y Education Physici ' -- Eta Sigma loooti Doy (21 New York Uni»etilty ■flai Normon Isaacs Sullivon Division of Special Services General Alpha Sigma Phi iMd Chorlei Moioo lie Chicago Liberal Arts and Scl«nc«i Chemltlry Cosmopolitan Charles Isenberg Mt. Vernon, N, Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences English Lundgren House Tempo (2); WILL (2); Hillel Foundation Stu- dent Council (2); Production Staff, " The Cherry Orchard " , " The Duchess of Molfl " , " Anna Sophie Hedvig " , ond " All the King ' s Men " Morvin Itenstein Chicago Commerce Marketing Pi Lambda Phi Marketing Club; German Club Bernard Howord Ivey Dunlap Commerce Personnel Management Morketing Club John William Jaocks. Pork Ridge Commerce Induslriol Administration Phi Kappo Psi Skull and Crescent; Scobbord ond Blade; Persh- ing Rifles; The lllio (1): First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigode; Production Stoff, " Three Men on a Horse " , " Pygmalion " , " Yeomen of the Guard " , " Squaring of the Circle " , " Cherry Orchord " Gloria Jeonne Jockson Evonstcn Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Delta Sigma Thelo University of Wisconsin Victor Guy Jockson Kansas City, Mo. Engineering Mechanicol Engineering Chi Gamma lolo; Tou Beta Pi; Pi Tou Sigmo Konsos City Junior College George Lowell Jacobek Moywoot! Engineering EUctrlcol Engineering College Hall A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; IMuminoling Engineering Ciut- r O ■n 3 145 o V Bovofly Ann Jacobs .Quincy Education Deaf Educotton Wom«n " i Ann«x Mu Iota Sigma; Ths lllio (3); W.A.A. (1, 2), IllinI Union Committee (2, 3) Loiter Erneit Jacobs Sterlino Agriculture Agronomy Alpha Comma Rho Alpha Zefo; Phi Eta Sigmo; Agriculture Club. Field and Furrow; Agriculture Council (3) Honors Day (1. 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Raymond Lester Jacobs Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Roosevelt College; Arizona State College Alice Katharine Jocobsen Matloon Agriculture Home Economics Comma Phi Beto Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club; Junior Prom Committee; Y.W.C.A. Cobinet (3, 4); McKinley Foundation Student Council (2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (3) Honors Day (1, 3) Carl Marius Jocobsen Homer Engineering Civil Engineering Adrian College Howard Jordan Jo cob son Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry University of Kentucky John David Jocobion Chicogo Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. The Penntylvonio State College Wllllom Harold Jacobion, Jr Chicago Dlviilon of Speciol Services Indutlrial Management Thelo XI Mofketing Club; IHInl Union Committee (3, 4) Middlebury CoMogej Notre Dome University 146 Ralph Johnke Nash e Division of Special Services Industrial Monogement i University of Wisconsin Henry Alden James Chico Engineering Electrical Engineering Chi Psi At.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Doy (2, 3) Corleton College James Charles James, Jr Auo Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gorgoyle; Chi Comma Iota; A. I. A.; A.S.C.E Honors Doy (3) Purdue University; Aurora College; Univety of lov a Joy Robert James Taylor ie Agriculture Ceneral Agriculture Kappa Sigma Chi Gamma lolo; Agriculture Club; Agrlcul ol Economics Club; Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day (1, 2) Marilyn Ruth James Urno Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi Shorter Board; Assistant Business Manager, he Daily mini; The Doily lllini (2, 3, 4); n- hellenic Executive Council (3); Y.W.C.A. b- inet (3) Richard Craig James Toylo He Agriculture General Agriculture Agriculture Club Honors Day (1 ] Charles Edword Jonke Ch flo Engineering Ceramic Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Keramos; A.C.S. Curtis Jansky Washington. C Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Sigma Koppo I.R.E.; Production Staff, " Cherry Orch " " Yoomon of the Guard " Honors Day (2) United States Coast Guard Academy onold Eric Janson Eait Orange. N. J. Division of Special Services Commerce arketing Club; Accountancv Club onori Day (2) Wright Junior College; College of the ■zorks tonard Cosimir Jorzob Chicago Division of Special Services Industrial Recreation and Relotions fihmon Varsity Football Squod (1) Merit Junior College; Wyoming University Lytnond William Josek Forest Po.k ' Division of Special Services Morketing The Ice Rink korketing Club I, Si. lowronce University pom isrchi i lobinei onneite Louise Jeflcrson Urbona liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Gamma Phi Beto , Mask and Bouble; Zelo Phi Eto; Y.W.C.A. }inet {3); Y.W.C.A. Committee (I, 3, 3); iroduetion Stoff, " Antony and Cleopatra " , " All i« King ' s Men " , " Yeomen of the Guard " , Cherry Orchord " , " Pygmolion " Ihillip Byrum Jeffries Charleston Journalism Editoriol Flagg House fochem; Sporti Editor, The Daily lllinl; The iaily mini (1, 2, 3, 4); Sigma Delta Chi; |reihman Varsity Football Squod; Cast, " The leggar on Horseback " lonors Day (2, 3} Yole University William K. Jenkins Nokomis Agriculture General Agriculture I Alpha Gammo Rho agriculture Club; Field and Furrow; lllini Union ommittee (2); Y.M.C.A. Committee (2) jobert Thomos Jennings St. Charles Division of Speciol Services Marketing Morketing Club , ( inifred Jennings Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences French I Presbylerion Hall J jrtneh Club; Alpha Pi Dello; McKinley Foundo , on Student Council (3, 4) Shurllef! College Aldon Homan Jensen Moiieno, lowo Agriculture Generot Agriculture Iowa State Teocheri ' Colleg Allen Hunter Jelar lowrencavllle Division of Special Services Music William Robert Jewsbury Golesburg Commerce Business Administration and Marketing Marketing Club; Illinois Disciples Foundation Student Council (4) Knox College James P. Jimenez Eureka Division of Special Services Pre-Velerinary Medicine Delta Phi Balboa Junior College; Murroy State Teach- ers ' College Ann Jinkins FalrmounI Commerce Commercial Teaching McKinley Hall Alpha Lambda Delto; Phi Chi Theto; Account- oncy Club; Marketing Club; Mother ' s Day Luncheon Committee (3); House President (4); W.G.S. Executive Council (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. Cobinel (4) Honors Day (I, 2) Wallace Emig Jobusch Collinsvillo Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpho Rho Chi A.S.C.E.; Phi Mu Alpho-Sinfonio; Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Concert Bond (I, University Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Men ' s Cle Club (1. 2, 3) Purdue University Marching 2. 3, 4): Delmar Karl Johannsen Commerce Management Phi Delta Theto HIint Union Commille (I) University of Georgia Jored Ellison Johns Peoria Journalism Advertising mini Union Committee (3)t McKlnIvy Founda- tion Student Council (3, 4) Honors Day ( I ) 147 Urn O j Alberr Donold Johnion Chicago Commerctf Marketing Granada Club Y.M.C.A. Commiltee (3) Arthur Stanley Johnion Chicogo Journalism Radio Sigmo Alpha tAo Phi Eto Sigmo; The Doily Mlini (4); Casr, " " Pof trait of a Madonna " Honors Doy (1 ) Betty Marie Johnion Ashland Agriculture Home Economics 4-H House Home Economics Club; The Illinois Agriculturist (1, 2); W.A.A. (1, 2. 3, 4); W.A.A. Nu- merols Cor! Richard Johnson Chicago Division of Special Services Commerce Marketing Club; Intramural Manager (1) Charles Norman Johnson Rock Island Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A. I. A. Augustona College; West Texas State College Darrell Llewellyn Johnson. . .Long Beach, Calif. Liberol Arts and Sciences Pre-Lav Sigmo Alpha Epsiton The lllio (1); mini Union Committee (1, 2, 3} Honors Day (1) Crle Edwin Johnson pe, Engineering Generol Engineering V Sigmo Chi Bradley University Eugene Lawrence Johnson Rock ' j Commerce Marketing Beta Theta Pi Sachem; Alpha Kappa Psi; Marketing Cl; Accountancy Club; The llllo [2, 3); Vory Tennis Squad (2, 3, 4) Centrol Missouri College; Reniieloer P . lechnic Institute George Donald Johnson Dur j Agriculture Agronomy Alpha Gamma Rho Agriculture Club; Field and Furrow; The lit! t Agriculturist (3, 4) Honors Day (3) Harry Alfred Johnson, Jr Rock,d Division of Speclol Services Industrial Engineering A.S.C.E.; Marketing Club; House President ) Yale University Howard Beverly Johnson, Jr Spring Id Engineering Mechanical Engineering Club Esquire A.S.M.E. Springfield Junior College James Elmer Johnson Clinton, fo Commerce Monogement Phi Gamma Delta Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; Varsity III- ball Squad (2. 3) University of Princeton A Donold Clark Johnson Chicago Division of Special Services Marketing Sigma Chi Emmo Johnson Chicago Liberol Arts ond Sciences Mothemotici Wilson Junior College t ' 148 Marvin Clorence Johnson... Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Doy (1, 2, 3} Philip Gale Johnson Commerce Accountoncy Augustona College ! ' i (Chord Fr«lfic Johnson Ffoeporl Engineering Electrical Engineering Triongle ,.I.E.E. Coe College I p«rl Arthur Johnson Poolioc Commerce Industrial Adminittrolion obbord and Blode; Morkeling Club; The Doily ■ • (3) . The Illinois Technogroph (3, 4); -jrching Bond {)); Engineering Council (4); ■jrenont, Bottolion of Midshipmen Muhlenberg College ■?efl Edword Johnson Golesburg Engineering Mechonicol Engineering ..S.M.E. 4 poflort Day (2) • Illinois Institute of Technology • on May Johnson Edwcrdsville Liberal Arts ond Sciences Social Science Gamma House itaik ond Bauble; Alpha Pi Delta; The Doily kllini (I); Canterbury Episcopal Vestry (2, 3. •I; Production Sioff, " Joan of lorroine " , " An- piiy and Cleopatra " , " Beggar on Horsebock " , Blithe Spirit " , " Three Penny Opero " William Donner Johnson Danville I Engineering Electrical Engineering • l-E.E.; Elo Koppo Nu :-3ri Day (1, 3) janiti Robert Johnston Greenville j Commerce Marketing I ! ;5 rt RIchord Johnston Waukegan liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry University of South Carolina -u Togo Joich: Chicogo I Engineering Mechonicol Engineering O " House S M.E. Wright Junior College Luron Oiwell Joklsch Blufl Sprlngi CommerM Induitrlol Administration Knox College Benjamin Angus Jonei. Jr Decatur Engineering Agricultural Engineering A.S.A.E. Honors Day (3) Cecily Joan Jones Tuscola Liberol Arts ond Sciences History Delto Gomma I Mini Union Committee {3); Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee (2, 3, 4) Milwoukee-Downer College Donald Richard Jones Harvey Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Lundgren House Alpha Phi Omega Park College Dorothy Dorch Jones Dallas City Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Social Studies Bethany Circle Alpha Lombda Delta Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key Helen Motko Jones Ciceio liberol Arts and Sciences Teacher Troining in English Pri-Oer Toochers !n-Training Club; lllini Union Com- mittee (2); Production Staff, " Beggar on Horse- back ' Herbert Whittier Jones Chicago liberol Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Alpha Phi Alpha Honors Doy (3) Howord Lyie Jonet Chompoign liberol Art and Scencei Teacher Training in Sociol Studies ttonors Doy (I. 2) University of Konios r O ■n 3 149 UL O j John Millon Jonej Williom«vill« Commerce Low Beta Theta Pi Phi Elo Sigma; Senior FoolbatI Manager; Stu- dent Senote (3, 4); Alpha Koppo Pii; Account- ancy Club; Junior Bar Asiocialion; Football Man- ager (3, 4); Inlromural Manager (2, 3); Houto President (4); lllini Board of Control (3, 4) Honors Day (3) Lynham Douglai Jonei Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa Vanity Swimming Squod (I, 2) Phyllij Ann Jonei Weslville Liberal Arts and Sciences Bocterlology Stratford House Alpho Lambda Delta; Junior Prom Committee (31; mini Union Committee {3) Honors Doy (t ) Trevor Leslie Jones, Jr Havana Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Pi A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Day (2, 3} Williom Donold Jones Steword Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine A Cappella Choir (3) Honors Day (1, 2) Alice Carroll Jordan Springfield Liberal Arts ond Sciences History Chi Omega Torch; The lllio (1); Compus Chest (3. 4); Production Staff, " King Lear " , " Antony ond Cleopatra " , " Beggar on Horseback " , " Pirates of Penionce " Joe Jordan Philadelphia, Pa. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Rogers House Gargoyle; lllini Union Committee (2) Honors Day (2, 3) Bowdoin College; Drexel Institute of Tech- nology,- Newark College of Engineering Richord Lewis Joutros Joliot Division of Special Services Economics Alpho Sigma Phi lllini Union Committee (4); Cost, " Exodus " Joliot Junior Colleg } University of Iowa 150 Moriorie Heleno Joyce Chico Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology ■ Alpha Kappa Alpha Cast, " Three Penny Opera " , " Green Postures ' Production Staff, " Squaring the Circle " ; " Joe of Lorraine " ; " Patience " Lincoln University Gordon Arthur Juhl Chicoi Division of Speciol Services Insurance Phi Koppo Sigmo mini Insuronce Club John Bernard Jung Water) Engineering Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma A.S.C.E. University of Arizona Eugene George Jurenec Milwaukee, W Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Scarab Donald Richard Kohn Chicc Engineering Civil Engineering Pershing Rifles; Pholonx; A.S.C.E.; Tau Nu Tt First Lieutenant, University Brigade Normon Leon Kohn New York, N. Division of Special Services Marketing Pi Lambda Phi Boston University Irwin Arky Kolish Chico Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry and Bacteriology Wright Junior College; Roosevelt College Paul Chortes Kollenbach Evansville, 1 Engineering Engineering Physics Honors Day (1. 2, 3); University of IIH ' ' Scholarship Key WoMv Ann Komin Lima, Ohio Liberol Arts and Sciences Speech Alpha Epsilon Phi r.W.C.A. Commitiee (I, 2) Honors Doy ( I ) University of Wisconsin ' Donald Woyno Kaminslit Engineering Civil Engineering C.S.C.E. onort Day O) Mllllkin University leonord Myron Kominsky Engineering Electrical Engineering Tou Delta Phi Interfroiernily Council (2) Morgon Pork Junior College .Chicago ICilbert George Kamm Pontioc ' Liberal Arts end Sciences Chemicol Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma «Pht Kappa Phi; Tou Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigmo; Ja.I.CH.E.; S.A.E.; Phi Lambda Upsilon iHonori Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois iSchotorship Key Edwin Chorles Komps Engineering Electrical Engineering Wenolchee Men ' s Glee Club (2) . Chicogo John Crowford Konberg Commerce Morketing Sigma Nu Mory Lou Kanberg Springfield liberal Arts end Sciences Sociology Alpha Chi Omego Mortar aoard; Torch; ShiAi; The lllio (I, 2, 3); Stor Course, Board of Managers (2) Honors Day (31 Jomei Cooty Kontor Chicogo Engineering Mechonical Engineering Frvthmon Council; House President (1); M.I. A. Executive Council [)} ' Aftf ' lL David Leon Kontro Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Tou Delta Phi Phi Kappo Phi) Phi Lambdo Upsilon j Morching Band (t, 3)j Concert Band (1) Honors Day (I, 3) Alvin Koplon Chicago Commerce Pre- Law Borlon House Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Ela Sigma; Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; Junior Bar Association Honors Day (1, 2) Northwestern University; University College of Swanses Allan Louis Karl Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Gorgoyle; A. I. A.; House President (4) Honors Day (2, 3); University of Illinois Schol- arship Key Wright Junior College; University of Chicago James Peter Karlos, Jr Waukegon Commerce Soles and Merchandising Marketing Club Honors Day (1 ) Carol Ann Korr Shirley Liberal Arts and Sciences French Busey Holl Illinois Stole Normal University Wollace Gordon Korraker Jonesboro Engineering Electrical Engineering Noble House Phi Eto Sigma; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; A.I.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu Honors Day (I ) Southern Illinois University; University of Aloboma William George Korson Chicogo Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Design Sigmo Alpha Mu A. I. A. Richard Martin Korten . Chicogo Commtrce Morheiing Tou Epsilon Phi Morketing Clubj House Preildont (3. 4); Choristers (i); Cost. " P rot«s of Peniance " r O ■n 3 151 II. O j rdilh Kotper . , Chicoflo Liberol Aril and Sciences Political Science Ivria Houte Preiidenl (4) ; I Mini Union Commilluc (2, 3); will (2, 3, 4); Production Stafl, " Squoring the Circle " , " Beggar on Horseback ' Honors Day (1 ) DePoul University Jomes Woodrow Kasserman Glen Ellyn Commerce Morketing Pi Koppo Phi Marketing Club Kreel Wayne Katsermon Glen Ellyn Commerce Accountoncy Pi Koppo Phi Alpho Koppo Psi; Accountoncy Club; Interfro- lernity Council (3, 4) Honors Day (3) Dorothy Stroin Kotris Chicogo liberal Arts and Sciences English The lltio (1) Honors Doy (3| Horry John Kotris Bethlehem, Po. Engineering Mechanical Engineering S.A.E. Chris John Kotsinas Chompoign Commerce Morketing Sigma Phi Epsilon Pierrots; Accountancy Club; Mask and Bauble; Alpha Koppo Pii; Marketing Club; Stor Course, Board of Monogers (2); Junior Prom Committee; Cost, " The Women " , " Twelfth Night " ; Produc- tion Staff, " Out of the Frying Pan " Dovid Joseph Kotz Gary, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A. I. A. Purdue University loo Howard Kotz Milwaukee, Wiv. Journoliim Advortiiing Sigr Q Alpha Mm The Dolly IllinI (4) Univerifty of Wltcontin 152 9 yiijH Molvin Kotz Chicc. liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine ' Tau Delta Phi Interfraternity Council (2) Jconne Kotzoff Chica Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Delto Phi Epsilon Slii-Ai; Mask ond Bauble; Arepo Albert Kaufman, Jr Mount 01 ' liberal Arts and Sciences English Blond House John Louis Koofmon Akron, Oh Agriculture Horticulture Newman HoM Agriculture Club; Horticulture Club; Markets Club Tyrus Lynn Kaufman GridI liberal Arts and Sciences History and Low Phi Eta Sigmo; Spanish Club; Junior Bar Ass ciotion Honors Doy ( 1 ) Julius Koye Chico Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Illuminating Engineering CI University of Chicago; University of Missc Chorlotfe Keck ChompO ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Spe ech Correction Pi Beta Phi Alpha lombdo Delta; Zeto Phi Eto; Torrap Y.W.C.A. Committee (1) Honors Day (t, 3) William Edward Kecch, Jr Erie, ' Division of Speciol Services Accountancy iM lovld l«o K«ef« Victor, N. Y Commerce Personnel Management Blond Houie Belmont Abbey College; Southern Illinois Uni- 1 ol Adele Keenon Chicogo Commerce Pertonnel Monagement lllj Inn Chi Theto; Accoyntoncy Club; House Presi " t (I, 2, 4) 2-ntt Howord Keim Wenolchee, Wosh. Engineering Electrical Engineering Ueto Marie Keller Streotor Agriculture Home Economics McKinley Hall hi Upiilon Omicron; The lllio (1); The Illinois agriculturist (3, 4}, Women ' s Editor (4); Home kconomict Club; Rural Life Club; Co-chairman, how 8oy Prom (3) an Moxwell Kelley Urbonu Agriculture 1 Dairy Technology e!rv Technology Club llaney Roe Kelley Chico jo Education English Lappa Delta |faiveriity of Colifornio at Los Angeles NfMdell Junior Kelley ' Engineering Electrical Engineering I 6.E.; I. RE.; Eta Koppo Nu onort Day ( 1 ) oihlMfi Elizabeth Kelly Chicogo low law BuMv Hall Ipho lambda Delto; Kappo Beio Pi; Junio- or Atsociotion onori Day (1, 2) Oklohoma Agriculturol and Mechanical Col s. Paul Jomei Keliey Allendole Commerce Accountancy Phi Eta Slgmo; Accountancy Club; Belo Alpha Pil Honors Doy (I. 2. 3) Wilber Thomos Kelsey Allendolo Agriculture Vocationol Agriculture Phi Eta Sigmo; Agriculturol Education Club; Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day [I, 2} Harold Warren Kemp Woihburn Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Ruste Armes A. I. A. Honors Day {3] Emporia Slate Teachers ' College William Edward Kempe Chicago Fine and Applied Arts An Morketing Club Honors Day (1 ) Colvin Conaway Kemper Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A S.C.E. Wright junior College; Herzl Junior College Thomas Harry Kempner Gleneoe Commerce Marketing Borton House Student Senate (2); President, Sophomore Class; M.I .A. Eiecutive Council (4) ; I Mint Union Com- mitlee (3); Commerce Council (3); Student Representative, Alumni Association Board ( 2) Dorothy Catherine Kendrick Lo Grange Liberal Arts ond Sciences Zoology McKinley Hall Orchesis; W.A.A. (I. 2, 3) Lyons Township Junior College Frances Irene Kendfick Melvtn liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology McKinley Hall Tempo 13, 4). W.A.A. |l, 2. 3); Campus Chest (3); Newman Foundation Student Coun- cil (3, 4) 153 rs O ■n I u. o Alice Ellen Kennedy Wilmetto liberal Arts ond Sciencet Speech Evans Hall Morlar Board; Propertiei Manoger, lllini Theatre Guild; Moik and Bouble; Arepo; Alpha Pi Delto; llli Sota: Houte PreiJdenl (4); lllini Union Com- millee (3); Cost, " School for Scandal " ; Pro- duction Staff, " Anno Sophie Hedvig ' ' , " Cherry Orchard " , " Ducheis of Molfl " , " Pygmalion " Honors Ooy {!) John Brice Kennedy Shetbyvllle Engineering Aeronouticol Engineering I.A.S. Chorles lewis Kenney Eost St. Louis Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Tuskegee Institute Ann Kent Clinton liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Palomar Psi Chi Honors Doy (2) Gwendolyn Lou Kent Oak Pork Education Art Alpha Gornma Delta University of California ot Los Angeles Lester William Kent, Glendole, Long Island, N. Y. Division of Special Services Advertising Beta Theto Pi Morkeling Club; The lllio (1); Varsity Swim- ming Squad (1) Waller Raymond Kenyon, Jr. Schenectady, N. Y. Division of Speciol Services Commerce James Nelson Keiilnger Corlinvilh Agriculture Agriculturol Educotlon Blockburn College 154 i . i Mary Ellen Kessinger Corlinvill Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry ' Blackburn College; Albion College Gordon Merle Keswick Chicoc Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Germon Club; Psi Chi Honors Day (1 ) Wolter Lee Kevern Freepc Engineering Civil Engineering Triangle A.S.C.E.; Inlerfraternity Council (3) William Troit Kibler Jerseyvi Agriculture Dairy Technology Tau Kappa Epsilon Chi Gamma loto; Dairy Technology Club; Doi Production Club Washington University Durward Wilfred Killinger Jol Division of Special Services Geology Theta Delta Chi Second Lieutenant, University Brigade Joliet Junior College Carrel Kimmel West Chi( Journolism Advertising Alpho Delta Sigmo; Marketing Club Honors Day (3) John Kennedy Kincoid, Jr Alhi Agriculture General Agriculture Acocio Alpha Zeto; Phi Eto Sigmo; Agricultural E- nomics Club; Agriculture Club; The lllinori A ' - culturist {1, 2, 3), Editor (3); Houte Preiidl (3); Interffolernity Council (3); Y.M.C.A. C- inet (3); Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors |; Compus Chest (3) Honors Day (1 ) Adele Evelyn King Journalism Advertising Sherwood Lodge The Doily lllini (4) Wright Junior College •arrane Reine King Springfield Liboral Arts and Sciences Chemistry Bethany Circle Springfield Junior College " test Thomas King, Jr Chicogo liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Phi Alpho Norlhwesiern University ilohn MorshoH King Poris Engineering Electrical Engineering V I.E.E. University of Arizona, Rose Polytechnic Insti- Lite tlobtrt Malcolm King Galva liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Delta Phi Park College; University of Oklohoma •■ jWesley Robert King Geneva I Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Beta Theta Pi Scarab: A. I. A. Kftox College; North Dakota Stole College » iJobn Matthew Kinnear Urbano 1 Cammerce I Economlci pw lllia O) ' Henori Day (1. 2, 3): University of Illinois Scholarship Key I ' l ' v Edward Kirk Robinson Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology ila Coterie HowM President (3); Cast, " Exodus 47 " jSallie PAa, Kirk Moline liberal Arts and Sciences English Gammo Phi Beta Williom Woods Junior College; University of Iowa Billy Denton KIrkwood Sullivan Engineering Electrical Engineering Ohm Sweet Ohm Sigma Tau; Too Beto PI; Phi Eto S ' -r— ' ■ Kappa Nu Oklahoma Agricultural and Minin-i John William Kissell, Jr Girard Engineering Electrical Engineering A. I.E.E. Oklahoma Agricultural and Mining College; Springfield Junior College lois lacy Kitsch Springfield liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish McKinley Holt Spanish Club MocMufray College Richard Yuk! Kitsuse Chicago liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Somuel Klamen Sterling Division of Special Services Commerce Parade Ground Units Chi Gamma Iota; Marketing Club; I Mini Intur- once Club; House President (4) George leonord Klaus Villa Pork Commerce Accountancy Chi Gamma lolo; Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; Beto Alpha Psi Honors Doy (», 2. 3); University of lllinoii Schotorship Key Oscar Kleb la Grange Fine and Applied Arts Architectur University of Cincinnati Edword Klein Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art Phi Epsilon Pi Wright Junior Colleye r O ■n 155 IJL O j Poul Richord Kl©in Ewonilon Liberol Arii ond Sciencei Phyiici Lambda Cht Alpho mini Union Committee (2, 3, 4) Alena Kleiner Prague, Ciechoslovokia Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemiilry Normo Ruth Kleinmon Chicogo L iberol Arts and Sciences Speech Correction E.K.T. Club mini Union Commillee (2) North Park College; Northwestern Univerjity John Wolter Klewin Rochell- ' Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Morchin Bond (1) lofis Elaine Klinkey St. Chorl ' s Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Cogle Hall Germon Club Herman Richard Klockner Urbano Engineering Ceramic Engineering Harlan George Klotz Chicago Commerce Accountancy Pi Kappa Phi Morkeling Club; Accountancy Club Honors Doy (3) Paul John Klumb, Jr Wouwaloia. W). Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle; Pht Eta Sigmo; Scorab Honors Doy {I, 2, 3) Texas College of Mines 156 " mA I ■■ " ■ iA Glenn George Knockmuhs West Sold Commerce Accountoncy ■ Phi Eta Sigmo; Beta Alpha Psi; Accountonc Club Honors Doy (I, 2, 3); University of lllino Scholarship Key Ellery Louis Knake Cissno Por Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Nabor House Alpha Zeto; Phi Eta Sigma; Agriculture Clul Agricultural Education Club; Field ond Furro Alpha Toy Alpha; Hoof ond Horn Club; Tt Illinois Agriculturist (4); Marching Bond ( I Honors Doy (1. 2, 3) Robert George Knopp Auroi Liberal Arts ond Sciences Bacteriology North Central College I [ Thomos Casey Knight Lebonon, M Fine and Applied Arts Art Sigma Alpha Epsllon Morketing Club John Jacob Knoblock, Jr Jamestown, N. Division of Speciol Services Industrial Administration Chi Phi Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Pershi Rifles Alfred University Moriorie Ann Knoch Nopervi Liberal Arts and Sciences Teocher Training in English Kappa Delta Clarke College Williom John Knowlton Lo Groi ' Commerce Marketing Morketing Club; Accountoncy Club Lyons Township Junior College ii Ellii Gilbert KnoK " orti ' Agriculture Agriculluro) Science Alpha Kappa lambdo Alpho Zolo; Phi Eto Sismo; Student »»li«t Council (3, 4); McKinley Foundotion Stuc,! Council 12, 3, t): Marching Bond (1, 3. , ' Concert Bond (I, 2, 31,- Meni GiM W (1, 2, 3, 4) Honori Day (1, 2. 3); Univertity of IIH ' Scholarship Key NMk ' ■ Foster Knox Sparta Education Music M Mu i nt Religious Council (3, 4); University ut (3): Women s Glee Club (2); McKInley dolion Student Council {2. 3, 4); Produc- Staff, " Three Penny Opero " , and ' ■Pirotej Penxonce " .nie loo Knutzen Denver, Colo. Journalism Advertising tutey Hall n ' l Union Committee (2); Production Staff. ng leor " «ard Howard Kobisk Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry -t i Comma Delta on Club _riiver»ity of Chicago " ude Kobler Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Women ' s Annex A A. (2): House President (3, 4) nors Day (1. 2. 3) 1 Yvelte Kodish Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry ■ -io . " a Lambda Delta; Omega Beta Pi nori Doy (1, 2, 3) • pi Roymond Koehler Woodstock Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering - ri Doy (2) ed Cornell Koelling Centrolio Agriculture Floriculture Moore Hall culture Club; Pi Alpha Xi; University Chorus A Coppello Choir (4); Seabury Foundation " nt Cour»cil (2. 3); Cost. ' Yeomen of the :-d " 5fi Doy (I, 31 om F. Koelling Chieooo Journolism Editoriol J Sigmo Nu jawo Dalto Chi; The Daily Mlini (3); Tempc ' 5 ' gon Pork Junior College; Yole University Rudolph Koenig Chlcogo Agrlculluro Dairy Production Monori Doy (1) Leonard Charles Koetler Peorta Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Marching Bond (3, 4) Brodley University Otto Mox Kohler, Jr Gten Ellyn Liberal Arts and Sciences History Phi Eta Sigmo; lllini Union Committee (3, 4] Honors Day ( 1 ) Robert Arthur Kohtz Pekin Division of Special Services Accountancy Four Columns Marketing Club; Accountancy Club Arthur John Kolar fierwyn Engineering Mechanical Engineering Camelot Club A.S.M.E.; House President (4) Eugene Louis Kolkey Chicogo Fine ond Applied Arts Art Cionada Cfub The Daily lllini (1) Robert Frederick Konigsfeld Chicago Division of Speciol Services Industrial Adminislralion Delto Chi Star ond Scroll; Student Senate (3); Boord of Fraternity Affairs (3, 4); Interfroternily Coun- cil t2. 3. 41 Joseph Edword Konvicko Cicero Journolism Advertising Camelot Club Alpho Delta Sigmo; Marketing Club; House President (3, 4); Production Staff, " Beggor on Horseback " Morton Junior College r O ■n 157 u. O j Sherry Koplon Blrminghom, Alo. Liberol Arli and Sciencei Bacteriology Phi Sigma Sigma Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Hi Mel Foundotion Student Council (3, 4) Honori Doy (I, 7, 3); University of lllinoii Scholorihip Key Robert Gilbert Kopmon Eatontown, N. J. Agriculture General Agriculture Student Religioui Council (3) College of City of New York Stewart Bernard Koppel Chicago Division of Speciol Services Marketing Tou Delta Phi Transportation Corps Club; Phalanx; Pershing Rifles; Morketing Club; Military Ball Committee (2); First Lieutenont, University Brigode Betty Jo Kornegger Cormi liberal Arts and Sciences English Reeter Club The Daily lllini (1); Freshmon Frolic Committee; House President (3, 4) Honors Day |2, 3) Ernest Edward Kornya Chlcogo Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. Illinois Institute of Technology John Edword Korlh Omaha, Nebr. Commerce Accountoncy Newman Holl Honors Day (2, 3) University of Wisconsin Elmer Bohumil Koslka Chicago Educotion Industriol Education Annex Hall House President (3) Chicago Technical College; Colorado College of Agriculture and Mechonics Florence Rita Kosiko Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Fehner House Alpha PI Delta Morton Junior College 158 I — vj I % Paul Robert Kostymuk, Jr Chicogc Physical Education Physical Education , « Gronada Club ' i Phi Epsilon Kappo; Varsity 150 Pound Footbol Squad (2) Honors Day (3) George Anthony Kouros Chlcagi Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigmo; Freshman Council; President Freshman Class; Chi Epsilon; A.S.CE.; Epsilot Phi Sigmo; Sophomore Cotillion Committee Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Stonley Joseph Kozuch Orego Division of Special Services Marketing Club Esquire ' Marketing Club; German Club; House Preiiden (2) Ifi ' l Helen June Krabbe Champoig ' ' Liberal Arts and Sciences English Delta Gamma ShI-Ai; The lllio (1); The Doily lllini |I, 2| mini Union Committee (1, 2); Star Count Board of Managers (2) David Mitchel KrofFt Ook Pa. Division of Special Services Marketing Sigma Pi Pershing Rifles; Icarus; Alpha Phi Omega; A. countancy Club; First Lieutenant, University Bf gade; Production Staff, " Blithe Spirit " , " Squo ing the Circle " , " Six Chorocters in Search on Author " Illinois Institute of Technology Mary Kolherine Kraft Neo( Liberal Arts and Sciences English Welsh House Secretory-Treasurer, Freshmon Closs; Hou President (2) Ralph Glenn Kraft CHcoi Engineering Ceramic Engineering Four Columns Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tou; Keromos; A.C.S.; Anti icon Society for Public Administration Honors Day [1, 2, 3) Bernard Kramer Engineering Electrical Engineering Noble House A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Illinois Institue of Technology .Chica ei Irwin Kramer Chicago Commerce Marketing , Epiilon Pi iiveriilY of Wisconsin .. Fronklin Kromer Konkokee Liberol Arts ond Sciences Politicol Science tlub Lono j|or Bar Asiocialion; Varsity Debate Club, Mirlcon Society for Public Administration; Hse President (4); A Cappella Choir (4); V -C.A. Committee (2. 3, 4); Cast. " The E J ' Sirologem " CI Mormon Kromer Hovono Engineering Mechanical Engineering ;9tna Pi S.E. l-ors Doy (3) ( mond Strond Kramer Chicago Engineering Generol Engineering lagg House ' le President (4) ' - Conrad Krouse, Jr Elmwood Park Division of Special Services Morketing fii Koppo Psi i Doy (I) Frortcis Krouse, Jr Chicago Division of Special Services Marketing ■ pting Club; Accountancy Club " ' oo Jomes Kfbec Cicero Engineering Mechonicol Engineering nois Institute of Technology • Krebs Greenville Liberol Arts ond Sciences Sociology elsh House Mory Elitobelh Krebs Belleville Journalism Advertising Alpho Xi Delta Koppo Tou Alpha; Theto Sigmo Phi; I Mini Union Committee (4) Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Carolyn Kreillng Hovono Agriculture General Agriculture Busey Holl Nor Ian Guy Kreiling Havana Engineering Civil Engineering Allan Marvin Krell Chicago Division of Speciol Services Indusiriol Manogement Beoux Brumfields Chi Gamma loto; Marketing Club; House Presi- dent (3) Honors Day (1, 2) Joyce Krell Chicogo Agriculture Floriculture Floriculture Club Eileen Barf knecht Kretz Joliet Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Sigma Koppo German Club; French Club; The Doily lllini (1); mini Union Committee (2) Philip Edword Kretz, Jr Joliel Commerce Management Sigma Phi Epsiton Accountoncy Club; Marketing Club; Intromurol Manager (3) Uloh State Agriculturol College Norman Dovid Krevill . Chicogo Liberol Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Zelo Beta Tou The llllo (1); The Doily lllini (1. 3); Inter- froternily Council ()| r O ■n 159 u. O j Conrad Adolph Krez Coronodo, Collf. Journoliim Adverliiing Junior Bar Aiiociofion; Marketing Club; Ac- counlancY Club; lllini Iniurance Club; The Ooily mini (3, 4); lllini Union Council (4); Itini Union Commitle (3, 4] Jean Hanna Kriager Peoria Fine and Appied Arfs Architectural Engineering Presbyterian HoM Alpha Alpha Gamma; Senior Boll Committee (2); House President (2); McKlnley Foundation Student Council (3, 4) Bradley University; University of Minnesoto Jerome Elmer Kropp Glen view Division of Speciol Services General Freshmon Vorjity Gymnostics Squad; Cheer- (eoder (2) Pork College Joyce Nofolie Krueger Blue IslonH Education Mathematics Thelo Upsilon House President (4) Walter Frederick Krueger Chieogo Engineering Electrical Engineering A.i.E.E. Wright Junior College Lovi rence Krylewitch Chicago Commerce Marketing and Management Phi Epsilon Pi Marketing Club; Accountancy Club Herbert Charles Krupp Bayonne, N. J. Commerce Marketing end Management Waller Bernord Krych Chicago Commerce Accountancy . bi ' JC 160 Edwin John Kudalis Chicog Commerce Industrial Monagement Dolphins; Freshmon Varsity Football Squad Wright Junior College; Oklahoma Agricultura ond Mining College; Loyolo University Rita Ann KuefTner Chotswod Liberal Arts ond Sciences English " ! University Chorus (4) ' ' " Illinois State Normal University 1 Janice Louise Kuhns Chico ' . Fine and Applied Arts Music Educotion Sigma Koppo Sigma Alpha loto; Concert Band (1); Univ«i sity Orchestra (1 ) StofTord Wayne Kulcinski Springfiel ,, engineering Electrical Engineering Tou Beta PI; Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.E.E,; I.R.E. ll:nofs Day {1 ) Ludwig Anton Kulovsek Fox River Cro Commerce Accountoncy Newman Holl William Joseph Kummerer Chicof Commerce Marketing Tau Koppa Epsilon Morketing Club; Accountancy Club Alexander Peter Kundrotos Chico Engineering Electrical Engineering Intramurol Manoger ( 2) ; Sophomore CotiHi ' Committee Honors Doy (I, 2] Rjth Jane Kunkle Woihbv Fine and Applied Arts Music , Locke Monor Sigma Alpha loto; University Chorus ( ' Women ' s Glee Ctub (3, 4); Illinois Discir Foundation Student Council (2) md. ios Elwyn Kunli Princevillc Agriculture General Agriculture fill Hall ha Zeto; Agriculture Club; House Prejident ori Doy {1, 2. 3) yd Julioi Kunize Villa Pork Commerce Accour toncy Comma Iota; Accountancy Club; Marketing b nort Doy (2) nve r Wayne Kuni Vandolia Agriculture Agricultural Education ricultural Education Club; Agricultural Eco- mict Club; Alpha Tau Atpha ■ olat Kurigo Chicogc Commerce Marketing and Management Annex Hall rketing Club ne Walker Kurrus East St. Louis Education General Science Kappo Kappa Gam mo orler Boord; The Itlio (I, 2, 3); Panhellenic ecutive Council {4) ; I Mini Union Committee , 2, 3); Production Staff, " Three Penny ■Jero " ' inOM Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois -o)or»hip Key ■ ' 9 Kurto, Jr Muddy liberal Arts ond Sciences Zoology I Hill Hall ' ewman Club Cobinet (2) cin Fred Kuich Sheldon Commerce (Accountoncy la Coterie fii Gommo loto; Marketing Club; Accountoncy jub i»oofi Day (I, 2, 3) onii« Kuihner ........... Commerce Economics Hoitt House ••iKh Club; Marketing Club .Chicago Joioph Williom Kulchin Q..»m«w Liberal Arti end ScUnui Division of Central Studlet Ohm Sweet Ohm Aisiitonl Editor, The Dolly llllnlj Tho Oai. Illinl (1, 3, 3, 4); Cost, " Baggar on Hori« back " Wayne Joseph Kvosnicko Division of Special Services Morketing and Soles Marketing Club Morion Junior College George Louis Kviiek.... .Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering l-R.E.; A.I.E.E.; The Illinois Technogroph (1, 2, 3, 4]; Eta Koppo Nu Honors Day (3) Nye Lee LaBow Danville Physical Education Physical Education iulien Alfred Labow Chicoqo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Pre-Medicine Sigma Alpho Mu A.I.Ch.E. Illinois Institute of Technology leonord George Lodof Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Chi Cammo Iota; A.I.E.E.; Elo Koppo Nu; Thj Illinois Technogroph (3, 4) Crone Junior College Therese Morie Lahey Chompoign Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Chi Omega The Doily lltini (1. 2) Franklin Dole lotble Washburn Agriculture Animal Science Form House Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Club; Doix Production Club 161 r O ■n 3 O j Virginia Mary LoMontio . Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French Phi Mu French Club; W.A.A. (3. 4)j Produclion Stofl, " The Toming of the Shrew " , " Everyman " , " Or. Foo»lu» " , ond " Blithe Spirit " Clifford Vondarel lombert Corbondole Commerce Accountancy Phalanx; Caploin, Univeriily Brigode; Mililory Council, Traniportolion Corps Representative (4) Southern lllinoii University Edward Clarence Lamm Danville Commerce Monagement and Marketing Delta Tau Delio Honors Day (1) Northwestern University William Hugh Adoir LoMon Downers Grove Fine and Applied Arts Londscape Architecture Reeter Club Landscape Architecture Club Honors Day (2) Oklohoma Agricultural and Mining College Dovid James lomoree Pittsburgh, Pa. Liberal Arts end Sciences Chemical Engineering Psi Upsilon A.I.Ch.E. Donold Keith Lomport Peoria Commerce Accountancy and Manogement Alpha Phi Omego; Accountancy Club Froncit Keith Lampson Champoign Engineering Metallurgical Engineering M.I.S.; The Doily lllini (2); Engineering Coun ' cil (4) South Oakoto Siote College Thomoi Landlie, Jr Ook Patk Fine and Applied Arti Architecture Phi Kappa Pii Scarab Univerilty of Dubuque 162 - .tf- — X Dewitt Nichols Lone, Jr Chicago Commerce Manogement ond Marketing Alpha Delta Phi Marketing Club; Varsity Football Squad (2); House President (4) Eleanor Jone Lang Urbona Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Kappo Alpha Theta Zeto Phi Eto; lllini Union Committee (1, 3|; WILL (4); Star Course, Board of Managers (2); Production Staff, " Twelfth Night " , " Borcheiter Towers " Phyllis Elotne Lang Bloomington Liberal Arts ond Sciences • ' ■ ' ' ' Psycholo gy ' ' PI Beta Phi Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Psi Chi; The Daily lllini (1) , Honors Doy (3) Henry Arnold Langheim VIrden Division of Special Services Industrial Management Dorothy Ruth Lanham Springfteld Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Presbyterian Holl McKinley Foundation Student Council (4); Y.W.C.A. Committee (3, 4} Harold James Lankford Edwordiville Commerce Personnel Manogement Sigma Chi German Club Washington University; Miami University Barbora Lois Lonman B ll«vllie Liberal Arts and Sciences History Sigma Koppo Spanish Club; Alpha Pi Delta; The lllio (1) Mark Richard Larimer Brodlty Commerce Accountancy Tribe of lllini; Varsity Fencing Squad |2, 3), ■ i Letter (3) | Capital University , " ■fii baro Kortum larjon Morengo Fin« and Appliod Arts Art Educotion ;agle Hall ilyn Elaine Larson Chicogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teacher Training in Spanish ' hi Mu mo Delta Pi; Sponish Club; Teachers in Train- Club; The lllio (2); Production Stoff, " AM k King ' f Men " , " Taming of the Shrew " , ' .nno Sophie Hedvig " , " Duchess of Malfi ' nori Dov (2) i 4orlhweitern Univeritty i«t Koy Lorson Golesburg Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology »! Beto Phi Jniversity of Colorodo h Richard Larson Princeton Fine and Applied Arts Londscape Architecture .E.; First Lieutenont, University Brigade »l ' irgoret Jeonne Lorson Rockford I Education History Leinod Manor ute President (4) ; Student Religious Council ), Cast, " The Toming of the Shrew " , " Anna phie Hedvig " ; Production Staff, " Pygmalion " Rockford College :hard Edward Lorson Chicago Division of Special Services Industrial Administration Tou Koppo Epsilon uH and Crescent; Pershing Rifles; House Presl- nl (4); Interfraternity Council (2, 3) :hord Wellington Lasater Clinton Liberal Arts ond Sciences Zoology Phi Sigma Koppa irmon Club in leon Losswetl Wilmington Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Ruste Armes )use President (4) •- , X.- Mary Louise LoiiweH Peru Agriculture Home Economic! Delta Zero Home Economics Club Henderson Stole Teachers ' College; La Sotl4- Puru-Ogteiby Junior College Clinton Dillman Lauer Jollol Division of Special Services Commerce Morketing Club; IIMni Insurance Club Ripon College; Virginia Polytechnic Institute Kenneth Marshall Low Chicago Physicol Educotion Physical Education Kappa Delta Rho lllini Insurance Society; Intramural Manager (3) Lelond Lomont Lawrence, Jr Shelbyville Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Stanley Arthur Lax Clarendon Hills Division of Special Services Induslriol Management Marketing Club Lee Ann Loyton Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Alpha Delta Pi The lllio (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (2) Emanuel Henry laterson Folrporl, N Y. Division of Speciol Services Radio Journalism Tau Epsilon Phi mini Forensic Society; Interfraternity Council {1); WILL (3, 4) Murney Myles Lazier Malloon Phyiicol Educotion Physical Education Delto Tou Delio Phi Epsilon Koppo; Tribe of lllini; Varsity Foot- boll Squad (I, 3. 3, 4), Letter (3. 4) Honors Day (2, 3} 163 rs O •n t UL O j Cot) Edflot Leach. . - Fine and Applied Arti Muiic Ph-, M„ AlphoSinfonio, Mo.ching Bard 11. J. 3. 4), Co-t... Bond (1, 3. 3. 4); UnW., OrcheslfO (1) . , . Homcwood Robert Dovid leoch. Commoice Accountancy i„o Go»,.-o Sl,..o; Phi E ' c Sigmc; AlpK.. Kcppo P.i. AccouMccy Club; Be.o Alpho P- Honor. Doy d. 2. 3); Unlv.,.,ly of llhno.s Scholorihlp Key Thornlon Junior CoHoge Jeanne Morilyn leader. ... Journolisni Editorial Beta House . Torch; Alpha lombdo Dellc; Spcmsh Club; Floriculture Club; The Daily mini ( ' . 2. 3I. Concert Bend H, 2, 3,4); University Orchestra ,1 2); lutheron Foundation Student Count, I 12! 3. 4); Production Stoff, -Beggar on Horse back " , Honor. Day H. 2. 31; University of Scholarship Key Chorle. Albert Uo.e Highland Pork. Mich. Engineering Aeronautlcol Engineering I. AS, Dole Austin LeBaron Freeporl Division of Special Services Marketing Alpha Chi Rho Marketing Club; Interfroternlty Council (1, 2); Men ' s Glee Club 12, 3) Robert loul. lebdu.ko Berwyn Engineering Electrical Engineering Triangle A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Morion Junior College Albert l.Boy.r " icogo liberol Art. ond Sciences Chemi.try Honor. Doy (II Herzl Junior College; University of Chicago Hong Kong, Chtno Engineering Cetomic Engineering 164 David Alexander leibmon, Toronto, Ontorio. Conodo Physlcol Education Physical Educolion Delto Theto Epsllon; Phi Ep.ilon Koppo f Goldsmith leibmon Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociol Sciences ife House Stuart leichenger Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics i Epiiton Pi Jo 1 Lester Leigh Sporland ■ ' Division of Special Services B Agriculture ' rnoch H, and Horn Club; Agriculture Club odiey University S Philip Leighly, Jr Lov renceville Engineering Metallurgical Engineering im Sweet Ohm Peiing Riftes; M.I.S. H rs Ooy (3) nherjt College P ard Tibbetts Lelghton Urbona Commerce Accountancy I ki Delto Theto hi Gommo Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Marketing Cl, Commerce Council (3, 4) H rs Doy (1, 2. 3); University of Illinois 5 orship Key i Eldon Leighty Galesbur Commerce Banking ond Finance O ge Stephen Leko Chicago Journolrsm Advertising E Ion Phi Sigma; Mens Gtee Club (3); WIU ( ) Coll Thomas lemons Hey worth Diviilon of Special Services Commerce Management able House .mih ¥ t .rL Kudolph Lenich -Orient Engineering Mechanicol Engineering Sigrria Porr A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Pi To J Sigma; House President (3, 4); Second liet- IcnanI, University Brtgode Honori Day (1, 2, 3) University of Iowa David Franklin Lentz Belleville Commerce Accountancy Honors Day (1. 2) Belleville Junior College Edward Leon Benton Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Dornoch Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Lombda Upsilon Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of IllinoJi Scholarship Key Harold Leon Chicago Commerce Marketing Lundgren House Cormen Irene Leonard Dixon Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Phi Mu ShI-AI; Spanish Club; Mli-Sota; House President {4), mini Union Committee (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (1. 2, 3, 4); Production Staff, " Squaring the Circle " Dorothy Le Quatte Aledo Liberal Arts and Sciences English Women ' s Annex Western Illinois State Teachers ' College Norman Albert Lermon Chicaoo Physical Education Physical Education Tou Delta Phi Delta Theto Epsildn; Varsity Baseball Squad (U; Varsity UO Pound Football Squad (3. 4); Award (3, 4) Ronee lerner Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Harmony House W.A.A. (4) 165 r O 3 so I IJL o SJ Morlo Eldon Le Sag« Milford Agriculture G«nerol Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Horticulture Club; Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; The lllinoii Agriculturist (2, 3) Peler Thomot Leitarii Champaign Commerce Butineti Monogemeni Pershing Rifles; Phalanx; Epsilon Phi Sigmo; Caploin, University Brigade Charles Ahob Lessing Korrville, Tex. Engineering Mechonicoi Engineering A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma Honors Day (1, 2) Gerald Phil levant Chicogo Division of Special Services Marketing Tou Delto Phi Marketing Club; Interfroternity Council (4) lou Levant! West Frankfort, Ky. Physical Educotion Physical Education Alpha Sigma Phi Tribe of lllinl; Freihmon Voriity Footboll Squad; Varsity Foolboll Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter 2, 3, 4); Varsity Track Squad (1), Letter (1) Conrad Milton Levin Chicago Liberol Arit and Sciences Mathematics Teachers in Training Club; House President {3, 4]; mini Union Committee (3, 4}; Nalionol Student Astociolion (4) University of Kentucky Paul Levin Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Annex Holl A.I.Ch.E. Herzl Junior College; Wright Junior College; Roosevelt College Alvln Seymour levtne Chicogo Engineering Electrtcol Engineering Phi Epiilon PI A.I.E.E Honors Day (2) Wilson Junior Cotlege 166 Lyn Hillmon Levine Fine and Applied Arts J :: Morton Levine Chic j Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Clark House A. I. A.; House President (3) Joseph Levinson Wood P- Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi A.I.E.E. Honors Doy ( 1 ) Marvin Seymour Levinson Olito Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Pi Lambda Phi Mofketing Club; Omega Beto Pi; Hillel Four tion Student Council (2, 3) Honors Day (1, 2) Joseph Michael Levon Chlio Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; Sophomore Cotillion C mitlee .0 J. I S: i; li Horold Kinzer Levy Engineering Mechanical Engineering Annex Holl Tau Beto Pi; A.S.M.E.; Pi Tou Sigmo Honors Day {], 2, 3) Joliet Junior College -Strtsr lb Li Jock Arthur Levy Commerce Management Sigmo Phi Epsilon Marketing Club University of Cincinnati .Chi 10 hi ' ••I Vardith Naomi Levy -C Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry ' Reenah House | Omega Beta Pi; Iota Sigmo Pi Honors Day (3t Northwestern University ■Ki ilh Milei Levy Rocheiter. N. Y. JournoMsm Adverliting to B«la Tou tH Oolly I Mini (3); " lini Union Commitree U Production Sloff, " Joan of Lorraine " t, r S, Levy Rochester, N. Y. Liberal Artj and Sciences Chemical Engineering A Ih.E.j G«rman Club; French Club H ts Doy (1 ) nniylvonia Stote College Mrton levy New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts end Sciences Psychology C go Beta Pi ooktyn College T dore Allan Levy Chicogo Engineering Civil Engineering ronodo Club f{iO: A.S.C.E.; House President (3); A Coello Choir (3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club (4}; C , " Pirates of Penzance ' , " Yeomen of the Crd " A lia Jane Lev is Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction T Club T lllio (3); mini Union Committee (2) orth Park College; North v estern University ■•c Moe Lewis Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Speech Correction • oni Hall Phi Eto I lord David Lewii Joliet Division of Special Services Bacteriology tipha Epiilon Pi olt«t Junior College ' Old Jerome Lewis Joliet Liberal Arts ond Sciences Economici Qu Delta Phi ' lietinB Club; German Club; Interfroternily " Cil (2); Morching Bond (1, 2, 3, 4); icerl Bond {1, 2, 3, 4); University Orchestra 31; WILL (3); Y.M.C.A. Commitlee (1) » . ' I ii Horold Wayne Lowii Whiletiolt Fine and Applied Arts Music Dornock Morching Bond (I, 2); University Chorus (1); Mcn ' i Glee Club (I, 2, 3) Helen Allen Lewis Delovon Commerce Accountancy Price Club Phi Chi Theto; Accountoncy Club; Marketing Club; House President (3) tionors Day ( 1 } Joanne Elizobelh Lewis Hartford, Ky. Liberal Arts and Sciences English Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Cotillion Com- mittee; House President (4); Mini Union Com- mittee |2) Honors Day (1, 2, 3) John Bruce Lewis Hersmon Agriculture Agricultural Education Parade Ground Units Michigan State College William Andrew Lewis Cenlralla Division of Speciol Services Pre-Medicine College Hell Raymond Charles Lleberman Chicago Commerce Marketing and Management Praetorians Morketing Club University of Wisconsin Richard Arthur Liebig Quincy Division of Special Services General Marching Bond (I, 2) Wayne University Abraham Liebling Rockford Commerce Accountoncy Accountancy Club Honors Day (1, 3) 167 rs O ■n 3 Oh u. O j Howard Bulofd liechiy SiWarlon. Oregon Engineering Aeronoultcol Engineering Phillip Irwin lifichullt Chicogo Commerce Accounloncy Tou Delia Phi Beta Alpho Psi; Omega Beta Pi Honors Dov (1,3) Kenneth Freemon light Detroit. Mich Educolion Industrioi Education Chi Gamma Iota Honors Day (U Russell dander Lightcop Former City Engineering Civil Engineering Normon Pliilip Lillibridge Liberal Arts and Sciences Induilrial Psychology Alpha Oelto Phi St. Charles Jomes Roger Lincicome Urbano Engineering Electrical Engineering Eto Kappo Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; A.I.E.E.; IRE. Honors Day (2, 3) Alan lindahl Riverside Engineering Electricol Engineering A.I.E.E.; University Baptist Foundation Student Council (3. 4) Honors Doy (1) Norma lee Undenmulh Horrisburg fine ond Applied Arts Music Busey Hall Sigma Alpho lotoi University Chorus (3) Honors Day 0,2) 168 ,(. Leonard lipin Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences I Pre-Medicine •ranado Club ) igo B«fa Pi; Student Religious Council yyolo University ur Joseph Lipotich Journolism Edilorrol J Dolly IIHni (3) ori Doy 0) . Wllminglon dold Upihutz Chicoso liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology uwr Columns i rican Society for Public Administration erzl Junior College I nord lipihutz Chicogo Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology our Columns con Society for Public Administration • M Edword Liss { Liberal Arts and .Chicago d Sciences Chemistry Vfight Junior College . Champaign •r Howord Little Engineering Generol Engineering tipha Delto Phi ieot Senate (4); Tribe of lllini; Varsity ketboll Squod (1); Vorsity Tennis Squad 3, 4), letter (1, 3, 4); Committee on d«Bl Affairs (4); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4) ton Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois ' alorthip Key «rard Dole LitwJIIor Chcmpolgn Engineering Electrical Engineering jmi Mayo Livingston Tuttle, N. D. Division of Speciol Services Mathematics 31 Club !• . Eucutive Council Ml • ' otlh Dohoto Stole School of Science tf{iio Robert Corin Livingston ' ' ..nonk Commerce Accountancy Morching Bond (1|; Men ' s Glee Club (1, 3, 4) Honors Doy (3| University of Wisconsin William Stoddord Livingston.. . .Choltworth Agriculture General Agriculture Aoricullure Club Peloyo Lloreno ... .Guatemala City, Guatemala Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Gorgoyfe; A. I. A. Honors Day (3) University of Dayton Joseph Piatt Llewellyn La Grange Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpha Rho Chi Ripon College; West Virginia University Deon Stanley Lloyd Girord Agriculture Generol Agriculture lltico Agriculture Club; Field and Furrow Kenneth Marshall Lloyd Arlington Heights Engineering Mechanical Engineering Club lona A.S.M.E. Bradley University Jesse Lee Lockyer Gillespie Commerce Accountoncy Parade Ground Units Accountancy Club Eotlorn Illinois State College Fronk Joseph LoefTler, Jr Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Parod Ground Uniii Chi Gommo loto; Pii Chi rs O ■n 3 169 UL O SJ Albert Fred loeich BBllevlllo liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Armond lofchie Chicogo Commerce Accountancy Sigma Alpha Mu Morkeling Club; Accountoncy Clob; House Preii- dent (4) George Edwin Logan Areola Agriculture Vocotionol Agriculture Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Y.M.C.A. Committee (2, 3); Morching Bond (I, 3, 4) Stanley Elmer Logan Chicago Engineering Mechonicol Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Doy (2, 3) Pauline Ann Logsdon Showneetown Agriculture Home Economics Alpho Phi Stephens College Arthur London Los Angeles, Calif. Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Honors Doy (3) Univeriity of Collfornio o1 los Angeles Borboro Eloise Long Urbona Liberal Arii and Sciences Pre-Medicine Pi Belo Phi President, Mortor Board; Torch; Shi-Ai; Alpha lambda Deltoj Omega Beta Pi; Iota Slgmo Phij mini Union Council {2, 3); llllnl Union Com- millee (I, 2, 3) Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); Univeriity of Illinois Scholorship Key Elton Blackburn Long .Springfield Engineering Mechanical Enflneerlng Phi Sigma Koppa A.S.M.E. 170 Sbiil William Roy Loomis East Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Cosmopoliton Chi Gamma Iota; Phi Eta Sigmo; A.I.Ch.E Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of lioi Scholarship Key William Morlo Lorey Fipd Commerce Accountancy Moore Hall Frederick Zoduk Lorsch Croio Commerce Accountancy College Mall Honors Day ( 3) William George Losch Wo jgon Fine ond Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Ice Rink Carroll College John Charles Loshbough ' ccgo Agriculture General Agriculture Minowa lodge House President (4); Inter varsity Christ i Fel- lowship (2, 3, 4} Purdue University Jacqueline Moe loss ' £ " Liberal Arts and Sciences English Women ' s Annex The Doily Mlini {1} lola Junior College Gabriel Edword lovosich $pgM6 Division of Special Services Science Suionne Love • " " Liberal Arts and Science! Spanish Koppa Kappa Gamma Mortar Boord; Torch; Phi Beta Koppo ' P " Lambda Delta; Properties Manager, lllini olrt Guild; Mask and Bauble; Arepo; Sign- D»l»fl Pi; Sponish Club; House President (3. 4 Cai ' . ■Trojan Women ' " ; Production Stoff, ' L ' ' King ' s Men " , " Duchess of Molfl " . " Th-Mrry Orchard " , and " Pygmalion " Honors Doy (1, 2, 3|; Univeriity of " " « " Scholorihip Key Clor lovejov Chicogo Educolion Etemeniory Education B«ra Phi .r Boord; Torch; Y.W.C.A. Cobinel |3, 4); C.A. Commillso (2. 3) .ntic«llo Coll«g« II ttl Williom Lovekomp Winchester Agriculture Cenerol Agriculture mohowk lodge A. gliuie Club Riird Emery lovelt Engineering Engineering Physics SJiO Tou; Alpha Phi Omega H rt Day (1. 3) g|» Arnold Lowenlhol Chicago liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology _ Delia Phi ■ i ternily Council (3) EJtr Rutseil lower, Jr Savanna Engineering Mechonical Engineering i E.; S.A.E. -. ri University GoH Oyrenforlh lowilz Purchose, N. Y. I Liberol Arts and Sciences I Psychology 3PPO Kappa Gomma - " Ko (1) : Dorene lowry Gibson City liberal Art! ond Sciences Psychology ond Spanish j ' eotherly HoM 4 lambda Dello; Sponish Club; Psi Chi; iio Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A. Committee (1) 0M Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois c ' lhlp Key 3 Ubos Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology voiii Hall right Junior College .Chicago Anarolv IwtOt Liiii.ijw Phyiical Education Physical Education Phi Epillon Koppoi Chi Cammo loiot Penhina Rineij Tribe of llllnlj Vanity Fencing Squad (2. 3. 4), letter (3, 4) Honors Day (3, 3) Mildred Mourine Lucus Chlcogo Education Kindergorten Education Evons Holl Maik and Bauble; Cast, " Trojan Women " , " Green Postures " , " Duchess of Molfl " ; Pro- duction SlofF, " Anna Sophie Hedvig " , " In Grim Earnest " Honors Day (3) Vernon Victor lucos KankoKoe Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; Pershing Rifles Honors Day (3) University of Penniylvonio Fred Albert Ludwig. Jr Waterloo Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Moore Hall House President (3); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (4|; Seobury Foundation Student Council (3, 4) Robert Gerald luesse ... Portage Des Sioux, Mo- Fine and Applied Arts landscape Architecture Virginia Jane luft Alton liberal Aril and Sciences Sociology Busey Hall House President (3): lllini Union Council (3): HIini Union Committee (1. 2); University Bap- tist Foundation Student Council (I. 2. 4) Dwight Albert Lund Agriculture Floriculture Pi Alpha Xi; Floficulture Club Honors Day (2, 3) Central Y M C.A. Coltcoe Worrenville Horold Howard lund Engineering Ceramic Engineering Chi Pii A-C.S.; HIini Union Committee (3) 171 rs O ■n 3 Urn o J Suzanne Swarti Lund Rockford Liberal Arli and Sciences Engliih Delto Zeta lllini Union Committee (1, 3J; Slor Courie, Board of Managers (2, 3); Production Staff, " Three Men on o Horse ' Joseph Bernhard Lundberg Rockford Journalism Publication Monogement Freshmon Varsity Basketball Squad Loyd Martin Lundquist, Jr Clinton, Iowa Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; Pi Tou Sigmo Honors Day (2. 3) Pennsylvania Slate College Oonold Arthur Luneburg . . Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day (3) Chicago Arleen Juvinall Lusk Henning Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Concordia Zeta Phi Eta; Concert Band (1, 3, 3, 4) Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Eugene lusk Henning Agriculture Agricullurol Economics Agricultural Economics Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Agriculture Club Gerald Luiz Normol Engineering Ceramic Engineering Warren William Lutr Wood Ri- Fine and Applied Arts Music Phi Mu Alpho-Sinfonioj Morchlng Band (I, 2. 3, 4); Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Univerilly Orchesiro (2, 3, 4) Honors Doy (3, 3) University of Wisconsin; University of Chicago - s Thomas William Lymon, Jr Chlcc Division of Special Services Art Phi Kappa Psi A Coppello Choir {1, 2); Notional Student . sociation (3, 4); Cost, " Potience " and " Y. men of the Guard " Honors Doy (2, 3) James Froncis Lynch Two Rivers. V. Division of Special Services (ndustriol Management Marketing Club Bruce Conover Macdonald Wontogh, N.. Division of Special Services Entomology Psl Upiilon New York School of Agriculture; Bior ■ Americon University; University of Alabama Leonard John Mocewlz Chic ' Commerce Marketing end Management Marketing Club Bernard Charles Mack Forest fk Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Granada Club House President (2, 3) Wheaton College f John Joseph Modoy Roi« Commerce Marketing and Management Dartmouth College; DePoul University Leo Thomas Mogiero Cu r Division of Special Services Marketing Tomohawk Lodge lllini Insurance Club; Marketing Club Stanley God fried Magnuson C- Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Agriculture Club; Agr lcutturol Education C- Alpho Tou Alpha Northern Illinois Stale Teachers ' Colltpr 172 nna Kilmer MahoPfey Cormi Commerce Commercial Teaching .ounloncy Club; Marketing Club Southern Illinois University )hn Cleophus Mahoffey Farina Commerce Commerclol Teaching ond Accountancy . ountoncy Club; Marketing Club Southern Illinois University -.--mos Robert Moher Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Oello Phi thing Rifles; Dolphins; Marketing Club Deniion University •arge William Arthur Mahoney .... Springfield Engineering Agricultural Engineering University of Florida; Springfield Junior Cel- iacs Edward Mohoney Chicago Division of Special Services Commerce and Mechonicot Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi ' veriity of Wisconsin; University of Iowa; - y ana State Teachers ' College : ' ' lyn Sue Main Chicago Commerce Accountancy Illi-Inn Phl Chi Theto; Accountancy Club; Marketing ' Club; House President (3) " 7iors Doy (1 ] ihord Jomes Mokowski Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Granado Club Wilion Junior College; Northwestern Unlver- 3 ord Willlom Makstele Chicogo liberal Arts ond Sciences Pre-Medicine (UkA. Robert Jamei Moloch Commerce Accountancy Alpha Kappa PtI y a , Rolla Oelmain Malan. . Commerce Morketing Robert George Malley Oak Park Division of Special Services Commerce Phi Koppa Sigma Mo-Won-Da; Tribe of lllini; Vorsity Baseball Squad (1, 2, 3, 4), Letter (1, 2, 3) Janet Ellzobeth Mallinson Villa Pork Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Cagle Hall Elmhurst College Marie Odile Malmore Chicago Educotion Biology Wescoga Delta Sigmo ThetO; Women ' s Cosmopolitan Club; House President (4) Robert Nels Molmguist Chicago Division of Special Services Marketing Chi Phi Marketing Club; lllini Union Committee (3) Si. Lawrence University Horotd Chorles MaUtrom Chicago Engineering Mechonical Engineering Annex Hall A.S.M.E.; Intramural Monager (4); Voriiiy Foot- ball Squad (3) Central Y.M.C.A. College; Illinois Inilltute of Technology John Warner Manglt McLeoniboro Agriculture Generol Agriculture Agriculture Club r O ■n 173 lb o sj Louii Mankut Chicogo Engineering Generol Engineering Delia Tau Delia A.S.M.E. Univeriiiy of Tenneitee Robert While Mann Blondiniville Engineering Eleclrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Wetlern 1 1 1! no! i Sioie Teochen ' College Lee Morion Manna Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering South Dormitory A.S.M.E. University of SyrocuiC; Wright Junior College Jack Lane Mannle East St. Louis Division of Special Services Soles Engineering Anifo Marie Mansfield Chicago Commerce Personnel Admlnistrolion and Management Busey Hall Phi Chi Theta Herzl Junior College John NIcholls Monson, III Dundee Division of Special Services Journalism Kappa Sigma Skull ond Crescent; WILL (I); Cast, ■ Dr Faustus " , " The Corn Is Green " , " Land of Heart ' s Desire " University of Soulhern California Warren Frank Mora Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Malhemotics Parade Ground Units Phi Eto Sigma Hofiort Ooy (I ) Herman Samuel Marchliello Docolur Engineering Mechanical Engineering Delia Sigma Phi S A.E.; A.S.M.E. BL.._wk JSk 174 John Cyril Morclnkoska Murphy tb( Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Phi Eta Sigmo Honors Day (1 ) Jewell Morilyn Marco Chompo i Liberol Arts and Sciences Speech Phi Sigma Sigma Arepo; tllini Union Committee (1); Cost, " cestis of Euripides " , " Lody of Larkspur Lotior Production Staff, " Joan of Lorraine " . " Th t Men on a Horse " Joseph Philip Morgolis Chicc; Division of Special Services er ■ economics ■ Tau Delta Phi | House President (3); Interfroternily Council i Jo Ann Morkee Education History Gamma Phi Beta Mask and Bauble; Arepo .East St. Ici Lowell William Markert Engineering Civil Engineering Harold Loeb Marks Commerce Accountancy Marketing Club; Accountancy Club Honors Day (1,2) Wilson College Chico James Richard Marks Edwards Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega Tribe of mini; Freshmon Vorslly Boskel II Squod; Varsity Basketball Squad (t, 2, 3, , Letter (3, 4); Vorslly Track Squad (3) Honors Day (2, 3) Beverly Ann Morkui Chfcl Education English Busey Hall ] The lllio ()]; The Dally lllini (I); lllini U Commitlee (2); Student Religious Council North Pork Junior College tm Arthur Markwalrof Chicago Commerce Pertonnel Monogement Newmon Hall Accountancy Club; Morkeliog Club; lllini Injur- onc Club; Phoiogrophers ' Club Kenneth Morlin Chompaign Phyticol Education Physicol Education Sigma Chi Mo Won-Oo; Skull ond Crescent; Tomahawk; Phi Eptilon Koppo; Del to Thela Epsilon; Tribe of mini; Vortity Wreitling Squad [1, 3, 3, 4], Ittief 0. 2, 3, 4) Honon Oov (2, 3) Anthony leonord Morma Benlon Commerce Accountoncy Alpha Koppo Pii; Accountancy Club; Spaniih Oub Honors Doy (2) Arthur Andrew Morozas Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Newman Hall A.I.Ch.E.; Chi Gamma Iota Etoine Louro Morozick Des Ploines Journalism Radio Alpha Omicron Pi French Club; The Daily lllini ( 1 ); Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Mtini Union Committee (3, 4); Independent In- formol Committee (1, 2); Production Stoff, " The Cherry Orchard " , " The Duchess of Molfi " , " AM the King ' s Men " , " Anno Sophie Hedvig " , ond " Yeomen of the Guard " Cholmert Horpole Marquis, Jr Chicago Journalism Rodio Phi Comma Dello Illinois Initilute of Technology; University of Chicago Clifton James Morshall Oweniboro, Ky. Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture A I A Edwin Charles Morsholl Ook Pork Division of Speciol Sciences Psychology first lieutenant. University Brigade Loittlci loMic Muithali Liberol Arts and Sclancei English Pi Beta Phi American Society for Public Admlni.: Illio (3); V.W.C.A. Committee (3) Montlcello College Prentice Henry Marshall Oak Pork Division of Speciol Services Poliiicol Science Phi Koppo Psi Americon Society for Public Admlnistrolion; Tho Illio (3); Interfroternily Council (3, 4) Corroll College Joe George Morsik Berwyn Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon Ripon College; Ohio Stole University Charles Patrick Martin, Jr Bridgeport Educotion Social Studies Chi Gommo loto; Marching Bond (1, 2, 3) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Douglas Lee Martin. Toluco Commerce Monogement Newman Holt Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; lllini Insur- ance Society Honors Doy (3) Butler University John Donald Morttn Chompoign Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tribe of lllini; Voriily Track Squad (1. 2, 3), Letter (1); Varsity Football Squad (1. 3} June Martin Alton Liberol Arts and Sciences English Busey Hall The Illio (i, 3. 3); lllini Union Committee (I); Production Stoff, " King Lear " University of Wisconsin Richard John Martin Hoopvston Agriculture Cenerol Agriculture Alpha Zeto; Phi Eta Sigmo; Alpha Tou Alpho. Agriculture Club. AgricuMurol Education Club; Y MCA. Cabinet (4) Honors Dov (1, 3) o ■n 3 175 UL O j Richard Reid Morlin Donvillo Journaliim Publication Monagenient Phi Kappo Pii The Doily lllini (I, 2, 3, 4); Home President (4); Sigma Dello Chi Robert Melvin Martin cidred Liberal Arts and Sciences History Shurtluff College Violet Marjorie Mortin Chicago Journalism Advertising Gamma House Thela Sigma Phi; The Doily lllini (1) Honors Day (1 ] Northwestern University Albert Bernard Morx Altoona, Pa. Education Industrial Education Pennsylvania State College Harold George Marx Springfield Journolism Radio The Doily Mlin! (3) Springfield Junior College Lovi ell Kenneth Moiley . Geneve Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Phi Eta Sigmoi I.A.S.; Gam mo Alpho Rho Honors Day ( 1 , 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key louis Moslinoff Now York, N. Y. liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology City College of New York; University of Coli- fornio at Los Angeles Donald Frank Mason Oak Po ' k Liborol Arts ond Sclencoi Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi Phi Eta Sigmo; Marching Bond (3, 4); Concert Band (3, 4)) Univerilly Orchesiro (3, 4} Honors Doy (3, 3} 9 9 176 1 Richord Zock Mason Urban f Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemical Engineering ■ Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day ( 1 ) Robert Charles Majon, Urbon Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Glenn Mork Mossie Konsas City, Mt Engineering Electrical Engineering Eta Koppa Nu; Electronics Club; A.I.E.E.; I.R.f The Illinois Technogroph (3, 4) Kansas City Junior College Sherman Dovis Mossmon Chicog Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Robert John Mathews Chicog Engineering Civil Engineering Brown Thresh A.S.C.E.; I.T.E. Horold Justus Mat son Melrose Poi Engineering Metollurgicol Engineering Dorothy Jeon Mattes Kirkwood, M ' Liberal Arts ond Sciences Economics Koppa Koppo Gommo Mortor Board; Torch; Phi Beto Koppo; Alph Lambda Dollo; Director, Deportment of intci loinment, lllini Union; Freshma n Council; Vice President, Freshman Ctoss; Freshmon Frolic Corr mittee; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Jun c Pfom Committee; Hlini Union Bcord (4); IMi ' Union Council (3); lllini Union Commilfc (1, 2) Honors Doy (I, 2, 3); University of IMino Scholarship Key William lindlond Moltheessen P ' ' Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Delta Sigma Phi A.S.M.6.; S.A.E. Honors Day (1, 3) [iVorren Wa " " Journalism Advertising l.ouii Wovne Motojiok Chlcogo Heights Commerco Accountancy Pi Koppa Phi |lon«rs Ooy (2, 3) Northweitorn University Hi ' ibftt lia Mate _j Diviiion of Special Services Industrial Admlnlstrotlon Borton House Proetorians; The Illinois Technograph (2. ?) Annette Rote McAdom Taylorville Liberal Arts ond Sciences Spanish Alpha Chi Omega Shi-Ai; Alpho Lambda Dello; Sponish Club; Sigma Delta Pi; The lllio (1, 2); lllini Union Committee ()); Concert and Entertainment Board (3, 4); Star Course, Board of Monagert (2); Production Staff, " Pirates of Penzonce " , and ' Alcestis of Euripides " Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key ler Mourer Chicago Division of Special Services Physical Educotion Iknry Morton Moutner Chicogo Division of Special Services Engineering and Business Phi Epsilon Pi , ilbe of mini; Freshmon Varsity Swimming i4)U0d; Varsity Swimming Squod (1, 2, 3, 4), etter (3) University of Wisconsin; Northwestern Uni- r(ity lobert Edwin Moxey Springfield I Commerce Accountancy ond Management znoti Ooy (31 eit Reginald Moxfield Champaign Engineering Mechanical Engineering A,E. Iltlnois Institute of Technology ■■3rl s Moyeda Auburn, Colif. Division of Special Services Zoology and Physiology Annex Ho 1 1 P ' ocer Junior College - ' non Deon Mayfleld Mulberry Grove Division of Special Services Marketing Alpha Chi Rho - ' keling Club iJ!i Don Parker McAdoo Bedford Hills, N. Y. Engineering Ceromic Engineering A.C.S. George Washington University James Joseph McArdle Oak Lawn Commerce Monogement Morkeling Club Clemson College; North Georgio College Norbert Gerhard McCabe New York, N. Y. Commerce Economics College Hall Honors Doy (1 ) Paul Joseph McCabe Agriculture Dairy Technology Theto Koppa Phi Doiry Technology Club Fred Miller McCahey Chicogo Commerce Marketing Stage Manager, lllini Theater Guild; Marketing Club; Production Staff, " All the King ' s Men " . " The Duchess of Molfl " . and " The Taming o( the Shrew " University of Notre Dome Janice Horriet McCann Woukegon liberal Aril ond Sciences EnoDth Chi Omega Torch; Mask and Bouble; Arepo; Th« Daily lllin! (I); Mlinl Union Commitle (31; Prodwc tion Sloff, ' Thre Penny Opera " , " Squaring the Circle " . " Patience " . ' Antony and Cleo- patra " , and " Joan of lorraine " 177 o O ■n 3 mi i UL O J Robert George McCorlhey Tulio, OMo. Commerce Personnel Management Phi Gamma Delta Mo-Won-Do; Senior In Iro mural Manager; Moingwena; Marketing Club; Intramural Mon- oger (2, 3): Tribe of lllini; Athletic Council (4) Honors Doy (I ) Michael Joioph McCorthy Downeri Grove Engineering General Engineering North Dakota Slate Teochert ' College Robert Burke McCarty Chicago Commerce Marketing Perihing Rifles; Morkeling Club Lloyd Everold McCleory Bradley Education Soctol Studies Alpha Kappa Lambda Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Educotion Club (3, 4); American Society for Public Adminis- trotion (4) Honors Day (3) University of Porls; Konsos University lyle Davis McCloskey Philo Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Varsity 150 Pound Footboll Squad (3, 4) Wright Junior College Rulh Jerauldine McClurg Urbana Commerce Personnel Management Alcejtis Samuel Clayton McCollum Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi A.I.E.E. Jane Evani McConnetl Woodllock liberal Arts ond Sciences English Stratford House The Doily lllini (I ); lllini Union Committee (1. 2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, 2); Production Slofl, " Borcheiter Towers " . " Romeo ond Juliet " 178 S ' AMk Frances Ann McCorkle Fairfield Commerce Commercial Teaching : Wescogo Ld Southern Illinois University i ) I John Alexander McCreery, Jr Benion ' Engineering Mechanical Engineering ' gii Phi Delta Thefo ii Honors Day (2) University of Nebraska Paul Walker McCreery Benton Engineering ' " ' Mechonicol Engineering Phi Delta Theto A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; The MMo (2) Guy McCune Greenville Commerce Accountancy Tou Koppo Epsilon Beta Gommo Sigma, Phi Eto Sigma; Alpha Koppa Psi; The Doily lllini (2) Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of lllinoii Scholarship Key Normo Lysle McCurley Springfielc Agriculture Home Economics Delta Gamma lllini Union Committee (3, 4) Blackburn College Joseph Albert McDade Peo- , Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Maurice Hainley McDoniel Morshd Division of Specio) Services Economics and Sociol Science Dartmouth College; Eastern State Colltg John William McDermotf ChicOfl ' Division of Speciol Services Monogement and Morketing Newman Hall Marketing Club Ripon College; St. Ambrose College j iM fi Motcolm McDonald uurnu ' DIviiion of Special Services J Butineis KoppO Si9 " o Ijorfhwest Missouri State Teachers ' College « tta Gene McDonald Rockford liberol Aril ond Sciences Home Economics Jpho Commo Delta Aduction Staff, " Duchess of Molfi " , " King r " . ond " Toming of the Shrew " kford College (inelh Chorles McElrov Chicogo ' Commerce Bonking and Finonce ombdo Chi Alpha Marietta College es Ellis McFadden Robinson Fine ond Applied Arts Music Education f Mu Alpha-Sinfonio; Marching Bond (2, 3, • Concert Bond (4); Men ' s Glee Club (4) Uer» Day (1,2) Potricio McForlane Rockford Education History uiey Hall ■er Arthur McGovney, Jr Maywood Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering nodo Club ivie; Chi Gammo lola; A. I. A.; A.S.C.E. -nhurst College ■th Froncis McGonn Peoria Engineering Civil Engineering Beto Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epiilon; : E. » Day (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois -rship Key • Stanley McGee Ogden Agriculture Vocational Agriculture o Tou Alpho; Agriculture Club; Agriculturol otion Club 4 Educotion Biology Polofnar Cast, " Anna Sophie Hedvlg " ; Production Stofi, " Pygmalion " Joliel Junior College James Patrick McGrody Gtlleiple Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Robert Wonzer Mcintosh .Chicago Commerce Management Northwestern University; Lehigh University John Francis McKinzie Bloomlngton Commerce Pre-Low Sigmo Chi Alpha Kappa Psi; Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; House President (4); Interfroternity Coun- cil (I); lllini Union Committee (2) Honors Day ( 1 , 2, 3) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Robert Clayton McLone. Western Springs Engineering Electricol Engineering A.t.E.E.; I.R.E.; Repertory Orchestra (3, 4); WILL Staff Orchestra (4) Lyons Township Junior College; University of Virginia; Illinois Institute of Technology Charles Albert McLaughlin Chotham Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Noble Houie Notional Collegiate Ployers; Pierrots; Mask and Bauble; Cost, " Taming of the Shrew " , " All the King ' s Men " , " Anna Sophie Hedvig " ; Pro- duction Sloff, " Romeo ond Juliet " , " Yeomen of the Guard " John Russell Mclaughlin Moline Engineering Civil Engineering Parade Ground Units University of Florida Addlion Allen McLIntock Chompoign Division of Special Services Advert ising r O ■n 179 Urn O J Jeisle Kalheryne McLuckie Agriculture Home Economici Leinad Manor Honori Day (1. 7. 3) Cool Cily Jomei Patrick McMahon . .Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.: I.R.E. Honors Day (3) Droke Univertitv; Wition Junior College John Miller McMahon Ogden Agriculture General Agriculture Commerce Monogement New man Hall Ml □rket ing 1 Club Honors Doy (I) Robert Edward McMillan Chicago Division of Special Services Economics Alpha Delta Phi Skull ond Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; Phalonx; mini Union Committee (2); Men ' s Glee Club (2); Cadet Colonel, University Brigade; Mili- tary Council President (4) Honors Day {2, 3) Palm Beach Junior College Bette Samson McMorrow Des Ploines Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Phi Torch; Shi-Ai; Spanish Club; The lllio (I, 2, 3} Kenneth Ament McOwan Joliot Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta A.S.M.E.; The Illinois Technogroph (3, 4) ; Interfraternity Council (3); Sphinx Club Joliet Junior College Mary Rose McPherson Bomont Agriculture Home Economici McKinley HoM Omicron Nu; Alpha Lambdo Dolto; Phi Upillon Omicronj Home Economics Clubj The lllinoli Agriculturist (4) Honori Day (I, 2. 3); Univeriily of llllnoit Scholofihip Kny 180 Dorrell Junior McReynolds Sfonford Commerce Accountoncy Illinois Stote Normol University Ruth Elizobelh Mead Chicago Commerce Accountancy Stratford House Phi Chi Theto; Accountancy Club; The Doiir mini (2); mini Union Committee (3) Wright Junior College Alan Roy Medendorp Itosco Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teacher Training in Mothemoticj and Physical Science McKinley Roojah House President (4); McKinley Foundotion Slu dent Council (3) Honors Day {2) Rulh Ellen Medendorp Chicogo Liberol Arts and Sciences Teacher Training In Mathematics McKinley Hall Spanish Club; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4}; W.A.A Numerals; Mojor I; Wesley Foundation Student Council (4) Beverly Lou Medow Chicago Journalism Advertising Hormony House Theto Sigmo Phi; Alpha Pi Delta; Morkelin.. Club; The lllio (1) Honors Day (1, 2 ) Mary Jane Meeker Chompoiq " Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Accountoncy Club; Spanish Club; Student Re tigious Council (1, 2); Illinois Disciples Foundo rlon Student Council (), 2, 3) Ernie Allan Meier Chlcoflo Division of Special Services Advertising Sigma Phi Epsilon Marketing Club; Interfraternity Council (3, ' St. Ambrose College; University of Colorodo Gordon Glenn Meier St. Ao " ' Division of Special Services Ceramic Engineering MiiiV Daniel Creighton Melrote FoJrriuld Liberol Arts and Sciencei Geology Delta Tau Delia Chorlolie Mar vine Mellon Danville Liberal Arls and Sciences Psychology Bethony Circle 1 W.C.A. Committee (I); Production Stoff, Beggor on Horseback " Shirley Mildred Mencel Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Delio Zeta mini Union Committee (t, 3) Poberl Louis Merens Chicago Journalism Advertising Zeta Beta Tau ,Mork«ting Club; Varsity Debate Club; The , Doily mini (4); Inteffraternity Council (2); WILL (3, 4); Campus Chest (3); Cast, " And You Cry Alone " ; Production Staff, " Everyman " DePoul University Leon Merson Allentov n, Pa. Division of Special Services Bio-Chemistry Ice Rink Honors Day (1,2) oho Paul Merulka Chicago Engineering MetoHurgical Engineering Annex Hall ,S.M.; M.I.S. Northern Illinois Stote Teachers ' College; Jniverjily of Kansas i-tty Dunning Merlin Woodstock Agriculture Home Economics Delto Zeia University of Minnesota Qck Clifford Merwin Woodslock Education Mathematics Mu Epiilon; Phi Eto Sigma --non Day (I. 2, 3); University of Illinois nolofihip Key Northern Illinois Stale Teochers ' College Paul Meicher Melropolli Liberal Arli ond Sciencei Geology Chi Gamma Iota; Cyclothem Club Hudson Ellwood Messerall Meadville, Po. Liberal Arli ond Sciences History Minowa May Catherine Messmann Champaign Fine and Applied Arts Music Sigma Alpha loto; University Chorus (3, 4); Women ' s Glee Club (2) Richord Price Metzger Decatur Division of Special Services Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Manchester College Gene Froncis Metzinger Konkokee Division of Special Services Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Morkeling Club Honors Day (1, 2) James Millikin University David Fredericks Meyer Harvard Engineering Mechanical Engineering Clark House A.S.M.E.; Men ' s Glee Club (3] University of Nebroska Joseph Williom Meyer Harvord Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Chi Gamma Iota; t.A.S.; Gammo Alpha Rho; University Chorus (I) Honors Day (1, 2. 3) lorroine Helen Meyer Chicago Phyiicol Educolion Phyitcal Educotlon Indflco Orcheiiij W.A.A. (1, 2. 3, 4); W.A.A. Nu meroli; Mojor I; Y. W.C.A. Committee (2); mini Union Committee (2); Cast, " Exodus ' 47 " , " I " , Production Staff, " King leor " Wright Junior College 181 r O ■n 3 II. O Morilyn Gloria Mezek Chicago Fine and Applied Arts An Delta Dello Delia mini Union Committee (1); Stor Course, Board of Monogert (2) Merle Monroe Micenheimer Owaneco Agriculture General Agriculture Medea Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Field ond Furrow; Morketing Club Ellen Louiie Michael Greenville Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Locke Monor Benjamin Ralph Michaels Chicogo Commerce Marketing Noble House Marketing Club Edward Anthony Micholski Chicago Journalism Advertising Clark House Marketing Club Mary Louise Michel Ouincy Liberal Arts ond Sciences History Koppa Kappa Gamma MocMurroy College Betty Lou Mickey Garden Prairie Agriculture Home Economics Busey Hall Home Economics Club; lllini Rural Life Club; mini Union Committee (3, 4) Leonord John Mickllch Joliet Commerce Accountancy Annex Noll Accountoncy Club; Morketing Clubj Indepen- dent Informal Committee (3) 182 k V y. Joseph Frank Micoli Rochester. N. Y. " Division of Speciol Services ' Retoiling j Alpha Phi Omego; Marketing Club; Newman ||H Foundolion Student Council (3) M Andrew Bill Millas East St. Louis Commerce Marketing n Clark House ; Morketing Club; Epsilon Phi Sigmo Saint Louis University Barbara Ann Miller Dixon JpiJ ' Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction K Evans Hall B qC Zeto Phi Eta; The Daily lllini (1) DnD Honors Day (3) Bernard Stephen Miller, Jr Nomeoki Liberal Arts and Sciences ' ' ' Chemistry Tou Kappa Epsilon Chi Gamma loto; Senior Track M onager; Alpha Phi Omego; Track Monoger (2, 3); Tribe of mini; mini Union Council (3) Bert Miller, Jr Fairfield Liberol Arts and Sciences Spanish ' ' Granada Club Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club; French Club ' Escuela de Verono, Universidad Nacionot de Mexico David Miller South Orange. N. J. Division of Special Services c ■ r- ■ " « Foreign Commerce Zeto Beta Tau Marketing Club; Fencing Manager (2); lllini Union Committee [2, 3, 4); Hillel Foundation Student Council (4) New York University Don Carlin Miller Woldron, Ind. Engineering Electricol Engineering Tau Beto Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; t.R.E. Honors Ooy HI Ohio State University Dorothy Ruth Miller Chicogo Liberol Arts ond Sciences Psychology Indeco Production Staff, " Pirates of Penzance " , " Al- ccstis of Euripides " Q I ¥ Eleanor Marguerite Miller Philo Agriculture Home Economics Frank Hugo Mitler Chicago Engineering Aeronautical Engineering l.A.S. Jomes David Miller Kornok Commerce Accountancy Accountoncv Club Honors Day (1,2) Leslie Wayne Miller Dixon Agriculture General Agriculture Mary Elizabeth Miller Rockforci Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Wescoga Norma Louise MiKer Kinmundy Agriculture Home Economics Zeta Tou Alpha Home Economics Club; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerals Ralph Jerome Miller Coal City Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry lowo Slate College Robert Glotgow Miller Yorkville Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Alpha Chi Rho Phi Eta Sigmo; Interfroternity Council (3, 4); Univeriity Chorus (4) Honors Ooy ( 1 ) North Centrot College ,. . L Kuth Anne Miller Chicago Fine ond Applied Arts Art Evons Hall Mundeletn College Edward William Millhouse, Jr Champaign Division of Special Services Chemistry Tomahowk Lodge Pershing Rifles Wright Junior College; Trinity College Horold Bernard Milling Essex Division of Special Services Botony Dovid Kimber Milts Decatur Commerce Marketing and Management Phi Gamma Delta Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Frederick Eugene Mills Strealor Liberol Arts and Sciences Physics 1001 Club Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigmo; Pi Mu Epsilon; House President (4) Honors Doy [1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key James Evan Mills Waterloo, N. Y. Liberot Arts and Sciences English William Teel Mills Rushville Engineering Agriculturol Engineering Morion Institute; United Stoles Novol Acad- emy Shirley Ethel Milslein Chicogo Liberol Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Busey Moll Hillel Foundollon Student Council (4) 183 r O ■n 3 Elizabeth Mine ChicogcB Education P Aff ' • Sherwood Lodge Blockburn College Julio Ellzobeth Miner MJihowoko, Ind Journalism Editorial Western Michigon College of Education; Micl igon Slote College Ceroid Morion Minkus Chicago Commerce Management and Morketing Barton House Marketing Club; Agriculture Club; Alpha Phi Omega Robert Joseph Minning Cincinnoti, Ohio Commerce Marketing College Hall Beta Comma Sigma; Morketing Club Honors Dov (3) University of Cincinnoti Ceorge Mistic Conlon Engineering Electrical Engineering I.R.E. Joseph Jomes Mistretto Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering lllumlnoting Engineering Club; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Marketing Club Washington University Waller Henry Mitchell MIddlegrove Engineering Electrical Engineering Bradley University Williom Robert Mitchell Benton Commerce Monogemenl Alpha Tou Omega 184 I ' M.itfl f. Jl dS Edward Alexonder Mite Elmwood Pork Division of Special Services Industrial Design Phi Koppo Marketing Club; Senior Boll Committee Wright Junior College; Cornegie Institute ©f Technology Williom Wesley Mittlesleadt, Jr Berwyn Engineering Mechonrcol Engineering Parade Cround Units Pi Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E. Morton Junior College Arnold NorcTion Moeller Wheeler Agriculture Cenerol Agriculture Alp ho Zeto; Agriculture Club; Dairy Production Club; Rural Life Club Honors Day (1, 3) Virginia Louise Moeller Dijion Physical Education Physical Education Physicol Education Majors ' Club; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) Alfred Wolloce Mof ett Philadelphio, Pa. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Porode Cround Units Gargoyle; Scarab; A. I. A. Martin Timothy Moffitt Springfield, Mo. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gargoyle; Chi Cam mo lolo; A. I. A.; Scorob Southwest Missouri Stote College Robert Clingman Mohr Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Delta Koppo Epsilon Morketing Club; Y.M.C.A. Committee (3) Southeast Missouri State Teachers ' College; Oberlin College; Marquette University; Univer sity of Chicago Carl Albert Moller Elmwood Pork Commerce Accountoncy Cosmopolitan The lllio {]); The Daily I Mini (1); House President {3) ; Intcrfroternity Council (4) i K» 4 K ' ttf lis to a Ik ' 11 II, Si Albeil Slonley Molo Chko u FIno and Applied Arts Art Phi Kappo Pt Woller Dean Monft Streotor Accountancy Commerce Beta Gamina Sigmo; Phi Eta Sigma; Beic Alpha Psi Honors Day (1, 2, 3) George Joseph Moody Weslville Fine and Applied Arts Art Illustrators Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key Evanston Collegiate Institute Jomet leroy Moon Merrick Engineering Electrical Engineering Elo Koppa Nu; A.I.E.E. Barbara Jean Moore Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha Omicron P! Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4); McKinley Foundation Student Council (3) Western College for Women Daniel Warren Moore Chorleston Fine end Applied Arts Landscope Architecture Jean Mory Elizobeth Moore Ook Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Women ' s Cosmopolitan Club; The Daily lllin i (M; WILL (3, 4); Cost, " Warriors Husband " , " Beoui Strofagem ■; Production StofT, " Bof Chester Towers " Northwestern University Lois Sondquist Moore Chicogo Journalism Advertising Phi Mu Shi-AI; KoppQ Tou Atpho; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mosk ond Bauble; Arepo; Theto Sigma Phi; The Doily lllini (J); House President (I); Pro- duction Slof?, " Atcestis " . " Pirates of Pen- Jonce " , " The Corn It Green " , " All the Kings Men " , " Three Penny Opera " Honors Day (3) . MoHoon 4» Robert Edwin Moore Liberal Arti ond Sciences Chemical Engineering Tau Koppa Epiilon Phi Eta Sigmo; A.I.Ch.E.; Molnflwenoj Track Monoger |3, 4); Tribe of lllini Honors Day ( 1 , 2, 3); University of lllinoii Scholorship Key Shirley Ann Moore... Paorio Liberol Arts and Sciences History Koppa Alpha Theto The lllio (I, 2); Production Staff, " Three Men on a Horse " , " Pirates of Penionce " , " Alcestis of Euripides " Wilburn Allen Moore St. Louis, Mo. Fine and Applied Arts Art Illustrators Honors Doy (1 ) John Joseph Moron Corning, N. Y. Low Low Newman Hall Junior Bar Association; Sphinx Club Honors Day { 1 ) University of Minnesoto; Cornell University Inocente Virgilio Moreno Cardoza, Panama City, Ponomo Engineering Civil Engineering Cosmopolitan Atlyn Judson Morgan Horvey Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Thornton Township Junior College Katherine Delores Morgon Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics Presbyterian Hall Student Senate (2) ; Freshmon Council; Secre- tary-Treosurer, Junior Clots; Frethmon Frolic Chairman; Junior Prom Committee; Indee In- formal Committee (3); W.G.S. Executive Coun- cil (4); lllini Union Board (4) Mortha Ann Morgan ...Urbana Fine and Applied Arts Art Univeritty Orcheitro (1, 2); University Chorus (3, 4); Women ' s Glee Club (3); Intervartily Chrittion Fellowship (I, 2, 3. 4) r O ■n 185 u. O Richard Kallooo Morgon Rockford Engineering Cenerol Engineering Dornoch House President (2, 4); Morching Band (1, 3) Gfoto Morgonstine Chicago Journalism Radio Delia Phi Epiilon The Doily IHini (1); IMini Union Committee (2); WILL (3. 4» Jean Elizabeth Morion Lakewood, Ohio Fine and Appied Arts Music Busey Holl Sigma Alpha loto; University Orchestra (3, 4); Sinfonietta (3, 4) Honors Doy (3) New England Conservatory of Music Elizabeth Jane Morphy Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Evans Hall Physicol Education Mojors ' Club; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerals; Major I John Robert Morris Kansas Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Form House Agriculture Club; Agricultural Education Club Ookland City College; George Washington University; Eostern Illinois State Teochers ' Col- lege Robert Warren Morrison Mahomet Law Low Coast Artillery Club; Men ' s Glee Club (2]; First Lieutenont, University Brigade Horvard College Thomoi Golden Morrison .Chicago Engineering Engineering Physics Newmon Holl Pi Mu Epsilon Illinois Institute of Technology Gerald Bernard Morrow Dayton, Ohio Commerce Accountancy Borton House Accountancy Club Honors Day ( I ) Penniylvonlo Slote College 186 ii i Mory Agotha Morwood AltOQ 9||f Liberal Arts and Sciences ' n Spanish ' f« " Leeman Lodge Alpha Sigma Nu; Terrapin; Sigma Del to Phlj Spanish Club; Teachers in Training Club; W.A.A. (1, 2. 3, 4): W.A.A. Numerals (3); House President (4) Robert Harold Mosher DeKolb gloK " ' Division of Speciol Services til Journalism Phi Gamma Delta , yHgll House President (4) fg Northern Illinois State Teochers ' College Earl lorene Moss McLeansboro s " " " Engineering Agricultural Engineering " i Alpho Zeto; A.S.A.E.; Engineering Council (4) rt W Honors Doy (3) .r. i Lake Forest College; University of Southern Of Illinois eilttri ' Emit Christian Mosser, Jr Oiney Agriculture jj Agricultural Economics Agriculture Club; Agricultural Economics Club .[jj. University of Nebraska; University of Wy oming Shirley Edythe Mraz Paik Ridge Journalism • ' Advertising Stonehaven Marketing Club; The Daily lllinl (1, 2); W.G.S. . ' IM Executive Council (2, 3, 4); llllni Union Com- ' mittee (1, 2, 3); University Chorus {1. 2) Honors Day (1 ) Chorles Lloyd Muehling Cissno Pork nffll Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Lookout Manor Phi Etc Sigmo; A.I.Ch.E.; House President (4) Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois . Scholorship Key _ ' ' Arthur John Mueller ChicflQ Engineering Electrical Engineering Wright Junior College; Illinois Institute ol Technology Paul Friedrick Mueller Homi» Liberal Arts ond Sciences Economics S.A.E.; Y.M.C.A. Cobinet (4) Honors Day (1,3) Army University Center of Oohu mil William Robert Mueller Hillsboio Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Troinirtg in Geogrophy Roselen Loretta Mulcohy Chicago Liberol Arts ond Sciences Psychology Cogle Holl North Park Junior College Robert Fronklin Mufch Basco Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Farm House Alpho Tou Alpha; Agriculture Club; Agricultural Education Club Honors Day (2, 3) Wolloce Dole Mulliken Elgin Liberal Arts and Sciences B Alpha Kappa V l V IM Interfroternity Council (2) fl J K John Francis Mulvey Springfield Engineering . flV Mechonical Engineering BI i B A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; House President (4) " 1 Springfield Junior College 1 ,1 leroy Frank Mumford Cleveland, Ohio Commerce fl Accountancy P % Gronodo Club B 1 Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpho Psi; Accountoncy W f Club; The Daily Htini (2) J " l " Honors Day (1, 2) .»- Ruth Beverly Munkvold Chompoign Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology P H m Belo f | « (Mini Union Committee (I) « £ V Hornion Segur Munro Lockporf _ A.I.E E.; t.R.E.; University Chorus (2, 3, 4); A ■ f V Coppello Choir (2) t| •S fl T University of Dubuqu©; Illinois Institute of ■ ■ Technology Byron Edwin Munion Ottgwo Division of Spaclal S«rvic«i Sociology Edv ard Joseph Murphy Glenarm Law Law Phi ElQ Sigma; Junior Bar Association Honors Day (1, 2) Hugh Ronald Murphy Chicoga Division of Special Services Industrial Administration Varsity Football Squad (1); V ILL (1) Mory Ellen Murphy Qumcy Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Busey Hall Wesley Foundation Student Council (4) Quincy College William Dennis Murphy Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Gargoyle; A.S.C.E.; A. I. A. Loyola University; John Carroll University Anne Dickinson Murroy Chompoign Agricultur« Home Economics Cornell University Stanley Sigmund Murzyn Whiting, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciancei Chemistry Indiano University Som Muscato Chicago Physical Education Physieol Educotion Annex Hall r O ■n 3 187 Urn o Virgil Jomei Muiick Jellico, Tenn. Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Maryvilie College Marvin Eugene Mulchnik Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Music College Holl Phi Mu Alpha -Sin fonia; Uni versify Orchesiro (1, 2. 3, 4); Sinfonieira (3, 4) Wright Junior College Robert Douglas Myers Urbono Engineering General Engineering University Chorus (4) Purdue University Robert Miller Noos Horvey Division of Special Services Physical Education and Commerce Thato Xi Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Freshman Vor- sity Baseball Squad,- House President (3, 4) Edna Josephine Nadworny . . . .New York, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Art Shav nee House President (1,2) New York University Charles Roy Nogel Wouwalosa. Wis Engineering Civil Engineering Triangle Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E.; Coptain, Bat talion of Midshipmen North Central College; Purdue University; DePouw University Jornei Nokado . . Azuso, Calif. Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Phi Eta Sigmo; Marching Bond 11) Penniylvonio Stale College Henry Jomes Nolepa Trenton, N.J liberol Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Granada Club Tou B«to Pi; Phi Eta Sigmo; Phi Lambdo Up lilon; A.I.Ch.E. Honors Doy (1, 2) Loultiona Stote Unlveritly 188 -? Morilyn Jean Nolly Wolieko Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Stratford House MacMurroy College Marilyn Ann Nothon , ... Chicogo Physical Education Physical Educolion Sigma Kappa Physical Education Moiors ' Club; W.A.A. (t, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerols; Major I Shirley Jane Nay Flossmoor " Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology -3 ft Pi Beta Phi Torch; The lllio (1, 2); Compus Chest {4|| Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); lllini Union Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) Honors Day (1, 2] Earl Longdon Neal Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Politicol Science Kappa Alpha Psi House President (4); Interfroternily Council (3); Y.M.C.A. Committee (4) Raymond Austin Neal DuOuoin Engineering Mechanical Engineering Four Columns A.S-M.E.; S.A.E.; Engineering Council (4) Susan Ethel Neal Chicogo liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Sigmo Theta Campus Chest (3) Y.M.C.A. College; Roosevelt College; DePoul University Itving Near Chicogo ' Hi Division of Special Services Ki Geology Four Columns " ' Cyclothem Herzl College; University of Cincinnoti; Rooif- velt College 3tCcil Evangolos Anton Neckopulos Konkokt Nii Engineering Electrical Engineering Annex Hall ;■ A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Epsilon Phi Sigmo; llluminot- ing Engineering Club Mtfk in Louise Neese Shelbyvillv Agriculture Home Economics 4-H House A. A. |I, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Numerals orge Edwotd Neh«r Berwyn Engineering Civil Engineering . Epiilon; A.SX.E. nori Doy (2, 3) orgio Institute of Technology . Neiberg Chicago Physical Education Physical Education rtity ]S0 Pound Footboll Squad (3, 4) nes Neighbers Davenport, lowo Journalism Radio ■ Daily llllnl (4); WILL (2) lors Day (2. 3) fh Eugene Neild Georgetown Agriculture General Agriculture lion Richard Nelson Pork Ridge Division of Special Services Industrial Administrotion I S.; Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; I Ti Union Committee (4) ; Choristers (4) , Iduction Stoff, ' Ah Wilderness ' oosevelt College rf Winfield Nelson Chicago Division of Special Services Zoology ond Chemistry t Upsilon ' •rffoternity Council (3, 4); McKinley Foundo- ' Student Council (3) alomozoo College J es Conrad Nelson Nauvoo Division of Speciol Services Education Tmo Chi ■Von-Do; Sachem; Senior Manoger, Baskel- Botketball Manager (2, 3); Tribe of Mm Marjoric Lily on Nelion R ,kleiJ LIbaral Arts and Sclencei Sociology Palamor House Pretident (4) Rockford Cotlegtt Norman Horvey Nelson Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Sigma Delta Phi Eto Sigma Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Wright Junior College Robert Andrews Nelson El Paso, Tex, Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Delta Kappa Epsilon Skult and Crescent; The Daily lllini (1, 2); House President (4); Second Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Honors Day (2) Texas College of Mines Robert Wagner Nelson Downers Grove Engineering General Engineering Beto Theta Pi Ma-Wan-Do; Sachem; Skull ond Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; Business Monoger; The Itlio; A.S. M.E.; The lllio (1, 2, 3, 4) Honors Day (I, 2) Willard Ear! Nelson Peoria Engineering Mechonical Engineering Tou Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigmo Bradley University Williom Donald Nelson ftocine, Wii. Division of Special Services Industriol Engineering Phi Gomma Delta Marketing Club Illinois Institute of Technology John Edwin Nergord Chicago Education Physicol Education Tou Kappa Epxilon Vorsity Footboll Squod (2, 3) Centre College of Kentucky Jock Walter Natslor Moywood Journolitm Advertising Alpho Delto Sigma; Marketing Club; The Doily lllini (3) Honors Doy (3) 189 r O ■n 3 u. O j Corlylo Edwin Neubou«r Clinton, lowo Journaliim Edito rial Koppo Tou Alpho; Phi Eto Sigmo Honori Day (1, 2. 3); University of lllinoii Scholorihip K«y Goylo Cofoll Noobooar Hinckley Journalism Advertising McKinley Holl The Doily Mlini (I); W.G.S. Executive Council (2. 3, 4) James Henry Neufeldt Chicago Physical Educollon Physicol Education Club Esquire Tribe of lllini; Varsity Baseball Squad (I, 2, 3), Letter {», 2) Donald Aaron Neumann East Peoria Commerce Economics Alpha Koppa P$i; The Daily lllini (2); Men ' s Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 4) Honors Day (1 - 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Heinz Gunter Neumann Peorio Fine ond Applied Arts Music Phi Mu Alpho-Sinfonia; University Chorus (4); A Cappella Choir (1); Men ' s Glee Club (3); WILL (3) Deliloh Alberta Newell Decatur Education Elementary Education Palomor Henry Carl Newman Molino Division of Speciol Services Commerce Chi Gamma lotoj Morketing Club Augustono College Dorii Morie Neyendorf Chicago Phyilcol Educotlon Physical Education Women ' s Annex Physical Education Ma|ori ' Club; Terrapin; W.A.A. (2, 3, 4|i W.A.A. Numerals; Malor I North Park Junior College 190 Robert Niblack Wauket, Agriculture Dairy Technology Doiry Technology Club; Marketing Club; Mot ing Band (2, 3, 4); Concert Bond (2, 3. 4) Loke Forest College f A t Samuel Carson Nicholl, Jr., Richmond Heights, i . Division of Special Services Industrial Administration Kappa Sigmo Marketing Club Mercer University; Bucknell University; l- versity of Rochester Clarence Lee Nichols Dectr Law Low Junior Bar Association Leslie Edwin Nichols Spring Id Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Springfield Junior College Leo Paul Nicholson Wlli ' le Engineering Civil Engineering Gozond Heights Student Senote (2); A.S.C.E.; Navy Pi«r C,c Committee (2); House President (4) Robert Charles Nickels Ch 9« Division of Special Services law Phi Kappo Phi Eto Sigma; Interfroternlty Council (3) Honors Day (2, 3) Thomas Hoddow NicolL.Emo, Ontario, Ccido Division of Special Services Geology Kappa Delta Rho Robert Ira Nlermon Division of Special Services Economics Sigma Alpha Mu Marketing Club Ml qfne KIchard Nightingale. Jr Champoign Division of Special Services Chemiilry Tou Kappo Eptilon . E ' o Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega jnofs Doy (1, 3, ); Univeriity of lllinoij holoffhip Key •e-r Jomes Nilto WJImette Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Tora Holl . n Henry Noble Phyticol Educotion Physical Education Theta Chi .reihman Varsity Boseball Squod ' snort Day (1) .Chicogo liam Marcus Nolan Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry lowo Stole College; College of St. Thomas; oniai University Iarotyn Edith Nordstrom Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Chi Omega ,3iftt Crew Manager, lllini Theatre Guild; Mask d Bauble; Arepo; Psi Chi; The llllo (]); lllini «ion Committee (1 ); Production Staff. " All King ' s Men " , " Taming of the Shrew " . Anno Sophie Hedvig " , " Cherry Orchard " , vsmalion " ? Willis Norris Monticello Engineering Electrical Engineering U.E.E.; I.R.E. onofs Doy (3) - enee Weir Nortrup Commerce Management ' Lambda Chi Alpha Urketing Club; Accountancy Club . LoHarpe ' - ' 9 Joseph Novak Buffalo, N. Y. Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering 8rown Thresh 3M ieta Pi; Chi Gommo Iota; Phi Eta Slgmo; trihing Rlfte,. pf,; la bdo Upsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; o«ie President (4) Mors Doy (1, 2. 3); University of Illinois cholorthip Key Unlveriify of Buffalo lowrcncc Novati Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration College HoM Varsity Foolboll Squad (3) Honors Doy (2, 3) Albion College Clarence Raymond Nowacki Beckemeyer Engineering Civil Engineering Newman Hall Chi Epjilon; A.S.C.E. Honors Doy {3) University of Oklohomo Edwin John Nowak Chicago Division of Special Services Industrial Administration Morketing Ctub; Accountancy Club Wright Junior College Henry Eugene Nowlcki Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Geography Rogers House Villonovo College; Wright Junior College; Marquette University Edith Nudelman Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Longuoges Delta Phi Epsilon Spanish Club Lowrence Joseph Nufer Division of Speciol Services Commerce Alpha Delta Phi Marketing Club; Accounlancy Club University of Missouri .Elgin Ralph John Nufer Division of Speciol Services Commerce Alpha Delta Phi Marketing Club; Accounlancy Club .Elgin Mortin Edword Nuzik Berwyn Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Exmoor Hall A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. Morion Junior College; Northwestern UnWer sity 191 rs O ft 3 I lb o w Mitchell Joseph O ' Bonnon Si. louis. Mo. Liberal Arts ond Sciences Social Studies Omega Pti Phi French Ctub; House President (4); Inlerfrater- nify Council (3, 4); lllini Union Committee (4],- Y.M.C.A. Committee (3) West Virginia Store College; Lincoln Uni veriity James Roy Oberholtzer .... Independence, Kons. Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon Independence Junior College Joe Murdaugh Oblonder Freeporl Education Social Studies Frank Joseph Ocnaschek Moywood Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigmo; Eta Koppa Nu Honors Day (3) Clem son Agricultural College Thomas Patrick O ' Connor Oak Park Division of Speciol Services Mathematics Granada Club William Kavanagh O ' Connor, Jr Chicago Division of Special Services History DePaul University William KIrley O ' Connor., Law Law Tou Koppa Eptilon Earl Kent Odom ...Cashing, Okla. Diviiion of Speciol Services Soles ond Soles Management Sigma Nu Marketing Club; Sphini Club Oklohomo Agricultural ond Mining College tfl 192 William Harold O ' Oonnell Chicago Division of Special Services Personnel ManogemenI Pi Koppa Phi Alpha Phi Omego; House President (3}; Inter- fraternity Council (2) Morgon Park Junior College Joan Odor Decoiui Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Shawnee James Mil li kin University Arba Henry Oefjen Maplewood, N. J. Commerce Marketing Tau Kappa Epsilon Pierrots; Morketing Club; Sponish Club; Men ' Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4}; Star Course, Board c Manogers (2); Cost, " The Corn It Green " , " The Duchess of Molfi " , and " Anna Sophi Hedvig ' ' Donald Potter Ogdon Oak Po ' Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Pier lllini (I, 2) ' University of North Dokota Cordie Roymond Ogg, Jr Gibson Ci Agriculture General Agriculture Parade Ground Units Hoof and Horn Club; Agriculture Club; MorchI Band (1, 2, 3) Honors Doy (3) James Elvis Ogg Sol- Liberol Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Lookout Monor Sphinx Club Colorado Stole College Edward Klemens Olendzki Chic Engineering Eleclrlcol Engineering College Hall A.I.E.E.; Varsity Football Squod (1); Ho ■ President (4); M.I. A. Executive Council I Notional Student Association (3) Honors Day ( 1 ) Illinois Institute of Technology Virginia Morion Otin Chic ' Education Art Alpho Gamma Delta North Pork College inne Patricia Oliver Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi ni Union Committee (3) George Olmstead Sterling Agriculture Agriculturol Economics I ibifl Marie Olson Chodwick Fine and Applied Arts Music Alplio Gammo Delta rch; Sigma Alpha lolo; lllini Union Council , 3); University Chorus (3) -ors Day (I, 3) irothy Colleen Olson Antloch Liberal Arts ond Sciences History Women ' s Annex pward John Olson Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Economics Colonial Arms rketing Club North Pork Junior College Ann Olson . . Commerce Accountancy Buiey Holl countoncy Club Knox College Jul Robert Olion Education Phyiicol Education ariitr Football Sguod (3. 4) North Po(k Junior College .Chicago " ' ! ' • " • Ommen Arrowimith liberal Arti and Sciences Speech BuMr Hall jtoduclion Stoff, ' All the Kings Men " , • ' Tom. Iig of the Shrew " , ■Duchess of Malfi " , ' ' Anna phle Hedvig " i£ Donald Woyno Ommen Arrowimith Educotion History Flagg House Teachers In Training Club; The Dolly llllnl (I, 2) Honors Day (1, 3)i University of Illinois SchoN arthip Key Shirley Morio O Neil Homer Journalism Editoriol Presbyterian Hall Theta Sigma Phi; The Doily lllini (3); W.A.A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Star Course, Board of Managers {2) Morilyn Munkers Ooms Lake Bluff liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Kappa Alpha Theta Orchesis; WILL (3, 4); Cast, " Merchont of Venice " , " Anna Sophie Hedvig " , " Donger- ous Corner " ; Production SlofF, " Three Men on o Horse " Robert Lloyd Oppelf Greenville, N. C. Fine and Applied Arts Music Educotion Phi Mu Alpho-Sinfonia; University Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Sinfonietro {3, 4) Simpson College Leonard Soul Oppenheimer. . . .New York, N. Y. Commerce Marketing and MonagemenI Pi Lombdo Phi Phi Eto Sigmo; Morketing Club; Accountancy Club; The Daily lllini (1); Interfroternity Coun- cil (2); National Student Associotion (4) Honors Day (I, 2, 3) Kenneth Dole OrendorfF. . . , Colfax Commerce Accountancy Honors Doy ( 1 , 2) Albert Orenstein Chicago Journoliim Rodio 507 Club Alon Henry Orlove Chicago Commerce Management and Marketing Sigmo Alpho Mu Phalanx; Icorus; lltinl Insuronce Society; Inter- fraternity Council ( I } ; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1); Coptoin, University Brigode University of Colifornio at Loi Angeles 193 r O ■n 3 I II. o V Jamei Monus O ' Rourke Elflin Engineering Eleclricol Engineering Colonial Manor Pi Mu Epiilon; A.I.E.E.; llluminaling Engineer- ing Club; House Preiident (3) Univerilry of South Carolina; University of Miami Gloria Neuhaui Orphan Edwardsville liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Busey Hall Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club f Honors Day (2. 3) Willlom Hamilton Orr Geneseo Commerce Marketing Morion Lois Orther Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teacher Troining in History North Park College A " i James William Osborne Edinburg Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Marching Bond (t , 2) Henry Steven Osinski Chicago iournalism Advertising Delto Sigma Phi Alpha Delta Sigmo; Tribe of lllini; Varsity Fencing Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (3, 4) University of South Dokota Harriet Otis Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Women ' s Annex Student Senate (2); Epiilon Phi Sigmo; W.A.A. (I, 2. 4); Y.W.C.A. Committee (4) Herzl Junior College lowrence James O ' Toole Chicago Engineering Civil 194 William Wilson Ovefstreet, Ji Commerce Monogement 1001 Club Accountoncy Club; Marketing Club Paxton Mehmet Emin Ozgor Izmir. Turkey Engineering Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Mottepe lyce Ernest Wayne Ozier Lovington Agriculture Generol Agriculture Nobor House Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Zeto Sigma Alpha; House President (4J Edward Thoddeus Ozzie Chicog Liberal Arts ond Sciences Social Science Newman Hotl Marketing Club Honors Day {1 ) Doris May Pocktor Chicog Liberal Arts and Sciences Industrial Psychology Sigma Delta Tau The lllio ()); lllini Union Committee (2) Y.W.C.A. Commitfee (J, 2) -■lb Walter WiNiom Pogel Commerce Accountancy Marketing Club; Accountoncy Club Chiios Waller Dean Pogels Dwnd Education " ' ittl Industrial Education i Alpha Phi Omega; lllini Union Council { mini Union Committee |3] Washington State College Herbert Andrew Pairitz Chico Commerce Industrial Administrolion Wright Junior College ' w. 5 8 ( flene Polman Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology • rio Muclion Stoff, " Dongorous Corner " ( I LaVerne Palmberg Rantoul Low Low I Alpha Delta; Accountancy Club; Morketing I b; Junior Bar Association I .ord Palmer St. Louis, Mo. Physicol Education Physical Education ce Rink ■■e of mini (1, 2, 3, 4); Vorsity Baseball ■ od (1), Letter (1); House President (4) epti Herman Panny Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Hiam Ira Pope Kirkwood Division of Special Services Social Science Alpha Gamma Rho chem; St. Olof Choir Concert Chairman (3) ; erfroternity Council (3); Y.M.C.A. Cobinet 4); Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (4); Stu- ■ Religious Council (3); McKintey Foundo- - Student Council (2) r ors Doy (I I ■yl M. Popke Cotdwoter, Mich- Engineering Engineering Physics Beto Pi; Sigmo Tou; Phi Elo Sigma ' ors Day |I, 2, 3» -es Adolph Porchmann Ook Pork Commerce Accounlancy and MonagemenI Eta Sigmo; Accountancy Club; I Mini Union ' mittee (2, 3) ' lors Doy (1) ' ' ord Earl Parett Danville Agriculture Vocolionol Agriculture riculture Club; Field and Furrow fei lil Ruth Janet Parelt Danville Educotlan Elementary Education Evons Hall Production Sloff, " Three Men on a Horse " Honors Day (3) Martin Louis Porlsot Somonouk Engineering Mechonical Engineering A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; mini LJnion Committee (3) Betty Louise Parke Blooming ton Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry leeman Lodge Production Stoff, " Anna Sophie Hedvig " , Taming of the Shrew " , and " Duchess of Molfi " Northern Illinois State Teachers ' College Herbert Spencer Parker New York, N.Y. Physical Education Physical Educotion Phi Epsilon Koppo; Dolphins; Moingweno; Fenc- ing Manager (3, 4); Tribe of lllini; Vorsity Fencing Squad (3) Honors Day (2, 3) Dartmouth College; City College of New York; New Mexico Slate College Philip Bishop Parker Danville Commerce Morketing Phi Delta Theto The lllio (1); House President (4) Konsas Stote Teachers ' College Shirley Porker Moline Journolism Advertising Zeta Tou Alpha The Doily lllini (1); Tempo (3); Sophomore Cotillion Committee (2); lllini Union Committee ( 1 , 2); Production Staff, " Beggar on Horse- bock " Charles Elwood Porks New Conton Fine and Applied Arts landscape Architecture I.T.E.; Marching Bond (1) Honors Day (3) Robert Francis Porks Chicago Engineering Mechonicol Engineering A.5.M.E.; S.A.E. Pennsylvonia Stote College o O ■n 195 O j James Ruf us Porliman Chicogo Dtviston of Special Servicei Marketing Gor-Men Alpha Phi Omega; Marketing Club; Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 4); Production Staff, " Ah, Wildernesi " , " Doctor In Spile of Himself " , " The House of Bornada Albo " , " The RWols " , " The Glass Menagerie " Ralph Leon Parr Oblong Engineering Etectricol Engineering Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Day (3) Shirleyanne Chose Porr Wesicheitef Journalism Radio The Doily lllini (3) Honors Day (3} Morton Junior College John Joy Porry, Jr Urbono Engineering Mechonical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Too Sigmo; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key Stanley Francis Paspy, Jr Chicago Engineering Ceramic Engineering ACS. Illinois Institute of Technology; Wilson Junior College Horry Modison Possman Forest Pork Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Eto Sigmo Honors Day (1, 2) Elmer Williom Posiow Des Ploines Engineering Civil Engineering Pershing Riftes; Tou Nu Tou; A.S.C.E.; Chi Epiilon; Colonel, University Brigade; President, Military Council Mary Marguerite Patrick Vincennei, Ind Journalism Advertising Welsh House Vincennes University 196 Wesley Patterson Knoxville, jov Division of Special Services Architect urol Engineering North Dormitory Northwestern University S. William Potlis Chico Commerce Management Flogg House Marketing Club; Praetorians; Independent Sh Show Chairman (3) ; Independent Inforn Committee (3); M.l.A. Executive Council | 4}; mini Union Boord (4); lllini Union Co millee (3, 4); Intramural Board (3. 4) Wilson Junior College; University of W consin Everett Monroe Potton Peo Commerce Business Monogement Men ' s Glee Club (2) Brodley University Donald Edward Poul Ah Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry John William Poul Con. Engineering Aeronauticol Engineering Honors Day ( 1 ) Phyllis Irene Paulsen Hinsie Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Alpha Gamma Delto Production Staff, ' Beggor on Horseback " , d " Pirates of Penzance " Horold William Poutsch Chi l0 Commerce Accountancy Annex Hall John Thomos Povis Chi 3 Journoliim Advertising Alpho Dolto Sigma; Marketing Club; Socm ' Study Club Woshington and Lee University ihonv Leo Povtick Oulyth, Minn. Agriculture General Agriculture Newman Hall Univeriiiy o Minneiota , ue Helen Powlowjki Journalism Advortiiing Bujey Halt • fo Sigmo Phi ..ri Do¥ (M .Chicogo ' leph Cannon Payne Danville Liberol Arts and Sciences Teacher Training In Mathematics ond Physical Science onk Sanders Peace Ottawo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Geology Phi Gammo Delia clothem Club Purdue University; University of Chicogo janief RIchord Pears i Engineering Aeronoutical Engineering AS. University of Missouri bonold Edwin Peorson .... I CommerC ' .Chicago Morketing Deira Tou Delto •-jn Duane Pearson Cairo Engineering Mechanical Engineering i .S.M.E. of Pearson St- Joseph, Mo. liberol Arts and Sciences History toppo Alpha Theto ' • lllio (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Coblnef (3, A). :ompui Ch«st (3); Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, 2, 3); Production SlofI, " Three Men on a Horse " , Pirotet of Penjonce " , ond ' Alcestls ' ' ' W . • k Norman Eric Peorion. Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. North Park Junior College Robert Lewis Peorson Goleiburg Division of Speciol Servicei General Phi Sigmo Kappa Honors Doy (2) Mary Lou Peasley Lomox Agriculture Home Economics Alpha Delia PI mini Union Committee (3) Stephens College George Andrew Pecht Chicogo Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Loyola University; Alfred University LoVerne Harry Peck DeKolb Engineering Civil Engineering Alpho Phi Omega; A.S.C.E. Northern Illinois Slate Teachers ' College Ralph Kenneth Peek Benton Division of Speciol Services Low Huntleigh Holt Phi Alpho Delto West Virginia Institute of Technology; South- ern Illinois University Richord Dole Peoples Chicogo Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Delta Tou Delta Pershing Rifles; A. I. A. Regis College Williom Augustus Peeplei Chicogo Division of Speciol Services English Delia Tou Delta Sochem; Asiistont Editor, The Daily Hlinlj SIgmo Delto Chi; The Doily lllini (2, 3, 4) Honors Day (1) 197 r O ■n t I IL o J Wilma Louii» Pellizzari Westville Liberal Arti ond Sciencei Piychology Weothorly Hall Francis William Raymond Polmon .Danville Commerce Accountancy Roiolind Cook Pel man Danville Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Evans Hall Harold Edmen Pendleton Granite City Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Beta Koppa Honors Day (1, 2, 3), Univenity of Illinois Scholarship Key Iro Penn Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Mothematics Tou Epsilon Phi I Mini Insurance Society Honors Day (1, 2) Arthur Emmet Fennel I Kearny, N.J. Journalism Radio The Daily IMini (3); WILL (4) University of Nework Herman Gene Peper Sonto Rito, N. Mex. Ensineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Nev Mexico State Teochers ' College Joyce Ardeen Perbix Jackionvill Physicol Education Physical Educolion Alpha Phi Shorter Boord; Torch; President, Women ' i Ath- letic Aiioclation; Student Senate {4}; Alpha Sigma Nu; W.A.A. (1, 7. 3, 4); W.A.A. Nu meroli; Moior I Honors Day {?, 3J 198 m M Afthur Jay Perbohner Chicog Journalism Advertising Tou Delta Phi Alpho Delta Sigmo; The Daily ItlinI (3, 4 House President (4); Interfraternity Count [2. 4) Mary Lou Perkins Freepc Liberol Arts and Sciences Journolism Weotherly Hall Spanish Club; The Mlio (4); The Daily ||| (1) Edword Richord Pershe Omoha, Ne Engineering Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E.; House President ( ' M.I.A. Executive Council (3) Cretghlon University , Leo Edward Persselin Fargo, N. Di Journolism Radio Pi Delto Phi; French Club; The Doily Ml 13, 4) North Dakota Agricultural College; City C lege of Nev York; Biarritz Americon Univen Rudolph Robert Perz Chico Journalism Advertising Sigma Nu Phi Eta Slgmo; Alpha Delta Sigmo; Pierri. WILL (4); Cost. " In Grim Eornesf, ' Aj Sophie Hedvig " ; Production Staff, ' ■pygmollo. ■ Ah, Wilderness " Bernard Alfred Peskin New Rochelle, N Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigmo Tou; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; Pi Tou Sig . Engineering Council (3) Honors Day (2) Long Island University Ruth Bergman Peskin New Rochelle, N ' . Liberal Arts and Sciences English Phi Beto Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delto Honors Doy (1, 2); University of Illinois Sci- arihip Key Charles Martin Peters, Jr Chi )o Commerce Banking and Finonce Phi Epsilon Pi Marketing Club; First Lieutenant, University ' - gode Honors Day (2) I It ,id Thomos Paleti Maion City Commerce AccounloncY ho Koppo Pii; Accountancy Club .Off Day n, 2, 3) rothy Hoye Peteri RockforcJ Commerce Personnel Monogement Buiey Holl irketing Club; Production Staff, " Pirates of -;ance ' ond " Beggor on Horjebock " .-.(hy Louise Petersen Chicago Agriculture Home Economics Ph Mu c Doily mini (1); University Chorus (1), rdoction Staff, " Skin of Your Teeth " and -elfth Night " -k Williom Petersen Morris Agriculture VocQtionol Agriculture . F culture Club; Agricultural Education Club; pho Tou Alpho; Field and Furrow Lewis Peterson Donville Commerce Accountoncy ■a Alpho Psi jonori Doy (2, 3]; University of Illinois Schol- j-ihip Key htiter Max Peterson Galesburg Engineering Mechanical Engineering i Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. onori Day [1, 3] «Y Robert Peterson Berwyn Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture » Parodc Ground Units ' torgoyl : A. I. A. |lonori Day (2. 3) j erton Junior College; University of Chicago •atguerile Eileen Peterson Lo Grange liberal Arts and Sciences Generol I ?• e«to Phi |llini Union Committee (1, 3, 4); The Doily I lllini (1) ■ Edward Joseph Pelkut Ottego, Mich. liberal Arli and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpho Chi SIgmo A.I.Ch.E.; Phi Lambda Upsilon Honors Day (3) University of Minnesoto Edward Francis Petrelewicz Chicogo Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. George Anthony Petroi Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering College Hall A.S.M.E.; House President (3) Honors Day ( I ) Mary Lee Petty Chicago Educotion Elementory Education McKinley Hall The lllio (1) Millicenl leota Petty Harrisburg Agriculture Home Economics Koppo Delta University Chorus (4); Women ' s Glee Club (3) Gulf Park College; Indiano University Marydell Pfeffer Lebanon Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpha Xi Delta Production Staff, " Three Penny Opera " and " Everymon " Honors Day (3) Colorado College; Mount Holyoke College Egbert Lewis Pfoiffer Indionopolis, Ind. Division of Special Services Psychology Lourde Chester Pfulb Rock Foils Engineering Civil Engineering Sigmo Pi Sochem University of Chicogo N o 11 3 199 I o O Charlei Everelt Phillipi, Jr Champofg " Commerce Accountancy Koppo Alpha Pii Alpho Phi Omega Prairie View Unlveriity Dorothy Fern Phillip« Tuscola Liberal Arts and Sciences Teocher Training in Lottn Beta House Guy Dean Phillips lowrenceville Engineering Electrical Engineering Sigma Tau; Tou Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu; I.R.E. Honors Day (3) Robert Jomes Phillips Rockford Division of Special Services Marketing Marketing Club Wlltiom Duncon Phillips Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Beta Theto Pi Interfrolernity Ball Committee (3, 4) ; Inter- fraternlty Council (2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. Cobinet (3); Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2, 3); llllni Union Committee (4) Honors Day (1,2) Daniel Raymond Pichon, Jr. ..Son Diego, Colif. Commerce Management and Marketing Chi Gamma Iota; Ph! Eta Sigmo; Marketing Club Honors Day (1, 3) Pierce Owen Pickens .Champaign Division of Special Services Teaching Alpha Phi Omega Thomas Owen PIcketl Moosehearf Divtiion of Special Services Public Relalioni Back Inn Alpho Phi Omegoj Mlinoii Forensic Society; House President (3); Campus ChesI (4) 200 Alice Eleanor Pieriholo Chicog Commerce Personnel Management Busey Hall Chester Leonord Pielrzok Erie, Pc Division of Special Services Commerce and Manogement Jock LaVerne Pihl Galesbu Division of Speciol Services Industrial Administration Phi Gamma Delta Mo-Won-Do; Tou Beta Pi; Phi Elo Sigma; Gei eral Monager, lllini Theatre Guild; Stude Senate (4); Mask and Boubte; Pierrots; Arep Production Staff, " All the King ' s Men " , " Tor ing of the Shrev " , " Duchess of Molfi " , " Ye man of the Guord " , " Pygmalion " Honors Day {2, 3) Knox College Raymond John Pikno Chicago Heigh Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Phi; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; P Lambda Upsilon ' Honors Day (1) Roy Herbert Piper Elg Liberal Arts and Sciences History Brentwood Manor Carteton College William Phillip Pipher Flosimc Division of Special Services Speech Sigma Phi Epsilon The lllio (2); Cost, " Pygmalion " . " Ah Wild- ness " ; Production Staff, " Cherry Orchard " Alvin William Pistorius, Jr Cite Journalism Radio Newman Hall Koppo Tau Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma D« Chi; The Daily lllini (4); WILL (3, 4) Honors Day (1.3) John Clyde Pitcoirn Moy t Engineering Aeronauticot Engineering Honors Day (I ] ,.tt Arthur Ptttman Momence Commerce Accountoncy hi Sigma Kappo : jm Cephas Pitli McLean Agriculture General Agriculture hi Comma Delta llinois Wesleyor) University; Illinois State ' al University -1 Pliskin Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology ■cia Beta Pi; Notional Student Association . ' ight Junior ColleQC; Herzl Junior College .--fi Thomas Pluda Chicago Division of Speciol Services Radio jndgren House ' orians; The Dally lllini (2, 3] ' Bruno Pod us Chicago Engineering Electricol Engineering ' ub Esquire F E.; I.R.E.; Eta Koppa Nu radfow Wilson Junior College -ohn Poczatek, Jr Chicago Engineering Mechonicol Engineering gon House ' 0 Sigmo; PI Tou Sigmo; A.S.M.E.; House itnl (4) - ' » Doy (1, 31 - ' Po i Danville Commerce Accountoncy ■ o jntoncy Club; House President (3) t Doy (2. 3) -y Moftin Polonsky Chlcogo Commerce Accountancy J Delta Phi -Money Club; Morketing Club A Alberto Polenske Cicero Commerce Commerciol Teaching Evons Hall Phi Chi Thela Southern IMInolt Univerilly Don A I Ion Ponder Tuscola Engineering Agricultural Engineering Phi Koppa Sigma Alpho Zeto; A.S.Ag.E.; Marching Bond (I) Honors Doy (3) University of Uloh Morion Northcott Ponder Chompoign Education English Gamma Phi Beta Northwestern University Robert Leroy Pontlous Vlllo Grove Engineering Mechonicol Engineering S.A.E.; A.S.M.E. Honors Day (3) Ohio University Peter Raymond Ponton, Jr Danville, Vo. Commerce Marketing LoCoterle Marketing Club Shrivenhom American University; Biarritz American University Dolores Roe Pordy Eost St. Lours Educotion Elementary Education Delta Phi Epsilon University Chorus (3); Women ' s Glee Club (3) Howard Somuel Pordy New York, N. Y. Commerce Accountancy Accountoncy Club Charles Joseph Porembo Calumet City Engineering Civil Enpinevring Ice Rink rs O 201 I u. O w Helen Elizabeth Porterfield Monlicello Liberal Arts and Sciencet Sociology Delta Zelo The Doily lllinr (2); lllini Union Commillee (3) Stephens College; Univeriity of Wisconsin Florence Jeonne Posllewoite Palestine Journalism Advertising Buiey Hall mini Union Committee (2) Sander Moses Posiol Chlcogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences English Clark House Sochem; Sports Editor, The Doily lllini; The Doily lllini (1, 2, 3, 4) John Joseph Potel Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad Paul Mohlon Powell Peorro Agriculture Agricultural Economics Toro Hall James Walter Powers Horvcy Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.; Chi Epiilon Honors Day (3) Thornton Township Junior College; Boston University Thomas Joseph Powers Cooksvitle Commerce Accountancy Patricio Jone Poyten Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Polamar Toffopin; W.A.A. (3, 4); W.A.A. Numerals North Pork Junior Colleg 202 Charles WilMom Pronge Horve. Agriculture j General Agriculture k v Elizabeth Gertrude Prother Ook Poi Journalism Advertising Alpha Omicron Pi Sponish Club; Morketing Club; lllini Unio Council (3); lllini Union Committee (], 2, 3 Frederick Hayes Prott South B«lo Physical Education Physicol Education Porode Ground Units Agricult ure Animal Sc ence Club Topper Agriculture Club Won David Francis Pray Oak Pc Division of Special Services Pre-Medicine Psi Upsilon tnrerfraternlty Council (4) University of Wisconsin Donald Richard Prentice Ook F. Division of Special Services Economics Phi Kappa Psi Marketing Club; lllini Insurance Club; Ho ' President (4) Honors Day (3) Washburn University; Oberlln College Normo Thebe Press Journalism Editorial Reonah House The Daily lllini (3, 4} Honors Day (3) Voletto Jean Press Chic • Journalism Editorial Roonoh House The Dolly lllini (3, 4); House President (3) Honors Doy (3) r , Arthur Preilon Pekin Divifion of Special Servicei Industrial Adminislrotion acia J ph Robarr Preiorjki CoTimerc Economics , Koppo Sigma -Chicago R ord Winston Price Oblong Liberal Arti ond Sciences Spanish ; rtlsh Club; Sigmo Delta Pi om Timothy Pridmore. . . . Commerce Management ;fthwestern University zrd Primer Chicogo Journolrsm Radio ' nic Alexander Principal!.... Engineering Civil Engineering Epsilon I Day (31 ' r«t Junior College ome Piisyon New York, N. Y. Commerce Morketing ' ark House ' dent. Sophomore Class; The Doily lllini M.I. A. Executive Council (3) f« Doy ID Ma« Profrock Springfield Educotion Elementary Educotion r-cmmo Phi Beto ' or Boord; Torch; Co-Manoger, Stor Course " lamore Cotillion Committee; Star Course, d of Manogers (2, 3, 4); lllini Union Com- • (I, 7) ' Donold Paul Protzmon Huntington. W Va. Engln««rlng Civil Engineering Chi Epillon; A.S.C.E. Honors Doy (3) Marshall College Eva Doris Engel Prymuski Danville Liberol Arts and Sciences Teocher Training in Speech Presbyterian Hall Concert Band (2, 3, 4) ; University Orchestra (3) Western College Robert Michael Prymuski Hommond, Ind. Physicol Education Physical Education Phi Kappa Skull ond Crescent; Tribe of Itlini; Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2, 3. 4), Letter (2, 3, 4); House President (3) Albeit Joseph Puccetti Commerce Management Phi Koppa Psi Illinois College Somporn Punyagupto Bangkok, Siam Engineering Civil Engineering MossGchutelts Institute of Technology Ernest Alfred Purnelt Springfield Division of Special Services History Phi Gamma Delta Marketing Club Walter Mitoo Putnick Gronile City Commerce Accountancy Accounloncy Club; Americon Accounting Asso- ciation University of Arizona Caroline Quinn Hommond, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Delia Comma Shorter Boordj Shi-Ai; Alpha lambda Dclio; Student Senate (3. 4); The Doily lllini (1); Committee on Student Affoirs (2); Career Con- ference Committee (2); House President (4); Ponhellenic Eiecutive Council (3. 4) ; Notional Student Aisociolion (3, 4); Campus Cheit |4); Stor Course, Boord of Monogors (2) Honors Day (I ) 203 r O ■n I I u. o sj John Paul Quinn New York. N. Y. liberol Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Honon Day ( 1 ) Elaine Lucy Roaich Urbano Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Spanish Clob; French Club; Sigmo Delta Pi; Women ' s Glee Club (2) University of Wisconsin Martin Robinowitz New York, N. Y. Commerce Economics Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Cammo loto Honors Day { 1 ) Philip Francis Rock Blue Island Fine and Applied Arts Music Education Thelo Chi Pierrots; Cost, " Carmen " Chicago Musical College; New England Con- servatory of Music Bruce Gordon RodclifFe Ook Pork Commerce Advertising Acacia Fraydo June Radner Chicago Education History Sigma Delta Tou Torch; Orchesis; lllini Union Council (4); lllini Union Committee (1 , 2, 3, 4); Production Staff, " Three Men on a Horse " , " Taming of the Shrew " Honors Doy (2, 3); University of Illinois Schol- orship Key Marshall Rogers Raincy Hillsboro Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpho Tou Alpha Woodrow Wilson Junior College loo Robert Rollback Alpha Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. St. Ambrose College 204 i MWM Mory Jeon Ralph Orvey Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Alpho Chi Omega Monticello College Carolyn Jean Rolston Coledonic Education History Polomor Rockford College Horold Ramm Oslo, Norwo- Journalism Editorial Lundgren House University of Oslo I Warren Clement Romshow Chicog Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Sigma Chi Director, Department of Alumni Affairs, lllir Union; Pierrots; Psi Chi; lllini Union Boord (4). lllini Union Council (4); Campus Chest (3) lllini Union Committee (3, 4); Student Reprt sentative. Alumni Associotion Board; Cos " Pride and Predjudlce " ; Production Stof " Everymon " , " Dr. Foustus " , " Joan of loi ' rolne ' " Shirley Rhode Randell Chico? Journalism Advertising Evans HqII French Club; Marketing Club; The lllio (1) Rodney Vance Ronney EureV Commerce Accountancy Charles Albert Roper Peor Division of Special Services Engineering Phi Comma Delta Phi Eta Sigmo; Marketing Club; Accounton Club; Co-Cholrmon, Career Conference (4 Men ' s Glee Club (1); Campus Chest (2, 3) Henry Welk Ropp, Jr Moft Engineering Ceromic Engineering Pholonit; Second lieutenant. University Briflo :hofd Kyobler Rapp Morton Division of Spocial Services Geology Wontworlh Military Academy; University of Kantoi jnold L Roppeport Chlcogo Commerce Management Phi Epjilon Pi jrketing Club; Freshmon Varsity Golf Squod; _ lity Golf Squad {A) -ors Day (2) Northwestern University ' on Donno Rosch Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Science Sigma Kappa ni Union Committee (2J; Campus Chest :. 3) Morgon Pork Junior College :;(ilyn June Rascher Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Bocterlology Buser Holi ni Union Committee ( 1 , 2) - jomin Arthur Rasmusen Somonauk Agriculture General Agriculture arode Ground Units : ' iculiure Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Poultry enee Club; The Illinois Agriculturist (3); M.C.A. Cobinet (4); Student Religious Council Wesley Foundation Student Council (4) -ennsylvonio Slote College; Northwestern Uni- iiry ■ ' if Bofboro Rosmussen Oak Pork Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Mediclne " f»I Mu no Lombdo Delta; German Club; Alpha Pi ro - " ori Day (I) CofI Wilmot Rasmusen Aledo Engineering Electrical Engineering Tqu Kappa Epsilon 6.E. Monmouth College Potrido DIckason Rosmutien Champoign Education English Sigmo KoppQ University Orchestro (1); McKinley Foundotion Siudenf Council (3) 1 AS. Donald Oovid Rossner Peru, Ind. Engineering Ceramic Engineering Keramoi; A.C.S. Honors Day (3) Purdue University Harold Henry Ralz SpringHeld Commerce Accountancy Phi Eto Sigma; Accountancy Club; Morketing Club Honors Doy (1,2) Clayton Lee Routbord Chicogo Commerce Industrial Administration Zeta Beta Tau Northwestern University; Roosevelt College Charles Reach (.q Salle Liberol Arts and Sciences Pre-Mediclne mini Inn House President (3); M.I. A. Executive Council (3) La Solle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College Ramon Eugene Reck Chicago Division of Special Services Chemistry University of Indiono; Indiana State Teachers ' College Morris Recktor Chicago Law Low Nu Beta Epsilon University of Son Antonio Eloine Margaret Reed (.a Grange Liberal Arts ond Sciences Spanish Alpha Chi Omega Sigmo Dello PI; The Daily lllint (1); Junior Prom Committee; lllinl Union Committee (I, 2, 3); Campus Chest (4); Production Staff, " King teor " Honors Day (2, 3) Morgorei Elizabeth Reed Equality Journoliim Editorial Cogle Moll The Dolly lllini (I, 2); lllini Union Committee (3. 4) Honors Doy (3) 205 r O t Ik o V Betty Jane Reed«r Atwood Education Elamentory Education Pfoibvterian Holt Houio Prejident (4); W.G.S. ExBcutive Council (3); Concert Bond (1, 7, 3) Honori Doy (», 2. 3); University of Illinois Scholorthip Key Jomei Joseph Reedy Ronlout Division of Special Services Marketing Alpha Chi Rho Star and Scroll; Star Course, Boord of Mon- ogers (2) Thomos Leo Reedy lovinglon Agriculture Animol Science Moin Manor Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Club Dorothy Ann Rees Bradford Liberal Arts and Sciences English Zeto Tau Alpha Mortar Board; Torch; Shi-Ai; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Associate Editor, The Doily Itlini (4); The Doily lllini (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Glee Club (1) Honors Doy (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key William Loren Reeser Urbane Commerce Marketing Kappo Sigma Alpha Phi Omego; Morketing Club; Production Staff, " Cherry Orchord " and " Pygmalion " Honors Day (I ) Jomes Edward Reeves Toylorville Physical Education Physicol Education Kappa Sigma Morvin Reichenslein Newark, N. J. Division of Special Services Commerce Pi Lombdo Phi Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; Inlerfroler- nity Council (I ) Corl Glenn Reichert. . , .Urbono CommoFco Accountancy Accountancy Clubj Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 4} Univeriity of Chicago 206 Richard John Reinekc Cijsno Pq.l Journoiism Publicotion Manogemenl 1.1 -f AT iS Warren Richord Reinhold Villa Pork Commerce Accoontoncy Noble House Alpho Kappo Psi; Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; House President {2} University of Colorodo Arthur John Reinsch lokelond, Flo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Florido Southern College Herbert Alan Reinshogen Polotin Liberol Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma i Honors Day ( 1 ) Bernodine Reis Ponti Commerce Commerciol Teaching Melvin Edward Reiter New Leno Fine and Applied Arts Architecture I Engineering Sigma Phi Dello Germon Club; A. I. A.; The Illinois Tech nogropi (2, 3, 41 Honors Day (3) Joliet Junior College Robert Roth Renfrew Urbon Commerce Management ond Marketing Accountoncy Club; Morketing Club Helen Mario Rennoker Nulley, N. Fine ond Applied Arts Art Evans Hall Illustrators; Alpha Pi Delta; Production Slof " Joan of lorroine " Honors Doy (1 ) ,f| Edward Renneli Humboldt Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Sigma Phi Dolto hi Gamma loto; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. Eoilern Illinois Stale Teochors " College Kk Ferd Renner Belleville Liberal Arts and Sciences vv Chemical Engineering M Xi .; , .. I . I.Ch.E. loco Rsinick Chicogo . , ■ Arts MflHP ' ilBBii Hoita Houie H . J L W JK r«nch Club: Spanish Club V K J K« ' .Qtl Nicholas Reuland Auraro l North Central College T V - iDOilon Reyhan Istanbul, Turkey ji Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Chi Pii arab; A.I.A. ) Seity Jean Reynolds White Hall Home Economics Education F ■ Strotford House - wR I i « W Phi Upiilon Omicron; Home Economics Club; H Y L The Illinois Agriculturist (2, 3); Independent C- ' liformal Committee (3) ; Plow Boy Prom Com- v K " T itlee (3); Baptist Foundation Student Council T Tories Allen Rhoadi Paris Commerce Accountancy Chi Gammo lota; Accountancy Club; Alpha Phi Eloine Rhodes Mendota liberal Artt and Sciences History Horold leroy Rhodes . . DiMon Commerce MonaaemenI Joseph Richard Ribordy Choliworlh Commerce Accountancy Alpha Sigma Phi Honors Day (3) George Paul Riccio Hamden, Conn. Education Physical Education Mary Lou Cole Riccio Dollon City Commerce Commercial Teoching Marketing Club; The Daily lllini (I, 2) Harlan Lynn Rice Columbus, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture A. I. A.; Morching Bond (1 ) Indiona University Morcus Jomes Rice Effingham Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. University of Cincinnati; Eostern Illinois State College Phillip Rich Chicogo Commerce Accountoncy Tau Delto Phi Beta Alpha Pii; Accountancy Club; Varsity Foot bait Squad (I, 2. 3, 4) Honors Day (2, 3) Harry Oliver Richards Rockford Journattim Advertising ZetQ Psi Shull ond Crescent; The Dally lllini (1); House President (4); Inlertrotemity Council (2. 4); mini Union Committee (2. 3); Production Staff. Duchess of Molfl " , ond " Taming of the Shrew " 207 o O ■n t u. O j John Richofdion Evans ton Division of Special Services General Phi Delia Theto Koniai Slate Collepe: Dorlmoulh College; Columbia University; Norlhweitern Univertily Louiie Richardson Evonslon Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology German Club University of Arizona; San Jose Stole Col- lege; Stanford University George Granville Ricker Belleville Engineering Aeronoulicol Engineering I.A.S.; The Illinois Technograph (3, 4); tllini Union Committee ( 2) Honors Day (1 ) Woller Ailken Riddle Bloomington Division of Special Services Commerce Phi Gamma Delia Illinois Wesleyon University Clifford Williom Riebe Chicago Engineering Mechanicol Engineering A.S.M.E. Morion Junior College; University of Arizono Phyllis Ellen Riedesel Rockford Fine and Applied Arts Art Presbyterian Hall mini Union Committee (2) Rockford College iomes Kirk Rieke. . Barringlon Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry and Mathematics Delia Phi City College of New York Jo Marilyn Rigg . Oak Park Agriculture Home Economics Sigmo Kappa Home Economics Club; W.A.A. (I); llltni Union Commiiiee (4) 208 Earl Warren Riggs Ook Potk Engineering Electrical Engineering Hugh Richard Rigney Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Thela Delta Chi Phalanx; Zeta Sigmo Alpho; Concert Bond (1); First Lieutenant, University Brigade Jean Riley Dii Commerce Commercial Teaching Stratford House Phi Chi Theto; Accountancy Club; Campus ChesI (3); University Boptisi Foundation Sludenl Coun- cil (3, 4} Honors Day ( 1 , 3} Bonnie Eloise Ringgenberg Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Presbyterian Hall WILL (3, 4) Wright Junior College William Henry Ringness Peoria Commerce Industriol Administration Newman Hall Pershing Rifles The Citadel Elizabeth Mae Ringstrand Rockford Journalism Radio Alpha Omicron Pi French Club; Marketing Club; Sophomore Co- tillion Committee; Junior Prom Committee; llllnl Union Committee (I, 7, 3, 4); WILL 13, 4) Morietto Ripley Champoig ' Education English Pi Beta Phi Star Course, Board of Managers (2) Honors Day (3) Bradley Wallace Rippel Ook Pofl " Division of Spociol Services Archifeclurol Engineering Delia Upsilon University of West Virginia 4 M I llord Everd Ripper Pekm Engineering Aeronouficol Engineering V.S. nors Day { 1 ) ' tsell Rees Risdon Chicago Division of Special Services Chemical Engineering Newmon Holl les RIfholz Chicago Commerce Accountancy Phi Epsilon Pi .ountoncy Club; Marketing Club nofs Day (I) ter Paul Rizzo Streotor ' Liberal Arts ond Sciences Social Studies " y Julio Rlzzoli Edwordsville liberal Arts and Sciences Division of General Studies Busey Hall udent Senote (3, 4); W.G.S. Executive Coun- I (3. 4) an Morie Roach Oak Park Fine and Applied Arts Art Kappa Delta ' uitrotors -ors Day (1) ■• ei Elliott Roonlree, Jr St. Louis, Mo. Engineering Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma S.C.E.; Dolphins; The Mlio (2); Inlromural nci (4) University of Utoh -In Bloke Roberts Evanston Division of Speciol Services Marketing Chi Pii - ' keting Club; lllini Union Council (3, 4}, ' 1 ' Union Committee (2, 3, 4) tfSf Jomoi George Roberts Villo Grove Englneerins Civil Engineering Chi Epiilon; A.S.C.E. Honors Day (3) Gordon Hugh Robertson Goletburg Engineering Electricol Engineering WILL (1, 2. 3. 4); Production Staff, " Antony and Cleopotra " , " Squoring the Circle " , ond " Joan of Lorraine " Honors Day ( 1 , 3) John Edwin Robertson Dos Ploines Educotlon Industrial Education College Hall Marlon GIdcumb Robertson Eldorado Law Low Busey Hall Kappa Beta PI; Junior Bar Association Southern Illinois University Donald Roy Robinson LawrencevlMe Division of Special Services Marketing Phi Sigma Kappa House President (3, 4); lllini Union Committee (3) Howard College; Mississippi College; Uni- versity of Georgia Ernest Arthur Robinson Chicago Engineering Mechonical Engineering University Chorus (2) Honors Day ( 1 ) Jock Keith Robinson Horvey Physical Education Physical Education Vortity Foolboll Squad (2); Varsity Wrestling Squad (3, 4) Kemper Military College Ralph Myer Robinson.. Gary, Ind- liboral Arts ond Sciences Chemical Engineering Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigmo; A.ICh.E. Honors Day ( I } University of Moino r O ■n 3 209 O j Worren Thomai Robinion Lo Salle Agriculture General Agriculture Delta Sigma Phi Star and Scroll; Agriculture Club; Interfraternity Council (4) Honori Ooy (2) La SoHe-PeruOgletby Junior College William Deon Robinion Sholbyville Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Alpho Rho Chi John Walter Rock New Orleons, La. Fine ond Applied Arti Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Tulone University Joseph Ignacio Rodriguez . .Niagora Falls, N. Y. Physical Education Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa; Vorsity BosketboM Squad (4) Canisiui College Minerva Jane Roe Chana Agriculture Home Economics Delta Zeta The Illinois Agriculturist (4); Home Economics Club Fred William Roecker Park Ridge Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Lonore Joan Rogal Chicago Liberal Arit ond Sciences English Weotherly Hall Hov ord H. Rogers New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Elo Sigma Honors Day (2, 3) Clly College of New York J i A. James Alvln Rogers Wyoming Agriculture General Agriculture Nobor House Alpha Zeta; Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Club; House President (3) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Morgaret Adeline Rogers Wyoming Agriculture Home Economics Education Stonehoven Alpha Lambda Delto Harry Armour Roland, Jr DeKolb Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gomma Rho Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Poultry Science Club; Moingweno; The Illinois Agricul- turist (I); Wrestling Monoger (2, 3) Honors Day (2) Thomas Rolond Lo Gronge Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Mediclne Alpha Tau Omega Omega Befo Pi Honors Day ( 1 ) Richard Bernard Rolander Rockford Commerce Marketing Tau Kappa Epsilon Pershing Rifles; Scabbard ond Blade; Studen Religious Council (3, 4); Second Lieutenont University Brigade Frank Henry Rolf . .Virginia Agriculture General Agriculture Alpho Gamma Rho Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Club; lllino Agriculturist (1, 2) John Williom Rolley McNob; Liberol Arts and Sciences Physics Notional Student Association (4) Illinois State Normol University Robert Arthur Root UrbooLi Division of Special Services Political Science Alpha Kappa Lambdo Secretary -Treasurer, Junior Class; lnlerfralerni ' » ' Council (2. 3); Men ' s Glee Club (2, 3, 4) Y.M.C.A. Committee (3|; University Concf ond Entertainment Board (3, 4) 210 ■ii . jbed DaUon Root Springfield Journolism Radio ,c Doily mini (3) Spfingfield Junior College olvin Sylvan Roolh Chicago Commerce Marketing Barton House 3hn Blaine Roolh Aledo Division of Special Services Accountancy Alpha Comma Rho oward Rose New York, N. Y. Fine ond Applied Arts Architectural Engineering S.C.E.; A. I. A. lorriett Rose Rosen Bloom ington Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training in Elementary Education Sigmo Delta Tau : anish Club; The lllio (1, 2); House President i); mini Union Council [3); IKInl Union Dmmiitee (1. 2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (I, 2) Marilyn Ruth Rosenboum Chicago Physicol Education Physicol Educotion Hormony House erfopin; The Daily lllini (1); W.A.A. (1, 2. ' 4); W.A.A. Numerals; Major I an Mortin Rosenberg Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Phi Epsilon Pi Northwestern University erf Iro Rosenberg Chicago Commerce Morkeling , Noble House Marketing Club; Icarus; Freshman Vorslly Wreit- ' «g Squod; Varsity Wrestling Squad (3, 4); -•lily 150 Pound Football Squod (3) f t - ' y A hi V - lNi1 I Bernord Rosenberg Peoria Liberal Artt and Science! History Scabbard and Blade; Chen and Checkers Clubj WILL {1}; Second LieutenonI, Untverilly Brigade Honors Doy (3) VIvion Judith Roienblum Chicago Education German ond Spanish Delta Phi Epsilon German Club; The lllio {1 |; House President (3) Honors Doy (3) Merilyn June Rosenfetd Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Sociology Indeco Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi; The Doily lll ini (1, 2); Production Staff, " Three Men on o Horse " , " Beggar on Horseback " Honors Day (1, 3) Herbert Hlllel Rosengard Chicago Physical Education Physicol Education Alpha Epsilon Pi Dolphins; Versify Football Squod (2); Hillel Foundation Student Council (3, 4) Pauline Lee Rosenthal Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teocher Training in Biology Hormony House University of Wisconsin Williom Regius Rosenthal Danville Physicol Education Physical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon Dolphins Charlotte Jean Rosen zweig Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Indeco Psi Chi; W.G.S. Executive Council (3) Honors Day (I. 3) Molvin Posson Roske, Jr Ml. Carroll Division of Special Studies Soles Phi Kappa Psi Marching Bond (1); Mens Glee Club (3) 211 r O Urn o J AHc Elaonor Roit Oak Park Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Alpho Omicron Pi Alpha Lambda Delta; Mask ond Bouble; Zato Phi Eta; Junior Prom Committee; IllinI Union Committee (I, 2); WILL (1); Compus Chest (3); Cait, " Macbeth " , " The Cherry Orchord " , " Everymon " ; Production Staff, " All the King ' i Men " , " Joan of Lorraine " Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Bernard Harris Ross Murphysboro Commerce Accountancy Chi Gamma loto; Beto Alpho Psi; Accountancy Club Honors Day (3) University of Michigan Howard Lee Ross Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Zoology Sigma Phi Epsilon Northwestern University Howard Mark Ross Champaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Richard John RosI Bloominglon Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Dentistry Sigma Chi Omego Beta PI; German Club Colherine Mary Roszkowski Moline Education English Honors Day (1,3) Stanley Julian Roizkowtk! Royolton Commerce Induilriol Monogement Lambda Chi Alpha Mofkoling Club; House President (3) ; Inter- fraternity Council (3) Michigan Slote College Donald Freund Roth St. Louis, Mo. Liberal Arti and Sciences Political Science Perihing Rifles; Pholonii; House President (3); M.I. A. Executive Council (1. 3); FIril Lleu- fenonl, University Brigode 212 W ' d LJ»A Gilbert Joseph Roth Champoign j Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Wright Junior College Phyllis Ann Roth Chicogo Journalism Advertising Alpha Delia Pi Shi-Ai; The lllio (1); The Doily lllini (2) Mort lowrence Rothenberg . . . .New York, N. Y. Fine and Applied Arts Industrial Design Hillel Foundation Executive Council (3) Colombia University; Warton Technical School James Eldon Rourke Springfield Commerce Monogement and Marketing Marketing Club; Accountancy Club Robert Richard Rowe Warren Engineering Agricultural Engineering Club Topper A.S.A.E.; Tribe of lllini; Varsity Bosketboll Squad (I, 2, 3, 4), Letter (1) Wendoll Lee Rowe Poxlon Engineering ,,n Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Engineering Council (4) Honors Doy (3) n)ii Willord Gorden Rowley LockpOft Agriculture " n: Vocational Agriculture f Alpha Tou Alpho; Agriculture Club; Agricultufol i K Education Club; Hoof and Horn Club Joliet Junior College Elaine Rogtna Rozmotek. . .Chlcogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Price Club Spanish Club; House President (4) ii -len Broehl RubenKing Beoior Fine and Applied Arts Afchileclural Engineering ..I.A., A.S.C.E. fonk Joy Rybentlein Chicogo liberol Arts and Sciences Clinical Psychology ihi Comma loto; Psi Chi; Second Lieutenant, Jniversity Brigode lonori Doy (3) Roosevelt College vrnold Horry Rubin Chicago liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry last, ■ ' Beggor on Horsebock " Roosevelt College ' onitonce Renee Rubin Chicago liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Indeco ' si Chi; W.A.A. (1. 2, 3, 4) - rvey Rubin Chicago Journalism Advertising -;nori Day (3) Wright Junior College elene Joyce Rubin Chicago Journansm Advertising Sigmo Dello Tou Mrketing Club; The lllio (1, 2); The Daily " lint (1); mini Union Committee (1, 2); Campus Chest (3); Production StofF, " Squaring Circle " , " Beggar on Horsebock " , ond " Pi- -►e« of Penzance " Honors Day (1, 2) E ' oyoe Morgoret Ruck Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Polamor varilyn Leslie Rudd Oak Park Educolion Mathematics Alpho Delta Pi P ' oduction Staff, King Lear " , ond -Three Men " 1 a Horse " i ' N. 4Mi Leo Henry Rudnlck Worcester, Man. Commerce Morketlng Pi lombda Phi Chi Gamma lotoj Marketing Club; Accountancy Club Honors Day (I) Norlhv eslern University; Clark University; Boston University Lucille Morion Rudolph Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Bacteriology Reenoh University Chorus (4] Richard Paul Rueckert , , Agriculture Doiry Technology Theto Chi Dairy Technology Club St. Louis University Robert Townley Ruff Springfield Engineering Mechanical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Pi Mu Epsilon; Tennis Monoger (2, 3, 4); Tribe of Illini; Pi Tau Sigma Honors Doy (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Horotd Edgar Ruffner East St. Louis Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Louis Eugene Ruffoto Chicogo Journalism Radio June Anne Rumery Peorio Liberol Arts ond Sciences Sponish Alpho House Torch; Alpha Lambda Delia; Sigma Delta Pi; Teachers in Troining Club; The Daily Illini (1. 2, 3); House President (3); Women ' s Glee Club (3) Honors Day (1,3) Dovid Hargrove Rundell Chicago Journalism Advertising The Doily Illini (3) University of Wisconsin; Illinois Weileyan University 213 rs O ■n 3 I Ik o John Votel Roih Chicago Heighti liberal Arti and Sciences Chemitlry King ' t Row Honon Day (3) Cofl Ri chord Ruiiell Corrier Milli Liberal Arfs and Sciences Geography Omega Phi Pii Charles Wilbur Ruitell Collin Agriculture Agronomy Phi Delia Thela Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Field and Furrow LoRoy Myron Ruiiel Chicago Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Scarab Howord Gene Rutan Fithian Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Training In Mofhemolics Schuyler Sidney Rultmann Pierre, S. Dak. Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.: Marketing Club Honors Day (3) Donald Chariot Ryon Chicago Division of Special Services Commerce Barton House Marketing Club Honors Day (3) Pennsylvania State College; Now York Uni- versity; University of Wisconsin James Valentine Ryan.. . Matloon Engineering Engineering Physics Ruste Armes Tomahawk; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blode; Tau Nu Tou; House President (2); Lieu tenant -Colonel, University Brigade Honors Doy (1) rt M 214 Peter John Rybok Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry ' |_ 1 ' Robed Francis Rychtik Cicero ' Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Illinois Manor A.S.M.E. Morion Junior College; University of Chicogo i Edwin Herbert Rydbeck Chicago Fine ond Applied Arts Archilecturol Engineering College Hall A.S.C.E.; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship George Woshington University; Wilson Junior College William Vol Ryden Peorio Commerce Business Monogement Julius John Sabyan Port Huron, Mich. Fine ond Applied Arts Art Woyne Carl Sachtleben New Minden Commerce Management Moore Hall Marching Bond (1, 2, 3, 4) Miriom Sacks Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Evans Hall Marketing Club; Production Staff, " Three Men on a Horse " , " Pygmalion " Norman M. Sadowsky New York, N. V Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Albert litond Sagefi Chicogo Hoi9hl» Diviiion of SpACJal Services City Planning ond Sociology Sigma Pi Western Michigan College Chorles Herbert Sogle Auroro Diviiion of Speciol Services Liberal Arts Phi Delto Thelo Skull ond Creicent; The Doily Mlini (2); Inter- frolernity Council (3, 4); Marching Band (1); National Student Aisocialion (4); Cast, " Every- man " Allen Saidel Lanark Division of Special Services Industrial Management Ice Rink Eloise St. Clair Sidell Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teacher Training in English Reeler Oub House President (2) Honors Day {2, 3) Robert Gordon St. Clair Glen Ellyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Alpho Sigmo Ph! The Daily lllini (1, 3, 3) Leonard Morton Salberg Chicago Engineering Aeronauticol Engineering Phi Sigma Delta I.A.S. Arthur Phillip Salk Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Sigma Alpha Mu St. Ambrose College Horold Herman Salzman Dixon Journaliim Rodio WILL (4); The Daify Itlini (3) Poul Frederick Solzman . . Monteno Agriculture General Agriculture Pershing Rifles Elaine Somson Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Indeco Torch; Alpha Lombda Delta; Omega Beta Pi; House President (3); Hlllel Foundation Student Council (2) Honors Day (I, 2) Dorothy Jeanne Somuelson Geneseo Fine ond Applied Arts Art lllutlrotors Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Western Illinois Stote Teachers ' College Ernest Henry Soncken Sounemin Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Marland Herman Sander Normal Engineering Electrical Engineering Gym Annex A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Illinois State Normal University Charles Wltbur Sanders Cttampaign Fine and Applied Arts Art Phi Ela Sigma; Illustrators Honors Day (I ) Barbara Lou Sands Champaign Education English Pi Beta Phi Mlini Un ion Committee (I); Compus Chest (4) Joftn Frederick Sandwick Delowor . N.J. Physical Educotlon Physical Education Delto Theto EpiHon Honors Day (2, 3) Syracuse Univeriily 215 r O ■n 3 I lb o SJ Clarence Emmet) Sandy Urbana Engmeering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Etc Kappa Nu; Morching Band (1): Concert Bond (1, 2, 3) Honors Doy (1, 2) Betty lorroine Sonter Waukegon Liberol Arts and Sciences Sponish Busev Holl lllini Union Committee {1, 2) Honors Day (3) Donald Victor Sortore Elmwood Pork Engineering Civil Engineering College Hall Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E, Honors Day (2, 3) Louis Kolman Satz Chicago Division of Special Services Economics end Politicol Science Phi Epsilon P! Morketing Club; Interfrolernity Council (I) University of Wisconsin Agnes lunsford Saunders Evanslon Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Delta Delta Oelto mini Union Committee (3} Randolph Mocon Woman ' s College Herbert Roiser Savage Miami, Flo. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Alpha Rho Chi A. I. A.; Fine Arts Ball Council (4); Inlerfro- fernity Council (4); Campus Chest (4) University of Florida Constonce Shirley Sovat Worcester, Moss. Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Pi Dallo; Iota Sioma Pi; lllini Union Committee (1) Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key Molvin Curtis Sovllle Jocktonvillc Engineering Mechonlcal Englnoorlng A S.M.E. IIDnoli Collooo 216 ' -? V| Rollle Sovifl Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher Trointng ond Speech Correction E.K.T. Club House President (3); lllini Union Committee (2) North Pork College; Northv estern University Anthony Joseph Scoletio Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Wright Junior College; University of Houston r;jjert Wcrren Scanlan Chicago Division of Speciol Services Commerce Sigma Nu Marketing Club; Tribe of lllini; Varsity Fencing G-luod (2, 3), Letter (2, 3) Willard Arthur Schoof Moywood Engineering Electrical Engineering , Etc Kappa Nu , Samuel Schochtman Chicogo Law law I Nu Beta Epsilon; Junior Bar Association Central Y.M.C.A. College Richord Edwin Schaede Ronfoul Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Mediclne Ct i Gammo Iota; Omega Beta Pi Robert Jules Schoefer Wichito, Kons. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Beta Theto Pi Gargoyle; Phi Eto Sigmo; Scorob; House Presi- dent (4} Honors Doy (1, 3) flobori Dean SchoefTer Autoto Commerce Accountancy Sigmo Nu Skull ond Crescent; Chi Comma Iota; Account- nncy Club; Marketing Club lionori Day (3) Wright Junior College; Utah Stoic Agricul- I jro College 3obefl Waid Schofer. Jr Duluth, Minn. Diviiion ' V! L Parade Ground V V David Jockson SchordJ East St. Loui liberal Arts end Sciences Pfychotogy Lundgren House llllnl Union Committee (4); Production Staff, " Ah Wildetnejs " University of Dayton kH ■■! Robert Keith Scharmer Oak Pork Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma Phi Koppa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; f V ' ' " ' Ol - A.I.Ch.E. - ' Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key Lawrence Schatzman Chicago Division of Special Services Economics Tou Delta Phi Morketing Club JE9 PQiYf «r; Arah-Dean Phyllis Scheele Sprmgfield . Arts fH Koppa Delia P B Commirtee K Hl B 9 Keilh Francis Scheriz Benson B General Agriculture 0 V Nobof House B | Agriculture Club; Illinois Agriculturist (1, 2) W _ j, J C8lk tCT » ' Honors Day (1. 3) " " " " Donald Hacker Scherwot Chicago Alpha Tou Omego jl M B Dolphini; Tribe of lllini; Varsity Swimming JW M — - W Sq«d (1. 2, 3, 4), Letter (2. 3, 4) ' ' ♦ - F- H John Morgan Schettler Sesser _ H L Ootnma Delto; Alpha Tau Atpha W J T 1 Honors Day (3) J U K Donald Edward Schevert - . Notthbrook Commerce Manogement Sigma Alpha EpiMon Trinity College; Duke Univenitv; Northern Illinois Stale Teacheri ' College Edward Chorlei Schewe Beardstown Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Honors Doy (2) Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Lawrence James Schewe, Jr Bastrop, Tex. Engineering Electrical Engineering Texas Agricultural ond Mechanical College; University of Missouri Marilyn Schlckedanz Minonk Agriculture Home Economics Educotron Busey Hall The Dally lllini [2, 3, 4} Honors Day (1, 2) Sally Anne Schlckler Elgin Liberal Arts ond Sciences Spanish Delta Gamma Spanish Club; Sigma Delta Pi; House President (4) Monlicello College David SchifT Chicogo Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture A. I. A. George J. Schlllinger Wood River Engineering Electricol Engineerins Brown Univeriity Donald Walter Schllckon Chicago Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Gorgoyle Honors Day (2, 31 Wright Junior College; Wheaton College 217 r O John Julien Schlolman Madisonville, Ky. Engineering Aeronauiicol Engineering Ph! Dello Theto Morching Bond (1,2) Jacqueline Rose Schmied Harvey Liberal Artt and Sciences History Alpha Gomma Delia House President (4); tliini Union CommiMec (U Honors Day (1 ) Donold Robert Schneidermon Chicogo liberol Arts and Sciences . 1 History J Four Cofumns H German Club; House President (2}; American l ' Society of Public Administration 1 Colorado State College of Agriculture ond Mechanical Arts Herbert Schneidermon Chicago Division of Special Services Business Orgonizotion ond Operation Alpha Del to Sigmo; Marketing Club; Account- ancy Club Rockhurst College Robert Edv ord Schmielou New York, N. Y. Engineering Mechonical Engineering James Albert Schmilt Edwards Liberal Artt and Sciences History Club Topper Newman Foundotion Student Council (I, 2, 3, 4) Honors Doy ( t , 2, 3) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Ernest Dovid Schneider Chicago Commerce Accountancy Tou Delta Phi Pershing Rifles; U. of 1. Rifle and Pistol Club; Ploleau and Drum; Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; House President (4); Interfraternity Coun- cil 13) Jomei Frederick Schneider Cryslol lake Fine ond Applied Arts Architectural Engineering FIcgg House LaVoy Hentel Schneider West Chicago Engineering Ceromic Engineering Keromos; A.C.S.; Marching Bond (), 2, 3, 4); Concert Band (3, 4) Louise Georgio Schneider Chicog Liberol Arts and Sciences English Indeco 218 m ; _ Patricia Schnlpper Herrirt Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Alpha Xi Delia Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club; Germon Club; Convocation Committee (3); lllini Union Com- mittee (1, 2, 3, 4) Honors Doy (3) Sidney Edward Schnitz Chicogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Phi Epsilon Pi Omega Beta Pi Honors Day (1, 2) Ernst William Schoenherr Chlcflfl ' f ' Engineering ' Electricol Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Pershing Rifles; German Club; llluminoting Engi- neering Club; Interfroternity Council (I) Wallace John Schoenleber Edwardsvllle ' vf-j nl Engineering [ Agricultural Engineering j A.S.A.E. jrii Robert Arthur Schoppman .Mt, Oliv Engineering Mechonical Engineering Bland House AS.M.E.; S.A.E. Gerry Ann Schramm Chlcogi ' Liberal Arts ond Sci itces Psychology Busey Hall Alpha Lambda Delta; Mosk and Bouble; PsI Chi; lllini Union Committee (2, 3. 4); No- tional Student Association (4); Compus Chcti (4); Production Sloff, " Pygmolion " , ■ ' An- tony and Cleopotra " , " Ah Wilderness " . " Yeo- men of the Guord ' ' , and ' ' Beggar on Hon ' bock " Honors Day (I, 2) - licar Wolfe Schficker Union City. Ind. Oivitton of Special Services Commerce Oofnoch efjhing Riflei; Alpha Phi Omega ohn Anton Schroedar Jerseyvilio Agriculture General Agriculture Lo Coterie ield and Furrow oteph Francis Schroeder La Solle Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Theio Delta Chi V.I. A.; House President (3, 4}; Interfraternity Council (4) Texas Agricultural and Mechonicol College; bright Junior College; Princeton University; iowling Green Slate University (Vorkentin Schroeter Bakersfield, Colif. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Bakers6eld College; University of Colifoinia Daniel D. Schub Chicago Journalism Editorial The Daily lllini (1) HenI Junior College; Purdue University Robert Eugene Schuberg Dundee Physical Education Phyjicol Educotion 1001 Club Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 4) Shriven ham American University 8!ehofd Carl Schubert Chompoign Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Eto Sigma; A.S.M.E. Honors Day (1, 3) Russell Allen Schucker Mt. Cormel Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Merman Louii Schuette Alhambro Agrieuttur Vocational Agrlcullure The Daily Mlini (3. 4); The llllnoli Agricul- turist (2, 3) George William Schuknecht Algonquin Liberol Arts ond Sciences Bacteriology Oregon Stale College Barbara Joan Schullz River Forest Fine and Applied Arts Art Koppo Alpha Theto Illustrators Honors Day (1 ) Pine Manor Junior College; Fairmont -Case- ment Junior College Herbert Gordon Schulti, Jr Evanston Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Chi Psi Phi Eto Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Production StafT, ' The Women ' ' , and " La Bo heme " Honors Day (t, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Paul Schullz Chicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club University of Michigon Groce Mary Schuize Mt. Prospect Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Kappa Alpha Theto The Daily Mlini (1, 2); Panhellenic Ball Com- mittee (3); Production Staff, " King Lear " , " Three Men on a Horse " , and " Antony and Cleopotra " Warren Wallace Schumocher Allomont Agriculture Dairy Technology Dairy Technology Club Charles Albert Schunk Chicogo Commerce Monogement Alpha Chi Rho Morketino Club; Vorilty Tennis Squod (2. 3, 4), letter (3. 4) 219 r O ■n UL O J William Schur Chicogo Commorce Marketing Morkoling Club; Accountoncy Club; lllini Rail- road Club; mini Insurance Club; lllini Union Committee (3, 4) Jomej Henry Schujiele Havana Engineering Electrical Engineering Tou Beto Pi; Sigma Tau; Elo Kappo Nu; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honor Day (1, 2, 3); University of Itlinolj Scholarship Key Illinois Stole Normal University George Edward Schutz Hillview Fine and Applied Arts Art Belly Reu Schwab Winchester Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Alpha House Howard Roy Schwolb Islond loke Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology Pi Kappa Alpha Cyclothem Club; M.I.S. University of Colorado Edwin Frederick Schwolbe Decatur Engineering Mechonical Engineering Pi Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E. Honors Doy (3); University of Illinois Scholar ship Key Strayer College Everett Willord Schworm Loogootee Engineering Eleclricol Engineering Sigma Phi Delto I Hum i noting Engineering Club Harold Daniel Schwartz Chicago Commerce MonogemenI and Morketino Phi Epiiton Pi Marketing Club Untvvriily of WJicontin 220 !f V Irving Schwortz Chicogo Commerce Industrial Administrolion Phi Epsilon Pi First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Doy (1 ) Coro Louise Scott Education Biology Delta Sigma Thelo -Chicogo Harold Brown Scott Springfield • Engineering Electrical Engineering i ' Ela Kappo Nu Honors Day (2, 3) Springfield Junior College Horold Martin Scott Chompaign Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Phi Delta Thelo University of Connecticut Monno Ruth Scott Auroro Liberal Arts ond Sciences French Sigma Koppo French Club; Spanish Club; Arepo; lllini Union Commillee (1); University Chorus (1); Slor Course, Board of Managers (2); Cost, " Po- rience " , and " Yeomen of the Guard " Barbara Ann Seoquist Evonstof Commerce Personnel Management Kcppo Koppo Gamma Mortor Board; Torch; Shl-Ai; Alpha Lambda Delta; President, Ponhellenic; Freshman Council; mini Insuronce Club; Phi Chi Thelo; The IHio (I, 2, 3); Freshman Frolic Committee; Soph- omore Cotillion Committee; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Ponhellenic Executive Council (3, i); lllini Union Boord (4); lllini Union Council (3); mini Union Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) Honors Day (I, 3) William Cletis Seorles Eldorodo liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Spanish Club McKendree College; Eastern Illinois Stole Col- lege Witliom Levi Seorlt Wheoton Agriculture Agriculturol Science Chi Gamma Iota Iowa Stole College; St. Ambroie College. Wheoton College mmtL omoi Wetnei Seaton Lo Solle Liberol Arts and Sciences CKomiitfy Phi Gammo Delia !pho Phi Omega; Alpha Chi Sigma Lo Salle-Pero-Oglesby Jynior College; DePouw niverjity fina Ruth Sebens Ivesdale Liberal Arts ond Sciences History Leinad Monor Ipho Lambda Delta; Sponish Club; Houte retideni (3) onors Day {I. 2, 3); University of Illinois cholarship Key irgaret Ann Secondino Indianapolis, Ind. Commerce Morketing and Management Delta Delia Delta -Offer Boord; Shi-Ai; Assistant Business Mon- ger, The Daily lllir i; The Doily Mtini (1, 2, 3); he IIMo (I, 2); House President [4]; lllini Inion Committee (1 , 2); Campus Chest (3) ; reduction SloR, " Three Men on o Horse " on Grantham Seder Wilmetle Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Delta Phi he Daily lllini (I); Marching Bond (1) Horvard University ionofd Worren Segal Chicago Commerce Pre-Law Tou Epsilon Phi lini Forensics Society; Interfralernity Council 2. 3) ' - ito Seifer Forrockoway Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Hoste House Sponiih Club; House President (4) Queens College Herbert Carl Seiwert Chicago Physicol Education Physical Education Dello Phi Tr;be of mini; Freshman Varsity Swimming Squod; Varsity Swimming Squod (1, 2, 3, 4). Letter 13, 4) Clyd Seiz. Jr Commerce Accountoncy Accountancy Club Westminster College Vern Lowrence Seliger Hammond, Ind. Physical Education Physical Educolion Sigma Chi Tribe of lllini; Varsity Foolboll Squod (2, 3, 4), Letter (2. 3, 4); House President (3t Wabash College Eric Poul Selin. Champolgn Journolism Advertising Kappa Tau Alpha Honors Doy (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorthip Key Donna Jo Selleg Lombard Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teacher Training in Speech Alpha Gommo Delto Mortar Board; Torch; Phi Beta Kappo; Alpho Lambdo Delta; Senior Public Relations Manager, Theatre Guild; Mask and Bauble; National Col- legiate Players; lllini Union Committee (2); Cost, " Alcestis " , " Trojan Women " ; Production StofI, " All the Kings Men ' , " The Duchess of Malfi " , and " The Cherry Orchord " Honors Doy ( 1 , 2, 3) ; University of I lllnois Scholarship Key John Milton Sennef! Moline Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Chi Phi I.A.S. Dorothy Lois Seraton Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Laurel House Alpha Lambda Detto; Iota Sigmo Pi; Production Staff, " King leor ' , " Beggor on Horseback " Honors Day (3); University of Illinois Scholar- ship Key Reed Severin Aurora Liberol Arts and Sciences Bacteriology North Central College Robert Lincon Severns Urbono Engineering Mechanical Engineering Phi Delto Theto A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; Cast, " Waiting For lefly " ( Production Sloflf. " Three Men on a Hone " Francis Edword Sexton Ottowo Engineering Civil Engineering A.SC.E.; Engineering Council f4) University of Denver 221 I u. O V Barbora J«on Shado Rivera, Col ' . Agriculture Floriculture Evans Hall Floriculture Club; Landscape Architecture So- ciety; Terrapin; W.A.A. (1, 3); lllmi Union Committee (3, 4) University of Wyoming; University of Southern Californio Edward Henry Shafer, Jr Savanna Engineering General Engineering John Nichol Shallcross Chicago Division of Speciol Services Foreign Affairs Newman Hall Leroy Harvey Shonin Kansas City, Mo. Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tou Beto Pi; Sigmo Tau; A.S.M.E.; PI lav Sigma; University Orchestra (2) Honors Day (2, 3); University of Illinois Schol- orship Key Kansas City Junior College Herbert Lee Shorp Cairo, W. Vq. Agriculture General Agriculture Koppo Alpha Wesley Foundation Student Council {4) West Virginia Weileyon College Ouenlin Ray Sharp Galesburg Division of Special Services Generol Sigma Alpha Epsilon lllini Union Committee (3, 4); Campus Che$! (3, 4) Michigan State College Richard Merle Shorp Lexington Engineering Agricultural Engineering A.S.A.E. Illinois Slate Normal University Eugene Roy Shorpe Spring Voting Commerce Accountoncy Accountancy Club Illinois State Normal University 222 It Joseph H. Sharpe, Jr Oak Pork Division of Special Services u i Accountancy Theto Delta Chi " , . The lllio (3J ' Bs ' , University of Notre Dame .n Agnes Ann Show Athens Education . Elementary Education , Presbyterion HoM ' lit ' Phyllis Marie Shaw Des Ploinei Education Elementory Education Busey Hall " W.G.S. Executive Council (3) Honors Doy (3) Samuel Nathon Shaw Chicago , Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry , {|, Phi Sigma Delta ' ._ Herzl Junior College William Kerth Shaw Geneseo , Division of Special Services Socio! Science Parode Ground Units Guslovus Adolphus College; Iowa State Col- lege; University of Kansas Frank James Shay. Jr East St. Louis Liberol Arts and Sciences Economics Sigmo Nu i Jack Shechfer Chicogo Division of Special Services Marketing Tau Delta Phi Marketing Club Virginia Sheemoon .Chieofli Agriculture Home Economics t Petite Moison House President (4) Wilson Junior College Jie Louis Sheets SpiingficU Commerce Morketing and Managemant Acacio (keting Club; Cait, " Antony and Cleopatra " , 5evil and Daniel WebstCf " inori Day ( 1 ) ■lold Vefnon Sheffer Chicago Engineering General Engineering M Comma loto; Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.M.E.; ILL (2) :nori Doy (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois holorship Key ■ boro liobelle Sheldon Oak Pork Fine and Applied Arts Art Sigma Kappa lyilralots; Spanish Club; The lllio (1 ); Pro- wclion Staff, " Three Men on o Horse " , " King fOr " , ond " The Infernal Machine ' ' onofs Day (t } owell Leonard Shepard Delton, Mich. Engineering Electrical Engineering la Koppo Nu; Illuminating Engineering Club Western Michigan College •arilyn Olive Sheppord Alton Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Pi Beta Phi he Doily lllini (1); llMni Union Committee I); y.W.C.A. Committee (3) :bert Jonijse Sherburne Milwaukee, Wis. Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Mpho Phi Omego; House President (3) Milwaukee State Teachers ' College William D. Shererli Horltngen, Tex. Engineering Civil Engineering ' ershing Rffles; A.S.C.E. • oyo Sherman Chicago Education Speech Evont Hall Will (3, A); Production SlofT, " All the Kings Men " Hvril Junior College .y J Jock Bales Shewoller. Geneva Division of Speclol Services Buiineii Admlniitration Theto Chi mini Union Committee (2, 3, 4) Morton Shiner Chicago Commerce Management Parade Ground Units Varsity Wrestling Squad (1) Honors Day ( 1 ) Anne Shklair Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History Ivria Gilbert Sh mikter Champoign Division of Special Services Commerce Alpha Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club; Morketing Club; American Legion Post No. 909 North Dakota State Agricultural College George Oliver Shoemaker, Jr Chicago Engineering Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Tou Beto Pi; Pershing Rifles; A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon Honors Day (2, 3) Denison University Robert Benjamin Shonfetd Chicago Journaliim Advertising Phi Sigma Delta Illustrators; Marketing Club; Alpho Delta Sigma; The Doily lllini (3, 4) Honors Doy (2) Jomes J. Short Horrisburg Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. Honors Day (2) John George Shouh Oak Park Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Day (2) o O ■n 3 223 I Ik o J Harold Buddy Shrifl«r Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Pre-Medicine Clerk House OmesQ Beta Pi; German Club Herzl Junior College; Rooievelt College Donald William Shuberl Saunemin Agriculture General Agriculture Accountancy Club; Agriculture Club Illinois Wesleyan University Donold Lee Shumon Morrison Educotion Physical Education Alpha Kappa Lambda Tribe of lllini (1, 2, 3. 4); Varsity Track Squad (1. 2, 3, 4), Letter (1. 2, 4); Varsity 150 Pound Foolboll Squad (3) Honors Day (2, 3) University of Arkansas Louis Richard Sibal Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Newman Hall German Club Morton Junior College Mortin Bernard Sideman New York, N. Y. Liberot Arts ond Sciences Pre-Medicine House President ( 1 ) Brooklyn College; City College of New York Robert Marshal Srdcr Chicago Commerce Marketing Zela Beta Tau Morketing Club; The Daily lllini (1) Vernon Lowe Sidler Chicago Commerce Economics Wesley Foundation Student Council (2, 3] Herbert Fronk Slegert Pono Division of Speciol Services Chemlcol Engineering Tou Kappa Epillon Mo-Wan-Doj Varsity Football Coptoin; Tribe of lllini) Varsity Football Squad (2, 3, 4). Letter 12. 3, 4} Illinois Weiteyan University 224 Atfe » ' W J Richord Poul Siegfried Lincoln wood Engineering , Mechanical Engineering ' ■ ' ' Lambda Chi Alpha S.A.E. ■ ' University of Texos . ' Richard Albert Steling Ft. Woyne, Ind. Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; Intramural Monoger (2); lllini Union Committee (3); Campus Chest (2|; V.M.CA. Committee (1, 2) -jSi|» 5 ' " Richard H. Sigel WInnelfco Commerce Economics , Flagg House lllini Insurance Society; Marketing Club; Vorsity Swimming Squad {1), letter (I); Nationol Stu- dent Associotion (3] Purdue University; Lake Forest College Sidney Martin Sigel. Chicago law low Flagg House ' Nu Beta Epsilon; Junior Bor Associotion; Houie President (3); M.I. A. Executive Council (3) MIchigon College of Mining and Technology )«l ' Si Philip Coney Sikes Foley, Alo. " » Engineering ' " ' Civil Engineering Arkansas Polytechnic College Ralph Edword Silberman Homewooi Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Delta Theta Intromural Manager (2); Varsity Trock Squo (1); Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Irving Silkin Chlcog Division of Speciol Services Industrial Engineering O.P.M. Den I.A.S.; Illuminating Engineering Club; Nous J President (3, 4); Production Staff, " Ah Wtldtt ness " Michigan State College William Moc Silkwood Chriiloph- Commerce Marketing and Monogement Marketing Club Honors Doy (1 ] t i, Silver Chicogo Education Edocolron for Mentolly Hondicopped Children eeter House I le Pfesideni (3) ■ atd Jerome Silvermon Chicago Commerce Accountancy iarlon Houie o Gammo Sigmo; Phi Elo Sigmo; Praetorians; o Alpha Pii «3fs Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois olorship Key e Richard Stlverstrini Elmhurst I Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Wenotchee i.M.E.; Marketing Club; The Illinois Techno- .Dh (4) Pennsylvania State College . t Edward Simhauser Bloomington law Law Phi Alpha Delta Illinois Wesleyan University maid Vanterpool Simmons, Charlotte Amolie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islonds Commerce Marketing College Hall :rketing Club; Accountancy Club Slicy Simmons Libertyville Liberal Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Cogle Noll Lambdo Delta; The lllio (1, 2) Doy (1. 2) lichord Eugene Simmons White Noll ' Commerce Industrial Administration ' - Auguilono College ' ber Dean Simmoni Peorlo Fine and Applied Arts Music Educotion lombdo Chi Alpha versity Orchestra (3, 4); Men ' s Glee Club ); Repertory Ofcheitro (3, 4) Brodley University Josephine Ann Simon Chicago Commerce Monogement and Marketing Alpha Phi Phi Chi Thelo; Marketing Club North Park College Robert Simon Chicogo Liberal Arti and Sciences Chemlitry Phi Sigmo Delto Phi Eto Sigma; Omega Beta Pi Honors Day (3) Wright Junior College Robert Burton Simon Chicago Division of Special Services Sociology Zeto Beta Tou I Mini Union Committee (3) David Benjomin Simons Chicago Engineering Electrical Engineering Tou Epsilon Phi I.E.S.; A.I.E.E.; The Daily lllini (3); Inter- fraternity Council (2) Northwestern University Bernard Edword Simonson Webster, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering Kings Row Phi Eta Sigma; A.t.Ch.E. Honors Day (1 ] John David Simpson Minonk Engineering Civil Engineering Alpha Tou Omega A.S.C.E. Stanley Swonson Sims Huntsville, Ala. Agriculture General Agriculture Edward George Singer, ir Chicago Journolitm Advertising Alpha Delto Sigmo; Marketing Club rs O ■n t 225 u. O j Roberf Roy Singer, it Chicago Journolism Radio Sigma Delia Chi; The Daily lllini (3); Marchino Band (I); WILL (3, 4) Honors Ooy (3) Albert Henry Siska Chicago Engineering Ceromic Engineering ACS. Morion Junior College; St. Mary ' i University Janice Natalie Skelton Port Byron Liberal Arts ond Sciences Speech Correction Welsh House Williom Harold Skelton Anderson, tnd Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club; Second Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day (1 ) Phyllis Jean Skilei Mt. Carmel Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Gomma Phi Belo Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; As tittont Business Manager, The lllio; Iota Sigma Pi; The lllio (1, 2, 3, 4;) Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee (1|; Star Course, Board of Managers (2) Honors Doy (I, 2} George Stephens Skinner Princeton Liberot Arts ond Sciences History Delto Tau Delto The lllio (3) University of Dubuque; Morquelte University Ronald Vernon Skold Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering Theto Delto Chi Skull ond Crescent; Phi Eia Sigma; A.I.Ch.E , Cermon Club; House President (4) Honors Doy ( t ) Hubert Lowrence Skoneck Chicago Helglili Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day (2, 3) 226 Vr ! " .. ■ T ' William David Skorburg Rocklord jWi Engineering Mechanical Engineering ' uj Phi Kappa Tau Chi Gamma loto; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E , ill Interfroternity Council (2, 3) " V Honors Doy |2, 3) ' Texos Agricultural and Mechonicol College Loretta Borboro Skorupa Chicago Fine ond Applied Arts Art CM Random House - C ' ' Norman Skroostod New York, N. Y. Division of Special Services Marketing Granada Club Marketing Club; Alpha Phi Omega Dovis end Elkins College Mildred Vlasia Slope k Berwyn Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Sherwood Lodge House President (4) ; Production Staff, " Pyg- malion ' ' Morton Junior College Bill James Slater Pono Law Low Koppo Sigma Pershing Rifles; Phi Alpha Delta Esther lee Slovlck Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology E.K.T. Club House President (4) ' University of Wisconsin Robert Gerold Slovik Chicago Commerce Marketing i Theta X! Marketing Club Honors Doy (2, 3) University of Cincinnati; S h riven ho m Amer- ican University George Chorles Slozok Western Springt Division of Speciol Services Chemistry Acacia University of Nebroiko ' -tence Nofmon Sioan Rocheiter, N. Y. Division of Speciol Services Marketing i Gammo loio; Marketing Club; Accountoncy b nort Day (3) University of Rochester «sler Bernhardt Slosberg Everett. Mass Commerce Accountancy Cranoda Club countancy Club; The Doily lllini (2) )norf Doy (1 ) . Neils Sloth Chicogo Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Grand View College dword Ervin Smlssmon Eost St. Louis Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry s; KopDO Phi; Phi Eta Sigmo riors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois -olorship Key Vlfred HoMister Smith. Jr Chicago Division of Special Services Economics Delta Tau Delta Caryl Anderson Smith Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Mojors ' Club; W.A.A. (3) Morgan Pork Junior College Clifton Joseph Smith Urbane Commerce ManogemenI and Marketing Delto Tau Delta University of Cincinnoti Conilance Romona Smith Robbini Liberol Arts and Sciences History Alpha Koppa Alpha Marquette University Donise Joan Smith Ook PorV Liberal Arts and Sclencet Psychology Sigma Koppo German Club; The lllto (1, 7)i IHtnl Union Committee (I, 2, 3, 4) Donald George Smith Jacksonville, Fla. Engineering Mechonlcol Engineering A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. Honors Doy (I 1 Elv ood Ren Smith Belleville Engineering Generol Engineering Theta Xi Floyd James Smith, Jr Cairo Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Frank Melvin Smith Springfield, Ohio Division of Special Services Architecture Alpha Phi Alpha A. I. A. Knoxville College Horry Curtis Smith. Jr Hannibal, Mo. Commerce Accountoncy Harry Oegon Smith, Jr Glen Ridge, N.J Engineering Electrical Engineering Annex Hall Sigmo Tou; Phi Eto Sigmo; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Dor ( ' . 2, 3); Univeriily of Illinois Scholarship Key Horry Edward Smith OuQuoin Liberal Arts ond Sciences Teocher Troining in Maihemotici Southern Illinois University rs O 3 227 UL O J James Allen Smith Coiio Agriculture Animal Science Southern Illinois University James Poul Smith Chicar,o Engineering Eleclricol Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Honors Doy (1) Joseph Peorl Smith, Jr Whiteville, N. C Division of Special Services Pre-Low Junior Prom Committee; Senior Ball Committee; Notionol Student Association (3, 4) Weileyon University; University of North Carolino; Mount St. Mary ' s College; Johns Hopkins University June Alice Smith Freeporf Liberal Arts and Sciences English Alpho Delta Pi The Doily lllini (2) Lois Emma Smith Lelond Commerce Personnel Management House President ( 2) ; Student Religious Council (2, 4); Lulheron Student Foundation Council (2, 3, 4) Mark Williom Smith. . . Commerce Accountancy Noble House Accountancy Club Mortho June Smith Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences History Alpha Chi Omego The lllio (2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (3, 4) Honors Day (2, 3) DePauw University Honors Doy (2, 3) Ober Allen Smith Brownttown ' ' Engineering ' " Mechanical Engineering ' i " A.S.M.E.; Morching Band (), 2); Concert Band ■ " (1) ■-. ' ' ' ( Poul Henry Smith Hurnc Commerce Accountoncy Accountoncy Club Honors Day (2) Richard J- Smith Soybrook Agriculture Vocotional Agriculture Honors Day (2, 3) Illinois Stole Normol University Robert Lee Smith, Jr St. Louis, Mo. Commerce Accountancy Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Gamma Sigmo; Chi Gamma loto Honors Day (3} Washington University Wo 1 1 ace Glenn Smith Rockford Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Lundgren House William Horn Smith Oftowo Division of Special Services Geology Cydothem Club Honors Day (2) , La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College Bernard Herbert Smookler Chicago Liberal Arts ond Sciences Pre-Medicine Chi Gommo loto; Pershing Rifles; Omego Beto Pi Honors Doy (2, 3) Milton S. Smith Chicago Division of Speclol Servlcei Morkeling and Management Morkeling Club; Accountoncy Club University of Nev Menico 228 Wayne Alan Smutz Donvill Engineering Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Dolto ,ed Hifom Snap Freepoif Liberal Arts and Sciencei Teocher Troining in English College Hall ( Go ' Tio tola; Sponish Club; Marching Band 2. 3}; Concert Band (1 ) nor» Day (3) inelh Manley Snapp Urbono Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Delta Theto :) Koppa Nu irl Sneortey. Jr Greenu; Agriculture General Agriculture Eastern Illinois State College; Western Mich an Stole College -rmo Elizobeih Sneed Ina Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Stonehaven foduction Stoflf, " The Duchess of Malfi " , " The aming of the Shrew " oberl lewis Snook Whitehall, Mich. Law Law Wtilern Michigan College ' on Meeker Snow Chicogo Agriculture Generol Agriculture rjitry Science Club Auiiifi Evening College; Lewis Institute of -.ihnology •ton Earl Snyder Stoninglcn Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry University of New Mexico Agricullurol and echonical Arts Sonia Ruth Snyder Kansas City, Mo. Liberal Arti and Sciences Elementary Education Sigma Delta Tau Alpho Lambda Delia; The lltlo {1. 2); lllini Union Committee (2); Y.W.C.A. Cobinet (3} onor» Doy (1. 2, 3) • onsoi Cfy Junior College ISAIfe i William Elmer Snyder H....... Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Ernst William Soeller, tl Chicago Agriculture Dairy Technology Ice Rink Dairy Technology Society; Freshmon Varsity Wrestling Squad Seymour Soglin Chicago Journalism Advertising Parade Ground Units Herzt Junior College; University of Kentucky Norman Fre derick Sohl Sycamore Division of Special Services Geology Cyclothem Club Honors Day (2) Eugene Jay Solar Chicago Commerce Accountoncy Pi Lambda Phi German Club; Accountancy Club; Marching Band (4); Concert Band (I); First Regimentol Band (4) Honors Day (1 ) John Senn Sotdwedel Canton Agriculture Dairy Technology Alpha Tou Omega Dairy Technology Club Honors Day (3) John Roger Solin Berwyn Division of Special Services Marketing and Monogement Pi Kappa Alpha Barbora lou Soltow Chicago Liberal Arli ond Sciences Engliih Alpha Chi Omega Y.W.C.A. Commitle (3. 4) University of Wisconiln 229 r O 3 Urn o J Mary Morgaret Somen . Fgrh.-. Lib«rol Aril and Sciencet Sponlih Phi Mu Sponljh Club; Production Siofl, " Squaring Ihe Circle " , " Anlonv ond Cleopofro ' , ond " The Ducheti of Malfi " Univenily of Wijconiin Poul Michael Somen Chompoign Commerce AccounlancY Honors Doy ( 1 ) Nan Ellen Sommer Decoror Liberal Arli and Sciences Psychology Pi Beto Phi Jomet MiHikin Univenily; Purdue Universit Simon Chorles Sommer New York, N. Y. Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Chi Gommo Iota; I.A.S.; Gam mo Alpha Rho; Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Doy (1,2) College of the Ci(y of New York Theodore Henry Sondog Volmeyer Journalism Advertising Barton House Herbert John Sorenson Springfield Engineering Civil Engineering Rutte Armi A.S.C.E. Mercer University; Bucknell University; Uni ■ venity of Rochester Leonard Sorolco Boyonne, N. J Commerce Management and Marketing Tou Delta Phi Patricio Grace Spolding Chlcog ' -, Educolion General Science Alpha Xi Delta The lllio (1); Mlinl Union Committee (3. 4). Production SlofI, " King leor " , " Beggor or Honebock " , " The Doctor in Spite of HimtnT ' 230 TSomos Peter Sposorl Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences :!- ' Psychology J Wright Junior College f ' " ' n x George Edwin Spears Glen Ellyi Engineering General Engineering A.S.M.E. llonofS Day ( 1 ) William Henry Spelbring, Jr. ... Chicago Heighti Journalism Rodio The Dolly lllini (3) Thornton Junior College Emil Meredith Spencer Swili City. Ind. Agriculture Agricultural Economics Pi Koppo Alpho Star and Scroll; House President (3) John Richard Spencer Dixon Journalism Advertising Delta Chi Pershing Rifles; Marketing Club Lilo Lee Spencer Murphysbero Agriculture Home Economics Presbyterian Hall Senior Boll Committee; Plow Boy Prom Com- mittee (3); McKinley Foundotion Student Coun cil (4); Production Staff. " All The Kings ' Men " Southern Illinois University Richard Eugene Spencer Urbono Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Peter Sperelakls ' « " • ' Engineering Electrical Engineering AI.E.E.; l.R.E. Ponnsylvonio State College U ed Spieget Educolion Etementory Educotlon deco W A. (4) .Chicago lit Spiegel Educolion Elementory Education id eo LA. (4) .Chicogo •r WoHoce Spiegter Commerce Morketing Ipho Sigma Phi II ond CreicenI ■nivertity of (Con sot Spielberger Kankakee Journalism Advertising iigmo Delta Tau -Ai; French Clob; Spanish Club; The lllio 2, 3); The Doily lllini (I); lllini Union fflittee (1, 2] «rt Jomes Spieler - Chicago Commerce Industrial Administration fttoho Epsilon Pi -mon Varsity Track Squad; Interfroternify . ' cil (2); Student Religious Council (3) lip Meyer Splelman New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Annex Hall jnors Day (1,2) ' hn Leonord Spiers, Jr Engineering Civil Engineering Brtnlwood Manor S.C.E.; House President (4} Wilson Junior College .Chicago :: ' l Edward Sptllor Berwyn Engineering Mechanical Engineering Annex HoU S.M.E.; S.A.E.; Chi Gamma Iota 9 a Raleigh Joseph Spinkt, Jr Chicago Fine and Applied Arti Art Alpho Rho Chi Marvin Alfred Spira Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences French Phi Epsilon Pi French Ciub; Hi I lei Foundolion Student Council (I, 4) Robert Edword Spitler Chicago Engineering General Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day (2, 3} Wright Junior College; New York University Mory Lee Spittler Foirmount Agriculture Home Economics Stonehaven tlome Economics Club Horry William Spongberg Chicogo Division of Special Services Advertising Sigma Phi Epsilon Marketing Club University of Colorado Wolter V. Spoiti Staunton Division of Special Services Industrial Monogement Ruste Armes Marketing Club; Accountoncy Club; Marching Band (1); Concert Band (1] Julius Bernard Sprachner New York, N. Y, Agriculture Generol Agriculture Alpho Tau Alpha; Football Manager (2, 3) Wilbur Warren Spring lindenwood Agriculture Vocolionol Agriculture Blockburn College r O ■n t SO 231 I lb o J Lloyd Sirotron Springer Springfield Fine and Applied Arli Architecture Phi Dello Theto Gargoyle; Phi Elo Sigmo; Scarab; Houje Pre»i deni {4) Honors Day (I, ?, 3) Robert Worren Sprunger Mendoto Engineering Electrical Engineering Granodo Club Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Eto Kappa Nu Honori Doy (I. 2, 3); Univenity of lllinoii Scholarship Key Frederick Calvin Spurgeon Auroro Liberal Arit and Sciences Pre-Medicine Delta Koppo Epsilon German Club North Central College Rtchord Nothoniel Squibb Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Southern Illinois University James Edword Stohl Chlcogo Agriculture Animol Science La Coterie Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club William Robert Stahl Woukego " Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.: S.A.E. Howord Arthur Sloi Chicago Commerce Monagement Northwestern University; College of Si. Thomas j University of Colifornio Leroy Otto Stonek Crystal Lake Agriculture Flarlculture Floriculture Club; Pi Alpha X) Roger Alexonder Stonkey Manitowoc, V Division of Special Services ' Psychology Alpho Tau Omega Ut. 232 Jomes Edwofd Stonsbury Louisville, Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering University of Louisville Roland Bruce Stonwood Engineering Civil Engineering Club Esquire A.S.C.E. . Casey « Peter William Stovros Chicago Hei- 1 Commerce Marketing Marketing Club; House President (3) Epsilon Phi Sigma Arthur Anthony Stecz Chic o Division of Special Services Accountancy Clark House Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Alon Morton Steen Rock llld t Liberal Arts and Sciences , Chemistry , j Phi Epsilon Pi ' Omega Beta Pi; Arepo; Cost, " Pirotes of !