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M uh in In 1 ' Ji , -31.11- .q,T .--',+x Y 1 . . Y I .N- I : ,jgyl--2 I -, Q rm. 3 1 I 4 ,W A .45', ' r , vc. :J 'A ',--' - 4 . f-,:1. I x 1... 1,1 'v F rtk -X .y. ,1,w,,- .,,,- ' FT, . S , Raw-. X,-5.6, . lf I:'- 2 THE ILLIU: EX 1.255151 svvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv,vAvAv,vAvAvAvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv mQwmmmN---mmmomm MX,Zoioiofoioiofoieivfoiviri4 v2024242vieioivieivivieivioivii FOREWORD In a War-torn World, this fiftieth volume of The Illi mmemorates the seventy-fifth annive y of the University of Illinois. I th pages which f ll W the editors h ndeavored to focu tt t' m- p lf fthepastthr q t t y t touch upon th more significa t p ints of the University h' tory, to bring the picture p to d t with the happenings of 1942-43, h t t p sent a small part of the g t th t is the University of Illinois. v,v0v,v,v v vqvgv v,v v vqv v vfvAvAv4vAvAv4vAv v V v v v v v v v v v v v v v , mewmio We Mu We'o'4'oWoWoWif AOAQAQA.AQAQAOAQAQAQAQAQAQAQQAQ4VgVAVAVAVAVAVAQAQAQAQAQAQA,A.A'A,A.AQ,Q4.AtQA l ' 1 THE ILLIUI UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES CRGANIZATICNS l Champaign-Urbana Volume 50 Presented by The Class of 1943 l ERNEST V. STEVENSON Editor JAMES B. MEEK Business Manager I 4 ' I 1 . F 44 .i U . li i al fl 11 ,i EOR SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS... l the University of Illinois has made out- sta ding contributions to all fields of re- IWW Eel M" -'rs'-':-- 'au :"'2""-"' "" 'S' of t ge-aes:-- ees'-was'-- iafss-f'2!sPe'f?2P' -'s2"' a:a- ET fa- 1: 5 3 ' 1 I' iisl .f li i ul E' 1ffg a:I :.:.wi 1- 1 it .1 is' Ca I . V fi' 'I il' ' I ri' thi vii?--rf E' sel ' 1 no great in their own right. Many are the one-time tormentors of professors Whose na es are now bywords in literature, in en 'neering, in agriculture-in all the arts an sciences. Less famous but equally im- por ant are the Illini who are now the Well- inf rme tructive ns fo bac bo - - ecom I - s of th il - Et 1 fn- '11-Es . I. ...TO ALL THESE -I i In these seventy-five years of service she has also contributed Fighting Illini to e ery fa- 1.-:- 11- -eau-aa: 2151- 'ff-:P are nf:-1 G5 life. Q .li 0 l c an iei gil . I .lg- 0u'. . Im ui g r Io 'I .: . la have ual' II :mise e. 'E Il' I , the lv -1: ' alg a i in ,i l I II - ei. ,' af, - 1 J lm O li Ali Fld "" -- -- 1.155 i:lllEilig.llT!iY.Yl5.l11Elli--iiiifgl! nnnl Slty have ' ' me, school, friends, jobs-even their lives fo the n causes dear to their hearts. Cur ggeat Memorial Stadium, orginally dedicate to those Who died in World War I, now stands I""'T""""'l""""l T-- -- Lmi... as a permanent monument to all Illini all Wars who have made the supreme sacr fice i f U s that f"x's and ' f"' an insti- - t 6 might devel VI X I 'b,'.uss.N,- .HHN " ' ' 'WE I-IUMBLY DEDICATE THIS BOOK 5 :sam us. x X r H' pa' , mf' X'3l .ef 1 J , .ff .-Q , 5 ' Y K. B V V ,env ,1- R db ' ' Q1 Mv , . L A-fsvebw .- , ! -of Q 3 ,Wx , ., .3 ,, ,NL H A v . A-f-QI"-1-vm vu va-. THE BROADWALK QB U tx X X 'ixx-'I' fx ' V X , 3S1,'f1,-,r- :V ,. , . .. , x wp., .5 If "iw N '-4 ' xm- x..N, v, Q , ,,..45""x. -, ., A-l Ae 'if Q 3 :Y:'Z,1 Q "--- ib,1,5k, .. ,S .t55,1,:-SL., , 5 N12-3.59 5, :A qi-2 E. X :YJ Q 5,4 X5 1 'il':"L41 ., ' Qiiftf, 51. 5-'g , 14? , ' +- Y fx, , "Q 2 .fffg-: . my . . Y .f.4.p.,.:-, - wg-V , .. 14'-"4"x."7 -i. .6 ' ' 'Q' 5.,. w K -hlgsu 1 X Y X ff!! I 5 I 3 1 u l 1 N N I i 1 i E 1 x ? W IU w 1 1 F -. fu mg' Q. .wh . . iskiiq 1 1 n 2 CU.-, . A152 I. I j - 4 .3 .Q fa-: f'5'.f5'f"" vw J- .lv 1- :J A I .12 , '+ - -' f f -r ff?" P, , . -f 'R : . , A r .,, Y .gif 5' .Q ' 'l , :f, Q , 1. ',f .. , -.Z 2- Q 11:1 V: .TH-,.g.23 .-,... . , ,- -. ,Q 2: ' 2 - ' -' pu. f 1 Q., - ' '.-:.:.-.71 , V legit: Q I , Q h 'ggi :2,:,.,,:. . .Q - " 51' if' -." "' 4., . , 4 '-'. .4 x ' 1-. 5- gf' . ' I 'fo .. .1 -- ,,.-. '. I ' Q" 1. -Z " ,"k.5' ' -,,.- ' ig 2:..' N "i .lfx"' .' .": s ., '. - ' L- Af Y 3 .. .I ' gui., . -9-51 ,'. 1- f- II." I v,-1' 5' V if ' 4.5 , -., J.. --1--- .' - . 1 Q41 W , 'gb .-,I ..A - K - I ,. ----b M . -.---v.-4 .. 1 . . ' -4. ' Q il, .sq -". nh ' . ' '. .hw ' V fuk 'yt . ' WY, , "'.,6 f ,I . 4 - ' - . 'J -' '-' 'Y ' x- .-A. ,J I ' ' v "'i. '-'--. ffl I .-F' fx - Vw p W? ..:'-A', f, -4. b an 'E 1 ,Q 543 M V, J c fm -Q-Jbfffi - '- I ' Tu: ,fikhr J' 3. P. ' A ' 5 4: :f " . . ' ' 5 193' J- ' "3 Ei' -gx-f'3'5 V A iff wit". .fuss fm. . ' sg, , .a-- A , . 1 - ,A V a,:. 1 f ar., J' ,I -9 N -. . ' gin ' .f. ,N -. - '-film, . A ! .KJ 390g ,L , .i:?s- E , R fl, 5, we ':-mYQf'gXa:s355'?fTgL..' ' W ,:' x " 1115! .-v- 1., .9 'W' I vi fl s Rr 0, Y In 2515! V,,,,.g5-,QV f?.zZ" .fisgzzpj 5 fig' ' . 1 'K'f"'4 - gf, s'fr" - ,if- , 4 wa 4- Q N'- " - , -crf......,.' '-N' h " L.. , . -n-.-..-.- LILY POND 1 ,. ' J 4 . 0 ""'wv.! 'Pie' 9 ,r 'i r 1 V I 44 1.1-3-4 4 l i X 3 ki I 1 T 4 x J QA I 21. 3 is .a 3 s 2 5 S if W 4 s 3 3 S 9 v S wi ,J 3 .424 .ww C I f X, ' ff- ,ft ' ,... " ' "H ' ' ff., ' Q 1. '. ,am .tw Six-L Q i .5 e-Q? AX, A if ,livgk x : I , . -ggwfikx ., f W . 1 YL... v, , . .F Q .QW ...:fs:51.dNNnff,fg -.. :-PA .ji .,"-2.4. A- K . 4-. -mx .vs ' '- ,W-si ,ff gan.-. ' , ij 'EFNL-.Q 'ix' 'X -S N64 X ' A agfiiij VL Q , ' "S ff-'NPT 'V 'X 1 , 35 1 vpin 'Q'-If 2 ' . fl? fix 1 -, Q-- ,.- "Q ,. . ."'T'iZ, jfffx , -1 .. .1 ,+f,gmg?gg'2- ' Ji? zff, -5 ,f-ff - fv-.1 F-If If I' 9' 5- . ff fig?" I QF51' i '--,.v 'Q -r . -' 'A' fi 5-' riff" iii xr? T., -'i -- -I f Qi -5, , icq... , if . ' P' hiv- . H J Y K. vw " ' .f1,c':.-'sl S ' MD Wi'?F'2v5E?f3:f. y f V ' ', G'7 1 ' ' 'i.5'?2f!175'i' , .f " , mg.. 54.-5: if ,zf2t'rr: Q 5 I ij 1-Li' ' ' C if '. 42991429 4 . L ' -' -4-v K 'fu HV 5 I . 2 .. 'F' 5i'l Avy A 5' ,.,5Q5f5W Tn-. X 11. ., 4. Q 55 12: i., '3iQ5 :?5. fiIf I Q3 1 '.'.V::f3,Q-3'gf-".35gf-:za E-31z'Cn4iLorErU1RiSF'55"K'f N Wim K fix R Q 41' Q V V V V V v A AQAQQQQQAQA ,QI ,AQ QQA AA AA ,A AA Af vLvAv VQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQV V 1 17 y y v Q VQVQVQVQ ,v,v,v,v,vQv,v,v'v,v,vvvvvv v V V ,, V V'Z?2it0ZE2?twt1 :UNIVEFL ITY ADMINISTRATION COLLEGES AT URBANA COLLEGES AT CHICAGO TINDEROLASSES SOI-IOLASTIO HONORS - -1 - me L,-,. ' ADMINISTRATION ln tlic yciii' of tlic fnrinnl inuiigiimtiuii of tlic Lvl1lVC1'SlIIj' of lllinois, ISGS, ii linnrd of Tiiistccs. consisting uf tliii'ty-rm: members, resolved "tn ninlcc this L'iiix'c1'sity' p1'e-eminently il practical school of l'1gl'lL'lllflll'C and tlic nicclmnic nits, nut excluding otlici' scicntitic and classical studies." 'flint lmnrd nf tliirty-txi ii trustees lind eigliry' students to care for dui'- ing flint tcrin. llicsc eighty' students xxcrc limiscd in an old scininnry lviiilding flint uns 11 cuinlninzltion ilm'iiiirui'y :ind rccitntimi linll--'H-X large, plain, Vcd liriclc. live wtulj' liiiilding, act dimn in the lllaiclc lllinnis niud, xi irli nur ii trcc iii' gi sliiuli. ll spcni' nf grim ui' 11 fence." lliit lilic tlic lusli green grass that smin grcn in "thc lilaick Illinois mud" tlic Lnixcrsiry alan tfmlc iwmr undci' rlic ciircfiil nnliiiiiiistluitimi nf fail'- niglitcd nicn, and msc rn 11 plgicc uf cniincncc tlizn fail' exceeded the ex- pcctqitifms nl' tlic llnniixl flint passed flint Qniplc rcwlutiun lmck in 1868. 18:45 1 w if S124 I.. Z- ag - - fi . 5. DR llonx Mnrow C-aimoiax' DR. S1 um Homin Pranom' DR. THOM.-is BURRILL DR, ANDRFNY Dnavra Rtumf, llilw'-IHSKI Rugtul, IHS!!-15071 .-hlnly Rtfluwzl. It-ROI-180-l Pvt-tzdrvll, 1894-190-I TO THE STUDENTS: ln times of adversity the American people have always demonstrated conclusively their initiative and their ability to rise to the occasion no matter what it may be and no matter what the odds. This traditional capacity for action in an emergency will serve the country in good stead during the course of the terrible confiict now being waged against us by the foes of freedom and Democracy. lt seems to me that one of the greatest contribu- tions of the University of Illinois to the times in which we live is in teaching its students to be self- reliant, resourceful and strong, to think things out clearly and act, under enlightened and progressive leadership, on the dictates of their own best judg- INCINT. During the last seventy-five years the University of Illinois has devoted itself to that objective. And during the years to come-diflicult though they may be-diflicult though they undoubtedly will be - the University will continue to exemplify the principles of the American way of life - a life of freedom and Democracy under the law. ln that way, as much as in any other, can the University as a great educational institution fulfill its obliga- tions to the people of the State and Nation. Dn. Emirxu jams jams DR, D,-xvm Krmav DR, HARRY CH,-lsr DR. ARTHUR HILL DaN1ELs Pfiiftlinl, IU!!!-1030 Pftvliliul. l'l2U-WRU I'ftwi!wlf, 103041133 xlrllfzg Pr':'.rl.l'w1l, 1935-1954 20 .-XR'l'llL'R CL l I5 U ll,l..XRl7 l"RINllll'Xl. LVXIXIRNIIX ini lilixnlx .-Xrtliur CIIIES U'ill.iril um. cluutcd wxcntli prcsnlcnr ul' thc Uiiivcrbity' uf Illinois lip' rliu lhmril of lirustccs on Nlnrcli 13, 1934, nnil nssunicil thc prcxiiluncy in Alnly nf rlizir year. llc has lvccn 11 nicnilrur of thu Lhixcrsity faculty since WI 5. cunning hcrc as gissixmilr prnfcswi' nf ln-.ning .inil Yciirilgitinii in rlxc llc- pairtnicnt of .lluclinnicnl l'i,I1g'lllL'L'I'lllg. lfunr ycnrx l.itur lic xmx inziilc 11 full prufcssur null in 1020 uns nnlnul liciul nf rlic dCP1ll'IIllCI1l'. Ninn: lnontlis prcviuus tu his clccrmn .is pruxiilunr. lic lmd lmucn lllklkltf Acting Dunn of thu: Cullcgc of llI1g'lI1CL'I'll1g. Dr. Xylllxlfkl wan lurrn in Ufisliiiigruii, ll.C., ninil iittcnilcil thc Central High Sclmul tlwrc. llc stnilicil in tliu College of l-'Iiarnuicy fur unc ycnr nnil than cntcrcal rlic Unwi- cliusutts Institute uf 'I'ccliimlugY. faking gi ullcinicnl cnginccrlng cunrw .nhl I'L'L'L'lXlIlgl Ins lliclii-liwr uf Bclcncc .li-pix-u in l'JIl-l. lfullmxing gF.hlll.lIlliIl frmii Xl.l.l'. lic muglmr fur uni' yizir .ir rlic iQ.1l1l'1rrni.i Plclwul lui' XlCk'll.llllC.ll Xiu II! Sin l-'r.iln'isui .mil fur rlircc ycniix in flu-rgu XY.iNI11l1gtm1 LlIllXL'l'Nlfj in thc lliu fuur yizirx prucuiliiip liix utinxfur rw lllxnfnx lic xi-rxm-il thc l'nncil 5l.iri-N XX .ir lk-p.irununr .ix Sini- r.1ry .inil llunring' l'illg'lllL'L'l'. Illrcu llHINlI'.ll'f' ilucnfiw' nlugruux lun- lm-un uviitl-rim'-l upon Prcxnlclir lluurni' ul I7rigim'ci'iiig ln rlic lI.iw Sclnuvl uf ,Xppliuil Sciunuc, llnrmi' uf l..1xu lay llcurgu Xlfislixiigrzm Llnixursity, .mal .llw mln- lliwrnr ul. l,.1xu ln Nurrliui-xri-rn Lhixcrxiry, Il I-IISTORICALLY SPEAKING The University of Illinois holds a unique position among the Land Grant Colleges and L'niversities of the United States, it is the Federal Land Grant-State University in the State where the Land Grant College movement originated, furthermore, President Abra- ham Lincoln. a resident of the State of Illinois. made the Land Grant Act of 1862 a law. The first attempt to found a State L'niversity in Illinois was defeated in 1833. The first move to found a State Agricultural and Xlechanical School was begun at the meeting of the Buel Institute, at Granville, Illi- nois, on November 18, 1851, when jonathan Baldwin Turner stated his plans for such a school. In February, 1852, Turner made the suggestion that all states might unite in seeking a "chain of industrial universities. nationu ide in compass . . . created and endowed by a grant of land from Congress to each State." The work of Turner and his friends resulted in a Nlemorial to Congress from the General Assembly of Illinois in February 1853. seeking federal aid for a national sys- tem of agricultural universities. justin .Xlorrill of Vermont, introduced the pre- liminary legislation, for such grants. his bill finally being vetoed by President Buchanan, February 26. 1859. The Land Grant Act of 1862, was sponsored by Senator B. F. XYade of Chio. introduced in the United States Senate in May 1862, passed. and signed by President Lincoln on July 1, 1862. The bill em- bodied completely the ideas of the farmers of Illinois. and granted to each state public land scrip equal to 30,0110 acres for each senator and representative in Congress "for the endowment, support, and main- tenance of at least one college whose leading obiect shall be. without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts . . . to promote the liberal and prac- tical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions of life." The General Assembly of Illinois accepted the grant for the state on February 1-1, 1863, and the location was designated at Champaign-L'rbana on February 28, 186' after a bitter contest. Governor Oglesby im- mediately appointed the first board of trustees which chose john KI. Gregory as the first regent of the new university, termed the Illinois Industrial University. Regent Gregory served from 1867 to 1880, the Uni- versity opened on Nlarch 2. 1868 with fifty students, a regent, two faculty members, and one building with aliuost no equipment. The early years of the new university were highly controversial, due to lack of knowledge of courses to be taught in an industrial university. A shop for the teaching of mechanical engineering, the first in America, was opened in 1870, women were admitted to the University in 1870, a mechanical building and drill hall was built in 1871. the "Student," a newspaper was renamed "The Illini" in 1873, Ifniversity Hall was completed in 1875, and in 1877 the Legislature gave the University authority to confer degrees and grant diplomas. Four colleges were organized within the University in 1873, Agri- culture, Engineering, Literature and Arts, and Natural Science. Regent Gregory accomplished two great ob- iectives, the establishment of the L'niversity, and the reversing of an unfriendly attitude to one of firm friendship for the new Industrial University. Selim H. Peabody, acting regent from 1880 to 1881, and regent from 1881 to 1891 was faced with three serious problems of administration during his term of ofiice, student government. fraternities, and finances. He solved the financial problem by securing the first appropriations from the state in 1881 to assist in the payment of instruction. He sponsored the change in name of the L'niversity from the Illinois Industrial L'niversity to the L'niversity of Illinois in 1885. He moved the State Laboratory of Natural History and the State Entomologist to the University in the same year, he founded the agricultural Experiment Station in 1888. Regent Peabody, an engineer himself, com- pleted the move to make the new L'niversity a satis- faction to the state as a technical school. It remained for Acting Regent Thoiuas jonathan Burrill who served in this capacity from 1891 to 189-1 to solve the problems of student government and fra- ternities. During this period, the Graduate School was established in 1802 and the Suiniuer School in .f - 231 1.1 . llli I , u r. ,. 11.44 77 I I' 3. -if has .i- BUILDING Tm: UNIVERSIIY Diuoixax. jgmycriu' Bciiiusc. Usiviizsiivl-1.111 T E .,-..-1-' 5-51, ,...- J, 4x7 .Sf C' ..-f-X. wr 189-1. Acting Regent l3urrill's lirief administration w as marked as an era of improvement in internal feeling. Andrew Sloan Draper, president from 189-1 to 1911-1. was the chief administrator of thc L'niversity in the period which saw it change from a teclmical school to a true L'niversity'. Great changes in internal organi- zation, in liusiness practices and educational plans were adopted, many' of which stand to this day. Numerous Colleges and Schools were organized: the Seliool of Law in 1896 lhecoming the College of in 1911111, the School of Xlusic in 1897, the School of Pharmacy in 1896. the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1891 the Ialirary School in 1897, the School of Den- tistry' in 19111. and the Engineering lfxperiment Station in 19113. Ifnrollments grew, liuildings were con- structed. and under President Draper. the L'nivcrsity of lllinois was hrst recognized as one of the great universities of America, President lfdmund .lanes james. who served from 1911-1 to 19211 continued the great worlt uf President Draper. in assemliling a distinguished faculty. his ad- ministration was characterized hy the emphasis on great teaching and high academic ideals. ln 1913. the College of Literature and Arts. and College of Sciences were united to form the College of Lilieral ,-Xrts and Sciences. The School of lfducation, established in 19115 was made a College in 1918, the College of Commerce and Business :Xdministration was estalilished in 1915g the State Surveys on the campus were united into the State Natural History Sui'vey in 191'. President David Kinley. acting president from 1919 to 19211 and president from 19211 to 19311. carried the work of his two predecessors to a logical conclusion. 1Yhere President Draper had perhaps centered his work on internal organization and administration. President james had emphasized academic ideal and the liuilding of a great faculty, President Kinley con- tinued these two activities and in addition sealed sound relationships with the oHieials and people of the State. An extensive building program was carried on. and the deeade was one of great confidence in the L'niversity. QA President Harry 1Yoodl1urn Chase. serving from 19311 to 1933. saw the addition of three units: the College of lfine and Applied Arts in 19?-1, the School of Physical lfducation in 1932. and the lfvtension Di- vision in 1933g the School of journalism was estalw- lished in 192f under President liinley. During the administration of President Chase. the L'niversity undertook a vast program of self examination which resulted in marlted administrative changes. .Xcting President .Xrthur Il. Daniels served for one year from 1933 to 1934. as the interim chief administra- tor lietw een the aduiinistrations of President Chase and President 1Yillard. President Daniels had served on the faculty' under four presidents. and for many years was dean of the Graduate School, President pXrtliur Cutts 1Yillard. elected in 19?-1 and the present president of the L'niversity'. an internation- ally' famous engineer liefore his election as president. has continued the distinguished work of the Presidents who have preceded him. He has already seen the L'iiiversity grow to its greatest enrollment of students and faculty. Under his administration. the three col- leges of the L'nivcrsity' in Chicago. Xledicine. Dentistry. and Pharmacy have reached new standards of organi- zation and professional recognition. Research and in- ternal organilatiou have progressed. Perhaps the out- standing' worlt of President 1Yillard to date has lieen a liuilding program which has reached every phase of student life and which has included the new lllini Union lluilding. touching the social life of the student, the Residence Halls for Klen meeting' living needs. the addition In Xlcliinley' ldospitill for lietter health facili- ties. Gregory Hall. a new classroom liuilding. an ad- dition to the lilrrary. a new pow er plant which services the University in its operation. and the new Xatural Resources liuilding which deals in research and state services, At present his duties are centered in direct- ing the activities of the L'niversity' to malte the great- est possihle contriliution to the nation in its emergency. --lfiufn ll. 'ltitsifit 23 va? Hox. Ilwlcam' I-I BOARD . GREEN Sprillgfield G0'Z'L'l'lIl1l' of Ill' moiv Hox. JOHN A. AAIIELAND Spri11g'ficId 0 TH XSX Sllpcrinrclzdellr of Public I11xf1'11rri011 26 OFFICIIQRS OF THE BOARD K XRI. A. All-iwlz, Chicago ................. P1'cxidef1r Huuumx li. CL'xNxxuu.xxl, L'rbnnn.. ..... S'cL'1'cr.11'y I-'luxli Al. CSORDON, Cl1icugn ..... .... T I'L'1Yjlll'L'I' Lum IJ KIURIQY, Lvrlmnn ..... . . . ..... f,'a71lpr1'0Ilv1' ICLECTIQD MEMISICRS Huxxlfu Alu' Amxrx juux R. Fcmxor PARK I,mNus'1'oN f.'hff'.1Ng'n Srrcnrw' Chit'z1lQ'0 xxucs Xl. CII.r1.xm Allis. I'I1cI.r,x AIYl'lIll'TXYS CIRIUSIBY Om'lI.L12 M. Kxluxxl' l.'hiLu14qo Pirtxficlu' C lllislmx R. Dxvls Fawn A. DIFXQI' f.'bfL'J!QfI , . yx l-.1Sullc . xER Sprivlgficld Dk. KARL A. AIEYER Chicago OF TRUSTEES The lfniversity of Illinois is 75 years old this year. It is still in its youth as compared with many sister institutions, but its record is one of achieve- ment and service, and it is rich in traditions of which students, faculty. and alumni may well be proud. The founders of the University were men of great vision and courage, but even many of their fondest hopes have been exceeded. What those who have gone before us have done during the first 75 years of the University's life will be an inspiration to achieve even greater glory in the future. Alumni of the University have previously served in two major wars. As this is being written. over 8,000 are now in the armed forces of our country and their number is steadily increasing. Over 350 members of the faculty and staff are now partici- z- ...V A ,fa- Kxtu A Minn l'uiw.ltf,'.x litfaol of Invert, pating in military and other defense services. When the war is over. they will have become a part of a great lllini tradition of service to their country. On the home front. the R.O.T.C. is carrying on its training of over -Lino men. and the educational program of the University has been accelerated. Scientific research and special courses of instruc- tion on war problems are important contributions of staff members. In the name of the Board of Trustees of the University of lllinois l extend greetings to all lllini and our felicitations to the entire University family on this Tith anniversary of our Alma Xlater. qs- . 'K JENQIFN 1t'ss1xi,HtAi Kill Hu yoxxrv XX ni un l,lVIINt.-SIGN f if 6 l KARRAKFR Gonuox Motu v 1 5 ,tx sf lx: - ' 3.4 wg... xg .. I .y.u.- , '-asv Q ti AIO . FURNUI Gmtsio Duls 1 S wifi 3 K . . ,'X!Iil'Rl QI, Hfxkxu, Hb.. I.I,.B., LLD. , QA SXEITIIWVIURN JOHINKON, A,M., I.I..B., UMD. NORX.'Xl. D. Honcri, LLB, Grfukcn P, TL'1"1'l,E, BS. EARL C, SEYUR, M,S. DONALD A. GROSSMAN, LI. Ufliverfify Cormyrl .Nllrfmzrzz Io ilu' Rzgiflmr Rrfonlw Examiner L'r11:ws11g Canmcl 26 TIIE DIRECTOR OF PERSONNEL BUREAU ,x . .xi- f' , A II xx' H PI I7 II I1 1 -'ar umm A mix. I K , . ,fs ESQ:-5: X 5' lv.',.,',f If ml 1s,,H,i.-, fffy. ' ' 4' P ' ' '-S THE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS OFFICE LLOYD MOREY H.iROl.D M. Ebxxuakbs, LLB. Hoxxxum A, H.x1t1,ET0x, BS. CHARIFS H. Pmrr. A,B. RALVH L. Hmm CIYDE A. XYYBFIR A.B., B,MuS., C.P.A., I.I.,D. Plzffhufrlg flgerzt :1f,ml.n1! Corlzfvlwllgf' Clvlsf ,'h'm1n1l,H1! PUD., C.P.A. Bunmr Comptroller .-i1...'i1Ur 27 Iixnnrmx E,lzxxlxmHx1, A H - K , l71rU.'Hr, lf1fm111.lI1fff1 Umm' .N 1 ,N . xx X x -E '- 1 , .. , , Y ,N ...M -.-,7, ,-. A , ... , u " Q 5 mg Ig ir,Hf.m1r, H S jmmf F. YVRIGHT, Ali, CH.-KRLIZW S. Hfwrxs, M.S. S, EARL THOMPSON, A,M. ERNFST I.. STOUFFIER, M,Arch 1 f f , :M Dm-,fffv My RJJH, S,f,11,w,fg IJ,f,H1f,f, Pnlflh lufv,1n1.1l1w1 .nhl Dummy-, Plvvy,m'.1l Plum Dvfmrlmrul xlflirzq Dlrnwlnr, Lfzlirwulrj ,'irrbireii ,X IJ.w3f.m 1u1ffffr1.1l,'ffu R.1J1f1 i','.:1wrz U71-l.fI Dlruiful fff Sfmfwz! Ilafuulq 28 2. SUMMER SESSION HEALTH SERVICE Q HIGH scHooL VISITOR ALUMNI OFFICE INSTITUTIONAL RESEAROI-I j. HOWARD BEARD, A.M., MD, ARTHUR W, CLEvrxm,1fR, A,M., Ed D. F-nu S'Il'PHI?x'i, AB. f0ll MW R, C'Rll'I'1TH, Ph-U Uullerflfg Ilmllb Offlu Hfglv XL-lmwl I'1,rim1 Gunn! Suunllp, .'lfnfNr1,' yiw. l7.'u4JE1, Hfm.m wr If:x.'1,'zf,'f0m1 Hmm' of ilu' Depmlmellx uf H:.Illf7 .Xmznl ffwzzurvlly Hw1fw'.1f1 IH 'wwf' 29 OFFICE DF THE DEAN OF MEN The Udice of the Dean of Alen at the University of Illinois is another of the "firsts" in the educational world for which the University is famous. In the spring of 19111, President Andrew Sloan Draper created a new posi- tion in the faculty of the L'niversity of Illinois, and a new position in the iield of education, when hc appointed Professor Thomas Arkle Clark as Dean of L'ndergraduates. The duties of the new otiieer were to deal with undergraduate students in the fields of class attendance, discipline, and de- linquent scholarship. Dean Clark was eminently successful, and his work was copied hy almost every college and university in the country. He was one of the founders of the National Association of Deans and Advisors of Men in 1919. XYhen he retired in 1031. he was succeeded hy Fred H. Turner, formerly Assistant Dean of Xlen. who served as Acting Dean of Nlen in 1931-32, and was ap- pointed Dean of Nlen in 1932. The work ofthe Dean of Nlen includes individual counseling, social adiust- ments, personal prohlems outside the academic field, employment and place- ment, housing, loans, scholarships, social events, fraternities, extracurricular activities and organizations, group affairs and events, and orientation. Other stall members at present include: lfdward F. Stafford, Assistant Dean for Freshmen and Foreign Studentsg Gerald XV. Peck, Assistant Dean in charge of Student Employmentg Y. james Hampton, Assistant Dean in charge of Organization Finances, Stanfield S. Taylor, Assistant to the Dean, on leave of ahsence for military service, and Durward G. Judy. Assistant to the Dean, on leave of ahsencc for military service. '1 D.. I FMD H.-XROI,D TURNER Dom ffl Alru The Dean of Men, Fred Harold Turner, was horn in Hume, Illinois. on March 22, 1900. He was made assistant to Thomas Arkle tlark, Dean of Men, after graduating from thc University ot' Illinois in 1022. In 1031, he rcteixed the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Edutation. Hrs thesis may be found in the library, as it is considered one of the most authoritative accounts ever made of the Illi- nois Industrial University, In 1932, he was iuaided the lull title ot Dean of Men after serving as Atting Dean in the preceding year. In retent years several of his surveys of stu- dent life at the University have appeared in turrent magazines, Dean Turner is greatly interested in student organizations on the campus, and is a member of the Illini Board of Control. He is Secretary of the National Assotiation of Deans and Advisers of Men, ind Educational Adviser to the National Inter- lialcinlty Cl-nfciente. f' 11-is null si rlllllllv 111 xx 'Ir asia Y. -Iaxiis Huivros C3rli.xr,oXY'.PF1ie 311 DNN l.l'1NNRl' RL IH Aivsiss, .lom'.m1 ILM' Roni iii x limit rims, x..w lun: Dean N.ii'i.i Leondrd xv,is horn in,ipo- l lis, .ind reteived her high seliool edu, M -.mon these. Alter :r.idu.iti-in If-ini Butler Volleue, she eontinued her ui.idu.ite vvork .it rolomllo It illege from vvln-li sh: reteived her Mdster or Arts degree. Nhe .lttepteel the po- sition .is D of X'i'onien .ind Prolesxor or M.ithein.itits .it ld.ilio butt N--irn.Al in Alhlotl. ldxho. She left Id.ilio to lwetorne Dean ul XVornen .i nd Prolcsxor ol Mdllienritivs .it foe College in ! Rdpids. Iovm, ln Ins' she rereived .i I.ilt D lroni institution. Ninte lull slie li.i s served .is Dean or XY'on1en .it the fniversilv ul Illinois. ln Wil Dean Ieon.1rd I. Alplm I..inil i X XX o. - li bu hw , v hm ounded the national sthol.istit lion-viirv, wd.i Delt.i, loi Ireslimen xv mei 011' if I ff r I All-XRI-X Lios, vim Dam nf Unonzeri DEAN OF 'WOMEN Student life in xvnr tinie lnrings innnv neu' questions for eounsel to the Dean of XYonien's orliee. Cloniplexities for parents :ind students zililce :ire inerezised vvith severed relntionships--linnineinl stringeneies, eniergenev vvnr iolis, ete. These prolmlenis :ind ninnv others eonie dnilv into the Dean of XYonien's othee for ll solution. Xlrs. Rolmertii Rosecrans :ind .Xliss Ruth Adlains, :is Senior and .Iunior Assistant Deans respeetfullv, are ever rendv to help lwotli independent stu- dents and organization otheers vvith iidviee, lieenuse till phases of student life gire hiindled here. Counseling vvith the students on personal nigitters and vvith student olheers on the orgnnivnitions are ul. tirst iniportainee Io the Dean of XYonien's orliee. 'l'he oHiee tries to seeure for eneh student 11 prof grzun lmlaneed lietvveen her seholnstie xvorlt. soeiiil life, netivities. Lind reef regitiong und to secure for orgnnimtions. stenidv group living. lfinnneiiil aid throuQh logins and household eniplovnient is iiviiilnlile to students xv ho need help in liniineing their vetir's vvorlq. lhe three thousand xvonien students Lire sure to find help .ind qidviee in the Dean 1lfXxVlllllCll.5 oniee .it till tiines. :is is evident luv the nmni students and outsof-tovv n visitoi's xv ho enll dnilv. 'l'lie Dean of XYoinen's orliee is interested in eneouraging eulturiil Lind high soeinl stgindgirds through the group life in v.irious ennipus houses in their soeinl functions. The xvoinen's student houses have nmture, eultured xvonien in elinrge. xv ho ure responsihle to the L'niversitv. through the lleqin or XX onien for niiuntnuning these stnndnrds ns outlined luv the L niversitv. 31 COLLE ES AT URBA A Scvciity -live years ago, fifty stutlcnts cnrollctl in thc L'nix'crsity of Illinois to hcgin conccntratctl stutly in this nculy-cstahlishcd institution. 'lilwy' spcnt long hours studying agriculture, horticulture, and gcncral ctlucation. The faculty soon rosc from three professors to live, and as thc ycars xxcnt on thc attcntlancc increased steadily. All plans for cclc- hrating thc fiftieth hirthtlay' of thc L'nix'crsity of lllinois wcrc sxrcpt away in thc rush of hcr sons and daughters to thc support of their countrx' in thc first XYorld YYar. Nou' in 1943, as thc L'nix'crsity cclchratcs anothcr hirthtlay, its scvcnty- fifth, sonic thrcc thousand seniors uill hc gratluatctl untlcr thc ncxx xx ar- tuuc accclcratctl program. Totlay"s stall numhcrs txrcnty-one huntlrctl as uoiuparctl to thc thrcc profcssors who hcgan instruction in IHGT. Nou, as in NIH, thc seniors uill go forth cquippctl with a cultural as xxcll as a tcchnical ltiioxrlctlgcf- to again support .-Xincrica in hcl' tlrivc lit nr pcatc. nmxuon Louwor, ILLINI Fxrow MDRTAH EUAHD 1942- XURXI X IXI.lCfl IXIDXXIS DORIS XXXI7 I X I LXX BI l'XII- LX I IIIRIXI' VXI! IVII .II XXXI' ,XDILI IJUYUYXY IIXRRII I RRXIHRYX IIIICU IMI 1 . , ' 1 XIXRX l,UL'I5IX ' IUXX lulxlflz SL I- XXX RXIPPI XBIRCQ XI XRX LOL' l,l'I'I'LI' RUXIDX I.XXlfR Xl-XXX V l - IIAIZ,-XIII III lUL'ISI- XI SU! X R Ii If R 'I' XXXI- XIIXXIIIIX Rl III XIXRII PI II Rs Xl XRX ILIIXIH III SLIIXX XMI R l'l1.t.XRXl SIIIJ 4IIXRl,UI ll SIlL'Rl.I'i SXIIIII lI,I XXUR II XX IIIUXIPSUN IRXXI I5 IIMXIXI XX lkX7I'l 1 IIRRX XXXI XXISIIIXI-'IVR HXRIIXRX IIXX XXYXX If XNLN avi-9 mf C'-ff W ffrf I X - V 1 Ii UMM, ,,, Q ,g47fw vb WN YKXXIU -2 fx -,zfff-t 'M v "' -v'- fd' -1 I ,M ,M , -r I -1 I ulul1lIIlJ- A IQ? f Q of M I hh , J! , MA-WANUA 194:2- R O I3 If R 'I' XX' I I. I, I IX .XI .X C R If XI .X Y N II O X' IJ U XX' If X II IX R 'I' I, Ii X I, O R If N XX' .X X' N If I3 If IX I. .X XI O I3 If S S U X If X r , . . , . . . AIALR IJ:-'II,XX IIN Imllllhb CIIIRISIX' .XIOXRUIAII I3RUL'CIII'I'UN. -I R. , , . . , . , , , . NIfI,SUX XXI',LI,Ir5I,IxX C,IXXII'IuI4I,I,. UIR. VIIXRI Ifkl CXIUY VOISIE CLXRL ARCQIIIIIALID IJLXX IJALIQ I.ICUNARIJ IIIXNRINS RICIIARI3 IIXRXIOX IIORNIXK. If R IQIDIQ RIC Ii XX'IIII,IfXXI -lfX L'CIII RICIIARIJ IXI.I.IiX I,LNIJfXIII. IX R III L' R If R IKXI UNI XI AIII I S I7 X lXXIIfSPX'I'RIC'Ii XIm'l'XR'I4IIX' .I A XI If S I3 R A CQ If XI If If Ii RICIIXRIJ IIUI.I,,-XXI! XIUSS XIURRI5 LOL I5 XIXIR5 lXXIIfS -XI I7RIfIJ SXIIIII . . . , . ..,. , Q , . . E . PIRRX I.,XIaXXIzI II- SXIIIIII-IX5 IIXXII"S RXXXIOXIJ S'I'II'PIII7NSUX If R N If S 'I' X' IX I I, S 'I' If X' If X S U X' 'IIIIOXIIXS LIUSI-fI'II I X R R I' I.I, II.XRRX' XX',XI.S'I'UX XX'IIX I I Q P I X 454 I I ...A- Q E' CIIARIIN Y. IXIAl'NFY PIf.v.Ju.I. l'.'rI.' Scrum CIIARI.I:s Y. M.-IUNEY. RoIsIRI' J. :ALEXANDER ..... RIINIH L. MANN ..... IJALE XY. ROBB ..... . FRANK S. AVYLIE. JR.. AL'ImRI.I' B. AIARSH. . . TI-IE CLASS DF 1943 OFFICERS I'1I' . , , . . . . .P1'e.Iidc11I, Firxr I'iru-P1'csidf.'11r, Firxr Sur1'cta1'-I'-Treaslfrcr. Firxr , . , Svvwnf I'ife-P1'csidw1r, Scfond . . , .Sem'ctIIry-Treas111'er. Secmm' SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE I'IlLNI,-KR CHRISTIANSON . . . ...,. ,,... , . , ,....... C0-Cl?I'lil'711I'lII CI.ARI3Nc3I: O. ERICKSUN.. ...... . . .... Co-Clmirnmfl ELAIER A. BI.Asm.o JEAN L. BURKE XYIIIIAAI H. CARI.soN AIARY J. C0L'Nc3II. AY.-IYNE S. JONES NYII.I.IAxI A, AIARI-Nl'l.Il LESLIE E. AIATHERS, -JR. AYICTOR A. RAc:ANI'I.I.I FLOOR COMMITTEE DAIIII T. H IFNIZR ..,,., .... . .. . .. .... Co-Cl.n1irf11.111 MARIANNI M. SCIIROILIIIQR ..,. . ...... .... C 0-Cfmi7'111.111 XYII.I.Is L. OIQIIKN FIORA G. PAI.I.IARI'I.n SENIOR INYITATIONS COMMITTEE EI.IZAIsuTH J. I.0II'RI' ..... ..... . . .Co-ClJ.1ir711.111 F. PAYSON SHOXKXVILER ............. ..,. C 0-CbI1i1'11m1i AIIRGINIA M. BI-:AR J.-XXII-QS M. BRQWN JACK P. CooI. 36 JACK Y. H.-IRIEI' FI.oI'IJ L. PRICE ROIIFRT J. ALEXANDER I-PfI'.rl.irr11. Flu! Seminar SL'7l1L',I'fL'I' S UYIIUXYUI' S6711 unc V Swzluxrcr Salzlextcr SCIIIUXTUI' M'II.I.IAAI D. RANIIULIJH GI.oRIA RIsI.I-ix' RLTII E. SILBERAIAN SI'I:RI.INI: I. SNYIJLR ERNIZSI V. STEYEXSOX BYRON L. AVELSH HERAIAN E. ToxIIiI PI-II'I.LIs M, XVI-IIII5 I-IONIER S. AVOXIJ v. Qfr ' ' THE CLASS is OF My 95' FRANK S. WI'LII', JR. DALI W, ROI-R I'iI'e-PIRIIIIRIII. SIIIIIII Y 1 PIIw.lu1f, XIIHIIJ XIWJIIIII RICHARD R. AIIIIOII LL'cILLE B. .XLAI LoL'ISA J. LEKANIIIR AIARGE L. BENNETT CHARLES R. COOK J.-XXIES B. NIEEK RAYAIONI1 j. AIQRERAIAN ELIZABETH L. FXRNOLII V. :XRLENE CIR!-Tl-IX LAWRENCE FRIII-'I. JEANNE FULL1-'R AI.-XRY H, GRAN' D.XI,E V. .-XDDIS DAN S. BECHLY SARA E. CHILDS SENIOR PICNIC COMMITTEE ELIZABETH L. AI.-XRKERIR ,,..,,.,,,.....,..,..,,... C0-Cbnirvlmu :XLFRED D. XVEIISTER .,.,.....,...,. ..,., C 'o-Cbairzzmll H-XRl3l.D A. Run. ISDH.-KN A. SHINNEBIXN SENIOR ACTIVITY COMMITTEE DALE L. H.'XNKINS ,,,........,.,.... ........ . . .Co-Cbnirzzmll FRANCES M-'ENZI-iI .... .,.. .,,,,.... ..,. C 0 - Chnirwmlz xl.-XRY L. XIURPHY IVAN L. RICHARDSON SENIOR MEMORIAL COMMITTEE RUTH L. HARIIER ...I... . ..,... ....., . . ,. .Ca-l.'bIIirwIII11 XIIRI.-XXI C. THOAIPSO SENIOR CAP FLNIER H. EN1.QL'lSI', L. IOLENE XXIENZI-11. S E N I O R LOREN BEAL ...,.... . D. EYELYN IBLLAIE. .. N . . ..,..,.,... ,... C 'o-C'bI1i1'v11I1I1 RAIJHEL GREFFE jOIIN O. HAFNER AND GOIVN COMMITTEE . . ,..,... .... , .. .. .Cu-Ch.1ir111I1lI .. . . ..,, Cu-ChI1ir111II11 -IOHN HARAIAN RIOIIARII H. HORNINI: CLASS COMMITTEE ,Co-CIIIIIVIIJIIII . , , . , . . . . , . . . .Co-f.'lJI1il'111I1l1 BETH E. LEWIS IM-ZAN MCL AIJOHLIN GXARQI II!-':'li"3 JLKANIIA R. XYOODY BARBARA J. XYYNN HARRY XY. XVHYTE DIAN IT. ZIQBIXVALT VIIQNILTS H. .XIORRIS Primm' R. SEED xYkI.l'I-IR R. ZIEBELL CLSI 'OLS SIAIPSON ,XRIIILR XXIOOD, JR. SAAILEL H. YOUNG XVII II-'R PEIERSON AIOHN F. I',IlII.ll' AIINERYA PINXITLI. 37 Mxiimw 'liioxiiisox h14fl1'I1I 151.111 Matthew Thompson N11 luie, Dean ot The College ol Liberal Arts and Stlemes, was born .it bpottstorel, Virginia. April If ISSS. A H.icl1clor'5 decree was .iwartled him .it Whtsltingtivn and Lee Vniversitv in 1110-1, where he did his undcrglxid- nate would .x IXl.istcr's decree at the bnlxcisxty ol Virginia in 1-HV, .ind.1Dott:u's degree at Columf lna in 1912 Het-are tominz to Illinois, Dean M11 lnle was .in instructor in Phxlosophv at folumbia .md from 1-iii to 11121 .1 professor ol Plnlosophy at Tulane. He began his tarccr at Illinois in 11111 as asso- txate proressor in Plnlosophy. ln 11131 he betame Protcssor ol Philosophy and in 19211 he was .lp- pointed head or that department, The deanship was .iwarded him in 1931 alter serunu .I year as Afting Dean ol the Ciollcgc ol Liberal Arts and Stientes, Mcf luic is .1 member ul Theta Delta lhi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Eta, Phi 111.1 Sicrna, Delta Sigrna Rho, The Ameriian Plxilosoplinal .-Xssotiati-un, and other honorarx oi,c.1niz,1ti-ins. s .- -tr gc S. 1 7 38 COLLE E OF 'Iihe College of l.ilieral Arts and Sciences was formerly opened on july 1. 1913. with the L'nion of the Colleges of Literature and Arts and the Col- lege of Sciences. These two Colleges were recognized in 1873, when the lirst organization of the Illinois Industrial Cniversitv on the basis of College units was announced. As a matter of fact, the Illinois Industrial University which liecame the L'niversitv of Illinois in 1885 has never been without a College of l.ilieral Arts and Sciences, since it opened on March 2, 1868. 'l'he original curriculum established for the new Industrial University was liasgd almost entirely on the classical model of the usual college of literature, arts, and sciences, with the addition of certain new, untried. and hopefully designed courses in agriculture and the mechanic arts. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, together with its predecessors, the College of Literature and Arts, and the College of Sciences has been the mother of numerous schools and colleges in the University of Illinois. Beginning with courses in literature, arts. and sciences, growing into depart- ments, and finally withdrawing as individual schools or colleges, this Col- lege has sponsored: the School of Law, in 1896 lbecoming the College of Law in 19005, the School of Music in 1897, the School of Education lbe- coming the College of Education in 19183, the College of Commerce and Business Administration in 1915, the School of journalism in 1927, and the Divisions of the College of Fine and Applied Arts in 1931. Za T!! HAROLD SAMUEL DAWSON A,r,ri,fmf11 Dean DEAN MCCL1'RE LIBERAL ARTS n 'L u .4 I. -Q,,15,. Q xx-Agni' H . -... -, A AND SCIENCES MN XVII I mu A1 IPRFII XUYLN 1.OR.'X'IflRY UI' f HIYXHQIRX " .A . 0 ,. n , A--., LINCOLN HALL ' A srjgwvswff J Hmm Rr XY'm-lvlmxx l'1x.f' 4m Q . - A., , -.J .in - m , .xx A 1 bmw M.MxlH1 I' fl1.'.u'.1l Smxm L- Imm XY',AlI1IIv F mm! -HK! xx S N1 IL E. STEVENS, l3f,mr1,s -xx I f,.-RRI, C1 H-xR1xi.,' lfffflfggy .mm l'1v,.,,,1,,Q', Frmxx XX' IDnXN'n1.r Cfwlffyp ,l11JGwuf.1pl1y HUR F Nl rwm Nluwpln arm' XY Mun GL r nur: Fam W, TANNFR Hmmlnlagy C: Fl.L L. AI!-ITCALF Enlomolngy AR1H1'n B, Conn 1 U 1 4 Y w 1 Q w 'I l . .nl L w,fuf.X ,lmrv Frem fy JOHN VAN Hmm X I Xfmulg lv Am! ll.:l1.n1 H F, ju km- I u lifmxm .I -+I Page H HXlxIlx ff ww limi? r l N5 l.l.l'Rl'Nl r' Al'tl'l1ll.lL'i Lxrrsr-x IHUH-IWRB lurrrrtnrc Martcllux lnrsrrn was h-vrn ntar Br.: sun, Xrrzuax, hut stunt his chrldhrrrud and xrrutlr -in an Irma farm. Edrrtatcd at Drakc lfnrm-rsrlx' and thc Urrrursrty ul XY'rscr-nsrn, hu tauglrt lust-:ry in thu L'nrvcrsrty ul lllrnrvrs from WU' untrl WV, and for thc last wxuntccn ycars lr: scrxt-cl ,tx head rn tht' hrstrrrx dupartmcnt. Hc drcd as president nt the Amcrrtan Hrst-'rural :Xwrtratr-rrr, thc hrshut lrrrnnr that can come tr. any sthrular rn hrstrrry. It was l.arsrvn's rntcgrty that mad: hrm great, Hrs refusal tru bc cuntcnt with anxthrng cxccpt thc cxatt truth made htm an rrutstandrng schrrlar rn the held of muclrexal Ftamlanaxran hrstrrrv. Hrs cleat lr-vnuty nf ptrrf pow and hss cruuragc made him a rusted lerdqr am-rn: his crllleagucs rn the cause rat grratt-r dcrnrvcracy rn cducatiun, The thrurrrtrglmness of his tcachrnu and the rnsprratrrrn of his character madc cath ul hrs tlmusandx -it studcnrw an ahler mar: and a hr-tiur crmicn, Fl l' KRT PR,Xl'l SHYRMJN lHHl-lfllrr Lrrrrc, cwxryrst, wrt, atlrrr, he gate tri lllrnnrs a 'lfgc vrrluramc and .1 zest for humane lrvrnu, and I-wr thu rrchnuss and varrcty uf America that .lltcr twrnty yuars still dnmrnates thc dt-partment he lrcadud. lt was his prrxrlege tru bc an inl sprratrrrn t-r hrs students and crvlleaguus, and theirs tu lrrc m-:rc happrlv and wisely fur haxrng known lrrm, l haw scen 3 rnrrmlul of pqrrplq, ,111 nf xxhr-m knew hrm wall, get up and gr. to thu window hucause srrmcrrnq looking out rcmarked, "Thur grits Stuart Sherman", It seemed tu them .rn ewnt Though he had a furious theory that you uct m-irc r-l a man from his works than frrrm his pruscnrt-, hrs essays, c.rpatrrrus and intullrgent as they arm, scum but slrad-ms compared with Stuart himself. lt rs pleasant tu hc part uf a university xshrusc mind he rvnru mrrulded, Hu was an Amurrran rn the grcat tradition. jnrrs Wrrrrmis Garrxra lH"l-11158 ,lamcs XVrlt-wrd Garner wrxed as lrcad of the department of political scicncc of the University nf lllrnors frrvm 1004 until hrs death in 1053. At first hc taught all the courses in pnlrtrcal science. Beginning in 1-JUS, however, he began tri add other sclrnlars to the department until he had built up une of thc must distinguished de- partments rn thc countrv. This enabled Professor Garnsr to tlcwte his main attention tn the field rr! intcrnatmnal law and relations, For many years he devoted all hrs strength tn the cause nl a decent and enlightened policy in International relations. Tn those wht: knew him, Professor Garner will be remembcrcd not only as a political scientist rrt international reputation, but as a true gentle- man and a warm friend. He was always ready tri dexntc hrs best efforts tri the advancement or the intcrcsts nf the students, the faculty, and the Unrwrsrtx. -THf-rrrirmr r. Prmr, - R. Brrtrr Wrrnrcrc. slow-rx M. lNlr'X'l'Hl'XX5. +2 I rs, LW IX r nsrrx' Hara Us .L- V .4 .,... . ua- , ai ,- zfjqjg, f x .13-c.l.f"rrt p a 1 e,'q.l1m L 5.-V? 13. 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Klux! ngnntnamlx an thu U-n1munlKx', thc d1un1srrx lmnldmg .M Illm-vu xm- nunui I-xr hum huinru lm dmtlu .Ind wxxll Imax .nlxxgnw thu mmm- -It XVIII-.lm Allx-xt Nmu YI"xJ1IXl'h-XI'l4xXX, QHrM1x1RY L.+m1n.'x'rom' rx L'MxI1wI1Y Hun. +3 l Z ROIIVRT Mclifax Annu , ..., Cailfmzlli Cilwrrzlixzl Efzqlnlt-img XY'enatchue House A.l.Kh.E.g First Lieutenanr, Unixersity Bri- gade G Q1 Blatklwurn College ' Brio Armin ...., , . .Xfffr.1, Bnlg.1v:.1 Llunllial lffllgfvnurlrlu K-mm--pulitan Club lnrerlrarernity Counril Ili Ameruan fullege of Sona ,gang -Q la 11111 Mamie ALIIIN . ,,,, . , .Fffff,i'l,n1il B.lrmmlfi!qi Regina Alpha Lamlnla Delta, Iota Sigma Pl i Flora-in Dax' tl! , """ fi -:Q N XA Y E, x 5' N ' gm x K. .- , -.I .X C XYIIIIXXI Ll,-KRINKI' AIIIRIIHI , Pwiwa r in-n11l.1l lifrqrmiimq gl Paiiziiix r.xRm,x'N Arurx . . ljli,m1p.u,w Ewqlfili Srullem K'--uncll, University Baptwr fhurrli f . . a 'I Qrixiix CLIFVURU Aiiuxxue .ll".1wirk.i Tau Kappa Epsilon lnterlratcrrilty Cuuntil ill Knox College 3 boi ."KIlNlHL'l, .. . . ..,flwi.i4f1 llitmmii XY'rzuht -lullior I.-lleue Xxililxai HINRY Axiilxi. ,. . lim.: Pifllllrizl Xi ft in I Drlta Tau Della fi-ist Artillery Lluh, Hawghall Manager Ill . Yaivtx I-ootball 5quaLl 12, ir. Firxt Iaun- in it l,!1.irvt, hrllxerslty lirlrganle Hilf.'i'w DJX' Ill .i w-7 exif: E. .. .rm 0 'I ' ' if V' 1 W I l - J sno- ' if RAYMOND CARL ANDERSON ..,. ...,. B ,wan Malbermzlirf Northern Illinois State Teachers College Ravarowo EUGENE ANDERSON, Chewy Valley Ecurlrfllliir Caibson Clubg Marketing Clubg Captain, Unilersity Brigade Ricnaim FRANK ANDERBONN, ,... Penn.: Pajrbulngy Beta Theta Pi Coast Artillery Club: Dolphinsg Pershing Rifles: Srabbard and Bladeg Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Varsity Swimming Letter ill: Freshman Varsity XVater Polo Squad: Y.M.C,A. Cabinet l3lL Star C.-nurse II, 5l 1 Men's Glcc Club 15. 451 Captain, University Brigadug Cast, "No, No, Nannetteu H.-umlifi' jaxr ARLJENBRIGHTM, Bl.u1iinm'1IlI- C:'rm.111 Alpha Delta Pi Der Deutsth Vereing Rural Lite Club: Phu Betag KaSt. "Out of the Frying Panml Pro- rlurtion Stall, "Ropes End," "The Beautilul Pcopleug Announcing Stall, XVILL Knox College Bl"r'l'x' Loi' ARMSTRONG ,..,,.... Cimmplngn Pallfiml Silunru Alpha Xi Delta Rille I lulw, Orange and Blue Feathers Cillillhl Fmxels Asslfux ,......... Kmileirkur Chrmzrlzl Erlglzlrsnlrrq Slflma Pi Phi Kappa Phig Tau Beta P13 Phi Lambda Lipsilon. Phi Eta Sigmll A.I.C'h,E.L Omela Chl Epsilon: Student Alumni Association ll, 31 llunurs Day 41, J, fgll University of Illi- ni-iw Stholarship Key lluxx um l.,-uinirxcn ATKINS, .IR....Sn1f1lw-liifv Efllufrlfflffgj Pi Kappa Phi Frexhman Vanity Tratk Sauaclg Varsity Track Squarl III Muurm RUTH Arwooo ,....,.,..., Rwbfml Emuumlri Blatkburn College, Maryville College PHYLLIS JANE Arznxi-rorrrk. .. .Dru, Suflulngy Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Dcltag The D.uly Illini ll, Zig Pan4Hellenic Council 15, All . Gold Feathers: Star Course 127 Honors Day Il, 2, il . Univeruty of lllinuis Sclmlarship Key Amirx jo Bwiez ..... ,,,. . f.lff..1,w P-yifwlffqj XY':lsh House XV,A.A.g Silver Feathers ll! XY'right junmr College Ei.lz.usr'rH Axxx Bnmu ,, DvK.1llf Engllilw Aleet-tis First Council, XY'um.1n's League H! Nurlhcrn Illinnm Sute Teachers lnllege Roslin' FR.-wus Bfxxx .. ,,Ni'1l' Burn Cfluwlfiirl Ellglmulfllq Alpha Chi Sigma A,I.f'hE. Honors Day Ill EWN GRAHAM Bmzxfanrm . ., , I.iw1w,i'1ffu Cmlffgy Cniason Clubg University Orihcstrii Ill g Firxt Licutennnt, University Brigade Row ANN BARON ,,.. ,, ,fflmnyff Surlolnlqy Siamh Delano I-l.ill Pal Chi Hcrzl junior College if 73 s 4 A -, xr as 1? 'f Q1 ' FY , J J , Wg , eva- -'f.::1?!fm'z-if '-af U, , ID ' 9 Q, - .iq Y ,x BFTTY Lou BARR ,... .. Almkcgwi, .llnlu F Snflfflfflqy v 1 Alpha Phi Rifle Llubx Spanish Cluh: Silver Feiitherx ill 5 Gold Feathersz Student Alumni Assmia- tiun Ill Stephens junior College JAMES MICHAEL Bmzrirx' join: Pollllml Srlwlrf Theta Chi Cavalry Othcers' Club, Pershing Rilles, Pha- lanxg Interfraternity Council 13, 4l: First Lieutenant, University Brigade . X x if lx. 7 wg' A ,. fig s.' x 'Z t G 1 2' I F in QQQEIQ i A' I " 1"' ,Q i x .i 5 " 'U L' 3 Y , -5 i' i I' 9' N A, . Q, .-nf-f 1 1 .u m If v " af? - ' .X fl :-"',,.,.1 -Q: I l IXIXIIMIRY AAN Briioxu . Cfinrw Slnn11,ll1 Iii lieu Phi Npnmxh f,luhg 'Ihe Illm 42, Sl. ' Ill, Pr-vduetmn'I, "Bl,iik lilnlmrigu, "Il-me Mule" Penn H.ill -lun:-ir fulleee llfilzmm vli xx Hiirixn, . I'ifn1uii hifririzl Plifllfffz .exif-I... Dim iv. Arepw, Nur fwurxc 121, XYmnen'x C-lee lluh Il, 11. l'nuerwilvOrtl1eNu.i rl, 2, il, llni- xuxlly Ilnlrus 11, J, Rl, fmt, 4'f'.irn1en, 'Cu-wllillrlierf' "InI.inthe" Bxiiiixxxvi A-tr. Brxrox . I lf.m1p.neu P-lilffil-my Ihr Deimilie Yclein, Phi Alpha fhi. lull-I liuitlicrx. XY'-rndenk Glce fluh IZ, 5, -II, Pm' rluttu-n Mall, 'Allk XY'clI Tlmt Emlx XY'ell,' "Dr, Iiiiiiluxf' l'Nl,ul'ul Must F.xIl,' "Out .ll the Frying I-lin" Mxim ,lim IJIINHIRN I'il1nm 11!v.'1f1j Hurd I"I.ill Iurth. XX'.linenk Pruilultmn, Illini 'lluuitre Guild. Arcpw. .ind Hdulwle, Niimimr. Pwduttl-in Surf, "BI.1tlt Fl.in1nn,gn,' l Hulld.ix, i NKAS the Boys CI-wullwyef' HMA- ilnme llntrurllxf' "The hllkl-In", ill Ru num Mimi , . , .1 fwniuff Xfuzulilv Neuiimri I'I.ill 5:11114 lULlt.l Pi. bfminiili flulw, fmt, 'l..i Klum Verde ' tnizxlliixl liiinu , , ,, . .rl f.f, .iw P-yi-lwlngj lvrm IM flu. Independent rnuntnl lil , Fmt K-rnniil, XX'urn,inN I.c.igue Ill. Umnge .intl Blue llnllieix. C1-:ld Fcnfliers. Sum-rr firml- lrl, Hillel l'nund.iru-n limi Ilniviw Hmmm. . . . 44..','!m Ifuylf-li Luk, "Dr, F.iuxlus,' "Tu-s un .in lxl,ind Illrnuus I7.1v Ill M-im' I Xl ix x Bwvmv-. .,.. .Qnfmi lffiylrift Nixmnn Quimy fullcee -I5 JENNIE Mat Boxxi-Tr' ,,.... ,..Uf!1.111.r Blzllrrllflrgqa Alpha Lambda Delta: Member at Large. Y,W,C.A.: B.icter-nology Club: Iota Sigma P11 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Y,XY'.C.A. Cabinet 14. H Hnnurs Day 1l, II Mwrurr lirxmuv Hnnxirxrv, illfwfrlff, Ir1.l. !'l-trllfmll Amana Indiana Central iulleue XX'll l.I.XAl lllrxxaim Biukxi ,,,. .1Q'l11r.rgf1 l'ft"1,.11l Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Tau Sigma, Dolphins, Skull and Cres- Lent: Trihe ul Illtnlg Freshman Varsity Swim- ming Squad: Varsity Swimming Letter 12. 3, dll, Captain lfllg lharrman, Suphwnanre Cutillmn. lnterlraternity fnumil 141: Set- nnd Lieutenant, University Brigade Stixrili tv NXT BRI NM-iz.. tffrrhrvw Pffllfnal Slluuit- Phi Epsllnn Pi Scahhard and Blade, Freshman Varsity Polo Squad Erwaroms Mn HAl'l, Biuwirv . ,.Pwf1.l ffluvlzlm Alpha lhl Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Hnnnrs Day 1l, 2, Bl. lfniveisity ul lllrnurs Stlmlarship Kev juris Mlrrrix Bimxxx , , . Stmrlm Prrflalzz' Sigma 1 hi President, Tribe -rt Illini: Cnast Artillery Club, Dnlphins. Mag-rr I. Captain, Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad, Varsity Swimming Letter 12, 5, -li: Freshman Varsity XVatei Puln Squad, Varsity XV.iter Pulu Squad 12, ll , First Lieutenant, University Brigade H vnurs Day 12 I Mantra Roni-Ria linrixvx, , . llfmktglzu Sfnlfrlffigri C,,liuz-Nous Alpha Kappa Delta, Pruduttlori Stall, "Ma- lame Butterllyu Painiraa Bnrwxxx ,,..... I'n,'J1f-muff, lil. I-vcmfw Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Larnhda Delta, The lllm 1lI1 -luninr Cuuntrl, XVnrnan's League 121, Orange and Blue Feathers Hnnnrs Dav 1l, In 46 fn 1 4 . wi- il. 1 . X -:S 5 A X 2 r 1 " -I ja. . , ,. ., 11 +5122 , , M... ' ' Q, vi-... -V , ,..',z,f-: . ,f..,.. an ' . 'f E Dolus MAE BRUCKNER .....,,. .... C bzrago Bailerialogj Miner House ,losrvrr IMUURGIO BULGER ...... Malware Pm-la Pre-Lau' Delta Upsilnn Snphurnore Football Manager: First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade M.-vnjomr' RUTH Bumrxcrox, . .. ,...Pt1na Flsrlrb Zeta Tau Alpha W.A,A.. Pan-Hellenic Council 1-U AR'l'HL'R Krrx Brimer ...,, ...chlllllfhllgfl Gmlngi Phi Delta Theta Iaissun Club: Cyclothem Club: Pershing Rifles: Captain, University Brigade Jrax Loursr Burner ...,... ,,.. E rmzrmn Eugllllv Delta Delta Delta XVun1an's Business Manager, Illini Theatre Guild: Arepn, Mask and Baubleg Student Alumni Association 133 A DePauw University Davin Gronoif Brnusox... .... Ufblnm Erarzorrllrr Beta Theta P1 Coast Artillery Club: Pershing Ritles: Seab- lward and Blade: The Daily Illini 11, 21: Freshman Varsity XVrestlrng Squad: Varsity XVrestling Squad 115: Second Lieutenant, University Brigade BETTY Bum-vrax ....,....... .,.. B ellerille Eugllrlr Kappa Kappa Gamma Silver Feathers 157 Monticello College E1 lZ:Klll'TH ANN BURRIT1' ..,. .... R orklawd English Delta Gamma Orchesis: NV.A.A.: Silver Feathers 121 Lawrence College MATTHEW XVALES Busm, III, . . ,L11'1.'1.1.1 H111111,1 Phi Delta Theta Cnmlry Otfmcrs' Club: PI1.1I.1nx. F1usI1m.11 V V.1rs1ty Football Squad, V.11s1ty F1111tlw.1ll Q - l Squad 1111 Frcsl1m.1n V111Q1ty P11l11 S4u.11I, A M.1111r, Umvcrslty l5r1g.1dc3 M1l1K.11y flo11n11l N 141 .A -J' 'll ' l Du1111'1'111' 611,111 Cmrnox . P1114 R.'.iu1 Sf71l11l,1l1 AlpI1.1 X1 Della l".1n-Hcllcmc f'1111n11l 157: Sxlu-1 Fc.1!l1c1x 1211 !,.1st, "Lct'x Get Aw.1y", P111du1t111:1 , ' l St.1tI, "Cf.1rn1en." "l11l.m1I1Q," "M11I.1111u 3 Bultcrl'ly," "5cwnll1 Hcnxcn' . , 'b K XVl11tw411tl1 Cnllcgu . is ' ', 'l3Q':'3e.g, ' 1' A111111-11 Dumfm 11111111111 1.1 .. 711111 6111111111171 Gymr1.1s11c.1Q Pl1.1l.1nx. -lun1111 M.1n.1uu:, Gym- nuluwg C..1pt:1111, U111w1Q1ty Br1g.11lu. Gyn1k.111.1 -1... ' .- ll. 31 , 11 X 1- ?-, ,V1 'QEJQ 1 1 1 x 1 1 " :YT I- Fnfxmg H1,111'1'ox 11111 1141111 ,, ll 111111, P11l1l111lf X111'll11 P51 Ups1l1m l11tc1t'1.1tcrn1ty 1111111111 14, Ii, Mu'1'x Glu C1111. 111 SI ANN C 11H1R1x1 fklllllk . 17.111111f111111 ' ' A Y- 1,1...1 1511111 I Alpl1.1 KI11 O111ug.1 X 'A V lXl111t.1r B11.111l. T11r1l1, bln-A11 21.1 P111 H114 ' 3 ' F11s1 11111n11l, XV111111n's l.u.1g11u IH. ,l11111111 2 ,,.1s, W, R Clrumll, XV1,1n1.1r1'4 l.u.1guc 151. U1.1ngc ,1111I ' Blue l:c.1tl1erSg Cwld F12.1tl1u1sL 51.11 luurx. J .- 'NP 1 131 'QQ' i f Cb 1 -4 51111.-1 E1.1.c,1111111 f'111111x .. I1l.111f.1. 6.1, ,, l3111l1'l1 ' .I l Alpl1.1 PI11 - K I -X. ' Ftcmlm I lulwg F1111 C11um1l, XY'11111.111'x l,u.1g11u .fi I-II 3 01.11156 and Blu: FC.11l1c1x, G11l1l Fc.1ll1f :rf-:X is ers, D1x1c lll1r11 Club . 1 11" 1 . , A Qflljj X l "" -Q5 JAIKIFQ Rcmrrzmrc I H1sH111x1 .,.. Xp1111u1111!.1 E1'111111111i1,1 Delta Tau Dclt.1 Sp11ngI1c:ld ,lumor C ullcgc 1 l'1 1 1 G 1 DEIKIETFR CHR1sTor1f .,. .. ...C!111.1.1 ' x C l11'1111,1l1 -y in Der Deutsche Verem ' XVr1gl1t Junior Fullcgc . X X Q- 1 " 'X . 11 ' we . ' V .- 1'e'I ' " 231. 1 1 11 gfsefgf , I I,11.1 I 111105 ., ,qA11f1,,N, X111111l1,1-1 Y.1'.1 Dcl.111-1 l'l.1ll l111111111x XY'11x1m fIiRKI 11.111 ll1114!11!1 III1111 ll.1Il 1.11s-.1111 fl11l1, l'l.1Iu.1u .1n1l Drum. F1111 I.11,11 11'11.1111, L'n11c1w1t1 li11u.11lu lll111111N lnxt1t111c 111 'l'u1l1111vl-lux , R1111111 I 1-llnuc llI11lIIx 1 111m 1111111 1 1111111111111 111-,-1 l'11l1l11.1! X .,1- 11. l'l11 l7ull.1 ll11I,1 N1-XY.1nAD.1, S.11l1c111, C.11.1l11 !,l11l1, L11111 I1.111.1, L1y11111.1x111.1, S1.1l'1l1.111l .xml l'5l.11l1:. Skull .1111l 111,-x11'11l, 'l'11l1c 111 lll1111, F1uxf1111.111 Y.11f R114 C11111n.1s111x 511u.11l, V.11s11x' C,yr11r1,1s111x x1111.11I 111, I11111 1I,51,1.1p1.11n lil . F1111 l1111l111.111t, L'1111u1s1!y B11u.11l1', "XY'l111w XX 111. 111 A111u111.111 L71111'u1x1l1rQ .1111l Iullcucs' l1'1 II1111111 1111111 , , 1,A,,,,,,,,4,, Kl1.11111!1 1111111111111 XVII 11'N1 Axx f11IlI x 1211111111 11111111111 .'Xlpl1.1 lgpwlnn l'l11 XY111111-11's B11N111u.x lXl.111.1:u1, TI11' lll111. 'I1111 ,1111.1 121 Ntcplwm K nllcuu N1111 AliRNHXII I 111111111 M1111 11111.11 x' 1 P11-.ll1'1f11.ll l'1u111l1 I lub, Pl11 .'Xlpl1.1 ll11 N1 11' Y111k l'111x cum ,I1x11x R,x11111x 1111111111 , 19.11.11 P11-l,.l11 I'1 K.1pp.1 AlpI1.1 I11.1st Artxllcry Clulw, Purslnnu Rules. l'l1.1f I.111x. Scwnul l.1u1.1tcr1.1nt, U1111u1x1ty B1'1g.11lc I11111, Ij1,11t-1111 111 Cux ,O.1l'f P11116 1111.111 li.1pp.1 Aly-I1.1 'l'l1rt.1 U1.111uc .md Blur Fcntlwrsi 1111, "Lark C111 .'Iu'.1y", Pr111lu1t111n SUIT. "l.1n1: Rulu II1- Il.11lx," "Scvcn1I1 H1-.11m' lI11x.11'v Lullcgc 47 Manmnrr Euzuirrn Cnxstwru...Clwzzfwgri spmf. Delta Gamma Zeta Phi Eta: W',A.A.: Star tuurse 1211 Pruduttmn Stall, "Inlantl1e," "Out nl the Frying Pan." "Rimes End," "The Flying Gerartlus' ,lcmx Tnosias Luxor.-x . ,tlwi-.zgu Cwlmi:-I' Newman Hall toast Artillery Club. Cytlutlicm, Pershing Rxtles. Phalanx, First Lieutenant, Unlxersity Brigade limxariiw Siaxiiv tzvzixx sm ,...., tjlurifgn Cilnffllml Evzglmtlfrl-q Pi Kappa Phi A.l,Ch,E. Hrus 'Trax Dari., .. .... lliI.u.m,rbwfi Eu-glzilv Cnllcgienne First Luuncil, XY'nman's League til DEAN Aams Daxls . ..,, . tfluivzpafgu liiltlurffilnvqy ,laxirs XY'rIrsIIi'r Davis . , , . .Clvzmgv Pf,l.'.'lr.1l Siftnrt Hmuei Ravsitmu Davis, jn ,,,4 fjI.151.fn, AIU. Clyunlfvlzky Kappa Sigma Phi Eta Sigma. Skull .intl tresuentg Contcrt Band 11, 2 1 Star K,-nurse 42 Hunnrx Day ll, 2 -if s- ? .. r- I Sql'- -. ' 'I Xin. WE:-li' 'Z -t. L 'ek t S' 'F' Q2 I, .av . 'n i- .- ' FRLX Q fi talfxi ' . 5.1. siifmh t tr X , ss . if NCES' . ' UQ-'-' ish I ,UN .VN gl ,er ss, ri '7 l.l'l ,mia Euerxr Ilfuis, ., ,, Oak Park lfmlzffrrili I Alpha Delta Phi Freshman Varsity Fuothall Squad Central Y.M.C.A. College 48 I v RALPH EDWARD DAVIS .,,... ...,,.. D mniille Pre-Lau' Phi Alpha Delta: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 45, -ll Bradley Polytechnic Institute SHIRLM' juaxxn Davis ..,, .... C nllum-:Ile Higlory Kappa Alpha Theta Pan-Hellenic Council l?al: First Cinuncil. XVoman'S League I-ll: Silver Feathers ill MacMurray College jon DI Iis . . . ...,..,.,. . . . l'.nm'aI1a Pre-Lrm' Sigma K hi Phi Beta Kappa: Cavalry Orhcers' Club: Phi Delta Phi: The Ilho ll, 2, ZH 1 Captain, Uni- versity Brigade Honors Day ll, Z, Sl: University ut Illinois Siholarship Key WII.I.I.ui Faaxcis D12 Lonrxzo, Nsuuzik, N. Bi1i'lz'Im1a,gy University ut Alabama XVILLIAM Bnrtr DFNI-Ifxizr, Nun' Yank Clly. N. Y. Clwrzlivlry Phi Kappa Sigma Laisson Club: Phalanx: The Daily lllini ll, Il: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Manx' ji-Axrrrr DFPPF.. .. , Sjnmgfie-ld frzglnlv Presbyterian Hall Blackburn College HERBHVI' Louis DICK, ja. .,.,..., Bimingron Cbrrzzlrtil ErIglm'frirIg Tau Kappa Epsilon First Regimental Band tl, 21 RICHARD LLITLEY DIEMER .,,. . ...Chu-ago Malbemaliri XVenatchee Sachem: Phi Eta Sigma: Coast Artillery Club: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Toma- hawk: Y.M.C.A, Cabinet I-ill Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors: Second Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Honors Day fl, 25 PADEN FASOLD DISMORE ..... ..,. C bimgo Cbfffllflry Wilson junior College NIILAN Dorsao . , . ...,.... ..... C 'hrragfr Cbnrrrrrry Freshman Varsity XVrestlIng Squad , First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade HARLAN BERNARD DODGE. .. .. ,Chrrrrgfi Genlogy Phi Kappa Psi Cavalry Ofhcers' Club: Phalanx: Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Freshman Varsity Polo Squadg Varsity Polo Squad fl, 33g lntertraternity Councrl 42, 31: Captain, Uni- versity Brigade ALBERT DOLIN ..., ..... , ,Clwrrrgn Zfmlngp Herzl junior College JEANNE ADIfr.r Doxovax .. , ..Llrl1rmrr Frrrlrlr Chi Omega Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Deltag Asso- ciate General Manager, lllrni Theater Gurlrl, Mask and Baubleg XVomen's Glee Club 11, Zl . Production Statlf, "Kiss the Boys Goodbye," "Out of the Frying Pan," "Seventh Heaven," "The Flying Gerardrwsf' "The Gondrrlrersw Hnnors Day 12, 31 NTARY Rrra Doxvrrxc ..., ..., T mir-y Park Hlrfffrj Leeman Lodge Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Aruprrz Phi Alpha Chr, The Daily Illini tl, Z, 531 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Procluctrnn Stall, "Black Flamingo," "Car- men," "Holiday," "Seventh Heaven," "Two on an Island" Honors Day HD CLIFFORD LEE Drzrxv . , Dlrrlbnllrrfnr Howell House Der Deutsche Vereing Rural Lile Club Blackburn College .lr ring DOROTHY DEANE DuExvrR.,. ..,. I!"rrr-eil, lllrltbflllilflrlv' Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Deltag XV.A.A. Honors Day tl, ZJ 5 Za , 4 ' egg W- n as if ' - ,t it ' -y , :Rs ' ' v x , - X x :Q Q . 'X 'R ,r ,. rx., ,5- ,asffa e-r. X . f '--1 fe - ?v- Pi PA ' , -' X, . ' .. , Av, - . 5-14--Q-Q, - is-3, an I. f P N , , J I 0. '-in 'Q .1 VIRGINIA Mar DUNIQEI. ...,..... Farm.-r,irfllv Xofmlugy Shawnee Blackburn College jriaxxr EI.IZABF'IH DUNN, .. .. Darwin: Clu'1r11,f,'I-I Shawnee XY'onIerI4s Crlce Klub 153 College of St. Frantrs f.-KNNILN lXlIYlR EINTMAN, JR, ,,.. Clurilga Pffllrlrizl Sflrarru Phi Epsilon PI The Daily llllnr Ill. lnterlraternity Countrl lib. Student Alumni Assutxatmn Ill Rrmrar Haxvxs EIR lll. ,, .Sturm Zfrrflwr, Acaua LaSalle Peru Ugleshy .lunmr Lullege GQRDON XVlll.l.'lM Em.lI,xHI, .,, 1 lfrrrrvi ff'u'11lIirrl Emulrriifrrrtf President, lnterfVarsIty Khrrstran Fellnvvslrip XY'lIeatun College EIRIIR Hoxwarru Exr,rgI'Isr . ,, cjlriraga Cllr rfmxrl Euyzm I 1111 i' fhr Phi All h,F., Student 4-Iuntll, lNltKInlcy Foun- danun jor-IN LroxaRIw Emcrasox , ,..G.1lr.1 fflwrlzmll Erzlulmrrrrrg Alpha Chr Sigma Phi Eta Sigma: A.l.Ch.E.1 Pershing Rifles. Phi Alpha Chi Honors Day ll, Z! PHYLLIS BAXTER Enxxrx . ,,.. ., flvhryff Erzvliifv Alpha Lambda Delta: Gamma Alpha Chi. Scimrtarg Prnduttron Statl, 'AB-my Meets Girl," "La Boheme," "Post Road" Honors Day ll, QI University of Nebraska 49 JOHN DAVID FARII.. ..... . ..,.... Pipe' C113 Clwrllirtzl Evlgnlfernig A.I,Ch.E. Rom-nr Joi-IN FAI' ..., .,,..,. , Hlilgm Polilmzl SL'l:'7lL':' Sigma Nu lnterlraternity louncil Hb, Production Stall, "BC.ItItIl'ul People' ANN ITFDFR ,. ,.,.,., .-iflliigluu, N. 1, Null nm 11 .1r1.l Dlurallui Delta Gamma Phi lipsilon Omlcronl Shi-Ail Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers: Y.XY',C.A, Cabinet 11, Sig Student Alumni Associa- tion 11-1 Homin Liuxii. FIILTQN , Clwfllinrg lfnixeiiity Orthestra 13. -H DI Krlll' Northern Illinois State Teachers College Prutn' HYOLA FrNs'I'FR,, , ....... 1.'lv.m1p,11.w Bilflfilnfnqa Bayitali XY".A.A.: Orange and Blue Feathers XVright Junior College Jaairs l'R-INIQIIN FIFLDIM.. , ..., C!i.m1p.I1gi1 Pnllliml Xr1L':1I'e Sigma Clin 1 aisson Club, Phalanxg 'Ihe Daily lllxni 1lD, Frist laeutenant, University Brigade MaimIAI,L HAIu'I'x' FIxII.oI,n ,, . tluufgff Erouozlllir Tau Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma, Caiisson 1 lub, Phalanx, Inter- lraternity Countil 13, All ant, University Brigade Honors Day ll, 3? Northwestern l'nIxeIsIty DALE CLAl'DIf FINLFY, vlll.... Gifflfftfj Carsson Club: Plateau and tenant, University Brigade 50 Second Lieuten' . . Olin'-I Drum. First Lieu' -.qv rt '2 ,gg as' El-:Qi 's l . -47' " D 553 F, v 1.5 ' ' 'Q' 9 :A 1 A.. xx, I V C. ,Ei l l y I N .IX t ' .4 9 g gig' - ii.. v " I x-. 3 '65 Y 1 3' ' .Ny 'Fix X af-' JAMES HAROLD FISHER .,........,. ..Cbi4-ago Geology Alpha Tau Sigma: Pershing Riflesg Scabbartl and Blade: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Varsity Wrestling Squad 13, -Hg Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Lieutenant- Colonel, University Brigade: Hazelton Medal VIRGINIA CAROLYN FRANCIS ,.,, .,.. C hir-ago Speer-b Medea House XVilsnn Junior College 'IIZAN IXIAGDALIENA Fam LEY... .... Cbiragn Hiring- Alpha Xi Delta XV.A.A.: Silver Feathers 1333 Production Staff, "Carmen," "Out of the Frying Pan," "Seventh Heaven," "The Beautiful People" Lindenwood College PAUL HOWARD Fam' ..,....... .,,.,, G 1lm.m Ckullllml Efigrflsuiiig Tau Kappa Epsilon A.I,Ch.E. Hamm' FRII-DM.-IN .... .... , Chu-.150 Pfflzfiml Silerlre Granada Club XVrIglIt Junior College Loiuwr ELLPN FRt'IN ,v..,.. ,... G ilnmu Euglfilw Sager House First Council, XVoman's League 15M Tama- roa 12? Rosary College BYRON EGBFRT FULIQ ....,,,.. .... L h-brum Pryrbology First Regimental Band 11, 2. 3. -H: Cast, "Black Flamingoug Production Staff, "Mur- der in a Cathedral," "The Mikado," "Two on an Island" MILDHIQD HAAIILTON GAIL ,.... Higblmzd Park Efzglirb Illini Outing Clubg XV.A.A.g XV.A.A. Nu- merals, Major I Northwestern University ELIZABETH Mi-II: Garsmaxx AY ....., Cliampafgu Erzgllrlf University Orchestra, University Chorus Honors Day 11? BYRON XVAYNE Grrxwiin. . .H.1inl.umrm. Mfr. Cln'rl1.'ilij Central College joaxxa Geoilc, . . . . Elkiflli BI1i'li'imlff'qj Delta Delta Delta The Illio 11, 111 Orange and Blue Feathers Gold Feathers RICH,-KRD JOHN GILL .... , .,. I lwhilgfi Bai In mln L51 Chi Psi Dolphins, Tribe of Illini, Frexhman Varsity Swimming Squad, Vanity Swimming Squad HI, Letter 151 Carl Schurz Evening College JEFFERSON Davis GiI,I,I'R ...., I!"lw1I' Hall Clwnlllull Erzlefrliwrlfltg Alpha Tau Omega A.I.Ch.E,1 Cavalry Orhcers' tluh. The llln. 11l1 IVIJJOI, University Brigade Donorm' ELIZABFTH Giiirue ,,,.. Er.m,rfffr1 Ellgllrb Kappa Kappa Gamma Secretary-Treasurer, junior Class, Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini 11l1P3n-Hellenic tountil 15, 411 First Council, XVoman's League 13, Al 3 Silver Feathers 123 1 junior Council, XVoIII.In's Leagucg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers. Y.XV,C.A. Cabinet 1ll . Pmdut- tion Staff, "Blade Flamingo" EVELYN GINSBURC, .... .,., . C.'!ur.igfi Sfit'1fflfz-gy Reutha House Independent Council 1513 First Countxl, XVoman's League 1353 Silver Feathers 12lg Student Council, Hillel 13, -tl Xllfright junior College HARRIETTE ELAINE GLENNY ,,.,..,. Ru.'kfifi,l Spar-rl: Willis House W4Jmen's Debate Team 12, 3I Rockford College .th 1 I7 5 -fu. K. R Hi- ,QOUI 1- -Q. Q' qnnr '5- , - ""'.'-el K Ii U3 ,1 +- ,' J wx-S:.m1:t .11 X X , I , , It 'J -K 9 -U 5 9' K . I -X , . 1:-xy : .QL . ass 6 2 ellie. 'N ,sr- f ' f -SQ vf gg, ' t 1' 4. - . K 5 J? V, 4 ra 5 - QQ, , YQ 1 'K x..,., ..., .., Ve. A 1 1 l rf' v -1 '40 5 lftmifmv Airxaxnrn GOL.-IN. ,..r fuhigfi Emrmnliut Numa Alpha Mu FI'eSliII1an Varsity Tenme Squad, Varsity Ten- nis Squad 153, Interlraternity Kounttl 13, ll Wrrglit junior College lliaiiziii CIUIIIIIIRI, , , 1,!irr.1ef Pi-Iilwluigj .mil Swlulffej Phi Sigma Sigma The lllio 111g Orange and Blue Feathers. bold Featherxg Student Alumni Aswtiatioii 121 1i4,iru.oI'I'I' GoI,ImI:Iu3 . . , r"!fri.ii,I Pyiifwlriti Phi Sigma Sigma Pan-Hellenic fuuncil 15, -Hg Silxer Featlieit 12, Big Prirdutti-In Staff, "Holiday," 'Kitt the Boys Goodbye" Morgan Park junior College Aiiax Mriiuux Gounrrix . c.!i.'i,iIy1 Pffl.-.'1ra! Si.'fi.u Sigma Alpha Mu Rli iiaium .IMIIN Lititm., ..,Sffn1lw Html, lul, fit-,,1,,g, Sigma Nu I Sathem: Alpha Tau Sigma, Tribe nl Illini. Freshman X arsity Fu-,vthall Squad. Varsity F-uirlwall Letter 11, 3, al, Frexhman Yaixity Baxlcethall Squad. Kaptain, hnixerxity lflrigaile LQINII Limiitii Goomiax , , lnlfa. UHJ, XffI'1ulf1,vy Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Kappa Delta: TaInaro,I ill Cai leton College Etfxii If SHIIIIFI' GORE .. , r,lifI.fw Eugllfffi Sarah Delano I-Iall Mituniu ,luxr Corin . ..Qf'wi1 Isugzfizw Sager Home First Cuuntil, XVonIan's league 1E, -Il 51 VIRGINIA ARLENP GREEN... .,., Lmlvjiflrl Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta Torch: Gymnastica, Sigma Alpha Iota: The Illiu ll, Il: Pan-Hellenic Council Hl: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Fenthersg Gymkana l3l PAUL Garrxauae .......,.., Bmoklvm. N. Y. Prs-Medifizl Omega Beta Pi H. GLENN Gnnnxrxo ...,, , ,..,,. ..I.rrSIzlle Clurnzliurl Elzglzzfrrirzg A.I.Ch.E. LaSalle-Peru Oglesby junior College Esriieilosf GnFI?Nxx'aI.D .,.., .... G ru-y, lull, Snriulogj' Alpha Epsilon Phi The Illio ill. Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Brfssir Oarinrour Giursr ,,.. ...C1,m1.z Pink Hirlary Thalla Lrxvrs IxI.n'rIIrxxs Grzrigsm' .. Purrprlif Pulrllml Silullrl' Phi Delta Theta Snplinnmre Baseball Manager. lnterfraternitv C.uunLil 42, Fall Second Regimental Band ll, Il Knurivx EI.l7:'iI4IETH Gaimifs Bfinziugfumr, xilrf. Eivmfffrzlrr XV.Irner Hall Birmingham Suuthern College FGARL Grrrmssmfm .. ..,l..ur1mue, N, Y. H1,rI0ry Newman Hall Huptra College 52 gs aan. Y N0 'TF ""' ,J -f1r:g,. if as M 'D H . ll lx , V . 'el l 3 H I, i iewfl -. i . " L Rf , Q h X 3 - Q gig s ,FJ .li-.' vr 'U W- ,- ss-f Q' rx I I ,sf Q' +1 . " W v g , 'ef is 1 U , fill r N . U 15.135 1 1 '-Qflgfir 4 " "5.?5.3...- . fliiki 4,1 , ' , fi ' r v 5' 1 X r 'Q ,Y T H a! 575 I1 K CHARLES JOHN GRUPP ,...., Cbimgo Height: Geulagy Sigma Pi Caisson Clubg Scahbard and Bladeg Skull and Crescentg Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Second Lieutenant, University Brigade Biirmrcn BEATRICE GUENTHER..CfflJ'I0l1, Mo. Sociology Delta Gamma XV.A,A.1 Silver Feathers lil University of Missouri K.-wr-ILEFN FRANCES GUNN. .. ...Peoria Speech Shawnee Prnductiun Stall, "I0lanthe," "The Flying Gerardusf' "Two on an Island" MacMurr.Iy College Lrfv.-IRL IVIFRLE GusTAFsoN... .... jalfet Emmfnzizv XY'enatchee House jnliet Junior College ill.-KRY ALICE GUTH, ,.., .Alemplmz Term. Eugllfb Mississippi State College for XVOmen DORIS Fmxc ES Hanaww, . .. .. .Abm,gi1'an Evlglislv Alpha Gamma Delta XVilli.Im XVood5 College JOHN OLURICIHI HAFNER ..... ,MWVPJIIIIOIYI C lwn1i.m5 XY'ILSON DUDLEY HALL .,..,,. ,.... R unloul spam Student Senate KSN Second Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigadeg Cast, "Rope's End," "The Beautiful People," "The XVomen": Produc- tion Stalf, "Out of the Frying Pan"1 An- nouncing Stal? XVILL DOROTHY ELIZAHFTH HALLIGAN. . . .Sp11:1gjifl.,' Engliah Delta Delta Delta The Daily Illini ill: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, Student Alumni Association l2l ROBERT Ercrxii Haaiarax l.IRff,i Clvfrnirffj Sigma Chi Phi Eta Sigma: Student Scnatc til 1 Prcxltlcnt, Sophomore Class: Coast Artillery Llubg Stab- bard and Blade, Skull and Crescent, The Daily Illini Ill: lntcrtratcrnity Cnumll 12, 333 University K hiirus lull 3 Magnr, L'nIwmty Brlgadt, Student Ciiuntll, XY'ulcy Futintlatwzx fs, -II Honors Day ll, ll Cuantrs Rrvnrm' Hama ,, ,,.,ll.ifIu,a,, tflmrrlnrivy BETTY ,lraxxii Haxhrr . l!'.'m1.,'lm Xml-t-li Delta Gamma Zeta Phi Eta, The llliu ll. 213 Orange and Blue Feathers, Cast, "Black Flanimgiij "'S Get Away," "MurilQr In the Catha- Llral," "Nu, No, Nanncttef' "Out ul thc Frying Pan" Earox RORFRII-'t Hanan .. ., I, flaw.: PII'-.lIaI1'fI.1l lota Sigma PI, XVIIIIIQITS Glc: t luh 111 H-innrs Day HI JACK XvlL'lDR Haium' . ,. Qnmii Clu nm fr .I Alpha Delta Phl The Daily llllnl ll, 51 , IntcI'lr.ItcrnIty funn- cil HPI Second Regimental Bantl 42, an Quinny Cullcuc ,lm-Ix f'HaRI,n Haviw , , l'f!f.m.f PIL-I.i1u Phi Delta Thcta The lllin tll L Trib: ul Illini, Frcxllrnan Vai' sity Baskctball Squad, Freihman Varsitv Lwll Squad, Varilty Gull Latter 12, 1, li, Inter- fraternxty Cuumll Un RICHARD C'HaIuI's HI x1 Hl mr-x .. I7iI11.w- ffvurlllvlvj Newman Hall 73 ' -u-Q 'fx Q s f-x 1- -cvs' 1 XLA I . 'vw , f 1 . t "N fl 9 1 li f' 'ala 5 3 87,9 ,NS G ,,-A' - '.'-x xb ' ,if N A '41- ,- -rf J pf P- . 2 it L .Q Xx ' 'Si Q' x ' R xxxwx- ' s I- XS x . I K' Q I N , 'T l .J Row lNlll.YlN HIfDIzIt,I4,, . I!"w1 ,Yalum Clwnzirlrj ltlivnurs Day 12, Rl BIIII' HIII'ItIrII . . . Paw, l'ffl1!1I.1f Xiltflti Sagur Huuw lXlARfi.'llll'l' EIIIIVI Hrmumrm , . I'f!f.Iu,i Xpurb Alpha PI Dulta, Dailv lllInI ll, Ilg Hlangc and Blum Fcatht-rs, Ci-iltl Fcatlit-Is. I awt. 'TH-I nn an lxlantl ,prfvtlutti-III Ntatt, ' Hiilif aiy, ' "Iam nit- Iam c,.,.,aIm-' L'nIxuIwIty III Cultvr.Itlii IIVQXIXNII NHIRIIX Hraw rl f,'t at' 7 fff' lffuw PrIJuI H-Iua XVJX Am Uithcsls XY'IIIght -lumiir tiillqge XX'II.II,xxI Cainiifw Hllixtll , I-'aiffimri flmfw, Alpha I hi Rhiy Star and Str-Ill, Sur-and Rcginacntal Bantl tl, It Mxrtx M InI,II1I'I Hu KI I' ,, 1fF.11uf-.fngfi .Yfvazzzllv Alpha Delta PI PIII Buta Kappa: Fta Sigma Phi. Kappa Dulta PI llnn-urn Day ll. 2, ill Uniwrxity ul lllinius 5tlIwl,IIwl1ip Km' HI I rx l'lll I ,.., 4 f''.- P. TI nwffa-I Pu fhl , lhu Dallx' lllInI Ill Mlmfix laiI'Ix lfluII'I,r .. I'Il:.m.i Cfvurrzlm-1 Sigma Chl Phi Kappa Phi, Phi l.aml:1cla Upvliili, Phu lfza Sigma, Y N CD A falunct KS, ll H-inure Dax' H, 2, Rl, Unixclsity -it lllinivi Stliularwlixp Kuy 53 Mlm' jaxr Hut. HOGER IMRNJ ..... Llrbima fliruliir Alpha Gamma Delta Eta Sigma Phng The Illin Ill: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gnld Fuathera Hunorw Day ill Nun' l.t'II'IaI Hmgr , . .Il".imk.i B,1i'lif!fflfit'j :Xlplia Gamma Delta Batterwls-gy Kluhl Der Deutxthe Vulcan. lata Sigma Pi. Shi-Ai, Pan-Hellenic fnuntil Hbg First Kuuntil, XVun1an'i League lll. Orange and Blue Featheri, Cwld Feathers H-inurx Day III jnaxr EI,IZ.-XIIVIH Hilti .... . Flin.: .Yprrib Gamma Phi Beta XY'on1en's Rifle Club, Orange and Blue Feath- ers. Student Alumni Association 11, 2, il JACK Dum HORxx'1rL ......., Nrumk, N.j. .3l.1,'lwefr1i1llt'5 College Hall Pi Nu Epsilon CARLOS LEE Humax ,.,.,, , ,,.. L'ibim.i Pre-illsilzml Phi Kappa Sigma CHARLES 'I'HtvRM.aN HVFFORD, JR. .,.. l'il1ima Piflim-.rl Sm in u Cavalry Orlticers' Club: First Lieutenant, Um- versity Brigade DLHANE Laaisox Hvrromi ...... Sf. Cliailr. Cbcvlfvlfy XY'enattliee Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega Honors Day III BURR IAVRY HI'f.HI-S .,,. . ..IJffit1ffn! Pnlllltill Srlwni' Phi Gamma Delta Band of X3 Scabbard and Blade, Skull and Crescentg The Illio ll, 311 Captain, Uni- Xeriity Brigade 54 .V in -1 'sis ev . ,-JET'-HAS 9 . Qi 4'-' . A' ,? . ,, -, ' I t as Q Z. '. . an J: , . 5 A cf' , ws!! . P ' i'1i'1'T'j,- . , C 5 'B 'FI' F51 .rf fi ' .WN I i .-ax ' . - 'seals it Sf am I x ,ill .i "1 -2fR :4-9 ' ,.-:Set ,-,Atari . O gf, Q T. 6 .", Y, . . I A t .s fl in ' V ..- lf I' if f A V CAROL IVIARIE HUMPHREY. .. . Englirly . . . .Quinry Nirvana Production Stall "Rope's End" Quincy College lXl.-XRI.-IN BERNICE HUNTER .... Eugliab Der Deusche Verein XVoodrOw XVilson junior College . . . .Cbirago BIA!!-IORIE VIRGINIA HUTQQHENS ...... Urbrmii Pfyvbnlugy Cnrinna The Illio fl, 23: First Council, XVOman's League IFN: Production Stali, "Black Fla- mingo," "Madame Butterfly," "Two on an Island" RORPRT Rrox lRISH ..,,....,... Blfzrzdmwille Ermzonlliif XVenatchee Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club: Marketing Club: Plateau and Drum: Men's League junior Cabinet 42, 51: Captain, University Brigadeg Production Stafl, "Let's Get Away," "Ropes End" CAROL fVfARIIE JOHNSON ...,..... Dei Plrzmv: Cbenliffry Bethany C ircle Blatkburn College DOROTHY BVRNICII JOHNRON ,,,. ,... S mem Gmlogj XVarner Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Cyclothem Clubg The Daily Illini ll, l'l1 Orange and Blue Feathers Hnnnrs Day ll, Z, 5: University of Illinois Sclmlarslup Key P.-uw. SYFINII-IORN ,IOHNSON .,.... Chiwzpargn Hiiffoig Sigma Nu Cavalry Ollicers' Club: junior Bar Associa- tmng First Lieutenant, University Brigade Knnx College RICHARD RORER1' JOHNSON. .. ..., Cbrmgo Hiflorj' Chi Psi Dolphinsg Freshman Varsity NVrestling Squad: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad North Park College JUDITH JANE JOHNSTON ,.... Y. .Almmr Englirb Chi Omega The Illio ill: Silver Feathers 431 Lindenwood College I Wavxit SCOTT Joxrs, .. .lImn.w1zi1llr- P15-Lui President, M.I.XV.A.: Illini Union Bnartlg Student Senate Hb: Tomahawk: Chairman, Sophomore Cotillionl Independent ff-vuntil If-. -ll Vixiilxr Axuioxv JORDAN ...,,. .Clmaw Hfrrffiy Chi Phi The Daily Illini 131 Brxaim FHEDRILK Juusr ,..., Cbriaw Cb: nllflvy Xvright Junior College JOHN Davin KAILFR . ....,.. Pf11fZ11nAgb, Pri, Euglnlv Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Daily Illini tl, 1, Blg Y,M,C.A, Cab- inet IZ, Bl: Production Statl, "'s Get Away" ROBERT Joi-ix KALLAL, ,v.,,.,.. C'lwmffirlrf Clwrrzfral Erigzfmnzzg Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Chi Epsilon: Sigma Tau Honors Day ll, Z, Mg University of Illinois Scholarship Key Eoxvix Hrxnv KANITZ ....,....,,. ,Brmrur Clvenlirizl Erzlglrrerrlrig Pi Kappa Phi First Regimental Band fl, Il Honors Day til BIAURICE JAY KAPLAN ....,... Clwmgfi Adzvvliyifzg and Pnlfllrbnig Phi Epsilon Pi The Daily Illini IZ, Big Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadg Varsity Baseball Squad 1-ll f i, I-sz, 5. 'I' w-f X .4- 53 FS' QQ ' 9 31: -4 -9 3 'Q' -5- -f- -.4 xx 1 - t sm X- J ..,,t -gi tt s 3 32' Y A 'T l if f s 2 ijlx Axasrasra Karsmas ,. .,,, .. .Clmnqmiigiz Sfv.1ui,rb Orange and Blur: Feathers ,Imax Ili ixxm in Kri irv.. . .,,, r'Av:i-,ggi liriilfilv Medea lntlepemlrnt fountil K-H1 Executive Council, NYG S, 1-ll. First tnuncil, XVoman's League 4 ll xvniwn -r.m..,f r,.a1Qre 'll Iloxx mo Fnaxi lx KI im Ik . ..lCiimnu Hzrlwy 'lillcta Xi Alpha Tau Slgfllill Phalanx: Exist Lieutenant. University Brigade Rrmrnr Sr. -Iuiix KIINTIR G.u.1'm Pf.i.v,w Gisfuwzplfrw Alpha ihi Rho fytlotlicona fluh. fontert Band 12. 3. -H1 Sui-nil Regimental Band ill jamie Kixmix . . . .,.D.mullv l Pnllniiil Silulfi' Delta Tau Delta Caissun Cluh, Marketing Cluh: Scahbartl anil Blade. Freshman Varsity XVrestling Squailg Varsity Xlfrestlxng bquad 11, BPL Freshman Varsity Gull Squad. Varsity G-'lf Squad 42? 1 U faptain, Unixersitv Brigade, Military Council lll BIARIHA l.l'llll,I' limo., . Olmg Eriluffili XY'cstaii'e XY'cstcrn College for XVomun Rirnanrw Enxxix Klux , ,Pafifa I at 'a Sffiiolnlgy Alpha Tau Sigma. faptain, University Bri- gaelc Y- Mamix kxrii 1 mn 11 Em, zz if It 5 Tau Beta Pi Phi Limbda Upsilon A I Ch E Omqea lhi Epsilon Niemi Tiu onors Daw 1 Uniiursi 0 Illinois E Ntholarship ku Herzl lunior Lullceu l i 1 I SLE ANN KNIPPENBERG .,,, Iu.l1Im.1p0lI,r, Ind. Soriologj Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Board: Torch: The Illio ill: XV,A.A.1 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Star Course ll. 51 Honors Day Ill Jam ALICE KNOWLTON ...,, Kirkri-wil, MH. Sarialogg PI Beta Phi Tcrrapin Club: XV.A.A.: Silter Feathers Ml 3 Prntlutti-in Staff. A Let's Get Away" MacMurray College llmix RORFRT KOH-IN.. . .,,. Tnirffliz EI'fnmn1iI'I Phi Kappa Sigma De Pauu' University BARRAR.-i jr.-xx KoFFIiR .,.,, ..G.flI-.ilwiq Frarlvfv Alpha Xi Delta Kn-ix flvllege LII,I,IAx FRANCES Kooxs ,,.. Il url I-faulpfffif FrI'I1I'l1 McKinley Hall XY'.A.A. THI'IxIA ELAINE KoRxrEI,D ,.ll"rr!uII1, Kaur. Smtifflfiil-I Sigma Delta Tau Tamarua lil University nf Texas FRANK X'i'ILI.IAaI KR.-KMFR. ,.,. fffifhfqfi Pie-I,.IzI' Zeta Beta Tau lnterlratermty Council ISP: Mena Glue lluh ll, Zi , University Vhurus ll, 23 XVestetn Rewerxe L'rIIverxIty Mxizv KRAMN , ,,,. .. . ,faurfiri Fftrlrli IIIJJ Sfnmlrli lineman Lodge Phi Alpha Chi: The DaIly Illini ll, Jr: Cast, "Les jours Heureuxf' "Tun on .In Island," "Z.iraquct.1" 56 by . -he 4 Y 9 . I A Rt nn- I 0 N A J , N .51 A ,Qt 4" .IK - le vw ' Q ' i .,..5vgq3'a!Q0' - . we .- X- 'V Fi ' I f - 'J f-' , -N iw X. f L, V. 'W fr. ' - is v q fires-In 5 Q ' '-3 , ,i'..-E 4- 3. .'1 ,. F- , - f 4 5i5:iSt "fx A as J X .x 1 5. xi RP . f I Fx sr, r- 5 I l DOROTHY J. KRIZ ...,.,.... ...Cbimgo Englirb Zeta Tau Alpha Torchg The Daily Illini 11, 2. 3lg Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers JAMES CARLTON KRONER .... ,,.. 1 llalmmf! Cbenzirlry Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day ll. Z, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key VIRGINIA DOROTHY KRUFGER .... Rirev' Farerl Sfnzrzirb Delta Zeta Home Etonumics filub: Shi-Ai: Spanish Club: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers: XVumen's Glce Club 441 BARBARA ELIZAHETI-I LANDON ...... Cbizmpizigu P.vyI'lwlagy Morgan Park .luninr College NORAIA Rosr LANTZI ,........,., Shelbyville P.ryI'balogy La Trcinta Silver Feathers 135 Greenville Cfmllege Nomus Viaxxuixr LATEER, JR .... ...Pnxmu Ermmmiur Phi Gamma Delta Snphnnmre Baseball Manager Harris Teachers' College J.-XMFS Kxitnnr LI-KTH.-KM .,.4. ...Alran Emr1orr1iu.r Psi Upsilon University uf Texas: Xvashingtnn University MARY ANN LATTUAD.-K .........,.,. Weifivllr- Ezlglrrh Orange and Blue Feathers: Spanish Cluh MADONNA Run-r LAWRENCE ...., ..,. L fibrin.: Frenrb Athenia lvlanrr-ra INIACGALLIARD I.lf.XYI?NXY'ORTH, Granite C115 Bolaziy Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Dcltag Shi-Ai, Orange and Blue Feathersg Y.XV,C.A. Cabinet ill: Star Course 1215 University Orchestra 11, 2. J, -U Honors Day 11, Il ALVIN JEROME Lrrfn ,, Qbzvrigif Cfwn11,rfi'y Omega Beta P1 Wlright junior College JAMES XVARRFN LEELH ...... .Zwu frmmnllur Sigma Nu Alpha Tau Sigma: Marketing Cluhg Sopho' more Intramural Manager: Freshman Varsity Cross Country Squad: Captain, University Brigade Knox College PrfrER NIICHAEL I.EFOR .... .. .fflvirnfgfi Climllvlini- Chaos Chasm A,l.Ch.E. Xvilson junior College CATHYRINF ELIZABETH Lraiitr ...... Bmbflili Barfi'rinlf1,u,1' llliwanis Bacteriology Club Honors Day fl! Aloax Sovrrriz LEsN1rfxx sxr. . ,Rurl1e.f,'ai, N. Y. Speffb Bethany Circle Executive Council, W.G.S. 453 1 First Counril, XVoman's League KZ, 3, -U2 Production Start, "Blank Flamingo", "Carmen", "Iolantl1e", "Out of the Frying Pan", "Two on an Island" Honors Day ill University of Rochester Irurxa HERBERT LEvrN ..,.. .... K ,lviuihqfi Pre-Lim' Sigma Alpha Mu Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad if 5, L l , D. 1152 ' .3 I x I 1 X I 6 Ev? - iii px I gs ng ,Q- 2.5 SHrRr,EY LEvrNsoN .......,. .... C Xwago Erormmiu Sarah Delano Hall First Council, XVoman's League 4-U3 Pro- tlrittion Staff, "Kiss the Boys Goodbye", "Two on an Island"g Student Council, Hillel 12. 3, -U Honors Day Ill 1 IIARIIN Nnmrax LFYY .... .... If lwraw Eronomirr Phi Epsilon P1 Marketing Club: Sophomore Baseball Man- .iucr 'Ill llrru IELAINIE LEWIS ,..,..,, , .lliifigilgn S-vrmlargy Alpha Xi Delta XVJX A., W'.A.A, Numeralsg Silver Feathers Ill Knox folleee l . i Idiinoim' CATHERINE GEORGE LEWIS, Clmzxgo Xorraloglm ' Alpha Kappa Alpha Northwestern University I 1 ii J, I rl lil llf Ruin Er.Ax'NE LIBERMAN .,.., ..,,., 4 ,'!i1r'agfi " Pnliilral Srrurlre :li Apanlsh filubl The Illio lllg The Daily ll Illini lllg Orange and Blue Feathers: Stu- dent Alumni Association Qi, Production Staff, "Black Flamingo" !,N LiI'0ItGIi HERBIERT Lrrosv. .. .... Cbirrxga i i, Pre-Law il Phi Epsilon Pr il The Daily Illini 1113 Star Course 113 , Wright junior College i Piifxwcris Parry LIVESAY .....,..,...... Elgin Clwflziftry and iTl.:Ibem.1lifJ Presbyterian Hall Honors Day fl, 21 I BE.-XTRICE Lo:-rRERG ..... . .... ..., C birago , i Barierrology Sarah Delano Hall I Hillel Executive Council 4 I Wfright junior College 5 I I I 57 CARMEi.i'ra Low rn' ...,... .... C ,lm1ufmi,gu Mizlluvzllllllii Theta Phi Alpha Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Arepoz Le Cercle Francais: Mask and Bauble: Pan- Hellenic Council 4-ll: First Council: Wfom- an's League 4-il 3 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association 42l: Theatre Guild HI: Cast, "Carmen," "lolanthe": Production Statf, "Kiss the Boys giiodcliyef' "Black Flamingo," "Two on an s .in Honors Day 4ll Prusc.ii.La M.mirr Lvox ,,..., ..,, Q 'hilllgn Clnwlinj Alpha Phi XY'rxght junior College Minoaazr JEAN MALDONALD .... ..,, X Inuit Hialwj, Kappa Alpha Theta Silver Feathers 43l: Production Staff, "lo lanthef' "Seventh Heaven," "The Flynn: Gerarclosu Carleton College Isaac PAUL M.-iii.. .. ...... ..... R nlmzmfz Clurrzlirly Sigma Pi Varsity Track Letter 42, 5, -il: Captain 4-ll RONDA LAYER M.-mx .,....,....... Islivknlm Xncml .'hl1r1i111.rln1li0l1 Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: Treasurer, Y.XV.C.A.: Apha Kappa Delta: French Club: Psi Chi: Shi-Ai: Spanish Club: Terrapin Club: The Illio 41, Zl: XV.A.A, 41l : Chairman, Freshman Frolicg Chairman, Freshman Council: Pan-Hellenic Council 43. -H. First Council, NVoman's League 43. -H. Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers, Y.XV.C.A, Cabinet 12, 3, -ll I Production Statl, "Good News," "No, No, Nanncttefi "Ruse Marie" Honors Day 41 I Amir-N Ramsar M,-iNout,i.'xN.. ...Jilgm Bin li 1 ming., Siuma Nu toast Artillery Cluh. First Lieutenant, L'nif versity Brigade l:i'PHEsiia Alam Hurt . .,.., ...'li.u,, B.1rl4mflrf,uj McKinley Hall Bacteriology Club, Orange and Blue Feathers LLiziBr'ri-i Louisi FNLNRKIRT .. Evlylnli Gamma Phi Beta Mortar Board: Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta. ShifAi: Pan-Hellenic Council 43, 41: ,lunmr Council, XVoman's League 43l: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association 41'l: Sophomore Cotilliun Queen Hon-Irs Day 41, fl 58 ,a-. .. i " ,., i S' ll an ...em g Q AQ li. fin? N ., X xi' I Int 4 . ,"L". SG! -- 'Q -- '-. I .J if Rig , 4 K so , ' s H? . Q W . 'Q I K 43 2 Q X :af-a t , Q fi W' " QQ" 'X 4 N, v I A.. Mirrokn McLEon MATHEWS ........ Chicago Malbemalirr First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 42, 3l lturi-r KATHERINE Mari-its .... .,.. il Iarlan Bamny Alpha Gamma Delta Spanish Club: W.A.A.: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Hinoru CHARLES MAi"rNEa ..., .... C lmuga Pri'-l.ilrr' Davis House llunior Bar Association: Cast, "The XVomen": Announcing Staff, NWILL Kviunvx MAE lvIAv1..axu ..,.. ..., L ffbmzn Sprvrlv Honors Day 43h University of Wfisconsin Wiriiaar NELSON MCATEE ...... Mr. Ilwifmi Zoulugy Sigma Nu Phi Mu Alpha-Sintonia: Sophomore Swim- ming Manager: Concert Band 41, 2, 5, -ll: Star Course 411 Wri,Lr.i:it Comm: McBRiu1f. ., ....-lima Eiwllurrzlri Beta Theta Pi Caisson Club: Scabbard and Blade: The Illiu 41, Zh : Track Manager 42, 3l L Captain, bniiersity Brigadci Gymkana 41. ll Dixiiii NICE,-KSKILL ............ Cblzmpnigu PVS-xllezfilllf Phi Gamma Delta New York University rvsinia VIOLET Mrfiri lax ....... Clsimgo Cluvllivlfli Alpha Kappa Alpha XV,A.A. Herzl junior College RAYMOND XVILLIAM MCCLURE, Ynfzrzgrlnzwz, Obie Spanirh Cosmopolitan Club Sigma Delta Pi: Spanish Club: Second Regi- mental Band ill 1 Cast, "Don juan Tenorio," "La Careta Verde," "Zaragueta" Main' SUE MQLQONNELL, . .. .. .rarltilfwfrr Sorlolngy Alpha Xi Delta The Daily Illini fl, ll: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni As- sociation ill: Production Statf, "A Shakes- pearian Evening," "Two on an Island" Joi-iN Wanucx McDoNALn, ja., Fm! Burllilrle. Gal, Pie-hm' Delta Kappa Epsilon Sachemg Pershing Rifles: Phi Alpha Flu: Skull and Crescent: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Varsity Fencing Squad 45, -'Ill Letter 4212 Chairman. Fall Registra- tion Dance, 1042: Illini Union Board, Ad- visor, Homecoming 1-lj 3 Intertraternity foun- cil ill: Men's League Executive Board Ht. Men's League junior Cabinet Honors Day 111 EDWARD jossvu IVICIDOUGALL, jx., , , .C'lur.1gfr Cbrrrzfml El1.e1m'wn1g A.I.Ch.E. Elmhurst College .losrvia Dixon: MrRavrN. ,, Alarfrmlr Gr'vfgrr1pf1.'y Phi Delta Theta Wfestern Illinois State Teather's College, Knox College Suzawxr IVICXVFIHY , . . , ,,-lmror Sfunmlv Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta: Presr' dent, Panhellenie Lounul, Student Senate I-U, XV.A.A. Numerals: Orange and Blue Feathers I-Innors Day tl, 2, Sl: University ot Illrnr-is Scholarship Key BFTTY LFE MEAGHIR. ., . lI"t-rr l'f.ufi!ffr.f B.1i'fcrlnInej Medea Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers Uma lvv Mnvrre. , . .llauwa Xuflnlffgvy XVescnga First Council, XVoman's League GI it ,v -1,1 t: s. , Y B. a tt-A. , as '. ' I tr IS: 'E l YN ,Fla ' ll . I s' , ttf ' . f .NA - r .E"I-f, -v 'Q " .Q ,hr Q6 ,af-ge r . A E K 3' . ilk: 'as' F ef" N e ,an 8 1:- Q1 RUTH ANA: Mrcnamrs ..... .. r,brr,'rr Mullnfnnrllrr Gamma Phi Beta Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers Honors Day fly Pararcia Mirsi xuuorn ..,,. .. .Rubnmw Sprwlr La Treinta Gold Feathers Haaaim' Aoxrs Miriin ,, Effrlhfr . ,Spr nleflrlrl Alpha Omlcron Pi Sprlngheld junior College XVIILI-XM Lorra Muir-a Ajb1r,1r-H P,v1i'lwlf'ej Dornoth Acvountancy Club, Arepo, Kappa Beta Phi, Marketing Club, Mask and Bauhle, Pershing llitlesg Pierruts, The Daily Illini Il, ll, Freshman Varsity XVrestl1ng Squad, Men's Glee flulw 12, 5, -II 3 University Chorus 1-U, Illini Theatre Guild IEP: Production Stall, "Holiday," "Kiss the Boys Gondhyej' "Love Rides the Rails," "Seventh Heaven," "The Crontloliersu llII'URD NURMAN lVll'llHII,L .. Xfnmgfirlrl Llirmlrrzl lfrrglizrnzvzlq Sigma Phi Delta A,l,1h.E,1 Suuvnd Regimental Band tl, Zi Primers Crlnirwiil' Mmm' , Bimini Sprrrlr xaeer Home Alpha Lamhtla Delta, Star Course Ill llrrnors Dav Il! llarirtv Rav IXIUNUHIMQ ,.., ..Lnvbr:n.1 Pri'-Iam' Ihr Deutsilie Verein Iliinois Dax- II, 3' Baiuiart.-x Itlrmizi ,,.Br'lj.r,i1, rll.. Xfamrlr Kappa Kappa Gamma Orange and Blue Feathers 59 ELIZABETH Monmsox ,,...,, ..., 1 when Clvnllfrffj Alpha XI Delta Bacteriology Club: Orchesisz The lllio l2I: Pan-Hellenic Council 15, -lil First Council, XVoman's League 15, -lil Orange and Blue Feathers: Student Alumni Association 12h BFTTY Louisn Monrrxsrx .... RIIII Gffiii Zmiluqi- Alpha Phi Orchesis. The Daily lllini ll, Zi: XY'.A.A.1 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers, Student Alumni Assotiation ill: Production Staff, "Family Portrait," "Murder in the Cathedral," "Our Town," "Rio Rita," "Two on an Island" JAAIES COLIRTNEY BIOSHER ..., . I!",i.Inr'1 Hirrory Second Regimental Band ll, Il RICH.-KRD HOLLAND Moss ...., .,.. C lvrirgfz Engliilv Zeta Psi Ma-XVan4Da: Treasurer, Freshman Class: Cat- alry Othcers Club: Pershing Rifles: Piermts: Scabbard and Blade: Skull and Crescent: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Chairman, Military Ball Hi: lnterfraternity Council 43, -ll: Men's League junior Cabinet: Col- onel, University Brigade: Military Council I-H: Production Statf, "Let's Get Away" Honors Day Ill XVILLIAAI JOHN BIUELLER, , , ., .,., Elmlmi if Cfanlzliull Erzglmrefzrivq A,l.C.h.E. NORAIA RUTH Mum:-ixn ,,.. ..Flizz Rini-fa Eugllih Bethany Circle Woniens Glee Club 43. -U lhlARY Lorisz B-IURPHY ,. r.!11rIIw Hiffory Kappa Alpha Theta XV.A.A.: Pan-Hellenic Council 1-H, S-Ilxer Feathers ll, 5? Sr. Xavier College MARGARET Etuix Bll'RR.-XY ,,.. .lltfifiiir P.I, Sfleetb Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Phi Eta: Cast, "Let's Get Away"g Prof duction Stall "Carmen," "Out of the Frying Pan," "The Flying Gerardosug Announting Staff, XVILL Smith College 60 7'-, 'it -of - F K Q . N A A :- 3 in ST: l, .-r t ..-J I 3' 6 ,Q 53 -.4 Nu JAMES MIERTQN MUZZY ...... ..... E lmburxt Sociology Alpha Tau Omega Cavalry Club: Skull and Crescent: The Daily I Illini 11, ll : Sophomore Basketball Manager: I First Lieutenant, University Brigade I l l l U II li Nom. XVARREN NIYERS. .........., ..Elwnod l Cbwzifal Engineering Lunclgren House i A.I.Ch.E. Q Joliet junior College Q GERTRUDE Bl.-KTHAN ,,... .. .... Cbiraga Botany XV.A.A.: Orchesis Wlright junior College I hlARlON jt'sTIx NEW'KlRK ..,.. Ear! Sf. Laun illatbermzlirf Newman Hall Pershing Rifles: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Maior, University Brigade: Mili- tary Council 441 ROBERT KEITH NEWTON, JR.... .NUI-bam: Pre-Medicfzl Alpha Kappa Lambda Omega Beta Pi: Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia: Star and Scroll: Concert Band fl, 2, 5, -ll KENNETH RICHARD Nickorts, Melr'a.fs, Marr. Clwrzllizil Eflglusefirlg Chi Psi A,I.Ch,E.: Plateau and Drum: Skull and Crescent BETTY BI1I.I.I1 NIELD.. ......, ,. .Amana Huclezialogy Alpha Omicron Pi Bacteriology Club: The Illio ill: Pan- Hellenic Council 15, -Hg Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Association ilu: Gymkana ill RICHARD XWARREN Nixox .... .... C himga Clwfllialry Men's Glee Club I-ll XVilson junior College Vrouar VERA NoB1.E,, .,.... .Cefmalm Cffenlifny BARBARA HOLCOMB Nom.. ...,. . r'!1i.1gf1 Cluwlzxny The Illio 1215 W",A.A.g Silver 12. 3. 4? Oregon State College EYELYN Tonu Norms.. , Engllvlv Kappa Alpha Theta Silver Feathers GP: Cast, "'s Stephens junior College JEFFREY ANTHONY Ofcrxmun Clvemixfry Kappa Sigma Phi Eta Sigmag Omega Beta Pr IOLA NIAE Oxsrm r ,,..,. jfirmlogy Fcatllcis Lt: Hanjn Get Away" rf fur.: u ,,Le Rm Illrwanis Orange and Blue Fealhersg's Gleu Club 133 ROBERT MAx PACE ..., . , Pollliml Sfrfmv Der Deutsche Verem INLKRQIORIE INIARIE PAcxAl,1x . ,, illallwinlivfffr Gamma Phi Beta Accountancy Club: Silver Fexthers Lake Forest College THOMAS PAUL PARKrxsox,, . Palifiral Srlfvllt' Sigma Alpha Epsilon Editorial Editor, The Daily Illini james Millikin University Clilmgff .llfuffkfurirz tl, JI Du .IIIH Nt if x ' AXA .e 1A 12 'Ei :A Q an Q R Qf EJ LORVITA MARIA PAsco .,.... Xiu BME, N. Y. Spmlirlv Theta Phi Alpha Le Ccrclc Frarirals. Spanish fluh M-xmmxir PNIIIRNUX .. Dhinm 5fTfL'1fflu.uii Pl Beta Phi bulver Feathers ti! Ylarnci Millrkln Unixerxitg I.rI1Hx hlu' PAL'1Rr:: . !f','l.11f' fit.Qgli.'f Effqliilv Stratford Hume Silver Fuatherx HI: Prmluctiun Stall, "Out Ht the Frying Pan," "Thu lilvinu Gerarelm' Rhcklllril Fnlluge RRIPH Romkl Pxxrcwx , Yiwu.- : l.m.'l,1l lfriqrmtwr, Alpha flu Sigma Phi Kappa Ph11 Tau Beta Pi, Phu Eta Sigma. A.I.fh H1 Omega Chi Epwlnn. Phi Lamhtla Upiilwn. Olmert Band 15, Il, First Reun- mental Hanwl Il. It Hnnurw Dax' ll, 2, BI. Unrwixutx' -'I lllinmx Stlinlaiwhip Ku Er-vmr B1 ui Pl ARLMAA . 1 flingfi Piqwlmlhulm Sarah Delano Hall hlfxRY I,-wr Pl',XRSON.,, ,kiiuiai fm, AIU, Spmifv Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Phi Eta, W',A,A.g Silxer Fcatheiw 131, Pr-ldutri-in Stall, Ululanthef' "I,--xt Rules the Rails," "Seventh Hcaunf' "The Flvlng Cyerardusu Kanxas I ily' Junior Cullegc SXIINK,-X Rmi PrrwrRzox.1r , 1f.l!nm.'l!f Bffmrlj Alpha House fast, "1,'rmf., IE 1, Orpellif' Honurs Day tl, 2, Sl: L'nix'eislt5 --f Illinois Sclmlaralirp Kev -ICNEPH H-XRRIQ Pifxxixcrox ..... a'l.fmr1m:1 XT' f.lum1r.:! Erzxyvzrnzv r A,I,Ch.E, Hunorii Day 123 RUTH VIRGINIA PERRv ...... ..... C flwmrgu Hmwg Kappa Alpha Theta Orange and Blue Feathers: XVDmen's Glee Club Ill SARA CLALIDINE PFRRY. ,, ,., .,.. Ufb.m.I Luiz: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Eta Sigma Phi Honors Day 11, 2, Sl: University of Illinois Schnlarship Key CONNIE ROSF PETROZZA ..,, .,,.. C lurizgn Znolngy McKinley Hall The Illia Ill GEORGE JCIRDAN PETSOFF ..,... Sf. Lauri, AIA. Csalogy Cyclothemg Plateau and Drum JOHN FREDERICK PHILLIF... ,... Cbii-,Igff CbeI1I1,fli'j The CIt.Idel Xlfright Junior' College DONALD VERNON PHILLIPS .......... Cl1iI.Igff Clvemlrizl Ezzgiueernzg A,I.Ch.E. Wfright junior College ROBERT FRANCIS PIANOXVSKI ..,,,.... Clvmrgff PH?-1llr'dlll'rll Newman Hall Cavalry Officers' Club, Omega Beta Pi: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day il, Sb MART' ,IEANNE PIERCE ..,.,.. ,... I llilfm-.I .S'nI'fnI0,rgy Alpha Kappa Delta 62 X 3 Rx ' 3 A Q I 1 :CSA I 'PO ., ' it V, N X U I. F ii , ' ,. ' X New xx- X T A 7. I I V foie 1- . Q- xiii Fe "-v . ai' vii gf' K ' . i 1 I AQ., XVILLIAM HAROLD PILKENTON ..,. Farmer Cily Efonomirr Phi Delta Theta Sophomore Baseball Manager: Freshman Var- sity Fencing Squad: Second Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade: Cast, "Let's Get Away" ROBERT GEORGE PLAGGE ,,......... Barringmn Sorialagy and Pryrbalogy Alpha Kappa Lambda Pershing Rifles: Y.M,C.A. Cabinet fl, 2, J. -U DONALD HUGH POAG ,,.. .... .,.. E I nz Alum Chemirlry El Catraz Phi Eta Sigma Honors Day ill ERNEST HOXVARD POOL, JR. ..., ..,, O Hmm Pre-Lfzzt' Delta Tau Delta Alpha Tau Sigma: Pershing Ritlesg Srabbard and Blade: The Illio il, 3l 1 First Lieutenant, University Brigade GRETCHEN LENORE POORE ...,.... Champaign Pqrlaalugy Alpha Kappa Delta: Psi Chi Honors Day C15 Hunter College ELISABETH HAVEN PRATT, W'Slle,rley Hillr, Alair, Sprulirb Kappa Kappa Gamma Tamaroa 1233 Cast, "Let's Get Away"g Production Staff, "Carmen," "Flying Ger- ardosf' "Ropes End," "Seventh Heaven" Stoneleigh College VIRGINIA CAROLYN PRATT ..... ...,. C biraga Erarmmirr Leeman Lodge XV.A.A,: Silver Feathers Ol Nnrthwestern University HOMER EARL PRATTE .,,,.,..,. .Elm Si. Lani: Cbemirfrl Engineering A.l.ChE.: Coast Artillery Club: Sigma Tau: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 21 CLEO Eivsnra Pmcn ....,.. ., .Clmmpafgn Suriologg Psi Chig XV.A.A.g XV.A.A. Numeralsg Orange and Blue Feathers FLOYD Laxors Pnrtr ..,,.. ,. .Bfmff Clunlliurl Euglmtffut A.l,CQh,E. North Central College LORNA HANSELMAN PRlESTI.Lx', lMns,h, U"l10a' Rum Gem-1.11 Home Etfozfwllrr Bethany Circle Omicron Nug Home Economics Club: Pln Upsrlon Omicrong The Daily lllini ll r , Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day ll, ll JOHN Lanmizn Raixrv.. , , Allin,-i Erzgiuh Alpha Delta Phi Coast Artillery Club: The Daily Illini Hb: Intertraternity fiouncil 15. -ll: Captain, L'm- versxty Brigade josrvir Fnfmtis Ranicx ,... ,.Pvlam Polillml ,S'i'lsm't' Newman Hall Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma, Illini Boartl of Control: Coast Artillery Club, Phi Alpha Chlg Captain, University Brigade: Varsity De- bating Squad ll, 2, 55 Honors Day tl, 1, Sl, University of Illinois Scholarship Key EMILY Manx' R.s1av . ..,. . Flmaq Sffilvlffgj Wfelsh House Alpha Kappa Delta, Psi Chi: Silver Feathers GJ Northwestern University Main' ADELAIDE RATLIFF ,,,.,, Pfffii-twin, Isl, I'li,rlf2r5 Corinna Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1-Hg Production Start, "Iolanthe" Lindenwood College XVILLIAM JOHN Rraiwox ..,,.. ,, .Pytm Pfzlillrizl Sfisut: Newman Hall Cavalry Othcers' Club: Phi Alpha Chi. Pxerrotsl Scabbard and Blade: First Lreu' tenant, University Brigadeg Cast, "Love Rides the Rails," "Out of the Frying Pan," "The Flying Gerardos," "Two on an lsIand"g Pro- duction Stafl, "Holiday"g Varsity Debate Squad fl, 2, 35 Honors Day 123 'Q gf! F .- . Q . 'N A tr as X9 5? rin . ,ag we ,wh Q Q 'T' ff' S' ff?- 6-4 . l 'F"'1'..4' XR V, , . Y ' 'E' 'tt -' , X ALrusR'r Lsxvrs RENIJLEN... ..llaufnl1al, .llfn Polllnxzl Siiium L' Summa Nu XY'illram jcucll fl-llege ll.XROLD Earn, Rrvprx ,. ,tflwtaw Clwanunrl Erzglrfiirfrfg A.I.Ch.E, Xvright ,lunior College miiiurv GFNIT Rlfriraxw, Lluilfivi-I1 Xfffmlnqy Alpha Xi Delta The Daily Illini QP, Gul-.l Feathers, ixlxtr Featliers 123 Knox College Hr n rv Axxi Rn Hows l,.1 C,f.mgf lfiurzffrrllm Alpha Phi Stinaltarg XY' A.A., Pan-Hellenic Council Hb, First tountll. XYoman'5 League 15, -H , Silxer Feathers l3l. Student Alumni Association ti! l,a Grange ,lunior Folleigc Ixfm LrRov Ritumiisox . . Dfozffiafz Erlgllrb Alpha Chl Rho faisson Club. lnteriraternity founcil H b, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Duiz Wiiianu Roma ,... ,, Xmfffufile ,s'pm17 Roolah Seeond Regimental Band ll, ll, University Contert and Entertainment Board 15, 'Hg President, University Student Religious loun- tilg Student Countil, McKinley Foundation Honors Day tl, 3, il: University of Illinois Stholarship Kev Amr ALDEN Romxsox ,,., . l.lrawp.uiyf Erzqlzab Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day ll, Z. Sl. Unxveisity of lllinoii Stholarship Key E1.15ar4r'i'H ANN Rouixsox .. ,,..1m1.i Euglfalv Alpha Chi Omega 63 EUGENE Joris Roamsox ........ ..... A mm Poliliml Srifrlre Alpha Delta Phi Southern Illinois State Teachers College ROBERT ERRFTT Rooms. ..,,..... Champaign Geology Concert Band 153: Second Regimental Band in GERI-IART Orro ROAISTEDT .,.., .... C lwr.1,qf, Clafllliilrj Granada Club Alpha Tau Sigma: Pershing Riliesg Scahhnrd and Blade1 Mayor, University Brigade: Mili- tary Council HJ ALEEX STOIJFFER RosENHr'Rc.rR ..,, f'lm'.iqff Spmzirb Pi Beta Phi Spanish Club: Silver Feathers ill : Production Staff, "Black Flamingo," "Two on an Island" LIJCILLE IRMA ROSENTHAI. .,.., .... C lmnigfi Sorialogy Reutha Production Staff, "Iolanthe," "Out of tliu Frying Pan." "Ropes End" Wfilson junior College Mirmzw Svrvra Rori-rexamzc ..A11rmm, 6.1. Sofiolnigj Sarah Delano Hall University of Missouri Max LEMITT Rows ..,.... .. .Diillirr Cir, Pre-Lau' Phi Gamma Delta junior Bar Association: Phi Alpha Delta: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Scconil Lieutenant, University Brigade Knox College Jo ANN VIRGINIA RUYLB ...,..., Clramfmigu Hirfafy Chi Omega Orange and Blue Feathers: Gymkana 123 Glendale junior College 64 EDXVARD Louis RZEPECKI .....,..,... Cbicngo Cbemiful Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma A.I.Ch.E.g Scabbard and Blade: Tau Nu Tau: Captain, University Brigade: Military Council Honors Day KZJ 'l'HIsLir.-x Toav SACHS, ..... lndiamzpolir, Ind. Sormlagy Alpha Epsilon Phi XVrA.A.g Pan-Hellenic Council 15, 41: First Council, XVoman's League U, 43 5 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers DANTON BRIDGFORD SAILOR ..... ..,. R anlaul Hilfdfj Alpha Kappa Lambda Second Regimental Band Cl, Il: Student Council, Wesley Foundation C57 CAROLYN IXIARTHA SANDEHN ........ Rorklmd Spirnfrh Delta Zeta Shi-Ai: The Illio 11, Zi: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: XVomcn's Glee Club ill Gmrsox BLACIQMAN SCI'-INIEROXV ,r.,. Cbimga Clnefrziral Engineering A.I.Ch,E.: Caisson Club: Plateau and Drum: First Lieutenant, University Brigade RUTH CHARLOTTE SCHNITZER. ....... Cbrmgo Sofiology Hoste House SHIRLEY YUNGHANS SCHRENK ....,.. Cblrago Spanirb Delta Zeta Spanish Club: The Daily Illini IU: Orange and Blue Feathers: XVomen's Glee Club C41 LEONORA C. SCHUESSLIER ,... ...,. C bimga Sorialogy Sager House Silver Feathers 125 XVright junior College Donoii-n' JEANMQ Sraraax. ,Hfrff,t5l11uu, Alrifi. Gwlngj Alpha Phi Torch: Orchesis. XV,A.A.: XYQAAA. Nu' morals: Cast, "Rose Maricwx Pmrlurtirrn, "Gondohers": Rifle frluh 12, 31 Miehigan College UI Mining antl Tcthf nology Vinczxia XY'lLLlAaI Sraniis , , r!.m1p.ugn Hlrnffri Economics Club: Kappa Delta Pi Blatkburn College Pecan' Ran Sfrn ,,l'rli,.'n.i Brzrlrfffflffyli Delta Delta Della Mortar Board: Torch. XYr,iman's Buwnusr Manager, The Daily lllinig Student Senate 12t: Shi4AiL Pan-Hellenit Counril 43, ll. First Council, XVoman's League 1-il , Orange and Blue Feathers: "XVlw 5 XY'ho in Arnerr r ican Universities and Colleges ' Pi-iviils ALBERTINI Stir . . . rlfrfraqfi Gfrlrml Hmm lfr'i-rnfrrzzrj Kappa Delta Torch. Home Econnniits flubg The Illm tl, 2. Sl: XV,A.A.. Freshman Counrill ,lunim Council, XVoman's Leagueg Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers: Production Start "Kiss the Boys Grmdbv-c," "Madame Butter fly," NPIIIIIODH ., , K.1uk.1iti' MARY ,Ima SELLHN Engllali Gamma Phi Beta The Illio Hi: Orange and Blue Feathers. Gold Feathers: Cast, "Tun rin an Island" LAXVRFNCE LYMAN SHAILFR ..., ,Clw-.zigff Cbfrrllrrrl Erlglmvrnrlil Lambda Chi Alpha A.I.Ch.E.1 The lllio ll, Zh, Freshman Var- sity Fencing Squad, Varsity Fencing Squad tltg lnterfraternity Council 15, -H: Student Alumni Assoriation lll FREDERICK ALBERT Snaxxox ,Cl'.1wff.ugu Zonlrvgj Honors Day 121 Donoriav JEAN Siaavx, ... .., Paiwm' Englfflv Alpha Gamma Delta Christian College ,Q an X 'sl -' v x . JF' 1 YS' l JY it 4 XG, W-, 3 Q . BIARII' KIMBII SHN., . . lar Pulls, lm! Pfflimxrl Siwrlii The Independent tll Axx Caririrtixi, SHHHY . , . Clvrap, Hlilmy XY'estairr Rmirx frilleuc Parr, Xvisvmr. smrrirn ll"r-in Frankffif, z,,,,1,,,V, Colonial Mannr Pershing Rvlles, Rifle Club Southern lllinmc State Normal University B,iizr+iRa jim Sirrvirrxu .. . Ihnrri, rw, Errglrrlv Kappa Alpha Theta De Pauvv l'nnersitv. latvvremc College Pl.-XRIAN For SHFPHFRD .. .,Pffulf..- .Erlgflrlw Kappa Kappa Gamma Ina Snnurax .,, ..,,.,,. ,..flwmgn B.'1i'Irr10In,rgj' Reutha House XY'r1ghr ,lunuir flillege Nicnoias Rmiax SHIJMAN . . . Clm-.1511 Enlqlulv Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigma: City Editor, The Daily llllni. Plateau and Drum1 Sigma Delta Chi: Toma- hawk: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day ll, 2, Sig L'nivcrsity of Illinois Scholarship Kev RUTH Evrivx Sll.lNlfR5IAX Ilffmeii iffi, 1' Emglnlv Alpha Gamma Delta XV.A.A.3 Silver Feathers UPL Production Staff, "Love Rides the Rails," "Seventh Heaven" Thornton ,lunior College 65 Emu' BTARIE SLAPAK ,..... .. .... Clm-.igo Blnlsrmfugj Bacteriology Club: Dei' Deutsche Verein: Pro- duction Stati, "The XY'-amen" Herzl ,lunior College TADFL's2' KAR01. SL.-XXXILKI ., Fffviirlqff 1'f!wrr1.' Euqlrllsrfu A,I.Ch.E, I Honors Day 1 l l isa I 2' FRED XY'lI.LIriM Shlill., JR. , ., K.rlfn1 Pre-,llellfixll Sigma Alpha Epsilon Southwestern College Mani' ESIHIR Saixsuixi .. l7tl.1lnr Frwrvlv Delta Delta Delta Torch: Alpha Lambda Delta: l.e Ccrele Francais: Pi Delta Phi: Shi-Ai: Spanish Club, The llho il, ll: Freshman Vounfil, Orange and Blue Feathers. Gold Feathers Honors Day fl, Zi qll.-XXF ri r SMITH ,,.. ..... 1 ,'!w.m1,mrqu lfflqlrrlt Pi Beta Phi Toith: The lllio Il. Il: XV.A,A.: Pan- Hellenic Council Ht: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Student Alumni Assouiation 12, it Honors Day ill SHIRLIY Amxr SMITH, .... . L'fb,1m1 Sfwrrlv Chi Omega Phi Beta Kappa: Tortlil Alpha Lambda Delta. Illini Theatre Guild Board: Illini Theatre Guild 451 L National Collegiate Play- ers: Mask and Bauble: Zeta Phi Eta: Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Vast, "As You Like It," "Ropes End," "Seventh Heaven," "The Beautiful Peopleug Protlui- tion Stati, "Kiss the Boys Goodbye" Honors Day l2l XVAl,'IiliR THoAiAs SMITH, IR, , 11,nar1.1 Clwrfllmvg Alpha Phi Omega PrRRx' L.-i1fAi'r'ri'r Smiriirzs, III, ll'4m1fulk.1 Euqflrb Delta Tau Delta Ma-Wfain-Dag Managing Editor, The Daily Illini. Sigma Delta flu, Skull and Crescent: "XVl1o's Wfho in Ameiitan Universities and Lnllegesu 66 CK' Q -99' Y ff, vt" ,f i 5 484 Rouiiar STUART Sounsicx' ...,....... Cbirago Cbemiral Erzgnzeerizzg Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigma: A.I,Ch.E.: Cavalry Officers' Club: Pershing Rifles: Phi Alpha Chi: Scab- bard and Blade: Freshman Varsity Polo Squad: Captain, University Brigade: Black Hawk Troop Honors Day 11, 21 ROBERT ALLEN SPAur.rJrNG .,.,,... Springfield Clnemltal Engizzeelivg Phi Kappa Sigma A.I.Ch,E,g Sophomore Intramural Manager: ylunior Ice Hockey Manager Honors Day ll, Il CHARLES Cusl-IMAN SPENCER ......,. Chicago Cbemrrlry Phi Kappa Psi RACHEL ELIZABETH STANFIELD ....,,. Kiuraid Hialary Cumberland College: Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College FRANK GEORGE Sr. ANGEL ,,....... Rafkford Hirlory Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Sigma Delta Pi: Spanish Club: Second Lieutenant, University Brigade Beloit College PAUL LFNARD STARK .............. U"e,rlri1le Poliliriil Srievre Pueblo House DON HAROLD STIZINRERG .... Pbyrirr Alpha Epsilon Pi Dolphins: Freshman Varsity Wfater Polo . . .Chirago Squad RUTH ELEANOR STEVENSON. ..,.... Hlmzillon Erzglirh Presbyterian Hall Alpha Lambda Delta: Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day fl, El FRANK NORMAN Srrxxam' , Hsufklta Zonlnqa Tau Kappa Epsllon Second Rcgrmcntal Band ll, 31 RICH-'XRD PFRRII' STILL DuKa!!, Pu'-,llt.lft'.ll Beta Theta P1 Nnrthcrn llllnrus State Tcatlxurx fullcuu Rohrru' Cfxarvru 1.1. Sr. jonx, f'lm'11m.1l1, IFILM, I funlnal Ellgnnwlrlq Lundgrmn Huusc Phi Eta Sigma, A.l.ffl1 E43 Omega Chu Ep- sxlon: Pncrmtsg Cast, "A Slaakcspcrian Even' ing," "l.ct'x Gut Away", Pmdugtmn Stall, "Love Rules the Rallsf' "Out ul the Fryxnu Pan,' "Rupu'i End" Honore Day ll, 21 Rourm' Pwr Smrrrt . . .ll.1nfffff.fl' Prvyulwlflm llllcu MtKcmlrct- Ct-llc:Q ELEANURI1 'l'HoMas1Ne S1'muL'x,.. . film.:- Sperrb Atcpn: Mask and Baubleg Plu Alpha Chnl The Daily llllnx UIQ Silver Feathers ill, Cast, "Ntght Must F:1ll"g Pruductmn Statl, "Madame Butterfly," "Out nl the Frymg Pan," "Seventh Heaven," "The Bcautulul People" Honors Day IM Roeary fnllcuu H.-xllvrx' DANIFI S'I'R.-xisaxax . t,!m.1Q,, Pfu-Altnlit-af Neuman Hall Herzl ,Iunmr fnllcgc lioarnr Turoucmr Svmtal, . .C,'f,m1flu Spvfflw LaSalle-Peru Oglcslwy ,lunuu fullcuu Sueaxxr Alan? T.ar1,lxm.rn,. Paffv S'm'i,1l .itlfzzflmmflmrz McKinley Hall XV.A.A.1 XV.A,A. Numcralx ,ldmh Blxlllltln Unlvcriltx' - 5: a 'VI wa 1 1 i 6' WX A x E A x ui ,P A ,Q an AX.. 1+ l I N9 A G . 4-Q., .-no A-17 W, Y .f 'Nm J .ai -q--1 'ffwilrfis' J rs-qi rg.. Brnxann bl-l'lTl'l, . . . ,.f'!v..1W Clnnznffa Mun' Lm lmur, -lftllf, Swrfflffwm Dulta Dulta Dclfd Mlxut Fuatlxcta 45? Llnmlcnwuml faxllcgc -Imax ,lllllmll ,ll.Xll-'IIN Pwrnl Ilzmffx Canwn flulw, Plateau anal Umm. Captain, fnnxurxnty Bxugadc lll'lH lnxx: 'll-mrxrawx rf'l.'taaf, Euqlfvfw Alpha X: Dulta Sh:-Al, The Dallv llllnx Ill. Pan-Hcllunu fuumul tl, il , Orange and Blue: Fcatlxctx, Cmld Feathers, Student Alumm Aiincnatwn 12, il, Pmtluttxnn Staff, "Hcautllul People," 'Uut uf thc Frylns Pan," "A Shakcspcaruan liwnlnuh CHaR1ls ,lax Kmx 'I'HtmPmx , 1 lvltalgn Ewrzffrlmy Kappa Sigma Freshman Varsxty Tratk Bquall, Varsxty Tratk Squad ll! 3 Freshman Varxrty F-mtlwall Squad, lntcxlratcrnuty Kuunul 141 Ronrm' llavm Tnoawwx Rwffz, N. AI. Clulfllvrf-1 Alpha Ph: Omega: fauwm Klub, Fmt Lu-ur tenant, Unxwruty Brxgatlc Hun-uri Day 42, Ri, Unlxcrxrt-, -at lllnn-ns Yclmlarslnp Kuv Krxmrln tnnucrn Tumuxrw lit-mlumllw Pr:-,lIulln.ll Drlta l-'lu Cans-rn lllub. Pcrshlng Rn!-lm. Plateau and Drum. Stahbard and Blade. SQL-and Lacu- tcnant, Unlvcmity Brlgatlc lXlXRYlORll' Srz,-mmf Tow , E. umfrrm, Rcurlaa N-wrtlmusturn Unncrcrtv 67 SALLY JEAN TURNER .,.,... .... E mnfmn Frenrb Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Y.XV.C.A,: Vice-President, Freshman Class, Shi-Ai, The Daily Illini f11, First Council, XVoman's League 141 , Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers: Y.W'.C.A. Cabinet 15, -I1, Star Course 121 Honors Day 11, 21 Lrxvis P.-ixsox TXXICHELL .....,., Der Pliiinei Clvrmirial Efigirlrnillg La Cotera A.l.Ch.F.1 First Regimental Band tl, 21 THOM.-ts JOSEPH TYRRELL. ., ,... Ur-ban.: Sperrlv Beta Theta Pi Ma'XVan-Da, Sachem, General Manager, Illini Theatre Guild, Mask and Bauble, Na- tional Collegiate Players, Pierrots, The Illio QI, 21, Star Course 121, Cast, "Black Fla- mingo," "Kiss the Boys Goodbye," "Love Rides the Rails," "Night Must Fall," "Out of the Frying Pan", "XVho's Wfho in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges" Honors Day K?-1 RUSSELL RocERs VAN CLEvE ........ Yarlzwllf Frmrb Sons Home Le Cercle Francais: Production Staff, "Io- lanthe," "Out of the Frying Pan," "Ropes End" Honors Day 131 LINDELI, HOXVARD XVAN DYKE .,.,. Clmmpfilgfz Geology Caisson Club: Pershing Rifles, Plateau and Drum: Scabbard and Blade, Second Lieu- tenant, University Brigade CLARANNE Vox FOSSEN ......... Bemflrmirn PQ clmlogy Delta Delta Delta Psi Chi, XVomen's Glee Club 13. 41: Pro- duction StaH, "Carmen," "Love Rides the Rails," "Seventh Heaven" Pennsylvania College for XVomen JOHN Rorarnr XVALKER .,.... .. .Uvb.m.r Clvcmzifry Alpha Chi Sigma Coast Artillery Club, Scabbard and Blade: Tomahawk, Freshman Varsity XVrestling Squad: Varsity Wfrestling Squad 421, Y,M, C.A. Cabinet tl, 313 CadetMa1or, University Brigade, Military Council t-41 Honors Day H1 lNlAR'x' Jaxx WVALKFR ...,.,... .. ,.-ilmu Nizllifrrrrrllitf Shuramy Psi Chi Shurtleff College 68 ADOLPH XVILLIAM WALTER, III ..... ...Anna Geology Phi Delta Theta Sachem: Coast Artillery Club, Pershing Rifles, First Lieutenant, Univesrity Brigade ELEANOR DIECZKMANN XVARD ..,... Champaign Englirb Kappa Delta P - Honors Day Q31 in ' ' ,R I U ' 5 JOHN Ti-rorvras NVARD .....,......... Cbiragu Cbemiral Engirzeering ! President, junior Class, A.I.Ch.E. l Honors Day 111 In as N 5- f, A V3 ' , N- S412 - - lVlAR'l'l-IA ELLA XVATKINS ...... .... i 1I.111oa:1 Spawzirb , Alpha Phi 'X Spanish Club, The Illio 111, XV.A.A., ' .N Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers T Lf.. - W 4 u , . HELEN BOEHM XVEEKS ....,. .. .jolzel i Englirb ,V - Alpha Xi Delta - gs. Orchesis, W.A.A., W.A.A. Numerals Q21, f, la' A Silver Feathers 131, Production Staff, "Out i i E of the Frying Pan," "Rose Marie," "The F '. I Beautiful People," "Two on an Island" V ' ' J Joliet Junior College A sf if JEAN RUTH Weiss ............ .,.. C bimgo . wx . -,. Y .s . Bacteriology r Stratford House -A 'AX - ' Alpha Pi Delta, The Illio tl, 21 , XV.A.A., 3 , ' Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers, O Q I v , Third Council, Woman's League 131, Pro- duction Staif, "Carmen," "Gondoliers," ii "Holiday," "Two on an Island", Bacteriole yi 1- - - ogy Club 13, 41, Rifle Club il, 21 -0 -A S in V 'Sf S N 1 x TFRRY ANNE WESTHAFER ..,. Downer-r Grow , Englirb K Chi Omega 1 " Mortar Board, Torch, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' President, XVoman's League, Illini Union '25 .- - Board, Shi-Ai, zm Phi Era, The rum rr, 21 3 Pan-Hellenic Council 121 , First Council, Woman's League C31 , junior Council, Wom- . -'fa an's League Url: Orange and Blue Feathers, h' Gold Feathers, "Who's Who in American ,I Universities and Colleges" J , ' ,1Qii7g375LQ', Honors Day fl, 2, 51, University of Illinois HQZ' Scholarship Key , - V ,e -,rr ...wif PHYLLis MURIEL WHITE, .. ,,. .Naperville Spfmirb Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Span- ish Club, W.A.A., Pan-Hellenic Council 131, Silver Feathers f21, University Chorus 12, 3, 41 Honors Day 151 Northwestern University .,.. .4 J . 4 MARILX'NN KATHLEEN WmLE....Mufon Cizy Sariolagy Phi Omega Pi MacMurray College RICHARD RALPH YVILBER ............ Cbimgo Cfwrrlirrzl Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Wfilson junior College ALICE VIRLEY XVILLIAMSON. Hixrarls Alpha House BlaLkhurn College ..., Gemn! JACQUELINE ANNE VVILLOUGHBY, Pijrbalogy Chl Omega Cblrmprug v1 Psi Chi: The Daily Illini Klip Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Honors Day ill GLENN RHODES XVILSON. .. Cbemiriry Phi Kappa Tau Caisson Club: Phalanxg Star tain, University Brigade RUTH LFE XVILSON ,..,.,., Pryrbalogy Alpha Kappa Alpha Orange and Blue Feathers . . .. .Alr.1r11m12 and Scroll: Cap- . . . .... Clmurgn LEON.-um JAMES XVISCHNITZFR, Ne1I'Ymk,N.l'. Clverzzzral Eugniscvmg Cosmopolitan Club Phi Eta Sigmag A.l.Cl1.E.: Cast, "l.' tel qu'on le Parle" Honors Day Ill JEANI Louise WOLFHERG. . ,. .. .Clmpilg I Engliyla Sigma Delta Tau The Daily Illini 115 1 XV.A.A. 41, Zi: Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Production Staff, 'iflomedy of Errors." "Rich- ard III," "Rose Marie" X , fi LJ ' 5-'Stl Ll- I T29 ,. N vQ . f 4 . 5 I .-xi'-Q. ' . r ss- X -J. is Q gt X X x ll. 3? ,AVF INIARSH,-XLL Ina XVOLPER ,. . .,Cl:iI-ago Polififlll Sflemr Phi Epsilon PI Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad: Fresha man Varsity Xvater Polo Squad. Varsity Polo squad 12, 3, 41 PALMA LL1 Wooocotx , , P.-ffm.: Sparllfb Zell Tau Alpha W'.A.A,1 Orange and Blue Feathers lNI.-mx' Woons 4, Cfvanzpafuu Hlrtmy XYomen's Glue Club Hi College of St. Frantis jtmxrra Ron: WOODY .. . ...ElMgb.m: Surlulffgj Gamma Phi Beta Silver Feathers 453 Stephens College THOMAS JEAN Yocxsx' .,.. IIWIIUII' Hill Politiml Srierlre Burkingham Palace Der Deutsche Vereing junior Bar Associatlong American Student Union FIORENCE MARIE ZDANIQE .. , Dale Paffz Etarmfzllrl Shawnee The lllio fllg Silver Feathers 12, 5, Mg Student Alumni Association 12, Mg Produc- tion Stall, "Black Flamingo," "Two on an lxlandu DePauw University CAROL hlanorxnnr ZIERAIACK, , . , Fairnmnuz Hulury Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Day fl! 69 11mm T. Scoyiti, .'ltm1c Dum Bt-rn on .i farm near Leaf River, Illinois, .ind ctltitate-l in the public schools ol Rotk- tord, Illinois, Professor Stovill was graduated lrom the L'niyersity -it Illinois in 1908 with Iinxtl honors. Alter spending tive years in the piattite ot publit .ittountancy in thitago, he returned to the Uniyersity In 1915 tn loin the start .is .in instruttor in atcountancy. In 1'l1'J he became prutcssor ot accountancy .ind head ul thc Department of Business Organization .intl Optmrtion. Sintc March. 1042, he has served .is Atting Dean ol the College ol' tom' nicrte during .t leave ot absence granted Dean Thnnipson. He is .1 tertitied public atcountant, having retened the gold medal of the Illinois Si-txetx' tor obtaining the highest grade in the examination In addition tn several books on atcountinu and numerous artitles, Professor Scovill has tontributed materially to the literature ot his held tlirnuzli liandbooks and special treatises, .ind since 11128 as editor of the Xxliiley At- countxng Series of textbooks. Professor Stnvill has served .ts president of the Illinois Society -it Certitied Public Accountants .ind ut the Ameritan Attnunting Association. He is .i member nt the following fraternitiesi Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma lpast national president, and Beta Alpha Psi fpast national presidentl. He was one of the tirst group of six seniors to be elected to Phi Beta Kappa following the installation of .i chapter .xt Illinois in 1'Il1'. CGLLEGE OF In 1902, courses in Commerce u ere established at the University of Illinois, having as their objectives, the training of citizens and businessmen who could understand the underlying principles of economics and the fundamental con- cepts of sound business organization and operation to the end that they might help in a better execution of the growing complexities of business and fiscal phases of government. By 1915 such substantial progress had been made that the College of Commerce and Business Administration was organized with two departments. one designated Iiconomics and the other Business Organization and Operation. As the Cniversity commemorates its seventy-iifth anniversary, the College of Commerce is proud to participate and cooperate by observing the fortieth anniversary of its christening as courses in commerce. It is very signilicant that Dr. David Kinley, president emeritus of the Cniversity, founder of the courses in commerce in 1902 and director of the courses until 19153 and organizer of the College of Commerce. now in his eighty-second year should have been able to accept a position on the program celebrating the seventy-fifth and fortieth anniversaries respectively ofthe University and of the courses in coni- merce in March. 1943. The University owes an inexpressible debt of gratitude to such substantial pioneers in its educational advancement. 731' I 741 ltrmtm P. H.-iciirri' .'lr.ii.ili111l Dum Draw Scovitt XY'u.i.iA:u C, Rona ,-jtfffmrll Dum 111x11l'11 I11 111111 Ill IX H. H1':N l:1, 1111111111 I11111 H4111 H111 IJ 1111 1 1 I ff 11 1511.11.11 IJ. 1.. 55. 1' 'ww 'ik Hllaxv I N111111 A,.,1 1 If '1 ,N T 1 ' 5 Davin KIM.: Y 1861- . XY'hen any history ot the University of lllinois is written it tannot be authentic without reveal- ing the tremendous influence ot Dr. David Kinley on the growth and dexclopment of the institution. As prolessor or eronomics, and founder ol the courses in commerte, and later of the Lollege Of Iomrnerte and Business Administration, as dean of the College ol Literature and Arts, dean of the Graduate School, and president ot' the University. he helped mold a tuture lor the University which has placed him in the front rank of the all-time great men ot the University. As president emeritus since 1950, he has been ready to give advice whenexcr asked to do SO. lt rw a great .user to haxe on the campus such an able and experienced administrator, so vitally in- terested in and acquainted with all phases 01 University responsibilities. During his lone and busy career as .1 Unixersity othcial, Dr. Kinley found time also to serve his Country at home and abroad as an economic ad- viser on monetary and other fiscal problems, NATHAN Ausrm XVESTON 1868-1035 As professor ot economics, Nathan Austin XVeston to the time of his death had served the University of Illinois durin the entire lite of the tollcgc ot Lommerce: botll in its embryo stages trom 1-JU! to 1015 when it was designated as "courses in commerce," and in its more formal and active period as a college. He served as hrst dean of the collefe, 1915 to 1919, and resigned the deanship to devote his time and energies to research in economics and to the teaching of grad- uate students. The pattern of the curricula of the college reflects the soundness of Dr. XVeston's rdear on commercial educariun at the collegiate CVC . lt was in his capacity as a teacher of graduate courses that he made his greatest reputation. He had a keen mind for analyzing economic problems and for presenting solutions thereof. As his former students became identitied with other edu- tatinnal institutions and with husiness and gov- ernment as consulting economists, Dr. XVeston's name spread from coast to coast, - Hiizaar T, Scmiir. -Hman T. Scoviit, 1 1 Comaisizcrz BUILDING 1Now Easr ADXIINISTRATIONH 72 WALTER BERNARD ACI-mxrmn . .1'.i3larrillu illmmgenlrlzf Sigma Chi Marketing Club: Star Course lil ROBERT XWUILLI,-IM Ackmiaxx ,, , Elgin flrrnn11z.ir1t5 Sigma Nu Ma-Wan'Dag Phi Eta Sigmag Vit:-Chairman. Illini Union Board: Student Senate l-ll, Accountancy Club: Beta Alpha Psi, Coast Artillery Club: Skull and Crescent. Sophia' more Football Managerg Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Interfraternity Council IZ, 51. Men's League junior Cabinet: First Lieuten- ant, University Brigadeg Production Starl, "I.ct's Get Awayug "XVho's Wfho in American Universities and Colleges" Honors Day ll, 1, 51: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Junsox RALPH AD.-HMS.. . Snouiffii- .-ircu1n1t.1urj Sigma Chi Accountancy Clubg Alpha Kappa Psi, Iiwiasi Artillery Club: Sophomore Baseball Manager, junior Track Managerg Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad: First Lieutenant. Unixeisity Brigade RICHARD BREDT AKFRM.-KN, ,. ,.,. Clmiigo .-li'i'iu1r1li1r1rj Wfenatchee Blackburn College ROBERT INIORGAN ALLFN ,... Drialm Almkrlluq Alpha Delta Phi Skull and Crescentg The Illio Ill JOSEPH ANTONELLO ..,,.,... .... O .ala Park Afrullnliulcy Theta Xi Band of X1 Interfraternity Council 15, -Il ELIZABETH LORRAINE ARNQLD, Cerro Gfmfn AIrz1kvtlug Presbyterian Hall Marketing Clubg First Council, XVoman's League 1-Hg Y.W.C.A, Cabinet li. All Maclviurray College Ti-romas ALLISON Asi-mnoms ..... I'li,f.'.1i4ii Gfrzrral B1i,rim',rr Accountancy Club: Marketing C lub Eastern Illinois State Teacher's College L " js ' il if-, EL .gn 5-if 36.01, Vg 'S' . . wmwtwt 1 if I : ., i -'S -C '43 1 . N f ' V g,'fs,t t. , 1 I i -X Q- 'LY Romrti fiuuirs BMR , 4.,, UWA p,,,,g illmkillug Ciranatla Club Attountautv C lubl Marketing f lulw, Freshman Varsity Pol.. Squad I.i rw. uw Asia L0 Buns-X f 1.11, .'l..ffm1l.1mi Illia Kappa XX light junior College Nxiii xx L.ioRi,i Bxrsaxrs l'1'wH.,s .lI.1r1.1tgf1r1ru.' Attountanty flub, Economics lluh, Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon, Marketing Cliils, Monk League junior C ,il-.inet ily Dum Briss Barn . .. t,fil.!i-fi .lI.Hf.u6flr1q XN'enattliee Attounting Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Market' mt I lub Blatklmin Iollege R,-uvu Arrxaxnrn Brnoaiax tlviatgfi Mrzriagrrrznil Sigma Alpha Mu Dolphins, Pxcrrfits, Second Lieutenant, bm' xersity Brigade. Production Starl, "Carmen, ' "Line Rides the Rails," "Ropes Entlf "Sewenth Heaven" University -it' Minnesota ,linux I H,-xRl,Fs BIIKQLFR ..,.. , .flak Park .'li'in1n1r.1v1i'j Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Coast Artillery Club: Mayor, Uni' xersity Brigade: Commerce Cinuntil HD Honors Day tl, Z, Bl, University of Illinois Scholarship Kev Rimini' I.1'xr Bii.oFR.,. .. ,,.f.l11i.1,qo Ermmlriliii' Zeta Psi Sachumg Sophomore Football Manager, ,lun- iox Football Manager Rorunr Lrnx BLOLK ....,. . .. Lliihiqif .1i'r0.'1r1!.1m'y Tau Epsilon Phi Accountancy Club, Beta Alpha Psi: Marketing I lub, lntelraternity Council Ili Honors Day ll, 2, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key 73 'Yi O I l I l l ! I , E I i 5 l B 2 I l 5 I a , A i 1- BRADFORD GOFE BLOUNT ..... ,..Er-anmm Mrnzrzgsm e ul Phi Delta Theta Caisson Club: Marketing Clubg Pershing RiHes: Scabbard and Blade: Men's Glee Club tllz Second Lieutenant, University Brigadeg Cast, "Two on an Island", Hazel- ton Award, Freshman Military FR.-iNcEs MARIE BLUNT .,..,,. ..,Elmb1n,ii .-lrcolrlllullry Stratford House Accountancy Club Honors Day ill LOGAN KEITH BOUNDS .,..... .. ,Dim-fir-If A r I' on 11111 11 cj Granada Club Accountancy Club: Caisson Club: First Lieul tenant, University Brigade CLYDE CURTIS BOYLLS ........ ...., E lrlomda Accolnlmncy Accountancy Club: Alpha Tau Sigma: First Lieutenant, University Brigade ROBERT EUGENE BR,-XCKER ,.,., .,.. I Xlalme Mmirzgemezif Zeta Psi Dolphins, Band of X: Skull and Crescent: Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad CHRIsTv IWONROE BRCIUGHTON, JR., Cenfmlirz Acroznllrwry Newman Hall Ma-NVan-Dag Phi Eta Sigma: Business Man- ager: The Daily lllinig Accountancy Club, Alpha Kappa Psig Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Tau Sigma: Pershing RiHesg Scabbard and Blade: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day Ill BERNARD ALLEN BROWN ,,.. .,... C lwraygfi Alrrlkvlllzg Tau Delta Phi Marketing Club, Riiie Club: Freshman Var' sity Tennis Squad. Freshman Varsity Rifle Squad: Varsity Rifle Squad til XVright junior College KFRRIIT CHESTERFIELD BROWN ,,.,... Frziifisfil Mrzikelmg XVhite Lodge Accountancy Club: Marketing Club 74 dip -'JP - :r . x 4. N df' BSS' fini I S t Fm :Z sa i A I4 :s a Q ' . 1 ROGER SI-IERRIAN BURDA ...... Killdeer, N. D. Murkellrzg Sigma Nu Alpha Tau Sigma: Captain, University Brigade XVentworth Military Academy DELMAR EUGENE BURGIN ...,.,,..... Le Roy Banking and Fimmfe Club Topper Accountancy Club Davin EDXVARD BURRUSS ..... ,... C ai-1-allzon Mrzrkefirrg Sigma Alpha Epsilon Coast Artillery Club: Marketing Club, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanics Col- lege CLIFFORD RICHARDS Buys, Cbnrlollerriille, Va. Brmkifzg and Fimmre Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Tau Sigma: Banking Club: Pershing Rifles: Interfraternity Council HJ, Captaing Uni- versity Brigade Honors Day i2, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Joi-IN EDWARD CALLERY ....,...... Prizzceiille Arrmnztrzrzry Accountancy Club: Alpha Kappa Psig Cais- son Club: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day il, 33 CHARLES NIERVIN CAMPBELL ......,. Dmzrflle Ifzdzrrfrial Marlfzgenzerzl Sigma Chi Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Letter 12, 3, 4l3 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad JOHN THOMPSON CAPE .,......... Har-r'i.r!:m-g Mamzgemenf Kappz Delta Rho RICHARD CLAYTON CARLSON. .. ...Rarkfoia M11 rm gem ent Scabbard and Blade Honors Day C31 XVILLIAM HENRY CaaLsoN.., .... Rm-kiwi! Managmivuf Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Tau Sigmag Student Alumni Association 12, 374 Captain, University Brigade ROBERT Lee CARSTENS ........ ...Clvimgfr illmmgi' In L' ul Sigma Pi Morgan Park junior Cullegeg XVxls-mn junior College CLE:LroNs Enxvaim Cram-1 ......., llr. Sisrliuy Public xllfiilir Caisson Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day ill RALPH Tnmuons CLAUKFN ,,..,. laik: Fmt-if Illarkuflug Accountancy Club, Alpha Kappa Psig Coast Artillery Club: Marketing Club: Phi Alpha Chig Scabbard and Blade, Captain, University Brigade Honors Day lll JACK PHILLIP COOL ,.,,.,..,, ,..Snllu'.ui ArI''y Howell I-luuse Accountancy Clubg Caisson Club, Captain, University Brigade GLENN RILEY CRAMER.. ..... ,i.Cfhn.igu Illirrkrllng 4 Club Tapper Alpha Kappa Psig Marketing Club, Tuma- hawk JOHN Aumsorv CURTIS ,,,.... ..,, I Liizzffiil Muf1i1gL'nlI'l1f Tau Kappa Epsilon Accountancy Club, Cavalry Othcers' Club. First Lieutenant, University Brigade CLARENCE ELLIS DAhlHORbT .... ,... Q unify 1'lEt'UlH1fi171L'j' Middleton House Accountancy Clubg Alpha Kappa Psi: New- man Club Quincy College ,fit -,iv I I X..- free g l g 1 6- .1 , It 2 '34 'Q 1 . R, tweeter f' 'L 9 9. t Q? ' ' fr 3 set J - Ricuann t,aMrnoN Davrxvonr .,.. l1.1ii1,flfmg Illmmgr rm ul fhi Phi Southern Illinois State Normal University From BRLIL Davey ,....,. ., ,.,,Bi'lr1IiIw .'licf1nrilIrf1I'j Theta XI AL-uuntantv Club. Band uf X, Economics Klub, Marketing Club Fw HELIX llm morr . .,...Cl.i51Uf1, Ilia. .ll.ii1.ierr11I'uf Bavitah Au-Iuntancy flub. Marketing Klub, The Daily Illini ll, Il: Orange and Blue Feathers, Cwltl Feathers. Urchesrs Hmm' Wixiox Drisimaa . P Iii, ' me .'lrcffinil,ii1I'y lllinigo Accountancy Klub, Marketing Club A. HKRRIQCIN Dr L Rosr' .. jolirl slimilfiiirirlrj ,lfiliet ,luniivr fiillege 'Inns Ham Dixirx ,.,,,,,,., . ,I'iiqm:.1 ,lLi'ffI1ur.H1r Ay lil r atraz Actnuntanty 1 lub, Marketing Klub Honors Day ll. 2, 3l1 University of lllinms Nliiilarsliip Kev ltiii-Liu ARlHL'll ljlfxyllfill..-llilll' ,,,O.ik Part .llrificllrzy Alpha Delta Phi llantl -it X. Marketing 1 lub, Skull and Cres- tcnr, Freshman Varsity Polo Squad, Varsity Piilri Aquarl 12, 51 L lnterfraternity Council IH , btudent Alumni Ass-iciatrwn t-ll wlxtk DALE DUNN LLLLL.. ..,.. Sl. Liinlf, Jin. .ici Luluzrrnii'-y Accountancy Clubg Alpha Kappa Psrg Cav- alry Orticers' Klub: Commerce Council ff, 3, -H, First Lieutenant, University Brigade 75 i 1 I . ' i 1 1 1 1 l , . 1 1 1 i . i H.-moto Euvrx Diussrnrsi .. . . . .Newin- .lI.1r1.1,ui'n1w1.' Phi Delta Theta Eureka College. Colorado University ARTHUR LILXNIU DH' ,... . . .llfflmi .'Iii"i1n1:.nnj Sons Home Accountancy Club: Marketing Club Vnixersity ul Miami Cam. ARCHII-i.+i,tr Dcxx ,. . . lii.ii.l1.wfri 1 .llmktlluu Phi Delta Theta Ma-Wfan-Da. Sachem: Senior Football Man' ager: Cavalry Othcers' Club: Athletic 1,'uunf cil 1-Il: First Lieutenant, University Brigade. "XY'ho's XVhu in American Unixeisities ,intl Colleges" Centric Hurzo Ecitifnsuifnc. ..... .... C Zviiigfi iII.ll1i1gvl11i'l1l Hill Hall Cavalry Otiiters' Club, Phalanxl Cheerleader 12, 3, ell: First Lieutenant, Unlxerslty Bri- gade XY'righI ,Iuninr College Rosen XVILl.IAhI Eiufns ,... .... C .'fllia1ff1i- .-Iiwulnzrilzlq Phi Eta Sxgmag Accountancy Cilub: Star Course 113 , Men's Glee Club 11, 2,141 Honors Day 11, Il Ricnann Hifxkv Eismsrfxrur., .... Clmiigfi ,-Ii'i'ulnlliwfj Phi Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Klub: Set- ond Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 11 l Rim.:-:mu Goizunx Ensmxiz ...... Rum Iliicri :lm fulzflrrrrlij' Phi Kappa Psi Arcf-ug Piurrots. Scabbard and Blade: Skull and Crescent: Star Course 11I: Second Lieu- tenant, University Brigade: Cast, "Kiss the Buys Guiiclbyef' "Love Rides the Rails," "Two on an Islandw: Production Stall, "Black Flamingo," "lNI.ldame Butterfly" Honors Day 11? Lourx T. Pannls . , ..... ..... S Uni .llirikcrlflg Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy llulu. Mar' keting Club 76 -39 il FU ,Y 19541 ' X - N NX R . xt wc- '. E '-if' 1 ww I 4 N as K N xfl V feb K, sf, . -'-pq an -I-.Q . cgi ' -- f :51.J'j'.:. is 'Sf Q5 NoR'1oN Russian FELDMAN. .. .,.0nla Parla Arcolnmmfy Zeta Beta Tau f,.u.viN Dewi-rmsr FILSON ,...,... Tiigloirille Pllbflr' .'iff,i1i,i Independent Council 11, Zi 3 First Regimental Band 13, -Il 3 Second Regimental Band 11, 25: Star Course 127 ROHFRT EARL FISH .........., Fiinlklin Grore .-Icr-fi11uI.111i'5 Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Club: Caisson Club: Plateau and Drum, Second Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 21: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ,IOHN Wann FOLFY ..,...,...,..... Belvidere Emlknlg mul Flrmrlru Delta Chi Second Regimental Band 1I, ll: Production Staff, "Madame Butterfly," "Two on an Is- landul Banking Club: Illini Union INIusiC flimmittee: Marketing Club University of Xvisconsin Lmvnrxce EUGENE FRAZIIF. .,,. Gwen Valley ,'it'rul111lar1cJ' Phi Kappa Sigma Sachem: President, Student Senate: Beta Alpha Psi: Cavalry Othcers' Club: Tomahawk: Inde- pendent Council 12, 35 : Men's League junior Cabinet 15l: Men's Glee Club 11, Zi: First Lieutenant, University Brigade: "XVho's Who in American Universities and Colleges" Honors Day 11, 2, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key NI,-IRION ,leon FRENLH .,..,...... Springfield ,-Iiwifnlliilliy Alpha Tau Omega Accountancy Club: First Regimental Band 1I, Il rl-IRVIS HALE Frurmuss .....,., .. ,Cbimgo rllaiifuluig Cosmopolitan Club Scimitar: Tomahawk: Tribe of Illini: Fresha man Varsity Fencing Squad: Varsity Fencing Letter 12. Sl: Intertraternity Council 1-Il Xvilson .Iunior College Louis ELi,sxvoRTH FRIFND .... Hannibal, Mn. Alarkcfirlg Sigma Alpha Epsilon Band of X MARIE CLARA FRISCH .,...,.., .. Cary zllznlagemefll Wescoga Beta Gamma Sigmag Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Chl Theta, Executive Council. XV.Cv.S, I-Hg First Council, XVoman's League ll. -H . Star Course lil: Student Foumil. XVesley Foundation 15, -li Honors Day ll, 2. 3l3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key GERALD LEROY Fuel-is ,,.,., Gilman llflliui nirfnruifizrlcg House of Burnham Phalanxg First Lieutenant, Unneisity Brigade SANFORD ARTHUR Gnrs ,,., Oak Pali Altlrkellng Kappa Sigma Blackhawk Troopg Cavalry Orhiers' Klub. Marketing Club. Scabbard and Blade: First Lieutenant, University Brigade. Produttnon Staff, "Seventh Hezuenw Honors Day lll CHARrrs TWIARZOLF Gravis ., Bflififllt Public Aiffnliv Beta Theta Pi Scabbard and Bladcg Freshman Varsity Fool' ball Squad Xvasliington University CHARLPS Roarm Gnms .,... . ,Ll"iln1m.q1fo, illtuirrlgrfrierzf Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Tau Sigma: Band of X: Marketing Club. Seabbard and Blade. Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity Football Squad1 Varsity Football Squad l5tL Letter 12, Mg lnterfraf ternity Council 13. all , Y,M.C.A, Board ol Directors 1-Hg First Lieutenant. University Brigade Lincoln College MYRON Bruuoxr Gor.Rs ,.... . ,K lwnproyu :li uunifizrlry Armor House Accountancy Club. Marketing Club JAMFN FLATT GOODMAN ,.,, fflnlrilllmlur nlrmrzrilrxrlry Beta Theta Pi Alpha Kappa Psi: Band of X: Stabbard and Bladeg The Daily Illini ll, Z, Sl: Freshman Varsity Polo Squad: Freshman Varsity Basket- ball Squadg Intertraternity Council QM: Set- ond Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day ll! INTARY Hirrnx GRAN' ...,..,,.., ..,, C efmrilm .'ii'r'nln1rl1rlfy McKinley Hall Accountancy Club: Phi Chi ThetaL Orange and Blue Feathers lr f 3 'Y -at B, ' e-4' I , E' w- A-t 0. 4? in 1' Q 'A N X . 3 '? 5 V ,Fai-, al . 1 W N. I il , it - 1 if if J igfwf' X V -A '-:P 5- 1:- AlAXll's XN'i1,l,l.-rar HART ,, 'l1lNll-'H BLARIIN GRIFNXYOUI1 ,, . I lifhoiff illrzluefzlzilg Flo Kappa Sigma laisson Club, Phalanx. Plateau and Drum: Seeond Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day ll, Sl XX -xl IFR Glrilliil CiRll'FITH .flwfwy .llrmrzgt ml ul Phi Delta Tlieta Natliem. lntramural II. Rl. tomert Band til, First Regimental Band 11. It .laura jrisrvn URUMIKY . , . r.h.nnp.11,q1i .'ll'r'oln1lr1r1ij il lleta I lil Aiiountanty fluh. Band ot X. The llllo tl. 2. Rl. The Executnu IH. Commerte Fountrl li, -ll Honors Day ll! ,liao Swain: R HAusiFR lirrni.-i Km All mznzlilma Psi Upsilon Attountaney Klub. Alpha Tau Sigma, Pha- lanx. faptain, Umxersity Brigade Ruin Lorm HARUIR , .. Gfloffu mu .ll.1r1t1Qur1r-nl Beta House Alpha Larnbda Deltag Phi Khr Theta. The Daily Illini 113. Star lourse ill Honors Day fl. 1. Sig Llnixersity of Illinois Stholarshlp Keg join Rmnrx HARMAN Iililunr. lnrl, illizmzgwrlurlf Phi Kappa Psi Pieodent. Student Alumni Ass-relation: Alpha Kappa Psi. Band ot X. faisson Club. Pha- lanx. Skull and Crestent. The lllro ll, 111 Men! League ,lunxor Cabinet ll, SP1 First Lieutenant' Unixersity Brigade. llllni Union Board .Elvin ffff. J' .-ln fiznmirzra Sigma Nu Attountancy Club: Cavalry Ufheers' Clubg Seabhard and Blade Miami Euurxr HART. , . , limlrri .'li'l'rf11f1li1m'y Phi Kappa Psi Aetountancy Club Illinois College I l l l I 1 i 1 EDWARD ERIRIETT HAUGENS ....,...., Wefzowm flrc0nr1h1m'J Accountancy Club: Alpha Tau Sigmag Scab- hard and Bladeg Second Lieutenant, Univer- sity Brigade St. Bede College HAROLD HARTAIAN HENSOLD, JR. .... Drzuz-:lla flccolnlmllq Howell House Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Accountancy Clubg Alpha Kappa Psi: Coast Artillery Club: Phalanx: Major, University Brigade: Military Council t-ll Honors Day 41, 2. 51: University of Illinois Scholarship Key RAI' ARTHUR HERRIANN .... . .,,Elnzbm-.rf Alizrkefillg Phi Kappa Sigma Interfraternity Council 1-ll LAXVRFNCE HERRIELE. . .Flnfbir1g, L. I., N. Y. Muikelirlg Sigma Alpha Mu Honors Day fl, ll LONA VIVIAN HERRON .,.,.. .... C Zwuzgfr lllL1l'1ec'lf!1g Stratford House Accountancy Clubg Marketing Clubg XV,A.A. H35 First Council, XY!oman's League 1-ll: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers: Production Staff, "Black Flamingo," "Madame Butterfly," "Two on an Island" ALLAN CHARLES Hicks .,,.,.. .. .Bamuii .-lcrollrzlilrlcj Shamrock Phi Eta Sigma: Accountancy Club: Alpha Kappa Psig First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade Honors Day 41, 2, 53, University of Illinois Scholarship Key DONALD EM.-XNUEL HITTTER ,,.. ..,. P rfmfa .'lrcm1n1I.1r:q Newman Hall Accountancy Club: Newman Club Bradley Polytechnic Institute GRAKQE INIARYIORIIE HQBFRG ..... ..,. P ein Alurkulrrlg Alpha Chi Omega The Illio Ilbi XV.A.A.: First Council, X'v'on1- an's League 147: Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers 78 N N53 Nl -is ' PX A J jet .Ng af f felt V-K' 5, X X Q.. . A X , fs. .es J i Q LAXVRENCE HORWITZ ..,.. . . . ..., Chicago Marketing Huston House Men's League Executive Board QU XVilson Junior College EMERSON KILBEY HOUSER ...... .... 0 ak Park Managerrzezil Zeta Psi Sophomore Basketball Manager Carleton College JOHN MERLIN HUNTER ...... ..... L lrbrum Erauamicr Phi Delta Theta Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Alpha Tau Sigma: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Men's Glee Club 12, 3, 453 Major, University Brigadeg Student Council, Vllesley Foundation L-U Honors Day Url Swarthmore College XVILLIAM JAY HUNTER. .. . ..., .. .Aurora Mazmgemenr Alpha Chi Rho First Regimental Band 11, 2, 51 XYIILLIAM GRIGGS JACK ........ .... H erm: Mafmgenzem Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma: Caisson Clubg Phalanxg Sec- ond Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day ill FRANK JOHN JARONIK ..,........ Wrzuleegmi Mm-keling Tribe of Illinig Varsity Golf Letter li, -lj ARTHUR UBIIE JOHNSON ,......... Gnlerbufg lllaimgemeuf Beta Theta Pi University of Texas DONALD CLIFFORD JOHNSON .,.... Sz. Clmrler Marketing Chi Psi Cirisson Clubg Marketing Club: Sophomore Track Manager: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day IU 1 l JULIAN JOHNSON ...,.,.,.,. .... C aim Alamzgvnlfrzl Delta Phi Accountancy Club: Caisson Club: Marketing Club: Interfraternity Council 13, -U g Captain, University Brigade Southern Illinois Normal University WILLIAM EUGENE joHNsoN .... .... B mmf .'1cr'al1I1lam'y Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Account- ancy Club: Beta Alpha Psi: Coast Artillery Club: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day tl, 35 SIDNFY RICHARD Karz ,,..,.. D: Kalb l'l'lar'kr'Iif1,u Tau Delta Phi XVILLIaIxI DUNCAN KENNM' ..... Chiuripafuu Mmmgerrlrrli Accountancy Club: Alpha Kappa Psi: Market- ing Club: Spanish Club: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Student Alumni Associa- tion lll 3 Production Statf, "Black Flammgof "Brother Rat," "The Mikadou: Varsity De- bate Squad tl! Honors Day 413 St. Louis University Louis Gus KFRASOTES ,..,...,..., Xp:-inufit-lil illarrzirgwrlffll Sigma Phi Epsilon Coast Artillery Club: First Lieutenant, Uni' versity Brigade l RORPR1' FRANK KIRRY ..,,.... ..,, C Aliiraqfi A fran uhm ry Theta Chi Accountancy Club: Alpha Kappa Psi: The Daily Illini ill STANLEY ,IORFPI-I KI.OsINskI. ,.., CAv.mzp.1I,g11 flrc'oln1fI1f1ry Newman Hall Accountancy Club: Coast Artillery Club: Per' shing Rililcsz First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade: Newman Club FLORENCE FRANcIfs KMIET., .,,.,, Spifirgfialil Mamzgenlem Regena Accountancy Club: Phi Chi Theta: First Coun- cil, XVOman's League 15. 4h e l 1 L R , I Y 3 x -, 21.2 -11+ eff' ,SL"s' '27 I ' . 5 I- ,Q XF' vo- J X if' - 5 W l rs? :f A 'rx , -3 . in 3' I . J y 6 I I BLARVIN MORRIS KNOHLKH, .I',, Iml. 1-lrmluzlmzrg Accountancy Club XVILLIARI Evaxs I.aaIRIzRr , ,..Y'ff1Ilfff1 Illrlrieuflrilq Caisson Klub, Marketing Club, Malor, L'nI- versity Brigade Honors Day Ill lVl,-XLYRICE Drsaiinr Laxuis ,...,,..., Clurago lmflzrlmil .'ldmIl11I1:,1Iifm Delta Phi Pershing Rifles: Star and Scroll: The lllm tlrg Freshman Varsity Track Squad Honors Day Ili l'l4lXX.-XRD jrmx I.ANos'I'ROM ,, . Rffrkffnil .llrzzllzgrrrlviif Beta Theta Pi Band III' X KrI'rH lhllIl,l'R Laxor .. , lilfzrzlirm, .'N'.j. Miukvfirzg Ruste Armes Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Tau Sigma. Markcta ing Club: Pershing RIHCS: First Lieutenant. Unixersity Brigade CirRaI,D Bl-KRTIX LAPINN , , .. ,Chrmgfi Alafkrrrrlg XY'rIsglIt junior College ,IGI-IN XY'AII.AfE LARSON. .,S1fI,'Iv UIQ, Inna .llml.I,uurr1rIIf Phi Ciamma Delta fiaisson Club: Phalanx: Plateau and Drum: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Sctond Lieutenant, University Bugadc SANFORD HARRX' Lrnrnrrc ...., , tfbfraga .llillfilqwllylll Zeta Beta Tau Marketing Club: The Illio tl, Il , S-rplrunmre Hockey Manager 79 Y 1 l l l l i i 1 l i l 4 4 l l 4 n i l l l ii i ,i xl l' 3 Mmm-LL Linux ...... , . ...elm-ugh Ei'amfn11t'.f Fiethman Varsity Fencing Squad XY'rigl1t -lunmr College Nu, I,iPtiuxY .,,. ...,, . . Clmnw Jliifilfll .HJU Att-wunt.intv Club XYriglit ,luninr follege Bixxri Davin Lin ,.,,.. f.lm.1qff Htfgfm iii ivfliriztzzirj Zeta Beta Tau Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma. Student xenare IB! 1 President, junmr Class: Attiiunt' antyflub1The Daily lllinl tl, It L Freslinmn Civumil, lnterlrarernitv Council 42, RI1 Pri'- tlueriun Natl, "Kris the Bmw Gifivtlhxe' Hunnrt Day tl. 2, Bl. Unixeritx -it lllin-in Sthularkhip Key SHIRM.-KN MAAS LFVY ...,.., Alimplv-, 711111, ilfizrztzgsrrzrrzl Zeta Beta Tau Saclit-mg Men's League junior Cabinet: Set- und Lieutenant, L'nlve-rsity Brigade Hivnuri Day ll! XVA1 Lael' lkxxix l.iTTLE ..... ...ktziamt Alizikflnig Plateau and Drum: Variity Debate Squad tl, 3, Sig First Lieutenant, Uniiersity Bri- gade Ritnaiziv Aiiax Lexmni, . Pailifn .llarkflfmu Phi Gamma Delta Ma-XYan-Da. Saulierng Band ul X: Marketing Club: Khairman, Hnmecnniing KH 3 Men's League Exetutive Bixard I-H1 Menk Leauul' jumtir fahinerg Cunuert Band ll, QI: Star fiivurte 1131 Pmduttion Stati, "Ruse Maile" june XX'iii,i,m Luxnm . , Iinafi Bimimu tml! Flrmuru Bankine fluh Hun-vrs Day 113 XX -XRRI x tram xii Mattie .. rlifiat .-liifflarmlflij Sigma Alpha Epsil-in batheml Bansl wt X: Carman Club. Stimitai. Skull and I rcftent, Tribe ut lllini, Freihrnan Varsity Fencing Squad, Vareity Fen. ing Letter 12, 3, -H, Kay-tain Ht. lnterlrateinlty funn' til 12, R, ar, Captain, l'nixcvsity Hriga-lc SH me 43 4? x N , , f,HARl,lS Lfxxcin MANLEY ,...,...,... Urbana Conlrneiritzl Teafbing Alpha Tau Sigma: Marketing Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Louie j. AIARNLHAK . ,...,.. .. .Chzmga .irmlnllurzry Nllamn Club Men's Glee Club H? XY'right junior College Micuart lxlanstmoniax ,,.,, . . .lkvnniefgan Ahzikrlirig Wnxr Roiiixsox lNlCCORVlE ...,, Snlln-im ill:HIil.Ht'7IIc'fIl XVenatcliee House Blatkhum College Rrx Furman K lYllfll.lNGER ,... ..,. S imdzvirb illiirlwlizzg Sigma Phi Sigma Attountamy Club: Interlraternity Council 121, Independent Council 1-H Hunnrc Day ill Etuxfxni: lNlFlNlI? .,.....,... ...-lnbnrn .-li rffluzlmzrj, Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Ac- tuuntancy Club: Beta Alpha Psi Honors Day 11, 2, Bl: University of Illinois Sclwlarihip Key Iiavairixim -latin Mitnarrc .... ,,,. B erwyn .llizriilgfnli-rl! The Citadel Alpha Kappa Psig First Regimental Band Il, 2, 3? Hakoin SHl'l.DON AIILLFR ..... .. fhfmgo Mmkelmg Circle H4-use Marketing flub Hb: M.I.W.A. Wright juniur College JOHN 1NIA'1'THrxx' lWll.l.FR, ,, Gllr-ll All1n.:m 1111111 Tau Kappa Epsnlon Accountanty Club, Alpha Kappa lkv: Mar kctlng fluhz The llhn 121 Hmmm Horauw Iwim-mf, .. l M.1u.1gl rm nz Acct-untamy Club, fnawt Artxllcrx' 1 lub: Fusl Llcutcnant, Unrwrilty Brlgadu Central Y.M,C.A. flnllcgt Roauu AxnrcExx'lNinHa1,jn... ..,Spl1ffa llhlllllgl rm ul Thuta Xl Phi Eta 5134111.11 Band nl X: f-last Artlllulx Klub, Phalanx: Fxrst Lieutenant, l'nnxcrxutx Brngadc Honors Day Ll, ll Run,-uw Auhaxn Mrmax S.m-affu xilwurllamj Sxgma Chi Freshman Vamty Tratk Squad, Xlusxty Trark Squad HI : Mena League junlur C ahnnct lil , F1rQt l.lcutcnant, Unncrxxty Brrgarlr SHELUUN ALIIRED Munmsox. . . All l ofnmnlry Newman Hall Accountanry Club Xvrlght jumor College Jamrx EPHRAIM Mrmsr . . Sfllrll flltlfkrlllzg Alpha Sngma Phl Band nl X. Marketlng flubg The lllm Ill, lnterfratcrnlty C1-unul IH: Slutlcnt Alumru Assocnatnm l5l xY'Il,Ll.-XXI PURTER Mr arrow . Klum: :1l'rf1u11lm1l'j Pl Kappa Alpha Accnuntamy Clubg Vuast Artnllcry fluh, Sc:- ond Lxuutunant, Umvcrsnty Brxuatlr Ganraxu Lirmrn IYIURYIN, ,. rlay Oxy Mnvkrllrlg Sigma P1 Coait Artlllrry Club. Student Alumnl Assmlaf txon lil . Fltst Lneutcnant, Umvcrmty Brigade I lmlzgu 7 N gl F g ' ir fl' 1- 1, .l x ' v 1 " , "' ' ,. 5 ' Sify , f A 'S f' ,.-:?ff?i 13 . 'l 1 2 Q fi Mfmlnx lm tx Manu lWf..'f1 .lI.zu.1aLn1rr1l llrta Thuta Pu llla-XVanfl3a, l-'lu Eta Sluxua: Busunuw Man' auu, Thu Daxly llhnl, Skull aml fvutrrlt fwnrcrt Bantl 41, 3, eu. Cast, 'M.l.l..n.r lluttrrllv, ' Hlllc lXl1l:arl-I' llnnnu Day ll! ll'Xll AIIAIRI Nuflwall , l!".:-flzmwfl .ll,mllur ml ul fauwn flulw Markrtlnu Club. Phalanx Malnr, llrmrrxltx Brluatlu Cyllmllv l,IxIIl Nwfulxlrum Ilulwlf H111 .irlffzlfilllfllg Ph: Kappa Myrna Att-lunlamx' lluh, Alpha Kappa Pts. Mink bln- I lub 11, w, 'll , I axt, "Luk but fXu.13,' 'Nm Nu. Nannc!tc" lumix' Nlulll liunmx Bu Rmb .l1.1,frfm,. Alpha fha Rho itar and Srrull, lntcrfratclmty Cnunrul I-li l-intl! Puma Ulmx tml' Park ,lllwfmxfamy Alpha Dclta Phi Hanrl ul X, faxalry fluh, Freshman Varilty hunnmnng Squad, Freshman Varixty Pohl Squad, Varsxly Pulu Squarl lllg lntcrlrater- mtx C.-vumxl Hb, First Iacutunant, llnucrwty livluatlc Rilflll-K Mu Urramx tlftuua .llmhllfzu -l H H4-uw Att-luntanry llulm Phu fha Theta. Orange and Blur Fralhcrs, Cultl lfcatherr. Studunt 4-vunrnl, Lutlwxan Sludcnl Ass-xrlalmn li, -li Hnnurs Dax ll I Ruru Xxllllial Palma Rf.ivff..' ,ll.m.1,ut 111,11 flu Psa Fruhman Yarvty Fw-lhall Squad. Yarxllx l--.lrlxall Nqua-l 141 PHILIP Arux Pramxx ,. Cl.l.1fl:!le ,lllzf1.1.unmn. XY'cnatrhcL Artuuntamy Club, Carman Club: Marketing Cluh, Pant Llc-utcnant, Unrvclsztv Hrngarlc Nomrax Hamm' Psrsnsox ,... ...Bin.ir1.1 Alqrkallrig Sigma Pi Gamma Theta Phi: Sigma Delta fhig Inter- fratermty Council 153 PAUL Doxarn Pfxvi .........,. Rink Ializuif :Icro1n1l.u1ij3 Accountancy flubg Alpha Kappa Psi Auguxtana follugc ALLAN Fokrsrrn PHILLIPQ , . I..i Gmuqt .II.1r1.:gur1i'vl! Alpha Chi Rho Accountancy Club La Grange junior Collugc JOHN Fnaxirs Pnrmaza ,.... .ici fvlrrmzrrim Accountancy Club. Etonomns Club. Marku- ing Club Roarnr Eucrxr Pmi. . .. C!1.mip.uqu .Ilaribsllrfy Cavalry Otiiccrs' flubg Marketing Club: Firit Lieutenant, Unix:-rirty Brigade XYC-IRD Fnrrrrrucri Poxmrz Rffic i n1cm1fr1l.1fJrV3 Accountancy f lubg Alpha Kappa Psig Market- ing Cluh Grrrvx Iii ram- Pnmrx' . ,.Spf.-uqfitl.! 1mluiH'l.1l .-I.lr1:l11iilr.r,'ln11 Freshman Varxity Poln Squad Sprrnghclcl ,Iunror College Daxrb f,HARI.I'X Raxxn' , . .llfirimffmli .'Ii I fflmrrimg Tau Kappa Epsilon lllonmnulh College 82 Q' .M x f 49 N' YS' il IF? -1 0 7 L' Vo' 4, X ri I GAIIFIELD SIMON Rawrrscr-r .... ,,,, C biraga .'Ii'r'oln1lm1ry Zeta Beta Tau Accountancy Club: Pierrots: Production Stall "Black Flamingo," "Murder in the Cathed- ral," "A Shakespcarian Evening," "Two on an Island" XV,-mars ARTHUR Rrau ...,,. .... B .i1.ui,: .'IL'L'f7!Hlld7IL'j Accountancy Club 133 Honors Day 113 jaxrrs CARL Rnnriono .,.....,, ,... B .zmiia ,'Ii'i'om1ram'j3' Honors Day 11, 3, 33 : University nf Illinois Scholarship Key Iiuxx IN RUSNIYLL Rrr.rx'.. ... ...,D1x .llurballng Flagg Houic Accountancy Club, Marketing Club: Fresh- man Varsity Baskcthall Squad, Varsity Bai- kutball Squad 123 Honom Day 123 Iarncs Millikrn Unixcrsity jams Klum' RILFY .........,... Mr. I'snmn iIIizr1.JgUf11er1r Accountancy Clubg Marketing Club: Student Rclrgrouc Council 153 3 Student Council, Uni- vcrxrty Baptmt fhurrh 143 Grcmrx Rrsrri' ,. ... ,., ,N'rw1.ili, I!"i.r. i3I.A11.:qen1w1,' Alpha Chi Omega Pan-I-lellrnic Council 13, -I31 Srlvcr Ft-atlicrs 123 DePauw Iinivcriity ,Ioux Provo Romsox ,,,,,, ., .Holme xIi'iw1n1Ji1ucj Hopper I-Ionic jam: Doxain Rorarru . .,..4 liliwrfzfizigrwi iIIi1r1.rqefm'f1f Phu Epsrlnn Pr The Daily Illini 12, 33 Illinois State Normal Univcriity BERT ALBERT ROLLER ............,.. Cbii-ago Induxrfial Admirzifzratimi Pi Lambda Phi Interfraternity Council I3, 43 BERTRAM GEORGE Sanocic. .... Clvcagff Murzagemenl Phi Epsilon Pi The Daily Illini fl, 21 Honors Day ill FRANK ALLEN SAIKLEY, JR.. ., .. .Damilli xirroznmznry Phi Kappa Psi Accountancy Club: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad: Varsity Tennis Letter IZ, 3. 47: Second Regimental Band ll, ll Hoxvanp LEROY SANTER ,,... ...ll".1nkigq,oz .'ii'i'01n1!,1l1rj Alpha Sigma Phi Sachemg Senior Manager, Star Course: Ac- countancy Club: Alpha Kappa Psi: Cavalry Olhcers' Club: Pershing Rifles: Skull and Crescent: The Daily Illini lll: Interfratcr- nity Council l3. -ll: First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Honors Day ll, Il ARTHUR GEORGE SCHAFER ..,, .,,Spi111gfisl.! .eifrornzrznlcy Accountancy Club Springheld junior College jack ADOLPH SCHAPS ,..,.,.. Cbnagfv .-ltfaur1l.u1cy Alpha Epsilon Pi Accountancy Club: Marketing Club, Inter- fraternity Council fall Cl-lARl.lES FRED SCHLEEYOGT. .. . ., Omiii ,1 flrmlilllnllcy Theta Chi Sachem: Accountancy Club: Marketing Club: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: junior Baseball Manager. First Lieutenant, University Brigade RICHARD HUGH SCOTT ......., ,, ,Csfm.il1.i Aim-kefing Club Topper Caisson Club: Captain, University Brigade 3 ,J V f . Q I X 1-Ek.. , taxa, ev s at l .lla , ti l if 3'-.W ,Q r oar ul r- .3 Pkg .al K- R ' . 1 w if' Rv - D5 , Y P I 'ffeli .11 i 2 V A ffl ,Q ' ' 5, .4 us A K 45' l 4x i tr. as rw CHAR1.Es EUGENE SCULLY .... .. .jfrlmx Mmketmg Marketing Club Joliet junior College Euxxartn Srrivrrrx Srrcnc.. .. ...,. Dnmlfe xlcculmflllg Accountancy Club: Alpha Kappa Psi, Coast Artillery Club, Marketing Club, Phalanx: Second Lieutenant, University Brigade NORAIAN NA'I'H.ANlFl. SHARPE .Ker11lauJ, lull. .-lccfflnlhlrlry Sigma Alpha Mu Accountancy Club DePaul University ,IOHN FREnrRif'k Si-IEA ,, ...,. Clwragf, .'lrco1n1li1fliy Lim! .lltnmgfrrlanf Accountancy Club: Alpha Kappa Psi. Caisson Club: Marketing Club: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 12, Bl De Paul University EDXY.-XRD XVIi,i.1aRf SHOTLIFE, ,. ,,,, Rfrbmand ill.m.'1grn1i'r11 Alpha Kappa Psi: Marketing Club Dax Daaiox SIEGRIST , , ., H Palm.: .ali'i'ff1111l.111i'y Sigma Chi Accountancy Club. Band ot X1 Caisson Club, Scabbard and Blade: Freshman Varsity Track Squad, Varsity Track Squad 12, Sl: First Lzvutenant. University Brigade Honors Day ll, Il ARTHUR jcixrs SKFITON , . Clmvifmqfi .lliukallug Sigma Chi Accountancy Club: Caisson Club, Marketing Club: Plateau and Drum, Scabbard and Blade: Second Lieutenant, University Brigade JERRY ,losrvn Suav., ,. , ,,,. Riifii-1.!e ,ll.1rki','11lq Delta Phi Morton ,lunior College 83 LOUISI' VIRGINIA SAIALLXI OOD ...... l,nmbIIIIl AI-I fi1Iu1.IrIuJ Accountancy Clubg PIII CIII Theta ArIcII,I'H VvTaLI'I: Sraxxus. .. ,... f.'lw.1,g0 .Il.1fI.I,q4 rum! S.IclIIv.I X ,M.C,A. labmct 1531 FIVSK I.icutcrI.Int. Uni- versity Brigade GEORIII. TL'PPrR Sxxalru, ja. ,.,. ,..K.mi.ikU- M.IrI.ipIn1m1 Alpha Kappa Lambrla Freshman VarsIty Basketball Squad. Inter' Maternity Council HI , Student Alumm Assn- ciatmn 12, 53 TNIARTIN Tfuzrwir ....,. . . . ,..,II.II,IlIIIIl Aliilmligwrlerir Slgma C'hI lnterlraternity Council III. Star Course III JACK josrvu TARNI-' ,,,.. .,......., B Ifuyu Illmllzgnflnll Slgnu PIII SI,Igm.I Interlratermty Council I-Il Murton Ylumot College Hmm' RILHARD 'I'rI,AxuIII .. .... LI Cimfilql .llizvkvllrig PIII Kappa PSI Bancl III X5 Cavalry filubg PlI.Il.IrIxg Thu lllin fl, fll FIrst Lieutenant, University Brx- ga-lc RIrII'II1II jacx TI xvrlrs ., , ,, llviiiqfi .II.IrII1pI'n1I'11l Slgma Alpha Nu Pershing RIIICS New Yurk Unlvcrslty Anna EHTELL.-I TI-IIIII' .,...... .. .G.ifIJuIf Alflvklllnu McKIrIlcy Hall Accountancy Clubg Orange :Ind Blue FL.ItIIcrQ Honors Day II, II 8-I Rov HERBERT THOMPSON, JR. .... ,.Mn1laon Mfzlmgnrzrnt PIII Delta Theta XVIIIUARII XVUUNCER Tru-QPR .,...... Wbealorz .lliluagslllwil Accountancy Clubg Alpha Kappa Pslg Mar- keting Club Hunurs Day III j.-mrs IxI1IxxvfIL UNLANIJ, . . .. ..., Prkm Manr1ger1Iz'rIl Alpha Tau Omega Band uf X: Cavalry Officers' Club: Market' Ing Club, lnterfraternuy Council 13, -II 1 First Lieutenant, University Brigade SIIPPHITN VAN CLAY .,......., Zllm-phyrboro llldvllflfldl x1JrrIir1i.rlrario11 Theta Xi Band of X1 Interfraternity Council GI ,IONI-PH VANDER VFNNFT, .,.. .... I Holme .4I'I'011I1l.f1m'j Theta Kappa PIII Atwuntancy Club: Economics Club: Der Deutsclic Vereinz Marketing Club St. Ambrose College Yhaa AI Irx VANOIIAIIR ...... .,.AlImImr .-II'm1n1lIIr1I'y PIII Omega PI PIII CIII Theta: Silver Feathers IM: Pro- tluctmn SLIH, "hive Rides the Rails," "Sev- enth Heaven" Blackburn College M.uIt,I'nv Lvxxr XVANORAIIZR .,,.,... Mfmluu Arrnnliliifzrj PIII Umcga Pl Attnuntamy fxlubg PIII Chi Theta: Pan- Hcllcmc Council Ii, Mg First Council, Wfom- .Ink League 15, -II 3 Silver Feathers 131: Pruclultmn Staff, "Seventh Heaven" Blackburn College LINLII' Hmxann Wavnmnic ,......... Chmzga Ilidmliiifl xlilrrlilliflmliarz Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psi Honors Day ll, ZI DONALD JERORIE XVEBER ...... , . ,NI-IIIIIIII xllirmzgcrlzenl Theta Chi Marketing Clubg Pershing Ritlesz Phalanxl The Daily Illini tl, 2, SI, FIr4t Lieutenant. University Brigade RUIIIRI' XVARRIIN XIUIEINF .,... , Pwifa niuolifzfrrfzilx PI Kappa Alpha Aununtaney Clubg Sopllunl-Ire l'I.Iwkelhall Manauerg Freshman Varsity Gulf Squad, Yau sity Gulf Squad 12P: Letter H, HU VICIHN Bunxs XYf'EltIPI.F .. PIIIIIJ M.II1.IeenIuu1 Bradley PfIIytefIInIe Institute XVILI.I,-tm Buxnv WHIIIL. . ., I t'IIII.Il.',I Cfffzzrllwiw ami I..1Iz' Sluma Cihi Phi Delta Phi: Freshman Varsity Tratk Squad, Varsity Track Squad IS, VII, Frexh- man Varsity Basketball Squad Lrxvrx EDWIN XVI-II5N.-INT. ,. . rm., I-II'I'n1n11.IIII'5 PIII Eta Sigma: Atcountaney Clubl Beta Alpha Pall Marketing K lub Hnnurs Day ll, 2, Big lfmxerniry -II Illmrm ScIInlarsIIIp Key Rourrar FRANQIS XVHITNEY ., , ,Cb.vI1fI,I1uII Mizmzgevzem Accountancy Club, Marketing Klub BETTY XVHITTLN .. ...,, . . l'I!1.1II.I I-II'I'n1nIl.mI'5 Torth: Accountancy Club: Arepng Mask .Intl Bauble: Phi Chi Theta. The Illm Ili, XV.A.A.: Orange and Blue Featherig llhnu Theatre Guild 1515 Producti-,In Statl, "Huh- d.Iy," "Kiss the Boys Goodbye," "lane Rules the Rails," "The Beautiful Penplef' "The Gnnduliersi' HARRX' Warsrox WHITE ,,.,.., lI".Inln,q,1II :lI'I'nl1rI!.l1II'j Tau Kappa Epsilon Ma-XVan-Da, Sachem: Senior Basketball hlan' agerg Acwuntancy Club: Coast Artillery Club, Scabbard and Bladeg Skull and fireicent. First Lieutenant, University Brigade, Ath- letic Council H5 L .ss x ,aa 1 ti X 'gi .Wit I v I 3 I9 ,I ,wa 5 I ,Q 'Q- 'LTI' I I 1 - J X8 -vnu X H. A t rf I, ,...,, I IIxII E WI Isxirrz XYlll.UAY , I'I-flu.: ,'II'I'ffl1l1l.l11Ia Heta Theta PI .'XtInunt.II1I,y I lub. Iaiwmn ffluh, 5IIpIIIIrIIIIIe NuIIIIIIIIrIu Manager, Seeuntl I.IeultII.IIIt. L'nI- xevvtx Hnuade l'll.X5K lll'lM'1l,PH XVIITY , . I'1.I-a.'fII .llirriulfuq Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Kappa PNI, Markelinu tluh, The IIIIII 42, H. lntertratermty fnumil li, H ,Iamek Nilhkm lfnixerwity M lllll xx Axx XY'Il I Iaars ,I'1.'!II,1II tUI1fIrr1pII1.Il TI'.1I'lI,'I1e Reucna .'XIuIIIrIt,Inu' 1 lub, PIII CII: TIItt.I, PrIuIIIItmrI Statl, "Hull-l.Ix'4 Hnnnrs Dax' Ili l'lIRxt HIL Yumrrxx . .., BIIIIIIIH, N, Y. ,llIII1.IuIwIfI,' Tau Epsll-In PIII Interlraternity Chun-,Il rib L'I'IneriIry UI Butfalu NXMUTI, HOIIIM-sxxIIR'IH Yuiwr. . l'I!1.1II.I Cfwlrrzwrs Inn! I..1II' Delta Tau Delta .-htwuntamx' Club, Band -It X, tiavalry tlthrerx' Club. Marketing Club, FrexIIn1an Varxxty XYreQtlIng Squad, Varxity Tennic Squad Ili: lntcrfraternlty ioumrl ISI, Firxt I,Ieuten.Int, l'nIxersIty Brigade juux juris ZAMFINIK . xlleffffiffixfz ."lII'IIl1111.II1IVI .htiiuntanviy Club HARRY CHARI Ifi ZFCIQ, JR. r Imam lluksffuq lIII.II lxappl PIII I I ters u FruIIIIIIn XIISIKI Hxxebill Nquul lntertrlternity tnuntil I A II Ixerwitx rrut t Itrrx C Iunt Mrtvrx Lonrxius Ewen Dam Melvin Lorcruus Engcr, Prolessor ul Me- thanics and Hydraulits, since 105-8 Dean of the College or Engineering and Direttor of the Engineering Experiment Station, was horn hlay S, 1881, in Decorah, Iowa. He attended the University ol Minnesota .ind the University of Illinois nlrerc he retelxed the Bachelor of Stiime degree in Vixil Engineering in 111015 and later the f .ind MS. degrees. l'lctan1u to the University in Septcmlwr, WU", .is rn- slruttor in Tlieorclital and Applied Ncthanrts, .md has served on the tatultv since that time. From Mio to WH he was head ul the de- partment ol Theoretrtal .intl Applied Me- chanics. Dean Enger is .in honorary mcmher ul Triangle .ind is 4 member ut many engr- ncering sotlctlt-s .ind honorary lraternlties. we COLLEGE OF The developments in engineering in the seventy-Hve years since the founding of the University of Illinois have revolutionized modern civiliza- tion. In these developments the College of Engineering has made sub- stantial contributions through the investigations and writings of its faculty, through nearly forty years of organized resea1'ch in the Engineering Ex- periment Station, and especially through the xvork of the graduates of the College. The astonishing developments and advances in engineering and in- dustrial production during the war has created an unprecedented demand for engineers. In addition to the regular curricula in engineering, specialized courses have been provided to meet the needs of the Army and the Navy. The College is cooperating with the Division of University Extension and the United States Department of Education in training workers in war industries in many cities of the State. .QSM Win. Neg an I .3-ali ., 4' 86 DEAN ENGER Hfmvizv H, JORDAN "' Afmrinte Dean ENGINEERING ,fi 9 MQ N N M f N :fuk ilu lull H iw. S 'U' X--. 51.-5 fllll XX runny ll I IH Fx Plum, ffkiklk XIV .XI'v,',-Lu 41,-V, ,U H XY unxrx' C. Hum 1.1111 lwlulmu INIJION HIE xIIIRY H PXINI' Q 1 N4 nz A. Ll vrxx'lLER ' I Em-gzmurlug .Ur 4 fuzrllm 4- A1 A Y- gfg my P. Gxfnfun KRUGFR Plzplrx ,F l I 9 e l 1 l lxl.-XTH.-XX KLIFFORD Rl: l-ll'R lH4i-1024 Dr. Nnlmn Kllril-nd Rukcr ra unc In tlxu great irgurcx ln Lfnnunntv lnxtury, A mcmhcr rw! lllrnuls hut graduating tlass, hc was thu nrit ln .-Krncrut.n tu hc granted .1 dcgrcc In Archlfctturu. Alter Qtudy .xml tmsel rn Eur--pf, hu lwtum thc Unlvcrirtfs nrst pr--lessor ut Artlntctturc, .1 pmntmn wlntlu hc held tor nfty-twn yc.xrs. In thc early t.l.1ys, Prnrcwur Rrcker lmd dutru, Hu was thc .xrthltett nt Several campus Qtrutruru. hc x-.As tnr twenty-Raven years Dmn ul thu fnllcgc nl Engnnucrxng, .mul tor thrrty-:rght -,'c.1xw l1u.ul uf the Dcp.utmunt ul Archxtecturc, Hu est.llwl1sl1ct.l thu Engrncurlng Experiment Sutmn .mtl Lml l1m.ul lutlndntmne upon which our dxstlngulxlwtl Kullcgc ul Englnccrxng un crcttctl. An .ltumrnplnelxud Sclmlu, J sympnhctlc tmtlmur, an .rlvlc .xtlr111n1str.1tur and the translator' lr-rm tluc Gcrm,m .mtl Frcmh nt over rlfty xulumcs un Artlultuturc, hu mme 15 tudxx' perpcruatcd rn Rltkcr I.1hr.1ry ul Arglututture uf wlmh he sms mlm the fuundur, 4 Rrxrtuuw Nrxumru Inu KJNIKURN Bxkrrz AMHLVR NHHH 'yqulul rsiarr-122 luv 1r,,3 If-K lltlwffl P'-Nw :r-'du-lrv-l YIHH1 Nw VH' lfmrw... .www Nuwll 11.lrm, .. U,..rt.,.ft ..f wmu rn lllnntus lthcn Illxnlnx lntluwtzml l'nw flu- l'nnt-fury -lr Illm-ui In IHH1, lr.u.l .x xuy. Inu: wrwtxh rn IVA, .mtl :mme-lr.rrLlx' begun hw mtlucntu ln tlutcrmxnlnz thc huh qrulm nl mul, tmnlnnu uruqr .lx ,unstxnt In plwwlu .mtl lull "V fllf f"llf!C "f EUUVWCYIUH In ,IU '-'Jflt WJ" un:lr.uLrun: ln IFS he bunny tluc wtwml luznl i'T,ldllfkf'U! Nw 'UbWLlUUm 'lUVl"Pl"fm "l "l dm DfP-'mm' L" K ull En-gmcumu' " Flmwm ln hu Rutlnnu .md rcwcutlr xx-nk rn tlxu nulllt llc lxllutl xxlrlx tllstrntt.n:1 Y-yr nqtuly hun ymxs H' mnlmn, Engmcurmg Amd 'llmwmjl HM An untlxllmutwt unxtruttwr, he lux lwcn tl1.nv.u Applrutl Mulmnrti lur m-vrc tlun slxrv yum, mum .lt .mf wr rm gmt rmtlmrs .rr tml cup- Iwm IHNS I-+ PHI. hr lU5lNlUkl 'In Ir1lrllwtu.1l muum In the h,,,,,ry HI Amcmkm u1m.n,,,n"' .nlurtncw .md lngh xt.1m.l.rrtls ul .ulncxurmurmu lor .mtl as knmxn .lx the t-vuntlcl' ul thc "Sunny 'WH' xmklcntx 'md mkully' -NNW dnl mmh 'U rw :ht Pr-mm-m--nvt-r Lnuvnqunnu Edut.m4.n". il1t'lLf"t'lllk'giiv-luluupmttirwslllllrllilrlgglljilf In Mld'l"lr' I" hung A will tmlllcr' Pulltwu Ix.ltl .r lrrundlv lntcrwt In Students .ls xntllxxtltmls lS.1kcr was .1 .md hmctul uzrtcr .mtl rutunxul .md In MICH guhwqutm Pwtc,3W,ml Pwuwuv lm 1ntuln.1tn-lrml rctounrtmn fur hu xxurkx In thc lrulrl mtclul uhlth lwlpuj U, dtwlup mmy 1,4-,l "V Ulll Cf1H'V1'-'CIIUH .nlun.n1. Hrs nmny rcxmrtlw mntrllrutmlu xxlvull ln V711 he cwulwluxlwcd thu Ir.: Usb-nn lhktr Ittl In unprmurnuntx rn cngrnuurlng pmttrtu nutlu Prlzc In C :ul Englnccrlng tu gnc rutngrntlun mth Inm .an -rutxmntlxng hgurc ln thc cnulnccunu vm: tw thu lun xmmrx xxhmc .ulmfwrncntx rn-wt P"'lUW'l1 YIIUIHHUVIUM NILIJCFIKN Nlll lwnulrt I-lr nc.1rl3 mst the rtlmlx wt up by Dr, BAN, runny ymrs Ku turns trwrn lux untmmllv Irurtlul Im- - 'lrlflcvxlu f, Smmu fr FMU H. Nllli . ,f - V f X.. , . .- K J .QN'., N' -ix , Drfnumrox or KIRAMIKN BL'rL1wrxu rx 101i S9 Rnxioxn Joi-rx Acxniuiax ..... ...Almrgu Cin! En,qlm':ring Triangle A,S.C.E.g Chi Epsilon: Tum.1h.nxk Honors Day 11, 31 , DALI' YIQIOR Alanis ..,,,.....,. Yfinlffu .llirlI.1r11i.1l Efl,qlr1ffriII,e Sigma PI Pi T.Iu Sigma: A.S.M.E.: Pershing Rirles: Siihbnrel .Ind Blmlu: Tau Nu T.IuL First Q I.Ieuten.Inr, University Brigade Honors Day tl, 2 I 'G' I f- rj Hifiimi Hi xrrn AIxI'x.,.,l!"m1lwfip Hinlm Merlnzlzmzl Eugimfeiirig lb T ig Sigma Phi Delta ' V Independent Cuuncil 425 ontirs xy ,V ,Q H D. ' 423 - t Ex xx 'I xx .. -:H .t .I 2 CHARI I s EDWIN AI.I+IiI-r'H1'. . . .. .,.,. Tfalorm Elefliiuzl EnpiI1nr'if1,Q A.I,E,E. 'p,,s!'.. NI , .. Ni' " : "",-"'i"' .' ' I Romnr jonx AI,Ix.fixIIIfn ........ , Ubizizii ,llt't'li.m1iiIl Erziglristiiziig Viet-Premlcnt, beninr Class: A,S.M.E.: Tau Nu T.Iu: Freshman Vnrsity Basketlull Squad. Freshman Varsity Bziseball Squnilg Varsity Bssebzill Squad 1231 Captain, University Bri- gnde Hmmm D.Iy Ill L,-will Ai r,L'sT ANIILLA .,,.... llnfwlniu, Ind. Eflgirinilzie Zeta Psi A.SM.l2,1 Freshnun V.Irsity Fnritlmll Squad Reinrn I Enw ARD AIuils'I'I'AD, ....,.. Clilmgf, ,Ihflziniliill Efigirmeillztg A,S.M.E. Rohrni' Avnmii ,,..,...,,,,,., .. .Cbmigff EngnII'vrm,tg Plvyriiir Tau Delta Phi Interfraternity Council HI Illinois Institute ut Tethniulngy SILYEUS MONROE BAKER .......... Slvwardian Mscbaniml Engineering A.S.M.E. Honors Day GJ ,Ions Wfwsmus Bmuusicv ........ Cbimgu Merhfmifnl Engirzeerirzg A.S.M.E. Krxxrru I.roN BANDY. ,. ,,..,...,,.. Pekin Alefbimiuzl Engineering A,S.M,E.: First Lieutenant, University Bri- glade HARLAN DANIEL Bi-xRI5I'I'IIEI1 ......... Mfrzlofm 1IILffb:1mi'al Erlgirzeerizlg Ruste Arms Tau Betn Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Em Sigmag Pershing Rifles: Scribburd and Blade: Tau Nu Taug Mayor, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 2, 33: University of Illinois Scholarship Key Enxwum DONALD BARLQW, Benton Harbor, Dlirb. illerlvaziiiul Engineering Sigma Nu A.S.M.E.1 Freshman Varsity Tennis Squadg Varsity Tennis Squad 123 CHI-lRl,IiN EVITTS BATES .......,......., Dixon illelulllzvgliuil Erlgifzerrlflg Club Topper Mincml Industries Society XYIILLIAM LINDSAY BAx'rEI1.,Kan,ra1 City, Ma. Alsrlfariiml Ezlgirieevirgg Delta Tnu Delta lnterfrnternity Council 43, -lj Kansas City Junior Cnllege DAN SMILIZY BECI-IIA' ........... ...Urbana Civil Eugirzeer-ifzg Triangle A.S.C,E.g Chi Epsilon Honors Day ll, 31 JOHN ALBERT BELL .,.... . ...... Elm Moline Melallnrgiral Erlglrluurlfrhg Augustana College ALBERT EDWARD Bfxolsr ..,, Alnmn ll-'mln Mcfbumral Erzglnrennq Alpha Tau Omega A.S.M.E. Southern lllvnois State Normal Univcrsxty HOWARD BERNARD BITTNER, .-lrllnufml flulglvlf Alerlmrzlml Eflxqfmwlug Oregon Man-wr A.S.M.E. Ronrm' Errxx ,um BIUDFAU ..... , Clwrrzw Elurlfzml Erzglflvrrlrzhlg A.l.E,E. University of Mlssmslppi JACK DEHAWN Bohm ,... ,.Sm.l.,f1.1. lfllz. Altcfuzfllnzl Ermlrlm-villa Alpha T.1u Omega lvla-XVmn'D.1: Sachum: Senmr Manager: Scahlmml and Blade: Tau Nu Tau, The Dally llllnl Ili: First l.1cutcn.xnt, Um- versrty Brxgadc Honors Day HP RAYMOND f'I.-XRULD Bomtmx ,...... ..-llplm fllwluzzzmzl Erzglrzclwnhq Rustc Arrnes Tau Beta P11 Pl Tau Sngmag Phn Em Slgnuz Pershing Rlllcwp Stahllurd And Bhdc, Tau Nu Tau: Y.M.C.A. Board of Diructnrs 1-U, Lieutenant Colonel, Umversnty Brxgadc, Mrlr- tary Council Hi Honors Day ll, 2, Rl. Univcrslty of lllmols Scholarshnp Key JAMES BAKFR BRAMLFT, ..,,.. ..H.1m.lm,k Gum'1.1l Erzlqlrzerrlrzg Fxrst Lieutenant, Unnvcrsxty Brngadc RICHARD EARL BR,xumLLrR .,.. .. . .Mnlmv 1H:rbz1r11n1l Eugirlselmg Theta Chi Honors Day ll, 2? wvllll Elm IN Bnlxmw ,, , ,-llmn .llrrfnllllllfl Efzqnzrlwnq A,S.M.E. bhultlrll f.1llL'uL llmx -xnxx Bnmmu .lrllmm nm, N. j. fl.fJl7Il1.'C 4tmcr1t.m fu1.n1ut Sutlcty Rutgers llmxt-:mtv NUR-uw KHMQLIN Bruml 4 rlffmgo ,lqr.'lnI.'11f.1l Erlulmtflug lurhu Hmm .-X SA E. XX rrght Alunnnl fnllcut Dru CI uzrxu BRur'a.HTox l3lf,,f1f1.'fl!qf,fr1 .Url lfrnznnl Erlglfzrrvlfzg The C lmdcl A 5.M,E.1 Pcmlnng Rntlusg Rltlu lllxnuus Sure Nurnml Unxvcrslty ,Imax FRANK Bm nun AI,'!ur1ffl'... NM, I fl Ewgnzr r ming lllnm H.all A SCE. Muqucttt' l'nu curry -I-xmrx D.-xxln l-Sm'-xx Grfmufzlffnn, Yum. klllfrnlzl Errglmwnzu Ps: Upsllnn Ph: Eta Sigma. Em K.lpp.1 Nu Hwnwri DA5 IU Xxhllllifxl Fnlmxx Htnxrrr . L'flQlm.1 . JIU!-.w1..1l Ef1g1r1rw.'11q T.xu Nu Tau, First l.xcurcn.xnt, Unnurxlty Hrlmdt -IM N SP,-XFLDINC t.+n,mx YLL ,,. ,. .r'l'fr.f,w .llrl.1H1n,t'f1llf Eflgllzryvlvlg P1 Kap-p.x Phu Kunst Artnllcry Klub, Smbbard .mtl Bl.ldcL Stu and Scrull. The lllm Il, Il, The D.uly llllnl ill. Sun:-wr flaw I'nn1nmruu, Inter- traternlty Council Hi 1 Flrxr Unl- xcrslty Bngndc 91 xvl.-KRREN EDMOND CAMPBELL., ..,. I!"im'lw,fm Clril Eligiuserifig Sigma Phi Delta A.S.C.E. Memos Hrxm' t'.iNHaai .,....,.,.., ll",i1.iga ,lltrlniriiiuzl Erligiiiwiiilg A.S.lXI.E, Knox College jonx Rnainmiv f,-XRROLL ,.....,. Clmfzfpiiiun .Wlti' Erlgimwiiig Ruste Armes A,S,M E.. Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade, Tau Nu Tau. hflaior, University Bri- gade: Military Council l-ll Fimxi-Q Moxrtzoairm' C.-KTHLART, Jn., Clvlirigfi illrltrllliigliurl Euglfruuiiizg A.l.M.E.g M.l.S.: Scimitar: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Captain, University Brigade josrvii jacicsox CHASE .......,4. Cluzmpaign .llt2.1llmglr.1l Ellgirluwhig Alpha Kappa Lambda Mineral Industries Society Honors Day l3l hlariia S'i'Lvaiz'r I imisrnwsiix ...,.... illa,1zi'fwfi! .llt i'lv.1rm'i1l Erzyizlcurlrzg Tau Nu Tau: Varsity Gymnastics Squad ill 1 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Hiiaixn Bimiax Ciriiusriaxsox, JR., Xiiinlnilii Vim! Eriqlizuwirlg Triangle Tau Beta Pi. rXS.C.E,1 fhi Epsilon: Pha- lanx: Tau Nu Tau: The Tuchnograph ill: Freshman Varsity XVrestlini4 Squad: Captain, l'nivcrsity Brigade H-in-irs Day ll, 2, ii: Unixersity ol' Illinois Sth-ilarsliip Key jw K Ciiaisiisox . .... .,.... D .lltrluzlzmrl Er1gir1t'i'i'izi,Q Theta Xi Freshman Varsity Xvrestling Squad Iowa State College 92 R . 4 'naar Q7 Q . 'N .N w W. 25-" Y K ' ' ' xk M hslf 5 . I A-. Y 3 1 B 'Six - . ea- ,.-i X. . . t K Lzig5W1if'- I' ' ' "lifts ' h .iv 1 49 X53 G. RALPH BURNETT CLARK .......,..... Urbmm Msrbaniml Engineering Beta Theta Pi A.S.M.E.: Phi Mu Alpha'SinfOnia: Concert Band Il, 2, 5, -ll THOnrAs HENRX' CLOKIT, ja. ,..... Park Ridge illerlmniml Engineering Theta Chi Cnast Artillery Club: Pershing Rifles: Scab- lward and Blade: Lieutenant Colonel, Univer' sity Brigade: Military Council 1-ll PAUL I.irfiON COCHRAN ......,.....,... Pima Elurlrlrill Er1gim?ei'i11g Sathwa A.l.E.E.: Caisson Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade . -lOsnPH COHLN ......,....,, . ...,.. Cbimga Ciill Eizgirlewhlg A.S,C.E,: Mu-San Wfright junior College Joi-rx Lrxvis COLP ,..... .......,. C arlerrille illefliriliiml Ezlgirlewiug A,S.M.E. Southern Illinois State Normal University ALFRI-D ERNST tjonuuaiv ..,......... Cbmigu illsclurzliriil Eugiileeriflg Kappa Delta Rho Coast Artillery Club: Pershing Rifles: Scala- bard and Blade: Star and Scroll: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Maint, University Brigade: Military Council H5 CHrll'll.l.N XYHLLIAM Caoss ,......... Rorkjortl 1lIsltrll11f'gii'ill Ellgiflrwirzg Phi Kappa Sigma Vice-President, junior Class: Caisson Club: Mineral Industries Society: Plateau and Drum: Scabbard and Blade: Skull and Crescent: Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad: Varsity Wfrestling Squad 12, 3, 41 : Freshman Varsity Gymnastics Squad: Varsity Gymnastics Squad 12. 3l: Major, University Brigade Honors Day lll .lOHN Hifxm' Ciwnm ..........,... Plizinfivlil illeflmniivll Erlgilleurirlg Delta Phi A,S.M,E. Armour Institute of Technology: Joliet jun- ior College RAY DAVIES, JR ..... ...,. S I. Pe'lu1'.ff1m'g, Flu. Ceramir Engineerinlg Delta Kappa Epsilon American Ceramic Society: Cavalry Others' Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade New Mexico Military Institute JOHN ROBERT Davis ,,,,....,,. ..,., I Jwifii Clzvl Erzglmvrlrig Acacia A.S.C.E.: Pershing Rifles: Suabhard and Bladeg Skull and Crescentl Tau Nu Tau: Captain, University Brigade jaex AHLMAR DELKLR ..,,..... jfflm CIM! Erzgluverlrlg Delta Phi A.S.C .ll. jnliet junmr L ollege JOHN Axrrm DFDINAQ. ,,,,, , Spimgliifil illrlizllmlglrizl Eflgzviisrlilg A.l.M.M.E.g Mineral Industries Sntiety josivrr JOHN DFJONGHE ,..... .... D imrfllu Elulrliuzl Erzgmuennlg A.I.E,E.g Pl Tau Pr Sigma. First l.leuten.1nt, University Brigade ANTHONY S. DEL Morvrr .....,,..,, elm-i150 1lIufb.nl1mI Euglrlerrlrzg Shangri Lodge Wlright junior College CARL RANKIN Dieu, Jn .... ,........ D warm Gmeml Engznswing Chr Phi A.S.C.E.g Sotiety of General Engineers Cornell University ARTHUR jamns DIPPOLD ....,... .Eifzmnlfrfllf Cvnmllr Erlglnierlllg Kappa Delta Rho Keramos Blackburn College l . lg t . Q Q15 , a ,-rl: , is , i , Q, t Q. .6L:"'Q.'56ig R F' - A . af 1 is s -'rf .fi I 1 . jaifi 'ZS '2' qw- , , , i ,Q e Q -fi ss .. , 1 N' it T -.i -X . x x .N V V-I . ' ' -+ 3 237 ii - -, av: Q . -T11 . 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Tau Nu Tau: Captain, lfniversrty Brigade Josevi-t Fruxx Faux ,..... ...... C hir-.rgo .llafl1.zr1li'.1l Ellglrrfg-vrrlg Tau Kappa Epsilon A.S.M.E.1 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squadi Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad Louis Gwnuux Faiwra.. ,..Clw.m'f Ct-frifrzrrvf Newman Hall American fferamlt Society. Pershing Rrlles Miro Frm .,,. .,....... Il 'Ellrfn Hill C1111 Eflgirztfrrrlq A.S,C.E, .IOHN hlL'LHOLLAND Frrr-rtnsrox, , Eifufzcoalf. PJ, rllerlnrlilixrl Ellgfrruirluu Theta Chi A.S.M.E,1 Cavalry Club: Pershing Ritles: First Lieutenant, University Brigade STUART ALAN Frxr ,..,,.,, ., . ...., Clwiiqf, .llfrlfirlriml Euglrzriwizrg Phi Epsilon Pi Northwestern University XVILLARIJ Eusrxiz FITCH, .-illzliijllefqilf, N. Alix. Elfr.'1lr.1l Efzgiilvrrlrzq Ail.E.E: Kappa Mu Epsxl-ing First Regi- mental Band 13, -ll University uf New Mexico Rorariu' XV. Foaaxra ...4..,..,,.. L.aGf.mge Cerruizii' Erzgirzeerlfzg Amerrtan Ceramic S-itrctv i RALPH XVILLIAM Fonsr ..,.,....,..... Cmv, rllelrzllluglrirl Ezlglrlewllzg Triangle A.I.M.M.E,g Mineral Industries Society: First Regimental Band Il, 1, 33: Student Alumni Assnuatiun 421 94 9 'IE' 341 A 1 QQ! yn l, V , i I r Q9 ij 'NJ as sw ,A Vg... , 6 .- -' VJ W iq r l ,lyfer-f'L 5 'ff' 'rzxffr - V xxx t . y ' J 0- J 11:1 J 's-1-1 'fi' .sl Gu 0 'V ' JOHN JOSEPH FOSTER ............... Chicago Merbnniral Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Caissnn Club: Pershing Rillesg Plateau and Drum: The Illio Ill: Captain, University Brigade Wfright Junior College RALPH Cam. FRANKE ..,.......,,. Algonquin Cevrmllf Eflgirlselirlg American Ceramic Society: Caisson Clubg Captain, University Brigade Paul. Auixfixurzn FREELAND ......... Sullivan Elumirirl Errginveriflg Granada Club Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Lieutenant Colonel, University Brigade, Military Council Hb Honurs Day tl, 2, Sl 1 University of Illinois Scholarship Key AUGUNT MOLKEY FROMM ..........,. Riimfey illeflnlrllnzl Erlgmeerifzg A,S,M.E. Eastern Illinois State Teachers College Warren JosrPH Glutus .............. Cicero rllsrlnnliiurl Engineering Phi Kappa A.S.M.E.: Sigma Tau Morton Junior College XYULLIAM Wrisom GALBREATH, JR., ,-llllnnre, Ohio Cemmrrr Phi Sigma Kappa American Ceramic Sncietyg Skull and Cres- tent Mount Uninn College ARTHUR Paul. GARST ....,,.......... Urbana Marlmuirnl Erzgirzem-ing lil.,-XRTNLE Josrrir Gaurmna ......,. Chicago lllrrbmriml Engimrering Sigma Pi A.S,M.E.1 Scrxbbard and Bladeg Tau Nu Tau: Major, University Brigade EDXVARD ANTHONY GODLEWSKl, .R0i'kf!'Il:1' 2I'le'i'bIu1icizl Engineering Pershing Rifles: Captain, University Brigade HOXY'ARD AARON GORDON ,..Clwf.1ga Hrigbu Gerluml Engizlceflrlg Zeta Beta Tau A.S.C.E.: Sophomore Intramural Manager: General Chairman, Dad's Day, 10-12g Inter- fraternity Council HI 1 Men's League Ex- ecutive Board t-tl 1 Men's League junior Cabe inet 1353 Interfaith Council 131 Honors Day III CARL Gnaxr GRAHAM, JR, ..,....,. Hfllabam Civil Erlgimacring A.S.C.E.3 A.S.G.E,g Phalanxg Tau Nu Taug First Lieutenant, University Brigade LESLIE GILBERT GRAPER ,........,.,. Chu-nga AIslt1ll111giri1l Erzgnrcsrirzg Chi Phi Mineral Industries Society XVIISOH junior College XVII,LIAbI EDWARD GRAX'ES ,,....,..., Clzfrlzgm .iwiczillriiizl Engirzeeimg Illini I-Iall A.S.A.E.: A.S.C.E. XVright junior College EVERETT CLARK GREGORY ,.,.,.. . .,,.. ,-imma A,gl'1i'1ilI1iIi1l Engifluerlng A.S.A.E.g First Lieutenant, University Brigade Anutsox GRO.-IK ..,.,,.....,.,.,.. Chit-Liga GQEIIFIIII Engirle.f?I'111g A,S,C.E,g A.S,G,E.g Freshman Varsity Track Squadg Freshman Varsity Football Squad ALLISON CARTFR GRLINER11 i..,,.. Itarlefffi-if C1111 Erzgnluerllzg Phi Kappa Tau A.S.C.E.1 Student Alumni Association HI -sift ,lvl 'R F: J t .54 I af K I -fa me 'Q-sf P -2-si 1,-at I 31 ff- , n e -1 i Us si, I. james Doxuu Hamm' ,........,..,. B.1mriiz illvmllniglrlll Ezrgirzverilzg Sigma Phi Delta A.S,M.E,L Mineral Industries Society: Phi Alpha Chl R XYMHND Hfxatlwnc, ,.,.. .,, tffifnztga .IItl'lu1Illi'.1l Erlglrltulng tosmnpolxtan Club A.S,M.E,3 Tau Nu Tau: First Lieutenant, Unixcrsity Brigade EIIXYARD Hrasrv Haatrxirksarm . ,. Efrtlllitlf Euginzvefzzlg A,l.E,E. Daiif Lroaaan Haxxixsm , , .llfflma .IIul'lI.zIlII11l Ezlgiifrmfrzig Zeta Psi Ma-XVan-Da. Sathemg Pi Tau Sigma. Senior Track Managerg Athletic Council HI Sraxtlfx' Btxilrs HANSSFN, ., ,, tflizrago All-tb.zf1:r.iI Eflgfllaetlllq Alpha thi Rho A.S.M.E.1 Coast Artillery Cluhl Phalanxl First Lieutenant, University Brigade DIORMAN INIINION I-laRn0IrI t,'mrn1u.111, Ufwg .Ilttluzlliiill Efllrglflcwlrlq Phi Gamma Delta Dolphinsg Trihe ot Illini, Varsity Swimming Letter II, 3I ,lux PHILIP Hrrutx. , .... , ..,Clv1t.1gn .IliwlI.if1n.:l .ffliurlcuilvlg Illini Hall A.S M.E. Xvrlght junior College ALLEN IMIATTHFW HFNNINLAFN. .. ..t ZI,'r.1gu iIIst'lI.1I11r.1l .Eflqifiewlrig Granada Club Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Eta Sigmag Phalanx: Tau Nu Tau, Captain, Unxtersity Brigade Honors Day 11, 1, 3I: University of Illinois Scholarship Key 95 I yi I I I I I I I I A Duxuu l.1fxv1x HENRY ,........... Kfrklmzll lilrrfvlml Erzglrzacvllzg Phi Em Sngnmg T.1u Beta Pl: Ph.1l.1nx: Pu Tau Pr Svgnug First Llcutgnant, Llnlversnty Brlgndc Hnnnrs Day ll, 2, P-D, Unlxuwuty ut' lllinms Sclmlnrslwnp Key XXYILLIXM Allfl Rl HILKM.-XA, ,, ,,lll.1.'m runl Efzlqlmufrru A SINE. -Lamu Mullrkm Ynnurwty llllu Enxxum Hrxrx . , ,L'fl.m.r .lll . f'.:r.'.'l,1l Ef1.'.'mlr,'f.'q A S.M.E, :Xuuust.m.1 1--llcgc l'ilIl4l'RT lim KI ll xv , , l,lfl.JLw l:l..,'1.u.1l Ifrrulmlm. Tull House Sxnnm Hnnnrs Dxy ll I RUlKl'R'l Hmmm . . , . Duffy: Curl lfflglmulflp Slgnm P1 :MSC E, . blxull .xml C' rcwunl . lllc llllu ill. 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ARIHCR Huuuxr, .IUHNSON ,.,,.. ...Clmuxgo .lin lnnmlzl .Exzlulllurzlllg Slgnu P1 A,S,M,E,1 Const Artillery Clubg Freshman Xfnslty B.1skc!b.xll Squad: First Llcutennnt, Unncrs5ty Brigade Umm Erorxr jouxsnx, ...,...... Sum-f.1 .-lqlllnllnml Eriglucfnnlg Pctcrwn Club I.xu Bern Pu: Phl Em bxgnmg A.S.A,E.3Sngn1:l 'l .lu Hmmm Dry ll, 2. U1 Umversity ut' Illinuis Sllwlarslulp Key D11,M'm' Wmznrx joxrs, .. .,..... Cfllliffil lfllmfnrl Eugmsfm1g A,I,E.E. HHHHFS D-W ll. 2. SP. Unisersity of Illmois mlmluship Key ,lux SI1YM0I,'R AlUNlPH. ,.,.. Hanford, Crum. Cl ul ml Euglzlefllrzg llllnl Hall A,S.C.E, Hun-,rs Day 4?-l Hxllycr junmr College XY'II.LlAH Brrcx,anu ,lrmox ...,...,. Emurmzz .llwfmfrfml Erlgnlrerlzlg Bala Theta Pi AS ALE. vlmmox Hucnx' KAm'n .....,........ Clumgo .llrl'lu1f1ll.1l lfrlginaeriug 'lflu Epsilon Phi A.S.M,E.L Suplwnwru Baskctbnll Manager: Intcrtmterniry Cuuncul 153 Hrnxfmn Kfxsnq .,................. Cfvfmgo llleilulrlfml frlgiflrerfug Tech House A,S.M.E. CLYDE Envm KIESLIER ......,..... Clmlllllallgll C1171 Eng1mu'v'111g Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilong Tau Nu Tgrul First Lieutenant. University Brigade Honors Drly 11, 2, Sl: Unncrixty nt Illinuxi Scholarship Key XVILLIAM jmrvu Krzrvrcu. ..,, , .Sp1111.q1iil.l 1IIs1bi1111u1l E11gi11ur1111g S.ul1w.1 A.S.M,E.g First Llcutermnt, Unlxcrsxty Bri, gndc Hurmrs Dxy III Rfn'iutmLm Vfnifn KUFHLTR, JR. .,t!m11gff C1111 E11u111yLv111q The Citadel A,S,C E., Plulanx, T.xu Nu Inu, f.tpt,nn, l'nixL-rsity Brigade PAM, Murtnix KOLNIQMARK ,,,ll".111-111111 .lli1'lu11111'11l f11g1l11.u111g DLP.iuxx University: Umtctl bt.ltLS N.n.iI Atntlcmy Anxum Fnriu Km-mlikr, ju, , B.1111114Lg1f1.' C1111 E11.g111rrv111.q Pctcrwn Klub T.1u Bum Pi, Kiln Epmlon. Captain, Unuursity Brxgatlu H--nnrs Day 11, Il jfxmrfs josrim Koxzac , ,... Elm Alffffui' 1Ile1'lu111m1l Erlgnzr rung Stgnn Phi DcIt.1 A.b,M,E. 'IO'-Il-'H I.lNLlI- lircfu ,, .,,,, . ,r.lv1i.1q,, .IILrln11111't1l Evigzzzeflzzlg XVesmcn, Pr Trtu P1 Sigmn, Scmml Llcuttnf .int, Unncrxity Brigade Frcrmzui K AIOHN Knunn .,...,. ,c,'hn.1q11 1IIL'I'lu1111L'i1l Erzgflluwillq A,S.M.E,g Indcpundcnt Council 117 .cs IU? 'Q ls?- X-., Ffa '-v G' w Q 1 , I t sz , " if , v . 1 N . ... ' R ,, 9 vw" M f tr. Q I XX: I :st-Sift Q...- 1 N KX . P 6' .3 , . I . ' ns EDWARD jun-rx Knurcrn.. rifviniw 1IIrL'l:a111L'11l E11,tf111iL'1111,q At.1t'l.1 A.SINIE.1 Rifle Club, 'Inu Nu T.iu, Ihr Illini II, 21, Freshman Vnrvtv Turk Squml, Inturtmtcrnity f-:until lib, f.ipt.nn. L'nixL-r- xlty Iirlgitlc 'Ir 11: X cH.,xRLrx I.,-Xl-MIIIR, In., I11ql1l.11.-.1 Huh LIIe't'lv.11111'.zl E11u111i'ur111q Iiixxt Iluulrmntil Bind 41 'D jtmml Rumrzr Lim . . , 0.16 Pwr .Ilt,'i1fl111L'Ji.:l l311.t'111LL1111t' Mint .II lmlu-frics Smictv. I'nut-rsnty flrtlwuf lr.. Iwl 4 Ijmtltittmn Smtt, "Out nl the Firing Pin Imtwtutu nt 'I't'tIinwI4igy, lcntml X Mr A Fnllcgc Nu Ilfxxm I,.KIIKx , .l'1f'.11 Ijlirfvltrrf lf11L'111rt1f11i' A I EE.. Em K.ipp.i Nu Npringlml-.I Iuniwr fullcgc Ihimll Klxrnutx I.uur1x .... , Iiffrkfffm' lzlttlmiil Erzwflutfrrlu 5:51114 Plii Epnlwn A I Ii IQ, . I:ruxl1r'n.m Yuwty Curl! Nluatl , Flu! I.iuitL-n.irit, I'n1xcrxity Brlgntlu My rertfxizlv hlwxrpi-r I.,'xr1Y,wK , . !ff1'1.1y .III I fn.'111r .11 Iifllumr I img I i I-ittrxu Illia lit.t Mgmt A S N.E . I.tu Nu 'l'.iu. mt-+ntI I.iLniun.inr, Pniwmtx llrluatlc lltrlfllil In-x I.IXIXlIfIXXN-RI .1i,v1f.1!ff. .Y Y. L11i-111i't1111rg t.-IlL:u Irlntiau Iruixi. sltwxlx' Lixlxxtm, r!11..141w .IIt'1,1Il111g11.1! Ii11u11.'t-iwnzlrg A,I M IXI I . Mincml Intlmtritw Sutlctx Irrulirxmn V.n51ty Galt Squml I5ruxLl Institute, Unxvcrsitv nt Mithignn 97 XVILLARD ARNOLD LINDAI-IL, .....,... Cbirago Gslzcvurl Engizleeriflg Phi Gamma Delta Tau Beta Pig Sigma Tau Honors Day lll RALPH LEON LIPI-INLOTT ,.......,,.. Drmrnr .llrt'b.1rIlr.Il Erzgiflewlzlg Tau Nu Tau: First Lieutenant, University Brigade GEORGE INICROBERTS LONG .....,.... Clurago .lIt'rluI1IlL'.Il Ewglueeriilg The Citadel A,S,lvI,E.L Phalanx, Tau Nu Tau, Major, University Brigadeg Military Council L-ll I-Ionors Day ll. 31 XVrIght junior College Coxaan LEI' LONGAIIRE ,.,,...,....,.. Sibley Ezzgzzzsar-ing Plvyylrf Tau Beta Pig Phi Alpha Chi Honors Day ll, 3, 511 University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT XVINFRED LORENTZ.. ...,,.., Cbirugo Cir!! Ezlglzleering A.S.C.E, Manvrx B, LORIG ,.,,......,.,,..., Clnirngo Illerfmwiml Englrzeeiiug Cosmopolitan Club A.S.M.E.g Pershing RII'Ies3 The Daily Illini Ill, Interlraternity Council 151 .IAROCH LOsuvfiI.Na ..,, Pnzi-lunburi, 7'lmII1m.! Illuiliizrzlrtzl Ezzgluuerlng Phi Eta Sigma Miami University HARRY GLIs'ravr LLII-Ixsxr, JR, ..,,., Clumygo Geuvml Er1glrIefri1Ig A.5 G E. Wlright junior College 98 U' -' gp- x- x '-8 1 I ev If Fi i 'Y sf. . .set- ik ,,,. lx.. Ii' ELMILR FRED MASKS ........,....... Chicago Mechanical Erzgineering Alpha Delta. Phi Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M,E. Kemper Military School DE.-IN ENNIS MADDEN ...........,... Di-mzur Merbaniml Erlgilzeerirzg Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sachemg Business Manager, The Technographg President, Engineering Councilg President, Freshman Class: A.S.M.E.g Skull and Cres- cent: The Illio ll, 2, 571 Chairman, Fresh- man Frolicg Freshman Council Honors Day 115 XVILLIAM ADOLPH MARENECK .,,,,. Lombard Illerlnzrliuzl Engirzeerillg The Citadel Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Sigmaz Phi Eta Sigmag A.S.M.E.g Phalanx, Tau Nu Tau: Inde- pendent Council l-U 5 Captain, University Bri- gade Honors Day tl, Z, Sl 3 University of Illinois Scholarship Key Euxv.-IRD james IVIATOUSEK .....,...., Berwyn Elerlrlrrzl Erlgiaieeliflg Delta Chi Morton junior College ROBERT CURTIS MATTER .... ..... R ark lrlumz' Alerizllnrgirnl Eugizzeering A.I.M,M.E.: Mineral Industries Society LESLIE James IVIAURER ,....,..,.,... Tismmzt Elerlriml Engineering A.I.E.E, ROBERT ELLILIT INICCLEARY .,...,. ...... P ala 1lIeI'ba1Ill'ul Erzgiueerirzg Alpha Delta Phi A.S.M.E.: The Technograph 133 Northern Illinois State Teachers College ROBERT HUGI-I MCQUISTON ........ Elmwood Elefliirizz Engineering Delta Upsilnn Second Regimental Band 11, 25 james Bucs Mrsx .....,...... ,Cauallrfffi Ciril EllgIllF6l'lNILj Phi Delta The-ta Ma-Wan-Dag Sachemg Phi Eta Sigma: Buil- ness Manager, The Illiog A.S.f'.E.: Chi Ep- silong Scabbard and Blade: Skull and Crux- cent: Sigma Taug Tau Nu Tau, I aptain, Um' versity Brigacleg "XVlm's XVI141 in Ameruan Universities and Colleges" Honors Day Il, 21 ERASMO IVTENDEZ, JR.. .P.m.m1.1 Lila. P.m.m1.1 CIM! Erlglrlarflrlu Granada Club A,S.C.E. University of Panama DONALD HUGO Mi1'17i.iaR, ..,.,,.,, Cmlfurflla illetbrnllml Englllmllfrq Lambda Chi Alpha A.S.M,E. CHARLES ARNOLD TWIFYFR ...,... G1-.mils Crip' G:'rn'ml .Erlglmwzug A.S.C.E. XVashlngton University Liusr J.-mrs TXIIHALOPOULOS., EJ.: .llfflmf illrrlnzfzrml Erlglfzefrnze A.S.M.E.g Pershing Rlllesg First Lieutenant, University Brigade DESLE Orro MIl.l.FR ,.,............ Guinn- illffbrllllilif Eugnmrfllq Delta Phi A.S.M.E.g Star and Scrollg The llllu Ill. lnterfratcrnity Council 15, -llg Second Regif mental Band Il, 2b JAMES BRUQE Mixicirx' ........, .,., C brraqff Mzflmrllml Euginuellulq A.S.M.E, Wakurx Imax TNTITLHILL ,,..,.. Furla I-l.m.! fllrfluznmil Erlglnuwluq Alpha Sigma Phi A.S.M,E.g Phalanx, Skull and Crescentg First Lieutenant, University Brigadc Honors Day Il, Il Roisnvi' Ei,lsxxoR'iH hluonr .,,. . fuzz-.len ,lIuif5.u1liill lfflgiwurfnlq Brown Thrush A,S.hl,T: , Tau Nu Tau, Freihman Varsity Haxelwall Miuatl, Varsity Haxeball Squad III, First Lieutenant, L7nuerv!y Hiitgatle I llruxx hlunmx ., ll.1l' lint lfhifvlhzl lfrlvzrftdrfrlq Sitgnia Chi A l.E,E.. The Ill:-1 113, Freshman Vaialtx' Liyiiinmtutx Nquatlg Vaisitv XVreQll:nu Sqautl ijt .IUMA R11 lun Mrmllix, Ifxiilwfif Xfwuai. .lIfv. .lltrll,1w1i,1l lzmgnmrvzug bigrna Nu A N M.E , 'lhe Tcchnugiapli 153 Kanxax lily ,Iunmr ffulleee HIRIAMIN Fuxxitiix hll'lRHI'.-XD , lhialnf ,lqflinlfmill lfzfqlrzuwlfig Alpha Zeta. Phi Eta Sigma, Numa Tau, A 5 A.E. H-,nl-rt Day 41. Jr Dilaiix Elm um lXIl'Nll , .,,.. Hellurzlff .Ihr li.nm.1l Enzglzluwlziq A5.M.E.g Peixhlng Rillei, P1 Tau Sigma, Setuntl Lieutenant, Unlvcixlty Brigade Hunnrx Day Ill vlmivu hllmim , ,. . .,..,.. .lI,u1',-V, .Ili i fr.nm'.1l lfffqlmwfrzg Illini Hall A S,M,E, Tlmrnton -Iuniur College Wu 1 i ui Cami: lkiunvnxi ., , 171 ll E11'ig1m'i'flf1,q Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Tau Sigmag AS! Seabbaitl and Blade: The Tethnugraph 43, -H , Mal-ll, l'ni- xelsity Brigade Kemper Military Stlmul Hmxann Wu rin Naficxu ...... . I'1.zfm.: lfll'rlr1r.zl Ef1glm'n1f1,n3 A,l,E.E.: Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Second Lieutenant, LInix'erSity Brigade 99 FREDRIC GARLON NEARING .........,. Clinlon Elertrlral Engmrermg A.I.E.E.: Syntong Concert Band 1-ll: First Regimental Band fl, 51: Second Regimental Band lll LEE ERNST NICIQELSON ........... Sprnzgfiimf Illvrlnlrzliuil ErJgiI1i'silug Alpha Tau Omega A.S,M.F.: Caisson Club: The Technograph :Hg Major, University Brigade: Military Council 1-H ROBERT Rn' NICHOLS ,..,. ...,. L umlou Alflli- Gsrzsml Engineering A.S,C.E. XY'estern Illinois State Teachers College XVILLIS LIMLE OGDEN ....,.....,,. Amziiimfz Cin! Euglrzeerllzg Beta Theta Pi A.S.C,E.: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Track Squad 123 CHESTER ROBERT OLSON .,.....,,,... Ozfizziui 1llei'bm1iI'I1l Erigizzrerlrlg Illini Hall A.S.M,E.: Tau Nu Tau: First Lieutenant. University Brigade OLAP Gust.-iv PAASCHE ......, ....,. C bfi-.1511 Illemlllfrglnzl Erzglrleerlzzg Sachwa Mineral Industries Society JACK P.'ll.LlSTlTl'L .,........ ....... H Iiiiiilwig Clfil Erigiflfurilzg Fi-Del Hall A.S,C.E., Pershing Rifles: Tau Nu Tau: First Lieutenant, University Brigade AL.-IN Iibxv.-xRD PARK ................, ,lluliui Illurbiuzllxil Erzglmriirzg Zeta Psi Senior Swimming Manager: A.S.M.E.g Dol- phins: The lllio 11, Z! 100 x x Q fi .I1- - ie' av , ,:' Si-:ix 'eu F' be N 60.60 , I ,, L' ' , pri . . A 1 . . J 4iS,t 3, ,I "I-'P' . We ,QF --., sv J , NEAL FRANKLIN Pfxvnisu ............. Moline Civil Engineering Brown Thresh A.S.C,E. Augustana College BI.-XURITZ PAUL PETERSON .......... Kewnnee Merbmzirizl Engimfei-ing A,S.M.E. KrLLIfR GRIFIZITH PI-IILLIPPE ...... Springfield illultrlllnglrizl Erlgiueerillg Sigma Phi Delta Mineral Industries Society WILI.IAIiI FHRIEISEN PICKELI. ,...., .Wilmefle IlleI'ln11IlI'l1l Engirleernzg A.S.M.E.: The Daily .Illini Q13 RICHARD SEYMOUR PINSLEY ........,. Cbimga Eferlriml .Erlgirleerlrlg Phi Epsilon Pi A.I.E.E.: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Scalzibard and Blade: Synton: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 11, ll ARTHUR TXYADDELL POPE ..,,..,. Lake Fares: Gellflnl Erlgirlfefifzg Phi Eta Sigma: Business Manager, Illini Theatre Guild: President, Sophomore Class: A.S.C.E.: Pershing Rilles: Scabbard and Blade: Scimitar: Tau Nu Taug The Daily Illini ill: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Varsity Fencing Squad 12, 51: Major, Uni- versity Brigade: Military Council 141: Pro- duttion Stali, "Black Flamingo," "Carmen," "Irilanthe," "Out of the Frying Pan," "Sev- enth Heaven" Honors Day ill ,hairs DRLIMRIER PRENDERGAST ...., Lu Maille I-Igrlrlilllxrzil EIIgir1eer'i11,g Illico Alpha Zeta: A.S.A.E.: Cavalry Club: Per- shing Ritles: First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade I-lonors Day ll, Zl ARTHUR OLSEN Ramen .....,... ..SI. Cbfirler I-lgriflllllnal Efigirzewing Honors Day llj ROBERT HENRY RANDALL ........ ...Clmagff Clrll Erlglueermq Alpha Delta Phi A,S.C.E.: Pershing Rilies: Skull and Creseent: Freshman Varsity Track Squad, lnterfraternrty Council 457, Student Alumni Assnfiation H1 Honors Day 431 ALBERT FRANCIS RAULIN, ,.... .,Spfn1u!rrl.l C1111 Efzgnluuflrzg A.S.C.E. RALPH BIFYER RAYNIER, ., .,. .,,ll".mkeg.n1 r'llc'r'br1l1ll'.lf Eriqlmrvlrzg A.S.M.E. DONALD LFE RENILK-.. . . ,..., Cbmrgf, C11'll Erzlglrlrnlrzrg Sigma Phi Delta A.S.C.E.: Phalanx, Tau Nu Tau: The Teth- nograph tl, Il: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Armuur Institute ral Technulrugy ELMER jorrx Rfxxrn, ..,. .,,..,.. , .-imma: llIerb.zr11mI Erlglmwlzlg A.S.M,E.: Freshman Varsity Football Squadl Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad CHARLES FRANK RFNZ .,,.. ,, Clwrzjuurau Elerlfirul Englrzsezzrrlq Phalanx, Pi Tau Pi Sigmag First Lieutenant, L'nxver5ity Brigade XVrLLraar DANIFL R1fr'rrR ,. . . ,llamffi Illnlmg Erigzrlurmlq Sigma Phi Delta Mineral Industries Society FRED Louis RIDDELL .,... . ,... . . .,., Cmfr-n zllelnllzrrgirrll Euqfm't'r.'uq Sigma Phi Delta 3 ,X N ,er roi 'KI' QJ fs: A Q..- Q .4 pq b I 1 1 l ALL i - , Vi l 2 as v U ' Ji Nfl 2 l .: .5 3 .As HaRor,u ABNER RIGL. , ........, All. Cafrm-I Alnilng Er1g1m'rv1r1,q Triangle Phi Eta Sigma, Mineral Industries Sutrety, First Lieutenant, Unisersrty Brpuatle Hunurs Day Ill I,mx.rnn l3Yl'RFl"Il' Rrm'HaRr ,. Dwarf .llL'ft1lImq1r.1I Eriulzftwinzg Sigma Phi Delta Alpha Phi Omega, A.l M,E.. A,S.M,, Mml eral lntluxtries Sutletx' ra xmxrr Rrrrnanrr, JR. . l7rr.rHn' ,llr'rfn1Hlr.1l Erzgnlrafmu lllrnig-1 Tau lleta Pr, Pr Tau Sigma, A,S.M E, llr-num Day lil -larnus Mrlhkrn Uruversrty Vlmrs XX'rllraa1 Run H ffl-.rmpa.fU1 .llurhrmlhrl Eriqfmulrrzlrg Sigma Chr Phu Eta Szgmag A,S.M,E,1 Drrlphlns 41, 2, il, Skull and Cgrestent Ill. Tribe of Illini, Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad, Varsity Swimming Letter 41, Sl . Mcn's League ,lunrur Kabinet Iii , Pruduttmn Staff, "G-mtl Newt" Hunrvrs Day ll, Zh I'r-ioaras MILLS Romnrsox , , Ylrllnla Elurlrlral Ezfglvfrwlfrq Sachwa House A I.E,E. l',HIl.l,lP Rurr-rBr,a1'r . . ,.,.... t'flwraw rllvmllrfrxrgllrll Euqn1rr'rn1,r3 rX,l,M MF 3 Mineral lntlustrlus Sfvcietyz Per- shing Rilles, P1 Tau Pi Sigma, Rrrle fluh. Ntabbartl and Blade. First Lieutenant, Um- xelslty Brigade lrlunurs Day ll! Iirzaxx Arrurtr RoL'r.H , , ,, Alf. llvfffffz rll:r.rll11l,q1r'.1l Eligruurrlug Shanarr-Lk House Tau Beta Pr, Mrneral Industries S-rtretyl Pha- lanx, Sigma Tau: Cxaptain, University Bri- made Honors Day tl, 2, ll, Unixersity uf lllinuxs Sth-vlarshrp Key Arxrx ,larii RL'rr-rrfxnrnu ,.,. ,f'!m-.rrgn .llul'lun1fl.1l Ewglzlrrrn A S M E. 101 l L I Y HARRY BFRNARD RUUD ....,..,.. Ruth I.rlrm.l Elullllnll Efrqnztwlng Phi Eta Sigma1A,I.E.E, Htinors Day 41. 2, ilg University of Illinois Scholarship Key Vrnxox ARYID RYnrirt:it ,.,,.....,.. Clvimvun Elttlrlml Erzglvlenlnzg A.I.E,E.1Et,iK.1ppa Nu Illinois Institute of Technology PaL'L G. SALFRNO ...,........,. Oat Pail' lllti'lu1ulL'.1l Er1,g1r1t'er111,Q Tau Beta Pi, Pr Tau Sigmag A.S.M E. Hunors Day Gb Xvright junmr Ciillegc KENNLTH D.-XLF SAUDER ,,.,.,,. .... R minute .llurlnzrlfrill Erzgnztvrliig President, Freshman Class, A.S.M.E.3 Toma- hawk3 Chairman, junior Prom, Freshman Frolicx Freshman Council: Independent Coun- cil ll, 211 First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade Orrin XVIl.ll.-XM Scnarii-rr, JR., allflzuzllkre, ll"1,i. C1111 Erlgrzieeflzlu A,S.C.E.: Chi Epsilon Honors Day 131 Vniversity of XVisLonsin EARL Louis SCHEILJRNHLLM ,,,..,,, .lit-mln.: rIlt'rlnu1lL'al Elzlqlmwrzwg Alpha Chi Rho Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E,g Sigma Tau: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day ll, 2, 51: University ol lllmius Scholarship Key 'larmms Ciromzr Sfniizaaiarsx , ...,,, fiiulryfe ,IlLrln1111mI I:'r1g11mi1i1-tg l..i Cuterle A.S.M.E., Tau Nu Tau: Second Lieutenant, Unixersity Brigade BYRON BFRNARU SiHiLLrR,,Bif,f,kl1i1t, Alam, Commit Ei1u1m'Lrn:,q Zeta Beta Tau Amcrlfan Ceramic Smiety Massachusetts State Cffllege 102 OLlX'ER ROBERT Scnminr ........ Cimm Park Mecbuniral Engineering Club Topper Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: A.S,M,E.g Men's Glee Club LZ, 5, 415 First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 2, 31, University of Illinois Scholarship Key GENE Darin Scnorr ......,....... Highland Eugzueerirzg Phyrirr Triangle Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tau Honors Day 11, Z, 511 University of Illinois Scholarship Key j.-LY HENRY SCHUTTER ..,.,..,.,. Rofk lrlaud Alefbafziral Erzgineerirzg Theta Chi Pi Tau Pi Sigma, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Augustana College ELDON -IOHN SEAGRIST .,.....,.... Woodrfnfk zllefhaiziml Engineering A.S.M.E.g Freshman Varsity Baseball Squaclg Y.M,C.A. Cabinet 11, 23 V.-XUGHN Foci-r SEITZINGER ......., Flfzf Roda Ceidmlf Erzgnleermg American Ceramic Society: Keramos ROBERT GAYLE SE'r'rLE ..,. Kanmr Cily, Mo. rIIr:l1m1iral Engifleering A.S.M.E. Kansas City junior College ROBERT CARLTON SHAW. .......,. Glen Ellyn Mefallm-giml Eugineeririg Shamrouk A,I.M.M,E.: Mineral Industries Society: Sec- rund Regimental Band ll, Z7 MlI.TON BRADLEY SHEFFIELD ..,,,.. Maywood rllefbaniral E7lgf7lt?F1'flIg Alpha Chi Rho First Lieutenant, University Brigade F. P,waoN SHONKWILER, llwrlfitll. Ciluinfii Cslimilr Eriylrlwflfiq Sigma Chi American Ceramit Society: Kcminiisg Piermts, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 1433 Pmductit-n Start, "Love Rides the Rails," "Thu Flying Ger- .1rdos" IvIcGill University PAUL Ai,rxANnrR Smriroxs, jn., Oli! Alfmwi, Jlff, iixliilnirzmrl Englnvirnl-Q Illinigo Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma: A5 M,E.3 Pi Tau Sigmug T.iu Nu Taug Flrxt'utcn.1nt, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, H. Univcrmy fu! lllinuis Scholilrship Key Gt's'ru'u SKILIR Sim-wox, ja., iiiimim cm, N, 1. ,Tlrmllluqfhll Erzglm-iinig Brown Thrash Minerals lndustry Society. Luxwn tiluh, Plxteau and Drum: First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigiulcg Milit.iry flvuntrl ill Hnnori Day ill EARL RAY SMITH ..,, . jfffwmffi Cup fwiinili' Erlglliiwlfpig Amcriciin fummic Suuety, Kciuimusg Phii- lanxg Tim Nu Tiiug The Tetlinugriiph 41, li: Captain, University Brigade Ebxv.-mn jim PH Sxoxvnrx. ,, . ,illiflrfmu ,Xltiluiultiil Erzeivmvmq 60" Club A,S.M.E. ISAAC Sismlxa. Sxvurn, ..Alm1plwr, Tami, Cir!! E11g1m'ur111,ig Student Senate Hlg A.S.C,E, Honors Day ll! CARL Wiiuuix Smnrxw. .. , ll"imkijq.m .Uei'bi11Jri'.1l Erzglriefizrzg Phi Eta Sigma: A,S.Bf.E.: Tau Nu Tau Freshman Varsity Hutkey Squad1 Suomi Lieu- tenant, University Brigade Honors Day H, ll Rosifnr TVTATSON S'rAc'Y.. ,Iml1imiffml1r, lui! Riilluuy fltflrlml Ezllglrnuirzy Kappa Delta Rho A.I.E.E.g Alpha Phi Omegag R.iilw.iy Cliih Pilgrim I-'oundation 12, 3, 45 Indiana University 1' -l 4" E Q "QI" . K 'Q ,X t T3 L ii N 1 .- 1 T :gnu 9-7 A 9 fi 'wp .Vi A C' R.n'iinvu NTIIHHI, SrANtiAH.,xn ,, jwlrrz G-ellunl Erlgirifmlfiq AS CE.. Ninety for Cicneixil Engineers vliiliet junmr I--lleuc SYNNIIY .Imix SIXNINIIXXNKI ...., Llizriigfi ,Ui i fmlllfixll Ellyrffrulfflg Lii tuteric A S NTS.. Tau Nu T,1u, Sciiind Licutcniint, Vnixertitv Hiimilt- Dax Mix Simxi4.wi,rR , l.iui-0111 .Yliilui1m.zl Er1uwl1inH1,, Citiidcl A S M I Fiutvrmi P,-wi NiR,wi,H, jk. . .l!"ilmiu'.'i4 Gimmil Euiglmtlniq Theta Xi Ninety ul Cicntml Erigincumg Su-ind Regi- H.ind ll, Il . Student Alumni Awvtia- ruin ill, Gymk,in.i Ili Cum Gam no hiiwimn ,. Ihi Pmfuar t trimlfi' lirzwrlnifriw Ann-ritan Ceumit Siitiety IDu:x.+iu KIIIH 'I'AGmRr ..,.,, .... X Lquaorl lffii Hlml Eflglflimrllly R-ml.ihs A l E.E,g First Regimental Bind 41, Zlg Stu- dent tiountil, Mtliinley Foundation lil I,rxx XY11,i,i,ui5,o,-mr ,, . Cifllmriills Gtrizml Erzgizisrflfig Bum Them Pi A,S.C,E. ATFHMET Nrwmr Triigw, , . ., Au!cm.1, Tmkeg C7111 E11-q,'f,'5ff.':1q A.S,C.E. Universitv --f 1' ,ilifornu 1 109 CHARLES LEROY TURNER .......... Hennepin Ceramir Engineering American Ceramic Society: Keramos: Pha- lnnxg Tau Nu Tau: Captain, University Bri- gade Honors Day Q11 RILHARD Hamm' VAN PFLT .... Enix 51. Lanir Aluliillnrgiriil Erzginreviwg A.l.lNI.M.E,g Mineral Industries Sotietyg Sec- rind Regimental Band 12, Sl St. Louis University Rriiiifirr XY"A1'rFR XY!-'Xl.LlN ..... ,.... R orkford Elrrlilriil Eriglrieeinzg Phi Delta Theta Pi Tau Pl Sigmag Tribe of Illini: Major Ig Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Fnuthall Squad 13. 43: Letter Ill: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day ll! TDONALD CQLARFNCF XVARD .,...... Glen Ellyn Ale'i'lu1uli'.zl Euglrleeilrlg Ruste Armes slums ELMFR XVARD ,.,....,......, Rorkfofd Elsrlflml Euglneerlilg Chi Psi Sachem: Pershing Riiiesg Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Sophomore Track Manager: Second Lieuten- ant, University Brigade Al.l'RliD Dieu XVEBSTFR .......,., Rirer Forex! Cixi! Eligfrieering Triangle A.S.C.E.: Interfraternity Council 15, -U : Uni- versity Orchestra lll WILLIAM THoMas WEDLAKE ...,..,, Chfmgff Elerlzwrll Erlgllzerrnrg Sigma Pi A.l.E.E.3 Coast Artillery Club: Scabbard :Intl Blade: Inrerfraternity Council 45I3 Student Alumni Association 12. 5. 'UZ FifSf IJCUICY1' ant, University Brigade R.-ILPI-I RILHAIID WIEI.Ls ,.,.,,,..., Illfffzrfmnfb Illerlnullral Erlgluwrnlg Delta Phi A,S.M,E.g Pruductinn Stall, "Ropes End," "A Shakespearian Evening" Nnnmouth College LLOYD BYRON XVELSH .,,.. ,, Blfwzzfifzgffw Illnlmlzlrizl Elzlrglmvfllzg T.Iu Kappa Epsilon Tau Beta P13 Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E.g Sigma Tau. The Illm ll, J, Sl: The Tcchnngrapli HI 1 Engineering Council 1-il Honors Day ll, 1, Rig University of lllmr-is Sthnlarshlp Key RnI4IfR'I' Maxu' XVHITaIaN, Nan' Immfffir, Corfu. full Enzglfzuwfvu A.S.ff.E, SIAaNI,I.x' XVATFRS XVILLOX. .. .,.., Oak Part Elvrlfliizl Erzglrzvmlrzlq Acacia Phalanx: PI Mu Epsilon, PI Tau PI Sigma, Skull and Crescentg Syntung The Illio 11, Zh 1 Interlralernity Council I?-l 3 Mayor, University Brigade Farm Amos XVILSON ,, ., .,.,..,, Barulwll MeI'l1..m1I'I1l Ellglvferlrzg A.S,M.E.g First Regimental Band ll, ll: Hour-R SHING XVUMQ ., .. . , C,.f!.I!mfa Cin! Euglmwnlg K'u5n1opnlItan fluh Tau Beta PI, Phi Era Signup A.S.C,,E,g thi Epulun Honiara Day 11, J, il . L'nnersx!3 uf Illin-us Srlvl-l.Irxl1ip Key IVIIANIQ PHILIP XVURIIIQ , Il'.Inh4,m Illfubillllrill Ifrzqfmuruzq Alpha Sigma Phi A,S.M,E.L Calssrxn Cluhg Phalanx, Platuau .Intl Drum: f aptaun. Unnersity Brigade XVILII,-XM XVoRI.I'x', jn.. .,.. cflv.m1p,ut5I1 I-llII'lI.n11I'I1l Erlqfmwuzq A.S,M,E., PI Tau Sigma Hllnnri Day l3l FII,-INK SAMVFL XVYIII, lla.. .llmfffm fflril Euqfmiiluxg Alpha Tau Omega Senior Hnclccy Manager, A,S,f..E.: Alpha Phi Omega: Chi Epsilon, Mu-San. Tau Nu Taug Suplmnmre Basketball Manager: Fresh- man Varsity Tratk Squad, First Lieutenant, lfnrxursity Brigade NIIII-x YIIIIPNKA , .,., CII., IllI'I'l1ImII'.I! Eutgmtrizu fluh Henri A 5.M E,, PI Tau Sigma Mort-In juni-Ir linllege XXV,-Xl.lAll FRFDIRILIQ ZILQIER . .. .Elgin Illerlmfzflal Evgrflusrrifu Ruste Armes A.S,M.E. 105 Hi Mtv Plan Rini l7t..r. Htnix Pcilx Rusk, Dean ol thc Collcgc of Autuultutc, was burn on .i Iarm ncar Ran- t--ul, Illinois, -luly l'l, ISDH, HL' was grad- uated It-im X',iisu Unix ctsity, V.ilp,itaiv., lndiana, ui I-NH. Hc tbcn studied .it the L'n' or bticnic Fuente ,iwaed in N11 ixci-.itx ol hliwiuti, rctcning his Bathclor tltuicc in IWHH .und his Naslci ol Alter two xcais strxut in Missouri .ind Indiana, bc tame to thc bnixcrsity ol Illinois in IOIU .is .iysotiatc in butt rattle liuxhandry. Alter .i number or atlxauiemcnts, he was madc head of thc department on September l, 1022. Ncventctn xcais later hc became fuullli Dean or the I--llcuc of Agritulturc, Ditett-it ol the lfxtensiou Serine in Acritullurc and Home Etonoinus, .mtl Dircttor ol the Agritultural Experiment Station. l lc is widely known as . stotknian ,mtl is a mt-mhcr of the Amclitan Society ol Animal Pt-vdutlion, Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Ci.inun.i Sicina Delta, Alpha Mamma lilio, Farnihoust, ,incl Rotary lntci- national. CGLLEGE OF XVar industries and the armed forces have taken from Illinois farms many young men and women, who, in normal times, would be enrolled as students in the College of Agriculture. Many others are being kept at home because of the critical farm labor situation. Further decline in the number of stu- dents is anticipated. Those who are fortunate enough to continue their train- ing will have a wonderful opportunity for service, for men trained in agriculture and women trained in home economics are needed now as never before, and conditions in the post-war period may be just as critical. The demands of our armed forces, our Allies, and the people on the home front place a great responsibility upon American agriculture. Secretary XYiclcard has said that food will win the war and write the peace. The imperative need for increased production of foods, fats, and oil can be met only by the more general adoption of improved practices based on the results of research conducted by our experiment stations. Members of the College, Station and Extension staffs are devoting a large share of their time to the dissemination of information vital to the war effort. Students in Agriculture, and Home Economics will be inspired and stimulated by contact with this program, as well as encouraged by a faculty interested, as always, in the students' personal welfare. 7 ' 2:-QT . 1' gf, fi? 'fl 53 29:5 - '23 ,Q I ,gt-' I 106 ,ai- rf-Q ...-9 Roiufnr R. HUun1.s0N xlerririmll Dum DEAN Rusk AGRICULTURE H.: 4 , 2' Hu IUANI' W1 xl lx' Fl Dun hlrau-:lu Hui 111 1 D 1 fm mrlli ,HI flu l7z.lf1.1 . in K lfu l7'xfu1rmf.'f.1l S1,J7.'fff1 .WJ bmw r Mr: NEW A4,R1nL'uL'RL BUIIDING lx: I-fm-lf R . . L I SP, 3 PM :ITU F lI,..Kf,u flffu w J 11,1 .-s. MX. ,p vig :sk "Q-Max. :AXE Mlm -I. Ilffmf Llrx Bam E 'luv S ,Q L mlffffm L t'7"'A'w XVI ll.I.xM E. hm :fu1m.1l Hfnlmfzdvj Hanrwm r' xwffffff, ,1 li .. CMF RHI L . ffuf,r11l1 ulclw, 'X lil: Irv, -xQi sg xx SG lux x HW lx-XBFL Bri IFR 1So0flO42 There was no pretedent for Isabel Bexrer tu fol- low when she Came tw the lfniversrtv in 15100 to establish a department of household surenre. For twenty-one years she served as 1K9 head. Her ideal rs expressed in a statement she made during the tragic days ot the tirst XVorld XY'ar: "Home eco' nomirs, in either peace or war, has a 'chance to teach something ot the beauty of lite and the unity of life, to teach that there is an art in a well- .vrdered home and a well-ordered lrteg and that perhaps is the greatest thing that home etonomrcs has to do." Her distinguished leadership in the protession was due to her high standard of Seholarship, the atcuracv -it her iudgment, her never-failing sense ot humor, the warmth ot her understanding sym- pathy, the beautv :rt her gratrous womanlrncss, and the greatness of her generosity and human krndlinuss, -j. Lira Baxr. Euoexif Dax raxvom' 18541-1041 A statesman in the held of edutation, Eugene Davenport was one of the great figures rn the development of .agricultural instruction and IC- search rn this country. XVhen Dean Davenport tame to the University in laws, the only resources ot the College ot Agriculture were "a model ot tile and stone drains, a classroom in the basement and one in the attic, no Students." He relinquished hrs responsibilities twenty-seven years later alter having seen the institution rise to front rank and establish an enviable reputation that was world- wide, Through hrs vision, hrs organizing ability, his facility In correlating Iields ol knowledge, and his power tu qureken the minds and aspirations both ul his contemporaries and ot the younger men who tame under his leadership, Dean Davenport lett an indelible imprint not only on the atfarrs ol the University oi' Illinois but on those of the State and Nation as well. fANN.-K F. GLcrvrfR, i r ii lr 1 x GEORGE Esm' Moimoxx' 1840-1900 Professor of agriculture from 1876 to 1894, George Espy Morrow brought international fame tu the University of Illinois through establish- ment of the Morrow plots on the South Campus. They are the oldest of their kind in America and recognized world wide as a monument to the tragedy of unheeded soil impovcrishment. Morrow was a talented speaker and a popular member of the programs at farmers' institutes. A versatile writer, he was widely known through his contributions to magazines. All through the discouraging period of years during which he was head of the agricultural department and dean of the college, he managed to keep and even build up the good-will of farmers in the state, although enrollment in the college dropped to twenty-one rn ten years and was down to eleven shortly before he resigned. After he lett Illinois, he served as president of Oklahoma A. tt M. for four years until his death In 1900. -Frrumriuui J. KEILHOLZ. 1' I l llll A jvrmorxn !'r.ass rx THr OLD Ar3rurr'r'r'unrf Bi'u.DrNG SIDNEY ABRAHAM ,... ...... I llemphir, 111111. General Agrlrulrnie Zeta Beta Tau The Daily Illini ill INIARTHA HELEN ALLEN ..,.... , DIl.u.iff General Home EEOYIUVVIIFJ Delta Delta Delta Phi UPSIIKUD Omicronz Srlver Featliem Ill MacMurray College PHI'I,IND.I INIYRTLE ALLISON. . Ri, Gurzwrll Hmm' EI'uIIuw1Iw Arlmea Home Etununans Clubg XV,A,A., Fiixt funn- CII, XVoman's League I-ll 1 XY'nII1cn's bitt Club 15, ell, Production Stall, 'Blatlt FII mIngII," "Tim on an Island" LoRaINIf ANDERSON ,.,..,,,... I .f', im Gsrleml Home Ermlmnzlri -I-I-I House Editor, Illinois Agriculturist, Home Et-IIIIIIII ics Club, Phi Upsrlon Omxcrong Orange .mil Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers IXIAR-IORIE IRIN ANDERSON .,,,,.. l,il.1II.! Geueml Home Emrlarfzzuf McKinley Hall Phi Upsilon Omitron, Home Ecnnimiu I lillw, XV.A.A.: XV.A,A, Numeralsg Orange .Intl Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers x'IRGIL LEI3 ANDREWS .,,. ..,. , Illiiua Gmsml nlgrlrzllmrf XY'enatchee House Agricultural Economlcs Club Blatkburn College INIARjORlIE CATHARINE ATCHISON , , Iglrgm General Hume EI'ffr1ofr11II La Trcinta Home Economics Club: Silver Fcathera IU. Women's Glee Club lil Elgin junior College ROBERT RILEY BANKS ,.........,. limi' t-.I lui General .-Igurnlfnia Illini Hall XVestern Illinois State Teachers College Lois lvlanrax HIIRRIIT ..,. ., . I,.uIi,z Cnlvnil llffmu Fiff11f11111rf Cyamma Hiiuse Imrnc Et niimlts I nb' VAA ' Airs iIInLII, XiIIII.In 5 .cague 9 . lunrur Loun- IU ' ' ' A 'l Ormge and ut 'e.ItIurx, . .I fnu N' . In -rx .Iy A r 145 'F . 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Agrrrultural Club, fans- wn Klulx, Platcau and Drumg Frrst Licu- tcnarit. llrirxcrsrlx' Brrgadc ,lurm PHIIH' KHAPM.-KN ,.,..., , G.1lrxbm4q Culzclrll Agflmlllrrc Aigrrcultural flub: Pershing Rrflci XY'ustcrn lllrnrvrs State Tcachcri College l.OL'IN bl.-KRIIZ Cumvu x .. jlfuy Cnnm! pllumrflllffe Hull H.ull Agrnulluml Club. Alpha Tau Alpha. Huw! and Hum Clubg Frcshmsn Vurxlty XX'1cstl1ng Squadg Vnrmty XY'rcstl1ng Squad 42, 3, 'Il EMMAHI 1 Il 41,1 Ml x xx U..'l: limi Glmml Hfffm lzwlrzfffzlfu Cv.u11m.l P111 Hem Omngu .md Blue Fuutlwrx. Cwlll limtlwvx .lunmr Prum Queen 'N ' ""'XL K lxlf VIRXIII fKllll'lNlRl Iufm ' ., Glmful Hffml Izlffuffn 144 an V I. Hmm Ewnmnlu flulw, Muwk .lml l'l.zuI1lu. .I XYAA . -lunnu Pzwlllutmn M.1n.1uL1. llluu R I'1.C..m guild. Pf.,.1l.u4...1 mn. mul rl.. . ' ming-l," "4.lrmun. Xnglxt Muwl lflll, ' 'Rm Mum. 'mulul Huncn' 9' S ' '-1 'iffgv Muelwnu RLIH rmxlywf. iff.- Gw,'lf.1lHffm Iflfr ff Huluuw fxulc llurm lluu-u1m4 3 f . 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H my I. f mu., llutlmuy llwuw l4I.1nklmvn Iulluu x ROBERT HINKEY Doruriz ,... ,, ...Omit .1 Gsrzfml ,-lqrlrnlfnu' La Casita Agricultural Club: Caisson Club, First Lieu- tenant, University Brigade Giazxx Evmmerr Dousus .,,...,.,. .llarffnlfr Gsnwxrl plyrirfilmir' Alpha Tau Alpha XV:-stern lllinois State Tearhers College DOROTHY LORRAINID Drum . I.ffffw. Mfr. Gtrrtml Hrfmr lfr-rrrffm.'.i Home Eur-nornies Clulw Mundclem Follt-ue Aust DYER ., ,. . , Ylfrfirr Nulfrlrwr .u1.l 17.1 lr! r Hiltrest Home Economics Club, XYKA A.. First foun- til, XY'oman's League 131. Orange and Blue Feathers, Student Alumni Assotiarion HD. Produttlon Staff, "The Mikado" Marv jraxrfrrs Ei-mrur , , 1l.mffr.'i Gemmzl Home Erfflzfflzllfi Vanlig Home Economies Club, Student fiouneil, Wesley Foundation Hamm' EDWARD Exorl... . . . .rQm,w,1ll .'lgrir11I,'nf,1l Ij.lnr.1,'nfr1 Alpha Tau Alpha, Alpha Zeta Honors Day ill Manx' Louise Ei!