•■ zonce " , " Patience " , " Yeomen of the Guo Honors Day (2) Augustono College Raymond Louis Steier Engineering Mechanical Engineering Biown Thresh A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. .CIO Clarke Stein Mt. Co. ' l Liberal Arts and Sciences Geology I j Alpha Koppo lombdo I Cyclolhem Club ! 1 United Slotes Naval Academy ' 1 St«.n RocKeiler, N. V Division of Special Services Commerce Toe Oello Phi (arkeling Ctwb; Inlerfraternily Council (1) Univeriiiy of Rochester A Georg Slein Chicoso Low low Beta Epsilon; Junior Bar Associoiion ■lors Doy |U Heril Junior College :,ephine Bloom Stein Chicogo Liberol Arts and Sciences Teocher Troining in Sponlsh Hosle House Soonisb Club; Sigma Delta Pi; W.A.A. (I); WIU 0, 2, 3, 4) -r-iors Day 1 . 3) Jfiiversity of Colifornia at los Angeles Sti Rest Stein Dayton, Oh:o Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Witonthire A S.C.E. Capital University; Ohio State University . Don el Jerome Steinberg Spring Valley Commerce Accountancy linrtois Club B«to Comma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Marketing ' Oub; Accountancy Club; House President {4) tHoAOrt Day (1, 2, 3, 4); University of Illinois r olorihip Key Alen Simon Steinhordt Lowrence, N. Y Liberal Arts ond Sciences Pre-Medicine S ' Phi Ela Sigma; Omega Beta Pi; Pershing Rifles; Zeto Sigma Alpha; Sphinx Club; First Lieuten oat. University Brigade; Production Stoff, " All " ktfc King ' s Men " , " The Cherry Orchard " , " Pyg- ' • 1 Mai ion " , and " The Corn Is Green " t Honors Doy (1, 2) Iton Lawrence Steinhorn . . . . New York, N. Y. liberol Arts ond Sciences Chemistry FcrdKom University loriain Audrey Stencel Chicago Journalism Advertising 2«(a Tou Alpha , lerropin; Mofketing Club; The Daily lllin! (I). f Tempo (3J; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; mini Union Committee (1) Koihken Marie Slengal Decatur Itborol Arts and Scionctti Sociology Kappa Alpha Theto St. Mory ' i of Noiro Dame Froncis Edward Stephens Mocomb Engineering Agricultural Engineering Western Illinois Slote College James Elliot Stephens Sheldon, Wis Engineering Electrical Engineering Wesmert Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Etc Kappa Nu Honors Day (3) Wiliiom Richard Stephens .Monmouth Engineering Aeronoutical Engineering Comma Alpha Rho; I.A.S. Eugene Arthur Stern Chicogo Division of Special Services Marketing Marketing Club Illinois Institute of Technology Gerald Joseph Stern Chicago Journalism Advertising Barton House Alpha Delta Sigmo; Proetorians Honors Day ( 1 ) Wright Junior College Doniel Winfield Stevens, III Chicogo Journalism Advertising Chi Phi Wilson Jurtior College George Davit Stevens Wilmetie Aoricullure General Agriculture Phi Gamma Delio Agriculture Club; lllini Union Council (4), lllini Union Committee (3) r O ■n 3 233 ■ rai«f¥ OS I uu O SJ louls Wayne Stevcnt Donville Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; Kenneth Foeh Stoveni Smilhfiel.; Agriculture Generol Agriculture Richard Eldridge Stevens Chicogo Engineering Electrical Engineering The Illinoij Technogroph (4); Illini Union Com- mittee (2, 3) Robert Franklin Stevens Shabbcno Commerce Accountancy Honors Doy { 1 ) Virginia Jeon Stevens Wilmelte Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Theta Upsilon Shi-AI; Moik ond Bauble; Arepo; Alpha Pi Delto; The IMio (U; W.A.A. (2); Ponhellenic Execufive Council (4); Illini Union Committee (2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (2, 3); Production Staff, " Three Penny Opera " , " Squaring the Circle " " Blithe Spirit " , " Joan of Lorrolne " Honors Day (I) Howard Jomes Siev orl Edwardsville Commerce Accountancy Parode Ground Units Beta Alpha Psi Honors Day (I ] Joe Vol Sleworl Peoria Commerce Commerce and Low Sigma Chi Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; Junior Bor Asfociolion Honors Doy (3) Morjorie Ann Stewart .Ashland Agrlcullur Home Economlci Koppo Delta Shorter Board; Director, Department of Student Services, Illini Union; Home Economics Clubt Illini Union Boord (3, 4); Illini Union Council (3)i Illini Union Committee (I, 2, 3) 234 Phillip Norris Stewart Edwordi.,. Division of Special Services Marketing Phi Kappo SIgmo Marketing Club; The Doily Illini (2, 3); Fn . mon Vorsify Ice Hockey Squad; Itlini Urr Committee { 2} Brodley University Eugene Morris Stinson Chompt r Commerce Morketing ond Monogement Theta XI John Herzog Stocker Western Sprn Division of Special Services General Delto Sigmo Phi Star Course, Boord of Monogers (2) Err.ory and Henry College Robert John Stockton Woodirk Division of Special Services Geology Northern Illinois State Teochers ' College; i- versity of Southern California; Missouri SccI of Mines Stephen Davidson Stoddard .. Goles Ferry, Cn. Engineering Ceramic Engineering Alpha Tou Omega Transportation Corps Club; A.C.S.; Fresfan Varsity Fencing Squad; Sophomore Cotlan Committee; Illini Union Council (3, 4) ; n! Union Committee (1, 2); First Lieutenont, v- versity Brigade Connecticut College F.ernord Gustove Stohr Chi ,: Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bientwood Monor Chi Gamma loto; A.S.M.E.; Pi Tou Stgmo Austin Junior College; Illinois lnslitut of Technology; Central Y.M.C-A. College Chofles Arthur Stolley t to Engineering Mechanical Engineering S.A.E.; Pi Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E. Central Y.M.C.A. College Thomoi Robert Stonier long lilond. Y. Division of Special Services Marketing SIgmo Phi Epsllon Marketing Club; Interfroternlly Council { ' • 3 ' Utnnelh Spencer Storm Donvllle I Oivijion of Specioi Service! Biology Honor! Doy (2) Somuel Dovtd Stottor Herrln Cominerce Management Alpho Sigma Phi Motktting Club; Sigmo Delio Pii; Tribe o ' mini; Vanity Track Squad (3, 4), Letter (3, 4) Univerjily of Dobuque; University of Mar- quttle Maty Ann Stout Elkhort, Ind. Fine and Applied Arts Art Koppa Kappa Gamma S«nicr Scenery Manager, Theatre Guild; Mask and Bouble; Arepo; lllustralors; WILL (2); Cost. Antony and Cleopatra " , " Infernal Machine " , The Cherry Orchard " ; Production StafT, " Anno Sophie Hedvig " , " Duchess of Molfi " r onors Doy (2) MocMurray College v ory lou Stover Towondo Liberol Arts and Sciences Spanish Busey Hell ' reihmor Council; Secretary-Treasurer, Soph- : ' ore Cloii; Sponish Club; Sigma Delta Pi,- ?fch«iij honors Day (3) F fich Stowell Princeville Engineering Agricultural Engineering A.S.A.E.; A.I.E.E.; l.R.E. ohn Russell Strang White Hall Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club Honors Doy (1 ) •(■chord Curtis Strasser Canton, Ohio Physicol Educolion Physical Educotion Phi Eto Sigmo; Phi Epsilon Koppo; llUni Out " B Club (3) Honors Dor (1 ) St. Mary s College Virflidia louise Strothmon Peoria Liberol Arts and Sciences Spanish Chi Omega Univtrslty Orchestra (4); WILL (I); Cost. " The Sorcertr " ; Production Staff, " Romeo ontJ Jviiti " Monofi Day (I) Biodley University John Guitav Slrauii Chicago Commerce Marketing Phi Epsilon Pi Interfroternity Council (3. 3)j Will University of Wisconsin Ellon Marie Strecker Paili Agriculture Home Economics Delta Zeto University Baptist Foundation Student Council (3, 4); Production Staff, " Taming of the Shrew " Harrison Stteeler Kankakee Division of Special Services Lav Sigma Pi Phi Eta Sigma; Junior Bar Association; March- ing Band (2} Honors Doy (I, 21 Shirley Mae Stremmel Chicago Fine and Applied Arts Art McKinley Hall Production Staff, ' Three Men on a Horse " , ' ' King Leor " ' Chorles Edword Strempler Chicago Commerce Accountancy Ice Rink Northwestern University Betty Moxine Strickfin Horritburg Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Beta House Richard Carl Stroker Oak Park Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Acacia M.I.S.; A.S.M. George Leonard Stroup DonvlHe Commerc Accowntoncy Pierroti; Accountoncy Club; Production Staff, " Three Penny Opero " , " Joan of Lorroine " , Poiience " , " Everyman 235 r O ■n I u. O j George Ben Siubblefield Mclean Agriculture Agricullurol Economics Chi Psi Agricultural Economici Club; Scabbard end Blade; Zela Sigmo Alpha; First Lleutenanr, University Brigade Ruth Elizobelh Sfudeny Chlcogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Palomor Chorlcs William Sludl Ashkum Engineering Electricol Engineering Chi Phi Tou Beto Pi; Sigma Tou; Phi Elo Sigmo; Etc Kappo Nu; I.R.E. Honors Day (], 2, 3}; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Louis Martin Sluebe Des Ploines Engineering Mechonical Engineering Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma; Tribe of lllini; Varsity Fencing Squad (2, 3, 4), Varsity Letter (2, 3, 4) Honors Day (1 ) North Texas Slote Teachers ' College Erwin Lowrence Stuller Chicago Commerce Morketing and Management Parade Ground Units Marketing Club; House President (3) Jock Vincent Stumpf Morton Engineering Mechonical Engineering Phi Eto Sigmo; Chief Photographer, lllini Pub- lishing Company; The lllio (2, 3, 4); The Doily lllini (2, 3, 4); Morching Band (I, 2); Illinois Disciples Foundolion Student Council (4); First Regimental Bond (I, 2) Honors Doy (1, 2) Walter Forest Strum. Jr Rockford Journalism Advertising Delto Chi Princeton Univeriily Robert Timothy Suddi Homewood Commerce Monogement Club Color House President (3) Thornton Junior CoHegs 236 J(; i dklfe Deloris Jeon Suhr Berw Liberal Arts end Sciences ■ Boctariology Fehner House House President (3, 4) Morton Junior College Ernest Anthony Suloski ChicQ Engineering Mechanical Engineering Club Lono Pi Tau Sigmo; A.S.M.E. Honors Day (3) Wright Junior College Robert Emmeft Sullivan Chic: Commerce Accountoncy Robert G. Summers Mt. Veni Journalism Radio Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Marching Bond (; Concert Band (2, 3, 4); University Orcheu (2, 3); WILL (4) Illinois Wesleyon University Barbara Ann Sumner Lav renceve Libero) Arts and Sciences Sociology Welsh House William Woods College Wen Ploo Sung Kunming, Cfo Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Honors Day (2) I Neol Roy Supplger HIghtd Journalism Advertising Alpha Delfo Sigma Mexico City College i Chorles John Supple Don ' • liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry ' Sigmo Chi German Club; Omega Beto PI; The Doily Ini n ); Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad; Vo ly Tennis Squad (4); Interfrolernity Council ■) Honori Doy ( I ) Morilyn Glorio Susmon Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Hoiie House 1 Sponish Club; Sociology Club; IMini Union Com- ' ralltee (U; University Chorus (2); Women i ' GIM Club (1. 2, 3, 4) Roosevelt College Eugene Colvin Swager Pontioc Fine ond Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Acacia Butler University Alvin Herbert Swonson Urbona Commerce Accountancy Coloniol Arms Accounloncy Club; Marketing Club; House Prest- dertt (4) Honors Doy (2, 3) Dorothy Irene Swonson Ottawa Physical Education Physical Education Thela Upsilon Terropin; Physicot Education Majors ' Club. W.A.A. (I, 2. 3, 4); lllin! Union Committee (I, 21 H;nors Day (2, 3) Heyd Lester Swonson Plainfield Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigmo; Pershing Rifies; A.I.Ch.E.; Fresh- mon Varsity Fencing Squad Honors Ooy (I. 3) University of Michigan Morilyn Jeon Swonson Plainfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction 4-H House Shorter Board; Zeta Ph! Eta; W.G.S. Executive Council (3. 4); mini Union Committee (1, 2). Y.W.C.A. Committee (2); Production Staff, Thr«« Men on o Horse " , " Beggar on Horse- bock " , " Pirates of Penzance " Willlom Olof Swonson Education Industrial Arts Coloniol Arms Eilward Herbert Sweeney Chicago Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Delto Phi A.S.M.E.: Morkoting Club; Y.M.C.A. Committee (31 ««ofi Ooy (2, 3) Corntgie Institute of Technology i Jock Harry Swing Horvay Fine ond Applied Arli Landscape Architecture Annex Holt Honors Day (3) Royal John Synwolt Urbana Commerce Marketing Arcpo; Morketing Club; Morching Bond (1, 2, 3); Concert Band (4); University Chorus |4); Men ' s Glee Club (2); Cost, " Patience " Robert Elliott Szold Champaign Liberal Arts end Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E.; German Club James Melvin Tobako Urbono Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi A.S.M.E. Michigan State College Rodger Russell Taggart Evonston Commerce Management William Moynord Talbot El Dorado, Ark. Division of Special Services Accountoncy Ice Rink Accountancy Club; Y.M.C.A. Committee (3. 4) Magnolio Agricultural and Mechanical College Norma Virginio Tonner Urbono Liberal Art! and Science! Teocher Training in English Alcestis House President (4); lllini Union Committee 11, 2, 3); Y.W.C.A. Committee (I, 2) Williom Scott Tanner Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences Bocterrology Wilton Junior College r O ■n 237 I u. o V Henry Boldwin Tanfon Coienovio Diviiion of Speciol Services Animol Science Delia Phi Ploleou and Drum; House PreiidenI (4) Ceroid Roy Tapp ChicoQO Commerce Production Monogement Flogg House Phi Elo Sigmo; Morkeling Club Northwestern University Elie Eiiokim Toriko Cairo, Egypt Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemical Engineering Cosmopolitan Honors Doy (1,2) Richord Lemuel Torpley Danville Commerce Morketing Oregon House Morketing Club; House President (1); Seobury Foundation Student Council (3) Metro Tololovich Donora, Pg Fine ond Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Robert Eorl Totro Joliet Engineering Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S.; Engineering Council (3, 4) Honors Day ( 1 ) Joliet Junior College Cecil Gordon Toylor Champaign Journollim Publlcolion Management Delta Sigma Phi Ma-Won-Do; Assistant Editor, The Doily Itlini (3, 4); Sigma Dello Chi; Koppo Alpha Tou; The Daily lllini (I, 2, 3, 4); WILL (1) Honors Doy (3) Donald Edword Toylor Chicogo Enginaeing Mechanical Engineering Rogers House Phi Eto Sigma; Pi Tau Sigmo; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. Honors Day { . 7. 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key 238 Doris Jone Taylor Tusco Liberal Arts and Sciences , Psychology Shovi nee George Peter Taylor Roekfo Engineering General Engineering Phi Delta Thela Pi Tou Sigmo; The lllio (2); Campus Chest {. Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of lllinc Scholorship Key Hiram College; University of Wisconsin Horry Oakes Toylor, Jr Edwordivll Engineering Electrical Engineering Pershing Rifles; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Thomos Folbre Taylor Milwoukee, W Division of Special Services Architecture Chi Psi Scarab HelenAn Taymor Chlco Liberal Arts ond Sciences Zoology Indeco The Daily lllini (1); Production SlofT, " Begg on Horsebock " , " Three Penny Opera " , " A tony and Cleopotro ' " I i Horley Lawrence Tee I Mulkeylo Engineering Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day (3) Southern Illinois University I 1 I Jeon Arleto Temple Chompoi Liberal Arts and Sciences English Delta Gommo The Daily lllini (1); lllini Union Commili (1, 2}; Notional Student Associotion (C Campus Chest (4) Murray Kent Teris New York, N. Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology CKorlei Everetr Tett Ke)thjbuf9 Engineering Electrical Engineering Western Illinois State College Jon Bonker Tetter Rockford Journalism Editorial Welth House Production Staff, Romeo and Juliet " , " Sltin of Owr Teeth " fliiobeth Carolyn Thatcher Mattoon Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Sigma Koppa Alpha Pi Delta; Production StafF, " The Wild Duck " , " Everyman " , " Doctor Faustus " , " An- tony and Cleopatra ' DePauw University Rolph William Theobald Moson City Divisiofi of Special Services Pre-Medicine Phi Epiilon Kappa Honors Day (1,2) John Wolter Thiemann Peoria Engineering Ceramics Phi Sigma Koppo ACS. Froncei Irene Thomas Rockford Liberal Arts ond Sciences Spanish Welsh House Glenn Albert Thomas Springfield Engineering Generol Engineering John Francis Thomoi Chillicolhe Engineering Electrical Engineering ' E E.; I.R.E.; Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Ooy (2. 3) 7 , Jomet Otcor Thompson F-iui-n Journollim Advertising and English Delto Tou Oello Freshman Council; Th« llllo {1)j The Doily mini (I, 2, 3); Interfroiernliy Council (2); mini Union Committee (l) North western University John HIrom Thompson Gurn ' Liberol Arts and Sciences German Zolo Sigma Alpha; Scabbord and Blode North Dakota Agricultural College Lloyd William Thompson Melvin Commerce Management and Morkeling Phi Delto Theto Pershing Rifles; Marketing Club; Freshman Var- sity Football Squad; I Mini Union Committee (1, 2) Lyie Eugene Thompson Champaign Engineering General Engineering Vincent Edward Thompson Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Tora Hall Delta Sigmo Rho; Mlini Forensic Association, mini Union Committee (3); Cast, " Infernol Machine " , " Exodus ' AT ' ; Production StofI, " The Corn Is Green " Aurora College Williom Carroll Thompson Edwards Commerce Marketing College Hall Marketing Club; Accountancy Club University of Michigon Jcon Elizabeth Thomson . Agriculture Home Economics Theta Upsllon Home Economics Club Northwestern University Chicago Kenntfth James Thornton Cllmon Educotiofl Phyticol EducOtion Alpho Phi Omega; Delta Theto Eptilon, Men i Glee Club (1) 239 I UL O j Bernord Alon Thoriell.. Liberol Arts ond Sciencei Ptychology Chi Gamma Iota; Pii Chi Honors Doy (3) Morgan Park Junior College .Chicago George Alfred Thorion Peorio Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Beto Theto Pi A. I. A.; Production SlofT, " Three Men on o Horse " , " Pygmalion " , " Cherry Orchard ' ' " Anno Sophie Hedvig " ; " Exodus ' 47 " Lloyd LaVerne Thresher, Jr Glen Ellyn Commerce Accountancy Tou Koppo Epiilon Chi Gamma loto; Alpho Kappa Psi; IMin! In- suronce Society; Spanish Club; Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; Freshman Varsity Tennis Squod Honors Doy (3) Michigan State College Donald Ralph Thurow Aurora Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics KIous Dieter Timmerhous. . . .Winter Pork, Colo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Acacia Chi Gamma Iota; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; Alpha Phi Omega; Tribe of I Mini; Freshmon Varsity Cross Country Squad; Varsity Cross Country Squad ( 1 , 2, 3, 4). Letter (3, 4). Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (1, 2, 3), Letter (2, 3); lllini Unio n Committee (4); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2) Honors Day (1. 3] Irvin Fredrick Tiltsworlh Engineering Mechanicol Engineering The Mansion Chi Gommo loto; S.A.E.; A.S.M.E. Joliel Junior College Robert Tober Springfield Physicol Education Physicol Educotion Blown Thresh Delto Theto Epiilon; Varsity BasebatI Squad 12, 3) Honors Doy {2) Joyce Lou Tokmon Chicago liberal Arts ond Sciences English Evons Hall Tempo (3) 240 Lillian Geroldine Tolond Canton Liberal Arts and Sciences English Busey Hall Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha lambda Detto; Sigma Delta Pi; Production StofT. " Cherry Orchard " , " Yeoman of the Guord " Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of lllinoit Scholarship Key Charles Wells Tom Cortervillc Liberol Arts ond Sciences Geology Son ' s Home Southern Itlinols University Joseph Edmund Tomes Chicor Division of Special Services Architecture Chi Phi West Texos State College Arthur Russell Tomllnson Commerce Marketing Spanish Club; Marketing Club Honors Day ( 1 ) Henry Chorles Tonigon Woukegc Engineering Mechanical Engineering S.A.E.; A.S.M.E. Newberry College William Maurice Tonkin Terre Houte, Inc Liberal Arts and Sciences Division of Generol Studies Acacia Marketing Club; The Doily lllini (1); The Mli (2) Honors Day (2) Michigan State CoMege Kenneth Everett Toreson Chompo ' q Engineering Electricol Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. University of the South; University of Leu vljlo Mary Antoinette TortoricI Chico: Liberal Arts ond Sciences Chemistry Gommo House W.A.A. (2, 3, 4); W.A.A. NumcroU; T- ' President (4) otilcio Ann Towers Springfield Education Elemenlory Education Preibytorian Hall horler Bcord; Torch; Senior Stage Monagvr, h alre Guild; Mask and Bouble; Arepo; Pro- ucfien Slofi, Beggar on Horseback " , " An- onr ond Cleopotfo " , ' Potience " , " Pygmolion " , Ahl Wildernets " •.endall Tozer Chicago Oiviiion of Special Services Sociology Alpho Sigmo Phi leihmon VorsilV Track Squad (3) Wabaih College , lliom Lycurgui Tracy JerseyvMIe Agriculture Generol Agriculture La Coterie Williom John Trader Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sigmo Phi Delta . ncent Froncis Trainer Pontiac Engineering Mechanicol Engineering :ugene John Trandel Chicago Commerce Marketing Tau Koppa Epsilon Skull and Crescent; Alpha Kappa Psi; Marketing , Clwb; mini Insurance Society; Accountancy I Club; Tribe of lllini; Varsity Track Squod (), ?, 3). tetter (1) Phyllis Ann Trovis Peorio Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Alpha Phi Shi-Ai; Alpho lambda Delta; The lllio (1); Panhellertic Executive Council (3| Monon Doy {), 2, 3); University of llltnoii Scholorship Key Milton John Treka Chicago Engineering Mechonicol Engineering A.S.M.E. Hfiii Junior College Fronk Joseph Trembocki . Chicago Division of Special S«rvico Economlci lk Eileen Florence Tressler Chicago Liberol Arts end Sciences Sociology Thota Upsilon The Doily lllini (1); Y.W.C.A. Committee (2, 3, 4); Production StoflF, " Alcestis " , " ' Blithe Spirit " , " Three Penny Opera " Honors Doy (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorship Key John Arthur Trevillian, Jr Freeporl Commerce Accountancy and Management Carleton Trimble, Jr Trimble Engineering Generol Engineering A.S.M.E. Horlan Perry Tripp Fisher Engineering Ceramic Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; A.C.S. Missouri School of Mines John Edward Troller Chicago Division of Speciol Services Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Pennsylvania State College Chester Edword TrosI, Jr Chompoign Physical Educotion Physical Educotion Sigma Chi Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Varsity BasketboM Squad (2, 3, i) Indiana Slate Teachers ' College; Bereo College Rodger Nelson Trowel Formington Division of Special Services Industrial Educotion Wesley Foundlaion Student Council ( 1 . 2) Arkansas Agricultural and Mechonicol College r O ■n 3 241 Sherwyn William Trubilt Chicago Commerce Accountancy Pi Lombda Phi Accountancy Club; Moingwena; Fencing Manoger (3, 4); Tribe of lllini; Inlerlraternity Council (41 Hurshol Corl Tummelion, Jr ....Champaign Law Law Delta Phi Alpha Kappo Pti; Phi Alpha Delta; Morchinc; Band (1,2) Nolhan Willord Tupper . . . Horvord Journalism Publication Monagement Gronado Club Student Senate (2); Galesburg lllini (21 Western Michigan College; Colgate University Lee Chose Turnbull Toulon Commerce Monagement Sigma Pi Marketing Club Honors Doy (3) Horrrson Clecvelond Turner Cordovo Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Graham Lodge M.I.S. Honors Day (3) Northwestern University Mory Lee Turner Peoi iu Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Ko ppa Alpha Theta Linden virood College Paul Robert Tull Ruth vi He Engineering Civil Engineering Michigan Stole College Richard Alan Tyson Engineering Civil Engineering Alpho Delia PHI Honors Day ( I } ■Konkakee 242 u ' f Eitollne Deon Ulmer West Libe Liberol Arts and Sciences Speech ' McKinley Holl Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Preside W.G.S.; Student Senote (3, 4); Moik c| Bouble; Arepo; Zeto Phi Eto; Dello Sig i Rho; W.G.S. Executive Council (3, 4); Stud Religious Council (3, 4}; Notional Student , sociolion (2, 3); Wesley Foundotion Stud Council (3, 4); Womens ' Varsity Debole (2, Cost, " Trojan Women " ; Produclion Sloff. ' the King ' s Men ' , " Antony and Cleopatrc ' King Lear ' ' , " Joon of Lorroine ' ' Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of lllin. Scholarship Key Glenn Alois Ulrich Western Sprit Liberal Arts and Sciences Entomology ond Chemistry Annex Hall Gamma Delta; Hextpoecio; Varsity Fenc Squad (3, 4) Lyons Township Junior College Roy Ellis Unsin Green Boy, Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering A.S.C.E. Honors Day (3} Illinois Institute of Technology Donold Otto Unteed Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Delta Tau Delta Purdue University Kenneth Eugene Unteed Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Delta Tau Delta Gorgoyle; Phi Eto Sigmo Honors Doy ( 1 ) Earl Louis Urish Green Vo y Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Gommo Rho Alpha Zeto; Hoof and Horn Club; Agricul f Club; The Illinois Agriculturist (2, 3}; Hc« President (4] Honors Doy (1, 2, 3); University of ttlii » Scholarship Key Richard James Usborne Mor«o Engineering Generol Engineering Koppo Sigma Skull ond Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; llluitrali; Pierrots; House President (4); Star Cou ' . Board of Monogeri (2); Production Stoff. " ' men " , " Isolde " , " Seventh Heaven " , " Women " Honors Day (3) City College of New York i Edward Kenneth Usher Madison, i Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Gorgoyle; Scarob , Honors Doy (2, 3); University of lllinoil Sc ' l arship Key Paul Ujlan Boyonne. N.J, Division of Special Services Generol Upsolo College Williom Monr Ulterback Gibson City Commerce Monogemenl ' . ' jrlittiog Club .vfle Brewster Uizinger Peorio Engineering Metallurgical Engineering • I.S. Northwest Missouri State Teachers ' College pon lillion Von Comp Chicogo liberol Arts ond Sciences Psychology Reeter Club Wilson Junior College Byron Alvin Vance HorrmoncJ, Ind Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day (3) Middlebury College; University of North Corc- 1 no Robert Fischer VandenBoom Quincy Engineering Electrical Engineering Too BelQ Pi; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; llluminoting Engi- ttinq Club; WIU (3, 4) Ouincy College; Corpus Christi Junior College C«on Monly Vender Stoep PiMsfield Engineering Engineering Physics P ' i Elo Sigma; Morching Bond (1, 2, 3, 4) Honors Doy (». 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholorihip Key Nier Michael Vanes la Salle Commerce Management Coiiton Club; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3. 4); Y.M. C A. Board of Directors (4) Jack Showaher Vonlmon Urbane Journaliim Advarifiing Sigma Chi Alpha Delta Sigmo; Marketing Ctub George Leon VanLaninghom Ma I toon Agriculture Dairy Production Eastern Illinois Stale College Jonet Louise Von Matre Wolseko Fine ond Applied Arts Music Education Busey Hall Sigma Alpha Iota; University Chorus (1, 2, 3, 4); V omen ' s Glee Club (1, 2. 4}; Cost, " The Pirates of Penzance " Honors Day |2) Robert Mark Vanne Glendole, Calif. Division of Special Services Advertising Porade Ground Units Marketing Club; M.I. A. Executive Council (3) Renso John Vonnelli Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Tou Sigma; A.S.M.E. Honors Day (I, 2, 3}; University of Illinois Scholarship Key David Paul Van Ort Summit liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Germon Club; Alpho Phi Omega Henry Harold Vorley Beecher City Fine and Applied Arti Archilecturol Engineering Porode Ground Units A SC.E. Howord Elmer Vomer Chicogo Commerce Banking and Flnonce Flagg House Marketing Club Honors Doy (3) 243 r O ■n 3 Patricio Alice Voughon Formington Fine and Applied Artt Mutic Sigma Kappa Stephens College Urn O j Gordon Albert Voundry . Chicogo Phyiicol Educolton Phyiicol Education Phi Epsilon Kappo; Vortity Baseball Squad jt) Honors Day (3) Willis Herman Veerman ChilMcothe Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Bradley University Joseph Velardi New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry A.I.Ch.E. Brooklyn College Joseph Martin Vene La Salle Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beto Pi; Sigmo Too; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Day (1, 3] Francis Dole Vercler Chenoo Agriculture General Agriculture Form House Honors Day (1, 2) Oklahoma Agricultural ond Mining College James Allen Vertin Chicogo Commerce Industrial Administration Pi Kappa Phi Wright Junior Cotleg Vinton Arthur Vesta . , .Creslon Journolism Adverlifting College Hall Marketing Club Northern llllnoil State Teachers College 244 N iiykiiifa Emmonuol George Vidalakis Joliet .JJ " ' ' Commerce « ' ' Industrial Management " Lundgren House U " " Phalanx; Pershing Rifles; Epsilon Phi Sigma Chorles Eilert Vierow Villo Porl y i Division of Speciol Services ' .l, Soles Chi Gommo loto; Marketing Club; Accountoncy mi Club ' , Honors Day ( 1 ) Roosevelt College Alvin Vinegar Chicogo Heighfi yVi Liberal Arts and Sciences yjK Chemistry Four Columns ■ i- Pershing Rifles Hcnors Day (1,2) William Lawfon Vineyard Wood Rivei Drvijion of Speciol Services ' Geology Acocia Cyclothem Club; M.I.S.; Freshman Varsity Fool ball Squad Domenick Pefe Viterisi Herrir Engineering Electrical Engineering ' A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Electronics Club j ' Michigan State College ' ' ' ' ' John Anthony Voegtie Chicogo Engineering ' rts Civil Engineering It r Calvin Wayne Vogel Chicago Commerce ' bWj Marketing Delto Tau Delto Marketing Club; Interfraiernlty Council (3, 1 Morgan Pork Junior College Henry Kenneth Vogel Chicogo Engineering Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.: MIS. [ ock Dale Vogelsong Richmond, tnd Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Purdue University; University of Chicago Aorguerlie Volini Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Cagle Hall oto Sigma Pi -Joncv Ann Vol troth Clinton Liberal Arts and Sciences English Koppo Alpha T ieto fhe lllio (2); Campus Chest (3, 4) Honors Day (2, 3) Stephens College Donold Aleionder Von Ebers Wilmette Physical Education Physical Education Tomohowk; Phi Epsiton Kappo; Tribe of lllini: freshman Varsity Gymnastic Squod; Varsity Gymnastic Squad {1, 2, 3, 4); Cheerleader (1) DePoul University LeRoy Vronek Cicero Physical Educotion Physical Education Koppo Delta Rho Tribe of lllini; Varsity Track Squad {1, 2, 4}. Letter (1, 2, 4); House President (3) George Herbert Vroomon Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences History and English Philosophy Club I Northwestern University; Wright Junior Col fle«e Joseph Ludwig Wabrouschek Berwyn J Agriculture Animal Science Mo rton Junior College ' George Edward Wochendorf Cieefo I Journalism Editorial -e Ooily mini (3, 4) Michigon State College Arthur Albert Wochholi Chicago Commerce Monogement Delta Phi Marketing Club; Voriity Baieball Squod (1) Horry Robert Week Evergreen Pork Agriculture General Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Clob; Plow Boy Prom Committee (1|; Interfroternily Council (1); lllini Union Committee (1); Coptoin, Uni- versity Brigade Donald Eugene Woggoner Jerseyville Engineering Civil Engineering Tou Beta Pi Honors Day (2, 3) Texas Agricultural ond Mechonicol College Robert Lawrence Wagner Chicago Commerce Accountancy Accountancy Club; lllini Union Committee (4) Honors Day (3} University of Chicago; Chicogo Teochers ' Col- lege Iro Harold Wahibeck Kankakee Engineering Mechonicol Engineering A.S.M.E. Everett Wesley Wolbert . Commerce Accountancy Four Columns Bradley University George Kenneth Walker, . WinstonSoIem, N. C. Agriculture Floriculture Horticulture Club; Floriculture Club; Entomology Club; Intromural Monoger (2); Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4] The Citadel Robert Kent Wolker Clinton Agriculture Generol Agriculture Taro Holl Morching Band (1 . 2); Concert Band ( 1 , 7] . University Orchestra (3, 4) Honors Day (I, 3) o 11 3 245 0 i Urn O SJ Virflinio June WolUr Becwyn Liberol Arlt and Sciences Sponlsh Sigma Kappa Spaniih Club; lllini Union Committee (3); PfO duction Sloff, " Cherry Orchard " , " Anno Sophie Hedvig " Morton Junior College William Jomes Wolker, Jr Mt. Olive Diviiion of Special Services Advertising Ale end Tole Club Business Manoger, The Doily Mlini; Alpha Dell.. Sigma; The Doily lllini (3, 4) Chorlolie Cloire Wolloce Champaiy " Agriculture Home Economics Delta Zeto Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club, Production Stoff. " Three Penny Opera " , " An tony and Cleopatra " , " Dr. Faustus " , " Every man " , " Potience " John Robert Wolloce Flossmoci Liberal Arts ond Sciences History Lombda Chi Alpho The Daily lllini (1, 2) Irving Horold Waller Chlcacjo Division of Special Services Accountoncy Pi lambdo Phi Chi Gamma loto; Phi Ela Sigma; lllini Union Committee (1) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of lllinoi Scholarship Key Howord Lawrence WolMn Hinsdolo Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Psi Sl(ull and Crescent; A.S.C.E.; Cheerleader (2, 3) Cily College of New York; Carnegie Institute of Technology Shirley Ann Wollin Hinsdolo Liberol Arlt ond Sciences Sociology Koppo Kappa Gamma The lllio (1, 2); Mlini Union Committee (1) Mory Lou Wolling Beordstow.. Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Gamma Phi Beta Shorter Boord; Torch; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpho lombdo Oelto; The lllio (I, 2, 3); House Presi- dent (4); Ponhellenic Executive Council (3); lllini Union Committee (l|j Y.W.C.A. Com- mittee (I, 2) Honors Doy (1, 2, 3), University of lllinoii Scholorshlp Key 246 Louise Hesterly Walls Prescolt, Ark. Educotion ' Business Education Henderson State Teochers ' College Frank Arthur Wo Iters lemonl Division of Special Services Chemistry Alpho Sigma Phi North Central College; JoMet Junior College Donald Williom Wonderer Ook Poik Engineering Mechanical Engineering Beta Theto Pi University Chorus (3, 4); Tou Belo Pi; Pi Tou Sigma United States Coast Guard Acodemy Edward Ernie Wonner Moilon Commerce Accountoncy Lookout Manor Accountoncy Club aiW Bradley University •■1m Fulton Wont, Jr Leesburg, Vu Liberal Arts and Sciences | Economics , jrf Mill Hall j lllini Union Committee (3) ' Kansas City Junior College I. Albert Godfrey Word Former City Engineering Electficol Engineering Phi Eta Sigmo; Eta Kappo Nu Honors Day (1, 2) Andrew Joseph Ward Chicoyo Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Medicine Newman Hall Honors Doy (2) University of Wisconsin; Pennsylvonio Sloi " College; New York University Harold Leroy Word, Jr Chicogo Liberal Arts and Sciences I Chemicol Engineering , Nowmon Halt Phi Etc Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. Honors Doy (3) Clomson Agricultural College «ML vrnold Steven Wail.n New Yoik, N.Y Liberal Arts and Sciences History Newman Holl ' hi Bero Kappo; Phi Era Sigma lonors Day (1, 2, 3); University of llliooii icholorthip Key .oii Signe Warner Berwy.. Education English Concordia Morton Junior College James Wilbur Warren La Grongo Division of Speciol Services Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon Williom Wesley Warren Chompaiipi Division of Special Services City and Regional Planning Sigma Chi A. I. A.; Landscape Architecture Society; I.T.i: Indiono University Irving Warso Chicayo Engineering Mechanical Engineering A-S.M.E.; Praetorians Horry Geary Washburn Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology German Club Honors Day (2) University of Indiana Vernon DeWaine Woshburn Chicago Commerce Banking ond Finance Morgon Park Junior College Joseph George Woiko Chicayo Physical Education Physical Education Phi Epsilon Koppo; Varsity ISO Pound Football Squad (3, 4) Honors Day (2, 3| William Albert Waikow, Jr Commerce Perionnel Management . Chlcoyo m Norman Wosser New York, N.Y. Physicol Educotion Phyiicol Educotion Alpha Epsilon Pi Ma-Won-Do; Sachem; Phi Epsilon Kappo; Tribe of mini; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4) Honors Day (3) New York University Dov ney Wosson Eldorado Division of Special Services Management Marketing Club Michigan State College; University of Mexico City Jack Allen Wasson Harrisburg Agriculture Agronomy Agriculture Club Arftus Craig Waters Seattle, Wash. Liberot Arts and Sciences Economics and Sociology Northeastern University Robert William Waters Urbano Agriculture Vocationol Agriculture Delta Chi Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Educotion Club; Baseball Manager (2) Byron Kent Wotkins Findloy Division of Special Services Geology Phi Kappa Psi Cyclothem Club; The lllio (1) George Moynard Wotkint lltchfield Commerc Management Morketing Club; Accountoncy Club r O ■n t 247 I II. o SJ Mourice lee Walkini Woodlown Agriculture Vocolionol Agriculfure Alpho Zelo; Alpho Tou Alpho; Agriculture Club; Agriculturol Education Club; Baptiil Foun- dolion Studer t Council (2, 3) Honori DoY (2, 3) Alpheui Cliflon Wotson Semis, Tenn. Fine and Applied Arts Architectural Engineering Lambuth College; Polytechnic tnstilule of Brooklyn Robert Otio Walion Shelbyvtilc Commerce MonagemenI Honors Doy ( 1 ) Sparks College Poul Colverl Wott Morisso Fine and Applied Arts Landscape Architecture Phi Delta Theta Pennsylvonia State College Robert John Wott Chicago Physicol Education Physical Education Notre Dame University Williom Joseph Watt Tilden Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Colonial Manor Phi Eta Sigma; German Club; McKinley Foundo- tion Student Council (3, 4) Honors Day (2) University of Mkhigon David Louis Wotters Ouincy Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics University of Wisconsin Hubert Cooke Wotion Chicago Engineering Eleclricol Engineering Flagg House Phi Eto Sigma; A.I.E.E.; Canterbury Club Foun dolion Student Council (3) Honors Day (I, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key 248 William Charles Wayne Edwordsvillo Engineering Electrical Engineering Newman Hall Phi Eto Sigma; l.R.E.; Marching Bond (1 ); Concert Band {1 ); WILL [4) Honors Day (1 ) George Henry Weolherbe, Jr., New London, Conn Commerce Industrial Admin!:tralion Alpha Koppo Psi Honors Day ( 1 ) David Emanuel Weaver Donven Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering Chi Comma loto; A.I.Ch.E.; Student Religioui Council (4); Boptist Foundotion Student Coun- cil (4); Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 4) Honors Day (2) BlufTton College J Dim Wesley Weaver Urbono Engineering Mechanicol Engineering A S.M.E. Ellen Moe Webb Mt. Vernon Fine and Applied Arts Art Arthur Willioms Webber Urbono Division of Special Services Geology Lowrence Phillip Weber Sporte Agriculture General Agriculture Theto Xi Agriculture Club; Morkeling Club Southern Illinois University Robert William Weber Etno. Pa Commerce Accountancy Boto Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigmo; Beta Alpho Psi Honors Day {1, 2, 3) Virgil Morcus Weber Saunemin Division of Spaciol Services Journalism Marketing Club; House Presidenl (1); Pfoduc- lion Staff, " ' Anna Sophie Hedvig " Williom Charles Weber, Jr Evanslon Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science ' — - " Phi Kappo Sigma K « Pershing Rifles; Cheerleader (2); First Lieuten H 4i ont. University Brigode Mai James Weberling Peru Engineering Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon I La Solle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College; Uni- ' ersity of Maine MllLt Sfonley Keith Webster Champaign Commerce Accountancy Accounioncy Club i Donold Howard Weddle Elgin Division of special Services Chemistry John Charles Weech Oneido _ Commerce ffk - . Accountancy w Ht Morkeiing Club; Accountancy Club; Beta Alpho I | g Pti: Chi Gamma Iota fli B T — Kno. College ' l W Jf 4 Htnry Richord Wegehoft Jodtsonville Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Annei Hall Honors Doy (3) Illinois College JoBiei Samuel Wehrly Kane Agriculture General Agriculture Weimen Agriculture Club; Dairy Production Club; Wesley foundotion Student Council (3) Honors Doy (3) Robert Charlesworlh Wehrmann . ...Dei Plolnei Division of Special Services Engineering University of Pennsylvania Stonley Roymond Wolder Cleveland, Ohio Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Dentistry Newman Hall Intramural Monoger (2, 3) Honors Doy (2, 3) Raoul Bloch Weil to Poz, Bolivio Engineering Electrical Engineering Cosmopolitan Sigma Tou; Phi Eta Sigma; Tou Beto Pi; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Epsilon Sigma Honors Day ( 1 , 2, 3) ; University of Illinois Scholarship Key Sally Sylvia Weiner Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences English Hoste House Paul Weinlnger Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Phi Epsilon Pi Senior Footboll Manager; Football Manager (2, 3, 4) Edwin Weinshetbaum Chicago Journalism Advertising Alpho Delfo Sigma Roslyn Weinstein Chicogo Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Evans Hall William Carlson Weipert Clarendon Hills Commerce Accountancy Lo Coterie Beta Gamma Sigmo; Morketing Club; lllini In- luronce Club; House President (3] Honors Day (3, 3) Ripon CoMego; Univortity of fitliburgh 249 r O ■n 3 HP UL O J June Ooloret W«ii Chicago Liberoi Arts and Sciences SociolooY Emon Koi Teon Club Univeriily of Wiiconiin; Univcftily of CoU fornio ol loi Angele Mitchell Weijner Elgin Commerce Marketing Zeta fieto Tau Morketing Club; Spanish Club; Accountancy Club; Freihman Vortity Boseball Squad; I Mini Jnion Committee (1) Bernice Ozeron Weiss Chicago liberal Arli and Sciences Bacteriology mini Union Committee (2, 3); Hillel Foundotion Student Council (2) Honors Doy {1 ) Joe Allen Weiss Chicogo Division of Special Services Economics Sigma Alpha Mv Morketing Club; IMini Insurance Society; Tribe of mini; Vorsity Tennis Squad {2, 3, 4), Letter (2. 3, 4J Lorraine Morsho Weiss New York, N.Y. Liberoi Arts and Sciences Psychology Ivria Spanish Club; The Daily IMini {1, 2, 3); House President (2); lllini Union Committee (2}; Production Staff, " Romeo and Juliet " , " Skin of Our Teeth " , " The Sorcerer " , " Male Ani- mal " , and " Dangerous Corner " Ira Weissman Chicago Engineering Engineering Physics Tau Beta Pi Harry Charles Weiit South Bend, Ind Agriculture Dairy Technology Agriculture Club; Dairy Technology Club Albert John Weltekomp Raymond Agriculture General Agriculture Medea Agriculture Club; Hoof ond Horn Club; Field and Furrow; Morketing Club; M.I. A. Eiiecu- llve Council (4) 250 Kennefh Dougloj Weiticl Urbono Liberoi Arts ond Sciencei ' Political Science Alpha Kappa Lombda Pefihing Riflei; lllini Union Committee (I, 2); Men ' j Glee Clob (2, 3, 41, Y.M.C.A. Com- mittee (1. 2] William Ctiorlei Welch Joliet Law Low Junior Bor Astociation ' Honori Doy (2) ' Eugene Phillip Welcher Belvidere Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pershing Riftes; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E.; Ice Hockey Manager (2) I Edward Joseph Weldon Normol Commerce Business Management | Accountancy Club; Economics Club Illinois State Normol University t I Sarah Rita Welhom Michigan City. Ind. Agriculture Home Economics Cogle Hall House President (3) Kothryn French Weller Porii Journalism Advertising Stratford House Alpha Lombdo Delto; Theto Sigma Phi Honors Day (1, 2, 3): University of Illinois Scholarship Key Edith Modelen Wells WlliMtte Liberoi Arts and Sciences English Gamma Phi Beta Torch; Phi Beto Koppo; Alpha Lombdo Dello; Assistant Editor. The lllio; The lllio (1, 2, 3. 4|; The Doily lllini ID; Ponhellenic Boll Committee 131; lllini Union Committee (U; Y.W.C.A. Committee (I, 2) Honori Doy (1, 2. 3); University ol lin " o: Scholarship Key WillUlon Garret! Wells Tabor, lowo Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Illinois Institute of Technology Jirili " Pi yi ' ■ ' " ■•jilin; I, ' , III » . «! M l«l ' All s I arlei Herman Wonk Chicogo Oivltion of Speciol Servrc«l Politicol Science Zeto Beta Tau J Belo Epiilon; (Mini Inturonce Ctub; (Mini .r«niic Society; The Doily Mlini (1. 2, 4); tra mural Manoger 12) ; Co-Choir man, Soph- nore Cotillion; Interfraternity Council (1); lini Union Board (2); lllint Union Committeo , 2); WILL (3, 4); Production Staff, " Beou " (Otagem ' , ond ' Dangerous Corner ' ' ck Hon ley West, Jr Chicogo Journaliim Advertising Sigmo Phi Epiilon Ipho Delta Sigmo; Moingweno; Morketing Club; ie Doily mini (2); Gymnastics Manager (2, 4); Tribe of lllini; lllinl Union Committee I); WILL (1); Athletic Council (4) )hn leRoy Westenhover, Son Bernardino, Calif. Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Koppa Sigmo o-Won-Da; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Edl- r. The lllio; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; The lllio (1, 3, 4); House President (4) Illinois Institute of Technology; University ' North Dokoto alerie Alice Westfield Blue Island Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Correction Sigmo Koppo Mini Union Committee (3, 4); Production Staff, Three Men on o Horse " Thornton Junior College; DePoul University )rville Owen Westlake Agriculture Dairy Technology University of Michigan .Sycamore i(ichord Willis Wetzel Wauv atosa, Wis. Engineering Mechonical Engineering AS. ME. Corl Robert Weymueller Chicogo Engineering Melollurgicol Engineering MIS. Colorodo School of Mines Robert Shonklin Whom Cenlrolio Low Low Sigmo Chi Phi Delto Phi ® Williom Von Wharton Foirbury Fine and Applied Artt Architecture A. I. A.; A.S.C.E. Patricio Ann Whelon JoMet Journoliim Advertiiing Zeto Tau Alpho Production Stoff, " All The King i Men " , " Duchess of Molfi " , " Taming of the Shrew " , " Anna Sophie Hedvig " , " Yeomen of the Guord " Arnold Clarence Whitaker Westchester Division of Special Services Advertising Gronado Club Marketing Club; WILL (1) Lyons Township Junior College Edward Ambrose White Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering Pi Koppo Alpho A.I.Ch.E. Honors Doy {2, 3) The Citadel Kofherine Elizobeth White Agriculture Home Economics Petite Moison Marketing Club Leo Ernest White Chompoign Engineering Electrical Engineering Honors Doy (1,2) Martha Corinne White Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Clinicol Psychology Delto Sigmo Theto House President (3); Compus Chest (3); Y.W. C.A. Committee (2, 3) Robert Lewis While Chompoign Journalism Advertising and Morketing Alpho Tau Omego Alpha Delta Sigmo; Pierrots; Morketing Club; Accountoncy Club; Cost, ' The Women " ; Pro- duction Stoff, " Beggor on Horsebock " Oklahoma Agriculturol ond Mining College N o ■n 251 Urn O J Suxonnp White .nu ' titju Liberol Arts and Sciences Speech Gommo Phi Beto The lllio (1, 2)j Production Siofl, " Beggar on Horseback " , " Three Men on o Hone " , " Cherry Orchard " , " Pygmalion " Wallace Terrell While, Jr Clarksboro, N.J Division of Special Services C«neral Parade Ground Units Pershing Rifles (3) ,- Junior Prom Committee Olivet Nozarene College; fiowdoin College James Richard Whitfield Commerce Accountancy Kappa Delta Rho Chicogo lov rence True Whitney. Riverside Journalism Rodio Phi Gommo Delto Alpho Delta Sigma; The Doily lllini (1); Mlini Union Committee (1, 2, 3|; Marching Bond (1, 2); WILL 01 Willa Irene Whilton Toluc3 Agriculture Home Economics 4-H House Torch; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club; All Ag Field Day Committee (2, 3); Plow Boy Prom Committee ( 1 , 2, 3) ; House Presi- dent (4); lllini Union Council (2); Itlini Union Committee (1 ); Campus Chest (3); Production Stoff, " Pirates of Penzance " Jacqueline Ruth Whynol Springfield Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry Stratford House Springfield Junior College Thomas John Wich Rock lslan l Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega AS. ME. Honors Doy (3) Illinois State Normal University Robert Chrlition Wiodrich Mohomcl Liberal Arts ond Sciences Pre-Theology Pershing Rifles; Pierrots; Mask and Bouble; Cost, " Beflflor on Horseback " , " L " , " Three Penny Opera " , " Hands Across Ihe Seo " ) Production Stofl, " Squaring the Circle " " 5 St ' iiL ' ' . ' . Ai tf. - 252 George Arthur Wiegond . , Waietloc Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics Moore Hall Reed Lawson Wierks Commerce Monogemeni Phi Gommo Dello Morketing Club; Accountancy Club University of Iowa George John Wietor Pork Ridge Commerce Morketing Chi Phi Dolphins; German Club; Cyclothcm Club; Morket- ing Club; Accountoncy Clib; Varsity Swimming Squad (1, 3); Interfroternlty Council (3) Betty Louise Wilcox Konsos City, Mo. Liberal Arts and Sciences Sponish Koppo Alpha Theta Sigma Delta Pi; The lllio (2}; Campus Chejl 13); Production Staff, " Antony and Cleopolro " , " Three Penny Opera " , " Squaring the Circle " Honors Doy (2) MocMurray College Keith Burton Wilcox Golesburg Division of Special Services Industriol Education I Carolyn Wildman Chicogc Agriculture Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu; Alpht Lambda Delto; Home Economics Club; The Mttc (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4) Honors Day {I, 2, 3); University of Hlinoi Scholarship Key Mathew Wilensky New York, N. Y Liberal Arts and Sciences English Wallace Foris Wiley, Jr Sprlngfle ' Engineering Electricol Engineering A.I.E.E.; Production StofT, " The Corn Is Green " " The Infernal Machine " Iliom Charles Wiley Spfingfit-U; Engineering Engineering Physics Sigma Alpha Epsilon J B0IO Pi; Sigma Tou; Phi Eta Sigmo; Pi Mu tilon; mini Union Committee ( 1 } .nort Day (3); University of Illinois Scholor .0 Key on Fronces Wilk Vondalla Commerce Commercial Teaching Alpho House oKo Lambda Delta; Phi Chi Theto; House riident (4): University Chorus (I, 2, 3); Tien s Glee Club (2, 4] ort Doy (1,3) tert Herman Wilke Milwoukee, Wis Engineering ■ Mechanicol Engineering ' .S.M.E. ;nori Day {3) II ary Jeanne Wilkios Peotone Education History Stratford House MocMurroy College •ary Elaine Wille Shelbyville Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Busey Holt ■ owe State Teachers ' College old Kenneth Willioms Chicago Fine ond Applied Arts Music Education Omego Phi P$i Mu Alpho-Sinfonio; House President (3), ' erfraternity Council (3, 4); Marching Band 2. 3, 4); University Orchestra (2) Torino Jean Willioms Mason Liberal Arts and Sciences History locke Monor Jotk Yotei Willioms Augusta Fine and Applied Arts Archileclurol Engineering S.Ch.E.; Major, University Brigade ¥M ■ -- John Frederick Willlomi Chicago Commerce Monogemenl Pit Upiilon llllnolt Initltufe of Technology John Joy Willioms Ponlioc Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Acacia IAS. Joyce Morcello Williams Prospect Heights Journalism Radio Concordia Lloyd Rankin Williams Jacksonville Commerce Marketing ond Manogement O.P.M. Den Marketing Club Richard Edwin Williams Riverside Division of Special Services Commerce Delta Upsilon Robert Aoron Williams Rockford Engineering Electrical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lombda A.I.E.E. University of Wisconsin; Kenyon College Maurice Milton Witliomson Mahomet Engineering Mechonical Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day (2) Indiano University James Roy Willii Pontiae Agrlculfoie Agronomy University of Idoho rs O ■n 3 253 Mock Roit Willi Engin««ring Electrical Engineering O j Richord Horlley Willii Champaign Liberal Arti and Sciences Psychology Delta Chi Pii Chi; The Daily lllin! (1) Donald Lee Wills Donville Division of Special Services Geology Cyclothem Club Dwighl Meson Wilson McNobb Agriculture General Agriculture Alpha Zeto; Chi Gamma Iota,- Agriculture Club; Field ond Furrow; Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day [3. 3) La Salle-Peru-Ogieiby Junior College Elden Woodrow Wilson Loulsvltle, Ky. Engineering Electricol Engineering Chi Gamma Iota; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Koppa Nu; I.R.E. Honors Day (1, 2, 3} Ernest Wilson Baton Rouge, La. Commerce Accountoncy Alpha Phi Alpha House President (4); Interfralernity Council (3) Honors Day (2) Southern University Lawrence Sanders Wilson Chicogo Division of Speciol Services Advertising Sigma Alpha Mu Accountoncy Club; Marketing Club; lllini In- surance Club; The Doily lllini (3); Men ' s Glee Club (1) Leonord Earl Wilson ... .Macomb Division of Special Services Morketing Sigma Nu Marketing Club y 254 Robert Elwood Wilson Oecotyt Libera) Arts ond Sciences Chemicol Engineering Colonial Arms Chi Gamma Iota; Tau Beto Pi; A.I.Ch.E. Baldwin Wallace College; University of Mich- igan Robert Irvon Wilson Peor-a Engineering Mechonicol Engineering A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. Honors Day (1, 2) Burton Jay Winick Chicogc Division of Special Services Advertising Illinois Institute of Technology Grant Eugene Winner Roseville, Mich Engineering Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. Lawrence Institute of Technology; Kolomoio College; Wheaton College Homer Howard Winter Newto Engineering Electricol Engineering Eastern Illinois Stale Teochers ' College LL ' cien David Wise Arth Agriculture Vocational Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Omego Beta Pi; Agriculture Club; Alpho Tt Alpha; Hoof and Horn Club; Agricullurol Educ tion Club; Morchlng Bond (1, 2, 3, ) : Conc Bond (1, 2, 3, 4|; University Orchestra (1, ' • Honors Day (3) Gloria Cecelia Wisemon Chico ' Liberal Arts ond Sciences Sociology Alpha Kappa Alpha Orchesls; Cost, " In Grim Earnest " Dillord University Robert Jock Witensky Chico Journalism Advertising Zelo Beta Tau Morketing Club; Spanish Club; Interfrolern Council {2); lllini Union Commille (3) Honors Day (I ) C .■ik lence Tate Witherspoon Fairmo Agriculture Agriculturol Economics .ipho Sigf o ' ' fuiture Club; Interfrolernity Council (3) ,o » Dov (I ) N I in Anthony Witorl Moywood Engineering Electricol Engineering jigma Phi Delta E.E.; The Illinois Technogroph {2, 3, 4}, •or (i}; House President (3) ; Intorfroternity Tcll (3); Engineering Council (4) .-. right Junior College -ofd Moyer Wittert Chlcogo liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry Tou Epsilon Phi ego Beio Pi Drshall Wifzel Chicog Liberol Arts and Sciences Bacteriology Clark House - Doily mini (2), House President {3} ' •on Edword Woest Engineering Civil Engineering S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon Sf. Ambrose College ik Wohlmuth Milwaukee, Wis Engineering Aeronauticol Engineering --no Alpha Rho; Phi Eto Sigmo; I.A.S. " or« Doy (1, 2, 3); University of lllino! ' oiorihip Key eorrice Dorii Wolcoff Chicago Education Educotlon of Mentolly Handicapped Children Keeler House nl Union Committee (4) ' p ' en Marie Wokoit Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economict Sigmo Koppo Oftor Boord; Torch; Phi Uptilon Omicron; Di- |«tor of Public Relations, Illini Union; Director .. ' C ' sotion, mini Union; Home Economic! ■ b; Marketing Club; Sophomore Cotillion Com- • ' •«, Independent Informal Committee (2); -«!• President (4); Illini Union Board (4); , ii ' ni Union Council (3); Illini Union Committee t o«ori Day (2) Sieno Heights College L-J Jane Frances Wolf. . Odell Fine and Applied Arts Music Educotion Welsh House Sigmo Alpha Iota; University Chorus (3, 4} Honors Day (3) Robert Llewellyn Wolff .Murphysboro Engineering Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; A.I.E.E. Honors Day (t, 2) Southern Illinois University Albert V. Wotski Chicago Engineering Mechanlcol Engineering American Legion Post No. 909; A.S.M.E. Donold Wilbur Wood Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemicol Engineering Newmon Hall Chi Comma Iota; Phi Eto Sigmo; A.I.Ch.E. Honors Day {1, 3) Fioncit Eugene Wood CarroHton Commerce Marketing Sigmo Chi Alpho Koppo Psi; Spanish Club; Marketing Club; The Doily Illini (2); Illini Union Com- mittee (2, 3); Compus Chest (3) 255 r James Herbert Wolter Danville _ Agriculture n General Agriculture fl p Alpha Kappa Lombdo Poultry Science Club; The lllio (1); McKinley k. Foundation Student Council (4) Honors Day (I } Pong Tsu Woo Shanghai, China o Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E.; Phi Lombdo UpsHon ■n Honors Day (3) University of Shanghoi kA Corded Hull Wood Ml. Vernon s Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Northwestern University; Rose Polytechnic k % Institute Hr I u. O Jomet Williom Wood Harrliburg Phyiicol Educotion Phyiicol Education Sydney Mokepeoce Wood, It Loke Blufl Divliion of Special Services Pertonnel Monogement Lombdo Chi Alpha Slor and Scroll; Perihing Rifles; The lllinoii Technogroph (t); Wretlling Monoger (2) Kenneth Lyle Wooddell Champaign Journaliim Rodio Sigma Delto Chi; The Daily rilini (3); WILL (1. 2. 3. 4) Horold A. Workmon, Jr Evonston Commerce Management Delta Tau Delta Houie President (4) Rollin Wallace Workman Urbano Liberol Arts and Sciences Physics Phi Beta Kappo; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Ph! Omega; Seobury Foundation Student Council (2. 3) Honors Day {), 2} Edwin Henry Wright Allendale Agriculture Animal Science Nabor House Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Field and Furrow Joseph Nicholas Wright Polos Heights Commerce Marketing Alpha Tau Omega University of Woshingfon Milton John Wright Chlcogo Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pershing Riflesj A.S.M.E.; Second lieutenont. University Brigode J « 256 Ralph Alonzo Wright Peoria Journolism Radio Alpha Delta Sigma; The Daily Mlini (3); WILL (4) Honors Day {1, 2) Thomas John Wright Chicago Engineering Mechar ical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity 150 Pound Footbalf S:iuad (3) William Tyson Wright Trenton, N.J. Commerce Management ond Marketing Massachusetts State College Miriam Louise Wrigley Trivol! Agriculture Home Economics 4-H House Home Economics Club; The Illinois Agriculturist (2, 3, 4); Woman ' s Editor (3); Production Staff, " Dr. Faustus " , " Everyman " , " Beggor en Horseback ' ' Cliorles Andrew Wuellner Urbona Engineering Eleclricot Engineering A I.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu Honors Ooy (3) Elmer Bernord Wulf Cheney, Kans. Division of Special Services Marketing Phi Delia Thefo Skull and Crescent; Morketing Club Wichita University Orville Arthur Wunderlich Staunton Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemical Engineering A. ( .Ch.E.; Lutheran Foundotion Student Coun- cil {4) Honors Day {), 2) Bcrdell Henry Wurzburger Sibley Physical Education Physicol Education Arthur Romer WyoH. Aurora Coinmerce Accountancy Beta Gamma Sigmo; Phi Eta Sigma; Accountoncy Club; Marketing Club; Beta Alpho Psi; Tribe of lllinl; Varsity Golf Squad (1. 2, 3, 4), Letter (I, 2, 3, 4) Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Howard Eldon Wymon Champaign Commerce Accountancy Chillicothe Business Coltege George Masomi Yahiro Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Zoology Drake University Charles E. Yale Amboy Engineering Engineering Physics Acacia Pershing Rifies; The Illinois Technogroph {1 ) ; House President (4); Men ' s Glee Club (2) Honors Doy ( 2) Marvin Yarmo Kansas City, Mo. Commerce Monagement Sigma Alpha Mu Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; Interfroter- nity Council ( I ) Donald Byers Yerly Kincaid Commerce Accountoncy Accountancy Club Leo Kenneth Yoskowltz Asbury Pork, N.J. Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigmo; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Eta Koppo Nu Honors Doy (1, 2) Henry lone Youker Wheolon Journalism Editorial The Doily lllini (3. 4) Honors Day ( I ) diki Bruce Youle Wheolon Llberol Afti and Sciences Speech Tomahawk Lodge Phi Ela Sigma: Pierrots; The Dolly lllinl (3)i Tempo (2, 3); WILL (4); Cost, " Pygmalioo " Toming of the Shrew " , " In Grim Eornc.i " Alceslii " , end " The Wedding " Honors Day (2, 3} Burton Eugene Young Chicago Engineering Mechanical Engineering Granada Club S.A.E.; A.S.M.E. Honors Day (2) Helen Elizabeth Young Urbano Commerce Morketing Alpha Chi Omega Marketing Club; The Doily I Mini (2}; lllini Union Committee ( 1 , 2) ; Production Staff, " Beggar on Horsebock " Jeanne Foy Young Chicago Physicol Education Physical Educotion Busey Hall Orchesis; Terropin; Physical Educotion Majors ' Club; W.A.A. (3, 4); W.A.A. Numerols; Ma- jor I George Williams College Nathalie June Young Oak Pork Liberal Arts ond Sciences Psychology Women ' s Annex Production Staff, " Antony and Cleopatro " , " Pa- tience " , " The Corn Is Green ' , " The Infernal Machine ' ' Borboro Adeline Yunker Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Sociology Price Club Woodrow Wilson Junior College Joseph Marvin Zobinsky New York, N. Y. Engineering Aeronouticol Engineering Gamma Alpha Rho; I.A.S.; Vorsiiy Fencing Squod {2} College of the City of New York Boecher Alan Zachory Shelbyville Division of Speciol Services Journalism Sigma Pi Skull and Creictnt; AisiitonI Editor, The Doily lllini; Copy Editor, The Doily lllini; Sigmo Delta Chi; The Daily IIMni (I. 3. 3); Cast. " King Leor " 257 u. O SJ Stan Zogol Downeri Grove Liberal Arli and Sciences Chemistry ond Piychology lllin! Villoge Phi Elo Sigmo; ProjidenI, M.I. A.; Student Sen- ale (4); M.I. A. Executive Council (2, 3, 4), mini Union Boord (3); IMini Union Committee (2, 3, 4); Notional Student Association (4); Compui Cheit (3, 4) Honors Day 1 1 , 2) Illinois Institute of Technology Edward Jomes Zagorsk! Chicogo Fine ond Applied Arts Industriol Design Alpha Rho Chi llluslrotofs; Marketing Club Honors Day ( 1 , 2, 3) ; University of Illinois Scholorship Key Charles Zotogo. Jr Kenosho, Wis. Commerce Management ond Economics Ooinoch Morketing Club Fred F. Zondier Chicago Physical Education Physical Education Psi Upsilon Delta Theta Epsilon; Vorsity 150 Pound Foot- ball Squad (3, 4} Honors Day (1) Mory Elizabeth Zonnini Woukegon Liberol Arts and Sciences Sociology Slonehoven House President (4); W.G.S. Executive Council (4); Student Religious Council (3); Nev man Club Cobinet (3); Campus Chest (3) Honors Day (1 ) Norman Ho word Zoret, For Rockoway, I. I., N. Y Fine and Applied Arts Architecture Gorgoyle Honors Doy (1, 2. 3) Woller Frank Zdunek Chicago Commerce Management Parade Ground Units Morketing Club; Accountancy Club; Economics Club; Freshmon Varsity FootboM Squod Joseph Hoien Zeoring Commerce Marketing Sigmo Chi University of Uloh ll » ii--mr 258 Millon Robert Zellmer Elmwood Pari Commerce Industrial Administration Tau Koppo Epsilon Dolphins; Varsity Swimming Squad (3); lllin Union Committee (2) Duke University Samuel Zemon, Jr. . Chlcofl ' Liberol Arts and Sciences Chemistry College Hall M.I. A. Executive Council (1) Illinois Institute of Technology VJentfeW Zemina V eymouth, Mot- Journalism Radio Sigma Delto Chi; The Doily lllini (3}; WIL (3, 4) Honors Day ( I ) James Fred ZeZulo Waukegc Agriculture Animal Science Noble House House President (4) Dolores Ann Ziegler Hen Liberal Arts and Sciences Spanish Evans HoN Sponish Club; Production StofT, " Three Men C o Horse " Anthony Herman Zillner Pork Rid Division of Special Services Chemistry A.I.Ch.E.; Marketing Club Northwest Missouri Stole Teachers ' CoHe Bernard Zimberg New York, N. Commerce Marketing Marketing Club Honors Doy ( 1 ) Syrocuse University Vernon Kenneth Zimmerman ?•« Commerce Accountancy, Banking ond Finonce, and Monogoment Accountancy Club; German Club Honors Doy (1, 2. 3); University o( IHin Scholarship Key I 1 Oroc Coryn Zimring Chicago Education Education of the Deaf Indeco P»i Chij Mu Iota Sigmo; Spanish Club; Th ? Doily IHIni (I, 2); Junior Prom Commilteo. So phomore Cotillion Committoo; lllini Union Commilloe (1, 2, 3); Comput Chail |3|; Pro- duction Stoff, " ' Alcostii " , " King Loor " . " An- • onv ond Cleopotro ' , " Beggor on Horiobock " , ■ Joon of Lorroine Sobsrt Ffonklin Zook Atheni Agriculture Oanorol Agricutlure Springfield Junior College Andrew Vincent Zuccorello Chicago Commerce Accountoncv Parade Ground Units Buiineis Manager, Pier lllini (2) ; Accountancy Club; Marketing Club Honors Doy (I, 2) Roosevelt College Joyce Ouimette Zuck Education History Alpho Omicron Pi Northwestern University Judith Ann Zuckerman Chicago Liberol Arts and Sciences Psychology Buiey Hall Psi Chi; Teachers in Training Club; House Presi- dent (3, 4); Production Staff, " King Lear " Honors Doy (3) )amjk Thelmo Beverly Zuckerman. Chicago Education Educotion of Menially Handicapped Children Keeler House House President (4); lllini Union Committee (4) Wllber Herman Zuehiow Engineering Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day (1) Austin Junior College .Chicogo Roy Kulton Zumbrook Forest Hills, N. Y. Liberal Arts and Sciences Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Varsity Track Squad (2) Williom Frank Zumwalt Sheldon Engineering Agricultural Engineering Farm House A.S.A.E.; A.F.A.; The Illinois Agriculturist [2, 3) Indiana State Teachers ' College; Stephens Institute of Technology Sam Zywotow North Bergen, N. J. Fine ond Applied Arts Architecture Flogg House A. I. A.; A.V.C. Alfred University 259 CAMPUS LEADERS All porlroiti by Garland B. Ftolcher 260 261 MA-WAN -DA EDWIN LOREN AUFDENKAMP GROVER HOFF FRED FRANCIS BERRY JOHN MILTON JONES DAVID EMERSON BROWN JOSEPH ANTHONY CALVETTI CHARLES MARTIN LARSEN KENNETH MARLIN THOMAS RAYMOND CREWS ROBERT GEORGE McCARTHY STEWART DERRY DANIELS, JR. JAMES CONRAD NELSON THOMAS DWIGHT EDDLEMAN ROBERT WAGNER NELSON WILLIS BURGESS ELLIOTT PAUL LAWRENCE PATTERSON WILLIAM WALTER ERWIN JACK LA VERNE PIHL STANLEY FELDMAN WALTER JAMES PRESTON RICHARD HAMILTON FOLEY THOMAS BYRNE GALLAGHER FREDERICK SHEPARD GREEN, JR. JOHN JOSEPH GUGALA HERBERT FRANK SEIGERT CECIL GORDON TAYLOR NORMAN WASSER JOHN LE ROY WESTENHAVER, JR. i 1 262 MORTAR BOARD LILA JEAN ATHEY SALLY LOVEJOY V MARY ALICE BARTSCH DOROTHY MATTES i I P BARBARA ANN BICKEL r l PAULINE DOLAN DOROTHY EHRHARDT j 1 i 1 ALICE PR( DFROCK ' ' A ANN REE S 1 BARBARA SEAQUIST MARY GLISSON MARY ELIZABETH HULL DONNA JO SELLEG ALICE KENNEDY c=J BARBARA LONG :i SUZANNE LOVE I PHYLLIS SKILES MARY LOU SOLOMON ESTALINE ULMER HELEN WOLCOTT 263 SACHEM ROBERT ANDREWS JACOB CHAMBERS DAVID CUNNINGHAM RAMON DALE RALPH DE WERFF ROBERT DOWNS WILLIAM ERICKSON BRUCE EVERITT CHARLES GOTTFRIED DOUGLAS HAGER ROBERT HAHN GEORGE HAMLIN TED MIMES WALTER KERSULIS BERNARD KRUEGER JOSEPH KUTCHIN ROBERT LARSON 264 DONALD LEUTHOLD JACK McKINZIE FRED MERSBACK RUSSELL MILES, JR. WALTER OSTERKORN WILLIAM RAPE WILLIAM PEEPLES ROGER PURDY PHILIP ROSENBERG JAMES SAVAGE SCOTT SHELTON RUSSELL STEGER THOMAS STEWART ERNEST TEDFORD BURDETTE THURLBY FRED VOELPEL EDGAR WILKS t TORCH FLORETTA ADLER JUDilH ALBERT BEVERLY ASPLUND BETTY LOU BAILEY JOAN BERGQUIST JANET BIRCH JUNE BLANDING JUNE BRANDING BARBARA BROCKMEIER MIERLEY BROWN LEE CADWELL MARY CATHERINE CARLSON SHIRLEY CORDUAN LOIS DEAN MARY ALICE EASTMAN KATHRYN LEE FLESCH BARBARA ANN GARVEY EVELYN GROSSMAN MARJORY HALVORSEN MARY HANSEN GRACE HARTMAN JOAN HASTY MARY HOV ARD PATRICIA KIMLER RITA SUE LERNER MARJORIE MARX ELSIE MAYLATH VIRGINIA METZLER ROSEMARY MORTHORST RUTH MUSKA MARY ELLEN NEEDLER JANET OLSON DOROTHY PESKIND NORMA PRUDENT FRAVDA RADNER MARIE RENO JO ANN ROBINSON MARILYN ROBINSON MARIAN SCHEINEMAN PATRICIA SCHERER BARBARA SEYMOUR DOROTHY SHERRARD MARCIA SPAETH VIRGINIA STEWART MARGARET TANDY IRENE THER PATRICIA WALLACE 265 William Alloway Pr«iid«nl, S«nior Cloti; Compui Cheit Mary Alice Barlsch AssistonI Business Manager, The lllio Raymond Boxter Treasurer, lllini Union Student Activities Dorothy Moltei Deport me nt of Entertainment, lllini Union CAMPUS Patricia Chompion President, YWCA William Butter Caploin, Vartity Track 266 |! Stewort Daniels Senior Baseball Manager; President, MoWonDo Poullne Dolon Department of Public Relations, lllini Union • LEADERS Jack Stumpf Senior Photogfapher, The lllini Publishing Company William Walker Buiinoit Monogor, Tho Daily lllini Dwighl Eddleman Coptain, Varsity Baiketboll Phyllis Skilei Asftiilont Business Monoger, Th« lllio 267 Phiflip Jefft;«i Sporti Editor, Th Doily lllln; ,f!hms ' Buria Fleharly Co-Manager, Star Course Witliom Graham Deportment of Dances, lllini Union Wtlliom Blankcnberg Senior Photogfopher, The lllini Publishing Company CAMPUS Herbert Siegert Captain, Varsity Football Mory Francos Glisson Student Stoff Manogor, lllini Thootre Guild 268 T j Borboro Long PreiidanI, Mortar Board Barbara SeoquJst President, Ponhellenic Council William Erwin President, YMCA tA LEADERS Grover Hoff Editor, The Dalty lllini la Q Morjorie Stewart Department of Student Servicer, lllini Union 269 John Jonei Senior Foo ' boll Manager. IIIir i Boord of Control Judy Flesch Assislont Editor, The lllio Jock Pihl General Monoger, (Mini Theatre Guild John Weitenhover Editor, The lllio CAMPUS Kenneth Marlin Wrestling Patricio Toweri Aiilttont General Manager, lljinl Theotre Guild 270 Warren Romihow Oeporlmenl of Sludenl and Atumni R«lot(oni, IMini Union Herman Hertenstein Senior Recreational Sports Monoger LEADERS Alice Profrock Co-manager, Star Course Willis EIHotl Senior Track Monoger Helen Wokotl Deportment o Recreation, lllini Union 271 Coptoin. Vorilly Boieboll Fred Barry Preildent, Interfrotemlly Council Edith Weill Atsistonf Editor, The tilio Joyce Perbix President, WAA CAMPUS Terry Bell Fey lllini Board of Control Ann Roei Aiilitant Editor, The Daily lllini 272 V Robert Nelson Business Manager, The lllio LEADERS Gordon Boyd President, I Mini Union Boord Robert McCorthey Senior Intromurol Manoger Stanley Zagol Pr«sident, MIA Tom Gallagher President, Tribe of IHini 273 SCHOLASTIC HONORARIES w ■j ' l ii JiWff i H i Ni nWl t lW {1 1 274 275 Bronze Tablet • • • 1948 The purpose of this organization shall be to give highest honor and recognition to scholastic achievement at the University of Illinois. In Election to the Bronze Tablet is the highest scholastic honor that is awarded to seniors at the University of Illinois. In order to achieve this distinction, seniors must have fulfilled the follovving requirements: Those seniors who have been in the upper three percent of their class in the respective Schools and Colleges in the four semesters pre- ceding Honors Day, and therefore, have been awarded College Honors in both junior and senior years, ore awarded University Honors in recognition of their sustained excellence in scholarship, and entitled to have their names inscribed on the Bronze Tablet. Other senior students who have earned Col- lege Honors twice, and those whose scholastic averages for the first seven semesters are equal to or higher than the four-semester average of the lowest student currently chosen for Univer- sity Honors fro m their college under the preced- ing qualifications, are also entitled to have their names inscribed on the Bronze Tablet. Senior transfer students who have not been at Illinois long enough to be considered under the two above classifications are also entitled to have their names inscribed on the Bronze Tablet, provided that: (1) their scholastic averages in the University of Illinois for the three prior semesters are equal to or higher than the four-semester average of the lowest student currently chosen for University Honors from their College; and that (2) their averages in transferred credits for the year prior to their transfer are at least equal to the average of those already chosen for Uni- versity Honors. Nancy Jane Armstrong Jo Ann Ator Carlos Barkley, Jr. Beryl Dawson Bonner Charles Rush Broehl Edmond Brown Maurice LeRoy Burgener Alice Lorene Burke Burton Lloyd Cordry Charles Merle Crawford Homer Lee Crouse Philip Maurice Dodant William Burton Davenport Donald Nelson Duvick Robert James Davisson Evey Benjamin Chatburn Fisher Margot Louise Flock Robert Lancaster Folger Margaret Forsberg Foxvog Berle Elaine Garrett Harry Junior Gille Rex Alan Guest Harold Lee Hauter Kent Haessler Hobart James Donald Hogan James Loie Honnold Adelaide Veronica Jauch William John Jensen Harry George Kabbes Robert William Lolly Mary Patricia Lauchner Martin Lewis Richard Golden Love Charles Edward Marberry Paul Leo Marcinkoska Mary Lucille Mathews Robert Lee May Mary Jean McLaughlin Robert Carl Menken William Alexander Michael, Jr. Charles Keiter Miles James B. Mowry William Leo Nelson Sally Jane Pfeffer James William Pierson Dorothy Ann Price Robert John RappI Robert Nelson Rasmus Charles William Reene Marjorie Higgens Richey Kay Watson Ross Everett Dean Ryan Louis Jacob Schaumb urg Warren Henry Schuetz Earl Page Shapland, Jr. Wayne Simpson Donald Harvey Skadden John Henry Smith Sidney Edward Smith Howard Steinberg Er-Ching Su Harold Henry Tholen Herman Franklin Thompson Mary Josephine Wedge Edward Lee Whitaker Robert Swern Wiseman Ruth Alice Wolfe Frederic Louis Zeisler 276 Beta Gamma Sigma The purpose of this organization shall be to honor high scholarship in commerce and business adminisf ration Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honor so- ciety exclusively for oustanding students in the school of commerce, was organized on Feb- ruary 26, 1913, with chapters at the Universities of Illinois, California, and Wisconsin. The pur- pose of the organzation is to honor outstanding scholastic accomplishments in the field of com- merce and the field of business administration. Membership is limited solely to those men and women who rank in the upper two per cent of the junior class and upper ten per cent of the senior class — those students who give promise of marked success in their chosen field. OFFICERS C. A. Moyer President D. P. Locklin Vice-President R. W. Mayer Secretary-Treasurer A. C. Littleton Historian Since its beginning. Beta Gamma Sigma has expanded considerably. Today, with chapters at fifty of the leading schools and colleges of commerce throughout the United States, the alumni number more than fifteen thousand stu- dents and include many of the leading business- men and industrialists of the country. Top row: Jtseph McConnell, John Belt, William Bennett, Vole Nortridge, Robert Hohlmon, Walter Monts, Guy McCune, Charles Gao, Robert Mayer, Hirom Scovill Third row: Cecil Moyer, Hole Newcomer, Charles Stewart, Charles Crawford, Harlan Klotz, Alfred Groves, Nolon Crover, Richard leighton Second row: Eorl Brown, Leonard Oppenheimer, Fred Bell, Robert Leach, Neal Breskin, Louis M otusiok, Robert Smith, Glenn Knackmuhs, A. C. Littleton, Arthur Wyolt Bottom row: Donald Herron, Robert Weber, William Weipert, Robert Hoffman, Mary Boer, Gladys Alt, William Forr, Donold Neumann, Edward Silverman, Pembroke Brown, Philip Locklin w 277 Officeri — Shirley Elledge, president; Consuelo Minnich, treasurer; Elizabeth Deon, secretory; Dcon Agnes Tandberg, faculty odvisor; Jane Frost, vice-president Alpha Lambda Delta The purpose of fbis organization shall be to honor high scholarship among freshman women. Alpha Lambda Delta is the only scholastic honor- ary organization open to freshman women. It was founded at the University of Illinois by Dean Maria Leonard in 1924 for the purpose of promoting intelli- gent living and a high standard of learning, and of encouraging superior, scholastic attainment among the freshman women in our institutions of higher learning. There are now forty-nine active chapters. A flaming candle, which symbolizes the light of knowledge, is the badge of the scholastic honorary. Across the holder is inscribed the monogram. Invi- tations to become members of Alpha Lambda Delta are extended to those women students who have made an average of 4.5 or better either for their first semester or for their entire freshman year. Pledging and initiation are held at the end of each semester. The tutoring system, a part of Alpha Lambda Delta ' s program of service to the university, is now in its second year of operation. It has helped many fresh- man women to maintain a high scholastic average. Top row: Noncy Dou, Joon Jenkins, Morv Houber, Betty Abraham, Borbaro Bunn, Betty English, Marilyn Briggs, Potricia Forbes, Joan Von de Steeg, Marie Reno Third row: Jean Fisher, Yvonne Wooley, Phyllis Lucos, Shirley Mcllvoin, Gildo Gluskoter, Jane White, Joan Reeve, Louise England, Rosemary Poulsen, Betty Glawe Second row: Louise Hodom, Mory Howard, Wondo Rennoker, Charlotte Schuize, G. F. Mracek, Robbie Shoemoker, Joan Kinnemon, Joan Bergquist, Phyllis Derrer, Dorothy Sherrard, S. B. Jonos Bottom row: Cynthia Martin, Rosemary Archibald, Eloine Greenberg, Joon Lolowsky, Elizabeth Dean, Shirley Elledge, Jone Frost, Consuelo Minnich, Sonoro Dwork, Dorothea Brosh Not in pons!; Mary Compbcll, Nancy Cohen, Jeanne Morgoles, Sue Marx, D. Prcit, Eloine Rosenberg, Blonche Rosenstein, Jacqueline Weaver, Chortene Woodson 278 Phi Eta Sigma The purpose of this organization shall be io honor high scholarship among freshman men. Phi Eta Sigma, scholastic honorary fraternity for freshman men, was founded at the University of Illi- nois to encourage and honor high scholarship among the freshman men. Since its founding in 1923 by Dean Thomas Arkle Clarke, chapters have been in- stalled all over the country, and at the present time fifty-seven chap ters hove charters in leading col- leges and universities. Membership to Phi Eta Sigma is open to all freshman men who achieve a 4.5 av- erage during their first semester or by the end of their first year. An outstanding activity of Phi Eta Sigma is the de- velopment of a counseling program to help incoming freshmen. A smoker is given at the end of the eight weeks period for all freshman men who make an average of 4.0 or better. Two installations are held — the first in early winter and the second in early spring. There is an initiation banquet at the end of each semester for new members, at which time an outstanding personality from the campus speaks to the new initiates. OFii f p. ' i . t kerf, vice-president; James Hunr, lecreTary; fied Seavei, freosurer; Wiltiom Sommer, presidenl Top row: Royce Hinton, Jesse Dowell, Arthur Ahrendt, Peter Smith, Lloyd Word, Chories Marshall, James Schafer, Theodore Beach Fourth row: William Morse, Walter Deuchler, Norman Plotkin, Kenneth Wolter, Paul Marion, James Gorman, William Holmes, Donald Erickson, Daniel Stark, Merrill Huffmon Third row: Horlon Anderson, Francis Peterson, Arthur Dreshfield, Scott Bohon, Poul Vance, Russell lewey, J. R. Century, Marshall Rosenthal, Vernon Komm Second row: Robert Beor, Rondall West, Stoyton Roehm, Rrchord Miller, Stonley Arden, Alan HoMene, Hobort Hrnderliter, Edward Harrison, Reginald Romina, George Hosenmyer Bottom row: Daniel Cohen, Michoel Mitchell, Thomas Chun, Joy Sturm, Richard Cummins, William Sommer, Richard Wurzburger, Eugene Cloypool, Dole Scott, James Hood 279 GleriO Knockmuhs, presideni; Williom Anderson, Ireo surer; Professor H. t. Broen, vice-president and faculty odvisor; Bernard Rots, secretary Beta Alpha Psi encourages service in the accounting profession. Beta Alpha Psi, the notional accounting frater- nity, was founded ct the University of Illinois in 1919, and now has twenty-one active chapters throughout the country. Students may be elected to membership only if they have maintained sus- tained records of excellence in all the subjects offered for a degree, as well as in their account- ing courses. Honorary members may be elected by the active chapters, provided such persons are either Certified Public Accountants or prominent in the accounting profession. Active chapters may also elect any person who is a member of the American Institute of Accountants. The purposes of this fraternity are: to encourage and to foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession, and to promote the study of accountancy and its highest ethical stand- ards. Top row; Dean R. I. Dickey, Howard Wymcn, Guy McCune, Robert HoKlmon, Harold Marks, Ralph Finkler, Louis Motusiak, Frederick Ford, Jomes Goble, Robert Pancoost, Daniel Steinberg Third row: Robert Leoch, Donold Loesch, Robert Sn ith, Leroy Mumford, Robert Weber, Ralph Jackson, William Anderson, Walter Monts, Laurence Wade, Professor H. I. Newcomer Second row: John Weech, Richard Leighton, Arthur Wyott, Stanley Webster, Edword Silverman, Howord Stewart, Paul Kelsey, Phillip Lifschultz, Stanley Metz Bottom row: Robert Gentry, Corl Peterson, Glenn Knockmuhs, William McCue, John Duffy, Bernord Ross, George Klaus, Earl Brown, Professor H. E. Breen Not in panel; Professor H. H. Boily, K. B. Berg, G. D. Brighton, Professor P. H. Brown, Professor J. M. Corrithers, Professor E. R. Dillovou, Professor E. J. Filbey, N. J. Filbey, Professor C. J. Gao, Professor H. M. Groy, Professor A. C. Littleton, Professor R. K. Mautz, Professor Lioyd Morey. Professor C. A. Moyer, Professor C. F. Schlatter, Professor H. T. Scovill, Professor E. L. Theiss, Professor P. M. Van Arsdell, Professor N. D. Wakefield, Professor G. G. Yankee, H. J. Jacobs, S. E. Smith, Lawrence Desmond, Phillip Rich, Donald Skadden, Edward Gibalo, Carmen Milano, David Peters, Keith Shay 3 . iii ' Sk I w - Eta Kappa Nu stimulafes high scholarship in electrical engineering. Eta Kappa Nu was founded at the University of Illinois in the year 1904 by ten siectrica! engineer- ing students. The purpose of this organization is to benefit the electrical engineering profession by inspiring students in their common aims and pur- suits. Since its founding, this society has expanded throughout the country, and today there are forty- one active chapters in the United States. Students in electrical engineering may be elected to Eta Kappa Nu during their junior or senior years. The members are selected on the basis of individual scholarship, personality characteristics, and other qualities which indicate that the student will be a success in the profession. Alpha chapter has been in the past, and still is, markedly distinguished for its enthusiastic activity, and it is particularly notable that the year 1948 revealed participation, vigor, loyalty, and frater- nity that stemmed from one hundred per cent of the membership. Such unanimous support was re- sponsible for the successful realization of the or- ganization ' s purpose. Standing: James Moon, treasurer; Frank Dill, corresponding secre- tory; Floyd Dunn, bridge correspondent Ssated: William Schoof, vice-president; Edward Ernst, president; Jomes Schussele, recording secretory 281 Top row: Robert Hyde, Guy Phillips, Joe Scrivner, Richard Loewe, Billy Kirkwood Fourth row; El den Wilson, Robert WolfF, Lynn Wolaver, Charles Studt, Norton Bell, John Penn Third row: Milton Embree, Edword Kitsch, Harold Scott, Don Miller, Richord Compbell Second row: Kenneth Brunn, Mitsuru Hoyashi, Frank Ocnoschek, Gleri Mossie, John Pierro, Peter Sperelokis, Martin Bretz Bottom row: Professor Abner Knight, James Moon, James Schussele, Edward Ernst, Willord Schoof, Frank Dill, Floyd Dunn Not in panel: Lowell Shepard, Robert Brunner, Wayne Hall, Wilford ShurtlePF, Robert Wilson, Richard Williamson Left to right: Joyce Perbix, Lilo Jean Athey, Witma De Young, Dorli Biellond Alpha Sigma Nu encourages achievement in fields of fiealfb education. Alpha Zeta develops leadership in agriculture. Top row: Jamei Wehrly, Eorl Urish, Donald Brokensiek, Jesse Dowell, Jr., Ronald Elliott, John Fucik, Ellery Knake Second row: Richard Mortin, Charles Hughes, James Kuniz, Arnold Moelter, Royce Hinlon, James Rogers. John Crist, Maurice Wotkins Bottom row: Horold Hardin, Dr. Rolph Motti, Horold Guither, Donald Shover, Sheldon Howerter, William Heneberry, Robert Hemp, Thomos Corcoron i Top row: Charles Mortin, Elroy Golden, Robert Alexander, Harold Jensen, Fred Coe, Clinton Cannon, Carl Godzeski, Robert Bogner, Bernord Smookler, Poul Me:cSer Fourth row: Kenneth Light, James Fischer, James Saul, Darrell Klink, Francis Scheldt, Gerald Cravey, Harry Harm, Frank Voile, Joseph Mortimer, Eorl Spillar, Martin Findur, Robert Freeh, Richard Schoede, Klaus Timmerhaus, George Guy Third row: Donald Larson, Analole Lucas, Charles Reene, Richard Abbott. Clifford Anderson, Chester McGovncy, Robert McDonald, Simon Sommer, Joseph Meyer. John Belt, Donald Herron, Robert Filbey, James James Second row: Theodore Kendrick, Lloyd William, James Files, Ben Block, Arthur Kunes, George Novak Arthur Morozos, Lowrence Sloan, Chorles Rhoods, Mortin Moffrtt, Norman Lynn, Horry Woshburn, Roymond Zodenet: Bottom row: Horotd Hardin, Fredrick Homilton, George Klaus, Charles VIerow, Lloyd Kuntze, Emmett Simms, Gerald Sheffcr, George Rand, Albert Bernzweig. Fronk Loeffler, Gordon Davis, Morry Wexler, Bernard Thorsell Chi Gamma Iota recognizes high scholarship among university veterans. % amma %lplia KHO recognizes high scholarship in aeronautical engineering. Top row: Simon Sommer, Joseph Zabinsky, William Stephen s Third row: Walter Bedenkop, William Lowton, Fronk Wohlmuth, Ernest Wolonsky Second row: Paul Born, Lowell Mosley, Carl Orkild, Joseph Meyer, Charles Anderson Bottom row: William Brooks, Professor Henry Stillwell, Mr. Allen Ormsbee, Professor Jacque Houser, Vernon Van Heyningen Not in ponel; Dole Davis, Eldon Seogrist, Henry Hirtzer Top row: Charlei Foulkner, Jr., Pelayo Lloreno, Frederick Botes Fifth row: Profesior Jomes Branch, Chester McGovney, Jr., Neole Skorburg, Strotton Springer, Professor Joseph Borrow, Robert Friedman, Kenneth Unteed, John Christen sen, Guy Peterson Fourth row: Allan Korl, Professor Fred Sologgo, Jock Boker, Professor Edmund Toth, Professor Driver Lindsoy, Kenneth Einhorn, John Replinger, Professor Thomas O ' Donnetl, Profeiior Fred Miles, Wiley Tillman Third row: Robert Desha yes, Gerald Cox, Professor Newlin Morgan, Jock Klund, Edward Usher, Eugene As bury, Joe Jordon, Pout Klumb, Jr., Robert Schaefer, Albert Bumgardner Second row: John WaHoce, Melvin Reiter, Martin MofRit, George Hodge, Jr., William Gromley, Arnold Gorfield, Alon Seder, James James, Jr., Burton Frank Bottom row: Sylvester Dulgeroff, Mormon Zoret, John Reif, John Truemper. John Severns, Edward Schewe, William Murphy, Alfred MofTett, Oliver Herrich. Gargoyle Society Promotes scholastic achievement in architecture. Kappa Delta Pi Recognizes outsfonding contributions to education. Top row: leo Knuti, Professor O. Hobort Mowrer, Verio Berg, Professor Glenn Bloir, Florence Aye, Metta Zahorsky, Robert Gourley, Dorothy Anderson, George Guy Second row: Jono Porett, Lizzie Johnson, Eleanor Cosebier, Helen Huff, Frances Wilson, Willo Lone, Disa McColl, Robert Lukor Bottom row: Kotherine Coyler, Mory McDougte, lleielte McHorry, Viola Dueringer, Jess Beord, Doro Mellon, Cloro Shinker, Bernadine Hettinger MM W ■w " Z -K ' ' . Il t % Kappa Tau Alpha recognizes high scholarship in journalisn). Kappa Tau Alpha was founded at the Uni- versity of Missouri on March 10, 1910, by a group of honor students in the School of Jour- nalism. These young people believed that de- votion to high standards and professional con- duct in their chosen field might be promoted by an organization which would bring together in a single honor society students who had achieved high standing in the leading schools and departments of Journalism. The Greek letters which form the name of the society stand for the initial of Knowledge, Truth, and Accur- acy — words which epitomize the aims and ideals of the society. The Illinois chapter of Kappa Tau Alpha was founded in 1925. Mis- souri and Illinois then joined in plans for the nationalization of the society, an ideal which was accomplished in 1931. George Elsenhuth Charles Reene Joan Collins Albert DeBarr George Haertel Dorothy Johnson Joan Kuhns Thomas Nelson Robert Patrick Alvin Pistorius Eric Selin Paul Veatch Jack Vertrees Jo Wetzler Zena Zeman Barbara Bickel Charles Cooper Eugene Dorsey Audrey Franklin Marilyn Gardner Patricia Glerum Mary Krebs Joe Miller Corlyle Neubouer Lois Sandquist Phi Upsilon Omicron advances and promotes home economics. Top row: Pofricia Ringger, 8orbara Horris, Beverly Gibbs, Betty Reynotds, Ruth St. John, Yvonne Wooley, Vlrginio Gitchoff Second rov r Cloreto Walker, Mory Hansen, Patricia Scherer, Helen Wokoff, Virginia Stewart, Mory Polcheff, Karl Wclloce Bottom row: Doris Bcity. Mela Keller, Willa Whitlon, Carolyn Wildman, Mary McPherson, Mory Coapstick, Ltla Athey Not in panel; Mary Barbolak, Margy Wood burn, Alice Jocobsen, Sonia Brim 285 Top row: William Ofton, Clarence Phillips, Dwight Goodner, Witliam Brooks, Pout Dasher, Edword Ernst, Robert Ruff, Fred Mills Second row: Thomas Morrison, Milton Embree, Ralph Parr, Norman Goldsmith, William Atchison, Bruce Bos well, Simon Sommcr, Richard Coder re, Phillip Doll, Merrill Scott, Jomet Lincicome, Leiand Scoll Bottom row; Murray Bobcock, James O ' Rourke, William Wiley, Lois Ctine, Evelyn Lind, Echo Pepper, Chorlene Spronkel, Ke-chan Kuo, Jack Merwin, Rooul Weil, Jomes Doanen, Kenneth Brunn Not in panel: Clarence Bergmon, Bernard Bluestein, Laurence Brcnnon, Julius Brczinski, Paul Egbert, Stanley Feldman, Robert Fontana, Robert Foote, Sherman Fronkel, Roy Glodstone, Jerry Gordon, Leonard Gordon, Wayne Hall, Charles Holt, Irwin Janney, Trevor Jones, Ernest Klema, William Krigboum, Robert Lolly, Seymour Levine, Arthur Lo, Donald Nelson, Richord Norberg, Richard Phillips, Rolph Robinson, Robert Schreiber, Fulmer Shealy, Harry Smith, Curtis Stafford, John Thon.oi, Joseph Vene, Edwin Whelon, James Whelon, Donald Willig, Sliee Mo ng Yen, Frederic Zelsler 1 1 flVIU EpSIIOH honors oufsianding scholarship in mafhematics. Pi TaU Sigma cs e„ ,,. M,H ,Veo , » ,l,e e„„V,ee.„3 p,-ofe.;o„. Top row: Harold Blotner, Charles Leulng, Jomes Tucker, Robert Guedet, Leroy Shonin, Dovid Duff, Charles Stolley, Edwin Schwalbe, James Fishman Fourth row: John Cushmon, Frederick Foriss, Donald Taylor, George Taylor, Witlard Nelson, Jomes Brill, Victor Jackson, Robert Carlson Third row: Robert Hunter, Nevzot Gomec. Clarence Brown, Bernard Peskin, Lloyd lundquist, Leon Henry, Morvin llzkowitz, John Parry Second row: Paul Mooney, Chorles Drury, Chester Peterson, Arthur Hogor, Joseph Grimmer, Harold Barthel, Maurice Henderson. Vernon Lucas, Ernest Sulaski, George Beckor Bottom row: Harold Levy, David Wright, Jack Bossi. John Johnson, John Hug, Joe Poczotek, Richard Hunter - " 286 Top row: El Boltom row loine Roosch, Evelyn Larson, Mildred Winklemon, Suzanne Love, 11 Hi in To ' anri, Elizabeth Von Madge Berky, Margaret Hickey, Professor John Von Horn, Bert Miller, Solly Schicte, Betty Slei Tuye ne, Jock Sigma Delta Pi honors high scholarship in Spanish literature. Tau Beta Pi honors high scholarship in engineering. Top row: Marvin Itzkowifz, Avery Hevesh, Robert Hart, Paul Bocker, Don Brush, William Brooks, Jomes Crawford, Jack Pihl, Wilford Novotny, Williom lawton, John Penn, Frank Eby Fifth row: Robert Chilenskos, Gerald Engelhort, Nile Blood, Robert VandenBoo i, Wilford Shurtlcff. Donold Waggoner, Edward Ernst, Warren Hunter, Robert Cor I son, William Wlley, Kenneth McGonn Fourth row: George Keele, Fronk Ocnoschek, Nsol Hennegon, Jomes Chandler, George Novak, Henry Nolepa, Roy Harris, Richord Coderre, Billy Kirkwood, Pool Mooney Third row: Leon Henry, Floyd Dunn, Willord Ne!son, Harold Barthel, Albert Berg, Hcrlon Tripp, Ralph Kraft, James Schussele, George Becker, John Ericson Second row: Leroy Shanln, Professor J. O. SrT ilh, Professor William Espy, Dson S H, Pierce, Profoisor M. A. lojceit, Charles Drur , chorlcs Sludt, John Porry, Stofrord Kulclnski, Gilbert Komm Bottom row: James Fishmon, Don Miller, Victor Jackson, Max V. ' ebcrling, Frank Perkins, Richard loowr, Iro Weissmcn, G-y Pliillip; 287 CHICAGO CAMPUS 288 289 Chicago Professional Colleges t The professional colleges of the University of Illi- nois at Chicago have long been knov n for their pre-eminence in medicine, but this Chicago campus will soon become one of the very great centers in the world for education, research, and clinical prac- tice in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. At the present time a bill stands before the Illinois state legislature for the appropriation of $63,000,- 000 for a University of Illinois building program. This includes $26,000,000 for the Chicago professional colleges. If passed this spring, building this summer will begin on the following projects: an addition to the general hospital; a second unit to the dental, medical, and pharmacy building; an experimental research station; a drug plant experiment station; a nurses ' residence; a power plant and distribution center; and additional extensive building, remodel- ing and improvements. These additions, along with the expansion pro- grams of Loyola University, Illinois Department of Public Welfare, the Veterans ' Administration, and other hospitals and agencies in this area, will make three hundred and five acres on Chicago ' s west side one of the world ' s greatest centers of medical learn- ing and practice. Another of the University ' s " firsts " was the in- stallation last winter of a betatron for cancer treat- ment and research. The University will pioneer in the Or. Andrew C. Ivy, Vice-President, University of Illinois medical use of this instrument, science ' s newest source of high energy x-rays and electrons. The betatron, invented in 1940 by Professor Donald W. Kerst of the physics department in Urbana, is housed in a new building south of the Research and Educa- tional Hospitals. The Aero-Medical and Atmospheric Institute was the first project to be completed in the University ' s plan of development. The ground-breaking cere- mony for this building by Governor Dwight H. Green was held in September, 1947, and the building was completed this winter. The laboratory is equipped with apparatus for the study of oviotion medicine and the efPect of cold, heat and barometric changes on the body. 290 Dr. Ivy ond Dr. M. I. Croiimon Photo by Ftan Byrn Governor Green a G - r K " ciking for the Belotron Building Aero-Medical ond Almoipheric Intlitute Bultding 291 Louis Pasteur Chicago Campus Landmarks This statue of Louis Pasteur, the great French scientist, stands in the park facing Cook County Hospital. The funds for this statue represent the dimes of many school children of Chicago. The statue was erected in 1928 by the people of Chicago in recognition of this great servant of humanity. It is the work of Edward Bennett, architect, and Leon Her- mant, sculptor. Standing in the west courtyard is the Spirit of Medicine, a work of the Chicago sculptor, Edouard Chassaing. One of the finest pieces done by him, it depicts Medicine holding the infant. Humanity, in her right arm while warding off the Dragon of Disease with her left arm. It was sponsored by the W.P.A. Art Project and given to the university in 1945. Aesculapius, the Greek God of Medicine, stands in the courtyard, overlooking the main entrance to the Llniversity of Illinois Research and Educational Hospitals. At his side stands his daughter, Hygieia, the Goddess of Health, who was inseparable from her father. These two statues are also the work of Edouard Chassaing. Spirit of Medicine 292 Aesculopius Hyg!eia 293 r College of Dentistry The College of Dentistry has on enrollment of two hundred and fifteen students. Because of limited class- room facilities, only seventy of five hundred and fifty applicants were accepted in this year ' s freshman class. The College of Dentistry has a major role in the de- velopmental plans of the University of Illinois. In the future, the dental school will occupy the major part of the entire building of fifteen floors on the corner of Wood and Polk Streets, taking over the classroom, research, and clinical fac ilities which will be vacated by the College of Pharmacy when it moves to its new educational building across the street. The College of Dentistry is already providing en- larged clinical facilities, particularly in pedodontics, this year. Other graduate courses have been insti- tuted to meet the challenge of training dentists in the management of children, in preventive orthodontics, and in public health dentistry. Dentol Operotive Clinic PrODcird Dorm.for B Prasvnr Dentol-MadicolPhon locy Building 295 Top rs : R. H. Lundgren, R. E. Bornei, J. W. Angel, C. Moras, H. N. Hozelkon Bollom row: T. K. Barber, V. R. Sorensen, president, K. E. Beoch, K. Miller Dental Student Council The Dental Student Council is the student governing body of the College of Dentistry. One of its principal areas of assistance is that of stu- dent-faculty relations. This year during the win- ter quarter the Council sponsored a student- faculty dance in the Union building. It is hoped that this occasion will become an annual affair, for such an activity has been long desired in order to increase the non-academic relations be- tween the student body and faculty. Dr. Brodie, Dean of the College of Dentistry, is regarded as an unofficial member of the Council. He serves the vital purpose of helping students air their problems before the faculty. Such grievances are presented before the Coun- cil for discussion and solution. The Student Council, although proud of past accomplish- ments, hopes to fill a position of even greater assistance in the near future. 