-'Y ,, . , L'rh.m,r rvlrlrlfrurl .rrirf llluwllri Corinna Mortar Board, Torch, Alpha Lamhda Delta Home Economics flulw, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron: The Illio ill, Exetutixe tountil, W'.G.5. IB! . junior Coumil, XY'oman's League fi! . Orange and Blue Feathers. Gold Feathers: Star fourse 4211 Produrr-on Star? "Madame Butterfly," "No, No, Nanncttef' "The Mikado" Honors Day All ERNEsT EDWIN Firarrrr, , .llrll .X!w.1!r Cerina! Auirrlfllffvr' Agricultural Club: Alpha lair Alpha, llool and Horn Cluh Honors Day ill ll-lr 'T' J 1 12 4 "' vf' -Ge' ggi , .11 t fx Q5:'7Qb ..,. V 'C' 2. TT N 4 I MARGARET Suzaxxn Fi.vxN ..,....,.. Elbm-az General Home Emmuzliri Achaea Home Economics Club: Silver Feathers 135 Northern Illinois State Teachers College KATHLEEN Louise Frwrx ............ El Pruo General Harrie Ecomfrmrr Hurd Hall Arepo: Home Economics Club: Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers, Production Staff, "A Shakespearian Evening," "Madame Butterfly," "Mahon," "Murder in the Cathe- dral," "The Mikado" Hriuiizr Horam Furxrrvsux, .. ...Er1n.1l1,'5 Gvrrrrrll xlhurlinllnw Serico Agricultural Club: Rural Lile fluhi Scabbard and Blade, First Lieutenant, University Bri- Dade jraxxr Euaxon Friirn ,,,..,.,,., Putin.: Nnlriliffu ,WJ l3,'r,'u,'lt',r Mtliinley Hall Home Economies Club Drrasrm YWl'llLl,I.-KAI Gariri .... .. ..Yffrkifll: Dany Tt'rlvr1fflff,ui Farmhouse Agrltultural Club, Coast Artillery Club: Dairy Production Klub, Hoot and Horn Club, Pershing Rifles, The Agritulturrst ll, J, 53, Senior XY're5tlrng Manager, Freshman Varsity Football Squad, Menk League Board or Directors til, Menk League Executive Board 153: Nen's League -lunior Cabinet IRD: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Lol,-x Fw GARIINIR ..... Ml. lim' Cmzwal flown lfiffrlffrlllu ASURIXX BIARN.-XRD Gavlrrrs ......, ..,BmlJ Dani Ikrlvifflffgli Sathwa Dairy Tethnologv Society GORDON Eanu' Grisiamx ,,..,,.... Ifrmrmr flgrnfrmllri Agricultural Club. Coast Artillery fxlubg Field and Furrow Club: Pershing Rifles, First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day ill RUTH REGINA GOETZ ,,,... ., .. ,, Clvmgfi Nulrilion nm! Dierullrf Lowry Lodge Home Economics Club: Silver Feathers ISI. Production Staff, "Carmen," "Inlanthe," 14 "Out of the Frying P.In," "The Flying Gui- nrdos" . wfigm junior College 9' Q CAROINN BERGER Gnuxvnxs., ..,,.. II.Ifr1,i Grwflzl Home Emrzffrrllrf Chi Omega Home Economics Club. Silxer Fmtliers lil Sluphens junior College - ,-2 1 , M - . x 'Q f,,i- i X FE-iii: RI'TH YARNER CiR.'XHAA1 ,. linilwill 'Ml f- K. Gsrlsml Hmm' Eifnzfmllmv I 'ii .xx N Delta. Zm " 1 Home Economics Ilubg P.lH'HCllCDIf Ci-unrxl ' Hb: First Cuuncil,'s League Hb: Q N Prf-duction Surf, "Bl.I1k Flammgiij' "Mm . . dum: Bulterllym , , ,I . Culxer Stockton College ' I 51 N 'gi - ' ' .f ,, 'vl'. , J A - . 1NIuw Racuri GIIFIII' . ..11ul-ffiillu Gemma! Home I:I ffiwrfillf Home Econivrnrcs I lulw X ,- , A 1 -,Q ,I I V 'X Jaifi ' ' Menu' JUNE GRIFFIT1-1,. ..,. ,,.... lk ",i,'.iq.I General Home EI'f21wfrIlI'.I 4-H House Torch: Home Economics Club. Phi Upsiliin Omiurung Illinois Agriculturrst 1231 XV,A.A.: Q , Orange and Blue Fenthurs, Gold Fedthcrs 'X ELIZ.-ml-TH ANN GUTE1, ,. ..,...., liurfllffc' J., , Nulrilmn .mil Disirtirr ' - Home Ecrinomics Club. Phi lfpsilon Onmmn, K A Orange and Blue Fcathcri 3 , I I 4 DAVID TI-IQMAS HAFNII1 ,, ..,... ,Glen Izllm Gieneml Algrrrnllnre Chi Phi Honf and Horn Club -any 1 RICHARD FRANCIS HAMMFR ,......,, E,f1l,I:um Duirj' Tfrbrmlagy El Catraz Agricultural Club: Cavalry Otficers' Clulwg Dairy Production Clubg Hoof :Ind Horn Club: Major, University Brigade 1 RICHARD FIELDING Hfuuzu .. , IlI.11 ffmlf Cfmmzl .-'ligrlrlillfifu Agrigultural Club: Agmultuml Eeonnmxcs Club, Hoof .Ind Horn Club, Fruvlinun V.Ir- xxty Nvrcitllng Squadg V.IrxIty XY'rcstlIng Sqrnul H, -H XVILLARIJ Cil1'NN HARYQICYRN . ,. Hmmiffz ,-lulmizl Iizwfiirlxllij F.Irm H-'muse Alpha Zcl.I, Phi Eta Siunm, Aurlcultuml Lluh. Hu-if .Ind Hfsrn filuli Hnnixrx D,Iy 111 EIIxxAIm DANIFI. l-1IH.I,s', . . 51. I5r.zii1uiif!!I' Gvlifml nl,iqr11'lIli'1IrI' Agricultural Club, faiwin 1 luh. Hurtiullturc flub. SL.Ihh.1rd .md Bl.I1lc1 Semnll l.IuIIIcnf Ant. 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"Kiss the Boys Goodbye," "Rose Marie" N.-im,-xizrr Aint: MtC,r.uRr .,...,. .lI.mba11.m Hfffififlizl Dlflrtlrr .mil Iriflirllllofiiil .llizrztrgrrriurzf McKinley Hall Home Ecnnnnixis Club, Phi Upsllun Omicrung First fuuncil, XVoman's League Hill Juni-in Ciuumil, XVun1an's League 1511 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Star Course lflg Prutluttwn Stall, "King Richard Ill" Aiirx Dair lNlfCON.-KTHY ....... Wbzfe Hall firm-v.1l nluvzmlrriw Auritultural I lub. Marketing Club: The Agril culturxst IZ, K, 'll Blatkhurn Cullcge Manx' Exrwx Miirioruw ....,...., Grerwnlle Crmml Holm Erolmfflzir Hume Emnnnnts Club Ciiecnvilll. lullege Sui Mrnnax' hlLCL'Ll.Y .....,.. ,... L 1 Rv-v Crm'n1l fllrivsrlillziw XVenatn.hCe lilatkburn fivllegb Qrzarsi Xhilllll MrG11,i, -IR. ..,,.... L.:.i.1-mfg Gimml Agrfrlzlfmt- favalry Ollicers' Club: First Lieutenant, Unll versity Brigade j.-mrs Dujxarax Mckrrax 4..,.,,.,. Buzilffml Geuuml .'igilinl1mL' Urban House Agricultural Club: Newman Club. Rural Life Club 118 6 1, ,t rs hu' Ja 'ffl Iii' -I Q7 IL 1 if 95 :.S, ' we '? W 5 It f SK' Maiuomrs MAE MCKEaN ........... F.urman,' General Hume Efoxlwuliir Beta House Omicron Nug Alpha Lambda Deltag Home Economics Club: Phi Upsilon Omicrong Orange and Blue Feathers Honors Day ll, 35 Eaixrrrr josmm MCLACHLAN ..,,... Em-lrflle Gerierizl .-llrgrirzrlllus Delta Phi Agricultural Club: Star and Scroll Hrrrx ANN hlII.l.l'R .,.,.,....,.. Kfunfnmp Nnfrilmzi inn! Diefellrr Zeta Tau Alpha Omicron Nu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Gymnas- tlta: Iota Sigma Pi, Phi Upslliin Omicron: XV.A.A.1 XV.A.A. Numeralsg Maiur lg Gym- kana Honors Day Ill Am Maizir NIOORF ..,.,...,.,...... Fnlulny InJnr1r'i.1l illmiagerzzurif XY'elsh Hnuse Hume Eumnnucs Club: Rural Life Club Blackburn College jonx Bimrnrrt MoR'r1fNsoN... ,.,. Clvrtfgff Crurml .elczlrnlllnu Chi Phi lnterfraternlty Countil 13. -ll Morgan Park junior College Kriru Eruxix lNlL'FLIl'R ....... ,Taglm R1.!.qe Gvmml .algrlrlilfliw Sllangri-Lodge Agricultural Club: Coast Artillery Clubg Pha- lanxg First Lieutenant, University Brigade ljuxxix Gitiiua' Mwns, .... .. ..... Houpmfaii Gi mam! .-lgrlrlzllnrs Agricultural flubg Agricultural Economies I lub Hrinx ADLLENE MYERS .,....,.,.... Demmr General Home EL'0lID7lIll'.f Presbyterian Hall XV,A.A. ll, Il 1 Orange and Blue Feathers CHARLOTTE CASTLE NITAI. ,,.....,.. R1.l5e1.z1m Celina! Home Etffrzfffrzllq -1-H House Home Economics Club: Silxcl FeAthuIQ 121 . XX-'umen's Glcc Club 15I Earlham College XVALTER HAROLD NFAI. ,..... , . ,Im Csmml xlgrzlnllfnr Serico Agricultural Club, Lxissnn Club: Pl.Itc.Iu .Intl Drumg Fiwt I.Icutcn.Int. Unlvcrvty BrIg.ILlc XY.-xrzrlm f'HRl5TI.-KN Nnsox .,,-lfblanw Gsmvlzl .-igrlrnlfurf Agrrcultuml Cglubg Crlsson Clubl First Lieu- tcnAnt, Unrxcrmty Brrgmle Honors D.Iy 11, 2, ll, lfnlxcraxty of Illmon SLlIolAr5hIp Key RL"III l.oL'IsI' Oxx xm' ,., ..,,.,, . linlr Cfgmml llfflm lflffnffmflr C hr OI'ncg.I Home Etonornlcw Klub, Srlvcr Fcatlrcrx lil . Produftxon Stall, "Seventh HL.rven" C ulvcr Stockton C--Ilene DUBALD IVAN P.-XRKN.. .,..,,.' Geuwlll sl-w1I'1Il,'nrL The Cxtndcl Frrsr I.Icutcn.IrIt, Unxxcrxlty BrIg.ILlc Honors Day 12, Sl joux Rrxxxrtrc PA'I"I'rRsox .... ,.5,1mn1,IL 651151.11 ,'IgrIl'nIfIIu Alpha Gamma Rho AgrIcultur.rl Llubg Fxeld and Furrow Klub. Hoot and Horn Clubg The lll1n0IS Agricultur- Iwt 13. -lr, Agrrcultural Coumxl 141 Northern lllrnols State Tc3Lhcrc College Loman EAIILI' PEACH ....,.,, .,l!"1lfmm' ffLm'r.1l Hmm' Ewfzfwmr XVarner Hall Alpha Pi Dcltai Home EL--nonmnts Club. Sllver Feathers 15i, Procluctlun Staff, "The Flyrng Gcr:Ird0'S." '4Out of the Frying P.m" Rockford follegc CAROLYN ELIZABETH PH3G,,..llL-wpbff, 7wm, Flamnlllns Cagle Hall Floriculturc Club: Sllvar Fenthc-rs 151 , Drxic Illini Club 131 Memphis State College I 4-Uk 'A 7 A if Y 'T G Gr Q! vi' fv- .wat 1. Q S X 0 , 0 A Rl"lH MAIQIF Prrrns ,.,.,..,.. New Ilfzllmzll Gumml Hmm' Eruzzffnlfll Mnrmr Buurdg Tnrthg Omlcron Nu: Alpha I.Ambd.I Delta: Aesouinte XV1':mcn's Edltnr, The lllxo, Home ELI-nonwxa Club. PhI Alpha Chl: PIII L'f-xnlon UmILmn1 Illrnols Agflculturist 11, ll. Fxrst foumxl, XVfmmAn'S League fll, Orange .lflul Blue Fcnrhcrsg Gold Fclthcrs. Pmtlutrxon SLIM, "bowl Nc-ws," "Ruse Marla" Honorx Day 11x Sl MARI,-IN CIRA1I' PITFRSLIN ....,. ., ,llsrrrber GL11Lv.IfHHrrIL I:lf1r1onInI Ntlixnlcy H.Ill PIII l'pxIlon Unwuron llllnous XY'cxluv.In Unlxursltv XYAI ll R Alonx PI HRNUR. I, .,.ll.Il,'l: Cunvlzl illrgrnfflllfzl Alpha L1Amm.I Rho AlphA Zctg, Agrltulturxrl ilubg Flcld And Fur:-In 1 luh. Hoo! And Horn Club Nurtlua-In Illxnon Statu 'luuherc 1 ollcgc jorrx All4IN PINKIN ., ....,,. ,1'.!m.:w Info TI, III,-frm, S.ILl1w.I D.IIry lcrllnology fluh, Agrrlultuml Loumnl 14h RALPH J. Pom , ,..., Rfmlmwf Glwltflll .'lQIlI ullnu' A:rIcultur.Il Club, Hoot .Ind Horn Club ,lfff DIANIN POXKIA I,....,. . . . ,flillklml G.',lo.I1 .Iwr,,1:,,f.' H-,mull Houw Aurxculturnl Club. Perilxrng Rltles. Freshman Y.Irsity B.IQch.Ill Squ.Id. Freshnmrr Varsrtx' 'luck iquml, NL-xxm.In flub ARIQN -IAAIIA PIIIIIR , ,,... , .llvlmu Gr ffl ml .-1 um nlfnr 5 Pueblo Xuwmgn Klub LL'LiILIr BFRNIIII Poxxmu , ,., L'vl'.:w,: Cumnzf llffwt lflffrfffrnnl Kormna Home Economlcs iflubg Phu Upsilon Omicron . Orange .md Blue Feathers 119 I mx Lx YI. Pl ml , ,, ,. R1.!gl Lum fum .ll lg.'..u!.',w'. Surllu k.llwun l lulk Slmlvlmllll .lull Blallu . Furs! Lxuu' rcrunt, l'nnL-mn lirumllc lixlxxll, XXIIIN lin , ,, lx.zl.1ulL ml 'xl url .lqwl .fllmfl l'lll lt.: Nngum, .Xglllultuml f lulw. rllplu 7Lr,1. 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Hoot .md Horn flubg Independent Cuunlll 13, -ll RONALD FRANKLIN SLANE ......... Przrireiille General Agrlrlzllnre El Catraz Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Club: Agricultural Economics Club: Hoof and Horn Club Honors Day ll, Z, 3l: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ARTHUR GLFN SMILFY ,...,......... Milianl General xlgrlrnlflire Hill Hall Agricultural Clubg Pershing Rifles: Phalanx, Captain, University Brigade CURTIS LEE SMILIEI' ........,... .... X Illjfml Cerifml .flgrirnllma Hill Hall Agricultural Club: Alpha Zeta: Coast Artillery Club: Hoof and Horn Clubg Pershing Ritlesl Poultry Science Club: First Lieutenant, Uni' versity Brigade Honors Day ill ALLEN GLFN SMITH ..,,..,,.,.. .... . -liffwn Gvlisml xlgrlmlllne Agricultural Club: Agricultural Economns Club: Alpha Tau Sigmag Phalanxg Rural Lite Clubg Second Lieutenant, University Brigatle Honors Day fl, Z, 3l: UniveI'sity of lllinins Scholarship Key ARNOLD Hfuuzv SMITH ,,.,,..... ..,,lIfl7in.l Cerina! .-lyriilfltlfre famelot Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Club: Agricultural Economics Llub Honors Day fl, 2, 51: University of lllinins Scholarship Key Main' Eva SMITH. .,,.,........, .. ,Orme Gicliirrill Hom: Eivirrfmzni Collegienne University Orchestra ill PAUL THOMAS SMITH ,,,. ..,...., j eingiiillt Gazmal .-ligilrnlfme El Catraz Agricultural Club: Agricultural Education Club: Coast Artillery Club, Dairy Producti-an Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade RAYMOND Aa'rHuIx SMITH ....... Wilniiugiiffi Gerleml Agrirnlinre Agricultural Clubg Caisson Club: Captain, University Brigade E- ' . 9- 'K l Q P ... A N. Y x w. Q Ji . f S X Nu-Q Drxisr SNIDER .., ,,,,,,,i,,,,,,, R01,,,,m,, Gammrl Hume Ei fizlw111i'.r Chez Nous Home Eu-niinaxcs Club Al nr rs Iiavaroxb STEPI'+IIgxxI1N, ...... D,vul.Ip Gwzfml .iqiliullnis Alpha Gamma Rho lNIa-XVari-Dag Sachem: Alpha Zeta: henior Baseball blanagerp Agritultural Club, lliuyt and H-vrn f lub H-'iniirs Day tl, 2, ily University ul Illinois Stliivlarxliip Key Ili:-visr VI-NIL Srifvrmiix . , ...,, Xiff-.Iliff Ctmml .'1qi1rnl.'1ue Farm Hliuse Ma-XY'an-Da, Sachemg Alpha Zetag Phi Eta Sigma: Eelitur, The llling Agricultural Club: Haul .Incl Hiirn Clubg The lllinois Agrxcula turist 12. Sl , lnterfraternity Council fs. ll . Second Regimental Band Il, Zi g Y M fi A, Board uf Directors HIL Student Alumni As' s-mci.ItI1In lil: Student Council, McKinley Foumlaririn Hill "XVlIo's XVho In American Universities and Colleges" Honiirs Day tl, 2, 3l1 University of Illinois Sclmlaislnp Key Rai PH Miriir Srrvras., . ......4, r lmrifu Gwzrml .lqirinllnie Gai-Men Agricultural Llubg Caisson llubl Captain, llnixeisltv l'rI'igaIlC Maris' .lun Sicms ,..,,., . ,llaifffi Fur G'If1Ii,II Hume Etfivziirizfiw 4-H Hiruse Hume Ev-'in--niics Club. XY'A,A,. Silver Featlwis lam-ilri fiillege Pau, Frrxuizxsx Srour . . ...., C'lnI1!i.Im Gimml .ilgvlilllfuii Chl Psi Sachem. llvinior Basketball Manager Vivur: Caknx' STONII. , ,iiinzm riff Nnfrlfmu .mil D1t.'r.'n'r Vanllg Hrinurs Day ill Earn. R.-WMOND SWANSON.. . .. , Gsrisrazl nlgrziallnrs Nabor House Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma. Agricultural Club: Agricultural Economics Club: Caiss-an Clubg Hoof and Horn Clubg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day ll, 2, Bl. University of illinois Scholarship Key 121 P7 I RALPH VINCENT Swxrzzn .,....,,.. Roxeivllf General .'igric11lfurs Sigma Nu Honors Day Ili XY'lLLI.-XM Dobbs TANTQN ,........ Ciizmiifi Gcmml .-lgrlrlxltnre Delta Phi Agricultural Club: Pershing Rifles JOSEPH BERNARD TAPHORN ........ Blvkvzrlwf General Agricullure Alpha Zeta: Agricultural Club! Agricultural Engineering Clubg Coast Artillery Club: Field and Furmw Club: First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 12, 55 Eizxrsr Nusox THORP ....... .... C lmffif Geufrtil .-igrlrnllnrt' The Citadel Agritultural Clubg Field and Furrovv Club Illinois State Normal University RACHFL INIARY ELOISE TRUMMEL ,.,... Oieauii General I-lame Ecmmmffi Vanlig Home Economics Clubg Student Council, Dis, qiplcs Foundation 42, 3. -H VIRGIL ,hairs TIICKER ,.....,,..,, G1cuufiil.l Geurml A,erir1lIIm'e Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Club: Ciiisson Club: Captain, University Brigade Donis Aaxr XVALKER ..,,,... ..... i llatwufi Central Holm' Er0rmmir.r XY:-lsh House Home Etonomics Club, Phi Upsilon Omicmn XY'estern Illinois State Teachers College 122 .,. r l . X .LL X, C' I be Nw N i QP 57 Q.. . . 'L '5--.rv-9 i A Nr-. i-. X , .3 tri , -v- ' H is I 'r .Q IVV -5 -r l L Q , -Q . S- +'-X . 'FV' L K.: ' S- BrN Fnaucis WALLACE ........... Champaign General Agricnllure Agricultural Economics Club bl.-XRGARET Bisimics Waizwicic ,......,, Aledo General Home Economic: Illiwanis Home Economics Clubg Rural Life Clubg Pil- grim Foundation 12, 3, -U Honors Day CZ? IOLA FERNE XVEBB ....,..,........... LeRoy General Home Ecmzamicr Sager House Student Senate HJ: Home Economics Clubg The Illio 111: Executive Council, W.G.S. Hi 2 Gold Feathers JOHN HENRY XVEHRLY, JR. ....., .... K ave General Agrlmllure Nabor House Agricultural Clubg Coast Artillery Clubg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 62, 3, 43g Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 13, -Hg Men's Glee Club tl, 2, 415 First Lieutenant, University Bri- gade lvlanoanm- ANN Wei-uu.v ..... ,........ K awe General Home .Ecarzomitzr La Trienta Home Economics Club: Rural Life Club: First Council, Woman's League 141: Pro- duction Staff, "Seventh HEBVCD-'I Student Council, Wesley Foundation Hi Wfilliam Woods College Romana PROTHRO XVELLFORD, Mempbir, Tenn. Nnrrition and Dieleticr Chi Omega Pan-Hellenic Council 13, 415 Silver Feathers 133 Southwestern College DOROTHY XVELLS ,,,,. ........, W allom-ills Nnlrifiofz and Dielclirr Medea Home Economics Club: Silver Feathers 131 Mat-Murray College LILLIAN IOLENE WENZEL, ......,... Kirkland General Home Erofronrirr Presbyterian Hall Student Council, McKinley Foundation G, -ll North Central College JOHN HUGH XVI-rALEN ..,...... ,..CbrI-nga General Agrlrnllms Phi Kappa Agricultural Clubg Caisson Clubg Skull and Crescent: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Captain, University Brigade WALTER LEWIS WHEELER .......... Belziflrft General Agrifzzltlu e Alpha Zeta: Caisson Clubg Scabbard and Blade: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 155 JEAN ANNABELLE XXVHITCOMB ...,.., Bmmfilr General Hume Eroxiifmzrr -I-H House Home Economics Club: Phi Upsilon Omicron. Illinois Agriculturist IIJQ First Council, XVoman's League l-HL Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathersg Secretary, Sunday Evening Club: Production Staff, "The Black Flamingo," "The Mikado," "Richard III", Gymkana Production Stat? ll! JOAN XVINDER ...,......,,... .,.,. C lv..ii'.f General Hume Erwmnmr Alpha Delta Pi Iowa State College DEANE XVILLIAM XVINTITR ,...,........ Sfblvy General Agnrullme A.S.A.E.: Coast Artillery Culhg Captain, Uni- versity Brigade VIIIGIL CLAIIE XVISSMILLER ...,...., Cookrwllr General Agriculture Independence Hall Agricultural Club: Field and Furrow f . 'EA 1 JN. fa is rx it ,. i 12. I I -E1 9' vu V 5 I I 11.31. 4 I C2 13. 1 , vi ,, . 4:7 if I f-QL, M as ' 'ilfa :A 6' 5 .I N. Aj : ii : v 'T' , ,Agf- -gifi -..-, -V s f' 'Y X X , . xx I -v if has BARBARA JEAN XY'YNN .... ........ G lrlvilmrg Grncml Hmm' Erouomnxr Kappa Kappa Gamma Mortar Boardg XVomen's Editor, The Ilho, Home Economics Clubg Phi Upsulon Omi- tron, First Council, Woman's League C-lj, Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers: Production Stali, "Good News," "Rose MarIe"g "XVho's XVho in American Univer- tmec and Colleges" RAIIII-I SANDLIN H'OHF ..., .....,. . liz. Eire Grlirrizl .-lgrlrnllme Hill Hall Alpha Zetag Agricultural Clubg Dairy Pro- rluctiun Clubg Hoot and Horn Clubg Poultry Nriente Fluh. Agricultural louncil 13, All Haxmar-I El,IZ.'lBl'TH ZIEGLIER, ..,.,. Dmglzx Grllrml Hnmi' lfiurlunzlrr Zeta Tau Alpha Home Economics Club: Shi-Ai: The Illio ll, 2, Sl: fo-Chairman, Freshman Frolicg Freshman Council, Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers, Stu-lent Alumni Association ill vluaxira X7AYL ZIIINEIIMAN ....,,.. lhllrfield Grzlwiil Home liinrmlzziri PI Beta Phi Pan Hellenic Council H, fll , First Council, XY'Ivn1an's League 15, all lXIacMurr.Iy College Mani' ELIZABETH Zramrnmax . Pfr.'-frm! Galleria! Home Eromfrlzfcf l.t'enIan Lodge Home Economic-2 Club, XV,A.A.g Independent tr-until KZ! 3 First Council, XVoman's League ill. Orange and Blue Feathers Dmaraa BLRINF ZUMNVALT ........,.. limilm CI rrnrzl xlgfliwlllzfe Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Cluhz Caisson Clubg Hoot and Horny Phalanx: Interfratcrnity Council MJ, Faptain, University Brigade EsIHER ROS.-ILFE NEIVIIAN ,...,..,,, Pfflrhrlri Gerlcml Home Erouomirr Delta Gamma XV,A.A.g Home Economics Klub Maclvlurray College 123 Thomas Eliot Benner, Dean of the College fit Education, was hom in Danvers, Massa- thusetts, February 11, 114-14. He was grad' uatcd from Harxard in 1-11-1 41-LBJ. received .:r,itlu.ite degrees Irum the same umxersity in mln KA His pr-ilessional experience has lntludcd teaching in Maryland and Maine, public school .idininistrati-in in hlasiatliuseits, service as statistnun and editor with the Alaluma State Department ol Edutation, the atting deanshlp or the follegc or Education of the Alalwama Polvleflimc Institute, the tliantcllorsliip ul the Unixefsity ol Puerto Rico, and the xisltlng protessorsliip .it Columhia University. Since V111 he has heen Dean or the College i-1 Edu- cation at the lfniversity of Illinois. He served as .i rneml-ser or .i tommiasion lu imestigatc vocational edutalion in Illinois, as Cliairman or the Atlxisoiv Committee to the I'-qiuiiiiqsion ul thc Illinois State Legislature in 14135, and as a member ol the commission named by President Roosevelt to report on Puerto cation Kappa in :eve 12-1 COLLE E OF The College of Ifducation had its origin in 1893 under the influence and teaching of Charles de Garnio, Professor of Psychology. In 1900. a De- partment of Education was set up, which became in 1007 the School of Ifducation and in 1918 received its present title, the College of Education. The number of students at the University of Illinois who annually com- plete their preparation to teach in elementary or high schools is more than one-fourth of the number xvho receive june hachelor's degrees from the University. In 19-11--12, the number who thus prepared was 27.3 per cent of the total number receiving lrachelor's degrees in june of 1941. On the undergraduate level the College of Education oifers the pro- fessional preparation of these prospective elementary and high school teach- ers. On the graduate level it offers advanced professional preparation for teachers. supervisors, principals and superintendents of schools and prepares faculty memlmers to teach and to carry on research in Education in colleges Ba and universities. A E Aft 1 fn, fi- t M 1? ll' is sa WW -.1--'fwl '.'?1r?"e"35' Wil "1' ' ' 3,I'?aiT-55'Q51sf: it - - - f " 1- srgi "iff-."f 77. ' .l':'.+:', . ,Jig 4 2 . 5 ffg, . - f n 7. ..' . GREGORY I-IALL EDUCATION ,, 117' ' 7,,,vfp.W?T9:n,y , . '3' :iw Lv , ,H W' ,,.3yyw-' 4-ww. , vw?-'X--Mi? " . w X xc X-sN1f-- ' 'X ' ' ' w wx-.Q ww A I I 1 r Y 1 gf XX.u'1r1z 5, Muxnor 1mL,',,, My 1 D1 xx Hrxxln fH.'XRl,IN XY. wxmnly I'11m1jv,zl 'ff l'rH1uvll1 Hwff M "X ilfumf H!'1m1.1l RLw.nLf L ffwl cj, - 1- -, .,,. ., , ,.-,.., ,. 3 """"' ' ' ""' """"' ' Q - .lm :Qi :i l,..... 3 ' ' 2 t ,1"":.iT iw .1 ,,..,.""'- i -...- OFFICE or COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 125 BETTY LLICILLE ALM ..,.....,.,. .lfurklnnl General Home EI'fwonIlt1I' Wfelsh House Home Economics Cluhg Rural Life Club: XV.A.A.g Silver The Agriculturist Q-U1 Feathers LZ, SDL Y.XV.C.A, Cabinet I5. -U1 Production Statf. "No, No, Nannetteuz Gym' kana ll! Rockford College EvEI.x'N .lox'cE AI1ENIJs ..,.,.,.. v...llt-lim C01r1n1srI' X11l1j:'t'f,I' Welsh House Kappa Delta Pi: Accountmg Llub: X'i'omen's Glee Club 1-ll M.IcMurray College M.-xRTII.l Lou Bucrn ., .... L'Ib,m,i Bmlfiglx La Chateau THELAIA B.'XLO'l'lN . . ,, , .... Clmuigff Cjrimlzl Xtitiiie Kappa Delta Pi Honors Day 131 Central Y.M,C.A. College ALINI: FLOIIA BENOIST.. ,, Alf. lbiifiii rllnffr Alpha Delta PI Silver Feathers 12, 5? Illinois XVesley.xn Unixersity LFONI2 BERGFIFLD ,.,... ...BIfv,iIfl.1i1.l Hum: Eivnffffrm-I Phi Omega PI Home Economics Club: Silxer Featliers 151 Blatlthurn College HELrN E, BERT .... .,,.., ..,. C I Dime Plqrirtll E.l11m.'1fIn1 American College 'Il PIIv4:t.Il Educatinri VIRGINIA ELIZ.-xIIE'I'I-I BLACIQ,-IRD... . f1m..Ill,i E11-gflfli Presbyterian Hall Vice-President, Sophomore Class, Silxer Feath- ers flip Production Stall, "GontlIIlreIs.' "Holiday," "Two on an lsl.Intl" Mary Baldwin Colleen 126 '23 bl I vi I XA. V. Q ' L L- 3 xl N., Ii -6 Q7 qs, 5 .SX aa., 3. . A v r' s 2' si Q 10 'O .- ? -..,f-'O f,' I '5' Q '1 ": ' Ii.. FRANCOISE Dumas BRUSH ,.......... Glennie French and Spunirb Kappa Kappa Gamma Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathers LUCITTTA IRENE BURR .,..,,.. ..... R orlefafd Englifb Alpha Phi Silver Feathers 135 : Women's Glee Club Q33 3 Production Staff, "Carmen," "Love Rides the Rails," "Seventh Heaven" National College of Education: Stephens College KATHERINE Kari-Ho CHANG, Llbne, Kauai, Hawaii Huiury Knox College: University of Wlisconsin KATHLEEN Kam LIN CI-IANG, Lihue, Kiuml, HI1ll'dII Bmlagy Knox College Maru' ELIZABETH CLEVELAND .,..., Ilnfmzerkn Englirb Alpha Phi Production Stall, "Carmen," Heaven" National College of Education "Seventh MILDRED LOUISE CUNNINGHAM ....... Arcola Euglifb Alpha Delta Pi Cold Feathers St. Mary-of-the-Wloods College SHIRLEY WILSON DEAN ,....... Pmpbulmfiivz Eizglirb McKinley Hall Silver Feathers Q33 Northern Illinois State Teachers College lwifmx' LOUISE DEICHMANN ...,..,. Springfield General Science Springheld Junior College ELAINE JUNE DiEncKsMErEi1....R.1rine, Wu. Art Kappa Delta XV.A.A.g Silver Feathers 133 Lawrence College JAMES KENNETH FISSEL. ...... ...D.1mvllu Spizrnrla Spanish Clubg The Daily lllini ill: Cast, "Zaragueta" MARY KATHRYN FOSTER ,.v..,. ...R1.lgu.ri rlluitliarzzirllrl Shawnee First Council, XVuman's League KIM Oranue and Blue Feathers HENRY TAYLOR Gi-iii..-irx. .. .. .Il flfumgfffu Bmlffgy Peterson Club Joliet junior College MILDRED LOUISE GUYNN ...,.... ., ,lluu-t-Ai Cammerrml Derigu Zeta Tau Alpha Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers. University Chorus H, 21 Noiura BERNICE Haxvxrxs, , . .I.u.'e.n:ll:-, Alu. Aluilr Phi Omega Pi Silver Feathers HM Production Start, "Low Rides the Rails," "Out of the Frying Pan.' "Seventh Heaven" South East Missouri State Teachers College lhl.-KRY Lou HAYWARD ....,.. ,... S hellfywlli- Ezzglrrb Gamma Phi Beta Secretary, Y,XV.C.A.g The Daily Illini ll, Zig Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feath- ers, Y,XV.C.A. Cabinet 15, 43 EDwrN HIRSCHLE HENDERSON ....... AI.rf1en.r Agrfrullure Dornoch Coast Artillery Club: Pershing Rifles: First Lieutenant. University Brigade 8 Maniox Louise Hixrs ,. ...Spfm4he1.1 Sllnrnn l' Alpha Gamma Delta XY',A.A.1 XY':,nmen's Glee I lub 12. Sh Riukhir-.l Crillege I,i,'1 iii if Hui,r1Mr-iN .. .. .. Penn.: lllvlm-y Alpha Onaitrun Pi Shi-Aug 'lille lllm ll, Jig XV.A.A.g Orange and Blue Feathersl Cv-wld Feathers Liiiix I.,xYrwxE Husxiax. . ,. L'il1.m.1 Ney' lp Spamrb Q Urthesis Terrapin fluhg XV.-K..-Mg XV.A,A. ' Nurneralt X a N X. '- CRM, 147' s l . X' - 4 Ln xi-ss Ritm Kiuxparnrfx .. Rim-rifle av? X l,eeinan Lrnlue XY'.A.A., XV.A.A. Numerals. Independent :Q V I-:until tell, First Cnuneil, XV-iman's League A ' ill. Silxer Feathers 133 '51, O XXI-stern Illinois State 'feaehers College N-fa V ' Maixjurirr wlraxxr LANL: , ,,ijuu.1w Englzfb Alpha Omicron Pl Orange antl Blue Feathersr Lmld Feathers, 4 5 ai Prinluttmn Statl, "Blatk Flaming-J," "Night Q .il -Iariuarv sixteenth" Q 5 v l ff f flxniiwiiii -li xx Liu ,.S,1v1iliinJ' l Eulqllifa Alpha Phi Hume Ee-in-inms Fluhg Silver Feathers 15a Jil 3 I Nurthern Illinois State Teachers Collegeg -Q - University ul Minnesrita t 1 -wr 5 ' 1 GM. . . .A J ,N Jfl I - l '31, ,lriax Ixlarularuil' MAL.-ull .. . .. Diem Plf.yr1ml Eilnrizlmu Medea Pliyxical Education Mayor Club, XY',A,.-L, Q 9 XV.A A, Numerals ' 3 if , vi ,Xiunwa Downie 1NI,xi.rm .,.. ,. Cm.-,igy Euelnlw Zeta Tau Alpha 'lwrehg The lllio tl, Z, F-D 3 Orange and Blue Feathers' Gold Feithers unurs ix I 9,6 H ' , by ly . --ifQ' it .Q 13' ls!! ela--- A i ,vu I i I l Gfxevlsvr ADELE MCENROE ,...,... Cbimgn Cammfrra Alpha Xi Delta Accountancy Club: Silver Feathers lil Chicago Teachers College P,-trklcla Axx MtGoxx.1.x ,.., Dafrrflll ,lI.rllu'w.1lir.f Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta: The Illio Ll, Zl , Stu dent Alumni Association 12, 31 H-inors Day tll Fordham University 5, Maxx' PATRICIA BICKENN.-X ..,.,. Lalfim.-1 Cm Hlrforj Alpha Delta Pi Silver Feathers l3l Thornton Junior College Hnrrx hi.-xRoaa1"r Mearoriu .,...,. 0.112 Pail: Errgliflf Alpha Phi The Daily Illini IM 5 XV,A.A. 1 Silver Feathers 135 lNlacMurray College M27 Ruin ,losfvulxig Mireuxv ..,....., tjwiagu f ,N Hiazary D Der Deutsche Vereinz Produttiun Statl, 'R-apes End," "The XVomen" ., Hurzl junior College i' - ,v .6 X xf- 6 6 Q bar 'fl y t' 'r' t. l K Vrrxia Brnxrtr Mirrax ..,. Sftnanl Eugllflf Alpha House First founcil, XVun1an's League lll , XVornen's Culee C lub IZ! Northern lllinms State leathers College Caimr Mlfxsox . ,. , Lu Cnlrr Alpha Gamma Delta XV,A,A.: Silver Feathers Hi Northern Illinois State Tcaehers Iiollege ,tp LA Q 'Q' ff- -,e jrjrra Acxuss NOECKER ..... . . . . .Champaign Malbemalirs Pi Mu Epsilon Rum' Novarc .........,.... .... ...... P e ru Plryrirul Eilumliorr Phi Eta Sigmag Delta Theta Epsilong Toma- liaxvkg Freshman Varsity Baseball Squadp Freshman Varsity Football Squad Hunors Day ll, 2, 3-I: University ot Illinois Stholarship Rey Donoriax' MARIE Nowarc. .. ...Cbirizga Art Alpha Omicron Pi Orange and Blue Feathersg Gold Feathersg Student Alumni Association 1253 Production Stall, "Rose Marie"g Gymkana 121 lN'lAR-IORIE EDITH PIERCE ...., .... B owen Hzrlffiy Gamma House XV,A.A.g Executive Council, W'.G.S. H15 Orange and Blue Feathers LL'cri,i,r PURCELL .., . .... .. .,., Alonnre-lla Hiiloly Nitkell Lodge Orchesis Doao'r'Hx' Lois R.'N'HLI'I'Z .... ...tjamzga Euglulv Itlclimley Hall President, R.G.S.1 First Council, XVomen's League 45, -ll: Production Staff, "Carmen" XY'ilson junior College Rrm Caizor Rrrn ,..,,,... ,.., H arrey Efrglirlv Chi Omega Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathersg XY'nmen's Glee Club 11, 2, 5, -llg University Ihwrus ll, 2, 5, -ll Anirxr f,HRrsrrr.r Mr'nmiwuq,.. . Ul.'ill1.J LAVIMA Emma Ro'rscH ..... ,.,.S1imumu Hlalmig Hiyygyy Bethany Circle Hnngfg Day Q31 LaSalle-Peru Oglesby ,lunior Collugt, Uni- versity of Nebraska In , S - . l I' . ,wh ,. fm. 128 -x , X , Lv .4 Eunorm ANN SCHNEBLY ..... L'f! Euglnb Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Pr Delta: Orange and Blue Feathers, Gold Feathers: XVumen's Glue Club ll! VLASTA HANOLD mnaorankrt .,...., lif1,qlwHf1 Hulmy milf Clrnr Grevada Chalet XVomen's Glee Club Hb Illinois State Normal Umversityg lllxnr-us XVesley.1n Unnersrty. Shurtlirf Clvllt-gc RULAND Fruxcrs Sfiorr .. ...Gem-1 Ifmmorfzlr J Cmnulp--lrtan tlub Indiana L'nu'erS1ty1 St. Petersburg fullege Manu: 1' 1.1 nm' SMHH.. ,. ,. ..., Sr1r.w1:,r lmllzrrrinl xlrfr lndustrral Education Sncrety Lf.-XRM.-XRFT Axxr S111 K ..1i:rx11mgfrff1 Sfmrllrlr Sparuuh Klub Unnersuty ul Wmunsnn DLURLMIHW' llrllrrt SIIPHFNN . , tl!y1r.1.g,, Sprzuirb Cxrevada fhalct Kappa Delta Pr. Flrir C,-luncrl, XVoman's League 1-H3 Srlvcr Feathers f5l1 Orange and Blue Feathers. Unrvcrsuty Chorus 141. Pmductmn Srarl, "Out ul the Frying Pan" North Park Cullcgu Mamrx Curfronn SIIPPFS ,, Al.:llwr11r1.'1r,r Theta fhx Morton .luniur tullcge Euaxorx Iluxr Smarx, .. ...., H.'mfu.! Cfmrrfzurml Snlljzflr Alpha Lambda Delta. Accountancy Club: Phr Chr Theta. XV.A.A.g Frrst Luuncrl, XVoman's League Q-ll: XVomcn's Glee Club tllz Pm- cluction Staff, "Madame Butterfly," "Murder rn the Cathedral" Honors Day tl, 23 1' T .X ii 1 -,sw 4 X, Gb 'X XVILM.-x hlfillll Sxx.-mum .. ,,.Y,yr.nr1ofe fl!! Shawnee N-rrrlrcm Illrrum. Nratc 'lkullerx tarllege Youx l.'XZllll Irrnmrmrx M. l.f1m+, ,lim Ifrrull-I 5muc 'llarlntrt frrlltue Rl ru :Xxx XX'a11,Atr ,. ,...,.., lxlllwnfm- ffuullrlv l-vrth. XY' A..'K.1 lrulupundtnt fwuntll I-H. Frrst I-Juncxl, XY'un1an'x League ti, -ll , Alumur Kwunnrl, XVnrn.1n's League tilg Orange and Blue Fratlutrs. G-fl-i Featheri, Pr-rtlutrl-,ln Stall, "Blatk Flamrrug -v," 'llulldayf' "K1u the Buys Gu-ltlbycf' "hl.xtl.zn1e Butturllvf' "Tun Un an Ixlantlm Harulxna lXl,+rrl1 XX fxlxu M V ,lI.z:fff tffrzznrrrrsaf Szllmrtlf XY.lrr1ur Hall Arcpu, Maxk .tml llauble. Fxrst tuumll, XVuruan's Luauue Hr, Orange and Blue Feathers. Ci-vld Fcathcrx, Y,XY'.CfA. Kablnct GI , Pruduttx-In Stall, "farr'nen," Hlulanthe, "Low Rrdcs the Rally" "Out uf thc Frymu Pan," 'Fewnth Human" Fnxmrw Emma' Wmnr . ,. AnH.m.f t'fffll1rf1ruz.1f Slflffllfr Chr Omeza Murtar Buartl lllrnr L'm-rn Fmartl. Attnunt- .rmy Llulw. Plrr Chl lheta. Silver liathers ill . lvnrvertrtx Orthutru HP Hwrurrx Day 1-31 Nflrtlx fentral Cwlltut Iallur Hmmm XYHNI , Blur: u lfrlulfrlw hlatblurrat lrrllegt Hun: mr AAA Zur mx,-mo ,..5m1l.f 4w,f1w.uf.rf Sl1lr,':'rr'J Atlxaua :Xtt-mntamy Klub, KVA A. Hlatkburn College Rwmmu Crrrtrrxr Zmmco mrrw EFfff1ffr1l1r'I Srgma Phr Epnlon Kappa Phi Kappa Murtun junior College l -:xc 14e,xt1x L lAitIiitettur uultly on ih 'xuitcen xolu Rl xroliiv XIXXluXK1x Ihre lit-xioitl Nexxtonxlx, Deux ol tlxc L o1le:e or Fine xd Applied xeisities or lx Arts, reteixctl 1iistr.iiixlng.xtt1xe l'ixi .ins.xs, Illinois, .xrxtl S-xutlxern 1.111- lxi:xi.x. His .xtxclenxn stntlits lx.ix'e been supple- entexl lxy wit Beloit tonxx le tmxel in lixiiope .xnd the Orient, ng to the Illinois Litultv in 1'1lS. t in Ntxxtoixxls u,xs lor Ixxe yc.xrs Dirtttor ul the litrxiiiixxtiit o 1lt,x-,lx l-'olvletl Iliitrtx-i ol :M ix rlxe lxtultie li:xx,x. .ind tlx lege or lex,xs. I7c.xrx Newt: 1' Fmt ,xml Applied Arts .xt Lon: xnit 4f.xlilor1x1.iI .xrxil tor tour xexrs lult ftliicxtioix .intl l-'iincip.x1o1 The tcmnl HMI, sklyool, llc serxecl .xlso Q or rlxel'noeisnyo1 Southern Culi- e .-Xgrxtullunxl .xml Met1x.xnic.xl Kol .ir the Litter insmurxon ,is Professor e .ind follegc Aitlxllctk. .nxh xx.xs lui ten vtzxis cxlitor ol' the ll 1 :im .li.ff,'fi.l, flnoxuo, lx.xs seixed .is tetlif nxt.xl tonsult.xn xrtnles in his Phi. Phi Hem t in x.ii'i-ins tonnettxonsx lx.xs lettuietl e Fine Arts, ,mtl is the ,xutlxor or nxcs .in-1 sexer.xl liuntliecl nx,xg,i1im field Ile Iv ,x nxtnxlxti ol Phi K,xpp.x K,xpp,x, Menu Xi, ,intl x.irious .itlxti 11 .ni-i.xrx .md protttsiornxl ore.xrxi1.xtioixt -S Y .,. . ,, . I --a 130 Ili x I is '1 COLLEGE OF The College of lfine and Applied Arts is the youngest college on the cxxnxpus. This does not mean, 1xou'ex'er, that instruction in the Arts is a neu' departure axt Illinois. ln fact. quite the contrary is true. In the orig- inixl plixns for nn instructionixl progrixnx for Illinois Industrial University, Regent Gregory included 'I-X course in Arclxitecture and Fine Arts" and one in "Horticulture and Landscape Gardening." The fm' Annual Report of the llonrd of Trustees also announced "instruction in Vocixl Music." lfronx these xxxodest lxeginixings, in time grew up strong depixrtnxents of instruction in zxrt, ixrclxitecture, lixndscixpe axrclxitecture and nxusic. For nearly thirty years it was hoped thixt these aesthetic interests nxiglxt lic grouped into one ixdnxinistrntite unit. Due to the lack of physical facilities, lxowever, this was not possilxlc until September, 1931, when the college was constituted. XYith n faculty of nearly eighty ixxen and xvonxen :ind gin enrollment that nt tixxxes exceeds Hilo professional students, together with soixxe 1-loo from other colleges of the L'niversity, instruction leading to nppropriixte degrees is offered in eleven options and curricultx. This college looks foi'w:xi'tl to the next sevcixty-tive years of service to the people of Illinois. gbppusll . Fxxiuruirx B. Srnrx Duel Srlxfml of Mimi: Cxru s E, PALMFR ,1i.nr1.1le Drum Diixx Ni xvcmx it LORING H. Prmvrmr OTTU G. SFH.-KFFFR Larra'w.1'w flulvifffflf ARCHITECTURE BUILDING X I- MI.-, I Lv. v I 1 mx KU.. ,Hun Lv Vw. DIR:-'mm .ffi 131 JERRY ALLEN ....,.,.. .....,...Dm1-er, Col. ,'11'i'l1l!e'tlln I Phi Gamma Delta Scarab University of Colorado Jacx Snriurax BaxER, .... . ,..C'li.w,-fmgrfi .-lrrlwlt fini: Gargnyleg Scarab Honors Day lf! Jnsrvn Tnoaris BEAR, JR.. .. ,,,C!-rfiffa ,-llzlilfftlllig Alpha Kappa Lambda Scarab: Men's Glee Club 1-ll 3 Production Stall, "Carmen," "Seventh Heaven" Lincoln College Manjoaiii l,L'ClI.LIZ Brxxizn' ........ Yumfiui Jlluif Ellnmliml Gamma Phi Beta Sigma Alpha lotag Orange and Blue Fcathtivg Student Alumni Association tl, 2, 33 3 XYurn- eriis Glue Club 13, -ll, University fhurux tl, 2, 3. -ll. Cast, "No, No, Nanncttcf' "Row Marie" Fniurarcx Ci-iaRLns Booisn .......... C'lw..i,ig,, lr1lf11,rrr1.1l Drug!! lXlen'S Glce Club KZ, Fil: University fhnius IJ, SP3 Illini Union Boaitlg Last, "La Boheme" CiI.0RI.-l ANIUINPITE CAPPO, . ., . . .,Xl.11w.'ffu .'H1f,m' Delta Delta Delta firpingc and Blue Feathers: XVomen's Cilce fluln 13, Mg Production Stall, "lNlatl.ime Butter' Hy", Gy-mkana Ilrizxiii in Axx Cari-iran: . ., , ,Dr Inf.-,I .Hum lwltliinley Hall Sigma Alpha lota. Silver Fcatht-is 121 , XYUI11- un's Cilee Club 1-Il, University Kliuius 131, last, "Thu lXlikad-i" James Nillikin L'niveisity XY,n'xi' Ervxxix CHAMPION ...,... . . ..lIl1r.iml1 lmlnrhml Dlxrlgu Alpha Kappa Lambda Illustrators: Y,M,C.A. Cabinet 43h Denier University: XY'estern Illinniv Start Teachers College 132 'G' 'QM ,,, , ,RW A t Q' 1 v , ..-- - f' , I ', 73 . 3 " sf A , ,,35::fi, . v Q: J X .,.,LfS?.?l ' , it. . . 1 A S' 5 45.1 if li- iw., : , v x L-an-4 Q A ,ATN ,KN .v L 7- Ki h '5 - -Q ,., . 312. 'Slim Mavrrc HIRSCH CHANNON ........... Chicago Nurir Ednmlimz Tau Delta Phi The Illio ill : Concert Band fl, 2, 3, 45 Jaairs AXTHONY COLLINS ........... Chimgo :lu llllrrlmal Engineering A,S.C.E. Rm' Moxizoi foxnau, ...,. ,...NIo1ina xllllimilfzrr Alpha Delta Phi Rriiiiizr Joiix Daaii ....,....,..,.. Cfilnmbm xlvf E,fl1i'i1l1w1 Nilsson Club Phalanx: Frist Lieutenant, University Brigade Iiuraxu HARVEY DAGIT ,......... New Baden Afrlvlfrlnvtzl Erlglurlffifzg Tcgar Home A.S.C.E. lirtrmi Manu Di- lblOI5F, .. ... ...Cbirlzgo Alum' Elllnuillrnl Alpha Gamma Delta XY'on1en'S Glue Club la, -ll: University Or- uhcstra 42, Bl RXLPH Euorxr ELKFRNTROM ...,.. Cbampaigvz lulilulmil Diavlgn Alpha Tau Sigma: Art Editor, The llliog First Lieutenant, University Brigade KARL ALFRED EDSTROM .......,,.. . .Rorkjard .alnlvllUl'tl1i'rlf Elzginesring A,S.C.E. North Park Junior College ROGER MALCOLhi ENGLISH ...,.,.. Faimmmir lrlduxlrial Dengu Art Editor, The Illio, American Ceramir Society: Illustratorsg Produrtion Statf, "Fire- man's Flame" PRISCILL.-K FLETCHER . .. ...... ..., L 'flf,1u.r fl!! Edllriiliuli Alpha Phi Shi-Ai, XV.A,A,g Orange and Blue Feathers: Star Course ill. Cast, "Seventh Heaven," "Two on an lsland"g Production Stall, "Beautiful People," "Margin for Error," "Outward Bound" CARL EARL FORSHIRG .. ,, .... Diwii Alimr Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag First Regimental Band 11, Zlg Mens Glee Club 15, -li, Uni- versity Chorus tl, Z. 3, 41 Maiuox Virzuixia Ga1L ....,.. Iiiglvlauil Pali .-ir! Edfzmfiufz Presbyterian Hall Production Statl, "R-apes End" C-ie College EARL Ti-ioxras Grnnixc, .,.,, ....,. O J,',in,i .'lYi'bfIEi'IlHL' Gargoyle: A,S.C.E.3 Alpha Tau Sigma, Ent! Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day 42, Fil LEONARD ELviN Gmrsen. , ..., , Grimm: c 1:5 .'lrL'biIrrl1m1l Erlglwlilrzg A.S.C.E. XVestminister Colleen Vmoixia KATHRYN GILMOEE. ....lw.i Commrrrlal Dt-ilgri Achaea The Illio l3lC Production Statf, "BlaLk Flamingo," "Two on an Island" HENRY THEODORE Gnax' .........,., Clmagr Arflailerllzral Erigirirarlug Sigma Phi Epsilon A.S,C.E.1 Cavalry Oliicers' Clubg Scabbarrl and Bladez Captain, University Brigade Auriaxu I-IEYMAN . ....,,.,.... Clwiaga lllurlf Ejmxlrmri Sarah Delano Hall , liriiversity Chorus 4-H . ,f "ai I- 11. E 4 . if -Q N Y A . is v . -- te 1. iw, l ' ' '-.' ,ge i, X f "ag N If - , 1 r E I i , H, lloxaio Lawrirxcia H1LLirE.,.lJt-lfffn, .llfi-I-, .- My " lr1il11,r!r1.1l Duvlgu Beta Theta Pi 1 llluStratorQ, Phi Mu Alpha-SlntOnia3 Scni-rr ZR P-ilu lNlanager. Concert Band 45, Hlig First Regimental Band 411: Serond Regimental C, .nd t l P X 'J llrrriirrs Day lll I A, 28' A. lex at lllRl4ERT jONariraN l-l0ODNxix,. , Eianrfffn ,-lri'lv!l'r!1n.zl Errrglurfrirzg Newman Hall A 5,t",E. .gg k, Y -xv . M,-xmraniir OLIVE HYDE.. ...., Cliaziipaign illniiu E.l1ir.i!ifm lnixersity Chorue l-U T fv- 'FQ lfiumrs JONES ,..,.,, ,.Sp.n.fLfilwfq. S, L . .llnrif Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota 2 l Honors Day ll, 2, Rb, Univeriity of lllll'lOlS 5 Nth.-larihip Key 2 XX'aliu'r Krxm Kaoaxxa .I1firmln1u, Hai:-.vii .'lrL'f1m-rl1n'.rI Erlulmwirig I'-nnmpolit.1n tilub Phi Kappa Epsilung AS l'.E,Z Y,M.C.A. rahinet HI Vrirversiry of Hawaii 'tr' Duns KKPLAN .... . .. , ..., l!"lv.'t1ug. Imi. .'lrilv11ri'rlne Crranada Klub Ll.irur.yle: Phi Alpha Chi: Concert Band .M L ll, 2, H: University Orcheetra 13, 43 K ' llnnnii Day IB! 'A 5, if-4 -, PK- Wir i iaar Eitrmw KELLAM. . ....... Clwlwmz .f'li'rlvllerlnr.1I Elzgilzucrlfzg rXi,C.E.1Tau Nu Tau lnlimnrs Day Ill Q-J DL'DLY Rours KFLLY, ,ln.,, ., .c,li.1ff1f:f1fgf1 il1ifvlhf.'l1vi1f .Er1.gl1,iLr.ff4g Gargoyle University of Flnrida: University of Ken- tufliv PH1l,1,li- fXR'lHL'li lxlssairl . ...l,f1n1lw.! .l1i'lfr,'ri,'m,1l Ij:1,glm'ti1ug 211 Club Are-pug A.S.C.E.1 Mask and Baublei Pier- iotsz Producti-in Staff, "Black Flamingo," "Family Portrait," "Murder in the Cathed- ral," "Our Town," "Two nn an lslanclu Armour lnstitute of Tcclinulogy Rlcuarin Enxvaku li0Hi.ifR, llurlarlir Ciffli-. rllif. I.il11ii,iri1pL .'lii'lv1lfi'!Jfw Alpha Chi Rho Caissun Club, Scarab: First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade Hnnors Day fl, J, 33. University of Illinois Scholarship Key XY'asliingtun Llnixersity joux Davin Kriaiuiixriurur ,,., Xl, jffrepfw illlurfl' Phi Kappa Phlg Phi Beta Kappag Phi Eta Sigmag Phi Alpha Clin: Pi Tau Pi Sigma. Star Course 42, Sl 1 University Orchestra tll . Mawr, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 2, Sl: University of lllxnnfs Sthnlarship Key Coxxli Axxriil liar'-rar.-mx .. Ifnzulzfffff Pmrzllrzg Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta, lllustratorsl Orange and Blue Feathers. Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet lllg Star Course 121 Hunws Day fl, 21 XVl1i,lMi rm -in Kl,'YPl R. ,, . .l1.mwfi1f.l .llnur Sigma Nu Phi lvlu Alplia-Sinfnniag Concert Band ll, 2 51: President HI 1 Star Course ill THOMA5 Nrrsox Laxuiis, ,ln ..,. .liiizilffffil .'lri'lWlle'll1rli:l Ifflialflufflllq Slmirarotk A.5,C.E,. Caarrgoyle X'i'Ir1,l.-xxx HART Laxn ,....,....., llnuoif Rn-ei xirflvllfwlliiirl .Efzlqizzrrrlug A,S.C.E. XY'asliingtnn University 13-l 1 Lu' , Q O I '3' an N Q .- AQ, Q 3 1 R' 3- Bannarm Run-r LENTIN ......,...,.. Chirago Commerrlal Derign Sarah Delano Hall Production Statl, "Two on an Island" Honors Day ill Grrmruixn lNlL'RlEL I.EVlN,.If:1IIJdJ City, Ma. Paiuzing Sigma Delta Tau Orange and Blue Feathersg Fine Arts Council KR 43 Pfvrnici.-i Humiri' LEWIS .... .... T alone illnrlr La Treinta Arepo: Executive Council, XV.G.S. OM XVnmen's Glee Club ll, 41g University Chorus Ill: Cast, "Carmen," "Iolanthe," "The Gondoliersu M.itMurray College Maru' Lou LITTLE .,...... .... C bmzpaigfz illlllff Der Deutsche Vereinq Sigma Alpha Iotag Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet 4-H: Star Course 12, 513 Women's Glee Club Lllg University Chorus 15, 41 Honors Day 155 NILHOLAS Axriaoxv LOGAN ,..,.. Gm-y, Ind. Imlnrrf ml Derig 11 Newman Hall Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon Enxrsr Euxvano Lom: ....,., .,.Mof11ir-ella .alrrlwlermre Tegar House Y.M.C.A,f.1binet Hb M.-mwroiur Er-ilu' Lonixz ...,.,,. Champaign .Mlzrit Alpha Pi Delta JANET ,IL xii bl.-lLQL'l5T ...... .... Chicago :ill Edlzmlinn Slwwnee Orange and Blue Feathers: Production Staff, "Ropes End," "Seventh Heaven" Aumuzx' Beizsf NIARSH ..... ,... B :Ile-iflli' Murir Delta Gamma Torchg Le Cercle Francais: Scimitarg Shi-Aig XV.A.A.g Pan-Hellenic Council 13, -Hg First Council, Womans League Hb, Orange and Blue Feathers, Star Course 1215 Fine Arts Council 12, 3, 41 3 Orchesis 12, Bt Honors Day 11, Il HENRY INIAY ......,.,..... Nui Ynfk, N. lf bzndfmpe ,'lf'cl.11Irrl11w Art Director, Illini Theatre Guild: Mask and Baubleg Pierrotg Fine Arts Cuunfil, Illini Theater Guild 13l 1 Cast, "Flying Gcrardnsn. Production StalI, "Carmen," "No, No, Nan, nctte," "Out of the Frying Pan," "Rose lXIarie"g Illini Theatre Guild Board 1-ll University of Pennsylvania XVILLA JE.-KN NIAYFIELD .. . ,3lum1.1u In in r A rim Almlf XVarner Hall Sigma Alpha Iota Stephens junior College N,xRG.u1Er ELIZA!-iHH MCCAu1,Ex', Rmb lvltnni Indnrrmzl Dtirlgn Presbyterian Hall Illustrators Htlnors Day 11 b Louisa IYICIYIEIN ,..,., .,Himn1b.1l. AIN. rllnm' Gamma Phi Beta Sigma Alpha Iotag Tamara.: 121: XVorncn's Cylee Club 13. -ll: Orchcsrs Ili, Prmluttlon Staff, "Rose Marie" Gulf Park College Rum' IRENE Iviriiirn, . .,...,. ,.D,1w1llt slr! Edlzmlmrl XVelsh House Home Economics Club Macltlurray College DUNALD Erztrfn IXIERRIMAN, lmlmvrrfmlla, Iml, lnduxlrlal Dwlgrl Kappa Delta Rho Interfraternity Council 1-ll INIAIDA SCHELLING IXIEYFR ....... ..I,c.11 Ihre, Blunt' Edlmzlio 11 XVomen's Glee Club 153: Unncrsrty Klmins 12, 5, -H Fiona GRACE PAGLIARULO ....,,.... Wilnreflr Cammsrrirzl Dfflgil Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Lambda Delta: Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class: Illustrators: Orange and Blue Feathers: Star Course 127: Student Alumni Association 12. 3, -ll: Fine Arts Council 43, 43 Honors Day 11, 2. Bl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key ROBERT XV,-IYNI: PALAIIQR .,..,...... .Clviiagff Cnnrmriimll Deiigu Sigma Chi DWIIEL -IOSFPH Peiuuxo ..,......... Clvir-.rgff Alnsii' Eilrfmtiou Caisson Clubg Perishing Rifles: Plateau and Drumg Scabhard and Blade: First Regimental Band ill 1 Second Lieutenant, University Brigade jicotiuixi Mamie Pirvira . .. ..L'If:,mrz IIIJIIIIIHII Duleu Alpha Lambda Delta: Illustrators: Mask and Baubleg Zeta Phi Eta: Produttrnn Starl, "Love Rides the Rails," "Margin for Error," "Rose Marie," "SuentlI Heaven," "Two un an Island" Honors Day III BIINERYA PINNELL ............ .... K rinnrr ,-lr! Etlumfiorr Presbyterian House Illustrators: Star Course Ili: Concert and Entertainment Board IS, -It Honors Day fl, 2, Sl: University of Illinois Scholarship Key S'I'rPHI'x Marx PI,avrI:I1 .... Elm Claire, Il"1r. .-lrfbiltrlnml Errgirwurirrg Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.S,C.E.g Band nf X3 Scaralwg Fine Arts Council Il, 2. 3, ,ll Eau Claire State Teachers College, Smut Institute I,r'I Farr: Rosr ..... ...... ,.,.,.. C l wrayf, Iirdlrrlrnll Deiiigu Chi Phi Interfraternity Council 151 Morgan Parl: .lunirir fnlleee lNI,uzIANx.x ISI.-XRGARIIT' SCHROIIJFR, Spiineficlrl f1I'rl1I1uI'l1mIl ,Erligirluwfllg Presbyterian Hall Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Student Senate 13, -Ill A.S.C.E.3 Gargoyle Honors Day ll, 2, 31: University of Illinois Scholarslrip Key 136 Il 'Il LQ Q avg A 0. 'gi y xr . f N... t V yn ' Q J ,Y . ' 'fi' A if ,. if. ' ff silltarg l . FQ F Q t , A m .""'lif 'K' INIILTON CAMPBELL SI-IEDIJ ,.......... Urbana Arrbifermml Engineering A.S.C,E.: Coast Artillery Club: Gargoyleg First Lieutenant, University Brigade Honors Day fl, 2, 51: University of Illinois Scholarship Key AXITL Fnrnniic SKOGLUND ..........,. DeKalb .flrrbiferlnral Erzgirzeei-ing Triangle A.S.C.E.3 The Illio C13 FRIED RICHARD SMITH ........,...... Cbirago Alnrif Edlimliorr Sigma Pi Concert Band 15, -Il 3 First Regimental Band il, 21: Men's,Glee Club 13, -Il: University Orchestra lil: Cast, "Carmen," "Iolanthe," "No, No, Nannette" Ros.iLII1 IW.-IRION SMITH ......... .... C ary Cnrnnlewial Derigu Phi Omega PI DONALD JOHN STADFIELD .... .. .W".1nrw1d.1 Mari: Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia Concert Band 42, 3, -U: First Regimental Band fljg University Orchestra 15, 41 1 University Chorus ISI Ilonnrs D.Iy IZ, 5F Cil.I7N I.IfI.fxND STEIGER ....... U", Wu. .'lrI'bilei'I11n11 .Enginnwlllg A.S,C.E.g Phalanxg Scarab: First Lieutenant, University Brigade University of Wisconsin THOMAS IVIARTIN STEINBACH .... ...Paufiar I1uf1'l1JlmIl Derigu Club Paragon Illustrators: Independent Council C551 Uni- versity Vhnrus ill WII.I.IfiIiI joxrz Srotrriixuuna, Jn., Knoxrdlle, Teml. .'Iri'bil?1'll1I? Kappa Sigma University of Tennessee 1 1 ALFRED DEAN TAYLOR ....... Calnmbnr, lull. Affbllfffllftll .Engineering Delta Phi Gargoyle Purdue University EVAN MCGLAUN TERRY ..... Moumlvillc, ,f-lla. Arclailerlrlml .Engimfering Pi Kappa Phi Coast Artillery Club: Star and Scroll, First Lieutenant, University Brigade University of Alabama MlRl.kA1 RUTH THR,-lLL .... .... l t"cli!,,u Alnrir Aeolia Alpha Lambda Deltag Sigma Alpha Iota: Woman's Glee Club Honors Day 41, 2, ilg University of Illinois Scholarship Key JACK DURKEE TRAIN ....,,.. ,.... O ,ik Pink Arcbilertuml .Eligzimfriizg Alpha Kappa Lambda Dolphins, Scarab, The Illio ill, Freshman Varsity Swimming Squadg Freshman Varsity Winter Polo Squad, Y,M,C.A. Cabinet 131 Dxviorir FORD WALTON ,,., Cemarivlle, Prim Lirllifrfirpf .'llififlr'I!l1r? Pr Kappa Alpha Landscape Architecture Suticty University of Utah CHARLl2s EDWARD XVAR12, Ptzrkeirlvlfig, li", llf. Arrbllsilrnf Alpha Tau Omega Scarab JOAN EDNA XVERSTLER ,.,,.... .,.Cb.m1p.i1uii Cammefriiil Derigu Alpha Omicron Pi Illustrators 3 .xY?. -' if ii QL risk r ' 1 is Y.--3 1 LA.. 'lg v A , A , N S A ,-A 2 MJ Q L A x I K -55 Vt a ii X a ff -.xv x 'Q ,A 3? x , J -6 'S 3' T EARL DOUTHIT XVHITE ,... ,... C mlyle , Mfuir 1 V Dantc's Den Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfoniag Concert Band IZ, ' 3, 433 University Orchestra ll, 5bg Cast, X "Gondoliers," "lolanthc" 1 Honors Day 129 l HOWARD Lrfrz WHITE .,,... Iii.ff,m.ifwli,i, Intl. N nlirblrerznie ' Chr Phi Gargoyl-:L Starabg First Lieutenant, lfnixcrsity Brigade Honors Day 41 D 'Q l R , 1 l Jaarus EDDAR XVHITESIDE ., Ntiifuv, lm, illlirir Eiilmzlwu Concert Band 15, 43, First Regimental Bantl 11? 1 Second Regimental Band mlb , Mens Glce Club I-ll . University C h-vrus Hi Doxxa Loi isr XY'1Lcox . . L'ff1,ii.ii Mnrn' Eif.'1r.1,'1fiv1 Alpha Gamma Delta Orange .intl Blue Feathers, XV-Jmcn's blue Club Hb 3 University Chorus 11, 5, an g Cast, "Rose Marie" MARJURW jiax Wixx ,.., .ll.v1..i,ms, Ima Cffn1n1eir'1.1l Darian' Stratford Hivusc University nit Iowa hlAl'KjORIl Bi-ss XY'lTTENRl'RblR,. ,.S.1:.iim,i :lil f,fl15.:!1fff,' Cagle Hall Alpha Lambda Delta. llltisrramis, bnixersirv Chorus ll, It l Honors Day ll, ll 'l ,s i i CJIORCI' Euzrxia XVUELLXFR , ,.L'f!1,iw.z lmilxrfiml Dt',i1qf.' Chaos Chasm i i I E i , i l r l l 137 y S A .1 FRIIYIIH K SI XIUN 5III4I'R'I I7.'i1..' 1 Pit-liitk Maron bieheit was lu-in Dttcxnhei 14, 111112. .il Tower, Miiiritwra, .-Xltcl :rad uatinu Irom tht Sthool ol wlournalisin at the friixtrsitr. nl XYist1-nsin in 11113, lic worked for -cicral nt'wsp.ipers invluthng the Hvlalaine lhlinn 1 I7,:1li N111 1. The I5ulu1hHti.ll.f, .intl the filiioigo H1i.1.'.Jfliv.1rr.':1.'t1, He ioinetl the Iatultx of the I'nlxers1tv of Illinois in 1f12". .mtl was granlttl .i degree ol Domi: ol l..iu in 10211. He u.1s admitted to the Illinois har the samc year During tlu year 1'11o-11 hc served .is professor 111 lourmlism .it North' wtstern fnixcrsity. He .issumetl tht tlirettoi- ship of the Sth -nwr l ol ,Iouimlxsni on Septem- IWI I. I"-11 l SCHOOL OF 'Iihe Tith anniversary of the establishment of the L'niversitv also inarlts the -111th vear of iournalisni instruction at the University and the 15th anni- versity of the School of blournalisni. Previous to 1927, the vear of the estalmlishnient of the School of journal- isni, instruction in iournalisiu was given under the College of Liberal .Xrts and Sciences. first in 191,13 in the department of Rhetoric and Oratorv, then in 19117 in a division under Rhetoric, and in 1917 under a separate division in the department of Ifnglish. The first course in iournalisni was organized by the late Dean Thomas ,Xrltle Clark. Dr. Harry Paul. one of the first teachers, was followed by Ihatcher Howland Guild. who wrote the words to "Illinois Loyalty." Dr. Frank XY. Scott, who during his undergraduate days was editor of all the campus publications. including lioth the Illio and the Illini, tool: over the courses in iournalisni in 19115. Dr. Harrv Franklin Harrington began teaching journalism at the Uni- versity in 1915 and later lmecanie head of the division. Other early teachers of iournalisui at Illinois include Ifhno Scott IVatson, Dix I-Iarwood, I". A. Russell and H. XI. Hodgson. The School of -Iournalisin is proud of the distinguished ineu who have served on its faculty. It is also proud of its S-11 alumni, more than 1511 of whoni are now serving in the armed forces. HJ' Dinrtion Simi RT CHARLI5 E. Frvxx .-Iiililiml lo Mis Dlltrlor iss ' - 1 l JOURNALISM GREGORY Hu L Axnx Annum . . . .Nun .zmf E,l.',wfrr.zl P111 bngnm Ngnu P.m-Hullcmt C--umnl 12, 'Hi Fm: 1-mmll. XYnn1.nn Q Lmguc H, 41 . ,funn-ur tnum 11, XY'0m.m'i I.c.A:uL ll, Rr. Omnqc .md Blum Fmtluurx. C.-:ld Fmrlzurs. Mudcn! Knunni, Hlllul jawn PM-Xxx rx Aman . lui Ruff .Nuff .xmf I:,!fJ1fr1.1l Alplm R.xpp.x l..1mbli.1 Phx lim Slgnm. f .nssun Clubl Sxggnm IDEIIA CI11, The D.ulv Illxm 11, 2, ll, Fri-Qhm.m V.4r:1ty Tnuk Squadg Hn! Llcu' Kurmnt, Unwwrsrty Brlmdu H-rn-are Dm' 111 Nulvxax Alltl Allxxw hm: in , NIH ,mf 1 Alpm x. Dm.. Q' - 'A M,-mf B.,..1.1, I'-mlm. 14..pp,1 hu mph. f ' 5- ' mph.. L.xmlvd.n mm, xvu.m.mN Ilimrv, Im 3 1 llulx Illml. Slllfiz, Timm Ngnu PIII. Pun 1 ?, I .xr Hcllxml 4-vumxl ull, Hmrmu .xml Blue limtluu. 'XYI11-R XYI1-v nn .-XmLm.xn Vmu' A -' A Nalin ,md mullcgu 'W X iiurwx Dm 41, 1, M, L'rmuxm .Lf lllxrvtwn X J '57 1 1 A- 1 f MIm1.4rNh1p Ku' lxw. AIIRUIII limlwmxx 1 :f .Xl 11- .zf:.." 5 K.-' f'.'.1! :Xlplm IMA firm-ga l'H111.4lz,uxk. 'I'lvL DJIIN llllm II, 11, M,-wmi l nnwmtx lirmnxk 120 ELMER Amar Bi.ast'o .....,......... Sneamf nId1'erfi.rlr1g .NIJ Plifzllalfllrg Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau Sigma: Phalanx: Sigma Delta Chi: Interfraternity Council ISI 1 Major, Uni- versity Brigade Mirrox Irurxt, Baraira ,.....,,,,., Pummr Nerrf imrl' Erfilalml Kampus Klan Coast Artillery flub: Pershing Rifles: Pha- lanx: Sigma Delta Chr, Tomahawk: Chair- man, Dad's Day lil: Independent Council ll, ll: Men's League junior Vabinet 133: First Lieutenant, Unixersity Brigade EILIEEN Exza Caxriilox ....,,,. ,..GrIlt-,rpm Nerir am! Etfrmmrl XY'arner Hall Alpha Pi Delta: Theta Sigma Phi. Silver Feathers 151 Blatkhurn College Nrrsux XY'rLLrsi.rx' C.-uwsrir, jrt,, limi! 11111 Nsrixr ,Jud Eil'irm.'i1I A Alpha Delta Phi Ma-XY'an-Da: Sigma Delta Chi: The Daily Illini ll, 2, JI Fnrnrrurai JOHN Canxrx' . . Clifniaff ,-lilrnllinlg .mil Pnlvlfifwlg Newman Hall Xvright .Iunirir fullege Bi irx lair' Grimm tunic. ..,'ffw Ufiff, Noni .mil'fn.'.z.' Kappa Alpha Theta Illini Bnard ut Control: Alpha Pi Delta: Shi-Ar: Theta Sigma Phi: Orange and Blue Feathers. Gnltl Feathers Zliixii Kximnrf-.i Div, I7!. l.m,ftf,1',1It'. l'f'.1. iI.!1tf1f1fug ,mil P,vf1l1il,m4 Kappa Kappa Ciamma Cnet-rue XY'.1sliinqt.m I'n1xe'vri Rorirlzi' BIILHXII, lDir,i:IxstiK, Nia Yfnk, X, Y. .'I.!rti.'1-me .mil llnffll-lima Delta Upxrlun Gamma Theta Phi: Sigma Delta fhi, Inter- lraternity fuunril HJ l-Ill R I IFEX - 45 -x ,ra-I, Q- i'i'G'1 al- .y, 3 , .,-Q A x " t X it Lu a, 4 16" f'X 3 i v f Q Gi .4 U ff-ly , vi Y v- I 'I 4- , L7 t 'K -Q fer a .., Nfilaif-st ,fffzeal gf . ti' , Qnn i Sesfm jam? DIETERLE ..........,.,. Slerlnzg Neuu amz' Edilorml Delta Gamma Le Cercle Francais: The Illio 11, 21 5 XV.A,A.1 Orange and Blue Feathers: Gold Feathers Wiiaiaai joLi.rx' DRAKE .......... .,.. ' llmv Nerf: and Ediloi-:al Alpha Kappa Lambda Gamma Theta Phi: Sigma Delta Chi: Star and Scroll: The Daily Illini ll, QI: Inter- lraternity Council 13, -Il EDITH Iwlax' Dyrrt .......,........,.. 1l.n.m.i NNN .md Eilifffrml Delta Delta Delta Phi Alpha Chi: The Daily Illini il, 21: Orange and Blue Feathers Hunnrs Day 15? KrNNlfTH ELGIN Hrrmox ., , Slwllgirlle Nuff arm' Erfllwlrlf Beta Theta Pi Sathem: News Editor, Managing Editor, The Daily Illini: Phi Alpha Chi: Sigma Delta Chi: First Lieutenant, Unuersity Brigade Hnnurs Day Ill Ina EDWIN Hvarnx ...,............. Clviraga nldravllrllig .mtl Plilfllalvrlzg Granada Club Cavalry Othcers' Club: First Lieutenant, Unr- versity Brigade Fnifrmrruex XVIl.I.IwKM jaucu ,....,,,,, Yvflnra Nerrf arm' Eifilmml MaAXVan-Da: Sathem: Sports Editor. The Daily Illini: Sigma Delta Chi: Tonaahawk: "XVho's Wflm in Ameritan Universities anrl Colleges" Rmnrrr Fixx jonsox ., .. ,...,.. Clwu.rga .--Iiiiwllrrllg :mil Pfflflralvmg Pi Kappa Alpha Cavalry Club: Gamma Theta Phi: Phalanx: Scimitar: Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad: Varsity Fenting Squad 12, 3b 1 First Lieutenant, University Brigade JOAN jomnn ...........,....,... .... P filo Nuirt .mrl Ejilwml Xvarner Hall Mortar Board: Torch: Kappa Tau Alpha: Gamma Theta Phi: Phi Alpha Chi: Theta Sigma Phi: The Daily Illini fl, 2. 332 Orange and Blue Feathers: XVomen's Glee Club ill Honors Day fl, SI SIDNEY XVALTER KAI-IN ,.,........... Cblmgo Ad1'E7'IfJ1VItQ mm' Pulflfflvmg Tau Epsilon Phr The Daily Illini 12, 33 1 Interfraternity Coun- Cil HI ALVIN EUGENE Karz...NIIIQ.IIII 1-'.IlII. N. Y. :IIIIFIIIIIIIIQ Inna' Pnfrlfilvullq Gamma Theta Phi, Varsity Fimthall Squad 133 Niagara University ROBIITI' BROWNING l.aHLrIN,. . .... -lllffu :IIlI:Il1I1II,e am! Pnfrlz-lime Phi Sigma Kappa Gamma Theta Phi, Sigma DLII.I thi. The Daily Illini 1-tl Shurtlell College Lotus.-I jo LrKaNrwrR.. . ef-Ihigff NI :IJ Iam! EJIIIIIIIII Alpha Omicrnn PI Kappa Tau Alpha. Shi-Ai, Theta Sugma Phi. The Ilho 11, 231 Pan-Hellenie fnuneil 1-tl . First Cnuneil, W'onI.In's League I-ti. ,lunnn Council, XVoman's League HI. Orange .Intl Blue Feathers: Gnltl Feathers Honorx Day ll, 3b Mmm MARIE Lurmx .. .DI.IIl-HIII, Alfrlr. Nerigr Iinri Erflrffiml Presbyterian Hall Phi Alpha Chi. The Daily Illini 411 Lauaa ANorLa Iviajrwsitr. .. . .... CbII.II'f .'ldI'trfi.riu.r,' and Pliiflfrlwrzg Nuvana The Daily Illini 1-H1 Silver Feathers 43? Mount St. Scholastiea College: University -II Chieagrr SIDNEY AI.I4l.RT NI.-tNIDI:L .. ,. LAIIHIQII N911 r Iiml lfriflnmrl SIgma Alpha Mu Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia. The Daily IllInI Ill. Fxrst RegImental Bantl 123 , Setoncl Reel- mental Band fl! . University Urthestra tl, ' sb DONALD GRAHAM MCLIOD ...BeIi7IIIIl, IIIIX. 1-IIlz'fI'lirl1Ig nm! Pulzlulvnig Beta Theta Pi Caisson Clubg Gamma Theta Phig Sigma Delta Chi: Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: journalism Council I-II: Captain, University Brigade Q an-ST "ir- ax ,., N .tl x. .w L . Q1 ' ' 'X'-rw .. il II .- .. 5. . NX 'Se x X' - r K . 5 xv' . .X 4' X tg? . -.2 N-:iz H as . -S: HRX Q1 up lXIORrtIs MINIIIL . . .... . Krirfknktt' .'lrlItI!iIlr1g .mtl Pufvllvlvlftu fullege Hall Gamma Theta Phi, 'I4III1.IlI,Iuk, The Inele- pendent tl I 1tIII.IR CIItIRI,I ULIN Itfngjunj .'lI!IIIlII111u Inn! Pnllxil-:IIIQ Helmt fnlleeu AIUIRI RII II.-mn PIRIH, NIIILIIIII FIIHI, X. If .'i.iItr!1I.'fr,u rim! PIIHIIIIIIIQ Delta Upxllun CIaIIIn'Ia Theta Phi. Sigma Delta fhig Inde- pendent Ct-until IH, lXIen's Glee Klub I5l XI.Ie.Ir.I Ifriuersrty LIIIIIzI,I FRIINIQ RIGQIIII , BIIIIIII ,'lIfIIInIf1I4tg IIIIII Pnfilfrlmzlq Cvranaela 1 luh Liamma Tlit-Ia Phi, 'Iht lndepentlent Ili Pun SIRII ,... . . .lfflII..I Nr II I ,zmli 1i.fI'lf Im! Sarah Delano Hall Mask and Bauble, Theta Sigma Phu, The Darly lllInI tll. Orange and Blue Feathers. fast, "The Bla-,k Flamlnguf' "Tun un an Island", Prtttluetion Stall, "Holiday," Hlirss the Buys Gumllwyef' "Thu Flying CierartlIIS": Student Cuunul, Hlllel li, -il Artirxr AN'IIIINrIrr liHlItH ,..., rbfr-.Ign .Al.lIIII'1IIIIy .mrl Plrlilfflwrg Strarfnrd Huuse Marketing llub, Orthesis, Spanish Club: Orange and Blue Feathers: Pruductiuri Statl, Vltlaelame HutteIf1x'," "lime Marie", Cvym- kana II, II RIIItIrIT NIIHuI.fxs XYILIIIIIII' jk, ,Oat Park Nun .wif Erflfffiml Svgma PIII SIgma Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Tau Sigma. Gamma Theta Phi, Phi Alpha Chl. Sigma Delta Chi: Star and Strull, The IllII'I 1213 Freshnaan Varsxty Football Squad, Varsity Football Squad till lnterfraternity fuunell l3, -li, Men's Glee Club f2, 5, -Il. First Lieutenant, Unryersity Brigade Hunnrs Day ill IIIIINQ A. ZIPPIRBTEIN XIIIIZ' HIIII-II, .XIII-lf. Nvuyf nm! Erlllofml Newman Hall SIgma Delta Phi: Setnntl Regimental Band Il. ID 141 Srxx sexsazd fhailt or l' P-lut Yors on Auzust .legit 'ii Plixsit ltgc .ii l"l'. .i rlars Vnzxtisitv in l.du-ati-ir. .it t Ihoftww Sulcx tht ii-:ix damn: A lu! It serxed ,uw 1 nnzii srxiix Ilfoiwi !"" 1 Nlllcx, Dircttor of the Nliool ation. nas horn at 5pi.ikt-is, New I. IH-'Hr He setutcd .i Hailit-l..i N ,il Ltlutiti--ri .it bpiineneld tul- hllstcts dterec in Hxeicne in Iujot and .1 Dottoi s .leer .lt et he Lnixeisilv ot Illin vis in IWW seixetl .is ,in .ltlilcili dnttr-ii in l'1' and IUIH ln 1"Ilb ,ind .i. ldnttxor of Arlilt-nts ini :ht SCHDOL OF ilihe School of Physical Education, established in the fall of 1932, in- cludes three departments: Physical Education for Xlen, Physical Educa- tion for XYonien. and Health Service. The Department of Physical Education for Xlen renders three general services, namely. conducting the service courses Lrequired of all studentsj, conducting a professional training curriculum for students majoring in this held. and promoting a program of recreational sports for nien. The Departnient of Physical Ifducation for XYonien conducts the ser- vice courses in physical education, a professional training curriculum, a program in intranniral sports, and a program in faculty recreation for xronien. The Department of Health Service in general gives health examina- tions to all students, confers uith students ahout health problems. co- operates with the State Board of Health in controlling contagious diseases, regulates sanitary conditions on and about the campus, and conducts courses in sanitation and hygiene for hoth inen and xronien. incil rlit sur! ,s inadt Jw E J .Ill ill In l A 1 5 Q buts Airnx in Asia Min-ii H: In of the Dt-p.n'znit-nr or l'hxsit,il Edutitiin it tht l':nxt:,:z, o: llliiiolw in 1012, ,ind ui Dnttl-1: -if the Nh -i-w l -it l' Iidu l"s'. He is tht anzlro: ol ten li -iii ks .intl rn.inx ,wutlts in riie1:.l.l ii: plixsi,,il ttlu-.mon 5-1u.isli r,i.l:tts .mil l..l, rc Lit thx: ti s-v' ts .olltliine biuiltt og, me li sro i-' sp-lit, his .hiti liolil-x ,. f. ll 1-ll Quoin.: Herr G',wiu.mfm1 PHYSICAL EDUCATIGN 'M warg . Nw-We W JAN XXX XX2QfnlT+ X.f A- w .si -' ' Q . N F "',"v', -:Fir i H ' if ' -V if X XXX XX X -Ki-, T? ' -- x,"'fW'. A"'X ' . N- ,SL L"" A X X h - Wh, . '-" fa- Q K 'E Ji .X Ili., Ig: X Z - 1 'Q X Xxvlkxvxll XX'1x1xXxl Bum .M Wm. - H '21 A A X M W .IXXX'X.'.Jf1,' JH IM f7mX XXX 4- M XX , Q Nw .L Mm . :T X 3 V X, D J' w ' F x Y xv 'I X X 1, 2 1 1 " Xygt ff " xX . XXX. 2. gg ,' Q R X: , 'X'.X.XX NWS: x X 'vx ma: 1 'K - .. Wx N' X IVY VY N 1 X X X Q X XX XXXQXXXN' , X Q XX? X 4 X X X XX X , ,qv XXX X . XXX MX XXX QQ, X X 4. ,X NN XX X , XXX X X,.X A X WM XX X X ' U .4 YL X X M' ykxl, fy XX4Xxux N L1x'X1x.1.Xl1'x1 Rlmuanu RXXUQXXXXXXXX Auuwl, ' Il"XfX.'rXlU4 .UJXX ' I PlXX.1X.1l EJnr.:::Xff1 ' K.1pp.x Slgnm FreRhm.m Vgxrmtv Track Squ.n1, Varsity Tmgk fr Squad ll, 3, 41. Sur f-Xursc Ili, Munk A ' . 1 Glue flulw 4-il . i l "'f .- iq' f-..f. W. . RAYMOND XV. Arno , 1 nlfwm Pf1vxX1f,1I I:,J'n..1X'1XXf. Phn Kappa Slgnm lm Nu mn ' lmxn LAX: X HARTUN , 1 f 1 F'f'wXX'X.1:' I:.J.v.,a.'. 1 Nunn Xu M.nfXX'.1n-13.1, 5.uhuv11 Alplm . : . , 6 x1 Inlw: ul lllum, Fzwhmux Vumx limwlull Nqlmd, Y.uX1tx' linulmll Lcltcr 42, 1. H, ' 1 r.npt.nn 14l, l.xpt.nr1 Ikxlmrxwtx Hruiulu . X li xx X11-MX .-Xnlkln Bllxmxux , H,.':,.':x 1 Tum.1l1.xwk. Frcslmun Vnrslty FmXtb,ull iqxmd: Varslty Fuotlull iqnmd IZ, HI F '4XImI.1IsI11p Kuy L . . gl . 1 At.l ' cu Epxllun. Flulu- :y H.1skctlX.11l iquad. Xfnrxltx' Bm- lwllxnll Squml 42, i, H. Fruslxmin Y.nX1tx I'l.nk SX4u.ui Hunuxx Dax II. 1. SI , L'nlu:lXn!X -Xl lllnnwu 143 ,M 'X Aato BESSONE ..,,...,.... Spf-mgjielil, AIILLI. Pby.I'irnl En'1IrI1lio11 Sigma Nu Ma-XVan-Da: Saehem: Tomahawk: Tribe ot Illini: Freshman Varsity Ice Hockey, Captain: Varsity Ice Hockey Letter 12, 31, Captain 1-il: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Var- sity Baseball Letter ill BETTY ANN BUDI: ................. Oak P.IIfc Pbjfiiull Edlzrrzzlml Alpha Chi Omega XY'.A.A.: XV.A.A. Numerals: Gold Feathers Northwestern University DrLLoRa Pa'I'RIcIa CARRIGAN ........ Cblfllgll Pl15,IiuIrI Ednunrlon XY'Illis House XY'.A.A.1 XV.A.A. Numeralsg RiHe Club ill : First Council, XY'oman's League 45, 'll 2 Silver Feathers Ill AIILDA BIRUTE CIZAIQSK.-KS ,.,......., Clviwign Pla-I Iiml Edfzmllarz Pri-Der Orthesisg XV.A.A,: XV.A,A. Numerals KEITH STIERTAIRD CLARK ,,,.... ..... I l"lw.IlofI Pbyrirrzl Edrimflmz Sigma Alpha Epsilon Outing Club HARRIET K.-KTHRYN ELLICOTT ......., I'lm,fIIlm PlvJ',rirIz1 Erfliflzllolz XVesroga Mortar Board: Torch: President, XV.A,A.. Vice-President, Junior Class: XV.A.A. Nu- merals: Mayor lg Orange and Blue Feathers ELRILR HENRY IINGEL ,.,.,. ...,,.. L .I Sizfli Pbytzrill Edlirlzllmr Sigma Phi Epsilon Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Varsity Football Letter 12, 3, -ll STANLEY VINCENT FOSTER, All, JIIIIII,-. N, Y. Pbjural Edlifallon Theta Kappa Phi Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad IQ, 4? 1-H Kiiaaii D L . ag 5, . gf - - x N, p -14 AX--Ll .K O " Q-9 1 -..- I .xyx 5. ' I tif: S A ah! 3 I sf' ' t S X -at raw ti! i 'D il ' 'iffilli sl, I ' Q 1 N p i at X- S' - mv .I x V: eq 5 , 1: -M I. I h It ,ig ",-'in ' I , Ft file F" . A X T. 'I 2 ' Q Tiaoisras ALLEN GORDON ...,....... Erfamzon Physical Ednrnlion Sigma Alpha Mu Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Interfraternity Council 15, -il NIELVIN HENRY GRUENSFELDER ..... San ,lore Plvyfiml Edlzmliou Gar-Men Delta Theta Epsilon: Caisson Club: Plateau and Drum: Scabbard and Blade: Captain, University Brigade Honors Day 11, 21 LUCILLE HOLMES ............ SI. Lonu, Mo. Plryrlrill Edlicrzrian Alpha Xi Delta Terrapin: XV.A.A. Wfashington University 'I'I-Irniias FREDERICK HULL .... ..., B nrurzrfe Pliyrlrill Edlzrnilarl Theta Kappa Phi Tribe of Illini: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad Cl: Letter ln. -45 ROBIERT RUSSELL JOHNSON ,,.....,., Clmufgu Plvyrfiurl Ednrlzrioll Caisson Club: Delta Theta Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad: Varsity Baseball Squad Ill 2 First Lieutenant, University Brigade: Gymkana ill Honors Day il, ll Los Angeles City College ANITA LUCILLE Kozaic ...... Alflziwiker, lk"1f. Plvyfiml Edliruillau Terrapin Club: XV.A.A,: NV.A.A. Numezals University of Wfisconsin S.aLvaToRI: 10sEPI-I LOVERDE ..,, ...Clvmgo Plvyfirilf Edllt'Hll0II Theta Kappa Phi Freshman Varsity Football Squad: Gymkana Cl ARTHUR FRERIONT IVIATHISEN .....,.. Dwigbz Plvyfical Edufrzlimz Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ma-Wlan-Dag Sachem: Tribe of Illini: Fresh- man Varsity Basketball Squad: Varsity Bas- ketball Letter 12, 3l, Captain I-ll jaiafs P.-rrarcx McCann' ......,.,.. lm-kpaff Pbyrlml Ednrirlmlz Sigma Phi Epsilon Ma-XVan-Dag Star and Scrnllg Tribe ul Illini: Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 123 1 Letter 15, -ll 2 Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad: Varsity Golf Squad 1233 Letter 15, -lj Maxcanrrr ELIZAMTH Oaxrs ....... .lI.r5u'on.l Pby,vir.4! Eillflxzlmu Alpha Chi Omega XV.A.A.: XV.A.A. Numeralsg hI.11-wi' Ig Orange and Blue Feathers Cnrmr jaxr Pnirter, . ,.,... 4.,L'ilJ.n1a Plryllxil Eilmnillnrr Alpha P1 Deltag XY',A.A.L XVJNA. Numerals. Mayor l Trenton State 'feathers 1-:llege Briar eooirx' Precor ,.,., . ...,!. P121 will E.!ui.1Hff11 Kappa Alpha Psi Pershing Rillesg Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 12, 5, -ll, Varsity Track Letter Ht. Varsity Baseball Letter 1-IJ BUTE JANE PILCHARD .. L' Plijilml Edm'i1.'1n11 The Illin 11, Bl 3 XV.A.A.. XV.A,A. Numerals PHILIP Wfsirx' SCHMIDT .,.... ,,tf,wu.i Park Pliyalrizl Edlirinfml Cast, "Flying Gerardosu ARMOND Hanoui Sninrra ,, , .Mr lifnflqf Plvyfirivl Edlfmrmrz Sigma Phi Sigma Delta Theta Epsilon: Star and Scroll. Fresh- man Varsity Foothall Squad, Varsity Foot- ball Squad 12, Bl American College of Physrtal Education Rox' Davin SHAFFER ..,..,,.. ..4Chamff.n,q11 Phyrifizl Edlfmlmri Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Sigmag Freshman Varsity Foot' ball Squad: Varsity Football Squad 123 3 Freshman Varsity Gymnastic Squadg Captain, University Brigade, Gymkana 12, SI at ' L X . Q rr 9 .,. an-v S. 9- Q ' Ax- ,,. ,T-. .x I he 1 1. l it R an Gy .r -' 'N 1' . K if 'MX i 12" 4 . 'C-J' .5 , ' in " X -- -"l - IE r- t- yr'-H 5-:nAb1.,'.--.-..ww:l ,- at M.-num :ma 1, ., . .Cbrrago Plvnilixrl lfifnflzlmn kennel lxluh Freshman Varsity Taatk xqua' D,-u.r L. Slxiiwnx . .,,l31nli.n1.w, Mlm, Plfyna! If.!m.1I1fff1 Phi Sigma Kappa Freshman Varsity Fnntlwall Squad, Varsity lftnntball 5 inatl II, in . Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad Lumina M-ii auxin . ,1 mil 1115 Plvliltnl li lnixlllfffl Nelilnlcy Hall Uiehesicg XY,AA . Mawr I, lust Lnuniul, Xkaimen s League tll, bllier Feathers 121 Lindcnnrwtl College -lxairs AIIITYU Saiiin . llnfjrlmi ffif- Plilwial l:ilmi1lf1fr1 t hi Phi Ma-XY'an-Da. Sathem, Tribe lvl Illini, Fresh- man Yarsrty F ivi' -thall Squad, Varsity F 1,i-,i rhall Letter 12, S, ll, Captain Ht. "XYIm's XYINI in Ameritan Unixersitrus and fnlleuusu EII7,-KHYIH Sirxxaizr , Milli it Pali PM wal lf,.'ln..'Hw1 Sager H-ruse XY'.A.A,. XV,A A Numeralsi Manu I, Xklun en S Rifle Team 12. at. Rifle flulw. Orange anrl Blue Ftatlieis It Illa Fnaxtis Srnxi . . Chxixzlgf Pliylirll 1f.!mi1Jl1f11 XY,A.A.: XY4A,A. Numcralsg Mayor I 1 Orange and Blue Feathers, Gymkana 1ll Vinx Earn, THoMPstix ,,,..... l1fi!r.n.', Oki.: Pfqilriil Eilmxulmi Tribe of Illinig Freshman Varsity XVrestl1n.u iquadg Varsity Wfrestltng Squad lil: Letter lit 3 Freshman Varsity Fuutlwall Squatlg Chau' man. Junior Prom Louis H.-mm' TOROINKY .Yiu.1rt, N j, PliVy,r1i'.z! Eifnitzln-fi Sigma Alpha Mu Caisson Club: Plateau and Drum: Freshman Varsity Football Squadg Varsity Football Squad 123: Freshman Varsity Track Squad: Varsity Track Squad 13. 33: Freshman Var- sity Basketball Squadg First Lieutenant, Uni- versity Brigade 145 Pit .Xiiwiiii Alkxils llxitzo lliaia :Xllvttt Ylanits Hamo. Dean or the follccc ol Im, nas lv-rn .inuarv So, IHS-1, in llolalsird l Niulli llilv-it.i Altei his gi.itln.itiou lrom llilvoti 'tslt-...n Laiixtisitx in 1"11, he vvcnt Ku Yale. ul 1 ..f,.. .aw l.::..Xt in lull iczt lie rctcnttl tlit deeitt or liatlicloi ol l,.ixvs, Hc prattitttl lan in los Angeles until l'll ri: C ollegc ol laiv, Topeka, Kansas, .ind hctuv,-en 1'1" .md l'1ll, ljiolessoi ol l..1w .it the lvni vtisirv ul Kansas ln 1-121 ht xx,ix.1ppoiiit.d Ili ltwii or l,.ixv .it the Lniicisiti nl Illinois. .inl ia 1012, Dean ol the Iolltgc Nintc 1-HI lit has so served .is Pioxost ol lllc l rilicisitw. l llc is .1 memlitr Ir-vm Illinois ul the National irilcientc ol loininissioncis on l'ni1--im State I in s, 1 li,iirm.1n ol the Nettion ol Legal l:tl11t.1tion ' the .-Xniernari Har Assotiatioii. Past Pitsidt I the Illinois XI.1fc Bar Association, .1 inemlu e :Xdvisorv rommittee on tlic Revision ol thc .itutcs ul thc State ol lllinois, .mt . " l 1 ineiulwci ol t Advisorv lioaid ul tlic Division ol liclimlncmv mention, Ntatc Depaitinent or Pulwln XYtlf.irc e is .1 lelloxv or the .-Xincritaii :Xtavltiiiv ol Arts intl Ntieiitcs, .intl mcmlui ol Phi lint.: Kappa. Hi hi ltlitt it ml Phi Pl 1 o - o .. t Kappa ii Bt-tvxccn 101' and 101-1 lit nas Dean oi XX'ash 1 ul TI-IE COLLEGE GF LAW The L'niversitv of Illinois had heen in existence for thirtv years xvhen, in 1897. the College of Laxv vvas established. It was the belief of Dr. Andrew S. Draper, the President of the University at that time, that the University would never reach the proportions of a El'l1C university until it included vvithin its sphere a distinguished lavv school, and in this proiect he received the active and intelligent support of Honorable john P. Alt- geld, then Governor of the State. Today a portrait of President Draper hangs in one of the reading rooms of the l.axv Library, xvhere it serves to remind new generations of students of the great lireadth and range of his vision. The building that houses the College is named Altgeld Hall in honor of Governor Altgcld and in memory of his interest in the College and his services to the L'niversitv. In the forty'-live years since its founding, this College has ltept pace vvith or has lieen a leader in movements for the advancement of standards of legal education. The fundamental purpose of the College of Law is to train students for the practice of laxv. But that training involves more than the learning of legal rules and formulae. The College seeks to develop an appreciation of the highest ideals of the profession, a facility in legal scholarship, and a consciousness of the responsiliilitv of the lawyer to society for further- ing the vvise development of lavv and its administration. , I 146 rU'1'GFI.U HALL TI-IE LIBRARY AND LIBRARY SCHOOL The L'nive1'sity l,ihrary is one uf the fnreinnst lihraries in Anieriea. lt euntains over 1.2-IIIJIIIII volumes, and 375,000 pamphlets and other printed dweunients. This total eulleetiun. invalualile as an enilmdiinent nf the eul- tural heritage uf inwdern nian. spreads over miiglily' tifti' iniles of shelving. lfxpansiun at an annual rate of almut -IIIJIIIII vnlunies requires additional shelving uf approximately' one inile a year. Tu organize and nialqe availalile these materials requires a full-time staff nf IIS, nut ineluding partfrinie ein- pluyees and students. The present niain liuilding, eentrally located nn the eanipus. eunsists of reading rooins and fifteen departinental lihrariesg there are Iifteen other sueh lihraries on the L'rhana eanipus. The LlIllYE'1'SIIj' of lllinuis l.ihrary Sehrml, estahlished in IHU3, is the uldest l,,IlJl'1l1'Y Sehnnl nest uf the Alleghenies. lt ranks as one of the nut- standing lilmrary sehmils in the land. The prugrain nf the l,ihrary' Selimil is designed tn prepare adininistrators and assistants fur serviee in liliraries nli Vz11'ious typeswpulilie, sehoul. college and university' liliraries, and sueh special types as hospital, nexvspaper, husiness, art and nnisie lilvraries. .Xd- inissiun requireinents inelude the presentation of a haeIielur's degree. The eurrieuluni leads to the degree uf a liaehelur of Seienee in l.iln'ary Seienee after une year nf study, and tn the Degree nf .Xlaster of Seienee after txin years of study. Iuii XIII iw. XXIIIII II' Karl XIII:-In XX Init, Iiinnrnr .Ii ilit lin' xeisitx l.ihi.IIN .mil lilwiiix silnnill was lnwi Aiiausr If I'HIw iv Iininzr. III-.IIIII-nia I1 IGH lie ie.i,i'.e.I the theme, ni Xlasni .Ii .-Kite rf,',:Igin,1 ,Jinx Lau ,..', II-:in hltl-,ti l'niieisiIi intl later stiitlied it the Nutt luiixttsilx I-I lima .ind I-mall l'tii'-tisiti. xxlitie lie .eixed Ilrt de ite -II I7-nit-i ni Plnli-s-Iplix in Iuka llt itteiitil the Pri-Itssinri,il -Ieeiii Hatlielivr ii! Nitrile in liliiiix maerne, i Nei I.iler.i1lnIuiiiIwi.I I nixeisifi l5r XYIIIIL' nas lihi iiian -II Fisk laiixtisrlx. I'HIfI'I1s In tht sinnniti I-I I-Iss In was .1 instrtntiir in l,ilii.iix Niientt .it tht lniitwi I-I Miilingan l'rwni Irvs, until ht -.init li- :li l'iniers1Ii UI llliiisus. Nepltinher I, IIFIII, rn ,issuine his pi-,ini pmitii-ri, he ,tried ,, l'iivIess-vi in lilviiii. N-itfiie. ,i.ii Il-.iirinaii -II the lbixisiuri III the lilve iii ,ui-4 Iilwarx s.Ii I-II I .ii III, Iaintisai -Ii N-will 1 ii-ilizri ,. 1: ' , I .y- , "F 3- N i5':i,.:" . ,,-,N - ' x .4-1 Uxixinsitu' I iiirciiix' I-If llfliuizi Dxsiri fXlLNlltIl1lI Ilan Robert Danitl f.irrnnli.icl, Dem of the Grad- uate Sth QI-v l. was born in Cv-vodxxalci. fXl.ih,un.1. March 1, ISN, He has awarded his l4.nl1eloi's degree at Ilnuillc follcgc in 194054, and his U--trol ol Pliilosoplry degree at Pilmcloll Lail- xeisux' in l'Fl1. Alter tornmg to the lanxersitg or Illinois .ri 1015.ixAxs:st.1ntProlessol ol Matlue inatns. hc htoune .-Xssotiate Proltssor in 1"1l1. From lui" to luis he nas head or the Deput- ment ol M.illrt1n.mts, In 1042 he has app-:inte-l ,l-ting Dean ol the Graduate Sth-mol. and .r xcar later lic hetaixre Dean. llc has puhlishe-l sexeial hundred .iilnles on mathern.1t11.1l, pliilosoplneal. .rad stlerlmn oilwittts. and ls the .lurllol ol sex' eial xolurncs on these suhlects Nome ol his xxorks lure been rc-Published in Fremh tr.inxl,monc. THE GRADUATE SCHOOL The principal aiin of graduate study is the de- xelopinent of the power and the promotion of the spirit of investigation. The student who pursues an extended course is expected to obtain a wide knowl- edge of his subiect and of related fields of investi- gation. and also to acquire and begin to use thc power of extending the range of what is known. Scholarships and fellowships, established by the L'nix'ersity Board of Trustees, are open to graduate students of exceptional ability and promise. lfunds are available from several special sources for the support of additional fellowships, the purpose of which is to promote higher education and to con- tribute to the extension and diffusion of lqnoxrledge. Several important individual research programs are encouraged and helped forward by the aid of re- sources xxhich have been made available through the Graduate School and the Research Board. Some of these are of Very great value in the social process. 1-18 lloil ul M. Gia xx' .ll-111.1111 171-.fu Amiisre1tR.aT1oN BUILDING EAST TI-IE DIVISION OE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION The Division of L'niversity lixtension has had its work atlected hy the impact of the war, more, possibly. than any other part of the L'niversity. Its correspondence courses go to many parts of the world, to follow students now in the widely dispersed armed forces. Its regular extra- mural courses have felt the etfects of travel restrictions, which interfered with the growth of this phase of extension work. XYar training courses for industry, however, have been conducted on the campus and in thirty- six manufacturing centers under the I-'ederal Engineering Science and Management XV211' Training program. The Division of University Ex- tension has a total enrollment, at the time this is written, of more than twelve thousand students. Its lending lihrary of educational motion pic- tures is one of the largest in the country. The Division has provided for the instruction in a mnnher of service schools on the campus for hoth the Army and the Navy. Rorirnr Iii r r, Brtosx :sr Dnti:-fr Robert Bell Brow ne, Illrcttor ol the Dui-.ron of Vnrxcisrty Extension, was horn rn Ushkosh, Was- tonsrn, .in ,luly 15, IRIN. After attending the Southern Illinois Stale Tear hers follege, he entered the Ifnrversitv ot Illinois. lietausc his cdutation was interrupted hy his serving rn the United States Army, he did not tornplete his craduation until the summer ol lull. Alter serxing nine years ,is .i high sth risr l prrntrpal and city sth irur l superrn tendent, he returned to thc L'mversrtv ol Illinois in 10219 to lwetome an instruttor in Education. H15 .rdianted decrees ot Master ol Sciente and Dottoi or Philosophy were tonlerred lw this fnrxerxity. At the time of the inauguration of Unrxersrty Exe tension he was appointed its Ilrst dircttor. llc has heen rn tharge ot the Division sintc that time YET .i XX, xv ' I K x. , ILLINI Hitt VE. " ' , 1 .- .f 1 2' e.,, is ' 'fs ry' 7 Q 9 'J-lv V'-3' ' - gs i :ara IQ-wx 'jx f- 1 - we-1 'r-5 'I I-I9 COLLEGES AT CHICAGO LW' Sli The early history of the Ifniversitv of Illinois in Chicafro is illustrated hy the folloxvinv' . . . . 1: . :- diagram: 4-himg,, Cnllcgc. nf Imlmrlmql College of Physicians and Surgeons l.',,LmdL.d IHQO X 1 I H got Chicago lnmcd Lil uf 1' IHWY 1596 Chicago Colleges 1891 Iiounded 12-681 . 19 E Qf fhg 5 E 4-1 joined U. of I. 1897 University of Illinois IQQI I -l9l3jI'-D43 Wi, 111111015 ,llcdzcnl Center 1041 4 Columliian Dental College 44 Rllsllllilgikglgillfgllllegc' l'illLl11LIL'tl lH91 Z P pl ,fl L Hd -ll loineil Lf of I. 19411 2 m3Ifm"'1 mplm ' I-ounded 1883 joined U. of I. I9-ll Research and Educational Hospitals joiI1Cd Ll. of I. I9-ll Here ue see the College of Pharmacy pre-dating the Civil Vlfar and surviving the 12-271 tire. lYe also see three separate schools and Hospitals finally rounding up together as an integrated part of the L'niversity of Illinois. The dates given in the chart shoyv the first aihliation and the tinal integration of the medical and dental colleges which did lltlt occur until 1913 and 19-H. The present campus xvas once the liasehall park of the Chicago Culms, and Dean Davis has oh- served that his desk approximates the place formerly occupied hy home plate. In addition to the "Dall," Building tllentistry, Medicine. and Pharmacyl, which extends from VVood to lYolcott Streets and upwards to some 1-I stories in height, the University operates the Research and Ifducation Hospital and llispensary for medical teaching where students may see as many as 1511111111 patients annuallyfand the Dental Ilispensary caring for some 6,000 each year. In addition, since 19-11, the L'niversity uses the facilities of Presbyterian Hospital for teaching pur- poses. Ifor many years also it has had the privilege of teaching in Cool: County Hospital, an institution of 3,300 lieds. The Illinois Surgical Institute for Children, the Illinois Neuropsychiatric Institute and the Insti- tute for juvenile Research. all operated iointly hy the State Department of Public IVelfare and the Ifniversity provide extensive additional specialized facilities for study. These three institutes are located in the same luloclq and connect directly yvith the L'niversity's liuildings. Altogether the Chicago campus program constitutes one ofthe largest and hest medical center activities in the country which in several particulars is unique. JEEQZFM Q 'S IQ Kw1f,MlHI: 4 I L, I1 1 lflxrlw-vu! lM,vw1.v' llmzx wt flu thu, R4-:ru m 4,.ri,.w., X .'Xu:uJ -. Vwwj ll atv-,:r-. wr Nlmw X. Q ,mud rl' MJ, , MzLr'uM,- ,Ja i"jI, X11 DCT .ul lM.r4- NJN II. xx M. .1 W, ,r rm Ifm 1:-. N14 71' lt" ,1v,.: Mm.-N I'-1u:M.':-m rw-za Uv H11 Zumx U: !w. xx. mt-, l'n.n,1uu -'J 1, Mmm -Um .md tim NI UNL .iL41U,..:ll..,m1,.f l , ,mx nd :rw Iwo I Vu up 'XA.w.ut4. IM4 41,1-funn xlwhw- mr I'hxw:UmN ,xml Nm I 'urxuvl'.. .mi 'Xww rim Xux Y-wi, INJ MM-Ml .Iwi PI-wgwm -.gmrg H. W-xx-: l I'mx,:wIx uvllku, U' Xiu, "Rv :U my-rwll M t -'-1 L uf- Max dum Y7,.1'A -1' lim f hr- uw I Ml 1-UU AZ. 'M u , dw: 'wi X-I X1, ,V .U 11- w ,w,, ww: w:Mr l'w,'1.W..,r.' X , M rw 1 119.1 - MLA fwlull mm Rh wi-V11 l v H XX wa.. xr lu, r H1 xxx ,aan BIITCHELL M.-iajrnisox Drum Dean Howard Mitrhell Marierison was horn in lawrence, lXIassacl1uxetts, on No' xember 10, 1805. He received the degree of Doctor uf Dental Medicine from Tutts College in 10118, and the following year in- terned at The Forsyth Dental Infirmary for fhildren. ln 1917 Dean Marierison ioined the staff ol Tufts College Dental Sthool .is Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry, holding xarious ranks up to Aysotiate Prolessor and Head of thc Department of Crown ani .xnd Partial Denture Prosthesis. Hc heiamc Acting Dean of the Dental School at Tults College in 1033 and Dean in 103-1, and was appointed Dean of the Vnixersity ol lllinois College of Dentistry on September 1, will Dean Mariericon is .i Trustee nf The Forsyth Dental Innrmary for Children, and .1 member ol the National Board or Dental Examiners, the American Academy of Den- tal Science, the Robert R. Andrews Honor' ary Society, and the International .-Myotiation lor Dental Research. l Bridge ,i r i r l i i. f 1 H l I F F iii 152 COLLEGE OE DENTISTRY The College of Dentistry xi as founded in 1892 as a proprietary institution under the name of the Columbian Dental College. In 1901 it obtained a nominal arliliation with the L'niyersity of Illinois and in 1913 it was estab- lished as an organic part of the Cniversity. In 1938 the College of Dentistry was moved to the east wing of the Xledical Center of the Ifniversity of Illinois in Chicago, which provided unsurpassed facilities and enhanced the opportunity for integrating the teaching and research programs of dentistry, medicine and pharmacy. Since its inception the College of Dentistry of the University of Illinois has been in the vanguard of those colleges which have maintained the highest educational standards. The course of instruction leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery is four years in length, with two years of credit from a college of liberal arts and sciences as an admission requirement. It is the aim ofthe College of Dentistry not only to train competent prac- titioners for the community. but to promote scholarly investigation and research xx ith a View toward refining and improving methods of treatment and control. -ss ' ,: NN X ,.,g L ..,,. .. A.. Cmcaeo Campus J.,-' i X 4IIHlYl llll ID11I"I' 'MQ-Q.-1.4 ..,- X f'fKY'w I 1 4 li DENTISTRY TI-IE CLASS ARxoI.D, JOHN FITCH. BS. AxrImIIw. SIII .I If IQ. B 4, COHFN, IKIIMIIIIFI-, BS. BfgIg,scHxfIDIR, Mx Ivy RI N, DAII1 Enxx IN Emu AB., BS. BIRRY, EVARD FIIIDI IIIHIL, If 4, EIxM.'Ix, NORMAN NEW TON, BS. Puff BIIMI- Fmxrc .lI'I.IIw, H 4 V EWIQIN, SIYMIIVR MYIION, B.S S:I'II:.II5 S 3 Bomow, BERAIIIIIA B 5, F.IIMIxx II7, fNflI'll'X, B S Bn,-IDY, XVILLIAM BImxIwIiIr:, HS. FI I II HI II, MI RRIQ ,I0sIfPH. B S 154 GRUNDSET, HAROLD ELDDIN Hfss, FREDERICK BIJT1 Hliifl, ARTHUR, B.S., Pfefidsrll HOQLUND. CARL XVILLIAIK B,S jAHIQL'LsI4I, RICHARD 1 KIRKC HNFR, NATHAN, B.S. Kovux, Romnr, R S. DENTISTRY-TI-IE CLASS OF 1943 LAUTERSTEIN, AUBREY KUDICH, Lm, B S. MATLAWSKY, Mvnox, Bi. S,aRx.u'xl, Ibfxwn, B S, MIQNZIN, JL'LIL'N Bmw, B.S. SCH1u',LrxTrR, B S. NADEL, ALFRED, B.S. Srmvrc, Grcmof, ,L Nmorr, Rossm' Dum, B S. SCHNEIDER, Fam, BS. PINTM'AI,l.E, EDWARD SHIFIMAN, Romnr, B S. Amurxuo, BS. R'TT'7RBAND- .HMV Sum mv, Ixhmlx, B.S. W Vlrs-P1f,mls111, Illia Rufm wllmllre X 6' ef 'f C. xx 'S 5- ? w Y 1 SUKUL, Hsrmlul A1ax1n,B.N. Sxmww. fxvm I.12RoY, B.S, Tualirn, -lark Lrwla 'I'l1nxxx', Moruue D., H S, XY''rH, Tnmmmzr jmm Znrxux. H.uw1.u Bun, B 5. 155 Dlx xxx -lol-IN Dlx is Dum Dnxtl ,lolxrx llxxis, Dean .xt thc College ot Xlttlxtxm, spent in.inv yeaxs in study .intl xc' .xrtI. Ixtxoxc toinxnc In Illinois llt was horn in Racine. XX'xstonsin. on August Io, lH'i, .intl txlxctl tint .xt tlx tt lnx e Ratxnt At.xdcn1t. lixonx the xcxsxtl ul XY'xstonsxn lxc xc-tcxxctl his l'l.xtlxcIox Stxcntc decree in IRHJS and his M IU degree V in Ru lx Mel 4 x t mn. lic tontx xl College xn lrxox. In Luxope oucd his studies ,xt Vxcnna and liicxhcrg. intl then ictuinctl lu the I nxtctl starts lo taxxv out lxx rt -seaixh work in Llxxtaxo .xt thc Mt!-rinxxtlt Institute lor lnlcttxxus x x I6 t Illx Hospital in thnx ln Ivls ht txnxt t th t llc t I M I x ,A o t-dit . D sdses clout toinxrx: nuts he xcINctl .is p.xtlxol-ygxst .xt St. Luke t Ago. ' A . - xx c COLLEGE OE MEDICINE On October I+. IHHI, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago opened. In 1897 it became alliliated with the University of Illinois and in H2110 the name was oilicially changed to the "College of Medicine of the L'niversity of Illinois." The purpose of the College is to qualify students to undertake the practice of medicine. The lnenxbership of each class is strictly limited because of the limitations of space. The program of the undergraduate student during the full course in medicine is arranged so that the work of the freshman and sophomore years is confined mainly to the fundamental sciences. ln the iunior and senior years, emphasis is placed upon practical instruction in the dis- pensary and hospital clinics. Upon graduation from the College of Xledicine, each student spends a year of interneship in a hospital approved by the Cniversity. Because of the war, the College is giving a continuous program of med- ical education, operating on a four-quarter schedule, so that the standard four-year medical curriculunx may be completed in three years. In addition to adopting the accelerated program the College is cooperating with the Har Department in every possible way. l,ast year the Rush Nledical College and Presbyterian Hospital became atliliated with the L'niversity. The arhliation has enlarged notably the clinical facilities of the College of Medicine. The College of Kledicine, located in the very heart of the medical center of Chicago. is one of the largest medical schools in the country and ranks high in the professional world. K Q 3 x inc as Pxotcssoi ot l.xtlxolo:x intl lilcftrxxxlxxtjy' Hu has wrxttcn scxcial treatise- xn liavtcrxologv .xnd is the ,xuthoi ol rnxnxciou tlxcr mcrlxtal papers. He began sciyxng .xs Attxrxg can xn April, WN, .xml -.uttcctlttl to the Dt-.xnf lvxp n I Ntpttmbci. logs, f D 'is Lnicfxco CAMPUS In nr 1:1 V -5: il E , QR, A ,Q X I-.zr e X9 xg! ,I 3 l MEDICINE-TI-IE CLASS OF 1943 yu-r - N-'-: -Q.: '. ' ,w .xx C. .v ALLEN, ALIFIJRT RoRrRT, B.S. ' I 'fx . R ,, I- I R335 Rf -'R 515253 ' ' I Aman. IgIm.xRIw LI'Rm. ,III , B S. BI 5. G. BILZIQIIIL H XROID BLLLIYV. Rfwa Luz, B.S. BIRXETT. GIIIRIJ, B..-X , B S. F ' fa- sz, X - V ' . .- Ki-M-As , WX' 52. 7152 , Q Q: - ,:'-3-7 Bwaox. Suu II HARRIN, JR , lk N ' 'X V , ,. ig, QF' , sf AR: x F... , ., Bxlxfxx. III IIA, B 5 ' lg, Q --X H- xi , -. ., , " .A 67 4.1 . 1,1-' K., ,- 9+ I I,,I.., , If 158 S Bxfnrz, JOSEPH SARIUIL. BS. BUCK, HAROLD LOUIS, B.S. BUOTH, BOYNTON HDORER, AB. BORDFNAVF, JOSIPH LECOMPTE Humxx, FRVDIRICR AIION, B..-X. BRI'RIMIf, MARVIN RAY, B.S. BIPIZ, ROIIIRI' I IRQDN, B,S. 1 fiAl.l.I'N, IRVIN RoIIIfRT, B.S. I i I KQAPORALF, FR.-INR STEVE, B.S. CARRINGTON, HOXVARD, B.S. CLARE, FRANK BRIAN, B.S. CI.ONY'I'RS, VVALTITR CREEL, B.S. fxocacxlf, PHIIIP EDWARD, B.S. Comm, HAROLD SAMUEL, B.S. CoI.LIxQ, -JI-Rlll' CHKRCHILI., JR., B.S. CoPrL,IxD, JOAN, B.S. CJOTSIRILOS, PETER JOHN CRESS, CII.-IRLES H., JR,, B.S. MEDICINE-TI-IE CLASS OF 1943 DIAMOND, JEROME Hfmmn, B.S, Fouxr, Roixrnr XY1L1.1.aM, B.S. V . U"-1 uurffx, XX :Il-um .Xnruur lu gg ' X H Q, , f Q. sf-'im-. E1 1 ly ' 9 . DVORE hmm B-5. Fnxxfla1,xL', S.-xxlmus Amin, A,li,. In t X 5 Iluclzl-X. M1nxl::Rumxx1. H N N EKSTR.-NND, Inwv's, A Evsks, Rnmoxn HENRY, AB. FACTUR, MORRIS, B,S. FEIN, Au-nm Lmx, B,5. FTLDMAN, BENJAMIN J., B S. FISCHER, Buaxru, A.B. FISHMAN, Vninm P., BS. BN.M5 5 b is? 6 X X l'RiZlIR, SHIRX rar Hr hum, H N. fm-Q, Fmlmmx Hmm' Rm c3I'I'YIR,ERNI'wI'13-XN,B,S, - kk ,Bag Qmxrmxu, Ruurnr F1-nn, BA., i X X 1 N I 'Lg Cylmnlrc. C1 new Emx.-um, A Ii, BS X 15- ' iff' NW 4. CvLP1r'HM-xx, 'I'HmnuRr KXRL, ju, , Gxrrx, GEORGE Gsfuln, BQ, X' tif ' ' . Q'-15 . j 'Q' 'fcix 7" il . . 5' , x A linux, M11A1m-x Min- Hxv- Um I,ffL'1Qr,1i N. Hn: mx, Lmx um lunx, H Ixurruxfw, IQKMIR WIA nur li x INIllwIRm',H1nRx um I nr. ls N l+'1V.xm., LHINIIR Dum, X B Ill-U li x jf nnwx, Frnxu' 1 , I".'s-Pf: min,-3 mu Bx lb MEDICINE THE CLASS OF 1943 Rum, XXm1vm Vu' li X I ml, M-xwfxnlw Mun, H x. M' xuux, HYMAA Rvlux, B.S. hwlgv.-1 wnnxxxx hz, li N ' INN, Mu wmv .-XxvH11xv. AUM. 1 HXRII-x 'lAAXl,L'R, Jn. KuRj,HIH'.xRl1VIlllly lax Aluuu, Iruxlx BIIINIX, BS, MH-x11rL,Pml,lu Tmmir, .-LB- ,M.n.'.:w KRilX,.'X1XI'..l4N ' ' Mxnrr-,l111w,iaR1 ,Iwi Pu, B S, Ml luwx, PMI, 11,-xx S J .. KHMXI,lHKlK1vNiXHfHl1.l4.N AI4Dux.a1lw. ,luux .-Xllvxxlwllz, Nwvr, lm FR.-XNCIC, .-LB, H S , H339 , A kRnr-any Cvlwvw-1, A H Mvruuxx , YIUNIPH C.1uxT, A B. Xmmx, f3ll0 JOHN, B.b. 99 Rav-a, Hr w r -. I-r 1 r- u lf,-, ,ia X Minn.Slnx1x'ST.-xN1,1'x',B S, UN1u1,fmMANjl'nM.,xx, BS., Iliff, I3.lmvm1,z11zL Q: Mimi, QQIRARD Yxu. B S. PAYYIIR, GILMAN CLADXXIZLL, B,S. If 160 MEDICINE THE CLASS OF 194 7 I N ,, v '1 .- , I , X. px FRL'I'I I, I ARI. Erurwr N1nHXI I mx, MIIRIIA, li S I . XI I Rrx'xrIIw. C31IIzIwIIx XX'IIIx B A NI III'I IJ. AIIIX, B N RICI, Hanks FXIIIRY, A B iIII,rI :XI I IIIII Lux IX H N Rf,g,X,,H, MI,-R14-I I H N- HI -,II NIIwmIx HIIIIIIII. lt N .ggi-.QI 16 Q Xl Y x ', .5 . I b'i':'Il '.S .N I .X V . , A RII,1.II, AIIY-XXIHIR. Hx 5rIIxIIIIII, IXIIIxIIIIx. Hx . ' . - X I4 jf: 5 L ,x wus, MIIx'Ix RAXXIIIAIN, H 5, FIIIIIIIM, -II xx l,IxxIy A B I NI 5, PI.I.I.fII1,' NIIIIIIAJX, .XxIIIIIxx' RIMIIIII, T'IIzIIxI,DIIIIX1d, I-I X B S. SI IIXII IIR, EYIIRI I I' XX'II I IRM, l'5l7I'RlIIIWl II. ll WWI IIN'-. If N AB. SVH-XFIR, EIHIIIXRIIS I,rII Iv. X'I vu CII: rII.I PI IIII4 H H .-LB. XXII X'I-x IIRINIIX, 1.-XFI .fXxIIIII-.X :X li XVII-III-...IIf , HIIIIIX KIxxI III XHXXXX. PIIIIIII4 H N XXVI I I IIAI,XI.I Il. XX'III I,-In MIX li R XX'IIIII:IIIIxI. I XIII XX IIIIVIAI B x III, HXRRX RI: Hum XYHIIIIIKIQ, RII IIXRII FIINTPR. B N XX IIIx-M, MM Dc,-xml-, B 5 161 3 xx HXIII III RI- II-IRII, B S You Rox si iii i X Ilan' Earl Rox' Serlcs was horn near Salem, South Dalyola, Xoxcn1her IH, INNO. Bv l'll7, he had reteued his Ph.G., BS in Pliarmacy, and X1 i, in Khemistrv and Pl1.irm.iey from South Dale-sta State College, He retcivcd his 1PhD. :ri 1-' lrom the L'nixcr4iKy ol Min- newta in WH. From lvlifllllll he scried on the latulty :rl South Dakota State College ol Pli.1im.ity and was dean from libllifllielll. ln will he rainy to the Kliitago tampus of the liiiixcrsih' or Illinois, .is ol the College or Ph.irm.icx He is .1 member ol the :Xmcrltan Ph.iim.if Awitiation and the United States Pli.uni,noptei.i Rexisi-in CT-nunitlee. He uae formerly .i member or the A-lxisorv Vountil ov the Siiulli D.ikota Pulwlit llcalth Association, ,intl President of the Arncritan Awweiation ol terrified Pli.nni.ieists, 1-was-low, .ind is .i :ncinlier ul Lv.unni.i Alpha and Rho Ihr 11.1, teinitits, .ind Blue Kev. He st-rxed in thc Nle-lnal foipy dutin: the XY'oild XY3r. Dean Scilcs has tontributctl many .irtitlcs on phat' nun, to sticflliflt iouinals and other puhlxta- t:+ms.int1 is xxcll knoun lor his distoxeries .ind cxpt i iiiieritat lou Fi 1 'll A ill 4 I 1 . l lla . li li Ill 1 ll 162 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Formal instruction for students desiring to enter the lield of Pharmacy, was lirst instituted hy the Chicago College of Pharmacy in 1859. The University of Illinois College of Pharmacy now offers many special advantages that were unknown to that early program. Replacing the former single curriculum required of all students, those with specific qualifications and inclinations are privileged nou' to elect special courses in pharmacy at the cud of their sophomore year of college. Adequate equipment and laboratory space which will accommodate a beginning class of 100 students has been secured. The teaching staff is a well-trained, aggressive group of individuals who have specialized in the various fields of pharmaceutical endeavor. Graduate work is heing developed on a formal basis. in order to meet the ever-increasing demands for well-trained men in the related fields. such as biochemistry, analytical chemistry, the manufacturing of scientific drugs, cultivation and development of crude drugs, and, to a lesser degree, the technics of manufacturing pharmacy. The alliliation of the College of Pharmacy with that of Medicine and Dentistry allords a more comprehensive approach to the solution of public health prolilems common to all three professions. 2151444 CH ie.u.o CAMPUS If fURRH.Tf Hwx Hur X1 Dmw v. "' I ! JSIF' I 1 -. Ii 5 fi - 5 SA .. 1 iv! 'QQ-L N Q i 5, w 163 PHARMACY TI-IE CLASS OF 1943 B111.1xx LKRRIN B11u1R1w I4-x1'11w1111. .Xx111- N1 111111. BR1x1.4l11xx1111 HIIIX. ,X1.'1'.11 hrsmx x.R11111n11h11x11,111, I1, N: .-..'.'-.i1r1:- Bm xx x. FIIWXIN E41 IITR I1111x XY11111x1 'l11.f11,1 1111.111 PNLI XX1111411 In l51x1X11N111x, Mvkmx 16+ 11 FIXNIY, 15.11111 B . AIR. HAR1 un, XVILSON Lro I'1ux1x11111'1. SIIWXIY Haxx 141xQ, Enxx 11111 Cf., lllm l?1fm.1111I.1l111 1 FLMQ, HlR!GlR'I Ex111w1x. -ln, Hwrs, AIFLVIN -1111-1x G-xux, AR'IHl'R B HIIIYR. GFRNHON L10 ,1M11L'Rl1, V11 N R H1x111z141gs, GUY Rfxvmomv I 111-Pr11fJr111 L-11 11 lx x. PA11 H11zx.11111 -li,,3,X..11,,,X glxxlum C1u1,1.1x,M11Ha11.,lu11x, K, , ,N f ,MMM-, P11-1.11111 C1r1111x1, R.-un111x1w jus11'11 K11111N. ,lc1S1PH Amnx PHARMACY THE CLASS OF 1943 KRM112, ARYOH3 XVIILIAM BIILFS, JAMES Al I rx Kunxxl, Ham A, Nl'llWlTlfH, Ov ,vm XY'lLL1.xM KURIAMH, HARRY PYTRIMKI, FIUNIFH JINNI I.Fxx1Q. Emx um Rmy jk, Prim-,XX'11ll.ul LUCHXYR, Iuugnlr Lou: Pruwwux, Dax uw Loxx rxrH.u, I.l'5l.ll Surmcm Iluuxnv, Hrwuurcr Vrnxrwx hlmm, Anxnrn Hmwm Srmsq, RUYOTN1 EWFYFR, Rn:-roxu Summa K, Riu: uw CH nu u N Nl WO! X , NIIXI lillli. M-.w1mAlx I lzrsxxw xlf,',l1rw.xI XX I RKHXX r. '1l1x,.l lrlrwrmlu wzx1u.,AIx mm li, 'u mum Hmmm infix Zxxlxxxmf I-xl. NINHI4 Xlu. lmlvux 165 ALPHA 151. mini' .IK Darrmourli Cnllrge FL 11,1511 nr .'iI'.'.'1I' L f-.If-'LI l:'I'RQIK,XL l4xIII'I'. PII.D , M.D. H.-ll.LARU l'5I:lRI'. BS.. M.D. PAVI I., BIIIINOLR, M.D., M.S. JONI-PH R. BI-NNIEII. AB., MD. JOHN L. BOIIAN, A.B,, M.D. H IRI rx' I HI N.RL'LT, M.D. l,UL'IS T fl'IlRY, BS.. M D. Iirrxx IRI' XY Dans. Ali.. M.D, IXRTHUR I? IJIQGS, A.B., M.D. JOHN XY. ITONTIR. A.B.. I.L,B.. MD. XYVILLIXM I G.IRII1LF.B.S.. M.D. JOHN HINNUN. BS., lNI.D. I1 Jacx l"l:XRRlSON, MD. N. SPROAI Hmxrw. A B , M D.. D Sc. I H.u'I'N Hlxa. M.D. YIRIIN G, Bm SIXLIIR Bm'N'I'ON BOOTH PHILIP E. COC.-IONR R.u'RIONrw Evrns HUGH BIRN.-IRDI ROBERT L. BOROERSON HYRBLRT O. BRICRIR AIIRIRN XY. DAVIS IYRIOIRII R XY, AIIIN lj.-XLF L. DOL'Ii,L.-Is RHI..-IND ERIRNON HIUSFPH J. GRIFFIN RORrRr ATIQINS liI ROY BI'Rr,xx AID .lU:I'PH f,RI'MRINr X'J'II,LI,nI P. Dnss IQIBON ETHI'IK'l'CJN KINNI-'IH J. PIIIAN , ISSR KAPPA FACULTY AXURIXX J. l'lL'R'lIR. M.D. HENRY E. IRISH. M D. ROBITRT W. KEETON, M.S.. MD. FRANK B. KELLY, BS., MD. HERAl.lN L. KRRTRLHIR, Ph,G., MD. RORLRI' I.. LADD. MS.. M.D. ALFRED I.. l.EDOL'X, M.D, I'L.n"I'ON J. LUNIW. M.S., M.D. ROBERT B. M.ILLOI.III, M.D., MS., C.M. R.wRIONn IXIERLHANT, Ph.D,, M.D. -lAMl'S W. IYIERRILKS, AB., BS., MD JOHN P. J. AIILROY, Ph.B.. B,S., M.D. XY'ILLl.'XM F, hlL'NfIll'II7F, MS., M.D. FRANK J, lXll'RPHY, B.S., M.D. 4'H.RRI,IN H. PHIFVR. M.D. XIIQKIBERS IN UNIVERSITY CJOROI, G, CIRYISN XVILL.-XRD A. GIIYTON CHFSTITR JOHNSON DONALD LAIIONS llOIll'RT E. ljLINL1?N'Y AIICHAFI. GOVOSTIS rH.IRLrs V. Hrcic I ,IRL R, HOIRIER AI.I1I'RTLfs Holfrs K. VLRNON JOHNSON XYIARREN KRFVT ERIC LOIORPN JOSFPH FORINIR LOUIS GRIIO NlACK ILIRRIR JOHN A. l"llNDI'RSON KIITH IIIINII Seniors IDXXARD F. LIS HINRY O. AIARSH CHARLES T. M055 fNARL E. PRI'ITr jllllf0l'S HILIAFRT ,ll'I4l'IT NIEPHIEN I1 KRATZ l.rON.-IRD I..-IRIII FRID D, LIIOII SOPIDOIIIUVCS F 113117711072 DONALD MI:CIAN,IrII.x-I XVILLIAM IRIRIIMEN HOWARD SCHNEIDER RORIRT L. SMITH XVILLIAM I.IIJYARD JOHN LONG Emw ARD MIRRIT1' XVILLIMI Mrszfmos QHARLES A, AIOLDLN K PPA Em Chapter EIVIIIJIIIIIQII, 1579 NORML H. PIERCE, M.D. XVILLIS J. Porrs, A.B., B.S., M.D. DUANE XV. PROPST, A.B,, B,S., M.D. CHARLES B. Punsrow, M.D., PhD, ARLAND S, RORIRERGER, B.S., M.D. GORDON I-I. SCOTT, M.D. LINDON SEED, M D,, M.S. XYVILLIAM R. SLADEK, B.S., M.D. ANDREW' J, SuI.LIvAN, B.S., M.D. JOHN E. Tx'sIfI.I., BS., M.D. GIORGF E. XVAKERLIN, PhD., MD. RICHARD W. XXV.-ITKINS, B.S., MD. LIONIIRIJ F. XYVIBFR, M.D. NORMAN T. XVFLFORD, MD. LIWIS W. XYVOUIIRLTFF, B.S., MD. H.IRRY K. XVADDINGTON RIKH.-XRD F. XVHITLCCK Rm MOXD HyOUNGBI?RG JOHN MARINO I1lwO.'IR R. PICKEN IHOMAS SIfLLrTT I H.-IRLES VIL XY.'ILl'RlED M. SPAITS XVILLIAM Tonn IWICHAEL WITANOWSIQI JOHN ZANNINI JOSEPH IVIURPHY ANTON PANTONI' ROLE PRATLIIII THOMAS QLIIITY EDWIN STLVINQ Pintonc Fortnur I.cIly.Ird Burguald Fijan Dciss Atkins Qurlty Mfildcn Srcvcns Pratum Harris Crumrinc Henderson Green Ethcrmn Lrilurcn Zannini H055 Schneider Johnson Grifhn Smith Yil Biirgcrenn Davis Bernardi Bricker Allen Erikson McCl:Inathan Todd Douglas Krefr Long Lamb Pickcn Holmer Dunlcvy Leigh Jubelt Marino Kratz Hula Pruurt Guyton Marsh Lis Wfhirlock Iwims C. Johnson Hurt 166 STUDE T BRANCH OF A. Ph. A. ,lFAN1kT'I'l- B11-wr S1DN1'1'B11oxx N jeux Bl.'TI.l'll PAUL IE11or'1'1' Mvnox F1N1c1'1.s11 IX DAX'IIW F1NN11' S11wr:1'1' FmN1qm11 1' HIRFIRI E. Fvma A1111-11:11 G,f11'xs H1x11Y B11x1,1111 I1mx,a111w C111 HA CHORKVI' R111xH1x l'l1111'l11111'.V .XIIQXIBICRS IN L NIYIQRSITY P111 CII IIINHX All! 11,111 214117.11115 RM M1-1x11 C-11111111 W11s:wx HA111 AND E11w.1rm Hfxxx KIAx G1'1u1-11m H111 YR Gm' H1 NIWRII 1.x jc HN jx-1m1x1 ,lf-x11f11 K111111. F111-11 l.111x1x1. juuw K, llllll 1 11 SCllfU1'j 11111111141 A L Ham K1'11x11' l.1vxxA1111I,1xx14 I,f11'1: Inf-11X.1'11 AR'1111'11 Mfxulx 1i.x1'A111m1w Allxxlll ,lvxmx klllls UNC,-111 N111w111 11 5.-XMVII N1M1y11v1 ,l11x1P11 P1 1111111 XYIIII.-KM PII lui !i1'11r11r I'1u'x11' if!-VF Swm -1 Rm'S111114 R11 1141111 x111'.'.111L ALI 1 x 'I'1'1 1 Il IJHNK UR11.-1x1 1xx 11 x 'I111f11sr111r XY11z14f1xx M1 11r1N XY'0zN1A1: Vlm11'11 M1111. R11111111 Y,11,11 'I'11f5m1 xx Rx xx 1.1111-x Y KRIWI 1 x "7 .- Nerntzow J 011111111 A1 Pl RT FRANK Bnxm-R NAUM1 BROWN ALFRED CH.-KPPIL IJUROTHY DUNORSKY IYLNRYIN C1-11.111511 NANCY BIAS! MQRTON BLA11' jrnomn Bonovlcx DLJROTHY Bnfxoux' jninm' Enom' ,IFAN BYSTRYCHI JACK Knox 35011 Prunty U1 banmvmz Yudlcy Al 1 RID C1R1a1.1xx14 14 RUIKIRT H.-XT'II x11,a1 11 FR.aNc1s H1111-M11111 Ro1111zT l"lf1LMIN Grormr l'i.aTwAnuQ RONALD 13511.11 CALVIN E1 1151111111 Bon E1c1.1N BEN F1s1i11rR SANDFII FRIFDM,-KN HAROLD C111.1s1.xx M1105 X'Vc1ng.1rl11c1' Butler Kulmlc Run Sclvclc 011111111 Pv.1ngr:r1 Petr-1xk1 Qmggm Fmnkclstcln I,4,11l1ncr Xxfcrkuw Meyer Tylcr Edgftt M1llcr H.1wk1r1s Motu Hayes Fmney Frgnklurt Hcmlncki 5l1ir1n1ck Brown I1-l1n1ng Supugy Nuulltclx M.1l11Q G.111vs Lcwu Brmvn Nunn Kurcn Funk Bmw! Hgllcr XX112r11.1k Sopbofzlorus I-'wxhvfzciz XY'1LL1,m K1x13 M1Lx'1N KR11,1+1' lY1wM11x1v l.IfYLAIRl XI1c1+x1'1, L11111w11z1v1 lUuN.'x11u I.lmxxHr. MARV1-. C1111 11111 111, AM21111 0141161 Dmux HIII 71111111 Alisrrume RICH.-1R11 K1 ASKYN L11mu11 K11111'11f Cv1ttcls1,111 Elltxxx 11 M1I:1111:1 V11a1,1x1.-1 M1'1.u1z L112111' N1x S11-xN1,1'x' Sl'NxIN.4. 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ILIIfI'oRIx I.. D0L'um'I'Rx', Ph.C., BS.. M.D. FRFIIIRIIK G. Dxxu, M.D. EKVHYRT H. FrI.L. A.B., M D fl.,-XRK XV. FINNERISD, BS., M.D. MARx'Ix G. FI.AxxIRx', A.B.. HS., M D. EARIF H. FoxxI.I?R, B.S., M.D. FRANK H. Foxx LER, M.D. F.-xRII- GRAY, BS., M.D. ,IIRRI I ICIIIINN, vll'K. RUIGIRI E. CHARI' BrRxII.I. .l. DAxIi j. EARII ERIIQ DIAAIIH S. Al"Il'N Elflvlbll H. B,-XNTIIAN X' xI INIISI P. BL"IZ -I xxII R XY. FAI'I KAI R -lmrr-II D FRx'rxIAx ,lxAIIR H. API INLJIIA GIIIRLI W BAIR AI.IxIx K. Boon I'IImI.-xs I.. CuRIIxIx I.-xI'RIvrI D FRIDIRIIR SIGMA .llcdiciue F A C L' LT Y P.xI'I. W. GRI'EI.rx', A.B., M.D. XVIRI.Ix' A. Gusulfxox, M.D. XY.-xI1I-R C. HAAIAIrmIm, M.D. XVIIII.-IRI M. HARNHA, BS., A.B., M.D. NIIRRIS YI. HFQIQIII., A.B , M.D. -IARII's B. HFRRIKK, A.M., LL.D., D SI., M D. GIoRI.If F. HIRRI'R1', M.D., M.S XVIILIAM G. HIIIIIR, HS., M.D. Form K. HIIK, M.D., Ph.D. ARIIIIR.xI.II Hovxr, AB., P-.S.. M.D. CARI. IRFNIUS, jR., M.D., M.S. 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HIIIXXI PIII II- FR IXKIIIIII IX Q 'ii .Q ' 1 u . 1 . . - L UNDERCLASSES ff if 'D lt was liaek in the Clay' Nineties . . . when sopliiiiiime dudes strolled duwn the lluardwallq in stylishly' tight shues . . . and their wasp-waisted lwelles usiinply' expired" to have a new ulster or the latest shaker liunnet . . . lt was liaelt in the Clay' Nineties . . . when elass spirit raged in the annual tight of the underelassnien to destrny' the seninr tree . . . when fonthall was unheard of and fraternities were forliidden . . . lt was liaelt in the Clay' Nineties . . . when streets and horse-ears were always muddy' . . . w hen every' freshman was on intimate ternis with the lmney ard hut nut with the suplwiiiures . . . when an enterprising junior eriuld luulc forw ard to the presidency' of his literary' sueiety' or of the senior elass . . ln 1043, L'nii'ersity underelassinen euinpete iust as y'igui'ously' fu1'lioiio1's and seliularship ieeugnitimi. 'l'hey are united f-the liaelclmne of a teem- ing, prngressiy'e L'niy'ersity'. 'Iihey' are future leaders, putential seientists, artists, niusieians, farmers, engineers, and journalists uf 1053. Hut today' they are underelassinen. 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CIREIQU BR.XlJIfURD G. Bun xl' Owlcx A. :XXIJVRSUN l'IDXV.KRID Ii. Iiugu Rominu' M. DARL1-ZY 186 OFFICERS JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE SHIRLEY A. IELYIS EDWARD M. Flualcml.-xx I'5l4'l"lXx' M. I-IoHI,s1111ER FLOOR COMMITTEE M.xl.m:oLA1 XV. I'Ill,I. bl. KENNEDY Klxcz.-un, -lla. Ilolalilux D. I,I.1axx'1cl,1.x'x ms:-QQ - I . .,L:. . . . . .Pr0side12r, Firxr SC71l65T6I' l'irc-P1'c5idL'12r, Firxr SCYIICXTCI' . . . CIJATIIVIILIII XIIOLA I. Sluklim' XVEiLIiX' YV. S1A1.x10Ns ID.-XXII-II. D. XVEINBERG . . . Cbnirvlmll CII.-XRLIZS M. AIILLER MARHN j. PEARCE LUWELL O. Rol3ER'1's MARTHA N1 wl Nm R I'1.r-Pm mf: 111, .Mmr1.l Sum Xu XIYRUN H. EBr1R1.1-'. .. Xl,xmru Nl:-issrixulcu . . . l..xwRExc:1c -I. F1-ilmlus. . . Rmslim Xl. BL'H.xl junx Xl. lDL'ruux'r IDlil,lsr1R1' .-X. Goluxsux THE CLASS GF 1944 Q- Ixlnum Ii. Eltlllll l'uw,ulff1,', ,Mwml Slrmluf O If lf I C If R S . , . . .l'ruxin'c11t, .S'u4'r111n' SL'lllL'X1'Cl' . . . 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Srlmxm. . . . . . .I'rusidcl1f. I-'irxt Sclllcxtur . . . .l'1'u,vidc11r. SL'L'lll11f Swzluxrur ".. I..-' . . . . 1 lt 1-I umfulit, SLTIIIIJ' Scvlzcyrui' I"ROLIKf CIOKIXI R I T T If If C.'b11i1'llm11 osxxxfx Ci. XXVFHSII nc f,H,XRLl-'S H. Runs Pu.m bl. lllxu-is 189 SCHOLASTIC HONORS - .N Qs llonors Din' . . . sincc 1025 Ll alan' of rccognition for thc sruilcnrs rnnla- ing highcsr in scliolnrsliip in their rcspcctivc classes. lil'U117k'vli1ll1lCf . . . sincc 1025 nn inilclilmlc rccoril for nll to vicxx' . . . thc highcst in scliolnsric ntrxiinnicnt for seniors. Phi lxtn Sigma . . . sincc 1023 rcxx Ll1'Ll for thc scholastic crlorts of fresh- inqin incn . . . 11 nnirionnil orgnnixzition founded nr thc L'nix'ci'sity of Illinois ln 'lihonms .-X. Cilzirlq. lllmrlcs Xl. lhoinpson. :ind licnilric lf, linlicoclq. ,Xlphn Iniiiilmiln llclrn . . . sinus 102-1 goal of frcslinmn lllinnc . . . Ll niitionnl orgainimtion tonnilcd nt thc L'nix'c1'sity of Illinois hy .Xliss Xlnrin 1,1-1 nmixl. Phi Kappa Phi . . . sinuc 1033 nt thc L'nix'ci'siry of Illinois . . . honoring high schoI.n'ship of scniors in ull collcgcs and schools of thc L'nix'c1'siry. Phi linppn Phi xins foiinilcil nationally in 1S0'. .Xll oi thcsc honors and inorc. hnvc long lrccn thc ultiinntc gonl of stu- ilcnrs, xx ho, anxious fo1'sLlL'L'Css in collcgc. lmvc nlso licrrci' prcpnircil thcin- sclxcs :ls sirilcns. lr is only lifting, tlici'cfoi'c. that in thc following pages no plzicc thc nnnics ol' rhosc sruilcnts, xi ho to qi high ilcgrcc of cxccllcncc, have lcnrncd ro qicqiiirc linoxx lcilgc. N, V in-xx. gs ' 1 :Q : Fi f- i X 1 A 4 S """"-- inf 1 if - 2 3 ' 3 Pfiix A 5 ' , ' 5 S Q 9 S' S f i Q sl 1 2 w ff gs 1 , 1 5 5 : -I ' ' r i A 1. 4 x w ' Af fi ' f ' Y 3 WF , Q lx : X Q- .R E X iii h I E, 'Q 1 ' X' , V 5 z E ' 1 i - 2 l , f I n . 2' Q ' , , , . I , iw ,ANN f 'E : I in - X jfgpia Nj 5 ' . igsl R: - 9 X ' 5 A Q Y n S L 3 1? Q X ' S x-.N x5 , ,. . f ., : g , x A ,N 1? 5 X M N X I -.- .V , A M, by 1 k .l i -, 1 ' . -L V 'N f . ii . gg 4 Q1 - lx 5"'3::x'-.J 3 St if W '-f'i-ESQ , xv . , ! xg fi A N I Q 'X , 'xx ' 'Q , K.. ., . 5 H re F E K A,.,,,m ....N.,x -- , -. xx N, W ,..- I x In NX N-Nm QQ K .Y 'XS-X ., 'wg-: - , ,. . . . EX ' ' W- X : v . X . b. ,. -. . 5 - ,. ""'uf:L,,. X "u Un..-" -. A YV ,,n"'-nan-i1XImX u x nu A-?..n....-un., ...... ni BRGNZE TABLET JOHN PHILIP AGNEW CAROLYN DENVOLF ANDERSON CHARLES ROBERT BOXVEN ALBERT PETER BOYSEN, JR. ROBERT KEITH CARLSON NANCIE CHAPMAN FRANK ALLEN CUTLER, JR. GEORGE CLEMENT ANTHONY D EDXVARD FRANCIS DEMERS , ROBERT LEE FEAGAN ADELE PAULINA GUNTOR JOHN XVAGNER HANSON PAYNE SENSEMAN HARRIS WILLIAM THOMAS HOCKING ROBERT XVILLIAM HOLLEY KARL JOHN HOLZINGER, JR. GERALD XVILLIAM HOMANN EDWARD STERLING IRON5 RICHARD ROKURO IXVANAGA RUTH JINKINS ACEY I . 4 I rg ' I .4 If " 0 I 1 1 , X' - 5!! .KY I I Il RAY GARTNER LANGEBARTEL RUBY ROXANE LEES JOHN WILLARD LESSNER STUART MIES MAMER JUNE LUCILE MATHEXY'S DONALD CALVIN MILLER JOHN GEORGE PUTTA PRYOR NEIL RANDALL LAURA MAE REID CLIFFORD EUGENE ROBERTS LORETTA JEAN SCHNEIDER XVILFRID BINGEMAN SHANTZ RUTH AGNES SHEARER LLOYD SMITH ALICE CAROLYN STETSON XVILBERT NEEDHABI STEVENSON BRTCE EUGENE TATE JAMES ELLSWORTH TRYON CHARLES EARL WILLIARTH JERVIS SHARP ZIMMERRIAN Fclmded, 1897 Umvefsity of Maine WILLIAM L. BURLISON LESLIE E. CARD ARTHUR R. CRATI-IORNE CLEO FITZSIMMONS ROGER ADAMS ALERED C. AMES J. LITA BANE THOMAS XV. BALDWIN ERNEST BERNRAUM JOSEPH C. BLAIR ROBERT D. CARMICHAEL HAROLD C. M. CASE MILDRED R. CI-IAPIN ARTHUR B. COHLF DAVID J. DAVIS GFCRGF H. DUNCAN MELVIN L. ENOFR INIILTON D. FARRAR SXLVIA C. GILMORE SIDNEY E. GLENN THOMAS W. BALDWIN ALFRITD C. AMES FRANCE B. BEROER GEORGE F. ASSELIN LAVERNE S. BIRRS LESTER I. CULP GEORGE C, DACEY EDWARD F. DE MERS RAYMOND A. DEvORRIN GAIL D. ADAMS GEORGE C. BALDWIN MARINLIS P. BARDOLPH RAYMOND H, Boi-IMAN XVESLEY' J. DALE MARX' E. EARLE JACK L. EYERLY NWILLARD A. GUYTON, JR. PHI KAPPA I-I0110I'i11g the Highest SvboIm'.Tbip J. LIT.-K BANE .... . . GEORGE H. DCNGAN .. ARTHUR L YOCNC ... SYLTIIA C. GILMORE ..... OFFICERS ARTHI'R R. CRATHORNE .. . ,,,, PII mln!! .. I'1I'I'-PIIIIIIEIII . .. . .. KvEvI'l.zr3 .. . , . Twdrlfrfr , Hlflrfvfmz ACTIVE CHARTER MEMBERS ALIKFRT J. I-IARNO HARVEY H. JORDAN P. GERALD KRLIOER EMIL W. LEHMANN INIARIA LEONARD INIARTIN L. IVIOSHFR LAW RINCL W, MURPHY ACTIVE MEMBERS WILLIAM HARRERTON PAYNF S. HARRIS HAROLD N. HILLEBRAND F nrnlty I.AW'RENCF H. HOUTCHENS XVHITNFX' HUNTINGTON VALENTINE JOBST VICTOR XV. KELLEY LUCY V. KEPLFR DONALD W. KFRST BORIS LEAE SIMON LITMAN BFRNITA J. LONG IVIATTHENY' T. MCCLURE HAROLD H. MITCHELL ROBERT V. MITCHELL WALTER S. INIONRCIF HERBERT F. IVIOORF XVILLIAM B. NEVENS REXFORD NFXVCOMI4 WILLIAM A. OLDFATHIER CULLEN W. PARMELEE THEODORE C. PEASF LEON A. PENNINGTON STANLEY H. PIERCE C, LADD PROSSER LEROY I.. QUALLS J. G. RANDALL ELVERA W. REST ERNEST T. ROBBINS ELMFR RORERTS WILLIAM C. ROSE SPRING INITIATES 19-+2 DONAI.D W. KERST F afzzlty Gmdzmte Stzrdents NORMAN D. COGGFQHALL GIFFIN D. JONES RICHARD F. PHILLIPS U Izdergmdzfate Smdelzrs HERIIERT H, DIXTON DAVID F. EGGERS HELEN E. FREUDENBFRG PAYNE S. H.KRRIS MILDRFD HERSHEY NIILTON L. HOEFLE VIRGINIA L. IRWIN JOHN D. KRAFHENBUFHL ANNE IXICGORRISK DONALD C. MILLER BLANCH E. NICHOLAI RALPH R. PAXTON FALL INITIATES 1942 F acuity FRED B. SEELY GI'zn111I1te Stzzdems BETTY J. EILERTSEN DENA P. EPSTEIN CARL O. IVIUELHAUSF JOHN C, ROBINSON. JR. Uzzdea-gwzdzmte Students MARY M. HICKEX' JEAN JACOB FERNLEY E. JOHNSON XVILLIAM E. JOHNSON OLIVER R. KIRRY MARTIN KNELL CARL J. MARIENEELD ROBERT O. NEST-IEIM FIORA G. PAGLIARULO MINERVA PINNELL JOSEPH RARICIQ PHI IllIn0IS Chapter Filly .'ifHI'E' Clmplezr HERRERT J. RTICH HARRISON A. RUEHE I HARLES L. STEWART ARTHUR L. XIOUNG RORERT C. ROS: ARTHUR W. SLCORD GUY D. SMITH RAYMOND S. SMITH J. NEISCN SPATTH SIW ARD C. ST.-Xl.l'Y PAL'I. H, TRAEY STEWART I.. TUCREY LUCILE TURNIR HARLEY J. VANCLYAVF JOHN VAN HORNE EDNA E. XYIALIS OSCAR F. XQIEDFR ARTHUR C. XVILLARD PHINTAS I.. XVINDSOR EIMIR J. WORRINO C. LADD PROSSER INIARY A. RENCER LLOYD R. SORENSON EIVFRA I.. RISE DORCJTHX' SCHARLEMANN LLOYD SMITH VIRGINIA LIRBAN HFLITN M, XVFLCH CHARLES E. XVILMARTH STANLEY P. ROW LAND GLENWOOD L. SCHERTZ FRANK A. REICHFLDERFFR INIARI.-ANNA M. SCHRODIR ERNEST V. STEYENSON IVIARVIN C. STIPPES RORERT G. TLIELL ROBERT H. XVHITE 193 BETA GAMMA SIGMA ,Q zu M . ' I+' "Y . , Fonlnied. 1013 x 1 . lg V' Illinois Alpha Chapter University of Illinois ' A V Fo1'l3'-Jewell Affine Cbaplerx I I 1 K 1 I1 2' L 'I To C1IL'0lll'4'lg1? and 1'euu11'd srbolirrxlvip along the lines of business I1cti1'ity nnzong students and gmdzmtex of the College of Conznzerce and Business Ad111i11ixt1'atio11 ARTHUR G. ANDERSON, Ph.D. ERNEST L. BOGART, Ph.D. XXVILLIAM E. BRITTON, A.M,, PERIBROKE H. BROWN, Ph.D. PAUL D, CONVERSE, A.M. CE., J.D OFFICERS EDWARD J. FILIITY, Ph.D., C.P.A. .... LLOYD MOREY, A.B., B.Mus,, C.P.A., LL.D.... NELSON D. WAKEFIELD, M.S., C.P,A ..... HIRAAI T. SCOVILL, A.B., C.P.A..... FACULTY DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LI..D. SIMON LITMAN, Dr. Jur. Pub, et Ref. Cam. A. C, LITTLETON, Ph.D., C.P.A. D. PHILIP LOERLIN, Ph.D. LLOYD IVIOREY, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A,, LL.D. Prwilierzf . .. .ViI'1'-Prefidelll , , . .5m'rI1l,:r'J -Tnu1Jnr'sr . , . . .HffIUl'fI1ll DELLA INIAE ROGERS, B.S. FREDERIC A, RUSSELL, Ph.D. ALTA G. SAUNDERS, A.M. CHARLES F. SCHLATTER, M.S., C.P.A. HIRALI T. SCOYILL, A.B., C.P.A. ESSEL R. DILLAVOU, A.M., J,D, CECIL A. IVIOYER, Ph.D., C.P.A, CHARLES L. STEXVART, Ph.D. EDWARD J. FILIIEY, Ph.D., C.P.A. HALE L. IXIENVCOMFR, Ph.D., C.P.A. CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., I.L.D., I.itt.D. HORACE M. GRAY, Ph.D. MALIRIEF H. ROBINSON, Ph.D, NELSON D. XVAKEFIELD, M.S., C.P.A. HOWARD A. HAZELTON, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmte Students FRANK A. RIFICHELDERFER ROBERT H. XVHITE Seniors JOHN C. BIEGLER JOHN R. GLIEIQ JOHN M. HUNTER BENNET D. LEW CLIFFORD R. BUYS HAROLD H, HENSOLD NVILLIAM EUGENE JOHNSON EDWARD MEZNER IWIARIE C, FRISCH DOROTHA UNDERWCOD 194 f I if JI I T ? 3 6 S UIIIII Nt.Itc l'nIxuIN III' - I . IJ: I' I. Ill . 1 IfII1II1.fI.! l.N'7' l ' I MIIIIIIII IIIJINIII Ilx . ' I Ifll I I llfj I ' ! S I Tu Ifczvlup flu' Illrlfl and Illrfu hfllllf, p.II'tII'l1lIlI'lAI' III ilu' .xrlltu 1:bI'I'c Il I'1JIlptl'I' II' lnlxlrulf AIIIMIN B rXNIII1Ixx-., M N RIIIIIRIK ANHIIY, PII IH H.-xlznx' P IIIIIIIIIAN, Ii N XXZIYNI M BIXIR, PII D. ,IIXMIN D. IIIINIIIIIIIII xx, II N YIIINII-H C Hlalk, M N, IB NI IIRIN E BIIIIN, M N Oxxllll T BIINNIII, PII D DIIIIIN S Iilwxxx, M N, XY"IlIGl'R ID, IIllIIl1IIxlIIIII, M N XY'IIII.XM I.. I'iI'IIIlNIIN, PII D, I3 .IMI DIIINI G IAIIIIR. M N H.xIIIIlII I . f.INI, PII IU ,Iam IIII G. KANII, M S RIIIIIRI R, IIIIIPIR, M N FlIIx'II H. CIIIIINI, M N III.-IIXIIRN XX' I IuxxIIIlIlv. P+ N ,IIIMIN L. EIIIIIINDN, II N A lf,-XRI, IERIIIQNIIN. H N BIIIII-IIIR XY. IYIIIIIIINKN, PII D III Il. H. FARINII.-IM, li N Fllllw C. Fluxl IN, M N RIIIII RT F. l':I'I ILI xl IN, PII D. MP.-IITIR I.. CI.xl:.IN, PII D BII1'I'I1.III XXI QIAIIIINIII. III , H N ,IIIIIN E CIIINIKINII, PII IU Hlxnx' XY. CIIIIIIIII. B N HAIIIIIII H. CIIII-IIIIIN. I4 N LIIIIIN XX' HI xl XX'INlNI'Il.S.flIl'MII1Il'l-II IAIXIIN R. D.-xxllN HARRY E IiNI.II XX'IIl.-IRD LI IIIRINHIIII-. PIII E. HIMI1 ERNNI' I.. BIIIIIINIIIN FRANHIN A. Buxll I.,IX'lRxF E. C xxllaxl I.IcI X' Cfl'RTIN XX'II:Il.IN E. I7Ix'IN I"ACIL'I.'I'X' RIIIIIIII LIIIIIIIII, D X' M . H N ,IIIII-N XX' IIIIx'II, PII IJ IIIIIIII' S LIIIINIIIII, D N. IflI.x'.I IN I II NI,xIIIII, M N Ixxf HAIINIIXIIIN, ,IX M IIIIIJH XX' l,1IIKI Nz, PII II CIIIRIIIIN M II.IIxIIINI-x, M N IIII Il.xlIII X' I.IIII, PII IJ IIIIIIILD XX' IIXNNIII, PIN, II II UNI xlz H I.IIxIIRx', M N AIIIIIII' II. IIIIIIIINIIIIIN, M N IIIIII-. P MII IIIII xl. PII II KINNIIII If II-xllNHlIIIII.III, M N II Ii MIKI-.1II, I4 N IIAIPIII IIAI. H N N XYII IIII MIINII XII, M N IXIIIXIN IIINIIIRNIINI M N NIlllIrII.xN LI Pllf-IIII, M N XX'lllI.IxrII A IIIINIQINNI I., M N l.XXXRIN1I II lXlIIIIII, I+ N KIIIRIIN F IIIIIIIN, PII I5 YIIIN. CI MlII'xI, PII I1 I.IIIN F IIIIIIIII, M N MIIIIIN I. MIINHIII, M .Xgr RIIIIIRI II IIl'lIIlNII-., PII IW Ii .I MI Ill, M N l'IlINIx II Mx NAIIII, PIN .'XzlIIzIxx X' NxlIIxNIIIIx', PI MlIxlN. II NIINIIf1.lIN XX'IIIlxxI I4 Nlxl-NN, PII D .XIII lL'N XX' XIII xx, PII IH IW RINNIII 'I IIIIIII. M N IIIIIIII I UIIIIINIIIN, M N 'I'llI-IIIAN LI PI RRNI, .III , M IIIHXXIN I PIII HIIIII, li N I IRI II IIII.NIII2, M N IfII.IxINlI-. I KIINN, IA N II LI I'5l'NIIl, BN IRIIII M IIIIIIIIIN, PII I5 IIxIuII.II I. IIIINIIN. H N PII I E. YIIIHXNIIIN, PII I5 LIIIIIRIII I IIIIIIIIN, PII IH XX'llll.IAl LI KI-xxlxll IIII, PII -I II Kfxxlr. I-X B., Ii N X'lI IIIR XX'. INIIIIY, PII IH FIININT H KIIIIIIR. I4 I-X I AI I. KRIIIII1, PII Id IXIXITN I4 KIIIIIIAN, M N ' IIININI I' IIIIIIININN, M N I-X I . IX I Islxll-R RIIIIIIIIN, PII I5 IIIIIIIIII I RIINN, PII IJ I.INllII 'I IxI'I117, M N lk.XIII XV, l.IHM.-XNTN. II N, I: lIXXIIl E IINlINlnIIxI, PII IH III N IIINIQI P IIINI. M N HIIIHI LI lxl INIII Xl N l FIXIIII . IIIIIII X' l'IIxxI'. P N, MII lIxxIIl Nxl III, M N III PII II N NI ININ, M L.l'x I5 NxIIlIl PII IW Nxl II PII II I.III II II II R-xx XIIINII P ,I Nl I NIIN Nlfx IIIIIN. 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KI NIIINIIIIIII XX'xI IIII I. XX'IlIIIllI IIIIIN M l.IXXIN HI RIIIN XY. Ru RIINIIII If Nl -X'-I RIIIIIRI XX' XX IIII XINIR lIINI,-XMIN I7 Ml'IRIIIllI NIllIIxIxN 'I RIII .'XlI'.4II1ll NxIIIIl RIIIIII N YIIIII jnniurl ZIAII' M IIIIlIxIlN EIAIIR -I IIINIIN IIIIIN I NIIII III YIIIIIN A TIIIIXII-NIIN NlIIIIxxIIIIII I. ,IMINNIIN RIIIIIRI M. RIIII IHXII II NINII XIII IYIIIXIX E. XXVIIIIINIII MxNNlxI. I KlNNINI.III IHAXRIII M RlIxIIII IIIIIIN I. NIIIIII II.-IIIIIIII D XX'xIIxIl I KINNIIII KIM XIII, ,Ill XIII F. IIIINIIIII ,-XIIIN LI NXIIIII lUIlXIXIl I-, XXIIINIA ' " Q" ' I I X . -ALX . Roll Davis Holmes C ultln Sclmelller Rclnerd K.Inc SIlIudt TIII-mpwn CrI.IrIIb.1uglI RAI' A. Smltll XX'.Ill.IIc Rclmul Stevenson jllnsxen Recd jackson Hemp Iiennulx' NIJINIIII D.II lei PrcnI.lcrg.INr Beal XX IIII.Il-cur Slam: H.IrtIII.IrII Olson Kussinger XVheeIel XV.1gcIner Boyle Sxxpxncon Pclerron Lewis A. H. Smith Romcrebcrger SIIIII.IIr Smllcy C'.InII.Im Rlcc 5 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA F1111111i1'1!, III -1 Unixerslty nf Ill1nms T0 c11c11111'11gU and 1'Gu'111'd high I.oL'1sr B. DUNB.-XR, Ph.D. MAL'Dr L. ETHrR1m3E, MD., ROA.-XLIE M. PARR, Ph.D. AIARY YI. A11.rN ARLFNE B1-xsox BARBARA CAMP RUTH A. K AsP1R jL'1.11.T1'1? Cr11J1'RR12 CARQ11, R. foH1'x PATRICIA A. COX'l'l'l -IANI' F. QR0l'5'QlKI,iN PH 1'1.L1s CUNN1Nc111AR1 IDCrRO'l'I-IX' J. DA1L1fx' AR1w1s I. E1.LR1cH PH1'1.11s F1511 M.-1R1HA Gocmrxu INI' H11 AINI' GoTT1'R11 is Dc'1Rr1T11Y A. H1 N111 1. AI.-XRIA I.EoxARr1, , IRI-NE D, PIFRNON. .. RUTH H. Auicms.. LI.-RRY E, SR1AsH11Y.. if AIAA w:"f:- 55015 nu , - I Alpha Chapter F11115-11111 A111111 Clv.1plfl1 .vvb0l111'sbip 11711011g the 130711071 of the f1'exh1111111 011155 ADYISORS HONGRARY MEMBERS IRFNP D. PITRNON, A.B. . . .N11Ii1111.1l P1r111l1111 .. .N11l11111.1! S11'111.111 ....F11111f15 ,-ld1'1,1111 . . Srulffr .-'l.f1111f1' Dr.P,H. RUIKIRTA D. R0srr.RAxs. AB MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOANNI' H. H1115 ALYA 1. Hururx MAR1Lx'N F. -IARYIS DORIS KAHN BETTY I KILLX' IQAROI. A. KULHLFR GLADY5 L. Lum' MARY B. Lrxvis I2L1zAR1'T1-1 A. I.lX'I'iAY CARo1.x'1x J. INIADTRFR B1-ATRICI' A. INIARCUS V1v1Ax M, IXIARX KHARLOTTI' INILCCRARY Hmm D. IYIILLIR IwAr1r1. M11.1.S DoR1s R. INIO-IONNITR DORIS I. AIORAXY' VIR.-1 L. Moss PHx'L1.1s I. Mx'rRs PHxL1.1s I.. NI:LSON RUTH S. NlSHl'lM HARRIET E. Nrv111.1. BLTT1' L. Norm IWARX' A. P1f'1cRr1. LOUISE M. PROTHL VFRNA PuRcr1.L DOROTHY J. R1TT1'R INIARGARFT A. Rrjinnlxe ROSTMAR1' Rrmufxs II,-INET L. NVFSTON, Ph D. MRS. ARTHUR C. XYIILLARD Ro11rRTA R. SELTFR HFLFN B. SHFR Micicrx' STFRNFFLD Ross A. STEWART P1-n'1.L1s STOUT EVELYN STRAUB IYIYRTLL L. THOMAS BARBARA G. UNGAR MARTHA L. XVAYNE ELFANOR J. XVILFRED VFRL.-X A. XVILHELM GLADYS M. WISKAMP VIVIAN XVOLFMAN IJHYLLIS J. ZEISLER ELAINE M. Zxvrcx ,X- x Q 1 Y ,f'XfN, Aix X x .Y P!"-'J Huclscn Drnley Ungar Ncville Rrtter Crocssman Hills Gottfried Codcrrc McCrary Stout Goodwine Jarvis Koehler Ellrich Thomas Sher Straub Cohen Muraw Hcndcl Camp Miller Allen Benson Wfayne Cunningham Sternfeld Lewis Myers Casper Madcrcr Smashcy Stewart Adkins Leonard Robbins Zeisler Cover Leedy Marcus Zwrck 196 PHI ETA SIGMA Unixumrx Q I-x,. FIf,vII.1'u.l, lflji .XII-II.I I II IIIIQI 'III IIIIIIIIIX xjfx . lwI'I-II.'I.',- .I. I'I',IfI'II. IQ., f -15 I Tu u11I'r11zI'IIgc high xI'Lwl.II'5bip Ivlfmffvq fI'I',x'Iv11I'11 .'XI7X'IxIIRx I'IIxx IRI? E SIIXI IIIIIII .'II!I','I,fI' RIIIIIRI E H-xxIxIxr. . XIIIIII .I.lI'Ix If RI4 HARD .-X, ,IXXII x . . . IIIIHIII . IJIII II IIUNORARY XIICXIIIITR ROIIIIII H I'IIII'IXXxI', PII D II NXIIIII IfIIII1III'.x. PII D , IU QI , II I3 LIIIIIII-. ,X MIIII . .III, A B , I.L II. H.-XRKTIIX S Daxx XIIN, B S, LI, I-I IIxIIxIx H IIIIIIIx ,. P N fI+IxIIIIx M IPIIIIXIIHIA, PILI7, I.I,,IH. IIII .IIIIIIN I DIII,,Ixn, M S .1 E AIAIIIIXX 'I' MII IL III, PII IW , LII: I5 FIIIII H II'rIxIII, PII IH I-XIIIIIII -I HAIINIZI, B S. LL.Ii I LI, IJ , Lau IJ ,-XRIHI'IzI XX'II I XIIII, II S. D Inq, LI, IJ. I MI RIIII.I -I, AI I X:XN.IWI'R MIIIIIIIN I, l5II.IfX.-XNLXIR RIrII,xRIw XV. IiIxI,I CAIIIIIS I. I-IAIII4I,I-Y XY'IIIIfxIxI ,I, HMM, -III, MII HAI I BI xnxx NI.-XIII' HIRI I7 H.xxs j. BIIIm.Ixx S1Ixx.xrIII BIMIIII AI,-XRIIN IQ, BI .xnxx ,IAIIII I R ISIII-I KI xRIIwI.I RIxI,III M IiIzIx'IIII.II YI-'HK XX' BIIINIQAIIYIII RIILIIII S BIzI:xx Nl CQIINI A, BRIICKFR Ibmmoxuxx F. BI'II1IIx RII'IIfxkIx I .IIIXIPIIIIIIIIO SMIIIIVI. A. C..xIxIvImIIIsI.I0 XVII,I.I.xrxI C. CMI-x' RII.HARI'I I.. IIINIQLIN RIIIII-RT D, I IxxxIIIx' ELIWUN XV. IIIAIDIIIIIIIQ J.-XMI-S N, IIIAIIIIINI PHILIP M, D.'xIw.xxT Rfxx L. IUII F.xx'A ANDRIPXX L Dmmx RIIIIIRT F. I7I'Ixx' ERMLIN P. EIIKTIKE, -IR. J. l.Hl'STI'R Exxxws EDWARD F, FIINSIIIILT PAUL F. Frxuurr LOIIIQ I.. FFRSI ANDII3 RUIIFIII A. FINIQHIII BEN C, FIQI-IIIR DONAI.D G, Fosrm XX7III.I.ACIf S. FK.-INK ,IOI-IN j. GIMIIITTI- NIIC.XIIIIfRb IX UN KIxIIJ F LQIII.I'xI I2IIxIsI Ii. GI II IX RAI PII H CIIII III I Yll'I In CIIIIIIIII III, AIIIX IN A. CIIIIDIII III, III RNIXRIW I, CIIII IIXMIIII XX' XRRIN F. C-IIIIIII II M II, IIII,I' IE, QIII xx I X Inx IAI5. GRI INNP xx LIIIQ R. GRINZ I'HoII.u I.. LQRII-IIIII YIRNOX L. GI'x'x-. Iinxx .IRD XV, H.-IIIII III CIIIIRLIS I'I.-XILNIR RIIIIIIITJ Hxxww vl.XNIIfi L. HARP, -III HARIILD C. HIIIW MAX E. HFNI x' XY'II,I.I.xII N, HI RI I II xx HIIIXHI-I L, HIIuI:I. HIIRAIT E. HIIIIIx I'IgI3IxI R, HIIxx xmx HARIXIIIN XX', HI'IxIIxIzIx XX'III,I.IxI E. HI'IIII1 RIIIIIRT H. HL IX DIIx,III1 XY' IIIIIP R.xI,PH V. jmmsox I.IIIx'Ix XV. YIIINII, -III ,LIXIIA F. jIIxI.I M.IIIIzII'r K.xHx AIFRTON -I. K.-xHAI' Hfxmzx' Kfxurrxifxx I, KI-'xNFm' KINCAIIU, III. IxIImI,rx' KIssINmI'Iz I.IaI'Ix.xIzD A. KNCIPI RIVH,-XRD A. I'i0If'i'III1I II I-Irxnx' P, G KI'xI4.I IX I'.RbI I X IZIIII G. I.II IIIImsIIIIx Rum RIVIQ Al, I.UIHI II HI Nnx' S. IXIAIWYI x ,IIIIIN II. IXIIIIIXII RIIIIIIII L. IXI.-xx' IIIII IIII I, M XII II SMI IXIIxIIIIIIxxII1 .IxIII A AIIIIIIXI III RIIIIIII I Mmm FIIIII I, MIIIIIII III IX I' IXIIINIIXX ,IIIHx IE. 'I' MI'II.Ir. NIINIIY F. H NIxxrxI.xx IJIIIIII' A NIIIIIII-,I GIIIIIIII AI NIIx'.AII4 AIIMIIII UsIxx,II1w RMI-II P,xI INI, III, NIIIIIIIIQ I,:XI'II-IN LIIIIIII4' H. PIIIIIIX M.xxxxIII H, PI'IIIcIxs R.xx'xIIIxII PIIIIaI.Ix IIIIIIN R PI IIIIQIIN Klxxl III I: PII I4Ir.I RIIIIIIII I. I,IIl'III FIIxxIw I. R-xIXII' RIIIIIIII A RIIII RINAID M RIIIIIR RIIIIIRI I RIxxIIIq-xR -IIIIIN LI. RII'IINI.III IJIINAIII Il RIIIIII H.-xIIIIx' R RIDIIIIINS TIIIIIIM H RIIIII-ms, IR DIIxaIIx S RIIIII:wIIN Lxxx KI NI IP RIII IIxI xx ,IMIIN Q S.XxxIII L.Ixx IIINII Num RII IIXIIII CI. Suu: IIII IN SI IIIl'MIlII'l1,, ,III XX'III.I.x:II R, SIIIIIIIL H.'XRUlI'Y E bn IIIXI' P-II'I XV. SII.xIwI,I Ifx'IIIITT I. SHIIIIRIIII PIII:-.IIIII E QIIIIIMI-x RI IIIII, P il Ixx Rm' I , SXIIIH, III L Ivnnx' A xIIIx'III Dwx P. E. ixx'IwIR .XIIRID XXQ SIIIIIIIII, ,III I II.xIxI,IIs E SP.-XITII I.IIIx'Iw S 5IfIIIxI.III I .xIx'Ix L. SIIx'IIx-I I.I'I' H, STIx'rmII:x IHARIIIQ XV. SIIIIII FIIIYII L Mx xremx 'II IIIxI.xN A 'I'I MPI IN PIIIIIIP II, Trxmx' RAY E. TIIIIMPSIIN. .IR RII H-IIIII .I LXIIIIIINI .-XI I.I'xTj IVIIII II, III I XMI I T X'I NI II,IxIII I RIIIII RI CI. XX'IxI.xI II FII xxx XX', XXXIRIII II XVIIII,-XM A, XXZIII Ix IEIwI,.xII I. XXIINIIIIII, .XIIIIIAN R, XX'IIIx ,lame IXI, XVI-I1II IDIxx.IIIn S. XVIIAIII XX'II I IAM B, XX'I1,IIIIIIw I.uIi1fxN XV. XXI'IIKIx IZIIWXRII P, XX'IIIIII ID. IIII HxI1II L, XVIIIIIIIIIII. IR RIIIIIR1' N. XX'IzII.III IEIIIIIIT B, YI'II'xI, XX'.xIIIII A, Zx'I,MI'xI I9 1 I DELTA THETA EPSILO One Aclire Clmpler To foster high ideals of sportsvizmzship and good Cl3l'l7'!'ICfE'7', fellowship, fmd the developmeizt of ll stzrdeizt attitude to'Lz'I1rd their ehosen profession among the men students in the School of Physical Education HOXX'ARD J. BRAUN, B.S. XVINSOR XV, BROR N, A,M. MAN J. CHAPMAN, A,M. HERBERT XXV. CRAIG, M.S. THOMAS K. CLARETON, Ph.D. ARTHUR S. DANIELS, A,M. RAY O. DUNCAN, A.M., LL.B. RAYMOND A. BFRGESON KEITH S. CLARK FACULTY RAYMOND ELIOT, A.M. ALIRELIO E. CHESTER O. HAROLD E. RAMON W. GLENN C. LAW, M.S. FLORIO, A.M. JACKSON, A.M. KENNY, M.S. KIRELIS, B.S, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDWIN J. MANLEY DOLIOLAS R. MILLS, B.S. J. DOUGLAS PATTERSON, B.S. HARTLEY D. PRICE, A.M. GEORGE T. STAFFORD, Ed.D. SFXVARD C. STALEY, Ph.D. XVILLIAM J. TREECE, M.S. INIELVIN H. GRLIENSEELDER RUDY NOVAIQ ARMOND H. SEIDLER ROBERT R, JOHNSON KENNETH E. ROLL LLOYD V. SXVAN EARL F. Fox Founded, Cornell University, 1002 To I1dz'I111ce I11'ehireet11I'fIl and allie JOHN XV. DAVIS, B.S. ARTHUR F. DEAM, B,ArLh. ALAN K. LAING, A.B., B,S. FRANK M. LESCHER, B.S. DRIVER B. LINDSAY, M.S. JACK S. BAKER JAMES J. DERKS EARL T. GERDING JOHN P. HELLEEERG ALBERT A. HOOVER DAVID KAPLAN 198 Illinois Chapter d itzterests and to promote I1 among the 111e11IbeI's FACULTY NEWLIN D. MORGAN, M.S., C.E. REXFORD NEWCOMR, A.M., M.Arch. THOMAS E, O'DONNELL, M.S., M.Arch. CYRUS E. PALMER, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DUDLEY R. KELLY THOMAS N. LANDES NORMAN C. MILLETT ROBERT T. MORRISETT WILLIAM C. Mum-row STEPHEN N. OYAKAXY'A WARREN R. PESCI XVILLIAM G. POTTER CHARLES A. RUBINELLI HOXVARD E. SCHROEDER spirit JAMES W. XIUYLLIE Three Afllre Chapters of good fellowship LORING H. PROVINE, B.S., A.E. ERNEST L. STOUFFER, M.Arch. JOHN E. SXVEET, M.S. EDMUND F. TOTH, M.S., R.A. JAMES G. VANDERPOOL, B.Arch., M.F.A BENJAMIN Sl-IAYMAN MILTON C. SI-IEDD A. DEAN TAYLOR HOXVARD L. WHITE GORDON NVITTENBERG KAPPA TAU ALPH F0lN1dEul, University of Missouri, 1010 Illinois Chapter Ezplfllm .-lrliu Chapin: T0 recognize high 5l.'1J01I'l1'5bip in the School of I011I'1mIis711 F A C U L T Y REUEL R. BARLOXV, A.M. OTHO C. LEITER, A.B. LAWRENLE W. MLIREHY, A M., Litt.D. CHARLES E. FLYNN, A.M. LFSLIE W. BICCLURI, MS. ARNE RAE. B S. JOHN P. JONES, JR., A.M. FREORIER S. SIFBERT, AB , J.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NORMA A. ADAMS BETTY L. GIBSON CLARK EDITH M, DYER JOAN JOINFR BIARGARFT W. BOYLE XVILLIAAI J. DRAKE KENNETH E. HFRRON L, Jo LFKANOFR EILEEN E. CAMERON Fnflfzded, YVilIiam and Mary College, 1776 Gamma of Illinois Chapter 011.--lmmln-J rw-ry-one nlrfire Chapfeu To promote scbolarxlaip and friendship among 5r11a'c11rr1111d g'7'tIL'1Il17fC5 of Avfzwicrrzz collegex CHARLES B. BARR MARY A. BERFIELD PETER M. BERNAYS HOBART F, BEROLZHFIMER MINNIE B. BRANOT RUTH BUCKLES XVILLIANI N. CASSELLA, JR. GERTRUDE N. CORKERY HORACE R. DAVIS ROY N. DAVIS JOE D, DEES KENNETH B. DESCH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FRANCES M. FLEISEHER XVALLACE W. HAGAN DAY'lS P. HARDING PAYNE S. HARRIS FRANK F. HASBROUCK ESTHER A. HALIPTFLEISCH LVIARJORIF M. HEDRICK MARY M. HICREY NIARTHA A. HOLMES JEAN JACOB OLIVE R. JONESON ,IOHN D. KRAFHENBUEHL JAMES C. KRONER MARTHA M. LEAvrNxx ORTH HOWARD D. MARSHAI.I. DEAN E. MCLALIOHIN JOAN L. PARRISH SALESI-QA R. PEDERZOIII CLAUDINF PERRY JOSEPH F. RARICK GERTRLIDE A. RENWICK ALICE G. ROBINSON HERBERT B. ROLISE BILLIE M. SATTERFIFLD Plzi Bela Kappa Srlwluvrlvlp RALPH ROBERT PAXTUN MARION D. SHUTF HAROLD XV. SI,OQEIL'RO CYHARLOTII S. SMITH LLOYD SMITH SHIRLEY A, SMITH STANLEY B. SPECIQ BETTY C. STIGLITZ HENRY H. SWAIN JAMES S. THALE ARTHUR D. TOY FERNE L, XVILSON JERVIS S. ZIMMERMAN 199 PHI L MBDA UPSILO Fo1m.Je.i. Unxversity of Illinois, IS-10 Alpha Chapter Thiviy-sigh! .-irfize Ch.Ip1er.I To promote high xI'hoIIIrshIp and origilml i1m'eJtigI1ti01z in T111 bml1vhe.v of pure and applied Cl.76'7lIi5I7'y E A C U L T Y IIOGTR ADAMS. Ph.D., D.Sc. ALERED E. BADGER, Ph.D. JOHN C. B.-TILAR, JR., Ph.D. f.'XRL E. BRYAN, Ph.D. ARTHUR M. BLISXVELL, Ph.D. ROBERT B. C.-YRLIN, Ph.D. WILLIAM E. CARROLL, Ph.D HERBERT E. CARTER, Ph.D. FRANCIS M. CLARK, Ph.D. GTORGI' L. CLARK, Ph.D., DSL. EDYYARD W. COMINGS, D.Sc. IDU.-TNI? T. ENGLIS, Ph,D. CTLFNN L. FINGER, Ph.D. ROBERT L. FRANK, PILD REYNOLD C. FUSON, Ph.D ROBFRT C. GORE, Ph.D. SITCFRIFD T. GROSS, Ph.D. CHARLES R. HOLLEY, JR., Ph.D. GFORGF F. ASSELIN PHILIP S. BAKER FRED W. BANES MARINUS P. BARDOLPH FRED BASOLO G. XYIALLACE BECK ALFCK BORMAN GEORGE W. CANNON MAX E. CHIDDIX ALDI-N L. CRITTENDPN XYIESLEY J. DALE I ARI. D. DEBORD CHARLES A. DEKKER INTARVIN DEN HERDER DAVID F. EGGERS JOHN R. ELLIOTT ROBERT W. EYLER PAUL E. FANTA HAROLD A. FIFSS ROBERT E. FOSTER S. GEORGE GALLO JOHN D. GARBER B. SMITH HOPKINS, Ph.D., D BRUCE C. JOHNSON, Ph.D. H. FRASER JOHNSTONIE, Ph.D. CHARLES F. KADE, Ph.D. CLYDE XV. KEARNS, Ph.D. DONALD B. KEYES, Ph.D. HERBERT A. LAITINEN, Ph.D. JUST.-K M. LINDGREN, A.M. THEODORE T. MAGEL, Ph.D. JOHN E. MAHAN, Ph.D. CARL S. MARYEL, Ph.D. LEONARD L. MCKINNEY, B.S. HAROLD H. MITCHELL, Ph.D. THERALD MOELLER, Ph.D. WILLIAM B, NEX'ENS, Ph.D THOMAS E. PHIPPS, Ph.D. CHARLES C. PRICE III, Ph.D. MEMBERS H. I. GOLDBFRG WILLIAM J, HAINES DONALD J. HANAHAM ROBERT S. HANMER ROBERT H. HASEK WILLIAM R. HATCHARD HARRY F. HERRRANDSON BIILTON L. HOFFLE IRVING R. HOOPER JOHN A. HOXVSMI-KN XVILLIAM G. JACKSON CLIFFORD C. KIEIZFR JOSEPH W. KNEISLEY IYIARTIN KNIELL JAMES F. KRONER G. FREDRICK LAMBERT BYRON E. LEACH BORIS LEAF ROBERT L. LE TOURNIE.-XL' ROBERT D. LIPSCOMB J. ARTHUR MATTERN .SCA LL.D. IN UNIVERSITY BLAINE C. MCKUSICK JOHN W. MELORNEX' JOHN S. MEEK SIDNEY MELAMED ROBERT I. MELTZER JACK IYIILLS GEORGE P. MLIELLER STANLEY PARMERTER MARVIN PAULSHOCK RALPH P. PAXTON LOUIS A. RITTSCHOF ROYSTON M. ROBERTS JOHN C. ROBINSON GEORGE G. ROLLER RALPH L. ROWLAND STANLEY P. ROXYI..-AND ALBERT H. SAMUEL GLENWOOD L. ScHrRTz HAROLD L. SCHICK LOUIS D. SCOTT YYIILBUR J. SHENK NORMAN RABJOHN, Ph.D. FRANK H. REED, Ph.D. JOHN H. REEDY, Ph.D. ORIN W. REES, Ph.D. YVORTH H. RODEBUSH, Ph.D. YVILLIAII C. ROSE, Ph.D. JOHN B. SHIELDS, Ph.D. ALAMJIT D. SINGH, M.S. ALLAN K. SMITH, Ph.D. CURTIS M. SMITH, B.Ed. GEORGE F. SMITH, Ph.D. HAROLD R. SNYDER, Ph.D. FREDERICK G. STRAUB, M.S., Met E SHERLOCK SWANN, JR., Ph.D. CARL S. VESTLING, Ph.D. FREDERICK T. WALL, Ph.D. STANLEY XVAXVZONEK, Ph.D. GAIL R. YO!-IE, Ph.D. EDGAR D. SHIPPEE DOUGLAS A. SKOOG CURTIS W. SMITH QUENTIN F. SOPER PHILIP L. SOUTHWICK FRED W. SPANGLER M. MORGAN SPARKS JOHN M. STEWART IVORMAN K. SUNDHOLM CLEMENT XV. THEOBALD ROBERT J. TURNER OTIS L. UPDIKE BERNARD H. VELZEN ROBERT S. VORIS LYNN B, YVAKEFIELD WILLIAM E. WALLACE PETER F. WAREIELD DONALD T. YVARNER ZFNO W. XVICKS, JR. WIARREN E. WTNSCHE MARK M. XVOYSKI VICTOR A. R'ARBOROUC-H Foumlfd. Syracuic Unnwrsiry, 191-I Illinois Alpha Chapter Parry .'IEfiz'e Clmpleu HFLIL.-IH M. ARMSTRONG. Ph D. WALTER A. ARON, A.B. WILLIAM F. ATCHISON, A.M. HAROLD W. BAILEY, Ph.D., LL.D OLIVER K. BOWER, Ph.D. HENRY' R. BRAI-IANA. Ph D. LEONARD BRISTOXV, Ph.D. ROBERT D. CARMICHAII., Ph.D JOSFPHINE H. CHANLI R, Pl1.D ROBERT K. CLARK, MS. ARTHUR B. COBLE, PIID, LI. ARTHUR R. CRATHORNI, Ph.D FRED W. BASES MAX CHIDDIX VICTORIA CHMIELEYY SKI WESLEY J. DALE CARL D. DEBORD ESTHER C. FAULKNER 200 D To promote i1IreI'ext and xL'hoII1I'ship and ro provide refoglzitioll for those diyringzzishillg the111TeIL'ex in rhix field FACULTY RICHARD J. DLIEEIN, Ph.D. ARNOLD EMCH, Ph.D. F. ELEANOR EWING, A.B. ROBERT NV. GIBSON, A.M. MILES C. HARTLEY', Ph.D., B.INIuS, OLIVE C. HAZLETT, Ph.D. FLOYD F. HELTON, A.M. MATTHENY' G. HERDA, M.S. MARY J. KIENTZLIE, A.M. JANIE C. LAPSLEY, M.S HARRY LEYY, Ph.D. HENRY J. MILES, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN D. GARRER HARMAN L. HARTER JACK D. HORR rrz GEORGE E. INSKEEP BILIRIFI. H. KLINGE J. YVAYNE KNEISLEY RAY G. LANGFBARTFI. XYIILMER R. MANNING PHYLLIS MINOR RALPH NIEMANN GEORGE A. IVIILLER, Ph.D., LL.D GERALD E. MOORE, Ph.D. l'I.-KROLD M, MOTT-SMITH, Ph.D. ECHO D. PEPPER, Ph.D. J. XVILLIAAI PETERS, Ph.D. IVIELYIN D. SPRINGER, M.S. ORYILLE P. STADERMAN, M.S. LEONARD L. STEIMLEY, Ph.D. HENRIETTA P. TERRY, Ph.D. EYERETT L. WELKER, Ph.D. YVILFRID WILSON, Ph.D. VICTOR A. YARBOROUGH, A.B. J. AGNUSS NOECKER ERWIN W. NOMMENSEN MARVIN C. STIPPES PHILIP D. THOMPSON STANLEY XV. XVILCOX JACK ZOMLEFER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY PI TAU SIGMA Folunled, Unwersity of Illinois, 1915 Alpha Chapter To foster C'll.g'IlICL'l'i7l-Q' ideizls, to sri11111II1re interest in L'l6pfl7'f71IU F A C L' L T Y NORVILLE J. ALLEMAN. M.S. CARL H. CASHERO, B.S., M.E. PALIL S. COLLIER, M.S. XVILLIAM N. ESPY, M.S. INIAURICF K FAHNESTOCK, M6 JULIAN R. FELLOXVS, M.S. DALE V. ADDIS HEETOR H. AIKEN CHARLES C. ARNOLD HARLAN D. BAREITHER RAYMOND H. BOHMAN KEITH N. DRAGER Gus G. GREANIAS DALE L. HANRINS I ALLEN M. HENNINOSEN CLARENITIQ W. HAM. M.E. ALBERT E. I-IERSHEY. M.S. AIONZO P. KRATZ, M.S. RFINHOLD F, LARSON. M.S. OSKQAR A. LELITXNILER. B.S., ME. HORAEE J. INIACINTIRE, M.M E MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAP-IFS W. HL'EE PETER J. KOHLER ROBERT E. I-QRAET BERNARD J. I.ATTY'.-KK YIAMFS J LLIZA ELMER F. INIA-CRS XY'lLLlAH A. INIARENEIQK GEORGE E. RIAYS RAY G. IVIOLDT Dl'l.Ml5R E. IYIUNIF YYYARRFN J. NORTH XYVII I IAM M. Ow FN BRL'I.If W. PORTER CHARLES J. ROACH PAI'I. G. S.-ILERNO EARL L. SCHEIDENHFLM Tu inf,-.II I I I1 .TI IIIE Cbajvlvvl limi Ilcriwiticx PALIL E. RIOHN. M.S . M.E. JORIPH A. POISON, B.S, M.E. DAVID G. RYAN. M.S.. M.E. WILLIAM H. SIVERNS, M.S. I-QINNITH J. TRIGKIIR, M.S. ARTHUR C. XYILL.-XRD, BS., D.Eng,, LL.D CILIVTR R. SCHMIDT ROHIIRT G. SETTLIE PALII. A. SIMMONQ, JR. RIIIIIJRT G. TUELL VIIRIQIJ K. VIITANIN L. BYRON XVELSH XYIILL J. YVORLFY SIIVIN Y'l'RENK.'Y Forzlulrd. Lehigh University, 1855 Illinois Alpha Chapter SIIIYIIIJ-fluff :IIEIIIIII I.'lI.1fIrEI'x To Ilmrk ill I1 frring 711I111m'I' those who have I'oIIfe1'red honor upon rbcir I-1111111 .llntcr by dix- rilzgzzixhed sI'bo1I1rsbip and exe111pII1I'-If cbI11'III'rc1' IIE 11'1Idc'I'gIwdlmtcs in L'lIgI1IC6I'IlIAQ" NORVILLF J. ALLEMAN, MS. ARTHLIR G. ANDERSON, C.E. HAROLD E. BAEDITT, M.S. ALFRED E. BADGER, Ph.D, ALBERT P. CARMAN, D.SL. JAMES G, CLARK, M.S THOMAS J. DOLAN, M.S. JAMES J. DOLAND, M.S . C.E. MELVIN L. ENOER, M.S., C E. NEW TON E. ENSIGN, M.A. YVILLIAM N. Esw, M.S. HENRY P. EVANS, JR., M.S. MALIRICE K, FAHNESTOCIQ, M.S MAX A. FAUCETT, M.S., E.E. JULIAN R. FELLOYYS, M.S. GILBERT H. FETT, Ph.D STANLEY G. HALL. B.S. CLARENCE XV. HAM, M E. GEORGE F. ASSELIN HARLAN D. BAREITHER THOMAs BARON DAN S. BECHLY RAYMOND H. BOHMAN HILRIAR CHRISTIANSON EDWARD R. DLL'zEN SIDNEY' EPSTEIN JOHN L. ERICKSON PAUL A. FREELAND YVALTER J. GAILUS GUS G. GREANIAS FACULTY HAROLD N. HAYXY ARD. M.S., E.E. RANDOLPH P. HOELSCHER, M.S., I E. XYVHITNILY' C. HUNTINGTON. M.S.. C.E. VERNON P JENSEN. Ph.D HARVEY H. -IORDAN, BS. ALBERT JOROENSEN. M.S., E.M. CHARLES A. KFFNER, M S , E.E. PIERCE W. KETEHLIM, Ph.D. ABNFR R. KNIGHT, M.E.. M.S. EF, CHARLES T. KNIPP, Ph.D. SEICI-II KONzO, M.S. JOHN O KRAEHENDLIEHL. E.E. RFINHOLD F. I..-XRSON, M.S. OSCAR A. LELITYY ILER, M.E. JOHN H. INIANLEY, Ph.D. Ross J. IYIARTIN, B S. JOHN C. IVIILFS, M.S HI-TRBFRT F. IYIOORE, M.E,, DSL. ALLEN M. HENNINGSEN DONALD L. HENRY JAY E. HINCHELIEEE OITO E, JOHNSON RORERT J. KALL.-IL CLYDE E. KESLER AI.-KRTIN KNELL ARNOLD F. KOHNERT. JR. SOL D. LARRS XVILLARD A. LINDA!-IL GEORGE M. LONG CONRAD 1. LONGMIRE WILLIAM A. IVIARENFCK GEORGE E. IVIAYS NOEL W. IWIYERS RALPH R. PANTON IVI.-1R'I'IN PEPPER CLARENLE U. RITCHARD GIOROE G. ROLLER FRANK A. ROUGH GASPI-R P. SALERNO OTTO W. SCHACI-IT OLIVER R. SCHMIIIT Nm LIN D. MORGAN, M.S.. C.E. ELLERY B. PAINE. M.S.. E.E. GEORLQE W. PICKFLR, B.C.E., C.E. ST.-YNLFY' H. PIERCE, M S. JmI'EH A. POISON, B.S., ML. LORINL. H. PROVINE, B.S., A.E. HFRBFRT J. RFICH, Ph.D., M.E. ERNEQT A. REID, M.S., E.E. FPANK E. RICHART, M.S., I .E. PAUL F. SCHYYARZLOSE, B.S. FRED B SEELY, M.S. THOMAS C. SHFDD. M.S., C.E. CHESTER P. SIESS. M S. LARI. E. SIQRODER. M.S. ERNEST L. STOLIEEER. M.A. JAMISON XIAXYTFR, M.S., C.E. IARROLL C. YVILEY, B.S,, C.E. ARTHI'R C. YVILLARD, BS.. D.Eng., LL.D GENE D. SCHOTT ROBERT G. SETTLE INIILTON C. SHEDD OMAR M. SIDEBOTTOM PAUL A. SIMMONS, JR. ROBERT C. ST. JOHN ROIIIRT G. TLIELI. THEODORE C. VIRGILIO L. BYRON WELSH RICHARD C. WILSON HOMER S. YVONG STEVEN H'URENK.-X 201 v v v v vgvvgvy vvvv vv,v vv,v vvy ver v WVQVVVQV vgvv vv v v 5 Mem Q m 44 N 4 M oo Q mm QMQZQXQXQXQXQXQX60202020242602424202426024202024ivioivfvivivfvioiofoioi WQQF 55: Q Eg J, - I 1 v.vcVQv,v,V,v,VcVv,v.VQVQVGVQYQYQVQVQVGVQVQVGVQVQVQVQVQVCYQVQVCVQVQVCVQVQVQVQ Qoioivivivioiviofefoie2020ie!vioiviioivfvkiciviviv2020ioiiviofoioivfoiviofg ls 1 L-ATHLETICS: 5 I ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION Q FOOTBALL M LL-if BASKETBALL ' H TRACK A XJ! M BASEBALL U , 4 If OTHER VARSITY SPORTS Em INTRAMURALS ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION Cfonvineed that eompetitive nthleties have ll lmig pnrt in strengthening the young mzinhood of the nation for service in the armed forees, nn opinion indorsed luv Arinv :ind Navy' lenders, those in charge of Illinois githleties sau their task :is one of carrying on as extensive ll program :is possihle under present eonditions. XYhile zipproxiinntely three hundred amd fifty' alumni varsity' lettermen served their eountry on land, on sen, and in the aiir, their sueeessors, the Athletes of 1942-43, did their pint on gridirons. fields and rloors, fitting themselves for the time when they too uould he enlled. The shoxving of the footlmll team under our nexv eoueh Rav Ifliot electrified the Illini xvorld. From fur-off lmttle fields, alumni sent xvord of their delight in its reeord. Second semester found nmnv memlvers of the eonehing staff serving in the nrmed forces. hut the remaining eonehes shouldered additional liurdens. lt xi ns impossible to continue gymnastics and fencing as varsity sports, liut the start of the seeond semester found all the other sports in pl'Ug'l'C55. In every thing, the purpose of the zithletie department has been to do its pqirt toix.n'd the fulfillment of the L'niversitv pledge: to render every possible nssistnnee in the winning of the unr. -DoUtsLrxs R. KIn.I.s A X54 October Z. INTO-'l'Iie lllinois Industrial University takes part in its first intercollegiate competition .... llaseball: Illinois, 12g Illinois College, 5. October 4. ISSU-lfiiirersity of lllinois wins the first state intercollegiate field day nieet from Knox. Klonnionth, and llliliois fiollcgc. October Z, 1891!-lfirst football game. at Bloomington: lllinois U1-sley an. log Illinois, U .,.. Scott Willianis. captain and coach. Xlay li, IHUI-New athletic Held opened .... "one of the finest parks in the stateg seating capacity, Still." rlllinois lfieldl. September. ISQZSI5.. li. Hall. llartniouth, first "professor of physical culture" and director of athletics. . . . Dartmouth green selected as colors. October 13-Illinois withdraws from state intercollegiate association. . . . "Competition not strong enough." lwllflfirst state interscholastic track meet in Kliddle XVest is held. .lnne 2, IH94-lllinois wins the first western intercollegiate track nieet "although they had only 500 students." . . . No- Yenibcr I-Orange and navy blue selected as colors. IXUS-George llurf appointed assistant director of gyninasiuni and coach of athletic teams. IHW,-lnterctillegiate conference of faculty representativesg Cliicago, Illinois. Northwestern. Xliehigan, Xlinnesota, Purdue. and XYisconsin hold first meeting. '?"' . St. ' ' J il. . Caro. Gro HISTORICALLY I.ifxoe,Rrx RUE Hui if Xlay 30. N100-Illinois defeats Michigan in baseball at Detroit, winning its first conference championship .... President Andrew Sloan Draper heads parade from train. WUI-George llt1f'f takes baseball teanis east .... Unltnowns burn grandstand on Illinois Field to celebrate victory over Princeton .... U. S. .Xlilitary academy, Pennsylvania. and Yale downed but Harvard wins. IU!!-I-l larry l.. Gill. tall Canadian, fornier all-around amateur and professional champion, becomes track coach ..... X lunini football coaches installed: ,-X. R. Hall. -Insta Xl. Lindgren. Fred l.owcnthal, and Clyde Mathews. june l. IUII7-Illinois wins its first conference outdoor chain- pionship traclt nieet. October ll, 1010-First homecoming .... lfirst defeat of Chi- cago since will .... Illinois, unscored on, wins all games and ties with Klinnesora for First football championship, ..., -Xrthur Hall and -Ius lindgren, coaches. 1912-lfd Hanley hecoines sxviinniing coach .... lllinois wins conference championship. 1013-Robert C. Zuppke, from Oak Park high school, be- eoines football coach. 191+-Illinois wins first unshared football championship. . . , Captain Ralph D. Chapman, first Illinois player to be named on XYalter Canip's All-.-Xnierica. HKRUIYD "RID" GR-NGI3 RUM Rl' ZUPPKE HARRY L. GILL AND A CHAMPIONSHIP RELAY TEAM 206 SPEAKING liusnis I'I1ll1IN 1 irir EARN' -ru s 1915-Illinnis xx'ii1sz1llg.11nCs and tirst lmslxctlmll CILIIIIPIIYIINIIIP 1R:1lph R. Innes, cmiclil. Xlarcli. 1'P1F4Illinnis holds fnutlmll, lnlselmll, truck. and lmskcrlmll clizuiipiimsliips .... Ring Lirtlncr mlvocntcs changing nnnic, 'llllinif' tu "I lugs." 1917-Ifirst imluur rclny cnrnixnl. Novcinhcr 1, 1919-.-Xlunini return from xxnr fur "Yicmi'y IIoniccnining": Illinois, 1113 Cliicngu, 11. 19211-Cicurgc Huff rctircs us lmsclmll Couch .... In 2-1 yt-.urs his tunnis had won 11 clminpiunsliins, tied unc. 1021-Carl Lundgrcn. fornicr captain and Cluh pitcher. luc- cnincs lmsclmll cuncli. 1923-First class grmlimtcd in fmir-your cnursc in athletic cuacliing and physical cducatimig Xovcinlvcr If-.Xlciimrinl Stadiuni, huilt by gifts of 21l,Ul11l nlunini and students, is upcnctl . . . . .X suplimnnrc, IInruld Grauigc. scnrcs tmiclnlmviiz Illi- nois, Tg Cliicngn, 11. 192+-Illinois athlctcs score 35 puints in Olynipics. inure than Ivy men from any nthcr university .... Harold Osborn xxins nlecatlilon and high iunip. October 18-Xlcinnrinl Stadium is dedicated ..., Grange scores four tmiclnlmviis in first 12 inin- utes: Illinois, 399 Nlicliigun, 14. 11218--Ihsclmzill tczun guns fu jnpnn . . . XYins scxcn gnuncs. lust-s thruc, tics unc. 1011-Huff's tlrcaun uf an ics rink fur rccrcntiniml slutting is rcnliful. 1129?-Gill rutircs . , . . Ilis truck tunnis h.itl nun 11 unttlmiix N imlmar clmiiipifmsliips, 111 tlunl int-Us. lust Z-1. tit-tl 2. IU?-1-Illimiis niuurns Curl Lundgrcn , . . , Uliltcr II, Rwuttgcr, 'I-1. hcuniics lmsulmll umcli. 1921,-Ihc l,'1IlNCl'5IQ' :intl cnllcgc xxurltl pay triliutr In Cir-nrgu IIu1I xxhusu grunt lift' unncs to nn untl. lflif-Iirniglns R. Xlills. '2'l. sticcuctls Craig Ruhy ns lmslqut- lmll cugicli .... Ihc Illini tic fur thc clmiiipimisliin. ll?-11-llntiglnis R. Xhlls. '20, lit-cmiius tlirccmr uf .lIlIlL'l'IL'N, sticuculilig IYumlcll S. Uilsnn. 'I' .... Iinln Zupplcu rutirus .is fmirlmll coach .... Ilis tennis had nun fIYL'll11SlILlIxCQI chinnpiun- ships. tical fur txxn uthcrs .... I-'nur national clmiiipiuiisliips. 1P11rl4c Davis. Spziltlingk Clnitlcl .,.. Ray Ifliut, '11, stircuwls hnn. 1942- Iiasltcrlmll rcinn wins first unshilrctl cnnfcrcncc titlu sincc 1015 .,.. Illinnis fuutlmll tuxun tlcfuuts .XIinncsur.1. - I,.X1.'1nms Siwrii CHAMPIONNH 'P 'limi 1885 207 HE HLETIC ASSOCIATIO BOARD OF DIRECTORS XYALIJO IAAIES CIM XRLI-XS XXVHAAI C. XYINN XIAIL THE I-IARULIJ S. Ilxwsox FlilfDliIlICIIi J. K1-111.11011 LDDYYIN L. Drullxk CARL A. DUNN ,IAXIPS R. Srlcxl-'wsox IJ.x1.1a L. I-Ixxluxs RllBEli'lI B. BROXVNE I.L1sLl12 E. CARD NI.x'1'I1Ew T. KICCLL'Rri Gxtolzcm B. IVri1su':111: ATHLETIC COUNCIL Fdflllfvv .Ilembcrx t'I1!l71l!II ,lle111ln'1'5 PALIL KENT STIIVIICIIT ,llcvlllrery Ixcli D. Boucs HARRY IV. XVHY1 I-i IV. J. PL"l'x.xx1 DuL'c:L.xs R. AIILLS bl. GI..xnws'N TIIONIXS DELBER1' IV. Gxrsrt. ROBERT Y. Bram: 'IANIES KI. I31um'N L. 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SRIILIY RORFRT C.nIPBIfLL Muir KMAP -HMI-S SMITH KINNIIII C'HrrLm' RORFRT KFLLIY JACK STRFFD KFNNITH fxl,-XPPIR Tom Lrxws EARL THoIxIPsr:v Cnox Kona XVILLI.-KM Lrxus XY'rsLIx' Tnrooxwa ,ICMFPH CUXARIW Al.aIlIrs LCIIHRIIP THUM.-KN TXX'ITL'HI'LI XVALTIR I QRRI-LL PIfTr'II PAUL LL'RfIs Eunrxr VANCI' ROBIQRT fmxr JOHN M,uiARTHL'R Rn' VQNSPRIQIRI-I.soN ARTHUR DL'l'II.MI-llll PHL INIAIL RoRrRT Wmsr f'I..+RINIir Duxx XVARRFN MALII: MAC Wrxsrcuxfxs 1 H.-XRI,l'i ELwxw.Ru ARTHISR MfI'rHIsIx Dux.-ILD XYYIST MMR BROWN EIMIR EKQIL HIRR NIATTFR RURIRT XYVILEON P'L"'mH LOL' FIRRANTI DCIRIINIC BIATIIAZZA ARTHIQR XY'OOD KPN CHFFLFY 1 HNRLIT Fmurlz jfmrs MCC'fIR'rI-II' l'1Im-PII'fIIz'n1z II . ....- ,,?.. ,l-. .... ,..... , 'H-' ig - :Y-,, .I Lg.-1-21 .xr , fl l ' l i ' ,W-0 LHLLA- 4 ,L ., .- Kelley Cnbb M.IttI.IzzLI Trcgnnnng Lothrop McCarthy Roach Menke Vance Srmley Parker Dunn Anders-In Burlcy fampbcll XV1md jubson GIbbs Bmwn Pfcilcr Rayburn XVcst Seib Wfilson Engel Pawlowski Thrmpsun Mcflunc Benson Gl.ulLlIng Matter Gill Cheeley Wfallln Crane Hays Gates MIddlcton Lucas Harrold Bessone Mall!-c M Ithiscn Brekke VonSpreckPlson 210 I' ' CHEERLE DERS 'Iihc Illini Union Iimirtl. in umiunctinn xx ith the Athletic .Xsant'it1timi. this ycgii' spnmorctl thc pup rallies. cliccrlcntlcis and x'u1'io1is stilmixliimtc nctivitics. XIV. Nut Ifrxiin uns Qippuintctl thc faculty gitlvimn' fm' thc chccr- lctitlcra. Ifrctl .Xlunre nntl his tcnni. Dun Iwlxxniixls. Igixicll Rnlicrts. and llill Rychcl, lmitiglit cntlinsinatic cheers frnin thc crmitls. The I,ny1il Illini lmclqctl thc Fighting Illini unc liundrctl pci' ucnt, The student hotly nmrclicd tn thc YQIIIIAIHIKI stntinn to sec thc vqi1'imis athletic tennis UH' to victui'y. Un thc home front they chccrcd tlirmigli nrniigc and lmluc iiicgtiplwiies with thc wilunic uf RI ctiiiiinifs mglit As Stutlcnt Hmtess fur thc Athletic Aswcigitinii, .Nlnrgic Iiitvci' cxtcntlctl our Illini limpitnlity tn visiting tcnins and thcii' giicsts. Cilrxx P, Hminuw ffm! lllmmti N.xiu.Ii B. BIIYIR .Y,'14.!ti1.' Hff -it it Rvthul Edxmrtls Mu-vt: Rnlwrtx Bilfu 2 I I FOGTBALL 212 Sentt XYilliams, a student in 1890, is said tu he the originator uf fmutliall at Illinois. He formed the first team that year with unly' one pieee uf v equipment. a rule lmolc. Klemlvers uf the team huught their own equip- ment and paid for their transportation and ludging. The L'nix'ersity did nut reeugnize ftmtliall at that time. The buys themselves seheduled im- promptu games until 1801-OZ, when a regular thirteen game sehedule was played. ln 1895, the immortal lllini spurta great, "CI," Hull, lveeame enaeh. ln lvl 3, "CL" appuinted Ruhert C. Zupplte euaeh, direetly fruin high seluml euaehing ranks. an unheard uf atep at the time. fup lmvuglwt lllinuia tn the natiunal limelight with the development uf a number nf ehampiunahip teams. perhaps the mmt famuuw uf whieh were the teams ul the Red Clranlre era. Lpun lups retirement in 10-ll, Rai lxlmt lie- eame euaeh of the lfighting lllini, who in I9-ll lived up to every' lettei ul' their lighting name. Y V T! 1 -, - .Q w- .fn X ',X.,j 'rx - fi. ' '1"l ' .ffl v- 4 ' - X' .wx 4- 1 X' - ,.... ' ,' - . ' s' ' M X, X ,ff 'eds I' S. V -,'.v". xi x .fc -Uh. 'Q 1' 1.-I 'Y ff: "K" . 1k'p+ 1 .-.f , , ,.--. 'f ' f' l, X, , i f Y - 'i?'gs'f,H 'f""' f:f,' --Qg'73:- ig- 2 . . KX: f ll- N ' f"f 1 ' .. -" 7 .i'V. '."n . 'e y s J' l, K --V .-X f ' . x' 5'...' s X gg qw., .'3:i.f:f233fX"'x,.'.f':.Z? ' ' Nrfve. . ' fi' f sv-ab 0,3 'vs - v' 1 K . i L A A N , . ix -1' A-HW, v-afxixr. vw . in N, .- - 'A-X yr n '-I P -. . Q u , ,, X ' . ft' fs ' 11 ff'-' - 'ir ,I 4.2-x. ' X :ffrff""L... A "' " - ' - Sb'-5'3" . ,ff A. ' L 1' . .,, A' 5'EE?i.:T--' - , , Y rg?-' tg-T, xjwj 1- JU wg gig,-1 gy . , . .,-1' KV5, ,-gif?" V ft-b ' 45 N l,,:f1l-EZQ -INN-'3'. .f Al- 'O .ww 3 : +1 I.-,Q Y. 9-'iq' 12 F .xv .-. Lug . , H xA3tx,Ohkh I' ',a'p'fthI'g.ffXi' - '4'iLg'if"'I?'j'1g,fx'?Aj ' 'I ',N"l' " L'h'1..,.fC:' PVS: Y - '.vf',' I :Q Rf yy P ' :-'WJQX-'.f-' 4'l'f'1- '5 'lgr Ir v at Q 5 1' . Aa A l .' 'Y..', x A"-,, s- Vg ., sr, ' K 'R 'EJ . NEA ?f"'n r 3 N'-ff tiff' A, f + .9 :J rypf- ' Y. Rf J' ' f 1 ' x m Q,-' 7' w S , M -X X M l N 'inf-'fi .1 G N-an eb. ' . 4 H' BG' X , N " 7, " - . w V 9."",'A v . X .4 X 'Q -1 .X , ' - -: x r x - Q V ' f-sa. b N N X .x Qt,-x 1 N- , -1 , K' NN R Q w D. - ' ng . Q- MS: bm A . 1 , . wf- .txr Q, . , s 4 I 211 f""1.'ig1" f - - Q . W ' Rv if P rr Q. s 341 .N X ,I 'Qt Vu' Lv ,V i L fn 'Qx S li 4 , .. i 6 ' s. xr 3-.kq vi X N. kr Rn' Iliii-I radix' VARSITY FCJOTB LL The 19-ll team, which tied with Klichigan for third place, was hard-working, loyal, eo- operative and courageous. They defeated South Dakota, Butler, Minne- sota tits Iirst college loss in 22 gamesj, Iowa, Northwestern, and Camp Grant. They lost to Notre Dame, 21-l-l, after a strong hid for victory, They lost two conference games ti Michigan and Ohio State, the champion, and to Great Lakes, 6-ll, threatening the might of the Blueiaeliets. Five played l60 or more minutes out of a possible ISU against Xlinnesota, Iowa and Notre Dame. They' were a grand group of lwoys to work with and the coaches enioyed every minute spent with them. l am particularly' proud of my months of association with them. N XV'- " Nm. mm' SMITH C .lfmzfrf Sang :T -I ,al :fl V .f I I If 1 J 'hm x '3 Bur forrell XY'ensl-curias Butkoxitli Kamp DUfClU1ClCf - Gritfin Flctther Bull-nk Auasu XY'ilwi1 Grierson INIuArtliur Pfeiler Lindgren Dunn K Eli it Go-id Engel Gems Smith XV.1llin McCarthy Pawluwski if! I - II" "IX "'l!"' UU, 1' 4 'I Y - v v-- N v . 1, - I I ' I I , I fm ,IcIIIlux XY'u1mr Qmlixlx XX ru--.I Ynmm MII I xrtxm In Iiuhiqw I..m Zummcrlmm B.IuIr:-nukn Pc.uIpL-n Ahhrml ,I Iwlu Ihvfug Nm,III.1 Ryu Ik1.,w-va 1 Im If ,lvylw MII 9LIluIt.' Harm' IhkmnIIu Ihuguv IQIIIILIILIII Mau Ivlln Lvruun Inllpw-,III.I1uI VII.-If Kvuxmlwru IQLLII Hww 11 Pnmuxku I'i4:x.nIIu Fr.mLx B.num.m Iyumx In My II.aIv1.mxkg Imu-mx Ihwmj In ku my xx +I -apr-' sw' ! IRI A. Dr xx X11.',f,,, .II.n,-.Iv Q ww V -ai? ' sv I+ I . ,-Al .Yin-" Rom Rr G. RIN BIFRRIIL F. Bun 1 IK jnumr 1IIf1rz.1q:r. VARSITY F GOTB LL IIICI IFN SIXNIJINCSS II'. I.. Ver. Oulu Sl XII , 5 I .H33 XYlmLuxs1x .. . -I I .Hllll IIIINUIS 3 Z .6011 Xluinlcgxx 1 ' .6041 Xlwxlsul x . I I -Frm lmu ,..., I I .Suu Ixmxxx , 2 2 FII!! Puumu ...,,. I -I .2110 XURIIIXYIBII RY ,,.. H ri .Ullll II.I IIIIXUIS IIIINOIS IIIINOIS IIIIXOIS ILLINOIS IIIIXUIS IIIIXOIS IIIINUIS IIIINUIS IIIIXOIS. ,INOIS RI-'IQORIJ .-If ,fm- ,ZH .I2 .14 .I-I ,I-I .III .ll ,211 Suk III Ihlmux .. U ISLIIIIQ. .....,. II .XIIXNIXHIX . ...II Inu' ....... Q Yum: I,XNII .,.Zl .NIn,1m.xx ,..,., IN NIIIIIIIUINIIRX , ' fillltl Suu ...,. 4-I Cin: xi I.xmx f- lxxw Cmxxu ,. H Rlmtz Bnnncr H-ml! I'IuII1.nrmn I-Icbcrslfuct Davis 'I urnb-ww 215 ILLINOIS 46 SOUTH DAKOTA 0 The Illini opened the 19-I2 season with a -I5-0 win over South Dakota to give their new coach, Ray Eliot, a grand sendotf. The Illini displayed their new talent in deceptive running and power. The score could have been much higher if the Illini had not had a bad case of butterfingers. Out of the sixteen fumbles in the game, the Orange and Blue committed ten of them. losing the ball six times. After the seventh touchdown. Eliot sent the regulars to the showers and the second, third, and fourth stringers carried on through a scoreless fourth quarter. Captain jimmy Smith and Tony Butkovich accounted for two scores apiece. Dick Good raced for one and passed another to Correll, and Ray Florek scooted to the seventh and last after grabbing a lateral from Grifhn within the ten yard line. South Dakota was iolted severely on the eighth play of the game when their star triple-threat man, Russ Fecheter, was knocked unconscious. XYith- out him the Coyotes were helpless, but could not have done much even with him to stop the Illini from running at will around the ends and through the light South Dakota line. Bimxrx Firm i - Orr TALKLE ILLINOIS 67 BUTLER 0 The fighting Illini, fresh from their +5-0 win over South Dakota, showed no mercy for Butler University when they rolled up the most points ever scored in Memorial Stadium, defeating Butler, 67-O. Grithn and Dufelmeier scored five of the ten Illinois touchdowns. and Astroth, Butkovich, Good, McCarthy, and Mac XVenslcunas accounted for the others. Jimmy Smith teamed with Griflin to set up both first-quarter touch- downs, and on the first carried the hall from the 31 to the 6 where he lateraled to Grilhn and gave Don the last block he needed. From the opening kickoff, the Illini marched 74 yards on ten plays to score, and from here on the Illini had the situation well under control. The passing of Dick Good was exceptionally impressive, as was the run- ning ability of Astroth, fourth Stringer, who snaked-danced 23 yards to a touchdown in the third quarter. BIRITIXYL-X, Guan! Cu Ms. T.1rHr Gnu nmx, Em! -,- BLTI. Tiziifi' Pai mn, C,f..1v.f 5L'l lr, Hail' ILLINOIS 20 MINNESOTA 13 The lllini eould never have pieked a more opportune time to whip the national champions, Z0-13. than on I-lomeeoniing before 24,000 wild, hys- terical fans. This victory onee again, after many years, elevated the Orange and lllue from the depths of the national football eellar. This was the first conference yy in for lllinois sinee 1939 when they heat Chicago. The star of the afternoon was Alex Agase who stole the hall from the famous Hill Daley and raced to a touehdown from the Minnesota 35, and also seored the winning touehdown in the fourth quarter when he recovered a had pass from center behind the Gopher goal line. 'lihe questionable lllini line was no longer questionable as it held the strongest baeks in the country praetieally to a standstill. The only time the Ciophers gained real yardage w as when Daley raeed H1 yards to a toueh- down in the first quarter after the lllini had lost the ball on a fumble on the Xlinnesota eight. llehind Agase in the hero's eolumn eame Ray lflorek who did a superb iob of line backing. Ciritlin, Good, and llutkoyieh deserve recognition for their excellent running and passing attack. The expert kieking of liuek Corrells' "educated toe" pulled the lllini out of many a hole. 'l'nkIloii1ouBiHIND llw DI'-lf' D' "'.kn . I' . Q ,., I' A 'vb lk Hisf I! - " . ' , ' , .. gy 'w ,-at w Q' il, , t- lgf. . 'v- 1 O ' , wa. if , A . I I o v. ' E ' i U -0 Q vs , . K i X ' I T' - ' 'O I L' ' I I Likf: '. . A , U ' ' - .- i ' gl wif' 'QJZC-.H ' 'l ' " 5 ji 'f . A ' if '.. lr -Q - N ,', gh 5. lx . Y 1 4. , .. -V 'qi' . " l 1 if 'Salk -.,--. -".-'.., iii 1 ' lu gf.-P5 if I 'wma Un fit- Vwgwvb ' Q AV I Q 1 Q fu ' i - ' ' . . I 4 5 -1' , I '55, 'C K: .1 M '. . l ' . K h L. 5 '. ' ' i J f , A , it A 4. , . shin . ' .,,,' Ng: -uni.-- , A .,,g -.Q .....i,,.f, D l R aw-1' Looxi Hill ILLINOIS 12 IOWA 7 The losing column was agan cheated out of a game when the Illini kept their record clean of defeats hy stopping a determined Iowa eleven in the closing minutes to win, I2-6. Alex Agase again was the hero when hc hlocked an Iowa punt to set up the first score in the first quarter. At the half, the Illini held the edge. 7-6. In the closing minutes the famous Tommy Ifarmer passed the llaw k- eyes to the Illini four. hut a valiant and determined Illini eleven stared oil the attack until the gun sounded. This was by far the most exciting part of the game, with Farmer completing pass after pass. :Xt this iuncture thc Illini definitely received a break of the game, xx hen the Hawkeyes were penalized hack to the nine. Farmer then threw a lateral to Curran who was stopped short of the goal by a horde of Illini. The Illini then took the hall on downs and held it until the gun sounded. The uncanny and deadly passing of Dick Good helped in defeating thc Hawkeyes. I-Ie overshadowed Farmer in three of the four quarters. The second score came when Good passed to Smith in the end zone after Butkovich had rammed his way to the Hawkeye two yard line. :Xi isi, fin! Hrixoxiii RIIIIX In lf FLORFK, Bark Kasav, Tariff Dtrifrixrtirn, Bark ILLINOIS 14 NOTRE DAME 21 On the afternoon of the 2-lth of October, 43,476 Dads and "I" men saw the Fighting Illini go down in defeat for the first time of the season under the onslaught of the Fighting Irish. The cause of the Illinois team was seriously weakened by the iniury to Dick Good early in the game. At the half, the Illini were leading 1+-7, and they appeared to be on the road to victory. But in the second half the Irish tied the score, and in the fourth quarter drove seventy-five hard-fought yards to the winning touch- down. The Orange and Blue were not through yet, however. and the Notre Dame goal line was threatened twice more before the final gun. An Illini drive to the ten yard linc was halted by three incomplete forward passes, and in the waning minutes another driye to the Irish twenty-seyen ended with a pass interception. Thc Irish, although Victorious, were extended all the way, and the game was dccidcd in a large part by the superior reserve strength of Notre Dame, The famous Bcrtelli was bottled up most of the time, and the Irish were forced to employ principally a running attack. INIIRI I III NI I' G.-XLOIKI' Y,-'1 'Q I9 'HY "5 J' I L?f'1'V 7 1' ' if'i'lFf3a":I sf? ZFX".?i1i'?.N55K7-f'f5iE"'5Rml the .:.'i g:-1-lx -J ff' uf I-'66 "mp", 0 T- M' ! ' I KVA 4 YW y I " ,1., ..i ' .L .Quin l ' 5 B . .450 N1 .' Y. . Q , A F4 "i M is-.. -, x i Mu HIUAN .io-xix ILLINOIS 14 MICHIGAN 28 The fighting Illini saw their dreams of a IVestern Conference Cham- pionship fade into the distance on October 31 when they were defeated by a superior Michigan team, 28-14. The Orange and Blue missed badly the services of their expert passer, Dick Good, who was on the injured list from the Notre Dame game. Passing was one thing Michigan overlooked in their defense, and if Good had played, the score might have been dif- ferent. Michigan employed their passing technique to a great degree, using de- ceptive and delayed operations which faked the Illini out of position and left huge openings in the Illini defense which permitted the XVolverine backs to charge through standing up for 8 to 10 yards at each crack. Both of the Illini touchdowns were scored on passes after they had dis- covered that their running attack was futile against the strong Michigan forward wall. One of the scores started on the Illini 25 yard line. The advance to the Michigan goal was marked by a fifteen yard pass by Dufel- meier to McCarthy and by some excellent running plays by Dufelmeier and Butkovich. lVhen the Illini reached the 9 yard line, Dufelineier tossed another pass to McCarthy for the touchdown. lJl,Tl'RSON, Barb 1XIonRri.i, Em! XYVALLIN, Talk!! ' 'aw'-- ' . TI . , ..f - Q. 3..- i SJ CHEELEY, Cf-ffm P.awLoxw sm, Gfmd Glues, Emi ILLINOIS 14 NORTHWESTERN 7 Finally, after several years of subjection, the Illini were able to defeat their upstate rivals, Northwestern, 1-I-7. The Illini once again are in pos- session of the old Fire Bell, the token of the yearly duel. For a time in the second half, the Illini goal was threatened by the passes of Otto Graham, but the Orange and Blue banner was still Hying high when the gun sounded. In the lirst half the Illini literally pushed the VVildcats all over the Held. The first touchdown came in the last fifty seconds of play in the first half when Grifiin passed to McCarthy in the end zone. This score climaxed a brilliant running and passing attack of Dufelmeier and Smith. At the beginning of the second half, Elmer Engel became a hero when he stole the ball from Yodick on his own forty-three, and raced unmolested for a touchdown. From here on, the game became a close struggle, dis- playing heated tempers and numerous penalties. RUNNING INTO TROL'I1LI2 I I I ' I , I i I ia Q I A 3 I 5 l 2 a 3 I il A BUCKIYE GOES THROUGH ILLINOIS 20 OHIO STATE 44 In the Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. more than 65.000 persons saw the title hopes of the Fighting Illini swept away under an avalanche of Buck- eye speed. By the end of the first quarter, Ohio State had pushed the ball over the Illini goal three times. The Illini fought gallantly, but were never able to come within a touchdown of their opponents. Even with the game hopelessly lost, the Illini fought on. IVith Dufelmeier and Griffin passing, and with jimmy Smith putting in one of thc greatest performances of his collegiate career, they scored a touchdown on a pass from Grifiin to Gibbs in the end zone. The second touchdown came on a lateral from Dufelmeier to Butkovich. who gave the ball to McCarthy coming around from his end position. McCarthy then tossed the ball to Sucic in the end zone for a score. The third and last touchdown for the Illini came in the fourth quarter when they drove down the field after an Ohio State kickoff. Coon Bali Exon., lim! fonaru, Bai In .--mx X SMITH. Bari XVILsox, Gn.u.l Prlflrrn, Bark Wei ILLINOIS 0 GREAT LAKES 6 A highly rated Blueiacket team from Great Lakes held the Fighting Illini scoreless for the first time this season. In every other game the Orange and Blue have been able to score at least twice. For a long time this game appeared as though it would end in a scoreless tie. In the fourth quarter, however, thegbalaneed power and reserve strength of the sailors enabled them to score, but not before the Illini ballhawks had broken up two threats by recovering the Blueiackets' fumbles. The Illini likewise had several chances to score, but each time they were halted by a pass interception or a fumble. The deadly passing of Dick Good would undoubtedly have helped the Illini cause a great deal. The sailors had a tremendous weight advantage which enabled them to wear down the Orange and Blue line and stop their running attack. The star of the after- noon was Alimiesotas Bruce Smith who ran and passed many yards for the Blueiackets. CLOQING IN I 1 KHP Goixn, Prrirriz ILLINOIS 20 CAMP GRANT 0 On the afternoon of November ZH, the Fighting Illini closed their win- ningest season since 1930 by defeating easily the soldier lmoys from Camp Grant, 20-U. The Illini lumped off to an early lead in the iirst period when they pushed over two touchdowns. Griflin scored the Iirst Illini touch- down on a sweep of 3-I yards around right end six minutes after the open- ing Iciekoif. Less than live minutes later, Butlcox'ich took LI pass from GriH'in on thc Clamp Grant sixteen. and raced to a touchdown. The third score came in the third quarter on an eight yard dash around end ln' Gl'IITTlI. The Orange and Blue would have rolled up RI much larger score if Camp Grant had not had a strong aerial otfensive which kept the lmll in their possession for a good portion of the time. This was the last game for eight Illini seniorsACaptain Smith, Engel, Pawlowski, NIeCarthy', Pfeifer, Gihhs, IYallin, and Palmer, 'I'm'i.ox1NI', link Anim ri, in,-1 4 M14 .axaiing 1111.1 .11 BASKETBALL The l'CCU1'LlS show that the spurt uf lmsltetlmll was introduced intn the athletic pixfgixiiii uf the L'nix'ersity nf Illinois in 19115. A demand for lmsltetlmll as Ll part of the L'niversity"s sports prngrnin arose because uf the interest tlisplnyetl ln' students nlio played pick-up games in the iXIen's Gyinnnsinni Cnmi the Old Gynil. In 1006, intercnlleginte competition was iiintigtliuitetl. The first year nf the sport was ninrlcetl lay capacity' crmrds, who were sented in chairs nndernentli the lmlcuny truck. The Illini xwii their first game hut finished fuurth in 11 conference of five tennis. In 1915. three years after Ralph -Innes hecnnie crmch, Illinois won its first unshnretl cunference cliumpionsliip. Ifrnnk YYinters succeeded Ralph Innes in 11121, and was succeeded lay Craig Ruby in 1923. Illinois was cn-titlelinlder of the cunference chunipinnship in 1917, 192-I-, and 1955. In 1937. Dnnglns R. Klills lmecmne head crmcli. and Illinois again won thc cnnference chninpipiisliip. In 10-12, lllinnis non its first unsliured title since 1015. 1 K I 9 O 0 ergo!! w W ...xg " I if "2 F uw. lx fwlil .api 'L fir? ffafi V ARSI li Y a s - :J ' -fig BASKE I B LL -vi-.ff l is The high placeof the 1942-43 haslqet- ilbafl liall team in haslqethall history is assured. 'ijikg The exploits of the "Whiz Kids" will 'V ",', lmeeome legendary. 'lihe record-hoolcs will preserve the record of their brilliant achievements. with two spectacular climaxes. One, a Victory ln' a record-hreal4ing score over Northwestern in the Chicago stadium luefore nearly 20,000 persons. said to he the largest crowd ever to see an inter- collegiate liaskethall game. The other. the last conference game, against Chicago in George Hull gymnasium, when llli- nois won its 12th Big Ten game and the championship, and surpassed numerous all-time team and individual records. The hooks, however, will NUI tell what line personalities they werefsportsman- like, modest, team players whose behav- ior oil the Hoor was as fine as their per- formances on it. lt was a pleasure to coach them. lt was of the greatest Value to have the scouting and coaching assist- ance of XYallie Roettger. Only Captain Klathisen isa senior. The others have another season of competi- tion liut as this is written they await their call to duty. Their hope is to return to play again. Speed that day! AQQVJM EM.. v Jil' .-Q' 1 AFT hi.-KTHINI x 1 ,ffuxrfu '17 'lllli BIG TEN IHAMPIUNS Hikmsore K Pfxtoei n Piinin' smiix' Mania Huiaicx Hon rox Suour Drift LMITIFR Miiifiz CHAPL,-KND E. PARKER Mu is, f.ff.1iff Miiillsi x VANFI Mi sm' SHIKI i Y Boiifu: KVILLI sraoxr Foxx Liga GRIERSON Romrorn, Am, Cotzrlv 8 i K 143-EY '- 15" ' 'Q-I X3 1 -e VARSITY BASKETBALL ILI ixois ovi-oxifxis . . Detroit . 25 . Nelmiuislm . .. Z7 .. Missouri .. . 30 Great I.z1IcCs . . 53 Camp Grant . . -H . . Sl'2lI1fU1'Ci . . . 26 .. Michigan . .. 3-I . NVisconsin . . -HI Iowa .. ,. -Il ... Iowa ... .. 3-I N0lTi1XYCSICl'l1 . . SI . Ohio State .. .. -IH . Ohio Stare .. .. -I-I . Nlinncsotn , . . . 35 . Minnesota .. -I3 . XYisconsin 26 No1'thwf2stC1'n ,, -I-I . . Chicago . . If ' 45" H-nun' XVHYII' X111111 ,II,111.1ui1 RIQKIORIJS SIYI' HY 'WYIIIZ KIDS" I9-ll-1945 I ifxxi, Bio Tum! pointy, ,vc11x1111 ...,. . Tomi pointy, xi11lq'Icg'11111c. . Ihvlccrs, 36115011 .......,. I9115!cctx, Xillgic' tqnvzic ...., . Pniiiiv, Bu Tom! puinrs, 5c11i'1111 ...... Tomi lDUilIl'.Y, .Vill.Q'it.' g11111c, Iiiiskcrx, Xilllglt' g11111c ...... I311xlcc1x, xcnsofi .....,.... T1 x 'Iii-'x ill no RDS Rl-'ciokos AIlSljI'I,l.XXI4.ULS Ri-iizouos First 1611111 i11 13 ycirixi' 111 mcccp Big' 'IIUII xvhcdillc. First 1011111 to will 1-1:11 1'1111sui'11ri1'u rifius xiiivc 191-l. Tom! points, 11:11 xuayuiix, by lliiimix pl11yu1'fPbilIip, +1-f. Breaks 3-war Illini I'L'1'Ul'1I', yur ivy l.'l,1111'k C111' 19211-19221 I-i7l'.Q'L'5T 'Z'iL'fUl'-If 111111'lQil1 111 Big TU11 hixfrii'-vf6f. af,-Q I . I 1. www H, WCS" .35 97 Q21 -H 1 'if -H1 16 III IIC V Au XYALTFRS Dicksx Sr-ioxmni, XV,-XTKIXx J,-mvis 'V Dain Rrxxrrxak FRANK BOHF Dicixixsox Brno:-ne FIsHI-R XX IRTH SH.-IUNNIESSY I HW HHH v VU Snpl10n1111v .II.111.1g11 1' "I A A '-L' 22 1 11' I 1 I, if 1 I W1 ,i ,gl .A 4:7 3 L Sxuirx' During the IU-IZ--I3 season the Illini adopted a new type of schedule yy hich allowed the team to go to the opponent's Hoot and play a series of two games during the stay at the opposing school. One of these games was played on a Saturday night of the weekend. and the other game was played on the following Monday night. Ohio State and Nlinnesota were hosts to Illinois on two of these series while Illinois entertained Iowa in a series in George Huff Gymnasium. By playing these games at the same school, both teams were able to play their two engagements by making only one Suofxtl' 011 .4 4 Mrxicr VARSITY trip and thus saving many needless miles of trans- portation. The Fighting Illini fulfilled all that was expected of them as they conquered thirteen of their first four- teen opponents. Responsible for this unmatched record were Capt, Art Xlathisen, Andy Phillip, Ken Klenke, jack Smiley, and Gene Vance. The latter four and the able substitutes, Ed Parker, Chuck Fowler, Cliff Fulton. Alton Shirley, and john Kiellstrom, are juniors. The only senior on the squad beside Captain .-Xrt Klathisen was Ken Parker, and the lone sopho- T7 I l I l i 4 r i i 1 l l l i l i I l l i 1 i i l l l i l L 1 l 1 I l i i l 1 AS ETB more was Ollie Slimitf. If thebe xxere noriiiiil times. Illinois could limlq fu1'n't111l and foresee 11 literally un- defeatalmle enge squad fm' next year. Altlwugli the Whiz Kids started rather Slfmly In defeating ii mediocre lletmit squad, 38-25, they mimi gained inumentuin and m'ei'n'l1elmed Xlissmiri, Fl-FU. Then. they defeated Xelwrnslcn in hi'e-nxlgmi fnsliiiin by iunipmg ut? to gi lf-I lend in ten minutes uf play and finally tmuneed them, 60-If. During the Christ- mas holidays the lllini traveled to Cliiezigo tu iippme one of the greatest service tennis in the nntiun. Hy so 'S E x i PHIIIIP Aliiuii Xa 1 LL i -J. Till Mggl i +R.: K, Pvirueiii XYhiz Iiids liuilt ll tw entivsix point iimrgin in the first half, the XYoh'erines eanne lmelc in the second hnlf :ind Clif the lend to eleven points, lint they eould eoine no closer to victory thnn within ten points. The second Big 'lien gnnie was with NYiseonsin, and it was ex- pected to lie one of the toughest of the season lieeinise Ken Xlenlte was on the sidelines with ai sprained zinlcle, and heetiuse the Illini were faced with keeping lust years scoring' elininp, johnny' liotl. from resuming his torrid scoring' pace. How ever, -Iqielt Smiley performed LI flawless ioli of holding liotf while Ilzindy Andy' YY D71 ' ,R W n X f FI X I miiitii ii 3 il i viiliasirv Phillip dumped in twenty-six points for the YVhiZ Kids. In defeating XViseonsin, 52--HJ, the Illini gave one of their lmest perforninnees of the Season. Returning honie for ti two-game series with Iowa, the NYhiz Kids found little trouble with the Hawk- eyes in defeating theni, 61--ll, and 66-3-l. In the second encounter Phillip shot hot for twenty-six points. Be- tween seniesters Illinois entertained Northwestern and stopped Otto Clrnlinin :ind eoinpnny hy the score. 68-Sl. The Illini then took to the road and niet Ohio State in ll douhle engagement. In the first encounter, 'J L.. ff' Foxxirk Ciiuiusox Miiiiii BAS ETB LL Illinois eased away from the Bucks in the second half to win, 60-48. Although the ill--H victory in the sec- ond game did not seem too impressive, the Whiz liids were never in any danger of losing the lead after the first half. On the following xi eek-end the XYhiz Kids travelled to Minnesota to meet and defeat the mighty Gophers twice, 56-35 and 67-43. ln the first encounter the Gophers were able to keep up with the lllini, hut from the beginning of the second half to the end, it was the Orange and Blue all the way. ln the second encounter the Whiz Kids oxcrxilielmed the Gophers with Amly Phillips' assistance of another txrenty-six points. XYith only three games left to he played, the lllini appear to lie headed for their second Big 'lien Cliaiiip- ionship. Indiana is the only other contender for the cron n, hut it has met a defeat at the hands of NYis- consin. The most unfortunate part ofthe entire sched- ule xxas that the txio strong teams, lllinois and lndiana. were unalmle to meet to determine the real champion of the Big Ten Conference. X419 254 TRACK lfver since the lllinois Industrial L'nix'ersity was established in 1867 there has heen some type of traclt contest, either intramural or inter- collegiate, for the students. lfarly records show that there u as a Field Day in 1983, held in con- junction with the State Oratorical Contest. ln 1888, the first intercolle- giate meet was planned. but because of rain this meet was postponed until the following year, at which time Illinois was Victorious. The Illini received an invitation in 1893 to participate in the Wlestern Athletic Championship Invitation 'liraclt Meet at YYashingTon University in St. I.ouis. ln the same year, the Illini also held their iirst indoor track meet. lfor many years, Harry Gill coached the lllinois team. The 1924 team achieved international fame at the Olympic Games beeause its personnel won more points than did the contestants from any other university. Xlr. Ciill retired in 1933 and was succeeded hy Don Seaton who was in turn succeeded lay the present coach. l,eo johnson. -i X , in .nl VARSITY TRAC The 1942 outdoor track team had some of the finest performers in collegiate competition: Bob Kelley in the -1--H41 and Hsllg Hob Rehberg, '.- we who had the splendid marks of 149 in the 440, 1:5l.S in the SSO and 4: 18 in the mileg Robert Seib in the mileg Clarence Dunn in the two mileg Xlauriee Gould in the broad iump and Don Olsen in the hurdles. Robert Seib, Clarence Dunn. Robert Rehberg and Don Ciladding, made up the finest four-mile relay team in the country, winning at the Butler Relays against two of the strongest teaius of the nation, Indiana and Notre Dame. The two-mile team made up of Bob Reh- berg, Bob Kelley, Bob Seib, and Clarence Dunn won the feature two-mile relay at the Chicago Relays, establishing a new meet record. The 1942 track team finished second in both the indoor and outdoor conference meets. The absence of an outstanding sprinter kept this team from being one of the strongest in Illinois history. Due to graduation and enlistments in the armed serviees. the 1943 track team will be minus many of the outstanding performers. However, this team will have strength in the distance and middle distance 1'uns with the return of Kelley, Seib, Dunn and Gladding. Klatter's all around ability will compensate for some of the losses of 1942. TVLIITCIT floodell. a promising freshman, will be counted on in 'I Vlmixsox 1 11.1.1 A, , yi ,. 1 'li - 4, - 7 J Anuoitv Hxsieixs Cv!l1XP.IAS Ktuty' GL.-KDDING joiixsox, 1' fan li 5-.ii fflll 1, Loom I L Must 236 Q the SSO. Crane and Abbott will be the only returning hurdlers. Captain Nlail will carry the weight of shot put alone. A X ' Pui Man C.1pl.1l11 cg . .......- I Q F . Q ' .- .. xi f Srm Drxx Cfmrui 1.1. XYVOOD Osnoijx Mui M.xi'rin Cnmsriaxsox Ixommn Dfxu H xxxlx Mfzfm .H,zf1.1qL: .ans.. 'Y' AIUL1 ADAMQ BILL VANI.1rL'xx rx jnwmf' M.n1.1gL ,ll xl lmnrxxlxf, VARSITY TRACK OLHIIJOOR SEASON BIG TEN Spring, 1942 CI O N If IC R li N I1.l.lxols f,l'l'UXI",X'l5 .XI li ITT 'Purdue . . . ....... 422, Omo S1'.x'u-' .... .. lmvn . .. .,... . .351 I ILLINOIS .. .. IXurthxxestc1'11 .. .... 121. Ixlmlxxx ... .. 52-J ...XIIL'I1Ig1lI1... ,.,.641g KIINNI-ISUIX .. 9611. ,,,Purdur: . .. ..Z5'3 IYls4:oxs1N .. .. .XIICIIIUXY ... ,. Imx' x .,.. Pl'RIDL'lk ....,... NORlIlXYI'5Il RX .. Kllluixmau ....., XI. -1 CE 60 Su w -ull :+I- ,ZH I0 I,'l 7 1 .ll - H I I JwSS'iEzfs,-' i .- V ,: A Rm .I ix 53,,.,3?. gl Skis: V' I W' -V3 I, gt : I 1 .I Q . I fi: fig.: Q I X 'R-E1 5-5 ' Q . . ' I 04 -' I "4 S -. I s I - I 53. VT . 1 S, ' .I H V T-' I . X K ,lg , if ' L ' . 4' i 'Q , 5 I I-Q I A. H. Bunn A. A. ruum L. E. Aflalmaxx D, XY. Hvnmw 237 VARSITY TRAC Armor 1' Coach Leo T. johnson produced another success- ful outdoor track team in 1942 which defeated three other Big 'lien teams in a quadrangular meet, crushed Purdue in a dual meet. and lost only to Michigan. ,-Xs a climax to the teams winning season, the Illini tied with lndiana for second in the Big Ten Outdoor Conference Meet. Opening the outdoor season on April IN with a win over Purdue, lowa, and Northu estern, the lllini proved themselves to he one of the strongest teams of the Big Ten. XYith this surprising Cinder squad scoring 621i Goom 1 L Wooly -'rr Ieiping through spate -r Q 1 1 1 points to Plll'l.1llC'5 -121, lnxxnk Silt. .md Nurth- xx catcrnk 1214, thcx' xlwxxcd that thex had mum wutf xtnnding nthlctca. lfurcmmt ZIIHHIIQ' tlxcsc SfLll'S xx ns lluh Rclxlvt-rg, xxhn xxun lmth thc -1-111 and thc NNN in this mcct. ln thc Dmltc Rclnxs nt llrnlcc LvI11YL'l'N1IX. thu llhni xxwm first in thc diatnrxcc rclnx s xx ith fum' mp11xn1nm'cm :md 11 tlmc ut l11il,.m and .Xlnxmc Cinulti funk fifth in thc polo xxxxlltcls. x.xxlx.1. K1111 Xl 1 .H 239 11 1g 41 il 1 1 1 1 1 VARSITY TRAC On Xlny 3, the Orange and Blue lost their first meet of the year to Xlichignm. Although the lllini non eight of thirteen firsts, they lost out in the end. 6-l-lla to 5223, liccniuse they liiclqed the lmlunced team that the XYoh'erines possessed. Don Olsen amd Bob Rehlmerg again paced the lllini with several lirsts. The Illini crushed their lust opponent, Purdue, 962 to 2515. and lmroke three meet records in this same afternoon. Bill Lewis added n quarter of nn inch to the liroiid jump record of 23' Sling Don Olsen cut the low hurdles time to :Z3.-l-g :md Roh Rehherg lmroke the XS!! record xi ith l:55.9. An-itlicr win lor Mdtter VARSIT TR CK XYitli al tic fin' scuiml in tlic Ilig Icn ffiiiifcixiiqf' Xlccr, thc Illini liruiiglir rlicii' rn ii clam: lliv iiiitsrnmliiig Illini in this incur xxcrc Ilclilin-i'g, xiliii placcd rliiul in tlic -I-IU :ind wuiiill in rlic SMI. Xlqiiiiiu fmnld, xilm plniccd sccniiil in rlic liiwignl iunip. Clliiicll Illxxuiimls ainal Holi Stark, xiliu ric.l fin' suuiiill in rlic liigli iiniip, :ind Cfliiiviicc Ilunn. xxliii plqicul scuiiiil in the two-niilc sprint. Xltliciiigli tlic spring sclicdiilc liiid iiliiciiilly' clmcil, Min Rclilierg and Dunn rcpicsciircll tlic Illini in tlic Iliw H-wx T VAR l lcii 'liziclt lL-niii xx hich tlcfcgitctl thc Pgicilit' Cjtmst llx tixx-i'xxlicliiiiiig thcii' 0pp0l1Cl1IS xxith HS points Xll-at.iix. Iiitliisiiict-tiixif1ilii'iii'ixi1i, Rclxlicig xxwiii thc iis ctiiiipniiul xxith thc Cinplicix ZW, and thc Mai! sw xx ith ai tiiiiiiig tit' l:54.2 iiiiiiutcs. llxiixix plnircxl iwitiiis ISL, thc iiiiglxtx' Illini plgicctl first in cvcrx' Cvciit xctwintl hi tlic txxii-iinlc. til tlic tkix. 'llxc Intl xxliiiis iiuihilx' rcsim4nisHilc fiir tlic ' ' l l I x'icttii'x xx as llcrli Xlnittci' xx hu iiiaidc ii total of ZS l l Xldniugh thc lnss uf lluhhcrg tu thc Scrxicc,1uid I - A W h ' piitiits hx' xxiiiiiiiig tirsta iii thc piilc-xxuilt, 60-f'Lll'Ll lNscn hx gtnthindiniiihglntsuuin to xxcnkcn thc pinxcr A , , , dnah,liruntlixuiqw,guid xxuining n close scctnid in thc wt thc lhiui hidiuir miuntL thc trnckstcrs an ung into , A ,. . . ' H-xuid luxx-htuxhcs. lxviiiidicr tust plncc xxnincrs I Iidl nctnin inid xxtui tn crulxclninig xictiuwcs ni thcir XXCVC lylumn Lumd likqlc, uixn xxlnl txxl, Hlxts CHCIL i htst Khin cnhipnignw.'llic lhiniiipcncd thc scnsnn fui ll-lii'xigii'x' 6 xx ith thc xx iiiiiiiig ul' ni ttigiiigtiltii' iiicct xx ith Oii thc fiilluxxiiig xx colt-ciitl thc stixigitl tixivclctl tu Xlhincsntnguid CfhicJgwn lHiuinihigtini. lnthnimu hlicrc dxcx' radlcd nxci' thc li li i l l i ll l Matttr mics fixii r , VARS Lnix'ci'sity uf lnilinnn in 11 nluul nicct, 66 to SH. lhc uns fin' tiniii thu Sflllkllllll displayed in pin inns nic ingiin-spring nf thc Illini nlliciisixc uns ngnin llurli lhis lin' in thc scgiwn, rhc lllini lnnk wry pimiiix Xlnirtcr, xvhu cnprnrcd iivc huts fm' n tutnl ul 2+ , ing nnil xxill limluulircilly gnc giny ul thc ling lun 'I l pmntx. Holi lxcllcy mlm trniinplicil in thc -HH :ind Hsu l tc.niis xrill uniipctiriun in thc lmnrrlu lm' thc lhg l :is hc dill thc xxcclc licfurc. 'lion lmlimi' ilwlilclviicc Xlccr cliziiiipiuiisliip. lihc W On I-'cln'unl'y ZH. the unlrcnrcn Illini tinlvclcil rn mgnn-5p1'ii1g nt' thc squgul in thc IU-ll imlnm NL'.lNtll1 l Klichignn Stntc xxhcrc they sntlicrcil thcil' tirst Llcfuir. has hccn vcrsnrilc llurli Xlnttcr, nhn hgis min lilstx 62-42. Altlmugli scvcn 1'CCIllKl5 xx'ci'clii'ulccn,tl1cIllini in thc lnminl jump, high lump, pnlc xnnlr, and thc I il little In dw with them and their pci'fm'1imi1cc fill-ynixlilaisli. 243 BASEBALL 5 4 Nolioili' lqnoxis lion nmny ycnrs iigo tlic first lmselmll gannc was played licrc :it Illinois, lint tlic first rccorilcd ginnc was in 1875 when ll piclccd rcnini of Lippcrclnssiiicii plnycd tlic frcslinicn. 'Ilic curly ganncs wcrc plaiyul on tlic old faiirgrouml bounded ln' Ifirst, Ifourtli, and -Iolin Strccrs, :ind fXrinoi'y Avcnnc. No gnnics wcrc played :ixiuy froni tlic L'nix'ci'sity' nntil IPCS, xx licn onc gginic was plniycd at Ilnmillc. Illinois. In lN'H Illinois lmlnsti'inl L'nii'crsiti' plan cd tlicii' lirst intcrcollcgiiitc conrust ngninsr Illinois College. C. N. Slicfliclnl nas tlic iiiznmgci' and caiptgiin, ninil is oltun ciillcd tlic Hfzitlici' of Illinois ligiselizillf Illinois ioincil gi lmsclmll association in ISHN, nnil zilso niovcal tlic playing liclil froin tlic I-11lI'gI'4lllllkl to ll pnstnrc in tlic rczn' of rlic L'nix'c1'siti. It xx iis nor nnconnnon for tlic players ro rcqucsr tlic qiutlioritics to lqccp tlic cows oil' rlic liclnl. In IHUI Illinois mis clcctcd to tlic xYL'SI'CI'Il Clollcgc l,Cngnc and lgitci' ro rlic liig lfivc ffoiifcrcncc, tlic prcilcccssoi' of the Big Icn. 'Ilirongli rlic ycnrs Illinois lins gained prcstigc on tlic luisclmll iiclil tlirongli tlicii' xx inning of nizini clinnipionsliips. l l 'X i U 1 I w W Hi - Q5r5Y .H vffm, .X ' 1 ' U, ,Sfg-iw '-K -.-Anfsi-3' 'U Ntafwmsuw SPRING AFTERXOON 2 VARSITY ASEB LL The fortunes of the 19-+2 lwaselmall team varied greatly. The team xvas off to a good startg however, hitting ditlieulties were encountered in the later games. The inalmility to malce our hits count cost us several closely contested games and eventually a season record lieloxv our usual standard. The season's play was featured hy the excellent defensive xvork of the team. The infield particularly gave a fine aeeount of itself. Schiller and Campbell contributed some outstanding pitching performances. The players deserve eoinmendation for the line team spirit which they dis- played under Captain Astroth and for the all-out effort which they put forth in every game. ir. "XY',aL1.rr" Rotwur-R L, Bow B.+RTi,Ev C if Caprifm 'fi ,Q 2 Rocttgcr, Cffutli Hull Phillip Parker Noth Campbell Stevenson . Bartley Roth Finn Astroth, Capltliu Stlnller Milosevitch Brewer Klein, Tmmsr VARSITY BASEB LL l . Ixxiis sii viii xxns. IIIG IF. I'1'f. Irma ...... .2433 Xlicliignn . .. .H33 XYisconsin .. .582 Ohio Stare .. .583 Nlinncsotn .. .-H7 ILLINOIS .. .-HT Purdue .... .-H T Indizinzi ..... .-ll T Northxx cstcrn .3 3 3 Chicago .,.. .166 CONIfIfRIfNClIf CLAXIIQS Tcinn Batting Avcmgc .....,. .ITS Tcnin Fielding A-Xxfixigc . , , , .USI .4 ax V' v Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illiliois Illinois Illinois I Mr.-:iff .lI..'f,.:.w ILLINOIS RIfClORIJ -Icilcrson II, IRC I Icflicrson Il. IC I I Iirqullcy' lllinnutc Ificlil Cflizinntc Ificld illizinutc Ificlil Imlizinn Imliainn Piiixluc Piirduc Clliicngo Cliicngo XYisconsin Wisconsin Ollio SILIIC Uliio SIZIIC Xlicliignin .Nlicliignin X . . l l ,.,.,,, U """ ' "" I , ,5-, Q "g:- I, 4 1 U I N . r ---- ' A L 1 li X , mi, ' ' -,si as I , iw Ll' NWS 'et , at " 9 , YE xi A5'I'ROTH LUNTE SCHILLER Yiwu! Bum: Cruzer FILM Pllfher In the scason's opener at St. Louis against the jefferson Barrack's Rec- reational Center, the 19-I2 University of Illinois baseball squad went down 1 to defeat before a group of former major and minor league ball players. ' The Victors crossed the plate four times in the fifth inning, driving Chuck I Campbell, starting Illini hurler, from the box, to roll up their victory margin I of 9 to 5. Illinois' biggest outburst, a three-run splurge in the seventh, fell , far short. The following day the Illini crushed the Coast team of jetferson Barracks, IS to 6, blasting three pitchers for eleven hits, to mark up its first win of the season. Paul Alilosevich, catcher, and Andy Phillip, center- , fielder, led the Illinois attack. Milosevich hit two long home runs in his first two trips to the plate, and was passed in his two subsequent appearances. Phillip collected a single, a double, and a triple in four times at bat. l I I I Get Goin' A 2 Y. -... 2 I I 0 1 Fixx HULL lxnrw I ix flmluf I.i11 Full! SMU mf Bi: I L' BASEBALL g The IVestern conference season opened on pri header against Indiana, which ended with ll twin victory for the Illim. The first win, 7-5, was due to the steady hurling of Chuck Campbell who stopped the Hoosiers with seven hits. He issued but three bases on balls, fanned eight batters, and set the side down in 1-2-3 order in four of the nine innings. The second game boosted the Grange and Blue into a tie with Iowa for the conference lend. Chuck Schiller, backed in the held by il Hawless Illini defense, pitched the team to 11 I3 to 0 victory. The Illinois ' ' 're the side after Indiana had infield turn worked into a scoring position. The battle with Bradley on April l-I proved to be unsuccessful :md ended in a -If to 0 shut out, Illinois' long-range hitting was silenced by Dick Haack, who permitted only four hits in the entire game. ed in three double plays to reti Home, Sweet Home! ,R 5, r . mf X H ,- ' 5 . ' 'X seg-. .SH is ' BARTLFY NIILOSIEVITCH Simi! Slap FA Cfiuler Fzcliz' . N PBELL Pllflwl' Caitlin VAR April 17 found the Illini in Lafayette participating in a wild and woolly contest, losing to Purdue, 6-2. The next day the Illini won over Purdue for its third conference win in four starts. Chuck Schiller held the opponents for eight straight innings, then he ran into trouble. The buses were loaded on two-errors and a base on balls, then Duffy Friend singled to send in two runs. At that point Chuck Campbell relieved Schiller and set the next three Purdue batters down in order, making the final score, 10-6. Following Purdue, the Illini engaged Chanute Field. The Planesmeu boasted of twelve ex-pro players, but under the skilled pitching of Roth, Campbell, and Schiller, the Orange and Blue wave smothered the soldiers in the three game series. ggi' lx SITY f A Hit? -PQ Y' N I 'X i l 1 1 J 5 l 5, 51 gi i v C gl. Q fi fig 1 P139 1 ' sg. W .,' . tx xx X., i E. is is 1 , 1 gif' .7 xg I . i 'ji-ff s if i is ' if :pl . 0 : - 1 I, X V V J fi. l png'-N-' . f - arise' Mas, Z" V' i : ' fi 'L f" f f W 1 ,una -1. 4 lx' , - Us 1 Q., Y ' ' l X .. - , . l' . r ' . .1 fl P.i1o4in Noni PHiiiivs l l'11i1l5.1ii 1:1211 1 1..1.1 1 i 'lravcling to Chicago, the lllini tooli lioth cntls of a twin hill. ln thc night cap lanky Chuclt Schiller lilctl his name into athletic annals as thc thirtl pitcher in tht: history of thc l.'nii'Crsity of lllinois to pitch a no-hit. no-run game lay downing the Xlaroons, 6 to ll. The out-of-town trips to Xlatlison and Cioliinilius proved lcss fortunatc. losing to XYisconsin 6-3 and 3-2. and Ohio State 2-l antl H-5. ln a pair of final gaiiics with Xlichigan. Illinois was nippctl twicc hy a score of 3-ll and 3-1. 'lihc lllini out hit the XYolverincs T-6, hut thc lllinois lilows were scattcrcd ovci' thc nine innings. 'lihis twin liill Cntlcd thc season for the Illini. '.- . .-4. -' .. . - ...zz ,-,xx "'-"-N.-. - fi: x f v.-'fff'-...A,--.a'oi. 9. , N 'A -. N' . .'i1.f" 4..f"1:--- "1-t ., .Q lQA,.'f.'. dlxsigr ' -'-,- . 11.4,- ' 'xy g - "vw .4- .K .". . 'if:i'4r'iinZ'F'4+ . N - Tiff --.-.1 1'.1 ,., ' ., " B 1.-,4j':-"M . - 1-.A 4 -f,4.n.,,, 1,1 X -1 -,v.',,,,-I N5 11-1-.N 4p,qf,m.',i ""i - Llcring-Hoping M."-'d"!U1""" ln, v2"'i'n,i-4-if V- 'l'f-'.:- . - Q7 if ""fx-'H 'imjtv '.s1i".f."'- Qr,-2'.,'g LPI: -A 1' -at 13 K, -.i XX- thnx s I I .- -A-i..... . ,' 1. .-an - i .,V9kf N. tux? 'gil nf- dqisf' 'ix -,. V, ,.j 'nzaifhh-P.F 'ka' is ' .-.l""f Q- , 7 XV 0 n -:Eg 'nip-,-.g,gu,e . V- as gm, .fir sc , " ht? "nf is-Z',,'. -' . 'wk .x ' - - .R ,Z . ' ' N 'TQW OTHER VARSITY SPORTS ,Xltlwngh lmaselmall, track, football, and later lwasltetlmall vvere the favored varsitv sports, during the tirst tlecatle of the nevv centurv other sports fnnntl adherents. :Xt first their road vvas stonv, hut as time vvent on their iinpurtance increased. and since WIN their participants have received the regulation size varsitv letters. The vitalitv of these sports nas tleinonstrated during the husiness de- pression lmegiiming' in 1030 vvhen the Athletic A-Xssueiatinn xvas unahle fu finance theni. 'lihe athletes themselves nianagevl tn keep their spurts going until happier tlavs davvnetl. .Xll uf the spurts ean lmuast evcellent records. 'lihere have lneen nianv Ilig 'lien chainpiunships. antl in gvninastics these chainpinnships have nften been national. lheir dates nl estalwlishinent as varsity spurts lmegan xv ith svvinnning in 10116. Xlnst of thein xx ere orliciallv reengnizetl in the years truin 10111 tu WIS. Hnckei is the nexvest, having started in 11138. RACING START Z ,dl :- 'I 6" VosSPRr:K1imx Doxx xrs R-xxiw.-il 1. -5' Hoxx,o1iv vl. HR-wx I mn lf v Voss!-im kl 1 to-. 1 .lfmmi Q: l . i n . ,..- g ,Ly , , ,V Q .F ,IISHF I I in ,. CLAPPFR Saimiv Lormzov Gans Kxox CLATFPITER Fisi-:ER VARSITY TENNIS The combination of three returning lettermen and three former fresh- man squad members elevated to the varsity, permitted the varsity tennis team of 19-ll-42 to eniov a very successful season, winning seven out of eleven matches. At the end of the schedule, the lmovs attended the Big Ten Championship Meet where they garnered a fourth place. The hovs re- sponsilmle for the points that placed Illinois this far up in the standings were -lim l,othrop and Cliff Pill. lmoth of xvhom advanced to the finals of their respective singles divisions. and Ken Clapper and Cliff Pilz. who were ahle to reach the finals in the doulmles division. A great lmloxv to the team is the loss of their respected Coach Hoxvie Braun, xvho entered the services last summer. Xlay good luck and success folloxv lmoth Coach Braun and the tennis team as it has in the past. liiisois Oifvoxrxi OPI-oxigxr 5 .. .. Kalamazoo College .. .. 4 ' .. DePauw . .. 0 -l .. ,. Notre Dame .,. .. 5 3 .. Michigan . .. 6 U .. .. Indiana .. .. 0 6 .. .. Purdue . . .. 1 T . , Ohio State . . . . . 2 S .. ..,. Ioxva ... .. 1 -l . . . . Michigan State . . . . 5 7 . . lVisconsin . . . . . 2 ' . . . Chicago . . . 6 Siiuiram Saurxyarriz Giwixtttu C3111. M1f121..'1rv1a K1 rm Wiwrxv XXIILDAY 1NIrn1w1,rT11N Bilow N Stiwrar R15 S1 1111 1 rx Bn1'1c1:1' H KRRHI 11 VARSITY SWIMMIN The 1043 Illinois swi111n1ing team, struggling under a terrific lrurden imposed lay ineligihility and the call to arms, proved to he one uf the smallest and most CUllI'1lgCllUS teams ever cuached hy Ed Hanley in his thirty-une years at Illinois. Having nn divers, Illinois fell to Nu1'tl1n'cstc1'11 in their first meet hy the point margin which they forfeited in this event. Undaunted. they fought fruni far behind to defeat Purdue, +3 to -H, by winning the last race. Led hy unbeatable Captain Bill Brekke and the other three seniors, .lim B1'm1'11, .lim Rnach. and Dick Gill, and lmlstercd by Kleeland, Kerr, Gruenfeld. Seidler. Del Yento. and Sadewater. the team should malce a good sl1m1'ing against lfSI'E'lIl11ll1lI1gUPPUIICHIS-e Illinois XVesleyan, Chicago, and Michigan State- Ahefnre entering the conference meet. ILLINOIS Oilimxiixi 37 - . Northxrestern . . +7 43 . . . Purdue . 41 Revzminilzg ,llccrs Febflmfi' 34 . - . . . .Illinois xiimieytm Febfuaff' 37 - - - ...... Chicago March 1 - - - . .Michigan State March 5-5 - - .. .Conference Meet .Xl'l'R fHlN4hIM D1'1 V1 NTU MAN111Y,fff.11'!v l I11xx1x J, hl-XNLFY 1 mn! Wu 11,xx1 E, I-S111 Kiel 4'.1f1.'.u11 255 --.T arg mir' ,N 1 1-6-"igg'.' 'n 5 iwlqd, s.- r,, '. " 4 . iii' , W :Wt--' 7121" ' 1252 fr x 'Q H.aYs 1X1cCAR'i'Hx' Homistnou Buowx, 01.11 lv 'IARUNIK Wrisr Rrrn Wixsrim XY. Bnoxxx cffafrii Im Mr! ARTHX' r.1,ff,m1 . 1? .f . V , , . F. A ..., f73Qtxx-x1"- - ' ...Q ? L l 256 Although the 10-12 golf team relinquished the Big Ten championship to Nlichigan. a few of the team members made outstanding achievements. The spotlight falls upon .lim McCarthy, who captured first place in the Big Ten Tournament. McCarthy, almost unheard of in golf outside of Illinois, came through the tournament to take first place while another favorite Illini. blolinny' Ielolmstrom, placed fourth. I-Iowever, a first and fourth was not enough to win the great event, and Illinois finished the tournament in fifth place. The Illini golf team started the season with five consecutive wins, but after tying Minnesota the team could not tally rest of the season. Iruxols Z0 . I2 1 3 . 12.5 .. 20 . 12 . 9.5 .. 2.5 Notre Dame .. Chanute Field . . . Indiana . . . Chanute Field .. . Iowa . . Minnesota ,. Northwestern . . Michigan ., Bic: Trix CH.4x1P1oNsH1P MEET. . . . with a victory during the OIJPONENTS .. 15 '7 J 2.5 . -l . I2 . 15.5 . 21.5 with 5 s. X X r-sur N , ', Nm. 2 'f' '21 -31 HiYiii,iii,4fi.1il ixixiiw Ixxiiiiiii Hi .wx J P Bixwxi Hiiixini :Xixiits Kiiuifgxw Rlllll l VARSITY HOCKEY Unicli Yic Ilcyligcik "l9i'itl1ii"5 fIIiiltli'Cn" ivpcnctl thcii' sciisuii xi ith qi loss to thc Cliicngu llHI'I1Cf5,5-1. XYith only mic sparc, thc llliiii mini grcxi xi'cn1'y' fruiii thc pmfcssiiwiiiils' nnsliiiiglit niiitl cuiiltl nut iiiiistci' gi rally. Bccaiiisc uf incligihilitics. injuries, :mtl lmscs tu thc sciwiccs, thc Iiucltcy tcniii had tu postpone its match with Xliimcwtgi until giftci' thc aciiicstci' cxziiiis. YYhcn they slid mcct, thc llliiii split thc two-ggiiiic scrics. I-I niitl 2-l. On thc follmviiig xvcclt-cml thc squad lmcnt Xlicliigim State. -4-2 amd 3-1. Thc squzitl thcn lust nnutlicr iimii tu thc air furccs. and thc plight of thc sqiiaitl in fiitiirc matches sccnictl tu rt-st un thc fnict thait if imc til' thc six itcmziiiiiiig squad nieiiilicrs xi orc lust, thc tcxiiii xuiiiltl lizivc to cginccl thc rciimining miitclics of thc sczisuii. Iiiixoia Ov:-iwitxi 3 .. Clliicngu Hornets ., 5 I . .Xliniicsutn . I 2 . Kliimcsotn . l 4 .. ,Xlichigun State . Z 3 ,. Xlichigzm State . l lllirrvbvs fbl'Ull.Q'b Ifulflilliiry 23, I9-fi. X i- mn Hi i I 11,1 it i wifi ,Min H i,. ,!,,.,,, lxurxl 25 Liu Kiiix Munrs B.111111v H1fLz1.Fm1F11'R Tiioui-sos Burzeoyirn K1 suv, 611.115 GA1111. ly HH-111 s Ravriuks Luieis Poly 1 Rs Sfu rn TL"1H11.1. Kxoxx 1.1is IHIINARIIKANI 4 iuusirs R. I., HUt.111 s Lrf HKYI s P1 icnv Aoisr, C'.1p1.1111 Roiirnsiufixciiz H.ir1o1.l1If. K1s.x1 51,1111 Amex Auisi C.1j1l.111.' 'Vx 258 'lihe xvnr year 1042 sim' the prospects of the Illinois wrestling teauu vanish into the nrnied forces. Ifinnlly, after the Big Ten had sanctioned xvrestling competition ziniong the conference schools, the Illini opened their schedule xiith ai decisive yvin over Northyvestern. 32-0. Hoyvever, lmefore the yirestlers held nnother meet, they lost their guiding hnnd, "Heli" Kenney, to the Navy. He yvns replaced hy Newt I.11yv. yvho led the squad to an overyvlieliuing victory over Nliehigun, 23-5. The Illini received their lirst real test when they inet Purdue, yvinner of Inst yenr's conference ehniupionsliip, and the Illini proved their strength by yvinning this match, 16-l -I. I1.1.1No1s 22 23 16. Felmruury 26 February 27 Xlaireh 5-6 . Oifvoxiix 1' Northyvestern . . U . . Michigan . . 5 . Purdue . I4 .livers Rellniifling , . .Ohio University . . .Ohio State University . , .Conference Meet Osiionx, Cain If XX'oon Cil .uwluxo 1 .-XMPHI 1 1. Suiinwx SFIH Di sw CROSS COUNTRY The Illini cross-country team. under the supervision of Coach Harold Oshorn. started rather slowly in the first of the season. losing two of three dual meets. Although they were defeated hy a powerful Notre Dame team, 32-24, and Purdue, 32-26. the Illini crushed Iowa, 19-SN. On October 31, the squad won second in the Loyola Invitational Kleet, and the cross-country men won second in the Conference .Nleet on Novenilmer 16. In closing the season on Noveinlmer 21, the Illini placed fifth in the N.C.A.A. Meet at Lansing, Michigan. Dunn, Seib, Ciladding, Campbell, and XVood were the teanfs relialmles. Other harriers were Bowditch, judy, Orlelmeke, and Sullivan. A lmlow that atleeted the strength of the squad was the loss of Rehherg to the service and XYalshon because of ineligibiliry. ILLINOIS Ovlloxiixi' 32 . Purdue . . 26 19 . . Iowa . . . 38 32 ........,........,. Notre Dame .. ,.... 2-1 I..OYOI..'X INX'l'l'.-X'l'l0X.XI. MEET. , . . . .liiixois Sitcgoxn CZOXFERICXCIC AIIQIQT . , . . .ILI.ixo1s Siicoxn N.C.A.A. AII-IET . . . . .ILLINOIS Firru ,. 1 ,I fi' Huioio M, Usnoim 1,114.21 r i uuxi r DEAN 1 .ijlhlfrz 259 1 1 l 't i I I l l I l 1 1 I 'T 6 INTRAMURALS ....-, ,- --L lnterelnss eoinpetitiun in :ill spn1'ts-ftlmt was the forerunner of the present widely-iisetl intrniiniriil system, which was perfected here at Illinois. Highlights of the eiirly lUlNl's were the annual Senior-Faculty fmwtlmll gnnies in which David liinley, latter the president of the L'nix'ersity of Illinois, eustoiniirily pliiyetl qii:ii'tei'lmelc fur the fneiilty. lfieltl Days inelutletl sneh features its the lmaipsuelt mee ilntl the three- leggetl mee. for which cups were given. ,-Xnnunl intrzinniriil en1'nix'1ils were the neeiisinn fur elininpinitsliip niiitehes in all spnrts. 'lliuelies uf lnnnnr were :nltletl hy riiees niiiinng the women entranits. eneh ltaiiitlieiippetl hy hnltling 11 pig nn ll leash. During Xllirltl Wlir l the lntrnnnirzils tuult on Ll new nspeet of iin- purrniiee. 'lihere xx ere iiiteiuiiiipniiy meets tiinong the men in unifnrni. lfiieh emnpiiiiy' hzitl its nithletie nllieer, and the games hetween the sixteen fnntlmll tennis never liielcetl speetzitrns. Now with wiirtinie tleingintls fur pliysieul fitness, the lnti'1innirnls :ire gigxiin gissnniing ii rule nf great iinpurtninee. Y H 4 V i E K I j I v I K r N w i I PU rr i 161 I, I N TRAMURAL CHAMPIONS mai 1 1 HIP TR OPH X' 0 E Hun I PR.-XT LRNITX IIN TRAMURAL bTANDIfNGS 19-ll-1 9-I-2 Phi Delta Theta ....... ......... . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, . . . . Kappa Sigma ...... . . Delta Upsilon .... :Xlpha Tau Omega. . . Delta Tau Delta. . . . Theta Xi . . . Sigma Chi ......... Phi Gamma Delta... Delta Chi ....... .rm ...5+2V5 .....-H3 29-l-'G 1- ...3S2 '79 ...D ,H UNO" ..325lE ...2601w ...Ill Phi Delta Theta, Intramural Champions, 1941-1942 262 1 INT RAMURAL 'Ru ANAGERS r ' j, e 1-N 3,-rf. A 'f-ggjr iii' 1 if . V. JACK D. Brims fxlvix rl 1 HWMAN .Yrnmr .lliozivgfi llntilifi Shortly after classes began in the fall, the intramural program, under the capable direction of Klax DI. Chapman, senior manager -lack Boggs, and iunior managers Dan Anderson, Howard liailie, and Bob Nlucller, started its 1042-43 year, acceler- ated because of wartime needs. The usual wide variety of sports, including softball, tennis, golf, track. soccer, bowling, ivater-polo, volleyball, pingpong, swimming, wrestling, badminton, and horseshoes was offered. This wide variety facilitated practically every' mans participation in at least one sport. Intramural competition was divided into tuo parts: one for independent participation, and one for Greek participation. A division of the campus into wards, and a further subdivision into zones, facilitated independent organiza- tion for team participation. The following fraternities were leading the race before Christmas: Sigma Alpha lgipsilon, Phi Delta Theta. Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Gamma Delta, Kappa Sigma, Delta Epsilon, and Delta Tau Delta. .. , 33-, i Sb. f- HOWARD BAILIE DANIEL ANDERSON Sfvplmrrlala dLul.:ger: ROBERT MUELLER Mnsox HOFFMAN Virt junior Mrzmzgerx B.-XSH SCHMIDT LENNON 7 63 Pzng P-lr wg. Smglcx . blgnm Chl, Blm lm: 1 TRAMURAL CHAMPIONS 1 A I7f1r1l1l, Drill: 77.111 Delhi Plng P-mg. D--ublm ,... D011 r1.f , G .'.1 .fm .'fv , IDL! .'.z 71111 DJ1.z linkctlull, I.c.1uuc . ..,. .6711 P111 li.1xl-qurlmll, "lf Lmguc. ,. .. I71l1.1 71111 Diff.: l'i,nilnrlull, lmlcpcmlcnt l.c.lgue. .,,.. Ruin C1115 lhikcllulll, All-Lfnxxulixty ...,,,,.... C111 PM llxmllmll. Smulus . , .l,l11.3.l, I11.l'u.m11Jc11,' lhmllull, D-rublcx ,. .lI1Nf'.1l -Hmr, DHII11 l'pf1l1111 Hum l1m1 ng , .,.., My 11111 :llplnx I'fp,wI'1v1 H- vrsn ' xl:-ms, Smglux . . .l 1.'1'1 ll.1, Zum P11 H-lxsuwlwcs, Dwulwlw, X.'1'1u11l111 1--f 61.11, F.11111lw11la Nwrrlmll. Fmturnm , . , ,..,, K.1j1fv.z S1,qr11.1 mttlull, In-lupcmlcnt . . , l,1111Jg1111 Hffnw Murrlull. All-L'm xulxr ty , l.11r1J4w1r1 H11111. lilcu lla 1-vx x, 'l'c.1m .. ,.., Tlu'1.1 X1 Fm: Tlx r-1x x, lnclnxlllml., ,....... ., .,,... H.1v1J1111.11111, TMI.: X1 Bmxlmg . Wlcxtlzng ... Tmllc . . Golf, Tc.1m..., Gull, Smglcs.. Tcnmx, Singles .,,. Tcnnlw, Duulwles Hulrmnwn. Slnglux Bnlnwlnton. Duulalcx, S-:Hur . ...,. , lcv Hwqkuy, Fnxrcmury. .. llc H-mikey, Independent ., Inc Hqqkcy. All-Unxxermy Wfntcr Pull, .,..,....,.,. ... . . .S1g111.1 Chi .. .P151 Dnffll Ther.: ,.,K11jvpa Slghlll ,,.,,K.1pp.z Sfgr11.1 .. .Cul vfff 1. K11.I1p.1 Kfgllm ll"u.11w-, pllplm 11111 Omega Xml,l111.1r1-R,1r1.l,1ll, K.1pp.1 Sigma . ,111l111.1!1111, S1g111.1 :llplm Eprllau ,,..., Pmk Hmzkfm. Zum Pri .. . .. lxdppa Si-qr11,1 .. .PZ11 Slum: K.1p,l1.z ,.,.....,...OuI: .....,.,.U11l.f . ,B1.111 Cl1.1ls.111 Volleyball, Fmtcxnxty Adlxci.. ..., D1'll.1 Upfflall Ynlll-yb.1ll, Fmrcrnlry Plulgci. ,. ,. ,.....,......,.... Hllplnx 1.111 Orrin.: 26+ Phi Slgmn Kappa, Hockey Delta Tau Delta, "B" Basketball Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Baseball Pine R-umm Klub, Bgselull Softball, Fraternity. . . Softball. Independent. Track ............... Golf, Singles .... Golf Team ..., Turkey Run .... Fencing .... t 3 I TRAMURAL CHAMPIONS . . . .Sigwm Alpina Epsilon . . .Pine R00111 Club . . . .Kappa Delm Rho . . .To be LI,t?1'5l'71IflIc'd . . . .Phi Gi17ll7lli1 Delta , .... Brennenmn, Almlwtt fur Kappa Kappa G117lI7ll11 . . . . . . .To be detwfflilzed Tennis, Singles .... ..,. T 0 In Tennis, Doubles. . Handball, Singles. Handball, Doubles .... . . . Soccer .... . ..... . KVLJECI' Polo . . . Bowling. .. -ff is gil, 1?Ts'QTf N - . 'l l ik? Q Q Q Kappa. Delta Rho, Tuck To lu' To ln' To lu' To In' TTU ITU To bu dcrurvflilzcd dcrc1'111i11ui1' iI'crc1'711i1iUd dcrwzzlilicii' if6fC1'll1flIc'i1' 11' cfc1'111i11ci1' d'crur711i11ud 265 l l i l l 1 E l . 7,7 VVV VV V V V V V797 VV V 4 04004044004 04004 4.0f0..4!0.4..444..4'444'0440'0"4' W QOOONNNNQMQNQA A A A A A A A A A A A AOA A AOA A A.AQA,A.A.A,A.A.A,A.AQAQAQAOA XDRUG srqg' " I it PGN' yan?" 4 if V 7X'g',, if .Lf JJ 0 4 1 BJ V A .,fQ?1 Q '3'.?'E., ' ,oo - 4 00009 . i X I Q V V V V Y V V V V V V V Y V V ' 4404404444404444!4.4f0!02602420202420!41'4!0!0!4!0!4!4!0!0!4f0!0!4X4!4!3 1 5 u f ACTIVITIES: CAMPUS LEADERS STUDENT ADMINISTRATION UNIVERSITY WOMEN PUBLICATION S SOCIETY STAGE AND CONCERT MUSIC MILITARY ILLI-NOISE CAMPUS LEADERS rx 1 H lf faq .. " Each of the seventy-live fruitful years in the histnry of our eampus has horn a select group of capable, diligent, and untiring young men and xvumen. These, our campus leaders, have made it pussilile for the activi- ties, the sclmlastics, and the lioi1o1'a1'ies of the University of Illinuis to lvecmne amnng the must outstanding in American colleges. These stu- dents, only a part of xvlimn are pietu1'ed on the follmving pages, have intelligently supervised campus periodicals. athletics, entertainment, and the government of the student lmdy. 'lihey have provided the guidance and inspiration for the LlI1LlCI'gl'1lLlll1lIC5. ln return for their hard xvnrk, activities have given them valualmle contacts and closer understanding xvith fellow students and with faculty, and have brought spirit and service fn the lfnivcrsity. "lYhat yuu choose daily frmn the vast sturehnuse of riches and knuxvl- edge utfered by the University of lllinuis, this xvill ynu eventually lie- crane." vs v-A x tx. I I 1 , - k -'1 .... O 1 -e .4 .O 'A .n Moana BOARD Mrms AT THI' ILLINI Knox 1 V V 1 N N x 1 r W ,A if I I Xkllll' 1' l5,l.I.It'UlI l.XRRN Fkxxu, l,1'cxi.fu11l, Srmlullr Sulfate Q 5. HARRY XVHY'I'E ,.xIi!Ilfl'Qz,'1'. B.1.vkl'tl2.1ll . ,,-is ht hi -Iullx Hxkxlw . rerun' of ll'nr .Sw'1'il'u. Illini Lvlllllll .-lx.v0vi.1ru Hvlllllillllf Editor, The Illia i5 7' 4 -Q ,I ii' .,, .QU .aw ,fl 1' T, l lu xl in A LL L51 ,K M1 l 4 ,.-Wu. ' r '71 X3 1 Z-Q ll fn, ri ,1- VN! 1 2 ili ill? . 4 :JJ 1 .aC" R Um PETERS i l i l w l i 11. . vv-I, " ' ' M V -. 1 ,,-13:15 -,w .' '- WL- 1 , A q, up? r "- 1 r' ' ,tbl - . 117 ' 1 ,F ff, . W W, J fyl T.. W, rj, w X -TH., ,.Qfvq1' - .-. C.x'1'uN Com: Gyllllznmcsf' -ai Hui -I u Ii l'lm.1.N lI,m.1qur. 1IlTl'Jll1HI'.'lfX XYXXXL juxu Pr'c.x'iJ'L'l1r, 11.1. IV.,-1. -Q ANN CA'r1,1+:'1'1' Bon ,X4.lxPXl.XXN Prw'iJ'e11r, .llormr Board f,'l,'.'IfI'1ll.1lI. Szfmlvzr .lfriririux Ilirixfml. Illini Kuff li il Dux HllliYINl. FIAIHLXIAS 'IKYRRI-.1 I. clit. liitcrfl'.m'1'11iiy ftllllllfll lixxu-xl: x XXX NN Ilvfllllfllluf Ifiliror, Tlx' llliu , .nf Lukax Hui, 1-'i'exii1'c11t, Y..1I. C' Al . J . , X H I-' L. 1-4, .., . . 'L '-l ,SEX , A4 XX' ' QNX! -4 is -1:31 Nw V' V ' Y' bfi xv i 'X IQEN HIQRRLPN imqur, llliui '1'lJu.1trc Guild Editor, Tbe Daily Illini i , i l Ji QM 4, 4 ,f T -AA L S.,-1' if -iv Q fx. , -F -V21 U, X ll ,ll L J I i i 0 M ,l 2, F Aa N, Y ,H Xf lr X' ,. ,V M... ' r ,f W NM ., if .1I.1l1.1,uc1', Tim 'Es l,.fXI.lf H.-xxlalxs l K'-:uf NURNIX Annu , lI'n11mH'x Edirrfr. 'Ilw llvily lllilli ,-f' . PlRliX SNIIIIII Rh IiJ'itm', Tlx' llnilhv lllllll ,Ya. JIBI BRONVN Cuu, Drxx President, Tribe of Illini ,ll.111.15gw'. Fumlmll .iq c:llRlNIX BROLLIIION imixzusx 1l.1u.1uur. Tlw lJ.1il-1' lllmi 44 6 16' 9x1.1,x' VI,L'IlNl"R l"l'L'VlLlL'llY, l . ll .L. .-1. likxris r S FEYEN sox Edirnr, The Illia R, A' juux .Xlcljox mm Am' Xl.A'1'1us1cN Diruftur of Rcvmvtiolz, lllini Lllllnll Cnptailz, Bnxleetlmll Xe. l U' - 4 L I ,A .l'. - , ,4- Sl l Q.. -2 4: ,.. . A lx, ,A A ,.,'w 'Tl' 1 l 1 1 ,411 VL flli If . 3 xy. .W xx, .fa lx ,l ll g 'l 7, .iY....,-.- I 1 J l. J ,1 V FRITZ -IAL'uH Spgggjg Ediror, The Daily Illini M r .Na Sui AILXYI-.IIIY Pruxillufzr. I'.111-Hulluniv Clllllllfll -IIXI xl!-'I'Ii Hll,VlllUA'X lla11a,L5ur, 'flu' lllm .1 ' Y'2iyQF'fil"k ,gi X'0y:-q:5q,j,,.-'314,-5 ','::-'-..:v'SW5f NQX N- ' 1' X. XX"'N:'lf.'f,.-.TE2'Ft' -- -.g.:'a,5: v '- '1TfSf-Q '.'- . X X NX., ,,.a5,5.., A . ah- , r , w.Q"Zx RN. ,y l -. X'-53 ,:1,.. I X H l -::a+N'5E-by Nt 1 'wwf QRSXYPWKS 463' ,llMMY SMITH Howuz S.-WTER Captain, Football .lIa11agcr, Star Course " ivivw as-5 X-al . -mm-:X QXSL-1 KQSSSW: Sl aw- y 'Iv-A .' " 1-' lVn111.1l1'x XXVIILY COIIFN ll'uu1.111'.v H1l5ilIL'XJ' .1I.1f1.1,Qer, Tlx' lllin ,W iw I 1 Dwi Hmm H N W Srmiufzr lfulmfcl - DIINXNI. Down xx A W1 L 1I.111.1qw', Illini 'I'!,x'.1irmCi11ilJ L - .- f A- "' ' qv - NJ. X JIXI Srrvurxwx BOYD BARTl.EX' A1I.111.1ucr. Basclmll Capmin, Bnsclmll , Ml! W' 1 ll 'x 1 ,+ I ff? Q: ' ,N LN . 1 n YV. - 1 if --. w -- ..c Aww N ..' A flf fr 1, 112 2 1 I .,l I v w x K W M if WU! ,wp A' DRY P4 .--U A 1 A- LH! 1 ' U T M ,.,v,-4 , 5 Tl' fi UMW! .f, ,,, N ,D-. 1 V I L sf. P.XL'I. Xl XII ' ' 'f .r Prnm , . we nmill, ,I4I'.h'l' ll'ul11.m'x Ifmimu U.1f1.1Qc1', Tlx' l7.1ily Illini Q XIUIQRH Xlxllax E lfllmfuw' 1l,1fl.1Qc1'. 'ffm' lJ.11l,x lllmf FHZLYN Bl-F5115 CIILWLK Nl.xL'x1-:Y Praxiddlli, IV. G.S. I'ru5iJ'u11r, SL'lliIlf CIJSX, Firxr SU1lICJ'1'x.'I' Q. Y . 2 STUDENT ADMINISTRATION I 1' ' lv l X t, ff Dr. john .Xlilton Gregory, lirst regent of the L'niyersity, helped inaug- urate student government into .-Xmerieain colleges with his system known ns College Cioyernnient, founded :it Illinois in ISTH. Ifolloxying the put- tern of our federal system, the Government had al President, Senate, Assemlmly, Supreme Court, Sheriff, :ind Prosecuting Oiiieer. 