296 Class officets: M. C. Novak, secretary; V. R. Sorensen, president; C. S. Miller, vice-president; L. Zibos, treasurer Dental Seniors Gilbert Ernest Alpert Chicago B.S. Ptioroiocy, University of Illinois ' 46 Thomas King Borber Chicago B.S. Michigan Stole ' 45; B.S., University of Illinois ' 47 Rolley C. Bateman Chicogo B.A., University of lov a ' 45 Kenneth Eugene Beoch Jerseyville B.S., University of Illinois ' 47 297 Officers: T. K. Bofber, Vice-President; R. C. Bareman, President; E. Gifford, Secretory; R. Lundgren, Treosurcr Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Delta was founded on November 15, 1882, at the University of Michigan. This professional fraternity was the first Greek letter society to restrict its membership to students in dental school or to practitioners of dentistry. The fraternity ' s objective is to keep the high stand- ards of dentistry by inculcating in the minds of dental students and practitioners a spirit of fra- ternal co-operation toward scientific, ethical. and professional progress. Rho chapter, which is located in Chicago, was established in 1892. It is one of thirty-one active chapters. Although Delta Sigma Delta is a professional fraternity, its members also participate in social activities. Highlights on the " Delts " social calendar are the annual " Hobo " dance and the Senior Fare- well dinner-dance. Top row; W. Schneider. V. Izui, H. Morley, J. Davis, J. Jeske, F. Gibson, C. Carman, D. Wilcox, W. Tinervin, L. Hencjerson Fourth row: J. Fuller, K. Norgaord, J. Grimson, P. Long, T. Zwemer, G. Kunke, G. Word, S- Mosouka, W. Seidel, S. Hosegawo Third row; R. Sundin, T. Brodel, K. Beoch, A. Losk, F. Cothern, H. Hedmork, D. Whiting, W. Roleigh, R. Nelson, R. Hurst, M. Rozynkowicz Second row: C. KremI, V. Varriol, H. Redmann, E. Brinkmon, H. Feicht, N. Tapp, W. Michel, J. Allen, F. Fisher Bottom row: E. Sherwood, W. Bell, F. Burgh, V. Sorensen, T. Barber, R- Batemon, E. Gifford, R. Lundyren 299 OfTticii: Or. J. Sponce, secretory; Dr. H. Sfoinmeyer, president; Dr. A. Eifenbaum, vice-president Omicron Kappa Upsilon Alumni members of Omicron Kappa Upsilon are selected from those senior students who rank highest in scholarship during their entire dental course, not exceeding twelve per cent of the class. Faculty members are dentists in a dental school faculty who hove been elected after ser- vice as a teacher for at least three years and have made outstanding contributions to the art. science and literature of dentistry. Each component chapter may elect a dentist to honorary membership if he has attained dis- tinction in professional or public service, teach- ing, or research. The fraternity " was established to promote scholarship and to honor character among stu- dents of dentistry. " Top row: Df. W. J. Kwicintki, Dr. G. W. Dittmor, Dr. R. Low, Dr. M. Grotzinger, Dr. K. Washburne Third row: Dr. W. Pope, Dr. E. Rogon, Dr. Eli Olech, Dr. J. Gognon, Dr. M. Szymd Second row: Dr. F. Bozolo, Dr. J. Spence, Dr. W. Kuboci i, Dr. J. Engel Bottom row: Dr. R. Underwood, Dr. H. Sleinmeyer, Dr. M. Ulloo, Dr. R, Kesel, Dr. A. Elfenboom 300 Officer i — Top row: E. J. Bloir, secretory; P. H. Laurence, social chairmon, J. R. Fordyce, houtc manager Bottom row: E. C. Gates, president; C. W. Can trail, treasurer Not in panel: C. S. Miller, vice-president; R. Stengel, historian Psi Omega Psi Omega was founded at the Baltimore Col- lege of Dental Surgery in 1 892. Active chapters are now located in all the various dental col- leges throughout the United States, and active alumni chapters are found in all the prominent cities. A number of chapters are located through- out Canada and Western Europe. The objects of the fraternity are to cultivate the social qual- ities of its members, to give assistance, advice and advantages out of individual reach, to keep in touch with its members through an interna- tional journal, and to exert its influence toward the advancement of the dental profession. Highlights in the social calendar are: rushing, pledging, initiation, tri-chapter and Senior fare- well dances, numerous house parties, faculty luncheons, and smokers. Top row: 0. M. lipe, M. J. Knopp, V. R. Domer, E. C. Brown, J. W. Angel. C. W. Crooks, W. P. Mobry, M. L. Sporks Third row: R. C. Boxler, R. L. Verbic, R. P. Chappell, J. R. Fordyce, J. A. Schell, I. M. West, R J. Stengel, J. R. Ayers, E. P. Ronkln Second row: E. S. Bloir, H. L. Thompson, F. J. Psolo, C. W. Contrell, F. L. Irelond. J. H. Thomson, L. C. Ktyso, R. C. Wolloco Bottom row: F. A. DeMirzo, W. E. Gordon, C. S. Miller, Dr. R. B. Underwood, faculty odviser; E. C. Goles, P. H. Laurence, R. Bornes, O. J. Klmbrough Not in ponel: I. J. Rich, W. F. Jesenovec, C. E. Toton. A. J. Sobo, K. C. Miller - f t - 301 Top row: E. Zwemor. Dr. E. Gerlach, Morilyn Novak Bottom row: E. Zlohoda, S- Litturi, Marie Novak Upsilon Alpha Alpha Omega Top row; B. Bull, R. Rothschild, L. Middlemen, S. Solomon, M. Pollack, S. Friedman Third row: J. Fein, M. Houplmon, H, levin, N. Ascherman, W. Freemen Second row: R. Odei, W. Raymond, M. Gordon, M. Stivnick, L. Weil Bottom row: N. Lieb, G. E. Alpert, treoiurer; H. N. Hozelkorn, president; R. Salk, vice president; J. Tinkclman Not in panel: H. Appel, A. Cohen, E. Hill, R. Kaufman, L. Sallzman, 8. Stern ri i 302 operative Clinic Nighl view of the orchwoy lead- irg ro Reiearch ond Educa- tional Hotpilol 303 College of Medicine The University of Illinois College of Medicine, with an enrollment of six hundred fifty-four students, is the largest medical school in the United States. Clinical instruction is provided in the Research and Educational Hospitals, the Illinois Neuropsychiatric In- stitute, and the Institute for Juvenile Research — all of the university; and in Cook County Hospital, Michael Reese Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, Illinois Central Hospital, St. Luke ' s Hospital, and West Suburban Hos- pital — all hospitals affiliated with the University of Illinois. An $8,900,000 addition to the Research and Edu- cational Hospitals of the University will soon be erected to correct the present handicap of inadequate hospital facilities here. The Institute for Tuberculosis Prevention, a tubercu- losis research and prevention unit, will be the central laboratory for the entire country in the preparation of BCG vaccine for tuberculosis and will be run in coopera- tion with the Chicago Municipal Sanitarium. Daddy Groduotes Iniltlute for Tubofculotii Pfcvenlion Propotad Additions to the G«ntral Hoipltol 305 Top row: E. H. Spiegel, I. T. McClinlon, T. R. Sheirod, W. H. Harridge, M. J. Orloff, V. Z. Mulchings ftottom rowr A. Orliz, J. D. Dooley, C. Berfield, T. Grevo», J. W. Cannon Medical Student Council The Medical Student Council consists of the president of each class, three student council representatives from each class, single represen- tatives from the staff of the " lllini Scope, " the American Veterans Committee, Alpha Omega Alpha, and two faculty advisers. Having no official status in the charter of the school, it functions primarily as a sounding board of stu- dent opinion. Through its representatives on the Faculty-Student Committee on Student AfFairs, it brings student grievances and suggestions to the attention of the faculty. It cooperates with the Student Councils of the Schools of Pharmacy and Dentistry in matters pertaining to the Chicago professional schools as a whole. The Raymond B. Allen Good Teaching Award had its inception in the minds of the members of the Medical Student Council of 1946. The first selection of recipients was made in the spring of 1 948. The awards are designed to give the students a chance to publicly recognize fac- ulty members who have distinguished them- selves by providing good teaching, and repre- senting, in themselves, the highest of profes- sional ideals. In the two pre-clinical years, one instructor is selected by each class. From each of the two upper classes, two instructors are se- lected, one representing clinical teaching, the other, didactic. This year there was a tie for the freshman award between Dr. William J. Furuta and Dr. Parke H. Simer, both of the Anatomy Department. The sophomore award was won by Dr. Carl C. PfeifFer, head of the Department of Pharmacology. The junior didactic award was won by Dr. Henry G. Poncher, head of the De- partment of Pediatrics, and the junior clinical award by Dr. Isidore A. Rabens, clinical asso- ciate professor of medicine. The senior didactic award was also won by Dr. Poncher, and the senior clinical award by Dr. Eric Oldberg, head of the Department of Neurology and Neuro- logical Surgery. 306 Or. Isidore A. Rab«ns Or. Henry G. Poncher Dr. Eric Oldberg Clou officers — Top fow: B. Dibble, vice-president; L. McClinton, president Bottom row: F. Nordstrom, trcosorer; E. Kizer, secretary Medical Seniors John Richard Anderson Chicago B.E., Chicago Teochen College ' 45; B.S., University of Illinois ' 47 Martin Atch Chicogo B.S. Med., University of Illinois ' 47 Anno Erneslene Borniloble Waukegon A.B., lake Forest ' 37; M.T., Michael Reese Hospital ' 38 F ank Clifford Bonder Ou Poik 308 Herbert E. Bessrnger Chicago B.5., University of Illinois ' 46; M.S., Univer- sity of Illinois ' 48 Morton Aaron Blum Chompaign B.S., University of Michigan ' 45; B.S. Med., University of Illinois ' 47 Jeanne Blumhagen Tacoma, Wash. B.S., University of Illinois ' 48 Joseph Nopoleon Bourque Chicago Robert Tilden Bromao Dixon B.S., University of Illinois ' 45 310 Sanford Myron Izner Chicago B.S., Norlhwadarn Uniwriiiy ' 41; B.S. Med- icine, Univeriity of lllinoit ' 47 312 Jnck Gilbert Lukani Vince in«i. Ind. B S. Madlclna. Univ«rillv of Ittinolt ' 47 Donald Jamei Lulu B S. Medicine, University of lllinoit ' 47 Chicago Jomet B. McCormick Hazdcreir B.S.. Univeriily of Notre Dome 47; B.S., Un!- versify of Illinois ' 47 Chicago Alfred Victor Swonberg. Jr...Greol Follt, Monf. 6.S. Medicine, Universiiy of North Dakota ■47 Potricia Pendill Teschan . . . . Newburyport, Mass. A.B., Vossor College " 45; B.S., Universiiy of Minnesoto ' A7 Douglas Thomas E Ki V S I Paul Harvey Tolpin Chicago 8.S., University of Illinois ' 47 Rufut Jomei Walker V ii99m l Bi l Mark Wolion Waterloo, lowo B.S., University of IIMnoit ' 47 Marvin Arthur Weiss Chicago B.S., University of Illinois, ' 47 Dovid Robie Welsh Rockford B.S. Medicine, University of Illinois ' 47 Fred Wolte Whitehoose Evonslon B.S., Universiiy of Illinois Michael Angelo Zompogna Collinsville B.S., Universiiy of Illinois ' 47 Austin Burl Zeillin Chicago 8.S., University of Oregon ' 47 Sheldon Zinn Chitogo Robert Stanley Zullo Chicago B.S. Medicine, University of Illinois ' 47 i A 317 Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Omega Alpha, honor medical society with chapters in all medical schools of highest rank in the United States and Canada is the only order of its kind on the continent. The aims of Alpha Omega Alpha are the promotion of schol- arship and research in medical schools, the en- couragement of a high standard of character among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of high attainment in medical science and related fields. It is the duty and privilege of members to promote the society ' s ideals, to foster the scientific and philosophic features of the medical profession and of the public, to cul- tivate social mindedness as well as an indi- OFFICERS S. Hanzel President E. Freireich Vice-President F. Roemhild Secretary-Treasurer P. Bailey Counselor vidualistic attitude toward responsibilities, to show respect for worthy colleagues and teach- ers, to foster research, and in all ways to strive to enrich and enable the profession of Medicine to advance in public opinon. Top row; R. Swerdtow. H. Goodman, R. Here, F. Bender, A. Suslick, D. Koppel, A. Gelz Second row: G. Jonkowicz, R. Conhom, I. Sontos, E. Lassen, T. Drugas, R. Lee, M. Cohen, S. tzner BoHom low: T. Sherrod, J. Schneewind, E. Freireich, vice-president; P. Baitey, counselor; S. Hanzel, president; F. Roemhild, secretory-treasurer; A. Kaplan Not in p.Trel: H. Beisinger. J. Bronit, S. Gorsky, M. Gylfe, C. McCommon, L. McClinton, A. Novotny, M. Pepper, S. Poslel, D. Rabinov 318 OfRcers — Top row J Boswell. recording secretary; K. Wilcox; L. Freeork, historian; R. Horton, corresponding secretary; B. Dibble executive commillee; R. Bjurstrorn; J. Connon, marshal Bottom row: R. Oslcnd, treasurer; V, Hutchings, vice president; W. McPherson, president; G. White, commijor Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa v cs founded over half a century ago based on the broad principles of " Social intercourse, mental development, and mutual assistance " . On the campus of the Pro- fessional Schools the fraternity has alv ays occu- pied a position of leadership and responsibility; it has over fifty faculty alumni including Dr. A. C. Ivy, and it embodies over ninety active mem- bers at present. The spirit of co-operation v ithin the group has fostered excellence in all fields of endeavor: athletics, extracurricular activities, and especially scholarship. During the year out- standing physicians conduct discussions at the chapter house, and tv o years ago, in this vein. Eta endowed the Henry E. Irish Memorial Lec- ture at the medical school. Top row: R. Muehrcke, A. Thoin, W. Davies, J. Hoyt, R. Simpson, D. Shonalell, V. Dlogos, R. Olson, G. Sholes, O. Brodley, P. Pinto, J. Jensen, G. Monroe, R. Fifth low H Warner R. Boysinger, M. Mofhios, D. Richerson. K. Wilco«, R. Olson, R. Closen. R. Nelson. R. Anderson, I. Fiene, J. Phillips, E. Propes Fourth row: J. Lynn, R. O ' Connor, W. Ireland, J. Connon, J. Boswell, J. Mllford, R. Hoyt, G. Schuster, L. Woodward, R. Oslond, G. While, H. MocMurray Third row: F. Matych ' owiok, J. Johnston, R. Reedcr. D. MacForlone, R. Eirich, E. Woodoll, J. Erickson. L. Freeork, R. Johnson, R. Allison, S. Gollowoy, E. Pelikon Setond row: J. Coursey, W. Howlond, R. Hudson, D. Lulu, R- Hare, B. Dibble, G. Rosenberger, W. Moss, R. Wolker, W. Morrow, J. Coulfield Bottom row- W. McPherson. R. Still, V. Hutchings. H. Wondling, C. Burpo, R. Horton, C. Linke. B. Potrick Not in ponel: R. Bjurstrorn, N. Correll, H. Davis. C. Green, J. Henry, R. Jeans, A. Kish, R. Myers, W. Neal. E. Nyman, T. Pfislerer, R. Pionowski, L. Piccione, C. Romsey F Roymon D. Norbeck, W. Sondberg, P. Sheffler, D. Sims, L. Sinith. K. Venters, D. Whom, G. Whom, D. York, L. Cowserl 319 Offlceri — Top row: R. E. Lee, treasurer; R. B. Bifd, historian, H t ln ■l,, t.■, ,u ' .tnd,an Bottom row: C. O. Stanley, lecretary; 7. W. Somuels, Jr., pfesident; G. H. Gould, vice-president Nu Sigma Nu Ever since its founding in 1882 by Will Mayo and several classmates, and its Illinois installa- tion in 1892, Nu Sigma Nu has maintained its record as a strong contributor tov ard the aca- demic and social goals of its members. At the University of Illinois medical school Nu Sigs are proud of their high overall scholastic rating and large representation in the scholastic honorary AOA, of the sponsorship of social events like the Nu Sig Pheasant Dinner and the Tri-Chapter Dance, of campus sports trophies in golf and tennis, and particularly proud of having at all times a smoothly running house. Top row: R. C. Froin. A. S. Hagan, H. G. HarsKbarger, R. M. Lomben, W. S. Sirow, R. J. Coisody, R. G. Slone, R. H. MacNerland. G. EHers, F. W. Strehl, J. G. Hopkins, R. M. Ferguson Fourth row: J. O. Hodley, W. G. Sheets, J. J. Klobocha, W. H. Harridge, G. W. Morrow, G. W. Bard, A. L. Walne, L. D. Lee, J. E. Soulhord, G. J. Turke, R. J. Koiser Third row: F. A. Folk, S. G. Rousonelos, G. A. Hon, G. C. Grohom, G. C. Johnson, J. Louis, J, D Brown, R P. Froeschle, R. M. McCroy, R. I. Deiss, R. I. Annij Second row: M. J. Joannides, W. H. Myers, F. J. Jirko, J. Lanfronki, E. D. Griffin, W. S. Johnson, L. T. Koritz, M. E. Bloziona, C. D. Collins, G. L. Seilzlnger, J. T. Bronil, A. F. Tocholouski, R. L. Marske, J. L. Siruthers Bollom row: C. M. Smith, H. W. Glllen, M. Wolson, R. B. Bird, H. E. loPlanle, G. H. Gould, C. O. Stanley, R. E. Lee, T. W. Samuels, J. C. Dowell, J, G. Lukens, C. S. Modjeska 320 Officers — Top row: T. Carter, secretory; J. Moore, social chairman; E. Miles, rushing chairman Bottom row: H. Hanson, treasurer; R. Newton, president; D. Hortrich, steward Phi Beta Pi Phi Beta Pi was founded at the University of Pittsburgh on March 10, 1891; it ranks with the oldest of the medical fraternities. At present there are 42 active chapters, all of them being located at Class A medical schools and at all the important medical centers in the country. Iota Chapter was established at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in March, 1902. Es- tablished on the basic principles of companion- ship, friendship, and scholastic ability, the active chapter has achieved an enviable record. Be- lieving that scholarship is the primary interest of every medical student. Phi Beta Pi has achieved distinction in the field. Many aids to the study of medicine have been provided at the chapter house, including an adequate library, human skeleton, and an histological slide pro- jector and screen. Top row: K. LoRue, P. Theobald, R. Brown, D. Treanor, J. Moore, E. Mites, W. Giles, F. Doyle, J. Davis, G. Martin, P. Harges Fourth row: H. Kuhl, R. Brockman, J. Hoskins, C. Lofdahl, A. Woellgen, J. Falecki, V. DiGuillio, J. Schaller, J. Fairbanks, F. Haigler Third row: J. Bouraue, H. Ignatius, W. Hedges, J. Hendrix, R. Moore, K. Gill, L. Irish, R. Prentice, J. Breltner, J. lane, T. Corler Second row: J. Dzierz, W. Taylor, A. Schneider, D. Hortrich, R. Geister, J. Often, J. Kuhn, H. Messmore, R. Snyder, E. Lardner Bottom row: D. Welch, M. Meyer, D. Grieme, J. Brozos, J. McCormick, R. Newton, I. Neubouer, H. Hanson, R. Owen, R. Bromon, S. Smart Not in panel: A. Novotny, J. Baker, F. Richordson, J. Burke, T. Bronnick, E. Lonphier, J. Dunlop, R. Kass, H. Logerquist, W. Oyen, L. Wright, E. Glenn 321 Officcts — Top row: L. Smith, M. Ofloff, A. Fink, A. Koplan, A. Mesiinger, A. Merkin Bottom row: D. Rostet, treoiurer; H. Goodmon, vice-president; D. Lang, president; R. Kohlenbrener; W. Deulsch Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Delta Epsilon was founded at Cornell Uni- versity medical school in 1904. The fraternity was established to encourage the highest stand- ards of achievement in the science and art of medicine and to maintain the highest standard of ethics in the practice of medicine. The Alpha Alpha chapter at the University of Illinois was established in 1907. Today it is one of the larg- est chapters in the country. It boasts a substan- tial representation in Alpha Omega Alpha and is a constant threat in all interfraternity compe- tition. It promotes good fellowship, equality, and unity. Top row: A. Kanter, C. Kaplan, R. Weiii, S. Nemervoiki. F. Elesh, B. Becker, A . Fink, M. Orloff, S. Cogan Fourfh row: I. Roienblum, E. Klilenick, P. Herz, W. Deulsch, E. Folk, B. Edidin, R. ShUrin, M. Comess Thicd low: J. Molomed. M. Green, R. Adolph, S. Gorrle, J. Widron, J. Silver, H. Slurmon, I. Bressler, J. Simon Second row: D. Koppel, L. Smith, P. levy, A. Zeillin A. Merkin, R. Kohlenbrener, P. Tolpin, G. Permon, P. Kohon Bottom row: D. Thomos, M. Lewij, A. Mettinger, D. Ro sset, D. Long, H. Goodman, A. Getz, A. Kaplan, M. Goren Not in ponel: N. Rich, I. Goldforb, L. Stern, E. Cohen, E. Levine, R. Baker, A. Billings, I. Corson, R. Dorin, J. Eisen, H. Kaminetzky, A. Leeb, M. levin, H. Peorlmon, M. Popper, S. Poilel, R. Robens, N. Shermon, M. Blum, S. Hanzel, W. leone, I. Schour, R. Swerdlow, N. Tobochnick. S. Zinn, B. Berman, W. Kauf- man, D. Multoch, O. lenit, M. Hirich, I. Monn, H. Schoolman, B. Slufzker Officers — Top row: A. Kauffman, treasurer; J. Londy, sociol chairman; E. Freireich, vics-president Bottom row: S. Ascherman, recording secretory; S. Longer, president; S. Gorsky, corresponding secretary Phi Lambda Kappa Medical schools, just as all other professional schools, bring together men of many different backgrounds for the purpose of preparing them for their life ' s work. There has always been a need for organizations that weld together these diversified backgrounds and help fledglings to better adapt themselves to the obligations and privileges they hold as members of their profes- sion and their community. Phi Lambda Kappa is such an organization. Phi Lambda Kappa is a national medical fra- ternity founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1907. The Illinois Chapter, Alpha Alpha, was founded in 1908. The fraternity has as its object, through its many activities, a brotherhood of physicians, united by common purpose, fostering fraternity fellowship, appreciation of social ob- ligations, and excellence of scholarship among its members and throughout the entire medical school. Top row: S. Zeid, L. Hoit, B. Goldberg, H. Friedman, E. Spiegel, N, Rotenbcrg, G. Bogen, H. Koufmann, M. Seglin, A. Roler, B. Abromi Fourth row: L. Goldberg, N. Kronenberg, J. Schoffer, E. Pullmon, J. Newman, H. Friedman, J. Corsel, S. Horenstein. J. Bernstein, A. Kauffman, H. Rogint Third row; L. Neff, H. Lerner, S. Schoneberg, A. Fish, B. Hedo, L. Soxon, M. Hossen, N. Holtzman, B. Lichtenitein, E. Philipp Second row; A. Milsfein, R. Fox, B. Kofko, M. Bromson, M. Asch, R. Leevock, H. Schwartz, A. Suslick, H. Stone, S. Siegel, R. Brafman Bottom row; B. Resnlk, I. Pitesky, S. Gorsky, H. Garber, S. Ascherman, J. Londy, J. Click, S. Izner, E. Kissel Not in panel; E. Freireich, S. Longer, I. Susman, J. Solovoy, E. Strull, L. Weinstein, S. Bild, H. Costeff, D. Oeitch. D. Hodesmon, J. Kharasch, W. Maslow. H, Visotsky, S. Matlin, A. Harris. A, Fleischmon, M. Korbelnig, E. Wasserman, M. Notarius, R. Baker, R. Gilbert, J. Levin, L. Lieberman, R. Meitdelsohn. E. Pallak, A. Rabinoviiz, L. Trachtenberg, G. Lieberman 323 OfRccri — Top row: R. Wiederonders, house sopervijor; R. Knight, sociol choirman; D. Voris, senior worden and rushing chotrmon Bottom row: G. Armbrotter, commtjsar; H. McLaughlin, secrelcrv: F- Roemhild, presidenr; W. Poggemeier, treasurer Not in panel: C. Akei, sports chairmen Phi Rho Sigma Phi Rho Sigma is a strong, notional, medical fraternity founded in 1890, with chapters at the best medical schools from coast to coast. Beta Gamma chapter has the heritage of tv o fine medical schools. Rush and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, where it was active even before the latter school was adopted by the university. The Illinois chapter, supported by on active alumni association, is a selected. well integrated, and democratic group promi- nent in all professional, social, and athletic ac- tivities. There has been established an or- ganized program of discussions with prominent alumni, private dances, academic assistance for the married freshman, and a congenial atmos- phere that contributes significantly to a success- ful career. Top row: A. Taylor, T. Hon, W. Retfberg, H. Biiko, G. Boll, G. Johnson, J. Baldwin, D. Voris, M. Zompogno Fourth row: F. Wright, J. Koshiwoboro, F. Hollinger, A. Korroker, W. VonRuden, J. Stotlor, R. McCombridge, H. McMenomin, R. Vespo Third row: G. Peddle, G. Dice, T. Stivers, T. hluson, R. Compton, R. Hutchinson, F. Witt, E. Sotrop Second row: P. Moore, J. Well, F. Sek, R. Parsons, F. Meyer, C. Burroughs, F. Schiitz, G. Green, G. Chomberlin Bottom row: R. Knight, R. Wiederonders, W. Poggemeier, L. Peterson, counselor; G. Armbruster, C. Akes, H. Mctoughlin, R. Killough Not in panel; R. Hansen, J. Kostelny, F. Roemhild, J. Berry, O. Oowson. W. Kush 324 Top row: Peg Giller, Ruth Kramer, Lillian Doerr, Marie Dugos, Virginia Moreland, Cecelia Miller, Mariarine Schour Third row: Elizabeth Lassers; Rosemary Niemonn, Nototie Schuckmell, Carol Meyer, Alice Mijonovich, Evelyn Lorenzen Second row: Phyllis Saxon, Ines Santos, Caroline Hoss, Anna Barnstoble, Dorolhy Hubler, Marian Cohen Bottom row: Cothy Sufi Ivan, custodion; Barbara Flusch, recording secretary; Virginia Ploughe, vice-president; Virginia Norrell, president; Rulh Dietz, treasurer; Mrs. Englejohn, sponsor Alpha Epsilon Iota Phi Chi Top row: Edgar Mogney, Hermon Wood, Robert Mogonini, Alexander Link, Ted Lewis Bottom row: Edwin Buzon, vice-president; Williom Kornblum; Ted Grevas, president; Henry Swain, treasurer, C. Ezell Not in ponel. K. King, L. McClinton, H. Paul, Burl Siokos 325 Top tow. V. Oleari, M. Meyer, I. Neufouer. A. Novofny, A. Suilick, A, Toylof, R. Hansen Third row: J. Kojiein , T. Hon, W. Harridge, H. Harshborger, J. Eisen, R. Knight, A. Kaufman Secortd row: R. Nixon. R. Still. D. Greime, R. More, G. Gould. R. Kaiser, R. Lee Bottom row: W. McPherson; R. Newton, treasurer; J. Boldwin, secretary; T. Sherrod, president; J. Brown, vice-president; T. Samuels Not in pooel: J. Anderson, F. Bender, M. Blum, M. Bromson, J. Bronit, J. Brazos. B. Canhom, B. Dibble, J. Dooley, H. Gorber, T. Grevas, R. Hudson, B. Kornblum, J. londy, S. Longer, L. McClinton, A. Ortiz, G. Permon, R. Roback, J. Silver, D. Thomas, W. Wandling, F. Wright, L. Wright Pi Kappa Epsilon Surgicol Operating Room — R and E Hospitol 326 Occupational Therapy Seniors Phyllis Berger Chicago Helen Jcon Klockner. . Mory Louise Potricio Robinjon Chi Mobel A. Vat Dei Mory Altheo Wamet .Chicogo Maticn Jancr Keoughon Alice Beverly Woolen , .Charrpaign 327 c J A Top row: 0. Denn!t. H. Polentke, A. Kehm, R. Holston Second row: A. Vollond, M. Vol Dez, M. Champney, P. Doyle, E. Maedo Bottom row: M. Rob in ion, A. Warner, F. Maclean, sponsor, H. Klockner Not in pon«l: S. Esenlher, A. Woolers, M. Keoughon, L. Houk, P. Berger « Illi-Sota Third row: MorveMe Gunderton; Beverly Toylor; Shirley Treodwoy; Phyllis Campbell, graduate assistant; Shirley Luf.dberg; Anne Heorlty; Joanne Cruthers; Barbora Rennaker; Mory Anne Heineken; Ello Jane Rich; Cynthia Clark; Arlene Goldman; Alice Kennedy; Suzanne Hi I yard Second row: Pot Curran; Jane Durfee; Helen Baronyi; Pol Williomson; Marion Servatzy; Jeanne Brandon; Carol Dillon, treosurer; Cloire Wegner; Betty Benesch; Louro Foul; Corinne Simon; Jane Siemens Bottom row: Susie Yoshikowo; Doris Kuperman; Marilyn Humphrey; Suson Close; Elaine Zimmerman, secretary; Joon Tozier, vice-president; Marcia Dreymiller, president; Lois Frose; Jane Merrill; Eleanor Hurtak; Cynthia Martin Not in panel; Gloria Burns; Helen Fecenko; Elaine Fellioi; liela Hodes; Marilyn Parke; Martha Rice; Phyllis Schwartz; Nancy Sears; Virginia Steen; Jane Stlegemeier; Allen Mills; Marjorie Tompkin; f) O! fi ( " ' 328 329 College of Pharmacy The sfafF of the College of Pharmacy wel- comes many students who have either entered for the first time, or resumed their formal edu- cation, as a part of a training program in phar- maceutical education. The facilities available at present are not ade- quate to accommodate all of the applicants. The administration of the University is endeavoring to meet this greater challenge required of all institutions of higher learning. The College of Pharmacy is planning for a new Pharmacy building, which will house at least 600 students, and a Drug Plant Experiment Station, which will be located in Lisle, Illinois, adjacent to the famous Morton Arboretum. These modern facilities will enable the college to ofFer a well-rounded teaching and research program to those who desire to make the practice of Phar- macy their life vocation. Dion F. R. S:;rle5 Pharmocy Dispensing Laborotory M I M i J I I i ' ll ' lii • TS :?p « ' ' M • it C V - Proposed Experimental Drug Form Propoted Second Unit of the Defllol-Medicol-Phormocy Building 331 Top row: J. Bogel, E. Cotey, W. Drosle. J. Oeckard, R Piotrowski, R. Schmidt, president Bottom row: R. King, v;c«-president; W. Poole; J. Corgan, treasurer; P. Sudor, secretory; P. Thompson; Professor J. E. Dovis, oculty odviso ' Pharmacy Student Council The Student Council of the College of Phar- macy is the coordinating organization for the four classes and acts as liaison between the stu- dents and faculty. Three members of the Coun- cil, including the President, meet with repre- sentatives of the Medical and Dental Student Councils to coordinate activities and discuss questions which affect all three colleges. Last year the Pharmacy Student Council pre- sented a portrait photograph of the late Dr. Elmer H. Wirth to the administration. This was the first of a series of portraits planned for per- manent display in the proposed new Pharmacy Building on the Chicago Professional Campus. 332 Class OfPcers: Rrta Patko, treasurer; Verne Small wood, president; Horry Schmidt, vice-president; Alyce Godsholl, secretary Pharmacy Seniors Peter Gerald Amocher Madison, Wis. John Bagel Ooyte Bernord Bantner. Assumption Edmond Paul Borkouskoi Chicogo Herbert Irwin Barov- . Chicogo 333 Rinoto John fiernardini Oltowo John J. Boccio . -Chicago Jerome Poul Borovik . Chicogo Marshall Dilton Brooke Chicago Edwin Jomei Cosey AHoono, Penn. ' onet louiie Corgon. Jul. on Michoel DelVeico Melrose Park Mary Liguori Errel Andrio Ferrorc Chicago Frank Ferraro CKicogo Raymond A. Foerster ' M M Alice Christine Doly Oak Park Wllliom C. Decker. Jr LibertyvllU f 334 ey Freeman Chicago William Robert Garrity Freepott Llaine Madolen Gionat ■ Chicago lk ' 1 Alyce Ann Godihall Fox Lake Morvin Jerome Goldberg Chicago Howord Roger Goldsmith Chicago John James Honkey Milwoukee, Wis. Ihoddeus M. He t man Chicago tiuld don ivdIJ ChicoQO Alci Kondl .Chicago Doh-Shik ICn -Seoul, Korea Richard M. Klossen Momence Charles Roy Kopecky Cicero Mikiiiti leslie William Hilsenhoff Monteno Frank Joseph Hotl ko, Jr. Ivan Delos Johnson. Edward Albert Ksloiek Chicago Harold Lederman Chicogo Howord E. Lense. Chicago 335 Carl G«orge Lrnhort Robert Le« Logidon Mary Ann Polerten . Chicago V i ' Poul Henry Pohlmon H oomuel Rubnlch ChicOQO Virginio Helen Rutzel Chicogo Rubin Saposnik Chicago Wolter Jens Souerberg Maywood Horry W. Schmidt Villa Pork John Raymond Schurmon Evergreen Poik Morvin Schwab Chicago Henry Thomai Shorp Lexingfon, Ky. 337 Lodik Shemeidiok Chof les 0. Sinclair Dundee Verne Krueger Smollwood .Chicago Robert S. Sniegowiki Lemont Jerome Jerry Stein .Chicago Stonley Stepnik .Chicogo leo John Styzen .Chicogo Patricio C. Sudor Chicago 338 Heleno Oo-Sheu Suen Shanghai, Chino B.S., Univeriite Franco-Chinoise, China, 1946 George Charles Uehrke Chicago Cdword Joseph Woloszek Chicago Williom Warner Chicago Jack Bernord WilHoms Chicago John Kosiner Wunsch Chicago Roy Auguif Yos Chicago Joioph Zdi ' nok Chicago American Phormaceut icc I Aisodotion OfRcers — Top row: R. Higgins, treasurer; J. Mitchell, vlce-pfesiocni; £. Woloj- zek, president Bsttom row: Professor L. E. Mortin; Betty Barwig, secretary American Pharmaceutical Association The University of Illinois Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association was established June 15, 1942. Such Student Branches were founded to promote an advance- ment in the science and art of Pharmacy, so that a higher degree of professional accomplish- ments can be attained and thereby render greater service to the public needs. Membership is open to ail students of Pharmacy. As mem- bers, they take a part in the activities of pro- moting a closer unity for the Improvement of the practice of Pharmacy. The organization ' s basic aims and principles are primarily those of the parent organization, the American Pharmaceu- tical Association, which was founded in 1852. Top row: P. Wolsh, E. Owens, J. McEIhaney, E. Casey, J. Jacob, W. McBride, V. SmoMwood, E. Press, A. Roff, P. Pohlmon Fourth row: W. Decker, A. Kendt, J. Neumann, G. Rose, M. Pollock, W. Limbaugh, P. Neumonn, W. Moore, H. Schmidt Third row; L. Styzen, W. Sauerberg, J. Del Vesco, R. Sniegowski, F. Hosticka, R, Bernordini, L. Shemerdiok, M. lelovilz, I. Johnson Second row: L. Hilsenhoff, S. Honus, A. Ferrara, M. Martin, A. Daly, R. Patko, M, Ertel, M. Petersen Bottom row; H. Lense, J. Summers, E. Barwig, E. Waloszek, R. Higgins, J. Mitchell, B. Thompson, M. Douglas, F. Losieczko Officers — Top row: R. Soposnik, pledge coptain; F. Fleischer, secrelory; S. Bernstein, financial scribe Bat lorn row: M. Pollock, exchequer; H. Goldsmith, chancellor; D. Holland, vice-chancellor Delta Kappa Sigma Delta Kappa Sigma fraternity was chartered by the State of Illinois at the University of Illi- nois College of Pharmacy around 1921 . Its pur- poses are to promote good fellowship and ad- vancement nf the pharmaceutical sciences, to encourage pharmaceutical research, and to fos- ter professional and business ethics. By organic law, it is non-sectarian in character. Once a stu- dent at the College of Pharmacy is pledged with the intention of becoming a member, the fra- ternity then sets in motion a program of activity that seeks to clarify his ideas, develop his self- confidence, expand his mental horizon, widen his acquaintance, familiarize him with the way of the world, enable him to take care of himself and free him from any backwardness and preju- dice that stand in the way of a full life. Assist- ing in this process of development is the Alumni Association of Delta Kappa Sigma. 340 Top row: S. Thomas, M. Newman, E. Confer, F. Yonow Fourth row: G. Rose, J. Stein, M. Goldberg, S. Rubnich, E. Press Third row: J. Borovik, J. Rotlmon. B. Brown, K. Steorn, M. Reizner, B. Sodkin Second row: D. Hill, G. Duncon, F. Spirit©, E. Witt, M. Schwab, H. Alpert Bottom row: R. Saposnik, F. Fleischer, M. Pollock, H. Goldsmith, D. Holland, S. Bernstein Officers — Left to right: John J. Bocclo, prejident; Marshall D. Brooke, Ireosurer; Andrew Rasch, lecrelory; Jamei Mo Men, vice-president Independent Men ' s Professional Organization Although the need for a progressive, liberal independent students organization existed for many years on the Chicago Campus, it was only in April of 1948, that The Independent Men ' s Professional Organization officially became or- ganized and recognized. In a few months of existence, the active membership doubled the combined membership of the other social or- ganizations located here. At present, this organ- ization is operating only in the College of Phar- macy; however, the charter embodies provisions so that next fall Independent men of the Col- leges of Medicine and Dentistry may be united. Top row: H. E. tense, John Bagel, P. G. Amocher, R. H. King, R. A. Foersler, H. I. Botov, J. H. Neumonn, V. K. Smollwood, W. O. Poole, W. J. Mrozek, P. S. WolsK Fourth row; E. J. Woloszek, Frank Hostrcko, R. Dickmon, Ted I. Miyota, Keith Gouwens, S. J. Mlodiner, W. H. Mueller, R. A. Schronz, L. Cuburnek Third row: R. M. Lucorelli, R. Lovieri, Fred Kotiuyomo, R. F. Mojer, A. M. Lolli, Jerry Jostromb, A. Kendl, J. D. Smith Second row: D. J. Ross, R. A. Peters, R. A. Holpin, G. H. Blinick, O. T. Besly, H. Myerson, L. B. Neiro, F. A. Ponkou Bottom row: J. I. McElhonev A P Rosch, M. 0. Brooke, J. J. Boccio, J. R. Mollen, H. J. ledermon, C. R. Kopecky, J. Dixon 341 Officer i — Top row: G. Roberts, setgeontotorms F, Modrcwski, treo surer, J. Cook, secretary, J . Hanui, hisloiion Bottom row: W. Buck, vice-regent; J. Wunsch, regent Kappa Psi Chi chapter of the Kappa Psi National Phar- maceutical Fraternity is united with the many chapters of Kappa Psi to raise standards, ideals, and prestige in the pharmacy profession. Kappa Psi is ever increasing its efforts to promote schol- arship, professionalism, and brotherhood among its members. These are the prime objects of this organization. Chi chapter is united to further in every way possible the mutual advantages of its members socially, morally, and intellectually and to foster pharmaceutical research and high scholarship. This fraternity, which brings to- gether persons of good character and sound mental health, helps to make the bond among the pharmacists stronger with the knowledge that they are members and brothers in Kappa Psi. Too row: E. Kiiozck, G. Llehrke, T. Gulick, F. Schnleder, A. Werlelok, J. Jocob, J. Gibson, J. Mitchell Fourth row: J. Schurmon. H. Joblonski, W. Droste, D. Melzgei, E. Casey, E. Borkouskos, G. Bontner, R. Ekiin, B. liinbough, W. Decker Ttiird row: M. Ctirilty, R. Klassen, C. Gerber, I. Hilsenhoff, R. Monkmon, J. Deckard, R. Bernardini. J. DelVesco, W. Sauerberg, F. Pierce, R. Higgins Second row: L. Monaco, L. Styzen, A. Doone, F. losieczko, G. Morovo, R. Bergeson, C. Moreland, P. Thompson, K. Peterson Bottom row: E. Beverly, Professor L. Mortin, Professor G. Webster, J. Cook, J, Wunsch, W. Buck, S. Honus, G. Roberts, Professor H. Emig 342 n n Top row: b. Susmo, C. Cranberg, M. Graber, D. lussman. Dr. B. Benlon, Dt, F. AAolier, Professor P. Carpenter Fourth row: L. Schermeister, Dr. E. Kirch, S. Kuniirhapodam, J. Gearien, Professor H. Emig Third row: K. Kimura, V. Smallwood, Dr. N. Foss, E. Waloszek, Professor R. Terry Second row: A. Lasslo, V. Rosenberger, E. Gionos, A. GodshoM, Dr. R. Voigt Bottom row: T. Noma, Dr. G. Webster, P. Sudor, vice-president; H. Schmidt, president; M. Gibson, secretnry-trensur--- Not in panel: F. Peorce, Deon E. Series, C. Stone, Dr. E. Vicher, Professor R. Besoncon, Professor C. Clarke, W. Collins, Dr. H. Davit, Professor L. Mortin, S. Mctsuoko, Dr. E. Meyer Rho Chi Lambda Kappa Sigma Top row: A. Sroiiuk, M. Lozar, L. Gaudos, vice-president; J. Bostrum, B. Borwig, A. Daly, treosurer Second row: B. Thompson, S. Demett, corresponding secretary; P. Wosserman, social chairmon; D. Borek, E. Jogodzinski, recording secretory Bottom row: P. Sudor, V. Rosenberger, A. Ferroro, M. E. Martin . M. Blaha, J. Corgon, president ' -.►• -- 343 lyf The Staff Miss Rita Fisher, Miss Patricio McEniff, Ml:, Dorothy Chicago lllini Union The Chicago lllini Union during the past seven years has become the center of activity for stu- dents, faculty, and stofF. Policies are set up by the Committee on Student Affairs and the Chi- cago lllini Union. This committee is composed of a faculty member from each college, three stu- dent representatives, one alumni representative, and three ex-officio members. Three student committees, Display, Music, and Top row: P. Thompson, N. Shermon, F. Hosticko, W. McPherjon, M. Johnson, R. Brown, choirmon; A. Barnstable, R. Norton, G. Peddle, C. Moreland Bottom row: C. teinberger, J. Moore, R. lee, C. Stanley; P. Laurence, W. Angel, J. Bostrum Not in panel: G. Linhort, J. Baldwin, I. Pilesky, R. Barnes Social 344 Display Top row: A. Ortiz, choir man; L. Hirsch, F. Roemhild Not in panel: V. Norrell Chicago lllini Union Social, plan the student activities. The Annual Campus Carnival, the Music Master ' s Quiz, the Bi-monthly Displays, and the CofFee Hours are a few of the many functions planned by these committees. Even on the few occasions when there are no formally arranged activities, the Union Building is a popular gathering place for a coke or cup of coffee. Top row: G. Rowitch, W. Morrow, H. Goodmon, chairman Bottom row: R. Patka, B. Borwig Not in panel; G. Perman, J. Boswell, R. Kosterlitz Music 345 Officer! — Top row; J. Miller, library chairmon; I. P tes y, vice-president; W. McPherson, publicity choliman; R. Niemann, secretary Bottom row: t. Pevjner, president; R. Ferguson, gl«»e dub director; Dr. I. Gershbeln, faculty advisor Phi Mu Phi Phi Mu Phi is an honorary musical organiza- tion unique among the medical and professional schools throughout the country. Founded by Dr. William H. Welker, the fore- runner of Phi Mu Phi was the Men ' s Glee Club formed in 1 931 . At present Phi Mu Phi boasts of a Glee Club, a Concert Orchestra and a Dance Band, compris- ing students from the Colleges of Medicine, Den- tistry, Pharmacy and allied institutions. Applicants are elected to active membership offer a two year pledge period during which time attendance at a minimum of officially scheduled rehearsals and all concerts is required. All the groups unite at least twice a year to pre- sent concerts. Top row: G. Permon, V. Vernier, R. Nieman, J. Miller, R. Ferguson, B. Kafka Second row; J. Strulhert, R. Kramer, J. Rowilch, H. Goodman, R. Biurstrom, J. Baldwin Bollom row: W. McPherion, I. Pilesky, Dr. L. Gerihbein. L. Pevsner, R. Manfredi, R. Cooper Nol in panel: S. Bock, G. Gould, Dr. A. Ivy, H. Kodermon, Dr. F. Uderer, R. Leevock, J. McCormick, Dr. M. Ncvok, H. Peorlmon, L, Rock, V. Scandrelt, Dr. W. Welker, Dr. J. Youmant 346 Picture Committee — Top row: C. Miller, E. Borkauskus, J. Corgan, W. Gorrity Bonom row: D. Hubfer, W. Morrow, E. Kizer The lllio of 1949 Professionol Colleges ' Committee — Top row: J. McElhoney, I. Susman, F. Bender, J. Bronit, R. Solk Bottom row: W. Gtllen, G. Kelder, R. Palko, A. Ortiz, chairmon; M. Dugas, M. Eriel, H. Hozelkorn 348 Second Ploce lllio Snapshot Contest II 349 Lt. Col. W. H. Diestner, CO. Medical Units Lt. Col. G. G. Garrison, CO. Dentot Units Reserve Officers Training Corps The Medical ROTC unit was organized in Sep- tember 1947 and the Dental unit the following year. Both corps are open to all male students in their freshman year, if they are physically qualified, and to upperclassmen who are vet- erans. Those who complete the four-year course and attend camp during one summer are eligible for commissions in either the medical corps or the dental corps of the U. S. Army. Medical students in the course are given priority for Army internships. During the school year, classes are held once a week. Subjects discussed include preventive medicine, chemical warfare, and atomic warfare casualties. Lt. Col. Warren H. Diessner, MC, is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. During the war he was commander of several Field and General hospitals in Burma. Lt. Col. Grayson G. Garri- son, a graduate of the University of Iowa, served as dental surgeon for the 9th Air Force. Sludenn of summer R.O.T.C. Camp, Fort Sam Houiton, Texos. Photo courtesy U.S. Army Signal Corps Faculty-Student Baseball Game •t ' 1--% Mm 351 Chicago Campus Intramurals John W. Brown The Chicago Professional schools of the Uni- versity of Illinois started an informal Intramural Sports program in 1937, under the direction of F. W. Kasch, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. At the present time the Intramural program is handled by Mr. John W. Brown, Instructor in Physical Education. In the 1947-1948 season eleven sports activities were available with over 900 people participating. Football is the first sport. The six man teams represent classes and student organizations from the three schools on this campus. The Phi Chi ' s finished undisputed champions in foot- ball among the twenty teams in the two leagues. During the late fall, the swimming meet is held in the Duncan YMCA. This year three teams participated with the Phi Beta Pi ' s emerging as winners of the meet. Basketball starts in December with usually twenty or more teams entered. The Phi Beta Pi ' s won this championship; Delta Sigma Delta ' s team was second; and the Second Year Pharmacists were third. The Second Year Pharmacists repre- sented the Professional Schools in the MING festival, and won the basketball playofFs by de- feating the Delta Tau Delta ' s from the Urbana Campus. The Second Year Pharmacists won the volley- ball championship; Alpha Omega was second and represented the Professional Schools in the MING festival. They were eliminated in the first round. Julius Liebermann won the individual singles table tennis championship. Playoffs were in handball, and Stern, being successful, went to Ming Baiketboll, Second Year Pharmacy — Back row; R. A. Schronz. P. E. Schuessler, E. G. Beverly, J. L. McElhaney Front row: J. E. Cook, C. J. Thiol, R. H. Roth Not in panel: H. Broun 352 Volleyball, Second Year Pharmacy — Top row; J. L. McElhaney, J. E. Cook, R. H. Roth, P. E. Schuessler Bottom row: C. J. Thiel, E. G. Beverly, R. A. Schronz Not !n panel: P. Brinkman, K. Bow- mon, H. Broun, R. Howord, J. Neumann, W. Poole, E. Smith Basketball, Phi Beta Pi — Left to right: H. Kuhl, J. Moore, I. Neubauer, E. Miles, F. Richordson Not in panel: R. McGinnis, M. Meyer, R. Owen, B. Lory, R. Newton Golf, Nu Sigma Nu — Left: G. Modjeska (individual chom- plOfl) Right: J. Dowell Not in panel: G. Gould, J. Schewe Urbana to play in the MING festival, but lost in the finals. The faculty of the Professional Schools entered a team in the Softball tournament and were among the leaders until the last few days of the tournament, when they were edged out by the Phi Delta Epsilon ' s. In track competition, Jack Schewe won the pole vaulting for the fourth year in a row. The Alpha Kappa Kappa ' s became the last track champions of the campus. Track is being abandoned because of lack of training and safety considerations. Forty men entered the golf tournament in four man teams representing seven campus organizations. The Nu Sigma ' s took the meet after Jerry Modjeska, the individual champion, turned in a par score of seventy-one. In the fall of 1948 another small golf tournament was held, and again Modjeska was individual champion. Football, Phi Chi — Bock row: J. Adrian, J. Nodurft, T. Grevos Front row: J. Clorke, W. Kornblum, L. M. Clinton Not in panel: J. Bishop, F. Hommer- strom. K. King, W. Mann, H. Swain, H. Poul, G. Turney Softboll. Phi Delta Epsilon — Top row: A. Kaplan, M. Lewis, D. Koppel, A. Zeitlin, A. Mesiinger, A. Merkin Bottom row: C. Kaplan, M. OrlofT, A. Fink, D. Thomas Not in ponel: M. Schwartz, R. Roback, L. Ruckman, J. Lieber- mon, S. Schoolman Campus Carnival 354 Campus Carnival 355 Campus Candids 356 Campus Candids 357 Campus Candids 358 Campus Candids 359 GALESBURG CAMPUS 360 15 I 361 Deon C. M. Louttit Galesburg Campus The University of Illinois at Galesburg, proclaimed " unique in the history of education " by President George D. Stoddard, began its third academic year last fall. Formerly an army installation, this division of undergraduate study offers college training to veterans and high school graduates alike. The Gales- burg campus had its first classes October 21, 1946, thirty days after being acquired from the State of Illinois. The first year sav Galesburg ' s enrollment soar from 432 students to the near-capacity of 1,702. The instructional stafF v as increased from 34 faculty members to over one hundred. Today, students may enroll in three colleges — Liberal Arts and Sciences, Commerce and Business Administration, and Engi- neering. Students refer to the unprecedented $5,000,000 installation as a " University City " because all facil- ities including housing, classrooms, dining halls, and recreational rooms are under one roof. The complete unit has more than a mile and one-half of corri- dors connecting the 117 buildings on the 1 56-acre campus. Some educators acclaim the Galesburg Division as " one of the most rapidly developed universities in the history of education. " Air View of the Galesburg Campus 36: Administration Building University Chapel L I ' NAVY PIER CAMPUS wmmu mma m 366 tmmmm 367 Charles C. Caveny, Dean Chicago Undergraduate Division The Chicago Undergraduate Division of the Univer- sity of Illinois has built a sound educational program since its establishment at Navy Pier in the fall of 1946. Nov in its third school year, the school has provided educational opportunities for thousands of Chicago- area students. More than 4,200 freshmen and soph- omores are currently registered. The curriculum has been expanded to include 184 different courses in liberal arts, commerce, engineer- ing, and architecture. A number of outstanding in- structors hove been added to the teaching staff which now totals nearly three hundred persons. Modern, fully-equipped classrooms and laboratories are housed on the Navy Pier campus. Students are pro- vided with excellent facilities, including a library, study halls, cafeteria, and recreational activities. Left to right; Horold Temmer, Examiner and Recorder; Harold Boiley, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences; Randolph Hoelscher, Associate Dean, Engineering Sciences; Robert Hockelt, Associate Dean, Commerce and Business Administration; Ctiorles Coveny, Dean; Ruth leitch, Deon of Women; Edwin Wolleson, Oeon of Students; John Jones, Director of Athletics; Warren Brown, Dean of Men i lock»r Huddl Window Shopping 369 Chttm lab Or. Stoddard awoy from home PUr lltini Olympic Gymnoil 371 Mochino Shop eiti, hm-m-m Archery cIose 372 ACTIVITIES 374 STUDENT ADMINISTRATION ittBl 376 377 The highlight of last year ' s spring social season was the Senior Ball, one of the outstanding dances of the year. In line with old University tradition, last year ' s senior class also held a picnic, which was their last get-to- gether before graduation. The class officers felt that it was highly desir- able to reestablish some of the tra- ditions formerly so popular on this campus, and they revived a number of them. This year ' s senior class officers have attempted to analyze some of the problems confronting the entering freshman and, with the officers of the other classes, have initiated a fresh- man advisory program designed to give the freshmen a bird ' s-eye view of the activities on the campus as well as an opportunity to discuss problems of adjustment to life on the campus. e q;s Officers: Martin Heller, president secrelory-lreosufef; Ann Cu ' ice-pfCildent; William Allaway, Seniors Boll Committee: Ann White; Shirley Brown; EMzobelh Easter; Joe Smith; Williom Graham, general chairman; Joy Chapman; Alice Martz; Eileen Stock, Fronce: Orennon Not in panel: Fred Lederer « Following the first spring election in many years, Junior Class officers and sena- tors began their work even before school had begun in the fall. vVhile the senators concerned themselves with such problems OS the age limit for car permits, a student court, and revision of the Student Code, class officers worked on a student govern- ment display which was to be shown at freshman activity night, a plan for personal counseling of lllini freshmen, and the selec- tion of a general chairman and committee heads for the Junior Prom. One of the gayest of winter dances, the Junior Prom, was given December 10 with Eddy Howard and his orchestra providing music for a " Winterlude. " Soft blue lights increased the atmosphere created by three huge reindeer and a roof-top scene behind the orchestra. Holiday-minded juniors and their guests enjoyed the music until the early hours of the morning. As the climax in the evening of dancing, the class president crowned Helen Jo Hahne " Sweetheart " of the Prom. As the couples resumed dancing, Eddy Howard sang " White Christmas " to honor the queen and her court. OfFicers: Russell Steger, secretary- treosuier; Richard Harvey, president, Robert Block, vice-president Juniors prom Committee: Corol Venerable, Corol Bauer, George Flower, Mierley Brown, tenerol cholrmon; Lois Gorbulski, Irwin Smiley, Ted Tedford, Ginevero Little, Noncy Wilson, Jim Nelson Sophomor ' Clots Officers; Betty Wright, vice-president; Oelmor Murphy, president; Chorlene Woodson, secretory-treasurer Sophomores The Sophomore Class held its annual Sopho- more Cotillion on Friday evening, February 25, from nine to one in Huff gymnasium. Lending to the enchantment of the evening v as the unusual theme based on an underwater atmosphere, v hich was carried out in the decorations. In order to obtain a committee worthy of put- ting on the dance and to give them sufficient time to carry out their ideas, petitioning was held early in the first semester. After the general chairman, Del Murphy, ten chairmen, and the committee members hod been selected, large general meetings were held where plans for the dance were slowly put together. After the main issues had been decided, the meeting broke up into smaller groups and the details were worked out. The sell-out marked " success " to one of the most important sophomore events. Cotillion Committee — Top row: Chorlene Woodson, Betty Wright, Virginio Ployer, Pot Feoster Bottom row: Delmor Murphy, Ruth Woodruff, Georgia Buihnell, Bob Henninger Officeri: Louise Hodam, vice-president; John Author, president; Charlene Woodson, secretary-treosurer 1 Freshmen The Freshman Council of the class of 1951 was exceptionally active. Under the guidance of Dean Koenig, the council prepared a question- naire concerning the freshman guidance week and distributed copies to approximately five hundred freshmen. The answers to the questions were computed and the general indication of student opinion expressed was determined. The council then submitted a report of their findings to the committee in charge of freshman week. The Council also was instrumental in plan- ning the annual Freshman Frolic which was held in the lllini Union ballroom. Bill Shelton ' s or- chestra provided the music, while talent from the freshman class presented the floor show, with Dick Cook as master of ceremonies. Freshman officers were elected at the begin- ning of the second semester during the general election of oil class officers. fceshmon Council — Top row: Eloine Rosenberg, William Sommer, Rondy WesI, Edword Lundeen. Fred Kondezelo, Juonne Henry Cottom row: Marilyn Briggs, Delmor Murphy, Dean Koenig, John Auther Thomoi Oowt, pr«iioir . Student Senate The Student Senate is the official voice of the students of this campus. The purpose of the Student Senate, as stated in the Code on Student Affairs, is " to promote the general welfare of the student body of the University of Illinois, and to exercise such powers of student govern- ment as shall be conferred upon it by the Uni- versity Senate Committee on Student Affairs ... " Matters falling within the jurisdiction of any student-faculty board or of Panhellenic or Inter- Fraternity Councils are not under the supervision of the group. The Student Senate is composed of twenty- five members. Fifteen of these members are elected by the Student body in general election, and the other ten members are ex-oflRcio and obtain their seats on the Senate by reason ot their excellence in participation in the major campus activities. Open meetings are held each Wednesday night in the lllini Union Building; any student in the University has the right to attend. Students may speak before the Senate if they receive permission from the president prior to the time they wish to speak, and any student wishing to place legislation before the Senate may do so by writing the legislation in appropriate form. Top row: Cordon Boyd, Roger Lillle, Del Murphy, Jock Pihl, William Allowoy, Williom Cornohon, Robert Larson, Fred Berry S«cond row; Mory Rizzoli, Barbara Rusiell, Janet Olson, Estaline Ulmer, George Wood. Joyce Perblx, Randy West, Beverly Bennett, Evelyn Grossman, Corolyn Quinn Bottom row: Professor Fuller, Professor Jobst, Richard Horvey, Lloyd Ireland, Thomas Crews, Elizabeth Ericson, Professor Windesheim, John Jones I 382 Student Affairs Audit and Supervision Committee Thomas Crews, chairman The Student Affairs Audit and Supervision Committee supervises all general University functions and social events to which admissions are charged. It is a committee of the Student Senate and the Committee on Student Affairs and is responsible to them. It is composed of five students selected by the Student Senate, one student and two faculty men named by the chairman of the Committee on Student Affairs, and its executive secretary. Dean V. J. Hampton. The work of the Student Affairs Audit and Supervision Committee includes approval of the date, place, and budget of the functions and events approved by the Committee on Student Affairs, and the printing, issuance, collection, and audit of all tickets. In addition the com- mittee is charged with responsibility for the patron and complimentary ticket lists as well as the distribution of invitations and of the com- plimentary tickets. All season passes issued to dances and the other supervised University func- tions are issued by the committee. This committee presents real evidence of the " learn by doing " theory of student government. It provides experience for its members and sound advice for University activities. Seated: Jonet Olson, Deon V. J. Hampton, secretary; Thomos Crews, choirmon; Professor louro Huelster, Robert Larson Standing: Professor Paul Van Arsdell, Rictiard Harvey J I BOARD OF DIRECTORS — Top row: Gordon Boyd, Worrcn Romshow, Irene Pierton, John Breorly, Wiliiom Graham Bottom row: Polrkla Scherer, Morjorie Stewarl, Kotherine Morgan, Helen Wolcort The mini Union Board mini Union Adminislratlon Committee: Alice Hurt, Kenneth Rhoades, Irene Pierson, C E. Wertz, Martha Irwin Union Administration Just as the University provides the finest equip- ment and facilities in its laboratories for the formal curriculum, so it provides in the lllini Union one of the finest centers for social and recreational life. The Union Building, opened in February, 1941, is the University ' s first social and recreational center. Here students develop friendships and leisure time interests through participating in a wide program of student activities. The Union provides the place and means for lounging and smoking, for reading, for dining and refreshments, for dating and dancing, for bov ling and billiards, and other interests. The Union also operates the lllini Union Cooperative Bookstore and the Coffee House. The students, as well as the faculty and staff, are proud of their lllini Union and respect the fine- ness of its interior in their use of its facilities. Vernon L. Kretschmer, manager lllini Union Administration Committee: Otto Unger, Kathleen Hulet, Arthur Sawyer, Donno Punier, Ear! Finder 385 Moior Chairmen — Top row: Bruce Everett, Bob Heath, Borboro Shade Bottom row: Marian Scheineman, Donold Bengord Worren Ram show, director { ' Sub-Chairmen — Top row: Harold Burke, Wlltrom Pettis Bottom row: Richard Cook, Martha Innis, Joan Koritz, Richord Hart Union Department of Student and Alumni Relations Homecoming Loyalty Student and Alumni Orientation Student Recognition Founder ' s Day Sub-Chairmen; Joon Williomi, Jack Fellner. Aileen Hagen, Keith Goodwin, Marian Sub-Chairmen: Joan NichoUon, Robert Leibotd, Patricia Prison, Byron Scheineman Luors, Betty Mickey William Grahom, director Major chairmen — Top row: Roy Sanger, Stephen Stoddard, Jomei Nelion Seared: Patricio Wallace Sob-chairmen: Normc? McCurley, Delmor Murphy, Barbara Bunn, Robert Green, Joanne Vande Steog Union Department of Dances Union Dances Social Dances Matinee Dances Friday Night Hops Square Dances Sub-chairmen: Louise England, Beverly Tummelson, Robert Hennlger, Dor- Sub-cholrmen: Merle Slauffer, Alan Webster, Stephen Napier othy Carter Seated: Joan Foster Mojor choirmrn: George Stevenj. Roger Pordy, Dede Efflond ' Dorothy Mattes, director Sub-choirmen: Cor I Dtetz, Joon Nicholson, Austin Jones Department of Entertainment Dad ' s Day Club Commons University Sings Union Varieties Union Movies Noon Movies Sub-choirmen: Horrtel Fink, Richard Cook, Morguerite Peterson Sub-choirmen: Glorio Fietcher, Frank Rueter, Audrey Agolstein : 4j Pouline Dolon, director Major Chairmen: Ootolhy Armslrong, June Branding, Arthur Hecker, Richard Prindiville, Dionne Coaiiworfh Robert McClure, Dorothy Vernor Sub-Choirmen: Top row: Lois Mollicoot, Donald Walker, Shirley Elledge Second row: Arthur Johnson, Marian Ryan, Robert West Boftora row: Jack Westberg, Jomes Newncn Union Department of Public Relations Student and Alumni Relation Publicity Recreation Publicity Entertainment Publicity Student Services Publicity Donee Publicity Advertising House Organ Sub-Chairmen: Rozanne Speari, Joan Nicholson, Beth Ringstrand Sjb-Chairmon: Wollcce Johnson, Alice Mueschter. Rovmcnd Relrner. Juanito Toylor FiG da Rodnar, John Hart nglon, Kailicynlee Flo ch, Scott Shellon, tub-choi ' - ' ' n; Jock R«gan, Evelyn Grossman Helen Wolcotl, director Gerald Reichord, Sherwood Philips, Charles Sagle, Richard Cook, Gloria Fletcher, Yvonne Wooley Department of Recreation Coffee Hours Classical Music Hours Jazz You Like It Mother ' s Day Tournaments Open House Sub-choirmen — Standing: James Lurie, Edv in Franzen Seoted: Patricia Culp Sjb-chairmen — Robert McManus, Patricio Borden, Richard Eastline :!□ h 4 x? . Moricne Stewort. direclor Major chairmen — Top row: Waller Pageli, John RegncM Bottom row: John StormonI, Martha lnn!s, Bruce EveritI Sub-choirmen; Stonley Iverson, Mary Alice Fries, lee Flesch, Ralph Livingston Union Department of Student Service Office Management Red Cross College Activities Guide and Travel Spring Carnival Social Forums lllini Town Meetings Sub-choirmen; Phylli Welch, Pot Feoiler, Louise Englond. Sheilo McMurroy. Sub-choifmen: Stonley Hone, Alice Allen, Emily Cruiiut, Charles Delbridge Frank Chorles University Convocations are addressed by v ell known speakers who bring to the campus their points of view on subjects of general interest. Originating in 1944, the committee of the Student Convocation Series, which is composed of six faculty members and five students, has presented this series of lectures by people who are leaders in their particular fields and promi- nent in public life. Although the primary appeal of the Univer- sity Convocation Series is to the students, the lectures are open to the public as well as stu- dents without charge. President Stoddard Student Convocations Front row: Profeisor Richard Murphy, George Wachendorf, Marie Reno, Professor Edward Cleary, Rondoll West Bock row: Oovid Mills, Professor Josef Wright, Professor Fredrick Siebert, Glen Brolander, Professor Alan Lorng Hanson Baldwin, Military Editor of the New York Times and Pulilrcr Prize Winner, discussed " ' The United States versus Russia. " Mr. Baldwin ' s twenty years of accur- ate reporting as well as his os- tute technical knowledge hove mode him one of the brilliant columnists of our lime. Bosley Growth or, distinguished Motion Picture and Film Editor of the New York Times, spoke on some unseen aspects of " What You Dont Know About the Movies. " During the year Mr. Crowthcr has been engaged in writing the motion picture section for the Information Please Alna- noc. Senator James W. Fu I bright, junior senator from Arkansas, discussed the topic " United States World Leadership. " For- merly a college president. Sen- ator Folbright has continued his interest in educational prob- lems as well OS becoming an authority on America ' s post- war planning and foreign pol- icy. Stanley High, roving editor for the Reader ' s Digest, gave his impressions of " What is this Crisis? ' As a result of his trove I -re porting tours in for- eign lands, Mr. High hos ac- quired basic first-hand infor- .■notion and has become not- able for his vision ond fearless speech. Charles S. Johnson, president of Fisk university, spoke on the subject " UNESCO Begins at Home. " Besides being one of the country ' s outstanding outhorities on roce religion, Mr, Johnson was oppointed by President Trumon to the first session of the UNESCO general conference held in Paris. Madame Rojan Nehru, Indian l oliticol leoder and wife of the Special Minister from India to t:ie United States, described The Change in India. ' A leading intellect and public fig- ure of India, Madame Nehru OS been on active worker, pub- ic speoker, and leader rn na- ionol affairs. Ezequiel Podilla, distinguished Latin - Amertcon stotesmon, dis- cussed " Current and Future Inter- American Relations. ' Known everywhere as o leading advocate of democratic ideals, Ezequiel Padilla hos served as Attorney Gonerol, Secretory of Education, and Foreign Minister of Mexico. He wos previously o defeated candidate for President. Clifton Utiey, rodio commentator and foreign onolyst, gave his im- pressions of ' The Rood Before Us. ' Mr. UtIey has traveled ex- tensively in olmost oil the Euro- pean countries, studied interna- tional relations and political sci- ence o brood, ond has hod o weekly broadcast on foreign af- foirs since 1935. 393 4 William Erwin, pie ti dent Y. M. C. A. The University of Illinois Young Men ' s Christian Association has a record of seventy-six years of Christian leadership and activity among the stu- dents and faculty of the University. The objectives of the Association are to foster Christian ideas in everyday student life and to provide opportunities for training in Christian leadership. The Y.M.C.A. programs have long been recognized as having something vital to offer the campus community. This fall before school began, the Y.M.C.A. maintained a Freshman Camp designed to ease the adjustment of incoming freshmen to campus life. Other features of this Freshman Program were a Rushee Round-up, a Freshman Stag, a Freshman Movie, the forming of a Freshman Com- mission, the conducting of freshman discussion groups, and the sponsoring, together with the l-F Council, of the All-Pledge Banquet. The oppor- tunities for student responsibility have been in- creased this year by the creation of two new stu- dent offices and an Executive Council. The Execu- tive Council, consisting of the five elected student officers, now has direct supervision of all under- graduate student programs. This year ' s officers are: William Erwin, President; Roger Little, Vice-President; Thomas Moore, Re- corder; Robert Larson, Service Executive; Peter Vanes, Organization Executive. Top row: RIchord Morlin, William Hedgcock, Raymond Brodnick, Doniel Stark, frtd tudwig, Russell Jeckel, Jack Ronchelto, Benjamin Rasmusen, Philip Hartman, Rutted Sand«n S«coi d row: William Pope. Peler Vanes, Roger Ullle, William Erwin, Richard Larson, Thomas Moore, Jomes MorMn Not in ponel: Oonotd Wanderer 394 19lh annual pledge banquet Internationai Supper Club celebrate5 Chinese Independence Day Class cf ' 52 men at freshmon camp .6 V ' Y. W. C. A. Pain era Champion, preiidcnl The Y.W.C.A. has just completed its 65th year on the University of IMinois campus. This organiza- tion has endeavored to make this year a meaning- ful one for women students of all races and creeds, faculty, and alumnae by combining its efforts to maintain the high standards and ideals of the as- sociation and to achieve its purpose — " full and creative life " — for all students. The program has stressed service for other people in the community as well as on the campus. This group has tried to arouse an awareness of the world today, and show the importance of taking an active part in the affairs of the nation. In cooperation with the Y.M.C.A., a graduate program has been expanded and a full symposium series was launched. The Y.W.C.A. has presented programs with students of other lands in order to provide a real welcome and acquaint the students with family life in the community. Although each and every girl is important in the Y.W.C.A., its regular concern is to help all freshman women become an integrated part of campus life at Illi- nois through a " big and little sister " program in- volving all freshman women, whether they are members of the Y.W.C.A. or not. Top row: Peggy Robinson, belly Oeon, Miriam Sommer, Polricio Wenzel, Nancy Scliineling, Sue Haizeiquisl, Polricio Wallace, Jonice Clark, Nan Pierson Coroth Degenkolb, Ann Jinkens Second row: Marilyn Augspurgor, Mary Cusick, Carolyn Wildman, Miriam Bouer, Patricio Champion, Solly Lovejoy, Mory Hull, Vernz Votz, Dee Dovidscn Botlom row: Mary Boer, Corol Henning, Roberto Bloom, Borboro Moore, Dorothy Himes, Joanne Terry, Jean Vcn do Vcorde 396 ' Y " Activities Lower fight — MUM DRIVE CHAIRMEN: Aiean Tomello, Carol Polk Below, DOLL SHOW COMMITTEE — Seoled: Mary Alice Eastman, Pat Wallace, Alice Jordan, choirmon; Dorothy Himes, Betty Dean, Joanne Terry Stonding: Barbora Moore. Elotne Rosenberg f HOriECOMING William Allowoy, choirman The Campus Chest organization was insti- tuted to combine the numerous charities into one all-campus drive. Under the supervision of William Allaway, various methods of raising money were devised. The main source was a con- centrated one day drive in which organized houses were divided into teams. For two weeks preceding the drive, orientation movies were shown. The institution of a corn gleaning project increased contributions, while various campus groups devised ways to supplement donations. The proceeds from the Spring Carnival added to a successful year for Campus Chest. The United Negro college fund which received 5% of the total, and the scholarship fund which shared 10% with the co-op playground, were beneficiaries added this year. Half of the Campus Chest proceeds went to the World Stu- dent Service fund, while CARE received 7V2 %, and the United Nations Fund for children was given 272%. Lisle Fellowships received 5% of the allocations, and the remaining 15% was divided among the March of Dimes, Shi-Ai Milk Fund, Crippled Children Fund, and the Commu- nity Chest. Campys Chest Top row: Ouenlin Sharp, Patricio Wogner, Edword Hamlin, Richord Hart, Williom Conard, Roland Joffe, Charles Hunt, Robert Twiss Second row: Jock RitI, Margaret Reed, Alice Jordan, Carolyn Korb, Doreen Embs, Diane DePree, Phyllis Evans, Nancy Dunn, Beverly Wullenweber, Maurice Weddle Bottom row: Robert Block, James Bryont, Edwin Fronzen, Virginia Covins, Corol Cannon, Geraldine Schramm, Wick Boxter, Joann Burt, Philip Rosenberg, Mierley Brown Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an inter- national interdenominational religious organization which strives to consider intelligently the spiritual and moral problems of the day through study of the Bible, through prayer, and through group discussion. Believing that the solution to all problems is to be found only in Christ, each member seeks to know Christ and to spread His word. A full and varied pro- gram includes challenging lectures by eminent re- ligious leaders, v eekly Bible study, and daily medi- tation and prayer. Understanding is further fostered through the sharing of ideas at regional, national and international conferences held periodically on university campuses throughout the world. Although it emphasizes the spiritual and intellec- tual, Intervarsity does not neglect the social needs of its members. Thus Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is prepared to make a vital contribution to not just one, but to many phases of campus life, challenging students to give greater service to a world in need. Paul Honselmon, preiident; Jon Bengtion, vice-pr«t!denl; John E. Danielson, treasurer: Joon Hovet. secretary Top row: Williom Selkirk, tHolmes Robertson, Albert Lundgren, Roy Bodett, David Offner, Jomes Willis, Delos Pypes, Fredrick Giles, John Donlel ' on Third row: Dr. C. Morrill, Poul Honselmon, Evelyn lee, Clifford Heoton, Winifrod Hager, Arnold Troylor, Dorothy Kellogg, Gertrude Kellogg, Poul Solimon, Cordon Johnson, Williom Kellogg Second row: Mary Rosinos, Parker Jero, Les Bobb, Donald Miles, Robert Polmer, Clifford Hayes, Joon Hoyes, Chorles Inskeep, Jomes Patterson, Harold Vonderbill, Howard Sondlund Howard Sondlund Bottom row: Carol Reynard, Nancy Johnson, Carol Hotlond, Allie Hill, Mary NichoMs, Charles Rumley, John loshbough, Ello Richords, Soroh House. Jon Benetton IIIP4 II " IM 1 : I ' yi i 399 ■ -•-- •:ll Executive Council Top row: Joel Rosenbloom, Elihu Schrmmel, Bernard Finkel, Sheldon Gross, Henry Sirous, Lowrence Shermon Second row: Rabbi Sanford Sapersleln, Robert Kopmon, Syril Bodenstein, Harold Rifken, David Miller, Mrs. Ruth Steinberg Bottom row: Norman Robkin, Arlene Solomon, Annette Gromfin, Morion Kaplan, lloyd Manilow Not in Donel: Jehudo Ovodia, Edward Cohen, Herbert Rssengard, Russell Marks Hillel Foundation Representative Council Top row. Dovid Miliar, Leonard Worsek, Norman Lynn, Roger Zinn, Sydney Mayer, Marvin Friedman, Leonard Projonsky Sacond ro ' .v: Jewel Morco, Bobbie Berk man. Sheila Boralz, Debbie Jocobson, Mrs. Rose Lesk, Marilyn Sussman, Franclne Goldmine, Dolores Cohen, Lori Lifshltz Bottom row: Rickey Hamburg, Joon Rieger, Alice Schworz, Eloine Greenberg, Blossom Berman, Myrna Schom, Phyllis Greenberg V r- n Back row: Thomas Aplrngton, Leon Henry, Anthony Jakious Front row: Mary Zonnini, Janice Howard, Nodlne Duerwachter, Mary Enright OFFICErS President teon Henry Vice-President Anthony Jakious Treasurer Thomas Aplington Recording Secretary .Janice Howard Corresponding Secretary Nadine Duerwachter Historian Mary Enright Ex-ofTicio Mary Zonnini Newman Foundation The purpose of Newman Foundation, the Catholic Student center, is to deepen the spirit- ual feeling and enrich the temporal life of its members. Under the direction of Reverend Dr. Edward J. Duncan and his assistants. Reverend Edward W. O ' Rourke and Reverend Edgar C. Taylor, this group closely unites Catholic stu- dents on campus. Most important of Newman Foundation ' s activities is St. John ' s Catholic Chapel, in which students are offered several masses daily and Sunday and the opportunity for frequent reception of the Sacraments. Other Newman activities include discussion groups, lectures, corporate communions, dra- matics, intramural sports, parties, and social programs. Traditional events, including a spring formal, a carnival, and a picnic at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, are eagerly anticipated. Notable additions to the Newman program ore credit courses in religion, the choir, the Graduate Students ' League, the Married Couples ' Group, the Sanctuary Society, and the Altar Society. This organization is aff iliated with the National Federation of Newman Clubs, which is com- posed of similar groups at universities through- out the country. 401 :_ L : . , : : :. . . .. r::..: ,, K .i : ;.■.■,,_., , " :,:-, -V. . : ■ , i ! , K ,.. ,-. ri_ . , K.i. j ' .u .ui , Huii , Andnivjn, Da- id Mu,-:, L ' .r_ j L..;,i_. j, Dq:!u. - Andefion, Raymond Wiiken, Leonard Nero, Orville Rinne Second row: Roymond leininger, Denny Freedlund, Culien Clouser, Glen Brotonder, James Schlichtlng, Paul Scharfenberg, Erwin Besserer, James Moy, Kenneth Rund, LeRoy Dovidton, Roy Berg, Melvern Schnizlein, Ronald Mensen, John Headlund, Donald Wilkin, George Larson, Harley Olson, Jan Bengston Bottom row: Dorothy Giesc, Helen Folkenroth, Audrey Larson, Phyllis Fahnestock, DeLos Grebner, Wallace Berglund, Jeonetfe Wieman, William Heckenbach, Phyllis Heckenbach, Jane Bremer, Lois Finkenbinder, Lois Smith, Wanda Ellett Not in ponel- Noncy Johnson Lutheran Student Association Lutiieran Student Center Top row: Robert Atrutz, Theodore Knuth, Earl Schwartr, John Eberhard, Mary Lou Koeller, Miriam Backs, Belly Johnson, Herbert Lovekamp, Walter Linzing, Maxine Clark, Theodore Clork, lone Wundorlich, Orville Wunderlich Fifth row: Allen Torbeck, Loverne Jenne, Alice Bokenkomp, Robert Bokenkamp, Lois Irion, Frederick Irion, Arthur Wendler, Lelond Fuchs, Robert Hoffman, tna Johnson Fourth row: Robert Schmielou, Betty Schmielou, Bruno Lohrmann, Harold Koenig, Carl Butler, Marvin Nordmeyer, Richard Simmons, Wilma Simmons, Donnamae Klolz, Harlan Klotz, Frank Rolf Third row: RJchord Ruit, Laura Rust, Leo KnutI, Blanche Knuti, Wilma Alrutz, Richard Wendt, Robert Renken, Orville Dickhaul, Corinne Popke, George Eckenstaler, Shirley Miller, Gertrude Kempert, Robert Novigofo Second row: Keith Klockau, Fred Galka, Ralph Twenhafel, Clifford Riebe, Walter Weiss, Romona Weiss, Russell Havormonn, Robert Blase, Richard Oldenburg, Victor Schormann, Jock Bokenkomp, Marianne Bokenkomp, Miriom Mueller, Arthur Ender Bottom rowi Orville J ohnson, Morgarele Johnson, Norman Schenck, Morvin Ulmer. Elwood Hein, Rev. E. H. Heintzen, Barbora Bunn, JoAnn Frieda, Orville Hamonn, Martin Hutmonn, Batiy Husmann, Helen Brockett, Al Brackett, William Dye, Betty Dye Top row: Newfon Compbeil, Lynn Couitas, Leon Hardin, Kichoid Smith, Rev. Pierre Tangent, Bill Lawrence, Ricnard Mowhorter, Harry Word, A I on Lindahl, Ice Jones, Charles Garrison, Howard Wokelond, Marvin Anderson, Maurice Welkins, Robert Peovler, Thomas Young, Martin Rosiniki Second row: Howard Vorney, Henry Miller. Jerry White, Jack Loshbough, Virginia Carter, Betfy Miller, Jean Riley, Frances Jackson, Betty Wokelond, Virginia loft, Dorthea Woods, Geneva Atchison, Charles O ' Neal, Dave Weaver Bottom row: Edgar Dunn, Thomas Lock, John Parish, Beverly Chompoux, Anita Baggott, Barbara Champoux, Kay Marion, Dorothy Hornboker, Lucille Clukui, Marilyn Creath, Dorothy Sherrord, Jean Monogon. Wallace McCurdy, Henry Funckes, Joe Ryker Baptist Student Fellowship Canterbury Episcopal Foundation Top row: Donald Snyder, Gerald Slusser. Alfred Gould, Jerrcl Harper, Thomas Nickell, Paul Traeumer Third row: James Sheeler, Ross Elliot, Dwight lund. Bob Ewing, Jerry Schwaiger, Neal McDyer, Karl Hanna, Laurence Young, Hubert Wollon Second row: Amos Corey, Major Gates, Alfred Moffetf, John Gregory, Horold Watson, Joseph Sharpe, Williom Penney, Jenneth Cutler Bottom row: Mary Shioharo, Vivion Johnson, Juonita Gilbert, Dolores Lopez, Father Ward, Deon Nes, Ruth Mead. Anita Crozier, Barbara Hill, Lois Willislon 403 Top row: tvolTfi Smith, Mugh Roi . Mary Lynn, Virginia Hempel, John McGhee, Cuane Glaitcock, Omor Sldebottom, Owen Brummet, Robert Adkisson, Herberl Kaiser, Annabclle Gordon, Bobbie Vest, Corol Reynord, Richord Wagoner Second row: Willo Whilton, Robert Wright, Ruth Kunkle, Rollin Mosher, Chorlotfe Wollace, Lawrence Bennett, Patricia Holt, Robert Schilson, Bernice Borcus, Stanley Tuttle, Dean Mosher Bottom row: Tommy Shepherd, Darrell Lynch, Harry Alvey, John Stall, James Whitcomb, Ernest Shiley, Donald Lamport, Bruce Mosher Illinois Disciples Foundation McKinley Foundation Top row: Jomes Hine, Gretchen Plagge, William Henderson, Ralph Spiekermon, Mary Ho rt well, Sheldon Bee her, Orcutt Frost, Joan Rapp, Jenni Second row: James Wolter, Chorlene Woodson, Betty Dean, Dorothy Hoys, Jean Hensold, David Cash, Patricio Williamson, Dorothy Lonham, Spencer, Roy Mauser, Mary Day, Arthur Price Bottom row: Phillip Watt, William Walt, Ivan Elliott, Jonet Taylor, William Biertaum, Jean Krieger, Donold Snavely, Jane Knox, Ellis Knox, Not in panel: Walter Baker, Franklin Rodgers, Robert Degenkold s Berry. Muriel Robert Plogge Patterson, lilo 404 Tap row: Donold Burgener, John McNoir, Herbert Sharp, Benjamin Rasmusen, Chorles Graham, William Corzine, Glenn loder Sscond row: Mary Murphy, William Hoover, Jomes McCurdy, Ellis Leighty, Harold Kieler, Dr. Paul Burl, Charles Jones, Albert Colt, Robert Trobough Bottom row: Virginia Covins, Ruth Medendorp, Weta Williams, Donna Peter, Marilyn Augspurger, Martha Corlisle, Mtmi Splndel, Joana Saylor, Jeon Witmon, Donold Stout Not in ponel: Dorlene Brodley, Estaline Ulmer, Robert Vest, Royce Hrnton, Jane Gothard Wesley Foundation Student Religious Council Top row: Dorothy Giese, Robert Wixam, Henry Straus, William Heckenboch, Robert Mann, Roger Bray, Pat Wenzel Second row: R. J. Mutti, Hobart Hinderliter, Jean Moore, Major Gates, Ellis Knox, Ben Rasmusen, Virginia Hempel, Thomas Shepherd, Bruc2 Mosher Bottom row: Amos Corey, Bobbie Vest, Virginia Goodwine, Dovid Weaver, Patricia WoMoce, Morttn Rosinski, Betty Dean, Forhang Jovid, Jone Knox CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS 406 407 John Westenhaver, Editor Edith WetU, Asslstont Editor The lllio Editorial Staff Judith Fletch, Assislont Editor Frejhmon-SophofTiore Ediforiol Slofl — Top row: Audrey Greenberg. Jonet Lipsky, Howard Hirsch, Charles Waters, William Soderstrum, William Buck, William Dixon, Oliver Drummond, John Youngs, Jean Middlemas, Virginia Polzin Fourth row: June Soley, Morllyn Weinstein, Shirley Cristil, Carole Porleman, Eunice Horwikh, Gloria Le Moire, Lois Binder, Gwen Sotterlee, Alice Pomeroy, Leslie Nixon, Kalhryn Clark, Joan Reeve, Elmo Miller, Gail Witch Third row: Phyllis Bereolos, Betty Wright, Marilyn Goodell, Beverly Spielberger, Gilda Gluskoler, Peggy Snyder, Elaine Rosenberg, Dottie McKinley, Kay Corson, Carol Nicholion, Joanne Oliver, Nancy Burnett Second row: Morilyn Creoth, Virginia Kraobel, Mary Jane Fouts, Evelyn Wahls, Joan Jenkins, Peggy Lewis, Anne Lyman, Morcella Jacobs, Pat Bowen, Joyne Dutter, Mary Nichols Bottom row: Janet Nesbitt, Davido Kartmon, Mary Marsh, Joan Benesch, Alice Allen, Jane Lawler, Glorio Kramer, Jeone Valentine, Phyllis Prust, Phyllis Roberts, Corol Polk, Martho Gosimonn Not in panel: Barbara Bunn, Richard Rodgers, Catherine Broun, Ginger Sullivon, Eleonor Fou cek, Carol Boumgordner, Borbara McKnight, Joan Nicholson, Jack Hem- wall, Leiofld Myers, Ceroid Mogee, Joanne Gere, Coroi Kirby, Gloria Kohn, Carol Thomas, Mortha Felsenfhal, Florence Cadwell, Myrna Hale, Donno Lyons, Lila Roieniweig 408 Ill Junior Edirors — Left to right: Irene Ther, Wayne Moore, Betty Bailey, Dorothy Sherrord, Barbara Brockmeier, Joan BergquisI, Jock McKinzie Under the guidance of John Westenhavcr, Editor, and Edith Wells and Judith Flesch, As- sistant Editors, the 1949 lllio has achieved its goal — a reflection of the various phases of life at the U. of I. Producing the lllio isn ' t the simple job which one examination of the book migh; indicate. The plans require long hours of v or!; before the lllio assumes its present form. Most of the routine work is done by members of the freshman and sophomore editorial staffs. These stafFs are under the supervision of Junior Editors who write copy, plan page layouts, and as- semble the book for the presses. The juniors are chosen by the senior Editors, who secure their positions by petition and interview by the Board of Control of the lllini Publishing Company. Junior Editors — Left to right: Ginevero Little, Floretla Adier, Dor- othy Peskind Art Stoff — Left to right: Robert Vogele, J. William Kennedy, Suzanne Haijelquijt, Herschel Warlik JA The lllio Business Staff Phyllii Skiles, Astiitont Business Manaser Top row: Frances Falcon, John Almburg, Evelyn Jansen, Tom Brown, Donald Whitlseth, Bob Howard, June Porter, John Buell Second row: Annabelle Etherton, Nancy Neckers, Naomi Streetor, Barbara Hall, Mary Evelyn Bane, Ann Simpson, Carolyn Knaur, Nancy Hudson, Garland Pires Bottom row: Phyllis Roberts, Emily McMunn, Joan Mendelson, Nino Westburg, Solly Roach, Mary Ann Halpin, Betty Kustner, Joyce Heoth, Mary Jane Brown, Diane DePree f-r ' , • ' d ;?rtV V ji? Am 10 Junior Business Managers — Left to right: Bill Teachout, Jim Countryman, Carol Venerable, Marion Scheineman, Mary Carlson Heading the Business Staff of the 1949 lllio is Bob Nelson, Business Manager, upon whom rests the responsibility for the financing of the yearbook. Ably assisting him are the assistant managers Mary Alice Bortsch and Phyllis Skiles. The Juniors in charge of the Sales Department are Jim Countryman and Carol Venerable whose work consists of the contact of the sales potentiality. Supervising the work of the Finance Department are Cathy Carlson and Gene Dale, who are charged with the monetary responsibilities of the lllio. Managing the Advertising Department are Lois Dean and Bill Teachout. Their duties are the solicita- tion of advertising and negotiation of advertising agreements. The Personnel Department, headed by Mohion Neol and Marian Scheineman, maintain sales and attendance records. The sophomore and freshman staffs perform the important work of selling the lllio and do general office work. Junior Business Managers — Left to richt; Genj Dole, Mohion Neal, Lois Deon I N E ILLIO . , 411 Right to left; Grover Hoff, Editor, First Semester; Ann Rees, Associate Editor; Bill Peeples, Editor, Secorxd Semester The Daily lllini In its seventy-eighth year, as in previous years, the Daily lllini is run by students — for students. As the major means of expression for faculty and student opinion the newspaper concentrates on campus news. All editors of the newspaper are selected by the board of control of the lllini Publishing Company, a non-profit cor- poration. The board is made up of four students and four faculty members. An extensive training program for new personnel is con- ducted by the editors. A secondary training cycle is conducted for those new staff members who have been advanced to positions of greater responsibility. Senior Editors — Top row: Jomes Kane, Joe Kulchin Bottom row: Bill Peeples, Ginger So r sen, Gordon Toy tor 412 Thomas Ferguson, Advisor; William Wolker, Business Manager, First Se- mester; James Grohom, Business Manager, Second Semester The Daily lllini Among other accomplishments, 1949 saw the lllini with an increased volume of display advertising. An increase in odvertising, which provides a large part of the income of a newspaper, is important to the entire paper. This increased business obtained by the hard work of the entire staff has served as an incentive to build a more efficient and hard- working organization and to produce a better paper for our readers. We on the Business Staff of the lllini feel that the experi- ence obtained from this activity is invaluable to student work- ers regardless of what vocational field they plan to enter. The qualities brought out by work on a student publication are those that will be valuable in any phase of life. We are proud of our part in helping to keep THE DAILY ILLINI operat- ing as a newspaper written by, for, and about students. Assistant Business Managers — Left to right: Loura Biozer, Dorothy Carmichoel, Bill Wolker, Business Manager; Marilyn James, Horry Miles, Joan Hasty, John Komore Daily lllini Sports Staff For your reading pleasure, The Daily lllini sports staff covers all University sports ably and accur- ately. Increased coverage has been given both varsity football and intramural football because of the increased interest in both sports. Sports Editor Phil Jeffries and Assistant Editor Al Hall heeded the staff for the fall semester of 1948-1949. Two separate staffs among the sports writers covered the various events; one group was devoted to writing about intramural sports while the second covered all other sports. Although the staff was perhaps a bit smaller than those of the previous two years, it suffered little from having fewer writers. The paper was fortunate in having a backlog of experienced sports reporters and desk men at the start of the semester, as few of last year ' s staff failed to re- turn this year. The sports staff looks back on last year as a banner year for sports and sports writing, and at the same time it looks forward to another great year this fall. Phif Jeffries, Sports Editor; Al Hall, Assistont Sports Editor Doily lllini Sports Stoff — Top row, left to right: Rolph Johnson, Al Holl, Ed Wilks, Honk Ponleithner, Bob Novak, Al Schroeder, Charles Goldman, Dianne Verry Bottom row: Phillip Jeffries, Bill Schroeder, Dan Boer, Jerry Wynn, Leo Guttman, Roger Hance I P Pt y K y. ' " T-- 414 • ' 34 Junior Business Managers — Top tow: Normo Jfon fruaeot, Stan Kolker, Jone Schwartz, Barbara Christionsen, Al Goutd, Chuck Sccondino, Jonet Birch, Jim Grohom Bottom row: louise Hodam, Bcrno Swedberg, Pol Kimler, Betty Cloycomb, Bob McBrlde, Nancy O Neil Editorial and Sports Copy Staff — Top row: James Rooker, Bob Dovis, Herb Weiss, Roy Vo.i Busk rk, Garland Fritis, Roy Luken, Bill Thrasher Third row: Leo Gutmcnn, Marlho Gorling, Morris Bescholoss, Joonne Hindmorsh, June Schweizer, Borbaro Williams, 6 11 Schroeder Second row: Joon Peoples, Mel Holdon, Dolores Campen, Curtis Koufman, Joe Murphy, Corol Dinsdole, Honk Ponleilhner, Valerie Vance Bottom row: Hope Reeve Roberts, Corolyn Dunk. OI90 Golosinec, Gene Piazza, Mar- jorie Harrison, Irmo Schickedonz, Marlho N. Allen Not in ponel: Hollen Hyndinan, Robert Wollbrinck, Lynn Summer, Mildred Sterzlk. Bruce Bolch, Marilyn Gordner, Mel Gorbor, Nancy Borretl, Mary Ann Weeks, Norma Press, Vol Press, Howard Alper, Bud Anthony, Bob Fennelly, Dorothy loyd, Evelyn Pildes. Jack Ryan, Robert Wilbert, Jock Merlo Froihmon-Sophomorc l, .. - ' - ■ ' ' -.- - ' -h to right: Jim Roo ci, tob Du..s, Hci b Wdi, Ko, VonBuikwk, Garlond Fnlti, Ra L«m», £,... Ilitoi!. j. Third rowi Leo Gulmonn, Martha Oarling, Morrit BQichloii, Joan Hindmorsh, June Schweizer, Barboro Witlioms, Bill Schrocder S« ' .ond rowi Joon Pecplei, Mel Holden, Dee Campen, Cortij Koufmon, Joe Murphy, Carol Dinidole, Henry Ponleif hner, Valerie Vonce Bollom row; Hope Reeve-Roberti, Carolyn Dunk, Olgo Golosinec, Gene Piazza, Morjorie Morrison, Irma Schickedanz, Martho Allen Frcihman-Sophomore Buiioeii Sioff — Top row, left to right: Louise Hodom, Emma WotdschmidI, Hale Newcomer, Don Miller, Carl Gorchom, Chuck Secondino. Mory Jenkins, Pal Riley Bottom rowi Nancy Denes, Emmo Marie Giachettio, Rita Arnold, Dione Wiborg, Joanne Salberg, Loura Lamb, Corol Fries 416 Publications Views The newspaper lock-up - . - i ii mini Publishing Company The mini Publishing Company is a non-com- mercial corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of print- ing, publishing, and distributing all official stu- dent publications. Management of the corporation is vest ed in a board of directors whose membership consists of four faculty members and four students, all of whom must serve without compensation. The students are elected by the board from a group of nominees submitted by the Student Senate. These members serve for two-year terms. Fac- ulty members are appointed by the President of the University of Illinois upon recommendation by the Dean of Students. These members serve four-year terms, none of which run concurrently. Publications published by the company at the present time are: The Daily lllini, newspaper; The Illinois Agriculturist, magazine published for the students in the College of Agriculture; The lllio, yearbook; and The Illinois Techno- graph, magazine published for the students in the College of Engineering. Cecil Moyor, Chairman Donald Hoebel, Manager BOARD — left to right: Professor Jessie Heothman, Professor Wilbur Schramm, Professor M. D. Siel, Professor C. A. Moyer, John M. Jones, Miss Barbara Keepers, Miss Nancy Wilson Not in panel: Miss Terry Fey n ;; » ' kV 418 Photographic Staff To the lllio photographic staff falls the job each year of supplying the editors of the yearbook with new, interesting pictures to help make the lllio one of the finest college annuals. Undc r the direction of Jack Stumpf and Bill Blankenberg, the staff began its work the first week of school and con- tinued with increosing tempo until the proofs, copy, and photographs were sent to the engravers. There is as much competition among the mem- bers of the staff to make a fine photograph as among reporters to scoop their rival paper. Be- cause of this feeling of friendly rivalry among the group, it is felt thot a better yearbook with finer illustrations is possible. When the lost picture is snapped and the lllio finally goes to press, there is a true feeling that the photographic staff has done its best to make the lllio a book that truly represents life at the University of Illinois. Senior Phorographers: Jock Stutnpf, Bill Blankenberg Photographic Staff: Jock Chondler, Eci West, Felix Ou, Jock McGlone, Stan Holden, Ralph Zuccorelto Wolter Plozo, Mary Lou Perkins, Gene Hoodley Not in panel: Bill Mutter ' . il-C ' . 1 ' Edwin Witorl, Editor; Stanley Dlancnd, Business Manager The Technograph This year mariced the 64th year of publication of the " Illinois Technograph, " the student pub- lication of the College of Engineering. The " Technograph " is published each month of the school year and presents feature articles of technical and semi-technical nature, the iatesf in new devel opments, personalities of professors and students, and other items of interest to stu- dent engineers. The " Technograph " was awarded first, sec- ond, and third prizes for best magazine for local news, for editorials, and for best all-around magazine, respectively, and received honorable mention in five other awards. This year ' s staff of the " Technograph, " with its three faculty advisers, Mr. J. A. Henry, Mr. A. R. Knight, and Mr. L. A. Rose, is credited with having published the largest monthly issue of the magazine since its inception. Top row: Edwin Wllorl, Dale Gloii, Geo(ge Kvilck. Wilfotd Shurllcff. Phillip Doll, leonord lodof Second row: William Slohl, Melvin Reiter, George Ricker, Clarence McClymonds, Bruce Brown, Richard Smith, Glenn Massie Bottom row: Iro Evani, Henry Kohn, William Soderstrum, Donald Johnion, Alfrec ' o Mollorey, Fred Seavey, Roy Houser, Homer Kipling, Avery Hevesh Not in ponel: Stanley Diamond, Kenneth McOwon, Arthur Drejhfleld, Jomci Ephcrove, George Heck, Jomes locco, Robert Lawrence, Ed Lozono, Consuelo Minnich, Shirley Smith, Richord Ames, William Anderson, Raymond Harris, Richard Stevens, Ronald Trcnse Top row: Lyie Toepke, Donold Erlckson, Gtyndon StufF, Ronald Elliott. Robert Hulrs, Jesse Dowell, Ellery Knake, Russell Lewey, John Aibrecht, Robert Hemo Second row: John Linsner, Horoid Hordin. KennDtS Goodrich Hobort Hind " rliter, Poul Vogen, Herbert Snook, Lyie Schertz, Merwyn Lindstrom, George Curtis Bottom row: Rosemory Archibold, Roberta Smith, Mary McPherson, Dorothy Giese, Minerva Roe, Betty Braden, Gildo Gleim, Koreen Kropf, Louise Hodom Not in panel: Ralph Williams, John Bingham, James Barron, Robert Hotbert, James Dunn, Malcolm Whipple, Edward Ouvick, Robert Henninger, Ross Hoitetter, James Stokes, Leonard Krusemork, Orville Sauder, Carroll Doll, Rosemary Shepherd. Miriam Wrigle , Fcrrey Clay The Agriculturist The Illinois Agriculturist is the magazine of the students in Agriculture and Home Economics. Published six times yearly, its four-fold pur- pose is: To acquaint students and faculty with the latest scientific developments in agriculture and home economics. To report events of general interest on the College of Agriculture campus. To promote the best interests of agricultural and home economics students on the campus of the University of Illinois. To serve as a means of training agricultural and home economics students in journalism and business administration. This year ' s staff is directed by Harold Guither, Editor; Meta Marie Keller, Women ' s Editor; and George D. Johnson, Business Manager. Left to right: George Jotinson, Business Manager; tHorold Guiltier, Editor; Mc ' o Morie Keller. Woman ' s Editor 421 STAGE AND CONCERT ' « - - -- « :r -5 e ' " - -ty r. - ' T» 422 in MM 423 Theatre Guild The mini Theatre Guild is composed of three foculty members representing the university and the Faculty Players ' Club, and five student mem- bers representing crev managers, associate managers, Mask and Bauble, Pierrots, and Arepo. The general manager of the Guild serves as chairman of the Board. mini Theatre Guild offers valuable educa- tional experience in a v ide variety of campus theatrical events; Guild Workshops offer par- ticipation in dance dramas, play-v riting, and student-directed plays. ThMln Guild Prol.iilonol Sloff — Top row, lefl to right: Ned Dotiahoe, Joseph Scott, Ruth Honknor, ludwig Zirnor, Willlom Johnson Bottom row: Bornord Hewitt, Mory Homrighoul, Genevieve Richordson, Luclllo Holl Wesley Swonson Theoire Guild Boord — left to right: Virginio Stoworl, Jcck Pihl, Pft Towers, Comeron Gollolte, Donno Jo Selleg, Karl Wolloce, SjrannD love. Col Hugy Not in ponel; Abner Kntghi 424 ■MMflMI Student Staff Managers — Top row: Jack PittI, Alice Kennedy. Francei Brahana, Fred Vaelpel Bottom row; Jean Creighton, Marjory Halvorten. Borbara Seymour, Carolyn Norditrom, Pat Towerf, Mary Ann Stout, Mory Gliifon Aisociote Managers — Top row: Lois Dean, Virginio Stewart, Beverly Asplund, Robert Mollory, George Homlin, Geilel Winakor, Glorio Fletcher, Joy Bellows Third row; Martha Firebough, Sosh Igler Second row; Helen Pletch, Darlene Bradley. Sylvio Andrews. Alice Ross, George Minor. Nathalie Furst, Jo An Markee Bottom row: June Branding, Shirley Bell, Shirley Gloger, Carol Jocobs, Gerry Schromm The mini Theatre Guild ' s managerial system is composed of the following positions: a general manager, a general workshop manager, eleven general crew managers, a group of associate managers, and a group of assistant managers. A production crew manager is appointed from the associate managers for each production and for each of the several crews. Managers and crew members serve on difFerent crews for every other production. 425 Theatre Guild f ' l -i ' -i: ' m B Cotlume fltllng PolnlinQ on iloo Mixing the paint The Globe Theatre 426 In the workshop Scenery pointing 427 Theatre Guild The Duchvit of Malfi 428 The Maid oi M irrcii " Yeomen cf the Cuord ' And Vou Ciy Alone " Ah, Wildernett ' 429 Top row: Morlho Firebough, Carolyn Nsrdiifom, Glorio Flctcf-er, Jock Pihl. Paul Marion, Janice MiCoon, Pat T ' -w r Ssc nd row- Fran Brabona, Susis Love, Jcon Creighton, B-)b Mallary, AHce Kenredy, June Branding, Mary Ann Sfoul, Ruth Hockmon Bottom row: Jo Ann Dillavou, Corol Jacobs, Morge Coraliki, Sue Dorris, Gloria Davis, Mary Fronces Glisson, Miss Allen Arepo Mask and Bauble Top row: Martha Firebaugh, Swede Scholer, Jock Pihl, Charles McLaughlin, Lois Dean, Worwick Brow.i, Nancy Schmcling Third row: Bob Mallary, Carolyn Nordstrom, Gloria Fletcher, Janice McConn, Pat T-v , .. i, Second row: Patricia Champion, Beverly Asptund, Virginia Stewart, Alice Kennedy, Mary Ann Stout, Gerry Schremm, June Branding, John Flanigan Bottom row: Joan Croighlon, Carol Jacobs, Marge Gorolski, Gloria Davis, Mory Fronces Glisson, Helen Pletch Hildrcd Lucus I M.= 43( Top o- Jliv Ho-nl.k, Fred Voeipel, Jock Pihl, Robert Wiedrich, Bruce Youle Second ow; Maury Bolson, Robert Cushmon, George Minor, Chorles McLougSlIn, Oavid Woodward, Robert Lorgen, Morton Rozowsky Bottom row: Robert Mollory, Wesley Swonson, Ted Eiien, Kent Westrote, Elmer Scholer, Col Hugy, Miles Byeri, John Flanagan Pierrots National Collegiate Players Top row: Williom Adorns, Phillip Sprodling, Joseph Scot I, JoAnn Perring, Karl WinH »5Soim , William Johnson, Joyne Heller, Wesley Swonson Bottom TOW: Genevieve Richardson, Loreno Ross, John Desmond. Charles McLough in, Donno S«llig, John Cushmon, Lucilla Hall. Mory Homrighous Not in panel: Elmer Scheler, Mory louchner Tr - 1 1 k l It 1 A L i] H Top row: Morilyn Petterson, Karin Clofford, Ho re I Meeri, Ann Rockwell, Trudy Gerfni Second row; Roger Eckert, Dan Stouf, Joann Holt, Corol Reynard, Sue Oorris, Janet Fults, Gloria Fletcher, Joseph Gauger, Alfred Koelling Bottom row: Peter Eckert, Richard Litterst, Horvey Sloughter, Jon Honn, Barbara Given, Joan Oppeit, Professor Robert Commandoy, conductor; Elviro Vigna, Marilyn Weinstein. Virginio Dickenson, Robert Vinsec, Marlon Stone, Richard Naotz A Cappella Choir Robert Commandoy, Director The University A Cappella Choir, under Pro- fessor Robert Commandoy, prepares and pre- sents music from the wide repertory of sacred and secular works for small chorus. For the second semester, ten additional sing- ers were admitted to the original group. The popularity of unaccompanied singing for mixed voices as encouraged by the Choir led to the for- mation of two separate madrigal groups which sang on the radio and in concert. Its first appearance this year was at a benefit concert for the blind for which the Choir sang works by Brahms, and Purcell, and accompanied Professor Bruce Foote in a work by Ralph Vaughan-Williams. The major performances this year, included the Annual Christmas Choral Con- cert at which it sang a group of unusual Christ- mas Carols, and the Contemporary Arts Festival in March, during which the Choir sang a work composed for the Festival by Normand Lock- wood. 432 The University Chorus, the oldest musical or gonization on the campus — materially en- larged the scope of its activity during the past year. The Annual Christmas Choral Concert, was performed this year on December 12, and fea- tured the newly-robed Chorus under the new Choral Director, Robert Paul Commanday. The first half of Bach ' s " Christmas Oratorio " was performed. A special orchestra, with Professor Paul Pettinga, Chorus accompanist, at the harp- sichord assisted. Two hundred members of the other choral groups, sitting in the balconies, joined in the singing of several of the chorales. The Contemporary Arts Festival, in March, disclosed the University Chorus in greatly aug- mented membership singing Randall Thompson ' s " The Peaceable Kingdom. " The Spring Concert, May 15, presented the Chorus and Orchestra in the Brahms " German Requiem, " conducted by John N. Kuypers, Director of the University School of Music. Robert Commanday, Director University Ciiorus Top row: Evelyn Bone, Phyllis Anouitz, Jonis Wilson, Barbara Shaffer, Carmen Stelzriede, Borbora Grumley, Julio Sherer, Richord Cromer, Albert Lundgren, Wesley Stelzriede, Donold Wanderer, Thomos Gleason, Groce Balozs, Doris Wiltle, Janice Clark, Ruth Treen, Stella Frank, Louise Leonard, Jonet Peterson Fourth row: Joan Hallstead, Amy Fuhrberg, Jonet Von Metre, Juonita Davis, Ruth Pierle, Doris Fuhrberg, Elvin Warrick, Robert Myers, Lawrence Drone, Chorlei Ayers, Lothor Geipel, Haltie Winfield, Helen Wroten, Eulah Burton, Jean Wilson, Jone Wolf, Mary Anne Holpin, Sylvia Friedman, Elvira Vigno Third row: Mary Evelyn Good, Virginia Strothman, Lucille Rudolph, May Messman, Ann Porker, Margaret Sapp, Harold Wisneski, Robert Kidder, Victor Schocken, Chris Johansen, Elaine Vogt, Leota Petty, Ellen Dempsey, Borbora Hill, Carol Honey, Jeon Belt, Jean Corr Second row; Sue Corr, Helen Cootes, Jeon Webster, Leono Shofer, Dolores Lowe, Lloyd Medonsky, Alfred Koelling, Royal Synwolt, Gordon Knibbs, Thomos Krigboum, Mortho Morgon, Jane Kunkle, Mary Francis Carter, Barbara Isenberger, Borbora Honno, Joan La tow sky, Patricia Currcn, Suzanne Kurrus Bottom row: Mildred Novosel, Morjorie Blevins, Mrs. Thomas Merlo, Florence Heckert, WlHicm Reeser, Joy Allen, Lloyd Mann, John Funk, Merle Mllligon, Rilo KeufTner, Barbara Sfeworf, Jeonne Rodems, Mary Jane Carrie, Mory Jone Ben scoter 433 1:,. ro- Note Brenner. WIH.o- K- ' -q.r. -..T-n.