'lihc four "precincts" of the campus were policed hy men appointed lay gi mairshnl. and misdemeamors were punished lay small lines. Anyone caught in possession of liquor, or seen entering Ll saloon, hilliurd hull, or houling ailley uns lined from one to live dollars. Those dtunnging Lini- xersity property might lie lined twenty-liye dollars-ii considernlile sum in days u hen lvonrd for 11 xyeelc could lie had for seventy-live cents. :Xfter nearly forty yenrs of student government, which met with ynry- ing success, the Illinois Union tooli oyer gill student Llli-1lll'S in 1900. The Illini L'nion Building, completed in W-H ns it center of democratic stu- dent governnient, is the culmination of the hopes and dreams of the early administrators. l -, x -s NA . , N , 15 3-'ixxiJ:w:. : .. 91, - Mink X ak -,g ...H : ,.x. ,-HN:-3..5 . X .. '. V , .-:Vx-.-:x I '. ---,-3135, 'ck -E- x t . gh QT- '-vc Q S-..,--QQM. N E: rcrlom Dfw 'T I,xxx1u'xc 1' 12. FRXZFF P11 1,-.lim STUDE SENATE FACULTY ADVISORS -X1FRr1vH1x1wx,.-X M., LLB, 11111, A. MOYFR, Ph.D., f'.P.A. LEAH F. TRELEASE, A.M. STUDENT OFFICERS RHBIRI' XY, Av,14n1xxx Axmxxr L. AYDRFXXN D. Evmvx BLLWIE XY"1L1,1.u1 H. Bmw D.xxxr1111z11zT Bxx If Fmcrx L.axx11FN11 E. FRXZVE 1 x 1 1 I.1.XNRYNl1E.FR.-K7FF,. . .,,...,. ..,. ..,..... . B-lxR1.aNx.x M SC1-1Ru1'1m1fR, . .. MEMBERS WILSQN D. HALL Rouen S. HILL RICH.-KRD H, Hcmxrxc XV.-xx'N1f D, JONES V11zc.1x1,a K. Knoxm LESLIE E. MATHERS, ja. INIAR-IOKIF I.. NI.-XTHFSUN Prsfnisrll P1 widen! S'e1'1sl,1ry Treamrpr CHARLES V, M.xL'NEY SUZANNE hfCXVETHX' NIARIANNA M. Sc:-mosnsn DANA A, SA1Fxx',aRT M.-my J. Tlsu-1 IOL,-1 F. XYVIBH Euw,-mn Y.x'1'sKo, JR. E- ,.,,,,.,,.4, .. A NUHL-ax Honxmo Movrn Fmzri Srnnosnm JONES F151-In HALL Hrwox fmlsmzr TRILFU-IQ Wrnn Bumr IwIAux1-'Y ANDRIEXYS IwfiTHESON BfCXY'ETHY Blum STFXV.-KRT KRONIG HILL TISCH ACKEMANN 280 fs 45 ,X r TIYATQKO Wrsrox Man-Irsox Fimzrr Kxoxn. Bri L Atwkiss Hauifiox Bmw STUDE T AF F IRS AUDIT AN SUPERVISIGN CCJMMITTEE The Student Affairs Audit and Supervision Com- mittee is a sub-committee of the Committee on Student Affairs composed of students and faculty who act as the supervising body for all functions approved by the Committee on Student Affairs. lt is composed of live students chosen by the Student Senate, three faculty members chosen by the Committee on Student Affairs, and a member of the Dean of NIen's staff. Programs, decorations, budgets, special activities, and all other phases of student managed events are left in the hands of individual committee members with the Auditing Committee retaining final control. The committee supervises the printing, issuing, collecting, and auditing of tickets and programs. Before final steps can be made by individual committees, approval of date, place, and budget of the proposed event must be secured from this committee. M E M B E R S VIIIQINIA. B. KRONIG, Cfnziimzr RUTH H. ADKINS Yraxox J, Haart-rox WILI.r.nI H, BRAIN Mfuvyoair L, bi.-KIHTQON SLEETER BULL Daxa Stifxmizi' Laxwrozxrr E. FRAZFE ,Luft L, Wrsrov EDWARD Yfvrsiio Funds of the committee this year have been placed in the Presidents Fund to be used for the Illini boys in service. In order to facilitate future xvork of the committee, extensive records are being prepared and maintained this year. Copies of each dance program. photographs of decorations, written suggestions of chairmen, and complete financial reports are kept on file for easy reference, The new Illini Union Board and this coimuittee have co-operated to utilize all the facilities of the L'nion Building to the best interests of the students. The University Dance Committee of last year struck a neu' mark in keeping ticket prices in the loxver levels so that a maximum number of students might enjoy the social events that have come under its juris- diction and this policy is being continued. VIRGINIA B. Knows ClI.1fI'n1,r1z 281 .4 I Xsux . . Q4 X I ,QW i BOARD in x I ' rig 1 .H I . . L in-iisifzifb ' I I . at ,g,.i,, iilrillol XV. Cioiul' C lnzlilihifi tiiorua XY. Goiui . .. . . .. tflumffl in FALL LTY Armin R, Kximir Viiixox I,. Kni'i's4 nmlii Im-si D. Pirizsox K.-uuia Roiufktsnx Li.-ui F 'I'iu1.i-Asif STUDICNTS I Roi-ini XY. Atxrsims D, lgxi ivx Brmii 'Ions H,-uisiom Ririiaiui H. Horixlm, Xvavsi S, ,IoNYs joux W, McDox,xiii. Alix, from LQ. PMVII.-xRl'lii Ciioiua Risiifx' Fruxc i s If. Wi xzi i, Hixrw'-if uf the Illini Union Bllllcllllg' iiml the Illini Union Board 'lihe Illini Union Building of the L'niversity of Illi- nois yvas opened on lfebruary S, IU-II, and dedicated on November I, I9-Il, culminating the etjforts of stu- dents, aluinni, and faculty for the past thirty years. The Union, in which each student has an equal share, is conceived in accordance xvith the best and finest tra- ditions of early American Colonial architecture, in- spiring' those yvho use it with an appreciation ot beautiful craftsmanship and dignilied surroundings. :Xnd in accordance xi ith the finest traditions of our nation, it symbolizes the democratic spirit of a great L'niversity. lt is a place also where students, faculty, and alumni may ineet each other socially and in- formally. and thereby promote the best in Illini tra- ditions of loyalty to their University and to each other. It is dedicated not only to service, but also to real inspiration for better living and a finer L'niversity, In order that students inay learn to live effectively and abundantly, contributing a inaxiniuni of service to a genuinely democratic society, the Union evolved a broadly conceived educational prograni of extra- curricular and other activities of a social and cultural nature. The need for better coordination of student activities was emphasized by the xvar, which inade it -5 ,- 'ilu s. Pnxiiirk ,lov s Pu RMDN Haiirviox Bliiiui KNILHT GOIQLE ALQKFMANN ROBFRTSON 'I'iu i,i -xsr Knrrstusii-R IVICDUNALD Risrrv PAci.lARui,o 282 I THE ILLI 1 UNIO il' BOARD iinperative that the student hotly' centralize its energies for greatest etI'ectix'eness in the xx ar etliort. The nucleus for the neu' prograin of coordinated Illini Union activities was the Illini Union Board. 'lihe original Illini Union Board had lieen instituted ln President A. C. IYillard in hluly, NSS, during' the con- struction of the Illini Union, to advise on the policies which should he carried out when the liuilding opened. In july. 19-ll, this hoard was succeeded hy' a second hoard appointed ln' the Trustees to direct student ac- tivities within the L'nion building. ilihe exigencies of war revealed duplication and competition in the functions of the general cainpus activities. Therefore, in the interests of greater etlis ciency. the Cfonunittee on Student Allairs revolted recognition of all student organizations. including XIen's League, XYoinan's League. the Student ,-Xluiuni fXssoeiation, and the existing lllini Union, and co- ordinated war activities, cultural and social functions, traditional days, and student services under a neu Illini Union Board. Soine organizations which proved their value to the campus nere restored with inodi- iications. 'lihe new Illini L'nion Board. organiyed in August. 1 l Nu? liultl ai XX' .-M ici xi xxx l'wii.1 !.,,'of,'.o,' 1942, is composed of nine students. three faculty ineni- liers, one representatixc of the qXlunini .Xssociation. the Xlanager of the Illini L'nion Iluilding, and the Social Director of the Union. ilihe Cloniniittee on Student .Xllairs chose the student nienilvers of the Iloard for this lirst year in order to provide a starting point. lfirc student nieniliers of succeeding' llliin L'nion lloards are to lie chosen ln the retiring lioard, uhich elects no niore than three inen and no feuer than txxo nonieng one nian and one nonian may lie -luniors and the rest are Seniors. The Dean of Xlen's Council chooses one fraternity' inan and one inde- pendant niang and the Dean of XYonien's Council chooses one independent uonian and one sorority uonian. ilihe lioard norlts under the direction and regula- tions ot' the CQonnnittee on Student .Xtlairs in so far as the norlt of the Iloard deals n ith student activities. It acts in an advisory' capacity to the Xlanager of the Union Building and to the Business Oliice in so far as the phi sical operations ol- the Illini L'nion liuildf ing' are concerned. lt is responsilrle for directing a prograni oli social actixities for lfaculty and .Xlunini in the L'nion lluilding. li I INI Vsiox Beiiniso Ag 283 THE Roarnr XY, Ai KFMANN f'Zi.mn1.zv1 BOARD OF Roiimr W, ACKEMANN ..., D. EvrLvN Btums .,,. .. JOHN I-IARMAN ....,,,, .., JOHN XV. MCDONALD, jn,.,, SUZANNE IvIz.Wi2ri-iv .... The Illini Union Student Activities Division is di- rected by a board made up of the nine students and two of the faculty members on the Illini Union Board, the manager and the social director of the Union Build- ing, and an executive secretary. Under the reorganiza- tion of student activities put into effect this year by action of the Board of Trustees of the University, this Board is responsible for activities formerly carried on by Nlen's League, IVomen's League, Student Alumni Association, and the old Illini Union Board. The Mens and VVomen's Leagues were service or- ganizations representing all male and female students at the University of Illinois. The object of these two organizations was to promote school spirit and loyalty, direct general activities, and advance the interests and ILLI I UNIO STUDENT ACTIVITIES DIVISION DIRECTORS ,Dupilrfnzezzr of Publi: Sara-li . . .. .,Depav'rmf11! of Rerre.111fw . .. .Deparimelzt nf Umar Smurf .. Deparffllerzf nf Erllwltilrlnzwlt ., . Dvptzllzllenf of Sperm! :lfffunr general welfare of the students. This object was at- tained by pep meetings, Homecoming, Dad's Day, Mother's Day, Mens League Show, VVomen's League Show, University Sings, guide service, and other events and services needed at the University. The Student Alumni Association was founded to promote the welfare of the University by forming a bond between the university students and the alumni. This organization sponsored the Homecoming and Registration Dances, Founder's Day, an All-University XVelcome at the beginning of the year, a travel bureau and a war service record. It also distributed Illios to high schools throughout the states and organized Stu- dent Illini Clubs for larger communities in Illinois. The old Illini Union Board was responsible for the s1i4"5dh K , A X77 X, Y T A N 'i -- N MA 9 X X .um . JS v ,A 7 f INIFDONALD IVICXVETHY HARM.-KN 284 l 1 i 1 A I I I I , THE ILLI UNIO STUDENT ACTIVITIES DIVISION direction of activities in the Illini Union Building. It sponsored Alusic Hours in the General Lounge, weekly student-faculty coffee hours in the Pine Lounge, dances in the Ballroom every Saturday night, social forums, and miscellaneous activities in the liuild- ing throughout the year. The added st1'ess upon student activity caused in early I9-I2 by the war brought to light a large amount of overlapping and duplication and certain super- fluous activities in these four organlations. The need for a centralized control for student war elIorts also developed. After revoking recognition of all campus activities, the Committee on Student Affairs submitted a plan for a new Illini Union Board to the Board of Trustees of the University. This plan, which amalga- mated the four organizations mentioned, was passed by the Board and was put into effect in September Of I9-ll -9- D. Eyrtvw Biimir lilitfclmffrnizfz Under this plan the work of the Illini Union Board is carried on by the divisions of the Faculty Activities, Alumni Activities, and Student Activities. The Divi- sion of Student Activities is headed liy the Illini Union Student Activities Board. This Board elects from its student memliers kll1'CCfU1'S for the five departments under which the activities are conducted. The de- partments are Ifntertainment, Recreation, XYar Ser- vice, Pulvlic Service, and Spec-'al Affairs. The work of the departments, shown on the following pages. is carried out through about thirty major committees, the chairmen of which meet together as the Illini Union Council. The great accomplishments of the Illini Union Stu- dent Activities Division during this first year of its existence have indicated tremendous potentialitics of the unified program of extra-curricular activities at the University of Illinois. llllllllll VERNON L. KRFTSCHMER AI.i11f1,qr1' of Illnn L'n1un Bmlfffnq IRENE D. Pirasox Social Dzfeffm' of Illini Union Bn,'l.lfne 285 ILLI DEPARTMENT .Imax XY Mrlloxxtu, AIR., , ,. .Dmrlm COMMITTEE CHAIRNIEN Vuznixm E, Bi,xcx.xrn P,-X'l'RI1I.-K Chow ,lutiax joussos DOROTHY XXI, Rmii-urn Surimas M. Lrw lwiiuzsu.-ii, lhlli-KTZ The Department of Entertainment Combines and unities campus entertainment under one head. The wide variety of events sponsored by this department include the following: On Tuesday and lYednesday afternoons in the Commons of the Union Building, coke dances are held for the benefit of those students who wish to relax hetxyeen or after classes. On Thursday evenings beginning dancing lessons are offered to the students free of charge. Approximately, one hundred fifty persons attend regularly. On Friday nights the new and sparkling Club Commons, with dancing, refreshments, and Hoor Bi at is sau M4 Dos xi n lsrruizriz GAGAN Mimrz UN O ENTERTAINMENT 'iwffflj "Q i . 'f3:,- wg. - 1 show is offered in une part of the L'nion Building while the well lcnnw n Varsity Swing is in pl'llg'I'CS5 in iinntliei' part. The Varsity' Swings :ire student mixers. and are iisiizilly' held in the early part of the semester tn help the students get liettei' iief qiiuinted. On Sntiirdiiy nights the lmenutifiil L'ninn llnll- rnuiii is open for those well-liked and well- zittended Szitiirdny night dances, with music liy the fiwni'ite campus nitliestiuis. .-Xnd lastly, sprinkled tliruiiglioiit the seniester, :ire the lmig dances in Hull' Ciyni: the Hnniecnni- ing and Registration Dances, the Ulu' Chest Dance. and the Turkey Trot. . Tw-1 , ii.. N In 'WJ11-P9 Illli1iiX1XIuNs Rs llS Nvllii T il a 'il il 5 ' 7 MUICAH , S i -E 3 nun. - Rr1,is'iRiTiux D.ixr,r-l,ifs Biwws n+ 7 87 i l i l i l l i 4 l l l l I .4 . Mun Horn each week also. Boxx I Im, ,- 1 Q- SCHINDLER Ross BLUME 288 by students. They ILLI DEPARTMENT D. Ex rLYN BLUME .... ...Dffwxm COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN DANIEL C, Axntnsox RICHARD R. SCHINDLFR jmxxrrrr Ross The Department of Recreation is in charge of eotfee hours, forums, music hours, and tourna- ments. Every week there is L1 "Thursday Coifee Hour" and various independent. sorority, and fraternity houses are hostesses. A large number of faculty people are invited to the coffee hour There are both social and xvur forums-some are held every other Thursday X ANDERSON F UNIO RECREATION in thc NYctlgcxxnml Lutmgc from fuur until five .Xt thc l11ll5lL' hour lmth clnrssicnl nml semi- classical 1'Cco1'tli11gs are plnyctl and nnmluncctl lmy 11 atutlcnt. Daily' thc Pl'Ugl'11l11S atc frum 12:15 to 12:-li. -1:13 to 5:3ll1lI1Ll 1-111111 6:-19 tu 8:1111 P,Xl. On Snttllmlay' nmtl Sunday tlmcrc are lung" 1 ' - grnnms in thc ill-fCl'l1UUl15 tmtl cvcning. -"-- I , ' Q 5. x . . . v qucntly' there arc mdm PI'1lgl'L1111S ut thc tnutlmll x game on 11 Snturtlny nttctnmm, ur thc spccclm by Prcsidcnt Romcvclt. Unc of thc illmpurtnnt fUlll'llLllllCl1fN uf tlu' your is thc bridge fHLll'l'l1l111C11f. lfvcry' ,llllC5LlLlf' own- ing, ll group of students play. Other fl1lll'Il1ll11C11fS 1 1 arc lll plug-pung, lumlinu ' Q, chess. :mtl clwclqt-rs. I, , Lum Iimm T7 ,f f urrrr Hur-R - Plxr Louxmt Im lxxln. 1-:mum R11 l x 49Xz 289 mul 1 I 1 .4 N1 wifi w l lllll xixs Sm lil ILLI DEPARTMENT OF COXIHITTICE CHAIRMIQN jnofs R. BARRM Ks PATRIQ 1.-i Bnoxx s PHx' E. Drnax M.'xRrH.'x L, INI1,PHll'1rns Elxxxxxku P. Mviwiix' hwy,-XRRIN H. Oisox MARY A. Xxl.-XND Eiiz.-no IH -Iran XY','i1soN The functions ofthe Department of XYar Ser- vice are divided among a nuinher of committees. The Red Cross Committee assenilmles kit bags and lqnap sacks, sponsors drives for hooks and maga- zines for Clhanute Field hospitals, and rolls hand- ages. The Committee in Cooperation with the L'.S.O. is responsible for sending large numbers of eo-eds to dances at the U.S.O. Center in Clhainpaign, and encouraging organized houses to give dinners, dances, and parries for service men. The primary purpose of the Committee in Cooperation with the O.C.D. is to interest stu- 7 90 Nm Pm i 'rr Rs B.uo1.u'xs Bnoxx N Harm,-xx W.-mu Orsox W.-xrsox MLVRPHX' iUN O Q WAR SERVICE fi if sv tlcnts in tlic civilinn tlcfcnsc cmirscs ulliciul lay thc Otlicc uf Cliviligm Dclicnsc. 'lilic Cjuiiiinittct- fui'Sc1'x'icc to tlic lllini in thc nriiictl furccs uni- tluctctl lcttci'-writiiig seminars nt xx liicli liiimlrctls uf lCttC1's xxcrc xxiittcn tu lfigliting lllini cwry- i xvlicrc, nntl umpcinitctl with tlic .-Xlumni Xssncigi- tiun to send gifts to cvcry' Illini m'c1'scns. 'lilic Sulicitnticms :mtl Snilvngc Cfummittcc spuiisciiul sump drivcs :mtl cullcctctl fats. ll l NYM' stumps and lmmls :mtl XYLII' stump ciwsngcs wcrc sold tlimiiglioiit thc yum' liy thc l'1iti'iutit' plllglllllbllllklllllUl'lll1lflUl1ci4lIllIlllffCC.ilillffitblll- mittcc on Rcwcntinn for tlic Navy Sulumls cn- upcixitetl xxitli cniiipus wgniiizqitiuims in spmisilr- ing tcus in the l.'nirm lhiiltling, :intl xxitli lllini Union and Athletic Assuciiitiun ntlicinls in mnlting it possible for thc Navy mon tu use gym nml Uniun facilities :it Y1ll'l0ll5 times tlimtigliuiit the year. lixx1.i.r xiziisimm l-ii,Hilx1,liil o X U X , Nl 31X .La Iwi fi PUiuH.xs1xi, Riiinums ion timxbii lfiiiim Pusi limi Xllll 2 . I i l o A4 l 1 i , l i l l X l Ro xml ir.1i THNINIIIIII Riioxi ILLI DEPARTMENT OF couuirreti cHA1RuEw Pwr.-x M. Briss XYil,ii,ix1 H. Bn,-ux En,-xxers Hmm' Lorls R. BIITRIIIGHT Armour.-x C. AIIQNZEL The Public Service Department is responsi- ble for activities affecting the student body as xvell as the general public, including the Guide and Travel Service Committee which furnishes campus guides for visitors and keeps a travel file of persons who want either rides or pas- sengers for automobile driving. The committee on Orientation of New Stu- dents and Cooperation xvith the Personnel Division is in charge of planning a program for acquainting neu' students with the Uni- versity. A file is also kept on students sent from the Personnel Division who are inter- viexved and placed on appropriate committees. The High School Relations Committee is in charge of sending Illini' to larger high schools 292 MwfQRtn.H'r Briss ACKIWIANN BIIINZFI. HEALY ni RT W. Ac xi :mfs ., . ..,. , ...,.. Du iw: UN I 0 PUBLIC SERVICE x throughout the state and assisting in the pro- gram of arousing the interest of high school seniors in the Universfty of Illinois. The Publicity Committee is in charge of all Union publicity. Besides getting out news- paper stories, posters. handbills, radio publicity and other special edects, it also makes up a P'iR"Wl mm' handbook explaining the lllini Union Board and its activities. The Office Management Committee keeps the ollice work up to date. petitions filed, stu- dent activity cards complete, and committee lists recorded. The members of this committee are in the Union Board Orlice, Room 200, Illini Union Building, throughout the day and have information on all Union activity. TG l -.1 ,Mm 'T-Q -- z. 4. .Juv I X 6 Ii.i.ixi Uxiox AtTix'i'rx' Orruif 293 l l'XIXlRsllY Nxt, 2 Dau s Dax' ILLI I DEPARTMENT OF Fiona G Pu.1,i.-xRt'i.o . ,. .Dfiti-me COM .XIITTICE CH AIRXIFN M.uu,n B. Birzin lnwni-Nm F V. I oxxxvw IIARI Ml O. Enix KNUN l"lOXXAllIl A, GORDON Sui Axx Kxivi-'i mu my B1-'lu'-ANNI' Ru H num Homecoming. Da1d's Day, Xlother's Day, and l9ounder's Day are the traditional events carried out under the auspices of the Department of Special Atfziirs. This department also sponsors the L'niversity Sings, Pep Rallies. and the Illini Union Board Show. Homecoming lYeelcend found the campus very um' conscious. Celluloid tugs replaced the fn- milinr metal and rilmlmon badges. House decora- tions were abolished for the duration. A Stunt Show and dance were held in the evening, and the dan' was elimnxed by heating Minnesota, IU-ld. if '. i Brrzrn 9+ Kxivvrxnrnc. I ox WM' PAoi,mnui,o RICHARDS U I0 SPECIAL AFFAIRS On IJad's Day' visiting Dads wore tags of let ognition and xx ere honored at a reeeption held in the Illini L'nion Building. XIother's Day. traA ditionally held in Klay. inehides a Xlay Day eelelmration, and a reeeption for the Xlothers. The eoniniittee plans a very colorful Xlay' Day Pageant on the Quadrangle. T'IlDLII1LlC'l'iS Day. on Xlareh I, eoninieniorated the seventy-fifth annif rersary of the founding of the L'nix'ersity. The .Xll-L'i1ix'e1'slty Sings were held at inter- vals throughout the year. The Pep Rallies. held liefore eaeh game. helped to create a new Illini Spirit. It reaehed its peak xx hen students attended - in Iloxiii ' '-ns.-. . 1 V P0 s 3' ,. .l' .xx .Q 2 1' 44 X if .af a send-ol? at 4134! .-XXI. for the footlwall team, The Illini Union Shoxx xi as presented on txio eonseeutive week-ends in I-'elurnaryy This year the shoxx, "Nothing Yenturedf' showed xihat would happen if "Benito, Hitler. and Iliroliltuu eanie to the L'nix'ersity of Illinois. 5 -fs., Z 2 Mo' Dix' Fooiiui,1,SFxii-U11 Ai Da 29 5 ll xl l I ll ll 4 R I l.IIIII x XX' HI II Pit I .- Hrxiu' E. XX'ILsox Gfmmil Xtrishzu o o o a SECRET.-XRI,-XL STAFF HINRX' E. XYVIINLJN, GtI1.I.IlStI-m.1II PHILIP B Monuxs M. l,f'1.lLDXXIlI I.AL'RrN4I' R. C.mxxI'IL CABINET MEMBERS IORI 5 XXX BML . ,. V PIuI1.ltv.' Mrrios I. HUIIII ,, .I'1Iu-PI.-.f1.fw1: Mrmuii, -I. AI.I'x.xsIII1n , . ,, .Kr-wiilo :XRTHL'R R, I"l.-XII., -IR, , lifrilwlim fiullffzlilvf AIMQK D, Prirasos . . . . ,..Xi.u1o1qI YI. Krxsiov KIM un, -II: .. Pnlilzi Rrilaflffvi llI.lX A. XX'I1TzI-I . . .. Rttspff-In Rorarnr CQ. PL.iI.I,I . . ,. . Sfftm! MI'I.vIN E. XX..-XKIUNIR . , . . .ldlrzrfbniilwp The Young Klen's Christian :Xssociation in 1943 cele- brates the seventieth anniversary of its founding at the Lvniversity of Illinois. :Xt the present time, more than Tull students and faculty men are aiiiliated with it by membership. Through forums, study and interest groups, service proiects, socials, personal counselling. inspirational meetings. and in many other ways, the seeks to reach every student, directly or indirectly. whether he is a member of the organization or not. Important among its activities have the freshman camps, con- ducted prior to registration for the purpose of orient- ing new students to L'niversity life. .. .Clmlrll R:'f.1Ilm'IJ . ..Frr11nrutj Fwnnlr . . .lI1JrAlwmI'fII.' Forlmlf , ..FI4r11l!,i Relalmm XVIIAI.-XX E. Dans D.-XLI. H. SINL'I..XIR, ., 1XI.uuoN L. BLAL. . . NIILTON L. HoIfrI.r. . ,. FORRHT Cf OIIR ...., .... .... I ' ffrizfzffnill Ifnluzfrllnzg F. Pavsox SHONKXXILIR , . ,...... Bop' Uwwk 'IOHN H, XVEHRIN, JR. , .. , . U"ffv'!r!Ssri1tv PHILIP C. Zisrmfnrv. .,.. .,I11rtIur11w1ml Frmidalifp R,-Xl.PH E. DAX'Is, .. ...,... . .. ,...., .. ,.Urgrn11:m' Clnlo The splendid building at XX'right and Chalmers streets contains comfortable and inviting lounges, reading and game rooms. The building is a popular center of student life, and its facilities are used by campus groups and by those community organizations related to campus life. Throughout its history the has been busy "arm- ing young men with ideals", not only for their stu- dent days but for the years ahead. :Xs it celebrates its seventieth birthday, the Association looks forward to the opportunities it will have to serve new generations of Illini students as they come to the campus. ' wa- 5 '.5'?2' i If-4. ij, 5 H F1 Hall Zimmerly Plame foltlwell, Sintlair R.D.IxIs Kincaid Morgan XX'.Igoner I-Ioefle I..Be1l Alexander Cadwell XX'chrlv Orr Peterson XV. Davis XVetzel M. Beal 296 .f C. E, Bow rx D, A, XX'.iTsos -lv! Umm ALUM ASSGCIATIO Drxrrx A, XYATQQN, '34, fuicauo ,,,.....,. ... .Pf.1f.!1ur Dux V, M. ,I-HUMPNON, '00, t'HurP,i1us,, ., .,,., Pair-Pft11J1u.f I1 ff, L,-msox, '1s, SPR1x+.,1f1rLn. ...,. , Fifi: I'11'1'-Pitwitiifif Mus. A. R XY'.a1'1q1xs, '31, LH14..x1,o , , . Swftml I'nt--Pit-1f,iLfi.f C. E. Bowrx, '33, 1H.Rs1P.i1cx. .. ,. Est-11f1111'Di11'1fff1 CARL S1'1fPH1'Ns, '13, los Lmvrl . G1'r1rr.1fX1tr.,'.1f,1 Wairxn R. Btxxrrr, '30, C11I1,mo.., . . , , 7'11.11f11if GLEYN Goonxvixr, '33, lox ini-51 .... ,.,, , 'llnmm R.1ffi.ltf C. B, Yo1'N12rR, SS, CHAR1P.x113x.,. . . ,nlliwlititlwp l7f1t1m XV.-KLTFR Wrssriax, '33, OAK PARK ..... ,..,, , . .,Fnl.! Rt-fm1t11r.1.'1:t JAMES C.. fO1,YlN, 25, LRBANA .,...... . . , .I:JfIf11, lflnlffli flflzrllnf Num M.iRY A. BL'Ri.rrT, 311, Llxnaxa ..., 1-loftizazt E.fm1r, Illfmffi .ilfimm Nt 11- lNl1-XRGARET W. PH11.1.1Ps, '-ll, Inicxeo , ,...,. .. .11,m.1at1, Illini Iamtf Fnaxcrs XY'1srHF.aRt, '5-1, CHI4 .Roo .,., .,,, , 'lulvltlffl ,1I.m.1aw, lllini 1.111111 The alumni of a university have a very important part in keeping up the institutions prestige and its standing through their daily contacts with graduates, Realizing this, our alumni have maintained the Alumni Association since 1873. This organization keeps the alumni and former students of the L'niversity informed both upon student activities and the University func- tions and upon the activities of their former classmates by circulating the .-Xssociatioifs publication, "Illinois Alumni News." W. Xvessmax M. W. PH11111-s DIREK 'IDRS Dain' Loi-unix '1u, PHiRu.a11, 1H1m,u.o, DR. Ro1+1R1 I Htxirimwix '16,lJlN'11s1HY,fH11A1,i'm, DR. M. H S1R11rH1R j4,hl11v111XI, 11-11: um, willllikl B ARNo1,n'ii,tH11,.1t.o,CHAR11s B Brssi. 'xs,1.1-.. cUIN.D1'1IRIl'X Boxxix' l2l,fHI1,-t1'.1i,MRs Rl'L'l1l5 F-xRLsos 31, fi-41. 41141, .Ions XV. KONR.-lf! 33, Rocxroiux, X'11'ioR fL'lllN '341, Si, 1,o1'1e, IRx1m, lJlIl,IkRD '3', ST, Louis. Hr1R.1r.1 B Cmmiax ll'P, ljll.XlL'R, Loiux D Gavios 'l-I, C1111 .-um. FR1ti A. Hmm' '1S, PH11ur11PH1.-x, r1HR11s Molina lll.CHI4-44.111, I. 1, Pmnsos :3,s1-Ris1,r11tu,A E, P,x111x '31, l,lllL,X4,0, llI4H,1RD 1, N1111'1'1f '2'1, Hlxniisioxxs, U, V XX'f11.11Rs '33, Avnona, Kissv E, XY'1111.m1sox 31, Pit-R1.x, Roi-uR1 M. Yom si. sa, XV-Nl'NN-WIHNA.WVU..WV,-K11vOH.AMIs 1', fVHI1Ali1H, XYXJ rjinuu H111 1R, Ixrwixxavoiis, ARTHUR B. l'l.xL1 'lIl, DXAXIII1, HARRY A Hui If XX'.s1'k1'1,is, Wlllll,-XM if R11r.11. o-1, Toioso ln the Associations otlices in the lllini Union liuild- ing. stenographcrs and clerks keep up-to-date lilcs list- ing nearly every' alumnus or former student of the L'niversity hy xi hich alumni may locate classmates and old friends and luv which organizations may circulate schedules and folders. Recently the lllini Center in the La Salle Hotel, Chicago, has been opened for the sixteen thousand former students in the Chicago area and for all lllini service men. 1,511P111ss f. H Yoi man 297 A rr'1m'1' for xuvirrl 111111 .vpi1'ir1111I rfc-rclopifzclzt of Xfllmfdllfi' prn1'idc11' by T136 P1'es12yrc1'i11115 of the Smte STAFF 1.111115 R. H1N1f . ., ,... ,.... , . ,, ,.Di1r-rm, BRN lk XV. Ex.-xxx. .. .,,.-i1 -ffl nm' llirerzffr Jrxxu 81111114 ,4,.,. L'f1m1,1-.'If11- OFFICI,-QRS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE KEITH 5 1x111 IINUN .1 . . . . . ..Pf1 -1.15111 M11,DR121v S1111 1'111QK ..,...,... .... , ... .Sfrrelary 1011 N1 XY1'x,'1 1, .., , ...,... I'11r-P11-1.11111 E1 A11 11 Exc,1gL'1x1A ,....,. .... . ,,..T1'e.1.111rer H111x I 11112141 1,1, ALM RI.-I Mrxzrr DALE Rom D.11'1i Mr. Iix.1r1Q XY'1u1d Mr. I-Ime Cfwnklln Gehrmg Ramp WL-nzcl F1111-tt 4 .1mpbcll Brcckcnndgc HutcI1ir1: Engquist Dale Robb Menzcl Nui Barry Dam Rubb Shattuck Sxndcrsun XY'.1Kk1nS Zemple Stone a :I L'bll1'L'h l'UIlfL'f for the religion! and 1m'I11l 11fri4z'iricx of Illcrbodixr srndcilrs STAFF DR.P,11'1 Bum' .. . . .. .,..,1 ,. ,.Dm1ff11 Mui. R1'111 l,41XI' .. , , .,.. .. ..,..., .. .-I-mzrmr za Dfffrrffr ,IDF Brcoxvx 1,1111 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Ro111,111 E. li,1x1:111x .,. .. ... . .,P1f.111!r11r Umm I, MFY1111 ..,. ....,... .,...5urremry XY'II 1 1.111 f H1 I'II '-H-XI'Nl'X .. . . .l'1r1'-Pvruirlerfl JOHN M. HIINTFR . ......... ... .. . , ,,. .... ....Tmz1urer Frisch Lambert Atchison Doyle Mattcrn Morris Beal Drake Routh LeFever Ehredt Ratliff Parry Stull Buyer Beal Wehrly Wfemhoener Dr. Burt Meyer Bcttenhnusen Hamman Hunter Mrs, Love Mr. Love 298 Y.M,C.A, Clnivvi GATHlfKlNG+1SLPlS GRIIL smrur, Iwilklxf. Exxl IW141 r u 1 NOITHI Hmm GRFIB 5IRfI'l- FARIA' l!-VUN Prrxmxxr. flaw P11 xn lxws Ph 2 I W 3E 1 V"'?' "" ' YT" r .,..JS'- ...N egheaz Egg!- 4: -1 Nl 299 K I UNIVERSITY 'WOMEN ln her high-waisted dress, hustle, and luuttnn shoes, prim and eurreet. sat the lirst woman student of the L'nirersity of lllinnis on Xlareh 3, 1870. Altliuiigli, on that day, she was unfamiliar with college life, it did not take her lung tn adiust herself sneially, to equal the men sehnlastieally, and tu malqe a place for herself in activities. As early as IHT3. women were added to the administratiun and the faculty' and have since wisely instructed and guided the young women un the campus. Down thrnugh the years, lllini women have left mile- stnnes marking the founding nf leading 1rrganixatimmiis-Y.lY.C.fX. . NYUXA .... Klnrtar liuard qthen Phi Delta Psil . . . Pan-llellenie . . XYILS ..... Xlpha l.anihda Delta . . . 'lbreh . . . Shi-A-Xi. The eued uf IO-H, with cashmere sweater, saddle shoes, and how in her hair, is progressing just as rapidly' and making as line a name for her- self un the L nn'erslty eampus as did her sister erred of INN. .fs v 1 7 y K A 1 I 41 9 fe' D, Eviztyx Bum: Prmidwlf EXECUTIVE D. Exiivx BIVMI' , ..Pfr,nJw1,' Iota F. Wrma, ,. ..., Sui-rmzr-y Muni' C, Fkistu ., .. .. ,..1'r:.1mm BIARI.-IN G. PFTI RQUN. , . Fu'-blmlfz :lr1'rimr Muuna L. lxIfPHI7I.'l'I'RN .. .. . Dzimrl Chair-fz1.1:1 IYoman's Group System is the only activity on campus devoted entirely to the interests of independent xvomcn. It furthers a fuller campus life hy fostering activities and promoting unity between the various groups. In addition to the separate group activities, houses xvork together to give successful district teas, all- .G.. COUNCIL Antvs M, S'I'RIiITMATTI1R... .... Diflrifz Cbaimmzz Mfuu' E, Firm H .......,, , . . .Dulricl Clmir'm,n1 AI,-XRYIORIE M. Roxvr ,. , .Dfmzrr Cbairrzmzz IDA M, Moox .,.,, ..,. D ntlrrl Cbairrflizu group parties, a Christmas musicale, and a stunt show. In the spring they compete in the interhouse IVatcheka Sing. Faculty teas and forums are encouraged to bring about a closer student-faculty association. .XIother's Day week-end is highlighted by a special banquet given by independent men and xvomen. The spring activities are climaxed by a recognition ban- F . 6 3-as 5 'Xylfkia 2 5- T' 1. Q S rw 41. lf 1 I " , X ' ' if ' -5, Y Roxx r Smrfinmrri ri Moox Fircu MCPHFHFRS PETFRSON 302 W. G. S. Ixlsnofmm A. Burin PATRICIA A. Covrn r'.uwL A. Kofi-urn Doius Moloxxira foxsmxcin M, Rnaiw EDITH C. XY',-XGNER Vinnixia J. SHUTT quet, at which XV.G.S. members xvho have been nut- standing in campus activities and scholarship during the year are lmnuretl hy having their names appear upon the traditional YY.G.S. honor plaque. The I-limur Plaque is unveiled, revealing the names of those houses Sf 'CT Mania' F. Pius: H Y'ri.1ilnir DISTRICT SUB-CHAIRNIICN Vim L. Moss Ama M. P.-KRRIQH Iinirii E. PETFRQ CONIMITTITIC CH.-XIRXIICN , ., ,. .. Sana! jt'.xmi,i Bnfmxs ..' Fw-lwzmi .-l.l1.'ior ElIl.Xl4I in j, Lmxm ,, ., .,. ...Srniplmffk M arfrirmii E, Pirnri and service activities. which were the must uutstanding in academic. social, Ng, ug. of QS. '-'22 .X-,. . its 1 - 54154-.' M ., Iru A F. Xvlillll Str rihnj liiaxuk R NIIKIMAXN Ear A M. Wixiiinimin Piiviiis ,I Ziisiiix Pu 'Vi'.', .lla .' .ln,1v.1 A definite increase in the numlier of its nienilners lmeeause uf occupation lwy the United States Navy of the L'nix'ersity' residence halls, makes lYuiuan's Cirnup Svstem even inure uutstantling on the eanipus. Koifuirn Bnooies Burnt Siriemmxx Piriuir Movoxxirn Loxvm' ZFIQLYR XV! MHUIMIR RIVARD CONTR 303 X 5 i - 1 Su iw J, Ti nm n Pwi1.ltu: OFFIC vin gl 'li HAIR l'nif.,'.u.' ,li xx F. Miiiiil I':itwPni1.!ii .li ssn N, Boxxx ii . . .lliwlai-.11-large The Young XYomen's Christian Association is a laboratory for practical religious living. Through its program, young uomen students can clarify and learn to apply their faith in God and in the ideals of the democratic uav of life that accompanies this faith in our country. meniliers formulate their ideals in discussion groups. and then apply them in their xxorlq in the organization and in their daily lives. Yespers are held every' Thursday to help liring religion closer to the students. 'lihrough pulilic affairs discussion groups, xvorlt with community' social agencies, and leadership of Girls' max as in l f pa 3 73 nv NQ ' 4? 0 Cizisr DEX'RlIs EILIQ Gonxmx Hfuwra Lu-'sxmt 3424 Y. W. C. . 2. if 4 .i X -ll-AN F,lNlII1FR ,lrxxin M. Boxxrrr l'fiu-Po ililtuf .lltnllui-.lf-Itzlgv If R S Muiv I.. Hxvxx uns ...S t'i' Wldlj' Iioxni I. Maxx .. ,. .... Tmzmrsr Miss Arsxr GR.iviul,i,, .. . . , ,Cjwnnzl SL'rrr!L1ry Cfluh programs in the pulilic schools, girls in the get practical experience in the solution of some of the important social and economic problems of the day. .Xs part of the xvar effort of the Y.lY.C.A., the de- fense coordination department cooperates with the USO and other defense organizations on campus and in the community. Through its freshman department and a xvide vari- ety of social and recreational activities. the Y.lY.C..-X. provides girls with marvelous opportunities to make neu' friends among the students and faculty. G Q X , f,:s Iw- 2 A f' .A -' - . H, s A 5 ' . V . TROTH format K LITTLE XVILSON Dmxs RUSSELL I Y. W. C. A. 'Q- "5 Nxf ' AI.-XRY I.. I'-Inxx 111111 Rrmm I. MANS .'X'.x1 l1RKX'l1IlI 3':1u!.lf,1 7u.m11.1 1f.1,'11.1.' X1111f.111 CIABINIQT XIIQXIISFRS l71'cxh1111111 lJm'1155iw1 I.u111fc1'x M.,111x' I., I mu1.+114 N111 III I. F1 1 lx 1111111 r.1 I.IPNhl 11 jmmx I,,fn1N1' IIIIIF. M 91111-111-. VIH,-,L-,,,.NI -I-,WIN Cm.-111 M D1'YR11x F.x111 If H1n1'11c l1x11'1 M XY'11wx gum IZ. Dlmgg f,'fl7l1lllIffL'C Cb11i1'f11c11 '11 Ig F, 51111111 , rfnwf' R1l.1.'.w1:1 P111 1 1 lx M I.xl H1311 I1,111 ,,1,1,' lf1:11,',,'11',1!1 vI1.xxx11'11 I. 51111111111 4fff11n.w11,'1.'1 5111.11 I1,11.x111 111 I Anxullv ,'11,!-.fp N,-mx' N. Sxxrunn , 17.1111-1 4 1,,11.l.'1z.1.f,-111 17111101111 1 H XV1 11 1 Il p,,x1!.'1 .-115.1111 li-xnmri.-1 -I, S'11xx 1111 l1z1f1rI1.1f1 IJi1RIt 1.11 H. Cyn' . . P,v!l111f1 NIARY I., I.Il II 1 , . 1111111.11 .II1w1'111!11fv IQ11111 R. M1 IJf1x.x1 11. IC1l,w,-1,111 I5.l11...':.w1 Rr1111:xRUxs11,1, 61111011.1111 AIIIII IJ1XX'11z11 ,. IC1111.1,'.-fm' AI.'XN11l'I 11111 I-1111-111 ll Gulf 1 1111- IIYHI' ,ltr-.1 I A'.1 1 Xf.:.1! .Xny 11111111111 studcnt of thc L'111x'C1's1ry of Illinuis is chgilmlc to lacy-111110 LI IIICIIIIICI' uf the L'11ivc1's1ry' Y.XY.CA. It is nn 111tcr1'.1cinI. i11tc1'dem1111i11.1tiu11.1I, :md i11tc1'11ntirma1l fCIIm1sl1ip of studcnt and fAIL'llIlj' xx'o111c11. .XIen1l1c1'sl1ip in thc gives any girl thc uppu1't1111ity' tu p.11'tic1pntc in I11rc11'ullcgi11tc CIUIIICV- Cnccs, and tu l1cu1111c 11 IIICIIIIDCI' of thc XXIHFILIIS YXY1 I..X. .md thc XYUVIII St11dc11r iQl11'isti1111 I'ICCIClZ1- tirm. xi? 11 .. f .x,25,.Q . ' Ui NF A " f ' 3'X F X N , I.- as A x '57 -9 ST.1121'o1m S.1x1'mm S11 xx .1111 K uapam 1. I. KURENCF XVEAYER GAY Mr,Dox.u1w D1'XY'1'1zrr Axfx' ARN0111 305 i A DGLL SHGW .-s 1" 306 "1-192 to 1942" was the theme of the Doll Show from which were de- picted historic and picturesque scenes from American life. Under the stu- dent chairmanship of Ethel McDon- ald, Barnum and Bailey, Massachusetts fishermen, and miners from Gold Rush days were interestingly portrayed. Alpha Delta Pi was the first prize Winner among the Panhellenic entries with "Harlem"-a iazz scene with a 'khot" trumpet player and a "Zoot suit" iitterbug. VVarner Hall's coal miners within a realistic mine won first prize among independent groups. Ronda Mann took first place in the individ- ual student contest, and Bliss Erma jones won Hrst place in the adult entries. The annual Y.lV.C.A. Doll Show dates back to 1906 when the lVest Side Settlement house in Chicago had no money with which to purchase Christmas gifts for the children, and the Y.W'.C.A. aided by dressing dolls. A number of needy and appreciative children visit the Doll Show and select the dolls they want for Christmas. Any girl planning to lead a well- rounded college lifefbalancing studv with recreation may paiticipate in VV.A.A. activities. It is not necessarv for her to be a skilled athlete or to have had previous training, for in- structions are provided for almost every sport. Highest award given bv W.A.A. is the Major HI," awarded to those who successfully complete twelve sport seasons. To those com- pleting six sport seasons, are awarded the orange chenille class numerals. New members of lV.A.A. are non- voting, but after completion of a sports season they are eligible to vote and hold othce as well as to take part in sports. Alpha Sigma Nu, IYAA. honorary, offers membership to any girl completing eight sport seasons and maintaining a L'niversitv average of Organizations sponsored luv IYAA. are Terrapin, offering an excellent opportunity to increase proficiency in swimming and diving skills, and Orchesis, a group which seeks to de- velop the art of expression through graceful movement in dancing. ACTIVITIES 1 J Q W... 'ni ah 'O """ 17' lliRn1lI1 K. liiiiimr C11.oRl.i M, Sxiiin Haimxtriii Saivrks liwsi1LA M, KFPH-mr Fit r.'.Jlti,'! l'1it-Pm wifi ii: 111:51-lwlirt .ll.:rz.n4ti' Imlniilnizl Jliu1.luti UFFICIQRS Hiiiniiii K Eiiiifiii . IM-f'Ji -11 Ciiiinix M Minn l'.ii Pi.i,',! my ADYISO Hiiciiiiii K lliriiivii Ihinnlifzr ui.-iii.i M Miriii I wi. I'iii1.!iu1 lsiiii Him- , ,. Mwf-fii ,lm Axxi lmnitiii 'I1..miit Ri if-4 YI, Rn H . Xffi.'.,'l 1 fulfill 11 I..xxiiim.i liinmii . I'1f'l,'.1,'i .XI,m.14if XYH xii ll. Tnuxi is 11.'.w'il.iii .ll.ir1.l:ti .Xlure L'iiix'ci'sity' of Illinois xxuinen are participating in sports this ycgir than ever liefnre. with XYurld lyxll' ll the incentive fur increasing' their pliysieqil endur- :inee :intl genernil health. They are finding in XY..-X..-X. Ll way' to do this thait is fun :intl interesting. lhe XYmiien's .Xthletie Assoeinitiun. Une uf inainy siniiliir fiigiiiiiygitifiiis in cnlleges and universities R Y l'Il11YBL'Dli .... . -lr. Asxr Brmxin .. .fiiiiihzli ,,..7iit.1i1iui BOARD HXIIRYITTI 5.iiYiris . Russ I 1,,i N K1 Pimiii Vlmxxr D, Sifiriiix. li-XRIHRR Yll ix Kiiiii' . . lrr.'t'i-Zwnit .ll.1H.1.uii . ,lm!f1n1'n.zl .llimiiuu , ,. .0vrl1ii1,i Riff. .. 7'tfv.1fiH2 Riff. Miiijunli Kink. BS , . . ..-I.!i1.fii Iffrisi I-ruin, NM, ., .l.lif.fii tlimiiglioiit the ntitiun, is united with the Athletic lfedeixitinii of College XYuinen. In intcrhouse gaiines and iiitlivitliml matches. keen euinpetitiun furthers pliysicail well-lacing and guml sportsinnnship. livery girl in the L'nix'ersity is eligihle for ineiiihership, :intl iiiziy nlitnin new skill in wld sports :intl fresh interest in new ones. She is al limi-votiiig nienilmer until she 1 'fx Q I . as 05 - J, - Ni: , . I . , 1 - ' as . Q as A 4, 1 X 1' 'Ng 5125: EARII Poswriz Priiiis KILIAN FURNVII SIAMAN PIFRAI hIORl.IxNsIl'RN 308 Q. ff XXVILMA j. Tnoxixe Lui mm: Bi ami xx -lo Aurel Hoopgi ii 1l:.'sr-Klint'u P1iffl.'tl.'i .U.1f1.1.'ii 'I iL,f.,f,ili SPORTS MANAGERS AIARYIORII' Emi If ,. II aim hill L-run I., XX' ini II I iv jraxxt INIMK . . . Hailey Lvlorux E,Moi1ios Doizis Posxin . , . flfnhi Mxruassi Kun-is Eitaxon Sinus , , . Iiffthi RuslAl.iRY P Vlmmls Manjoiur E. Piriuf R1.!.'ni4 Doms ANN BALMQH Ygfmii El..-UNF M. Zxvitic. .. Ttfmfi Arxuxr Foiuifrr . . . . xaminimq Hrtix M. lNIoiu',rNsIi'i1s ,, . lS,1ibg.'ff,:!l has paid her dues and completed one sport season. The program for the year is divided into four sport seasons, each ended by a tournament. Awards are presented and new members initiated at teas and meetings. Highlights of the year are tournament games, Orehesis reeitals, an annual spring banquet honoring f r . 2 ..a An 2 i A,'X 1 i , Y t..'gL'.:54- Bifrcsni N Montox STR,-tix Pfam i nriri ii Donoiiix' Hlrcsni x Rosiiii M Kivuaui Ri"iH E.PoRilil1lll1m , hi-XRIAIIII Fuiionu xi lrlillll 12. PIIIIKN , 'Q' In in hi my Xiirilfm I1 wrtlfmff Iii il',1f.'11t lit il'.1,'1ur 1.1!-li Ji wut I fffli ifuzfl :mul 11,,,n 1a,,,i1.',,. Iiffulmq ,,,lrifwj graduating seniors and award xiinners. and the 'lien'- rapin swimming show. Incoming freshmen are welcomed ln' XYAJX. at a Sans Souei party in the fall. .-Xt that time, the organi- Zation's program and leaders are introduced. Fresh- . ia Sigma Xu. YYAA. ionorarv. I 4 i Q.- v fini, . men are also encouraged to attain membership in -Xlpl , I K N V, ,Q QQR-'fav' - . : Q:: ii A Manx vloxis Bxr,HAf'H Kriiix . N ii M 'N i i 1 300 Al Q' Vlrisxl D 91 ui xx ORCHESIS "rl i' ' 'L '1"' olf1f1c1LRs vliiaxxi D brurxr. 01.111111 M 5111111 FACIL'lfI'X .. , .,P1.1:,."f ..Tm.11J.f ' SPONSORS ljllli 'Imm Hlxmi, A M, jlivrxil C1 5111xx.11117, A M KIICXIBFRS OF CONCERT GROUP Muni B flL1t's1Q.1s Erilxm 111 HXIWI GIURI.-X M SMIIH H1'x.x Y. 151111111 Liwilii l',l'RlIlI, bll'Kl1 Srlnxiiln KUNYIAAAI HHH! ,l1.x:xr,1 D, Slfxrifxr. I.1ot1.1 D, XY'c1u11 lhe nanie HcJlAL'llCIwl5u is taken l:1'UIH tl1e Greek wmml nicaining "111m'e111e11t." Xlotlern dancing, a11 exciting outlet for tl1e creative impulse, is based upon the natural n1m'en1e11t nf the lllllllllll hotly and 1111011 the universal cm1t1'blli11g factors of tune, space, and energy. Because uf a natural desire for expressimi, ll tlance ll0llU1'1l1'Y, uc3l'Cl1CSlS,n was first foiimletl at the Uni- versity of xXvlSCOI1Sll1 and was follmvetl by the estab- lislnnent of 11 chapter at the L'11i1'ersity of lllinois. .Xle111bersl1ip is obtaiiied by satisfaetu1'ily passing try- uuts held several times a semester, and is open to all who show an interest i11 Cl1lllL'lI1g. Urehesis is eo111pused of two groups, the general or beginning group, and the concert or advanced group. During the year, Orehesis presents two inajor dance concerts, one at the beginning of the second semester, and one in Nlay. They are completely finished pro- ductions, with sparkling costumes, staging, lighting, and music. The concert group also presents several dance dc111u11stratim1s for various departments and sehlmls tl1rougl1out the year. 310 l TERRAPI BARBARA 1. KFLLEY Pr i ,mfwlf OFFICERS BARRARA ,ILAN Krrrix' , . Eirrizw K, SLPIXVARK .., ANITA L. Kona , . ,, Pit if.!lr.w' . .l'1ii,Pulm'rul . Xwrrhli 1 f MEMBERS Farzzlrgv lYfAl'4TH.-X J, V,n:r.HT, A M. club, BARBARA JEAN KtLLrY DORIS A. BALBACH lN1ARGARET BUYER F. SUZANNE CLARK SHIRLEY JFAN DAvis ROSLYN HEDA EILEEN K, Scam Am: CONSTANCI' M. Hixx BARBARA J. Homer-s EILEEN L. HLSMAN DOROTHY F, Krriiv In 1923, Terra in an honorarv swimmin 7 . .llajor Tel'ri1pi11 illilzo VIRQINIA Frrvoxx sm' 1' Terrilpill AIANF Kmoxx Lrox AxiTA L. KOZAK PULLY Kem' DARLFYN LAR SON are spent improving ,lon N. MALAL if MONA RAR MAxw BIARY j, Mcf Llllll M. Evi-LYN Rom il lNlARY M. S.-KNIURIW dives and swimming strokes and was founded for the purpose of promoting and main- taining an interest and proficiency in all phases of aquatic activities. Members of Terrapin are chosen by tryouts, held soon after registration each semester, and are placed in one of two divisions, Major or Minor Terrapin, according to their degree of skill. lfVeeklv meetings practicing for the xvater pageant. Terrapin's annual water pageant, an entirely original production, is presented on Mothers Day week-end. At this time, members demonstrate their abilities in swimming and diving. Synchronized swimming and water formations are accompanied by music and un- usual lighting eilects. is-R M, MANN KUBY L. HOLMES BUYER KOZAK LAWSON BALBAU-I ROACH MCCLURE HENN D. KELLEY PILCHARD CLARK Fianowsiw B. KELLEY Sci-IWARK HUSMAN KNOXVLTON HEDA 311 PUBLICATIGNS I ISUI . . . when thc chief problem of the lllini staff was its campaign to oust thc rcgent . . . when thc "Origin and Culture of XVhcat" was "front pagc stud." more iniportant than news of thc day . . . xxhcn the aniliition of cach succeeding frcshnian class was to destroy plates, car- toons. and publication material of thc Sophograph Qforcrunncr of the llliol . . . uhcn thc Illini staff hcld forth in a lower room of thc "new drill hall" .. lhc Clay' Ninctics . . . when "liniclt-Knacl4s" progressed to "the CIhucltlcr" to "l3lots" and thcncc to "thc Scout." popular gossip colunin of today' . . . lifty years ago . . . ln Fifty' ycars of progress L'nivcrsity of lllinois publications have grown too from inconscqucntial "litcrary ctlortsn to thc carcfully organized studcnt ncxispapcrs, niagazincs, and ycarlioolts of today. llcadlincs, roar- ing prcsscs, claclting typcnritcrs, thc snicll of frcsh lilaclt ink, and thc thrill that conics uith a "liy'linc"- all of thcsc lurcd hundreds of stu- dcnrs to xxork on L'nircrsity publications in ll?-H. . . wiv xi? .xx .1 wx- .1 , .. -N' Qs. ,, I -i w 1 1 1 44 U 4-Q IVS gi, 3 D mum s H01-HEL PAUL C. NTCMICHAEL 4 rufiuli Xlizfmuir ILLI IPUBLISHI G CGMPANY The four orlieinlly recognized student publications of the University are :ill under the excellent supervision of the lllini Publishing Company. The Company is ll non-profit organization Chartered under the laws of the State of Illinois, on .Xlny 11, 1011 for the purpose of publishing and distributing all the student publications as well as doing 11 general printing and publishing business. The Daily lllini, the student nexi'spaper, and The lllio. the f'62l1'lJ00li, are both super- vised by the Company. The Teehnogrnph, 11 magazine under the editorship of lfngineering students, :ind The lllinois Agrieulturalist, which is published for the .XgI'lCLllflll'ill students, are also controlled by the Company. Xlunngeinent and control of the corporation is vested in the Board of Directors ninde up of eight members. Four nieinbers are appointed from the faculty by the President of the L'niversity' to serve for one year, and the other four are ,i Q ' 1 . :i l .ft 1' iigmgug B , is gp... GIBSON R,-mick Birzrn KACALIEFF .-11111111111 Cnnlfmrlj Alnznzgm 1 1 l l l I li i W 5 - .IW ' -"f W i W TURNER Sirurizr Movm Aman R. Kxiuiir N 4'1u.zi1 i W W W 'W W, W W WWW elected by the student body, txvo members each year to serve for txvo years. One WW of the faculty members serves as Chairman ot the Board, President ot the Com- W W pany, and the Associated Press representative for the Daily Illini. X On the basis of all-around merit, the Board of Directors selects the student i editors and business managers of the several publications. In addition, the Board supervises thc management of the publications xvhile encouraging initiative and 1 iudgment on the part of the staffs. A Company Manager is employed to operate the business and to advise the i' 1 l student leaders. The general policy of the lllini Publishing Company is the W serving of the University and the community by printing, publishing and dis- I tributing publications of the highest standard of quality at the lowest possible cost. W BOARD OF DIRECTORS ABNER R. KNIL-HT ..,.. ....,......,... C .'bi1i1'111i111 Favlzlfy ,llenzbers Student .llembcrx CECIL A. Alovsiz Nlamais B. Brrztx Frusnmcia SIEBERT BETTY L. Glrssox FRED H. TURNER Cnkisr D. JOSEPH F. Raiucli Rfikiut B11'7tR Sirnrizr KNIGHT TURNIR Ginsox Kat.-i1.11tFF i 315 i'IlYI'NiflN FRNINI Y SIIXI nw Iiw',':1f-fn-f'f'wm B.uw,xR.x -I, Yfvxx I!" fn1,1n'. lf,!,",1f KUH N I 316 A, .Qi 'xv . A x -my VN " Q I QE Q! 1 I' K F 1 , A " x.. I .zx SQ 5 3' Q, -- 1,0 :SQ I K7 NSW. ' -' ' W. . 5 " ml E ,Q .. 9? sf 1 -,, Rv" I I EC K ERSTROM ENGLISH ART STAFF Q1 N. SMITH FIELDING RALPH ECKEIISTRO M ROGER M. ENGLISH .I UNIO CIRAFI' M. Dl'VRlIS HIIIMAN LANNIN ELOINI, Mfr Ann' JUNIOR Rox' H, ADAMN MARTHA msn C' FIYIDINLI L. HI-N505 R . EI,rc:Nr:III, E. Cv,-III4I I , . ' 'S X. HAIIT GAEBE R BUSINE DIXVRIIN ' F af. 5 6: 'Q ti Cllsv w. , 4, A . A, IYANIIVIN NI,xxIII1vI Pmq MIIIUARII XYIIIII MII wiv THE ILLIC S S S T A F F SARAH IVIILLARD XXTILI IAM H, XYVHITE EDITOR UF 1943 PHOTOCI R A PH Y STA FF YIIRRY H Bcmmx Sm!! P!wrff,w'.1plvIf ,I-mx S. Rum .-IHIIAUII YIUHN I.. XY'I'vIuNIIAxIr4 Pfmhx. FuIInIx1 F XVIIXUN f.1fv!.,, ERNFST H, Pom .IACQLILINF A, STAXHIWPI' IA I. STAFF RICHARD H. HAM INIARILYTJ ' CAIwI,xx I.. SMIIH M RABKIN EDITH SOIIIQIROII X 'Y S A- I BI-xsox ADAMS I.. SOIOOROFI' RIXXKIN xi Bonnrrv 317 ,Id RIVHARU N. ANIWRN N BFRNARII M. ARUNIIT Rm' V. AI'L.lXNIkN XVILII.-KM I. BAIIII ALIRIII M, BIXNI II RIIIIIRI If HIRRY RIIIIIRI BIIANIIIA SOPHOAIORF-FRESI-IAIAN MENS EDITORIAL STAFF KI-NNVTH R. BRUNN GIORGI? W. K HI'I'I.x' ,IAI K H. CLATI-I-I.IIR RII HARD L, DAYIQ FRANK J. Emu GIORQI: M. FUNK ,fx,X quixt A Gnurluy Amnnx B.II1h Lind Mlllcl' Clmuly VMIIII Auuenwn XY'cInuI Berry SIIIIIII ARIINI C. 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U X ' J f -11, v 1 1 'I 11 Ar. ,1 f N fl A Q 1 f'1 , ' ' , I . 1 A 'I N 161 , Q 1 ,X KS I' 1 ' ' K - ' f- .. . rf ,551 3 1 1 -:' ' ,.-f A J ,,.,- .., ' 1. P1 1 ' , f f 1 ' N 4 xr- f 'fi 'E' ny: lug 4-A 1 N. 1,11 ' f -rw' 'kr' " -' 5 . " 1 :"'5?iT1'1v,1:efw 1 1 - 1 ,Y I .X , ' 1 ,S QQ? I , --N151 IR-Ji 11.1.10 - DED1cAT1oN 1 gy1UL!L!rFi!c!FL I ya X nz fhgrnflmr flt lil nlyx. A Y .31 b ' -Z In 1804 thu publlcntiun of thc annual yearbook clmngcd hum suphomore 1 - -ia. Pnl," ., W' -'V ' V 111 yunmr lmnds, Publlshcd prmr to that time under the mle, Snphograplm, A ' f thc nc.v publ1r.1t1on buamc the first of htty mmcuutnc mlumus of the i' t, Illm. Pmduntlun nf thc H110 changed from gunmr to senmr hnnds in ' fr' . I ' 1051 wrth 11 mrnor Llungc in Vitlc. If Q 'GQQL . Pnge Qxzc uf the nrst vnlumc wns 0lf3'f by TQ", but smxn changed ' ,,. nw ,," . ,yy , N f ' 1 b I , to 13" by vig", and 1n 111017 tu 7212" by l01fj". Slnce 1024, the pnge 'Z 'mfr f 1 ' 5' 1 l- N .1 ,b.1 1,11 by 1111 'iff-, Y I , A ,J ff Q - sau ux un 3 . . I fx I 'W S V1 The hrs! wlume mnrmned I-18 pngecg thm, the nmcth vulume, contains 1 ,- M ,-.11 'NE1 1' 7 91 A n nf, 5,4 W WCS' THE SOPHUGR.-XPH g 1390 -n ,ff 593759 T ,- 4 3X ' . 4 -1,1 1, H :kv rc 1 Auf. .F 1, il 4- si . .5. A ' -1. , .' 1. 4 ' .1 fi: A X Hugh '41 ,-+"5.,J e 5 X - -1 1 'JA "f?- flwifw . --- ' ' 1 ,a . --A , V P w l. ,1f"H' : j f 'f5S5g,.f1 "' -' Q f" "1 '-c "' ?g.- ' ' ,, ' " ' ' 1 -1' 'xv Ll' 5? - I, I A. 4 - ' ' f 1' .14 4 ' iw' "1 Q-: r. QQ. :L:- aff?-. ,Sv ,I gf -1 . 4. f 1. 5, Q: A kr i, 'I'-A' .1 2 1, 1 1 Ka' - .--A-frfr .J fx" 529' . "'- I - f .' J - -+11 f. rg.. ' 1-A-35.35-.-J si' 1019 11.1 10-W,-111 SFKKTION 326 1010 I1,1.1o - PUBLICATION OFHQFS 0 the- haughh Senior. Calm ' in his sell-conceit: to the os- lentalious Sophomore, kinq nl fools: tu Freshman and to Prep. indistinquishdble and equalls in- siqnificdnl: I0 the Prolessor. bewhiskcrcd and unimpr-amhahli-1 to the lanilor, with broom and basket: lu all. mer whom our qredt llnixvrsilv exercises its kindly influence. this book is drd- icated with sincere nlferlinn and with heaflv good-will,-4 .4 .4 .4 .4 rw- Ja fm mp LH um 'Wm 5URGf'1osr 11 aff:-'9' Y X 1 ' 517' 15- Coin? np, X R laniig 'Urn A f' nw, X P AWZMLU9 2- it 7 pf.--, 1,1135 1 V X ,I , VF ,N I 1 1 '. 4. bali L'-11151 11211 i '1 :Qui ,Pm-i'iY1 1 1 . , . Lan 1 1i-- .1 f - fw- , -Nfl 1. 1. , - ..Q f' A v' , . Y J.-'fM,g, KL i ...J MZ' fffln' 11 i ' iflY.:f"f? i' , ,,A,,gg!,1. 1 1 F "1-lrullu 1":Ri111.M1,! A' wir? Y' W 1,3 M i 1-'1.'1f"11f--f""' , - 1 ,15AW51,L' 'V Afifff- ff, '34 - 3 i in 5 ' Ai,-ff i ' 0 V 1. V, 111111 l111u- 1511111 111115: pm' IIN., .'R1,1t,, 5,,I,,,y -.vt L n-11. nuvr-1,1-1111 Tl-I5 IQ' I ILLIQ !zM1,41,f4 1 7 'a QQ' M17 Chliliv' fihfl' I-all QI X A-N Cfmf' M211 771877 ' X ii gl., lfiiaj' . is , r Y .bi , l1'Il4l.l..0f I!II!I r T58 1'-.mi-In-.1 hy Tho- So-nior flnss ff' WHL! F I ul rhi- if- ' lVlliYl'l'!ilfllflllillilih 0 N xxx 0 4 mm-pi-lg.. - I rm-1... 1- llllunis ' f 'L mr 1 Q N -. .1 4 1 Y .. f n s w . L L , 11181 111111 -f TIIII P1111 I111f1f11 1-131 -T1111' P.1.,1 s 7 1 1 .4 SOCIETY sf Is Prccetling the forinatiun of dancing cliilms in the early 1890s, social life un the campus was largely cuntinetl tn the activities of the literary societies. ln 12498, there was licld the first Klilitary llall, fullmvcd, in 1905, by the tirst lam' Dance. ln WIKI, the first Engineering Dance was lieldg later it liccanie St. Patriclfs Ball. An increase in the niinilmer of dances led to the furinatiun, in 1923, uf tlic L'nix'ersity Dance Supcrvisimi Cluniinittee to which all dance cuni- inittees xicre respnnsilile. ln 1024, .Xxe Grinders' Hall, pictlccesswi' of lleatlliners' Hop, was first licltl. ln IU25, the fresliinan class Iicltl its nrst "cuiiplc" lfresliinan lfrulic. Other tlanccs xxliicli began almiit the sanic time xicre the Arch Pete. later lcnmiii as lfine .Xrts llallg Kli Hila, annual furnial dance fur inde- pcntlcnt stiitlentsg and Pan-Hcllcnic Hall, sponsnreil jointly by the Pan- llcllcnic anil lnterfraternity' Ckiiincils. 'l'mlay, in xiar-time, dances have been liinitetl to Seniiir Ball, .luniur Pmiii. Siiplwiiimc Cfutilliun. lfrcsliinan lfrulic, Xlilitary llall. Registra- tion Dance, and tlie :Xg Dance. . -v-Y--vw--9-Y , ,Y .,,. Y Yf.- YM' Z, af ,- ' , Dig.. Mxfox: A L E ,l K JUNIQR PRQM Iii 'iii RI I,i -xx in K f'.i.'in.'.:i1 PROM CUNINIITTICE Rohiiii Loxxni ',.. . . , .. ..,. , . rf.ifin.m Maris rriieo Iiiixxanb Fruit-xiix Faux limit Firm Hiiss B1 1 ii' lltiiisfi-iiii Hnmifoi1iiHioL'x'1' XX'iii.x sixixioxx Ylrirx Siiiiixix siiliiiix liixie Dxxlli XYiximni, 'l'he highlight of the 19-F2-43 soeinl season came on Deeemher 11, when the eliiss of W-H presented their junior Prom. Alvino Rey and the enchanting King Sisters held the elose attention during the entire evening not only of the diineers. hut also of the xxntehing eroxrtl in the lmleony. The evening mis elimnxetl hy the eleetion of the Queen, Kliixine Rader, who was eseortetl to her heziutiful throne hy her Court of Honor consisting of Xlildred XYnrlieltl, Pat Cingzin, Xlnrily n Slciles, imtl Shirley Xxv1lllLlCC. lhe traiditioniil Grand Xlnreh was led hy Gene Klnthers, elnss president, and Robert l,on'ry, prom ehniirmpm. The tleeorntions gmtl the progriiins were simple in keeping with the spirit of the times. i 11 ,ws I' Bliss Blount f ieeo Slmrkey Boyle Lowry Hoclschcr Elvis Simmons XVineberg Mfuxlxr R.-un 1: Q11 fur Prwm xmr ln KH: Tumvm wx s -f - riuu xii U. Bun Mtv. SE IOR BALL .... 'npr Hn nan Cnnisriaxsox 4 ,J f'.mnn1r.' CU-Cfnlnffliin lln u.xri 1Hli'IsII,X5sllN . .., ..,. .. , , cf'-10.111111 1 LIAR! xml U. ERI! KNUX , , ..., .. ,. r'fifI,!:1.wn. if kiwi: A, Bust ii Lisrir L Miiurru, Alu Wilii,-in D. R.+xn01.PH jmx I., BLRRI Yu ic-ri A. Rai ixiill Cv1,uiu.x Risiir XYIIIINNI H lxruwx Cilgidly putting away their lmnlis after finals, Illini seniors swung out at the last lug all-university dance of the year, S:nior Hull. This festive nrlaiir mnrlccd the hcginning of Seniur XYeelc fur the Class of 19-ll and it was :ilsrv iiieiimixilmlc :is hcing the last fling of nmny' senior nicn who wnuld sown he leaving for service xx ith L'nclc Sun. llnh Chester and his sweet. sninnth rhythm pru- ridcd the niusiczil lmckground fur 93+ couples in Hull' gym. Behind the lmndstnnd hung ll huge hliiclc cap if '5' .l I gs ' ,J - ag- 9 llvin E. Sll.l4l-RM.-KN and gown which seemed to he suspended in air. The llllllili ofthe cap and gown were set Ulf hy 21 white backdrop. The decorations were very simple, all the color coming from the red, blue, green and yellow lights along the sides which illlllDll111fCCl the swaying seniurs on the dance Homin The Grand Xlarch ended one of the most successful dances of the season. The couples marched up the niiddle of the floor tu the strains of "Illinois l,,oy:1lty" clinmxing' this eninyaihle dance. Y X ' lf' si fi Rui.:-Y M.-vrurns I 511 ri: x f,Aiu.sux Biiiuui RANDOLPH 332 SOPHOMGRE CGTILLIO ,ALL- Gioiim RITIIR lil""RT -I' KVHNX fm, f.J',,,,I,J,1 i f f',:.-irrhif: COMAXIITTITIL RLHJR Al Ktiixt L.iim4,i iiirtriw Alum IHAPN ,lcmssi H. Hitis Ilximiiwisi HURXUR Pmills M. I.,u'klmr The Suplmiiiiwe Cutillimi. held im Xlnreh 12. was one of the lust all-L'nix'ersity dances to he held in the George Hull Gyniimsiuni, fur the dumtiim. 'lim- ditionnlly n formal affair, the eotillion was infmmnl for the iirst time as ll patriotic gesture in these xxnr times. Ted Fin Rito amd his liamd played their Cl11ll'1lCfC1'l5IlC if 4 f.i,'in 1 Lili f.:1in1.,r, 1 ini-xxx YI Mxivimii Imzis P.-ms Alwiixs Sixiuihwisi li iizi M, Xxxiiie sky -line musie for the dancers. The theme of the miisie was eairried out in the deeurnticms :md the pmgrniiis. A huge Sky-line silhnuette provided n lmek-drup fur the lmnd, and the pimgiuiiiis xiere lmlue xi ith 11 striking lwlnek sky-line silhuuette xxhnse lighted xximlmxs spelled nut 45. I i l Mmiiiin fiiwvs l,,XL'RI'XL,I S.xxiuJi'is'r KIVHNS .fx P.-luis Zv ii I-Q Rniiiiz kiiiiuun llllls was JDJ l i I i -nl Imouotu Farms 6 I'.:'in,,1f1 FRESHMAN FROLIC COXlKlIn1"l'FE liilluluikl Fiusnx , .. .. Clmmmaw ji is. M. Husixhin Fiusx W. Niisis Ros.-ixxa G, Wsiasrriz -Ions R, fetal? H.1.izoi.u j, Pram fuaiurs H, Roos Yiiwisia R. Marsh Dosoii-ix' -I. Srnoxa PrC,c,Y J. HIMES .Xt the time of this writing. plans for the Freshman Frolic. traditionally the sole informal class dance to lic held during the year, were still indefinite. In deference to the changed conditions resulting from the xxar and the needs of the nation, the Class uf '46 deemed it licst to make its dance as simple as possible and to eliminate decorations and unnecessary frills. 6' 5 5 i E E. Z S XYI iisri ix 1 un- lm'-s siizfisa. Fiusox 334 Notuithstanding this wartime somherness, no shadow seemed to have been cast upon the success of the ailair as the fun-loving Illini prepared to drop their classroom sobriety and to fall enthusiastically into the gala spirit of the occasion. The freshmen endeavored to preserve the spirit of the dance hy planning to have the programs in greenfthe symbolic color of fresh- men eycryu'here. s A T Pl Arise LIAUNFY Hints Nnism Bnslxotn PLOWBOY PROM ff.:-L RAIPH S, Yum- Vl'.1,wff.m l COXIXlI'I'Tl-'17 RALPH S YUHF Hiux L, hlLCIIfll,XNLr lriiix Piiiiiuos ,l, Krxxim' Kixraip, JR. PHx'LLix Hiiimxwoixru Rfmattw imm- MARY R, Fnmr Huckleberry I-'inns and Tum dressed in Snwyers overalls and straw hats took Becky 'lilmtehers to the Ag Dance on the night of April 16. The crowded dance tloor was filled with happy. laughing euuples in gay play eluthes. lnfornmlity was the key wurd for the evening, and everyone nhided by it. HRT ' iw 4 fi ei 1 i Elmixi MAii-iiih K Ixluu' j. Liiziiiiiu Eiiiimmx uviiui ' 1.lf.ui11i uf 1 if I lmziimu i I I-.ufnmf lzi umm IH Ywim ,luiix I.Hm.axx Xi xlx M, Hilixiix The Ag Dnnee was ii result of the enpnlile ehaiir innnship of Ralph S. Ywhe who headed 11 willing enm- mittee. This danee was il enopei'ntix'e function of the Ag and Home lfeunmnies eluln, the presidents of whieh appointed the Cl'l1lil'IlI1lll und the euiniiiittee. l l Q -S fv- Hmimxtiniia Gm-iii GRIFIIYH Ewx' SLAM- Pai iirwwx MAIHERB 1,1 muxx Fiumi Mei iiflmxu Nix-Lain Your Lrxx I5 Yuma 335 STAGE AND CONCERT 336 Q- 'lihe glare of footlights, the smell of grease paint in the dressing rooms, the endless rehearsals- all are a part of Lincoln Hall Theatre, an aetor's paradise for students xx ho in the growing years of the L'niversity have donned their paint and costumes to portray Hamlet or Queen lllizaheth. ln WIS, three independent organizations, Xlaslt and Baulmle. Pierrots, and the Play'er's Cluh. fused to form the present 'liheatre Guild. The productions have lmeen presented in many' of the L'nix'ersity huildings, in- cluding Xlorrou llall and the Auditorium, and even in the Rialto Theatre. lihe lincoln Hall Theatre xx as huilt in 1928, and at that time was one of the hest equipped and most perfect aeoustieally among college theatres. Star Cjourse xxas founded in WIT hy the .-Xdelphie and lJl1ll0lll:1Il1CLll1 literary Societies. and in the same year a student-faculty hoard was set up uhieh is noxx ealled the Cloneert and lintertainment lioard. v-w w -.-T, . - 1'W,vlv1W1.y, l.1x4mx I-M11 Im um ... -uw 551 W W WW W W W W W W W W W ,W W W W W W W W W WW W W W . 44 Q 'f gum- ' ' XY'rsi.rr Sxxaxeox JE.-XNNY A. Doxovfix l31vi'imr ,-lr.mrl.m' G:ff1fr.1l Dlinlniger 'I'i-ioxms j, Tvimsu. KATHRYN j. SUTHERLIN Geffen!! Mmlizger' Ofwnziir' Direcfor ILLI I THEATRE GUILD THOMA9 yl. TYRRTII vlmxxx. A. Doxmxx , . . Garirml Ali:m1gi'r . ..-li.,n1.1lv Gunenil .H.n1.z.tgur- ARTHUR T, POPE .... . All-113 Bniiniin Al.1r1.1.g:r JUNIOR MANAGERS RICHKRD G. Eizsxixi ,,..., Bn,-mf.. GORDEN F, Lsrrxm B. M.-unix . ,loves S. RUSSELL , Snmtrx' A. SMITH RALPH A. BPRGMAA The Illini Theatre Guild is composed undergraduate societies: Mask and Bauble, versity dramatic l10!10I'11I'yQ Pierrot's, IIICITS . Bnfniu . . . .Brulmh J ....B1r51uf' ....Bn.ilr1f..ii Pm.i14fI1fn: of three All-L'ni- dramatic lioncwaryg and Arepo, operatic honorary. The execu- tive authority of the Guild is vested in a 1 A hoard of .. .ll"m11eu'J Bluineif Alamzger ...Alt and Sidge Dizertor . . . . .lfimlrobe AIIJIMJJ JUN L, Bunxi .. Hi-Nm' Mn' ,.... Nam' j. Bam-zu, . Rai' I., KRu.l.1c K ,.. ... ..,.. Prailurrion Rl'TH E, PonTrRFlri.u. , ,, ..... Pmdnrfion JOHN D. SENMR. ...., ...., P rodzzfiion Bi rn' XVI-llT'lI-N . . . ..... Pfodurtion Eu.-I fi. PROFHL ,.... .,.., P ruduftian M,m'iHa Mtsxifxerk . . . ..... Praduriion directors composed of a representative from each of the member societies, the Guild General Manager, and IXYU University representatives. The Illini Theatre Guild is directed by VVeslev Swanson, Supervisor of Productions, and joseph XV. Ts? re Brsm R9 M iv Pop: Buiucs 338 J -sn' Q U : 51-,Inns LIIIF-FR sxiiii-I Paoiiii Maiixix SENGER Poiwivraiirris Mi-ssrsoi If Wim ii s Iaisiqixr Rvssrii BIHMXIAN Kit l'l,l I4 K ILLI I THEATRE GUILD , .. . ,, Mfprrzirffr- ,fl Pnffjnillfff XVESLEY Swaxsox 1-JOSEPH XV, SQQTT . .Iri'lw1i.1l I7.'ui.' i K.-irmxvw J. Surnriuix. .. Ofm.i.'fu Dfmn' i N ,,Tii'.1ovi LLOYD Noam' ..,, k On military leave, Scott. Technical Director. Nlr. Swanson is Acting Technical Director during' the absence of Xlr. Scott, now serving in the Armed Forces. The undergraduate staff, headed hv six seniors and assisted by twelve juniors, appoints the members of the husiness and pro- duction crews for each of the Guild productions. The crew heads and assistants direct the work of the vari- ous crews under the supervision of the juniors. The General and Associate General Managers are v 3 Axnrnsox Max' Miiirn Q! L. Tnouas j 'l'viiR1 ii . , . . . . , , , 4 lf.1nm,m QHIRIIY A Ssiiiii ,limi and Himffli' Hi sin' Mix '... . Pmfiio ,li iv Miiiin. . . .-lnipii Groiuii P 'lL'11ii Plano fluff Aasiri Rr Kxinui , . lwfiifini Ripnwfifiiziia fiirsiin R Axluksox L'wi.ii.fJy lhpiii,-fi1.if1if in charge of Business and Productions organization and Guild personnel. The two Senior Business Klan- agers have charge of publicity, lmox-orlice, house man- agement, and the play'-hill. The two Senior Production Xlanagers direct the work of hacltstage crews. This includes set construction, scene painting. lighting. costumes, properties, and malqe-up. The juniors rotate in supervising departments of the Business and Pro- duction stalls is i 'R .N Y 501.9 ' TYRRYH, KNIGHT Tvriir Smiiii 339 Il ffi' Ve f'11 1 illmn. .111 . . . Ojml . . . Dff1m.1. .. 0::1r. E.-.fir-, .. Prinlm... Clin k .,,.. H.1Ium. .. . 111111111 Grmrilff . .. ll' lllmzll U"1wl11'mfli. .. flnul Tfilzrj ll"w11'11mllv . . nf, JI-111111. . .. .GERALD G. KRAF1' .HENRY MAY .ELEANOR THOMPSON .BARBARA ji EASTRIAN CLIFFORD E. TEELING AxN M. CULLERTON ...... -IFANNE KNOX . . PHILIP SCI-rr-IIDT XV1l.l.IAM J. REARIJON ... .MARIAN STUART ...josrpn M. Misco . . . .ALIETH EA Gowns .Rt'ssI5I. W. XVAGNER HE FLYING GERARDCDS "The Flying' GC1'2l1'LTlDS,'i written by Kenyon Nicholson and Charles Robinson, was given by the Illini Theatre Guild on March 20 and 21, 19-12, at the Lincoln Hall Theatre, and was presented at the Champaign L'.S.O. Club on March 22, 1942. Under the direction of Vlfesley Swanson and joseph VV. Scott, the three uct comedy was a huge success. The Gernrdos are 11 guy troupe of ucrobats-spz1I'kling' and dazzling in their costumes IIS they swing from their trapezes in the "big top." The troupe becomes divided when Donna, cleverly portrayed by B211'l1G11'21 Eastnian, falls in love with Doe Vermillion, n learned professor. Some of the troupe like the professor, but some dislike him intensely. The comedy reaches new heights in merriment when Doc tries his hand at ncrobnting to please the troupe and Donna. The unusual theme of this comedy plus the excellent acting and directing made "The Flying CiC1'l11'LlUSu L1 very successful production. Plwlln ,,,.. . Lfifil Cfln1111'i'llnr'. 15.111 ffl 'llff1111.'i1ri1i Pi1i.1.'t ll :lin , lfilinfnffi .. . 5'1n'1i!ff.i1 .,,., Qnttu ff! ffm' 15.111 C t!,'.1 li1l.1 , I-111.1 illuiiui: ljURi1IHX' Brtiirw, Iii Kvtiix, lixixi Klllli. fARAii'LIx'a I,mx1u', l:I.I7Xl4l in linxlu, XvIXII x Mxiix, Rim N111 Mc,l.E.'xN, XVx'mi.-xrtmi' lxlllllll, Mxxixi llllilli, Pufwiii Vrsui, Ami Wiiiiirxi .llr.iii,i.' Rfmifu' Exxim-. llxiuix' Ciiliiciwx, lvlllillil Gomxwx, Huw IiAr4RIx1.i'ux, Rimini Hxiuxxxxx, Mix lNIfiRi1.+xLm, Hmmxnii SHUM-KN, Fivil- SNIIIH, jxmx Tuiiiri, XVII IIXM NYM NH if flux Nu H111 xx mi Piiiririx H, l,lXXIN K' HK 1Rl'5lN M-iiuivx H. Siuiiw , llviuix Rrr.f,,xx R11 H.nuw M, ALI ix j. Gnu NYM I Nl lf. STVRM Diiiux M. XYRIK-lll ,ll ix hlllllli Mxiwzixi IE, limxi OLAN HE On thc cvcnings of April IT :intl IH, MHZ, thc lllini 'l'hunti'c Ciniltl prcscntctl thc second ptmluctiun of ,-Xrcpuk tcnth wzlsrrii, Inlirllrlnt' by XY. S. Ciillmcrt :intl Sir .Xrthur Siillivnii, untlcr thc tlircctiun of liiithry n .lnnic Suthcrlin and tcclmicnl direction of -lnscph XV. Scott. licith XYilson cwmluctctl thc mclicstm. lnlnnthc, lmnislicd fruni fairy' lnntl lmccgiusc shc has innrrictl 11 iiiurtgil. clwmcs tu livc at thc lmttuni of 11 river tu lic ncni' her sun who xx 115 lnurn slmrth nftci' hui' lmnislinicnt. Stwpliuii, hcl' mn, is in love with Phyllis hut lmctxiiisc thc l,ui'tl Clmiiccllni' will nut give his cunscnt thcy cginnnt lic niiirrictl. Thu lfniry Queen scntls Strcphnn to lJ1ll'll1llllCl1l' xxhcrc :ill his lnxm xx ill lic pgimctl. thcrcln' nngcring thc pccrs. 'lihc l,u1'd Clmiicclliny uhm xxnnts to inni'i'y Phyllis liinisclf, is np- pcnlctl tu lay luliinthe. 'lihcn :ill thc fairies inin lulginthc in hcl' sin nntl nmi'i'y inwrtnls. 'l'l1ci'cfm'c, thc lim' is clinngctl saying that cvcry fairy' nut iimrry ing 11 murtnl must thc. Phyllis and Strcpliuii Arc lll1ll'l'lL'Ll. :intl :ill rcturn fu fairy l.inil. Gwinn Binh!! Nfifw.n.- Rt 1 it .Urn Cmnt! 7 ffffj Di wif 11 Jlnml Fffini. .. lx.Hi :Iliff . .llmgi Biilnml Dnlwn ffnluff u .. Ab. ffl!-mu lli. Ktmzi llilr ffl. .. .WARRFN FULLER ,.,.To:it TYizREi.L ...Lois Rrlsz ..,.. JOE Miioo ..Bl"l'l'Y Hfixlsi E ...Dokonn Priuuxc. I.i'Li Scuw.-mr ,Imxxr Sxvisurn, H.-uuurrr ARGENBRIMHT .,... .M.iiuLi'N Anim. Ronin HILL, Oils At3ci'n1'r Jizsvis Zimiurimfxx . . . .Roarnr Siriznn, jfific Svnow XViLi.i.iM RE.-KRDON UT CDF THE F RYING PA lfriincis Swniiiifs "Out of the Frying Pun" was presented by the Illini Theatre Ciuild in the Lincoln Hull 'l'hentre on the nights of Huy l and 2. :ind June 25. 26, and 27, 1942. under the able play direction of XYcsley Swanson and technical direction of joseph XY. Scott. The plot consists of ti group of boys and girls, l'l1CLlf1'lC1lllf' minded. who live in nn npnrtnient over :1 producer. They observe the producer through ai hole in the floor. and finally they aittraict his attention and :ire nble to show him their tailent. lfixuicis Suxiun conceived his idea from four young actresses, one of xihoui was his sister, who presented plays in their small, oi'er-croxrded living- room. He realized the comic possibilities of the situation and wrote "Out of the Ifrying Pan" which was produced on Brondxi'uy within n month. The clever stage settings were designed by Lowell Roberts, Sue Straus, and Herbert Hensey. ... U51 ff 111 buiiid- i if li ,Ji P151 if Iii Lu Sn Hr Rn milf! lu Gi..'f,'.'Jlv' K.1tl.m I ,li,.if. Inu fi,-L It 1 1 FR fu v.'l.:ri,' pi 1 ,f 1.:.i'ifl T11-mix ll. lwsiil AllIllI1.'X4lIXI!i Rlivii XY XXX 1,-x in Al llxif-iw Ik xiiiiiiix .-X Bvllll XXiiN---. D lliii lil iii L Nutm- ROPE'S E Pntriclt lflgiiiiiltfiiik fgiiiiuiis litimii' play. 'llltipck l'nd." uns pint-iitctl iii l.ii1- uoln llnll llicxitrc mi tlic cvuiiings uf Outnlicl' 'L Ill. 23 .md I-l. IV-lf. tiiidci tlic dircctimi tif Xlbslcy Sxiniiwii, ln nn cllnrt tu cuiiiiiiit tlic "pci'fcct k'l'llllC.u Xljiitlliiiiii llitiiitlwiii :ind flliqirlt-s CiI'l1l1lllU. txui uillcgc fricndx. Illlll'LlClA .i wry pfipiilgii' friend nf tlicirs, llic rcqil cxcitciiiciit of tlic play clinics, limi'cx'ci', xilicii tlicy invite scvciuil puiplc In din- i ner, xxliicli is scrvcd frmii 11 clicst xxliicli cciiitziim tlic liridx. l,cil1i .Xi'dcn. xlgill- fullx' pm't1'nx'ctl lix' Sliirlcx' Siiiitli, unxiittinglx .imiisus tlic qiicstitiii nf xiligit ix X in tlic cliest, amd Rupert Cinidcll. ll Inuit- gucst clizii'1ictci'iyctl Iii llyrun Riggim .uuiscs thc txui hosts of l1llIl'AlL'l'll1g tlicir friend, Rcniliring flint tlicii' psf" ' td l l criiiic was not quits pcrfcct. limmlnin mid Ciitiiiillli cuiifcss tlicii' litiiiililc dc'- XYyiidliniii llmiidwii uns cxucllciitly plnycd liy 'limi 'l'y'i'1'cll :is xl wlf-uiiilidciit l fcllmv, wliilc .Xlfrcd Culver iiizidc Cflinirlcs Ciiuiiiillu, in CHIIIIEIST. gm uiidccidct and friglitcncd 1iiui'dc1'ci'. 'lilic suppurting twist kt-pt tliu stury iiuiviiig qiiiflaly and ciitwtniiiiiigly tu tlic final criiifcssimi tif tlic lllLll'klL'l'. l4.Lf i fam . . . Xjlxm Fnzrlri .. Nmlry Blake ,. Pqggvi D115 . . . Ii:il11v Pnlrw' , .limi H.1imi .. ON.: . . . AI, .. l1".1,t.i.1rf. .. F11 Il H.z1i-IIII-I ml. Suivffzii Hizzralffwsv PI'il1r11r1i'l ..., Illlii Ffmfgrr 1.11110 Mm-I' ..... .UI L. .llmI'ln'I1J. . .. Fzril X.1lcrz1ffmI111 S1 I ffm! Si1l1v11f1fI1.1I1 F1111 illmful. ., ... Nuullyi 1' ullfnlrl. ,. C.'iIi1.1l .-H1111 ,.... Pruitt Ir TI1n1,1i.1 lfxurrl-I' I11I.'111Ilu,i,I Alirulqlu .,.. ... .Hui lllizllfi.. ,. . .Um Tvlnzrmvlnzri l.1ni . .. ., C'f111I11rii DU l..1,Q.'. .ll111.1r11 xliizfffzi .. Hulim' ..., ,. S.I.l1i' .... cjgiinirzii . . . lin If Girl .Yiiffuil Girl. . 1'3ilf11l.1rI,'f . . . THE WDME On the evenings of November 21. 22. 27. and 28. Pierrots once again came through with a perforinance of Inirth and laughs. as only Pierrots can do. Their presentation of Clare Booths "The XXTUIHCIIN was extremely good and provided an evening of good entertainment. The all-male cast was, if not ideally, at least absurdly perfect to Hll the shoes of the all-women characters in the play. Though not entirely convincing as women. the lllCl1 of Pierrots were certainly amusing. Toni Tyrrell turned in a grand performance as the sweet. unaffected Alary Ilaines. and was equalled only hy the performance of Henry May as the vicious cat. Sylvia Fowler. Together they fought the thing out tn an entirely satis- factory finish. with Sandy Coniora as Crystal Allen doing his part to keep the hall rolling. The directors, Charles Shattuck and XVesley Swanson. can well be proud of this ycar's production, as can all the cast who participated in making "The XXYUINCIIU the success that it was. yrs: FILAIURF SCHILLFR ... . . .HENRY MAv ...GAR LUCAS ...RALPH DRALLI: .THoA1As NICIQELL .THOMAS TYRRFLL .,RoNALD REIFLER HAROLD MAUTNER .XVILLIAM IVIILLER .CHRIsI' KATSINAS ,. ...JOHN SFNGER .. . . . .SOL SIMKIN . ,... XVlI.9ON HALL ,. BYRON RIGQAN ... . .EARL BLOQM .. .RQRIQRT XYIHITE IIRROME ORNSTRLN ..RoHFRT PIERSOL .. .SANDY COAIORA ,DAvIu IW.-XRGULIES ....JOHN BAXTER ....Roi-IISRT XVALKER ROBIRT VORRI YRR STFPHFN GRAHAM XVILLIAM RANDOLPH Gromzif DILLAYOU ..J. HAL CONNOR RL'ssI1LL XYIAGNFR ...,BI2xNY ARUN .XY'.-KRRFN GLFNM' .DAvIn NT.-XRGLTLIFS ,CHRIST KATsIxAS . .RoIarR'r PIFRSOL Rmiollo, poef ..... Mmrflla, pizinffr. . . . Collins, plnllofoplier Stluuzlliird, mnfirml Benoit, lmltllvfd. . . Minn ......... M11,ii'lI.1, . . . rlfrlmfr fffv . , Pmpiglwl. ...... . . .RIxr1F,j. Hikxis ,..W.u,i..u.i F, Sit RH ....Fniiw K. Boon: ..XY"Ill4l'R'I' Ln ni is-, . , ,Bvizox Ricans Donu'1'HY Bl-LIINI. IXI-uutvx H. SKll,Is Hoxxfxnnl Wi-mn ., , Li- Rm' H,-im' Czfmmz limit- Otfimli, .. ,,FRiu R. sixirrii, Ross H,inruNm.ios C HI JRLNES Mfr,-vJ.' JANET A, Axurasox, EMMA K. Hoxxlizs, Mnofiilii A. Firm, DOROTHY I.. Icrow, Anuxr R. Ross, I,oizi'N.i A, Russ, Ami- M. XVILHELM, fiHARLINF Wim., E. jofix Bsnsxkim, Amiixi Hin-isisx, Viviax M. Manx, lxl.-KRIIORII' A SLHRUIUIR, Puoiiu CQ. Visio AI.noo.- join: E, Gniix, Eimixi Hiixnrixx, Fmn R, Sxinn, RICHARD R, Srourrrn, XY'11,ii,ixi D. XV.usu, ,losiifii E XV,uuiix, DFLBERT A, Gomxsox, Ross ltl,-XRRINKVIUX, Roman rl Hiinw ix, MAX Monrifwn, Gtmio I, Norcosinou, Hom num E sro sus Clv1l.1'1if1:M,-xRY Huw, Ellis Huw. 'Inu Pnniivs, .Inns Anim ' f' if 59 i is Li sak -Xs- X. A-X X N'-Q LA BCHEME Ln Boheme was presented by Arepo on December llth and llth, 1942, ns the First production of its eleventh season. This famous opera was sung hy Reno Harms, as Rudolfo. and Dorothy Belting, ns Xlimi, in the lends, and zi well-chosen supporting cast. including xxY1lll1lCC Sturm, Marilyn Slciles. Byron Riggzin. und nmny other Illini Theatre Guild favorites. This opera of student life in the Latin Quarter of Paris one hundred years ago and the tale of the loves of these students has long lween ai favorite, lioth for its music and story, und uns well received lu' its audience of Illini. lfxcellent directing ln' liiitlnyn -lzinie Sutherlin made the production run smoothly, and the music, under the direction of the conductor, Keith XYilson, provided Ll fine lmclcground. lt was perfect to the last line point. and the costumes of the period Added the finishing note to the picture. l 1 ...i yn- T , . 1 .AW .pf- 1MAS ' BAUBLE XYI'SI.I'Y Sxx .axsox F,1fvf'x 1" 1 XY.-XI,'I'IR Anus: Ronrm' I,. Emu rx Maxllxxx AMTHL D.-Wm XV. Axmfuxx RIARY YI. BINHFIM RALPH A B1Tu,M.Ax jmx I.. HURKF RUTH A. Clawln Ima X,uT1f.r.,w'n . .TH x FACULTY AND GRADUATE MEMBERS su uuxa Nu wx MEMBERS IT.-xxxx A. Doxov.-xx PHYIIIQ KLOOCK RAT I,, KRUGIIFK Gmmox F. LETTNTR 1 ,TRLTTLTTA Loxx rw D,-xvm E, MAcIxITLL.xN Ix.41TT1.LL H. RIAIIYIN ,I,-xr-qT'T1.1NT' Puvrn IN UNIVERSITY Hmm' M.-TY INIAWTHA Ixlxsslxom RUTH E. PoRT1nlflTLD ELM C. PROT HL ,Iovcf S. RT'ss1LL ROBHXT ST. JUHN ,Imax D, SLNGTR ,-1 AIIANNF A. DONOVAN Pr'u,TiT7'sr1I ANNE E. XTAGLE I 'ITT -Pr ejldsrlf ,IOSIEPH W. SLOTT W1 suv Sxx Axsox SHIRLEY A. SMITH Eufxxon STQSKUS PATSY Sums THOMAS J. 'I'x'Tu1ELL BARBARA M. XVALSH BTTTT' XVHITTITN ANNE E. YFAGLE sg -g ,Q 1 '-x, 4-. :UK X.. Max K TYRRTLL Bum: mmm Kmom K XYYTLSH SURIE IQTNHTTTK ,MTTLT1 IJ1mm.xx XT.-IGLIT XY'I-IITTFN 3-I6 ' AWIIIIIIIII IAII T3 R- ty ,IIIHN D. SINGER I'1rf-PI rI1.!I 111 RIL HARD G, ERSKINIE SI'I'Ic1I1I'j -'I'Ic.IInIer NATHANII1 H, ERIYIN, AM, OLAE S. FYIrI.ur, A M. DAVID W. ANDRIAYQ RALPH A. BIRGRIAx XVAYNE G. BROEHI ROBERT H. CARRLITH SOL COMORA J. HAL Loxxon, JR, ALIRED A. CULVFR CHARLES C. CURTIS, JR. I RAYMOND DAI-ILc.REx ALBERT DAYIDSON GEORGE j. DILLAYDLI RALPH DRALLF RICHARD G. ERsRIsIf PIERRO I II. I' 'II II 2 ,:, QW! , xvlx S I X 'AXWW' J NV Fj- III, -:IQ I I 1 3 ivan ful Q- in sv VSWR A. '15 xl , sg' I I ffII2-gr R' III S CII-RIIm: Ia I.IIr:.IR PIIw.'.f'I Is: F A C L' L 'I' Y QHIRIIS H. AIIAIIUH, PII D. XYIAIIY Nxxmmx. AAI, R. HRVII XYIIRIIR. PIID AIEAIBERS XV,-EFRIN S. GIIRNNY SIIPHYN G. GRAHAM XX'ILwrIN I'IAII. HIIIIIIRI' E. I-II'xRIfY THIIRIAQ T, Jwxrs CHRIST ICATSIN.-KS Ru HARD KLIxIc GORDON F, LIITNFR A, GAR LLTAN DAYID MARQLIIIQ RUIIIRI M. MAISON I"IAROI.D CQ MALITNER HINRY MAY IN UNIVERSITY XVAYNI' R. AIIINTIR 'I'I.mIAx A. NIIIQIIL IH,-NRI!-R I, ODII1 XYYARRIN H. OLQIIN LIIRFN P-IRI-4 PHILIP F. RALIQ WILLIAM I. RIARDIA RoxALD RIIFLIR BYRON RILILQAN STANLIY N HPI IXI R ,IUHN D. SENLIIR ITRANTIS SH0xRxx II I R MIL SIMIQIN 7 -A m s.. gg .-v ? ,II-Hx SMIIIIAIIR IIIIIAIRI SIIIN RIIIIIRT C. hr. ILIHH 'l'IIIIAIAx YI. VIIYRRIII RII HARD ,I LKIIIZIRNI' RIN-LL W. XXI.-XGNIR RIIIIIRI I. XVALKIR fAIxIx E. XY'IIsIQoPI RAIPH R. XYIIIQ RIIIIIRI' I.. XVHITI' RHI-lR'I C. XYIIIDRI4 II SIIHNIY M. XVOQII V A 3 5-i Sw- I' A Ds N , -, I . . l E V R t lx . ,K I 'Q X I by-I ' I ' I I I X X I ' X. A FQ. r.. X 1 . LFITNER CARRLITH IERSKINI' ST, ,IOHN SENGER NICRIQLL f'L'RI'Is LINBORXE Tx RRI IL OLSON BIRGMAN Axunrxx 5 MAY 3-I7 I I I I I II II I I ,.l 3.3233 in KMHRX x wI,Sl'1HIn1IN l7,'uI."'z REPO 1 4' , E. D. , X iv ni.-,I Q. W.xL1,.acr F. STFRM PIHIIILII! KEITH L. XY'1Lwx D,mIf,f1 'IRM H HUIF' K.u'Hm'x j, SUIHFRIIN, A B Ilxuu .Marx nhlwa M HI xx mm HY I B1 l.T1x4'. mx' -I Hr NH: In Pxrl IMXIHUII In IH A f.hI'IR NIIQNIBFRS IN UNIVERSITY Mum R IJUXXIING Rn H Inn Cv, ERNKIYI SHIRIIY YI, FIAIIIR RURIRI I H.x'1Hxxx.n III-IIN! I, KHKR IJIIYI 1 lw Klum K Gunnnx F. Ll IIXII1 PATRIVIA H. I.: xx IS C.xRmfL1T.+ Loxx m' BARIMXRA I.x'K1xN IVAN Munn El Na C. Pam HL Alaxlxr Rama BYRON RIGLH-KN XY.-ILL-Xl 1' F. STVRAI Bun' XYIHITIYN Dams M. XYRIGH1' Kmof rg H.,xTHAxx'.n' IJ NN IN SLTH1 aux Doxvuxo Iinmxx Hum ru IYIILLFR Muni K1 RR XVHIITFN I-I-S K mu" A XX"""R ITIIIIIIIIII li NIIKIN I:-IIn.'.':I XIIIUJII ,,. ,, ,. CGNCERT AN TERTAINME T B0 RD XIIQNIISIAXRS l"I1I'1rlry CIIIIRIIF I.. I INRK. PII.D., D QI. FRIIIIRII B 51IXlX,H N1IIs,.MuxlI EIIXXIN H. RIIIIIR, PlI,D. Alxxux LI Vw IIIIIVIII-I, H Arm, M If A. IIIIII A Yxllflvlll, HN .Srlfdcflziv ARIHLR R. AI.-IRLIARFT - I H,III.,lR NIINIRXIX PIXXXIII I., PHII.I.II2s IHXII XY' RI-IIII 'V' I : : I 'SV' fu. Rx XVEBBER CIARK HALL Roma REEDER PINNELI. SIIVIEN PHILLIPS VAN DIIIIHIUL 349 Hoxxuuzo L. SANTER gII.111.:grr S R CGURSE For the past fifty-one years Star Course has brought cultural entertainment to the University of Illinois. As early as 1883 lectures by outstanding men and women of the time began to be sponsored by the Philomathean and .-Xdelphic Literary Societies. These occasional lectures proved so popular that in 1891 the Star I,ecture Course was begun. For tyventy-six years it remained under the auspicies of the literary societies. Finally, in 1931, the University Concert and Entertainment Board was organized to supervise all public entertainment given at the University for which admission is charged. Star Course yvas then placed under control of this Board. The University Concert and Entertainment Board is composed of four faculty members and four stu- dents. Its function is to select artists presented each year and to appoint the senior and iunior managers This year Star Course presented a series of side con- certs. The Don Cossack Chorus thrilled the University audience with its wild Russian songs and dances. Fol- loyving the Don Cossacks, Star Course presented the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra which has proved exceedingly popular in its four performances at Illi- nois. Third concert in this year's series was given by the outstanding baritone, Paul Robeson. In January, Claudio Arrau, yvorld acclaimed pianist gave a de- lightful program. Albert Spalding, already well known to University audiences, lived up to his reputation as one of the yvorld's most gifted violinists in his concert here. This spring the final concert was presented bv Rose Bampton, leading Metropolitan soprano. It is niy eisitv Concert md Enter the sincere desire of the U f 1 I - 1 - tainment Board and the Star Course staff that thev may continue to bring' the University fine concerts. and the sophomore staH'. -Ji V-7? 'A . 15. ' K - , -f " - A? 1 l 35 'VN 15" BARNES BENJAMIN TAGGART VONBIEHRFN PORTER BITZER 9 RICHARD C. BARNIW2 BETTY B, BINIAMIN RICHARD M. AI I Ax 3 'Cx 1-4 Q BARNES TALIZTIII VI-RMI HRI N PUIIIIR BIT1IR BIRIARIIN SHIRIIR Hmm Inn L. SANIIII JUNIOR HANA N.aRI.II B BIUIR ,lm-IN S HAVPIRT Snplwiflarus G IQRS IMRIII, W. PQRIIR f xI1IIlxNI Af-XIWIRIR ,IIRIIN Il, 'IK-,.,IIII' V! IRI Yu: MI HRIN XVII IIIRI H RIRRI XI Avoxxr I.. ANIWRINYS XY'II.II,-IM U, HFKP HIT II' INIARKII Rm' C 5mIIIH, VIR SHIRLPY 1, B.-KVIR IYIARTHA E. HIFTT XY.xI,IIR H, INIIIIIR Mmzx' W, SI,II'IIwIX Lou Axx Brmow Jn.-Ixmf H. HIIIS M.-IRIMIRI r I.. Mmm' Rl"IH SIIIRIQIIN Axxrrrr BRIINNFR H.iRIrIlIl Nl HIIRROR PIIYII li I, Mxrns HARIKARA G. LVNM-XR M.-IRTHA fIlRKlkRY H.-XRMAN HIIIIIIARD ALIIA M PARRIQH RII II.-TRD j, LRIIURRI' PATRICIA A. tjox'IR WII,LI.IIII E. HUIIER l,OI'INI' M. PRIIIIII MIRIIIA L, XVITNI RUTH M. DMR SON CI-IRI5T Ka YHNAS RUx.xIIp RLIIIIR IHfIx.III'v S, XVHMI PATRICI.-x A. Drczfxx Bl'l"lY j. KIILY M.uu,,xIII I' A RIIIIIIIM JXLI4 I AI, XYII IIIIRI BI.-KRGARFT A. F.-KRR BI.-XRY A KIRK XYIIIIIRI H, SIVIRNX L.IIIR-,r H XYIR III -IODY A. GIrLIwII-IN RIIQIR J. Kruxs XYILI Inf E XYRIMIII ' ' " E 1 1 . ,- 1 I : .2-SIQL '12 , I . :Hy -::..h 3 2 I 5 1 I -'Q R 3 2 5 I I. , . Ai i r : E 'V '. FQ:-T '- IXIJJEKCI' Guldslcln Andrcui Kuhns K.ItiIn.Is 9.111 Klrk Farr f'm'Qr Myers Bcnwn Rnbblm Smith Huber Hxupcrt Slkkemn Mxllur l'ng.Ir HIr:tt N-sary Brenner Uihurnc Allan XYILIIH Hulwlurd X'i'rIuht Mlrkel Dugan P.IrrIxh D.Ixx5-In Kelly XV.ryne Bauer RCIHCI Hills Pmihl Squwei Hornor 35 1' STAR CGURSE ALBITRT SPALDING Star Course patrons have acclaimed Albert Spalding repeatedly during the last txvo decades, and this year on Xlednesday, February 17, 1943, they again applauded the master of the violin. Born in Chicago, Spalding studied in Florence, Italy, New York, and at the Paris Conservatory. At txventy he made his debut in Paris with Adelina Path. He HS has achieved a most enviable success a violinist, a composer, and an arranger. :Xlbert Spalding takes rank with the most gifted European violinists. PA UL ROBFSON ie ro singer, Paul Robeson. the great 1 g has achieved the statu institutiong 'H ent erform diences cheer his magm c p ances. His rich feeling stir t tion. Encore time at l pandemonii he is, indeed, "First among tl cl 1 warable to the great of his race, an con t est singers of any race." 352 s of an American evervxvhere. enthusiastic au voice and depth of he heart and the imagini tis concerts is 1 un of shouted requests, tor ie vocalists ST R CCJURSE 'lihe lntlianapulis Syiiipliuiiy Orchestra appeared at nually increasing euneert tuurs uhieh are neeessitatetl the l.'iiiversity this year fur the Iuurth tinie. This lay tleiuantls fruni iuusie-liners ut eities all mer the syiupliunie gruup, in its present status as une uf the United States. Dr. Sevitylay stands fureniust aiming sixteen niaiur syiiipliuiiy' urchestras in the enuntry', Xineriean enntlueturs fur his lung-time ehainpinnship started xx hen Dr. Scvitslty' assunietl its lmatun as perf uf Xnieriean niusie. He lvelieves the greatest inusie nianent euntluetur at the opening of the ewneert sea- uf the future will eunie fruiu thc pens uf Aineriean sun in Xuveiiiher, WST. The urehestra and the eunipusers, just as the greatest inusie ut' the past has euntluetur are internatiunally faninus for their hruatl- lveen written ln' lfurupcans. easts un all three niaiur netxrurlcs. and fur the an- ,param ...- 3 53 i i ,l -- i ST R CGURSE On liliursdiiy, Uerulier W, the Gen- eixil Plnriitli Dun llissnelc Cfliurus swelled lu thundering ereseendu ns they sang of the nulule XX1ll'l'lHl' wlmse nauue they lieiir. ilihese exiles uf pre-Smiet Nlother Russia not only do lwiiinge to their nnriunnl hero, but keep i'e1'da1nt the iueiunry of their lust lwnielund. This Russian iugile ehurus has been urgginized fur fiiurteen years under the lirillialnt leadership uf Nielioliis liOSfl'll- lmlgf. The exultnnt fervor uf the voices is heard in the beautiful liturgical niusie of the Russian-Orthodrmx Cfhureh and in the exquisite, haunting melodies of the Russian folk-song. To these :ire added the wild Cossnelc songs with their ex- eiting mixture of interspersed shouts and whistling. Then there is the thrill of the dances, bringing the performance to :in exciting eluse. V,- XX 1' 35+ ST CGURSE R OS If ll ,X Xl P 'li U X As leading supranu uf the Xletrupuli- tan Opera Association, Ruse llaniptun has risen to enrialwle heights in the luriet' spaee of a few years. She niade her Xlerrupolitan dehut un her txreiiri'-tliiixl liirthday and fruni then un her career assumed an international seupe. Her brilliant performance at this university demonstrates that she is equally at hunie un the concert stage and luefure the niieruplione uf leading radio prugranis. CL.-X L'lJl0 ARR,-X L' Like Mozart, Claudio .Xrrau hegan as a child prodigyg like Sibelius, he has been financed hy' his euuntry. XYhen he was seven, the furesighted Chilean Government sent hiiu tu Berlin to study under the great Liszt disciple. Nlartin Krause. Arrau is nmx' a ineniliei' uf the Chilean diplomatic service and receives leaves of absenee fur his euneert tuurs. ,...., 1 N f If P E E 'I fi x ' .1 355 ,l MUSIC 356 The hands, orchestra, chorus, and glee eluh .... music, the harinonious part of edueation, has always lieen an essential part of the L'niVersity. ln ISTH a hrass hand was organized, and two deeades later it was proli- ahly the tirst to play tunes other than the usual niarehes. lfroin this group grew the Illini eoneert hand, which gave its lirst annual eoneert in ISQU. Illinois xx as the leader in the developinent of the syniphonie type of hand, xi ith seating arrangement and repertoire eorresponding to the symphonic orchestra. -Iohn Philip Sousa, who gave the hand the title. "XYorld's Greatest College Hand", left his eoinplete lilmrary of niusie to the L'niversity hands. xxhieh non' have prohalily the finest collection of hand niusie in the L'olli1fl'j'. Illinois also has one of the hest glee elulis in the niid-west, as was shown hy their shoving in the National Collegiate Cilee flluh Contest. Q, .6 .J N , k 'il -' V . -1 ,1- V -ihpzfig . Q5 ' QQ' QQ, ..' 1'1"-., A xx '11 . AIM"-i . Z-V. - .- ' , ,V f , 5 - -- fs ' 1. ' - ' ' f FZ' ' er ' - L ' bi3,E:'ff,'f ikiz- . , A ' - H, ' Q- -I ...jus Ex- V -.qhf gs.,-, , '14, f -. 41 5 ' f' "J--V 1 , 1' , f a- .-4355, -.MA Q. , z rg.: 4 3' 'a 3. ' QA k V X -.S-+ftiig.VW,,Q 1. . 1 , .lr -.ww 2 . Q1 1115+-A - ., ' 521 -f7': ,,i1.g3,Jg'Q.s 5 ' 5 j .X 3 1' . :JFK-'R-QA . ,Q-12555. H J-,,..:gskf3Q. 'is'-1-,-.. , '.. ' '-3 , - . V . ix ' X .V .. . 1, , N. . H' kde' f-W V,-rl.. . . 'V V - , V X . 4 -,LQ U R ,Vim . ...V ,Z .W . AL-.Q 54.4-xv? , 'M-.:,. . A - -xf'4..wa-f , zfg. ftp V -A fx.. -3-tw? ' ,S . . - 'f 'f.-xx? , .. af". K -A65 J.: , . "Cy M . f '- - . - f5.q, " ' .4 Lt V- .,,1.,'.4l:.f.-Q 2:3-VD3:-5-.P X' 4 f. f,,ZQ,,.,-l1V.:. s. - 7- 45... W4 v, .G ff, Q fa ..:'zyf,'L,.f35,,5g:,j 3- ,gigs-3 'N xg5,,.e,35.4:5!g gjy,,k..T :gm-:U..g,i. L Q. Q ., 5 ' we-ws .5 Vai'-1:flw-if-'ffl'-" 3- . J X V. ' QNX' X wifi: .'?VV-3ffE:Pe.s-:-- M . ' V . . - ' . :.- .Nu FA'-'-Nik--. G xf' yevmf'-' '11 , 5 ' -' n ' ' . ' ' ' ' -. .- - 'v '- ' .X '.-'J' wx' X'-' - " ' A X A 1ff 2! 'wf3FaA"":-'Vv .3 . . . '- ' ' - X.. ' - ' v Le 1 V. -. :--nv V .- . '. mf- -- , 5'-w 4.,- -.ww . ,gg -.rg " , '. - . .0- fsmaft. . gag.. .- 'Q Q . ., 4:55,-"t 1" K-wiki? .3 .- .V-' .xfghvn 5' Z' - V 1 LH f.:J'-QQ 'K WP' - , y. , ,. '-' . ' -1-2531 . fu. Vw? .l if X-X -x k.. ,,...,.,. '. :Q-va-,:,5,Q,.:, If -hi' -5. v' .5g,5.,.t-x QSM. ,:4 -5 -9, '-Q? "Fishy RY 5" .. ' " 31'-"'f'1f9'v M' 4:2155 is axe- L V. '-1155319 '-1 2 - 5 " '- sig-J, .- . f- ,.,, W . -. ,, A - , , -,rg A' -' .d5-.Lf....',yl-V-,,..17.,,..s,... ..,..-7 . rj?..,t1 L... . . Qr , N 1,-'-...Km .-- l 'Hy' -.".., .. -4 ,i xi: -? 1 - - . -T-, V-i . . - ' ". '. .v -""7'-" "' . " W" ' ,. , 'Lim 'T' . Q ." 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Ausiix Hsiziuxo xi ii' :F ?Ef?:fer-Q :ii -aEe::'JZ, Y- i:f:fe2:EE 3:-f' lf'T"2P-52 -jf f.-77,- ',f iv' : 5.E'74"- ',-., .f3f,7-, ,. : - FZ.':-Eff: : - -1 1 fzriz 3 -, 1..!: jf-xg, :T T: ' I :7 111 1 T f-I Z 1 A NJ A gr o ? 1 L' -1 2 Q .. Z 252 -' c-... 1.- -Z.... ig 234g 'fn-"1 T .H Gif 7" n- 17-P 1, 209' lf H :ei -:F ,s-s'fie- i fIXRl'.fI lf SXXXHIII UNIVERSITY BANDS The University of Illinois Klilitary Bands Depart- ment consists of three separate handsg the Concert Band, the First Regimental Band, and the Second Regi- l menta Band. Competitive examinations given at dif- ferent intervals throughout the year determine po- sitions and promotions in these organizations. Prior to the present school year. military credit was given to members of the handsg however, due to the war. this policy has been temporarily suspended. In spite of this fact, the enrollment in the Band Department has remained the same in proportion to the enrollment of the University. Concert Band Members are eligihle for a scholarship after they have satisfied the required military. The war has brought many changes to the Illinois campus. For the first time in its history. the hand has permitted women to enter its ranks. The war has also taken its toll in the hands' staff of directors. Mr. Mark I-I. Hindsley, former Assistant Director, was commissioned a Captain in the U. S. Army and is now' music ofiieer of the Special Service Division of the Air Corps. Professor A. A. Harding, Director of Bands at the University since 1905, has sought untiringly through many years to raise the musical and technical stand- ards of band performances in the United States. The University Concert Band is a direct result of these efforts, and stands as an incentive to young handsnien all over America to strive for a higher degree of musical excellence. The lfirst Regimental Hand is now under the di- rection of Xlr. Clarence lf. Sawhill. Alr. Keith l.. YYilson, a former assistant, is conducting the Second Regimental Band. These hands study the finest in hand and orchestra music during the year, and also play numerous concerts and furnish the music for military ceremonies, athletic events. and other L'ni- versity functions. The famous lllini Ifoothall Band. noted for its march- ing. singing. and playing, is a marching unit of ISU handsinen selected from the Concert and I-iirst Regi- mental liands. Xlr. Sawhill directed the activities of the foothall hand and accomplished the task of keeping the hands' performances on their usual high plane. He was assisted hy Klr. Keith l.. IYilson and Klr. Klil- hurn li. Carey. The opening of Spring hrought w ith it the twilight concerts played each XYednesday evening. These in- formal concerts given on the quadrangle in front of the Auditorium have always heen a favorite with the student hody. The hand year was hrought to a close with its performances in the ceremonies of Commence- ment Week. 359 CUNCERT BAN A. .Mwrxx Hmzbmu XVIILI-XM O. KL'X'PER l'7.'u..'yr Pru-ldrrlf 1XJmcS xuth Imlxbltu tlmie wlm wu.xr the vlrsxty Imml cmlwlcnmr In 4 1'..f:r:. 4 -ffm.:-5.1-I Clmlmf ULN ,llznzffm Drlnm Yfffrrllfffflw I. IXIII31wxxI1I f,. E. Sw HILL 'M. E. Linn' 'CL A. TRl'MrmL'rR WR. M. SIMAIFRQRVN R I. XXIIXHX F. XX1 SI.-XRKN -R. K. NFXXTON XX. U Krn-In 1.,,uf,.1, H,,,,,, AUM M. F.-unmxxx R. G. SUMMFHQ R. r.IilnmHmwm , . ' 'H ID. XV. PORTFR E I.. IXIIHIIII "If" 5"I"fh!"""" LULWW HAM I Q Q IXIVYI-R I..-XNDFS D .-X Qmkfxxwx D, R, 'I's1H.Xlml D MARGARET 'xxx I-NWN T F ,I E. T.u'1IIn H 'If Tum' I"' -"" XX'. D. XXVAINII l3.uf1f-uf Ulwu XV. E Yluulwfn BJ.. 7mn1lwmI- QI, I?'ArI:QlfIT' U 'XX'. H. SLIIl'l'IZ I.. R. S'I'R.-XXII D, 5, RUMMWX LL., .X.fI,,,If'-NI.-.-I E. rl. ,IL'1u,Im L, E. ,lwrixxxw-, I E XX'H1Tnlm ll..iII,h!---111 fffffxui D P Dm H XX' YI. -Inv-x . '- - A, 'XI Kun . ,H . A XX'. IA Xuwx B' BA XXHHX H. IJ Slxnvx DIN Wim! A If, R, NMHI4 , G. XY YAPP ,R- G- I-AM"'mRTH F M HI-MII 5-""""f' -E. In. XXYHIII' L- D. 'OOD'-IN I D. Kwrxkx II..ff.-.',f.'I X.zx-ffl-fm 1XX'I11.l.aM Skillflllk 'R. E IXIOL'N'I'Z R- XX- I--NDF' F XX' BKIXXIWIIIII p xy N, - N 'R, I. SH.-XXXI "XX'. NJ IXIVIXTFE -xv. 12. Lim. ' I HULWA 'R. I.. Bnoxxm ' BHWM, II I YI-u,x1x RL'TH AIIINHN ', X, I Slim r L. Bram axn lf--EE-CSQPRSIIS ' R. IIIIURI Ifml, 1, lx MV, 7, ,nlfufy .- - Y 1- K4 N F HMM' I L Xi..,R,i. I',.f,-ff.I.5,1W.f.- iw ca c,fmmH 'R' RA Pm'-'N V I X 1. ., I Y M ' ' . EA H-1 H.T,I,ffI R H. funk RATHMA A. mmf Q Q IX I-VH 15.,4.1.- Bm R R suv .I I- NT-WI-I' ,L H Qing 'I.. I.. Srrmln' I.m:Ixr D. Plxxn' YM .4 ' IRIH I, K, IXI,-xRc.,.1.RrT Ruuulxx --"W b-'W' """""'L" II I.. FL.xN.xa..+x 'Cymru H-XIIRIIXI.-XY BB-fI.1r BIIIIU ,I D KYUIVIII, umam F. Df'JI'IIIII1 EI.IZ.XI'IIlH M. 'I'vlm4 ,E B HHN F.L1. NIARINJ XX', XX'. PIURA Ifumf-ll-11111 1 Q-run-H-ln WN' MX F I XVf"'IDX'-'N H.njfI xv. A. IXIIIHML --Di 'F ITQI-H.m,1h IJ I3 H1 NI-XIIII EDXA A MVHMI K. fuxllxil R. P. T1TL's , I',.,,,,, IXIRN. Pun LIN Cmnlwrx E-ILL fHslf':f1U H1113 Hum! 'H 'I , 'DI H PHIIIIPN P"'f'l"'I"'l'f ID I. HIIIIIR RUXXIII .-Xll.w1:, 'H-f""'A"'JI R. K. XXI.-XIKIR R. E. RC-c.FRx I I Xml 1 NI I' Cxkrx' XXQIIM-X jr.-xx CI..-XRK M I. BNI R. S. KIFNTI'R mum A AIP-II' I A. HRFIPHY F Doxxr Hxwuxf, '-I. E Run, L, R, MfCRng,HT 360 FIRST REGIME TAL BAN D I.. Kzmi I, XYIININ M,H,.-ll I ,,K,,,,,, A1,,,f1,.,f..'f,'f I ,,,,A B 'f,z.' I l.1r1m.'I l,',v,'. .ffm l'... . 4 Im ,X Lv.M,Ilxu14 X' M Ifrxnn I f WWAIH N II. lvlKIIX I7 .X III: mln RUN, tum, II I. Ihlnxxlxlw L- I Ilnrqxxxz I H MIK NI 'I' Muxux ,I Ii IIIIIII: H I 4',kH,X.,HzH AI II Mrxrru II I AIIIIIHI-U H 1, MNH ,I I-I PIHIVI R I7 II' XI I, Lv IIUI '.IIl 111 IMIIM, II I VII M I- pq I IH..-.W-. I, ,I 'VIIKIWIIII uf, I I NII'I-Ilii XI xx' Alwxlg I I NI W Ii I In-,rum -I 1' illflll , R I7 lu. M fx I R N""I'HIIN 'I' ' Rnnumv l'lsnN-in II XX I'1 mmm ID A I'-ulvlk I I lI,',ff.I7I.fI 'Mft 'Unit' 1"fff"f F I lrmfzulln NN I I-114 II F I .xl II II IU xlwm- I I WH ix Ii M III Ilv 1 I7 Ifluu. XX' A vwmllz KI X' IIIHINIIF 15,1 I l.1f1mr AI I, hw wx' 1-. mf ll fff: L. H, Hsuxrllvln -I 5','I'1'I4 XY' Ii Ilclxx' ll I XINIIIKI-II yi 4,,N,,4,I.-I r II Hmm K M 4 AI I1 Iimm YIM, IJ, ,Inf ,,,:, lI'f.,'.1'.. IW' II XXIIIM I' Q- I, KIWRIIINW ,I I- lumn XX X XXUM I-I, I,. Riu I,,,,.g ,, , s .I,'III1lM.-xx HHHIVN XX' XX' H Rl If xy' A ' " " . Iumxl HIM' .I I7 Imxsxlvx H Y 4xIlmllL YI I In-P111 ll. A IH wmv- .I A IN u x R XX' I III W , I II XX' I'x111n TU' " f"1'ff"f"L I R tflmsl ul R. I: Ixrxkll, ILM., L, N. HUNN R- A- LIFIIIH g,l,X HMHH L1.,I H111 IINIR I L H,,x,,,,I, M M Vllxzlxm R H H, W I XX' M. Kxxx rx' I I I Ilvl' l , , B.n,',' ff.-I fu nl -.X A NN ,U ,My fum I I 'ff' fm D. INI.5u1uM.xA A K. 'lxurxuxxml B I' III Ik 361 ,l WALTER L. flu! lwmlluf E ARTHUR E. COHEN VERA D. BRITTON LL'cILE J. BLNNETT IDA M. MOON CHARLES BERGLAXD GEORGE M. HALL DOROTHY COHN ROBERT J. FARIK OSIQAR A, KL'EITz MARY J. INIRAYFC SOL E. COHEN ROBERT L. FELTON PAL'L B. BIIXTR Ivfrid Violin.: PHOEHE C, VESTAL XYVARREN H. SCI-ILIITZ VIRGINIA N. SHIRLEY JACK R. BRINI4 ROINALINE GREHFTZ MARTHA L, HERE GLADYS E. I.EsTER ELEANOR M. LAEORGE EDITH M. HEDGES AI,-XRIE IWAGDSICK 362 ROOSA UNIVERSITY ORCHESTR Vmlaf CARL E. FCSBFRG GEORGE E, NIORFY DI.-XTHANIEL B, GREEN BIILTON OBFRLANDIER Sx'LvIs BIORGAN AIRS. DIARGARET COGGESHALL HAROLD KLATZ Cslfm' LoLIIs A. POTTER ELIZABETH J. LOWRT HERBERT GRDSERIAN BETTY L, HARIAI ROY C. SMITH EIL I'.I Lxf GRACE A. HARRIMAN ELIZABETH M. TYLOR DEAR-IORIE A. NANTZ STANLEY XVI-IITE EDWIN XVASCHER Finley MARGARET A. ROIIEINS LOL'IsE D. PIXLET XVALTFR W. PEURA GLORIA F DOLITHITT XY".-XLTFR L. Roos.-I. .. ARTHLR E. COHEN... Oban LOUISE HAAS DAVID KAPLAN JOHN A. BROPHY Clm-irzeti EDWARD L. MIHELIC DELRERT A. GORANSON ROBERT C. RIDENHONY ER AUSTEN J. 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N N-11111 11, YIIIVX N111111c11111. X'111111N11111111-11x lu-X1111 RI Mum H4111 .-X221 NLIR1 1121 P11111111f X'1x111. IM1x:.xI XX1111-X A1111 M. XX111111x1 M-11u,11x11 XY111-11 -4 L1 ,4 365 i 1 I 1 I I I 1 -.4 MILITARY xxib 366 2 lfcxx of us rciilivc that this L'nix'c1'sity uns LI wail' ctloilt of our forc- f.ithci's. During the Curly days of the Civil Xxvlll' our pcoplc lcnmcd, ns iw :irc lczirning ngniii, that military, 1lf:1'I'lClllIlll':ll. :ind iiicclmiiifs nits :irc thc foiimlntion of ii siicwssfiil proscciition of war. They wrote that fact into thc .Xlorrill Act iimlcr which thc L'nix'ci'sity of llliiiois was fouiidcd .mil is opcmrcil today. 'lihc ilirc iiccil for properly' tmiiicil young man to fill responsilmlc posi- tions of lcnilwsliip in our nrincd forces was again nccciitiintcil in XxYUl'lLl Ulu' l. lhis rcsultcd in the iiiniigiiiwirioii lay thc NYM' llcpnrtmciir of ni iiiorc coiiiprclicnsivc progmiii in certain sclcctcd imivcrsitics :md colleges lol' thc riuiining ul' reserve othccrs against nny fiitiirc ciiicrgciicy. lfroiii rhc C.l1'lf days xihcn militniiiy instruction uns priucipnilly con- curiiul xi ith nic lmown today' ns "foi'mgil drills". thc L'nix'ci'sity hnis lgupt nlircnsr of thc time so that today ii largc stall of instriictors prcpnrc thc nilxxiiiccil UrllI'sC students of thc Rcscrvc Olliccrs' 'fixiining Corps in thc xiiilc scopc ul iiiodcm xxnii' to such nn cxrciir that with wry' litrlc .iililirioiml pixicticgil liclil triiiiiiiig they can propcrly pcrform thcii' iliitics .is voiiilmr lcnulcis. lhnir thc L'iiix'u1'sity' hais iustificil mul iloiic honor In thc military part ul' its ginccstry is provcn hy' thc tlioiisnmls of hui' sons xx ho have hccn luiiilcrs iii our pnist xiiirs, xi ho arc luiilws roilgiy :mil xx ho nic in pl'Cp1ll'2l- tioii for lcziilwsliip l'UlllUl'l'HXX'. Hfl,i-lox um K.. 511 xiaixs lffllllllfl, Ifiuld .-lf'ri!lvi'Ai' P. .ll. S. dx T. i i . ,r uf' g., X . 4 -'. ' A s il 'A ., :il .- - I A ng, ' rs. ' x- -1, ' f. 1-. . - iii V f ff 1-A " . ' ... ."n -4' Q"'-"Swirl g ' gl 4 X 'IIB X s 9 if ,:, 'Z' l5TJ?"S15,q X x 1.5 V 1-'--'..3!'5N::f1'-f":, ,fi-:V . H , QA +-'-"'9ff-ibeilfcxf' .lima :.. ,jj-' - ,fix- IX J ., QV., Y N v wi i ,....- . L... 367 I I Ad ,f ...-1---0 --- Q . x k YI url X H. limi vf - ,-f .mm ,, 1 lfml, Sufyfml Xpzm-,nr ...- Lt vw uv V. rnnrwur. on Twui -I- XM ,A , ITINHIR, Vw IHYKF, XY, Lxrzlvjwx, 'l'cml'1, PRUT. D-WHS - E i hulk! Sm" Mffffmf 541111411 -Q fi? xl 7 Kelli? , fi .x,.-... Lg. ,A A fn : Il i H 15 U T I M f 1 I, 5 l ji il '4 F I I, i, M. 6 r 1 L s i 1 , Q 1 1 N 7' fug- L l -an 1... -v-1 3 CCJRPS CADETS .Xluwlzw xml' FIXIIKII 'IRIN ,U yua- CTD1Il,I.IXlH, H1.,1-xnwx.R.'1f-1-r4l,slun1mx,li YNRIXKII If, vlfmf. M. 11,1 X.n,lvLf J . . . . .. I . is .H ffx.. lf.. ,1 . f .N . .1 X Yi -lf.- "W , ' F A H - 1 ,,-f . . -,gs-f' A Q ,,. '-' ---'-""1' . ' ' , f-f-- L "",.-. :: - , .'. .,x,x,. . -- r , -- Y,f" - ,SS-4 . -: vw., 1-,vu-, - -- , 1 f ff , ,YW-f' 3-,355 '-.: . J --V-' "' .- f-:.-1:12 - 1 , , - .-v-A ' f-'il'-Z ,. A,-f ,4i5"i::1I:, I ' -1.2! 1::iq15:QV -We - uf-fg, Q.,--15+-g.g:., . 1 - - -- .:. 1-2 K f f , 4Q--'1-Tffi-2' Q -f ' j ,Q '- 5551 - -ii 1 ' ' .-if J 1--7 515? . - -'Y-if - " ' TJ. 1 Tiff" Zi.-f'-151121-?fFii.2'i-. ' -W tif -H A-'iisv L"-1 ' f 1 ff:-"' 1- ' 'cf-" 'E . ggi f +,LgwT.+ '-5E5Fw:':rs,,-ga-'z?:'5ri "' Q ' f wie: ' -M:-2: 1. 294.311-ge-:.:ff2-fVf Y' -' . - - -A .-,eQf. - nf- :ia e1:s" f ' X f' , 'rfla-T-" f+f5.cTa-'E:'i-55152-sei' Q - "' , . - ..-- - -..-- . -- , v'-' .arfffa-if-?.?',-f,:-Qiweiff-QGQQ' , . - "--r.:--H..---54.2--:G-,5.'1'-vs."-rag,-':-ir: ' Q 1 . , .. X. , Yi'-5-,f'3E'.L:.1P-,qgw-3:::gf,5--f,..-,,1 l I 11' Lnmhx 1 .Lx 1. umm -' -wr.,-5-igif Za-f , ff I ,ss-' 6 . 7 . ' .Au ?r, L .-f -N -,gig aa-X--., +2 -.1-' I . 36 -X ' ' ES x N li.. 4 i NSTRUCTIO AL Ltoxaiw C. Saunas STAFF .1f.,1.1, Fff1,f.ii,f,, L',S..i. W C iv: m.nI.f.1f1: Loiosi i. Liosaiuir Sifxiligs.. , . 1ffmm.m.l.n.-1 Unit lJi1'evt01'r Lorosi L Cvllllllll Y-ix B. XY'nKis ioioxii. I H-XRIIN A. cnapsms.. Lr. Kotosri. Roioni' K.XY'HI1seix LT, foroxii ,Ions D Hoon . .. LT. rotoxii. Fmiuixir K H Gastos. . Lr. Cotoxii Cluisiik A, MARK. Arinv oliicers are detailed by the Ulu' Department as instructors in the several units. The senior officer, as academic head of the department, is Professor of .Xlilitarv Science and Tactics. ln the military organi- zation, he is Commandant of Cadets. All other otticers hold appropriate subordinate academic and military positions on his staff. The senior oliicer in each unit is the L'nit Director. An lfnlisted Detachment is also assigned to assist vvith the instruction. 'lihe courses cover four consecutive years of xvorlt. The Hrst two, required for all physically' tit male fresh- iuen and sophomores, is the Basie Course. The final tivo years are called the .-Xdvanced Course. Students xx ho have completed the Basic Course may apply for .... , . ...Effglzzttf Lim .. fifolil Ainllt-in Um . ..lf1f.n1lr5 lim! . 1.41.1115 L fm . F1.!.l.iif1!li-15 full Xzgiml fniifii l'n.-J the Advanced Course. Those selected, xvithin a quota authorized by the XYar Department, are admitted to the Advanced Course. The satisfactory completion of this work is for them a prerequisite for graduation. In normal times a student who completes the Ad- vanced Course, and is recommended by the President of the L'niversity and the Professor of Military Science and Tactics. is eligihile for appointment hy the Presi- dent of the United States as a Reserve Otlicer in the Arun' of the United States. During the existing emer- gency, hoxvever, Advanced Course cadets go to their respective branch schools for a special course of prac- tical instruction upon the successful completion of which they are commissioned Second Lieutenants in the Reserve Corps. SMITH Rif.-1 eoxxons Invix Mons Mor Ai xx ORTH AICGILVR.-KY NICLINTLOCK Zixic sf iioror Ffxsm' Wirxs Daxxrn Kiuvisxrv Liifrox Goooxoxv PFTFRSON BAKER hfCTAGGART Bim-vmmx Mum Wnirsox Wu Kris Smuzxs VH.-ivuvix Hoon Gfisroisi C.-mx kmunz l 370 CADET STAFF Lulu Csuim fuurr 1 ADPT 1 .wrt 1 .Am 1' 1 umm K 11l 11x Majon BTAYIUR Majox Muon hiarlon BIAAIUR ll R11 HRRU H hlnxs Otntrt R, Kmmx. . LH E. Nrtiqirsow ARrHt'R T. Prwvi CJYRHARDT H, Roxiw ,Ions R. Wxiigiii . Haimx' C, Zlsk ,, The Cadet Staff, headed by the Cadet Colonel. is responsible forthe proper execution of all orders issued by the Military Department. The staff is composed of six Cadet Xlaiors, one from each unit of the Corps of Cadets. The Stal? plans and supervises the retreat formatitms on Fridays, one member acting as Adiutant while the Rnnuzn Il Moss F.m'f.' 1 ,Joni , ,1,.1.1't.' 1,n'f,ml l . Slrfml Cin ff. ' . ,1fff1,1 .eifnfzoi l ,. , Igrzulrn-rr, rm , , Iu1.w11s . . . 1,'ff.m .-lr.vll.n . 4 .fmffi remainder assist the Cadet Colonel in the performance of necessary duties. The members of the Staff are an important part of the Nlilitary Council. where they hold such posts as Secretary and Treasurer. Thus the Cadet Staff works to maintain the etliciency oftl1C cadct ofhcers as well as thc freshman and sopho- more nicmlwers of the Corps of Cadets. Moss Fisrttn Rmiwtnr POPF Zrcii XV.-KLKER Nicxti sox Hmm' 371 l i l l ...Q UNIVERSITY CORPS GF CADETS Serond Se711esrer, Amdevlzir Year I9-I2-I9-I3 CADET LIEUTENANT COLONELS JAMES H. FISHER.. ....... .. ., .... .........,.....,.,.... C adm Cfflunel LINDELL H. VAN DYKE .... .. .Ll. Culwm-I and E.wmr1I'e Ofhm' CADET STAFF RIAJOR KENNETH H. BRONX N ..,,............... . ,..FiPI.l .-lrnllny RICH.-XRD C. CARLSON ..,,..,. . . .. AIA-JOR XYIILLIAM H. CARLSON. .. ....... IIIfmI1I'y EDWIN 1-I. HENDERSON, . . .. MAJOR JAMES R. DAVIES ...... ......,... C Izzuzlvy JOHN D. IQRAEHENBUEHL .... AIAJOR HOAIER E. PRATTE ..,. .,... C 0r1,VI .