-th V.oore. Wllllom Gfiffith, Georj- Wnlker, Jomes Lane, Carl Carter, Ronold Mensen, Harley O ' son, Malcolm Whipple, Joy Hornick, Douglot Weilzei, John Regnell, Pete Oetjen, Stonley Spaeth, V illiam Alloway, Philip Ruby, Jim Hunt, Oonold Stout Third row: Mo ion Bit linger, Chorles Connor, Thomos Moore, Darrell KMnk, Choi ies Fin ley, Robert Jeffries, Harry Lash, John Morris, Ellis Knox, Robert Downey, Bill Corzine, Bob Brown, John KoHvodo, Ralph Silbermon, Robert Livingston, Glenn Neusch wander, Ed Creek Second row: Donald Duvick, Robert Wilkinson, William Ey go brood, Donald Neumann, Andrew White, Jack Run yon, James Porlimon, Johri Divilbiss, Chorles Turner, Frank Slockstill, Ceroid Sedgwick, Henry Neumann, James O ' Neal, Robert Block, Don Dickey, Thomas Wellmon Bottom row: Bob Root, Richard Clark, Ed Souor, Williom Morion, Lawrence Freedlund, Rodney Miller, Cormen Potter, Russell Pugh, Pianist, Wilbur Hoel, Director, Reginald Fischer, Robert Hedgcock, Earl Wood, Daniel Perrino, Stephen lombdin, Harold Lewis, Warren Schuetz, John Vick Not in ponel: Richard Gollowoy, Jomes Schrodt, Art Hecker, Stonley Iverson, Raymond Render, Horlon Stone, John Leslie, Donald Cote Men ' s Glee Club Singing IllinaC: Joan Holt, Mary Whom, Jeanne Ann Carr, Wilbur J. Hoel, Director of Men ' s Glee Club; Sue Corol Carr, Janice Abels, Janice Honn The " Singing lllini " as the group is now called, is one of the more prominent mu- sical groups on the Illinois campus. The Men ' s Glee Club has always been active in Freshman Welcomes, in Pep Rallies, in University Sings, and in many special appearances throughout the school year. Besides their anitual Christmas concert and Spring concert, the Club took a mid- semester concert tour appearing at University of Illinois Alumni Groups in all parts of Illinois. In December the " Singing lllini " became the first group to entertain Fred Waring and the " Penn- sylvanions " musically at a smoker held in honor of the visitors after their Thursday night broad- cast from the University Auditorium. The ad- dition of the six " Singing lllinae, " novelty num- bers, and many new arrangements formed a superb combination that well deserved the praise forthcoming at the end of a successful concert year. 434 The Women ' s Glee Club, founded fifty-four years ago, was reorganized under Professor Robert Commanday ' s direction in September. Embarking upon an ambitious program to sing unusual music from the women ' s chorus repertory, the Women ' s Glee Club participated in the Theatre Guild-School of Music perform once of Gustav Hoist ' s Savifri. This was one of the first productions in this country of Hoist ' s opera, a work distinguished in its striking dra- matic appeal, which was underlined by the ac- companiment of the ofF-stage women ' s voices. Its next appearance featured Benjamin Britten ' s " Ceremony of Carols " assisted by Miss Joanne Gill, harpist, with a solo by the club president. Miss Mary Jackson. These carols were performed at the Annual Christmas Choral Concert, for the Tuesday Tea and Newcomer ' s Club and re- corded for radio broadcast. In the second semester, the Women ' s Glee Club sang in the Contemporary Arts Festival, and in a Spring Concert, in addition to concerts outside the University. Robert Commonday, Director Women ' s Glee Club Top row: Borbaro Grumley, lorene Younglove, Jonet Von Motre, Jane Frost, Mary Evelyn Good, Ann Porker, Jone Kunkle, Joyonne Blount, Willedolte Brix, Ann Lavender, Elaine Vogt, Barbara Isenberger, Rita Bergfield, Virginia Dickinson, Corol Reynard Bottom row: Trudy Germi, Edith Mitchell, Harriet Krieg, Corolyn Clark, Marilyn Howard, Mary Ellen Rubnitz, Betty Schwab, Professor Robert Commonday, Elizabeth Lyman, Marino Bodgett, Gwen Neubouer, Jean Wilk, Doris Evans, Dulcena Purvis, Mary Jackson 435 u tmt u ri iM :}r mmr i jj 1 c) n o r n r n O Evelyn Blackman Fourth row: Elizobelh Westwotcr, Sofoh Clork, Marilyn White, Jeon Cox, Norma Hill, Jeanne Fisherkeller, Carol Paltersen, Margaret Hanie, Glori Boldry, Lucile Allen, Eleonor Deffley, Noncy Delaplane Third row: Mildred Strong, Suzanne Wood, Shirley Gtesicke, Mary Roberts, Mildred Unzicker, Patricio Stenwick, Patricia Dowling, Shirley Lundberg, Jonel Show, Betty Bailey, Nancy VotlTOth, Eutoh Burton, Grace Lai tola, Claris Ritter Second row: Arthur Scott, Roy Pierobon, Williom Corrie, George McGinn, Donotd Nelson, Kenneth Macdonald, Albert Lundgren, Robert Fellows, Fischer, Dovid Pyle, John Severns, Donald Janssen, James Clark, Byron Fortney, Ramon Brinkman Bottom row: Morion Wilion, Elido Zetz, Marie Hill, Joy Allen, conductor; Louise Kendrick, Jock Neuhaus, accompanist The Choristers Deloris Suhr. Orphan, Joan Elaine Wilson, Joe Frey, Fred The Choristers of the University of Illinois make up a chorus of ninety voices. This chorus v os organized for the first time under the direc- tion of Professor Jay Allen in the fall of 1948. The planning of the organization was perfected by Professor Robert Commanday, the supervisor of all choral activities in the School of Music, as a group in v hich singers can gain valuable ex- perience in choral singing and in sight reading. This experience can be used especially as prep- aration for the entrance into the more ambitious groups, such as A Cappella Choir, and the Uni- versity Chorus. Membership is not limited to in- experienced singers only, however, but is open to university and community residents alike. Re- hearsals of the group are held on Wednesdays at 6:55 P.M. and the first concert of the season was given jointly by the Choristers with the Repertory Orchestra on January 9, 1948. The repertoire of the organization covers fine choral music in many styles. 436 The eighty-five piece University Orchestra of the University of Illinois is conducted by John M. Kuypers, director of the School of Music. Membership is open to all qualified students in the University and to residents of the commu- nity as well as to students and faculty of the School of Music. This orchestra presents several concerts each year, including a performance during the Con- temporary Arts Festival. Members of the or- chestra have also played under the direction of the University choral director with the University Chorus. The repertoire of the University Orchestra con- sists of standard symphonic works, including contemporary works as well as classic. This year, due to the enlarging of the Smith Recital Hall stage, it has been possible to augment the orchestra by some fifteen players. John M. Kuypers, Conductor University Orcliestra First violins: Poul Rollond, Concerlmeisrer, Sidney Drell, Borbara Garvey, Florence Goldman, Arthyr Irion, Lois Irion, William Kroy, Marvin Mutchnitc, Homof Schmill, Robert Snyder, Judy Tucker, Morris Urkov, Martha Wendt. Second violins: Esther Coretz, Elaine Fronkel, Bernord Goodman, J. E. Huletl. John Jahnke, Herbert Kubitschek, Oskor Kubitz, Wolfgang Kuhn, Walter Roosa, Mary Eloine Smith, Richord Snyder, Rosemary Tooley, Gilbert WoNer. Violas: John Garvey, Anne Heil- kotter. Robert Kelly, Eleanor Kitch, Robert Oppelt, Austin Ranney, Eugene Weigel, Ludwig Zirner. Cellos: Yvonne Aldridge, George Hunter, Audine Long, Dorothy Lurdgren, Jean Morion, Louis Poller, Gerald Snyder, Margaret Sullivan, Robert Swensen. Basset: Phyllis Edv ards, Donald Ekberl, Grace Sexlon, William Weeks. Flutes: Earl Flanagan, Nora Groham, Margaret Robbins, Patricio Rush. Oboes : Alvin Etier, Aoron Graham, Jerome Koplon, Fronk Stockstill. Clorinelt: Horry Gille, Warren Lull, Keith McCarty, Austin McDov eU. Horns: Marvin Howe, William Michoels, Marvin Secord, Poul Vonce. Bassoons: Ruth Doelling, Mory Frances Jomes, Donald Mason, Russell Pugh. Trumpets: Peter Eckert, John Hoynie, Leroy Kirsh. Trombones: Robert Simmegren, Lyman Slorr, David Tucker. Tuba: Richard Littersl. Percussion: Wallace Jobusch, Paul Morion. Harp: Joanne Gill. Librarian: Judy Tucker. Personnel monager: Wilbur Noel 437 » __: A - , Top row: Myron Winer, George Wright, William Hug, Thomas Bickel, Myles Hymon, Jacob Fochs Fourth row: Earl Wochtel, Williom Heise, William Rehm, Fred Moxwell, Frances McCown, Jerry Krumbholz, Charles Schuster, Donald Davis, Ronald Meier, lowrence Vromon, Maurice Workman, Richord Nolond, Jock Ronchetto, Edgar lundeen, Duone Stiehr, Robert Wollace, Melvin Ghighi, Elden Oyen, Daniel Forrest, Paul Scharfenberg, Charles Garrison, Robert Rosendole, Harold Yung, Chorles Martin, Gordon Hoerner, James Young, LeRoy Duncan, Byron Windsor Third row: Jomet Bright, Joon Norris, Fred Cleer, Georgio Bushnell, Charles Groham, Allison Augur, David Johnson, Harry Von Huben, Louis Bernardoni, Burton Kat2, Donald Anderson, Gerald Cholcraft, George Logan, Richard Swoiskin, Fronk Warrick, Wayne Sochtleben, Donald Houpt, Ronald Wingote, Thomas Moyfield, Howard Sondlund, Wiltord Beckenholdt Second row: Richard Wood, Dean Vonder Stoep, G. Merrill Davis, Charles MetcalF, Thomas Jones, Shcron Boss, Stonley Thomas, Richard Kumpf, Leon Schnepper, Glenn Tolmon, John Cole, Byron Myhre, William Zlegler, Robert Swermon, Arnold Williams, Robert Seifert, Alcn Chase, Dorothy Dovies Bottom row: John Swickord, Howard Stone, James Robinson, Victor Buhrke, Betty Rosen, Robert Webb, Barbara Mouritsen, Robert Brotherton, Robert Jefferis, Neil HItvely First Regimental Band Everett KIsinger, Diredor Ar ' " ' " The First Regimental Band is conducted by W ' Everett D. Kisinger, new Assistant Director of Bands. The purpose of the First Regimental Band is tvi ofold. First, it serves as a training unit for the Concert Band and supplies the replacements for the graduating members of the Concert Band. Second, it serves as a nucleus of the world famous lllini Football Band. The members of the First Regimental Bond have a rich and varied musical experience in this organization. From the marching routines of the fall, this Band turns into a fine concert organization the re- mainder of the school year. At the Annual Band Clinic, the First Regimental Band played a two hour concert of new band materials. A formal concert was given in the early spring, and the Band also participated in the Twilight Concerts and in broadcasts over radio station WILL. Mem- bers of the Band received advanced training through special sectional rehearsals. :s. i J f 438 The Second Regimental Band, which is con- ducted by Lyman A. Starr, is an integral part of the University of Illinois Bands. It is divided into two sections, A and B. Serving as training units for the First Regimental and Concert Bands, they perform a variety of duties in connection with the Department ' s work. The members, who are predominantly freshmen and sophomores, take band in lieu of Military Training and receive the same amount of credit as Basic R.O.T.C. stu- dents. Each year several members are selected for participation in the Football Band. During the 1948 football season, the combined Second Regimental Bands performed with the Football Band at the Army and Ohio games. One of the contributions of this group in which its members take great pride, is the promotion of the tra- ditional mini spirit at Pep Rallies. Other activities include furnishing music for military ceremonies, performing new music pub- lications at the Annual Band Clinic and present- ing an annual formal concert during the Twilight series after Easter. Lyman Storr, Direclttf Second Regimental Band Bottom row; John Weddle, Roland Joffe, Gene Spiekermon, James Bledsoe, Willord Price, Alon Hollene. William Schroeder, Richard Smith, Arlhyr Con, Jomei Myert. Dovid Longebortel, Albert Grovenhortt, Ray Hauler, David Cash, Dale Scott, Robert Holmes, Maurice Buddemeir Second row: Robert Glossop, loren Anderson, Glenn Harms, Fred Perlman, Lawrence Abrams, Howard Alper, Arthur Seilz, Charles Noble, William Monn, Charl«t O ' Neal, Charles Ayeri, Kendall Honks. Glenn loder. George Walker, Richord Skinner, John Apponoitas, Robert Gond, Andrew Droke Third row: Maurice Bolson, Sheldon Frank, Malcolm Kindig, Kenneth Wolfer, Tom Wilson, Duone DeColo, Kenneth Gronerl, Richord Fenner, Moriholl Schroeder, Leonard Kravels, Ronold Elliott, Wallace Clark, Dean Miller, Randall Mann, Carl Carter, Gerald GifRn, John Molone. Warren Wright Fourth row: George Reynolds, Norman Schmttt, Richard Shellmon, Thore Edgren, Richard Williams, Doncid Brown, Ernest Reorion, Dole Dickinson, John McCleHon, John Melzger, George Williams, Lowrence Gnagey, Loren Smith, William Koch, Jot.n Jackson, Clarence Ruthe, Otto Bouc. Deon Poulsmeyer, Merrill Otiwein Fifth row: Chorles Shepherd, Donald Sutherland, Alfred Tunnell, Erwin Dorr, Emerson Winemon, Alfred Swendson, Robert Rich, David Schoenrock. Wayne Richards, Harlan Anderson, Jack Biggers, George Ziskind, Fred Kerr, Philip Tr imble, Georgo HoUey, John Waters, Williom Holey, Robert Bailey. Morion Mazur Top row: Robert Foley, Ed word Brooks, Harold Ray, John Bierdeman, James Schaefer, John Slimmer, Sherwood Koins, Charles Gordon, Clifford Potfs, Robert Smith, Ceroid Stuff Concert Band Concert Band Personnel Mark H. Hindiley. Dir«cfor Robert Adorns Dorofhy Albert Morton Albert Theodore Bayler Melvin Beagle Eorle Bell Kenneth Bensen Elizabeth Bond George Brewer John Brophy Elhel Brown Joe Brown Allan Corpenter Oathur Carpenter Vincent Chorne Dale Collins Jean Cook Ralph Crago Joseph Curotilo James Oovidson John Doring Walter Oudo Peter Eckerl Morsholl Erickson Jomot Elter Earl Flanagan Coosor Cianoti Horry Gille Borbora Given Stanwood Crifflih John Cuie John Hoynie Harold Hindsley Marilyn Hindsley Alyce Hitler James Hobbs John Holl Marvin Howe Fred Hubbell Mary James Robert Jeffries Walloce Jobusch Alden Josey Edward Kolb Richard Komm William Killian Leroy Kirsch Chorles Kritzer Stephen lombdin Edgar Landrey Theodore Lango Carl Leoch Jeanne Leoder Donald Lewis Eugene Loftiss Worren Lutz Darroll McCarty Charles McFodden Dorothy McKinley Donold Maion Hugo Melvoin Edna Michael Williom Michaol Ted Mikito Robert Niblack Von Nicolot Kenneth Olson Doniel Perrino Eva Prymucki Rusself Pugh Donald Rohn John Reilly Morgaret Robbins John Ross James Russell Donald Schnepper Warren Schuetz Clarence Schultz Grace Sexton Hoskell Sexton William Show Ray Showl Dorothy Sherrord Robert Simmergren Sidney Sosin Wesley Stelzriede Frank Stockstill Edwin Stone Robert Summers Royal Synwolt Norma Tedford Rosi Tiluj John Trumbull Dovid Tucker Paul Vance Walter Volkmonn Harry Word Robert Webb Richord We«rti Robert Weihrouch Normon Werner Randall West David Wise Williom Woods 440 The lllini Football Band Is world renowned as one of the largest marching, playing, and sing- ing organizations of its kind. The Football Band was taken over at mid-season by Everett D. Kis- inger, after fourteen very successful years under the direction of Mark H. Hindsley. The school year was hardly started before the band gave one of its most outstanding performances at the Army game, the last home game performance under the direction of Mr. Hindsley. The follow- ing week the Marching Band went to Minne- apolis for the Minnesota-Illinois game. Out- standing among the many formations presented were the " Cannon and Shells " at the Army game, the United Nations Sequence at the Pur- due game, the " State of Iowa with the rolling Mississippi River " at the Iowa game, and the special homecoming performance honoring Dr. A. A. Harding. The Football Band membership is made up of men from the Concert and First Regimental Bands and selected members of the Second Regimental Band. For special occasions, the remainder of the Second Regimental Band augmented the Marching Band to bring the total number to 255 members. Everett Kistnger, Director Football Band Bond Formation at Homecoming, 1 948 -U-isiaL --- «» - f- 441 Bufto Flehariy, Co-Monoger Alice Profrock, Co-Monager Star Course Sponsored and controlled by the University Concert and Entertainment Board, the Star Course brings the outstanding entertainment of leading contemporary musicians to the campus. It is the responsibility of the board to make final decisions about the selection of artists and to supervise the appointment of staff members. Alice Profrock and Burta Fleharty are the two senior directors who work with the University Concert and Entertainment Board. They act as the co-managers of the Star Course. Alice Pro- frock is the financial manager and Burta Fle- harty, as personnel manager, is in charge of di- recting the office staf f. The Univeriify Concert ond Entertainment Boord — Top row: Robert Root, Profestor Duone Bronigon, Professor Pembroke Browr , John Wood Bottom row; Charles DeLong, Annette McAdom, Professor George Clark, Richard Lawler, Alice Profrock, Donald Dickason, Burta Fleharty 1 442 Ji.» Junior Monoge ' S; Dove Cunningham, Sieve French, Ann Luiz, Mary Howord, Bob Hahn Junior managers are chosen by the University and Concert Entertainment Board on the basis of their scholarship and their work as members of the sophomore stafF. They perform such duties as the keeping of Star Course accounts, supervision of ticket sales, arranging for publicity, the mainte- nance of routine correspondence, entertainment for the artists, and assignment and supervision of sophomore ushers for all Star Course perform- ances. The sophomore managers do office work in addition to selling concert tickets and ushering for all Star Course performances. They are chosen by the board and the senior managers on the basis of their freshman activities, their scholarship, and interest in Star Course. Office hours for sophomore managers lee Cadwelt, Herb McCurdy, Grace Horlman 443 Stor Court Sophomore Monogert — Top row; Gloria Kromer, Lynn Horshey, Elizobelh Carmkhoel, Dorofhy McKinley, George Duensing, Robert Rosendole, WIMiam Becion, Waller Deuchler, Doltie Himet, Kothryn Clark, Georgene Mrocek, Beverly Tummelion Bottom row: Jean Fiiher, lydio lrv!ne, Charlei Woleri, Kotherine Jane Merrimoc, Robert Henry, Ruth Woodruff, James Boutden, Jean Ann Holtzman Star Courte Sophomore Monogert — Top row: Ruth Winleri, Elaine Rotenberg, Lyie Snowden, Richard Eriey, Mcry Wham, Bob Piper, Betty Abraham, Dick Anderson, Jean Agronoff, Agnei McCartney Bottom rowt loii Wickhom, Som Barreto, Morllyn Augipurger, Jim Anderion, Roiemary Shepherd, Merle Johnton, Ethel Alayu, Bill Shepherd 444 Star Course Chicogo Symphony Orchesrro, Arthur Rodzinski, dtrecror ond conductor Fred Waring end the Penniy Ivonloni 445 Star Course Rii4 Slevani, Mezxo-Soprono 446 Ptorl Primui and hor Alricon Done O ouo Ginell Nev«u, French VioUnJil Darn Myra »• %. Engltth Pioniit Dimiiri Miiropouloi. Conductor of MinnvoDofii Symphony 447 1 SERVICES S ii . ! ■! I 448 I t 449 Army Colonel Horry Buckley In 1862, the United States Government put into effect the Morrill Land Grant Act. This law provided for donations of public land by the Federal Government to the several states for the endov ment, maintenance, and support of colleges of agriculture and the mechan- ical arts on the condition that military training be a re- quired course. In 1867, the State of Illinois adopted the provisions of this Act, and through the University Board of Trustees, placed military training in the cur- riculum of the University. Initially, the Cadet Corps consisted of a single Cadet Company, commanded by a Cadet Captain. With the passage of the Military Act of 1916, the Military De- partment, and the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps throughout the nation received a great impetus. In the interim between World Wars, the University ROTC expanded to six Arms and Services represented on campus. During World War II, the program at this University was necessarily curtailed. However, with the re-establishment of the ROTC Post-War, there has been continued growth, until at present there are eleven units of Arms, Services and Air Force represented on campus. They are: Infantry, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Artillery, Engineers, Air Force (Admin- istrative; Maintenance), Transportation Corps, Quarter- master Corps, Signal Corps, Ordnance Department and Army Security Agency. Regulor Stoff — Top row: Copt. Fred Gerig, Copl. Gregg Jennings, Moj. Robert Beauchomp, Copt. Wjlllom Burke, Copt. Thomas Cooper, Copt. Rictiord Titley Moj. Elwood Dempiey Second row: Moj. Bruce Coron, Moj. Rictiord Harding, Moj. Jomes O ' Horo, Copt. Robert Collie, Moj. William Phelps, Copt. Keith Warren Bottom row; Moj. Lemuel Halley, Jr., It. Col. John Oliver, Lt. Col. John McGee, Col. Horry Buckley, It. Col. George Power, Copt. Rudolph Foils :X m -? . •it ( ' Enlisted Staff — Top L«e, M Sg " Bottom ro — Top row: Sgt. Clarence Hodge, MSgt. Orrio Phillips, M, Sgt. Oron Jolley, Sgt. I cl. Charles Robart, M Sgt. Russell M gt. Bernord Dickerson, M Sgt. Howard Bagley, Sgt., 1st cl. Robert Winkler, M Sgf. Gtenn Tiffany, M, Sgt. George Swonson M, Sgt. John Lynam, M, Sgt. Karl Brown, M Sgt. Chester Myers, Sgt. Robert Harrison, Sgt. Frank Johnson, Cpl. Charles Hamil Meeker, Isl Sgl. Dominic Hamilton, Sgt. OIlie Reynolds Elmer Passow, Retiring Codet Colonel The senior officer, as academic head of the depart- ment, is Professor of Military Science and Tactics. In the military organization, he is Commandant of Cadets. All other officers that are assigned, hold appropriate subordinate academic and military positions on his staff. The senior officer in each unit is the Unit Director. As enacted by the Illinois General Assembly, a stu- dent entering the University, if he is physically fit, must register in the two year Basic Course, ROTC. This course emphasizes citizenship, leadership, proficiency in ele- mentary subjects such as hygiene and first-aid, and other qualities of value to a leader in either civilian or military pursuits. Under recent revsions in regulations, a student avail- ing himself of the opportunity to enter the Advanced Course (thereby being deferred from provisions of the Selective Service Act of 1948 until graduation) where he may specialize in military subjects of particular in- terest to him, not only may prepare himself to stand ready as a Reserve Officer should a national emergency arise, but also he may qualify himself for a Regular Army Commission. The Notional Mil itary Establishment anticipates a rather large number of Regular Army Officers to come from ROTC Units such as ore repre- sented on this campus. 451 CADET REGiMEHTAL COMMANDER Military Council The Military Council, voice of the cadet corps and advisory body to the Commandant of Cadets, is com- posed of the ranking cadet officer in each unit, o representative from each of the three honorary mili- tary fraternities, the regimental executive officer and regimental commander. The Council meets each week to discuss problems of the cadet corps and to originate recommendations for improvement of the corps for submission to the Commandant. Words of praise are inadequate for these student officers vvho have given time and effort to Military Council membership far in excess of that demanded of them. Their reward is the satisfaction of looking back, in years to come, on the University of Illinois ROTC cadet corps, knowing that they had a part in raising the corps to higher-than-ever standards of achievement and distinction. Robert McMillan, Cadet Colonel Top row; Cadet Woi. Daniel Thomoi, Cadet Copt. Clifford Ipmbert, Cadet lit tt. Ralph Livingston, Cadet 1st Lt. Col. John Thompson, Cadet Ll. Col. Richard Casper, Codet lit Lt. Jomei Wells, Cadet Capt. Gilbert Beotty, Codet Capt. Forrest Winkler Bottom row: Cadet II. Col. Richard Fetter, Cadot Major Sheldon Howerter, Cadet Lt. Col. Alton Carpenter, Cadet Col. Robert McMillan, Codet Copt. Robert Lettas, Cadet Moj. John Fitch, Cadet Maj. Fred Rohr, Cadet Capt. Richard Ruohe 1 m Army Review Military Review on Armed Forces Day Senior Cadet Officers Cadets or fend summer camp for further study The Senior Cadet candidates for United States Army and Air Force commissions have success- fully raised the standards of the ROTC in this transition year to a point where they are proud and satisfied with their job well done. Many of these Cadets will soon be coding further prestige to the Armed Forces when they enter the services for active duty. The rest will stand ready and trained for immediate action in the University ' s growing Otticer ' s Reserve Corps. Icarus In 1946, Advanced Air ROTC students at the University of Illinois, assisted by Lieutenant Col- onel M. H. Shedd, and Major E. J. Dempsey, re- activated Icarus, University of Illinois military fra- ternity, which had been inactive since the early 1930s, when the University of Illinois Air ROTC was dissolved. Icarus derived its name from ancient Greek mythology and the legend of the boy Icorus, who against the advice of his father, Daedalus, flew too close to the sun with his artificial wings. The sun ' s heat melted tlie wax in his wings and Icarus fell, to drown in the sea. Membership in the fraternity is open to all ad- vanced corps Air ROTC cadets. The purpose of Icarus is to foster fellowship among its n-:embers; to promote interest in: the Air ROTC and the ROTC program in general; development of the USAF; advancing the desire for military prepared- ness and the protection of our country. Top row: Cadet 2nd Lts.; Ralph DeWerff, Norman Clough. David Brazelton, Wil.iam Fror.klin, Jome: Heuer, RoOcn Neimon, Ralph Winkler Second row: Cadet 2nd Lts.: William Creek, William Klein, Philip English, Ron )ld Black, Clifford Tyler, Benjamin Block Bortom row: Codet 1st Lts.: Jomes Hance, Alan Libmon, Jock Olsen, Major Elw-od Dempsey. It. Col. Morris Shedd, Major Richard Hording. Cadet lit lis.: Donald Roth, Albert Rosenberg, Cadet Copt. Wayne Vorlond Not in panel: Codet Copt. Sheldon Howerter. Codet 1st Its.: Bernard Ardisono, Robert Herrog, Jchn Konberg, John Lindemonn, Alcn Orlcve, Codet 2nd Ll. R ymcnd Rushton 1 Jbs. f 1 l-t:Tl Se riBP WFm • V ' u Top fow: Bruce PenwcM. John Thompson, John Donieljon, Don Cole, Earl Antrim, Stanford Porris, James Weaver, Edgat Carpenter, Allen Steinhordt Second row: Tttomoi Finley, John Jensen, Burton Corter, Stephen French, Douglos Hole, Don Jording, Ralph Buswell, Wllliom Weslerbeck Bottom row: Alton Carpenter, 2nd Lt. Willicm Recce, Ernest Ozler, Major William Phelps, 2nd Lt. Jomes Howden, George Dickson, George Slubblefield, Fronk McCollough Zeta Sigma Alpha Caisson Club Top row: Brion Crumhih, Philip Feldman, John Menees, Robert Barnes, Ron Foell, William Barnes, Richard Livermore, Thomas Christie Front row: Errol Rodda, Williom Jackion, Stanford Workman, Peter Vanes, Dale Gubbins, Fred Rohr, Bruce Esmond, Elliott Potter Harry Alvey fr ' Top row: John Sparks, John Curry, Allen Bohleber, John Korns, Raymond Kramer Second row: Joseph Fouchard, Donald Nievold, Emanuel Glymon, Robert Vedell Bottom row; Clifford Lombert, Atlon Webster, Lt. Col. John Oliver, advisor; Erwi Transportation Club Lyie Toepke, Hlllard TrubrtI Arnold Croine, Carl Reynard, Simon Brozy Bouer, Stephen Stoddord, Robert McMillan Quartermaster Club Top row: William Haven, John Keeney, Robert Bottleson, William Wakemon, Edword Probst, Jack Flock, Chorles Reitsch, Harold Smith, Ned Fleishman Second row: Thomas Krueger, Henry Straus, Glen Brolonder, John Pointer, PolI Doebel, Charles Busbey, Robert McBride, Morris Connon Bottom row: Ralph Smykal, Delmor J ohnson, Arthur Moron, Forrest Winkler, Major Robert Beouchomp, Club Colonel William Rockholz, Robert Borkei, Edward Blou, K?nneth Ber qu ' st I w tm. m Vil Y ' T V ' W ' ' ¥ i ?tl i Members of ths p=iiol learn demonslroltf their obility. Rifle Team This year ' s ROTC rifle team are the defending champions of the Fifth Army intercollegiate rifle matches. This competition includes every ROTC unit in the Midwest. The team fires as a complete fifteen-man unit. Furthermore, they have won first place in the William Randolph Hearst ROTC rifle match for the past three years. In this match they fire as three flve-men units. The team, captained by Harry Allen, wins its maiches with the help of the post office depart- ment. They, and their opponents, fire on their own ranges and mail their scores to one another. Although the full spirit of competition is missing, the will-to-win is nevertheless present. S Sgt. Clarence Hodge is the coach. He picks fifteen members for the team during the tryouts in the fall. Usually about fifty to seventy-five men enter the tryouts. Major James O ' Hara is the ROTC range officer. 4 Bottom row: Horry Allen, Cliflon Schofer, Burtsn Wcod, Lelond Hunter, Janes Pinnell, Paul Wilkin ten, William Wakemon, Jon Abernathie Back row: S Sgt. Hodge Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles is a national military honorary fraternity composed of men chosen from the basic unit of the Army and Naval Reserve Offi- cers Training Corps on the basis of ability to drill and all around merit. Its purpose is to encour- age, preserve, and develop the highest ideas of the military profession, to promote American citizenship, and to provide appropriate recog- nition for cadets demonstrating a high degree of individual proficiency in ROTC at the Univer- sity of Illinois. Company C-3 of Pershing Rifles v as founded at the University in 1931. Inactive during the war, it was reactivated in 1945. Pershing Rifles is active in other University ac- tivities; members serve as color guard for ath- letic events. Army Day programs. Military Ball, and Pershing Rifle sponsor choosing. The com- pany furnished an Honor Guard for the Rifle ream when it journeyed to the Chicago Sladium in 1947. CHicars: Robert Fessler, Bruce Christy, Daniel Thomas, Major El wood Dempsoy, Ralph Livingston, Peter Lessaris Top row: John Schmidt, Williom Creek, Donald Cole, Ccn; Brosel, Willla.-n Grahan, Walter Link, Lsvrrclt Anderson, Richard ' ils;n, Charles S wen son, Michael Hornell Second row: Alan Libman, Merle Stauffer, Alon Steinhardt, William Franklin, Clinton Connor, John Chopman, John Pratt, Hillard Trubell, Burncll Biraqutst Bottom row: Bruce Christy, David C oreltcn, Ralph L!v:n :t_n, Ruth Gillian, Daniel Themes, Mojor Elwj d Demps. ' y, Rojeit Fis:l:r, V. ' oyne N ' cv cid - . : r.ym ' ' i a Chorlet R. Nogcl, coptain Scabbard and Blade Members of Scabbard and Blade are those ad- vanced course cadets of the ROTC and NROTC who have been recommended for membership by their unit directors of the military and naval science de- partments and who have maintained a high scholas- tic standing in military subjects. The purpose of the fraternity is to raise the stand- ards of military training in American universities and colleges, to unite in closer relationship their military departments, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efficient officers, and to pro- mote good fellowship among cadet officers. These objectives it attempts to attain by receiving into mem- bership only those cadet officers who have shown a sincere and lasting interest in the military work of the university, and who furthermore possess quali- ties which will make them good efficient officers in time of war, or upright, forceful citizens in time of peace. Top row: Chorlet Swenien. Robert McBride, Stanford Sholem, Bruce Chriily, William Barnes, Poul Doebel, Robert Barnes, Neil Von Dyke, Frank Rally, Gene Hoodtey, David Foriti Second row: Richord Ruehe, Rolph Smykol, Merle Stauffer, Robert Fessler, Dovid Brazelton, Philip English, John Pratt, Elliott Potter, William Gollivon, Rolph Livingston Bottom row: Delmor Johnson, John Thompson, Robert Leitas. Richard Casper, G)Orge Stubblefield, Lt. Col. Morris Shedd, Gilbert Beatty, Forrest Winkler, George Dickson, Dole Gubbins, Horold Bruno Not in panel: Lt. Col. Walter Flournoy, USMC, Charles Nagel, Richard Fetter, J )hn Jcoclis, Robert Johnson, John Rennick, Bernard Rosenberg, Richard Read % fjl- t, f. »J I ' lV •;» ri i r •■ ' c«f John Lindemonn, John Ho yes, Louis Unfer, Don Kahn, Roy O Neol, Stewort Koppel John Horrington, Clifford Lombert, John Wotorstreel. Sheldon Howtrtcr, Robert McMillan, WilHam Wells, Edword Breed, Oonold Roth Phalanx Officers of Phalanx during the first semester were as follows: Harrington, commander; Waterstreet, lieut. commander; Wells, adjutant; Black, finance; Coleman, historian, and Koppel, program chairman. During the second semes- ter. Gray, Howerter, Pohlman, Blau, Neiman, and O ' Neal served in those positions while Mc- Millan, Hance, Lambert, and Varland served as National Officers. Lt. Col. Oliver and Cap- tain Burke served as national and local advisors for the club. The 1949 National Convention of Phalanx was held on the local campus. Top fow: John W. Brown, Conrad Krez, Norbert Pohlman, Edward Blou, Hi i lord Trubitt, Robert Nelmon Second row: Frank Ponnone, Edward Breed, William Spooner, Erwin Bauer, Donald Stroznickas Bottom row: Wayne Vorlcnd, Clifford Lambert, Jomes Hence, Robert McMillon, Copt. William Burke. John Horrington, Williom Wells, Donald Roth Not in ponel: Rlchord Arms, Roy Block, Date Coleman, Robert Fenton, Nathaniel Groy, John McEnery, John Moyef, It. Col. Oliver, Duone Rowe, Poul Phlnney • . 4 fr . 1 % - Coplain Phillip C. Sioket, USN, professor of Novol Science Navy The Naval Reserve Officers ' Training Corps v as established under the authority of Section 22 of the Act of Congress of March 4, 1925, as amended (34 U.S. Code, Sup. 821, Public Law 729, 79th Congress). This law is nnore generally known as the " Holloway Plan " and provides for the following three classes of NROTC students: Regular, Con- tract, and Naval Science. Regular NROTC students are selected annually as a result of nationwide competitive examinations. The Regular student is subsidized in much the some manner as the veteran enrolled in the University under the " G. I. Bill. " Contract NROTC students are selected, within prescribed quotas, by the Professor of Naval Sci- ence from among those students enrolled as fresh- men at the University of Illinois. Contract students are not subsidized but are paid a ration allowance Novy Orgonizotion Staff; T S9I. Vincent Poskus; lit Lt. Robert Knauf; James Smith, FCC; Lt. Comdr. Richotd Partter; Jotin Littrell, GMC; Lt. Comdr. Edward Foolo; G. Pool Jon«i, QMC; Copt. Phillip Stokei; Edward Peorio, YNC; Lt. Col. Walter Flournoy, Robert Hoffsetz, SKC; Lt. Comdr. Edmond Newbould; J; ' n NTwmon, S02 C Eit Sr ' i : ' I I bH HHBV ' I ■ni The NROTC summer cruise fot 1948 took the Ncivy to the Hawaiian Islondi Lieufenant Colonel Waller N. Flournoy, USMC, ostociote professor of Novel Sciencs during their third and fourth years. The Naval Science student is not a member of the NROTC and is not subsidized. Any Naval Sci- ence courses undertaken by him will count only as an academic subject. The purpose of the Naval Reserve Officers ' Train- ing Corps is to provide, by a permanent system of training and instruction in essential naval subjects at civil educational institutions, a source from which qualified officers may be obtained for the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Naval Reserve and the Marine Corps Reserve. The obligations of land-grant institutions to provide military instruction, imposed by the Act of July 2, 1862, are not altered by the enacting law authorizing the NROTC. The military training requirements prescribed by the above Act are con- sidered to be fulfilled by students who have suc- cessfully completed two years of Naval Science courses and drills. A stafF of experienced naval officers is main- tained at the University for the guidance and in- struction of students. The Professor of Naval Sci- ence and his staff are appointed to the University faculty. 463 Mi Botlolion iloff: RobofI lorion, Wllliom Andenon, Charles Nagel, Robert Johnson, John Tombull Battalion Officers f Pass In Review Mill s r 1 J V -v z m • t Sr % !f! " W ' ' ' ' W- • -w v- FIRST PLATOON — Top row: Ronald Johnton, Williom Greenfield, John ollislel, Robert Clork, Howard Cornfield, John Greyer, Frederick Kondzello Second row; Williom Grahom, George Jeiek, Richard Williams, Robert Caldwell, Everett Breningermeyer, John Cossell, John Featherstone, Harold Baker, Robert Blodgeil Bottom row: Robert Allington, Charles Schmulbach, Roy Braiel, Carl Friz, Donold Yeager, leverett Anderjon, Edwin Kogut, Paul Bouetmeister First Company I SECOND PLATOON — Top row: Bertil Nordhi«lm, John Biggers, John Sharp, Richard Bloke, Robert Croig, John Cizek, David Gosse Second row: William Sc her wot, Glenn Oliver, John Eberhard, William Nevius, Donold Stoetzle, Lou re nee Dwyer, Richord Smith, Donald Schroeder, Stanton Ericson Bottom row: Ronold Berson, Alan Schoen, Richard Cook, J. Benton Jones, James Mueller, Norman Laux, Harold Wilson, James George THIRD PLATOON — Top row: Herbert Snook, Russell Schnepper, Donald Snyder, Roger Steingrober, Jack Wayne, James Lyon, Robert Foster, Donald Surgeon Second row: Daniel Branigon, Arthur Schiller, Lorenzo Rothke, Paul Ransdell, Leonard Weinstein, Wolter Link, Richard Anderson, Philip Kolar, Jr., Robert Hefffon, Roger Henry Bottom rowi Corl Uchlmonn. Alfred Herzog, lynne Hull, George Duensing, Edwin Kuhn, Alfred Johnson, Roger Gurlhet, Arthur Grimm, Jr., Gerald Hill 46 J wm TTZI ii C FIRST PLATOON — Top row: Robert Moody, William Murphy, Alexander Marzioni, Bernard McKean, Richard Reynolds, Richard Middendorf, John McEncry, Jamei Cunningham Second row: Richard Huston, Robert Molcomson, Ramon Brinkman, John Jones, Donald Hallahan, Virgil Cobb, Horold Kicler, Jones Covin, Russell Miles, Jr. Bonom row: George Lemen, George Angus, Henry Barnhart, George Zellmer, LeRoy Brondimo, Townsend Blonchard, Donald Balder. Ro3or Wolin Second Company BB SECOND PLATOON — Top row: Raymond Baker, Jomes Cleory, Roger Trapp, Hiram Bast, Robert Pielte, Horry Dieger, Shermon Doolwn, Jr. Second row: Maurice Ross, Guy Pockord, Raymond Eirich, Russell Bobcock, Richoid McGuire, William Anderson, Jefferson Newton, Harold Mills, Jomes Anderson, Jr., Robert Wiss Bottom row: Rudolph Rosenthal, Donold Wilson, Justin Ouackenbwsh, Edwin Tolt, Jr., Martin Ruch, Donald Miller, William Yoder, Richord Wilson THIRD PLATOON — Top row: Emory Kemp, Francis Joyce, Robert Rogers, Carl Peterson, Jr., Oliver Drummond, George Weber, Clyde TIlut Second row: Robert Bills, Robert Wright, Santiago Cloudio, Roger Larson, Vincent Norris, Williom Murphy, William Niesen, Jomes Murphy, Syle Joyne, Arnold Bitterman Bottom row; John Hoyes, Dovid Summers, Homer Ash, Robert Rosendale, Robert Groham, Donald Gustafson, Robert Tarnow. Clifford Roesmon ti. J A . !t- r t::f •: • " • wW W ' ' V ' ■ ' " » • w Second Year Third Year Fllohf Ouorferi (Offlclol USN photogroph) - — — Fourth Year Seaing iha World ILLIO BEAUTIES 472 . 473 Georgia Bushnell pwi«i»p « i " »!r- Doris Ericksen A75 1 .FL ' B ' ' . ' . " j L v rs nnr Jeanne Potter 477 Ann Rovelstad m Nancy Vollrath ;; 479 Queens Holen Hahn? Junior Prom 0_ccn on Campus [i II Barbara Byrnes tnlerfroternity Ball Cuecn Alvino Sorzickoi St. Pal ' t Boll Queen Amy Fuhrberg Homecoming Queen Shirley Noy Military Boll Queen Ruth Munkvold Tribe of lllini Dance Queen Vero Lee Willioms Indee Sweetheart Queen ILLI-NOISE 482 L wmmmmm . -. 483 484 Campus Life-Day I M. A. M. M. M. Con you molch ihn? Illinoi offtide Studenfi ' ' reiorving " I heir clotiei Off to Kamt I. C. you ' re leoving Campus Life-Night 485 Was socks du " ' Four to 90 fV, Skulling up Chalm n Aloha Phi Omega magorine df. M. M. A, ' En meer j bct ' e You Moy be cuocn Outinj at Allerior .M.i ' . ■i m - .... .:: „.v Walrz up. doc Saxy r ■.s r .- Jlu X M ' ' - ' H- i I lott Ihol dam i.-.O ' vi A.T. Orlur 490 Spring Carnival Spiing Cornival Grond slam aj We corry the torch lor Morr The Quoen relgni M«dol for Mom The fait mile Mothers ' Day ' ■d up Hn tf.en.rKj Man of dittincf ' 1 fthoa» to go Close the door, Dick IF. Browl AA S] A close btuih A A zzzssEZ: ii Open fhe d=or, Richord For yeors of lervJcs - Stoggering into another dive 7hey de-feeted uj 7 wr Mail ro the chi:f No (fee gamoi Your stuni shows I tolled you so A A.AAA.. r g- On the beofn Mike end Ray 496 Senior Ball I i Orchidi to you Strike up the bond Sing it ogoin Underneoth the arches All Ag Field Day 497 Roll out the borrel The flavor lingers Oh sKocks, lel ' i donee Sew whot? Let ' s deface it if po.nti (or lllini lidding for an oufogn ' M. M. M. M._ J M Educolton on o higher plone Stor gazing They can can you ' . A, ll ? Plea:e aon i so neigh Hofiin ' oroond How obout a game of chess They walked oil over us Possing the hot The boys were really high 1 ■c . I Z : ' d eort of the world i Body by Fnher r- Ft The big nir Windy Mills 1 ' !¥,. ' Q] Dccn of the Q jeci A dot with Gym It wot a Orevk •vening 502 Panhellenic Ball M ' M :xrrx Dads ' Day Down in front Moms ' Day Queen They ' re relaying on you AikAA JL A.ifhAA A AS A ' big ' twelvo You ' ve gotro hand it to them iope em owav T.W.O. Illio beouty bored They ' ve got the Green Light L lo R. — co-ed. house molher, dalt; A AA.J. A -. icii n fcr B G. blows a o ' n Why De-wey always lose Shott pGws for the lllio •i v .A J -. I wt w«if ' ' r wm F L b S- j wa ifliH T V r ' IMB -. l 4N V 4 508 Homecoming lurtl lurntd Iroilor Old block achmov It ' s no foss-up King size decorations Football 509 M. ' ' i ' i M Some to you A yell of o dome Jutt convotting Deod end I ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK BASEBALL OTHER VARSITY SPORTS INTRAMURALS WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS ATHLETICS 510 ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION 512 I ' ■H ' ' -r ' ' - 513 Doug Mills, Director of Athletics Administrators 514 Ray Elliot, Heod Foolboll Coach L. i „ Leo Johnion, Head Track Coach; Wally Roeltgor, Head Baieboll Coach; Harry Combei, Head Basketball Coach Rolph Fletcher, Golf uri liiyweisen. Line Howie Broun, Tennis 515 Athlete of the Year Fabulous is the word which describes the career of Dike Eddlemon, Illinois ' Athlete of the Year. Ranked as a second Jim Thorpe, the versatile basketball captain also was an Olympic high- jumper, set new conference punting records, served OS a terrific halfback, was a high scoring forward, and held eleven varsity letters. Dike Eddlemon Conference Medal Winner Quiet, soft-spoken George Fischer has compiled such an amazing scholastic record to top his pro- ficiency as a shortstop that his winning of the Con- ference Medal comes as no surprise. In addition to his baseball activities, George held both the North American and United States Speed Skating records. George Fticher Most Valuable Player Jim Volek, four-time letterwinner and end on Illinois ' Rose Bowl champions, well earned his teammates vote as the Most Valuable Player. Also rugged on offense, Jim built a great reputation in Big Nine circles for his superb defensive play. 516 Tribe of mini The Tribe of lllini is a social organization founded for the purpose of getting all lettermen in various sports socially acquainted. It operates as an organization to further good relations among the " I " men and the rest of the students at the Uni- versity. Membership in the Tribe is limited to stu- dents who have earned a major letter in athletics. Nev ' members are elected after awards are pre- sented in each sport. The Tribe sponsors a winter formal and a spring formal dance each year. During football season last fall, the lettermen ' s organization helped spon- sor football movies of all out-of-town games. The spirit and zeal demonstrated by its members is of great value and serves as an example to all members of the University. Offtcerir Ken Marlin, secretary-treaiurer; Don Bengard, publicity; Tom Gallagher, pretideni; Dick Foley, vice-president Absent; lee Lipson, Fred Green Top row: Burt Sctimidf, Wolly Osterkorn, Poul Behon, Walt Kersulis, Burdette Thurlby, Bill Erickson, Norm Wosser, Jim Neufeldt, Herb Plews, Hank Anderisottn, Stanley Feldman, Gilbert Goumer, Dick loewe, John Gilroy Third row: Bud Little, Dick Foley, Herman Hertenslein, Jim Nelson, lou Sluebe, Bill Trubitl, Honk Osinski, Herb Parker, Vern Seliger, Ken Marlin, Dike Eddleman, Ruck Steger, Lee Vranek, Eugene Trandel, Jim Marks, Vernon Anderson, Jack West Second row: Bob Kesler. Don Bengord, Stew Daniels, Don Scherwot, Herb Seiwert, David Logon, Som Stotler, Andy Locos, Tom Boswell, Mark Larimer. Klaus Timmer- haus, Paul Huston, Dave Bedell, Robert RufI, Art Wyott, Bob Downs Bottom row: Tom Gallagher George Doyiantis, Leonard Bralower, Bob Sconian, Joe Fina, Joe Weiss, Dove Brown, Joe Calvetti, Don Von Ebers, Gay Hughes, John Fine, Bill Mann. Ed Bernordoni, Vic Twomey, Bernie Miller, Robert Forsyihe, Jr. Dick Cook Don Walker, Holty Eckeli, Tex lundien. Goy Hughei, Robert Quick, Lorry Hc.kimer, Lesfer Forrls, Joe FIno Cheerleaders During the 1948 football season, the Illinois cheerleaders again returned to tumbling. Ad- visor Charles Pond assisted by Larry Herkimer instituted the well-received change. Fans were delighted at the " new look " in cheerleading stunts, and they had good reason to be. Many of the cheerleaders were members of the gym- nastics team and hence were unusually spectac- ular in their somersaults, cartwheels, and mis- cellaneous stunts. Head Cheerleader Joe Fina ' s crew took part in leading the lllini spirit before football and basketball games in ad- dition to the numerous pep rallies during the year. Chief llliniwek. Bob Downi Robert Eckels; Joe Fino, head cheerleader; Bob Quick senior Monagers — Top row: Sherwyn Trubilt, Herman Hertenstein, Jack GMroy. Bob Moore, John Jone« Bottom row: Stu Daniels, Jim Nelson, Bob McCarthy, Jock West Managers Junior Managers — Top row: Ted Himei, Lou Woppel. Fred Coe, Ed Little, Fred Men- back, Jack Sim, Poul Pomeroy Botrom row; Dick Roscngord, Vic Killy, Ed Pa lug a, Jake Chambers, Joe Howell, Doug Hoger, John RondoM Sophomore Managers — Top row: Bill DeWill, William Carnahon, Don Coy. Paul Schu- machsr, Dick Hondiett, John Swiiher Second fow: Don Miller, Don Nepote, Dove Smith, Joseph Shulman. James Hager. Anonymous Bottom row: Don Walker. Bert Nordhielm, Bill Seimer, Robert Sulok, Jay Baker, John Gothord 519 FOOTBALL gin j ij.] 520 521 Coptain Herb 5 egcrt, o truly magnificent guard Football Long before the 1948 football campaign was under way, prognosticators, sportswriters, and coaches predicted a not-too-successful season for Coach Ray Eliot ' s self-defined " pooh little country boys. " And that same 1948 season came pretty close to being just as the coaching staff and others had described. Illi- nois wound up the season with three victories and six defeats. Cold facts those, but they hardly reflect the real truth of the matter. There were many times when the lllini rose to moments of highly im- pressive brilliance. Hopelessly out- classed in the first half, and behind 26-0, a determined lllini eleven held Army scoreless while they racked up three successive touchdowns, only to lose in the battle with time 26-21 . Mighty Michigan, the notion ' s top team got the bottle of the year from the lllini, and barely eked out their slim 28-20 win. 522 Stellar passing and punting, the heated battles, the never ebbing fight of an lllini eleven, which, though tiny in size, was mighty in spirit — that is the real version of the 1948 Illinois football team, always fighting lllini. A horde of Illinois tacklert descend upon this hapless Konsas Slate boll-carrier. -A " - - ' - ..v?Cr- ' •■ ' ■■ f Fullback Burl Schmidt smoshes his way lo his second touchdown ogoinst Konsos State. at Illinois Kansas State bowed to the lllini 40-0 in the season ' s opener with the staggering score little indication of the changeable football exhibited. Illinois led only 7-0 at halftime in as sluggish an exhibition as has been seen in Memorial Sta- dium in many years, and even the 33 points they scored in the next half did not improve the fan ' s pessimism. Fullback Burt Schmidt slammed his way over from the six yard stripe in the first quarter. Following the half, Captain Herb Siegert pounced on a fumble, and that was the green light for the lllini backs to start rolling. Paul Patterson scored following his 14- yard run. Tom Stewart passed twice to Slip Kersulis to set up the third score, and the backs carried over. Stewart ' s aerials clicked twice more for fifty yards and a touchdown. Bernie Krue- ger passed to Jim Vaiek for the fifth trip over the goal. Following a 69- yard ground attack, the lllini again scored and Don Maechtle converted his fourth extra point of the day to make the score 40-0. 523 0f Bob Prymuskl Lyie Button Vern Seliger Wisconsin: An uninspired Illinois eleven managed to give and take v ith Wisconsin until shortly before the game ' s end. Then the Badgers scored a last minute rally and snatched victory away from the lilini in their 16-20 conference opener. After the lead had changed hands several times, it appeared Illinois v ould be a 16-14 v inner over the Badgers as the game went into its dying stages. Wisconsin ' s offense b ogged down near the mini goal, and with fourth down and five to go, the Badgers elected to try a field goal to erase the two point deficit. As the ball sailed wide of its mark, lilini fans began to jump with glee, but an offsides penalty gave Wisconsin a much-sought first down on the lilini 7. With renewed enthusiasm, the Badgers pushed across to score their 20-16 victory. Dike Eddleman ' s amazing punt- ing, which set up the Illinois touchdowns in addition to harry- ing Badger morale, was the brightest spot in Illinois ' showing. Coach Roy Eliof and Murney Lazier Walt Kersulls Bob Maliniky Army: The Army football caisson v as rolling smoothly along at a 26-0 clip when a band of Fighting lllini broke loose and nearly ambushed the Cadets. In a brief 17 minutes, Illinois arose to score 21 points to come as close as the 71 ,000 lllini fans could have wanted, but the final score was still 26-21 when the hysterics ended. The lllini onslaught began when Lyie Button recovered a fumble on the Cadet 26-yard line. Bernie Krueger passed down to the two yard line, and then sneaked over for the score. Jack Pierce was the next one to surprise the Cadets as he returned their punt 65 yards to the 22-yard line. Six plays later, Paul Patterson scored. Bernie Krueger did some amazing passing and Sammy Piazza some equally remarkable run- ning, and a third touchdown was scored. In their final efforts, the lllini were thwarted, and Army won 26-21 . 525 Minnesota: Just about the time that both Illinois and Minnesota ' s Gophers were ready to settle for a tie, two substitutes came in for the Gophers and sparked them on a 76-yard drive which gave them six points and victory. The game was marred by the fumbles of both teams. Minnesota fumbled nine times, and Illinois re- covered seven of these only to fumble four times themselves. The lllini threatened twice but never garnered the strength to score. Once Ruck Steger carried the ball to the 1 9-yard line where Don Maechtle ' s field goal attempt failed. In another instance a pass interception interrupted a goalward march. w rt-xi - Bjft Schmidt B rnie Krueger Chuck Gollfried Purdue: Displaying a long dormant run- ning attack, the Illinois football team came to life in front of Lou Boudreou and an I Men ' s Day crowd to down an equally hardfighting Purdue eleven 10-6. In addition to the over- due running attack, the lllini surprised the Boilermakers with a sturdy defense which held the losers to 96 yards rushing, and 526 Aldo Martignooo thwarted their vaunted passer, Eob Demoss. Illinois took advantage of two mistakes to tally their points. Midway through the sec- ond quarter, Purdue tried to make the re- maining yard for a first in ten on their own 20, but failed. Penalties prevented the lllini from marching, so on fourth down, Don Maechtle kicked his first field goal of the 527 year. After roaring 78 yards to Purdue ' s two-yard line, Illinois was stopped in the opening of the third quarter. When Purdue punted out only to their 17 however, the lilini came right back for the touch- down which gave them the 10-6 win. Michigan: Matching the nation ' s top team, Michigan, in everything but getting the breaks, Illinois lost a great 28-20 grid classic to the conference champions before an Ann Arbor Homecoming crowd. Had the lilini upset the mighty Wolverines, as they came so very close to doing, the victory would have marked one of football history ' s greatest reverses of all time. Even as it was, the fight and determina- tion of the little boys from Illinois drew the plaudits of the whole nation. The mini suffered several heart-breaking misfortunes. One took away a 94-yard kickoff return by Dike Eddleman that would have given the losers a 14-7 lead; the other gave Michigan the ball on pass interference on the one-yard line from which they easily scored. Reacting violently to Michigan ' s first touchdown, the lilini took the ensuing kickofF and went 72 yards to score. Tom Stewart ' s 38-yard pass to Eddleman launched the advance, and a dazzling 10-yard run by Paul Patterson from a screen pass concluded the scoring drive. Opening the second half, Eddleman faked and ran for a 94-yard touchdown which was recalled. Then the disheartened lilini yielded two quick touchdowns before recovering themselves. Jim Vaiek re- covered a fumble and Bernie Krueger, who completed 12 passes for 218 yards, threw to VaIek, then to Tony Klimek and scored. As Top to botlofn: Ruts Sieger, Morihall Smilh, B;II Vohotko. Murney Lazier Dick Mueller Al Mostrangeli I soon OS he could lay his hands on the ball, Krueger again started a scoring dash with his passes. Burt Schmidt and Slip Kersulis were the recipients this time as the lllini went 68 yards. Krueger slipped over for the touchdown which made it 21 -20. Michigan whipped up one more touchdown and won, 28-20. Iowa: Murney Lazier ' s brilliant 56-yard re- turn of a punt for a touchdown, and Ruck Steger ' s one-yard plunge gave Illinois a 14-0 victory over Iowa as the lllini opened their " vic- tory in November " campaign. Illinois faced a driving wind all the first quarter and was con- tent to just keep control of the ball. As the second quarter opened. Lazier grabbed the punt, smashed through two tocklers and ran 56 yards to score. Then Bernie Krueger opened a passing attack which ended wtih a one-yard plunge by Steger for the 1 4-0 score. Dike Eddie- man had another of his great punting days, hit- ting two quick kicks, one for 74 yards and another for 88 yards. Tony Klimek M«rle Schloiser Over 65,000 chilled and unbelieving Home- comers, gathered for a weekend of festivity and merriment, found neither as they watched Ohio State ' s powerful football machine method- ically take the lllini apart to make a close 13-7 gome a 34-7 rout in the fourth quarter. Homecoming For three quarters, during which Ohio repeat- edly threatened, but scored only twice, the game was not too one-sided. But in the horrendous final period the Buckeyes, paced by thunderous Joe Whisler, Jerry Krall, and Jimmy Clark ripped the lllini defense into shreds, and moved the yards-gained figure up to 449 yards. Toward the end of the third quarter, the lllini acted as if they were going to deal themselves back into the game. Ohio had just scored their second touchdown when Paul Patterson took the ensuing kickofF and rocketed 50 yards upfleld before Ohio ' s last tackier, Jimmy Clark, nailed him on Ohio ' s 38 (see picture, upper right). A Krueger to Tony Klimek aerial mode it first down on the 18. Then Slip Kersulis snatched a Krueger pass out of the air as he crossed the goal line to make the score 13-7. But as the fourth period opened, Ohio shredded the lllini line in an impressive 76-yard march to score, then scored two more times on relative flukes. First, the kickoff by Ohio follow- ing a touchdown struck Lou Levant! in the chest with Ohio recovering on the lllini 44, then the Buckeyes went on to score. And later, when Ohio ' s punter was rushed so badly he couldn ' t 530 - ' .,. : Celebration kick, he ducked the tacklers and ran 55 yards around end for still another touchdown. Illinois ' brightest spots were Patterson ' s 50-yard return and another of 48 he made in the final minutes of the game; Dike Eddleman ' s great punting which averaged 53 yards in six kicks; and the brief offensive flurry in the third quarter. But despite the disappointment of the lllini fans with Ohio ' s victory, the weekend proved successful. The traditional turtle, lllibuck, was presented to Ohio ' s Bucket and Dipper, junior men ' s honorary, by Illinois ' Sachem. The bonfire at the pep rally was one of the lighter touches, and the picture at the upper left serves as an example of the homecoming decora- tions. ' iv v : ' ; 531 m:m 3 Northwestern: The Northwestern Wildcats, the Big Nine ' s 1949 Rose Bowl Champions, passed their final examination for admittance to the battle with the Pacific Coast champs as they overran the lllini 20-7. The finale was remarkable in the similarity with a game played two years previously in which Illinois was victorious by a 20 point score, and in which the lllini opened their gate to the 1946 Bowl Championship. Northwestern hit all of their three touchdowns in the first half. Captain Herb Siegert got the Illi- nois touchdown drive underway when he recovered a fumble on the lllini 30 late in the third period. Bernie Krueger hit Slip Kersulis with a jump pass and Slip carried for a first down on the lllini 41. V Sammy Piazza, outstanding Sophomore back, alternated with Burt Schmidt, and they reached the Wildcat 46. A pass to Schmidt went mf j to the 35, and then the busy Schmidt carried to the 25. Krueger f passed to Kersulis again, and the ball was downed on the 3. Schmidt moved the ball two yards closer, and Krueger sneaked over to score. Don Maechtle, with Tom Gallagher holding, added the extra point. In averaging more than 42 yards per kick, Dike Eddleman established a new modern Big Nine record for the season, fmishing his football career in fme style. k y . Chuck Bfown Don Maechtle Pout Potterion 532 ■ s= " -c » ' U %fW .t ?8 4V « •?3 36 S5 SF 1% 45 3p 1 kwrtt I s tmi iiff llif H VARSITY SQUAD — Top row: Jomes Ryan, Charles Fo«, Sam Piciro, Bill Vohasko, Bob Molinsky, Greg Maloeiian, Poul OI:on. Pool Porierson, tyie Button, Wayne Siegerf, Kenneth Young, John Neal Fourth row: Lynn Lynch, Dick Mueller, Jack Kerns, Bill Willis, MorshoM Smith, Fred Mojor, Jr., Don Smith, Art Archer, Alfred Boir, Denny Bofietl, End Coach Robert King, Assistant Line Coach Robert Knauf Third row. Head Coach Roy Etiot, Al Mostrangeli, Chuck Gottfried, Vern Seliger, Don Maechtle, George DImit, Charles Brown, Burt Schmidt, Leo Cohill, Don Pitt- man, line Coach Borf Ingwersen Second row; Merle Sctilosjer, Joe Hoyer, Don Loz, Don Ellis, To-n Stewart, Bernie Krueger, Albert Ellsworth, Tony Ktimek, Al Tote, Paul Douglcu, Bob Hinkle, Backfield Coach Ralph Fletcher Bottom row: Jack Pierce, Murney Lozier, Lou Levonli, Dwight Eddlemon, Woll Kersulis, Russ Steger. Toiii Callagher, Coptoin Herb Sicgert, Jim Volck, Aldo Mortignogo. Sam Zotkoff, Bob Prymuski FRESHMAN SQUAD — Top row Cmnotto. SlM. an, Popo, Austin, Studley, Cox, Antes, lynch, Coombes, Monoger Hoger, Manager Pomeroy Sixth row: Coach Brewer, Zanders, Coluin, Read, Scoit, Ulrich, Samsky, locenti, Dovorak, Korras, Vukelich Fifth row: Coach Broun, Koysen, Berschef, Bornes, Syngox, Cotovowski, Bornes, Perino, Rebecca, Engels, Rhodes, Mode, Doherty, Coach Burchfield Fourth row: Noonan, Chance, White, Bloodgood, Dusenberry, Martin, Boerio, Peterson, Turner, Lytle, Tepler, Cooch low Third row: Page, Ramm, Heflin, lazier. Ems. Schultz, Hoffman, Mclntyre, Fletcher, Grace, Stocey, Mruk, lozor, Sorros, Agaie, Deon Second row: Brewboker, Gnidovic, Kosop, James, Stevens, Mcody, Whiting, Rylowici, Clark, Myers, Martin Bottom row: Missovoge, Schwartz, Fenelock, Stevens, Thomas, Busby, Henderson, Valentino, Honien, Slock, Davis, Cole, Neothery Not in ponel: Neitor, Gerecke, Jensen, Moloney, Cooch Purvis 150 POUND FOOTBALL SQUAD — Top row: Ewell, McCarthy, Crowley, V osko, Sencsc, North, McCloskey, Hoover, Alexander, Captain Gleoscn, Mow»ry, Foeth, Buchanan. IngoUbe Third row: Manager Bunting, Yohlro, Hombaiek, Neiberg, Hughes, Edwordt, Gibbs, Esmond, Menogh, Mi Mas, Morrison, Bolton, Schmeckpepcr Second row: Marcus, Storks, Bruno, Flower, Brown, Evans, Prichord, Sullivan. McEnery, GuMzia, Zandier, Loewe Front Row: Cooch Folkenstein, Viol, Roberts, Whiting, Herzog, Greene, Icsoe, Tyler, Kostyoiuk, Lermon, Kenney Not in panel: John McCorthy, Edgor Corpentor, Mox Sherorn I s=n 5 " -iW f - r n, ktm ' " - « 33 127 26 o « « 8 BASKETBALL 534 wea 535 I I Coach Harry Combnt and Caploin Dike Eddlemon lost that serious look only when they discovered themselves conference champions Basketball Champions The remarkable record of Illinois ' 1949 Western Conference Champions will long be remem- bered! The " Forty Miners " , as they came to be called, were indeed opportunists. With on over- dose of the old fighting spirit, the never-say-die lllini pulled three (nearly four) conference games out of the fire in the final seconds of playing time. The champs neatly trimmed such highly-rated opposition as Butler, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Minnesota to shove themselves to nation-wide eminence and a bid to the NCAA tournament. The ilow, caulioui ploy, the huthed expectancy of the fons; these things ore ever-present os a conference gome opens. Tl The IHini needed no overtime to this time as they rompoged To a 91-68 record in defeotirg Indiana. Plaudits were heaped on the lllini with great abundance. Harry Combes, in his second year, was named the Coach of the Year. Captain Dike Eddleman nearly broke the individual scoring record, while the team combined to set new conference and season totals as they averaged almost 70 points per game. While teammates Eddleman, Osterkorn, and Marks finished close, Bill Erickson earned All Big Nine honors for his fast, tricky play at gucrd. No wonder it wq hard to scolp those lll!ni — cvcryona !i in there rabounding. SCORES: p ' . i ri III. Cpp. w 1 67 Butler ... 62 u " m mW il 50 73 Notre Dame ... 58 MXMivm ... 60 mm . . 68 i " r ■ - A 80 ... 61 89 ... 51 fl I A fl I ' o ' . 1 71 Cornell ... 47 | ' ; ' ' ' B 77 ... 54 M id 1 85 Colgate . . 55 tl 50 42 63 H m 1 6 It Creighton 30 1 1 45 Minnesota . 44 55 54 66 49 ■ 1 1 53 61 . 83 64 Ohio Stole 80 49 64 68 70 1 I 1 SI 91 53 .... Michigan STANDINGS: W Pet. TP OP M Wn 1 lllinoli 10 .833 .750 .583 .500 500 500 .417 .250 783 607 609 651 641 684 623 602 674 510 601 631 657 670 611 754 1 1 9 7 6 6 Ohio Stale 6 Wiicooiio . - . Iowa S 3 Northw«tt«ro 2 10 .167 632 725 537 1 1 fh .11 S y Burdiite Thurlby Dick Foley m Gold Diggers Illinois ' " Forty-Niners " served notice of their unerring ability to strike pay dirt as they toppled two national favorites as an appetizer for what was to come. Butler caught the ferocity of the lllini attack on opening night as Ox Osterkorn poured in 27 points to lead the lllini quintet to o 67-62 win over the Hoosiers. And then, Notre Dame ' s Irish, an even more highly-rated oppo- nent stepped up to provide one of the wildest, most exciting games of all time as Pirate Thurlby dropped in the winning points in an overtime Will Green or Thurlby gel credit for W one ' ' ATk Bill Erickson Don Sonderioge 59-58 win. At the end of regular play, the score stood at 56 all. Captain Dike Eddleman, driving in for an almost certain basket, ran into a de- liberate foul and drew two free throws. One of these was good to give the lllini a one point ad- vantage. Then Notre Dame came back with a quick basket. With but fifteen seconds left. Bill Erickson spotted Thurlby in the clear under the basket, fired a perfect pass to him, and the Pi- rate dropped in the winning goal, ending the hair-raiser 59-58. Santa Claus Displaying much poorer basketball than at any other time during the year, the lllini team bowed to DePaul 60-50. Rebounding from this failure to hit the basket, the lllini outlasted another of the year ' s top teams, Oklahoma, 73-68. Revenge over DePaul came in the form of an 89-51 trouncing with Eddleman and Erickson making the Blue Demons look in- capable of having rendered them a ten point licking two games earlier. Captain Dike Eddleman played Santa Claus to his team- mates during the Christmas vacation as he av- 538 eraged more than twenty points per gome as the mini trounced Pennsylvania, DePaul, Cor- nell, and Colgate twice. Wisconsin proved to be a relatively soft touch for the fast-shooting lllini in their confer- ence opener. The varsity five gained a 60-32 lead before Wisconsin narrowed the lead to 62-50 against the lllini replacements. Such Hair-Raisers! A long-remembered road trip to Indiana and Ohio State turned out to be the deciding factor in the conference race. It took the lllini a last minute scoring spree, and then two overtimes to edge out a 44-42 win in the first. Indiana led 37-31 with less than five minutes to ploy, when Don Sunderlage and Bill Erickson began closing in the gap which ended in a 37-37 tie. To start out the first overtime, Eddleman banged away with his famous kiss shot for a forty foot goal, and Jim Marks added a free throw to knot the score at 40 all. Coach Combes used some clear thinking in the second overtime. With but four- teen seconds left in the game, he sent in tall Fred Green for one purpose — to use his height. Trig Trugillo Again it ' j the 0« in there rebounding. Four seconds were left, and Fred ' s chance came. The boll was tossed up to him, he pivoted, and like the mechanical man, he arched the ball to- ward the basket. It rolled around, and IN. Illinois had won, 44-42! Again and Again And the following Monday night, the lllini again carried their four-leaf clover as they edged out deadly Ohio State in the final sixteen seconds, 64-63. This time, center Ox Osterkorn was the hero as he scored a basket and a free throw in the lost few seconds. Altogether Ox scored eighteen points that evening to lead the mini, but close behind were Green, Erickson, and Eddleman. As if two such hair-raisers in a row were not enough, the next conference game turned out to be just as hysterical, if not more so. This time it it was the Big Nine leader, Minnesota. Behind once 20-7, the lllini had taken a 41-38 lead with 6 minutes to go. Jim Marks made two successive free throws, then tossed in a ba liet for good measure that made it 45-42. Illincis started its stall with more than two minutes left to play. Minnesota got hold of the ball only once, and the lllini ended on top of one of the greatest games in lllini history 45-44. Do It Again! The lllini had put on sensational last-minute drives to win three important conference games. They came close to doing that same thing at Purdue — but not quite close enough. The score stood 53-55 when Van Anderson had a clear ten-footer with twenty seconds left, but this time I Ai the picture ihowt, Eddlemon woi alwoyi closely wotched. The reputable cap ains sharp eye made him a constant threat i 540 Mr. Consistency of the Illinois squad, Jim Marks, pushes off anolher shot — ond, it ' s o good bet he M moke it. it did not go in and the lllini bowed to the Boiler- mal ers. It took another of their famed second-half comebacks for the lllini to pull to a 61-54 win over Wisconsin. Behind 28-29 at the half, Pi- rate Thurlby piled in 1 1 points in seven minutes to shove the lllini well in front, and there they stayed until the game was over. Running Smoothly Being thoroughly familiar with the basket, the Illinois sharpshooters really began finding the range as they rampaged over Northwestern 85-66 and 81-64. And they did equally well against Iowa as Dike Eddleman connected for nineteen points in the 80-49 drubbing Coach Combes ' boys applied. Making up for their previous failure at the free throw line, Illinois set a new record with nineteen continuous tosses swishing the hoops as the lllini generally bewildered the Hoosiers in the 91-68 win. With the conference champ- ionship clinched, and a bid to ploy in the NCAA fmals, Illinois fell to Michigan, 70-53. Dick Brogren B«nny Odum Roy Colewood Von Andarion TRACK 542 wm 543 The 1948 mini trockitert scurried unbeolen through their dual meet competition, thanks, m part, to greot depth in oil events. Track No longer able to rely upon o wealth of out- standing first place winners, Coach Leo John- son ' s 1948 squad had its strength in solid, point- winning depth. Gone were such men as light- ning-limbed Herb McKenley, the world ' s finest quarter-miler; Bob Richards, the Big Nine vault- ing chomp, and fellow specialist Herb Matter — leaving the lilini weak in that event for the entire season. John Twomey, miler and two-miler, was gone; and sprinter Bill Mathis failed to make the scholastic eligibility list. The mini won their six dual meets, and also a triangular affair with Minnesota and Indiana. The Illinois Tech Relays crown remained in the Orange and Blue trophy case and the Central Collegiate crown was added to it. Their NCAA, Big Nine Outdoor, and Big Nine Indoor crowns were forced from their grasp by narrow mar- gins, however. Coptofn-elect Bill Butter wos one of the fattest 440 men in the conference. till Cook 544 S fl Dike Eddleman, Illinois ' Big Nine cHompion and Olympic contestant, jumped 6 feet 7 inches. Baldwin-Wallace opened the indoor season in the Armory bringing their great star Harrison Dillard along to tie two records in the hurdles. There was no big surprise in the Illinois win of the match, however, as they went into an easy 79-35 victory. The big surprise seemed to be in that, due to ineligibility, it was to be the last race for Captain Bob Rehberg, former Big Nine end NCAA mile champion. Also lost by the some route was Leroy Vranek. The loss of two such top-notch performers was certainly enough to shade the glorious path of the lllini as they rolled over Michigan Normal, and then went on to take a three-way meet with Minnesota and Indiana by a comfortable margin. Ohio State squeezed into first place in the conference Indoor meet by a three point edge over the lllini. Ohio ' s Lloyd Duff proved himself the strong man by grabbing sixteen points indi- vidually. George Walker placed in three events and Dike Eddleman won the high jump to lead the lllini scoring. Eddleman went on from the Big Nine meet to capture his fourth high jump crown in the Chicago Relays. Wall Korkow Worren Ely G«orge Wolkor Moving outdoors, the defending Big Nine and NCAA champs took part in the Kansas Relays and the Drake Relays with Eddleman adding two more wins, and Norm Wasser taking the shot- put crown at Drake. Moving on to Minneapolis, the lllini garnered in still another victory by edging the Gophers 72-60 as George Walker won both the low hurdles and the century race. Walker combined two hurdle championships with Dike Eddleman ' s new stadium record in the high jump to break Purdue 78-54 on the follow- ing weekend. Winners among the lllini included Walt Karkow, Bill Buster, Paul Behan, Norm Wasser, Don Leuthold, and Paul Huston. A victory over Indiana was celebrated by the same score, 78-54. Michigan State then suc- cumbed 86-46 as George Walker came within one-tenth of a second of matching the world ' s 220 low hurdle record. Lou Irons, high jumping his way to first place over teammate Eddleman, and Walt Karkow ' s first in the grueling two-mile run shoved the lllini to third place in the Outdoor Championships. Fifteen men continued their work with Coach Johnson in preparation for the Central Col- legiate Championships, the NCAA meet, the NAAU test, and the Olympic trials. Illinois easily out-pointed the competition for their fourth Cen- Sam Slollar Bob Downey 546 f Don Leuthold tral Collegiate title in six years, but dropped to fourth place in the NCAA meet despite Eddie- man ' s Illinois record high jump of six feet, seven inches. Ex-lllini Bob Richards accompanied Dike Eddleman to the 1948 Olympic Games. Rich- ards made the team with a vault of over four- teen feet, six inches, whereas Dike sprang to new heights in his 6 feet Z ' b inch leap over the cross- bar. Richards placed third in the London event while Eddleman tied for second. Bill Buster, out- standing quarter-miler during the season was named to captain the ' 49 tracksters. Vic Twomey SCORES: III. 79 Baldwin-Wallace 77 Michigan Normal BIG NINE INDOOR — 2nd Illinois Tech Relays Chicago Relays Kansas Relays Drake Relays 72 Minnesota 78 Purdue 78 Indiana 86 Michigan State BIG NINE OUTDOOR — 3rd Central Collegiate NCAA Downs and Karkow tlort ' round the bend 60 54 54 46 547 BASEBALL mmmtmmmm 548 549 i= Baseball r The University of Illinois ' victory grabbing 1948 baseball campaigners not only successfully de- fended their conference crown but finished the season with an even better won-and-lost record than their predecessor. This year the squad had to be content with sharing the championship honors with Michigan, each squad winning ten while losing two in conference play. The complete mini schedule of twenty-four games ended with the respectable total of seventeen wins, five losses (of which two were to the professional Danville Dodgers), one tie, and one incomplete game called in the second inning. During the spring vacation, the lllini took a road trip through the South as a warm-up for the Northern competition. While on their Southern jaunt, the lllini lost only one of the six games played. Illinois won the District NCAA crown by achiev- ing a 6-2 win over Ohio University and a 12-2 decision over Western Michigan. The path to na- tional glory faded in the Eastern NCAA playoffs however, as the lllini stumbled twice, bowing 9-6 to an underdog LaFayette College squad, and also to North Carolina, 7-3. Coach Wallie Roettger had the 1947 season ' s finest collegiate pitcher, Marv Rotblatt, back to head his mound staff. Marv, a southpaw, had won six Big Nine games in 1947 without a loss, and had allowed only thirty-five hits in eighty-six innings of play. Another brilliant performer during Captain Bob Wakefield Top row: Henry Anderiiohn, John Gugala. Run Steger, Burdette Thurlby, Herb Plewi Second row: Stan Feldmon, Dick Cothmore, Letter Miller, Jim Kilbane, Al Wicklond, Fred Carrier, Manager Rottom row: George F tchev Marvin Rotblotf, Jerry Kairet, Bob Anderlik, Robert Wokefield, Captain; Coach Walter H. Roettger ' .V ' " " ,1— T f , T WO; ■ ;.U»OlS i SCORES: 111. 7 Louisiana State 3 Louisiono State . . 10 Mississippi State . . 1 Mississippi Slate . . 11 Memphis Stale , , 8 Washington University 10 Washington University 10 Danville Dodgers 11 Danville Dodgers 5 Danville Dodgers 10 Minnesota . . . . 4 Minnesota . . . . 9 Purdue 1 Purdue 11 Northwestern . . . 10 Northv estern . . . 3 Michigan . . . . 4 Michigon , . . . 10 Indiana 14 Indiana 14 Louisiana Tech . . Ohio State . . . . 6 Ohio Stale . . . . 6 Ohio University . . 12 Western Michigan . 6 LaFoyette College 3 North Corotina . , BIG NINE — CO-CHAMPS NCAA DISTRICT CHAMPS Opp. 3 5 8 5 High Strategy the season was Herb Plews who, although only a sophomore was voted Most Valuable by his team- mates. Herbie won the conference batting champ- ionship wtih a hard-hitting .404 average in the twelve-game conference schedule, but in addition also won the fielding honors for the circuit, hand- ling sixty chances with only one error. And always in there when the pressure was toughest was Cap- tain Bob Wakefield. Time after time, Wakefield would lift the ball into the far corners of the diamond to allow his teammates to score. In addition his work at third base was superb as he capably led his men. The spring training jaunt opened with Louisiana State, where Marv Rotblatt and Stan Feldman combined talent to twirl a decisive three-hit, 7-0 shut-out, supported by the errorless backing of their teammates. The second game was called at the end of the seventh inning and ended there with a 3-3 tie. Illinois then went on to Mississippi State and out- slugged their hosts 10-5 as Ruck Steger contributed three hits out of five trips to the plate, only to be matched by Bob Anderlik ' s three hits. George Fischer 552 In the second game of the Mississippi State series, Al Wickland was driven in from second by Tommy Hoffman for the lone Illinois tally as the Champaign squad lost, 8-1. Memphis State proved to be a soft touch and the lllini had an 8-0 lead before the weatherman halted the ac- tivity at the end of the second. Illinois managed to get in seven innings the next day and win that one 1 1 -5 to end the trip in the land of hospitality. Marv Rolblott, ace pitcher, fanned 62 batten in 1 948 for o new record. Lost yeor fie tied the old record of fix wins in one season so it ' s no surprise to leorn he ' ll be missed. lllini fielding and pitching joined an eleven hit attack on Washington University for an 8-3 victory. The second game was a slugfest, and the lllini barely squeezed out a 10-9 win. A three-gome series with the Danville Dodgers of the professional Three-I League ended with two wins for the pro ' s and one for the lllini. Marv Rotblatt lost his first game after racking up fifteen straight wins. Burdette Thurlby mki ' 15 J Rusf Sieger Rotblatt suffered an 18-10 loss in the opener with the Dodgers, but the lllini bounced back to take the second game 1 1 -6, thanks to Bob Anderlik ' s 370 foot home run. Pitcher Stan Feldman pitched a beautiful game for the win. In the third game, Ander- lik again slammed out a homer, but the lllini fell 8-5. Illinois opened the conference season against Minnesota and squared away twelve hits and ten runs to down the Gophers in an impressive 10-1 victory with Rotblatt allowing only four hits while he had nine strike-outs. Following a second victory over the Gophers, Purdue stepped up to take a 9-2 shellacking as Rotblatt struck the astounding total of eighteen batters down while allowing only five hits. Bob Wakefield led the lllini slug- gers with five for five . Another over Purdue, and two excep- tionally well-pitched wins over Northwestern put the lllini in the conference lead with six victories to their credit. A two game series with Michigan in the battle of the Big Nine Gerry Koiret Bob Anderlik A pitch, o hard swing, ond another boll gels a long ride through the sky. 4fe= Detpite oil this confusion, Morv Rotblolt found the boll there by his right shoulder in time to catch a Minnesota runner trying to make tiii woy over the homo plate. leaders brought capacity crowds to watch the two powerhouses slug it out on Illinois Field. Herbie Plews provided the spark for the 3-2 lllini win in the first of the two games. Plews scored once upon a hit by Captain Bob Wakefield, and then drove over the winning run to make a bad day of it for the Wolverines. Michigan followed their loss with a win to keep the title race in a close battle. The lllini went on to take two from Indiana and one from Louisiana Tech in preparation for the Ohio State games. The Buckeyes did their best to remove the lllini from the conference crown as they won a 6-0 shut- out in the opener which sent the lllini into a tie with Michigan. The determined Illinois squad bagged the second game 6-3, to stop any doubts about their championship ability, and placed their hold on a part of the Big Nine crown. Al Wicklond Herbie Plews i l.VN 0| 4 m John Gugoto ' T N 555 . I OTHER VARSITY SPORTS I 556 557 B ! ' ■«» rtV SS w I t;mt » ' i Top row: Coach Howie Broun, Charles Schunk, Fred Steers, Melvin Randoll, Gene Johnson, Robert Ruff, Botlom row: Warren Alcock, Dove Brown, Joe Weiss, Roger little, Ben Fisher Tennis Despite serious replacement problenns, Coach Howie Broun ' s 1948 squad finished a heavy schedule with nine wins and two losses in dual meets, and fourth place in the conference meet as Dave Brown captured the number two singles title. Returning lettermen Fred Steers, Dave Brown, Joey Weiss, Charles Schunk, Mel Randoll, and Bud Little stepped up two positions to fill the vacant number one and two spots. After lop-sided wins over Beloit, Chicago, and powerful Cincinnati, the lllini were recognized as a real threat. A 5-4 win over Kalamazoo, and conquests of Ohio State and Purdue en- hanced this viewpoint. Fate swept in and tossed the lllini two losses, then allowed them to finish the season successfully with three more wins. Mol Randall Chorles Schunk Roge ' Little cores: imois 8 Beloit 1 linois 7 Chicago 2 inois 9 llinois 5 inois 8 llinois 8 llinois 2 inois 1 llinois 9 llinois 7 llinois 5 Cincinnati Kalamazoo 4 Ohio State 1 Purdue Michigan State ... 6 Michigan 8 Western Michigan . Wisconsin 2 Northwestern .... 4 559 I 6j 5 .: I ■ ' t- ' Top row: Bill Trubilt, manager; Louit Stuebe, Lee Lipson, Robert Scanlon, M. R. Garret, coach Bottom rowi Robert Forsythe, Mark Larimer, Analole Lucas, Don Bengord, Henry Ostnski Fencing n Henry Oiiniki Captain l«e lipton The mini fencing team miraculously came to life near the end of the year and grabbed second place in the Big Nine championships to make the 1948 season an extremely success- ful one. Throughout the year the epee men continually surprised their foe with strong victories. Those in the epee class were Andy Lucas, Don Bengard, Bob Forsythe, Hank Osinski, and Mark Lari- mer. Outstanding with the foil were Andy Lucas and Bob Scan- Ion. Captain Lee Lipson and Lou Stuebe carried the load in the saber class. Robert Scanlon Anolole Lucot, caplcin- lect . • 560 ( Illinois ' fencers came within one point of a Western Conference title in 1948; expected to Scores: linois. ... linois. . . . linois .... linois .... linois .... linois 11 linois 12 linois 12 linois 23 15 Lawrence Tech . . 12 12 Ohio State 15 1 3 Notre Dame .... 14 11 Michigan State . . 16 14 72 Wisconsin 1 2 ' A Chicago 16 Northwestern ... 15 Wayne 14 Illinois Tech 4 Don Bengord BIG NINE — 2nd In winning second at the Big Nine meet, the whole squad reached the finals. Hank Osinski tied for the epee championship, but lost in the playoff. Lipson and Scanlon took seconds in the saber and foil respectively. In the saber division Stuebe won third. Fourth in the epee class fell to Bengard. Andy Lucas was elected to captain the 1949 fencers. Bob Scanlon gives the font a thrill as he de-foils his opponent v Top fow: Troiner Dick Kline, Asititant Coach Bob Wilson, Slonley Lee, Joe Garcia, Deon Ryan, Assistant Coach Bill Tomaros Bollom row: Senior Monoger Rolph Coitenion, Dick locwe, Kenneth Morlin, Charles Gottfried, Art Archer, Bill Monn, Coach Glenn C. " Newl " lov. Wrestling Illinois ' defending Big Nine champions con- tinued their winning ways in 1948 right up until the fmol moments of the season when they were nosed out of a renewed hold on the title by a single point. Guided by Coach Newt Law and Captain Dave Shapiro, the gropplers tangled with the toughest teams in the nation and stayed right with them. The lllini, third place winners in the NCAA finals themselves, had a schedule which featured Cornell College and Michigan State, the first and second place winners respec- tively, in addition to five conference opponents. One of wrestling history ' s largest turnouts, 5,065 enthusiastic fans, watched the lilini- Cornell struggle. In matches of titanic propor- tions there was never a case when the final out- K«nneth Morlin, 155 poundt Chuck Gottfried, tieovyweight Captain Dava Shapiro, 165 pounds 562 Art Arch«r, 191 pounds Cilbefl Gaumer, 175 pounds come could be decided until the final gong had rung. Captain Dove Shapiro, Kenny Marlin, and Chuck Gottfried each won their matches. Both Kenny Marlin and captain-elect Gott- fried went on to win the Big Nine. Other consis- tent point winners for the lllini were Stan Lee, Joe Garcia, Gil Gaumer, Dean Ryan, Art Archer, Bill Mann, and Dick Loewe. Joe Garcia 145 pounds Slonley Lea, 155 poundi Scores: Illinois . 16 9 11 24 19 21 17 g Nin Michigan ... 12 Illinois . Illinois. Illinois. Illinois . Cornell College Michigan State . Ohio State .... Iowa ... 17 ... 17 ... 15 ... 18 Illinois . Purdue ... 17 Illinois . Indiana e 2nd (tie) ... 22 B Copla in -elect Chuck Gottfried wen this semi-finol match, then went on to become heovyweight chompion. r Top row: CoDcti Ralph Flolcher, Dove Lo3cn, Roy Kimpel, Bob Topjcolt Bottom row: George Doylontis, John Reil, Coptoin Art Wyoll, Horold SmiJh, George Jemsek Golf Captain Art Wyatt led five returning letter- men into the 1948 season. In eight dual matches, the lllini record showed four victories and as many defeats for a satisfactory season. In the Ohio State Quadrangular, the lllini de- feated Indiana but bowed to Ohio State and Purdue. Swinging hard, the golfers copped sixth place in the conference showdown, then elected Dave Logan as their 1949 captain. Scores: linois 24 72 linois 28 72 linois 1 5 ' 72 linois 19 72 linois 10 linois 1 1 ' : linois 17 72 linois 11 Illinois Normal . . 5 72 Illinois Normal . . 1 72 Indiana 20 72 Purdue 16 72 Purdue 26 Michigan 1 8 72 Iowa 9 72 Northwestern ... 25 Coptoin Art Wyatt (upper) and George Doyiantls ( lower) displaced particularly good foi m on the links during 1948. ' ' ' •M ' y -jf m- i Ti Top row; Coach E. J. Monley, Robert Kesler, George Mullins, Henry Maulner, Jack Griroy, monager Bottom row: Robert Branch, Ooug Rucker, Herb Siewerl, Tom Lone Swimming Fate again crippled an lliini swimming team which had held great hopes at the start of the 1948 season. With many veterans returning, Illi- nois prospects were high; but as the year pro- gressed, the squad, hampered by many casual- ties suffered several losses in their meets. The lone victory of the year was achieved at a time when all things went well. The rest of the season reflected the hardships of the team. Scores: linois 52 linois 26 linois 35 linois 37 linois 24 nois 32 inois 26 Washington U 23 Iowa State 54 Wisconsin 49 Northwestern 47 Purdue 60 Iowa 52 Indiana 58 Captoin Bob Geromerfo (upper), forced to leave school, woi replocecj by Cop ' oin elect Don Scticrwot llowctl. 1 . V fl «ak Paul Huston, Bob Downs, Don Schriefer, Bill Downjy, Walter Jewsbury, Vic Twomey Cross Country The 1948 cross country squad, led by Captain Vic Twomey, jogged through the season to gain one tie and two wins in dual meet competition. The Western Conference meet, held at Wash- ington park in Chicago, was captured by Wis- consin, and the defending lllini champs were forced to accept second place. Vic Twomey and Bob Downs finished second and fifth, but the Illinois squad lacked the team balance necessary to retain the title. SCORES: (lowest wins) Illinois 28 Purdue 28 Illinois 27 Indiana 28 Illinois 19 Iowa 36 BIG NINE — 2nd Vie Twomey 566 Tod ro Bottom »: Joe Fino, Joe Mornngton, senior monoger — Bob Eck, Roy Lmder, Don Von Ebers, John O Ht-ron row: Assistant Coach Ray Runkle, Len Brolower, Cay Hughes, Joe Calvetti, Vilo Zinzi, Jolm Fina, Coach Harfley Price Gymnastics Illinois gymnasts, with a second in the Big Nine and a third in the NCAA finals, finished the 1948 season very successfully. Standout lllini individuals were Joe Calvetti and Gay Hughes, who posted NCAA championships on high bar and trampoline. Big Nine winners were Calvetti, Captain Vito Zinzi, and John Fina. Fina was elected to captain the gymnasts in 1949. Coptoin Vilo Zinzi Scores: Illinois 81 Illinois 78 72 Illinois 67 72 Illinois 53 Illinois 58 72 Illinois 56 Illinois 52 72 Big Nine NCAA Purdue Gym Club 45 Nebraska 48 7; Michigan State . . 28 7: Chicago 59 Michigan 53 7: Minnesota 72 Minnesota 75 72 2nd 3rd INTRAMURAL SPORTS 568 569 Intramurals S?niof monageri Hermon Herlentfcin and Bob McCorthev moke plans for Ihe IM season Under the capable guidance of a new Super- visor, Assistant Supervisor, and Secretary, the Intramural department started its 1948-1949 program in anticipation of a year ' s activity which would exceed that of any past year in both quality and quantity. Realizing the increased student interest, the Intramural department met the need of ad- ditional facilities and student administration. It secured badly needed playing fields, and in the second semester took over the West side of the Stadium Hall for indoor activities. In order to odminister the program more efficiently, the managerial staff was increased, and several student organizations received representation on the IMREC Board, which sets the governing policies. In attempting to meet the suggested program changes of the Interfraternity Council and the Athletic Association, the Intramural department decided to retain the point system and achieve- ment trophy, but make certain modifications to encourage additional participation. Several team sports were conducted concurrently on a " split man " basis. No one man in a house par- ticipated in both events and round robin tourna- ments were conducted rather than the usual double elimination type. Houses were also Looking over the bulletin board to find the latest results in the 1949 roc» we find sophomore managers Norm Rubin, Sonny Bradley, Don Wolker, ond Al Lampheor. Missing from the picture ore John Youngs and John Zolvlnsky. 570 JUNIOR MANAGERS: George Londis, Libby Buckley, secretory; Ted Tedforo. kcacn Zimmermon, William Kroulheim allowed to enter on unlimited number of men in individual sports. During the past years, Illinois ' Intramural De- partment has received nation-wide recognition for offering the students one of the finest pro- grams in existence, and this year was no ex- ception. Rather than rest on its laurels of a model program, however, the department has done everything possible in order to maintain this honor by making any needed improvements or changes conceivably necessary to insure this reputation. INTRAMURAL BOARD — Back: Ted Tedlotd, Bob McCarthey. Robert Zimmermon, George Londii. William Kroutheim, John Gedney Svoted; Willtom Stollman. Herman Hertenitein, IM Director Al Klingel. William Bottershell. Wil liom Needier, Marvin Eyier OFFICIALS CLUB — Top: Bob Heiienberger. Moi Olten, Jock Buthyheod, Howard Blum. Bob Solomon, Bob Thompion Bottom: Bob Solomon, Ralph Dudlely, Bob Foi. Ed Nowok, Jerry Priiyon, Thomoi Wright, Doon Horriton 571 II Intramural From the time that the first football entry was taken until the last handball match was played, the first semester ' s intramural and recreational program was outstandingly successful and full of activity. The intramural program showed a remark- able increase in participation. Football set an all time record with 101 leams competing for the championship, basketball saw 128 entries vie for the crown, and all the other sports showed similar increases. INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Spring Semester, 1948: Golf Alpha Delta Phi Water Polo Delta Chi Volleyball Phi Gamma Delta Basketball Delta Tau Delta Wrestling Kappa Sigma Bowling Phi Kappa Horseshoes singles O ' Heron, Theta Xi doubles Kersulis, Simpson, ATO Outdoor Track .... Alpha Tau Omega Tennis singles Besant, ATO doubles Moses, Besant, ATO Softball Sigma Alpha Epsilon M ng Festival: Winner Illinois Basketball Medical School Wrestling Illinois Volleyball Navy Pier Badminton singles House, Illinois doubles Fromm, Gates, Illinois Table Tennis singles O ' Connor, Illinois doubles Fromm, Gates, Illinois Fall Semester: Turkey Run Chi Psi, Tri Delt Waterpolo Delta Chi Handball singles Zondier, Psi U doubles Garner, Schubert, Indee 572 Champions Much wider participation in co-recreational tournaments was achieved this year under the IM program. Volleyball showed a 100% in- crease in entries with 60 teams particpating. Bowling, badminton, and tennis was offered the co-recreation members during the second se- mester. Again, Illinois displayed to the world the ideal workings of an intramural system of " play for ail " . Table Tennis singles Weisner, ZBT doubles Karzen, Holleb, TEP Football Club Esquire Track Phi Delta Theta Co-Rec. Volleyball The Duffers Tennis singles Seifert, Indee doubles Bradley, Bradley, SAE 1947-1948 STANDINGS Alpha Tau Omega 548 Sigma Chi 486 Ph; Delta Theta 417 Tau Kappa Epsilon 338 Beta Theta Pi 331 Delta Tau Delta 318 Sigam Alpha Epsilon 312 Sigma Nu 291 Kappa Sigma 285 Theta Xi 285 Phi Gemma Delta 266 Sigma Phi Epsilon 249 Phi Epsilon Pi 225 Delta Chi 219 Zeta Beta Tau 216 Delta Upsilon 205 Psi Upsilon 175 Tau Delta Phi 163 Tau Epsilon Phi 1 55 Delta Phi 155 Sigma Alpha Mu 141 Phi Kappa Psi 137 Alpha Delta Phi 129 Alpha Epsilon Pi 114 573 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS 574 «»• «ai wmtmm 575 Joyce Perbix, preiident One organization on campus in which the women are not out-numbered by men is the Wom- en ' s Athletic Association; its purpose is to provide a well-rounded sports life for women by functioning the entire school year. Every season is a busy one for the W.A.A. group. Archery, soccer, bowling, softball, basketball, bad- minton, tennis, and volleyball are the sports spon- sored by this organization. W.A.A. members serve as managers for the different sports and physical education faculty members assist by teaching the fundamentals of the games to the participants. Teams are formed either by houses or by groups of individuals from various houses. Principles of good sportsmanship are stressed at all times. The executive board is headed by Joyce Perbix as president. Other officers include: Wilma De Young, vice-president; Elizabeth Morphy, secre- tary; Virginia Metzler, treasurer; Marjorie Dunlap, individual sports chairman; Marcia Spaeth, team sports chairman; Martha Carlisle, co-recreation chairman; Mary Hansen, publicity chairman; Mary Palcheff, social chairman; Miss Louise Freer, ex- officio adviser. Lila Jeanne Athey is the W.G.S.- W.A.A. coordinator. Miss Booker and Miss Miles are the new faculty advisers. Women ' s Athletic E«ecuiivo Council — Top row; Mor y PolchefF, Morcia Spaeth, Mory Hansen, Virg nio Melzler B=i ' om row; Lilo Jeonne Athey, Morlha Corlisle, Joyce Perbix, Billie OeYoung, M irjorie Dunlap VV.A.A. Amciji — Tcp (ow: Doris Biellond, Pat Wetterdale, Mory Morwood, B.MIe OeYoung, Joyce Perbix, Jeonne Young, Oorit Neyendorf, Mae Jeon Engen. Marilyn Nathan Second row: Mory Torlcrici, Bernadetle longowa, Rulh Medendorp, Morcia Spaeth, Joan Pfau, Mory Hansen, Georgia Pahlow, Gwen Adair Laufer. Morilyn Fotflond Bottom rcw: Melbo Frank, Marjorie Dunlap, Jeanne Humberstone, Lila Jeanne Athey, Dolores Bodz, Elaine Kroll, Virginio Metzler, Lois Barrow Association W.A.A. Managers — Top row: Georgia Pohtow, Joanne McCarty, Mary Buescher, Joan Pfou, Caryl Smith, Bemadelta Lcngawa Bottom row: Margie Groves, Mary Tortorici, Elaine Kroll, Morilyn Creothf Dolores Bodz Sib. Top row: Betty Glawe, Morilyn Creoihe, Rosemary Wofkins, Dorothy Bieber, Frances Falcon, Merge SpofFord, Marion Crammer, Pat Forbes, Jo Anne Lomax, Doris Lay ion, Joan Pfou, Alice Muschler Bottom row: Beryle Orye, Paula Norris, Sally Roach, Jill Storon, Gloria Farkas, Jean Ungeher, Betty Weldon, Lois Cederberg, Betsy Downs, Mary Catherine Carlson, Dorothy Swanion Diving Boaid: Mary Ellen Needier, Mory Morwood, Carole Bauer Not in ponel: Mae Jeon Engen, Helen Shellobarger, Gwen Neubauer, Louise Wright, Joonito Meunier, Mary Bufterfield, Georgia Pahlow, Gwen Loufer, Marilyn Nolhon. Doris Neyendorf, Mory Lois Honning, Lois Barrow, Caryl Smith, Jeanne Young, Moiilyn Fosslond, Gloria Thurow, Ruth Berkowitz, Norma Miller Terrapin in her capacity as president, Mae Jean Engen led Terrapin activities to a brilliant climax in 1948. Following the inter-house swimming meet, the girls presented their annual water pageant demonstrating outstanding skill and patient practice. Besides President Engen, other hardworking ofTicers included Mary Ellen Needier, Mary Morwood, Carole Bauer, Dorothy Swanson, Alice Muschler, and Advisor Doris Layson. In its aim of furthering interest in swimming and promot- ing sportsmanship and friendship. Terrapin was a success. Do you recognize the April Fool number from the Mother ' s Doy Terrapin Show? 578 Orchesis " Orchesis " is a Greek word meaning " to dance. " The purpose of the organization is first, to ofFer to men and women of the University the op- portunity for creative dance study, composition, and performance, and second, to stimulate interest in art dance and foster high standards of perform- ance, appreciation, and understanding, of the art in the community. Orchesis presents a yearly spring concert as its major production; it also gave its well-known " Dry Bones " number in the Activity Variety Show this year. Other activities include sponsoring concerts by famous dance artists and organizing playdays in which neighboring colleges are invited to partici- pate. Lecture demonstrations for the music and art departments, clubs on campus, and neighboring schools are presented when requested by those or- ganizations. Orchesis also participates in pro- ductions which combine the efforts of the music, drama, and dance departments. Officers of Orchesis ore: Lorraine Meyer, presi- dent; Barbara Harris, secretary; Paula Maddox, treasurer; and Janet Grigg, corresponding secre- tary. A branch of the club is Junior Orchesis, which provides the opportunity for improving skills so that the requirements of Orchesis membership may be met. Above: The mon on the flying tropeze hot nothing on these agile merr bers as they demonstrate one of the modern dance leaps. Below: Performers show a creotive formation. FRATERNITIES SORORITIES INDEPENDENT MEN INDEPENDENT WOMEN HONORARIES and PROFESSIONALS ORGANIZATIONS 580 FRATERNITIES I 582 N ' fsxjny 583 Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council of the University of Illinois is the supervisory end governing body of all the social fraternities on campus. It for- mulates and administers policy of interfraternity nature and assists in carrying out University policy pertaining to fraternities. Interfraternity Council is composed of chap- ters of fifty-five national fraternities. Illinois was first to organize an Interfraternity Council and has remained a progressive leader in fra- ternity self-government. It was one of the first Universities to establish the post of Assistant Dean of Men for Fraternities, and Dean Carl M. Grip was one of the first men to hold such a post. University control, when necessary, is exer- cised through the Board of Fraternity Affairs, composed of three staff fraternity men, three local fraternity alumni, and the five undergrad- uate officers of the Interfraternity Council. Fred Berry, preiident OfRceri: Colvin V090I, Do ' la Tou Delta, treoiurer; Robert Konlgsfeld, Delta Chi, vice-president; Professor Bull, choirmon, boord of fraternity oHoirs; Dean Grip, faculty cdvitor flliott Choum, Sigmo Alpha Mu, sergeant-ot-arms; James " !