-If-nller-J JAMES W. LEECH ......... MAJOR LLOYD E. REESER. . ...,.... Eugirzfeu FLOYD W. ODELL ...... . , AIA-JOR FHM .-IEHIIEIJ LOREN XV. BEAL DONALD I. PARKS RY'ARREN C. NELSON EVERFT W. BOCK RICHARD E. KOHLER KENNETH H. BROWN JOHN W. LITHMANN Field .-IIIIIIIIJ DONALD G. BAIlTl'I,S BURTON W. RAY GERSON G, SCHNIISRONY' EARL R, SW ANSON GLEN L. STEIGIER RAMON SCHUMACHER, JR. PAUL L. QOCHRAN GERALD L. FUCHS FRANK J. HUMPHREY NICHOLAS R. SHUMAN XVILLIALI E. IVICDANIEL CLEMONS E. CLARK EDWIN PUGH DANIEL D. SIIEGRIST WALLACE I. J.I'I'TLIi GEORGE A. DAMISCH JACK P. COOL ROBERT D. THOMPSON Field Avllllefy JOHN L, BUNDY DANIEL J. PERRINO ROBERT M. JAMES EVERETT W. THODE JOSEPH M. GREENXVOOD GEORGE W. JONES ROBERT E. FISH IVIARSHAL A. JOHNSON LAVERNE E. CANHAM GORDON W. CLARKE ROSS M. CAMP XVILSON D, HALL CHARLES M. GERVIG KENNETH C. THORSNESS WII.LIAM G. JACK PHII.IP A. PERKINS MAN H. SPERLING DANA F. COLBERT SPENCER H. LANDFS LOGAN K, BOUNDS EDWARD D. HEAI.LH' DALE C. FINLIFY ARTHUR J, SKELTON CHARLES J. GRLIPP LESLIE P. HFI.I.TN PAUL E. MCCONNELL JOHN XV. LARNON ROBERT R. JCHNSON RAYMOND J. KENNY JAMES W. XYJILDAY MARSHALL H. FINTCOLD ROBERT R, STEIDINGIR ROBERT M. DARLTY IRVING KLIEINFELD SHERMAN M. LEYY GEORGE G. DLIBINETZ BRADFORD G. BLOUNT JAMES O. TAGGART CHARLES I.. YOUNG 372 HERMAN E. TOMEI... Cum! AIZIHPIJ' ROBERT V, BEBB HOMER E. PRATTE RALPH I. TOBER GORDON E. GEESFM.-IN BIILTON C. SHEDD RV,-KRREN C. IYIALIK XJUILLIAM B. DENHART JOHN R. HARMAN IVAN L. RICHARDSON ROBERT J, DAAB JAMES F. FIELDING Cmm AI-lillsry XVILLIAM J. NOLAN JAMES M. BROWN WILLIAM A. ROLL JACK S. CALDWELL MILTON I. BREMER HARRX' W. XVHX'TE XVILLIAM T. XVEDLAKE ROBERT XV. ACKEMANN JOSEPH B, TAPHORN DAVID E. BURRUSS DELBERT W. GABEL CAD ROBERT J. RODGITRS ROBERT R. IRISH ROLAND C. RAYBURN EVYN G, BARNARD LAXVRFNCE V, CONXVAY PETER P. REINER KENNETH D, HISER EMMET X. BLINYAN JOHN F, ADAMS RORERT H. DOLDER Coax! Arllllery XVILLIALI H. AMLING JAMES V. LAXVRENCE EvAN M. TERRY MARION E. HFISRON STANLEY J. KLCSINSKI RICHARD L. DIEMER DONALD C. MILLER CHARLES J. SIIBITK JAMES F. GOODMAN CURTIS L. SMILEY ROBERT A. MOEEAT PAUL E. MYERS EDXVARD S. SEFCIK RICHARD G, ERSKINE RICHARD H. EISENSTAFDT ADOLPH W. XVALTER XVARREN JONSSON ORAN V. JNIYERS ROBERT XV. MORRISON RICHARD MOHAN XVILLIAM H. HASSE WILLIAM P. INIUMFORD CHARLES R. COOK FRANCIS A. BOYLE STAN B. HANSSEN ROBERT S. I-IINTON MYRON D. YANTIS .,..S'1gImI Corfu EDWARD L. RZEPELKI. . .. GUSTAYUS S. SIMPSON. .. CADET MAJORS CIIIYIII-J' JAMES R. DAYIES JOE DEES BURR L. HUGHES -JAMES W. HART Evgfzzrffi XVILLIAM A, MARENECK LLOYD E. REESER RICHARD A. HRUSKA WILLIAM J. KIZEVICH RICHARD H. HORNIXCT ' CADET CAPTAINS JOHN T. CVIKOTA LOUIS G. KIERASOTLS PAUL T. SMITH ADOLPH V. STANKUS CIIIIIIIIJ' SONFRED N. BRENNI-R JOHN A. CURTIS CARL A. DUNN CURTIS H. ECKERSBURC. LAWRENCE E. FRAZEE HENRX' T. GRAY ROBERT F. JOBSON WILLIAM A. OESTERLING ROBERT F. PIANOXY SKI XJUILLIAM H. PILKENTON ROBERT S, SOLINSKY ET RICHARD G. ROMLRSBERGITR DALE C. LARSON ROBERT E. BJELLAND ARMFN R. NIANOUGIAN RALPH K. BERGMAN JUDSON R. ADAMS DAVID G. BURLISON JAMES R. COOPER C11I'r1lI'y . ROBERT M. ALLEN NYE F. BOUSLOG JACK D. DOXX'DALL JOHN M. FETHERSTON ARTHUR E. FULMER S. ARTHUR GATES ALLAN C. HICKS CHARLES T. HUETORD IRA E. HYMEN PAUL S. JOHNSON MARVIN L, MARTIN GRANT W. MCGILL, JR. JAMES M. MUzzY VICTOR V. PRINCE DARYL G. ROBB HOXY'ARD L. SANTFR JEWELL D. SCHLAPP HENRY SCHLUMPF BURTON L. SHENDER GEORGE H. SIMMONS JAY P. THOMAS JAMES M. UNLAND HOWARD L. XVI-IITIE XVIENDLI2 G. XJUINKLFMANN SAMUEL H. YOUNG EIIEIIIEEII' HAROLD A. RIGG OLIVER R. SCHMIDT EIlg1I1I'I'I'T RUSSELL F. PRIEBE HILLIAR B. CHRISTIANSON FRANK ROUGH ROBERT XV. WHITAKER XVARREN I. MITCHELL ROGER K. LARSON EVERETT L. GREGORY HENRX' N. LANE DAL17 V. ADDIS JAMES B. BRAMLET JACK PALLISTER GUST J. IYIIHALOPOLILOS MILTON B, SHEETIELD ROBERT J. ALEXANDER PAUL A. SIMMONS EDWARD J. KRUEGER RALPH L. LIPPINCOTT FIRST LIEUTENANTS RAYMOND HAMBURG DONALD L. RENICK WILLIAM E. KELLAM EARL L. SCHEIDENBALM FRANCIS J. BIALAS FRANK S. RJVYLIE KENNETH D. SALIDIER ROBERT H. ALLAN ROBERT J. ALLEN HOWARD M. EICHSTAEDT ROBERT L. TILLMAN JERRY S. DOEROVOLNY JAMES T. SULLIVAN RICHARD R. SCHINDLER STANLEY J. STANISZEXVSKI DONALD R. LAMMERING JAMES J. LLIZA ROBERT J. IVIEREDITH DELMER E, MUNIE CHARLES J. ROACH CARL W. STAEEN BERNARD J. LATTYAK RALPH A. BENNITT PAUL E. LANFERMAN HOMER F. DABOLL IVIAURICE W. EMLING HUGH E. SCHNEIDEWIND JOHN QUILTY THOMAS G. SCHIERMANN XVILLIAM S. SCOTT GEORGE W. THOMSON ROBERT E, KENNEL II1fI1I11ry ELMER A. BLASCO CLYDE C. BOYLLS ROBERT G. CALKINS PHILLIP A. DETHLOEE RICHARD W. FALLER ...........CIzInIIy ....Co1ITI .--IIHHPIJ .Signal Corpf .,.....I:Ifar1lIJ ...Fluid Afffllefj .......EIIgmE2I.I' .,..FlI'lIl .-1I!1llI.IJ IIIJIIIIII-JI WILLIAM H. CARLSON BOYD O. BARTLEY RALPH E, ECKERSTROM Slgzml CHI-px STANLEY W. XVILCOX HERMAN E. TOMEI RICHARD F. SHOULDERS BIITFORD M. MATHEWS IIIIIIIIIIJ' EDWARD F. KERXYIN JOSEPH I. BULGER ROBERT N. XJUILFORD ROGER N. XVESTHERG TRENT A. SHEPARD ROBERT JONES JESSE S. HAMER JOHN R. PEARCE DENIS A. IVICGRADY ROBERT GIBBS HONY'ARD M. MATHIS EDWIN B. CLINE Silqznzl Corfu CHARLES A. EVERSOLE DONALD L. HENRY ROBERT W. XVALLIN PHILIP ROTHBLATT HAROLD A. BIIILLER GEORGE F. FERRY EARL F. FINDER INIARYIN XV. FRISCH EARL T. GERDING JOSEPH GOLILD EDWARD E. HAUGENS XVAYNE M. HOFFMAN EARL E. JOHNSON THERMON L. KARLOS RICHARD E. KLEIN KEITH M. LANGE FRANK Q. LEONARD IVIARSHALL F. LEY JOHN R. LINDQUIST HARRY A. NIAYIER JOSEPH G. PAWLOWSKI ERNEST H. POOL DELRERT J. SEIBFRT ALLEN G. SMITH GEORGE F. VOGT LEONARD XV. VOGT Sigmll Corfu JAMES ELMIER XVARD DONALD T, MCDANIEL KENNETH E. HERRON I-IOWARD W. NASLUND HENRX' H. SWAIN SHERMAN E. HEPLER EDWIN R. CAMPBELL ROY C. GERMAIN JOSEPH L. KRAL HARRX' J. LOESCH EDGAR S. ORLOEE RICHARD L. RITMAN CHARLES F. SCHLEEYOGT ROBERT E. SNYDER FRANK G. ST. ANGEL GLENN A. TRIPP IAY H. SCHUTTER Fiehl .-lmllefy R. A. BACON GERALD F. BJXRTZ LAXVRFNCE F. BERBAUM WILLIAM C BETTFNHAUSITN, JR. EARL E, BOLING EDWARD E. BUCK ROBERT M. BUHAI GLENN XV. BUZZARD KEITH 0. CARLSON LEE V. CLTRTIN JAMES B. DICKINSON CHARLES J. DOURET CLARENCE L. DUNN ROBERT G. DURKEE ROBFRT A. EDGAR KERMIT E. ESAREY GEORGE F. FEHRENRACHTR GEORGE XV. FORGYY KENNETH XV. GORDFN GEORGE XV. JANTS CORXYIN C. KINGSTON SAUL KLEIN EDXVARD A, KMETKO CLARENCE E. KOONCI1 DONAI.D F. KRUSE JAMES H. LAMRERT HERBERT J. MATTER PHILIP CARTER MITCHFIL ROBFRT L. MLIELLER XVILLIAM L. NELSON XVAYNE E. NOHREN JEROME R. PECK LOYD XV. PFRRX' MICHAEL J. PIETRZAK JAMES XV. PORTER GEORGE P. PUSITY CHARLES M. REIMER LAWRENCE P, RIDDLE JOHN H. ROLE RORERT G. RURENS WILLIARI L. SEANEY LYMAN D. SHAW DALE H. SINCLAIR HAROLD B, STEELE JOHN A. STRFED ROBERT H. THEIS JOHN A. THOMPSON CHARLES XV. TOEERMANN WILLIAM H. VAN LEEUXYEN RAYMOND F. VAN POUCKE RUSSELL XV, XVAGNFR DELMAR F XVILKEN FRANCIS M, XVRIGHT FRANK O. XVLIELLNER JAMES XV, XVYLLIE LYLE XV. APPUHN GORDON XV AVISON RALPH U. BLOOM ELDON J. BRUNNER HARRY L. CANMANN ROBERT H, CARRUTH JOSEPH F. COFFMAN RICHARD R. CROSS ROSCOE D. CUNNINGHAM JOSEPH M. DAVID HARRX' S. EVERFTT DAVIS S. FELSENTHAL. -JR. FRANKLIN M. HARTZELL HAROLD XV. HUMPHRFX' ARNOLD N JOHNSON BRUCE E. LUCAS WILLIAM A. LWLACLJON.-XLD WILLIAM F. MEEHLING SAM RUTCHKE FRED L. SCOTT LOXVELL D. TISCN HENRY A. TOVEY ELMER V. XVALLACE JAMES R. XVEATHERS FRANK S. AVHITING ARTHUR E. WITTE PI-III.IP C. ZIMMERLY UNIVERSITY CORPS OF CADETS Second SCYIIGXTUIQ .-1L'I1dc111iL' Year 1942-1943 C.-XDET SECOND LIECTENANTS CIAO! .-iI11lleIJ LARRY H. ALLIN RICHARD K. BINVIAMIN WAYNE G. BROEHL XVALLACE BLl'l'LI:l! IVIARXHN E, CLARK IYA W. COLE XVJLMAN E. DAYIS RICHARD J. DIVILRISS LIYRON H. ERERLE LXIARYIN EISENIIERG LAW RINCE J. FTROLII' EARL E. Fox LEE G. GRERNER EDWARD C. HAGAMAN RICHARD T. HARGITT WILLIAM B. HAX'FS DALI' E. JACKSON LORPN J. KABBI9 JXIANNING L. KESSINGISR KENNETH XV. KNIELL HERRIAN T. LANDON H.ARRX' D. LATIMFR JOHN J. NIANOS LAMRERT J. MATHY FRED L. MOORE JOHN XV. OSTREM XVILLIAM R. PAMPE HOWARD M. RANDALL XVILLIARI D, RANDOLPH JOHN R. REEDER ALYIN L. ROI-GGE GEORGE G. ROLLER ALBERT E. RUST BERNARD SAPKLOXVSKY JOHN G, SCHNIZLEIN KENNETH L. SCHRODFR PETER J. SHADROLII RICHARD L. SHOTLIFF GEORGE M. SINCLAIR LYMAN F. STFXXYART THEODORE E. SWIGART ROBERT A, TAPSCOTT HOWARD E, TAYLOR GEORGE J. THIELLMANN FRANCIS R. WHITE GEORGE C. YJFHLINC. JR. PAUL C. BRANDT RICHARD CAMPOBELLO ROBERT H. COXVAN CHARLES C. CURTIS RALPH H. GOFBFI. EDWARD M. GRADX' RICHARD E, HULET HAROLD L JONES JOHN A. KJFLLQTROM ROGER J. KUHNS DAVID E. MACNIILLAN XVII,I.IAM E. NICCLOSKFX' VICTOR J. O'BRIEN HUGH M. PETERS BERTRAM D. RADREL EVFRFTT L. SHUSTROM XYJILLIAM L, TRACY HOXY'ARD A. XVISSEL, JR. LEROY A. XVALLIS CI1I.Il1y JAMFQ E. ALFORD XYULLI.-XM C. BAHAN RICHARD C. BARNES XVILBIJR J. BITADLF XVILLIAM R. BONE ERWIN R. BRIGHAM KENNETH H, CLAPPFR XVILLIAM N. COLXVELL JOSEPH A. CONARD HARRY O. DOTY JOSEPH R. ERHARDT RUSSEL C. FIELDING EARL XV. FLEMING FMMFTT FIAI.f,ATE JAMIS H. FRANCIS CLIITON D. FUITON DONALD K. GIRIAS PAIII. H. GRAYEN ALVIN E, GRIITIN DW IGHT GUYTR HTXRRX' W, HAINES CIITTORD D. HENSII, RORERT H. HTRRST HOW ARD C. HEKTTLI. ZIVALY M. HOLMES EDWARD J. L. HOOKANSON ORX'Il.LE R. HUGHIS ROIITRT A, JAIGER SHFRXYOOD L. JACKSON MILEORD L. KILLIAN PAUL M. KLINFFFLTFR JULIUS XV. KLING DONALD H. KNODLI' RICHARD B. LAIBIX' JOHN D. LFRLIF Emx ARD E, LUSE 1-J.-XX'lD C. MAIN LINLIF E. MATHERS DAVID W. MCBRIDE JOHN T. JXIFBRIDF HAROLD T. MOONEY RICI-IARDF O'HAlR GERALD I. ORLIN EI.Ml'R J. OLSON GUY K. PATTERSON LOUIS XV. QUINN XVILLIAM C, REILLY XVALTFR H. RIFTZ LOW ELL O. ROBFRTS KLNNETH L. ROWE ANDREW L. SAUFR FRANK P. SAVOLDI WILLIAM B. SAYRF RICHARD E. STANLEY GEORGE R. SFFERSHAYFN RUQSFLL P, SI INN JOHN T. SMITHSON GUY STONE -JACK K. TUTHII.L I.FNTl'R XVAGNLR JOHN C. WALLACE RICHARD E. XVALTHIR LELAND A. XXVITTKOPP PAUL B. Y'OULF RICHARD L. ZIFGLFR EXTRTTT A. ZINSER Euglzzm IT EIRTRT E. ALPIRS JXIICHAFL J. ARMANDD CHARLES C. ARNOLD XY"ll.l.IAM M. B.-XSSFTT RORTRT J. BTALS IVIICH.-XEL BENDAS DEAN P. BLOMEYER ROISFRT B. BROXX NE NLFRRILI. F. BUTLER NORRIS XV. CARLSON GERALD T. CARTER ROBERT M. COOK IVAN R. DIAHLGRTN RORIRT L. DAY FLOYD R. DIAFFENBAUGH XVARD M. DORBIN ROGER E. EMLING VERNON FITCH BERTROW R. FITTON ROIITRT S. FOOTF NORTHARI B. FRIESE CHARLES F. FRY OTTO A. GABRIEL PAUL A. GIZRDING NL.-XURICE M. GLATT XY'lLLlAM A. GROH CAMERON C. GUILFTTE JOHN E. HARTRICK JOHN T. HOLLIDAY DONALD L. HUCKAIMX CHARLIQ L. -J.-XNWIAN RORERT O. JFSHIRG KERMIT C. KAIRIIHTR STYMOUR KAPLAN EDWIN F. KRUNNT' ROBERT E. KRONST LYLE E. LANNINIQ GORDON F, LTITNIR JACK M LOGAN XV.-XRRLN B. IVIANKFR HOW ARD F. RJ.-XTNON OSCAR D. IVICDANII-I. ROBERT G. IVLCBIJASTFR JOSEPH A. MILLER CARL F. INIUFI.I.IR LIONEL F. IYLURRAY PETER R. DJOLINC GILBFRT B. NORTH XYFARRI-N J. NORTH FRED J. PAUSCH EUGFNIY L. PECK JACK D. PETERSON JOHN A. REESE ERNEST E. RITTFNHOLYE EDWARD A. RORTRTS BYRFN M RCBINNUN ROBERT H. RUNKAMP JAMES V. RYAN KARL H. SCHAFFR HARLAN J. SCHIKKIVDANZ ARTHUR J. SKALIP RICHARD M. SCHRIIEDER PHILIP H. SPAIN CHRIS R. STRAFSQIYR FRANK J. SUTER ROBERT W. TAYLOR LEON D. TIKULSKI DAVID N, TUNNICLIEE RICHARD D. NVPRDICK XVILLIAM XV. XY'Al,KTR EDW IN R. WILSON EI.MORE F. XVALLIN MILTON J. XVRIGHT ROY XV. THOMPSON IIIJIIIIMA- DONALD T ANDIRSON DAVID J. BAILEY WILLIAM E, BREKKE JOHN A. BROPHY JOSEPH CANZONFRI RONALD M. CARTER XVILLIAM P. CLOPPAS JAMES F. D. COIFMAN JOHN XV, CRANE RALPH J, DADY MERRILL D. DIFKIYN XVARRTN E. DUCLON VVILLIAM XV. EARLY LAWRENCE J, EDW ARDS CHARLES L. FOXVLFR SIDNEY J. FRIIDMAN ANGELO N. GAZIANO NICK P. GEORGOULAKIS ROBERT K. GFROMFTTA MACK A. GLASS SIDNEY A. GoI.DMAN RAY B. GRIERSON JULIUS J. GRUENEELD RALPH H. HALLENSTEIN PETER HAMILTON MON L. HANSEN MORTON PIARTMAN FREDERICK XV. IRION TERENCF G JACKSON ROBERT F. JANN DONALD J. JOHNSON ROIILRT P. KAHN VUIIIIAM H. KIENNIEDX' GEORGE L. I..-XMPARTLR RICHARD LARSON ROY J. Ll-VHNFR LOUIS D. MANN JASON H, MARTIN RORERT O. MARTIN JNIFLVIN J, LVLATFYKA ARTHUR J. LXIICHELS DXYIGHT B, IXIITCHELL FREDERICK W. LVLURRAX' RORTRT A. NFLNON JAMFQ C, NIXYMAN FREDERICK J, URTON HENRY XV. RAPP LESLIE H. SANDERS LEE B. SCFYIPT JIROMF M. SILVER JAMI-S XV, SNIVELY MI3I.vIN P. STRAUS NORLIAN TALLFNT RIKH.-XRD TIWELES STANLEY TOTLIRA ELLIS E. VANCE ALLEN D. VFACH EMM-INUEI. G VIDAIAKIQ JOEL B. XVARE RIVHARD XVFINITR XVIl,l,lARI C. XVELCH RORI-RT B. WHITE GFKTRLQF H XWPILDI STANLEY J, XVILSON X1.Rn.Il Cyfpf RORERT O, AIDE EUGINE E. AI I' -J.-NMFS M. BF.-XUMONT THOMAS G. BILDEN RORERT L. BIRGER JOHN F. BIANCHETTA EARL H. BOPSFNBFRG EDMIN R. CJAMPHFLL ROEIIRT D. COTE RORTRT A. CRCNINGER RORERT E. DAYIQ ARTHUR E, DINI ROGER E. DOOLEY GFORCLE M. DCIXVD ROBERT EISNITR, JR. PETE FFNOGIIU HERRERT Q FRFNCH LEONARD FUCHS FLOYD D. GERMAN JACK W. HARTZELL JOHN H H0l.lDAX' JOHN T. HULMSTROM, JR. ANDRFXX' H. JFRDAN RICHARD H JOHNSON XVAYNE S. JONES RUSQFLL LANDRETH ROBERT L. LLOYD ROBERT W. NJCDONALD JAMI-S R. AIIDDLFTON RICHARD T. LVIORAN JOSEPH G, 0SXY'ALD ORTHVLDO A. PTITHMAN CHARLES V. RICHARDSON LOUIS V. RIITI-R, JR. RALPH D. ROUIPRTS DONAID E. ROGERS LEADFS C. ROLLMAN MAX L. ROWE ROBERT J. SHALFK JOHN W. SHERMAN, JR. HONG C. SIT ROY F, SMITH, JR. JAMES K. STALKER LLOYD J. STIFGMAN ROIIERT J, TURNER JACK E. XVHITFIFLD RORERT C. YOUNG 373 joiix R. Curtis , MILITARY CCDUNCIL RH HARD H. Moss Pu ,-mfr ut Ri4,H-um H. Moss.. ....,,.. ......, 1 Uflmzrl -Iaxxiw H. FIM-IIQR Lf. CHI. lid-r1f:11r0jrrr R.-wrioxru H. BoHm.+x. ......, Lf. CHI, Enzgfruru THOMAS H. 1 LCIKI . .... 1.1. Lol. Lmlfl nbnlltfg Pam. A, Fniri..-xxx' . ..L:. Cul, Szgrml Lmpr . .L1. Cuff. Fold A-irnlloy Mirxix R. .Ixxssi x.. ........ ...L:. Cul, F1rl.1'qlil,'llt1'y Joi-ix R. XV.-XLKIR . , .. The Klilitary Council has occupied an increasingly important position in student activities in the Uni- versity since its founding in 1929. Acting as a gov- erning body of the Reserve Otiicers Training Corps. it strengthens the bond between the cadets of the R.U.T.Cl. and the oliicers of the regular starf. K Ronnm F, LONG .. .. Iiinvann MURPHY... CJi'nH.uu O, Romstfnt Haiuzy K . ZHK, ..... Uiivsn R. Kiiun' .... Lifis E. Nicicrrsox .... ARTHUR T. Pom ..... . , .. . ,lI.11u1', Corp: Slaff ....JI.1 .. . .LL Cul. Ilzfimlij' ..... ...Lf, Cul. Cnmlry illiljvr,, . , ..... Major. ., ,illi-zjor, , . . jlaym, fm. lrzlrllfgmfe, Corpf Corfu Corpf Corp! Carp.- Smff Smff S1417 S 1.1 ff Smy' In addition to governing functions, various activi- ties of the military department, including the Ofiieers' Ball, the Military Ball. and dances given by other organizations in the department, are supervised by the Council. The .l1i1Ii11i, the military publication issued annually on Military Day, containing an entire Romsninr Guan Boi-:MAN FISHER CARROLL SMITH Newman Davies R. Lowe CLOKE Fiusnmuu WHITSON , 374 i I 1 i l i 5 i l 1 ii i MILITARY CG NCIL Mutnrxw XY, Bisiw .XIJWA Rip. Pl'.1l.mi jc-Hx R. ffuinoii .. , .ll.:f ffv, Rip Pro! ffvz ig Rxflii AIFRFD E, Coimris, Rip. ,Xialiliiol .ml BMI: Jann R. Dmlfs. 4.11 v.'. un, Rift, 1 .,,..' lu nm 41f-' flu! Frow A. Di Maxi s ,. f,1p!.l11J, Kip, 4 f'.1!, ' .-lwllivi chi!! lziixxaiuv ul. bsliiu . record of the years military activities. is pulilished under the supervision of the Council. The Cadet Colonel. who serves as president. heads the Klilitary Council. The Brigade Staff, the Lieu- tenant Colonel of each of the six R.O.T.C. units, a representative from each of the military organiza- tions, and two otlicers of the R.O.T.CI. faculty chosen l' 1"'Ve"' 'XL S' HUNTER ZECK Bussx' SIMPSON Mummy Anim ii 'l. Puri Xiifif.:vi-Iii.,u11ii. l rl-:Hx M Hl'xlrR infix .f,'f,- Kiln :lil 'f'.i I ,:,'i Xxgrn. Liiolim M, Loso, 4 f H ' " ' " Ixiaiuox ll, Nm KIRK, my if.f. ' f: Hip. P: 7.:.u Pi mm.: Cvl.'NI,XXl's S. 5I.XlPNlIN . . . . 11-im lf.. R.ff. 1.1111-ff rlufv Koruni K, XYVHIINUX A . 1.1, riff, lhilif ,'li,f,-.f.'iif, I,f,,',J:1 l,,ff,-fo ffm! l.,',. 4.z1.rlvvs, Iawlilly .'ii,'1fiff as advisors complete the lNC!1llDCl'Sl1lp of the Council. If any proiits are derived from the activities super- vised or sponsored hy the Xlilitary Council, they are donated to the Military Special Unit Fund. lfroni this fund expenses for iinproveinents not provided for in the regular grants of the State and lfcderal Ciovcrn- ments are niet. CORDUAN G. Loma Nu xi isox DBMANES XVAI.KER Kiruw 375 1..f',.1,n, hifi, l.l11 ,Nu l..'n 1 -.- l I l KS' linxx lim E. Muzwnx' lf. l--f,1rf:'f CAVALR .4-for NYhile most nf the and vastly different in appearance Cavalry of a few years principles of ' Cavalry still rem sessing surprise, speed Although the armored cars and assault qlflimm. howitzerb ,pot replaced the horse. ,me prepared to command valry but also the mech- tlicers are also needed to ration, transportation. and demolition duties. vary greatlyg cadets re- to adapt themselves to .,.,i.,. 376 CCDAS W, RTILLER 'I1111x11. H 1' 1.11x1 lx 1f1'.11f 1 1 Q' tx The great ziniuunt 111 1111' 1lCIlYlIj' ll Q prcscint unit 1882 ygivc .ic studcnt Ll u111'lt111g l411m1'lcdgC scrvcs tn stress t 1 Ah Cue - .V-11iIAL'I'11fI of limi the unit upcriitcs in tiinc of 111111 :ind tn lmcttci' training given ln' thc im,-3: 1 E ' Hu ' ic p1'ep111'c li' 1' duty ns ll IlHl'l-LiflIHlNi55ilNiCd P f , . 11nd11d1'1111ccdc1111 ' ' shfthc pri 6 A.-ill' cc ic 117 C iccs. The aidxxiiiccd ciwursc "- ai-A " IX. fn ' a and c1pc1'11tio11 uf tlic 1111" 1 ll ft equip Cl ' ' 'nt s ' ll10l"Y' cud cniirsus in p1'cp111'11ti4111 4 .4' 1 5' Sczicunst 111'tillc1'y is mlm ll 1 :in ' tl C milllll '1 wg' 1u1111111issi1111 intiicci'111tl1t-61111151 Artil- 5 - 8 1 0 -U 1 ,-,nf given. but, since the unit . 5 1l11nd, 111 J" f ' ' Arun Rcscrvc CIu1'ps. . V "' ., , ts .-r -. ', C1 ' - -A . . phnsis IS l1C111g placed ongdgl ty .4 3- f 11' , il ' nw .Xriny iithcciw .1 5 1 '- ,, I ' f ,J 4 --- Q, , 4- Thc fl'11ll1lI1g given by thc Ckmst . lcrytuf - 5-f"h11d . 1'111n1fggH23 at 1 1ts. ,1-1 pi ? 377 1 Mi Ruuoxn H. Borismx 1.1. Cvlrfvff Arniy regulations state in uni' is to assist the engineering work. Such work repair, and mining, C minesg operation of systems, and writer supply! mapping. and the and photc Methods of Engineer cadets at lllinois by well GINEERS ,,,,-Q., 1 1 oflieersf' HFC to the fact that summer for the duration. encountered by Engineers cadets are also taught the other units of the Army. six hundred and sixty one hundred and Upon completion the seniors will be sent to thev will finish their ' 378 --1 .--.-, I i 1 1 1 bln.,-in g1 "1.3 i'71f1v1111r J I ' mfflw AIIXIN I Iaxxux mv. R. Cfllux 1 411K If 111111111 IS WL 111x 1 111 utI1c1's11pp111 1111 1c1s In s11pplc111c11t 111l gl ss 111st1'11ct11111 t 1 IL 1 L11 1 me 111cd111111 uf its st11dL11t 1 111141 Plilftfllll 111 1 IJ111111 1l11tLu 11l11cl1 c11l1111111tL L 110C L fmt 1111111c11111 11111 thc L1111p11s. I11 t s x t1ts 1 ll tu 111'c wcll 1111l1f1u its -3 . .Q2S5K+ ' Roinnr F Lost, IJ. Cfilffilil , ri-ix ' ' " v '- , ig, ,fn 'lihe oliieet of the R.O.'l'.4QV is to iillhlllff'5fllLlC41fgQ, for positions of leadership in times of ,national einer- genev. XVith this goal in mind, and to eoinplv iyiitlw the .xl'lllj"5 aeeelerated2progran1,'fhcfliifzirieiy instruc- Cf V f 1 tors have initiated Qiveymeciitrated three year course. Under thc nexv prograin. lmasieftgriiining of a fear and a half is given inrdrill, discipline, duties, and xv-'leapons of a soldier. The advanced CSQIIING, of the same lengtli, stresses initiative and leade1'Sh'ip, andhfit the sa1neftii1iQQ gives an adequate lmelcground in niilitary seienec and - 67 pf. Q' --- 3- ew -SQ 1. t a eries., , Tfgeiiisiiv xveeks suinniei' 'eiiiiip has lmeen abolished for the duratiqfi: T LC-5 partially take its place, the unit isgiven 1ll1,C"flg1g'llgf6ll'lGj.lQ eaeh semester. Upon gradu- iw ation and: nftcr passing:xaixplivsieal examination. the sttideiifileietit to the Iiifmfi-it School at Fort Benning, - f Y V 1 -',, 1.-., Qleorgif xvFi'ere, after'ireonipleting Oflieers' Training 5el1ool,,l1e xvill ifeeeivefthe coveted gold liars and as- ' -siiiiinentadactive dutv. - i l 380 I SIGNAL CCR PS l Y 4 ix," Conununications, supply, photogi men in other units ception and solution general headings comes thc .l.,-a in modern warfare. "t 4 The Signal Corps unit R.O.T.C. brigade gives its tical instruction in all of course, freshmen and nlentals and background of signal P-li A lilllll xml If i,.f,,fi1 g v I . , trainn g of uractice in scnt teceiving Xlorsc cotle, xi orking il , 1 inter- uiti eltl radio and telegraph sets, and wire laying. Xlen chosen i iced course sulmiects are given spccialjfv 'ai 'anch of thc signal corps ' shoix' pfkicular intcrcst or aptitutlc. scnio -. 'oll in one of the four Oflffi, unit- fcryptanalysis, supply, iccording to where they lforps operations. i, l, Y. 0. 381 MILITAR RILHARD I-I. Moss Clnzlv 171.111 BALL R11 ii iifii H. Moss.. ..., ...,,,. . .. .... Cbizlrfriavi Rvrsi-iixn H. liouxmx PAUL A. FRFFIAND ROBERT F. LONG H. I ioifci. JOHN R, GLILK EDWARD E. MURPHY -Turns H, Fisiiin MELHN R. J.-KNSSEN ARTHUR T. POPE The date of one of the most colorful dances of the Illini social season of 19-+2-3 was November 20. The occasion was the Xlilitary Ball which was held in George Hutjf Gymnasium. Responsible for the entire success of the dance was a committee headed by Cadet Colonel Richard H. Moss. The decorations were in keeping with the times. The backdrop behind the band was white, and on it was placed a clever adaptation of the military motif. ,.. "-JS' P- ,..... The programs were red, white, and blue carrying out the military theme of the dance. Dancing was particularly enjoyable to the "smooth" music of Del Courtney and his orchestra. His arrange- ments were also well received by the gleeful spectators in the balconies. Shortly after midnight came the high- light of the evening, the Grand March, led by the Cadet Colonel, climaxing one of the best Military Balls ever given at Illinois. -rf' 3 Fisiariz Bouxmx Fnrrr.-ixn Port 382 Loxe GLICK Moss CLOKE j.xNssEN HL COURTNEY AND XYUCAI IVI' AT THE Bfxxnwaxn GRAND BIARCH 11. . . fs 1 'idx I . , 4 -Iuxrx R D.xvII': 1 f1111111IIr1de1' AIAYIOR EI I I: DANNIR RIIIII RI ,l. AI I IA YIAMIN M. BARIIIY ELRII-R A. BL.-Ixrfx XVAI I AI I E. BVAN hill Ic.N I. BRIRII R MA1'1I1xx XY. Bun' AI I RI Iv D CARII-'III I I -IUSIPII C API7JI HIIMAR K HRISIIANRIIN ,IUHN T. CVIKOTA Rc1I1I'R'I -I, DAAI1 ,IMIIN R. DAVII-S Fmvn A, DI-MANIR XVIIIIARI B. DINIIARI ,IUHN F. ADMIN JAMIN IE. A11-1.1111 Ex I RI IT G. ANIHIII xx A R11 HARU C. BARNI N GIRAIII F. BARN XVII IIIIR j. BIADII IlmvARIx E. Buck Rr1I11R'I' G, CALRINN XYIIIIAM P. CIOIJIAAN IUANA KUIRYRI IuI:NIi.f,01IPIR I PHALANX ' ' Iwruty UI Illumm, 1022 lf1,'111..'I.1. L rl I-'lm 5111111 1.1111111111 Alpha M-11'.Ic fI1.Iptcr To p1'1111111rc rbu fllTL'I'C.Yf of 1111111111111 t1'1Ii71i11g', tu foster the xpirir of fcllolzcsbip I1111o11g 111ilit111'y 711011. 111111 to be F177 aid ill the 711iIir1I1'y p1'c'p111'cd11esx of this c'0IllIf1"V F AC L'I,T Y MAJOR G1f1RI.I KRIVINRI Y XIENIBICRS IN UNIVERSITY RIIIIIRI V, DIXTI-R HARIAN H, DODGI' I I'RTIs H. EKIQIERSIIIRI, I HARIIN A. EVFRRIIII Rum-RI F,-KIRIIAIRN ,IAF-IIN F. FIFLDINc. INIARNHAII, FINIfGoI,Ix GI'RAI.Is I.. FUCHR CARI. G. GRAHAM, ,IR. Ronr-RI' E. I-IAM:-IAN YIINNI S. HAMMIVR 'IUHN R. HARMAN DONAID I.. HYNRY HIINIR F. DABoI.I PI-IILLIP A. DEATHLIIII RI1'HARIw ll. DIVIIIIINN Af.-XRXIN XV. FRINCH IDONAIIT K. GIIIRR AIAURIII M. GLATT SIDNII' A. GOLDRIAN jnsIfPH M. GREISNNXQIIII XVILLIAM A. GROH I7xxI4.HI GISYER 51.-KNIIY B. HANSxl'N Sc11i01'5 j1111i01's HARULD H. HFNSOLIH RonrR'I' F. YIQRSON RAYMOND V. KOEHLYR ,IOSFPH l.. KRAL JOHN W. LI HMANX Gfoaczr M, LONG XNVILLIAM A. IXIARFNIWII TH IIODORI- W. IWCCLURL, XY"ARRI'N I. IWITCHFLI, KFITH E. MuIfI.1.I-R DALI5 A. NAFZICTFR DONALD I., RFNII14 LHARLIN F. RENZ RoI1IfRT S. HINTON ZFAIA' M. HoI,Mr5 XVIIIIAM G. JACK A. HOIQBTON JERDAN EARI E. JOHNSON Enxx ARD F. KFRRIN JOSFPH L, KRAL JUHN W. LARSON Rox' j. LIECHNIER ,IAsoN H. LIARTIN NI.-VIHFNX XV. Bun' L1. C11x11111.111I!u1 CULONIL CIII,I4I'I'l'I' V. WII.1crs R14 HARD I.. RITMAN FRANK A. ROUGH DIEXVLLI. D. SCHLAPP EYFRFTT XV. SIEDSCHLAG ARTHUR G. Sr-IILL1' EARL R. SMITH HERMAN E, TOMFI CHARLES I.. TURNER DONALD j. XVEBIFR STANLEY W. XVILCOX GLENN R. XVILSON FRANI4 P. XY7ORACK DFLMAR B. ZUMNYALT LESLIE E. MATHER5, JR. HARRY A. IWIAYIER ROIIERT A. MOFFAT PFTLR R. NOLING ROLAND CI. RAYBURN EDXYARD S. SEFCIIQ ROGFR SI-I-FRSHAYAN ALLIYN G. SMITH ADOLPH W. XVALTFR Wrxnru. G. XVINKISLMANN CI.YDr A. XVISKAMP 38-I Q4. .- wi SCABBARD I nf 1.1 Lnufmry .II XX'INLIImIn. IIIIII XX'Il.l.l-XM G. IXIURPHX' IMI! l..I1flIm1wI I5.fI'fI.qI IILIYI .I..II,. I 1,.,,w.'I,. TU miyg T176 xfI111I1'I11'dx of mi1irI1ry rnrilzilllq in f1111cI'ifI1f1 F A C L' L T X' HARI:LIv E. BAIIIIII I, M.S. XVALTTR N. BRQXYN, B.S. ARTHIIR M. BINXXPLL, Ph.D. WIII.IAM I.. KYOLLINN, M.S. JAMIN j. DIIIAND, M.S., I LHARLIN R. FRPDIYRIIN, M S, HARoI.Iw XV. HANNAH, B.S., LL.B. MEMBERS DALI V. Aoms RIKHARIW F. ANIIIRN. N HARLAN D. HARI IIIII R ROIXIRT X' BI RR JACK D. Bogus RAYMQNIY H. Bc Hr-IAN ScINI'RIIw N BRINNI'R f!-'IRISTX' M. BRI:L'c..H'IuN GFLIRI-F XX". BIINIY RIKH.-XRD C. IARINIIN JOHN R. I ARRoI.I. RALPH T. fI.Al'5lN THIIAIAN H. ILUKI' IELIQINI E ALT RICHARD A. BINNIII BRADTORIX G. BLIILINI LAVFRNI' E. CANHAAI MARVIN E. CLARK WILLIAM N. fflLXX'l'lL JOHN XV. CRANI' XVILRIAN E. DAX'Ih RICHARD L. DIFMFR jIfRRY S. Dc:RRoYcLNY GTKTRCYF DURINVTZ HOWARD M. EIILHSTAFDI' RICHARD G. ERNIQINI Ror+rRI' S. Foorr IHARLIS F. FRY CHARLES M. GLRYIC. .....,.i. -.1.......-.-.-1 AI I III,Iw E CORDLH-XX I IIARLIN XX". I Rum -IAMI'-1., l7AX'IN AII.IIN R. DAYIN AIYRI N FI Ln VIARIIAN H FINHTR HIIIIIRI H. FI'L.RIIzNQN f'lARlN1l'j. GAuI'HIIR IHARI I-N R. GIRIIA HINRX' T. GRAY MILYIN H. GRIIINNIIID RvIIIRT E HAIIIIXIAN ,IAAIIs XV. HART JIIHN R, GLIII4 ,IAIIIIN F. GIIIIIYAIAN ,lI3NrPI-I GGIIIIA, JR. I.HARI.Ifa j. GRLII-I' EDXXL-XRD E HAM-INQ Emx ARIH D. HrALY FRIDIIRII Ia XV, IRRRIN SHTRXXCOD L. JAI IQNIIN ROHLRI M. ,IAMLR ROPIFRT F. ,IANN NT.-XRSHALI A. ,IoHNsoN RICHARD H. JOHNSON ROIIITRT R. JIIHNNIIN GIAURC-I W. ,TUNFQ RIFHARL7 G. KI-RR HARIILIY N. HAYR ARD, M.S., E.E. NVIINHJURN JOHNSON, A.M., I.L B., LLD DAYIIJ KINLFY, PRD., LL.D ARNFR R. KNILIHT, M.S,, M E., EE. XVAIIAQF M. LANNI-ORD, M.5,, If E. XVALDO SIILIIIIXYAY, Pl1.D. fi nn. rXI.I RI II E CQIIRILII-xx 1 Ilfmfrl Colleges and Ul1i4z'cI'.I'itic5 Iimx ARD J. SMITH, M 5. . RUNIIIF R. SNAPP, PILD. STANrII'III S. TI-XYLUR, B S, AR IN UNI YERSITX' C" Seniorx 11111iorx RII HARD H. HIIRNINI. HI'RR I.. HLIIIHIQ JOHN M. HI'N'I'IR MI LX IN R. ,IANNAI N XX'IIII.-IRI I . MI BRIINI ,IAIIIIN B RIIIK XVII LIAAI E MI I YIN RR HARD H. Blum EIHXYARI1 E, IXTURPHX' Xvllll.-XM G IXIIQRPHX' TXT.-XRIUN UI. NIXXIQIRIQ FIIIYD XV. Um Il 'IAIIIIN H I..'XMlXIl'l'! DIN R I.Am-IIRINI, josrvu M. LIIBAR DQNAID 'I'. hh IDANITI PAIIL E, MYIRN XV,-XYNF E. NIIHRIN GIIIIIRI B. NIIRIH XVARRIIN ,L NQIRIH LRANITI j. PIRRINII ERNIST H. Pom. JR. CHARLIN M. RI-IMIR LIII'ls X'. RITIIR EDR ARD A RURI-RIN LALIRINI If E. RQIIINR N JAI-Im V. RYAN CH IAIIIINUN XVAXX IIR, M.S . I .E I-XRLIW M. '1'H0:IIPwN, PILD., I.I..D., LIII D. 'IHIIR I. XX'ILL.'XRD, HS., D Eng., LL.D. 'IIRHI' H. ZINI4, B N Rlr IIARD S. PINNI I Y J ARIHIIR T. I4,PI XVII I IAM ll. RI ARIYO:-: L-IRHAIII U. RIIAINI I-'HII I IP RII'rHRI,AI'I' IIWT EDR ,-XRD L. RZIPII Rl DANIII. D. bII'I.RIxI ROIIIRT 5 SFIIINSRX RALPH I. TIIIIIR J. RoRI'RT XVALRIR XVII LIAAI 'If XVHHI A XX'.-II 'I I R I.. XVIIII ll HI-XRRX' XV. XVHYII XVIIIIALI B. SAYRI XVILLI.-XM S. SITII I' JFRQRII- M. SILVIR KI R GI.oRc.F H. SIRIAIIIM DALIf H, SINLLAIR ARIHIIR j. SxI'IToN HI-NRY H. SXVAIN JAMIIQ O. TAc.oAR'I EYLRLII' XV. THQDI KIINNITH If. THORQ KIIRIRT L. TIKLMAN NFSS I.INIwII.I. H. RYAN DYRF -IOHN C.. XVALLAIZF TYTYRON D. YANIIS PfXl'L B. HVUULE du 389 K PERSHING RIFLES FMIJIIIUJ. UnIx'cISIty Of Ncbr.Isk.I, 1892 T11 M115-.raiwl :iIli1'u Cfmpl If -Q' JAMES H. FISHER ,IOYCE ROADNAN C,fn1nI.m.l,'1i.g Offrsr Spffvifw To u11vu11I'I1q'c, p1'cxeI'1'u, and duwlop the highest idciils of the 7lli1iZ'1'l1"V profexsion, to promote flillerimlz citizen Ihip, to mxuirc II vloxer and mare efjivielir I'e1I1tiali, mm' to pr01'iIz'e appropriate 7'6'C0glIffi07l of I1 high Lic'-Q'lAL'C 01' iizilimry Irhiliry Irmolig' thc mdcrx of thc R.O.T.C. nr the UlIi'1'L'7'Sifjf of Illinoix FACULTY LIEUT. CH,-XRIJIS W C.-ISEY, CA. I.II3UT. JOHN M. HOLZER LIELIT. XVILLIMI A. MCGILYRM H.xRL.xx D. BARFITHER RIT:-IOND H. BOHMAN RIILTON I. BREMFR CHRISTY M. BROUOHTON XV. R. ALT XYILLI.-XM M. BASNITT BI.-XRYIN CLARK HOIXARD M. EICHSTAVDT 386 S P O N S O R JOYCE ROADMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ELDON J. BRUNxER JOHN R. CARROLL AI FRED E. CORDUAN ,IOHx R. DAVIS DONALD F, KRUST OSCAR D, MCD.axII'I GILRIRT B. NORTH Sc11i0I'x I zmiors . JR. FLOITI A. DFMANES JAMES H. FISHER GORDON E. GEESEMAN RICHARD H. Moss XVARRKN J. NORTH DANIEL J. PERRINO J.-XMTQ V. RYAN ARTHUR T. POPE GERHART O. ROMSTEDT HENRY W, SARNOWIC ROBERT S. SOLINSIQY GLENN J. SCHNIZLIIN FRIED L. SCOTT ROBERT L. TILLRIAN LINDELL H. VRNDYIQE , ...,- 1,,j""' 1 HENRY SARNDYVII' .AI.lIn!.1II.' W. H. ALLANN AY XVFSLEY R. ALLINHX ELRIRT E. ALPERN T. AMBROSI' DONALD T. ANDIRAON EARL R. ANDERAON K. ANDERSON DAVID D. ARONOII P. AVIERBACH WILLIAM H. AYRIQ RORFRT L. BAc.f. B. H. BAILEY EDWARD E. B.-XRRN W. BARTH R. BASS XVAYNF BATIN JOHN H. BrILIf MIQHAEL BENDAN XVARREN E. BFRNI R MANUEL BERNAI I IN RORERT XV. BILIIIIIIN K. BITTINGER CARROLL BLAKIRMAN JOHN BOGATTD DONALD I.. BONI' T. F. BOXVFN MELYIN J. BCIXTRNI,-V. PALII. If. BRADIORD PADI C.. BRANDI GEORGE E. BRANRIA JOHN R. BRII.L JOHN A. BROPHY KENNETH R. BRI'NN RORERT R. BLIRL. JEROME J. BIIRKI' WALTER R. BIJRKII H. S. BURKHARIWT FRANK CAHAN, JR. DONALD L. CAIDRIII ROIIIIRT T. CAIIT FRID W. CARRIER ALLAN R. CARI-I-NTIR RORIRT H. CARRUTH ALIILRT R. CQLLIRII NIFJRLIAN K. COHN ASTERE E. CLAEYSSENS HDR .ARD CLALN ROBERT A. COLTMAN FRANCIS D. CRVGFR CHARLES C. LURTIS, JR. AARON CLISHMAN PALII. XV. DAVEY RICHARD B. DAYIIS ARRL DAVIS JOHN W. DAY J. DECKER WILLIAM L. DEIM, JR. GEORGE E. DELONL. LEROY S. DEMANES EMIL J. DEMARTINI DAYID V. DICKEY II. O. DICKINQON KI-I'lH L. DOITI7 XVILLIAM W. DIINFY IDFAN M. DLIBOI'If WARREN DLLLDN XVILLIAM M. EDDERI FY XVILIIAM H. IEINOR CIIADRGE EHRLICH ROBERT A. ELLIS HAROLD I.. ERICKNIJN ROLAND N. ERIINON DONALD E. ERQKINI' VIRNON P. EATIQ D. E. EL'sTIfr HARMON E. EVIIAND, JR HARRY S. EVIRI-TI, JR. IHARIEA R. FAIRY ROIIIRT W. FALEONIR FRANK B. FARLI-Y IUAVID S. FFINIINIIIAI. WARREN W. FITYL-IRA IZARL W. FLIMINI. JOHN E. FLODIN FRI-DIRICK H. FDARD XV.-XRRIN f. FIIIN CQIDRDE FUNK, DONALD L. FDI-'Ilf WAILAIJE S. FRANK R. H. FRIDRII K 1 HARLIYS F. FRY K. H. GALSTON XVILIKLIR E. GI-IIRINI. NICK GEORLQIIIIAKIN KENNETH E. GFRLIR JOHN E. GILROY EDR ARD GODERI Y ID WILLIAM F. CBUIPPINIIIR KI-NNETH H. GORDON RALPH W. GUILD HAROI.D V. GOLRIIY EDWARD W. GRAHAM GORDON C. GRAHAM LESLIE GREENROOD RAYMOND A. GRI-IA, JAMES M. GRDSNMAN NLLSON GL'SI'uR H. DONALD HAIIIIIRG TOM J. HALPIN M. H.A5IBL'RC1 P.-XL'I. E. HAMIR KENNETH O. HANKA JACK A. H.-INSlI.I. JOHN T. HARMDN MIKE H. HARRIS INJORTON HARTRIAN MARSHALL l"IA'l'I'IIkI D J. B. HATCH PERSHI RIFLES BASIC MEMBERS RL'SiI'I.I. H.1TTIi MARI.OxY'E K. I1.Xl'IIIR JOHN S. HAIIIRI' RICHARD E. HAI'vTIII CARL R. HAINMAN HAROLD I. HIIIV JOHN M. HINION JOHN H. HI-RIIIRI' fJHARI.IES H. HIRNII RICHARD E. HDDAN EUGENE M. HIIIIIIIIIW DONALD W. HDISI' GERALD N. HDNN JAMES L, HI-INNDID WILLIAM E. HLIIIIR EMIL HLRKA . CHARLES W. lII'RIIR RORLRT A. JAIDIR RORERT M. JAMI-N XVILLIAM G. JAMV9 FRED D. JANMIR KENNETH H. JDIINNDN GLORUF E. JOHNSION HAROLD L. JONIA KTITH XV. JONIS XVALTFR P. JONIA THOMAS T. JIJNI5 ROIIIRT E. JOYE MARNHAII KAI.AN ROIIIRT P. KAHN AVDARY G. KIHIAR JRXWNL3 H. KINYIIN JOHN D. KIII.-KN IUIIYORE E. KIIIIIJ JIILIUS W. KIIND XVARRFN T. KNOYN I I A RICHARD C. KO: H DAVID M. KRAII-I' RDRERT A. KRDININI, EDYYIN F. KRONNI' ROIAFRT KRONN1 KARI A. KLRII7 NORRIS L. LACIR.-INT IQVH IAMES H. I.AMIIIRI', JR. FRANK H. LARNI-R I HARLIVS M. LARAON RICHARD E. LARSUN HARRY D. I.AI'I9HI.IN ROY J. LFCHNIR GILBERT W. LI-Ia PHILIP V. LIIDA CARL W. LEHMAN H. PHILIP LEIL.HI.Y HARVEY J. Lrxxls IENS E. LFVINIB JOHN A. I.IIIIxIRI'ON BERT G. I.IIiHTI'NAII'IN HOYVARD LIERERMAN RICHARD E. LINDr,ILIISI' HARRY J LDISI H RILHARD G. I.mI ANATIIII F I.I'vAN XJFRNUN V. l.I 4 AN XVTRLIY F IIIIRINI: J.4.Nl'9 E LYII DAVID F. DI.-UJIYIIIIAN MORTON XV. INIADSI N THOMAS R INIAHIIR IEL'LzIfNI' J. INIANDII GLENN R M-INN DONAID F MARIINSON JAMIN B. MAY MII ARIY RDRIRI R HDRAIT H. MII IIIIOL1-H DONALD T. IXII If-XXIII. RICHARD Ii. MICIRAIH JOHN MVHIIIJI MINI: IIDLQ GEOROII D WILLIAM J. IWIID CPTHD H. MIINDI-NHALI. ROIIIRT C. INIINKIN W H. DIII,-IIIIY JOHN If IXIII I I R EDR ARD Dill I IIDINF BRRNARD INIIINIA MARSHALI A MINNIR PALIL I.. MIRINSI XVILLI AM S M4 II I.I NHAIIIR THAYIR K MDRRDYR C. A. RIURPHY CQHARLIS I3 NIIAIIN GIENN I.. NIIAON XYJIIJIAM A. NIL HOIAS V. W. NIIHOISON FRANK W. NII-AEN GFNI' L. NIIRAI.-KN GEORGE J. NOVAK EUGENE N. NINRALM WAYNE L. IIAK DIII ION H III-I RI .-ITAINIR RDRIRT RIIRIII DONALD R UI ANDIR JACK R. ULRIN HARRY D ONIIMAN DANTE J. QJRIII JONEPH G. Om AI D CHARLI-A DUI IfHl A H. J.-XMIN CIN! INA HAROLD I.. PAGE WILLIAM R. PAMI-I' HARRY J. P.-XPPIIS CIIRALD A. PARKIR XYILDLR F. PVANI ROI-IIRT H PFDTRSFN XVILLI.-IM PI-DERsIfN RILHARD D. PIII-II.I-Q RAYMOND PIRIIKI,-KN HITIII GFRH ART PL1111 .IIIJ M. PI II RS JOHN J PI IRII A PAL'L B. PIIINNIY HAROLD J. PIAIK ALIAN PDHN IJHARIFS I. PORIMDI ARTHIIR Il. PRR I, fYfLIVI'R 'I'. PIIRI. FIIDIN E B. QIIADRI RDIIIRI' F QIIAINIAN . JOHN QLIIIY RONAI D RIII-LIR LIIORDI- W. RI IIIHI R JOHN LI RI PI INI.IR THOMAQ F RI4 If JAMIS Ia. RINDDIR J.-'IHIN J. RIVA DIAN A. ROIIR JAMIN XV. RORIRIS JOHN A. RIIIIINNDN RALPH IZ. IIDIIIAIIN LISIII Il. ROIIY ALVIN I. ROI'1,c.r EDDAR R. RDDIIR LIDNII. G. RININ DAVID I.. RON JAMES R. RIM DIURTHN RVRIN JOIHIN F. RI'NlW3L'IQI' RDI.I1R'I' H. SANRDRN FRANK P. S.-XVUIDI CIIIIRDI- E. SFHAIIDT ERNIIQI D. SIHNIIIDI XVIIIIAM SITIDINHIR NIH MIIRIRIR BRI'z'E S. NI IIRIVKIR STIRIIN4. XY NFHRDVK HI'RIII'RI I NI HL'I'Iz EVI RI I I' XX' 54 IIXN A IH.-IRI IN I., NI DTT JOHN N SOIII I.I'F IK S4 U1 I MDRRIQ I. SIIADDIF JR. R R RM FE E.-IRI. P. SIIAIJI AND, JR XVJILIIAIKI D. DIIIYIRTZ GEORDI' O. NIIIII-MAKER EYTRI-I'T I.. SIIDSTROM ROIIIRT M. SILYIRMAN GEDRDIE H. SIMMONS I-IDYYARD F. SITKA DONAID H. SRAIIDIIN I.'III.L J. SIAIIR ROY I , QMIIH YIRCIL R. SMITH JAMIY XV. SNIYILY RORIRT I.. SIIDIRATRDM fHARII'i E. SPAI IH JOIIN R. SPINIIR O. ROMAIILII' TI.I:I1.'IIg Ufffur JOQIPII R QPIIX IYH.-IRI.I'Q NTADE XYJ.-XYNI' ff. 5I'AIfI RORIRI STAIIDIR THDMAQ A STIIN MIIVIN P. STRAIN CLORDDN J. DIRINIIIR CQHARIIN NIIIIIIWIMAN LII A. QIIIIIV.-KN FIOYD I.. NR.-INSDN JAI'K M. NR ANADN RIHHARII J. TI xx I I fi R. J. 'IYHRANI IH.-XRIIN J IJUIVII ROIIIIII F TRA1 Y XYJIIII.-KH J. TI'IIIi ARTIIVR 'I'I'RI I7KY AMIIROSE A. 'I'I'RzA JAIiK K. vJYl'lIIIIl IRON,-Xl.D A. 'I'YIER XVINSIORV I'IRI'K RICHARD H III RII H XVILIIAM A L'IRIf5H 1.OI.IIsI'NIIR. JR IJIIARLIQ M YANDLYNE XRVAYNI' E. YANDYKI DAVID J. VAI DIIAN WIIIIAM YIIDI EMMANIIAL VIDALAKIS FRANUS CI. VONNAHMIN ALIQFRT W. WAIIIIRI-N JOIN. B. WARE ARONID Q. XVATSDN DUANE 12 WAI Ii CHARLIA I., WIIDI-N RONALD P. XVIINIR ELIDLNE I. XY'I'I.I.S ROY A. XXVYYII JAMIN M. XYITIII SKLXIN I . XYIIIII XVAILAHI T XYIIIIF FRANK S. XYIIIIINI, RORERT lk. XRVIIDRII H RAY T. WIIION LLIFIAN XV. WIIRIQ QARROI. D. WIIRDN FDRRIST E. WILQON ROBERT S. WINIMAN GERAID IF. W'INSMII.I.ER JOHN C. XRJUII EDWARD J. WRIDHI JOSEPH F. WI'I1I LNER FRFDFRICK R WINDER RIVHARD XVYIRZYMALSKI IJHARLFS E. YALIR, JR. RIYRDN D. YANTIR DAVID H. YARI LI. SIANI IY K. Ymr FRANVIS F YOINSI 387 I I I I .41 .X' ff' TAU NU TAU L . FUJIIIIXLJ. L'nIxcr5Ity OI IIIIIIOIN, WIS O m' .'fI'llIL f.kf'.1f'.'If C-IIIRRI M. Lum, IIUHY R. DAvIe PII I1.fII,'.' I'1II P1 I rl XYl1.II.XMA M4 QIII I R xx DAII V. Annu ROIiI'Rl' J. ALI-XANIHIR HARLAN D. BARI IIIII R RAYMOND H. BOIIMAN Emx ARI: F. How I'Rs XVILLIAM F. BURNIIII IOHN R. f AIzRoI.I. INKARK S. f'HRIN'I'I'NsIN EIIH RT E. ALPIRN ROIIIRI j. ALLIN MICI-IAIfI ll. ARMANIMI fHARl.IN I , ARNOID NORRI, XY. I ARINON FIOYII R, DI-lllNIS,il'l-ll JYRRY S. DOIIROVOINY Huxx ARII EICHNI,-XI'DT BIIRTRON R. FIIIIIN CIIARI,I.s F. FRI' MAL'RII.r M. G1A'II .P A IIIIII Tn dijflfxc Irfzmng' its 7llC7lI!7L'l'X ilzfarifmfiulz of I1 vflilimry c11g'i11cc1'i11g Imrzzre II:-I1 lngx ,f.IpI F A C L' LT Y . Engrc. XIIQXIBERS HILMAR B. CIIRINTIANRON IIOI-IN R. DAVIQ RIIIIIRT C. FAIRRAIRN CLARK-NCI' j. G,-IUTHIIR IARI. G. GRAHAM RAYMOND HAMRURO XYIILLI.-XM E. KI'I.IAM tI.x'm E. KIM I,R XVILLI.-XM A. GROH RICHARD A. HRIQSIQA HFNRY N. LANL PAUL E. LANIIRMAN DONALD R, LAMMLRING HIRNARD J. LATTYAI4 jAMIs J. LUZA QQSCAR D. INICDANIEI.. JR. XVARRIIN B. MANKIR PIITI-R R. NCVLINC1 GILBIRT B. NORTH IN UNIX' Seniors jlmiors ICRSITY RAYMuxIw V. Km HI I R EIN .-XRIW J. KRI.IIc.IR RALPII I.. LIPPINV011' CEI-cIRc,If M. LONI. YVIILI.-XM A. MARINIIIQ ,IAMIs B, MILK ROIIIIRT E. MOORI' I IIVSTIIR R. fDlSON XV.-XRRYN j. NORTII FRFO j. PAINIII EIIILINI' L. PI-IN CHARI I A Il. ROM II Emx ARI1 A. ROIIIPRTQ RUIAIRI' H. RI'sxAMP IAMIN Y. RYAN KARL H. SCIIAIIIR THIIMAS G. Sr HII RMANN RICIIARD R. SI IIINIJLFR HI'OII E. Sn HNI IDI M INII GIINRI Y. B. XYVILKIN. Cul. Enurx JACK P.-xI.I.IvrFR ARTHLR T. POPF DONALD L. RENICIQ Emx ARD L, RZIPFCKI PAI'I. A. SIMMONS, JR. EARL R. SMITH IRHARLIS l.. TURNFR FRANK S. XVYLIE, JR. PHILLIP H. SPAIN CARL W. STABEN STANLFY J. STANIszIfxw SKI I HRIS R, STRAESSER LLOYD C. TAYLOR JAMES T. SULLIVAN GEORGE W. THOMSON LIION D. TIIQLILSKI ROBFRT TILLMAN XVILLIAM XV. WALIQIR ELMORI F. XYVALLIN 388 THROUGH THE YEARS HIC I3 lm Imam! Tm -Klzwmw Hum INN! LNIH 1'fl1, rx IX mr Mi It Q1 N111 1 IX IHL .-Xnxmnx'-ww ,Ai ILLI-NOISE! "ll4msts" . . A'l'luiiinr" . . "lfx'ents of the Year" . . nntl limi' "llli-Noise" . . . lhere has nlunys lueen Ll section uf the llliu dc-vutetl tu that part nf egunpus life uthieh enters inure into tmalitiun than into print. One uf the great tiuulitiniis uf Illinois is lnterseliulnsties uteela-eml, hrst helnl in IHOF. During this ueelc-end, high sehoul guests of the L'nix'ersiti ligne. thrnugh the years, competed in :ill types uf :ithletie and m'utui'ienl euntesrs. and lmve lveen entertained lay L'nix'e1'sity students with Ll eullege truck meet, cullege lmseluill gnuie. zintl the nntimmlly frnnuus lnter- seliolnstic Clireus. lhe Klnypule Dnnee uns first heltl in ISHN un "lmelt-en1npus." liut lieeiiuse uf larger ernutls. it u .is transferred tu lllinuis Field. With the .nltlitiun of full: tlnnees, the prugrnin lieeguue the Klan Day Festival. ifliiss struggles lietueen freshmen :intl sopliiiiiimes u ere lung nn im- purtxint part nf egunpus life. ln early years. the suplimiiuifs threu the lresluuen inru the lniiiex girtl msn nzuuetl ln' lntlinns ii hu strewetl its lmnks uith the lmunes uf their hunting killsj. Later. these struggles tuuk the tliruis ut' enlur rushes. pushlmll enntests. :intl smelt rushes. lluineemuing. llntls' Ihr, and Xlutliers' Day. u ere first estnlmlishetl in the efvlleginte uurltl ln lllinnis students. 'lihese trntlitionnl eelelmitiuiis have lieen eupietl ln' other universities l'l11'flLlgl1lJlll' the euuntry. ,ag .an GO 0 ILLINI! Bin'r.a! Q K 7 GISE ILLI- Ill-Vtxwuild Y D. '.-m,rR:f--" xx: pf 'ff G uv if SONS V0 WRIGHT PQSFWQER PRES -K NIM!-IT "ZH, " Gul N B Y -rr FovvT11.xl1 GM-fx' lx U XX XX T XX XX C f H I E R V nxx - 'KRW R 'x mx Jw ILLI GISE QQ .4 Eh. 'VE Q-'fy' N 1 i Srmmrn PROM UM N Pmvmwr, KUMMANDI-R, K-0MM.1.xD.1.N1 SHAIYIN ul M11 ,umm Comm x s L. x Lass Ol '42 Gmm'A1'rx lxx of .R .ff 394 -5-K 7 vs 1- + :xx 'Q-4 Fomw,-xLL S1 xnorr P,4jAM,q RAN Hon r,-nun, All-Ac, Firm Dm' PRl15Il"INI', COMMANDANT AT R1iTum'r PR1fs1DrNT AND MARGIE BITZER rr HOMECOMING C1114 Commoxs ICE-CAPADE5 vw" ' :Je- ' T' .V itz if fi .x.., , J 443. lv .x .1 , X K4 , 1' -,. x. Az-,--ff 1 X x ll flf ,rf mlm llxnxx Nx ,. w D "THr XVORLD'S GRF.xTrn"fl90R ANNUAL CLASS Pusnn.-ILL GALIE THROUG ON ULD ILLINOIS FIELD I I I I I I 1 I H. 1 HE YEARS 170 OR lil 'ii f .v . .M 1 EL 4 ,X Mu' Dm' ww NH I i M wwv'wo"v'QW'wv'o'o'o'wwo'vwwo'we'wo'w' Meivfoioivio2020202026242QoieiofoioivioioivioioXofoivfvioivioiv2432023 I 1 I l A -5 Q ' nl ,, X " 13 I I ' 1 1 V07 VQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQYQVQVQVQWVQVQYQ11,703.11QVQVQVQVQYQKQXQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQVQ 2o!2.'Q!oie!o!M!ob260202620!Q!o!ofvfv.v!v!v!vivioimieivioiofoiviv151 :ORGANIZATIONS I? ga ERATERNITIES A SORORITIES INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATIONS I-IONORARIES AND PROEESSION ALS - U FRATERNITIES lfroni Alpha to Omega, from handle-har mustache to "crew eut" traditions tend to hind the fraternity inan to his brothers. Tuhhing. wallqouts. paddles . . . initiations, formal dances, serenades . . . pin hang- ings, eigar-passing, "sw an songs" . . . all give lneinories of Greek life that may fade with years hut will never die. These events assure the new "alum" that eoniing deeades ean never yellow his shingle or remove the ineandeseenee from his pin, There are now niore than lifty national fraternities on the Illinois eanipusg onee, however, it seenied there would never he any such or- ganizations. When the L'niversity was founded, fraternities were looked upon with distrust and disfavor lay the pulmlie. For almost fifteen years after that founding students were required to sign a pledge that they would not join any seeret societies here. Now, however, they are not only recognized. they are an officially approved part of University life. 0 i Qgrxf' 12 U EW H: 1 Q: ff? 1 4 V1 fi? "FR,u'rnxxTY" Z9 hm- I DEX-FRATER Aeaeia . .. ..... Alpl1a Cl1i Rl1o. . . Alpl1a Cl1i Sigma ..... Alpl1a Delta Phi. . . Alpl1a Epsilon Pi. . . . Alpl1a Gt iiiiiiin 1 Rl1o. . Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Rho Cl1i ,..... Alpha Sig iiig 1 Pl1i. . . . Alpha Tau Omega.. Beta Tl1eta Pi .,.. . Chi Phi . .. .. Chi Psi Cosmopolitan Club. . Delta Chi . ..... . . .. Delta Kappa Epsilon ..... Delta Phi . .. Delta Sigma Phi .... Delta Tau Delta ..... Delta Upsilon , . . . Fa1'111l1ouse . . . . . . Kappa Delta Rho . . Kappa Sigma . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha. . Phi Delta Theta . . . Phi Epsilon Pi. . . . Phi Gamma Delta. . , 402 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 Phi Kappa . . . . Phi Kappa Psi .... Phi Kappa Sig iiit 1 .. . Phi Kappa Tau. . . . . Pl1i Sig 1111 1 Kappa . .. Pi Kappa Alpl1a . . . . Pi Kappa Pl1i ..... Pi Lambda Pl1i . . . Psi Epsilon . . . . . . . . Sigma Alpllxl Epsilo11. Sig111a Alpha Alu .. . Sigma Chi . . . . . . . Sigma Nu . . . . . Sigma Phi Delta .... Sigma Pl1i Epsilo11 .. Sig111a Pl1i Sigma .... Sig111a Pi . . . . . . Tau Delta Phi .... Tau Epsilon Pl1i .... Tau Kappa Epsilon . Theta Chi... . . . . . . Theta Delta Cl1i .... Theta Kappa Pl1i Theta Xi . .. .. . Triangle 2. . . . Zeta Beta Tau .... Zeta Psi... .. ITIES 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 .. .... 439 ....44O 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 .. .... 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 I TERFRATER ITY COUNCIL E,I1'I1lIl1rfn'1l, IUII PII'.I11fr11l .. , I'1I's-P1rI1IlI 111. XI Iv 51.11-I Trf.1I111Ir Xugmrzl .., F.11'11lrA7 .-II1'I 1IfII SARIUEL H. YOUNG j,-IRIFS M. UNUI..-IND.. , ROBERT B. ARNOLD, .., 'IARIH F. GOODMAN. .. IIOHNSON XVEBSTER LLEWELLYN X 1 1. ,,,F4 I 2. N RSA I ' iv- ' w , V R .lx 51 OFFICERS RILHARII H. HORNING ., jL'LIAx ,lcmnxscmx XYVILLI.-XM B. SAYRP, . . RORERI' D. LI I xx I LLx'x. ALFRID D. XVI'-ENTER. .. Dux E. E. SI.-IPIIORD ,. C A B I N E T .1I'.:I1.1 Rm' H. AOARIQ VIr'IOR V, PRIxf'r .Ailplm Cfvl Rlw O1-XKIFY S, DORION IVAN L, RICI-IARONOR x1lplI.1 1711111 PIII jonx L, RAINIY HULIH E. SFHNFIDIXXI xllplm Epwlffzz P1 ,IAKRK A, SLHAPQ RAPI-IAII. M. XVOLF xilplnl C11mn1.z Rlw JOHN R. PATTFRsOx DFIBIAR B, ZUMRVAI I' :Hp lui K.1fIfI.1 L.11I1l11l.1 XVII.I.lA?-IXI. DR.-IRI GFCDRLTI mx AIN :Ilplm RZIII C111 ,IOHN P, GUYFR CIIARLIR E. ST.-XIII' .-Ilpfnz S 1Ur11.1 Plz' HmxvxRIw L S.-XNTIR PRAxI4 R, XIVILFY .-Ilplm 'I.111 Ormg.1 ,IALIQ D. Bocas ,IAMI-S M, UAL,-Ixlw 5: 1.1 Tlfrla P1 ,IARII-Q F. GOODIIIAN LFXYIS W. T.-KGGART C111 Plvi .Icmx INIORTFNSON XV.-KLTFR H. RIPTZ CZI1 P11 WIIIIARI B. SAYRI' PALII. C. STOUT CnIr1111pnl1I.'1r1 BETO AIIIFLOA JARVIQ F. FRIDLYS Dah.: C111 EDNYARD K, MUrLI.I'R ....P!11 6111111114 DIl1.1 . .. Iycfhl Pb: , fffv PII ...PII LIPIIILIIJ . . . Tr1aI1glv ,, .PZI1 KIJMIII TI111 ,DJIA 71111 DUN.: . xifflul TI111 0111511111 51511111 .-Ilpfm Epmlffu .,,..,BIf.1 YIM.: P1 HIIRRIN. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ND MAYNARO YOUNL,sTI'An Dvllu K11fIp.1 Ep.I11Iv11 JARIFQ A. COLLIN5 JACK W. SHOTRR ELL De-11.1 Plu JLILIAN JOHNSON DESLE O. MILLER IDI 21.1 Slunm PM ,IORIPH R AINKXXCRTH JOI-IN R. INIALAUILY DI 11.1 T411 DI 11.1 XVILLI.-KM I.. H,-KXTIR ,IAMYQ R, KI-IIsIII'1.xI DIN.: L'pI1lfII1 ROBERT M. DIIRIx'.Ux TOROFIR PI. FAIIVIII F111 1l1lIf1.I1.Ir' WIIIARLI G HARINHORN ERNLST V. 5IIX ISNOX K.1pp.I 1111.1 R111 RALPH G, HANIXI-RIIIFXFR DORALO E. INIIRRIMAN K.1jIp.1 Xzgnm E BRLYI KI I I1IR XVAYxr S. XXV,-KRRIN I,.m1lzI!.1 Flu .'ll1IfI.1 DAVID Huw ARIv GIORCIF j. S'I'I'RxI PM DJJ.: YIIIJJ ROMRI XV. HI'c.I-IIQ ,IARIIN B. INIIIK Pfv lx'I1pp.1 JOHN L. GIIAON XVILLIARI f, NII IQII Q PII: KIIAIIIIII S1I'111.1 FRAMQ DINI IX. RAY A, HIRIxIAx Ffm' KI1pfIIz 71111 .IPRORIF R. PIILI4 Grxr R. V1rIRIII'rA PM S1gm.I K.1fIf1.1 GFORCIE F. FFRRI' JOHN F. INIAY P1 K.1jIpI1 .-Ilfvfm ffI.lFFORD Btu SI-ILRRIAx HI Pl IR P1 K.1ppI1 PIII DOUGLAS E. B.-IRNFT EDNVARD C7x'zI xv SKI P1 Lzmlzdn P111 XYPALLACF BI'TI.rR BFRT ROI I.r'R P11 LTp,r1ln11 F. BURTON I ARUTHFRS ROBERT D. LIN FLLYN Kunz.: qilffmz EpI1lfIII RORIRT H. C.-KIIHXXIII, WARRIVN I. IYIAIIK SIAUHII1' xilfffm .II11 RIARNHALL MIL-AI 7 RIIIII-RI INIOIIW,-kIxKY .Y1,Im1.1 III1 BIRI HAYI-R CHARIIN V. NIAINII' X1ur11.1 N11 RUICIRI XV A1'RIxIAxx RIIIIIRI j. FAI' X1.Ig111.1 PM Ep I1l111I Lf,1'Ix G. KFRAWIIN ,II-KMIN P, Mar ARIHY X1I'111.1 PII: Sly: v1.1 ,Iwx j. TARNI ROIIIRI N.XVILI1IRrx SLU 111.1 P1 RIIIIIIRI HOIRIANN RIIIAIRT H. NURIW TJ!! DJL1 PM CII RAI Il FIxn3rII.D M.-IRNIIALL FIxII.cILIu T.111 Knpfm Ep.I1l1111 ALIIIRT BOTTIN CH.-IRLI-R M. IWIILIYR TM 1.1 I fv ,IARIVQ M. B.-XRTIFY fI.IIllRl1 D. HrNsII. llu1.1 I7IlI'.1 C111 XY7IILIAM M. DONM' XYIALI Y TRIOr'IxINL9 Yfum K.11If1.1 Pb: IYARIO Al, VIPOLLN DrIIIIIxII' L. INI.-XITIAZLA 1111.1 .XJ .IORIIIJII ANTONPLLO GINI B. HL'HEiI.I TI1.1IIIglI YIOIIN I CRAMPF-III. AIIRIII D. XYVFINTYR 111.1 6.1.1 Tun Ronrnr M. BPH.-XI HORARLI A. GORDON ZIr.1 PI1 RICHARD H. Moss KHARLIS A, XYVILSON -I-O3 9- l I N f I i I I I I I LI'I'I'RI'TT A. ADARIR, Ph.D. ANDRFNV I. ANDRFNXN, Ph.D. l.l'THIR B. ARCHI-R, M.S., EE PI-RIRRORF H. BROXXN, Ph.D. CARL H. CASHFRG. FRS., M.E. JAIDR P. CO VAN, M.S. R.-KIPH E. CRAMIDR, MS GIfORI,Ii E. EKRI.Aw, Ph.D. MAL'RIr'r K, BCRKI.l'AD FRIDFRIFK J. BROCKOB Rm' H ADARIA EL'c,I-xr E. ALT I.-KLK R. BRINR ROIAIRT E. D.-XYIX DAvID W. AADRIDRR Rm' V. AL'OI'xsI-N RICHARD W. BALL JOSLPH M. COOK RIfIrw M, AxTI.I- ARrHL'R E. BASE AIIRID M, Brxxrrr G. XVILLIARIQ CHIfrLx' Hoxx ARD 5. CI.AL's Fanmira' University of Michigan, 1904 Tu-enlg -fix e Aflire Cbizllvm r ACACIA FACULTY ARTHUR C. FORSYTH, Ph.D. JAY C. HACKLFBIAN, A.M. CHARLES F. HOTTES, Ph.D. RALPH K. HLIRsH, B.5. XY,ILI.lAM L. BURLISON, Ph.D., D.Agr. ALONZO P. KRATZ, M.S. FRFDERIC E. LEE, Ph.D. EIIIIL W. LEHIHANN, B.S,, E E., A,E. HARRY G. PAUL, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Glmilmre STIILIEIIT JOHN D. GARBER JOHN R. DAVIS ROIKI-RT H. ELxx ILL RDIITRT S. FOOTF Rom-RT M, JAMES. RDRFRT O. JFSBERG J. KINNEDY KINCAID, JR. ,Ic:Hx K. DAHLIAIRO Rm' J. FFRRFTTF E.-IRI. W. FLFMING LIU J. GCRENZ, JR. DKHNALD I., FOOTI' EARL V. GARRETT ROIIFRT B. GARRITV KI-NNFTH H. GORDON RAYMOND R GRFOO Seniors RAx'RIOxD A. KIRIIIAIRR jzmiorx LOWELL T. LLOYD JORI-PH A. INIILLIYR GILI-IIIRT B. NORTH S0LDb07l107'CS RALPH XV. GOLILD XY'II.I.IAM G. JAMES JACK 5. KILBY J.-ICR IYIILLER F resbmeiz FLOYD P. HERZOG LAVIIRN G, HOIINLR ROIIFRT E, KENYON ROY J. LECHNER i' "', uv ri ' v ', iv'-xv? 4 ' .... L. o 4 Illinois Chapter Erlalaliybed, 1906 501 Earl Daniel Street IRVING L. PETERSON, B.S. FRANCIS M. PORTER, M.S. BERNARD G. RICRETTS, M.S. RAY I. SHAWL, M.S. JOHN C. SPITLFR, B.S. JOHN K. TUTHILL, B.S., EE. GEORGE B. XVEISIGFR, B.S., LL.B., J.D. ROY H. XVILCOX, M.S. LEWIS W. XVILLIAMS, Ph.D. EDXVARD J. KRUEGER STANLEY XV. XVILCOX XVARREN J. NORTH VICTOR V. PRINCE ALBERT A. SCHARF DANA A, STEWART DAVID A. IVIONSON LFADFS C. ROLLMAN JACK K. TUTHILL JOHN L. XVEBB EDWARD E. MILLFR HAROLD J. PLACK GEORGE C. SLEZAK EDWARD L. VERKLFR XVILLIAM L. VINEYARD Joseph Mlller Adams Garber -Brink Gould R.JIImes R. Davis Prince Verkler Stewart Gorenz Garrity Borklund Gordon XVcbb Dahlberg Monson Fleming Ferrctte Cook Tutl-Iill Kilby Rollman Augensen Cheely W.James R. Foote Jack Miller Ball Kirmaier XV. North Elwcll Wilcox Davis Kmcger Brockob Jesberg Lloyd Alt G. North Andrews Bennett Pluck Bass Gregg E. Miller Lechner Claus Slezak Garrett D. Foote Kincaid Antle Herzog 40-1- F O0 . vi.. F? Y": 5" ,I'. ,-r -'Q g . - xr "I-1-I tl, ii?-lf" iii--I . ifv Y 49-' Folmdfil PIII K.Ipp,I Klmptcr Trinity Cnllcge, lR9i EII.Ilfl.fI!wIIl, 19111 Nlueleen .-Ifln I' Cfuzpfiwi 311 Emi .'1InIfII, AI I uni 'G ALPHA CHI RHO F A C U L T Y HERBERT A. NYE, Ph.D. JOHN E. Sw FFT, NS. FRANK E. SCHQDLFY, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G1'I1II'1II1rv Srudwzr RIFHARD E, KOHLFR Scniorx GRANAX' DAx'Is XVILLIAM J, I-IUNTFR AIIAN F. PHlLl.lPs OAKLEY S. DDRIDN XRVILLIAM G. HIRSCH GEORGE W. FIsHIfR EARL F. Fox STANLEY B. Hfxxssrx PHILIP B. BENRFIFL RICHARD L. DAVIS MALIRICE E. GRAYFS JAY M. AIQIN DONALD XV, Dsxo KARL D. FRANSON NVILLIAM W. C-Ivm THOMAS L. GRIITITH ERNEST O. ,loHNr-ox ROBFRT S, KII1s1'ER EDXVARD T. HARDING RCIIIRRT K, Hcmrox THOMAS JACIQQDN RIFHARD I. -IOHNNON JOHN R. LFRIS VIRRNON L. GUYXN DONALD H, JACIQRDN RICHARD R. KI.IIx, JR. AI wx A. LL'NDcIRrN juniors S0pbU7lI0l'05 I'I1'L'Xh7lICll MAN L. RII HARDAIIX 'FHDRIAS B. JMR .JOHN D, I.I'.I.II XVAITFR H, INIIILIR PHILIP A. RI AI Rm' C. SMITH. JR. XVARRFN XV. LL'I2 LI RIN I. INIIIIIR KAIYIN G. UIw-x IHARLIS R. PIRNHIA,-I FRIIY XV. TANMR. Ph D E LrII'Ii Sr-HIIIwIxHr I hill mx B. SHIIIIIID THIIIIIAQ A. XVIIIY KARL H, IVIAYIR FRID I.. MIII RI PI IIR R. NFPIINLI AIOHN T. SxIIrHkIIx Him ARD A. wilwl I , XYVIIIIAM E. WRIDIII YIUHN W. PIRAIIHR Hmx .IRD R. PII I4 H-XRRY G PIrIgxII.l. BRLII F Ci. PIxks'I'AIfI PAIII, I.. STAHMIIR Persnhn G. D.Ivis Smith Smithson R, Davis Guynn Wfxsscl Lewis T, Jackson Rose Puknull Dann Olson Bcncricl Noling Wfright Moore Leslie Harding Hanssen Fisher Grimm Horton J.Ick Fox M.IyeI Hunter Dormn Schcidenhelm Kohler Phxllips Richardson Hibsch E, I-Ihnsnn Kucstur XY'Ilcy Shcfiiclil Griffith Klein Pick Given Stavanger Fmnmn Pershlna I.. Miller Akin Lutz D. Jackson -I-09 Grrzdzmte Students ,. I'r 'li Q , mg A In I A B E I , that .fs rw FDIIIIJEII Zeta Chapter UnIYersIty of XVISconsin, 1002 Emzbllfbed 1908 FOIU-.Iiv .-lrlire CZIHFIIIILI 606 IVEJI Obla Silver ALPHA CHI SIGMA ROGER ADAMS, Ph.D., D.Sc. ANDREW' I, ANDREWS, Ph.D. I.L'DXVIG F. AUDRIETH, Ph.D. ,JOHN C. BAII.AR, JR., Ph.D. ARTHUR C. BECKEL, Ph.D. WILLIAM F. BRADLEY, Ph.D, CARL E, BRYAN, Ph.D. ARTHUR M. BUSXVELL, Ph.D. R. BURNELL CARLIN, Ph.D, HERIIFRT E. CARTER, Ph.D. FRANCIS M. KLARK, Ph.D. GEORGE L. f'L.-ARK, Ph.D.. D. EDWARD W, COMINGS, DS-c. RALPH L. COOK, M.S. ARDFN G. DEEM, Ph.D. ROBERT E. ALLEN BENIAMIN F. AYCOCK PHILIP S. BAKIR FRED W. BANES FRED BASOLO CHRIS E. BEST LOUIS BOUTHILLIER SAMUEL N. BOYD GEORGE W. CANNON DAVID H. CHADXYICK MAX E. CHIDDIx ALDFN L. CRITTENDEN I-ARL D, DEBORD INIARVIN DIfNI'IFRDFR JOHN E. DEVRIFS ROBERT F. BANN EDMOND M. BROPHY JAMES G. ASHBURN Sc. DU.-KNE T. ENGLIS, Ph.D. GLENN C, FINGER, Ph.D, ROBERT L. FRANK, Ph.D. REYNOLD C, FUSON, Ph,D. HARRY S. GRINDLEY, D.Sc. SIEGFRIED T. GROSS, Ph.D. THOMAS S. HAMILTON, Ph.D. PAUL XV. HENLINE, M.S. CHARLES E. HOLLEY, JR., Ph.D. B. SMITH HOPKINS, Ph.D., D.Sc., LL.D. RALPH K. I-IURSH, B.S. H. FRASER JOHNSTONE, Ph.D. CHARLES F. K.-KDE, Ph.D. RICHARD L. KENYON, Ph.D. DCPNALD B. KEYES, Ph.D. FACULTY BORIS S. LE.-IF, Ph.D. JUSTA M. LINDGREN, A.M. JAMES S, MACHIN, Ph.D. CARL S, MARVEL, Ph.D. LEONARD D. MCVICKER, B.S. SHERMAN G, MENEEEE, M.S. DOUGLAS G. NICHOLSON, Ph.D. OLIX"ER R. OVERMAN, Ph.D. CULLEN XV. PARMELEE, M.S., D.Sc. THOMAS E. PHIPPS, Ph.D. CHARLES C. PRICE III, Ph.D. NORLIAN RABJOHN, Ph.D. FRANK H, REED, Ph.D. JOHN H. REEDY, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY STEVENS S. DRAKE JOHN R. ELLIOTT ROBERT W. EYLER ROBERT E, FOSTER ROBERT J. G.-XNDER JOHN D. GAREER WILLIAM J. HAINES ROBERT S. HANMER ROBERT H. HASEK WILLIAM R. I-IATCHARD IRVING R. HOOPER JOHN A. HOWSMON WILLIAM G. JACKSON JULIUS E. JOHNSON, JR. PHILIP C. JOHNSON WESLEY J. IU.-ILE JOHN L. ERICKSON ORIN XV. REES, Ph.D. WORTH H. RODERUSH, Ph.D. WILLIAM C. ROSE, Ph.D. XVARREN A. RUTH, Ph.D. JOHN B. SHIELDS, Ph.D. G. FREDERICK SMITH, Ph.D. HAROLD R. SNYDER, Ph.D. FREDERICK G. STRAUE, M.S., Met E SHERLOCK SXVANN, JR., Ph.D FRED W. TANNER, Ph.D. CARL S. VESTLING, Ph.D. FREDERICK T. XVALL, Ph.D. GEORGE I. VUALLACE. Ph.D. ARTHUR C. XVILLARD, B.S., D Eng LL D GAIL R. YOHE, Ph.D. HUGH XV. JOHNSTON HARR1' F. KAUFFMAN CLIFFORD R. KEIZER J. XVAYNE KNEISLEY BYRON E. LEACH ROBERT L. LETOURNEAU ROBERT D, LIPSCOMB RALPH S, LUDINGTON SCOTT INIACKENZIF, JR. W. RAY IYIANNING EVERFTT W, IVIAYNFRT JOHN A. IVICBRIDF BLAINE C. MCKUSICK JAMES B. IVICPHERSON DONALD F, IVIEISNER Seniors OLIVER R. KIRBY DAVID W. LLEWELLYN IZZIIIOVS JACK MILLS GEORGE P. MUELLER XVILLIAM P. NORRIS CHARLES G. OVFRBERGER ROYSTON M. ROBERTS JOHN C. ROBINSON RALPH L. RONVLAND STANLEY P. ROWLAND GLENWOOD L. SCHERTZ JOSEPH F. SHEKLETON XVILEUR J. SHENK DOUGLAS A. SHEPHERD EDGAR D. SHIPPEF DOLVGLAS A. SKOOG CURTIS W. SMITH XVALTFR J. MAKER RALPH R. PAXTON QUENTIN F. SUPER PHILIP L. SOUTHWICK FRED XV. SPANGLER CLEMENT XV. THEOBALD OTIS L, UPDIKE ARNOLD J. VERAGUTH ROBERT S. VORIS XVILLIAM E. NVALLACE PETER F. XVARFIELD ROBERT C. XVEAST JOHN W. XVHITSON, JR. JOSEPH M. XYIILKINSON WARREN E. VUINSCHE FLAVIUS XV. VUYMAN VICTOR A, YARBOROUGH EDWARD L. RZEPECKI JOHN P. STANTON JOHN R. WALKER RICHARD L. SPEAKER Hanmcr Paxton DcBnrd Ludin ton Updike Howsmon Chadwick Crittenden Erickson Norris McKusick Brophy MIllS S. Rowland ROEInSon Leaf Leach Shepherd Bouthrllier McPherson Gander Bryan Schertz Wfyman DEI-IHerder Hooper Boyd Garber Keizer DeVrles Llewellyn R. Rowland Aycock Jackson Dale Hatthard Chlddlx Roberts Overberger Soper Basolo Speaker Rzepecki Cannon Vlilkinson Johnston Shekleton Elhott Best Yarburough Baker Voris Manmng Bann Mueller Lipscomb Maynert 406 4-D In Q' ,ll -iurli-S' 'Q 'SN Q vi- A El 4. ,ws . rl 43 -4'-'Af , , 1 12 41 1, -T' 321' 'z ' Af ' ' 'ff -1 ' in 'gg-:?A'gAw 4 k',' AA 5" "-?.'fx '3, I .3 'vi' 'Q' L ' -ll ,: - 13- ,g .sig -1 A ' -'L O - 12 A 54,14 N 'fx-I..-V I ' L ,, v- . Q . " 2 ' , 1 :asf 31 -Lg. i ' ' 'lg' , - 1' 'g 4 fifty, R' iw- " .. - '1'fJ"7 ' , R ?"": - "v--v 4.f.' '- - .-ivm'-in :.. v'- ,Lt 1 'A - '- -v Q 3, -.- ,M 'V . - A U " n- . A. R.-ll v fr if A A . ., J. rg. I 5 1. A N x ., 02.313 L- . - A A .A . -9 . . JPPEELI I l :lil I' all 'Ii Ili-J" 'YAQ ' . '95 Af?-'li 'f .- -337 " A- Y- " ' 'W - A: .E"'5',...- 'Zfz I - Aj se -f-Ai -. I ' . ' Hp - ---- . ..-. - -1-.,f : E: -f . L - .'.,5,1 ph ,X .-,nag - ,l ' 'k,, 1, if ' - ' L ,L .. ,..,', -, -gv-,.,.. ia' :-,LL nl-1... F.7,.u.f.1.f 111.f..,.i ' "" ' , W " ' Hamilton College, 1R11, 11113 , ...A , N .- TIl'i'Pllj'-High! xlrflzm' Cffnlpluvr 310 Em! jfflw ,Ylrruf "NY" 'M' ALPHA DELT FACULTY RLMILL E. BAKTR, M B.A MEMBERS IN UNIYIQRSITY PHI Sciziors NELSON XV. CAMPBEIL ROBERT A. DrVOm.r1 AIRI- JA: R Y. HARvn' -IDHN I., RAINFY Rox' M, CONRAD BERNARD T. FORTRTTR RURTRT IE. M41 LTARY RoRrRT H. RANDALL L. EUGENE DAv1s GEORGE XV. GUNS BRLTF P. U1 wx I.r'r.rNr J. ROBINSOX Ilmiors RORERT M. ALLEN DONALD H. HAOERRAL HARRY L. CANMANN 'MIR HARRY S. EVFRETT, JR. JOHN E. GOOOIN GERALD K. ANDERSON EDWARD J. BRETON ROBERT C. BROWN DONALD B. CLFMENTS 'XVALTER S. l'lOR'l'fTN GEORGE L. LAMPARIIKR RORERT H. HTRRNT HFRBFRT W. KOEH NORhI.iX C. AIFYITR S.-'tML'FL XV. EARN, RORTRT XV. FILBFY GEORGE R. HLTNTTR FRED W. IXLISRRAY Supbovllorcx I"1'cxb711c11 IART F. llllllllll Ex MTR B, RAMRIY, -IR. FRED L. Sllill' CLHTDRD G. N,-XII CH,-KRIIN K. PRrsTr.N FRANK XV. ROMAN FRI m R104 ,l. ORTON Hl'I.H E. Sr HNFIDIXX IND Pmllw rl-DNNVY NfAKYIN G. Tmmsox Emux H, YALNE TRAXIR H. 'IOMRTRLIN fRIl'D D, -lVl'l'KFR Rr: HARD C . TxR1sT KAR! P. ZIRIDOSS Goggin Murray Scott Koch Tenncy Meyer Nall Brown Twrst Preston Herhst Rr-nun Gunn Ramsey Cgmmgmn Vause Everett Mueller Allen Lanlparter MEL leafy Schncxelvzwlnd Horton Tlmnwrn Orton Forester Macks Conrad Olson Rainey Huvey R.mdAl1 DeVnuel.xere Robmson Campbell Davis Tucker Hagerbaumer Clements Tombcrlin Fnllwey Huck: E.xrle Anderson Breton Hunter 407 .44 f d IT'- . .':Qi'f,. W, '-f f.?':i'i'i5:l2L...i -f 'Q , . . '1-QF .rf-Qi' Tiff-1:-?"3",7'1f' AQ , .Q r- -I - . L. -- V' IL-'s-iv Y, :H . 1.6.1 I-,fr - ' ce-T .Q-gl-g,:. A -'g.g,,,, v ,, :' , ETS-Q-.f'-fl -,. 'iiit I 5.-1x?,lgl,.gQ.,:.LLE,,,,2 X15-Pgiu, 1 . - . Lv , A-.,:::..-.,f s- ..,,,:4::-.,,,. ' -A J- , L,-f7Kb'Z'T'5 ' 1351 '-T -- 'lfE3E3a:?i'Z.11":.'fQ5 -4512i will 'Y' E' r-T -- .A-,,, . x: 1 - l,?5Qu-A-M.,.,.1f,L,-4,113-'a+ L -A .. A - ' I A - I njrrnjq n n s 5' F, 0 A u 1 . u 4 ,, 4 . a A h Q A A 4 A A -L- F' FH n mini gh.. New York University, 1013 lf, I X A 1 ' si,-.L I ff J. 1- rx . 3 'SQ . , l , l Nt f A I 5 L X i g , 'wg I A 4 T'-' 4 , iv f gf ... X , . 3 1 . L, W L I 1- ' f-A ' "' I 'Pl 1, gn Ai 5 4 N I E g Ag- . 3 I T Tl .7 L , - ' .X I 4 L 'l M ll 2 ll 1 F .. L I-T L - 61. -. , -, ., K. , , - 4 1- Y 1- iff,-gf: ,, gnfj , ., , 3'-2:-.1-1-L., r- " ' '- ffl' I 'I .""r..1f-M6559 'uk' - s- 2'-A-'ff-e:.':f:,: - S' ,AT ' fr. -112 I ' '- :,, 3:1-,r -,,-A :,,,, A -A 1. --l'f,'p,. .f , A . . -.E h t 'kk' ,ndvtff . i Tlm!JA!br'L'L xlflizi Cln1p!w.f ALPHA EPSILO MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdlmfe Stzldent STANLFY E, GOLDSTLIN Seniors ,lOsrPH I.. BL'RL. IYIARTIN M. Lrxus JAG-Q A, SCL-IAPS HUXX.-XRD GRl'l'NIllfRG IIHIIUVS I HARLES F. BFR?-IAN HOWARD LIEHITRM.-KN LEONARD NOVAR ERNNT L, BIRIRSTIIX ALLFN D. INIFLNICK DAv1D SANES IXIARTIN S. LFAI' S0pbU7lI0l'ES ARTHUR E. BARFR INIIILVIN J, BCXFRIKI.-IN Osc AR BRrx'rR ROBERT DOCTOR IRxx1x E. fHI'KIFM.-KN BIRNARD A. DclRMAx Lrux.-TRD R, Elsrfxsrrlx Smnxux EL1rR ROM S. GILBFRT RIFHARD GIAXIR Smxrx' M GOIDMAN BIRNARD L. GOLDRMITH ROLAND E. LAM. IVIYRON LIFSHITZ I.rfOxARD J, MARr'Lvs ALAN J. ,lAcORs INIARYIN HOHMAN JAUQ KCVRNICK THOMAS J, Lrvm INIARNH.-KI.L E. Lrvlxsox Ill.-XRYIN R. Mmm-1.1. FI'CS1?7llC7I EDR ARD INIERDINGFR JACR M, ROSFNRFRG LFONARD N. SANDLFR KIIFFORD J. Moos JYROMF ORNSTEIN JAMFS RASHRAUM RONALD M. RFIFLI-R HOXYARD SATTFN5Tl'IN GILBERT SHMIKLYR Delta Chapter Emdzlirbed, 1920 302 Ein! Gvegary Drive PI DONALD H. STELNBPRG ALRLRT SPIRO RAPHAE1. M. XVOLF JEROME K. SCI-N ARTZ IRVLNC. L. SHONBERG GILRPRT STEIN IYIANNY XWALLEN CHARLES K. SMITH LAXYRENCE P. SOLOMON THEODORE L. SOLOMON EARL M. SPIRO NIARVIN STEINHOLTZ ROBERT I. XVEINBERG RONALD P. XVEINER Mmdell Shmrklcr Lexinson Smith Mons Ornstein Wfeinbcrg Stemlwltz Baker Breyer Jacobs Gilbert Dorman Goldman Shonberg Biberstein Buxerman Lang Wfallen Reifler Berman Stem Merclinger Goldsmith Lifshitz Sandler Marcus Sanes Novak Gnldstcln Lrcbcrrngrn XVOII Schaps Burg A, Spiro Steinberg Leaf Rosenberg Schwartg E, Spin' Sntrenstcm Rashbnum Elscnsteun Chukcrmnn Eller Mclnick Solomon Glaser Werner Kornlck -HIS S' I' ' .H!'5:'- RQ. ,, 'Q- YQTQQ4 Fulnnlul Alpha CII.1pluI Unlverslty of IIIInOxS, WOR lfIlII!rl.4Ilwt.f. Ifms Tfvlrlg-nm' ,-111111 CfnIfv.'III SA bm GIIQIIII DIIII' ALPHA GAMMA RHO HERBFRT H. ALP, B.S,A. JOHN H. BIGGER, N.S. SLELTER BULL, M.S, H. G. BUNCH, B.S. JACKSON I.. CARTTER, M. FACULTY FI..-IRIxIIf F. CIFHTI-R, Ph.D. AIAY f. HAIIQLIMAN, AM. PIRCY E. -IOHNXON, B S. FRFDRIII-L II. KFILHIILZ, B S. S. JOHN P. Md OLLURI, PII.D. KARL E. GARDNER, Ph.D. EVFRETT XV, BOCIQ JAMES R. DAN'IES CHARLES Douan GEORGE FORGEY ROBERT CORZINE DALE DAVISON ROBERT FORD GAIL HARRIS PASCAL ALLEN MAX CZRIHBI-T RICHARD ELLIOTT ROBERT ELLIS Rm' EMORY EARL H. RFLIXIIR, MS MEMBERS IN UNIYICRSITY BLIRNILL E. HFNFRT JOHN R. PATTFRQON XVILIIAM S. HOURS CARI. HII-PRF Cyuxx IODPR KARL R. KI-RN PAI'L FRI-IwRIcR HFRRI-RI GRHN ROI-II'RT K. JOHNSON SL'l1IOI'.V l11I1io1-5 S0lD1J07lI01'U5 I"I'L'xb111e11 Enw ARD M. KIRIRIEI.sHL'I XV.-XITIR I Pr'IrRfox ,IARIIR R. SIIPHEMOH ROY K, jnnxsox CH.-KRIIN KRI IKI FIOYII ,I. I.ARwx ,lor Lxxx Emux LARRUN IIRL.-IND M4 AI I INTIR IHARLIR N11 HUIN' R ROIII RI ORxx If, HTNRX P Rtwrq, N S FRANK H. Smfpwx, B S. RALPI-I 0. NXIIIINLV. M S GTORIII I. XY'-XIIAKI, Ph D. XV NORRIR Wrmxxr RIH, BS. XYVILLI.-XM H, YIIIRI. V. ,IMIIR IIIIKIR DILRIAR B ZLRIXRALT fl..-XRINAI If. KUONIF J, XVII I IAM ROR FLY ,IIvHx D, PIIIIIIPR AI.-KKRIKI E sf HIIIHARDT ,II'sIIx IAI1, ,IR EDR IR S,-Rl'IR ,IOHN 51 mx AR7INIRAL'PI XYIIII.-IRI VIIIWI' KHAKI IN WI IININ Sauer Green Nrcholson Emory Crrhbet Lusnn Frcdrntk Ellmtt Schcllhardt ,Ifrllnwn EIIIS Orwxg Kem Forgcy Heepkc Harms Phxllrps Lynn Itwtier I -Irzxne IJ.IvIwn Allen Fwd Doubet Tucker Stephenson Dunes Peterson Bock Pntersnn I'-Iencrt Zumwalt jnhnsnn Rc-wely Knnntc Krejcl Taft McA11Ister Schwarzentmub Krmmelshue Vcldc XVeeI.Ien Larson Hunks 409 rygrr Q' I rin JONEPI-I I, BLAIR, Mb., D.5c J. HFREFRT BURIQY, Ph.D. GEORGE H DI'NI.AN, Ph.D. LEROY H, Fm HIIR, AM. GEORGE XV. GOIwI.I1, A.B., LI.,B. Un .. rn Fffmzrlrd :versity Of CAlIfOrnIa. P114 Nine .'lIllII' Clvrzpfrff LPHA KAPPA LAMBDA F A C U L T Y DONALD A. GROSSMAN, 1.L,B, LEROY R. HABIP CHARLYS M, KNEIER, Ph.D., J.D. LLOYD INIORFY, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G1'I1d11I1tc Student ORTHELDO A. PEITHMAN Gamma Chapter EIl.Il1liylwd. 1921 -101 Em! Daniel Slleei ST.-XNLFY H. PIERCE, M.S. CLARENCE E. SAWHILL. M.Mus. HARLEY J. XI.-KN CLEAvE, Ph.D, FLOYD R. WATSON, Ph.D, CARROLL C. XVILEY, B.S., C.E. Seniors J. THOMAs BIAR XVILLIAIII J, DRAKF RORERT B. REEDY ROBERT S. SOLINSIQY XV,-XYNF E. f I-IAAIPION DELOS D. I"IUXT.-KBLF DANTON B. SAILOR GEORGE T. SXVAIN, JR JOSEPH J. I H.-NSE RORERT K, NEWTON NICHOLAS R. SHUMAN JACK D, TRAIN EDWIN B. IYLINI RORTRT G. PLAGGE ROBERT G. TUELL IIIIIIUVS JOHN F. ADAIIIR ROIIERT N, DAWQON DONALD R. LAMMFRINO CHARLES M. PARRY BIsHOP B. BARRICK DONALD C. HFCHT GORDON W. INICCLURE ANDREW' L, SAUER WILLIAM W, BRANNON HFNRY M, JOH.-KNINGSMFIR EDWARD I. ONSTOTT RICHARD M. XVATSON' Sopbomores BRUCE E, BIANNETT JOHN S. CAssIL1.A JOHN W. GARRETT DONALD K. CII..-ADDING KENNETH XV. ANOERsON INI.-KLCCIIAI M, IIARR H. IDCJN.-XLD HALIRERG WII.I.IARI E, HL'RER ROBERT A, JAEGER JOHN K. KFRR RICH.-XRD S. IVICCALVGHFY D.-XNIFL HIANDLIN EDR ARD HEINF ROHFRT L. HI-RGFT F resbmevz RICHARD S. INICI..-KL'GHI.lN A. LORIN PARK GEORGE H. PERBIX XVILLI.-KM I-I. SEYERNS RALPH E. KELLY RICHARD J. PIERSOL ARTHUR L, PRICE, JR. M. THOMAS SMERDEL CHARLES E. SPAETI-I LEE B. STEVENSON ARTHUR B. SNVENEY IXIORRIS L. SHADDLE LEE A, SULLIVAN JOHN L. SXYAIN Tram Drake Champxon Rcudy Pcnhman SAilOr G.Swain Plaggc Bear Clmsc Newton Huxtable Tuell Solinsky Fischer N.ShumAn Jnlmnnnrgsmeir Smerdcl McClure Jaeger Brannon Adams Parry Hecht Onstott HAllberg Anderson Heine McCaughey Sauer Lammerxng Glxcldxng Scverns Park Mcl.:IughlIn Sweney Pcrbxx Blmnsctt Zlmmerly Spaeth Huber Cassella Xvatson Kelly H. Shuman Clark Shaddle Hcrgct Garrett Dawson Suilnun I-I.1ndlIn Kerr Piersol J. Swain Stevenson Price -HO v .".f '. :AfA ,1- - fluffy- 's will nf vz' , lv x-:5,,A,- I, VII..." nf. --.','f .. Fffnmfnz' Antlmcnlms Vlmptvr Univerixty of Illinois, 1-JI-I Ell.1bl1IlvI.1', 1014 Fm' Affm- Cl1.IprIw. Jinx Xwmlw Film Smuz ALPHA RHO CHI F A C L' L T Y ARTHUR F. DEAIII, B.Aruh. FRAMQ M. LESCHI-R, B.S. XVILLIAM H. SVHIICK, MS. OLAP S. FJELDE, A.M. ELMFR LOVE, MS. JAMES G. XIAN DFRPQOL, B,ArIh,, M.F.A RICHARD E. HULT, B.S., B.F.A. THOMAS E. O'DONNI'I.I., MS., M.AIIl1. SrAxLrx' H. XYIHITT, M.I.,A. JAMES T. LENDRUM, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors JOSEPH L. NELSON NED E. FISCHER JOHN P. GUYER PAUL C, BRANDT GEORGE F. BURGGRAF INIILE5 Bnoww C. THoRIAs HAWORTH ASTON KAMFF XVILLIAM J. INIICNFIL IQORMAX F. GRPXNF WALLACE E. JORUSCH XVILLI.-XM N. HATSHAW Juniors Sopbomures F1'esh711e1z DON E. NORDINF XVAIIIR R. LECAT IXI,-KRIO ff. SANTAROQRA XY:-XRRFN I.. PFSCI JOHN P. QIIILTY ROBIYRT H. THTIS ARTHUR E, INIINFR IHARLIS E. STADE JUSIPH M. 'I'HoRL'D Joi-lx A. XVFNDFLL Burggraf Hatshaw Thorud S.mI.1rossa Haworth Quilry Mmer Stmde Jobusch Grcwe Brandt Nelson XYendell A Fischer Kampt Guy-:r Pesci Lecat Thens 411 I I I l I. f cl A I I I F I I , I l W.-'i't:"' :ffl -fl 'Y I , I ' I, .112 Q Fffnnzrird Em Chapter Yale Unxverslty, 18-Ii Eff:1bliI'lwLi, 1908 l Fffffj-lzzvz .-Irflrf Cl1IIp1I'I.- 211 Earl Armory ."11'?llllE - ALPHA SIGMA PHI I Y I F A C U LT X I ALFRFD XV, BOOTH, Ph.D. XXYALTFR G. JOHNSON, Ph.D, WILLIAM H. SCHEICI4, M.S. I RAYMOND EI IItT, A INI. EIERETT E. KING, M.S.. M.C.E, FRANCIS P. SHEPARD, Ph.D. I THEODORE H, FRISIIN, Ph D. RENFORD NEWCOMB, A.M., M,Arch. FREDERICK B. STIYEN, Mus.D. I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I ' I GI'I1dIfI1I'e' Student C. ALBERT JOHNPETFR ' S6llf0l'.Y f J,-XMFS C. KRT-NPR RORIART I.. POIR How ARD L. SANTER FRANK R. XVILEY - XX'ARRI:N I. MITCI-II-LL DONALD J. PORTER DONALD J, STADFIELD FRANK P. XVORACK JAMES E, RlORSl Juniors GLEN E. BACRMAN R01-l'LlO DIAZ C,AI.vIN W. BIACY IXIONTE D. Moss RICHARD C, BARNIS WILLIAM D, HAI.L EDWARD H. RUSSELL Sopbomorcs JOSEPH M, DAVID Ru HARD W. HAMILTON EUGFNE R, KARL R. ORW'IN STOTLAR DONALD P, DIf5tTH XVIILIAM O. HFAP RICHARD MCLEAN ROBERT G. SUMMERS THOMAS L. FIII.I.I-RTON RICHARD E. HOGAN ROBERT E. PEADRO PAUL D. XVELLFR PI.-XRRY CI GAININ E. lNll'RVIN KARL PAUL H. POHLMAN XVILLIAM F. XVI-IITTON F I'CSb7llClI XYYILLI.-KM H. ATRES Ru HARD L. EINRI-CRER RIVHARD E, IRXVIN EARL XV. MERRY GERALD L. BRUYK TRFYOR ENDSLEI' THOMAS N. IsAAcs ROBERT L. INIORRIS ROBERT D. DARN,-lI.l, GEOROI' J. HAGFR LOUIS LrvANTI JAMES E. RINOGER RICHARD A. DAR SON HRZA HINIXBIAN JOHN A. I.EN7C'IS LOREN A, SIMMONS DALE DICRSON XVALTI-R F, HOFF ARCHIF E. RICCORVIF ROBERT SOUTHER BEN DONAIDSON RAYMOND W. HOGIUND ,lm-IN L. MCHUOH ROGER W. SPIIZGLER ROBERT O. DYIR PAUL A. SUTCLIFFE Rnngger Summen Dyer Porter McLe.In Einbeckcr Snuther Hall Snmmuns SutLlIfTe Donaldson Galvin Dawson Hamilton Spiegler Pmdm Pwhlmnn Heap Dnwd Hogan Desch Fullermn XVhIlton E.R.K.Irl Dickson Stotlar Hindman H05 Wfeller Ayres' B.ILkmAn Dm! Kroner XVIley Mluhell Morse Santer Xvormk Barnes E. IM, Karl Johnpcrer Russell MCCorvIc lrwm I.eI.IntI D.Irn:Ill MOIIIS Brurk Lewis Isaacs Hager Huglund McHugh Merry Endsley Macy 412 1 - wa.. - , N . 'f I---' I-A - -1- .fn 1 I Jr' '- .fg-2f"?+': :Aaf-' 'e J 4' A .,, I , . h.-J. 44 54" 1235? er" ,.......-- --Wfffg Q-L. :Ag-'S-: , ' WU' r ..... -I 4:- Y I . I. Ut- I Q . J X .Yr " Q51 '....PiL'-2 ,N -Ax ws as A .. -1 f- ' 0 ' 1 ' ' J 'ff . ' . .Q '1-JJ, 'I , ' , .fa if , . A . A 1. - , - : MQ ' - -' R M , .- ' - 2' :QF X v ,H ' f , ,-' I. . 42- -2 l ......... lgfl., 'I J " I 7' ' ...... -' " - gx ' :.1- . -4-Y.-:L P, 7-If ,- - 55' 'A Q5 33,4 1 'Q 5 fffff " lqy:--fwjffg. A ' ' ifif' I+ if :HI .II 'T -fr-ye' , Q ,A -:-,Ig-. ' V ,. . "J-g.-. - , . 1. .: yn .LI--A I I . , v .-11-ff . :-J.. xl - W- V .r gk . . - 5, I'-5 . f , -. ,,, . - - -. ' . Ig ' , ',. ' 1 .., ' . Y, I ,Q Jill , ,,l...-...QL V ' - ' J' ' 3' --J' . L- ,. "N E I 1 'J .I uf, "' M -- 3 -, 1 .A- . - ':'2"Lfs'isi:.-Afrgii-rwzfsaiv 'rx X "1 . ,, A-gms Tw" Nf""X "' L .F-f -.L Q,-mira Z2 I Ilrll U iw! Per1r1.IJl1.nI1..I .-lzvnm 3S: u , - - X.-,V , ,M. .. ,,,,,.,,,., -' , -A ' Ffzmzilrrl Virginia Military Institute. 1345 Nlusly-llvrse AIHII' Cbxpler gs. X C IIIIITII Zen fhiptcr xeo.'sgsm-up-wg-v-R, ffzllf fi 12125 QQ'aN'1'EWryN 'X QVQ 0 -WWW? ALPHA TAU OMEGA ROGLII ADAMS, PHD., D.Sc. FACULTY ARTHUR S. fULI-XY, Ph.D. ARTHUR G. ANDFRSON, C.E., PhD, B, SMITH HOPKINS, PhD., DSL., I.L D. JOHN A. CLEMFNT. Ph.D. JAMES M. BEALIIIIONT ALRFRT E. BFNOILT JACK D. Booos F, RICHARD BAIER ELWYN V. BARNIN JAAILS N, 1'AsTLEs XVILLIAM CQ BAIII-I DONALD XV. Bums ROBFRT G. LYHISOLM LFON.-XRD N. DAVIS Roarar D. BLIRGCON HENRY J. Your-'E XYJILLARD DODSXVORTH J.-XMEQ J. ENGFLSCH.-XI.I. ALLAN H, FFRGUSON MEMBERS IN UNIYIQRSITX' Seniors MAIIHIN J. FRFNCH JIIIIINJN D, CVILLIR 'JUHN XY, HANUIN Rom-RT M. D.iRlI'X' Jc'HN D. RNC-IwrI.I. RoIIIR'I' F. DICKIX' RCIIIIIRT A. GLLIHIQ .JAMFN XV. GOODXX IN XXV.-XLTIR P. H.-XRTJI' PIUIIR H. JOHNbON XXV.-XITON KIRK, JR MARVIN LAWN Rorrrm' E. LLQYIB RonI'R'r T. MANNLI1 jzmiurs S0phU7ll0l'L'X F l'U5b71ICiI JA MIN M. M uzzx' l.ll' E. NIIKIISUX XX'II.IIAAI C S1Hl'lTI JIIHN M. LOIIAN F. EI'r3rNI' JXJODIFQKJX FIIANIQ E. HLIIII-Y E. JVHN KRFVIKI FRANKLIN R. IXIIXIR GIv1.I'mI-N A. MIUINNIIL, A B , I.I. B, HALI? I.. NEXXIIIAIIR, Ph.D , CIAA. C,-XRL J, XYEINAIAN, Ph D. JAMFQ M. LTNLAND CHARLFS E. XV.-XRI' FRANK 5. XYYIII, JR. RIIIIIRI' H. RIIAHAIIIII XX'III.IAAI B. QANIHIIIN RIIIII RT E. XX'I AVI I2 RIIIKIRT E. MIII'NI'z J MARTIN STIIIQIR IIII G XYIIIX NIIIIMAN D XX'I I I 5 HINRX' If 1XII'IzII-IINIIN XVIII IAM A. Sim.: IIVIIG P.'Xl'l. R. PTAIIIIITI' Dum J. X'AL'L,HAN Al,-XRIIN XXQ SI HAIIIR AIXRI.-XN R. XYIIIN JIIIIN D SIAIPAIIN RIIIAIRT L. XYHIII JOHN S SOLDXX I'IwII. NIT HIII.As C . XYIIIIIARD Hartje Babb Dodsworth A. XVclls Mannle Mountz f.hIsolm K. G. XVells Hovey Meyer Seibert N. XVel1s Burgoon Ferguson XVhIte Dickey Glueck Goodwin Castles Sanders Ruslcamp Knodcll Benoisl Darley Kirk Baier Stoker Davis Birks Ware Schulte Beaumont W lie Modjeska Hanlon French Boggs Gillcr Muzzy Logan Unland Nxckclsnn XVeaver Krejci Johnson Laws Soldwedell Barnes Stoneberg XVoolard Simpson Lloyd Peabody Engelschall Coupe Murchison Scliaefcr 413 Fw. Fffllfldmi Miami Unwerslty, 1330 Niurlj .AlHlI': Cluljvllrf , . 116 . POI! 3 . .V Slgma Rho Chapter E.r2I1bllIlu'If. 1902 103 Em! Dlrlurl Sheff BET HETA PI Irxr III IT A. AIIAAIN, PlI.D. Oxvxx S. J. AI.I1rR'I', Ph.B., Blamr, F.A. XXYILLIXM 5, BAYL1-Y, PlI.D. fl-I,-IRI ls E. BORIS. B S. INllI.lll'RN E. C.-XRIY. B.MuS. C.I'ORc.r L. CLARK, PlI.D., D.SL. RUIAIRT A. EAc.Lr ROIIIRT EIENER, JR. RI: H,-XRD F. ANDVRAON RAIIIH H. CLARK CHARLIR M. GLRVIII JAMIA F. GOODMAN KIPNNTTH E. HI'RRiIN ROILFRT H. ALLAN DANIII C1 Axnmsrzx FRAxI'Is A, BOYII XV.-XYNI' G. BROrHL DAxID G. BURLIAIIN RII HARD M. ALLAN XYIILI.-KM A. BARR, JR. XYIIIIAAI D. B.-XRTH RDIAIRT L. BI1'zIR C. RIIRFFR BARNI5 JARIIR C.. BRESHT JOHN H. BLCRLIVY XVll.l.I:XM M. BLIIKIIY FACULTY RORFRT I. GRAHAM, D.V.M., B.S. JOHN H. LADD, B.S. ALAN K. LAIRO, A.B . BS. ALVIN L. LANO, MS. IUCN.-XLD L. RIILLER, B.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GrIm'1mfe Smdcfm' 'JOHN T. HOLRNIRORI, JR. DONALD C. LIILLIR ScI110I's DON.-XID L. HII.l.lI'R EIuxx'ARD E. IYIURPHY, III XVILLIAM B. JUDSON MORRIS L. TVIYERS How ARD J, LANDQTROIII RIT HARD P. STILL XVILLIAM C. MCBRIDT JAII4 A. STRLI-D DONAIII G. MCLFOD, JR. . jumors Ross N. CAMP ROIIFRT C. JOHNSON GIOROI- M. CLARK ROBIRT E. KRAFT RUHIRT H. FRAxRIIx WILLIS I., OGDFN ARTHIIR R. HALL, JR, Lows V. RITTLR, JR. RIVHARD T. HARLEITT JACK R. Rum .SUpb07lI0l'C'5 ERxv'Ix R. BRIOHAM XYPARRFN F. GClC'Dl'l.l. JOHN D. CHARCHOLLA J. HAL LONNOR, JR. ,lAMl'5 A. CLINNINLIHAM .IAMFR H. HFALY A. GAR LUCAS, JR. I"I'u,vb111e11 PHILIP M. CARROLI JOQTPH N. JOHNACN JAM:-A H. GALLIYAN JOHN M. I-IARTMAN ARTHUR C. Rl.-XIMON 40:1 fHI'S1'rR J. KRIfIDLIfR, JR. CULLFN W. PARIIIRLFF, M.S., D.Sc. THOMAS E. SAVAGE, Ph.D. PAUL V. SMITH, A.B. XVILLIAM D. TTAIPLEMAN, Ph.D. HERBERT XVOODROXY, Ph D. TRTNT A. SHEPARD I.IxxIs W. TAOOART RALPH I. TOBFR THOMAS J. TYRRFLL RAYMOND J. VONSPRFCKFLSON GORDON W. YAPP JKHN R. SCHNFRLY JOHN L. STABLES JARII-A O. TAOOART ELLIS E. XIANCF J.-mrs W. XYULDAY RORRRT H. SANHORN KI'xRIfTH W. SELLFRS MALIRICF E. STOCKS EDXVARD P. XVOOD XVILLIAM K. OIIONNOR RICHARD F. TALRIADGE KFNNFTH H. XVANDERER NIAI. XVOODRLIIL, JR. Rlftur Carroll XV. Buckley J. Johnson Brescc Stocks Talmadgc Lucas O'Connor Hartman Healy Sellers Barnes Barth Gallivan Kreicller Tobcr J.Buckley XXIHIII Brxgham Sanburn XX'.mdcrcr Rm-Il XY.IvIdrurI Fmnklln Bntzcr Cunningham Goodall R. M. Allan Connor Barr Kraft Stables Maimon R. Jnhnson Boyle Ogclcn Burhson J. Taggart R. H. Allan Hargitt Hall Broehl Srhnebly G. Clark Camp Wilday D. Anderson Gcrvng Vance McLeod Herr-.In Strccd Lanclstrom I.. Taggart McBride R. Clark R. Anderson Still Tyrrell VonSpreckelson Goodman 414 ri. ' C' .f 'fe Fffnr1,7'u.I' SIgn'I.I 1 haptcr Princeton Unncrsxty. 1824 E1r.1!fl1Ilu.f, MI' Tlviflly-Jvrflz .'h'lIIf Cbrlpmlr 5113 EIU! Clnzlfrleu 511511 ERNEST G. IXIATTH rws, RICHARD C. DAVFNPORT C,-IRL R. D11 Ii ELMER H. EMJQUIRT RAY H. DUHAIIIFI. J. PATRICK HAFNER BILL C. BANISTER RICHARD C. BUGIELSKI DAVID FISCHFR DONALD G. FOSTER ROBERT P. ARMSTRONG BENJAMIN ARMSTRONG DONALD D. KOLT CLARENCE O. DEVALK CHI PHI FACULTY Ph.D. 1.AxwRIxc.E W. INIURPHY, A,M,, Lnt.D, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors ILINLIE G. GRAPER DAL-In T. H.-IFNIER CHARII5 l. lxuvf RORLRT E. KFARNS ROHILRI J. I-IL'I,HrQ RALPH E, KIIQINDALI. ROBERT H. M.-x1'THI.'Is ROBERT F. FFNTON FRED H. FO.-IRD juris GINGRILH juniors Sophomorer F rcsbwzelz VINLFNT A. JORDAN ROIIFRT I.I MAN JOHN B. NIORII msox Rn HARD O. Munnoc Ia ROIIIRT' H, IXIIRNBALII FRANK E. PETIY XY",-XLTIR H, RIITZ MAX E, I..-xzILH JAAIIQ E. LEE XXVILIARD LOFIQRIN KARL A. WIAUSIIIIAI, Ph.D. LTI P. Rmr ,IAAIIA A. SAIITII Hoxx,-TRU I., XVIIITF J. ST.-KNLI Y XVII Qox KH.-xmrs XV. SIL IIT JOLTPH E. 'IOMIA RUBIRT B, XVHIII XVILIIAM E, XVUULIR MAR A. Mmm: It JOHN M. Slfxxrrr ,IAY E. ST.-Xl I x' Enxx ARL: XYINITI Ima Petty Studt Banister Fdster Mersbach DeV.alk Bugielski Fenton Hughes Fischer Sennerf Klkendall Wattlrng ' Foard DuHamel Murdock Rietz P. Hnfner Kearns Matthms XVoods W'1lson jord.In Grqpcr DIck Leman 4 Davenport D. Hafner Smith Hodges Mortenson Ingxe Engquist XVhIte Rost Mrnmck Lee Iazxch Gingrich R. Armstrong Colt Tomes Lofgren Staley B. Armstrong 415 ...J RILIIARIN YI. GIII. IMAAIIH 4 . ,II'IHxwx .IUHN lf, BOFHMI AIFRRIII F. Bl"Il I I1 RICH.-XRD AI. lJIXIl.l4IN'- DIAAIIH K. GIIIIIN ,Im-Is. XY. EHnIIfn ROIIIKRI' C, GIIIIIRH EL'f.IxI I.. ICI I-Iraunm I-I. Bwx BLLINI rI..aYPuoL RII.HxRIw B. D.'XX'IIi CICIRIVIN C, C1rc.uI.xr.I Ifffmnlsd Union College, 18-ll 7'u'I'II!3-four' xhllre Clmpleff NIFNIBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ru Iunu R. ,IUHNSQN KIxxI'I'H R. NICIQOLLQ FI:-xxx C. HLIIIINIAN lDlIN.u.n R. KNCRR XYILI IAM C. MU I-um DAVID C. INIAIN RIII+I'R'r J. BICQCOOL XY.-XYNE R, GRVINLII XVIILIAM H. I.,wrI-I H.'xnLIx' D. l.IL'H'IIkNI1lRbIkR Seniors I Ill110l'5 Sopbomorcx FI'C5b711e11 RALPH XV. PALMER Ronxm' S, PIRRILL JOHN R. Rrnnrn DCNALI1 E, Remus RALPH L, PoIu'Ifn ,If HN A. STFPHINSON THOMAS H. AIOFFETT W'II.I.IAM E, NRI.SON XVILLIAM XV. PRFBLE Q' -5, ffi :flea nal ', Us Dj? I 4 ia 43 Lv N -z15gle39f I 9' r gf r f 1.5 - --11 sa Alpha Zeta Delta Chapter Emzbliflwd. 1912 912 301115 Serum! Sheet XVILLIAM B. SAYRE PAUL C. STOLIT RICHARD E. STANLEY STANLFY TOTLIRA, JR. ,IAMTQ E. XVARD JAMES J. STOUT GEORGE V. XVESCOTT EUGENE E. SAALXNAECHTFR HYRBERT G. SCHULTZ SPFNCER XVATKINS Ice Moffett CIR-3rd XV.ukIns Snnlwacchter Po ter Knorr Stephenson Preble XVescott Ehrler Tmum Butler YI. 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FUSON, Ph.D. STANLFY W. HALL, B.S. .IAMM L. CQCODXOXV, Ph.B. HERBERT F. MOORE, M,E., D,Sc. DON H. INIORGAN, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RICHARD E. IXIANN ,ILI-VRLY A. OVCONNCR DARX'L G. RORR jAMrs E. DAx'Is RICHARD j. GRFLLNIR I ARL j. BIILLFR Lr.sTrR H. IXIILIIR, JR. BIFLYIX A. RANDALL SMITH D. A. CORE THOMAS A. DALIOHTRTY C. CLAYTON D.-kX'I5 ,IAMFS W, EvI.RHAR'r JOHN L. FALLS Seniors IlllIf0l'S Soplnomores F l'G.VfJ7llCl1 ROLAND J. RUSSELL XYVILLIAM J. STOUTFNBLTRG AIALCOLM W. HILL E. BRUCE KLEBER WILLIAM 1. SLATER HAROLD A. SMEDMAN DAN D. SMITH RUBFRT Cf GARLAND RILHARO L. HOOVFR FREDERICK T. KING RCBFRT G. KR.-AFT JOHN A. LIIHIITRTCN ROBERT S. TALROTT CHARLFS J. THOMPSON XYZ-KYNE S. VVARREN KENNETH L. Roxuz CLYDE A. WISIQAMP KEITH H. SWARTLEY RICHARD 1, USRORNR WILLIAM G. XVILLIABIS WILLIAM F. XVOOO JOHN N. IYIANSCN FRFD J. NICCARTHX' JAMFS A. BICQUILLAN LESLIE H. Osw'ALD J. ROI-:ERT Ross l Bnldrxdge Brnnsimrd Kmg Buck Kraft McCarthy Oswald C.MIllcr J. Davis Falls Andrews Ross Smeclman Libberton D.Ihlgren Knutzen RAnd.1ll Larruth XVIskamp Swartlcy XVIlliams L. Miller Kleber Robb McQuillan Hill Manson SmIth Buck Of Imncr Abbot Russell H. Davis Wfarrcn I-lolrhaus Usborne Thompson Talbott Dye Butler Daugherty VIIlbcrsuI'I Sllrer C. Davis Crellner Everhsrt Abell Hoover Brenneman Cobb Garland +26 gxx T sa. f" -is? Q 4- I TT I-'T uxh3f:!' Ff1n11JI.f I III Zum C lmplcr Bmmn UnIIcIsIly, l ' Om' HHIIJIIIJ Efulw xII,'1Is CfI.Ip!III JIM Emi QIIHIIIII .-I:III1 MBD CHI FACULTY HAROLD E. B.-KIGICITT, M S. Mn A, F.+I'I'rII, M S, HE HIRBEIIT E. CARTIR, PIID NIENIBICRS IN UNIVERSITY G1'.II111I1rc STIIIICIITA' ITRFD P. KLFIN, JR, QIIKRCII E, Mfxw .5'c11iu1'x AIHTRT A. I-Ioovrn XN'II.I.I,fIAI G, .IAVK DI x.aI.In H. AII'I.Ll.f'R juniors JUNFPH B. BENNITT IDAYID Hoxx.uIIw IIIIIIIIL K. AIVRR.-XY Rnnrm' W. DL'I MING Sopbullmrvx AI'IwI.m' P, BL.-XRII fm DF K. Lux RIXI If Rcmrm M, Aiuwx Dfwx.aI.u G, BOIVIH XX'ILIIL'R C. Lrxux' TIIIIIIM F. SH.-XLNNINNIY IX1.-XRVIN O. -IONIQ Fl'L'J'b711L'lI XVILLI.-'IM G. DAI-IIQUINI' P-IRI' P. YI.-IMINIIN I1-:..IIIw R. fll,-INDIE ,IUHN E. F ODIY ERRLF P. INi.IRI'Ix I7 XYIIIIILI PIIWIRNON L , PAUL I.. FLLIM, JR. PMI I.. BIIRISSI RIIIIFRT F QI'.II:.I.'IxII EMIL F, HURIQA LPH HumI.Iw E, Kxxxrv, M S. PAUL CI, Rom II, PILD. ,IIIHN T. POLIIN Lux I1IwI'I I.. SHAILVR XVILLI-X51 E. SIRIiIL'D LIIIIILII II, STLRIII Sxnwn' M, XXIIIIW IIIXRY D RIYN-ILM IIIKIIN I. Rlx I I XXVIII I UI SI HKIINHIRR MIrf:ssc Mays Jack Booth Me-tzler Hoover Stroud SII.xIlcr Pnlzin Hubka Shsunnceecy Lcwey Mnsun juncs Sturm Huwgrd ,I.ImIs4Ir'I Quaintance Lawrence Plum Dahlquist Flmlin Pederson SLI1-wcnhsrr Bennett Duensxng Murmy Rlcvnoldk XY'Imd BI.Ikc Rug INI,IrtIn Olxndcr 7 -I-, .fn '19 -r ' ' , .E -. 'LI Nfl Q .. T25 .":.1p:.7l l - .iig "'!Q5'5:.w Y. , ., V W.-.EIL FIIIIIIJUII ' .-fx I . Q'-.E v . -.jig MI:ImI LInIversIty, 1348 J x',,f- One Hllmizrrf SUIEII xlrflzu CbIIpII'I',I Illinois Eta Chapter E.flnf1l1,IlwJ, 1893 309 Egfr Clfrzlrrzrrgr Slrrtr PHI DELTA THETA ROBERT C. ASHBY. Ph.D. NEIL C. BROOI-Ls, Ph.D. ARTHUR B. CORLE, Ph.D., LL.D. JOHN S. CRANDELL, BS., CE. HARRISON E. CLNNINGHAM, A.B. ARTHUR K. BURRE BIATTHFXY XV. BUSEY, III BRUCE H. CARPENTFR CATON C. CORB ID.-AVID J. BAILEY BRADIORD G. BLOUNT PHILIP E. POLDXYFLL JOHN R. FULLINANE RAIPH J, DADY XY'll.I.lAM L. BARIQTR JODIE E. BLINTIN JOHN H. BUROHER ROBYRT li. CLFYFL.-AND PHILIP M. DADANT GFORGF AIEXANDER LARRY P. BREHM CHARLI-S W. ENOIIHARDT F A C U LT Y FRANK W. DE XVOLF, B.S. SYEINBVIORN JOHNSON, A.M., LLB., LL.D. JUSTA M. LUNDGREN, A.M. JAMES B. IWIEEK XVILLIAM A. NEISWANGER, JR., Ph.D. XVILLIAM A, OLDFATHER, Ph.D., LL.D. WARREN A. RUTH, Ph.D. GUY A. TAXVNEY, Ph.D. GEORGE P. TUTTLE, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmte Student EDWARD H. ASI-IDOWN Seniors HAROLD E. DRAOSTROM LEWIS M. GRIOSBY CARL A. DUNN JOHN C. HAYES NCXRTHAAI B. FRIESE J. DIXSON MCRAYEN XVALTFR G. GRIFFITH J11I1i0I's WILLIAM G. DADY ROBERT XV. HUGHES EDM ARD M. GRADY DAVID W. MCBRIDE KAMFRQN r . GLILLETTE JOHN T. MCBRIDE CHARLES E. HAIR EDWIN S. PARKER Sopbowzores ARTHUR J. DUEEELMEIER F. DNVYFR IVIURPHY ROBERT S. HILL XVALTER L. O'BRIEN ELMER G. HLISS JAMES M. PALM HAROLI7 T. INIOONEY JOHN R. PALM JULIAN H. INICRGAN F I'EXb7lIt?7Z SYLFS R. FRALICIQ ALONZO L. HUNTER XVILLIAM S. JOHNSON JAMES P. IVIOSHFR JOHN A. INICCREFRY JAMES B. MEEIQ NYIILLIAM H. PILIQENTON ROY H. THOMPSON ROBERT W. XVALLIN HOVVARD M. RANDALL DEAN E. ROBERT ROBERT R. SHAPLAND JAMES A. SMITH ADOLPH XV. WALTER LESTER S. PARK THOMAS H. ROBERTS JULIAN J. SCHLOTMAN L, STRATTON SPRINGFR ROBERT C. STOERZBACH JOHN M. PICIQEN BRADFORD PEEEEER W, THOMAS POYER Alexander Parr V luxcland Dadant Burgher Springer Duffelmcler Huss Barker Murphy Roberts O'Brien Schlotman J. M. Palm J. R. Palm Hill Hunter Culhnnnc ID Mali: 'lf IXIII-may Buntm J. McBrIde Grady Parker Hair R. Dady W. Dady Gullette XValter Shapland Hughes Randall Blount ffulducll GI-Irlvrh 'x'i'.IlIII-I McRaven Grxgshy Burke Meek Cobb Dunn Thompson Dragstrom Friese Pilkenton Ashdown Hayes BaIlcy Robert lsfmlzurson Morgan Pitken PfetIer Poyer Fralick Mosher Brehm McCreery Engleharclt Johnson 428 . 'N S . ., A L2 9 A . 1 . . - -' ' V . ' T' FUIUIJEJ PSI Chapter College of the Cny ot New York. 1904 EI1.zlIl1.Ilw.l. 11130 Tlvirlj-lbrer .alflife ClII117fr'ff 9Of Snnrb Tlmj Slug! SONFRED N. BRENNER CASSIUS M. EISFMAN STUART FINE JEROME BRAVEMAN IRA A. BUDXVIG RICHARD H. EISENSTAEDT JAMES T. GATES HERMAN ARANOV ROBERT BRODAY EDXVARD N. COHEN LESTER E. DESS RICHARD J. EISEMAN HAROLD BENZULY LAXWRENCE BENZULT' JOSEPH BERKOWIITZ Sl-IELDON BERMAN DONALD D. BFRNSTEIN INIELVIN CHALAM MAURICE J. KAELAN BERTON E. NORTON LAXVRENCE I. GENESON JOSFPH GOULD, JR. WILLIAM XV. ISAACS VERNON FITCH TOM R. FRIEDMAN IIWING GREENSPAN NEAL HORNSTEIN JOSEPH L. KAHN ALLEN H, FELDMAN EDMUND XV. FRANKEL ROBERT E. GLAZIER EDWIN N. GLINN ROBERT A. HIRSCH Seniors Izmiors S 0 pb 01110 res F l'E51J7lI67l RICHARD S. PINRLIY JACK O. ROEMER CHARLFS N. LEVY GEORGE H. LITOW GERALD I. ORLIN SHERMAN A. KLEIN SLYMOUR LEVIN JOSEPH L. BIAZFR RICHARD BIORGAN HERBERT S. KIPNIS KARL A. KLIRLANDER ROBERT I. LEAVITT HI-RRERT NExx'I.IARIc ROIGFRT S. SCHXYARTZ BIRTRAM G. SADOCK MORTON B. STARR IWIARSHALL I. XYIJLPIR MARRILL POHN BERTRAM D. RADREI. D.-INIFL O, XY'l'INBFRG JACK E. Mosmx STANLFY F. NIR MAN PAUL E. SOIIIL BERT J. SLAvIrIc Rom RT WI-Iss IRx'Ixo M. SFIITNFR MELVIN STERN EDWARD XVIIAS JAMES S. VUFDFLFS GORDON X'i'IxIaIIfR X, L ,Hirsch H. Bcnzuly Newmark E. Wfeiss Feldman R. XVeIss Stern Gunn Slavick Lczwrtt GIazIer Hnrnstern Cohen Orlrn Schwartz Mmrm- Frtch Mazer Greenspan Aranov Levin Newman Raclbcl Pohn Broday Litow Levy Gates Eisenstaedt Kahn Bravemrm Sobel Dess R. EIseman Geneson Prnsley Roemer Fine C. Eiscman XVOII-ver Norton Brenner Kaplan Stark Budwig Isaacs Wkrnberg Wledeles Morgan XVInkler Klein Berkowrtz Klpnis L. Benzuly Berman Friedman Seidner Bernstein Kurlander Chalam Frankel 429 . ,f . ! . . X. G IIALQ awww I, -I . Ffuimitd Chi Iota Chapter XY'.ISlIIngtOn and Jefferson College. IB-I8 E,Imbl1.rbvd. 1897 Yrzulzlj-fwfr: nlrllre Cluzplrfi -01 E111 Iulw Sires! PHI G MMA DELT JOHN S. CRANIIELI., BS., CE. HARRY XY. HORN, M Josrm N. EI.I.IOT, JR, JTRRT ALLFX RORVRT V, BFRR CRIURCI' H. C LARK KH.-XRLFC R. GII-Ins JAMVS R. BARRAf'Iqs RORI-RT M. BIAM XVILLIAM A. BIICH JOHN XV. CR.-ARF ROHFRI XV. CRrSs ELIOFNI R. BAILIY STFXXART C. BLASIIR HAROLO L. BOOTZ RU!-tl-R'I XY. BOYNTON FRANCIN E. CAYFTTF tIARINrI F.', JR FACULTY DAVID KINLEY, Ph.D., LL.D, S. OLIVER L. MCIZASKILL, Ph.B., J.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G1'I1d21I1te St2m'e11I's PALIL H. GR.-XVFN R11 H.-XRD H. HDRNING BURR L. HLIGHFS CIIFTON D. FULTON NCVRLIAN M. HARROLD Rox' M. HOPPI2 NORRIS V. LATFFR, JR. CARL E. CQHRISTOPH ROBERT M. EYSTER. JR. WILLIAM A. GRFFNF THFODORF H. FHISON FRANK A, GOUGLFR RICHARD T. HAAS Seniors Izmiors S0pb07ll01'13S Fl'U5b7l1t?7l ROBERT JONES XYIVILLARD A. LINDAHL JAMFS D. LOTHROP DONALD LIPPINCOTT JOHN R. LITTLFR DONALD A. LONGLFY ROHFRT E. Low RY MILTON M. I-IELM LLONARD A. KNOPF DALE A. LEIFHFIT JAMES R. HLITCI-IINSON DONALD M. MAECHTLE ERNEST A. PLIRNFLL FRED B. SEELY, M.S. KFNNFTH W. ZIMMIQRMAN, B.S. WILLIAM C. PRATHER RICHARD A. LUNDAHL DANIEL MCCASIQILL MILO T, OAKLAND, JR. MAN L. Rows I-IFRRFRT J. MATTER ROHERT L. MUELLER LAW RFNCE E. ROBINSON WILLIAM D. SCHMITT XVILLIAM M. XVHITE THOMAS A. NICKELL JOHN E. WATIQINS FRANKLIN J. XVEHRLI DONALD L, RAGGIO EARL P. SHAPLAND WILLIAM H. YOUNG Elliot Craven Rnwe Allen I.Ind.IhI Hurning Lund.Ihl Gibbs Jones Clark Lothrop Babb Hughes Oakland McCaski1l XVhIrc Buch Robinson Mncllcr Beam Schmitt Hoppe Crane Fulton Matter Barracks Lippincott Littler Lowry F Harmld Haas BaIley XV:ItkIns Lnngley Wlehrli Knopf Nlckell Bnotz Leifheit Helm Greene Raggio Y-lung Shapland Crass Purnell Eyster Maechtle Hutchinson Crossley Frison Boynton Cavette +30 Fffmnlz ff Bmwn Ifnlvemlly, 18811 T11 N115 Y,-1.x xifru u fibtffl Euxux j. N.ax1z-x' DAVID G. RYAN, MS, Romru I., Muun Lrcmun A. Bmmx un THOMAQ j. Dum HROURAV XYA1 TYR j. GMI rs RLLAAD V. Damn ,lmwr-1 M LIBAR ,Imax L. GIISOB JOHN J. Hffxxrillx' juux I.. HUGHM Hmm' j. BAR.-KNUXX 514: THOMAS ,I. Flxrr Ax: jfux M, FITZGl'RAl.D ii ' 'fi Y! ff? V ' 9 xfhx AQ N ..o -.w ,ul-f' 5319! .f 'U' v-nr N- .. ':'F'L .- 1 N, ww fi I'W'fT"'! lr ' W -.4 Na' Qf 1. A1 x 111 PHI FAC UITX du- X fig .5458 E " 11-1 WL J A :nan n H71-L., ,nf 4.-Qmmixd Mx ll KIFXIISERS IN L'NlYlfRSITY R,-xx Moxh Y. Llxrr XXvlllI.Ahff.NI1KIIx jawn B. M111 I rc Rr mm L1 wax jmmn, T. Mdmx -Imax A. Hum Rrmm T. KRLPM G111d11.1z'c STIILTICIITX Sciliwu' -hm PH Lv. Pmxxv xx ml 151 mar A juniors Inns B. U Ham Sopbuvfiurux Flu-.rg xil X4 nun a K1 I'vl'L'.Y1J7llU1I El NNIHIH ,I Qunax wxx ,uw rl. 1.1 Rlfm' rsmalrx H. Numa Sin.-xx4,rLx I IH Nh, RA. fFf'1'H" A. " - :J . .. - ,.,- , vA 1-:pg rf',rE,1Q ' 'ri Y ' '. ., nf ' - 1 . Fq fjf .. A Q-L - 'ff ' ' A , -"' S -1-nc' 2' . .g fa.1QL::.'5..-rf.,fff," ' . -f , f " ' ' i f fr, "mf 1-rf.. - " .4-..:--K-1-.YH ' Iif'--ff , ' "L .,.' ' 12' t 131,71-.px-,N:.' 1.1 -?-33,-Egan: '17 75' - ,- - 'C .-,rl r V ' .. - '-3-' - 2 f- A2 ' -A ' -H f xxx' ff 2. 'EG1' ' T ' Q.: v 1,1 -A 'fi Y ' F f 4.-fisggifi -6 1 , 'i1:,1:::-- A A ' TT " "WF A., -A " -AA . , 1 m... I V . . f ' - sf.-.:m..f, - Y ,. --1 I Q-. fy -,. 1 , .E nf' 'lgwg E2 I L 1 -f -:fr 'qv :4-- , Rx,'41fi'f'-M.. ' ,V -' - H '-fn -'-7':'f4g' 'I .-'gd'--,.-' F -W7,,,.- ,ta--H " '7'Zl31,u' ' I -' 4' . 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MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmzdzzate Sflldellff INIFNDFL E. HART FRANK A. SAIIQITY THOMAS H. I..-KNDINF GORDAN F, LEITNER RICHARD R. LONG PHILIP C, lNllTCHELL RAYMOND FLOREI: JAMES L. HARP, JR. JOHN S. HALIPERT THOMAS F. DEMPSEY XVILLIAM A. GRITZNER CHARLES E. HARP DEWITT W. HOUSFL JOHN S. HUNTER Seniors jzzzziors Soplyomores F resbmeuz CHARLES C. SPENCER RICHARD W. SUBLFTT WVARREN H. OLSON JAMES H. REEDER K. LOWELL RICHMOND ROBERT P. MESSER KENNETH NORGAARD WILLIAM O'CONNELL ROBERT KITZSTEINER JOHN M. LUNDIN JOHN T. MCGRAW ROBERT W. MCNFILX' JOHN A. MORRIS PS Illinois Delta Chapter Erlablifhrd, 190-I 911 South Fonflh Sliver ARTHUR HAMILTON, Ph.D. A. AUSTIN HARDING, Mus.D. JOHN XVHITSON HARRY R. TELANDER VICTOR G. XVALLISA LOWELL O. ROBERTS STEVE SUCIC CHARLES XV, TOBERMANN FRANCIS M. XVRIGHT JAMES W. ROBERTS BRUCE G. SODERLING BILLY STEEFY FRANK S. XVHITING, JR. H, JAMES OWENS JOHN C. OZMENT JAMES A. ROBERTS HOWARD L. WALLIN ROBERT XVATSON GFPRGF O. XVITH, JR. J. XV. Rrfberm McGr.Iw DLmp-Say Ormcnt Hmupcrt Stctily I-Ioueel Nurgrmrd XVIII: Morris Kitzsteiner XVRtSon XVallln Hart l.cIrncr Adams Sf-Ilurlrnx vl.l-l.Irrw J. A.R--br-rtS Lung Reeder Olion Erlcy Sucic Messer Florek L. Roberts Barker Bilhnrn Deist Dodge Harman Mrtqlxcll Tnbcrmnnn Tulandcr R. Erskine Spencer Richmond Davidson Wfallisn Saikley XVrigl-It C Hnrp Hunter Grrunur' H:ClT.1r.1S Lnmlrsc fummrns O'COnnell Bwntcmps Damit D. Erskine XVl1itIng Lundin McNally Bagg Owens 432 -Q . Q f 'vb P f .Q l ' '-5: t fr .. ' . -L "' ,V I .mb .N .2 I I' '- S T ' Y. 1 .1 S- 4 , , 5. 5 I ' 5 ' - -F2 Ir-. 'dll UM v A , -A I -"X " I-'fir 1 if . A "J -3' ig. if ' i .. Vx.. sv, -E 4' T, ff . ' , -gig' -I . , . v. . -:-9' .J Q, . L-' 4' T51 ' S' ' e 33-'v3""'1 Ffunzdrd Rho Cllmptcr ' - Q gfbsg-, 'Uv 437 93' 'V .gh iq ' 4 . Universrty of Pennsylvania, 1850 EI,'.1lfl1Ilw.l, 15112 I 2 ' - fw' A' Tlvfl-I-rIrIIr slrtizs Clmzpfvfr 314 Emi I lnrlrmvl Sinn! .fl-?"':7-'f -2?fi'Sf'1'- ..f .A .. - .....':ews-'mm-f X PHI KAPPA SIGMA FACULTY ARTHUR R, CRATHORNE, Ph.D, PAUL N. LANDIN, PILD. IRIS S. RHODT, BS. THOMAS KIRK CURETON, JR., Ph.D. ARTHUR I . XVIILARD, B N., D Eng, I.L.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sclliorx RAYMOND W. ATTIG JOHN L. BUNDY WIIILLIAM H. CARLSON CHARLES W. CROSS RALPH CATTA JOHN E. CUNNINGHAM OXVEN DENEEN ROBERT D. BUCK LAFAYETTE FUNK, JR. HUGH M. KNOCKEL ROBERT E. ANDERSON XVILLIAM E. BECKFR FRANK R, CHAMBERS ROBERT G. CIARAMFLLI DONALD F. EDWARDS ROBERT G. HARTUNL. FRANK DENEEN XVILLIAM B. DENHART JOHN H. FINFROCIQ LAW RENCE E. FRAZFE EMMETT FOLGATE JOSEPH M. GREI'NxvOOD JOHN C. INICCL7l.l,0UGH PAL'L A. NFLSON FLOTD E. HILL, JR. JAMES N, HOOVER JAMES G. LOVE ELTON E. IXIEYER WALTER P. INILSKI-KT XVILLIAM R. NASH Ilzlziorx Sopbomores FI'usb711U11 RAYMOND A. HPR?-I.-NNN fs.-XRLOQ L. HUDSON DAVID G. KINDSV.-KTIR JOHN R. KOTHN TOR IYIIFL.-IND DAVID XV. INIURRILL JOHN M, PCIXNILL ROBERT C. RFNNACRAR RORTRT L. PANIQOAST GORDON C. PITFRSON DAN PONDER XV.-XI.Tl'R SCHMIDT GIINN H. SMITAL ROIITRT F. 1.4 JNL, HIRM.-KN J. lxIAl'RIR GIRALD I.. NORDAT ROM ROIWYRT A, SPAUIDING KLNDALL G. SIEOIRIED CARI M. STIRNAMAN Yvllll.-KM G. XV.-KGNYR RORIRT W. RICHARDS XVADI' P. SI xx ILL ARTHUR J. XVALQNIR RORI-RT G. 51'ARRIvIf'II Pl-lll.I.lP N. STEWART lxIAl'RlI.E M. STIMILINC, ALRIRT VTRMIILION ROHIRT L. XY.-tl.I.ACE JOHN I.. XY'ISTI'NHAx'rR V. , , - , IA.-41-J . .1 YJ .--.-.,L ---- , Buck Cotta XVestenlu.1ver Muskat Sewell Meyers PIIncO1St Funk Becker Ponder Nash Rcnncclur Stark-exrrlm Edwuds H-mver f'unnin5lI.Im Finfrock Greenwood Wfagner Murrell Slegfried Folgate O.Deneen Meeland Nelson Mrfullnuglm Powell Maurer Rrclmrds Hudmn Rnnckel Attig Cross Frazee Carlson Klndsvater Hermnnn F. Deneen Dcnharr Bundy Norden-Im Spauldung K-mlm Peterson Stimeling Smitnl Chambers XVallace Vermillion Szewnrr Love Andermn Schrmdt f I.IrAr'I1ellI Hntung Hrll 433 HFRMRI E. C-xR'xrR, Ph.D, Nrxx Tux E, Exxnm, NA ALLLWN K. Gnwxr-nr RIKH,-XRD Hmm 'I'I Domun GARNIR Cl.-xYr1m XY. MARK Hmx .mn j. Axnuunx Dnxurw N. CAIX jsmx KI LH 'I xy xi? XJ , V' ' qi CID . V. is 7 ig 'I W V 3.3 x ., Ifffffrrrlhl Zct.x Lhaptcr Nunn Unlxcmty, Wlln Exlrrffllrlurd. 1918 Fmlvs-rfglvl .-Irma C'lmff1t:, 310 Gftgfrfj Drug HI K PPA TAU FACULTY AIIIYRT J, HARNO. B.S.. LLB.. LL,D., I.m.D. Emuum E. ST.-XI'FORD, A.B CIVIL A. Ixinwn, Ph.D., f.P.A. jcurm F. VVRIGHT, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Yurfm M, Hmm' IIIIIDRILK YV. IRIUN XX',u1'LR Fmrmcr Cruaol AI. INICf,LIl,l.I'Y IXIIRIF D. SINNCLIK XI.'lL1,I,xM D. SKORHVRI, IIIIIIOVS S0pb07lIOI'L'X Fl'L'5b7lIt?lI KLNNFTH D. KLICZFN ,Irnum R. PICK junx M. I-IFRRIN Domxm L. SPRAGUE R.-wmuxo I.. Sxx Axsox DVAM- F. TAYLOR F. JAMES STFWART GENE R, VOORHEFS GEORGE H. XVISW FLL INIILTON KNAPP ,lor A. THOMPSON XVARD A. THr3MP5oN Hmm' J, Zlruxsm x Lcc Thompson Slnmuck Sknrburg Anderson XV. Thompson McCullcy Swansun bprnguc Zxclxnski Kurzen XVrswcII Knapp Clark Cam Taylor Flncrke Gruncrt Peck Voorhees Bennett Henry -I3-I 9 1 . Q' ml-"If Fffmzrirrl Alplm D1-111111111 1 I1.11'1u: M.1S5.11l1uSctti Surg Kullr-gc, IVR l:F.'.:1Vl.-1'1.,", 1'rlff 1:11111-rin' .111111 c,!1.1pr111 11111-1 Aww! 111111111 111.11 PHI SIGMA K PP jonx XV. A11411., Ph D, HFNRY XV. GIIHIRT, BS. XY'A1.T1R f , M1A111x11R, XN'11.1.1M1 E. HRIRKF KINNFTH H, Bnmxx LILAND P. AR1.1'x11R1L,H1 G1'r1R1,1' L. BAIINTHI FR1DR1c14 XV, Bf1xx1u111H ERN!-NT Y. Bxurwn G1'oRr.1 YI. D11.1.ur1L' Euurxr P. BART.-1 HARRY D. GO111, -IR. Grsmv I. Axmnxox, JR. R1cHAR1m C, BA1a141i1-1 Rfxao P. B.x1,1v1R1 FRANK L, BA1'MAx If A C L' LT Y 11-1x A N11 11111wx, Ph D. L11 11 A. XV.-KINF, B5 f 11112111 1 PRlr1.III,Pl'1D 111111 A XX'111111R, li N. Ph D Fruxf 11 XX' XX'111v, A M. NIIZKIBFRS IN UNIVERSITY SL'llfUl'5 XY'111.1u1 XY, GAIIARI RIH, .IR Rr11+1R1 B. I.,a111r1Y ,lf HN B. bI.1r'14m' DAII I. 51511-ws lmiiars XX'-HTFR E. Ex11N R11+1R1 R, Gnu C11R1.1x1w R PR111 C.1r1Rc,1 F. F1RRx', YIR 1.1x111 P HIIIIN, AIR. K1x:N11'H XV. R1H1:RN1 141111 R. F1 RDY1I R11 H1R1w A NUIR Rr1111R1 H, N1H111R11x ,l111N F. C,.11N1R XY',1111R j. Umm. R11111111 H 51'1x1.11R .Soplwlllozvx AI1-HN A, K11115TR11R1 Rr1R1R1 XV.UN1.1L IEANIII ,I N 1111111x1, AI1 HN F. MM XX'1111.1R1 L. PRINTIW, VIR. Fmx IN E. SIRAND I"1'cyb111e11 j.aR1re V. C,r'x4,.ux .1111 -lr HN ,I M.4H1R, 111. E11,1x1 I,. N1'w1R. JR. f1.1Rrx1'r 41. H1x1w1R1R, VIR fH.1R11x H. M111 11111, VIR D1x.111w XY'.0111'1111'x11R1'1 ,Ir-A119111 R.lx1i Y, 1111111 A. N11 H111-xx C.u'1r1RD XY. T111 'I111.a1w0R1 I. Kr-xrm FINNITY K Yr N1 Tatu Hmderer Maher Ivc5 Gongnxx-are N1chu1.1s B.1um.1n Rchurat Pm: S1h11cl1ng M,1y Ubcrg D1II.11-ru Bakkom Bnrm Kuntos Mnttucr Strand Gum Gmncr New Klullstruxn O Neal Spcnglrr Ewu N X mc Anriurmn Omohundm A1g1:nbr1ght Frxrdyme Broom Mackey Lahlcm Brckkc 5111111151111 G.1lh11:.1th Furry He-llcn brl11Ifm.1n Brvwdltrlx +35 I I I Q 2 I I f h w l flj III- If I I , I FIIIIIIJIII Beta Eta Chapter University Of VIIgini.I, ISIIR Efmbliybed, 1917 Elgbry ,'1Il1I'5' CZMIIIIEVJ' 303 EIU! Alnmry xizwllle PI K PPA ALPHA I l F A C U I. T Y XVIIIIAM E. BRIIII N, A M . ID. KSSTL R. DlLI.AVOL', A.M., J.D. JAMFS N. PAYNE, Ph.D. ROIIIRT B BR..xxNI, PII D, I.INl,lI' W. INICI IL'RI, MS, RICHARDS A. ROWLAND, Ph.D, l .-XRIHVR P. DIAM, B..-XILII. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G1'IId11IItc Student CHARLF5 SHI A l l CIITFCRD R. Btn KI'NNIfTH D. fHI'ILFY JIMFS R COIIPIR ALYIRN N. B1 NNI I'T ROHPRT D. EIWIF YI.-ISHN S, MII EI'CII'NI I.. DIINNIR HARRION E EVIIAND XYIILI.-XM V BIIIQIR 'I'HmIAS J, HRAIIIIY I'I.-KROLD R. 1 A1.I AH.-KN A5'lI'RI' E. II,-IIIMINS 5, EL'OI'Nr l'lI'PlI'R KINNTTH W, HOI'I'INOIfR DLZANF T. ISI.-XL'NDI'R fHARl.l'S R. FALIO RIVHARD SVHAII FR ,IASIFS E. COLIIAIAN ID.-KNIFL M. GIIYIQOVIKH XVII.LIAlKI D. GRI'MI+I.IaY I.. YIAMTS I'Il'l7 Seniors ROI-IFRT F, JOBSUN XVILLIAM P. MUMFORD PFTFR P, I.L'C.-KS ROBERT XV. XVEISE XVFNDELL A. XVINKELMAN IIIIIIOVX RICHARD C, OIHAIR LOUIS A. PINDERSIQI GEORGE M. SINCLAIR Sopbovllolw F1'L'.Vb7lIClI ROBFRT W. STIcI:I'L ROIITRT J. TIMMS J. RICHARD KI'I.I.I'R THOMAS P. IXICQORMICK DONALD J. SCHFRTZ HOWARD R. SrHxx'ALI1 RICHARD F. WALTON JAMES E. XVATERS JOHN R, SOLIN JOHN XV. TUDOR Enw ARD A. XVI-IITIE HARRY K. XVILSON, JR. I.ul..IS Juhwn Buy-Q Shea f hccley Cooper Mumford Hcplcr XVQ-ise Bonnctt Edie Homngcr XVJIIIIII C IIS Evcland Maundcr Fago Pmdcrski Keller O'Hair Schaller Srhu nlb XVlIItc SLlIcrtz Callnlmn Timms Donner Stlckel XVaters Solin Claeyssens TuIlIIr CIfIykIIx II. II BICCOHTIICIC Hn: XVI lson Becker Grumblcy Coleman 436 Ilnluzdml' College nf Charlcsmn, 1004 Tlv1I'IYI-rlglvl ,-lfllfe lfluzfvllm' VIRCIL R, FLPMINQ, B.S. JOSEPH L. JOHNSON DOUGLAS E. BARMSTT JACK S, CALDWELL THOMAS A. CAPALETY RICHARD H. COLEMAN ANDREW j, CLYDE JOHN H. CI.IPPINC.rR, JR. HONVARD W, DOUGHFRTY HOWARD B, HEMPE ffl' aft 'YV 'fi 1 5' F ,Q f ix" - If if . i V ll f PI I'pxIl-In I lm E,IlI1f1lf,Ilmf, 1' PHI FACULTY l,AL'RlfXCF -I. NORTDS, Ph.D, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Grndzmre Stzrdcnrs EDxxIx D. lSII'NDELS Emv ARD S. fzvzm SKI CIORGE M. Down THFCDORE H. ERFL P,-II'I, B, PHINXFY HILH K. LAYMON Seniors IIHIIOVS Sopbowzores F I'6.Vb7IIl?7I XXYILI IAM H. CYDONNFLI. Imxw H. KANITZ ROBERT N. MORRIS XYWLLIAM G, SPIFIR, JR VH.-IRl.l'i H. OL'LFHL.A WILLIAM R. PAXTON Xwlll I IAM -I, PVTNARI, M.S,, M,E JACK S. THDAIPSON Exxax M, TFRRY GILMAN THRANF, ja. E XYARRIN TROGDIN RI-MILD XV. SCHI-nc ,IALK O. RUFNFR HIANARD RYDIN KIITH R, SxII'IH Schenk Paxton Smith O'Donncll Oulehla Trogden Clif-pIrIger Layman Rydin Hcmpc Dougherty Ebel Roeser Moms Phinney Coleman Spicer CRp.xlury Clyde Thmnc Kanntz Terry Caldwell Czyzewski Barnett johnson Men-:lels Dowd Thompson 437 N' "------1 N, ' S,xxrL'rL C, Bl.l'Ml'NTHAl XVALI ACL BL"l'l I-R NORMAN K, Im-LN DUNALD S. Fox BIRNARD F. LnNLxoN H.-mvn' Bmuq RUNALD N. C.-KRTIR DALY E1NHz:RN Al.-XRK Fnummx Nurzmx Gzmrrwlxu. a ji . 'RX L ,L .xr 1. Z, ' 1 'N 3, nn .,- ' N, Q? R 9 e'- 'F ri! .4 Ffmnrlrll Alpha Kappa Chapter Yale Unxvcrslry, 1305 Ellablifbed, 1940 Tlvfrfj-uzffz tlflllz' Clnzfmrr 51 Eur! .klrnlafy nlzezluf PI LAMDA PHI HIRTR.-nr A. ROLLER BIRNARD L. ROBINSON ALSTRT C. LIFRKIN HAROLD A. GRFFN GFQRGP J, H.iRRlb EUWARD H, j.u1ousoN Fnrnrnrrx ,IPNAS Seniors llllIfOl'5 Sopbomores Fl'L'5b7lIClI BLNJAMIN SHAYMAN XV.-KLTER H. BULSTYIN ALVIN KOHN SYLVAN I..-Xl'RI:NLl' SAMEUS NIARCLIS SOLOMON N. RIILLTRI HFRBERT R. XVARD IVAN XVARREN Roasnr ZALL LEONARD A. SARNAT ARVEY SHAPIRO XVALTER M. Ross EYFRETT SACHNOFF EMANUEL SIEGEL MARHN A. Weiss Green Cohn Sachnnff Marcus Harris Wfarren Block Siegnl Jacobson Waxes Friedman London Miller Laurence Ross Merkin Kohn Jonas Sluplro ZJ11 Blumenthal Robinson Butler Roller Milstein Fox XVard Sarnat Shayman 438 lv. ' 17ffllll.ll.! Hlullrlln I h.l L'm.ln C-lllux, INXR I:'lJ.1f'J,-l!'l,." I"llf 'Illlfnfl-llslls ,llfull tbl," SIX If.:l,'.1ln1fll .I. r EYIRVII Cl. Axmuxu Jmllx D. BRYAN F. Brlllrlx 4.-xkrllllux HIRNlli1I Cl, Blmlm ,IOHN F, Flamlx Lmxlllml W, Fm llllz jonx D. l ull-1, jrc. Pl-lllllv D, Dll-lllxn.-ll HIR XX IIIINNI L Clow ll IRA R Alllll TI'. ,IR Wflrlkm ,I Auoflx LlNr1.l I., Bmli STEPHI x A. 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RALPH H. BLODGETT, Ph.D. LEO T. JOHNSON, A.B. FRED H. TURNER, Ph.D. H. EDXVARD BREEN, M.S. OSCAR A. LEUTWILER, B.S., M.E, PAUL M. VAN ARSDELL, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sevziorx ROBERT B. ARNOLD DAVID E. BURRUSS ROBERT F. CASEY KEITH S. CLARK ROBERT H. CALDWELL WILLIAM C. CASEY CHARLES XV. CLEMENS ROBERT H. COWAN ROBERT B. ACKERBURG XVILLIAM C. BAHAN CHARLES W. BLIM RUPERT J. BORGSMILLER WILLIAM R. BUCHANAN DONALD L. CALDWELL PAUL F. BEHAN ROBERT T. BLISS JACK G. DILLAYOU ROBERT E. DREXYf' CHARLES H. ENGLISH LOUIS E. FRIEND JOHN D. KAILIER TOM I. LEXVIS DEAN E. MADDEN STEPHEN GUSICK JOHN E. JACOBSEN HERMAN T. LANDON FRED W, CARRIER CHARLES C. CURTIS, JR. ROBERT C. DAUT DUANE N. DICKINSON CHARLES T. DILLAVOU DONALD XVI. FANTOZZI JERRY T. GORMAN RAY H. MATHISEN WILLIAM P. OLLIVERSON CHARLES B. PETRANOEE Y .. -we .- .. .VF , 7. W f .- .. - ,A Q.. E .. :. I' ....'. x 'ri . 1. . - L... A I 4. WARREN C. MALIK ARTHUR F. MATHISEN WILLIAM G. MURPHY' juniors XVILBUR L. NICDANIEL ROLAND C. RAYBURN STERLING W. SCHROCK Sopbomores ROBERT F. DUBY REED V. LARSON ARTHUR T. LENNON RICHARD R. MCCOLLOUGI-I XVAYNE E. MORGAN F7'6'SlJ71Z67l ROBERT J. PIERSOL GRAHAM R. SCI-IOEIELD RICHARD J. SQUIRE FRED B. STOKES ROBERT N. PARKER THOMAS P. PARKINSON STEPHEN M. PLAYTER XVILLIAM F. SMALL A. JOHN SMILEY JAY P. THOMAS WILLIAM H. VAN LEEUWEN ERWIN R. RIDGE JACK D, STEVENSON JOHN M. TARRANT DONALD E. VOLLMER WILLIAM J. XVERSTLER ROBERT W. XVHITMER MUILLIAM F. TULL ROBERT XV. XVALTERS WILLIAM C. XVILEY JAMES M. WOODHOUSE CHARLES R. YOUNG 'I -sv I 4.4. -- ...O 4 . .. .5 .m , In-. -x-., v X .., Lennon Buchanan XV, Casey Vollmer Cusick Larson Clemens D. Caldwell Ackerburg R. Mathisen English Behan Young Drew Steyenson XViley Daut Van Leeuwcn Schrock Dickenson Cowan Smiley R. Caldwell Tarrant Morgan Blim Borgsmiller Ridge Whitmer Werstler C. DIllavou Carrier Arnold Parkrnson Burruss Parker Madden Malik Playter Kailer A. Mathisen Murphy McDaniel Jacobsen Landon Lewrs Squire XVaIterS Bahan Bliss Fantozzi Stokes Piersol Duby Schoheld J. Dillavou Gorman Tull Petranoff Woodhouse 440 Fuumlld College nf the Crty of New Ynrk, 142011 Tluriy-fIIi .-lrms Clnzplffv HAROLD FRY EUGENF A. GOLAN ALLAN M. GOLDSTFIN SELXYYN J. ANCEL RALPH A. BFROMAN EDXVARD M. FREEDMAN RALPH BORIN RALPH D. COHEN LEONARD FEILER HFRHLRT FOX BURTON A. GORCHOFF DAVID D, ARONOFF RICHARD BARANCIK ROBFRT j. BECKER BRUCE E. CLORFENE GORDON M. CONE AARON CUSHMAN HARVARD ELL:-IAN WILLIAM GROSS A' if Z! ef hi E! an .,,.9 my Nu at Q Rlrn Chapter EIlI1!fl1.rlII'I1', ll 1170.4 Swfflw Fnfh Smrz S1GMf?x....AkliElA THOMAS A. GORDON LAR Rsxcr HIRRHLF ALVIN M. GOLDW YN SHILDON B. KILLER lVlARSHALL MIGATZ HIRRERT E. GRHNI2 LOUIS B. GLITHMANN LAURANCP S. HALF-FR RICHARD S. HALPER ALVIN GROSSMAN JAMES M, GROSSMAN BURTON P. HARRIS RLWSIELL HATTIS MARVIN HECHI' NORMAN KOHN MAX LIRTZMAN EUCFNF J. MANDIL Seniors juniors Soplnomores F1'e5IJ711e7z IRVING H. 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HAILEY CLIFFORD N, MITCHELL XVILLIAM D. REUTER CHARLES F. STEINBRINK fzmiors JAMES W. BURTON LLOYD C. TAYLOR Soplaomores ROBFRT J. BEALS F l'L'Sb7lIG7l JOI-I N T. HAILEY XYJILLI.-IM J. TRADER ERNEST ORN IXIAURICE H. MCCRRTI-Ix' Taylor Kovac Rmchnrt Phillippe Om J. T. Hailey Burton McCarthy Riddell Stcinbrink J. D. Hailey Hortrvn Beals Aiken Reuter Renick Mitchell -H-l px 1 1 6 .X r wfa 'Lef65"a 21,-FA ZQPE 5 1 A gg. few fi- .55 5 2 X' - 'gi-:',1+ -x.,s, Ff1111.l1.l Illxnuu Alplu I I1.1ptv1 L'r11wrs1tg' nr R1II1m11nJ, l'!llI E11.:l'l11!f.!, 11111 S1'11'11lyf11111' 5111116 Clnzplfw 1105 .Yf111.'lv I711111'1 SIGMA PHI EPSILO Duwri A. Bnfxxmax, MINIUN JOHN C. BL'sHM.1x, A,M. L.o1.rM.1x R. GRIYIITH, PI1 D RALPH C, HAY, B.S. ELMIR A. B1.f1s111 EL11111 H. ENG11 Romnr C, B.-KIND.-XKYR G.aR1.1N1u FIINIR RAx'1x1uND G. Cvnlraxow TERRY W. JOHNSON Loxx'r1.L E. Acxxmxx K1'NN1'TH A, AN1w1'Rxox 1.11115 f mio IVAN A. E1.1.10'r'r Roarkr E, Aurx LEO R, Amaxosr JACK I.. rHuRCH11.1. 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NIITCHFLL S0pb011mI'0s Huw Ann T. IXIATSUN XVILLIAM H, MIIQESELI. Fl'?X1J7lIClI ,IIII-Ix R, IXIADICIAN J.-XMFS OIIFIIHOLTZFR ROIIFRT N. XVILFORD BURTON M. SHIDLER ROBERT M, NFELY XY'ILLIAM B. XVILFORD RIIIIFRT L. RHINEHART RI'ssFLL SODIISIQI if YXTB ll., ft?- as 'HuI.IglI ifvdusku Oberhultzer Erics-In Rhinehart Madigan Cassidy kDIm Neely Mlkesell Matson LangIlle Mitchell XV. Vlfilford B. Nundlcr McDowell Tame R. Wfilfnrd A. Seidlcr Faller 446 lff11r1.!4J Vnmrnncs L'nnLmu, ISU 1'l,.wyff,1H .'l.','ul flmpm .A Mir . .31 'A .. 'mf 5 1-.1 D 5050 l-'ln K luplur lr4.'.l!l1lm.!, Mn N172 l1.m.Alfruf,u ,l1Lr.,,Q PI LAF4 Rll Baxux, M 5. B P lluznnwx A,RL1Hf, Ph D Aufmrx' B. Tfwmn, PhD M S., EE l-RNYNI L. Sl'flI'lllR, M.Anlx, 7lflHN N, XVFAQ, MS. Anxrn R,KxIoH1.N.E.. CXRLW E. P,-uma, M S, C.mnc.r E. lmxrl P Dau V, Annu Cn-CRc.r F, Axsrux RUBYRT I., l ,-XRNllNx Cmnrmr Fl. Lim THIIR G. WALL.+c I- Bn K Envunn E. Bun: XX'rL1.ARn D Dnuuux !,xru.m j, B.-mmm' 'll'HN R. Bmrr Alarm' P. K.aL'mmx Rm-arm' H. 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I.Sm1th Meyers Mclicen Tintari Kaufmm XVcher Kni'l1t Rueslh Nurd Barkley I..nld Syd-ur Imkfcp Butt Buck Buck Pnusch Vcach Grail Newmm Grupp Drukkcr Skalc Hnnkanson Inxhvuc Mcuhlung Nurxxn Olson Johnson Mail F. Smith Xvcdlake Carstcnw Pctcrwn Hutmqnn Smdermmn Addis Awclln Tarhle Callahan Pfulb Dahl Vrdsky Jones Kratlt Keppner Dcwhxrst Fleming Lchnun XYelgul Swmk -H7 ROIAERT AVR.-XMI BIGRN.-KRD A. BROXXN HI RRERI' H.-XZELKORN jL'LEs l'l.-XZELKORN IRvINO BAUMRIND HAROLD L. BERG LAW RENCL FURIE SAMUEL ABRAMS ALBERT BENJAMIN GERALD BRAUN IYILLVIN A. BRDRN LEONARD J. Comrss Rm' DIAMOND I O-9 5' ik, 443 ' DQQTA .59 'IQ QI' 'Q ' r O? N Fumzrlrrl Pi Chapter The College of the City Of New York, 1010 E.-mblirlved, 1925 Tzwrlfjl-om' .-lrlim Clmprerr 1010 Sanllr Third Slreer TAU DELTA PHI lNlAYFR H. CI-IANNON lxl.