- n-lfn Knppn Epsiton, secretory; Fred Berry, Sigma Chi, president ' ' . m M I d 584 Bottom row. Executive Council : Richard Konigsfeld, Delta Chi, Judicial; Co ' vin Vogel murals; Chorles Sogle, Phi Delta Theta, Rushing; John Breorley, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Chi Rho, Public Relations; Scott Shelton, Chi Psi. Activities Delta Tou Delta, House Monagcrt; Williom Needier, Alpho Delta Phi, Intra- mint Union Boord; Joy Harnick, Phi Epsilon Pi, Activities; Richard Harding, ACACIA Frank Frandsen Allen Holtene ALPHA CHI RHO Robert Miller Richard Harding ALPHA DELTA PHI William Needier Williom Sommer ALPHA EPSILON PI Stanley Shapiro Irving Tick ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Nolan Craver Merle Johnson ALPHA PHI ALPHA Williom Franklin Lourence Young ALPHA GAMMA RHO Arnold Toft Willicm Corzina ALPHA RHO CHI Herbert Savage Miles Brown ALPHA SIGMA PHI Kenneth Hoover Paul Wieland ALPHA TAU OMEGA Thomas Crewj William Schueler BETA THETA PI William Phillips William Elliott CHI PHI William Worrell William O ' Connell CHI PSI Scott Shelton Richard Gilbert COSMOPOLITAN Carl Moller Muzzofor Gocek DELTA CHI Raymond Luken Herbert Hoover DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Thomos Hostetler Ronald Foell DELTA PHI Stanley Burnham Jomet Howden DELTA SIGMA PHI Thomas Robinson Robert K irkwood DELTA TAU DELTA Donold Walker William Kfoutheim DELTA UPSILON Raymond Diest Donald Shaw FARM HOUSE Alfred Culver Poul Vogen KAPPA ALPHA PSI Rudolph Thomas Dovid Jones KAPPA DELTA RHO Richard Ausfahal John Baker KAPPA SIGMA John Stroud Fronk Hunt LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Rolph Smykol William Stallmon OMEGA PSI PHI Mitchell O Bonnon Thaddeus Hayes PHI DELTA THETA John Breorley William DeWitt PHI EPSILON PI Jay Harnick Arthur Gould PHI GAMMA DELTA Robert Kesel Douglas Helm PHI KAPPA George Hale John Stengel PHI KAPPA PSI Douglas Footh Gerold Reichard PHI KAPPA SIGMA Albert Lowe Thomos Hagen PHI SIGMA DELTA Milton Goldkin Walter Leventhal PHI SIGMA KAPPA David Kramer Robert Pearson PI KAPPA ALPHA William Simon William Martin PI KAPPA PHI Kreel Kasserman George Wolker PI LAMBDA PHI Ronald Weinresj Sanford Fox PSI UPSILON Dovid Pyle Grant Nelson SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Jock Connon John Proft SIGMA ALPHA MU Arthur Stromberg Milton JofTee SIGMA CHI William Cosligon Richard WiMz SIGMA NU George Ginos Theodore Kendall SIGMA PHI DELTA John ShurtlefF Steve Kfc SIGMA PHI EPSILON Ernest Meier Robert Dunn SIGMA PI Fredrick Kondzallo Francis Heauey TAU DELTA PHI Nothon Seigel Arthur Perbohner TAU EPSILON PHI Alvln Druth Leonard Kravitz TAU KAPPA EPSILON Stephen French Michael O ' Connall THETA CHI Richard Hart Theodore Tedford THETA DELTA CHI Lowrence Butkus Jevne Hougan THETA KAPPA PHI William Garcia Bernard Herly THETA XI Gene Grossmtck Jerome Slovik TRIANGLE John Mayer Walter Kevern ZETA BETA TAU Gerald Leovttt Irion Heymon ZETA PSI Theodore Ritter Harold Richards J%fffmf 585 Skull and Crescent Skull and Crescent is a sophomore honorary society composed of two men chosen from each of the twenty-five prominent campus fraternities. The purpose of this organization is to further good will among the members. Two freshmen who are outstanding in ac- tivities and scholarship are chosen from each member fraternity. They are initiated in the spring and are then active members in Skull and Crescent during their sophomore year. in addition to the regular bi-weekly dinner meetings and the other social events, each fall a Skull and Crescent Pajama Race is held in the Armory. The pledges of each member fraternity participate in the race. This event is met with great enthusiasm by the students over the entire campus. This year Delta Sigma Phi fraternity took first place in the pajama race which was held on November 17. Through the combined efforts of the members, the pajama race and the other social events, as the formal dance, were all very successful. officer! — Top row: Willtom Worroil, vice-president; John Autlicr, prlsi- dent Bottom row; Williom Sommer, tecretary; Charles Reitsch, treosurcr Top row; Kenneth Apel, Austin Jones, Richard Cook, Roger Wielond, Clarke Dexter, Paul Dougloss, Micfioel Ingrassis, Robert Cole, Charles Donnelly, Wiltians Beeson, Wolloce Johnson Third row; Donald Shaw. Richard Wotson, John Author, Williom O ' Ccnnell, Bertil Nordhielm, Randall West, Charles Reitsch, Williom Sommer, Alan Schroder, Mork Gorritson, Gene Buwick, Williom Worrell, Icon Sheldahl Second row; Edward Cook, Williom Buck, Slonley Chongnon, Pleosont Robnelt, B ' UC3 Campbell, Richard Anderson, James Hoger, Clifford Reesmon, Herman Woatich, Gerold Andrews, Leo Mclaughlin Bottom row; William Vohr.sko, Roberl Piper, Charles Strowbridge, Richard Gilbert, Fred Kondzella, John Stroud, Donald Walker, Robert Ryon, John Stengel 586 Star and Scroll Star and Scroll, sophomore activity honorary fraternity, is an interfraternity organization founded at the University of Illinois for the pur- pose of creating and promoting interfraternity fellowship, raising freshman scholarship stand- ards, and perpetuating the traditions of the Uni- versity. Each year member fraternities of this organ- ization select two outstanding sophomores, who in their freshman year were outstanding both in activities and scholarship. These men are ac- cepted into Star and Scroll to represent their fra- ternities at bi-weekly meetings. The highlight of this year came at the annual Star and Scroll Banquet and Dance held on Oc- tober 2nd. The Scholarship Cup, awarded each year to the member house that possesses the outstanding freshman scholarship average, was presented to Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity. Retiring junior members of the organization re- ceived membership keys. Combined efForts and close cooperation of the members exhibited in making the banquet and dance a large success are indicative of the interfraternity spirit of fel- lowship that exists in Star and Scroll. Ofncers — Top row: Gene Hoffmonn, John Abbott, Witliom Slallman Bodom row: Dovtd Foriss, Thomos Moore Top row: Stanley Burnhom, Don Dickey, Glenn Grosse, Russel Phipps, Albert Bumgordner, William Wetlerbeck, Jamei Reedy, Emil Spencer, Robert Larson Second row: Trent Knepper, Allison Augur, Paul Mooney, Phillip James, Hari Jocobs, George Wright, Phil Wad, Dale Benedict, Paul Vogen, William Conine Bottom row: John Randall, Guy Packard, Merle Johnson, David Fariss, Thomos Moore, William Stallmon, Warren Robinson, Donald Dilly, Joy Sturm, Bruce Boswall 587 Top row: Ronold Pretlon, Philip Foldman, Bruce Esmond, Eugene Bengord, Morris Cannon, Richard Cook, Auston Jones, Joy Misicko, Richard Spring, Donald Kincoid, Williom Ziegler, George Frondsen, Charles Compton, Edwin Thornburg, William Schroeder, Donald DeLong, Robert Kinne Third row: Jerotd Cholcroft, Marshall Schroeder, Arthur Hoeick, William Busier, Richard Dominetfa, Philip Dolbow, Alan Hallene, Klous Timmerhaus, Charles Russell, William Voegeli, Luther Toylor, Richord Fulrath, Edwin Lemmon, Homer Moore, Raymond Stone, George Brinkerhoff, Richard Houdtett, Mock Follmer Second row: George Cheely, Bruce Raddiffe, Lovern Hoener, Dean Preston, George Slezak, Leslie Sheets, Rolph Gould, Jock Tuthill Charles Yale, Lynn Wolover, Reid An tie, William Tonkin, Robert Garrity, Frederick Hartmonn, Frank Frondsen. Kenneth Pearson, Melvin Rapp, Donald Kilby Bottom row; George Jezek, John Frozier, James Farr, Richard Foote, John Molney, Wilfred Green, John Uelber, Robert Fellows, Charles Green, John Bodemon, Ruitell Slauffer, Donald Hyer, Robert Robinson, Robert Wolker, Robert King, James Brown Not in ponel: Williom Vineyord, Kenneth Bunchmon, Chorles Herzog, Eugene Swoger, John Williams, Jay Hocklemon, James Moore Acacia 501 East Daniel 27 Active Chopters 588 1 Alpha Chi Rho 3 1 1 East Armory 18 Active Chapters Top row: Jomes Andersen, Robert Scott, Roger Lcefgren, Jerrol Burgoon, James Dickson, James Mueller, Sherry Spencer, Philip Trimble, James Albright, John Rondall, Robert Ohse, Roger Bochmon Third row; William Dunn, Herbert Franson, John Holl, Cori Dielz, Poul Deeley, Trent Knepper, John Pointer, Howard Nichols, Rtchord Smith, Gordon Hellwig, Poul Lippold, Ralph Motto Second row: Robert Campbell, John Lewis, Richard Harding, James Reedy, Dwigh! Humphrey, Robert Miller, Dole LeBoron, Normon Mayfield, Robert Davis, Wiltiom Broom Bottom row: Frank Goodman, Holger Edgren, Wilber ReVeol, William Dixon, Willord Yorde, Jock Molone, Chorles Long, Roger Hansen, Clinton Lewis, Jack lowey, Charles Graham Net in panel; Erwin Bouer, Robert Donahue, Robert Hunter, Herman Linder, Sidney Skidmore maw t III Sili I i, ; IF.! 1 III 1,11 - ' % d -■ -J Aif 3 Top fow: Edward Riener, Mack McCormick, Edword Pelkus, Charles Foirbanks, Delos Pypes, Roberf Chienskas, Robert Hardv, Leo Heneghan, Donald Felie, ! Sealon, Joieph Boyer, Frank Werber, Hoerit Schrteider, Nils Nelson, Word Schaop Third row: Robert Berry, Victor Tullio, Williom Jolly, Alex Kolch, Jack Mills, Robert Scharmer, Cliff Nyman, Richard Tennyson, Richord Hellmon, Paul Moder, Ernesi Klemb, Arthur Rote, John Kuebler, Gil Kamm S«cond row: Chuck Benton, John Anderson, Horold Wotson, Roger Roeske, Roberf Cornahan, Edward Grizzell, Wiltiam Barnes, Harold Jackson, John Pelligrini, Richard lippoldl. Phil Coeier, Jack Sergeant, John Ondrejcin Botlom row; Raymond Moltson, Rupert Light, Marshall Hatfield, Theodore Pexter, Cliff Noll, Dudley Kimpton, Franklin Mumford, Erwin Nommenson, Richard Coderre. Oren Williams. Yoder Shealy, Phillip Pizzolato Not in partel: Hugh Anderson, Eric Borlhel, Jerry Brown, Howord Grimmett, Aton McClelland, Ed Onsfoit, Charles Painfer, Peter Touormlna, Frank Verbanoc, Honk Anderegg. George Coroor, William Hamlin, Roger Koeppe Alpha Chi Sigma 606 West Ohio 46 Active Chapters 590 « Alpha Delta Phi 310 Eost John 27 Active Chapters Top row: John Keeney, William Needier, Byron Sirois, Howard Croft, Stanford Porrls, Kenneth Brown, Williom Sommer. Frederic Mothews, Frederick Surlo, Williom Zocher, Gene Wier, lorry Nufer, Philip Hortmon, Hugh Cooper Third row: Leon Brouiliette, John Somer, Roger Little, Roger Wielond, George Knoll, James Breen, Jefllerson Liltibridge, Harold Wilson, Rolph Heoly, Jeise Dowell, Robert Kesler, William Kesler, Rotph Nufer, Roy Kirschhoffer Second row: Robert McMillon, Robert Harvey, Donold DeVogelaere, Paul Hortman, Harper Abbot, Oewitf Lane, Burton Schmidt, Norman Lillibridge, John Desmond, Russell Woll, Malcolm Bennett, Robert Brown Bottom row: William Compbell, John O ' Brien, Robert Bloomfield, Cl ark Dean, Anthony Klimek, Roger Chapman, Paul Gilpin, Jomes Barr. Gerald Hubbord, Roger Smith, Richard Quintan Not in ponsi: Williom Pot rick IB i: S;t?:i i .. •■ " ■■■ ?-- ' V ' ; ' t ' X t tf ■ ? I II aitru. 591 1 Top row! Philip Gorchoflf, Jotflph Schulmon, Lowrence Sherman, Allan Niederman, Isaac Nehomo, Nathan Brenner, Edward Finkel, Stanley Feldman, Howard Baker Stonley Shapiro, Stonlev Kolker Third tow. Seymour Suioyev, Myron levin, Robert Sutok, Howard Alper, Irving Tick, Donald Merdinger, Richard Rosengard, Marvin Friedman Second row: Howord Krom, Normon Mandel, Daniel Cohen, Curtit Brook, Dovid Cohen, Sheldon Schops, Keith Chulock, Jules Beskin, Herbert Wolf, Robert Spieler Joseph Levinton, Normon Wotter, Bernard Lewis, Jules Gershon ftollom row: Doniel Abermon, Sanford Lemberg, Arthur Mostow, David Sonenblum. Richard Reinisch, Jack lewis, Allan Finkslman, David Pauker, Robert Novak Not in ponel: Seymour Helfond, Herbert Rosengard, Theodore Rowe Alpha Epsilon Pi 302 East Gregory Drive 45 Active Chapters 592 «a Alpha Gamma Rho 58 Easl Gregory Drive 31 Active Chapters Top row: John Almburg, James Whilcomb, Jay Firth, Wallace Clark, William Griffiths, Paul Bates, William Corzine, Howard Bromel, Edward Kimmelshue, Oren Miles, Merril McAllister, Donald Davis, James Slansfield, Gilbert Sauer Third row; William Morrison. Robert Croft, Arnold Toft, Richard Williams, Horley Olson, Glenn loder, Ralph Painter, Jomes Robison, Russel Jeckel, Frank Rolf, Paul Kimmelshue, William Adams, Charles Beotty, Scott Erickson, Roy Emory Second row: James Herrmonn, Lucien Wise. Lester Jacobs, William Pope, Kenneth C onHit, Earl Urish, Royce Hinton, George Johnson, Horry Roland, William Jen- kins, Charles Davison, Merle LeSage Bottom row: Rolph Williams, Wendell Kimbrough, Jomes Ross, Donald Walker, Charles Tomm, Robert Ingersoll, Dale Feoster, Glenn Heriberger, Marvin Wirti, William Martin, Fred Killom Not in ponel; John Bigger, Marvin Nordmeyer, Randolph Hunter, Edwin Sauer : Sa 3Piw.4J ' :, Top row: Donald Rolh, Donald Dickey, Charles O ' Neal, Edgar Carpentec, Robert Katkow, Ernest Michcud, Clarence Levercnr, James McDonald, Robert Solem, Terence Quirke, David Menzel, Arthur Price Third row: Thomoi Moore, Scott Bohon, Robert Court, Horold Hull, Russell Kouffmonn, WtMiom Eygobrood, Wolter Deuchler, Carl Johnson, Phillip WatI, Woyne Vorlond, William Shepherd, Jomei Hunt, John Fuctk Second row; Richord Hong, Leo Green, Walloce Mulliken, Arthur Basso, Douglos Weitzel, Allon Corpenter, Richard Metzger, Merle Johnson, Hamilton Riddle, Rolph Hartshorn, Itoyd McCloory, James Woller , Robert Williams Bottom row: Wilford Weeks. Herbert Pitschke, Gary Groy, John Towers, Robert Meyer, Ross McNought, Floyd Windol, James Stokes, Poul Shewmon, David Duer- wochter, Vernon Tolbolt Not in panel; Nolon Craver, Morsholl Dusenbury, Gene Robbins, Dale Scott, Duone Wenderolh Alpha Kappa Lambda 401 East Daniel 9 Active Chapters 594 Alpha Phi Alpha 1301 West Clark 193 Active Chapters Top row: William Johnson, Twiley Barker, Nathaniel Johnson, William Franklin Third row: Robert Norwood, Laurence Young, Edward Jones, Monroe Yerby, George Guy leal Smith, Joseph Blackwell, Chorles Curtis, John McDonald Second ro Botto Not I rowr : Kooeri r ot t ooa , Laurence louny, tuwuru jwiic , riunruc r cruy , jfivi ye uy nd row: Earle Person, Bert Babero, Neal Smith, Joseph Blackwell, Chorles Curtis, John M )m row: Richord Overbey, Garfield Jenkins, Donald Haley, Thomos Durgens, Ernest King in panel: Robert Largen, James Sounders, Ernest Wilson, Nathan Lofton, Her bert Jones, Nwogbo, Allesia Gillespie, WiHiam Stewert, Dovid Snyder, Alex Poinsett Emmet Simms, Lem Callahan, Frank Smith, James Moore, Nzoechino Top row: Victor Polmon, Eugene Gilitrap, Bruce Boswell, Richard Middendotf, Elliott Potter, Raymond PIgoizi, Henry Gabriel, Donald Brooksmiller, Karl Lohrmann, Brian Crumtlih, John Rubinellt, Robert Soellner, William Appier, Robert Zinsmeister, Harry Weaver Third row: John Wolloce, Robert Eckels, John Geiger, Robert Allan, Norman Grewe, Herbert Savage, Wolfer Morczyk, Edward Zogorski, Miles Brown, John Geister, Joseph Allen, John Rock, Raleigh Spinkt, Gerald Barry, Robert Leibold Second row: Dole Benedict, Louis McCreight, James Wolloce, Professor N. D. Morgan, Robert Flint, Joseph Llewellyn, Andrew Reynolds, Allan Korl, Albert Bum- gardner. Richard Albyn, Professor O. G. SchafTer, Professor O. S. Fjelde, Truman Strong, Professor Richord Hult Bottom row: Williom Tanner, Chorles Garrison, Robert Wilbert, Williom Williams, Jack Goldman, Thomas Waggoner, Edward Sweetnam, Richord Potterson, Howord Nickerion, Adrian Peorsall, Sidney Brodd Not in panel: Robert Boles. Chorlet Norris. John Pickett, Ronold Delop, William Robinson, Walter Jobusch Alpha Rho Chi 1 108 South First 6 Active Chapters f!) 596 -J Alpha Sigma Phi 21 1 East Armory 76 Active Chapters Top row: Robert Freelond, Frank Woltets, Herbert Boyd, Frank Stockslill, Robert Prott, Robley Evans, WMIiom Witheripoon, Horry Roethe, Royol Cloyd, Pout Spierling. Loren Anderson, Lymor Johnson, Roger Sanderson, Dovid Braun, Richard Atkinson, Richard Gerrrty, Donold Bertossa Third row: James Oldfield, Phil Worack, Stan Changnon. William Johnston, WMMom Dillman, Jock Parker, Ralph Spiekermon, Pleosont Robnett, Donald Henley. Lowrence Vromon, James Prott, Robert Nissen, William Elliott, Poul Weiiond, Kenneth Hoover, Robe rt ODonohuc, Robert Christiansen Second row: Jock Westberg, Sam Stotlor, Taffie Helleny, Richord Hogon, William Long, Richord Joufras, Richard Irwin, Mrs. June Polk, Richard Einbccker, Gordon Boyd. Francis Borenbrugge, Lawrence Witherspoon, Joseph Ribordy, James Mohoney, Edward Connor Bottom row: Robert St. Clair, James Downey, John Graham, William Whittoker, Jerry Newell, Williom Huppert, Richard Hanson, James Stonley, Robert Powell, Fritz Kubrtz, William Johnson, Richard Boston, Dana Anderson, William Gord, Howcird J ' -nes, John Gorden, Williom Kennedy Not in ponel: James Connor, George Hoger, William Hosse, Richard Hoglund. Wil.iam Keyser, John Lewis, Richard Litterst, Herbert Percival, Roger Spiegler. James Tobaka. Glen Feltz, Lou Levontl, Herbert McCurdy ■•- 597 ■p. i " ■»; lop (Ow; Jomot Hollbeck, Merrill Huflmon, Kennelh Brown, Paul Schroder, Jorres Moses, Jack Berkman, John Karns, Donald Scherwat, Bill Woods, William Schnir- ring, Burdelle Thurlby, Hugh Crojj, Lewis Dunn, Reed Riley, Walter Volkman, Robert White, Donald We Her, Alan Schroder, Fletcher Johnson, Berlil Erickson Third row: Joseph Wright, Ernest Moore, Edward Mountz, Robert Turner, Howard Jockson, Arthur Litchfield, Wilson Besant, Henry Hahn, William Schueler, Stephen Stoddord, Ernest Nelson, Albert Abbott, Thomas Wich, Thomos Roland, Corl Pieckmon, Bruce Stoneberg. Stewart Daniels, Robert Vogele, Edwin Franzen Second row: Jamei Sands, John Bradley, James Cotlrelt, William Mitchell, Bud MacPherson, Bill Conard, Robert Heath, Herman Hertenstein, Thomas Crews, Thomas Schulte, Nathan Corwilh, Jomes Marks, Wolter Kersulis, John Williams, Van Anderson, Victor Twomey Bottom row: Thomos Kriegboum, Jomes Sampson, William Champion, William Schoonmoker, Donald Leuthold, Nuel Belnap, Lee Korns, Thomas Garrison, Louii Kroniz, John Prolher, Jock Hensler, Fred Wiesenmeyer, Reynold Atde, Robert Bacon, Byron luers Not in ponel: John Clopp, Orrin Benjamin, Dave Vaughn, John Simpson, Thompson Beoll, Robert Peabody, Harold Henderson, Rodney Miller, David Dyer, Robert Borrick, Donald Barrick, John Carlson, John Knodcll Alpha Tau Omega 1 101 West Pennsylvania 1 02 Active Chapters 598 i fd Beta Theta Pi 202 East Daniel 92 Active Chapters Top row; Dean Stewort, Julius Lauctiner, Robert Nelson, Romon Dale, Robert Truilt, Donald Stewart, John Chrisrionsen, John Roberts, James Andrews, Richard lawler, George McBride, Charles Barr, Robert Ruff, Robert Shoefer, Thomas Lundeen Fourth row: Willard Boyer, Elmer Bade, Lloyd Moore, Walter Drew, Lyman Troxell, James Evans, Lester Kent, James Counlrymon, Robert Hahn, William Johnston, John Viers, Charles Andrews, William Green, John White Third row: James Piatt, Williom Brigham, Roland Collins, George Thorson, Willis Elliott, Chorles Anderson, Edword Gumpio, Mrs. Elinor Cantrell, John Jones, Eugene Johnson, David Brown, James Fitz Pa trick, Donald Wonderer, William Phillips, Robert Lone Second row: Richard Schultz, Lowell Embs, Thomas Holpin, Robert Hall, Stayton Roehm, George Wallace, Richord Anderson, George Homlin, Robert Cole, Sherwood Phillips, William Allen. Robert Andrews Bottom row: Garland Fritts, Peter GrifFin, Thomas Pollard, Robert Edwards, Jerry Krumbholz, Dale Curlin, James Morgan, Edward Hamlin, Archie Crist, Robert Boujan, Robert Lauchner, Robert Drew Not in panel: lee Hinnen, David Br ' istow, William Erwin, William Hoelscher, Jon Rooso, Pout Kehm 599 s?r - i m ' : % -ft Top row: Raymond Foutel, Andrew Scolii, George Wielor, Charlej Hommersmilh, Richard Buglelski, Mohlon Neol, William Brenner, Calvin Hamilton, William Worrell, Lloyd Schulttod, Richard Hahne, Robert Howard, Robert Malmquist Third fowr Ffonk Coteck, William Thompson, Jay Stoloy, Frederick Mersboch, Donold Harper, James Lee, Raymond Steenhousen, Donald Perry, John Knobloch, Robert Reilz, Herbert Holt, Herb Sur dmacher, Theron Bushnell Second row: John Hog, Bloine Bornei, Daniel Stevenj, Williom Teochout, Donald Weddle, William Beach, Edgar Bourke, Joseph Tomes, William O ' Connell, Chorles Siudt, John Senneff, Richard Tobin Bottom row; Roy Modten. Jomei Whitfield, John Buell, Wright Cotlow, Bruce Ceriing, Theodore Zobel, Leonord Martin, Robert Wagner, Mohlon Bishop, Clorence Romm, Robert Thompson Not in pon«l: Richard Riggins, Ronald Clark, Richard Upton, Justin Fuelleman. R-jssell Nestor Chi Phi 303 Eost Chalmers 33 Active Chapters V 600 Chi Psi 912 South becond 26 Active Chapters I Top rowt Donold Moxson, Walter Johnson, Arthur Hecker, Car! Freedlund, John Doring, ScotI Shellon, John Regnell, Richard Benton, Fred Doda, Pool Koiser, Lawrence Freedlund, Eugene Hoadley, Stanley Iverson Third row: Thomas Moffett, Robert Forsythe, George Stubbtefield, Arthur Barrett, Henry Jcmes, Fronk Huffman, Edwin Roberts, Jomes Mann, Phillip Lembkey. Eugene Soolwaechter, Robert Welsch, Thomos Taylor, Gerald Cleory Second row: Richord Harvey, George Dickson, Charles Swensen, Richord GIbbs, Samuel Denton, Charles LaRocco, Robert Lembkey, Henry Gassman, Alpotlan Reyhon, Hutchins Kealy, Fred Frank ,-0 Bottom row: Williom Barnes. Peter Riley, Dwlghl Benton, Don Gouger, John Chandler, James Benton, John Preble, Wolter Dosf, Gate Brown, Robert Barnes Not in panel: Richard Gilbert, Robert Keim f i c ' ? i„ .•.. .. .. . f,w;,n, Emin Qzgor, Mohommet Sofi, Luis Chong, Jorge Quiroi, Juan Merino, Levente de Worga, Farhang Jovid, Neial Denizmon, Dovid Eisen, Jacob Moyyo, Mchmer Alomer Second row: Charles Ise, Isaac Calderon, Mohmud Karimzodo, Thomos Logue, William loomis, Alan Lubell, Jack Weiler, Charles Fischer, Arthur London, Edmund Heine, Ertugrul Berksun, Radjo Singh, Antonio Figueroo Bottom row: Raoul Weil, Williom Lewers, Fronk Macholo, Eli Tarika, Glen Arc!, Dovid Dubin, Inocente Moreno, Victor Zovarello, Muzaffer Gocek, Jacques Ovodio, Pe ter Plaul, Hialtl Elnoriion Not in panel: Corl Moller, Lowrence Golding, Steve Ivancevich, Necati Akcoglilcr, Oguz Dogdeien, Cevdet Erzen, John Kiriokos, John Forbes, Dogah Akad Cosmopolitan 605 East Daniel 52 Active Chapters 602 Delta Chi 1111 South First 41 Active Chapters Top row: Dale Nelson, Robert Willis, Alvin Schode, Thomos Hughes, Alfred Herzog. Thomas Pauly, Robert Wollbrinck, Martin Benhom, John Allen, Robert Carpenter. James Molottki, Kenneth Jomes, Robert long, George OHore Third row: Marvin Beagle, James Sturm, Don Snyder, George Jorgensen, Charles Morshall, Carl Goltermann, Williom Forfeit, Robert Francis, Richard Powers, Herbert Hoover, Kenneth Pergrem, John Pucin, Herbert Spierling, Frank Deitz Second row: Eugene Honsen, Lawrence Herkimer, John Lindemonn, Robert Wolers, Roy Mossey, Raymond Luken, Deon Wilson, Calvin Agger, John Spencer, Gene Swensen, Robert Casey, Merton Klemm, Nugent Rag land, Robert Eyier Bottom row: Jerrol Flood, William Ktupar, Robert Bornum, Williom Holmes, Theodore Slodek, Edward Streed, Richord Konigsfeld, William Arenberg, Robert Rayu- nos, Frank Grebner, Thomas Board, Benedict Slgfusson Not in panel: Charles Kossel, Robert Konigsfeld, Homer Mostorokus, Robert ScofI, Wolter Sturm, Robert SternlofI, Jock Dempsey, William Reilly, Richard Willis, Dean McFeron, Gene Koltenbronn 603 ! T T ' Or, Clifford Reeiman, William Goddit, Robert Dodds, George Mead, Louis Mohr, Jr., Howard We I don, Ronold Foe II, Robert Deol, Philip Hendnck, Howo ' d Foell, Williom Lamb, Chorlei Reitsch Third row: Philip Wolf, Alexander MocKimm, Daniel Branigon, John King, Lee Alberlson, Frederick Blotl, John Kilterm aster, Samuel Stoul, Jomes Savage, Robert Brand, Bartholomew Hegorty, Alex Noumoff, Williom Winkler Second row: John Mortimer, FronklJn Hartzell, Robert Block, Frederic Groismon, Mobbetl Reckford, Robert Mohr, Mrs. Orten, Robert Nelson, John Penn, Frederick Spurgeofl, Thomot Hostetler, Robert Kirby Bottom row: Robert Tornow, Jamet McNeely, Robert Achor, John Hummer, John Woterstreet, Harold Armstrong, William Brewster, Warren Tomossene, Donald Palmer, CharlBi Smith Not in panel: William Edwardf, Thomos Trofton, John Towntend, Charles Hunt, Horold Mossbeck, Howord Rayniond Delta Kappa Epsilon 902 South Second 49 Active Chapters " PI 604 FtV- U vM lUa J -- Delta Phi 1008 South Fourth 15 Active Chapters Top row: Albert Morien, Julion Johnson, Richard Strockis, Walter Houghton, James Howden, William Reece, Allison Augur, James Tuslin. Jay Handel, James House. Vernon Fisk, Williom Shehan Thifd row: James Tombini, Poul Novak, Sam Givler, John Coin, Gene Hoffmonn, Herbert Siewert, Louis Stuebe, Philip Randoll, Paul Mooney, Albert Jocobson, John Reece Second row: Jomes Schwelz, James Ricke, Thomas Maher, Edward Sweeney, Harry Burke, Henry Tanton, Arthur Wachholz, William Anderson, Stonley Burnhom, Robert King, Gene Oorsey Bottom row: John McClelton, Robert Geroghty, Edward Klingbeil, Hugh King, Arhe Hughes, Roger Jocobson, Dole Borker, James Mitchell Not in panel: James Jimenez, Richard Bull, Robert Lee, Lyie Button, Joy DeBoice, Allan Seder, Richard Smous X 605 J XM -i --j J imSf! ! Top row: Robert Smith, Thomas Kenney, Robert Black, Jr., Robert LIndstrom, Gordon Taytor, Jomes Wakefield, Ronald Guild, Richord Wood, William Longhoff, Horry Allen, Robert Cryder, Williom Koch, Jr., Wtlliom Bierbaum Third row: John Slocker, William Wetterbeck, Richard Gremley. Warren Robinson, Bruce Penwell, Vol Antirm, Horold Rasmussen, Harold Brandenburg, Chorlet Graham, George Weor, John Somen, Raymond Ruihton. Robert Rice Second row: Horry Obortki, Armour Tituj, Jr., Donold Moion, William Mottheeisen, Professor H. K. Allen, Carl Folk, John Greene, Richard Gary, Harry Fries, Robert lorson, Bittell Kirkwood, Jr., Robert Esmond, Williom Hedgcock, Allen Hermanson Bottom row: Stanley Brown, Herbert Plews. Herman Morchisello, Donald Folk, William Mueller, Donald Freeboirn, Henry Osinskl, Durward Smith, Oscar K lamer, Dovid Rose. Roger Williomt, Richord Lid man Not in panel: Floyd Moupin, Chondler Smith, John Crook, Jr., Lewis Wheeler, Jock Gordon, John Jackson, Cecil Boylor, Richard Brennan, Louis Possehl, Robert Wokefield Delta Sigma Phi 106 East Daniel 50 Active Chapters 606 i Delta Tau Delta 302 East John 79 Active Chapters Top row: Harold Workman, William Gothard, Albert Smith, William Doflenbach, Jomes Hoekstro, John Allexon, James Thompson, Calvin Voget, Kenneth Unleed, Howard Wolker, Donald Unteed, John Homilfon, Robert Clopp, Roger Tobin, Edward Lamm Third row: WiMiom Edgerly, Richard Peeples, Donald Miles, Dorio Lencioni, Edword Wordrip, Richard Kruse, Phillip Dierslein, William PorJcer, Williom Kroutheim, Mortin Bleaker, Robert Ferris, William Winter, Donold Pearson Second row: John Gothard, Wiltlom Beck, John Leach, Robert Stahl, Joseph Irvine, Richard Hall. George Skinner, Gerald Schuenemon, Carl Folkensirom, Edword Wendt, Donald Wolker, Robert Newell Bottom row: Robert Johnson, John McMockin, Robert Vandeveir, Donald Lamm, Donald Hallahan, Etdon Giljamei, Stuart Grotiom, Thomas Wotson, Jack Jones, Lionel Stocey, William Stahl Not in panel: John Reilly, Harpy Moher, Donald Stevenson, Dewy Dearlng 9 Top row: WiKiom Gulizio, G«n« Waibel, Harry Grieve, Delmor Bone, Walter Schroeder, Theodore Sonko, William Spooner, Robert Dwyer, John McEnery, John McNomora, Robert Owent, Rolph Riggt Third row: Donold Show, Charlei Goldmon, Robert Twiss, Edwin Chrittiansen, Leland Kreld, Donald Albrecht, Fred Allen, Chorles Viol, Frank Menogh, Clarke Dexter, Edgar Wilkt, John Leemon, Richord Wongerow Second row: Daniel Slookey, Winilow Uebel, Donald Johnson, Robert Smith, Willord Avery, Jack Lipe, Richard Williams, Raymond Deist, Dean Davis, Phillip Har- ney, John Cairns, Bradley Rippel Bottom row: John Stormont, Kenneth Soderburg, Richord Turner, Keith McHenry, Lawrence Bailey, Phillip Evans, William Cederberg, Richard McForlond, Jack Ritt, Carl Peterson, Robert Freitag Not in ponel: Benton Koins, Donald McMullin, Russell Viehman, Jerome Heil, Robert Mitchell, John Whisenand, Robert Jones Delta Upsilon 312 East Armory 66 Active Chapters 600 ' f ' ' ■l Farm House BU9 Wesr Pennsylvania 8 Active Choplers Top row: Ouintin Elliott, Arthur Rosenberger, Paul Vogen, Ross Hostelter, Ronald Mitchell, Charles Martin, Robert Mulch, John Binghom, John Stuff, Lawrence Bittermon, Paul Finkenbinder, Philip Edgerlev Third row: William Pickett, Robert Henninger, Robert Loitz, Harold Guilher, Clarence Wilson, Ronald Elliott, Roger Hemken, Robert Downey, Robert Holbert, Merwyn Lindstrom, Neil Noland, Perry McClellond Second row: Robert Brondes, William Zumwolt, Howard Hedtke, Robert Thompson, Warren Earner, Alfred Culver. Russel Farley, Fronklin Laible, Froncis Vercler, Robert Morris Bottom row; George Curtiss, James Shoger, John Albln, Robert Williams, Owen Smith, Robert Teel, Donald Hunter, Wayne Elliott, Ronold Meier, Donald Schwonke Not in panel: Donald Boxter, Keith Vogen, John Abbott Top »ow: Rcoben Huff, Correll Hufchinson, Walter Mcintosh, Mosco Young, Enoch Matthews, Bert Piggott, John Bronion, Frederick Crocketl, FfedcHctv fc fourth row: Herbert Scott, Henry Brandon, Leo Wiltiams, Maurice Harwell, Guy Sherman, Robert Randolph, Frank Lanier Third row: Hugh Johnson, Henry Henderson, Robert Gibson, Morsholl Potts, Fernund Fortier, Joseph Mitchell, Elmus Norris, Richard Williams Second row: Clark Price, Alexander Strawn, Emory Luck, Robert La Rue, Zederick Braden, Clifford McCoy, Lawrence Jones, Conway Graves, Robert Nolen Bottom row: W!lliom Pope, John Hicks, Dovid Ford, Earl Neal, Wilbur Tuggle, Thomas Sherord, Donald Ryder Kappa Alpha Psi 707 South Third 55 Active Chapters V 610 i IgM Kappa Delta Rho 1110 South Second 22 Active Chapters Top fow: Donold Pyles, Phillip Simmons, Thomos Nicolt, George Payne, John Vetlenden, Theodore Bcyler, Dovid Kennedy, Jean Alfers, Ted Anderson, Stuarl Helffrich, Gene Kenney, Adorn Pientko, Garland Smith, Russell Miles, Paul Sisco Third row: William Smith, Harold Jacobs, Richard Ausfohl, James Humphreys, John Floberg, Edward Rechel, John Boker, Robert Eby, Raymond Cramer, Edward Francetic, Alfred Gould, Donold Ourada, Robert Fleischer Second row: Fred John, Jomes Whitfield, John Carlson, Robert Schlesinger, Robert Freeh, Williom Buechner, LeRoy Vronek, John Wood, George Wright, Arthur Gottscholk, Hubert Blazino, Richord DeWitl. Phillip Jomes Bottom row: Joseph Fenelon, Henry Uhlenhop, John Woters, George Hoogasian, Kenneth Low, Sammy Rebecca, Roger Steingraber, Richard Poul, Dwight Thomos, Richard Naotz Not in panel: William Covonaugh-, Thomas Brown, Larry Miller, Richard Hercher t Top rowi Chorl«i Atwotar, Roy Zorbock, Glen Krieg, Jack Ritter, Hugh Heflin, John Slroud, William Laurie, Donald Yeager, Robert Rosendale, Frank Hunt, John Andorion, Chorlei Noef, Robert Dwyer, Jock McQuillan, John Jung, Edwin M clean Third row: Robert Folkemtein, Thomot Chamberlain, Williom Loronger, Witliom R eeser, Robert Lane, Clayton Cole, Robert James, Elvin Riley, Kenneth Carey, William Frozier, Richard Everharl, Kent Wetlrale, Allan McWhorter, Jordan Hauts, Ro bert Pilkington Second row: George Fiiher, Jomei Roontree, Jomei Reeves, Robert Atcorn, Fred M cCorthy, Jomei Everhart, Lee Bransford, John Thomas, Duane Rowe, Samuel Nicholl, Thomas Gilroy. Fred Berry. Roymond Oohlgren, Clayton Dovrs, John McDonol d, Rlchord Usborne Bottom row: Robert Lawrence, Richard Smith, Edward Danielion, Alton Hole, Richor d Reinert, John Wood, John Zolvinski, Jack Metzger, Jock Ronchetto, Donald Clooney, Stonley Hone, Richord McKelvey, Richard Schoer Not in poneli Willii Culberion, Roberf Blodgett, Jomei Doerr, John Momon, Eldoi Marquort, John Megran, Glen Trugillo, Robert Wisner, Donald Brady, John Compton, Lawrence Steveni Kappa Sigma 21 2 East Daniel 1 14 Active Chapters •E« " ' 612 w Lambda Chi Alpha 209 East Armory 128 Active Chapters Top row: Douglas Roberts, Edward Tomenendal, Glenn Grosse, Charles Young, Ed word Prislinger, Harold Wilson, George Reihmer, Russel Phipps, Richard Dupre, John Jahnke, Low re nee Norlrup, Robert Burns, Sidney Wood Third row: Edward BukouskY, John E ricks on, Robert Feitsom, Kenneth Bailey, Richard Seehausen, William Sfollman, Richard Siegfried, Paul Jones, Richard Kohout, Richard Li verm ore, Stonley Roszkowski, Paul Klein, Burton Carter, George Dupre Second row: Ralph Smykol, George Megginson, Edward Cenek, Elmer Frey, John Wallace, William Kolinger, Donald Miller, Ernst Schoenherr, Kenneth McElroy, Bill Richards, Richard Crady, James Sc heeler, Frank Borger, John Fine, Roymond Nehls Bottom row: Roger Verley, Edward Klingenfus, Fred Elsasser, Joseph Lambrighl, John Bruder, Richard Corley, Richard Reynolds, Hirom Boss, Carl Wahlen, lames Beetle, Robert Corley, James Miller Not in panel: Donald Bryan, WilHom Dahlquist, Niles Fisher, Donald Grim, Melvin Roesen, Wilber Simmons, Ivan Stead, Will Stoecker, Robert Uhlir, Jamet Fore- man 613 Top row: John Swishor. William McMahon. Roberr Sudbrink, Horold Scott, Charles Woters, RKhord Watson, William DeWitt, Justin Ouackenbush, Albert Hoss. Ceroid Brown, Ted Kemner, Korl Errckion, John Movor, Jock Child, Donald Coulter, William Bunting, Oakleigh Adkins Third row: William O ' Byrne, William Sullivan, George landis, Robert Driver, Dcid Woodword, Richord Burrell, Wayne Eberhardt, John Breofley, John Richardson, Roy Irwin, Lorenzo Morris, Charles Sogle. Robert Meyer. Thomos Brown, Gecrge Storrs Second row: Delmar Johonnien. Lloyd Thompson, John Grossfield, Don Anderson, Harold Mooney, Robert Parkhill, Thomas Boswell, Philip Porker, William Borker, Richord leighton, Rolph Silbermon, Robert Severns, Paul McCreery, Richard Foley, Hubert Dodds Bottom row: Ceroid Snyder, Henry Price, Joseph Mohon, Roy Van Buskirk, Stuart Roberts, John Schrepferman. Elmer Scholar, Robert Sondcrskov, Robert Berning, Keith Boumonn, David Gulletle. Harvey Andersen, Donotd Moore, Charles Downs, Richard Wyott Not in panel: George Toy lor, Dovid Bechtold, Jock Weiss, Robert Downs, Ralph Fletcher, Theodore Beach, Gerald Johnson, Frank Jory, Robert Sullivan, Aiden Barker, Jerry Slock Phi Delta Theta 309 EosI Cholmers 1 10 Active Chapters 614 1 BJXj y| ' ' V HB ' 1 ' « jEIL S M r T ' T H r l PK» - . ■ .■.:i; gfii, B ■J Phi Epsilon Pi 907 South Third 34 Active Chapters Top row: Alain Levlne, James Hertz, David Fisher, Sidney Lieberslein, Herbert Spector, Lawrence Diamondstone, Albert Broday, Gerald Rosenfield, Paul Leichenger, Robert Bermon, John Straus, Jay Harnick, Barry Spak, Leonard Kipnis, William Frank, Arthur Gould, Robert Brandwein, Gerald Borkowitz, Gerald Berstein, Richord Raemer, Phillip Chlllow Third row; Edward Kleine, Donald Rappeport, Albert Friedlond, Franklin Conn, Lester Simon, Bruce Bolch, Paul Weininger, Sherwin Blum, Ellis Wachs, Jerald Greenbaum, Mark Goldberg, Allen Stein, Norman Chooncey, Charles Peters, Jerome Rosenstone, Robert Clover, Charles Kramer, Merrill Litow, Vern Corson Second row: Lawrence Krulewitch, Robert Green, Irving Schwartz, Sidney Schnitz, Marvin Ellis, Ronald Esserman, Marvin Spira, Louis Solz, Burton Riisman, Seymour Green berg, Jules Ritholtz Bottom row: Jock Schaffer, Earl Schoenwcld, Horold Sherman, Leonard Sidenberg, Leeland Myers, Allen Gordon, Stonley Toshmon, Jomes Wolfson, Norman Turner, Joel Salk, Irwin Siegel, Burton Roseneftld Not in panel: Irwin Blitzsteln, Burton Bresnik, Morvin Gerstein, Joseph Goldberg, Myron Greenman, Ronald Jacobs, Henry Mounter, Sherman Mickell, Bernard Miller, Horold Neer, Harold Schwortz, Perry Schwartz, Robert Shapiro, Barry Wilk Top row: Corl B«hr, Richard Hoas, Douglas Holm, William Pitts, Rolph Goetz, George Stevens, Robeft Anderson, William Nelson, Robert McCorthey, Walter Riddle, Robort Mother, Hodley Sloan, Bruce Hiter, Laurence Whitney, Allen Sindell, David Mills, Thomas Bunting, James Johnson, Charles Roper, Jack Pihl, Charles Kritzer Third row: John Miller, Robert Corbery, Fredrick Bollenline, William Pousf, Robert Herting, Tee Watson, John Jones, Thomas Cunningham, Robert McNeil, Eugene Bridget, Robert Sullon, Otto Nedvod, John Stevenson, Wesley Holl, Cholmers Morquis. David Cunningham, Gerald Cox, Stuart Zuck, Milton Helm Second row: Brent Wadtworlh, Donald Coughey, John Author, Lee Mehlig, James Brophy, John Wilcox, Peter Eckert, Frank Carroll, Edwin Little, Richard Norberg, Paul Schumocher, Jamet Born, Theodore Himet, John Eckerl, Harold Htndsley, Robert Kesel, Lyie Toepke Bottom row: Norton Compton, Thomas Schmitz, Donald Feldman, Robert Johnson, Donald Boyd, Hadley Davis, Edward Probst, Charles Brown, Thomas Sullan, Jomet Sheets, Richord Racklovitt, Goil Pierce, Norman Compton Not in poneli John Knulion, Alfred Borkton, Norman Eorle, Donald Maechtle, Burleigh Rondolph Phi Gamma Delta 401 East John 79 Active Chapters ▼ 616 . " ET ' •v; P? - tn ' : ' ' ■r ■ :!8l! [ ' jH 1 9 1 1 •;w Si Phi Kappa 310 East Chalmers 31 Active Chapters Top row: Anthony Raimondt, Kenneth Gelms, William Mueller, Rudolph Hoss, Robert Ryan, Thomas Cochrane, Frank Collozzo, Edward Mullins, Rudolph Magnone, Michael Kondzelta, Douglas Hale, John Stengel Third row: Fred Rohr, Jack Fellner, Fred Boxter, Vincent Norris, Anthony Del Boccio, John Llchter, Richard Prindiville. Charles Clough, Froncis Crowley, Robert Bettasso, Patrick Regan Second row: Francis Murphy, Edward Ringer, John Regon, Joseph Grimmer, Patrick Colobrese, Leo Hart, Edward Mite, Robert Kruppe, Robert Nickels, Robert Wiss, Arnold Bittermon Bottom row: Robert Quigley, Thomas McQuaid, Vincent Piscitelli, Richard Polocek, Kenneth Bugan, Pete Moore, Charles Chrestmon, Charles Chlup, Michael Accario, Doniel McNertney Not in panel: Robert Prymuski, Donald Perille, Robert Ramsey, Louis Fischer Top row: John Hagen, Daniel Reeto. Brooki Senn, William Vohoska, Albert Tale, Harvey Slaughter, Donald Foster, William Ferris, Albert Puccetti, James Ward, John Jaacki, Glenn Hicks, Richard Eriey Third row: Keith Fuller. Rolf Irgent, George Jensen. Frank Whiting, Thomas Landise, Allan Trelease, Walter Oslerkorn, William Hensold, Walter Hagen, Douglas Footh, Robert Wotton, Donald Newton Second row: William Anderson, Charles Faulkner, Byron Wot kins, Chester Croft, Thomas Lyman, Donald Prentice, Howard Wallin, Richard Martin, Albert Molo. Donald Erskine, MeUin Rotke, Harold Lindohl. Walter Molo, Donald Hubbortt Bottom row: Lee Swonion, Richard Christionsen, Arnold Merbitz, Allen Helm, William D ' iscoll, Robert Droste, Robert Doehler, Thomas Hall, Jack Hemwoll, Roy Setlergren, Warner Whitney, John Shugart Not in panel: Robert Moliniky, Jack Pierce, Fred Lindstrom, Albert Lonphear, Edward Cook, Horry Krouse, Prentice MorshaH, Robert Roy, George Sibons. Ralph Helmericki, Thomoi Benner, William Toft, Gerald Reichard, Gerald Hill, Earl Bell, Joseph Sharpe Phi Kappa Psi 91 1 South Fourth Street 54 Active Chapters iiii T5tnfi v- 618 Phi Kappa Sigma 313 East Chalmers 39 Active Chapters Top row: George Weber, Ronold Batterhom, Ronald Schaefer, James Ounn, John Wurtsbough, Richord McGinn, Chris Zojic, Robert Deneen, William McGonagll, Richord Hotfield, Worren Brown, Dale Faust, Eva Id Anderson, Preston Olsson Ronald Beeson, Robert Henry, Claude Gustine Third row: Jack Danielson, Ted Heoley, Steven Napier, Jotin Severns, Gilbert Beotty, Robert Horter, Albert Lowe, Dono Huber, Wrlllom Beeson, Roger Purdy, Harold Alvin, Harry Swan son. How ley Smith, Donald Shear burn, William Thompson, Gerald Trocy, Gene Buwick Second row: Joseph Prezorski, John Wesfenhaver, Robert Cowsert, Robert Fairbank, Art Archer, James Love, William Bigelow, Robert Horlung, Donald Bohr, Phillip Stewart, George Fischer, Robert Malley Bottom row; Albert Albrechf, Robert Finfrock, Daniel Hanson, James Boulden, Charles Wegner, James Conerly, James Nolon, Keith Locy, Charles Bergstrom, Russell Snyder, Charles Busbey, Glen Shunneson, David Kincaid, Wendell Hohn, Oliver Drummond Not rn panel: James Bottersby, Robert Carlson, William Graham, Thomas Hogon, Willia. ' n Weber Top row: Robert Soltzmon, Rcberl Simon, Robert Lipschultz, Sheldon Jacobs, Samuel Berger, William Berger, Melvin Letchinger, Arnold Glist, David Goldstein Third row: Erneil Stuckol, Norman Lynn, Perry Lerner, Horvey Schitdkrout, Norman Nelson, Sigmund Skolnick, David Heimon, Bert Golden, Donald Gould, David Epiiein Second row; Milton Coldkin, Robert Shonfetd, Donotd Goodmon, Somuel Shaw, Sherwin Chyette, Norman Glist, Walter Leventhal, Floyd Mcnilow, Arthur Lilien, Allon Greene Bottom row: Edward Broich, Burton Bobetch, Morvin Luslboder, Arthur Holt, Selwyn Blum, Arnold Federmon Not in panel: Marvin Silverman, Abraham Bender, Burton Kati, Mitchell Ansell, Carl Landerman, Leonard So I berg Phi Sigma Delta Uo West Ohio 2 2 Active Chapters 620 Phi Sigma Kappa 1004 South Second Street 6 1 Active Chapters Top row: Elton Long, Lynie Jones, Robert Boechle, Don Karr, David Kramer, Jock Smoll, Gene Turner, Robert Pitt man, Benton Odum, Williom Welch, Ed word Spengler, Earnest Barta, Richord Price Third row: Clyde Rogers, Theodore Kontos, Richard Rezonko, Earl Norregoord, Theodore Porker, Curt Janstcy, Poul Brothers, Duke Gofti. Jack Thiemon, Robert Pearson, Charles Reene, Richard Casper Second row; William Broun, Joseph Phifer, Dennis Orphan, Loren Alpers, Richard OeBaugh, Donold Pearson, James Huff, Donald Robinson, Clarence Hlnderer, Joseph Gauger, Howard Broom, Thomas Steward, Fred Hubbell, Robert Piper Bottom row: Sheldon Frank, Donald Nish, John Lytle, Roy Allen, Wolf Linne, Chorles Ulrich, Honk Blackwell, Robert Rylowicz, Donald Smith, Stanley Spesard, Robert Simonds Not in panel: Lynn Lynch, Richard Stevenson, Cyril Dietch, Elmer Flesner, Arthur Vyse 5 . ' SiSiHi ' - • : ' ' Top rowi John Soitor. Daniel Janus, Jomei Hatz!$, Leverelt Anderson, Robert Thelander, John Barfhel, Raymond Gut bin, Oried Rucker, Kent Morgon, William Rouich, William Nelson, William Jockion, Roger Woizeski, William Livingston Third row: Howord Schwolb, Donald Dillie, Earle Chesnutr, Michael Sullivon, Carl Roach, John Nelson, William Martin, Armer Swonson, John Palandech, Robert Wyllie, Thomoi McCormick, Robert HoKock, Guy Packard, Kendall Bates Second row; Donald Wagner, Joseph Thornton, James Cooper, Emil Spencer, William Sands, Richord Miller, Elliot Craine, Williom Simon, Algierd Krukas, Richard Armstrong, William Grumbley, James Goble, Harold Caltohan Bottom row: Don litwin, Edward Wolsh, Donald Loveless, William Schuiz, Williom Colvin, Laurence Armstrong, Robert Chambers, Gary Southard, John Pensinger. Eugene Frozier, John Ritter Not in panel: Jomei Husemon, Donald Johnson, Charles Tolley, Donald Woodward, Jack Wolton Pi Kappa Alpha 102 East Chalmers 91 Active Chapters 622 ' i Pi Kappa Phi 1002 South Lincoln 37 Active Chapters Top row: Robert Kelley, Russell Birk, Harlan Klolz, Thomos Atkins, Jcmes Bayne, Thomas Krizon, Louis Molusiok, August Mosso, Edward Sperr, Palmer Beckmon Third row: Professor Putnam, Poul Phinney, Pout Argeylon, Robert Kret, Williom Tongren, Thomas Porlington, George Shoemoker, Ross Vogelgesong, John Brown, Peter De Posquole Second row: William O ' Donnell, James Kosserman, Frank Collins. Kreet Kosserm m, Janes Murphy, Robert Kieres, Woyne Brown, Professor Norion, Ralph Maluiiak Bottom row: Poul Penewitt, George Walker, Raymond Owens, Edward Schmolenber jer, Dorrell Helmuth, William Show, Russell Nighell, Jomes Brill, " Ups " Not in paneir Warren Perkins, Earl Porge, Steward Ramsey, Horold Simpson, Willi Ror jjo 623 Top row: ElMoM Somualt, Marvin Levinson, Sy Weinman, Eugene Solar, Morton Finkle, Marvin Relchensteln, Ronald Weinress, Paul Heifetz, Marvin Isensteln, Eugene Rolh, Paul Bleutlein, leonord Oppenheimer, Sherwood Trubitt, Harold Wiener Third row: Horry Smith, Arnold Add i ton, Eorl Brown, Irving Waller, Ri chord Rodnick, Leonard Graivier, Marsholl Warshauer, Victor Trubitt, San ford Fox, Robert Orucker, Arthur Milli, Hubert Eichelbocher, Howard lehr, Barry Pass Second row: Bernard Blumenlhal, Stuorl Bonem, Marvin Goldther, Seymour Sacks, Norman Kahn, Paul Cocose, Albert Rosenthal, Leo Rudnick, Robert Goldberg, Ri chord Cordozo, Richord Green berg, Seymour Friedman, Eugene Gold Bottom row: William Fiichler, Lloyd Haas, Seymour Rubin, Herbert Goldsher, Paul Francis, Robert Goldman, Arnold Eisner, Raymond Reizner, Sheldon Mills, Milton Steinberg, Eugene Soroiky. Robert Rosen bourn Not in panel: Herbert Clamage, Edword Cohen, Joseph Koplon Pi Lambda Phi 52 East Armory 37 Active Chapters 624 Psi Upsilon 313 East Armory 29 Active Ctiopters Top row: Donold MocDonold, Alon Hultman, Jack Bondus, Kenneth Reimer, James Lee, Alfred Johnson, James Winans, Charles Crom, George Gulp, Leonard Weber, Robert Bouer, Patrick McLaughlin, Kirk Kandle, Charles Mochamer Third row: Eugene Kwosniewskt, James Schmidt, William Hutchings, William Lee, Thomas Smith, Anton Monfort, Marshall Smith, Williom Kidd, Gene McCorlhy, Eugene Giesler, Kenneth Cram, Donold Acer Second row: Jomes Cunninohom, Bruce MocDonold, Grant Nelson, John Willioms. Dovid Pyte, Charles Hopkins, David Lamoree, Linell Bock. Fred Fischer, Horoce Hardy Bottom row: Robert Husmonn, Kenneth MocDonold, Donald Nelson, Bernard Wohle, Wallace Hanlon, Douglas Schicktonz, Chorles Allen, Roe MoHstrom, Wi!liom Bondy Not in ponel- Wendo ' l Young f Donald ftenoiil. Do Th!fd row; Poul Brad L,., i-,u, ,in ,, I , ttio, Aiberl Ploin, Jomei Warren, Robert Redfeorn, Kent Ditlman, Scolt Fleming, Robert Enders, Paul Behon, Sherman Case, Donald Scheveri, Owen Bloodgood, George Haupt, Gerald Evons, Richard Phillips, Darrell Johnson, Quentin Sharp a row: roui orodley, Patrick Mclowghlin, Jame Irvin, Thomas Knight, Daniel Hooton, John Cannon, Samuel Crispin, Rollin Allen, Loyal Robb, Anthony Salerno, Gerald Homrick, Jerry Folder, Grohom Bradley, Bruce Campbell Second row: Richard Crawford, John Rendlemon, Richard Porker, Raymond Zumb rook, Robert McClure, William Modden, Thomos Palmer, Ralph Cheney, John Prott. Rolph Johnston, Williofn Powell, Edwin Foudriot Bottom row: George Walker, Don Smort, Joseph Morton, Kenneth Freefo, Bennett Bradley, Jr., Peter Palmer, John Vukelich, John Karros, Jerrol Seibert Not ir» ponel: Gerald Andrews, Delford Contrail, Chorlos Curtiss, Richard Gibbs, Robert Goralski, Frederick Green, Robert Hinkle, James Linder, John Martin, Jerry Murphy, Williom Ncwcomb. Ben Overstreet, James Sullivan, William Thompson, Robert Whitmer, Chorles Young, Arthur Lennon, Joseph Vrdlojok, James Miller Sigma Alpha Epsilon 21 1 East Doniels 120 Active Chapters 626 , ' Jk Sigma Alpha Mu 1 104 Wes! Illinois 5 3 Active Chapters Top row: Jerry Choum, James Packtor, Sanford Greenwald, Leonard Weinsteln, Milton JafFe, Herbert Jocobson, Moury Balson, Marvin Spinner, Leonard Projansky, Irwin Smiley Fourth row: Al Bocolar, Arthur Johnson, Hal Posner, Marvin Yarmo, William Karson, Joseph Weiss, Cliff Rosen, Marvin Rogoff, Arthur Stromberg, Monroe Kormin Third row: Allen Orlove, Robert Niermon, Allen Chester, Lester Rosenberg, Armand Lofchie, Henry Davis, Newton Dotginow, Arthur Solk, Lee Kotz, Lawrence Witson Second row: Donald Lipman, Burt Polio n, Seymour Dordick, Clarence Lin sky, Sellg Stein, Leon Wiess, Gerald Petacque Bottom row: Jack Kose, Stanley Goldberg, Bernard leviton, Stanley Kovan, Edward Blum, Joy Epstein Not in panel: Harriion Kavonsky, Richard Zimbroff , Lester Ordmon, Donald Corren, Sheldon Robin, Myron Hutner Top row: Richord Jelliffe, Jock Voniman, William Lindsey, Allen McDonald, James Nelson, Robert Stone, Richard Wiltz, Robert Solomon, Robert Bills, Phillip Stoddord, Jo met Becher, Robert Zimmerman, Joseph Stuort, Robert Wotson, Russell Steger, Daniel Stork, Richard Rost, James Leeming, Paul Douglas, Dean Schroeder Third row: Horold Prichord, William Fronk, Jomes Pordieck, Thomas HolMngsheod, Bruce Simmons, Gene Fairbonk, Ltoyd Thorsen, Harold Lankford, Robert Batrd, John Marks, Fred Major, Jr., John Schumocher, Neale Skorburg, Robert Groll, Randall West, George Bristol, John Truemper, Jack Blackmon, Moson Bitlinger, Donald Smith, Waldo Roth Second row: Donold While, Thomas Hemtlreet, Richard Corlson, Sheldon Hill, Donald Johnson, Joseph Sabon, Earte Johnson, Gene Koch, Jomes Cox, Warren Romshow, John McKinzie, Julin Collins, William Cosiigon, Gene Wood, Phillip DeComp, Sam McCoMum, David Brierly, Charles Supple, Joseph Zearing Bottom row: Kenneth Mihill, Lamor Brewboker, Jomei Ho0mon, Joseph Cole, Jerry Steding, Howard Robinson, Gerold McGee, Richard Meyers, Elliott Walters, Richard Voihall, Herbert Neothery, David Smith, Anthony Davit, Williom Cornohon, James luke, Joy Baker, James McKinzie Not in ponel: Charlet Glisson, Lloyd Cornohon, William Moore, Robert Turnbow, James Forris, Kenneth Morlin, Robert James, Richard Bruggen, Aubrey LeGrande, Fhiltip Bell, John Neol, Jock Ferris. Choilcr Trost. Dwigtit Eddlemon, John Cobjtn, Jomes Craven Sigma Chi 4 10 Eos I John 1 1 1 Active Chapters 628 i k. 1. H Sigma Nu 1009 West Pennsylvania 102 Active Chopters , ,. , iom Landreth, Ctiarles Fergusen, Gerald Regon, James Irons, Armen Avedislon, Edward Olson, James Kenynon, Melvin Bobick, Stanley Workmen, Reed Halliday, Paul Maton, Jack Ekstrom, towton Lamb, Joseph Kendall, Lone Kellam, William Flesher, Jack Cohoil, Mork Gorrition Third row: Richard Schwerdf, James Allen, Theodore Kendall, Joseph Vosko, William Word, Joseph Hole, Frank Shay, Kenneth Doty, John Pitou, Kenneth Apet, " Va William Jack son Cornelius Dore James Dolan. WlHiam Keoltina Top row: Edwin Nolan. Melvtn Reiter, Rudy Kieiel, Edwin Witort, Ray Prigge, Steve Krc, John SHurfleff, Kenneth McOwon Third row; Robert Renwick, Frank Scire, Chorles Janke, Robert Degenkolb, James Henneberry, John Reiger, William Shaffer, Wayne Smutz, Leonard Blehler Second row: Roy Bickelhaupt, William Hohn, Wilford Shurtlefi, Kermit Knelsch, John Pearoh, Robert Theis, Ernest Kornyo Boiiom row: George McCain, Everett Schwarm, Mo u rice Cobb, Robert Beali, William Trader, Robert Mo thews Not in panel: Robert Hyde, Erwin Beneke, Frank Denton, Karl Rennels, Jack Stephens, Jack Webster I Sigma Phi Delta 1103 West Illinois ' LLkii)]::D 630 z@:SU Sigma Phi Epsiion 1 105 South Fourth 86 Active Chapters Top row: Arthur Strong, Donald Walker, Walter Rust. Robert Dunn, Charles Shumard, Bill Flostrom, James Sears, Donald Ellis, Donald Sunderlage, Donald loz, James Nelson, Wayne Brudd, Robert Soderstrom, Richord Reod, Etdon Moore Third row; Dale Friediag, Frank Jcnda, Jock Silbergeld, Richard Gucker, Richard Campbell, Fred Weik, Robert Strom, Theodore Bockmon, Dole Arvidson, John Rynyon, William Gregg, Robert Jocobs, Clarence Bezio, Neole Roberts Second row: Howard Ross, Donald Flanerty, Joseph Hoyer, Horry Spongberg, Chorles Delbridge, Edword Polugo, Jack Levy, Morlin Malheson, Leo Ambrose, Norman Elliott, John Comerford, William Brinker, Ernest Meier, Jock West Botlon row: Donald Napote, William Rosentholl, Kirby Lockard, Richard Rodgers, Robert Mortin, William Cooper, Edward Bramlet, Charles Weichert, Porter Heath, William Kendrick, Williom Seimer, Albert Walters, Marlowe Horlzer Not in panel: Martin Wright, Kenneth Johnson, Frank Swanson, Jack Swing, Robert Wright, James Grahcm, B n Ryan, Dick Thomos, Jock Corcorn, Roy Johnson, Carl Johnson, William Forr, Theodore Kendrick, Phillip Miller, Howord Dobbs, Lester Mapcs 631 - ■ ' t - r ' - ' T ' ■ V flft -. " d O - Top row: tfMiiiu i,c»it, Kvi ' uiiJ b ui.ii, T homos Hoyden, George Asset in, James Fleming, John Keyser, Chorles Donnelly, Dovid Hotton, Robert Vilt, Richard Walker, Frvdvrick KondzvUo. John Groyer, Nicholas Jonos Thifd v«or: Stonlffy Thomas. Arthur Schoefer, Richord Heininger, Edword Hede, Lyie Smith, Allan Webster, Beecher Zachory, Francis Heavey, Roger Gustafson, Robert Walloctt, Clark Co1dr«n, Gerald Geroghty, Homer Erzinger Second rowi Jamei Kromer, Trevor Jones, Dovid Krafft, Kenneth Connell, Edward Callahan, Horry Streeter, Glenn Gustofson, Arthur Koindl, Robert Hughes, Lourde Pfulb, James Oewhirsi, Robert Donnehl, John Albrechl Bottom row: George Lorson, Virgil Roiemyre, Gorrel Burgeon, Royal Krause, Charles Busby, James Grant, Richard Ems, Vincent D ' Orazio, Donald Bunnell, Donald Williams, Deon Morrison, Somuel Piozza, Robert Avery Not !n ponci: Neil Pfulb, Lee Turnbull, John Ployer, Richard Doyle, George Eadie, Albert Sogert, Denny Bassett, Herbert Gerecke, Walker Patton, John Hoagland Sigma Pi 402 East Armory 43 Active Chapters 632 ii Tau Delta Phi 1 105 South First 26 Active Chapters Top row: Leonard Worsek, Oscar Siege), Phillip Rich, Arthur Nochbor, Jock Berlionf, Richard Gomsu, Lourence Fordhom, Morris Beschloss, Thomas Kollen, Harry Cooler, Horvey Brodsky, Melvyn Greenberg, Leonard Feldman, David Goodhart, Alfred Eisenberg, Gerald Cohen, Ned Fleishman, Morvin Jakob, Eorl Deulsch, Dan Kirsch Ttiird row: Myron Swartz, Robert Helman, Phillip Weiss, Lawrence Kassover, Harold Bruno, Perry Samuels, Martin Ackerman, Wil ' ard Aoron, Alfred Leovilt, David Stein, Meivin Kotz, Eugene Lowenthol, Robert Worsow, Sigmund Blum, Seymour Sherman, Jerry levant, Joseph Oshiver, Jakob Aronczyk Second row: Seemon Pines, David Kantro. Sidney Polonsky, Theodore Berkson, Borre Morder, Jack Shechter, Phillip Margolis, Arthur Perbohner, Lawrence Schalz- mon, Bernard Bernstein, John Morcus, Arnold Swerdlow, Don Lewis, Phillip lifschultz, Leonard Kominsky, Stewart Koppel Bottom row; Russel Marks, Robert Joseph, Sheldon Cohen, Howord Franklin, Judson Edidin, Arthur Goldrich, Selwin Price, Henry Goines, Sheldon Rice, Leonord Weinman, Ira Simon, Sheldon Silverstein, Robert Ulberg, Allon Levy, Stonley Freirich, Seymour Grontmon Not in panel: Charles Somsky, Akin Libman, Nothan Siegel, Ernest Schneider, Leonard Soroka, Norman Lerman, Charles Cooper 633 Top row h-- ' ■ ' ■o-mer, Kenneth Lottoff. Michoel Altenberg. Russell Fishmon, Eorl Glick, Philip Podden, Howard Blum, Poul Aronson, Robert Cohn, Lowrence Abrohmt, leon HerzoQ, Richard Woriow, Morfon Stern. Edward Witter! Third row: Fred Polokow, Donald Segol, Martin Weininger, Richard Swoiskin, David Simons, Sidney Dechter, Arnold Brooksfone, Donald Dubow, Leonard Kravets, Roger Zinn, Robert Soloinon, Harold Chukermon, Raymond Stern, Sanford Kovitz, Michael Burnstine Second row: John Grohom, Sheldon Lee, William Kupperberg, Alfred Druth, Burton Zoub, Leonord Lauter, Richord Karzen, Melvin Barkon, Louis Pollen, Lawrence Kobini, Ira Penn, Arnold Soltzmon, Melvin Frank Bottom row: Michael Raymond, Myles Hymart, Burton Levy, Jordon Hecktman, Arlen Tepper, Alan Newman, Allan Steinberg, Ellis Levine, Joy Willioms, Fred Caplon, lowrence Wolken Not in panel: Lee Mann, Richord Brams, Doniel Comm, Morvin Shotz Tau Epsilon Phi 1 05 East Armory 33 Acfive Chapters 634 1 1 t Tau Kappa Epsilon 308 East Armory 63 Active Chapters Top row: Wiriiam KlatI, Lowrence Wolquist, Dovid Lewis, James Robinson, Donald Houpl, John Nergord, Robert Choney, Carl Rosmoien, Thomos Wilson, Lowell Roberts, fiertil Nordhielm Fourth row: Charles Dobson, Charles White, Rtchord Rolonder, Richord Nightingole, Gerald StufF, John Olonder, Robert Moore, Robert Gorrels, Eugene Ginoli, William Hoover, Lloyd Thrasher, Dovid Nightingale Third row: Williom Kummerer, Robert Zellmer, Richard Bertz, Arbo Oeljen, Eugene Trondel, Robert Smith, William Kibler, Richord Eby, Richord Larson, William O ' Connor, Bernard Miller Second row: James Davidson, Jr., Horry Caldwell, Thomas Krueger, Ward SmidI, Donold Livergood, Horry Sholoto, John DePouw, Guy McCune, Thomas Briggs, Jock Flock, Frank Byers, Howard Snowden Bottom row: Richard Hoeb, Donald Hoist, lyle Snowden, Charles Schultz, Lee Andruss, Jr., Richard Klatt, William Throsher, Roland Wock Not in panel: William Boor, James Coin, James Cannon, Robert Englis, Stephen French, Richord Gilson, Walter Kocknuk, Michoel O ' Connell, Ralph Pearman, Robed Wock, Keith Welsh o i ' W M- M. ' i •j mm • ' rr: ' 7 ' -t -fK 635 m Top row: Horry Boxt r, Woyn Milten, Charles Secondino, Williom Burt, Lorry lorsen, Don Cole, WilMoin Buck, Norman Bocock, RoYmond Thompson, John Pfou. Robert Wylie, Jomei Ingelt, Robert Goihler, Richard Dohlen, William Shewalter, Edward Lundeen, Ralph Brown, John Youngs, Donald Whitsitt, Jerome Byrnes Third row: Benjamin Cook, John Sim, Gene Kessinger, Robert LeSueur, Judson Terrell, Robert Ward, William Arnholt, John Schmoling, Don Stout, Paul Pomeroy, Erneil Ted ford, Harry Peter ton, Bruce Evert tt, Wolter Kerr, Richard Larson, Poul Riggins, Robert Quick, Gene Sullenger S«cond row: Dole Gubbini, Jetie Roberts, joteph Palmer, Phillip Corroll, Roymond Boxter, Richard Hart, Robert Olson, Richard Rueckert, Theodore Bedell, Jock Shewalter, Arthur Tanner Bottom row: John Rowley, Richord Yokel, William Nieien, Joteph Symon, John Beck, David Palmer, Donald Peterhans, William North, James Evans, Wayne Weber, Charles Anderson, Thomos Godfrey Not in ponel: Bernard Krueger Theta Chi 505 East Chalmers 86 Active Chapters 636 Theta Delta Chi 901 South Second 28 Active Chapters Top row: Daniel Crowley, Richard Lucas, Harris Kimball, James Hoger, Jerry Flick, Wayne Cooper, Ronald Brewer, Mox Broun, Webster Crowley, Thoddeus Pier- zynski, Richard Williams, Kent Spencer, Dovid Hodgekins, Chorles Erb Third row: R obert Mollary, Donold Sydow, Carrol Wilson, Phillip Driscoll, Fleming Flott, John Ingrassia, Michael Ingrassia, Alien Flitcrafl, George Nelson, William Chittenden, Jevne Haugon, Douglas Hoger, Charles Morrison, Jr., Lowrence Butkus Second row: Robert Carlson, Hugh Rigney, George Gore, Edward Asmus, Ronald Skold, Joseph Schroeder, Joseph Gambino, Robert Asmus, Robert Chittenden, Herbert Bekermeier, Durword Killlnger Bottom row: Robert Lindguist, Daniel Forrest, John Harvey, John Hollister, Richard Duncan, Michael OberhofTer, Kenneth Cook, Robert Quig, Benjamin Abruzzo, Joseph Zommuto, Lawrence Vogt Not in panel: Joseph Sharpe •-iTT- TTS-iIMtJapiVT _».«•- " — -;c " ;« i- 637 r-- rs.-ur1 -11 Top row; lowrenc Needhom, Eugene Piozzo, Dale Mognuton, Dovid Curnock, William Behrendt, George Dimit, David Logan, Jack Randall, George Show, Merlin Stanfteld. Edwin lundquisl, George Stone, Orville Bolle, Robert Gerzelich, Frrank Dayton Third row: Robert Dunhoute, Elwood Smith, Jack Renner, Robert Naas, Joseph Howell, Allen White, Gordon Godejohn, Arthur Dietmeyer, John Domore, Robert Slovrk, Kenneth Brunn, Roger Fellows, Harris Andenon, William Jocobson, Eugene Grossmick Second row: Joteph Fino, Dole WiUon, Jerome Slovik, Aldo Martigncgo, Glenn Goreisj, Joseph Chlup, Lawrence Weber, Edward Elliot, Mox Cory, Robert Kaufman, Eorl flonogon, Edward Streeter, Louit Dovidion, Harry Von Huben, Robert Nightlinger Bottom row) John Wielond, Jock Whilmon, Scott Comeron, Leslie Houser, Molcolm Alexander, Charles Gunn, James Green, Robert Graham, Robert Keistler, Rognor Swonion, Andrew Flether, Joieph Abromt, Richord Mueller, Williom Siders, Thomas Bleck Theta Xi 205 East Armory 41 Active Chapters i 638 i Triangle Fraternity 1 1 2 East Daniel 1 8 Active Chapters Top row; Howard Ropp, Donold Jones, William Murphy, Allen Kanok, Raymond Ohigren, John Kibbe, Willlom Unterberg, Robert Lanksron, Russell Donkert, Arlhur Van Sant, Robert Newlin Second row: Gene Groff, John Mayer, James Foirboirn, Henry Cooley, Richard Tomei, Robert Mosborg, Henry Barton, Allen Benson, David Fariss, Edward Doy Bottom row: Robert Lebdusko, Charles Nagel, Richard Johnson, Professor R. C. Grossman, John Parish, Richard Leek, Robert Bengel, Walter Kevern Not in panel: Robert Mitchell, James Middieton Top row: Richard Sione, Howord 5ob«l. Slonl«y Rubel, Jerry Weinberg, Hugh Melvoin, Gene Barenholtz, Lloyd Schuster, Robert S iton, Don Boer, Sheldon Groit, Jerry Gollop, Jomes Weiit, Gene Aron, Richard Felber, David Milter TL:. .-_. B:.L._. U.( -. I.:-_ U»u__» D U .t " k t. ■•.. ■• «u: t C: nA. kX , Dnka.t lAttm Do,,.n,rl f nlrJc tain Inmat I ,,, Third row: RJchord Hefte _ , Irion Heyman, Robert Choti, Jerry Leovitt, Sidney Mayer, Robert Lettas, Bernard Goldstein, Jom bord, George Zitkind, Chorles Mincer, Robert Side Second imon, Andrew Stein, Ralph Living- ie, Harold Abrams, Clayton Rout- id Ashe bord, George Zitkind, Chorles Mincer, Robert Sider, Ralph Krongold, Sonford Sholem, Robert Grahom, Donald Mitchell, David Ashe nd fow; Robert WilensVy, Kenneth Smorgon, Norman KrevitI, Charles Wenk, Kenneth Witt, Mitchell Weisner, Donald Cornbleet, Mrs. Schulman, Edward E Millard Grouer, Robert Green, Robert Merens, Horold Chapman, David Berkson, Kenneth Levy Bottom row: Norland lewin, Robert Prusin, Horly Lewin, Gene Sebring, Robert Fine, Robert Sherman " -t " :- fcia,«.ff u rA u:„u a. .a t a u«,tn« n t Donald Miller, Bernard levy, Sheldon Pollack, Norman Rubin, Jerry Benjomin, Burton Schofine Not in ponel: Howord Schwartz Metvin Meioff, _.-, , Howard Hirsh, Bud Todas, Lee Miller, Jerry Solzer, Allon Schimberg Morton Ostow Zeta Beta Tau 907 South Fourth 4 3 Active Chapters 640 i i«Ji Zeta Psi 201 East John 31 Active Chapters Top row: William Benniit, Thomas Greene, Corol Tobako, Charles Strawbridge, William Rehm, Joseph Losko, Poul Dobbertin, Hermon Waarich, Richard Rosmussen, William Powers Third row: William Adams, Frederick Voelpel, William Bossier, Julius Efflondt, David Sieck, Robert Falling, Donold Delnick, Williom Morse, James Watson Second row: James McNobb, Elmer Strong, Wolter Ritter, William Strawbridge, Horry Richards, Harold Carlson, Howard Hankins, John Beidelman, Arthur Johnson Bottom row: John Neuhaus, Scott Greene. Raymond Beebe, Henry Bong, Horry Sloght, Randell Mann, George Serrls, Wayne Johnson Not in panel: Robert Bone, John Brien, William Brien, Donald Cordts, Richard Dierolf, Frank Etges, Robert Frank, John Hoyword, Lester Heller, Herbert Hess, Rolph Jordon, Michael Musko, George Remington, Roland Smith. Clark Toussaint, Warren Wright Top row! lomti Gtodr, Rsginold K»ndoll. Thoddeui Hoyes, Kenm!., .:.,. ;. ,...,iio lowory, Tony Rodd, Otis Mo.gon, s Sicond row: Thomoi Williomi. C«otge loclihart, Dani«l Thomoi, Mitchell O Banron William Thorp, Olho Brondon, Howard Fird row. Marion Jonei, Horold Barefleld, Robert Bonner, Charles Kenney, Arttus Woters, Carl Russell Suurders Omega Psi Phi 412 Eost Pork Top rowt Cloirv Brown, Robert Albtez, Alvin Janiszeiki, Mothew Beres, Paul McCabe Second row; Michoel Cuinnone, Willord Garcia, Eugene Kaczmorek, Leslie George, Lyie Golvin, Chester Dudczok, Robert Kotowski Bottom row: Bernord Hurley, Elwood Demptey, Edward O ' Rourke, John McGee, Carl Schubert, Gerald Lee Not in paneli Horry PopPOi Theta Kappa Phi 642 SORORITIES 644 i 645 Panhellenic Council Panhellenic is the law making body for all the sororities at the University of Illinois. Its policy is to create a high plane of fraternity life and inter- fraternity relations within the university, to fur- ther fine intellectual accomplishment and sound scholarship, and to cooperate with the college administration in the maintenance of high school standards. The Illinois chapter of Panhellenic is a branch of the national Panhellenic and is composed of two governing bodies. The Presidents ' Council is mode up of twenty-five chapter presidents, and the Executive Council is composed of the Pan- hellenic officers, the Faculty Advisor, the Depart- mental Chairmen and the Assistant Departmen- tal Chairmen. The departments covered by Pan- hellenic are social, scholarship, activity, rushing, pledge, and Shi-Ai. The Assistant Departmental Chairmen work with Junior Panhellenic which consists of all sorority pledges. Barbara Seaquist, President Office !. Vi»g.f..o :jT. ' ni, ir,»ta Upitlon, Kline, faculty odwiiorj Modg fierliey. Ouinn, Doha Gammo, v.cp nroiidont; boiboro Scaquisl, Kappa Kappo Gommo, preiidenr. Dean tectelary 646 Panhellenic Executive Council — Top row. Assistant Departmental Chairmen: Dorothy Peskind, Sigmo Delta Tau, Carolyn Clark, Kappa Alpho Theta, Socio); Jean Muth, Alpho Gamma Delta, Activity; Betty Bailey, Alpha D Shi-Ai Shi-Ai Bottom row. Scholarship, Rushing; Ann Luiz, Kappo Kappa Comma, Pledge; lelta Pi, Scholarship; Grace Hartmon, Pi Beta Phi, Deportmental Chairmen: Jone Kurrus, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rushing; Borbara Brock me ier, Alpho Chi Omega, Pledge; Ginevera Lillle, Joan Bergquist, Alpha Chi Omego, Activity; Flo Adier, Sigma Delta Tau, Social; Lee Cadwell, Gamma Phi Beta, Shi-Ai Chi Omega, Sorority Presidents — ■ Top row ; Marjorie Stern, Delta Phi Epsilon; Nancy Schmeling, Alpha Omicron Pi; Carmen Leonord, Phi Mu; Mary Coopstick, Alpho Phi; Dorothy Ellis, Alpha Delta Pi; Helen Wolcott, Sigmo Kappa; Nancy Holmes, Pi Beta Phi Second row: Joyce Krueger, Theta Upsiion; Sally Schickler, Delto Gammo; Mory Lou Walling, Gomma Phi Beta; Nancy Schmitt, Alpha Chi Omega; Schmied, Alpho Gommo Oelto; Foye Johnson, Alpha Kappo Alpha; Evelyn Grossmen, Sigma Delta Tau Bottom row: Margaret Secondino, Delta Delta Delta; June Pock, Delta Zeto: Jranne Lewis, Zeto Tou Alpha; Terry Fey, Kappo Alpha Theto; Alice Chapman, Alpha Xi Delta; Chorlotte Schneider, Phi Sigma Sigmo; Sue Lerner, Alpha Epsilon Phi Dorothy Henn, Chi Omega; Jacqueline 647 Pl«dg« Prviidanti — Top row: Marilyn Schueler, Gamma Phi Beta; Elizabeth Trommell, Alpha Kappa Alpha; Margaret Poole, Alpha Chi Omega; Joanne Lomax, Pi lo Phi; Suzonne Kurrut, Koppa Koppo Gamma; Wanda Huff, Delta Delta Delta; Betty Mitchell, Delta Zeto; Barbara Johnson, Theta Upsilon Second row: Rila Copoken, Sigma Dello Theto; Jo Anne Ris ' ey, Alpha Xi Delta; Ruth Treen, Kappa Delta; Helen Jo Hohn, Delta Gomma; Lucy Logsdon, Alpha Phi; Anilo Thurmon, Del to Sigma Theta Bottom row: Doreen North, Alpha Epiilon Phi; Emmo Giochetto, Alpha Delta Pi; Nancy Hass, Kappa Alpha Theta; Joan Haugen, Alpho Gommo Delta; Morguerlte Johnion, Phi Mu; Noncy Butlerfield, Alpho Omtcron Pi Ponhellenic ftoll, October 22, with Tex Beneke ' t orchettro Panhellenic Boll Committee — Top row: Evelyn Osoff, Floretta Adier, chairman; Beverly Addiego Bottom row: Corolyn Clark, Patricio Schnipper 648 Shi-Ai Officers: Lee Codwell, president; Joan Nack, vice-president; Alice Webber, treasurer; Mory Howard, secretary; Grace Hartmon, panhellenic representotive Every fall two sophomores from each of the twenty-four sororities are chosen as pledges to Shi-Ai which honors sophomore women for out- standing work in campus activities. Shi-Ai, first established at Northwestern in 1920, enables these women to strengthen inter-sorority friend- ship by their exchange of ideas. Shi-Ai sponsors the annual Shi-Ai Sing held on the Friday night of campus Mothers ' Day week-end. As welfare projects, this honorary gives Christmas gifts to war orphans, and spon- sors a Christmas party for an orphans ' home. Cooperating with the new sophomore indepen- dent women ' s honorary. Alpha Chron, Shi-Ai helped put over an enjoyable dance; this inno- vation provided a friendly link between inde- pendent and sorority women. Top row; Patricio Frosch, Jone Siemens, Joyce Drew, Sue Lolit, Alice Muschler, Jane Bowen, Georgia Bushnell, Kathryn Clark, Elaine Rosenberg, Joyce Stone Fourtti row: Horriet Fink, Mourine Comstock, Betty Dean, Lydia Irvine, Patricia Wenzel, Kathryn Flesch, Marilyn Augspurger, Virginia Stewart, Jane Merrimoc, Mar- iorie Mahrt, Morie Reno. Jean Agronoff Ttiifd row: Betty Cory, Alice Bristow, Margaret Sinclair, Dorothy Himes, Ruth Woodruff, Jean Hottzmon, Anita Risting, Yvonne Wooley, Harriet Bertmon, Norma Prudent Second row: Beverly Tommelson, Jacqueline Weaver, Shirley Hynes, Sue Oorris, Carol Fries, Joan Reeve, Aileen Hagan, Sue Corr, Helen Baronyi, Norma Mead, Barbara Brockmeier, Joan Fogerburg, Dorothy Hilbert Bottom row: Phyllis Welsh, Dorothy Hormell, Hugette Klosko, Betty Cornohon, Nancy O ' Neil, Mary Howard, Lee Codwell, Eriene Collins, Phyllis Roth, Ajeon Tornello, Willmedo Mothis, Carol Jacobs, Dorothy Carter -A -»-i. " I s dJcHLdJ .f ® ' " ' »i -. v ' rj i .,■© ' Av;. ' %•-♦ ' r- I IM .i Top row: Joanne Moore, Jean Hollzmon, Morgoret Pool, Joon Slockdole, Helen Collier, Anifa Risting, Joanne Gere, Mary Hamillon, Noncy Hudson. Potricia O ' Byrne, Joan Barton, Corolyn Greene, Solly CounFrymo n, Jeanine Geary Third row: Joon Berqgtit, Barbara Brockmeier, Janet Jones, Winifred Brown, Jane Hicks, Phyllis Donohoe, Nancy Heal, Patricia Campbell, Barbara Kartcow, Mory Howord, Margaret Good heart Second row: Mory Gerty, Jeon Zahr, Nancy Schmitt, Sujoo Pennell, Mary Rolph, Patricia Brown, Martha Smith, Eloine Reed, Barbara Soltow, Annette McAdom Bottom row: Barbara Taylor, Catherine Broun, Carol Venerable, Mary Hancock, Eleanor Foucek, Barbara Horn, Virginia Sulllvon, Carol Kirby Not in panel: Myrno Hole, Donna Lyons, Borbora Crumley, Virginia Morgon, Emily McMunn, Phyllis Howord, Helen Young, Patricia Reuss Alpha Chi Omega 904 South Lincoln 70 Active Chapters l rm- f M 650 IJ Alpha Delta Pi 1202 West Nevoda 70 Active Chapters Top row: Dorothy HMbert, Jeanne Thornquist, Barbara Scott, Peg Barrett, Lee Lay ton, Marilyn Siudo, Beverly Beor, Marilyn Rudd, Barbara Allen, Marilyn Allen, Nancy Blaker, Ruth Woodruff, Elizobeth Bonnes Third row: Helen Krebs, Corinne Gregson, June Smith, Mrllicent Moffetf, Betty Bailey, Mory Peasley, Potricia Dorland, Virginia Holmes, Jane Sigwalt, Nancy Denes, Mary Woodward, Emily Crusius Second row: Nancy O ' Neil, Patricia Boodell, Carol Smith, Lois Garbulskt, Joanne Foster, Dorothy EIHs, Phyllis Roth, Betty Carnahon, Carol Grosstephon, Sarah Cox Bottom row: Joanne So I berg, Gwendolyn Go s sett, Harriett Kreig, Carol Bonks, Shirley Dreuth, Marion Kostler, Marjorie Kennedy, Emma Giochetlo, Barbara Fohle Not in panel: Donna Bon or r n u kj (I n ? . :1 Top rowi Am 1Ita Gllek, Evelyn Oioff, Loii Corp, Maryon Silverman, Nancy Dovis, Nancy Friedmon, Alona Greenberg, Marilyn Weinslein, Morgie Stamm, Evelyn Cr»«nberg Thifd row: Nancy Cohen, Borboro Donielt, Audrey Agotslem, Gllda Gluskoter, Harriet Olschonsky, Jean Agronoff, Borbara Levine, June Steiner, Jonet Maos, Mortho Feltenlhol, Shirley lienberg Second row: Rilo Bornell. Marilyn Fiermon, Loii Holstein, Margie Silver, Arline Goldman. Mrs. Rose Halle, Judith Albert, Rita Lerner. Jeanne Harrison, Janet Wolfson, Mollie Komin Bottom row: Normo Moy, Audrey Greenberg, Doreen North, Eloyne Schermer, Betty Adler, Loreen Kaplon, June Fisher, Jackie Herowitz, Joan Rusnak, Shirley Chucker- mon, Audrey Kiitel Not !n panel: Sonyo Ados. Jean Bedermon, Barbaro Brown, Jean Rodgers Alpha Epsilon Phi 904 South Third 33 Active Chapters I 1 652 i m L- Alpha Gamma Delta 1 1 06 South Lincoln 59 Active Chapters Top row: Peggy Rust, Joanne Holt, Joan Sampou, Jeon Muth, Barbara Fink, Carol Merriom, Leona Sorton, Jane Hubbell, Edith Wetzet, Noreen Zaks, Roiemory Paulsen, Borbara Grays, Jean Freyermuth, Katherine Doherty, Noncy Greaves Third row: Noncy Potter, Donna TtiorseM, Deonne Mann, Betty Sanderson, Marilyn House, Mary Midnight, Joan Hitter, Kolhleen Howlond, Mary Homilton, Nancy E rick son, Virginio Johnson, Martha Gassmonn Second row: Janet Sinclair, Gwendolyn Kent, Marietta McDonald, Joy Hiser, Donna Selleg, Jacqueline Schmied, Shirley Fleming, Judith Graham, Abbie Olion, Virginia Olin Bottom row: Noncy Brue, Elmo Miller, Noncy Finch, Modelyn Torrent, Diane George, Joan Hougen, Margoret Dolon, Mary Hoodley, Barbara Reagen Not in panel: Phyllis Paulsen, Corolyn Thornsberry - u% Top row: EltzotMlh Trommell, Billy Owens, Joan DeBerry, Alice Bell, Alice Smith, Marjorie Joyce, Mrs. Margaret Bowen, Cynthia Supples, Naomi Ransom, Gladys Cople. Dofit Thomoi, Harriet Toylor Second rowr Euloh Burton, Jerrilene Odom, Odesso Cooper, Glorio Wiseman, Loulstine Ford, Faye Johnson, Florence Cunninghom, Gloria Delovallade, Odette Holden, Mory Moore. Romono Smith Bottom row: Imogene King, Carole Heord. Willmedo Mothis, Phyllis Bell, Eriene Colins, Betty Burns, Pearl Roberts, Audrey Dowling, Virginio Bush, Alverne Burke Not in panel: Heiler Nelson •11 I Alpha Kappa Alpha 1201 West Stoughlon 76 Active Chapters 654 I i Alpha Omicron Pi 706 South Mathews 49 Active Chapters Top row: Margaret McCoughey, Joan MocDonald, Pofricio Faust, Carol Fries, Aileen Hogen, Chcrleen Volerious, Jean France, Jean Fisher, Mory Boehmer, Anne Rock- well, Nancy Butterfield, Anne Anderson, Burnell Keine, Cotherlne Arondelli Third row: Ann Lovendor. Marjory Hogi, Joan Baumgordner, Marilyn Hagen, Ramona Boehmer, Ruth Akey, Janet Birch, Joan Hosly, Gwen Fuchi, Morgorel Hog! Second row; June Keine, Sylvia Andrews, Marilyn Jomes, Bonnie Smith, Alice Ross, Gladys Alt, Nancy Schmeting, Elaine Morozick, Elizobeth Prother, Elizabeth Ring- strand, Rose Holmes, Jeone Oliver Bottom row: Corolyn Hedberg, June Nelson, Mory Conody, Joann Davis, Jean Stiegelmier, Helen Lindgren, Elizabeth Schickedonz, Joan Pixley, Helen Carter Not in panel: Barbara Moore Top row: Noncy Marley, Florence Nicholai, lou Bailey, Morie Reno, Marilyn Kettlecamp, Potricio Forbes, Joy Bisko, Jane Seymour, Beverly Schweget, Estelle Anderion. leilo Roizesberger, Barboro Woll Fourlh row: Joan Reeve, Helen Nock. Beverly Addlego, Lucile Stice, Wondo Thrasher, MarcJa Spaeth, Kotherine O ' Connor, Jean Lotimer, Frances Mason, Shirley Bell, Florence Mott. Patricia Whollng, Patricio Roller Third fOwi Louise Evani, Morjorie Getz, Phyllis Miner, Adele Mason, Mary Coapstick, Corol Corbly, Phyllis Travis, Bette McMorrow, Margaret Anderson, Joyce Perbii, Beite McClure, Pouline logtdon Second row: Mory Corrio, Morionne Denton, Ann Moore, Virginia PoUin, lucy Logsdon, Paula Norris, Suzanne Clark, Jean Magill, Elizabeth Cairns, Joyce Wol!er Flri! row: B tty Clowe, Oiooe Wiborg, Dione Milliken. Priscilla Ueberrfiein, Josephine Simon, Nellie Turner, Barbora Isenburger, Suzanne Bolle, Betty Mosterman Not in panel: Nancy Dots I Alpha Phi 508 East Armory 46 Active Chapters - 1 1 1 i HI M?lli! 656 li ■ k: " Alpha Xi Delta 715 West Michigan 74 Active Chapters Top row: Betty Cory, Mary Freis, Barboro Boldus, Margaret Carncross, Jeanne Houran, Shirley Wright, Joan Van de Steeg, Dolores DeComp, Polricia Baker, Corol Slorkon, Joanne Risley, Marilyn Augspurger, Mory Smith, Geraldine Hurtig, Beverly Bankson Third row: Betty Schnabel, Marcia Dreymiller, Rene Markus, lynn Baird-Smith, Sue Dorris, Helen Key, Lee Flesch, Betsy Becker, Margorite Eckhordt, Marion Hard- ing, Jeonne Carpenter, Joanne Walsh, Virginia Hess Second row: Patricio Spolding, Jeonnita Glenn, Pauline Oolon, Mary Krebs, Alice Chapman, Patricio Glerum, Patricio Schnipper, Marydell Pfeffer, Potrlcio Culp, Delores Choppel Bottom row: Barboro Bonkson, Marilyn Johns, Martha Johnson, Borbarc Munson, Mary Horper, Pomelo Sheldon, Barbara Lewis, Borboro Pldcock Not in panel: Janet Hawkins. Patricio Risley, Martha Hoffmon il ■ i ■ «T » II Top row: Virginia Edie, Borbaro Renner, Ann Woodruff, Kathleen Flesher, Joan Jenkins, Kotherine Merrimoc, Borbaro Shissler, Barboro Luthi, Jeon Bradshaw, Maliiia Jo Kelley, Horriet Weller, Margaret Reynolds, Mary Asplund, Jean Ledderboge, Virginia Farrand, Alice O ' Neill fourth row: Alice McReynolds, Norma Jennings, Ruth St. John, Jean Hooper, Martha Campbell, Edith Wcrmood, Lois Dumelow, Ginevera Llftle, Beverly Asplund, Bar- bora Seymour, Virginia Stewart, Frances Fronks, Yvonne Wooley, Nancy Hopkins, Dona Rode Third row: Beverly Benrtett, Frances Harrison, Corolyn Nordstrom, Mary Grlnfer, Alice Jordan, Doreen Embs, Mory Glisson, Dorothy Henn, Patricio Chompion, Janice Abel I. Janice McConn, Jeanne Church, Ruth Gormon, There se La hey Second row: Ann Reynolds, Marilyn Holm, Solly Rooch, Jill Staron, Doris Erickion, Jean Middlemos, Claire Wildeman, Shirley Collins, Evelyn Jensen, Carol Church, Mary Ha I pin, Corolyn Dunk, Leslie Nixon Bottom row: Alice Allen, Joonn Jones, Mary Compbell, Nino Weilberg, Noncy Holl, Peggy Turner, Beverly Tummelson Not in ponel: Jean Cotes Chi Omega 907 South Wright 1 03 Active Chapters 658 ' i 4Jr Delta Delta Delta 508 East Chalmers 94 Active Chapters Top row: Margaret McEIvain, Margorel McClure, Max ine Cargill, Le Claire Davis, Janet Nesblt, Joan Nicholson, Jone Schwartz, Emily Carrier, Marilyn Hershey, Vanna Thorman, Barbara McKnight, Jeanne Brunelle, Sal Sawyer Third row: Nancy Fancneir, Corol Baumgordner, Wanda Huff, Kotherine Griesedieck, Nancy Turney, Berna Swedberg, Dorothy Helnze, Betty Bryant, Betty Golinvoux, Jo Eades, Shirley Connaven, Helen England Second row: Norma Doerner, Madge Berkey, Laura Blazer, Rae Ring, Corolyn Wild man, Margaret Secondino, Mrs. Perrin, Marilyn Mezek, Beverly Brunelle, Mary Carmichael, Nan Helme Bottom row: Dorothy Jones, Lois Binder, Cathrine Welsh, Mary Morris, Margaret Spafford, Leto Small, De lores Beeson, Margaret Snyder, Mory Holdoway, Jone Wiltz Not in panel: Patricio Kimler, Barbara Gorvey, Phyllis Kenney It., Top row: Morsoret Sinclotr, Corot Morquordl. Fronkie Glotz, Rolh Allolt, Jane Frojt, Jeon Theurer, Noncy Dunn, Borbora Conlin, Mory Dobson. Morgoret Metzler, Diono Cho «, Coorgio Green, Willedotle Brix, Marge Foster, Muriel Parker Third row; louite Wright, Corolyn Monn. Borbara Keepers, Carol Cannon, Lydio Irvine, Potricio Wenzel, Jean Swo nson, Grelchen Lewis, Helen Hahne, Jean Robinson, Normu Olion. Mory Wheelon. Joy Blout. Margaret Jones, Ardis Miller S«cond row: Norma McCurley, Jone Anderson, Jean Bruder, Jean Temple, Helen Krabbe, Caroline Ouinn, Sally Schickler, Joan Jones, Jacquelyn Frost, Joan Burt, Jone Peterson, Glorio Oovii, Miriam Sommer Bottom fow: Joon Edwards, Ann Simpson, Carolyn Knour, Ruth Baker, Lina Lippe, Ann Lyman, Joyce Armstrong, Mary Zahringer, Judy Johnston, Marilyn Snyder, Patricio Wogner Delta Gamma 1207 West Nevada 74 Active Chapters 660 Delta Phi Epsilon 310 East Gregory Drive 24 Active Chapters Top row: Lois Rosin, Fronces Mi tf el man, Rocheile Kogon, Elyse Pifzele, Jerry Rosenzweig, Susan Winer, Son la Schwartz, Barbara Hondelmon, Lorraine Hollenilein, Gloria Kahn, Elaine Lang, Joanne Marks Third row: Harriet Bert man, Bern ice Grinker, Beverly Janov, Norma Axel man, Hurleen Felt man, Joanne Wo If berg, Barbara Levin, Edyihe Goldstein, Renee Simons, Phytis Schwartz, Judith Cohen Second row: Greta Morganstlne, Rosalie Rosenblum, Beverly Novock, Mrs. Kann, Morjorie Stern, Vivian Rosenblum, Gloria Shalowitz, Joonne Kalzoff, Edith Nudelman Bottom row: Claire Wolf, Florence Nathan, li!o Rosenzweig, Corel Folk, Arlene Solomon, Gloria Farkas, Borbaro Aoron, Solly Turk, Beverly Bass Not in pone I: Reatho Hamburg Top row: Norma Prgdent, Joyce Stone, Mary Campbell, Corolyn Van Voorst, Mory Weeks, Jane Roe, lois Keebler, Helen Wiegand, Eloine Kuderna, Gay Young, Coniuelo Minnich, Joort Schroeder Third row: Oorolhy Ausfahl, Mono Dean, Elida Poge, Corolyn Sondehn, Ellen Funk, Moe Grupe, Mildred Woll, Mary Honning, Potricia Frosch, Georgia Pahlow, June Pok. Dorothy Hormell Second row: Mory Laitwell, PotrUio Bonvilliet, Charlotte Wollace, Shirley Mencel, Jacqueline Coccia, Mary Eberhardt, Moe Engen, Parriria Hoffmon, Roberto Horri- ton, Helen Porler6eld Rotlom row-. Betly Mitchel, Fran Norling, Morgoret Horgen, Helen Aine, Irma Hill, Elecnor Brown, Jerrene Johonesen. Elvu Foster Not in panel: Ellen Strecker I Delta Zeta 710 West Ohio 67 Active Chapters 662 Gamma Phi Beta 1110 West Nevado 55 Active Chapters Top row: Nancy Burnett, Bonnie Brown, Betty Wright, Betty Lou Dean, Carolyn Conley, Noomi Streeter, Evelyn Bone, Dororhy McKlnley, Karhryne Clork, Joann Bernreuter, Gloria Kramer, Patricio Barockman, Lee CodweU, Diane DePree, Leto Ann Ornelloi Fifth row: At ice Jacobson, Joan Lo tow sky, Nancy Van Noppon, Maizie Angier, Irene Ther, Martha Innis, Dorothy Potter, Shirley Smith, June Barber, Dolores Dovid- son, Mierley Brown, Florence Bechtol , Mary Carlson, Lois Sprogue, Mory Jo Pond, Marilyn Goodell Fourth row: Yvonne Gardner, Jean Potter, Jeanne Horshborger, Suzanne White, Joanne Morkee, Edith Wells, Dorothy Ehrhordt, Mory Lou Walling, Jeonnette Jefler- son, Fronces Brohana. Mory Hull, Phyllis Skiles, Alice Profrock, Jonice Clark, Suzanne Hosselquist Third row ; Kotherine Bean, Jacqueline Inglesh, Elizabeth Keefer, Patricia Michelmon, Nancy Alexander, Phyllis Prust, Jane lowter, Mory Fouts, Morilyn Schnirring, Carol Nicholson, Joyce Heolh Second row: Ruth Johns, Florence Cad well, Marilyn Schueller, Barbara Kuschmonn, An no be Me Etherton, Marcel lo Jacobs, Nancy Neckers, Borboro Hull Bottom row: Sue Reinordy, Sydney Sue Hill, Margaret Lewis, Louise Dickey i ?m b 663 " ;_ ' JW7 X i Top row; Morilyn North, Martha P©nwoll, Sue Rovelsiad, Patricia Prison, Martha Patterson, Helen Shellabarger, Marjorie Mohr, Nelle McCuistion, Joyce Drew, Joann Schumocher. Betty Curelon, Betty Weldon, Angelene Mitchem Fourth row: janel Grigg, Mory Ann Schumacher, Audrey May, Jone Michel, Shirley Racine, Carolyn Clark, Jane Bowen, Courtney Mohr, Jo Ann Becker, Catherine Christie, Jeon Monteith, Shirley Bash, Carolyn Nelson, Mary Graham Third row: Anne Curry, Eleanor Long, Grace Schuize, Nancy Vollrath, Potricic Scolt, Shirley Moore, Nan Pearson, Terry Fey, Mary Turner, Barbara Schultz, Connie Stengel, Miriam Bouer. Betty Wilcox Second row: Joon Schueneman, Jean Ungeher, Claris Ritler, Jane Mueller, Ann Rovelstad, Nancy Wilson, Jane Mautz, Jane Sullivan, Eleanor Sifferd, Carol Thomas, Virginio Kraabel Bottom row: Nancy Hoos, Patricio Bowen, Gwendolyn Lewis, Julie Moore, Lois Cederburg, Ann Fulralh, Marilyn Daniels Not in panel: Cynthio Corthout, Mary Eastman, Shirley MocDonald, Marilyn Ooms, Jacqueline Weaver Kappa Alpha Theta 61 1 East Daniel 74 Active Chapters s!m 664 fA Kappa Delta 1204 South Lincoln 73 Active Chapters Top row: Laura Lamb, Frances Sterling, Dorothy Holin, Lois Mueller, Alice Williams, Helen Baroyni, Helen O ' Brien, Borbaro Liienby, Betly Lusk, Norma Mead, Suzanne Blotchford, Jere Florey. Betty Roe, Sally Pierce, Suzonno Mocdonold, Corrine Kennedy. Jean Carr, Rosemory Wotkins, Potricio Wirlh Third row: Ruth Treen, Helen Lomn, Joan Hindmorsh, Alvino Sorzickos, Ruth Lilja, Kathleen Keeley, Harriett Brogdon, Dione Coatsworth, Audrey Hollderion, Helen Ogden, Jean Canty, Gretchen Stadllonder, Shirley Mansfield, Patricio McNiel, Jane Durfee, Moriha McLeon Second row: Joon Rooch, Aroh-Deone Scheele, Janice Honn, Sue Carr, Morjorie Knoch, Marilyn Ewing, Linda Ernisch, Joon Tozrer, Morgoret Goroliki, Leoto Petty, Morjorie Stewart, Nancy Kelly Bottom row: Joanne Sonntag, Morjorie Blevins, Marguerite Tobin, Mary Brown, Elizabeth Lompley, Mary Finkenstoedt, Frances McGovern, Nedro Amermon, Patricia Riley, Borbora Tozier fS-i ' 665 i k Top row: Joyce Trowyn, Mory Motih, Mory Nicholl, Polficio Mangier, Morgorel Glenn. Morcio Goldmon, Gcorgio Bushnell, Moriorie Rouse, Jo Ann Koritz, Moty Wham, Moriha Rico, Harriell Porioni, Alice Brlslow, Joon Williams r, ■. n i Third tow; Joon Woilgor, Morion Scheinomon. Mory Needier, Carol Bronnemeyer, Rila Messer, Marjorie Halvorsen, Nancy Wilson, Kolhryn Lutz, Dorothy Belnop, Borboro Bradley, Mory Sloul, Janice Roberts, Carolyn Gerstenberger Second row, Noncy Cook, Barbara Bickel, Dorothy Mattes, Bonnie llten, Borboro SeoquisI, Jean Beiriger, Mrs. Ethel Schmidt, Suzanne Love, Mary Michel, Helen Croin, Roberto CooVe, Shirley Wollin, Jane Kurrus i ci.- i c Bottom row; Suionne Kurrus, Cynthia Roliton, Phyllis Roberts, Frances Foicon, Solly Sloon, Jeonne Burke, Nancy Horvey, Mory Llewellyn, Shirley Emmons, Joyce Brunnemeyer, Mary Twomey Not in ponel; Corrol lowitz, Diane Keith Kappa Kappa Gamma 1102 South Lincoln 80 Active Ctiapters 666 PhiMu 1010 South Third 68 Active Chapters Top row: Mory Somers, Julie Fistier, Marilyn LaVoy, Roymona Cotta, Johonna Cramer, Peggy Welsh, Ellin HInton, Lorraine Bonoguidl Third row: Lois Moore, Jane Siemens, Morion Crammer, Jeon Dovis, Betsy Rasmussen, Alice Muschler, Alice Webber, Mory Taylor, Cormen Leonord Second rowr Dorothy Petersen, Jean Cameron, Evelyn Larson, Virginia La Manfio, June Branding, Rosolie Werner, Patricia Ttiomos, Frances Jerry Morion Leigh Phyllis Oerrer ' Bottom row: Beverly Andersen, Dolores Steed, Joan Sionic, Marguerite Johnson, Nancy Barrett, Ramono Rutt, Lorene Younglove, Shirtey Krueger m v. 667 ' D row; Eloine Lftorner, Morllyn Homer, Roielyn Boxermon, Foye Schumon, Elaine Kromer, Marianne Gross, Florone Schwartz, Rhoda Rosenstein Third row: Koth«le«n CindiQ, Artene Pick, Horriet Fink, Rurh Prince, Devera Fischer, Joy Rovner, Rosalie Lichenstetn, Sybil Schar, Janice Solomon. Blanche Rosenstein Second rowj Morcy Robenzik, Barbora Berkmon, Corrine Simon, Barbara Fribourg, Chorlolte Schneider, Arlene Billow, Sherry Koplon, Barbara Naff, Leah Kuppermon, Etoine KroM Botf em row: JocQueline Bermon, Arlene Gorschen, Sydnie Rosenbaum, Maxine Deulch, Betty Kim, Lois Krom Muriel Bernstein, Carol Siegal Not in ponel: Elaine Bromi. Jewel Marco, Sue Marx, Francine Routhbord Phi Sigma Sigma 306 East Gregory Drive 34 Active Chapters 668 y Pi Beta Phi 1005 South Wright 92 Active Chapters Top row: Diane Verry, Sara Funk, Sheila McMurray, Joan Schoefer, Ann Duvoll, Mary Marsh, Betsy Nardi, Mary Lewis, June Rucker, Phyllis WeUh, Dorolhy Himes. Vera Williams, Ruth Dearing, Morjory Lee Third row: Gretta Gilbertson, Barboro Boswell, Patricia Wallace, Joyce Bresee, Betty Godwin, Janet Moore, Barbara Byrnes, Sally Loveioy, Marietta Ripley, Belly Altenburg, Barbara Blanchard, Joanne Northam, Grace Harlman, Mary Wtiite, Carolyn Clork Second row: Barbara Long, Chorlotle Keck, Joanne Bresee, Shirley Nay, Charlotte Allen, Burta Flehorty, Dorottiy Cormichael, Nancy Holmes, Phyllis Long, Borbaro Sands, Patricia Daniel, Marguerite Peterson, Nancy Bennett, Marl lyn Sheppard Bottom row: Marilyn Hindsley, Morjory Tompkins, Mary Hurst, Janet Hemphill, Mary Riley, Henrietta Tomlin, Polficia GilMom, Annette Towie, Barbara Witty, Mory Troy lor, Charlotte Camp, Joonne Lomax Not in ponel: Dorothy Armstrong, Rufh Muntvold, Frances Willis. Joanne Dillovou, Beverly Beover, Shirlle Mcllvoin, Betsy Downs Top fow: Joan Benetch, Fern Frank, Audrey Grocnmon, Phyllis Evons, Joon Mendelson, Sara Handel, Jean Margoles, Elaine Rosenberg, Carolyn Cohen, Barbara Schoffor Third rowj Jocquelyn lewii, Dorii Pocktor. Mimi Cohen, Dorothy Peskind, Joy Friedman, Mary Rubnitz, Floretto Adier, Ruth Reich, Phyllis Melnick, Fleurice Evans, Carol Polk, Dorothy Rubenilein Second fow: Bovorly Spiolborger, Evelyn Groiimon, Judith Flesch, Audrey Glossbarg, Mrs. Mildred Horwitz, Harriett Rosen, Sonio Snyder, Froyda Rodner, Helene Rubin. Mordo Spielberger Bottom row: Coil Wiich, Babelte Cohen, Davida Kortmon, Theodora Weinstein, Carole Parelmon, Rito Copoken, Elaine Nusinow, Dorothy Glossman, Eunice Horwich, Shirl« Criitil No ' in pone): Aleno Kleiner. Muriel Ktein Sigma Delta Tau 1 104 West Nevada 26 Active Chapters 670 Sigma Kappa 713 WesI Ohio 5 1 Active Chapters Top row: Hilda Rhodes, Janice Kuhns, Ann Pelrine, Margaret Woodrow, Marilyn Rohe, Patricia McKee, Roberta Royburn, Patricia Compbell, Mary Calliflower, Stello Stapelton, Mary Napier Third row: Joon Rigg, Charmian Chase, Barbara Mourilsen, Marjorie Mahrt, Marcia Metcolf, JoAnne Armstrong, Virginia Wolker, Betty Thatcher, Valerie Wettfield, Evelyn Jozak, Borbara Harris, Sara Benson Second row: Patricia Berden, Joan Sogerburg, Borboro Sheldon, Monno Scott, Marilyn Nathon, Helen Wolcolt, Lois lehmon, Jonice Howard, Margoret Capodice, Patricio Voughon, Carol Jacobs Bottom row: Barbara Nemoyer, Delia O ' Nell, Gwen Sotterlee, Joon Blade, June Saley, Patricio Rush, Elizobeth Weston, Mary low Socheftein, Joon Scherb, Kolhefine Wolcoft, Jessica Povlik Not in Dorset: PrfsciMo Lohr JSKi 671 Top row: Joan Tarro, Rglh McDonough, Morjorie Thorson, Eelan Cernon, Marion R an, Sally PMtt, Joyce Rose, Emily Speropulos, Joan Canning, Rosemary Eisman, Borboro Johnten Third rowi Ajeon Tornello, Hugelte Kloika, Mary Cromer, Jeon Connorton, Jean Thomson, Roiemcry Ryan, Grace Cooley, Sally Shukis, June Tarro, Beverlee Wosho S«cond row: loVonntr OoVilo, Mary Enright, Eileen Tressler, Virginia Stevens, Joyce Krueger, Dorothy Swonson, Helen Ptelsch, Shirley Grady, Shirley Hynes Bottom row I Barboro Floitrom, Nono Brunt. Carol Crouch, Dolores Sleeg, Elaine Davis, Juanita Schuize, Jeon Burns Not in panel: Peggy Arford, Verna Krouiy, Sue lohl, Dono Loliberte, Doris McKoy Theta Upsilon 303 East John 22 Active Chopters 672 I f4 .J f. 1 1 A5i SSrVTi HMl r V ■ M EPiyni 1 -J m i Zeta Tau Alpha 808 West Vermont 82 Active Chapters Top row: Gloria Price, Ruth May, Roberto Telling, Tina Slow, Ruth Coultos, Dorothy Carter, Lorraine Stencel, Elaine Curry, Barbara Stewart, Lois Finkeobinder Third row: Lois Frose, Phyllis Lucas, Mary Buescher, Janet Kline, Janice MocDougoM, John Pfau, Virginia Sorsen, Chorlotte Vogt, Delores Polokovic, Potrtcio Whelan Second row: Irene Bittner, Shirley Porker, Grace Bolozs, Morie Fronkenberg, Joanne Lewis, Lois Dean, Mary Bortsch, Mourine Comstock, Norma Miller, Dorothy Recs Bottom row: Mary Carter, Phyllis MocDougail, Joon Mieschke, Marjorie Miller, Janet Huster, Marion Servo tzy, Virginia Slater, Jacqueline Merlo J -vrv f 4 V a A, A w Xa A A i A. J S I INDEPENDENT MEN 674 675 ll Men ' s Independent Association btonley agol, prendent The Mens ' Independent Assocation is a stu- dent-established and student-administered or- ganization of the independent men on the campus of the University of Illinois. M.I. A. gives expression to the ideas of the independent men. Through the unified effort made possible by this organization, these students exert influence in the formulation of general policies concerning student v elfare. M.I. A. has been organized so that it may en- compass and represent independent men. This has been accomplished through the organization of houses with four or more residents, each of which elects a representative to the M.I. A. coun- cil. The council is the policy-making body for the organization and decides all matters of major importance. The executive body is the Directorate made up of the officers and com- mittee chairmen of M.I. A. The problems facing M.I. A. are to provide opportunity and incentive for independents in all areas of student activity including scholastic, athletic, social, and recreational fields. officer! — Top row: Peter Colodorci, tecretory; William Potlit, union board representative Second row; Stanley Zagol, president; Lloyd Ireland, student senate representative Bottom row: Phillip RotenbpfQ, vice-president; Ralph dc Werfl, treasurer » T» ' A ' T- I N 676 Advisory Board: Duone Brannigon, Donald ShutI, Calvin Sifferd, Earl Seyler, Joseph Ewers Executive Council: Lloyd Ireland, Clement Stone, Phillip Rosenberg, Roy Lewis, Ralph DeWerfi, George Rand, Stanley Zogol, Peter Colodorci, Owen Doss, Robert lewison, John Fordonski, William Pattis 677 Houte Repreientalivet — Top row: Merrill Holden, Allen Moreno, Alvm Bochmon, Edgar Schleef, Nicholas Kuriga, Fulton Want, Jr., Nathan HumbrecHt, Rudolph lenich, Jomei McCurdy, Alvin Swanson, John Rizzoli, Marvin GoldblotI Third row: Jomei Sedgwick, Ellery Knoke, Daniel Cohn, Clarence Hoys, Merlin Coleman, Tom Krukonis, Williom Deeming, Loyo Flick, William Homper, Ralph Sharp, Thomas Nelion Second row: Roy lewlt. Clem Stone, Bill Kirk, Jerome Tenenbaum, Philip Rosenberg, Peter Coladorci, Stanley Zagol, Ralph de WerfF, John Fordonski, William Pottii, Lloyd Ireland. Robert Lewiion Bottom row; Chorlet Green berg, Vernon Komm, John Alio man, Ted El sen, Kenneth Black, Donald Kraft, Eugene Claypool, Donald Pellikan, Charles Turner, Peter Protl, George Rond M.I. A. ond W.G.S. danced to the music of Shep Fields at their annual, co-sponsored Mehila Ball, May 14, 1948 in the lllini Union BoMroom. The two groups brought Stan Kenton to the compus for a concert on Friday, October 15, 1748. 678 I Tomahawk President — Blair Thackeray Vice-President — William Yates Secretary-Treasurer — Donald Funk Tomahawk, men ' s independent sophomore activity honorary, has as its general purpose to give recognition to independent freshmen for outstanding work in their various activities. Its secondary purpose is to inspire freshmen to greater service and achievement during their remaining school year. Each year active members of Tomahawk send out formal questionnaires to the leaders in the main activities on campus who fill in names of three men they think are most outstanding and show favorable qualities for further advance- ment. From lists of applicants received, mem- bers of Tomahawk select those persons whom they think are most capable to carry on the high traditions set forth in the pledge and constitu- tion. Pledges become active members through- out their sophomore year. Donald Funk, Bloir Thockeray, William Ya(es Top row: Alvin Schulmon, Reginald Romine, Robert Wilbert, Delmar Murphy, Leonard Davis, William Hoffman Second row; Vougiin Croft, Harold Kieler, Victor Mortello, Donald Smith, Norman Paterson Bottom row: Calvin Sifferd, Williom Yates, Bloir Thockeroy, Donald Funk, Norman Smith Not in panel: William Vohoska, Arthur Dreshfield, Poul Nirland, David Fisher 679 ' Top row: John Lykint, Burton Young, Richard Mokowski, Eugene Kolkey, Williom Kerrigan, John St. John, Martin Heoly, Thomos Coultas, Milton Goldman, Robert Schiller, Witliom Mok!, John Woody, Kenneth Litchfield, Robert Swermon, Thomas O ' Conner, Bert Miller, Charles Leverenz, Donald Miller, Vincent Cupidro, Richard Skogiberg, William Holwick, Richard Fabry Third row: William Porter, Joieph Fairboirn, Merrill Holden, Robert Aniley, Nothon Tupper, Leroy Mumford, Richard Blomberg, Robert McBride, Wrlllom Hansel- mon, Richard Tonney, Robert Stevens, Donald Dethorn, Chester Slosberg, John Kinzel, John Thornton, Donald Ekberg, Athonos Gecrgolos, Paul Kostyniuk, Jerome lipin Second row: Richard Wurzburger, Charles Hanno, Frank Bolline, Donald Coirns, Henry Nolepo, Robert Boiley, Hugh Hefner, Marshall Bentsen, Albert Johnson, Stanley Preuii, Roy Pesouenlo, Thomos Borschok, Bernard Mack, Lennort Anderson, James Currier, Phillip Doll, Fred Buckman, Raymond Woodrow, Richord Popp Bottom row; William Blonkenberg, Allen Jeter, Edword Siebert, Jack Slichenmyer, Norman Skraostad, David Rosenstock, Robert Fisher, Earl Sauer, Arthur Boven- kerk, Chester McGovney, Ralph Swedlund, Edward Herter, Edwin Stone, William Koepsel, Carl Borklund, Robert McDonald, Carl Cooper, Dan Astrohon Granada Club 1004 Soulh Fourth MIA 7 ' i 680 I I Executive Council — Top row; Paul Barh roni, Rooeci Gand, Edggf Hannum, Melvin Levitt, Morshall Rosenthot, Charles Hetzel Bottom row: Gabriel Chiri, Roger Vondervliet, Wayne Temple, James McCoyne, Somuel Klamen Parade Ground Units Top row: Wayne Temple, Elbert Bollyn, Melvin Levitt, Harold Jensen, Warren Mara, Edgar Hannum, Chester Michno, Walter Borenstein, John Show Fourth row: Robert Bear, Wiltiom Chan, Robert Gond, Edwin Kamps, John Schnake, William Hosttins, Theodore Koska, John Tomcik, Marshall Rosenthal, James McCoyne Third row: Norton Goldberg, Roger Vondervliet, James Ephgrove, Bernard Halpern, Wolter Briggs, Lawrence Schuster, Marshall Ossey, Edward Caper!on, Jr., Evert Johnson Second row: Alan Gilbert, John Cravens, Robert Potter, Benjamin Rosmusen, Victor Jackson, Kenneth Miles, Otto Kozcny, Ellis Leighty, Leonard Slldtey, William Covin Bottom row; John Harrington, Samuel Klamen, Albert Bernzweig, James Keuer, Carl Carlson, Bradley Taylor, Arthur Crelghtan, Gabriel Chiri, James Johnston 681 lop row; bcinoro Mu...r, ft: .v Ab.omo., h, ClioHes Ronsford, Cecil Neunbc, Robert KuBski, Murray Krupnick. Williorr. Spires, Harold Molmstrom, George Zellmer, Leonard Miklich. Jerome Rolenbera. Horold levy, Sonford Remington, Gene Burnoiki, Joseph Abrahoms, Earl Spillor, Richord Wiegetiofl. Robert Palton Second row, leo Decmon. Wayne Thompion, John Pelerion, Leo Novok, Doniel Carter, Donald Dittmer, Gene Brasel, Richard Dellefield, Gerald Brown, Thomas MocAdoo, Richard Weissmon, Merrill Scott, Howord Scheckmon, Glenn Ulrich, Williom Coulter, Laurence Prindiville. Daniel Cohen, Sonford Eisman Bottom row: Wilbur Dolezol. Sltarom Bhotye, Douglas Riddle, Harry Smith, Aldo Coucig. James Campbell, Kuo Jun Li, Doh-Hsuan tec, Robert Adkisson, Edward fiielfeldt. Glenn Koch, Lawrence Freeman. King-Song Sun ¥ Annex Hall 1400 Springfield Top row: Woller Aihley, William Koerber, Woyne Drom, Daniel Johnson, Jr., Jamei Bowes, William Foreman, Melvin Bressler, Louis Woppel, Bill Western Bottom row; Dovid Rogow, Dominic Principali. Ceiorio Ftoro, Jerome Bressler, John Olrvero, Robert Glahe, Ke-chon Kuo, William Glickman I 682 f .7 -»•-. .