-XRSHALL FINEGOLD DAVID ROSENEELD jOsEPI-I HAZELRORN XVALTER INDECI-Z XYILLI.-XM DORF BURTON P. FRITIREICH BIARSHALL A. GOLDRERG BLRTRAM HAMILTON EDWARD L. 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TIIFGONNING PHILIP M. Hosvakm AIIRFII L. -IOHNBON XX'IL1.I.xIxI A, HOFFMAN IJSTI'-R W. ,ILIOP RCIHIRI T. KINNFAR XYILLIAM D. LIIE Rf.ImIII'I' ,l. MARTINII' Sopbowlores Frexbwzeiz E. ERIE JONFS EIIGFNE F. KALI.I-MBACH XX'II.I.I.aIsI H. INIIQIHOLS, ja. THADDILIN PIII1zx'NsIcI XX'II.I.IAM RYSHFI. -IOSFPH E. WAIIRIIN GLENN L. ROLLE SANFORD PoI.I.oCI: OLIVFR T. PLIIIL EDWARD J. SHAW, JR. GARDY M. Wrssa Roarkr L. XVELLS ROIIEILI' C. VUIIEDRICH CARROL D. WILSON FORIIENT E. XVILSON DIIII-I Shaw HntTm.In Bckcrnwicr XVic.IrIch XY'cbcI Donnelly Rolla Bernard ' ,II-hmmm Luc M.Irtmcc B.II'naId KInnc.Ir Albers NIchols Pierzynskx XY'.IrII:I'I Pull Dcvcru Borden Trcgonmng Dunne Hmpcrs Wfells Kallembnch 452 I 3 I I i I 4 I I E i 2 I I I 1 1 v X ' n -. L.. ,. -V .L N, . x fx 'IQ1 Y' X47 5 ,-1' 1 ' Q TTYL-fi'-1 wh., I-'Q 1 , 'I 'J "if kg' 4 t 'fi - H " f- ., -1 1: R' 5- 'V .."'S Q., 5 ' 4 V ' '. C151-,743 '- I .L I Y ' : .1 f "f 'T 11 , ax 5 f -5. jfs- ,AL S 1 Y' .II .LLL -':. -. 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H.-xxx KI-R CHARLES F. IIuvL2RDF HARRY if ZH K Dc-Ruxxr I.. MATTIAILA SAM J. Z.-xczxx RALPH P,-XVINI HARRL J. P.-KPPKM AMRRURL' A. 'I'L'RzA JUSFPH P. XYAN Huonlxvrcxur S. Foster S. Loverde Hull O'Cunn:ll ZR-Lk E. Foster M.xm,wz.1 Cipolla Ciavnrclla C. Loverdc Kaczmarek M.uArth-xr SLJLH O'Nc.xl DIV-'5r.xnzn Pafxm Van Honreweghe Mlller Turza Connolly Pappus Zuczck Vander Vennet DuLiLz.1k Hognto 453 N, g FRANK H BIAIH, PhD. MAX J. KHAPMAN, AAI. P,-XL'l. D. QONVIRNI, :LM JLINIRPH ANIOXIIIAI HAROLD I.. CHRINIINON SIIPI-Irx J. DIMI RAYMOND D. IIRIQI.-KX GINI? B. HI'aI+I.I JOAISPH B. BONNI-R ROIIIIRT A. COL'l'MAN ROIIERT F. DL'NHoL'sL 1 IINRAD J. FRN-MAN RUBERT G. Aursxx ORTH LIONARD R, BID.-KLE HAROLD V. BISIQA QJRYILLF BOLTE KINNFTH R. BRLNN ROIKFRT W. BL':'HANAN ARYID CARLSON S 5 FACULTY Fonmicd , 1' . . 4- V, vcr a -aff? ' 373515 ' ' I lf? is? 1 ' " Fir, , S.: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1864 Tl?H'lj'L'lgl'l .-lflire CbrIpliI.I HETA XI H:'IIAc'r J. IXIACINTIRY, M.M E. XVILLIAM C. ROIIB, A.M., J,D,, LLM. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F. BRL'r'I5 ID.-KYIY ALAN H,-XMIIPION ROBFRI F. JANN DONALIA F. KRL'sE ELmxx'ARO J. FRFGAN AI.-kL'RlVI GAMIIRIZL THCM.-KN .IARYIS ROCIIR J. KLIHNS IHARIIQ G. IARLYLE MAX E, IARY RAYMOND J. CLEXY IQLL EARL L. FLANAGAN Seniors IIIIIIOVX Sopbomorex Fl'65b7lIClI 'I-HUMAN B, GALLAGHIR ROBFRT W. HIQINZE -JOHN XV. HULL Eoxx ARD F, KERXY IN ROIII-RT A. IVIOFIAT PALIL A. RENSCI-I ROHIIRT M. NAAS ROIIPRT J. OLSON ROIAIRT H. PEARSON JAMIE R. HLITTON CHARLFS M. LARQON THOMAS 1. LAW RENCE, JR. ROIAIIRT E. LINDERS JOHN Lows LIIIf INIASFNG Alpha Beta Chapter E.fI.zbliJbeIi, 1922 205 EIU! I-lnzzafy xlzemie XV.-XLDO SHUMWAY, Ph.D JAMrs O. SMITH, A.M. FREDERIC P. STRAUCH STEPHEN VAN CLAY GEORGE W. SMITH WILLIAM VISCHER RUSSELL XYIALTERS JAMES H, SCHNEIDER EVFRETT L. SHOLSTROM PHILLIP M. SIDLER, JR ROHFRT P, SIMON OTHO H. IVIENDENHALL JAMES H. IVIILLER JOSEPH A. RILEY IXIARVIN SCHLILTZ IXIAURICE E, SHEAI-IAN JAMES G. THON STEPHEN L, TINGLEY Bedalc Flanagan Larson Gallagher Freeman Gambrel E. Fregan Pearson R. Fregan Shnlstfom Sicller Kuhns Carlson Thon Olson Lxndcrs Hcxnze Louis Jarvis Simon Schneider Smith XValrers Rensch Deme Vischcr Hutton Sheahan Lawrence Mendenhall Bkka Mascng Motlfat Hubble Strauch Christison Davey Antonello Kerwin Van Clay Hamilton Naas Buchanan Cary Brunn Coltman Shmkcr Carlyle Jann Schultz Bonner Dunhouse Hull Miller Bolte Clewell Aylesworth Riley Tingley 454 EX .- G .. I l I 5' . uf . 1 A , . ft ,' 1 t.'- Y .5 , r- 2, ' A Q 1 n 9 I, IMIHJIXIII Hlln-In 4 Iuplur Univeristy -II Illm-Im, I-III' EIz.Il'l,wf'I.l, lm E1gfv,'I'I'r1 qhlfn' l'lI.IplIm 113 limf IVIIIIII X I .gif in TRIANGLE FACULTY ::..v:C2'1 RALPH S,, I .E., IXLS. HARYEI' H, -IORD,-XX, li S I.IcIx.mIv D XY.-XIKTR, f.E,, M.5. IXIELVIN L, Exm-R, CE , MS, .fXIwI'R R KxII.IIr, M E , MS. li EI ARIIII R I XX'III um, I4 i. D Eng . I1 D RANDOIPH P. HuII,sf:HIR, OE.. MS. RAYIXIQRD -I. ACIQI-MI.-xx DAN S. Brcuu' HILMAR CHRISTIANSON CI-IARIIS C. Axxom HUGH T. BOYD JOHN J. CMIPBEII, JOHN C. Asc.HERM.-IN RICHARD L. r'oNI4IIx EI.LIs HAIINIST R.-IIPH XX'. llmux' H-IIIOIIH A. RIIIQ RI,-gm Dnmux' ,lexus M IDLIRR.-XXI' Hmm' M, KIIWDI-R -IAIIIH B. H.-XILH MEMBERS IN L'NIX'IiRSI'l'Y GI'I1Lf1lI1fL' Sflldtfllf Rom RY G. ZII I Y SL'llfU1'3' jlmiurs Sophollfurcx F rcxhlllclz CIIAI D NIIII I1 I-XXII F SI4f1I,IIxIv ,IAIIIB R MIIXIIIIIIIA R4-IIIRI F. Mmnrx XVII I IAM M, SIIQIQIAIA HI RMAN li. 'IIMI I AI I RI IX D, XX'I IIRIIR CIf,IzI.I XX. UIIIIII I P Hmx .tum Svux Du IIN B XX YIINIIR I-'AVI R. 5: ILIII1 xx RIIIIIIII I, l.IIIIwIxI.a Crossman H.1tch Mosher Lebduska Boyd Duulcy Hunist fnnklin Aicherman Oherle D. XVebster Durmnt Spain KIdder Sullxchy Sxkkcma Campbell Arnold Mmddleton Rigg Asks-:'rm.1n Schott Tomci Skoglund f hrIst1.Inson A. XY'ebsIer Bechly Forst 455 I I I I I I I F I :- NIIIAIAN S. BYVK NIIIIIIIN R, FIIIIM.-IN Hmxmm A. CQURDON SIIINIY AIIIIAIIAAI RcII4IRI M BPH.-XI BIAURI4 F M, C,I..ITI SIIxx ,-IRT XY, HHH.-XI Af.-NRYIN G, FRIIMAN IIA: I: GAININ VIMIIN L. AIWIISOA M.n'N.aRD H BIwxxN RIIIIIIII H. CIIILIIIIAN NIHNII' GIIIIINIFIN RIIIIAIID I KIINIQ BYIIIIN A. KIIII Ixx III II N 'SX in .QA J Q. .ge .194 ZBT 16, It .bf .D Xiu." .5, F'fnu.l.Il Rho flupter 'I'lIc C-Illcgc of thc' CIty nf New Ynrk, HWS EIlI1bll,Iln,!. 1912 IMI13 .'lIn:I' Ch.1p.'III SIU' Snnllw FIQIIMZI Smu ZETA BETA TAU FRANK XY. KRAMER SANIIIRII H. LLDFRFR JMIIN B. GOIDIIIRG SIIHNI-Y A. C,fIImIAN RmxI..xNI1 E, HAIIRIS Ai.-KRNH.-ILL I. GuI,mmN DONALD M. LIYITT EINARD D, MANN Mr-IIN I,c'IlXx INNTFIN XX'II.IIAM L. I.uIIvn' DswNAI.Iw E. I.I'NIIIILIw XY'II.III'I1I' MAIIIQN SMI MIIIJR Seniors juniors Sopbomorcs Fl'CX1J7llL'I1 VERSITY BINNII D, I.I'vY SHIIIMAN M. Lrvx' ,IQNIPH L. LIIIIIAN RALPH LOFXXINSTFIN Hmm' A. M.n'rR Enxx ,IRD MIYI-as BIRNARD E. NIWUIAN ROLAND S. Rl-SNICK NIIRMAN D. RFUHFN DQN,4I.D I. RICHMAN EDWARD K. SAC!-IS BI N IAMIN F. 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BILGFR ROBERT E. BRAKHER RALPH A. BENNITT, JR. Rex L, BROWN, JR. WILLIAM J. HARPER Dvxs V. BOXYFRQ DAVID R. DIENIS WALTIIR A. BARRY PAUL W. DORIII-RTIN HAROLD V. GOURLFY I--I fir mv 15, U I x as I .G uf' af A M ,- - 'R I. ., .-,-,f -'IW' 'U ' , v. - 'am , j,,!4"--.2 .2 If iii5'f1,3,?fS' ,1E?Qivi.L':f, I ,, ,:,.-A.f,-,.v4- 45 mf-I"-fx Ii:-A f:.',':'.S'., - V 2 -f.- ' -.-.. 1"1-I' . 334' '-'15 ,Q "A j ' Eff .. " rr 1 A A ' , .1513 A 1' 1 V, , -,. n? ge,qFrf,.:.,-?.:,:4E,'f':, I+ f'f -11 , N ,RP-'fif 'lfl' 5 35"- 'T U1 fra' 1 53' gfgf 1'-fx-.Avg ., 'f -1- I - - . .. Ti L :ll 2' 'gg A:-'f,A.'i 'g' L EIS ' . 1 ' I 1' 15545 15 ..,., I 1 2f7?:"1Qif,fi'Q' I 571. - 'Ye-'7 5 :R - -5-.Ns-,L,'I 1 ' W2 WIS I 1 ,, 1 fr ea 1 A 32515 ,-., yn N - .-:.. - .:-1:- 1 , V- 11- . 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RII HARD B, UIRIVH -IAI Ig Y.-INDIRVIIR TIAQY Strung Dems Slrnnmm G Huuscr Ulm B-mum XYAIR-In Tmuh M.I,u.1n1nI Klannl Bcnnltt Kahl Bnmn XVIlwn Stmkhux XY'estuItt TunnIcIIII H.Irpcr Knudle BIlgcr Mnhlcr Shelby Mnvldt BIJLIIU Mun E. Hlvuscr H.InkIrN PAIIC AHIIII-I Gourley VandcIVecr Bury Oertcl Ruby Schuh! IQIIILII Nclwn D-Ibburtln 457 SORGRITIES W 58 The decade of the nineties brought the Chicago Columbian Exposition, the peak uf the Free Silver controversy, :ind here nt Illinois, the first social Greek letter organizations for women. Although the L'niversity was established in 1867, it xviis not until the fnll of 1895 that sororities were organized nt the University of Illinois. ln October, txvo groups secured charters from national sororities. The nunilicr of groups increased iuunmlly until 1911, when the Girls' Pan-Hellenic Association, with nine sororities participating, became the controlling liotlj' for sorority xvoinen. Today, representatives from twenty-one national sororities meet in council to determine plans and policies xvhich guide the lives of nine hundred girls. ln the early years, sorority members did not live in sorority houses hut niet ench xveelc at ll specified meeting place. Today. each of the Illinois sororities has at chapter house where all ineinbers may live and xvorlc together. 5 'Y if 1:1111 EXW' cv' Ri:FLEc'rloxs 45 I DE -SGRCJRITIES Alpha Delta Pi. . . . Alpha lfpsilmm Phi . . . . . Alpha Gamma Delta . . . . Alpha Omierun Pi . . . . . Alpha Phi . . . . . . . . Alpha Xi Delta . . . Chi Omega . . . . . Delta Delta Delta . . . . . . . Delta Gamma . . . Delta Zeta . . . . . . Gamma Phi Beta . . . . Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Kappa Delta . . . . . . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Phi Omega Pi . .. . . ,, Phi Sigma Sigma . . . . Pi Beta Phi . . . .. Sigma Delta Tau. Zeta Tau Alpha . . . 460 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 in flu if -if Rrxlrw Sumxms 1XIlXw'F'Il-IX' , GLCPRIA RIsIIfv,. Auumfx' B. INIAIUH . PHYIIxx ATZI-NHOFVIR Alpbu C111 Omega GRACF M, Houma BERNICE J. HoLI.IxIAxx Alfvlni Della P1 PATRIQIA MLKFNNA RAE L. BJORMAN Alpbd Epwlffn P111 ALIIIRIY L. c,FFFNIiIRlv Tom' S.-xc,Hs .ilplnl G11fr1m.1 Dvlm Mmm' L. HIIKI' VIIiII,a I. SH.-XRKPY 1-1l,lvlw,I Ozufuffrz P1 I.Ol'Ii,'N J. I.I K.-KNIIIR BFIIX B. NIfl,IJ HELLENIC COUNCIL IXII WI IHI' OFFIK ERS CIRUUP I HAIRNEN PII 11.11111 l'1I I PI I'I1I!I'IIl XII II1,IIvI 7II'.IInII-I PATRIIIA GAIAN JIIIIIWNI- SI.+xsIfIrIII GR.-XII: M DI Vnux INIARGARIT L. PHIIIII-'N . COURT OF APPEALS V. ARLFMZ GRIIN .... I.IIIz.u'NI' LIPNIQIR , . EI.IzAIIrTII I.. INIARKFRI , .. HITTY Brmux. . , FRANCFN A, Wfxxm, MIIURIII I., RORIRIS . HOUSE .-Ilplm P111 ELAINF V. DRIINTI' BPTTI-ANN RILII.-IIIIIN :U,lIlI.: X1 DJAI EIIL-IIIITH INIORRINIIN IW.-KRIE L, NIHINK C111 Orm I1.l LIIIQ E. AI IPI TFR ROIII-Rm XXVIII Ioan DL'fl.I Drfnz DI'l1.I fmuuxr A KRLNFMIXRK INIAR-IURIF IxI.a'IHIwx D1 lf.: CIHIJIIII1 EII,i.IIII'rH A. BI RRIIT AI IIIIIY B, BIARNH , . .'HfIfI.1 C.IIllrI1.I l7I.'l!.1 . fllpluz Plw G.1If1rII.I PIII B114 PIII 0mIq.1 P1 P111 51qfr1.I .Y1yw.1 , . frm 1.111 Qflfnfnz REPREMENTATIVES l'71'fI'.I 711.1 LI IIA B. I.I.IxxrIIYN GWIINLIOIYN G. MII.I.rIz G.1n1rr1.I PM B. 1.1 PAIIIII I.I A, DI'c,w Ruxm L. BIANN Iy.I,Ip.I .IIIIIII 'I'1,.':.I SHIKI I-Y jmxm D.-un DKJRIIIIIX' A. MURPIIY K.1ffI.1 1711111 SHIKI I Y K:xI'I KI Y RUIII A. AIIIAIUR K,1pf,z K.IfIjI,I G'.m1f11,1 Mum' IMI' IIIMIIII Ii DIIIIIIIIII' E LIII lll K 713.1 T414 . Ilfff'I,1 MIRI-IIIII R IiI'II,Im.IIIx MILLIIUII I., RIIIIIIIIN 1? . ,K v .: so , 1, A -A . X, S' ev v,.3:f - N Y ,,.. . - ' 6 5 S- K Ti. . K .- In Q 'N ' , ' -A k ' Ii . ffl F37 , A .Q X. I PQ' 'E 'X - .'-' P' -Aki" . 1-'yxv I , .,,. U 'YXW II DEVRIES INIARKFRT GRP!-N IIINKIII Brxmx ROIIFRT5 WANIQ ST.1xxI'IIf1.D AIVI xHuIIfI'I R G.-xnxx Rnvlvrrzg I,1r1 PII-Jge .'lJI1II'r MIM! I!I,zIfm.I11 ,NIlwl.IIIlIIj1 I lI,I1Im.1I1 PM 01111 In: P1 RIINAIII SMIIH LYNNF XVANl5RMER Ffh' Ssgrml Signal AxI'I.x AIIII,-un HF-'1IRIlIfQIIIIlhI4l'RI.' P: BI1,I PM CHARIIIIII' RI-IIIRTQ ,IUANIIII ZIMMIRAII-IN 3.'I'm',I 17Il.f.1 Tun NHXRII I.. HIIIIIIY EDITH 511K-IURHIII 'lfI.',I l'lIf .-Ilfvfyl Afxxw M HVIIIIIN IIIMII I III Ilmx Rx' N- fx g 5 O 'S' fl my -- .5 PHIIIII-s NIRXII +61 ,A X GW? 9 if 5- geii 1.' I ,e 9 Fffnmllrl IIILI f'IIapter DePauw Univcrsny, IRRS Evlrzbllllmf, 1899 Inq-zfvvrr .IIIIII ClI.I,l1.'III 904 Sffullv IJ1II'ol1I A101115 LPI-IA CHI MEGA BI l'IY A. Benn Axx If F.-XTI IIT GR-IPI N. Hk'!I4IRl, BAIIIIARA A. BIIIQ EI.I7AI4I'IH L BIIIIIIIAHIQ PIIIIIIQ A. fARIIR I.ILI.I.-IN G. IAxI1'rr Axxa-I.YxxI' AII'mxnrn Brrrx' ,I. ALI rx fn-XIHIRINL M. BAIz'I54.H P.-'ITRI4 IA j, IA1.I..u.H.-IN VIm.,IxIA CHoI'IxAI1D EI IZAIAI TH A, AI-vIIx GIRAIIIINI: A. Em.,II.wiH.-I PII.m' 1, HIMIN jam N. lm,,IIx II, FACULTY GARRIT.-I H. BUNIY, Ph.D. .XIEAI ISICRS IN UNIVERSITY G1'mI'1mre Srzldclzr GIRAIIHIM' M. I.IIrIIIIIx SIZANNII INICXYIIHH' Axx E. DIIIIQS SHIRIIY A, ELVIS AI.-IRY K, FFRRIII IXIARILIRII L. HAxx Kms DI IIIIIIIY Er-mxe. BI III' A. GI'HRIxG AIARIHA E. HIIII' BIIINICE j, HoII.AIAxx IANI G. ,ICRDIIN ,IIAN E. KIIIIIY Dum 'IHY I. KIIIIY ISI-XRIKIRII L. XY'AI.TrR Seniors jll1IIOI'5 Sapbovliorcx I'll'C5b71IC1I IXIARGARFT E. OAIQIQ GLORIA Rrxrrx' ANNAI1I'I,I.E I-Imrm IYIARKPARFT I-Ioumm Dmunm' Axx jumr BI3vIRI.Y M. Joxrs BI.-NRL..-XRFT L. Kunz BI-rn' A. INIONAHAN EIIYAIIITI-I L. NTLBON AL'ImI'x' J. LIIIQONNFLL IWIITZII? D. Mrunxssr RVIII C. OPPIKII- ELIzAm2TI-I A. ROBINSON BARBARA j. XVHITSITT PATRICIA A. INICNFIL BETTE J. NANCE AIARGARYT VUILEY PQLLFY XVI-IITE LVPLYN M. ROACH R05FIIIAIw ROLENS PATT SLIHMITT JOSIPHINE F. XVALKFR CAROLINF RAYMOND BFTSY R. Ross Hrufxa B. ZNANIPCIQI HIcIt Nelson XY'alkeI' I-Irlllmann Carter Rnlcni Xvhitc McNeil Elvis Nance Dirke XY'IIey Cavette Beck Belnhlavek Allen Callaghan Bartsch I-Inlcnmlw Emxnng Budd Loumn Rnbincnn Catlctt Hfnhcru W'hIt'aIKt Rislcv Mdvcthy Oakes ,Innes Schmitt Ferre: f hnunnnrd Alexander Mrfunncll Engclselull Kelly Oppicc Hrmes Monahan Jordon Raymond Ingles Gchrmu Iviuunsau Znnmeekx Kurtz H.1wkIns Roach Ross Head Austin Kirby 462 - nil' . i ii, -'sh A ,. Q, I5ffm1.lgJ Munn I Impru XVcQlcy.Tn fullugu, 1951 limllwlfxf-Y.l. I'lIQ Szxfryvffffp .-hm. V!v.1f-ml ISHS ll".Yf .N'.z.u..',T Km. f, ALPHA DELT PI I-I.aRRlE'r'r j. ARKYFNBRIGHT DORYITHX' 1. Bumxc. ALINF BYNIJIXT Lf.-KRION M. FONNTR JOAN G. FRAHLI' Axxfx E, HOLACHTR DOROTHY W, CRAYYTORO B.aRn.aR.a 1. GRIEAY Om Dome M. BARIFLT BARR.-YR.-x B1xc,HAM PHYx,1,1s M. BURLINLTHAM I-'A C L'I.TY Rlllil-RT,-X D. Rmn RAM, AB, MEMBERS IN UNIYICRSITY DOROTHY BROYY N MILDRPD CL'NmN1,H.uf IDORUTHY JOROM DOROTHY YI. Lrc.RTE Al.-XRY AICQV,-KID BIILDRYD Hum: HVR SVZANNIE G. KRIZ 1.-VIHIRINL Kasxlx' LYRADTIYN S, COX Sulliarx Illllfllfi SllPbUlllUI'Cj F1'UXb7lIL'1I MARY M, H11 MY AIARGARI T E. LAM, Dunmm' YI. Mrxl Rm Lum' NORHAA M 'XDFLYINI' Af.-XCKI Y CAROL K. E131 jmxxr M. G.-xrxri PYIRILH AIKKENNA IOAN XYIHOIR ll'1ImxISHxsII11D M,-YRIORH A. XY'.mrRM,w Hnlrx I., XX'IIMfl'l Num XV. 5HL'Il' KA YHRYN R. XY',am.ur LOTR H,-YIYORHTN P-X1IISIlXINx DIARY If, STl'RM,w Frable Xvaterman Shute M. Holacher M.ukcy Kms XV.nlum Gum-mld fum lord A. Holachcr Munz Former McQua1d XV11mot Legatc Lung Stanstic-ld jurdan Hummer Brown Belting Hlkkfy' Nnrman Mrs. Kelley XY'xnder Cunningham Argcnbrxght Mklicnna Cox Games Caskuy Bmgham Burlxnghsm Egc I-hlwrscn Bulelt Sxewnx Sturnnn 463 444 1- 1131 113- zllwig 1 XYVILLYNE A. tom-x GFNP I., GOODMAN BI.-IRFFI LA B. Goommx Lvxx Bmw' ANNFTTF Bnrxxrn C.-mol. R. Cours ,laxr L, Cours SALLY j. Bmmr INIIRIAM R. Lcovrn YFTIIA R. D.wIs D0Im'rHY GOFTTZ FARA M. HI'l.I.FR 4 llu Su-ww' -ffm-"7 q, .-A 44'-A WH .-1.-, A- fu. L in ,Q-W. .a 'L-.V uni B1rnIrLl College l If I -hm: I ,V 1: E+ -C' , fnff 'N rg I fm My.-N I X T Fir-" ' I . I -I L.1f:.,g"11'Q1V'.' .' I ., ,rl I I N : 'fu M,4A:I,r.:,".jf W., g' .. : ' 'L I A - w mr' H. '-"fill ' l 17'-TI' I- ISI , 3 I H2391 'ff' 'l' Fl-"' I-1' ' I -1-,I V , ,ff Il" fi! ' 7' Ii'-MII" ' A afar we rr 3 ,-- IL'g,"i ..- , -.5 ,..,,.'1s4,gI, AI- - If 1. f.'fz.2',p,4qf,.,-. ,, - - I.. ' I"'g'!:lc?:'ui: zz: Ilf ' U lu, Il' ..1,, I f If ie. ""' :li,l.':' 'l ' ljlj 'f-l'i'Q I-12 I,..A ,I7"f:2'- ' Q f. "1 r' - NIA' ' I 4' -1, ':.I ., I nz. ' , . , L Iff. f WIA ,,' ll? Iwi! mf ' . f:V5 gn'-'1"' -1.1: fi 1: "U -'51 WL, ,....., .:.., L' if 3' .. . 1-.I I L .- I HIL,-III, ' 5 Nl I A II' 'Ir-I rw Q 5 :, '3 T: MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EYTHFRUSF GRFFNXX ALD Rosaxxr Hum ICH INIIRI.-XM FIFINHTRG GLADY5 GFTTIJMIIN IYIARIORIF GoLmIrI1c. HrLAIxF GOTTFIQIFD Prom' R. HIfI1M.aNx ANITA J, I-Ins ELLFN I., KAWIN DORIS M. Lrvx' VIRGINIA LIPPIRT Seniors Iznziors Sopbomores F I'G.Yh7lIC7I IXIURIFL gl. Krwr INIARJORIE lkirrrn LOIQ KLIHN JANET LFVINE LUIS NOVITSKI' GLORIA NOX'ITQKX' IVIARIAN RENIIFRG FIIIFDA RIFIQFS INIARILYN SHFPFRD r-I ' Mu Chapter Effabliyhed, 1920 904 South Tbirrl Sires! PHI TI-IFLMA SACI-Is CHARLOTTE XYIILLNER AUDREY L. OFFFNBEIIG HFLEN OLFN GLAIDYS Rosexawm BARBARA G. UNGA11 JOANNE E. SIMON JOSFPI-IINE SLOTTOW BETTY U. SOPI-Im JFANNE XVIRTSHAFTER Aummrv YAVITZ Y.Ivitz Snphrr XVIrtslI.It'ter Luppert G. Nnvrlsky SImrIrI Goettz Levy Frankel Hermann Shepard C. fknhen Feinberg Ungar Gettlemm Gottfried YI. Cohen Kuhn Levrne Brenner Offenberg Goldberg Rosenbaum Hum-ich M. Gfrudmm XVIllner Kesue GfCEHXX'Jld Sruchs G, Goodman L. Novitsky Bmdy Olen Heis C'-Inper Meyer Reikes Bloom Slottow Heller Renberg Kawin Davis 464 6, px . ' , 'A 'R ... ,--- X .I-' """' ' -Z , . 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XVIIKUX AIARIT PHIIIIPN XYIUIA I. SH.-XRKIY YIIIRN M. AIARY SIJIRIIY I.. Rlll AIIII M. XXYIIHILH MIRI K. l.x xx P.'.lRI1l,'Xl.PllllRll Lrmlx M. Ro! BI IIN ll. SIMM Trmxl Is E Wllmfx wx. A IS, Roe I-Ielman Lewii XV1lw0n B.Irrer Marx XX7llllCll'Tl Rue I..Ipl1,xm Mack FIrunn.m H.Irl.In -l-Ines Bclmx' Crowe I-Iolfmrm I-Inll Cooney Fukler Sharkey Hall Coney Brandenburg G.1w11.Inn li-Izlfr Halwrwn Phillips Hxnes Delwlmsc Nuns-un Hager HIll Mnhis Green XY'Ilr-wx Sluw H.xd.m,1y Sullwrmnn Clurmmlwxs Pelfcrlc Karr Lmdslcy Armour Carpenter Bauer Sutch Durmuglz I.vnn BI-In n -I6 J I I I i I I I I I I hm BI.-XRY A. BTARIH LUCIILE HOLTZM.-IN MARIIwRIf I. LAM, DORYS I. Ann' lL,-URI CHRIRTIANSTN AIICIS T. Drxru. BFTTF KAv.uAL'oH MARJORIIS BIMIIRT BARBARA E. BRQRN BI-TIT J. Cox XYINNIE BAIIQR GIORGIA DAxII'Is BARRARA J. IDIIIRINIL VIRLIITXI.-I M. HARRIS BI"I'TI. I. HAs'I'INc.,5 IA -1 'Ah 'IG Q8 100-A-0 Q' in ... :De i"- ii. ieifg I -. -. - A. 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SCI-IEIB ROBFRTA H. SCHMALING 'IVAN A. SPENCER Mdwiurry Bqylur O'Bymc Bmwn Kcufrcy Scott Rohsenberger Cainer Cox Horner Schickedanz Tschannen Haskins Mnack Spcmcr M, Rnskc Tfmrrcngc Chrlstxanscn P. Smxth Tlsch KIIvIIn.1ugII Dcncll Bcnoist Oslcrlmoudt Quernhmm Standish G. Smxth Tuttle H, Mnllcr Beard NIQILI Nowak Lang Leliander Hnlrzman Xverstlcr Stevenson O'Connor Alvel Schcxb Docrlng Hcrmn Damcli Hxrrxs C. MIIIQI Schmaling Rambler Hastings Lotz Ho bs 466 7 I ' 3 , .,..x,. R1 Q A. ' I - IRE '- ' .. RARE.: Fwuldeil Bctti Alplm Clupter Syracuse Universlry, 1R72 Eimlzlfilnil. 1012 Tlvlilj-fwfr: rlrlnr Clmj1lI'1.r 508 EIU! I-linlffflm .-Irwin MARGARET BLOORI, Ph,D. BTTTY L. BARR LLICETTA I. BURR SARA E. CHILDS C. JOAN ANDERSON ELAINE V. DROSTE MARION E. ENGEL PATRICIA J. ENGLE ELIZABETH A. DARRAH DOROTHY C. FREEMAN JANE A. HAMILTON GERTRLILIIE R, ANDERSON JEAN B. BLICIQNER -Q... fx mul' ALPHA PHI INIARY E. CLFVELAND PRISCILLA FLETCHER CLAREBELLE J. LFTT GEORGIA E. FRENLH HELEN GYLDTN NANCY HUNTINGTON F A C U LT Y JANE C. XXVATT, AB., M.Mus. JANET L. WTNTON, Ph.D MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors PRIACILLA LYON BFTTY A. RICHARIIA HTLTN M, MFRFTIITH JEANNT D. SI-AMAN BTTTY L. IYIORTI-NSFN IXIARTHA E, XVATKINS IIHIIOVS BETTY J. KISFR INABFLLF B, MARVIN LORAYNF B. LIPSIQER LrsLIr N. XYIAFE PHYLLIQ M. HOFFMAN SHIRLEY V. INIADSEN DORTI-ITF H XXVICAVIR M. ELIZABYTH 'IVORK Soph071101'e.v ELIZAIITTH A. MACMILLAN GLORIA C. MCLEAN PATRICIA L. DAvIS SHIRLEY A. JACOBS Fl'E51J7lIE1I N.. I GLORIA M. BIITCHELL JEANNE H. O4f'ONNOR JrAN LARABFE MARY J, MCC LLRE FP' xx -15 W BARBARA J. RILHARITNON PORTIA NVFI LN XX'lLM,-'I E. PRATT IXIARJURIF R. TIRIRIONQ Kiser Larabee Drnste XV:Ire Madsen McClure Hamilton Freeman Marvin XY'ellc York Weaver French Lipsker Lett J. Anderson Buckner Engel fleveland Engle Hoffman Burr Watkins Lyon Childs Richards Seaman Mortcnwen Meredith Fletcher Barr MacMillan Mitchell Davis Timmons Gylden Huntington Darrah Pratt G. Anderson Richardson Jacobs +67 IDURLTYHY BI IRAH NQRAIA A. ADAMS F-rT'I'x' I.. ARAINTRCIMZ DOROTHY G I AMFRV' HELLN ARLHIIOLD ELIZ.-ll4I'l'H F. BARMR 'II LII rTI fum RRI HLLINL DRLISCHE Al. Axx ANDRINR PATRIK IA Al. B.-NL'lWl BTTIY l.. FAxxr A my N u .. 0' ' '- ' I2 ' -'Pg' ',.. -.. Ffflulded Kappa Clupter Lombull College, 1803 E.ImblirlwJ, 1905 Frff-I--lx qirllre Clmplurr TIS Wir! AI1rlug.1rI nlrmne LPHA XI DELTA JI AN M. FRAxx Lrx' LL'm'II.I.r HOLMES B.-RRIIARA J. KC1l'I'l'R EI IIWNORE E. GAIIIII' FICRIKXCE GR.-KVFS JI ANNVTTF J, Guxu MARLIARIQT J. l'lARX'1'Y ANIT,-X V. HAQATRIIM RIITH JOHANTGIN B,-IRIIARA N. JOM: Grlrdzmtu Sfllddllfl Seniors jzmiors Sopbomores Fl'L'5b7lI0lI hi.-KRY S. INICCONNIELL CQFNFVIEVE DJCENCROE EI.IzABETH IWURRISON IVIARY A. HULL CHRISTY M. KNAAIQ . DOROTHY A. HITNDEL BFTTY E. lsAAr:s ANNE C. KRIIIQ lXlARILYN E. lXll'lCDX' EYHEL SCHRAMAI Rum' R. Lnss SHIRLEY G. REYMANN RUTH THOMASON HTLEN XVFEKS PRISCILLA F. LAvIN STELLA NEXY'TON BETTY I.. SHAXV DOROTHY XVILSON LIAR-IORIE A. SCHROEDER BIARTHA SUMMFRS NANCY J. AVEBER V. , . , . ., " .HQ B.Irlaer l..nin Gaebe Cmlerre Newton Schenk Henrlcl Shaw Arclmbold Graves Sclmrocclcr Knnuk Isaacs Hull Gund Zelanke Camcmn Bnmh Koller Holmes Armstrong Morrison McConnell Thomason Wfeeks Reymann Mclincroe Adams Frawley Drusche jones XVI lsun Andrew 5 Baude jolmntgen Krebs Hagsrrom Summers Wleber Cannon Schramm 468 Folmzinl' University of Arkansas, 1895 Nmely-ux Amir: Clnzplwr CORNVLIA P. KFLLEY, Ph.D. AIARYBFLLE KIIIIRIEL JEANNF A. DONOVAN CAROLYN B. GOUNVENS JUDITH J. JOHNSTCN LOIS A. ALTPETER Br'rTY B. BENJAMIN ELIZABETH A. BIERBAIIM VIRGINIA L. EILFRT Lou A, BENSON ENID I. BEYER JEANNETTE G. CHLIMBLIEY LOUISE A. COLE INIARJORIE P. EARLE PHYLLIS D. FISH LIARY A. ALLEN BETTY A. BARNES CAROLYN L. BEVAN PI-IYLLIs J. BROWN -1-Q-pa-v A 4 J I. .V ,S Fai -all-. -1 xf' . 5 I-5- Omrgron Chapter Efmbli.fl1.d. 1900 9Of Sunil? Un: Igfvl I X.-- Srm I CHI CJMEGA F A C U L T Y CoRIwIiLIA RI-En, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gmdzmre Srzldclzrs VIRGINIA B. KRONIG JANE IWFLIN RLITI-I P. ROMMIL PATRICIA M. GAOAN CLALIDINE HAND HFLEN M. GORMAN HARRII-IIII M. FRANK VIRGINIA L. GI-IFR DOROTHY M. KRELL EUNICF J. JENSON LAURETTE NIACDUNALD ,ICNFPHIBF I. CHRISTISON lNIOLI.Y A. COE IXIARY E. GFISNFNDOFRFIER INIARY E. GRcscI.ALvDr Seniors IIIIIIOVS ,lo ANNE RL'YLI' SHIRLFX' A, SMITH ROBFRTA P. WI'I.I.EORIn JULIE M, LANG YI-RONICA J. O4NFIL INIARGARFT L. PHILLIPS Sopbovuorvs I'l1ACXh7llClI ,IIANNFTTF M. MARQuIss PHYLLIS A. Md OY BIARGUFRITE IWILIN ALICE L, IXIESFRVE MARTHA I. INIORDUE PA rRIfI.-I J. HI'rToN IXIARY B. Lrxv IQ FRANCIN IE. NIr'xcLLs IL,-XRIXN.-K RINAKFR, PIID AI,-KRY H. STIILI1 FRANCIN E. XVINZEL TIRRY A. XVFNII-IAFFR J,'ICQL'l'l INF A. Xwfll mrw .HEY fAROLYN I.. SMIIH K ARYL J. THr:IIIPsoN SHIRLFY TAYLOR Jl'lIF A, ZOAIRRw BITTY I.. NoLrN ANN RNHAICND JACQUELINI' SU II' SARA M. SLY JOAN T. Sw ARTZ SALLY M. W'II'I'Y HILIN F. PALRIIR I.L'rIA M. RCRI-I MARY C. STEYINQ IYIARION T, Srrvrxscx Frank Sly Lewis Scott Swartz McCoy Bevan Allen Beyer Richmond Chumlnley Macdonnld Earle I..Rced Stevens Grosclaude Geissendoerfer Krell C. I.. Smith O'Neil Phillips Gorman Cole Thompson Jensen Benson Taylor Gagan Erlert Altpeter Brown Zombro Gouwens Johnston Wlilloughby Beniamin Kronie XVellforcl J. Melin Donovan S. Smith Ruyle R. Reed Wenzel Bierbaum Fish M. Melin V7itty Barnes Coe Mc-:serve Robb Nolen Mordue Hand Gher Nickolls Hutton Stevenson Palmer 469 1" 'T J .- A Delm P1 C Imptcr Buxton Unlwxsxty, ISHS Elldflflilhzl, 1020 El,Uf"'3-L'l,ql1l xllmt- Clmllmrl 508 Etlll Clv.1ln1w.f Siren' DELT DELT DELTA FACULTY XVIYI-KN L. Bxxmx, A B. AIARY E. KLINGNTR, A.M, MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Al,-XRIPI,-I H. AIIIN jmx I.. BURR! CYIURTA A. I .-IPPC! EDITH M. DNR Lfwtmr rouxmx CJIURI,-K F. DOLITHITT .INTL A. I-Io1mAN ,ll.-XNFTTF S HL'5'I'C:N 5IH.l,A B. Aurx ,IANT F. f7RUlxxIK1ANY DORA A. BVRKI' SHIRLH' L. DTAR VIRMTNIA A. H,-III max VVRXA M. Foonsoxu l'3I'I"I'Y Lou Fuuox ,lm'AxNA E. GFORG BARR.-TRA Lrxtxs lxll-XRVIORIF INIAT1-lssox IDURIS H, lNlL'l'VfASTFR ,lusrPHxx1? F1.Axsm'Ru ,ll AN GRANm,F0Rc,F lxl.-IRGARVI' A, Lrxvls EIFANOR A. Luxexs I.um4MA I.. IVIULLFN I 1111i01's Sapbomores Fl'C5h7lll31I DQRUTHY E. HALLIGAN f,oR1Nxr A. KRUNFMARK Prom' R. SEFD 'IOSFPHINF IWOBLFY RUTH E, PORTERFTFLD CARLFNF PRF11-is DOROTHY H. DITCGORRISK INIARILYN SANDQUIST BETTY PORTER JANI- E. RETTTG SALLY RULER L1-AH F. TRFLFASF, A.M ATARY E. SMASHH' NTARY Lou THEDE VLARANNE VON FOSSEIN Jovcn S. Russru BARBARA j. STN ART SHIRLEY F, XVALLACE Evrrum E. STRAUB FLORFNCF 1. XVYUE DUROTHY J. STRONG BFTTY j. XVHALIN RnsrMARx' XVI'-IITE Stmub Dun S. Allen fmcQsm.xnn Mcflvmrrxsk Flansburg Sandqulst W'ylie Xvhitc XVl1nlIn Gfandgenrge Ruswll Hnlmm M-Tlwlcy Yilxllsnc I uicnmn MtMAster B. Lukens Matheson Fogelsnng Huston Stewart Porterheld Preihs Dyer D. H.xlllgAn j. Bulkc Fultnn Gcnrg M. Allcn Kruwmark Seed Srngxshey Von Fussen Thede Cappo V, H.xllxu.m D Burke Ruler Mullen Strung Rcttig Purter E. Lukens Lewis -ITU ,L 1 , 5, . -. .- - 4-vf..v,.-..-.--,,- 4-.1-5-V-.,.. , I,4,' ,. .' 4. ,I Ia-gay -3 Ng., -5 I Q3 'T' , 2 I 55 I' ix f, . V I 4 ' , 35,30 fl, ,, ' i 2, . 4 V - Y' u,-ft. , Fff1m.lI'.l Iwu Clmpur 1'-'3.'f'K Lawn Instltuw, INVI ltY.'.1f'f,'vl'm'.f IWW' 11 . Flflj-ffm' .'I..'f1I' !.f1.1fw.'I'r Ijn' 11111 NI Snug '?"'f'1": BFTTY A. BURRITT INIARC-ARFT E, f'RANDFI.L SUSAN j, Du-11-RLE VIRQINIA L. ADAMS HFLFN L, BRIGHT GRAMS M. DFVmrs jfwrr M. ETLINC, Donmm' BARNLY Annan' R. CZFCH AMINE Fonsrfu -IOANNF H. HILLS jmx M. BAYAINGFR Lonx Coxvsmn Lois M. Fnufnnxcn M.-uw A. GLIDDFN DELTA M. FACL'I.'I'Y - V N J , 1 . I . : , E. no lggp I N Q" "X 9552.34 .. . 52,53 g'g'Q5QsZj. g1 :"gQ1LL, I . N ' I 5 fx Y H I I .1 K" 'I x N ,Y Iv 'Q 0 Fvmivl n i 2 Q I QI M I 'E A' 4 I at 5 .I 11 H I 1' .- 'I if iam' ?i"'w'?x..fw'Ii'IQ.,L SUI im? ALTA Gwlxx Smxxwrxx, :MM ANN From Brnxmi Gurmmn M.anc..u1rr A. FRIFDRIFH Brrrx' B. Howxx Rcmsifxnx' P. jomx Hour V. Lon'roN Dfwnf j. Homfrs IXI,-KRION E. .IINRINs Dmm'1'HY E. K.-XDISH Br'r1'Y J. Kun' Hum I.. Gnufm Hsux V. Grrnxsn' BFTTY I. K151.LI2x' Arnmx' KRAMIR Q Seniors Izzniarx Supbozzzurcs I"l'C5fJ7llL'1l .XIENIBICRS IN UNIVERSITY BH YY J. Hmlsrlg ,INN AIAUIH N.-xv x' MM' X'rm,mI.a Ruxru III.-XRIKN Samrnz ELIYAIKVIH LYMAN PHx'1.1.lx B, Muzi-I Ixi.-munzlr Srmu AI.-XRIIYN M Lum Pmnlr IA YI. IWW C.-KRUI R. PIRKINS INI,uu.ARrT PUPI .RIN .I Q5 If Alwnn' B M.-xnxH .lux F. IXIILIIR Il Rvx,-xlu. Nxxxmax IRARMR.-x K. 5KHLINKIRT -I.-wx Ywx Mrmux ,Imxxl Ymx IIR INIARY YI XXIARD Rusr A. Srrxx ARI' Ins. XYIICOX INIARIIYN E, XYIUUD IxI.aRlAx F A Ynuxu HIIH D Rux Sur Sxxmua HITTY Tuxxmllx' rnmirxxr XX'u,urR ' -M Ina - .,. I I, . . - , Ia-. L , A V Q .- . Lyman Hulmes Scars Hllls XVUULI Kclly 'I. ,Icnkmi Stuxurt Iixdlslx Fnrscll XVIII-wx Czech Wfard M,FrlCdrIch Lurmn Sauttcr Adams Rumcll Huggn Vnuttcr Schlxnkcrt Von Mchmn Etlmg Brnghr B.1rney Townsley DeVrle5 Dicterle Hanisce Newman Fcdcr Msuh Burrxtt Guenther Mnllcr ,Innes Muggc Baysingcr L.Frnedrich B. Kelley Young Swisher XY'e.ucr Kmmer Ryan Gllddun M,1y Cnnvhcn Pope Grubb L-vrgrcn Perkmi +71 5? A ..- 463-1- . , 5715! F 'B 'GTX n 5 -xl mv mj V. All un B11 um., PILD. Il :JAM IH DMX wx Rl'1H V, GRAM.-xm N,-mix! HL"1cHlwN BIYI-RIY QI. Bmck LL'r1A B. LL1xx11.I.YN Knrinvx N. Cy.-mm' L. Lum Blllx' j. Fumxr: N. I if sk ,f .1 S- Y' I inns' -' Fffnr1.!u! Alpha Beta Chapter Mmmx Unlvcruty. 11102 Iimzbllfluul, 1921 F1111a-flu.-I .-Ilml Iflmpml 710 U-'riff Ohm Smear DELTA ZETA I-XCL'I,TX XlI'f.XlBI'fRS IN UNIVERSITY Grl1u'1mfc Srzmlcnrx DONNA I. Komxzn V1Rl.lM.a KRUILIIR Gxxlxlwcslxx G. IXlll.Ll'R EXIHIR l., P.axx5uN llvxxluf I.-I A, hllllllk Sclliurx 111111011 501171707110 rex lfivxhvfiwl -IUNF B, ROLLINS lXIAm,An1'l' E. ROLUY Ill..-HNF Wumin M, PHYIHN Sxurs FLQRFNCE fl BODFNMCH, B.S. HARRIET A. HARRIS CAROLYN M. SANDEHN SHIRLEY Y. SCHRENK DOROTHY S. XVFFKS PATRICIA A. XVITXVFR Burn' J. VAN Donn: X'.m D-nl,-n Ll-lm Illmk Dnwmn Slulm G. Miller Rollins Koehler XYmxcr Flaming P.1xx mn W'alker XVL-cks Gagcr P. Miller Y C-r.uh.ln1 Smnllulun Rv-llcy Llewellyn Slhrcnlc Kruegcl Harris 47' I Q.. g gfxmlv I HEX 2 . -.. 'P It 'ei . . E4 :if i -3925, ' ' - 51. ITS.--'1 J. "" Ji ' . I "V " N A ,, . -Q, qty, -.3 J, 1- Larmfw-..L wk M 5 Y- 1 , Ili? - AQ 'BM-"'f ,f C,,,rf3g.ge3 " ,Q .1 ,,g.'.QZ ' sg? . I 'Xing -I WA' .. A, WX 'fI7f7""f'f.' f77W""f' fi'57f',"--'5 "T"7:"+ , I We P Q liz: - + 9 we 'Ep was -,Y It fa-. 271 Rm '.: .. :eI...I-J'--iw: '- 5.43 QI-A 2+ .Y 'fi .:-.ig . 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Boxvm MARX' A. BUTTIRFIELD PATRICIA A. DLIGAN INIARY ANN ANDRLRS BARBARA J. CLAYTON PHYLLIS CCNLEY K.-XRYL J. FRALTY HELEN FFHRI NIIAU-II R JrANr E. Hom' RQNDA L. NIANN ELIz.AnrTH L. IXIARRFRT H.-xRRIrT E. HI'NDrRsoN BITTY M. HorI.sfHrR INIARILYN M. RANIQIN JOYCI- ROADMAN MARILYN F. -IARVIS JFANNF E. KFHOIE Bl.-'IXINF L. KI'LIrY INIARL-IE L, KICK ALICE G. KOFHLIR IVIONA R. MANN BIFLBA A, MIIITR Seniors LOUISA MCMEIN RUTH A, MICHAILIQ INIARJORIF M. PAIRALTN jzmiors IXIARILYN H. Sxlufs -l.'lCQL'FLlNl A. STANHOPF PHYLLIC Su CKHAUSI-N Sophomores I.ouIsF D. PIxLrY JUNE C. RIGENOID JI ANNF RIVHARD5 F l'65b7llG7l ELHNQR M. PICRHT RUTH A. Sf HxxAr,I'R IYIARILYN SHLIRTZ RL'TH L. SITHRRIAN FIIIRA G. PAc.I.IARLILo INIARY J. 5IfLI.IRQ ,lL'ANl'IA R. XYTVODY PRINVILLA SIRI-I-TPR BIARY A, SNYANSON IYARLFNE Z. WVIIKFL R. MAF Wcnom' ANN Rm' ELTANQR J. SI HLI-CHT INIARLYN D. ST.-INHOPIZ BARIIARA J. Yom: MARY A. ST.-umnn BIARIIXNN STIPHANI ELIzArII'TH M. TYLOR DOROTHY E. Zu me 'Nz BR NZ ani-A M. Stanhope Butterfield Richards York Koehler Sieferman Kehoe Schlctht Kelley Bowen Jarvis Bickford Regenold Roy Henderson Dugan StaITord Shurtz Grantham Storkhousen Ellis Hoelscher Dolan R.Ink1n R. W'oody Swanson W'eikcl Ford J. Stanhope Schwagcr Streeter J. Woody Holt Paglinrulo Bennett Michaelis Clements R. Mann Sellers Hayward McMein Markert Packalen Keck Tylor M. Mann Andrews Fraley Clayton Zuck Miller Stephani Conley Pixley Plckett -I-73 Q5 1.- If' ,' 5,-:,-1 , . Z. , . ,ul .--gf 5 -. ' . zqgtggk. ,. s.: , . f Sun Raef I:ff1rr.'.!..i Dcltl Klmptcr Dulhtrxx' L'nncr-ny. tru Iirz.1!1lf,.!w.!. IS75 4.1.11 .-hint 4,!1.ffmr.r 011 lim D.wful Sheer PPA ALPITI HET -XROLINI' F. TUPPFR. STIHIM. HAI,r'1.Ph.D. I Sllll.-K R. PnRrlv-xl. B Mm, PAIRII IX Brwxv. EIHIL Cox SHIRIIYJ IDAYIN :XIARI-ARFT L, BARTR PAt'1.A M. Bllv NARA' R. Drmfxlwcr AxxART1.GRH1lTH SHIRIIY J. B.-tL'IR YIIAN BrLnrRnArR .lux FLAx1r.Ax Axxr L. GRUYTR BARN,-XR.-X ATKINNUN ,lxxr I.. D.-KYIN SHIRIT M. 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ANITA ABRAM5 SALLY Asron GLORIA BEIuIAx NIARVIORIF BYRNBTEIN Troon M. Annan MILDRI-Lv BIIIIHANDFII il.-KNIS C OHS B.-XRD.-Ui.-K H. IOLYN PATRICIA EHRIICH BIITTY M. FLAIQS HAIIRIIT GAYI.rmD s r' SX A --3 Ak ' . . -11 , '.,L'1f2l'5 l WP I ITIIIIIJJIII Them Chapter Hunter College, 1015 E.rmIvl1,IZwd, 1923 TII'I'ulj-llwf .'lI'llI'u Clmzplvvf 306 Em! Gfrgmy Drive' PHI SIGMA SIGMA CH.-XRIOTTI5 GGLDBFRG BIKRIIL R. Gmmox GrRAI,nINr DAVIDSON PI-IYILI2 EISENNTAEDT XIIYI,-XX Grnrz LLAINF R, l"'lI-LLER Gxx IN JACORS RCIIHLLE KIIIILL MAIIIQIIIE LANE MARIIYN Lrvx' Seniors I 1111io1'5 S 0 pbovlzores F 1'C',Yb7IZ67l LL'I'II,LE D, BIADORIN ML'I1IrL J. GOLDMAN DcIxxA LIPAIAN EIAINE ROSIQN ARLIZNE R. Ross RFNEE ROVNER GIQRALDINF ScHATz AIHRIPNNE Scimx ARTZ JACQUELINE Lrrrox FRANCES A. XYIANG FRANCINE Lox HFLEN B, SHER SHIRLEY SHAPERO SHIRLEY SPECTOR RITA STOCK FIIANCINE J. TISHMAN C HARLOTTE VELK PAULINE XVANG EIIIIILII Gcrtv Spector Levy Jacobs Shatz Goldman Schwartz Astor P. Wfnng Slmpum Berman Flaks Stock Auster Gaylord Lox Velk Tishman Ross Colen Sher F. XVang Lcfmn C. Goldberg Abrams EIsenstncdt Gordon B. Goldberg Maclorin Colm Lnprnnn Kr-Ill Lane Heller Rosen Berlandcr Rovner 478 nv -we-H FUufI.lLJ lllrnrm Zcm I luptur Munmouth College, ISIN EI1.I!1l1IZwIf, INN ELQIAIJ-jffm .-IIIIIE' rlnzpnfv mm Sfffnlw II", M. LEE ETHFRIDGF, M.D, XVILLA K. GARVER, B.L.S. IWIARGERY A. BELLOXYS ANGIE BLIEIEIQ JLINI. J. ANEY IVIARGIE B. BITZER ELIZABETH A. BREARLEY IVIARILLYN BROOKS KATHERINE J. CORRIITT ALICE E. ANDRIEXYS CARYL M. CAYANALIGH BETTY CHECIQLEY ALTA F. CHIPP5 JUDITH R. CONNER PHYLLIS C. Armmsox ITLCRA BETH CASE IXIARTHA D. FRANKLIN JANE A. Kxoxu LTON ALIEN S, RCBFNBLIRGER JOAN L. CRIET -IIANNE A. DUNCAN CAROLYN V. ELSHOFF INIARY Jo FAIN INIARJORIE F. GALLIYAN Hmm J, DHS Prom' A. GRAHAM INIARIANNA HARPER EDITH G. JFNKINS NANCY G. Joxrs JL'nITH GARDAFR JO Axx KFSLFR NANCY J. KOLLRIAN PI BETA PHI FACULTY , D.P.H. MARIA LEONARD, A M., LIILD. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G7'I'!L'1llI'IfL' Smdcllt INIARGARIST J. DICK Seniors EIIANI R S, SEXTKIN j1111i01'.I BARBARA J. HOLMES BARBARA J. KELLEY EIHFL R. IWCDONALD SARAH M, IVIILLARD Sophomores DIIROTHY F. KFLLFY IIIAN L. ML'RPI-IY SUSANNA L, PARTHEMIR BARBARA J. Roos F rexlmzevz SIILLA J. LIHAIAxx VIRGINIA A. IXIAUNEY NELLIE L. PFRKIN5, Ph.D NELl.Il7 M. SIGNOR, A,B, B.L.S. ,ll'ANl'lTIf SMITH JL'ANITA V. ZIAIMERMAN NANCY PIARRIAN CI-IARIOTTII A. RoEIRTs M. JFANITTE Rubs lIwII.Ir STITH E. JIAN XY'ATsrm INIARY M. SAxI'f.Rn PATRICIA A. SHIPPARII MARY W. SQLIIRIS LIIL'IsI J. VLARAIQ AIARY MARTHA WHFILER KATHIRIAI IXIARY RII HART PA'I'RIr'IA XIVHITF XYIANDA L. ZIMMIRMAN Elshoff Case Sheppard Richart Chipps Kesler Dees Conner XV. Zimnwermmn Lehmann Kollman Anderson .Innes O. Kelley Franl-:lm Sanford Gardner Mauney XVhiIe Andrews Checkley Xvatson Roos Harper Murphy Drck Corbett Bnmks Duncan Pe.Irm.In Aney Bitzer Roberts B. Kelley McDonald Graham Crist Cnvannugh Parthemer Squires Vlasak Jenkins Pain Brv:.Irley Gallivan XVheeler Stith Mrllard Holmes Knowlton Rosenburger J. Zrmmermm Bellows Sexton Smrth Parte-rson Busrck Rm: +79 ii 'I IIII MII Kunxl ruw M.u1III.x'x R. .'XPPI'LI4AL'M MARIURII' R, ljllulv H H,-'IRRII T APP! I MAN Murx F. BAIIIS RI'TH BImmwxx'rIN hHx'I1rI, L. Baum' BARImRA ID.-XVIl'WOFIf EIAINI' EPSTIIN Dwmnrs M. CHACKIS AIIIIN I., LIINSI-Ilw, ,l,I4gQI'r'IIxI CIIINN tirnwux E. LHILDIIIRG IffIm1,lI.l fnrncll Lfnxxurnty, 101' XI I I fm In rlrllru Cfmlfflwr' SIGM DELTA CIIRAIDINP M. Lrx'IN PKULINF C. I..uxDIIIAN CIIR,II.IsIxr FRANCIQ Ylrxxr-I. S, G0I,IwrN NAOMI Goum hi.-XRYANN K.-XIIAKIR Alvrrr I.. LI-VIN I HARIIITII' l.lP0l'l' RULIA jfxcorw A1-KRIIYN I.L'cAs XVIIAI,-IIIUSIK IXIILLVR Seniors jIllli0l'5 S0LDb07ll01'C5 F 7'L'5b7llL'll Mfxxzxrs Rfmra RUTH LIPPMIIN Brlrx' flf.-XRKFL CrLORl.-X j. N.NTH.AN INI.-IRAIIX I.. Nrxx M.-IN AIIDRIW H. OI-rIc1I' PHYI.I.Is PINRIND N.-I1 AI IIE Rc:xrxTH.IL 1NI.IrIuI'Iu' Smcorr Al.. IQI IIIH Wlvl Nvzuzrhl KApp.1 Cluptcr E.-'IIIl1l1,IlwJ, IUJ6 TAU .IFANI L. WOLFBIGRG EDITH Sonckorr Lors M. XVISCH INIURIIIL PACIQER ALVA SCHWARTZ Lwxs SHEFFERMAN SHIRLFY XVEINSTEIN RUTH M. XVENK IXIURIFL XYIIFN CAROLYN SLAVIN Rfarnm WASSERMAN ARLINF P. XVEINSTEIN SORFL L. ZOLINE R-vicnthal Appclnun Mukcl Mlm .lrtz Guldun Urlrce Nathan"pn1.m W'icn Gmrld Ballis Mnllcr Snmnlf Luuu Znlnnc S. XVcin:tc1n Ncwmnn Lipotf Deutsch Brody Brandwein Wfenk A. Levin Francis Radu I.AmIm.In K-Irnfcld G, Lcvln Sobnruti XVIxLl1 XVImltbcrg Kzrbakcr Appclbnum flmrhux P.IIkcr Slum Cylcnn Pcskrnd Goldberg .hc-vb A. XVeInsIcIn Shcffernun Ginsburg -ISU flz-cum' EL I ,7' ... -' '-H A if - - , sg- '. - , , A- ,. ,- . ' "9 F QQWUF if-f' A ' 8 '1' Q5 3 .gf-' , 1' 3 - x A , . Av . I- Q I A it fZV!fA 21 +1 1 'mg A . ., 23:5 Q ' . T - rf. 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Gmos FA CULTY Ph D. hfllil IDFN G K.-XHLFRT, A B, NIENIBICRS IN L'NIYERSITY SL'1lf0I'J AIILDRFD I.. Guxxm Amnxe. D NALTLO DOROTHX' j. Klux Hrux A, INIHIVR Izmiarx ELF.-TNOR I. Fur-um, RUTH E. jnxmxw BETTY j. HrDR1LK ELIZABFTH j. HTNN IX'IARGARIf'l A. HUDQUN DQRCAS A. HAY!-5 jr-AN K. HINYR ,ILNF M. HIQFR MARILYN f. GR.xYHA:ir: roxsmxcu M. Hrxx Sopbonlorcx F I'C5b7lI4?1I RLNI-LL.-K M KIPH,-XR! RUTH H. l.x'mRn AIY.-T j. HU!-Ixlk FhI"1TY J. Hx"r'rr El IAXUR S. Koi PAL H I.r-RRAIM M, MIISHHKT BIXIRINA E,N11lmN. PhD. IUIMA L. XX'cRmm'orK H ELIZAHITH ZIFGLFR RL'TH V. hfllllk BIIIDRFD L. Rr-MRT5 Lou A. S1.x'n1'R ETHIL M. XVIINH,-KAR Rum H. KrmH1HAL'I-r ANNA L. hfl:X1'lfIl xx Q Run 5YORKAY H-XRRIITT A. RHHIY IXI.-XRY E. XY'Il,lIAMS Fleming Wfcishaar Jennings Mathews Gnlchmt bl. M, Hlser I.-yturd Stwrk.1n Hudwn XY'mlJU.Lk Hcdnkk J. K. Hiser Benson Huelson Cmwe Huttc Kulullmuri' 'Cuz E. Hunn H Muller Fnurml Bnnnev Bartz Cmse Slycler Roberts Guynn Bullingtun R.MnllcT M.1lcl-T Zmglur Mucuhku Kcphart Ginos XVilllams Hayes Richey Kulpnck C. Hcnn Lzcclmnxku Bunnett Gugler 481 INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATIONS ff OMAN 48' wwf lndependents and Cireelcs, working together, have achieved mueh on the eampus. ,-X true demoeratie spirit has prevailed through the years, the independent organizations holding an important position in the Univer- sity. After sororities and fraternities heeame established, independent organizations were patterned from them. In 1922 sorority girls helped to organive XYILS ,... with the purpose of making the campus more demoeratie. lodav we have XY.G.S., R.G.S., and Xl.l.lJ,A .... all eo- operating to give thousands of L'niversitv students the opportunity to live in an organized group with other students, forming lasting friend- ships, enioving an active soeial life, and striving for eommon goals. Independent organizations represent manv students. and give these stu- dents lasting memories of eollege days . . . memories of friends with xx hom they have lived, worked and played. xx X X X if" 4 jx 1,1--1 11-1- .....-- .1- . 1. md Sfvm' HOUR kg 3 I DEX-INDEPE DE TS XIIXYA .. .. Granada Club . . . . . . Illini Hall The Citadel . . . Hill Hall .,.,. Howell llouse .... . . . lllieo . . . La Casita . . . Luther House . . . . . . The Xlansion . . . . . . . Nalior llouse . . , . , . Saehwa House . . Xlenateliee . Cagle Hall . . , +-ll ll fmll se La lreinra Xleliiuley' llall .,.. ... lJ1'CSllyl'Cl'l11ll l Iall Sager Ilouse ..., . . . Stratford llouse +8-l' Grevada Chalet-YYeseoga . . . . , . . Hurd Hall-XYestaire ..... . . +85 XXYLIFHSI' Hall . . +86 Welsh House . +87 Aehaea . . . . +88 Alpha House . . +88 Beta House . . . +89 Bethany Circle +89 Cherokee Club +90 Corinna-Aleestis +90 Delano Hall .. +91 Gamma House +91 -l-92 +92 Ivria ........ . +93 Leeman Lodge +9+ Lowry Lodge . +95 Xledea ..... +96 Miner House . +97 Nirvana .. +98 Reutha . , , +99 Shawnee . . 4 500 501 502 502 503 503 50+ 50+ 505 505 506 506 507 507 508 508 509 509 510 510 MEN'SI DEPE DE WARD ASSOCIATIO J., , - '-,- J V - , - Q., ' A 1 ' F I f. 4 X j - 6 x FL FR' - Sl ' If R QD -' rf -, gi.. h v x ...Nl D.. -X - , - , 'Q : .- fd.-g 15 A K S 5 ' Bmumx Ii4vlL1nIxl' Pun' AII,'Rl'l'flY IXI:,K1,v: -lnxls O F F I C E R S XY,u'm S, -In-Xu . . . PfU.u!lf4,' EL'm-xl 5 BIIRXI.-XX A I .mAP1U.u.Hf,w 1NI,nx.xRu L. hfwrwnz xr SLm.f.m GUY 0, Pr1'lY I'u,m1m Elmxxmlu P. MVRPHY 5fm.:l Dfw, 1 .IAMIN D, McKFAN If.'.'r,.'m,w..'l l7m1. f GORIIUN Hum r .iw,wl.1f,'.' lu.'n.wfm.zl 17ml f MAX -I. CHAPMAN, A.M, S, E.-ml. 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E, CARTIIR 1004 South Fourth Street GRANADA CLUB MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G1'L1cIIlL1f6 STIIFIGIITS ALIIN M. HFNNINGSIYN RIIJHARD A. HRUSK.-X IRA E. HYMI'N RORTRT I.. BOYD RORTRT C. BUCKMAN LOUIS CAMILLO LAVERNE CAN1-IAM DAYID S. FFISFNTHAL I'I.-KRYIEY FRIEDMAN RICHARD P. GFTHNFR JACK A, GLTNDENINQ, IXIFLVIN A, GOLDEERO ROIKFRT XV. HEIMANN ALLI-N S. HYDE DONALD T. JOHNSON JAY W. CHRISTY, JR. D. ST.-XNLFY C.RoxToN GFURGF EHRLIQH VIVTOR FINFGOLD ROHIRT D. FREELAND RICHARD I. GILFORD SHILION HANNIO ARNULD HIIIDERSBACH Seniorx Juniors S0lDh07l107'6.V FI'C51.771lCll DAYID KAPLAN REX F, MEILINOIIR ERAZNO INIENDFZ, JR. ITICXVARD M. FFLDMAN C HRIST D. KACALIEFF JOHN J. BIULDOXYNEY ALVIN J. LAMPERT XVARREN G. NIEIFR C. CARTER MINOR HARRY D. IVIUELLFR CHRISTY A, IVIURFHY GERALD A. PERKINS JAMES E. REINSCHREIBER DEAN S. ROSSET JACK E. JENNINGS ISADORE R. KAUEMAN RICHARD T. KNIGHT ROBERT M. LATE FRANK F. MILLER INIILTON ORERLANDER JOSEPH PAXVLISH CARL D. PETERS LOUIS F. REIITER XVILLIAM M. OXVEN GERHART O. ROMSTEDT RAMON SCHUMACHER SHTRMAN T. RICE CH.-XRLFS F. SAMFC WILLIAM J. SCHMELZLE XVARRFN SCHWULST FRANK P. SAVOLDI HAROLD E. SECREST IWAURICE J. SHERMAN ALFRED W. SOLBRIG, JR ARTHUR M. STERN RICHARD Z. STORM ROY W. THOMPSON DONALD XV. ZELLER RORERT R. PIERCE ROBERT T, PIPER CLIFFORD M. SKUBIC ELMFR SPLITTSTOESSER JAMES ST. JOHN MELVIN P. STRAUS KEITH A. TATTERSALI. HOXY'ARD VOLRMAN Snvrmldi Bur Mendez Sccrcst Miller Bradford Perkins Knight Snmec Crass Gethncr Goldberg Croxton Johnson Boyaris Canham Block Straus Fairbairn I-Icnningscn Hruska LRE K.Tufm.1n P.IwliSh Brccsc Schumfrcher Bcngstun Bocchinrdi Kacalielf Baer Buckman Kaplan Minor Friedman Volkman Faull Crane FelSenth:rl Heimann Glcndcning St. John Hyde R. Freeland Bounds Storm Mullinger Mueller Schmelzle Romstedt Hymen P. Freeland Sablowsky Renter Farr Camullu Bcrmtcin Burlrn Gxlford Oberhndur Anderson Schwulst Bond Thompson Feldman Heidersbach Pierce Peters Sherman Solbrig 486 BIORRIS T. JONES XVALTFR B. ACHENB.-KCH ROBFRT R, BANKS CHARLFS M. CAMPBELL GORDON QLARKE LAVrRNr E. ANOIRSON JOHN F. BRUECKFR JAMFS B. DICKINSON GEORGE DURINETZ ALVIN 5. ALTMAN ROGER M. BREYFOGLE RAY I.. DELFAVA EMIL J, DEMARTINI ERSKINE P. ELISTICF, JR. lAMrs A. CHAPMAN MIsCHA COHFN XVAGNFR G. COLLINS RORFRT S. DAVIS DONALD DIAMONDSTONF fL'RTlS DoNNrL, JR. WARRIIN HALL RAIPH C H.-KRPHAM 725 Suulh XY'rIglIr Struct ILLI IH LL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GI'IIa'11IIfe Stzzdcutx HARRY C, lXlARI1ERRY SFLIG H. DRrzNI'R HARRY O. GI-RNILINO WILLIAM E. CvR.-XVILH JACK HFDLIN HONX.-XRD M EII HSTAFDT JOSEPH J. GRAQF. JR. WAYNE N. HOI I MAN HOxxARIw HORNRTFIN FHARLFQ H. EvIfRs RALPH H. HALLFNATEIN DEAN HARvIA' DIICHOLAS S. JOHNSON Bl.-UJRICF KAI-IN HOWARD H, HARRIS RORFRT G. HIfNNI2x' GORDFN J. HOI-RNIfR f'H.-KRLES W. HLIRTER WILLIAM H, KIIfN XXV.-XLTFR L, KIfvrRN HAROLD M. I.FvII JACIQ LOPIN Sclziors I Il1Il0l'S SUlDb0l1l01'US F1'L'5h7llL'lI JAx E. HINCI-IrIII I I1 JR ljlINAlD J. JONIPH ,lAl'K S. JOSFPH Xvllll,-XM E. lxll'IX'IN P.-Kl'L M. KIINIIII II R I.AMIIIfRr -I. AIAJHY JOHN P, MCCLANAHAN Emx ARD P, INIURPIIY DIINAIO B. OLIYIDR DON.-un R. RANIW JOHN G RIFPLINOIII lXlILTON XV, RIIHDI' ,IIIHN R. ROY GIfrIRcIIf D. INILGNII HIII N DAX'ID F. lVIl'Yl'R RAI' R. hlOORl HARRY D. ONQMAN ROIIIART E. ROY BKYRUN F. SFFMRLI JIIHN G. SHOUH EI'L,I-N11 STRONLQ JOHN M, 511 xx :KRT JOQVPII lhlIlNRO f7Hl-QTILR R, Ouox lxl,-KRVIN A. RCISNFR BURTON L. SHFNDIIR WILLIAM J. PRENTII1 BrNNI"rr SHYRMAN JAMIY T. SLLI IvAN ROIAIRT L. TIILMAN CI-IARLIQ E. SIAY CHARI I N SHI PARO JAMIQ A. 'HAI ROIIIRT B XVHITF BYRNARIH Z.-KIIZXAK DOLIOLAQ V. TR.-KYYR XJVILII.-XM E, TXXICHIL JOFI, B, XV.-IRI DLIANI E. XVAIIS XYVILLI.-XMf XVILVH JAMIN M. XY'I'TzrL ANDRIR I XVHITF B.-XRRl'I'l I . YOIINLI L Hotiman Strong Keen Gngman Evers Clarke Eruhsmerlt Shouh ChRpm.In Hensey Twirhell Anderson Lopin Demqruni Olncr Rlney Hxmhelurfe Nvelch Traver Roy Joseph DIckInsOn Melvm D. JIIScplI Huurncr Tysl Cohen Altman Rohde Gr.Ix'eN Hurter Meyer D.Ix Ie Sherman Hornstein Zaleznak Gerslung Munro Collins Rusner XVhIte DulF.u'.I Marbcrry Diamondstone Hcdlin Mrrthy McNichols Moore Kevern Young Grace Hallenstein Trllman Murphy Dubinetz Bruecker XVAre Donnel Bxeyfogle 487 I I I I I I I I I I i I DI:-IN BIIOUOIITON GIOIIGF H. DANIIfLs WILLIAM R. FIIIR XYVARRVN XV, IIIIZLIIRAIIT RICHARD G. FIIIIII IQINNITH J. LIIIJ RAYMOND Y. RI-IHIIII MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IIA R. I.FONliI'RGFR GIfORoIf M. LUNG WII.I.IAIII A. LI.-IRIINICK JAMFS W. IXICBRIDF CI-IARLIS W. MCKINIIY ,IAIRK A. MIIII-DI'I'H XVALTIR R. NAPPI no .li K B41 DONALD I. PARIas CARTFR W. PI.AIzsAI.I. JOHN F. PIIILIP LEONARD V. RAs'I'I1II.II CI-IAIQLI-S A. RUnINI'I,I.I ROIIFRT J. SIIALFIQ DAN M. STCCKBAROER GEORGE J. VOSATKA ROIIFRT K. XVAI.KFR XVILLIAM D. XYIALSH VALLFE L. XVILLMAN C, JAIIIFS WOOD STANLFY W. ZAIIKA az FIIzgcI.IlII Bruuglnwn Mercalxtlm Parks Dxnlcls FIN! Stnckimrgur Phxllp VI'IS.Ilk.I XV.IIkcI Mqlixnley Shnlek Miuhzllcc XVAISII ITIIILI Koehler Rulwlnulll Lung INI.Ircncck Raslrelll Nappc Zalbka IXAIAN ANNON VIIARLIS M. ISROXNNINI. JOHN G. fl.-KRK, JR. ALIIIIIT R. I l,I'I4II CURTIS I-I EI KI IzNIII'RI, ROISYRT E. FIIANIQINIIIIII, NIICKIBICRS IN UNIVERSITY ROIIIRI G. HOLMIQ Jr HN H. HLWTCN EARL R, KIIILIR Jrssr A. KI INI IfrI.I'I II EARL A, KROINIJKI RIIIIIRI' R. LAIIII CECIL A. I.ARIMORIf CARLTON R. INIl'RRIFII'I.D, Jn. KFNNEIH R. AIOORI' LAxv'IzIfNc3r A. Moxx Iins RAYMOND I. IIIIOWIIIIQ ,IANFS A. PARIN1 ROIIFRT N. RASMUS JAMES A. Rooms ROBYRT W. SHFLTON GFORGE J. THIFIIIIIANN ROIIIIIT G. XVAGNIYR JOHN D. XVILSON, JR. Anmn Ifr.IrIkcnIwIg Klmufcltcr Bmwnlng Hnlmcs Rnmui Thielemnnn Lamb I.arImIIrc Kmcnckc Mcrriflcld XYAQFICI SIIL-ltwn I.. Mumcrs Huxtnn Eakcrsbcrg Llubb Moore Parent Rugcrs R. Mowers Clark 488 J.-mrs W. Axon. STAN' ARNITT, JR. Rox' E. BOLIN DoxA1.D I., Box? XYHLIIAM R. BONE JACK P. Cool. Curmno I.. Dmxx UWELL HGUSE MFNIBICRS JOHN J. Gm Hun, XV.-XITIR A. HANSUN PAUL M. HIAIWRIX Rrx I.. HIKI'-RIX XVILIIAM M. Hmm H.-morn I-I. Ifllxwrh IN UNI VFRSITY DAU I.. JM aww GrvR1.1 E. Jmmxrox Ehxxlx F. KlmNxT Jr'-Hx I. Lrrvn PHILII' I.rn,mx' H,-mr-Irv Il QHIKI jar D. P051-xxx Rumnr I.. Pnmxr Alxrx I.. Rrm,1,r XYFIIKY XY. Srxrxnrxx Curxrr R E. TH rQrR XYIIII,-ur D XXYXRRIN Angel -Lukwn Juhnwtun Prurlt Kmnwt Bnlm Slmmuns Drew G1.1Il1Lt!1: D Pwnc R.Hcndr1x Lccah Turker P. Humlrlx Lcrghly Rucggu XY. Buns Hunry Arnett frm! Ucllxc Hcnwld XY.1rrcn Pmkm ROBFRT F. BANN LAW RFNCE M. BURD JACKSON Dncxm ARNOLD I.. EDDINGQ DONALD I-I. ENc,sTRm1 RICHARD J. FALLT MEMBERS BERNARD P. FITHQ LFONARD L. Fr- H9 XVARRIAN S. Glrxxx' JOHN E. 1-IAxA1,.1N H. f'1umRrwII1Armx TI IN UNI YERSITY INJURIKI,-KN A. HINRIVHX PHIIIP II I.Al'mxfr NORMAN E. Immmgr DMN S LLm'rv WILLI.-m R. Llrwlw JAMPQ D. PRFNDIRGAS r XVAYXI I. STAPI Runrnr P. 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NORLM FLOYD L. RAMP HIQRMAN J. SAMPSON KARL H. SCHAFIVIK IRL C. SCHAIIRER HAROLD L, SCHICK J. GLENN SQHNIZLEIN CARL F. A. SIEVFRT, JR ELMORE F. XVALLIN DELRIAR F. XY'Il.KIZN Kuhlm.m SLl.nIer XY'xlkcn Halford Suhnrzlcin Colclcsser Makar Wfallin Nelson Schrck D.xw-mn Gustux D. juhnsun Mrs, Nrchols Bromc Grebncr Kllng Ramp Sclmlrrcr j. juhns-In Munn Noxcm Sampson Sievert Bockemeier Koch 490 Euzwrxr Ig ALT LSON G. ATH1'm'oN BIAIQRIII' K, BGRKIUNIX FRANKLIN G. iol.L1N5 Jfmre N. fL'MMINi H.4Rf'IlW N. Dowxri Jnrrs D. DUNN THAD M. Ersrssrn BIORRIS I.. FINNIIHQRG HE MANSIO .lnux T. Hmmrmx A. Hfwvmx Jr ran,-xr. Elmrn I.. Joxrs HAROID L. JONES Yi'.xLT1n F. KIIIIIR JMX S. Rum' CJIORKJI B, Hmmm ,IUHN R Lux IS RNIPH E. Irxxxx Frmxk E.'ruN I.oxxxLL 'If I.Lm'rw HARRY J. l.urx1H KINNITH I.. 1.l'5.l71, RAYMON11 J. Nrvrrz GHmn1B.N41nlH XY'.wmr L. S.-XL'l3IIl XV'XI.TIIl A. N1 HMINKI' Rrmmrm J. SHAPIRO Jfmx K., Sn-vrxs WMTVR L. 'I'n11o1,mmR10v mx Rm-a P. Tum Rwnrrrr E, 'I'mxAI L1 mu Y. 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SACHWA HGUSE MEMBERS IN UNIV IXIIIYIN R. ,IAxssI-N RUIIIRT I. jcxls INIITFHILI CI. Knxr WII.II.uI I. KIYIYICH EIN .IRD E, KL'IqL'r'Iq I.OI'IN B. I,I'ONl' BL'l'I'I'ON XV. I,cr.I'r ERSITY jfu-IES T. LCINDRIG.-IN KlHARI.I-s M. Mm' FRANK IXIAY, ju. Rr IIIfR'I H. IYIITCHIII. CORDIIE R. Our., JR. QULAF G. P.-msrirrr JOHN A. Plxxos Rfwmoxn M. POXVERS THORIM M. ROBERTSON GUY K. SANOIIRSON HOXVARO F. SITKA ADOLPH V. STANIQLIS YVAYNE L, STIIVENS ROIIERT B, XVFHRLIT ROY E. XVILL .HF- vf ,HN gig Aww , Xa Pnxx Crs XXX-lmrlc Mrttlmell I.nguC Rulwurtsnn XVIII If. M.Iy Ellsworth Knnc P.I:1sLl1c Kukutk Cnnydm Plnlws Leunc Buml1.Im Mrs. Crunk Cnchrnn F, lNI.Iy S,Im.lCrsun Hcislcr Erllwrnrht Imnrlxigxxn Kxzcvith Hucgel Stmkus ,Lmsscn ,Innes Sitk.I Stcvcns Ogg Dcrnnrce RLIIAIHI' M. Armms RILIIIIRD B. Axrnmfxx AR'IIIL'R W. AI.I.Isux 'x'IR1.II L. Axmuxxs ID.-xvIIs B. BALIM M.u'RIcr D. BRAUN PMI CRARILL RNHARD L. DIIMIR Faux B. FARLII' RI:ssII.L I.. 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HA.-Is I.: I'I'RIcr XY. HAMI- NI.-IRI-IN H. HINIIIN MIRY J. HOLMls IEIIIINI' M, I-Iu,HIs Hrnwrrr B. Kanvrx RLWH Ii CIIII 1: LGDGE SITY CI .-IRA V Krnrxcz -hxrr M. KIRR AIwII.I B. KRUPXIIQ RLUIH E. LARSCN AIARY E. LAYDFY LARIIII IIN Loxx RY RAMPNA M. LL'IsI'lI4u M.aR,IoRIIz A, NANTZ LORETTA M. PIZZINI KATHRYN J. RICHNER IMYYERTA E. RQTSCH VANIETA J. SHITLLHORN ,IIANNE B. SMITH DOROTHX' M. SYRCLE HILENE TOM of' . .E Amr! Vx i ,lf Up-, . . L. A QI! Clumtcnwn Hmmm Rulxner Cross Goetz Nantz Hnssc folm Busby Holmes Buzflms Smnrh Kcallnz Syule Andrew s Karpln Rutsch Claude Tom Larson KI-rr I.ulwII.II Gash Hughes Krug-nik I-Lui Shcllh-urn Layden Pizzini ALTIRIY K.. Axlwrrurm BLTTY ll. BIIIWIIMAN VICILII fRxrIIYI:H B.n1ImRA M. FAATA XVIIRIA I. FIIIM.-XY ALICI li, Ifrnm VIRc.IxI.a K . ITRNNCIS Down HY YI CIA! IIRFATH KIFNIBIQRS IN UNIVERSITY DI'I.oRI5s J, GRI'IsImI'III HARRIFT A. l"IAlIllN INIIIDRYD N. HINION jo.-lx E. KILIIY INAIIITLLF A. Lrwls Vlcmx IYIALACH EI ,uxr A. M.a1HII'L' RUTH IVIAULDING BITIY L. IYITAGI-lI'R LURRAINI' A. MYsI.Ix DOROTHY L, R.xsMI'ssrx SAI.I.Y SIIIIIRT EsTIfI 1.17 SHARPE NORRIA J. SHARK INIAR-IORIF R. SLATER RIQYA L. SNYDFR ROSITMARY SOMMFRS NIURIIEL F. SPROULL ANGELINII TAI-IIIOLIR VIRGINIA VOGT INIARGARFT XVAI.XY ORTH DOROTHX' VVFLLS ntl V' - If 'f ' X - XY.IlwfIrtlI Lexus Spmull BcIdclm.m Hmtfan Anderson Slater Vogt MRIIIQII Fwd Fxllman Grcnsbmum Slurpe Fanm Mathncu A Maulding Rasmussen H.Irlin Surlwcrt Wells Kelley Francxs Crnoevnclx Myslrk Galbreath Sharr 508 MI ER HGUSE XIEXIBERS IN L'NIYERSI'I'Y BFRNICF BASKIN VIYI.-ANSI' J. LIAMIII ru. RIJIII D, LI x Ir: AI AII N PI IMI I1 DAISIANN BFRIIANT FAX: IIIIN J, C.IIIIIwIgx IfIImI nu I. I,IvI IA sIIIIIIIx H, HI AII LUCILLF M.BInIImIII1 ROQAI Im GIIIIII In CIIIIIIIA A I,II Ill Im XY Rurnw IQ Rf mn LOUISF BRODII' LII I IAx llonxx I Il I..-XI'IlX LISA PIIYI I IA A RI-AI DORIS M, BRLTNNIR BIRNIII If Hl'lX!R VIXIXN IJIIIII, 5'XIIX H NIIIAA xIcIf ET:-IPL fr I-IIN ALIHRII D. RIIIJPII DIIIIIIIIA M, M.-IIII4Ix Am. MIIIII FAITH -I. CNHN EI5II KIISH ,lI'I1IIII S, LIHRIKIN SIIMX K SAIIIII LORETTA L. DAVIA DVIRIIIIIY M KIIIIMIII PHXIIIA NAIIIA-.Aw BXIXIA li xI.I1IIAIAx LILLIAN H. Duns ROBIKRIA A, I.IIl4 fYARHI IE. Nm nur. MIIII .xIIII:IIAr4 ROSE R. EDLIN ARLINI I LImIxxIIf HIVIIIII R. NIUIARIX ExIIw H 'IAIIIXIII LI.-ARL-ARIET FL IIAIAN LAURA Ii I,I A IY MII IAIII Iv I f5IlIX'-U12 In x XX I Im Im +4 SHIRLEY R. FRIEDMAN LIWRR,-UNI Lfvm BI,-NRI Ill.-K B, PINK IIAIII Zxx II IX Newman I.. B. Lcun PInk FrIcdm.In Gord-In Brmim I-Ihn K' when XVcInxl-Ink Koppel Berlmnt R-use Mxrkln Dumas FIJrm.xn Romu Munn D.1vIs Tud-cur Zxxuk R Lum Bmskm Nnlunwn Kash Edlm S Smith Subelman A Srmth Lawns Brukkncr Hutncr Stwlnmn Orcnitcnn Krnrgcr Pltzulc L, Lcvxn Smhwutz Grebuz Lmbcrmgn I.cnI,IwItz HnrwItz Ncynmrk Lui Bcrllngcr Luhul Lush IVIARY Bocas HELEN Bom. DOROTHY A. CASIJY LORRAINI1 A. Clllliflfi ROSEMARY DAxII'L HALLIIT P. DAvIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GLORIA F. DOUTHITT JUNE C. Fwsoczr CAROL M HUIIII-Ham' LORRAINF 1. ILLICH BFRNICI' KURT jr.-mxr LIGNAN LAIRA A MAIIxuI4I ELAINI A. MUNIQI E. PA'IRIc,IA Oxx Im KAIHIRINV PRIAAII FUDRI mir M. RANNEY BEHY A. RAPPI Hurx ID. 51'm'xDAI.E YNIARTHXJ S1rmPrs E. jAwI XY'ILLl.-XMB Daniel Ranncy Ligman Casey Mnuwski Owens Stmk-Lxlc XY'IIlIAms R.Ippe Kurt Monks Illlch Bnggs Humphrey DAVIS Douthnt Fluegge PrI.1InI BIIIII Obmlx 509 C1-1.111101 II I.. Axmvx HILYN .'Xl'IRl--Xi Il RIATALIE BA1 11 RUTH B.-XIII +11 SARAIANL b.I'l111411x E511-11 R A. B11u4mx 1:7 LLTILLI' E, IMAX IXIL'RlI'l BRINSI R SHARON H. Bmw x R1-11r1:'1A fwmx IXIARIAN I UHX REUTH MEMBERS IN UNI CTIRIIIPDI E. DUNN Lcvsnxnr P15101 xv M1 lil F1 1 15Hx1Ax Brx11z1x' D. FRAx14 RLHIH Fn1'11w1s DCIRCHIIIX' FRIITWMAN I.L'ClllI G,-XRXIIZ 1Ev11.x'x Cnxsarncw R1'1H1 B. KAOAN AD1'1.r KAP1.Av R.-11 I., Knunlcrc YERSITY V:c'Kx' P. K1'nHAx Sm111.1x' M. LAs5rn Srmux' LT1? RIYR.-I IAIARKS ,lm1'vH1xE A. NlflBL'RGER Low E. PRINCE NATALIE RATTEL CHARLOTTE RINGFL L1LA L. R1s1c1x l.1'c11,L1T I. ROs1aNTHAL RLTH D. RcsnxT1-1AL NCRMA R. Rcss B1fTTY A. Runraxmzno GLCRIA R. SATIN BrTsx'r-ROSE SAX BETTY J. SCHAHTF IOA SHIRMAN FLORENCE SPIFSEL GF11ALD1NE SPITZ BIARVIORIE Tow' C-r1zALD1Nc ZONENBLIK A.. -x-Lxrf -. ..- - Ringel G.1rn1tz Kagan Lasser Ullman Rudcnherg Kaplan Aaron I..Rosentl1.1l Luc Krugllck Slurmnn Glnsburg Marks Tow B12rknw1tz ROSS Sputz Spzewl B155 Aucrbarh Znnenblik Brown BTTTY -I. .-Xxmrz IDOROTHT' M, B1w11.1. Drmxa F. BL'11411r: BIITTY YI. Clown V1ru.1x1,1 N. IDVNKIL jrxxxlr E,D1'xx IXIAFY K, FIIVIIR E1 ILABITIH M. GOl,DI1lIlC1lR MEMBERS IN UNI KA'1H111x F. Grxx Xxz-KNIWA I., I-lc MAAN M. I.Ul'l!wlf HIQMPHRM' BAR1+ARA K. joHxs'1'nx ELrAx1m M. I.AFF!RC-I' IXIARC-,-kRl'T F. I.AFu11c.r LO1: M. LARSON YI.-KNIT II. MA1.:l1Q1'1Ar T - T 1- fn --.-- , ,Y . ' 1- -Q:.:".-5 Becker Frank Nelburger Satin Sax Fishmnn R.xIIel R. Rosenthal Fleischman Bahcall Brenner Schnrff Cohn Dunn R1sk1n Bur Freides EE VERSITY BIARY E. M1'1'CHrl.1. BARBARA A. Rrrnra CONSTANCK M. RIYARD NORMA M. ROHRQFN BI,-XRTHA L. Rovcr GLURI.-INN.-I j. S.-XNDQUIST A1165 M. SHELOON Rl I 113 SH1RLrx' M. SPACKIE LO1s 1. STAHLEBACH AIARGARFT O. STOCKDALE XY'11.1x1A M. SXVANSON BETTY M. SYNWOLT ED1T1-1 THOMPSON RUTH E. XVAHLBERG PHYLLIS N, XXVYCKOFF fu S ,ig-. Q vi .2434 x. " I 41 5 L . , . -... . Thnmlrwn Reeder I-lumpllrcy Stmgkrlgxle Cloyd XVahlbcrg Swanson Homann Wlyckoff Dunn, E. I.nF0rgc Mntchcll Sta1'flcbarl1 Shelli-rn Bucklcr Dunkel Larson Johnston Sandquist Malmquxst Goldbcrger B1sscll Andcr Synwnlt Rivard Foster Royce Rohrsen Gunn Spackie 510 M 1 w !! W ii- ' " I-.ig . I ,. Y' l ie HONORARIES AND PROFESSIONALS The literary societies of early lll1lYCl'Slff' days are no longer on this campus. and many of the early professional fraternities are now listed as social. The Philomatheans and Alethenais. the guitar and mandolin clubs, and the students dancing cluhs have disappeared only to he replaced hy other organizations representing different fields of endeavor and honoring different academic achievements. lYliereVer is found a university student with the will to do and the right to achieve . . . there also is found an organization to honor him. l-'or this reason. aliove all. honorary and professional organizations on the campus have grown in scope and numher since their heginnings. while still retaining their original purposes. lfostering ideals. promoting friendships. and advancing the interests of the university' and the students. these organizations have played an im- portant part in the progress of the university. HH M1 xq..u1u H INDEX HONORARIES AND PROFESSIONALS Accuuiitaiicy Club . . . . . .Xgticultutal Club . . , . . .516 .Xlpha Kappa Psi ..., . -Xuieticau Society uf Civil Engineers. A , . . American Sucicty of Xlechauical lfi11gl11CCl'S.. licta Alpha Psi .... llmif and llutn Cluh .... . . . Shi-Ai Slqull and Crescent. . . Stat aml Scrull .,.. . . . .Xuiericaii Institute of Chemical Engineers .... :Xmericau Institute of 1'1lectrical lfngineers. . . llaml uf X ... -lg '17 518 '19 211 21 i'77 533 2-1 535 26 5'6 lf Illini Outing Club. . . lllimvis Society uf General lingiueers ,... . Kappa Delta Pi. . . . Unit-ga Beta Pi. . , Phi Chi Theta. , . Phi Xlu Alpha. . . Phi Llpsilou Omicron. . . Pi Delta Phi. , . Psi Chi . . , Sigma .-Xlpha lota. . . . Sigma Delta Chi. , . Sigma lau . . . Theta Sigma Phi .... Chi llpsilmi . . . M Tomaliawlc , . Gamma 'liheta Phi .,.. ....,...... 5 28 Zeta Phi lfta. . . 51-1 3 'S V9 3 5 J 5 3 5 J 5 5 N . 5 5 29 w .111 311 31 31 ,w 32 33 33 3-1- 3-1 35 5 35 AQQQUNTANC CLIJB University of IIIinoIs T0 briulq together STIICIEIIYS 19190 are iizrerestcu' in 71l8c'TIllg and Ienrllinlq from p1'o111i11c1Ir RICHARD ACRIRAIAN EVLLVN J. ARLNDS HONIARD ASAV LEONARD BARZAN CHRISTY M. BROUCHTON JOHN E. CALLERY RALPH T. CLAUNIN JACR P. COOL XVILLIALJ A. CURTIQ CLARENCE E. DAMHKIRNT HENRY XV. DTININOTR ANDREW I-I. DILROST JOHN DEVLIN JACK D. DOXYDALL JUDSON R. ADAM: LARRY H. AI.LI'N ALBERT J. APPUHN ALLAN ARR RN DELEERT E. BOBLIYT DAVID B. BAULI LAWRENCE F. BERRAUM ROBERT E. BIELLAND JACK BLUME FRANCES M. BLUNT LOGAN K. BOUNDS LEO M. P. BREEN DOOO BRYANT ADELE DEXVERFF CLARENCE L. DUNN RICHARD H. EISENSTAFDT SIEC-EL EMANUEL RICHARD J. FALFTTI HELEN FIEHRENBACKFR ROBERT E. FISH JAMES FRACFY CLIFFORD F. AL'IHOIfI1 KENNETH A. ANDERQON ETTA M. ARNTZFN MARTHA B. BAIID ROBERT M. BARRICR XVILLIAM D. BARTH XVILLIAM J. BASH, JR. BURTON M. BFRGSTROM ROBERT XV. BILHORN RUD BLAKE? LYHAN J. BONNER BETTY BORCHERS ROGER M. BREVEOOLE JOE CAMPOBFLLO RICHARD C AMPOIIITILO SAMUEL fxAMPOEKFI.LO HELEN M. CARR JOHN S. CAssEI.LA JAMES S. COE ORMA J. COFFMAN MARVIN A. CORTI 711011 in the nccollllrillg and rclnrilzneg folds of work XIIQNIBERS ARTHLR L. DUE RORI RT XXX EILIRS MVRON B. GOI-RN MARY H. GRAV AJENDFL E. PJ.-XRT H.ARf7l.D HENNOIIT DONALD E. HILTTTR IRXVIN JFCHA XYIILI.-XM EULVI-NE JOHNSON XY'II.IIA:II F. KARCHER STANLYX' J. IQLUNINNIQI FLORLNCII F. HMI T JXJARVIN KNOI4I.I4'IQ JXIARIIN XV. FRINK H MAROARIT R. QIARRAIID JAAIIN F. GIRIDRIAN I.Ic:NARD HAIIT BINIIDA HATTINDORF l.InN E HAY JIRRV HITTRIIK ROIQI RT D. HIIWRIl R EDR ARD J HIIIIKANQLHN LIONF HUA-HIN MARION L. HIIOHIN RORIRT R, IRINH ROXVLAND J. JACKNUN RORIRT M. JAIIITS J"JL'l!I'R'I' MADE XX'EsI.IaV NJANDII. FRANR MANALI A9 JOHN IVJARROXXL N YJUIIN T. MKBRIDE JUAVID XV. Mr BRIIXI XYIILIAAI INJIIIINU IN UN Sclliors IIIIIIUVS SOPIJOYIIUVC ROEIRT K. DIVALL XVARREN DUCLON -JOHN XV. EHRLIR GI'NIfVA E. ELI.Is ERSRINL P. EUSTICT, JR. ROY J. FI-RRITTI' EARL XV, FLIRIIN4. JAMIQ FOLKS BIAIR I-I. GOIDRERC I.IO J. GORENz, JR. MART' P. GRAVEN P.UIlI5R'I' E. HARRIDCI' MILTON M. HIALM XVIILIARI N. HTRLTHAN GI FN HIrsTI'R GORDON C. HORTIN XVIILIAM E. HUBYR HAROLD E. HUTTMAN ELMITR G. Huss ARTHUR U. JOHNSON NICHOLAS S. JOHNSON IYIQRSITX' I.OI'IN MARN1 HAR FRANK N. MAAIORA IHDAIAQ P. INICMAHIIN GRAVI A. IXIKJPHII IIRN EIWXRARD MIzNI'R JOHN M. IXIIIIIR IIAROLD ARIHUR INJILLIII SHILDON A. MIIRRINIIN GIRAIIN L, IMt1RI5N'IRUM ROYIILA M. OITAIAN AIARJURII PACK.-XIIN JAAIIQ PARR -JOHN F. PUDRAYA RII HARD A. MOIIAN FRII5 I.. MLDRI JALI4 IXIcII'RIIIIII'NI' XXIII I IAM P MVMIIIRD XVIILIAM ML'sI2N XVIIII.-XM JXIUNNIK DDNAID XV. NIINON YDXY ARD K. NIRUIAITR JVIIIN XV. ljNIIlI?M JOHN PAITON PHIIIP A. PIRRINN SIDAIX' H. PHILLII-N LITORCI PAHIIN XVIILIAM D. RANDOLPH JOHN RANNIV JAMIN RI Am' I.I UN.-XRD RORIN-AON LEONARD M. SAXTJIF XIIROII KI SCHIFRIIIVK f HARIIN J. E. SYBYK EDXX ARIW S. SII1 IK 5 IJAROLD L. ONIN CQHRINI KATNINAQ Jr-HN A. KIILINTROA1 DONALD E. ROEHN GLADTS L. I.I5I'DX' ARTHUR T. LINNIIN 'IHOAIAN B. LI-ONARD I. RAV I.lC?INI4IRL-IR RDRERT LL'P'IAIc CHARLIN M. BJAY ANJARION J. JXIITVHILI. JAMI -1 A. NINRIIN JAAIIN C. NEW MAN NURLAN E. Nm LIINTER EDITH E. PTTTRN KINNFTH PIIRINN ALBI-RT M. PIKE, JR. RDRTRT L. PRLYITT XX'AI.TI'R RFETZ MILVIN ROCBTLT H.-ERLIEY N. ROHM J. IQIRRIT RILIT FRANK A NIIRIIV AR'IIIl'Il LI NIIAIII1 I.DI'I-I' X'. SM.AIIxxIT-'D FR.-INR N SIIXXARI JI-NIPH YANDIRVINNII JI AN A. VANORAII Il LVNNI' X'.-INURAIIR I.IXXIN E XX'HINN.xNI NI.-XRIIYN A XVIIIIAAIN IIOIIIRI IE XY'RII.HI Jun". J. ZAAIIINIR FIA RINVI A. ZANI INARI JJRI AND SHI VII AND XXJIIIIAM G. SIJICIR, JR. JARIIN R. SIU-XIRIR GLFNTN A. TRIPII XY'ILLIAM F. 'TIAIIAIIN D TRINIIR ALLI-N D, XVII-Xl H ELILIFNE R. VIIDRHI I9 DOROTHA UNIJIRXXUUD IDHN M. XV,-KRII.-XSD IRNA XVAIRIRR DORLVIHI-I' XVI AX I R I7ORDI'Hx' S. XVIIIIQ-A JAHTN R XXVI.-YIHIRS I,ID XX'I'I.NH RORIRT F. X'i'HIINIfV FRANI IN A. XVHFIIIR HITTY XX'I'lI'l'TI'ZN JARIIN XVILDI' KHARI I9 I.. YOL-Nu PI URTHV ZIRIRII RLY PHILIP A. Row RJARNIIAII. D SEOAI. CIINI H SHAPIRO Dc RUTHX' SIFBFR DONALD H. SIQADDTN JXJARIUIXIF R. FI :XJIJR RINTAIARY P SOAIAIIRS XY'INII'RI'D M. ST.-IIIINOXY' BI.-XRIIN STDIQI R I HLRNHAL V, TIMRIIIQON, . I HARLIN R. TLRNIIOR JIIMITR V. XYAII Auf THC-HAR XVARD JUHN E. XX'.-LIIQINN OLIN A. XYJITIII. BARRY XXVI-NTXX A'II'R JOHN E. XY'HIII7 XVIILIAAI B. XX'I1IORD YI-RLA A. XX'II.HI-LHS ARTHUR E. XYITTI' JOHN A. XYDOD 5 1 1 X 1 N 1 1 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 I E 5 ,541 .W r, 13 13" EIAMIN R, D.1111N S1'1'PH1Mux CL'n1'1N PETERSON hrxcuu 516 KAXF Sxx ,uw l:.'11.' 5111111-'1 hun R DXYIIN XY11 1111 rl, P1'1'rRw f'u1,'.l1f1.', In 11 5:1111 GRICULTURAL CLUB P11 1,xfr111 m . I 111'-l'11-mi: X11 mmf Xurrlamf ., .. ., jul-lx M. Lrxxlx 111 I V Krxxuw KIXCKID, Jn. 1.111 XQ r 1 RTIN , , X111,1.11V1 .,,GFL7PlvI XV, FORUYY -luux R. 5TFPH1'xwx. .. . 'l'f1.111411-1 . .,I.1o V, KURTIX ,I Knxvm' Kmm 1111, VIR, , . lJ1p,1,m. . Rnuxmu F I-l.1n1z1x AGRICL'LTL'R.-XL COUNCIL l'.'11.' Sun, 1:11 Xlmfnl Sarrnvllr LURXINI' Axnrnxw. . 1121111111 1-l,q111nI111m: ..,Lo11.ux1-' ANDERSON 12.1111 R, Sxwaxxcm, . . .-lgr1111I1111,zl E1 01111111111 .R1f,H.11u1 F. H.-XRRIN LLWIHIR U. WMM . .-Igff1nlm1.1l E,!f1..1r1Hu ,.... H1iRKJl.D H. ELIIN B1x11:111x BIIQIRHI 111 :1g1r1ffl1111.1l Euwzu ww ,.. Rournr XV. XY'H1T,1141'R 511111111 G. RAM .. . .. 17,1111 Pw.!1f1,'.wr1 , .. D1 1.111 R1' XV. GA1111 lmix A, Plmim , D,1.f1,1 Thlvfzgflffm , ......,....,....., .. -lmm R P.11r1-Rwx ., .. ,F,f1l.l .mf Fnffffn ,. XY'.11,r1-R Al, Prfrrnsox juux M. I.Fxx1x . .,.. I1 ffff I .mf HH111 . ..Rux.+11a F. SLANI' Ruvu a YU1-11 . I xxx 111 xr 1' A. Nmx 1 '11 , . ilfffm 1111111 1 . . PHJMJ11 51:11.11 ,..E11xx -1R11 D. H1211 1' . R,a1PH S. Yum eu.-c vo- 2 T' 1NIf1xx1:u P11'1111sox XXHELLS Mumamn Prxxos 1x I,1xr1N DAVIE5 Axurnsox YO1-112 ilffilf Kim ,llll Hlallls fnl'RTlT- Folzoll llllll M Ilxxlx I f, 51. 1 GRICULTUR CLUB The :Xgl'lL'lllKll1'1ll Cilull of the L'llil'ersity of Illinois, with 11 lllclllllership of llpproxil11l1tely 315 students. llcts :ls 11 L'fHPl'LllI111Ull' of .Xg Cllnlpus nc- tivities. In llddition to the CCI1fl'Lll cluli there llrc nine SlllP5lLllLlI'f' clulls l'epresel1til1gel1cl1 of the X'1ll'i0llS depilrtlllents of tlle college. lfllcll IllClNllL'I' of the centrall clull l1utol1ll1tic11ll5' lleeollles 11 IllClNllCl' of lrllicllevel' specilll- ized cluli he prefers. Some of the lllllior activities of the f'C1lI', fzlllillg either under the auspices of the Ag Clull or its SllllSltllLl1'iC5, Lll'C the All-:Xg Field Dlly. the Ag Dance. the spring judging contests, Lllhl the All- Ag Banquet. N0l'lll1lllf' the Little lnterntltiollall Alllll the vllrious collegiate iudging tellllls were sponsored ln' these groups. In order to cooperate with will'- tillle restrictions on tlulvelillg, l1oll'ex'el', these activities hllve been dis- continued for the klllldlflllll. The policies ofthe Ag Club are determined ln' the iXgl'lClllfLllA11l Council. composed of the presidents of the specialized clubs, the editor of the Illinois ,-Xgrieulturist. zlnd the president of the centrlll clull. 121115 XY'llll.llgln llI,XlY Hnwllls Pl lllrsi SLANE Axtllaksox Ll xx Ii Yom- Quill l 5 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Fnfnfjcd, 1904 Epsilon Chapter NEW York Univmsity Fifty-High! Artire CbIlpfiv'.r To fairer KCHINIIR R. ANDFRNON, A.M. H. HI-ATON BAILY, A.M,, C.P.A. PIMIIROIQE H, P.Roxx N, Ph,D, Rum-RT P. l'l.-KCKFTT, Ph.D. AllRllN H. HLIN'I'rR, Ph.D.. LL.D. FRLD M. JONIR, Ph.D. DAX'ID B, BALIM CVHRISTY M. BROLIQHTON RALPH T. Cl..-XLKLN GLENN R. CRAMFR CIARI-NCE E. 17.-KMHORNT ,IAI I4 D. DCJXX'D.kI.l. LORI N T. F.-XRRIQ I.-IRRY H. ALLEN RILHARD Q. BARNIN XVIILIAM J. 'l'XMlN D. LAME D.AXIl1 XY. lAlI,l'lRIINl' f'I IIIORD F.A1.1HIIPF Rum RI' K. DIVAII svielzrifa' 1'eseI1rcb in the folds of c0711711e1'ce, m'c'0111Itx, and 1?I1I111ce FACULTY Louis M, KESSLER, M.S., C.P.A. D.AYID KINI.FY, PhD., LL.D. FREDRIC E. LEE, Ph.D. ROBERT V. MITCHELL, M.B,A. l"l.-ALF L. Nl'XYlOAIER, Ph.D., C.P.A. WILLIAM C. Roan, A.M., J.D., LLM. FREDERIC A. RUSSELL, Ph.D. HIRAM T. SCOVILL, A.B,, C.P.A. EDWIN L. THEISS, Ph.D., C.P.A. CHARLES M. THOMPSON, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. P.-KL'L M. VANARSDELL, Ph,D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GVRALD G. FONNVR JAMES F. GOODMAN JOHN HARM.-KN HAROLD HENSOLD ALLAN C. Hlfxs JOHN M. HUNT'FR ,IOHN T. MLBRIDE EUCVINF N. MEYER JOHN W. OST'RFAl LIIINARD M. SAvOII' EREKINE P, EUNIIII, JR. Seniorx I 1111i01'5 Sopbovlzores Fl'L'Sb7llI?lI Rom-RI' C. TAYLOR KEITH M. LANOE RAYMOND MICHALFlf H,AROl,D A. MILLER JOHN M. LIILLFR GERALD E. PIORDSTROM PAUL D. PEXXIE EDNY.-XRD S. SEFILIK AIJION L SHIRLEY RICHARD L. SHOTLIFF GORDON R. TELLIND HAROLD L. Joan WARD F. PONSOR HOWARD L. SANTER JOHN F. SHEA EDXVARD W. SHOTLIFF JOSEPH V. VALLIIRO LESLIE H. XVAVRINFK FRANK R. XVILFY WILLIAM F. TEMI-LIN GLENN A, TRIPP LESLIE T. XVELSH JAMES W. XVILDAY HAROLD V. MILLER JAMES A. NENVLIN , Newlin .Tripp Ostrem Shotliff Templin Sefcil-1 Althoff Meyer l-lurks XV3X'IlHCk J, McBride Clausen Ponsor Pewe Taylor D. McBride H. Muller FJIIIS Harlow Hensold Robb Shea J. Miller Eustice Dowdall S18 A 0 S 0 C 0 E 0 Fffnrlliful, ISSJ lllIrIoIsKl1IIplL-I Um' HIIIJIIITII TIII'r1.'J .'lIllIL Cff,1p.':'II To Iu'I11lI1111f the Xfllt'lL'lIT with the p1'I1L'tiI'I1I plmcs uf L'l14LfflIUL'IAIlItQ' JAMFS G. CLARK, lNI,S. RAYMOND J. ACKFRMAN Low lfl.L E. ACKMANN RORIHRT J. ALLEN LAVIRNF A. ANDIERSOX JOHN fl Asc:HrRMAN LODIQ A, BACON DONALD C. BARRIVK DANII1I, S. BYCHIY JOSEPH P. BI'NNIf XYYALI ALI: E. BOM HUL,H T. BOYD ROBERT F. BLIKMAN WARRITN E. fiAMPf4l'l.L HILLIAR O. CHRISIIANSUN ROY A. fl.APP JOSFPH I OHrN ,IAMFS A. COLLINN DALL L. CLIRTIs ROLAND H. DACYIT JOHN R. DAYIs JACK A. DFCRTR CARI. R. DICK ROIIIQRT W. DURNSINL. JOSEPH V. DUST WILLIAM M. EDOISRI I Y HOXY'.iRI3 EIrHsTAI'DT SIDNPY EPNTI-IN JOHN I.. ERNST W. EL:r.INI' EsTIfs PHILIP J. FALETTO DAVID D, FLFMINLI ANTHONY GTORGFIIV EARL T. GFRDING LEONARD GLRTSCH DWIOHT I.. GLAQSCUCK in him II profexxiwlnl point of 'T.'fL"IL' FACULT MEMBERS IN UN JACK GOODMAN HOWARD A. GORDON CARL G, GRAHAM, JR. EARL D. GRANGE XVILLIAM E. GRAYI-s HENRY T. GRAY ADDISON GROAK WILLIAM A. GROH ALLISON C. GRLINFRT JOHN GLII.LAKsI5N CAMERON f', GIQLLI-TTR ROBERT E. HAMILTON DONAI,D E. HARPER JOHN E. HARTRICK JOHN C. HAX'FS HAROLD M. HFCKTR WILLIAM A, HICKMAN ROBERT HOTMANN D.kVID HOMER HFRBFRT J. HOLJIXXY IN ALBFRT A, l"lllOX'lrR DAN'ID A. HfIRNI'R FRFD HIAIRTON NFAL HC3LlI40l.I' DAVID HOXVARD JACK S. ,IOSIPH I HRIST D. RAC.-Kl.Il'l'l' XVALLACE K. KAc.AxvA HARRY K,-KMMLRLING WILLIAM E, KFIL.-KM DI'DI.EY R. KFLIY I LYDE E. KJCSLTR PHILLIP A. KFSSLFR RAYMOND V. KOFHLI R ARNOLD KOHNIRT, JR. Y IYICRSITY RORI RT KROINING ROIIIORT E. KRUNST RIQDOI PH J. KRtI'I'lAK Lmx I l,l. E, I.AMIII'R'r THOMAR N. LANDYS XY.'ll.I.l.-XM H. l.ANIf SHIIDIIN J. LI.-XYIIT RODI-RICK E. LILA. XVIIJARD A. LINDAHL ROIAI-RT XV. LORVNTZ JOHN W. LYDDON RORIRT D. MAIIAN JAMI-s B. MIIK ERAQMO MLNDI7 !jHARII's A. lhll-XTR CI VMIJNT S, Dlll I I R NURA1,-KN C. lYlIIlIfTT JAMI-A RIILLN ROIIIRT T. lNllIRRlSkTT ROIIIRT F. MONHIR ERRIN F. Dll'lIIIR XVILIIAM G, lNll'RPHY ROIIIRI' R. NII HOIQ T. AIALIIIFM NIANIM XVIIIIAM R. NOI ll FLOY D XV. ODIIJ. JAIOR P.-1l.I.ISTI'R NIAI F. PAYDIN GTNI I.. PECK JOHN R. PITIRAON STIIIHIN PLAYTIR ROIIIRT H. RANIWAII XVIIIJAM A. R,-KNDHLPH 'DLIAAID R, RANIY LIONARD V. RANIRI I ll IIIIII' to Ifcivlop PROI. JAMIs J, DOI IND, M N 1 K, E. ALRI RT F. RAL'I IN I.0I'Ii R. REINI-RT GFURGE I.. RFIIIR DONAID RENICK JOHN G. RFPI INIIIR RORI-RT I.. ROADS lNlIlXlN G. ROA4'Hr O. XYVIILIAM SCHALIIT RIrIIARD R. SCHINDIFR RTARI.-ANNA M S:'HROI-LvrR CH.-KRIIN B, SIQHVDIR H,-XRHI II SLHXY YI I I NEATTL Rfrlillll R. SHAPIAND lNlIITON C. SHIDD EDR IN SHILRY ARTHLR J. SK.-UF AxI.I. F. SKOLIILNIY I. STI-RIINCI SNYIWI-R RUIJIRT A. SPRHAT XVARRIN A, STRUH DIHYIN D. STROMIIIIRO I.r'w W. 'l'AOc.AR'I' ROY W. 'I'HOMIfsON DAI If IE. 'I'HL'MAN M. NI IAI' TOKAY JAVK D. TRAIN WIIIIARI W. WAIKIOR DAYID H. XY-"FrIsrI R DICK XY'rRvr1'R LLICIAN XV. XYVIIKIC HOMIR S. XYONI. JAMIN XV, XVOIID F. SAM WYI.II-', JR. RICHARD WY'IRzYMAI :KI DI KN li. ZL'Mxx Al I f."' ' ' H v ' '7 ' K A l Y ' Y Houbolt Hamilton Cocl Roads Ackmann Bekermerer K. M. Kesler K. C Kesler Sprmr Dick Felrx XVylIc Standahar Hrckman Decker PA-.len Mueller Lyd-.lon Bernhdrd Rexrer Kroening Meyer Barth Kellum Bcnnc Whng Campbell Stromhorg Lorentz Kmwmerlmg Sehrncller Sh.Ipl.xnd Rumck Grunert Shedd Dagrt Gertsch Reinerr Grange Burkman KAcAlIeH Struclenun Boyd Bcchly GAII Hooduin Xvilliamson Odell Clapp Levine XVright Culberson Schudcr Robison Dlck W'el-Ister Mosher Zumwalt Pnllxster C. E. Kesler Skoglund Groh Rancy Randolph Kelly Lane Faletto Mollcnhauer Randall Graves Mendez TOk.Iy Lqrmhcrt Donaldson Edous Barfelt Estes Snyder Schroeder Clark Chrlstianson Leavrtt Ackernmn M.1rtIn Davrd XY'cl'-ster SLll.1Cl1I 519 I 1 1 I i- I-1I1fI1,lI'11', . . O C ISSJ Illxnms Srudunt Chapter New Yurk Cny College Om' lI1nI1lII'1l lI1'eI1l9-tzro ,41'1i1'u Cb.1plSI'.r RIIIIIRI Il. AIIXAAINIR LAIIRI tAN'IIlIA RoIII'RI1 ARRIIQILAIY 51LY1xx M. BAIQPR ,IQHA XY. BAADLNAY' KrNNIIII L. BANDY EDYYARD D. BARLONX ALIIIRI E. BINCIISI Hmxyum BITTNER RIVHAIIIH E. BRALIAIILIIR XYIIR E, BRIx1mx DITAN BRQIXIHTLIN Nxnaxxxxfv IHL'xxx L'1RI1I4,-I JOHN I.. I I IP SI-Y1sII1L'R LIIRIAAQAR HL'l4lR'I XV. Domox HL'IIrRI' A. ELLIOTI CARL E11 IARIAN RoI11fRI' L. ALLEN IHARIIQ C. ARNOLD RIIMIIID BI-R'I'INo EARL BOLING CARL F. BROWN ROIIIRT B. BR0wxr, JR. NoRRIAx A, BLCIQLPY FICIHN -I. CARIPBELI. RIIHIRI' J. C AMPFIFII. WAYNI P. HL'FfI1Ru JIRAID F. ,!Arc.I'R VIAIK J BIRNGARD FRIIY XY. f.-'IRRIIR To 171'I1ll1If!lf xrzrdcllf c11lq'i11c1'1'x Izzirb p1'ufc1'siaf111l uI'g1111i:11ti011x, ro 011111110 1110111 to I'cveiIz'c the pIrIIli1'1Iri011x 111 rhc Suvzct-II. I0 c111'u111'11g'c 01'1g1111I1 1'UIc11I'I'b .XIICNIBICRS IN UNI lc AY XV. EYANQ YIIIKIIPH F. FAIIA YIIIHN M. FII1IIRxIoN AI'I.IwT N. FRI:1sIM XXV,-XIIIR J, G.-IIIIw HARRY O. GIRAILN, bu G. GRIAAIAN RAYMOND HRRIIIVRI, ,lm I4 HFIJIIN ExxALD HLIPP1, JR. ,IAMIN XY. HL'II XX'II.LI.-IM B. jL'mL1x PITIR Al. KOHIIR Lv. AI.-KRYIN Lon, ,IARIIY J. LL'zA LUIAN E. MAI'vImI'x XY'II.I.IA11I A. IXIARFNI-KH G. ELIIIORF MAYQ ,IIIHN H. CRYDLR. JR, I.I'I1 XV. DAYIQ RIIIIFRT E. FULL, TIILIRIAQ C. HARIIPY DLINALD C. HII HI HINRY F. HRL'I1I-I'14Y RDIILRT O. JPsIII'RLz ,IAI-Iss J. KovAI HINRY N. LAxIf IHARLIQ L. ,IANAI-A ILYDP K. LAxx RIXIT YIDHN E. FLUDIN PAL'L L. FILM Scllirfrs IIHILUIN Saplwvlzolvx F1'u1'h111c11 YERSITY LYLARIXII H. AIILYLAY ,ICHN G. MI'CLIfIs1-I DONALD H. AILIZLFR GL's'1 MIHAI.c1PoLILcs DPSLI O. BIIILIR ,TAAIIN B, BIINKIYY RAY G. AICIDT Lrr E. N1I'1QI'Isf-N XY'ILLIAM M. Oxx rx MALIRITZ PITIRNFIN AVILLIAM F. PIr'1cALL RALPH M, RAYNIR ELAIIR ,l. RIXNIR KYLARFNII RIIIHARD ALVIN j. RL"I'HI-NIIIRG PALIL G. SAII-Rxo KFXNYTH D. SALTIFR f3LlVl'R R. SCHAIIDT BIRNARD 1. LATTYA14 PFTFR P. LLIIQAA DELIIII-R E. NIVNIE HOXYARD P. URLEBEKE H. JOHN SCHIIIIQEDANZ THOMAS G. SI HILRRIANN ELIGLN12 F. SCRIJGGS CARI. XV, S'I'AI+I'x JCHN H. MARAH ,Inf A. SALLII RI LFSTI R H1 RRINCITCN ELIMIA j. SFAGRIYI' RIIIHRI' G. SETTLIE jo1'I. C. SMITH Emx ARD J, SNOWDIN DAN M. STOCIQRARCIR Enxux K. 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OHLIR, M.S,, CE, IARRUI r XYHPY, CE. THOMAS j. DOL.-xx, M.S. RAYMOND J. ACKIRMAN DAN S. BIICHLY HILMAR B. QHRLQTIANSON Hoxx ARD M. EICHNTAIDDT SIDNEY EPSTMN WALTER E. ESTES HAROLD M. HECK:-R Gramm- W. P11m1.s, BK. E., K MEMBERS IN UNI WYILLIAM A, Hu KMAN flxrsr E. Klfsun Anxouv YI. KOHNI RT Luxx ru, E. LAMMRT 5Hl'l.DUN J. Lmvlxr ,IAMH B. MFFK E, Y E R S I T Y ERAQMO Mrxnrz, ,ln R1 UFRT F. INIQRHIR KARL F. RILILIIR ERR IN RlL'ILLI'R. ,lR. Rr:nrRT H. RAND.-XII KJTTO XV. Sc HAL HI Xxllllillk M. XY'ILxnx, M.M,lf., C,E.. D.Eng l"lARlul,P r, SVHWH I IDNSAITL .'Xl'!IHL'R ,I SKALL RUMRT L. 'I'1l1n,w CHURQL XY' T'HmN.x H1-MIR S. Wrvxl. F. SAM XYVYI II r-:nf ,W C. Mueller I-luke: Kesler Mack Epstem I.,1mhurt Eiuhstnedl Thomson XVyl1e Scluwellensnttl Bcchly Randall Vilong Menduz E. 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SIIQRIUNI1 LILLIAN J, SILKLMLIND DOROTHY STrPIII'Ns EI.If.-INUR STRAIN XVIIMA II. THORIA-1 HARRIIST THOMPSON ,IAAufs TUCRFR LAVFRNF VANNISS LIIQTVR XVAGNIER RICHARD E. XVALTI-IER ROISFRT XVIYIQS JAMES J. Xx'FLDl'N 'I'I.RRx' A WINTIIAFER IVIARY XVI?S'l'W,-TTER JAMES W. Wx'I.I.II2 IQLAINF M. ZINICK dl Sdmmrliur Antlmfer Attis A. Hicks Urbamck Tukkur Landcs Posner Bottcmn Kurk XV.xtsun Stephens S.n'oldI Marshall Staley L. Sicgmund Thomas ZRILIQ XY'.Ilther Gall Chapman Evans XVylIIe Zimmerman Maushnk Law 528 I. S. G. . Fumlded, 192-4 Um . University ut INIELYIN L. ENGIR, M ROBI-RT H. C.-ILDXX ELL DALE L. CURTIS FRANK ID.-KNIELS CARI. R. DICK Dufxxs N, DIrIcIxsox INIAURICIZ M. GL.-ITT S., C E. Geneml ElIg'IlIL'Ul'fllAQl' .S'afiety F A C U L T Y I-I.IIu'I5v H. joxlux, B.S. I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ronrm E. GLENX Hmxxmzo A. Gokmmx Arsrmox GIICHIQ RIIHIIRD A I"'IRljSK.'X 'IOHN C. HL'uHns ,Iafx 5. YIUSYPH I HRIRT D. KAI .II III'I XY'ILL,-'IRD A. LIxIu.aHI HARRY G. LI'PIMxF CH.-IRLIS A. IVIIYIR RIIBFRT R. NII IIIIIH Rnncrwxn M. S'I.XNDI-KIIXR II.'1.w r.lf,1p.m IIrI'rIIuI H. Svnlxmfn, M S., C.E. FRIIIIIIIC P. STR.-XVIII Lrxv' XV. T.-KIIIIAKI YIIVIHIINN VAxBII-II-IIR RIIIIIIVI C. V.-INGLXIHI' CARI. E WIIxIR'I' LH.IIIIIx S. XYIIIII' Y.1nGunI.Iy Gordon SI.zI1II.II1.II Luplnkke V.xnBIbbeI K.1c.IlIurI XY'cInert I-Iruska joseph Hughw Meyer Sprxngcr Suuugh XYIIIII C,m.Ik KAPPA DELTA FIIIHIJHJ. 1011 L'nIIcrxIIy of Illmon Our Hum I The service of 7llI'l1I1CIIII1 tl.11'r111,q-KI UL'lllc'I'l7IUll MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EZRA O BCTTINIIPLD MILIS C. HARILEI' Mun' V. MCDIIIIIF SARAH j. 4 '-. V RUBY R. Lrrs .J T .31 GI.Irr ... .-, PI .. . .II .I. Alpln I II.IpIcr !1I'1'llw'I'I 1-II. -fwfr rf pw Er-wxx I-I. RIIDI-R DCIIIOTHY 5II'vI'Ns FISHER fx f :- gr HL J 1... 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LIIIII I.: l'Ii B, I.IfI NE XYVILLIAM F, LICHTMAN EARL XV, Lmx RY PI Alpha Chapter Om' .-II'If1'e Clnlfrlsr to fI1I'tbcI' the FRED H. TURNER, Ph.D. HARLEY' j. VAN CLE,-IVE, Ph.D. GEORGE I. AVALLACE, Ph.D. FLOYD R. XVATSON, Ph.D. HARRY A. PAUL ROIITRT F. PI.-KNOW' ROBERT A, REID RICHARD G. SAxoN BENNFTT SHERMAN LEL B. STEVENSON PHILLIP TENNIEY DONALD S. WI-IAM SKI RICHARD XY7ORCI'STIfR Mclick Kmg Guldrnnn FclLIII1.xn IwILI.zIughlin Monahan SIIL-Inun HIIInsteIn hloihcxn Huntcr Gaines Leone FWIIIIXIII, 1934 Sigma Chapter lLI1umhI.I L'nIYcrxIly Tu H1115-Iwlff' .'II'IlII CZIII.l1lIr5 To prnmofc the cause of lniglner lmximfyx c'II'I1rIIri011 mid rnrilliilg for all 'I.L'07llL'lI, and to IVOXTUI' high idenlx for '1i'07IIC'1l in l7ll5IlIC'55 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ADILI DFXVIERII- FI.cRrN4,I' F. KAIII' ELEANOR STRAIN DDROTHEE H. XVIEAVIER INIARII I . FRINIII GRACE A. AIFPHIIIII-RN DIIROTIAIA l.vNDI7RXYOOl5 DOROTHY S. AYILEKS INIARY H. GRAY RozIfLI.A IX! OL1'AI.'XN AIIAN A. 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MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARGIE B, BITZIR K.uH11-lx Guxx FRRNCFQ G, hlorrcx' ELIZABETH D Boxwnw BHTY J, HANIQIEI' M,aRc..aR1T E BIURRAY ANN C. CATLI-TT ALHVRTA C. MFNZH Mun' j, Pmruox NIRRGARFT Kmxmu. licllcx H-,rf haplcr . H15 FZ-.lpfl 1- Imrqr D, Plxumx, A B hfiilvllbllll' I., Wxurn, AB. -In QU UNF M PIPPFR SHHUIY A, SM Ihllll QTITH IIH T1 RRY A. XVFN1 H.-XFI R Pcarsvm Bmx mm XY'.l'tr:r Blnczy Smith fmndull XY'cQrIufer Bxtzc. Gunn Shih Catlctt Murray Mcnzcl H.m15cc Pucpcl 535 ADVERTISING 80 INDEX INDEX OF ADVERTISERS li'l'L'l'fj3'L'l' PJIQU .'xl,I.l'l'll-PRUL'l'Y, Ixci. Ill-'slxg CII,klil.I',S ll.. .wax Cfnxllfxwx' lhmulg ,xxn Rxwlgw H1um'x's PIYJRIX Slllllllll mn lhxlxlss l3L'slfY's SIIXII-I lixxlx fl.XlH.Iw Puxu QIUXIPXXY lllfl--R143 AND IIUXIIIXXX lDL'xc1.xN-lflzlzl-'la ffXl,I..XliHliR Scinmm, mf ISLMNI-155 CIRDISILCI. R., IYllL'Sl'RI.'Xl. c,il,KlX'liS Cmllrxxx' Omx XIILLS Sl'L'lJlU P,XX'l'.XfiR.XPH PRINTING AND SIIXPIUNERY Co. 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D., ,Ir, ..,. , Adams, H. M. .,., ..... . 2-I Adams, ,I ...,..,.... .....,.. .4.1.imt, J. F. ..,.. is-1 :ai 5:1 SR-1, 1111 Adams, ,I. R. .... 'S 237, 572 sis, Adams, I.. A.. ...... 40-I, -ill Adams, l.ula M ..,,....,, Roi Adams, Norma A .31 ISU. IWW 530, -los Adams, R,. ... .1114 200. 400 Adams, R, H,. ..s1' 405, 40-1 Adams, Rex M . ,. ...... .. Adams. Robert M.. .. ...., -I-12 Adams, Virginia I... .. .... Adams, XX'. ,I. .. .. .. . Adamson, R S ... ...,., l'2 Adamstone, F. B ..... ,...,. ..... Addis, D. V. ..... 5 U0 201 sas, sas Adclman, X',.,. . AM0m,i.H, ..... 5: Adkins, Ruth H.. .. ..5l. 1410, Adler, Betty ...... ..... . . . .-i.f11111111.'v.1.'11111 . . . .,,.. . . . .-1.frr11111r1r.r.'11'v 01711 51.1 .2b. 27, 2 flJrr'111111111 .111.l I11.lrx . ..... . Agase, A.. ,.... 185. 210, 311 zsa, Agger,C.... ,.,.... Aggerr, O. ........,. .......,. . Agnew, Harriet E. ..... 503, Rr-S, Agnew, ,I. P. ...........,... . , .4gr1111l.'111.1I Club. ......,., illu .'igr11111.'l111'. lffrllrqrr 111. .. ... .. Ahlf, G. XV. .........,..,. .. Ahrcns, ,I. M. .,... .... ,.,,, . Aiken, H. H .... . .. ..-141, 3111 Ainsworth, ,I. R ,... .... - 104 Akcrman, R. B, ..., HD, 4112 Akin, j. M. ..,.., Aladiem, N. .. ... Albelda, B ......... 44 Albers, I.. A. ....,. . . Albert, O. 5. ,I. ..,. . Alberts, R. D.. . .. Albig, AI. XV.. Albin. Lucille M. Albrecht, C. E ..... Albreeht, XV, C .. .. Alrfillr ........ Aleotk, w. Alde, R. O., .. ... Alden, Patritla f . Alexander, Ann L.. . .. Alexander, G., If .... . Alexander, I. XX. .... Alexander, Merrill II.. .. Alexander, Merton ,I.. -105 Alexander. R, H. ...... . Alexander, R. J.. 50,00 T7 Alford, ,l. E ...... . Allan, R. H ,.... ....... M.. Allan, R. Allaway, XV. Alleman, N, H.... 3-ll Allen, A. R. .... . Allen, Betty ,l.,. . Allen,F.XV.... Allen, H. K.. . Allen, ,I ..... .... ..... 1 5 2 Allen, I.. H. ...... 375, 425 Allen, Martha H. ...... Ill Allen, Mary A. . ... Aim, Mary 1... Allen, P. E.... Allen, R. B ,... .. .I50. Allen R. 538 417 i.illI .-io .11 1 A S IS 1-1' SHR S74 R72 X91 S0-I isa, S-IR, sis -170 -I 0-1 I 9 I 910 420 .ago 2314 420 S07 -ISO 442 4714 4-IR 170 -III-l sls 902 -IS' ,444 237 Zxo 202 S21 -Illl S141 S51 sw 20' -H2 1414 gs ns 273 3 -I-13 35 ew 950 -Illl 2711 SSI -IIS 92:4 -II Sgr. -I'I -IRO 1"s sso 5-is .H 1'R .lily 2141 9119 IR 3-1 SV ai-1 ' Rst: -lor s-11 -107 102 Sl' 100 -I li .Ho -ll-1 4121 S19 -10S -117 510 -192 -II-1 -1111 .Iss -Il Q0 520 SUI -ls-1 S20 I I -102 -IIR -III1 S110 IW' -I IS 9.1ll SHI -II l -Il I SR' lol ILM .501 100 421 430 SIH SSI .IIN 1410 922 100 4-IS Allen. R. E.. . ., Allen, R. ,I .... a , 58-I Allen, R. l.... Allen, R. M. . 'S, Allen, Stella B .... Allhands, fl. .... Allison, A. XX. . Allison, Phylinda .... ., Allision, Rosalie . Allison, Roth ..... Allison, XV. R. .... .e1ll1111-P1'n11l,I', 11113 .. .... .. Alm, B. Lucille... 57, 120 Alp, H. H. ..... ...., . Alpers, E. E .... 373 Alpert, E. ...... .. Alpert, G. ....... . .-11,011.1 C111 O1m',g.1 . .. .'llp11.1 C111 R1111 .,.. ,'Ilp11.1 C111 51151114 .. .slljifm Duff.: P111 .... .-llp11.1 Dr'll.1 P1 ..... .'1lf11111 Ep.11l1111 1111.1 .... .-llfvlni Ep11l1111 P111 fllplni .-llplmi 1l1111 P1 ..... Ep. G.z111111.1 Dzflil . .-11,011.1 G.1111111.1 Rlw. .. .l1f111.1 I-111111. ......... .-llf111.1 K.1,f1f1.1 K.1f1f1.1. .. .-1l,l111.i K.ipp.1 l..i111b.l.l .-1lf'11.1 K.i,t1p.1 Pri ..... . .ellfvlni L1111l1.l.1 Delta. . . llpl 1 1'llf10i1 .'ll,l1li11 511,711.1 Olmgn ........ O1111',u.1 .'1lpb.1. ,. 01711111111 P1 .... P111. . .'1ll11111 R110 C111 .... ... .llpluz S1g111.1 PI11. .'llp11.r T411 O111r'ig.i .llplirz X1 sow Dr'1l.l .. .l1f'11.1 Zara ..... ...... Alt, E, E ...... -1 s, BRS, Alt, XV. R. ..... .... . Altliofl, C. F.. .. .... Altman. A. S .... .. Altman, XV. .... Altorler, H. D. .... ... Altpeter, Lois E. ..... .. Altschul, b.. .......... .. . 1111111111 .4im1'111ll1111, . .. Alt-ey, Dorys I. ..... . Alworth, R. M ..... .. ..... Ambrose, L. R. ....... .... as as QA 11 S. .71 4 1 3. 4 S87 1 io 20 li 46 .R .1 A A -lhl ER 7 4'0 Amdal, Marilynn. 342, 540, .lr11r'11r.111 111111111111 111' C1w1111r.1l E11,g111es1 r .'l1m'11r.r11 I11rf1l111v of Elrrfilruil E11,gl11e'r1'.i .'l.P11..'l.. .Y111.1'r11t B1n11r1v 11 1 . E .'l111u1'11'.111 S11r11'1,I of C1111 1 m'c'1.r . , 211. ' .-l111a1'1ra11 S11r11'ly 117 1Xlt'1'11.111i1'.1l E11g1111w1 1 ............... Ames, A. C. .... ........ . Ames, XV. ...... Ames, XX' B. .. ,... .. Amling, XV. H.... ....-14 Aneel, S.j .... ....... . Ander, Betty I ..... , ...... .. Anderman, Dorothy B. ..... . Anderson, A. G ........ 104 Anderson, Audrey C ........ Anderson, KP. R.. ..,... 330 Anderson, Carolyn D. ...... . Anderson, D. C. ....... 210, Anderson, D. T. ........... . Anderson, Anderson, Dorothy l .... . .. E. R. ...... . Anderson, G. I. ..... . Anderson, G. K.. .. .. Anderson, Gertrude R.. .. .. Anderson, 1-1. E. ....... Anderson, ,Ianet A.. . .. .. Anderson, ,loan ....., .. . Anderson, K. A ..... .. Anderson, K. XV.. .. .. Anderson, L. ...... .. Anderson, L. A ..... . ..... Anderson, L. E.. . .... . . . ,. Anderson, Loraine. .... .IIl, SIO, Anderson, Marjorie I.. .111 Anderson, Mary E .... . .50S, Anderson, O. A. ......... . Anderson, Phyllis C.. . . . ,. Anderson, R. C ..... .. Anderson, R. E. .... Anderson, R. F.. .. ...4-1 Anderson, R. N.. .. ... Anderson, Slbyl A.. .. Anderson, Virginia ... .. Andrews, A. 1. ...... Andrews, Alice E. ....... . Andrews, Avonne L .... 290. Andrews, D. XV ...... ..5-10, Andrews, E. G. ..... .... . 2172 201 SI 8 26 50 S7 5 4 3 34 Ao s 2. S87 S24 S1 40 so IH 51 0 2 0 II .4-I 21 58 0 S 404 47 9 351 547 584 400 no S20 40" 4-0 490 402 502 300 300 337 S45 S01 400 BSS IRI 177 402 -IU9 400 407 405 173 -to-I 408 40S 400 S02 I00 410 5114 100 175 17-I 400 467 411 412 415 -10S IOS , 4-Il 580 SIS +12-17 -124 -124 -1011 -ll 207 4140 570 -us 923 S20 S20 107 S19 S20 103 3011 20' 422 441 S10 319 -IIS 509 S33 102 289 414 387 iss 5947 455 -107 407 -13-I .loo 407 SIS -110 490 -,lo 497 457-I SSI SSI 934 422 470 431 50.1 414 313 S02 47s 400 S73 470 404 439 Andrews, J. .... . Andrews, J. B .... Andrews Andrews ,J.R ...... ,jane A.... iii 305 S00 Andrews, Mary A.. . .. Andrews, Norma J... .... .. Andrews, X'. L. ............ . Andrews, Virginia M. Aney, ,Iune J ..... .......... Angel, ,I. XV. ........ . Anson, L. ......... . Anthofer, Irmagard ...,..... Anthonisen, N. C.. . . .. Antilla, A. L... .... EJO, 204, Antle, R. M.. ..... Antonello, J. .. ..., 73, 405, Apfelbach, C. XV.. . . .. Aplingron, ,l. B. ..... . Appa, Madlynne L.. . .. Appelbaum, Marillyn.. Appelman, Harriet ..... .iw asa Appenheimer, Juanita A. .... Appuhn, A. J.. ....... .. Appuhn, L. XV. ........ . Aranov, H ....... Archbold, Helen ...... Archer, L. B. ........ . Arenberg, ,l. T. ...... . Arends, Evelyn ,l...126, :lmlm ....... iris, Argenbright, Harriett .i U Argenbright, L. P. ..... . Ariazmo. R. ..... .. Aricks, A. ....... . Armando, M. I. .... . Armistead, R. E. ..... . Armour, Shirley A.. .. Armstrong, B. .... ... Armstrong, Betty .... Armstrong, Betty L.. .. Armstrong. Beulah M.. Armstrong, R. P. .... . 44. 5. Arnett, 5., jr. ..... ....... . . Arnold, C. C ..... . ...201 Arnold, Elizabeth A... Arnold, Elizabeth L..5' ' Arnold, ,I. . ...... .. Arnold, Arnold, Arnold, Arnold. Arntzen. Aron, A. Aron Aron, , B. .... . Aron, Dorothy XV ,I. F. ..... . M. B .... N. ..... . R. B.. . .. Etta M .... XV. ..... . R .... Aron, XV. A ..... , Aronorf, Aronov, D. D .... B. M.... Arrau, Claudio ..... Assy, H. ......... . Aseherman, ,I. C... Asgcirssnn, H.. Ashbrook, T, A .... Ashby, R. C ...... Ashburn, ,I. G.. .. Ashley, XV. F .... . Askren, E. ........... . Askren, E. L., ,Ir...... Asselin, G. F ....... 44, Astor, Sara .... .. IH ..... .. Astrotli, L. .......... . 42s 375 stir .545 321 573 .110 S25 .44 200, 325 'sis 495 sos 403 40S 587 495 19S 105, Atchison, Marjorie C .... Atchison, XV. F. ..... . Atherton. L. G ..... . .. .-1l11l1'111' .1.!mI11i.r11.1l1u11 .-l111lr'l11' .'lrror1.1l1u11 .41bl.'11rr ...,........ Atkins, E. L. ..... . Atkins, j. ...,,... . Atkins, R. ......... . Atkinson, Barbara ... Atkinson, L. L .,.... Atkinson, XV. K.. .. D ........ Mary E .... Atlas, G. Attebery. Attig, R ........ ......, Marion R. .....,. .. Atzenhofler, Phyllis ..... -IS Aubineau. ,Ieanne-. . .. .. Atwood, Aud, F. l.. .,...... Audrieth, L. F ..., ...... Auerbath, Helen ... ..,. .. . Augensen, R. V. ....... 318. Auster, Tedde M. ....., . Austin, Elizabeth A.. .. Austin, R. M. ...... . Auten, D. S. ...... . Averbach, P. ...... . Averbook, Miriam. .. Avery, H. Avison, G. XV.. .. Awami. R. . Axelrod. si... Ayars, F. b.. .. 200 447 1 I1 200 'zoz 4.2-2 .1413 11191 310 4110, kink sw, 459 423 'Rio 179 1-ws 504 .ms 475 504 , 492 508 479 4857 488 528 ISS 520 404 527 171 168 -1051 4RO 480 502 sis 425 420 463 404 418 515 548 -163 435 486 ses 388 520 40S 41s 175 468 481 41s -180 588 920 504 497 17S 194 297 418 , 440 S15 40 544 507 200 346 441 3151 355 515 519 417 73 428 406 176 100 ISS 201 526 4751 442 246 495 208 401 204 208 20?- 44 210 100 474 4910 -142 170 400 -las 44 475 -170 301 445 S10 S2-1 -102 ZS7 168 387 310 528 575 448 154 555 Aycock, B. F.. .... Aylesworth, R. G.. .. Ayres, XV. H... B Baar, R. C ..... .... . .. Babb, M. C.. ...... Babb, Martha B ...... .... Babb, XV. C ..... ........... Babbitt, H. E. .... 201, 385, Babicz, Adalyn ............. Bach, E. E ......., . Backman, G. E .... Bacon, A. R ..... Bacon, C. S .... Bacon, L. Bacon, R. A ....... Bacon, Shirley . .. Baddaker, R. C .... Badger, A. E.... Baer, C. E ..... Baer, M. H. .... Baer, Natalie ... Bagg, R. L.. . .. Bahan, XV. C... Bahcall, Ruth.. Baier, F. R ........ . .. Bailar, J. C. ....... Bailey, Arlene C.. .. ... Bailey, B. H. .... . Bailey, D. ,I ..... Bailey, E. R.. .. . Bailey, H. XV.... Bailey, L. .... . .... .. Bailey, P. ...... ...... . Bailie, H. H. .... ...lS5, Baily, H. H. .... .. ...421, Bain, Barbara A ..... ...... Bair, G. XV. ......... Baird, Elizabeth A. .... ... Baird, T. A. ....... . Baker, A. E.. ..... Baker, Aileen L.. .. ... Baker, Frances L .... Baker, J. S. ....... .. . Baker, L ........... Baker, Martha L. .... Baker, P. S. ....... ... Baker, R. E. .... Baker, R. Baker, S. M.... Bakke, L. ..... . Bakkom, R.. ........ ... Balbach, Doris A ..., ... Baldridge, Mary .... Baldridge, XV. IXI .... Baldwin, G. C.. . . ... Baldwin, T. XV.. .. ...... Balestri, G. ...... ...2I0, Balestri, R. .... . Balikov, H ...... .... Ball, R. XV ........ Balline, Rose L .... Ballinx, O. B... Ballis, Mayta F.. .. ... Balman, Marge. . .. Balotin, Thelma. . . . . Balsley, Alice R... . . Bamberger, A. . . .. Bampton, Rose .... Bam! of X ..... Bandusky, j. XV. ...... ... Bandy, K. L. ............. Bane, ,I. Lita ..... 118 103 Banes, F. XV ..... ......... Bangert, H.. ......... Banister, XV. C.. ..... .... Banks, R. R. ............ . Bann, R. F. ........ 45, 406, Baranfik, R. .............. . Barannwski, H. ,I. ....... . Barber, Eleanor j.. ........ . Barber, Elizabeth F. .... 468, Barbara. A. F ...... Bardolph, M. P.. . .. Bardolph, R ....... Barextlier, H. D. ...... . Barkan, bl. ........ . Barker, Mary D. .... Barker, XV. L. .... . Barker, XV. R... Barkley, C. ,I.. .. -90 Barlow, E. D.. .. ....90 Barlow, R. R .... ...... I 99 Barnard, E. loan... Barnard, Evyn G ...... .... Barnard. XV. H., ,lr ..... Barnes, Betty A. ...... Barnes, C. M. ............. . Barnes, R. C. ..... 185, 350 584 Barnes, V. E. .... .... . Barnett, D. E .... .... Barnett, G ..... .. 587 406 454 412 .75 -186 171 177 515 318 413 -127 527 .-IS 501 . 425 .. . . 412 .. 160 .. 160 .. 519 .. 375 . -176 4-ls 200, 701 208 214 480 510 387 -132 375 440 510 413 927 200 400 513 477 387 375 428 -110 .27 200 . .. 447 ISS 203 -125 518 521 507 163 .49 S04 108 -108 30S, S04 922 901 152 108 I72 126 200 400 370 -109 .41 452 .OO 520 563 43s 300 311 173 426 195 193 257 455 455 158 197 404 ISS 164 518 -180 365 126 403 . 170 559 527 .90 520 .00 520 473. 551 200, 406 175 415 111 487 489 526 441 21S 431 507 S25 551 16-1 174 105 200 201 38S 380 588 449 S05 428 -132 107 4-17 445 S20 528, 533 3-IS 400 .-IS 372 452 469 2IS 41-I 351 373 412 S18 .... 413 405 437 158 I qT7ibut8 to or Pioneer E I 91 nfl ,,v-ff. W 5 ,via ,ki KMA K lg' f J' li... S N ami the Americzmldea Wlith the launching of the Liberty ship, "john Deere," the United States Maritime Commission pays tribute to one of America's pioneers in agricultural achievement. "It is fitting that this honor be bestowed on the man whose vision and foresight, one hundred and six years ago, gave to the world the steel plow and founded the organization which bears his name." The S.S. "John Deere," launched months ahead of schedule, is a typical product of the ingenuity and freedom of enterprise which are cornerstones in the American economy. XY'e of the John Deere organization like to believe that our founder, himself a man whose ruling pride lay in a job well done, would derive a greater satisfaction from the speed and etliciency of American production than from the personal tribute paid him. DEERE 81 COMPANY, Moline, Illinois 539 Brlsbulrcm D 1 . l r . . 1 I Barnett. 1.aX'crnc.. Barney, Dorothy. . . Baron. Rose A.. . .. Baron. T ........ . . Barr, Betty L.. .. Barr, C. B ..... .,,.. Barr, XV. A., -lr...,. Barr, XV. B .,..... Barracks, J. R. ..... . Barrcr, Elrnor C.. . .. Barrett. Lois M.... Barrxck, B. B.... Barrick, D. C .,.., Barrick, R. M. ..... . Barron, S. H., jr.... 1 '. f I Ak .201 518 505 -117 .-15 290 Barron, T. ...... .......... . Bdrrow, Bzxrbara A. .,... 111 Barry, E. E ........ ..,. 5 ST' Barry. ,lennis ..,.. ..,.. Barry, XXL. A.. jr.. .. Barsky, 5 .,....... Barstow, B. D .,.. Barts, E. P. ....... .. Barrels, D. Cv. ....... . . ,. Barrclr, Doris M. ..... ,.... . Barth, XV. D ...,...,. .337 Bartlrel, XV. H. .......... . Bartley, B. O. ...... 55, I-15 In Bartley, -l. Bl..-15, 255, 58-1 Bartley, Mary F ....... ...., Bartn, Harrrct T., .... .. Barton, E. M. .,...... .. Bartsch, Catherrnc M ..,. . Bartz, Eleanor M.. . .. .... Bartz, Cu. F. ......... .. Barzan, L. A. .,.. .75 B.J.wl1.1ll ...... B.:n61.'lmIl ...... Bash, XV. J., -lr. ...,.. .107 Baskxn, Bernrcc .... .... Basolo, F. ....,. . Bass, A, E ...,... ..,.... Bass, R, G. ......., . . .387 Basse.-tl, XV. M ......... S75 Bassr, A. B ..... . ,,... .. Baslxcn, E. H ..... Bateman. H. P .... Bates, C. E ,.... . Bates, XXI .... . Batrna, F. ...... . Batsakrs. Ni., .... . Baude, Patrrcxa Bauer, E. E. ..... . Bauer, J. N. ..,... . Bauer, Shirley ,I ....,. ..351 Bauer, Vlrginla A, .,..... . Baum, D. D.. .,... 75, 402 Bauman, F. L .... ,..,. Bauman, I.. .... .... . Baumrrnd, I. .. Baxter, J. R ..... . ...... . Baxter, XV. L .... .... 5 10 Baylcy, XV. S. .... .,.,. . Baylrss, M ..... ... .... Baylor, Beulah F .,,.. .. Baylor, XVinnie .... .. .. Baysinger, ,lean M.. .. .... Bavsmser, V. G... Bcjrfhf Beach, F. H. ...., . 111 -110, ESS 4:4 571 114 E111 572 , 403 441 G 515 575 451 5215 515 200 ,-151 asf, A53 515 515 315 563 -1.1-1 156 354 Hqlen B .... ,... . ,.,... . Bcadle, XV. j. ...,..,.,... 373 Bull, 1.. XV .... .55, 57, 111 195 272, 206, 2-JS, 57: Baal, M. I.. ..,... 3-mf., 208, 560 Bcall, Hazel R.. .......... 365 Beals, R. .. 573 Beam, R. IMI ..... .521 564 Bean, Dxxre .......... ....... Bean, F. Marguerite ........... Bean, H. XV... ..,..,,.... Bear, J. T ........... H152 56-1 Bunr, Vrrginxa M...51v, 111 548 Beard, H. .,.............,,.. . Beard, tl. H ....... .1'2, 417 -113 Heard, Mary A ..... .....,..... Hum Clnzlmm .... .........,.. Bcaumunt, J. M. ......, 150, 375 158175, R. XY...111, ION, 571 555 Bcrhnrni, G. S. . ........... .. Burlmly, D. S ...,. ..37, -vo 201 519 Berk, Barbara A. ............. . Burk, G. W, ...,. lou, 447 527. Bcck.H. ..,...,, Buck, ,l. C. .... ,........, . .. Buck, N. S ...,.. ..,.. . . 111 Bcrkcl, A. C. .......... Becker, Consume A. .... 32-4 Becker, D. E. ......... Becker, J.. ,........ .. Becker, Natalie J .... ..... Becker, R. J.. ...... ...,. . . Bunker, Sarajanc S.. .. .... 322 Becker, XV. E. ..... .... 2 lo Bcckcr. XV. V. .... .. 322 Bcdalc, L. R. .... ..... Bcdrngcr, P. L, .. ..... Bcdrrck, Cyra ..... Bee, Margaret I.. . . ... Bcgalc, A. M ..... Bcgucssc, C. E.... Bclun. P. F. .... . 540 -198 471 552 516 -167 199 -114 -180 -130 -lui we 525 519 515 155 160 551 522 203 -15' 170 -185 -155 521- -165 515 -151 2-in -H3 -151 -170 551 101-I -162 -lS1 584 S15 2-ll 124- -111' 525 51121 406 -111,1 522 .wax -119 168 10S 00 587' 130 75 -108 527 S28 525 4115 S13 -155 153 4-18 54-1 412 41-1 165 531 -Mm 522 -171 1430 -15-l -NH 38-1 26-1 -12-l 364 475 -H4 -150 .WI 111 107 -110 -11711 155 550 41611 26,1 413 -150 452 .WS S27 -1112 531 416 108 -Fm -lim .pm -101 528 505 441 510 -135 416 45-1 155 3117 506 175 158 -H0 Burch, XV. A ......,... ...325, Bcrdelman, Betty J .... ..... Bell, Gloria R. ..... .... BCIll:, C. XV. ...... .. Belle. ,l. H. .....,., .. Bernstein, Marjorie .., .. Bcxsncr, E. B. ........ .. Bckermexer, H. XV .... .. Belden, T. G. ...... .. Bel rade, I. S ...., .. Bali A. J... .... Bell, B. ..,........ .... Bell, 1. F. .........., .... 7 1, Belluws, Margery A, ....,.... -15, Bclnhlavek, Betty L... ..... ... Below, Helen I .,.. . . . .... .. . . Belting, Dorothy J... .-15 541, 348 565, Bullxng, Natllia lvl .... ........ Bcndas, M. ....,... . 197 575. Bcnder, F. .,....... .,..... . Bcndgr, Marion 1.. . ..... . . . Bunchel, P. B. .... ..323, Bungston, R. ......... ....... . Benjamin, A. ........ .....,. . Bcnyamrn, Bet1'yB..184 550 551, Benjamin R. K. ...... ....,.. . Bcnnc, J. P .,... ........ Bonner, T. E. .... ..... 1 24, Bennett, A. M.. .... 518, 322, Bennett, Alice C .... ..... . .. Bcnnutt, Bette L.. ., .. 325. Bennett, Elsie B.... .. Bennett, J. B. ...... ... . Bcnnctt, I. R. ....... . .... .. Bennett. Lucile J ....... ..... J 62, Bunnctt, IX1ar1orrc 1... 37 132. 565 473. Bcnnctt. R. P. .,.... ......, . Bcnnnrt. XV. R. .... ... .. .. Bcnnrs. C. B.... ,.., . ...... .. Bcnnilt, R. A., Jr., .. 572 535, Bunuxit, A. E. ...,.. .91 -113, Bcnwist, Alxne F.. .. . .... 126, Bcnfmist, Marjorie. .. .... .. . . Benson, Arlene .... ........ Bcnsun, Betty. . .. . 112 461. Bcnwn, H. G. ....... 210 257, Bunsnn, Lou Ann. .... 351 460, Bcnwn, Martha L. ......... 517, Benson, Phyllis A ..... ..,.. 5 23. Benton, Barbara A.. .. .. . .-15, Benton, B. E. ...... .... Benton, Vxvian L. .... .. . . Bcnzuly, H. ..,..... ...322, Bcnzuly,1. ..... Bcrlwaum, L. F .... .. 073, Bcrcrz, M.. ..,.. Bcrcz, J. S ...... .. Bcrllcld, Mary A .... .. Berg, H, L. ....... .. 13crgcr,F.B.... .....,...., Berger, R. I.. .......,,....... .. Bergcson, R. A.. . .1-13, 198 228, Bcrgfrcld, Leone ................ Berglnnd, C. ...,........... 360, Bergman, 1.avergne.....308, 309, Bergman. R. A. .... 73, 558 339. 3-17 372, Bergmann, Harriet J. ......,.,. . Bcrgrcn, L. E. ........ ........ . Bcrgrcn, Ruth E. ...... ...112, Bcrgschncider, M. R... .... Bergstrom, B. M ..... .... Bcrl-mwrtz, Esther A.. .. . . Berkowitz, J. ...,.... .. Bcrknwitz, Marion .... .. Bcrlander, Mrldrcd ... .. Burliant, Daisinnn .... .. Bcrlxn, L. H. ...... .. Berllngcr, Lucrllc. .. .. Berman, C. F. ..,. .. Berman, Gloria ... .. Berman, S. ...., .. Bcrnardlc, F. ..... .. Burnnrdie, H. ...... .. Bcrnardoni, E. A.. .. .... BcrnayS, P. M..... Bcrnbaum, E. . . . ...193. Bcrncr, XV. ....,.. ..... Bcrngard, J. J. .,,.. .. Bcrngcn, Dorothy, .. .. 309, Bcrnslenn, D. D .... ..... Bernstein, H. Bernstein, L. ...,.. .. .. Bcrnstem, M, ...,., ...387, Bcrnstcrn, Marlnric .... ,.... Bcrolzhcrmcr, H. F.. . ,. ..... .. Bcrquxsr, S ..... .,.... . .. .... Berry, E. F... ....,. ..,.,. 1 5-1, Berry, R. E.... .... ...ISS 318, Berry, Thelma A. .l. ...... ..... . Bert, Helen E. ...... . Bcrnno, R. ......,. .,....... . Bcsancon, R. M. .,............ . Bcshers, Mary j. ........ 45 338, 573, 135511, Cbnrlvf H.. and Cofllpmly Bessone, A....35, 1-1-1, 210 257. Best, C. ...... ..,. . . Bel.: .fllplm Pr: ........ . Bri.: Grmmm Sigma ..... Brin Honrr ,.., ...... Bam Tlwla Pl ...... 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Brlderbark, Jean .... Bulger, R. L. ..... .. Brlhorn, R. XV... ' ', J. ... Bingham, Barbara ... Brntzlcr, R. C. .,.. . Brrkhauser. R. R .... Brrks, D. XV. .... . Blrks, L. S. ...... .. Brschurl, P. XV... .. . Bnschorl, R. .... .. Brsua, H. V. ...... . Buss, Lucille E. .,,.... . Brsscll, Dorothy M.. . .. R. ...,........ . .29S, 373, 522, .195 .....7J .154 .987 .545 Brtlrr, A. H. ..,.... . Blttmger, E. M. ...... .. Bxttncx, H. B. .,....,.... . Bllzcr, lXfIarg1i: B...18-I, 111 515, 550, 551, 59-l, -179, Brtzcr, R. L. .,.....,., 519 Brxby, XV. E ..... .,.,.,.... Blelland, R. E. ........ 572 Black, A. Madeline ........ Black, Lois E. ....... .. Black, Mary A.. ..... ...... Blankard, Vrrgrnia E.. ..116, Blair, j. C. ......,..... 193 Blair, L. J .,... ,,...... . .. Bl.xke,A.P .,... .. Blake, R ........... . Blakcman, Carroll ..... Blansett, B. E.. ..... ,. Blasgu, E. A. ...... 36, Blasicr, 5. C.. .. 140 384 .197 Blatt, M. L ..... ., .. Blnzrna. M. E. ...... . Blrm, L. W, ......,. . Bliss, Paula M. .... 186, Bliss, R. T. ......... . Blix, Bloch, Gerald1nc..... F.. , ........ . ., Blork, B. ...... . . .. Block, Beverly J... Block, H. ...... . Blank, R. L. .,,. . Blodgett, R. H.. . .. Bloemker, L. A.. . .. Blomeyer, D. P .,... Bloom, E. P. ..,.. . Bloom, Margaret .... Bloom, Ralph U.. . .. Bloom, Sally j .,... . .. Bloomberg, 1.aVcrnc.. 'jdj ..45 Q .75 Blount, B. G ..... ..7-1, 136 Blume, D. Evclyn...3 Bludcau, R. . Bluefarb, Eva L,. . . . . .. 1, 57 zso, :sz Jas. ao: Blume, J ..... ......... Blumenthal, S. Q... . . .. Blunt, Frances M. ...... 74 Bunn! of Tf11.rlwf.. Boas, XV. E ....... Bobal, F. J.. . .. Bohlrtt, D. E ..... Bobrow, B. ........ .. Bocclnardr, J. F. ..,.. . Bock, E. XV ..... . Bock, H. L.. ,.... ,. Bock, L. L. ..,..... . r Bockcmcrer, E. XY ,. . ,. Bodenbach, Florence C.. .112 Boa, Harriet ,l. ........ 521 Bochme, J, F ..... ..... Boescnberg, E. Boettchcr, Selma . . . Boettchcr, S. A ..... Bogart, E. L ..... . Bogatto, J. ..... .,..,...... . Boger, F. C.. ,...,,.... 152 Boggs. J. D .... 35, 91 208 385 Bnggs, Bohac, F. Buhan, J. L.. . .. Bohaty. Bohl, Bohman, R. H .... .01, 578, 582, Bolcy, C. C. .,....... . Z. A, ......... Helen .,......., Mary E. ........... . 153' 535 408 513 1295 5215 .75 -152 318 1-1.15 555 E37 537 , 91 29-I. 523, -114 435 1 195 525 531 445, 430. 167 530, Sb? 2172 435 14.5 3418 556 385 112 28-l -19-1 409 ..2-1 584 154 372 158 361 -172 475 373 187 345 265 -103 .-15 210 201 386 -SW 424 525 476 168 469 110 469 -15 505 572 575 107 522 -176 475 175 170 521 -169 554 197 4021 -I7-I -157 515 195 465 415 -1-ll 52,1 193 -1-12 V1-12 '15-1 510 510 -151 -l-12 520 51-1 555 524 525 515 502 -N7 502 -107 410 512 427 515 587 -110 572 555 524 109 197 -140 -17-I -I-10 171 552 -186 552 -158 521 -l-10 423 575 544 -H17 575 -164 522 572 -113 'll 507 277 285 531 515 -158 515 ,zs 519 175 Sli 15-l -186 -100 1611 'ISU 400 531 53-1 4111 526 505 45" 19,1 455 364 271 413 500 228 155 526 509 374 389 417 Bolin, Bolrn, Bolrng, O. .,.... R. E ....,. .... E. E. ...... ..., . Bolman, Marjorie ... . .. Bolman, P. M.. . .. Bolte, Bond, Bc nc Bone, O. ...... G. B.... , D. R. G..- Bone XV. R.. . . Bongert, H... ... Bonner ,j.B .... . Bonner, L. ..... Bennett, A. N. ...... .... . Bonnett, D. N. ............ . Bnnnett, Jennie M. ..,,.. 46 Bennett, O. T. ........... . Bonney, Bontcm Marian A.... ps, C. ....... .... . Booker, JoAnne. .. ...308, Boor, A. K.. ..,.. Booth, A. XV. .... Booth, B .,..... . . . Booth, B. H. .... . Booth, D. G.. . . . Bontz, H. .,..... . Borah, Dorothy. .. Bnrchers, Betty. . .. Borden, G. 1-1 ...... Bnrdenavc, J. L. .... . Bnrgcrson, R. L ..... Borgeson, June .... Borgeson, P. XV ..... Burgsmiller, R. J ,... Burgsmiller, XV. J.,.. .... .. Bonn, R ........ . . ,.,.. .. Borklund, M, K... .... -16 Borman, A. ..... Burn. H. ..,.. . Burns, R. B.... Borovick, J. . Bostmn, P. ..,..... . Bothc.-L. L... ...... . Bottenheld. E. O. .,..,.. .. Bottemn, Dorothy L. ..... . Bottin. A. C. ,............ Boudrcau, M. L .,...... 112, Boulware, Barbara A. ...,.. . Bounds, L. K. ..... 7-4, 372 Bouslog. N. F. .... 112, 372 Bouthrlller, 1.. .r ........ .... Bowdrtch. F. XV., . . .. Bowen, C. E. ...... . Bowen, Dorothy . . Buwen, R. R. ....... T. F. .... . Bowen, Bower, O. lx ..... Bowers, D. V ..... Bowcrs, E. F........ Bowers, Emma rx. .... '315' Bowcy, D. .........,...... . Bowman, Elizabeth D.. Boxerrnan. M.. ........ . Boyarrs, E. . ......,. . 553' 5245 373 215 171 504 Sbb '1 523 215 3-15 2163 453 366 405 485 356 -190, 566 297 363 493 565 387, ll-S5 .27 155 372 199 1.74 Boyd, H. Boyd, H. T .... ...., B0yd,R.I. .,..... Boyd, S. N ..... ........... Bnyle, F. A,..11:, 185, 186 950 Boyle, Margaret XV ........ Boyle, R ...,.... .... . .. Boylls, C. C. ..,... . Boynton, R. XV.. .. Boyscn, A. P., jr.... Boyscn, Brachcr, R. E ...... Bradbury. C. E .... Braden. R. XV.. .. Bradord, D. . Bradford, P. C. .... . Bradley, Anne H.. . .. Bradley, Dorothy .... Bradley, G. R.. . .. Bradley, T. J.. . . . H. .,.,.. . Bradley. XV. F .... ... Brady, Lynn... .. .. 322 Brady,XV ..... Brahana, H. R .......... Brain. XV. HH280, 231, Bramlct. ,l. B. ....,.. .. Brand, Carol T. ...... . Brandenburg. Mary ..... Brandenburger, Ann . . Brandes. R. ..... , ..... Brands, Bette ........ Brandt, Minnie B.. . ,. .. Brandt, P. C. ....... . 255 51.5 575 Brandt. R. .,.......... . Brandwein, Ruth E .,........ Branigan, D. Brankey, G. E.. . .. Brannon, XV. XV. ...... . Bransford, I.. XV. ...... . Brast, Jeanette H. ..... . Bmumiller, R. E. ..... . Braun, G. ....... . Braun, H. Braun, M. D ..... Brauninger, B ....... Braveman, J. .......... . Brearley, Elizabeth ...... Bregkenridgc, J. R. .... . M4 .91, 197, Breen, H. E. .............. . .7-1 987 -16-1 -120 .91 511 424 587 319 445 167, 451 ibbl 298. 440, 1 195 489 520 563 563 454 486 489 457 -189 167 454 515 436 176 504 195 481 432 -196 163 412 522 166 427 430 468 515 -152 158 166 507 526 -140 550 -141 -101 200 175 4-19 167 175 522 529 528 450 522 476 515 522 -106 -135 414 475 192 587 200 457 388 565 553 207 555 408 486 425 519 486 406 229 414 554 422 572 430 192 168 457 426 522 564 -186 476 167 442 436 406 525 181 200 525 572 500 465 476 522 496 199 411 171 480 551 387 410 426 176 520 448 254 492 526 429 479 522 521 3 Distinctive scnools Locum The strategic location of our three schools-The Rockford School of Business in the northern part of the state, Brown's Peoria School of Business in the central and the Gallagher School of Business in the eastern part-gives many decided advantages to both students and employers, which are not enioyed by those of many schools. The territory served by the three schools covers IO5,000 square miles and extends over a great portion of four states, namely, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana. Their combined training and employment facilities offer unprecedented opportuni- ties for young men and young women throughout the vast territory in which they have successfully operated for many years. The educational value of their carefully organized courses of study makes them a dominant factor in the services which they perform for graduates and employers alike. Discriminating employers have long recognized the value of the college-grade courses offered by the three schools. This recognition is evidenced by the leadership which many of the schools' graduates have achieved in the field of Business. CAREER COURSES .Rockford Business Administration, Accounting, and Secretarial Science INTENSIVE TRAINING Kankakee. in Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typewriting, and Office Machines ROCKFORD SCHOOI. OF BUSINESS 310 Mulberry Street Rockford, Illinois Peoria. GALIAGHER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 153 South Indiana Avenue Kankakee, Illinois BROWN'S PEORIA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 240 South Jefferson Avenue Peoria, Illinois "IN UNION THERE IS STRENGTH" 5 Burg, R. 422 Breen, I.. M. P. ..... . Breese, L. E.. .....,. . Brehm, L. P, . .,..., . Bremer, Dorothy C .... Bremer, M. 1. ......,. . Emmagene M Brennan. Brenneman, G. B.. ., Brennemarl. Marlorie. Brenner, Annette ... Brenner, G. E. ...... . Brenner. Muriel .... , Brenner, S. N ...... 411. Bresee. J. Breton, B J. . Brew, Ruth G.. .. Brewer, C. . . .. Brewster, D.. . . Breyer, O. .,.,,. . BrCX'1iogle, R. hl.. . . . . Bricker, H, O, ...... . Bricker. Mildred L .,.. Bridges, Shirley J.. ,. Bridges, XX'. R.. . .. Brigham, E. R.. . .. Bright, Helen L.. .. Brill. ,l- R, .... .. Brink, J. R, ,...,.. . Brxnkmeyer. J. XX',. .. Bristow, L ....,... Bristow, XV. E ,,... Britt. J. R. .,..,... . Britton, Vera D.. . .. Britton, XV. E. .... . Brnar.1m.1n, H. XV.. .. Brock, G. L. ..... Brnrff .rmf Rimfim. . Brockoh, F. J.. . .. Brockman, S, J.. .. Broday, R. ...... . . ., Brodie, Louise .. Brodie, Margaret R... Brodsky, E ..... . Brody, B. B... Brody, J, ...... Brody, Shyrel L .... Brekke, W. E..4t., 210, iss' 1-10. 572 Jai Brody, XV. B. .... Broehl, C. R. ..,... Bmehl, W. G ..--. 5-a', 415 Broers, X'. F. ..... 2211, -124 Brome, C N. ,...... . Brons, Patricia L .... Bronstein, I. P.. .. Bronze Tulflzl ...... Brooks, Fannie IW.. .. Brooks, J. R, ..... .. Brooks, Juanita .... . Brooks, Marlllyn .... Brooks, N. C. .... . Broom, E. V ...,. Broom, XV. XV.... . Brophy, E. M. .... . , Brophy, J. A. ..... soo, 561 Brophy. XV. R. ........ 51.0 Brougl1t.1n, C. M. ..55, 7-1 385. 531. Broughton, D. f. ...... 'll Browman. H. ...... . Brown, Audrey J.. ,. Brown, B. A ..... .. Brown, Barbara E.. .. Brown, C D ..... . Brown, 1' . F. .... . Brown, D. B ..... . Brown, D, S. ...,.. . Brown, Dorothy I... ,. Brown, E. V. L.. .. Brown, F Brown. H. A ..... Brown, H. . . Brown, J. L. ..... . . Brown, J. M.. .3o, -lr., Brown, K, C. ..,. . Brown, K. H.... . Brown, M. H... Brown, hl, .,., . Brown. M. A... .. . Brown, Martia R... Marlorre lf Brown, Brown, M.1ry F.. . .. Naomi Brown, Brown, P. H. ,... 101 Brown, P.'1trlt'1.1, . . Brown, Phyllis J. .. Brown, R. B., lr.. .. Brown, R, C. . Brown, R. L., Jr,, . ,. Brown, S. ......,. 111-1, Brown, Sharon H., . . . Brown, X'. Helene .,., Brow n, XV. H ,..., Brown, XV, Brown, XV. XV., .. ... Browne, M. F. ...... . Browne, R. B. ..... 29, Browne, R. B., Jr.. .. Browne, R. S .,,.. . .. Browmniz. C. M. Bwiwfr P1 mm Srlwfrl 111 Bruee, Brueh, Brueker 542 D. H ...,. ,.,, G, ..... . , G. A... 373 475 372 386. 351 335, 48" 22. 56' ol 104 I-. 44.1 41-1 522 .'ll sir. .-lf. 373 51.2 274 515 -IRS 3111 .. . .74 211102710 273. 372 3 Iiti,i sail' .. , .szigi HIRi51R Ir., 200 11.9 41.1 soo, sr.: 11.1. 171 'sas 113 11114 emu. 1141 107 431. 373 l3nr1111 11 515 486 428 -155 525 384 533 405 -121. 501 41.1 so-l 5111 430 -ll 1 -1117 501 241. -124 4015 sls 161. 531 ll2 -Hilo 414 -171 5117 -101 1-1' 2110 520 -I-17 3112 451. 370 412 no 4o1 170 .13-1 5011 401 ol 171 11.7 4510 1571 412 sgv sgs -loo .Wo 170 1-13 ssl 522 -1-is 470 A128 -us 5111 401. 3147 551 520 511-4 520 44-1 41.s -l-18 466 1611 520 361 105 465 1611 1514 -12s 4-ls 210 gss 442 7-1 -lss -lsr. 411 .Mes -11. 507 sos 11.7 slo 171 -11.-2 11.1 107 -157 1HI slo ws 1110 1121- 2511 442 208 -142 520 107 -HIFI 541 451 172 107 Bruckner, Doris M... Bruecker. J. F ...... . Brumme, M, R. ..... . Brunn, K. R. ....,.. , Brunner, E. J. .,..,... . Brunskill, Dorothy M. Brush, A. Jean ....,.. Brush, Francoise D.. . .. Brush, Bryan. Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, 1.. r. ........ . e. 12. ...... . J, D. .... . D.. .,..,. .. 1-1. RH.. R xy Buchanan, . .. . ... Buchanan, XV. R.. . .. Buck, E. E. .,...... 44 Buell, G. XV ........ .. Buck, R, D ..... ..... Buck, T. E. .,.,.,... . Buekler, Donna F.. . .. Buckles, Ruth ..,... Buckley, J. H ..... Buckley, N. A.. . .. Buckley, XV. M .,.. .. Buekman. R. C ,... .... Buckner, Jean B .,... . Budd. Betty ,..... .14A1 Budderneier, XV. D,.. Budwiu. l. A, ......... Bugielski, R ...,.... .. Buhai, R. M. ...,. IR' Buhai, S .... .. .... .. Bulger, Bulger, J. I. ..... R. T. ....,.,. 313. 373. ,.215. 1516, 508, 573. Bull. 5 .,... .........,...... Bullington. Marjorie R Bullock, D. M. ...., , Bullwinkel, Elizabeth. Bunch, H, G.. .. ,... Bundy, J, L. ......,, . Buntin, Jodie E .... Bunyan, E. X.. . ., Burd, Julra F.. .. Burd, L. M ..... Burda, R. S .,... Burdori. S. B .,.. Burg. J. L.... Burgess, R. H.. . .. Burgett, Mary A .... Burguiae, K.. F..,. Burgher. J. H.. . .. Burgin, D. E. ,... . Burgoon, R. D.. .. Burgwaltl, F .... Burgy, J. H.. . .. Burke, A. K.. . .. Burke, Doris A.. .. Burke, J. F. ..... ... Burke, J. J. .,...... . Burke, Jean L.. ..... Y. Burke, XV. R.. . . Burkes, D. XV. ....., . Burkhardt, H. S. .... . Burl1n,uharn, Pl1yll1s M Burlison, D. G. ..... . Burlison, XV. L.. . .100," . ..11-, 6, -lf., 44., 105, -lt., Burman, Betty J. .......... . Burnett, J. K.. ..... .. Burnett, XV. F.... Burnham, D. H ...... Burns, Kathryn V .... Burr, Lucetta I ..... Burrell, Jack ....... Burrlll, T. .,..... . Burritt, Elizabeth A.. Burrows, S. ..,.. .. Burruss, D. E.. . .. .. Burt, P.. . Burton, D. F ..... . Burton, J. XV.. Busby, Ruth E ..... Buseemi, J. A.. Busey, Ci. XV ..... .... Busey. Garreta H ..... Busey, M. XV. ...... -17 linrrfi Xl.1.'1 B11r1k.... Bushee, Eleanor J.. . .. Bushman, J..f' ..... . Busielc, Anuie. .... .. Busteeil, F1leen.... Buswell, A. M .... Butkoxith, A, J .... Butler, lilsie R. ..... . Butler, J. J ......., . Butler, J. XV. ..... lol Butler, lvl. F. ..... IH5 Butler, Margaret .. Butler, S ..... .,.,.,.. Butler, XV. ........ . Butler XVallaCe .... 11.111, fl. D. ......,,. . Butterheltl, Mary A... Button, l.. 'A .,..... .. Butz, R. I. .,.... .. Butz. V. P ........... Buyer, Margaret, . . .. Buys, C. R. ..,.,,.. 7-1 Buzzard. Cvlenn XV.. ,. .-11. .7-A1 375 112 . .200 210 167 .Ig 373 208, 19-1 Byars, XV1nnna . ..,...... . Byerly, R. C. .... . Bystrchi, Jean .,... .-lr. 50-1 .01 -lR7 ... 15141 587, -15.1 ssh, 425 .... -104 ,. .. -190 1211 -176 .. . -123 200 4011 .171 430 . . . 515 ... 554 .. . A154 -1-10 524 575 SS-I .. -126 .. A153 .. 424. . 510 .. 100 . 414 .. . 5211 . . 41-l 431. S111 . . . -1117 300, A1112 .. . 105 451, seo .. . 415 405 -151. 322 -1511 41. 421. 372 425 281 A10-1 461 -1141 ... 211 . .. 11-ll lips -10-1 572 -Hi . .. -1211 .,. 572 112 505 .. 4940 .71 -141. ... 11.11 .. .ion SST 215 207 , . Ill .. .iw ... 74 . .. 415 .. . 11.4. -110 525 .-lr. -123: 4711 -.25 452 . sis' V12 sas 540 -170 597 ... 257 ... 5547 310 .ms 372 -11-1 105 -101 .-lo 474. . . . 5111 .471 3811 .. . -10: 474., 541 121. 46' .. . 175 .. 20 A101 471 ... 169 572 A1-10 .. .. 2179 .. 107 . . A111 . . 5014 215 .. Ms ... -162 381 A1214 ... 5-17 .. . 501 . .. -1 15 -1711 551 .. -1-ra 3515 A106 21 1 210 gsm .ps .. ., 551 . . . . 4211 175 1H1 375 Allr. 112 41151 ... 11.8 , . lilo 405 -1594 .. . 21S ... -171 215 A120 . . . . 15141 . .. 1614 303 311 365 506 405 436 .... 37s 504 528 ... . 420 .. 167 C Cable Piano Company. . . .. . .. Cmlrl Offircrr ......,, .... 3 72 Cade! Slay .....,... ...,. Carle H111 Cahan, F., Jr ..... .. Cahoon, C. XV.. ., .. Cain, D. N. ..... Caldwell, D, L ...,.. . .... 587 Caldwell, H. N. ...... ..,.. . Caldwell, J. S. ..... 91, 372 47.7 Caldwell, Mary J ....... . .124 Caldwell, R. H. ....... 403 440 Kalef, R. T, .... ,...... . Calkins, R. G. ..... .... 5 '2 3114 Callaghan, Patricia J.. .. ... Callahan. B. J. ....... .... Callahan, H, R ..... . . Callahan, XV. L.... Callen, l, R.. ..,. .... 1 58 Callery. J. E ...... .. ....7-1 Calvetti, J ...,. ...,... . .. Karneron, Dorothy G.. .. . . .47 r,.1meron, Eileen L .... .... 1 40 500 Camrllo, I.. ..... ., ramp, Barh.i1.1 ...... . . . 106, 363 Camp, Cynthia R .,........ ..., Camp, Jean C. .... ......, . Camp, J. H ...........,.... -101 lamp, J. R. ........... 180. 334 Camp, R. M ...... 112, 372 373 Camp, XV. J. ,.,. ., ....,..,. 1657 Camphell, IX. D ...,.. .,...,. 4 7 Camphell, f. M.. .. .,74 210, -1-12 Campbell. R. ....,....,. Camphell, Helen S. ..., 2014 407 Campbell, J. ..........,... .,.. f'a111p1.1.-1l, J. J. ........ 4114 455 Camphell, Marguerite ....... 503 Campbell, Mary J. .... ..... 1 12 tiamphell, N. XV.. Ji. ....,... 35 -107 Camphtll, Robert J.1n1es. .. 210 Cam bell, - P Campbell, XV. E. . Roheit Joseph .... .. . . . . .112 Campohello. J. ..... ..... . . Campohello, R.. . .. Campobello, 5 .... Carzrpzn Luiriliri. . Camras, S. ...... . Canedy, C. A .... Canham, L. E ..., Canham, M. H.. . ,. Canmann, H. L.... Cannon, Betty L.. ,. Cannon, G, XV .... Canty, Alice M.. . .. Canzoneri. J. ..,, Cap. T. XV ..... Capaletv, T. A ..... Cape, J. T. ...,. .. Capizzi, J, .,....... . ...11-, 107 . 259 444 an, lov, 164, ass .vis . .200 . .-l Caplan. Bernice S. ........,... , Caporale, F, S. ........ 158 160, Cappo, Gloria A ..... ..132. 365 Card. I., E. ...... ...... 1 95 tiard, M. R.... Carey, M. B... .. .360 Carlin, R. B. ..... ...200 Carlson, A. ...,... Colson. Catherine, .. ... Carlson, H. B ......,. . .... . Carlson, Jeannette E ..... .... 4 76 Carlson, K. O. ...... . .... . . Carlson, N. XV ..... ., .... 373 Carlson, Olive D ...... ....... Carlson, R., Mrs. ............ . Carlson, R. C. .... .74, 560, 372 Carlson, R. K .,... ............ Carlson, XV. F .,... ............ Carlson, XV. G ...... ..... . .. Carlson, XV. H. ..... 36, 75 332 572 Carlyle. C. G. ........... Carman. A. P.., ............. . Carmichael, R. D,.1-lil, 105 200 C.1rm1eh.1el, XV. J.. ..,..... Carn, R. M. .,..... ., Carnal1.1n, D, H .... .. Carney, F. ......... .. Carpenter, A. R .,.. Carpenter, B. H .... Carpenter, H .,..... .... Carpenter, Jean F .... ........ Carpenter, P. D., .... ...... 1 72 Carr, Helen M ..... ....... . ., Carrier, F. XV. ......... 387, 4-10 Carrigan, Dellnra P. .,,. . Carrington, l-I ..... 159,171 176 Carroll, D. L.. ........ ....,.. . Carroll, J. R .,..... 02, 57-1 375 386 Carroll, Phillip ...,. ........... Carroll, T. ......... .......... . Carroll, XV. E. .,....... 108 200 Carruth, R. H. .... 547 373 387 Carstens. R. L. .......,...... 75 Carter, D. G .... ........,... Carter, G. T .... S47 372 571 Alva 3127 -101 454 4-'11 41.1 525 A10-1 520 397 -120 47.2 4-17 456 365 170 515 210 -165 lo-1 55-1 4121. .1-as 502 .wg 522 -142 41 1 177 3R71 241. -1117 572 5:-I 175 520 .Us 551 140 sas 21.1. 520 5111 515 515 sls 26S 1711 .rso 572, 4111. oj 4117 4611 401. .175 575 S30 437 .125 38-1 507 176 470 208 170 414 -106 454 405 552 523 375 31411 504 207 3Hs 102 521. 76-l 5611 455 451 201 gs 207 370 412 1 10 397 -121-I .. 3.2 46s 175 515 520 144 177 533 385 51318 12110 171 414 426 A147 195 3 373 1 1 Carter, H. E. ..... 200, 406 427, Carter, E. .................. . Carter, Mabel L ........ ,...... . Carter, Phyllis A .... .. .184 -162, Carter, R, M .,.... ...322 373, Cartter, J. L ...... ..,. , .. . .. Caruthers, F. B .... .... -1 7 403. Cary, M, If ,.... .,..,..... Casberg, C. H .,... .,.,.. - 01, Case, Flora B, .... . ,..... .... Case, H. C ............ 108 193. Casey, C. XV.. ,... ......... 3 70, Casey, Dorothy A .... ,..,.,.. Casey, R. F. ....... ...4-10, Casey, XV. I ..., ...197, Cash, J. G.... .... ,. ...,.l95, Cashmore, R. P ....... ......,.. Caskey, Catherine .... ....... 3 19, Casper, Rutl1 A.. . .lS8, 196 546, Cassella, J. S. ......... 323 -110, Cassella, XV. N., Jr ............. Cassidy, E. .......... ... .... Cassidy, J, D.... ,.., Cassidy. Mary P ...... ........ Castle. J. D, .................. . Castles. J. N. .............. 419, Cathcart, Elizabeth A.. ,305 496, Cathcart. F. ...,.. ........... 9 2, Catton, P. K. ...,..........,.. . Catlett, Ann C. ..,.. 34 47 271, 523. Catsorilis, P..,. ..,.... .. Catta, R. ....... .... Causey, D. F ........ . Cnrrrlry , ............ .. Cavanaugh, Caryl M.. .. ., Cavanaugh, T. R .,.. ,. Cavette, F. E ..... . .. Cavette, L1ll1.1n ... .. Celer, F. ......... .. Chackes, Dolores .... .. Chadwick, D. H. .... ., Chalem, M. , ........ .. Chambers, F. R. ......... .... . Chambers, Jacqueline ..,........ Champion, XV. E ..,.. .. ...132, Chang, Katherine ..., .... , Chang, Kathleen .....,..., ,,.. Chanler, Josephine H, ...... ,..,. Channon, M. H.. .152, 360, -148, Chapin, Iylilclrecl R. .......,. 193, Chapman, C. A ..... . ..... .. Chapman, J. ..... . ...... 112, Chapman, J. A ......... 325. 361, Chapman, M. J. ......, 198, 263. 4:15, Chapman, S. L. ...,. , ..... .. Chapman, XVancis .,., ..... Chappel, A. ..,.... ...,., . Chaps, A. ......... ...188, Charchnlla, J. D.. .. ..... Chase, H. XV. ..... Chase, J. J, .... . ....92, Chase, Jean T .,... .... . Chase, R. E .... .. Chaunet, F. .... ... .... Chesney, E. S. ..... Checkley, Betty ........,........ Cheeley, K. D. .... 210, 222, 436, cheery, C., W. ......... ...318, Cbevrli-111l1ff',r . . .. . .. , . . Chenault, H.. ,... . .. Cheney. F. A ...,.... .. Chernotl, Vivian .... .... Clvvrokev Club .... ..... Cb: Ejullurl ..... ....... C671 Pb1..... ...264, Chi Pri ...............,. , .... C111 011114411 .................... Clmaqo Campru .-lrllrillrxr. . .17B, Cl1lrr1,L:u Cirrrzplrr Sperm. . ,.... . . 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Chukwuemeka, N.. . . ... Chumbley, Jeanette. . . . . . Churchill, J. L.. .,.. Ciaramelli, R. G. ,,.. . . . 434 486 493 523 438 400 -539 454 -104 479 195 386 509 527 440 424 443 465 3-18 515 199 432 4-16 50-l 522 522 535 132 423 462 535 171 -133 325 576 -179 -122 -130 -162 1110 A1110 -106 -129 455 -165 410 126 126 200 531 531 370 522 487 -15-1 5211 443 1112 167 333 -114 20 410 -177 168 171 363 470 525 404 211 155 323 505 504 527 415 416 460 170 180 181 180 -106 467 417 470 -122 413 532 462 501 522 388 508 405 466 497 236 38-l 527 498 454 92 469 47 430 504 486 408 520 469 445 433 ALLITH - PRUUTY, INC Heavy Sliding Door Hardware Hangar Door Hardware light Welded Structures Accurategf Made 388 113, Cullerton, Ann M.. ., Day, R. L .,.. .,.... 471 58-1 if- -1 C1.n.1rcll.1, P. 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L. ..., . . .360 362 544 Cfullms, F. G, ..,.. .,... . Ckullms, 1. Albert .... ..... -1 05. f.0lll1'1S, j. Anthony .,,..,... 132, Collins, 1. C., Jr., ..,. .158 168, Cullms, R. F ,..,, .. .......... . Collins, NV. G,... .... Collms, XV. L.... .... 585, Collins, XV, R.. ,. ..,,. .... Colp, J. L ...... .9z. 525, Colt, D. D .,,.,.. . ....,.. . Coltnun, R. A. ,..... .... 5 87, Colton, Marjorie E... ..,.,. Colvin, J. C ........ .... Z 97, Calwell, XV. N.. .. .. . .575. Conuis.1r,S. Comcss, L. J ..,,., ....,........ Cumlngs, E. XV. ...... ZOO, 406. Cuninfnrr am! Bu,r1ue,rJ rldmin- mmzllarl, College uf .,......... Curnom, S. M .,.. .... , -17, 3-14, Umnrd, J. A ...,.. .,,.,.. ..... . C'nm'urf and Ezzlufmlrzmmf Banff! Cfnzfurl Bmm' ,. .......,.,.,,,.. Cone, G. M ......,,.. ...,,..... Calzfwullre IWBJJI I!"l1n1er ...... . fonulcton, Mary S. ..,. ..,..,.. . Fonklm, R. I. ..... ..,., 1 '77, 208, Cxnnlcy, Elizabeth A. ,,,.... .-173. Conley, Phyllis ...,., ......... fnnnclly, R. D. ..., ..,. Fonnur. Judith R ..... .....,,,. Connolly, M. ..... ,,...... . ... Connor, J. H., Jr..5-53. 3-1-1, 5-17, Connmi, G. T. ..... , ...... .... Conrad, I. .,.... ,. ....,. . . . C'onr.1d, YT. XV ..., .,,,. . Conrad, R, M ..,. , .... 152, Convcrsc, P, D .... , ...... I0-1, flxnway, L. V. .... ..., 1 85, 204, Conyhenr, Lois .... .....,.... Cnn?'bc.1r, NV. R. ..,. ..,.. 3 10. Cnmc, F, R ....,.. ...57. Cook, J. ....... . Clank, I. M ...,. funk, NI. C. .,., . . . funk, R. L ..,................,. funk, R. M ..... ,....,.... . mul, J, P ...... 36, vi, 573, 45-w. VU-wlnun, L. P .... ........,. 5 60, Cooney, Elaine ........... .. . Cooper, J. R ...,.. 47, 571, as-1, Coupur, I.. ...,....,., ., ... Camper, NI. ......... ... funprr, Nfitiam R.. , . a2?', Oupcldnd. joan ..., ... Fopncr, R. R. .... f'orhc1l,R. P .,.. ..... . .. Fnrlwclt, Kathryn j.. ......... ,. flurvjllarl, A, E. ...., 02, 37" 395. -127. f'0ridl:n, T, L. ...,.... ...... . Curlrnza-,'1lts,fli,f ...,... . . .. . Corkery, Gertrude N, ..... 4. .. Cnrkcry, Martha ............... Fnrmack, Mary L. ....,. 304 461, Cornwell. Arlene . ........... .. ftorrcll, XV. K .... .Z10, 214 225, Forrigan. K. G, ............... . fnrmn, Thelma M. .... ... ... forti, M. A, ...... Forzinc, R. D ,... . ..:f2-1, f'n.rz1mfmlilnw Club .. ,.. Cues. Jann M. ....., ,.. ff'1.fMla'f, Clmlnr . . . . fxoni, R. D ......, .... Fotsirilos. P. I .,.., ........ Fnunrvl, Helen I .,.. ,... . 124, ffnunsil, Mwy JH .. .,.36, -381, fnunc, H I . . .......... . . FoVan.J.P Cover, Pwtricia A. , 1019, E01 391, Cmwn, R H ............... '-72, Cowling, Marioric R .,.. .. .117s, Fox, Bcttv I. ...,...... 510, -166, Fox, C. H ........ , .......... . Fox, Ethel E. ...... ..... 4 7, Fox, Gradelyn S.,, ..., 310, fox. K. , ...... ..... , .. Crxxlwill, P, .,,.1111, frnrldnck, E, XV .... , .. 107, Frzxrlcr, lcrwttc N ..... ...... Fmig, H. 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S1-1 400 -117 S06 25,1 wx me 40,1 523 -113 404 -SOR 440 503 523 X61 474 -im 410 402 S77 406 10R -Mi S01 410 S19 -in-1 26? 527 83s 105 -tw 486 240 527 431 105 461 500 S04 210 RR7 404 ISR 486 Crass, R. XV .... ...561, 430 Cribbct, M. S. ..,...... 324 Crist, D. D. ..... ...... . . Crist, joan I.. .......... 303, Crittenden, A. L.. ........ .. frnocvich, Violet ......... Croessmann, jane F.. ,. .l96, Cross, Betty j.... Cross, C. XV ....... .... ' 72, Cross, R. R. ....... . Cross, Shirley N.. Crossley, C. F., Jr.. .. Crossmnn, R. S ...... Crowe, Irene ........ Crowe, Jacqueline Crowley, J. B ........ Croxton, D. S .... . .. Crozier, Mary A.. . .. Cruft, G. E. .... .. Crumbaugh. W .... Crumrme, J. , N .... Cruso, Loraine Cryder, J. H,, jr.. ...... 92, Cryder, R. W. .... ..... . Cucci, A. M ........ .... Culberson, XV. C. .... .. Cullin, V. Cullmane, J. Culp, J. D., Culp, L. I. ...,........,... . J'f'.f 1 ...... Culver, A. A ...... 257, 52-1, Cummins, J. D ............. Cummins, J. N. ....,..... .. Cunningham, H. EH ..2-1, 25. Cunningham, J. A.. ..... Cunningham, J. E.. ..... Cunnmgham, Mildred L.. , ,. Cunningham, Phyllns ....... Cunningham, R. D. ..... .. Cureton, T. K., JL. .. f urrlmhhoyf, A. .......... . Curry, Lourse T. .........., . Curtin, L. V ..... ,195, 573, Curtin, Rita A... .,.... .... Curtis, C. C., jr. ....... 547, Curtis,D.L..., Cums, J. A. ..... .... 7 5, Curtis, R. D ..... ..... Curtis, XV. A. .... Cushman, A. ... ... Cusick, Hazel . Cutler, F, A., jr ..... ...... Cvikota, 1. T. .,...... ,.48, Czech, Audrey R. .......... . Czechanski, Genevieve C... fzyzcwski, E. S. .... -18, 405. D Danb, R. J. ..... ...l32, DaBoll, H. F ..., ...... Dacey,G.C.... Dadant, P. M .... . . ,197. Dady,R.J .... .. Dsdy, XV. G. .... .... Dflglt, R. H. .... Dahl, J. XV ....... ....., Dahlberg, J. K.... Dahlgren, I, R .... , ..,5-17, Dahlquist, XV. G.... Dahlstedt, Bette .. .. Dahlsmdr, xv. W ........... Dailey, Dorothy j. ......... . Dtuly Illini ....... 520, 521, Dale, E. E ........ ......... Dale, H. Jean .,.. ........ . D.1le, XV. .... ...l93, Dalitsch, XV. XV.. . .. Dallenbach, F. D.. . ...... Damer, B. ....... ...... . Dnmhorst, C. E .... .... -1 5 Dnmisch, G. A. .... ..... . Dammcrs, XV. R .,... .... Damel, Rosemary Dnmcls. Danlcls. A.H .... .. Daniels, F. ....... , Daniels, - Dnmels, Gcorgm Dann, Ruth A.S..,. G.1-1. .... Dnnner, E. Dnnner, R. V .... , Darley, R. M ...... .... Darnell, R. D. ....... Darrah, Elizabeth A. ...,.,. . Daugherty, Msrjonc R .... Daugherty. T. A. ...... . Dnut, R. C. ........ .. Davenport. E. ..., Davenport, R. C. .... . Davey, F. B ....... .... 7 5, Davey, P. XV., . .. David, J. D .... David, J, M.. . .. David, V. C. ..... . Davidoff, Barbara . .. Davidson, A, C., ... Davidson, D. O.. . .. 527, -109. 304, ZOO, 323, 5551 115, 113. 420, 5562 5151 mv, 17, 116, 198, 490, 517, 113, 379. 421, 519, 587, M351 -157 372 avi 19' 425: 375, .1.z,.7. 373. 196, 522 200, -S35 515 113 488, 370, 572 325 HE' 4s4 373 535' 172. 531 522 522 -179 406 508 -470 523 508 453 575 481 -430 455 465 481 -121 4240 S05 519 195 166 502 520 421 531 426 3-10 297 -128 439 193 347 -431 -191 428 414 433 -363 196 573 -155 -117 155 516 S22 -195 587 -1-10 520 -150 175 515 -H1 115 192 584 481 526 584 384 193 524 418 428 510 447 404 426 427 363 361 506 325 15-1 48 406 175 530 175 518 572 160 500 20 108 529 S26 466 506 451 413 412 -167 506 426 -H0 110 -IIS S27 387 1511 412 161 -180 443 -132 Davidson, Geraldine ....... Davies, Alice A, ........... . Davies, J. R. ...... 115, 195, 368, 57-1, 375, 584, 409. Davies, R. ......,...... . Davies, R. B. .............. . Davis, A4 ...... .. Davis, A. XV.. ., Davis, B. J... Davis, C. B.. .. .. Davis, C. C. .... Davis, C. R. .... . Davis, D. A.. ,. . . Davis, D. I .... Davis, E. XV.. .. Davis, G. .... . Davis, G. G, .... ..... , Davis, H. L ..... ...... Davis, H. R. ..... .... -1 8, Davis, Hallne P.... Davis, E. ..... ........ . Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis :R.I.. .... . ,J.L ..... ........... , J. R. ......, 95. 585 , J, XV. ............ . , jane L. .... ,L. E. ..... . , L. N ..... , L. W ...... , Loretta L.... , Magy. A .,.. , Patricia I..... , R. N.. .. , , R. S. .... ,Ralph E... , Robert E.. . . , Sara C ..,........ , Shirley -lean ...... 48, , Shirley Jeanne ....... , T. R ............. . .. , W. E. ..... 195, 296 , XV. S. ....... . , Wfintress N.. .. .. , Yetra R. .... Davison, D. O.. ,, Dawson, J. H ...... Duridnlf, Fay H ...... Dawson Duvson, Dawson, M. ....... . Dawson, R. A ....... ..... . . Dawson, R. E.. ... Dawson, R. N ...... Dawson, Ruth M. ...... 351 Day, j. XV. ....,. , Day, Zillah K ........ Dayiantis, Mary j ..... Deal, Denm, Dean, Dam Dam Dean, Dean, Wlinifred ............ Betty L.. . .. af Men ...... of H"'nmer1. .. Shirley L ..... . .. Shirley XV.. .. .. Dcany, B. V ....... ,. Dearn barger, Lucille . .. Deason, R. E ........ . Death lofi, P. A ..... DeBoice, j. N.. . .. DeBord, C. D .... Dccker, j. ...,. ..... . ..z2o, , Elizabeth A..1f1fI1 H. 5. ..... 3-a, 197, A. F. ..... ,..198, Decker, j. A .... .... 9 5, Decker, XV. ...... ..,.. . Dedinas, J. A. .... Dcem, A. G ........ Dccm, XV. C., jr. ....... .... Dawn and Comparlj ........ Dees, Helen j.. .......,. Dees, j. D. ..... ...-58, 199. Dcffenbaugh, F. R., jr ....... Dehlstedt, Bette ....... .... Dcichmnnn, Mary L.. . . . . Dcininger, H. XV.. .. Deiss, Deist, XV.P ...... M.XV ...... Dejonghc, j. J.. .. . Dekker, C. A .... Dvlalm Hull .... DcIF.wa, R. L .... Dclicre, Bym V ..... DclMontC. A. S.. ., DeLong. C. C.. .. . DeLong, G. E ...... DeLong, Mary L ..... DeLorenzo, XV. F .... , Dr:lR0sc, A. H, ..... , Dvlln Cb! .. ....... .,, Drlm Dflln Dulln .... Dulm Gavzrml ..,. ,, ., Dulln Kafvfm Elmlall. .. Dulm Knpfm S1-gum .... Dulm P171 . ..... ..... Dull!! Sigma Della, . ,. .... Dulln Sigum Plw ............ Drllfz Tnll Delta ....... 262, Della Them Epfilon ........ Dulln Ufuiluu ......... 262 Dalia Zcm . ...... ..... . DelVento, J. M.,. .,.... Dcmanes, F. A .... ...375 Dema nes, L. 5 .... ...... Demaree, j. D.. .. . -93 387 121 172 199 386 404 .48 'Ah 215 -1.15 5:1 518 .48 375 Q51 555 ass 364 409 424 ZOB 551 X11 125 200 387 420 552 515 .vs 166 163 H65 5:0 115 .75 262 264 Z6-1 354 478 497 372 516 419 -416 387 166 168 161 426 25 48 193 155 405 161 175 426 509 426 385 519 198 474 407 413 520 509 498 -467 405 199 487 296 40-1 497 47-1 311 459 373 522 -143 506 -464 522 522 75 472 452 175 412 -190 410 555 387 373 1-10 506 -194 456 495 30 Xl -170 496 522 502 II5 384 420 -106 480 519 175 Q3 -106 387 S39 479 442 3RR 365 126 515 177 452 526 200 505 -187 -190 03 418 387 505 48 515 4l8 -170 471 -H9 17-1 -120 175 -121 422 198 423 -S72 255 ERI, 387 492 y Q the intelligent are photographed by WEBER . There are more than two thou- sand faces in this volume photo- graphed by Weber Studio Q Have you seen the Historical col- lection ot faculty portraits in the Library? This collection was started by Weber in l93O. O WEBER STUDIO 606 East John Street Established in 1910 Junior Prom Queen Portrait by Weber B Y CHICAGO INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT BESLY GRINDERS BESLY TAPS BESLY TITAN ABRASIVE WHEELS BRASS, COPPER AND BRONZE IN SHEETS, RODS AND TUBES Established 1875 Charles H. Besly and Company 118-'I24 No. Clinton St. Telephone Franklin 1224 Chicago, pw MEN AND WOMEN WANTED It has seemed at times that America's working forces would be inadequate to our needs .... that we could get through only by the most stringent and intelligent utilization of available man and woman "power," At such times it is clearly im- perative to protect men and women in industry .... to keep them on the iob and to lose not one day, one hour, one minute to industrial accident. When peace comes, however, the protection ot indus- trial workers is equally imperative .... to keep production costs down, to insure the worker's continued earning ability and his physical well-being. Since I9IO proper protection ot indus- trial workers has been the business of the Industrial Gloves Company, makers of a complete line ot industrial safeguards. There can be no substitute for such ex- perience, no better guarantee of satis- factory service. INDUSTRIAL GLOVES C0 744 GARFIELD BLVD., DANVILLE, ILLINOIS Famous Industrial Safeguards Since 1910 Demutini, E. j.. .. ..., 387 48' Dc-mc, S. J ...... ..,....... -4 54 Duhlcrs, E. FH ,.,. ...,.... 1 92 195 Dcmming, L, F .... ...563. 365 531 Deblmsc, Brun.1 .. ..,132, 565. 465 Dempsey, T. ... .......... -132 Deneen, F. ..... ,...403 455 Duneen, O. , ................, 433 Dcnell, Alice T. ..,.... 321, 466 523 Dcnhart, XV. B. .... -US, 572, 384 433 DcnHerdcr, M. ,.........., 200 406 Dems, D, R.. , .... 310, 457 52-1 Dcnms, A. L .... .,.....,..... l 07 Dano, D, XY'..., .......,.. 325 -105 Dcnuyer, L. A. .......... ,.,. . .. 422 Dwzlnlf'-1, Cullfgf uf ....,... 152 153 Dcpendahl, R, .,.,... ..... . 522 Dcpku, -loxephine ...., . 322 Dcppc, Mary J, .,.. .... 4 8 407 Dcprcc, VI, F.. ..,. ..,.. 1 OR Durks, -1 ..... . 108 De-Rose, A. A .... 179 DcRQse, R. O .,.. .... . .. 172 DL-rr, M, L. .,...... .......... -1 18 Dcrrough, B.1rb.1r.1 A. .......,... -146 Dcrmuglx, R. A. ..,........... 422 Dcsfh, D. P .,.. .,.,... 5 60, -112 931 Dcsch, K. B. ..., ..... . 1011 Dcss, L. E. ..,.. ........ 4 20 Delhlotf P. A .... . . 372 Dcuss, H, O. ...,,. .. 160 Deutsch, D, .,..,... . 17-1 Deutsch, Muinrnu R ..........., -180 DcV.1lk,f2. OH, ..... .... -1 15 S19 Du-cm, N. ....... ..... . . -152 Devlin, H ....,..,......,. 75 Sli DcVugel.lcrc. R. A .,,.... 75. 407 S27 DeVorkin, R, A. ..,. ,..,....... 1 O3 DcVries, Grace M. . . .1Rrw, 304 305 317, -101, -171 514 DcVrieQ, J. E, ......,.,.,..... -106 DcXV:1cle, M. H. ..... ....... 5 22 DcXVal1, Hazel L ...,.... ....,. -1 93 DcXVerff, Adele ...18-1 505, S15 530 Dcwhirst, J. D. .............,. -147 DuXV0lf, F, XV.. ...,. ..,. -1 0 -128 DeXVo1f, G. E. .,.. . 423 Dexter, K. .,. ..... -125 Dexter, R. V. ..... ...SS-1 425 D1,1monJ,j. 1511 Dmmond, R. ..... .. 448 Dlamnndstunc, D, . .......... 487 Dual, R. ......... .......,... 4 12 D1Lk,C, R ..... ,.,-15,-115, S10 S20 Duk. H. 1. ..... . .,.... -IR, -150, 526 Dnkcy, D. V. ..... ......... 3 R7 Dukey, R. F, ...... ...... 2 20, 413 Dlcknnson, D, N ....... 229, -1-10, S29 Dnqkinsnn, F. G. .............. 418 Dnkinsun, H. O. .............. 387 Dnkinsnn, J. B.. . .375, -118, 487 S28 Dxckxnson, R, N. ...... 140, 405 -123 528 555 Dickman. 5. R,. ,, ...... . 417 Dnckson, Barham .. .... 405 Dxfkson, D. ......... ..... 4 12 DxCn5tanzu, j. .,.............. 453 Dncrfenbachcr, P. D ....... . .439 524 Dmken. M. D ..... ....... ..... 3 7 3 D1cmcr,R, L,, 48, 185, 572, 585 -102 Dmrcksmcxcr, Elamu ........ 127 47'- Dncsuhbourg, T. j. .... ..... 4 31 Dxctcrle, Susan -I. , .... 140 471 Dltfcnbough, XV. G.. . ...... 161 Dlffcy, Mlnclte R.. .. , .... 552 Dxggs, A, E. ...... ......... 1 55 Dllllvou, ff. T. .,. ......... .. 440 Dnllavou, E. R.... . .10-3, 436 521 Dnllavuu, G. J. ........ 34-1, 547 -155 Dxllavrwu, j. G. ................. 4-10 Dxlliard, I, ............... ..... 2 07 Dnlworrlz, Harnctt H .... ...... 4 Q4 Ulm, A, E ........... .... 5 73 4-16 Duppold, A. 1, ...... ....... 4 D3 425 Durks, Anne .... . ...SO-1, 305 462 Dlsmorc, P. F, .... .......... 4 9 Dlstclhcim, I. ...... ........ 1 77 Drrkmx sky, Shxrlcy ... ..... . 905 Dlttmar, G. XV, ,.... ........ 1 75 DxVall, R. K. ..,... .... 5 15 518 Dxvan, Marilyn VI.. ,. .......... -175 Dxvcly, XV. C. ................. 432 Dlvllblss, R. ..... 375. 384 -116 Dfzvfmn ,ff L':111Lr.n-1 Exfmflmz, The .... M. .......,...... 140 Umm, J, F .... .......... . -15 Dxxmn, H. H, .. 193 Dluzcn, E. R., . 201 Dnbhcrtin, P. XVH ., ........ .. -157 Dnbbm, XV. M ...........,...., 575 Dfmbrmmlny, S. ...... 572, 385 588 Dubrow, B, ..., . .. ........ 49 Dubsfm, H. XV. .... ...,....., S 20 I1..m,f, M. R. ..... ........ 4 os Dodd, K. l.... ,...587 -151 D-fdds, Shlrlc M, .... ., .,.... V174 Dudgc, H. B. .,.. , ..f1'1, 584 452 Dudsworth, XV, ..... .......... A 113 Docrmg, Barb.1r.1 ,I . . .... 319 -166 Doerschcln, XV, j. .... .... 1 71 176 Docrschcr, D. XV. ,. ..... -145 Dolan, J. R. .... .... .... - 1 -15 Dolan, Phyllis E.. ,. . ,290 -173 Dolan, R. E. ...... ...... - HR D-flnn, T. J. .... 201 527 5116 ' 1 Doland. J. J.. .... 197 201, 385, 455 519, 527 Dolhow, D. jemnc... ....... . 507 Dolder, R. H .......... .114, 372. 400 Dolin, A. , ........ ........ 4 0 Dolk, L. . ...... 177 Doll, 1-1,.jr.,.. .... .... 5 22 Doll Shan' ......... . .... 506 Dombro, Lillian D., .. .... 499 Dumgall, Zen ..... .... 4 03 Don, Shawn G .... .. . SUS Donaldson, B. F .... .... 4 12 Dunegan. -I. M .... ... .... 168 Doncy, XV. XV. .... .. ........ 387 Dunne, XV. M. .... ...403. -152 524 Dunncl. C., jr, .... . ....... 487 Donnelly, T. P ..... .... 452 Donner, G. L ......... ..... 4 56 Donoghuc. XV. XV.. .. ....... 422 Donovan, C, V ....... ......... 4 26 Donovan, Jeanne A ..... , .5-1, 49 276 338, 546 -160 Duuley. R. E .... , .. ....... 375 455 Doppelt, Shirley B ..... ......... 5 Oi Dori, W. . ...... .............. 4 48 Dorion, O. S .... .. ,Rl 403, 405 S25 Dorman, B, A. ............. 319 408 Dnrnaus, A. .... .,. ...... .. 450 Dorsey, j. M.. . . .... ., 108 Dorsey, M. 1, .... ..... 1 00 443 Duty, H. O., JL., ....... 575 445 Doubft, C., jr .... .. 573, 409 S12 Dougherty, H. .... ....... -1 37 Dougherty, O, L.. ., .. . .. . . 168 Douglas, D. I.. ....... ... . . 166 Dnughs, G. E .... .... ....... 1 1 4 Duughxr, Frances M... ....... -198 Dnuthitt, Gluri.1 F .... 360, 36- 470 SUV Dmv, Dorothy 1. ..... ....... -1 76 Dowd, G. IN1.. .... 375 -157, 525 926 Duwdsll, j. D.. .... 79 572, S15 518 Dowling, Mary R., .40, 3-18 507 Downes, H. M. ............. 254 401 Dnwnmg, Nancy R ............ 474 Downs, R. H. ...,... .. .26-1, 422 Doyle, J. O ..... 208 Doyle, XV. MN .... 450 Drager, K. N .,.,. 201 Dmgo, R. ..,. , .... .... 1 71 Dragstrom, H. E .... .. .76 428 Drake, Dorothy L... .... .. 114 Drake, R. E ........ ........ 2 93 491 Drake, S. S ....... ..,.......... 4 00 Drake, WJ ....... 140, wo, 405 410 525, SIS 555 Dmlle, R. .... .... 5 44, 547, -114 522 Duper, A. S .... ....,......... 2 0 Draper, E. L.... ,........... . 208 Drcchsler, F. ... .. .361 -185 Drclkurs, E. .... .... S 32 Drell, Namlxe ... ...... 505 Drew, C. L. ..... ,, .49 489 Drew, R. E ..... .... 4 40 Drezner, S. H ..... .... 4 87 Dritz, F. ....... . 170 Drutz, I, , ...... .... 1 70 Droha, H. J, ....... , ..... 175 Droste, Elnmc V.. . . .. ,461 467 Drucker, E, F. .... .... . 170 Drukker, XV, D.. .. ....,.... 447 Drum, Mary L. ,. ....... 563 502 Drusche, Helene .. ............ 468 Dubinetz, G. ..... .. .372, 385 487 DuBoH, D. M. ................. 387 Duby, R. F. .,.............. 197 440 Dudnn, XV ........ 375 587, 451 515 Dudczak, C. S. ....... . ....... 455 Due, A. LH, ............... .76 515 Ducnsing, R, XV ...... ..-117, 519 525 Ducwer, Dorothy D .......... 49 475 Dutfelmcier, A. J .... ,. .210, 214 220 228 423 Dutfin, R. J .... ...... ...... . . 200 Dugan, Patricia A ..... .551, 461 475 523 DuHamcl, R. H .... ..... . .. 415 Dulla, Mulan G .... .. . 176 Dulla, R. ......... . ... 167 Dumas, Lillian H. .... ..... 5 09 Dunbar, jane ........ ....... 1 84 Dunbar, Louise B ..... ...196 506 Dlnlmn-Efbrr .... .. . .... 547 Duncan, Gwcndolynn ..... 532 Duncan, Jeanne A.. ., ....... 479 Duncan, R. O. ..... ...198. 450 Dungan, G, H ...... .,.193, 410 Dunhouse, R. F ....... . . -ti-1 Dunkel, Vir inia IW .... ...... 4 9 S10 Dunlap, Evcfyn ................ S00 Dunlcvy, R. E ..... 166, 176, 177, 181 Dunn, C. A ........ ,55, 76. 208, ll-I 215 275. 572, 428 Dunn, C. L ....... 210, 236, 259. 373 -125, 515, 525 Dunn, Gertrude E, .... ........ 5 IU Dunn, 1, D. ......... , ...... , -191 Dunn, Jeanne E.., ...... 49, 365, 510 Dunn, R. T ....... . ,,...... 420 Dunovsky, Dorothy . .... 167, 176 Durham, M. D., Jr... ....... 422 Durkcc, R, G. ....., .... 575 Durrant, ...1E7, 455 Durst, R. ...... . .... 446 Durst, j. V. .... 519 Duvick, D. N.. . .. Dvore, I. ...... . . , Dye, R. XV. ............... . Dyer, Aline , ....,,........ Dyer, Edith M ..... 140. 100, Dyer, R. O .... Dykstra, G. G ..... , ,. E Eagle. R. A.. .... ., Earhart, B. H .... ..... , Earle, Marjorie .... 308 Earle, Mary E. ............ Earle, S. XV .... ........... Earlenbaugh, Margaret A.. ,. Earley, XV. XV ...... ...... Eastman, Barbara J.. .. Eaton, J. P. ...... .. Evel, T. H .... ..... Ebcr, Mary E. ...... Ebcrhart, Lavnne . Eberlc, Allenc ......... Ebgrlei M. H .... ..... Eb., 11. A.. ,lr ...,. .... . Echtcmach, Lcona Ecke, Lyd.x MU .. Eel-ccrsberg, C. H.. . ,. Eckcrstrom, R. .. .. Eckstmm, C, . . . . Eddings, A. L, ..... Eddlcman, T. D .... Eddy, Rosemary F.... 187 .Aid 132. Edgar, R. A. ...... .... . Edgcrlcy. XV. M.. Edgett, P. XV., Jr.. . ,. Educ, R. Edlin, Rose ...... Edmonds, J. L ..... .. Edstmm, C. A .... ...... Edumlmn, Collrgu f1f,,. Edwnrd, Edwards, Edwards, H. M.. . .. Edwards, I.. J .... Virginia D.F ..... .. Edwards, Edwards, XV, N. .... . Efnnr, XV. H. ..... , Eghcrt, Doris XV .... Egbert, Marita F .... Ego. Carol C,. . . , Egeland, Betty M.. ,. Eggers, D. F. ..... . Ehredt, Mary J.. .. Ehrgott, R. XV.. . ,. Ehrler, J. XV. .... . Ehrlich, G. ,.. . Ehrlich, L. ..... . C, ......... . S .... 397. 16-1 Ehrlich, Patricia ......... Eichler, B. R ............ Eichstaedt, H. M.. Eilbracht, L. PM . . , ,. Eilcrs, R. XV .... , Eilert, Virginia ., Eilcrtsen, Betty J. .. Einbecker, Betty J.. ,. Einbecker, Margaret .. Einbecker, R. C... . .. Einhorn, D. ..... . Eisf.-man, C. M.. .. Eiseman, R. J.... Eisenberg, H. ... Eisenberg, M. Eisenberg, Mimi Eisenberg, R. S. ..... . Eisenstaedt, Phyllis ,. Eusenstaedt, R. H,..76, Eisenstein, L. .... .. Eisman, N. N.. .. Eisner, R., jr.. ,.. Ekblnw. G. E.. .. . Eklin, B. ........ . Ekstrand, L. M.. . . , Elder, H. E ...... Eliot, R. ....... . . Elisberg, E. Eller, S. ....... . Ellickson, B. E.. ... Ellicott, Harriet K .... Elliott, H. A. ...... . Elliott, 1. A., jr .... . Ellimr, 1. N. .... . Elliott, J. R.. .. .. Elliott, R. R ........ Ellis, Geneva E ..... Ellis, H. H.. .. Elhs, Ellns, Ellis, Sarah L.. Loras J .... R. A. ..... . Ellxsman, C. .... . Ellman, H. ....... . Ellrich, Ardis I.. ,.. .372, 385, 487, Um. ""ir5zi,' 34, 387, 184, Ellsworth, T, P .... .. .93, Elscsser, T. M. .... . 324, 159. -126, 470. 509 573 571 4ss 517 215 355 4:2 167 S19 195 E11 318 4163 114 116 387 170 519 3235 519 564 163 503 319 .49 429 Ysli 573 214 170 134' 508 -93: 298. 200, -409, 516, 409. 304. -173. 93. 492, Elshoff, Carolyn V. ....... . Elvis, Shirley A .... .... Elwell, R, H ...... Ely, W. R....,.. Emanuel, Siegel .. 186, ' 3362 ,49, 491 174 527 114 534 412 526 414 418 469 193 407 506 373 340 419 437 503 502 323 422 419 502 500 584 488 572 167 489 442 506 R22 519 175 436 500 gn 132 124 210 435 27 37? 175 419 337 502 502 463 -190 200 208 93 515 486 177 478 445 588 527 492 515 460 532 531 503 412 45R 429 420 170 373 505 173 478 515 408 175 414 404 167 159 425 412 177 403 417 270 506 520 -MS 450 406 S22 515 517 -193 522 305 523 520 441 190 526 491 479 462 404 442 515 Emch, A. .... . Emerson, J. D .... ....... Emig, H, M .... .... 1 72, Emling, M. XV.,.. Emling, R. E. .... ....... . Emory, R. R., ,. ..... , .319, Emsing, Dorothy ... .... Endsley, T. ......... Eng, E, A. ...... ..... . Engdnhl. G. XV. ...... .... . Engel, E. H., ..... 1-1-1, 209. Engel, H. E. ........... 114, Enrqcl. Mariow E ...... Engclhardt, C. XV ..... Engelschall, Geraldine Engelschall, J. J .... ,. Enger. M. L.. .86, 195 Engineering, College al Erlgirlssrf .... ...... Engle, Patricia J ..... . Englis, D. T. ..... 200 English, C. H.. ,. . . ,. English, R. M. ....... Engquist, E. H. .... Engstrom, D. H .... . Ensign, N. E ...... .. Epstein, Dena P.. . .. Epstein, Elaine . ., Epstein, Lois F.. .. Epstein, R. L.. ,,. Epstein, S, .... , Erhardt, -I. R ..... Erickson, A, E, ..... . Erickson, F. O... .36 Erickson. H. L ..... .... Erickson. J. L. ..... -10 Ericson, R. N, ....... Erjkson. Grace M ..... Errkson. R. ...... . Erlcy, XV. L .... . Ernst, J. L ..... Ernstcr, J. H .... . ErskmE, D. E. ........ . Erskine, R. G, ...... 76, 348 Erwin, N. H. ........ . Erwm, Phyllis B. .... . Esarcy, K. E. ....... . Espy, Mary L., ..... 5-1 ESPY, XV. N.. ., .., Esrom, Marie .... . Esscrmsn. N. S .... , Estes, j, E. .... , .... ... Estes, V, P, ........ ., Estes, XV. E. ..... ,360 Estrin, M. .......... . Fwtrin, S. M.. ....... .. Etgcs, F. J. ......... . Ethcrcdge, Maude I.... Ethcrton. E, . ,..... . Etliqg, Jane 1NI..,. . Eustlce, E. P., Jr.. . .. Evans, B. XV.. ,. . . .. Evans, H. P., Jr.. . .. Evans, j. C. ..... . Evans, Mary E.. ,.. Evans, T. XV .... Evans, XV. B. ..... , Evelancl, H. E., Jr.. . Everett, H. S., Jr. ..... . Evcrhart, W. .... . EvcrS. C. H. .... . Evers, R. H. ..... . Evcrsole, C. A.. . .. Ewan, XV. A ..... Ewnrt. E. EH ,. . ,, Ewing, Ewing, F, E. ..... , Ewing, Mary E.... F. Eleanor. ,. R. ........ . Ewing, Eyerly, J. L. ........ , Eyfabroad, XV. R., Jr.. idif 406. us, .93. 409, .49 210 223 195 -155 Akb .....133 ..57. 49 415 '.'.5b'1' . ,261 2204.4 BBA: , .... 337 201, 406, , .1661 ... .05 ' 'f.'ff.3hA1 538, 359 373, 335 ..,..347 71-1-1 kb! .'.'f1k1R "BQ 515, 197. 188, 373. .196, 385 515 562 S20 S135 337 ,..,l59 ...,372 Ey cr, R, W .......... .,200, Eyster, R. M., Jr.... F Fnbnk, P. J ........ ......... Fnckler, Jean E.. .. ...... .565, Factor, M. ...... ............ Fadum, T. B.. . .. .,..-123, 524, Fagan, D. XV.. ..... , ....... ., . Fago, C. R. ..... .....387, Fahncstock, M. K, ......... .... . Fain, Mary J, ......... 187, 479, Fairhairn, R. C ..... 573- 384, 388, Fairbank, Margery ..... ........ Fairbanks, Aline M..., .... .360, Fairbanks. B. XV. .... .... 1 95, Faith, Winifred E .... ..... . Falconer, R. XV .... . , ..... . Faletti, R, J .... .. .... 489, Falctto, P. J ........ ......... Falk, F. H. ........ ........... . Falkowitz, M, H. ........... 154, Fallcr, R. XV. ....,..... 361, 562, 446, Falls, J. I.. ...... , ........ .. Falta, J, F... ........... 94, Fanta, Barbara M. ......... . 450, 200 425 181 372 373 522 462 412 445 526 214 445 522 467 428 462 415 529 86 378 467 530 440 317 298 526 489 434 103 490 SOR 5-16 519 573 105 -12" -151 526 587 565 166 432 519 421 432 5-17 452 432 -40 373 551 201 368 322 176 387 527 526 175 318 479 166 471 487 518 298 201 197 475 528 -118 -156 -107 426 487 166 38-1 168 177 200 425 497 541 195 522 406 430 362 465 159 551 422 456 201 531 486 505 362 424 495 387 515 S19 171 175 572 531 426 520 508 BUSEY'S STATE BANK ... ff DUNCAN-ERBER STU DI os Galle '4 HOME OF WORLD FAMOUS MAKE P I A N O S MASON 8. HAMLIN CONOVER O KNABE CABLE 0 MUSETTE A complete photo- graphic institution ESTEY 0 HALLET 8 DAVIS Y O U "Uni ' ' RADIOS and PHONO-RADIOS equipped to meet RCAVICTOR'MAGNAVOX your every need'! 4' VICTOR 0 COLUMBIA 0 DECCA MUSIC APPRECIATION 614 East Green Street I CHAMPAIGN 310 N. Hickory St. Champaign, IIIinois URBANA MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM X ESTABLISHED IN I868 K CELEBRATING, WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 75 YEARS OF BANKING SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITY, ITS FACULTY AND S T U D E N T S PAUL STONE- RAYMOR, LTD. Membe' Of 'he 617 East Green, Champaign Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio 6 N' Michigan Ave., Chicago 5 i l l I I 1 l l l F.1nt.1, P. E. .. Fantozzi, D. X. Farber, L. G ..,, Farley, F. B. ..., . F.1vwHff1..ii . . . . Farnham, C. H., .. Farr, C. R. ..,. ,. Farr, J. D .,., . .,... . Farr, Margaret A.. Farrar, M. D.. . . .. Farris, L. T. .,.. . Farrhing, XV. D.. .. Faucetl. N. A ..,.. . Faulkner, Esther C .. .. Faulkner, J. XY' ..., . Faull, H. XV., . . ,. Fay, R. J. .,.. . Fcagan, J. F.. . .. Fcagan, R. I... ... Fear, M. ....,... ,. Feeling, E. E. ..,.... . Feder, Ann ..,.... 511 Furl-wsk' X711'21f1I.1 Fcgles,5'D. ..., Fcl1rcnb.iCher, G. F.. .. Fcl1renb.1cl1er, Helen .. Fuller, I.. Fein, A. I.. ..... . Feinberg, Miriam Feld, M. ...,.,.. . Fclrlnun, A. .... .. Feldman, A. H.. .. Feltlnun. B. ,l ..., Feldman. H. .... Feldman, H. N .,.. Fulrlman, N. R. . Fcll, E. H. Fellows, J. R. Fclsenthal, D. S . Fulton, R. L. .,.. , Fcnoglm, P. .. .. Fcrmgllo' P. J .... Fcnsholt. E. C.. .. Fenster, Peggy .. . Fenton, R. F.. . .. Ferguson, A. H... Fcrolle, L. J ...... Ferranti, L. A.. .. Ferrce, Mary K... Ferree. P. J ....... Ferrette. R. J.. . ,. Furry. G. F. ....... Fcrstandig. L. L.. Fetherston, J. M.. Fen, G. H. ..... . Fiaknwskl, A. . Fitlalgo, Yl. . .. Field, V. M. .... . Field .-ivlillrry Fielding, J. F.. . .. Fleld1ng,R.1.... Ficser, G. ...... . Fiess, H. A ,.... Filer, XV, R.. .. Filan, K. J .... Filbey, E, J.. . .. Filhey, R. XV.. . .. F1ll1pp1,C. R.. . .. Fillman, Wilma I. Filson, C. D ..... .. Findev, E. F.. . . .. Fine, R. H... .. Fine, S. A .... . .. Fine and flpplltul . Fincgolcl, G. .... Flnegold, M. ..., . Finegold, V. .. Fxnfrock, J. H .... Finger, G. C. .... . F1nger,Jean D.. .. Fmeer, Shirley j. Fink, Dorothy R.. Finkelstein, M. ,. G .... . 6.1 IH5 lm. 195 2113 '64 jkb' 045. 351 . .gli 471 F5 072. 573 . so, 51' . 76 201 200 4-15 525 373 475 .70 S115 .50 575 197 197 197 404 455 2151 315 584 373 I .10-l, 425 ... .. 364 ' ' 'bla College 0 " kd. 312 Finley, C. S... ...Sb-1 Finely. D. C., Jr.. Finn, P. L. .... ,. Finneburgh, M. .. Flnnerud, C. XV.. Finncstad, G. R... 454 Finney, D. B., Jr...... Finucane, T. J.. .. Flrsl Regimsnful Fischer, B, ...... 150 Fischer, D. B. .... .. .. Fischer, H. C .... . '31-n-1-1 mi 2 A f-.A 3":I"5" 11 nr-1 ."I"I" 7121-4!" P121 Fischer, . A. .. Fish, Phyllis .. 167 1 Fish, R. E.... ..... ..'1Q, Fisher, B. C, ...... IRR, 107, -R0, Fisher, Doris L .... ......... Fisher, Francine S ,.... ..... Fisher, G. XV ,...... ........ Fisher, J. H...50, 368 371, 582, Fisher, Fishman, Lorraine Fishman, V. P .... Sarah J... Fissel, J. lx. ..... . Fissinger, J. K.. . 548' 448 200 948 164 522 .50 lib! 1414 159 171 196 372 229 -142 515 sas 200 440 94 492 424 195 -186 526 553 105 518 425 427 501 103 486 s31 430 192 9-1 114 31 911 419 522 515 -1-11 159 464 SRS 550 -129 159 4447 486 456 168 201 5 480 362 55-1 526 -1811 50 415 413 573 210 462 -191 515 531 197 520 201 536 417 561 370 372 -142 -151 445 200 488 166 521 407 450 508 561 372 -149 429 130 531 33-1 531 -136 -133 406 500 507 -199 167 515 372 246 491 168 522 167 431 361 176 415 176 410 -139 411 197 -169 515 254 524 505 18-1 -105 374 386 529 510 159 127 -185 Fitch, M. l2thClyn..1H-1 302 503 Fitch, V. ....... .... . .... 3 73 Fitch, XV. E ........ .... E 14 361 Fltton, B. R ........ . . 373 388 Fitzgerald. J. M. .............. . Fitzgerald, XV. XV. ........ 337 Fitzsimmons, Cleo ... 193 477 Flclde, O. S... ..., ....... 3 -17 Flaks, Betty M. .... ...... 3 23 Flanagan, E. L. .... ....360 Fl.1nigan.Jean . Flannery, F. F .... .... Flannery. M. G .... . ... Flanshurg, Josephine ... Fleischer. F. M .... Flclshman. Mitzi ... ... Fleishman, Shirley .. .... Fleming, A. N. ..... .... . . Flaming, Betty J. .... ... .318 Fleming, D. D. ..... ...... . Fleming, Doris ................ Fleming, E. XV .... 373. 587, 404 Fleming, Eleanor I .... ....... 1 R4 Fleming, V. R ....... .. .... -137 Fletcher, M. ll. ........,....... . Fletcher, Priscilla ...... 133, -167 Fletcher, R. E. ......... 210, 214 Flodin, J. E ..... ...... 3 87, 427 Flocrke, XV. H., Ji. ......... 434 Florcli, R. .......... 220, 432 Florio, A. E. ..... ........ . Flucgge, June C... , Flum, P. E. ......... .. Flum, P.. Jr ............... 427 Flying Germ-11111, Tlu' ........... Flynn, C. E .... ..... 1 SS, 100 Flynn, Joanne M.. . ...,.... . . .. Flynn, Margaret .... . ..... 114 Fnard, F, H. ..... ...33' Fnersrcr, Lillian H .... .... Foerster, M. B ....... . .. Fngelsong, E. B. ..... Fogclsong, Verna M... ... Fugg, R. E. ..,...... ... Fruin, W. C ....... Folds, Jessie M.. .. ... Foley, E, F. .... .......... . Foley, J. XV.. .. ........ . .76 Frnlgare, E. ....., .. 185, 373 Follcs, J. .... ..... .......... . Fong, G. ........... ..... . .. Fongcr, Annabelle .. ... Fonner, G. G .... ..... . .. Funner, Marian M.. .. ... Fnolbfzll .... ...... .... Foote, B. R ....... ...... . . Foote, D. L. .... ...... 3 B7 Foote, R. S ...... .373. 385 Friraker, R. XV .... ..... . .... . . . Foran, Zoe ............. ...... Forbes, Catherine G. ........ 322 Forbes, R. S .... ...... . Forbes, S. A. ........ .... Ford, Alice E. .... ... , Ford, Mary J. .... ..... Ford, R. E. .... .... 3 24 Ford, R. G. .... ...363 Forclyce,J. Forester, B. T .... ...... .... . . Forgey, G. XV. ....... 373. 409 517 Forman, Margaret . . . ..... . . . , Foremund, J. R ..., . ... ,... Fornotf, J. R .... .............. 2 4, Forrest, R. .................... . Forsberg, C. E. .... 133, 361. 364 Forscll, Arline ........ 308, 309 Forst, R. W. .... .......... 9 4 Forsyth, A. C .... . . ..... . . . Fortner, J. .... ...... . . Foster, D. G.. .. ... .197 Foster, E. Foster, J. J. ..... ..... . Foster, J. XV. ..... . ...... . Foster, Mary K.. .. .... 127 Foster, R. E.. ... . . .200 Foster, S. ........ .... 1 -1-1 Foulke, R. W. .... ....... . F0111-H Home ... ..... . . .. Fowler, C. L. .... ...210, 228 233 Fowler, E. B .... . ., . . Fowler, F. H ..... ......... Fox, B. XV ..... ........... Fox,D.S.... . ........ Fox, E. F. ..... .... I 98 373 Fox, H. ........ . ......... .. Foxvog, D. R ...... ...... 3 22 Frable, Joan G .... ...... Fraccy, ....... ... . Fralick, S. R ..... .... . ... . Fraley, Karyl J. ............. 319 Frame, Llary R ......... 324. 335 Francis, F. C.. ...... ....... 1 95 Francis, J. H. ................. . Francis, Geraldine .... ...... Francis, Virginia C .... .50 Frank, Beverly D.. .. .... Frank, Gloria J .... ... Frank, Harriett ... .... ... . Frank, J. M ...... ......... Frank, R. L.. .. ...200, -106 Frank, XV. S.... .... .197 Franke, R. C ..... ..... . Frankel, E. WK... 551 429 526 442 -151 488 531 411 478 454 474 169 168 470 190 510 507 4-17 472 519 481 515 481 527 1s4 523 419 520 525 524 198 509 520 -150 3-10 528 363 502 -115 -199 561 -151 470 520 387 -17-1 169 -118 433 515 387 507 518 465 212 419 40-1 -104 9-1 -196 504 -1-15 -15 508 -175 -109 488 -135 -107 516 522 500 -1-19 25 171 551 471 455 -104 166 415 -155 94 155 510 406 -153 159 -194 250 373 168 168 170 458 -105 4-11 528 -163 515 -128 -173 503 424 375 -180 508 510 505 469 453 457 387 94 429 Frankenberg, R. E. .... . Frankfort, S. ......... . Franklin, L. Franklin, Martha D.. . .. Franklin, R. H. ..... . Frankonegelia, N, .. Franks. XV. G.. . .. Franson, lx. D ..... .. .. Franzblau, S. A ........ 16-1 ""1b1' 171 215 159 Franzen, Violet R. ........ Fr11Iri'rlilie1 . . . .. . . .. Frawley, Jean ............ Frazee, L. E....37, 76, Frazier, Elda ........ Frazier. S. H. ..... lso Frederick. C. R. ..... . Frederick, L. D. ..... . Frederick, P. .... .... Fredrick, R. H. ....., . Fredrickson, Betty L... Freedman, E. M ...... Freeland, P. A ...... Q4 Freeland, R. D. ..... . Freeman, C. J .... .... Freeman, Dorothy C .... Freeman, M. G. ..... . Freeman, Ruth C.. .. Freeman. ' Freer, Louise . .. Fregan, E. J.. .. Fregan, R. D .... Freldes, Ruth ... Freilirli. E. D ..... Frcireich, B. P.. .. .. Freireich, Cecile ..... French. Georgia E.. .. French, H. Q.. .... . French, M. J. ..,. . Frerichs, Leona .... Frrilmzerl Frollr ..... Frcudenberg, Helen E.. Frey, H. XV. ........ . T. XV.... Frey, P. H ....... ,..,. Fricluss, J. H. ..,... 76 Friedman, Friedman, H. ....... . Friedman, H. R .... Friedman, Friedman, M. S. ....,.. . Friedman, S. ....... . Friedman, Shirley R... Friedman, T. R ....... Friedrich, Lois M.. . .. Friedrich, Margaret .... Friend, L. E. ....... . Fries, H. J ......... .. Friese, N. .......... . Frisch, Marie C. .... 77 Frisch, M. W. ....., . Frison, T. . Frison, T. H .... Fromm, A. M ..... Frosh, Bernice S... . Fruin, Kathleen L.. ... Fruin, Lorene E .... .... Fry, C. F ........ .373 Fry, H. , .......... .. Fryman, J. D. ....... . Fuchino, XV. K .... Fuchs, B. P. .... .. Fuchs, G. L .... .. . Fuchs, L. L. ..... . Fuelleman, R. F.. .. Fulk, B. E. ...... .. Fulkerson, H. H.. .. Fuller, Jeanne E ..... Fuller, Wlarrcn Fullerton, T. C .... Fulman, A. E.. . .. Fulton, Betty L.. .. .. Dorothy .. 270 372 169 186 207 174 503 400 .50 280 435 174 409 330 314 382 467 ....76 .50 210 gnw .76 10-1 303 372 11519 535 .77 -57 450 417 510 .so 513 51' 509 440 313 298 506 5114 354 194 111 .so 387 372 575 1311 11-1 114 1 8. Fulton, C. D .... , 230, 373 Fulton, E. S. .... ....... . Funk, G. N ....... ........ Funk, H. E., 164 Funk, L., Jr ....... . ..... . Funk,R.B ...... Furie, L, ...... . Fuson, R. C .... ....... 2 00 406 G Gabel, D. W.. .... 114 208 258 -124 516 517 Gabriel, O. A .... .... , ., Gabrielson, G. E. ..... ... .... Gaebc, Eleonorc E.. .. 184 317 Gacbe, O. F. ...... ....... . Gagan, Patricia . 184 286 469, Gager, Kathryn N ..... ..... 4 72, Gahlbeck, Margie .... ... .. . . Gail, Marion V. ............ 133. Gail, Mildred H. .......,.... 50, Gailus, XV. J ....... 94 201 325, 520, Gainer, J. F. ......... ....... . Gainer, Mildred V.. .. . . . .319, Gaines, J. W. ...... ..... 4 56, Gaines, Jeanne M.. .. 488 174 173 479 414 181 451 405 177 531 402 468 281 521 493 176 385 168 522 387 506 441 381 486 486 454 523 456 477 418 308 454 454 510 170 448 322 467 373 413 499 534 193 417 526 531 532 486 159 438 167 535 509 429 471 471 527 421 428 302 530 515 430 412 520 507 506 -198 388 441 168 417 480 384 489 195 361 385 496 342 412 372 470 430 522 318 167 433 433 448 426 372 522 373 361 335 468 424 461 523 523 477 497 528 431 534 435 466 530 463 Gaines, XV. L. .... ,. . .. Galbreath, Dorothy J. ..... . Galbrcath, W. XV .... .. Gale, Ruth M .,....,.. .... Galehouse, B. ......,.... . Gallagher Srbool of BnJir1e.r.r Gallagher, T.B .,.....,... Gallic, D. M. ........,... . Gallivan, J. H. ....... . Gallivan, Marjorie F ...,. Gallo, S. G .... . ,,,... Galloway, E. ...... . Galstan, R. H.. .. Galt, XV. K.. . .. Galvin, H. C ..... Gamble, XV. E.. .. Gambrel, M. . .. . Gamnza Home ..... Gamma Phi Bela .,... Gamma Tlyefa PIJI. . . .. Ganer R , , J ....... Gannaway, Fligabeth M.. ..... 51 Gansberg, Vivianne ..... Ganson, Doris M.. ... Garber, Gardner, B. W., Jr.. . Gardner, Judith .... Gardner, K. E. .... . Gardner, Lola F.. .. Garfinkle, N. .... Gargoyle .... . Garland, D. .... Garland, R. C.. .. Garman, A. B.. .. Garner, Betty L.. .. . J. D. ...... . Garner, D. ,...... ... Garner, J. XV. ........ . Garnitz, Lucille . ..,,.. .. Garrard, Margaret R.. ... Garrels Austin E ..... . Garren, Dorothy F.. .. Garren, Thelma L.. . .. Garrett, E. .....,. . Garrett, J. XV., .. Garrigan, Ann ... Garrison, H. J.. .. Garrity, R. B ...,. .. Garst, A. Garver, Wlilla K .... Garvey, E. C ..... Garvin, H. XV.. ,. Garvin, J. S.. ... Gary, Jesse L. ....... . '. 6211 200. 195, i'51i,'3bl1', '15 Gary, R. Y ............. Gassmann, Elizabeth A ..... Gaston, F, H. ....,....... . Gasul, B. M.. ... Gates, J. T. ..... . Gates, R. R. ..,... . Gates, S. A. ....,. . .. .. Gathercoal, E. N ..... Gauss, A. B ....... .,.. Gauthier, C. J. ..... 94. Gay, Patricia H ........ Gaydos, A. D., Jr ...... Gaylon, I Gaylord, Harriett . .. . Gaziano, A. N. ....., . Gebauer. B. XV .... L.D ........ . 210 164 385 184 Gebhart, Florence P., .... .. Gcbhart, R. P. ............ . Gee, V. R .......... .. Geeseman, G. E. ...... . Geever, E. ........... . Gehring, Betty A.. . .. Gehring, NV, E. ..... ... Geiderman, S. . .... .. Geissendoerfer, Mary E Geist, W. E. ........ . Gemmer, Shirley M.. . .. Genesen, L. I. .,..... . Gen1s,J.F. ....... 210, 2 Genter, C. F .... ..... Georg, E. Joanna. .... . George, M. . .... . .. Georgeff, A. .... . Geor oulakis, N. . .1. Gerald, Y. .........,.... . Gerber, A. B .... .......... Gerding, E. T,....133, 108 Gercling, P. A. ............ . Gerler, K. E .... ..... ...... Germain, R. C.. .. German. F. D.. .. Gerometta, R. Gershon, S. ...... . Gerstung, H. O.. . .. Gertsch, L. ...,.. ... Gertz, Vivian . .... ......... Gervig, C. M. ...... 77, 372 Geskc, XVinifred J. ..... . Gessner, Marcia M .... Gethner, R. P ..... Getman, Shirley A .... Getty, Margaret A .,.. Getz, J. J. ........ . Gher, Virginia L.. .. Ghilain, H. T ..... .. Giachetto, J. J.. .. ... Gianasi, C. R.. . . .. Gibbel, D. M. ........ . 151 Gibbons, XV. J. ........ . Gibbs, C. R. ....... 77, Gibbs, D. K. ...... 222, Gibbs, R. .... .... . iid 373 254 .77 167, 388, 305 114 S72 . 59 51111 324 2-17 .51 418 373 372 553 172 487 135 305 264 3135. as-1. 372, 195 508 455 507 175 541 454 175 414 479 200 175 387 439 412 155 454 505 475 528 406 363 509 494 406 417 479 409 114 174 198 171 426 297 503 434 42 510 515 360 496 496 404 410 494 531 404 94 479 439 169 169 439 421 465 370 170 429 435 372 172 172 447 505 492 297 478 373 51 363 363 172 386 171 462 387 -149 469 443 49-1 420 423 429 470 442 519 387 522 170 519 373 387 372 373 423 174 520 519 478 414 508 493 486 475 502 423 469 127 489 168 181 419 430 416 527 coRREcT FOR BOOKS AND CATALOGS Distinctive bindings by BROCK and RANKIN give added beauty, ettec- tiveness and lite to books of impor- tance. Bibles, Dictionaries, Encyclo- pedias, Year Books and better bound Catalogs are done by skilled craftsmen in our organization. The experience ot more than fifty years is reflected in the solution of binding problems sub- mitted to us. BROCK ancl RANKIN Book and Catalog Binders for 50 Years 619 South LaSalle Street 0 Chicago 4 . f' SNA IF f , it ov . l f f l SOUPS OGRAVIES STEWS OR ROASTS SEXTON SAUCES r 0 R PLEASED GUESTS Coffege M 6712017165 EVERLASTING With Pboiogwzpbi' Offm Mills' Porimii Sl1m'j0,i' "The Nfzfiozz ls' Sfzzffio " M ot' W t., q-Q X x- l G29 h WM Underwood CF - - i - 'Facia le 'l .oat f eh-A-eZ',i,-' - , is-csc if-f'?If?'E?ii'Q5'f f v 1 J: , 1 - X fi? 2' youd ylfzktufaaal 45!!7L'!i'Z ffehaesefzdzdife He will help in mike xuur upc- W'l'ilEl'S :mal ntliu: machines lost longer and keep them All pc li perfornmnce. Ask him Lll'tUUl the Underwood Servicc Plan. You'll limi him listed in your telephone Lliftdtiklfy ur write IO... Underwood Elliott Fisher Bo. One Pork Avenue New York, N, Y. Nationwide Service J Gundwine 199 Hagerbaumcr, D. H .... Gonschalk. R. ... Grimm, R. I.. , . .. 344 547 Gould, Mlldrcd T .... .. Hambmok, Jeanna: D.. 473 Hammer, j. S. ......... . 31 Grcanias, E. F.. .,... 23' Hani. Elsvc ...... Gibson, Betty L.. .. 31-1 319 Gibson, I.. C. .... ...... 5 Z6 Gnbson, R. XV... .. 200, 417 Gichler, j. H .,.,, . .... -122 Gicker, C. jane .... 503 Gicsecke, G. E ..,,., ..... -1 -H Giesek1ng,Aj. E, .... ...... 1 OS Glrhn, R. L. ...,. ., 564 -102 Glrford, R. C ..... .. .. 510 410 Gllhert, H, XV.. ,... .. 105 -135 Gilbert, R. S. ....,...... ...... -1 OS Gnluhrist, Gumldinu ,I ..., .,... -1 S1 Gules. M.1rg.1rct M. ..... .. SOO, 551 Glltord, R. I, .,..... . ..,.. -186 Gull, B. I, ....,.. . ...... 532 Gull, H, L.... ............... 206 Gull, R. J. ......... 51, 210 255 -116 GxHsr, L IJ., .,..,...., sl, 415 526 Gxllette, H. E .... ...,. ........ 1 7 5 Gnlllck, Dance , ...,.. ..,...., + 176 Glllnk, D0mll1yE..,Sl, -1111 4176 S15 Gllllland. R, F .... .... ....,,.. 1 5 9 Cullman, H. .......... ........ 1 07 Gxllum. K. F, .,...... ...... 1 07 Gilmore, Vnrglnla K. ........ 155 502 Grln,-y, -I, E ................ its-1 537 Gllsnn, I. ...,. .... 4 05 -131 524 Gllwurth, K, ...... . ........ S22 Gnnburg. V, .......,. .. .... 164 Gingrich, R, J, ........ ,... - 115 Gxnos, Evangeline S.. ,. .... -181 Ginsburg, Alleon L ..... ...523 -12-10 Gnnsburg, Evelyn .... . .il S10 Ginsburg, V, ..,... .... . . 17-1 Gunther, C. E. ..... .... lil? Girhard, Mary N. .... ........, 5 01 Gltlltz, Lon .,..... .......... S OS Glttelson, P. ......,... lo-1 167, 17-1 Glttleman, Gladys ., ........... -1414 Given, XV. XV.. ..... , .... 323 -105 Glerde, R. A. ...... .......... 5 Z2 Gladdmg, D, KH ,. ,.21O, 256 141 299 +110 Gladson, Maxine .... ....... S 0-1 Glaser, R, ........ .... 4 08 Glass. M. A, ...,. ., 373 Glasscock, D. L. .... .. .... S10 Glastras, P. G.. ,. .......... 500 Gian, M. MM., .... 575 384 sas -156 529 Glatz. B. W ..... .. ...... -110 Glazier, R. E. ...... .... -1 20 Glcnchman, T. K. ..... .. 19-J Glendening, j. A. .... .... -1 Ro Glenn, C. G ........ .... . . 168 Glenn, jarquulmc ... ,...3J?r -130 Glenn, R. E ........ ..... , S29 Glenn, S. E. ..... .... 1 93 Glcnnon, Hclcn L .... ........... 4 7-1 Glcnny, H.lfflCflE E ...... ,, 51, 528 Glenny, XV. S. ......... 5-14, 547 -1811 Gluck, E. E. ....... ,........ . . 197 Gllfk, R.. .10-I, 371, 579 3531 395 Cvlxdden, M.1ryA ............ 518, -171 Cylueck, R. A. ..... -113 Cynadingcr, ,l. F, .... ......... -1 -H Goble, G. XV.. .... ..2R2, -Ill -his Gudfrey, E. ..... . ...... 537 Gwdlewskl, E. A.. .. ..... .. Ili Goebel, R. H, ....... .. 107 575 Gmcdde, Alerhm .... . .Arm '-no Gucpplngsr, XV, F... . ...... , 587 Gucrs, M. B ....... ., ., .77, 51" Goetz, Dorothy .... ...... -1 6-1 Goetz, R. .. ...... . 564 Cmcrz, Ruth R, .. .... 115 508 Cmggrn, j. E .... .... . . -1011 Coggin, 121. ,IH ,. . .... . 107 Ln-Inn, E. AH.. ,, ,sl 4.41 Goldberg, A. . .. ...... . 170 Guldbcrg, B. H.. .. .... ...... . 519 Guldbcrg, Bcatrlcc .., .51 -if-l -178 Goldberg, Bcrnean If. ........... V180 Cvuldbcrg, fharlnttu ... .. .51 A1751 Goldberg, H. I... ,, ., 300 .ms Gfuldbcrgml. . .... ,,,,,. 1 .17 Gwldbcrg, YI. H ..... .... 4 'sri Gfuldberg, N, ....... .. 167 Goldberg, Marlnrxc . ,, 518 -111-1 Goldberg, Marshall AH .. .... . 4-18 Goldberg, Nclvln A. , .. 197 486 Goldberg. N, ....,.. , ....... -HR Guldbcru, Roslyn ,., ......... SOS Goldbcrgur, Elnznbcrh M ..... . S10 Golden, juwcl S .......... . 480 fmldfarh, I. ...... ..... . -H47 Goldman, I. .... ... , 170 Goldman, M. AH., , S50 Goldman, M, I. .... 457, G-pldman, M. SH .. ,,,,, 53,5 Goldman, Muriel j. .... .. 535 47g Goldman, K. H, ...... ........ - 151, Goldman. S, A .... N373, 584 -456 fy-rldman, S, M ..... ..... 408 cnAdwnnn,B,Ih.H ,.4w7 501 408 Goldstcm, A. M. ......... .51 -H1 Goldstein, j. A ..... .....,.. 5 51 Cwolclstcnn, R, M., ., .... ,. 170 Goldstcm, S. ..... .. 523 456 Goldstein, S. E, .... ..,,, 4 U8 Goldwyn, A. M. .... -441 Golum, A. ........... ,,. , 170 Gongawarc, J. V.. ......... .. 435 Gfmd, R. j....5l, 210, fl-1 225 -1-13 Goode, Dolores R. ...... ,, 325 508 5 513 Gundcll, XV. F., JL. ,. .... Goodman, A. R.. ., Goodman, Gene L.. .. Goodman, J. ............. , Goodman, j. E, .... ...... . . Goodman, james F..77, 521, -tor., 414. Sli, Goodman, john F. ......... . Goodman, Marcella B ...... , Goodman, Phyllis .......... Gondnow, j. L. ....... .... Gnndrum, XV. ... ,. Goodwin, E. . .. .. Goodwin, XV .... .. Guodwinc, Glcyn .......... , M.xrtl1a ....... Gumnson, D, A.. .1S7, Gnrchorf, 'B. AW .... ,. Garden, lx. XV.. , Gordon, A. ,... Gordnn, F. N ..... Gurdnn, Fanplmn ...... Gurdon, H. A. ..... 0 Gurdon, H. H.. . .. Gurdon, K. H. ...... . Gurdon, Muriel R .... Gurdon, T, A ..... Guru, Eunice .... Cure, R. F .... ,. Gorcnson, TT A... Gorcnz. L. ,I . ,lr-.. Gorman, Helen M... Gorman. Gnssctf. XV. , ,. Curiryd. P. 1 .... ..... Gottfried, Hclninc ,. Gum, H. D . Jr. ,. I, T. ..... . Cmlslcr, F. AH.. Gnnl-1, I.. Ir... ., 441 31,0 s, 1'-ii' 319 304 196 572 Gnul1l,Nnnr11i . 1. , .. .. I Gould, R. XY ..... Gnurlev, H. V. ...... . .gli Gouwcns, Carolyn B ....... Gnvostis, M. ........ . Gnwcn, G. H. ....... , Gnvknvitch, D. M.. . .. Graber, M. ........ . Grablll, Marian M.. .. Grace. J. I.. jr., . . . .. Gruzdlzulf Srluml, Tlw. .. .. Grady. E. M. ....... .. .... Gf.1f.J. F. ............ .., Graff, C. XV. .............. . Graham, F. G., Yr..0S, BRA, Graham, Doris V. ........ ., Graham, E, DH ....... Graham. E, XV .... Graham, G. C ..... .. Graham, J. R. ....... ..... . Graham, Peggy A. .... 3117, Graham, R. 1. ......... 108, Graham. Ruth V.,. Graham, S. G. .......... . ffmmzfla Cllflf ...... .... , Grandpcorze, Mnrynric -I,. Granert, H. A. .......... ,. Grange, F, D ..... . ,. Grange, H. ...... . Grant, Mary -I. .... Grantham, Betty A.. ,. Graper. L. G. ..... . Gmtcr, XV. C, . Craven, P. H. .... . Graves, Florcwc .. Mary P. .. Marv R .... Graves, Graves. Graves, M. E. .... ., Graves. XV. E, ....... . Gray, E. ............ , Gray, H. M. ...... HR, Gray, H. T...l35. 572, Gray, Mary H ,.57, 77, Gray, Sarah j. ...... . Graybill, Annf' ....... .os 161 sas -196 , Grayhack, Marilyn F ..... .. Grcanias, G. G ..... . Greaves, R. I, .... . Grebctz, Rovllnc Crcbner, L. G.. . .. Greco, L. .. Grcelay, P, XV.. .. Green, Alex ...... Grccn, Bernice F.. . .. Green, D. H.. .. '36 Grccn, F. S. .... .. Green, G. G. .... ...... . Green, H. A. ...... ....... . Green, H. H ..... .... R 6-1 Green, J. E. ...... 34S 3S0, Green, N. B..561, 362, 365 Green, P. M. ............. . Green, V. Arlene .... ,. .57 Greenberg, H. . . . Greenberg, I. ...... . Greenberg, Leone .... Greenberg, Luullu R.. .. ., Greenberg, P. ....... . . . 197 238 151 372 518, 360 370 555 166 345 562 375 1123, 405 519 387 1-1-1 .51 404 305 516 561 385 .51 318 337 3547 115 165 504 485 355 388 387 361 -170 105 113 5-14 lbs .95 373 165 487 328 4-is SIS zo: shi 375 715 fsof 409, 360, Q25 564 'kb 465 .52 01 7 236 414 -122 464 510 169 385 527 -122 464 561 -126 171 175 413 297 50-1 359 450 441 -12-1 170 ZS 509 -156 520 1115 40-4 -178 441 sos 200 36,1 S15 469 -H0 -IRQ 490 46-5 445 160 -UO 420 -WR -530 -10-1 4157 -S110 166 171 436 181 502 487 143 428 418 -H7 910 475 425 387 -116 361 523 -H48 -172 H7 486 470 'Qs S10 206 176 951 'Hi IGR 430 -165 515 904 -IOS S10 1691 S21 910 S30 5-11 505 -181 534 S20 1115 S09 -100 166 IGR 325 S07 2-1 443 166 438 S22 564 551 551 -440 461 533 408 170 319 554 550 Greene Greene Greene Greene , 11. E.... , J. 1x.... . s. P ...... , vv. A..,.... Greenfield, Edith L.. .. Greenneld, M. ..... . Greenfield, R. E.. . .. Greening, G. K.. .. .. Greening, H. G.. .. ... Greenlee, XV, R. ..... .... Greenspan, I. .... ...... . . .. Greenwald, Esthcrosc .... . Greenwood, J. M.. .77, 572, Greenwood, L. ............ Greiic, M. Rachel ......... Gregg, R. R.. ..... ., Gregory, E, C ..... . . Gregory, J. M.. , .. Grellncr, R. J ..... Grenz, J. ............... . 6111111111 Cbnlsl-ll"1'u'nga .... Crewe, N. F. ............. , Greirsun, R. . ..... 210, 21-I 233 Gricsb11un1, Delores j. ...... . Grlcst, Bessxc O. .......... . GriHjn,A.E ..... Grifhn, D. D.... ...18i Gmiin, J. .... Gmiith, C, R. .... . Gridjth, Annabel ........... Grifhth, Lora M.. ......... , Gritnth, Mary J...115, 535 Griffith. T. L .......... . .. Grifiith, XV. G ...... .... 7 7 Griftncr, H. D... ...... Grngshy, Helen M ..... .. Grigsby, L. M.. , . ,. , Gnmcs, Kathryn ... . Grmdlcy, Hf S .... . Grinkewxck, A. ..... . Griswold, Barbara J. ....... . Gritznur, NV. A. .......... ., Gmak, A. , ............ us Grob, E. E., -Ir. .......... .. Gmdson, Grfmun, R. Gmh, XV. Grollmgxn. A ....... 575, Miriam S. ........ . F. ...... ...... . 334. jean S ........... Gmsplaudc, Mary E... ..... . Gross, 5. T ........ . ,, Gross, XV. ........ . Gmssx, A. Grossman, Grossman, C Grossman, D. A .... Gmssman, H Grossman, j. M.. .. Grove, XV. 1. ..... .. AQ'Qf.. Grovcr, Anne L. .... ..... . Grubb, Barbara J. ....... , Grnlfly, G. R. .mil Cnrrljmrly. Grubb, Helen L. ......... . Gruentcld, J. J. ...... MISS Gruensfclder, M. H.. . .1-1-I Grumblcy, XV, D ..... , .. Grumlcy, J. J. ......... 77 Grundsut, H. .... . .,lS'1 Gruncrt, A. C. .......... WS Grunwald, M. F. .......... . Grupp, C. j. ....... SZ, 372 Grzcda, S. C. ............ . Gucnthcr, Bernnc ,.,. Guernsey, Helen V.. .. Gugc, lx. I., ........ ... Guglcr, Betty ,I ..... .... Gullaksen. J. Gullctt. Jeanne M.. .. 318 Gullctt, Mary A. ... ... Gullcttc, C. L.. .. 373 Gnlo, M. G ..... . Gulyrvsh, -I. . .. Gumbinur. M. I... . .. Gund. Jeannette .ln .. .. , Gunn, E, N. ........ ..... . Gunn, G. .......... . Gunn, Kathleen F ..... ..'12, Gunter, Adele P. .... ..... , Guslfk, S. ........ Gustafson, H. P.... Guitafsnn, L. M .... Gustafson, XV, A .... Gustus, N. .... .... Gutel, Elizabeth A .... Guth, Mary A.. Gulhlcr, Ruth M ..... Guthmzmn, L. B.. . .. Guyer, D. ......... .... Guyer, -I. P ..... , ,.... .... Guynn, Mildred I... .. .... Guynn. V. L. ............. . Guymn, XV. A., JL. , . .1if7, Gyldcn, Helen 1... . .. Haan, Haas, Ii R, E, .............. . Louise Haas, Marilyn A ...... -.360- 4-S1 -421 .. 451 430 S05 522 169 169 .52 526 .. .. 416 107 429 .SZ 464 384 -133 587 .37 115 387 -10-5 .95 372 20 -S26 197 506 411 217 228 373 445 508 52 573: 439 210 21-1 219 -X23 166 .20 -HS . 474 -198 404, 551 197, 405 360, -528 -122 527 ..z4, Qs .52 428 .52 500 . 164 195 -106 107 -N15 .... 433 sw, 530 485 507 -120 388 510 18-1 319 -1130 200 -1011 . -HI 167 -1-ll 52 .26 410 562 587, 4-11 . 108 4741 319 -176 551 471 375 418 198 585 -136 -161 527 175 181 . 454. 510 175 385 4-17 ...,. 455 .52 471 -171 -ORN 333 -ISI il-J 519 V174 -1713 428, 510 -Hs 180 -H-1 468 -120 . -107 510, 535 101 .. ., 440 215, -H2 52, 492 . 1612 387, -190 119 531 .52 405 475 -H1 575 5111 403 411 127, 431 197, -105 166 174 180 195 467 168 3:62, 553 505 Haas, Pauline M .... Haas, R. T ........ Habberton, XV. .. Habicht, E. .... Habzansky, S. ... .. . Hackett, R. P. ........ . Hacklcman. J. C. ..... . Hackman, E. D.... Hadaway. Doris Hadcr, R. N. .... . Haegt, L. ..... . Haeger, R. R .... Haeuscr, C. . ... Hafner, D. T. ..... 36 Hafner, J. P .... Hafner, j, O ..... ,. Hagan, XV. XV. .... . Hagaman, E. C ...... . Hager, G. J. ........ . .70 195 115 Hagstrom, Anita V. .... .. , Hague, Stella M ..... . Hailey, D., ...... Hailey. J. T. ......... Haines, H. XV., jr, .... Haines, XV. J. ........ Hair, C. E, .......... Halden. Mrs, Una .... . . . Hale, I. L, ...... ......... . Ha1l, A. B .......... ....... Hall, A. R., jr....2'76, 340, Hall, B. V. ..... ........ . Hall,C,R..., .. Hall, D. M.. . .. Hall, D. S. .... . Hall, G. M.. . .. Hall, H. A.. .... .. Hall, Marian A.. .. Hall, S. G. .... . Hall, S. XV. .... . Hall, XV. ........ .... . Hal1,XVm. DH., Hall, Wlilson D ...... .52 Hallberg, H. D ...,.. Hallenstcin, R. H.. .. Halligan, Dorothy F... Halligan, Virginia A.. Hallstrom, H.. . .. Halper, L. 5, ..... . Halper, R. S. ...... Halpin, T. 1. ....... . Halverson, G. M.. . .. Halvorscn, lean M.. ., Halvorsen, Lois I ..... H325- 521. Ham. C. XV ..... .. ...... .. Hamburg, M.. .. Hamburg, R.. ,Oi Hamer. J. S ..... Hamer, P. E .... Hamilton, A. .... . Hamilton, B. ,.. Hamilton, Jane A.. iii Hamilton, P, ..... , Hnmxlton, R, E.. . .. Hamilton, R. XV.. .. Hamilton, Hamxlton. Hamley, D. F ..... . Hamlin, H. M.... Hamlyn, Alvera ..... T. S ..... .. T. Sv. JL.. 588 Hamm, Betty L ...... ,.36O, Hamm, Harrxet .... Hammnn, R. E. .... 53 107 58-S 77 R. F. ...... . Hammer. Hammerstein, E. H... Hammitt, Frances E... Hammond, XV. C ..... Hamp, L. .......... . Hamp, L. R. .......... 3-18 Hampton, V. j. .... 50 281 Hanahan, D. J. ...... Hance. C. R. .... ..... . Hancock. J, A.. . .. Hand. Claudine ... Handlin. D. XV. .... . Handrmann. G. E, ....... . Hanisec, Betty j,..,S2, 542 Hankermcvcr, R. G ......... . Hankins, D. L.. 55, 37, 95 136. 257, 264 Hanks, K. 0., jr.. ,.,... .. Hanley, R. F. ,.., . . ,.., .. Hanlon, T. NY.. . .. Hanmer, R. 5, ...... Hanmorc, Mary Hanna, J. ....,... Hannah, H. XV ..... Hannah, N. L, .... Hannig, S. ..,. . Hanscll, R. .... . Hansen, C. XV ..... Hansen, G, K ..... Hansen, L. M.. . .. Hansen, M. L.. . .. Hansgen, J. E .... Hanson, J. .... . Hanson, j. XV, .... Hanson, R. J ......... .... Hanson, XV. A.. .,..,.,.... . Hanssen, S. B ...... 95, 572, 163 his 51s 404 .52 176 315 1155 407 318 fbs 355 :oo ak! 372 280, 387 373 A5 Hb! s1n 417, 335 173 -P0 555 Eba sas 381 410 490 QRS 262 -171 408 201 275 200 195 430 kbs. 384 1 508 430 423 197 420 521 409 439 465 526 515 177 197 522 415 7 .5- 573 -512 926 468 474 444 4-H 526 -106 -1251 172 -143 297 414 530 451 107 451 362 297 465 201 426 487 412 343 410 487 4711 470 -S22 441 441 587 10s -16s 463 20I 47' 337 510 372 387 454 -148 -167 419 510 412 -106 -106 422 -S18 S06 479 477 562 442 -839 119 95 -177 168 345 531 524 200 363 526 469 410 264 173 S35 -125 ZOB 457 387 443 111 406 404. -151 385 421 486 387 175 451 450 573 489 155 192 197 489 405 M -'K:,iff',1 . faq v ts G 5?-gf' f s ' Q3-' Q15 N f .' ig V' W' f give' V M, ff? , f I, I .. fi:-:. X an K I. 1-rs, " ,-Q . 4 , .1-"'lRf'gf ' 1 'ii - I 1' N P 51 f' ,K V v , i I - ' it K ff ' Niexssxfzga-f' 'N is the watchword of America today-coordination of i men and machines to perform the biggest job a nation T ever attempted. It is with the utmost modesty that we mention our name Following the above thought but, for 33 years, our organiza- tion has coordinated the eiiorts of skilled workmen with modern machines to achieve a quality product oi which we are proud. ARTgINSTS AND ENGRAVERS +++CHAMPAlGN ILLIiiDimS G. R. GR BB 81 H0l1ovx'ell,M. IRI 464 H.1rris Herbert, J. H. ....... . Hxrder, Ruth L ,... . Hardesly. E. G, .... ,. Harding, A. A.. . 550, Hnrding, D. P. ...... . I-Lxrding, E. T. ...... , Harding, Jane ..., Harclinger. J. .. Hudinger, Mavis . Hardy, H. F.,,, H.1rg1tr, R. T., .. H.1rl.1n, Virginia . Harland, XV. ..... . H.1rl.1nd, XV. I., .. . Hlrlxn, Harriet A Hulnw, XV. -I. ...... . Harman, 57, 77 5'I, RR-l Harmon, Betty L. ..... Harmon. j. T ...., . .. ll.1rmun, Kntheryn M. Harmon, XVinn11: .... H.1rm5, G.1il E., ., . H.1rm5, R. F. J .... H.1rms, R. G,.,. Harney, P. ......... . H.1rn15t, E. .....,. .. H.1rr111, A. j...Jr1, 1411. Harp, C. E. ..,..,,.. . Harp, J, L., jr ..... Harper, D. E. .... . H.1rpcr, K.1tie F .... H.1rpcI, M.1r1.1nn.1. H.1rper, XV. J, RC H.1rpham, . Hurldgvt, R. E..,. 2, H.1rr1m.m, Gram A... Hurlngiun, A. H,. . .. Huringtnn, R. ..... . H.1rr1S, B. P. ...,. . Hnris, Enlnn R.. .. H.lFfiS, G, .... . H.1rr1s, G. J.. . .,. Harms, H, H. ..... . H.1rr1s. Huric-tt A .... H.1rris, J. A ..... . .. H.1rr15 H.1rr1S H.1rr1s J. R ....... M. .... . 111, HU., M.R..., H.1rr1s, P, S..,. Harris, R. E.. ...., ... Hmrris, R. F, ...,., 115 H.1rris, Vmginia M.. .. H.1rr15un, C. . . , . ., Harrold, N, ,...... '15 Harsh, XV. M .,... .., Harshbargtr, K. E .... H.1rr, C. Hut, J. XV .,....... 77 Hut, M. E..,. H.1rt,R,H.... Hart, XV. ..... . Harte, Mary E..,. HJIICF- H. L.... Hutie, XV. P. .... . Hutley, M. C ..... . Hartley, T. C. ....... , HartmAn, C. G ..... .. HarIm.1n, Gwyneth I.. Hutman, J. M. ..... . Hartman, M. ........ . Hartnck, J. E. ..,. . Hartshom. XV. G. .... Hartung, R, G..,. Hartzcll, F. M ..... . Hartzcll, 1. W. ..... .. H.1rxcy, Barbara E.. . .. Harvey, D, ,........ . Harvey, j. V. ..,.... . Harvey, Marguct H.lSbIfl'JQk, F. F. .... . Hasek, R. H. ...... , Hascmcycr, Carol I.. ,, Hsskms, Maman I... .. Hnssakis. Dcspw N... Hassc, G. XV ....... Hasse, Lcatnce XV... Hastmgs, Bette J .... Hatch, C. E, ..... . Hatch, 1. B, ........ Hatchard, XV. R ..... Hatcher, Grace C ..... Hatcher, Mary AH . ,. Hntfncld, M. ....... . Hdlricld, M. R ..... ., Hathaway, R. j,..3Zl Hatshaw , xv, N. ..,. . Hattendori, Renclvn A Hattenhaucr. R. .... . Hams, R. E3 .... , Hnubcr. M, lx, ...... . - 560 2711 -452 282 324 1-ii 560 1.11. 101 U 516' illi 571 ,77 517 375 1 1 5 Q56 5-H 3410 ,7R 551 103 Haugcns, E, E. ..... . Haupert, J. S .... .... Haupttluxsch, Esther A... Hguptflcisfh, R. E. .... , Hqusman, C. R. ..... . Hauter, D, A. .... . Havens, C, S.. .. , H,1wl-ccr, E. I. ......... . Hawkins, E, C. ..... . Hawkini, F. E, ....... . Hawkins, Marjorie L.. Huvklns, N. Bcrn1ce,. 552 77 523 452 405 573 204 515 3111 409 197 197 304 442 562 545 V153 195 0-1-7 2511 585 432 -H2 200 564 373 451 195 424 373 319 A55 200 1614 587 200, 345 501 387 5 37- 337 167 422 127, 505 530 423 531 199 529 -V7-I 171 173 430 MH-K 465 167 164 50R 518 200 527 476 -Ml 531 -4945 S21 3915 -III -123 455 -B-I -HZ 432 il'J 305 4711 457 -187 515 S35 195 3114 -H1 53 175 438 -IR' 471 S52 401 ltm WRT 1711 100 4512 522 4041 ISS 450 169 105 160 445 S15 S30 26-K 501 200 415 529 530 40 502 -114 387 Sli! 403 922 -833 373 -XZ! 4745 AH-I7 -X07 -508 100 4011 501 -H141 IS-1 1172 S08 4615 175 .455 406 505 503 758' 526 3-18 -HI 515 H17 -HI 3517 385 432 190 387 587 36l 28 -455 172 52-I 462 477 Hnvorth, C. TH . ., Haws, A. B,, jr.. .. Hay, I.. E, ..... . Hay, R. Cf. ,... Hayes, B. , ....,.. .. Hayes, Dorcas A.. , ., Hayes, E. I., ..,. Hayes, F. M.. . ., H.1-yes, J. A.. , ., Hayes. ,l. CH. Hayes, j. if . H.1yc-S, Al. ll, . .. Hayes, J. R. .... . Hayes, XV. B .......... H.1y5, C. K, ..... . H.1yw:1rd, H. N,. . ., I Hayward, Mary I... 27, Hnclknrn, H, .... H.1zclkorn, j. ..,. Hazen, M11ri.1n I... .. Hnzelton. H. A ..... Hnzlctt. Olive C.. .. Hand, Hc.1ly, Annabelle . . E. D..11i. 3 Healy, F. A ...,.. .... Healy, Frances . .IR4 Healy, J. H. ........ . Healy, XV. H ..... . Heaney. XV. S.... Heap, xv. 0 ..... . ., Heath, l.yd1.1 J.. . .. Heath, R. ....... . Hcathertun, R, ff, . ,. Heaton, H. C. ...... , Hcbcnstrcit, H. RH, Huhenstrcit. R. H .. Hchmn, M. E ..... Hcuht, D. C. .... , Hccht, M. Huck. C, V .... Henk, E. 1.... Heckel, N. J. .. Hcckcr, H. M .... Harker, M, I.,. ., Heda, Rmlvn ....... Hcdqex Edith M ..... Hedges, Elgin-e GH .. Pledges, V1rg1ni.1 .. . Hudlin. j. ....... . Hcdrufk, Betty -I.. . .. Hedrick. Clrol Hedrick, G. E. ...... . Hedrick, Mnrloric M.. Hcdnck, R. D ..... . .. Hcdrlvgk, R. M ..... . Hccpke, F. Huggemcicr, G. ll., ,. Hcggemclcr, XV. S.. .. Hcidersbnch, A, . . Hcidinger, R. C.. ,, Hcimann, R. XV.. .. Hclmsath, R. .... Home, E. F .... Helnle, D. R.. ,. Hcinzc-, R. XV .... . Hcxnzmann, E, ., Heuslcr, R. .. . Hciss, XV, F.. . .. Held, H. C ..... .. Helfrich. Betty .... Helleberg, j. P ..... Hcllen, I.. P, .... ., Heller, f'.1rn M ..... Heller, Elaine R.... . Heller, G. ....... .. Heller, G. L ...... .. Helm, M, M. ...... , Holman, jamcc M.,.. Helton, F. F, .... Hemp, P. E. ....... .. Humps, H. B. ....... . Henry, M, E. ....... . Handel, Durothy A ..... Hundersun, E, H.. . .. Hzlrricl E, Hcnderiun, Henderson. J. A. ..... Henderson, M. .... . Hendricks, Hendricks, Hendrix, P. M. .... , Hendrix, R. L..,. Henegar, D. B ..... , A.R ..... G.R ..... Hcncrt, B. E ..... .... Hamline, P. XV ....... Hcnn, Constance M,. .. Henn, Elizabeth J .... Hcnnclly, j. J. ...... . Henningwn, A. MN .. Henry, D. L...0L1, 201 Henry, V. M, ..... Henry, XV. M, ...... . Hansel, C. D. ..... 573 Hcniey, H, E ..... .... Hcnsey, R. G. ....... . Hensold, H. H. .... 78 Hcnton, J. M.. ...... ,. Henwoud, Margaret E. Hepler, S. E.. .... 372 Herath, XV. A ........ Herbrandson, H. F.. .. Herbst, R. H. ..... . . Herda, M, G.. . . . .. U34 H210 V- ".':1i1" 304 72, '3si5,' up ','f1'5,' 05 1.67, 1-15" ll' 505 .475 372. 405, 194 S15 403 in 195 210 258 573 385 305 127 516 474 424 351 450 3.72 410 1416 5-19 487 409 2511 215 361 197 .53 372 313 172 164 450 '1 95 196, 463 360 565 1041 115 115 5.1.1 201 354 45.1 304 518 525 436 373 -411 418 SIS -H5 -105 431 169 419 419 428 519 -H2 430 M2 2511 -144 47? LHR -H8 365 104 200 462 S17 207 5211 414 S22 ISS 412 Ili 45-1 571 480 'vll -1541 AH7 S20 -H1 IRO 116 1158 S27 -122 ill 301 3113 474 520 -SRI 4045 515 109 'ali 55 522 545 555 486 -H3 -SHG 167 410 304 454 364 491 -H2 387 -108 108 435 464 478 177 17-I 515 4135 200 Z2 57 197 318 5"1 5 -I 352 -173 166 195 163 167 489 -189 522 .500 406 431 431 451 486 526 -554 489 527 3-17 487 480 521 387 53 525 163 387 200 407 200 Her et, R. L, ..... ..... . 410 442 535 464 435 441 466 47-S 168 434 520 171 320 553 -199 201 103 115 510 404 197 154 170 533 154 168 419 515 522 505 257 495 168 168 525 163 193 -463 S27 528 476 SZR 462 521 -896 465 167 551 433 488 532 498 426 932 428 19? 531 33'- 471 462 364 526 -13" 412 -HS 298 181 -S07 465 310 489 508 506 508 492 96 502 419 387 481 481 451 560 23 456 466 462 96 209 26 514 -HZ 421 475 455 404 487 555 412 265 465 528 403 467 450 170 452 487 166 451 519 471 Herfeman, W. N... .... 197 519 515 Hermann, Peggy R. ........ .... Hermann, R. A .... ..... 7 8 403 Hermele, L. ........ . ...... 78 Herran, Nennette , ,. .,. .. ,. Herrick, Dora K, .... Herrick, I, B ..... . ... Herrin, J. M ..... Herrington, L. ............ . .. Harrold, R. D. ............ .. .. Herron, K. E. ..... l-40, 1012 272 372 41-I Hcrmn, Lnnn V. ............. 78 Hershey, A. E. ...... .., .,,. Hershey, Mildred ... ..,. Hershmzm, G. I., .... ., .... .. Hertz, Constance S.. ., .53 Herzog, F. P... ..... ..2lS Herzog, H. ....... ... . Hcrzon,H..... . Hess, Anim J,. .. .. 319 Hess, F. B ..... ................ Hess, J. H.. ............. 155 Hess, Martha L.. . 3162. 363 475 Hessel, A. ..... A .............. . Hcsselschwerdet, G. P. ..... .... Hester, F. G.. .... ............ . Hester, G. ................ 561 Hcxtell, H. C. ......... S75 424 Heyman, Adr:line..lK3, 3-li, 363 Heyliger, V. ..... ...... ...... . Hcyse, Elizabeth .I ......... .. . . Hlbbert, G. F. ...... .... . ... Hilubs, XV. B. ..... . Hilwsch. XV. G ....... .... 5 5 405 Hick, F. K ..... ........... .... Hickey, Mary Margaret .... 53 1179 Hickman, XV. A ...... , . .06 S19 HICKS, A. C,.,78, 371, 518 521 Hicks, Martha KU, ....... ,... Hicks, R. E, ........ ........ Hictt, Ivfartha E .... ....... 3 51 Himer, D. E .... ,. .... 73 515 Hight, Nfarilynn .. .... .. , . Hill BettyA ..... Hill Doris ...... Hill Ellen T .... ,. 116, Hill F. E,, jr..., Hfll Hall , .... ., . Hull Helen .... .... 5 5 Hull, Lorna E..., Hill, M. XV .... .... I 86 Hzll, P. L. ....... ........... , Hull. R. S ..... ........ 3 an 342 Hxllebrand, H. N. ........... 41 Hnllier, D. L. .... .I35. 560 -614 Hills, Joanne H. ....... ISR 196 351 Himes, Peggy J. ........ IRQ 334 Hmchclltfe, J. E., Jr. ..... 201 487 Hinderer, C. O. ..... ..... . Hindman, H. H1ndsley,M. Hinc, J. R ....,.. ........... Hine, M. K. ................ 175 Hines, Evelyn B ........ 322. 363 Hmes, Marlon I..... ....... 127 ' Hinkel, Delta T. .... . ....... . Hinrichs, N. A. ....... ., .. Hinton, Marian H, .... ,, ,. Hinton, Mary L. .............. . Hinton, Mildred M .... ..... 3 24 Hinton, R. S. ..... 116, 372, 384 Hintz, O. E., jr ...... .... ...... Hippie, Lucy J ........ ., .,. , Hirsch, R. A. .... Hush, C. H. ..... Hiser, Jean K .... ,.. . . Hxser, june M .... ....... Hiser, K. D.. . .. ...... .372, Hissong, F. D,... ....... Huiory of lbs Ur1l1'2'r'Jll,Y. ...... 22, Hitz,L.j ..... ......... Hobbs. Sylvia L.. .. ...... .3l9, Huberg, Grace M. ....... 78, 461 Hnckflelcl, R. ..... ........ . Hocking, XV. T ..... .. .... 192 Hodges, N. D. .... ........... . Hoebel, D. S, ................. . HOCHE, M. I... .55, 105, 100, 296, Hueft, L. C ......... ........... I-Ioelscher, Betty M .... .1815 330, Hoelscher, R. P. ............ 201 Hoener, Lavem G .... , ..... 361 Hocmer, G. J.. .... . . 1 .361 Hoff, G. C.. .... ,,..52Z Hoff, XV. F. ...... ..... , Hoffman, F. S. ...... ....... . Hotfman, Jean M..., .... 322 H0f?man, K. ..... ..... . Hoffman, M, ..... Hoffman, Phyllxs .. ... Huffman, R. B..., HoHman,S.j.,.. HoFfman, XV. A .... .... 5 72 Hoffman, XV. M ..... ...... Hotfs, A. .................... . Hofmann, J. S. ................ , Hofmann, R. ...... 96 403 447 Hogan, Bett B. ............... . Hogan, R. .... ......... 3 87 412 Hoganson, C. B. .... . Hoger, Mary H.. .. .. Hoglund, C. W.. .... . Hoglund, R. W ..... .... Holt, Anne L ..... . ..... . Hoke, G. A. ...... ...... . Hoke, Mary L.. ......... 54, Holacher, Anne E., ........ . Holacher, Mildred . . . Holcomb, Margaret .. . Holdsworth, Phyllis . . .. ,. Holford, E. M ........ Hollday, J. H. ......... .. Holland, D. ..... . ...... . Hollandsworth, Lelin E ..... Holley, C. E., Ir. ......... . Holla , R. XV. ......... . Holligay, T ...... ,. Hollinger, P. H, .......... . Hollmann, Bernice J.. . 310, Holloway, Margaret A .... ,. . Holman, Amanda J. .... Holmbeck, Marion ,I .... C. R.. .,.. .. Holmer, Holmes, Barbara Holmes, Davie J.. . ,. .... Holmes, Lucille ...... .... Holmes, Martha J .... .... Holmes, Mary J .... Holmes, R. ...... ,.. Holmes, R. G. ....... Holmes, Shirley M. ....... . Holmes, Z. M ..... 105, 324, Hulmstrom. J. T.. ,L'l0. 375. Hulst, D. XV .............. . Holt. Jeane E. ............ . Hnlthaus, G. P. .......... . Holtzman, Lucille ..... 127. Hnlzey, M ........ ....... Hnlzinger, K, J., Jr... . H mann G. W 0 , .. . . , Homnnn, XV:1nda L .... .... Homer, D, ............... . Hunn, G. N. ..... 361, 587, Honnold, L.. ......... .. Honor-m'1e,r und Pr0leJ.rmm1l1. Hons1k,C. J. ...... Honslk, F. .......... .,. Hood, H, E. .... . Hood, J. D .......... Hooclwin, H. J ............ Huni mm' Huw Club ....... 373 Hmranson, E. J. ...... , Hooker, J. ....... ..... . Hooks, XV. S .... ...... Hooper. l. R ..... ....... Hoover, A. A.. ........ 108, Hoover, J. M, ............ . Hoover, R. I.. ............. , Hopkins, B. S .... .l07, 100, Hopkins, E. F .............. Hoppe, E., Jr... Hoppe, R. M.. .. ., Horn, H. XV.... Humor, D. A ........ ...... Horning, Lois M. .......... . Homing, R. H. . 35.57,96,172,28O 372, 335, 405, Homor, Huoldene .... 188, Hornste1n, H. .... . . 361, Homsteln, N. .. ....... .. Hortin, G. C ...... 228, 418, Horton, F. ,. .... 06. Horton, R. K .... ...36-1, Horton, XV, S. .... ..... . Horwitz, I, D. .... Horwitz, J. D. .... .. Horw1tz, L. ....... ,. Horwitz, Lillian .... . Hoskisson, W. A .... Hospers. P. M. ...... . Hostetter, M. M ..... Hotchkiss, Hope D.. ., ., .. Holtes, C. F. ....... Hottin er, K. XV.... Houboigr, N. ..... . Hough, L. F ........ Hough, N. G. E,. . ,. Houghton, W. E ..... , Housel, D. XV. .... ... Huuser, E. K ...... Hauser, G. S ..... .. ... Houtchens, L. H .... Hovey, F. E. ...... ..... . Howard, C. XV .... ....... Howard, D. .......... 405, Howard, E. R. ............ . Howard, Marianne H, .... Howe, G. O. ............. . Howell, E. C. ............. . Howell Home ............. Howerton, Belva B, .... 116, Howerton, Dolores D. ..... . Howes, J. R. ...... .... ........ . Howsmon,J. Hoyne, A. ...... . Hrubecky, H. F ............ Hmcla, Lillian R, .......... . Hruska, E. J .... ..l59. 176, Hruska, R. A. ...... 96, 388, Hubbard, H. ............. . Hubbell, F. M. .......... 474 .54, 465 154 412 496 485 461, 465 463 463 462 335 387,-190 373 172, 174 494 551 200, 406 192 373 171 461 462 502 169 176 470 506 166 311 479 471 144 46s 190 318 50s 167 4110 563 465 335 373 384 490 414 534 307 450 .54 473 211 426 466 525 386 192 192 510 519 424 522 361 397 512 514 171 177 171 197 570 133 519 522 447 515 171 409 200, 406 427 519 433 426 406 413 422 520 216 430 430 442 519 473 202 430 5:7 333 351 466 523 487 530 429 515 525 444 519 405 525 407 170 .54 200 .70 405 509 195 452 475 116 501 195 404 436 525 519 195 446 420 43: .vs 457 457 524 193 425 415 522 427, 519 197 493 522 422 489 501, 531 501 450 200, 406 168 520 563, 506 177, 372 486, 529 197, 351 360 'THIIILLJO UF 1943 PANTAGRAPH , PHINTINF VUXIPXNY 4 IIUONIINGTON llllNUlx J A . Y jordan, G. L, ,.,. . liappn -106 S Hubblc, G. B. ......... 403. -19,1 92' Huber. H, P.1tr1cn.1. ..,.... 312 9041 Huber. May O, .,,..,.. 110, -104 551 Huber, XV. E. ..... ,.,1'7" 551 38' 410, 515 HubkA, E. ..,., . 510, 55' 42' Huckalm, D. I.,.,. ....,. 373 Hudelsun, R. R. .... , lun 105 Hudsnn,C'.1. .,... . X4, -H1 Hudson, Glorm ....... 510, -WS Hudson, Margmct A... . , -OPI Huegcl, D. XV. ..,.. , .Uh -102 Huulbig, Patrxcm . 50' 935 Huelscn, Alva -1 .,... , lim -IS1 HurT, G, , .......,. ., ..,. 200 Hurf, kl. XV., ..,.,... . 201 S211 HuFfm.1n, F. C., jr .... ..... -1 111 Hurfman, H. E. ......... 515 HuHm.xn, M.xrg.1rct j .... . ,. 4171. Hutford. C. T, jr. ........ ,H 972 Hutfnrd, D. L, .....,. .N 402 Hurford, XY. P. .,.......,..., S111 Hughes, Ann.1 M .... ...,... . -101 Hughes, B, L..i4, 373. SSS 430, S27 Hughes, E. M.. ,........ 1114 -124 Hughes, Elaine M ,... ........ S UR Hughci, G. K. ..... -H3 HughcS, J. C.. .. . 520 Hughcy J, L ..... . . -151 Hughes. L. .....,.. ,..... 1 Sl Hughes, Leone B ...... . 5011 ili Hughes, Marmn L.. .. ..., 515 Hughes, O. R.. .. . ... 573 Hughes, R, E. ..... ISR Hughcs, R. 322 -115 Hughes, R. L. ..... ..... 2 SS Hughes. R. XY' .... . -1115 -1211 Hulet, R, E, .... 575 Hull, J, W ...,. ....... 1 sz: 1m Hull, Mary A. .......,... ., 4113 Hull, T. ....... 144, 110, I-111 -155 Hulla, j. A. ,..,. ..... ...... 4 5 1 Hulr, R. E, ......,,., .,.,. 4 ll Hume, Mary K. , ..... ...... S U11 Humphrcy, Caml M.. .. MUN 5011 Humphrcy, F, -1. .... ..... R 'J Humphrey, H. XV. . FR Humphrey, Mary L.... , ilu Humphrey, R. I .,.. . JO' Hunsakcr, C. E., , ... 171 Hunter, A. L ...,.. .... 41 ZS Hunter, G. R.. .... 51-1 -107 Hunter, Glurm XV ..... ......... 4 Uri Hunter, H. L... , .,...... Siu Hunter, j. N, ..,.. 'R, 104,319 5114 BTS, 51-is sm Hunter, 1. S. ..,.. ,..,.. 4 5' Hunter. Jaan E .... , ..,, IRI Hunter, M. H., .... .,.'l, 118, SIS Huntur, Marmn B ..... ...,.., S 1 Hunter, XV. 11. .,.......... .78 -105 Huntmgmn, Nnnq ....... , -ln' Huntington, XV. CNRS, 103, 2111 527 Hupp, Cf E ,.... ........ ...,.. 4 2 2. Hurd H.zll-U"1vf111w .... .... . gills Hurd, Hclcn , , -FS Hurd, Margarct BI.. .. . -175 Hurley, C',md.1cc A,. ,. .... 551 Hursh, D. H. ..,,.. ...., S Zo Hursh, R. K. .,,,, . fill! -um Hurt, jun F. ..,.. ..,.. 5 12 Hurt, XV1lma J.. .. .., , -175 Hurtcr, C. XV, .... ... SR' 118' Hurtcr, E. J. ..,.... . . ,,. Hi Hurwldw, Ros.1nnc , .... IS-1, 44-1 S23 Husmnn, Eilcun I. .... ..... 1 27 511 Huss, E. G .,,,. .... . .. -1214 Sli Huss. R. HH .,.., .. 112' 9111 Husz-xn, A. D, ..... .,.., 3 FII Huston, J, H.. ..,... .. -IRR Huston, Jeannette S.. . .. rn Hutchcna, Mnrlnnc XV.. .. ,S L U1 Huuhcsun, N.u1inc ... ,,. -171 Huuhins, B. XV .,..,. 2094 Hutchmsnn, j. R .... . 41-fl Hut11,H. H, ......... , 520 Hutncr. Bcrnuc ff.. .. Sim Hull, Betty j., ..... . -IH! 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Jennings, J. E ...... . Jennings, M. M.. . .. Jennings, Ruth E .... jenscn, Carol G.. .. Jensen, Eunice Jensen, F. A.. , .. Jensen. Mary E.. .. Jensen, V. jensen,XV. Jepson, H. L, .... ...... . jcrdan, A. HH.. ,H575 jesberg, R. O.. ,. .H375 Jewell, P. D.. ,. .... jzwcll, XV. O ..... ,...... . . -Iinkins, Ruth ............. jobson, R. F. ..... 1-10, 210, jobst. V. . ..... ..... . jobusch, XV. E.. ,. ...BMJ jolmnigsmcir, H. .., johannesen, R. E .... johgmtgen, Ruth .. johnpeter, C, A.. .. johns, Adele G .... johns, H. D. ..... johnson, A. H. ..... . johnson, A. L., Jr .... johnson, A. N ...... . Johnson, A. U. ..... , johnson, B. C ........ johnson, Bette M. .... johnson, Betty M.. .. ,..... johnson, C. D. .... ,... 1 W johnson, Carol M. .... johnson, D. C, .... , . johnson, D. J. .... ...... . johnson, D. R.... ..,11Iw, johnson, D. S.., .... johnson, D. T. ....... . johnson, Dorothy B.. ,. . johnson, E. E. ......,. johnion, E. H ....... ,..,.. Ilnhnson, E. O... .... . .. johnson, F. 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D.. ..... ., Johnson, XV. G ...,. ....... johnson, XV. S, ........... . johnson, XVilli:1m Eugene.. 101 364, .ms Johnston. Barham K, ....... johnsmn, G. T ...,. .....,.. -Iohnston, George E, .... 300 Johnston, H, XV. .......... . Inlmston, Judith J.. ,. ... jolmston, Iune L .... .... -IohnSton, P. E ..... .,...... jnl1nston1:, H. F. ....... 200 jmncr, .Iunn U5-1, 1-10, 1017 jolly, F., jr. ............ Jonas, S. F. ........ . -Innes, B1rb.1ra N .... jnncs, Beatrice M ..... ., jones, Beverly M.. . .. . jones, D. XV., jr.... . jones, Dorothy N .... junes, E, E, ..... . jones, E. L.... juncs, F. M ..... ...... juncs, Frances .. ...153 jones, G. D ..... ....... -Innes, G. XVH ...... .,.37l' jones, H. L.. 573, 397, -151 jones, J. P., jr,...l90, 4-13 jones, K. NV ..... ........ jones, L. 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D.. ., ..... . .. jones, XV, P ........... .... jones, XV. S ........ 56, 55 joncson, Olive R... Jonsson, XV. .... . loop, L. XV. ...... . Joost, Dorothy A.. . onhn Doroth . ....... . jordan, H. H .... , jordan, jane G.. . jordan, V. A.. .. jorgensen, A, .. joseph, D. J. .... . joseph, J. S, ..... . jnlfnlulimz. Srbuol jove, R. E, ...... , jubelt, H. . ..... .. Judson. XV. B.. . .. mor Pmm .... jurgcns, E, J., . .. junge, I. F.. . . . ju jurist, B. F.. , , . .. jutton, Emma R... .S6, 105 .96, -187 nf. K Knblkcr, Maryann 141bm,L,J ...... ., Kacnlicif, C.. D.. .. ....3l-1 lgnczmaxck, E. R.... lxadc, C. F. ,.... . Kadin, M. M ....... Kndish, Dorothy E Kaericher, K. C.-. Kagan, M. ........ .. Kagan, Ruthe B. ...... . Kngznwa, XV. K .... Kagv. Kathryn A.. Ixnlxl. .,..,153 ,. .. 360. F. L. .............. . Knhlert, Mercedes G ..... . .. Kahn, Doris ......... Kahn, J. L .... ..... Kahn, M, .... ..... . Kahn, R. P. .... .... 5 25 K,1hn, S. XV. .... .... . Kahne, N. 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L. ..........,. . Kephart, Rose-lla M ..... 508 Kepler, Lucy V, ............ Keppner, R. H., ....,... .. Kerasores, I.. G. ..., 79, 57- w Kerchenfault, Lois C, ....... Kerfman, H. D, ...., . Kern, KR. ..... Kern, N. E ..... Kern, s, B., ..... . Kerr, I. EIa1ne....541, 5451 Kerr, janeg M. ............ . Kerr, Kerr, Kerr, J. lx. ..., . R. G ,,...,. XV. S. ....,. . Kersch, Mafy M .... .. .. Kerst, Kerwin, E. F. ...,.. 56, Kesel, Kesler Kesler, Kesler Kessic, KCS5in ........ 37' R.G ......... ,.... jo Ann .,.,....... , Shirley M .... Muriel I .... . ger,M. . C. E...07, 201, BSR, Kessler, H. ....... . . Kessler, L. M.. Kessler, P. A.. .. ,.. Kessler, W. .,.... .. Kessler, XV, R.. . .. Ketchum, P. NV.. .. Ketring, E. G.. . .. Kevem, XV. L.. . ,, Keyes, D. B ..... .. Kiblcr, E. R.. . Kiburz, A. .,.. . Kidder, E. H ...... Kidder, H. M.. . .. Kienlen, Kientzl Kieskalt Kgester, Kxester, Kikend Kilby, Kilian, D. L. .... . e, Mar R, XV.A ..... all, R. E... ..... j. 5. ..... ,,.. 3 17 J. 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A ....., . 107 KOH, H. .... 177 Kuff, R. N. .... ..... ..,.. 1 7 U Koffer, Barbara J.. ..... .Say 41111 Koffman, Mmngm H... ...,.., 5117 Kohler, P. ,,.. .... . ..2Ul 510 Kohler, R. E. ...... ...H-1 372 Knhlhautf, Ruth H .... -NS, 481 Wi Kohn, A. ...... ..... .,...,. 4 5 H Kuhn, N. ...... ,......,,...,. 4 -11 Kullnffl, A., JI, .... '77, 201 5147 517 Kulctris, G. ..,......,. ..... I ff Kollar, E. J. .... .. . , ... 14154 Kullar, G, B ..... . ,. 4111 Kollman. Nancy Al... ...3l'r, -1712 Krxlpgck, Eleanor S. .. .. -IRI Konlgsfeld, R. ... .... -1124 Konrad, H. J. ..,. ., ., 2111 Kontos, T. .... .... . .. .. -H4 Konzn, S. ...... ., ..., ... Sm Kfmnce, f. E .,... .32-1, 375, -1110, 521 Koons, Lllmn F... .... .... 5 lv, -Wu Kunnfz, Helen W. ,,.. .... -I vu Kmmtz, Katheryn L. .... .. , -vm Koppel, Audrce ... . ,, ,.. 500 Knpriva. J. ..,..... .,.. 181 Knmz, Mary J.. .. ... , .. -1741 Karen, J. A, .... .. .1l14, 1117 175 Korn, B. J. ....... ..... 1 mm 170 Komfeld, Thelma ,. ...... 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J. ....., '17 5'2 SSH, ,104 Krueger, Vnrgmm . .511 565 -172 525 Krueger, XV. S... ...,.....,.. -150 Kruger, P. G.. ..... ..... . S8 193 Kruglnck, RAC L,. ABR, 5551 344- 510 Krugly, M. A. ............ 167 17-1 Krulewitch, B. A ...,,, . 325 -196 Krups, Helen .... .... 1 1,0 Krupmk, Adele B .... .... 5 O8 Kruppc, R. T ........ .....,. -1 51 KFUSC, D. F., ....... 373 586 45-I Kruscmark. Connie A. 1511 -161 1170 Krysa, Helen . .,..,.. ....... l 73 Kubnck, XV. H. ..,.. ... ... 175 Kubltz, K, A,... ..., 562, 387 Kuhy, P-wlly .,i1l, 471: Kufzcn, K. D.. .. .... 45-1 Kuhl, J. M. ..... .. 160 Kuhlman, A. F.. ., .. 103 Kuhlmarxn, H. Cn... ,.. -100 Kuhn, Luis . ....... ..... 5 1'I -11,1 Knhnlc, H. A. ...,.. .... 1 16, 167 Kulmi, R. IRR, 555, 551, 575 -SSI Kuizln, UrQul.1 B. ....,....... . SU! Kukml, A. .,.,.. .. ......... 171 Kukunk, E. E. ..... .. 117, 402 Kul.xs.xxagc, Alun ..., .... l 72. Kulwm, M. H. ,... ....... 1 70 Kunka, H. P ,.,. ......... l 97 Kunkle, R. E.. .,.. ..5tvl, 421 532 Kurlmn. 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H. ,.., , ,... ..., . .. -152 Landnmn, Paulmc I . .......,.,.. -IRO Landon, Barbara E.. ......, , .... Sn Lmdon, H. 'I'.. . , .1Ri, 187 917 573 -HU 527 Landrcth, R. .....,, ,......... 3 'R Landxlmm, H. j .... .,.7'7, -1111 527 Lane, H, N ....... H372, 538 520 Lane, -I, R ..,. .... ........ . 4 J7 Lane, Margaret ... ... .100 173 I.Anc, Mnrmrmc .. .,.... -178 Lane, T. H ...... .310 423 Lanc, XV. H. ...... .... 1 51 510 Lane, XVnlm.1 M... ..,.., 505 1,nnl'crm.1n, P. E .,.. 572 588 l..xng, A, L .,.....,. , .... 414 Lung, julnc M.. ,,.. .. ...., . -11-0 Lang, Margaret E.. . . . .51-S -163 525 Lang, Marpurlc ,. ..... 127 -106 Lang, P, M. ...,,. .. .... 171 Lang. R. E. .,.,. .. .,........ 403 Lange, K. M ........ ..,. Z 0 572 518 Langcbutel, R. G. ,..... 192, 200 360 Lnnglllc, E. C. .... ....,..... -I 46 I..1nhnrn, L. P. .... 526 Lanning. L. E... .. .,,. 573 Lnnning, Marguerite . ...... 363 Lanstord, XV, M.. .. .. 535 527 Lantz, Doris D. ..,. . .... -195 L.mtz, Norma R.. .. ...i6 -195 555 Little, XV. I.. .. barber Horde . .. . 403 481 Lyon: Priscilla N .... sssf in aosf ... Lapham, Gladys E.. .. ... 46S Lapins, G. M.. ..... .. "Y Lapsley, Janie C, ,... 200 Larabee, Jean ..... . . ... 46' Larrmore, C. A .... .....,,... 4 RR Larlcs, S. D ....,. .... ' 77, 201 5219 Larner, F. H. .... .. ...... 387 Larsen, XV. B. .... . ..,.,.,. . 451 Larson, C. C. ..., . .......... 2-7' Larson, C. M. ...,. ...510, 387 454 Larson, D. J. ..,..... .... ...... S 7 2 Larson, Donna M .... . ,...... 400 Larson, E. E. ...... .52-1 409 522 Larson, F. J. ..,.. .... 4 100 522 Larson, H. A. .... ......... 4 02 Larson, J. XV. .... ..T0, 571 5114 Larson, L. M. ..... ......,. 4 2 Larson, Lois M.. .. . ... 510 Larson, R. ...... 2771 402 Larson, R. E ..., .. .. .5S7 450 Larson, R. F. ...,......, ,.., 2 01 Larson, R. K ...... 377, J 2, 445 526 Larson, R. X'. ......... ..... -I 40 Larson, Ruth E. .,... .,., 5 051 Lash, A. F. ...... ....,. 1 70 Lask, S. A ,... .... .... 1 1 40, loo Lasky, Kathryn ...... 510 Laslcy, M. 1 ....,.. . ...., 170 Lasser, Shirley M.. .. ..... , S10 Lateer, N., Jr. ...., .... S 6 430 Latham, J. K. ..,. .... S is -130 Latimer, H. D.. .- 373 4K0 L1 Treirltiz .,......... . . . -1475 Lattuada, Mary A. ...... ...., S it Lattyali, B. .97, 201, 372, 388, 520 Laulman, H. S ......, ....,..,... 5 ZR Laughlin, H. D. .....,........,. SR' Laurence, P. H. ......,..,...... 4811 Laurence, Phyllis M....1S8, 305 Rss 40' Laurence, S. ............, . 'ISR Lautenschlager, L. T ..... ...21S, 4S1 Lauterstern, A. . ,..... ...... 1 Ss Lauth, XV. H ..... .. ......,. 416 Lava, I. M ..,...,.,. .... 1 70, 11-11 Lasin, Priscilla F.. .. ......... 468 Luz. College of. .. ........... 146 Law, G. C. ............ 108, 210, S211 Law, R. S ..... .... .,.... 2 1 5, ISS Lawenthal, L. S. .... ....,... 1 6s Lawrence, C. K .... .... 4 J", 520 Lawrence. J. V ...,., .. ...... 372 Lawrence, Lois J ..., .... ..... 5 l 10 Lawrence, Madonna R ..,.. ..... 5 7 Lawrence, T. J., Jr .,........ 365, -1S4 Laws. M. N. ................... 413 Lawson, Darleen B. .... ill, SIS, -107 Lawten, S. E. .,...., ....,.... 1 68 Layden, Mary E... .. ... ... S00 Laymon, H. K.. .. ... 417 Lazerson, E. ... ... -14-i Lazerson. J. ... . ..... 4-10 Lazich, M. E. .... . ..... . Us Leach, B. E ..... ....... 2 00, 406 Leach, C. E. ..... .. ........ . 47471 Leach, Ruth L .... .... 1 17 5113, 5511 Leaf, B. S .... .. ....103, 200, 406 Leaf, M. S .,.. ....,.....,...... - 109 Leavelle, A. B. . ,............. -176 Leavenworth, Martha M ....... S' 100 -175 523 Leavitt, Devera G. ...... . ....... S05 Leavitt, R. l. .,.., ........,.. - 1117 Leavitt. S. 1. .... .sw S17 ssa LeBar, J. IX1. ..... ......, 3 RS .111 Lehduslta. R. L .,.. ..,....., 4 iss Lecat, XV. R. ..... .........,. - 111 Lechner, R. J. .... s 5, Y-R4 SRT .1111 Le Claire. E ...... ......... 1 o" Lederer, F. L. .,.. . .. . 1711 Ledeter, S. H.. .. ,'0 .isis Ledoux. A. C .,.,. ... lss I-9slY3fd. XV, A. .... 11113 Lee, C. ...,., . 3sQ Lee, F. E. .... ...404 Sis Lee. G. XV.... KR' Lee, J. E. .... , .tis Lee, J. K. .... . 441 Lee. Jeanette .. R13 Lee. R. H ....... . .11-1 Lee, Shirly .. .... .... 5 10 Lee. Virginia A.. .. ... 'lou Lee. XV. D .... ,... . ..flS? 51' Loeb, A. J ..... ....., - ssn Lech. Roberta A. .... ......... S oo leech. J. 1 ....,.......... . "1 Leech. J. W. ....... s7, 1611, sv: -its Leeds. P. V .... .......,....... 3 Q' Leedy, Gladys I.. ..,.,., 106, sof. vs Lerrrlmz I,odg1' .. . ........... . 507 I-cvs. H. .. ..,....,, vs Lees, Rubv R. ...,. 102, -169, vo sw Lefever, Charlotte B.. .. .11" 2011 If 5 .tim Lefever. Eleanor A.. .. . . f""' Lefor, P. 1X1 ..,..... S" S16 Lefton, ,Jacqueline .. . . .117 47R Leizate. Dorothy J ..,. . ...... IS? Legg, R. E ....,..... .......,,, S 10 Lehman, C. XV ...... . Rot, ss' 11' Lcl1mann,E.XV....10O, 103, los --1 Lehmann. J. XV... .111 SBS, 372 W4 423 322 Lehmann, Stella .,.. ...... - 170 Lehn, Margery L .... . . . . 472 556 Lehning, F. ...,. . Leifheit, D. A.. . .. 190 338 3-18 .37 Leigh, F. D.. Leighly, P. Leikin, M. ..... ..... Leiter, O. C.. ........ . Leitner, G. F ..... .1RS. 347. LeKander, Louisa J.. ... 461, Leman, R. . ....,.. .. Lembke, N. E .... .... 466 Lemke, Catherine E.. .. .. .. Lendrum, J. T. .... . ..... . Lennon, A. T. ,........ 265, Lenowitz, Arlene I. ..., . Lentln. Barbara R. .... .... . Lentz, R. E .... .... Lenz, Evelyn M... Leon. Jacqueline .. Leonaitis, L. L. .... Leonard, F. Q ..... Leonard. Faith l. .......... . Leonard, Maria 51 ., , 169. I.eonard, M. H ...... . Leonard, N. . . .. Leonard. T. B.. . .. Leonberger, 1. R.... Leone. L. B. ..... . Lepovsky, S. .... Lerner, H. .... . Lescher, F. M .... Leshin, A. O.. .. Leslie, J. D.. . . .. Lesko, F. L ..... ... Lesniewski, Joan .. Lessner, J. XV.. , .. Lester, Gladys E... Lebueur, M. ...... . Letourneau, R. L.. .. Lett, Clarabelle J .... Leutwiler, O. A. .... . Levanti. L. ...... . 'Axial' Leven, Joy L.. .. Levie, H. M ....... Levin. Adele L ..... Levin, E. D. ...... . Levin. Geraldine M .... Levin, 1. H ......... Levin, Laura B ..... Levin, Lorraine I.evin. Ruth D... .. Levin, Seymour .. . I.evin T. ..... . Levindowskr, R. .. Levine, Janet ... LeV1ne, J. E ..... . Levinson, l. Levinson, M. .... , Levinson, Shirley . .. S A Levinson Levitt, D. ...., . Levy B. D ....... Levy: C. N. ...... . Levy, Doris M.. . .. Levy, H. ....... -Q 167, 11.3, 587. Rial as-7. 373. 141, 525. alibi 15111 aes, 193. 170, 412111 491, 12111, 575. 5.151 200, 127, 201, 154. .s7, 'asp 323. 1-14, .s7, sw. Bibi 372, "sf 113, 4541 5.3 . 517 .gl 0. 513. 11.5, 541. 36s, 210, Levy, Marilyn .... .......... Levy, S., IRS, -S6, Lewando, R. ......., ... Lewey, XV. C ....,. ........ Lewis, Beth E. ........... 57, Lewis, Charlotte XV. ...... . Lewis, Dorothy C ..... Lewis. E. R .... . .... .... . Lewis, Elmore .,.. ... Lewis. H. J.. .......... 387 Lewis, Isabelle A ..... ....., Lewis, J. A .... .,...... . .. Lewis, J. M. ...... 117 IOS A s16, Lewis, J. R. .............. . I.ewis, Lorabelle ... ..... Lewis, M. Ann ....... Lewis, Margaret A. .... ... Lewis. 1X'1. M. ...... . . . Lewis, Mary B. ......... ... Lewis, Patricia H. ...... 15-1 Lewis, R. C .... . Lewis, R. E. ..... . LEWIS. Ruth L.. . .. Lewis, T. I. .... Lewis, XV. M.. . . . . . .. Lewkovich, V. XV. Ley, M. F. ....., . Libberton .A . J .. .. Llbuurl .1111 .mil .V -ul .... ..... . Liberman, Ruth E. Libman, J. L ,.... I.lhrrH'J and Lllmiiy 1 lwirvi, Ca Srbwil, T Lichtenberger. H. D ........ . Lichtenstein, B. G Lichtenstein, B. XV.. .. Lichtenwalter, R. Lichtman. XV. F.. Liden, Lillian M.. Lieberman, Gloria Lieberman, H. Liebig, R. A ...... Liebling, XV. .. Lifshitz, M. .... . Liaman, Jeanne .. Limper, A. F.... 172, SR7, lltgqr 7.11 107. an sa 3 3 337, 4112, 175 450 176 480 50 553 546 432 100 554 41 S 43-1 57 411 515 500 50s 457 506 507 S26 373 404 470 SSS 174 565 57S 515 530 S0 170 -11 1 4451 40S 168 s7 101 362 451 406 467 4-10 412 507 487 480 -149 430 441 5017 500 500 420 40171 ov 461 3517 0' -1011 SOS 170 456 4Sis 420 -164 200 479 456 420 42" 4-br. sos s7 11.7 50-J S22 S011 -112 -loo 522 401 4oS 560 4711 4011 4611 3411 .los 4411 4171 so7 -1-111 110 4S1 4111 -126 51-1 S-. 451. 1 1' -1113 :RT 1711 .las 5 S11 47s Soo -1011 361 3-1s 408 S00 526 Lind, Louise A... Lindahl, XV. A.,...9S, 201, Lindblade, V. Linders, R. E ..... Lindgren, J. M... Lindhal, A. .... . Lindquist, J. R... Lindquist, R. F... Lindsay, D. B. Iiiidf 'iidf Lindsay, Mildred 'K.. .. Lindsley, Jane , . . Lindstrom, D. E.. Link, XV. A.. . . .. Lipman. B. D.. . . Lipman, Donna .. Lipoff, Charlotte . Lippert, Virginia . Lippincott, D. Lippincott, R. L.. .. ...SPS Lippman, Ruth .. Lipscomb, R. D... Lipsker, Lorayne . Lipton, I. J. .... . Lirtzman, M. .. Lis, E. F. .... . Liss, Laura ..... Lister, F. M.. Liston, F. E.. ... Litman, S. .... . Litow, G. H.. .. .. Little, Julia B .... Little, Mary L .... Littler, J. R.. . . Littleton, A. C.. .. Littman, A. .... . Livesay, E. Ann... Livesay, Frances P. Livingston, P. ,. .. .'564,'1isi1,i 1f54Q' ....194, 154 ' Llewellyn, D. XV.. .. .... . .. Llewellyn, Lucia B ...... 461 Llewellyn, R. D. ....... 186, Lloyd, D. S ...... Lloyd, J. XV.. . .. Lloyd, L. T.. ... Lloyd, R. E ..... Lloyd, R. L.. .. Lloyd, XV. R .... Lobel, Vivian .... Lochner, L. L.. . . . Locke, Flora ..... Locke, Marcia S.. Locklin, D. P .... Loeb, Ada ...... Lnemser, XV1lma A 430. 529, 214 387, 523 S75 foo -167 flis 166 15.3 .57 904 363 .80 361, 418, 106 ,S7 ..:4 , 475 464 264 '16s soi Lassen, 14.1 ..... Loewenstein, J. .. Loewenstein, R. .. Irene G.. Maryorie Lofftus, Lotftus, Lotgren. D. ... .. F Lofgren. E. ..... . Ivfarilyn Lofgren, Lofgren, XV. E .... Loftus, R. G. ,... Logan, J. M.. .. Logan, N. A .... Logue, B. XV ..... Lohmann, K. B... Lohr, E. E. ..... . I.nl1i, Diva M.. .. Lombardi, M. Lomberg. Beatrice London, B. P ..... Londrlgan, J. T... Long, Long, G. IV1 ...... ..p73. 387 319 M.... 3131 373 Bernita J. ..E7S, 201 Long, Long, L ...... .... ....... . R. F...117, 574, 3 Long, R. R. ..... . Longley, D. A .... Longmire, C. L... Longmire, F. E... Loomis, Geraldine Lopin, J. . ..... . Lorentz, J. ..... . Lorentz, R. XV .... I.orenz, E. J ...... Lorenz, Mariorie E Lorenz, R. XV .... Lorig, M. B... . .. Lorton, Eloise V.. Los, Jane A. .... . Lose1I, H. ..... . ivrlfifif Losuvalna. J. ... .. Lothrov, J. D ..... ..2l0, Lott, R. V ...... ..... l.otZ. June R .... Louis. l. .... . Love, C. .... . love, J. B. ....... . Love, l. G. ........ . Love, Ruth, 1Mrs.I .... Love. R. G. ........ . Loveless. Ruth . .. Lovendahl, Jean M. .... Loverde, C. M.. .. Loverde, S. J. .... 4. Lowe. R. M. .... . ... Lowery. O. H. ........ .... . Lowry, Carmelita ..58. 341, ...57 'gas 488 ssh .os los 1 17 Loi-1 1612 QS4 2512 114 546. 461 502 S10 ss-1 172 454 406 171 572 -142 199 403 -165 195 175 440 478 480 464 430 388 480 406 sl? 370 441 174 509 402 401 104 -1247 363 30s 555 372 430 521 170 -197 407 25 -106 523 459 -180 195