« , - -f r xr%;feii ac Top row: Andrew Vovrik, Robert Johnson, Mortin Porisot, Donald Hamburg, George Martin, Many ocnocd, Max Cosn r, Arroid buuers, Stanley Cohen, Norman Gowrn, Edmund Harnedy, William Allawoy, Lloyd Ward, Lun Hsioo, Daniel Shapiro, N. GopalkrJshna, Ted Nadybal, Glenn Myers Second row: William Schworr, Bill Young, Robert Williams, William Parsons, S. Sane, Walter Schmidt, George Dellert, Jr., Leon Schnepper, Metvtn Gorber, Chorlej Scupham, Otto Buer, Melvin Churovich, Fred Koerber, Robert Foster, Richard Scholler, Sidney Field, Leon Soffer, Robert Wood Bottom row: Alimohamed Memon, Paul Koch, Robert Stella, Erwin Besserer, Harold Poutsch, Peter Willis, Ira Weinstein. " ' ■ ' lip Spielman, Harold Laws. William Barrett, Russel Bennett, Sol Gold, Jack Roadman 1400 Springfield Annex Hall Barton House Men ' s Residence Halls Top row: Lucas Pfeiffenberger, Thomas Kempner, George Duensing, Gerald Mlnkus, Albert Siegol, Edward Peorlmon, Theodore Sondog, Sylvan Jaenke, Richard Schulman, Jules Brezinski, Lourence Greenberg Third row: Harold Poige, Edword Wolf, Hlllard Trubift, Donald Bouifree, Jerome Field, Milton Stetner, James Hall, Joseph Butensky, Joseph McMurry, William Sochi Second row; Norman Remer, Marvin Feldmon, Theodore Gershenow, Ralph DeWertf, Henry Moehle, Calvin Rooth, Eorl Price. P ran lei Sheth Bottom row: Richard HInchlon. Gerald Morrow, Williom Djensing, Alfred McWhorler, Thomas Russell, Weldon Gorber, Donald Brown 683 lop row Chorici Catlin. Chorlei Wlllyafd. Thomas Reoy, Chorles Pursley, Richard Withenbury, Bernard Stohr, Edward Gibbs, Wallace Corr, George Pries, Frank Weinert, Joseph Schwerer. George Flower, Joseph Stevenson Second row; Morlin Brennon, Fred Clecr, John Spires, Edward Winemon, Mrs. Pidcock, Eugene Claypool, Maurice Weddle, John Koca, John Flynn, Arnold Thompson Bottom row: Edword Auenwotd, Richord Morlin, Harold Johnson, Richard Hoppe, Wriliom Cowan, Robert Sanner, Roy Piper Not in panel: Donald Funk, Ed son Klefer Brentwood 708 South Mathews 405 Eost Green Brown Thresh Top row; Edwin Orotwo, Roymond Morselle, Dorrell Brown, Horold Brown, Robert Hodor Second row; James Gregory, Robert Mohan, John Motch, Paul Jocobson, Eugene Craft, Robert Mathews Bottom row: Ernetl OrcutI, Robert Leslie, George Novok, Roymond Steier, Alfred Brooks Not In ponel. Morlin Boer, Donald Duloney, Fioncis Fabrlii, Ward Moore, William Peterson, Robert Slmonelli 684 Top row: Robert Rector, Gene Wagenechf, Harvey Doll, Aivin Bochman, Jomes Miller, Stonley Fishner, Sheldon Howerfer Bottom row: Williom Fickel, Jock Riegert, John Honzel, Don Willems, Williom H;ckenbach, Joseph Konvicko, Art Kolor 1 107 West Illinois Camelot Club Clark House Men ' s Residence Halls Vollodores. Guy Arrfeto. Herbert Shaffer, Willis Mongold, Chorl ■ Robert Hogenow, Charles Fiene, Sheldon Eichen, Pou ' Moore, Ronold Kidd, Roy m end Peterson, Theodore Millos, Marc Lipmon, Poyscfl Kissin, Daniel Gereb, Arnold Craine, Joseph Mortinec. Jesse Windlow, Joseph Top row: Ro TinkoR Fourth row: Andrew Millos, Hansen, Glen DeVore Third row: Felix Ou, Ming-Po Hsu, Marshall Hyman, Donald Johnsen, Richard Cro Jy, Richard Eastline, Howard Eisen, Robert Wagner, Henry Bienecki, Charles Jeske Second row: Reginold Fisher, MorshoM Witzel, Ronald Harper, James Carey, Lloy d Weber, Frederick Glassmon, Philip Gore, Williom Forr, Haro!d Hardin Bottom row: Harold Shrifter, Charles Hommond, Sander Postol, John Chapman, William Fossnacht, Edward Mtchalski, Gilbert Banks Not in panel: Earl Apple, Roger Baker, Peter Bo ram, Charles Bernstein, James Cor bet t. Jack Crouse, Vernon Ediin, Roymond Ewell, Cedric Gowfer, Ray Henson, Virl Hill, John Hotuiz, Arthur Johnson, Arthur Korlon, Merle Mottenson, Burton Muller, Leonard Nordbye, Charles Novok, Frank Pocelli, Fronk Perkins, Jerome Prisyon, Donald Reimer, Mox Sherman, Robert Siebern.on, Romilos Tecdoslodis, George Triondofillidis, Horry Weisman 685 w ' vrrB-mis - Top row. Choflei Thomoi, Konaid bergmon, Joseph Cormack, Jerome Becwar, Warren Vannice, Donald Saupe, John Lusk, Horace Tangmon, Vincent Mogorlen, Oouglot Cain Third row: Horry Trychlo, Horry Mazzono, Robert Stenberg, Willard Price, Norman Pfeiflfer, John Allen, James Enreight, Williom Moluf, Robert Cain, James Neufeldt, Williom Lukittch, Louii Haerr S«cortd row: Oonold Johnson. John Franz, Stontoy Kozuch, Alvin Haerr, William Sheretz, Chorles Kristufek, Roy Watts, Wilhcm Reynolds, Burton lundquist, John Pociut Bottom row: Gerald Giffin, Thomai Jones, Howard Johnson, Jerry Jones, Clay Irick, Gerald Hoover, Marvin Eyster, Rolland Stonwood Club Esquire 806 South Fifth 3 1 I East Green College Hall Top row: John Cooper. Morvin Mulchnik, Robert Kerwin, Norbert McCabe, Mike Landes, Efr om Lovine, Jerome Kennedy, Horry Vonderbilr, Welter Pagel, Alfred Trovers, Robert Billings, Williom Lewis, Tom Korros, Leroy Johnson Third row: Jerome Hershovitz, Robert Gale, Foster Harland. Williom Mortin, Morvin Korol, Harold Stein, Peter Rondo I fo, Peter Zammuto, Francis Joyce, Samuel Zemon, Jomei Hopkins, Walter Foy Second row: leRoy Smith, Donold Simmons, William Thompson, Robert Stollmann, Robert Minning, Samuel Fronce, Donald Sartore, Fred Koth, George Zammuto, Williom Heneberry, Herberr Kiessel, Anthony Frole Bottom row: Albert Molelo. George Jacobek, Robert Flink, Edwin Rydbeck, Alfred Snop, Edward Olendski, Rudolph Kiesel, George Petros, Angelo Garziono, Henry Chodact l»?Pov Oougall 686 Top row: Arthur Var.l Hul, James O ' Rourke, David Hlndelang, William Watf, John Schmidt, John Morsholl, Donald Morkwolder, Robert Kubl» Second row: Howard Stone, George Coo ley, Alvin Cooke, Thomos Fry, Herbert Widdowson, Edwin Breed, Andreas Paloumpis Bottom row: James Bright, Roland Kane, Michael Groziok, Allan Gotf, Charles Turner, William Marshall, Cloy ton Snyder, Harold Wokott, Gordon Lykkebok Not in poneir Dominic Arbisi, Bernord Boinbridge, Richard Fenner, James Hordesty, Joseph Katouiki 305 Eost Green Colonial Manor Dornoch 1 109 South Fourth Top row: Oscar Schricker, Arthur Hemmings, Thomas Rule, Charles Zaioga, James Leigh, Fred Rothi, Edwin Toll, Daniel Nicholas, Robert Lejher Second row: Robert Hemp, James Laible, James Terrill, George Lesher, Fronk Voile, Harlan Ltllie, John Simmons, Edword Leon Bottom row: Joseph Mortimer, Walter Byerley, Frederick Zeisler, Edward Donahue, Richord Morgan, John Sargent Not in ponel: Homer Crouse 687 Top ' Q-. Jarr-.ji Cqi a J. C iG ' !-- ' ! Auvtn, DqIo Colcmoo, Allen Miles, Roger Boy 1 1 Second row: Arthur Cooke, Charles Dixon, Howord Koontz, Richard Bast, William Bingman ftoltom row: Rolph toico, Jom«» Cunningham, John Stonton, Robert Fessler, George Soilor, Jock Heberling, Donald Morlln Not in panel: Donold Phippt Fireside 210 East John Men ' s Residence Halts Fiagg House Top row: Arthur Kraute. Richord Siget, Neol Breikin, Julius Rosenburg, Leiond Smith, Donald Gunnerson, Hubert Wotton, George Becker, Andrew Mocko Third row: Frank Forley, Llewellyn Kucera, Stephen Lchner, Morshall Zissmon, Robert Blase, James Schneider, Robert Fox, Jerome Weinberg, Arnold Learner, George Cook Socond row: Bernard Cohen, William Paltis, Phillip Guetlel, Ralph Gordner, Raymond Kramer, George Streisfield, Robert Goodman, Richard Kuhne, Howard Varner Botlom row: John Biedermon, Morton Gordon, Sheldon Auerboch, Jomes Chapman, Leonard Macewicz, Bert Coplan, Donald Ommen Not in panel: Siuort Bochmon, Morion Bortosiak, Robert Beftosso, Edward Bieniecki, Evo Bindi, Lionell Brazen, Edward Buczkiewicz, William Carlyle, Wilbur Carlson, Ralph Di«, Mel V in Eng lemon. Fay Ewbank, Jerold Fronkel, Bernard Freireich, Homer Goldstein, Roger Hitzemor, William Ho nig, Frank Karpel, Vincent Lodvstro. Chorles McOoniel, William McDaniel, John McGroth, Stanley Mock, Richard Metz, Robert Mezansky, Gerald Potterson, Ralph Ronsford 688 Top row: Rolph Fishman, Paul Dunn, Everett Walbert, Ceroid Lipshuti, Leonard Lipshutz, William Moore Third row: Alvin Vinegar, Eugene Windchy, Lee Horn, Jerry Burch, Kenneth Leslie, William Hallstein Second row: Lester Culler, Jomes Russell, Raymond Neol, Clavin Merkle, William Clitton Bottom row: Wayne Fickinger, Marvin Axelrod, Merle Noble, Irving Neor, Glenn Bailey, Albert Brownstein Not in panel: Matthew Antonio, Everett Bane, Claire Brown, Robert Kohtz, Roland McMullen 305 East John Four Columns Fraker House 1112 West Oregon Top row: Harold Milling, Kenneth McLaughlin, Robert Bourer, Laverne Jenne, Deon Smith, Joseph lete, James Dovis, Clyde Wielond, Jomes Adorns Second row: Robert Kane, Arnold Bland, John Dvorak, Dustie Martin, Herbert Byers, Thomas Ruth, Glen Good son. Dale Henry Bottom row: Don Mo re head, Jomes Stewart, Donald Herri ' k, Mrs. Maude Low son, Donald Potion, Normon Christmon, John Wolszon Not In panel: Milton Brunner, Sterling Campbell, Donald Frick, Frank Hasbrouck, Ibert Mills, Harold Slonge, John Waffle 689 Top row: Donold Zumwalt, Williom Bobiin, Chorles Hersh, J. Ma , Donold Stoetzel, Forest Winkler, Lewis Petry, Chorles Grosche Second tow: John Allomon, Floyd Wenle, Jomet Stewart , Horfy Ward, Clifton Capp, Willis Schmeckebier, Chorles B lorn berg Bottom row: Robert Anderton, Myrort Pontious, James Parlimon, Robert HoRmon, Laverne Wente, Richard Storer, Billy Battershell Not in panel: Ronold Wessel Garmen 409 EqsI Green 903 West Green Lookout Manor Top rcw: Everett Hepion, Corl Bogulit, Fronk Dufour, Chorles Nielsen, John Fitch Bottom row Edgof S- ' - ' - ' - ' ' ■r;n Hopkins, Arthur Much ling, Richard Ropp, Edword Wanner, Charles Muehling, Kenneth Sturm Not in Conr io Ti.- 690 re Top row: Warren HeO ' ■ -- - - ; - -. -- -r ■ v. ,s, Dovid Shaymon, Gerald Stern, Alan Turner, Wn ' " Me ' - ' S-.-t = " M ; " r._i Bernord Harris, Loren Kobbes, Lawrence Klf:. Ralph Zuccaretlo, Robert Brody, Charles Callahan, Fronk Reuter, William Bernardi, Walter Smith, Howord Keisler Fifth row: Arthur Salk, Joseph Lowery, Arthur Dreshfield, Richard Wells, Howard Levine, Norman Sochermon, Verne Fosler, Donald Jones, Harold Leon, Julien Lobow, Fred Ordemon Fourth row: William Karson, Richard Rose, Curtis Hedmon, Arnold Luke, Calvin Penfield, Norman Barmash, Kenneth Handler, Leonard Cohn, Tyll Botes, Richord Calish Third row: Roy Lleberman, William Wells, George Rond, Chorles Isenberg, Scherwood Brieloff, Edward Blou, Robert Bollis, Harold Romm, Emmonuol Vidolokis, Walter Placzek Second row: Robert Hewitt, Donold Stroznickos, Miles Baker, David Schardi, Richard Stephen, George Riedle, Robert Lewison, Lowrence Scheclmon Bottom row: Ahmet Edin, Arthur Loh, Frank Schleck, Robert Pollock, Arnold Winogrod, Ouone Dales, James Schofer, George Frelk Not in panel: Veto Stroznickos, Sherwin Mizell, Michoet Horner, Donald Arnold, Morton Pluda, Donold Arends, Thomos Fenwick, Norman Loevy, Herbert Roth, Ralph Hillmon, Stuart Liss, Charles Fisher, Robert Lukov Men ' s Residence Halls Lundgren House Mansion 40 1 East Green Top row; Lennort Johnson, Fredrick Winter, Christ Langos, Bernard Weinslein, Glen Rendlemon, Louis Prother, John Ferrell, Donavon Favre, Craig Bishop, Poul Neol, Richard Koch, Paul Bower, Harold Storm, Russell Tobler Second row: Williom Metcol , Milton Berlosh, Dole Johnson, Glenn Hall, Adrion Hirsch, Harold Roy. John Griskenos, Roy Mull, Charles Repenn, Jomes Sedgwick, Gerold Sedgwick, Frank Worrick, Maurice Beckhort Third row: George Andreossen, Robert Zielinski, Ooniel Ludwig, Ross Prio, Llo d Medansky, Martin Ruch, Jr., David Johnson, Irvin Tittswotlh, William Borz, Joseph Blick, Leroy Schuster, Edward Bender, Albert KoUve-t Not in panel: Harold Morton, Eugene Leucht, Frank Hoerrmon, Roy Sternal 691 I - - :i Top row; Richard George, Lowell Crowford, Chorlos Roicher, Robert Schumacher, Berlil Anderson, Albert Smith, Moyncrd BuHIs, James Potter, Lelond Schmoling, Edoor Dunn. John Alderjon, Hortley Ericion, Jamei Newman Third row: Thomoi Con ley, Oonold Andenon, Allan Nelson, Arne Nordmork, Williom Watson, Theodore Rupprecht, Walter Link, Edwin Jones, Deon Bottrell, Jock Lohmor, Roy Johnson, Carl Johnson, James Mumm Second row; Byron Micholos, Joseph Smith, Joieph lllich, Albert Weitekamp, Merle Micenheimer, George Gallos, John Przypyszny, Arvtd Ulonder, Emilio Rosen- blueth, John Frank Bottom row: Hatty Anderson, Donald Guitafson, William Johnson, Charles Gumberg, Chorles Huelsman, Bornie Abelle, Robert Mottheis, Jay Goldman Not in ponel; Bror Corlscn, Ernest Shiley Medea Lodge 4 1 2 East Green 202 East John Minawa Lodge Top fow: Oovid Offner, Williom Selkirk, Paul Hontelmon, John Danielson, Freddie Giles, Robert Brewer Third row: Robert Polmer, Howord Sandlund, Eugene Peterson, Gordon Johnson, Melvin Johnson, Paul Sherwood Second row: Oonold lor son, Ed word Anderson, Roy Kelley, Pout Robertson, Howard Bell, Chorles Inskeep Bottom row: Jomes Potter son, Charles Rum ley, Donald Miles, William Kellogg, Roy Bodett, John Loshbough, Dole Slifer No in ponet Alfred Jockton 692 1112 West Colifornia ;«. ' ge Dilley Heal, William Hohmon, Roymond Keeller Moore Hall Nabor House 81 1 West Oregon Top row: Howard ScKilt, James McCurdy, Dana Lewis, Herbert Woolsey, Arthur Lappin, Edword Duvick, Ellery Knoke, Walt Fehrenbactier Second row: William Curry, Keitti Scheriz, Jotin Duewer, Normon Schmitt, Lyie Sctiertz, George Wrigtit, James Smitti Bottom row: Edwin Wright, Lowell Gardner, Joe Small, Ernest Ozier. James Rogers, Charles Schaeve 693 Noble House Men ' s Residence Halls Men ' s Residence Halls North and South Top row: Williom Stickling, William Sodertlrum, Arthur MIndes, Dorwin Daicofl, Slonwood Griffith, Edwin Kuhn, Ralph Scott Fifth row: Alon Turner, Cor) Stowig, George Bone, Jock Century, Chorles Emmeft, Don Erickson, Potrick Malone, Robert Hanson, Hershel Orensfeln, Williom See- monn, Rudy Longer, Rolph Krubeck Fourth row I Alfred Koplin, John Thompson, Wesley Pa I tenon, Albert Fehrenbacher, Herbert Swan son. Earl Weisbaum, El wood Schafer, Clement Stone, Allen Moreno, Richordt Cromer, Phillip Jeflriet Third row: Kol Roienboum, Dortold Burns, George Butlell, John Appanaitit, Roger McKec, Earl Fagel, Byron Thorpe, William Bear, Warren Asa, Lawrence Ferolie Second row: Joy McCloiky, Irving Mehrin ger, Robert Einsweiler, Edword Bernstein, Robert Levine, MorvJn Corti, Lee Manna, Christ Korbilos, Joseph D ' Amico Bottom row: Leonard Stougui, John Woods, Lowrence Kmiecik, Robert Holland, Marvin Eaton, Gunther Kahn, David Summers Not in poneh Charles Byrne, Joseph Chotterjee, Thomas Dyckmon, Robert Eng, Edward Epstein, Richard Gamsu, Ralph Henneman, Clyde Herman, Elmo Purlee, Edwin Robin, Kennetti Reimer, Wilson Riedesal, Gerald Soboth, Whitney Scully, Sheldon Simon, Richord Wippmon, Howell Glicken, Williom Howard, Burton Morwood, Mil ! Schwartz, Dovid Shomay, Robert Sio, Joseph Vrdoljok, Clement Nance i 694 Top rovk: Roy Bevcn, George Mader. Edward Ernst, Irving Kaufman Third row: Joseph Kutchin, Linton Kypta, Vernon Peckham, Frederic Leiner, Harold Lind, Ira Evans Second row: Jay Gooch, Robert Leplc, Albert Nolond, Leon Haring, Edgar Hoyden, Hubert Kleeman Bottom fow: Mitchell Mesecher, Howard Knoebel, John Scoggs, Hollis Leighty, Jr., Billy Kirkwood Not in panel; John Er javac, Douglas Royal I 101 West lllino;: Ohm Sweet Ohm 404 EasI John Ruste Armes Top row: Byron Boddy, Burnell Bergqulst, John Wertman, Robert Siegfried, Roderick Story, Dovid Schofer, James Egbert, Don Hon, Richard Gordon. Herbert Soren-oi Third row: Edword Husted, William Gilmore, Donald Elliott, Richard Reynolds, Horry Reardon, Bernard Campbell, James Wemhoener, Gordon Taylor, Ronald Mcnscn, John Hartmon, Vern Poge, Mark Story, Wayne Breese, Dean Knudson Second row: Robert Elyeo, John Rizzoli, Robert Bonnon, frank Zlemetz, Don Losiwell, Walter Spotti, Richord Blessmon, Billy Boker, Ivon Skoog Bottom row: William White, William Diamond, Ray Livingston, Gene Shisster 695 f% • 11 f ' •Sn • li V J i Top row: MocOonold Pine, Victor LeMo, Virgil Buflcr, Richard Wiebe. Wtltiom Elliott, John Ammon, Charles Fillmore Second row: William Henderson, Merrill Thompson, Horvey Stump, Vincent Thompson, Paul Grehl, William Homper, Pout Powell Bottom row: Hugh RoiC, Chorles Steele, Robert Walker, John Scott, Gerald Conover, Joseph Holly Tara Hall 1 202 West Oregon 908 South Fifth Tomahawk Lodge Top row: Bruce Youle, lawronce Drone, Donald Phillips, Jesse McClellan, Clyde Wilson, Harold Meyer, Herbert Lovekamp Bottom row. Raymond Edword . K oo -ih Zimmermon, Mrs. Perry Rhue, Leo Mogiera, Edward Millhouse. Jr. 696 i Top row: Robert Vest, Arnold Cronquist, Ernesf KHHiips, Jomes McNoir, Theodore Glodhill, James Stephens Bottom row: Edword Gilbert, Robert Aspden, Reynold Hoover, Paul Cllnebell, Tnomas Gilpatrlck, John McNoIr 308 South Mothews Wesmen Witanshire 512 East Heoley Top row: Merle Swoin, William Knuerr, Lincoln Kreuzkomp, John Menees, Tttoma Eriksen, Edword Gale, Joseph Tobios Second row: Harold Schweig, Jr., William Phillips, George Vincolese, Tom Menees, lee Vincotese, Paul Curtis, Frank Senese Bottom row: Bernard Coll, Glenn Wroughfon, Robert Wixom, Willord Dillon, Jr, Albert Hornstrom, Jr., Carrol Reinganum, Jr. 697 I INDEPENDENT WOMEN 698 f 00 mmmmm 699 Women ' s Group System Eitoline Ulmer, president Included in Women ' s Group System, the first independent women ' s group on any campus, are organized women ' s houses, women ' s resi- dence halls, and scattered groups. The presi- dents of these groups participate in a weekly council meeting and also sponsor activities within their own house groups. W.G.S. devotes its time to the encouragement of scholarship, activities, and social life among its members. Among its varied activities are the district teas, the Christmas Musicale, the Watcheka Sing, the House Presidents ' Banquet, and the W.G.S. Ball. W.G.S. cooperates with M.I. A. to present such events as the Independent Informal, Stunt Show, Freshman Sing, and this year the N.I.S.A. Notional Convention at Illinois. Climaxing the year ' s activities is the W.G.S. Awards Tea given each spring, where newly- elected officers are inaugurated and recognition is shown to independent students and houses for outstanding scholarship and activity participa- tion. I Offlceri: Morilyn Swon»on, treajurer; Shirley Mroz, lecretary; Miss Helen Andrew,, odvisor; Estaline Ulmer, president, Ann Jinkins, acting vice-president 700 W.G.S. District and Major Choirmen — Top row: Margaret Tandy, Lilo Jean Athey, Betty Claycomb, Gayle Neubouer, Vito Ketsch, Monori- Peobody, Mary Zann.r Bottom row: Katharine Morgan, Beverly Gibbs, Marian Lamb, Dorothy Sherrard, Nancy Johnson Not in panel: Beverly Lundberg, Sotlie House W.G.S. Sub-District Chairmen — Top row: Joyce White, June SuHivon, Jvonne Henry, Marilyn Briggs, Barbara Bunn, Betty Abrohoir Bottom tow: Ethel Alayu, Cynthia Martin, Morgie Groves, Froncine Cohen, Louise Hodam, Noroldean Polecek Nor in panel: Marilyn White, Julia Venhuda Independent Women danced to the muiic of Russ Coflyle ol the W.G.S. Bolt, Friday evening, October 29. The donee Top row: Dorothy Sherrord, Mary Honton, Dolores Lopez, Louise Hodom Bottom row: Corol Bouer. Betty Cloycomb, Rosemory Archibald litlee included the following girls: Alpha Chron W.G.S. Freshman Activity Honorary Top row: Jvonne Henry. Solly Poteltki, Borboro Bunn, Betty Abraham, Marilyn Briggs Second row: Doris Witlle, Pot Feoster, Lois Siron, Virginia McCabe, Joyce White, Rosemary Shepherd, Jean Greenebaum, Noraldean Palecek, Margie Groves Bottom row: Froncine Cohen, Morgit Stroud, Peggy Robinson, Gorgene Mracek, Louise Hodom, Chartene Woodson, Mory Margolin Not in ponel: Elizabeth Cormichoel, June Sullivan, Joy Wordle infngif . k k4 702 Cagle Hall 30 1 East Armory Top row: Joan Germano, Bille German, Janet Show, Marilyn Hilton, Carolyn Brehm, Roselen Mulcohy, Elizabeth Ahrensburg, Caroline Feiber, Roth Goodheod, Mary Boh brink, Barbara Champoux, Barbara Larson, Margaret Reed Fourth row: Joyce Lorlon, Ardeth Huntington, Elaine Miller, Gilda Gleim, Allie Miller, Jane Potter, Robin McClure, Alice Pomeroy, Alice Grochowtak, Beverly McArdle, Nancy Richardson, Audrey Larson, Marguerite Volini Third row: Nancy Simmons, Carol Wogte, Jo Bruboker, Jane Jocobsen, Ruth Goldfarb, Mary Bartlett, Borbaro Condo, Mrs. Charles Corr, Loris Klinkey, Julee Rabor, Jean P lorn beck. Dolores Schumacher, Romoyne Richardson, Charlotte Johnson Second row: Solly Welham. Elmo Drennon, Mary Gustovson, Doris Perslnger, Helen Fo I ken rath, Kathleen Golden, Betty Cacioppo, Cynthia Clark. Carol Henning Bottom row: June Sullivan, Neyo Warrington, Carolyn Kroybill, Beverly Solliday, Jean Rasch, Marilyn Howard, Ina Johnson, Gay Hutson, Janet MoHinson Not in ponel: Loura Phelps, Carol Pederson, Frances Morrison. Diane Hamilton, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Burnett, Dorothy Wilson, Elinor McAloon Top row: Dorothy Borchar, Eleonor Brlrtoy, Beatrice Erhordl, Anne Joeschke, Margaret Kaschok, Shirley Chrlstensen, Jacqueline Borland, Mary PalchefT, Bonnie Knutzen. Jonel VonMotre, Virginia Slrothman, Melba Bain, Louise Pawlowski, Delorcs Ancel, Ruthe Greene, Patricia Rondolph, Barbara Hill, Ellen Davidsohn Third row: Betty Sonler, Donna Pratt, Ella Rich, Mae Peller, Joyce Levin. Arline Koret, Virginia Luft, Beverly Taylor, Jean Cook, Ruth Hockman, Normo Harrison, Morilyn Holmei, Mory Sovino, Mary Stuckey, Joan Brugger, Jo Ann Olsen, Jone Frasco, Ruth Murphy, Frances Bartholomew, Margaret Felt, Dorothy Hepfer Second row: Justine Ebert, Mary Smilonik, Dolores Stoltz, Meryl Zuckermon, Lois Borrow, Morgot Geiger, Virginia Gitchoff, Patricio Cosey, Marilyn Fossland, Carol Karr. Elizobeth Ericson, Jean Hennesty. Ruth Stroud, Morgit Stroud, Frieda Beatty, Mary Louise Burnett, Beuloh Davidson, Mory Wtlle, Marilyn Schickedanz, Betty McForlone Bottom row: Irmo Schickedanz, Wilmo DeYoung, Gloria Lauterboch, Mory Murphy, Genevro Rooks, Jeonne Karraker, Dolores Kennedy, Jacqueline Maren, Rose Marie Nygren, Joyce Olin, Morgy Wood burn, Betty Mickey, Hillewy Nordin, Anita Crozier Not in ponel: Esther Barber, Jone Brochmon, Elizabeth Cormichoel, Dolores Copolety, Nancy Cook, Gene Cunningham, Juonita Davis, Alice De Kany, Dorothy Drewet, Jean Duncan, Shirley Einhorn, Glorio Geftmori, Nordo Gennoro, Catherine Gordon, Jean Grimm, Chorlotte Harris, Rose Hickman, Jean Krnnemon, Constance Kwinn, Helen Levin, Mory tou Lewis, June Mortin, Kothryn Messman, Marilyn Metcalf, Jean Morion, Georgene Mrocek, Ruth Ann Mueller, Joan Norrii, Morcia O ' Neol, Delphino Polowski, Jeanne Posllewaile, Joano Soylor, Charlotte Schuize, Mory Lou Sciacero, Borbara Seitz, Shirley Sered, Ruth Show, Potricia Sheldon, Ruth Slunecko, Sorah Spear, Mory Stover, Betty Svitok. Judy Tucker, Ann Trumbull, vetyn Wohls, Mortho Wolker, Jean Young Busey Hall WGS 704 J WGS i A Busey Hall 11 n West Nevada Top row: Bert ho Stukus, Alice Plerzholo, Gerry Schramm, ucci ijr f iu Ku , jcun vuau n i kArn unrnnrat u.. ikar io ' n WMMston, PotrJcio Simons, Joy Holm ra row; Deiry _;mmen, Joan ngiewsK ' ' ' " ' Kempner, Marilyn Gieseke, Mcry Do lerino iiuKus, Ai;ce rierznaio, -»erry ocnromm Audrey Goldberg, Morgoref Hughes, lois Williston, _ _ _ _ Third row; Betty Ommen, Joan Figlewski, Irene Clousen, Morilyn Petterson, Maurin3 Mmtz ■i.._ r-: — I.- ti — ' oy, Wanda Hohn, Gloria Fletcher, Morion Johnson, Beverly Morkus, Jean Gasoway, Marilyn Roscher, Soroh Tucker, Rochelle Portmon, Beverly ' ■ ' ' " ' " " ' i-i-- Uny. Sara Groves. Mo re ore! Ho nee, Mary Rizzoli (luini, Jackie May, Sara Groves, Morgorel Honce, Mary Rizzoli irin3 Mintzer, Mignon Ohm, Carol Koephe, Morion Lamb, Blanche Molokov Patricio Dwyer, Mildred Kurchitzer, Kotherine Ktsones, Eloise Krei Kempner, Marilyn Gieseke, Mcry Doy, Wanda Hohn, Gloria Fletcher, Morion Johnson, Potrlcro Dwyer, Mildred Kurchitzer, Kotherine Ktsones, Eloise Kr Fulfs, Beverly Coon Second row: Nell Colby, Allie HtM, Anne Kohn, Arlene Young, Anito Monsfield, Gerry Toland, Jennifer Christiansen, Virginia Foster, Judith Zuckermon, field. Dolores Bodz, Dolores Duda, Jeonne Humberstone, Shirley Milstein, Esther Alexonder, Audrey Franklin, Phyllis Shaw, Ma rjorte Dun lop, Beth Bottom row: Marjorie Rasmus, Annette Bernstein, Jonis Wilson, Horriet Porter, Corolyn Kreiling, June Schwiezer, Mory Wolker V eintroub, ' ic, Dorothy ling, Jonel EIrzo Fotr- Feltt 705 •mr fi ' I M Top row; Jeanne l en, Clorro Holland. Joan Copelond, Gloria Lewis, Nancy Bild, June Wels, Eileen Lamm Third rowt Jody Weinttein, Edith Fletcher, Rhodo Chayken, Esther Stavick, Roll e Sovitt. Rochelle Weinstock, Jewell Leff, June Caplon Second row: Carolyn Bermon, Amy lewis, Mrs. Rose Nutter, Zila Broyde, Sonio Marcus, Mourlne Scheckman Bottom row: Audrey Sherman, Ruihe Golb. Baity Hirih, Normo Kleinmon, Shirlere Lezan Emon Kai Teon Club 1 106 West Oregon i I WGS 706 I Top row: Nololie Fargeson, Bonnie Puis, Pot Irvine, Mildred Lucos, Corol Browning, Harriette Stevens, Elizabeth Zlckenberg, Dorothy Gohm, Dorothy Zeigter, Anno Heorlty, Miriam Socks, Roselyn Cohen, Susan Schultz, Willmeda Mat his, Potricio Warren, Margaret Frye, Megon Bozarth, Mortha Allen, Alice Kennedy, Jeon Killeleo, Nancy Acker Third row: Josephine Mosfropietro, Elizabeth Morphy, Jeanne Brandon, Deveo Sliicklond, Margaret Myers, Shirley Randall, Betty Steiner, Beryl Harris, tois Brumtlt, Muriel Henry, Morge Lehr, Cleolo Wurfh, Barboro Rennaker, Mary Ann Heineken, Dolores Borchick, Helen Rennoker, Thelmo Brooks, Gloria De Lovollade, Joon Rennoker Second row: Jane Harding, Carol Mintz, Eleonor Hurtek, Carol Crohn, Wanda Gillette, Jo Ann Frrede, Miriam Bocks, Patricio Rlngger, Natalie Furst, Ell! Sperlmg, Gertrude Gruenwold, Esther Cortez, Lois Mallicoat, Sally Patelski, Marie Brueggemcnn, Irene Berntsen. Joan Howard, Louise Hoffman Bottom row: Eugenia Kowolewska, Odessa Cooper, Louise Kendrick, Olga Golosinec, Renee Stanius, Marlon Hansen, Hope Roberts, Eloine Greenberg, Elinor levin, Ruth Busch, Ellen Menzel, Dolores StashwJck, Borbara Miller, Mary Butterfield, Dorothy Krupp, Ethelyn Chernick, lona Beller Not in panel: Jonis Adsil, Sylvia Bolin, Eunice Brodkin, Jeon Carmody, Judy Llff, Joy Wordle, Jean Von de Voorde Evans Hall 1115 West Nevoda I lloret Parrolt. Patricio Feoiler, Morlorie Groves, Jane Herzberger, Marion Wirlz, Joanne Lager, Mary Hauber, Rosemary Shepherd, Roberto Smith, Rose- mory Archibold, Joan Clemenfi Third row: Elvia Tofblo, Jonel Holey, Jean Huston, Morjorie Harms, Margaret Brazier, Carol Holland, Potricio Scherer, Patricio Joyce, Eugenia Ford, Mary Hansen. Solly House Second row: Mory May, Morion Wilson, Willo Whilton, Lila Athey, Betty Johnson, Charlyn Leeper, Marilyn Swonson, Miriam Wrigley, Jeon Neese, Doris Bjellond Bottom row: Corol Horrison, Morjori Mueller, Corol Soltee, Suzanne Hilyord, Janice Biellond, Jean Olson. Renee Doderlein, Mary Sinclair. Bettelou Flory Not in panel: Kito Kaproun Four H House 202 East Green 4k ■i 708 wGs 9SMm Indeco 1 106 South Third Third row: Berry Rosenthol, Edna Yale, Lorraine Meyer, Grace Zimring, Lenore Rosenfeld, Marilyn Rosenfeld, Syrna Mozinski, Natalie Matzkin, Dolores Epitein, Phyllis Spiegel, Mildred Spiegel, Dorothy Miller, Eloine Weisman, Lorraine Lifshitz, Sally Steiner, Gloria Fischer, Dorothy Levin Second row: Lolita Pincoffs, Joan Gold, Beverly Schneider, Lea trice Perl mutter. No to lie Wenig, Beverly Solomon, Phyllis Kali, Constance Rubin, Rosalyn Summer, Lorno Brood, Helen Taymor, Joon Hattls, Donna Iseberg, Elone DeWoskin, Arlene Bouer, June Forges, Barbara Russell Bottom row: llene Engel, Lois Fetdstein, Mignon Orenstein, Charlotte Rosenzweig, Marlon Goiter. Shrrtey Plowen, Louise Schneider, Phyllis Cohen, Hermine Crotch, Zella Edidin, Helene Cohen, Betty Burstein, Annette Llnkon, Morcia Silverman, Nan Sieve, Elaine Samson Not in panel: Ann Elcrot 709 i Third row; Shoron Abramion, Judith Wox, Morilyn Koli, Marilyn Katzen, Glodys Yaffe, Morcio Tannenbaum, Millicent Brown, Edifh Rosenberg, Phyllis Anov S«cond row: Sorvehe Mitzenmacher, Oorolheo Brash, Sandra Dwork, Miss Vivian Schlaes, Dorothy Sparberg, Dorothy Seroton, Lenore Bernstein, Shirley DeMor Bottom row: Joan Fishmon, Cor men lichtenberg, Marcio Brody, Lois lerner. Enid Sovlin, Betty Klein, Beverlee levin Not in ponel: Renee Block, Betty Beneich, Charlotte Sebel Laurel House 307 East John WGS ' 4 i WfAUW Leeman Lodge 309 East John Top row: Diane Davis, Louise Beltz, Shirley Elledge, Agnes McCartney, Eileen Diedrich, Betty Groham, Joanne Groybael, Morlho Mundy, Annette Wood Third row: Rita Bergfield, Peggy Kitzsteiner, Lois Wickhom, Morgot Frey, Sondra Goss, Virginia McCobe, Morjorie Peabody, Betty Parke, Lois Siron Second row: Morjorie Harrison, Mary Edwards, Dolores Roudonis, Mary Morwood, Phyllis Pre zman, Karin Clafford, Vido Kersch Bottom row; Joretta Morchello, Jegn Parke, Grace Dugan, Marilyn Walker, Morgoret Williams, istly Leslie, Janet Holmes I Mi Top row: Virg!n!o Do wet, Louiie Hodam, Gwen Neubauer, Dorothy Giese, Marilyn Creoth, Kothryn Carson, Mary Fox, Jo Ann Robinson Briggs, Fronce; Kendrick, Jvonne Henry, Joonne McCorfy, Borbora Coffeen, June Ephgrove, Ruth Winters, Shirley Cox Third row: Gayle Neubauer, Lucille Clucos, Coro Adrion, Ethel Brown, Co role Bauer, Jean Crist, Max ine Roberts, Joanne Do well, Borbora Potter ion, Cynthia McHhenny, Dorothy Rutt, Joan Oppelt, Janet Bute, Borbora Prentiss, Carol Din sd ale. Morion Albert, Dorothy Sherrard Second row: Helen Gurkow, Dorothy Howver, Ruth Medendorp, Estotine Ulmer, H?len Kuersten, Koreen Kropf, Morion Schwetz, Ann Jinkins, Po Coveney, Mory Boer, Mela Keller, Marilyn Edwards, Mory McPherson, Shirley Stremmel, Mory Petty Bottom fow: Donno ChriitJonsen, Mory Lee, Dolorej Compen, Morilyn Newtson, J an ScofI, Normolee Izard, Jone Jinkins, Mildred Bornhort, Diono Degenkolb, Sally Spoulding. Evelyn Johnson, Rito Arnold, Morilyn Lee, Jocn Brock, Georgianno Adomec, Anne Beckmon, Jayne Dutler Not in panel: Marilyn Robinion, Lucy Chin Betty Cloycomb, Morilyn Christiansen, Muriel ricio Honford, Helen Ernmo Woldschmidt, McKinley Hall 801 South Wright WGS 712 Palamar 607 East Daniel Top row: Sallie Kirk, Patricia Coulter, Mary Cook, Jacqueline Nelson, Carolyn Ralston, Armeno Kolmer, Morion Tourek, Gloria LeMoire, Louro Tippett, Betty Pelios, Corol Polbicke, Morvelie Gunderson, Carmen Shore, Eleanor Bone, Ruth Fries. Margaret Shannon, Ruth Studeny Third row: Shirley Smith, Faun Cosper, Joyce Elledge, Vesta Anderson, Mary McGinnis, Huram Turner, Jean Vertovec, Norma Pinkerton, Jean Nicholson, Morityn Koter, Constance Keating, Mildred Dexter, Lorraine Kratovil, Charlotte Fan to, Ann Kent, Georgene Lombrose Second row: Peggy Peavler, Patricia Ellis, Shirley Giesecke, Betty Groham, Mildred Gizinski, Elayne Ruck, Marjorie Nelson, Palricio Ellis, Ruth Lompley, Coro ' Pottersen, Morgoret Benner, Janis Klausch, Delilah Newell, Joan Lenders Bolotm row: Mortha Wilcox, Dolores Tyson, Rosemary Cowell, Marilyn Colburn, Deloris Kuczaj, Helen Finley, Jo Anne Frsherkeller, Marion Gnat, Eleonor Kennedy. Ann Tuttle, Elizabeth Grossmon Not in panel: Sydney Berry, LoVerne Weddle, Alice Johnson, Barbara Werver, Siilly O ' DonoSue i ■ w - %rwVVVwV Top row; lilo Spencer, Chorlene Woodjon, Jeon Creighton, Arlene Arnold, Virginia Player, Phyllis Riedesel, Joan Hallsted, Potricia Havord, Bonnie Ringgenberg, Ruth Meech, Solly Koritelter. Dororhy Hoys, Kathryn Wolter Third row: Potricia Williomjon, Virginia Garmon, Noroldeon Pclecek, Carol Zornig, Either Brittingham, Mary Hartwell, Martha Flrebough, Joan Ropp, Mae Eanes, Alice Foidick, Norma Ciddingi, Dorothy Leslie Second row: Margaret Robinion, Helen Johonsen, Lois Miller, Shirley O ' Neil, Jean Hensold, Kotherine Morgon, Betty Reeder, Winifred Jennings, Agnes Shaw, Dorothy Lonhom, Patricio Toweri, Jeon Krieger, Carol Loube Botlom row: Koy Tiluj, Vivo Moody, Betty Steele, Groce Orrick, Margoret MocDonold, Patricio Douner, Lora Player, Dorothy Dovies, Vtvienne Jennings, Alice Tuma Presbyterian Hall 405 East John I WGS 714 i jm !!l j WGS IK — " : s Shawnee 1004 West Nevada Top row: Shirley Asmus, Lorno Luebbing, Gertrude Kempert, Shirley Miller, Sally Holton, Beverly Wullenweber, Befty Chaney, Trudy GermI, Modelle Worner, PhyNlj Bereolos Third row; Virginia Sfeen, Margie Schumacher, Gwen Laufer, Joan Odor, Yvonne Aldridge, Helene Behl, Miriom Ambrose, Beverly Lundberg, Elaine VogI, Gerry Barnhart Second row: Dorothy White, Shirley Winters, Adrienne Poff, Peg Tandy, Janet Frozer, Fernanda Desjardins, Barboro Seoy, Doris Taylor Bottom row: Audine Lang, Toni Pflaum, Nancy Kaiser, Joanne Zeitbeck, Marylou Thompson, Kate Smith, Joanne LIndsoy Not in panel: Helen SchwerdI, Dolores Voldivio, Ingrid Elowson, Lois Ferguson, Norma Kerch ! jfji:WS lop ' ow Morr hu ' uKOurlii, Jo Ann Prilok, Rwlh C uL iMun. Elizabeth Mine, Joon fotgelle, Alice Faiekos, Mory Good, Marilyn Rolh, Notmo Saple, Catherrne lemkuhl, Suzonnv Schmidt, tone love, Edith Rich, Evelyn Kcsperski, Claire Wegner, Therese Gront, Patricio Dowling Second row: Marilyn Rouih, Fayme Schotzmon, Carol Johnjon, Beverly Brown, Adele King, June Erickson, Jeon Knoch, Jeanne Nottingham, Mary Jackson, Virginio Boellcher. jonet Moldenhauer, Kothryn Perry, Ceraldine Henneberry. Constance Duncan, Eva KoMsh, Cherry Hudspeth, Potrlcia Borngasser, Mary Dorner, Mary Shiohord Bottom row: Vera Reogon, Norma Tolcolt. Mory Gorman, Vera Amelionovich, Dixie Wehrheim, Mildred Sladak, Mrs. Hardesty, Jane Merrill, Phyllis Hosick, Joon Knight, tun9 Landes, WJIberta Anderson, Lois laughlin Not in panel: Carol Balder, Melba Beckmeyer, Martha Gschwendtner, Marilou Murrin Sherwood Lodge 313 Eost John WGS 716 ifl m Stonehaven 101 1 South Sixth Top row: Morronne Keen, Ann Visintin, Delphlne Bortosiewicz, Joy Anderson, Joon Zagor. Louise Heath, Jo Ann Do) ley, Joan Britltn, Mory Trocy, Mary Croll Third row: Mary Powers, Lois BIythe, Lillian Collins, Emily Berkos, Jacqueline Tames, Patricia Taugner, Audrey Behling, Nancy Butcher, Martha Sperry Second row: Jo Ann Strubtnger, Daw Hopkins, Eloine Desort, Mary Zonninr, Norn o Sneed, Shirley Mraz, Patricia Donkel Bottom row: Mary Spitler, Eunice Jodar, Dorothy Weber, Virginia Weber, Sally A iller, Nodine Duerwachter, Phyllis Bornard Not in panel: Barbara Coburn V V m mm i Top row: Betty Reynoldi. Valerie Vance. Betty Bozarth, Evelyn Weber, Marcio Tenczor, Lois Soncken, Jocqueline Whynot, Phyllis Applegote Thifd row: Julio Venhudo, Delores Kyzivol, Corolyn Chester. Barbara Thieboud, Morilyn Brischke, Beverly Kubot, Morilyn Nolly, Jeon Riley Second row: Beverly Chompooi. Rosemory Evons, Roiemory Morthorst, Adeline De Bioiio, Shirley Smith, Ruth Meod, Phyllis Ann Jones, Jeanne Wllkini Bottom row: Nancy Seors, Doris Loible, Marge Homer. PoUicia Wilbourn, Jone McConnell, Patricia Anderson Not in panel: Rose Morie Skupien Stratford House 312 Eos) Daniel . m dH$ ' n H rrv. ■ 7 :8 WGS WGS Welsh House 1005 West Nevada Top row: Solly Mommen, Dorothy Kelehan, Jeanne Schlocks, Barbara Watts, Barbora Attebery, loura Byrd, Dorothy Lundgren, Wloita Morek, Colherine Attebery, Patricia Severns, Cynthia Carthous, Doris Bell Second row: Roberto King, Suson Close, Julienne Renaud, Donna Cortson, Betty Willioms, Ellzobeth Shaver, Barbara Gre gory, Wilmo Hosemeyer, Betty Andrewi, Jooo Ritchie, Margery Wesley Bottom row: Jane Wolf, Jone Tester, Neva Hudson, Frances Thomas, Louise Krebs, Borboro Sumner, Mary Kroft, Janice Skelton, Shirley Cole, Mormeo Patrick Not in panel: Marilyn Ward t tiir 719 bo-r;c- (.•;k_ Wo ' Beedle, Doris Klrkpalrick, L- uise S unon, Norma Moiier, Wu ' doc-, Kamona iai-ant Khylhs K ebac 1 -Lf. ■-■Z " . Zq-hq fa- Mary R«nn«r Second row: Helvn Maloti. Evelyn Jockion, Joanne Crofheri, Marilyn White, Evelyn Lee, Mary Jackson, Beverly Becker, Deloveno Kersten, Virginia Coodwine ftotiom row: Noydine Bean, Roberta Bloom, Joonne Terry, Virginia Metzler, Norma Tanner, Shirley Bawen, Mortho Conn, Mary Morrison Not in ponel: Dorothy Bond, Jeroldine McClurg, Rote Worlhey, Kalherine Marikoi Alcestis 1207 West Springfield Alpha House Top row: Constance Walker, Frances Wllcoxen, June Rumery, Jane Tomlinson, Glori a Singer, Barbara Engert, Potriclo Curran Second row: Betty Schwob, Velmo Blond, Mri. Borbre, Jean Wilk, Irene Dawson Bottam row ' Betty lepp, Medanel Spindel, Barbara Willioms, Ann taursen, Kofhryn Krone, Ado Gaumer 720 rf " Top row: Barbara Joss, Fronclne Goldfine, Naomi Jockson, Elko Rosen, Sandra Zuckerman, Gloria Wossermon, Toby Doppell Third row: Rlto Chemoff, Borboro Gamm, Aileen Smith, Borbaro Engler, Eileen Lenit, Betty Stein, Lois Koye Second row: Marian Brownstein, Sandra Cohn, Jackie Cooper, Cynthia Gordon, Ethel Isaac, Marilyn Berger Bottom row: Ethel Newmon, Nancy Green berg, Rosaline Lie ben ton, Jean Greeneboum, Gloria DubroR 206 Green Beau Chateau Beta House 901 South Lincoln Top row: Mary Peorson, Darlene Bradley, Cecelia Kluczynski, Kafhryn Melcher, June Gilbert, Dorothy Phillips, Elizobeth Stricklin, Gloria Thurow Second row: Delores Lopez, Lois Real, Marcio Bonniiter, Carol Fye, Helen LInd, Edith Mitchell, Ruth Knight Bottom row: Cynthia Martin, Joonna Hayes, Jeanne Leader, Stella Frank, Morilyn Swortswolter, Shirley Grove, Doris Evans 721 W ( lop lOw: Man I no Moiiort, A nele i%ioi»on, Mat otct Miner. Helen Correll, Violo Fofber, Eyni.. ; Dettnian, th,11.4 Beis .h.niki, A ' .ur L nn, Viigin.o Hem pel Second row: Mary Wellj, Emily Hruby, Fern Hodge, Loti Soxenmeyer, Revo Rohn Imogene Bottoms, Shirley Ireson, Dolores Rohn Bottom fow Jean Cai bler Borbaro Gritwold, Morjorie Wotkins, Doflene King, R h Hafermann, Annabelle Gorden, Dorothy Wood, Dorothy Dormire Bethany Circle 705 Soulh Sixth 1003 West Illinois Fehner House Top row : Oelorit Suhr, Pauline Fulton Second row: Dorothy Boity, Betty Holzem, Florence Kostka, Doris Bally Bottom row: Leota Noilund, Mrs. John Fehner, Helen Chernikoff, Beverly Gibbs Not in ponel: Dorit Honnel 722 i t9 . — J kJ 1 9 ti ■ . r a ' PI V- M Top row: Verio Smith, Evelyn Tinlori, Jeanne Claeys, Corol Reynord, Rosolie Wernowsky, Delcena Purvis, Joon Kingma, Ann Tomlinjon Bottom row: Violet Mortrn, Vivian Johnson, Phyllis Amocher, Mary Tortorici, Noncy Johnson, Joyce White, Mory Nicholls, Betty Abroham Not in ponel; Fronces Belford 1210 West Springfield Gamma House Harmony House I 1 2 Eost John Beverty Medow, Phyllis Greenberg, Juliet Klein, Shirley Liebmon, lee Grubstein, Irii Top row: Morcio Smith, Renee Lerner, Ma xine Engberg, Constance Sov Marcus, Onnie Trossman Second row: Edna Spear, Lois Kornblith, Shirley Jonas, Helene Iglowltz, Shirley Fox, Lois Harris, Phyllis Rosenberg, Eleanor Wosserman, Syril Bodenstein, Sylvio Steinman, Betty Stein Bottom row: Joan Gimple, Marley Lazarus. Beverly Sternberg, Peggy Egolnick, Maxine France, Phyllis Shermon, Rhoda Feiner. Morlfyn Rosenbaun, Iris Cowcn Not in panel: Pauline Rosenthal 723 Top row: Ooroihy Coh«n, Aflene Goldilein, Mortlyn Glosiman, Joanne Kushner, Nora Resnick, An! la Seifer Second row: Sally Weinee, Lillian Hyman, Norma Evans, Aviva Shedroff, Dolores Friedman, Lorraine Goldberg, Josephine Stein Bottom row: Evelyn Blockman, Ruth Boron, Roberta Korch, Dolores Marmel, Marilyn Susman, Mrs. I. Wotfman Not in panel; Noncy Rote Hoste House 903 West Nevada 1116 West Nevodo Ivria Top row: Kathleen Gidnick, Judith Shapiro, Charlotte Gerber, Sylvia Robin, Marilyn Weiselberg, Stella Bezansky, Betty Rosen, Elaine Rosenberg, Blossom Berman, Audrey Comer Third row: Noney Engel. Georgia Simon, Anne Epstein, Sylvia Jocobson, Beverly Kromer, Roberta Stein, Annette Grudsky, Ruth Berkowltz, Ruth Segedln, Elaine Berry Second row: Corol Korb, Anne Shkloir, Chorlene Palmon, Lorraine Weiss, Edith Kosper, Ann Greenberg, Jacqueline Cholden, Rosilo Stephon, Cormelo Turzitti Bottom row: Lorraine Bllton, Lenore Bilton, Ruth Bender, Lucille Goller, Shirley Pohn, Renee Fronkel, Sally Lewin Not in panel: Mario Cosmos, Ellen Kodiih 724 Top row: Elfrieda Frischmon, Judy Koegan, Thelmo Zuckermon, Sash Igler, Joyce Hersh, Leotnce Wolcoff, Helene Mabel, Doris Silver. Anita Heyman Second row: Lyn Leader, Shorlene Brodsky, Myro Glazer, Glodys Miller, Dorothy Cohen, Isabel Morrison, Adrienne Meyers, Natalie Alper. Joan Schumann, Horriel Olshonsky Bottom row: Elolne Davis, Phyllis Zosloff, Morilyn Kipnis, Normo Edelman, Ellen Meyer, Ruth Wolff, Shori Hzziiz. Pearl Harris, Boilee Eiscnberg. Corrine Joflc 909 Wesf Illinois Keeler House Leinad Manor 307 East Daniel Top row: Ruth Fisher, Arlene Prosuhn, Evo Dreikurs, Kathleen Norris, Corolyn Wossun, Marilyn Getz. Horrietl Housser, Esther Schuchmon Second row: Bernodine Reis, Jeonne Larson, Jessie McLuckie, Emily Vovrus, Ruth Sebens, Joyce Hoogtund, Madonna Stohl Bottom row: Beryl Carlson, Eloine Chum, Morgery Horcldson, Agnes Sounders, Mory Both Not in ponel: Wilmo Hatfield 725 Top row: Alice Cooper, Borboro Shoffar, Dorothy Kellogg, Gertrude Kellogg, Dorothy Wears, Donna Williams, Rulh Lowry, Marjorie Miller Bo " om ro Phyttii Marvin. Joonno Burns. Ellen Michael, Vera Alderion, Rulh Jane Kunkle, Romono Rogers Locke Manor n 14 West Green 1007 South Fifth Lowry Lodge Top row: Phyllii Dicker, Ruth Bernstein, Belty Zidell, Barbara Goldman, Christine Kosler, Roseonne Singer Second row: }aan Eschelbocher, Shirley Sugavman, Jerry Eisenslein, Morlane Klein, Gerry Moldovon, Edo Jocabs, Helen Eisen Botlom row: Morion Morgolin, AdeHe Boftr, Myroo Sehom, Mildred Fogel, Shirle© Desser, PrisciHo Tom, Mery Glosser, Joan Kupler N3i in panel : Rototind Frimon 726 Top row: Mrs. R. A. Grimes. E tea nor Kitch, Morlorie DoeKrlng, Morion Mew port Second row: Jeonne Underriner, Norma Getz, Morjorie Durward, Benito Hornish Bottom row: Kothryn Whitenock, Virginia Shemoon, Adeline Kutig, Lola Marie Benwitz, Kotherlne White 406 Eost Green Petite Maison Price Club 707 South Sixth Top row: Deiores Streil, Morcelia Fielde. Regino Reynolds, Doris Kirkpolrick, Phyllis Boier, Elaine Rozmarek, Dorothy Curtin, Borboro Yunker, Morion Dubiky, Delores Moyr Bottom row: Theresa Poiko, Rachel Woterfoll, Gaynelle Dornon, Kothryn Solmons, Frances VanSont, Carol Dillon, Mary Strickfaden, Alice Milsteod, Wilmo Voughi Nof in ponel : June Neumon, Geroldine Meerman 727 Top row; Chorlott londou, Shoron Boss. Phyllis Goodman, Jonet Feingold, Deno Cheifitz, Sorila Gruenberg, Aileen Coopermon, Valetta Press, Suzanne Horris, Lois Scrgeofll S cond row[ L«ilo Modes. Froncino Cohen, Eleonor Ludin, Alice Schwartz, Helen Friedman, Doris Pinchuk, Roberro Roberts, Lucille Rudolph, Dolores Engel, Chorlotte Becker Bottom row; Vordith Levy, Joanne Seidler, Francine Wolfe, Adele Locke, Lenore Goldberg, Rose Armin, Norma Press, Joanne Jocobson Not in pon«l: Eileen Borielitein, Devy Franklin Reenah House 401 East Green 907 South Sixth Reeler Club Fop row: Jonel Carton, Lorraine Frezzo, Mory Mulholland, Dolores White, Joonne Dawning, Eloise Sf. Claire, Lonise Bolton, Barbara Gilles Second row: Virginio Killion, Wilmo Groeiter, Jean Von Comp, Marilyn Conrod, Roberta Bobsin, Jeonnlne Reichelt, Marilyn Ross, Joon Ross, Betty Braden Bottom row: Shirley Vincent, Mildred Novoiel, Lucyellen Dasrt, Florene Johnson, Nesto Monn, Edith Short, Mildred Kornegger. Betty Kornegger Ho n ooneli Inez Boker 728 Top row: EIrda Zetz, Vivian Zetz, Mocolene Riege!, Caryl Davis Bottom row: Janice Corrigon, Pet Green, Ruth Courtrtght, Eleanor DefFIey Not in panel: Dorothy Albert 506 East Doniel Vanlig Weatherly Hall 2 1 2 East Chalmers Top row: Patricia Butiz, Mory Hammer, Lenote Rogol, Helen Hammer, Maria Pelltzzari, Jean Payne, Juonilo Senders, Potrtcia Holm Second row: Barbara Cruse, Doris Wittel, Shirley Cadman, Borboro Woods. Norma Lowery, Sophie Ziobro, Lucille Ketor, Mildred Ary Bottom row: Mary Perkins, Wilmo Pellizzari, Amy Fuhrberg, Doris Fuhrberq, Elaine Fetlios, Carolyn Perry, Flefa Beisner Not in panel: Mary Graham, Marilyn Gardner Top row: Jonet Olion, At o Rice. Dorothy Degenkolb, Morfho Carlisle, Miss Grace WiNiomt, Jean Loh, EcJno Daly, Morgarel Reed S«cond row: Monr Miller, Betty Hovens, Shirley Lundberg, Virginia Covins, Donna Peter, Marie Malmore, Evelyn Grimes Bottom row: Hwei Chu, Marie Hart. Ethel Aloyu, Morilyn BochneM, Dorothy Textor, Frances McCorkle Wescoga 1209 West Green 410 East Park The Wigwam Top row; Wofldo Colemon, Morjorie Joyce, Eorlene Brown Bottom row- Varo Hort, Phyllit Campbell, Mrt. Louise Brown, Mabel Sloney, Evelyn Jones 730 HONORARIES AND PROFESSIONALS ■i fP ' f 732 | w 1 m 733 734 lop row: Maitoim Whippie, Erneit O .er, Robert, W.lUom Pickctt, Robert Howofd, John Marsh, Perry McClelland Seventh row; John Allaman, Donold Shuberl, Robert Quig, John Albin, Richard Allen, Dale Laible, Ronald Elliott, Robert Teel, Roscoe Rondell, Howard Gale, Anton Brazet, Richard Jomet Sixth row; Clarence Wilion, Orville Dickhort, Fred Kerr, Edword Gilbert, Dole SuJter, Bill Conine, Burell Shull, Warren Robinson, Arthur Lappin, Bill Koch, Laverne Jenoe, Dove Wi»e, John Almburg, El wood Lolble, Robert Croft, Glenn Herzb-vger Fifth row: Gerald Piret, Herbert WooUey, Owen Smith, Lyie Schertz, Dean Hasenmeyer, Norman Schmttt, Merle Swain, Eugene Sell, Kinahan Rule, James deBoey, Robert Hulti, Harry Roland, Glenn loder, Albin Elliott, Roland Wock, Merle LeSage, Chuck Beatty, Cedric Gowler, Morvin Wirtz, lyle Toepke Fourth row: Edwin Wright, John Curry, Lowell Gordner, Robert Hemp, Archie Harper, Burt Hasselberg, Eugene Pohl, Denver Kunz, Earl Urish, Howord Bromel, Dole Feoiter. Robert Ingersoll, William Morltn, Howard Moin Third row: Woyne Elliott. George Curtiss, Philip Edgerty, Dona Lewis, James McCurdy, Ellery Knoke, Thomas Reedy, Dale Baird, Jomes Rogers, Jesse Windlow, John Lintner, Gerald Linsner, Edword Kimmelshue, Kenneth Condit Second row: Donald Hunter, Ronald Meier, Woyne Rosenberger, Donold Anderson, Rex Emory, Richard Williams, Paul Finkenbinder, Roger Hemken, Eugene Gugerty, Donold Erickion, Donald Wolker, Fred Frank, Charles Davison, Fred Killiom Bottom row: Ruttell Lewey, Harold Guilher, Ouintin Elliott. Donold Boxter, Robert Downey, James Smith, Keith Schertz, Joseph Reedy, Neil Nolond, Hobart Hinder- liter, El don Chapmen, Dean Dillon, Arnold To ' Agriculture Club Agriculture Council lop row: Rtchord Eubonks, Agricultural Economics President; Fred Francis, Advisor; John Schroeder, Field and Furrow President; Russell Lewey, Agricultural Edu- cotion President; Jomet McCurdy, Agriculture Club Secretory Bottom row: Donald Boxter, Hoof and Horn President; Harold Guither, Agriculturist Editor; Keith Schertz, Agriculture Club and Council President; Merle LeSoge, Horticulture Club President; Richard Rueckerl, Dairy Technology President Not in ponel: Dole Boird, Doiry Products President .1 iCH Top row: Arnold Tafi, Royce Hinton, LaVernne Jenne. Ross Hostefter, Lyie ToepI " , Paul Vogen Bottom row: Connie Walker, Morgie Groves, Pof Scherer, Betty Mitchell, Nesto Mann, Lila Spencer, Beverly Gibbs Not in panel: Alfred Culver All Ag Field Day Committee Plow Boy Prom Committee Top rov : Miriam Wrigley, Ross Hostetter, Mary Wallace, Williom Koch, Rex Emory, Lila Athey, Merle LeSoge, Willo Whitton Bottom row: Carolyn Wild man, Paul Vogen, Meta Keller. Jesse Do well, Mary Coopttick, Jomes Rogers 735 : -■ Meats Judging Team Top row: Robcrf Curron, H«nry lonton Bottom rowi Dal« loibl . V«r)in Johnion, cooch; Joinet Robinion. Don HunI Livestock Judging Team Top row: Fred Fronc ' l, coach; Jomes Rogeri, Thomci Ro«dy, Alfred Culver Bottom row: Dole Boird, Horry Roland, Donold Baxter, ollernote Little International Committee Top rowi Kenrteth Condtl, Horry Rolond, Frarth Rolf. Jomei Rogerf. RJchord Allen, Thomoi Reedy Bottom row Oonold Boater, Jeiie Oowell, Merle le- Soge, Al Culver. Fred Froncit 736 Accountancy Club All students registered in the University who have received credit for two semesters of ac- countancy are eligible for membership in the Accountancy Club. The purposes of the organiza- tion are to inform members of professional and honorary achievements in the College of Com- merce, to foster interest in the science of account- ing, and to promote understanding and fellowship between faculty and students in the College of Commerce. Monthly meetings featuring talks by prominent accountants are designed to acquaint the members with current trends in accounting. The executive committee of the Accountancy Club is composed of the Senior and Junior Coun- cils. The Senior Council handles the publicity, the membership drives of the club, and the selection of speakers. Sophomore and junior members are eligible to serve on the Junior Council, which takes care of notifying the members of the meetings. After serving on the Junior Council for two semes- ters, these members automatically become mem- bers of the Senior Council. Officers, who are nomi- nated from the Senior Council, are elected by the club. Officers — Left to right: David Brown, president; Carol Keenon, vice-president; Mory Jone Bcrflett, secrelory-treosurer Top row: Anton Dolejs, Robert Anderson, James Cleory, Robert Hohlmon. Donald Larson, Chester Slosberg, leroy Mum ford, John Knobloch, Leonord Micklich, Donold Herron, Vernon Zimmerman, Allen Dye, Stanley Melz Fourth row: Fred Gorzino, Max Cory, Dorrell McReynolds, Harold Rolz, Jesse lockyer, William Shaw, Waller PutnicW, Corl Reicherl, Robert Wogner, Fred Currey, Fred Wilson, Hugh Melvoin Third row: Jomes Carrithers, Jack Morrison, Ramzy Rtzk, Paul Smith, Charles Vieron, Alvin Swanson, Lloyd Kuntye, Eline Clark, Robert Gentry, Donald Luneburg, Arthur Wyott, Robert Filbey Second row: Mae Grupe, James Miller, Stanley Webster, Edward Wanner, Willis Elliott, Fred Lorsch, George Klous, John Weech, Bernord Ross, Rulh Courtright, Miriam Backs, Duane Hoog Bottom row; Harvey Sherer, Elida Page, Donald Lindroth, Earl Davis, Mary Borllett, David Brown, Carol Keenan, Edith Rich, Joan Kiighl, Pol Coulter, Marilyn Main 737 i? rop row Robert W.liiomi, B. R. Merritl, Robert Grohom, Harry Aichan, John Horrowood, Daniel Carter, Lloyd Ward, Harry Taylor, Carroll Brenhordt, Harry Smith, Edward Schworz, Gordon Bo r vol let Third row: Albert Abromi, L. T. Coho. Floyd Kruertegel, Jock RitI, M. H. Euler, Nelion Genung. John Penn, Charles Naef, Edgar Dunn, John Peltegrew, Boyd Tryon, Chorlei Williamt Second row: Horry Slalling, Williom Schubert. Gerald Cowley. Robert Beoumont, Harry Wojcik, Kenneth Boror, Jerry Bouska, Dovid Gunn, James McMahon Bottom row: Sionley Burnhom. Robert Burnhom, Joseph Ryker, Nikolai Gonchoroff, Williom Grifford, Frederick Glossmcn, Richard Price, William Wilken, Wilfred Cctisler, Williom Riseling, John Kiitell, Jock Bossie A. I. E. E. promotes the advancement of electrical engineering. Top row: Edward Ernst, Leo Yoskowitz, Paul Dosher, Robert Adkisson, John King, Ina Evons, Trevor Jones, Albert Carter, Leo Smith, Donald Folk, Gunther Wittmuss Severtth row: Frank Ocnoschek. Robert McLane, Roy Gloscock, Bruce EveritI, Max Mouk, Robert Beck, Arnold Cabrera, Robert JeFleris, Keith Goodwin, Arthur Schaefer, James Enright, Robert Lebdusko, George Kvitek, Robert Nicolicn, Robert Sprunger, Donald Miller, Harrison Munro, Charles Wuellner Sixth row: Vincent McDonald. E ' dert Wilson, Richard Peocock, Avery Hevejh, James Moon, Richard luthons, Dovid Johnston, G. D. Griffin, Normon Pfeifer, Howard Knoebel, WoHer Stemler, Milton Embroe. Evangelos Neckopulos, Jomes O ' Rourke, Robert Wolff, Robert Bottenberg, Richard loewe Fifth row: C- J- Colin. Billy Kirkwood, Dominick Viterisi, Chester Sokolowski. Charles Kenney, James Keim, Joseph Misteretta, George Jocobek, Robert Billings, James Harlan, Curtis Bendell. William Woyno, James Howord, Fronk Schroeder, Max Cosier, John Thomas, Mack Willis Fourth row: Robert McClure. Louis Cohn, Donald Burgener, Kenneth Brunn, Grant Winner, Lewis Craft, Marland Sander, Harold Was son, Russel Cose, Charles Leeper, Robert Christiansen, Charles Green, John Pocius, Dwight Garrison, August Gartner, Donold Poise I, Robert Williams, Robert Price Third row: Hubert Wotton, Wollace Wiley. Chorles Steele, Paul Vonce, Charles Eletson, August Hoeflinger, Edward Schmalenberger, Frank Rever, Richard Tiffany, Roger Tropp, Wendell Kelley, Allan Gott, Donald Hyer, John Wood, Martin Haltfunen, Robert Donaldson, Robert French, Warren Vannice S«cond row: Jomes Schussele. J. Scrivner, Charles Studt, Joan Hessler, Thomos Daggett, Richard Berth, LeRoy Smith, Jerome Kennedy, Richord Storer, Arvid Hanson, H. Vernon Lee. Peter Sperelakis. Richard Stevens, Robert Dimmelt, Judson Terrell, Stuort Moore, Richard Milroy, Carl Botterbusch, David Ford botlam rowi Cworge Koch, Floyd Dunn, Ravul Wiel, Joseph Smith, Robert Vondenboom, Guy Phillips, Jomes Oberholtzer, Lyie McCloskey, J. R. Linicome, Henry Jomet. Edword Kitsch, Bernord Kromer, Edward Olendzki, R. Hoveman, George Mistic, Jomes Forris, Sam McCollum. Glenn Massil, G. Hopkins 738 ' ? James Whilcomb, E. E. Ormeston, coach; Keith Vogen, Williom Tracy, Morvi.i Wirtz Dairy Judging Team Dairy Production Club Top row: Thomas Hill, Dale Baird. Marvin Wirfz, Forrey Cloy Second row: James Whit comb, Roger Hem ken, John Bingham, Laverne Jenne, Harley Olson, Lyie Toepke Bottom row: James Barron, Newton Short, Robert Edwards, Clarence Wilson, Edward Kimmelshue, Charles Beaty, Coil Zogg 739 MO ' " ' - t.c " c . i C-ub Council — Top ' O " Rovt-mo ' A McKinley. Beverly Gibbi Rottom row, Botty Reynoldt, Meto Keller, Louiie Hodoir Jton Robinson, Dorothy OFFICERS PretidenI . Welo Keller Vice-Preiideni Betty Reynolds Secretory Louise Hodom Treosurer Dorothy McKinley Sociol Choirmon Rosemory Archibald Membership Chairman Jeon Robinson Publicity Chairman Beverly Gibbs Home Economics Club The Isabel Bevier Home Economics Club is an organization for women interested in Home Economics and enrolled in this branch of the College of Agriculture. The purpose of this club is to further interest in Home Economics on the campus, to increase in- terest and stimulate knowledge of the pro- fessional world, and to develop an appre- ciation of the home. Programs of the meet- ings ore designed to acquaint the girls with the department through tours, de- bates, movies, and style shows. Included in the social calendar are dances, parties, and meetings held in cooperation with the Agricultural Club. All Ag Field Day, which is held in the fall is a campus sports festival and one of the biggest all-University func- tions is the Plow Boy Prom. Top row; Jean Ttiomion, Sophia Ziobro, Margy Woodburn, Dorothy Boity, Justine Eborl, Ruth Stroud, Doris Baity, Mary Campbell, Minerva Roe, Betty Mitchell. Corolyn Wildmon, Melva Boughmon, Morgarel Shannon, Joan Scott, Armina Kolmer, Helen Wolcott, Bonnie Puis, Jean Robinson, Jean Vertovec, Barbara Harris, Lucille Kotor, Annabel Etherton Si«th row: Nesta Mann, Marilyn Jerome, Wilma Graesser, Corel Fries, Cothy Arondelli, Jacqueline Borlond, Virginia Gitchoff, Ellen Strecker, Barbaro Attebery, Catherine Attebery, Lorna Springer, Norma Plotner, Clara Adrian, Gilda Gieim, Dorothy Giese, Ritta Whitesel, Pot Shelden Fifth row: Shirley Miller, Joonne Downing, Jean Reichelt, Shirley Vincent, Morjorie Doehring, Lola Benwitz, Mary Spittler. Betty Mickey, Dorothy Bond, Mary Lynn, Dorothy Dormire, Emma Woldschmidt, Betty Broden, Phyllis Applegate, Doris Laible, Barbaro Thieboud Fourth row: Dorothy Holin, Lois Mueller, Vivo Moody, Mary Coapstick, Priscillo Ueberrhein, Mildred V oll, Kothryn Whitenock, Ellen Funk, Charlotte Wallace, Elvia Horble, Rene Doderlein, Carol Sollee, Marilyn Walker, Willo Whittno, Betty Reynolds, Marylou Thompson, Meto Keller Third row: Jean Theurer, Lois Keebler, Mary Losswell, Lilo Spencer, Janet Haley, Bettelou Flory, Mary Hansen, Connie Walker, Pot Ringger, Betty Kustner, Dolores Parrott, Rosemary Shepherd, Mary Houber, Marion Schwetz, Pot Honford, Pot Green, Marge McElvoin, Leoto Noslund Second row: Helen Wiegond, Mary Sinclair, Morjorie Stewart, Peggy Lewis, Miriam Wrigley, Joan Clements, Margie Groves, Eleanor Miller, Barbaro Isenberger, Joan Forro, Jo Forro, Roberta Smith, Virginia Hess, Helen Hammer, Beverly Gibbs, Dorothy McKinley Bottom row: Moizie Angier, Ruth Lilio, Morilyn Ewing, Louise Dickey, Lila Athey, Pot Feaster, Pat Scherer, Ruth Winters. Mary Cramer, Marion Ryan, Rito Koproun. Jane iinkint, Elizabeth Keefer. Mary McPherson, Koreen Kropf 740 Hoof and Horn The Hoof and Horn Club is an organiza- tion of agriculture students who are major- ing in animal science. As a subsidiary group of the Ag Club, it enables agricultural students interested in Animal Husbandry to become better acquainted with others in their field and to broaden their knowledge and outlook in livestock production and management. A membership of more than two hundred men represents the interest and enthusiasm which is present for this group. These students have banded them- selves together to better promote their in- terests. The experience they encounter in this organization is a vital supplement to their classroom work. Besides holding regu- lar meetings, the Hoof and Horn Club spon- sors two events, the Little International in the fall and the Livestock Judging Con- test in the spring. Hoof end Horn Officers: Horry Rolond, Thomos Reedy, Arnold Toft, Donald Baxter OFFICERS President Donold Baxter Vice-President Arnold Toft Secretary Thomas Reedy Reporter Harry Roland n Top row; I Oder, SUlh row; Urish Fifth row; Fourth row Willio Third row: Loitz Second rov Bottom roM Croft, John Small, James Kuntz, Howard Gale, James Rogers, James Leigh, Herbert Woolsey, Robert James, Williom Abbott, Alfred Norms, Donold Wolker, Glenn Harley Olson, Ernest Ozier, John Alien, Robert Alexander Ellery Knoke. Edward Duvick, Robert Brown, Thomos Reedy, James McCurdy, Dole Feosler, Dole Ecible, James Ross, Frank Rolf, William Morlin, Earl George Hall, George Wright, Glyndon Stuff, Merwyn Lindslrom, Robert Downey, Kenneth Condi t, Jomes Shoger, Donald Hunter, Woyne Elliott Walter Fehrenbocher, John Duewer, Ralph Willioms, Neil Noland, Donold Erickson, Rex Emory, Donald Tote, Gerord linsner, James Schlichting, Richord ms, Elroy Golden Fred Francis, Horold Guither, Horry Rolond, Howard Bromel, William Lloyd, Clifford Heoton, Lowell Gardner, Edwin Wright, John Linsner, Robert : Fred Frank, Jomes Smith, Lyie Schertz, Joseph Reedy, Max Kinobrough, Donald Lindroth, Glenn Herzberger, Deon Coppernoll, Alvin ElUolt ' : Perry McClelland, Wayne Rosenberger, Merle Le Sage, Fred Klltam, John Almburg, Jomes Herrmonn, Arnold Toft, Robert Wock, Roland Wock, Robert Donold Baxter -W-: « 741 mini Insuranc Sov..:f wit- o ,:.... ... .Veipert, Or. Robert Mehr, Borf Hegarty, Robert ftoroar, Williom Johniion, Burton Frankel OFFICERS Foculty Advisor Dr. Robert Mehr President Bart Hegarty Vice-President Robert Borger Secretory William Johnston Treosurer Williom Weipert Membership Chairmon Burton Fronkel mini insurance Society The mini Insurance Society was founded at the University of Illinois in the winter of 1947. The major qualification for member- ship in the society is a valid interest in in- surance. Its main purpose is to promote contacts between the insurance students and professional insurance men. Dr. Robert I. Mehr and a small group of interested stu- dents founded this society. Insurance men supported them and dinner meetings be- tween the two groups began where insur- ance problems were discussed, and students became better acquainted with the men in their chosen profession. In the spring of 1948, the society sponsored an Insurance Clinic. Four speakers presented the oppor- tunities for insurance positions at a four- hour afternoon session. The dinner meetings and the clinic proved to be an ideal media for an exchange of ideas mutually benefit- ing both groups. FirtI rowi Douglot Morltn, William Weiporl, William Jahntlon, Bort Hegoriy, Barbora Scoquist, Robert Borger, Robert Mehr Svcond raw; Stanley Shepard, Harry Harm, Jerolrj Greenbaum, Arthur Mocwalte, Earl Hagberg, Fronk Dorigan, Harold Leon, Burt Bresnik Third row; Charles Wenk, Jamet Lorion, Gerald Holiinger, Sheldon Seevak, Poul Keiter, Vernon Washburn, Williom Creomean Fourth row; Stewort Koppel, Jamet McNeely, John Belt, E. Hohmonn, Burton Fronkel, Gordon Juhl, Jomes Huff 742 Marketing Club The mini Marketing Club is a progressive organization for future business men and women. By means of discussions, speakers, and publications, it provides its members with additional information on marketing problems. The fields discussed are selling, merchandising, advertising, foreign trade, transportation, credit management, market analysis, and market research. At each monthly meeting a well-known executive discusses the marketing problems in his par- ticular field and presents valuable ideas and suggestions. These meetings are ex- tremely helpful to the members in bringing current business problems to their attention. The speakers also play an important part in bridging the gap between classroom and industry. In September, 1948, the Market- ing Club became the first student organiza- tion to be affiliated with the American Marketing Association. Officers of Morketing Club: Williom Schur, Hoiry Clark, Profeiior H. G. Wales, Allon fiord, fieotrice Erhordl, Robert Glover OFFICERS Foculty Advisor Professor H. G. Woles President Allon Bord Vice-President Williom Schur Vice-President Horry Clark Secretory Beatrice Erhordt Treasurer Robert Glover Top row: Jolin Koofmon, Charles Andrews, Marvin Isenslein, Paul Hockett, Bernord Tensing, No.berl McCobe, Keilh Sisson, Samuel Nicholl, Donald Peddycord, John Bondy, Earl Souer, Lewis Brehmer Fourth row: John Stroud, Donold Jansen. Raymond Lieberman, Harold Rati, Eorl Odom, Robert Alcorn, Burton Fronkel, Richord Cordoio, Stewart Koppel, Arthur Stecz, Robert Filbey, Alfred Gierach, Walter Finley Third row: Williom Reeser, Charles Atwoter, C. Horrys, Ceroid Minkus, Donald Simmons, Jack Burkholder, Robert Johnson, Leonard Micklich, Vernon Horns. John Belt, Leo Williams, Arthur Tomlinson, Melvin Ghighi Second row: Royal Synwolt, John McDermott, Elido Page, William Copp, Don Herron, Mary Coopstick, Joseph Konvicko, Mae Gtupe, Robert Minning, Josephine Bottom row: Rose Copodico, William Fehrs. Morion Albert, Edward Polugo, Marion Hansen, Hony Clark, Allan Bard, Williom Schur, Beatrice Erhordl. D. Leudrolh. Duane Hoag, Robert Freeh 743 fhi Epulon Koppa OTicert — Top row: Anolole Lucos, Charles Krittufek Bottom rowi Henry Monioye, E. A. Scholar, Chcrlei Wood OFFICERS Faculty Advisor Henry Monioye Vice-President E. A. Scholar Secretary Charles Kristufek Treosurer Anatoie Lucas Sergeant-ol-Arms Charles Wood Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa was founded at the Normal College of the North American Gymnastics Union, Indianapolis, Indiana, April 12, 1 91 3, by male students desiring a closer social and professional companion- ship. Collegiate chapters may be installed in schools having a four-year physical edu- cation course and meeting the requirements of the fraternity as set forth in the constitu- tion. Rho chapter was established at the University of Illinois, May 30, 1929. The objectives of Phi Epsilon Kappa are to: improve scholarship and the general quality of work in the profession; provide a medium whereby students, faculty mem- bers, and alumni can work together on an equal basis; elevate the standards, ideals, and ethics of health, physical education, and recreation instructors; and make con- tributions for physical education advance- ment by sponsoring professional and edu- cational programs. Phi Epsilon Kappa is an affiliate of the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Top rowi Ren Rochelte, Louit Wopple, G«ne Saolwaechter, Ted Anderson Third row; Herbert Porker, Murney Lozier, Normon Wotier, Jomes Moore, Albin Wojnorcwski, Dovid Woodword, Richard Strosser Second row: Henry Montoye, Joieph WoiWo, Elmer Scholer, Rex Smith, Anotole Lucas, Chorles Krrstufek, Milton Hambolelc Bottoin row: Thomoi Krizon, Arthur Strom, George Hoover, Robert Hessenberger, Robert Buchanon, Edwin Lundien, Aix Harrison, Paul Kostyniult Not in ponel: Robert Allison. Hugh Bitter. Patrick Civilello, Froncis Dolon, Scott Flemming, Jack Flock, Women Gleoson, Kenneth Morlin, Donald Peterson, Otto Pihero, Gordon Voundry, Donald Von Ebers, Joy Bender, Thomos Cureton, William Forr, Maxwell Garret, Richard Heidinger, Warren Huffman, Chester Jackson, Robort Koumorek, Dorrell lothom, Benjamin Massey, John Poppelreiler, George Sibbons, Alan Strodtmon, Seward Staley, Jacob Wolf 744 IHW ' MWMIWPBMPnW ' . V Top row: Kenneth Pankonin, Robert McGee, William Wokemon, ley Miller Seventh row; Richord Mann, Bernord Deany, Lorimer ElweM, Les Barkman, Albert Lundgren, Willis McKinney Sixth row: Robert Rendleman, Joseph Foster, Eugene Gugerty, George Hall, George Hamilton Fifth row; Stanley Magnuson, Dana Lewis, Eugene Pohl, Wilbur Kelsey, Ellery Knoke, Arthur Loppin Fourth row: Raymond Wilken, Phillip Plumart, Denver Kunz, Max Bushong, Veryl Schubert, Brock Vest Third row: William Kirchhofer, Robert Howard, A I don Jensen, Gerald Pi res, Hobart Hinder] iter, Kenneth Condi I, Worren Berner Second row: John Weiss, Donald Dillow, Roy Shinn, Maurice Wotkins, David Wise, Julius Sprachner, Clyde Files, Richard Martin, Robert Mills, Harold Main Bottom row: Russell lewey, William Pickett, Owen Smith %Q EdUCCIllOH WiUD encourages achlevemenf in agricultural education. MKm mm M%m creates closer fellowship among architectural students. Top row: Victor Pojmon, Norton Suter, Fay Ewbank, Lelond Lawrence, Thomas Daniel, James Daniel, Oliver Herrick, William Wharton, Richard Rose, Neote Skor- burg, Wesley King. Louis Flowers, Watson Healy, Robert Soellner, Allan Karl, Richard Albyn. Melvin Reiter, David Schifi, Dovid Katz, Herbert Koiser. James Hopkins Third row: Chorles Johnson, Guy Peterson, Forrest Coxen, Robert Sherburne, Professor A. K. Laing, Robert Friedman, Horlon Rice, Robert Eby, John Tyrrell, Mourice Des Maais, Norman Grewe, Jack Goldmen, Martin MofRtt, Joseph Aden, Shelton Hannig. Robert Anderson, Donald Gunnerson, Hakon Berg, Charles Gorrison Second row: Charles Faulkner, James Jomes, Arland Gould, Aaron Graham, Marlon Levine, Herbert Sovoge, Bruce Boswell, Euge ne Graham, Albert Bumgardn«r, John Replinger, William Appier, Alfred Mof ett, John Klund, William Dye, Corlisle Evans, Eleonor Beling, Joseph Oshiver, Hildegorde Bergeim, Carl Wogr er, Gerald Cox, Adrian Peorsoll Bottom row: Rolph Gould, Clifton Morshall, Harold Kemp, Robert Tennant, John Blackman, John Truemper. Thomoi Doniels, Donald Bessay, Jack Williams, Terry Ouinn, Frank Smith, Joseph Russello, Horlan Pratt, Chester McGovney, Williom Tanner, John S3verni ■PI II |h 4 iii i i • {♦♦♦i Wit 745 Top (ow: Henry Oiinjki, Chorlei Cram, Joieph Kouvicka, Lawrence Whifney, Herbert Friedman, Jock Nesslar, John Povis, Jock Voniman Second row; Carrel Kimmel, George Boroh, Alberl Haerr, Robert White, James Grahom, Jock Wej», Rydy Pen, Octovio Jordan, Jack Grenz, Emmett Perkins Bottom row; louii Efdelvon, Arthur Perbohnor, Edwin Weinthelboum, Nerl Suppiger, Rolph Wright, Frank Senger, Carl Behr AlpllCI DGIiCI SIQIHCI sfimulates student interest in advertising. A. I. Ch. E. promotes contacts among men in the field of chemical engineering. lop row. koDeri Sioia, Joicph Vetordi, iack Bergmon, Robert Boechle, Gordon Palm, Hjolti Einatsson, Pout Cams, Larry Blue, Robert Vujovich, Clyde House, Dole Gloti. Byron Vonce, Arthur london, Meyer Chortoff, Edword Petkus, Roymond Pickno, Jomei Robinson, Robert Ellers, Henning Ekiund Third row: Oscar Klomer, Gerald Sluiter, Daniel Kecfo, William Evers, Loy Jones, Carl Zupil, Dovid Weaver, Henry Brandon, Donald Edwords, Robert Friedman, Henry Kohn, Williom Henderson, Ralph Robinson, Fred Jones, Donold Coop, Donold Engelbrecht, Neal Smith, Ernest Zetler, Henry Nalepa, Donald Glossmon, Merton Morgolis, Richard Mason, George Bevii, Jock Renner, Arthur Litchfield, Robert Goudlitz Second row: George Novok, Paul levin, Arthur Mills, Gilbert Komm, Charles Muehling. Donold Johnson, Leonard Nero, Edwin Troscinski, Robert Schilson, Lennort Anderson, Roymond Hauser. Arvid Ulonder, Fronk SleidI, Klous Timmerhaus, Robert Chilenskos, Alberl Chilenskas, Eugene Kramer, William Mann, Arthur Marozos, Horold Ward, Richard Heininger, George Larson. Joseph Denk, Samuel Anderson, Milton Tulis Bollom row: Edword White, Ronald Skold, Nickolas DriscoK, Edward Tomenendal, Eugene Sherman, John Sargent, Merle Noble, Dr. Harry Drickomer, Raymond Horris, Albert Birkelboch, William Bornei, Herbert G. Schultz, Dr. James Weslwoter, Paul Jocobson, Ernest Phillips, John Chapman, Norman Remer, Eli Tariko, William loomii, Bflrnord Simonion, Dovid Hacker, Richard Coderre, Claude Lucchesi .Il t aVirjSi 746 iTTmHi " ! I iiani ti iii Top row; Lloyd Ireland, Paul Doebel, Jr., Maurice Workman, George Weatherbe, Jr., Fronk Zeimetz, William Behrens, Anthony Marma. Robert Moloch Third row: Warren Relnhold, John Belt, Robert Brumleve, Robert Leach, Charles Conner, Professor Paul Von Arsdell, Professor Hale Newcomer, Roymond Bachert, Orin Grant Second row: Jock Morrison, Rolph Jackson, Fred Garzino, John Jones, Al Bent, Gordon Boyd, Kreel Kossermon, Robert HofTmon Bottom row: Billte Baker, Donald Lindroth, Edwin Franzen, Eugene Johnson, Chorles Clemins, John Havens, Loren Askins, Allan Hogonson, Donald Neumann Not in panel: Horry Allen, William Anderson, Harold Callahan, James Countryman, John Desmond, Larry Desmond, Richard Einbecker, William Everinghom. Thomas Krueger, Guy McCune, John McKinzie, Vole Nortridge, David Peters, Charles Pollard, Keith Shay, Jack Slickenmeyer, Lloyd Thrasher, Jr. Alpha Kappa Psi fosfers research in commerce, accounts, and finance. J%|plia l lll lllGaa ' for men previously affiliafed with the Boy Scouts. Top row: David Cohen, Rl chord Bennett, George Hoogasion, Duane Hoog, Irving Gittelmon, James Porllmon, Hillard Trubitt, Jomes Campbell, David Rogow, Murray Krupnick, Irwin Chobon, Wilfred Gorehom, Keith Lamport, Welter Pagels, Wiltiom Reeser, Gerold Minkus Fourth row: Donold Jones, Morris BIsehloss, George Duenseng, Robert Black, Jock Hoogosion, Norman Sk rocs tod, Arthur Bovenkerk, James Pinnell, John Hadlund, Byron Myhre, Winthrop Gustofson, Robert Walters, lynne Hall, Jock SNchenmyer, Charles Rhoods Third row: Thomos Pickett, Ralph Winkler, Warren Asa, Phillip English, Marlowe Hartzer. Jock Runyon, Marion Stevens, Glen Brolonder, Clinton Cannon, Robert Murphy, Richard Lovett. Jock Wayne Second row: Robert Gond. Thomas Rosenberg, William Kerrigan, Walter Briggs, George Walker, John Frozier, Lynn Delond, Donald Rtco, Dovid Paul Von Ort, Ralph Krubeck, Robert Schumacher Bottom row: William ODonnell, Gene Gallo, Charles Ridlen, Edward Schmaienberger, CuHen Causer. Clarence Schullz, William Bierboum, Richard Wilson, Theodore Ricci 747 Top row; Patricia Baer , Helene ScKrccker, Janet ftozer, Betsy Rotmusten Third row: Helen Rennoker, Dorothy Gohm, Anne-Marie Solgol, Betty Thotcher, Geitel Winakor Second row: Margoret Myeri, Florence Kostko, Sofo Aktepe, Virginia Stevens, Ramona Rutt Bottom row; Borbora Rennaker, Clara Castelo, Barbora lonmon, Connie Sovot, Ann Porker, Gwen Loufer Not in ponel: Alice Kennedy, Kotie Hcmrick, Beverly Medow, Phyllis Greenberg, Vivien Johnson, Beverly Toylor, Patricio Severns, Peggy Egalnick. Delavinne Kersten Alpha Pi Delta gives service to the local Girl Scouf council. Alpha TaufAlpha helps train teachers of agriculture. Tcp ot», Robert Howard, Albert Lundgren, Robert McGee, Owen Smith, Lester Barkman Second row: John Weiss, Edward Knake, Worren Berner, Kenneth Gondii, Julius Sprockner Bottom row: Mourice Wotkins, Alvin Bochmon, David Wise, Richard Martin Not in panel: Robert Mulch, Jomei Herfmonn, Charles Federmon, Herbert BMIer, Sture Pierson, John Player, John Schettler, Cliff Slchto, William Morrison, MorshoM Roiney, Dovid Byrnes. Keith Schirtz, Keith Vogcn 748 tm- Top row: Stephen Stoddard, John Groham, Thomas Holden, Neil Van Dyke, James McDonald, Robert Bloom field, Don McAdoo, Harold Lund, Robert Fenity, John Griffin Third row : William Soderslrum, Richard Sc blacks, Richard F ulroth, Donald Z urn wait, Martin Berg, Jr., Detmar Johnson, Lynn Fussell, Louis McCreight, Eugene Fisher, Professor Frederick Petersen, Professor Alfred Allen Second row: Lucas PfeifTenberger, Magnus Froberg, James Shop land, Roger Fellows, Herbert Toler, Mohammed Khan, Charles Fillmore, Dortold Crosby, Ervin Schueize, John Jero, Bosil Ohnysty, Melvin Churovich, Shrikrishno Sane, S. V. Bholye, Girindranath Borpujori, Ceroid Lutz, Wesley Lueking, Kenneth Wilk, Donald Rcsincr Bottom row; Robert McEvoy, Professor George Siockdale, William Fitzpatrick, Bob Bender, Richord Ames, La Voy Schneider, Howard Rapp, Stanley Pospy, Jr., Henry Ropp, Jr., Gordon Meier, Darshan Chabhal American Ceramics Society sumuiafes mferest of studenh in ceramics. « 9m mKm Be promotes a better understanding of agricultural engineering. Top row: Louis Engelbrechf, William Mills, Elvin Carlson, WilMom Lytle, Worren Harris, Harold Brandenburg, Robert Rowe, Fred Crawford, Robei Mighell, Carol Jacobs, Donald Hemmingsen, Richard Sharp Third row: Robert Whitoker, Beverly Butler, Maurice Burgener, Lawrence Bittermann, Roy VanBuskirk, James Andrews, Jr., Robert Camp, Thomas Jere Castor, James Stokes, Daniel Ponder, Herman Glover, Murray Forth Second row: Finch Slowell, Hector McAllister, Edward Hunley. Eugene Morgan, William Zumwolt, James Curtii. Gurnom Gujral, Charles Tomm, Pi monn, Errol Rodda, Fenton Kelly, Lyman Heller, William Fletcher, Benjomin Jones, Jr. Bottom row: Professor Ray Shawl, Allmohamed Memon, Wallace Schoenleber, Earl Moss, David Cash, Maurice ShofT, Jr., George Mohoney t Slasell, Russell Brock, Paul Koch, ofessor Emit Leh- 749 f Top row: J. Singer, E. Boldon, C. Kemper, W. WhoMon, W. Gross, W. linzing, D. Kohn, R. Hill, S. Honnig, H. Vogel, J. Powers, W. Bronnon, G. Roberrs, L. Peck, G. Pechi Eighth row: H. Wollin. N. Blood, R. Binder. P. Clinebell. J. Heuer, W. Foolk, G. Rubenking, C. McGovney, G. Shoemaker, J. Shepard Seventh row: J. Goodell. R. Kennedy, E. Hutcheson, D. Diller, G. Schoenherr, D. Kowinski, D. Waggoner, A. Kaindl, M. Voyvodich, W. Novotny, E. Hobicht, P. Sikei, R. Kanok. W. Cox. J. Bighorn Sixth row: R. Hart, G. Kouroi, R. Fletcher, J. Lower, A. Torbeck, H. Lillie, J. Roontree, D. Brown, L. Markert, C. Evans, R. Unsin, J. Musick, N. Hennegon, P. Palmer Fifth row: J. Simpion, N. Emerick, R. lightcap, C. Melin, N. Gordy, E. Schewe, D. Bessey, R. Brown, R. Hopke, E. Pershe, J. Marsik, H. Hunt, C. Givens Fourth row: R. Sonden, F. Brown, L. Nichols, O. Merrick, L. Lawrence, D. Nelson, J. Spiers, J. Boulden, C. Nowacki, W. Barney, M. Weberling, L. O ' Toole, J. McLoughlin, W. Snyder Third row: R. Mock, E. Possow, W. Shererlz, 0. Francis, J. Williams, L. Nicholson, R. Twohig, R. Collins, W. Boyd, E. Besserer, D. Princrpali. C. Woest, E. Esken- gren, W. Sfohl. V. Wienski Second row: G. Keele, R. Skinner, H. Suzuki, G. Engelhart, C. Minnich, D. Sortore, R. Fuener, R. Weller, W. Kevern, J. Porish, R. Bengel, V. Ciske, F. Sexton, A Hul Bottom row: C. Lompe, C. Anderson, L. Rowe, K. McGonn •Km 9e We Be is fo advance civil engineering. A. S. M. E. IS fo ad vance mechanical engineering Top row; M. Bjcnnon, 5- Eismon, H. Scheckman, W. Sproftling, S. Logon, G. Timmer. B. Ward, H. Erickson, M. Wright, H. Johnson, M. Teochout, M. Baccus Tenth row: A. Ahrendt, P. Compbell, G. Sowicki, J. Mulvel, W. Nelson, T. Bernetl, J. Room, R. Brown, 0. Despot, R. Morling, R. Solomon, E, Dovis Nintli row; I. Potlorf, D. Moienko, H. Rulter, M. Williamson, C. Stolley, J. Goysowski, D. Brush, R. Guedet, H. Skonecke, R. Johnson, W. Winter, J. Curliss, G. Crovey Eighth row: E. Spillor, W. C owon, E. Vail. R. Hoy, W. Skorburg. I. Mankus, C. Lubeck, J. Kiriakos. A. Wolski, E. lower, M. Nuzik, H. Blotner, G. Hellwig Seventh tow; E. Gibbi. B. Stohr, f. Kloehn, R. Rychlik, R. Schoppmon, M. Saville, R. Schubert, F. Cechner, C. Trimble, J. Evans, M. Parisot, H. Goither, J. Jacob- ion, V. lucoi Si lh row: C, Dudciak, R. Nool, G. Guirl, E. Petretewicz, H. Wiersema. G. Wildi, G. Rogers. A. Fromon, O. Smith, M. Goter, I. Worso, V. Jackson C. Riebe 1, Florek Fihh row: C. lohmkuhl, P. Doll. D. Silveitrini. I. Pearson. D. Meyer. E. Clendenin. C. Lessir.g. D. Dufl. L. Shonin. R. Watson. L. Honno. W. Mottheessen. L. Croft Fourth row: J, Brouied. F. Ou. R. Lenich. R. Hunter. L. lundguist. H. Beoms. R. Smith. 0. Wright, W. Bassett Third row: B. Young, R. Soitlet, A. Hoger, D. Rogow, A. Copp. R. Cotlingham, W. Miltlesteodl, C. Merkle. F. Bauling. J. Barlboult, G. Becker, J. Hole, E. Parzygnol Second row: C. Boetto, G. Spears. G. Sheffer, T. Covic, H. Molstrom, J. Cushmon. J. Dyer, M. Goldstone, hJ. Fisher, H. Marchiselio, N. Gomec, J. Johnson, D. Meikew, W. Sommer Bottom row: M, Henderson, G. Poskin. N. Felbingor, I. Wohlbeck, J. Menees. E. Welcher, C. Drury, R, Pontious, D, Smith, G. Frandsen, C. Folk, R. Carlson. Pro- fessor F. Seyforlh 750 Top row; Professor H. W. Scott. Professor H. R. Wanless, Professor G. W. White, Professor A. F. Hogner, Professor C. A. Chapmon Fifth row: Hoyden Murray, Edword Dillon, Robert Shover, Earl L. Soley Fourth row; Jomes Penn, Robert Roth, John Ferguson, Frank Pence, George Eliot, Paul Mescher, Normon So hi Third row: Ernest Muiier, Richard Weorf, Donoid Wills, Jullon Altrogge. John Breuer, Robert Davison, Howord Schwolb, William long, Harmon Evelond, Jock Burgess, D. H. Fulkerson, Fred Williams, William Smith, John Shaw, Byron Wotkins, Jock Horrison, William Vineyard Second row: Richard Threet, James Brady, EHen Shannon, William Gard, Julius Hammock, Carl Boquist, Ruth Hockmon, Jeon Gersler, Hubert Blazino, Richord Golden, Karl Kaenig Bottom row: James Offenhiser, Howord Cramer, Lou Unfer, Jr., Beverly Sollidoy, Irving Near, Lois Titus, Marilyn Heath, Margaret Hayes, Ceroid Anderson, Dovld Brierley, John Brophy WyCIOlUCHfl WIUD promotes interest in geology. DCUfy Technology SOCIOty stimulates interest in the dairy industry. Top row: Lincoln Kreuzkomp, Herman Howard, LeRoy Brondsmo, Wilbur Bolton, Howord Votney, Max Smith Fifth row: Ralph Dedrick, Ernst Soelter, Jr.. Joseph West, Donald Sang, John Albrechf Fourth row: Worren Schumacher, Max Moeller, William Eygobraod, David Brozelton Third rowi Robert Vedell, Robert Glahe, Orville Westloke, Carl Hunding, Byron KeHey Second row: Donoid Miller, William Dahlquist, James Brotsos, Harry Weist, William Dillman, Charles Hughes Bottom row; Donoid Miller, Herbert Roszell, Jr., Roy Massey, Robert Floks, Paul McCabe, Richard Rueckert, John Soldwedel, Howard Doily, John Kraeqer, Roger R«ese 751 Thitd row Herbert Roiengord, Herbert Pluhke, Poul Krotz, Herihel Wartik, Emil Scholar, Gene McCarthy, John Morquis Second row; Jo«l Trochenborg, Douglas Rucker, Horold Burt, Herbert Seiwert, Lloyd Schulitad, Thomas Maher, Bradley Toylor, Robert Zellmer Bottom row- Surnord Hurley, John Roy, Albert DelVonto. Thomoi Buckley, Thomoi Krizon, Donald Scherwot, James Winons, Herbert Parker, Robert Lobohn t OlplllHS sfimulafes interest in aquatic activities. 752 EH mCCI ' lllQ WOUHCII ' o councH of student engineering societies. Third row. Corl Mon, William Fletcher, Jamei Stewort, Robert Oogenkolb, Donald Hyer. Carl Folk, Vernon Von Heyningen, Robert Carlson, Richord Konok, Edward Witorl, Oolo Gloii, Howard Moray, Stontey Diamond, John Beile Second row: Dol Crafle, Richard Amei. Richard Codorre, Allen Benjon, William Paulson, lloyd Alexander fistlom rowi Stanley Burnhom, Ian Potlorf, Norbert Btoiki, Wcndoll Rowe, Francis Sexton, key Neo! uv.; " 9» Top row: Dr. Kamp, Thomas Cunningham, Professor Hall, Dr. V einord Third row; Professor Culbert, Jomes Mitchell, Gail Fossler, Donald Saupe, Richard Zander Second row: Albert Nordheden, Ralph Dodd, James Pruter, Robert Lateer, Warren Asa Bortom row: Lawrence Ewing, Patrick Miller, Gordon Knibbs, Virginia Neville, Joan Sibbet, June Gilbert, Foye Thomas, Joyce Krell, Barbara Shode, Jeonne Leader, Roy Himpell, Alfred Koeling, Donald Wilke Floriculture Club promotes knowledge of floriculture. mini Forensic Association develops ability in expression of public problems. Uram, Harry Wojcitc, Richard Palewicz, Erwin Betting hous, Robert Merens, Wtlliom Motto, Burton Schoffner, Cornelius Top row; Charles Thorsen, Lloyd Herold, L- Smith, Paul Grobill, Roland McShonog, Vernon Trotter, Harry Hellmuth, Horold Abrams, Glen DeVore, Daniel Sheehan, William Reilly, T. O. Pickett, Richard Evans Fourth row. Halbert Goiley, George Scharf, O. A. Dieter, Vincent Thompson, Hugh Garnett, Mlchoel Wendell Tozer, William Ackeimonn, William Fitzgerald, Alfred Makulcc, Jack Adelman, Lee Mil Nolcnd, Jomcs Welts, Othu Brandon, Rolph Scott, H. E. Shomon, King Broadrick Third row: William Bsyer, Cloude Scott, Zedrick Braden, Lynn Coy, Joseph Kaplan, Arnold Goodman, Luther Evers, Robert Shroyer, David Rogers, Gordon Mock, Witliom Powers, Harold Borefield, John Heaps Second row: Charles Willhite, Wilma Hosemeyer, Emonuel Lazerson, Helene Behl, Glorio Fletcher, Rachel Anderson, Robert Grohom, Melvln Mezoff, A. J. Feighlner, Robert Sherman, Dorothy Howver, Morvln Ulmer, Robert Lorgen, Patricio Landers, Emily Ness, Edward Zigman, Jo Anno Eodes, Virginio Polzin, Noncy Helme, Betty Rosenthal, Catherine Hennessy Twt lOw Robert Hen. tuIi-iiu j O. Kroehenbuehl Fifth row; Rob«ft Vanden Boom. Richord Bornei, Julius Kaye, Howord Litwiller, Professor H. W. Horn, Joseph Mistretta Fourth row: lowed Shepord, Jamet Brown, Willord HoYet, Evongelos Neckopulos, George Jacobek, G. R. Peirce Third row: Ceroid Morki, Herbert Odie, Eroeil Schoenherr, Jomes ORourke, Jomes Oberhollzer, Donald Burgener Second row: Robert Birr, louis Cohn, John Holzlnger, Robert Burnhom, Warren Benjamin, Ralph Hintz, Allan Gott Bottom row: Slonley Burnhom, Joon Hessler, Conslontine Economides, Albert Bocalor, Everett Schworm, Edward Urbanik, Robert Holsapple Not !n panel: Richord Barnes, William Birkey, Morris Buzon, Charles Craig, Mark Estobrook, Williom Frank, Lawrence Genise, Perry Lorsen Mangold, V. G. McCluskey, Williom Miller, Robert Sondburg, Bobby Smith, George Spiegel, Wlliam Tometlch, Michael Musko Levine, Willi Engineering Club furthers aims of illuminating engineering. Illustrators recognizes high scholarship in artistic achievement. Top row; Christopher Zojic, George Moody, Robert Grigg, Frank Mulo, Professor Ctiofles Dletemonn, Walter Baker, Wilburn Moore Second row: Dorothy Somuelton, Sue Hotielguist, Helen Rennoker, Sylvia Seder, Patricio Boodell, Mary Pond Bottom row: Solly McKeown, Joon Fogerburg, Borboro Sheldon, Beverly Lundberg, Marilyn Conrad, Maryonn Stout, Patricia Brown Not in ponel: Joon Frintz, Worren Fitzgerold, Olgo Kolopoca, Joonno Soylor, Charles Sanders, John Raushenberger, Jules Beskin, Delores Wolloce, John Geister, Christ Korrof, Nichotoi Brittky, Jomei Hogon, Phyllis Donohoe 754 Top row: C. Orkild, R. Chase, K. Bensen, J. BetKards, R. Martin, J. Solo, E. Schirmer, J. Bode, R. Wessels, R. Myers, J. Gilroy, H. Kovo, J. Zobinsky Sixlh row: S. Mayo, R. Foster, J. Schlotman, H. Liechty, E. Bourke, L. Corliss, G. Myers, H. Burnett, E. Wolonsky, G. Walkins, R. Borch, G. McVey, K. Klockou, W. Gustafson Fifth row: P. Born, C. Thomas, V. Mogorien, A. Schmidt, W. Ripper, A. Freedlonder, J. Headlund, J. Meyer. G. Shinosoki, G. Frills, P. Huston, V. French Fourth row: K. Wei ss, S. Fogelson, S. Mohkom, R. Benjamin, K. Block, J. Robinson, J. Richardson, K. Young, J. Sutton, D. Marlin, J. Banche, H. Hirtrer, W. Hohn, H. Brown Third row: C. Felt, T. Fehr, D. Lefter, R. Hunter, A. Daniels, W. Meyer, J. Pears, G. Trifonoff, D. Porker, R. KeHey, F. Wohlmuth Second row: W. Bedenkop, H. Anderson, R. Totro, J. Kennedy, M. Chercosky, V. Van Haynigen, W. Brooks, Professor J. Houser, Professor J. Coon, Professor H. Stillwell, A. Ormsbee, F. Miller, P. Dickey, D. Adams Bottom row: J. Senneff, C. Anderson. J. Donham, H, Burke. D, Mock, W. Stephens, J. Paul, H. Jones, L. Mosley, W. lowton, J. Wtilioms, S. Sommer Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences mini Masonic Club Top row: Newton Short, Donald Sprague, Alfred Losker, Robert McMillan, Clinton Cannon, Max Torble, Homer Moore. Van Seymour, Jr., Thomas Knight, Leslie Sheets, Glenn Musgrave Third row: Charles Priester, ClifTord Heaton, Andrew Clausen, James Honce, Jomes Barlusek, Alex Strolos, Robert Chuich, Andrew Poloumpis Second row: Holdone Bean, Fred Anderson, Sherwood Brteloff, Thomas Pickett, Theodore Clork, Emmonuol Vidolokis Bottom row: Ernest Moore. Jr.. Eugene Stern, Chorles Millspaugh, Richord Armstrong, George Hoener, Egbert Pfeifler, Herbert Bliler. Robert Peovler. Eugene Lutk, George Kutsunis Not in panel: Lewis Willioms 755 i ' J- lop row Jomci Nciion, Owight Bennett, louii McCreiBhI. Terry Newklrk. William Plonkenoorn Second row, John Grohom. Jov Comeforo, Robert fenlly, Chorloi Jonke, Robert Oegenkolb, LoVoy Schneider Bottcm few RIchord Amet. Chun lee, Roger feltowj, Ralph Ktofl, Donald Ressner KGfCimOS sfi mutates inferesf in ceramic f raining and research. ' v ' Moslem Students ' Association is a religious and social organiiafion. Top row: Nevjat Gomec. Adnon Atamon, Abdul-Ooyyum Oureshi, Namik Buhorail-ar, Suol Atoy, Serme; Yurlman, Abdel Kashef Third row: Alimohomed Memon, Abdul Alim. Mohommed Sofi, Ma h mud Karimzada, Abdul Wardakee, Monmooa Toyel, Zohi Sheira, Mohommed Khan S«cond lOw: Formon Farough, Mri. J. F. Forough, Ghulom Karimi, Mrs. Ghulom Korimi, Miss Sofa Aktepe, Hussein Hassan, Mrs. Abdel Koshef, Mrs. Kholil, Han- Forooqui ftotolm row: Nojio Korimi, Fauzia Korimi h V r k ■ I ' 756 i n V ' rv 1 V ] f p iJIk I 1 I, V Top row: William Cornohan, Theodore Himes, Frederick Coe, William Krautheim, Frederick Mersboch, Douglas Hager, John Sim, George Landis, Robert Zimmerman, Oren Mites, Louis Wopple Second row: Donold Wolker, Harold Roland, Robert Moore, Bernord Miller, Stewat Daniels, John West, Theodore Tedford, James Nelson, Robert McCorthey, Herbert Porker, William DeWitt Bottom row: Donald Nepote, Williom Seimer, Williom bunting, Donald Caughey, John Youngs, John Gothard, James Hager, Donald Walker, John Swisher, Albert Nordhielm, Richard Dahlen Not in ponel: Poul Pomeroy, Jacob Chambers, Edword Paluga, John Randolt, William Troibitt, Edwin Little. Vviiiiam Elliott. Robert Ruff, Richard Rosengord, Joseph Howell, Paul Schumocher, Thomas Wilson, Charles Kreilzer, Professor F. H. Beach MMOIHQlMf GUCI promofes closer affiliation of the afhiefic managers. Mineral Industries Society promotes doser affiuanon of members in mineral industries. Solliday, Louis Unfer, Margaret n panel: Roy Brodnick, J. Hough, Prandol Sheth, Francis lampson, Wolter Bruckner, George Clark, Frank Perkins, Arthur Forsyth, Vernori Ihedsey, Benjamin Tudor, Harry Czyzewski, James Bechtoid, Donold Dyke, Robert Nattier, Harold Walker. Bernard Ricketts, Richard DeWitt, Ickel, Rodney Candle, Raymond Cramer, Richard Rapp, Jorge Ouiros, Carl fioquiiit. Hubert Blazina, John Thomas, Be tly Mori wo ki Not in panel Ched E Anderson, William Stuort Rice, Earl 757 9 4 m c; . 1 ! i lop row: 6ai i Cfeonio . Peter Pfineoi, Philip Oougloi, James Lowrence, George Anast, Christ Longoi, George Dayiontls, Constantine Iskalls Thifd row: G«orse WiHiomi, Peter Eeonomou, George Groanias, Alex Calivopoulos, Byron Mechalos, Eleutherios Houvouras, Athon Economfdes Second row-. George Ginos. Theodore Mtlloj. George Polhenot, Erneit Corperos, Harry Morrison, Andrew Millas, Emanuel Vedolakis, Betty Pelias Bottom rowt Phyllii Bttrcolos, Mri. Michoel Holiii, Michael Hotzii, Harry Poppas, Pother Word, Alex Stratos, Nick Jonos, Mory Karokourtis, Horrlel Otis EpSllOH r 111 SlQIVICI is for students of Greek lineage. PI If dOTCI EpSllOH promotes high ethical standards in the legal profession. Top row: Nail Breikin, Harrison Koviniky, Jules Gerihon, Erwin Cohn, George Kaplon, Slonford Sholem Fourth row: Irwin Cofttor, Leonard Cohn, Marvin Goldsoor, Sidney Siege I, Roy Diamond Third rowi Alvrn Koplon, Philip Teinowilz, Donold Mitchell, Albert Federmon, Howard Sherman, Morvin Pechter Second row: Jock Stein, Merle Moltenton, Bernard Goldstein, Ned Fleishmon, Maurice Bendes, Normon Esserman, Robert Wolfe Bottom row: Arthur Bronlmon, Samuel Schochtmon, William Cohn, Milton Gaisel. Arnold Bensew, Orville Kahn Not in poiteli George Goble, Soul Lipnick, Richord Zimbroff 758 Top row: Horold Shrifler, John Veirs, Richard Schaede, Elihu Sch!mmel, Louis Hildebrand Second row: Russell Fishman, Edward Wittert, Vardith Levy, Dolores Friedman, Jerold Krone Bottom row: Alan Steen, Eloine Somson, Perry Brucker, Sherwood Brieloff, Allen S ' einhardt, Elaine Greenberg |llGQCi DCiCI ■ I is a pre-medical professional honorary frafernify. Phi AlphCI DGIiCI furthers the Ideals of fhe legal profession. Top row: Henry Borden, Bordette Kirkpotfick, Michael O ' Byrne, John McNomara, Frank Farley, Byron Koch, Donold Arnold, Ernest Utter Fourth row: Richard Cross, Alan Hultman, James Thorp, Charles Jones, John Parmley, Eugene Wright, Wyatl Lyndsey, Carl Chapmen, Chester Guziel, Rex Carr Third row: Louis Simhauser, Ivan Elliot, Donald Mitchell, Thomas Fitzmaurice, George Scott, William Slater, Witliom Mumford, Robert Morrison, Kenneth Peek, Paul Applington Second row: Ernest Pool, Robert Snook, Angelo Goziono, Martin Lawless, Hurshal Turn mel son, John Watson, Doniel Schifeling, Vincent Waiilewiki, Max Gulo Bottom row: James Croven, Professor Nelson Young, Paul Freter, Dean Albert Harno, Arthur Lennon, Professor William Brittin, Ramon Mason, Professor George Weisiger, Elmer Jenkins, Professor Edward Cleory 759 Top fow: Grace B«ckelt, Marilyn Moin. Helen Lewis, Janet Wesron Second row; Jeon Beilr, Patricia Wilbourn, Carol Keenon, Ruth Courtrighl, Jean Wilk, Dorothy Hepler, Alberto Polenske 6-ttom row; Beatrice Erhordt, Kothryn Metimon, Ruth Mead, Helen Coveney, Mary Bartlett, Ann Jinkins, Anita Mansfield Not in ponel; Jeonnette Althoff. Ula Anderion. Mary Boer. Shirley Cole, Phyllis Foytok, Cothryn Criesedieck, Moe Grupe, Pot Hoffmon, Jeonnetle Houot, Doris Kotik, Courtney Moht, Mary Needier, julienne Penoud, Joon Ritchie, Colleen Scott, Modonna Stohl Phi Chi Theta promotes the cause of higher business education. Phi Mu Alpha furthers the cause of music in America, Top rowi Fr«d Hubbal, Horry Gotti, Arnold Williomi, Charles McFadden, George Killion, Marvin Secord, Robert Wolloce, Robert Simmergrln Second row: Richard HoMeman, Wetley Slelzriede, Richord Litter tt, Robert Weihrouch, LeRoy Kirsch, Normon Werner, Marvin Mutchnik, Heinz Neumonn, Worren Luiz, iohn Haynie BotlOffl row I Worran Schuetz, Peter Eckert, Rusiel Pugh, Robert Webb, Donald Stout, Frank Stockstill. Herbert Boyd, Dovid Tucker, Robert Oppelt, Keith McCarty Jl 760 r sr . ) Top row: Williom Pat(is, Joseph Liebow, Morton Pludo. Herbert Mazer, Jerold Jtern TKird row: Williom Boime, Arnold Winogrod, Howord Cohen, Raymond Liebermon, Albert Schwelbish Second row: Bernord Cohen, Stonley Denn, Edward Silverman, Horold Fine, Philip Teinowifz Bottom row: Irving Worse, Edwin Mendel, Mortin Heller, Ralph Gardner, Normon Bormosh Not in ponel: Sherwin Jonows, Morvin Meyers, Martin Polin, Morris Squire, Herbert Slaiman Praetorians paificlpafes in cultural and social aciivitiez. Psi Chi s for fhe advancement of psychology. Top row: Bernard Thorsell, Frank LoefTler, Warren Ramshaw, Donald Ekberg, Hugh Hefner, Alan Strand, Gordon Keswick, William Broberg, Philip Wenig, Ivon Bentser, Vincent Cloudin, Malcolm Helper, Frank Ruben stein Bottom row: Phyllis Cohen, Grace Zimring, Margaret Tondy, Ann Kent, Joyce Elledge, Stello Frank, Norma Lowry, Gerry Schromm, Connie Rubin, Carolyn Nordstrom, Ann Curry, Judith Zuckernon, Lorraine Goldberg, Merilyn Rosenfeld, Chorlotte Rosenzweig 761 p fow lorrci Grimei, Mofy Peofion, Ruth Knight, Joanne Dowell, Beify Kustner, Patricia Rush, Joon Rieger, Richord Phillips itlom row: Dovid GrobI, Herbert Weitt, William English, William Hitt, Erwin Besserer, John Spongier, Bernie Gothelf ot in panel- Geofge Anott, Edword Giller, Harold Jenjen, Keith Oiterheld, Jeanne PoitlewaJte, Mohkum Sondhg iop row Bo Not Rifle and Pistol Club encourages rifle and pistol shooting. Scarab 762 furthers the architectural profession. top row: frank Duihin. fred Sologgo, John Reif, Ffedorick Botei, Finnij Jolly, Arnold Willioms, Oscor Kleb, Thomas Taylor, LeRoy Russell, Frank Huffman, Wesley King, Llovd Springer, Robert Sherburne. Elmer love, Oriver lindsoy Second Row: Edward U»her, Edward Heotev, Jock Baker, Richord Graham, Arland Gould, Alposlon Reyhon, Donald Stewart, Richord McGinn, Duone Rowe, Robert Bradley, Robert Sullon, Gerold Cox, Robert Knapp, Jomet Bottersby Bottom row: Alfred Mofletl. Eugene Jurenec, Eugene Grohom, Paul Klumb. Jock Kiund, Thomas Landise, Martin Moffitt, Herbert KoJser, Robert Schoefer, Roy Troxetl, John Trumper, Gene Aibury Not in panel: Joseph Conzoneri, Chorlei Faulkner, George Reihmer f — 1 Pi Top row: Bufdette Kirkpotrick, Warren Behr, Vincent Wosilewski, Michael OBryne Fifth row: Jomes Mitchell, Robert Hill, Robert Stoerzbach, James Allen, William Hasse, Samuel Schochtmon, William Cahn, Richord Burgess, James Sheldon Fourth row: Hilmulh frey, Floyd Demones, Robert Wolf, Ross Workman, Robert Miller, William Calvin, Elmer Jenkins, Louis Rathert, Robert Whom Third row: Louis Simshouser, James Sherrick, Ernest Pool, Jefferson Giller, Harry Turn mel son, John Watson, Paul Freter, Max Guto, Edward Hoegeler, Wyotl Lindsey Second row: Charles Renz, Robert Snook, Eric DeMar, Professor J. N. Young, Professor M. I. Schnebly, Professor W. E. Brltton, Professor 0. W. Goble, Deon A. J. Horno, Professor K. S. Corlston, Professor H. W. Holt, Professor G. B. Weisrger, Professor E. W. Cleory, Professor W. I. Summers Bottom row: John Hyde, Stephen Forrest, Richard Cross, Arthur Gottscholk, Robert Monroe, Arthur Lennon, Ramon Mason, William Mum ford, Williom Sloter Senior Law Class 9iama %lplia lOfa fosters professional standards for women music students. Top row: Jean Morion, Dorothy Albert, Dorothy Lundgren, Mary Day, Norma Lrndenmuth, Rose Holmes, Janet Van Motre Second row: Jone Wolf, Barbara Shaffer, Barbara Garuey, Vera Williams, Juonita Davis, Sue Dorris, Sue Corr Bottom row: Nancy Potter, Joan Latowsky, Janice Kuhns, Marguerite Colley, Mae Petler, Cynthia Mcllhenny, Jane Kunkle, Dolores lowe Not in panel: Fleto Beisner, Nona Bruns, Dorothy Fitch, May Messman, Jean Payne Top row; AMon ZocKory, George Wachendorf, Edgor Wilki, Richord Gibbs, Roberl Singer, Norhan Roten, Jack Crannell Second fow: Michael Connelly, Roger Honce, Louis Moutz, Carlyle Neubauer, Kenneth Wooddell Third row: Grover Hoff, Gordon Taylor, George Thoma, James Dowler, Fred Anderson, Willioin Peeplet Bottom row: Ifo Cole, Alvin Pittoriut, Williom Koelling, Phillip Jeffries, Nathan Uditsky, Robert Goraltki IQIHCI DGIiCI Will honors outstanding men in journalism. Sigma TaU o„c. o.h o„d,„5 ,„.,o„ oW se.;o,s ,-„ engineering. Top rowt Edword Ernit, Roberl Adkiiton, John Cuihmon, George Becker, Bernard Peskin Third row: Robert Hart, Neol Kennegan, Wilfred Geittler, J. F. Harland, Guy Phillips Second row: Gerald Engelhort. W. C. Wiley, James Schuttele, Richard Hunter, Harlan Tripp, Williom Brootc» Bottom row: Floyd Dunn, Avery Hevish, Jomet Chandler, George Gore, Raoul Weil, Daryl Papke Not in poneli Poul Backer, William Barrtet. Norton Bell, Arthur Boreti, Richord Brown, George Oellert, Milton Embree. James Fishman, L. J. Gordon, James Horlond, Robert Hort, Marvin Itzkowitx, Victor Jackson, Billy Kirkwood, William Lawton, Alvin Levine, Richard Ling, Richard Lovell, Bernard Maftick, Frank Ocnoschek, John Porry, Roymond Pikno, LeRoy Shonlo, D. C. Smith, Holly Smith, Joseph Vene, Richord Williamson, Charles Sludf Top row: Robert Wilson, Robert Smith, John Mulvey, Donold Smith, Edgar Lower, John McCreery, Poui McCreery, Clarence McClymcndi, Metvern Schnizlein, John Morcinkosko, Jomes Tucker, Roy Morling Third row: Carl Butler, Eugene Young, James Kramer, Vincent Trainor, Irvin Tittsworlh, toy Holder, Horold Rutter, Dovid Hofwlck, Jack Bossie, V illiom Bostelt, Donald Wanderer. Gujrol Singh, Edword Porzygnat, Chester Peterson, James Florek, Charles StoMey, Robert McNamoro, Eugens Welcher Second row: Marvin Itzkowitz, Felix Ou, Henry Wegehoft, Sonford Eisman, Robert Gieriz, Howard Scheckman, Rudolph Lenich, William Stohl, Wollace Hopper, Everett Gibbs, William Mattheessen, Herman Morchisello, John Fitch, Charles Hudson, Raymond Steier Bottom rowr Bernard Peskin, Earl Spillor. William Groves. Vernon Lucos. Robert Pontious, Roymond Neol, Ian Pottorf, Donald Mozenko, John Johnson, Moorod Mooradion, George Becker, William Hull Society of Automotive Engineers I hetCI SigmCI rni Honors outstanding women in journalism. Top row: Lois Moore, Beverly Medow, Eunice Collins, Violet Martin Second row: Barboro Bickel, Lois Lehmon, Marilyn Gardner, Ruth Baron Bottom row: Louise Pawlowski, Audrey Franklin. Koy Waller, Mary Freter, Shirley O ' Neii Not in panel: Pouline Dolon, Mary Krebs 765 Top (Ow A(ioft« Lwik Borboro Miller Eitoline Ulmer, Jeonotlo Jcffeiion, Dofolhy Huntington. Dorothy Henn, JoAnn Sffubinger Jollom fow, Naomi Hunlor, Eleanor Ions, Patricia Champion. Dorothy Ehrhordt, Moriorie Holvorsen. Alice Ross, Morilyn Swonson, Beverly Bennett. Morie Shere Not ,n Don»l Anne Ba.noM Roismorv Flood, Dorothy Howver, Frances Johnson, Rita Kain. Charlotte Keck, Annette lewis. Patricia Woods, Bonnie Smith ZCYCI l nl EbCI honors oufsfanding women in speech. 1 766 lli EDSIIOH honors high scholarship in civil engineering. Top tow- Williom Sandi, Neol Hennegon, George Walker, William Swofford, Jomes Powers, Allen Konak, George Shoemoker, Edword Heoly, Howard Morey, Donold Domintki, Donald Browrt, Joe Mortik, Wilford Novolny Third row: Chorlei Givent, Roger Schierhorn, Robert Hart, William Mottershow, Edward Pcrshe, Max Weberling, Clarence Nowacki, Elmer Possow, Phillip Skies, John Briicoe. co-faculty adviser, Edword HobichI Second row: John GoodeM, Kennelh McGonn, Ronald Brown, Norman Emerick, Kofold Hunt, Alpheus Bemis, Charles Anderson, Emin Ozgor, Nile Blood, Robert R«nwick, Donald Waggoner Bortom row: Rlchord Foley, Floyd Brown. Henry Suzuki, Vernon Ciske, Wendoll Rowe, Soat Atay, James Roberts, Roland Collins, Dominic Principali, George Kouros, Donold Sotore, George Keele, Gerold Engelhort, Professor Williom Oliver, co faculty adviser Nol in panel: Allen Goodman, George Neher, Robert Briscoe, Richord Brown, Donald Prolzman, Willy Rieser, Jr., James Chandler, Jr., John Tonner, Jocob Whit- lock. Robert WItliomt. Clifton Woett Advertising index Becktold Co ' ' Charles H. Besly Co ' ' Busey First National Bank 779 Daily mini 779 John Deere 769 G. R. Grubb Co 775 Pantograph Printing Company 773 Spinner Brothers Company ' ' ' U. of I. Alumni Association 771 767 Index Aaron, BofbQ ' O, 66) Aoion. Willord. 633 Abbot. Hortxr I.. iV Abboii. Alb«M E , i98 Abbox. John ■ . S87, 609 Abb«ii. (ichiird M . 66. 283 Abbctf. Wilriom M-. 66 Ab ll . torni E . 69} Ab l . ioni(» C . 66. 434. 658 Ab«ntl in, eob«ft M-. 629 Abxman. Doni ! B . 592 Ab ifiolh». Jon W.. 4S8 Ab ' ohom. 8«M, C . 278. 444. 701. 702. 723 Abrohoini, Joivph. 682 Abromovlch. Philip A., 662 Abroni. Alb«tl A.. 738 Abromt. 8.. 323 Abiomi. Hotold. 640. 7}3 Abromi, Jot«ph 5., 638 Abromi, lawrvnc I.. 439. 634 Abtafflion, Sharon M.. 710 Abruiio, 8«niamin L., 637 Aiacia. 368 A Cappolla Choir, 61. 432. 436 Accorio. Michool M , 617 Accountancy Club. 737 Accountancy Honorary, 280 Acor. Donald W., Jr.. 62S Achor. Robert F.. 604 Ackor. Noncy J . 66. 707 Ackorman. Martin E.. 633 Ackorman. Philip. 66 Ack«rmann. Williom O , Jr.. 733 Adomec, Coorgianno M.. 712 Adami, D an L.. 735 Adomi, Jamoi A.. 689 Adomt, Jo«. Jr.. 66 Adomi. Bobort R.. 440 Adomi, William. 593 Adomi, William W.. 431. 641 Addiogo. 8«ver1y R.. 646. 656 Addiion. Arnold A . 624 Adolmon. Jock. 753 Adolion. Lm H . 66 Adoi. Sonya M . 652 Adkini. Ookloigh R.. 614 Adkiiion. Robort A.. 404. 662. 736. 764 Adior. Bolly. II. 652 Adtor. Flor llo S.. 265. 409. 647. 648. 670 Adminiitration Building. 44 Adminiitrotion Building. Chicago Campui, 363 Adminittrotion Officials, 27 Adminiitrotori, Athlatic. 514 Admitiioni ond Rocordl. 28 Adolph. R.. 322 Adrian, Clato E . 712. 740 Adrian. J.. 353 Adiit. Jonii E . 66. 707 Advortiting Honorary. 746 Advortiiing. Union Oopartment of Pub lie Rolationi. 389 Adviiory Committoe. Roviiion of th« Stotutot, 49 Aoriol Viow. Urbono Compui, 6. 7 A«ro-Modicol and Atmotphcric Inttitutv Building. 290. 291 Aotonauticol Enginvoring, 41, 283 Aotculopiui. 292. 293 Africa. 54 Africon Done Croup, 447 Aga», Horborl D . 533 Agotitain. Audroy f., 388. 652 Ag Club, 741 Ag Education Club. 745 Ag Fiold Day. 497 Aggor, Col rn K , 603 Agranofl, Joan R , 444, 649, 652 Agriculturol and Mochanical Collogo of T»ai. 43 Agricultural Economic Club Proiidont. 734 Agriculturol Education Club. 743 Agriculturol Educotlon Club Proiidont 734 Agriculturo l Englnooring, 41 Agricultural Talk Forco. 33 Agriculturo Boord of th« National Ro- • oorch Council. 35 Agriculturo Club. 734. 740. 741 Agriculturo Club and Council Proiidont. 734 Agriculturo Club Soctotory. 734 Agriculturo, Callogo of, 34. 35. 418. 421. 740 Agriculturo Council, 734 Afrlcwitwro Honofory, 282 Agrtculluro Mogaiino. 416 Agriculturo Toachori ' Honorary, 748 Agriculturol ExporimenI Station, 34 Agriculturiit Editor, 421, 734 Agricultutiit. Illinoii, 421 Ah, Wildornmi, 429 Ahliwodo, William J., 66 Ahrendl, Arthur P.. 279, 693, 750 Ahroniburg, Elizaboth A., 703 A. I. A., 745 A.I Ch.E , 746 A.I.E.E., 738 Aino, Holon E., 662 Ait Corpi ROTC, 455 Air Force, 430 Akod, Dogon, 602 Akcoglilar, Nocoti. 602 Akoi, C, 324 Akoy, Rulh E., 633 Aktopo, Sofa M., 746, 756 Aloyu, Elhol, 444, 701, 730 Albert, Dorothy J., 66, 440, 729, 763 Albert, Gilbert Ernoit, 297 Albert, Judith Z., 263, 632 Albert, Morion L., 440, 712, 743 Albertton, Lee. 604 Albiez, Robert C, 642 Albin, John S.. 609, 734 Albrecht, Albert W., Jr., 619 Albrechl, Donald C, 66, 608 Albrecht, John R., 66, 421, 632. 751 Albright. Jomei A.. 589 Albyn. Richard K.. 596, 745 Alceitii. 720 Alcock. Worren, 538 Alcorn, Robert M., 66, 612, 743 Aide, Reynold R., 598 Aldenon, John T., 692 Alderion, Raymond H., 66 Aldenon, Vera Lee, 726 Aldridge, Yvonne L., 437. 715 Aleionder, Either, 66, 703 Alexander, lloyd, 732 Alexander, Luciui W., 67 Alexander, Malcolm H., 638 Alexander, Nancy I., 663 Alexander, Robert E., 283, 741 Alexander, Somuel E., 67, 533 Alexandria, 58 Alien, Jean C, 61 1 Alim, Abdul, 756 All Ag Field Day. 740 All Ag Field Day Committee. 735 Allomon. John H., 67, 678, 690, 734 Allan, John G., 396 Allan, Robert S., 67 Allord, Robert D., 436 Allowoy, William H,, 67, 266 378, 382, 396, 434. 683 Allen, Alfred W., 749 Allen, Alice R., 391, 408, 656 Allen, Mill, 430 Allen, Borbora J., 651 Allen, Chorlei R., 623 Allen, Charlotte A., 669 Allen, Fred M., 608 Allen, Horry K., 606 Allen, Horry T., 458, 606, 747 Allen, J., 299 Allen, Jomei K., 67, 763 Allen, Jamei R., 629 Allen, Jomei W.. 67 Allen, Jay, 61, 433, 436 Allen, Jeiie M., 67, 629 Allen, Joe D., 67, 596, 745 Allen, John, 603. 741 Allen. John H., 67 Allen, John I., 666 Allen, lucile, 436 Allen. Marilyn R., 651 Allen. Morlho N.. 415. 416. 707 Allen, Roy I., 621 Allen, Richard F., 67, 734, 736 Allen, Rollin, 626 Allen, William T., 399 Allerton, 486 Alloxan, John R., 67, 607 Allinglon, Robert W., 466 Alllion, Jack L., 67, 287 Alliion. R , 319 Alliion, Roborl E., 744 Alliion, William B., 67 Allolt, Ruth A , 660 All-Pledge Banquet. 374 Alma Mater Statue, 1 1 Almburg, John W., 410, 593. 734 741 Alper, Hooord, 415, 439. 592 Alpet, Notolle, 725 Alport, loren D., 621 Alport, Gilbert E., 302, 349 Alpho Chi Omogo, 650 Alpha Chi Bho, 5S9 Alpho Chi Sigma, 590 Alpha Chron, 702 Alpha Chron, Shl-Ai Oonco, 649 Alpha Delta Phi, 572, 573. 591 Alpha Delta Pi. 631 Alpha Delia Sigma, 746 Alpha Epsilon Iota, 325 Alpha Epiilon Phi, 632 Alpha Epiilon Pi. 573, 592 Alpho Gamma Delta, 653 Alpho Gamma Rho, 593 Alpha Houie, 720 Alpha Kappa Alpha, 654 Alpha Kappa Koppa, 319, 353 Alpha Koppo lambda, 387, 594 Alpha Koppa Pii, 747 Alpho Lombdo Delta, 278 Alpho Omega Alpha, 318, 320, 322 Alpha Omicron Pi. 655 Alpho Phi, 656 Alpha Phi Alpha, 593 Alpho Phi Omego, 486, 747 Alpho Pi Delto, 748 Alpha Rho Chi, 596 Alpha Sigma Nu, 282 Alpho Sigma Phi, 397 Alpha Tou Alpha, 746 Alpho Tau Omega, 372, 373, 598 Alpha Xi Delto, 637 Alpha Zela, 282 Alruiz, Robert W., 402 Alruti. Wilmo. 402 Alt. Gladys M., 67, 277, 635 Allot Society, 401 Altenberg, Michael R., 634 Allenburg, Belly J., 669 Altgeld Hall, 12. 48 Altgeld, John P., 49 AlthoU, Jeanette, 760 Altrogge, Julian J,, 67, 751 Aluarez, Leonor, 68, 707 Alumni Associotion, 29 Alvey, Horry M., 404, 456 Alvin, Harold C, 619 Amacher, Peter G., 333, 341 Amocher, Phyllis M., 68, 723 Ambrose, Leo R., 68, 631 Ambrose, Miriom J., 715 Amelianovich, Vera, 68, 716 Americon Academy of Arts ond Sciences, 49 American Academy of Physicol Educo- lion, 35 American Associotion for Heoifh, Physi- col Education, and Recreation, 744 American Association for the Advance- ment of Science, 56, 57 American Association of Schools and Departments of Journotism. 46 American Bar Association, 48, 49 American Ceramics Society, 749 American College, 36 Americon Council on Education. 38 American Council on Education for Journalism. 47 American Economic Association, 37 American Federation of Teachers, 39 American Institute of Accountants, 280 American Institute of Architects, 43, 745 American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers, 746 American Judicature Society, 49 Americon Library Association, 53 American library Institute, 53 American Marketing Association, 743 American Physical Educotlon Assoclo- lion, 34, 55 American Public Health Association, 57 Americon Pharmoceuticol Association, 339 American Society of Agricultural Engi- neering, 749 American Society of Architectural His- torians 43 Americon Society of Civil Engineers, 730 American Society of Mechanical Engi- neer!, 750 American Veterinary Medical Associo- tion, 57 America ' s Postwar Planning and Foreign Policy, 393 Amermon, Nedro R., 665 Ames, Iowa, 50 Ames, Ralph W., 68 Amei, Richard N,, 420, 749, 752, 756 Ammon, John, Jr., 68, 464, 696 Amoi, Richord W., 629 Amundion, Dougloi A., 694 Anott. Cooig T., 262. 738 Ancol. Dolotvi A.. 704 And You Cry Alone. 429 Anderegg, Hank. 590 Anderlik. Robert E., 350. 552, 534 Andersen. Beverly J., 667 Andersen, Harvey M., 614 Andersen, Jomes A., 589 Andersen, Rachel, 733 Anderson, Alan G., 66 Anderson, Anne V., 719 Anderson, Bertil E., 692 Anderson, Charles E., 636 Anderson, Charles H., 68, 283, 599, 735, 766 Anderson, Claude V., 341, 398 Anderson, Clifford E., 68, 283, 750 Anderson, Dona D., 397 Anderson, Daniel E., 68 Anderson, Don R., 614 Anderson, Donald Eugene, 402, 692, 734 Anderson, Donald Taylor, 63 Anderson, Donald Terry, 438 Anderson, Dorothy I., 284 Anderson, Edword C, 68, 692 Anderson, Estelle G., 636 Anderson, Evold O., 68, 619 Anderson, Frank W., 68 Anderson, Fred H., 68, 755, 764 Anderson, Gerold K., 68, 751 Anderson, Gertrude R., 69 Anderson, Harlan E., 279, 439 Anderson, Horris E., 69, 638, 755 Anderson, Horry S., 402, 692 Anderson, Henry W., 550 Anderson, Hugh V., 390 Anderson, J., 326 Anderson, James A., 444 Anderson, James H., 467 Anderson, Jane, 660 Anderson, Jesse R., Jr., 69 Anderson, John A., 612 Anderson, John I., 390 Anderson, John R., 308 Anderson, Joy I., 717 Anderson, Kenneth E., 69 Anderson, lennort N., 680, 746 Anderson, Leverett A., 459, 466, 622 Anderson, Lilo, 760 Anderson, Loren H., 439, 597 Anderson, Margaret J,, 69, 656 Anderson, Marvin C, 403 Anderson, Patricia A.. 718 Anderson, R., 319 Anderson, Richord D., 444, 466, 586, 599 Anderson, Robert J., 69, 616, 745 Anderson, Robert William. 690 Anderson. Robert Winn. 69, 737 Anderson, Samuel P.. 746 Anderson, Stuart E.. 69 Anderson, Theodore W., 69 Anderson, Vernon E., 517, 757 Anderson, Veslo E., 69, 713 Anderson. Wendell W., 69 Anderson, Wilbei o J., 716 Anderson, William Alben, 69, 280, 605, 747 Anderson. William Arthur, 420, 467 Anderson, Williom E., 464, 618 Anderssohn, Henry A., Jr., 517, 553 Andreassen, George C, 691 Andreos, John A., 629 Andrew, Melvin, 69 Andrews, Betty V., 719 Andrews, Charles 8., 599, 743 Andrews, Gerald I., 586, 626 Andrews, Helen, 31, 700 Andrews, James 8., Jr., 599, 749 Andrews, Robert L, 264, 599 Andrews, Sylvia J., 69, 432, 655 Andruss, lee J., 635 Angel, J. W., 296, 301, 344 Angler, Maizie J., 663, 740 Angus, George I., 467 Animal Husbandry, 741 Animal Husbandry, Department of, 34 Annenborg, Joseph B., 694 Annex Hall, 682, 683 Annin, William C, 69 Annis, R. I., 320 Annual Bond Clinic, 438, 439 Anonymous, 51 9 Anovitz, Phyllis, 433, 710 Ansell, Mitchell A., 620 Ansley, Robert J., 69. 680 Antes. Manning P.. 333 Anthony, Bud, 415 Anti-Aircroft Corps, 450 Antle, Reid M., 70, 588 Antonio, Matthew, 689 Antrim, Earl V., 456, 606 Apal, Kenneth R.. 586, 629 768 BEYOND THE HORIZON fi a a i t 4 c f e na H FARMING is at the threshold of an exciting new era! Improved crop varie- ties promise even bigger yields. Better ways of controlling weed and insect pests are cutting crop losses. Records that keep tab of capitalization and depreciation as well as income and outgo are putting farming on a sounder business basis. Better crop rotations, contour farming, and strip crop- ping are saving precious topsoil — boosting farm production. John Deere power equipment makes it easy to take advantage of these modern farming practices. It takes over most of the muscle work and gives owners more time to spend with their families. Bv reducing the uncertainty and drudgery of farming, John Deere implements make possible fuller, happier lives for farm families every- where. Because the strength of America lies in her free-thinking, unregimented rural pop- ulation, we all have an important stake in our agriculture. New methods . . . better machines — all things that help to keep farm people prosperous and contented — safeguard our way of life. A strong, stable agriculture is insurance against evil days — a promise of brighter tomorrows! JOHN DEER M O L 1 N E L L I N O I S 769 Aplinglon, John P., 759 Apoill . Ceotg . 70 Appanoilli. John A., 39, 694 Apixl. H.. 30} Appitt, William H., S9A, 74S Appio, Eail H.. 685 App1 gal« Phvllll A., 718, 740 Aproti, Oobri«l J., 70 Aroi. Tiutomu G., 607 A a». Hitoihi H.. 70 Arbili, Dominic $., 687 Archiloctutol Enoin««ring, 41 Atchil«ctun, 41. 47. 43 Afchifocturo Building. 43. 43 Arck«t. Arthur t.. 70, 533. S36. 567. 563. 619 Aidiibold. toxmorr A., 278. 421. 702. 708. 740 Ardon. Slonlav E.. 279 Ardiiono. Barnard. 70, 455. 629 Arvnborg. Williom D.. 603 Ar«ndi. Donald C.. 691 Ar»po. 474. 430 Arford. P«ggy A . 677 Argr lan. Paul M., 673 Arlioniai. 393 Armbruil r. G.. 324 Armod forc«i. 454 Armod Forcei DoY. 453 Armin. oi H.. 738 Armon. Leonard W.. 70 Armour Inililute o( Technology, 53 Armi. Richard E.. 461 Armilrong. Dorothy I.. 369. 669 Armilrong, Harold F.. 604 Armitrong. JoAnne. 671 Armitrong. Jove H., 660 Armitrong, Louronco W., 632 Armitrong, Nancy J., 276 Armilrong. Richard C, 70. 623, 755 Army. 450, 522. 525 Army Air Forcei. 55. 59 Army Ground Forcei. 55 Anny Security Agency, 450 Amholi. Williom C., 636 Arnold. Arlene D.. 714 Arnold. Donold I.. 70, 691, 759 Arnold, Rita A.. 416, 436, 712 Arnold, Wayne E., 70 Aren. Eugene H.. 640 Aronczyk. Jokob. 633 Arondelli. Catherine I., 655. 740 Arenion. Paul J.. 634 Arrieto, Guy M., 665 Art, 43 Arthur, Art, 524 At idion, Dole R.. 631 Ary, Mildred J., 729 Aio. Worren J., 694. 747, 753 A.S.A E., 749 Atbury, Chorlei E., 70 Aibury, Gene, 284. 762 A.S.C.e., 750 Aich, AAorlin, 308. 323 Aich. Melvin D.. 70 Afchon, Horry R., 738 Aichermon, Norman. 302 Aichermon. S.. 323 Aih. Homer I.. 467 Aih. Myron A.. 694 Aihermon. John W.. 70 Alhinollky. David H.. 70, 640 Aihley, Walter M.. 663 Alia, 54 Aikini, loren E., 70, 747 A.S.M.E., 750 Aimui. Ed»ard W.. 70, 637 Aimui. Robert C. 71, 637 Aimui. Shirley J . 715 Aipden, Robert G.. 697 Aiplund. B««erly J.. 365. 435. 430. 658 Aiplund, Mory E , 658 Aiielin. G orge F.. 633 Aiiiilont to the Preiident. 36 Aiiociolion of American law Schooli. 49 Aiiociotion of Collegei and Reference libroriei. 53 Aitrohon. Dan f., 680 Aiomon. Adnom. 756 Atomer. Mehmef M.. 71, 602 Atoy, Suot A , 756. 766 Atcfiiion. Genevo. 403 Atchiion. Williom. 266 Atgeld Hall. 46 Atgeld, John P., 49 Alhey, l.lo J , 71, 363, 383, 385, 576, 577, 735, 740 Athlete of the Year, 516 Athletic Aiiociotion, 570 Athletic Adminiitrollon. 513 Athletic Adminiitrotori. 514 Athletic Manogeri. Moingweno. 757 Athletic Publicity Oiieclor. 515 Alhletici. Director of. 514 Atkini. Tommy V.. 633 Atkinion. Maa I., 71 Alklnian, tichord I., 597 Atmoipheric Initilule Building, 391 Atof, Jo Ann. 376 Attebery, J . 719. 740 Al.oler. Chorlei D . Jr., 613, 743 Aud. Fred t., 71 Audio Viiuol Aids Service, 63 Audit and Supervliion Committee, Stu- dent Affolri, 383 Auerbach, Sheldon H., 688 Aueriv.old, Edword, 71, 684 Aufdenkamp, Edwin L., 363 Augiberger. Marilyn J., 396. 405. 444, 649, 651 Augur, Alliion I.. 438, 587, 605 Augutline, Chorlei A., 71 Auifohl, Richard J.. 565, 611 Auilln. Alvin C.. 533 Auilin, Chorlei E., 668 Auther, Johrt C, 381, 586, 616 Avediiion, Armen G., 71, 629 Aveiy. Robert J.. 632 Avery. Willard C. Jr.. 608 Aaelman. Norma. 71. 661 Aielrod. Marvin 8.. 669 Aye. Florence. 364 Ayeri. Chorlei H.. 433, 439 Ayeri, J. R., 301 Azzorello, Chorlei A., 71 Azzarello, Joioph J.. 71 B Bobb, Alberl I., 399 Bobcock, Murroy I., 366 Bobcock. Rutiell N., 467, 636 Babero, Ben B., 71, 595 Babelch, Burton I., 630 Bacolar, Alberl M., 627, 754 Baccui, Morkui V., 750 Bachcrl, Raymond P., 693. 747 Bochman. Alvin A.. 71. 676. 685. 748 Bochmon. Roger O., 589 Bochmon. Stuart J.. 688 Bocker, Poul E.. 71. 287. 764 Backi. Miriam C. 402. 707 Bacon. Robert H.. 598 Bade. Elmer R., 599 Badgelt, Marina M., 435, 651 Badziong, Donald M., 71 Boechle, Robert J., 73, 631. 746 Boer. Don H.. 414, 640 Boer, Morlln J., 664 Boer, Mary I., 72, 377, 396, 713, 760 Boer Patricio A., 72, 707, 748 Bogel. John, 332, 333, 341 Boggoll, Anita J.. 403 Bogley. Howord. 451 Bohlmon. Bill. 693 Bahnten. Allan H.. 72 Bohr. Donald W.. 72, 619 Boier, Phyllii J., 727 Bailey, Belty I.. 265, 409, 436, 647, 651 Boiley, Glenn C, 689 Bailey, Harold, 368 Boiley, Kennelh W., 613 Boiley, lorry E., 608 Bailoy. lou Ann. 656 Boiley. P.. 318 Bailey. Robert H.. 439, 608, 680 Boily, H. Heoton, 280 Boime, William, 761 Bain. Melba M.. 704 Boinbridge. Bernard, 687 Boir, Alfred C, Jr., 533 Boird, Dole E., 72. 734, 736, 739 Boird, Evelyn M., 73 Boird, Robert I., 628, 757 Boird-Smith, Marilyn, 657 Boity, Oorii I., 72, 285. 722, 740 Baity, Dorothy G., 722, 740 Boker, Billy I., 73. 695, 747 Baker. Cloude W.. 72 Baker. Harold A.. 466 Baker. Howard, 592 Baker, Inez E., 726 Baker, Joy, 321, 519, 628 Baker, Jock S., 284, 762 Baker, John J., 585 Baker, Milei I., 691 Baker, Patricio M., 657 Baker, R., 332. 323 Baker. Raymond E.. 467 Baker. Roger J.. 685 Boker. Rulh A.. 660 Boker. Waller. Jr.. 404. 754 Boloii. Grace O.. 433, 673 Bolch, Bruce I., 415, 615 Balder, Corel S., 716 Balder, Donald A., 467 Balder, Roy B., Jr., 73 Boldry, Joan, 436 Boldui, Borboro R., 657 Baldwin, Honion, 393 Baldwin, J., 334, 326, 344, 346 Baldwin, Wolloce, 545, 547 Bolei, Robert W., 73 Bollonline, Fredrick W., 616 Bolllne, Frank. 680 Bollii. Robert. 691 Bollioam. IllinI Union. 676 Bolion. Maurice M., 431, 439, 637 Boltimore College of Denial Surgery, 301 Boll, C., 324 Bonche, Jo F.» 739 Banchy, Michael A., Jr., 72 Bond Clinic, Annual. 436, 439 Bone, Eleonor M., 713 Bone. Evetell. 689 Bone. Moty E., 410, 663 Bone, Williom R., 73 Bong, Henry p., 641 Boniiter, Richard E.. 73 Bonki. Carol I.. 651 Bonki. Gilbert E., 685 Bankion, Borboro I., 657 Bonkton, Beverly J., 657 Bonniiler, Marcio J., 721 Bonnon, Robert P., 695 Banowitz, Morilyn, 707 Bonauot, Houte President ' s, 700 Bonlncr, Goyle B., 333, 342 Baptitt Student Fellowship, 403 Borockman. Potricio A.. 663 Borom. Peler. 685 Baron, Rulh L.. 72. 724. 765 Boronyi, Helen I.. 328. 649. 665 Borolz. Shelio M.. 400, 707 Barber, Esther A., 704 Barber, June, 663 Barber, T. K., 296, 297, 299 Barbolak. Mary. 285 Borbte. Mis.. 720 Borchick. Dolores G.. 707 Borcus, Bernice E.. 404 Bord, Allon E.. 73. 743 Bard, G. W., 320 Borelield, Harold, 642, 753 Barenbrugge. Francis E.. 73. 597 Borenholtz. Eugene S.. 640 Bares. Hubert F.. 73 Barger. Fronk L.. 613 Barger. Robert D.. 73. 742 Borgh. George H., 73, 746 Baribcult, Jules D., 750 Borkon. Melvin. 73. 634 Borkouskus. E., 333. 342, 347 Barkei, Roberl E., 457 Borker. Alden F.. 614 Barker, John C, 611 Barker, Reuben D., 605 Borker, Twiley W., Jr., 595 Barker, William I., 73, 614 Barkley, Carlos, 276 Borkman, Lester, Jr., 745, 748 Borkson, Alfred W., 616 Bormosh. Norman J.. 73. 691. 761 Bornord. Phyllis I.. 717 Barnard. Williom H., Jr., 73 Barnes, Bloine, 73, 600 Barnes, Jocqueiine 0., 717 Bornes, R. E.. 296. 301, 344 Barnes, Richard W.. 73. 754 Barnes. Roberl M.. 456. 460. 533. 601 Bornes, Williom, 590, 746, 764 Barnes, William M., 456, 460, 533, 601 Bornelt. Anne, 766 Barnett, Rita L.. 652 Borney, Woyne F., Jr.. 73, 750 Bornhorl, Geraldine, 715 Bornhort, Henry H., 467 Bornhort. Mildred M.. 712 Barns. Eugene P., 73 Borns. Rosalee T.. 73 Barnstable. Anna E.. 308. 324, 325 Barnum. Robert V., 603 Borov. Herbert. 333. 341 Borpujorl, Girindronoth. 749 Borr. Chorles L., 599 Borr, J ames W., Jr., 591 Barreto, Samuel. Jr., 444 Barrett, Arthur M., Jr., 601 Barren, Nancy G., 415, 667 Borrell, Peggy J., 73. 651 Barrett, William S., 683 Barrick, Donald C, 598 Borrick, Robert M., 598 Barron, James W., 421, 739 Barrow, Joseph, 284 Barrow, Lois A., 73, 577, 578, 704 Borry, Gerald W., 596 Barry, Jennis, 404 Borschok, Thomos J., 680 Borlo, Ernest R., 621 Barlolsloin, Eileen H., 74, 728 Barlh. Richord M.. 738 Barlhel, Eric, Jr., 590 Borlhel, Harold O., 286. 287 Barlhel. John W., 622 Barlhel. Williom H., 74 Bartholomew, Frances A., 704 Borlletl. Mory J.. 74, 703, 737, 760 Barton, Hunry O., 74, 639 Borlon House, 683 Barton, Jbon M., 650 Borlosiok, Marion E., 668 Bortosiewicz, Delphlna F., 717 Borlich, Mory A., 2, 73, 263, 266 410 673 Borluiek, James F., 755 Borwlg, B., 339, 343, 345 Borz, William E., 691 Boici, Fahir M., 74 Boieball, 549 Boieboll Coach, 514 Both, Shirley I., 664 Baiketboll. 535 Botketboll Cooch, 514 Boikln, Kenneth D., 74 Boss, Beverly J.. 661 Boss. Hirom C. 467. 613 Bass. Sharon C, 436, 438, 738 Basse, V. lewis, 28 Bassett, Denman J., 533, 632 Basscll. William M.. 750, 765 Bassie, Jock C. 286, 738, 765 Bossier, Williom A.. 641 Basso, Arthur J.. Jr.. 594 Bast. Richard D., 668 Bolemon. Rolley C, 397, 299 Bales, Frederick R., 284, 762 Botes, Kendoll P., 74, 622 Botes, Paul E., 593 Botes. Tyll C. 74, 691 Bath, Mory F.. 725 Batina, Jerome R., 74 Bollolion Officers. 464 Batterhom, Ronald E.. 619 Boltersby. James M.. 619. 762 Bollershell. Billy H., 571 Botlleson. Roberl D., 457 Bouer, Carole A., 379. 578. 702. 712 B auer. Erwin F., 457, 461, 589 Bauer, Miriom L., 74, 396, 397, 664 Bouermeister, Pout J., 466 Boughmon, Joseph E., 74 Baughmon. Melvo F.. 74. 740 Baujon, Robert R., 599 Bauling. Frederick G.. 74, 750 Boumann. Keith D.. 614 Boumgordner. Carol A.. 408, 659 Boumgordner, Joonne M.. 655 Baurer. Roberl C, 74. 689 Boxler, Donald B.. 74. 609, 734. 736, 741 Baxter, Fred J., 617 Baxter. Horry Y.. 636 Baxter. Kennelh L., 75 Boxler. R. C. 301 Boxter, Roymond W.. 75. 266. 384. 398, 636 Boyler, Theodore W., 440,611 Baylor, Cecil E., 606 Bayne. James M.. 623 Boysinger. R.. 319 Bozola, Dr. F., 300 BCG Voccine, 304 Beach. F. H., 757 Beach, K. E., 296. 297, 299 Beoch, Theodore C. 279. 539, 614 Beach, William A., 600 Beagle, Melvin J., Jr., 440. 603 Beall. Thompson, 598 Seols, Robert J., 630 Beams, Horry E., 75, 750 Beon, Haldone W., 755 Beon. KatFryn A.. 663 Bean. Noydine P.. 720 Bear, Beverly J.. 651 Beor, Roberl E,, 279, 681 Bear, William G., 694 Beard, J. Howard, 26 Beord, Jesse, 284 Beotty, Charles L., Jr., 593, 734 Beotty, Frieda E., 704 Beally, Gilbert M., 452, 460, 619 Bealy, Charles, 739 Beau Chateau, 721 Beauchomp, Robert, 450, 457 Beaumont, Robert A., 75, 738 Beaver, Beverly M., 669 Becher, James, 628 Becher, Sheldon W., 404 Bechlol. Florence L., 663 Bechtold. David H.. 614 Bechlold, James H., 757 Beck, Jock Q., 636 Beck, Robert W., 75, 738 Beck, Williom H., 586, 607 Beckenhoidt, Willard D., 438 Becker, B., 322 Becker, Betsy P., 657 Becker, Beverly J., 720 Becker, Carolyn D., 707 Becker, Charlotte, 728 Becker, George A., 75, 286, 287, 688, 750, 764, 765 Becker, Jo Anne, 664 Beckett, Grace. 760 Beckhorl. I. Maurice, 691 Beckmon, Anne, 712 Beckmon, Fred P., 623 Beckmeyer, Melbo I., 716 Becknell, Morilyn E., 75, 730 Becwor, Jerome A., 686 Bedell, David T., 75, 517, 547, 636 BeDell, Noimon E., 75 Bedenkop, Waller L., 75, 283, 755 Bedermon, Jconne I., 75, 652 Beebe, Raymond B., 641 Beodle, Mary L.. 720 Beeson, Dolores J., 659 Beeson, Donald M., 619 Beeson, William J., 444, 586, 619 Beetle, James R., 613 Behon, Paul F., 75, 517, 546. 626 Bohl. Helsno L.. 715. 753 Behling. Audrey L.. 717 Behr, Corl E.. 75. 616, 746 Behr, Warren C. 763 Behrendt, William F., 638 Bohroni. Williom A., 75, 747 Beidelman, John L., 641 770 ILLINOIS LOYALTY One of the best ways to demonstrate your loyalty to your Alma Mater is to become a member of your Alumni Association. Your mem- bership card identifies you as an alumnus who is actively interested in your University. Join the ranks of thousands of other lllini who are doing their part to make it possible to have an active Alumni Association. Your mem- bership will not only help maintain the present program of services to the University and to its members, but will help to expand these services. By joining before you leave the campus, you may take advantage of the special rotes listed below. Notice the savings involved. Regular Special Savings Annual $ 4.00 $ 1.00 $ 3.00 Four Year 16.00 4.00 12.00 Life 80.00 70.00 10.00 Installment plan — $75.00. $15.00 down, $15.00 a year for four years. All memberships include subscription fo Illinois Alumni News. Life memberships at a graduated scale are available to students begin- ning with the freshman year. U. OF I. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 227 lllini Union Building 771 Ull: John N., 7S3. 797 ft«irie (. J an. 6A6 ■•iinx. Flsio M . 729. 763 B ck»m» «i. H«rb«n W.. 637 B«lford, Fronc«i, 723 Mling. Eleanor M.. 743 ■•II. Alio M.. tit Bell. Oeloiil M . 71V B«ll. Eail« H . 440. 618 tell. Edwin O., 75 tell. FtederKk A . 277 Bell. Hoooid E.. 692 Bell. John M.. 747 tell. NoMon W . 281. 764 Bell. Philip C . 628 Bell. PltrHii E.. 6S4 Bell. I.tlord u»ell. 75 tell. Sh.ile J.. 425. 656 Bell. W.lliom W.. 298J99 Belief, lono C. 707 Belline. Frank J.. 76 Bello i. ioton E.. 425 Belmont. Maitachuielli. 38 Belnop. Dofoihy A.. 666 Belnop. Noel 0.. Jt.. 598 Beloil. Uni ei i r ol. 588. 559 Bell. Jeon R.. 76. 433 Belt. John F . 26. 277. 283. 742. 743 Belti. Louiie. 711 temit. Alpheul C . 766 Bendell. Curlii B . 738 Bender. Abrohom. 76, 620 Bender. Bob C. 749 Bender. Ed.ord T., 691 Bender. F . 326 Bender. Fronk C, 308. 318. 347 Bender. Jov A.. 744 Bender. Ruth 0.. 76. 724 Bendei, Maurice A.. 75B Benedict. Dole. 587. 596 Beneke. Er in H.. 630 BenercK. Beltv L.. 328. 710 Beneich. Joan B.. 408. 670 Bengord. Eugene O., 386. 517, 560. 561. 588 Bengel. Robert R.. 76. 639. 750 Bengtion. Felii J., 399. 402 Benhom. Morlin N.. 603 Benjamin. Jerry. 640 Beniomin. Orrin E.. 598 Benjamin. Robert B.. 755 Benjomin. Warren O.. 76, 754 Benner, Mcrgoret R., 713 Benner, Thomot E.. Jr., 618 Bennett. Alvin L., 404 Bennett. Ee.erly J.. 76, 382, 658, 766 Bennett, Dwight. 756 Bennett. Edword. 292 Bennett, Ncncy C, 76, 669 Bennett, Richord, 747 Bennett. Robert M., 76, 591 Bennett, Ruiiell C, 683 Bennett, Wayne, 29 Bennett, Williom R., 277 Bennitt, William B., 641 Benoiit, Donald L., 76, 626 Benicoter, Mory J., 433 Benien, Kenneth C. 440, 755 Beniew. Arnold W.. 758 Benton. Allen M.. 639, 752 Benton. John L., 76 Benion. Sara I.. 76. 671 Beniton. Gerald E., 76 Bent. Alfred E., 76, 747 Benton, Or. B., 343 Benton, Chorlet H., 590 Benton, Dwight W., 601 Benton. Jomet C 601 Benton, Richard H., 601 Bentien, Morihall I., 76. 680 Ben.iti, Lola M., 77, 727, 740 Bercher. Dorothy A.. 77. 704 Berden. Potricio. 671 Bereoloi. Phyllit A.. 408, 715. 758 Beret. Matthew C, 642 Berr.eld. C E.. 306 Berg. Albert W . 287 Berg. George M., 73 Berg. Hokon H., 745 Berg, Kenneth B , 280 Berg, Martin, Jr., 77. 749 Berg, Roy A , Jr , 77. 402 Berg, Verio E., 284 Bergeim. Hildegorde 1.. 745 Betger. Mortlyn M., 721 Berger, Phyllii, 327, 328 Berger, Somwel, 620 Berger, W.lliom H., 620 Bergeton, R., 342 Bergr.eld. R.lo. 435. 711 Berglund. Wallace A., Jr , 402 Bergman. Clarence E , 286 Bergman, Jock H., 746 Bergmon. Ronald A., 666 Bergouiit, Joan C. 265, 276, 409, 647. ' ,»■) ' , ' , ' : ' n ih 6., 457, 459. 695 .tle E , 619 - 77, 267. 646. 659 oro M . 400. 666 • 598 F . 717 Bc ' iiO- ' r. )afOme t., 61 5 terkowlli. Ruth. 576. 724 terkion. David M,, 77. 640 Berkton, Theodore D., 77, 633 Berktun. Ertugrul. 602 Berliont. Jock J.. 633 Berlin. Cermony, 54 Bermon. Bloiiom P.. 400, 724 Bermon. Corolyn A.. 706 Bermon. Jacqueline L.. 668 Bermon. Robert A.. 77, 6)5 Bernord, Byron G.. 77 Bernordi. William E., 691 Bernotdinl, Rinoto J.. 334, 337, 342 Bernordoni, Edwin A., 517 Bernordoni. louit C. 436 Berne. Bernord. 77 Berner. Worten E.. 77. 609. 745. 748 Bernett. Theodore 6., 77. 750 6ernelt. Thomoi B., 77 6erning, Robert J.. 614 Bernreuter, Joonn 0.. 663 6erntlein, Annette H., 705 Bernilein, Bernard 5., 77, 633 Berntlein. Chorlei N.. 685 Bernitein. Edgor W.. 694 Berntlein. Ceroid. 615 Bernttein. J.. 323 Berntlein. Lenore R.. 710 Bernttein. Muriel, 668 Bernitein. Ruth C., 726 Bernttein. 5., 340 Bernitein. Vivian E., 77 Berntien, Irene V., 707 Bernzweig. Albert. 78. 283, 681 Berry, Elaine, 724 Berry, Fred F., 262. 272, 382, 584, 612 Berry, J., 324 Berry, Ralph L., 629 Berry, Robert E., 590 Berry, Sydney B.. 713 Berichel. Morvln W.. 533 Phyllii M., 722 Berion, Ronald, 466 Bertoih, Milton M., 691 Berlmon, Harriet F., 649. 661 Bertofto. Donald C. 597 Bertoiia. Robert C. 757 6erlz. Richord S.. 78. 635 8eioncon. Profettor R., 343 Betont, Wilion J., 572, 598 Beichloti, Morris R., 415, 416, 633 Beskin, Jule. H., 78, 592, 754 Belly, O. T., 341 eeiserer, Erwin, 78, 402, 683. 750, 762 Beiiette, Joieph T., 78, 629 Benoy, Don A., 78, 745, 750 Bestinger, Herbert E., 308, 318 Belaiio. Robert F.. 78, 617, 688 Belo Alpha Psi, 280 Beta Gammo Sigma, 277 Beto Houie, 721 Beta Tholo Pi, 573, 599 Betatron, 290 Betatron Building, Chicogo, 291 Bethony Circle, 722 Belhordi, Jomej W., 755 Bettinghoui, Erwin P., Jr., 753 Bevon, Roy E.. 695 Beverly. E. G.. 342. 352. 353 Bevier Holl, 10, 55 Bevii, George D., 78, 746 Beyer, Willi om E.. 753 Bezanit, Perry, 78 Bezoniky, Stella, 724 Bezork, Armond I., 76 6ezio. Clarence A.. 631 Bhotye. Sitorom V., 682, 749 Bibliographical Society of America, 53 Bickel, Barbara A., 78, 263, 285, 666, 765 Bickel. Thomoi J., 438 Bickelhaupt, Roy E., 630 Bickerton, June L., 78 Bieber. Dorothy E.. 78. 578 Biedermon. John. 688 Bielfeldl. Edward E., 682 Bienieckl. Edword, 688 Blenlecki, Henry S., 665 Bierboum, Williom R., 404, 606, 747 Biedermon, John W., 439 Biermon, Richord L., 76 6ierman, Seymour B., 78, 691 Big Nine, 532, 544, 550, 563, 567 Blgelow, Williom R., 78, 619 6igger, John P., 593 Biggeri, Jock L., 439 Biggeri, John W.. 466 Bighorn. John H.. 79, 750 Bihler. Leonard. 630 Blld. Nancy S., 706 Blld, S., 323 Bill, Roland f.. 79 Bill Shelton ' i Orcheiiro, 3B1 Blllermon. Wolter E.. 79 Billingi. A . 322 Bllllngi. Robert D.. 686. 738 Billow. Arlene H . 668 Bllli. Robert S . 464. 467. 628 Bilton, lenore, 79, 724 Bllton, Lorraine, 79, 724 tI ' Monlhly Diiployl, Chicago llllnl Union, 345 Binder, loll ;., 406, 659 Binder, Robert I., 79, 750 Blodi, Evo R., 686 Bingham, John H., 421, 609, 739 Bingman, Williom E., 686 Birch, Jonel W.. 265, 415, 655 eird, R. B., 320 Birk, Ruisell C, 623 eirkolboch, Albert O.. 746 Blrkey. Williom R., 754 eirr, Robert E., 79, 754 eiihop, Craig I., 691 6iihop, J., 353 Blihop, Mohlon L., 600 BUka, H., 324 Bliko, Joy M.. 656 Bitter, Hugh J., 744 Bitlermon, Arnold A., 467, 617 Bitlermonn, Lawrence A., Jr., 79, 609, 749 Bittinger, Mason, 434, 628 Bitlnor, Irene M., 79, 673 Biellond, Doris R., 79, 282, 577, 708 Biellond, Jonlco M., 708 Biurstrom, R., 319, 346 Black, Kenneth L., 678, 755 Black, Roy, 461 Black, Robert A., 604 Black, Robert L.. 379, 398, 434, 606, 747 Block, Ronald E., 455, 632 Blockmon, Evelyn, 436, 724 Blockmon, Jock C, 628, 745 Btockmon, Thomas S., Jr., 79 Blockwelder, Jean H., 79 Blockwell, Henry 8., II, 621 Blockwell, Joseph H., 595 Blode, Joan D., 671 Bloho, M.. 343 Bloir. E. J.. 301 Bloir, Glenn, 284 Bloke, Richord P., 466 Bloker, Nancy L., 651 Blonchord, Borboro A., 669 Blonchord Townsend E., 467 Blond, Arnold G., 689 Blond, Velmo M., 720 Blonding, June, 265 Blonkenberg, Williom I., 2, 79, 268, 419, 680 Blase, Robert P., 79, 402, 688 Bloski, Norbert 8., 79, 752, 757 Blotchford, Suzanne E., 665 Blott, Frederick M., 604 Blou, Edword I., 457, 461, 691 Blozer, Louro N.. 79. 413. 659 Blozino. Hubert E.. 611. 751. 757 Blozino. M. E., 320 Bleck. Thomas F.. 638 Bledsoe. James J,. 439 Bleeker. Mortin J., 607 Blessman. Richard H., 695 Blueslein. Paul K.. 624 Blevins. Morjorie A.. 433, 665 Blick, Joseph G., 691 Bliler, Herbert S.. 80. 748. 755 Blitstein. Irwin J.. 615 Block, Benjamin, 80, 283, 455 Block, George S., 80 Block, Merrill Y.. 694 Block. Renee 8., 710 Blodgell, Robert W., 466, 612 Blomberg, Charles E., 690 Btomberg. 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Jr.. 399. 692 Bodmon. Milton T., 60 Bodz, Dolores J., 80, 577, 705 Boehmer, Mary L., 655 Boehmer, Rcmono £., 655 Boerlo, Chorles, 533 Boettcher, Virginia, 716 Boett o, Chorles. 81. 750 Bogen, G-. 323 Bogner. Robert F.. 61, 263 Bohbrink, Mory A.. 703 Bohl. Robert W.. 757 Bohleber. Allen C. 457 Bohon. Lois E., 80 Bohon, Scott E., 279. 594 Bokenkamp. Alice. 402 Bokenkomp. Jock. 402 Bokenkamp. Morion. 402 Bokenkomp. Robert W.. 40 Bolden, Edword I.. 80, 750 Boles, Robert E., 596 Bolin, Sylvio F., 707 Bolle, Suzanne, 656 Bollyn, Elbert C, 681 Bolte, Orville G., 638 Bolton, Bruce E , 533 Bolton, Louise, 728 Bolton, Wilbur E.. 751 Bonoguidi, Lorrcine A., 667 Bonor, Donno M.. 651 Bond. Dorothy E.. 720, 740 Bond, Elizobeth M., 440 Bondus, Jack G , 625 Bondy, John J.. 743 Bondy, Williom E.. 625 Bone. Delmor H.. 608 Bone. Evelyn. 433 Bone. George D.. 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Otto. Jr.. 439 8oudreou, Lou, 526 Bouer. Arlene. 709 Boulden. Jomes B.. 444. 619. 750 Boultbee. Donold E.. 663 Bourke. Edgor R.. II. 81. 600, 755 Bourque, Joseph N., 308. 321 Bousko. Jerry F., 81. 738 Bovenkerk. Arthur C, 81, 680, 747 Bowen, Chorles E., 29 Bowen, Dean Howord, 36, 37 Bowen, Jone, 649, 664 Bowen, Morgoret, 654 Bowen, Patricio, 408, 664 Bowen. Shirley A.. 720 Bowen. Willo C. 707 Bower. Poul A.. 691 Bower. Wolter R.. 81 Bowers. Fronds E.. 82 Bowes. Jomes R.. 682 Bowlden. Henry J.. 436 Bowmon. Charles H., 82 Bowman, K., 353 Boxermon, Roslyn M,, 668 Boyd, Donald O., 616 Boyd, Gordon L., 82, 273. 382. 384, 597, 747 Boyd, Herbert F.. 597, 760 Boyd, Williom C. 750 Boyer, Donald R., 693 Boyer. Joseph H.. 590 Boyer. Willord L.. 599 Boyll. Roger W.. 666 Boy Scouts. 747 Bozorth. Betty J., 718 Bozorth. Lelio M.. 707 Brobec. Roy T.. 82 Brochman, Jone I., 704 Brockett, Albion D., Jr., 402 772 1 THE ILLIO OF 1949 was printed by PRINTING CO. BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS 773 B ack«tl, H«l«n. 403 Biodd. Sidnay H.. }9« »rad«l. T . JW K ad«n. K.lly J.. 4}1. 728. 740 Bfad«n. Z d« ick T.. 610, 75] Brodiih. Hugh A.. 83 Bradl v. Barbara B., 6M Bradt«v. B«nn«t, Jr., 636 Bradl«y Darl n«, 405 Bradl«y. Ed.lri B., 570, 57] Bradley. Elalt 0., 83, 435, 731 Brodl«y, Graham, 636 Brodl«y. John I , 598 Bradtev. Paul. 636 Bradlay, rhillipi, 36 B adl«y, O.. ]I9 BradUy. talxrt P., 83. 762 Brodlvy. Thomai C. 573 Bradihaw, J«an C.. 658 Brody. Donald C, 613 Brady. Jomoi N., 751 Brogdon, Horriot j., 665 Brahono. froncot, 83. 435, 430, 663 Brakentiok. Donold I., 383 Bralower, loonord J., 517, 567 Bromon. 8ob«rt T.. 308. 331 Bromol. Howard O . 593. 734. 741 Bromlot. Edword F., 63) Brami. Eloine, 668 B ' ami. iKhard N.. 634 Bmmion. Morion 6.. 309. 333. 336 Bronch, Jomei E.. 384 Branch. Rob«rl E.. Jr., 565 Brand. Jomei B.. 83 Brond. Rob«rl S., 604 Brandenburg. Harold S.. 606, 749 Brandoi, Robert E.. 83, 609 Brandet. Suton H., 82 Branding. 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Woyne I.. 695 Brehm. Corolyn. 83. 703 Brehmer. louit F.. Jr., 743 Breicho. Roymond J.. 83 Bremer. Betty C-. 83 Bremer, Jane. 403 Brenhotdt. Carroll. 738 Bren ngmeyer. Everett R . 466 Brennon. Lawrence E.. 386 Brennon. Martin J.. 83. 684. 750 Brennon. Richord L.. 606 Brennon. William C, 83. 600 Brenner. Nothon C. 434. 593 Brenner. William T . 83 Brentwood, 684 Bfeiee, Joorne. 83. 669 Breiee. Joyce A . 669 Breik.n. Neol S . 83, 377, 688, 758 Brein.k, Burt H , 615, 747 treiiler, Chorlei E , 83 Breiiler, Jerome, 683 Bre.iler, I . 333 Breiiler, Melvin M., 83, 683 Bretlner. J , 331 Breti. Mortin F.. 381 Breuer, John P., 751 Brewboker. O lomor, 533, 638 Brewer, George A., 440 Brewer, Joieph G., 679 Brewer, Melyin C, 515, 5]) Brewer, Roberl E., 693 Brewer, Ronald D., 637 Brewiler, William P., 604 Breiinikl, Jullui I . 386, 683 Br.ce, Garrett H , 83 Bridget, Eugene H., 616 Bridget. Waller K.. 83 Brldgewoler, Warren T.. 83 Brlelofl, Sherwood H., 83. 691, 755, 759 Brlen, John H.. 641 Brien, William, 641 Brierley, Doyid A., 83, 638, 751 Briggi, Marilyn L., 378, 381, 701. 703, 713 BrIggi, Thomat G., 83, 635 Briggi. Waller M.. 681. 747 Brighom. William H.. 84. 599 Bright. Jomei O.. 438. 687 Brighton. Arthur L.. 84 Brighton, Gerald D.. 380 Brill, Jomei W.. 386. 633 Brim. Norman. 84 Brim. S. Koflen, 84 Brim. Sonio, 385 Briney, Eleonor, 704 Brinker, William J., 84, 631 Brinkerhofi, George E., 588 Brinkman, E.. 399 Brinkmon. P., 35] Brinkman. Romon M,, 4]6, 467 Brinkmeler, Harold A., 84 Briichke, Marilyn E., 718 Brifchke, Vernon E., 694 Britcoe, John W., 766 Briicoe, Robert A., 766 Briilol, George R., 638 Britlow, Alice I., 649, 666 Briilow, Oovid A., 599 Britiky, Nlcholoi. 754 Brill. Roy M.. 84 Britten. Benjamin, 435 Britlin. Joan K., 717 Brillin, Willlom, 759. 763 Britlingham. Ester. 714 Brlllon. William E., 27 Brl«. Willedolle. 435. 660 Brood. Lorno J.. 709 Broodwalk. 8 Broodrick, King W.. 753 Broberg. William E.. 84, 761 Brock, Joan R., 712 Brock. Thomat W., 84. 749 Brockmon, R., 321 Brockmeier, Borboro I., 265, 409, 647, 649, 650 Brodoy, Albert J., 615 Broderick, Leonard I., 84 Brodie, A. G., 290, 294, 296 Brodkin, Eunice A., 707 Brodnick. Roy M.. 394. 757 Brodiky. Horvey. 633 Brodiky. Shorlene L.. 84, 725 Brody, Morcio H., 710 Brody, Robert S.. 691 Broehl. Chorlei R., 276 Brogren. Dick A.. 541 Brolonder. Glen E., 392, 402, 457. 747 Bronze Tablet, 276 Brook, Curlii A., 84, 592 Brooke, Marshall D., 334, 341 Brooks, Alfred, 684 Brooki, Edword A., 439 Brooki, Ernoit R., 309 Brooki, Gerald T., 84 Brooks, Thelmo, 707 Brooks, Wllliom A.. Jr.. 84, 283, 286. 287. 755. 764 Brooks-Miller, Donald L.. 596 Brookilone. Arnold F., 634 Broom, Howard C, 621 Broom, William L., Jr., 589 Brophy, James T., 616 Brophy, John A., 440, 751 Brothers, Betty Jane, 327 Brothers, Paul L., 621 Brotherlon Robert J , 84, 438 Brotsos, James A., 751 Broulllelte, Leon W., 84, 591 Brousek, James C, 85, 750 Brown. B.. 340 Brown, Borbaro B., 85. 652 Brown. Beverly J., 716 Brown. Bonnie J., 663 Brown, Bruce M., 430 Brown, Charlene F.. 85 Brown, Charles A., Jr., 616 Brown, Chorles E.. 533. 533 Brown. Claire E.. 642, 689 Brown, Clarence L., Jr., 85, 266 Brown, Dorrell F., 684 Brown, DovId E., 85. 262, 517, 558, 559, 599, 737 Brown, Donald J., 439, 683 Brown, Donald O., 65. 750, 766 Brown, Dorothy, 344 Brown, E. C, 301 Brown, Eorl C. 85, 277, 280, 624 Brown, Earlene, 65. 730 Brown, Edmond, 276 Brown, Eleanor J., 662 Brown, Emory O., 85 Brown, Ethel N.. 440. 713 Brown, Floyd E., 85, 750, 766 Brown. Gerald C, 614 Brown, Ceroid H . 683 Brown. Harold W., 684 Brown, Herbert F., 85, 755 Brown, 1 D , 309. 330. 336 Brown. Jomes L., 586 Brown, James W.. 754 Brown, Jerry M., 85, 590 Brown, Joe B., 85, 440 Brown, John C, 623 Brown, John C., 601 Brown, John W., 352 Brown, John W., 461 Brown, Karl, 451 Brown, Kenneth O., 591, 598 Brown, Lorry F.. 85 Brown. Louise, 730 Brown, Morgorel Nicholson, 85 Brown, Mary J., 410, 665 Brown, Mary K., 707 Brown, Mierloy J., 265. 379, 398. 663 Brown, Miles G.. 85. 585, 596 Brown, Mlllicent G., 710 Brown, Professor P. H., 37 Brown. Patricia I.. 86. 650 Brown. Polrlcia R.. 754 Brown. Pembroke H.. 277, 260, 442 Brown, R., 321. 344 Brown. R. Duncan. 86 Brown, Ralph Waldo, 636 Brown, Rolph William, 86 Brown, Raymond A., 309 Brown, Richard E., 764 Brown, Richard L., 86 Brown, Richard R.. 86, 750 Brown, Richard W., 86, 766 Brown, Robert C, 86, 434, 591 Brown, Robert E., 741 Brown, Ronald H., 86, 750, 766 Brown. Shirley E.. 378 Brown. Stanley. 606 Brown. Thomas J.. 611. 633 Brown. Thomos K., 410, 614 Brown Thresh, 684 Brown, Warren, 619, 636 Brown, Warwick V., 430 Brown, Wayne, 86, 623 Brown, Winifred E., 650 Browne, Robert B., 62, 63 Browning, Carol M., 86, 707 Browning, Myron E., 86 Brownslein, Albert D., 689 Brownstein, Marlon, 721 Broyde, Zllo A., 86, 706 Brozowskl, Aloysius M., 86 Brubaker, JoAnne, 703 Brucker, Perry A., 759 Bruckner, Waller, 757 Brudd, Wayne, 631 Bruder, John C, 613 Bruder, Lois J., 86. 660 Brue, Nancy A., 653 Brueggemann, Edwin A., 86 Brueggemann, Marie E., 707 Bruggen. Richard J.. 628 Brugger. Joon F., 704 Bruin, Jack, 86 Brumill, Lois E., 87, 707 Brumlcve, Roberl A., 87, 747 Brummel, Owen O., 87, 404 Brunelle, Beverly E., 87, 659 Bruneile, Jeanne C, 659 Brunn, Kenneth R., 87, 281, 286, 638, 738 Brunnemeyer, Corol A., 666 Brunnemeyer, Joyce E., 666 Brunner, Eldon J., 87 Brunner, Milton F., 689 Brunner, Robert H., 281 Bruno, Harold R., Jr., 460, 533, 633 Bruns, Nona J., 672, 763 Brush, Don O., 287, 750 Bryan, Oonotd L., 613 Bryan, Leslie A., 28 Bryant, Belly J., 659 Bryant, John H., 398 Buchanan, Roberl L., 533, 744 Buchstober, Leonard, 87 Buck, Ralph J., 87 Buck, W., 342 Buck. William A., 408, 636 Bucket and Dipper, 531 Buckeyes, 530 Buckley, Colonel Horry, 450 Buckley, Libby, 571 Buckley, Thomas, 752 Buckmon, Fred J., 680 Buczklewicz, Edward J., 688 Buddemeler, Maurice R., 439 Buechner, William H., 87, 611 Buell, John J., 410, 600 Buer, Olio E., 683 Bueichor, Mary E., 577, 673 Bugon, Kenneth G., 617 Bugielski, Richard C., 87, 600 Buhoralllor, Nomik M., 756 Buhrke, Victor E., 438 Bukofzor. Robert I,, 87 Bukovsky, Edword W., 613 Bulger, Robert C, 87 Bull, Alice J., 707 Bull, Richard M., 87, 405 Bull, Sleeler, 584 Bullit, Moynard C, 692 Bullock, Jomes W., 87 Bumgordner, Albert O., 87, 264, 587 596, 745 fiunchmon, Kenneth A., 588 Bunn, Borboro J., 278, 387, 403 408 701. 703, 707 Bunnell, Donald L., 632 Bunnell, Leslie K., 87 Bunting, TSomos C 616 Bunting, William L., 533, 614, 757 Burch, Jerry P., 689 Burch, Reed L., 755 Burchfield, Harold L., 533 Bureau of Community Plonning, 43 Bureau of Economic and Business Research, 28, 37 Bureau of Research, 27 Bureau of Research and Educolion, 39 Bureau of Service, 27 Burgener, Donold R., 405, 738, 754 Burgener, Mourlce L., 276, 749 Burgess, Jock D., 751 Burgess, Richard N., 763 Burgess, Robert H., 88 Burgh, 1. Frederick, 298, 299 Burgeon, Garret. Jr., 88, 632 Burgeon, Wllliom J., 589 Burke, Alice L., 276 Burke, Alverne E., 654 Burke, Horry E., 88, 386, 605, 755 Burke, J., 321 Burke, Jeanne L., 666 Burke, Captain William, 46, 450 BurkhordI, Roberl J., 88 Butkholder, Jock E., 743 Burley, Donald D., 88 Burnett, Howard R., 755 Burnett, Mory L., 88, 704 Burnett, Nancy C, 408. 663. 703 Burnhom. Robert D.. 88. 738. 754 Burnhom, Stanley L., 88. 585, 587, 605, 738, 752, 754 Burnoski, Eugene H., 682 Burns, Betlye I., 654 Burns, Donald I., 694 Burns, Gloria Jean, 328. 672 Burns. Joan L., 726 Burns, Roberl B., 613 Burnsflne, Michael, 639 Burpo, C, 319 Burrell, Richord E., 614 Burridge, Margaret J., 707 Burroughs, C, 324 Burroughs, Everett G., 88 Bursar, 28 Burslein, Betty, 88, 709 Burl, Gladys E., 88 Burt, Harold S., 88, 752 Burt, Joonn E., 88, 398, 660 Burl, Paul, 405 Burl, William C, 636 Burton, Eulah M., 88, 433, 436, 654 Busbey, Charles W., 457, 619 Busby, Chorles E., 533, 632 Busch, Ruth A., 707 Busey Hall, 704, 705 Bush, Virginia M., 654 Bushnell, Georglo F., 380, 438, 474, 649, 666 Bushnell. Theron S.. 600 Bushong. Eugene M., 745 Bushyheod, Jack S., 571 Business Educolion, 760 Business Management Service, 37 Business Organization and Operotion, Department of, 37 Busse. Rollin A., 88, 436 Busier, William E., 266, 544, 546, 547. 588 Buswell, Ralph D., 456 Butcher, Nancy J., 717 Bule, Jone E., 712 Butensky, Joseph, 683 Butkus, lowience J., 585, 637 Butler, Beverly J., 749 Butler, Carl T., 88, 402. 765 Butler, Clifford R., 89 Butler, Virgil A., 696 Bull, B., 302 Butlell, George J., Ill, 694 Bullerfield, Mory L., 578, 707 Butterfield, Noncy J.. 648, 655 Button, Lyie A., Jr., 524, 525, 533, 605 Bulls, Donald V., 89 Bultz, Patricio J., 729 Buwick, Gene J., 586, 619 Buzan, Edwin, 325 Buzan, Morris M., 754 Byerly, Wolter O., 687 Byers, Fronklln H., 635 Byers, Herbert W., 689 Byers, Miles E., 89, 431 Byrd, Laura J., 719 Byrne, Charles, 694 Byrne, David F., 748 Byrne, Francis, 290 Byrnes, Barbara A., 89, 480, 669 Byrnes, Williom J., 636 C.A.R.E., 398 Cabrera, Arnold B., 738 Cocioppo, Betty A., 703 Cadet Corps, 450 Code! Officers, Senior, 454 Codman, Shirlee J., 729 Codwell, Florence M., 408, 774 1 ...DEPEND UPON A MASTER No matter where they are used — in year- books, literature, or advertising— poorly reproduced illustrations give many readers the same impressions as paintings of a " ham " artist when compared with the works of a master. That ' s why so many schools, colleges, and universities, as well as prominent advertisers, insist upon fine engravings— as produced by master crafts- men at G. R. Grubb Co.— for true repro- ductions of all illustrations. For nearly forty years this company has been serving such institutions and business firms in every section of the countr) ' — and its repu- tation has become more enviable every year. You, too, can depend upon 6-, ?. ARTISTS ENGRAVERS (puwu C0. 116 N. WALNUT ST , CHAMPAIGN, III, 775 Cadw«ll. ! • M.. ?6S. 443, 647. 649, M3 Covior. Philip D., 590 Cagl« Holl, 703 CaKill, Joik C , 4}9 C0I..II, Uo t , 5?7. 5J3 CaKit, W.llian, 89, 758, 763 Cain. Jam ! I-, 635 Coin. John D., 686 Coin, John I., 60S Coin, lobo ' l D , 686 Colrni. Oonold F . 680 Coiini, Eliiolwlh S . 656 Coimt, John H , 608 Coition Club. 456 Colob ' oio, Pol J , 89, 617 Colondtlno Philip J., 693 Cald«ron. Iiooc, 603 Cold. all, Horry N , 635 Cold.all, tobort H.. 466 Colifornio, 47, 48 Colifornio Intlitulo of Tochnoloflr, 44. 45 Coliith. tichord W., 691 Colivopouloi, Al i, 758 Coll. Mrnord J., 697 Collohon. Chorloi C, 691 Collohon, Edward. 637 CoMohon. Horold I . 89, 677. 747 Collohon. lorn. 595 Callaz7o, Frank, 617 Col ' .iii, A , 89. 767, 517, 567 Calvin, Williont C . 627, 763 Combridsv Univoriily. 37 Comvlot Club, 685 Comvron, Joan L., 89, 667 Com«ron, Scolt H., 638 ConFicld. Howord M., 466 Comp. Chorlotio M., 669 Camp, Roborl, Jr., 749 Compbotl. Kornord D., 695 Conrpboll, Bruco A., 586. 626 Campb«ll. Jomoi W.. 89, 662. 747 Compb«ll, John J., 89 Compboll, Martha B., 658 Campbill, Mory C, 658 Compb.ll. Mory I., 278, 662. 740 Compboll, Nowlon A., 89, 403 Conipb«ll. Pofricia A.. 650 ComDb«ll. Pofricia Ann. 671 Conpboll, Poul It.. 750 Compbcll. Phyllit A.. 328 Compboll, Phyllit M., 730 Conipbell, Richord Alon, 757 Compboll, tichord Alden, 89. 281 Compboll, Richard L., 631 Compboll, Robort E.. 89, 589 Compboll, StorlinQ A., 689 Comob«ll, Williom C. 591 Compon. Dolorot M . 415. 416. 712 Camput Chett, 266, 398 Cemput Ltodert, 760 Camput Leodort, 266, 273 Compui Life. Ooy. 484 Compui lilo, Nighl, 485 CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS, 406 Conodo, 63, 301, 318 Conodoy, Mory F., 655 Conol Zono, 63 Condidt, Chicogo Camput. 356, 358, 367 Condi , Rodnoy. 757 Congiomila, Angolo, 326 Conhom, B-, 326 Conhom, Roborf C., 309, 318 Cannovvn, Shirloy J,, 659 Canning. Joan M., 672 Connon, Carol, 398, 660 Cannon. Clinton. 747, 755 Connon, Jamot H., 635 Connon, J W., 306, 319 Connon, Jchn D , Jr , 89. 585, 626 Cannon, Morrit, 457. 588 Connon, M. Clinlon, 283 Cantorbury Epittopol Foundofion. 403 Canlon. Irwin. 89, 758 Conlroll, Oolford R., 626 Controll, Elinor. 599 Conly, Joon E.. 665 Conzonori, Jotoph. 762 Copoloty. Dolorot. 704 Caporlon. Edward W . Jr.. 681 Coplon. Bon. 668 Coplon. Frod M . 634 Coplon, Juno A., 706 Coplo. Glodyt, 654 Copod.o, Roto M , 671, 743 Copp, Arthur O.. 90. 750 Capp, CI if Ion C, 90, 690 Copp, William L . 743 Corbory, Robort E , 616 Cart ondal«, 62 Csrdoio, Richord 1 , 90, 624, 743 Coroy, Amot C , 90, 403. 405 Coroy, Jomot T., 685 Caroy, Konnolh X , 617 Cargill, Moiino J . 659 Corloton ColUgo. 61 Carlitio, Morlho E , 90, 405. 576. 730 Carlton, Boryl L., 775 Carlton, Bror F , 697 Carlton. Carl W , 681 Coflton, Donno R., 719 Corfion, El«ln I., 749 Coilton. Harold A., 641 Corfion. John B.. 61 1 Corlton. John R.. 619 Corlion, John W., 598 Corlton, Morihall E., 90 Corlton. Mory C, 265. 411, 578, 663 Corlton, Richard E., 628 Corlton, Roborl B.. 90. 286, 287, 750 Corlton, Roborf P., 752 Corlton, Roborl V., 637 Carlton, Wilbur C, 688 Corltfon, K. S., 763 Corlylo. Chariot. 90 Corlylo, William J., 688 Cormon, C, 299 Carmell, Joon S., 90, 707 Cormichaol, Oorolhy M., 90, 413. 669 Cormichool, Eliiobolh J., 444, 702. 704 Cormichaol. Mory E.. 90, 659 Carmody, Loii J., 707 Cormody, Jeonno, 90 Cornohon, Boify M.. 90. 649, 651 Cornohon, Lloyd G., 628 Cornohon, Robert E., 590 Cornohon, Williom L., 382, 519, 628, 757 Corncrott, Morgorel P., 657 Carnival. Chicago Compui. 345, 354, 355 Coron, Bruce, 450 Corp, Loit J., 652 Corpenler. Allon L., 90 440 Carpenter, Allan R., 452, 456, 594 Carpenter, Edgor A., 430. 533. 594 Carpenter, Jeanne L., 657 Corpenter, Oothur C, 440 Corpenter, P.. 343 Carpenter, Robert L., 603 Corperot, Ernett W.. 758 Carr, Mrt. Charlet. 703 Corr, Jeon A., 433, 434, 665 Corr, Rex, 759 Corr, Sue C, 90, 433, 434, 649, 665, 763 Corr, Walloce L., 684 Correll, Helen L., 722 Corren, Donald J., 627 Carrie, Mory J., 433 Carrier, Emilyonne, 659 Carrier, Fred, 550 Carrilheri, Jomet M., 280, 737 Corroll, Fronk J., 616 Corroll. Phillip M., 90, 636 Cortel, J., 323 Corton. I., 322 Corton, Jonet W., 728 Corton, Kolhryn A., 408, 712 Cofton, Vernon L.. 615 Carter. Albert L., 91, 738 Corter, Alfred K.. 91 Corter. Burton 0., Jr.. 456. 613 Carter, Carl R., 434, 439 Carter, Doniel T., 91, 682, 738 Carter, Dorothy I., 387, 649, 673 Corter, Helen I., 655 Corter. Mary F. 433, 673 Corter, T., 321 Corter, Virginia I., 403 Corlhaut, Cynthia. 664, 719 earlier, Robert O., 91 Corut, Paul, 746 Cory, Betty L., 649, 651 Cory, Max E., 638, 737 Cory, Melvin E., 91 Cote, Ruiiel W., 91, 738 Cote, Shermon O., 626 Coiebier, Eleanor, 284 Cotebier, N. Jeon, 722 Coioy, E., 339, 342 Cotoy, Edwin, 332, 334 Cotey, Polricio M., 91. 704 Catey, Robert F., 603 Cotey, Mrt. Vivian C, 91 Coth, Dovid E.. 404, 439, 749 Cothmore, Dick, 550 Cotler, Mox S., 683. 738 Cotpor, Edith F., 713 Cotper. Richord F., 91, 452, 460, 621 Cattody, R. J., 320 Cottell, John F., 466 Cottelo, Clara E., 748 Cottenion, Rolph, 562 Cottor. Jere G., 749 Cotlin, Chorlei S., 684 Callow, Wright M., 600 Caucig, Aldo D., 91, 682 Coughey, Chorlet D., 616, 757 Couirield, J , 319 Covolry, 450 Covonough, William W., 611 Cov.ney, Helen I , 91, 712, 760 Covic, T., 750 Covin. Jomet B., 467 Cavlni, Virginia L , 91, 396, 405, 730 Covitl, Robert L., 91 Cechnor, Fronk A., 91. 750 Coderberg, Loit J., 578. 664 Cederberg. Williom C . 608 Cen.k, Edward J , 613 Control Collegiote Ciown, 544 Ceromict, 41 Ceromic Engineering. 41 Century, Jock R , 279, 694 Cerling, firuc A., 600 Cervenko, Williom F,, 91 Chabhol, Dorthon S., 749 Chobon, Irwin, 747 Choikin, Sam M., 91 Cholcroft, Ceroid I., 438. 588 Cholloco-nbe. Roy A., 92 Chomberloin, Thomas W.. 612 Chomberlin, G., 324 Chombert, Jacob G., 264, 519. 757 Chomberi. Robert W.. 622 Chompaign-Urbono, 63 Chompion, Patricio J., 92, 266, 396, 397. 430. 658, 766 Champion, Williom C, 598 Chompney. M. L., 328 Chompoux, Borboro A., 403, 703 Chompoux. Beverly J.. 403, 718 Chon, Williom, 681 Chance, Williom M., 533 Chondler, Jomet F., 92. 287, 764. 766 Chondler. John L.. 419, 601 Choney, Betty 1., 715 Choney, Ralph E.. 626 Choney, Robert D-, 635 Chongnon. Stanley A., 586. 597 Chonnon, Stanley L., 757 Chopmon, Alice D. 9 ' , 647, 657 Chapman. Corl F.. 759 Chapman, Corleton A., 751 Chopmon, Charles R.. 92 Chopman. Eldon R.. 734 Chopmon. Horold S., 92 640 Chapman, James A., 688 Chapman, John R.. 459, 685. 746 Chapman, Joy. 378 Chapman, Philip A., 92 Chopman, Roger A.. 591 Choppell. Dolores E., 657 Choppell, R. P., 301 Chorlet. Frank. 391 Chorleswoith. Jock G., 92 Chose, Alon L.. 438 Chose, Chormion N.. 671 Chase. Diono I.. 660 Chose, Rodney S.. 755 Chossoing, Edouord, 292 Chottoriee. Joseph. 694 Chotz. Robert B., 640 Choum, Elliot, 92, 584 Choum, Jerome, 627 Chouncey, Norman, 615 Choyken, Rhoda A., 706 Chedsey, William. 757 Cheely. George W., 92, 588 Cheerleoders, 518 Cheifelz. Deno, 728 Chemical Engineering, 51 Chemical Emineering Honorary, 746 Chemistry. 51 Cheney, Freeman A.. 92 Chercosky. Morris. 755 Chernick, Ethelyn, 707 Chernikofl. Helen V.. 92. 722 Chernoff. Rita H.. 92. 721 Cherry, Chorles N.. 92 Chertoff. Meyer. 92. 746 ChesnutI, Eorle W.. 93, 622 Chester, Allen, 627 Chester, Alvin L.. 93 Chester, Carolyn. 718 Chlcoqo. 53, 559 Chicaqo Campus, 288 Administration Building, 363 American Phormoceuticol Associotion, 339 ( " nnHids. 356. 357. 358 Cornivol, 345, 354, 355 Colleoe of Physicions ond Surgeons, 324 Committee on Student AfToirs, 344 Cook County Hospital. 292 Dentol-Medicol-Phormocy Building 295. 331 Dental Student Council. 294. 296 Dentistry. College of, 294, 306 Dormitory Building. 295 Experimental Drug Form, 331 Foculty-Student Baseball Game, 351 Generol Hospital, 305 mini Union. 296. 344. 345 lllio Committee, 347 lllio Snapshot Contest. 349 Independent Men ' s Profestionol Orgonijotion. 341 Institute for Tuberculosis Prevention, 305 Intromurols, 352 Londmorks, 292 louis Pasteur, Stolue of, 292 Medical Student Council, 306 Medicine, Colleg of, 29, 43, 51, 292, 304 Neurology ond Neurological Surgery, Department of, 306 Orchetii, 372 Phormjcy, College of, 294, 306, 330, 340 Phormocy Student Council, 332 Profettionol Colleget, 63, 290 Reteorch and Educotlonol Hotpilolt, 290, 292 Reloyt, 545, 547 Spirit of Medicine. 292 Undergraduate DIvltion, 368 Univertity Chopel, 363 Univertity of lllinoit, 290 W.P.A. An Project, 292 Chicago City News Bureou, 46 Chicago Herold and Examiner, 46 Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Poul Railroad. 40 Chicago Municipal Sanitarium, 304 Chicago Professional Colleges, 63, 290 Chicogo Symphony Orchestro, 445 Chicogo, University of, 51. 558. 567 Chicago Youth Orchestro, 60 Chief llliniwek. 518 Chi Epsilon, 766 Chi Gommo loto, 283 Chi Omego, 658 Chi Phi, 600 Chi Psi, 572, 601 Child, Jack R,, 614 Chilenskos, Albert A., 93, 746 Chilenskos, Robert L., 93, 287, 590, 746 Chilow, Phil A., 615 Chin, Lucy M.. 712 Chinese Independence Day. 395 Chiri, Gorriel A,, 681 Chittenden. Robert A., 93. 637 Chillenden. Williom A.. 637 Chlup. Joseph F., 638 Chluo, Robert D., 617 Chodocki, Henry S., 686 Choir, Hamlin, 61 Cholden, Jacqueline, 724 Chongleon, Luis A., 602 Chorol Director, 433 Choristers, The, 61, 436 Chorne, Vincent M., 440 Chorus, University, 61, 433 Chreslmon, Charles F.. 617 Chrisl. John H., 93 Chiistensen. John, 284 Christensen, Morjorie J.. 93, 707 Chrislensen, Shirley A.. 704 Christian Church. Illinois Disciples Foundation, 404 Christiansen, Barbara A., 415, 712 Christiansen, Donna J.. 712 Christiansen, Edwin B.. 608 Christiansen, G. Richard, 618 Christiansen, Jennifer J.. 705 Christiansen, John V.. 93, 599 Chrislionsen, Robert. 93, 597, 733 Christie, Catherine, 664 Christie, Thomas M., 456 Christmon, Norman C. 689 Christmas Chorol Concert, 432, 433, 435 Christmas Musicole, 700 Christy, Bruce N., 459, 460 Christy, M., 342 Chu, Tsun-Hwel, 730 Chulch, Roberl, 436, 755 Chukermon, Horold, 634 Chukermon, Shirley J., 652 Chulock, Keith E., 93, 592 Chum, Elaine A.. 93, 725 Chun, Thomas W.. 279 Church, Carol G., 658 Church, Jeonne H., 93, 658 Churchill, Riley V., 93 Churillo, Benny F., 93 Churovich. Melvin D., 683, 749 Chyette, Sherwin R., 620 Cincinnati. University of, 558, 559 CInotto. Jomes. 533 CIske. Vernon A.. 93. 766 CilchoH, Virginia. 235 Civil Engineering, 40, 41, 766 Civil War, 50, 63 CIvItello, P. Anthony, 93, 744 Clzek, John T., 466 Cloeys, Jeonne F., 723 Cloflord, Korin M., 432, 71 1 damage, Herbert M., 624 Clancy. Jomes R.. 94 Clonnln. Wilfred W.. 94 Clopp, John W., 598 Clopp, Robert V., Jr., 93, 607 Clotk, Carolyn C, 647, 648, 664 Clark, Carolyn J., 435, 669 Clark, Cynthio E.. 328, 703 Clark, Elmer B.. 94 Clark, George, 442 Clark, George R., 757 Clark, Harry M., Jr., 94, 743 Clork House, 685 Clork, Jomes, 530 Clork, James H., 436 Clark, Janice A., 93, 396, 433, 663 Clork, Kolhryn B., 408, 444, 649. 663 Clork, Lionel E , 737 Clork, Moxine, 402 Clork, Rolph M., 533 Clork, Richord B., 434 Clark, Roberl T., 466 Clork, Ronald H.. 600 Clork, Sarah, 436 Clork, Suionne L., 656 Clark, Theodore G., 402, 755 Clark University, 54 Clork, Wallace A., 439, 593 Clorke, C, 343 Clorke. J., 353 Clarke, Thomot A., 279 776 msiT CHICAGO INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT BESLY GRINDERS BESLY TAPS BESLY TITAN ABRASIVE WHEELS BRASS, COPPER AND BRONZE IN SHEETS, RODS AND TUBES Established 1875 Charles H. Besly and Company 118 -124 N. Clinton St. Telephone Franklin 2-1222 Chicago 6, III. COVERS for The lllio of 1949 by BECKTOLD COMPANY St. Louis, Mo. BOOKS BOUND BY SPINNER BROTHERS COMPANY ARE BOUND TO BE GOOD ff THE 1949 ILLIO » BOUND BY SPINNER BROTHERS COMPANY 732 SHERMAN ST. CHICAGO 5, ILLINOIS Manufacfurers of EDITION BOUND BOOKS, LOOSE LEAF COVERS, PLASTIC BINDING. EASEL STYLE PORTFOLIOS, CHECK BOOK COVERS, and SPECILATIES 777 OOMK. » . 3I» Clott ' cal Mwiie Moufi. 3 0 Cloud ThotKhill, 4»3 Clowdio, Sonliooo S.. 467 Clowifffi, Andi«w J-. 753 Ctouivn, (ten H.. 705 Clouio. Cullon C, 407, 747 Cloxr. tolxn E., 615 Clar. Forr.» «.. 421. 739 Cloy o-.b. S.MV J. 413. 70I.70J. 712 Cloveool. E»g. " « «.. 27». 678. 484 CI»o y, Ed. Old W., 392. 739. 763 CiMfT. Oi ' old v.. 601 CI orv. Jon.«l M., 467 CI»o.y, Joi«» v.. 93. 737 CiMi Fr«d C 684 CiMi. Paul E.. 438 O. " ! " " . l»i ' o t ■ 708 Cl«m«ntt. Joon. 740 Ooix ' -x. Chotl.i F . 94. 747 Cl»nd.n.i , Ed-Old F . 94. 750 Clillon. W.lliom «.. 689 ainoid. C»ioil»i A.. 94 OiM. lo.i v.. 286 am«l .ll. Poul W.. 697. 750 Olnlon. M.. 353 Clinton. Solph A.. 94 Cloonov, Oonold H.. 612 Cloi . Suion A . 328. 719 Clough. Choil ' i M.. 617 Clough. Noimon V.. 455 Cloyd. «oyol H.. 94. 597 Club Commont. 368 Oub EiQuii . 573. 686 Cluioi. lucillo M.. 403. 712 Coon, John M., it.. 755 CoopilKk. MofT C, 94, 285, 647, 656. 735. 740. 743 CooXi. H«l n J.. 433 Coolh. John t.. 94 Cooltwoith. Kolhofine D.. 389. 665 Cobb. John E.. 94 Cobb Mouiico. 630 Cobb. Viigil W., 467 Coburn, Boiboio J., 717 Cobuin, John T., 628 Cocclo, JocQoolino C-, 94, 662 Co hion«, Philip J., 95 Cochrone, Thomoi C, 617 Cocox, Poul, 95, 624 Codo on StudonI ARoiri, 382 Cod.ii., Bichord A.. 95. 286. 287, 390, 746, 732 Co., Fi«i»iie G., 283, 519, 757 Coon, Williom J., 93 Cofloo Houii, 390 Cofieo Houit, Chlcogo Comput, 343 Cofloon. Boiboio J., 712 Cogon, 5., 322 Cohon. Dovid J., 95. 694 Cohon, A., 302 Cohon, Bobt F., 670 Cohon, Bornord. 761 Cohon, Bornord 6., 688 Cohon, Corolyn R., 670 Cohon, Doniol A., 682 Cohon, Doniol P.. 279, 392 Cohon, David S., 592, 747 Cohon. Doloroi M., 400 Cohon. Dorothy. 724 Cohon, Dorothy H.. 723 Cohon. E . 322 Cohon. Edword B.. 400. 624 Cohon. Froncino C, 701, 702, 728 Cohon. Oorold. 633 Cohon. Holono I.. 709 Cohon. Hoy.ord. 95. 761 Cohon. Judith F.. 661 Cohon. Morion, 309, 318, 325 Cohon, Mol ln, 694 Cohon, Muriol, 670 Cohon, Nancy I., 278. 632 Cohon, Phyllii S., 95, 709, 761 Cohon, Rotolyn L., 707 Cohon, Sholdon A., 633 Cohon, Slanloy E., 683 Cohn, Doniol C , 678 Cohn. Erwin, 95, 694, 758 Cohn, loonord B.. 95. 691, 758 Cohn, Lou.t J . 95, 738. 734 Cohn. I. I.. 738 Cohn. toborl t . 634 Cohn. Sondro J . 721 Colodorci, Potor P.. 676. 677. 678 Cotboin, Marilyn J., 713 Colby Collogo, 53 Colby. Noll H.. 705 Coldion. Clork I , 632 Colo, Cloyton C., 93, 612 Colo, Donold W., 434, 456. 459, 636 Colo, Iro W , 764 Colo, Johi K , 95, 438 Colo, Joioph, 333, 628 Colo, loborl I , 586, 399 Colo, Shirloy I . 95, 719. 760 Coloik. Frank H.. 600 Colomon. Doto. 461. 688 Colomon. Morlin D.. 676 Colomon. Wonda J.. 95. 730 Colin. C J . 738 Collogo Holl. 684 Collogo of Wooitor, 58 Collogo — Soo Soporato llttlngi Cooloy, Morguotlto I , 93, 763 Colllo, Robort, 430 Colllor. Holon M., 650 Colllor, Horaco I.. 95 Collitlowor, Mary J., 96, 671 Colllni, Chailoi D., 309, 320 Colllni, Oolo C. 440 Collini, Eriono L.. 649, 654 Collint, Eunico, 765 Collini, Franklin C, 96, 623 Collini, Joan, 285 Collini. John F.. 94 Collini, Julian J., Jr., 96, 638 Colllni, Lillian A., 717 Collini, Roland D., 96, 599, 750. 766 Collini. Shirloy J., 658 Collini, W.. 343 Colonial Manor, 687 Colvin, Jomoi, 29 Colvin, W., 533 Columbio Univoriity, 32 Comboi, Horry, 514, 336 Cnmefoid, Joy E-, 756 Comonford, John E., 96, 631 Conor, Audroy M., 724 Comoii, M., 322 Comm. Doniol, 634 Commandant of Cadeti, 451 Commondoy, Robert, 61, 432, 433, 435, 436 Commerce and Buiineil Adminiitrotion, College of, 36, 37 Commerce ond Butineit Adminiitrotion Honorary. 277 Committionori on Uniform Stole lows. 49 Commitee on Revijton of Slalutei, 49 Committee on Student Affoirt, 383 Committee on Student AFFoiri, Chicago Compui, 344 Community Cheit, 398 Compton, Chorlei, 588 Compton, John D., 612 Compton, Norman E., 616 Compton, Norton W., 616 Compton, R., 324 Comptroller of the Univoriity, 26 Comtlocli, Mourine E., 649, 673 Conord, Bill N., 398. 398 Concert Band. 438. 440. 441 Condit, Kenneth J., 96, 393, 734. 736. 741, 743, 748 Condo, Barbara J., 96, 703 Conerty, Jomes H., 619 Confer, E., 340 Conference Medol Winner, 516 Conley, Carolyn, 663 Conley, Thomot F., 692 Conlin, BorboTO J., 660 Conn, Fronklin E., Jr., 615 Conn, Mortho J., 720 Connell. Kenneth J.. 632 Connolly, Michael J., 764 Conner. Chorlei E.. 96, 434. 747 Connor, Clinton. 459 Connor, Donald E., 693 Connor, Edword, 597 Connor, Jomei W., 597 Connori, William L., 693 Connorton, Jeon G., 96, 672 Conover, Gerald B., 696 Conrad, Jomei E., 688 Conrod, Morilyn A., 728, 754 Conioul, Kenneth E., 96 Contemporory Arti Feitivol, 433, 437 Cook, Bennett B., 636 Cook County Hoipitol, 304 Cook County Hoipitol, Chicago Compui. 292 Cook, Edocrd A., 386, 618 Cook, George R., 688 Cook. J. E., 342. 352, 353 Cook, Joan F., 440, 704 Cook, Kenneth D., 637 Cook, Mary L., 713 Cook, Nancy A., 96, 664 Cook. Noncy J., 704 Cook, Richord L., 381, 386, 388, 390, 466, 518, 586, 588 Cook, William D., 96. 544 Cooke, Alvin R., 687 Cooke, Arthur E., Jr. 688 Cooke. Roberto A.. 96. 666 Cooler. Horry E.. 633 Cooloy, George E., 687 Cooley, Groce I., 96, 672 Cooley, Henry E., 94, 439 Coombei, W., 533 Coon, Beverly J.. 705 Coop. Donold C 744 Co-op Ployground. 398 Cooper, Alice M., 724 Cooper, Barnard W., 431 Cooper, Carl E.. 680 Cooper, Chorlei C.. 97, 285, 433 Cooper, Howord G., 97 Cooper, Hugh E., 591 Cooper, Jocquotine, 721 Cooper. Jomei R., 422 Cooper, John E.. 484 Coopor. Odeiio M., 654, 707 Coopor, R., 346 Coopor, Thomoi, 450 Coopor, Woyne P.. 637 Coopormon, Ailren I., 97, 728 Copoken, Rita I., 448. 470 Copelond, Joan E., 704 Copperholl, Dean L., 741 Copple, Donald E., 97 Corbott, Jomei C, Jr .. 97, 485 Corbly, N. Carol, 97, 656 Corcoran, John E., 631 Corcoran, Thomoi J., 282 Cord, Joe L., 494 Cordogon, Jomei C, 97 Cordogon, louii C, 97 Cordry, Burton L., 274 Cordti, Donald A., 641 Cordvon, Shirloy. 265 Co-recreotionol Voltoyboll, 573 Corcti, Either, 437. 707 Corgan, J., 332, 334. 343, 347 Corloy, Richard D., 413 Corley. Robert N., 413 Corliii, Lorin D., 97. 755 Cormock. Joioph C 684 Cornbleet. Oonold. 97, 440 Cornell College, 562, 543 Cornell. Froncil G., 27 Cornell, Hubert R., 97 Cornell Univoriity, 41 Coroor, George, 590 Corroll, N., 319 Corrie, Mary J., 456 Corrio, William F., 434 Corrigan, Jonice J., 97, 729 Corti, Marvin A.. 694 Corwith, Nothon, 598 Corzine, William I., 405, 434, 585, 587, 593, 734 Coimoi. Mario J., 724 Coimopoliton. 602 Coiteff. H.. 323 Coitigon, William F., 585, 428 Colhern, F.. 299 Cotillion Committee, 380 Cotovouiky. G., 533 Cotto, Roymona J., 667 Coltinghom, Ralph I., 97, 750 Cottrell, Jomei D., 540, 598 Coultoi, Chorlei I., 97, 403 Coultoi, Ruth L., 673 Coultoi, Thomoi, 680 Coulter. Donald M., 97, 614 Coulter, Potricia A., 713, 737 Coulter, William R., 682 Coultrip, Donald L-, 97 Countryman, Jomei A., 411, 599, 747 Countryman, Solly A., 650 Couriey, Jomei O., Jr., 309, 319 Court, George R., 594 Courtrlghl, Ruth E., 98, 729, 737, 760 Covron. William J., 98, 684, 750 Cowell, Roiemory, 713 Cowen, Irii Z., 723 Covrley, Gerard J., 738 Cowiert, L. 98, 319, 619 Cox, Arthur E., 439 Cox, Chorlei H., 98 Cox, Ceroid 8., 98, 284, 616, 745, 762 Cox, Jamei L., 628 Cox, Jean. 436 Cox, loiiell, 98 Cox, Richard O., 98 Cox, Soroh, 651 Cox, Shirley, 712 Cox, William O., Jr., 98, 533, 750 Coxen, Forreit R., 98, 745 Coxworth, Robert, 98 Coy, C. Lynn, 753 Coy, Don, 519 Coy, John T., 98 Coyle, Robert H., 98 Coyler, Kothryn, 284 Crody, C. Richard, 613, 685 Croft, Cheiler F.. 618 Croft, Eugene L., 684 Croft, Lewit, Jr., 98, 738, 750 Croft, Robert E., 593, 734, 741 Croft, Voughn A., 679 Crogo, Ralph E., 440 Croig, Chorlei W., 754 Croig, Robert C 466 Ctoin, Arnold, 457 Croin, Helen M., 98, 466 Croine, Arnold H., 685 Croine, Elliott M., 98, 622 Crom, Chorlei D., 98, 625, 746 Cram, Kenneth 8., 625 Cramer, Howord R., 99, 751 Cromer, Johanna, 667 Cromer, Mary Jono, 99, 672, 740 Cramer, Roymond A., Jr., 611, 757 Cramer, Richoidi C, 433, 694 Crammer, Morion R., 578, 667 Cronborg, C, 343 Cronnell, Jock M., 764 Craven, Jomei C. 628, 759 Croveni. John H., 681 Crovor, Nolon C, 277, 585. 594 Crovey, Ceroid T., 98, 283, 750 Crawford, Chorlei M., 276, 277 Crowford, Frank, 99 Crawford, George F.. 749 Crawford. Jomei W.. 99, 287 Crawford, lee R,, 99 Crawford, Lowell L., 692 Crawford, Moriholl N.. 99 Crowford, Richord C., 626 Crayt, Borboro, 653 Creomeon, Williom A., 742 Crooth. Morilyn J., 403, 408, 577. 378, 712 Creek, Ed, 434 Creek, Williom E., 455, 459 Creighton. Arthur J.. Jr., 681 Creighton. Jeon M., 99, 425, 430, 714 Crewi, Thomoi R., 99, 262, 273, 382, 383, 585, 598 Crippled Children Fund, 398 Criipin, Somuel B., 626 Criit, Archie N., 599 Criil, V. Jeon, 712 Criit, John, 282 Criitil, Shirley A.. 408. 670 Crockett, Fred L., 610 Croft, Paul H., 591 Croll, Robert K., 99 Cronquilt, Arnold R., 697 Crook, John A., 606 Crookt, C. W., 301 Croiby. Donald P.. 749 Croii Country, 564 Croii, Hugh E., 398 Croii, John M., 99 Croii. Richord R.. 759. 763 Croiimon, R. C, 639 Crouch. Carol C, 672 Crouie, Feme S., 99 Crouse, Homer L., 276, 687 Crouie, Jock I.. 685 Crouie, Jeanne, 436 Crowley, F Daniel, 637 Crowley, Froncil J., 617 Crowley, Webiler R., Jr., 533, 637 Crowther. Boiley. 393 Crozier. Anito E.. 403, 704 Crume, Jeiie W., 99 Crumliih. Brian J., 456, 594 Cruie, Borboro J., 99, 729 Cruiiui, Emily J., 99, 391, 651 Cruthers, Phyllis J., 328, 720 Cryder, Robert W., 606 Cuburnek, L., 341 Culberson, Wlllii C, 612 Culbert, John R., 753 Culler, Roy L., Jr., 689 Culligon, Duone O., 99 Culotto, Joseph, 100 Culp, George S., 625 Culp, Potricio A., 100, 390, 657 Culver, Alfred A., 100, 583, 609, 735, 736 Cummins, Richard L., 279 Cummini, Robert W., 100 Cunninghom, David F., 100, 264, 443, 616 Cunningham, Florence I., 454 Cunningham, Horriion E., 25 Cunningham, Jomes A., 467, 688 Cunningham, James O., 100, 625 Cunningham, Shirley G., 704 Cunninghom, Thomos P., 100, 616. 753 Cupidro, Vincent N., 680 Curotilo, Joseph S., 440 Cureton, Eiizobeth 8., 664 Cureton, Thomos K.. 744 Curfmon, Jomei W.. 100 Curless. Williom T., 100 Curnock. David J.. 638 Curron, Patricio A., 328, 433, 720 Curron, Robert F., 100, 736 Currey, Fred, 737 Currie, Robert G., 100 Currier, Jomes W., 680 Curry, Ann, 100, 378, 664, 761 Curry, E. Elaine, 473 Curry, John W., 457, 693, 734 Curtin, Dole M., 599 Curtin, Dorothy A., 100, 727 Curtis, Chorlei C, Jr., 595, 626 Curtis, Charlei C, 100 Curtii, Chorlei W., 100 Curlii, Elaine, 100 Curtis, George H., 421 Curtii, Jomei J., 749 Curlii, Paul L., 697 Curtiss, George S., 609, 734 Curliss, John C, 101, 750 Cushmon, John R., 101, 286, 431, 750, 764 Cusick, Mary L.. 394 Cutler, Jennelh, 403 Cyclothem Club, 751 Czojo, Thomas R., 629 Czyzewiki, Horry, 757 Doonen, Jomei W., 101, 284 Dodont, Philip M., 274 Dod ' i Doy, 388, 503 Oogdelen, Oguz, 602 Daggett, Thomai E., 738 Dohlen, Richard F., 636, 757 Dohlgren, Ivon R., 101, 612 Dohlquilt, Williom C. 101, 613, 731 Doicolf, Dorwin W.. 694 Doily, Howard J., 101, 731 Doily mini, 267, 268, 272, 296, 412, 413, 415, 417, 418 Doily mini Butineii Staff, 413 778 With the University of Illinois , , . WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 81st BIRTHDAY Busey Bros. Busey ' s Bank Busey Bros, and Company Busey State Bank Busey First National Bank In Urbana since 1868 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System 78 Years of Service to the Students and Faculty of the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 1871 • 1949 THE DAILY ILLINI Member of the Associated Press 779 Doll mini Edilstlol SloA. 4I« Oollr llll ' i Sporti Sloff. 414. 41} Doily Moroon. 44 Ooirv JwdQinQ T» im, 739 Doir Production Clwb, 739 Dairv Production Club Proiidonl, 734 Doirv Tochnology Society, 751 Dairy T chnolo9y Clwb ProtidonI, 734 Dokoto W»tl«yan Univortity. 48. 49 Oolo. Boymon ( . }64. 411. 599 Dol»t. Duono D-, 69t Oolotiondro. William. 309 Dallanboch. William C.. 101. «07 Oalloy. Jo A.. 717 Doly. Alio C . 334. 339. 343 Daly. Edna V.. 730 Donor. V (.. 301 D ' Amico. Joioph v.. 694 Dominiki, Donald. 766 Oanoro. John F . 101, 413, 638 Dane Publicity. Union DoportmonI of Public Bolotiont. 389 Done !. Doportmont of, lllinl Union, 387 Ooniol. Jam ! (., 10). 745 Doniol. Patricia C. 101. 669 Donlol. Thomoi .. 101. 745 Danioll. Hopo C. 101 Doniolf, Allon C. 753 Danioll, Barbara J., 653 Danioll. Marilyn. 664 Danioll. Paul W.. 101 Danioll. Stoworl D . Jr.. 101. 36}. 367, 517. 319. 598. 757 DonioU. Tod. 694 Danioll. Thomai H.. 745 Daniolion. Edword A.. 613 Daniolion John C. 619 Doniolion. John E.. 399. 456, 693 Donkort. tuiioll A.. 639 Donnohl. Pobort I.. 633 Dannor. Frodoric E.. 101 Oonvillo Dedgori. 550. 551, 533 Doro. Maurirm E.. 101 Darlond. Patricia A.. 103. 631 Doih. Fronh I.. 103 Daihor. Paul M.. 102. 386, 738 Doirt. lucyollon, 728 Dounor, Potrieio A., 714 Oa«onpart. William ».. 376 Do id. Joioph .. 103 Doyid Kinloy Holl. 36 Davidtohn. Ellen D.. 704 Doyidion. Bouloh J«., 103. 704 Davidion Collego, 5 Davidion. Doloros A.. 396. 663 Davidion, Jomoi L.. Jr., 440. 635 Davidion. LoRoy S.. 403 Dovidion. Louii E., 638 Dovioi, Dorothy L., 438, 714 Dovioi. W., 319 Dovii, Coryl M., 739 Dovii, Cathorino J.. 103 Oavii. Chorloi C. 103 Devil, Clayton, 613 Davii. Dolo D., 383 Davii. Doon A.. 608 Davii. Diano I.. 711 Dovii, Donold. 438 Dovii. Don 8., 593 Davit, Earl, 737 Dovii. Ed»ard A.. 634. 730 Oovli, Eloino . 673. 733 Dovii. Evorott. 103 Dovii. Coorgo JM.. 438 Dovii. Gloria A.. 102. 430, 660 Dovit, Cordon I.. 103. 383 Oovli. Dr. H.. 343 Dovit. H.. 319 Davit, Hodloy D., 616 Oovli. Honry J.. 102. 637 Dovit. I.. 299. 321 Dovit. I E.. 333 Davit. Jomoi C. 103. 689 Dovit, Joan, 667 Dovli. Jo A.. 655 Dovit. Juonito J.. 433, 704, 763 Dovii. Konnoth A . 693 Dovit. lo Clolro. 659 Dovit. loonord N.. 679 Dovit, Marvin M., 103 Dovit, Nancy. 653 Dovli. Bobort P.. 103. 389 Dovit. (ebon O . 413, 416, 333 Doviion, Chotlot O., 103. 393. 734 Doviion. toborf M . 103. 751 DoVlto. LoVon T.. 103. 673 Dowot. Virginia B., 712 Downing. Joonno. 738 Dowion. twofold. 28 Dowion. Irono M.. 103, 720 Dowton, O.. 324 Day, Edward 1 , 639 Do, «..., I 404, 703, 763 £■ :o J.. 317. 364, 738 C ' , 638 0- . 604 Doon, Ciuik [ , 533. 391 Doon, Eliioboth I.. 278. 396, 397, 404 405, 649. 663 Doon. toil M . 265. 411. 423. 430. 673 Doon. Mono I.. 663 Doon of Collogo of Agrlculturo, 34. 33 Ooon of Collogo of Commorco. 36. 37 Doon of Collogo of Donliltry, 394 Doon of Collogo of FIno and Applied Artl. 42. 43 Doon of College of low, 48, 49 Dean of College of Veterinary Medicine. 56. 57 Deon of Frotornitioi. 31 Dean of Freihman Women, 31 Dean of Croduote College. 44. 45 Deon of Independent Men, 31 Dean of Independent Women, 31 Deon of Men, 30 Deon of Relidonce Hall Counieling, 31 Deon of Sorority Women, 31 Deon of Student Actlvitiei, 31 Deon of Sludenti, 30, 418 Dean of Univeriity Esteniion, 63 Deon of Women, 30 Deony. Bernard V.. 743 Dearing. Dewey C, 607 Dooring. Ruth A.. 669 doBoey. Jomei, 734 DoBorr. Albert. 383 DoBough. Richord H.. 103. 631 DeBorry, Joan E., 654 DoBioiio, Adeline, 103, 718 DeBoice. Joy. 603 DeCamp. Doloret J.. 657 DeComp. Phillip A.. 103, 638 Dechter, Sidney, 634 Deckord, J., 332. 343 Decker. Beltio I.. 103 Decker. Jeon B.. 707 Decker. William E.. 334. 339. 342 Decmon, Leo A.. 682 Decoroh, Iowa. 40 DeCoto, Duono C, 439 Dediniky. Michoel A.. 103 Dedrick. Ralph S.. 103. 731 Deoley, Paul M.. 389 Deeming. William B.. 678 Deffloy, Eleanor, 436, 729 DeGormo, Charlei, 39 Degenkolb. Diana A., 713 Degenkolb. Dorothy M., 396, 712, 730 Degenkolb, Robert S., 103, 404, 630, 753, 756 Degginger, Edward R., 103 Deiit, R. L., 3 30 Deiit. Raymond H.. 585, 608 Deitch. D.. 333 Deitelbaum. Ben K.. 103 Deitz, Frank R., 603 DeKony, Alice, 704 Delond, Lynn E., 747 Delap, Ronold K., 596 Dolailane, Nancy, 436 DoLovollado, Gloria L., 654, 707 DelBoccio, Anthony J.. 617 Delbridge, Charlei 8., 103, 391, 631 DelGrono, Adoro J., 707 Dellefleld, Richard, 103. 683 Dellert. George T.. Jr., 683. 764 Dolnick. Donold. 651 DeLong. Charlei C. 38. 443 Delong. Don C. 388 Delta Chi. 573. 573, 603 Delta Gomma, 660 Delta Delta Delta, 373, 659 Delta Kappa Epiilon, 604 Delta Kappa Sigma, 340 Delta Phi, 573. 605 Delta Phi Epiilon. 661 Delta Sigma Delta. 399. 352 Delto Sigmo Phi. 566. 606 Dello fou Delto. 352. 572. 573. 607 Delia Zeto. 662 DelVenlo. Albert J.. 752 DelVeico. Julian M.. 334, 342 Demonet, Floyd A., 763 Demanet, Loroy S., 103 DeMor, Eric S., 763 DeMor, Shirley D., 710 Demeter, Daniel R., 103, 757 Domett, S., 343 DeMirio, F. A., 301 Demon, Bob, 527 Dempiey, Ellen, 453 Demptoy, Elwood, 450, 455, 459, 642 Demptey, Jack I., 603 Deneen, Robert G., 619 Denei, Nancy E., 416, 651 Doniimon, Neiol H., 103, 603 Denk, Joieph R., 746 Denn, Stanley M., 761 Dennit, D., 338 Dennii, Robert J., 104 Dental Corpi, 350 Dental -Medical -Pharmacy Building. Chicago Compui. 295. 331 Dental Operotive Clinic, Chicago Compui, 290, 394 Dental Seniori, 397 Dental Student Council, Chicogo Compui, 294. 296 Denlittry, College of. 294. 296 n»„i,,,,. ;.„i„. Clan Offlcort. 397 nklln F.. 104. 630 " 0nn9, 656 - - . „.,r.uel B.. 601 Oepartmenti of Collegei ,,- llltingi Deportmenti of Itllnl Un ' oi. — Seo Deportment Title DePoiguole, Peter P., 623 DePauw, John F., 104, 635 DePreo, Diane F., 398, 410, 663 Derrer Phyllii J., 378, 667 DeRunti, Robert W., 104 Deihoyei, Joieph R.. 284 Deiiardini, Fernando N., 715 DeMorait, Maurice R., 745 Deimond, John Jamoj, 104, 747 Deimond, John Joe, 431, 591 Deimond. Lowronco J., 104. 280. 747 Deiort. Elaine G., 717 Deipot. Daniel F., 750 Detier. Shirleo. 736 DeThorn. Donald J., 104, 680 Dettmon. Eunice E., 722 Deuchler. Walter E., 279, 444, 594 Deuringer, Viola, 264 Deutch. Moxino E., 668 Deitich, Earl I., 104. 633 Deutich, W., 322 DeVogeloere, Donald J., 591 DeVore, Glen D.. 104. 683. 753 DeWargo, Levente, 602 DeWerfl, Ralph E., 264, 455. 676. 677, 678, 683 Dowhirit, Jomet D., 104, 632 DeWitl. Richord R., 611, 757 DeWiti, Williom W., 519, 585, 614, 757 DeWoikin, Elone S., 709 Dexter, Clork E.. 586. 608 Dexter. Mildred E., 713 De Young, Wilmo J., 104, 282, 576, 577, 704 Diamond, Roy S., 758 Diomond, Stonley D., 104, 420, 752 Diamond, William, 695 Diomondstor e. Lawrence M., 615 Dibble. B.. 319. 326 Dibble. James B.. 308, 309 Dice, G., 324 Dick, John O., 104 Dickoson, Donald E., 27, 442 Dickenson, Donald D., 104 Dickenson, Virginia A., 104, 432 Dicker, Phyllis H., 726 Dickerson, Bernard, 451 Dickerson, Stuart A., 694 Dickey. Don E.. 434. 587. 594 Dickey. Louise. 663, 740 Dickey, Paul I , 104, 755 Dickey, Robert I., 280 Dickhaut, Orville W., 402, 734 Dickinson, Dole C, 439 Dickinson, DorJon H.. 105 Dickinson. Froncis H,, 105 Dickinson, Virginia, 435 Dickmon, R., 341 Dickson, George G., 105, 456, 460. 601 Dickson, James B.. 589 Dieckmonn. Carl E., 598 Diedrich, Eileen H., 711 DIeken, Earl H., 105 Dierking, Merle B., 105 Dierolf. Richard. 641 Dierolf. Ronold K., 105 Dierstein. Philip G.. 607 Diessner. W. H.. 350 Dielch. Cyril. 621 Dietemonn. Charles. 754 Dieter. O. A.. 753 Dietmeyer, A rthur H.. 105. 636 Dietz. Carl H.. 388. 589 Dielz. Ruth. 325 DiGuillio. V . 321 Dill. Fronk. Jr.. 281 Dillord. Harrison. 545 Dillard. Juonito E.. 105 Dillavou. Essel R.. 280 Dillavou, JoAnn 8., 430, 669 Dillec, Donald D., 105, 750 Dilley, Edward C, 105, 693 Dilley, Goo. 90 H., Jr., 693 Dillio, Donald K.. 587. 622 Dillman. Williom E.. 597. 751 Dillon. Carol E.. 328, 727 Dillon, David J.. 105 Dillon. Doon, 734 Dillon, Edward L., 751 Dillon. Wlllord M,. 105. 697 Dillow. Donald D.. 745 Dimit. George, 533, 638 Dimmott, Robert J., 736 Dingwell, Lamar A., 757 Dinsdole, Carol L., 415, 416, 712 Director of Athletics, 514 Director of Division of Special Services, 56. 59 Director of Inttituto of Communicotions Reieorch. 26 Director of Library School, 52 Director of Phyticol Education, 54 Director of School of Journoliim, 46 Direclor of School of Music, 60 Director of Univeriity of Illinois Press, 36 Display Committee, Chicago lllini Union, 345 Dittmonn, Kent R.. 636 Ditlmor. Dr. G. W.. 300 Ditlmer. Donald C, 683 Dlvon, Waller A.. 103 Divilbiss, John, 434 Division of General Studies, 51 Division of Special Services for War Veterans, 58, 59 Division of University Extension, 63, 63 Dix, Ralph H., 688 Dixon, Borboro J., 707 Dixon, Chorles S.. 668 Dixon, J., 341 Dixon, William N., 408, 589 Dlugos. v.. 319 Dobberlin, Paul W.. Jr., 641 Dobbs, Howard L., 631 Dobson, Chorles D., 635 Dobson, Mory B., 660 Dobyns, Lowrence L., 436 Dodd, Rolph E., 753 Dodds, Hubert D., 614 Oodds, Robert G., 604 Doderlein, Renee L., 708, 740 Dodge, Jeonette P., 105 Doebel, Paul J., Jr., 457, 460, 747 Doehter, Robert W., 618 Doehring, Mariorie J., 727, 740 Doelling, Ruth, 437 Doerner, Norma E., 659 Doerr, James M., 612 Doerr, Lil lian J., 309. 325 Dohetty, Jock, Jr., 533 Doherly, John R.. 105 Doherty. Kotherine A.. 653 Dolon. Froncis J.. 744 Dolon, James C. 105, 629 Dolon, Margaret A., 653 Dolon, Pauline A., 106, 363, 367, 384, 389, 657, 765 Dolbow, Philip G., 588 Doleis, Anton A., Jr., 106, 737 Dolezol, Wilbur F., 682 Dolginow, Uaac N., 106 Dolginow, Newton, 627 Doll. Carroll C, 106, 421 Doll, Harvey J., 685 Doll, Phillip B., 106, 286, 420, 680, 750 Dolphins, 752 Dominetio, Richard J., 588 Donohoe, Ned, 424 Donohue, Edword J., 687 Donahue, Robert C., 106, 589 Donaldson, Robert W., 738 Donhom, James J., 106, 755 Donkel, Potricia R., 717 Donelly, Charles J., 586, 632 Donohoe, Phyllis, 650, 754 Doolen, Sherman E., Jr., 467 Dooley, John D., 309. 326 Doppelt. Toby M.. 721 D ' Orozio, Vincent T., 633 Dordick, Seymour M., 637 Dote, Cornelius f., 629 Dorigan, Frank X., 742 Dorin, R., 322 Doring, John L., 440, 601 Dormire, Dorolhy L., 722, 740 Dormitory Building, Proposed, Chicago Compus, 295 Dornan, Gaynelle V., 727 Dornef, Mary L., 716 Dornoch, 687 Dorr, Erwin J., Jr., 439 Dorris, Sue F.. 430, 432, 649, 651, 763 Dorsey, Eugene C, 106, 285, 605 Doss, Nancy A., 278, 656 Doss, Owen L., 677 Dost, Walter L., 601 Doty, Horry O., Jr., 629 Doty, John K., 106, 629 Dougoll, Leroy A., 106, 686 Douglas, M., 339 Douglas, Phillip J., 758 Douglass, Paul W., 533, 586, 628 Douglass, Thornton, 106 Dovorok, E., 533 Dowell, J., 309, 320, 353 Dowell, Jesse M., Jr., 106, 379, 282, 421, 591, 735, 736 Dowell, Joanne, 712, 762 Dowler, James R., 764 Dowling, Audrey R., 654 Dowling, Patricio R., 436, 716 Downey, Jomes H., 106, 597 Downey, Robert G., 434, 546, 609. 734. 741 Downey. Williom H.. 566 Downing, Joanne C. 740 Downs. Betsy A.. 578. 669 Downs. Charles E.. 614 Downs. Robert 8.. 52. 53. 264. 517, 518. 545. 547. 566, 614 Doyle, F., 321 Doyle, P., 328 Doyle, Richard L., 632 Droke, Andrew V., 439 Drake Relays, 547 Drake University, 546 Draper, Andrew S., 49 Dropor, Lee 8., 629 Drolwo. Edwin I.. 106. 684 Droger. Harry D.. 467 Dteikurs. Eva. 725 Drell. Sidney D., 437 Drenon. Elmo M.. 106, 703 Drenon, Roymond L., 106 780 1 Drennon, Frances, 378 Dreshfield. Anhut C, 279. 420. 679. 691 Drnulh, Shirley M.. 6SI Drew. Joyce C. 649. 664 Drew. Robert E., 599 Drew. Wolter E.. 599 Drewes. Dorothy M.. 704 Dreymitler. Marcia L., 328. 657 Drickorrreyer. Harry. 746 Drlicoll. Nicholas J.. 107. 746 Driscoll. Phillip O.. 637 Driscoll. Williom D.. 618 Driskell. Donald H.. 107 Driver, Robert P.. 614 Drom, Woyne D., 682 Drone, Lawrence E.. 106. 433. 696 Droste. W., 332. 342 Droste, Robert L.. 618 Drucker. Robert J.. 624 Drugos. Theodore G.. 309. 318 Drug Plont Experiment Stotion. 330 Drummond, Oliver E.. 408, 467 619 Drury, Chorles E.. 106. 286, 287, 750 Oruth, AKred S., 585, 634 Dry, Beryle S.. 578 Dubin. Martin D.. 602 DuBois. Lawrence A.. 106 Dubosh, Tony P., 106 Dubow. Donald J.. 634 DuBruff. Gloria M.. 721 Dubsky. Morion I . 107, 727 " Duchess of Malfi " . 428 Duczman. Ruth R.. 107. 716 Dudo. Dolores M.. 107. 705 Dudo. Frederick R.. 601 Dudo. Walter. 440 Dudcjak. Chester S.. 107. 642. 750 Dudley. Ralph G.. 571 Duensing. George P.. 444. 466. 683 747 Duensing. William D.. 683 Dueringer. Viola. 284 Duerwachter. David A., 594 Duerwochter. Nodine A.. 401. 717 Duewer. John L.. 693, 741 Duff, Dovid A.. 107. 286, 750 Duff. Lloyd, 545 Duffers, The, 573 Duffy, John C, 280 Dufour, Frank. 107, 690 Dugan, Grace M., 694, 711 Dugon, William H., 107 Dugas, Marie. 310. 325. 347 Duloney. Donald C. 107. 684 Dulgeroff. Sylvester A.. 107. 284 Duluth. Herold. 46 Dumelow, Lois E., 658 Duncan, Constance L., 716 Duncan, Edward J.. 401 Duncon. G.. 340 Duncan. James R.. 637 Duncan. Jean E.. 107. 704 Duncon. Leroy E., 438 Duncan, Rev. Dr. Edward J., 401 Duncan Y.M.C.A., 352 Dunhouse, Robert F., 108, 638 Dunk, Corolyn I.. 415. 416. 658 Dunkle. Edwin R.. Jr.. 694 Dunlap. J., 321 Dunlop. Mariarle I., 108. 576. 577. 705 Dunn. Edgor J., 403, 692. 738 Dunn. Floyd. 108, 281, 287, 738. 764 Dunn. Jomes D.. 421 Dunn. James O., 619 Dunn. Lewis J., 598 Dunn. Nancy. 398. 660 Dunn, Paul E.. 689 Dunn. Robert E.. 585. 631 Dunn. William F.. 589 Dunsmore. John Charles. 108 Dupre. George T.. 613 Dupre. Richard F.. 613 Ourfee, Mary J., 328, 665 Durgans, Thomas L., 108, 595 Durham, Leonard, 108 Durhom. Mrs. Olgo K.. 108 Durward. Marjorie E.. 727 Dusenbury, Marshall V.. 533, 594 Dushin, Frank E., 762 Duller, Joyne, 408. 712 Duvoll. Ann. 669 Ouvick. Donald. 276. 434 Duvick. Edword E., 421, 693. 741 Dvorok. John R.. 689 Dwotk. Sandro, 278, 710 Dwyer, Laurence A., 466 Dwyer. Potricio. 705 Dwyer. Robert G.. 612 Dwyer. Robert W.. 608 Dyckmon. Thomos J.. 694 Dye, Allen F., 108, 737 Dye. Betty. 402 Dye. William E.. 108, 402. 745 Dyer. David D.. 598 Dyer. James. Jr., 108. 750 Dyke. Oonold L., 757 Dymit. Joseph M., 106 Dilorz. J., 321 Eades, Jo A.. 659, 753 Eodie, George R., 108. 632, 757 Eaible, Dale, 741 Eones, Mae, 714 Eorle, Norman W., 108, 616 Eosley, Jomes J., 108 Eoster, Elizabeth, 378 Eoslline, Richard L., 108, 390, 685 Eastmen, Mary A., 265, 397, 664 Eaton, Marvin L., 694 Eberhard, John P., 402, 466 Eberhordl, Mary J., 108, 662 Eberhardt, Wayne W., 614 Ebert, Justine K., 704. 740 Eby. Frank S.. 287 Eby. Richard. 109. 635 Eby, Robert W., 61 1, 745 Eck, Robert, 567 Eckel, Earl J., 757 Eckels, Robert J., 518, 596 Eckenstoler, George F.. Jr.. 402 Eckert. Albert W.. 109 Eckert. John D.. 616 Eckert, Peter A.. 279. 432. 437. 440. 616, 760 Eckert, Roger E., 432 Eckhardt, Morgarite D., 657 Economics, Deportment of. 37 Economides, Athon J,, 109, 758 Economides, Constantine J., 109, 754 Economou, Peter G., 758 Eddlemon, Thomos D., 262, 267, 516, 517, 524, 527, 528, 529, 532, 533, 536, 539. 545. 546. 547 Eddy Howord Orchestra. 379 Edelmon. Elliott J.. 628. 694 Edelmon. Norma J.. 725 Edgerley. Philip E.. 609. 734 Edgerley. Williom M.. 109. 607 Edgren. Thore H.. 439. 589 Edidin. B.. 322 Edidin. Judson H.. 633 Edidin. Zella M.. 709 Edie. Virginia. 658 Edin. Ahmet S.. 691 Ediin. Vernon H.. 685 Edmondson. Austin. Jr.. 109 Education. 62 Educotion, College of. 38. 39 Edwards. Donold W.. 746 Edwards. Joanne P.. 660 Edwards. Morilyn L., 109. 712 Edwards. Mary E.. 71 1 Edwards. Phyllis. 437 Edwards, Raymond, 696 Edwards, Robert M., 739 Edwards, Robert W., 599 Edwards. William N.. 604 Edwards. William O.. 533 EfTlondt. Julius P., 109. 388. 641 Egolnick. Peggy. 723. 748 Egbert. James C, 695 Egbert. Paul R., 286 Egypt. 58 Ehrhordt. Dorothy J., 109, 263. 663. 766 Eichen. Sheldon L.. 685 Eilers. Robert D.. 109. 746 Einarsson. Hjolti. 602. 746 Einbecker. Richard C. 109. 597, 747 Einhorn. Kenneth F.. 284 Einhorn, Shirley L.. 704 Einsweiler, Robert C, 694 Eirich, R., 319 Eirich, Roymond D.. 467 Eisen. David G.. 602 Eisen. Helen. 109, 726 Eisen. Howard. 685 Eisen, J., 322, 326 Eisen, Ted N., 431, 678 Eisenberg, Alfred, 633 Eisenberg, Bailee, 725 Eisenberg, Lorraine L.. 707 Eisenhuth, George A., 285 Eisenmoyer, John C, 109 Eisenstein, Geraldine M., 726 Eismon, Rose M., 672 Eisman, Sonford H., 109, 682, 750, 765 Eisner, Arnold D., 624 Ekberg, Donald R., 402, 437, 680 761 Ekiin, R,, 342 Ekiund, Henning W., 746 E.K.T. Club. 706 Ekstrom. Clarence T.. 109 Ekslrom. John W.. 629 Elonder. Donold A.. 110 Elbliog. Ruth G.. 110 Elcrot, Ann. 709 Eldrenkomp. Carroll D.. 110 Electrical Engineering, 41 Electrical Engineering Building, 41 Elesch, F., 322 Elelson, Chorles L., 738 Elfenboum, A., 300 Elfers, G., 320 Eliot, Raymond, 514. 522, 533 Elledge, Joyce T., 110, 713, 761 Elledge, Shirley M., 278, 389, 711 Eller, Robert E., 693 Elletl, Wondo, 402 Elliott. Alvin B.. 734, 741 Elliott, Don R., 695 Elliott, Edward R., 110, 638 Elliott, George J., 751 Elliott, Ivon A.. Jr., 404. 759 Elliott. Kenneth B.. 110 Elliott, Norman J.. 1 10. 631 Elliott, Ouintin K., 609, 734 Elliott. Ray, 524 Elliott. Richard J.. 436 Elliott. Ronald I., 110, 282. 421. 439 609. 734 Elliott, Ross. 403 Elliott. Wayne K.. 609, 734, 741 Elliott, Williom J., 597, 757 Elliott, Williom P., 696 Elliott, Willi. B., 110, 262, 271, 585 599, 737 Ellis, Don C, 533, 631 Ellis, Dorothy I., 110, 647, 651 Ellis, Morvin I., 110, 615 Ellis, Patricia J., 110, 713 Ellis, Patricia L., 713 Ellsworth, Albert D., 533 Elowson, Ingrid J., 715 Elsosser, Fred L., 613 Elwell, Lorimer 0., Jr., 745 Ely, Worren, 545 Elyeo, Robert E., 695 Embree, Milton L., 110. 281, 286 733 764 Embs. Doreen F., 110, 398, 658 Embs, Lowell D., 599 Emerick, Norman C., 110 750 766 Emig, H., 343 Emmert, Charles F., 694 Emmons, Shirley A.. 666 Emon Koi Teon Club. 706 Emory. Rex, 734, 741 Emory, Roy R., 593, 735 Ems, Richard W., 533, 632 Ender, Arthur W., 402 Enders, Robert A., 626 Endress, Charles R., 110 Eng, Robert, 694 Engberg, Joseph, 111, 694 Engberg, Moxene L., 723 Engel, Dolores, 111, 728 Engel, llene D., 709 Engel. J., 300 Engelbrecht. Donold A,, 746 Engelbrecht. Louis M.. 749 Engelhort. Gerald I.. Ill, 287, 750 764. 766 Engelmonn. Melvin C. 688 Engels, Donald J.. 533. 629 Engen. Mae J., Ill, 577, 578, 662 Enger, Morvin, 40 Engert, Borbora G., 720 Engineering, 764 Engineering, College of, 40, 41, 418, 420 Engineering Council, 752 Engineering Curricula, 41 Engineering Experimental Stotion, 40 Engineering Holl, 40 Engineering Honorary, 286 Engineering Magazine, 418, 420 Engineering Physics, 41 Engineers, 450 England, 59 England, Helen I., 387, 391, 659 England. Louise. 278 Engle. Nancy L., 724 Engleiohn. Mrs.. 325 Engler. Barboro S.. 721 Englis. Robert. 1 1 1 . 635 English, Betty R.. 278 English Department. 50 English. Philip V., 455. 460. 747 English. William K.. 762 Enright. James H.. 686. 738 Enright. Mary A.. 401. 672 Enrollment. 23 Entertainment. Department of. Illini Union. 388 Entertoinment Publicity, Union Depart- ment of Public Relations, 389 Ephgrove, Jomes T., 420, 681 Ephgrave, June C, 712 Epsilon Phi Sigma, 758 Epstein, Anne, 724 Epstein, David, 620 Epstein, Dolores F., 709 Epstein, Edward S., 694 Epstein, Joy, 627 Erb, Chorles A., 637 Erdelyan, Louis A., 110, 746 Erhordl. Beolrice E., Ill, 704, 743, 761 Ericksen, Doris E., 475, 658 Erickson, Bertil W., 264, 517, 538. 598 Erickson, Charles E., Ill Erickson, Donald V., 279. 421. 694. 734, 741 Erickson, Howard L., 750 Erickson, J., 319 Erickson, John E., 613 Erickson, June L.. 716 Erickson. Karl H.. 614 Erickson. Morsholl D.. 440 Erickson. Noncy L.. 653 Erickson, Scott D., 593 Ericson, Elizabeth V., Ill, 382, 704 Ericson, Hortley C, 111, 692 Ericson, John W , 111, 287, 693 Ericson, Stanton D., 464. 466 Erikien. Thomos C.. 697 Efjovoe. John E., 695 Eriey, Richard A., 444. 618 Etmisch, Linda L., Ill, 665 Emu, Edword W.. 111. 281. 286 287 695. 738. 764 Ernst. Wilmo E.. Ill Erikine. Donald E., Ill 618 Ertel, M., 334, 339, 347 Erwlo, William W., Ill, 262 269 394, 599 Erzen, Cerdet A,, 602 Erzinger, Homer J., Jr., 632 Eschelbocher, Hubert, 624 Eschelbacher. Jean R.. 726 Esenlher. Shirley E., 327, 323 Eskengren, Emil. Jr.. 112, 750 Esker, Eugene A., 693 Esmond, Bruce L., 456, 533, 588 Esmond, Robert V., 112. 606 Espy. Williom. 287 Essermon. Normon S., 758 Essermon, Ronald E., 112, 615 Estobrook, Mark R., 754 Eto Koppo Nu, 281 Etges, Frank J.. 641 Etherlon, Annabel L.. 410 663 740 Etier. Alvin. 437 Etter, Jomes E., 440 Eubonks, Richard K., 734 Eubonks, Roger D., 112 Euler, M. H., 738 Europe. 42, 54, 58, 59, 301 Europeon Theater of Operations 59 Evans. Corlisle E.. 112 745 Evons. Chester E.. 112 Evons. Doris J.. 112, 435, 721 Evans, Fleurice R., 670 Evans, Ceroid W., 626 Evons Hall. 707 Evans. Iro G.. 112. 420. 695. 738 Evans. Jomes D.. Jr.. 636 Evons. James H., 599 Evans, John C., 1 12. 750 Evons. Louise. 656 Evons. Norma. 112. 724 Evons. Phillip v.. 533. 608 Evans. Phyllis. 398. 670 Evans. Rlchord W.. 112. 753 Evons. Robley D.. 597 Evons. Rosemary. 112. 718 Eveland. Harmon E.. Jr.. 751 Everhort. Jomes W.. 612 Everhort. Richard L., 612 Everinghom. Wilbur A.. 112. 747 Everltt. Bruce W.. 264. 386. 391 636 738 Evers. Luther T.. 753 Evers. William J.. 112. 746 Everts. Wesley E.. 112 Evey. Robert J. D.. 276 Ewbonk. Fay C. 112. 688. 745 Ewell, Roymond W.. 533. 685 Ewers. Joseph. 677 Ewing. Harold L., 113 Ewing. James W.. 1 13 Ewing. Marilyn L.. 113. 665. 740 Ewing, Robert L., 403, 753 Ewing, Wilbur R., 113 Ex, Edward S., 1 13, 640 Examining Board for Teachers, 62. 63 Executive Council, Ponhellenlc 585 646 Executive Council, Y.M.C.A., 394 Experimental Drug Form, Chicago Compus, 331 Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics, 34 Eygobrood, William R.. 113 434 594 751 Eyier, Marvin H., 571 Eyier, Robe.t H., 603 Eyster, Marvin K., 686 Ezell, C, 325 Fobrlzi, Fronds F., 684 Fabry, Richard I., 680 Faculty Player ' s Club, 424 Faculty-Student Baseball Gome, Chicago Campus, 351 Faculty-Student Committee on Student Affairs, 306 Foeth, Henry C, 533 Fogel, Earl D., 694 Fogerburg, Joon. 649, 754 Fagerburg, Richard G.. 113 Fohle, Borbora A.. 651 Fohneslock. Phyllis J.. 402 Foirboirn. James P., 639 Foirbairn, Joseph L., 680 Fairbonk, Gene, 113, 628 Foirbonk, Robert L-, 113, 619 Foirbooks, Charles W., 590 Fairbanks, J., 321 Fairfield, Ellio A., 113, 705 Falcon, Frances A., 410, 578, 666 Folder. Gerold H., 626 Foleckl, J., 321 Foletti, Gerold P.. 113 Folk, Carl W., 606, 750, 752 Folk, Corel, 661 Folk, Donald B., 606, 738 Folk. Morilynne G . 113 Folkenroth. Helen L., 402, 703 Folkenitein. Robert R.. 533, 612 Folkenstrom, Corl N., 607 Foiling, Robert H., 641 781 Fonihisr. Nancy K., 659 Fonlo, Ckoiloll . 71] Foib ' . VIolo A.. 7}} Foretfion, Nofons J., 707 farion, Cloriiio A., 730 FofUi. Doxd C . 4«0. 387. 639 Fofiti. Fr.d :c T . 113. Itt Foilioi. Cloiio v.. }78. 661 Fotlo. Fionli a., 688. 759 Foil«y. (uikII. 609 Farm Houi . 609 Famon-Farma ' On, Forouo ' . ' 13. 756 Farmon-Farmolon. Laura J.. 113 Faroo ui. Ham «d M., 756 Farough, Mrl I. f.. 756 Forr. Jam t E., 588 Farr. William O . 113, 777. 631, 685, 744 Farrand. Virginia K., 658 Fan«ll. William H.. 60] Farrii. Jam i F., 114. 6}8. 738 Farrii. L«il r C. 518 forro, Jo. 740 Forfo, Joan. 740 Faiinochl. Williom, 685 Foucotl. Mot A.. 787 Faulkner. Charlai 0.. Jr.. 114. 284, 618. 745. 76} FauUnor. ladd W.. 114, 629 Fautel. Raymond E.. 600 Fauil. Albori D.. 619 Fault. Polricia F.. 655 Favre. Donovon 1-, 691 Fay. Wolt«r. 114. 686 Foylok. Phyllii. 760 Foiakot. Alir E.. 716 F»ailer. Dol« F.. 593. 734. 741 Feoiior. Palricio I.. 380. 391, 702, 708. 740 Fea ' K«filon«, John C-, 466 F«f«nka, Melon. 328 Federman. Alben J.. 758 Federmon. Arnold D.. 620 Federmon. Cnorlei W.. 748 Fehner. Mrt. John. 722 Fehner Houie. 722 Fehr, Thomoi W.. 755 Fehtenbother. Alborl W., 694 Fehrenbacher. Waller I.. 693, 741 Fehri. William H.. 743 Feiber, Coroline, 703 Foithl. M.. 299 Foighlner. Albon J.. 753 Fein. J . 302 Foinberg. Herbert, 114 Feingold. Janet. 728 Feitiom. Robert. 613 Felber. Richard J . 640 Felbinger, Norman W.. 114, 750 Feldman. Donald I., 616 Feidmon. Leonard B., 114. 633 Feldmon, Myron R.. 683 Feidmon. Norman, 114 Feldmon, Philip D., 456, 568 reldmon. Stanley, 114. 262, 286, 517. 550. 552. 553. 554. 592 Feldilein, loii M.. 114. 709 Feller. Donald I., 590 Follioi. Eloine C. 328. 729 Fellner, John J . 386. 617 Fellowi. Robert J., 436, 588 Fellowi. Roger I., 114. 638. 749, 756 Fellowihipi. Lille. 393 Feltenihol, Mortho A., 408. 652 Felt, Clifford C. 755 Felt. Margaret A.. 704 Fellman. Hurleen B.. 661 Felli. Betty J., 114, 705 Felli, Glenn I.. 597 Fencing, 515 Fenelon. Joteph R.. 533. 611 Feniiy. Robert D . 114. 749, 756 Fennelly. Robert F . 415 Feoner. Richord F . 439, 687 Fenilermon. Leroy C.. 693 Fenton. Robert F.. 461 Fenwicfc, Thomoi C. 691 Ferguton. Chorlet W.. 629 ferguion. John A.. 751 Ferguton. Loi K., 715 Ferguion. R M . 320. 346 Ferguion, Thomoi L.. 413 ferolie. Lawrence J.. 694 Fetroro. Andrio. 334. 339, 343 Ferraro, Frank, 334 Feirell, John J., 691 Ferrii, John H , 114, 628 Ferrii, Robert C., 607 Ferrii, William, 618 Feiiler, Robert C , 459. 460. 688 Feitivol ot Contemporory Artt, 43, 432 Fetter, Richard W , 452, 460 Fey. Terry B., 114, 272, 418. 647. 664 FIckel, William H , 685 rictinger, Wayne J., 114. 689 n ld Artillery, 450 Field ond Furrow PreildenI, 734 rield, Jerome, 68] Field. Sidney, 68] Flelde. MoKello V.. 727 Fleldi. Shep. 678 Flene. Chorlei R . 685 Flene. I . 319 Fiener. Rhodo. 723 Fiermon. Morilyn. 115. 652 FIAei. Erneit C, 115 FIglewiki. Joan. 705 FIgueroa, Antonio. 602 Fllbey, Edward J., 280 Fllbey. Nolhon V., 280 Fllbey, Robert W., 115, 283, 737, 743 filei, Clyde R., 745 Filei. Jomei J., 115, 283 Fillmore, Chatlei L., 115, 696, 749 Fino, John J., 115, 517, 567, 61] Fino, Joteph E., 517. 518, 567. 6]8 Finch, Nancy C, 653 Finder, Earl, 385 Findur. Martin A.. 283, 436 Fine and Applied Arli, College of, 41, 42. 43 Fine. Harold P.. 761 Fine. Robert M., 640 Finfrock, Robert W., 619 Fink, A., 322, 353 Fink, Borbaro J., 653 Fink. Harriet M.. 388. 649, 668 Finke. Walter W., 693 Finkel, Bernard, 400 Finkel. Edward B., 592 Finkelmon, Allan H., 592 Finkenbinder, Loit M., 402, 673 Finkenbinder, Paul H., 609, 734 Finkenitaedt, Mary, 665 Finkle, Morton, 624 Finkler. Rolph E.. 115. 280 Finley. Chorlei R., 434. 694 Finley. Helen A.. 713 Finley. Thonoi O.. 456 Finley. Wolter R.. 743 Fippen. John W.. 115 Firebough. Martha E., 425, 430, 714 Fireiide, 688 Firit Company, 466 Firit Regimenlol Bond, 438, 439, 441 Firth, Joy A., 593 Firzloff, Doniel, 1 15 Fiicher, Chorlei H., 602 Fiicher, Devoro, 668 Pitcher, Fred A., 436, 625 fiicher, George p., 115, 516, 550, 552. 619 Fiicher. Glorio M., 709 Fiicher. Jomei D., 283 Fiicher, Louii, 617 Pitchier, William, 624 Pith, A., 323 Fithbein. Allan J., 115 Pither, Alex S., 115 Piiher. Ben. 276. 558 Either. Charlei I., 691 Fiihor, Dovid I., 615, 679 Fither, Emily J., 655 Either, Eugene A., 749 fither, f., 299 fither, frod S., 694 fither, George L., 115, 612 Fither, Geraldine M., 707 fither, Jean, 278, 444 fither, Jennoro R., 707 fither, Julie J., 115, 667 fither, June A., 652 fither, Nilet J., 115. 613, 750 fither. Reginald f.. 434, 685 fither. Rilo, 344 Pither, Robert H., 680 fither, Ruth G., 725 fiiherkeller, Jo A., 436, 713 Fithman, 710 Fithman, Jomei J., 286, 287, 764 fithman, Ralph, 689 fithman, Ruiiell L., 115, 634. 759 fithner, Stanley, 685 filk Univeriify, 393 filk, Vernon C, 605 Fitch, Dorothy S., 763 fitch, John G., 116, 452, 690, 765 Filgrold, Dorothy H., I 16 filzgerold, Jock B., 116 Fittgerold, Warren W., 116, 754 filtgerold, William G., 75] fil2mourice, Thomoi P., Jr., 759 filzpotrick, Jomoi D.. 116, 599 fitipotrick. William, 749 flogg Houie, 688 floherty, Donald E., 116, 631 flokt. Robert E.. 116, 751 Flonogon, Earl L., 437, 440, 638 Flonogon, John, 431 Flonigon, John A., 116, 430 fla . Burton S., 116 Flehorly, Burlo A., 116, 268. 442. 669 fleiicher. P., 340 Flelicher, Robert C, 611 Fleitchmon, A., 323 fleithmon, Ned A., 457, 633, 758 Fleming, Jomot A., 632 Fleming, Jomei S , 116 Fleming, Scott. 626, 744 Fleming, Shirley G , 116, 653 Fleich, Judith C, 2, 116, 270, 408 409, 670 Pleich, Kolhryn I., 265, 390, 391, 649, 657 Fleiher, Andrew E., 638 Flether, A Kothleen. 658 Fleiher, Williom I . 629 Fleiner, Elmer H., 621 Fletcher, Edith, 706 Fletcher, Garland, 260 Fletcher, Gloria V.. 388, 390, 425, 430, 432, 705, 753 Fletcher. Rolph E., Jr., 614, 750 Fletcher, Rolph E., Sr., 515, 533 Fletcher, Robert G., 116 Fletcher, Rodney A.. 533 flelcher, Williom J.. 749. 752 flexmon. Ralph E.. 564 flick. Jerry G.. 637 flick. Loyo N.. 678 flink. Robert B., 116, 686 flint, Robert P., 596 flilcroll, Allen J., 637 floberg, John A., 611 flock. Jack, 457, 635, 744 flock, Morgol I., 276 flood, Jerrol I., 603 flood, Rotemory, 766 florek, Jomet J., 116, 750, 765 floriculture, 753 floriculture Club, 753 floro, Cotorio T., 117, 682 flory, Bellelou. 708, 740 flory, Jero B., 665 floitrom, Barboro J., 672 Floitrom, Billie I., 631 floll, Fleming W., 637 Floornoy, Lt. Col. Waller, 460 ,462, 463 Flower, George H.. 379. 533, 684 Flowert, louii P., 745 flutch, Barbara, 325 flynn. Chuck, 515 flynn, John, 684 foell, Howord G., 604 foell, Ronald R., 456, 585, 604 Foerster, Raymond A., 334, 341 fogel. Mildred M., 726 Fogelson. Seymour, 755 Foley, Richard H., 117, 262, 517, 538, 614, 766 foley, Robert A., 439 folger, Robert L., 276 Folk, E., 322 folk, frank A., 310, 320 foils, Rudolph, 450 Follmer, Mock R., 588 Fonfano, Robert E., 286 foot, Dr. N., 343 Football, 520 foolboll Bond. 438. 439. 441 foolboll Cooch, 514. 522 Foote. Bruce, 432 foole. Lt. Comdr. Edword. 462 foote. Richard W., 588 foole. Robert S.. 286 foolh. Douglot I.. 117. 585, 618 Forbei, John, 602 forbei, Patricio A., 278, 578, 656 ford, David E., Jr., 610, 738 ford, frederick C, 280, 610 ford, Jennie E., 708 ford, Louitline E., 117, 654 fordham, Laurence S., 633 fordoniki, John, 677, 678 Fordyce, J., 301 foreign Policy, 393 foreman, Jomes L., 613 foreman, William J., 682 forgone, Joon M., 716 fornof, John R., 25 forresl, Daniel E., 438, 637 forrssi. Stove M., 763 fortyth, Arthur, 757 foriyihe, Robert W., 517, 560, 601 Fori Som Houston, 350 fort Snelling, 51 Forth, Murray W., 749 Fortier, fernond L., Jr., 610 fortin, Richard D.. 117 forlnoy, Byron f., 436 forlney, William R., 117 foidick, Alyce, 714 Poller, Goil M., 753 foitlond, Marilyn L., 117, 577, 578 704 fotler, Corl E., 629 foster, Donald R.. 618 Poller, Elvo J., 662 foitor, Joanne C, 387, 651 foster, Joteph E., 745 fottor, Margery K., 660 fotter, Robert D., 1 17 Potter. Robert E.. 683, 755 Potter. Robert L.. 466 Foitor. Vorne H.. 691 fotler. Virginio, 117, 705 Foilini, Raymond V.. 757 foucek, Eleanor L., 408, 650 fouchord, Joteph J,, 457 foudrial, Edwin C, 626 foulk, Warren H., 117. 750 founder ' I Doy, 386 Four Columnt. 689 FourH Club. 35 four-H Houie. 708 fournier, Chorlei A.. 117, 757 foul, Laura M., 328, 707 foutch. Edwin W., 117 Fouli, Mary J.. 408. 663 fox, Charlei M., 533 Fox, Herberl I., 117 fox, Mary J.. 712 fox, R.. 323 fox. Robert G.. 688 Fox. Robert W.. 571 fox. Sonford J.. 585. 624 fox, Shirley, 723 Fox, Waller, 117 foxvog, Morgoret P.. 276 froker Houie, 689 Frole, Anthony M., 636 France, Jean L., 655 France, Moxine A., 723 France, Samuel S., 117, 686 froncelic, Edward, 611 Francii, Dole E., 117, 750 francii, fred, 734, 736. 741 Francii, Paul, 624 froncil, Robert L., 603 frondsen, frank H., 585. 58 ' ? frondsen. George L.. 588. 750 frank. Burton H., 284 frank, fern D., 670 frank, fronces E., 658 franl , Fred S., 601, 734, 741 frank, John W.. 692 Fronk, Melbo R., 577 Frank. Melvin D., 1 18. 634 Fronk, Robert. 641 Fronk, Seymour, 1 1 8 Fronk, Sheldon S., 439, 621 Frank. Stella M.. 118. 433, 721, 761 Frank, Williom L., 615, 628, 754 Fronkel, Burton L., 118, 742, 743 frankel, Eloine G., 437 fronkel. Jerold M., 688 Frankel. Renee. 724 frankel, Sherman, 286 frankenberg, Marie A., 118, 673 franklin, Audrey M., 118, 285, 705, 765 Fronklln, Devy J., 118, 728 franklin, Harold R., 118 franklin. Howard M., 633 Franklin. William H.. 455, 459, 585, 595 fronson, Arthur H., 589 Fronz, John M., 686 Fronzen, Edwin H., 118, 398, 598. 747 Frosca, Jane L.. 704 Frose, tois M., 328, 673 fRATERNITIES, 582 frozen, Edwin, 390 frozer. Janet C, 715, 748 Frazier, John A.. 588, 747 frozier, Ralph K., 118 frazier, Robert E.. 622 Frazier, William T., 612 frech, Robert A., 1 18, 283, 61 1, 743 freeork, L., 319 freeboirn, Donald K., 606 Freedlonder, Arnold I., 755 Freedlund, Carl O., Jr., 118, 601 Freedlund, Lawrence H., 434, 601 Freedmon, Kenneth M., 118 Freelond, Robert D., 597 freeman, Donald I., 118 Freeman, Lawrence E., 118,682 freeman. Rose K., 334 freemon, W., 302 Freer, Louise, 576 Freeto, Harmon C, 626 freelo, Kenneth W., 626 FreiburgimBreisgou, University of, 59 Freida, Jo Ann, 402 Freidog, Harold D., 631 Freireich, Bernord, 688 Freireich, E., 323 Freireich, Emil J., 310, 318 Freireich, Stanley R., 633 freis, Mary A., 657 freitag, Robert P., 608 Frelk, George R., 691 french, Harold S., 1 19 french, Robert R., 738 French, Stephen C, 443, 456, 585, 635 French, Vernon L., 119, 755 Freihmon Advisory Dean, 30 freshman Advisory Progrom, 378 freshmon Camp, 394, 395 freshman Commission, 394 Freshman Council, 381 freshman Discussion, 394 Freshman Football, 515 Freshmon Frolic, 381 Freshman Movie, 394 Freihmon Men Honorary, 279 Freshman Program, 394 freshman Sing, 700 freshman Slag, 394 freshman Women Honorary, 278 f refer, Mory K., 1 19, 765 froter, Paul L., 119, 759, 763 Prey, Elmer L., Jr., 613 frey, Helmulh W., 763 froy, Joseph V., 436 frey, Morgol A., 711 J Freyberg, frederick F., 119 Freyborg. Groedlyn C, 119 froyermulh. Joan V.. 653 frozzo. Lorraine M.. 728 fribourg. Barbara E., 666 frick, Donald H., 689 fridoy Night Hopi, 383 , 782 Friede, Joonn R,, 707 Friedlond, Albert W.. 615 Friedmon. Dolorej E., 119. 724, 759 Friedman, Donald J., 694 Friedman, H., 323 Friedman, Helen, 728 Friedman, Herbert, 119, 746 Friedman, Joy, 670 Friedman, Marvin D., 592 Friedman, Merton H., 400 Friedman, Nancy K., 652 Friedman, Robert, 119, 746 Friedman, Robert I., 284, 745 Friedmon, Samuel, 302 Friedman, Seymour, 624 Friedman, Sylvia, 433 Friej, Carol C, 416, 649, 655. 740 Fries, Horry J., 606 Fries, Mary Alice, 391 Fries, Ruth A., 713 Frimon, Rosalind, 726 Frintz, Joan R., 754 Frischman, Elfrienda A., 725 Prison, Patricia A,, 386, 664 Fritis, Garland G.. 415, 416, 599, 755 Frii, Corl T., 466 Froberg, Magnos I., 749 Froeschle, R. P., 320 Frohmon, Arthur, 750 Fromm, Paul O., 119, 572 Frosch, Patricio J., 649, 662 Frost, JocQuelyn. 1 19. 660 Frost, Jane, 278, 435, 660 Frost, OrcutI W., Jr., 440 Fruin, Robert C, 310, 320 Fry, Dwayne R., 119 fry, Tom S., 687 Frye, Kenneth H., 119 Frye, Morgoret A., 707 Fuchs, Gwendolyn E., 655 Fuchs, Jacob, 438 Fuchs, Uland W., 402 Fucik, John E., 119, 282, 594 Fultemon, Justin R., 600 Fuener, Robert R., 750 Fuhberg, Amy, 119, 433, 481, 729 Fuhrberg, Doris, 433, 729 Fulbright, Senator James W., 393 Fulk, lloyd A., 119 Fulkerson, Donald H., 120, 751 Full, Jerome K., 120 Fuller, Horry, 382 Fuller, J., 299 Fuller, Keith, 618 Fulroth, Ann K., 664 Fulroth, Richard M., 588, 749 Fulton, John R., 436 Fulton, Marion P., 120, 722 Fults, Janet R., 432, 705 Funckes, Henry, 403 Funk, Donald I., 679. 684 Funk, Ellen M.. 662, 740 Funk, John W., 433 Funk, Sara, 669 Furmon, Norton J., 120 Furst, Notholie J., 425, 707 Furu